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The Madness of Vladimir Putin And The Russian Oligarchs

Putin’s ascension to the Russian Presidency – May 7, 2000 closely coincided with the 20 year cycle of the May 28. 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (22 ’43 Taurus). As mentioned, the April 4th, 2022 Mars/Saturn conjunction (22 ’24 Aquarius) t squares the previous Jupiter/Saturn conj. of 20 years ago whilest simultaneously forming an opposition to Putin’s natal Pluto (22 Leo) and Russia’s 12/25/1991 natal Venus/Pluto conjunction (21/22 Scorpio). Will Putin’s position of power be undermined early to mid April? We are in a new Jupiter/Saturn conj cycle now that began in January 2020. The two cycles appear to be overlapping. Out with the old, in with the new………….

Putin’s Next Move: ‘It’s Almost Like Unfinished Business From The Cold War.’

As Ukraine continues to face Russian attacks, Katy Tur spoke with Julia Ioffe, Founding Partner and Washington Correspondent of “Puck,” about President Vladimir Putin’s plan for Ukraine, and what could come next, including a possible confrontation with the US……… Even as his forces were shelling the entirety of Ukraine – north to south, east to west – Putin made clear that his invasion wasn’t really about Ukraine. It was about the United States, about history and settling old scores, and re-writing the terms of surrender, thirty years later, that ended the Cold War.

Video: 4 min 43 sec


It’s glorious how the “free world” is uniting against Putin.

https://twitter.com/EdwardGLuce/status/1497654463821193222?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1497654463821193222%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.democraticunderground.com%2F100216409967 (“In last few hours YouTube and Meta have banned RT from their sites, Abramovitch has ceded control of Chelsea FC, Zelensky has added 1m followers and Kremlin website has site crashed due to cyberattacks. Nice work everybody.”)

https://twitter.com/lrozen/status/1497706505700847617?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1497706790162767874%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es2_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.democraticunderground.com%2F100216406955 (“US Senior Admin Official, in call with reporters, said in addition to disconnecting key Russian banks from SWIFT, the US & Europeans agreed to launch a mutlilateral transatlantic task force to identify, hunt down and seize the assets of sanctioned Russian officials & oligarchs, as well as those of their families and enablers. We will take their yachts, their luxury apartments, their money, their ability to send their kids to college abroad, the US official said.”)

https://twitter.com/nexta_tv/status/1497975134069706752?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1497975134069706752%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.democraticunderground.com%2F100216410076 (Russian ship is refused re-fueling by Georgians, told “go fuck yourself — Putin is a dick”)

https://democraticunderground.com/100216410228 (how people with military experience are advising Ukrainians on Twitter to disable Russian tanks)

Michael Flynn’s Russian connections and subsequent pardon by Trump (and what about Trump’s former campaign manager)?

Putin obviously wants to expand Russia at others’ expense (and lives, and those of his own countrymen & -women) and manufactures false reasons.

I tried posting things from DemocraticUnderground.com but there were too many links and Tweet links are especially long, so they may not good through. If they do, I’m posting the gist of what I wanted to share here –

What is touching me and what I’m seeing now on Democratic Underground (on the “Trending Now” and “Greatest Threads” and “Latest Breaking News” sections) are news clips about how the whole free world is uniting against Putin in many ways.

There’s a youtube posted of 2 men manning a ship from Georgia (ex-Soviet Union) refusing to re-fuel a Russia ship and told them to go f*ck themselves, that Putin is a dick, and they are standing for Ukraine – it was great!

A very rich Japanese man is donating $1 billion to Ukraine.

“Laura Rozen@lrozen, US Senior Admin Official, in call with reporters, said in addition to disconnecting key Russian banks from SWIFT, the US & Europeans agreed to launch a mutlilateral transatlantic task force to identify, hunt down and seize the assets of sanctioned Russian officials & oligarchs, as well as those of their families and enablers. We will take their yachts, their luxury apartments, their money, their ability to send their kids to college abroad, the US official said.”

There are more like that.

And, from the front:

“Ukrainian forces destroy convoy of 56 Chechen tanks, kill general near Kyiv” However (from the same article posted)…”Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly expressed frustration over the stalled invasion, with Western officials warning of possible indiscriminate use of weapons by the Russian military if the Kremlin’s timetable is not met.” That would be a major concern…that Putin is losing and looking bad, so he will escalate.

Sharon K,
Various psychics foresaw Russians removing Putin, notably Linda G. but I’m cautious about putting too much weight with such visions, as most of us have difficulty separating our wishful thinking and emotions from our visionary experience.

Nevertheless, as is obvious from the news, things are not going well for Mr. P. With the protests in Russia growing, the invasion stymied, Ukrainians fiercely resisting rather than welcoming the Russian troops, the open call by the retired Russian general for Putin’s resignation, the world turning against him financially, and NATO troops gathering more fully in eastern Europe, soldiers returning home in body bags might become the “straw on the camel’s back.”

It’s beginning to be conceivable Mr. P might become a victim of an internal coup or social revolution. Before the invasion, his power was evidently unassailable. Not to say we won’t see large casualties a tragedy in itself, but the invasion effort is looking more and more like a colossal OOPS!

Eliseo, As much as I want that to be true, and I hope my current sense of things is wrong, but from what I now see happening — I don’t under-estimate him.

With a column of military and arms 3 miles long heading to Kyiv (now surrounded on 3 or 4 sides), with P putting “high-deterrence” nuclear “forces” on “high alert”, with Belarus now giving up its non-nuclear status, etc., etc., he is not going to lose face and give in/give up easily without significant concessions — and even then — I believe it will be temporary.

He has a narcissistic ego and a desire to win of immense proportions. I don’t think he would have ventured into this now without a well-thought out strategic plan. He is hungry for Ukraine and the other Baltic countries and the oligarchs must be backing him strongly enough. I see that he is weakening a bit but that’s all the more reason to take Ukraine — in order to look strong again. This won’t be easy.

Episode 6 changing of the gods:

Sharon K,
I agree we should not under-estimate Mr. P. The man’s intentions are very clear. I’m not looking for any miracles. The man is deathly serious, and I don’t see any way out from massive casualties.

All you suggested is true, but I don’t think that precludes him from being forced out of office as a plausible possibility when the casualties greatly increase. That may be a vain hope. I also see a danger of Mr. P becoming profoundly frustrated and deciding to use nukes. He IS that angry.

Well, Mr. P aside for a moment, there is something very Aquarian happening while Saturn transiting Aquarius (and on FB, with View from My Window, where people from all over the world posts photos of their views daily, as well.)

Famous landmarks all over the world, even Niagara Falls, are lit with blue & gold lights.

And, here’s a Twitter link to something like 100,000 people protesting in Berlin and a comparable # in Prague!

I sense an Aquarian opening that I imagine will only get larger with Pluto’s help.

Also, this reading from Linda G. sounds great – haven’t listened to it yet but will when I get up tomorrow! She calls it “Let’s talk about Good News” and those commenting on the thread loved it!


I accidentally edited the word “is” out — “while Saturn is transiting Aquarius”.

UK’s Steve Judd’s comment on the astrology of the next few days

Charming photo of Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky and his family caught in an off guard moment……..


How Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky Went From An Actor Playing President On TV To Defiant Wartime Leader

February 26, 2022

Volodymyr Zelensky approached a lectern under bright lights, preparing to deliver a message to the Ukrainian people.

“Today I will start with long-awaited words, which I wish to announce with pride,” he said. “Finally,” he continued. “Ukraine is United … This is our victory.”

The speech was fiction. It is from the closing scene of “Servant of the People,” a satirical TV show about a down-on-his-luck high-school teacher, played by Zelensky, who is thrust into the Ukrainian presidency after his rant about corruption goes viral.

The series didn’t just make Zelensky a star. It eventually served as the springboard for his real-life presidential campaign. In April 2019, within a month of the show’s finale, the comedian-turned politician was elected Ukraine’s president.



A Map of Russia and Surrounding Countries That Succinctly Puts Things Into Perspective……


“Time” – An Especially Poignant Song Relevant To Current Events In Ukraine

Sung by Ukrainian Singer Onuka (lyrics are in English)

Video: 5 min 47 sec


Lyrics to Time

Happiness that we have is so elusive
Like the shadows disappearing in the noon… (-time, -time, oh)

Emptiness that we have is so depressive that we lose control,

Happiness that we have is so, so elusive
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
I’m sorry I could not freeze time, no

Looking through your photos I’ve lived your (life)
Like I watched the movie of your life
They’re like…
They’re like spirits showing all at once in the night… (-time, -time)
Night… (-time)

All the time that we have is limited so all we do is run
And we lose control,
Happiness that we have is so elusive
They’re like…

Hold, pause
Hold, pause (oh, oh…)
They’re like…
Hold, pause
Hold, pause (oh, oh…)
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
I’m sorry I could not freeze time, no
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
(Out of, out of, out of time)
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
(Out of, out of, out of time)
I’m sorry I could not freeze time
(Out of, out of, out of time)
I’m sorry I could not freeze time, no
(Out of, out of, out of time)
Hold, pause
Hold, pause
Noon… (-time)
Hold, pause
Hold, pause
Night… (-time)

very interesting. have any of you heard of this guy Dugin before?

NATO was created by the US and allies when Pluto was at 16 Leo, conjunct the US midheaven, if you use as I do a Scorpio Ascendant. Saturn is now now opposing that placement. I wonder what happens when Pluto reaches 16 Aquarius in the early 2030s, when Saturn will be conjunct transiting Uranus and US Mars?

This war will last ten years.



Well for one thing, the U.S. Constitution will be having its own Pluto Return, based upon the Sept. 17, 1787 chart, although it didn’t officially become the “law of the land” until June 21, 1788.

I think, among other things, we see a major overhaul of the US govt. bringing about many long-needed democratic reforms that could be in no small part inspired by the events of this year. I am curious how NATO might also play into these changes. It won’t be unaffected by them.

Also, how interesting is it that Putin has managed in just a few short days to embody the very worst of authoritarian impulses, and provide the world with a stark contrast between tyrannical, narcissistic recklessness, and the sober courage and hope of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky who has stood his ground and rallied his people in the face of a daunting onslaught?

Something has shifted in the paradigm, and this case seems likely to inform and inspire the actions of many more pro-democratic, pro-humanitarian actors in the coming years. The Putins and Trumps of the world are suddenly finding themselves increasingly isolated on very skinny branches.

I do worry about Putin going nuclear, though. I do not put it past him to take his revenge out on Ukraine, if not the world itself if he does indeed suffer defeat. He will not take losing well.

The people in Russia need to rise up against him and take him out! Treat him as Italian partisans treated Mussolini when they finally caught up to him near the end of WWII, hanging his dead body upside down in a town square for all to look upon and heap shame upon. Such ought to be the embarrassing and ignominious fate shared by all so-called strongmen who bring harm and suffering upon others.

kiwi, Dugan is an evil genius and many say the architect of Putin’s evil. Here are two articles about him….



I am particularly concerned on many occasions over the years, Mr. Putin has specifically said he “wants the American people to suffer like the Russians did” when the Soviet Union collapsed. I interpret him to mean he would like to see the US break up into 50 independent nations, and for US citizens to suffer deep poverty, deprivation, powerlessness, desperation, and humiliarion. He wants revenge. If he’s in power when this process ends, knowing he is losing, I would not be surprised were he to lob some nukes or some other equally heinous weapons our way. On second thought, although he has recently “reminded” the world he has nukes, I suspect he might actually choose a weapon that might cripple the West, but not elicit a nuclear response, perhaps a chemical or biological weapon.

