5th Nov, 2017

Discussion Thread

I am currently trying to keep my head above water in the soul-crushing reality that we live in. When I get inspired to write again, I will. Until then, keep up the discussion.

14th Oct, 2017

Expanding Crazy

Bearing witness to the daily psychodrama emanating from the noxious Trump White House for nine long months has exhausted us. The constant stream of insults and petulance and rage create a never-ending barrage of crazy that wearies the very fabric of the soul.

It feels, however, that we are moving into an even more lethal phase in this war of Trump against the goodness of America. His rantings are now morphing into policies, and the barrage has become a veritable series of assaults against the body politic.  When he fails Puerto Ricans and dismisses and disdains their needs, he attacks all of us. When he sabotages the health care market for those with lower incomes to satisfy his compulsion to destroy all things related to the former successful and beloved president, he sabotages all of us. When he shreds environmental protections and trade agreements because he cannot tolerate any limits on his own actions or anything sanctioned by any president other than his own grandiose self, he shreds the collective future of all of us.

The presidency has become a giant, infantile tantrum. In his rage at the growing pushback and criticism against him, Donald Trump is escalating. He is wantonly destroying anything in his path that is not a testament to his imagined greatness. The only question is how much destruction must we witness before Congress or his administration stands up to stop him, if they ever do.

By mid-November, the long period of restriction and stress indicated in Trump’s chart for 2017 is coming to an end. He gets a bit of a break until some issues emerge in 2018.  The strain on him will again be pronounced during the Saturn station opposite his Mercury (8Cancer52) from March 9 through May 7. This may mark a backlash against some form of heightened aggression by Trump that develops when transiting Uranus trines his natal Mars (26Leo47) from February 26 to March 19, which itself is receiving a conjunction from solar arc Uranus. This period in late February and March will mark a triggering of a very impulsive and aggressive progression in his chart that continues through early July 2018 (solar arc Uranus conjunct natal Mars). Increased aggression, possibly military, also shows up on the US chart when transiting Pluto moves into a quincunx with US Mars from February 22 to April 24.  This will be a time to watch and require much effort to keep things contained as much as possible.

It is also possible we may see the first signs of some economic contraction in 2018, with Saturn going into Capricorn and opposing the US Venus (3Cancer06)/Jupiter (5Cancer55) conjunction. This will first come from January 6 to February 13 and then return during the second half of June and then for a long station opposite Venus from July 22 through October 2. The Saturn station opposite US Venus during the summer and early fall of 2018 is likely to bring economic hardship and possibly some other traumatic events that profoundly impact some segment or segments of the US population. Severe hurricanes or other dramatic, catastrophic events are likely during this period.

Now that this year is nearing a close, the most stressful year remaining for 45 will be 2020. Hopefully, it will be enough to eject him from his presidential perch, but even that is not yet certain.  Much will depend on who is running against him. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s narcissistic addiction to endless praise and attention is expanding into a voracious addiction to power.  He emanates an almost a sadistic enjoyment each time his mere utterance of an unexpected phrase ripples out to shake the planet. This man is extremely dangerous and all the more so as he settles into his reign.

30th Sep, 2017

Another Worst Week Ever

The odious Donald Trump continues to wreak havoc on any remaining shreds of decency and integrity once associated with the American presidency. Self-interested manipulation is his hallmark; words and tweets are simply a means to agitate and inflame his base. He is a master at controlling the narrative, reshuffling the facts into a useful and purposeful fantasy that casts him as the hero and whoever is in the way of his ignominious procession as the villain of the day. Thus, in his telling, those who stand for the rights of African Americans not to be harassed by police are disrespecting the flag and our military. And, Puerto Ricans, reeling from a catastrophe of epic proportions, with no water, food or fuel, “want everything done for them.”  Blaming the victim is standard fare in the world of Trump, especially if those victims are darker hued than the Orange Monster himself.

We keep hearing how this was the “worst week yet” for the Trump administration. And yet he goes on and on, seemingly impervious to the setbacks and the scandals. The creepy Cult of Trump continues to see sweet-smelling roses blooming, while the much-beleaguered rest of us see a noxious and invasive species destroying the political, cultural, and legal landscape.

