24th Nov, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a good holiday and use this time to celebrate our many blessings!


Yes Nancy, we are blessed aplenty.
Thank you! This blog itself is a blessing we share. May we all move into the gratitude attitude this Thanksgiving day and beyond.

Knowing the trouble you’ve had posting here, I am thrilled you are back with us! Your TEST at the end of the previous thread worked!


To respond to your post from the last thread…

What could indeed take Jim Jordan down is the sex scandal at Ohio State he’s implicated in. He could have come clean about it years ago. Instead, he shows himself again and again to be a snake in the grass.

Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor
By Curt Devine, Drew Griffin and Majlie de Puy Kamp, CNN Investigates
Updated 7:00 PM EST, Fri March 06, 2020

(CNN) Tito Vazquez says he still remembers the day three decades ago when, as a wrestler at Ohio State University, the doctor he’d gone to see about a bloody nose insisted on examining his genitals. He also recalls how one of his coaches dismissed his immediate complaint.

“‘I have nothing to do with this,'” Vazquez quoted the assistant coach saying, as he effectively ended the conversation and went on with wrestling practice.

That coach, Vazquez says, was Jim Jordan, now an Ohio congressman and an influential voice in Republican politics, perhaps best known for his pugnacious defense of President Donald Trump during the recent impeachment proceedings.

More at link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/06/politics/jordan-osu-wrestlers-strauss-invs/index.html

This is interesting.
According to Newsweek

Russia Planned To Attack Japan in 2021:
But decided on Ukraine instead.

IMO, This in part explains why when the Japanese PM attended the NATO meeting a few months ago he so strongly stated the security of Asia was inextricably and intimately linked to the security of Europe. He surely had intelligence regarding the planned attack on his country.

hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving.

On the topic of pluto moving into aquarius, I wonder if this new story of kiwi ingenuity story is an example of future energy innovations

The R’s are IMO about to discover the deeper meaning of the phrase, “pyrrhic victory”. They will soon regret having narrowly won the House, and long for the days when with great and intense vitriol they could blame the Dems for all problems. We can expect a catastrophic and chaotic House experience for the R’s for the next two years which will heavily contribute to their eventual demise.

Kevin McCarthy could face a floor fight for speaker. That hasn’t happened in a century.
The last time a vote for speaker went to multiple ballots on the House floor was in 1923. The longest was 133 ballots over two months.


Hi, Eliseo. Heckuva way to learn civics, isn’t it? I’m hoping the lesson will be vivid enough to stick in the hearts and minds of voters and future voter as well.

Response to kiwi post of November 25th, 2022, at 6:16 pm.

INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING 2029: What Will the U.S. Look Like 10 Years From Now? – 00:23:07

The look begins at the 12 minute mark. Looking good for the world led by the United States, although she says the innovative changes in the field of energy will not be the focus of main interest. Also nations around the world working and sharing advances in various fields in the coming years.

Recorded July 18th, 2019


Irene Cara

Bob, thanks for that link. Very Interesting!
I certainly could see the usa getting involved in this, initially for funding in order to develop the technology to scale. And also other things being developed as a result of these new ideas – ‘invention extensions’
Rather exciting to imagine.

Grateful to all Starlighters for all of your fine insights and wisdom. Many thanks to Nancy!

arbo, and all,

Here’s hoping that the generational changeover makes an even bigger difference in electoral outcomes in 2024. Actually, I’m quite certain it will, and neither Trump nor Biden are going to be a significant factor in that election. It’s all simply a matter of time.

It’s telling that so many Conservative Republican Boomers are grumbling now about raising the voting age. As if it matters. Even a few years delay wouldn’t stop the inevitable.

Time moves on for us all. The young must ascend, and the old must relinquish their grip on power, and eventually life itself. Yet the Pluto in Leo-born GOP bastards and their affiliates that have damn near run this country and planet into the ground for the past 40+ years just can’t give it up already.

Regardless, Pluto in Aquarius making its opposition to their natal Leo Plutos promises the one thing that they can’t buy off or spin their way out of, no matter how hard they fight their mortal fear of figurative–and very literal (and also very final)–ego death.