My hope of course is the Russian people can and will take him out before he makes such a cold blooded, barbaric move.

10 years !?!??!! That unfortunately makes sense. When we are done with our national Pluto return, our 2028 Uranus return will be next, followed by our Constitutional Pluto return. Interesting and rough times, any which way you look at it.

thanks for the links to those articles silcominc. Too bad more people didnt know about his influence earlier.

Very Interesting!

How the world is punishing Russia for the Ukraine invasion


One of the latest and most notable reactions to the invasion is the fact that Switzerland has chosen a side. On Monday, the famously neutral country said it would adopt European Union sanctions against Moscow and freeze Russian assets located in its banks. In addition, the government adopted sanctions specifically against Putin, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“In view of Russia’s continuing military intervention in Ukraine, the Federal Council took the decision on February 28 to adopt the packages of sanctions imposed by the EU on February 23 and 25,” the government said in a statement.

Finland and Sweden considering NATO
The two nations that border Russia were threatened with “serious military-political consequences” by Moscow if they were to join NATO, but both of them brushed off the threats. Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said, “We’ve heard this before” and “Don’t think that it calls for a military threat.” Finland’s 830-mile border with Russia is the longest of any European Union country.

“I want to be extremely clear: It is Sweden that itself and independently decides on our security policy line,” Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said in a statement, responding to Russian allegations that the U.S. and its allies were attempting to “drag” the nation into joining NATO.

The development is significant, as one of Russia’s chief stated aims before the war was preventing NATO’s eastward expansion toward its borders. Any growth in the military alliance would be a blow to the Kremlin’s underlying security interests in the region.


The Ukraine invasion chart is similar to the WWII chart. The coming Jupier-Neptune in Pisces conjunction in April could bring a huge number of refugees and a spike in energy prices.


By: Bob on February 11th, 2022 at 5:40 pm

As I have stated I do not think birth times given as being on the hour, half-hour or quarter-hour (especially if given from memory) are likely to be accurate. The birth time given for president Biden is in that category.

Using events in his life I have rectified the 8:30 am EWT given time to to 8:22 EWT.

Using that time yields a conjunction of transiting Jupiter to his White House IC on March 13; that same transit trines his secondary progressed natal ASC and progressed Jupiter.

Perhaps Putin’s position regarding Ukraine will cave then.


I moved on Feb 18. Had no phone or internet since then until now. Also dealing with serious ongoing pain.

Most serious transits to Putin’s natal and progressed charts (tightly packed).

Putin Natal Relocated Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00 Moscow Russia, 55°N45′, 037°E35′

Mar 29 2022 Mar 17°Aq30′ Tri Sat 17°Li30′ Tr-Na
Mar 31 2022 Mar 18°Aq37′ Cnj Mar 18°Aq37′ Tr-Sp

Apr 1 2022 Mar 19°Aq43′ Sqr Jup 19°Ta43′ Tr-Na
Apr 3 2022 Mar 21°Aq11′ Tri Nep 21°Li11′ Tr-Na
Apr 5 2022 Mar 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na
Apr 6 2022 Mar 23°Aq10′ Opp Plu 23°Le10′ Tr-Sp
Apr 6 2022 Mar 23°Aq27′ Tri Nep 23°Li27′ Tr-Sp
Apr 7 2022 Mar 23°Aq49′ Tri Mer 23°Li49′ Tr-Na
Apr 7 2022 Mar 24°Aq09′ Sxt Sun 24°Sg09′ Tr-Sp
Apr 8 2022 Mar 25°Aq07′ Tri Sat 25°Li07′ Tr-Sp
Apr 8 2022 Sat 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na
Apr 10 2022 Mar 26°Aq14′ Sxt EqA 26°Ar14′ Tr-Na
Apr 11 2022 Mar 26°Aq48′ Sxt Mar 26°Sg48′ Tr-Na
Apr 13 2022 Mar 28°Aq34′ Sqr Asc 28°Ta34′ Tr-Na
Apr 14 2022 Sat 23°Aq10′ Opp Plu 23°Le10′ Tr-Sp
Apr 18 2022 Sat 23°Aq27′ Tri Nep 23°Li27′ Tr-Sp
Apr 18 2022 Nep 24°Pi11′ Sqr Sun 24°Sg11′ Tr-Sp

I didn’t think Putin’s charts for the attack date were strong enough to call.

His secondary progressed Mars (321°23′ was on progressed IC (320°27′).

His progressed anlunar chart’s Zenith for the attack at 311°02′ held the chart’s Saturn/Pluto midpoint at 310°24. Perhaps trepidation about possible responses?

The chart’s MC was at 286°20′ appeared to show his excitement and satisfaction with his natal Venus on it’s DSC an his progressed Jupiter on it’s ASC.

On The Ground: How An Artsy European Metropolis Turned Into A War Zone In Less Than A Week

February 28, 2022

Last Sunday, Kyiv was a buzzing European city with hip cafes, artwork at every corner and fresh sushi available on demand at midnight. Now, it’s a war zone.

Sirens blasting through the city, the unmistakable loud bangs of explosions and strikes. The transformation inflicted on the city by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been surreal.

Just a week ago, Dniprovs?kyy Park was full of runners and cyclists taking advantage of the sunny weather to get their Sunday workout done.



Kyiv – One Year Ago (an incredibly beautiful European city)……

Kyiv, Ukraine Walking Tour – From Day to Night

Video 1 hour 50 min


Episode 7 of changing of the gods airing until 9PM ET March 1. This particular one was right up my alley dealing with consciousness and sexuality.

Bob, sorry to hear you are in pain, dealing with it is exhausting. My medical provider sent me to a pain clinic and mindfulness, biofeedback, self hypnosis, acupuncture were all part of it and are ways to calm down an over amped nervous system and helped me tremendously with pain and pain flares. Take care and its great to have you back.

I am darkly bemused. Reports are captured, interviewed Russian soldiers are bewildered, not understanding why they are being shot at, clueless as to why they are there.

Glad to see your presence here again.
I too have dealt with serious ongoing pain. Old injuries that won’t go away. May you find genuine relief asap.

The Ukraine war is of course an unnecessary tragedy, a catastrophe for all involved in which we can reasonably expect a high death toll of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers on both sides. But you still have to laugh at some of what is going on.

Ukrainians replaced the directions signs, some with incorrect information, others with insults, others telling the Russians to go home immediately. Many Russian soldiers are literally lost and confused. Apparently, they either have no maps or compass, or don’t know how to use them.

Furthermore, I read that about 85% of these Russian boys were drafted. They are not volunteers, but conscripts! Many are clueless as to why they are there. Their commanding officers have told them nothing! At least some of them thought they were still doing military exercises, wondering “Why are you shooting at us?”

I’m wondering if some of these boys might intentionally disobey orders or surrender as they discover what is really going on. I’m sure this war will turn far more deadly serious, but so far, some of this seems like a defensive war against the Keystone Cops.

Kiwi, yes I think I have heard of Dugin, I read an excerpt from a geopolitical book he wrote on how to handle all the different countries. I remember being stunned when it got to the US and it said something like we will not fight the US with weapons but instead with a disinformation war that would focus on dividing Americans, as this was before the internet and now that we see all that has happened in the last few years it’s incredible how accurate it was.

Also incredible and shows just this point is when you see how many saying now that this would have never happened if Trump were still in power. Because trump is front and Biden weak.

I know I must be naive but the way humans can be so easily brainwashed , from whatever country never fails to amaze me .

The EU accepted Ukraine’s application to join. It’s a process and not a done deal yet.

Olena Zelensky’s tweet:



Russia’s assault on Kyiv has “stalled” with some units “surrendering without a fight” to Ukrainian troops, according to a senior US defence official.

The official, who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity on Tuesday, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces have come up against several logistical issues as they continue to struggle to take control of the Ukrainian capital.

Some units are running out of food and fuel while there are also challenges of a lack of experience among troops who never even knew they were being sent into combat, the official said.

As a result, the advance on the capital remains stuck “where it was yesterday” with some troops said to be surrendering to the Ukrainian military and civilians who have fought back to defend their country.

Presently, it appears to me as though the battle of Kyiv might become a weird version of the WWII battle of Stalingrad. I say weird, because some Russian troops have been surrendering to the Ukrainians. Might that trickle gradually become a torrent? Might some of them actually switch sides?

A danger I see, is if Putin feels humiliated, he will employ some extreme weapon or strategy.

But in the words of Yogi Berra, “Predictions are really difficult, especially about the future.”

I wonder if the global misinformation campaigns, aka chaos promotions in stable democracies, will be slowed down without access to russian rubles etc?

Episode 8 of Changing of the Gods, focuses on technology; fascinating: https://changingofthegodsseries.com/viewing

Astrologically, it is eerie that the first pass of the US Pluto return happens this week exactly simultaneous to the Neptune semi-return: a mounting existential crisis couples with a spiritual nadir or low point. The two are clearly connected. The US must pay its collective karmic debts and cleanse itself before moving forward in 2024.

Biden will take the world through this critical year before Pluto prepares to leave Capricorn and Neptune to leave Pisces in 2023. He is the right man for this time even of most Americans can’t see it that way right now. He will be seen as a hero as well as Zelensky in the future. His Mars in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo is custom-built for hard times and war. And he has a great Secretary of Defense who has even greater potential for leadership.

But beware that Vice-President. She must never sit in the Oval Office. Everything will go wrong if she does even if for a short time.

There will be greater restrictions to personal freedom under Pluto in Aquarius than were seen during the pandemic probably because of a major war. Democracies will also become more authoritarian to enforce new social behavior to deal with climate change.

Saturn in Aquarius offers us a glimpse of future forms of warfare that will be amplified by Pluto in the next two decades:

There is a surprising absence of drones in the Russian attack: What happened to Russia’s Air Force? U.S. officials, experts stumped (msn.com)

The hacking group Anonymous claims it has shut down communications with Russia’s spy satellites: Anonymous claims it has shut down Russia’s space agency – so Putin ‘no longer has control over spy satellites’ (the-sun.com)

Microsoft is helping Ukraine in the cyberwar: Tech Companies Help Defend Ukraine Against Cyberattacks – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

According to Reuters, it is official, Over 7,000 Russian servicemen have been killed since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while hundreds have been taken prisoner including senior officers.

This is NOT going as the Russians thought it would. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.” This will get worse.

Interesting thoughts on the coming Pluto in Aquarius era, Andre. I do think we are experiencing a preview of it now, of sorts.

I see Ukranian President Zelensky as the sort of “man of the people” model of democratic leadership we will see much more of in the coming years. And I mean truly so, and not at all in the total bullshit manner that Trump hoodwinked so many foolish, gullible people here in the US into believing that he was. Zelensky is already striking quite a contrast with the authoritarian oligarch-tyrant Putin, who in many ways embodies Pluto’s expression of power during its time in Capricorn.

Regardless of the outcome of this conflict, Zelensky has served as an example of what is possible when people stand up to despots and those who abuse their privilege and power, and who recklessly cause harm to many. Whether or not he survives–and I hope he does–I believe he could very well become a historical figure on par with the likes of Gandhi, Mandela, etc.

Authoritarian Democracy? As ironic as that sounds, I think it is certainly within the realm of possibility with Pluto in Aquarius, given what we know of the French Revolution, including the dramatic rise and fall of its key figures, perhaps most notably, the extremely radical Robespierre and the Reign of Terror he oversaw until it ended in his own demise. Fortunately, there’s no close opposition from Uranus in Leo, this time, while Pluto remains in Aquarius. We might be spared something so intense and bloody on this go-round. (Pluto in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo however, now that’s a different tale.)

