24th Nov, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good holiday and use this time to celebrate our many blessings!


Yes Nancy, we are blessed aplenty.
Thank you! This blog itself is a blessing we share. May we all move into the gratitude attitude this Thanksgiving day and beyond.

Knowing the trouble you’ve had posting here, I am thrilled you are back with us! Your TEST at the end of the previous thread worked!


To respond to your post from the last thread…

What could indeed take Jim Jordan down is the sex scandal at Ohio State he’s implicated in. He could have come clean about it years ago. Instead, he shows himself again and again to be a snake in the grass.

Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor
By Curt Devine, Drew Griffin and Majlie de Puy Kamp, CNN Investigates
Updated 7:00 PM EST, Fri March 06, 2020

(CNN) Tito Vazquez says he still remembers the day three decades ago when, as a wrestler at Ohio State University, the doctor he’d gone to see about a bloody nose insisted on examining his genitals. He also recalls how one of his coaches dismissed his immediate complaint.

“‘I have nothing to do with this,'” Vazquez quoted the assistant coach saying, as he effectively ended the conversation and went on with wrestling practice.

That coach, Vazquez says, was Jim Jordan, now an Ohio congressman and an influential voice in Republican politics, perhaps best known for his pugnacious defense of President Donald Trump during the recent impeachment proceedings.

More at link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/06/politics/jordan-osu-wrestlers-strauss-invs/index.html

This is interesting.
According to Newsweek

Russia Planned To Attack Japan in 2021:
But decided on Ukraine instead.

IMO, This in part explains why when the Japanese PM attended the NATO meeting a few months ago he so strongly stated the security of Asia was inextricably and intimately linked to the security of Europe. He surely had intelligence regarding the planned attack on his country.

hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving.

On the topic of pluto moving into aquarius, I wonder if this new story of kiwi ingenuity story is an example of future energy innovations

The R’s are IMO about to discover the deeper meaning of the phrase, “pyrrhic victory”. They will soon regret having narrowly won the House, and long for the days when with great and intense vitriol they could blame the Dems for all problems. We can expect a catastrophic and chaotic House experience for the R’s for the next two years which will heavily contribute to their eventual demise.

Kevin McCarthy could face a floor fight for speaker. That hasn’t happened in a century.
The last time a vote for speaker went to multiple ballots on the House floor was in 1923. The longest was 133 ballots over two months.


Hi, Eliseo. Heckuva way to learn civics, isn’t it? I’m hoping the lesson will be vivid enough to stick in the hearts and minds of voters and future voter as well.

Response to kiwi post of November 25th, 2022, at 6:16 pm.

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING 2029: What Will the U.S. Look Like 10 Years From Now? – 00:23:07

The look begins at the 12 minute mark. Looking good for the world led by the United States, although she says the innovative changes in the field of energy will not be the focus of main interest. Also nations around the world working and sharing advances in various fields in the coming years.

Recorded July 18th, 2019


Irene Cara

Bob, thanks for that link. Very Interesting!
I certainly could see the usa getting involved in this, initially for funding in order to develop the technology to scale. And also other things being developed as a result of these new ideas – ‘invention extensions’
Rather exciting to imagine.

Grateful to all Starlighters for all of your fine insights and wisdom. Many thanks to Nancy!

arbo, and all,

Here’s hoping that the generational changeover makes an even bigger difference in electoral outcomes in 2024. Actually, I’m quite certain it will, and neither Trump nor Biden are going to be a significant factor in that election. It’s all simply a matter of time.

It’s telling that so many Conservative Republican Boomers are grumbling now about raising the voting age. As if it matters. Even a few years delay wouldn’t stop the inevitable.

Time moves on for us all. The young must ascend, and the old must relinquish their grip on power, and eventually life itself. Yet the Pluto in Leo-born GOP bastards and their affiliates that have damn near run this country and planet into the ground for the past 40+ years just can’t give it up already.

Regardless, Pluto in Aquarius making its opposition to their natal Leo Plutos promises the one thing that they can’t buy off or spin their way out of, no matter how hard they fight their mortal fear of figurative–and very literal (and also very final)–ego death.

Murdoch, Koch, etc. can’t take a dime of all their ill-gotten billions with them when they finally croak. I guess they lose after all. Stupid ideologues.

