29th May, 2022

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Uranus is squaring my mercury, moon & pluto. Oy yoy yoy, if you catch my drift. All of a sudden the tension and drama has begun (I had to listen and/or intervene in several situations today – I think I helped with the important one but I’m out of energy. Venus is quincunx my sun so that’s helping me today but what about a few days from now? (That was rhetorical.) Well, at least I’m aware of it.

Thank you for the new thread, Nancy.

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Uranus certainly stirs things up in an often sudden and unexpected way – but in spite of the momentary turbulence, it usually fosters freedom from outworn structures and other oppressive elements in one’s life.

You’ll be just fine.

Nancy, thank you for just being you.

Thank you for this gift Nancy. May you and your family be healthy and safe.

“Uranus certainly stirs things up in an often sudden and unexpected way – but in spite of the momentary turbulence, it usually fosters freedom from outworn structures and other oppressive elements in one’s life.”

I’m watching Uranus too, Sharon (and thanks, Will). Uranus transiting my 10th has been squaring my natal Uranus and now starting in on squaring my Leo Ascendant/Moon. The only current surprise is that I’m actually sleeping pretty well! It does raise my anxiety levels though. On the other hand, at the same time it’s trining my Virgo Sun, so maybe the changes are good overall, but just a bit emotionally rattling.

Adding my thanks to Nancy for keeping this thread of conversations going.

A possible portent for the future?
Pope Francis appears to be packing the college of cardinals with Liberals (liberal at least for RC clergy). The Church moves, changes direction, and adapts to cultural evolution very, very slowly, but this apparent trend may portend a more open and liberal direction in the future for the RC Church. It also may set the Church on a course of choosing a liberal successor to Francis when he passes. This affects about 1 billion people. We shall see!

Francis’ choice of new Cardinal McElroy an unmistakable sign for US church

As these charts play out my charts for Putin show his world continuing to unravel through the same period.

Summer of 22 for JR and Ivanka
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For Whom The Bell Tolls or The Long, Hot, Summer.

On June 4 transit Saturn stations on junior’s secondary progressed Sun and transit Pluto (300°52?) is square ivanka’s secondary progressed Pluto (210°19?) in right ascension (a true 90° separation of them in space). These aspects are not good for them.

Birth times not known. Noon charts used. Sun positions within 1/2 degree. Angles to be disregarded, planetary positions in longitude or right ascension important.

JR JUN 4 2022


It isn’t a good day for TFG either according to his progressed anlunar with either his natal or progressed natal charts.

His progressed anlunar MC at noon will be at 134°17?. It’s Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be on the IC at 134°25?. His natal Pluto at 134°21? will be on the MC. His progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be on it at about 11 am, EDT. NOTE: His progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint’s position is virtually the same for noon and 5 pm, EDT.

With his natal


With his progressed natal


Hope so, Will. Just praying with the start of this hurricane season, that all storms steer away from land and go out to sea. Last year, parishes around us were hit VERY hard by Ida. Ours wasn’t hit as hard. We lost one roof on a rental property where my husband’s son was living (which still isn’t fully on thanks to supply chain issues and my husband’s insistence on designing the underlayment which took a while) but not on our home; however there was roof repair needed on my sister-in-law’s properties that we now manage. The worst part was a transformer for the electrical grid was blown into the MS River and most of us in the Greater NO Metro area were without electricity from 2 wks to a month. Gasoline lines went on for 1 to 2 hrs when we could finally get gasoline in this area. My mother-in-law’s 100th BD party was cancelled due to the loss of her daughter and we had to send her to her son’s home in CO. We don’t need another hurricane this year; no one does. I’m not sure which chart is right for New Orleans. When Katrina hit in 2005, uranus was in Pisces. FL is also a Pisces state. Anyway……praying for peace, praying for sanity and a way to stop gun violence, praying for the children and families who have been lost to senseless gun violence, praying for Ukraine, praying for enough to eat and a roof over everyone’s head, praying for a stop to suffering.


“The worst part was a transformer for the electrical grid was blown into the MS River and most of us in the Greater NO Metro area were without electricity from 2 wks to a month.”

What a hardship that must have been. Hopefully with Uranus in a fixed earth sign, the disruption will not be nearly as devastating.

So interesting! In harmony with your astrological interpretation and analysis – Both Putin and TFG are having increasing difficulties and profound frustration. Troubles for both will surely deepen.

Putin Fires Five Generals as Russia’s Military Failures in Ukraine Continue

Trump demands Pulitzer board rescind awards for Russia interference reporting

Trump’s demands only draw further attention to his 2016 electoral illegitimacy. Looking toward his end, I’m curious if he will die a free man, in prison, or in psychiatric confinement. In any case, I suspect his reputation and his mental condition will deteriorate further as the Jan. 6 Committee commences and conducts its public hearings. (He’ll want to sue them as well!) I think he will go down as the weirdest and most fascinating villain in American history. His name will become a noun, like the name Quisling, used to describe delusional narcissists and traitors.

I also think Trump’s ultimate effect will be constitutional reform, and requirement any and all presidential contenders must reveal their taxes, finances, and undergo psychiatric evaluation. Consensus will be we cannot afford to have someone as head of state and government who is so morbidly mentally ill ever again.

Oops! Trump – A noun, AND an adjective.

WOW! The troubles and tribulations just keep on coming for Putin and the Russians.
Exclusive: Putin Treated for Cancer in April, U.S. Intelligence Report Says

The story also includes the assertion there was an assassination attempt on Putin in March.


Russian Military Suffering From Multiple Mutinies as Soldiers Rebel: U.K.

According to Newsweek, UK Intelligence reports increasing problems in the Russian military, including soldiers who returned to Russia from Ukraine refusing to go back, other mutinies, and officers in Ukraine dying at high rate from snipers.


Thanks Eliseo, I will start making popcorn

This is a long article so I didn’t read more than half but it was very eye-opening to me in the way it clarifies very well the positions of Conservatives that we’ve seen crystalize in the last year or so. The author describes how secular Conservatives are moving away from the Religious Right.


Wow, the new redistricting maps apparently favor Dems??


Name: 1st Insurrection Committee Public Hearing
6-9-2022 at 8:00 PM TimeZone: GMT-5 [Daylight Savg]
Longitude: 077W00 Latitude: 38N54
Birth Julian Day: 2459740.50 GMST: 17:13 LMST: 12:05


Sun 19 GEM 08 22 N 59 7 NO
Moon 18 LIB 08 04 S 22 10 NO
Mercury 27 TAU 44 15 N 45 6 NO
Venus 14 TAU 33 14 N 22 5 NO
Mars 11 ARI 51 03 N 03 4 NO
Jupiter 05 ARI 05 00 N 55 4 NO
Saturn 25 AQU 13 14 S 10 2 YES
Uranus 16 TAU 46 16 N 30 5 NO
Neptune 25 PIS 23 02 S 54 3 NO
Pluto 28 CAP 26 22 S 35 2 YES
Ascendant 13 SAG 19 N/A 1 N/A
MidHeaven 01 LIB 27 N/A 10 N/A


Sun Trine Moon Orb = 1° 00′
Sun Trine Saturn Orb = 6° 05′
Sun Square Neptune Orb = 6° 16′
Sun Opposite Ascendant Orb = 5° 49′
Moon Opposite Mars Orb = 6° 17′
Moon Trine Saturn Orb = 7° 05′
Moon Sextile Ascendant Orb = 4° 49′
Mercury Square Saturn Orb = 2° 31′
Mercury Sextile Neptune Orb = 2° 21′
Mercury Trine Pluto Orb = 0° 42′
Mercury Trine MidHeaven Orb = 3° 43′
Venus Conjunct Uranus Orb = 2° 13′
Mars Conjunct Jupiter Orb = 6° 45′
Mars Trine Ascendant Orb = 1° 28′
Jupiter Sextile Pluto Orb = 6° 40′
Jupiter Opposite MidHeaven Orb = 3° 38′
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb = 3° 03′
Neptune Opposite MidHeaven Orb = 6° 04′
Pluto Trine MidHeaven Orb = 3° 02′

1 13 SAG 19
2 17 CAP 02
3 25 AQU 27
4 01 ARI 27
5 00 TAU 15
6 23 TAU 14
7 13 GEM 19
8 17 CAN 02
9 25 LEO 27
10 01 LIB 27
11 00 SCO 15
12 23 SCO 14

Feels like a real sea-change is at hand. DTs candidates lose in GA primary, Justice Dept
subpoenas are being taken seriously by Trump ex-staffers as well as those in the know re Jan 6. I see some significant fractures beginning to form in the otherwise impermeable ranks of the GOP. The cries of the cries for justice by the families and friends of the Buffalo and Uvalde dearly departed of the Buffalo and Uvalde slaughters seem to be building to an inconsolable volume.of awfulness. A compelling Internet meme likening any vote for a Republican now as nothing more than an enabling endorsement of child murderers has great potential.

My money is on Bob’s calculus.


Re: Uranus hitting key areas in your chart.

I’m rather terrible at interpreting and anticipating personal shifts or turning points in my life. One never firmly knows how these things work out on a personal basis until the actual time of its arrival.

The COVID 19 situation threw a monkey wrench into all of us expatriates living abroad. I had a medical visa valid until the end of May (cataract surgery) and wasn’t sure whether I could come back in on my long term ten year Indian tourist visa. No matter how diligent I was in trying to find out the nuances and procedures, the government regulations remained obstinately unclear. The fact that I was departing during a Mercury retrograde and that my fight from Dubai back to India occurred the day before the Mercury station, instilled a deep concern whether my long term visa was in jeopardy. Nevertheless, I was determined to make the 5 day vacation to Dubai a pleasant one. Predictably, things became clearer at the time of transit (both planetary and physical). You see, tr. Mercury was in square to my Saturn/ progressed Venus conjunction. As things developed, serious challenges in my personal relationship cropped up that needed some adjustment. It was not as I had feared, in any way related to my visa status quo. I’m now safely back home in India, in neutral territory and can breathe a sigh of relief.

Dubai (part of the United Arab Emirates) was absolutely exhilarating by the way. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza, a luxurious 5 star hotel directly opposite The Museum of The Future (the famous ring structure) – see website: https://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/dubai/dubtc/hoteldetail/photos-tours . Lots of sight-seeing and shopping in Dubai. The culture is fascinating. A perfect blend between the old and the new. I would definitely recommend it as a vacation spot if you are interested in something new and exciting. Here is the Water Fountain display at the Dubai Mall within 100 meters of the Burj Khalifa (the 170 story building is the tallest man made structure in the world): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUCGyTgTepk

That’s very interesting, Jerry, and I’m glad enjoyed, Dubai. I will check back and look at the photos and videos. Thanks for sharing. (And I do expect some pressure, stresse, and nervous tension from the uranus square to, first, my mercury, then my moon & pluto but it might also be a dynamic experience.

The Russian-Ukraine conflict

A new and dangerous, unstable phase could be in the offing…..

The Mars/Chiron conjunction in mid June (15 ’56 Aries) will be opposing Putin’s natal Sun/Saturn conjunction mid-point (16 ’21 Libra). Could this signal his demise and the power struggle that is expected to follow? Referring to Russia’s chart (June 12, 1990 1:45 pm Moscow), the Mars/Chiron conjunction squares Russia’s triple conjunction of Jupiter/Chiron (15 Cancer) and nearby natal Neptune (13 Cancer). This could suggest a very confusing and unstable period for the Russian government ………..

The Power Struggle After Putin/ Russia’s Inevitable Succession Crisis

Foreign Affairs
April 22, 2022
(by subscription only)

In a speech in late March, U.S. President Joe Biden veered off script and said out loud something about Russian President Vladimir Putin that many were thinking privately: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” White House aides raced to walk back the president’s ad-libbed remark, emphasizing that the U.S. goal in Russia is not regime change. Intentionally or not, however, Biden’s quip reinforced the conviction of some in Washington that the simplest way to end Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine is to end his grip on power. As Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, tweeted in March, “the only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out.”

There is no reason to think Putin faces an immediate risk of assassination. Nor does a coup or a popular revolution seem to be in the offing any time soon. But Putin is 69 years old and possibly in ill health. Russian investigative journalists have alleged that he may have had thyroid cancer. Whether he dies in office, is deposed, or willingly gives up power, Putin’s reign over Russia will end one way or another.

Far from a stabilizing event, however, the inevitable end of his rule will be an uncertain and likely perilous moment for Russia. For the last two decades, Putin has held on to power by weakening the country’s formal rules and institutions—removing the guardrails that would ensure an orderly transfer of power. As a result, the range of plausible scenarios for what would happen if he dies or leaves office is much wider than if a U.S. or even a Chinese leader were to do the same. Although Russia’s constitution spells out a process for electing a new leader, in practice, Russia’s next president is likely to be determined by a behind-the-scenes struggle between elites. By building a highly personalist autocracy, in other words, Putin has made it impossible to predict what will happen when the inevitable occurs.


From a legal standpoint, it is clear what should happen if Putin were to leave office unexpectedly: according to Russia’s constitution, if the president “is incapable of fulfilling his duties,” the prime minister becomes acting president for no longer than three months while elections are organized. Although Russia is not a democracy, elections there still carry formal procedural weight. The country has had nearly three decades of regular elections since 1993. These votes have become progressively more bogus under Putin, but electoral rules still determine such questions as timing, procedures, and term lengths. They do not determine who stands for office, however, or who gets the backing of the Kremlin. Those things are determined behind the scenes by Putin and a small coterie of elites.

For the last 20 years, Putin has kneecapped the country’s formal institutions and made himself the center of everything. He rewrote the constitution twice—first to extend the length of presidential terms and then to “nullify” his previous service so that he can potentially remain in office until 2036. He has also reduced the two houses of Russia’s parliament and the Constitutional Court to virtual Kremlin puppets and harassed, banned, imprisoned, or killed any opposition candidates capable of challenging him.

In the event that Putin dies or leaves office unexpectedly, therefore, alliances between elites will be at least as important as formal rules in determining who succeeds him. The most likely scenario is that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin would become the acting president, as the formal rules dictate, and the upper house of Russia’s parliament would have two weeks to schedule an election. During that time, a fierce battle would take place behind the scenes to determine a consensus candidate from among the key players that make up Team Putin. The whole point of electoral authoritarianism, after all, is to know the winner in advance.

As the incumbent—albeit, acting—president, Mishustin would have a big advantage in this succession struggle. He is one of a small handful of politicians in the second tier behind Putin in terms of public trust. He has had consistently high approval ratings, even before the war in Ukraine caused his approval ratings to soar. In some ways, he would be seeking to follow the same path that another colorless prime minister took to the presidency. On New Year’s Eve in 1999, Putin took over as acting president when Boris Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned. Three months later, Putin was formally elected president, after other prominent contenders stepped aside and most elites coalesced around his candidacy.

Mishustin is a relative newcomer to the heights of Russian politics. Appointed prime minister by Putin in January 2020, he was previously the head of Russia’s Federal Tax Service. He was brought in to oversee economic issues and improve government efficiency, but he has forged ties to other key insiders and, according to the Russia analyst Tatiana Stanovaya, “increase[d] his political weight.” His lack of political charisma might be seen as an asset by other Putin loyalists hoping to control him as president, just as Putin’s relative inexperience endeared him to some oligarchs and officials who mistakenly thought they could control him. One thing that might work against Mishustin, paradoxically, is his relatively youthful age of 56. The old guard is in fact quite old, and many might prefer one of their own to a younger and potentially ambitious president.

Even if Mishustin wins the post-Putin sweepstakes, however, there is no guarantee that he will be able to hold together the fractious coalition of Kremlin insiders. Unlike most of Putin’s closest cronies, he is neither a KGB veteran nor a native of St. Petersburg. Members of both elite camps may fear that he will seek to erode their power and wealth, just as Putin did to some prominent Yeltsin associates after he took over. As a result, Mishustin may struggle to consolidate his authority, leaving open the possibility of electoral or even extralegal challenges down the road—neither of which would bode well for Russia’s stability.


Mishustin would likely have the upper hand in any scramble to succeed Putin, but he is not the only candidate. Russia has no formalized chain of succession beyond the prime minister—a whopping legal gap. But others hoping to win enough allies to capture the presidency might try to do so from the Security Council, a body that brings together top political and military officials.

Although none of them is in the formal line of succession, possible contenders for the top job include Sergei Shoigu (the minister of defense), Dmitry Medvedev (a former president and the current vice chair of Russia’s Security Council), Vyacheslav Volodin (the speaker of the Duma), and Sergei Sobyanin (the mayor of Moscow). Given the fractiousness of the Russian elite and the low levels of public support most of these figures enjoy, however, it is difficult to imagine any of them outmaneuvering Mishustin to become the consensus candidate. More likely, all would conclude that a bid for power was too risky and that it was better to live to fight another day.

Still, it is possible that one of them might challenge Mishustin, either in the two-week period during which the Kremlin’s candidate would be anointed or in the subsequent special election as an independent candidate. In this scenario, Mishustin would have the advantage of controlling the presidential levers of power, including state television and the Central Election Commission. But if another Putin insider with national standing decided to compete openly for power, the world would witness something it hasn’t since 1996: a Russian presidential election in which the results were not decided in advance.