Murdoch, Koch, etc. can’t take a dime of all their ill-gotten billions with them when they finally croak. I guess they lose after all. Stupid ideologues.

In the meantime, the Republicans in charge of the House–including all of the morons like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, etc., most of whom, interestingly enough, should be young enough to know better–are going to be a massive sh*tshow.

Climate change is charging down our front door. And what are these people plotting? No real solutions. Just a vindictive, vengeful witch hunt against Biden by way of his son.

I suspect there will come a fairly pivotal moment in the next several months in which Biden will simply announce that he’s not running for re-election, and that will leave these clowns sitting with egg on their faces, though they’ll be too stupid to realize that the yolk’s on them.

Pluto is changing signs. And the wheel of time turns and signals that generational change is upon us once more. A new generation of leaders is about to emerge. Some from the shadows, and others who were in plain sight all along, quietly positioning themselves for their moment. I suspect that the Conservative Boomer retreads like DeSantis, Alex Jones, Greene, etc. in the Pluto in Libra generation, seemingly ascendant these past few years, are going to prove to be rather small in number and vastly insignificant when the generation as a whole is activated by the air trines from Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini.

We are going to see their better and brighter stars rise up, and with them, a real focus on social justice matters, from re-affirming and codifying Civil Rights and GLBTQ rights, to enacting serious economic and climate justice in the wake of the Pluto in Cap-driven rampage of elite right-wing billionaires, corporations and CEOs. I believe we’ll also see at least of couple of impactful Gen-X presidents and other influential leaders emerge before the Millennials and Gen-Z truly take the reigns.

I’m in general agreement with you regarding the necessity of generational change, but if memory serves I believe plutocratic stupid ideologues, Rupert Murdoch and Charles Koch are of the Pluto in Cancer generation. Isn’t that right? (1931 & 1935) Although David Koch was definitely Pluto in Leo, 1940-2019..

As for as Trump and Biden, I would not be surprised were Biden to win a second term and resign 2 to 3 years into that term due to health reasons.

Trump? Who knows what will happen with him? I believe we can safely expect indictments, but he may run anyway, possibly as a purposeful third party spoiler as revenge on the R’s who rejected him. He can’t if we can invoke the 14th amendment on him, but without the 14th he can run, even from prison. Eugene V Debs, the very popular Dem Socialist of the early 20th century ran from prison and still got a substantial number of votes.

Although Pluto re-enters Aquarius a few days after the 2024 election to stay for a couple of decades, (I do expect progressive policies in 2025 and beyond) my hunch is the more dramatic transformations will ensue following the election of 2028.

IMHO those progressive policies will be mostly good, but as always some won’t be and may have opposite effect from what was intended. Not all progressive policies work out well (let us remember Prohibition).

Perhaps I am naive, but I do believe Pluto’s journey through Aquarius will at least give us more politicians with more noble intentions, who unlike the greedhead plutocrats of the Pluto in Capricorn era will actually put the country and humanitarian ideals first.

You are correct Eliseo. Murdoch and Charles Koch are indeed members of the Pluto in Cancer generation. Interestingly, Koch is dealing with the Pluto opposition now. He’s a private person (Scorpio, of course), so we really don’t know what exactly he is dealing with in this moment. And regardless of how he is grappling with it, or not, the world he grew up in and would seem so badly to want to cling to by way of his money and legal manipulations, has already slipped well beyond his influence in ways that will continue to become more apparent. His life and legacy are virtually meaningless… except for the retardation he has contributed to, slowing down awareness and efforts to address our increasingly daunting environmental challenges.

Murdoch actually experienced his opposition several years ago, around the same time as his third Saturn Return. I believe he actually fell and broke his back, not a good thing at any age, but especially for someone so advanced. He most certainly received the most outstanding health care and made what appears to be a full recovery. Now in his 90s, he seems to be behaving as if he is immortal, although he has handed off more of the day to day operations of Fox News off to one of his sons.

I did clearly focus on the conservatives in the Pluto in Leo cohort, but as you pointed out, there are indeed still some very highly influential conservative Pluto in Cancer cohort members still around. My larger point is still nonetheless that Pluto in Capricorn has empowered conservatives in all age groups, but especially in the Pluto in Leo generation which for some reason seemed to produce a disproportionate number of them who have claimed power in and around our politics.

