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Born and raised in Washington, DC, Nancy Sommers has been practicing astrology for 37 years. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and New York University School of Social Work, Nancy is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Maryland, where she combines her skill in astrology with her training in psychotherapy, imagery, and regression therapy.

Increasingly known for her accurate predictions and her writing style, Nancy crafted her website, Starlight News, as a response to the dismal first days of the Bush administration. Her intent was to offer her readers the unique insight and perspective of astrology when applied to the political realities of the day.  Today she focuses entirely on the Starlight News Blog, where she writes about American politics and world affairs. Nancy also is available for individual astrological consultations.


  1. Stephany Browne says:

    Hi, Nancy,
    I just discovered your blog through Mt. Astrologer’s blog and I am so delighted with your writing, nodding my head and laughing out loud at the right-on perceptions and insights you have. I look forward to following you as the world stage unfolds.

  2. starlight says:

    Hi Stephany,

    I didn’t even realize people could post here! Thanks for your comments. You are welcome to post in the comments section after each article as well. Welcome to Starlight News!

  3. Kay Scott says:

    nancy — Have not visited the blog or the web site for quite some time, but am still living out the commentary of your reading some two or is it three years ago … can’t remember. And lost the tape, so have to rely on my notes. Annoying! I’ll be in NYC in late December … you’re the best.

  4. Marion Young says:

    Nancy, a friend shared your blog with me. I’m glad I found you! Excellent analyses. Do you have a newsletter or way to stay in touch? I would appreciate it. I have thousands of pages to reference and cannot possibly check everyone for updates. Thank you. Marion

  5. Maninder Batra says:

    have you even spoken to ordinary syrians? You are a fool touting the western propaganda line.Ask the common syrian people who doing the killing .Its muslim brotherhood ,Al qaeda and NATO special forces.Yes ,nato special forces were captured ,120 french intelligence officers.

  6. alex says:

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  7. I discovered your blog through a posting on FB and am definitely going to follow you and share. Brilliant, astute observations, actually the best I’ve ever read. Thank you for your contributions and insight.

  8. Sai Grafio says:

    Happy that you are still active as an astrologer .

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