4th Apr, 2022

We are Back!

Happy Spring!!


YAY! Thanks Nancy!
Even though your last post was over a year ago, I’d still keep coming back hoping you’d share your astrological insights with your terrific wordsmithing. Surprising how I certainly have been missing this community space, and the folks who comment. l sure hope others come back.
Happy Spring!

WELCOME BACK Starlight News, Nancy & all our friends & participants! We survived the last 2 weeks cold turkey! Now let’s spread the word! Thank you so much, Nancy xoxoxoxo

Thank you Nancy ….. thank you so much. I did not realize how important this site was for me until it was down for a while. Welcome back, everyone.

I tried to contact a couple of members independently whil the site was out but was not successful. I kept checking back … and the site is on!!

Thanks Nancy !

I tried to contact a couple of members independently whil the site was out but was not successful. I kept checking back … and the site is on!!

Thanks Nancy !

OMG!!! What a welcome site and such a relief to see we are back! I missed everyone, with so much happening in the world I really need you all. Thank you, Nancy!!! Hope you are well and wishing you the best.

Was out in Santa Barbara for last few weeks and am delighted to see Nancy and Starlightnews bac in the news!

Thank god The site is back. I missed everyone

Many Heartfelt Thanks to You and whomever fixed the problem! I am alone almost 24 hours each day mostly confined to one room and with very little interaction, except for my cat. This site helps me keep my sanity as I watch the world go round.

Relative to your attempt to contact members independently: I will authorize Nancy to divulge my email address privately to you and anyone else who would like to remain in more personal contact with me.

Many Thanks for the heads-up the site was restored!

Welcome back, all! Thanks Nancy!

“We Are Back” Welcomed words. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that we are delighted to have Nancy’s Blog up and running again.

Before Starlightnews went off-line a couple of weeks ago we were discussing the ramifications of the April 4th Mars/Saturn conj. It sits at 22 Aquarius in opposition to Putin’s natal Pluto (22 Leo) and square to Russia’s Dec 25, 1991 natal Pluto/Venus position (21/22 Scorpio). Curiosity was abuzz on just what that would portend.

Some major developments did indeed occur…..

A summation can be gleaned in the following news item today……

“……..The outlook for Russia may yet darken further following the emergence over the weekend of allegations of civilian massacres by Russian forces in Bucha and other Ukrainian towns. The alleged atrocities will push back expectations for peace talks and increase the threat of more punitive international sanctions.”

April 4th was to be the day that a 2 billion dollar bond reached maturation and had to be paid by the Central Russian bank. According to Reuters the US is now withholding Russian access to some of their funds in retaliation for their egregious actions. I would imagine the formal thirty day grace period will be kicking in. A Russian default is now more than likely in early May if Russia refuses to comply with international law. It’s happening just as Pluto stations at 28 Capricorn in semi-square to Mars (13 Pisces). This will in turn form harsh aspects to Russia’s natal Jupiter (14 Virgo). A power struggle in the offing within the halls of the Kremlin? Here’s Russia’s birth chart:


U.S. Stops Russian Bond Payments In Bid To Raise Pressure On Moscow

April 5, 2022


Focusing more on the immediate future, I posed the following question to an astrologer friend of mine the other day………


Any thoughts on the upcoming April 12th Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (24 Pisces) opposite Ukraine’s natal Mars (24 Virgo)?


Very difficult to analyze because of the unconscious, yet universal nature of neptune. But, ideally, the jupiter conjunction is giving expansiveness universally to that inner feeling that all is connected. Its opposition to mars of the Ukraine is not just exactly on that date, but for a period of weeks. Hopefully, it is creating more optimism for the aggressive instincts of the Ukraine.

One quick follow-up to the above.

The May 4th Mars-Uranus sextile (14 ’45 Pisces-Taurus) forms a double quincunx (yod) to Putin’s natal Sun (13 ’56 Libra). Would that suggest regime change? Would the US in some way be involved (US natal Saturn @ 14 ’48 Libra)

What do Russia and the Republican Party have in common? They are both acting out from the darker, more malevolent parts of the id in reaction to their anticipation (probably conscious) of their coming existential demise.

The Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on April 12th conjuncts your Sun and my Moon.
(My moon is in 10th House.) Superficially, I interpret that conjunction as positive.
I certainly need something positive right now. I need a good job; I’m close to have
to start living in my car. I hope and anticipate the 12th logically should be positive
for you as well.

Yay! I’ve been checking this site every day and was beginning to think it defunct. So glad it’s been fixed! Some Mars-Saturn in Aquarius determination there to fix this technology. Good to see everyone!

Such heartbreak in the news. There’s a set of photos of Zelenski from 41 days ago with his clear lineless optimistic face and then yesterday at Bucha looking devastated – that poor man, those poor people. May the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction bring compassion and peace. Keeping sending light and protection there.

After 3 weeks of almost daily hits (March 29 thru Apr 18) from Mars and the outers to my Putin charts this comes to President Biden’s Chart on Apr 30. Perhaps Putin will call a surrender a truce to save face.


May the transits of Venus and Jupiter to your natal Moon herald good fortune coming to you Eliseo.

Wow, such a relief because I was worried about Nancy. BarbK disappeared and we still dont know what happened to her. So relieved in assuming Nancy is ok, and I missed this site because over the years (pre-Trump) I tuned in almost daily and it felt like just one more of my supports disappearing in this time of loss and transformational upheaval.

Thank you Bob. I so hope you’re right. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction also semi-sextiles the USA Pluto so it may also have something to do with Biden getting a financial deal passed.

As for me, that conjunction exactly trines my Cancer Jupiter/Uranus conjunction from my 5th house of gambling… so I’m going to buy a lottery ticket.

I’m feeling warm fuzzies, this is like a reunion to me!

Amen to that! Eliseo it feels like a powerful transformation is cooking in your universe.
Have faith that you will get through this.


In a bid to curb systemic rising inflation, the US Federal Reserve recently signaled that it will adopt a more aggressive stance, raising interest rates when it is required. Those actions are expected to negatively impact financial markets in the near term.

The upcoming April 12th Jupiter/Neptune conjunction also carries an uplifting positive influence (is the glass half empty or half full?) as astrologer Laurie Baum points out. There is an opportunity here to review our priorities. Will it be the accumulation of wealth or the pursuit of spiritual values. Laurie writes….

Spiritual Revolution

“A conjunction of spiritual Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on April 12, 2022 will ignite a wave of spiritual activity that will contribute to a global “spiritual awakening.” This celestial event happens every 166 years. You may already see evidence of heightened spiritual awareness as people increasingly turn to meditation, prayer, positive thinking, and affirmations when they have exhausted all outer solutions. This spiritual renaissance will gain greater momentum in 2022, when you will see an upswing of spiritual inspirations, practices, and gatherings, both online and in-person.”

On the inflation front, back in August 2021 Jude Cowell posted some insightful thoughts about the period we are presently entering…..

Jupiter-Neptune 2022: Is Inflation On the Rise?

by Jude Cowell

Friday August 13, 2021: When a dual image of horoscopes was published recently showing the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions of April 12, 2022 and the third of three conjunctions that perfected during 2009, several chart factors were noted in the post. Today, increasing mentions in the news of inflation in the US economy has spurred a re-posting of the April 12, 2022 horoscope for your consideration.

………… Similar to a close conjunction, parallels make good timing devices so it could be worth a peek at a time frame beginning April 11, 2022 1:00 pm edt when Jupiter parallels Neptune (0A00) and up to their exact conjunction of April 12th as seen in the horoscope, above. This provides the curious seeker with a fuller picture of Jupiter-Neptune potentials which include inflation, bubbles, speculation, and/or political conflicts.



So, the reader may ask, is there anything significant happening April 12th that would indicate a pronounced decline in the economy? In fact there is. The Federal Reserve will be releasing the Consume Price Index data on that day. Here’s what financial advisor Joseph Hogue has to say about that…….

Five Stocks To Buy In April Before The Inflation Explosion (note: Joseph mentions the April 12th CPI data release – at the 9 min 30 sec mark in the video)

Video: 19 min 4 sec


From an astrological perspective, here’s another view posted by Oshr Finance in October 2021 focusing in on the dramatic properties of the April 12, 2022 Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.

Video posted in the entry below………

Continued from above……….

APRIL 2022 – THE “REAL DEAL” by Oshr Finance

Video 21 min 15 sec


Deutsche Bank Is The First Big Bank To Forecast A US Recession

April 5, 2022

……..”We no longer see the Fed achieving a soft landing. Instead, we anticipate that a more aggressive tightening of monetary policy will push the economy into a recession,” Deutsche Bank economists led by Matthew Luzzetti wrote in a report.

That forecast is driven by red-hot inflation, with consumer prices rising at the fastest pace in 40 years. Hopes that inflation would rapidly cool off have been dashed, in part because of the war in Ukraine.

Inflationary pressures have broadened out, raising concern that the Fed will have to rapidly raise interest rates to get prices under control. Deutsche Bank pointed to how energy and food commodity prices have spiked since Russia invaded Ukraine.



Re: inflation, see also financial astrologer Ray Merriman (video with his wife Antonia). He attributes inflation to the Saturn/Uranus square and its aftermath, the coming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which can increase existing inflation, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020. His take is that the sharp rise peaks around the coming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and then continues to rise but more slowly, continuing until Jupiter goes into Tauru. Saturn-Pluto has 36 years up and 36 years down in interest rates, and that up just started in January 2020. He says the bigger worry is deflation in 2026 with Saturn conjunct Neptune.

The money discussion starts at around the 20.00 mark (earlier part on the war in Ukraine also interesting):

Hi Les,

I have always found Ray Merriman’s astrological analysis to be insightful. Thanks for sharing that video.

According to Treasury Secretary Yellen, the economic factors may be a bit more complicated than what Mr Merriman is expressing. Inflation is just one facet to the over-all problem…………..

Yellen to Warn of ‘Enormous Economic Repercussions’ From Ukraine Invasion

The Treasury secretary plans to highlight risks of rising food and energy prices at a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

The New York Times
April 5, 2022

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen plans on Wednesday to warn of major consequences for the global economy as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with both the conflict and global sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s aggression disrupting the flow of food and energy around the world.

The comments by Ms. Yellen, who will appear before a House committee on Wednesday, come as the United States and the European Union are poised to announce another round of sanctions on Russian financial institutions, government officials and state-owned enterprises as the war in Ukraine shows no sign of abating.

“Russia’s actions represent an unacceptable affront to the rules-based, global order, and will have enormous economic repercussions in Ukraine and beyond,” Ms. Yellen will say at a Financial Services Committee hearing, according to her prepared remarks.

Ms. Yellen will make clear that the United States has no intention of easing the economic pressure it is exerting on Russia through sanctions on its central bank, financial institutions and leaders. Ms. Yellen plans to emphasize that more than half of the world economy is united in the effort to impose sanctions on Russia and that the Biden administration is working to ensure that Russia does not benefit from financing available through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“Treasury is committed to holding Russia accountable for its actions so it cannot benefit from the international financial system,” Ms. Yellen plans to tell lawmakers.

Ms. Yellen also plans to underscore how the war in Ukraine is causing global food prices to surge amid disruptions to wheat exports, casting the effect as especially problematic for poor countries. She will also argue that Russia’s actions are a reminder to invest in energy independence so the world is not reliant on such nations for oil and gas.

“We are witnessing the vulnerability that comes from relying on one fuel source or one trade partner, which is why it is imperative to diversify energy sources and suppliers,” Ms. Yellen will say.

The economic disruption is taking place at a fragile moment, as the global economy emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, which has snarled supply chains and fueled inflation.

Ms. Yellen plans to note that low-income countries continue to need assistance in addressing their debt burdens and to call on international financial institutions to improve vaccine distribution to developing countries.

“As long as this pandemic is raging anywhere in the world, the American people will still be vulnerable to new variants,” Ms. Yellen plans to say.


Bob, Will,
Thank you both for your kind, aspirational sentiments. Details are unnecessary, but my personal situation is pretty dark right now. Thank goodness for friends!

Thank you for the NY Times excerpt. I rarely have access to the NY Times.

RE: “As long as this pandemic is raging anywhere in the world, the American people will still be vulnerable to new variants,”

Ms. Yellen’s statement above reflects a reality far deeper than most realize, one which completely contradicts conservative notions as to how the world works, or what is now required for our survival.

Our world is now in retreat from the process of economic globalization, but I believe that retreat will be reversed in a few years, probably at the end of this decade and the beginning of the next after certain traumatic world events will have shaken us into a greater spiritual awareness. We are seeing the first steps of those events with the global pandemic, and the war in Ukraine.

Modern transportation and communication being what they are, we cannot have international trade and commerce without universal health care for all humans and the other animals with whom we come into contact. Climate change requires this as an absolute necessity for our survival.

Ending war is only the beginning. Presuming we don’t cause a nuclear autumn or winter, as the Earth warms, the tropics expand northward and southward from the equator, bringing with them tropical diseases. As our northern permafrost melts, methane plus viruses and bacteria, dormant for millions of years are released, for which we have no immunity.

In the early 20th century in the US, Teddy Roosevelt, established the precursor to the FDA, as other nations passed similar legislation. In a globalized world we must have universal, agreed upon health standards for our food, drugs, air, and water, with no nation or area left behind.

Surely, conservative minded folks will balk, but if we are to preserve free markets, global trade, and our lives, such enforced rules are and will be necessary. The devastation we’ve seen and suffered from the zoomorphic derived covid-19 and its variants might well be dwarfed by an exponentially greater future pandemic with the potential of rendering us all extinct.

There will come a reckoning. Whether we do or do not endure a WWIII, extraordinary world events will nevertheless bring us to a gathering, a coming together similar to that which we had in the late 1940’s, an opportunity to establish a world health authority which will save our very lives.

As we approach the end of the transit of Neptune in Pisces, there has been synchronistically in the past few years a growing interest in books, documentaries and a Spielberg movie about the life of Abraham Lincoln, the only President elected under the last degrees of that transit. The only one until 2024, that is. We all know that Lincoln was the first Republican President and that the Republicans stood against slavery.

Neptune in Pisces also saw the birth of socialism and the publication of the Communist manifesto by Karl Marx. What we don’t know is that Lincoln read Marx, wrote to him and was influenced by him. Lincoln said labor was more important than capital. After taking part in a failed revolution in Germany, Marx became a political refugee in London and a correspondent for the New York Tribune, a progressive daily that was influential in the formation of the Republican party and was read by Lincoln. Also, hundreds of German radicals who had fled with Marx chose the US and helped Lincoln win the nomination.

When Lincoln was reelected in 1865, Marx sent him a congratulatory letter which Lincoln answered. Both letters were published in the UK and the US, which caused a sensation shortly before Lincoln was killed. MLK was aware of the Lincoln-Marx connection.


The 2024 President will have a similar bent. Biden has shown a high degree of sympathy for organized labor and the underdog. It could mean he will be elected for a second term despite his age.

Normally, Neptune in Pisces would have harmonious relations with Pluto in Capricorn. But the US Pluto return, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the Uranus-Pluto square and other dreadful aspects brought out the worst of Pluto in the American political system. Neptune was also temporarily blocked by its own semi-return in the US chart. The semi-return is now over and the US will now begin a slow spiritual climb through the existential crises of the Pluto and Uranus returns. Once Pluto finally leaves Capricorn next year, Neptune will be unleashed to do its magic in its home sign.

The result will be that another great humanitarian, who may be Biden himself, will bring aid and comfort in the 2024-28 presidential term.

I will add that I watched last weekend the first six episodes of President Zelensky’s surprisingly good series Servant of the People about a history teacher who becomes an idealistic President. When he is elected despite the odds, he is momentarily overwhelmed but then Lincoln’s ghost shows up and reassures him.

Netflix pulled the series in Canada before I could watch the rest. The series was the most popular in Ukrainian history and propelled Zelensky the actor and comedian to become the real President.

Fascinating! Thank you!

Hi Andre,

I believe youtube has an impressive collection of the Servant of The People episodes (Seasons 1, 2, 3 etc.) and as far as I can determine they all have English subtitles.

Check it out………


Dealing with 2 outer planets in hard aspects to natal or progressed points in my chart for Putin at the same time is not favorable for Putin’s coming efforts.


I anxiously await the end of Pluto’s transit of Capricorn. We’ll get a inkling of the first vibes of Aquarius come October when Pluto goes direct in preparation to run through the final degrees of Capricorn.

It should be quite evident by now that we are in the “overripe” phase of Pluto in Capricorn, where more and more extreme–and ultimately untenable–acts of Conservative power are taking place. From outright book banning and anti GLBTQ laws, to tyrannical power grabs at every level of government ranging from gerrymandering of legislative districts to Hitler wannabees like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and of course, Vladimir Putin over Russia and his grab for Ukraine.

Ultimately, all of this is destined to collapse. It’s as if all things Capricorn are being pressed to the breaking point, like a balloon stretched too far. The effect of this “pop” is going to be quite far reaching and devastating, and likely tied to some sort of hard economic crash that also destroys a considerable chunk of wealth ill-gotten by the elites.

What ensues is a necessary and overdue realignment of many aspects of society that will reflect the incoming Aquarian energies, which a support a far more level and less mountainous distribution of power and resources.

Giving a ‘like’ to BuckeyeShadow’s “overripe” post. Thinking you nailed it.

Would use a ‘like’ feature heavily were it available on this site. The signal to noise ratio of the posters is that good. So glad the site is back.

The transits of Venus and Jupiter to President Biden’s chart on April 30 could be connected to the station of Pluto on April 29 squaring Merrick Garland’s progressed Saturn and transit Saturn opposite Garland’s natal and progressed Pluto possibly coinciding with his removal as AG.

“Pluto on April 29 squaring Merrick Garland’s progressed Saturn and transit Saturn opposite Garland’s natal and progressed Pluto possibly coinciding with his removal as AG.”

That might be connected with his covid-19 diagnosis on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Jill Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa; Vice President Kamala Harris’ communication director, Jamal Simmons, Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, the President’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, and Nancy Pelosi have also announced positive covid tests.

Hi Bob,

Re: Merrick Garland’s chart and the April 29th Pluto station

Note that tr. Uranus is about to conjunct Garland’s natal Jupiter (15 ’10 Taurus – exact May 12th). That is a once in a lifetime event. Factor in the following aspects occurring on May 4th and you may have a rather intriguing development ……..

May 4, 2022

A precise Mars-Uranus sextile (14 ’44 Pisces-Taurus) is forming a yod (double quincunx) to Trump’s natal Chiron (14 ’55 Libra) and the US natal Saturn ( 14 ’48 Libra). In addition – tr. Chiron (14 ’12 Aries) right at the mid point is in opposition to Trump’s natal Chiron and the US natal Saturn. Mind you, the Pluto station is within one degree of semi-square to tr. Mars in quincunx to Trump’s natal Mars/Ascendant degrees (26/29 Leo). It appears there may be some major breakthroughs going on here. To use a metaphor; Trump’s past misdeeds could be “Garlanded” with an indictment at this point in time.

Wow GREAT! I just sent an email to some of you. So Very Happy to say, disregard the suggestion!

Is there a way to email members or do just have to have shared them at some point in posts. I was wondering when the site went down for so long if people were meeting up on some other site. I know some of you are more personally connected to each other offline while I’m more of a lurker here. Anyway, fortunately, this site is back up and hopefully will continue to!

I’m another (longtime) lurker on this list.
I’m sure there are many more of us who may not feel astrologically adept enough to add value to the conversation, or are reluctant to post for other reasons.
As ericb said, the signal/noise ratio on this list is very good, and I missed having access to the great postings here while the list was down. In the list’s absence, I looked for other forums and blogs as a substitute, but I didn’t find anything that could compare. Thanks Nancy (and whoever else helped) for putting the list back up! Thanks also to the regular posters who bring so much to this list!

I follow in Les and Forrest’s lurker path, learning so much and I’m so grateful for everyone’s feedback.

I did write to Nancy, asking what was up. She emailed back, saying the site was down on the IT end. She finally had time to connect with them. I noticed the site went down during a huge sun solar storm.

Repubs are resurrecting the Hunter Biden ‘scandal’ Im sure with the intention to smear Joe politically for this election cycle. Washington Post has an article this morning detailing the ever so convenient misdirected facts by rethugs. Looks like its guilt by association, which is par for the course from the usual suspects. Would love to see something on Hunter’s astro forecast.

WAPO article may be behind paywall https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/04/08/unraveling-tale-hunter-biden-35-million-russia/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F3688278%2F62505a9364253a7f342382a6%2F5ccca6e9ade4e21ae00933a6%2F41%2F72%2F62505a9364253a7f342382a6

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on a mission. Last week he issued a self imposed deadline to achieve total victory in Ukraine by May 9th. It is the anniversary of the WW Two allied victory in Europe in 1945.

One can only imagine the psychological pressure he will be under; to wrap things up the closer that that date approaches. Will he become more and more desperate and diabolical with each passing day?

What is increasingly worrisome is the question of whether he will deliberately ensnare a NATO member into the conflict as a smokescreen to divide western opinion and weaken western resolve.

NATO’s natal Jupiter at 29 ’03 Capricorn is directly in the line of fire with the April 29th Pluto station (28 ’35 Capricorn). The May 3rd Pluto-Mars semi-square followed by a Mars-Uranus sextile the next day forms a double quincunx to NATO’s Sun-Neptune opposition (13-14 Aries-Libra). Simultaneous to this, tr. Uranus (14 Taurus) squares natal Pluto (14 Leo).

The Russian-Ukraine Crisis — The Transits of NATO

This article is part of a series about the Russian-Ukraine crisis. In previous posts we’ve been talking about Ukraine, Putin, Russia and the United States. Now it is the turn of NATO, the North Atlantic Alliance. What role is it going to play in this conflict?


Will NATO Ever Intervene In The Ukraine Conflict?

Joe Biden and other NATO leaders previously ruled out the possibility of the Western alliance’s direct involvement in the conflict. But as Russia mounts pressure on Kiev, some argue that NATO’s stance may change.

As Russia’s attacks on Ukraine are becoming more vicious, NATO leaders recently gathered to discuss their options regarding Moscow’s relentless onslaught.

On March 18, Poland, a NATO state, made a bold demand, asking NATO to send peacekeeping forces to neighboring Ukraine and deter the Russian attacks. The statement raised stakes in the ongoing fight, signalling a debate in NATO on the possible intervention in Ukraine. The statement came a week ahead of an extraordinary NATO summit held in Brussels on March 24.

If NATO deploys a peacekeeping force in Ukraine, “then, of course, it would counter Russian troops. You would have NATO troops at war with Russian troops,” says Matthew Bryza, the former US diplomat to Azerbaijan, a former Soviet republic.



Related to the May 4th date and just as tenuous is the 30 day grace period on the two billion dollar bond payment owed to international bond holders set to expire May 4th. Russia made an effort to pay bond holders in Russia rubles buit without success. It had been rejected. Failure to pay in US dollars at the end of the grace period would automatically precipitate a default with devastating effect on the Russian economy. Combine those two factors, an unrestrained Putin could be likened to a cornered frightened animal, ready to lash out regardless of the cost.

Has anyone developed any astrological insight into the coming French presidential election? The first round is to take place Sunday, 10 April, the second round 24 April.

Polls suggest Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will emerge to advance to a showdown on the day of the second round, 24 April, and that it may be a very close election. This has gotten the Biden administration pretty worried. Pro-Putin Le Pen could really screw things up as president of France.


The French people will determine their fate. It would be difficult to imagine a victory for Le Pen given the present Russian madness.

I dread a Le Pen victory. It’s as if all of the far-right trash is rising up to the top right now–like scum in a bucket of sewage. How much more of these godawful people must we grapple with?

I’m not only talking about Trump and Putin, but the likes of DeSantis in Florida, and other would-be tyrants in Texas, and even here in Ohio.

Yet, I don’t think they will last, and in fact will be violently opposed, cast down, if not outright guillotined(?!) during the coming years. Maybe not that extreme, but Pluto in Aquarius energy is far more about empowered groups than authoritarian individuals running rampant over the planet. It also favors the very people who are being oppressed now, particularly GLBTQ, as well as equality in general. The elitist billionaires like Koch, Murdoch, Theil, etc. will HATE the coming Pluto in Aquarius period because they will find themselves far less influential than they have been, and their money won’t be able to grease the wheels for themselves and gum up the works for everyone else the way it has done for so long.

Equity and equality in power are going to come in vogue in a big way.

DeSantis in particular better watch himself. His state is going to be underwater in 20 years. He needs to be made to understand what it means to be humble, rather than threatening civil war with the potential future governor of a state (Abrams) where his residents may be seeking refuge from rising oceans. What a pig and an arrogant fool.

The prospect of a desperate Vladimir Putin with his back up against the wall in his war of terror against Ukraine resorting to a small tactical nuclear device detonated in the middle of Kiev is horrible to contemplate but no longer unthinkable. It is a distinct possibility. Mind you, Russian forces have recently vacated the area around Kiev, the capitol – out of harms way.

Astrologer/ intuitive Denise Segal in her latest video sees just that scenario playing out either in late April or early May. Although she doesn’t lay out the astrological specifics (which may come out in a later posting), she bases that hypothesis on a vision she had.

The April 29th Pluto station (the detonation of a nuclear device?) at 28 ’35 Capricorn is within a one and a half degree conjunction of Ukraine’s progressed Saturn (0 ’17 Aquarius). Tr. Mars will semi-square stationary Pluto on May 3rd and then sextile Uranus in a double quincunx to Ukraine’s progressed Mars (14 Libra) the following day. I keep seeing the May 3rd/ 4th time frame as pivotal.

If Marine Le Pen is voted into office on the second round of voting in France on April 24th, perhaps Putin will be encouraged by a more friendly French government to take this huge strategic gamble, hoping to fracture the European/ NATO alliance. I would venture to guess, if the “unthinkable” were to happen, more than likely, a deeply alarmed Kremlin will view this brazen action as a step gone too far and may find a way of removing Putin from power. I understand there is already a secret movement in place within the FSB (formerly the KGB) to take such remedial action if there is no other recourse.

The following New York Times article explores the parameters of small tactical nuclear devices on the battlefield and why Russia would not rule it out for strategic advantage……..

The Smaller Bombs That Could Turn Ukraine Into a Nuclear War Zone (by subscription only)

The New York Times
March 21, 2022

Today, both Russia and the United States have nuclear arms that are much less destructive — their power just fractions of the Hiroshima bomb’s force, their use perhaps less frightening and more thinkable.

Concern about these smaller arms has soared as Vladimir V. Putin, in the Ukraine war, has warned of his nuclear might, has put his atomic forces on alert and has had his military carry out risky attacks on nuclear power plants. The fear is that if Mr. Putin feels cornered in the conflict, he might choose to detonate one of his lesser nuclear arms — breaking the taboo set 76 years ago after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Analysts note that Russian troops have long practiced the transition from conventional to nuclear war, especially as a way to gain the upper hand after battlefield losses. And the military, they add, wielding the world’s largest nuclear arsenal, has explored a variety of escalatory options that Mr. Putin might choose from.

“The chances are low but rising,” said Ulrich Kühn, a nuclear expert at the University of Hamburg and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “The war is not going well for the Russians,” he observed, “and the pressure from the West is increasing.”

Mr. Putin might fire a weapon at an uninhabited area instead of at troops, Dr. Kühn said. In a 2018 study, he laid out a crisis scenario in which Moscow detonated a bomb over a remote part of the North Sea as a way to signal deadlier strikes to come.

“It feels horrible to talk about these things,” Dr. Kühn said in an interview. “But we have to consider that this is becoming a possibility.”

Washington expects more atomic moves from Mr. Putin in the days ahead. Moscow is likely to “increasingly rely on its nuclear deterrent to signal the West and project strength” as the war and its consequences weaken Russia, Lt. Gen. Scott D. Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

President Biden is traveling to a NATO summit in Brussels this week to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The agenda is expected to include how the alliance will respond if Russia employs chemical, biological, cyber or nuclear weapons.

James R. Clapper Jr., a retired Air Force general who served as President Barack Obama’s director of national intelligence, said Moscow had lowered its bar for atomic use after the Cold War when the Russian army fell into disarray. Today, he added, Russia regards nuclear arms as utilitarian rather than unthinkable.

“They didn’t care,” Mr. Clapper said of Russian troops’ risking a radiation release earlier this month when they attacked the Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor site — the largest not only in Ukraine but in Europe. “They went ahead and fired on it. That’s indicative of the Russian laissez-faire attitude. They don’t make the distinctions that we do on nuclear weapons.”

Mr. Putin announced last month that he was putting Russian nuclear forces into “special combat readiness.” Pavel Podvig, a longtime researcher of Russia’s nuclear forces, said the alert had most likely primed the Russian command and control system for the possibility of receiving a nuclear order.

It’s unclear how Russia exerts control over its arsenal of less destructive arms. But some U.S. politicians and experts have denounced the smaller weapons on both sides as threatening to upend the global balance of nuclear terror.