There is also the possibility of an extraconstitutional bid for the presidency. Multiple Russian agencies theoretically have the power to stage a coup—not only the military but the Federal Guard Service, the National Guard, and the Federal Security Service. But it is hard to imagine anyone being able to rally all those forces under a single banner, especially during wartime. Historically, Russian leaders have worked hard to avoid situations in which these forces might be employed to physically counterbalance one another. And perhaps more important, Russian military leaders have long deferred to civilian elites. It has been two centuries since the military made a bid for power when a ruler died in office, and a repeat of the 1825 Decembrist Revolt—which quickly collapsed—seems highly unlikely in today’s Russia.

One final scenario that could reduce uncertainty is if Putin were to make a planned departure—for health reasons, for example—and designate a successor. Moving a handpicked replacement into the premiership before leaving office would allow Putin to unify rival elite groups and thereby increase the odds of an orderly succession. It would also replicate his own path to the presidency. Should Putin opt for this route, there is little reason to think he would anoint Mishustin, who was widely seen as a technocrat when he was appointed prime minister.


Most autocracies are surprisingly durable. Even after authoritarian leaders die in office, their regimes often survive for years or even decades. According to the political scientists Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Erica Frantz, who analyzed all succession events in authoritarian countries between 1946 and 2012, 87 percent of autocratic regimes were still in place one year after a leader’s death, and 76 percent were still in place after five years.

But not all forms of authoritarianism are equally durable. Kendall-Taylor and Frantz found that compared with monarchies, single-party regimes, and military juntas, personalist autocracies such as the one Putin has built are the most vulnerable to regime change. Seventy-eight percent of them were still in place a year after a leader’s death, but that number declined to just 44 percent after five years. In many cases, such as Syria under Hafez al-Assad and North Korea under Kim Il Sung, power passed directly to a family member, helping ensure the survival of the regime. But in Russia, Putin’s daughters are not being groomed for rule; the media are strongly discouraged from even talking about them.

Another source of regime longevity is the tendency of the regime loyalists to come together after a leader’s death in order to head off potential challengers and preserve their power and perks. Members of Putin’s inner circle will be incentivized to do this after he is gone, but without an obvious successor to unite around, they could be especially likely to succumb to factionalism. Infighting of this sort has dominated previous eras of Russian history. After Vladimir Lenin died in 1924, it took Joseph Stalin years to consolidate his position as the undisputed leader. A similar power struggle played out after Stalin’s death in 1953, when Nikita Khrushchev had to call on members of the military to arrest his rival, Lavrenty Beria, who controlled the secret police and the Kremlin’s security services.

Succession is sometimes said to be the Achilles’ heel of autocracies, especially personalist ones. And indeed, a nontrivial share of them—56 percent, according to Kendall-Taylor and Frantz—experience regime change within five years of a ruler’s death. Even if Putin’s regime ultimately survives intact, Russia could be in for a chaotic and even violent period of transition.

Recent Russian history provides some clues as to what it might look like if things go off the rails. In 1993, a power struggle between Yeltsin and the leftover Soviet parliament yielded two weeks of “dual power” in Russia that ended with tanks firing on parliament. In 1999, the transition from Yeltsin to Putin coincided with the resumption of war in the breakaway region of Chechnya and a series of mysterious bombings in Moscow apartment complexes that killed hundreds. When Putin had to temporarily step away from the presidency in 2008 due to term limits, rival factions orchestrated the arrest of key figures from each other’s ranks—a form of political hostage taking aimed at gaining leverage in the succession struggle. In short, leadership transitions in Russia have the potential to be very messy.

Someday, somehow, Putin’s rule will come to an end. When that day comes, his inner circle will be strongly incentivized to cooperate to preserve his regime. As Benjamin Franklin warned in 1776, “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” But sometimes, those on the losing end of power struggles would rather fight back than give in. Most often, they grasp for economic and political weapons, but occasionally they use tanks and guns. And in the case of a nuclear superpower currently waging a brutal war against the second-largest country in Europe, even a modest chance of regime collapse is cause for global concern.


100 DAYS LATER | What Are Russia’s Achievements

Streamed live on Jun 3, 2022 – 01:04:57


Jude Cowell shares some interesting observations on the upcoming committee hearings…….

Horoscope of the 1st Public J6 Hearing: “A Gang of Robbers in Hiding”


Many Thanks for the Jude Cowell link!
I note the lady states that on June 9th, Pluto rises with the star of extreme misfortune, Scheat. The red giant star formally known as Scheat, now called Beta Pegasi is the upper right corner of the Great Square of the constellation Pegasus.

Arabian astronomers named it Mankib al Faras, meaning the “Horse’s shoulder”. The Chinese referred to it as (Shì Xiù), meaning Encampment, and as (Shì Xiù èr), “the Second Star of Encampment”.

I am therefore puzzled as to why Jude Cowell refers to it as the star of extreme misfortune. Do you or anyone else on the blog have any idea as to wherefrom she makes this reference? I know very little about the meaning of fixed stars.

Perhaps most concerning was the work she referenced that the final hearing on June 23rd (8:00 pm edt) “with the public Moon @6Tau13 conjunct Inauguration Day 2021’s incendiary Mars-Uranus Conjunction (6Tau44) indicating potentials for aggression from those who support the overthrow of the US government.” That sounds as though it may portend a violent reaction from radical Trumpers, be they part of the Jan. 6th rabble, their spiritual comrades, Trump aides, as well as congressional leaders probably involved in, or with pre-knowledge of the plot. Though it remains to be seen factually, I’m of the opinion at least a few R congressional representatives and senators probably knew of the coming coup attempt and/or may have been in on the planning of same.

Conversely, the date and time of the “final hearing” (and therefore the chart for same) may well not turn out to be final at all. Such hearings in the past have at times been extended of necessity as new information was obtained.

Hi Eliseo,

You raised some valid questions. I would imagine fixed stars can contribute to a better understanding of a chart, but how much significance and influence it has, I have no idea. Apparently in ancient astrology the fixed star Scheat has been described as a malefic.

You were asking for sources. Astrologer Jamie Partridge cites several. One of them is from a publication entitled Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.206.

Here’s a link for your review……


If it is publicly revealed that Trump was deeply implicated in a coordinated attempt to overthrow the government (in effect treasonous behavior) as some congressman such as US Representative Jamie Raskin are suggesting. it would not be surprising if Trump would incite his followers into violence as a distraction as he has on several occasions threatened to do.

Although the second exact US Pluto return won’t occur until July 11th, the Mars-Pluto square on July 1st could be a decisive moment in all of this. Would it clear the path for civil unrest? That remains to be seen. But knowing the past behavior of some of those die-hard Trump supporters, there is reason to be concerned.

I can’t log in to post on Jude’s site. Will somebody who can please ask for a link to the source for date of June 23 being the date scheduled for the last hearing please.

Thank you.

Robert Nicewander

Hi Bob,

The following link contains an article that lists all the dates and specific times of the hearings, starting June 9th to June 23rd…..


Thanks Jerry but I will not join a site just to get that information. I believe it can be found without commitment for free somewhere.

Here is a start.

Second House Jan. 6 hearing scheduled for the morning of June 13
June 6, 20224:36 PM ET


“The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol announced on Monday its second hearing will take place the morning of June 13.

This hearing will take place just days after the first one scheduled for Thursday, which will be in prime time at 8pm EDT.”

Hi Bob,

I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Here is a brief, unfettered text version of the article complete with times and dates……..

“…….The House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection on 6 January 2021 will hold six public hearings, according to a draft schedule. Multiple broadcasters are likely to carry the proceedings live and hearings will also be shown on the committee’s website.

The major cable news broadcasters – CNN, MSNBC, and possibly Fox News – are expected to focus their coverage on the hearings and many other outlets are likely to show the hearings on their websites and YouTube channels, including The Independent.

The hearings will also be shown live on C-SPAN.
The committee is set to hold two hearings in primetime at 8pm on Thursday 9 June and on 23 June. In between the primetime hearings, additional public sessions will be conducted at 10 am on 13, 15, 16, and 21 June.

The hearings are expected to outline how Donald Trump and some of his associates violated the law as they tried to overturn the 2020 election, The Guardian reported.

“We want to paint a picture as clear as possible as to what occurred,” committee chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters last month. “The public needs to know what to think. We just have to show clearly what happened on January 6.”
The primetime hearings are scheduled to last between 1.5 and two hours, and the morning hearings are set to last between two and 2.5 hours.

One of the committee members will lead each of the hearings, but attorneys who know the sensitive material well will conduct most of the questioning of witnesses.

Most of the witnesses have been subpoenaed to appear at the hearings. Attorneys will also show texts, photos, and videos to strengthen their case.

The content and schedule for the hearings may change. The panel plans to detail the Trump team’s effort to overturn his loss in the more than two months from when he falsely claimed to have won the 2020 election until the Capitol riot on 6 January.

In a March court filing, the committee said that “the president’s rhetoric persuaded thousands of Americans to travel to Washington for January 6, some of whom marched on the Capitol, breached security, and took other illegal actions”.

“Hearings will address those issues in detail”, they added.

Thank you again Jerry.

My charts for tRump show me difficult days for him on June 13. 14, 15, 16, and 17. Perhaps revelations during the hearings will get close to his breaking point though the world’s public will not be allowed to see if that happens. I have not looked closely at the time after June 17 yet.

I Just did the chart for the 21st. It isn’t any better for tRump.


Trump’s birthday – June 14th. It coincides with a Full Moon this year. It lines up with his Sun-Moon opposition in square to transiting Neptune. The secrets he has tenaciously held on to and kept hidden could come tumbling out. Here’s the chart for the Sagittarius Full Moon……



By: Bob on May 25th, 2022 at 9:58 am

In the midst of the J6 hearings.


just popping in for a minute ( have been ultra busy lately) to share part of an alarming new article from NZ scientists

“A New Zealand study has found evidence of microplastics in freshly fallen snow in Antarctica for the first time.
The University of Canterbury study found microplastics – which are much smaller than a grain of rice – in all 19 of its samples taken in the region.
Research has shown microplastics have negative impacts on environmental health, limiting growth and reproduction, as well as negative implications for humans. “

kiwi, can you send a link to the article you reference?

silcominc, that link isnt the exact article I copied from, but talks about the same issue

kiwi, thank you.

Excellent article. The NYTimes has some very smart columnists and David Brooks is one of them.


Another opinion about the J6 committee’s workings by Glenn Kirschner, 30 plus years as a prosecutor.

With J6 committee public hearings set to begin, we ask: why has DOJ apparently chosen to go second?
Jun 8, 2022, 00:17:12


Link to his MSNBC Daily piece:

Having seen the very powerful opening remarks by Rep. Glenn Thompson and Liz Cheyney, and the unbelievable, 1st time seen, real-life footage of the Capitol riot, attack and breach, more shocking than any film could ever be, with one of the Capitol police sitting there with his family, crying after the footage was over, I surely hope David Brooks is wrong.


Brooks is usually a bit more level headed and on point these days, particularly for a Conservative, but on this one, he’s way off.

This whole hearing is damning. It’s beyond politics. We damn near lost our country on January 6. And for what? An egomaniac and a bunch of quarter-wit cosplaying brownshirts?

Yes, but most Republicans are afraid to expose the lie about the Big Lie so instead they say the Dems are politicizing all of this. The fact that they supported Trump’s absolute lies will make them look like the assholes and cowards that they are, so they can’t admit it. I think they played a video tonight of Ivanka saying she knew there was no voter fraud because Barr told her so and she respects him, but even that will be denied. Thank God for Liz Cheyney. She is one of the good ones – in fact, the best one.

True, they can’t admit what fools they were to fall for Trump’s lies, or to have gone along with them when they knew they were false, and maybe wanted them to be true. When someone is so dogmatically committed, be they conservative, liberal, or other, it is very difficult to admit you were wrong. It takes time.

It was a similar situation with Nixon’s departure from office, decades ago. Years later, it was shocking to me when I encountered people I knew for a fact who had supported and voted for Nixon, but nevertheless claimed they never voted for him.

What stands out for me is Liz Cheney referring to the Republicans who lack morals. It seems MOST of them have no morals.

She grew up around power. The people who surrounded her in her childhood, in her forming years, were powerful. She watched what power did, and obviously formed her ideas of what power should do. She also is proud to be an American. The Constitution means everything to her. She reminds us that the appointed representative swore an oath to the Constitution – not to a single person.

It seems to me that many or most of the Republicans in the House and the Senate are Great Pretenders. They pretend to want to represent the people in their district, but really they are sociopaths that are in it for themselves – how can they benefit themselves with the pleasure of having power, and having the means to make themselves into millionaires and billionaires.

How did we get ourselves into such a situation? Americans might ask.

Spiraling INEQUALITY. The original sin of slavery. Capitalism gone amok.

Stupid electing stupid.

Now what are the remedies? The first step is to define the problem……Then seek a solution. Right?

I think all the astrologers on this blog are WAITING for Pluto to go into Aquarius. I know the downsides to Aquarius, but anything has to be better than what we have now…..

The US Mars-Neptune square which gave us Hollywood also gave us those phony lying politicians. We have to make the shift to idealizing the Constitution.

The sooner we manage to do what Norway has done, the better. Norway takes care of the basics of life for its citizens, and then Capitalism is its pleasure.

We also have to refine Capitalism. Capitalism, if left unchecked, breeds inequality.

You know how we say Necessity is the Mother of Invention? Well my Mother used to say that
C-c-c-COLD is the Mother of Invention. She said those in warm climes didn’t need to invent things to keep themselves warm.

When you look at Norway, Sweden and Finland on the map, you will see that they are at the same latitude as Northern Canada.

However, Northern Russia and Siberia are also far North. We don’t hear much from them.

Hmm. So there must be something else at play…..


Social temperament. The Norwegian countries and Canada don’t have the scaled up equivalent of a population of cantankerous, anti-intellectual Scots-Irish people around. We do, particularly in the US South and Appalachia, which is a large part of why we have struggled so mightily with moving this country forward to where it ought to be.

We are dealing with a whole lot of argumentative, uncooperative and ill-tempered people in America who are all too eager to cut off their noses to spite their own faces, rather than admit on any level that they might be even remotely wrong. People who for generations would deny blacks and other minorities equal rights because they think giving someone else fair and equitable treatment somehow comes at their own expense. It’s one of the most destructive qualities in the American character, and it has been exploited to extreme ends for the past 50+ years by the Republican Party, and more recently by Murdoch/Fox News & Carlson et al., as well as Putin.

Honestly, this behavior is one of the ugliest things about this country, and a large part of why we are in our present predicament. The moment calls for humility, soul searching and understanding, followed by a fierce commitment to meting out justice to those deserving it, where it has gone for too long wanting. This is not the time to double down on stupid because “how dare anyone challenge me and tell me that I’m wrong?!”

We have lots of Scotch and Irish in Canada. The difference appears to be religious and an economy based on slavery and genocide.

Meanwhile, enjoy this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/06/10/trump-has-secured-his-place-history/


I am looking forward to the arrival of the Pluto in Aquarius energies, the very first hints of, we will begin to experience in October when Pluto goes direct.

I don’t think it will save us, however. Nothing will if we aren’t committed to doing the necessary work that must meet this transit and the opportunities that it will present to humanity.

We are dealing with very high levels of cynicism right now. Many of us who dream of a better world are deeply, and perhaps even rightly discouraged by the fact that many of the things we thought we should have left behind by now are still very much with us.

I never imagined that Trump would be elected President in 2016. I knew with 100% certainty that he had a dark cloud of wickedness, chaos, and destruction around him, and would undoubtedly bring that to the country and world if he somehow made it into office.

We did not dodge that bullet, unfortunately. And the prices we have paid have been very high, in honor, dignity, treasury, and most importantly lives that have been lost.

However, enough people stepped up along the way to challenge and contain him, and in 2020, we duly sent him packing and out of the White House, although even then, he refused to go quietly.

The Congressional hearings are overdue, yet they can still fuel to the fire in a call for justice to ensure that he and his associates are brought to heel and never again pose a threat to our democracy.

The hope of Pluto in Aquarius is that collective people power serving the masses and the higher possibility for humanity as a whole can right the wrongs caused by so much power concentrated into so few hands. CEOs and other corporate and political executives–our modern-day Kings and Queens–have reigned supreme during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

It doesn’t seem like it, but their time, and that of the 1% elites, is coming to an end. I expect we are going to see a number of these people leave their positions within the next 3 years–either due to scandals and/or resignations, firings, lost elections, death, etc. Lots of old men like Koch, Murdoch, etc. — even Trump, as well as Biden and Pelosi — are holding key positions of influence and power at advanced ages. Its very much a Pluto in Capricorn thing. When the Pluto in Cap energy wanes, there’s a very good chance that they will too.

I read an article recently by Jessica Adams, who drew a parallel between this time and the era of the French Revolution, the last time Pluto transitioned from Capricorn to Aquarius. Who ruled France while Pluto was in Cap then? King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Both were removed from power, imprisoned and executed as Pluto moved deeper into Aquarius and the Revolution ensued.

