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Thanks, Will. That’s good news. Thanks, Eliseo, for posting the link, and thank you, Nancy, for the new thread.

Eliseo, some comedy clubs have new talent night and open-mike nights, etc. So when you’re ready…..good luck.

Myron’s son, a Leo, moon Virgo, can be very funny & I’ve told him he should try it. He has a couple of themes and I think his treatment of them is hysterical!

Witness the Turning Point: Uncover the Secrets Behind the Solar Eclipse in Aries, April 2023

Video: 28 min 2 sec


The eclipses and that Mercury station of May 15th.

The April, 20 2023/ 29 Aries solar eclipse degree conjoins the 2021 US Inaugural charts Moon. Two weeks later, the May 5th lunar eclipse at 14 Scorpio will be opposing the Inaugural charts Ascendant. The midpoint of those two natal aspects in the Inaugural chart rests at 6 Taurus. This is the degree of the Inaugural charts Mars/Uranus conjunction. Mercury stations direct on that point (5 ’51 Taurus) on May 15th. What can we expect?

What the Astrology of Inauguration Day Can Tell Us About Biden’s Presidency

An astrologer warns a volatile, albeit powerful, Inauguration Day will set the stage for an intense, game-changing presidency.

By Maressa Brown Published on January 7, 2021

Although one of the most loathed years of all time is technically in the rearview mirror, 2021 is already off to an intensely unnerving start following the January 6 domestic terror attacks on the U.S. Capitol. We’ve been left to question even more intently what January 20, Inauguration Day will look and feel like. The tide will have to turn once former vice-president Joe Biden is sworn in as POTUS and Senator Kamala Harris becomes the first female vice president and woman of color in the White House, right?

In order to get a sense of what Inauguration Day and the next four years have in store for the incoming administration and the country, it helps to look at what the planets will be up to on January 20. Here’s what you need to know………

The Must-Knows About Biden’s Inauguration Day Chart

The Moon Will Be Void-of-Course

The moon spends about two and a half days in a sign. Sometimes, it’ll make its last meetup with another planet and then, for a few hours or even a whole day, take what feels like an energetic time-out before moving into the next sign. This is referred to as a moon “void-of-course” (VOC or V/C) moon, and it’s a limbo phase that tends to bring energy and action to a standstill. It’s a lovely time to rest, recharge, be creative, go with the flow, but it doesn’t quite lend itself to getting much done. If you’ve ever been sitting in an airport for hours contending with a delayed flight without Mercury retrograde to blame, it’s possible you were dealing with a void. And thus, with the moon void of course — falling at 29 Aries — in the Inauguration Day chart, could be interpreted as an indicator that it’ll be tough for Biden to move the ball forward on his sweeping agenda. (We already know that even with a Democratic majority in Congress, he’ll need at least some Republican support to pass major legislation.)

Moon voids on Inauguration Day have also been linked to presidential terms that ended prematurely (e.g. FDR’s fourth term in 1945, JFK’s 1961 inauguration, and Nixon’s in 1973). The moon was also void during President Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, which didn’t cut his term short, but he did have to contend with a variety of impasses while attempting to pass legislation……..

29 Degrees Aries Comes Into Play

On January 6, Mars, the planet of action, war, and aggression, hung in the final degree (29º) of impulsive, fight-seeking fire sign Aries before moving into slow, stubborn earth sign Taurus. On Inauguration Day, the moon will be in the same spot — 29 Aries — giving us a similar feeling of stirred-up combative energy reaching its culminating, boiling point.

Mars and Uranus Represent Underlying Volatility
The rising sign of the chart is Taurus conjunct Biden’s moon (0º Taurus), which can amplify emotional sensitivity but be beneficial for public image. But Mars, the planet of action, and Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, will both be in the fixed earth sign as well. The pairing of these planets represents a need to rebel, break free, create change — quickly. But being in slow, steady, sleepy, and grounded Taurus, this aggressive energy could be more frustrated versus fueled.



Inauguration Day January 20, 2021 by Astrology King

Inauguration day on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, is unlike any other. The FBI has warned of possible armed protests across the US as Donald Trump supporters and far-right groups call for demonstrations before Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

The Inauguration Day astrology is explosive because of Mars conjunct Uranus. This combination causes impulsiveness, recklessness, violence, protest, rioting, rebellion, revolution, and explosions. The police, military, and militias will unpredictable, and volatile, and even uncontrollable.

Continued (chart enclosed)…….


I would suggest that if we are to witness a deluge of domestic public unrest in mid May, it could be a direct result of a dramatic downturn in the economy. Refer to the following articles in the next entry…….

May 5, 2023: The Fed’s Moon Is Eclipsed!

Lunar Eclipse of May 5, 2023 Hits The Fed’s 1913 Moon

by Jude Cowell

On May 5, 2023 a Lunar Eclipse perfects @14Sco58 which conjuncts the Moon in the 1913 Federal Reserve Act Horoscope shown here, upper right; lower left is the May 5th Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Horoscope; both charts are set for Washington DC. As you know, the Taurus-Scorpio 2/8 polarity is the Big Business axis of greed, corporations, finance, and investment, and you’ll notice that the powerful Sun-Pluto opposition (upper right corner) of December 23, 1913 tops the 6:02 pm est horoscope at the Goal Point – and the Sun @1Capricorn ‘acts as an agent for or against structural collapse’: Now as you see, a variety of astro-notes are penned upon both charts so please enlarge and/or print the image if you wish to read them. And of course, setting up the horoscopes for yourself may be a viable option, if possible, and do check out the various Sabian Symbols (they’re online).

Additionally, we should mention that the May 5th Lunar Eclipse falls upon America’s Inaugural Ascendant-Descendant axis of January 20th at noon, the Oath of Office, so the White House and/or presidency are likely to be somehow reflected, or disrupted, in May by the upcoming Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. Plus, President Biden was born with Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Venus in Scorpio, if it matters.

DC Horoscopes: December 23, 1913 and May 5, 2023

Moon @15Scorpio, the Eagle Point of Regeneration, conjuncts fixed star Zuben Elgenubi with its keyphrase, positive social reform. However, in Astrology when this star conjuncts Luna, the cosmic picture can darken to levels of disappointment, anxiety, and wrongful accusations which seem these days to be the required fuel for Washington DC politics to run on, at least as a tactic for far-right saboteurs.

But then again, yours truly is one of those skeptics who thinks that Fedhead Jerome Powell is raising interest rates (as if) to control inflation when it’s primarily corporate greed driving the financial jalopy so that the Biden adminstration can take the blame for the US economy possibly running into a ditch – at least as planned within the fevered brains of far-right Republicans who have peculiar domestic and foreign masters to please. After all, politicians’ wildly inflated incomes depend upon their compliance by which they hope to avoid being primaried in 2024 and thus losing their posh seats.

So will the rays of the May 5th Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse lift a veil or two on previous or present financial secrets? Will leaked information cause a financial and/or political scandal or yet another controversy spawned by wild conspiracy theories? Or, is the Lunar Eclipse a cosmic signal that the American people (Moon 1913) are being bamboozled once again by a tone deaf Federal Reserve of 2023 prescribing an erroneous solution that only makes things worse and causes massive job lay-offs? We’ll both have to stay tuned to find out. My vote goes to Zuben Elgenubi’s positivity!

Additional notes re Jerome Powell:



Is Fed Chair Jerome Powell Purposely Destroying the Economy? – Thom Hartmann (by Jude Cowell, an astrologer who doesn’t think very highly of the Fed policies))

Here’s a March 2023 clip from Thom Hartmann discussing Republican Fedhead Jerome Powell, recession, the US economy, and the possibility that Powell’s actions are intended to undermine President Joe Biden’s economic policies in order to give Republicans a boost in the 2024 Elections. Misplaced blame and campaign talking points will result.

………What If the Universe Steps In?

So you know how ‘they say’ The best laid plans of mice and men? That’s because sometimes higher forces interrupt earthly events with ‘wild cards’ known as eclipses, the most obvious and visible disruptions that few earthlings can ignore.

In case you missed it, here’s a recent SO’W post displaying both the Federal Rescerve Act’s December 23, 1913 Horoscope with its Moon @15Scorpio (We the People betrayed) and the Lunar Eclipse of May 5, 2023 which ‘eclipses’ the Fed’s 1913 Moon at the very same degree, what I tend to call a cosmic time link. Thanks to the lunar eclipse, we can expect the lunation to reveal, uncover, or leak information, even secrets, which can lead to outcomes such as scandals, karmic changes (positive or negative), and/or course corrections. As many economists agree, Mr. Powell would do the US economy a solid by listening.




Thank you for providing the link.

Starlight, thank you for starting a new thread. Great to see your name on the site.

Very informative………

Societal Breakdown!! Solar Eclipse in Aries -April 19 20 2023

Video: 42 min 21 sec



Thank you for posting Evan Nathaniel Grim’s provocative piece on the Aries solar eclipse. Fascinating. exciting, disquieting and engrossing.


Joseph P Anthony is a trip. Seems a tad paranoid/conspiratorial at times but knows his astrology.

Thank you again for this resource.

Hi Will,

As you pointed out, Anthony P. Anthony is a bit colorful (flamboyant?). He expresses concern about the upcoming CBDC (central bank digital currency) scheduled to come into operation in July, although from what I can discern the system is designed to make digital money transfers quicker and more efficient, so I’m not sure if it warrants that much attention. However his take on Pluto’s role in the current financial malaise is right on. Very logical.

What is not mentioned is the looming debt ceiling crisis which could cause havoc in the markets. The Fed will have a clearer idea on when the “x date” deadline for the debt ceiling will be reached once the April 18th income tax return data comes in. The data arrives two days prior to the April 20th solar eclipse. I find that absolutely fascinating. The current trajectory for the debt deadline is June 5th although the repercussions of Republican intransigency on that issue could be felt way before then. Refer to the following articles……

McCarthy’s Gambles On Ukraine, Debt Ceiling And January 6 May Not Be Sustainable


May Madness — Debt Ceiling Timetable is Shifting


PS Typo: I got the name wrong. Read instead “Joseph P Anthony”


There certainly seems to be a growing consensus among many Web astrologers as well as yourself regarding the upcoming solar eclipse and new moon in Aries on April 19. I found this piece by
Jill Wintersteen while perusing the topic today. She focuses upon what she interprets as how the personal/emotional psychological effect will unfold for individuals vs the pols or the economic systems.

Check it out

What the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries Mean for You
The script for the end of Aries season includes endings, beginnings, and revelations galore.
APRIL 12, 2023

Heading out the door? Read this article on the new Outside+ app available now on iOS devices for members! Download the app.

This Aries season, we have two new Moons. The second new Moon, on April 19, is coupled with a hybrid solar eclipse, which is a combination of a total eclipse and an annular eclipse (sometimes known as a “ring of fire”). Although its beauty will be seen only from parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific, the solar eclipse and its effects will be felt throughout the world.

The solar eclipse will begin April 19, at 6:37 p.m. PT, and end at 9:56 p.m. PT. It will happen at the same moment everywhere. The new Moon, which is when the Sun and Moon are at the same degree in the sky, will occur at 9:12 p.m. PT, within the eclipse window and just hours before the Sun enters Taurus on April 20 at 1:13 a.m.

Eclipses are times of revelations. They shake up our world and show us things we’d rather not see but need to become aware of to evolve. The current solar eclipse occurs at the final degrees of Aries and marks a time of closure and endings. It is still a new Moon and carries with it all the potential for new beginnings. Consider it a preview of the future.

What the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries Means for You
This solar eclipse in Aries is full of fire and dynamic vibrations. Aries carries the warrior energy and teaches us to overcome our fears with courage and confidence. This energy, coupled with the eclipse, helps us see the truth around us and face it, no matter how much we want to run away from it.

Due to their revealing nature, eclipses can feel unsettling to the nervous system. As this eclipse stirs some chaos in and around you, know that it is ultimately for the better. This will be an intense time, and it may, at moments, feel unbearable. Stay present with yourself and be open to receiving all that is revealed to you.

There is a healing nature to this eclipse. Remember this as you are shown pieces of information that may feel shocking. It’s all to help you heal, forgive, move forward, and begin a new pathway. The eclipse opens the door to a new journey for you and the collective. First, though, it needs to help you see all that is limiting you.

This eclipse shows you what has already ended in your life but you haven’t accepted yet. It places situations that are over or going nowhere front and center so you can understand them. It shows you old patterns and habits that you know are not serving you and reinforces their release.

It ultimately helps you consciously acknowledge the ending and finality of things you may still be attached to in some way. Often, we intuitively know when something is over, be it a job, a relationship, or a behavior. We know on many levels when something isn’t serving us anymore. Detaching from this energy, though, can be challenging. We cling to the familiar and will do many things to hold on, including sacrificing our own growth. This is human nature. It’s simply how we are wired.

This eclipse shines a light on what you already know. In doing this, it gives you no choice but to accept what is and detach from what you already know isn’t for you.

The Influence of the North and South Nodes on the Solar Eclipse
What makes eclipses possible is the Moon’s and Sun’s proximity to the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes exist where the Sun’s path, or the ecliptic, and the Moon’s orbit intersect. They are energetic vortices full of magic and potential.

When the Moon and Sun are both positioned within 17 degrees of either node, an eclipse becomes possible. This positioning also designates an eclipse season. It is only during this time an eclipse can occur. The current eclipse season lasts from April 8 until May 10, 2023.

Solar eclipses occur on new Moons while lunar eclipses occur on full Moons. Just like the Moon and Sun, the North and South Nodes are located within a zodiac constellation. Currently, the North Node is located in the sign of Taurus, while the South Node sits in opposition in Scorpio. This new Moon in Aries occurs close enough to the North Node in Taurus for a solar eclipse to take place, bringing together the energies of the Sun, Moon, and North Node to direct our evolution.

The North Node pulls the energy of society in one direction. It, in many ways, is where we are headed as a collective. The North Node holds the lessons humanity is learning and integrating during a specific period.

The North Node’s position in Taurus is helping heal the collective by bringing us to stillness after a chaotic few years. It’s also encouraging us to connect more deeply with nature to nourish ourselves and, in turn, focus on protecting her. As the North Node moves toward Aries, there will be more emphasis on the self. This position helps us focus on how we can help the collective by prioritizing our soul’s purpose.

The South Node is what we are leaving behind as a society, particularly the lower vibrations of the sign involved. It is what the collective is evolving away from and often represents vibrations we have already mastered as a society.

The South Node in Scorpio is asking us to step away from chaos and trauma. It illuminates places where we are attached to drama and mistrust. It has been showing us the underbelly of society as a way of creating change and fostering growth.

The Nodes officially move into Aries and Libra on July 12, 2023, when we will really feel these energies starting to influence us. As the South Node moves into Libra, a more peaceful time will occur. We’ll see how certain relationships have held us back. It will also illuminate injustices in our system and how the collective has been attached to them.

Along with the collective nodal positions, we each have a personal North and South Node. (You can look yours up at astro-charts.com.) The placement of our North Node shows us where we are headed in our personal evolution and highlights the lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime. We often resist these energies early in life, but we soon find they are the key to understanding our life’s purpose and karmic path.

The position of our South Node shows the energies we’ve come into this world already knowing. It is our place of comfort, but also the place that can block our evolution if we become attached to its familiarity. Our job in this lifetime is to walk from South to North Node, leaving behind the known and mastering the unknown.

On this solar eclipse, we have the opportunity to make leaps both toward the collective North Node’s energies of Taurus and Aries, and toward our personal North Node. We can integrate these energies, harnessing the current North Node’s vibrations to help us understand our personal North Node on a deeper level.

Ask yourself how the highest vibrations of Taurus and Aries can help you integrate the energies of your personal North Node into your life. This may include healing through stillness or connecting with nature. It may be focusing on the abundance already in your life. Or it may be making your soul’s mission a priority while learning to say no without guilt.

This eclipse is the first in a series of eclipses that will take place on the Aries-Libra axis until January 12, 2025, opening a pathway to our evolution over the next few years.

Other Astrological Influences on the Next Solar Eclipse
This solar eclipse squares Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto rules the cycles of our life, including our trauma, healing, and rebirth. As the energy affects you on this eclipse, feel the next phase of your life developing in front of you, even if you’re not ready for it. Ask yourself what needs to heal for you to step into your next level of existence.

Also, honor any sadness within you as you say goodbye to old ways, people, or other energies. Allow the grieving process to occur. Aries has a tendency to cause us to feel angry, frustrated, or impatient. When we dig deeper, we often discover that the root of our anger is sadness and grief. When we do not allow our grief to be felt, we feel anger instead of suppressing it. On this eclipse, allow yourself to grieve. If you feel some anger, honor that, too, and ask what it is covering up with its presence. As you say goodbye to things that are ending, you heal from any trauma they may have caused you. This eclipse offers you closure. Take it if needed. Feel any sadness and release energies that have long expired in your life.

As the Moon and Sun sextile Saturn in Pisces, feel your responsibility to yourself to heal. Remember, this eclipse is all about you and your evolution. To grow into the person you’re meant to be and align with your soul’s mission, you may need to let go of some things. Feel your commitment to yourself over anything else in your life. Make your path and mission a priority, and know that when you do, everyone around you benefits—even the people you’ve had to say goodbye to.

As you commit to saying yes to yourself, you’ll more easily say no without guilt or fear. Feel your resounding yeses coming through on this eclipse and recognize what you need to walk away from to stay committed to them.

The Moon and Sun also fall conjunct, or next to, Jupiter in Aries. This aspect reminds us of our potential. It encourages us to say goodbye, heal, and accept what is ending so we can begin again brighter and more glorious. This eclipse is a rebirthing process. Some pieces of your energy will release, shift, and transform so you can be reborn in a new energy on the other side.

Align with the vibrations of Jupiter to help you see just how brilliant you can be this lifetime. You have unlimited potential in your energy. Yes, you may have to bravely traverse the unknown to get there, and you may have to shed some tears of grief, but your soul’s mission is waiting for you.

RELATED: Weekly Astrological Forecast, April 16-22: Reconsidering and Realigning

Your Invitation
Be open to learning things about yourself and others during eclipse season. Embrace a new version of yourself. You can have a life of fulfillment, ease, and soul alignment. You can feel like you are living the life designed for you. It is possible, and it can start on this solar eclipse. All you have to do is be open to the revelation, accept the healing, and be willing to be reborn as the person you always were and are in your heart.

Learn more about the full Moon, including additional astrological insights and journaling prompts, in the Aries Season, New Moon + Solar Eclipse Workbook, from which the above is excerpted.

About Our Contributor

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter, a lifestyle brand devoted to helping you live your best life through understanding the energy of the Universe. She also writes workbooks on each full Moon as well as other astrological events. Follow her on Instagram @spiritdaughter.


Very insightful commentary re: the Pluto-Solar Eclipse square. Essentially an opportunity is being presented to accept and acknowledge ones limitations which in turn allows for a deepening on inner levels. It reminds me of the profound AA Serenity prayer…….

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

Fox settles with Dominion for $787.5 million.
IMO Fox got off extraordibarily too light.


Can’t say I wouldn’t have relished seeing/hearing a full-throated apology to the American soul for having purposely and maliciously repeated outright lies and falsehoods and be required to take some responsibility for tearing the nation apart as well as endure some real soul-suffering for their transgressions From what I gather however, FOX will be contending consecutively with a multiplicity of other lawsuits filed against them.

And then there’s Unjustice Uncle Thomas lining up for his long-overdue cumuppance. Spring has Sprung.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 5th, 2023 by Pam Gregory

Video: 42 min 4 sec


Eliseo, I for one fell for the notion that Dominion wanted to right a wrong – what they wanted was money – 10 times their pre-litigation value. They are owned by a private equity firm and 10X is considered a good exit.

I too, fell for that notion. I suppose we were projecting our hopes and aspirations. I for one did not research Dominion. I just presumed they were outraged by the libel and slander and were therefore seeking justice.

Pardon my naivete. Are there any companies or corporations left that not only desire to make decent profits, but also retain any sense of the common good, or of basic justice? As often said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” including financial and economic power. Greed is an idolatry, a process addiction with insidious lethality.

RE: “From what I gather however, FOX will be contending consecutively with a multiplicity of other lawsuits filed against them.”

I pray you are right, and righteousness prevails. That corporation needs to be ground down into the legal dust and many of their employees incarcerated for substantial periods for the harm they have knowingly visited upon the American people and the world in their pursuit of fame, wealth and power.

In my highly emotionalized opinion (IMHEO) Murdoch in particular, deserves and needs to be tortured mercilessly, executed, resurrected, – tortured again, executed again, resurrected again, – and again and again, ad infinitum, ad absurdum. Would he learn the necessary lessons from such harsh karma? I doubt it. I have no idea how or what could open that man’s mind or heart or lead him to any remorse or desire to make amends relative to the deep and profound harm he has done on multiple continents.

But all hyperbole aside, I would not shed any tears were he condemned to spend the rest of his life imprisoned in any remotely appropriate cage, and ALL of his ill-gotten wealth distributed to the poor.

“And then there’s Unjustice Uncle Thomas lining up for his long-overdue cumuppance.”

Another candidate for the special torture, execute, resurrect, rinse, repeat, do it again, and again, and again treatment. But seriously, I do hope as you suggest his cumuppance comes sooner rather than later. But I suspect it won’t come until 2025.

I believe the 2024 election will probably give us overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate enabling impeachment and conviction of the arduously contemptuous uncle tom hellhound on the bench. And I suspect others will be obliged to resign and retire also in 2025, far sooner than they expected.

Some positive words from steve judd regarding the upcoming eclipses

Dominion still exposed the lying at the heart of Faux News and they could have settled much earlier on, so I call that a win even without a trial to get Murdoch and on-air personalities on the stand. You never know how a trial will turn out. Defamation cases, especially against a so-called news organization due to 1st Amendment rights, are notoriously hard to win, but they did. Also, a defamation case is a suit for damages – in this case to Dominion’s reputation and losses/potential losses should states decide not to buy their product because of MAGA/Fox lies. That’s all it is, but we are lucky that the case uncovered so much evidence that’s been made public. One of the company heads said yesterday that they could have settled earlier but stretched it out to expose as much as possible. Not sure whether that’s true, but the case did do that. And all that evidence is now available to Startmatic and others suing Fox.

Thanks for the explanation, Les 🙂

McCarthy’s debt limit plan targets Biden’s agenda


My response:

Extended Republican leadership preceded 2 of the Unite States (and the world’s) financial collapses.

In the almost 98 years from May of 1919 through January of 2017 (when tRump was sworn in) the Republican party only controlled the law making of the United States for 2 extended periods of time. Both times their policies led to financial collapse.

They controlled both houses of Congress from May of 1919 through to the 1929 crash in October of 1929 (10 years, 5 months – the Presidency for 8 years, 5 months) and from January 1995 through to the crash in September of 2008 (13 years, 8 months – the Presidency for 7 years, 8 months). They had 2 chances to govern, both resulted in financial failures. No politicians or bankers went to prison after the 1929 crash and only 1 banker did so after the 2008 crash.

After the 1929 crash they were denied control of the Senate for 46 of the next 50 years and out of control in the House for 60 of the next 64 years. Hopefully the backlash to the tRump term will result in a similar history but without the financial prodding.

“Hopefully the backlash to the tRump term will result in a similar history but without the financial prodding.”

What we consider liberal, moderate and conservative changes with the times and circumstances, and of course the astrological cycles. Unfortunately, what was moderate or even slightly conservative a few decades ago is now considered wildly and extravagantly liberal. Our plutocratic, neo-fascist and christo-fascist bretheren over time successfully stole our political narrative, redefining the terms to their peculiar advantage.

If I’m reading the underlying social trends (and the stars) correctly, thanks to Mr. T and our present day screwball R’s, I believe our definitions will move back to where they were a few decades ago and beyond. I suspect by the latter 20’s or early 30’s what is now considered moderate and progressive policy will be regarded as conservative, and liberal policy will be seen as moderate.

Furthermore, I think it will eventually be apparent to the vast majority of voters the R party has forever poisoned its brand. We may or may not continue with a 2 party system, but if so I think it will be Dems + a new party, not the GOP. That’s a far greater backlash than before. And I don’t think it requires any financial catastrophe to precipitate it.

In Heather Cox Richardson’s latest letter, she writes of several instances of corruptions, lies and other bad deeds coming out into the open and, at least in some cases, accountability ensuing. The Faux News on-air personalities, the Tennessee House vice-chair of the Rep caucus having to resign for harassing an intern and the Speaker not even residing in the district from which he ran, new disclosures about the federal judge who’s trying to block mifespristone having hidden various right-wing positions in print or interviews prior to his Senate confirmation process, and then NYT reporting of the trauma of the Sandy Hook investigators who had to catalogue the massacre.

She writes: “It hit me as I read through all this news that a key theme seems to be a new shift toward transparency and accountability. It jumps out at me that people are talking to lawyers and to the press about illegalities, irregularities, and, in the Sandy Hook case, horrors that in the past they have kept quiet.

“Whether it comes from disgust at the excesses of those who are attacking our democracy or from fear of the law, that transparency reminds me of the pivotal importance of McClure’s Magazine in the early twentieth century. Reformers had expressed philosophical concerns about the concentration of wealth and power at the top of American society for decades, but those concerns could be ignored until the investigative journalists working for McClure’s began to explore the specifics of political corruption and its cost to ordinary Americans. Dismissed as “muckrakers” by politicians, those journalists nonetheless helped to shift the weight of social value from keeping secrets to spilling them.”

I don’t know if this is the Pluto transition out of late Capricorn and into Aquarius – tearing down power from the powerful and returning it to the People – or maybe Saturn in Pisces bringing accountability for deception. Whatever it is, there seems to be more of it happening and I’m all for it.

Mercury is turning retrograde today and Biden is expected to announce next week during the mercury retrograde. This is not a new run but an extension of what he is doing but still to announce during a retrograde – any thoughts?

Biden is going to create a law or an order to “penalize” good credit mortgage payors in order to help lower-income ones????


Re: Mercury Retrograde

It will be interesting to watch developments in Russia over the next few weeks (Russia’s chart is displayed in the inner wheel of the following graph: https://astrologyeh.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Russia_PR_DIR.jpg )

April 21st – Mercury stations retrograde at 15 Taurus. It will conjunct Russia’s natal Venus, oppose natal Pluto (15 Scorpio) and sextile natal Chiron/Jupiter (15 Cancer). The natal aspects will be re-stimulated on May 5th with the lunar eclipse at 15 Scorpio. Uranus is within 3 degrees of opposition. Putin’s nodes (18 Aq – Leo) will be t squared by Uranus; and will trigger the Mars/Uranus/Nodes conjunction of Aug 1, 2022.

OPINION: How Might a Coup in Russia Unfold?

Kyiv Post
Feb 22, 2023

Recent tensions in the Kremlin, led by the Wagner Group’s Yevgeny Prigozhin, lead some to believe that a Moscow coup may be in our midst. How dangerous could that get?



The youth vote in the US is becoming a crucial determinate of election outcomes. This will very likely become increasingly evident as Pluto moves more decisively into Aquarius. An organization called NextGen America is organizing, motivating and getting out the youth vote. Their recent victory was in getting out the youth vote on college campuses in Wisconsin to elect the progressive to that state’s Supreme Court. Before that they played an important role in the 2022 elections.

I encourage those of you interested to check them out and, if you’re able to, please make a small (or large!) monthly contribution to support their work.

As someone who contributes $10 monthly donations to organizations like Fair Fight and Vota Latina that focus on getting out the vote, I have to say that whenever a Democrat wins a tough election I feel confident that I helped. It is an uplifting and empowering feeling.

Aquarian intelligence informs us that even small acts in concert with the collective can create big shifts.

I always thought that if 1 million Voters gave $1 each month to an individual or organization they would help a lot in the course of a year without putting a financial strain on themselves. …And if 74 million voters…!!!

Give us the targets DNC.

Bob, that was my mother’s theory, too!

Sharon, we have to get the rank and file to join in.

Top Psychiatrist SOUNDS ALARM on Trump’s INCREASING Mental Deterioration | The Weekend Show


AOC and Jen Psaki talk abortion rights, the climate crisis, and her Republican colleagues


THIS Happens On 19th May 2023 (The Taurus New Moon)

Video: 15 min 56 sec


Tucker Carlson terminated from Fox “News” Network

Purportedly the dismissal was not connected to Fox’s
$787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems. Speculation is it may be connected to the
March 2023 lawsuit filed by the show’s former senior producer Abby Grossberg, who alleges an anti-semetic and misogynist workplace culture among its staff. I’m wondering if Mr. Murdoch decided Tucker Carlson was now a financial liability in the face of the several coming lawsuits. Who knows what the Australian narcissistic sociopath is thinking!?!?

In any case, I’m not convinced TC is truly done. Might he, himself decide to run for office? OR.. maybe start his own youtube show? Unfortunately, he has a fairly sizeable following and plenty of cash to transition to something else. Let us hope various lawsuits force him into permanent retirement and he retreats into the dustbin of history with Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose.

See how Fox announced Tucker Carlson’s departure on air

Eliseo, of course he’s not done. Those far right extremist channels, steaming & web services will give their eye teeth to broadcast his lies!


just a little NZ news footnote that gives me a glimmer of hope for future global leadership change in tone, perhaps?? ….. fingers crossed.

“Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been appointed two fellowships at Harvard University.
Ardern has been appointed to the 2023 Angelopoulos Global Public Leaders Fellow at the school of government and as the Hauser Leader in the Center for Public Leadership.
They provide for high-profile leaders transitioning from public service roles to spend time in residence at Harvard Kennedy School, and to engage with students and faculty on building skills in principled leadership, the US university said.”

Nice, kiwi….

We so need some good news and sanity to come back again.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Fox News is on a better trajectory and, now that Carlson is gone, and it had the large pay-out, it will tone down on the lies and lose the liars and actually be fair and balanced

Sharon K,
It WOULD be wonderful, but they’ve already started their anti-Biden campaign daily making all sorts of outrageously false claims about catastrophic bad things happening that will ultimately destroy the nation.