For Russia, military analysts note, edgy displays of the less destructive arms have let Mr. Putin polish his reputation for deadly brinkmanship and expand the zone of intimidation he needs to fight a bloody conventional war.

“Putin is using nuclear deterrence to have his way in Ukraine,” said Nina Tannenwald, a political scientist at Brown University who recently profiled the less powerful armaments. “His nuclear weapons keep the West from intervening.”

A global race for the smaller arms is intensifying. Though such weapons are less destructive by Cold War standards, modern estimates show that the equivalent of half a Hiroshima bomb, if detonated in Midtown Manhattan, would kill or injure half a million people.

The case against these arms is that they undermine the nuclear taboo and make crisis situations even more dangerous. Their less destructive nature, critics say, can feed the illusion of atomic control when in fact their use can suddenly flare into a full-blown nuclear war. A simulation devised by experts at Princeton University starts with Moscow firing a nuclear warning shot; NATO responds with a small strike, and the ensuing war yields more than 90 million casualties in its first few hours.

No arms control treaties regulate the lesser warheads, known sometimes as tactical or nonstrategic nuclear weapons, so the nuclear superpowers make and deploy as many as they want. Russia has perhaps 2,000, according to Hans M. Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, a private group in Washington. And the United States has roughly 100 in Europe, a number limited by domestic policy disputes and the political complexities of basing them among NATO allies, whose populations often resist and protest the weapons’ presence.

Russia’s atomic war doctrine came to be known as “escalate to de-escalate” — meaning routed troops would fire a nuclear weapon to stun an aggressor into retreat or submission. Moscow repeatedly practiced the tactic in field exercises. In 1999, for instance, a large drill simulated a NATO attack on Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea. The exercise had Russian forces in disarray until Moscow fired nuclear arms at Poland and the United States.

Dr. Kühn of the University of Hamburg said the defensive training drills of the 1990s had turned toward offense in the 2000s as the Russian army regained some of its former strength.

Concurrent with its new offensive strategy, Russia embarked on a modernization of its nuclear forces, including its less destructive arms. As in the West, some of the warheads were given variable explosive yields that could be dialed up or down depending on the military situation.

A centerpiece of the new arsenal was the Iskander-M, first deployed in 2005. The mobile launcher can fire two missiles that travel roughly 300 miles. The missiles can carry conventional as well as nuclear warheads. Russian figures put the smallest nuclear blast from those missiles at roughly a third that of the Hiroshima bomb.

Before the Russian army invaded Ukraine, satellite images showed that Moscow had deployed Iskander missile batteries in Belarus and to its east in Russian territory. There’s no public data on whether Russia has armed any of the Iskanders with nuclear warheads.

Nikolai Sokov, a former Russian diplomat who negotiated arms control treaties in Soviet times, said that nuclear warheads could also be placed on cruise missiles. The low-flying weapons, launched from planes, ships or the ground, hug the local terrain to avoid detection by enemy radar.

From inside Russian territory, he said, “they can reach all of Europe,” including Britain.

Over the years, the United States and its NATO allies have sought to rival Russia’s arsenal of lesser nuclear arms. It started decades ago as the United States began sending bombs for fighter jets to military bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands. Dr. Kühn noted that the alliance, in contrast to Russia, does not conduct field drills practicing a transition from conventional to nuclear war.

A strategy shift. Russia assigned a general to oversee its military campaign in Ukraine, for the first time creating a central command on the battlefield to coordinate its air, ground and sea units as the Russian military shifts its focus to southeastern Ukraine.

Efforts to isolate Russia. Russia is facing punishing new sanctions in response to mounting evidence of atrocities in the suburbs of Kyiv. The European Union approved a ban on Russian coal and imposed other measures, while the United Nations suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council. The U.S. Senate voted to strip the country of its preferential trade status with the United States.

In 2010, Mr. Obama, who had long advocated for a “nuclear-free world,” decided to refurbish and improve the NATO weapons, turning them into smart bombs with maneuverable fins that made their targeting highly precise. That, in turn, gave war planners the freedom to lower the weapons’ variable explosive force to as little as 2 percent of that of the Hiroshima bomb.

The reduced blast capability made breaking the nuclear taboo “more thinkable,” Gen. James E. Cartwright, a vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Mr. Obama, warned at the time. He nonetheless backed the program because the high degree of precision lowered the risk of collateral damage and civilian casualties. But after years of funding and manufacturing delays, the refurbished bomb, known as the B61 Model 12, is not expected to be deployed in Europe until next year, Mr. Kristensen said.

The steady Russian buildups and the slow American responses prompted the Trump administration to propose a new missile warhead in 2018. Its destructive force was seen as roughly half that of the Hiroshima bomb, according to Mr. Kristensen. It was to be deployed on the nation’s fleet of 14 ballistic missile submarines.

While some experts warned that the bomb, known as the W76 Model 2, could make it more tempting for a president to order a nuclear strike, the Trump administration argued that the weapon would lower the risk of war by ensuring that Russia would face the threat of proportional counterstrikes. It was deployed in late 2019.

“It’s all about psychology — deadly psychology,” said Franklin C. Miller, a nuclear expert who backed the new warhead and, before leaving public office in 2005, held Pentagon and White House posts for three decades. “If your opponent thinks he has a battlefield edge, you try to convince him that he’s wrong.”

When he was a candidate for the presidency, Joseph R. Biden Jr. called the less powerful warhead a “bad idea” that would make presidents “more inclined” to use it. But Mr. Kristensen said the Biden administration seemed unlikely to remove the new warhead from the nation’s submarines.

It’s unclear how Mr. Biden would respond to the use of a nuclear weapon by Mr. Putin. Nuclear war plans are one of Washington’s most deeply held secrets. Experts say that the war-fighting plans in general go from warning shots to single strikes to multiple retaliations and that the hardest question is whether there are reliable ways to prevent a conflict from escalating.

Even Mr. Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, said he was unsure how he would advise Mr. Biden if Mr. Putin unleashed his nuclear arms.

“When do you stop?” he asked of nuclear retaliation. “You can’t just keep turning the other cheek. At some point we’d have to do something.”

A U.S. response to a small Russian blast, experts say, might be to fire one of the new submarine-launched warheads into the wilds of Siberia or at a military base inside Russia. Mr. Miller, the former government nuclear official and a former chairman of NATO’s nuclear policy committee, said such a blast would be a way of signaling to Moscow that “this is serious, that things are getting out of hand.”

Military strategists say a tit-for-tat rejoinder would throw the responsibility for further escalation back at Russia, making Moscow feel its ominous weight and ideally keeping the situation from spinning out of control despite the dangers in war of miscalculation and accident.

In a darker scenario, Mr. Putin might resort to using atomic arms if the war in Ukraine spilled into neighboring NATO states. All NATO members, including the United States, are obliged to defend one another — potentially with salvos of nuclear warheads.

Dr. Tannenwald, the political scientist at Brown University, wondered if the old protections of nuclear deterrence, now rooted in opposing lines of less destructive arms, would succeed in keeping the peace.

“It sure doesn’t feel that way in a crisis,” she said.


We are again living under a nuclear cloud, just as we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis. At the time our Irish American R. Catholic president kept his head while some of his advisors, like Gen. Curtis LeMay were urging an immediate attack on Cuba.

An alternate history in which R. Nixon was president would have turned out differently, as Nixon would have followed the advice of the hawks in his administration, thereby precipitating nuclear war.

We again have an Irish American R. Catholic president, whom I believe is as cool headed in the developing crisis as was JFK. Mr. Putin feels justifiably existentially threatened. No one can know the future for certain, but intuitively, unless he is somehow removed beforehand, I feel it is very probable he will resort to using a battlefield nuke, perhaps on Kyiv. Hopefully, those close to him in the Kremlin will prevent that; we won’t know until we get there.

Out of desperation, Russians feel they have nothing more to lose, many aware as to how dire their situation truly is. Under such circumstances, why not nukes? Unlike N. Khrushchev, Mr. Putin may spitefully choose to take the rest of the world down with him.

Presuming that does not occur, it is becoming clear the Allies will eventually and probably have to totally subdue Russia just as we did Nazi Germany in 1945. We ultimately cannot afford a belligerent, autocratic nuclear armed nation behaving with such open criminality. How to do that now, I honestly don’t know.

What is clear is, Russia is already dying, with 1.7 deaths for every birth, males dying in their early 60’s, no proper health care, an incurable form of tuberculosis, record alcoholism, drug abuse, suicides, std’s and a severely failing demography. Citizens are leaving in record numbers as well, as quickly as possible. Over 200,000 left, mostly professionals, primarily through Finland after the Ukraine war started. All of this separate from the recent sanctions.

But in the end, Russia must die as a nation, before it can be reborn anew, as was the case with Nazi Germany. Furthermore, ALL of their nukes must be removed, as well as ALL of those belonging to the USA, PRC, France, the UK, India, Pakistan, Israel, N. Korea, etc.

We believe Mr. Putin is at least considering using nukes. IMO, your astrological timing reasoning is sound. Let us pray Mr. Putin never gets beyond the consideration stage.

I feel your dread re ‘far-righr scum.’ LePen, DeSantis, Putin and Trump are hallmark archetypes for the most putrid and vile filth that Pluto is stirring up as it makes its final excretions out of the lower bowels of the Capricornian obsession with corrupt power and enslavement to it. We are forced to encounter the darkest of Saturn’s shadow as Pluto fills up the last degrees of the natural ruler of the tenth house. The cautionary wisdom in
“Its always darkest before the dawn” comes to mind. We’ve all been thru hell for the last several years. But salvation is in sight. It won’t be much longer. Not much longer. This too shall pass.


With your extraordinary writing chops, have you explored some free-lance ghost-writing or writing for medical billing on a part-time basis? Also, I would think your years of professorship could fetch some decent hourly Zoom session fees as a tutor for so many college students who have a need to catch up from all of the loss and restrictions imposed upon them by the pandemic. Have you thought about marketing your any skills through social media and registering for some free-lancing gigs with the likes of Indeed.com? There is plenty of work to be had. How could such resources not benefit you?

With all due respect Will…. Eliseo already knows that. Please excuse my intrusion


Was that a rebuke? If Eliseo took offense to my well-intended suggestions. I’m certain he is perfectly capable of letting me know himself.
Maybe you have a crush on him? How cute is that?

Will, trying to get myself out of a funk just the other night, I reminded myself my grandmother often told me “This, too, shall pass.” I’m trying to hold on in one piece until it does (gryn)…

Kiddo makes a decent monthly salary on Fivver.com, of course it’s taken her awhile to build up her reputation with certain repeat clients. But it’s almost enough to pay the bills if she didn’t need to put aside emergency money.

I knew it was risky saying Eliseo already knew that but I myself have been in the very same spot.

I laughed in a good warm way when Will took it as a rebuke – and I was afraid it might seem that way….
Afraid – but did it anyway. I liked Will’s reply because it was kind….. compared to what could have been the response.

I am glad to be on this blog because we are all fairly decent, good and kind people.

I have a plaque on my bookcase that says: “Kindness is Power.”

Sooo…. Neptune has been conjuncting my Sun. And conjuncting Eliseo’s Moon…. and Sharon K’s Venus? and another of her planets if I remember right…

Neptune contacts, when it comes to our personal charts, is often mysterious, more mysterious than the other contacts from other planets.

Just ask me, as I try to figure out a straight line out of the ether….

And then Jupiter in Pisces is compounding the matter.

So yes, we can know some basic and elementary things but Neptune, when we are trying to plan our plans, and implement our plans, has something else in mind. And we will probably not know what that is until long after the powerful energies of Neptune to one of the Lights, or say, to Venus or Mars, has passed.

My wonderful and intelligent mother used to have sayings appropriate to certain situations. For this Neptune situation of mine I would use her saying: “My get up and go Has got up and gone.”

At one time I did astrology full time and had a column which lasted 5 years. I have a desire to resume that occupation. Neptune in the sky is instead taking that energy into my day job, which is in health.

I know what to do to get a business up and running but I just don’t do it. My resolve is dissolved. I would rather do a chart spontaneously and for free instead of organizing the framework for business. My business consists of old clients from about twenty years ago who seek me out, and word of mouth.

Of course I am wondering what Neptune has to teach me.

I am bearing witness to the Canadian health care system and its failings. I have contacted the ombudsperson in that area, and my friend who won the Order of Canada for her work. She has written over 10 books on the situation and she is pooped. The ombudsperson is compromised. I am frustrated.

I am waiting for Canada to become like Norway. So I want to live to be 121. I don’t want to miss out. LOL!!


I am no stranger to rock-bottom. I had to live in my truck for a full year at one point even after I had my doctorate and my license. I’d spent my last bit of savings on my malpractice insurance for the year and then the Great Recession was upon us and as recently as November 2011 the front page of the Wall Street Journal ranked Clinical Psychologist as the No.1 most devastated profession due to millions losing their jobs and their health insurance. Out of necessity I had to carve out a concierge cash-only practice wherein I made house calls to the affluent. I did my ablutions at a local public sports and recreation center and dressed in a shirt, tie and blazer and never gave any of my patients a shred of evidence that I was in such a painfully difficult jam. I spent my mornings at mass and and joined a daily rosary prayer circle to hang on to my shredded but still-intact faith. It took me many seasons to recover from excruciating nerve pain which landed me in an emergency room half a dozen times from the contortions of sleeping in the cab of a pick-up truck. By the Grace of God and some hard-won forbearance and acceptance, I now have a thriving practice and am paneled with all major insurance companies and Medicare. I love my work and must admit that the homelessness forged a deep compassion in me for what I consider the greatest violence of all…poverty and homelessness. I am a living testimonial to survival. I am also fully aware that poverty and homelessness are but a few paychecks away for many Americans. It is also important to mention that these hardships were simultaneous with the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn which formed a direct square to my Aries point birthdate. It was Nancy’s Starlightnews and the brilliant insights of so many of my fellow bloggers who helped me remain somewhat sane during this time, even if I had to park in a Macdonald’s lot to access the Web from my trusty android phone.

Slightkc, “This too shall pass” indeed!

Hang in there…it will get better.



I worry about Putin’s next moves too. The fact that we are talking about dragging him into The Hague at this point speaks volumes. It’s also a potential can of worms for the US, given our own history. We are not exactly saints, either, and have thumbed our noses at the ICC. In doing so, we have undermined its legitimacy. We can’t have it both ways.

Hopefully the Russian people do the job and take him out. But I worry too about who comes after him. There’s no guarantee that the next Russian leader won’t be even worse. Another Gorbachev would be ideal, but there’s no guarantee that such a thoughtful person will rise to the top.

(((Will))) Cheers to the true survivors!
Acquiring authentic grit in life can be a very tough road to traverse, but I sincerely believe thru it we do become better people. Well done you!

Buckeye, Gordon Brown is suggesting setting up an immediate novel structure to charge Putin and his cohorts with ‘crimes of aggression’ as a first step


Thank you! I feel your comprehension!

I remember that period when you hinted of your travails, and pluto aspects were mention…but I had no idea of just what you went through or what you were dealing with. Thank God you made it through and have manifested such a good quality of life for yourself. I admire your ability to rise again so much. Your patients are so lucky to have your help and we are so fortunate to have you here with us.

((( Sunstars)))
I am impressed at your astrology experience and expertise (and you have a day job in the health field! Not an easy field these days!) and I empathize with what you’re going through. As you may know, venus and jupiter have been affecting that degree. I, personally have my mars at 22.53+ Pisces and Venus at 24.46 Pisces (good memory on your part to remember there were 2 planets in my chart being affected right now). The problem for me has been a mysterious health condition that I’m trying to find a solution for, but so far, it’s not happening. It’s affecting my legs but also the connective tissue, but I don’t want to go into it too much. I still have some trial and error to go through. I did feel like I had very little energy the first time Neptune past over my natal mars but this time I’m doing better (I’m also on a good antidepressant which has helped me before – Wellbutrin 150 mg xl – so I learned the 1st time and wasn’t gonna go through it again!).

One of my favorite posters and a valued friend… So many of us recognize what a evolved, skilled & knowledgeable writer and thinker you are, and also, a visionary and a compassionate individual. It’s frustrating that you are not finding the outlets that will pay you for these abilities. Perhaps as slighkc said, fivver.com or indeed.com as Will suggested? But the Neptune transit could be getting in your way, telling you to be patient and think spiritually at this time. I think that sometimes when someone is multi-talented, it’s not easy to know which talent to focus on, but focus we must, and with the help of the Universe and your friends and relatives, the path will manifest. May it be soon!

((( slightkc))), you have always had my admiration for the spunk, humor and strength you exhibit under difficult conditions. Is Neptune affecting you too? Sending you Love and Light.

(((kiwi))) You add so much intelligence, positivity, depth, breadth, and humor to this group – thank you SO much.

(((Buckeye))) You are a brilliant thinker, writer and astrologer – same goes for Andre, Jerry and Bob who contribute such significant and interesting analyses and posts.

(((Les, Frank, silicominc, Diana, Connie, Dutchess of Gadsen, and all other precious posters))) Thank you all for your contributions and your presence/presents. I miss seeing a lot of people here who used to post and maybe are still lurking — Pat, Lorrie, and it goes without saying, Barb, and others. I was also happy to meet a few people who introduced themselves since the site was back up.

And most of all, our dear friend and esteemed leader and master astrologer who provides this special home for us…(((Nancy)))

Did you all see the youtube of Julian Lenon singing “Imagine” at a Ukraine fundraiser? I read that he never wanted to sing it publicly until now.


And then, there’s this news item:

Thank you Sharon for all your kind words. I feel we have a very wonderful community here which is why I am so grateful to Nancy for getting it back up. I understand it took her IT folks a while and I appreciate her staying on top of it during our long outage.

Sharon, I am always touched by your gift of kind and insightful words towards all who visit this lovely haven. You seem such a gentle and loving soul. Happy passover.


True, I only hinted at my tsuris; I had fallen into a deep state of shame about my situation. I had a crippling case of self approbation and self loathing as I was convinced the Universe had turned against me in spite of the many sacrifices and difficulties I had fought through to get my education as well as the years of internships and then sitting for the national and state licensing exams. It was reading the literature of astrology and getting an internalized sense of the planetary properties that helped me to realize that it was all very a very impersonal yet necessary initiation to navigate. Poverty is cruel to the psyche as it is anathema to feeling any sense of self worth or self-agency against the backdrop of our highly monetized and status- driven American culture. One morning with my head hanging out of one front seat window and my feet out the other I fell into paroxysms of belly-laughs at the piercing, mocking screams of a murder of crows who woke me at dawn. I imagined them laughing at me for thinking I had any more of a right to be there than they did. It was a good morning.

Thank you for your concern. I appreciate your goodwill, but the scenario in which I find myself is somewhat complex, exacerbated by our ongoing covid pandemic. You may recall, the first recognized cases were here in WA state, actually about 68 miles from where I live. Up until the last few days, at my level, there was an informal hiring freeze at the area colleges and universities. Furthermore, after a while I realized, were I to take a job dealing with the public, (students) I would be exposing myself, and indirectly my terminally ill wife and her mother to the virus. Hopefully now, the situation is different, with all of us having received all available vaccine and booster shots. I’m now again applying for work.

I’ve never done Zoom or any social media stuff, and frankly, I’m not sure how to do that. I’ve been wary of Facebook for a number of reasons, but am reconsidering. In person, on stage or in a classroom, I’m Mr. Charisma. As a singer, actor, and public lecturer, in past I’ve received standing ovations. Students have oft said I was the best instructor they ever had, but I feel I’m pretty much a dud online. I’m a slow typist, and I think would likely be pretty boring teaching an online course, unless my lectures were videoed.

I’ve often felt I need an agent. I’m not all that good at advocating for myself. Having grown up in the South, I was taught that it was wrong to “show up other people,” and “not to toot my own horn.” That conditioning is still pretty strong, maybe to my detriment.

Indeed.com and other similar platforms have been a ridiculous bust for me. They portray themselves as though they use a laser like approach to pair the right person with the right skills to the right employer. In reality, they use a shotgun approach, usually with the wrong ammunition. From them I get a deluge of extraordinarily inappropriate job opportunities. Yes, I have a graduate degree, but no, I’m not a geologist. I’m not a nurse, nor an engineer. For me, they’ve been a waste of time.

Fortunately, state jobs are opening up again, and FINALLY, some of the area colleges have posted jobs for which I am qualified. I am applying for some of them today. They are evidently done with their covid elicited hiring freeze. And I’m open to tutoring, as you suggested.

As a writer, I’m beginning to feel more creative, finishing long unfinished songs, focusing again on my nonfiction essays, planning out the backstory and plots of my fictional stories, and slowly getting healthier, taking better care of myself.

As you said in a later post, “Poverty is cruel to the psyche as it is anathema to feeling any sense of self worth or self-agency against the backdrop of our highly monetized and status-driven American culture.” My present circumstances are awfully dark, and to put it mildly, aggravating, not just because of lack of funds and food, but also due to the extremely emotionally abusive environment my M-in-Law creates and maintains. But I do see hope now, some light down the way. I see the synchronicity with transiting Jupiter/Neptune conjunct my natal Moon in my tenth house. Perhaps as businesses and organizations are now opening up, I’ll be able to perform my poetry at local poetry slams. Such is my hope.

Report: Sweden and Finland to join NATO over Ukraine invasion

Niamh Cavanagh·Producer
Mon, April 11, 2022, 10:35 AM·2 min read
First Paragraph

“Finland and Sweden are set to join NATO as early as this summer, extending the organization’s borders alongside Russia by hundreds of miles, U.S. officials told the British newspaper the Times. Finland is expected to submit its application for membership in June, with Sweden to follow.”


So glad you are using today’s conjunction to manifest something suitable for yourself. Great that your state employers are loosening up.

(((Eliseo))) may your trials soon pass. You are in my thoughts – I am imagining you like an archer pulling back your arrow in order for it to soon fly forward, strong, swift and sure.

Eliseo – I wish you good Jupiterian luck, Blessings, great opportunities, and may the $$$ start flowing in! God Bless you, your wife & mother-in-law and everyone in your orbit.

Silcominc and kiwi, thank you xoxox, and, Will, I cannot imagine living in my vehicle for a year….you really have chutzpah and strength. It sometimes seems like life prepares us for greater things and gives us depth and wisdom. (I really enjoy your use of Yiddish – it’s a fun & funny language).

Thinking of you, Eliseo, and wishing for the highest good in your favor.

Blessings to you, friend.

Eliseo, Sunstars, Will,

Interesting discussion. Lack of self-worth and/or self esteem is a prominent problem in our society. I for one have struggled with it, as I’m sure many have to face it from time to time. It brings to mind a quote by Byon Katie…..

“I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment. That joy is in everyone, always.”

Will…….. I’m sure you are familiar with EFT (emotional freedom technique). It has had a notable success rate on treating war veterans returning back from Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD. It’s a tapping exercise employed on sensitive meridian points of the body while verbally acknowledging past emotional trauma and then substituting previous negative assertions with positive ones. It’s kind of like re-setting age old patterns with a new slate. Here are a few examples…..

Releasing Judgment – Tapping With Brad Yates

Video: 9 min 9 sec


EFT Tapping To Release Judgment
by Gabrielle Bernstein



Thank you for posting the healing exercises. Mine was a long and deeply galling journey. Today I am grateful for a thriving private practice in Chicago and California and as international clientele.

Mine has been a hallmark “5” lifepath.

someone is Finally saying the quiet part out loud

True dat kiwi!

Wishing all a meaningful & spirit-filledEaster-Passover holiday if these holidays resonate with you.

(I’m wondering why the posts are coming in so slowly!)

Sure is quiet here. Perhaps some of us are going within to get our equilibrium to cope with the global madness. Or perhaps we are simply feeling the utter weariness of ukranians and those helping them.

On another note, at the moment I have jupiter & neptune crossing my nth node in the 2nd house. Any insights for me would be welcome. Sometimes I find it difficult to be objective when it comes to my chart.

the amazing leonardo da vinci

Molly McCord explores the significance of the upcoming April 30th solar Eclipse in the following video……

Powerful New Beginnings with Taurus Solar Eclipse ~ April 2022 Astrology

Video: 46 min 14 sec


Molly makes the point that this eclipse exactly conjoins and consequently activates the Uranus retrograde station of August 2020 (10 Taurus).

So what was going on in August 2020 in geo-political terms? Interestingly, the mid August 2020 Uranus retrograde station was in direct square to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 Leo). It encompassed a two week period wherein Trump was first nominated and then officially crowned as the 2020 Republican presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, NC. What goes retrograde often has to undergo scrutiny. It’s unfinished business. Could we see activity ratcheting up in the January 6th committee investigation in early May? May 11th has tr. Jupiter at 0 ’11 Aries in precise semi-square to US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s natal Jupiter and tr. Uranus both at 15 ’11 Taurus. Garland’s natal nodes at 16 Aquarius-Leo completes a dynamic t square. A trump indictment early to mid May?

Kiwi, Sharon,
With no imminent election looming, (perhaps except for the French presidency 24 April) the Ukraine/Russia war having become routine, Trump out of power but continuing his toxic influence, (also routine) and R’s mostly continuing to behave like the fascist wackos they truly are, I think everyone is “tending to their own garden” while waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” We therefore have fewer postings presently. Just my surmisal.

OK, my opinions below are not political astrology, but applicable to history and astrological cycles:

Why/How was the seder led by the profoundly misunderstood reformist rabbi from Nazareth different and significant? Seeking to end the practice of blood sacrifice, he offered wine, the blood of the grape. In place of flesh he offered bread for the sustenance of all, re-establishing and elevating the ancient sharing, (Genesis 14.18) consummated by Melchizedek with Abram. IMHO, he wasn’t referring to his personal flesh and blood, but to the re-establishment of the use of two of the four elements considered essential at that time for life, wine, bread, water, and salt. Again, in my opinion, Paul profoundly misunderstood and helped perpetuate a very distorted, confused version of the ritual, (“this is my body, this is my blood”) later quoted incompletely by the gospelers who wrote their stories decades later.

We cannot know for sure how many died from the torture/execution method we know as crucifixion. Until the time the practice was ended by Constantine,  the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, etc. all together must have crucified at least hundreds of thousands, if not a million or two. Six thousand were crucified on a single day in 71 BCE, in the aftermath of Spartacus’ slave revolt. What was different about JC nailed naked and dying on a cross from all the others? His purported prayer referring to his torturers/executioners, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

Whatever we may believe about the historical Jesus, messiah or not, etc. all of which may be irrelevant, IMO, it was this single, deeply peculiar, unusual and compassionate prayer which changed the spiritual and psychic mental/emotional atmosphere of humanity from that moment forward.

For the western world, the process had already begun. In a world in which compassion was a dirty word, thought of as a weakness and a depravity, the Mother goddess religion of Isis/Aset, Judaism, and early Christianity promoted compassion. Buddhism was doing likewise in Asia. But JC’s prayer on the cross, historical or merely mythological, gave a big jolt forward to compassion as a value. IMO, the greatest and most extraordinary achievement (with all its faults) of the Judeo-Christian ethos was and is the very slow, gradual psycho-spiritual transformation of compassion from a vice into a virtue in the context of the western mind.

I echo Sharon’s sentiment. May all for whom these holy days resonate have a meaningful & spirit-filled Easter-Passover holiday.

America Can’t Afford To Forget Zelenskyy’s Role In Trump’s First Impeachment

Many American’s have seemingly forgotten the fateful 2019 call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and how that call foreshadowed today

March 16, 2022

“…….If we forget this history, we’re doomed to repeat its mistakes. The first impeachment is pivotal to understanding the current war in Ukraine, and how narrowly we escaped an American presidency that could have readily aligned itself with Russia over our NATO allies.

On July 25, 2019, Trump called Zelenskyy to congratulate him on his recent parliamentary victory. But the call went off script. Trump told Zelenskyy that European allies weren’t doing enough to support Ukraine. Zelenskyy agreed, thanked Trump for past support and said Ukraine was almost ready to acquire more Javelins, a defensive weapon Ukrainians could use against invading tanks. Trump’s response was entirely unexpected.



This is interesting!

The Easter Witches of Sweden

My chart for Putin in Moscow has the MC at 294°19′ putting the East Point at 24°19′.

Today’s full moon in right ascension with the Moon at 204°46′ and the Sun at 24°46′ (within 1 degree in longitude) both on the East Point/West Point axis is exactly square his Moscow MC while full moon Saturn at 326°01′ is on his Moscow chart’s Zenith (326°20′). The astrological spotlight is on him and reveals challenging times for him as the biggest blows from transitting Saturn and Neptune to his progressed Sun and Neptune arrive on the 18th.

Bob, anything that moves in the direction of removing Putin from power, or, less likely, transforms him and move him towards redemption, I greatly support and am praying for.

kiwi, I was trying to address your request – I, who am not an experienced astrologer but who have known the basics for many years and have even read charts for people over the years (when my mind was sharp & intuitive clicking).

