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I am still on a break from blogging until mid-September. Happy Labor Day weekend!

Discussion Thread

I am on a break from blog writing through mid-September. I will be out of town next week. This thread is just for discussion. Enjoy!

Extremism Erupts

Conflicts are boiling over in multiple areas across the globe, and a thread running through many of them is the rise of extremism. By definition, extremists rigidly hold to a radical political or religious view, usually refusing any compromise or negotiation. They perceive their fanatical and grandiose agenda as divinely inspired or inspired by some kind of hyper-nationalistic dream, and those who oppose it as not merely wrong, but evil. Frequently, this attitude results in unchecked and vicious brutality, as well as a desire for overwhelming control, rationalized by a crazed, self-aggrandizing obsession.

In a blitzkrieg reminiscent of the Nazis, the vicious terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has recently been aggressively devouring large swaths of Syria and Iraq, savagely exterminating all who refuse their brand of extremist Sunni Islam. By late June, ISIL had grandiosely proclaimed itself a caliphate with religious authority over all Muslims across the world. Initially seen as a regional conflict between the Sunni and Shiite brands of Islam, this savage struggle has now morphed into a battle pitting a barbaric and brutal fringe group that is rapidly expanding its power base against all those who prefer a moderate path that fosters diversity and stability.

In the past week, the US began airstrikes on some of the ISIL positons in Iraq, ostensibly to prevent genocide of the minority Christian sect, the Yazidis, and to bolster the faltering military position of the Kurds. Viewed with a more strategic, long-term perspective, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that leaving these menacing marauders unchecked would not only destabilize and devastate the entire Middle East, but would enable these Western-hating extremists enormous power over the world economy by allowing them control over a fifth or more of the global oil reserves. The stakes in this confrontation escalate more with each passing day.

In astrology, Pluto is the planet that describes fanaticism. When its influence is strong, we see an increase of intransigent and brutal struggles for domination. Both sides of the conflict perceive the danger as overwhelming, needing to vigilantly oppose the enemy at all cost. This can lead to a drive for total control as a way to destroy any potential threat. When Pluto is a primary actor in geopolitical struggles, life becomes a zero sum game: kill or be killed; win or die. Such is the mood today in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, Syria and now Iraq.

The historical Uranus/Pluto square, spanning from June 2012 through March 2015, makes an unusual total of seven crossings, rendering it exceptionally potent. This protracted transformational aspect is fostering global transition on a massive scale. The map in many parts of the world will have been redrawn; numerous governments will have fallen and been replaced, sometimes repeatedly; and the world’s perception of its threats will have shifted. As climate change increasingly becomes a frightening reality, and ISIL strengthens and consolidates the most extreme and dangerous constituents of the world jihad movement into a global menace, humanity will have woken up and begun to prepare a response to these dangers.

The Uranus element of the Uranus/Pluto square has propelled many groups to push suddenly and forcefully for freedom from the restrictions of the status quo. The Pluto element has strengthened the depth and effort of those in power – financial, military, and political – to tighten their control and crush the opposition. It has also greatly intensified fanatical movements who increasingly threaten the world with their intransigent demands and aggression. The Jupiter and Mars transits during the first six months of 2014 further agitated the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square, bringing many of these confrontations to a full boil.

The January 20, 2013 Inaugural chart covers the time-frame of most of the impact of the Uranus/Pluto square. In this chart, we find indications of anger, confrontation, and significant stress and turmoil during the second Obama presidential term. One particularly significant planetary configuration stands out: a very tight Moon inaugural13(19Taurus38) square to Mars (20Aquarius13), with Uranus (5Aries14) at the midpoint and therefore semisquare to both Moon and Mars. This combination points to angry clashes and the potential for aggressive, possibly violent action during the four-year term. The tertiary progressed Sun has now reached a conjunction with natal Mars and semisquare natal Uranus, from July 24 to August 24, activating this aggressive and volatile configuration just as President Obama has moved to begin airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq. This suggests that this first wave of strikes will continue with intensity through around August 24.