I do very much believe that we will see much more activist participation in government, and that, particularly here in the US, we will see the breakup of the two major parties into several smaller, competing factions, and the emergence of a healthier, multi-party/multi-platform electoral system of politics. I also already see weakening, the disproportionate power and attention the far-right has managed to grab onto and wield these past several years. The Russian-Ukranian conflict has already resulted in a long-term paradigm shift in the world, and the politics of grievance and entitlement championed by Trump and his ilk are poorly suited to thrive in it.

Episode 9 of Changing of the Gods, airing until 6PM ET March 3. I believe there is one final episode after this:



“$1 million bounty on Putin offered by Russian businessman”

“I promise to pay $1,000,000 to the officer(s) who, complying with their constitutional duty, arrest(s) Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international laws,” wrote Konanykhin on LinkedIn.
“Putin is not the Russian president as he came to power as the result of a special operation of blowing up apartment buildings in Russia, then violated the Constitution by eliminating free elections and murdering his opponents.”

“As an ethnic Russian and a Russian citizen, I see it as my moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia. I will continue my assistance to Ukraine in its heroic efforts to withstand the onslaught of Putin’s Orda,” added the businessman. Orda is the Russian word for “horde,” a predatory, plundering gang.”

The Russian oligarchs are losing too much money. Putin will find himself even more isolated in the coming days. He’s a wanted man. Yet he remains seated and in control of the government of one of the world’s most prominent nuclear powers.

Can he be stopped before he lashes out in some horrific, unthinkable, vengeful manner? What price indeed will the world pay for his madness?

I do fear that Pluto in Aquarius could bring about a very different kind of “all-play” event, just as Saturn’s first entry into Aquarius coincided with global realization of the deadliness of COVID-19, and the mass shutdown and enforced “social distancing” (what could represent Saturn in Aquarius better?) that was necessary to reduce mass suffering and death.

If Putin remains entrenched in the Kremlin 12 months from now, could he shower the planet–and humanity–with deadly radiation? Replace Saturn’s “walls” (literally masks) applied universally to most of humanity (Aquarius) with Pluto (literally death and transformation).

Unfortunately, the long-feared but recently overshadowed and massively downplayed risk of nuclear war is still very much in play at this time, and now, no longer, it is not such a far-fetched scenario.

I hope for the best, of course, and always. And, what strange times we live in, indeed.

It is good to be back among others with a similar interest.

Space war is already a key component of the Aquarian Age.


Trump will be indicted for a criminal conspiracy to overturn the federal election of 2020. This will change completely the anticipated result of the mid-terms. He will not be candidate in 2024 because his karmic downfall will come in 2023.


Dealing with 2 outer planets in hard aspects to natal or progressed points in his chart at the same time is not favorable for Putin’s coming efforts.

Plugging in Saturn’s transit to the opposition to natal and progressed Pluto in my chart for Putin for a 7 year period beginning on March 2, 2020, yields the following dates for the aspect. All occur this year or next.

Putin – Natal Relocated; Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00, Moscow Russia, 55°N45′, 037°E35′

Apr 8 2022 Sat 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na
Apr 14 2022 Sat 23°Aq10′ Opp Plu 23°Le10′ Tr-Sp
Jul 28 2022 Sat 23°Aq09′ Opp Plu 23°Le09′ Tr-Sp
Aug 3 2022 Sat 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na

Jan 4 2023 Sat 22°Aq44′ Opp Plu 22°Le44′ Tr-Na
Jan 8 2023 Sat 23°Aq09′ Opp Plu 23°Le09′ Tr-Sp

Plugging in transit Neptune’s square to his progressed Sun for the same period gives the following. Besides coinciding during this year and next it gets in to 2024.

Putin – Natal Relocated; Oct 7 1952, 7:02 pm, BAT -3:00, Moscow Russia, 55°N45′, 037°E35′

Apr 18 2022 Nep 24°Pi11′ Sqr Sun 24°Sg11′ Tr-Sp
Aug 28 2022 Nep 24°Pi33′ Sqr Sun 24°Sg33′ Tr-Sp

Mar 15 2023 Nep 25°Pi07′ Sqr Sun 25°Sg07′ Tr-Sp
Oct 11 2023 Nep 25°Pi42′ Sqr Sun 25°Sg42′ Tr-Sp

Feb 9 2024 Nep 26°Pi02′ Sqr Sun 26°Sg02′ Tr-Sp

*** END REPORT ***

To go with Andre’s tRump post. Transits of Saturn to TFG’s progressed Sun before the 2024 elections.

tRump DC – Natal Relocated, Jun 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00
Washington DC, 38°N53’42”, 077°W02’12”

May 20 2023 Sat 06°Pi33′ Opp Sun 06°Vi33′ Tr-Sp
Jul 12 2023 Sat 06°Pi42′ Opp Sun 06°Vi42′ Tr-Sp
Feb 7 2024 Sat 07°Pi15′ Opp Sun 07°Vi15′ Tr-Sp

“Unfortunately, the long-feared but recently overshadowed and massively downplayed risk of nuclear war is still very much in play at this time, and now, no longer, it is not such a far-fetched scenario.”

Our Trump experience, and now our Putin Russia/Ukraine war experience demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt the necessity of ridding the world of nuclear arms. I recall an expert, (I don’t remember which one) saying that if Russia collapsed it would take all of the armies of the entire world working together to secure and eliminate her vast the store of nuclear weapons.

I just watched this 2017 interview with Masha Gessen, who grew up in Russia, called The Putin Files. Interesting.
People say hes changed. Perhaps it is more true that his essential nature has now been revealed

Putin’s actions and dealings very much have the appearance of a long-running Pluto transit. The US has clearly been experiencing Pluto now for some time. Actually since its first ingress into Capricorn, but the transiting Pluto opposition to the US Sun really seemed to prime the pump for the rise of Trump, building on the Koch-funded Tea Party astroturf campaign.

I imagine Putin was watching and taking notes during those early years, and saw the racism and entitlement of white establishment Conservative Republicans, and that of poorer, less educated white folks addicted to a diet of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, as the soft, vulnerable underbelly of the nation. Our Achilles heel if you will.

I truly believe he has been psyopping the US right wing for at least a decade. Now that Pluto has made its first pass over our natal US Pluto, his intentions and game plan have come into view for all the world to see what he has really been up to all along.

Also think of his name… Putin isn’t far off from Pluto!

Sanctions that really hurt!

“Germans Seize Russian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov’s Mega-Yacht”


Another one!

France seizes $120M superyacht tied to Russian oligarch Igor Sechin


As we suspected:

China asked Russia to delay Ukraine invasion until after Olympics, Western intel shows


A very good and informative 22 minute video by a former air force officer explaining why

Russia can NO LONGER WIN in Ukraine
Mar 2, 2022
Jake Broe

Sharon K,


“$1 million bounty on Putin offered by Russian businessman”

“I promise to pay $1,000,000 to the officer(s) who, complying with their constitutional duty, arrest(s) Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international laws,” wrote Konanykhin on LinkedIn.
“Putin is not the Russian president as he came to power as the result of a special operation of blowing up apartment buildings in Russia, then violated the Constitution by eliminating free elections and murdering his opponents.”

This may prove to be a very effective solution. Putin is not going to stop until someone cleans his clock. He’s like a malignant tumor – need to surgically disappear him.

Will: About your post of 9:11 pm March 3 2022

I watched Kiwi’s link to the Masha Gessen youtube.

Then read your post on the Russian businessman Konanykhin offering on LinkedIn one million dollars to any officer(s) for the arrest and prosecution of Putin as a war criminal.

There is the possibility that he secretly blew up an apartment building at 5 in the morning, with the maximum of residents in bed, killing the maximum of people – then blaming terrorists – then making himself a hero by stating he would track the terrorists down and extract revenge. He was president at the time but did not have the authority to do as he stated.

But he became so popular for that stance that he was in actuality catapulted to power…. assumed all the power of the presidency and more…..

And the rest is history.

There is every possibility that Putin carefully planned and executed the death of hundreds of innocent people in order to seize power…..

My point is that whatever else Putin is, he is a psychopath.

Trump is a psychopath.

And in the past, we have had many psychopaths in power wherein just one man caused the suffering and death of millions of people.

Just one man.

Just one psychopath.

Words fail me at the moment.

When is it going to become important to our civilizations to recognize the psychopath before we once again have unspeakable suffering.

It IS possible. Why aren’t we doing it? Are we on the crest of doing it?

We understand what psychopathy is now…. we have defined it.

We see it.

Are we about to stop it?

And if not, why not?

The Russians are bombarding Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant which supplies 1/4 of Ukraine’s electricity. A fire is burning at or in the plant. This one is well and modernly designed, less likely to become another Chernobyl. But if any radiation escapes it will go into Russia, as the wind consistently and normally blows eastward.

Stupid military decision after stupid decision after stupid decision ! ? ! ?!!


former fox news producer for sean hannity arrested in britain for working with russian oligarch to help russia

1hr ago – ukranian officials say at the moment power plant is now secure.


“We see it.

Are we about to stop it?

And if not, why not?”

I think about this quite a bit. I wonder if there is a certain disbelief that kicks in and then a kind of mass morose curiosity -like the Kitty Genovese murder that took place in New York while dozens of people were watching it take place for quite some time and none did anything to stop it. Is it a fascination with the awesomely evil power that triggers a kind of mass paralysis due to disgust? Do we secretly admire monsters like this? Is it a kind of crowd PTSD that causes inertia and paralysis? Are we hypnotized by the ongoing awful deeds? I often believe that if I had the physical dexterity, proximity and mobility and knew exactly where the psychopath was, I’d probably be willing to slay Goliath myself – and I’d do it with dignity and compassion – no torture or sadism -fast and clean and by doing so saving thousands of lives but also rescuing him to avoid incurring light-years of suffering and karmic debt.

My speculative chart for Putin contains indicators of possible psychopathic tendencies.


Vladimir Putin is beginning to come into sharp focus in the media and in intelligence circles for obvious reasons.

Here is an excellent documentary released 2 days ago…….

Putin’s Way | FRONTLINE

Video: 53 min 18 sec


Washington’s Newest Worry: The Dangers of Cornering Putin

The Times of India
Feb 4, 2022

WASHINGTON- Senior White House officials crafting strategy for confronting Russia have begun quietly debating a new concern: that the onslaught of sanctions targeting Moscow, gathering speed faster than they imagined, is cornering President Vladimir Putin. and may prompt him to lash out, perhaps expanding the conflict beyond Ukraine.

In Situation Room meetings in recent days, the topic has come up repeatedly, according to three officials. Putin’s tendency, US intelligence officials have told the White House and Congress, is to double down when he feels trapped by his own overreach. So they have outlined a range of possible reactions, ranging from the indiscriminate bombing of Ukrainian cities to make up for early mistakes made by their invading force, to targeted cyber-attacks on the US financial system, more nuclear threats, and perhaps moves to take the war further. . The borders of Ukraine.

The debate over Putin’s next moves is tied to an urgent re-examination by intelligence agencies of the Russian leader’s mental state, and whether his ambitions and risk appetite have been altered by two years of COVID-19 isolation. 19.

Those concerns accelerated after Putin’s order on Sunday to place the country’s strategic nuclear weapons on a “combat-ready” alert to respond to “aggressive comments” from the West.




Fox News is in bed with the Russian Oligarchs, if not Putin himself. This is why Tucker Carlson behaves and acts like such an Anti-American traitor in plain sight. He is on the take. The whole enterprise should be busted up, and Rupert Murdoch dragged into trial for seditious acts and treason. He should be made to sorely regret the day he ever sought American citizenship, all just to peddle such utter bullshit for buco bucks.


