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On September 22, the US, with the assistance of several Arab allies, began conducting air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria. And, as is the usual response to President Obama’s leadership, there has been a barrage of second guessing and complaints that he should have done much more, much sooner. We saw this oft-repeated pattern during the 2008 campaign, when people wanted him to be more aggressive with Hillary and then with McCain. He won that election. We saw this in his refusal to do a much-demanded executive order to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, while he insisted on legislation that would make the change permanent. Again, he was ultimately successful. We see this in his waiting until after the election before signing an executive order on immigration, with the final, slim hope that the Congress might pass something more permanent once political considerations are past, as well as with the legitimate attempt to protect Democrats running in red states, given the subsequent impact their loss would have on a number of issues. And we see the same pattern now, as the war against ISIS unfolds.

While many had been chafing at the bit for the bombing inside Iraq to begin, the president waited until a more inclusive and hopefully more effective government was chosen before proceeding. Subsequently, as the clamoring to bomb inside Syria reached a fevered pitch, the president waited until the strong participation of moderate Sunni nations in the coalition was assured before he began. His timing, almost always, is more measured and his consideration of the consequences of his actions more comprehensive than is the general mood of the politicians and the public. Although his success rate tends to be quite good, the somewhat unhinged second guessing almost always continues unabated, at least until success is assured. With the current war, it could take a while before the jury is in.

In the president’s chart, we find Mars (22Virgo34) trine Saturn (25Capricorn20), describing a thoughtful, meticulous, slow, steady, and effective approach to obamaaccomplishing goals. Interestingly, Obama’s Virgo Mars is in a tight square with the US Gemini Mars (21Gemini33), which indicates that the collective US impulse is generally to move at a faster and less considered pace than this president is likely to move. In addition, Obama’s Saturn (25Capricorn20) is in a close conjunction with the US Pluto (27Capricorn33). Thus, he tends to slow down, discipline, and focus (Saturn) the US projection of power (Pluto) in the world. Although, this can ultimately lead to a more permanent and comprehensive result, it may tend to frustrate many during the implementation.

It seems useful at this point to take a closer look at the president’s chart with regard to what indications may be found that help us understand the trajectory of the current conflict. The big caveat is, of course, that other significant developments, especially the coming election, will be difficult to tease out from the indicators of the ongoing confrontation with ISIS.

The good news is that the long and difficult period from late May through about September 1, 2014, during which the president was heavily criticized for just about everything and already being talked about as a lame duck, is now behind us. As this relentless and stressful Saturn station in a sesquiquadrate to his Venus (1Cancer47) and square to his Ascendant (18Aquarius03) waned, the president moved into the first crossing of Jupiter to his Sun (12Leo33) in mid-September. This Jupiter transit to Obama’s Sun in September, following immediately after the August tertiary Sun conjunction to Mars (20Aquarius13) in the Inaugural chart are the indicators of the president’s shift from cautious thoughtfulness to an active war footing. In other words, he moved from the inhibiting and stressful aura of Saturn to the more expansive and effective experience of Jupiter combined with the forceful assertiveness of Mars.

Not only will Jupiter be crossing the president’s Sun again next spring during a month-long station from March 15 to April 11, but it will soon be opposed to his Ascendant (18Aquarius03) and semisquare to his Venus (1Cancer47), as well as opposed to the Ascendant of his solar return (20Leo57). These combine to intermittently cover the period from September 25 to November 5, 2014, and again in parts of January and early February 2015, and finally from late May through June 2015. These will be followed by its crossing of his Uranus (25Leo16) and Node (27Leo18) in the second half of July 2015. These multiple Jupiter transits, taken together, point to several periods of success, expansion of effort, and optimism over the coming year.

In addition, we can see the Commander-in-chief role taking a firmer hold on the president as his tertiary progressed Mars moves to oppose his natal Ascendant (18Aquarius03) from late October 2014 through early January 2015, followed by his tertiary Sun conjunct tertiary Mars (exact around 18Leo53) from mid-January through mid-March 2015. These two tertiary progressions in the president’s chart involving the warrior planet Mars are almost exactly simultaneous to the final protracted chapter of the Uranus/Pluto square from November 2014 to mid-March 2015. Moreover, this inaugural13increase in the more aggressive role of the military commander is also paralleled in the Inaugural chart with the tertiary progressed Node moving into a square with natal Mars (20Aquarius13) from November 2014 to early November 2015. These multiple tertiary Mars progressions are the clearest signifiers of a more military posture of President Obama and his administration over the coming months.