For the president, this early phase of bombing is quite stressful. He feels a tremendous weight of burden and responsibility to carry this out in a way that will not exacerbate a very unstable and troubling situation. This is reflected in the final Saturn transit square to his Ascendant (18Aquarius03) from August 11 through September 1. The simultaneous transit of Saturn sesquiquadrate US Venus (3Cancer06) suggests there may be some painful costs to the US during this initial assault, particularly during the Mars/Saturn conjunction from August 23 to August 25.

There are two charts of significance for ISIL, neither of which seems to have a confirmed birth time. One of these is for the declaration of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, dating from April 9, 2013, but also given as April 8. The other is for the declaration of the Caliphate, for which I am using 5 AM on June 29, 2014, but the evening before has also been given. Although the differing birth times make specific predictions difficult, the underlying theme of brazen and intense aggression over the next few years is clear.

In the 2013 chart, we find a Sun (19 Aries), Mars (21 Aries), Venus (22Aries) conjunction that leads to progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars, converse progressed Mars conjunct the natal Sun, and solar arc Mars conjunct natal Sun building in strength from Spring 2014 isisformedthrough October 2015. These are aspects that strongly suggest belligerence and war, and, not coincidentally, they parallel the transit of Pluto opposite the US Sun through October 2015, which points to the US engaged in a colossal and threatening power struggle during the same time-frame.

Although these progressions will wane by the end of 2015, transiting Uranus will conjunct the natal Sun and Mars, while transiting Pluto will square natal Mars, during 2016 and early 2017, suggesting a continuation of some level of hostilities after the progressed Sun/Mars aspects have dissipated.

In the June 29 Caliphate chart, we find natal Mars (17Libra36) opposite Uranus IScaliphate(16Aries18) and square Pluto (12Capricorn25). As the transiting Uranus moves into the exact opposition to natal Mars (March and April 2015, October 2015 through mid-February 2017) we can expect flare-ups of hostile action and violence. This is also likely when transiting Pluto moves into a square with natal Mars during 2016 and 2017.

Although the final phase of the Uranus/Pluto square contains many configurations that point to another big eruption in this conflict with ISIL from roughly January though at least March 2015, it seems likely that a struggle between these violent radicals and the US will continue through early November 2015. Beyond that, ISIL may manifest further hostile actions, but we can hope that by then it will have been reduced to a more contained force in the world. And we should remember, that after years of the Bush Boys repeatedly crying wolf to scare us into submission for their military schemes and leaving the country distrustful and exhausted, this time there really is a big, bad wolf at the gate.

Abusive Attacks

Since the beginning of the Obama presidency, conservative legislators in the US Congress have developed a certain pattern in their attacks on the president.  First, they sabotage, block, and decry every initiative he attempts and every legislation or appointment he puts forth. They then complain loudly and bitterly that he is ineffective. We have seen this pattern unfold in every area of policy over the past five plus years. In recent days, it has emerged, yet again, over the crisis at the border, and is more flagrant than ever.

After weeks of vitriolic ranting about Obama not containing the current influx of minors at the Southern border, Congress has refused to even consider the president’s proposed legislation to deal with the issue. When the House was unable to pass even its own, right wing-agenda-fueled legislation, Speaker John Boehner said that the president should act on his own to deal with the matter. Astonishingly, this comment came one day after Boehner’s caucus had sued the president for acting on his own on a minor tweak of an equally politicized and entangled issue – the Affordable Care Act.

Eventually, the House GOP actually gathered together to pass an extremely ill-considered bill on the border crisis that would be dead on arrival in the Senate, and sure to earn a veto if it ever made it to the president’s desk. Their actions were, once again, transparently about political posturing and not about actually dealing with a very real crisis.

Sadly, today’s GOP has devolved into a pattern reminiscent of that found in all toxically abusive relationships. In these interactions, there is an obsession in the abuser with belittling, attacking, and disempowering the designated victim, hoping to break him or her down into an impotent, easily-controlled mockery. Interestingly, after President Obama’s initial attempts at placating his rabid political opposition, the president has increasingly refused to play the game on the Republicans’ terms.