“Bellingcat investigator Christo Grozev says that #Russia has resources left for the war until Sunday, after which they will collapse.

Also next week, Russia is facing sanctions, the scale of which “we have not seen before”, and they will also affect Putin”

yesterday, the worst day in ukraine so far, pluto, mars, venus were all aligned in the sky at 27 cap. I wonder if energies will start to ease soon?


It has been noted in the astrological community that the situation in Ukraine could erupt into a wider war with the Mars/Saturn conjunction on April 4th. The Mars/Saturn conj. (22 Aquarius) t squares the nodes (22 Taurus-Scorpio) conjoins Ukranian’s natal Moon (the people/ DOB Aug 24, 1991) and forming an opposition Putin’s natal Pluto (22 Leo). At the same time transiting Jupiter at 22 Pisces in close conjunction to Neptune (23 Pisces) forms a quincunx to Putin’s Pluto. It will activate the US Mars-Neptune square (21/22 Gemini-Virgo). The Russian’s are resorting to an indiscriminate bombing campaign to force Ukraine into submission as they have done in Chechnya and Georgia. The unfolding crisis is very disturbing but there you have it.

I don’t think we have any more time for diplomacy. We need to vote with NATO to allow for a no-fly zone for Ukraine. We only narrowly escaped a nuclear horror at Russia’s hands just yesterday. Putin is not going to suddenly get reasonable and diplomatic. Once we crush him and Russia, China, North Korea and the other nogoodnik countries will be greatly weakened. Have we learned nothing from Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and Imperial Japan? It’s time. Let’s do this.

We all know and understand the reluctance of NATO countries to pit our pilots and soldiers head to head against Russians for fear of instigating WW-III and therefore a possible nuclear exchange.

The irony of this argument to me is —> I suspect Russia will take Odessa – then Moldava – then attack Poland, a NATO country. Article 5 will then take effect immediately pitting our NATO troops against Russia anyway.

Putin hopes and plans to close all nine geographical gaps through which they’ve been invaded in the past several hundred years, and restore the bufffer zones the USSR maintained for so many decades. In order to do that he must take Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

No matter what WE DO, a NATO war with Russia is probably inevitable. The only caveat is if Russia continues to fail in her efforts in Ukraine, thereby, sparking a coup or revolution against Mr. Putin. Were that to occur we might avoid WW III, at least for a while longer.


I concur with your assessment and hope for a coup against Bad Vlad. I feel we are already in WWIII. I don’t believe Russia is anywhere near as powerful as she was during the Cold War. I think we should pounce now or we will have no peace.

In the listing of difficult aspects for Putin’s natal or progressed points between March 29 and April 14 the hits come almost every day with the last opposition of transit Saturn to his progressed Pluto coming just before transit Saturn trines his progressed Neptune and transit Neptune squares his progressed Sun on the same day, April 18. Could Putin broker a ‘Peace Deal’ instead of a surrender then?

The Russian ruling elite supports this war because they believe their survival as a nation depends on the restoration of boundaries similar to what they had under the USSR. For them, this is life or death. For that reason, and because the Russian people are accustomed to privation and sacrifice throughout their history, even the fiercest, most onerous sanctions will not deter them. From their point of view, better to do whatever it takes, and suffer whatever hardships they must to preserve the life of the nation, as opposed to passively surrender to cultural and political death.

Considering their long traumatic history, the above belief is an understandable delusion, but a delusion nevertheless. It does not take into account how democracies behave toward one another as opposed to autocratic, imperialist states. Were the Russian Federation a true democracy, their western borders would not be a problem, as most of the eastern European nations are either democratic or becoming so. Democracies don’t invade one another. They prefer to trade, exchange ideas, and collaborate in the pursuit of knowledge and prosperity. Were Russia a true democracy, investors would be flocking to them to develop their enormous untapped resources, which if structured right would enrich them sufficiently to begin to heal their very pervasive and severe social and demographic problems. The Russian ruling elite can’t and won’t see this of course because they do not trust, believe in, or truly understand democratic ethos. Furthermore, under the democratic rule of law, many of them would be spending the rest of their lives in jail for their corrupt mafia style activities, and ill begotten opulent ifestyles.

If I’m reading Bad Vlad correctly, he will force us “to pounce” through further strategic blunders. Such irony! Unlike the WWII Nazis, his troops are generally moving westward. He is reputed to know military history, but apparently missed the overt as well as more subtle lessons of Operation Barbarossa!

interesting perspectives from Cash Peters today

What to pay most acute attention to in the news coverage of the Russia/Ukraine war.
AND – What we might do to prevent the ultimate catastrophe.

Our news media is very focused on the shelling of Kharkiv and Kyiv. From the humanitarian and what is “newsworthy” point of view that makes since. But from the perspective of military strategy, Mariupol is equally or possibly more important.

If the Russians take Mariupol (unfortunately most probably when not if) the “door” is opened to more easily move westward to Odessa and then to Moldava. Having secured those places, their proximity to Poland is more assured, meaning they can halt the flow of weapons and humanitarian aid which comes through Poland.

That’s when things really get “dicey.” Attempts to stop the flow of aid at the Poland/Ukraine border will drastically increase the probability of someone making a mistake. Russian troops might either by mistake or purposefully venture into Poland in pursuit of, or efforts to stop weapons, equipment, aid, etc. from entering Ukraine.
If Russian troops receive an order either from a local yokel commander, or from Moscow, to enter Poland, or in the fog and heat of battle blindly pursue their enemy into Poland, WWIII becomes a done deal.

In that scenario, the NATO goal changes. The goal then becomes defeat of the Russians without initiating the use of tactical or any other variety of nuclear weapons. Should it go that far, may God/Goddess help us all!

During WWII, English Witches gathered nightly skyclad on the beach performing rituals to prevent A. Hitler from invading the UK. They consistently held a tight mental focus, projecting the thought, “you can’t come in,” “no need to come here,” etc. The Nazis lost the air Battle of Britain, and Operation Sea Lion was never launched.

Perhaps we might organize a similar effort? It’s great to focus such energies on the humanitarian cause and needs of the Ukrainians, but I think something more is required here. Nothing to harm anyone, but a multi-religious prayer/spell focus to slow down and hinder Russian advances, a united projection of the thoughts, “you cannot advance.” “You cannot go forward.” “It’s time to go home.”

What do you think?

Eliseo, did you look at the cash peters video link I posted earlier? He talks about ukraine and that very thing, near the beginning and again at around the 21.30min mark

Eliseo, I’m in. You CANNOT advance. You CANNOT go forward. It’s TIME to go home.

I just viewed the Cash Peters video. I do not doubt his intuitive proclivities, but his biases were quite apparent. In my own experience, most of us have great difficulty keeping our personal desires and biases out of our readings.

I totally disagree with his assessment of the relationship between Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin. That seemed like projection to me. I agree PM Johnson is shallow and a bit of a fool, but I don’t think he has been in any way a “useful idiot” for the Russians.

Nor do I believe Brexit was the wrong choice Mr. Peters seems to view it as having been. Though it has created some hardships, I believe those will be resolved for the betterment of all in the coming realignment of nations. I agree with Charles de Gaulle, the UK does not belong in the EU.

European business and commerce law is quite different from that of the UK and the other Anglophone nations. I see Brexit as having been inevitable, and in the long run will open the UK to far better opportunities. CANZUK, or some similar arrangement, and/or entry into the USMCA will be more beneficial not just to the UK, but also to all its member nations, including New Zealand.

Although the notion is popular in some New Age circles, the idea of “spiritual contracts” as Mr. Peters referred to them, in my view reflects a serious misunderstanding of karma. There are few ideas as wrong as that one.

It was interesting Mr. Peters took it upon himself to visualize Mr. Putin as tied down with leather straps. I’m sure he had good intentions, but I would visualize it quite differently, and hopefully more carefully. Nevertheless, as I suggested above, meditatively restraining the man and the Russian army while yet doing them no harm seems the right approach.

Eliseo, though I agree with you on almost everything you raise. I take issue with your view of the UK government.

They are useful idiots of Putin. Look at what they have done – where as France, Germany, and the US have sanctioned many – the UK has sanctioned very few and they have been reticent to give visas to Ukrainians having issued 50 as of this morning.

London is referred to as Londongrad given that the oligarchs own most of the city. Boris gives lip service but look at the actions taken and they are very limited and pathetic.

Words and incantations intentions and spells (prayers) done in unison can be very powerful. Why not use everything in our arsenal.

You raise some valid points I was unaware of. I’ve long felt they need to replace Boris the boor Johnson and his cabinet ministers. From what you’ve revealed, they are worse than I thought. They need to get straight with their committment to democracy, or defeated out of office.

I’m wondering if it is better to seize their assets, property, and kick the oligarchs out of the country, or to coddle them a bit to obtain intelligence? The way the Russian crony capitalist system is set up, it is doubtful any of those oligarchs are honest or ethical businessmen. If they can’t be useful, perhaps it would be better to either arrest them for crimes committed, or to deport them. I have no knowledge as to which is better.

Eliseo, the images that Cash sees as a sort of seer, come to him; they are not initiated by him per se.

Interesting. Has Cash ever stated where he believes the images are coming from?

Eliseo, he did a video quite some time ago that sort of explained – I dont remember all the details, but it involved him being very ill at some point – I dont think he fully understands it himself. If I find it I will post.

Eliseo, found it. I misremembered the illness part. Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De9nwgarA9Y

With the Pluto return coming for a workd leader could a Peace Train be coming in?

Yusuf / Cat Stevens – Peace Train (live, Majikat – Earth Tour 1976)


Brexit and Boris Johnson are products of Russian disinformation to weaken the West. The only standout in the British government is the Defence Minister.

Move over, global warming, there’s a war going on.


The last Mars-Pluto in March 2020 brought home the pandemic.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction this weekend brought home the war.

The next Mars-Pluto conjunction will be at 0 Aquarius in February 2024. Killer satellites in the first space war?

0 Aquarius was the degree of the Venus-Mars conjunction yesterday. They had both just been conjunct with Pluto. Love and solidarity in a time of war. It was also the degree of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 2020 which rules the next twenty years.

Finally, 0 Aquarius is the degree of my natal Mercury placement, which is why I’m writing about it. There is no telling what I will be writing or thinking when Pluto reaches 0 Aquarius.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. We were so naive.


Very informative –


Russia’s new nationalist movement and support of fascism as promoted by the letter Z.


Remember Viet Nam? Many protested against it until it finally stopped while those on the right thought we were unpatriotic for not standing up for the national anthem and felt that we were not supporting our service men. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It takes courage to take a stand against your country but it must be done. The article I just posted above simply explains what Putin needs to minimally achieve with this war.

Russia’s “conditions” to be met by Ukraine and the war will stop “in a minute”.

– neutrality – not become a member of any block
– recognizing Crimea as Russian territory.
– recognizing as such the two provinces that Russia has recognized as independent


Will Russia Use Nuclear Weapons?

This video by Jake Broe, a former US Air Force officer, and nuclear arms specialist, explains in detail why the probability of Russia launching a nuclear strike is very, very low.
22 minutes & 2 seconds.

It’s ‘Effectively Impossible’ To Kick Russia Out Of The UN, But There Are Other Options

Some R Senators are for removing Russia from the UN Security Council. The author states that is likely impossible as as a present member (or China) can veto the recommendation. Were the Security Council to Unanimously vote for expulsion, the General Assembly would need to agree by a 2/3 vote.

However, Russia can be removed from the human rights council, and from the General Assembly on the basis of human rights violations. We also can refuse to recognize any new Russian-backed Ukraine puppet government.




