24th Nov, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good holiday and use this time to celebrate our many blessings!


Yes Nancy, we are blessed aplenty.
Thank you! This blog itself is a blessing we share. May we all move into the gratitude attitude this Thanksgiving day and beyond.

Knowing the trouble you’ve had posting here, I am thrilled you are back with us! Your TEST at the end of the previous thread worked!


To respond to your post from the last thread…

What could indeed take Jim Jordan down is the sex scandal at Ohio State he’s implicated in. He could have come clean about it years ago. Instead, he shows himself again and again to be a snake in the grass.

Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor
By Curt Devine, Drew Griffin and Majlie de Puy Kamp, CNN Investigates
Updated 7:00 PM EST, Fri March 06, 2020

(CNN) Tito Vazquez says he still remembers the day three decades ago when, as a wrestler at Ohio State University, the doctor he’d gone to see about a bloody nose insisted on examining his genitals. He also recalls how one of his coaches dismissed his immediate complaint.

“‘I have nothing to do with this,'” Vazquez quoted the assistant coach saying, as he effectively ended the conversation and went on with wrestling practice.

That coach, Vazquez says, was Jim Jordan, now an Ohio congressman and an influential voice in Republican politics, perhaps best known for his pugnacious defense of President Donald Trump during the recent impeachment proceedings.

More at link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/06/politics/jordan-osu-wrestlers-strauss-invs/index.html

This is interesting.
According to Newsweek

Russia Planned To Attack Japan in 2021:
But decided on Ukraine instead.

IMO, This in part explains why when the Japanese PM attended the NATO meeting a few months ago he so strongly stated the security of Asia was inextricably and intimately linked to the security of Europe. He surely had intelligence regarding the planned attack on his country.

hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving.

On the topic of pluto moving into aquarius, I wonder if this new story of kiwi ingenuity story is an example of future energy innovations

The R’s are IMO about to discover the deeper meaning of the phrase, “pyrrhic victory”. They will soon regret having narrowly won the House, and long for the days when with great and intense vitriol they could blame the Dems for all problems. We can expect a catastrophic and chaotic House experience for the R’s for the next two years which will heavily contribute to their eventual demise.

Kevin McCarthy could face a floor fight for speaker. That hasn’t happened in a century.
The last time a vote for speaker went to multiple ballots on the House floor was in 1923. The longest was 133 ballots over two months.


Hi, Eliseo. Heckuva way to learn civics, isn’t it? I’m hoping the lesson will be vivid enough to stick in the hearts and minds of voters and future voter as well.

Response to kiwi post of November 25th, 2022, at 6:16 pm.

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING 2029: What Will the U.S. Look Like 10 Years From Now? – 00:23:07

The look begins at the 12 minute mark. Looking good for the world led by the United States, although she says the innovative changes in the field of energy will not be the focus of main interest. Also nations around the world working and sharing advances in various fields in the coming years.

Recorded July 18th, 2019


Irene Cara

Bob, thanks for that link. Very Interesting!
I certainly could see the usa getting involved in this, initially for funding in order to develop the technology to scale. And also other things being developed as a result of these new ideas – ‘invention extensions’
Rather exciting to imagine.

Grateful to all Starlighters for all of your fine insights and wisdom. Many thanks to Nancy!

arbo, and all,

Here’s hoping that the generational changeover makes an even bigger difference in electoral outcomes in 2024. Actually, I’m quite certain it will, and neither Trump nor Biden are going to be a significant factor in that election. It’s all simply a matter of time.

It’s telling that so many Conservative Republican Boomers are grumbling now about raising the voting age. As if it matters. Even a few years delay wouldn’t stop the inevitable.

Time moves on for us all. The young must ascend, and the old must relinquish their grip on power, and eventually life itself. Yet the Pluto in Leo-born GOP bastards and their affiliates that have damn near run this country and planet into the ground for the past 40+ years just can’t give it up already.

Regardless, Pluto in Aquarius making its opposition to their natal Leo Plutos promises the one thing that they can’t buy off or spin their way out of, no matter how hard they fight their mortal fear of figurative–and very literal (and also very final)–ego death.

Murdoch, Koch, etc. can’t take a dime of all their ill-gotten billions with them when they finally croak. I guess they lose after all. Stupid ideologues.

In the meantime, the Republicans in charge of the House–including all of the morons like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, etc., most of whom, interestingly enough, should be young enough to know better–are going to be a massive sh*tshow.

Climate change is charging down our front door. And what are these people plotting? No real solutions. Just a vindictive, vengeful witch hunt against Biden by way of his son.

I suspect there will come a fairly pivotal moment in the next several months in which Biden will simply announce that he’s not running for re-election, and that will leave these clowns sitting with egg on their faces, though they’ll be too stupid to realize that the yolk’s on them.

Pluto is changing signs. And the wheel of time turns and signals that generational change is upon us once more. A new generation of leaders is about to emerge. Some from the shadows, and others who were in plain sight all along, quietly positioning themselves for their moment. I suspect that the Conservative Boomer retreads like DeSantis, Alex Jones, Greene, etc. in the Pluto in Libra generation, seemingly ascendant these past few years, are going to prove to be rather small in number and vastly insignificant when the generation as a whole is activated by the air trines from Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini.

We are going to see their better and brighter stars rise up, and with them, a real focus on social justice matters, from re-affirming and codifying Civil Rights and GLBTQ rights, to enacting serious economic and climate justice in the wake of the Pluto in Cap-driven rampage of elite right-wing billionaires, corporations and CEOs. I believe we’ll also see at least of couple of impactful Gen-X presidents and other influential leaders emerge before the Millennials and Gen-Z truly take the reigns.

I’m in general agreement with you regarding the necessity of generational change, but if memory serves I believe plutocratic stupid ideologues, Rupert Murdoch and Charles Koch are of the Pluto in Cancer generation. Isn’t that right? (1931 & 1935) Although David Koch was definitely Pluto in Leo, 1940-2019..

As for as Trump and Biden, I would not be surprised were Biden to win a second term and resign 2 to 3 years into that term due to health reasons.

Trump? Who knows what will happen with him? I believe we can safely expect indictments, but he may run anyway, possibly as a purposeful third party spoiler as revenge on the R’s who rejected him. He can’t if we can invoke the 14th amendment on him, but without the 14th he can run, even from prison. Eugene V Debs, the very popular Dem Socialist of the early 20th century ran from prison and still got a substantial number of votes.

Although Pluto re-enters Aquarius a few days after the 2024 election to stay for a couple of decades, (I do expect progressive policies in 2025 and beyond) my hunch is the more dramatic transformations will ensue following the election of 2028.

IMHO those progressive policies will be mostly good, but as always some won’t be and may have opposite effect from what was intended. Not all progressive policies work out well (let us remember Prohibition).

Perhaps I am naive, but I do believe Pluto’s journey through Aquarius will at least give us more politicians with more noble intentions, who unlike the greedhead plutocrats of the Pluto in Capricorn era will actually put the country and humanitarian ideals first.

You are correct Eliseo. Murdoch and Charles Koch are indeed members of the Pluto in Cancer generation. Interestingly, Koch is dealing with the Pluto opposition now. He’s a private person (Scorpio, of course), so we really don’t know what exactly he is dealing with in this moment. And regardless of how he is grappling with it, or not, the world he grew up in and would seem so badly to want to cling to by way of his money and legal manipulations, has already slipped well beyond his influence in ways that will continue to become more apparent. His life and legacy are virtually meaningless… except for the retardation he has contributed to, slowing down awareness and efforts to address our increasingly daunting environmental challenges.

Murdoch actually experienced his opposition several years ago, around the same time as his third Saturn Return. I believe he actually fell and broke his back, not a good thing at any age, but especially for someone so advanced. He most certainly received the most outstanding health care and made what appears to be a full recovery. Now in his 90s, he seems to be behaving as if he is immortal, although he has handed off more of the day to day operations of Fox News off to one of his sons.

I did clearly focus on the conservatives in the Pluto in Leo cohort, but as you pointed out, there are indeed still some very highly influential conservative Pluto in Cancer cohort members still around. My larger point is still nonetheless that Pluto in Capricorn has empowered conservatives in all age groups, but especially in the Pluto in Leo generation which for some reason seemed to produce a disproportionate number of them who have claimed power in and around our politics.

As usual we share broad areas of agreement. Pluto in Leo, despite the positive qualities can be imperious!

LOL – I have pluto/conj moon in Leo (opp Mercury in Aquarius)! Not looking forward to the pluto transit but I have to wait a while because the degrees encompass 17-18.

On Nov 27, 2022, Adam Schiff said “McCarthy’s problem is, he can’t get to 218 without Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz.” They all have challenging aspects in spring or Summer of 2023.

Their DOBs located to the Capitol Building Dist of Columbia, with states they represent”:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia, May 27, 1974

May 9 2023 Sat 05°Pi59′ Sqr Sun 05°Ge59′ Tr-Na
Jun 8 2023 Sat 07°Pi09′ Sqr Nep 07°Sg09′ Tr-Sp
Jun 26 2023 Sat 07°Pi09′ Sqr Nep 07°Sg09′ Tr-Sp
Jul 27 2023 Sat 05°Pi59′ Sqr Sun 05°Ge59′ Tr-Na
Jul 28 2023 Ura 22°Ta40′ Sqr Mar 22°Le40′ Tr-Sp

Paul Gosar, Arizona, November 27, 1958

Apr 16 2023 Sat 04°Pi13′ Opp Plu 04°Vi13′ Tr-Na
Apr 24 2023 Sat 04°Pi57′ Sqr Sun 04°Sg57′ Tr-Na

Matt Gaetz, Florida, May 7, 1982

Mar 21 2023 Sat 01°Pi39′ Sqr Ura 01°Sg39′ Tr-Sp
Mar 30 2023 Nep 25°Pi40′ Sqr Nep 25°Sg40′ Tr-Sp
Apr 6 2023 Sat 03°Pi18′ Sqr Ura 03°Sg18′ Tr-Na
Apr 7 2023 Nep 25°Pi57′ Sqr Sun 25°Ge57′ Tr-Sp
Apr 28 2023 Nep 26°Pi39′ Sqr Nep 26°Sg39′ Tr-Na

I appreciate your thoroughness. I can’t help but for a chuckle. We may be in for quite a long while with NO House Speaker. The longest period was purportedly 130 days during the 19th century, in the 1830’s or 1850’s I don’t recall which. It’s possible the R’s may break that record.

Not a good time to be an R. No matter what they do they will make themselves look foolish and weak. For a number of years now I’ve felt the R’s were involved in slow, progressing suicide, lemmings gradually approaching the cliff.

more interesting/innovative news from this corner of the world. Our district, which has a large percentage of Maori, just elected its first maori as mayor because of rank choice voting. Seems like a great fellow. The interesting thing is, he has announced he is introducing a lunar calendar for regularly scheduled council meetings.

“He said he felt using the M?ori lunar calendar would be helpful, particularly with regard to understanding what days were better (or not) for performing certain tasks.
“I remember times we’ve had meetings where people would go head-to-head, and when I looked at the timing, it would always fall on days that didn’t align well with the Maramataka,” Tepania said.”

It will be interesting to see if there is any discernable difference going forward!

If the Speaker of the House is not a member of Congress does he or she vote on issues before the House brought for a vote?

Intuitiview Kim has posted her insights for next year for those who might be interested

Bob, interesting question. Although theoretically possible because it is not spelled out in the constitution, a non elected speaker has never happened. I would think if it were to happen that person should only be permitted to vote ‘present’. I imagine whole issue, if forced by the current crop of nut cases, would end up before the supreme court.

The smart move for the Dems would be
(1) wait for the R’s to go through several ballots failing to elect a Speaker.
(2) to announce their support for a nonmember who is a well respected, rational “moderate” Republican. Hypothetically it could be a retired R. senator, congressperson, or governor.

If all the Dems voted for that person they could probably get enough of the more reasonablke R’s to vote for him or her also. The radical R’s would howl, but they will find something to howl about anyway. Let them howl their paranoid conspiracies. The more they talk crazy the more voters will turn away from their party.

Meanwhile, the new Speaker, and Dems plus the minority of “moderate” R’s might actually get things done. What are the chances something that intelligent will transpire? Probably zero.

As far as I know, the nonmember Speaker would have all the normal responsibiliies, but be unable to vote anything but present.

Here is a good, short NYTimes editorial that tracks how Antisemitism is getting more real. Being Jewish, it disturbs me greatly. It’s bad enough that there are many call-in bomb threats at Jewish events for which there is now often a security or police presence (especially since the Tree of Life mass shooting in 2018) but the fact that I feel slightly uncomfortable about attending them is distressing. Now, it seems to be escalating —


Eliseo, I believe you’ve split the baby…

LOL. I’m not sure what you mean by that, but it is funny.

Sharon, perhaps the phrase ‘remember, Jesus was a Jewish rabbi’, or something similar, could be promoted more widely by lots of people?

Good thought, kiwi, but there is also the phrase or expression, “haters will hate”. It’s not rational but people latch onto stereotypes, much of it negative, and just decide to blame, hate, dislike, get revenge on, etc., based on some wound and negative feelings inside of them. Sad but true. I could say that to someone who I could have a rational conversation with but even so, Jews are also blamed for killing Jesus (I was told I killed Jesus by a group of neighborhood kids when I was about 8), or he could be looked at as the exception.

Sad but true…humans sometimes suck.

I was talking to a relative today about the Pepe the Frog picture on Musk’s tweet recently (I am so disappointed in him overall) and my relative, who is Jewish, laughed and said it was just started out as a joke and the “Liberal Media” ran with it, and since that’s all I pay attention to… ‘Apparently, the same thing is true of the “ok” hand gesture according to him. The fact that the ADL spoke against it. Trump’s dinner companions were not brought up in the conversation.

People tend to believe what they want to believe and what supports their overall positions. It’s a kind of cognitive dissonance but there’s also another term for it.

Thank you for your comments, though.

I originally wrote but it got lost in the editing, “The fact that the ADL spoke against it, didn’ make a dent.”

Happy Thanksgiving. Plenty to worry about as Pluto return gets closer, but be well, have faith, plant a garden

Eliseo, it’s a solution that no one will be happy with. Would anyone be able to make a sacrifice?

Thank you Arbo. I understand your meaning though I see it quite differently.


Maybe arbo is referring to the two women claiming motherhood over the baby before Solomon: he knew the real mother was the one who was willing to give the baby up in exchange for letting it live…the imposter agreed to cutting the baby in two. I’m sure you know the story.

Jim Jordan reminds me of a catheter bag full of sick urine.

Is there any possibility that the congressional majority could flip back to Dems via unusual circumstances? Curious

In the meantime, Nick Fuentes; what Fresh hell is this? Unabashedly hateful. Would so love to see him disappear. What a sick freak!

Genuinely stoked about the Chinese and Iranian uprisings. It’s about time!

Kiwi, Sharon,

In my past pastoral work of several decades, and as a religious studies educator I frequently made it clear the man from Nazareth was a rabbi. Why else would he be addressed in the NT so frequently with the Aramaic title Rabboni? (Early English NT’s translated the word to the less Jewish sounding, “Master.”) Needless to say, most were shocked by that fact and many had no clue the man was Jewish! Sadly, when it comes to religion, most people are fog headed mental retards.

Noted British scholars believe the Nazarene was the very same rabbi who led the imperial standards passive resistance protest very early in Pilate’s tenure as governor. As an organized group the local rabbis forced Pilate into a humiliating albeit temporary capitulation, a political incident which surely embittered the man. This would indicate J was not just a rabbi, but for a while at least, the chief rabbi.

Unfortunately, in my experience, emphasizing JC’s Jewishness has no effect on anti-semites, and sociological studies show this as well. You can say, “No! He was executed by a Roman method, crucifixion, not the Jewish way, stoning.” Makes no difference. Nor does other good historical explanation. As Sharon said, haters gonna hate, and Jews have long been a convenient and relatively vulnerable target. I hope I’m wrong, but as various economic stresses increase, I see anti-semitism increasing for a while longer.

I was aware of the reference. I just find the analogy inapplicable. Each to their own!

Yes it is possible for the House to flip to Dems before the next election but it would be temporary, perhaps intermittent. If a few R congresspersons are implicated for collusion in the Jan. 6th insurrection they could be subject to removal under the 14th amendment. In their absence Dems might have a temporary majority until their governors replace them. If a governor is a Dem they might (against tradition) appoint another Dem to replace the disgraced R.

BTW, you will find the video below enlightening. Enjoy!

The End of China 8:24 MINUTES

Is Garland’s relentlessness being mistaken for slowness?



I didn’t like the clip you posted .. . …I loved it! The guy is almost as bright as you. Sounds like a hybrid of Chris Hayes and John Oliver.


Do you have any thoughts about China’s and/or Iran’s present astrology?

I’m glad you liked the video. But I’m in no way as knowledgeable as Peter Zeihan. I don’t always agree with him, (he’e a bit center right on some issues) but his facts are real, not made up, and his analyses of those facts are superior. He has a talent for connecting dots most of us do not even see. I recommend you read his books, (all 4 of them in order,) all of which are fascinating. He is IMHO the most brilliant geopolitical analyst and futurist on Earth at this time.

Addendum: Peter Zeihan inadvertantly imparts some astrological wisdom as well, as he pinpointrs precise times when certain trends and processes commenced. As an example, he traces the beginnings of our globalized modern world to the Bretton Woods conference of July 1944, only a month after our D-Day Uranus return. He never mentions astrology, but he can tell you exactly when something was decided, begun, or culminated. You can find his books at Amazon and there are numerous videos of him on you tube, some short and some very long.

Will, I have not done a chart on either country in years and do not expect to as my eyesight and energies are fading but never say never.

Gratzie mille.

I so support you honoring your energy levels.

You will find this interesting. Peter Zeihan again 8 minutes 16 seconds.


This is real. Hard to make such as this up.

Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter

So many people still wearing masks.

I just want to ask you.