Anyway, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction with your NN at 24 Pisces in your 2nd house seems very nice, and could positively affect your abilities to make money or acquire assets or live your values through Piscean means such as creativity, art, humanitarianism, healing others, etc. That seems to be the most basic interpretation in terms of what I know (although Jupiter can lead to over optimism, and Neptune, rose-colored glasses).

However, in a few weeks Jupiter moves on and Neptune, which does not move very fast, remains toying with this 24th degree through 2023, moving past it, retrograding back, stationing, then forward over it again. The specifics have to do with the exact degree and minute of your NN placement, I would think.

I know several of us here have natal personal planets in this degree of Pisces (or, possible Virgo or the 2 other mutable signs). I remember Nancy always saying that we are most affected when there’s a 2 degree orb (2 degrees before & after I’m guessing), and that’s what I was looking at in the astro.com ephemeris just now.

I have experienced Neptune in Pisces transiting over my 1 degree sun, my 15 degree Jupiter and now mars & venus (about 23/24 or 24/25).

I believe that Neptune is the higher octave of venus and I have felt the positive effects including causing me to pursue social work as a profession, but Neptune is otherworldly and visionary and we can fool ourselves or be fooled in certain ways, so a word of caution and keeping one’s feet on the ground, and protecting assets (even from yourself) seems to be in order.

I am hoping that others comment on this as I don’t wish to mislead anyone. I don’t even know how serious of an effect Neptune has and, of course, it depends on other transits to your chart.

Should read: I, who am not an experienced astrologer but who HAS known the basics for many years and have even read charts for people over the years (when my mind was sharp & INTUITION licking).

I’m just a little tired today 🙂

thanks so much for your input sharon.
Eliseo, I love what you wrote in your 7.03am post

As the Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet was sunk, the Russians now only have ten ships, all of lesser class than the Moskva, in the Black Sea.

As Ukraine now has the most sophisticated anti-ship weaponry available on planet Earth, within sixty days, if not sooner, all ten remaining Russian vessels will probably be tightly ensconced in Davy Jones Locker. They will be unable to replace them.

This will leave the Black Sea open for business for NATO naval craft, with a plethora of interesting options. They will be able to intimidate and manipulate the Russians without ever actually intervening. The Russians will feel the need to keep Black Seaport troops deployed at base, meaning they can’t send them to Ukraine.

We are seeing Russian naval commanders exercise absurdly bad judgement. I think our NATO sailors will soon be having great fun in the Black Sea with little to no danger to themselves. If it were not for the loss of innocent conscripted Russian boys and girls lives, (they too are victims) the situation would be comical.

There has been considerable discussion in the news media recently, on whether Russia out of desperation will resort to detonating a tactical nuclear device in its concerted effort to meet its self imposed deadline of a May 9th victory.

We were discussing this earlier re: the May 3rd Mars-stationary Pluto semi-square. The Pluto station will directly impact NATO’s natal Jupiter (29 ’03 Capricorn) and Ukraine’s progressed Saturn (0 ’17 Aquarius). A few other aspects mentioned previously, adds to the urgency.

Russian General Aleksandr Dvornikov has been designated to coordinate the war operations in Ukraine. It has been said he has been given sole discretion and authority to carry out Putin’s designs in which ever way he sees fit. Astrologically I think this may have serious major implications.

The Pluto station will conjunct Dvornikov’s natal Jupiter (28 ’58 Capricorn) in quincunx to a natal North Node/Uranus/Sun stellium (26/27/28 Leo).

Here’s his chart https://i.ibb.co/FhJt7fq/Dvornikov.png

And here is NATO’s chart:


What makes this period so critical is that the Russian ruble is about to suffer a massive depreciation with its pending default (the deadline for the 30 day grace period of a two billion dollar bond will expire May 4th). Nothing like an enormous distraction to take our attention away from an imploding insolvent Russian economy.

I’m trying to come to grips with what I (intuitively?) feel is the likelihood that Putin IS going to use limited, strategic nukes… if for no other reason that for shock value and “payback” for not accepting rubles for debt, and just to be a an a$$hole. After all, I consider him to be “Trump the Small.” YOU guys have the better feel for the astrological transits of this; that’s beyond me. I just have felt… inside… that he IS going to do it. And it hurts.

Eliseo, and a few others close to me, know I’ve been dealing with a lot of death close to me since the Ides of March. Two legged people, as well as long-lived, fur-friends of mine. The last of whom was 24 years old. Once in a great while, a fur friend comes along with whom I “soul bond”… no words need to be spoken between us. We communicate on other levels. I lost the last of those bonds on the Ides.

This past Friday, I’ve had Hawks flying in front of my car every time I go out. And I mean, directly in front of my windshield. Repetitions of numbers are starting to show up. Hubby is starting to repeat stories the same number of times. Shapes are starting to show up in repetitions. I’m assuming this is in prep for the eclipse, or I’ve got some weird stuff coming at me that I’m really not prepared for! (LOL)

Anyway, I’ve lately been going inward and cocooning… hurting with an ache that just doesn’t go away, but trying to maintain for the rest of my brood at home, as well as trying to be here for those in my group who need me. And, I made contact with someone who’s been looking for a group for 20 years. So, even in the worst of times, I guess… you’re drawn to go where you’re needed. At some point, some poor, bedraggled kitten will find it’s way to this Mama Cat and all will be right in the world again… or maybe whatever heavy transits are passing over me will lift a little and give me a break. Lady knows, I sure could use it!

Hey dear friend. We both know you are ex-military, and are well trained in clear, strategic thinking. You are aware from our prior conversations I too strongly feel, (intuitively and logically) Mr. Putin will use one or more battlefield nukes. It’s not a rational or smart move, strategically speaking, but is I believe consistent with his mindset, his attitudes and delusions. I suspect he might drop one or more in Ukraine, (How crazy is that considering geographic proximity to Russia and which way the wind blows?) probably sometime this coming summer. He won’t do it until after he knows he’s been utterly defeated, and (in his mind) has nothing left to lose.

I suspect that event will be one of several almost concurrent political occurrences from around the world which will change EVERYTHING, (including the outcome of 2022 and 2024 US and other nation’s elections.) When/If he uses only micro or mini-nukes in Ukraine, or some other non-NATO country, I don’t think that would necessarily precipitate a total worldwide thermonuclear exchange as is commonly assumed. One consequence in the US and probably some other nations, would likely be the immediate imposition of martial law to manage and prevent panic. Another would likely be a unified coalition, larger than any in history, using financial, cyber, and other unconventional and unorthodox means to carefully bring down and defang the Russian beast. A very astute Kazakhstani geopolitical analyst observed it would take all the armies of the world combined to capture, secure and neutralize the land based Russian nuclear arsenal.
Neutralizing the Russian submarine based nukes is an additional problem.

Something many do not realize, the old Soviet era nukes have not been maintained. For many, their electronics no longer work; they’ve been rotting unatteded in their silos for decades. We do not know how well their submarine nukes are maintained, but believe they are are in better condition.

One thing for sure, we absolutely must have a commander-in chief with a cool head. We can’t afford any trigger happy morons in charge. During the Cuban missile crisis JFK was getting an awful lot of bad advice from his top military advisors, and other hawks in his cabinet. He wisely ignored their counsel. Had R. Nixon been president, none of us within Cuban missile range would have been alive at the end of those thirteen days.

For me it is gratifying to know and understand these things, but it doesn’t take away the pain. Our fear and empathy both inspire and betray us. Nothing much we can do but remain acutely aware, and rely on our spiritual resources. We are neither the first or last to face possible, looming existential catastrophe. I think of it as a profound spiritual initiation. When done, presuming survival, we will likely be better, wiser stronger, and hopefully more compassionate people. If not, we will be processing our experiences, readying ourselves on the “other side” for next incarnation. Either way, we will be more deeply motivated to fashioning a more just, and peaceful world. Perhaps such traumas are what it takes to awaken enough of humanity to end war forever.

May justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Amos 5:24.

Hi Kiwi, and with reference to SharonK’s comments – on having Jupiter & Neptune crossing your (natal) North node in the 2nd house – first, take a look at the natal NN in relation to the ‘whole’ natal chart and its aspects, not only current transits to it. Secondly, consider the nature of those 2 planets. Thirdly, assess how the transits are acting relative to your progressed chart as well as to the natal one (and that’s not even considering midpoints and the rest).

Sure, transiting Jupiter in the 2nd would indicate benefits to one’s personal wealth, assets and/or finances (not always the same things) as Jupiter ‘expands’ your 2nd while it goes through. On the other hand, Neptune is hanging around longer and reflects the unknowns and illusions of existence. It ‘dissolves’ boundaries. So, there is a bit of a contradiction in the effects, with respect to transiting Jupiter (temporarily) enlarging the assets of the 2nd and Neptune making them illusory or (worse) paying an offsetting price to acquire them. The Jupiter/Neptune transit has an easy come/easy go feel. Neptune is the slippery one, not that Jupiter can’t go overboard all by itself. This seem to be a ‘lord giveth and lord taketh away’ kind of astrological dilemma.

It is useful to look at the degree where the NN is located in the natal chart (where it starts the story in your life). The progressed NN moves retrograde (with temporary direct motion for short periods only). A natal NN in the 2nd, over a life time, assuming say 60 years, would move backward only in the range of 5 to 10 degrees (by secondary progression). Essentially, the progressed nodes are relatively stationary unless they change signs or make precise aspects to some other important degree in the natal chart.

If your progressed NN is now in a different sign than it was at birth, the expression of the natal ‘NN benefit’ could be quite different than if it is still in the same sign. Changing signs by progression is a big deal. (When did yours change, if it did?). Take a look at that and then assess again what the Jupiter and Neptune transits could be saying.

Furthermore, if the natal NN is in the late or middle degrees of the 2nd, it would indicate the ‘benefit’ side of the NN could remain as a factor for a long term in the life (because the nodes move backward). If the NN is located near the 1st house cusp, then it may progress back over the cusp, out of the 2nd house into the 1st (still not a bad thing, considering the 1st is the body). In which case, it may not bring as much of a material advantage, apart from perhaps physical protection or maybe health (in conjunction with the 6th). So, it depends. In your case, depending on your age and the latitude of your birth, it is likely to still be in the 2nd since yours was 24 degrees at birth.

Sharon, as to your note about Neptune being the higher octave of Venus – I would agree, and add the proviso that Venus has 2 sides – generosity vs. greed, and so on. Venus is acquisitive and Neptune is ‘distributive’ (for lack of a better term). Neptune rules the section of the chart that represents things we cannot know, being the planet that rules Pisces and the ‘natural’ 12th house. They are places where maps don’t seem to work, the unconscious and all that. I agree with your cautionary advice as to Neptune being otherworldly and visionary and potentially fooling ourselves – I don’t think your comments are misleading at all and I would advise caution too.

Kiwi, lastly, re. you saying that you sometimes find it difficult to be objective when it comes to your chart: Amen to that! I believe it is near impossible for anyone doing astrology to be “objective” about their own chart!

I knew several old time astrologers who wouldn’t trust themselves to read their own charts to walk across the road! (That’s an exaggeration, but still.) We are sadly blind when it comes to ourselves. We humans really only seem to learn the hard way (which, perhaps, is why we are on the material plane to begin with). I don’t ever look at my chart with trust that I understand it accurately or objectively – sure, it reveals things, but it remains forever a mystery that my analysis can’t penetrate. Neptune in operation!

A further note about Pisces and the 12th: I understand this to be the area of the ‘natural’ chart where the rewards are NOT material.

So, there may indeed be ‘real’ rewards – to that extent, Neptune does not deceive. But the rewards tend to be ones we earn on earth, and receive in ‘heaven’. Or such as fame – it may bring material rewards, but fame itself is immaterial, a promise of memory.

This ephemeral quality reflects the way Pisces and the 12th can ‘rule’ huge things like religion and hospitals that are both material (church buildings), but more essentially organizational and conceptual (religion, or even hospitals).

The organization or concept exists separately and ‘rules’ the material side, which in turn are manifested in real buildings and institutions that operate across whole societies.

Pisces is a great symbol – the fishes that come and go in 2 directions – or a bridge between realities, and so on. Lesson endeth. Happy Easter!

One additional note, Kiwi – with Jupiter & Neptune crossing your natal North Node in the 2nd house – there is a doubling up.

Both planets are considered to be rulers (jointly) of the sign of Pisces. Which, in turn, means your natal South Node, on the opposite side of the chart, is in Virgo. So, there is a natal polarity between Virgo (service on a material level) and Pisces (service on a more philosophical or broader institutional level) and the NN is saying go wider – perhaps communicate a message more to others.

On the other hand, if the NN has retrograded by progression and is now located in a different house (the 1st, or even another sign, depending on age etc.), then the SS, too will have progressed.

Perhaps, if the 2 transiting planets are at the cusp, or inside the 1st, the emphasis means a person should go toward caring more for the self, or expanding the self, rather than helping others. That is a totally different message than expanding one’s finances.

The actual sign on the cusp of the 2nd may not be Pisces, but the 2 planets are Pisces planets. Jupiter also rules Sagittarius – travel, teaching, learning, writing, or exploration of ideas, or the law.

This emphasis may help you to determine the constructive message the transits bring, particularly when Neptune is the planet that is hanging in the 2nd the longest.

Sorry, I meant SN, not SS.

Beowulfie, Sharon,

Thank you for illuminating and fleshing out some of the features of kiwi’s chart.

Great information Beowulfie. I didn’t know that progressed planets changing signs is a big deal.

I think if Putin does use “strategic nukes” it’ll be the last thing he does. I truly believe it’ll be the end of Russia as any kind of country or region. He’ll do more damage to his area than he could hope to do Ukraine. He truly will, for once, have the whole world against him. He may believe this will empower his inner strength, but he’s a paper tiger inside, IMO… just like Trump. Like you said, you can never tell exactly which way the wind will blow when you launch one of those things. Of course, look what they did when Chernobyl melted down. You can move the people you want to move and let the rest just take the dust. But this will be for the whole world to see. There’ll be no hiding it.

I do think it’ll be a renaissance for the anti-nuke generations. We may actually get somewhere for once. Yeah, big changes coming if we can hang in there long enough. I’ve got a small group coming over, still in Pink Full Moon celebration mode. Actually, there’s so many of us who’ve been hit by the planets this week, we’re all kind of holding on to each other. (gryn) We’re planning on another wine tasting Friday to celebrate making it thru the week. We’re just really hoping it decides to stop raining and turn towards the warm part of the thermometer by then!

BTW… Eliseo… that enormous dog we rescued may not yet understand that when we throw the ball, we want him to bring it back to us, nor when I take him for a walk it doesn’t mean he drags Mama on the ground behind him… but he HAS taught himself a brand new trick!

We heard him bark outside last night, so David went to let him in. So far, so good… except David couldn’t find him. After spending $5000 on a fence so he’d have a backyard to run in, the dog discovered how to open the side gate all by himself!!!! He opened the gate, closed it, locked it, and ran across the street, down into the weeds and the creek and was having just a high old time. Came home wet, cold, and as happy as a hound dog could be. Mama, mean while was mortified. I swear, the dog is David’s soul pet. Give me a cat ANY day!!! (LOL)

“I think if Putin does use “strategic nukes” it’ll be the last thing he does. I truly believe it’ll be the end of Russia as any kind of country or region. He’ll do more damage to his area than he could hope to do Ukraine. He truly will, for once, have the whole world against him.”

Agreed. I think even the N. Koreans and Chinese would be completely freaked out.

A friend in the know tells me we are aware of the whereabouts of every Russian submarine, and every Russian ICBM. He thinks the use of merely one battlefield nuke might elicit a first strike response by the US. The intention would be the destruction of every single Russian nuke before it could be launched. Were that successful, the problem of global warming would yield to nuclear autumn.

I personally have no idea if that would be the US response or not, nor if his assertions are true.

During Nixon’s time as president, the Soviets through back channels asked what would be our response if they nuked China. The Ruskies were having a pretty difficult time with China back in the 70’s. Nixon’s response was that if Russia looked like they were about to nuke China, we would nuke Russia first. They backed down. The US coming to the defense of China was an important factor in the willingness of Mao inviting Nixon to meet with him, and the opening up of China diplomatically to the US.

Addendum to my April 16th, 2022 7:03 am post:

I meant no slight to ancient Judaism. IMHO, the Judaism of two millennia ago was far superior in its ethics than many of the contemporaneous religions.

In some religions, human sacrifice was still the norm. Julius Caesar certainly alleged it was so in his writing. Human sacrifice was not allowed by the Romans, nor the Hebrews, and at the temple in Jerusalem, and locally in general Jewish practice, sacrifice and/or slaughter of animals was required to be done humanely, with minimal suffering to the animal.

It is believed by many historians and theologians the historical Jesus sought to take Jewish compassion one step further by eliminating animal sacrifice entirely, just as Abraham had eliminated human sacrifice centuries before.

With the 70 CE Roman destruction of the temple, in the first Jewish–Roman War, the subsequent formation of the Talmud, and rise of rabbinical Judaism, animal sacrifice was ended anyway. Thus, one of the reforms of the radical, visionary rabbi from Nazareth was realized, at least in the world of Judaism.

Unfortunately, there are places in the world today where animal sacrifice to either appease or communicate with a deity is still a thing. In Egypt, as one example, Coptic Christians sacrifice goats in some of their rituals. Ironically, the Galilean rabbi would surely not approve.

In regard to any future nuclear disarmament movement, presuming civilization survives:

I reiterate what I posted above, April 10th, 2022 7:45 am.

“But in the end, Russia must die as a nation, before it can be reborn anew, as was the case with Nazi Germany. Furthermore, ALL of their nukes must be removed, as well as ALL of those belonging to the USA, PRC, France, the UK, India, Pakistan, Israel, N. Korea, etc.”

Our current and past history, IMO clearly shows the ultimate incompatibility between authoritarian dictatorships and democracy. When the era we are moving into is over, the consensus will be no dictatorships allowed.

Perhaps that is what in part Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius is about.

Beowulfie, I am very grateful for the time you took to respond. Now I need to make enough time to learn and absorb – murphy’s law has me extra busy for the next couple of weeks LOL. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise.

Does anyone have an astrology program that can erect a chart for 73,880 years ago? The Toba explosion almost made all species of humans extinct. We may be at a point in human history equally as dangerous, at least potentially. But this time not from a natural disaster, but from ourselves. It would be interesting to compare charts.

I hope I am wrong, but I think Russian forces might use some kind of WMD sooner than we thought. Strategically, it would make sense (from their point of view) to explode a chemical weapon or battlefield nuke at the Azovstal steelworks, in Mariupol. But there is a caveat. So far, every strategic move they’ve made has been stupid, and self-defeating. The question is, will they wise up, and make smarter moves?

Kiwi, most welcome, fwiw….always do your own ‘reality’ check!

Eliseo, I loved this passage:

“We are neither the first or last to face possible, looming existential catastrophe. I think of it as a profound spiritual initiation. When done, presuming survival, we will likely be better, wiser stronger, and hopefully more compassionate people. If not, we will be processing our experiences, readying ourselves on the “other side” for next incarnation. Either way, we will be more deeply motivated to fashioning a more just, and peaceful world. Perhaps such traumas are what it takes to awaken enough of humanity to end war forever.”

Secondly (and also in response to your email), I do want to say that although animal sacrifice appears primitive, it may be no more primitive than the act of killing animals to eat whether beef, poultry or fish! As done by the Hebrews, yes, it was a carry over from other traditions and practices of sacrifice but it was also an attempt to bless, uplift and offer the food to God, maybe similar to what Native Americans do when they thank a creature for giving up it’s life for them. It all makes me cry though, as I hate to hurt or kill any creature for my food – it can be a callous act or an elevated, spiritual one though but it depends on the heart and spirituality of the individual at the time. On the other hand, do we need to eat animals to survive? There’s a FB page, Forks Over Knives with thousands of participants who follow the China Study diet and many have lowered cholesterol, reversed diabetes, etc. Very interesting. And, of course, cloned meat will be out any day now.

Eliseo, I’m also interested in learning what reforms you were referring to that Christ initiated and came out later in the Talmud and Rabbinic Judaism. I think of the Talmud as a document filled with wisdom, just like much of the Bible is, and I also think they were one of the influences on their legal systems (but, of course, there were other legal systems that preceded them, like Hammurabi’s Code).

I also agree with what you wrote in the email that many humans are spiritually backward (or developmentally delayed, the newer term for “retarded”). I do think of Jesus as one of the most evolved of human who ever lives, an individual who had the highest emotional intelligence IQ that overlapped into Spirit and spiritual realms. I constantly ponder over moral development and realize that Kohler was pretty spot on. Most of us need some degree of authority, or at least external rules, to govern our actions. Then there are those who internalize the rules and they become their morals and ethics to live by, and their decision-making is based on universal principles, like what would be the highest good. However, as humans who have those 2 wolves in them (in Judaism, the negative side is called the “yetza hara” or evil impulse), I believe many if not most of us will always need rules and laws.

Whew! Sorry if I was heavy.
Slight kc, I love reading your posts, and your description of your dog because I again have 3 (a few years ago we had 3, which dwindled down to 1, and we now have 3 again), so I can really related.

And while we’re at it – where in the world is sunandstars? I look forward to your posts.

I just re-read my post and noticed at least 3 typos but not significant enough to correct.

Hey, where is everybody?

Thank you, Sharon K. I’m watching…. at a loss for words for some reason…. temporary. I liked Eliseo’s explanation for the quietude on the blog…..

:)….. I’m here… Bet everyone else is too –


It’s all just TOOOOO MUCH!!!! I’m in such a terrible state with siblings trying to destroy me for taking very good care of their parents— even though my mother is evil and spiteful— but I’m experiencing a few yucky aspects to my chart.

BUT — It’s all just TOOOOO MUCH!!! Trying to keep up with everything, and then the news just gets worse and worse and worse each minute. With Ukraine (how could this be happening today???), and refugees from everywhere, and Ron DeSantis vs. Disney (OMG — and he wants to be president), and the lame Florida State Legislators actually back this monster, and the gerrymandering, and the people who tried to kidnap the Governor of Michigan treated like heroes, and TFG supporters, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Mitch McConnell, etc., etc. road rage and shootings at an all-time high, lies lies lies everywhere, financial devastation, food shortages, and it just never never stops! Oh yeah — and there’s still a pandemic. I try to analyze it astrologically to make sense, but it is too much!! Pluto in Capricorn? Sun in Aries? Full Moon squaring Pluto? Lots of aspects and planets to look at!

By now I’m guessing many saw one bright heroic spot in this entire messed up country, ONE Dem. politician speaking truthfully, Sen. McMorrow from Michigan, but if not, it’s worth seeing, but also sad that she was forced to defend herself like this:

Peace and love to everyone! I do appreciate all your comments and inspiring posts. Eliseo, your writing skills are excellent, and posting about your mother-in-law, I believe I can relate since I have a similar situation with my own mother. And Will, sleeping in your car, and YOU MADE IT!!!! You truly are an inspiration. And appreciation to Beowulfe to look at the progressed planets, I always forget about that.

IT IS all just TOOOOO MUCH!!!
Seems like nothing but bad news every hour, every day, every minute, like as though everyone’s car alarms are going off simultaneously all over the world and we’ve forgot how to turn them off.

I’ve been a news junkie since I was a kid, but this is like the Cuban Missile Crisis every day. More and more I skip down page to the science news. A lot less politics there, but that can be alarming too, what with the Thwaites glacier, news of the environment, and the new stories of what big business is doing to our oceans.

Thank you for your comments regarding my posts. Didn’t realize they were inspiring anyone…just trying to inform and learn what I can from all of you.

Marija, in the past, haven’t we been in contact by email? If you have my email address, please send me a note.

Sharon K,
I’ll get back to you regarding your questions, a bit later. I’m pretty preoccupied the next few days.

Eliseo, Marija

In response to “It’s all just TOOOOO MUCH!!!!”

Take a deep breath, something larger and more significant may be in the offing which could erupt next month – the conflict in Israel……..

Gaza Militants Fire Rockets, Israel Responds With Strikes In Biggest Escalation Since Last War

April 21, 2022 -France 24


The April 29th Pluto retrograde station (28 Capricorn) will be quincunxing Israel’s natal Mars (28 Leo). This coincides with the end of the muslim holy month of Ramadan. Expect an uptick in violence there. The May 11th Jupiter-Uranus semi-square (0 Aries-15 Taurus) activates Israel’s natal Saturn (16 Leo). Here’s why this period may be fraught with added danger in the mid east…..

Palestinians Believe Qur’anic Prophecy Israel Will Collapse By June 2022


As many as 73% of Palestinians believe a Qur’anic prophecy that says Israel will collapse by June this year. As nonsensical as this sounds, this belief is worrying, given the religious zeal that undergirds the psychology and behaviour of Palestinians, as the jihad against Israel is constantly reinforced by the Palestinian leadership.

Anti jihad activist Robert Spencer’s website says, “Take, for example, Iran’s growing presence in Syria (Russia has been swapping out its forces in Syria for Iranians because of its war in Ukraine), the current escalation at al-Aqsa mosque (reminiscent of last May), the call of the Islamic State to escalate attacks, particularly in light of its more recent influence, and the turbulence now taking place in the fragile Israeli coalition government, which includes the Arab Joint List.”

“Prominent Palestinian West Bank Islamist scholar, Dr Bassam Jarrar, a longtime Hamas spiritual leader and a YouTube icon, with almost 700,000 subscribers” is propelling the doomsday view, which a majority of Palestinians are lapping up. Jarrar also preaches about Jews the Qur’anic view that “Allah turned them into apes and pigs,” and stated this about Hitler: “In 1933, he took power. Back then, there were five million unemployed people in Germany. Within two years — from 1933 to 1935 — he put all those five million to work.”

Over the past few weeks, Israeli authorities have had to remove almost 6,000 social media posts encouraging more attacks on Jews. It is Ramadan; PA Supreme Sharia judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash, who is also Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor, reminded Palestinians that “Ramadan is a month of jihad, conquest and victory.” It was nothing more than an incitement to murder by a respected Palestinian official.



Marija, thank you for that shot in the arm of a video! I’m feeling overwhelmed too and hope more people respond as forcefully as Senator McMorrow! As for me, I think the first right wing idiot who tries to mess with me or my husband is going to have to deal with years of built up fury unleashed upon his head!

I think we are all feeling overwhelmed and very concerned about our own democracy and the fear that it all can be taken away.

Jerry, what do the transits of Iran and Israel tell us? I am also worried about our elections in November – it seems we might lose the House but I feel like we will not – nothing concrete – just a feeling.

Astrologer, Andre Kahr constructed some Dem charts which he interpreted as happy with the 2022 election outcome. He therefore predicted Dems retain both Houses. My take is for that to happen, something big has to change between now and November. That could be any one big thing or a host of things. It’s hard to imagine what might sour Trumpists on Trumpism or the R party. They seem so blinded to other interpretations of reality. Furthermore, the way the R’s have gerrymandered the country, and the voter suppression efforts don’t bode well.

I thought it might be public televised congressional hearings on the Jan. 6th event, but for reasons I do not fully understand they have not commenced. So – I’m puzzled, waiting for the other shoe to drop. AND – Who knows? Maybe Mr. Kahr’s interpretations are wrong. In any case, it is nerve wracking, and sometimes it feels as though we’ve no nerves left!

Eliseo, I’ve always heard the trials would be televised in late May/early June.

Presuming what you’ve heard is correct, perhaps the hearings will persuade and motivate enough voters (who actually get to vote despite voter suppression efforts) to vote AGAINST the R’s, and for the Dems.

If Mr. Putin or some other foolhardy Russian officer in the field orders use of a battlefield nuke in Ukraine, I could easily see the US and several other nations immediately declaring domestic martial law to keep order and prevent panic. Under martial law, might we overturn voter suppression? I don’t know how that might work.

OR, maybe congressional hearings might expose a number of R congressmen and congresswomen as traitors, guilty of insurrectionist conspiracy, off to jail leaving their seats temporarily empty, and a larger Dem majority? Again, all this is beyond my level of expertise.

I’m also frustrated that Mr. Biden, (philosophically, a latter day New Dealer) who in my estimation is doing a better job as president than any of the last nine or ten previous ones, is so low in job approval. How shallow and ignorant can our voting public be?

Regarding the midterm elections:

As the president will not be on the ballot what election day/night events might likely coincide with transits to his natal chart on election day?

By: Bob on January 21st, 2022 at 9:14 pm (with edited link).

Transiting Jupiter trining President Biden’s natal Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on election night is an excellent aspect for him on that day.



About the transits affecting Israel and Iran in the near future….

Interesting that you ask. Maryanne of Revealing Light Tarot just put out a video today. She cites a woman from Estonia having a vision of events taking place in March and then coming to a crescendo from late June to the period between July 12th to 14th.

It starts at the 5 minute mark…..

Russia/Ukraine Over The Next 2 Months

Video: 29 min 58 sec


Looking at the transits at that time, the Cancer New Moon at 7 ’23 Cancer on June 28th is in exact square to Jupiter at 7 ’19 Aries affecting Russia’s June 12, 1990 chart. Russia has a natal Mars-Uranus square at 8 Aries-Capricorn. July 1st tr. Mars will square Pluto (27 ’47 Aries-Capricorn) right at the US Pluto return placement.