According to Fox, the nation has never been worse off, crime is out of control everywhere, our financial system is collapsing, we are going to be attacked because of Dem weakness, and we’ve become an evil dystopia in which we are ALL going to die because of Biden and the Dems.

It’s amazing they haven’t mentioned the Martian insectoid invaders who are lurking behind the Moon and obviously plan to eat us – OR that Yellowstone will explode very soon ALL because of Biden!

IMHO, I don’t think Fox can change. They are addicted to their far right audience and ratings just as their viewers are addicted to them. They might conceivably be forced out of business by a flurry of legal and civil suits, so… we will see.

For the mental health of the nation and the entire world it is obvious Murdoch’s “news” empire needs to be destroyed. I suspect in the long run they will somehow and in some way destroy themselves. This is what modern business and political autocracies eventually do. We may hopefully be seeing the beginning of that process now.

Eliseo, the fallout for faux is just beginning. Many more lawsuits against them waiting in the wings, including their own shareholders.

The Murdoch empire also just suddenly dropped their ‘defamation’ lawsuit against a small aussie publication who last year had denounced them for spreading lies.

On facebook. Does the name and icon at the top of the message mean this is her account?


Tiny URL for my last post


There are 36 comments with birthday wishes in that Msg.

Who Is Fani Willis Married To? Details About The American Attorney And Politician


PressInFormant site may be a rag but info about DA Willis appears to be correct.

As a footnote to my 2.13am post regarding ‘tone’:
I note that Jerry Springer has died today. Since he was the first of the in-your-face rabble rouser TV interviewer drama types, it springs hopefully to mind this could perhaps be an omen for the ending of the faux induced hateful and angry TV modes infecting the attitudes of the audience.
I’m Ever hopeful this era of lies and hate will soon end.

Kiwi, I wish it were so that rabble rouser TV would chill, but probably not. It will be back with hardly a hiccup between the old and the new.

As this clip from Rachel Maddow says, rabble rousing has a long long history – so like that old myth about sowing dragon’s teeth, another flaming idiot will take Springer’s/Tucker’s or whoever’s place.

Rachel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_6jk-W9iDM

On dragon’s teeth:

Beowulfie, yes, dragons teeth, sadly true.
Did you see this latest interview with Bandy Lee about mental illness likened to a societal contagion?

This is an interesting development. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s powerful anti-hate pro-love message has now been seen by over 100 milllion people.

Give up that war 12 minutes 9 seconds
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a powerful message for those who have gone down a path of hate.

And the CNN interview with him about hate and anti-semitism

thanks Eliseo. More well known people need to speak up for tolerance, love and honesty

There are quite powerful transits to both Trump’s and Pence’s natal charts from Grand Jury testimony given today by Pence about events leading up to Jan. 6th.

The start of Pence’s testimony was reported by CNN as April 27, approx. 9 am, Washington.

A truthful Pence (loyal servant who turns against his master – or did he?) probably spells the end of Trump as a political force even in the corrupt end of the GOP. Trump is yesterday’s man. No VP has ever testified against a President before.


Big Deal! Pluto Square the Nodes of Fate- Imminent World Changes, Financial Collapses 2023 Astrology

Video: 32 min 52 sec


I think Arnold may be only the first of many. More coming along soon I expect. I think it may be a feature, a preview of what is to come with Pluto in Aquarius.

Having been born a post WWII Austrian (July 30, 1947) and today is one of the last remaining rational, moderate and sensible Republicans, he provides a unique and unusually credible perspective. He often states his father was a Nazi, and describes how spiritually broken and spent were the adult men he knew as a child – How the former Nazis and soldiers were racked with shame and guilt and pain as a result of their journey through hate. He clearly learned from those men how NOT to live.

His very recent visit to the Auschwitz death camp was quite powerful. I love his verbal segue talking about the shoes left behind by the murdered millions, and how those souls call out to us to walk about in their shoes. He, I believe is a truly compassionate man. But I’m wondering if he has any plans for further political office.

Perhaps we may be seeing more volatility in the financial markets and the banking industry at the time of the May 5th lunar eclipse (14 ’58 Scorpio). The eclipse will be t squaring the New York Stock Exchange’s natal Uranus (15 ’09 Leo). . . . . .

First Republic Bank Teeters on the Brink of Collapse

April 26, 2023

First Republic Bank (FRC) is teetering on the brink of collapse as shares fell to new all-time lows on reports the federal government and the nation’s biggest banks are reluctant to put together a rescue package.

The beleaguered lender reported deposit outflows of more than $100 billion in the first quarter, or 40% of the total.1

That figure would have exceeded 50% if not for a $30 billion injection of uninsured deposits from 11 of the nation’s biggest banks in March.2

In response, shares of FRC plunged almost 50% yesterday, and are down another 30% today. The bank’s market cap fell below $1 billion in intraday trading, a small fraction of its $40 billion peak in November 2021. Its price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio fell as low as 0.7. The stock’s volatility prompted the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to halt trading of FRC 12 times Wednesday.



If chaos takes a decisive hold in the markets from the 5th of May onwards, would that embolden China to take advantage of the confusion and invade Taiwan?

According to the following article, the 28 Capricorn degree may be the most sensitive degree in the Chinese/ Taiwan chart (January 1, 1912 12 noon). So, here are the coordinates for May 17th. We have the Moon at 28 Aries in close conjunction to tr. Jupiter (0 Taurus) triggering a t square to tr. Mars (28 Cancer), China’s natal Uranus (28 Capricorn) and nearby tr. Pluto (0 Aquarius)…….

China, Evergrande and Astrology by Jessica Adams

How a Chinese Astrology Chart From 1912 Shows the Future

I’ve looked at China a couple of times in recent years, using the chart set for 1st January 1912 in Nanking, at 12.00 noon (in the absence of a ‘birth’ time for the arrival of the Republic of China under Sun Yat-sen). So how does it look with Evergrande?

I used this chart to predict ‘a virus’ on 10th January 2020 which would bring about a change in the world order involving China. This is the original page from my trusty bible, The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). There are a few charts for China but when I scrawled THIS ONE it was based on the start of what we would come to know as COVID-19. So, what does it tell us about Evergrande and the end of communism?

You always glance at Taurus and Scorpio in any national chart to see where the economy is at. Here we have a perfect storm. Karma from the Second World War is coming back. So is economic shock and revolution, years into the future. This is freedom, independence and radical change for people in China, but also the end of Made in China. I hope you can see now where the supply shortages and rationing of 2022, 2023 is coming from.





So Trump and Biden are heading into a possible rematch with similar numbers of Americans who wish they would just go away. – Ingrid Jacques, “Americans on Biden, Trump: Please Give Us Someone Else,” Arizona Republic, April 26, 2023.

Mr. Biden doesn’t seem to have figured out that the House vote changes the balance of negotiating power… “While I do not agree with everything proposed,” Sen. Joe Manchin said of the House plan, “it remains the only bill moving through Congress that would prevent default and that cannot be ignored.” If Mr. Biden won’t work with Republicans in the House and Senate on a compromise, then he’ll be responsible for the financial calamity he’s been warning about. The Wall Street Editorial Board, “Biden Plays Chicken With Default: He Refuses to Negotiate with Kevin McCarthy Even After the House Raises the Debt Ceiling, “ April 28, 2023.

This week Joe Biden announced his intention to run for a second term. He revealed it on his superstitious “lucky day,” April 25. However, it was not a good week for Joe Biden. Very few people are excited about his decision to run again, yet everyone seems to think he will win because more people want to avoid a second term of Donald Trump than a second term of Joe Biden.

I think Democrats are misjudging the situation even more than Republicans. Donald Trump will have Jupiter conjoining his natal Sun near Election Day 2024, and transiting Jupiter will trine his natal Jupiter, too. These are not transits of a loser if he is in a competitive race at that time. I am not the first to note this. Astrologer Robert Thibodeau of Detroit, Michigan, brought this to my attention over a year ago when he also flatly stated Joe Biden would not have a second term. Now just because an astrologer makes a prediction doesn’t mean it will come to pass. But if you ask an astrologer which looks more favorable: a transit of Pluto square your natal Moon (Biden), or a transit of Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun and trine your natal Jupiter, then I don’t think the cosmic scales weigh in favor of the former over the latter. Bottom line: a Biden victory over Trump in November 2024 is not a sure thing, despite conventional wisdom trumped up by the media and Democratic (and many Republican) operatives.

Meanwhile, President Biden has a major problem approaching very fast that might do more to define (and damage) his legacy than anything he has encountered so far: the raising of the debt limit. There is now a proposal passed in the House, and neither he nor his comrades have anything to offer other than he wants a “clean vote” (raise the ceiling without any compromise to moderate spending and debt), which isn’t likely to happen now. Biden won’t be able to blame the Republicans for not offering a plan to raise the debt limit, although he is attempting to do just that — as if they have not provided a workable plan. He has to do something other than blaming the other side for doing nothing when in fact, he is now doing nothing except demanding that nothing be changed that created the threat of default in the first place. He doesn’t exactly have a stellar record of fiscal discipline personally or as a leader. Avoiding negotiations will not amend that personal history.

The importance of all this is the looming T-square May 16-23 between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. This is a confluence of very hard aspects that coincide with hysteria. And Jupiter square Pluto does have a history of correlating with financial panics (maybe 50% of the time within a 4-month orb). This is approaching fast, in line with the time when the U.S. Treasury will run out of tricks to pay its debts.

Along the way, the Sun will conjoin Uranus (disruption) on May 9, in Taurus, the sign of money. I think we will see very huge movements in financial markets around that time, lasting through May 23 and maybe beyond.

The Trickster’s cycle may be technically over on May 14, but his influence will still be present for a few days afterwards. It could get dicey for financial markets.

Jerry, I posted this here on about Jan 1, 2023 on Biden’s re-election. At that time, Neptune was at 22 Pisces. You pointed out Trump’s positive aspects over the election. Biden has some too.:

Biden’s Re-election

Currently, transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces was recently opposing Biden’s MH 20 Virgo coinciding with all of his recent successes. For many of us, that transit would have a debilitating effect. Transiting Neptune also trined his Mercury 21 Scorpio which rules his Virgo MH, and in a few years will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun which is conjunct his Scorpio 28 Venus, indicating future beneficial effects.

On Election Day, transiting Pluto 29 Cap will trine his Neptune and his Uranus creating an Aries Point Grand Air Trine. Transiting Neptune 27 Pisces will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun and Scorpio 28 Venus and the transiting Neptune will trine his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer and form a Grand Water Trine. Transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces will trine his Mars 12 Scorpio. Also Mercury 5 Sag trines his Rx Pluto 7 Leo, remember Mercury rules his Virgo MH so this is very good for him, too… but really, how many trines can one person have!

He also has a few concerning transits. Transiting Uranus Rx at 25 Taurus is opposing his Sun 27 Scorpio. Robert Hand said this can indicate a passing away or an ending, possibly with health problems due to a “broken heart.” A sadness or “broken heart,”that may be echoed by his Moon 1 Taurus being squared by transiting Pluto 29 Cap and Mars 0 Leo creating a T-Square to his Moon.

Interesting that the transiting Pluto-Mars opposition also squares Kamala Harris’ natal Sun-Moon opposition creating a Grand Cross for her. More on her later, but it seems that they both may share in some very painful events.

On Inauguration Day, transiting Sun conjoins transiting Pluto exactly at 1 Aquarius lighting up Biden’s Aries Point Grand Air Trine with his natal 10th H Neptune 1 Libra and his natal Rx Uranus 2 Gemini. Unfortunately, transiting Sun also lights up the square to his Moon 1 Taurus from transiting Pluto. However, transiting Mars which was also squaring his Moon has now moved backwards to 24 Rx Cancer and now conjuncts his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer which is one of the points on his Grand Water Trine formed from transiting Neptune.

I do think a Biden-Trump rematch will bring in an Independent 2rd Party candidate. If it is just between Biden and Trump I believe Biden will win and if he doesn’t I will move out of the country which would devolve into an autocratic and vengeful regime and would tip the power of the world into the hands of autocracy over democracy. I can not believe this would happen in an Aquarian era.

Meant to say 3rd Party

Well, just because you have strong jupiter aspects, it doesn’t mean you win the top prize. I once had Jupiter t. my sun ON my birthday and I did not win the lottery even though I was convinced that I would – lol.

It can also mean overdoing something in a big way.

A 3rd party candidate worries me. It could mean an upset for the Dems as well as the Repubs.
The last thing I want to see is a close election.

What Trump would try to make of that would be horrible.

Aren’t there any Uranian upset factors at play? (I haven’t looked.)

Also, is there any possibility that Biden and his inner-circle are using psychology here by Biden announcing a run? There are no really good contenders at this time and the Dems don’t want a gap in support, so if Biden said he wasn’t running, the Dems might look empty-handed at this time. In time, someone else with good possibilities could arise. It is not going to be Harris. This can also buy time to see how Biden’s health, strength & popularity go.

After all is said & done, remember James Carville’s “it’s the economy, stupid”. (He lives partly in NoLA & I saw him at Whole Foods at least 10 yrs ago – John Goodman, too.)

Behold Tucker Carlson –


He certainly looks like he has some exciting, popular, successful times coming up in the next few years. I imagine he will wield a lot of influence. I hate to say this but it looks like he’ll be an asset to tfg. Will DeSantis or Hailey end up as the Republican vp candidate?


or https://tinyurl.com/3wphawbc

Sharon K,
“The last thing I want to see is a close election.”
Me too! Considering our national volatility, a close election could easily be a precedent to disaster.

“It is not going to be Harris.” I’m hoping you are right, but curious. I doubt Harris would be a good president. So why do you think she would not run or be the Dem nominee?

“This can also buy time to see how Biden’s health, strength & popularity go.”
Very good point.

One question I have is that Biden announced his re-election campaign with Mercury in retrograde. I understand that with Mercury in retrograde, repeat events work out well. He’s running for re-election, after all. Doesn’t this have some validity?

Eliseo, I just think that in spite of her many qualifications, including being very smart, she’s been something of a bust. I particularly don’t like the airing of the dirty laundry in the past, meaning the complaints that the Biden administration wasn’t including her or giving her significant enough tasks, etc. This was not a good look, as the saying goes. She just doesn’t seem powerful enough although I had the impression that she was when she was involved in Senate investigations (I forgot which, maybe one of the impeachments).

Hi Frank,

To clarify, the article I submitted was from Ray Merriman of MMA astrology. These are not my thoughts. I do have an opinion on the matter however. In spite of all the bravado and positive spin on Biden’s re-election prospects and I do understand your enthusiasm, I think age could very well be a factor. Not to detract from Biden’s wealth of experience and down to earth likeability, he will be well past his prime (mid 80’s) in the next election cycle. If you compare his present intellectual acumen to that of the vibrant persona he exhibited during the Watergate hearings some 50 years ago, he is a ghost of what he once was. In this day and age of uncertainty, what may be needed in American politics is a leader that exudes confidence. It may be time for something new. Kamala Harris anyone?

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings FATED CULMINATIONS!

Video: 43 min 42 sec


My thoughts on the Biden/Harris re-election:

I think much of the kvetching is more in the line of media pundits doing what they do best – poking holes in a cup half empty sort of way. Lets not forget after all, the media companies and bosses are there to make money out of ginned up dramas, real or imagined. They continue to use mass media operating fundamentals of the past 15-50 years as their guide for expectations and profit.

Personally, a favorite expression of my grandfather’s keeps popping into mind – ‘children and fools should never see things half done’.

This is certainly true of the the Trump investigations – tho slow, mostly due to legal hurdles trump has been trying, more continues to be uncovered despite the early left wing howls that not enough was being instantly done and that Garland ought to be fired.
And I also think that is true of the entire Biden admin. Much is being done behind the scenes without media fanfare.
I think Biden has a definite aged wisdom, aka wiley fox with heart aspect, not to be counted out.
And as far as Kamala is concerned, she too has been doing things more quietly. Being a woman, and one of color, she certainly has been painted in a negative light by several in the media, with many only too ready to pounce at the slightest perceived controversy. Besides, its not the job of the VP to hog the limelight.
Media fame can be fickle and not represent actual truth.

“I just think that in spite of her many qualifications, including being very smart, she’s been something of a bust.”

I agree. I’ve heard that in the beginning the Biden administration was giving her significant and important tasks, but she apparently wasn’t up to it. So they became disillusioned with her? … and apparently have withdrawn from grooming her for the presidency.

She IS smart but functions IMO better in a prosecuturial role. Attorney General would I believe have been a better fit.

BTW, our presiden’s middle name is Robinette, which from the French can mean little robin, or a faucet. Also spelled robinet when referring to a faucet, I thought that interesting as Pluto transitions into Aquarius the water bearer or bringer.

Kiwi, Frank,

Re: The 2024 US Presidential Election

Before we arrive at that point, I’ve been intrigued by the aspects coming up for the period surrounding the May 19th Taurus New Moon. The jaw dropping Mars-Pluto-Jupiter t square occurring during the same time, will be directly impacting the 2021 US Inaugural Sun (0 Aquarius), so I would venture to guess something major may be coming our way that may be unforeseen. Indications of a shake up in the status quo?

Personal aspects affecting the President and VP are as follows….

Tr. Uranus (19 ’30 Taurus) precisely square Biden’s progressed Sun (19 ’22 Aq).

A description from the Astro Library.org website reads as follows:

Transit Uranus Square Sun

When transit Uranus is square your natal Sun, unpredictable changes and sudden situations will make it impossible to stay in the same position as before. Life questions your objectives to see if you express your individualism and unique personal sense. It tests your ability to perform your tasks and obligations in the midst of turbulence.

You will realize your limitations and restrictions, and you may have to break free from certain obligations or rebel against certain circumstances that do not allow you to express yourself. Some obstacle is preventing you from doing what you want and you will have to fight against it.

It may be that the circumstances in your life have gone well so far, and, suddenly, everything changes unexpectedly and forces you to seek greater internal satisfaction and external expression, making you question your sense of freedom. Everything is a test to see how much you endure and how much control you have over your life.

The May 19th Taurus New Moon

The New Moon (28 ’25 Taurus) in opposition to Biden’s Venus/Sun conj. (27/28 Scorpio), square to natal Chiron (28 Leo). New Moon in square to Kamala Harris’ natal Saturn (28 Aq) . Tr. Mars 28 Cancer in t square to Harris’s Sun – Moon opposition (27 Aries – Libra). A transition in leadership (Jupiter) can not be ruled out. Will Biden become incapacitated in some way?

And the plot thickens. The May 19th Taurus New Moon coincides with the G 7 Summit. The venue is is to take place in Hiroshima of all places; the location of America’s first nuclear detonation on a city of a foreign adversary. There’s a karmic link there no doubt.

Biden To Attend G7 Leaders’ Summit In Japan

April 26, 2023

US President Joe Biden will attend the G7 leaders’ summit in Hiroshima, Japan, from May 19-21, the White House announced Tuesday.

On the agenda will be the war in Ukraine, global food and climate crises, and “securing inclusive and resilient economic growth,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.


I’m not very good at reading astro cartography maps, but from what I can determine, Biden’s Moon (0 Taurus) is located close to Hiroshima with the maps ascendant appearing to be at 0 Leo. Here’s the map……


A lot of symbolism attached to the city of Hiroshima as the following article explains….

Obama Becomes 1st Sitting U.S. President to Visit Hiroshima

Some 140,000 people were killed when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945.

NBC News
May 27, 2016

HIROSHIMA, Japan — Barack Obama called for a world without nuclear weapons on Friday as he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the site of the Hiroshima atomic bombing.

Some 140,000 people were killed when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the city on Aug. 6, 1945.

A helicopter and motorcade brought Obama to the Hiroshima Peace Park Memorial, where he spent a short time in the site’s museum and then solemnly placed a wreath at the arched monument.

Obama reflected on the day “death fell from the sky and the world was changed,” telling a gathering of survivors and officials that a “wall of fire destroyed a city and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself.”



Jerry, very interesting. The timing for that is coming up quick so we will see how that plays out. The war in Ukraine started during the first USA Pluto return and Biden has played a huge role in it by strengthening NATO to counter the Russian invasion.

I believed, actually hoped more than believed, Biden would have bowed out when Saturn passed over his South Node at 0 Pisces coinciding with Harris assuming greater responsibilities as Saturn conjuncted her MC.

He is running though and over the election he has many trines that form 2 grand trines which looks good to me. Trump’s Jupiter transits may be an indication of him being elected and it could be related to something else, like one of his indictments. I read somewhere that Jupiter transits can also be related to someone’s passing. Deep breaths in the meanwhile, LOL.

Just saw some clips from the Correspondent’s Dinner last night and I have to say, Biden rocked!


Frank, he had a great delivery of some really good lines. He was obviously having fun and able to brag about his record of accomplishments. All I can say is I’m praying….

Everyone should be careful to not fall into the trap of repeating the blather of the right wing as if what they say is true. This regards Harris, who has a tough act to follow, no matter her accomplishments. Look what they did to Hillary. The drip drip drip of petty complaints works just like commercials do.

As for me, I think it would help if the veep stopped whining. Leave the whining to trump. Makes a person look weak. Vocal coaches can do a lot to help. Hillary could’ve used one…

As we approach 2024 election, please be aware that No Labels is a group planning to run a third party candidate for President. They are backed by a group of dark monied individuals including Harlan Crow. The goal according to James Carville and others is to ensure a trump victory and end the United States – replacing it with a diverse group of states which is easier for them to control.

Thank you silcominc for the heads up!! I hope it’s a big fat money loss for Mr. Crow! I do expect other more legit candidates to emerge outside of our 2 party system. I just hope the Greens stay out of it this time. I wonder if the Libertarians will launch a candidate that will draw from the Rs?

I live in San Francisco and the word is tech companies are looking to lay off staff to accommodate AI. Prior lay offs were due to overhiring during the covid tech boom, now companies are shifting to integrate AI. Astrologers are saying that with Pluto moving into Aquarius AI is going to be big and that it will also coincide with economic problems and possible economic restructuring. As AI grows, more lay offs will occur first with tech then with other non-tech companies as AI integrates more and more. That may force needed economic restructuring over time. With AI will come many problems to surmount, economics is one, another big one will be how to discern what is real as AI enables people to make perfect fakes and scams. Of course, there will be also be big benefits to AI like assisting biotech, engineering, science, space exploration, and transportation.I just have to remember to take big breaths, lots of them! LOL!

This one could be a monster!


“… El Niño is shaping up to become a potential record breaker – and not in a good way. So, what’s happening and what can we expect?”

Bob, In this part of the pacific the meteorologists have come up with a new name ‘atmospheric rivers’ – we have been suffering from extra heavy rains and storms lately causing much damage. The health of the Pacific Ocean is super important for planet temperature regulation – it has been dubbed as the earth’s airconditioner.

Many Thanks for your April 30th, 2023 – 2:24 pm posting.
What a lovely bunch of coconuts!
I’ve read they pretend to be moderate and pragmatic but are anything but. They don’t reveal their funding sources because it all comes from far right sources. Such people need their wealth redistributed to those in need and their bodies physically thrown into jail for sedition.

The plutocrats have been yearning and planning for the day they could replace human workers with AI and robots for a number of decades. AI and robots don’t complain, don’t need vacations or benefits, can work 24 hours a day and never become whistle blowers. This I suspect is the dark side of Pluto in Aquarius and may not be rectified until Pluto goes into Pisces.

Curiously, this is what Gene Roddenberry predicted with his Star Trek franchise, and it is apparently following his fictional timeline.

kiwi, you are getting a similar occurrence to what California just went through – storm after storm.

And yes, Bob it is looking to be a mega El Niño. My understanding from others is that the ocean temperatures could rise by 5 degree Fahrenheit from this El Niño. Already. Florida is averaging between 1/4 and 1/2 inch of sea rise annually. This single event will more than double that.

Frank, AI scares me more than anything (except maybe a trump second term).

The charts are not clear to me but tRump’s do not look like a winner to me.

President Biden’s charts that I would normally look to for election night hold the possibility of shock, anger, or danger for him. His secondary progressed chart holds his natal Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on the angles but without as strong support as I would like to see from the transits.

Thanks Bob, amateur here and only able really to check out the transits, so I appreciate your look into Biden’s secondary progressed chart! Would you please elaborate on why you think Biden’s chart holds the possibility of shock, anger or danger? When i looked I saw quite a number of trines which looked good to me, but as I said, I’m an amateur, at best. Thanks.

Hi Arbo,

We’re not discussing Kamala Harris as an alternative to Joe Biden by popular vote. We are simply suggesting that Biden might have to step down due to health concerns and Kamala Harris by virtue of being the next in line for the presidency may have to take over the presidential responsibilities by default. What prompts me to say that? As mentioned earlier, the May 19th New Moon at 28 Taurus forms an opposition to Biden’s natal Sun and the lunar eclipse of November 19, 2021 (both at 27 Scorpio). As you may recall, Nov 19, 2021 was precisely the day Biden underwent surgery for a colonoscopy. Due to the nature of the medical procedure it was necessary to administer general anesthesia and consequently Biden was induced into unconsciousness during that hour an a half. Kamala Harris officially took over the duties of president during that brief time.

The May 19th, 2023 Taurus new moon in addition to conjoining the 11/19/2021 lunar eclipse in opposition to Biden’s Sun, it will also form a sextile/ trine to the powerful Mars-Pluto opposition. I personally feel there might be some major event during this period that will upend the US and the present administration (the 2021 US Inaugural Sun at 0 Aquarius will be t squared by the Mars-Pluto-Jupiter t square)

Refer to the following video…….

Astrology of Kamala Harris Rise to the US Presidency in 2022

Posted November 20, 2021

Kamala Harris looks poised to step into the presidency in 2022 thanks to a lunar eclipse directly opposed to Joe Biden’s sun, while he is entering on his November 20 birthday into his 8th house age of death/health difficulty and Kamala steps into her tenth house of power. With an eclipse to Kamala’s Jupiter, ruling her house of partnerships (as in vice president is partner to president) there is strong suggestion that there is loss of a partner in the 6th months following the eclipse. More details in video.

Video: 20 min 37 sec


Here is the May 19, 2023 Taurus New Moon chart for quick reference:


CORRECTION/ Read instead: Lunar eclipse of November 19, 2021 at 27 TAURUS

“El nino usually reduces the number of storms and hurricanes.”


Two gaffes in a row! Sorry about that. The above link was actually the November 19, 2021 lunar eclipse chart. Enclosed below is the intended upcoming May 19, 2023 New Moon chart…….


My go to chart for everything done for president Biden at 9pm EST on election night. It’s Mars-Pluto opposition squaring the MC is the most notable aspect.

Other charts that come in before the election may help me to make a more solid interpretation.


Blessed Happy Beltane!
Happy May Day!

Bob, the info I got from astrology sites consistently says Biden’s birth time is 8:30 AM and not 9 PM that you use. The Mars-Pluto opposition then squares Biden’s Moon, which is tough but would be more of an emotional heart wrenching than actual physical danger, I think; although his Moon does rule his 8th H which rules death, so there is that. Please tell me why you use 9 PM rather than the more popular 8:30 AM birth time. Thanks.

Jerry, I believe you mentioned that in the May 19 lunar eclipse, Jupiter which forms a T-square with the Mars-Pluto opposition conjuncts Biden’s 0 Taurus Moon. To add to that, the North Node in the lunar eclipse chart is at 3 Taurus. AND, that Mars-Pluto opposition repeats the square to Biden’s Moon while it trines and sextiles his Uranus on Election Day. From your post that discusses the G7 Summit coinciding with the May 19 lunar eclipse I would guess that it will not go well for him and I think it will have a lot to do with the Ukraine War and perhaps some NATO nations pulling back on their support. The first USA Pluto return coincided exactly with the Russian invasion and Biden has been a focal point in that war with accurate intelligence warning of Russia’s invasion and by rallying NATO to support Ukraine and to stand united against Russia and even bringing in Finland to NATO. Those squares to his Moon could mean emotional anguish that may affect his health. The news coverage of the G7 Summit will be telling….deep breaths….

More on that lunar eclipse from Steve Judd:


Frank, I rectified the Biden time (from memory) to 8:22 am using events in his life. I never used 9 as a birth time for him.

The 9 you are referring to is 9 pm on election night, the time I progressed his 8:22 birth time to.

Do a noon chart for Jill Biden and check the transits to the natal and the natal progressed to 9 pm EST on election night.




Really like this guy!


“Did you think I’d show up to the hearing on Supreme Court ethics without receipts?”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….when wasn’t it poitical? I didn’t follow the SC in those days and had no idea SDO was so poiitical.

New documents show how Sandra Day O’Connor helped George W. Bush win the 2000 election


Bob, thanks for the charts. I notice that Uranus is on Algol in the transit chart.

I have looked at Biden’s natal, 2ndary progressed and transits over a series of months and years and I still see him having a chance to make it to a 2nd term. The 2nd year of the 2nd term, However, looks pretty tough – which fits his age and the accumulating stress any president has to endure, never mind sudden illness. Undoubtedly, it is going to cost him physically, and already has, although he looked remarkably good at the WH correspondents’ dinner.

I think Biden will do everything humanly possible, including risking his own health, to push through the election. He seems to be a very practical man and so he must know in the deepest sense that he may not make it through a full 2nd term. He is actually sacrificing himself for the country.

Anyway, strategically, he would want to put his administration in a position to carry on even if he, personally, can’t. Everyone knows there is a real prospect that he may not be able to fully carry out his duties for the full 2nd term, and other more drastic possibilities exist too.

But he’s not a fool. There is a reason for this. Biden getting TO a 2nd term, given the craziness of the Repubs, is essential – it is both a realistic and a noble goal for the country.

In the circumstances, it’s not a hail Mary pass for him to run. I think Biden is consciously managing the game.