If a pair of underwear, really thick ones, high quality cotton, can’t protect you from a fart, then how will a mask protect you from covid??

Firstly, I laugh. Then I think about it. We’d like to see everyone more educated. But maybe in some cases when we think we are educating stupid people we are merely informing them, turning thrm into knowledgeable stupid people. They’re still stupid.

They have no idea how to use or interpret the information they have gained. People have to be trained in the skills with which to interpret and understand the implications and nferences of the information they have gained. Not what to think, but how to think.

MTG and I think probably most of the screwball R’s never learned HOW to think, and some of them, indoctrinated early into an illogical meaning system, with great hostility probably resisted any such efforts.

Just a thought in my efforts to understand these people.

Very good summary of what’s been going on with “Kanye, Elon, Trump” – and how they represent the extremist base of the Republican party – (but my opinion is that we laughed at Trump in 2016, so we had better pay attention to these dangerous people who know how to sow chaos & attract followers):


And then there is this “warning” from Michael Steele, the rational, balanced, ex-head of the RNC, about MTG: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/michael-steele-issues-dire-warning-marjorie-taylor-greene-will-be-the-most-powerful-speaker-of-the-house/ar-AA14ODDU?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=32e5ae3ff8014aedbba47319e6b41a71

Sorry about the long links. You (or I) can create “tiny urls” at a tiny url site so let me know if you need me to do it.

Will the United States Pluto return foster another “Great Generation’?

“How the Greatest Generation Works”
By: Clint Pumphrey

“Characteristics of the Greatest Generation

In “The Greatest Generation,” Tom Brokaw argues that the World War II generation’s perseverance through difficult times is a testament to their extraordinary character. Their remarkable actions, during times of war and peace, ultimately made the United States a better place in which to live. Born and raised in a tumultuous era marked by war and economic depression, Brokaw asserts, these men and women developed values of “personal responsibility, duty, honor and faith.” These characteristics helped them to defeat Hitler, build the American economy, make advances in science and implement visionary programs like Medicare. According to Brokaw, “[a]t every stage of their lives they were part of historic challenges and achievements of a magnitude the world had never before witnessed.”

If members of that generation were born in 1909 and lived for 80 years they experienced WW I in their coming of age years. Then followed ‘The Great Depression” which included the experiences of WW II and the Korean War (a so called Police Action).

After that the experiences of the growth of the most prosperous ‘middle class’ in U.S. history, a presidential assassination, the beginning of the ‘Space Age’, the Vietnam War (America’s first loss of a war), the removal of a president from office, and the advent of mass computer availability. If they lived a few more years, the birth of the “World Wide Web” (WWW).

Corrections welcome.

Just a few thoughts based on what you just said, Bob (which I very much appreciate).

I certainly think that when adversity comes our way as a country (climate change & the accompanying economic vicissitudes), it may be what we need to unify as a country, overcome these competing policy positions, and do what needs to be done in a manner that builds character & embraces traditional values like fairness, helping the underdog, championing democracy, helping each other and taking responsibility for solving the problems together. It’s going to be tough on the world, hopefully, we will all help each other globally, and warlike behavior won’t weaken us all.

“it’s going to be tough on the world and, hopefully…”


Unfortunately, the link you posted did not lead me to anything by Zeihan. Mostly Johnny Cash.


I have suffered a stone in my shoe since Brokaw wrote his “Greatest Generation.” It is true that the global horrors of WWII helped to galvanize the Greatest Generation – but I dare say the Boomers would most likely have come together as a united generation in very much the same fashion had that event happened when we were young adults. I’m not saying the American people didn’t make significant sacrifices at that time – but then, their world was exponentially-less complex and unencumbered with the many formidable crises the Boomers have had to slog through in spite of us being so “spoiled.” Indeed, I believe each generation (especially those of the post-industrial era) has had to struggle with its own set of challenges and hardships. Moreover, the “Greatest Generation” was fortunate to have enjoyed the fruits of an American Golden Age of economic and industrial prosperity. Times were so very different. It wasn’t until the Boomers entered the job market that employers drew (and abused) a seemingly-endless pool of workers all competing for the same dollar. Most mothers or nurturing fathers can no longer afford to stay at home (let alone a home they actually own) as the cost of everything has risen precipitously. The Greatest Generation has also lived much longer than former generations; this is NOT so for the Boomers – many are dropping like proverbial flies long before their parents pass. My spit-balled assessment; it is attributable to a quantum leap in our exposure complex and here-to-fore unknown levels of stressors unique to the Boomers. The Greatest Generation also brought us a record level of alcohol, domestic violence and child abuse in many forms.

Okay – rant over.


Holy crow – I’m on again

So now I have to LEAVE! ….. so we will all see if this lasts…. will get back …. or not 🙂

Thanks …. you know who you are – but I don’t.

Despite our inclement weather here 112 miles OR 180 kilometers SSE OF you, it’s been a good day for which I am grateful. But the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae is your return to this blog. I’m very glad you are back with us.

I apologize. I’m not sure what happened with that link. If I can find the correct one, I will send it on.

I too have suffered a stone in my shoe since Brokaw published his 1998 tome on the Depression/WWII era generation. I concur with your “rant” 100%!

No doubt, the accomplishments of the Pluto in Cancer generation are impressive and historic, but so are those of certain generations in ancient history as well. Anyone remember Thermopylae? Furthermore, Mr. Brokaw was apparently only referring to the winners of the last world war. I think we can rightly assume he was not thinking of the Japanese, German, or Italians of that Pluto in Cancer generation.

We usually don’t clearly see the true and deeper meaning of events or achievements until decades later. Brokaw’s book was published 53 years after the war was done. How the accomplishments of Pluto in Leo Boomers, the most educated generation in history, will be seen and remembered has not yet been fully contextualized, in part because of complexity and because so many processes begun at the time are unfinished.

In contrast, the Great Depression and WWII each had a specific beginning and ending.

Speaking of beginnings and endings…….

Contemplating a possible timeline on the release of the January 6th report by congress and a pending Trump indictment; according to various news sources, the Jan 6th report is expected to be released sometime after congress has adjourned for the holidays but prior to Christmas (the January 6th committee is expected to wrap up its activities no later than January 1st). The December 23rd New Moon seems the most likely target date here. Refer to my November 21st 1:14 am entry I had posted.

After the new year, mid January to be exact, we have an interesting array of aspects coming up that could point to some meaningful progress in the expected indictment of Trump and his cronies. Tr. Mars will go stationary direct on January 12th at 8 Gemini. This is the US Mars return degree. This is to be followed by Mercury going stationary direct on the 18th (8 Capricorn) in quincunx to the near stationary Mars (8 Gemini) and close semi-square to Saturn (24 Aquarius). This will be activating Trump’s natal Mercury-Neptune square (8 Cancer-5 Libra). Much has been written about this Mercury-Neptune square aspect in Trump’s chart. Here’s a brief definition by one astrologer….

“A “square” is a deeply challenging aspect, and having one between the planet Mercury (the communicator planet) and Neptune (the planet of lies and self deception) means that the person can have trouble defining the line between an overactive imagination and objective truth, resulting in the construction of their own private version of reality.”

Because transiting Saturn, Mars and Mercury are so heavily intertwined in this particular aspect of Trump’s troublesome Mercury-Neptune square, I suspect these forces may catapult as it were all the sordid secrets in Trump’s closet out into the open for public scrutiny. The other equally challenging aspect coming into play at this time is the close Venus/Saturn conjunction (23/24 Aquarius) in the January 21st New Moon chart. It is in square to Trump’s natal midheaven (24 Taurus). The subsequent Uranus station on the 22nd (14 ’56 Taurus) will be quincunxing the US Saturn (14 ’48 Libra) so some kind of major adjustment as a result of an indictment may be required.


The Jan 21st, 2023 New Moon/Pluto conjunction. See chart for quick reference…..


The New Moon/Pluto midpoint at 29 ’56 Capricorn is within a half degree of the December 21st 2020 Saturn/Jupiter conjunction (0 ’29 Aquarius) and one degree of the Biden administrations Jan 20, 2021 US Inaugural chart Sun (0 ’51 Aquarius).

The Great Conjunction of 2020

by Daljeet Peterson
Dec 6, 2020

You’ve probably heard quite a lot of buzz lately about the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will happen on December 21st, 2020. And there are a few reasons why so many astrologers are very excited about this configuration. First, it’s happening on the Winter Solstice. And second, it’s happening at 0º Aquarius. So many are reading this as a sign that the much anticipated Age of Aquarius has finally arrived. And while this isn’t necessarily related to the “Age of Aquarius” (because that’s referring to the precession of the equinoxes — which is an entirely different astronomical phenomenon,) we can accurately say that the “Era of Aquarius” is about to begin. And this is in and of itself a really big deal. Here’s why.

The “Great Conjunction” refers to the fact that every 20 years, the planets Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in the sky. As these are the two social planets, their conjunction cycle tends to indicate the beginning of a new era in society, pointing to shifts in power and ideology. It’s a very significant and predictable cycle that astrologers have observed for millennia. Throughout history, the reigns of monarchs and the emergence of new political dynasties and even new religions have been linked with this cycle.



Trump Organization guilty on all 16 counts (the boss wasn’t charge but it makes him look pretty bad). Jan. 6 committee to make criminal referrals to the DOJ (not sure if Trump will be one of them), No more Special Master on the documents probe. Some of this should stick to TFG. Bob, Jerry, Eliseo & others, you were SO RIGHT!

Something’s odd. I’ve had at least 7, if not more excellent and good days in a row. At the end of each day I felt good about small accomplishments, all of them pregnant with further bright possibilities. Folks, this is weird!

Meanwhile: As many of us have sadly anticipated, the Chinese people are not done with their Covid induced suffering and death. Considering how ineffective is their vaccine and that their pride prevents them from importing better vaccines from Japan or the West, AND that they are loosening restrictions, I think we can reasonably expect an enormous number of Chinese deaths.

China’s Covid Wave is Coming

Thank you for lots of juicy astro news. Your shares are always meaty.


If you have any planets in late water signs or at the very beginning of fire signs, you might be benefitting from a Jupiter transit. Jupiter is just about conjunct my 0’Aries sun. May the good times continue to roll for you; God knows you’ve earned it.

Currently live on CNN news. Warnock’s victory speech.

Will, Thank you for the kind compliment.

Continuing on from the previous entry, the aspects of late Jan to early Feb look especially poignant with tr. Mars going over Biden’s natal Saturn for the third and last time. Tr. Saturn approaching its conjunction to the US Sibly charts Moon (27 Aquarius) casting a pall over the US populace (a downturn in the economy?). Most critical is the February 5th Full Moon at 16 Leo in t square to Uranus forming a perfect grand cross square to the November 8th lunar eclipse of last fall. This February 5th full moon could be a catalyst for major events. Here’s the chart….


Well, Iran and China are responding to the peoples’ protests — something we didn’t see coming. Hopefully, it is not a subterfuge. A sign of Pluto in Aquarius?

I was reading a thread on Twitter about how depressing it is that a poor candidate like Walker was so close to winning and I feel the same concerns.

There are various factors if you analyze the issues – a lack of educated voters is one. A lack of good jobs that is perceived/identified with Democratic administrations (but may just be coincidental with economic factors) is another. Then, there is the idea of generally hating the Democrats (more commonly labeled as Liberals). I have observed the progression of this, which includes the “infiltration” of old-fashioned, authoritarian religion and the associated anti-abortion and anti-gay positions. The anti-gay thing is not as successful as anti-abortion, I believe, and thank God for that.

And, of course, there is gerrymandering and the pending SC case whose arguments are being heard today, I believe, which will give states way too much power over election results if the SC rules the wrong way (I believe the ruling is expected next summer).

My main observation is that there has to be a better strategy that does not frighten Conservatives into seeing the Dems in such a distorted way, based on things like the riots associated with George Floyd’s death (much of it was peaceful protest, but it is the rioting that got attention — that along with urging that the police be defunded – obviously not a great solution), or maybe Janet Jackson’s wardrobe misfunction that happened during one Super Bowl show many moons ago. And, maybe there are alternatives to abortion that don’t carry such a negative association (many who oppose abortion as birth control are not against birth control per se, but I don’t know how many).

What I don’t think is working is this legislation that leads us one way when Republicans are in the majority and the other way when Democrats take it back, swinging the pendulum back and forth according to which direction prevails in these razor-thin elections.

I guess the only solution I can see, as always, is moving towards the center and steering clear of over-controversial legislation as much as feasible because the win is always in jeopardy. However, both sides would have to be doing that.

Astrologers on this site think Pluto in Aquarius will lead the way to better institutions and more equitable social change but this cannot be forced on people. I guess our hope is in the younger generations.

Though we won last night, we need to realize how truly tribal and divisive we have become. It can be argued by many of the pendants that Walker was the absolute worst Senate candidate in recent memory yet he got 48% of the vote. I don’t have a solution – I think Biden has been amazing in his slow and steady movement and not being distracted by all of this. But I cannot recall a time in recent memory when we were so divided and tribal.

Based on my original post of December 31, 2020.

The history of winners and losers percentages in presidential elections shows that the division between political parties in most elections are quite small.

Election Loser’s Percentages

Last edited Thu Dec 8, 2022, 12:37 am CST. Bolding of loser’s percentage has been removed for this posting.
Data gathered from Dave Leips site.

Only 4 times since the American Civil War has the popular vote loser been elected president. In every case it was a Republican candidate that lost the popular vote but won election. (1876, 1888, 2000, 2016).

In 27 of the the 41 elections listed below the loser has garnered more than 40% of the popular vote. That is, in 65.9% or almost in 2 out of 3 elections the loser had almost 1/2 of the voting public in his or her favor.

Only Democratic and Republican party’s percentages are shown.

1st column shows the election year, 2nd column the Democratic party percentage of the popular vote, 3rd column the Republican party percentage of the popular vote.


2020****51.27%*** 46.82%
2016****48.02%****45.93% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
2012*** *51.01%***47.15%
2000*****48.38%***47.87% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
1984*** 40.56%*** 58.77%
1980****41.01%*** 50.75%
1976*** 50.08%*** 48.01%
1972*** 37.52%*** 60.67%
1968*** 42.72%*** 43.42%
1964*** 61.05%*** 38.47%
1960*** 49.72%*** 49.55%
1956*** 41.97%*** 57.37%
1952*** 44.33%*** 55.18%
1948*** 49.55%*** 45.07%
1944*** 53.39%*** 45.89%
1940*** 54.72%*** 44.77%
1936*** 60.80%*** 36.54%
1932*** 57.41%*** 39.65%
1928*** 40.79%*** 58.22%
1924*** 28.82%*** 54.03%
1920*** 34.12%*** 60.35%
1916*** 49.25%*** 46.11%
1912*** 41.83%*** 23.18%
1908*** 43.04%*** 51.57%
1904*** 37.59%*** 56.42%
1900*** 45.51%*** 51.66%
1896*** 46.71%*** 51.02%
1892*** 46.02%*** 43.01%
1888*** 48.63%*** 47.80% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
1884*** 48.85%*** 48.28%
1880*** 48.22%*** 48.31%
1876*** 50.92%*** 47.92% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
1872*** 43.78%*** 55.58%
1868*** 47.34%*** 52.66%
1864*** 44.95%*** 55.03%
1860*** 29.52%*** 39.65%

“in most elections are quite small.” should have been “”in most elections was quite small.”

Most of you know, Brittney Griner has been released. Astrologically, what points to this? Full moon, etc. Thanks,

Today, December 8th for most non-Tibetan Mahayana Buddhists is Bodhi Day. It is the celebration of the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakumuni, i.e. the Buddha.

Angellight, Using a noon birth time for Ms Griner yields a natal Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at 28°49′ Virgo that is opposed by transit Jupiter at 29°10′ Pisces today at 8 am CST.

That bolsters my thinking that the nature given planets making an aspect is more telling than the aspect – in this case an opposition and to a midpoint.

I think she might agree that thinking both are valid tools to use in looking at astrology charts could be correct.

Thanks Eliseo and Bob.

Speaking of the Greatest Generation, I think that name is partly given out of respect for their coming through a severe national economic Depression and then fighting a brutal war in Europe and the Pacific – there is very little in comparison that we Boomers suffered through short of Viet Nam. We were the children of the Greatest Generation and we benefited from their courage, dedication, strength and stamina:

Here is Joe Biden meeting with some of them at the WH –


Things are heating up in the DOJ investigation.

Jan. 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson says the panel plans to meet Sunday at 1pm to decide on criminal referrals, but the announcement will wait until the hearing when they release the final report. Refer to the following article…..

January 6 Committee Considers Criminal Referrals For At Least 4 Others Besides Trump

Dec 8, 2022

The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection is considering criminal referrals for at least four individuals in addition to former President Donald Trump, multiple sources told CNN.

The panel is weighing criminal referrals for former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, right wing lawyer John Eastman, former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark and Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the sources said.




Chairman Jan 6th Committee Has Decided To Make Criminal Referrals. Hear what Haberman says Trump’s orbit is concerned about

Video: 8 min 50 sec


The Jan 6th committee report is expected to be released sometime between the Dec 21st – 23rd timeframe. It is a critical, necessary step towards the issuance of DOJ indictments.

So, here’s the interesting part. If we are to seriously consider Andre of Astrology alert’s suggestion, that although not corroborated just yet, the newly designated special counsel Jack Smith’s birth date may have been March 11, 1968 (Clay, NY?). We now have a rather fascinating established dynamic in play. Besides Smith’s exact natal Sun-Pluto opposition (21 Pisces-Virgo) is in position of a grand cross square to Trump’s natal Sun Moon opposition (21-22 Gemini-Sagittarius), Smith has natal Saturn at 12 ’23 Aries. Why is that important? As discussed earlier, tr. Chiron will be stationing direct at 11 Aries within a few hours of this December 23rd New Moon. It will slowly gain speed and reach an exact conjunction to Smith’s natal Saturn on or around January 21st, coinciding with the New Moon/Pluto conjunction (refer to my December 6th, 2022 12:37 am entry). The above aspects seem to confirm my suspicion that indictments may be on their way and could come to fruition at the time of the January 21st New Moon.