I would think this should stand as a cautionary tale for people in similar positions of high status today. You may appear to be and see yourself as being powerful and untouchable, but that is only but for a time. The turning of the tides, when the occur, can be quite swift–and have sweeping effects.


The peculiar location and migration patterns of the Scots-Irish out of the British Isles seems to have been the most decisive factor here regarding their impact here in the states. Maybe just one contributing factor, but it doesn’t seem that it can be overlooked.

I suspect that Canada has some other social and cultural offsets too that we don’t enjoy here. You have far more people of French ancestry than we do, for instance.

I do agree though that slavery and religion have also been major contributing factors since the founding of the US. But I think an ethno-cultural predisposition to resistance without rationale has not helped our situation any.

Hang on a minute guys – being mostly of scottish descent, with some Irish and a bit of French thrown in, I object to the sentiment of blaming the scots. My family passed on values of kindness, honesty, hard work, and a live-and-let-live attitude, as did many with scottish heritage. Cultural broad brush judgments are not helpful. I think control and greed can be the curse within any ethnicity. Within any race you also find many with kindness, generosity and innovation.
Scots immigrated around the world in the 1800s because of economic hardship at home, (due in large part to competition from the american cotton industry affecting their linen income), as well as a large dislike of overlord gentry greed. Some earlier immigrants were seized with ‘hellfire and damnation’ religious fervor which spread its separate problems of control and christian distortion around the globe.
My scottish ancestors on both sides of the family arrived in NZ in 1842 & 1886.

The thread started by BuckeyeShadow (I love that handle!) inspired me to look at our nation’s Moon which symbolizes the American public.

In the USA Sibley chart the Moon is sesquiquadrate the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra; and the Saturn and Sun are both square to each other. The Moon in AQ is “we the people” and in AQ describes the iconoclastic, independent and rebellious American people. The challenge in AQ is for the people to strive for a more perfect union of different types of people. AQ describes the challenge of integrating the “other” into the greater collective. The aspect to the Cancer Sun brings fear of the “other” and the tendency to stick to, nurture and protect one’s own (and to hell with those other people!). The aspect from the Libran Saturn brings in an insecurity and a difficulty for the American people in establishing partnerships that are equitable and just. The Moon is also exactly semi-sextile Pluto which brings in domination or manipulation by the very rich and powerful symbolized by our Capricorn Pluto as well as bringing in plutonic tendencies like brutality and bigotry.

The Sibley chart is one of several accepted chart that use July 4, 1776 as our nation’s birthdate, so I didn’t use house positions and the actual degree of the Moon changes half a degree every hour so the accuracy of aspects may vary, but I think that the tension between the Sun and Moon describe our on-going and fraught challenge of integrating “other” into a more perfect union. This is a reckoning that will likely reach crescendo when Pluto travels through AQ and meets up with “we the people.”

Yikes, are the Dems starting to turn on Biden for the 24 race?


I recall someone on this board a long time ago talked about Harris having a strong connection with the USA chart. Anyone recall?

I think all will work out for President Biden on the night of the midterms.

By: Bob on January 21st, 2022, at 9:14 pm

Transiting Jupiter trining President Biden’s natal Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on election night is an excellent aspect for him on that day.


By: Bob on January 24th, 2022, at 9:31 am

My progressed anlunar chart for president Biden for 9 pm, EST, in Washington on election night has its Jupiter on the MC and his secondary progressed natal Jupiter on its ASC; agreeing with the transit of Jupiter to his natal points.


silcominc, Biden is the oldest president the U.S. has ever had, and he’ll be 80 on his next birthday, Nov 20. The fact that the sun (and probably other planets in Scorpio) closely follows the midterms might be good news for Biden (but I haven’t looked; uranus will still be in Taurus & saturn in Leo so it sounds like some squares, oppositions). Personally, I think Biden has done a great job. I posted David Axelrod’s quote about Biden not getting the credit he deserves on FB today. Of course, almost any Democratic president will face being vilified by a huge chunk of the country and only a really good economy will counter that. That being said, I do think Biden’s age is against him. He is in good health but will not project strength that much longer. However, I cannot think of any Democrat I’d like to see run at the moment.

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/…/david-axelrod… “Biden doesn’t get the credit he deserves for steering the country through the worst of the pandemic, passing historic legislation, pulling the NATO alliance together against Russian aggression and restoring decency and decorum to the White House,” Axelrod said. “And part of the reason he doesn’t is performative. He looks his age and isn’t as agile in front of a camera as he once was, and this has fed a narrative about competence that isn’t rooted in reality.”\

Nope. Give Biden a break.

Onward and Upward.

We have never been here before.

I mean 80 is the new 50.

Hey Baby Boomers – Support your own.

I plan to live til 121 – IF I don’t commit suicide.

I want to see how things turn out.

I am healthy.

Biden may look frail but he is ALL THERE. Why take away from him before his time. He is a darn sight better than we’ve had 5 years ago….

It’s unbelievable what he’s done to turn this country back to normalcy.

Where is the perspective? Where is the respect?

Like… Give me a break!

Ok Baby Boomers on this site! Respect your own..

Do you not believe what your parents gave you – Your parents of the “Greatest Generation”?

We have the capacity to live to be well over 100 years.

RESPECT Biden. Respect that his wife is supporting him and his health in every way.

Respect that we are the recipient of all the knowledge that has come before us..

There is nothing like experience and wisdom and Biden has it.

YOU, my dear baby boomers, have experience too.

Look sharp. Be sharp. Think into the Future. 🙂

Sharon K- Thank you for David Axelrod.

And Bob – Thank you for your astrology. I have been following for months – what you have said about Biden and the results of the election. True believer here … 🙂

RE: Biden. Well said!
I don’t agree with Mr. Biden on every single issue; there are some issues on which I believe he’s truly wrong headed, but he’s hundreds of times better than the previous guy and several of our other previous presidents as well!

Honestly, IMHO he is the best we’ve had since FDR and Harry Truman. I think deep down he’s a New Dealer, doing all he possibly can within current political restraints to lead us toward the New Deal social democratic goal we abandoned long ago. Furthermore, IMO he has struck a perfect balance in countering Mr. Putin, Russian aggression, and the other political bullies, and oppressive despots that rule too much of this Earth.

RE: Longevity and Baby Boomers.
For many, but not all, 80 really IS the new 50.
Quite a number of my high school classmates have passed. But like you, I plan to live long enough to leave a decent legacy, and I definitely want to see how things turn out. My grandparents lived to almost 100. I’ve lost 40 pounds, and am gradually getting healthier every day. I have no desire to EVER retire, and I believe I can live at least as long as my grandparents, and probably far longer. Why Not?!? I have merely just begun!

I believe many of us can continue beyond 100 contributing our ideas, expertise and experience. We folks with Pluto in Leo are not nearly done yet!

RE: Scots, Irish, etc. With all due respect, I believe you’ve inadvertently oversimplified the equation. It was not so much the Irish, but certain specific, unscrupulous, Calvinistic, slave owning English, Scots, and others who stemmed from the plantations of the Caribbean, and planted the dark seeds within the American experience which have so brilliantly come to fruition at various points in our history, especially during the Civil War and recently while Pluto has transited Capricorn.

Ten years ago, Sara Robinson addressed this historical/political reality, writing about the origins of the plantation minded type “conservatives” that have come to dominate us. It is one of the best and most brilliant psycho-historical essays I’ve ever read. I recommend it highly.

The author makes a sharp distinction between two very different types of rich people, the Puritan New England originated type with the humanitarian attitude of noblesse oblige, and the Southern type bathed in brutality.

Here are some salient excerpts:
“But perhaps the most destructive piece of the Southern elites’ worldview is the extremely anti-democratic way it defined the very idea of liberty. In Yankee Puritan culture, both liberty and authority resided mostly with the community, and not so much with individuals. Communities had both the freedom and the duty to govern themselves as they wished (through town meetings and so on), to invest in their collective good, and to favor or punish individuals whose behavior enhanced or threatened the whole (historically, through community rewards such as elevation to positions of public authority and trust; or community punishments like shaming, shunning or banishing).

Individuals were expected to balance their personal needs and desires against the greater good of the collective — and, occasionally, to make sacrifices for the betterment of everyone. (This is why the Puritan wealthy tended to dutifully pay their taxes, tithe in their churches and donate generously to create hospitals, parks and universities.) In return, the community had a solemn and inescapable moral duty to care for its sick, educate its young and provide for its needy — the kind of support that maximizes each person’s liberty to live in dignity and achieve his or her potential. A Yankee community that failed to provide such support brought shame upon itself. To this day, our progressive politics are deeply informed by this Puritan view of ordered liberty.

In the old South, on the other hand, the degree of liberty you enjoyed was a direct function of your God-given place in the social hierarchy. The higher your status, the more authority you had, and the more “liberty” you could exercise — which meant, in practical terms, that you had the right to take more “liberties” with the lives, rights and property of other people. Like an English lord unfettered from the Magna Carta, nobody had the authority to tell a Southern gentleman what to do with resources under his control. In this model, that’s what liberty is. If you don’t have the freedom to rape, beat, torture, kill, enslave, or exploit your underlings (including your wife and children) with impunity — or abuse the land, or enforce rules on others that you will never have to answer to yourself — then you can’t really call yourself a free man.

When a Southern conservative talks about “losing his liberty,” the loss of this absolute domination over the people and property under his control — and, worse, the loss of status and the resulting risk of being held accountable for laws that he was once exempt from — is what he’s really talking about. In this view, freedom is a zero-sum game. Anything that gives more freedom and rights to lower-status people can’t help but put serious limits on the freedom of the upper classes to use those people as they please. It cannot be any other way. So they find Yankee-style rights expansions absolutely intolerable, to the point where they’re willing to fight and die to preserve their divine right to rule.

Once we understand the two different definitions of “liberty” at work here, a lot of other things suddenly make much more sense. We can understand the traditional Southern antipathy to education, progress, public investment, unionization, equal opportunity, and civil rights. The fervent belief among these elites that they should completely escape any legal or social accountability for any harm they cause. Their obsessive attention to where they fall in the status hierarchies. And, most of all — the unremitting and unapologetic brutality with which they’ve defended these “liberties” across the length of their history.

When Southerners quote Patrick Henry — “Give me liberty or give me death” — what they’re really demanding is the unquestioned, unrestrained right to turn their fellow citizens into supplicants and subjects.

The Yankee elites have always known this — and feared what would happen if that kind of aristocracy took control of the country. And that tension between these two very different views of what it means to be “elite” has inflected our history for over 400 years.”

Conservative Southern Values Revived: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule America
America didn’t used to be run like an old Southern slave plantation, but we’re headed that way now. How did that happen?
June 28, 2012 |


The June 28th Cancer New Moon (7 ’22 Cancer) will conjoin Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’51 Cancer) in square to tr. Jupiter (7 ’19 Aries) and forming a wider t square to Trump’s progressed Neptune (7 ’10 Libra). Will justice (Jupiter) prevail?………..

Trump May Be Charged for Trying to Overthrow Election by End of the Month

June 10, 2022

Former President Donald Trump could face his first charges for trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election as early as this month.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told the Associated Press that she expects to come to a decision on whether her office will charge the former president by June 30 for allegedly attempting to overthrow the results in Georgia.



Wow folks. Are you serious about Biden or anyone in the 80s still being viable or even perceived viable enough to make a successful run for President? At some point in our elder years it become a natural and graceful to step down and perhaps mentor or simply take some time for leisure and enjoying the time left to do what one never had time for, before that time runs out. Biden is not the only person qualified to run, I know some of you have expressed that, or sentiments that echo that, but there are others younger and stronger who I think are better candidates.

President Biden will not be running for office in the midterms. I think the positive aspects for him on that day are a reflection of his response to how Democratic party candidates do on that election day.

My comments on the Scots-Irish probably do reflect my own experiences with the culture. My experience has been that our particular combination of Scottish and Irish peoples in the US brings out the worst characteristics in both groups. I acknowledge that it wasn’t my intention to paint anyone with a broad stroke, but simply to point out the historical cultural influences that are with us today and have significantly contributed to our current predicament.

Eliseo, you clarified things nicely, however. So many of our problems today come Southern social culture and its obsession with preserving status on the backs of others. If someone else—blacks, women, gays, etc—accomplishes a gain in rights, status, wealth, etc, the white men of this culture see it as a loss and a personal affront to their status and dignity—and all too often in our history, we have seen the destructive rage these men launch into.

This is indeed what we are dealing with in the Republican Party-Fox News-MAGAt political monstrosity. I don’t think it can be any way placated and made peace with. It must be attacked, crushed, and even beat and broken out of these people. Repeatedly if necessary. The Civil War and the Reconstruction did not go far enough, and we are living with the profound consequences of that failure today. Handled properly more than a century ago, we might not be dealing with such animus in our politics today.

I do believe there is hope that the more egalitarian orientation of the Yankee North as you describe it, Eliseo, will see a resurgence in the coming days of Pluto in Aquarius. It may not have much direct bearing on Southern culture, which through its hierarchical obsession, seems to have been custom made to thrive during the Pluto in Capricorn era, but I wonder if we see an effort emerge that establishes what increasingly becomes a stark contrast in cultures?

Frank: I was not suggesting Biden run for another term. I desire acknowledgement and appreciation of the American people for what he has already accomplished in THIS term, and I desire support and respect for him for the rest of this term.

When people say as their first descriptor of him – “He’s Old.”…..That tells me more about the speaker than their statement about Biden.

I myself wanted Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren. They are Social Democrats. But I understand that Biden was the one, because he could get the Black votes. And then I understood upon watching from Canada, that Biden was the one who could negotiate with the Senators, Reps and other key people because of his past honed skills and contacts. Then I realized he was the right person for the job at this time.

It is up to Biden to decide what he wants in his “Elder Years”.

If continuity is called for, and if he can do it, and if it is thought that he could win, he should be supported for a second term.

With the current climate I do not know if we can win in the next election with a declared Social Democrat such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie Sanders has said that if Joe Biden does not run in the next election, he – Bernie Sanders – will run.

Justa let you know, Frank – Bernie Sanders is older than Joe Biden.

Bob, I agree on Biden—I think after the midterms, he will announce that he is not running for re-election, making way for Democratic contenders to emerge. This also reflects the imminent transition of Pluto between Capricorn and Aquarius—literally a change in the power dynamic and its expression.

Biden is of an advanced age, and there are many like him sitting in key positions of political and corporate power these days (or who seem to desire it, like TFG). Pluto in Cap heavily favors and supports such individuals, and those who represent the establishment, which here in the US has long been white Protestant men (although Biden is Catholic—and Catholicism has clearly grown in influence, looking at the makeup of SCOTUS).

But Pluto in Aquarius will empower very different leaders who likely will be striking in contrast from what has been the norm. Undoubtedly there will be more minority leaders. I see atheism and openly atheist candidates on the rise as well, in part as a direct challenge to corrupt right-wing Christianity and it’s extremely self-damning embrace of TFG.

Also, it’s entirely possible that we see the rise of leaders, such as Pete Buttigieg who are openly gay. Even people who are transgender could rise in influence. Aquarius often eschews traditions and social norms, so what was heavily resisted or persecuted in Capricorn can suddenly be embraced and empowered in Aquarius.

I don’t quite see the how of it yet, but I do believe that we will see a lot of the garbage legislation that the Republican Party has wrought at the state level in states like Texas, Florida, and my own Ohio, challenged and overturned. Then again, maybe we come to a place where it is simply ignored and rendered unenforceable.

What if cities in these places declared themselves independent of their state governments? Seems like a very Aquarian thing to do. And an alliance of cities could force their recognition in the Constitution—and permanently blunt the overreach of the Republican Party.

Also to be clear, Aquarius doesn’t exclude old people. But let’s consider their energy. I am okay with Biden, and would take him any day over any Republican alive, and most of those who are not.

And, there is almost zero about Biden that breaks from the norm. In many ways, he embodies it.

Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren on the other hand would each represent a significant departure from the status quo of politics and policy as they have been practiced during the Pluto In Capricorn era—which itself is actually the culmination of the Conservative backlash to the 60s which really took hold during Reagan’s presidency in the 1980s and has set the agenda now in this country for 40+ years. That era is blessedly coming to an end now. It remains to be seen what exactly will replace it, but it won’t look like what has been up to this point.

I am a realist. I wasn’t judging Biden or anyone else as “old” or “too old” in a general context, but in the context of 4 more years as president.

Many boomers have aged well and have achieved or will achieve longevity. My 1st cousin was born in 1931 and is 20 yrs older than I, more a member of “the Greatest Generation”, not a boomer.
She turned 91 today and is doing great. She’s lived through a lot and has been very attentive to diet and exercise but she still is too limited to just do anything she wants to. And, she respects her limitations and it serves her well (and congratulations on losing 40 lbs, Eliseo!).