In the more immediate future, the final three months of 2014 seem likely to be filled with drama, some of which will be political confrontations and election issues, some will relate to the war against ISIS, and some seems likely to be some kind of random act of violence or weather/natural event. Given the overlapping situations, it is difficult to predict the coming elections. There are a few aspects, however, that point to some significant strain for the president and his administration right around the election that lead me to see a strong chance of a loss of the Senate. Transiting Saturn will be sextile Obama’s natal Saturn (25Capricorn20) from November 4 through 13, triggering the year-long solar arc Moon opposition to his natal Saturn that will culminate in April 2015. This suggests some sadness and frustration for him during those days. Moreover, transiting Saturn will also be square to his natal Uranus (25Leo16) from November 2 to November 13, pointing to some limitations on his ability to act as freely as he would like.

Transiting Pluto on November 9 through mid-December 2014 will be moving into its final quincunx with President Obama’s Sun (12Leo33), pointing to some very stressful power struggles during that month, which seem likely to be both with the Congress as well as with our foreign terrorist foe. That will no doubt be the period when Congress finally votes on the war. In addition, if Congress continues to refuse to act on immigration after the election, the president will sign an executive order on the issue, potentially lighting up another firestorm. The powerful Mars translation of the Uranus/Pluto square from November 10 to November 13 could indicate some severe political confrontations in the aftermath of the election, as well as the usual increase in storms, accidents, aggressive confrontations, and random violence.

It should be noted that in addition to Pluto quincunx the president’s Sun in November and December, transiting Uranus will be in a station in a trine to his Sun at the same time. This Uranus/Pluto combination in the president’s chart points to him being at the epicenter of the transformation presently taking hold of the world in the form of the historical Uranus/Pluto square. Clearly, he is central to the push for a grand coalition to confront and degrade the extremists, as well as assuming leadership of the form of the confrontation itself. Both planets were also aspecting his Sun when he worked to build a coalition of sanctions against Russia last spring over its interference and aggression in Ukraine. USchart

Needless to say, this magnified role on the world stage for both the president and the nation does not come without a cost, not only to America but to all who have joined her. Already, the terrorists have responded with several choreographed videos of beheadings, as well as sent instructions worldwide to their cohorts to attack Westerners and kill them. Any who oppose these deranged criminals are in the line of fire. It may be that the most likely times when these acts of retaliation harm Americans directly will come when Saturn adversely impacts both the president’s chart and the US chart. Again, this is always with the caveat that these indicators may point to a more random stressful event, such as a major storm or significant accident, which is upsetting and takes over the news cycle for a few days.

As was mentioned in my previous article, one such period of heightened strain or upset in the US is likely during the last 10 days of November when Saturn makes a square to the US Moon (27Aquarius12), coincidental with Pluto in a semisquare to the same degree. These same two planets will also be in aspect to President Obama’s North Node (27Leo18) pointing to the added level of stress and responsibility that he will feel during the events signified.

Beginning in the second half of January 2015, transiting Saturn will move to oppose the president’s Moon (3Gemini21), nearly simultaneous to its quincunx to the US Venus (3Cancer06). This double transit will come again during the second half of April and the second half of October 2015. The first of these two crossing are somewhat coincidental with transiting Pluto square to the US Saturn (14Libra48), while the third comes during the anxiety and stress indicated by the final crossing of Pluto opposite the US Sun. These three periods seem to me to be the most likely times when painful events, potentially but not exclusively, stemming from this war may erupt into the national awareness. By 2016, the issue seems greatly reduced.

The Obama administration has warned repeatedly that the newly unleashed war against the extremist group ISIS will take some time, clearly contrasting itself with the Bush administration’s glib promise of victory within a few easy weeks. Unfortunately, the painful memory of the past twelve years of devastating cost in lives and treasure continues to haunt Americans, and many fear that the current situation will become an endless quagmire. Astrologically, the most dramatic period of this conflict seems likely to extend from the present through March 2015, with a continuing confrontation extending through most of 2015. After that, the key indications in the US chart that point to a heightened power struggle and a magnified role of the US on the world stage – the transiting Uranus/Pluto square in hard aspect to the US Sun and the US Saturn – will be behind us, suggesting calmer waters ultimately will prevail.