WTF Kyrsten Sinema!

Well, will, Macy’s wouldn’t let her take her clothes off in their best display window, so she had to do SOMETHING…

Some tough days ahead for Garland before the swearing in of the next Congress. Possibly health or removal of Merrick Garland as AG. Noon Chart located to SC building – Nov 13 1952, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Dec 19 2022 Sat 21°Aq16′ Sqr Sun 21°Sc16′ Tr-Na
Jan 1 2023 Sat 22°Aq31′ Opp Plu 22°Le31′ Tr-Sp
Jan 8 2023 Sat 23°Aq14′ Opp Plu 23°Le14′ Tr-Na

The Scheme 19: “Operation Higher Court” and the Supreme Court Ethics Crisis 18:55

Kari Lake just filed a lawsuit challenging election results. What is the matter with her? She is just doing it for the publicity and to rile up the election deniers. Trump must have put her up to it.


Federal judge REFUSES to hold Trump and his team in contempt. Here’s why the judge was right 00:14:37


She drank the kool-aid. Like Don and Kyrsten, she’s a publicity whore. Quite a dark heart. They are all a terrible waste of time.


I’ve not heard nor read that story. Quite the loosely- wrapped nut bar.


Isn’t it maddening?

Trump in the next 3+ Months: Part 1–SATURN

Video: 4 min 44 sec


A few salient points regarding mid January and Mr Trump.

In the above video; Andre of Astrology Alert points to the mid January Mars station (8 Gemini) in semisquare to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer) and nearby Venus (25 Cancer) as a major milestone in the Trump investigation (possible indictment).

Evon Davis in her latest video also mentions mid January but from a different angle. Jan 18th, the same day that tr. Saturn squares Trump’s midheaven also marks his lunar return. Other aspects are mentioned as well.

Her remarks begin at the 10 minute mark…..

Trump’s Troubles Worsen

Video: 13 min 23 sec


Kyrsten Sinema is an opportunistic liar. Despite her “I’m so holy. I will serve Arizonans better by rising above party politics as an Independent” rhetoric, the truth is far simpler. She has two motives.

(1) She thinks she can hold on to her swing vote leverage as an ‘I” while like the other “I’s” caucusing with the Democrats. It is an attempt to hold onto her unique power in the Senate.
(2) She is immensely unpopular among Arizona Dems. Up for election in 2024, she knows she cannot possibly win the Dem primary. As an Independent she avoids it.

She thinks this is her best chance to retain her Senate seat and her leverage power within that body. The reality is she’s also unpopular among R’s; through this maneuver she’s probably ended her political career.

Eliseo – Yep, especially #2. And she won’t mind splitting the Dem vote. She’ll make a swell lobbyist.

Sharon – Lake is a parrot who will repeat whatever Trump says until he finally is discarded by the Party, at which point she’ll hop onto the next available shoulder. I think she’s got an ego that rivals her master’s but she has a lighter hand with the pancake. Here’s hoping her political days are numbered.

will – doing something shocking “in Macy’s window” is a dated way of calling someone an exhibitionist.

“…but she has a lighter hand with the pancake..”

Good metaphor, Arbo – lol! (& she doesn’t have bleached hair, or a hair piece, like Trump & his female politcal supporters)


Thank you for explaining that Macy’s window reference. I wouldn’t be a tad surprised had she done such a thing.


She’s vile.

This one lasts about 65 minutes.

Peter Zeihan at commonwealth club
Mapping the Collapse of Globalization

Eliseo, I have not watched the whole video, but right off the bat it appears the blame focus is conveniently on political influence rather than global for profit corporations.

The blame for today’s global money woes is laid at clinton and biden’s feet rather than the business corporations that have hollowed out america by offshoring cheap labor – is it any wonder that there are now supply chain/shipping problems and costs.
I dont hear anyone blaming big business leaders for their strategic focus on quick profit and to hell with the long term.

In a similar vein, its popular today to blame the british monarchy for all the woes of the colonial era – in reality it was influential businessmen of that day who sought monopolistic license from the crown to profit from trade, that caused most of the problems. At one point the east india company was the largest corporation accounting for half of the worlds trade. They even had their own army – It was the company that caused many of the ‘colonial’ problems around the world.

Not too different to what is really going on under the surface today.

You lost me there. Which video? The focus on the last one I posted is on many different things relative to many different questions.

Thank you, Sharon. The current crop of conservatives makes me miss Walt Kelly, if that makes any sense.

will, she may have thought of it. She brings to mind Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct lol? I see the resemblance, Arbo (you are pretty funny).


“Want to know why Dems lose rural America?” I see the author’s points.

Marjorie Orr just put up a post on fox/murdoch

“…Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.” IMO, You nailed it! I read her as an amoral and vindictive predatory seductress.

We have several consummate hypocrites in the US Senate, more R hypocrites than Dems, but to my mind Kyrsten Sinema takes top honors in that area for the Dems. She began her political career in the Arizona state legislature as a Green Party member and an anti-corporate. Recently, as a Dem she voted against the Green New Deal, and receives substantial funds from corporations.

Sharon, it took three tries to read that. Thanks for the push to finally finish it. The thing is, as a Democrat I felt dismissed. Isn’t that what the conservatives accuse the left of doing to rural America?

As one with a mother who was a true daughter of Iowa, I’m not unfamiliar with the judgmental nature of that state. And “they can stand touchin’ noses for a for a week and a half and never see eye to eye,” as the song goes.

The contentiousness goes both ways. So before being insulted, consider the source. A person secure about themselves wouldn’t curl up and whine about being called a “deplorable” by Hillary Clinton. They’d take it as a compliment.

The contentiousness goes both ways and it makes good copy.

kiwi, you are right – how history blames politicians instead of the corporate titans who screw everything up. Being old enough, I can see how history records some things but not others and how often times, a popular book or film becomes the defacto record of reality when in fact it is often far from accurate.

Eliseo, I fear that Ms Lake doesn’t understand that the protagonist isn’t always a hero.

Sinema is, I hope, the apex of the self-involved politician. Politics is apparently a means of self-actualization as well. It can’t get much more obvious or laughable but the marks will keep buying the snake oil, I suppose.

Kyrsten Sinema does indeed appear to be the archetypal narcissistic self-involved politician. Politics as a means of self-actualization is a notion I’ve never considered, never thought of it that way. Interesting!

As far as snake oil, I don’t live in Arizona but I suspect Arizonans generally are wising up to Sinema’s particular brand of the juice. Dems certainly have. They give her a 19% approval rating! This is why she had to declare as an Independent. I haven’t looked at her chart or transits, but I suspect they probably are not good for November 2024.

Her plan is part of the divide and conquer strategy. Here’s hoping Arizonans keep noticing her tricks.

speaking of divide and conquer, I’m definitely getting a Lex Luthor vibe from elon musk these days.

LOL! Yes, good insight. Good comparison.
Lex Luthor must be Elon Musk’s secret alternate identity.


I perceive Sinema as someone with more than a few of borderline personality traits…with narcissistic features. There is something dissociative about her role. She seems to “go somewhere else” when she attempts to rationalize her moves. Scary.

She switched to establish her credentials as a T.
v. personality. No way she can win a senate seat in the future. No one likes a party pooper or turncoat. She did it to get attention and show off her fashion nonsense. Watch. She’ll become a “political analyst” for MSNBC. If she had quit the senate before Megan McCain’s unceremonious departure from The View, she could have had her seat on the panel. McCain brought her on as guest and her favorite senator.

OMG will, you’re right.

kiwi, when I see Musk I’m reminded of the lizard people who could open wide and swallow a human. Don’t remember the TV show but the imagery is sort of vivid.

Elon Musk Boo’d Off Stage at a Dave Chappelle show.



Good article about Sinema confirming what most of you are saying about her. As an aside, I’ve read commentary on Democratic Underground where people who have known her personally confirm that she is thought “crazy” by some and a chaos produce (a mark of narcissists, I’ve read that makes them feel safer?), who seems to have had a certain amount of chaos in her childhood (living 3 yrs with her family in an abandoned gas station).

So, she is a “crazy” but a very shrew and highly educated opportunist, who was raised as a Mormon & earned a B.A. at Brigham Young U, then went on to get an MA in Social Work, as well as a JD, & a PhD in Social Justice (doesn’t sound like a Republican to me).

I guess, having lost some power in the Dem Party (due to their being 51 senators with Warlock), she “needs” to get it back as well as have a fighting chance to stay in office. There might also be a revenge factor there. She is definitely not a team player.

Bernie says it’s pure political aspiration.

Her birth info for anyone who is interested is:
July 12, 1976 (age 46)
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

(I can’t procrastinate from doing my work any longer so I won’t be taking a look.)

I have not your expertise, but I did intake interviews for a few years at a psychiatric hospital. Among many other responsibilities, my job was to clarify the presenting problem and propose a “pre-diagnosis” in a written report to the psychiatrist assigned to the patient.

Your perception of K. Sinema is precisely the same as mine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accused of Seeking ‘All the Dirt’ on Kevin McCarthy
By Fatma Khaled On 12/10/22 at 4:21 PM EST

“Some political experts expected Greene to back attempts by her fellow Republicans to block McCarthy from becoming speaker, but instead she called those efforts “risky” and a “bad strategy” for the GOP and defended McCarthy, vowing to vote for him.”

Using a noon chart for MTG and transits for noon on January 3 2023 (possible time of voting for Speaker of the House) transiting Saturn will oppose her progressed Mars and transiting Mars will oppose her natal Neptune. Doesn’t look happy for a strong supporter of Kevin McCarthy.

Keep an eye out.


“Mark Meadows Exchanged Texts With 34 Members Of Congress About Plans To Overturn The 2020 Election
The Messages Included Battle Cries, Crackpot Legal Theories, And ‘Invoking Marshall Law!!’ ”

By Hunter Walker, Josh Kovensky and Emine Yücel | December 12, 2022 5:34 p.m.

I think it is fitting that Mark Meadows with natal Saturn at 1 ’33 Capricorn will experience a direct hit by the December 23rd New Moon (1 ’37 Capricorn) at the time of the expected Jan 6th Committee Report release.

Also in the cross-hairs is Meadows natal Uranus at 15 ’53 Leo. It will be squared by an almost exact Uranus direct station (14 ’56 Taurus) on January 21st, the most likely time period when the DOJ hands down the indictments. Here is Meadow’s natal chart….


Trump in the Next 3+ Months: Part 2–JUPITER by Andre of Astrology Alert

Video: 5 min 59 sec


Thank you Bob and Jerry! Here’s a little musical ditty to enjoy in anticipation: https://youtu.be/FczfH00abvQ

Thank you, Frank. Glenn Miller lives!



in today’s crazy world full of self serving greedy people, it is so heartwarming to be reminded of the simple and down to earth gift of others. This woman’s deeds and words are so inspiring

Many Thanks for posting the Jane Goodall interview. She has long been a hero of mine. If she were Roman Catholic I’m sure she would be a candidate for sainthood after her death.

She has been one of the most powerful forces in overturning the Cartesian worldview.
(René Descartes taught that animals were really instinctual automatons, that they only appeared to experience pain, suffering, and other emotions. In modern terms he would say they are merely “biological robots.”) Descartes inadvertently opened the door to the factory farming of animals.

When teaching college students how to write research papers I often assigned animal consciousness as an available topic, and pointed them in part to the work of Jane Goodall and others.

I agree completely with your asessment. She is one of the most inspiring people of these last several decades.

IMO the USA is the new Rome and Mr. Biden is our Tiberius Claudius.
(Born 1 August 10 BC in Lugdunum, Gaul
Died 13 October AD 54 (aged 63) in Rome, Italy) Claudius stuttered and was severely underestimated, thought by his enemies to be addled and retarded. He was nevertheless one of the very best emperors in the history of the Roman republic/empire.

Claudius was preceded by that distinctly Trumpian character we know as Caligula. His deft administration was unfortunately followed by Nero, the anti-christ referred to in code (666 etc.) in the book of Revelation.

In our time, (late 2024 through 2044) with Pluto in Aquarius, I do not believe Mr. Biden will be followed in office by an American Nero. Does anyone know where Pluto was in AD 54?

Below is a piece on Biden consistently being underestimated.
Juan Williams: Who’s laughing at Biden now?

Thank you Bob; very, very cool!

Today on President Biden’s order the US government released 1000’s more JFK documents. The rest of them are to be released in May 2023 and available to the public in June.

Nevertheless, I doubt they will change anything. Personally, I remain convinced the first two shots were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, the third one accidentally by new Agent George Hickey with the AR-15 in the SS follow up car as it suddenly jolted forward.

If interested, read “Mortal Error” at Wikipedia, which describes the 1992 book by Bonar Menninger, Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK, and/or Colin McLaren’s
JFK: The Smoking Gun. There is also a long YouTube video done by McLaren.

Andre of Astrology Alert does an interesting analysis of special prosecutor Jack Smith’s birth chart (birth not confirmed). He draws some interesting paralells between Trump’s chart and Smith’s. As mentioned earlier, tr. Chiron will be conjoining Smith’s natal Saturn (12 ’20 Aries) around the 21st of Jan in close sesquiquadrate to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’47 Leo). Given those aspects and if indeed the enclosed chart proves to be Jack Smith’s correct birth data, an indictment looks all but certain.

Is This Jack Smith??

Video: 6 min 40 sec


Many Thanks for the Andre Kahr link. The man has an excellent track record. He lives less than 70 miles from me. I hope to actually meet him before the end of 2023 and possibly become one of his students.


When I saw the documentary theorizing that Secret Service Hicks accidentally tripped on his rifle and shot Kennedy, it was presented in such a compelling fashion that I threw up. That such a simple, awkward blunder could be the cause of the horror of the century was more than could stomach. I had to repress that possibility for the sake of my outraged psyche. I still hold out that the fatal skull-blasting shot entered the front of JFKs head and was fired by a co-conspirator. If the Hickey part is ever proven though, it would make sense that the Secret Service would hide behind the Warren Commission.

I understand your feeling. It is pretty galling. As a matter of parsimony as time has progressed, I’ve become increasingly convinced there was no conspiracy to murder the president, but there was a conspiracy to cover up failures of the FBI, CIA, and the SS. Neither the FBI nor CIA dealt with Oswald properly before 22 November 1963. He was on their “radar” but they did no proper follow up.

Many of the SS agents were carousing the night before, drinking and consorting with strippers and hookers, hung over the next morning. SS Agent Hickey, a newbie, was essentially a substitute for another agent too hung over to function. Almost immediately after the terrible event, he was reassigned forthwith to the airport to wash the SS limousines, far away from all the medical activity; and far away from cameras where he might make a guilt ridden emotional confession thereby embarrassing the SS?

I also find it curious the SS agents felt so emotionally threatened they pointed their pistols at the unarmed Dallas coroner and his staff in the dispute as to where the autopsy was to be done. Flouting the local law, they literally stole the body! Having myself been trained in the proper and safe use of firearms, I find it weird that purported professionals like SS agents, even under extreme stress would point their pistols at unarmed individuals who present no physical threat. That’s beyond odd. They apparently wanted the autopsy done where they could control the outcome?

As to theories in need of another rifle, the only high powered rifle other than that of L.H. Oswald’s we can absolutely prove was in Dealey Plaza was the AR-15 on the left side of the floor of the follow up SS limousine. We have the photographs of Agent Hickey holding it. Bystanders reported immediately smelling burnt gunpowder at ground level at the location of the tragedy. Very shortly after the assassination, AR-15’s were banned from use by SS agents.

Undoubtedly, the first two shots were fired by Oswald. I do not find it plausible the third and fatal shot was his. In the Marines, Oswald was an average shot, certainly no sharpshooter. After the assassination the government arranged for the thirty top marksman in the country to attempt to fire three shots in six seconds from the appropriate height from a bolt action rifle identical to Oswald’s. Twenty-nine failed. Only one succeeded, but without accuracy, and only after about a hundred trials. That was ballistics expert Howard Donahue, who incidentally was the man who on the basis of the ballistics math developed the hypothesis the fatal shot came by accident from Hickey’s AR-15.

I’ve examined the forensic photographs. I recall no entrance wound from the front, but a quite large hole at the back of the skull consistent with a ground level trajectory. I’m curious as to your opinion there was a shot from the front. Have I missed something?

IMO, since that terrible day Liberals and the Left have suspected a rightwing conspiracy. In the shadows of our minds and in all our dealings with Conservatives we link the event with them. Conversely, folks on the Right like to repeat the fact Oswald was a Marxist; they suspect the Left with whom they believe Liberals are too cozy. What supreme irony if it is eventually admitted the death of our president was an accident precipitated by stumble-bum dumb bad luck and the dereliction of duty by the FBI, CIA and hung over SS agents?

I am open to any compelling evidence contrary to my own opinion, but it appears to me the FBI, CIA, and SS all themselves had much to hide and still do.

The 1/6 committee meets at 1 PM on Monday Dec 19 and will likely recommend tRump be charged.

This video from psychic susan-lynn talks about the ascension that is happening now. She indicates that throughout Dec we are being showered with spirit energy that is changing not only the earth’s vibration but our own vibrations if we tap into it. Very interesting. l



Agreed there was a cover-up and a staggering degree of incompetence. Rhw Zapruder film in slo-mo had me convinced of a blast to the front of JFKs head. The convoluted explanation of physics wherein the “experts” attempted to sell tje idea that a skull blast from tje rear would initially cause JFKs head to jerk backward never made a lick of sense to me. Some witnesses did report smelling gunpowder in the vicinity of the presidential limo when that third and lethal shot rang out…and it could just as easily have been the result of a front-of-the-head shot from the much vaunted “grassy knoll.” When the front shot hit, his whole head snapped back. Im no ballistics specialist but I did receive “Marksman” status with a 22-rifle and worked as an emergency room tech for 10 years. I admit that to this day I remain deeply unsettled and haunted by not knowing the truth. Maybe we will find out in the weeks to come.