Astrologically, extreme stress will continue for Trump through October, and to some degree until November 12.  Then he gets a measure of relief until a two-month stretch from March 9 to May 7, 2018. At the moment, transiting Saturn is opposite his Sun (22Gemini56), from September 26 through October 12. We can assume the bad reviews about Puerto Rico will continue, as well as the likelihood of some significant difficulties for his tax plan and other endeavors. With transiting Saturn returning to its natal position in the Inaugural chart (23Sagittarius37) and then squaring Inaugural Mars (24Pisces22) and semisquare Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) from October 4 through October 29, we can further expect massive resistance – legally, legislatively, and by protest – to his agenda, impacting him through October. In addition, transiting Uranus will be making its final square to the Inaugural MC (26Capricorn13), also through most of October, bringing unanticipated and sudden complications, perhaps including new initiatives and revelations from the Mueller investigation.

It should be mentioned that transits from Saturn are most traumatic for those who do not exercise discipline, conscientiousness, and care.  Humility, service to others, and careful attention to detail will make these challenges far easier, while a cavalier, superficial and self-promoting attitude will make a Saturn transit exceedingly difficult and frustrating. Trump’s lack of attention to the details of his health care plan and now his tax plan, as well as his lack of focus and attentiveness to the crisis in Puerto Rico are examples of the kind of circumstances that will create failure during a Saturn transit. Grandiose posturing with little substance to back it up will be revealed every time.

9th Sep, 2017

September Madness

The news cycle is so relentless and manic these days that the unrestrainedly furious response I began to write over the DACA repeal is already in the ash heap of history. Bowing to recent applause for his sharp shift in direction, the ever-excitable Trump has just made a deal with “Nancy and Chuck” and written a hopeful tweet to the Dreamers. Who knows what next week might bring from the Unpredictable One. For the moment, I reserve comment.

In the meantime, we are all swept away in the reality of the historically powerful and huge Hurricane Irma following on the heels of the equally historical deluge and destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Despite what weirdo faith poseurs say about “blaming the gays” for these catastrophes, it is notable that they have hit the two most populous Republican states, both of whose governments absolutely deny climate change, refuse any attempts to mitigate its effects, and despise government handouts. Just sayin’.

From an astrological perspective, these two disasters seem to fit into the rubric of the recent full solar eclipse that traversed the sky in the US on August 21. Such an event would have been seen by traditional astrologers as an omen of some form of catastrophe. And here we are, with twin calamities wreaking havoc in both Texas and Florida, the vast and overwhelming devastation of the Caribbean islands, as well as the worst flooding in a decade in South Asia and the strongest earthquake in a century in Mexico, in just the past few days.

Moreover, the long station of Saturn opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23) culminates around mid-day on Sunday, September 10, after which we will begin to see the dissipation of a two-month period of upset and intense stress.  Despite its waning energy, however, this Saturn transit will be triggered late on the 10th to about 1 AM on the 11th by a quincunx from the Moon, as well as during all of September 13, by a square from the Sun, and an opposition from the Moon in the early morning. Expect some difficult news on that day, potentially from the continuing impact of the storm. Nonetheless, the waning energy of this transit suggests some mitigation by the 11th, after 1 AM, perhaps by a downgrade of the storm’s potency or its trajectory moving further west.

Also in the US chart, is the beginning of the Saturn transit square to US Neptune (22Virgo25), from September 11 through October 4. This transit suggests a quelling of any unrealistic military scheming as a healthy dose of reality hits the tendency for American grandiosity. There is also a great deal of fear and anxiety that extends for weeks, which might relate to people being upset by the general state of things, both domestic and foreign, and an acute awareness of the difficulty handling current circumstances in Texas and Florida easily and with dispatch.

Although the US chart improves somewhat after October 4, for our sketchy Oval Office Resident and his Inaugural chart, trouble begins again during the last week of September continuing through November12.  From September 26 to October 12, Saturn will oppose his Sun (22Gemini56), frustrating and blocking his goals and causing him difficulty in any area where he has not been very disciplined and cautious.  This is followed by Saturn quincunx his Saturn (23Cancer48) from October 10 to October 23, and Saturn quincunx his Venus (25Cancer44), from November 1 to November 12, both of which point to intense criticism and negative poll numbers.

The Inaugural chart, which is essentially the chart of the Trump administration, points to significant trouble for the entire month of October, with transiting Saturn returning to its natal position (23Sagittarius37) and then square to Mars (24Pisces22) and semisquare to the Moon (9 Scorpio22). This suggests a very vigorous blocking of his agenda and a potent period of protest against him. Furthermore, transiting Uranus will be square to the Inaugural Midheaven (26Capricorn13) from October 2 through October 26, and given the concurrence of Saturn transits, suggests unexpected, powerful revelations and events that impact this presidency in a negative way. Perhaps Mueller’s efforts will coalesce into an unexpected magic bullet? If not, we may be stuck for the duration of this endless and horrifying roller coaster ride.