I was judging Biden’s ability to have the wherewith, all at age 82-86, to be the strong president we need and, more importantly, be perceived that way (especially after what he’s been through in his 1st term), and the fact remains that he already is being blamed for a lot of things and not given credit for the great accomplishments he has achieved.

And, as Axelrod said: “The presidency is a monstrously taxing job, and the stark reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of a second term, and that would be a major issue,”…

And, if the economy goes any further south, or if the Republicans take over after the mid-terms and find a way to improve the economy & be given credit for it, that’s not good news.

I want the Democratic Party to win the presidency. We are this country’s best chance. I want a strong, healthy, forceful, highly ethical, and highly experienced Democrat to run for president and, as Biden is (and I was a major supporter of his), someone who is perceived as moderate enough to attract votes from both parties and from the Independents.

Yes it is true that the presidency is a monstrously taxing job. I have observed Biden getting up day after day and going from one crisis to another…..thinking of his dedication, and the dedication of his wife.

I also was not suggesting Biden run for another term. He and the Dems will only cross that bridge when they get there. If Biden is sufficiently popular and in good enough health in 2024 I’m OK with him running for a second term. But I doubt that will be the case.

I greatly admire Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but Bernie is older than Biden, and Senator Warren would be 75 in 2024. If age is a factor, the public might reject them. Furthermore, as much as I truly like both of them, I see them as overly ideological. This is especially true of Bernie.

I believe Sharon hit the right chord in saying she preferred “someone who is perceived as moderate enough to attract votes from both parties and from the Independents.” I too am a Social Democrat, but IMO to get elected the candidate has to campaign as a moderate, and after election move Leftward step by step. This is how FDR was elected and governed.

RE: your statement – “The Civil War and the Reconstruction did not go far enough, and we are living with the profound consequences of that failure today. Handled properly more than a century ago, we might not be dealing with such animus in our politics today.”

I’ve long asserted the same proposition. Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction, enacted after his death, was entirely too lenient. The worst mistake IMHO, of his presidency was the pocket veto of the Wade-Davis bill, a far more realistic plan.


I have been getting small signs and comments here and there that Gavin Newsom might make a run for Democratic presidency. I think he would be very solid choice.

sunstars…I think the Bidens are wonderful and admirable. I honestly don’t know how they do it, but people wear out physically and lose strength, and that’s what I worry about regarding Biden. Things could change of course, but there are many axioms about knowing when to make an exit and leaving gracefully at the right time, leave them wanting more, know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, etc. Right now, Joe Biden is doing well, but I think his age is against him and, if it comes down to a choice, I’d rather see him leave while still at his peak rather than continue while in a decline, especially at a time when Republican may have an edge over us, due to the economy.

As far as Newsom, he survived the recall by a good margin, not an overwhelming one, but CA has a lot of problems with homelessness and the most recent primaries rejected progressive candidates. Here’s an interesting list of favored Dem candidates My favorites on the list are Booker and Klobuchar. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/the-top-10-democratic-presidential-candidates-for-2024-ranked/ar-AAWhoi3

Im fine with Biden’s age given it has become more of a norm for more people to remain sane, active and and healthy til 100 even. Personally I wish whoever was president had less power than has been the case in recent years. A chairman of the board facilitator type, not a dictator. Too many want ‘big daddy’ to ‘fix’ everything. No wonder trump thought it was his big opportunity. Time to get more serious, altruistic, hardworking, representatives that actually earn their keep by making good laws for the executive to implement, instead of the current crop of mostly self serving showboaters.

I cried tears of relief when Biden won. On my street my neighbors joined me and my husband toasting his victory with champagne. Biden is the person for the time. That all said, I will not vote for him in a primary if he runs in 2024 because of his age. Pelosi is my congresswoman and I voted for her in the primary and will support her in November with the hope and expectation that she will step down as she said she would. We’ve got to move on from octogenarians and support younger, fresher and more vital Democrats.

Will, I dont believe Gavin Newsom would have a chance outside of getting support from the West Coast and parts of the Northeast.

I am liking Senator Amy Klobacher more and more, and I am impressed with Senator Marie Hirono from Hawaii. And, there are many more talented and strong Democrats.

As an aside, my husband and I are seriously looking into being moved out of the country by Nov 2024. MY hope and prayer is for a strengthened democracy and a move away from minority rule and authoritarianism. I’m scared though, heart sick and fed up with the American people, with their love of guns and their gullibility to conspiracy theories. I encourage all of you to make plans to pave the way for a quick exit, just in case the worst happens.

The Founders intended the Congress to be the most powerful branch of the three. But the powers of the presidency have vastly increased over the last 120 years. IMO, it’s time to return the powers ceded to the presidency back to the Congress. I believe that will occur, but it will be a gradual process.

Eliseo, if I remember correctly, wasn’t it supposed to be more like, representatives mostly handled domestic issues; the president was to interact with foreign entities and implement legislation passed by others?
Then came the push by some for dictator lite ‘unitary authority’

I draw a line to the current political mess directly to the power of wall street, and by extention, K street’s marketing conmen BullS***.

If these televised January 6 hearings gain traction ( I think that will happen) it could be the beginning of the end for DT. There are so many dynamic moving parts to this coming election season. I still think a vote for any Republican is a thumbs-up to more mass shootings and murdered children.

We’ve just got to get thru this summer intact. It’s going to be a long hot one.

kiwi, what you raise is because for the past 40 years, not only has there been a hollowing out of our Great Society but also deregulation of many industries so that now America is a Corporatocracy. This is why in the old days a legislative bill would be a few paragraphs or pages but now, bills routinely run in the 100’s or even thousands of pages because the lobbyists carve out every loophole for their corporate or wealthy client.

The system we are fighting to save is broken. Our only hope is that once we save it, we can change it to reflect the people and not the corporations.

Amen Silcominc


Your Gavin Newsom sitting in the Oval Office made me think of Kimberly Guilfoyle..Uck!

Poetic Justice!

What comes Garland’s way at the end of the J6 committee’s hearings?


Would someone please look at the GA Senate race between Warnock and Walker. Walker has a trine from Mars to his Mars-Jupiter conjunction exact on Nov 8, Election Day. But Warnock has some good aspects too.
Warnock born 7/23/69 Savannah, GA
Walker born 3/3/62 Wrightsville, GA

Since Pluto moved past the US Mercury opposition early this year, the Big Lie has been harder to sustain. It is now coming under a more critical examination while Pluto retrogrades near the Mercury opposition in October. Once Pluto moves forward again, it will be thoroughly discredited and there will be consequences on the mid-terms.

The most critical time will be around July 10 as the Pluto return is exact for the second time. I believe the survival of the Republic will be more than ever on people’s minds and many intractable problems will intensify at the same time. I still think Trump will be indicted in coming months and this will improve Democrats’ fortunes in November. Many people will vote out of fear for democracy.

“I still think Trump will be indicted in coming months and this will improve Democrats’ fortunes in November. Many people will vote out of fear for democracy.”

I pray your assessment is correct, AND hopefully many other high level R’s involved in the coup attempt and “Big Lie” will also be indicted. That probably also includes some presently sitting members of the House and Senate.

Some say such indictments would be dangerous, sparking more violence. IMO, the greater danger is if we DON’T indict them.

Hi Andre,

The activation of the US Pluto return could begin earlier; at the time of the Mars-Pluto square of July 1st.

Note: the July 13th Capricorn Full Moon (21 ’21 Cap) will be activating the January 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction (22 ’48 Cap), that many astrologers contend precipitated the current post COVID 19 crisis.

Hard to fathom that he was with the likes of her.. The woman he married is saccy and resourceful. I think he’s got a shot at the WH in the future.

I’m very tired of google as a news aggregator. I’m looking for an alternative that aggregates liberal, conservative, and moderate news stories. Does anyone have a recommendation? I use an android phone and a PC, not anything made by Apple.

Interesting pattern emerging?

It’s not just hidden information about the words, commands, and activities of DJT, but also about Pope Pius 12th and Ronald Reagan. Although originally reported 2 years ago, on youtube the PBS report on audio of Reagan speaking in racist terms with Nixon, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whOl89CH0zY
is reemerging,

and PBS reports on the recently released book The Pope at War, which documents the communication with A. Hitler.

Thank you Andre, its always good to read your comments.

Eliseo, I have not used it so cannot say if its better or worse, but years ago, I think perhaps on this site, someone recommended startpage.com as an alternate to google. Good luck.


Bing ( https://www.bing.com/ ) seems to be a logical alternative. I don’t know if it fits your criteria on algorithms, but it’s worth exploring. The following is from Wikipedia….

“Microsoft Bing (commonly known as Bing) is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. The service has its origins in Microsoft’s previous search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. Bing provides a variety of search services, including web, video, image and map search products. It is developed using ASP.NET.”

Kiwi, Jerry,
Thanks for the suggestions. I’m very tired of google recording all my searches, sending me ads, undermining my privacy, etc. They know too much about ALL of us, misuse the information, and hardly know what they know.

I’ve used startpage before – advantage is it is far more secure – no ads coming at you because you researched a thing or a product. Disadvantage is it doesn’t give you as many hits or sites per search term as google. But I do use startmail! As much as I like them, my concern is the Russians may at some point cut or damage the Atlantic cable, and other lines to N. America. Startpage/Startmail comes out of the Netherlands.

I’ll try Bing. It comes out of California, I believe. I’ll test it on privacy issues and on its search capacity and efficiency. I plan to cease using chrome as much as possible, and cancel my gmail account for an alternative backup email address.

I use http://www.DuckDuckGo.com when I don’t want feedback from Google.

very interesting narrative by Ellie dreams down under regarding her take on ‘the plan’.
(For logical perspective, she has had prior experience developing strategic plans when working within police and high levels of govt in britain.)

tRump in the spotlight June 22, afternoon or early evening.


How fitting. The title to the nine page document Ella cites; the blue-print to the overturning of the 2020 presidential election is entitled “1776 Returns”. All of this being aired in public while in the midst of the US 7/4/1776 Pluto return. Just an observation.

Speaking of the US Pluto return, astrologer Denise Segal has for the past few months or so pointed to Pluto’s US return at 27 Capricorn in t square to the New York Stock Exchanges Neptune-Saturn opposition which in previous significant planetary transits have usually signaled a downturn in the US economy. The effect will be felt and most pronounced between late June to mid July. See related video…..

The Economy – Predictions For The Next Year


And that indeed seems to be happening in real time….

Stock Markets Plunge Again As Flurry of Interest Rate Hikes Fuels Recession Fears

Investors wary as other central banks follow US Federal Reserve in raising borrowing costs

The Guardian
June 17, 2022

The global rout in stock markets, cryptocurrencies and other risky assets has gathered pace amid growing concern that out-of-control inflation, rising interest rates and slowing growth could combine to tip the world into recession.

Share prices fell in Asia on Friday at the beginning of what was likely to be another torrid day for investors spooked by the US Federal Reserve’s decision this week to raise interest rates by the largest margin for almost 30 years.



From info from the 2nd day Jan. 6th committee – On the basis of the Big Lie, the Trump camp raised from the public $250 million post election, ostensibly for the purpose of legal fees with which to contest the election results. The money instead went into certain individual R. pockets. My Gawd! $250 million would pay for full scholarships for 5000 students to complete a BS or BA degree at most state colleges.

Suddely in my mind, Bernie’s intention to arrange a tax structure to enable any and all qualified prospective students to attend their first two years of college at no tuitional cost far more plausible.

I suspect one eventual result of the Jan. 6th event and the Jan. 6th committee hearings will be either the reform, or quite possibly the abolition of the electoral college.

I hope Starlighters are taking time to watch the January 6 Hearings. I for one find the revelations and clarifications as well.as the storytelling exceptionally validating and moralizing. For the first time in several years, I have regained hope for the survival of our democracy.

Andrew, so refreshing to see your posts; you are missed.

I’ve buried 4 important people in my life over the last week. Breathing and feeling through all of this.

Eliseo: I like the way you think.

will: I sure AM watching the hearings! And (((((HUG!))))) for the change(s) in your life….. that’s a lot. I don’t know what words to say…..makes one stretch to think of the afterlife, and how we all are related…. how we as individuals came together in the first place….

I am perusing the horoscope of my paternal grandmother who I have never met. Her chart has striking similarities to the chart of my best friend.

The hearings impart a sense of hope to me as well. My main concern are the Trumper kooks elected to positions which control and supervise elections. Nevertheless, several astrologers see things improving for us politically, as do I also.

RE: ‘I’ve buried 4 important people in my life over the last week.”

As you know, I lost my younger brother a few hours before the inauguration, 20 January 2021. Due to covid restrictions and distance, we’ve not been able to schedule a memorial or funeral service for him yet. I’m the only remaining survivor of my family of origin. Most of my very closest friends have passed. I do have a very close brotherly friend back in Texas, who helps me keep my sanity as we think things through together, and of course my terminally ill wife – i.e. not too many people left.

My first point being, in my life experience I too have had to bury many, though fortunately not four in one week. For many, it was my responsibility to preside over, and conduct the final ceremony. But my faith did not in any way ameliorate the pain and personal sense of loss I still feel. My second point being, I therefore truly feel for you. I know how painful and confusing it must be for you.

I would love to be someone’s father, or grandfather, but it is not so. That’s a real hole in my life and soul. When my wife passes I’m liable to be alone, something I’ve not given much thought to until pretty recently. Covid has deeply changed our emotional lives, I think for all of us, – and – I know many of us here may be in similar social/emotional circumstances. I think on several levels, many of us who post here are definitely birds of a feather.

My heart is with you. May you find solace and find it soon.

In larger context, IMO the time has come to assiduously maintain our various bonds of affection and emotional support with all with whom we may be close, and develop same with many we’ve not yet met.

Why? We are at the end of a golden cultural and historical era; we are at the beginning of a very harrowing transitional era. Before the end of this year we will see the beginning of long and terrible famines in many countries, most likely more wars, and of course more climate catastrophes.

We in N. America, plus those of us in the Anglosphere are the most fortunate of all people. We are geographically, demographically, and economically blessed. Inflation will continue, and we will be frustrated, but our troubles will be far less serious than what much of the world will experience.

We are all going to need as much emotional support and friendship as we can stand.

I also believe we will likely be worn out emotionally through the decade from the plethora of astounding discoveries, many of them quite unexpected, forcing us to do an enormous amount of rethinking.

I thought I posted but it didn’t go through.

Condolences and empathy, Will. Losing 1 person is hard, let alone 4.

I agree with what you’ve written, Eliseo. Happy Father’s Day to you and all the men out there, whether literally fathers or not, for your strength and ability to nurture and guide us.


So sorry about your losses. That’s too much for anyone to deal with in short order. I am truly sorry.


Indeed. The time of great challenge is upon us. I know we have all spoken with optimism about Pluto in Aquarius coming up. And, it should not be lost on anyone that Aquarius, out of all 12 signs, is often the one most closely associated with humanity. Anything transiting Aquarius affects us ALL accordingly.

Saturn in Aquarius since 2020 has revealed where and how we are collectively weak and wanting.

Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023, and for the following 20 years, will challenge us to band together in order to survive, or else perish as the so-called rugged individuals the Capricorn-tinged mythos has so elevated here in the US.

Sunstars, Eliseo and Sharon,

I am grateful for your kind hearts and thoughts. One of the benefits of death is that it brings the living together in a certain civil and humbling manner for a while (albeit melancholic) At its best, it reminds us of the relative brevity of our shared circles around the sun and can prompt us to recommit nobility of purpose to our living intentions and deeds.

May these poignantly fair hearings continue until the better angels of the wicked and wayward bless them back into sanity.


will: “until the better angels of the wicked and wayward bless them back into sanity.”


Regarding Liz Cheney’s opinion of DJT:

“Let us ponder for a moment how evil you need to be to shock someone who grew up with Dick Cheney for a father.”

Samantha Bee

I read The Atlantic
“Remembering Why Americans Loathe Dick Cheney”

I also looked up the horoscope of Samantha Bee
without time of day of course.

Boy is she perfect for what she does.

At October 25 1969 she has Saturn in Taurus in aspect to her Sun and her Moon. PLUS she has Mars in Saturn ruled Capricorn… well aspected by Neptune and Pluto.

And to make herself well received she has Mercury in Libra conjunct generous and relaxed Jupiter in Libra but widely squared by Mars, which gives her an edge…

Then of course Venus conjunct Uranus in Libra…very spontaneous, fresh and innocuous….covering for all that Saturn! Haha

PLUS she’s Year of the Rooster.

PLUS many people lose sight of the fact that Libra is the sign of justice.

She’s wicked funny!

58% Of Americans In Poll Say Trump Should Be Charged For Jan. 6

Morning Joe June 20, 2022

Very Interesting!
Former Congressman Joe Scarborough, a Conservative talks about the rise of fascism in America.

Joe: Judge Luttig Is Right, Trump Is Still A Clear And Present Danger To The U.S.
Jun 20, 2022

SCOTUS did it – they removed the separation between church and state. It is interesting that in the 1950’s there was a conservative congress and a progressive court. Today, it is the opposite.


Finally, talking heads are starting to say, for 4 years the country has been run by a ‘crime syndicate’ with trump being the mob boss.