Thank you for sharing this Stephanie. She has an unusual way of speaking…boring and didactic but full of interesting insights. One thing for sure is that Ive been experiencing a level of “jangly” and free-floating anxiety for the last two months that has me feeling like I am outside of my own body. Ive never felt this level of trepidation; its overwhelming at times. May my consciousness is downloading all of that advanced wisdom Susan Lynn speaks of. Looking forward to shaking these raw nerves.

Hi Will,

“Boring and didactic”. Very cute. I had a similar reaction. Susan Lynn’s intention seems sincere enough, but her view of what constitutes spiritual awakening runs counter to my understanding of it. The concept of needing to accumulate or download energy from some external source is a bit odd. We are not unfeeling computers after all. According to most spiritual teachings, the process has more to do with the unfolding and releasing of what is buried in our subconscious and in so doing we become more and more free, more and more aware of our pristine nature (pure awareness).

The following Ho’pononono prayer captures it quite well…..

Ho’oponopono by Hew Len

Video: 5 min 52 sec


Jerry, My understanding is that it has to do with raising everyone’s vibrational level. Those who have had out of body experiences and Near Death Experiences report that they become aware of significant vibrational shifts, some (my husband for one) heard a crackling or buzzing just before entering these states. I believe the “download of energy” Susan-Lynn talks about is from the collective unconscious, which we are all a part of and contribute to. Our spiritual bodies are energy, as is the collective unconscious.

Hi Stephanie, I don’t wish to dismiss Susan’s experience, but the notion of downloading sounds rather hi tech and unnatural to me. Admittedy that is just my opinion. What do I know. Perhaps “imbibing” or “absorbing” might be a more accurate term?

The days are going to start getting longer.

Winter solstice 2022 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 3:47?PM on Wednesday, December 21.
Time is in Central Standard Time.

Thank you for the encouagement, Bob.

Lovely healing video. Thank you Jerry. I think Susan Lyn’s use of “downloading” was probably her way of making the metaphysical act of accessing divine wisdom was a way for her to appeal to the more computer literate generations. I use techy terms to explain abstract and complex psychological processes and make them more relevant to my younger clientele which i find effective. There is usually a human choice involved in what one chooses to download aka allow to unfold and discover in what Stephanie referred to the “collective unconscious.”

I’m slipping will.

The days will still be 24 hours long but the amount of daylight in each day will be increasing until we get to the “longest day of the year” as the Summer Solstice is commonly called. I wonder what it is like in “the land of the midnight Sun.”?

Happy Yule/Solstice everyone!

Happy Yule everyone!

I want to point out that during the last USA Pluto conjunction Russia invaded Ukraine. Today, the last hit of the USA conjunction President Zelinski will address the joint meeting of Congress.

At the invasion and on our Pluto return the Ukrainian people and President Z in particular. inspired Americans in defense of our own democracy. Today, on the solstice, the Ukrainian President will address our House and Senate.

I’m currently watching the press conference replay on Youtube of the Zelensky-Biden press conference today. Zelensky is a down to earth, unpretentious, honest, stalwart, strong and courageous leader and Biden is doing a great job – very articulate and clear thinking. I actually planned on watching Zelensky’s speech to Congress but found the press conference video first, so I’ll watch the speech to Congress tomorrow. I heard it was very good.

Happy festive season all, whether it be hannukah, yule, christmas, or hogmanay, et al.

With Zelinski’s address to a largely receptive congress not long following the actual solstice nadir, thus the ‘rebirth of the sun’ in the northern hemisphere, I am hopeful that the signs point to this being the fulcrum point leading to diminishing madness

Well said, kiwi. Thank you.

Well said. You are of great heart. You have a beautiful mind.

Sharon K,
Many have praised Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Congress for how well written it was, how well he delivered it, his superb use of symbolism, and for his facility with English as his third language. But I suspect it is his fourth language, as he probably also learned Hebrew as a child.

Long active as an actor from his teenage years, he won a scholarship to study in Israel, but his father disallowed it. He instead obtained a law degree, but thereafter was successful anyway as an actor and producer.

He is a fascinating fellow who IMO has a great future eventually beyond Ukraine,

Former President Donald Trump in the opening intro to his newly minted NFT digital trading card venture, expressed the following to a bemused audience:

“Hello, everyone, this is Donald Trump, hopefully your favorite president of all time — better than Lincoln, better than Washington — with an important announcement to make…”

In response, a well known intuitive who has the ability to tap into and channel various historical figures managed to track down our former beloved president George Washington for comment. The reply was quite simple and to the point……


Are Donald Trump’s NFT Trading Cards All Just A Money Laundering Scheme? One TikTok Theory Seems To Think So

We Got This Covered
Dec. 16, 2022

Despite widespread mockery of the internet and disdain from his own supporters, Donald Trump supposedly sold out of his heavily-maligned NFT digital trading cards in just 12 hours. But could the 45th president be laughing all the way to the bank — or more accurately, offshore bank accounts?

That’s what one TikTok user is suggesting, anyway. And even without any concrete evidence or smoking gun, it’s hard to deny that the story doesn’t seem to add up.



The Deutsche Bank official who authorized the 2 billion dollar loan to Donald J. Trump while ALL
American banks refused to touch him was the son, (Justin Kennedy) of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Anthony Kennedy retired early so that his protege, Brett Kavanaugh, a younger man could be appointed to his position by DJTrump.

?Tax returns shed light on entanglements between Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank | DW News


Eliseo, I wonder if we will ever know the real story behind Kennedy stepping down (which led to the ultra right takeover of the SCOTUS) and how the Pentagon held up sending troops for nearly three hours on 1/6.

Marjorie Orr has posted some thoughts about next year and beyond

My feeling is yes, we will. I believe bit by bit within the next few years we will connect most of the dots within what Hillary Clinton called the “vast right wing conspiracy,” particularly as they relate to Mr. Trump & Associates. The circumstances of Justice Kennedy’s early retirement are suspicious. No doubt some intrepid reporter will follow the leads the Germans have uncovered thereby eventually forcing government inquiry, possibly by a congressional committee and by the DOJ.

I suspect information will dribble out for the next two years, but little will be done about it (unless the DOJ gets into it early) until 2025. Metaphorical heads will eventually roll, including many presently in Congress and on the SC bench. Just my opinion.

Eliseo – I don’t know how you get this stuff – but I’m grateful. 🙂

Bless you Sunstars…
My everyone here be blessed in this season of transition and inner light.

Sunstars – welcome back & Merry Christmas. And to everyone else here as well. Christmas Eve is such a special time. Thank you, Eliseo, and, yes, may the blessings rain down on all of us and on the planet.


Hello, I occasionally add something, mostly a lurker, maybe not anymore:).

I so appreciate this circle of folks, I learn so much, especially from Barb, when she was still here. The rest I learn very interesting info all the time, it’s my first and only group online, till now.

The M?ori Mayor article provided by Kiwi has me in bliss knowing the shift is on full speed ahead, of course the seed is planted, by a M?ori.

Eliseo your history lessons are phenomenal. Sunstars you’ve been missed by me too.

Everyone thanks you for all you have taught me.

Laura Willow turned me onto you all.

I think you may enjoy Anne Ortelee’s, Weekly Weather Report, she gives an interesting live teaching for last week and this week.

Blessing to you and yours, during this time of magnificent shift for us, our communities n World, Mother Earth, our universe, Great Mystery and The Galactic Butterfly! Ho!

Tara Ladner aka Tara Laura Martinez aka Singing Moon Woman….lol

This Taurus is in huge shift….lol Healing all of my bodies!

Last time I gave my birthday, here’s the rest in case anyone is curious; 5/1/53 2:55 am Albuquerque, NM

I see the computer changed the spelling of Maori, with the glyph about the a into a question mark……

That cracks me up! And technology thinks it know everything, ha!

Hope you guys are not suffering through the storm effects and, therefore, cannot get online, but I suspect that may be the case for many of you. I’m praying for everyone’s safety and may you have your power back on by now or asap.

Hi Nancy,

I’m not sure what happened? Today I wrote a comment, then all of a sudden my old email address was gone, taraearthstar@gmail.com was gone, I’m showing a new hide my email from Apple, done today.

Hmm, I wonder if my old iPad it under attack? In deep appreciate for all you do.

Happy to donate, anytime.


Remarks by President Biden in Christmas Address To The Nation

THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. “How silently, how silently, the wondrous Gift is given.”

There is a certain stillness at the center of the Christmas story. A silent night when all the world goes quiet and all the glamour, all the noise, everything that divides us, everything that pits us against one another, everything — everything that seems so important but really isn’t, this all fades away in stillness of the winter’s evening.



In stark contrast; Christmas greetings from former President Donald J Trump reads as follows:

Donald Trump’s ‘Merry Christmas’ Message Is A Grievance-Filled Lump Of Coal

Dec 25, 2022

Donald Trump wished a “Merry Christmas” Saturday that wasn’t so full of peace and goodwill ? but plenty full of himself.

Dec 25, 2022

“Merry Christmas to EVERYONE, including the Radical Left Marxists that are trying to destroy our Country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is illegally coercing & paying Social and LameStream Media to push for a mentally disabled Democrat over the Brilliant, Clairvoyant, and USA LOVING Donald J. Trump,” the former president wrote.



Hope for the coming years.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas | Meet Me In St. Louis

Rep. Schiff’s full opening argument in the first Trump impeachment trial 02:20:03

We should have had him then Grand Old Party! Shame on you!!

Well said Bob.

Oh, and thank you Eliseo for your brilliant perspective on my question above. Eliseo, I have read that several scientists are now predicting that ElNino is or about to be returning and usher in some cataclysmic weather worldwide. Have you read about this?

The Mercury-Mars Station-Quincunx January 2023

Jan 12, 2023, 3:56 PM, Mars Direct at 8 Gem 08

Jan 18, 2023, 8:12 AM, Mercury Direct at 8 Cap 08

The exact Mercury-Mars quincunx occurs January 17th within a few hours of the Mercury station and then again on the 21st . This is the US Mars return in quincunx to Russia’s natal Uranus (8 ’17 Capricorn DOB June 12, 1990 1:45 pm Moscow) in square to Russia’s natal Mars (8 ’48 Cancer). Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy’s’s nodes at 9 ’15 Aries-Libra are also being impacted. Ukraine’s natal Uranus at 10 ’06 Capricorn is closely buffeted by this configuration. NATO’s natal Mars ( 8 ’55 Sagittarius DOB April 4, 1949 4:45 pm Washington DC) will be facing an opposition to the Mars station. More telling is President Biden’s natal Saturn at 9 ’57 Gemini, in quincunx to progressed Saturn (8 ’44 Capricorn) and Russian President Putin’s natal Chiron (7 ’05 Capricorn).

The January 22nd Uranus station at 14 ’56 Taurus will form an exact trine to Zelenskyy’s natal Mercury (14 ’57 Capricorn). It will be in close square to NATO’s natal Pluto (14 ’15 Leo), in close t square to Putin’s progressed Nodes (13 ’32 Leo-Aquarius), conjunct Russia’s natal Venus (15 ’08 Taurus) in square to Russia”s natal Pluto (15 ’27 Leo). This suggests to me that on or around the January 21st New Moon (conjunct Pluto) we may experience a major escalation in the Russian-Ukraine conflict perhaps in favor of Ukraine. Will NATO become involved?

NATO Chief Fears Ukraine War Could Broaden Into Wider Conflict

Dec 9, 2022

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The head of NATO expressed worry that the fighting in Ukraine could spin out of control and become a war between Russia and NATO, according to an interview released Friday.

“If things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in remarks to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

“It is a terrible war in Ukraine. It is also a war that can become a full-fledged war that spreads into a major war between NATO and Russia,” he said. “We are working on that every day to avoid that.”

toltenberg, a former prime minister of Norway, said in the interview that “there is no doubt that a full-fledged war is a possibility,” adding that it was important to avoid a conflict “that involves more countries in Europe and becomes a full-fledged war in Europe.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly accused NATO allies of effectively becoming a party to the conflict by providing Ukraine with weapons, training its troops and feeding military intelligence to attack Russian forces.

In comments that reflected soaring tensions between Russia and the West, President Vladimir Putin suggested Moscow might think about using what he described as the U.S. concept of a preemptive strike.

“Speaking about a disarming strike, maybe it’s worth thinking about adopting the ideas developed by our U.S. counterparts, their ideas of ensuring their security,” he said.



With Pluto going into Aquarius, this conversation hosted by Jon Stewart is scary/interesting

Greene, Raskin set aside differences in Twitter exchange following Raskin’s cancer diagnosis


Representative Raskin has a common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that affects white blood cells in the body’s immune system.

He said his cancer is “serious, but curable,” and that he is starting chemo-immunotherapy treatment at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.

“We disagree often, but I’ll be praying for Jamie Raskin,” she wrote on Twitter. “Cancer is a terrible disease. I watched my father die from it, and it broke my heart. It’s good Rep Raskin has hope and his form of cancer is curable with the treatment he will be starting.”

Raskin replied to Greene’s message on the platform, writing, “Thank you, Marjorie, for this touching message, which my youngest daughter showed me. I’m grateful for your concern and very sorry to learn that you lost your father to cancer. Wishing you happy holidays with loved ones”

MTGreene’s response to the news of Raskin’s cancer diagnosis seems unusual especially as compared to her normal vituperative, compassionless statements.

Let us hope & pray Mr. Raskin’s cancer goes into complete abeyance and remission soon, and his good health returns.

Here you go

It’s frightening

Thanks Diana – sobering news. Many of us were seeing a growing solar and alternative energy system developing in the late 1970’s and then Reagan ended that and embraced the fossil fuel complex and now we are about to reap the result and its not good.

NY eve morning already here in NZ. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

And Happy New Year to you, kiwi. Let’s hope for a lot of positive solutions this new year and more mutual support and kindness in this world. I mean if MTG can do it…

Silcominc, my husband is in the energy field and stays abreast of many of the solutions. I think there is a revolution coming that may just slow some of the negative effects of carbon (such as the carbon sequestration solution) although we will definitely have a lot to deal with on this planet.

I could not open up Diana’s link though.

Thank You Kiwi!
Happy NY to you as well.
I think 2023 & 2024 will be bad in the sense of climate problems, progressively nightmarish for US-R’s but mostly good individually and collectively for progressive minded people and political parties internationally.

Raphael Warnock for VP and Elizabeth Warren for President in 2024?
Note: On Election Day Pluto 29 Cap is in opposition to Mars 0 Leo

Raphael Warnock 7/23/1969 no birth time Savannah, GA

Sun 0 Leo conjunct Mercury 1 Leo, sextile Uranus 0 Libra conjunct Jupiter 1 Libra
Moon anywhere from 9-21 Scorpio
Neptune 25 Scorpio

Transits 11/6/2024 8AM, morning after Election Day
Pluto 29 Cap in opposition to his Sun-Mercury and trine his Jupiter-Uranus, empowering the Sun-Mercury and supercharging the sextile with his Jupiter-Uranus (also remember transiting Pluto is about to ingress into Aquarius which will strengthen his Uranus at 0 Libra)
Transiting Mars at 0 Leo opposite transiting Pluto energizes this configuration.
On Inauguration Day, although the energizing effect of Mars has passed, transiting Sun conjuncts transiting Pluto which lights up this configuration.

Jupiter 20 Gemini Rx conjuncts his Venus later in Nov.

Uranus opposition to his Neptune and he is soon coming into his Neptune-Neptune trine which has a debilitating effect, also strengthens spirituality and could speak to his empowerment as the nation’s pastor perhaps in his role as VP or President?

Elizabeth Warren 6/22/1949 1:51 PM Oklahoma City, OK

Sun 1 Cancer conjunct Uranus 0 Cancer sextile Saturn 1 Virgo, forming a YOD to her Jupiter 0 Aquarius
Both Libra ASC and Moon 18 Taurus ruled by Venus 18 Cancer which conjuncts her MH 19 Cancer and sextiles her Moon

11/6/2024 noon day after Election Day
Pluto 29 Cap conjuncts her Jupiter 0 Aquarius empowering her YOD while transiting Mars 0 Leo opposes her Jupiter and sits at the mid-point of her Sun-Uranus to Saturn sextile which energizes the YOD to her Jupiter.

Jan 20 Inauguration Day transiting Mercury 18 Cap opposes her Venus-MH conjunction emphasizing her communication skills.
Although the energizing effect of Mars to her YOD has passed the transiting Sun conjuncting transiting Pluto serves to light up her Jupiter which is the focal point of her YOD.
Venus 17 Pisces conjunct Saturn 16 Pisces trines her Venus-MH

Synergy between EW and RW
EW’s Jupiter opposes RW’s Sun-Mercury conjunction and trines his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction
RW’s Venus is mid-point of EW’s sextile between her Venus-MH conjunction and her Taurus Moon (Taurus is ruled by Venus)
And, finally, although this conjunction may be a tad wide, RW’s Juno which can indicate a marriage partner is at 3 Cap and opposes EW’s Sun at 1 Cancer-Uranus 0 Cancer.

On the political-social level, their synergy would energize women, Black people, young people and progressives. RW is regarded in the mold of Biden and his presence would also bring in Biden moderates.

Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has died. Pope Francis will conduct the funeral.

Meanwhile, by end of 2023, be aware the Roman Catholic Church may begin to split. The German bishops (by RC standards) have become pretty radical. They are to meet in October 2023 at which time the Germans may decide to leave or stay with the Roman See.

Sharon, I hope you are right about a tech advancement that can help to minimize the worst of global warming as it is becoming more clear that we will not be able to limit emissions quickly enough to keep us below the 1.5 degree threshold.

marjorie orr always seems to be able to ferret out birthdates

I enjoyed your Dec. 30th 5:19 PM astrological musings. Well done!

Pretty clearly, (according to insiders) Joe Biden is
planning on running for re-election. I’m fine with that as long as he is in good health. I’ve known several professionals who worked brilliantly into their 90’s. One was a professor who did not retire until he was 96! But just in case – it will be paramount to have a younger, well respected VP candidate running as his teammate. Joe would be 83 at the 2025 inauguration.