Why else would he do it? If he steps out, then any lunatic can run against him, not only Donald or Ron. While Biden stays in, the opposition at least have to put somebody up against him that looks credible. It raises the bar.

So, what choice do Biden and the Dems have, but for him to run again? At least it puts the Dem adminstration team in position to continue, although it risks continuing without him if something happens. There are other Dems and Kamala who can carry through if Biden can’t later, but they are not in position to WIN the election. That is what it’s about, imo.

It’s really a very hard situation. A man of Biden’s age cannot win on popularity alone – his experience and level headedness will count. And no other Dem has the momentum.

In addition to comments above, on election day, November 5, 2024, these aspects will be prominent in Biden’s charts:

• transiting NeptuneRx at 25 Pisces is trine Biden’s Sun/Venus at 27/28 Scorpio, above the Ascendant
• transiting UranusRx at 25 Taurus (conjunct Algol) is sextile his natal JupiterRx at 25 Cancer
• there is a T-square to Moon’s Nodes at 0 Virgo/Pisces from progressed Uranus at 0 Gemini
• progressed Ascendant at 29Aquarius 58 is conjunct the natal South Node at 0 Pisces
• progressed Mars at 10 Capricorn is sextile natal Mars at 12Scorpio
• progressed Moon at almost 3 Taurus will be inconjunct the natal Ascendant at 3 Sag. 36 and also to natal NeptuneRx at 1Libra (i.e. P. Moon at the apex of a Yod)
• transiting SaturnRx at 12Pisces will be trine Biden’s natal Mars at 12 Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th
• transiting Mercury at 3 Sagittarius will be conjunct the natal Ascendant
• progressed Mercury at 26Capricorn opposes natal JupiterRx at 25 Cancer
• progressed Mercury sextiles his powerful natal Sun/Venus conjunction above the natal Ascendant
• transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn is in orb to sextile Sun/Venus as well, from the 2nd house of finance – so Biden’s campaign is likely to be well funded
• progressed NeptuneRx at 1Libra is conjunct natal Neptune (the Neptune progression is a long term thing, but it is close to exact)
• progressed Sun at 20Aquarius and transiting Ceres at 19Capricorn are in minor aspect to Ceres and the 4th house cusp (home base) at 20Pisces, which in turn is square transiting Jupiter at 20Gemini
• the natal Midheaven is at 20 Virgo and transiting Venus at 22Sagittarius and opposing Jupiter at 20Gemini make it a T-square – 2 optimistic planets in aspect to MC would indicate that Biden’s goal is within reach

The evidence from the aspects is not all wonderful, but working contacts are there. It is not a blank or loser situation and I don’t see any immediate danger. However, it may be nip and tuck because of the retrogrades, the contact to natal Mars on the 12th in Scorpio, the Nodes, and the focus on Neptune/Uranus. There is a sense of things hidden. A lot may be going on behind the scenes and Uranus at Algol in the 6th of health is certainly uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the election day aspects involving Sun/Venus/Jupiter give it a positive turn. It may turn out to be a good day for Biden and Dem voters.

One more note re. Frank/Bob’s discussion and the transiting Mars/Pluto opposition on election day:

Biden’s North Node is at 0 Virgo. The Mars /Pluto opposition at 0 Leo and 29 Cap makes a 30 degree aspect from Mars and an inconjunct (150) to Biden’s Node. In between them is Juno at 0 Scorpio, in sextile to the Node.

While I don’t think the asteroid has as much impact, it is at least a positive one.

On the other hand, the Mars/Pluto aspects are ones that have difficulty expressing – more of a hindrance than an attack.

Perhaps Juno, the wife, will somehow moderate or soften the opposition between the 2 big planets? Hard to say, but the Juno sits in the middle between the 2 heavies and Biden’s Node is a little out of reach. A threat maybe, but not effective?

Sharon, the article from CNN seems to be a leak from Chief Justice Roberts to say – see even a moderate led the Bush v Gore decision. That is not what happened. I can tell you that Rehnquist led the charge and not O’Connor. She made the decision more palatable but it was Rehnquist who led the charge and this single decision and the lack of fallout has led SCOTUS to begin its right wing onslaught which continues today.

Thank you Bob and thank you Beowulfie! LOL, I’m downgrading my own personal assessment from amateur astrologer to novice; Progressions, Nodes and Mid-Points are beyond what I can manage, at least at this point.

I do want to add a couple more observations for Biden on Election Day. The transiting Mars-Pluto opposition will square Biden’s 5th H Moon at 1 Taurus which could refer to Biden’s anguish over his son Hunter’s legal entanglements. His Moon though also rules his 8th H, so it could also affect any of Biden’s joint finances he has with Hunter and because the 8th H is also the house of death, the anguish may very well affect Biden’s health. All of this may affect the election.

The trine from transiting Neptune at 25 Pisces to Biden’s natal Sun/Venus at 27/28 Scorpio also trines his natal Jupiter Rx at 25 Cancer creating a Grand Water Trine. On Inauguration Day, transiting Neptune, now at 27 Pisces but still making that Grand Water Trine shifts emphasis from his Jupiter to his Sun/Venus at 27/28 Scorpio.

And, transiting Pluto at 29 Cap trines his 10th H Neptune at 1 Libra and his Uranus at 2 Gemini creating a Grand Air Trine which really lights up on the Inauguration when transiting Sun and Pluto reach 1 Aquarius.

First of all, Bob & Beowulfie, thank you for these posts about the aspects. I was able to follow the gist but am not patient enough to handle the details (Pisces stellum; Aquarius mercury which likes the big picture). I also very much appreciate Beowulfie’s careful & well-expressed interpretations. You have largely said what I was trying to say. Biden is the best we Dems have & if the economy is decent, no recession, less inflation, more jobs (difficult with the change to automation and ai?), Biden presents a marked contrast to Trump. DeSantis is going full speed ahead to magnetize his chances and his base, and I have to say I admire his attempts (the other day the FL Republican legislature passed his bill to make sexual assault against children under 5 a capital crime, as if to say what more proof do you need that I support and protect kids? F**k Disney – don’t believe them – they are out for themselves & want to preserve their special status as well as corrupt our children; and we are only banning books that do the same thing – corrupt our children cause unnecessary and irrelevant racial and gender divisions. Boy do I hope Disney wins their lawsuit!!).

The behind-the-scenes and retrograde stuff will probably have to do with not only propaganda on the Republican side but Russia’s and others’ criminal attempts to manipulate our election… AND, weaken the U.S.

The good guys will have to do their own manipulations and quick legal thinking & strategy & maneuvers to protect truth and integrity (of course, Democrats are not 100% objective but it beats the alternative by a lot).

So, Biden has a good chance at a 2nd term – which brings me to the question – What do Kamala Harris’s aspects show – will she be able to rise to the occasion should she need to and is there any indication of a change in running mate, etc.? This is addressed to the skilled astrologers here. I don’t mean to burden you but you might be interested if you have the time (and I apologize if this information has already been posted).

Kamala Harris’ chart for Election Day has several powerfully difficult transits.

The transiting Mars-Pluto opposition squares her full Moon-Sun opposition at 27 Aries-Libra creating a very difficult Grand Square. The only consolation is the Mars-Pluto opposition has moved off her Sun-Moon, yet it is still in orb.

Saturn transiting her 10H retrograde at 12 Pisces will be coming into a very difficult opposition to her 4th H Uranus-Pluto-Venus at 13, 15 and 17 Virgo. On Inauguration Day, Saturn is now direct at 16 Pisces and is joined by Venus at 17 Pisces. To make matters worse, Jupiter, planet of expansion will be retrograding from 19 Gemini on Election Day to 11 Gemini on the Inauguration, squaring her triple conjunction. In her natal chart, Jupiter is retrograde at 24 Taurus in her 12th H of her undoing and of secret enemies, and rules her 7th H of partnerships and relationships. All of these hardships and challenges, exasperated by Jupiter, are coming from Saturn and Venus (which rules her Sun) transiting her 10th H of her career.

Natally, her Saturn is retrograde but well aspected by trines from her Sun-Mercury indicating she has likely mastered the Saturn energy and she may be able to integrate those challenges from Saturn and grow in her career. I hope so!

May 9th, 2023: The Sun/Uranus Conjunction of 18 Taurus

This conjunction will be activating the rare and powerful Uranus/Mars/North Node conjunction of Aug 1, 2022 (also at 18 Taurus). As one may recall, against the backdrop of much heated protest and dangerous war rhetoric emanating out of China in early August of 2022, Nancy Pelosi the then Speaker of the House made a bold and risky move to follow through on her state visit to Taiwan. The visit passed without incident.

This year we may not be so lucky. Is Putin, out of sheer desperation planning something rather sinister and diabolical during the upcoming annual May 9th Victory Day celebrations? One possibility would be to attempt to bomb the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and precipitate a meltdown, thereby wreaking havoc on the European continent.

All the elements are there. The accusations of Ukrainian involvement in a plot to assassinate Putin are suspected by some western intelligence officials to be nothing more than a Russian false flag attack, a pre-cursor to some dramatic military counter offensive. See related articles below.

And then there is the strange twist of timing with President Biden’s meeting with McCarthy and other Republican congressman scheduled for May 9th at the White House to work out some kind of resolution on the Debt Ceiling crisis. If there is no perceptible movement towards compromise, the financial markets could drop significantly. This would provide Mr Putin with just another pretext to smoke screen his way out of a very difficult situation.

Russia Claims Ukraine Tried To Assassinate Putin In Drone Attack On The Kremlin

The Kremlin did not provide evidence to support the claims, but said it “reserves the right to take retaliatory measures where and when it sees fit.” Kyiv denied any involvement.

NBC News
May 3, 2023


Russia Throws More Soldiers Into Bakhmut Meat Grinder Ahead of Putin’s Victory Day Parade

Around 20,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since December, according to US estimates.

May 2, 2023

KYIV — After missing multiple self-imposed deadlines for capturing Bakhmut, Russia continues to throw more of its soldiers into the grinding battle in the Donetsk region in a desperate bid for something to tout during next week’s Victory Day parade in Moscow.

Russia celebrates the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II every year on May 9, and President Vladimir Putin has used the holiday to boost his image as a strongman over the course of his decades in power. But this year’s celebrations will be somewhat muted, with Putin canceling parades in Russia’s Kursk and Belgorod regions, which border Ukraine, and in Russian-occupied Crimea, citing security concerns. With Moscow now in the second year of its full-scale war on Ukraine and no sign of imminent victory, Putin is pushing to win a battle to sell to Russians on May 9.



Russia Is Bombing Its Way Toward Nuclear Catastrophe In Ukraine

Extracted excerpt from The Hill
April 11, 2023

The world’s top nuclear energy official visited Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) on March 30 and confirmed that Russia’s war on Ukraine has put the stability of Europe’s largest nuclear plant in danger. After his trip to the ZNPP, Rafael Grossi, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), offered this bland but ominous statement, “It is obvious that military activity is increasing in this whole region. … This area is facing perhaps a more dangerous phase.”

Grossi and the IAEA must walk a fine line diplomatically to even get access to the ZNPP, which sits in Russia-occupied southeastern Ukraine, so he opted not to comment on what appears to be a new sinister Russian tactic: trying to induce Ukraine’s nuclear power stations into a catastrophic meltdown.

Whitehouse Co-Leads Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Supreme Court Ethics Reform



Whitehouse Co-Leads Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Supreme Court Ethics Reform


Has anyone seen this first 10 & 1/2 minutes of this portion of Rachel’s May 1st broadcast? She describes the legislative measures blue states are taking to protect themselves from red states. In particular, she uses Washington and Governor Inslee as a clear example. (As I live in WA state, I was especially intersted.) To my knowledge, this kind of state legislative self-protectionism has not been necessary since the Am. Civil War.


Taking the long view, I woner how long must we endure these state legislative wars and all this right wing madness?

As we continue with our Pluto return period, I think it wise to look at the 1770’s timeline. At time of the Declaration Pluto was retrograde at 27 degrees 27 minutes Capricorn and again at the return on 22 February of 2022, shortly before Putin invaded Ukraine.

Cornwallis surrendered on 19 October 1781 @ 2PM when Pluto was at 4 degrees 18 minutes of Aquarius. That was about 5 years and 3 months after the Declaration was signed! We’ll reach that astrological point again on 12 February 2026.

The Treaty of Paris was signed September 3, 1783, 7 years and 2 months after the Declaration. For us today that would correlate with sometime in 2029, therefore after our 2028 Uranus return. I’m guessing the crazy period we are enduring will last until sometime after the inauguration of January 2029.

In 1787 the Constitution was ratified and went into effect in 1789. A new constitution IMO is unnecessary. But correlatively, I think it probable we will get a goodly number of post Pluto return amendments, (I’m guessing about 10) in the 2030’s which will serve to “fix” the several holes Pluto, our plutocrats and neo-fascists have revealed.

Does this make sense to you more experienced astrologers?

Ukraine Rejects Kremlin’s Assassination Charge, Says ‘Russia Preparing Large-Scale Terror Attack’

Presidential Advisor Mykhailo Podolyak clarified in a tweet that Kyiv had nothing to do with any drone strike on the Kremlin


Looks like Russia isn’t winning so resorting to a false flag operation. Pray.

Sharon K,
Yes, could be a false flag.

New information continues to emerge as to what a sorry state the Russian military is in, how their war plans and initiatives keep falling apart, how they are plagued with relentless and pervasive corruption and disorganization. That’s worrisome. I’m not convinced they will accept defeat when it comes. Acceptance of defeat requires discipline and unified command, neither of which they have. Any rogue group with access to any sort of WMD might choose to use it at the end as a “parting shot.”

Their media and propaganda repeatedly and incessantly blame ALL their existential troubles on the United States. Like nothing is their fault, as if it’s the CIA causing their 1.7 death rate for every birth, or their incurable strain of tuberculosis, or the fact one out of every adult male is alcoholic.

Nothing Nothing Nothing is their fault. Their social psychology is SOOO sick I’m alarmed they might retaliate directly against the USA out of blind and vituperative spite.

Sharon K,
My first sentence was understated. It’s pretty clear the drone attack WAS a false flag event to justify more violence against Ukrainian civilians.

I”ve had an enduring and persistent feeling for quite some time the Russians in the context of their war against Ukraine will do something far more shocking than any of the atocities they’ve committed so for.

I hope I am wrong. I hope they do nothing of the kind. But if my intuition is correct I feel cetain Russia will be seen as a pariah state at least as nefarious as the Third Reich.

“What’s driving the Republicans isn’t a reaction to what Democrats do, but a fundamental fear for their own survival—which is much more powerful. Fear of being wiped out and never winning power again is going to be a much more powerful motivator than getting annoyed at a Democrat like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

Lucan Way, professor of political science at the University of Toronto

Hi, guys… I’ve gone through a really rough spell… ended up with my fibro out of control and also broke my hip along the way. Doc’s not happy because I’m now down to 85 pounds. But they’re never happy. For decades it was “lose weight!” LOL!

And now we’re up against a full moon eclipse (of course) in Scorpio. This one’s going to be a hard one for me, and I’ve already begun laying down the prelim work. Eclipses are always about endings and new beginnings, but this one for me, especially so. In fact, from here I’m headed into my office to chart things out.

I just wanted to drop in and say I’ve done a ton of reading from you guys tonight, and that I’m just as nervous as you as to what to expect from Russia. I, too, expect the Kremlin “attack” was a false flag and I fear the next step will be an attack on the nuclear facility in Ukraine. I pray I’m wrong. The other pointer to me is the May 9 “high consult” between Biden and the R’s on the debt limit. It all times too well for it not to point to something nefarious. And that’s not even bringing in the Astrology of it all!

To Eliseo, Silcom, and really… everyone here… I count you all as friends… stay frosty. We’ve got hard times ahead as we try to pass through these generational changes. May at least some of us last long enough to see the Age of Aquarius come to fruition. For me… I’m at least going to keep fighting!

This coming July 22, the sun in Cancer will be opposite Pluto in Capricorn. I’ve read that “When the sun and Pluto sit across the sky from one another, secrets are revealed” and it also might portend a period of crisis or regeneration.

Does anyone have any insight into what might be coming our way in that Pluto opposite Sun event?

Fixed Grand Cross of Regeneration and Creativity – May 16 to May 23, 2023 – Astrology

Video: 28 min 09 sec


Hi Eliseo,

The July 22nd Sun-Pluto opposition forms a Grand Cross square to the Nodes – all at 29 degrees of cardinal signs. What that signifies, I’m not sure.

Blessings & healing to you my good friend.
Holding you in healing light. Visualizing you with clarity of mind, strong and well body, and peace, love and wisdom in your heart.

(((slightkc))) Sending best wishes and healing thoughts your way


What Eliseo said at 7:17pm. All goodness and light to you.


“What’s driving the Republicans isn’t a reaction to what Democrats do, but a fundamental fear for their own survival—which is much more powerful.”

Resonates with me.


“Does anyone have any insight into what might be coming our way in that Pluto opposite Sun event?”

I’m wondering if there is seismic shift in the housing/real estate market – especially the home market. Just spitballing.


“Everyone should be careful to not fall into the trap of repeating the blather of the right wing as if what they say is true. This regards Harris, who has a tough act to follow, no matter her accomplishments. Look what they did to Hillary. The drip drip drip of petty complaints works just like commercials do.

As for me, I think it would help if the veep stopped whining. Leave the whining to trump. Makes a person look weak. Vocal coaches can do a lot to help. Hillary could’ve used one…

Personally, I always thought Kamala would have been much more fit as Attorney General. Although I don’t think she is horrid in any sense, I sure would prefer if she would stop giggling and laughing when she gets nervous; it does not add confidence to her character. Although a good sense of humor is a wonderful asset, her nervous giggling gives me major schpilkas. I’m think Dark Brandon will muster up more of his Scorpionic resilience and go right on into another 4 years. 80 isn’t so old; 90 is old.

Ray Merriman in his weekly financial forecast reviews the May 9th Sun/Uranus conjunction as a day that would signal a major downward trend in the markets (a point that I was alluding to with a potential failure of the debt ceiling talks scheduled at the White House on that day). He also discusses the looming Mars-Pluto-Jupiter t square coming up later in the month……..


The most important geocosmic development centers around Mars making a T-square with
the Jupiter/Pluto square, as Jupiter enters Taurus (May 16). This can be problematic in a variety of
ways, especially May 9-23. Because Pluto is involved, it may relate to finances again, and the possibility of raising taxes and an escalating world debt situation. Pluto can also pertain to crop damage or threats to human lives caused by either nature or human activity that tries to coerce others to its will.

Furthermore, with Jupiter square Pluto, there may be a high-profile bankruptcy or surprisingly large
loss of funds reported. Where did they go? How could one entity lose so much and thus threaten the financial fabric of that nation or even the world? Financially this can be a dangerous time for financial matters, and financial markets may be subject to large losses either into or following this period.

Forecast 2023 Book Chapter on “Spring 2023,” written in October 2022 (www.mmacycles.com).
Pertaining to the above quote, the banking and financial issues suddenly erupted just as spring was about to begin (mid-March). And now, as we approach the fixed T-square of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, another financial threat is immediately ahead: the U.S. risks running out of funds to cover its debts (debt ceiling limit crisis). As stated in last week’s column and before, “Jupiter square Pluto does have a history of correlating with financial panics (maybe 50% of the time within a 4-month orb). Along the way, the Sun will conjoin Uranus (disruption) on May 9, in Taurus, the sign of money. I think we will see very huge movements in financial markets around that time, lasting through May 23 and maybe beyond.”

Thus, there is an abundance of geocosmic factors to weigh this week. For instance, the Sun will conjoin Uranus on Tuesday, May 9. This is a big reversal signature with an 83% correlation to primary cycles in stock indices within 14 trading days, per studies reported in The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlation to Trading Cycles. But we also know that this aspect can coincide with breakouts and breakdowns if prices are near yearly highs or lows.
At the same time, Mercury is retrograde, which we also know has a reputation for breaking out of
support or resistance zones only to quickly retreat again in a “fake out.” So what will it be this time? A
breakout, fake out, reversal, or all three? I think all three, in that order. We already see the setup in
the Japanese Nikkei Index, where a new yearly high has just formed. But it is already in the 18th week of a 12-20-week primary cycle in the Nikkei. It’s late, and that is when false signals are most apt to appear – even if they have broken out to new yearly highs.\

With Jupiter involved in the forthcoming T-square of Mars-Jupiter-Pluto, we must also be alert to a
major reversal in Crude Oil. It may have just formed, but there could be a 4-9 day secondary bottom (known as the “Lendahl Wiggle”) in the May 16 +/- 1 week three-star geocosmic critical reversal time band. The geocosmic climate is wild, and implies huge profit opportunities may be underway. But that also means the risks of losses are greater than usual.

The next two weeks may be a short-term traders’ dream with such potential for large price swings.
However, it could also be a nightmare to innocent people who only wish for peace and an opportunity
to live their life freely without the threat of coercion from madmen who are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people but claim someone is trying to assassinate them. Under Jupiter with Pluto (and Mars), such claims can be exaggerated. However, the dangers posed by these individuals are not likely exaggerated. This is a time to be very wary of exaggerated claims or promises by those with an underlying agenda that involves cover-ups and danger to others.

We are entering uncharted waters. May 9th seems to be the defining moment….

‘I’ve Not Gotten There Yet,’ Joe Biden Not Ready Yet To Invoke 14th Amendment To Avoid US Default

May 6. 2023

President Joe Biden said he was not yet prepared to invoke the 14th Amendment to avert a breach of the debt ceiling, but did not rule out the possible executive action ahead of a meeting next week with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“I’ve not gotten there yet,” Biden said when asked about the possibility in an interview Friday with MSNBC.

The president’s suggestion that he could consider the historically unprecedented legal maneuver if Congress refused to act indicates that views on the possibility may be shifting within the administration.

Constitutional scholars and economists have been split on the maneuver, which would see the administration continue accruing debt by citing a provision of the Constitution that says the validity of public debts “shall not be questioned.”

Doing so would seem certain to prompt a high-stakes legal fight that risks roiling markets. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was dismissive of the idea during the 2021 debt-ceiling standoff, saying it would be “a disastrous situation” if the administration needed to consider doing so.

But Biden on Friday framed the standoff over the debt ceiling in stark terms, saying he believed extremists in the Republican Party were exerting pressure on leaders, including McCarthy. He said that while he believed the House speaker was “an honest man,” his caucus was “a different group” from years past.



Excerpt from The New York Times article entitled:

Is the Debt Limit Constitutional? Biden Aides Are Debating It.

As the government heads toward a possible default on its debt as soon as next month, officials are entertaining a legal theory that previous administrations ruled out.

What is the 14th Amendment?

Top economic and legal officials at the White House, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department have made that theory a subject of intense and unresolved debate in recent months, according to several people familiar with the discussions.

It is unclear whether President Biden would support such a move, which would have serious ramifications for the economy and almost undoubtedly elicit legal challenges from Republicans. Continuing to issue debt in that situation would avoid an immediate disruption in consumer demand by maintaining government payments, but borrowing costs are likely to soar, at least temporarily.

Still, the debate is taking on new urgency as the United States inches closer to default. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen warned on Monday that the government could run out of cash as soon as June 1 if the borrowing cap is not lifted.

Mr. Biden is set to meet with Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California at the White House on May 9 to discuss fiscal policy, along with other top congressional leaders from both parties. The president’s invitation was spurred by the accelerated warning of the arrival of the X-date.

But it remains unclear what type of compromise may be reached in time to avoid a default. House Republicans have refused to raise or suspend the debt ceiling unless Mr. Biden accepts spending cuts, fossil fuel supports and a repeal of Democratic climate policies, contained in a bill that narrowly cleared the chamber last week.

Mr. Biden has said Congress must raise the limit without conditions, though he has also said he is open to separate discussions about the nation’s fiscal path.

A White House spokesman declined to comment on Tuesday.

A group of legal scholars and some liberal activists have pushed the constitutional challenge to the borrowing limit for more than a decade. No previous administration has taken it up. Lawyers at the White House and the Justice and Treasury Departments have never issued formal opinions on the question. And legal scholars disagree about the constitutionality of such a move.

“The Constitution’s text bars the federal government from defaulting on the debt — even a little, even for a short while,” Garrett Epps, a constitutional scholar at the University of Oregon’s law school, wrote in November. “There’s a case to be made that if Congress decides to default on the debt, the president has the power and the obligation to pay it without congressional permission, even if that requires borrowing more money to do so.”

Other legal scholars say the limit is constitutional. “The statute is a necessary component of Congress’s power to borrow and has proved capable of serving as a useful catalyst for budgetary reform aimed at debt reduction,” Anita S. Krishnakumar, a Georgetown University law professor, wrote in a 2005 law review article.

The president has repeatedly said it is the job of Congress to raise the limit to avoid an economically catastrophic default.

Top officials, including Ms. Yellen and the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, have sidestepped questions about whether they believe the Constitution would compel the government to continue borrowing to pay its bills after the X-date.

……….“The extraordinary uncertainty created by the constitutional crisis leads to a sell-off in financial markets until the Supreme Court rules,” Mr. Zandi wrote in March. Economic growth and job creation would be dampened briefly, he added, “but the economy avoids a recession and quickly rebounds.”



Editorial Opinion

US Debt Ceiling Crisis Can Be Explained In Three Words: Marjorie Taylor Greene

May 3, 2023

OK, it’s not 100% fair to blame America hurling toward an economic crisis solely on the nonsense-spouting Georgia congresswoman, but she and her fellow MAGA lawmakers are certainly at the root of the country’s present dilemma.

Here are some simple facts to consider.

The debt ceiling has to be raised

If the ceiling isn’t raised, according to Treasury Secretary and person-who-has-had-just-about-enough-of-these-stupid-shenanigans Janet Yellen, America will default on its debts somewhere around June 1. If that happens, all economic hell will break loose, likely plunging the United States into a recession and potentially bringing the global economy down with it.



A quick glance at the aspects for May 9th other than the Sun/Uranus conjunction, we have retrograde Mercury conjunct the Jan 20th 2021 Inaugural charts Mars/Uranus degree all at 6 Taurus in square to McCarthy’s natal Sun (6 Aquarius) and semi square to the US Mars (21 Gemini). These aspects do not seem to be conducive towards compromise.

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman says yes, Biden could mint a $1 trillion coin to avert the debt ceiling—but there’s a better option out there

The Princeton professor and New York Times columnist said circumventing the national debt limit with a platinum coin could work, but public perception is the problem.
May 03, 2023 3:03 PM EDT


Unbalanced budgets have led Congress to raise or temporarily extend the national debt limit on 78 separate occasions since 1960, but political gridlock has some experts worried this time could be different. The potential for a worst-case scenario where lawmakers can’t come to an agreement leaving the U.S. unable to pay its debts has reinvigorated the debate around potential borrowing limit workarounds, including the absurd-but-plausible proposal that was once Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s favorite—minting a $1 trillion coin.

“By minting a $1 trillion coin, then depositing it at the Fed, the Treasury could acquire enough cash to sidestep the debt ceiling—while doing no economic harm at all. So why not?” the economist explained in a 2014 New York Times op-ed. This was a sea change in trillion-dollar-coin discourse, which had been popularized by former Insider editor Joe Weisenthal, who is now ensconced at Bloomberg as the co-host of the Odd Lots podcast.

However, Krugman appeared to have a change of heart about the $1 trillion coin Wednesday, arguing that “premium bonds” would be a better solution to the debt ceiling problem in a lengthy Twitter thread. With so many critics of the coin firmly believing it’s a “gimmick” that could cause inflation to soar, there’s a credibility issue, according to the economist, and negative perception alone could undermine the viability of the idea.

“People who really should know better constantly get this wrong, and imagine that the coin would be inflationary,” Krugman wrote, clarifying that he still thinks the coin would be a workable solution, but it basically has a public relations problem. “And that’s a reason to prefer a route that doesn’t inspire confident misconceptions.”

To Krugman’s point, even Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has chimed in on the coin question, albeit just to dismiss the idea. “There are no rabbits to be pulled out of hats here,” he said when questioned about the topic at a meeting of a House Financial Services Committee meeting in early March. “That would be a rabbit coming out of a hat.”

Krugman also noted that the complexity of his new solution, premium bonds, could be a good thing. He believes the Treasury could offer premium bonds, or bonds that trade higher than their face value due to a high coupon rate relative to prevailing market rates, and raise money without increasing the national debt.

“In my experience, if you try to explain all this, people’s eyes glaze over—which is good! Hard to get outraged over something that baffles you,” he argued, adding that “nobody understands premium bonds, while people think—wrongly—that they understand the coin [to be inflationary].”

Krugman’s potential solution comes after Janet Yellen warned in a letter to Congress on Monday that in less than a month, the U.S. won’t be able to pay its bills. Since the federal government hit its $31.4 trillion debt limit back in June, the Treasury Secretary explained that she has relied on “extraordinary measures” to continue meeting its obligations—but that can’t continue forever.

“If Congress fails to increase the debt limit, it would cause severe hardship to American families, harm our global leadership position, and raise questions about our ability to defend our national security interests,” she wrote.

The debt ceiling debate has grown increasingly heated in Washington over the past few months, with Republicans pushing for strict spending cuts in a bill that Democrats have labeled a “ransom note,” while the Biden administration insists the debt ceiling must be lifted with no strings attached. Biden aides even recently began debating whether the debt ceiling in and of itself is unconstitutional. They point to the 14th Amendment, which they argue requires the Treasury to continue issuing new debt to pay bondholders, Social Security recipients, and government employees, even if Congress fails to lift the debt ceiling.

Either way, if lawmakers can’t come to an agreement and the U.S. is forced to default on its debts, Moody’s Analytics found, nearly 6 million jobs and $12 trillion in household wealth would be lost. And Krugman warned in an April Times op-ed that failing to raise the debt limit could lead to “disastrous consequences” globally as well.

“At minimum, it would disrupt the functioning of the federal government. At worst, it would precipitate a global financial crisis, possibly as bad or worse than the crisis of 2008,” he wrote.