Here is the June 28, 2022 New Moon chart…..


Continued in the next entry……..

Continued from above…….

So here is where it gets interesting as far as Israel is concerned.

One astrologer has done some extensive research on this. He feels Uranus’s position at 18 Taurus (peaking in mid July) is a significant benchmark in Israel’s history. See article:

The Astrogeography of Jerusalem and Future Transits


The July 13, 2022 Capricorn Full Moon (21 Capricorn) trines Uranus and the Nodes at 18/20 Taurus. Here’s the chart…..

Full Moon July 13, 2022


An interesting wikipedia article.
or Ruscism
Rashizm pronounced [r????zm]; a portmanteau of “Russia” and “fascism” (??????)) is both an assertion that Russia has been transformed into a fascist country and a name of an ideology of Great Russia or Russian military expansionism. That transformation was described as based on the ideas of the “special civilizational mission” of the Russians, such as Moscow as the third Rome and expansionism. This is also a claim widely used to identify supporters of Russian military aggression.
More at Wikipedia site.

IMO our traditional Left/Right way of understanding politics is inadequate. We need to look at political ideology from the perspective of a circle or a round pie divided into four quarters. Our Left/Right perspective decieves us into seeing Communists and Fascists as opposite. In reality, they are close on the circle. Totalitarian, dictatorial state owned collectivism vs totalitarian, dictatorial state sponsored capitalism.

I don’t believe there is any doubt both the People’s Republic of China, and the Russian Federation have morphed into fascist entities.

Thank you, Jerry, Bob, and Eliseo. I keep hoping we will keep control of Congress but as others have said, we are all so anxious given the stakes. As for the Israel, it is very disappointing that they have not done more for the Ukrainians but given Iran and Russia’s expansion into the Middle East I can understand their fear.

I appreciate all of you for your willingness to share your personal stories and your expansive knowledge on so many issues.

Do any of you have a comment on the Macron/La Pen election in France? I am very concerned La Pen might just get elected and pull out of NATO.

Hey all,

I must say, I continue to be disturbed by the hard-right extremism I see everywhere, including here in my homestate of Ohio. Never thought it would get this bad. Our senate race is a total sh__show, primarily between Mandel and Vance in a race to see who can dive to the bottom of the latrine pit first.

And then you have Dictator DeSatan in Florida who seems to be dead set on out-Trumping Trump to win the white house. Except he’s considerably more coherent, and actually has a functional knowledge of government workings, all of which makes him legit dangerous in a way that Trump never could have been.

What’s so bad about many of these people? DeSantis, Mandel, Vance and others aren’t exactly aging Pluto in Leo Boomers, but a 40ish year old Pluto in Libra Gen-X ers (Pluto in Scorpio Millennial in Vance’s case). Same for Alex Jones, MTG, and others.

So much for the hope of a new generation. So far, the apparent emerging leaders of our time might as well be clones of their parents.

I’m chalking up a lot of this right now to the “relentless desire to maintain the status quo at any cost” vibe that Pluto in late Capricorn making its return to the natal US Pluto is activating. I suspect Eris and Neptune, each in its own way, didn’t exactly help these circumstances either, with Neptune in particular opposing the natal US Neptune creating the QAnon delusion and increases susceptibility to Putin’s propaganda machine. Eris in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn among other things gave us the individualistic response to COVID control mandates, further undermining trust and confidence in our institutions.

As we move closer to Pluto in Aquarius, I see the main shift in this dynamic being one of freedom and greater autonomy, even if it means breaking up long standing structures–including countries–in order to have it. Uranus, Aquarius’ modern ruler, is the planet most often cited as the catalyst for divorces, relationship breakups, etc. While Aquarius can certainly be right-wing, one thing that won’t hold up well during these incoming times is the religious reactionary right’s attempt to legislate and enforce laws that limit freedoms. People will rebel, either by ignoring laws, outright defying them, or breaking away from the oppressive government structures that are stifling them.

I think it’s increasingly likely at this time, however, that the Uranus Return of the US in 2028 may coincide with one or more states–or parts of states–breaking away from the country. If the Republicans gain control of Congress and/or the White House during 2022 & 2024 and block all other alternatives and accountability, I would expect a great deal of violent opposition from progressives and an emerging far left on the local level, particularly in most cities, and blue states, which may seek autonomy and even some form of sovereignty from Republican oppression.

Even if the Democrats manage to hold on and hold out, however, there will be increasing resistance from progressives, liberals and the far left mounting against stifling Conservative policies and politics which could still culminate in some sort of violent clash.

There could be many electoral reforms that emerge at this time as well, but how do you enact them when people are simply too angry and hold each other in such extreme contempt? We are in a time where there is an extreme lack of respect for the opposition and for the common “rules of the game.” If there is no common ground possible, reform efforts will go no where and are effectively meaningless.


Le Pig will not prevail. All of her energy is counter-clockwise. She must be destroyed.

Desantis is an insufferable wad of neuronal tangles and plaques fired up by a senseless morass of contradictory and disharmonic accomplishments ; Yale undergraduate, Harvard Law graduate, and a former Navy Seals advisor. Sadly, he’s also yet another Italian American Mussolini-esque monster. Oh yeah, and he’s a rabid-right ideologue who has fed his kept with a steady diet of 45’s
fart fumes. He, and a small yet immensely repulsive like-minded GOP androids are sure working up an awfully fetid dystopian nightmare version of the 2020’s They foul the airwaves with a pathological world view that is huffing and puffing its last gaseous breath.
All of this concomitant with nation still in the grips of post-pandemic exhaustion and last nerves. Moreover, the beleaguered Biden, Harris, Pelosi Garland and Fauci are swimming upstream against stratospheric inflation and the horrific killings by the Mad Man of Moskow. I admit the Dems and Progressives have been taking an unrelenting beating by the pols for year#2 of its administration. But it is helpful for us to be mindful of the message engraved on Solomon’s ring; This too shall pass.”

All we need are a.few.seasons of fair cosmic weather to tilt Wheel-in-the-Sky in our favour

Pluto’s ingress into the Water-Bearer archetype draws ever closer. We must continue to march through this clouded and discouraging miasma. We will get through this and Lady Justice will have her walk in the sun. Faith. We’ve gotta have Faith.

Sharon, Eliseo,

Re: The upcoming January 6th Committee hearings.

What do you make of this….

The June 14th Sagittarius Full Moon (23 ’25 Sag) coincides with Trump’s birthday. Consequently it closely aligns with his Sun-Moon opposition. Tr. Neptune (the holder of secrets) at 25 Pisces will be t squared by this full moon. Could this indicate deep, dark secrets coming to light?

Here’s the chart…….


And a Rolling Stone article….

Jan. 6 Committee Findings Are So Explosive They Will ‘Blow the Roof Off the House,’ Rep. Jamie Raskin Says

Rolling Stone
April 22, 2022

“This was not a coup directed at the president,” the panel member said on Thursday. “It was a coup directed by the president against the vice president and against the Congress.”

The Jan. 6 committee’s upcoming public hearings will “tell a story that will blow the roof off the House,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) predicted Thursday at a Georgetown University event, according to NBC News.

Raskin, who serves on the committee, said hearings are expected in June, with a comprehensive report about the committee’s findings to be released by late summer or early fall. The timing and content of the report could aid Democrats in the run-up to the midterm elections.

“No president has ever come close to doing what happened here in terms of trying to organize an inside coup to overthrow an election and bypass the constitutional order,” Raskin said. “And then also use a violent insurrection made up of domestic violent extremist groups, white nationalist and racist, fascist groups in order to support the coup.”

“This was not a coup directed at the president,” he added. “It was a coup directed by the president against the vice president and against the Congress.”

Some Republicans may secretly agree with Raskin about the gravity of Trump’s actions. Raskin’s comments came the same day we learned that House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — despite his denials — bashed Trump for inciting the attack and said he would urge Trump to resign over Jan. 6. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), too, expressed a desire for Trump to be removed from office, according to The New York Times. McCarthy and McConnell both neglected to act on their tough talk last January.

Raskin also addressed the efforts of Trump’s inner circle to stonewall the investigation. “The closer you get to Trump, the more they refuse to testify,” he said of the work done by the committee, which has spoken with at least 800 witnesses. As of February, at least 18 Trump World figures, from inside the White House and beyond, had refused to cooperate.

McCarthy rejected the committee’s request for an interview in January, for instance. So too have have Reps. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Steve Bannon, who helped set up the Jan. 6 “command center” at the Willard International Hotel in Washington, D.C., defied a subpoena to provide testimony and documents and now faces a trial for contempt of Congress. The Justice Department is considering similar charges against former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Right-wing lawyer and coup memo author John Eastman, meanwhile, has sought to shield thousands of emails from the committee. Rudy Giuliani was also subpoenaed, yet hasn’t spoken with the committee yet. Others, like Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr., have agreed to appear before the committee.

Raskin said on Thursday that the committee would prove a coordinated attempt among Trump, his top aides, and key supporters to overturn the election by having Vice President Mike Pence decline to certify certain Electoral College votes from states Joe Biden won, thus allowing the election to be decided by state delegations, of which Republicans held a majority.

From there, Raskin said, “It’s anybody’s guess what could have happened — martial law, civil war. You know, the beginning of authoritarianism.”


Like the 1970’s Watergate gearings, perhaps the upcoming January 6th Committee hearings will have sufficient effect on the body politic so as to skew the midterm elections in Dems favor. Let us hope so. But if our astrology is correct, I anticipate there will be other factors and events which push us in that direction as well.

RE: “I think it’s increasingly likely at this time, however, that the Uranus Return of the US in 2028 may coincide with one or more states–or parts of states–breaking away from the country.”
IMO, it’s certainly possible some (probably infuriated, red) states might want to secede, although under our system that’s illegal. But I think it is equally possible we might lose territory due to climate change. I suspect by 2028 our world will be profoundly different, politically and environmentally.

By 2028, for one example, the Thwaites glacier will have calved off and melted, raising global sea level by 65 centimeters (26 inches). More significantly, Thwaites functions as I’m sure you know as a “plug,” holding back enormously more ice ready to melt into the sea, raising sea level far more.

Florida’s most expensive, “valuable” real estate will be under water. Would/could Florida survive as a state? Of course, the warming would continue with all the other effects as well. State population numbers are liable to change dramatically. Who wants to live in an area with perpetual drought, noxious wildfires, and summer heat in the 130’s Farenheit?

Covid forced many to work remotely. That is now becoming a growing and preferable trend. In the long run, we expect many to flee areas prone to climate disaster, moving to safer areas like the Great Lakes states, where water is abundant.
Remote work enables employees to live 1000’s of miles away from the office.

The primary caveat is a nuclear autumn. If Mr. Putin pops 2 to 5 battlefield mini-nukes, (that’s all it would take) the world will be cooling down significantly, and we would be facing a very different set of problems.

Andre of Astrology Alert…..

The Middle of 2022 for Trump and Putin

Video 4 min 47 sec


Andre of Astrology Alert…..

Putin’s Plutocratic Savagery

Video 7 min 21 sec


Not mentioned in either of Andre’s reports but I feel equally significant is Neptune’s station in late June (25 ’26 Pisces). It will be in quincunx to Trump’s natal Mars (26 Leo) and square to Putin’s Mars (26 26 Sagittarius). When tr. Neptune squares natal Mars (Putin) it tends to mitigate and weaken ones aggressiveness (retreat?) and when in quincunx to natal Mars (Trump) it tends to confuse and undermine ones credibility.

Jerry, the Rolling Stone article you excerpted said a coup against the vice president and Congress. There was something on Twitter yesterday reminding people of Pence’s refusal to get in the car to be whisked away by the Secret Service during the Jan 6 insurrection: “I’m not getting in that car.” They were basically trying to ensure that he would not be available to count the votes – and Pence and his aides knew it, that Trump would have the Secret Service fly Pence somewhere he couldn’t certify the election. Also, apparently Chuck Grassley had said around that time that he not the VP would handle certification (before he walked that back), so Grassley must have known the plan to get Pence out of the way. It’s utterly astonishing. No love for Pence here, but he was the last man standing to save our democracy that day. And all the more reason for him to be speaking to the Jan 6 committee (many of his aides have, presumably with his blessing). On the other hand, why it took him so long to speak up (what was it, a month or so ago he spoke at some conservative conference?).


As you suggest, despite the heavy right wing/christian leanings Pence had a conscience after all. Here’s another angle to the story……

The Vice-President Who Saved Democracy on January 6 Was … Dan Quayle?

Sept. 14, 2021

In the long saga of Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 elections, the moment of most peril for democracy was not actually the outrageous attack on the Capitol on January 6. By then, the die had already been cast in Congress for the rejection of challenges to Joe Biden’s electoral-vote majority; the most the insurrectionists might have accomplished (other than, perhaps, even more horrifying violence) was to delay the inevitable. But had Trump persuaded Vice President Mike Pence to abuse his position as chair of the joint session of Congress and deny electoral votes to Joe Biden or even award them instead to Trump’s own ticket … well, the Democratic-controlled Congress would likely have overridden Pence and stopped the theft of the election. But it could have gotten dicey! At a minimum, the Big Lie of an election stolen by Democrats would have spread much more widely and thoroughly, polarizing the country even further.

Pence’s refusal to go along with Trump’s coup attempt created a heroic mythology. Even people (like me) who had no use for this lifelong ally of the Christian Right who had descended to the most embarrassingly sycophantic behavior in praising Trump’s “big shoulders” had second thoughts after Pence stood up to his boss’s bullying.

But now comes new evidence, in a book about January 6 from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa (titled, appropriately, Peril), that Pence wavered and perhaps even leaned toward helping Trump blow up democracy. If this account undermines Pence’s assumed heroism, it also raises up a new and even less likely hero: former vice-president Dan Quayle.

Quayle was long a figure of fun as the man who got torn limb from limb by Lloyd Bentsen in a 1988 vice-presidential debate and then insisted in a spelling-bee appearance during the 1992 reelection campaign that “potato” was spelled “potatoe.” When he ran for president himself in 2000, he dropped out after finishing eighth in the Ames Straw Poll the summer before the election.

But for Mike Pence, Quayle was a precursor as a Hoosier veep and social-conservative champion, so it’s natural he consulted him about the big decision on which he was initially inclined to do what Trump asked of him. According to the Washington Post’s gloss of the Woodward-Costa book, Quayle wore Pence down:

Quayle was adamant, according to the authors. “Mike, you have no flexibility on this. None. Zero. Forget it. Put it away,” he said.

But Pence pressed him, the authors write, asking if there were any grounds to pause the certification because of ongoing legal challenges. Quayle was unmoved, and Pence ultimately agreed, according to the book.

In the end it probably doesn’t matter exactly how seriously Pence thought about throwing the country into a constitutional crisis on January 6, though in some corners of MAGA-land, knowing he considered it but then got bad advice might make some folks regret the murderous feelings they harbored for him at the time. But let’s hope no one is ever again put in the position of being tempted by this devilish temptation. As Dan Quayle might put it, our Constitution cannot tolerate a coupe.


As these charts play out my charts for Putin show his world continuing to unravel through the same period.

Summer of 22 for JR and Ivanka
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For Whom The Bell Tolls or The Long, Hot, Summer.

On June 4 transit Saturn stations on junior’s secondary progressed Sun and transit Pluto (300°52′) is square ivanka’s secondary progressed Pluto (210°19′) in right ascension (a true 90° separation of them in space). These aspects are not good for them.

Birth times not known. Noon charts used. Sun positions within 1/2 degree. Angles to be disregarded, planetary positions in longitude or right ascension important.

JR JUN 4 2022


It isn’t a good day for TFG either according to his progressed anlunar with either his natal or progressed natal charts.

His progressed anlunar MC at noon will be at 134°17′. It’s Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be on the IC at 134°25′. His natal Pluto at 134°21′ will be on the MC. His progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint will be on it at about 11 am, EDT. NOTE: His progressed Saturn/Pluto midpoint’s position is virtually the same for noon and 5 pm, EDT.

With his natal

With his progressed natal

TRUMP’S IN TROUBLE: Eclipse Brings Karma by Evon Davis

Video 12 min 6 sec


Eliseo, I found an article published by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and it clarifies what you said about the Thwaites glacier. Apparently, it’s the glacier’s ice shelf, not the entire glacier, that will melt by 2028, and the 26″ of sea level rise is not expected to happen right away (that might be obvious to some people, but I had to check it out). It will take quite a while; however, the article states that the ice shelf collapse would, of course, accelerate it (as you also said – the glacier behaves like a “plug”) and that even 1 cm of sea level rise would bring salt water into the marshes and change the impact of the storm surges. I’m sure it will have other effects too. However, the thought of 26″ of sea level rise soon after the 2008 ice shelf collapse of the Thwaites glacier, was not something that I could walk on by.


Sharon K,
“… I’m also interested in learning what reforms you were referring to that Christ initiated and came out later in the Talmud and Rabbinic Judaism.”

Firstly, the word initiated should be replaced in many cases by the word advocated. That being said, some ideas and practices were indeed initiated, and survived in some of the competing varieties of Judaic Christianity through the earliest centuries before the early medieval period, but got lost along the way as the Paulist, Romanized religion ABOUT Jesus successfully replaced the sects dedicated to the religion OF Jesus.

But that’s not what you asked about. Your concern is which (Jesus-advocated reforms,) might have eventually been adopted into what became rabbinical Judaism.

For context, many Palestinian rabbis were in contact with their fellow rabbis in Alexandria, which during the reign of Augustus, held a population of between 500,000 and 600,000, 35% of which were Jews living in the Delta quarter. If memory serves, there were more Jews in Alexandria, than in Jerusalem. Some of these scholarly men of the Torah were also associated with the Great Alexandrian Library/University, and would have therefore logically been aware of the work of Aristarchus of Samos, who taught a heliocentric solar system. Although there was much superstition, the intelligentsia of the time, were NOT IMO as ignorant as many commonly assume.

Many modern scholars, assuming that aforementioned ignorance, interpret the historical Jesus as an apocalyptic prophet. I think this is true only in a cultural ethnocentric, not cosmic sense. I do not believe he literally believed the cosmos itself was about to end and be reborn, but was probably very aware they were living on the cusp of the age of Aries to Pisces. His metaphors reflect that awareness.

Scholars agree the historical Jesus was pretty deeply involved in the biblical wisdom tradition, as especially embodied in Job, Psalms, (Tehillim) Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, (q?hele?) the Song of Songs, (Song of Solomon) Wisdom of Solomon, and the Wisdom of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus). The wisdom tradition is clealy reflected in many sections of “Q” – the apparently, mostly genuine sayings of Jesus when separated out from the gospel narratives, which were composed and imposed decades later, and in much of the Nag Hammadi Gospel According to Thomas. (The last couple of lines in Thomas were very probably added much later, and occasionally the scribe got tired and reversed lines, like the sayings about the lion and the man.) (I agree with premier scholars like Stevan L. Davies, Thomas, either predates or is contemporary in origin with the supposed earliest gospel, Mark.

Although coming out of that biblical oral and written wisdom tradition, in many respects the canonical Jesus sayings also have much in common with the ideas of the ancient Stoics, and Taoists. Astonished after having read the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas, D.T. Suzuki commented the sayings could have just as easily been uttered by the Buddha! I personally believe one of his deeper connections may have been with the Alexandrian Therapeutae,
(from which we get our word therapy) but that’s another story. Many now conclude “Therapeutae” was the Greek rendering of the Buddhist word, Theravadin.

The point is, like the rabbi from Nazareth, the scholars who compiled the Talmud believed a much greater emphasis and development needed to be on their traditional wisdom tradition as especially derived from the oral form. The Talmud very successfully embodies that tradition.

Obviously, the historical Jesus was one of several rabbis who realized Judaism had evolved into something too rigid. He was not the first to realize this, and we know for sure later rabbis saw it too, or they would have not compiled the Talmud. The Talmud also fulfilled his desire to give Judaism more psychological and spiritual freedom and flexibility.

Yes, in the end, animal sacrifice was largely abandoned by both Jews and Christians, another of his aims. Abandoning the eating of animals was and for many is still “a bridge too far,” but they were no longer to be used as a means of communication, carrying messages, using their life force for spell casting, or as a means of propitiation. A deity in need of propitiation is inconsistent with the god concept advocated by Jesus and the later Talmudic rabbis as a loving, caring creator and protector of humanity.

In my perception, as rabbinic Judaism evolved to become more the religion of the Talmud, than the religion of the Torah, it came to embody seven of the eleven reformist issues with which he was concerned.

An altogether good conclusion to the transition from the age of the ram to that of the fishes.

As this has gotten too long, if you are interested, perhaps we can deal with the other advocated reforms at some other time, perhaps more privately.

Sharon K,
Thank you for the link to the OPB article. It was greatly clarifying. The assumption the process could take 100 years is of course possible, but I have doubt of that.

I think the most pregnant sentence in the piece was:
“Pettit says it’s still unclear how quickly the ice behind the dam will move once the dam is breached, but they expect it will pick up significant speed.”

I’ve noticed over the decades climate scientists have consistently and grossly underestimated the speed with which the warming has taken place. I also note in all of our world’s flood myths, the flood was described as coming on suddenly, very much like a tsunami.

For these reasons, and having read climate science beginning in the 1960’s, I remain of the opinion sea level rise will come on sooner rather than the later we expect, and quite probably catastrophically.

I don’t think we will have much warning, days, perhaps months at most, and strongly suspect the first wave will be sufficiently devastating as to likely inadvertently end any possible WWIII, or other ongoing wars.

When it happens, I think we’ll definitely be able to say the age of Aquarius, the water bearer is definitely upon us. Just my intuitive opinion.

Thanks for the article on Pence consulting with Dan Quayle trying to find some justification to go along with what 45 was asking him to do. I remember reading about that last year. Of course we’re finding out more and more about the congress people involved in plotting the insurrection as the Jan 6 Committee just last night released 250 pages of evidence in a motion filed to stop Meadows’ stonewalling on testifying, evidence pointing to members of the “Freedom Caucus” based on testimony of an assistant to Meadows and 45. More and more coming to light, plus what will come out of the public hearings to start in June.

A lot of great information in these posts, thank you all. Fingers crossed for the Jan 6 hearings, and that justice prevails.

Keeping an eye on France today, their future is at stake—with authoritarians in full force, like they are here in the USA. The media here could be treating Biden a lot better, they are to blame for his so-called “low approval” ratings. After all, Biden is 100,000% better than the monster that preceded him. The winds need to change, and his accomplishments need to be touted, especially when he reversed horrid executive orders; and he’s human, the other is not.

Will — loved your description of DeSantis, it was on target. Wish I had 1/1000th of your creative use of words. He is truly evil, and will destroy Florida, and then his goal is to take down the entire country.

Eliseo — On 4/21 post, at 1:59am, you asked if I had your email, and I do not. I have no problem releasing my email, but not sure how the protocol works on this site.

In the next 24 I will authorize Nancy to share my email address with you. Right now I’m exhausted. Time for me to take a break from the blog and the news.

Is there anyone else who wants to communicate with me privately?

Sharon K & Eliseo —

I see global flooding in the 2040s — Pluto in Pisces time (starting in 2044, but likely evident in the preceding decade leading up to it.)

Plus also the Uranus-Pluto Opposition of 2046-48. And the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in 2053.

I believe Eris also starts to move into Taurus around 2045-2046.

Lots of water, flooding, storms. Washing away of structures. Coastlines. Cities. Nations, even.

Famine. Mass migrations. Economic dislocation if not a massive collapse.

Climate disaster should not come as a surprise to anyone. Really, we had our warning at the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1965-66. But conservative forces could not bear change and have fought with pathological ferocity to obstruct anything that could genuinely improve our outlook.

And here we are. There’s still time to reverse course, yes, but many bills are already coming due for our societal recalcitrance. We won’t be able to pay them all.

So Eliseo, along with Marija I would like the opportunity to communicate by email. 🙂

Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election!

Let’s hope our voters are as savvy in November, despite gerrymandering, lack of voting rights, misinformation, disinformation and basic lack of information by the media.


One of the most moving documentaries I’ve seen in a long time, now playing on CNN.

Navalny Documentary Review: Sundance Winner Impresses on CNN

Navalny came out of nowhere during the 2022 Sundance film festival (literally, it was a surprise entry), garnering the audience choice for best documentary and the Festival favorite awards.

The documentary follows Alexei Navalny (sometimes spelled Alexey Navalny), the now-imprisoned Russian opposition leader.

After a limited release in theaters, CNN premiered the documentary on television across the country.

Navalny is a fascinating man and one that the leaders in Russia do not want anywhere near any sort of power.

He has led many political rallies against the Kremlin, and the documentary depicts these wonderfully.

But getting to see his political campaigning and ideas is not this documentary’s highlights.

The highlights come from the filmmaking, the poisoning story, and a shocking phone call.

Director Daniel Roher captured some of the tensest moments of Navalny’s life: the assassination attempt on his life.

Alexei Navalny gets colloquially called “The man Putin couldn’t kill” due to the failed poisoning attempt on his life.

The Kremlin used a Russian agent to poison Navalny, and it nearly killed him.

The failure to kill Navalny was a big hit to Putin’s plans, and Navalny and his family were incredibly relieved (and politically charged).

Navalny, his crew, and his family prepared for their war against the Kremlin.



Bob & Jerry,
Many Thanks for the links and data you’ve been sharing! They ARE helpful.

Your astrological take on sea level rise is insightful and helpful. I like how you’ve divided it into stages relative to planetary movement.

Sharon K,
Thank You again for your climate change article as well. All good food for thought!

Marija & Sunstars,
I emailed Nancy giving her permission to share my private email address with you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Eliseo, you’re very welcome. I must admit, it’s all rather frightening. Also, if you own property in the most vulnerable areas, insurance is going up & values will go Dien so timing is important, although it’s not so possible…but any guidance helps. I used to go by the I am America maps but they give you the future result & not the events and their effects along the way. Thank you to you & Buckeye Shadow for calling our attention to it & let’s keep this topic active!

down, not Dien.. I’m on my phone so auto correct is up to it’s usual tricks!

Sharon K,
I’ve often said watch what the insurance companies do. They are the “canaries in the coal mine.”

Jerry, Navalny is a hero in the mold of Zelensky, but I had no idea he was SO cool! I loved watching him, strategize and interact, and his personality come out. He is witty yet profound. I loved it when the entire airport terminal was filled with people welcoming him home. I cried when they arrested him in the airport terminal. Now, let’s see what happens. As he said, the people don’t even realize how STRONG they are/we are. Like him, we are an unstoppable force! His spirit is amazing, like Zeletsky’s.

Btwy, transiting venus, neptune, and jupiter are in a broad conjunction to my natal mars/venus, and I feel it. Yesterday I was invited to a party and I really felt the music being played (by a piano player), and gave him requests, and I was actually talkable & maybe even charming (who knows?) when in reality, I’m pretty shy! And, I’ve innately & smoothly been able to make connections with people & diplomatically smooth over tension they express. I have no illusion this will last but it’s nice and maybe I’ll remember how to do it. What about my other friends here who have personal planets in about 21-27 degrees of Pisces?


Re: Navalny.

Yes. I completely agree. So cool………

A few other adjectives come to mind. He is articulate, inspiring AND most of all insuperably unflappable (brave).

The April 30th eclipse will be conjoining his nodes (destiny points) in square to natal Mars. This tells me, whether Putin likes it or not, he has a formidable opponent on his hands. And though Navalny has been incarcerated on a ten year prison sentence, Navalny’s influence spreads far beyond the prison walls.

Here’s Navalny’s chart……..


Thanks for his chart, Jerry…

And, to add to my last post, I usually make some error or another when I posted since I’m often trying to do many things at a time —

I was not only talkable at the party but also talkative! (I had to laugh when I just read talkable!)

One interesting development that’s likely to be turned on its ear when Pluto reaches Aquarius — private schools, as well as their advocates, namely Betsy DeVos, who is now partnering up with Gov. Rick DeSantis in Florida to once again push an extreme right-wing agenda onto public education.


This is very much a Pluto in Capricorn thing–privatization, exclusivity and elitism–which DeVos embodies all too well. She is a shameless avatar for privilege and entitlement. In revolutionary France, she would be a prime candidate to lose her head via the guillotine.

DeSantis meanwhile embodies a particularly vile form of authoritarianism, which if not stopped, could bring about great harm to many in this country. He seems to represent all of the very worst narcissistic elements of Trump, but with the knowledge of how to work government in his favor that Trump never had.

BUT… timing is everything, and we are in the last days of Pluto in Capricorn. Aquarius is much more public and inclusive, in contrast to Capricorn. None of this bodes well for conservative forces either consciously or ignorantly seeking to anoint a small hand full of privileged, extraordinarily wealthy individuals as kings and queens of the planet.