I’m crazy about Elizabeth Warren. I voted for her in the Dem primary. She would be 75 at the 2025 inauguration. Although I believe she would be a very good president, I do not believe she would get as many votes as JB. Another concern is who might replace her as Massachusetts senator. Republican Charlie Baker is their current governor. I don’t want her appointed replacement to be a R.

Raphael Warnock IMHO would be a stronger VP candidate than Kamala Harris, but again who would replace him in the senate is a concern. Georgia’s governor is a R whom I recall to be fairly radical. If we can turn Georgia a bit bluer between now and 2028, RW might be a stellar presidential candidate that year.

Presuming Biden runs in 2024, I believe he will use Harry Truman’s 1948 strategy but with greatly more success. Truman ran that year against what he called a “do nothing congress.” Like Truman, Biden is consistently underestimated. He will be able to quite plausibly and legitimately run against a “do nothing important,” “crazy,” “shenanigan plagued” R. House.

Think about it. R. Jim Jordan of the Ohio State scandal will be leading the investigations of the Dem
investigators, Hunter Biden, and other Dems whom he and the other R crazies regard as “enemies of America.” This will not set well with the voting public. The R’s are about to jump headfirst into a very stinky sort of quicksand from which they cannot escape.

Meanwhile, journalists will uncover the misdeeds of
several serving R’s in congress regarding their role in the Jan.6th drama, while simultaneously Mr. Trump begins to receive his well deserved judicial comeuppance.

IMHO, whomever is the Dem presidential nominee, the Dem strategy for 2024 will be close to that of 1948, but with the results of 1932. Why? Primarily because of the success of Dems in the past two years contrasted with the screwball tragicomedy in which the R’s are about to engage.

Furthermore, 2023 and 2024 world events of several kinds will reshape our political universe dramatically in the favor of the Dems.

Happy New Year Starlight Group! All the best to you and the world for 2023.

Thanks for posting Marjorie’s very interesting profile on the Idaho killer, kiwi. I think that many of us find it fascinating from a psychological point of view as well. It was disclosed by a good friend that he was bullied earlier in life for being socially awkward, with girls throwing things at him. Apparently by HS, he had turned into a bully himself. Just another side of the equation that proposes that mass murderers were often bullied and rejected earlier in life. Most likely a deeper reading of his chart would show the bullying. But will we ever put our finger on what causes a human being to snap and choose an evil course of action? Just how much negative pressure in life, or lack of love, the right kind of discipline, and the kind of life events that lead to the acquisition of inner resources and moral choices does it take to make this happen?

Eliseo, you raised important and practical points I didn’t consider about EW and RW, about who would replace them, which will very likely exclude them from the running. I’ll look at Biden and Harris for the election and write up what i find.

BTW, a very happy and healthy 2023 to you and to all Starlighters!

Eliseo, Charlie Baker is no longer gov of Mass., he was term limited. Dem Maura Healey is gov there now.

Thank you Sheila for that info which is good to know if Elizabeth Warren runs. However, if Biden runs his Election Day transits are outstanding!

Biden’s Re-election

Currently, transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces was recently opposing Biden’s MH 20 Virgo coinciding with all of his recent successes. For many of us, that transit would have a debilitating effect. Transiting Neptune also trined his Mercury 21 Scorpio which rules his Virgo MH, and in a few years will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun which is conjunct his Scorpio 28 Venus, indicating future beneficial effects. In a few years, he will have a Neptune opposition when transiting Neptune enters Aries that will trine his Rx Uranus 2 Gemini. These transits will roughly coincide with his Uranus return when Uranus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. All of this looks great for him for the not too distant future.

On Election Day, transiting Pluto 29 Cap will trine his Neptune and his Uranus creating an Aries Point Grand Air Trine. Transiting Neptune 27 Pisces will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun and Scorpio 28 Venus and the transiting Neptune will trine his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer and form a Grand Water Trine. Transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces will trine his Mars 12 Scorpio. Also Mercury 5 Sag trines his Rx Pluto 7 Leo, remember Mercury rules his Virgo MH so this is very good for him, too… but really, how many trines can one person have!

He also has a few concerning transits. Transiting Uranus Rx at 25 Taurus is opposing his Sun 27 Scorpio. Robert Hand said this can indicate a passing away or an ending, possibly with health problems due to a “broken heart.” A sadness or “broken heart,”that may be echoed by his Moon 1 Taurus being squared by transiting Pluto 29 Cap and Mars 0 Leo creating a T-Square to his Moon.

Interesting that the transiting Pluto-Mars opposition also squares Kamala Harris’ natal Sun-Moon opposition creating a Grand Cross for her. More on her later, but it seems that they both may share in some very painful events.

On Inauguration Day, transiting Sun conjoins transiting Pluto exactly at 1 Aquarius lighting up Biden’s Aries Point Grand Air Trine with his natal 10th H Neptune 1 Libra and his natal Rx Uranus 2 Gemini. Unfortunately, transiting Sun also lights up the square to his Moon 1 Taurus from transiting Pluto. However, transiting Mars which was also squaring his Moon has now moved backwards to 24 Rx Cancer and now conjuncts his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer which is one of the points on his Grand Water Trine formed from transiting Neptune.

Overall, if Biden runs, his chart looks outstanding! Another outstanding chart is Nikki Haley’s and I’ll write up something on that at a later time, but first I’ll take at look at Kamal Harris’ transits.

Kamala Harris’ transits for Election Day

Yikes! Basically, they are awful.
Transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces in her 10th H is in opposition to her Virgo stellium of Uranus 13, Pluto 15 and Venus 17. Saturn transiting the 10th H is usually a good time for one’s career, bringing more responsibilities and leadership. It is a time of harvesting what one has sown in one’s career. But that harvest can also be disastrous, as Nixon resigned when Saturn transited his 10th H. Harris has not created the negativity in office that Nixon had and her tenure has been supportive of Biden’s policies as she worked mainly in the background, so my hope is this will be a positive harvest for her.
Transiting Jupiter Rx 19 Gemini squares her natal Virgo stellium which may offer some relief or it can expand on the stressors from transiting Saturn onto her Virgo stellium.
Transiting Mars 0 Leo opposite transiting Pluto 29 Cap squares her Moon 27 Aries opposite her Sun 27 Libra forming a Grand Cross.

On the positive, transiting Jupiter Rx 19 Gemini soon will conjunct her ASC 24 Gemini and her NN 24 Gemini. I don’t know how to interpret aspects to the nodes, but Jupiter on her ASC is positive, however, because Jupiter is retrograde it doesn’t conjunct her ASC until May. Transiting Venus 24 Sag is directly opposite her ASC and her NN which is a help to her.
Transiting Uranus Rx 25 Taurus is conjuncting her Jupiter Rx 24 Taurus, which Robert Hand describes as a sudden change of fortune that can go either way but is a positive change more often than not, but that can be short lived according to Hand.

On Inauguration Day, transiting Sun conjoins transiting Pluto and lights up Pluto’s squares to her Sun-Moon opposition that form a Grand Cross.

If Biden runs and wins, and if Harris remains Biden’s VP she will have a very difficult time of it.

Many Thanks RE: Massachusetts governor-elect Maura Healey. Good to know the state now has a Dem governor.

Many Thanks to you for your astrological take on a 2nd Biden run.

My feeling is it will be a while longer before the maga “fever” has broken, perhaps by 2025 or 2028. We’ll therefore need a Dem candidate who is largely perceived as a just minded, compassionate moderate to get the most votes. Biden fits that bill exceptionally well.

Frank, I don’t think Kamala will be Biden’s running mate next time. There are many complaints from her end about not being given significant responsibilities and that must be intentional on the part of the Biden people. I am torn about him running again because of some of the age-related issues we are glimpsing now but on the other hand, he does have a record of successes and I cannot think of anyone better. Now if there is a recession, that is another thing altogether.

If Joe were smart perhaps he might appoint Kamala to the supreme court giving her a prestigious ‘out’, while opening a spot for the perfect, yet-to-be-named, running mate.

Kiwi, brilliant!

Sharon S Katz,
Considering that Biden was elected in a year with the digit 0 divisible by 20, and his age, I’ve often wondered if he might be subject to “Tecumseh’s Curse.”

No, I don’t literally believe in the curse itself, but it was the pattern from 1840 through 1860. Reagan narrowly avoided it, surviving having been wounded in an assassination attempt. GW Bush wasn’t really elected in 2000. The Supreme Court SELECTED him by stopping the vote count. Later it was clear Al Gore had the most Florida votes and national votes.

Although Biden would be our oldest president, I too cannot think of anyone better for 2024. I believe maga fever at that time will still be raging, therefore making a Dem moderate more electable. And Biden is our strongest, most successful and most experienced moderate Dem.. I suspect 2028 will be the first presidential election in which we have a somewhat more rational body politic.

As for a recession, if there is one its cause will be from international events, not perceived as Joe Biden’s fault. But I’m not convinced a recession is near. A “recession” with near full employment needs to be called something else. It’s not a real recession.

Famine on a massive scale in third world nations in 2023-2024 is already baked in the mix. The Russia/Ukraine war means no available fertilizer, which in nations with poor soil is a recipe for death. Furthermore, severe water shortages are probable in those same vulnerable nations as a result of climate change driven drought.

IMHO those who predict “recession” are relying on old models inapplicable in the current situation.


Nikki Haley 1/20/1972 Columbia, SC

Given no birth time her Moon is anywhere from 28 Pisces to 0 Aries
Natal Grand Trine: Sun 29 Cap, Saturn Rx 29 Taurus, Pluto Rx 2 Libra
She has a charming Venus 5 Pisces square Neptune 4 Sag
And a strong willed independent thinking Mars 16 Aries opposite Uranus 18 Libra

Before I continue, I just want to be clear with all of you that I do not support her in any way and I am very concerned given the power of her transits on Election Day 2024.

Election Day 2024 Transits

Transiting Pluto 29 Cap conjuncts her Sun 29 Virgo while transiting Mars 0 Leo makes an opposition to her Sun. These aspects supercharge her natal Grand Trine.

Her natal Uranus 18 Libra is trined by transiting Jupiter Rx 19 Gemini, squared from transiting Moon and opposed from transiting Chiron which also conjuncts her Aries Mars. These aspect fire up her natal Mars-Uranus opposition and signify a sudden and major change. My Time Passages phone app describes the Chiron opposition to her Uranus as a change that has been waiting for the right moment to actualize one’s evolutionary purpose.

Transiting Neptune has been or is conjuncting her Pisces Moon and is sextile her natal Sun and Saturn points on her Grand Trine. Normally a Neptune transit to a natal Moon is creative and dreamy or even confusing and un-grounded. Her Moon is in Pisces though and so is strengthened with Neptune there.

The transiting trine from transiting Saturn Rx 12 Pisces and Sun 15 Scorpio both sextile her natal Mercury 12 Cap which is close to that transiting trine’s mid-point.

In the near future I will take a look at DeSantis’ transits for Election Day 2024 and post what I find.


Re: Recession

You wrote “if there is one its cause will be from international events”

Agreed. The China Covid situation and simultaneous rising military tensions between China and Taiwan has the potential to erupt into a very real uncontrollable crisis. Those two factors are not mutually exclusive of each other. China is on the verge of economic collapse and it could precipitate war…..

China Lies Completely Flat – How Bad is China’s Covid? Many Industries Paralyzed.

Video: 22 min 01 sec


Taiwan Invasion: China ‘Fully Prepared’ To Gobble Taiwan; 3 Key Factors Could Trigger Military Ops – Experts

December 11, 2022

China is preparing to use military force to take Taiwan and has resigned to the eventuality of possibly clashing with the United States military in the western Pacific.



The Uranus station of January 22nd at 14 ’56 Taurus precisely squares China’s natal Mars (14 ’53 Leo) and nearby Pluto (17 ’39 Leo). I can’t think of a more volatile aspect. I expect US/Taiwan-China tensions will escalate further at that point and potentially break into actual hostilities at the time of the February 5th Leo Full Moon (16 Leo) not only because it t squares tr, Uranus (15 Taurus) but because it activates the highly incendiary Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction (18 Taurus) of August 1st of last year and the November 8th 2022 lunar eclipse (16 Taurus). As one may recall, that very rare 8/01/2022 Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction coincided with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, a provocation that China found intolerable, to the point that China was threatening all out war. A war between the two worlds largest economies would no doubt spell disaster for international financial markets. In fact it could spark a world war. Tr. Pluto at 28 Capricorn is currently hovering over Taiwan’s natal Uranus over the next month or so. Translate that into layman’s terms; radical transformation.

Frank, Thanks for the profile on NH’s aspects. I too worry about her; however, the Republicans are pretty divided. I look forward to reading what you see for DeSantis.

Eliseo, yes, things may change – and someone else may come to the fore, but Biden is the strongest choice by far, at least at this point his life. His vp choice as running mate is very important as you are right, he may not survive a second term. But a president whose term begins at 82? The Republicans do everything they can to make him look like a doddering old fool now – imagine what they will do in the future. And the House investigation of him is yet to begin. Whether or not he caused a recession-related downturn, they will harp on the fact that it’s his recession. Everyone needs to remember what they did to Hillary’s image over the course of maybe 5-10 years.

Longer than that, Sharon. They’ve been going after her since Watergate, when they realized she wasn’t a Republican anymore.

I have no doubt the Chinese economy will implode. The question is when. As they do not have any effective vaccines for covid, the virus could well be a precipitator. But their many troubles are sufficiently deep, even were covid eliminated in their society other factors could be precipitators as well. The sanctions imposed on Russia affect China indirectly but quite profoundly, more so than any nation other than Russia. Also, they are one of the several nations who will experience famine in 2023-2024.

Joe Biden and the Dems overtly and covertly are gradually decoupling our economy from China’s, preparing us for an eventual complete separation. Our allies are doing likewise. The re-industrialization of the USA and our NAFTA partners has begun. If China’s economy implodes very soon, you are correct the markets will crash. If they implode two to five years from now, the effect may be greatly less on a better prepared Western world.

The astrological stress points you listed are well noted. But if war occurs I suspect it will occur later.

If China invades Taiwan it will be their “Operation Barbarossa.” Taiwan itself has been preparing for such an event since 1949; most of their population has military training, and they are armed to the teeth. Furthermore, the Chinese cannot mount an invasion without the entire world knowing about it. This isn’t 1944 when subterfuge for such a large enterprise could be effective. The Taiwan strait is extremely turbulent for most of the year, five times the distance to cross than was the English channel, only do-able with an armada in October and for about fifty to sixty days in the Spring.

The complex logistics involved to coordinate such an invasion, probably beginning with extensive bombing with missiles, is in all probability not possible with the present state of the Chinese military, though their capacities are improving. Were it to happen in 2023 I believe the Taiwanese would be tougher to beat than the Ukrainians, and alone would win what would likely be an extremely intense and long war. Conversely, were the PRC to win they could not do so without casualties in the several millions and would never be able to pacify or control the island. Were the occupying PRC to attempt governing Taiwan they would be nettled to death by the Taiwanese Resistance.

But the reality is they would be joined by powerful allies, Australia, the UK, the US, Japan and possibly Canada and New Zealand. It would be a world war, likely involving North Korea and India as well. (If China continues stealing India’s water from their sacred rivers, I see war between them as probably inevitable.)

If the CCP wants to use war to distract their people from their terrible woes, the smart move would not be to invade Taiwan, but possibly to invade vulnerable eastern Russia to take back Outer Manchuria and Sakhalin, stolen from them 163 years ago. (Ethnic Russians are already leaving the East, moving to western Russia in great numbers and being replaced by Chinese.) The caveat is timing. If they wait until Russia is in sufficient chaos, with no central government the Chinese would win. But if they were to invade too soon, the Kremlin would rain down upon them nuclear fire in enormous quantities.

The smartest move of all of course would be to let go of Taiwan, honestly confront their internal problems, and develop friendlier relations with the rest of the world. But I doubt they will be that wise.

Sharon, I get physically upset when I imagine him debating a Nikki Haley or someone else. His astrology is looking very good, though. He seems happy about something over the election. NH’s chart is on fire, though.


By later, I meant spring of the year or October. If China invades this year or any other year it will be when the Strait of Taiwan is calmer.

But they now know the sanctions imposed upon them would be worse than what the Russians are now experiencing and they’d be fighting against the entire world either directly or economically.

Also, although they have more ships than the US, most of them can’t travel very far and are in a word, pitifully unprepared for war. Unlike Japan, France, the UK, and the US, China does not have a “blue water navy” and are still a fairly long way from developing one. At best they have a primarily “brown and green water navy.”

You are probably aware of the nautical definitions, but for those that are not:

from Wikipedia –
A blue-water navy is a maritime force capable of operating globally, essentially across the deep waters of open oceans.

“Brown-water” refers to the littoral areas within 100 nautical miles of the coastline. “Green-water” begins from 100 nautical miles out to the next major land formation, while “blue-water” is the ability to project force out to at least 1,500 nautical miles beyond the coast. Traditionally a distinction used to be made between a coastal brown-water navy operating in the littoral zone to 200 nautical miles (or 370 kilometres) and an oceangoing blue-water navy. However, the United States Navy created a new term, green-water navy, to replace the term “brown-water navy” in US Navy parlance. Today, a brown-water navy has become to be known as a predominantly riverine force.

“Writing for the US Naval Institute in 2012, Dr James Mulvenon believes that “the Chinese navy is still primarily a brown and green-water navy”, highlighting problems with replenishment and logistics as key shortcomings in PLAN ambitions of becoming a blue-water capable fleet.”

Now in 2023, the Chinese navy continues with very serious problems. Most of their “ships,” many are actually quite small, can’t safely venture beyond about 500 miles. Also, it would be easy to cut off their fuel supply pretty fast in Indonesia way before it arrives. No fuel = no ability to fight a war.