Oligarch Vladimir Lisin, the chairman and main shareholder of the NLMK Group, one of Russia’s largest steel makers, has called for an immediate end to the Russian war in Ukraine.

The Moscow-based billionaire reportedly sent a letter to NLMK staff, which was subsequently widely shared on social networks.

The steel tycoon wrote that “the death of people in Ukraine is a tragedy that is hard to justify or explain.”

this explains rand paul’s bizzare and unpatriotic behaviour over the past number of years. As suspected, gop, corrupt, bought and paid for.

Thirteen days of struggle: Zelenskiy’s address to UK Parliament

They gave him a standing ovation before and after President Z’s address. You can’t see this without becoming emotional.


China Will ATTACK Russia… if they fail in Ukraine
18 minutes 23 seconds

This is quite plausible, if not probable! Russia had to move their far eastern troops from Vladivostok
thousands of miles westward to have enough soldiers to invade Ukraine, leaving the eastern part of their country unprotected.

It would be of immense benefit to China were they to take the opportunity to take back Outer Manchuria, which Russia stole from them in the 19th century. This would be using the same logic Putin is using to justify taking over Ukraine.

Russia is failing miserably in Ukraine, thereby showing weakness, thereby “inviting” the PRC to play hero, to enter the war ostensibly “on the side of NATO and the beleaguered, and courageous Ukrainian people,” while taking back what they’ve always wanted in the first place. Regaining Outer Manchuria would solve one of their worst strategic problems, naval confinement within the first island chain. This would make the Chinese far more powerful than they are presently.

The one caveat is, twice Jake Broe errs when he says Outer Manchuria belonged to the Chinese empire for “10,000” years. NO! Wrong! Outer Manchuria belonged to China through several different dynasties for slightly over 1000 years, not 10,000!

Eliseo, I am not sure I want to listen to President Zelensky’s address to the UK Parliament (too emotional for me) but I did hear excerpts and he was paraphrasing Churchill: “We will fight them in the fields, we will fight them in the forests….” When I heard him saying that, I started crying. And when you hear about children and families being killed! It’s very hard to see this happening.

Those brave, brave, suffering people…and Zelensky has set the pace. May God protect him and keep him alive and may God protect them all.

My father-in-law was watching Fox and I saw the Jesse Watters show. He was doing everything he could to blame this war on Biden for promoting Ukraine’s membership to NATO. I heard one older interview where he was asked when Ukraine would be able to enter NATO and he said “when they qualify”. I don’t know how much promoting he actually did. But then, Watters interviewed Lindsey Graham and he would not agree that it was Biden who provoked Putin (even though my bro-in-law also feels that way). Although he found a way to call Biden incompetent, I believe it was because he didn’t act sooner to aggressively oppose Putin and “punch him in the nose”. He insisted over and over that this move was part of Putin’s larger plan to reconstruct the Soviet Union and Putin was the bad guy, not Biden (even though Biden is “the incompetent guy”).

I wonder what is going to happen with edward snowden after all this

THANK YOU Starlight for keeping this fabulous blog going. And thanks to everyone who posts here — you keep me sane at this time, calms me to see your thoughtful and interesting viewpoints.

Eliseo, kiwi, Sharon K, Bob, Andre and many others with such valid and informative posts and links are so appreciated during such horrible times. Will — your reference in Feb to Putin as a pastey poop-puffed peroghi was perfect, thanks for making me laugh. Frank, thank you for the Changing of the Gods series, informative and powerful.

Welcome to the year of Pluto Return, beginning tragically and we haven’t even dipped our big toe in yet. And here we are in the U.S. experiencing Pluto Return in the 2nd house. We still have PTSD from the 2016 election, then covid, and watching our rights erode — voting rights, banning books, abortion rights, and don’t say “gay” — and much more, and seeing Putin follow Hitler’s playbook. Could the U.S. lose representative democracy this year? Oh I hope it goes the other way!!! We need a Constitution for ALL, will this year be the impetus to move forward?

Long story short: My personal life is awful. I barely made it through when Pluto/Saturn/Mars squared my Sun in 2020. So now Pluto is opposing my 27 Cancer Moon. Transiting Saturn is opposing Natal Pluto (others may be experiencing as this seems generational), progressed Moon is opposing progressed Mars, and other crazy transits. Not fun. I’m taking care of my parents (who luckily are still mobile in their 90’s), but my mother is evil. My siblings have deserted me, try to destroy me, and never fail to “judge” on what they know nothing about. The stress is killing me.

And I’m just a microcosm in the macrocosm, so many people experiencing many losses at this time, and I look at the Ukrainians losing EVERYTHING, OMG. Biden was not my first choice, but of course I voted for him, and I’m so grateful for him, with his made-in-America efforts, Russian sanctions. I’m sick and tired of the media destroying him stating he’s mentally inadequate. SERIOUSLY???? And TFG wasn’t incompetent?? TFG would be giving Putin money now and we would only be getting propaganda, and it still sickens me to think that 74 million Americans voted for that madman. I’m in a very blue county, and already seeing billboards and t-shirts supporting TFG for 2024, and support for the Jan 6 events. OMG!!!!

Fingers crossed that Russia loses its power. Sometimes when con men are at the top of their game, the next step is to tumble way down, I can only hope. Zelensky is a true leader, an inspiration, and my heart is breaking for Ukraine.

Thank you, Marija, for your sharing. I empathize with you and am sorry for your personal problems. You seem to have the kind of clear-thinking strength and courage that will get you through a lot of things. Don’t engage with those who think differently. Just send a silent (or maybe not so silent) blessing from God to them. Yes, the pluto return started off with a bang and may all of the right things happen. War equalizes the population that is victimized to a large degree, although if there are wealthy Ukrainians, they must have been able to leave. Maybe watching this war happen will create more empathy in the U.S. for those who need help here as well as gratitude for what we have.

I fully empathize with your personal situation as well as your other sentiments. (My personal life is pretty awful as well.)

You are so right. As you said, we’ve barely got our big toe in our Pluto return era, and what a mess it is!

I too am beyond galled at the continuing depravity of the R’s. More deeply addicted to power than we realized, they threw off their principles, and threw in with the likes of Trump and Putin!

IMO, Mr. Biden is far more adept at statecraft than any president since LBJ, not that any of our presidents have been anywhere near perfect. But I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such cynical Republican temerity, declaring Mr. Biden as addled, incompetent, stupid, and suffering from dementia, …AFTER FOUR YEARS OF TRUMP?!?!? Enthusiastically supporting a ban on Russian oil and natural gas so they can blame Biden for high gas prices? Worst of all, supporting the LIE the election was stolen, refusing to certify the election results, and defending (perhaps welcoming) the January 6th mob?!?!? My God! In the 1770’s, one Pluto cycle ago, the British were never this bad!

What happened? Were we naive, believing we were more advanced than was actually the case? Who knew we had so many morally and emotionally retarded boneheads, or that they might be so easily manipulated and organized for chaos by foreign adversaries?

And now, what’s happening in Ukraine and the other hot spots across the world stage. It feels like the beginning of both WWI and WWII all over again.

I know, easier said than done, but I suppose all we can do now is take deep breaths, get centered as possible per whatever our method, and move through our tasks as best we can. I think perhaps Sharon K is right. Maybe it is best now to not engage to much with those who think or feel radically differently. For the time being, sending them blessings is at least something constructive. I know, hard to do, but it is better than the insane arguments we’ve been seeing. Here’s hoping events will serve to change consciousness for the better for us all, and that we proceed into the Pluto in Aquarius era in greater unity and harmony.

I send you blessings. I know you need them, as do we all.

A very interesting point of view in an interview from February 28, 2022 with Fiona Hill, who wrote a biography of Vladimir Putin.

‘Yes, He Would’: Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes

Putin is trying to take down the entire world order, the veteran Russia watcher said in an interview. But there are ways even ordinary Americans can fight back.

Reynolds: The more we talk, the more we’re using World War II analogies. There are people who are saying we’re on the brink of a World War III.

Hill: We’re already in it. We have been for some time. We keep thinking of World War I, World War II as these huge great big set pieces, but World War II was a consequence of World War I. And we had an interwar period between them. And in a way, we had that again after the Cold War. Many of the things that we’re talking about here have their roots in the carving up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire at the end of World War I. At the end of World War II, we had another reconfiguration and some of the issues that we have been dealing with recently go back to that immediate post-war period. We’ve had war in Syria, which is in part the consequence of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, same with Iraq and Kuwait.

All of the conflicts that we’re seeing have roots in those earlier conflicts. We are already in a hot war over Ukraine, which started in 2014. People shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking that we’re just on the brink of something. We’ve been well and truly in it for quite a long period of time.

But this is also a full-spectrum information war, and what happens in a Russian “all-of-society” war, you soften up the enemy. You get the Tucker Carlsons and Donald Trumps doing your job for you. The fact that Putin managed to persuade Trump that Ukraine belongs to Russia, and that Trump would be willing to give up Ukraine without any kind of fight, that’s a major success for Putin’s information war. I mean he has got swathes of the Republican Party — and not just them, some on the left, as well as on the right — masses of the U.S. public saying, “Good on you, Vladimir Putin,” or blaming NATO, or blaming the U.S. for this outcome. This is exactly what a Russian information war and psychological operation is geared towards. He’s been carefully seeding this terrain as well. We’ve been at war, for a very long time. I’ve been saying this for years.



Happy to have humored you in spite of the horror unfolding before our eyes.


Fiona Hill rocked her assessment of Putin and this ongoing war of Russia vs. Europe and the U.S. She’s an amazing force.


Ditto! What Will said… Thank you for your last two posts.

Yup Fiona Hill knows what she is talking about..

Everyone should read her Politico interview. The interviewer is no slouch either…..

I have been watching the news videos with the sound turned off…….

As a welcome and momentary relief from WWIII, a Montreal French-language newspaper begins a new series on its front page on famous Franco-Americans. It of course begins with Jack Kerouac, who was born in Massachussetts from parents who moved from nearby Québec. His family name is unusual and is closely associated with Brittany, a formerly autonomous and Celtic region of northwest France. He gave a famous interview in broken French to Radio-Canada TV (French CBC) in 1968 shortly before he died.


As I have said, Putin = Pluto

With Pluto, it often isn’t completely obvious what he’s up to, until he’s done his work, and then finally comes up from the depths of hell to stare you right in the face, holding your deepest fears and evidence of self-compromise right in the palm of his hand, as if to say, “And now, what are you going to do about THIS?”

How timely that Putin emerged from the depths just as Pluto completed its first pass over the US natal Pluto. He’s long been plotting his revenge against America for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Stunningly, as well as ironically, he found willing if highly gullible partners in a large swath of what passes for political Conservatism here in the US, including the bulk of the Republican Party. Most of us remember well that the Republicans of the 1950s-80s adopted the branding of major patriots and Cold Warriors who stood aggressively against the spread of Communism as spearheaded by the Soviet Union. What a difference a generation makes, indeed.

A friend of mine shared a meme the other day which essentially blamed the crashing economy and $4+/gallon of gas on Biden, implying the world was so much better when the least of our worries was a certain orange-hued clown President that made mean tweets. This is the kind of epic ignorance we are dealing with internally in the US, and it continues to be a huge liability that Putin, and perhaps others after him, will be all to eager to exploit to their own ends.

I caught that, Andre. Kerouac was the inspiration of The Doors, The Beatles, Bob Dylan etc.

He was also born on my birthday March 12. And currently Neptune is conjunct his Sun.

The person who wrote about him for Wikipedia did a good job.

Yup he was the inspiration for Route 66.