For a giggle.

John Cleese – Church of JC Capitalist 2:16

Eliseo, thanks for the giggle.
Im probably the only one here who watched Charles’ coronation. The Archbishop’s sermon warmed my heart – too bad the current american holy rollers won’t heed his words ‘service is love in action’ https://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/speaking-writing/speeches/archbishop-canterburys-sermon-coronation-their-majesties-king-charles-iii

will – I trust Biden’s judgment but I’ve been uncomfortable with the way the California Democratic party has boosted Harris’ over the last ten years or so without smoothing over the rough places. I suppose my thinking is considered sexist, if not racist, but the voice is so important when it comes to first impressions. No matter what I know about the current Senator Kennedy’s educational background when he talks he sounds to me like a fool – and not just because his words are foolish. JFK, the original Sen Kennedy, engendered lots of resentment because of his “accent.”

I’m probably picky about this, having spent many years around voice over actors and having an educated ear. But subliminally, people make judgments about people for pretty dumb reasons. And the right is so good a pounding away with whatever they can find to beat their enemy over the head with.

“Do I want to spend four years listening to that voice?” I sure didn’t want to hear that pathetic loser that preceded Mr Biden for thirty seconds. Not that his voice was all I objected to but there are plenty of voters who won’t vote for her because her voice reminds them of their nagging mother. We are a supremely childish country.

And I wanted her heading up Justice too. I’m unhappy that they pushed her above what would have been the perfect spot for her and have trapped her. Where do you go when you’ve been the Vice President besides the top slot? Dumb Party move.

I also watched The Coronation. I’m a sucker for pageantry. I was surprised/pleased with the ecumenical representation. It was painful to see the schism between Harry and William.


I so concur with you about the importance of vocal vibration and timbre especially in the political realm. We must hope for the very best outcome.

Jupiter SQUARE Pluto—Post-Eclipse CRISIS!

Video: 52 min 29 sec


Arbo, Senator Kennedy is from my current state, LA, and I often think of him as very Gomer Pyle-like, in spite of having pretty good credentials on paper. I guess his voice has a lot to do with it, not to be exceeded by the dumb things he has said.

I couldn’t sleep – and I don’t have a television. So, I turned on my computer and watched the coronation streamed on youtube. Pretty darn impressive is an understatement. It was all executed perfectly. IMO the Brits are better at ceremonialism than anyone else on planet Earth.

It’s also good the UK Anglicans are FINALLY ordaining and consecrating women! Anglicans in other countries began that earlier and it was one of my pet projects when I was active in my religious order. When I became co-presiding bishop, I made sure it was a permanent and “done deal!”

I note several astrologers were and are quite disconsolate and pessimistic as to the date and timing of the coronation. But what is the astrological determinate of a monarch’s reign? Charles III became King the moment his mother died. Do we use the chart for that moment OR the moment he was crowned? (4am pdt)

I recall a couple of astrologers in North Carolina a few years ago (one is now deceased) told me they believed William would be the last monarch of the UK, but that he might be the greatest one. Time will tell.

Arbo & Will,
RE: your 2:10 PM & 9:18 PM postings.
I concur with both of you on ALL points 100%!

Let us remember Margaret Thatcher was quite the political failure at first as she had a grating, irritating voice. Voice training saved her career. She overcame her culturally learned way of speaking and found herself, found her true soul as it were when she found the voice we know her by. We (most of us on this blog) may have serious disagreements with her politics, but she WAS one of the most succeessful PM’s in UK history.

Sharon K,
Senator John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana (born November 21, 1951 in Centreville, Mississippi) is a man I genuinely do not understand. He was smart enough to get through law school and become a law professor, but holds to some remarkably stupid ideas.

Ideology, be it political or religious can cripple judgement and reasoning, completely disabling one’s capacity for self-transcendance. This is especially true when continuing to believe stupid things enrichs you financially.

There ARE stupid people who are nevertheless kind and good souls. They can be dangerous when assigned tasks for which they are incapable, causing harm through ignorance and unintentional blunder.

But the most dangerous ones are those who are stupid but also exceedingly ambitious, persistent, self-centered and mean. Some of them, in my experience tend to be paranoid as well. Such peoiple love to persecute and intentionally injure folks brighter than themselves.

One of my daily prayers: G-d/G-dess save me from mean stupid people!

Eliseo, Steve Judd has IMO an interesting astro take on the coronation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeTD7yW8Tqc

Eliseo, He was state treasurer for 15 yrs (!) so he had name recognition but, per Wikipedia, managed to lose 2 senate races until David Vitter finally retired and, along the way, switched from being a Dem to a Republican (it seems LA politicians are famous for switching back & forth because, although now a red state, Dems used to be the winning party in the South and even now, Dems with conservative streaks can win). I guess at every stage in life, this ambitious guy found the formula to winning – even if all it was is keep trying & keep your face & name in the public eye somehow (especially if your parents name you after a successful & famously martyred president). That might be how he got through law school but I cannot understand how he graduated Magdalena College at Cambridge with some sort of honors. He must have found the formula there too. Moral: with persistence (and the same name as a famous president), anyone can rise to their level of incompetence (Peter Principle). He found his.


(This is from an opinion post – no article – on Democraticunderground. It reminds me that Jeffries & Klobachar are two great candidates – maybe one or both of them can replace Harris and/or Biden?)

Hakeem Jeffries was ON FIRE last night.
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At the Humphrey/Mondale Dinner in Minneapolis last night. He spoke in his fiery Obamaesque eloquence about WHO the Democrats are and WHAT we stand for versus the “Extremist MAGA Republicans “. Jeffries did not mince words as his speech came to a climax when he asked if we were “Fired up and Ready to WIN”!

Jeffries made it clear that the future of this country , its Democracy, lies with all of us.

Amy Klobuchar was also on fire last night as well. I pity the Republican challenger to her next year. For it was made clear she has NO patience or respect for the Republicans she serves on the Judiciary committee with.

I was so stoked for this evening and was NOT disappointed. All the speeches were AMAZING.

The May 9, 2023 Sun/Uranus conjunction (18 Taurus) in t square to Putin’s Nodes/ conjunct natal Jupiter.

Russia Threatens Nuclear Retaliation Against Ukraine for Alleged Assassination Attempt on Putin

May 3, 2023

Russia has threatened nuclear retaliation against Ukraine after accusing it of attempting to assassinate President Vladimir Putin with drone.

The Russian president was not present at the time and remained unharmed, but the Kremlin has slammed the attack as a “planned terrorist action,” with Speaker of the Russian parliament Vyacheslav Volodin calling for a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

Moscow’s nuclear doctrine permits its forces to use nuclear weapons when its “very existence” is under threat. strike attacks on the Kremlin.

Putin Sparks ‘Mad Panic’ After Ordering Mass Evacuation Near Europe’s Biggest Nuke Plant Amid Fears of ‘Severe Accident’

UN’s nuclear watchdog has warned of a “severe nuclear accident” after Moscow ordered the emptying of 18 towns and villages closest to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, where most of its workers live.

The Sun
May 7, 2023


Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Has a Nuclear Complication

Ukrainian troops are targeting an area where Russians are still holed up in a nuclear power plant.

Foreign Policy
MAY 2, 2023

Zaporizhzhia, one of the four regions Russia has annexed and claimed as a part of the Russian Federation, is at the heart of Ukraine’s strategy for its much-touted spring counteroffensive. The rationale for focusing on Zaporizhzhia is clear enough: It lies on the land corridor along the Sea of Azov that connects Russian troops with their supply lines in eastern Ukraine all the way from the Donbas region to Crimea.

It also poses a distinct military challenge, however. Russians are still holed up in the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Enerhodar, implicitly threatening a nuclear catastrophe were Ukrainian forces parked on the other side of the Dnipro River to try to reclaim the region.

Zaporizhzhia, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which fulfilled 20 percent of Ukraine’s electricity needs in peacetime, is on the front line of the war. A small action, deliberate or accidental, could trigger a meltdown at the site, with devastating impact on human life and the environment.

Ukrainians have been on the receiving end of such a crisis earlier, too, under Soviet rule. In April 1986, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 60 miles north of Kyiv, contaminated millions of acres of forest and agricultural land, poisoned fish, and led to deformities at birth in livestock—all that in addition to the devastating and direct impacts on humans, including thousands of recorded cases of cancer.

Russian troops occupied Chernobyl right after the launch of the full-scale invasion last February but evacuated the site at the end of March. During their stay, they dug trenches in the exclusion zone, which is still considered highly radioactive, imprudently exposing themselves to radiation.

On the 37th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned of a repeat and said the presence of Russian troops at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has “again put the world in danger.” He demanded that Russia be prevented from using nuclear power stations to “blackmail” Ukraine, presumably via an implicit threat if Ukrainian forces attempted to win back the region and its prime asset.



On the other hand –

Geraldo Rivera says the abortion rights issue will drive a Biden win. Gun control is the sticky issue though, even with the horrors we face every day.


Sharon, they don’t poll the young people, who apparently prefer Foxy Grandpa to Uncle Adam Henry.

Good point, arbo

Many Thanks for the Steve Judd link. His considered analyses and insights are interesting.

BTW, wherein a Vedic astrologer looks at the coming reign of Charles III. She is yet another one who believes William will be the last UK monarch. Her delivery is slow. She needs coaching as to how to speak and do presentations. I honestly don’t understand why the several astrologers who make the prediction of the end of the monarchy say so in association with Prince William.

King Charles III – How long will his rule last?

Conversely, Steve Judd believes Charles III will only be king for a couple of years and William will reign long and drag the monarchy, and the British upper class kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It does NOT appear to me Steve Judd believes William will be last.

I’m getting the impression these various astrologers are allowing their political bias too much into their projective analysis, i.e. monarchist vs. republicanist. But what do I know? This is beyond my current understanding.

New Moon in Taurus + Mars-Pluto-Jupiter alignment May 15-29 2023

Video: 1 hour 30 min 34 sec


Eliseo, I think many americans and younger people just do not ‘get’ the value of Britain’s constitutional monarchy and the unseen benefits of a non overt political entity that provides steady stability over the long term. I heard a comment the other day that made me chuckle ‘we just had 3 prime ministers and 2 monarchs in less time than it took my milk to turn sour in the fridge, and nobody freaked out’ LOL
I look at countries such as france, germany, russia & spain that got rid of their monarchies with not a lot of thought to the future – and ended up with replacement dictators (napoleon, hitler, lenin/stalin, franco). Britain tried that once too and gladly reinstated the monarchy after seeing how enamored with dictatorial powers cromwell became. The longevity of the british monarchy can be traced to conditions set forth in the treaty of arbroath in 1320 https://www.scotsmagazine.com/articles/declaration-of-arbroath/

Very Interesting!
I’m in the middle. To use an old Southern expression in regard to republicanism vs constitutional monarchy, “I have no dog in that fight.”

I’m pragmatic. At some points in my life I’ve favored CM, (that used to really irk my mother when I was young) at other times a dem-republican form. On the one hand I see the absurdity of a hereditary monarchy, but also see the value of having a lifelong non-political head of state with the stability it imparts.

In any case, I’ve long admired Charles III for his penchant to esotericism and his early committment to environmental causes WAY BEFORE it became cool or popular. He has an innate and strongly intuitive understanding that not all, but a great deal of what we consider progress diminishes us emotionally and spiritually. A good example is his attitude toward architectrure and the use of public space.

It is also my understanding the entire royal family are essentially social democrats, albeit quite privately. They are committed to the common good. I understand QE-II and Margaret Thatcher really clashed. Evidently, the queen severly disagreed with Thatcher’s attitudes, ideas and plans.

Most Americans are unaware of the role the monarch plays on the Queen’s bench er.. I guess it is the King’s bench now. The monarch’s judicial renderings are not published until sometime after their death.

The closest thing we have in the US to a monarch is the chief justice of the supreme court. The Supremes are supposed to be above and beyond political ideology, but of course we know how miserably that’s turned out recently.

Although in the USA the president is both head of state AND head of government, I’ve sometimes felt it might have been better were the chief justice to fulfill the role of head of state.

Eliseo, the key extra element with Britain’s monarchy is that the monarch is also, without fanfare, ‘christ’s representative’ to, in essence, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”

Eliseo, I think that’s why Rehnquist decorated the sleeves of his robe with gold stripes.

I always felt sorry for Charles. We’re only six months apart in age, so it was hard to ignore him what with Time and Life and Newsweek. Do you remember when he got busted for ordering a sherry at some pub somewhere? He was way underage, so the press was all over it.

He’s never had much privacy but seems to understand better than his detractors do that he’s inherited a muddy and sometimes foul row to hoe. But duty calls. And Scorpio perseveres

I hope I’m not overly focused on this but it appears we are at a pivotal moment here. We are about to walk off a cliff

Short-Term Debt Ceiling Extension Not An Option, Say Republican Lawmakers

WASHINGTON : Amidst negotiations between President Joe Biden and House Republicans over a debt ceiling bill, lawmakers have rejected the idea of approving a short-term increase in the debt limit that would have prevented a default on the nation’s debt. As a result, the two sides remain deadlocked on the issue.


Biden, McCarthy Head Into Showdown As Debt Limit Crisis Nears

The Edge Markets
May 8, 2023

Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy have arrived at a crucial moment in their debt ceiling fight — a meeting that risks cementing their standoff rather than yielding a breakthrough in a crisis already unnerving markets.

The president will host the House Speaker and other congressional leaders at the White House on Tuesday (May 9), with McCarthy seeking spending cuts as a condition of suspending or raising the debt limit and Biden pushing to separate the issues and calling for a debt limit increase.

The stakes are higher than just politics — a default would surely trigger a market selloff and the White House has said it could cost millions of jobs. Treasury bill markets last week revealed fresh apprehension about the potential for non-payment of US debts in early June. Yet expectations for the meeting are low.



To get an astrological perspective on the scheduled debt ceiling talks today, it’s interesting to note tr. Mars at 23 Cancer will precisely conjoin the Biden/McCarthy composite Uranus.

A description of that aspect from Astro-Library reads as follows….

Mars Transits to Natal Uranus

Mars transits to your natal Uranus provoke unexpected behaviors, surprising incidents, and a great need for freedom to express your individuality. During these transits, you have a defiant and irresponsible attitude, you are uncontrollable and unpredictable, and you feel very restless and cannot bear any restriction.

Mars-Uranus transits are favorable for those actions in which it is convenient to surprise others, and to express your own points of view in an original and different way. They are very stimulating transits that causes a lot of excitement in the company of other people, and that can bring new friendships.

They signify a constant creative change, or a desire to break everything in a very rebellious way. They may provoke an internal or external revolution.

For several days, you may feel very unstable, or as if you want to be free of any obligation or attachment. It all depends on how free you feel or how responsible you are for your sense of freedom.

You can have new activities that are completely different from your daily routine. You are willing to take risks. You feel more alive and awake.

These can be very refreshing moments for your life in which you couldn’t possibly get bored. It is important to direct this energy towards your own liberation, or at least, to improve your knowledge of yourself, and thus be able to gain new perspectives of old and stagnant situations.

In special circumstances, these transits may coincide with surgical operations.
Transit Mars Conjunct Uranus

When transit Mars is conjunct your natal Uranus, everything happens without the possibility of you foreseeing anything. It is surprising. It is very difficult to prepare plans in advance, since issues always seem to arise, and therefore there will always be surprises.

You want to feel free and be able to experience it without reservations. This transit is not favorable for relationships with authoritarian people, except if they allow you a lot of space, and give you freedom of expression.

If you feel bound or experience a feeling of helplessness, you may become very irritable and impulsive. You may do something you may regret later, or have an accident. If you have health problems, your nervous system may suffer, as it will be very agitated.

Today, you are more daring than ever to break with your limitations and do things which you normally do not dare to do. It is a very good time to start new and innovative projects. If the birth chart has any trait of genius that has not yet manifested, it will now.

The pros and cons of invoking the 14th amendment……

Could Joe Biden Use the 14th Amendment to Solve the Debt Ceiling?

May 8, 2023

As the political brinkmanship over the debt limit continues, Biden Administration officials are being asked whether they’d invoke a controversial legal theory under the 14th Amendment that may allow the President to bypass Congress and raise the nation’s debt limit without Republican approval.

The theory, which previous administrations had ruled out, builds on Section 4 of the 14th Amendment to argue that it would be unconstitutional for the U.S. to fail to make payments even if the debt limit isn’t raised, effectively challenging the debt limit on legal grounds. But doing so for the first time in U.S. history could have serious ramifications for the economy and elicit a host of legal challenges that could take months to sort out, leaving the country in a fiscal crisis in the meantime.



Declaring The Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional Is Risky, Biden Aides Fear

White House officials have discussed invoking the 14th Amendment to dodge the limit, but they see it as potentially fraught

Washington Post
May 8, 2023

Senior White House officials see enormous risks in trying to resolve the debt ceiling impasse without Congress, viewing the unilateral measures floated by some academics only as emergency measures of last resort, according to three people with knowledge of internal conversations.

As they have for months, Biden aides have recently been evaluating a wide range of proposals for acting on the debt limit without the consent of Congress — particularly by invoking the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to declare the limit unconstitutional and keep borrowing to pay bills even if the cap isn’t raised.

But internally, advisers view the options as risky choices that could cause lasting economic damage, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. White House aides do not want to take the proposals completely off the table. If the federal government actually can’t borrow more, the United States could be in uncharted territory with no clear way to avoid calamity, which would make extreme measures more appealing. Administration officials are adamant that Congress must act to raise the debt limit, believing this is the only sure way to avoid financial turmoil.



Pluto will be in Aquarius for 20 years, approximately. Pluto is a planet of transformation, of ultimates, of extreme boundaries. If astrology is to be taken even a little seriously, then we should assume that Pluto’s change of sign will transform a whole lot more than the British monarchy.

Astrology is ancient. The concept of the gods in mythology was not comforting to people because the gods treated mankind as playthings. We moderns have taken on the mantle of gods with our powers over nature, but we haven’t become better gods than our mythical predecessors. We’re still playing games, but nature is serious. Nature is the bottom line and Pluto is the boundry to the far side of the universe. When we consider what that boundry is, Pluto is as much devastation as it is transformation in any positive sense. It is wise to consider astrology from the stance that the universe doesn’t care.

Closer to home, the US stands to experience transformation too, along with every country on the globe. Contemplating climate change and sea level rise, entire countries could go “missing” and populations be displaced.

It is now acknowledged by scientists everywhere that we will be at the mercy of floods and weather disasters, which may transform many of the world’s biggest coastal cities.

At least Charles III has acknowledged the threat of global warming! We’ll see soon how much he is ahead of the pack on that, not that a lot of folks take him seriously. It’s too bad many politicians and industries, never mind entire countries, don’t take climate change seriously at all. But the time for meaningful change is running out.

The White House has a policy that the US greenhouse gas emissions should be 50-52% below 2005 levels in 2030 and the country should reach 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035 and achieve a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

Do we really think those goals will be reached, along with similar goals around the world – all of which will be necessary to achieve much of anything at all? How much of what is said is just political posturing?


So, the not very funny “joke” is on humanity – and on endangered nature.

I’m nice we boomers have been so lucky as to enjoy the post-war prosperity, but our generation is beginning to peter out and the party is over. Elon Musk is not going to save the planet. We have squandered our opportunity by living (well) for today, but tomorrow is looking risky. The result of our enjoyment of the good life has been more conflict, and an ocean full of plastic and chemical pollution everywhere.

We have done far too little for our grandchildren, who will pay the price for our greed and ignorance and lack of care for eachother and the earth. For this, I am truly sorry, but it takes masses to make real change.

Many have tried to fight the negative trends, saving trees and the like. But nothing has stopped the trend to destruction of the environment. It seems progress is always stopped by corporate greed, the military industrial complext that Eisenhower warned against, along with lack of education of the voting public, and worse horrors like corrupt judges and Citizens United. There are too many things keeping true progress from happening.

In short, we have not lived up to the potential of the post-war years. Remember, the peace that the hard-pressed WWI and WWII generations somehow managed to “win” for us?

Now we spend our days on cell phones watching entertainment videos and 5 minute summaries of the “news”, horrified by mass shootings while tweeting cute quotes to eachother. The United Nations is a bad joke and the world is back to stupid wars with thugs like Putin. The world is far beyond the craziness of Catch 22. Have we learned anything at all?

Correction: It’s nice – not, I’m nice (though I do try…).

Well said! Sad but true. Our overlord corporations feed their greed addiction and water down meaningful political action through the politicians in their pockets while the rest of us amuse ourselves to death.

The White House, the UN, etc. will eventually discover their energy and environmental targets are too little too late. Big Money, who pays for the campaigns of both Dems and R’s in the US, and the other parties in other countries require cautious, go slow “solutions,” i.e. small band-aids for gushing wounds.

Had we taken the teachings of our ancient and wisest spiritual founders seriously we would have developed the self-transcendence required for our continuing self-transformative evolutionary journey. Instead, those teachings were twisted and distorted to serve our addictive needs.

So now the lessons come to us the hard way. The devout fascists who died in WWII are back in incarnation, often in a country or ethnicity they fought against 80-ish years ago. We are drawn to that which we hate or love.

The Ukraine war may possibly be analogous to the Spanish Civil War, a precursor to the greater conflict. I hope not. Meanwhile Russia holds her nuclear sword of damocles over our heads, local fascists threaten our economy and democracy, and Mother Nature tires of the poisons we keep feeding her. The fever now induced – how many will it kill?

Debt Limit Showdown/ Should Wall Street Be Nervous?

Stock Market Underestimating Odds of Debt Limit Crisis, Says Politico’s Ben White

Video: 5 min 19 sec


I think the full impact of a May 9th Biden/McCarthy meeting failure won’t be fully understood and digested until Monday May 15th when the markets reopen for business after a long weekend. With bank failures looming; a severe downturn in the markets at that time can be expected. Here is the reasoning behind that assessment……

Mercury stations direct early morning of the 15th at 5 ’51 Taurus. The Mercury station conjoins the 2021 US Inaugural chart’s Mars/Uranus conjunction (6 Taurus). It will be in sextile to transiting Venus (money matters) at 6 Cancer, the same degree of the US Jupiter (5 ’55 Cancer). Chaotic conditions for the Biden administration ahead?

Eliseo, you hit the nail on the head: we are indeed amusing ourselves to death! And it’s a terrible thing to watch, like some bizarre dance in a horror movie. Or, Jerry, it is rather like the late 1920s when frantic money making preceded the financial crash.

I swear I’m not paranoid, just plenty worried. I’m not psychic, but surely we are not the only (realistic) ones who worry. Why are sensible, realistic politicians silent? I think it is because nobody CAN be heard in the media circus. It’s all become babble.

Well, nobody wants to be a Cassandra. She was a tragic Greek figure who broadcast danger. People didn’t want to pay attention to her unpopular message and she paid for speaking it dearly. But she was right.

Being right did not bring joy or rewards to Cassandra, but at least she got to say her piece. In our era, Cassandras don’t even get to speak. It makes me worry what will follow the court case between Trump and E. Jean Carroll – I hope her reward for bravery and speaking the truth will be an inspiration and will not cost her, or women in general, too much.

On a greater social scale, speaking truth to power is the very essence of democracy. If people are afraid to speak out, or are too ignorant or greedy to care, then everyone pays the price along with the Cassandras of the world.

Pluto says we will change like it or not. Reality is inevitable. It smacks us in the face ready or not. No kidding, these times do feel mythical (or Biblical) in scope.


Encyclopedia Brittanica has this explanation of Cassandra’s dreadful fate (see text below):

“Cassandra, in Greek mythology, the daughter of Priam, the last king of Troy, and his wife Hecuba. In Homer’s Iliad, she is the most beautiful of Priam’s daughters but not a prophetess.

According to Aeschylus’s tragedy Agamemnon, Cassandra was loved by the god Apollo, who promised her the power of prophecy if she would comply with his desires. Cassandra accepted the proposal, received the gift, and then refused the god her favours. Apollo revenged himself by ordaining that her prophecies should never be believed.

She accurately predicted such events as the fall of Troy and the death of Agamemnon, but her warnings went unheeded. During the sack of Troy, Ajax the Lesser dragged Cassandra from the altar of Athena and raped her. For this impiety, Athena sent a storm that sank most of the Greek fleet as it returned home.

The rape of Cassandra by Ajax was a favourite scene in Greek art. In the distribution of the spoils after the capture of Troy, Cassandra fell to Agamemnon and was later murdered with him. She was worshipped, as Alexandra, with Agamemnon.”

Jury finds Trump liable for sexual abuse in E. Jean Carroll case


The jury found him liable to the tune of $5 million dollars. Not enough IMO. $5 million to him might as well be $5.00. Any non-wealthy guy with such a long history of overt sexually predatory and abusive behavior toward women would have been incarcerated long ago with a lengthy sentence and would have never led a political party or held political office.

Trump says it is a “witch hunt.” Somehow I think Trump might have turned out to be a nicer person if he really was Wiccan. “An ye harm none, do what ye will.”

Hahaha! Good one, Eliseo

Trump says it is a “witch hunt.” Somehow I think Trump might have turned out to be a nicer person if he really was Wiccan. “An ye harm none, do what ye will.”

It’s not getting very much coverage in the west but it is concerning. Stability on the Indian subcontinent is being threatened………

Pak On fire: PTI Supporters Storm Military Bases Across Pakistan Following Arrest of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan

Video: 2 min 46 sec


India and Pakistan share almost identical astrological charts when gaining independence from Britain in mid August 1947. Most predominant in the charts is the Saturn/Pluto conj at 13 Leo in close conj to Venus at 15 Leo – semi-square to natal Mars (0 Cancer). The May 5th Lunar eclipse at 14 ’58 Scorpio stimulated those degrees. The arrest of Imran Khan yesterday (May 9th) occurred just as the Sun formed a conjunction to Uranus (18 Aquarius) in square to Pakistan’s natal Jupiter (18 Scorpio).

Here’s a brief look at Imran Khan’s colorful past…..

The Many Shades of Imran Khan

Video: 9 min 12 sec


Witch hunt? Which hunt? There have been so many, with many more waiting in the wings – so many to choose from – ha ha ha

TYPO/ Read instead: “The arrest of Imran Khan yesterday (May 9th) occurred just as the Sun formed a conjunction to Uranus (18 TAURUS) in OPPOSITION to Pakistan’s natal Jupiter (18 Scorpio).”

Sharon, Kiwi,
The question now is which witch in Trump’s Whitehouse committed which crime? And maybe also, which jail do we put them in?

Posted on Democraticunderground:


“Do the American people know this?
Rethugs passed an unfunded $2.3 TRILLION corporate tax cut under trump, then raised the debt ceiling (with NO preconditions) 3 times while ballooning the deficit, and NOW under Biden they’re refusing to pay THEIR bills?”

CNN will have a townhall mtg with Trump tonight at 8 ET with the audience consisting of Republicans & undecided voters. Will they let the undecided voters ask him any hard questions? I hope so. The man will be laying on the BS really thick & playing the victim as believably as he can, making many of us sick to our stomachs, while others will believe him and applaud his prepared remarks. I wonder if he will be able to hide the physical ramifications of the stress he as been under (unless, as a probable sociopathy, he doesn’t feel stress?)

Sharon, I only hope the cnn ratings bomb for this predictable circus

Beowulfie, I totally agree with your comments above. And with El Niño coming later this year – the scientific estimate is that 2024 will be the worst year ever for climate events. As they say, the sh*t is about to hit the fan big time.

One interesting tidbit – the idea of reducing your carbon footprint is from an ad agency commissioned by BP. It was all a scam – we do the heavy lifting so the fossil fuel companies don’t have to change their evil ways. And by the way, they have known their products were causing this back in the mid 1970’s. We have been lied to for over 50 years and now it may be too late to stop the worst of global warming.


RE: “We have been lied to for over 50 years and now it may be too late to stop the worst of global warming.”

Probably true but with a caveat. We may eventually be able to stem the very worst of it through technology not yet invented.

Many Thanks for the link and info on the Declaration of Arbroath! In my 20’s my mentor had me read the constitutions of several countries and delve into their history. Nevertheless, until your posting I was unaware of Arbroath.

Buddhists view the great radical rabbi from Nazareth as the western bodhisattva of compassion, an emanation of Avalokitesvara/Chenresig. As far as the UK monarch being ‘christ’s representative’ I interpret that as positive as Charles has access to the best UK Anglican theologians, none of whom see the Christ as some kind of right wing AR toting Rambo, and all of whom (similarly to the Buddhists) intepret the histrorical Jesus as the exemplar and incarnation of compassion.

Charles III also has empathy and sympathy for the other faiths practiced in the UK. At heart I believe he is essentially a modern Universalist.

Transits to tRump’s natal and secondary progressed horoscopes on date of conviction in case brought by E. Jean Carroll. Transits given for May 9 at 3 pm EDT .

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Saturn. 23°52′ Cancer to 23°49′ Cancer.

Transiting Saturn opposite progressed Sun. 6°00′ Pisces opposite 6°32′ Virgo.

I think Sharon K’s postulate in the last line of her 1:48 pm post today is probably true.

Will Roe be a factor?

Anselm College undergraduate population is made up of 61% women, and 39% men.

Saint Anselm College was founded in 1889 by Benedictine monks making it the third-oldest Catholic college in New England.

Saint Anselm College
Goffstown, NH ? Private, non-profit ? 4-year

Saint Anselm College: Homepage
Saint Anselm College

Since 1889, Saint Anselm College has provided a transformative education shaped by Catholic and Benedictine values and a liberal arts foundation.

Santos arrested for 13 charges – wire and mail fraud. Yesssss!

