Everything changed on November 8 when Donald Trump won the presidential election. The entire trajectory of the country shifted in a moment. Even the very definition of the United States of America seemed to morph – from a celebration of the melting pot, an ever-building respect for the civil rights of all, and an attempt to reckon with climate change and trade in a globalized world, to a land of corporate expansion unhindered by the petty complaints of citizens or a concern for their most basic needs.  Although I am expecting resistance from the Democrats in Congress and eventually an outcry from the population as events and awareness unfold, there will be an increasing push from the coming administration and its cronies in Congress toward the corporatization, a.k.a. privatization, of everything, including Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, prisons, education, infrastructure, etc., over this four-year term and beyond. Shrink the government and empower the private sector will be the unyielding motto of the newly-unshackled GOP.

In the US chart (using 5:13 PM, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia), Pluto, at 27Capricorn33, is in the second house, is opposed to Mercury, at 24Cancer12, in the 8th house, and is semisquare to the Ascendant, 12Sagittarius59. This second house Pluto is particularly important due to its position as the rising planet in the chart and its aspect to the Ascendant. Pluto in the second house describes an obsessive need to gather wealth and points additionally to the huge amassing of power by the financial elite. The compulsive materialism described by this position also colors the identity of the country itself due to Pluto’s minor hard aspect to the Ascendant.USchart 

As of the Inauguration of Donald Trump, transiting Pluto will move fully into a ten-degree orb of the US Pluto return, when Pluto for the first time will return to its natal position in the chart. The actual Pluto return will come in 2022, but the coming 6 years will see the buildup of this very potent focus on the second house Pluto position, as well as the transiting Pluto opposition of the US Mercury during 2020 and early 2021.  These configurations, taken together, suggest that the push to concentrate huge amounts of wealth, while manipulating commerce and investments (Mercury) to that end, will be increasingly intense over the next few years.

Also of importance in this picture will be the Saturn transit opposing US Mercury and conjunct US Pluto during 2020, a transit likely to impede and restrict this Plutonian movement toward the accumulation of wealth and power by the financial elite. This Saturn transit, moreover, suggests some challenges and possibly a sharp contraction for the US economy in 2020, as well as a significant loss of support and extreme difficulties for President Trump, since Saturn will also be opposing his Venus (25Cancer44), while Pluto will station opposite his Saturn (23Cancer49) during much of that year.

The shock of the recent election and its complete reversal of the direction of the country may be seen in the US chart by the progression of the US Moon  opposite natal Uranus (8Gemini55) in late October and November. Uranus is the planet of unexpected and powerful transformations and often points to a sudden change in direction. In December, the US tertiary Sun will be conjunct natal Uranus, continuing this sense of transformation. This progression will be set off significantly by the transit of Mars from December 29 through December 31 square to US Uranus. There may be some consequential, stressful, and possibly violent upsets that spike around that time.

One final point that is worth noting is that from November 20 through December 4, Trump is under the first crossing of his Jupiter return (17Libra27).  He is looking particularly magnanimous, successful, and happy during this transit. Unsurprisingly, the Trump Vanity Tour is proceeding during this upbeat transit, with him likely to be deliriously happy while out in front of his big cheering crowds again.  Some difficulties return that may bring severe stress from December 18 through January 15, as Saturn makes its first crossing conjunct his South Node, conjunct his Moon, and opposite his Sun. This will overlap with some shockwaves and stress in the US chart in late December and early January.trump

January will also bring some very positive indications for Trump, including progressed Moon conjunct Venus and transiting Jupiter trine the Sun (through February 19). The first really significant test will come from June through October 2017. More on those configurations later.

15th Nov, 2016

Steep Learning Curve

They say that a politician campaigns in poetry and serves in prose. With Donald Trump, it would be more accurate to say that he ran with grenades and will serve with a shovel, hammer, and nails. And for someone with an aversion to manual labor, this will be tricky.

As all who follow this blog know, I predicted that Trump would lose the election. This was based on the overwhelmingly stressful planetary configurations that impact him from the election onward. It turns out that this stress is manifesting, not as an election loss, but as the overwhelming burden and responsibility of the presidency, now settling on shoulders that are far more enamored with the unconstrained life of the campaign.