And maybe a little echo for Willie Nelson’s song “On The Road Again” which was my heartfelt theme song as I drove back and forth for years on the Western side of the continent between Arizona, California, up through Montana and Idaho to Alberta and BC, stopping at towns for their local color.

Yes, and Jack could be slightly reminiscent (ever so slightly of a Montreal boy – although not French – Leonard Cohen.

For those who of you who work in the mental health field, I came across an interesting author who specializes in psychopolitics, Jerrold M. Post, M.D. I’ve not yet read any of his several books, but all of them look pretty interesting. The man spent 21 years producing medical and psychological profiles of world leaders for the CIA. One of his books was on DJT.

In 2010, Dr. Post delivered a lecture at Yale U. , “When Illness Strikes the Leader: The Psychopolitics of Illness in High Office.” He commented, “When the “high and mighty” get “mighty high,” it can affect leadership.” I’m guessing his talk was based in part on his earlier book, “When Illness Strikes the Leader: The Dilemma of the Captive King.”


What did that young Ukrainian woman say through her tears, and reflecting on her horror – whose neighborhood had been bombed, ruined, and her friends killed – “Look for the Blue Skies…”

We have the Blue Skies ….. we can keep them and honour them for those who will find them again… in whatever incarnation……

I came across something the other day that I think may be helpful in dealing with the epic ignorance in the US that BuckeyeShadow mentioned. It’s been an ongoing thorn in all our sides for so long. Anyway, a friend shared an article on Ukranian poet poet Lyuba Yakimchuk. At the end, the article refers to Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz’s words:

In his poem “To My Russian Friends,” Mickiewicz wrote: “as for those of you who are complicit, it is not you that I want to destroy, but your shackles.”

And quoting Ukranian-American poet Oksana Maksymchuk:
“So it’s this kind of choice about how to direct the emotions, perhaps very strong and very destructive, such as anger or the wish to retaliate, how to direct them so that you can actually live together after the war ends, which inevitably will happen in the future,” said Maksymchuk.

Anyway, long article, but that idea of directing anger towards the shackles, or those deliberating misleading people at any rate, is maybe a way of feeling more tolerant of the mislead and ignorant.

Eliseo: Jerrold M. Post MD … his writings.


Well, a significant portion of the public allowed the election of DJT. I am sure Russia had something to do with it – just to turn the tide –

As did James Comey – forget exactly how that worked and why at that crucial point he brought Hillary’s emails into it – what made his decision except through perhaps some hubris of his own…

Inequality started it all. Lack of education and equal opportunity….

Slavery, the Original Sin against the Constitution…

And then to illustrate the perversions that occurred as the result of this inequality we have
Betsy De Vos, the shameless individual who tried to further this inequality by introducing Private Schools, and seeking to destroy Public Schools.

An inheritor of Amway, she is. A believer in the Constitution, she is not. She is traitorous, as is her brother, Eric Prince.

How do we guard against these traitors and personality disorders?

At least we have the studies read by the general population – those studies by Checkley and Hare…

“The Mask of Sanity”… Checkley

“Without Conscience” by Hare

This is crucial now. We have elected DJT – Putin has wrested power and killed hundreds in the process of grabbing power. And has accelerated, and is completely destroying the lives of millions.

Hitler was on drugs.

We have to educate ourselves on the issue of psychopathy in our midst.

It is the first order of business. It is amazing we as a people had to go through all the suffering at the hands of the perverts, over the ages – all through recorded history and before –

And this is the first time we are getting a handle on this – Why has it taken so long?

For one man to be able to kill and ruin millions…..

ONE MAN – ONLY ONE MAN killing millions………

We have to take responsibility now that we know about the monsters among us.

We KNOW – knowledge is power. It is where we begin.

I know we have their supporters who have been spawned as the result of their quest for power….. the ones who are truly repulsive to you and me…….

And THAT too is information.

So we are being informed.

Knowledge is Power. What do we do next?

First we have the information.

“The Sociopath Next Door” by Marcia Stout

oops got sentences in wrong order

Good article, Les.

Along similar lines, there’s also this excellent piece by Medium writer Umair Haque:

The West is Finally Breaking Up With Russia — And It’s Long Overdue
Why The West is Better Off Without Putin’s Russia


Basically, he suggests that Twitter and other social medium platforms have already experienced a substantial decline in Right-Wing troll activity, which strongly correlates with the shutting off of Russia’s access to the global internet.

Basically, as many of us here already knew or suspected, Putin’s Russia was the source of the manufactured “firehose” of misinformation on the internet, everything from COVID-19 anti-vaccine paranoia to pro-Trump propaganda, and everything else (racism, sexism, anti-immigration, anti-abortion, anti-transgender) meant to drive a wedge deep into our society and stir up opposing factions.

Again, talk about timing here, as Neptune passes off its opposition to the US natal Neptune, and Pluto comes into play with its return to our natal Pluto placement… in the final degrees of Capricorn, which at its worst activates far-right extremist elements in our society. Basically, these groups and their backing are about out of steam, as is the Neptunian “fog” that shrouded facts and hard evidence for many under a massive cloud of confusion and misinfo.

The West’s massive rally against Putin is unprecedented and will undoubtedly have unexpected and unintended consequences. Yet it also seems that we may finally be approaching the future with a clearer, more grounded view of things.

Personally, I have nothing against the Russian people themselves.

And also, I truly hope they collectively rise up against that bastard in the Kremlin and put him down, like a rabid dog. He is a global menace and scourge, and he deserves no mercy or forgiveness for what he has done.

Give him a disgraceful and undignified end, as should be the fate for all so-called “strongmen” who in truth, are mere gutless cowards and worms.


Very interesting Eliseo! I never knew that about Hitler.

Great thoughts and articles all of you – consider that Ive pressed the “like” button for each and every one of you . . . .

Les – that was a very good read.

I need it now…..”it is not you that I want to destroy, but your shackles.”

Because I DO want to destroy the people who are indulging themselves to serve their own nerve endings.

No I don’t. But my anger sometimes overtakes me and then I would be counter-productive, my own worst enemy.

Check out Chek News. It is our little local Victoria News Station – employee owned.

James Bauder, one of the organizers, said a couple days ago the the Freedom Convoy is headed back into Victoria for March 14 and is going to be occupying that area for 2 to 3 months.

In its original “journey” I was in the middle of Douglas – the main road in Victoria – surrounded by all these selfish insane bullies in their huge commercial vehicles or their outsize privately owned trucks. I was taken by surprise. All those Canadian flags, and the honking of horns.. All those egotistical maniacs hooting and hollering….
in Canada!!!!!

Was I mad? I was MAD!!!!! Taking over our peaceful Canadian town. Strangers. Pretending to be for you and me.

I live in James Bay. To get out of James Bay into town you have to go past the Parliament Grounds and the Empress Hotel, and the Inner Harbour. Imagine me driving past or through all these PEOPLE – and I use the word “people” lightly – mad as a hatter – and not being able to do anything about it.

Along with 70% of the rest of the population who feel the same way I do.

Ok I just read over what I just wrote – and am LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

All right I have no answers now – at least none that work – or are functional – but I’ll calm down.

I concur. Really good posts! Thank You, ALL of you!

RE: Hitler. We know he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease at the end. He developed the habit of always holding something in his left hand in order to control and hide the tremors. Filmed days before he died, video of him decorating a line of very young uniformed boys had to be edited to hide his malady. The Smithsonian video of that below is in black and white, but color versions also exist. I’ve seen them.


One of the several Parkinson’s symptoms is an increasing rigidity of thought. It is reasoned that may have contributed to some of his really crazy military decisions contradicting the advice of his best generals.

A short but good article on his medical and psychiatric condition is at this link.


Hitler’s drug use, especially cocaine (His doctor injected him with cocaine frequently) inadvertently assisted the allies to launch the D-Day invasion successfully. He had given orders not to awaken him under any circumstances until sometime in the afternoon. (Under drug influence, he couldn’t have been awakened anyway. He was out like a light until the stupor wore off.) Therefore the order was never given to deploy the available panzers. Had Hitler been awake and aware, he would surely have issued that order making the likelihood of D-Day success more doubtful.

Hitler’s medical record completely obliterates the fantasy he survived the war, moved to Argentina and died there in the 1960’s. And I’m pretty sure he is not as some have asserted alive and well and living on the dark side of the moon.

If you google Hitler video tremor, you will get tons of links about Hitler, his medical and psychiatric diagnoses, etc.

I think we can reasonably suspect that the Canadian so-called “freedom convoy” is but one of Putin’s late schemes aimed at distracting the US from his maneuvering by destabilizing our closest neighbor and ally to the north.

It is definitely a very un-Canadianlike occurrence in my experience.

I suspect it will eventually peter out though, perhaps sooner than later, with the sanctions being imposed on Russia and the bottlenecking of the firehose of Putin’s mass-misinfo campaign.

Although a lot of funding for right-wing astro-turf has come from billionaires like the Kochs and Peter Thiel, it seems the Russian Oligarchs and Putin have had quite a bit of influence here as well.

With Pluto nearing the end of Capricorn, however, the rich elites in any country are going to soon find themselves without the wherewithal or basic ability to pump so much cash into political influence. They might even come to sorely regret doing so in the first place, as their own power and influence takes a serious dive.

Thank you BuckeyeShadow! 🙂

Two short opinion pieces by two of the NY Time’s finest columnists, in line with what’s being posted above. The first one discusses Putin’s psychological state.

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/10/opinion/putin-ukraine-russia-identity.html (“This is why Putin can’t back down” by David Brooks)

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/10/opinion/putin-ukraine-russia-usa.html (“America’s right has a Putin problem” by Thomas Friedman)

Sunstars, you have a very folksy, real, comfortable way of expressing yourself….kind of reminds me of our friend, slightkc, who we don’t get to see very often here — but when she does post – her personality is very charismatic, like yours…

And by the way — I caught your reference to your birthday twin, Jack Kerouac — so —

Happy Early Solar Return/Birthday for 3/12/22. May it be a beautiful year filled with good health & happiness!

Awww. Pisces to Pisces. Thank you Sharon K! I think about how you might live, too….. in your home and State…. have impressions from the references you have made – we both have a brother-in-law for instance lol! whose ancestries are from similar places, and you and your husband are involved in politics…. nature is important to you…Thank you for your good wishes and I wish the best for you too! 🙂

Happy Birthday, sunstars! From the opposite side (Virgo). I’ve always found my Pisces friends soothing to my a bit uptight Virgo!

Been away a while; trying to catch up. Missed you all.

We will get through all of this and help the Ukrainian people through as well; it just isn’t going to be a “piece of cake”. I am hoping that we, as citizens of the world, learn the valuable lessons being offered us…

Russia threatens to leave an American astronaut to die in space. He is due to land in Kazakhstan in three weeks. Another forerunner of Pluto in Aquarius.


Happy Solar Return!
May your years be filled with joy and mirth, love and laughter, with prosperity and illumination. May you be wiser and stronger, growing in the insight of heart and mind, with each day, and each year.

Thank you Sunstars.

I’m sure we have a lot in common!

May you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow celebrating your birth 🙂 and don’t let the convoy or anything else is this maya in which we live taint it (although those people don’t know what to protest about now that Covid is better and masks are not required except inn certain cases – I guess they’ll go back to the election)

Someone had a Facebook story up showing a little girl sitting on a step smiling with Louis Armstrong singing “…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world” in the background, and I could help but start crying.

It is and can be a wonderful world. Let’s hold the vision of countries and a myriad of people from all over the world coming together to help Ukrainians heal and rebuild, and may it happen fast! As was said above by wyndancer (welcome back by the way), may “the valuable lessons be learned”!