I think we will see considerable mass pushback to DeVos, DeSantis and others like them during the next few years, and they may be quite horrified by the failure of their agenda. Of course, I’m sure they’ll just double-down on it and go full-on fascist, because that’s who they are and these people cannot bear the thought of compromise and playing nice with others. They are sociopaths.

I find the very thought of DeSantis in the White House quite disturbing and offensive. Should that come to pass, he will undoubtedly, aggressively and vengefully push the same reactionary agenda he is behind in Florida, on a national, widespread scale.

But I see extremely violent public mass-opposition to him emerging, and also this time a mass opposition to the Republican Party and right-wing Christianity. This is another person who should never be allowed to enter the US Presidency, but if he does, there is apparently a lesson for all to come that perhaps can be learned no other way.

Sunstars & Marija,
Be aware. Nancy sent you my email address today.

Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID-19
The VP is showing no symptoms and has had both vaccine shots and both boosters.


Your astrological timeline for sea level rise is interesting! Thank You.

I would have thought Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces would bring serious flooding, but evidently, so far that’s not been true.


Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces might also bring fantastic manifestations of as a function of grand visualization or with the possibility of confusion and delusion.

Russian State TV Comforts Viewers on Nuclear War: ‘We All Die Someday’
Russian state TV hosts discussed the possibility of a war that expands outside of Ukraine on Tuesday,
and Margarita Simonyan, journalist and head of RT, told viewers that a nuclear war would be OK because “we’re all going to die someday.”

Excerpt: “Vladimir Solovyov added, “But we will go to heaven, while they will simply croak.”


Russian TV personalites are openly talking about nuking Washington, DC.


The fact that you enjoy my snarky quips is a testimony to your own creative mind – and a certain pleasure for me. Thank you!

The sky is falling. The sky is not falling. The Russians have mastered the use of fear-mongering since the the Cold War. There is nothing new under the sun. Putin will fall. No doubt about it.

Breathe. Breathe Breathe.

Well said. The Russians are quite expert in using fear mongering as part of their bullying.
The Russian media doesn’t say or do anything without Mr. Putin’s direction or permission. I think he’s using them to prepare his audience for and to justify his probable use of tactical nukes, not on the US, but on Ukraine, crazy though it may be.

I think it inevitable he will eventually FEEL cornered, trapped and BELIEVE his only way out is to use a battlefield nuke as a warning, and as an act of revenge. When he does, that’s likely to be when he is deposed by his own inner circle. Finland and Sweden will have already joined NATO; Russia will be a pariah, and even the PRC will condemn and defy them.

I think Putin should be publicly tried at the ICC, convicted, and executed. He’s a war criminal and a terrible, terrible person who has caused so much trouble for so many. Destroy him and his legacy in every possible way, now and forevermore. If ever there was a case to take out a head of state of a major nation, he has made a very clear one that he should be it. The day he breathes his last shall be a jubilant one for the entire world.

He’s a menace and an enemy of the world. We are all better off without the wicked bastard, including the Russian people.


I partially agree with your sentiments. On the other hand, as horrific, monstrous and despicable Putin’s actions are, causing untold misery and despair, the one and only caveat to this awful debacle that makes any sense is that it forces people to re-evaluate their values and turn within (think of all those pro Trump/ Putin supporters who are having to explain away what’s going on in Ukraine)……

The New Humanity (a discourse dictated by Meher Baba during the aftermath of the second world war).

As in all great critical periods of human history, humanity is now going through the agonizing travail of spiritual rebirth. Great forces of destruction are afoot and seem to be dominant at the moment, but constructive and creative forces which will redeem humanity are also being released through several channels. Although the working of these forces of light is chiefly silent, they are eventually bound to bring about those transformations which will make the further spiritual advance of humanity safe and steady. It is all a part of the divine plan, which is to give to the hungry and weary world a fresh dispensation of the eternal and only Truth.

At present the urgent problem facing humanity is to devise ways and means of eliminating competition, conflict and rivalry in all the subtle and gross forms which they assume in the various spheres of life. Military wars are, of course, the most obvious sources of chaos and destruction. However, wars in themselves do not constitute the central problem for humanity, but are rather the external symptoms of something graver at their root. Wars and the suffering they bring cannot be completely avoided by mere propaganda against war; if they are to disappear from human history it will be necessary to tackle their root-cause. Even when military wars are not being waged, individuals or groups of individuals are constantly engaged in economic or some other subtle form of warfare. Military wars, with all the cruelty which they involve, arise only when these underground causes are aggravated.

The root-cause of the chaos which precipitates itself in wars is that most persons are in the grip of egoism and selfish considerations, and they express their egoism and self-interest individually as well as collectively. This is the life of illusory values in which men are caught. To face the Truth is to realize that life is one, in and through its manifold manifestations. To have this understanding is to forget the limiting self in the realization of the unity of life.

With the dawn of true understanding the problem of wars would immediately disappear. Wars have to be so clearly seen as both unnecessary and unreasonable that the immediate problem would not be how to stop wars but to wage them spiritually against the attitude of mind responsible for such a cruel and painful state of things. In the light of the Truth of the unity of all life, co-operative and harmonious action becomes natural and inevitable. Hence, the chief task before those who are deeply concerned with the rebuilding of humanity, is to do their utmost to dispel the spiritual ignorance which envelops humanity.



Jerry, the treatise reminds me of the real definition of the word “jihad.” It also brings to mind the movie Avatar. That movie showed so plainly the interconnectedness of not only everything within the world but also within worlds beyond and between. Such kinship I felt with that movie; such beauty. I can’t help but hope when we come out of these current travails that our rebirth will bring us to some point of that type of understanding. And I hope I live long enough to experience it.

Beautiful and filled with healing faith and hope.

BuckeyeShadow, I agree with you that Putin, better than anyone, should be drug before the ICC. But not being a signatory to it, I don’t think it’s possible, anymore than it’s possible to get GW Bush before it for what I consider the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and all the harm and torture he oversaw. Granted, at this point, Putin is miles ahead of anything Bush did (and that’s saying a lot), but we’ve got plenty of blood on our own hands to answer for.

Putin’s genocide is not going well. He’s lost his bare-chested, horseback riding manhood in a hail of rockets sinking his prize ship, which lies at the bottom of the sea. His tanks blow their tops off, and now even their oil refineries are being droned. If his own people don’t take him out, he’s going to feel backed into a corner to try to do something drastic. At that point, it’ll be some sort of “tactical nuke.” As someone above pointed out, they’re already trying to get the Russian people used to the idea. It won’t be on Washington, D.C. But it will be somewhere in UKR. Or one of the other “breakaway” nations. He’s no doubt feeling extremely paranoid at this point; like he must do something to turn this around where he has control once again. But war is like a storm. Once it gets going, who says who has control at any given time? If he unleashes any type of nuke, the wrath of the world will come down on him. At that point, his paranoia will be well placed.

Sunstars, Marija,
Nancy sent you my email address. Please send me yours.

Does anyone else want to communicate with me privately?

Really excellent writing reflecting clear thinking!

BTW, why are so many Russians dying in Ukraine? Several reasons, but one really stands out to me.


When the Ukrainians dismantled Russian tank “armor” they unexpectedly found egg cartons where real armor should have been. Likewise, instead of kevlar, it was cardboard again in the soldier’s body armor.

Somebody surely pocketed the money that was to go into the manufacture of proper armor. Whomever that was, needs to be hanged.

I’m wondering if Mr. Putin knows he sent men into battle with cardboard tank and body armor.

Eliseo – I had trouble accessing the blog but as of a moment ago my access has been resumed.

As of yet, I have not received your email address…

Will check again in a few minutes….

Thanks, Nancy, if through some instantaneous magic of yours, after my request through your email, my access was restored.

Nancy sent you my email address on the 26th.
Glad you’ve regained access to the blog.

The live Jan 6 hearing begin on 6/9/22 in DC. That chart might disclose the effects of the live hearing.

hearings! Always something! lol

Putin’s natal Pluto in right ascension is at 148°16′. The opposition is at 328°16′.

Allowing for an orb of 3° to indicate a possible effect yields a 10 month period beginning April 7, 2022, (3° before exact opposition) and ending February 24, 2023, (3° past exact opposition). Exact opposition on January 29, 2023; but Saturn’s station on June 3, 2022, is only 00°21′ from an exact opposition to his natal Pluto.

The entire period between the early and late dates may be considered as transit Saturn in opposition to his natal Pluto – possible mental collapse


The chart for the commencement of the Jan 6th committee hearings set for June 9th 8:15 am Washington DC is extraordinary. There is a close Mercury (27 ’30 Taurus) square stationary Saturn (25 ’14 Aquarius) with Mars right at the midpoint (11 ’29 Aries). We simultaneously have an exact Moon-Mars opposition going on (no orb at 11 ’29 Aries-Libra). All focused at harsh angles (t square and semisquare/sesquiquadrate) to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’46 Leo). Trump’s progressed Moon (9 ’23 Libra) and progressed Mars (12 ’46 Libra) are also being impacted in this configuration. Trump’s anger and belligerence is coming up for examination.

This will be followed in less than a weeks time the June 14th Sagittarius Full Moon (23 ’25 Sag) that closely aligns with Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition. Tr. Neptune (the holder of secrets) at 25 Pisces will be t squared by this full moon. I suspect this investigation will lead to a not so surprising conclusion…….. ALL ROADS LEAD TO TRUMP.

Bob (April 29 at 5:06 pm) “The entire period between the early and late dates may be considered as transit Saturn in opposition to his natal Pluto – possible mental collapse”

So for all us Pluto in Leo people, this is a bit challenging.
And certainly is contributing to the overwhelming “TOO MUCH” Marija wrote of (April 21 at 1:29 am) and touched a nerve for many. Personally, transiting Saturn opposing my Pluto is now. Additionally Saturn is crossing my ascendant; I’m a Floridan and it’s all WAY TOO F’ING MUCH!! A possible mental collapse, how charming.

Interesting speculation. Thank you.
A number of observers have noted some recent physical peculiarities regarding Mr. Putin’s health. He may be suffering from Parkinson’s disease, or a similar disease closely related.

From medical, records and video from 1945, medical historians believe there is close to a 100% probability Mr. Hitler was suffering from Parkinson’s at the end of his life. One of the symptoms is increasing rigidity of mind, especially affecting decision making.

A number of articles and videos exist to suggest Mr. Putin is a Parkinson’s victim, but I will leave only one link here in that regard. I think it is too early to tell if it is true, but something to keep in mind and watch closely.

The video begins with a brief account of Russian military deaths with some analysis, but about 2&1/2 minutes in, the subject switches to Putin’s health.

Russia is Hiding Putin’s Serious Illness
12 minutes 13 seconds


Chickens coming home to roost? Feds going after Manafort (ill gotten?) undisclosed foreign $$ not covered by Trump pardon https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/u-s-feds-seek-nearly-us-3m-from-manafort-over-undisclosed-accounts-1.5881293

Connie and Eliseo, the entire period spans about 10 months. We have all endured longer periods of challenges several times over since January 20,2017.

The challenges to be dealt with will come in a variety of areas and indeed may arise in several areas at the same time. Who is to say in what area (physical, mental, emotional, or cellular) for an individual? The lifescape will be different for those in different health stages, for those in different locations, for those with access to various avenues of aid (Putin, a citizen of kiev; an American member of Congress, a senior citizen in rural Texas; etc.

As for Putin, he may not have a mental breakdown but the transit could accompany a physical challenge (a stroke), his passing or removal from his office as president of Russia.


Opinion: Expect Putin to make a big announcement on May 9
Opinion by James Nixey
Updated 8:37 AM ET, Fri April 29, 2022

“If sanctions are maintained, Europe can continue to wean itself off Russian energy, and if foreign investors remain deterred, the Kremlin will run out of money later in the year — this in turn may dictate an eventual change of policy. But not by May 9. None of these changes will be visible by then — in the “progress” of the war or in the eyes of ordinary Russians.

So May 9 will be a show of strength as it always is. But it will be hollow. Just like, as I suspect, the feeling in the pit of Putin’s stomach.”

We are on the verge of an explosion of futuristic electric urban and personal flying machines. The Jetson One, the Volar, & a whole bunch more. Numerous videos on youtube are available of prototypes, some to come into production and sale now, some in 2023, some in 2025, some later. We’ve long expected the age of Aquarius to be full of far more flying machines replacing ground transportation. We’re almost there!


Your opinion? Pardon my naivete, but might this be a manifestation of Pluto in Aquarius? Should not Uranus (Prometheus) be in the mix here?

Connie —
Thanks for your post, and certainly can relate, and it is TOO MUCH.

A fellow Floridian, I am also Pluto in Leo generation, and how lucky I am to have Saturn opposing Pluto as well as Saturn directly opposing my Mars right now!! Yay!! And Pluto is having so much fun opposing my Cancer Moon now (situation with my mother is out of control), Progressed Moon Opposing Progressed Mars, and bunches of other stuff.

May the New Moon partial eclipse in Taurus today provide a small jolt for fresh new hope and starts. Pluto just stationed and going retrograde at 28 Capricorn seems like powerful energies.

Thank you. You’re sunshine in the sunshine state! Mars/Pluto Leo conjunction oh my, that’s lucky. Lucky like me having a Scorpio stellium. So this eclipse season and whole nodes on Taurus/Scorpio thing cranks up the intensity. And done with computer today next activity is Earthing with the ocean …

Blessings and Peace on this New Moon to all Starlighters

May 9?

Maybe Putin puts a gun to his head and plays Russian roulette?

I’m not even joking. Seeing him kill himself on live TV would be a loss to no one. He would be doing the world a great favor.

As I grow older, I have lost my hope for all human beings. I think some are just too far gone to be brought back from the brink.

And I do hear you, Jerry and slightkc. The US is no saint. We have never been and probably never will be. I think Putin is also some of our karma too come due during our Pluto return. And I can recognize this, and that none of this is cut and dry, and still thoroughly despise the man for the harm and chaos he has brought to many, including his role in Trump’s rise to infamy.

If anything, Putin’s reign makes an even stronger case for democracy, both here in the US and the world over. We have been hypocrites about it, paying it much lip service but rarely recognizing and supporting others elsewhere who sought it. Had we truly embraced the spirit of democracy when the USSR collapsed, we could have effectively eliminated Putin years ago. He might still be driving taxi cabs today.

People like him, Hitler, Marjorie Taylor Greene, DeSantis and others like them always seem to rise up due to grievances unresolved among the masses. There are always people like them on the fringes of society, but a government unresponsive to the issues of the day that affects the masses gives them and their ideas far more oxygen than they would otherwise receive.

We all know Russia has a history of offering a choice to leaders, officials, and military officers who have transgressed or failed in some sense; they can use the revolver with one bullet upon themselves, or face a much more gruesome, painful and humiliating death at the hands of their executioners/torturers.

Were Mr. Putin put in that position, I suspect the remedy forced upon him would be novichok,the same poison administered to Mr. Navalny. After a few hours the poison is undetectable, leaving the impression the victim died of natural causes.

Arranging for Mr. Putin to die of “natural causes” would pretty obviously be more advantageous politically to any successor, but even so, it might or might not result in a change of Ukraine policy, or moves away from autocratic dictatorship.

“As I grow older, I have lost my hope for all human beings. I think some are just too far gone to be brought back from the brink.”

Personally, I’ve not lost hope in ALL human beings, but I certainly empathize with your frustration and disgust, and concur with you that some are “too far gone to be brought back from the brink.” Having studied and interviewed a number of prisoners, I am not the only observer that has concluded some can be rehabilitated, and some cannot.

Jails and prisons are not the only locales in which we find an inordinate number of sociopaths. We also find many within our business leadership, and political elites.

At our present state of knowledge and skill, we have no “cure” for such personality disorders. The only way I see for them to find “redemption” or healing is in a series of future incarnations under better genetic and environmental conditions.

May we all have better genes, and better and more loving family and social environments in our futures.

Please contact me through email. I need to discuss something with you privately regarding current effect on your sun and my moon at 24 Pisces.

Bob, re. yours of April 23: …”On June 4 transit Saturn stations on junior’s secondary progressed Sun and transit Pluto (300°52?) is square ivanka’s secondary progressed Pluto (210°19?) in right ascension (a true 90° separation of them in space). These aspects are not good for them.”

First, thanks for providing the data you back up your comments with – always appreciated!

As to your comment, perhaps it could be considered more broadly given the polarized political climate and the fact that anything related to the Trumps has far-reaching implications. It’s worth considering all sides of Saturn: the builder – constructor side as well as the demolition – destructor side, and the old vs. the new. Saturn can bring responsibility and restriction or limits at the same time – and those things work together. Saturn can be ambition to reach the top, or a fall from the heights, or even a new beginning (the baby, the ruler, and the old man are on the same time continuum and Saturn is all about time).

So, the June 4 progressions and transits can be both good and bad for Junior, as well as the Trump nation as a whole, and its opponents, depending on the point of view.

Trump, himself, in the most frustrating way possible for Dems, continues to be protected by his remarkable chart. No point going into it again, but I think Trump’s problems are insurmountable (won’t be President again), but he’s still got plenty of ammo. Which means, if he remains healthy, he’ll be a trouble maker whether his legal problems put him in political limbo or not. The key factor will be how the polls look in the short run because, right now, Trump’s “influence” on the coming midterms is far more important than he is as a person. Let’s say, he’ll be around.

What’s next? Trump is the assumed contender – unless he’s not. Or until someone he blesses takes on his mantle. Not Tucker Carlson. What if Trump were suddenly to step aside? Who would he step aside for? Who would he endorse? What if there’s a Uranus factor?

People will need to decide about Junior in any case. There is no ignoring him anymore and he won’t go away. What if he were to become the next contender, in his father’s place? If Trump can’t go ahead himself, would he endorse his own son? Well, politics in the US would become an entirely different matter. Rather than watching Junior shoot his big mouth off in rallies and flooding the world with posts and insults online, the world would get a younger version of the old man. Kind of like Bush Jr. (but not the same).

Therefore, let’s speculate about Junior’s request to Elon Musk in January 2021 that he (Elon) should create a new social media platform. One that Donald can’t be banned from. And if Junior were to take on a new role, it would change his life totally.

Fast forward to now: what if Elon doesn’t create a new social media site, but he buys Twitter instead? What if Elon decides to give Junior and the Trump machine a boost?


In any event, the transiting Saturn conjunct Junior’s secondary progressed Sun ought to bring him prominence in connection to the ‘old guard’ of the GOP, even if it doesn’t turn out to be good for him. Transiting Uranus at 16 Taurus 29 is precisely conjunct his progressed Midheaven at the same degree, to the second, on June 4. Transiting Uranus also opposes his natal Uranus at 15 Scorpio 18, as well as his progressed Uranus at 16 Scorpio 24. That’s 3 Uranuses and a Midheaven all in a line.

This ‘surprise’ from multiple levels of Uranus, that includes his career MC, may signal a major change in Junior’s life and career status. So, yes, I agree June 4 is a significant date for him, but the full nature of it is unknown. Just saying, it ain’t over yet – this could be a new beginning. It’s a sorry prospect, but astrology is supposed to be objective….both sides.

P.S. It’s not rocket science…..

Haven’t looked at Elon’s (speculative) chart yet.

Elon already bought Twitter!

Also, I think he will allow the Trumps back on, but won’t give them a boost. Elon is too much of an environmentalist to actually support the Trumps. I do think he’s walking right into a pile of doo doo though as the Trumps lie. What’s the point of giving a platform to liars? On the plus side, he’s going to get rid of all bots and only allow authenticated humans.

By the way, there is a great parody of a conspiracy theory movement called: Birds aren’t real. They say that the CIA and US gov killed all the birds and substituted drones to spy on us. It’s a hoot and has sort of gone viral as they say. 60 Minutes covered it tonight. https://birdsarentreal.com/

Hi Sharon – It’s just to illustrate by way of argument, hypothetical, what if. Yes, I know he’s already bought Twitter, although there are still some technical hurdles he has to clear to finish the deal.

If he allows Trump back on Twitter, that IS a boost to Trump etc. And getting rid of bots is not so easy – authenticating humans is difficult and expensive. Are companies ready to verify users as being human (confirming our personal data/existence) so Twitter & other media sites can boast their followers are real people? Not likely, though they may put more restraints in place.

Also, I really doubt that anonymous (real) users will want to confirm (fess up and give up their anonymity?) (to the corporate interests and algorithms to get rid of bots. The bots will remain, no matter what we ‘real’ people do, because that’s the way the internet is built.

Anyway, we get to live with the consequences of the internet (and Twitter), whatever they will become in future. Who knows what our kids will say 50 or 100 years from now about what we’ve allowed?

I was blocked – again – and now I’m IN again. Still trying to figure out why. Whoever has helped me – Thank you.

Here’s hoping it stays. Eliseo – I do not have your email……

Ok I’m going to press Submit Comment and see if it really does go…….


Nancy has my permission to send Eliseo my email….

The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) and the European Southern Observatory have announced a press conference for May 12 on “groundbreaking Milky Way results”.

No one knows for sure what the announcement will be, but we can surmise they believe it very important as they will be broadcasting it from six different places on Earth simultaneously. Speculation is it will have to do with
Sagittarius A*, the black hole at galactic center, possibly a high quality image.  


Protocol is to email Nancy requesting release of your email. I will ask her to send mine to you again as you did not receive it.

Found this interesting but scary article, so I’m sharing, don’t want to be depressed by myself. Written by a right-leaning judge, seems to be a warning for 2024 elections. As Beowulfe wisely pointed out, tRump is a troublemaker, and whether he runs in 2024 or not, his influence will be strong. Although the 2022 mid-terms are frightening, will be taking a closer look at the planets November 2024 as well.


Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes
Text messages and testimony released by the House Jan. 6 panel shows the deep involvement of some House Republicans in President Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to stay in power
By FARNOUSH AMIRI Associated Press
May 1, 2022, 12:08 PM ET

Excerpts: “It appears that a significant number of House members and a few senators had more than just a passing role in what went on,” Rep. Bennie Thompson, the Democratic chairman of the Jan. 6 committee, told The Associated Press last week.

“As the mob smashed our windows, bloodied our police and stormed the Capitol, Trump and his accomplices plotted to destroy Biden’s majority in the electoral college and overthrow our constitutional order,” Raskin tweeted last week.

When the results of the panel’s investigation come out, Raskin predicted, “America will see how the coup and insurrection converged.”

It is my strong opinion some of our R’s in Congress had foreknowledge of the coming violent insurrection and to some extent were colluding with some of those groups.

It’s a 7 minute read. More detail at link below.


OMG! SCOTUS draft ruling will over rule Roe.

Although the overturning of Roe v Wade is a draft ruling and justices can still change their minds, it may likely pass, and the upshot is to turn the decision back to the states.

Here are tweets from the governors of NJ, NY, CA & MI that expresses their passionate commitment to protect reproductive rights and to invite those who need the care to their states.


I believe this one SC decision if it goes through will absolutely galvanize voters and it may benefit the Democrats, one can only hope. I’m also picturing mega protests and, hopefully not, but some violence. I also think people will change states so they are living in a state that better reflects their values — thereupon further dividing the red and the blue in the perpetual color war.

Who really wants to have an abortion? It is an agonizing and difficult decision for probably most women, but, especially if it occurs early in the pregnancy, it seems to me to be better than bringing a child into toxic environment or one that cannot provide for its needs, or one that is the product of rape or incest.

Conservative overreach. It will be their downfall.

They are the dog that caught the car.

What now?

Late Pluto in Capricorn. This is echoing the British Intolerable Acts imposed on the American colonists last Pluto in Cap cycle. These led to a revolution against an unbearable authority then.

History doesn’t quite repeat, but there certainly is a rhyme happening now.

I cannot speak for any woman. And clearly women have every reason to fight back hard against overreaching Conservatives and the idiocy that led to this particular moment.

At the very least, I hope it finally destroys the horrible Republican Party completely. That would be one of many good things to emerge from this period of crisis.

Frank, Sharon, BuckeyeShadow,

RE: the coming SCOTUS decision
I doubt the “conservative” majority on the court will change their minds. We’ve known this was coming ever since McConnell and Trump bullied their way getting their guys on the SC.

Some of these justices need to be impeached and removed for lying to Congress during the confirmation hearings. I’m sure we all remember Kavanaugh blatantly and obviously lying to Sen. Kamala Harris. He certainly wasn’t the first, nor the last. Clarence Thomas told some big ones to get himself on the court back in 1991. Each every one of these liars was/is, and/or are supported by fanatical anti-abortionists.

Now we have at least one piece of the puzzle as to why astrologers like Andre Kahr and others are probably correct in their prediction the Dems will keep both the House and Senate come November.

Another piece may be the June Jan. 6 committee hearings effect on the electorate. Plus – It would not surprise me if Putin uses a battlefield nuke or two between now and autumn.

Sharon K,
RE: “I also think people will change states so they are living in a state that better reflects their values — thereupon further dividing the red and the blue in the perpetual color war.”

That might well happen. We’ll have to watch the demographic trends over the years. As red states vie to out-red and out-trump one another, firstly women, later perhaps others may choose to escape, as did slaves in the 19th century, to friendlier territory.

Some states were not happy with the end of prohibition. Within those states we ended up with “dry” counties and “wet” counties. You could easily tell where the county line was, as the liquor stores were located on the wet side, just yards or feet away from the border of the “dry” county. It’s possible we could have an analogous situation with women’s clinics.

But it is also possible red, anti-abortion states could pass harsh, punitive laws restricting the movement of women suspected of being pregnant, and of anyone assisting them to get to an abortion clinic or doctor. The day a state executes a doctor for performing an abortion, or a woman for having one, if it gets that far, that state will rue the day for the chaos they will have unleashed upon themselves. They may endure such anger and chaos even sooner, as soon as SCOTUS formally rules.

I see strange karma here. The heart of red statism is the bible belt, ye olde confederacy, which incidentally will be affected more harshly by climate change than most of the blue states. Of the blue states, California and New Mexico will suffer badly as well. Even were there no abortion controversy, eventually people will choose to move out of the catastrophe belt.

It will be very interesting to discover whether this NY Post story is true or perhaps partially true. They are as I recall a pretty “conservative” rag. If true, they’ve got a real scoop! At the site is a video and some interesting photographs.

Putin to undergo cancer surgery, transfer power to ex-FSB chief:
report By Snejana Farberov and Evan Simko-Bednarski
May 2, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to undergo cancer surgery and temporarily hand over power to a hardline former federal police chief, according to a new report.

Putin will transfer control of Russia’s government to Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian federal police’s Security Council, while he is incapacitated during and after the procedure, according to a video from the mysterious Telegram channel “General SVR” on Saturday.

The channel — which is purportedly run by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant general known by the pseudonym “Viktor Mikhailovich” — reported that Putin has been told by doctors that he must undergo an operation.

The anticipated surgery and recovery are expected to incapacitate Putin for “a short time,” according to the unconfirmed report.

“Putin is unlikely to agree to hand over power for a longer period of time,” the narrator of the video states, adding that the control of the country will likely be in Patrushev’s hands for no more than two to three days.

“I will say that this is the worst option,” the narrator adds. “Patrushev is an outright villain. He is no better than Vladimir Putin. Moreover, he is a more cunning, and I would say, more insidious person than Vladimir Putin. If he comes to power, Russians’ problems will only multiply.”

“Viktor Mikhailovich” ominously hinted that he and his allies “will make certain efforts so this does not happen, and I hope we will succeed.”

Asked about the report Monday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said it could not be confirmed.

“I have seen nothing that could help us corroborate that,” he said.

The video follows reporting from Russian investigative outlet The Project, which — in a sizeable report on the strongman’s vigor — claimed he has been seen by a cancer doctor 35 times in recent years. Putin has become so paranoid about his health, the outlet claimed, he has even turned to unconventional, and barbaric, therapies.

Putin is said to bathe in the blood extracted from deer antlers, which are hacked off while they are growing and still full of fresh blood, the outlet said. The sickening “antler baths” are an alternative therapy in the Altai region of Russia, which borders Khazakstan and Mongolia.

Believers say the baths improve the cardiovascular system and rejuvenate the skin, The Project explained.

Meanwhile, an oncologist, identified by the outlet as Evgeny Selivanov, has reportedly made dozens of secret visits to Putin’s Sochi getaway home over just four years.

The report also suggests the Russian president secretly underwent surgery last autumn.

“In medical circles, it is believed that the president was undergoing a complicated procedure related to some kind of thyroid disease during this period.”

Saturday’s video claimed that Putin’s cancer is progressing, but the narrator darkly quipped that he doesn’t want to give viewers “false hope.”

Putin, 70, whose sickly appearance and uncharacteristically fidgety behavior in public have recently raised questions about his health, has been rumored to suffer from cancer and a host of other serious maladies, including Parkinson’s disease.

Putin’s suspected health problems come at a particularly inopportune moment, with the war in Ukraine now in its fourth month and Russia suffering heavy losses on the battlefield.

In a Telegram post that appeared Thursday, it was alleged that Patrushev had had a two-hour “heart-to-heart” conversation with Putin.