As some of you know I spent many years in Hawaii. As part of the sailing community I knew several of the founders and early participants of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. They have been doing stellar work over the decades of meshing environmental science with indigenous cultures and are now just starting a new 4yr pacific circumnavigation. For those that may be interested here is a video ‘the earth is our canoe’

Can’t wait to watch it, kiwi.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign already released a powerful ad using footage of Trump’s verbiage praising Jan. 6 (“a beautiful day”) in tonight’s town hall juxtaposed against footage of the real thing.


Sharon, here is a shorter, recent clip

If there are no perceptible movements towards an agreement on the next debt ceiling meeting scheduled for Friday, crunch time would come as early as next week according to author and economist Brennan Peterson. We can expect a severe reaction to the downside in the markets. That seems to fall in line with the astrological indicators. Monday’s Mercury station as mentioned and Jupiter’s exact square to the April 20th lunar eclipse degree…..

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Issues Warning On Debt Ceiling ‘Panic’

Video: 5 min 16 sec


The White House, in anticipation of an intransigent Republican congress on the issue have already factored in this possibility and is moving ahead with an agenda of their own, with a target date of May 16th to implement their so-called “secret weapon”. Will it succeed is the question? There are a lot of unknowns……….

House Democrats Move to Force a Debt-Limit Increase as Default Date Looms

New York Times
May 2, 2023

House Democratic leaders who have been quietly planning a strategy to force a debt ceiling increase to avert default began taking steps on Tuesday to deploy their secret weapon.

The only clue to the gambit was in the title of the otherwise obscure hodgepodge of a bill: “The Breaking the Gridlock Act.”

But the 45-page legislation, introduced without fanfare in January by a little-known Democrat, Representative Mark DeSaulnier of California, is part of a confidential, previously unreported, strategy Democrats have been plotting for months to quietly smooth the way for action by Congress to avert a devastating federal default if debt ceiling talks remain deadlocked.

With a possible default now projected as soon as June 1, Democrats on Tuesday began taking steps to deploy the secret weapon they have been holding in reserve. They started the process of trying to force a debt-limit increase bill to the floor through a so-called discharge petition that could bypass Republican leaders who have refused to raise the ceiling unless President Biden agrees to spending cuts and policy changes.

“House Democrats are working to make sure we have all options at our disposal to avoid a default,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York and the minority leader, wrote in a letter he sent to colleagues on Tuesday. “The filing of a debt ceiling measure to be brought up on the discharge calendar preserves an important option. It is now time for MAGA Republicans to act in a bipartisan manner to pay America’s bills without extreme conditions.”

An emergency rule Democrats introduced on Tuesday, during a pro forma session held while the House is in recess, would start the clock on a process that would allow them to begin collecting signatures as soon as May 16 on such a petition, which can force action on a bill if a majority of members sign on. The open-ended rule would provide a vehicle to bring Mr. DeSaulnier’s bill to the floor and amend it with a Democratic proposal — which has yet to be written — to resolve the debt limit crisis.

The strategy is no silver bullet, and Democrats concede it is a long shot. Gathering enough signatures to force a bill to the floor would take at least five Republicans willing to cross party lines if all Democrats signed on, a threshold that Democrats concede will be difficult to reach. They have yet to settle on the debt ceiling proposal itself, and for the strategy to succeed, Democrats would likely need to negotiate with a handful of mainstream Republicans to settle on a measure they could accept.

A handful of hard-right Republicans explicitly warned their colleagues on Tuesday not to go down that path. “House Republicans: don’t defect!” Senator Mike Lee of Utah wrote on Twitter.

Understand the U.S. Debt Ceiling

What is the debt ceiling? The debt ceiling, also called the debt limit, is a cap on the total amount of money that the federal government is authorized to borrow via U.S. Treasury securities, such as bills and savings bonds, to fulfill its financial obligations. Because the United States runs budget deficits, it must borrow huge sums of money to pay its bills.

The limit has been hit. What now? America hit its technical debt limit on Jan. 19. The Treasury Department will now begin using “extraordinary measures” to continue paying the government’s obligations. These measures are essentially fiscal accounting tools that curb certain government investments so that the bills continue to be paid. Those options could be exhausted by June.

What is at stake? Once the government exhausts its extraordinary measures and runs out of cash, it would be unable to issue new debt and pay its bills. The government could wind up defaulting on its debt if it is unable to make required payments to its bondholders. Such a scenario would be economically devastating and could plunge the globe into a financial crisis.

Can the government do anything to forestall disaster? There is no official playbook for what Washington can do. But options do exist. The Treasury could try to prioritize payments, such as paying bondholders first. If the United States does default on its debt, which would rattle the markets, the Federal Reserve could theoretically step in to buy some of those Treasury bonds.

Why is there a limit on U.S. borrowing? According to the Constitution, Congress must authorize borrowing. The debt limit was instituted in the early 20th century so that the Treasury would not need to ask for permission each time it had to issue debt to pay bills.

Still, Democrats argue that the prospect of a successful effort could force House Republicans into a more acceptable deal. And Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen’s announcement on Monday that a potential default was only weeks away spurred Democratic leaders to act.

House Democratic leaders have for months played down the possibility of initiating a discharge petition as a way out of the stalemate. They are hesitant to budge from the party position, which Mr. Biden has articulated repeatedly, that Republicans should agree to raise the debt limit with no conditions or concessions on spending cuts.

But behind the scenes, they were simultaneously taking steps to make sure a vehicle was available if needed.

There were no signs on Tuesday of any momentum toward even a temporary resolution. Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, brushed aside the idea of putting off a confrontation by passing a short-term debt limit increase, telling reporters: “We should not kick the can down the road.”

And Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the minority leader, reiterated that he intended to leave the negotiations to Mr. Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy, again dashing the private hopes of some Democrats that the veteran Republican would ultimately cut a deal with them to allow the debt ceiling to be lifted, as he has done in the past.

“There is no solution in the Senate,” Mr. McConnell said.

The White House had no public comment on the discharge effort, according to Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary. Mr. Biden is scheduled next week to host Mr. McCarthy and other congressional leaders at the White House to discuss raising the debt limit. His goal at that meeting, a senior administration official said, will be to stress the importance of averting default and creating a separate negotiation to address other budget issues.

The discharge petition process can be time-consuming and complicated, so House Democrats who devised the strategy started early and carefully crafted their legislative vehicle. Insiders privately refer to the measure as a “Swiss Army knife” bill — one intended to be referred to every single House committee in order to keep open as many opportunities as possible for forcing it to the floor.



According to the following article, the special “discharge petition” that the democrats are considering has possibilities, but because it is time consuming (there is so little time left) combined with considerable resistance among Republicans, it would be analogous to a hail mary (a colloquial term used in sports, meaning a last ditched effort and relying on divine providence).

Can Democrats Go Around McCarthy To Force A Debt Ceiling Vote? It’s Possible

House Democrats are wielding a rarely used tool known as a “discharge petition” to go around Speaker Kevin McCarthy on a simple debt limit extension. Here’s what you need to know.

NBC News
May 4, 2023


This almost six minute video explains why the world is in serious trouble whether Russia wins or loses the Ukraine war.

Ukraine War Updates Part 3: What’s Next for Russia || Peter Zeihan

For the Russians, Ukraine is only step one. If Russia wins, they will need to move further east gobbling up the Baltic states, Finland and Warsaw to establish defensible boundaries.

If Ukraine wins, they will need to conquer and hold Belgorod and Rostov-on-Don, both of which are in Russia to ensure the Russians are unable to invade them again. If they are successful in taking Rostov-on-Don the Chechens will again rebel, this time probably winning their independence. That would destabilize Russia making them more dangerous, not less so.

Something Peter Zeihan did not mention: Imagine a civil war riven Russia with various war lords fighting over who owns the nukes. That’s highly likely if Russia loses the Ukraine war.

Presuming we in the USA successfully overcome our plutocratic overlords and local yokel neo-fascists, presuming we get past our Pluto return era we AND the entire world will need the president elected in 2024 and 2028 (when we get our Uranus return) to be as great a leader as we have ever had. Whomever is president between 2025 and 2041 will need strong support from a cooperative, like-minded congress. Considering presidents can serve eight years at most, IMO we may need at least two great presidents to get us through the very stressful but progressive Pluto in Aquarius cycle.

Will we get what we need? I believe so. I believe the election of 2024 will engender a long period of Dem hegemony, similar to what we had under FDR. The neo-fascist kooks and plutocrats may continue their opposition through 2028, but I suspect from that point their passion and power will have petered out.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, as we enter the Aquarian age of Humanity, directly opposite the age of Leo (a carnivorous predatory animal) I expect we will see and learn the tragic folly of our predatory propensities, thereby at long last (Isaiah 2:4) come to beat our swords into ploughshares, our spears into pruning hooks that nation shall not lift up sword against nation, nor learn war any more.

I meant west NOT east!

Hi Eliseo,

Your assessment is well thought out and well expressed. There is just one small element that may be missing in your calculations.

Steve Judd’s astrological forecast for May was posted earlier in this thread. I feel it puts things into perspective. If you haven’t seen it, I am re-posting it for your benefit……..


In his opening remarks, Steve shares his thoughts on the unfolding Jupiter-Pluto-Mars t square (reaching its peak later on this month). He offers the stunning admission that he had been waiting for this particular moment in astrology for nearly 20 years. In his words, he feels it is bigger than the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conj of 2020 that precipitated the Corona virus pandemic and as big as the grand crosses of 2012.

So with that being said, if we are entering a period of potential upheaval (Pluto-Mars oppositions are notorious for instigating wars), with the looming threat of a US default on our heels, all it takes is one fatal miscalculation on the part of either congress or the president and the whole house of cards can in a period of several days start rapidly unraveling (remember the world banking/ financial system is built on nothing more than trust). The US dollar is the worlds reserve currency. If the US dollar collapses due to a lack of trust, so does the world in general. The worlds financial system is built around the stability of the US dollar.

So what would that mean in real terms? The Russian/Ukraine war with NATO possibly stepping in, the simmering Israeli-Palestinian conflict, China-Taiwan tensions, India-Pakistan tensions, a potential war between the US on one side and Russia and China on the other with nuclear weapons at their disposal, the racial divide in America, mass riots in the streets all over the globe etc, etc. In short, if the economy goes, everything will erupt into conflict. We have been standing at a very delicate balance for over three quarters of a century since the end of world war two with the introduction of nuclear weapons. Such an innocuous, seemingly trivial thing as a disagreement over the budget in the US, nothing more than a political stalemate (a peculiarity in American politics), who would have thought that this one issue has the potential to set the world aflame?

Jerry, I can’t see either party letting that happen. They will find a compromise solution and hold their noses voting for it. I don’t understand why we can’t legislate some legislation to balance the budget once in for all!

On another note, watch out for disinfectant wipes! I had been using them a lot during the pandemic.


Jerry & Sharon,
I am concerned but inclined to at least partially agree with Sharon regarding the budget ceiling and what might unfold. We did not have a budget ceiling until the 1950’s. It should have been sunset after we paid of our WWII debt (to ourselves) decades ago.

To whom do we owe the debt? Again, to ourselves! This is not like owing the mortgage company or paying your hospital bill.

The question is how stupidly suicidal will the House R’s choose to be? I don’t know, but I’m guessing there are enough economicall sensible R’s (maybe 20) to vote with the Dems on the issue. Of political necessity they are quiet for the moment.

As for some fact based reasoning and solutions see the respective articles by Paul Krugman and Robert Reich.

Why Balancing the Budget is a Stupid Idea


Nobel laureate Paul Krugman says yes, Biden could mint a $1 trillion coin to avert the debt ceiling—but there’s a better option out there
The Princeton professor and New York Times columnist said circumventing the national debt limit with a platinum coin could work, but public perception is the problem.


OK, that was supposed to read
“economically sensible”

My mistake. We did have a debt ceiling after WWI as well as WWII, in both cases designed to nudge us a bit to pay it off quickly and avoid inflation.

Also, see:
Why We Need to Abolish the Debt Ceiling | Robert Reich 3:12 minutes.


Another good one by Robert Reich:
It’s all in what you measure and how you measure it.

The Little Secret About Corporate Profits | Robert Reich 4:05


Thanks for the Steve Judd link! I had seen the one on the coronation that came after, but not this one.

As I have natal Mars at zero degrees 33 minutes of Leo in my second house, I was especially interested in his commenrtary about Pluto opposite Mars. Within a few days transiting Mars will conjunct my natal Mars!

I’m feeling pretty even tempered lately. But as he suggested, I will be watching my temper. Frankly, I don’t anticipate it will be a problem, but will definitely watch out for that. Lately I’ve frequently been reminding myself “This too shall pass.”

So far, my experience of Pluto at zero Aquarius opposite my Mars has been associated with personal transformation and hopefully empowerment. I’m definitely going through some changes.

Tuesday evening the ninth, (Pacific time) I received an astounding, absolutely shocking but harmless piece of information. Honestly, it was the most extraordinarily pregnant fact I’ve ever been presented with in my lifetime. I am not at liberty to reveal it, but suffice it to say it portends probable serious accomplishment of long desired personal goals. It may well enable me to do some serious work on behalf of humanity. I certainly hope so.

Sharon and Eliseo,

Re: The Debt Ceiling Debate

The complacent idea that both parties would not stand by and let a default happen doesn’t take into consideration the potential for a major panic in the markets leading up to the “x date” of possible default. And that is what makes the situation so dangerous. Each side is posturing. Just the perception of a protracted stalemate among investors, that kind of brinkmanship could erode confidence in US treasury bonds which would in turn force a dramatic spike in interest rates to keep the US dollar from imploding. Fears of double digit inflation rearing its ugly head is the thing that keeps investors up at night. It would lead to panic in the markets. This is what Jamie Dimon and others are ringing the alarm bells about. Please refer back to my May 11th 6:35 am post/video…

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Issues Warning On Debt Ceiling ‘Panic’

Amid all the circus like posturing, former President Donald Trump has now jumped into the ring, encouraging his MAGA followers in congress to hold to their position for possible default. Politics is definitely fogging the perceptions of the Republican far right House Freedom Caucus members ……

Trump Urges GOP To Let Catastrophic Debt Default Happen If Dems Don’t Accept Cuts

May 10, 2023

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday urged Republican lawmakers to let the United States default on its debt if Democrats don’t agree to spending cuts.

“I say to the Republicans out there — congressmen, senators — if they don’t give you massive cuts, you’re going to have to do a default,” said Trump, who is again running for president. “And I don’t believe they’re going to do a default because I think the Democrats will absolutely cave, will absolutely cave because you don’t want to have that happen. But it’s better than what we’re doing right now because we’re spending money like drunken sailors.”




Contrary to what the general public would like to believe, it is not business as usual. All it takes is one single member of congress to call for a snap vote of no confidence to oust the Speaker of The House Kevin McCarthy………

McCarthy Paid A Steep Price For His Speakership—Now What?

January 10, 2023

Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)’s rocky road to the House Speakership came at a steep price. After 15 ballots, the most since the Civil War, McCarthy narrowly sewed up support only after agreeing to most of the procedural and policy demands of 20-some-odd members of the far-right bloc of House Republicans, the Freedom Caucus.

Disputes over the rules often reflect a party’s ideological rifts. But intense fighting over the rules this time was actually a fight over the House Republicans’ agenda and who will control it in the new Congress. On that score, members of the far-right, anti-establishment Freedom Caucus won big.

Here’s what you need to know about the road ahead.



We don’t need to be lectured on the issue. We are not complacent and are quite aware of the danger. We are indeed dealing with crazies. I’m just choosing not to panic about it.

We don’t need a majority of the House R’s to vote to raise the debt ceiling, just a handful to vote with the Dems. The R’s in Congress will not be persuaded by ordinary citizens like ourselves. Those whom might be persuaded to vote with the Dems to raise the debt ceiling will be persuaded by their corporate owners, and other R’s, not by Dems such as ourselves.

Dear Eliseo,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wasn’t suggesting YOU were complacent. I was simply pointing out that the IDEA, the prevailing view adopted by many is out of sync with the reality of the situation. Again, this is not business as usual. There are quite a few radical Republicans in congress who are hell bent in taking this country of ours down. What’s behind it? Trumpism and sympathizers to “the cause” have many complicated facets to it, but the most prominent theme and convincing argument I’ve heard can best be summarized in the following article…..

Republicans Want a White Republic. They’ll Destroy America to Get It

Yahoo News
July 17, 2023

When in a recent tweetstorm Donald Trump suggested that four Congresswomen of color leave the U.S. and “go back” to the “totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” social media exploded. Outrage. Even some news outlets finally let go of the euphemisms and called the tweets “racist.” The Republicans, on the other hand, were quiet. As well they would be. The ideological demographics of the party dictated it.

The GOP’s membership is nearly 90 percent white and can only envision carnage and extinction as it looks upon a rights-based, religious, racial and ideologically diverse America. Or, as Lindsey Graham had noted as early as 2012, “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

In short, the United States of America is not really their America. They yearn for a white republic. That’s why they are fighting to recreate the days when, as Archie Bunker sang, “Guys like us, we had it made.” That’s why they’ve willingly gone along with and participated in a sustained attack on the country itself, allowing it to grow weaker so that they could feel stronger.



Eliseo, Jerry:

The elegant Patricia Colins discusses the Neptune-Saturn entrance into Aries in 2025-2026. She mentions possible idealistic wars as indicated by Neptune in Aries. She also mentions possible gun regulations as a Saturn in Aries influence.

IF, she is correct, at least about gun regulations then the only way I see that it can happen is for the Dems to crush the Republicans, either in 2024 or in 2026, in order to pass that kind of legislation. That would also mean that SCOTUS would somehow have to shift its crazy absolutism against gun regulation. That could point to a Dem president in 2024 who nominates a liberal justice with a Dem majority in the Senate to push through a vacancy (Thomas?) or 2 (Alito?). This scenario, only a possibility, points to Eliseo’s belief that we will have a very positive outcome for President and for a supportive majorities in Congress.

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/e-MMis7ujdE

Verrry interesting!


Article states the audience was instructed to NOT boo! About half were enthusiastically clapping, etc. but the other half was completely silent & did not clap.

I read elsewhere that the new CEO of CNN wants to look fair & balanced and not just like CNN is learning left.

Sharon, the issue with both side-ism which is what CNN is attempting, is that it assumes there are two sides. Talking about policy differences with the two parties began to wane with Newt Gingrich and was complete with the elimination of Congresswoman Cheney. Republicans don’t care about policy anymore. They simply want to destroy everything.

CNN’s mistake is to pretend its 1990. It is not!

I saw panel of journalists the other day discussing how to cover trump, and the statement was made that because he’s a candidate, they HAVE to cover him. My big question to all is WHY?
Their philosophy seems to be going down the same rabbit hole as 2016.
Maybe this is part of the remainder of pluto capricorn – shakeup in the corporate profit-above-all focused media enties.
Too many journalists I’ve heard accept and are OK with the concept of, all politicians lie and spin.
Above ‘its the economy stupid’, ‘its the lies stupid’.

Looking at president Biden’s charts between May 15 and June 3 I think there is a very good chance he will handle the debt ceiling concerns handily. And the GOP also as he takes the gloves off.

Thanks Bob!

I checked out Kevin McCarthy’s chart and his Uranus trine to his Mercury-Venus peaked and is now separating. Chiron is now moving into a square to that conjunction of his exacting a little later this month.

Uranus will exact its opposition to his Neptune later this month.

Doesn’t bode well for him and the timing confirms what you’re seeing.

Hi Bob,

According to one financial analyst (see video below), if they don’t get a deal by Friday May 26th there could be what’s called a “technical default” very soon afterwards. May 26th has Mars in t square to the nodes (3 Taurus – Scorpio). The Taurus-Scorpio axis represents finances. What’s really interesting is the June 1st date. Mars conjoins Biden’s Pluto in exact quincunx to Saturn…..

Gardner: The Chances Of A Technical Debt Ceiling Default Are Fairly High

Video: 4 min 50 sec


Fixed Grand Cross Energies with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and the Nodes of Fate – May 2023 Astrology

Video: 10 min 21 sec


Many Thanks for the link to the presentation by Patricia Collins! I’m impressed! I really like her deeper, slower approach. Astrologically she presents what I’ve been intuiting for quite a long time.

As for as the gun control issue: I’ve long disagreed with both parties on the issue. I see the prevention of gun violence as a far deeper problem than merely outlawing certain types of firearms. Such laws IMO are like band aids for gaping wounds. We need to think this through more deeply.

IMO there are three primary approaches we need to take simultaneously to reduce gun violence, all of which are completely loathed by the R’s.
(1) A system of universally available health care with a strong mental health component.
(2) End poverty!
(3) Mandate a shooter’s and gun owner licensing system similar to what we have for driver’s licenses. That system would include a universal background check that would involve mental health as well as criminal history.

Between the 3rd and 4th minute of Ms. Collins presentation she also mentioned “new beginnings” for our health care system. I’m hoping that will be either Canadian style single payer (socialized health insurance) OR UK style (socialized medicine.)
That would fulfill my number one above.

She mentioned Saturn and Neptune in Aries in the context of the 5th century. Again I agree, but would go further. As we enter the age of Aquarius we are directly opposite the age of Leo. I believe the changes we are undergoing now and through the end of this century will be seen as profound as those we experienced 12,000 years ago with the agricultural revolution and the beginning formation of cities. (see my last paragraph from my May 11th, 2023 8:00 pm posting)

All in All, you are right in saying her interpretation jives with mine. I of course could be wrong, but until other evidence surfaces, I firmly believe the next several elections will involve large, maybe huge gains for Dems at the national level, the trend lasting for at least two decades. As for local and state elections, I am less sure.

All automobiles of all types have a VIN number. They are tracked from the moment of manufacture all the way through their “lifespan” and “death” in the junkyard.

Likewise, guns of all kinds (unless they are homemade) have serial numbers. They need to be tracked as assiduously as we track our cars. Passing laws requiring same would at first be resisted by some, but over several decades we would get compliance.

Furthermore, as a former criminal investigator and gun owner (Ever heard of Zen archery? I’m a Zen target shooter;) I find it ironic I’m required to have liability insurance for my car, (a potentially lethal weapon) but not for owning a gun.

Rational regulations of potentially harmful machinery use, combines, tractors, automobiles, powered boats, airplanes, guns, etc. or of chemicals and substances sometimes evolve slowly. South Dakota did not institute driver’s licenses until 1959! And we are far past the era in which citizens had to defend themselves against bears, various critters or hostile native tribes.

Just my opinion, but I see a high probability we will begin to regulate the internet, artificial intelligence, corporations, immigration, international trade, guns, judicial ethics, medical practice, insurance companies, and quite a bit more, – all – far more rationally AFTER the elction of 2024, particularly after the new congress and president are sworn in in 2025.

Eliseo, You are very welcome! Your points about what needs to accompany gun regulations for us to move past gun violence is perfectly sensible because it tackles the root causes. Our nation will need more money to invest in universal healthcare that includes mental health and to end poverty. For that, we will need an economic restructuring, a reverse of the upward movement of money into the hands of our nation’s richest people. The groundwork for our economic restructuring has been laid by economic theorists and politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and given our nation’s growing debt, it seems to me to be inevitable and timely with Pluto’s movement though Aquarius. I would love to hear your thoughts!

“The groundwork for our economic restructuring has been laid by economic theorists and politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren…”
AND before them, FDR and Harry Truman!

IMHO, of all living Dems, Elizabeth Warren has the clearest vision on how our economy should be restructed, but her protege, Congresswoman Katie Porter is just as sharp. It may take a younger Dem like KP to fathom the appropriate governmental responses to the extraordinary technological, biological, and cultural developments and achievements which will transpire through the next several years. Those developments will be more profoundly transformative than we can imagine, though we do know what some of them will be.

Furthermore, for the foreseeable future our world will be more dangerous internationally as we divide into two opposing camps, autocracies and dictatorships vs free worlders. Whomever leads us will need to be as firm and as visionary as JFK with the political skill and acumen of an LBJ.

Frank, there are some things elucidated better privately, but not on this limited forum. I will authorize Nancy to supply you with my email address if you would like to discuss the facts and issues involved more deeply or in more detail.

A suspicious development:
Belarus dictator/president Alexander Lukashenko is missing, not seen publicly since the parade in Moscow May 9th. This is very unusual.

Some in the Intel community believe on orders from V. Putin he may have been poisoned like the Belarus Minister of Foreign Affairs Makei, who died a few months ago. The rumor, (unconfirmed for the moment) is he is in an artificial medical coma with extensive myocardial infarction induced by poison.

To Putin’s frustration. Lukashenko has refused on several occasions to send Belarus troops into Ukraine to support the Russians. If he dies, Putin will probably claim the Ukrainians poisoned him, annex Belarus into Russia and conscript Belarusians into fighting in Ukraine.

Eliseo, yes, thank you.

Fascinating news about Belarus. Do you think the people of Belarus would acquiesce or rebel against being taken over by Russia and forced to fight? The general astrology of Pluto moving into Aquarius suggests to me that they would rebel but I know next to nothing about the Belarusians. (Does Belarus mean beautiful Russia?)

Another fascinating development is the election in Turkey moving to a runoff in 2 weeks.

The name Belarus literally translated is White Ruthenia or Baltic Ruthenia. It is what we used to call White Russia. Whether the Belaruaians would rebel or comply, I don’t know.

Eliseo, you are a font of knowledge as well as wisdom!

I meant Belarusians not Belaruaians.

Thank you Frank.
I appreciate your confidence but don’t see myself as particularly wise. Generally knowledgeable yes, maybe more so than many but considering how ignorant we all are that’s not saying much that helps anybody. Wise? Ha! You wouldn’t believe the foolish mistakes I’ve made.

BTW, if you google alexander lukashenko news, you’ll find several very recent news stories from all the majors and a few of the minors about Lukashenko’s “poor health.” Whatever is the cause, the man’s illness is awfully convenient for Mr. Putin.

Regarding another subject:
Several astrologers, notably Andre Kahr amongst them, have noted the aspects reflecting our current cultural and national conflict are not as severe as were those of our civil war or war for independence.

Through the end of our Pluto return period I believe we’ll see a lot more of the kind of incident described below. It’s crazy, ridiculous and terrible but better than the Confederate army of Northern Virginia fighting to the death against the Union Army of the Potomac.

Outright civil war for us is IMO “not in the cards” nor in our stars. But individual violence committed by radicalized right wing crazies, and/or severely alienated, depressed adult and adolescent males, whether with guns, knives, swords, or baseball bats will continue I believe until we’ve learned how to navigate through this Pluto return and the coming Uranus return.

Just my speculation, but I wonder if our 2028 Uranus return might serve to reunite us. Our last Uranus return was a couple of days before D-Day 1944. The one before that was at the beginning of the Am. Civil War which initially divided us but ultimately affirmed our unity. Before the war we were referred to as “THESE” United States. Post Civil War the nation is called “THE” United States.

Bat-wielding attacker injures Virginia congressman’s district office staff
“The individual is in police custody and both members of my team were transferred to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries,” Rep. Gerry Connolly said.


“Looking at president Biden’s charts between May 15 and June 3 I think there is a very good chance he will handle the debt ceiling concerns handily. And the GOP also as he takes the gloves off.”

Thank you for the supportive astrology.


“All automobiles of all types have a VIN number. They are tracked from the moment of manufacture all the way through their “lifespan” and “death” in the junkyard.”

Hear, hear!


“Above ‘its the economy stupid’, ‘its the lies stupid’.”



“Uranus will exact its opposition to his Neptune later this month.

Doesn’t bode well for him and the timing confirms what you’re seeing.”

This comforts me so. The man is beyond stupid and more than vile.


Patricia Colins link. Wisdom. Thank you.

– Noelle Dunphy –
In addition to all she alleges in her $10 million lawsuit aginst Mr. Giuliani, a Guliani/Trump deal to split $2 million, the price for each pardon for solicited “clients!?”
Color me shocked but not surprised.

Eliseo, Majorie Orr has a post on A. Lukashenko:

Thanks for the Majorie Orr link!
I notified Nancy to supply you with my email address. She reports she sent it to you. Please contact me.

I checked my email and junk mail and didn’t receive anything from Nancy. I recall you tried sending me your email through Nancy once before and I never got it. I know my email is integrated into this site so she has it but I wonder if she is recording it correctly when she sends it? I’ll wait and see if I get anything over this weekend, if not, I’ll post mine here and you can contact me.

Very well. That’ll work.
I’m sure Nancy already sent her message which should have arrived instantaneously. Nevertheless, your plan will be fine.

Eliseo, you can reach me at fsalmerica@att.net

From the 1960’s to the present I’ve been arguing one of the primary drivers of inflation was and is pure, simple, corporate and business greed. Competition in theory drives prices down, but can aldo drive them up, way up under the right circumstances. But for all these decades most economists have exercised blind denial, dismissing the notion as it did not fit into their economic theory.

At long last this simple truth is being taken seriously. It fits into my long held personal worldview in which addiction in both varieties, substance addiction and process addiction play a far larger role in history, economics, finance, politics, and our personal relationships than we have previously understood.

Greed, of course is one of our more serious process addictions. I recommend a book published back in the 80’s by Anne Wilson Schaef, When Society Becomes an Addict.

Once a fringe theory, “greedflation” gets its due

The fact “greedflation” is now being taken more seriously, I believe is a portent of things to come. In my interpretation, as Pluto moves through Aquarius and later Pisces we will have over 40 years in which a more humanitarian economic ethos will become the deeply entrenched norm.

I read astrologer Michael Wolfstar’s predictions for 2024 and he’s basically predicting Donald Trump will win the election.

Please tell me that one of you see things differently. I’m horrified by the prospect of the Orange Idiot and his fascist associates getting back into the White House.

Maybe I am getting a little too paranoid, but can someone please look at McCarthy’s aspects for the coming 18 months. As Speaker of the House, he is third in line and the GOP seems a little too happy and smug right now.

McCarthy next 18 months after his 2023 DS
With all of these heavy aspects coming he may not make it to the 24 elections.