Trump is a Gemini with a Sagittarius Moon and a Leo Ascendant. He loves nothing more than to hear himself proclaim clever and pithy phrases to an adoring crowd or, better yet, tweet them to countless millions. With natal Uranus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, his flamboyant unpredictability and his unbridled disruptiveness are a way of life.  Or at least they were until November 9.

As of the election, Trump is feeling the waxing impact of his progressed Moon conjunct his natal Saturn (23Cancer49), building through early December and further strengthened by the transiting Node (8Virgo) from November 14 through November 26. In addition, transiting Saturn will oppose his natal Uranus (17Gemini54) from November 24 through December 2.  These configurations suggest increasing pressure to be constrained and circumspect and to exercise discipline, sobriety, and studiousness.  Trump is likely to feel hemmed in, frustrated, and forced to confer and compromise, as well as handle complaints and criticism with maturity and patience rather than easily-provoked tantrums.trump

The smothering pressure picks up again quite strongly as of mid-December, when transiting Saturn crosses Trump’s South Node (20Sagittarius48) from December 18 to December 28, and his Moon (21Sagittarius12) from 12/21 to 12/30, followed by Saturn opposing his Sun (22Gemini56) from January 7 to January 15.  These demanding and difficult aspects will parallel some significant stress in the US chart when transiting Saturn opposes US Mars (21Gemini23) from December 25 through January 1 and then squares US Neptune (22Virgo25) from January 2 through January 11.  It is possible that some kind of explosive event or crisis impacts the US, perhaps during the Mars transit square US Uranus from December 29 to 31, with distress lingering through at least January 11. The ensuing events will weigh heavily on Trump, whose understanding of the responsibilities, challenges, and weight of his new job will deepen.  From late June through mid-October 2017, Saturn will once again cross Trump’s Moon and oppose his Sun, while also impacting US Mars and Neptune suggesting a deeply upsetting time for his administration and for the country. We may get a hint of what is to come by noting what transpires in the last week of December and the first half of January.

Trump will get some enjoyment from his election victory with a stationary transiting Jupiter trine his Sun from January 9 through February 19 and his progressed Moon conjunct his natal Venus (25Cancer44) in January peaking on January 23rd.  But by then, the new Inaugural chart will have taken over, with its most noteworthy aspect being the tight Mars/Saturn square (23Pisces/24Sagittarius) which is also in minor hard aspect to the Moon (9Scorpio), suggesting the enormous difficulties Trump will encounter as he attempts to enact change over the next four years.  Moreover, as transiting Saturn moves through late Sagittarius and into Capricorn during this presidential term, the challenges and frustrations Trump will face, indicated in both his chart and the Inaugural chart, are clearly mirrored in the US chart as well. Thus, his steep learning curve is likely to be fraught with frustration and trouble, and the fantasy utopia described in the magical thinking of the recent campaign will recede into the ethers.


8th Nov, 2016

Election Thoughts

I continue to see Trump losing and the Senate as iffy. However, Chuck Schumer seems to have a much better year than Mitch McConnell so we can hope.

Transiting Jupiter is currently square to the US Sun, so the Market is up and we will hear a lot of self-congratulatory rhetoric about how great we are and how our democracy won out over the threat of the Orange Hitler. This runs from November 6 to November 11.

The US is also still under progressed Moon opposite natal Uranus, thus agitation, sudden reversals, and rebellion continue as an issue peaking through November 17. This will likely be exacerbated and extended some from November 14 to November 25 when the transiting Node will square natal US Uranus. Any manifestation of Trumpistas rising up against reality is likely during this period.

There are some troubling aspects from December 25 through January 17 when Saturn will oppose US Mars and then square US Neptune. Part of this period is concurrent with Saturn square Obama’s Mars and square Hillary’s Moon.  (The themes of this difficult period will return from July through October 2017.) We may see a major setback or loss in the war against ISIS or some other significant or challenging foreign policy situation. We also may see political trouble with the new Congress.