“We know that Putin signaled to Patrushev that he considers him to be practically his only trusted ally and friend in the government,” the post claimed. “Additionally, the president promised that if his health takes a turn for the worse, actual control of the country will temporarily pass into Patrushev’s hands.”

In early April, the authors behind the Telegram channel claimed that Putin’s doctors had recommended surgery for later that month, but that did not happen.

“General SVR” has been reporting on Putin’s supposed oncology diagnosis since at least November 2020, claiming that the Russian dictator suffers from bowel cancer.

New questions were raised about Putin’s physical state last month when he was seen tightly gripping a desk during his meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The Kremlin has consistently denied that Putin suffers from any medical problems.


Wow! Here’s one for the astrology books.

Naomi Judd, born January 11, 1946 in Ashland, Kentucky, died of suicide April 30, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, BUT a day later is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as part of the duo with her daughter, Wynonna.

What a juxtaposition! Death by suicide almost simultaneous with reception of great honor.

Well, I guess I am screwed here in Ohio. Our Democratic Party is completely useless beyond the local level. The Republicans have full control of our state government and are doing all the nasty things that this godawful party does anytime it gets its hands on power.

Abortion bans, extreme gerrymandering, anti-gun control measures, anti-gay legislation, the list of injustices goes on.

I’m not sure where it ends. If it doesn’t, this will be a dark and draconian place to be.

Eliseo, this is where my cynicism has developed. Trump’s apparent appeal here has led me to question many thing that is thought were true of humanity. I’m not without hope, but I am thoroughly appalled and disgusted by the vileness, depravity and violent ignorance I see in so many people here today.

Perhaps this was always so for people, but I believe we also have a choice to do better. We’re clearly not using it. And it shows.

I completely understand your feeling, frustration and disgust. I think we all feel that way to one degree or another.

But I think our propensity to depravity rises and falls in cycles. The Hindus encoded cyclic thought into their worldview and scriptures. Biology, astronomy, and astrology also focus us on these spiraling cycles. So mote it be.

We are caught in a struggle for these last few millennia between those who believe kindness and compassion are virtues and strengths, and those who believe such emotions, approaches, and practices are foolish vices and signs of weakness.

As we shake our heads at R madness, we can at least hope Pluto’s move into Aquarius will free us from the domination of these fiendish fools long enough to discover the way to a more permanent victory. Again – So mote it be.

Sharon K: I left NJ at 22 to move to CA where I now live for a better life as a gay person. NJ has since progressed but back then it was dangerous to be queer and I’ve been bashed too many times. I believe you are correct that people, but especially young people will move out of repressive states to free states. Frankly, it is a lot easier to pick up and re-locate when one is younger than when one is older and more settled. Also, right now the job market is pretty good for young people and so much better than in the 70s. Queer people, and now women now have an urgent need to get the hell out of those states, their health and safety demand it.


I have long been hoping that Ohio would shift for the better. Columbus is a welcoming place for many people, by sexuality and race/ethnicity. Cincinnati is much less so, while Cleveland ranks somewhere between the two.

Between these 3 sizable metros, you would think that the Democrats would be wielding a formidable presence in state government. Alas, they took a big hit with the collapse of industry and the ascendance of the Conservative counter-revolution during the 80s and 90s and have never managed to find their footing since then. The party retains its power locally, but is fragmented statewide.

We need them–or someone–to serve as a check on Republican extremism here, but such a counterweight is non-competitive and virtually non-existent. And the Republicans have seized every opportunity to ensure that mounting an effective challenge will be extraordinarily difficult.

I want to see things shift here, but I’m not encouraged by where we are right now. They are worse than ever. I don’t blame younger, progressive-minded folk for leaving to seek out states with more welcoming and forward-looking politics and policies.

BuckeyeShadow, I hope you live in Columbus! Your pain comes though, of dashed hopes for a brighter future for your state and thank God for Columbus, an oasis. I remember on this site awhile back there was a brief exploration of the break up of the USA as a possibility. I wish there was something like a Blue charity that could help re-locate people out of repressive states. Frankly, I can not imagine how we can coexist together, the policies many red states are enacting are repulsive and I, for one, really dont want anything to do with any of them. And, now SCOTUS is enshrining straight, white, hetero, Christian patriarchy into law. I hate it and so very grateful I live in the Bay Area in California where i feel safe and among like minded people.Blessings of strength!

I just don’t get how the SC can have SO MUCH DAMN POWER! We live in a democracy and this is just a group of 8 individuals! How can this be?

On the other hand, this leak could really be good for Dems. There is going to be a very, very big backlash and these people will come out to vote.

Someone on this site, maybe a few of you, have said that the Republicans will overreach and that especially when Pluto enters Aquarius, people will revolt and overthrow them. The SCOTUS overruling of Roe, if they follow through with it, has the potential to radicalize women who have always had the right to an abortion.

It occurs to me that Capricorn is the sign of patriarchy and here in America the white, straight Christian patriarchy is feeling threatened. My sincere hope is that when Pluto moves out of the sign of patriarchy and into Aquarius, the sign of gender egalitarianism, that we will finally topple a patriarchy that’s become corrupted with power and the need to dominate. I see this as another lens onto what we all hope will blossom into the utter rejection of the Republican agenda.

Republican constitutional ‘originalists’ need to be reminded that there ‘originally’ were no laws against abortion in the usa. Certain restrictions came into being mid 1800s, gradually ending in a total ban in the early 1900s. Dems need to stop reacting emotionally and hand wringing and start fighting back with a long term smart strategy. You cannot negotiate with someone who does not want to negotiate.


Until 1913, US senators were appointed by state legislatures to be non-partisan ambassadors from their state. Needless to say, this did not work well, as the partisan state legislatures often could not agree on who should represent them, thereby often leaving US senate seats vacant.

Popular vote of senators began after the 17th amendment was passed as a proposed remedy. But our senators are now far more partisan and biased than in the past.

According to Joe Scarborough, (and I believe Jon Meacham) who evidently know American Constitutional history better than do I, Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, and Lincoln each and all increased the size of the Supreme Court as attempted remedies. FDR also tried to increase the size of the court, but failed. Some are now saying the court needs to again be enlarged to make it more balanced.


What am I getting at here? Neither the senate or the supreme court are functioning the way the Founders intended. Both bodies are functioning as very partisan advocates of their respective ideologies.

The R’s having gone extreme and radical, force the Dems to do likewise to survive, (although the Dems aren’t very good at being radical. They have difficulty with playing unfairly or behaving as bullies). We all know the R’s are putting party first over country, and have morphed into something the Founders would perceive as evil.

How to reform these bodies to better insure they function as the Founders intended? I’m not sure, but I address this to you in particular, BuckeyeShadow because in the past you’ve posted such good ideas as to possible reforms.

Along with getting rid of gerrymandering, the electoral college, and citizens united, and passing the ERA, reforming the confirmation process of Supreme Justices, their length of tenure, forcing them to adopt the same ethics code as the rest of our federal judges, and changing the way we elect senators should all be on the list as well.

I like what you’ve proposed in the past about instant runoff voting, as well as some of your other ideas. Your grasp of the potential of such reforms has always been a bit inspiring.

I understand and empathize with your angst and justifiable disgust over what is happening in Ohio. Unfortunately Texas, where I grew up, is leading the way on royally screwing up everyone’s rights and severely punishing everyone they can, even their own R constituents. Ohio seems not far behind.

As uncomfortable as you are with the Ohio’s present political direction, I’m hoping whatever reforms we enact under Pluto in Aquarius will apply to our states as well. But I’m not convinced the existence of our states as they are now configured and bounded will even be appropriate as climate change eventually alters our geography. In the long run, climate change will depopulate Texas, whereas I think the Ohio area will actually survive.

Hopefully, the egregiously harmful folly the R’s perpetuate in our federal and state governments will be seen in the next couple of years for what it is, stimulating an era of reforms as we have in the past discussed. Severe oppression eventually becomes suicidal; the oppressed revolt.

I agree with Kiwi, now is the time to brainstorm, plan, and plot our return to power that we might actually do our citizens some good. Just some random thoughts on our situation.

May you be well, and not overwhelmed by the political negativity around you. You have such a creative and good political mind. In these peculiar and mean times, may we all have whatever it takes to survive spiritually and emotionally. Peace.

Thanks Eliseo.
I recognize some of my recent posts as being a bit knee-jerk, and I do indeed feel the disgust with what I see happening these days, particularly as of late.

I think even as something as simple as seeing Trump and his ilk prosecuted and held accountable for their crimes would give me more confidence in our current direction. We might not be able to off Putin so easily, but putting the screws to Trump and destroying so much of his media-concocted mystique and influence is well within our reach, and it would send a clear message to Putin that we don’t take kindly to authoritarian corruption. That we haven’t even thrown so much as a crumpled up page out of the book at Trump is a crime in and of itself.

You are correct though that we do already have many possible reforms we can enact, and I have shared several of them here. Perhaps the reactionary SCOTUS’s rollback of Roe v. Wade is finally the straw that broke the camel’s back in this regard. I am seeing so many women I know who are awake and furious today, and rightfully so. The Conservatives who have made clamping down on women their life’s work may have indeed finally gone too far.

I believe that they have, actually, and now cometh the backlash that will be their undoing.

I think we have also been in the heaviness of the Capricorn Pluto energies for so long that it’s difficult to really connect with anything else, even when we know that times as they are now have not always been, nor will they continue to be for much longer.

This era, of stodgy conservatism in all of its forms, and of so many aging and/or billionaire elitist despots is coming to an end. It too will pass, and undoubtedly we can anticipate that many of its key figures–Murdoch, Koch, etc–will pass with it, and blessedly so. Even those not so old but who have operated from a place of elitism, using their extreme wealth, power, and privilege to get their way, often to the detriment of many countless others–individuals like Musk, Thiel, etc.–will likely see that power curbed substantially, perhaps in part due to a substantial market crash and the loss of a massive chunk of their fortunes, if not genuine restrictions placed upon maintaining such wealth.

SCOTUS’ attack on Roe v. Wade could actually be viewed as the final stages of Pluto in Capricorn. Conservative accomplishment of a long desired outcome perceived as favorable to those on that end of the spectrum is realized, but now there is literally no place else for them to go. Pluto has just one more degree in Capricorn to cover, and then he dips into Aquarius. The reactionary element that has taken control of the Republican Party has reached their most extreme ends and is at the end of the road.

The Aquarius Pluto energy will thus unfold as a revolution against an aggressive, arrogant, and overreaching Conservatism that has trampled the rights and safety of many in favor of the wealth, privilege and ideology of an elite few. It will come in as a disruption of a particularly stifling status quo that can no longer be tolerated.

With Pluto going direct in October for its first pass into Aquarius in March, just before the November elections, the outcome could indeed hint at the limits of Republican power and of the waning influence of billionaire and Conservative Christian elitists over election outcomes. It is conceivable that Democrats could retain control of one or both houses of Congress. Even if the Republicans somehow triumph, their actions are likely to be met on both state and national levels with increasing public protest and action against them–even open rebellion–as Pluto moves into Aquarius.

I think a big part of the problem is also the seemingly perpetual electioneering for usa elections. A lot of people make a lot of money in the election business and I blame much of the current TV 24/7 pundit media for extending from what it used to be, even 40 years ago. It truly seems to have morphed into a total divide and conquer strategy ever since roger ailes came on the scene

Too bad campaigning cannot be shortened somehow to be more in line with commonwealth parliamentry style elections – in nz, polling day must be a mere 20-27 days after close of nominations. At least in theory that would force pols to spend more time focusing on doing their job instead of their job security and dirty tricks. And require far less dirty $$$$$$

I agree it would be great were our electioneering period shorter. The caveat for the US, especially for federal offices is size and therfore time it has taken in the past before modern communications. The US is the third largest nation on Earth, both by area and by population. To win, in past it has been necessary to travel, campaigning personally in several states.

But it wasn’t always so. In the first several decades of the republic it was considered “unseemly” to campaign in that style. After nomination, one campaigned from “the front porch”. Perhaps Covid and zoom style meetings have changed our style of electioneering permanently. We shall see.

Eliseo, closer in geographic size though not population, Australia’s time frame from nomination to polling is, not less than 23 but not more than 30 days.


Elections could be curbed with reform, particularly by overturning Citizens United and putting very hard caps on finance with nasty penalties for candidates or contributors who violate them (e.g. stiff mandatory fines and prison time/disqualification). Billionaires like Thiel and Koch should not be able to buy election outcomes. If they do, they should be severely punished.

Federal laws and their enforcement could do much to end what seems like a perpetual campaign cycle.

Pluto in Aquarius could see such reforms come to pass, as well as publicly-funded elections.

Maybe one bright spot if the supreme’s do indeed reverse roe, showing their craven willingness to disregard precedent, could also make way to open the door for a reversal citizens united?

I wonder what would happen if one of the conservative supreme’s were to drop dead before the abortion opinion was finalized and made official i.e., a 4/4 decision?

Roberts is the 9th kiwi, so he’s the tie breaker. I believe which way he’ll vote.

I was so elated when Scalia died and Obama got to choose a justice. Little did I suspect what was coming down the pike.

I cannot believe Ginni Thomas’s shenanigans don’t or won’t have some repercussions for Clarence!

interesting news clips. You are correct Eliseo, abortion denialists are tied to segregationist civil war Klan Cult male ‘christian’ masters.


Just like the German Nazis and the Spanish, Italian, Argentine, etc. etc. fascists of the past, these present day Christo-Fascists will not stop until they are dead, or in prison. In my assessment, toxic, poisonous varieties of religion, in truth, antithetical to their founders core teachings, are defiling “conservative” economic, political, social, and legal theory. Their twisted rationalizations are legion.

We have no laws against extreme fear, anger, or hatred, and determining when those feelings have gone beyond the bounds of reason into pathology is subjective, relative to the general knowledge level of that particular society and culture.

But we do have laws against hate crimes, perjury, graft, fraud, obstruction of justice, seditious conspiracy, sedition, insurrection, and violation of one’s constitutional oath of office. It appears several of our congressmen, congresswomen, senators, R party leaders, Trump staff, and even some of our Supreme Court justices have committed at least one, if not several of the aforementioned.

Surely, we must have a reckoning. It need not be guillotines, but it must be severe. For each convicted citizen, it must be commensurate with the gravity of the crime.

The coming reversal of Roe V. Wade will deeply hurt many, no doubt, but will also do us a favor. It will rip the self-righteous, pious, patriotic mask off the face of our Republican traitors. It will expose them for what they are, miscreants, i.e. heretics to the democratic republican ideals of the Founders, hopelessly addicted to their power, wealth, and entitled sense of false moral superiority.

We have ZERO, absolutely NO influence on the coming SC decision to upside down Roe. Protests outside the court building are of no political avail to the court itself; they are for the moment, only an outlet for venting our deep and profound emotion.

But let us continue the protests. Let us now begin to foment the rumbling. About 72% of our citizens support retaining Roe. Let us begin the rumbling, and as the decibels increase, may they become an unbearable sonic tsunami, a turbulent, clamoring, cacophonic roar, overwhelming the senses, disempowering our far right plutocratic elite and their minions into debilitating political incapacitance.

Reckoning must come before, and in concert with restoration. May the reckoning begin!

That is correct! The present day Religious Right’s roots go all the way back to the values of the Confederacy, and the post civil war “religion of the lost cause.”


Fervently believing “G-D” was on their side, they pondered how it was they could have possibly lost the war. They blamed abolitionists and Black people for the loss, but nevertheless concluded they must have upset the Lord in some way or another. They went, “Oh! We gambled on them riverboats! And we smoked cigars, and drank whiskey, and mint juleps! We consorted with women in the sportin’ houses! Oh Lord, we have sinned!” But nary a thought their Lord might have disapproved of slavery.

Post-Reconstruction, they imposed racial apartheid which lasted practically another 100 years, until overturned in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was during that period they began to plot their way back to power.

But they had already begun to export their poisonous cultural ideas by about 1925. In the post WWI period, Southerners began moving out of the South into other states, gradually “reddening” the politics of those states with their white supremacist fear, resentment, anger, and hatred.

And, here we are. Post WWII, the Germans and Allies had to de-nazify Germany. We will soon need to revisit the Reconstruction Era, this time doing it right, thoroughly, and deeply, de-dixiefying almost the entire US.

To All:
I’m looking for the right magazine or other publication to write for professionally, to write similar pieces to what I post here, but perhaps without the astrological references. I’m burned out with teaching remedial English, and Freshmen college students, but desperately need an income. If any of you have any suggestions, as to which publications might be a fit, I need to hear them.

Eliseo: “Let the reckoning begin!”
Indeed, yes!

Sorry, i dont know of any publications to suggest. I do thought listen to some political astrology videos on YouTube; i have no idea how those people support themselves but I imagine self publishing, now a thing for people, brings in some income I think from the advertisements. Wish there was something like the Mountain Astrologer that had articles from multiple astrologers on politics and culture, that is something I would definitely subscribe to.

Pundits are stating the probable SC decision to overturn Roe will be the first time a constitutional right will be taken away. There is concern about the supremes also reversing gay marriage, or interracial marriage.

It occurs to me the concern has been focused on the “newer” rights which the far right opposes. But in reality, IMO, it could be any right, even those recorded in our original Bill of Rights.

Revoking a right, Roe, or any other rights sets a very bad precedent. Once you kill one, you theoretically could kill any or all of them. In their ideological zealotry, they are playing a very naive and dangerous game.

Eliseo, I emailed you regarding publishing

Can we lay blame for this unholy mess at the feet of Opus Dei? Called by some as the ‘Holy Mafia’

and an older article referencing opus dei

Just a thought but, I wish more people would push a counter narrative regarding the race to criminalize abortion – that counter narrative being based on religious belief.

These new abortion laws are following fundamentalist church doctrine that teaches life begins at conception. And this supreme court majority are Opus Dei catholics who also follow that rigid church doctrine. However, some religions/churches believe that human life does not begin until first breath.

I have not seen anyone argue any contra opinion on religious grounds; that these laws impinge on ‘my’ choice of the religious belief that life begins at first breath. That until then a fetus is biologically a parasitic organism sustained and nurtured by an adult female. And so, making any such law would be a gross violation of the constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state.

If we bring the argument back to center on differing religious doctrine, that would perhaps help get the broader argument away from the victim/persecutor/rescuer narrative, which is often an just an endless perpetuating circle.

I agree 100%! I’ve been saying this for decades!

The feminist rhetoric is of course correct about a “woman’s right to choose,” but is rolling their eyes non-persuasive to someone who believes abortion is murder. To them, we are saying women should have the right to murder an innocent human being for the sake of personal convenience.

The “woman’s right to choose” argument sounds “satanic” to ant-abortion proponents, infuriates
them deeply, convinces them feminists are truly evil, not merely misguided, and strongly motivates them to end ALL abortions and other rights completely.

For literally 1000’s of years the Jewish position has been with the “first breath” tradition of when the soul enters the body and becomes a human being. Mainline Protestantism has long sided with the Rabbis. The Roman Catholic position drifted toward opposing abortion, but it really only began to be crystallized in the last 500 years. In the past 50 years Fundamentalists switched over to the anti-abortion side to get the leverage to put them in power.

The one time I met ex-president Bill Clinton, I suggested he couch the pro-choice argument precisely as you have described. I never saw him again in person, but perhaps about a month later, I saw him on television express it as I had suggested, stating the government had no right to impose the religious dogma of one group on all citizens.

Of course he was out of office by then, and to my knowledge has done very little politicking except for some in 2016 for Hillary. But as the Hillary campaign wanted her to win “on her own,” Bill pretty much stayed out of it.

I’ve known NO other politicians to advocate the pro-choice position from the point of view of religious freedom. Too bad. Look where we are now.

Eliseo, any suggestions as to how we can start a new meme and get the word out?

I’ll have to think about it. The point is NOT to make arguments WE like or find appealing, but arguments persuasive to more conservative religious types. We need everyone to cease with the “right to choose” mantra which served to inadvertantly empower and embolden our opposition. We need somehow to frame and infuse the freedom of religion, the state should not impose religious views position with an aura of “higher morality.” That might be assisted by telling the horror stories associated with illegal abortion. If we don’t retake and maintain the moral high ground, we’ll end up again with the previous eternal struggle.

I’ll think on it more. We can brainstorm it and be in touch through email. In Texas talk, let this coming loss be our Alamo, a loss which instructs and inspires a permanent win and cessation of the argument.

For many of us here, we have spent our lives fighting the good fight and now it feels like we are losing so much. Since the early 80’s when Reagan turned the judiciary into a partisan play to get ultra-right-wing judges to instill their will over the population, they have chosen judges based soley on ideology and not competance. Though abortion is on the front burner, this fight is not about abortion. As we have talked about before, when SCOTUS originally decided on Roe, leaders of the evangelical community were ecstatic about the ruling.

The right agenda seeks to return America to a Christian nation where only white men who own land are allowed to participate in the affairs of the state. As was shown in WV vs EPA, the five crazies on the court are poised to strip the entire Federal Govt of their authority and let everything return to state rights.

At the same time, we need to realize that this is a war where the GOP has aligned itself with Moscow to fight and destabilize the US. He is called Moscow Mitch for a reason.

What makes this much harder is that the MSM is treating the enemy like it’s an actual political party and legitimizing their lunatic viewpoints and giving cover to their treasonist perspectives.

This is the darkest time I can recall in my 60+ years.

Just as I posted above, the 11th Circuit just ruled that FL has done nothing wrong in removing multiple black congressional districts. To call this ruling egregious is an understatement.


Quite a day – and then there is this Reuters report on the radicalized ultra-right training of police officers in the US. Not a good day for humanity but I will stop venting for the moment…



RE: “This is the darkest time I can recall in my 60+ years.”

I remember 1967 and 1968 so vividly. ’67 was interesting, hopeful, exciting, inspiring.

’68 followed, a dark and violent year, which grew darker with each day until its dismal end. Things were bad. But we didn’t have so many Cranks in high places, or so many blithely believing in so many conspiracy theories.

Conservatives weren’t crazy. Right or wrong, they still believed in democracy. Even during the darkest moments, we were aware that creative, liberating forces and energies within us and within society were ascending.

In our political struggles, despite the intense, high passions, we saw our opponents as very wrong, but not crazy, therefore persuadable. In the long run we persuaded the American public to many of our points of view, especially regarding the Vietnam war.

Not so today. In so much of the country we have minority rule by a cadre of intense, ideological kooks, poisoned minds intent on poisoning and dominating the rest of us.

I too, do not recall a darker time in all my many years.


I sent Thomas. Barrett, Gorsuch. Alito and Kavanaugh wire hangers dipped in carmine paint.

Eliseo, silcominc,

RE: “This is the darkest time I can recall in my 60+ years.”

In Indian cinema (popularly known as Bollywood), there are what appears to be the dark moments portrayed in the narrative. More often than not however, the goodness that exists in human nature, the celebration of the human spirit prevails in the end (think Slumdog Millionaire). At first glance, this perspective may seem naive and presumptuous, but India after all has a deep, ancient tradition of acknowledging, the kindness and love that pervades all things. It is everyone’s divine birth right.

Veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchaan, affectionately regarded as the god-father of Indian cinema with 50 years of acting experience behind him, captures the moment in one of his films…..

Meri Makhna Meri Soniye (From “Baghban”)

Video 6 min 50 sec


Will: I say “Good” – not because of course it’s the greatest thing to do… but because I am in the position of being an observer when I want to act in support of a woman’s autonomy.

I want to say: “The State Does Not Own My Body!”

I live in Canada and we DO have autonomy over our bodies, thus there are no demonstrations that I know of – however, I have not sought them out.

During my reproductive years I lived in the States.
I have been pretty open on this blog about my experiences.

I was on the pill – which was relatively new – a full month before I married.

It turned out that the pill made me sick. I tried different brands, different dosages. I became pregnant even though the timing was not right and became the mother of an adorable baby boy with whom I was in love.

I tried the IUD after that and became pregnant on the IUD. They decided not to remove the IUD in case it would disturb the developing fetus.

At 7 months the IUD pierced the bag of waters and the baby was born. She lived 4 days.

I immediately became pregnant after that. These pregnancies were unwilling pregnancies. I did not have a choice.

It was 1973. My life had not gone as I had planned, at all, at all. I terminated my 3rd pregnancy. I was able to do so. Roe v Wade for a while, gave me a modicum of self determination.

I was a mixed up young married woman, a mixture of feeling sacred marriage, and feeling myself as a liberated woman. What a contrast! I didn’t want to live under the conditions of my marriage – wanted to change the conditions of my marriage – but really I knew that the conditions of my relationship would not change… and I wanted to leave it….. But could not make the break.

Thank god for my freedom – my autonomy over my own body as far as pregnancy was concerned.

I did not have the freedom to escape pregnancy in the first place. But Roe v Wade allowed me to save myself to a certain extent.

I actually have run the full gamit. I know the deal.

I know everything they are talking about, these women – I know their histories and I know that they know what they are losing.

A few years ago my sister sent me The Handmaid’s Tale. I gave it away. I could not bear to read it.

So when I say to Will: Good. It is because action has been taken. Any action at all – short of violence – is better than no action at all.

This is a very dangerous place we are in.

I have confidence that with Pluto’s ingress to Aquarius, this all will be ironed out.

I am worried that I will offend the good men on this blog – this does not apply to them – but it seems that the old white men really DO want to take the power away from women – on purpose – and reduce them to chattels. I do not think this will happen.

And if by chance it does…. I want to live the last few months of all this in ignorance – as in – Ignorance is Bliss – LOL!

So, Astrologers …. what do the aspects look like to you?

🙂 I meant to say – my Dear Astrologers …..

From my charts I think the Dems will control both the House and Senate after the new Congress is sworn in January.

For the white House:

Jupiter’s coming trines for President Biden before the midterms

May 20 2022 Jup 01°Ar51′ Tri Asc 01°Sg51′ Tr-Na
Jun 15 2022 Jup 05°Ar50′ Tri Plu 05°Le50′ Tr-Sp
Jun 27 2022 Jup 07°Ar14′ Tri Plu 07°Le14′ Tr-Na
Aug 28 2022 Jup 07°Ar14′ Tri Plu 07°Le14′ Tr-Na
Sep 10 2022 Jup 05°Ar49′ Tri Plu 05°Le49′ Tr-Sp
Oct 10 2022 Jup 01°Ar51′ Tri Asc 01°Sg51′ Tr-Na

Possible swearing in of new Congress
Jan 5 2023 Jup 01°Ar51′ Tri Asc 01°Sg51′ Tr-Na

Putin’s fight with transit Saturn to his Pluto throughout that same time.

Jul 28 2022 Sat 23°Aq09′ Opp Plu 23°Le09′ Tr-Sp
Aug 3 2022 Sat 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na
Jan 4 2023 Sat 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na
Jan 8 2023 Sat 23°Aq09′ Opp Plu 23°Le09′ Tr-Sp

Very interesting and good work you’ve done! Thank You!

Andre Kahr, and I believe other astrologers concur with your conclusions RE: Dems keeping both houses.

I have a feeling, (or is it wishful thinking) some of our R. congressional leaders will be obliged to resign after their involvement with the Jan.6th insurrection and coup are revealed. If they don’t resign, their involvement might sour their re-election chances. I suspect the Jan. 6th hearings may be one of the reasons Dems retain both houses.

Have you fathomed how or why Dems might maintain control? I see the summer of 2022 as potentially transformative.

Also, there are reports Putin is ill with Parkinson’s and abdominal cancer. Right now, no way to verify that. The Kremlin of course says he’s in perfect health. Rumors are he will go into surgery soon after the May 9th WWII victory parade and celebration.

I’m wondering if he survives the next few months. I’m also wondering if we have correct data on his birth.

Kiwi, Sharon,

Supreme Court’s Roe ruling would trample the religious freedom of every Jewish American


Thank you Bob! You’ve made clinging to hope easier for me!

“Have you fathomed how or why Dems might maintain control? I see the summer of 2022 as potentially transformative.”

The main reason for my thinking is basic astrology to the charts of GOP leaders of the House (McCarthy Astro.com AA) and Senate (McConnell – time not needed for aspects to show) on election night and 5 days in January. Those will be bad days for them on those political dates and I am thinking not just for failed elections for them but loss of majority’s in the houses they had led.

For McConnell at the time of new Congress in January 2023. Saturn aspect will hold starting several days before and for several days after.


For McCarthy on election night.


My chart for Putin is my own based on my research and work. I have used it since before 2014.


Thank you for revealing your harrowing experiences as one living through such a time of extraordinary change and upheaval. I am so very sorry for your pain and suffering re: reproduction/prevention. May your future days unfold in harmony with your vision for your journey.

Bob, lovely of you to post those Biden and Putin transits. Merci beaucoup!

Jerry, thank you for your posting. And Bob, let’s hope and pray your read is correct.