I agree “Biden is the strongest choice by far, at least at this point his life.” I also agree the R’s will do all possible to make him look like a doddering old fool,
the House will investigate him and his son, and they’ll blame any bad economic news on him.

But I have zero fear. I strongly believe such efforts will backfire. Biden and company will prevail. The ’24 election will be a rout for the GOP. We will progress. Maga fever will eventually subside. Events will sober up the world forcing us into greater cooperation.

Eliseo, your confidence is reassuring. May it be so!

Hi Eliseo,

Regarding activity in April and October, I assume you are referring to the eclipses. The April 20th solar eclipse looks especially intriguing with the eclipse at 29 ’50 Aries square the Pluto ingress in Aquarius (0 ’20 Aquarius).

About a hypothetical war between China and Taiwan, here’s one well informed assessment…….

Here’s What Happens If China Invades Taiwan

Video: 21 min 33 sec


I saw that video months ago. I eventually quit watching Johnny Harris videos as his well produced presentations tend to put sensationalism over facts. He ignores too many facts that his video might be more interesting. He’s entertaining, but gets too many things wrong IMO.

I wasn’t referring to any particular October, March, April, or May. The PRC might invade this coming spring, but I doubt they will do so this year or any year.

Chairman XI is smarter than his Russian counterpart, but nevertheless extremely isolated. I think he knows neither his navy or army are ready for such an adventure.

By the time they might theoretically be ready, China will have declined precipitously. I think there is a very good chance a decade from now the People’s Republic of China will have regressed into several different ethnic nation states.

Sharon K,
As I said in the 6th paragraph of my December 31st,
10:07 pm posting above, I believe the House R’s are about to dive deep and headfirst into a huge pool of poop/quicksand of their own creation.

IMO the 2023/2024 House will probably be the last one with a R majority for at least a generation. I suspect through their coming shenanigans they will make blatantly obvious their corruption, incompetence and paranoid delusions.

One factor that needs to be taken into consideration as far as timing goes……… the Chinese governments decision to radically change course on its zero covid policy to that of abruptly opening up to its “business as usual” approach; a complete reversal of its draconian restrictions; may have been a deliberate political decision. Keep in mind no transitional period of preparedness was implemented. According to the narrative posted below, the government wants to reach peak contagion (herd immunity) in January ahead of the March 2023 Congressional Peoples Party meeting so that Xi Jingping can fully consolidate his power on all levels of government. Under pressure and weighing in on the balance is the inherent risk of a total collapse in its economy in doing so. If there is a rupture in the economy, a Wag The Dog scenario would certainly serve as a convenient distraction. The strategy as the thinking goes, is to bring the Taiwan issue to the forefront of government policy in public discussion.

The Great Fall of China

Video: 23 min


The Shanghai Stock Exchange chart ( https://i.ibb.co/wCnkLNW/Shanghai-Stock-Exchange.gif ) reflects extreme volatility in the upcoming transits. Tr Pluto presently conjunct natal North Node (28 Capricorn) opposite natal Chiron/South Node (28 Cancer) and the January 12th Mars station (8 Gemini) forms a quincunx to its triple natal Mercury/Venus/Uranus conjunction (8 Capricorn). We will have a clearer idea of what’s going on in mid January.

Ron DeSantis
Without knowing his birth time indicating angles to his chart and the location of his Moon I do not see anything remarkable about him in his natal chart.

Transits for Election Day 2024

Transiting Pluto 29 Cap opposes his natal Jupiter 1 Leo and transiting Mars 0 Leo conjuncts it. This is very successful or it could be overblown, however he his natal chart his Jupiter is not under any major stressors so it will likely be positive for him.

Natal Sun 21 Virgo receives a square from both transiting Venus 24 Sag and Rx Jupiter 20 Gemini, which lends enthusiasm and grace.

Transiting Saturn 12 Pisces trines his Uranus 13 Virgo which lends steady and balanced discipline in working toward a desired change.

Transiting Mercury 5 Sag square his Saturn 6 Virgo is good for mental discipline.

With no birth time his Moon is anywhere from 16-28 Aquarius and is currently, was or soon will receive a trine from transiting Jupiter and a square from transiting Uranus. Additionally, it is quite possible his Moon is conjunct the USA Sibley Moon which could explain his (inexplicable to me) appeal to the public.

Overall, his transits look pretty good on Election Day.

Michael O’Reilley of Neptune Cafe has DeSantis’ birth time at 10AM which would place his Jupiter conjunct his MH and his Mars conjunct his ASC. This explains his success and prominence to me in an otherwise unremarkable chart.

The Pluto and Mars transits I discussed as successful, now being conjunct his MH makes it a very successful transit for him.

Frank, I’m always suspicious of right-on-the-hour birth times, especially for someone of Santos’ age. By the time he was born birth times were recorded more accurately, meaning the minutes were included.

If his birth certificate reads “10AM” I’m as suspicious of him as I am Santos…

Looking at Kevin McCarthy’s chart, he will gain the Speakership either today or soon after. On Election Day 2024 he will most likely lose his Speakership.

He has an interesting natal chart with a strong Grand Earth Trine: Rx Uranus 14 Virgo conjunct Rx Pluto 15 Virgo; Mercury and Venus conjunct at 18 Cap; and Jupiter 16 Taurus. Chiron 16 Pisces opposes the Uranus-Pluto point and sextiles the other 2 points making a kite formation and adding emotional and mental challenges to his trine. Currently, the Sun at 13 Cap is a little past trining his Uranus-Pluto and moving into trine with the Jupiter point of his Grand Trine and a conjunction with the Mercury-Venus point. Transiting Rx Uranus is trining his Uranus-Pluto and conjuncting his Jupiter and will soon trine his Mercury-Venus. So it looks very good for him gaining the Speakership.

On Election Day 2024 though, transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces will oppose his Rx Uranus 14 and Rx Pluto15 Virgo conjunction point of his Grand Earth Trine while it conjuncts his Chiron 15 Pisces. Transiting Saturn also sextiles his other 2 points on his Grand Trine which is some help for him but that Saturn opposition to his Uranus-Pluto is very, very difficult for him.

His natal Mars 28 Virgo is strengthened by a trine from transiting Mars but Rx Neptune 27 Pisces opposes his Mars which is undermining, debilitating and fearful.

Additionally, transiting Rx Saturn will leave his 10th H in March of 2025, indicating his prominence will diminish and he will join his peers as one of the group.

I will take a look at Hakeem Jeffries chart for Election Day.

Hakeem Jeffries 8/4/1970 Brooklyn, NY
No birth time, Virgo Moon anywhere from 2 to 14 degrees.

He has a Leo Sun-Mars conjunction at 11 degrees which indicates passion, drive and competition to shine and be in the limelight as well as leadership qualities.

He has a Virgo stellium of Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto; great for detailed and managerial work, but can be overly critical and overbearing in his relationships. Venus and Pluto are conjunct at 25 Virgo which emphasizes his difficulty with relationships, especially in any romantic or sexual relationships.

His transits for Election Day Has an opposition from transiting Rx Neptune 27 Pisces to his Venus-Pluto 25 Virgo that has been retrograding back and forth since June 2022. During that time he would have become Speaker if the Dems took the House and became House Minority Leader, instead. That opposition can indicate a loss. The good news is that it had passed.
Transiting Venus 24 Sag is now in square to his Venus-Pluto indicating harmony and healing from whatever the Neptune opposition created.

Transiting Pluto 29 Cap is in a square to his Jupiter 28 Libra. Majorie Orr looked at his chart in November 20222 and said this square marks his successful phase through 2023. It has now passed its peak but still would be in effect.

Transiting Rx Uranus 25 Taurus which was in exact trine June 2024 to his Venus-Pluto point has been retrograding back and forth, is exact on Election Day and after it goes direct will be in its final trine to his Venus-Pluto 25 Virgo in April 2025.

I believe he will gain the Speakership and the Dems the House.

I haven’t been following things re. McCarthy too much as it has been a busy time, but just ran a chart for Trump for the umpteenth time. His shadow is everywhere and sorry to say, but the next little bit looks to be highly favorable for whatever his little orange mind is cooking up.

Progressed Saturn in his chart is out of range for putting limits on him (at 3 Leo). On the other hand, Mercury progressed at 21 Leo and transiting Mercury Rx at 21 CapRx are aspecting his natal Moon at 21 Sagittarius and natal Sun at 22 Gemini (news, news, news).

Transiting Saturn at 22 Aquarius rules its own sign, but is in Trump’s 6th house, where it affects health (maybe), but not so much world affairs (this may not be a bad thing). Progressed Venus is also trine his natal Sun at 22 Gemini, from 22 Libra.

Transiting Neptune (things are not what they seem – an understatement) at 22Pisces 55’now, is on the cusp of Trump’s 8th house, and inconjunct his progressed Venus, and square his natal Sun. The square to his natal Sun at 22 Gemini 56′ perfects on Thursday. It is the final square to his Sun from Neptune.

Until Neptune trines his Saturn at 23 Cancer 49 in his 11th house of associates (think of Congress), it appears that Neptune is giving Trump and his people/agenda a free ride. Even then, the aspect to Saturn from Neptune is a trine, not a square.

This aspect pattern indicates to me that he will get away with this latest upheaval and in the final analysis will get away scott free altogether (until more drastic health or other events take over). So I don’t feel this is anywhere near over. McCarthy of course, has become a pawn as well as a force in this chess match. Hold on. It’s too soon for definitive wins against Trump yet.

Further note on the above – Trump’s progressed Moon at 16 Libra 44′ is almost exactly conjunct his very lucky Jupiter in his 2nd house of money (at 17 Libra 27Rx). The progressed Moon is also trine his natal Uranus at 17 Gemini 54 in the 10th of leadership. It will be several months before this very positive (for him) influence from the progressed Moon starts to fade. His progressed Nodes are also at 17 Gemini/17 Sag.

It has a rather fated sort of feel about the whole thing. Perhaps (we wish) it is his final triumph before his fall. We shall see when transiting Pluto, now at 27 Cap is more precisely inconjunct his Ascendant at 29 Leo 56′. Whatever way it plays out, he will be remembered for a very long time as a master manipulator, like a few of the Roman emperors who did no favors for their people while they had time. History – it’s worth a study!

Beowulfie, you (& everyone else) might be especially interested in this post on Democratic Underground:


“OK…I may have some “news” here….
By way of introduction here, one of my patients whom I consider a friend was in my office today and incidentally, he is known nationally as one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the country. The list of his clients both domestically and internationally….well, I’ll tell you that it made my jaw drop when we met and he mentioned a number of these. He is a political progressive and really really incisive but he is also , of necessity, a realist.

So as I was dismissing him from “the chair”, I asked him, “So what do you think of Trump being indicted?”

He began by saying that his sources in Atlanta tell him that it’s going to happen: that they’ve assembled what is considered to be an airtight case against Trump.

Now it got interesting: he then said that it would be extremely difficult to prove the insurrection case due to interpretations of language BUT he then said that the classified documents case is also solid. He then said that the indictments are coming soon. I didn’t press him as to what “soon” means but it is important to remember that he has dealt with so many federal cases that he’s basically professional buddies with these US Attorneys. He has never blown smoke or BS’d me in all the decades I’ve known him. He rightly predicted that a certain mob trial in Philly would end with acquittal of the defendants even though they had been tried and convicted in the Press, and he was correct as well in a number of trials he participated in wherein the defendant, his client, was found guilty…”

Wow Sharon K, I wish I had someone like that in my sphere but third hand is good enough for me! Thank you for this and please keep us informed, if you feel comfortable sharing.

Wow Sharon! May it be so.

On the other topic of the day, pretty sad state of play when the minority leader of the house gets more votes for speaker than the majority leader. (ha ha ha)

Watching the blood letting of McCarthy on CNN, and loving it. But I’m thinking the Dems should decide who they can best work with and have Jeffries nominate that Republican. That would be a major coup for the Dems because all the Dems would need is just 4 votes to put in someone they want.

Actually, the Dems would need 6 votes from the Repugs to elect someone with the potential for bipartisanship

Who knew there existed an ‘architect of the capitol’?
And who is the current architect of the capitol you might wonder? Another gem it appears. https://www.politico.com/minutes/congress/11-1-2022/watchdogs-architect-report/
Apparently Matt Gaetz wrote to him complaining about Kevin Mccarthy squatting in the speaker’s office.
The clown show continues …….

McCarthy may get the vote he wants around 9:30 pm tonight.

Finish up tomorrow because Friday is a travel date for overworked members of Congress.

May our antennae be highly tuned and polished. The congressional R’s had the magnetometers removed yesterday. That’s beyond odd and suspicious. We are just a few days before the Jan. 6th anniversary.

and while the house repub drama continues, another laudable woman milestone quietly happens –
“But across the building, with little fanfare, the Senate quietly made history: It elected Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) to be its first female president pro tempore.”


By: Bob on January 4th, 2023 at 5:08 pm

“McCarthy may get the vote he wants around 9:30 pm tonight.”

Having lost every vote so far could he have decided to make a deal with some opposing GOP members to get the votes he needs. The time representing the time he secures a deal, not the time he gets a vote.

McCarthy makes fresh concessions to try to woo hard-right Republicans in speaker bid

By Marianna Sotomayor, Paul Kane, Amy B Wang, and Jacqueline Alemany

January 5, 2023 at 8:22 a.m. EST

If McCarthy keeps this up, he will be a weak speaker. I’d hate to see these bullies getting too much clout but it seems that’s going to be the case as this can pull this any time they don’t get their way.

It strikes me that the continuing disarray in the Republican conference in the House that is on display for the world to see is one of several aspects of our Pluto return.

McCarthy has lost 9 ballots so far.

McCarthy – after innumerable times I’ve butted my head real hard against the wall, maybe next time it won’t hurt, I won’t bleed, and I’ll attain enlightenment – a new buddha for our time.

And it’s 11 votes so far!!! Rethugs exposing their true selves to the entire world. Not surprised with a Pluto return in Capricorn. AND….full moon at 16 Cancer conjunct USA Natal Sun, full moon square USA natal Saturn. The fun will continue.

My best wishes to everyone on this blog (and Nancy!!) for the new year. I very much appreciate this site, reading all your great & informative posts, helps keep me grounded right now.

Pluto is opposing my natal Moon now, and will do so a couple more times in 2023 and 2024, ugh, and I don’t wish any of what I’m going through on anyone (except McCarthy, Boebert, Jim Jordan, M Traitor Greene, TFG, Ron DeSantis and a few others).

does anyone know how many of the congressional obstructionists might also be in Jack Smith’s crosshairs?

No way to know for sure. I’m guessing between 30 and 40, closer to 40. Those are numbers I’ve heard but they may or may not be accurate. There is surely a difference between those who voted to not certify and those who either colluded with or had prior knowledge of the insurrection.

I think I herd today the average number of House Representatives who do not fulfill their two years is about 16. Some die, some have personal reasons, some might be indicted or suffer some sort of scandal, and some just take a higher paying job doing something else.

Republican numerical control of the House is at best tenuous. We can’t predict who will not survive, who might resign, or who might replace them, but it is actually possible the House might flip to the Dems before the November 2024 election.

“In 1997, Byron Donalds was arrested for marijuana distribution; the charges were dropped as part of a pre-trial diversion program. In 2000, he pleaded guilty to a felony bribery charge as part of a scheme to defraud a bank, which was expunged after he entered the Florida House.”

kiwi, funny that you should ask…


JACK SMITH has added two longtime associates of the Justice Department to his team; Raymond Hulser, former chief of the DOJ’s public integrity section & David Harbach.
Each specialize in public corruption and together they will lead the DOJ investigation of congressional members.

Used The World Clock for times.

McCarthy sworn in on January 7, 2023, at 1:48 am, EST, in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

118th Congress sworn in on January 7, 2023, at 1:49 am, EST, in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

High drama on Capitol Hill……..

Friday evening January 6th (the second anniversary of the insurrection, the storming of the Capitol building)


Matt Gaetz withheld the deciding vote preventing Kevin McCarthy from gaining the speakership. After intense, private discussions, a 15th ballot ensued which finally put McCarthy over the top. This begs the question, what secret, draconian concessions and measures did McCarthy finally agree to in order to placate the far right? Has the security of the US been compromised? The items on the table according to one source included “lowering the threshold for a motion to vacate the chair,; a move to force a vote on ousting the Speaker by just one member”. Realistically speaking, that has ominous implications. It is an act, similar to that of allowing the far right to place a gun to the Speakers head in carrying out the Freedom Caucus’s extremist agenda. Has McCarthy in his obsessive greed to become Speaker “sold his soul and the country to the devil”. And the madness continues………

Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker??? by Astrology Alert

Video: 4 min 54 sec


Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker???
ASTROLOGY ALERT 4 minutes 54 seconds

Thank you, Bob, for the exact time of the swearing in. And Jerry and Eliseo for the Astrology Alert video, which gives Kevin’s birth data. Kevin definitely has a Saturn return to look forward to in 2023 and 2024, and my second Saturn return was a nightmare………

So the fascists are now running the show. I’ve been listening to Rachel Maddow’s Ultra podcast when I can, gives you chills, you realizing how vulnerable our democracy really is, and the stars seem to be aligned now in a similar way as in 1940, so no surprise that we’re going through the crap we are right now.

Marija, the beginning of McCarthy’s Saturn challenges begin this April (square his natal Moon on April 9 and first Saturn return on April 13) with both repeating in August, then an onslaught of Saturn hits to points (particularly Pluto) in his chart in 2024 before the elections. Will he still be Speaker come election time?

Should have left out “the beginning of”. Let’s vote on it again.

If not before this could be the date of removal from chair for McCarthy.


Shown in EDT has the same angles.

Here’s a tiny url of the one below that leads to McCarthy’s natal chart on Astrodienst. tinyurl.com/5bk8t2p3 You may have to cut and paste it.

Just in terms of today’s aspects (also found at astrodienst whose url is astro.com), his sun is favorably aspected by venus, his mercury/venus conjunction is favorably aspected by the sun and mercury, and uranus is conjunct his natal jupiter, so this is a good week for him. Also upcoming is a Neptune opposition to his mars sometime in the next 2 years (I can’t check right now).

