26th Apr, 2016

April 26 Primaries

The most interesting astrological event of today and tomorrow is the Mercury station, which suggests some difficulties with the scheduled primaries. There is likely to be one or more of the following: extremely long lines, significant delays, possible recounts, missing ballots, and/or potentially other issues that take several days to resolve.

Hillary looks relatively strong with the Moon in semisquare to her natal Venus (square tertiary Pluto and nearing a sextile with transiting Pluto) from roughly 9:30 to 11:30 PM. Bernie has transiting Venus quincunx his Neptune, suggesting he may have some unrealistic expectations through around 10 AM Wednesday. In addition, today is the last day of transiting Saturn square to his Sun, which has had a frustrating and disappointing impact for the past two months despite the enormous strides this campaign has made. The end of this transit may indicate a shift from fighting for the nomination to fighting to impact the party platform.

Bernie is also now under transiting Uranus opposite his natal Venus (April 24 to May 12) triggered by transiting Mars from April 27 to May 3. Uranus is already the prevailing planet in his quixotic campaign for the presidency, pushing him towards an uncompromising and defiant posture and identifying him with the spirit of a revolution. The current Uranus transit opposite Venus thus further strengthens the potent progressed Sun opposite natal Uranus (impacting all of 2016), and will become even more strident when transiting Uranus moves to conjunct natal Mars from May 21 to June 15. His insistence on some measure of control of the party platform in exchange for his political support seems unlikely to dim any time soon, and may escalate by late May.

On the GOP side, Trump is clearly the one favored in today’s primaries. The transit of Venus trine his Mars, as well as the Sun semisquare his natal Sun will carry the day. Cruz will once again get the short end of the stick. The transiting Moon will be sesquiquadrate to his natal Saturn, which is currently receiving a sesquiquadrate from progressed Venus and an opposition from solar arc Pluto, from roughly 8:30 to 10:30 PM. Thus, both of these unpleasant progressions will be triggered just as the returns come in.

Of interest, today’s Washington Post carried an editorial that covered something I have been talking about for months. Essentially, Trump revs up his followers sense of victimhood, using it to justify a rather nasty, self-righteous, anything-goes anger and retaliation which has become his signature in this campaign. One might even say that he presents himself as the “rescuer” to their aggrieved role of collective “victim”, thereby creating a perfect manifestation of the victim/ persecutor/rescuer triangle of dysfunction.



17th Apr, 2016

New York Primary

In a few days, the New York primary will take place. It seems likely, as the polls predict, that Hillary Clinton will win with a sizable margin, and Bernie will lose. The aspect that has been plaguing Bernie since early February, the Saturn square to his Sun, has continued to hold him back in gaining enough delegates to seriously challenge Clinton despite his huge crowds. This frustrating alignment will be activated on Tuesday and into early Wednesday with the transit of the Sun (00Taurus23 at 9 PM) sesquiquadrate Sanders’ natal Sun (15Virgo36), as well as sesquiquadrate transiting Saturn (15 Sagittarius52 r). Clinton, on the other hand, will benefit from the same transit of the Sun which will quincunx her natal Jupiter (00Sagittarius31).

On the GOP side, Trump is predicted by the polls to win big, and Cruz is predicted to do quite poorly. But Trump will still have transiting Mars sesquiquadrate his natal Saturn (23Cancer49) through April 22, which has been plaguing him all month, as well as transiting Mars quincunx his natal Mercury (8Cancer51) through April 21. Mars is currently retrograde and moving very slowly, at 8Sagittarius51 on Tuesday.  This complicated configuration describes Trump’s current experience of being treated unfairly (Mars/Saturn) and being quite angry about it (Mars/Mercury). With these aspects still so powerful, a fully satisfying outcome to the New York primary fro Trump is in question. Again, perhaps he will feel cheated by the reality of the delegate math.

Interestingly, Cruz, who is number three in the polls, will benefit from the transit of the Sun trine his natal Sun/progressed Venus conjunction (00Capricorn32 using noon birth time), as well as the transit of Venus quincunx his natal Venus through the night of the election. Will he do better than expected, at least in thwarting Trump’s seemingly inevitable rise? It seems possible given the numbers.

4th Apr, 2016

Wisconsin Primary

Much is being made of tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary.  Will it blunt the seeming inevitability of the Trump juggernaut? Will it further strengthen the Bernie Sanders opposition to Hillary Clinton? The pundits are claiming that the answer is yes to both of these questions. I am not so sure.

Certainly, on the Republican side, there are some contradictory indications. On the one hand, Trump is running into some headwinds in April. The Mars station at 8Sagittarius53, sits in a sesquiquadrate to natal Saturn (23Cancer49), from April 3 through April 22, as well as a quincunx to natal Mercury (8Cancer51), currently square to progressed Mars, and running from April 4 through April 21. These combine to make Trump more irritable, angrier, more impulsive, as well as more hypersensitive to criticism and peevish than usual during April. Looks like the circus will be on steroids this month!

On the other hand, Trump is also under a station of Pluto square his Jupiter from mid-February through April, magnifying his reach and his success, and this is strongly activated by the transiting Sun opposite natal Jupiter (17Libra27) from mid-afternoon April 5 through mid-afternoon April 6, just in time for the Wisconsin primary.  Moreover, his progressed Moon (14 Cancer) is currently square to progressed Venus (14Libra) and triggered by a sextile from transiting Jupiter (14Virgo). It is hard to see a big loss under these planets. Perhaps he will manage to tie the delegate count, which is all anyone cares about these days.