It is a crazy time and I find myself just letting go as there is so little we can do but embrace the good in people and hope that good carries us through these turbulent times.

lets hope Andre’s take on the charts regarding eventual outcome for roe/wade is correct

One of the Tarot readers saw bomb attacks in Moscow and St Petersberg in the near future similar to the one carried out in Moscow in 1999 that killed 300 innocent civilians providing pretext for Russia to initiate its war against Chechnya………

Putin’s Right-Hand Man Nikolai Patrushev Is More Barbaric Than His Master

NY Post
May 7, 2022

For years, the US security establishment has been wishing for Russian President Vladimir Putin to get served a cup of tea with a touch of poison. But Washington should be careful what it wishes for. With Putin reportedly about to go under the knife for a cancer surgery, Putin’s right-hand henchman, Nikolai Patrushev, is poised to temporarily take over, and he could be even worse than his master.



Putin Doesn’t Fear A Coup By Oligarchs. But he Should Fear His Fellow Spies.

Russia’s security services have tried to topple its leaders before

Washington Post (by subscription only)
March 10, 2022

Analysts and Russia watchers are batting about the idea that perhaps Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin has become mentally unstable. They point to ranting speeches where Putin seems to invent history out of whole cloth, or his public and cringeworthy dressing down of one of his intelligence chiefs. Then there are the meme-worthy photos of Putin sitting at the end of ridiculously long tables. Some observe that Putin simply doesn’t look well physically — puffy in the face and less steady on his feet. Speculation suggests that all of this is due to the Russian leader’s increased isolation, his surrounding himself with yes-men, or his angst over the bite of widespread economic sanctions the West and other allies have leveled against him since Russia invaded Ukraine. Others say he is afraid of covid-19 and taking draconian precautions.
Putin is indeed afraid, but not of covid. He fears a coup.

The oligarchs aren’t the ones who would turn on Putin. There is something of a power-sharing agreement between Putin and his oligarchical team, but it is one-sided and mostly economic: Putin allows them to run large moneymaking entities in Russia and abroad, and in return, they help him launder his own funds or assist him for whatever else he deems them useful. But the oligarchs have no direct access to hard power, such as police or other armed security forces in Russia.

Nor will the mythical Russian “man on the street” rise up to dethrone Putin. There are Russians who support Putin’s policies, and others who have simply become politically apathetic. Many believe the state propaganda, which is the only news information most Russians can access. While on occasion Russian citizens do protest — sometime in the thousands and tens of thousands — these demonstrations are always forcefully broken up by police and security forces.

The Kremlin allows protests (which they undoubtedly know about in advance due to intelligence work conducted among protest organizers) so that to Westerners, it appears there may be a bit of freedom of speech in Russia after all. This way, Putin can claim to his Western audience that Russians have a right to express their political views. After the riots are over, though, the protesters are often incarcerated or worse.
The real threat to Putin comes from the siloviki, a Russian word used loosely to describe Russia’s security and military elite. These are people like Nikolai Patrushev, currently the secretary of the Russian security council, and Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), as well as other current and former senior security officials.

Men like Patrushev and Bortnikov not only possess hard power, but they know how to use it and are inclined to do so. The FSB includes around 160,000 members of the Border Guard service, as well as thousands of armed personnel with law enforcement authorities. But the strength of the FSB comes not only from its ability to do violence; the organization is also highly secretive. FSB officers are skilled at working clandestinely, keeping their most sensitive operations strictly compartmented to small groups. Putin understands this better than most: He once ran the organization himself.

The siloviki are willing to use this deadly mixture of hard power and secrecy when a serious threat to the Russian kleptocratic system emerges. That’s because the security elite derives their power from the system. The whole operation can flex when threatened; street protests are tolerated to a certain extent, and Russia has withstood lesser Western sanctions in the past. Like branches of an old tree, the kleptocratic autocracy in the Kremlin can withstand the occasional storm, but if the trunk is rotting, the siloviki will take action.

The siloviki are formidable. These are the men who tried to poison opposition leader Alexei Navalny; when that failed, they had him imprisoned, seemingly indefinitely. The heads of the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, planned and executed the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal using a Russian military-grade nerve agent. Other siloviki planned the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, lacing his tea with polonium in a London hotel. Putin, who reportedly approved these operations personally, is only too familiar with the capabilities of the security elite.

Putin and the siloviki are all Chekists at heart. The Cheka was the first modern iteration of an organization that eventually evolved into the KGB. But the organization’s name or structure is less important than the Chekist mentality, which traces its roots back to Vladimir Lenin and later, Joseph Stalin. Both Soviet leaders were fond of leaning into terror as a methodology for controlling Russia, and this tradition has been passed down from one generation of Chekists to the next. On what used to be called “Chekist Day” in Russia (now called with greater political correctness Security Agency Workers Day), Putin would routinely make celebratory phone calls to the senior leaders in what Russians still refer to as their “special services.”
But what likely has the Russian autocrat losing the most sleep these days (and perhaps acting a bit erratically) is that Putin, who takes the time to study history so as to better distort it, cannot have overlooked the coup attempt against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991. At the time, the Soviet Union was unraveling. Factories were failing because employees simply stopped showing up for work — because their employers had stopped paying them.

More troubling to the security and military elite, the Soviet republics around the perimeter of the state were beginning to break away, declaring autonomy and even independence. The siloviki were witnessing a massive disruption that they feared would lead to the dissolution of the country — and the power they had amassed — as they had known it for decades. Rather than let the system from which they derived power and riches devolve further, they intervened, detaining Gorbachev while he was vacationing at one of his dachas. In the end, the attempted coup was unsuccessful, but it marked the beginning of the end of Gorbachev’s regime — and the entire Soviet Union.


Many Thanks for the NY Post piece!
Very Interesting!

Here’s another reason the R’s may lose and the Dems retain the House and Senate in November, published by The Hill.

McConnell says national abortion ban ‘possible’


Last two paragraphs:
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee cited McConnell’s interview with USA Today to gin up support for Democrats.

“Mitch McConnell confirmed what voters have long known: Republicans will use every tool they can, from the courts to Congress, to make abortion illegal everywhere and strip away a woman’s right to make our own decisions. For voters, the stakes of protecting and expanding our Democratic Senate majority in 2022 have never been higher.”

At midnight tonight here on the west coast it will be 10 AM in Moscow, which is when their Victory Day parade and celebrations begin. After sunset on the 9th, they will begin the fireworks show.

Last estimate of Russian soldier deaths in Ukraine as of 2 days ago was 25,900. Speculation from several reputable news sources predicts Putin will use the Victory Day occasion to “transform” the “special military operation,” actually declaring war on Ukraine. A formal declaration of war would legally enable him to expand conscription and institute a draft, which he needs badly if he wants to continue the conflict.

Russia may declare war on Ukraine on May 9 – and use it as a reason to double down on attacks

He can’t stop, or negotiate a cease fire. Anything less than complete victory over Ukraine will cost him his power, and quite possibly his life. Many sources also report Mr. Putin is very ill, possibly with Parkinson’s and abdominal cancer, and will probably have surgery very soon after Victory Day. If anyone is going to “do him in,” that would be the perfect time. Conversely, he might not survive anyway.

It will be interesting astrologically and historically to see what happens in the next few days. Presuming Mr. Putin survives and retains power, I have a feeling these are nevertheless the last several months of his life.

My charts show a series of difficult days for Putin and intermittent difficult days stretching into June for him.

For Victory Day I see 2 sets of aspects playing out. For public consumption things will be shown to be OK but Putin may be propped up with pain killers and may overextend himself on the day only known by insiders.

Fascinating reading about Russia (collapse of Russian economy), NATO, the EU, de-nuking, and more. Starts about 9 minutes in.

(05.08.2022) Sunday Mother’s Day Brunch HCRV & Tarot Card Blitz

Link for reading:


You’ll especially appreciate this article from Politico.

The Real Origins of the Religious Right
They’ll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record’s clear: It was segregation.


Years ago, I did some graduate work in history especially focusing on the Religious Right. I was unable to finish that degree, having run out of funds, but before I did, I learned an awful lot, doing research for a professor who wrote books on the subject. (Later I completed other graduate work, but unfortunately not in history.)

The article recounts a good history of the “modern” religious right, but in reality they’ve been a plague upon our culture from way before the American Revolution, from the very beginning when Europeans began arriving on the continent.

There are a number of good essays and books written by sociologists, historians, and political scientists on the religious right, but if you (or anyone else) are interested, I recommend first reading, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy by Frederick Clarkson, first published in 1997. Clarkson brilliantly describes the conflict between the ideas of the Founders, who today we might describe as Deistic secular humanists, and those of the puritanical folks who were part of the early history of the developing nation.

The attitudes and political activities of the religious right go all the way back to some of the first settlers. Did you ever read The Scarlet Letter? Author Nathaniel Hawthorne, deeply ashamed of the self-righteous, nefarious activities of his grandfather, portrayed the religious right of that day as the “bad guys,” an altogether appropriate characterization IMHO.

Addendum: Clarkson describes the advent of the American Constitution, (written and coming into effect while Pluto was in Aquarius) as the moment the theocrats lost the battle as to what type of society we would live in.

Thanks Eliseo, yes, I had read something like that before – their hateful ‘hell,fire & damnation’ version of christianity indeed.

And now, some refreshing very lovely words from Intuitiview Kim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk_BTK1Gqp8

WOW Thank you kiwi!

I would have missed it bcz I saw the two previous ones and thought that’s all there is.

This is an EXTRAORDINARY episode…..everyone should see it.

The US National Science Foundation says they have grounbreaking, unprecedented news to announce on May 12, 2022, starting at 9 a.m. EDT. It will be an in-person event, but will also be streamed live at
as well as on the official Facebook page for the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Many strongly suspect they now have a very clear photograph of Sagittarius A, which is believed to be a black hole. But it could be about something else. We won’t know until they make the announcement and presentation.

Read More: https://www.slashgear.com/857623/the-us-national-science-foundation-has-groundbreaking-news-about-the-milky-way/?utm_campaign=clip

I called the South Carolina DMV office today regarding the renewal of my drivers license from overseas (apparently it can be done online). A taped recording came on saying that their offices were closed today May 10th due to Confederate Memorial Day. At first I thought it was a joke, I got the wrong number or something. But it’s for real. Half of the staff at the DMV office I had frequented are black. Wonderful people. I wonder what goes on in their minds? Someone should remind SC Governor McMaster that the civil war ended 157 years ago.

Alito may have his say soon but the transit of Saturn on midterm night to the opposition of his natal and/or progressed PLuto says to me he may be fearing impeachment from a new Democratic controlled Congress in 2023.

The midterms could usher in a new Congress, and a new Supreme Court, a new version of Roe, and changes in the nation’s political procedures.

If Alito and Thomas go and any number of tRump appointees are removed also there could be a left leaning SC for decades.

Even if only Alito and Thomas go the court swings left most likely.

Samuel Alito, born on 1 April 1950 at 00:56 (= 12:56 AM )
Place Trenton, New Jersey, 40n13, 74w45
Timezone EST (is standard time)
Data source BC/BR in hand
Rodden Rating AA

Bob, I hope all your predictions come true. It gives me a modicum of solace. I do believe that people respond to the light and choose growth. What we are seeing right now is a base desire to regress to an illusion which hopefully will fail to take hold.

Jerry OMG – No wonder so many in those states still yearn for the past, for the world they want to recreate again!

Watching a number of historically-rich lectures and videos on Russian history on Netflix – amazing, fascinating, complicated. I can’t seem to capture a link for the series but its easy to pick up on Netflix.

The Howitzers and Switchblade drones we are sending to Ukrainia are delivering many devastating blows to the Russian military. I watched some clips of Putin glad-handing some of his top-brass at the May 9 Victory celebrations – it was a painfully-forced and pathetic PR stunt. Putin was uncomfortably-diminished. Poor No-Goodnik. Karma baby. Karma.

If Putin is to have an operation on May 15, 16, or 17, it could fail to accomplish it’s goal.

or there could be complications.

Very interesting. Thank you!

Finland and Sweden WILL join NATO very soon. Word is the process will go quickly as they both already fulfill all necessary rules and requirements. It could happen as early as June.

Russia claims they will retaliate. As a minimum, they will feel the need to substantially reinforce their 830 mile boundary with Finland. But they might go for broke, and do something really stupid and crazy. If Putin is replaced, the new guy is likely to feel he needs to do something bold or provocative to prove himself and to begin consolidating his power.

Bad News.
Erogan (Turkey) has signaled he will block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Admission must be agreed upon unanimously. (Article 10) Erdogan claims Finland and Sweden harbor terrorist organizations.

No idea how we’ll get around this. Finland and Sweden need NATO NOW and WE need them! IMHO, Erdogan is another fellow who needs to be voted out, removed, somehow permanently absented from any of power. I’m wondering if he can be persuaded, bribed, etc. This may be a real headache for Biden and our allies.

Several news organizations have the story.
Link below is only one of many.


So disturbing…. saw the Erdogan thing a couple of hours ago.

It’s not enough that he hurts Syria, but now the blocking of Finland and Sweden to NATO…..

He can be expelled from NATO but what a time consuming pain that would be.

Hopefully there are better heads than mine who can expedite this overdue occurrence.

Just when we were feeling exhilaration about a united democratic front.

There’s gotta be a way…….gotta be a way. Ethics violations. Turkey does not share the values of democracy.

You just never know. I read this morning that NATO was waiting Turkey out…. NATO was waiting for a regime change, rather than go to the extreme trouble of ejecting Turkey from the alliance.

What are the calculations, what are the signs that one action would be better than the other?

The Hill has an article by Alexander Motyl, a political science prof at Rutgers University, titled:

“Prepare for the disappearance of Russia”

Makes sense to me.

Do you guys think that maybe Turkey is trying to stop Russia from some rash action against Finland and/or Sweden by preventing them from joining NATO?

I’m guessing Erdogan is taking this position to use as a bargaining chip. He wants something. He might be thinking he could trade his yes vote for something he might otherwise not get or receive.

If Turkey votes NO, the vote would probably be 29 YES, 1 NO. Article 10 requires the vote be unanimous.

“he could trade his yes vote for something he might otherwise not get or receive”…from Russia, I guess you mean.

On the other hand, I believe he opened Turkey’s air space or did something to help Ukraine.

I still think he doesn’t want Russia to expand the war by attacking….they already cut off Finland’s electricity though so I don’t see Finland backing down.

I have to look into how they are going to cope without Russia’s electricity.


Inasmuch as I’d like to concur with your belief that Turkey has no le intentions re: NO vote on Sweeden and Finland joining NATO, my dark side says Erdowan has no higher angels whispering in his ear. Isn’t just a textbook MercR stunt?.

No, Sharon. Not from Russia.
Respectfully, from NATO itself and/or the US.
They may want us to look the other way while they do something like slaughtering ALL of the Kurds, or maybe drop our objections to their human rights abuses; maybe they want gold or cash.

The Turks could be planning a war of conquest on their own, on one of their neighbors, and want no complaints, sanctions, or interference. Putin isn”t the only guy with imperial ambitions. Erdogan, and the Turks generally, want to restablish the Ottoman empire. They aren’t helping Ukraine out of the kindness of their hearts. They’re doing so because Russia’s war on Ukraine and the West, (whom they also hate, but they are smarter and more pragmatic about it) that war is interfering with THEIR OWN imperial ambitions.

In other words, were Russia to collapse today, it still ain’t over. Turkey is one of several autocratic, traditional societies resisting the Aquarian way of governing. It’s no mere coincidence we’re beginning to call our era the Anthropocene. Pretty Aquarian moniker, isn’t it?

Up until Bretton Woods, July 1944, and the end of WWII, conquer or be conquered was accepted as the normal way of nations and the world. On the psychospiritual level, the conflict is between those who believe kindness, compassion, and self-ownership are strengths, and good things unto themselves, and those who believe those are not virtues, but foolish and silly weaknesses, that the right way of doing things, the way of survival is to be the best bully you can possibly be. The struggle, the transition to the “new” way of being, is as ugly and potentially miraculous as the metamorphosis of the worm looking caterpillar into the butterfly. The political arena is one the material venues through the drama proceeds.

Left out some words. That’s what I get when I can’t find my glasses, and post using my phone with its tiny screen! Argh!

Last sentence should read
one of the material venues through which the drama proceeds.

I don’t disagree with what either you or Will said, Eliseo, but I also just happened to notice this headline about Turkey offering to evacuate the injured soliders who are still at the steel plant in Mariupole suffering greatly!


PS: We watched the Eurovision finale on Peacock TV at my mother-in-law’s house today and, although we kind of hated the hokiness and sensationalism of it all (although there were some enjoyable aspects), we were elated and teary-eyed to see Ukraine win with a hip hop song, with the singer yelling Salva Ukraine at the end. The Eurovision best song award seems to be a very big thing in Europe.


Lunar eclipse in Scorpio tonight squares Saturn.

There were several mass shootings today, especially the devastating one in a Buffalo NY supermarket that’s being called a racially-motivated hate crime, but there were also several violent accidents with something like 8 people riding motorcycles running into a pick-up truck, with half of them dying and the rest injured, and a small, private plane crashing into a small bridge in Miami that I am very familiar with, at Haulover Beach.


Hey Sharon,
Thanks for the links, especially the one to Vibrational Astrology.

The Turks may be evacuating the civilians and wounded soldiers for humanitarian reasons, but also could be because the “enemy of my enemy is my friend,” at least temporarily. Could be a mixture of both.

I’m always very disturbed by mass shootings. I think I’m more disturbed because so far, from the social psychological perspective, for many of them we don’t fully fathom why they’ve been occurring or increasing. Although it is one of several factors, it’s not as some want to oversimplify, merely because of the proliferation and availability of firearms.

In the case of the US, Americans have almost ALWAYS had access to high capacity, quick shooting firearms, particularly since the introduction and perfection of lever action rifles in the 1860’s, and in 1899, the .38 ACP Colt M1900.

Excluding mafia and other type gang killings, domestic violence, robberies, police over reaction, and terrorist acts in which a shooter kills at least four victims, it wasn’t until September 6, 1949 that we experienced anything close to a “modern,” non-political, random mass shooting. On that day, Howard Unruh (January 21, 1921 – October 19, 2009), later to be found to be “criminally insane,” while taking a walk, casually shot and killed thirteen people in Camden, New Jersey.

Almost 17 years later, on August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman, who had a brain tumor pressing against his amygdala, killed quite a number with a bolt action rifle from the Texas Tower at the University of Texas in Austin. The latter is the date from which we begin to see the escalating pattern.

What is puzzling – despite over 100 years of easy access to high capacity firearms, from the 19th century into the 20th, we don’t have non-political, random style mass shootings until more recently, in 1966. Most of the mass shootings through the late 60’s and into the 70’s were either political, (mostly race) or involved other crimes, like robbery.

Although as I stated above, we don’t fully understand the social psychological dynamics, IMO, a “real” solution to our gun violence, and probably many other varieties of violence as well, is not the plethora of overlapping and state by state, inconsistent, gun control band-aid laws, (some of which may be effective, but IMO mostly not) but a full throated, universal socialized medicine, or socialized health insurance program with a strong mental health component.

Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing a gradual increase in non-political, random style mass shootings in other countries which have far stricter gun laws, than have we in the US. Copy Cats? Who knows?

In the US, mass shootings of all varieties combined, political, personal, random, etc. constitute about 0.2 percent of our homicides. Nevertheless, I’ve thought about the issue for a long time, and wondered particularly from a cultural and astrological perspective what changed, what astrological influences might be related to these seemingly senseless mass shootings.

Alas, I have not the astrological insight or expertise. But I do find it deeply heart breaking.

Finally, it comes out what Erdogan is talking about.


“We don’t want to commit a mistake,” the president added. “Scandinavian countries are like guesthouses for terrorist organisations. To go even further, they have seats in their parliaments, too.”

Erdogan’s remarks referred to members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Turkey considers terrorist organizations. The president also appeared to be referring to followers of the U.S.-based Muslim scholar Fethullah Gulen, who Ankara blames for the failed 2016 coup attempt.

Amidst the global angst, I would like to pause and acknowledge Vesak Day on this May full moon, where devotees contemplate the virtues of Buddha, and the rest of us can also commit to lighting up the lives of others, by showing compassion, kindness and patience.

Thank you, kiwi. That was very beautifully stated.

I sometimes remember to tell myself to Let go…………Lighten up…….

Compassion, kindness, patience are from the heart, not the head.

In harmony with Sharon, I also thank you for the reminder. Today, as I ran errands in my car, I listened to classical chamber music rather than MSNBC, or CNBC. Time to breathe.

“Compassion, kindness, patience are from the heart, not the head.”

Yes, true. But the wise know compassion, kindness, and patience are far more reasonable than their alternatives. Western thought separates heart and mind. But often in translating Buddhist thought, the compound noun heart-mind is more appropriate. The virtues you mention have both mental and emotional components. Nevertheless, your simple point is well taken.

We’re not there yet, but presuming Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia may retaliate by cutting the transatlantic cable. (This was probably their intention in the Irish Sea when Irish fishermen drove them away a few weeks ago.)

An enormous amount of communication and data passes through the cable affecting us all in myriad ways. In my own case, my email service comes from the Netherlands. Were the cable cut, I’d have no email through that source.

Check what you send and receive that might be channeled through the transatlantic cable, just in case, and take necessary precautions.

You may or may not know much about demography, but I’m sure everyone understands a society is in serious trouble when a growing number of its young people refuse to reproduce as a form of protest. From my perspective, this is one of the most interesting social developments I’ve seen in my lifetime. The context includes two major facts. (1) The Chinese–made covid vaccine does not work, but the governmrent cannot acknowledge, or admit it, and fears loss of authority if they use another nation’s vaccine. (2) Their economic system is failing, and getting worse every day for most Chinese.

‘We are the last generation’: China’s harsh lockdowns could exacerbate population crisis

Carrying on the family line has long been a filial duty in traditional Chinese culture. But in today’s China, not having children — or delaying it — has become a form of soft resistance and silent protest against what many see as the disappointing reality they live in, with deep-rooted structural problems stemming from a system that they have little power to change.

“It is a tragic expression of despair of the deepest kind,” Zhang Xuezhong, a human rights lawyer and former law professor in Shanghai, wrote on Twitter about the video.

“We’ve been robbed of a future that is worth looking forward to. It is arguably the strongest denunciation a young man can make of the era he lives in.

Over the past decade, an increasing number of Chinese millennials have delayed — or outright rejected — marriage and childbirth, as they confront high work pressure, skyrocketing property prices, rising education costs and discrimination against mothers in the workplace.

Last year, just 7.6 million Chinese couples registered for marriage — a 44% drop from 2013 and the lowest in 36 years. At the same time, the country’s birthrate dropped to 7.5 births per 1,000 people, a record low since the founding of Communist China, with nine provinces and regions registering negative population growth.

The Chinese government is worried. For decades, it had strictly enforced a one-child policy that forced millions of women to abort pregnancies deemed illegal by the state. But as China’s birthrate plummeted, demographers warned of a looming population crisis.

Much more at link.


Eliseo, you raise a real concern – that the Chinese do not want to reproduce. I think the same is true here – our children and many of their friends are putting off or not having families and the reason is that the world is not safe and we might be the last ones.

We have always believed that our children would do better than we did, but lately, it seems our children are not doing better and are barely able to hold on going forward.

Alito (in his draft decision on Roe) leans into the idea that our right to privacy is not stipulated in the Constitution. And some on the right are looking at this and saying we don’t need immigration to grow our nation as we can force poor people to have more children. It is a terrifying look at a future where the poor have no rights.

I certainly understand your concern. Covid and the problems with Russia have us all on edge. It’s like the Cuban Missile Crisis, but lasting considerably longer than 13 days! It is easy to relate to young people who feel as you have described, but I do not believe that attitude will prevail in the long run. The Covid pandemic will eventually play out, but who knows how long the Ukraine/Russia war may last?

As of the moment, the birth rate in the US and Mexico is considered relatively healthy. Much of the rest of the world, not so much, especially from an economic perspective. The US also benefits more than any other country from a healthy flow of immigration. That’s been interupted somewhat by Trump and Covid, but if I’m not mistaken is returning to normal. It will surely get better as Covid subsides.

Presuming the SC overturns Roe, within the US, I believe we can reasonably expect a change in interstate movement, a kind of “brain drain” as young, intelligent women leave their blood red home states for states friendlier to their real needs. As many of those original home states are located in the southern third of the lower 48, this was bound to occur eventually anyway as climate change gradually wrecks the livability of those states. Overturning Roe speeds up the process.

The Right will eventually rue the day they actually got their wish list accomplished. They are sowing the seeds of their own demise. They will see all they’ve worked toward reversed and turned upside down. As Pluto moves into Aquarius, I believe this will become more obvious, similarly as to when the public in the early 20th century gradually awakened to how harmful prohibition had been.

As of now, we are hobbled by the resistance to and flat denial of real facts by those on the Right. Their innumerable
delusions and consequent opposition prevent us all from crafting and executing real and effective solutions to our several problems. If I understand the astrology and cultural trends correctly, I believe the Right will be slapped down hard by a political tsunami, a backlash which will keep them down for decades to come.

Our problem then will become the excesses and delusions of the Left. As of now, the Left is far more realistic and pragmatic, our idealism tempered by the extremes of the Right. But as the Left ascends in its cycle, so will the number of Leftward delusions increase. Such will be the folly of our unchecked idealism.

Meanwhile, Covid and the backlash to the ensuing repressions are speeding up the process of unraveling the Chinese were already experiencing. The chaos they are moving toward will affect us all. By the end of the 20’s, the world map will look profoundly different from what anyone expected.


Pluto in Capricorn has empowered the Reactionary Conservative Right as only it can. Fortunately, we only have to deal with them at this level every 230ish years–when Pluto is NOT in Capricorn.

As much as I forget, and occasionally vent about it here, I keep reminding myself too that this period of reactionary ultra-Conservative extremism is only for a time. And it can be so difficult to see past it when we are caught up in the eye of the storm!

I agree with you that there will be very deep regrets and remorse for some of these folks for what they have done, and for the prices that they will have paid for their grab and overreach for power.

Pluto leaving Capricorn for good in 2024 is going to bring about a crash from the “high” that right wingers have experienced from their empowerment. With it will come the exposure of tradeoffs they made to achieve illusory gains, and how doing so has destroyed their integrity and credibility.

Trump in particular comes to mind as one of these “tradeoffs,” particularly for Conservative Christians. Fewer younger people than ever consider themselves Christians, and many are fleeing the church. It’s because so many of their parents and grandparents embraced this godawful fool of a man and all of his two-facedness and hypocritical, racist, sexist, and unchristlike, amoral behavior.

Trump is indeed very likely the closest thing to an anti-Christ that has ever existed in modern US history, with a regrettable far-reaching influence around the world because of his being seated as POTUS for 4 years. The Bible warns that Christians would be deceived by such a person. Who ever believed for a moment that Donald Trump, of all individuals would be THAT person?

Pluto in Aquarius actually strongly supports and empowers the very Aquarian GLBTQ community–the very people who have been persecuted by right-wingers. Look for them to make great gains and make a dramatic push back against the far-right who will be shocked and devastated by the sudden overturning of their efforts, yet literally almost powerless to stop them.

I also see a great “rebalancing” too, between the sexes, races/ethnicities and others. One of Capricorn’s themes is privilege and exclusivity, and Pluto in Capricorn has made it abundantly clear how important these are to some folks, particularly monied elites like Thiel and Koch, as well as some (not all certainly) white men who are gullible to conspiracies such as white replacement theory that hold that their apparent birthright is under threat from brown-skinned immigrants and white women seeking abortions.

Aquarius in its purest form has zero respect for privilege, tradition, or hierarchies. With Pluto arriving in the sign, the spiky world of extraordinarily wealthy elites and of white men like Tucker Carlson, who express grievances with the fact that people who don’t look like him should dare to see themselves as equals to him, is going to be severely challenged these next few years and will be knocked off its pillars. Carlson and the poor privileged babies who make up his ilk can whine incessantly and be victims for as long as they want to, but their words are increasingly likely to fall on deaf ears.

One thing I COULD see happening in Aquarius though is a fracturing of society and separatist movements taking off. With Capricorn Pluto authoritarianism and centralization fading to zero after 2024, we could see white supremacists retreat into one or more states–or parts of states–to pursue their warped and delusional ideals in relative isolation. Essentially, they give up on trying to take over the US as a whole and resort to nursing their grudges and ideology in some remote part of the continent, like Northern Idaho, or in parts of the deep South, in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee or Kentucky.

On some level, it might almost be better to just let them go and create their delusional pure white ethnic state, rather than to try and to keep them integrated into our society, which has failed miserably and come at a great cost. But definitely keep eyes and deep, punishing economic sanctions on them, rob them of any weapons or recognition of sovereignty worldwide, and provide incentives, education, and asylum for anyone trying to flee them and properly integrate into our society.

I truly believe the Union didn’t go far enough to break the South and rid it of its wicked ideologies at the end of the Civil War, and that has haunted the US for almost two centuries since then. Instead, we re-integrated them, and have seen the Southernization of the country become a thing–the Ghosts of the Confederacy are indeed very much alive and exacting their revenge on the Union–under the guise of the Republican Party, very ironically the same political entity that stood for the abolition of slavery under Lincoln.