I don’t think the Russians will leave an American astronaut in space. It is an empty, vengeful threat born of the pain of the sanctions, etc. May the leaders of Russia be replaced or be forced to transform into reasonable people. This is very hard to bear.

Pray for the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Federov, who was abducted by Russians, a bag put over his head, and accused of terrorist acts!


<strong)Have a visit with a Russian citizen.
(She has videos regarding Ukraine preceding this.)

<strong)We Left Russia 34:15)


<strong)Victoria Terekhina
192K subscribers

“So we are no longer in Russia and I wanted to talk a little bit about why we left and about some of our future plans. Also, I’ve changed my channel name #minimalrussiangirl to reduce some aggressiveness that people have now about everything Russian.”


01:25 – Greetings
01:47 – Where we are
02:60 – The trip, decision, and packing
04:31 – Plans for the nearest future and first time abroad
08:31 – Difficulties in a trip and not working cards
09:29 – God was leading and we have almost nothing in Russia
10:50 – My content is about Russia
11:02 – Loving our Russian home but looking for something better
12:48 – Idea of living abroad for an experience
14:15 – Stress, anxiety, and leaving earlier
15:20 – Worst things happening in Russia
16:23 – Blocked media and censorship
18:47 – Sanctions and companies leaving
20:09 – Airline companies’ troubles and the cost of goods
21:56 – Too tired of that
23:36 – Getting bullied for being Russian and changing the name of the channel
24:44 – Hate among Russians
26:00 – I’m done
27:05 – Hope I won’t have troubles because of my thoughts
28:10 – Russia could be so great
31:46 – Finishing with something positive

Thank you for watching

Have a visit with a Russian citizen.
(She has videos regarding Ukraine preceding this.)

We Left Russia 34:15


Victoria Terekhina
192K subscribers

“So we are no longer in Russia and I wanted to talk a little bit about why we left and about some of our future plans. Also, I’ve changed my channel name #minimalrussiangirl to reduce some aggressiveness that people have now about everything Russian.”


01:25 – Greetings
01:47 – Where we are
02:60 – The trip, decision, and packing
04:31 – Plans for the nearest future and first time abroad
08:31 – Difficulties in a trip and not working cards
09:29 – God was leading and we have almost nothing in Russia
10:50 – My content is about Russia
11:02 – Loving our Russian home but looking for something better
12:48 – Idea of living abroad for an experience
14:15 – Stress, anxiety, and leaving earlier
15:20 – Worst things happening in Russia
16:23 – Blocked media and censorship
18:47 – Sanctions and companies leaving
20:09 – Airline companies’ troubles and the cost of goods
21:56 – Too tired of that
23:36 – Getting bullied for being Russian and changing the name of the channel
24:44 – Hate among Russians
26:00 – I’m done
27:05 – Hope I won’t have troubles because of my thoughts
28:10 – Russia could be so great
31:46 – Finishing with something positive

Thank you for watching

Posted after the attack.

Sharing Some Thoughts And Feelings
Feb 25, 2022 15:24

I couldn’t ignore the situation and wanted to share with you some feelings that we have about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Thank you for all the prayers for our countries

interview with alexandra tolstoy “putin’s world makes the godfather look like disney’s frozen”

I cannot view that video now, kiwi, but even if Russia takes Kyiv at some point & Zelensky is forced to make his base somewhere else, from what I read, Russia will not hold on to it. I think, hope & pray that Putin will be forced to step down and someone who is capable of making Russia part of the world community become the head of Russia’s government.

english comedian as his journalist persona

Jonathan Pie? Is that his real name, or a character he is playing? In any case, a wonderful rant.

I’m not overly familiar with the intricacies of present UK government, but from what I’m hearing it appears Boris and his crowd need to resign or be voted out asap. Confiscating those 186,000 mansions would be a good start as well!

So many good points the man made, like “using our greed against us.”

“The worm has turned!” In this case, as Pluto moves through the last degrees of Capricorn and towards Aquarius, the greedheads and other malefactors will get their comeuppance. Putin is forcing us all to face our shadow side and to move united in the right direction.

RE: Alexandra Tolstoy’s statement, “Putin’s world makes The Godfather look like Disney’s Frozen.”
Also true of the Saudi regime. Unfortunately, our Mafia are choir boys by comparison.

We all know the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, and it will surely get far worse before it gets better. But I’m beginning to get a very ominous feeling as to what will transpire in Russia itself.

Eliseo, his real name is Tom Walker

What do you think will happen in Russia, Eliseo?

Thank you for the birthday vision, Eliseo – I took it in….

What do you think will happen in Russia?

Les, thank you. My Mother was a Virgo and may have been my most admired person I’ve ever known in person.

Sharon K,
What will happen in Russia?

At first, it was merely a “gut feeling.” Perhaps it was my unconscious self formulating. Upon later thought, I realized there are several things going on which lead me to a very dark sort of wondering.

In past posts I already mentioned the extremely severe social and demographic problems Russia is experiencing, the collapse of their medical establishment, the closing down of their technical, scientific, and engineering schools, their lack of trained personnel, their incurable form of tuberculosis, the extraordinary rates of alcoholism and drug addiction, their diminishing life spans, 1.7 deaths for each birth, etc. That list could be far longer than what I’m citing here.

But there are some other specific trends, events and possibilities I see which give me pause.

(1) When Putin went to the Beijing Olympics, he was essentially getting permission from Chairman Xi to invade Ukraine. To invade Ukraine, Putin had to withdraw close to 100% of his troops nearest China, sending them all westward to the Ukraine theater of war. He needed a gentleman’s agreement that China would not take advantage of the severe absence of Russian troops in far eastern Russia, i.e. especially Outer Manchuria which the Russians stole from China in the 19th century during their “century of humiliation.”

Our Intelligence sources believe Xi was all for the invasion, as he believed it would supply a template, a model to tweak, a plan he could adapt and perfect before the PRC invaded Taiwan. He and Putin thought Ukraine and the West would cower and cave and it would all be over in a few days. Reports are he is profoundly shocked and disappointed with the Russian results so far. He is aggravated, and becoming more so every day.

As the West increasingly condemns Pariah Putin, and the war widens and continues for weeks, months, etc., Xi may decide his best move is to invade and retake Outer Manchuria. Regaining that territory would be enormously advantageous to China on several levels, especially for their navy. He could also claim this was his way of punishing Russia for their bad deeds. With the world embroiled in Eastern Europe, who could or would stop him?

If China successfully regains Outer Manchuria, Japan will want to regain Sakhalin, which the Russians took from them at the end of WWII.

Also, with little or no Russian troops in eastern Russia, and considering their severe water problems, the Chinese may then decide to take “the pearl of Siberia,” Lake Baikal, the deepest lake on Earth with as much pure, clean water as all of our Great Lakes combined. In the context of climate change, I’ve long believed there would eventually be a war over Lake Baikal. I even included it in one of my sci-fi stories as part of the back story.

(2) Sociopaths often accuse others of what they, themselves have done or intend to do. Mr. Putin is no exception. He’s “telegraphed” his intentions accusing the US and Ukraine of biological, and/or chemical warfare. NATO will surely intervene should he use such weapons, which equals WWIII. As in WWI, controlling such weapons is might near impossible, dangerous for all countries in the region including Russia.

(3) WHY the reckless attack on Chernobyl? Russian troops now occupy the site. When his troops are losing, he could threaten to bomb Chernobyl, if Ukrainians do not desist. Crazy? Of course. But when such a man feels “cornered” no telling what he might do. Again, an incident triggering NATO intervention.

(4) Russians are leaving in large numbers. The evacuations from Ukraine are covered well by the media, but the ones from Russia, not as well. 44,000 arrived by train in Finland in the month of February. Presently, between 500 and 600 per day are still arriving by train. That doesn’t count the ones simply walking through the forest to cross the border.

Others are arriving in other adjacent countries, particularly Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc. Ukrainians and Russians are pouring into eastern and western Europe as well. I rather doubt circumstances, or their former home environment will allow them to return.

(5) Russia is dying. Were there no war, in 40 years Russians would exist as an ethnicity, but not as a nation. Putin is drastically speeding up the process. With no strong, central, unitary government Russia’s 6000-ish nuclear warheads spread through their great vastness are up for grabs. It would take all of the world’s armies combined, (hopefully wearing light blue UN helmets) to enter Russia and secure those nukes. Meanwhile, the Chinese, Iranians, N. Koreans, and several different terrorist groups would enter the quest to obtain them. It would be the “mother of all melees.”

There’s more. Too much to mention here. Suffice it to say, when I think of Russia, for the next century, it’s not good. Let us hope I am wrong. Let us hope for their sake, and for us all, the right leaders come forth to replace Putin and his crowd, but on this matter I am not presently optimistic.

Sharon K,
Regarding your hope “Putin will be forced to step down and someone who is capable of making Russia part of the world community become the head of Russia’s government.”

I share your hope, but consider this.

In the US our governing elite consists of about two million well trained public servants. Many of them are well qualified to assume the reins of power were some extraordinary catastrophe to transpire.

Russia’s governing elite consists of about two hundred total, most all trained through the KGB. Their thinking is not that different from that of their present boss.

Wow Eliseo. I don’t know how you do it. I am thirsty for information, thirsty for understanding of the present horror of Putin invading Ukraine. I have, I guess, been to preoccupied to research the situation to gain a particle of the understanding you have just given us.

People are seeking the information, the picture you have given us. It should be required reading. It should be posted on the major news media sites.

More astute members of this blog know better how to get this into the mainstream. It really casts a light on what is happening.

People are hungry for this.

Hahaha! Thirsty, hungry. Too true. Reflecting the people caught up in this war.

We in Victoria are preparing for the onslaught of The Freedom Convoy tomorrow. March 14 is the date they set for the invasion of the city.

We are already seeing the first signs on our main roads. The people with nothing better to do than drive their trucks around with red and white Canadian flags all over the outside of their too large vehicles.

People, part of their in-crowd, doing the thumbs up, or waving or shouting to said demonstrators.

Most of our mask mandates and passports are gone…..

I guess the health authorities are thinking – Ok, let’s give them what they want. See how THAT lives.

So probably the majority of us sitting ducks here in Victoria are thinking: How do we handle this?

We are so angry. My next door neighbor has collected large pieces of cardboard with which to make signs.

We are no match for those crazy honkers. At the moment.

I want to make a sign that says: “Putin’s Useful Idiots”. Another: “You are here for one reason and one reason only: to Divide Canada.”

Then I think – well, their reasons are losing steam. If they just go ahead and make life less bearable for the rest of us, if they demonstrate how stupid etc. they are, if they get no pushback, their reasons for being will fade.

The truth of the matter is that our police force is outmatched.

But our local news station’s latest poll indicates that pretty much 70 percent of us want science as our guide.

We shall see. I’ll let you know…..

Sharon K,
I did not edit the last two post I wrote. Now that I see them, I realize they may not have been as clear as I intended.
In point (5) of my 4:30 AM post the context was a presumption of chaos which might ensue were Mr. Putin’s government to fall. I should have made that more clear before the sentence beginning, “With no strong, central, unitary government…”

Upon his return to power after the 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt, Mr. Gorbachev chose to relinquish power gracefully so as to not inadvertently instigate a civil war. He wrote and has spoken of how dangerous for the entire world he thought a Russian civil war would be with so many nuclear weapons.

I believe they have about half as many today as in 1991, but the principle remains. Any type of wide spread chaos in any nation with nukes is extraordinarily dangerous, the stuff of nuclear nightmares. IMO, we have to get rid of them, ALL of them.