What disturbs me the most is Trump’s direct line to those in control of the House right now. Bad, bad, bad… ugh, ugh, ugh…hope it all backfires!

Here is the full link to McCarthy’s chart in case the tiny url doesn’t work for you.


Thanks, Bob! You know what they say, “from your words/charts to the Universe’s ears”?

There is not one person in the Republican Party who can possibly qualify for speaker. The level of corruption and insanity among the Rethugs is out of control. And it looks like they are going to seat Santos, if that’s really his name.

McC’s Saturn visits to come (Used Bakersfield chart location).


Sharon K,
Many Thanks for the link to the McC chart!

The House R’s are extraordinafily full of themselves. They will advocate laws the Senate will not pass and which will have the opposite effect of what they intended. Living in their self created alternate reality they proudly believe they are about to set the world on fire, or at least the US government. But they misunderstand the nature and qualities of the fire they believe they possess. In reality it possesses them. With great religious, ideological fervor they will proudly perform numerous feats of self-immolation rendering themselves as extinct as the non avian dinosaurs. The asteroid approaches from within the inner space of their twisted psyches. Who will mourn the incinerated souls of such dragons?

Jack Smith needs to get his team into high gear pronto! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8J5QT9DkNg


Regarding the Republican agenda; you wrote:

“Living in their self created alternate reality they proudly believe they are about to set the world on fire, or at least the US government.”

Needless to say, the environment is very toxic. The commotion immediately following the 14th ballot, shows how volatile the situation is. One news report describes the incident in this way….

“…..A near-brawl broke out between Republicans on the House floor late on Friday night as four days of frustration at Matt Gaetz’s refusal to back Kevin McCarthy’s teetering bid for Speaker boiled over.

Republican House member Mike Rogers had to be physically restrained after lunging at Mr Gaetz amid chaotic scenes on Capitol Hill.”

The incident described above, is even more alarming now that the metal detectors have been removed from the Capitol building. Any deranged congressman bent on exacting revenge, and secretly carrying a pistol can now wreak havoc in the chamber if and when they please. One can only hope the extreme right wing elements in the Republican party are marginalized in time. Congresswoman Boebert’s possession of a fire-arm and a longstanding vocal critic of metal detectors in the Capitol building sets a bad example. It is disturbing and dangerous……

GOP-Controlled House Removes Metal Detectors Pelosi Put in Place after J6

The Philadelphia Enquirer
January 7, 2023

Metal detectors first installed outside the House chamber after the January 6 Capitol protests were removed Tuesday as Republicans took control of the lower chamber.

Then–Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) ordered the installment of the machines after the riot and later threatened lawmakers who did not comply with the security measure to pay a $5,000 fine for a first offense and $10,000 for a second.

“It is tragic that this step is necessary, but the chamber of the People’s House must and will be safe,” she said at the time.

Pelosi’s rules led to outcry from several Republican members, including Representatives Louie Gohmert of Texas and Andrew Clyde of Georgia. After they were both fined under Pelosi’s policy, they filed a federal lawsuit in 2021 claiming that the use of metal detectors to screen members of Congress was unconstitutional. However, a federal judge upheld the fines.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R., Colo.), another outspoken critic of the metal detectors, cheered their removal on Tuesday.

“When I arrived in Congress two years, Nancy Pelosi put this hunk of garbage outside of the House chambers for members of Congress to go through,” Boebert said in a video posted to Twitter. “Today, they are being removed and we are turning Pelosi’s House back into the people’s House.”

Boebert clashed with Capitol Police when the metal detectors were first installed: She would not allow them to search her bag after it set off the detector’s alarm.

“I am legally permitted to carry my firearm in Washington, D.C., and within the Capitol complex,” she said at the time. “Metal detectors outside of the House would not have stopped the violence we saw last week — it’s just another political stunt by Speaker Pelosi.”



In a December 6th, 2022 12:37 am entry, I was examining the aspects and possibilities of a forthcoming indictment against Trump & associates on or around the January 21st New Moon. Now that McCarthy has been duly elected as House Speaker, this New Moon is once again coming back into sharp focus. The New Moon and its near conjunction to Pluto (1 Aquarius) is not only square to the Republican party’s Pluto (1 Taurus) but forms a sesquiquadrate to McCarthy’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction (15 Virgo) and semi-square to McCarthy’s natal Chiron as well as the Republican Party’s Neptune (14 Pisces). Uranus going stationary direct the following day (14 ’56 Taurus) are in trine to McCarthy’s Ur/Pl conj., and on Merrick Garland’s natal Jupiter (15 ’11 Taurus). This suggests to me, Garland will take action on the special counsels recommendations for indictment. However, the long awaited indictments have inherent political ramifications and problems as the following article explains…….

Merrick Garland’s Unprecedented Dilemma

The Hill
December 2022

In the new year, Merrick Garland will face two unprecedented scenarios: He could become the first attorney general in American history to indict a former president, as well as the first attorney general to be impeached by Congress.

For months, Garland has faced the unenviable prospect of having to eventually decide whether or not to prosecute Donald Trump. There are two ongoing federal investigations into the former president: One involving his possible mishandling of classified documents and presidential records, and the other concerning his role in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

This month, the House Select Committee that was separately investigating Jan. 6 unanimously recommended that the Department of Justice pursues at least four criminal charges against Trump for attempting to block the peaceful transfer of power after losing the 2020 election.

Declaring that “one man,” was the “central cause” of the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the committee released a scathing report detailing their findings and recommended that Trump be charged with obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make a false statement and incitement of insurrection.

Though criminal referrals from Congress have no legal weight, and the DOJ’s own investigation into Jan. 6 is still running its course, the committee’s final report adds to the pressure that has been building on Garland for months.

Seeking political insulation, the attorney general appointed an independent special counsel, Jack Smith, to handle the DOJ’s active investigations into Trump after he announced his intention to seek the presidency again in 2024.

But regardless of what Smith recommends, Garland will have the ultimate say in bringing an indictment, as the attorney general has the full power to override a special counsel’s recommendation. Appointing a special counsel does not offer Garland any real degree of political absolution, and he will personally bear the consequences of the department’s eventual decision.

Based on the current rhetoric from Republicans in the House, these consequences will likely include an impeachment inquiry into his conduct as attorney general. House Republicans already filed two impeachment resolutions against Garland in the 117th Congress, and far-right Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who will become one of the most prominent members in the new Republican caucus, has indicated her desire to move forward with impeachment in a GOP-controlled House.



I agree with you entirely. The circumstances ARE volatile and I’m very glad you brought up the issue of the metal detectors having been removed from the Capitol building. I referenced that in my January 4th, 7:27 pm posting.

There have been incidents of violence in the US Congress in the past, most notably and infamously the caning of Senator Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate by South Carolina Congressman Preston Brooks on May 22, 1856. The senator was beaten so badly he almost died and did not return to his senatorial duties until December of 1859.

I pray nothing like that ever happens again, nor another attempt at insurrection. Armed right wing kooks in Congress? What could possibly go wrong?

The political dynamics just got a lot murkier. It looks like the GOP just received a huge belated Christmas gift…….

McCarthy Reacts To Classified Documents Discovered From Biden’s Time As VP: Dems ‘Overplayed Their Hand’

McCarthy says Biden classified documents reports reveal Democrats were ‘trying to be political to President Trump’

Fox News
January 9, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., says Democrats “overplayed their hand” in the handling of the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago in light of new revelations of classified documents discovered at the Penn Biden Center, which were taken by now-President Joe Biden after his time as vice president nearly six years ago.

“I think from … the same point that the Dems overplayed their hand on the Mar-a-Lago … just a proof of that,” McCarthy responded Monday evening to a reporter’s question about the new reports that Biden took a batch of records from Biden’s time as vice president. 

A “small number of documents with classified markings” were discovered at the Penn Biden Center by the president’s personal attorneys on Nov. 2, according to Richard Saubel, special counsel to the White House.



If members of Congress are found guilty of participating in the insurrection can they be prevented from voting on issues before the Congress?

PBS NewsHour from Oct 25, 2021



GOP lawmakers were ‘intimately involved’ in Jan. 6 protest planning, new report shows
Oct 25, 2021 6:45 PM EST
By — Yamiche Alcindor and Alex D’Elia

“A new Rolling Stone report claims multiple members of Congress helped plan former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss, and the Jan. 6 protests that ended in violence. Author Hunter Walker joins Yamiche Alcindor with more details.”

Six named in the show:

Hunter Walker:

“So, both of my sources said they participated in — quote, unquote — “dozens of briefings” with Republican members of Congress and their staff. That included Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, and Louie Gohmert.”

Bob: “If members of Congress are found guilty of participating in the insurrection can they be prevented from voting on issues before the Congress?”

It appears that the guilty members would be disqualified from holding office *unless* Congress “by a vote of two-thirds of each House,” removes the ban. From Lawfare Blog:

Disqualifying Insurrectionists and Rebels: A How-To Guide


“Recall again that under Section 3 [of the 14th Amendment], an individual who holds a triggering office [e.g., current member of Congress] and then engages in covered conduct cannot occupy a banned office afterward. But what conduct does Section 3 cover? It’s helpful to distinguish between two types of covered conduct: (a) engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, and (b) giving aid or comfort to America’s enemies.”

Thank you peter.

My hope was that members would not be removed (allowing for an appointee who would vote as they would have) but would be prevented from having voting privileges thus reducing their party’s voting totals on issues.

Democratic California Congresswoman Katie Porter, who IMHO may well be the smartest representative in the House has announced she will run for senate in the 2024 election.



Jerry & all, Have you seen this, however? Biden’s people are being very forthcoming and transparent (or so it seems) about disclosing the fact that documents were found. Trump’s team did not return documents that were identified by the Archives although they said they did.

I did not watch the Karl Rove news but I’m glad he is being honest. It seems he has acquired scruples since the W days.

Why do I feel Biden is being set-up with these documents?

Yes. It does seem odd, doesn’t it? It makes no sense, out of character, as you suggested like some sort of set up.

Angellight, because you can see the motive and the opportunity for the loons to do it.

Interesting you are feeling a setup with the Biden docs – Ellie dreams downunder just did a video wondering the same thing. Interesting perspective

Kiwi, Arbo, Angellight,
I often view Ellie; I regard her as the best tarot reader on youtube. She made excellent points in her commentary and in her reading.

Knowing Mr. Biden’s character, it makes absolutely ZERO sense such documents would be found in his personal garage where he stores his Corvette. The documents in his old office may or may not have been an oversight of his former VP staff, but I think it highly probable the documents in his garage were planted. I think it also probable the first set of documents were planted as well.

On the basis of her reading and superb intuition Ellie strongly suspects both sets were planted and the Biden team is aware that is what occurred.

Mr. Biden is a careful and honorable man. Claiming or implying he or his staff were so careless as to not return or leave classified documents in inappropriate places is like accusing a teetotaler who has never in their life had a drink of being publically drunk on the night of the tenth of xyz month in a certain year. Relative to information we presently possess, it does not add up.

Re: The Biden docs

A set up? Not at all surprising. GOP delay and obfuscation is typical. And now a false equivalency is being touted. Hopefully the newly designated Special Counsel assigned to looking into the matter will get to the bottom of it.

Now that the alleged Biden mishandling of documents conundrum has muddied the waters, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about a DOJ Trump indictment this month. Looking further afield, my focus of attention has settled around the March 7th date for possible indictment, although the aspects on or around that time may not bode well for Biden due to other mitigating factors. Will there be health concerns for Biden?

First we will examine Joe Biden’s chart……….

This Full Moon precisely coincides with Saturn’s ingress into Pisces (0 ’00 Pisces) conjunct Biden’s South Node (0 ’08 Pisces) in t square to Biden’s progressed Uranus (0 ’34 Gemini). One can infer therefore, that this will mark a major turning point in Biden’s tenure as president. These are destiny points after all.

Saturn Conjunct South Node by Jack M

When Saturn conjuncts the South Node, it indicates that the native is coming to the end of a karmic cycle. This is a time of reckoning, and the native must face the consequences of their past actions. The South Node represents our karmic baggage, and Saturn’s presence here indicates that it is time to let go of these old patterns and move on.


Saturn Conjunct South Node by Crystal Energy

From March 7, 2023, Saturn will enter Pisces so it will be the turn of those born with South Node in Pisces to feel the manifestation of the aspect:

It’s a POWERFUL aspect that brings transformation. South Node and Saturn are related to learning and karma. Very rare transit, occurs once every 28-30 years.

North Node represents what we still need to achieve in order to balance our being, evolve and reach our potential.

It’s all about balance, and there’s no way to work with the North Node without touching the South Node, because in the latter is the key to dealing with the first, the necessary complement. NN and SN are essentially opposite in nature, and because of that you will always feel some difficulty between them. But there must be perseverance and a willingness to harmonize, taking advantage of the process of self-knowledge.


Saturn in conjunction with the natal South Node represents a time of realization of greater purposes that involve your Higher Self, situations that needed to occur for the awareness of your potential/individuality may come to light. It’s a time for a lot of reflection on who you have been, on your responsibilities for your DESTINY. It may be that you will reflect more on your purposes and what you should do from now on.

As Saturn brings dilemmas and seeks the native’s maturation – which often comes through conflicts, problems -, this can mean a moment of a lot of divagation about who you are in the now and who you were yesterday (and may even have an interest in issues of your past lives or reasons for being who you are).



Other prevalent factors in the March 7, 2023 Full Moon:

1) Transiting Nodes at 6 ’44 Taurus-Scorpio in t square to natal Pluto (7 ’13 Leo) semi-square to tr. Mars (21 ’48 Gemini). Because the US Mars is so inextricably entangled (21 ’22 Gemini) this could signify some kind of domestic or military conflict.

2) Tr. Pluto (29 ’39 Capricorn) in close sesqui-quadrate to the Full Moon (16 ’40 Virgo) at harsh angles to Biden’s natal Moon (0 ’59 Taurus).

Mr Trump and DOJ director Merrick Garland’s charts are equally impacted which I will examine in a subsequent post.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I hope the real truth comes to light. I too think Biden & team are aware of this but keeping mum for now.

Is Biden In Trouble With His Records Problem? by Astrology Alert

Video: 5 min 44 sec


Ellie from Down Under also discussed the timing as suspicious with the first docs discovered Nov 2, just days before the midterms. The docs in the garage also seem very suspicious. Does anyone have a sense of how this may or may not impact Biden’s announcement about running? Jerry’s posts on the Saturn-SN conjunction seem to point to him not running but it may also relate to the war in Ukraine, or something else??

One more point if it hasn’t been made yet: there are Secret Service agents who would have had the opportunity to plant documents. It’s been revealed that there are orange tinged agents who might be happy to carry out a right wing plan. And I’m sure this has occurred to the Biden team. The Scorpio-in-Chief probably thought of it too.

Good point about the Secret Service. I believe they have much to hide going back at least several decades. The present is no exception, and they are the most likely saboteurs.

I think we are seeing (and have been seeing) an organized effort to overthrow our democracy that extends to members of Congress, the Judiciary and other parts of government including the Secret Service. I do not think they will succeed but they are trying very hard.

Thanks, Eliseo. At least back to 1963.

I gather from reporting, fbi is also now involved in biden docs – hope they are checking for fingerprints – but I guess that wouldnt matter if gloves were worn. The Plot thickens.

kiwi, how about the age of the paper..?

I remain convinced the most plausible explanation for the 3rd shot, the one that hit JFK squarely in the back of the head, was fired accidentally from Secret Service Special Agent George Warren Hickey’s AR-15 which was carried in the car immediately following the President’s vehicle.

If so, this would likely be the deepest, darkest secret the Secret Service must continue hiding. (What else could explain their extreme bellicosity after the assassination when they pointed their pistols at the unarmed Dallas County Coroner and staff when arguing over possession of the body?)

Presuming it was Trumper SS guys who might have planted the documents in Biden’s former VP office and garage: WHO KNOWS? We may suddenly have motive for someone to reveal the SS’s darker secrets including their 1963 cover-up.

For decades the Left has suspected the Far Right of having done in JFK, whereas the Right has suspected the Left. Were it discovered that although Oswald fired the first two shots, the third shot was a clumsy, stupid SS accident, that might help cool the tensions and polarization we now experience. Maybe – maybe not.

But for sure, our SS agents are at the top of my list as suspects who might have planted those documents. The timing is too suspicious. Nov.2nd, just before the general election? And NOW? – just when DJT is about to be indicted under the Espionage Act for stealing and holding on to classified documents? This smells to high heaven and beyond.

There’s so much that smells bad from the DJT era I don’t think we have a landfill site large enough. (See my December 24th, 2022 1:22 am posting) I’m wondering if and I’m hoping it all comes out soon. If it all comes out, it will hopefully be easier to get ourselves mentally and karmically clear that we might move forward.

Eliseo, as Malcolm Nance says, coincidence takes a lot of planning.

I watched the Ellie Dreams Down Under reading on the Biden documents discovery. I then tried to find out more about Ellie so, perhaps, could look up her birth or birth chart info to confirm my intuitive perception that she is some combination of Virgo, Leo, Aries. I could feel the Virgo (maybe Capricorn?) the most, with her nervous, astute intelligence and articulateness but with kind of deeper roots than Gemini, as well as a kind of Leo or Aries focus and staying on track. Anyway, this is how my mind works when I observe someone and try to intuit their sun and other personal planetary placements. Kind of an interesting game. I have to say that it amused me when she pulled together her interpretations of the cards (which she said are her standard interpretations) and then implied that the cards confirmed her premise and there was no bias there, as I think there could have been other interpretations, novice tarot person that I am, but with lots of Pisces and mercury in Aquarius so I tend to see the other pieces, layers, points of view.

Anyway, thought I’d share. I do like her very much and enjoyed watching her very focused, creative intelligence, knowledge of the tarot, and serious presentation punctuated with some wickedly dry humor (or should I say humour?)

