27th Feb, 2016


Go for it!

  • Trump is the big winner. Transiting Jupiter is square to his Moon and his Node and triggered by transiting Sun and Venus. Popularity and success are strong. No ambiguity there.
  • Kasich also benefits to some degree. His attractiveness as a potential candidate will continue until early June or so with converse Venus square the Sun, and this will be triggered by transiting Venus for this primary.
  • Nothing much shows up for Cruz, and trouble begins for him by February 19 through April 6 with the transit of Saturn stationary quincunx his Saturn, currently receiving a sesquiquadrate from progressed Venus. Despite a small, rather intense following due to progressed Venus conjunct the Sun, most people just don’t like him (converse Venus opposite converse Saturn, as well as progressed Venus sesquiquadrate natal Saturn), and this will increasingly become a factor by late February.
  • Rubio has some positive energy through the evening, suggesting some success. We don’t have a birth time, so the timing is very much an estimate. Transiting Venus will be sesquiquadrate his Sun, triggering the converse Jupiter opposition until late evening or early morning.
  • Bernie has just entered into a transit of Saturn square to his Sun, through February 24, triggered by the Moon into the early hours of November 10. I think the final count will not be as big a win as expected. Many frustrations over the next two weeks.
  • Hillary seems likely to do better than expected, with Jupiter trine her Mercury, tertiary Venus opposite Pluto, and tertiary Pluto square her Venus. The Moon will be trine her Venus through the early hours of February 10, benefiting her. There may be some legal wrangling with transiting Sun opposite her Saturn through around 9 AM on Wednesday, but overall she looks better off than Bernie, and therefore may win the infamous “expectations game”.


29th Jan, 2016

Trump’s Fatal Flaw

After years of marinating in a rancid stew of contrived grievances and craftily manipulated feelings of victimization, the Republican base has been well-primed for the candidacy of Donald Trump. The real estate magnate plays his angry audience like a virtuoso, deftly weaving together a multitude of victim themes while bringing his followers to a fevered pitch. Then he offers himself as the ultimate savior to their pain.

The grievances are many and familiar: foreigners are taking our country, making it unsafe and ruining the economy; the government is taking our money, our guns, and our freedom; and perhaps the most rage-inducing, White Christians are being persecuted and disrespected. America has been subjected to this noxious brew for years. Now, in the current presidential campaign, steps Trump, poking the hornet’s nest of rage and then selling himself as the answer.

The message is clear: join with him and merge with his unbridled power and success. Any opposition or criticism will get punched and overpowered by the untouchable Alpha Male. Essentially, the world Trump describes is composed of winners and losers, with him inevitably and always the winner. To join him is to morph from angry and downtrodden victim to powerful and potent Citizen, able to smash anyone or anything that stands in the way.

This is why his followers don’t really care about his lack of religion, his history of more liberal positions, his barely coherent policy statements, or even if he “walked down the street and shot someone”. If ever there was proof that all the issues we have been hearing about for years are bogus, this is it. His appeal is far more visceral. It is all about feeling powerful and strong. For those who are angry and feel abused by the status quo, it is a heady brew.

But there is a fatal flaw in the seeming invincibility of the Trump dominion, and it should be played for all its worth by his political opposition, or it will be used by America’s enemies should he ever gain any real power. This flaw is his characterological narcissism, a thick vein of which flows through everything he says and does. It renders him easy to manipulate, despite all the braggadocio, and therefore exceedingly dangerous if he is ever allowed to occupy the Oval Office.

There are two sides to this fatal flaw: the absolute intolerance of any criticism or slight and the bottomless need for adulation. On the one hand, any disagreement, critique, or lack of support or attention is compulsively slammed with very focused aggression. All opposition or complaint is interpreted by Trump as an attempt to victimize him, which he labels as “being treated unfairly” or being “pushed around”. In Trump’s world, where everything is ultimately about him, victimization is not tolerated and must be summarily crushed. But since this is very predictable behavior, it can also be manipulated. Imagine a few false quotes injected into the media or a well-orchestrated message campaign that agitates Trump to find a way to destroy a supposed political adversary or even a foreign power. Trump could unwittingly be pushed into a barrage of verbal revenge or even an overly assertive action that may be extremely detrimental to the US, simply out of pique at a perceived slight.

On the other hand, Trump can also be manipulated with flattery. Vladimir Putin has already figured this out. Despite Putin’s increasingly provocative behavior and military aggression in the past few years and concerns about him in the American political and military establishment, the Russian president has received unqualified praise from Donald Trump, not coincidentally following Putin’s well-crafted message of honeyed words about the real estate mogul. There are also several white supremacist groups that are supporting Trump in the current campaign with ads and robocalls. Unsurprisingly, not a peep of repudiation or condemnation of these supporters has been uttered.




As predicted on this site many months ago, it seems very likely that Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination. There are several astrological configurations that point to his success and notoriety up to the election, but not thereafter. Natally, his Ascendant (29Leo58) is conjunct the fixed star Regulus, known as the “little king in the heart of the Lion” and which confers success, prominence, and wealth. From July 2015 waxing through early August 2016, Trump’s progressed Sun is moving to a conjunction with his natal Ascendant/Regulus position. This has clearly highlighted and strengthened the great benefits of his “royal” Ascendant. Moreover, transiting Pluto, in sesquiquadrate, has also been adding to the power and reach of this benefic configuration, most notably in December 2015 and coming again from July through October 10, 2016.trump

In addition, the current passage of Jupiter through Virgo is bringing a great deal of optimism and success to Trump, as it squares his Sun, Moon, and Node, running from late November 2015 through mid-February 2016, and then picking up again from July 19 through August 5, 2016, just in time for the GOP convention. April 2016 will be covered by progressed Moon square progressed Venus (15Libra13) and June will be covered by progressed Moon square natal Jupiter (17Libra27), each of which will contribute to continuing popularity and success. Moreover, the Pluto station from mid-February through April 2016 will be square to Trump’s Jupiter, again adding to his success and prominence.

Some trouble begins in late May through mid- September 2016 with the Uranus station square to Trump’s Saturn (23Cancer48) and the first Saturn sesquiquadrate to his Venus from June 22 through July 9. It seems likely the political attacks at this time will get under his skin and upset him but will not be enough to derail his nomination, due to the continued strength of Jupiter until August 5. The return of Saturn sesquiquadrate Trump’s Venus, however, from August 13 through September 17, suggests some nasty political attacks that are far more effective and may well throw him off his game. (See above discussion of narcissistic issues.)

It is not until the election and its aftermath that Trump will truly lose his momentum and become increasingly stressed. This suggests a big loss on November 8. The series of corresponding problematic configurations begins with the progressed Moon conjunct natal Saturn, from 11/6 through December 2, 2016, followed by transiting Saturn’s first crossing of his natal South Node (20Sagittarius48) and Moon (21Sagittarius12) and opposite his Sun (22Gemini55) from December 18, 2016, through January 14, 2017. The Saturn transit will return to his Moon and South Node for an extended period from June 24 through October 12, 2017, possibly pointing to the complications and difficulties he will encounter after his failed presidential bid.

3rd Jan, 2016


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10th Dec, 2015

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