The R party devolved into a criminal organization long ago before Trump. Finally indeed!! —> They are speaking realistically. DJT perfectly represented what the R party became.

Regarding the previously unknown Trump documentary handed over to the Jan 6th committee; below is the full Rolling Stone article:

‘What the F-ck Is This?’: Team Trump Blindsided by Jan. 6 Committee Getting Doc Footage

Former administration and campaign officials tell Rolling Stone they had no idea a film crew had months of access to the former president and his family

Rolling Stone
June 21, 2022

The Jan. 6 committee has subpoenaed documentary filmmaker Alex Holder in regard to footage and interviews Holder and his team shot while following former President Donald Trump and his inner circle throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. Holder’s company, AJH Films, confirmed to Rolling Stone on Tuesday that he has been subpoenaed, will sit for an interview with the panel on Thursday, and has “fully complied with all of the committee’s requests.”

Trump’s team was blindsided by the development, which was initially reported by Politico.

In some of the highest ranks of the Trumpworld diaspora — including among several who testified before the Jan. 6 committee — news of the documentarian cooperating with the congressional panel (and also potentially having reams of behind-the-scenes footage of Trump’s crusade to nullify the 2020 election) came as a bizarre surprise. “What the fuck is this?” a former top Trump 2020 official messaged Rolling Stone on Tuesday after seeing the Politico item.

Another former senior official on the reelection team insisted that the first time several members of the Trump campaign leadership even heard of the documentary was when Politico reported the committee had subpoenaed the Holder. A third ex-official simply said, “Terrible idea,” and pleaded baffled ignorance to the doc project.

Two former senior Trump administration officials, who were still working in the administration after the Jan. 6 riot, also claimed that they each had no idea the documentary was being shot in that timeframe, reportedly intimate access to Trump, his vice president, his family members, and his White House. Stephanie Grisham, who at that time was chief of staff to First Lady Melania Trump, told Rolling Stone she wasn’t aware of this documentary project either.

In other words: many of the people actually running Trump’s reelection operation are now saying they somehow had zero clue that an entire documentary was being filmed largely about Trump and his reelection campaign. And now the fruits of that doc are being mined for evidence by the congressional committee investigating Trump and his multi-pronged efforts to shred the American democratic order.

Holder released a statement later on Tuesday noting that he had “unparalleled access” to Trump and others over the final six weeks of his presidency and that he has “never-before-seen footage” of the Capitol attack. “When we began this project in September 2020, we could have never predicted that our work would one day be subpoenaed by Congress,” he wrote, adding that he had “no agenda coming into this” and only “wanted to better understand who the Trumps were and what motivated them to hold onto power so desperately.”

A source familiar with the production of Holder’s documentary, titled Unprecedented, told Rolling Stone that the film was conceptualized and coordinated directly with the Trump family, and that senior campaign staff was not involved in approving participants or in decisions regarding what subject matter would be included in the film. The source, who is knowledgeable about the project and its scope, detailed that Holder had extensive access to Trump campaign activities, including filming behind the scenes at campaign events and traveling with documentary subjects.

Alex Holder interviews Ivanka Trump at the Trump Bedminster golf course in June of 2021. Photo provided to Rolling Stone by a source familiar with the production of Unprecedented

The subpoena from the committee requests that Holder turn over any “raw footage” filmed by him or his team on Jan. 6, 2021, as well as footage of interviews from Sept. 2020 through the present with President Trump, his children, Jared Kushner, and Vice President Mike Pence. The committee also requested any footage in Holder’s possession “pertaining to discussions of election fraud or election integrity surrounding the November 2020 presidential election.”

As a filmmaker, Holder is best known for his documentary Keep Quiet, which covered far-right Hungarian politician Csanad Szagedi’s fall from power. Szagedi was the deputy head of Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik party, and after years of catering to anti-semitic groups was forced to resign when his own Jewish ancestry became public knowledge.

Nick Quested, an Emmy-winning filmmaker, cooperated with the committee and testified publicly on June 9 regarding his time embedded with the Proud Boys, a far-right group involved in the attack on the Capitol.

It’s unclear if Holder will testify during the committee’s public hearings, but given that he was asked to provide footage by June 16 and is cooperating, it’s not out of the question that the committee may play some of his footage at an upcoming hearing.


What immediately comes to mind about the above film project is the extraordinary confluence of events that happened 21 years ago when another such documentary was in process…….

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, french film-makers Jules and Gedeon Naudet and James Hanlon were working on a documentary about a rookie New York City firefighter. In a fateful instant, they became eyewitnesses to the most shocking and defining moment of our time, capturing with their cameras the images of the first jetliner striking Tower 1, and the only footage from within the tower as it collapsed.”

9/11 ( A Documentary by Gédéon & Jules Naudet )

Video: 2 hours 5 minutes


Jerry, that documentary by the Naudet brothers was astonishing. I remember seeing it when it was first released, not sure how long after 9/11. Beautifully done.

The Trump documentary is in another category altogether. It sounds like the Trumps were fine with having themselves filmed and interviewed, likely thinking it would glorify them – same presumably with the Proud Boys letting Quested film them (and all those insurrectionists filming themselves at the Capitol on their cell phones). Delusional doesn’t even begin to capture it. So now all their crime-ing they thought they’d be gloating about becomes evidence. Interesting about Hunter having filmed the downfall of the Hungarian right-winger. If the Trumps weren’t so stupid and grandiose they might have looked at Hunter’s previous piece on Szagedi as a warning.

POLITICO Playbook: SCOOP: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas unseen Trump tapes

06/21/2022 06:15 AM EDT


“According to the subpoena, which was obtained exclusively by Playbook, the committee wants three main things from Holder:

(1) Raw footage from Jan. 6.

(2) Raw footage of interviews from September 2020 to present with Trump, Pence, DONALD TRUMP JR., IVANKA TRUMP, ERIC TRUMP and JARED KUSHNER.

(3) Raw footage “pertaining to discussions of election fraud or election integrity surrounding the November 2020 presidential election.”

Holder is expected to fully cooperate with the committee in an interview scheduled for Thursday.

Read the full subpoena


Nancy, I so wish you could get back into posting articles. I’m scared. SCOTUS, the insurrection and the likely hood of them taking over either with Trump or De Santis, and the armed thugs of the Republican Party. I am seriously looking into leaving the country. Today was a horror with the SCOTUS ruling on guns and the understanding that the fragility of our democracy will likely not hold up if or when the thugs get into those positions that held before.

House Jan. 6 committee hearings
Jan. 6 hearings will continue into July

The House Jan. 6 committee is extending the timetable for its public hearings into July.

Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., told reporters that Thursday’s hearing, focused on former President Donald Trump’s pressure on the Department of Justice, will be the last for the month of June with more hearings to come after Congress’ July 4th recess. The House will reconvene the week of July 11, and Thompson indicated that’s the earliest hearings would likely resume.”


Roe v Wade overturned. This is just the beginning. The five extremists will be tossing many of our rights. Gay marriage, transgender rights, interracial marriage and separate but equal are all under the gun to be tossed. They have already tossed the separation between church and state.

Clarence Thomas is married to a White woman. I don’t think he would vote to overturn interracial marriage, but it is conceivable the court might overturn gay marriage and other rights.

Our rights now depend more on which state we live in. I expect some who are able will choose to move to safer, blue states. Those blue states are now more likely to strengthen their abortion rights laws, marital laws, etc. There are, and will likely be more organizations purposed to assisting ladies travelling to blue states for medical care. It would not be surprising were some also purposed to assist in permanent relocation to blue states. Climate change, plus egregious laws will drive many out of southern red states. One hundred sixty one years ago we were divided between blue and grey, now divided between blue and red hot angry.

Elise, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker (R) signed an executive order within minutes of the Roe decision protecting doctors who perform abortions on out-of-state residents and refusing extradition or cooperation with any authorities from other states pursuing doctors or patients here. I believe other governors are doing similar.

Have you ever watched Boondocks? Clarence Thomas is Uncle Ruckus in real life. He totally would do it and wouldn’t think he would be affected.

Baker knows he’s an R gov in a Dem majority state. He won’t screw himself. But here in Ohio, the Repugs have been salivating for this moment for a very long time. I don’t get it, and I am beyond tired of them and their ways.

Fuck them all, I say. Sorry not sorry about my language here. The Republican Party and everything supporting it must be destroyed and burned down to the roots. Whatever it takes. However long it takes. This is such absurd bullshit, doubling down on the patriarchal past when we desperately need to be focused on preparing for the future.

Baker isn’t running again. He’s just not a right winger.

But I agree with you otherwise, BuckeyeShadow.

A sad week indeed – more guns; enslavement of women. The american taliban needs to be stopped! Maybe now that roe has been overturned we can work on vociferously asserting a counter narrative that a fetus is a parasite until it breathes on its own. And while we’re at it, agitate to overturn ‘a corporation is a person’.

TOTALLY, totally Kiwi!!!

We’ve entered a prohibition era again. We know how the previous one turned out; I pray this one will be shorter. I think this one reallly WILL be shorter, as we will likely have a political backlash in next few elections in concert with Pluto moving into Aquarius.

BuckeyeShadow: I LOVE your last paragraph. I live it in my heart – “This is such absurd bullshit, doubling down on the patriarchal past when we desperately need to be focused on the future.”

I believe it will happen. I think the tipping point is the entry of Pluto into Capricorn.

Yes Kiwi if we have to define it…. that’s not all it is… but a fetus is a parasite until it breathes on its own.

Too bad there are not more refined words….. but for the purposes of living breathing women, for their/our freedom – it fits. There are too many examples of life and death (of women), that have been arbitrarily created, in the country that has ITSELF created so much needless INEQUALITY.

The Constitution is a sacred document that was not honored by certain frail humans.

If we had followed the Constitution, think how beautiful the US would be now.


I mean the exit of Pluto out of Capricorn and the entry of Pluto into Aquarius.

Question of the hour. and must be asked…….

How much of the Roe vs Wade supreme court decision (three are Trump appointed judges) is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate and distract the damning evidence coming out of the January 6th hearings? Notice the overturning of Roe vs Wade is the dominant news item in the media completely overshadowing all other news reporting.

Trump: I’ll Appoint Supreme Court Justices To Overturn Roe v. Wade Abortion Case

October 19, 2016

Donald Trump said the overturning of the landmark Supreme Court decision giving women the right to abortion “will happen, automatically,” if he is elected president and gets to appoint justices to the high court.

“I am pro-life,” Trump said during Wednesday night’s presidential debate when asked whether he wanted that decision, Roe v. Wade, reversed by the Supreme Court.

Trump said that if the ruling were to be reversed, laws on the legality or illegality of abortion would “go back to the individual states” to decide, which was the case prior to Roe v. Wade.

But when moderator Chris Wallace pressed him on whether he wanted the ruling overturned, Trump said, “That will happen, automatically in my opinion,” because he would get to nominate potentially several justices to the court.



Anita Hill was right all.along; Clarence Thomas truly is an oppressive misogynistic pig. Wonder what the next right he’s.going to put on the chopping block? Interracial marriage or.equal rights for Blacks?

May the Rabid Right SC Justices be violently ass-raped and forced to bring breeched dead fetuses with hydrocephalus syndrome to full term and birth them through their urethras.

OMG had to read that over a few times….

You are definitely female to envision and feel that.

But I have to laugh

Mission accomplished!

OMG clarence’s birthdate is June 23rd 1948 – this weeks evil birthday presents to himself.

More than activism at the federal level, sane state representation is imperative at all levels

Jude Cowell of Stars over Washington has posted a very interesting comparison of the Supremes’ decision vs. the 1605 Gunpowder Plot in England. It’s titled, ‘Gunpowder Plot 1605 and SCOTUS 2022 History Rhymes If Not Repeats: Sabotage 1605/2022’

Worth a read…..

think on this sad statement – oklahoma governor said ‘the womb is now, in oklahoma, the safest place for a child’

Eliseo, your comment is bang on: “We’ve entered a prohibition era again.’ Quite right!

What’s below is just me pondering how the Roe situation will play out. It strikes me that the string of transiting planets in late degrees are signaling ‘an end’, but not ‘the end’. This is the end – for now. To me, it looks like there will be another reversal, but we need to keep in mind that the ‘new’ in astrology can take a while to be established.

There is a cultural, political, financial and environmental war going on, and people have to get past that first. Wars, terrible as they are, do clarify and focus issues as they wear on. Perhaps people make war because they can’t understand the price until they pay a price. In the manifestations of war in Ukraine and a lot of other upheavals, resistance to change is the norm. Where do we see progress? Not everywhere for sure. To top it off, now there is the regressive message of the Supreme Court. Prohibition indeed!

We all know how prohibition ended. Afterwards, people always ask what were we fighting for? The real question is how long will it take until the pendulum swings back again? Will it finally balance in the middle?

Progressive change takes its sweet time, not only in the US. Things are stuck and conservatives are powerful, but they are teetering because they are not the middle.

The planets are in late degrees. Transiting Pluto is almost at 28 Capricorn, Neptune at 25 Pisces, Saturn near 25 Aquarius (retrograde) and asteroid Pallas (the woman warrior-politician) is at 25 Taurus, conjunct the revengeful star, Algol. It’s not even close to a fresh start.

Except for Pluto in a cardinal sign (Capricorn), the rest of the ‘late’ planets are in fixed signs, resisting – or in Pisces, living the eternal dream. So, Pluto seems alone in its push for change. And there’s more resistance coming with Mars in Aries and the Nodes at 22 Taurus. Uranus is presently in the ‘mud’ of Taurus at 18 degrees, slowly moving toward Gemini, an air sign that is compatible with Uranus – but it won’t enter Gemini until April 2026.

The current transit chart’s emphasis is on the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the fixed earth sign of spring. Taurus indicates enrichment, but it can also create a possessive, regressive, resistant era through attachment to material things, especially in late degrees. Transiting Venus rules Taurus. Venus is a personal planet that holds “value”. It is retentive by nature. According to astrological tradition, Venus is feminine and supports reproduction, fertility and wealth, but it can be fickle and it isn’t necessarily generous. Venus often fights over money. Its dark side can be ‘every woman for herself’ or ‘every woman is on her own’ and that is certainly an apt description for the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Thus, the Venus transit through Taurus this year coincided with the period when the Supreme Court was considering its momentous decision. The fixed sign expression of Venus during the decision interval is not about the kind of value ‘gifted’ by the public and families to rulers or children (fire, Leo, summer), or for the species’ value of sexuality or the social need for finance (water, Scorpio, autumn), or for the water-bearer that supports collective assemblies or the community (air, Aquarius, to make it through winter). Venus’ value in Taurus is only for the self.

Politico published Alito’s draft opinion on May 2. On May 30-June 1, Mercury RX sat stationary on Algol as the Supreme Court called for an investigation of the leak and perhaps the judges made their final call early last week, around Monday, June 20, when Venus was conjunct Algol.

On Friday, June 24, when the news of the overturn of Roe became public (Washington, approx. 10:15 am) Venus had moved to 1-2 Gemini, the sign of news. Over the past weekend, the Moon was in Taurus. The Taurus struggle for the fertility of the nation was decided behind closed doors, but with transiting Saturn retrograde. Saturn will go direct in late October, before the midterm elections. Saturn may be stuck and retrograde, but it won’t last. It too, must move on and women must be protected in pregnancy and birth. Consequences will follow.


Note the chain of rulers for the US chart (Scorpio rising) that governs the courts: courts are associated with the 9th house in Cancer, ruled by the Moon – Moon is on the 4th house cusp (the people) in Aquarius ruled by Uranus/Saturn – Uranus is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. The alternate ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, is in the 12th in Libra, ruled by Venus in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Ultimately, it looks like the Moon / the people will make the decision. How they get to that is another matter.

With all the Taurus types dug into the earth, only a powerful political force could push the Taurus planets around. Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in its own sign of Aries (until early July) are the only outer planets in a position to exert some force right now. The rest are resisting. Pluto is likely to cause the greatest upheaval as Capricorn is an action oriented cardinal sign of authority, law and order. But, the end degrees of a sign can be harsh and extreme. That can be repressive as well as resisting. There’s not long way to go before Pluto hits 29 degrees in February 2023. 29 is a ‘critical’ degree that breaks off the old and begins to morph into the next sign. It becomes a different kind of force and February 2023 is the start of the next presidential election cycle.

So, Pluto may dislodge old patterns, even through violence, which takes a lot of energy, but it is running out of time before it has to start over. Other planets will have to take its place for the next phase while it ‘grows up’ anew in Pisces. Pluto’s natural home in Scorpio is deep water, but it will be less enthusiastic in Pisces, the sign of 2 fishes going in separate directions. In Pisces, Pluto’s energy is more diffuse, even disoriented, since Pisces is a sign of reflection, not one to push water ‘up hill’.