Kevin McCarthy CB – Natal Relocated Jan 26 1965, 3:40 pm, EST +5:00
Capitol Building Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’24”, 077°W00’34”

Aug 25 2023 Sat 03°Pi57′ Cnj Sat 03°Pi57′ Tr-Na
Aug 30 2023 Sat 03°Pi33′ Sqr Mon 03°Sg33′ Tr-Na
Jan 4 2024 Sat 03°Pi33′ Sqr Mon 03°Sg33′ Tr-Na
Jan 8 2024 Sat 03°Pi57′ Cnj Sat 03°Pi57′ Tr-Na
Mar 9 2024 Sat 11°Pi00′ Cnj Sat 11°Pi00′ Tr-Sp
Mar 16 2024 Sat 11°Pi49′ Opp Ura 11°Vi49′ Tr-Sp
Mar 21 2024 Sat 12°Pi23′ Opp Mar 12°Vi23′ Tr-Sp
Apr 6 2024 Sat 14°Pi13′ Opp Ura 14°Vi13′ Tr-Na
Apr 8 2024 Sat 14°Pi29′ Opp Plu 14°Vi29′ Tr-Sp
Apr 23 2024 Sat 15°Pi56′ Opp Plu 15°Vi56′ Tr-Na
Sep 9 2024 Sat 15°Pi56′ Opp Plu 15°Vi56′ Tr-Na
Sep 29 2024 Sat 14°Pi28′ Opp Plu 14°Vi28′ Tr-Sp
Oct 2 2024 Sat 14°Pi13′ Opp Ura 14°Vi13′ Tr-Na

Any one of those aspects could mark his removal from his position.

Thank you Bob. From your lips to Gods ears.


Interesting to note, the June 1st debt ceiling deadline has Mars at 6 Leo opposite Kevin McCarthy’s natal Sun (6 Aquarius) in square to the 2021 US Inaugural charts natal Mars/Uranus conj. (6 Taurus). Tr. Mars in turn will form a quincunx to tr. Saturn (6 Pisces). Some adjustments will have to be made at the last moment. Tr. Uranus at 20 Taurus in opposition to McCarthy’s natal Neptune (19 Scorpio) suggests that. This game of chicken even if the debt ceiling is resolved could have long term serious consequences……..



Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said Friday that stresses in the banking sector could mean that interest rates won’t have to be as high to control inflation. – Jeff Cox, Fed Chair Powell Says Rates May Not Have to Rise as Much as Expected to Curb Inflation, “ http://www.cnbc.com, May 19, 2023.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Old saying from either boxing lore and/or the Bible.
Is there any adage more appropriate that describes the current T-square of Jupiter (the “biggest”) to Pluto (the “fall” or “collapse”) and Mars (the “trigger” or “the punch”)? In politics, it could mean exactly what it says. In terms of markets, it could also mean, “The higher they go, the harder they fall.”

Since we are talking about financial markets here, we note several global stock indices have blasted off to new multi-month and even multi-year highs last week, which certainly fits the Mars/Jupiter square from early Leo to early Taurus. Will they now fall as hard as they have rallied since their breakouts that began around the time of the Sun/Uranus conjunction on May 9 (Uranus pertains to breaking out above long-term resistance or below long-term support)?

Most notable is probably the breakout in the Japanese Nikkei stock index, which soared to 30,924 last week, its highest level since 1990, and a “breakout” above the double tops at 30,714 and 30,795 in February and September 2021 under the Saturn/Uranus waning square. But maybe it was the German DAX, which actually did rally to a new all-time on Friday, reaching 16,331, slightly above its prior all-time high of 16,290 achieved on November 18, 2021, under the same Saturn/Uranus waning square.

In the Americas, it was a tale of two markets. The NASDAQ soared to a new yearly high, and the S&P to its highest mark in 9 months. However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was closer to its 7-week low early last week before recovering somewhat into Friday, but again down on the day and well off its cycle high of May 1 when the Trickster was near its retrograde midpoint.
Nearly all of the world’s stock indices rallied nicely into the end of last week, except the Hang Seng in
Hong Kong, which instead did indeed fall to its lowest mark in eight weeks on Friday.

There were other notable activities in financial markets last week under this developing fixed T-square of Mars/Jupiter/Uranus, May 16-23. Gold, for instance, dropped to a 7-week low of 1954.40 on Thursday, May 18, as Jupiter squared Pluto. Silver fell to 23.48 on the same day, well off its yearly high of 26.43 on May 5. By the next day (Friday), each was undergoing a smart rally. Crude Oil was also up nicely last week to a high of 73.58. As recently as May 4, it was making a new yearly low at 63.64. This is an important market right now because Jupiter is involved, making a square to both Mars and Pluto May 18-23. Bitcoin, on the other hand, had an inside week to the prior week’s range. Still, it is holding above 25,000 in this reversal zone, which is a positive for bulls (so far).

Going back to our original quote that opened this week’s column: The higher they (markets) go, the
harder they fall. There are other pearls of wisdom, too, such as, once resistance breaks, it becomes
support. Thus, we have parameters as to whether this will be a big reversal zone in which lofty markets will suddenly collapse or a continued upside breakout.

The breakouts today are marked by the Sun/Uranus conjunction of May 9. Usually, when a market breaks out under that aspect, it will continue higher for up to 14 trading days afterwards before a serious pullback. That time band extends out to May 26. In other words, if this is a case of “the higher they go, the harder they will fall,” the reversal would most likely occur any time before May 29 (May 26 is a Friday). Another market maxim is that market behaviors are governed by fear and greed (Saturn
and Jupiter). Jupiter is running the tables right now. The Sun will square Saturn on May 29. But I have always questioned that maxim, for I think greed is also a characteristic of fear.


White House and House Republican negotiators trying to resolve an impasse over raising the debt
ceiling broke off talks, tempering hopes of quickly reaching a deal ahead of a government default as
soon as next month. Negotiators said the breakdown in talks centered around how deeply to cut the government budget, with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) saying Friday that spending levels were a major sticking point as Republicans pressed for deeper reductions than Democrats appeared poised to accept. – Siobhan Hughes, David Harrison, and Natalie Andrews, ‘We’re at a Very Bad Moment’: Negotiators Pause Debt-Ceiling Talks,” Wall Street Journal Online, May 19, 2023. Astrology (and the astrologer) is a choice-giver, not the choice-maker. – Dennis Harness, Psychologist and Astrologer, Sedona, Arizona.

The markets did not collapse under the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto fixed T-square that is now underway (May 16-23). In fact, several global stock indices soared higher as news of a possible breakthrough in the debt ceiling negotiations was cited last week (before Friday’s statement to the contrary after the market close). However, as mentioned last week, there is not likely to be an agreement while this aspect is underway. After all, fixed T-squares are not indicators of compromise and agreement. On the contrary, they usually indicate stubbornness and reluctance to budge much at all. Parties tend to remain firm in their positions. It is as if “being right” is more important than doing what is best for most people concerned (Aquarius). With Mars about to enter Leo, square to Jupiter, there is also a more than usual amount of egoism and machoism involved. “Being right” is sometimes mistaken for “being tough, being strong.” In many cases, it is just being immature, primal, and even greedy (which, as mentioned before, is a mask for being fearful – fearful of being seen as weak).

In any event, these psychological dramas at the highest political levels are being acted out as a critical deadline fast approaches that can lead to negative consequences in spite of Jupiter’s usually positive nature. It can still lead to panic, especially as we are right in the midst of this May 16-23 cosmic crunch time, otherwise known as the 3-star critical reversal period. Everyone wants a resolution to this debt ceiling impasse (well, maybe not everyone). And I think it can still happen by the Jupiter/Saturn sextile (June 19). And when it does, markets will explode even further to the upside. But that doesn’t mean
there will not be a sudden plunge first as the two sides continue to fight with their feet in cement.

For equity indices, this is still a case of the higher they go, the harder they fall. And with Mars involved, the plunge can be steep and quick, even at a record level. At the same time, this matter points out one astrological truism: market behavior is not directly related to geocosmic factors. Geocosmic factors accurately describe the psychological climate unfolding, and by deduction (as well as historical rates of frequency), we project that psychological climate onto human activity and make an educated guess about how it will impact financial markets. Often we are correct. But there are other times when we have to realize that choice has the ultimate effect on the
outcome. And the debt ceiling limit is still a matter of choice, and thus equity markets are rising
because investors think government leaders will work this out.

As long as investors think it will be resolved, and as often as political leaders give soundbites that
progress is being made, stock markets will rally. But if the debt ceiling limit isn’t resolved before a
default hits, then it’s “the higher they go, the harder they fall.” This also applies to political leaders too, as in, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” The Republicans seem to know this. A default is not going to hurt them as much as it will hurt the “big guy.” The “big guy” needs to be careful about misjudging this situation, as if it is purely a matter requiring him to be strong, tough, and unbending. What is required is to find common ground and compromise. Yes, his supporters will say he is right. But the opposition and the independents will say otherwise once it begins to endanger their sense of security.

Sharon K,
I just reread your April 29th, 2023 12:38 pm posting.

“Well, just because you have strong jupiter aspects, it doesn’t mean you win the top prize. I once had Jupiter t. my sun ON my birthday and I did not win the lottery even though I was convinced that I would – lol.”

Hilarious! Laughing WITh you, not at you. Haven’t we ALL done something like that at one time or another? Laughing at myself as well.

Examining Kevin McCarthy’s chart a little more closely, it’s intriguing to see that he has a Uranus/Pluto conj at 14/15 Virgo in opposition to natal Chiron at 15 Pisces. All of this at harsh semisquare and sesquisquare angles to tr. Pluto (0 Aquarius). Pres. Biden has his Moon at 0 Taurus, so the President is also inextricably entangled in this quagmire.

June 5th, 2023

Venus at 0 Leo in opposition to Pluto and semi-square Sun (15 Gemini). Sun will be in sesquisquare to Pluto. McCarthy’s natal chart will be lighting up like a Christmas tree. Is this an indication that McCarthy will be dethroned? Or worse still, will the US economy to into freefall due to a stalemate?

Finger-Pointing Won’t Save Anyone if Default Leads to Economic Collapse

While each party tries to blame the other for the crisis, some acknowledge that they would both share responsibility for a default.

New York Times
May 19, 2023

Is it the Biden default? Or the Republican Default on America?

Even as negotiators push forward with halting talks to resolve the federal debt-ceiling standoff, members of both parties are positioning themselves to try to dodge the blame for the economic fallout if things go south. Democrats lambaste Republicans for taking the debt ceiling hostage to appease “extreme MAGA” conservatives bent on shrinking government spending. Republicans hit Democrats for waiting too long to open talks and not taking G.O.P. demands seriously.

But deep down — and in some cases not so deep — officials in both parties know they are all going to pay if they don’t get a deal, the government defaults and Americans lose money and jobs and confidence about their financial well-being and future.

“I would hate to be the politician trying to explain to people when the economy is in the toilet that it’s not my fault, it’s their fault,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina. “Yeah, that ain’t going to work. They will flush us all.”

Polls have suggested Mr. Graham’s view is correct. A Washington Post-ABC News Poll released earlier this month shows that the public is divided about who will bear the blame, with a significant chunk of independents saying the two sides should share it equally.

And some on Capitol Hill say the political backlash will be well deserved if Congress and the White House manage to mangle the situation so badly that public officials careen into a completely avoidable crisis and send both the economy and the retirement accounts of millions of Americans reeling.

Understand the U.S. Debt Ceiling

What is the debt ceiling? The debt ceiling, also called the debt limit, is a cap on the total amount of money that the federal government is authorized to borrow via U.S. Treasury securities, such as bills and savings bonds, to fulfill its financial obligations. Because the United States runs budget deficits, it must borrow huge sums of money to pay its bills.

The limit has been hit. What now? America hit its technical debt limit on Jan. 19. The Treasury Department will now begin using “extraordinary measures” to continue paying the government’s obligations. These measures are essentially fiscal accounting tools that curb certain government investments so that the bills continue to be paid. Those options could be exhausted by June.

What is at stake? Once the government exhausts its extraordinary measures and runs out of cash, it would be unable to issue new debt and pay its bills. The government could wind up defaulting on its debt if it is unable to make required payments to its bondholders. Such a scenario would be economically devastating and could plunge the globe into a financial crisis.

Can the government do anything to forestall disaster? There is no official playbook for what Washington can do. But options do exist. The Treasury could try to prioritize payments, such as paying bondholders first. If the United States does default on its debt, which would rattle the markets, the Federal Reserve could theoretically step in to buy some of those Treasury bonds.

Why is there a limit on U.S. borrowing? According to the Constitution, Congress must authorize borrowing. The debt limit was instituted in the early 20th century so that the Treasury would not need to ask for permission each time it had to issue debt to pay bills.

“I can’t comprehend that anyone who had the ability to prevent this much damage to our country, our economy and our world standing would allow that to happen,” said Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, who had been among those pressing his party to engage in negotiations earlier. “It would be absolutely reprehensible. Everyone should get hammered.”

But those likely reverberations haven’t yet motivated negotiators to come to an agreement and clear the way for an economic sigh of relief. Representative Garret Graves of Louisiana, the point man for House Republicans in the talks, abruptly exited a Friday negotiating session with administration representatives in the Capitol, accusing them of being “unreasonable,” and the talks were temporarily suspended. Suddenly, the path to a quick agreement that Speaker Kevin McCarthy had seen on Thursday was newly cluttered with obstacles. By the evening, talks had resumed.

Such ups and downs in budget negotiations are fairly standard and can be performative as well as substantive. Both sides need to flex to show their respective forces that they are hanging tough and pushing for all they can get. But there are real differences in the positions of Democrats and Republicans on a host of issues on the bargaining table. A positive outcome is no certainty, despite regular high-level assurances that the United States cannot and will not default in the coming days.

Still, should that occur, lawmakers and administration officials would like you to know that they didn’t do it.

“Here we are on the brink of a Biden default,” Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Republican of West Virginia, declared this week both in person and via news release, sounding a refrain becoming increasingly popular with Republicans — that this was all Mr. Biden’s doing because he refused to engage with them earlier and allow enough time to work out an agreement.

Not so, counter the Democrats. “We find ourselves in the midst of a G.O.P.-manufactured default crisis because House Republicans have chosen to try and hold our economy, our small businesses, everyday Americans hostage to unreasonable ransom demands,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York and the minority leader, said.

Republicans have a retort. They argue that since they squeezed legislation through the House last month that would raise the debt limit and enact spending cuts, they have bragging rights as well as immunity from any criticism because they are the only ones who have acted thus far — though it was widely known the bill could never pass the Democratic-majority Senate.

“I don’t know how we own it if we raised the debt limit,” Mr. McCarthy said at the White House when asked if he was ready to face the consequences for a default. His colleagues share his view.

While astrogical aspects can provide a timeline for when they will play out they cannot provide their magnitude. Will a Jupiter conjunct a natal Sun mark a lottery win or just a feel good day (“I’m as corny as Kansas in August, high as a flag on the Fourth of July…) https://www.facebook.com/SouthPacificMusical/videos/a-wonderful-guy-from-south-pacific-1958/1054890221290107/or a Saturn aspect a down in the dumps day a broken leg?

Tiny URL: https://tinyurl.com/2jhp3du7

At this point you dance and sing like there is no one watching or listening.

Bob, what about MT(G)’s aspects?

…and how about the debt ceiling’s aspects? Is it ready to die? Or at least retire?

A possible subdued Jupiter aspect (but just as wonderful) may mark “Some Enchanted Evening”


It’s a new season. Out with the tRump show; time for South Pacific and the like that can make you feel younger than springtime.

I cannot find a recorded birth time for MTG.

I think president Biden will handle the debt ceiling situation in the country’s favor.

Darn, Bob. I think so too about Biden.

And as we all know, you’ve got to be carefully taught…

Bob —Thank you for the research on Kevin McCarthy’s upcoming aspects. We can only hope that there is karma for this nasty group of monsters. Probably won’t find a birth time for MTG since she wasn’t born, but sprung from the depths of hell.

Frank — Thank you for the link to Patricia Colins. I never heard of her, and I really enjoyed her presentation style and comments.

I learned the hard way about Saturn in Pisces followed by a full moon eclipse in Scorpio. On April 12 South Florida saw flooding like never before, talk about FOCUSED and DEEP waters. Evidently we got 1/3 of our annual rainfall in a couple of hours. My car was flooded, so considered totaled. I am on the third floor of a 4-story building (so my apartment was fine), but all of the ground floor apartments were flooded, and now gutted, and 90% of the cars at the building were flooded and considered totaled. My sister’s house one mile from me and most of the houses on her street (in Hollywood) were severely flood damaged and had to be gutted. The rains were tremendous. With Saturn in Pisces I continue to be nervous about “organized” hurricanes this season.

Here I am in DeSantisstan where all of our rights have disappeared, he is destroying our economy, our educational system, and everything else. Hard to believe what is happening in this country, and the fascists are popping up everywhere.

I really appreciate this site which provides adult conversation for me and thought-provoking comments. My moon is 27 Cancer, so Pluto will Retrograde back there in October one last time, and my gut is that it may have something to do with my mother. My parents have been living with me for almost 3 years, and my mother is out of control, very mean and abusive. There is no real conversation because of their dementia, which I could handle if it were less abusive to me.

Will hopefully get through this, but also mentionable because the U.S. Sun at 27 Cancer will be opposed by this last pass of Pluto over that degree, and I think October will have changes for our country on many levels, our Pluto Return, with human rights at stake.

Clicked “submit” too soon, my head is just wobbly these days.

In October 2023 transiting Pluto will oppose my natal Moon, 27 Cancer.
In October, the United States will have the final pass for our Pluto Return. (Transiting Pluto already opposed the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees Cancer, when tRump was gearing up to run for pres).

Events will be interesting to say the least.

Arbo, this eclipse in next years March may do a job on MTG or set her up for a later chart. Perhaps on election night – see her progressed Mercury to her Saturn to Pluto square and the March eclipse. The positions will be the same to each other no matter where she will be.


Noon chart used for the birth chart, barely affects the positions of it’s Saturn and Pluto.

I don’t know if anyone is aware of this or not, but the Federal Reserve’s natal Mercury-Saturn opposition at 13 Gemini-Sagittarius is about to be hit by the June 4, 2023 Full Moon (13 Sagittarius). This in addition to what was mentioned in my earlier post on the June 5th aspects – Venus at 0 Leo in opposition to Pluto and semi-square Sun (15 Gemini). Sun will be in sesquisquare to Pluto.

The 13 Gemini-Sagittarius axis is also the degree of the US Sibly charts Ascendant-Descendant axis. Much has been written about the 9/11/2001 terror attacks with Saturn and Pluto straddling those very same degrees.

Is it possible Marjorie Taylor Greene and her radical compatriots of the far right will force the default issue to the very edge if not over the cliff?

NEWSFLASH May 19, 2023 U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told bank CEOs on Thursday that more mergers may be necessary after a series of bank failures.

Now that Janet Yellen has put out the warning, brace yourself for more turbulence in the markets…..

Now That All Banks Are ‘Too Big To Fail,’ Disaster Awaits

March 20, 2023
New York Post

The biggest lesson from the financial sector in recent days? The alleged “fixes” put in place after the 2008 meltdown didn’t do squat — and the feds are now poised to bail out everyone.



If you haven’t seen it, there’s an excellent film covering the events of 2008. A must watch. I can post the entire film here on this forum if anyone is interested. Here’s the trailer…….

Too Big To Fail

Video: 1 min 11 sec


Bob, I guess that’s what’s called “fate.”

Hi All,

Have to share this bizarre dream; I feel this sharp, painful sensation on my back – like someone is pounding their fists on my back with all of their might. I turn around and there is Vladimer Putin glaring at me with my blood dripping from his teeth. I hauled off to knock the Kremlin out of him and woke up gripping my knuckles in pain; I had hit the wall behind my bed so hard that I left an impression in the wall. Evidently it was effective as Putin went “poof.” He’s really gross up close.

Trump criminal trial in NYC set for March 25, 2024. 24 is going to be quite a year.


I’m in OMG land.

Below is the link to a CNN story which I find quite pregnant. It’s a big one in the sense of connecting some disparate dots. I cautiously suggest the significance of the events described may be quite a portent of things to come, possibly Russian civil war? Most have not grasped its potential significance.

This is the first instance in which armed Russian nationals, publicly self identifying as rebels, as an internal Russian resistance group have begun a continuing attack within Russia. In the past there have been a few terrorist incidents but who committed them has remained ambiguous.

Sunday night two groups of anti-Putin Russian nationals, the Freedom for Russia Legion and Russian Volunteer Corps, launched an ongoing attack on the Belgorod region within Russia. (I referenced the strategic importance of Belgorod as a rail and supply center in my May 11th, 2023 8:00 pm posting.)

The two groups say they want to “liberate our motherland from the tyranny of Putin,” and “Russia will be free.” “The Freedom for Russia Legion said its goal was the “complete liberation of Russia” in a post on Telegram on Tuesday.” In the text of the story it is revealed these two groups are using an alternative blue and white flag to symbolize “free Russia.”

Needless to say, Russian media is in shock. Will this internal militarized Russian resistance movement last? Grow larger? Who knows? According to the rebels, “Russia has no reserves to respond to military crises. All military personnel are dead, wounded or in Ukraine.”

Although they are Russian citizens, the rebels take refuge in eastern Ukraine, but… (and the article does not mention this) there have been some “curious” incidents all over Russia and an inordinate number of arson created fires in strategic locations throughout the country. It is known one of those fires was started (I seem to recall it was at a munitions plant?) by a cleaning lady who lost her son in Ukraine. She disappeared soon after, believed to have left Russia, whereabouts unknown. (That was from another source.)

For the full story on the rebels attack on Belgorod with text and videos at CNN:

Anti-Putin Russians say they launched a cross-border attack from Ukraine. Here’s what we know


Another version of the story, this one identifying the two Russian nationalist groups as “far right.”

Financial Times
Militias used US armoured vehicles in attack over Russian border

My charts for president Biden indicate May 25 and June 1 as Jupiter influenced days for him.

If McCarthy is in denial about the debt future now I do not think he will see it after May 25 or June 1.

That should read “I do not think he will be”.

Having a difficult time maintainlng focus because of my eyes.

Are any of you aware of Noelle Dunphy’s claims against Rudy Guilliani? If only half is true, totally shocking and very gross. I imagine Jack Smith will be very interested in speaking with her
Ellie from Dreams Down under reviews the court filing: part 1 of 2


Yes, it appears that there is quite a bit of “there” there.

This is an interesting piece.


Debt limit options narrowing, 14th Amendment chatter returns
With Republicans taking a hard line, there’s no clear path to avoiding a default on U.S. obligations
President Joe Biden exits the West Wing of the White House before boarding Marine One on July 7. (Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call file photo)
President Joe Biden exits the West Wing of the White House before boarding Marine One on July 7. (Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call file photo)

By Paul M. Krawzak
Posted September 20, 2021 at 11:07am
Call it the “in case of emergency, break glass” option: The president invokes the Civil War-era 14th Amendment to the Constitution to ignore the statutory debt limit and continue to borrow if lawmakers can’t agree to give the Treasury Department more borrowing room.

With lawmakers and the White House careening toward the diciest debt limit confrontation since the Obama administration-GOP battles of 2011 and 2013, the possibility is real that the U.S. government might not be able to meet its commitments in full and on time. That day could come sometime next month, Treasury says, so the sooner the debt ceiling is lifted the better in order to calm financial markets.

“There is a big difference between avoiding default by months or minutes,” Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen wrote in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, citing the 2011 debate that went down to the wire and led Standard & Poor’s to downgrade U.S. credit.

But with Republicans taking a hard line and 60 votes likely needed to advance a debt limit measure in the evenly divided Senate, there’s no clear path to avoiding what Yellen calls a “default” on U.S. obligations.

No one, least of all the White House, is talking publicly about the possibility that President Joe Biden might consider, for the first time in U.S. history, ordering Treasury to defy the $28.4 trillion debt ceiling and continue to borrow.

But Biden was there as vice president during the Obama-era fights with intransigent Republicans, and his entire agenda could be at risk if there’s another extended stalemate over the full faith and credit of the United States.

Separation of powers
Setting borrowing limits has always been a power reserved for Congress, to which the Constitution grants sole authority to raise revenue, spend taxpayer dollars, “pay the debts” and “borrow money on the credit of the United States.”

But some scholars argue if Congress does not raise the debt limit, the president can justify continuing to borrow money by citing the “Public Debt Clause” of the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in 1868, three years after the Civil War ended.

The 14th Amendment granted citizenship to most individuals born or naturalized in the U.S., including Black people, though the status of Native Americans wasn’t clarified until 1924. The 14th Amendment also barred anyone who engaged in rebellion or treason from serving as a state or federal official.

And in Section 4, the 14th Amendment says the “validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.” The section prohibited the federal government or states from paying any debt or obligation incurred to aid the insurrection “or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave.”

Scholars say the public debt section was included in part based on fears that a future Congress dominated by formerly Confederate states would repudiate federal debt or guarantee Confederate debt.

But when the question was percolating during the Obama administration, several scholars argued the amendment allows the president to continue borrowing after the debt limit expires.

Former President Bill Clinton said in 2011 that during his 1995-96 budget standoff with Republicans, his staff researched the constitutional implications and that he would use the 14th Amendment “without hesitation, and force the courts to stop me.”

However, at that time President Barack Obama said he had talked with his lawyers and they were “not persuaded that that is a winning argument.”

On July 8, 2011, with less than a month to go before potentially running out of funds, Treasury general counsel George Madison wrote that Secretary Timothy F. Geithner “has never argued that the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows the President to disregard the statutory debt limit… the Constitution explicitly places the borrowing authority with Congress, not the President.”

The 2011 debt limit fight led Obama, a Democratic-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House, then led by Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, to reach a deal to raise the debt limit in exchange for a series of discretionary spending caps that expire at the end of the current fiscal year.

But that measure didn’t clear Congress until Aug. 2, the day Treasury was expected to run out of borrowing authority, and resulted in such steep spending cuts that Democrats pledged never to negotiate over the debt ceiling again.

Obama touched on the 14th Amendment again during a fight over the debt limit in 2013. He said that even if it were constitutional, it would be “tied up in litigation for a long time” and “that’s going to make people nervous.”

Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters on Sept. 30, 2013, weeks before that year’s mid-October deadline, that the “president can’t raise it by himself.”

“This administration does not believe that the 14th Amendment gives the power to ignore the debt ceiling,” Carney said, adding that such a move wouldn’t be seen as “a credible alternative” and “would not be taken seriously by the global economy and markets.”

After a two-week partial government shutdown, lawmakers cleared legislation on Oct. 16, 2013, to end the shutdown and suspend the debt ceiling — with no further conditions. It was the night before Treasury told lawmakers it would run out of cash and borrowing room.

But Neil H. Buchanan, a University of Florida law professor, made the case for invoking the 14th Amendment back then and reprised it this summer. In a July 27 article in Verdict, an online legal newsletter, he urged Biden to declare the Treasury will continue to borrow and pay bills even without the debt limit being raised.

“If that time comes, he must instruct the Treasury Department to pay all the bills in full, using exactly as much borrowed money as Congress’s duly enacted laws require,” he wrote.

Undermining confidence
Under the 14th Amendment, Buchanan said in an interview, the government “can’t do anything that undermines confidence in the validity of the public debt,” such as missing required payments.

Buchanan said if the president can’t borrow, he must cut spending, a violation of his constitutional duty to spend congressional appropriations. The president can’t raise taxes unilaterally to continue paying those bills either. Continuing to borrow is “the least damaging choice,” he said.

One prominent critic of Buchanan’s arguments, Harvard legal scholar Laurence Tribe, appears to have come around.

In 2011, Tribe argued that the amendment did not give the president authority to ignore the debt limit. But in a July 25 tweet, Tribe wrote the amendment “prohibits any default on Treasury’s obligations” and that “if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, Executive action to avoid default arguably violates Congress’s exclusive power of the purse but is the lesser of two constitutional evils.”

Other academics contend there’s no basis for using the 14th Amendment to ignore the debt limit. “The 14th Amendment doesn’t authorize the taking of debt,” according to Ilya Shapiro, vice president and director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute. “That’s the bottom line.”

Shapiro said the president can’t ignore the debt limit any more than he can “increase taxes or cut spending unilaterally.”

“There’s an academic dispute,” Shapiro said. “But the thing is, we’re in no danger of not serving the debt.” Shapiro said the Treasury would collect enough in revenue to continue paying bond holders if borrowing were halted. The government would have to temporarily halt some federal programs or reduce federal payments.

Republican lawmakers in the past argued the Treasury could prioritize debt payments while postponing other spending if the debt limit were not raised. Transcripts of meetings between Treasury and Federal Reserve officials during the 2011 and 2013 standoffs show debt prioritization was indeed under consideration.

But according to a Goldman Sachs estimate, some 40 percent of other federal payments would be at risk, ranging from Social Security benefits to military salaries.

Biden’s shown a willingness to push the legal envelope in his first year, including his extension of a federal eviction moratorium and reversal of the Trump administration’s policy forcing asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their applications are processed. The Supreme Court blocked both moves.

But if Biden cited the 14th Amendment to continue borrowing, it’s unclear what recourse opponents would have in court, or how long such litigation would take to resolve.

“The standing issue is a hard one,” Shapiro said. “Who is hurt by unauthorized borrowing? Would it be Congress as an institution?”

Buchanan suspects Republicans might have standing to challenge the action even though they are a minority in both chambers. Yet Buchanan also says it’s possible the Supreme Court “might just decide that this is one of those political questions that Congress and the president have to work out” without a ruling.

What a wild and scary dream! I hope your hand is well.

Yes, I’ve followed the story. You are absolutely right. If half the allegations are true, Mr. Giuliani will be facing spending the rest of his natural life in prison.

There’s so much there in her allegations! And the sale of pardons, two million $$ to be split between Rudy and the Donald for each pardon? Holy Moly!! Yep! Jack Smith should find that part pretty darn interesting.