In the meantime, the Republicans in charge of the House–including all of the morons like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, etc., most of whom, interestingly enough, should be young enough to know better–are going to be a massive sh*tshow.

Climate change is charging down our front door. And what are these people plotting? No real solutions. Just a vindictive, vengeful witch hunt against Biden by way of his son.

I suspect there will come a fairly pivotal moment in the next several months in which Biden will simply announce that he’s not running for re-election, and that will leave these clowns sitting with egg on their faces, though they’ll be too stupid to realize that the yolk’s on them.

Pluto is changing signs. And the wheel of time turns and signals that generational change is upon us once more. A new generation of leaders is about to emerge. Some from the shadows, and others who were in plain sight all along, quietly positioning themselves for their moment. I suspect that the Conservative Boomer retreads like DeSantis, Alex Jones, Greene, etc. in the Pluto in Libra generation, seemingly ascendant these past few years, are going to prove to be rather small in number and vastly insignificant when the generation as a whole is activated by the air trines from Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini.

We are going to see their better and brighter stars rise up, and with them, a real focus on social justice matters, from re-affirming and codifying Civil Rights and GLBTQ rights, to enacting serious economic and climate justice in the wake of the Pluto in Cap-driven rampage of elite right-wing billionaires, corporations and CEOs. I believe we’ll also see at least of couple of impactful Gen-X presidents and other influential leaders emerge before the Millennials and Gen-Z truly take the reigns.

I’m in general agreement with you regarding the necessity of generational change, but if memory serves I believe plutocratic stupid ideologues, Rupert Murdoch and Charles Koch are of the Pluto in Cancer generation. Isn’t that right? (1931 & 1935) Although David Koch was definitely Pluto in Leo, 1940-2019..

As for as Trump and Biden, I would not be surprised were Biden to win a second term and resign 2 to 3 years into that term due to health reasons.

Trump? Who knows what will happen with him? I believe we can safely expect indictments, but he may run anyway, possibly as a purposeful third party spoiler as revenge on the R’s who rejected him. He can’t if we can invoke the 14th amendment on him, but without the 14th he can run, even from prison. Eugene V Debs, the very popular Dem Socialist of the early 20th century ran from prison and still got a substantial number of votes.

Although Pluto re-enters Aquarius a few days after the 2024 election to stay for a couple of decades, (I do expect progressive policies in 2025 and beyond) my hunch is the more dramatic transformations will ensue following the election of 2028.

IMHO those progressive policies will be mostly good, but as always some won’t be and may have opposite effect from what was intended. Not all progressive policies work out well (let us remember Prohibition).

Perhaps I am naive, but I do believe Pluto’s journey through Aquarius will at least give us more politicians with more noble intentions, who unlike the greedhead plutocrats of the Pluto in Capricorn era will actually put the country and humanitarian ideals first.

You are correct Eliseo. Murdoch and Charles Koch are indeed members of the Pluto in Cancer generation. Interestingly, Koch is dealing with the Pluto opposition now. He’s a private person (Scorpio, of course), so we really don’t know what exactly he is dealing with in this moment. And regardless of how he is grappling with it, or not, the world he grew up in and would seem so badly to want to cling to by way of his money and legal manipulations, has already slipped well beyond his influence in ways that will continue to become more apparent. His life and legacy are virtually meaningless… except for the retardation he has contributed to, slowing down awareness and efforts to address our increasingly daunting environmental challenges.

Murdoch actually experienced his opposition several years ago, around the same time as his third Saturn Return. I believe he actually fell and broke his back, not a good thing at any age, but especially for someone so advanced. He most certainly received the most outstanding health care and made what appears to be a full recovery. Now in his 90s, he seems to be behaving as if he is immortal, although he has handed off more of the day to day operations of Fox News off to one of his sons.

I did clearly focus on the conservatives in the Pluto in Leo cohort, but as you pointed out, there are indeed still some very highly influential conservative Pluto in Cancer cohort members still around. My larger point is still nonetheless that Pluto in Capricorn has empowered conservatives in all age groups, but especially in the Pluto in Leo generation which for some reason seemed to produce a disproportionate number of them who have claimed power in and around our politics.

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