But, just because I see where they could be other narratives attached to the reading, it doesn’t mean that I discount what she said, particularly about the documents being planted by a traitor in the camp (which could very well be the SS) or Joe’s resilience. On the other hand, I have read that other former presidents (maybe many) have been known to have possession of documents that they should not have had.

Hi Sharon, dont know her birthdate, but to give some background – she got her degree in the US. Lived in britain for some time working with planning, logistics, and police security etc in fairly high circles.

Ah, that explains her serious, organized and focused attitude, kiwi. Guess you can combine all kinds of skillsand experience that people wouldn’t necessarily think go together 🙂

Sharon K,
Just my opinion, but I think she is the very best tarot reader on YouTube.

I like her serious, focus approach very much. She doesn’t miss a beat. As far as how correct she’s been in her interpretations, this is my first time watching her so I’ll take your word for how good she is, Eliseo 🙂

Sharon K,
I’ve not tested her accuracy in any statistical sense. But to me her interpretations intuitively feel very straight. For many of those interpretations, it will be a good while before we know whether she was correct.

Meanwhile, I’ve long been impressed by her in depth knowledge of symbolism and no nonesense straightforward answers to questions. She just makes sense, and I can feel it in my bones.


Thank you for sharing Ellie Down Under. She presented in a noticeably grounded and captivating manner. She had an interesting manner of synthesizing interpretations od the relationships between the cards. My noole is all abuzz speculating who the mole might be on team Biden.

The March 7th Full Moon (16 ’40 Virgo)

Points of contact to Trump’s natal chart…….

The Virgo full moon forms a grand cross square to Trump’s natal Uranus/progressed Nodes placement (17 Gemini-Sagittarius) in opposition to Merrick Garland’s progressed Mars (17 Pisces). Tr. Nodes at 6 Taurus-Scorpio will be in semisquare/ sesquisquare to tr. Mars and Trump’s natal Moon-Sun opposition (21 Gemini). Whether this marks the defining moment towards a Trump indictment is unclear but it’s worth pointing out that the North Node at 6 Taurus in the US 2021 Inaugural chart is conjunct its natal Mars/Uranus conjunction AND it will be in semi-square to tr Mars as well as the US Mars at 21 Gemini. That could reflect sudden, explosive events due to and preciipitated by a Trump indictment.

Another poignant astrological moment arrives later in the month. If my memory serves me correctly, the few days surrounding Saturn’s entrance into 0 Aquarius on March 21st, 2020, had most of the world gripped in a forced lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The travel industry, especially the airline sector were hard hit with the closing of international borders. A rather remarkable event in the annals of modern history. We have a similar situation coming up with Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius March 23rd. In fact, two days prior, the March 21st New Moon at 0 ’50 Aries in sextile to Pluto (29 ’58 Capricorn) has Saturn at the midpoint (1 ’37 Pisces). Saturn in turn is in conjunction to Joe Biden’s natal South Node (0 ’08 Virgo) semi-square to tr. Jupiter (16 ’40 Taurus) in square to Biden’s progressed Uranus (0 Gemini). What does that signify? One astrologer explores the significance of the 0 Aquarius degree in her video entitled:

ACCURATE FORECASTING: World Astrology 2022 into 2023 – including the US Presidency

Her remarks regarding the 0 Aquarius degree and why it is so critical to American presidential events are near the end of the video at the 27 min 19 sec mark. Just click on the following URL link and it will take you directly there. It is time stamped:


Continued in the next entry…….

Saturn in Aquarius – A New Renaissance (a brief explanation found on the net)

March 2020

Saturn in Aquarius is one of the most anticipated transits of the year. In the light of the Corona Virus crisis and civil unrest throughout the globe, Saturn in Aquarius seems to be a key transit that will show us where all of this is heading. 

Saturn will re-enter Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and will stay in Aquarius until March 2023. 

The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction – A New Era
by Astro Butterfly

We cannot talk about Saturn in Aquarius without talking about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which occured on December 21st, 2020, at 0 Aquarius.

This is not ‘just’ a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction – although a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction alone is an extremely important event, since it occurs only once every 20 years – but what makes this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction truly special is that it occurs at 0° in an Air sign.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are very cyclical and belong to 200-year elemental cycles. The current Jupiter-Saturn cycle started in 1802 and is an Earth cycle.

The current Earth cycle will end on December 20th, and a new elemental cycle will begin on December 21st, 2020, this time in the Air element. This is BIG. 

The energy will shift from Earth (consumerism, material values, hierarchies) to Air (intellect, information, collaboration). 

In the light of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction – which will revolutionize our society – you really want to pay attention to Saturn’s first ingress in Aquarius on March 21st.  

Most astrologers also agree that we are currently transitioning from the Age Of Pisces (the astrological ages move backward) into the Age of Aquarius. The transits of Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) and Pluto in Aquarius (2024-2043) only come to reinforce the Aquarian Age themes.

Saturn And Aquarius

To understand what to expect from this transit, let’s go back to the basics, to understand what Saturn and Aquarius stand for in astrology. 



Pluto Into Aquarius is The Big Event of 2023.

Pluto moving from Capricorn to Aquarius is always about the replacement of the men at the top, with the people as a whole – people power. Historically, when Pluto goes from Capricorn to Aquarius, we see system change. Boudicca began to fight back in Britain, against the Romans. Centuries later, on the same Pluto transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were crowned.

– Jessica Adams

Re Ellie: for those interested, found this old video of her explaining a bit about herself

There is another where she talks a bit about her UK govt work but havnt been able to find it.

I love this very profound and intelligent statement by MLK

“And so, while the law may not change the hearts of men, it can and it does change the habits of men. And when you begin to change the habits of men, pretty soon the attitudes will be changed.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Additional Thoughts On The March 7th, 2023 Full Moon/ The Case For A Trump Indictment Timeline

The rarity of having both tr. Jupiter and Chiron closely conjoin each other at harsh critical angles to a nations chart cannot be overlooked here. Jupiter and Chiron at 13/14 Aries respectively will be hitting the US Sun (13 Cancer) and US Saturn (14 Libra) simultaneously. Jupiter augments the power of an aspect exponentially adding to the gravity of any given situation. Here then is the 3/07/2023 Full Moon chart diagram below:


A partial explanation of the above aspects are reproduced below from the 12 ANDUS . COM website…..

Transiting Chiron Opposite Natal Saturn

You may feel as if you are placed at odds with your sense of stability and security. This is the time to face unresolved wounds from the past especially those inolving tradition, aging and enduring hardships.

You have the opportunity to reconsider past expreiences, traditions or memories of past wounds and may have to face an aspects of yourself that is harsh or abrasive. Facing life areas in which you jfeel restricted or constrained may give you the feeling that life is full of hardship now.

Diligence and patience are needed and your ability to perservere will serve you in the long run but only if you face facts no matter how unsettling reality may be.

Transiting Chiron Square Natal Sun

Your desire to show your confidence and strengths will be challenged now by reminders of unresolved healing. You need to harness frustration as a motivation for healing now.

You may have flare ups and arguments regarding past wounds related to your individuality and sense of self. Any unresolved issues related to confidence or the desire for recognition will be triggered. You will have the opportunity to go deeper into your own healing and come out shining as a confident leader for others, but you will have to resolve old conflicts regarding your past fears of being inferior.

Hi Eliseo and All,

A technical question here. What’s your position on using Mean Node versus True Node calculations in any given chart? For many years I noticed the discrepancy between the two, but I’ve yet to come across any reasonable, compelling argument for or against the issue. The differential; approximately two and a half degrees at times, casts some doubt on the accuracy of a chart. I bring this up because when deliberating on the March 7th. 2023 chart, and using the online tools for calculation, both Astro.com and Cafe Astrology use the true node format:


whereas Astro Seek . com and khaldea rely on the Mean Node method; producing an exact North Node (6 Taurus) – Mars (21 Gemini) semi-square in the March 7th chart. Any thoughts on this?

Which Is More Accurate, Mean or True Node?

“…… There is no agreement among astrologers as to which is better to use in chart analysis. There are valid arguments supporting the choice to use either one. They are never more than a few degrees away from each other, so it rarely makes a difference. If your True and Mean nodes fall in different signs, consider that both signs may be valid!”

– Molly of Astrology . com

I REALLY dislike this guy! I heard a tape of him on a conservative radio station today promising to remove sales tax from diaper sales and such, but banding forever the dreaded masks and vaccine mandates (even if we need them)!

Correction: I hate this guy!


banning, obviously, not banding…

He’ll be toast before you know it.
He’ll fade away with Trumpism before long. He’s not worthy of ruining your peace of mind Sharon.

It’s intuitive, Will. He is very popular in FL and will probably be the presidential candidate. He’s like a Conservative’s dream (I think), with his authoritarian bent, and a good communicator. Military background, blue-collar roots, a man of the people but tough and macho.


Here’s his chart. Moon at 22 Aquarius, so conjunct U.S. moon. Lots of Virgo which will be affected by Saturn’s transit through Pisces in the next 3 years. I have found that Saturn transits actually seem to help elevate people through the hard work and responsibilities that come their way. But there is really something about him I don’t like.

kiwi, so sorry that you’re losing your wonderful PM. What are your thoughts, especially about a successor?

My prayers to the people of NZ.

Jacinda is just one of many governing heads of State that will roll out within the next couple of years, as Pluto changes sign into Aquarius.

The US moon is in Aquarius, the people’s moon, the decentralization of central government is inevitable.

The Grass Roots movement is gathering strength exponentially, in consciousness and awareness, and this is ushering a much needed community building, away from Federal dictates.

By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn, we, the people have integrated the lessons of Pluto in Capricorn true power within is becoming a reality, maturity and wisdom will guide our sovereignty, this is also inevitable! Only then we will know what True Democracy is about.

In service of Love, Unity in Peace.

Sharon, yes, a shock that Jacinda is stepping down. But understandable. The trump-like vitriol and hateful rhetoric that arose during covid and seems to have taken root, has been shocking – several wealthy americans like peter thiel and bannon cohorts funding to stir the pot here.
Im sure she is stepping back in part because her daughter will be starting school next month, in addition to her being just plain worn out with all that has happened over the past 5 years.
No idea who will replace her as PM – the party MPs will huddle over the next period of time to come to some sort of consensus among themselves. She will remain representing her local electorate as an MP till the end of april and assist in any transition.
I continue to think she is a remarkable woman, but am shocked that even some people who I consider to be friends continue to spread hateful memes on social media group-think posts.

Sometimes our intuitions are incorrect. Fortunately, Florida’s influence has rarely if ever been a bellwether for national politics.
DeSantis benefitted immensely as he basked in the metastatic juggernaut of 45’s maniacal populism…and continues to benefit in the valence of the afterglow. He’s a savvy imitator of fascism but lacks any of the compelling magnetism we see so often in big, personality-driven characters. I hazard that Trumpism and it’s various cartoonish neo- spawns are running on fumes. I’m sensing that the national collective unconscious has grown bored and tired of bullies. Just my impressions.

Sharon K, on Election Day 2024, Ron DeSantis’ Jupiter at 1 Leo will be opposed by Pluto and conjunct Mars. On Jan 20, Inauguration Day, the transiting Sun will join Pluto to oppose his Jupiter. This all smells of success. If the birth time given by Neptune Cafe is correct to be 10AM, then his Jupiter conjuncts his MC which emphasizes greatly his success. So he will be a formidable candidate to beat. If he does take the Presidency I hope the Dems re-take the House and keep the Senate. At some point soon I am going to look at the transits of Election Day for Chuck Schumer to get a sense of the Senate races.

Sharon, and for any who may be interested, Marjorie has done a writeup on Jacinda and NZ

Thanks, Frank and kiwi.

I wouldn’t count DeSantis in for anything at this time, all. It’s way too early, and a lot can happen between now and 2024. We don’t know what shifts will start to happen once Pluto enters Aquarius, particularly for the better part of 2024 after the brief “preview” we get here this year in a few months.

We don’t know what Biden will do in 2024 yet, if he runs or another Dem does. I’m not saying don’t speculate, but it seems premature to assume at this point that anyone has anything in the bag, a full 2 years out now from the next presumptive inauguration.

Good to have some support in Florida! VP Harris in our capital city, kicking on DeSantis turf!

On the Politico website is an article that gives me more hope than I have felt in years. The article is called, “One woman is holding politicians accountable for nasty speech. It’s changing politics.” It is in the weekend section, so you have to scroll pretty far down. It is a long read, but I feel it is well worth it. They have devised something called the Dignity Index, which measures a politician’s speech on an eight-point scale from contempt to dignity. The most exciting part for me was that people who learn to rate speeches on this scale, improve the Dignity of their own speech. I really feel this is the most effective thing we can do to save Democracy in America.


Thanks for letter us know about this, Mark.

Kamala Harris has a strong Saturn at 28 Aquarius conjunct her MH at 2 Pisces. In late February, transiting Saturn will conjunct her Saturn for her second Saturn return. In late March, Saturn will conjunct her MH and move into her 10th House. This indicates an assumption of greater responsibilities and leadership.

Additionally, her Saturn conjuncts the USA Sibley Moon. She is not liked by the public and, at the same time, she is respected so someone with authority. When transiting Saturn conjuncts her Saturn, it will also conjunct the USA Sibley Moon indicating sorrow or a hardship for the public.

Additionally, Biden’s South Node is at 0 Pisces. Saturn will also be transiting his SN in this time frame. This has to do with karma and an ending of some sort.

Something interesting will occur during the time frame from late February through late April.

I wanted to get more astrology on VP Kamala Harris and found this from a previous post by Marjorie Orr, Star4Cast, May 20 2021. The last sentence is the kicker for me and confirms what I’m seeing for her.

Kamala Harris has the same uplift as Joe Biden with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter until late this November (2022) and tr Jupiter is moving through her 10th till March 2023 which is generally successful. But also like him she runs into more obvious problems from next year onwards when she picks up the challenging tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and her Aries Moon and conjunct her Sun/Moon midpoint. The latter could suggest marital tensions but in a politician it can also point to a popularity dent. But one way and another she’ll be under huge pressure. Plus tr Neptune will square her Ascendant and oppose her Sun/Mars midpoint from April 2022 onwards till late 2023 – which suggests an undermining of her image, low vitality and failed-plans. During this period tr Uranus will make a high-anxiety opposition to her Neptune.

Late 2023 sees a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn opposition her Sun and from April 2024 onwards for two years she picks up another Neptunian sinker to her Sun/Saturn midpoint.

Her Progressed Moon will move through her 12th house from the middle of this year to mid 2023 which is usually a time of endings, inward looking and not too upbeat. Then she’ll experience some uplift as it moves across her Ascendant and that coincides with tr Saturn being conjunct her Midheaven in March 2023 and starting her career peak of eight years thereafter with heavier responsibilities.

Classified documents discovered at Mike Pence’s home in Indiana


Can’t help but to wonder why the officials at the National Archived
are not being held answerable or accountable in any fashion for tracking the national classified documents and seemingly being cluless about who has what and where the borrowed/removed documents are. If I borrow a book from my local library, I am informed by email and or snail mail whenever that book is overdue to be returned. Am I missing something or do the National Archivists (who earn an annual salary close to $170,000. need to be routed out and publicly audited? How could there be such an unimaginably incompetent tracking system for national classified documents? It is a stupefying National embarrassment.

Will you are so correct. If you do not mind, would like to repost this info with your name of course.

The system for marking, registering and keeping track of classified documents badly needs an overhaul. Part of the problem, apparently per some national security experts I’ve listened to, is that many many low level documents are marked classified when they don’t need to be. We don’t know the level of classification of those found at Biden’s property or Pence’s while we do know that top secret, SCIF-only documents were found at Mar-a-lago. I would imagine that the National Archives would only know what they’re informed of in terms of lists of classified documents. So people in an administration would need to file some sort of registration of each and every document they consider classified, every presidential briefing letter when it’s given, every you-name-it document used within the administrative functions that someone decides should be classified at some level. Even then, true that the National Archives would then need to check records of which of the documents are eventually provided to them and which are still out there somewhere and pursue missing ones. I would hope at the least that the very top classified documents would be considered important to register with the Archives and then pursued if not provided to them at the end of an administration (the NA did alert someone that it knew of documents not returned by Trump). Given that this is now a bipartisan issue with both Biden and Pence having classified materials (Trump is another issue altogether for refusing to return stuff, especially highly secret national security related docs), Congress may actually do something to ensure the system is overhauled.


Go for it. Not necessary to credit me.


Certainly is a plausible explanation

I also just heard a security expert note that recent classified documents are more important than old ones since things change over time. Biden’s old classified documents likely don’t say much about current concerns in national security or otherwise since people and conditions have long since changed out. Trump’s and presumably Pence’s as well may still be quite relevant to at least some current matters such as assets in the field, nuclear secrets, communications with allies, etc.

It’s been suggested that Biden’s documents could have to do with Bo’s death and the sympathy that foreign leaders offered to his father, not the VP. Rampant overclassification could explain it.

To be fair, there could be a similar explanation for Pence’s stash.

But the fat guy acts guilty as hell and that’s different.

Make that Beau.

Does anyone have astrological or other knowledge of Virginia Dem Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger? She was born August 7, 1979 in Red Bank, New Jersey.

She is a former literature teacher, has a MBA, and was a CIA officer. I note she has an OP-ed published by Fox News in which she defends the Inflation Reduction Act.

I don’t spend much time reading Fox News but thought it unusual as she is a Dem.

Eliseo, Spanberger is a moderate Dem who sought to change the Blue Dogs coalition of Dems to the Common Sense Committee but that lost the vote among that group and she didn’t join. Her attempt, with another moderate Dem was to shift the public’s perception of who they were and to break ties with the group’s racist, anti-gay and anti-abortion leanings of the past.
Here is a recent clip of her discussing the USA support for Ukraine on CSPAN:

Les, Will, great explanation on National Archive.

“Scoop: Russia state propaganda alums launch new D.C. media venture” Called Globaltek


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