As for the sex part. What an idiot!!??!! Rudy’s behavior makes no sense. He’s a wealthy, divorced man. As actual love seems to play no role with his libido, rather than harassing Ms. Dunphy he could have hired a high-class mistress/business manager whom he might have maintained with an apartment and retainer.

Former NY governor and VP, Nelson Rockefeller hired an attractive young radio news writer/reporter with a MA in Art History, Megan Marshack, (whom he had known for a long time) to manage his extensive art collection. But the story is she was also contracted by mutual agreement to fulfill other more intimate duties. Their relationship was perceived as always respectful. Unfortunately, Mr. R. evidently died of a heart attack naked in bed with Ms. Marshack in the condominium he bought for her. In a failed attempt to avoid scandal Ms. Marshack and her friend, Ponchitta Pierce had to re-dress his dead body before they called the ambulance service. New York magazine wrote that “Nelson thought he was coming, but he was going.”

But in Rudy’s case, he had to act creepily. How stupid?!? He should not have had to act like an awkward, rude, aggressive 12-year-old! Sexually harassing the lady was ungentlemanly, asinine and as a lawyer he should have known better. Alcohol? I don’t know.

Both Trump and Giuliani IMO are enormously sexist, racist, classist abusers who belong in jail, and as a US citizen I am embarrassed they are free. Maybe they’ll end up as cellmates so they can abuse one another. In olden times they would have been hanged.

BTW, I love Ellie from down under.

Apparently the Financial Times report the two Russian resistance groups are far right Nazis is false.

Below is a good, worthwhile, informative, and IMO uplifting video wherein I find a measure of hope.

Russia’s Civil War Has Started 28:50
Jake Broe is IMO an astute military/political analyst. Will there be a repeat of the events of 1917?


On another subject:
I am a veteran of the 60’s-70’s civil rights movement and I have the physical scars and injuries to prove it. I was also involved in my youth (and subsequently) with environmental justice and as a longtime devout gender egalitarian, with feminism.

I am sick at heart, sometimes feeling overwhelmed with the escalation, re-ascension and increasing normalization of racism, anti-semitism, sexism, and classism we’ve been seeing for a few years, now more and more often expressed violently.

I am angry with the erosion of women’s rights and racist voter suppression. I am saddened by the ignorant, misinformed theological and ideological regressivism, the backlash by those who would rob our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters of their rights to live as fully as anyone else. I am frustrated and morally exasperated there are those among us who would undo the social and moral progress so many of us worked so hard to make real.

I have no magic wand that will accomplish a metanoia, will transform the hearts and minds of our fellow creatures. I do think a great deal, I contemplate, I ask myself what I might do to persuade or lead hearts that hate into a better mindset, but have discovered no definitive answers.

I know there a number here who participate on this blog who feel similarly to myself. I wonder how you all are feeling, reacting, coping with all these regressions. We all have our busy lives, our various responsibilities. I wonder how well or how badly you are coping with these strange stresses, how you might see these social and cultural regressions astrologically, and what strategies you employ against them.

I speculate perhaps many fascists and nazis who died in WWII have been reborn in the countries they fought against and now again promote their vile ideology. We are drawn to that which we most intensely desire, hate or love.

Many interpret all this as the inevitable effect of Pluto in its last stages of Capricorn, as the last gasp of a paradigm that no longer serves us. But that might be thinking monocausally.

Just a bit of ranting and wondering outloud. But I am curious as to your collective take on these things.

will, I think the public would be fairly rattled by the bills not being paid. Social Security, Medicare, Medical and military payments keep the country rolling more than the stock market does. The stock market is a piggy bank for the wealthy. Those other payments mean nothing to them.

One big thing to consider: if Biden violates the 14th Amendment – which demands he pay the bills – Congress will impeach him. It’s better for them than all the nonsense from MT(G) and the wrestling coach. My sense is that they think they have him by the short hairs because of this controversy. I’m not so sure.

Eliseo, Rudy’s not acting. He IS a creep and a stupid one at that. It’s not sex, it’s power. Every day he got her to perform at his will. I don’t understand why she didn’t quit sooner than she did. But we all have our hang ups. And power corrupts most of what it touches.

And will, I don’t think the Market is going to put up with Marge and her boys for much longer.


Thank you for your concern – my hand is fine and the upshot is that I really pounded the crap out of him; it was my pleasure. I’m not a violent person by nature but he is deeply embedded in my noodle a the most menacing archetype on the planet at present. I had a similar dream a few months ago. I need for him to go away. The Aries in me cannot tolerate a fiend like him. The vast suffering and destruction that this one man is causing world-wide is incomprehensible. I can honestly say if I had the shot, I would blow him away and reincarnate his ass. He needs to be put down as a rabid dog. It would probably save his soul acquiring insurmountable karmic debt. Disappear that wad of filth, yesterday already.


“Social Security, Medicare, Medical and military payments keep the country rolling more than the stock market does.”

That is a profound insight! You’re right! Those funds go right back into our economy. The same with government jobs. The same with the sales tax that immigrants pay on everything they buy here food, medicine, clothing.

I share your belief;

“I don’t think the Market is going to put up with Marge and her boys for much longer.”

The handful of cretins presently in Congress is like a horrible dream. To think that we are paying these pus-heads the following salaries (with all of the benefits not included)

The compensation for most Senators, Representatives, Delegates, and the Resident Commissioner
from Puerto Rico is $174,000.
The only exceptions include the Speaker of the House (salary of $223,500) and the President pro
tempore of the Senate and the majority and minority leaders in the House and Senate (salary of



About compensation, will. So many of them don’t need a paycheck because they have so many monied supporters.

I want my money back. Marge and the Boob can afford to return their paychecks.

Thanks, will, for sharing the info about congressional salaries, because that’s where they should start, if and when they’re going to have to choose what bills to pay and not pay. Don’t pay them or their staff, and see how fast they come to the table.

Bravo, Gina 🙂

& Will, Eliseo, Arbo

Bob & kiwi, Jerry, silcominc & Marija. Surrounding you all in white light & healing, especially Marija & slightkc.

Thank you Sharon. It is nice to hear from you. How are you? I hope things are going well for you and yours. Have sent good vibrations for you all.

On May 23rd
Updates on current issues
Linda G the Comanche Psychic

In the 11:20 segment of her post
she said the debt ceiling will
be paid before this weekend …
on Friday (the 26th).

I think that should read an agreement regarding the debt ceiling will be reached.

Possible breakthrough concerning the budget late afternoon or early evening on the 25th, final compromise on the 6th.

Thank you, Bob.

Date for possible final deal is on the 26th not the 6th.

Considering that Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years in prison AND he and his co-conspirators have consistently used the defense they did it because Trump told them to, I’m wondering what sort of sentence Mr. Trump might get when he is found guilty of his several crimes. This especially includes instigation of the Jan. 6th coup attempt and violating the espionage act by keeping (and possibly selling or sharing) the classified documents.

So the attack dogs have been caged until after the election, anyway. This is why I voted for Biden. He knows that if they can’t kill your cow they’ll settle for a few chickens.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta to Stewart Rhodes:

“For decades, Mr. Rhodes, it is clear you have wanted the democracy of this country to devolve into violence.” “I dare say, Mr. Rhodes, and I’ve never said this about anyone who I’ve sentenced: You, sir, present an ongoing threat and peril to this country, to the republic and the very fabric of our democracy.”

Trouble is Mr Rhodes probably takes that as a compliment.


DeSantis is worse than Trump…very scary.

Bob, thanks for asking how I was, and thank you for the positive vibes. Other than some pesky issues with mobility (several things causing pain in my legs), I am very grateful to be alive and well, productive and clear thinking, and with good people in my life (and my 2 dogs). Of course, I’m including you & the other good souls here participating in this blog.



Regarding your entry May 24th 4:40 am and the problematic social issues we are facing as a nation, you wrote:

“Many interpret all this as the inevitable effect of Pluto in its last stages of Capricorn, as the last gasp of a paradigm that no longer serves us. But that might be thinking monocausally.”

Trump and all that he represents seems to be the focal point of all this darkness, prime example…….. it is speculated Trump is behind the MAGA elements in congress preventing the debt ceiling to be passed, so that Trump can extort his way out of the criminal charges he faces.

I was looking at the ephemeris the other day, wondering when Jack Smith will lower the hammer on Trump and consequently the sh** hits the fan, I noticed the date of July 9th. That is the date that tr. Mars at 29 Leo conjoins Trump’s ascendant in exact quincunx to Pluto (29 Capricorn). Any thoughts on that?

I made a novice’s glaring mistake in not seeing the transits of the Sun and Saturn to the president’s progressed Saturn on the 25th and 26th. He did have transit Jupiter conjoined to his precessed natal Moon but that was not enough to overcome the dual transits.

And I made the mistake of applying his one positive aspect to a particular area he was dealing with thinking it was of singular importance.

Offhand I would think the Mars on his ascendant would be more important than the Pluto quincux (alone) but together that sounds dangerous. That hints to me of violence either from DJT or directed toward him. Either way, it feels alarming.


If my understanding serves me correctly, in some special cases, powerful eclipses can remain dormant for years, and then at the right opportune time can be stimulated and then erupt. Such is the case that can be said about “The Great American Eclipse” of August 21, 2017 (28 ’53 Leo). The Solar Eclipse spanned the length and breadth of the American continent and thus its acquired name. As much as we dislike it, our fate as a nation seems to be inextricably entangled with the enigmatic personality of Donald Trump.

The following article explores the Donald Trump factor involved in this eclipse…..

The Great American Eclipse, Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017


Here’s another one but from a vedic astrological perspective…..

Trump And The Great American Eclipse

“……… All eyes are on President Trump who is very heavily hit by this eclipse. Let us look at some simple astrological calculations as to why both western and Vedic Astrologers are seeing such a remarkable confluence between the eclipse and Donald Trump’s horoscope (Please note the calculations below are for Vedic/Sidereal Astrology which differs by about 24 degrees from Western/tropical astrology).

The solar eclipse is occurring in Leo, which is also Trump’s Ascendant. Ruled by the Sun, Leo symbolizes sovereignty, rulership, regality and celebrities. The undesirable side of Leo is pride, stubbornness, self-aggrandizing and power grab. At the level of a nation, Leo symbolizes the government, leadership, dictatorship, political power and the regime.”



By: Bob on November 21st, 2022 at 8:17 pm

tRump CB – Natal Relocated Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00
Capitol Building Dist of Columbia, 38°N53’24”, 077°W00’34”

“… could one of these Saturn transits opposite tRump’s progressed or natal Sun hold his possible indictment, conviction, and sentencing or a more grievous event for him?”

Jul 12 2023 Sat 06°Pi42? Opp Sun 06°Vi42? Tr-Sp
Feb 7 2024 Sat 07°Pi15? Opp Sun 07°Vi15? Tr-Sp

July 12 anlunar with prog natal


Very perceptive. The following is a description from astrolibrary.org

Progressed Sun Opposition Saturn

A very malefic influence. The native will suffer in health, will experience much opposition, and many obstacles will come in his path while it lasts. Disappointments, losses by death, sorrows and trials of all kinds are indicated by this influence, and he cannot act too wisely while it operates, for the mind will tend to despair and will ever look on the dark side of things. Despondency and depression will assail him, and it will require all his care and forethought to keep his head above water while it lasts, for he will have both financial difficulties and many other troubles to endure.

There is an occult significance attached to this aspect; and that is, the combat between the higher and the lower nature, between moral character and selfishness, between generosity and over-carefulness. The best attitude to this adverse opposition will be one of hope and calmness and the inner feeling that “whatever is, is best.” If the lunar aspects coincide therewith, especially, it will be a very trying time. A very critical and memorable period.

Looking at the ephemeris for that time period. there’s a ten day period of maximum stress in Trump’s chart reaching a peak on July 22nd with tr. Mars conjunct his progressed Sun at 6 Virgo in opposition to tr. Saturn AND tr. Venus stationing retrograde at 28 Leo right on his ascendant and the August 2017 eclipse. Mid July should prove to be very interesting indeed.

Biden, GOP reach a tentative deal to raise debt ceiling, avoid calamitous US default


I may be on! It’s not my computer…. Yes Jerry Mid July WILL be interesting indeed.

Hmmm. The mystery continues as to why I cannot post. I CAN post on a strange computer.

Oops. I am on my own computer and I can post.

For as long at lasts.

Hi sunstars!

Bob, it looks like you were right about Biden
succeeding on the 29th & 30th I think it was!

Wishing everyone a meaningful Memorial Day. As my uncle who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day & was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge said from his hospital bed in Atlantic City, NJ: “Nobody ever really wins a war” (but thank God we won WWII, I say).

Eliseo and anyone else who knows a bit about the law, I have a question. Are the charges by Georgia AG Fani Willis federal charges and could the defendants be pardoned if a Republican got the presidency? I know the (eventual) charges against Trump by AG Jack Smith and Garland could be pardoned, but I’m not certain of charges by a state AG. I ask because I’m wondering about Trump making a deal with DeSantis to pardon him in exchange for Trump backing DeSantis for the presidency which would consolidate the Republican vote.

Frank, before we fell down the rabbit hole the president couldn’t pardon a state crime. What’s true now, I don’t know.

Hi Sharon. Glad you’re hanging in there.

Bob, I don’t know how you could have been more accurate.

sunstars, welcome back. Now please say something. We all miss your input.

The Georgia charges are state law. No US president can pardon someone for a state crime.

No R. candidate or nominee will ever again be president. The R’s will persist for a bit in some states, but will eventually be gone. They are going out of business. Further revelations will further sully their reputation. Also, DEMOGRAPHICS!!!

Thank you Arbo and Eliseo! My husband says I worry too much, lol! Saturn conj Mercury in Scorp conj my ASC…it’s a tough one to temper. Thanks again!

All things considered Frank, no one would blame you.

T. Jupiter is at 3 Taurus conj. the North Node of the Moon. I would say that’s a good time to agree on a debt ceiling deal.


“No R. candidate or nominee will ever again be president. The R’s will persist for a bit in some states, but will eventually be gone. They are going out of business. Further revelations will further sully their reputation. Also, DEMOGRAPHICS!!!

I share this belief and have for the last several months. We can only hope we called it right.


“T. Jupiter is at 3 Taurus conj. the North Node of the Moon. I would say that’s a good time to agree on a debt ceiling deal.”

Looks auspicious to me too.

Andre, Andre, where art thou?

The astrological timeframe for getting the debt ceiling bill passed and signed before June 5th is very touch and go as I look at available charts. Perhaps June 2nd or 3rd.

Source: CNN Politics

“The timeframe to get the bill passed through both chambers of Congress and signed into law is extremely tight. Lawmakers are racing the clock to avert a catastrophic default ahead of June 5, the day the Treasury Department has said it will no longer be able to pay all of the nation’s obligations in full and on time.”

Eliseo, Will – You know that famous James Carville quote “it’s the economy, stupid”? Well, now the prevailing motivation is “it’s reproductive rights, stupid!” That’s one of the things that will do the Republicans in. All the polls said the populace did not want Roe V Wade reversed but they did it anyway. Between the young vote and people moving away from the stultifying restrictions of religion, the Conservatives miscalculated, even the SC did. Also, as you all said: demographics are shifting, away from Capricorn and into the Aquarius spirit and mindset: diversity, brotherhood and freedom.

Meanwhile, from CNN:

“In a win for McCarthy, the bill cleared a key hurdle Tuesday evening when the powerful House Rules Committee voted 7-6 to advance the debt ceiling bill to the floor. The bill will come to floor Wednesday for debate and a final passage vote before it goes to the Senate.

The Rules Committee vote had been highly anticipated due to the fact that some of the loudest conservative critics of the bill are members of the panel.”

This will actually be a major win for Joe Biden.


To legislate against reproductive rights – the unmitigated gall. An affront on women and it appears women are going to bury the GOP in the next election. Karma baby. Karma.

will, Sharon and everybody, in the years that I’ve been aware of politics – and I remember back to Eisenhower and was indoctrinated by my Republican parents (it didn’t stick) and educated by them about the Great Depression and WWII – I was never as sure about who should be president as I have been about Biden.

It has seemed to me that he came along at exactly the right time, like in an unsubtle movie script. If I didn’t have astrology I’d have to believe in an all powerful god moving the chess pieces. I prefer to believe that whether we’re aware of it or not, we all have a part to play as our personal clocks run down. We all do things that will affect the lives of others. Sometimes for the good.

Whatever, I hope he’s not going to have to be gone for a generation before he’s widely appreciated by Americans.

June 26, 2023/ The Mars-Uranus square (21 ’30 Leo-Taurus)

What makes this aspect so remarkable is that Mars is right on Putin’s Pluto/Moon Lillith/South Node stellium conjunct his midheaven in square to tr. Uranus…….

Putin — Planets, Powers & Problem by R. McNary (Putin’s chart enclosed)

A large share of the world looks at Vladimir Putin as an autocrat, dictator, tyrant, and even a murderer. Many of that number even live in Russia. Over the years, Putin has sided with Bashar al-Assad in quashing dissent in Syria and squelched the Chechens when they sought their own freedom. He invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014.

But, that’s not all. Vladimir Putin hasn’t just tended to “national business” over his years as he changed jobs from president to prime minister and back from 2000 to the present. Putin has also been responsible for poisoning and sometimes killing some of the individual dissenters in the likes of Alexander Litvinenko — Vladimir Kara-Murza — Viktor Yushchenko — Anna Politkovskaya — Sergey Skripal — Petr Verzilov -Alexey Navalny.

Much of Putin’s actions have been well publicized. Even his predations of individuals and their liberties have managed to reach public view through the press. But likely, we in the West know only a portion of his horrific actions.

Still, Vladimir is a many-sided being. Let’s look at a few of those sides. We will draw on clues from his horoscopes and other sources not commonly referenced by the media.



Russia’s chart calculated for December 25, 1991 5:45 pm Moscow is equally in the crosshairs with natal Pluto at 21 Scorpio forming a t square to the June 26th Mars-Uranus square. Jude Cowell explores the dynamics of the Russian chart here:


With an imminent Ukraine counter offensive expected within the next week or so, I would not at all be surprised if we are about to witness a military coup and the overthrow of Vladmir Putin coinciding with these dramatic astrological indicators…..

Putin Is Terrified Of Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

Airstrikes on Kyiv were an attempt to undermine morale. Instead, they will have strengthened it

May 28, 2023

Putin is in a panic over the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive, which may already be in its preliminary “battlefield-shaping” stage. He doesn’t know, any more than the rest of us do, when the offensive will be launched, where it will strike or whether it will succeed. What he does know is that if it achieves significant success, his own days might be numbered, with fissures already opening inside the Kremlin and between its most important henchmen.

The Russian army’s thinly stretched troops have been preparing strong defensive positions all along the front line to repel an attack or series of attacks, and planning their own spoiling operations. But, aside from the balance of forces, critically important to Ukraine’s success or failure is morale.

Putin knows it is fragile among his own troops, many of whom don’t know why they are expected to fight a war they don’t even begin to understand. He knows he has to break the morale of Ukrainian soldiers on the battle line and civilians on the home front. That is why he has recently intensified air attacks on cities and towns. They are intended to kill civilians, destroy infrastructure, disrupt the war economy and make life a misery – both for those in the cities and their relatives at the front.

On Saturday night, Russia launched the largest wave of explosive drone strikes since the full-scale invasion began. Fifty-two of the 54 Iranian-supplied Shahed drones were knocked out of the sky. Forty were aimed at Kyiv, the most intensive barrage targeting the city so far, killing one.

The next day, Kyiv, celebrating the 1,541st anniversary of its founding, was straight back to normal. No mass panic, no serious disruption to life. Putin’s attempts to intimidate the Ukrainian people and their leaders simply don’t work. He tried it first in February last year, expecting Kyiv to fall in a matter of days simply with rocket fire and Russian forces heading towards the capital. Like London in the Blitz and later under Hitler’s rain of V1 and V2 rockets, these Russian war crimes have the opposite effect to what is intended, serving only to harden the people’s will to resist.

Ukrainian soldiers at the front know all about the Russian army’s atrocities against local civilians in areas they have occupied, as well as the industrial-scale kidnapping of thousands of children. Determination to keep the Russians from their doors and thrust them back behind their own border makes these troops fight even harder. One of the most common requests of the West that I have heard in Ukraine, from commanders and soldiers, is that our countries don’t put pressure on their government to make an accommodation with Russia. And no Macron-style off-ramp for Putin.

The Russian president doesn’t want peace talks, either – but for very different reasons. How can he agree to stop a war that has achieved so little at such enormous cost in blood and roubles to his own people? But he does want to hold out the false hope of a ceasefire. It is part of a good cop/bad cop strategy that has just been clumsily articulated by Andrei Kelin, the Russian ambassador to London, who threatened escalation in a “new dimension which we do not need and we do not want”, adding, “we can make peace tomorrow”.

These remarks follow Putin’s characteristically duplicitous words a couple of days ago to the Brazilian president, expressing “the openness of the Russian side to dialogue on the political and diplomatic track, which is still blocked by Kyiv and its Western sponsors”.

The objective is to lure Western governments into appeasing Moscow by pulling back on military support in the hope of peace and the fear of an expanded conflict. Chinese officials may have been put to work, as well, with reports that Li Hui, Beijing’s special representative for Eurasian affairs, has urged European diplomats to end the conflict before it escalates further.

As well as recent promises of modern jets for the longer term, Putin is rattled by the continued flow of munitions into Ukraine as it prepares the counteroffensive. That is another reason for the increased frequency of drone attacks against Ukrainian cities – to exhaust air defenses and deplete scarce ammo stocks that will be so critical in major offensive operations.

Despite Russia’s diplomatic offensive, Western leaders, now acclimatized to Putin’s standard threats, seem to be holding up strongly, for the moment at least. But as well as providing military and economic support, and resisting fake talk of peace negotiations, they need to be more aggressive in helping Ukraine counter the entirety of Putin’s war effort. One way of doing that is to bear down hard on Russia’s Iranian quartermasters, who have played an important role in Putin’s aggression, supplying drones, deploying troops, promising ballistic missiles and helping Moscow evade sanctions.


I’m with you on Biden for a second term. He is a force of nature. I saw a clip of him and Dr. Jill Biden walking through a group of Biden haters, assailing them with all matter of foul epithets; the couple sauntered past them and waved and greeted them with hellos. Tough, resilient couple. I for one will do anything in my power to keep him in office during this very dark and dangerous historical passage for the U.S.A.

Jerry, can’t help to feel schadenfreude for Vampire Vlad’s terror and fear. He is a rabid murderer who need a stake driven through him followed by a beheading. He is possessed by satanic forces and must be reduced to dust for the good of the planet.

Jerry, thanks for the cogent view of what may lie ahead. Arbo and Sharon, agree – it is abortion and Biden is our FDR.

I watched an interesting take last night – Intuitiview – she says that trump will squeal on all those around him to avert prison. I think that is a fascinating and real possibility. Many crime bosses have. But of that were to happen, does DOJ then arrest a dozen members of Congress?


I am of a certain age (like many of you) and have been around a while but these days, more than ever, the whole world feels like a Shakespearean play.

For as horrendous as these political times are, I am very grateful we have at least progressed beyond being boiled in oil or drawn-and-quartered.
Sometimes it is helpful to express the gratitude for gains society as a whole has made. May we continue …….

Arbo & Will,
I agree entirely about Biden. To one degree or another I’ve been very involved in every presidential campaign starting in 1968. There were a few in which I happily and comfortably voted for the Dem, but the election of 2020 was the only one in which I voted for a candidate about which I was wildly enthusiastic. Mr. Biden is fulfilling my expectations!

Many younger folk are puzzled and confused when I say Joe Biden is the best president so far in my lifetime. In their age-ist hearts they just see an old man. They don’t see the nuance of the man’s political wisdom, how he learned from his mistakes, or how he turned his personal tragedies and suffering into compassionate sagacity. Many don’t know their history, and if they do know the facts of the history they don’t necessarily understand its meaning.

I tell them Joe Biden is laying the foundation for a green re-industrialization of the US and the world, not a utopia, but nevertheless a more progressive, caring and conscious era. Through his insight and skill he is preparing the way for his successors success in a coming, more progressive era. Bit by bit, he is slaying the dragons that must die, and taming those that can be domesticated.

Remember how he got all those Republicans at the state of the union address to agree to NOT cut social security or medicare? It was like a Jedi mind trick! “These are not the droids/social programs you are looking for (or to cut.)”

IMO he’s doing as well as anyone could, skillfully navigating the dark waters the dictators and autocrats have poisoned. With measured grace he is confronting the tyrants and tycoons who through the barrel of the gun or manipulation of markets would rob us of our freedom.

The autocrats are doomed, be they domestic or foreign. Blind with their lust for control and power they do not forsee their end, nor the implausibility of their respective systems in the coming age. In time they will be gone. I believe Mr. Biden knows this in his heart, and in his soul.

There will be more violence and chaos as so many are unprepared for the stunning transition in consciousness our species is undergoing. That violence will abate in time though it saddens, angers and frustrates us now.

The coming changes are greater than anything we’ve experienced in the last 12,000 years. Pluto’s journey through Aquarius and later Pisces will initiate but not end the long transformational process. (Simultaneously, we are already seeking to understand what our ancestors were thinking and doing in the age of Leo. Gobekli Tepe!)

Reckoning will manifest. Patience, forbearance and detemined, carefully thought out right action are the way, virtues Mr. Biden evidently possesses. Let us hope future presidents and our other leaders follow in that vein.

“Like London in the Blitz and later under Hitler’s rain of V1 and V2 rockets, these Russian war crimes have the opposite effect to what is intended, serving only to harden the people’s will to resist.”

Duh! Amazing such leaders have not learned such an elementary lesson of social psychology!

Mr. Putin, Chairman Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, Mohammed bin Salman, Rupert Murdoch, Trump, DeSantis, etc., they’re all making mistakes they do not see which will ultimately end their respective reigns.

I agree with all of your wise, intuitive posts and yours in particular was beautifully written Eliseo. From your mouth to God’s ears…

I do have a few reservations about the effects of age on Joe BUT I have to remind myself that my mother-in-law is going on 102 in a few months and she was doing GREAT in her 80s! Interestingly, many of the attributes mentioned about Joe are those of Capricorn /Saturn, right? But there is also the openness and relaxed demeanor and humor of Aquarius (…and he does have Sag rising and all that Scorpio, too.)

I really LOVE Hakem Jeffries. He really has it together…..maybe he’s the future Democratic president.


“I am of a certain age (like many of you) and have been around a while but these days, more than ever, the whole world feels like a Shakespearean play.”

True dat!


Haken Jeffries delivered a beautiful tribute to President Biden today, crediting him with being the central force that managed to avoid the U.S. from defaulting. He’s got a lot of charm and charisma and certainly comes off as a very decent man.

I love the Canadians! This is so hilarious. Soon individual cigarettes will contain printed warnings, not just on the package.

Warnings such as:
“Cigarettes damage your organs.”
“Cigarettes cause cancer.”
“Cigarettes cause leukemia.”
“Poison in every puff.”
“Tobacco smoke harms children.”
“Cigarettes cause impotence.”

Wow! Those last two would especially get my attention!

Well, though I have doubts, this IMO is in the category of Nancy Reagan’s “Just say No!” style of thinking; I nevertheless sincerely hope it works. It is a noble effort but might be ignoring the deeper, insidious nature of addiction.

The Buddhists are close, almost correct IMO in the second of their “four noble truths” in asserting that ta?h?, usually translated as either craving, or thirst, desire, longing, or greed” is at the root of our suffering. I honestly believe a more accurate assessment would be about addiction, both substance and process addictions. To a degree our economy is based and depends on addiction. The perfect consumer from a purely predatory business point of view is of course… an addict.

Anyway…..God bless the Canadians for trying!

Canada will start putting health warnings on individual cigarettes. It will be the first country to do so

OK, that did not come out quite right.
The word is tanha, but the dicritical mark over the final a did not come through.

U.S. plans to admit nearly 40,000 asylum-seekers per month through mobile app


Apparently, we are allowing about 20,000 asylum seekers now and this increase will encourage lawful entry. However, I don’t get it. I feel this is one of the issues many hold against the Democrats. Can someone explain why it’s a good thing? To me it encourages more people to seek asylum – can our country absorb them? And will it decrease illegal entry?


About ten years ago the Indian govt instituted a policy that required all cigarette companies to display 85 per cent of the packaging not ony of printed warnings but also graphic photographs of the cancerous effects of smoking. A far cry fom the innocuous small print on the US manufactured product that reads: “Cigarrette smoking is hazardous to your health”. Whether the campaign helped discourage smoking or not I don’t know. Take a look…


That’s interesting! Thankyou!
I doubt such warnings will be effective with folks already addicted, but they might serve to discourage people from starting the habit.

Sharon K,
The asylum program is designed to reduce ILLEGAL entry. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

Relative to the 2023 birth rate in the US, (12.023 births per 1000 people) I personally believe immigration to the US from Latin American as well as other countries does more good than harm. The US birth rate is not absolutely terrible, especially as compared to most other countries, but it is not as healthy as we would like to see for our national economic purposes and aspirations.

Beginning in 2007-2009, birth rates in the US declined sharply and continue to fall. In 2007, average birth rates were about 2 children per woman of childbearing age. But by 2021 that level had dropped more than 20%, close to the lowest in the last 100 years. Compared with earlier eras, US families today are having their children later. We need a growing population.

Absorption is not the problem the R’s and Trumpers falsely believe it is. We are perfectly capable of absorbing these people into the work force, etc. It’s not immigrants that are taking away jobs from “White” Americans, but AI, automation, and robotics.

BTW, most of those coming across from Mexico are not Mexican, but from other Spanish speaking countries. (The Mexican economy keeps improving.) Interestingly, moving through Mexico is now the way many Chinese are arriving in the US as well.