Neptune is presently quite comfortable in Pisces, the water sign it rules. It drifts along slowly until it first goes into Aries in March of 2025. It retrogrades and finally stays in Aries from January 2026 onwards. Aries, a fire sign, is not compatible with water. Neptune will be at a disadvantage then, so perhaps the fanaticism and religious fundamentalism will begin to disperse, or even get a trial by fire (Aries). Meanwhile, expect no immediate change from Neptune – it will continue its illusionary, deceptive realm of beliefs, religions, communicable diseases (Covid?), worship of entertainment figures, and the media. It seems there is no container that holds Neptune to account.

Neptune will soon be joined in water by Saturn when Saturn moves to Pisces in March 2023, the same month that Pluto enters the fixed sign of Aquarius. It is unlikely that Neptune and Saturn in Pisces will get along well with Pluto in Aquarius. It is pretty clear that the nation is not evolved enough to find common ground (or any ground at all) when one planet is in water and the other in air. Having both Neptune and Saturn in the same mutable sign can indicate that issues around beliefs will remain very controversial for some time to come.

In time, with Pluto in Aquarius, progressive developments may begin, but initially it will probably be like a baby learning to walk. Pluto will be in an air sign, so there is a danger that it will be talk and no action until other planets align. Pluto doesn’t even finally stay in Aquarius until November 2024, just after the next presidential election. Then it lingers in the early digits until January 2026, about the same time as Neptune becomes seated in Aries. Don’t count on Pluto changing much of anything until it gets past 3 degrees Aquarius, in 2026.

In short, I don’t think big positive changes can be expected for quite a while. The long term seems more optimistic, but there are many obstacles. Nonetheless, change must come as it always does. Planets in fixed signs must move on, even reluctantly.

The prohibitions won’t be gone any time soon, but persistence pays. Meanwhile, patience.


Thank you for your insights and musings. Well done.

Thank you for your interesting astrological analyses! Getting this country back to a good center-Left balance will take time, but I think we will eventually have our November 1932 FDR sweep type moment.

Our 20th century prohibition era was instigated by Progressives and Liberals, many of whom were also nobly involved in obtaining the vote for women. They believed that G-d and the best science was on their side, that outlawing alcohol would reduce alcohol abuse, men would no longer beat their wives, and our families would thrive in a purified, utopian America. As we all know, generally, the goals of the prohibition achieved the opposite from intended results.

Our current, recently birthed 21st century prohibition era was instigated by theocratic Conservatives, who in fear of their vindictive g-d, and remembering (often unconsciously) the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah, want to purify the nation before G-d does it instead. They are pretty freaked out, deeply afraid, unable to adjust to our fast- paced cultural evolution, therefore deep in culture shock. They live in perpetual horror knowing we actually have same sex marriage and more Wiccans in this country than Presbyterians!

Our far right sanctimoniousists believe they are morally superior to “moral ignoramuses” like you and me. They believe it is their right and duty to set us straight, by force if necessary.

They are thusly on a self-righteous quest to destroy the women’s liberation movement, get women back under control, outlaw same sex marriage, put everyone who’s not strictly straight back into the closet, make all homosexual acts illegal, outlaw contraception, (Justice Clarence Thomas) and generally get America “right with G-d” again.

The theocrats have been at odds with our constitutional ethos from the beginning. They lost BIG in 1789 with the advent of our Constitution which enshrined separation of church and state. (see Frederick Clarkson’s 1997 book, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy) But now again, starting in the late 1970’s they’re on the warpath. It surely must be cyclical.

I suppose it is time we all relearn the lessons of the 1920’s & 1930’s. Generally, bans and prohibitions, especially within US culture don’t work, but regulations do. Laws are not magic wands. We can prohibit, ban, or outlaw a number of things, but if that thing, process, or practice already exists in large quantities in the culture, we are merely relinquishing and diminishing our control, rather than asserting it. It is a reality both Liberals and Conservatives need to carefully consider when crafting legislation.

Abortions have been with us for literally 1000’s of years. Making them illegal will not make them go away, nor a number of other things we may not like or disagree with. The reversal of Roe, IMO is a method and prelude to punishment of girls, women, and health care providers. The far right has made the proverbial “war on women” more than just a matter of political rhetoric.

I believe your supposition is probably correct that we will gradually win back the various rights, the sanctimoniousists want to retract. It will probably be a long and protracted struggle, but I believe the odds are strongly in our favor. The Right, by their enacting such absurd and egregious laws are in the long run dividing an already too divided nation, hurting their state economies, and encouraging red state depopulation. Meanwhile, there will be unnecessary suffering, chaos and quite probably, violence. Their goal is to punish. But as a minority, they ensure their reckoning will be hard. I doubt they will be forgiven.

They seem to have forgotten the better words of their own tradition. “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: (Proverbs 11:29)

Thank you, Beowulfie. Excellent analysis.

Also of note, Marjorie’s new analysis going forward for the US shows another 10 years before things likely really settle out, with lots of turmoil in between. I’ve also seen tarot readers saying that it will likely take up to 10 years for things to be firmly settled down in the US, so that jives with others’.

US Constitution Pluto Return in 2034. Expect a major rewrite then. Likely as a result of the current period.

Wow! an interesting collection of posts grace this forum today. Thank you all. Well done indeed!

Our war of independence lasted 8 years. It was another 6 years before our revered SECOND constitution went into effect in 1789. Prohibition lasted 13 years. 2034 sounds/feels about right. Although I suspect rather than a complete rewrite, we will have 10 or 12 amendments including an economic bill of rights updating the document.

By 2034 the effects of climate change will be so glaringly apparent, the deniers will no longer have any political power. By that time climate migration will be “in full swing.” The process of depopulation of the southern third of the contiguous 48 states (about half of our red states) will be fully advancing.

Also by 2034, most all will have realized the old ideologies do not apply to the current demographic, technological, and economic milieu. To properly work, Capitalism, Socialism, Commmunism, Fascism, and all the other “isms” we’ve created so far presume a growing population, therefore rising consumption. But as of today in 2022, most countries’ populations are declining.

By 2050 demographers expect China’s population to be half of what it is today. In 2022 Russia, the death rate is higher than the birth rate. Many countries are aging into oblivion.

New scientific, technological, and medical breakthroughs, plus climate change, plus a vastly different demography, plus the advance of deglobalization, all resulting in severely altered political and economic alliances and arrangements domestically and internationally, all together will demand a different paradigm.

18th century political and economic philosophy guided our Founders in the establishment and advancement of human rights, a process continuing in our lives today. The glaring deficiencies were in the unawareness of the existence of class conflict, the subconscious self, the nature of consciousness itself, and perhaps most importantly the relationship between addiction and freewill, all concepts and understandings the Founders could not have possibly foreseen.

Yes – the 2030’s, after a decade of profound tragedies and triumphs, of change for better and for worse, resulting in a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe will require a deep rethink of our foundational documents, the US Constitution, our state constitutions, the UN Charter, the way we organize and conduct trade, and nationhood.

Uranus and Mars conjunct North Node
by Jessica Davidson

Chaos is the theme for 2022 and it’s about to get even crazier as Uranus closes in on the north node over the coming weeks. They’ve been within orb since late April and Mars joins the party in July so we can expect a lot more volatility and churn. The disruption has been ongoing for a while but it builds in intensity into July and early August and then bubbles under for the rest of the year.

The conjunction between Uranus and the north node will become exact at 18° Taurus on 31 July and the Mars conjunction becomes exact on 1 August. These events may happen on the same day in your time zone. Mars will be conjunct Uranus and the north node by degree from 22 July to 15 August, while Uranus stays within a few degrees of the north node for the rest of the year and into February 2023.

The Saturn Uranus square will be triggered by this transit as Saturn has been squaring the nodes since February this year and remains in orb until December. Saturn and Uranus almost form an exact square in October at 18° Taurus, the same degree as the Uranus Mars North Node stellium. By then Mars will be in Gemini, but he goes retrograde at the end of October, stirring up a different kind of disruption.

When Uranus and Mars get together, they tend to trigger shocks and disruption. Uranus is unpredictable and electrifying, while Mars brings heat and anger. Add the north node into the mix and everything becomes intensified. Previous alignments of Uranus and the nodes have coincided with storms and extreme weather, as well as crashes and industrial accidents……



Another excerpt from the above article…..

“…………. Uranus and Mars joining forces with the north node means security will be hard to come by. We can expect an intensification of the already volatile financial situation, with the potential for shocks and unpredictability in the areas of banking, food and agriculture, real estate, supply chains and energy distribution. It also adds fuel to the disputes and wars already in play.

Events could move incredibly fast with shocking news coming from all sides, throwing you off balance constantly. If you think it’s already like that now, the pace is about to pick up speed even more. There could be supply chain breakdowns, food shortages and price rises, crop failures due to bad weather, blackouts and fuel poverty leading to disconnection, bankruptcies and revelations of corruption and money laundering, and inflation off the charts.

The response to these events will also be unpredictable with the potential for explosions of violence, rioting and civil unrest – pitchforks and torches – as misery and hunger drives people to extremes. This has already begun in some places, such as Sri Lanka, and it’s likely to spread as the year unfolds.”

Note: The time frame mentioned. specifically the end of July correlates with Jupiter stationing retrograde at 8 Aries in semi-square to Saturn (23 Aquarius). This will be activating the New York Stock Exchange’s natal Pluto-Mercury square (23 Aquarius-Taurus. Major financial disruptions could erupt at this time.

Davidson goes on to say…..

“…. It’s not all bad news. This transit could also trigger awakenings and increased awareness of the issues we face, leading to positive action and change. In fact, whatever happens, we won’t be able to avoid change from this point forward. The consequences of decades of poor decisions and the general entropy of the collapsing system are now barrelling towards us.”

Grief, Ms. Orr! On The Long and Winding Road Toward Unity is a rather abysmal diatribe on what may come over the next several years; pardon me Margaret, while I run a warm bath and open my veins. Would she have us freebasing our anxiolytics and SSRIs? Balderdash I say! With an astrological foretelling as hopeless and depressing as hers, is it not imperative that we remind ourselves that her interpretation is just that; her interpretation.
Shakespeare taught us that although the stars may incline conditions, they fall far short of deciding the fate of nation or mortals. Truth; there are countless heretofore unknown twists and unfolding variables – human behavior, natural events, world politics, brilliant breakthroughs and marvelous ideas and even whole galaxies of stars that are yet to exert considerable effect upon our ever-shifting. ever-morphing magical Universe between now and the 2030s.

“Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck and yet methinks I have astronomy but not to tell of good or evil luck of plagues, of dearths, or seasons’ quality; nor can I fortune to brief minutes tell ; … Or say with princes if it shall go well by oft predict that I in heaven find.

=William Shakespeare; Sonnet 14; c.1609

Passing thought –

Abortion Abortion Abortion Abortion Abortion

We should consider abandoning such an embattled term in this Herculean struggle; abortion it is loaded with misconceptions (sic) and bears a valance criminality and dark shame.

“Reproductive Rights,” “Women’s Health” or
“Family-Planning Health Services” seem so much more relevant and correct.


Don’t worry. Late July, early August looks very promising. Potential radical changes ahead……


Video: 1 Hour 6 Minutes


Well, I checked out Jessica Davidson on google.

I asked if she was a member of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. In the UK.

At first glance I did not get a definitive answer. She had links to all the astrologers and astrological resources I revere.

However, in agreement with Will, who is going to take a warm bath and open up her veins, “Excuse me Margaret” due to the forecast by Jessica….I thought I should take a look at who Jessica is.

When someone who has access to the planetary happenings is going to prognosticate on the energies and what they MIGHT or WILL bring……well, then they have a responsibility to tell “the people” ALL aspects of these energies…
not just the most sensational.

They have the responsibility to inform people exactly what these energies are, right across the spectrum of positive and negative.

In that way astrologers who are watching the playout of the stars are respecting the intelligence of the people who receive their information, allowing them the choice of how they, the people, respond to the information given to them about the energies that exist.

RE: “there are countless heretofore unknown twists and unfolding variables – human behavior, natural events, world politics, brilliant breakthroughs and marvelous ideas and even whole galaxies of stars that are yet to exert considerable effect upon our ever-shifting. ever-morphing magical Universe between now and the 2030s.”

So true! I believe we can reasonably expect various tragedies and catastrophes, but there are also some extraordinarily brilliant and beautiful breakthroughs, discoveries, and achievements coming our way fairly soon. We are on the verge of serious advances in physics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, materials science, battery technology, astronomy, archeology, and too many other fields to mention.

In the fields of biology and medicine, enormous monies and high quality research is going into alzheimer’s study. We are near cures for diabetes, most types of cancer, brain and heart regeneration for strokes and heart attacks, as well as heart attack and stroke prevention. We are likely to see organ and limb regeneration begin to be the norm within the next 10 years. Lost an eye, or lung, or arm, or your hand in an accident. No problem – We’ll grow you a new and younger one, just like some animals regenerate and regrow a tail or leg. We’ve successfully arrested and reversed aging in mice. Within a few years we will be able to do likewise for humans and our pets. Longevity is a prerequisite if we are to seriously pursue becoming a spacefaring species.

Yes, things are nasty domestically and internationally. I anticipate a 50% chance the Russians may use tactical mini-nukes in eastern Europe. Climate catastrophes continue. Many things will get worse before they get better.

But consider this. Some of our greatest cultural and scientific breakthroughs through history were made during times of extreme stress. As one example, WWI was instrumental in giving us penicillin.

Also — our three greatest presidents, Washington, Lincoln, and FDR came to power and led us while Uranus was in Gemini. We will have our Uranus return in 2028 at about 9 degrees of Gemini. Might we elect a fourth great president in 2024 or 2028? I have no idea who that might be, but viewing astrological patterns in history, I think it highly probable.

Hi sunstars,

It is my impression Jessica Davidson gave a lucid, balanced portrait of the aspects; negative and positive. I assume you read the entire article. Her analysis doesn’t strike me as ‘sensationalistic’.

Proof that its political manipulation pure and simple (but we already knew that)
Interesting story from Frank Schaeffer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25JyC5Whhvc

From another angle…….

Wow! Uranus conjunct North Node in Taurus in July and August 2022 – Astrology

by Molly McCord

Video: 13 min 12 sec


Throughout the history of Judaism the overwhelming majority of rabbis have contended you do not have an ensouled human until the infant takes its first breath. The life of the mother is paramount.

For decades I’ve argued the better way to frame the pro-choice position is as a matter of religious freedom. I believe this is the way to eventually restore Roe.

Some Jewish groups blast the end of Roe as a violation of their religious beliefs

OK Thanks Jerry for the link to Molly McCord which I watched.

And THANK YOU Eliseo for the link to the Jewish belief.

OK again….. my NN is in Taurus 17 degrees…. in my 8th house….. square natal Saturn in Leo …..what am I supposed to be learning? Saturn in Leo is in the 11th

Ascendant is in Libra so my 3 Leo planets are in the 11th Mars, Saturn and Pluto


I COULD make it up on my own but this IS an astrology blog

Ok I am the only one who can figure out how this aspect is affecting me. I have been feeling SOMETHING … which is curious …

I have been looking for inspiration. Of course there are some other major aspects hitting my chart….. so it is hard to discern.

Confession: I have not really given weight to the North Node compared to other major planetary aspects that can and do occur. Also, I have left it up to other astrologers to use the asteroids… pretty much.

I only factored in Chiron after years. I read all the Chiron books after the discovery of Chiron and they were not cohesive in their combined approach… I mean there was no combined approach.

But I knew this – AMY CONEY BARRETT was the end of Roe.

My anger and grief over Roe ending occurred when Amy Coney was appointed.

I looked at her chart and my anger and repulsion was instant. Ok I should say – fury – instead of anger.

Yes I know it is counter productive and I would conquer the impulse – but I wanted to hit her and say bad things.

Look at:

Starcatsastrolgy Blog: (correct spelling)
The Handmaid’s Tale:
Amy Coney’s Horoscope

posted by starcatsastrology September 20 2020

then further posted May 4 2022

The writer says:

I was right, wasn’t I? Supreme Court via a leaked draft states they intend to overturn Roe v Wade –


The starcatsastrology writer further gives an
Analysis of horoscope of Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett’s Saturn is at 29 degrees Taurus, On the Fixed Star, Alcyone in the constellation Pleiades. Alcyone is considered the most malefic fixed star in the heavens.

The writer goes on to say Amy belongs to an obscure religious cult whose female advisors were called “Handmaidens”.

Plus, Amy’s Mars in Aries is opposed by Uranus in Libra.

Alcyone is attached to great grief and serious consequences for any infraction. Draconian law; administration of cruel sentences; severe penalties of the most minor of infractions. (Alcyone by angular placement was a key player in the Clinton’s impeachment trial.)

Actually just noticed that the writer stated that the look at Amy’s horoscope came from Wiki Bio

Soooo… even though I have left it up to others to factor in the asteroids, they have great value.

Please excuse this personal note: But the urge is strong in me to communicate this feeling

When I look at Amy Coney Barrett, I see EVIL in her face. I have since the first moment I laid eyes on her.

I was struck by the evil in her face.


I can hear SOMEBODY on this blog saying: “Tell us how you REALLY feel…”

Sunstars, I’ve been doing charts off and on since the 70s and the one thing I can say for certain is that astrology is not a “science”, and humanity is beyond complicated, and fate is impossible to understand or predict.