30th Oct, 2016

The Bully Boys

There is a dark thread that has been running through GOP political maneuvering since the early days of the G.W. Bush presidency, and it has been growing increasingly virulent in more recent years. I am talking about the intimidation and bullying used by Republicans to coerce a desired outcome.  I first noticed it during the GOP-dominated Congress in the early 2000’s when the Democrats reminded me of an abused spouse, always compromising and giving in with the hope that the Republicans would work with them and play nice. Instead, the Democrats were viciously criticized and universally disdained, getting almost no conciliation on anything for their efforts.

The process seemed to move from the abused spouse archetype to the schoolyard bully archetype during the Obama administration. The message in essence was: If you don’t give us your lunch, we will beat you up.  In their attempts to defund Planned Parenthood or end Obamacare or force other ultra-conservative policy agendas, the GOP consistently refused to vote on mandatory budgets, on immigration reform, on Zika funding, and on judges or other appointments. They have even managed to shut down the entire government in an attempt to force an issue. Under Obama and the recent Democratic Congressional leaders, the intimidation has not often worked, but instead has led to government paralysis. Unfortunately, this still helped the GOP.  Government is now seen by many as ineffective and dysfunctional with little understanding of who was gumming up the works. Thus, the current “change” meme as a Republican campaign motto has had some impact.

The 2016 GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has been intimidating and bullying people for many years, long before he entered politics. Women did not press charges against him for his sexual predations due to a legitimate fear of financial or career ruin. With his aggressive legal, business, and public relations tactics, he viciously harmed the lives of countless individuals over decades. He even strong-armed editors to fire journalists who criticized him. In the current election cycle, there are few among Republicans who are willing to stand against him. Most are so fearful of his criticism and personal attacks that they swallow his long list of offensive and immoral words and deeds without a whimper. I will beat you up, if you don’t give me your lunch.

It may be that Hillary Clinton is the first person, and certainly the first woman, who has not been intimidated by the belligerent billionaire. Watching her stand unflinching and strong during the debates despite his hyper-inflated attacks and vicious rants was truly edifying. While Republicans cower in the shadows, Hillary didn’t even blink.  The courage and clarity to stand up to such bullying, which none of the GOP primary candidates and few of the GOP leadership has managed, is an extraordinary example of leadership by Hillary Clinton. In my opinion, it provides a worthy role model not just for women but for everyone.

The recent campaign drama in which FBI Director Comey has broken with all precedent and written a vague letter to Congress about more Clinton emails to examine, may be understood as yet another person compromising his integrity and judgement in response to GOP intimidation tactics. Comey has received withering criticism and attacks from the Right for refusing to indict Hillary over some sloppiness in the handling of emails. Anxious about subjecting himself to more of the same, Comey wrote his now infamous letter and dropped a bomb in the middle of the campaign. I think if we are to understand his actions, they should be seen within the context of the larger impact of GOP abusiveness and bullying and the warping of this trend on the integrity of our entire political system.

The election itself will be over, thankfully, in little more than a week.  For the moment, Donald Trump is basking in the adoration of his fans and the ramping up of the Hillary email story. With tertiary progressed Venus currently conjunct his Ascendant until the morning of November 8, we will be seeing him glow in the “love” until then.  The good news is that Venus will have already begun to wane by the time the election results are coming in.  Moreover, as the uplifting Venus energy wanes, Trump will begin to feel the waxing conjunction of his progressed Moon to natal Saturn (23Cancer49) from November 6 through December 2, triggered by the Moon on the morning of November 9 through about 8:30 AM and then further intensified by the transiting Node from November 14 to November 26.  I see this as moving from “feast” (Venus/Ascendant) to “famine” (Saturn/Moon), the latter accompanied by feelings of loss and sadness.

This darker and more depressing theme will continue for Trump during December through mid-January, with transiting Chiron square his natal Moon (11/28 to 1/6), tertiary Venus conjunct tertiary Saturn (12/8 to 1/7), and transiting Saturn opposite his natal South Node, conjunct his Moon, and opposite his Sun (12/18 to 1/14).  The combination of these aspects suggests Trump experiencing the loss of the big crowds and the adoration, and upset at not having the same microphone to counterattack all the accusations that are likely to descend upon him post election.trump

There are a few positive configurations that suggest Trump may find his way to a media deal of some kind in January. Transiting Jupiter will be trine his Sun (1/9 to 2/19) and progressed Moon will be conjunct his Venus (12/28 to 1/23).  But transiting Chiron will also move into the final square with his Sun by January 23 through early February, and the prolonged Saturn transit through late Sagittarius of 2017 will come roaring back over Trump’s mutable planets from late June through early October. It seems doubtful that 2017 will end up being a profitable and happy year.