In the Drama Triangle first described by Stephen Karpman in 1968, there are three roles often morphing from one to another and then back again, that emerge in dysfunctional interactions: the Victim, the Persecutor, and the Rescuer. Republican politicians and the right-wing media are extraordinarily adept at framing everything in terms of perceived victimization, which easily transmutes into the justifiable rage of the perpetrator. In their all-consuming narrative of grievance, the Right sees itself as victimized by the government which wants to take their money (taxes), their freedom, and their guns. They feel victimized by the president, as well as his supporters, seen as mostly minorities in this rendering, who want to take away their country, discriminate against “White Christians”, and live on government handouts paid for by “real” Americans. They see themselves as seriously harmed by the “homosexual agenda” and maliciously manipulated by the “global warming conspiracy”. The list goes on and on, with each issue inevitably articulated in the same framework of victimization, and leading inexorably to the seemingly legitimized, rage-filled fury of the perpetrator.

The path away from this unhealthy pattern of the Drama Triangle is two-fold. The first part consists of the cultivation of appropriate boundaries: developing respect for those with whom we disagree; discontinuing mind-reading assumptions about the motives and character of others; fostering an ability to discuss differences without all-consuming, personal attacks or overinflated fears; and graciously tolerating that the world will not always bend to our will.

The second requirement in getting off the Drama Triangle merry-go-round is that the Victim, an essentially powerless role if embraced, must take responsibility for him or herself, no longer depending on the Perpetrator for vengeance or the Rescuer to take control.  When President Obama tells the GOP that if they won’t act, he will, he is essentially refusing the Victim role, and the powerlessness that goes with it, and taking responsibility himself for getting the job done. Given the pathological dysfunction in today’s government, this is truly an exceptionally salubrious effort.

The word coming out of the White House after Congress’ dereliction of duty with regard to the border crisis is that President Obama will handle the issue through executive order. This will no doubt give the GOP apoplexy when the details are known, but it seems at present the only way out of the current critical situation.  As has been mentioned numerous times on this site, the president is coming out of a two-month period of inordinate criticism for his policies and very low approval ratings, due to the Saturn obamastation sesquiquadrate his Venus (1Cancer47) culminating on August 3.  The separation of this aspect suggests some relief from the constant barrage, at least in the short term. Also of significance at present is the tertiary progressed Sun conjunction to Mars (20Aquarius13) and semisquare Uranus (5Aries14) in the Inaugural chart from July 24 through August 24, suggesting a more aggressive stance by the administration and willingness for more unilateral action.

Likely unrelated to the border issue, there is an indication of difficulties during the second half of August that will upset a number of people due to some kind of dramatic event, possibly a superstorm or serious accident or a random act of violence. Saturn will make its final crossing sesquiquadrate US Venus (3Cancer06) and square to inaugural13Obama’s Ascendant (18Aquairus03) from August 12 through September 1. The precipitating circumstances for this distress may well occur at some point from August 21 through August 25, during the Mars quincunx to Uranus (August 21 through 23) or the Mars conjunction with Saturn (August 23 to August 25), with all five days being a time of greatly increased tension.

If I were to suggest a time for President Obama to announce his plan regarding the border crisis, I would point to early on the morning after Labor Day. Jupiter will be moving towards its first crossing conjunct his Sun at that time, exact from September 7 through September 12. This would give the new policy a few days of positive attention before the last Saturn crossing opposite Inaugural Moon (19Taurus38) and square Inaugural Mars (20Aquarius13), with a combined impact from September 9 through September 28. These latter aspects seem likely to rekindle GOP attacks on the president.

On the whole, the president seems likely to fare better in September and October 2014 than he has over the past two months during the stress of the Saturn station. But the overwhelming turmoil in the world is not likely to abate any time soon. The extremely destabilizing volatility of the Uranus/Pluto square, directly impacting so many charts of today’s major players, will continue with us and likely intensify from October 2014 through March 2015, as these two planetary powerhouses continue to stir up all manner of transformation across the globe, much of it violent and enormously disruptive.

As for the Republicans, it is not anticipated that they will diminish their endless attacks in the coming months. They may well gain more seats in the November election, although it is hard to see how the next Congress could do more than the current one to thwart the president at every turn as he continues his struggle to navigate the dangerous waters of today’s world. It would be nice if Americans would pay careful attention.