This Means War

The great planetary behemoth that has been stirring up massive upheaval across the globe for the past few years is now winding up for a final, protracted, and potent punch. The Uranus/Pluto square, which will be exact an unparalleled seven times from 2012 through early 2015, will move into a five-month one-degree orb during its last two crossings, from November 2014 through early March 2015. This period may prove to be a watershed moment in several of the building crises in many parts of the world.

This configuration highlights a dramatic and aggressive push to break with the constraints of the past (Uranus), as well as brutal repression, manipulation, fierce power struggles, and fanaticism (Pluto).  In essence, the qualities of both Uranus and Pluto are being intensified during this period, sometimes clashing with one another and sometimes manifesting together.

The transformative combination of Uranus and Pluto began its impact in December 2010 and early 2011. Although the square itself was not yet exact, the energy of these powerful planets was strongly stimulated when transiting Jupiter moved to conjunct transiting Uranus (27 Pisces), followed almost immediately by a square to transiting Pluto (7 Capricorn), sparking massive uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Oman, Syria, and Morocco and launching the Arab Spring.  The brutal dictatorships of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya were overthrown.  The Uranian imperative for freedom from repression swept across the land.

But the push back from deeply entrenched and powerful forces (Pluto) was not long in coming. In Egypt, a military dictatorship has once-again emerged after overthrowing a largely ineffectual elected government.  In Syria, the battle between the multi-faceted rebel faction (Uranus) continues its violent struggle against the repressive and brutal (Pluto) Assad regime.  Ironically, the extremist Sunni faction ISIS now embodies not only the Uranian imperative for freedom from the Shiite oppression in both Syria and Iraq, but also the daunting Plutonian signature of manipulation, brutality, fanaticism, obsession, control, and, ultimately, a lust for global domination. In short, ISIS has become a manifestation of the darkest elements of the most historical planetary configuration of our time.

While it was a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that marked the initial uprising of the Arab Spring in early 2011, it was an unusually protracted Jupiter/Uranus square  (10–13 Cancer/Aries) in early 2014 that stimulated the uprising in Ukraine against the government of President Victor Yanukovych, resulting in his overthrow. But as the Jupiter/Uranus square moved into a grand cross including Pluto and Mars, Russia became increasingly involved in a dramatic and far-reaching power struggle (Pluto) with Ukraine, annexing Crimea and invading the eastern part of the country. Manipulation, subterfuge, and brute force (Pluto) by Russia have pushed hard against the initial thrust of Kiev to break free of Russian domination and its puppet Yanukovych regime. Moreover, the US and its Western allies have also become involved in this Plutonian power struggle by implementing increasingly punishing sanctions designed to coerce Russia to back off.

On the global front, we have seen an increase over the past months in shocking brutality from various terrorist groups in both Africa and the Middle East, marked by a profound intensification of the most extraordinarily vicious and violent impulses. We have, moreover, seen an increase in dramatic power struggles that threaten to transform our world. As we move toward the final stage of the Uranus/Pluto square from November 2014 through mid-March 2015, we should expect many of these situations to ramp up, potentially exploding into some very dramatic, dangerous, and vicious confrontations.

Focusing more specifically on the US during this period, the latent aggression and tension in the 2013 Obama Inaugural chart is now coming into focus.  In that chart, we find the inaugural13Moon (19Taurus36) square to Mars (20Aquarius13), with each of these in a semisquare to Uranus (5Aries14), which also stands at their midpoint.  Moreover, the North Node (23Scorpio44) is in a square to Mars, with the South Node conjunct the Moon. This configuration points to extreme aggression, anger, and sudden incidents of violence or disruption that entangle the administration throughout its four years.

When the tertiary progressed Sun (one day equals one month progression) moved into a conjunction with natal Inaugural  Mars and semisquare Inaugural Uranus from late July through August 2014, it lit up the swift moving and potent aggression of this configuration and put the US firmly on the path to war. It was at this time that the administration began its air strikes against ISIS and assisted in the rescue of the Yazidis from the mountain-top siege perpetrated by the terrorists. During the last few days of this progression, on August 19, the video of the beheading of American journalist James Foley was released, sparking the final push toward full engagement to destroy ISIS.