29th Aug, 2017


The fourth most populated American city is now drowning, as the evaporation of a warming Gulf of Mexico gets turbocharged and then mercilessly unleashed by a hurricane’s massive storm system. Millions of citizens are watching their homes slowly submerge into devastation, while the floodwaters continue to rise, day after day. At the moment, the crisis is extreme and acute, but we can hope it eventually will reignite a discussion of the effects of climate change and how best to insulate ourselves from its effects as well as minimize its impact in the coming years. Of course, even this might be a herculean task given our troglodyte administration.

Meanwhile, as the nation’s gaze remains focused on Houston, the Mueller investigation creeps onward, and Mandarin Mussolini gleefully trumpets his vicious racism practically unhindered. Essentially pissing on the constitution and its revered “rule of law”, Trump has boldly pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, renowned for his profligate roundups of any “brown people” he suspected might be illegal, as well as his dire mistreatment of those he incarcerated in his “concentration camps”, all despite the court’s clear prohibition of these actions. And, of course, Trump has also doubled down on his obvious discrimination against transgender individuals who want to serve in the military. We can be hopeful for some legal action against this to wind its way through the courts, but it will still vastly complicate the already complicated and difficult lives of those affected.

As mentioned previously, a full solar eclipse has historically been seen by astrologers as a predictor of catastrophe in the nations where it is most visible. The harsh reality of Houston, and soon perhaps Louisiana, only days after the August 21 eclipse seems to corroborate this theory of prediction. Whether there will be other severe and dangerous events over the next 12 months, as the dark omen of the eclipse remains in effect, is as yet unknown. In the meantime, the Mercury station will be sitting on the eclipse degree (28Leo53) from September 1 through September 8, while transiting Mars will also cross the eclipse degree from September 1 through September 3. It is quite possible the situation in Houston will become even more dire and bogged down (Mercury station) during this period, or another extremely stressful and dangerous situation will emerge during this time, as both of these transits will tend to trigger the difficult ramifications of the eclipse.

In the US chart, we are in the last two weeks of the protracted Saturn station opposite US Mars (21Gemini23), which moves to exact on September 10.  The morning of August 30 will also bring the transiting Moon into a conjunction with transiting Saturn, likely causing some acute and painful manifestation of this transit. Generally, a Saturn station on a US planet brings some kind of extreme stress and difficulty to some segment of the population, and, coming so soon after the recent eclipse, this event has moved into catastrophic proportion. In this situation, Saturn sits opposite US Mars, the planet of activity, energy, and war.  Moreover, Mars rules the 4th house in the US chart, which describes the home and emotional roots. The Texas flooding has damaged, and in many instances destroyed, the homes of many Americans, as well as restricting and damaging the nation’s Oil refineries (energy infrastructure). With the Mercury and Mars transits to the eclipse point during the first eight days of September, while we are also under an ever tightening Saturn transit opposite US Mars, we may expect further dangerous and shattering events, although whether they are a continuation and exacerbation of the current crisis in Texas or something entirely unrelated, such as a confrontation with North Korea, or both, remains to be seen.

In addition, the precise one-degree orbed waxing transit of Mars to Donald Trump’s Mars will run from around 2 PM (EDT), Tuesday, August 29, to about 4:15 AM, Thursday, August 31.  This is a period during which Trump will be extremely active, irritable, and more prone than usual for precipitous action. This is also the last few days of the waxing Saturn transit across his Moon (21Sagittarius12), triggered by the Moon on Wednesday morning. So he is especially upset, and feeling unjustly attacked, while also angered by Mars, during these few days.

And finally, if we look at the Inaugural chart during these same few days, we find the tertiary Moon from August 27 to August 30, activating the very stressful Saturn/Mars square, which also is in minor hard aspect to the natal Moon in this chart of the Trump administration. This tertiary progression also points to some kind of crisis in which Trump’s actions are frustrated and insufficient (Saturn square Mars) and people are angry and upset (Saturn semisquare Moon and Mars sesquiquadrate Moon). And whatever these few days bring, they are followed by the long, slow, stuckness of the Mercury station, likely triggering the dark omen of the eclipse.