Eliseo, the man to watch is Shoygu

Very informative. Thank you!

Most pregnant part of the piece was at the end:
“It is also being led by Shoygu, a man who has so far experienced only successes and who lacks the proper military training to understand that a battlefield victory, no matter how impressive, can sometimes lead to an even larger political defeat.”

Eliseo, very true about the brain drain. Many of the young and educated are fleeing in droves…


What worries me the most is that Putin is shifting from his Russian Army (who don’t have the stomach for this) to a small group of mercenaries and he has billions of dollars to pay them handsomely to be his private army. These men are ruthless and he is seeking more and more of these mercenaries from around the world – trained and well-paid killers. It is frightening where this will go.

Yah’ “Shoygu…… WHO LACKS THE PROPER MILITARY TRAINING to understand that a battlefield victory, no matter how impressive, can sometimes lead to an even larger political defeat.”

So Yah, Putin left the FSB for his new love, a fusion of Shoygu and the recreated Military. Shoygu’s instant response tactics, and his recreation of the military uniforms resembling the Stalin era uniforms, and his ability to do chess moves in war maneuvers – OPTICS. Without any real understanding how these high visibility moves were going to play on the World Stage.

And now Putin and Shoygu are really high visibility.

As in when you stick your neck out……

I am really curious as what is going to happen after Putin struck a NATO type military base 12 miles from Poland.

Bad News.
Barack Obama diagnosed with covid.
Good News.
He’s vaccinated and boosted.
More Good News.
Michelle does not have it.

That is frightening. Just about any way you game it out, through a myriad of avenues, it looks awfully bad, likely to be of long duration, likely to widen into a world trauma like our previous world wars.

I expect other serious conflicts will break out in other areas of the Earth. Predators taking advantage of our laser like focus on Ukraine and Russia. I don’t recall ever having been more disgusted than I feel right now.

Eliseo, whats troubling about Shoygu is that, apparently, he is one of the few that putin has allowed to get close to him because he does not trust the ‘old guard’. Two brutes together does not bode well.

Putin is acting like a jilted lover – if he cannot have Ukraine, no one can, and with that, he will level the entire country…and do it with his hired mercenaries. It is so hard to watch what is happening.

Russia has requested military assistance from China in Ukraine, US official says

Let us hope the Chinese decide to say no.


I too live in Victoria and am outraged that we have to tolerate those anti-masker crazies in our city. They are the kind of people that could take the Russia invasion of Ukraine and make it all about themselves. You know……Putey’s decision to invade Ukraine was because he was forced to wear a mask and the lack of oxygen affected his common sense. Too bad the vaccine he had didn’t have a chip in it so we could put him in our cross-hairs!

Eliseo, Marjorie Orr has a new article up you might find interesting
“For a dummies guide to infiltrating the British establishment look no further than Eugeny Lebedev, proud owner of two UK newspapers, who was shoehorned into the House of Lords by Boris Johnson against the advice of the security services”

🙂 I did not know that you, quintile, lived in Victoria.

Notice that James Bauder, the organizer, tells us he is doing us all a favor and calls it a BEARHUG.

As in the Russian Bear –

His little joke. Or his master’s little joke.

Excellent astrological perspective on the invasion of Ukraine:


kiwi: That was fabulous. It was written March 10 2022 …

Eliseo has suggested that Putin is going to hire ruthless mercenaries and a lot of them …….

A brilliant little essay! Francis Fukuyama at his succinct best! Thank YOU !!!

“Russian soldiers were evidently carrying dress uniforms for their victory parade in Kyiv rather than extra ammo and rations.”

Barbara Tuchman (The March of Folly) could not have said it better!

” 5. The Biden administration’s decisions not to declare a no-fly zone or help transfer Polish MiGs were both good ones; they’ve kept their heads during a very emotional time. It is much better to have the Ukrainians defeat the Russians on their own, depriving Moscow of the excuse that NATO attacked them, as well as avoiding all the obvious escalatory possibilities.”

” 12. A Russian defeat will make possible a “new birth of freedom,” and get us out of our funk about the declining state of global democracy. The spirit of 1989 will live on, thanks to a bunch of brave Ukrainians.”

The only caveats I see are these:

(A) I certainly hope he is correct, but the Russian defeat may IMO not happen as suddenly or quickly as Dr. Fukuyama believes.

(B) The longer the war lasts, the greater the possibility of someone making a mistake which escalates the conflict into WWIII. However long the war lasts, weeks, months, or years, it is without question the most dangerous event in world history since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

(C) Presuming Dr. Fukuyama is correct, in the end the most salient and profound question is what to do with Russia.

The essay for which you posted the link, The Astrology of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, that was superb! That was a very well written, extremely thorough, and comprehensive astrological analysis!

Also thank you for alerting us to the writer, Andy (Andy@astrologywithandy.com) He doesn’t provide a last name, but does provide a photograph. He appears to be quite young, but well versed in his craft. His ability to connect all the astrological “dots” with actual events was mighty impressive! Until now, I was unaware of him and his great talent. I’m sufficiently impressed to wonder if he has written any books!

I believe that was silcominc who suggested Putin might use mercenaries, not me. If he is going to hire them, he needs to do it quickly. If I were a mercenary, I would not accept the job. Better to pass on this one, rather than being on the wrong side of history, and the consequent suffering.

Sharon K,
Yes. Utterly stupid to postpone the invasion into the warmer part of their winter when the ground is thawing into mud pits, but Putin likely could not get Chairman XI’s permission to go ahead until after the Beijing O,lympics were over. See point # (1) in my March 13 4:30 AM post.

BTW, to me the most interesting tweet was by
Olexander Scherb

Two things amaze me in these dozens of phone intercepts between #Russia soldiers & their loved ones.
(a) how proud they are about robbing #Ukraine homes,
(b) they curse when talking to their moms – and moms curse back.
It is indeed a different civilization”

Linguistic patterns can tell you a great deal about an individual or any regional culture.

Sunstars, besides the lovely folks who post here, and my sister, no one else I know appreciates the subtle brilliance of astrology. It is nice that we share the same city as well as the same rare interest.

I know the convoy is well funded, but maybe the price of gas will deter them?? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy reading all the posts here and appreciate the depths of people’s knowledge and understanding of a myriad of subjects.

Shirvan Neftchi is an Azerbaijani geopolitical analyst who produces intelligent, high quality, videos for youtube on his channel CaspianReport .

His work is worthwhile. His latest is below. It lasts 15 minutes.

Could the Ukraine war turn into World War III ?


I don’t remember how I came across Andy’s blog. It was sometime last year. He has excellent astrological analyses for our Pluto return also and upcoming midterms. Well worth a read.

Several months ago, a young Indian vedic astrologer by the name of Abhigya Anand predicted a major financial downturn in the markets starting March 16th. He predicted that this would cascade and worsen as we enter into April. He attributes this major downturn to the nodes entering into the Aries-Libra axis (sidereal astrology) and the approaching April 4th Mars/Saturn conjunction.

Interestingly enough there are two high profile events happening on March 16th that may signal sentiment towards a bear market.

1) For the past month or so, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has been strongly indicating the Fed would institute a quarter per cent rise in interest rates during the next Fed meeting (March 16th) in order to curtail inflationary pressures.

2) It appears Russia is about to default on its international financial obligations on the 16th. The March 16th Mars-Neptune semi-square is right on Russia’s natal North Node (8 Aquarius).

3) Factor in China’s worsening stock market outlook partially due to the draconian measures it has taken in recent days to lock down several of its cities due to COVID 19 concerns and you have a recipe for a perfect storm. See related articles…….

Panic Selling Grips Chinese Stocks in Biggest Plunge Since 2008

March 15, 2022

Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong had their worst day since the global financial crisis, as concerns over Beijing’s close relationship with Russia and renewed regulatory risks sparked panic selling.

The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index closed down 7.2% on Monday, the biggest drop since November 2008. The Hang Sang Tech Index tumbled 11% in its worst decline since the gauge was launched in July 2020, wiping out $2.1 trillion in value since a year-earlier peak.



Markets Wary Of ‘Butterfly Effect’ If Russia Defaults

March 11, 2022

Russian sovereign defaults evoke nervy times on Wall Street.

Tremors from the Russian government’s last rouble debt default in August 1998 contributed to what was, up to then, one of the biggest financial quakes – involving a near collapse and rescue of mega U.S. hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management.

Would default in 2022 – even a technical foreign currency default as soon as next week – have similarly deep and far-reaching consequences?

Russia has coupon payments due on March 16 on two sovereign U.S. dollar bonds that don’t have clauses allowing it to pay in roubles or any alternative currencies. But a decree from President Vladimir Putin last week bans the payment of foreign debts in anything other than roubles.



I recall recently reading Putin intends on paying Russia’s debts in rubles. That’s really a default on their debt. As of now, the ruble is worth 0.0095 dollars, less than a penny!
China’s financial problems + Russia’s will certainly affect the world economy.

Furthermore, 29% of our world’s wheat production comes from Russia and Ukraine combined. That crop won’t exist again until at least a full year after their war is over. We get most of our potash, nitrogen, nickel, and palladium from Russia, some nitrogen from China. Therefore, less food for the world, less fertilizer for the world’s agricultural areas with poor soil, less of the materials for battery and chip making.

China’s “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” as they refer to their new foreign policy, their paranoid secrecy, and their overt belligerence are going a long way to alienate the other governments of our planet and the business world as a whole. We all continue to do business with China, but that is gradually diminishing. Most of our governments and business entities are simultaneouslhy, “decoupling” from China. They’ve proven that in the long run they cannot and will not provide a safe and fair environment for business. Small and large businesses are relocating to other SE Asian nations, Mexico, and their home countries.

With shortages of oil, gas, and the other aforementioned quantities comes inflated prices, but the result of fewer buyers is deflation. As I peer into our economic future I see chaos; I find myself confused.

Has Abhigya Anand been more specific as to the inflationary vs deflationary nature of the “downturn” of the markets and its social consequences?

Word is China’s covid vaccines are worthless, but they cannot admit it. Their current outbreak is as bad as that of 2020. The world economy cannot fully recover until people stop dying from this disease.

China’s Covid outbreak will cause ‘some disruption’ to tech supply chains, says Marvell CEO

Russia’s Last Gasp | Peter Zeihan on Demographics and The Ukraine War 10 minutes 15 seconds.
Mar 15, 2022

Hi Eliseo,

Admittedly, I haven’t put that much effort into trying to understand the intricacies of Vedic astrology, but according Anand we are now entering a period called the Kalasarpa Yoga wherein all the planetary bodies are clustered to one side of the nodes. In the case of March 16th, we are venturing into the newly entered nodal sign of Aries and Libra (sidereal astrology). The resultant effect will create instability and destruction especially with the approaching Mars/Saturn conjunction of April 4th and 5th. Anand claims that such a thing had happened in late February 2020 with dramatic effect – the COVID 19 pandemic. Vedic astrologer Joni Patry has essentially been saying the same thing, though because of the resistance to her work here in this blog, I have refrained from submitting her videos as of late. It is curious though, not much emphasis has been made in his video presentations of the impending Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of mid April, which I tend to think will have major ramifications.

Here is one pertinent video of Anand’s that will bring you up to speed…..

March 16 | Kalasarpa Yoga now affecting the Markets | What next for Economy 2022

Video 12 min 42 sec


I noticed Ukraine President Zelensky will be addressing the US congress today (March 16th) via live Zoom broadcast. This coincides with the newly declared 35 hour curfew in the capitol Kyiv. The Ukranian authorities are anticipating a major military assault on their capitol today.

a series of astro tidbits

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