Debate Tonight

Tonight is the second Republican debate. Although 16 candidates remain, Donald Trump continues to stomp on the entire process with his gargantuan and blistering presence. Since everyone has a theory about why he has been so unexpectedly effective, I thought I would add my two cents here, while starting a new thread.

It seems to me that Trump is tapping an inchoate rage that itself has been animated and encouraged by right-wing politicians and right-wing media for years. The arrival of a gifted candidate who could mine this political vein of gold was inevitable. A highly effective orator, Trump stimulates the already over-inflated sense of victimhood in his followers, reminding them how powerless and angry they are. Then he purports to rescue them by absorbing them into his aura of superhuman confidence and infinite power, promising to fix all problems just by his herculean presence.

It is a heady and addicting mix, an irresistible offer by Trump to share in his overwhelming strength and unbending confidence, while promising simple and easy mastery of every challenge. Somewhat reminiscent of the inflated, habit-forming and unhinged confidence of a cocaine high, Trump’s spiel is nothing but a well-packaged illusion. What his supporters do not see is that the real estate mogul-turned-candidate is the consummate snake oil salesman, selling the fantasy of inordinate power, while in reality offering naught but a vast well of vague and empty promises.

The Trump Reality Show

It seems that Donald Trump has managed to co-opt the entire political process with a horrifying, addicting reality show. What we thought was a wild summer blockbuster that would quickly fade in the sober consideration of the fall, now has the durability and feel of a lurid, no-longer-amusing combination of Sharknado and Survivor. At first it was entertaining; now it is becoming a pernicious and ugly contagion. The anti-immigrant fervor fueled by Trump is rising;  violence is being committed in his name;  the White Supremacist movement has adopted him;  and he has humiliated and verbally abused the most beloved and respected Hispanic journalist in the country. Trump’s rhetoric is becoming edgier and nastier, and his supporters love it.

When I first looked at Trump’s chart, I didn’t go any further than September. The initial indicators of his success shifted in mid-August, when the criticism and push-back from the establishment began, and then seemed to become increasingly muted after the middle of September when the tertiary progressed Jupiter conjunct his Moon (21Sagittarius12) would begin to fade. Moreover, the Saturn transit square to his Ascendant (29Leo55) for the first half of September indicated some definite frustrations and complications, which will no doubt come. But I should have looked further.trump

Beginning in the third week of November 2015, and continuing with only some occasional breaks until August 5, 2016, will be a series of very potent Jupiter transits –  square Trump’s Uranus (17Gemini53), square his Node (20Gemini48), square his Moon (21Sagittarius12), and square his Sun (22Gemini55). This multi-pronged transit suggests success and optimism and is very strong in the early primary months, as well as during and just after the GOP Convention. Moreover, transiting Uranus will be opposite his Jupiter (17Libra27) from late December 2015 through mid-February 2016, and progressed Moon will be square progressed Venus (15Libra13) in April, as well as square natal Jupiter in June. All of this suggests popularity and a very strong, expansive and successful period from November 2015 through August 5. It seems very possible that Trump will either win the Republican nomination outright or run as a Third Party candidate.

There are, however, also some indications of serious stress from late May through mid-September 2016, pointing to some serious triggers of Trump’s thin-skinned irritability which stems from his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in Cancer. This may be when the GOP establishment does its best to oust him and/or the criticisms from the media and the Democrats start to really get under his skin. Transiting Uranus will make a long station square to his natal Saturn (23Cancer48) from late May through mid-September. Moreover, the transit of Saturn close to a station sesquiquadrate his natal Venus (25Cancer44), triggering his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction and stabbing his already over-reactive narcissism in the heart, is likely to be very difficult. This will be most notable from June 22 through July 9 and August 13 through September 17. Note that the second half of this prolonged Saturn/Venus transit comes after the uplifting Jupiter energy has passed.

The planetary alignment in October 2016 certainly suggests campaigning, with tertiary Venus conjunct the Ascendant through November 8 (Election Day) and tertiary Sun conjunct tertiary Neptune through October. These suggest a happy time surrounded by supporters, with grandiose and illusory plans.