Judging the goodness or evil of anybody is not only dangerous (because one can be ever so wrong), but since everything that goes around comes around, it is wisest to attend to the biblical saying, “judge not that ye be not judged”.

In a month of Sundays (and I’m not religious), I would not advise pointing a finger to label someone as the epitome of “evil” without knowing a whole lot more than we spectators do about Amy Coney Barrett. I don’t agree at all with what she’s doing, but I’m sure she’s got her (biased) reasons, as do we all.

I very much doubt Amy is “evil” and while I intensely dislike what she represents, she is as human as the rest of us.

We ALL have elements of evil in us. That doesn’t make us “evil” either. It makes us “people” – we’re this sad lot of walking protoplasm that hasn’t got a clue why we’re even here, except to learn to get along.

This polarity business in society has gone quite far enough. Please, lets pull in our horns and keep perspective in a very tough time for everybody, ok?

Amy may or may not be evil, Beowulfie, but she has some very extreme religious influences that more or less made it a done deal that she would vote to overturn R v W. In this “cult” women are called Handmaidens and are supposed to submit to their husbands so I agree with sunstars there!!! That sure doesn’t sound like the kind of objective, free thinking a SC justice should exhibit.



From Wikipedia:

Amy Coney Barrett was born in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the daughter of Linda (née Vath) and Michael Coney.[22][23] She is the eldest of seven children and has five sisters and a brother. Her father worked as an attorney for Shell Oil Company, and her mother was a high school French teacher and homemaker. Barrett has Irish and French ancestry.[24][25] Her maternal ancestors were from Ballyconnell, County Cavan, Ireland, while there is also Irish lineage among her father’s ancestors. Her great-great-grandparents emigrated from France to New Orleans.[26] Her family is devoutly Catholic, and her father is an ordained deacon at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Metairie, Louisiana, where she grew up.[27][28]

Barrett attended St. Mary’s Dominican High School, an all-girls Roman Catholic high school in New Orleans.[29] She was student body vice president of the school and graduated in 1990.[30] After high school, Barrett attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where she majored in English literature and minored in French. She considers herself “somewhat fluent” in French, but with a Louisiana accent.[31] Barrett graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude and was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Beta Kappa.[32] In her graduating class, she was named most outstanding English department graduate.[33]

Barrett then attended Notre Dame Law School on a full-tuition scholarship. She was an executive editor of the Notre Dame Law Review[34] and graduated in 1997 ranked first in her class with a Juris Doctor summa cum laude.[33]

The following scheduled event is fairly close to the upcoming July 1st Mars-Pluto square (activating the US Pluto return). One wonders if there will be some dramatic revelations coming our way……..

House Jan. 6 Committee Announces Last-Minute Hearing Tuesday

JUNE 27, 2022 / CBS NEWS

The House Jan. 6 committee unexpectedly announced Monday that it will hold a hearing on Tuesday, June 28. The move comes days after the committee said it would not be holding more hearings until July. 

The hearing is scheduled to take place at 1 p.m. ET, with the committee saying it plans to “present recently obtained evidence.” The committee said it will “present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.”

The House is currently in the middle of a two-week recess. 




I agree with you entirely. I did get carried away.

Speculation is rife that it may be related to the newly acquired documentary film footage by British film maker Alex Holder of Trump and his inner circle covering events before, during and after the Jan 6th insurrection on the Capitol…..

Jan. 6 Panel Calls Surprise Hearing for Tuesday to Present ‘Recently Obtained Evidence’

June 27  2022


However, she has unleashed countless cases of terrible suffering on people, and some deaths too.

I probably should have kept my feelings to myself.

I have been there, done that – believe me – about this issue.

I had my tubes cauterized at age 29. For good reason. Although if I hadn’t been in an impossible spot I wouldn’t have done it…..

So Beowulfie, with all due respect you may never have experienced some of the things that are going to be visited on these young women and their families…..

No doubt you will correct me if I’m wrong…..

Still I should chose my words more carefully and respectfully on this fairly public forum that I DO value.

My apologies. The above link was inactive. Here it is once again…..

Jan. 6 Panel Calls Surprise Hearing for Tuesday to Present ‘Recently Obtained Evidence’

June 27 2022


sunstars, just the religious group that she belonged to, lived in the household of, and met her husband while there (and the group was accused of child sexual abuse https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/amy-coney-barrett-s-former-religious-group-was-accused-of-child-sexual-abuse/ar-AAY94PZ) shows that something was not right there; the kind of thinking and beliefs they must have been taught had to have influenced her. If you look at her bio above, she was mega smart and that’s what propelled her rise. And, of course, we all know about the Clarence and Ginni Thomas duo in terms of strange beliefs. Even if a good amount of all of this is rumor and inuendo, and not proven fact, we have to admit that at least these 2 SC justices are a bit weird and, after reading what Alita wrote, he belongs in that club, too.

Evil may have been a strong term and a bit exaggerated, etc., but something is rotten in the SC!

And these 9 people have SO MUCH power over our lives!!

🙂 Thank you Sharon K


Really good to see you post good tidings. Thank you. It is very easy to languish in the miasma of the great sorrows and tragedy of our times; its also wonderful when we remind ourselves to come up for fresh air and sunshine.


Thank you for the “Don’t worry.” There is always good news too.


I honor your perception about Amy Coney Barret being essentially a whore of Satan. Although I haven’t looked at her chart, I too get these gut-punches decidedly negative electro-magnetic in my solar plexus – and photographs and handwriting of some people can at times be overwhelmingly extrasensorial for me. When I see someone with some very difficult angles and planetary placements, I remind myself that there are many amazingly evolved people with heavily-afflicted charts who manage to harness and use those turbulent energetic fields and manage to bring about some marvelous achievements.

On another note, sunstars, I am duly amused that you persist in referring to me as “her” and/or as female.

As far as I know, I haven’t grown a uterus or sprouted fallopian tubes but if I do, I’ll make a big old non-binary splashy announcement on this site.

The manner in which the four most offensive Supreme Court Justices have perverted the catechism of Christ’s teachings for their own malignant purposes is beyond sacrilegious to this old altar-boy and (briefly) seminarian. I’ve always taken comfort in my understanding of my Catholicism. Catholic is defined as “all-encompassing, all inclusive and the Universal Christian faith. Where or how or why Thomas, Alito, Barret and Kavanaugh took the wrong turn that led them right up their own gnarly asses is a mystery to me. Unfortunately, there is quite a swath of rigidly-dogmatic and intolerant Roman Catholic brethren. They can put downright satanic energy – as we have just witnessed in D.C.

Can’t help being very psyched about what this impromptu January 6 hearing will reveal.



My natal Jupiter at 19 degrees Taurus (8th house) will be snug up to Uranus, the Nodes and Mars in Taurus in August. Many astrologers ascribe the 8th house as the field of human experience most-closely-associated with death and taxes, rebirth, legacies. Should this rare Uranian conj. to the Taurean stellium initiate my demise and reincarnation, I’ll do my best to let you all know what its like on the other side.

Will: Oh Ho NO!!!! HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!

Well, you have a wide range of expression and of experience – I’ll say THAT!

And thank you for honoring my perception…..

Will: It’s good to know you are male…..Your colorful descriptions made you a rather seasoned female but I was taking it in stride.

I LIKE your description of what’s her name and also your take on the Four Justices…. And I cannot wait for the Jan 6 Hearings tomorrow either.

Sunstars, I completely agree with your emotion about Roe v. Wade and I am not against calling a spade a spade. What I disagree with is labeling another person as an ultra-enemy since ‘evil’ is such an extreme term.

Yes, I know Hitler and Stalin were evil, but evil has no power without friends and backers. We can all be complicit in evil by not knowing ourselves, or the ‘other’. I understand in the mythical universe evil and good are considered to be expressions of the ‘ONE’ true reality (Joseph Campbell etc.).

Anyway, setting aside grand philosophical debates, we don’t know beans about who Amy Coney Barrett really is as a human being. Wikipedia hardly covers it and she is a product of a system – the US system. She is one cog in a big wheel. Also, she’s a pretty handy target as a woman.

I agree with your outrage totally, but Amy didn’t bring this about by herself.


Hopefully, the Taurean stellium of late July in opposition to your natal Jupiter will show nothing but favoritism and a bright future for you (one can only hope).

As Cailin pointed out in her video presentation I posted earlier (URANUS, NORTH NODE & MARS CONJUNCTION IN TAURUS), Bitcoin’s natal Chiron at 18 Aquarius is in the line of fire. So my friend, if you have any crypto-currency investments, now’s the time to get out of the market.

A number of factors are converging in July that would suggest a severe downturn in the economy towards the end of July. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) will be released July 13th. With the rising price of gas at the pump, all indications are we will see an even more rapid rise in the rate of inflation. This would put the Fed in a very difficult, untenable position at the next meeting scheduled for July 27th. If the Fed decides to raise interest rates to tame inflation, this will spook the markets. If it does nothing, a precipitous fall in the markets can be expected. Either way, we may be heading into a very serious recession and dare I say even possible depression that will effect all levels of society. A rather turbulent, rocky road may be in store for us. May we have the wisdom and fortitude to navigate our way through this potentially difficult “mine-field” ahead.

Beowulfie, I respect your astrological insights and what I believe is your well-intended wisdom.

While I don’t know that I could decisively label ACB evil–Thomas, particularly based upon his very recent comments, might actually be closer to the genuine article–her voice, joined with his and others on the extremist right wing end of the spectrum for this SCOTUS decision, and those who worked tirelessly over 4 decades to get them there, certainly are in serious question of the fact.

Evil, to me, is knowingly and willfully forcing one’s beliefs on others in a way that causes them undue harm and suffering.

Through that lens, and knowing–seeing firsthand the grief and suffering that their decision has cause millions here in the US–it’s difficult for me to grant them the grace that you do.

Human as they may be, let’s remember that they are also not naive.

Barrett, let’s be clear, isn’t some sweet, innocent Godly nun.

She’s an attorney. As a matter of fact, they all are.

They KNOW what they are doing.

Also, one of the biggest oxymoron in the US is the term “Christian Attorney.”

The mistake many of us on the true center and left end of things continue to make is assuming that these folks are decent, well-meaning people who can be reasoned with.

It’s a nice belief. Meanwhile, their continued relentless, non-conciliatory actions suggest something else entirely. They keep on bullying us, stealing our wallets, and eating our lunches. And now they are outright holding us at gunpoint.

When do they just start pulling the trigger?

And when do we finally find the collective gravitas to stand up to them and fight back?



Read instead: “Hopefully, the Taurean stellium of late July CONJUNCT your natal Jupiter…….”

Beowulfie: 🙂

When women get pregnant in the US it isn’t usually because they forget to take their pill.

I think I have told my story before on this blog but for the relative anonymity I have I will refresh:

I started the pill a month before I married. I turned out to be highly sensitive to the pill with nausea and vomiting. I tried so many other forms of contraception but they didn’t work as the man I was married to forced me.

I had 3 live births, and in all 10 pregnancies between the ages of 23 and 29.

One of the births was the result of the IUD that failed, later on piercing the bag of waters, causing early birth in which the baby died after 4 days of life.

I will spare you the details…. I thought of myself as a liberated woman but was also caught in the religious ideals of a forever marriage… in a religion in which I was pushed to be active.

I was too proud to tell my family in Canada that I was in a situation that I could not handle. I was in my 20’s after all.

The emotional torture that was present for all of these procedures was everpresent in my life. I wanted to leave my husband because of it but could not find a way out that wouldn’t hurt my 2 children.

When I first found out I was pregnant I stopped by the bookstore at Christown Mall and bought about 10 books on pregnancy and how to raise your child.

I took a course on how to raise your child before the baby was born, and some courses afterward.

When it became clear that my babies were going to suffer because of the other children I could not handle, I made the decision to terminate my pregnancies so that my children would not suffer.

I did not know what I would be bringing my children into…. should I leave their father. I felt so alone.

I was in my 20’s and doing the best that I could.

When that baby that died, died – it was my second pregnancy – I was even seeking to adopt to make it up… It was after that that I didn’t stand a chance…..and made the decision to save the quality of life of the baby I DID have.

My mother came to visit me when I was 28 or 29 and when I picked her up at the plane she said: You’re pregnant.

I was furious because I thought my sister had broken my confidence but she swore she hadn’t.

When I told my mother that I thought I wouldn’t keep the pregnancy she called me a murderer. Long story short I went through with the pregnancy and became immediately pregnant again against my will even though as usual I begged not to be made pregnant. So shortly after the birth of that baby I had my tubes cauterized. We had plenty of money but my husband refused to give it to me. So my mother sent me the money to end my pregnancies.

So this, and worse, is what Amy Coney Barrett has unleashed on the vulnerable young women in the US.

She is a woman and a traitor to her own sex.

That is what I have been talking about… that is why I said what I said.

Just read this over… and saw a confusion… when I became pregnant again after the second child I simultaneously ended that pregnancy and had my tubes cauterized.

After the second child that lived..

I am familiar with the morning after pill… It is in the news now and appears to be more widely used and effective.

For those of you on this blog who are not familiar, it makes you very very sick but it does what it needs to do.

Well I am the insomniac of the blog this AM.


Thank you for your positive take on the upcoming conjunction. Fortunately I have not speculated with krypto
currencies in spite of Joni Patry’s relentless prompting to do so.


Astute reminder about the doctors of the law. They are on the whole a morally- challenged lot. Amy is way creepy and cray- cray with crypto-Christyness.


Your reproductive pain and sorrow is unimaginable. I cannot fathom your outrage regarding the SCOTUS abomination. I thoroughly support and encourage you to continue to share your story. SCOTUS is in the clench of abject evil.

Time for us to rise-up enmasse.

🙂 Thank you Will.

I mean – will.. 🙂

I certainly relate to your experience and your fury. We are all suffering now from broken hearts.

It is important to remember “they” demonized us long ago. Many if not most of “them” truly believe you and I and all of us are evil and out to destroy America and Western Civilization. Perhaps one difference is the far right’s tendency to vindictiveness in their efforts to destroy “the destroyers,” i.e. Liberals.

Together we will reassemble the pieces of our broken hearts and turn them into the resolve and necessary skill to permanently win this moral/political struggle.

Meanwhile, may your pain and suffering be balmed. May you have the all the serenity you need. A thousand blessings and more to you.

You have to laugh – tragic though it may be. And these folks are serious, not joking.

The latest meme circulating on the net in reaction to Ivanka Trump testifying that she accepted Attorney General William Barr’s assertion that there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election…

It wasn’t her. It was a clone!
Neptune in Pisces?

sunstars, you have indeed been through a lot, my dear, and it is very hard for me to imagine going through all of that. It seems to have made you a wise, perceptive, compassionate, and strong person.

Beowulfie, I agree with you about the use of the term “evil” although it’s meaning is subjective to each person using it. It is a relative term that can have a very extreme meaning often associated with the devil. I always disagreed with using it to describe someone, because I believe people in general are the product of their experiences in their family of origin and beyond and they can change, grow, and become mentally & emotionally healthier. However, sometimes I do wonder when someone has gone beyond a certain line into the area of sociopathy, which I believe is considered uncurable. Is this evil? Everyone is capable of redemption but…

That being said, evil may not apply to Amy but I disagree that we don’t know anything about her. I don’t know if you read the articles I posted but we know a lot about her and the environmental influences on her throughout much of her life. Does that mean she isn’t a good person? Of course not, but we can be very good, loving people and also be shaped by the beliefs we accept (or our reaction to them) and some of the beliefs of Amy and these other justices are very, very narrow (just deciding that we 100% know what God wants, because it’s in the Bible and/or the writings and decisions of mostly men post-Bible, has produced a lot of crime, sexual assault, masochism, sadism, cruelty, mental illness, death, etc.) is very questionable to say the least, and they are legislating for the entire country. I wouldn’t want to see the other extreme either. We need a balanced system with strong structure and boundaries, based on humanism, justice and common sense. But, what I am seeing now is very painful to me

Now that SCOTUS has round the clock security for them and their families, it seems to be that their recent decisions are meant to not only embrace their sick values but intended to be the flame that ignites an American civil war?

Rather than be decisive, Roe has unleashed a torrent of legal issues for every state in the union. Judges are tossing the so called trigger laws which only say that if roe is overturned than abortion is illegal but there is no specific detail and the judges are holding them up from taking effect.

…and SCOTUS, through their shadow docket, just approved a congressional map for LA that dilutes black representation in half. The vote was 6-3.


Yep. I live in LA. The lower court ruled there needed to be two districts for African Americans and the SC heard the lawsuit and intruded themselves into yet another issue and ruled for inequality. Something has to give. Intolerable!

If that doesn’t get the black vote out, I don’t know what will. However, people are under the delusion that the Republicans will lower inflation and improve the economy. And, they know how to use smoke and mirrors to make it look like they do, and corporations and oil companies work with them. Grrrrrr.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments – and your profound story, Sunstars. It is heart breaking and the range of problems and complexities is there for all to see.