The demographic patterns we’ve seen with Hispanics before Covid-19 are as below:

Younger Hispanics assimilate fairly quickly into the Anglophone North American culture. Older Hispanics assimilate a bit slower but by the second or third generation they are thoroughly “Americanized.” This is true for most ethnicities.

Those who take the risk of crossing illegally tend to be ambitious hard workers willing to take jobs most White and/or Black citizens do not want. Contrary to what R’s like Trump often allege, most are NOT criminals or drug addicts. Most are either devout Roman Catholics or Baptists when they arrive. But by second or third generation they tend to change religion, usually converting to something more liberal than their previous sect or denomination.

Less individualistic than other North Americans, their extended families pool their earnings. Some eventually start businesses. In most cases they invest in their children’s educations. Public school in Mexico and some of these countries only goes through the 8th grade. Only the rich in Mexico can afford high school or college. As a generalization, one of the primary motives for Hispanics who come to the US legally or illegally is the welfare and education of their children. These folks tend to be highly motivated.

It is amazing to realize that neither Irish nor Italians were considered “White” during much of the 1800’s. They were different, NOT Protestant, demonized objects of fear. Nevertheless, in time they were absorbed. They assimilated, and we now have our second Irish American president in the White House.

Unfortunately, Fearful Americans have a long history of xenophobia and nativism as demonstrated so well in Martin Scorsese’s 2002 film Gangs of New York. IMO, no matter how well Dems handle immigration, be it legal or illegal, radical, racist Trump style R’s will complain, make up false facts, and rage against Dems over the issue.

As I said at the beginning, Biden’s plan is purposed to reduce “ILLEGAL” entry. Realists know they are coming, whether they do so legally or not. Processing them humanely is probably the best we can do.

The cruel, sadistic, immoral, hate filled methods of the Trump era must end. Again, whether Biden’s plan works or not remains to be seen. If his gamble works and diminishes the problem; if it to any degree reduces the volume and intensity of the lies we know the R’s will tell, so much the better. In any case, unlike the Trumper R’s we have the responsibility of at least trying to establish a policy that is sane, humane, and moral.

Eliseo, I enjoyed reading your post but I should point out that I did acknowledge that accepting 40,000/day, in consideration of their qualification for political asylum, was meant to cut down on illegal entry. At the same time, whether 40,000/day is or isn’t a lot, and considering the fact that they all probably won’t be accepted, it still sounds like a lot. Most people won’t see the difference. I don’t know if there is a better solution. Obama apparently sent many illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin, but people still see the Democrats as soft on illegal immigration. Of course, Trump’s big talk about building a wall, said over and over, and getting Mexico to pay for it, did give an impression of an ability to set limits to his supporters.

Also, when you state: “It’s not immigrants that are taking away jobs from ‘White’ Americans, but AI, automation, and robotics,” I have to also point out that, because many people who arrive here come from circumstances of poverty and danger in their countries, and because they are so hungry to improve, their willingness to work hard for less HAS taken business away from established laborers and contactors here. After Hurricane Katrina in 2003, there were many Hispanics here in NOLA helping rebuild at good prices – a good thing — but I also heard non-Hispanics complain that they could not afford to work for the prices that these people were charging. And if there are less jobs due to automation and robotics, then competition for those remaining is fiercer. I have heard it said (and I guess you also just said it – I forget) that poor immigrants will do work that the average American will not do anyway, but you have to assume that they are also competing for some of the work that they will do.

Namaste 🙂

All good points, Sharon. Everything you said was correct. It’s not a black and white sort of issue.

What I think is consistent is our political unwillingness to treat either the newly arrived Hispanic workers or the “established laborers and contactors” with fairness. There are many gaps and legal inconsistiencies in our common economic practice. Some of them we see. Some of them we don’t.

They exist in part because there are differing opinions as to what is the proper and most efficacious relationship between government (federal or state or local) and businesses. There is no finished consensus.

Damn! The R’s just can’t let it go. They want to start investigating Hillary Clinton again… and of course several others.

GOP frantic to pull political strings to get Trump out of trouble, gin up Biden scandal


June 15th, 2023/ Mercury square stationary Saturn (7 ’13 Gemini-Pisces).

Tr. Mercury precisely conjoins the US progressed Uranus in square to US progressed Moon (7 ’47 Pisces) and the Saturn station (Saturn stations exactly on June 17th).

Astrologer Thor Sandlewood seems to think the Saturn station will be a major event and it will be financial….

June 2023 Astrology: The EVENT is Here!

Video: 12 min 38 sec


Financial analyst Mark Moss analyses the potential fall out from the resolution of the debt ceiling drama. A liquidity crisis of massive proportions within the next 30 days……

Brace For The $1 Trillion Aftershock From Debt Deal

Video: 17 min 14 sec


By: Bob on May 30th, 2023 at 10:45 pm

“The astrological timeframe for getting the debt ceiling bill passed and signed before June 5th is very touch and go as I look at available charts. Perhaps June 2nd or 3rd.”

Because the House vote came in so late on June 2nd signing it into law took place on June 3rd.
May our happiness, enthusiasm, and force grow like in this little piece.
André Rieu & John Sheahan – Irish Washerwomen


Donald Trump is Satan. The Satan in question is perhaps the greatest literary character in
the finest epic poem in the English language, John Milton’s Paradise Lost. That makes
Washington Republicans the other fallen angels.
In 2016, Republicans made a deal with the devil. Like Dr Faustus, they sold their souls
for power. Now they stifle their consciences, never speak ill of President Trump, hug him
closely, fearing the wrath of his base. The same Lindsey Graham who in 2016 wrote, ‘If
we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it,’ recently said, ‘To
every Republican, if you don’t stand behind this president, we’re not going to stand
behind you.’ Meanwhile, Trump skulks in the White House, mired in ‘the swamp.’
The first epic simile in Paradise Lost introduces Satan awash in a swamp of his
own, ‘prone on the Flood’, having fallen from heaven to hell. As massive as ‘that Seabeast Leviathan,’ Satan hulks so big from the sea that the pilot of ‘some small nightfounder’d skiff’ might mistake him for an island, and seek to pass the night in safety
‘with fixed anchor in his scaly rind.’ It’s an old Norwegian seafarer’s fable. When the
beast wakes, it dives into the depths of the ocean. The anchored skiff is dragged
along. The sailor is pulled to his watery grave. Similarly, Republicans who have anchored
their boat to Trump, thinking he’s an island providing protection from the sea, risk being
dragged down to their demise when, like a whale startled from sleep, he goes plunging.
Trump as Satan: you might think it’s absurdly over-the-top, or want to celebrate it as a
(literally) epic takedown, but this is not a political statement hurling invective. It’s an
analytical statement describing what is happening – what will happen – and why, aided
by the Miltonic intervention. Great literature helps us understand the world. Both
politicians and literary critics do their jobs best when they’re willing to use literature to
think about life.
Published in London in 1667, Paradise Lost is a Christian humanist epic about the war in
Heaven and the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden. Though he’s the ‘author of
evil,’ Satan is shockingly an attractive character. He charms us with his energy. When
God the Father anoints his Son king over the other angels, Satan, ‘Great in power’,
doesn’t think it’s fair. The system was rigged. Milton – one of the fathers of modern
liberalism, active in the Puritan rebellion against the royal absolutism of Charles I – lent
Satan his own freedom-loving, tyrant-hating language, the outraged angel mounting a
rebellion ‘to cast off this Yoke.’ A powerful orator, but loose with the truth, Satan secures
a base of support, ‘and with lyes drew after him the third part of Heav’ns Host.’ This
third of the angels back Satan to the bitter end, no matter what.
Satan’s opponents see his rhetoric as ‘calumnious art of counterfeited truth’ and
‘argument blasphemous, false and proud.’ The first Never Satan-er to stand up is an angel
named Abdiel, earning God’s admiration:
‘Servant of God, well done, well hast thou fought
The better fight, who single hast maintaind
Against revolted multitudes the Cause
Of Truth’
War in Heaven erupts, angel against angel, the apostate against the faithful. After three
days, God sends the Son to end it. The mere sight of the Son’s flaming chariot thundering
toward them turns the apostate on their heels. They sprint away in retreat. The gates of
Heaven open for them:
‘Headlong themselves they threw
Down from the verge of Heav’n, Eternal wrauth
Burnt after them to the bottomless pit.’
Trump’s minions won’t fall so willingly. Resistance to Trump hardly thunders with God’s
wrath. Republicans are more likely to fall like the stars in the Book of Revelation,
Milton’s source: ‘His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the
earth.’ That image of a falling Satan’s tail whipping out behind him, snagging the third of
the angels that backed him, pulling them down, is what Milton invoked in the poem’s first
epic simile. After crashing down in Hell, Satan lies belly-down in the swamp, a
slumbering Leviathan.
The Leviathan is a massive sea monster from the book of Job. But Leviathan was also the
name of a 1651 book by Milton’s contemporary, the monarchist Thomas Hobbes. He
argued a king is, like the Leviathan, a massive figure with limitless power, one to be
feared and respected, or else. Milton opposed Hobbes in the debate about monarchy,
insisting kings should be subject to laws.
Trump wants to be Hobbes’s Leviathan. Republicans will find he is Milton’s
Leviathan. Paradise Lost doesn’t say what happens when the beast awakens. Milton
leaves us in suspense. Similarly, Trump is still afloat, but he’s going down, and not just in
his willingness to take a fight into the gutter. Whether through impeachment, resignation,
or democratic vote, his time is short. And then he will go down as one of the worst
presidents in history.
When he goes down, Trump will drag along those tethered to him. For decades,
Americans will decline to forgive the Republicans of the Trump era. As sleeping pilots on
a dangerously anchored boat, Washington Republicans have a choice. Wake up and cast
off from Trump — speak your conscience, your faith, and your family values — or get
dragged down into the abyss, never to be heard from again.

Jeffery R. Wilson teaches in the Writing Program at Harvard University

Very intresting! Thank You!
I’m no Milton scholar, but I concur with Jeffery R. Wilson’s analogies with Trump and the R. party.

Unfortunately, I’m not convinced the R’s are quite done yet with coup attempts. Just a feeling, and I hope I am wrong; I think they might try one more time.

For a number of reasons they will inevitably fail and as the professor wrote, “Americans will decline to forgive the Republicans of the Trump era,” and I sincerely believe they will be “dragged down into the abyss, never to be heard from again.”

One quibble with the professor. He stated Trump “will go down as one of the worst presidents in history.” If by this he means in world history I agree. But in the context of American history I have no doubt historians will view him as the very worst one, worse even than President James Buchanan.

During the Pluto in Aquarius and Pisces eras I believe what we now think of as politically moderate thought will be the new “conservatism.” Trump will have inadvertantly rendered the kind of Republican conservatism we are now used to absolutely extinct.

The June 15th Mercury – stationary Saturn square happens to dovetail with the Fed’s monthly FOMC meeting of June 13-14th. A decision to halt the rise in interest rates in the face of strong inflationary data could roil the markets. Some more bank failures immediately ahead?

Fed Rate-Hike Pause Still Likely Despite Strong Data

WASHINGTON, June 2 (Reuters) – Federal Reserve officials, whose hike, skip or pause messaging on interest rates has become a high-stakes word puzzle for investors, seem ready to end the U.S. central bank’s run of 10 straight rate increases later this month while leaving the door open to a future rise in borrowing costs.

For a central bank that says it is “data-dependent,” the decision may be more complex than it wants, with the release on Friday of a May employment report that blew through expectations as employers added 339,000 jobs across a broad set of industries. Key inflation data since the last policy meeting also rose.



Trillion-Dollar Treasury Vacuum Coming for Wall Street Rally

June 3, 2023

(Bloomberg) — With a debt ceiling deal freshly signed into law Saturday by President Joe Biden, the US Treasury is about to unleash a tsunami of new bonds to quickly refill its coffers.

This will be yet another drain on dwindling liquidity as bank deposits are raided to pay for it — and Wall Street is warning that markets aren’t ready.

The negative impact could easily dwarf the after-effects of previous standoffs over the debt limit. The Federal Reserve’s program of quantitative tightening has already eroded bank reserves, while money managers have been hoarding cash in anticipation of a recession.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou estimates a flood of Treasuries will compound the effect of QT on stocks and bonds, knocking almost 5% off their combined performance this year. Citigroup Inc. macro strategists offer a similar calculus, showing a median drop of 5.4% in the S&P 500 over two months could follow a liquidity drawdown of such magnitude, and a 37 basis-point jolt for high-yield credit spreads.

The sales, set to begin Monday, will rumble through every asset class as they claim an already shrinking supply of money: JPMorgan estimates a broad measure of liquidity will fall $1.1 trillion from about $25 trillion at the start of 2023.

“This is a very big liquidity drain,” says Panigirtzoglou. “We have rarely seen something like that. It’s only in severe crashes like the Lehman crisis where you see something like that contraction.”

It’s a trend that, together with Fed tightening, will push the measure of liquidity down at an annual rate of 6%, in contrast to annualized growth for most of the last decade, JPMorgan estimates.

The US has been relying on extraordinary measures to help fund itself in recent months as leaders bickered in Washington. The measure brokered between Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy limits federal spending for two years and suspends the debt ceiling through the 2024 election.

With default narrowly averted, the Treasury will kick off a borrowing spree that by some Wall Street estimates could top $1 trillion by the end of the third quarter, starting with several Treasury-bill auctions on Monday that total over $170 billion.

What happens as the billions wind their way through the financial system isn’t easy to predict. There are various buyers for short-term Treasury bills: banks, money-market funds and a wide swathe of buyers loosely classified as “non-banks.” These include households, pension funds and corporate treasuries.

Banks have limited appetite for Treasury bills right now; that’s because the yields on offer are unlikely to be able to compete with what they can get on their own reserves.

But even if banks sit out the Treasury auctions, a shift out of deposits and into Treasuries by their clients could wreak havoc. Citigroup modeled historical episodes where bank reserves fell by $500 billion in the span of 12 weeks to approximate what will happen over the following months.

“Any decline in bank reserves is typically a headwind,” says Dirk Willer, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.’s head of global macro strategy.

The most benign scenario is that supply is swept up by money-market mutual funds. It’s assumed their purchases, from their own cash pots, would leave bank reserves intact. Historically the most prominent buyers of Treasuries, they’ve lately stepped back in favor of better yields on offer from the Fed’s reverse repurchase agreement facility.

That leaves everyone else: the non-banks. They’ll turn up at the weekly Treasury auctions, but not without a knock-on cost to banks. These buyers are expected to free up cash for their purchases by liquidating bank deposits, exacerbating a capital flight that’s led to a cull of regional lenders and destabilized the financial system this year.

The government’s growing reliance on so-called indirect bidders has been evident for some time, according to Althea Spinozzi, a fixed-income strategist at Saxo Bank A/S. “In the past few weeks we have seen a record level of indirect bidders during US Treasury auctions,” she says. “It’s likely that they’ll absorb a big part of the upcoming issuances as well.”

For now, relief about the US avoiding default has deflected attention away from any looming liquidity aftershock. At the same time, investor excitement about the prospects for artificial intelligence has put the S&P 500 on the cusp of a bull market after three weeks of gains. Meanwhile, liquidity for individual stocks has been improving, bucking the broader trend.

But that hasn’t quelled fears about what usually happens when there’s a marked downturn in bank reserves: Stocks fall and credit spreads widen, with riskier assets carrying the brunt of losses.

“It’s not a good time to hold the S&P 500,” says Citigroup’s Willer.

Despite the AI-driven rally, positioning in equities is broadly neutral with mutual funds and retail investors staying put, according to Barclays Plc.

“We think there will be a grinding lower in stocks,” and no volatility explosion “because of the liquidity drain,” says Ulrich Urbahn, Berenberg’s head of multi-asset strategy. “We have bad market internals, negative leading indicators and a drop in liquidity, which is all not supportive for stock markets.”

Some observations from one of my entries two weeks ago……

The Federal Reserve’s natal Mercury-Saturn opposition at 13 Gemini-Sagittarius is about to be hit by the June 4, 2023 Full Moon (13 Sagittarius), followed by the June 5th Venus-Pluto opposition (0 Leo-Aquarius) in semi-square to the Sun (15 Gemini). Sun in turn will be in sesquisquare to Pluto.

The 13 Gemini-Sagittarius axis is also the degree of the US Sibly charts Ascendant-Descendant axis. Much has been written about the 9/11/2001 terror attacks with Saturn and Pluto straddling those very same degrees.

The auction of 123 billion dollars in Treasury bills is scheduled to proceed on Monday June 5th………..

It Starts In 24 HOURS!

Video: 9 min 25 sec


As reported earlier, the June 26, 2023 Mars-Uranus square (21 ’30 Leo-Taurus) has tr. Mars conjunct Putin’s Pluto/Moon Lillith/South Node stellium on his midheaven in square to tr. Uranus. Russia’s natal Pluto at 21 Scorpio is also implicated. It’s quite an incendiary mix. Add on to that the position of mercenary Wagner group commander Yevgeny Prigozhin who is being accused of planning a military coup. He has natal Uranus at 22 ’08 Leo. What we have unfolding therefore is a potential explosive situation that can very well spin out of control…….

Vladimir Putin Fears ‘Coup Attempt’? What Ex-Russian Commander Said

Hindustan Times
May 29, 2023

Yevgeny Prigozhin was laying the ground for a “mutiny” and to carry out a “coup” against the Kremlin.

Former Russian commander Igor Girkin claimed that Russia will face a “mutiny” from the Wagner group and its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin- the most prominent mercenary outfits in Russia. Yevgeny Prigozhin and Russian president Vladimir Putin have so far shared a a close relationship as the Wagner group maintained a strong presence in Ukraine, particularly Bakhmut.

The group’s leader announced this month that Wagner fighters would be withdrawing from Bakhmut by June 1, handing over “positions, ammunition, everything including dry rations” to the Russian military. But he also criticised Russian officials for their handling of Bakhmut and said that the invasion of Ukraine has backfired.

“With regard to demilitarization…if they had 500 tanks at the beginning of the special operation, [now] they have 5,000 tanks,” Prigozhin said, adding, “If they had 20,000 people able to fight skillfully, now 400,000 people know how to fight. How did we demilitarize it? It turns out that the opposite is true—we militarized her hell knows how.”

Girkin claimed that Prigozhin was laying the ground for a “mutiny” and to carry out a “coup” against the Kremlin with Wagner forces. Girkin’s claims were circulated on Twitter by WarTranslated that translates materials related to the invasion of Ukraine.

“Girkin accuses Prigozhin of preparing for a coup in Russia,” the official WarTranslated account tweeted, adding, “He says the insults towards the Russian army by Putin’s cook are unacceptable, and signal a rift in the elites which Prigozhin will take advantage of with his private army that is being withdrawn from Bakhmut. Girkin adds that if Russia misses the upcoming counter-offensive, the political situation in the country may become unrecongisable by the end of summer.”

“If Prigozhin remains the head of Wagner, the mutiny will come quickly and radically,” Girkin said, claiming that “a coup attempt has been declared…What will happen next, I don’t know, especially as Wagner is urgently withdrawn to rear bases…The danger of a looming coup is clear.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin Told To ‘Start Moving Quickly’ As Reports of An Incoming Revolution Begin To Take Hold

President Putin’s head could be on the chopping block, several senior Russian military figures have warned, as rumours of an attempted coup or revolution against the long-time leader begin to swirl.

Sky News
May 31, 2023

Several prominent Russian figures have warned the country is on the brink of its biggest revolution since 1917 as discontent swells among the population.

Opposition politician Ilya Ponomarev joined the chorus of voices cautioning Russian President Vladimir Putin about his regime in the country.

“This regime is not solid. It is shaking. There are lots of cracks. Moscow is the heart of the regime, and our ultimate plan is to go there,” Ponomarev said in an interview with The Times of London.

Ponomarev compared President Putin with the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, who was killed by the Bolsheviks following the October Revolution in 1917.

“The Tsar (President Putin) will have to go. If he goes now, he has a chance of going to the Hague and surviving,” he said.

The former politician – who served as an MP in the Russian Duma and now lives in exile in Ukraine – likened the mood in his homeland to that of February 1917.

“If he tries to stay much longer, I don’t know what will happen to him personally. My recommendation for him and his inner circle is to start moving quickly. It’s in their own interests,” Ponomarev said.

Russian mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, who heads up the influential Wagner Group, has also been vocal in his criticism of President Putin and led some within the country’s military to believe he is plotting a coup.

Prigozhin – known in military circles as Putin’s butcher due to his ruthless campaign in Ukraine – has threatened on several occasions to pull his thousands of troops out of the country.

He posted a disturbing video of himself surrounded by dead Russian soldiers in early May to his Telegram channels where he launched a blistering attack on the country’s military brass and demanded extra ammunition for his army.

More recently he has warned of a revolution in the style of 1917 and claimed Russian citizens could raid the homes of military elites with “pitchforks”.

He openly called for the replacement of defence minister Sergei Shoigu and general chief of staff Valery Gerasimov, claiming they were “elites” living a “public, fat, carefree life”.

“This duality may end like it did in 1917, with a revolution, when first the soldiers rise up, and after that their loved ones do,” Prigozhin said.

Some within Russian circles have claimed a coup led by Prigozhin is already under way.

Igor Girkin, the former FSB agent who led Russia’s 2014 invasion of Crimea, claimed a coup attempt had already “been announced”.

“Prigozhin actually openly declared war against part of the military and state nomenclature,” Girkin said.

“He is a member of the ruling mafia, one of its factions. We are witnessing how one of these factions is disrupting the status quo. A coup attempt has been announced. So far, it has been announced in the media. For now. What will happen next — I don’t know.

“By the end of the summer, the internal political situation in our country may change beyond recognition.”


Apparently, Russia is in the early stage of civil war.

There are about 500 Russian partisans fighting on the side of Ukraine with the goal of overthrowing Putin and the Kremlin government continuing to hold territory in Belogorod, Russia despite the official line from Moscow that they have been eradicated.

The partisan resistance is also fighting in Shebekhino, Russia. The Russian military is using chemical warfare and shelling Shebekhino despite the presence of over 30,000 of their own citizens in the city. Russian soldiers are looting the local stores, particularly the cell phone stores.


the latest take on just one of donny’s legal fronts, for your viewing pleasure …..


Sorry, tiny url not working properly.

Nearest bad chart for tRump featuring progressed anlunar Saturn on the Asc opposite secondary progressed natal Sun on the Desc around 8 am, EDT, at Mar-A-Lago this coming Fri, Jun 9. I do not think it is strong enough to reflect an indictment. Probably another step by step movement in this saga.

The former DOJ prosecutor Andrew Weissman said yesterday that he believes Trump will be charged in the documents case this week. The fact that T’s lawyers met with Jack Smith yesterday morning convinced him it’s likely because this type of meeting is always the last step before an indictment. Plus as just after the lawyers met, T tweeted an all-caps rant about how can they charge innocent all me blah blah blah. So no doubt his lawyers informed him after that meeting. Tick Tock…


The Mara Lardo Manatee of Vanity is in a free-fall. He’s playing the victim card unabashedly. I’m actually embarrassed for him.

I’d wager Jack Smith is one of DT’s most daunting
Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Former NJ Governor Chris Christie today announced at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics he is running for the presidential nomination of the R. party for 2024.

He was born September 6, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey. Anybody know a birth time or has interpreted his chart? Some think he is too “moderate” to win the R. nomination, but he’s still too conservative for my taste. His presence in the race makes me a tad nervous.

Saturn in Pisces will be opposite Christie’s Virgo Sun around election time next year so not looking good for him. He also appears to have Moon in early Sag so that’s not good either.

DeSantis is another Virgo so he’s also getting the Saturn opposition.


From what I have gathered, Christie’s sole purpose is to ensnare Trump into a debate and annihilate him. Although I do not like his politics, I acknowledge that he is a very smart and savvy politician who has intentions of revenge toward DT. He’s more about never again Trump than winning the nomination for himself which is a long, highly unlikely scenario.

Les & Will
Thankyou for the info on C. Christie. Very helpful!

To All:
Monday, philospher/professor Dr. Cornel West announced he’s running as a presidential candidate for the People’s Party for the November 2024 election.

He is a very brilliant and interesting fellow IMHO, someone whom I have long respected greatly though I do not always agree with his point of view. He has taught at Harvard and Princeton but is now the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Chair at Union Theological Seminary. He was the first African American to gain a PhD in philosophy from Princeton.

As a practicing Christian theologian, he has often described himself as a “non-Marxist socialist,” as he views Marxism and Christianity as irreconcilable. In the past he served as honorary chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Cornel West is far more influential than most would imagine. Although he is at the Left end of the AMERICAN political spectrum, (not nearly as far Left as many outside the USA) neither he nor his ideas should be underestimated. The man is an extremely articulate, clear thinking, formidable debater, writer, and actor.

Although I seriously doubt he could be elected as president, I wonder what effect if any he might have on the 2024 election. He was born June 2, 1953 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I do not know his birth time.

I’ve been wondering about the upcoming Saturn station in sesquiquadrate to Trump’s natal Saturn squared by tr. Mercury next week (June 15th).

Andre of Astrology Alert mentions this aspect in his latest video…….

Trump On The Brink

10 min 29 sec


This story is under the radar but potentially very important.

NBC reports that:

Oregon breakaway effort is down to just 8 votes, deepening urban-rural divide
The Greater Idaho movement aims to redraw Idaho’s map to include 14 conservative Oregon counties, but opponents say it’s only worsening political tensions.


OK, IMO this is dangerous. Fourteen red counties in Oregon conducted a referendum to decide to secede from Oregon and join blood red Idaho. Fortunately, the majority voted NO, but only by eight votes. My understanding is they are about to do a recount. I’m not even certain such a referendum is legal. Nevertheless, it could set a very bad precedent. It could lead to a great deal of chaos. Theoretically, there might be good cultural, demographic or geographic reasons to redraw state boundaries, but not because you don’t like the politics within your state legislature and capital.

There is also question as to whether the Greater Idaho Movement is funded and sponsored by White Nationalist “Christians.”


The Department of Justice is preparing to ask a Washington, DC grand jury to indict former president Donald Trump for violating the Espionage Act and for obstruction of justice as soon as Thursday (June 7, 2023)…

Astrological aspects for Trump on Thursday anyone?


“There is also question as to whether the Greater Idaho Movement is funded and sponsored by White Nationalist “Christians.”

Would we really be surprised?


Some of the legitimate news sources in the US are reporting nothing short of hell coming to Trump et al. Let’s hope Jack Smith is as serious as his photos. I feel a kind of trembling among the Maga crowd – primitive fear. I rather enjoy it.

Thankyou for the link to the Independent report on probable Trump indictments under the espionage act.

I strongly suspect it will be discovered Mr. Trump not only kept classified documents for his personal enjoyment, obstructed justice, lying to investigators and refusing to return them, but more importantly, using his son in law, Jared Kushner as courier, sold copies of certain documents to the Saudi government.

A weird contemplation:

It has been said recently by several high placed persons that Mr. Trump could theoretically accept the Republican nomination for president while wearing an ankle bracelet. Oddly, in the USA it is perfectly legal to run for office, even if you are doing so from prison. Eugne V. Debs ran for president in 1920 while imprisoned in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary wherein he received 919,799 votes, i.e. 3.4 percent!

I think one of Mr. Trump’s several spiritual functions (under the aegis of the US Pluto return) has been and is to present the R party with a series of moral and mental tests which so far, they’ve consistently failed.

The question is, how deeply can they delve into such profound denial? Might they in obtuse, defiant and arrogant blindness, actually nominate someone who has been indicted for the most serious crimes for which a citizen can be accused? Perhaps, even were he convicted and serving his sentence in federal prison?

And were they to nominate someone else, might it from their point of view be a requirement that person be faithful to the Trump cult, going so far as to promise to pardon the ex-president if elected?

It boggles the mind.

If indeed Mark Meadows testified to the Grand Jury on Tuesday, June 6, he testified as transiting Saturn was exactly opposite his natal Pluto in right ascension as Pluto on the day of his birth was virtually motionless, moving less than 2 arc-minutes all day. Natal Pluto 159°26′. Transiting Saturn on June 6, 2023, 339°25′. I used noon charts for both. (159°26′ + 180° = 339°26′).


A quick look at the ephemeris….

Thursday June 8, 2023/ 2:10 am Washington DC

There’s an exact Moon-Mars opposition at 10 ’39 Aquarius-Leo

In other words, tr. Mars conjunct Donald Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo) is in the target range. It’s a powerful aspect.

I’m not sure how much it matters to the chart for today, but the indictments on the documents case is likely to come from Florida, according to the latest reports I saw. The obstruction all occurred in Florida and espionage if he shared the documents. DC has some weird law that you can’t bring charges there if most of the criming happened elsewhere. When and if Jan 6 charges come they of course would be in DC. The only worry is that while Palm Beach/Miami jurors lean a bit more left than much of the rest of the state, there are some wacky judges in Florida like the one who tried to interfere with the documents case before.

Woo hoo again! The indictment has happened. This is almost certainly the documents case. We don’t know the details yet, so that will be interesting.

…and he is already fundraising over it. The worry is that he will ride this to a civil war. He does not care as he has nothing left to loose and might even gain.

Presented for it’s intent.


Pat Robertson is meeting with his buddy Rush Limbaugh………may the doors of hell hit him on the way down.

Heard the indictment news at 8:00pm. Hoping T is finally held accountable by the Justice Dept.

Hi Bob,

The rousing “His truth is marching on” battle hymn of the Republic is certainly appropos and speaks to the times we are living in. I think there are various ways of looking at it. I prefer the quieter, graceful approach wherein love and truth shines its light on all things……

Talking With Love


The reported time of the Trump arraignment scheduled for Tuesday June 13th at 3 pm in Miami is very close to the Mercury-Saturn square of June 15th (Saturn being near stationary). Because the Saturn station is in sesquiquadrate to Trump’s natal Saturn, I think this could very well be “crunch time” for Mr. Donald J Trump.

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