After Election Day it is a different story. There are a multitude of Saturn transits and progressions involving Saturn that point to a clear loss. Progressed Moon will conjunct natal Saturn from November 6 through December 2; tertiary Venus will conjunct tertiary Saturn from December 8 through January 7; transiting Saturn will cross the South Node and the Moon and oppose the Sun covering the period from December 18 to January 14. And interestingly, converse Moon will square natal Mars from December 4 through early January, suggesting aggression and irritability. Thus, we see an angry and upset Trump after the election, despite his months of blustering and delusional fantasies of taking over the country and molding it into his image.

Discussion thread



It seems quite likely that Donald Trump will overwhelm and outshine everyone else at Tuesday’s first Republican debate. Subsequently, he will crest for a few more days, and then, like the well-known Icarus of Greek mythology, fly too near the sun. For now, Jupiter is on his Ascendant (29Leo58), strengthened by transiting Mercury at the time of the debate and its immediate aftermath. But this powerful combination seems destined to be more swan song than political launch. By mid-August, as the effectiveness of Trump’s larger-than-life bluster starts to dim, the insubstantiality and empty expectation of progressed Moon square to Neptune will begin to take hold. Increasingly, the emptiness of the man behind the curtain will become obvious, even to those who join him in raging against the machine.


As for Joe Biden, it seems unlikely that he will run for the presidency. He is still very much in the midst of the overwhelming grief of the loss of his son, indicated by the Saturn station conjunct his Venus from June through August. This very stressful and difficult transit has been alleviated briefly by the crossing of Jupiter square to his Sun/Venus conjunction from July 26 to August 3, but until Jupiter’s brief crossing square Biden’s Ascendant from August 21 through August 27, the emotionally contracting Saturn will be dominant. This suggests a mood far different than that needed for a campaign.


Donald Trump continues to suck all the oxygen out of the Republican primary campaign. Compared to his commanding and brazen performance, the other candidates look like pygmies, barely visible amidst the vast wreckage of Trump’s rhetorical combat zone. Some would optimistically counter that the loud-mouthed real estate mogul makes even the most extreme of the other GOP presidential wannabes seem sane by comparison, but since no one is paying them any attention, it hardly matters.

The latest polls put Trump at 24%, double that of the next two contenders, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush.   It is no wonder, since Trump is masterfully channeling the GOP Id, with all its brash lack of restraint, arrogant smugness, and gleeful aggression. His supporters are like the groupies of the class bully, enjoying an unhinged and unscrupulous empowerment by proxy. So how long can we expect this wild ride to continue?

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at 10:54 AM, in Queens, New York. His Ascendant is 29Leo58 conjunct Regulus, an extremely potent fixed star known as the “Little King in the Heart of the Lion”, and conferring a sense of royalty and power. His Ascendant is also in a close conjunction with natal Mars (26Leo46), adding an audacious and aggressive edge to his personality. Noteworthy in July through the second week of August 2015 is the double of transit of Jupiter and Venus across the Mars and Ascendant positions, with Venus actually stationary on Trump’s Regulus/Ascendant conjunction. This period of heightened Jupiter and Venus activity is bringing enormous success, notoriety, and popularity during July and early August, especially as it is also activating the progressed Sun conjunction to the Ascendant which continues through July 2016.

An additional contributor to Trump’s current political triumph is the tertiary progression (one day equals one month calculation) of Jupiter conjunct his natal Moon (21Sagittarius12) which covers the period from January 2015 through mid-September 2015. This configuration is being further stimulated in July by a trine from transiting Uranus, and will be increasingly strengthened by Mars from July 24 through 26.. Thus, we can see that Trump’s present popularity is likely to peak by somewhere between late July and the middle of August, after which these various energies will begin to dissipate.

Interestingly, Trump’s progressed Moon will move into a square with natal Neptune (5Libra50) during most of August, followed by a square to progressed Neptune for all of September and the first days of October. This suggests a period of unrealistic expectation, self-delusion, and disappointment in August and September. The Saturn transit square to his Ascendant from September 1 through September 18 points to the time when the limitations of the reality-based world press upon The Donald, and the air is likely to finally go out of his balloon. Mid-September is also the end of the tertiary Jupiter conjunction to Trump’s Moon and may signal the real close of this crazy chapter, which will have already begun to unravel during the second half of August.