How to come to a common understanding that engages the right in an honest, meaningful way is the question. How will it get done?

The right needs to respect the left and the left needs to respect the right before there will be an understanding. There’s always a price, but it’s a goal and a hope.

That will take much effort, Beowulfie and some breakthroughs. Think of the kinds of things we say about “the right” here. I don’t think we respect them & vice versa. But the moderates of good faith on each side might be able to. There are some conflicts that just go on and on and no one wants to give an inch.

Sharon K, right you are (pun intended)! More moderates, God bless ’em, and much, much more effort is what’s going to save the situation, if saved it ever gets. The path that works is straight down the middle. If the middle doesn’t grow, we’re hooped. Just my opinion.

Sharon, Beowulfie,
IMO, the obvious advantage of centrism is the ability to borrow good ideas from both right and left without discomfort. Centrists can be less ideological, and more pragmatic. We were better off when most politicians of both parties were either center/left or center/right, when we had Liberal and moderately conservative R’s and Conservative and moderately liberal Dems.

A very interesting development!
We’ve all been focused on the tragic decisions from the Supremes and on the extraordinary testimonies at the J6 hearings.

But the recent NATO summit in Madrid is surely the most important such meeting since the supposed “end” of the Cold War in 1991.
The agreement signed between Turkey, Sweden, and Finland is of course very significant, opening the door to fast track Swedish and Finnish membership.

But “under the radar” perhaps of even greater importance was NATO’s invitation to four non-Atlantic nations to attend and participate. The PM’s and presidents of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and S. Korea were there as well to work on serious cooperation aggreements with NATO.

Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida said,
“the security of Europe is inseparable from that of Asia,” a statement with which the Australian, New Zealander, and South Korean leaders were all in absolute accord.

Why is this interesting? The involvement of non North Atlantic nations, IMO portends what I suspect is a broadening of the alliance into one far more comprehensive, i.e. the beginnings of an alliance of the world’s democratic nations, committed to the rule of law, especially the rules based order established post WWII.

IMO, the silver lining of Russia’s tragic invasion of Ukraine, and of recent and increasing Chinese bullying and belligerence is the growing unification in spirit, and written committment to mutual defense and collective security of the democratic nation states. It will be interesting to watch how this develops.

Below is the link to merely one of many news articles on the attendance of the four non Atlantic nations at the summit.

Japan PM seeks major upgrade of NATO partnership after Russia’s war

You may have read it already, but there is a good article on Ceres and Roe v. Wade on Neptune Cafe (Michael O’Reilly):


To our Canadian friends:
May you enjoy a safe, happy Canada Day. May you all experience peace, prosperity, and good health in this your 155th year of national life.

What do you guys think of Adam Schiff as the Democratic candidate for president in 2024?

Sharon K,
I like and respect Adam Schiff. He’s an honorable man, something nowadays too rare in WA DC, and he’s been an excellent rep for his California district. He has served us all extremely well in his role in DJT’s impeachment and on the J6 committee. IMO, his record of positions online needs to fleshed out more. I was especially impressed with his support for the “Gold Line” CA light rail system. But as to info on issues posted so far, I feel a bit in the dark.

Congressman Schiff exudes kindness, thoughtfulness, and decency. It comes through strongly through his voice and mannerisms. But can he also be as tough as nails, as surely a president must be?

He prosecuted the case against Richard Miller, the former FBI agent who spied for the Soviet Union, but the first trial concluded with a hung jury, the second trial with a conviction that was reversed through appeal. His prosecution of DJT did not have the positive result we hoped for, but to be fair, impeachment convictions ARE rare.

Main question is, can he win the nomination and the general election? He was born June 22, 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Have you a birth time and have you done a comparison of his natal chart with that of the US?

Personally, I’d like to see the return of Al Franken to politics, and I’m especially impressed with CA Congresswoman, Katie Porter. I’m nevertheless presently uncommitted to any particular candidate for potus when Biden leaves office. I’m dissatisfied with Dems to a degree, agreeing with them about 80%, but the remaining 20% are issues I believe essential for our survival.

Adam Schiff, and practically any Dem would be better as potus than just about any R, even the honorable ones like Liz Cheney, or Adam Kinzinger. But what I’d really like to see, in the long run, (and I think this might actually occur) is the dissolution and death of the R party, and a two way split of the Dems. A three party system IMO would serve us better, particularly with several necessary electoral reforms.

For the time being, I’m strongly supporting Joe B. We don’t know yet whether he’ll be in sufficiently good health to run again, or if he will choose to. Considering the extraordinary obstacles and blockages, I feel he’s doing very well as potus and am disappointed others do not see that. He’s being blamed for a number of extremely difficult, unprecedented and intractable problems he did not create, and his detractors could not handle nearly as well.

Eliseo: Thank you very much for your good wishes for Canada…… thank god we are a democracy – and yes, the US is the greatest of all democracies.

Sharon K : In thinking it over, Adam Schiff would be a great president. It’s going to be an interesting time.

You are very welcome. I have great respect and fondness for Canadians. In the early 70’s I seriously considered moving to Canada and becoming a citizen. I sometimes wonder how my life might have turned out differently, possibly better had I done so. In later years I spent quality time in Niagara Falls, Toronto, Winnipeg, Victoria, and Vancouver. And I’ve long been fascinated by the ecology and anthropology of the Canadian far north. We have our subcultures, and there are differences between us, but all in all as I’ve said before, with the exception of Quebec, Canada and the US are two nations, but one culture.

One of my very closest friends in this life, (he died too young) my comedy partner in radio, spent many of his formative years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Oh the stories he would tell. One of these days I hope to visit Halifax – where I will think of him; I will think of his great loyalty, his sense of honor, and his comedic genius. Perhaps I will sing a song there and raise a glass of Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale in his honor.

Noting former White House counsel Pat Cipilone’s subpeona the other day, and his subsequent agreement to cooperate before the Jan 6th House Committee (under certain limited, defined conditions), this may by all acounts spell trouble for the former President. One quick look at the astrological aspects for July and there is reason to suspect something dramatic. Perhaps a Trump indictment? It’s the July 20th Mars – Neptune semi square.

Tr. Mars at 10 Taurus conjoins the January 2022 Uranus station in square to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 Leo). That in turn semi-squares tr. Neptune and its conjunction to Cipollone’s natal Chiron/ Saturn degrees – all at 25 Pisces.

Why Pat Cipollone’s Jan. 6 Testimony Could Be Key

June 30, 2022


The following are some of the characteristics of tr. Neptune conjunct natal Saturn and Chiron extracted from the internet

Transit Neptune Conjunct Natal Saturn (Cipollone)

When transit Neptune is conjunct your natal Saturn, your concept of reality is changing. Old concepts are dissolving. The structures that have governed your life are no longer be reliable, but you discover many new possibilities.

At first, you feel disoriented, confused or depressed. You may experience several disappointments and an increase in anxiety or loss of self-confidence. You might be afraid and feel threatened for no apparent reason. In some cases, this can instead manifest as a health issue that is hard to diagnose.

Avoid stress and stay in comfortable surroundings so that confusion and disorientation do not increase. Avoid making big decisions without consulting someone you trust, since you do not see things very clearly on a material level.

Through the darkness of this period, you’ll begin to see infinite possibilities and the true nature of things. The positive side is that you can discover new dimensions of the world on another level, a spiritual level and beyond. At its best, this transit can produce enlightenment or a truly spiritual path. Your physical world and transcendental world become one. You must be very calm to see the new truths emerge, so avoid negative people and those who discourage you.

Transiting Neptune Conjunct Chiron

This transit brings an opportunity for working through hidden issues and healing your wounds. During Neptune conjunct Chiron transit, you often experience that you become more intuitive and more in touch with your unconscious.

Neptune conjunct Chiron transit occurs once in a lifetime. Because of the long orbital period of Neptune, it is a rare transit when transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Chiron.

Transits to Chiron indicate a time for reflecting on your wounds, and letting go. The higher octave of Neptune is all about unconditional love, divine guidance, connecting with the universe, spirituality. When Neptune conjunct Chiron transit occurs, you can utilize this energy to heal yourself.

Tr. Mars square natal Pluto/ Neptune sesquisquare natal Pluto (Trump)

Transit Mars Square Pluto

The transit of Mars square your natal Pluto can be a period of transformation, but also of fights and confrontations. It increases ambition and gives the desire to continue moving forward at all costs, even if it is provoking a lot of opposition or having to overcome many obstacles.

You will have to use your ability to overcome difficulties without stopping.

Transit Mars Square Natal Neptune (this in fact applies in a half square in Trump’s chart)

Feelings of inadequacy, Suppressed anger and weird subconscious desires characterize this transit. Now the native is prone to deceitful actions. The native seeks to remain in a state of inertia and if he confronts others then inability for action leads to depression.

The native may be subject to deception in business affairs. The native may be abnormal sexually and he may become a prey to excessive drinking and drug abuse.

Is uspet by disturbing dreams. The native may incur un-diagnosable illnesses and infections which have a debilitating effect on low vitality system now. There is danger of fraud in insurances, joint finances and inheritances.

Be careful if you use subversive methods, as it will generate powerful energies against you. It is possible that you may be the victim of these coercive methods. The cycles of Pluto coincide with moments of total destruction, or of great regeneration.

You should examine your motives before going deeply into any matter. You should also avoid close contact with people whose honesty or intentions are not clear, because if there was any confrontation, you would probably lose. Avoid aggressive people or potentially dangerous places, because you could attract people with bad intentions.

You must control your obsessions, as they are now increased.

Many thanks for the “heads up” regarding Pat Cipilone’s subpeona and potential testimony. Also thanks for posting the astrological interpretations from the net. All very interesting!

My charts for Adam Schiff on January 20, 2025, in the Capitol Building have the ingredients for success and happiness for him. Causative factor?

Jerry, Lawrence Tribe believes that Trump will be indicted. He taught Merrick Garland and believes it is very likely.


I heard Lawrence Tribe say that, too, silcominc. Who knows but they may be in touch behind the scene (Tribe & Garland), with Garland getting guidance from Tribe or at least using him as a sounding board and for feedback.

I do have reservations about Schiff though. I know how smart he is and persistent, maybe a really brilliant legal mind, but we need someone who has the presence and toughness to match —- DeSantis — as I believe he will be the Republican nominee.

Hi silcominc,

Yes. I had come across that CNN interview the other day. It is indeed an interesting perspective.

According to Glenn Kirschner, if the witness tampering allegation against Trump (via M. Meadows?) can be established, and it can be verified swiftly – within a 24 to 48 hour period, an immediate arrest warrant can be issued.

J6 Hearing Testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson Presents Both “Smoking Gun” And “Loaded Gun” Evidence

Video: 11 min 47 sec


Well worth watching….

Trump Is The ‘Most Investigated, Least Prosecuted’ Man In History

Video: 7 min 46 sec

Fmr. prosecutor Glenn Kirschner joins MSNBC’s Jason Johnson to discuss the many crimes that could potentially take down Donald Trump, but says he will specifically be watching the Jan. 6th hearing witness tampering accusations to see if DOJ “moves to put a stop to it in real time.”

“…..We now have witness tampering. Witness tampering strikes right at the heart of the integrity of investigations congressional and criminal” – Kirschner

Tim O’Brien says the real importance of the Jan. 6th hearings is to push the Justice Department to indict Trump and his cohorts “for staging a coup.”


Back in April I posted a video by Maryanne of Revealing Light Tarot. She cited a woman from Estonia having a vision of events taking place in March and then heating up again from late June to the period between July 12th to 14th wherein it would reach its natural conclusion with major events to follow in late July. Maryanne speculated that this could reflect events happening in Ukraine. In retrospect, to me at least. it now appears plausible that it actually may relate to the current January 6th committee hearings.

A few weeks ago; in a June 12th post, I made an effort to frame the above information into some kind of coherent. logical perspective. Here it is…..

“The June 28th Cancer New Moon (7 ’22 Cancer) will conjoin Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’51 Cancer) in square to tr. Jupiter (7 ’19 Aries) forming a wider t square to Trump’s progressed Neptune (7 ’10 Libra). Will justice (Jupiter) prevail?”

The timing of Cassidy Hutchinson’s extraordinary, explosive testimony at the June 28th US congressional hearing coinciding with the Cancer New Moon is truly remarkable. In addition, it seems to squarely fit in with the vision of that Estonian woman. So, taking this into account, what if anything will transpire once Congress reconvenes from recess on July 11th. The July 13th Full Moon at 21 ’20 Capricorn arrives at full maturation in opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn at 23 ’48 Cancer. Will the DOJ intervene at that time? Witness tampering charges anyone? It is after all a very serious crime punishable up to 20 years in jail. How will Trump supporters react if their demi-God is arrested? Will they resort to violence? It should be interesting to see how all this unfolds.

What Is Witness Tampering? And Could This Charge Apply To Trump?

Washington Post
July 1, 2022

If any criminal referrals come out of the Jan. 6 committee’s investigation, witness tampering could be a big one. At the end of Tuesday’s hearing, the committee shared messages they said two of their witnesses received urging them not to testify to the committee.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the No. 2 on the committee, said that after being asked whether “any former colleagues” had contacted them before their testimony, one witness described receiving phone calls:

“What they said to me is as long as I continue to be a team player, they know that I’m on the team, I’m doing the right thing, I’m protecting who I need to protect, you know, I’ll continue to stay in the good graces in Trump world … And they have reminded me a couple of times that Trump does read transcripts and just keep that in mind as I proceed through my depositions and interviews with the committee.”

She also quoted a witness describing a call they received:

“[A person] let me know you have your deposition tomorrow. He wants me to let you know that he’s thinking about you. He knows you’re loyal, and you’re going to do the right thing when you go in for your deposition.”

“I think most Americans know that attempting to influence witnesses, to testify untruthfully, presents very serious concerns,” Cheney said.

But what is witness tampering, exactly?

It requires three things be present, said white-collar criminal lawyer Jack Sharman, who served as a special counsel to Congress during its investigation of President Bill Clinton.

1. That there is a proceeding going on, like a grand jury (or, in this case, a congressional hearing).

2. That there is an intent to influence witness testimony in that proceeding.

3. That the intent is wrongful, meaning the person wanted to prevent the truth getting out to avoid being accused of wrongdoing. (The statue says: “whoever knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person.”) “I tell people that lawyers attempt to obstruct Congress all the time,” Sharman said. “The question is whether it’s wrongfully or corruptly.”

How often is a crime like this prosecuted?

Not very often. Sharman said that the majority of witness tampering cases happen in the context of a judicial proceeding, like a grand jury. It’s rare to have these cases revolve around someone preventing testimony to Congress. (In 2019, Trump ally Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering. He was going to go to jail before President Donald Trump granted him clemency.)

That doesn’t mean these kinds of prosecutions can’t happen; it just means the Jan. 6 committee could be fighting an uphill battle if it refers such a case to the Justice Department.

The Jan. 6 committee has referred four people to the Justice Department for prosecution so far — all for contempt of Congress charges, for refusing to comply with a subpoena to testify. The Justice Department has prosecuted two: former Trump political adviser Stephen K. Bannon, who faces a trial this month; and former White House adviser Peter Navarro.

What’s Trump’s potential liability?

It’s unclear. The committee shared only two messages that it said witnesses received from Trump allies. We don’t know the identity of the witnesses who received these messages or who sent them — and, crucially, whether the senders were acting at Trump’s behest. Cheney said the committee would reveal more in later hearings.

But the seeds are there for a witness tampering charge, either against the president or the people who made the calls, said Jeffrey Jacobovitz, a prominent white-collar criminal lawyer. “To me it’s clear tampering if an upcoming witness is told the president reads the transcripts,” he said. “The person who called engaged in tampering. If Trump encouraged or asked someone to make the call, he would be criminally liable, as well.”

One of the messages the committee shared said that “Trump does read transcripts” — meaning, the former president will be following your testimony very closely. Jacobovitz said that alone could tie Trump directly to these allegations.

And Trump has a long history of pressuring witnesses who must testify about him or his business practices in one of his many legal disputes, report The Post’s Rosalind S. Helderman, Josh Dawsey and Jacqueline Alemany.

With regard to the Jan. 6 committee, The Post and other media outlets reported that former top White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson was one of the people whom Trump world tried to influence with calls before her testimony.

If that’s true, it would be significant. Her testimony has been crucial to the Jan. 6 committee investigation. She testified four times in taped interviews and for more than two hours live on Tuesday, painting a picture of a president who wanted to stay in power at all costs, even at the risk of political violence. If there was an attempt to influence Hutchinson’s testimony that could raise the stakes for the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute.

The committee has also hinted at the possibility that Trump engaged in witness tampering with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), noting how McCarthy’s statements since the attack have changed over time to become more Trump-friendly. Committee chair Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) wrote a letter to McCarthy asking, “At that meeting [on Jan. 28], or at any other time, did President Trump or his representatives discuss or suggest what you should say publicly, during the impeachment trial (if called as a witness), or in any later investigation about your conversations with him on January 6th?”

McCarthy said such conversations “never happened” but acknowledged that if they did, they would probably be illegal.


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