For the most part, I don’t think the current Comey-inspired campaign bombshell will have much impact other than within the confines of the Trump campaign rallies. Transiting Pluto will return to its sextile of Hillary’s Venus as of November 1 through December 11, hillarystrengthening her popularity and support. Moreover, tertiary Jupiter is in a months-long opposition to natal Mars (8/1 to 12/10) followed by its opposition to natal Pluto (11/21 to 3/6), and further magnified by the tertiary Sun conjunct Mars, Pluto, and tertiary Jupiter, collectively, from late December to early February. This is a powerful combination lighting up the most potent configuration in Hillary’s chart (Mars/Pluto conjunction square Venus) and would seem to indicate the taking of the reins of power.

The first half of January 2017, however, may bring some significant difficulties. Transiting Saturn will be square to Hillary’s Moon from January 5 to January 15, concurrent to its square to US Neptune (1/2 to 1/11) and square to President Obama’s Mars (1/2 to 1/11), and just following an opposition from Saturn to US Mars (12/25 to 1/1).  All of this suggests a serious problem or frustration for the US, possibly in a foreign entanglement or confrontation, that upsets both Obama and Clinton, just as she is about to take over. The timing here also suggests the possibility of serious struggles with the new Congress.

22nd Oct, 2016

Breaking from the Past

In just a little over two weeks, the most torturous election in modern history will be over, and the toxic stench of Donald Trump will hopefully be removed from our much-sullied political environment forever.  If he does manage to create a media empire out of the ashes of his noxious campaign, let us fervently pray that it will recede into the far reaches of the fringe right, and the mainstream media and the remnants of the GOP will have finally learned the dangers of feeding the beast.  One can hope.

In the US chart (using 5:13 PM birth time), we find that the progressed Moon is now in opposition to natal Uranus (8Gemini55). This aspect came into one-degree orb a few days before the final debate and will peak around November 18.  It brings upsets, surprises, rebellion, and the impetus to go against accepted norms by some sector of the population.  As most everyone USchartknows by now, Donald Trump broke with the iron-clad tradition of our democratic republic during the debate by refusing to commit to accepting the outcome of the election. With transiting Jupiter in trine to US Uranus and triggering this progressed Moon/Uranus combination through October21, we saw the contrarian rebellion of this aspect beginning to unfold.

Of great significance is that this aspect will culminate on November 18,  slowly receding thereafter, and will be triggered by transiting Mercury (8Sagittarius55) on November 18 and 19, as well as by the transiting Node (8Virgo55) from November 14 through November 25, and the transiting Sun on November 29 and 30 (8Sagittiarus55).  This combination of planetary configurations suggests that Trump and his overheated and ramped up supporters may not go quietly into the night and may instead create turmoil, rebellion, and upset when they do not get what they want.

Corroborating these concerns is a very significant progressed aspect in the 2013 Inaugural chart. inaugural13For the entire month of October, the progressed Inaugural Moon (5Cancer16) will be square to natal Uranus (5Aries16) and semisquare to natal Mars (20Aquarius13).  This is a major trigger to the Inaugural Moon/Mars square which has natal Inaugural Uranus semisquare to both and at their midpoint, a very combustible combination when set off. This configuration during the month of October points to rebellion, aggression, and anger that the Obama administration will need to deal with at that time.  For now, it seems likely to describe the turmoil following this historically wild and inflammatory election campaign, although other explosive and unexpected events, both foreign and domestic, cannot be ruled out.

It should also be noted that transiting Jupiter will be square to the US Sun from November 6 through November 11, which suggests a mood of increased patriotism, a celebration of American democracy, and general optimism, possibly due to the defeat of the Trumpian threat, as well as the ground-breaking election of the first woman president in the nation’s history.  The biggest triggers to the more dangerous, above-mentioned aspects to Uranus in both the US chart and the Inaugural chart begin around November 14.