June Discussion Thread

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The protracted and stressful Saturn/Pluto semisquare is now with us until mid-August, bringing angst, contraction of goals, and many frustrations and setbacks. The Saturn station sits on Joe Biden’s Venus/Sun conjunction, and we are already seeing the profound grief this is causing with the loss of his son. We are also already seeing the signs of the difficulty and complications this aspect will be causing to our foreign policy, as many of the administration’s foreign policy people are hit by this compound transit. This aspect also hits the US Sun and Vladimir Putin’s Sun, suggesting cross purposes and increasing tension between the US and Russia with both parties unhappy about it.

Thus, we can expect: difficulties in the war with ISIS, difficulties with Russia, stress within the administration including Kerry’s injury and Biden’s profound loss, all of these from the first of June through mid-August, with particular exacerbation July 5 to July 17.

Discussion Thread

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Discussion Thread

Barb will be posting an article in the early Comments section with themes connecting to the New Moon. Enjoy!

Time for a Break

Dear Friends,

I have been writing for Starlight News for about fourteen years, pretty much non-stop. At the moment, I feel the need to take a long break. I have some other projects I want to pursue, and I am finding it harder and harder to keep Starlight News going. I am, therefore, suspending the blog until further notice. It is possible that I may return for the beginning of election season next year or if there is some big crisis that demands interpretation. But for now, I just need a long pause.

I will still be doing chart readings in the foreseeable future. For those interested, contact me at nancy@starlightnews.com and we can set something up.

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Cold War 2.0

The Western alliance is becoming very agitated by the increasingly belligerent stance of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. In addition to Putin’s military assault on Eastern Ukraine initiated during his blatant reabsorption of Crimea into Russia last year, major disarmament pacts and consultations have been discarded in recent months, while fierce and more potent Russian weapons systems are being developed. In light of all of this, NATO’s concerns are growing over the effectiveness of its defensive umbrella. In short, the West is beginning to realize it needs a steep upgrade to counterbalance the building strength and assertiveness of the post-Soviet Kremlin.

According to the Russian birth chart, the most blatant period of relatively unobstructed Russian expansionism will continue through May 2015, with further issues and russiaconfrontations continuing through mid-February 2016, despite increasing difficulties and obstruction. Since August 2014 and continuing through September 2015, Russia’s progressed Sun is in a waxing conjunction with natal Jupiter (15Cancer13), while also trine natal Pluto (15Scorpio28) and sextile natal Venus (15Taurus09). The Jupiter/Sun combination here suggests expansion, success, optimism, and, potentially, recklessness and arrogance. This progression has been immensely heightened and intensified by the transit of Uranus (15Aries), adding a strong flavor of unilateralism and daring, through the spring and summer of 2014, and more recently, from mid-February to mid-March 2015. The continuing transit of Pluto (15Capricorn) from February through May 2015 has also greatly strengthened the expansiveness of Sun/Jupiter, while increasingly turning it into a power struggle with the West. More than anything, it is this configuration of Uranus and Pluto combined with the progressed Sun impacting natal Jupiter during 2014 and 2015 through May that is the hallmark of Russia’s current militaristic resurgence.

The progression of the Sun conjunct natal Jupiter, however, will continue to be quite strong through September 1, 2015, and, while waning, will be re-energized by another crossing from Pluto in December 2015 and early January 2016, as well as by the progressed Moon opposite natal Jupiter during January 2016. Moreover, transiting Jupiter will square the natal Sun (21Gemini10) during the second half of November 2015 and the first half of February 2016. These aspects point to further efforts of expansionism and audacity late in 2015 and early 2016. They are nonetheless likely to be less potent than the current episode without the full strength of the progressed Sun/Jupiter conjunction.

Difficulties are likely to develop for Russia, during this otherwise quite aggressive period, as of mid-June and continuing through August 2015. This is due to a very significant configuration that will be coming in the late spring and summer of 2015: the station of Saturn (28 Scorpio) semisquare the station of Pluto (13 Capricorn). Although the semisquare is a minor hard aspect, the fact that these two stressful planetary indicators remain within orb of each other from May 31 to August 15 greatly intensifies the anxiety and tension they represent. This will be particularly true for those whose charts are directly involved with this transit.

In the Russian chart, the maximum impact from this combination comes when both Saturn and Pluto will be in aspect to natal Neptune (13Capricorn48) from mid-June to mid-July 2015. In addition, Saturn will return to a semisquare to Neptune during most of August. Neptune in the Russian chart is in the 4th house, where it brings an idealized conception of the homeland. With both Uranus and Pluto transiting this natal planet over the last year, the heightened pride and idealization of Mother Russia has been apparent in the widespread support of Putin’s expansionist agenda . The prolonged Saturn station in the summer, however, is likely to pour the cold water of reality on this fantasy and add a level of agitation and concern. The added impact of Pluto will tend to push this process to a fanatical extreme that becomes a kind of self-sabotage.

During this same period we also find progressed Russian Moon conjunct natal Uranus (8Capricorn17) from June 2 through July 2, followed by the progressed Moon square to natal Mars (8Aries49), suggesting some unexpected and perhaps unilateral action (Uranus) leading to aggression, combat and anger (Mars), while coinciding with the disillusionment and profound angst of the Saturn/Pluto/Neptune combination.

In support of this narrative, Vladimir Putin’s chart will have this same combination of Pluto and Saturn impacting his Sun (13Libra56), with Pluto square the Sun from June 8 through July 20, and the Saturn station semisquare the Sun from mid-June through putinAugust. This suggests that the building power struggle for survival experienced by Putin over the last year due to Pluto square his Sun, will be re-energized as of early June, while at the same time, the limiting, frustrating, burdensome energy of Saturn will overshadow Putin’s efforts from mid-June through August 2015. With Saturn also semisquare Russia’s Neptune (13Capricorn48) simultaneously, we can expect disillusionment and difficulty at least until the end of August.

The final protracted phase of Pluto conjunct the Russian Neptune and square to Putin’s Sun covers the period from late September through November 2015, suggesting another round of nationalist longing for the magical image of Mother Russia (4th house Neptune) and Putin’s rather paranoid power struggle in an encroaching and dangerous world (Pluto/Sun). With transiting Pluto and the progressed Moon aspecting Russia’s Jupiter in December 2015 and January 2016, there may be a brief burst of optimism or expansionism before this entire phase comes to an end. As we move into 2016, we find not only transiting Uranus square to Russia’s natal Saturn (24Capricorn12) but also transiting Pluto square to Putin’s natal Saturn (17Libra27), suggesting a much more circumspect and reined-in year for Russia.

It should be noted that the US Sun (13Cancer19) will also be under the protracted Saturn/Pluto transit from late June through mid-August 2015. This suggests that the US and Russia will be engaged in a battle of wills (Pluto) while each is also constrained (Saturn) by the need to not end up in open conflict. The Saturn station in a USchartsesquiquadrate to the US Sun from June 27 through August 10 points to many frustrating, intense, and seemingly stuck situations in the coming summer, including, but not limited to, the struggle with Russia. Pluto will remain in an opposition to the US Sun through early November 2015, followed by the final square of Pluto to US Saturn (14Libra48) in late November and December, after which some of the current high-stakes power struggles will begin to ease.