I do not have a birth time for Ted Cruz which makes precise prediction almost impossible, but, from what I can tell, using a generic noon birth time, there is a strong positive indication through about 10:30 PM on April 5, overlapped by trouble beginning to build in the afternoon of April 5 through early afternoon April 6. The positive energy comes from the transit of Venus square Cruz’s Sun (00Capricorn32), currently conjunct progressed Venus, through approximately 10:30 PM on April 5. It is possible he will be declared the winner by that time. The Moon further triggers this by 3 AM. This combination is a very positive indicator.

However, Cruz is also under a transiting Saturn sesquiquadrate to his natal Saturn (16Taurus18), which is itself currently under a sesquiquadrate from progressed Venus. This problematic configuration is triggered by transiting Venus from mid-afternoon April 5 through early afternoon April 6. Moreover, the transiting Moon will further trigger this Venus/Saturn combination from around midnight to 4 AM on April 6. Could he be declared the winner and yet win so few delegates more than Trump that the primary is rendered moot? Could the final count be challenged? We will know by late tomorrow night.

On the Democratic side, Bernie is favored to win at the present time. But Hillary has transiting Mercury, Venus and the Moon all aspecting her Jupiter (00Sagittarius31), suggesting some very optimistic and positive feelings. Moreover, Bernie is under transiting Saturn square to his natal Sun (15Virgo36), triggered by the transit of Mercury sesquiquadrate his Sun through around 7 AM on the 6th, suggesting obstacles and setbacks. Moreover, transiting Mars is semisquare his Mars (23Aries41) from April 2 through April 12, suggesting aggression and irritability. I do not see a big delegate haul in this equation.


24th Mar, 2016

Racism in America

The endlessly painful, ever-festering wound in the American psyche is racism. At times, it recedes somewhat from view, and, at other times, it is thrust out into the cold, cruel light of day where it cannot be ignored. It has been with us since the founding of the Republic, brought to a full boil during the Civil War, metastasizing into chronic abuse until another full scale battle emerged in the violence and assassinations that accompanied the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. What has continued to be the reality in minority and, particularly, in African American communities was well-documented in the movie Straight out of Compton and has been increasingly on the national radar since the shooting of Michael Brown on September 5, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri. The often grotesquely disparate, abusive, and violent treatment of minority youth by police has now become common knowledge, thanks in large part to widespread protests after each violent incident, with repeated, horrifying examples of murdered African American youth splashed across the national media ever since events in Ferguson forced an awakening.

With the attacks of September 11, 2001, Muslim Americans also became increasingly and overtly exposed to this toxic undercurrent.  And more recently, with the growing list of terror attacks attributed to or inspired by the new national nemesis ISIS, yet another vein of racism has bubbled blatantly to the surface.  Needless to say, it is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the leading presidential candidates of the Republican Party, who are at the tip of this plague-ridden spear. And not only Muslims, but also Hispanic immigrants have been defined by leading Republicans as the Enemy, with suggestions of nuclear weapons unleashed in the Middle East, any form of torture tactics acceptable, and expelling millions of people from the country proposed by these two Neanderthals as simplistic and offensive solutions to complicated and difficult problems.

In particular, Donald Trump’s campaign has become the latest iteration of the White Supremacy Movement in America. Everything he says leads back to re-empowering the White Christians who feel aggrieved and marginalized in the globalized and diverse reality of the modern world. Just blame the Mexicans, the Muslims, the immigrants, the protesters, and the Chinese for all our problems, and seal us off from the invading hordes and rotten trade deals of the 21st Century. Make America Great Again is the slogan of a demagogue who calls for erasing decades of progress from the evolution of the American consciousness.

In the US chart, we find Chiron in Aries in the 4th house. Chiron describes a wound that never heals but that has the potential to inspire enormous creativity and growth. The fourth house here describes the emotional underpinnings and the family relationships within the national family. In Aries, these relationships can become very combative and angry. To my mind, the 4th house Chiron in Aries in the US chart describes the endless battles that Americans seem to have with each other, including the hyper partisanship, and most especially, the frequent eruptions of racism amongst members of the national community.

Of particular significance today is that we are in the midst of transiting Uranus crossing the US Chiron (20Aries08) which, astrologically speaking, is unleashing the vicious and unrepentant racism manifesting in the Trump campaign. The first crossing was a prolonged station from late May through August 2015, which was fully launched with Trump’s “Mexicans are rapists and criminals” speech on June 15, as Jupiter (20 Leo) moved into a trine with transiting Uranus. After the San Bernadino attack in early December, Trump pushed to ban all Muslims coming into the country. Uranus, by this time, had moved back to station at 16 Aries.

Now that Uranus has again moved into a one-degree orb with US natal Chiron, we have witnessed the Brussels terror attack and, with it, a resurgence of the vile racism infecting the Republican electorate that we saw emerging last spring and summer. Cruz and Trump are calling for patrols in all Muslim neighborhoods, cavalierly assuming that all Muslims are potential terrorists. The current transit began in mid-March and will wax until April 4th and then dissipate, so we may see yet further race-baiting pronunciations, unhinged bigotry, and possibly violence before it is through.

Interestingly, transiting Jupiter will be quincunx US natal Chiron during the Republican Convention in July, suggesting these same ugly themes will be rampant at the GOP nominating circus. And in December 2016, Uranus will retrograde back to 20Aries33, not quite as far as Chiron, but during a Jupiter transit in opposition to natal Chiron (exact 12/23) and opposite transiting Uranus (exact 12/26) in late December. One can only guess what might be unleashed at that time.

14th Mar, 2016


My prediction for Tuesday is that Hillary does well enough to make her happy. That would probably mean a good win in Florida and NC and maybe one other state (Illinois) and for the most part splitting the delegates in the other two. Bernie does not have the same blow-out positions he had for Michigan. He will do OK, but no major upsets.