The most significant trigger of this combative and potentially militaristic planetary combination will come with the tertiary progressed North Node moving into an exact square with natal Mars and semisquare natal Uranus from November 2014 through early November 2015. This period coincides with the remainder of the Uranus/Pluto square through mid-March 2015, as well as the ongoing transit of Pluto opposite the US Sun USchart(13Cancer19), which will continue through the first days of November 2015. This latter transit signifies that the US will be in an ongoing power struggle with a fierce foe, feeling impelled to be extremely vigilant and aggressive, but also careful of not pushing too far in a way that could sabotage its gains. The coincidence of the Pluto transit opposite the US Sun with the tertiary progressed Node square to Inaugural Mars, from November 2014 through early November 2015, suggests that this period will be the most significant in the war against ISIS. It is also noteworthy that the Saturn transit opposite to President Obama’s Moon (3Gemini21), which indicates a high degree of intermittent stress from late January through October 2015, ends at close to the same time. obama

The final protracted Uranus/Pluto square from late November 2014 through mid-March 2015 will also include a prolonged station of Uranus square to the US Sun (10/14/14 to 2/3/15), Pluto opposite the US Sun (12/7/14 to 1/8/15), Pluto conjunct the Descendant in the Spring Equinox chart (1/1 to 1/29/15), Uranus square the Ascendant (14Cancer07) of the Spring chart (1/26 to 2/22/15), as well as both Uranus and Pluto aspecting Inaugural Venus (14Capricorn29) and US Saturn (14Libra48) during January, February, and early March 2015. There can be no doubt that this will be a tumultuous and volatile period, with many sudden events, shifting and dangerous situations, and extraordinary drama. Clearly, at least a part, and perhaps most, of the focus at this time will be on the war with ISIS, but other unanticipated events are also likely to intrude.

There are two specific time frames over the coming months that seem likely to bring particular difficulty, upset, and significant stress to the US or at least one segment of its population. Whether these have to do with the ongoing confrontation with the terrorists or are indicative of some kind of random violent or geophysical event is unknown.

The first of these is from November 17 through December 9, 2014, with the most difficult period from November 20 through November 29. Initially, the Pluto transit semisquare to US Moon (27Aquarius12) from October 22 through December 3 suggests some measure of tension among the US public. This agitation will get ramped up into extreme upset and grief, however, when transiting Saturn joins the impact of the Pluto transit and moves into a square with the US Moon from November 20 through November 29. This Saturn/Pluto combination in hard aspect to the US Moon will also adversely impact the President’s North Node (27Leo18), further indicating this as a very high stress time for the country. It should also be noted that these combined Saturn and Pluto transits occur during the larger framework of the Uranus station square to US Sun (10/14/14 to 2/3/15) which will be triggered by transiting Saturn sesquiquadrate both Uranus and the US Sun from November 26 to December 9. This is yet another indication of an extremely challenging time, as well as introducing the potential for unexpected and transformative events.

The second period comes when both Saturn and Pluto are stationary and again in aspect to each other and the US Sun. Saturn will make a sesquiquadrate to the US Sun from June 27 through August 10, 2015, while Pluto will make its final station opposite the US Sun from July 7 through November 2, 2015. There is also a station of Uranus at this time conjunct US Chiron (20Aries08). These planets may indicate a long, slow slog through something stressful and anxiety provoking that demands belt-tightening, discipline, and perseverance. There may be some frustrations and significant setbacks in the war against ISIS or in some other ongoing confrontation, especially during July and early August 2015.

For years, astrologers have been talking about the historical Uranus/Pluto square of 2012- 2015. The transformational potency of this configuration is already very apparent. We are seeing unexpected new leadership emerge in several countries, several shifting alliances and geopolitical realignments, and even some redrawn national boundaries.  Moreover, with the heightened intensification of Pluto during these years, fundamentalist factions have moved towards increasingly extremist and draconian agendas.  This, in turn, has finally roused the somewhat languid moderates of the world into a forceful push back. In this regard, a “coalition of the sane” has begun to coalesce in the fight against the rabid ISIS fighters who have swept across Iraq and Syria like a plague, attempting to exterminate all who stand in the path of their grandiose and megalomaniacal plan for a global Caliphate.

It may be, however, that there is a hidden nugget to be found in the cacophony of craziness in today’s world. If former adversaries are able to look past their differences to come together against a far more dangerous foe, and  Sunni, Shiite, Christian, and Jewish moderates can find it in themselves to work together on a united task, we may have found the ultimate transformation of the Uranus/Pluto era.


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