My roots are in the South, but I want no part with any group of people who base their identity on keeping others beneath their heels. That disgusts me to no end. The Confederacy and all its delusions of white supremacy needs to be put down like a rabid dog and buried in a ditch on the side of the road, once and for all.

Short of that, put labels and a boundary on it, and then starve it and deal it the death of a thousand cuts until it finally gives up the ghost.

The U.S. and it’s citizens have wide sweeping impactful changes coming in the next 20 months.

Sibly Chart Pluto returns in longitude to natal and progressed Sibly Pluto:

SIBLY – Jul 4 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
Philadelphia PA, 39°N57’08”, 075°W09’51”

Sibly chart Pluto in longitude is at 27°33′ Capricorn.

Feb 20 2022 Na
Jul 11 2022 Na
Dec 28 2022 Na

Mar 1 2023 Sp
Jul 5 2023 Sp

Jan 6 2024 Sp

Eliseo and BuckeyeShadow I hope you are both right and that the end is near for our crazy white American Nazi’s, but I have lived with this kind of hate all my life – the difference was that since the ’60s, these ideas lived in the shadow and now it back is in the mainstream like we have not seen since the 1930s…and the divisiveness of the 30’s evaporated with a War. Just not sure how we go from here to there.

This is one of the best-researched articles I have seen on the impact of the American Nazis and their attempted take over of local and state government…



This is a Pluto energetic signature that we are experiencing, and of course, as Bob just highlighted, it’s our Pluto return. Pluto brings to the surface things that are buried deep, and racism mixed with notions of racial privilege and superiority predate the founding of the country. It would not at all be inaccurate to call it the original sin of the US. It has been the root of so many of the evils that the US has fostered in its young history.

It was always there, for those who wanted to see it—and even for those of us who didn’t. Right now, it has a face, and that looks a whole lot like the energetically constipated Carlson on Fox Noise. But it has had many faces and voices over the years, from Rush Limbaugh, to Senator Jesse Helms, and so many others whose sense of well-being and identity was almost entirely dependent on the misery of denial that they could inflict on those who did not look like them.

Despite the open rage of these sad pale men, they are actually closer than ever to losing their status and all the perks and privileges that accompany it. Actually, it’s not even reversible at this point. They are fighting a losing battle to save themselves as the astrological clock indicates.

The only real question is how much additional bloodshed and suffering will they cause on their way down? Unfortunately, there will probably be more incidents like the one in Buffalo. However, these must trigger widespread condemnation and an aggressive response.

Honestly if it can be shown that the murderer or others like him killed people because of what Carlson or others of his ilk put out there, they need to go for the jugular and sue them. Hit the bastards where it hurts them most—their bank accounts! There is totally a version of this where Fox News and Murdoch are run into bankruptcy and out of business because of the harm they have knowingly caused so many. Alex Jones and his InfoWars propaganda network are already facing this prospect because of his being cited as a contributing factor in Sandy Hook.

Murdoch and others on the far right whether for the sake of ideology, for profit, or both, should beware. When Pluto leaves Capricorn, they will lose their protection and will no longer be able to peddle their utter and complete bullshit with impunity. The gig may very well be up for them.

The Aquarian in me ponders, non-emotionally, that perhaps this global chaos is part of the fact there simply are too many people currently living on earth – more than ever has existed before.
Perhaps the desire to not procreate is some sort of subconscious animal instinct to attempt to bring nature, of which we are part of, into better balance; that until we perfect the art of living cooperatively, there is no way for this many people to peacefully coexist productively; that perpetual growth is not always a good thing.

Having said that, this news commentary from Rachael is wise, but on a chilling topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yKs-dtl7OI


“I truly believe the Union didn’t go far enough to break the South and rid it of its wicked ideologies at the end of the Civil War, and that has haunted the US for almost two centuries since then.”

I agree completely.

Many believe things would have gone better had Lincoln lived to finish his second term. In reality, I believe his assassination preserved his reputation as a great president. He pocket vetoed the Wade-Davis bill, the most ernormous and consequential error of his political career. Lincoln favored a more lenient 10% approach. Wade-Davis stipulated 50+% of voting age citizens in each Southern state, whom had not taken up arms against the US, take the oath of loyalty and allegiance to the US before the state could be readmitted to normal status.

Wade-Davis, IMO was the better plan, but I would have favored an even tougher approach. Had I been in charge, the Confederate area would have reverted back to organized territorial status. State boundaries would have changed, with new states with new names created. The South needed a new, better identity and self redefinition. But alas, the stolen election of 1876 resulted in the removal of federal troops; Southern Jim Crow apartheid was imposed, lasting another 100 years.

I think it’s highly probable that humanity experiences a population crest, followed by a crash for a number of reasons, not the least of them being an imminent baby bust, but also due to resource and environmental challenges. To be clear, this seems to have been baked in anyway and has little to do with abortion, but the right wing’s obsession with imposing draconian restrictions on women is likely only going to exacerbate the situation and make couples even less interested in having kids (would you really want to with pervs like Tucker Carlson and Amy Coney Barrett obsessing about your reproductive organs and trying to regulate them??)

I don’t believe this population shift will be the end of our civilization, but future historians who look back on the period will undoubtedly see it as the culmination of many trends giving way to an epic crisis, to say the least.

Also, I suspect the Pluto in Pisces period from 2043-2067 will see a very top heavy elderly population with few younger people. There won’t be enough young people of working age to perpetuate the engine of growth, as well as to pay into safety net systems like Social Security, etc., so democratic capitalism as we know it, if it continues, is likely to be in some kind of major crisis, if we’re not already there.

A bunch of major transits play into this period also–the upcoming Uranus-Pluto Opposition of 2046-48, the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in 2053, and the Neptune-Pluto Square of 2061-64.

The Pluto in Aries period beginning in 2067 I suspect will see a new generation emerging as part of a new Pluto cycle. But these children will be looking ahead into a very different world from the one we now know. That’s actually likely to be the case for anyone born after the Neptune-Pluto Square in the 2060s.

Back to the present though. Let’s see how we come out of the 2020s…

100% agreed, Eliseo.

I am not a culture warrior by any means. I couldn’t care less about any of it, EXCEPT for the fact that I am scratching my head about all the southern culture drift northward. I guess the North never had much of its own culture, or at least not one that was ever really identified or defended against anything. I think ours was the de facto culture of the US. A blank slate which anything could be projected upon… or co-opted, as the neo-Confederates apparently have figured out how to do.

I think we need to draw a line and make a big pushback, but I’m not even sure if anyone here knows where to begin, or how. I’m watching my state become more and more like Mississippi and Alabama in all the worst ways. To say I am not thrilled in the least would be an understatement.

One of my sociology professors long ago said, when Northerners move, they blend in and adopt the culture to which they have moved. When Southerners move, they bring their culture, religion, and attitudes with them. I wasn’t pleased to hear that then or now.

My charts for tRump show the month of May to be a major disaster for him. The public hearings will be the writing on the wall laying the foundation for whatever punishment the Congress decides to mete out to him. I think the hearings will silence his followers once and for all (but will not change their mindset in reality for many).

I meant the month of June, not May.

The June hearings appear to be shaping up to be something like the Watergate hearings, and I hope at least as equally effective. In addition to Trump himself, I suspect 8 to 10 House Reps and possibly 2 or 3 R. senators will be revealed to have had prior knowledge of the coup attempt and coming insurrection.

The hearings may also coincide with the radical Supremes overturning Roe.

Public reaction to the above, plus unfolding international events may be why charts for Dems, including Biden look happy the day after the November election. Do you concur with Andre Kahr and the others who foresee Dems retaining both Houses of Congress?

Need proof Trumpist Right wing politics is self destructive?
People in counties that voted for Trump are more than twice as likely to die from covid infection.
It’s even worse for counties which voted more heavily for the Orange Kook.


I have long posted that my charts lead me to believe that Democrats will take both houses of Congress in the midterm elections.

Thank you, Bob. I had forgotten that was your conclusion.

Ukraine says giant Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant can’t supply Russia



Mitt Romney is an interesting man. Although he has a typically arrogant, rich kid sense of entitlement, believes half of the US population are economic parasites, and that corporations are people, he nevertheless within his own Mormon worldview tries very hard to behave “morally” as he understands what that means. It is interesting he is the only R. Senator to vote to convict Trump in both impeachment trials. Also interesting he is referring to R’s who support Putin and/or the Russians as “treasonous.”

I wonder if he still believes he is the man to fulfill the Mormon prophecy to become president and save the nation and world.

Sen. Mitt Romney suggests ‘NATO could engage’ in Ukraine, ‘potentially obliterating Russia’s struggling military’ if Putin used nuclear weapons
Hannah Getahun May 22, 2022, 12:48 AM

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney suggested in a New York Times essay that “NATO could engage” in Ukraine, “potentially obliterating Russia’s struggling military” as an option against Russian President Vladimir Putin were he to deploy nuclear weapons.

The Utah senator also suggested that the West confront China and other Russian-allied nations with an ultimatum.

“You are either with us, or you are with Russia — you cannot be with both,” Romney wrote.

“Russia’s use of a nuclear weapon would unarguably be a redefining, reorienting geopolitical event,” Romney continued. “Any nation that chose to retain ties with Russia after such an outrage would itself also become a global pariah.”

Romney warned that a “cornered and delusional” Putin could use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine, citing warnings from former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov, and CIA Director William Burns.

Burns warned in April that Putin’s “desperation” could result in the use of “tactical nuclear weapons or low-yield nuclear weapons.”

Romney also encouraged the US to continue to support Ukraine’s war efforts against Russia. If the US stopped sending weapons and pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to concede to Russia, Romney wrote, Putin would continue “invade and subjugate” other nations.

President Joe Biden signed a $40 billion aid package Saturday to assist Ukraine; $20 billion will go towards military assistance.

Romney has been vocal about his disdain of Putin since the start of the war, referring to the Russian president in February as a “small, evil, feral-eyed man” trying to shape Russia into an “empire.” He has also called pro-Putin GOP members “treasonous.”

This week, Russian political scientist Alexei Fenenko told “60 Minutes” that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was a “rehearsal” for a larger conflict and that they were using the war to “test and go up against” NATO weapons.


Life In Russia Under Sanctions: Empty Stores, Rising Prices, Personal Tragedy

1,504,582 views Premiered May 17, 2022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vQgx28vNsg 00:24:43

RIP RUSSIA | 1991-2022 Russia’s History Through My Eyes
Premiered May 3, 2022


Putin’s Gambit: Why He Chose War and How it Will End 00:58:14

May 17, 2022

Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs


I have a feeling several more efforts to disbar R politicians, who knowing the claims of stolen election were false, and nevertheless played the Trump stolen mantra repeatedly and refused to certify the election will transpire through the next few years.

Ted Cruz hit with ethics complaint seeking to disbar him over failed effort to overturn election
Cruz knew “claims of voter fraud or the election being stolen were false,” the 65 Project says

Full story at link below

Bob: I have benefited greatly from those Youtubes.

I think to myself- where did he get them? 🙂

Happenstance sunstars. Just surfing and opening titles that interest me.

George Soros point of view as expressed in this piece is interesting in itself, but now particularly so as these were comments made
to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “Big Money” is obviously on the side of Ukraine, in hopes of complete defeat for Mr. Putin.

Society ‘may not survive’ Putin’s war, says billionaire George Soros
By Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Business
Updated 3:49 PM EDT, Tue May 24, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have marked the start of “a third world war,” and Russian President Vladimir Putin must be defeated “as soon as possible” if the world wants to preserve civilization.

That was the stark message that Hungarian-born billionaire and philanthropist George Soros delivered on Tuesday to attendees at the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“Even when the fighting stops, as it eventually must, the situation will never revert” to where it was before, warned the 91-year-old Soros.

Although Soros insists Ukraine must absolutely win and we need to assist as much as possible, he also explains the Ukraine/Russia war is diverting our attention and efforts from solving several other problems (like climate change) which are essential to the survival of civilization. Soros brings up subtle but important points I had not thought of.
For the real core of the article, use the link below.


In the midst of the J6 hearings.


Bob – Hahahaha!

…”Happy B’day tRump”…..

U.S Daily News – NOTE: I do not know the affiliation of this site. It seems to be right wing in reporting. This could be a factor in world grain availability.

Royal navy prepares to enter the Black Sea for intercept Russian blockade!
May 25, 2022


Wow – another mass extermination event at an elementary school. You realize that the GOP is not just anti-regulation. They are anti-life. They want us all dead – from opposing life-saving treatments for illness to anti-vaccine movements to pushing for more and more guns (today the suggestion is that we now arm teachers – tomorrow it will be to arm the children). Unless you are a fetus – then they will pass laws to protect you until birth – then you are on your own.

It is truly sick and I am at a total loss how to deal with this madness. They don’t talk policy or solutions – only more madness. I pray Biden lives a long long time.

The GOP says it’s mental health and that might account for a few of these events but as Biden said, other countries don’t have this. We are 4,000x more likely to die from gunshots in America than in other countries.


I share your exasperation, though my views on what laws might be helpful, pragmatically speaking, are quite different from those of both Conservatives AND Liberals. The R’s are correct in saying it is a mental health issue, but will they, or do they do anything about it? Of course not!

Something is definitely awry, in a deep cultural, social psychological, spiritual sense. For over 100 years, from the 1860’s, US citizens had easy access to high capacity, quick firing firearms, but with only one random style (non-mafia or robbery related) mass shooting. That was in Camden, NJ, in 1949. But by 1966 something had changed.

Ignoring the problem of gun violence, is of course crazy. In my view, the primary way to seriously reduce it would be either socialized medicine, or socialized Canadian style single payer health insurance, both or either with a very heavy and strong mental health component. This needs to be paired with universal background checks.

But of course, R’s are opposed to anything “SOCIALIZED” that might actually help alleviate a SOCIAL problem. AND, the mention of UBC’s strikes theological paranoia into the hearts and souls of literally millions of evangelicals and fundamentalists, who by the way, are convinced such a law would be a portent of the ascent of Satan and surely the “end times.” What a culture ?!?! What a time we live in ?!?!?!

Thank you for Trump’s 2022 birthday chart. Do you or anyone know what was going on in Trump’s life the last time Saturn opposed natal Mars in 1993?

Eliseo, Silcominc, et al. I think the conservative’s strength and the liberal’s reluctance to engage in kind in American politics stem from the Sibly chart’s Sun square Saturn. The traits are showing both sides, the positive and the negative, of an aspect. Same chart for both partys.

Perhaps it is the intent with how the trait is used that allows for both partys application of the aspect.

For what it’s worth, Elon Musk came out with a few statements in his interview yesterday. The 2nd amendment is a fundamental right for all Americans to defend themselves against a tyranical government (something like that); however, he is in favor of tight background checks and purchase of an AK-47 should be very controlled. So —

One thing that has escalated mass shootings is the advent of instant, streaming, prevalent information/media, always with us, and the phenomenon of copy cat shootings. So unfortunate…


Folks seem angry this time around. Whether that leads to anything or not…too soon. The patience of people to put up with the GOP’s inaction seems to have changed. I am seeing a lot of people who are saying enough – it is time for real action.

Maybe this could be something that leads to a very different outcome in the November elections. McConnell is also aware as he just gave his blessing to a bipartisan group to explore gun legislation.

Does anyone else notice that something is really off with the latest TX massacre? The town is 78% Hispanic and yet the Mayor is white and the elementary school where the evil took place is 92% Hispanic. As far as we know, no one attempted to take out the gunman until the Feds arrived. And that was over an hour later. And then tonight I saw this on twitter:

We are not a red state. We are a oppressed state. Gerrymandering has put the power into the few. Stop telling us to just go vote. We vote. But the system is rigged. We need help. We are being held hostage by this corrupt government. It is such a helpless feeling.

I do not know the poster but I wonder with all the talk of our embracing a progressive agenda and we are not seeing it if this latest killing will expose what has happened in these states – which is exactly what the poster has said above.

Just one data point on the reaction this time to the latest mass shootings is that the sports world is on board. You may have seen Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors NBA team, coming out to his pregame presser to castigate the senators in congress doing nothing. Ahead of the Boston Celtics-Miami Heat game last night, the 5-person announcer panel were all passionately calling for something to be done. Tonight on Twitter the NY Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays baseball teams are foregoing their usual tweeting from the game to turn over their feeds to “offer facts about the impacts of gun violence.” Sports fans are of all politics stripes so they’re all seeing these appeals. It’s everywhere at least right now and hopefully will not go away like every other time. I’m not sure congress can run away from this – except of course they did because they left for the Memorial Day weekend without doing anything. I hope when they’re in their home districts they hear from the moms especially who are coming out and may have the same impact as MADD did with drunk driving.

silcominc–I feel the same way here in Ohio. The goddamn Republican Party is running my state into the ground. Districts are so gerrymandered that anyone who would want to vote Dem or for any alternative is guaranteed to waste their vote. Why bother? Indeed, many aren’t. We aren’t a red state, but an oppressed one. We are not a democracy here. Only on paper.

Bob–Interesting interpretation of the Sun-Saturn Square. Funny, there was a time when Democratic Socialists were in the drivers seat in Congress–way back during FDR’s time, the Great Depression and the 1930s. Progressives were damn near fearless then, and even the prominent many of the prominent Conservatives of that day would by-and-large sound like Liberals today.

Today, the Democrats aren’t even a Leftist party. By European standards, they would be Center-Right. The Republican Party is obviously Far-Right, and driving to the ledge as if they want to suicide off of it into the ravine below.

There is no organized political Left worth a bucket of shit right now in the US, and there hasn’t been since the 1960s. The two-party, first past the post, winner-take-all system, combined with the CIA & FBI anti-Leftist ops have rendered it a non-factor. Yet an organized, activist Left advocating for social and environmental reforms is the one thing that could have a chance to save this country. The Right would clearly have us all living in caves and beating each other over the head with clubs if it had its way–and right now it very much is. Except that the clubs are semi-automatic rifles.

I still attribute a ton of the Conservative extremism we are experiencing now in the world to Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn where the energy becomes quite overripe. It its playing out so much more intensely here in the US because of our Pluto Return happening at 27 Cap. Because of this natal placement in the second house of the US Dec of Independence & identity chart, we obviously have a lot of emotionally constipated old white men, with a lot of money here, who don’t like the direction the world has been heading in, and who are doing everything in their power to stop social and economic progress that does not reinforce their precious privilege and authority. They are making big and often secretive plays to keep their power, but the rub for them is that these very actions have unintended consequences that will ultimately unseat them, perhaps quite devastatingly so.

When Pluto arrives at 29 Cap by next March, the gig is basically up, but expect these guys to be going to even more draconian and outlandish extremes than they already to maintain their grip on power, force their rancid batshit crazy conservative ideology on everyone, and drive up their profits to ridiculous extremes. How can you be anti-abortion (a.k.a. PRO-LIFE) yet advocate ZERO restrictions on weapons whose sole purpose is to cause mass-murder? I don’t even want to give them ideas here, but I would not be surprised by Republican Legislatures and Governors trying to have women seeking abortions outright tortured or executed (the irony should be obvious to all). Or of even more extreme price gouging. By early 2023 we may look at $4 gas as the good old days when its $9 or $10 per gallon.

By then, people will be FED UP with these wicked men and their shenanigans.

Les, I did see Steve Kerr’s wonderful rant when he said I did not come to talk about basketball. Everyone should google it. And I read about the Yankees. Yes, things are just a little different now. I think there will be some change this time even if it’s just an expansion of the red flag laws.

Surprise. Watch this Russian Republican. He is the same man who hosted the mall video I posted above. Last part is Q and A.

WHO AM I | You need To Know Me


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22aOn-RUEKc 01:15:07

re: “The wrong decision”

Not to go in to the school… Uvalde

It was the gun…. the AR 15.

They didn’t go in because they were outgunned.

How long were they outgunned?

The question is – When did another AR 15 arrive?

At what time did they have gun meets gun?


Eliseo, since you are knowledgeable about firearms – what do you think of this article?

Ok we need Eliseo.

I was under the impression that the AR 15 and its ilk, the AK 47 was much more powerful than ordinary rifles, handguns and shotguns.

I thought that the parents were not allowed in to see and identify their children because the gun had been so destructive that it had destroyed their bodies so badly as to make them unidentifiable.

So the issue would be power, wouldn’t it? ….the power of the bullets, the ammunition….. capable of tearing limbs from bodies…..

perhaps the velocity of the bullets or ammo factoring in.

Many years ago when my former husband and I would visit gun stores and saw a semi automatic weapon he would point to a piece of metal on the weapon and say that just sawing through this little piece of metal would convert the semi automatic into a fully automatic weapon.

The only gun I have ever “owned” was a Ruger 10 shot automatic handgun.

It was called that…. butt I would have had to pull the trigger every time. So I assume that a change of the hardware could have made it an automatic.

This was back in the late ’70’s.

Since then my daugher tells me her dad has 172 rifles.

In the late’70’s, aside from the fact that he was employed as a draftperson and did the work of a structural steel engineer, he acquired his gunsmithing license so he could deal in guns.


San Francisco Giants manager: ‘I don’t plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until I feel better about the direction of our country’

Another one, Les.

Charlie Sykes says – “Do we need to see pictures of the Innocents – Do we need to see it more graphically?…”

I’m thinking that too. When I was reading the comments section of the link Sharon K put up… of course it was Fox news (Fox entertainment) the commenters were detached and abstract…. Ok – in answer to how powerful and destructive these military weapons are – and they are in most comments blurring the lines between hunting guns and military guns – ok! Lets show the bodies and limbs of the dead children as proof of the difference between hunting guns and military guns.

Show the bodies and detached limbs of the children – show the unidentifiable bloody tissues that used to be faces of the children shot in Uvaldes… show what the police and authorities were preventing the parents from seeing…. Humanely preventing them from seeing….

And THEN – differentiate the hunting rifles from the military rifles….

And then prevent those military guns, rifles, from being sold over the counter – as WHY would a citizen have any legitimate use for them EXCEPT to kill other human beings….. and murder is generally illegal….

For what LEGAL reason would a person own or want to own a military weapon?

Why are we selling them?

This is the end of Pluto in Capricorn…..it’s going to go on til 2024…..

It’s the struggle… NRA is a corporation …those greedy self-dealing politicians are in their death struggle….

I have not yet read the book “Caste”.

A couple years ago I read that Caste counted in Silicon Valley … that Indians who had made a life in Silicon Valley, and encountered other Indians, tried to find out what Caste they were in….

And upon discovering that the other Indian was in a lower Caste, tried to destroy them.

I did not need to read what I read about 2 weeks ago to be a believer – that the same thing was happening here in Canada in the areas that were highly settled by Indians.

I am hoping that the end of Pluto in Capricorn will bring an ending, and thus a new beginning – to inequality – as we head into Pluto in Aquarius.

interesting comments on the current minority rule

Sharon – yes, I saw that Gabe Kapler statement about not coming out for the national anthem! We need more of these bold and attention-getting tactics, like Beto’s confronting Abbott at his presser. Like the kids standing outside the NRA convention wearing signs saying “Am I Next?”

The young people who have grown up with active shooter drills and directly or indirectly impacted by this all their lives are not going to put up with this. David Hogg who survived the Stoneman Douglas high school shooting has become an activist and is leading a nationwide March in June. And just asking for common sense gun laws that the vast majority of Americans want and the cadre of Republican dinosaurs are blocking for nothing more than their own power. (See also HC Richardson on minority rule – thanks for posting, Kiwi. Still need to watch it but she’s written/spoken on minority rule before.) The survivors of Columbine 23 years ago now have children in elementary school, that’s how long this has been going on. They’re sick of it. We all are.

Posting New and Full Moon dates for the rest of this year and the first 5 months of next year now in case 1 of them on my Desc and 1 of them on my natal Sun-Pluto opposition preclude my participation later.



Love the way you put it Bob….”…in case…1 of them on my natal Sun-Pluto opposition preclude my participation later.”

Good grief!

Haha! Well we have to laugh right? The transiting Moon is approaching to square my natal Saturn….. Don’t most comedians have a strong Saturn in their charts? Anyway after this comment I’m going to lay low til it’s passed 🙂

I was under the impression that Nancy was taking a hiatus but would return. It has been more than a year since her last post. What with so much going on, I was hoping to see another one. Is she coming back? Or is she turning this into a forum with no more astrology posts?

I am a relative newcomer to this blog. I have followed Barb’s contributions and then seen her gone. This blog has been going around 20 years…. someone will correct me. A few other astrologers who have contributed mightily are also gone.

The fact that this blog has been going so long has required a lot of consistency and devotion. And energy and work.

I appreciate the blog owner who keeps this blog going. It GREATLY benefits all of us who gather here.

Her dedication is amazing.

I also respect her PRIVACY.

Sunstars, Sharon K,
The line between “military” and “non-military” modern “sport rifles” over the years has become ambiguous. They look very similar cosmetically and are often in same caliber. Most legislators don’t know, or can’t tell the difference.

A few years ago Diane Feinstein became a laughing stock among gun owners because she hung a Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm pistol caliber rifle on a wall saying “this assault rifle must be outlawed.” Problem was, by definition a pistol caliber carbine cannot be an assault rifle! Her heart was in the right place. Her desire was to prevent violence and death. But she did a good job of alienating Liberal, Conservative, and Moderate gun owners, who saw her as quite the hopelessly naive fool.

Decades ago the NRA was a good, apolitical organization which promoted gun safety and awareness. But money and greed have morphed it into something quite evil. It no longer represents its members, the gun owners, but instead the gun manufacturers, from whom it derives most of its income. The dues paying members have become essentially irrelevant, and the NRA doesn’t represent their views anyway. As one example, over 72% of present NRA members are strongly for universal background checks, which of course the organization (“leaders”) are totally against. That percent would be higher had not a number of gun owners left the organization in disgust in recent years.

In answer to Sharon’s question, as much as I despise Fox News, the author of the article rebutting the NYTimes op-ed was 100% correct. We DO NEED gun law reform, but when politicians rant, as in the NYTimes piece using such a plethora of misinformation and obviously confused terminology, they make the task of achieving the reforms we need that much more difficult.

I’m posting this from my phone. Later, when I get my computer monitor working properly, I’ll post additional information which will hopefully be helpful in understanding what measures to take, which ones would be mistakes, what I believe can be done legislatively to reduce gun violence – not just these crazy, random mass murders (0.2% of all US homicides) but also suicides, and urban, inner city gang warfare.

Thank you Eliseo.

Found this on the brady website, shows amounts taken by senators from the NRA.

My senator Marco Rubio takes more than his fair share, and was the first to criticize the sports owners and ball players who spoke out against gun violence!! Don’t know where his head is, after all he does have 4 young children. I just don’t understand these people.

Eliseo, I agree about the NRA. It’s my understanding that years ago they went to schools to discuss gun safety, especially in areas where hunting was prevalent. For the last 40 years they are focused on greed and don’t care who gets hurt.

Regarding this blog — it is absolutely much appreciated! Thanks all!!

Time for people to target gun industry companies

““Daniel Defense is basically the poster child of this egregious, aggressive marketing,” said Ryan Busse, a former executive at the gun company Kimber who is now an industry critic. “Marty Daniel burst in the door, a lot louder and more brazen than other gun makers, much like Donald Trump did on the political scene.”
He added, “Through this company, you are telling the story of how the gun industry has become increasingly radicalized.”
Some of its advertisements invoke popular video games like “Call of Duty”
Daniel Defense’s strategy seems to have been effective. Its sales have soared, in part because of its successful targeting of young customers like Salvador Ramos, the gunman in Texas. Mr. Ramos, whom the authorities killed on Tuesday, was a “Call of Duty” video game enthusiast and appears to have bought his assault rifle directly from Daniel Defense, less than a week after turning 18.

sorry, missed posting link for above article

Something I found interesting. Perhaps you will too.
Buddhism’s Dukkha and Hamlet’s Dust: On Shakespeare’s Spiritual Wisdom


Thank you also from me, Eliseo, for the clarification. I’m looking forward to reading your subsequent posts on this (as well as the one on Shakespeare’s spiritual wisdom above, a little later today).

My husband’s adult son, a philosophy college teacher, tells me that in his critical thinking classes, he has taught how we all embrace information that supports our desires, biases, or the position we’ve embraced and, although it’s hard to change, we can at least be aware of this.

Thank you, also, to everyone else for your very elucidating, intelligent posts.

Re Nancy, she did SO MUCH intensive, thoughtful, complex astrological analysis and writing for years that if she has gone in other directions, or taking a rest from it, it’s understandable, and we are all just grateful that she provides this website and contributes to comments. I think she will write an article again at some point when the spirit moves her, but if she doesn’t, that’s perfectly ok with me.

And, I might add, although it may be hard to tell and we are conditioned to expect propaganda, we might also learn from Fox News (sometimes?).

New thread up for conversation.


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