As usual we share broad areas of agreement. Pluto in Leo, despite the positive qualities can be imperious!

LOL – I have pluto/conj moon in Leo (opp Mercury in Aquarius)! Not looking forward to the pluto transit but I have to wait a while because the degrees encompass 17-18.

On Nov 27, 2022, Adam Schiff said “McCarthy’s problem is, he can’t get to 218 without Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz.” They all have challenging aspects in spring or Summer of 2023.

Their DOBs located to the Capitol Building Dist of Columbia, with states they represent”:

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia, May 27, 1974

May 9 2023 Sat 05°Pi59′ Sqr Sun 05°Ge59′ Tr-Na
Jun 8 2023 Sat 07°Pi09′ Sqr Nep 07°Sg09′ Tr-Sp
Jun 26 2023 Sat 07°Pi09′ Sqr Nep 07°Sg09′ Tr-Sp
Jul 27 2023 Sat 05°Pi59′ Sqr Sun 05°Ge59′ Tr-Na
Jul 28 2023 Ura 22°Ta40′ Sqr Mar 22°Le40′ Tr-Sp

Paul Gosar, Arizona, November 27, 1958

Apr 16 2023 Sat 04°Pi13′ Opp Plu 04°Vi13′ Tr-Na
Apr 24 2023 Sat 04°Pi57′ Sqr Sun 04°Sg57′ Tr-Na

Matt Gaetz, Florida, May 7, 1982

Mar 21 2023 Sat 01°Pi39′ Sqr Ura 01°Sg39′ Tr-Sp
Mar 30 2023 Nep 25°Pi40′ Sqr Nep 25°Sg40′ Tr-Sp
Apr 6 2023 Sat 03°Pi18′ Sqr Ura 03°Sg18′ Tr-Na
Apr 7 2023 Nep 25°Pi57′ Sqr Sun 25°Ge57′ Tr-Sp
Apr 28 2023 Nep 26°Pi39′ Sqr Nep 26°Sg39′ Tr-Na

I appreciate your thoroughness. I can’t help but for a chuckle. We may be in for quite a long while with NO House Speaker. The longest period was purportedly 130 days during the 19th century, in the 1830’s or 1850’s I don’t recall which. It’s possible the R’s may break that record.

Not a good time to be an R. No matter what they do they will make themselves look foolish and weak. For a number of years now I’ve felt the R’s were involved in slow, progressing suicide, lemmings gradually approaching the cliff.

more interesting/innovative news from this corner of the world. Our district, which has a large percentage of Maori, just elected its first maori as mayor because of rank choice voting. Seems like a great fellow. The interesting thing is, he has announced he is introducing a lunar calendar for regularly scheduled council meetings.

“He said he felt using the M?ori lunar calendar would be helpful, particularly with regard to understanding what days were better (or not) for performing certain tasks.
“I remember times we’ve had meetings where people would go head-to-head, and when I looked at the timing, it would always fall on days that didn’t align well with the Maramataka,” Tepania said.”

It will be interesting to see if there is any discernable difference going forward!

If the Speaker of the House is not a member of Congress does he or she vote on issues before the House brought for a vote?

Intuitiview Kim has posted her insights for next year for those who might be interested

Bob, interesting question. Although theoretically possible because it is not spelled out in the constitution, a non elected speaker has never happened. I would think if it were to happen that person should only be permitted to vote ‘present’. I imagine whole issue, if forced by the current crop of nut cases, would end up before the supreme court.

The smart move for the Dems would be
(1) wait for the R’s to go through several ballots failing to elect a Speaker.
(2) to announce their support for a nonmember who is a well respected, rational “moderate” Republican. Hypothetically it could be a retired R. senator, congressperson, or governor.

If all the Dems voted for that person they could probably get enough of the more reasonablke R’s to vote for him or her also. The radical R’s would howl, but they will find something to howl about anyway. Let them howl their paranoid conspiracies. The more they talk crazy the more voters will turn away from their party.

Meanwhile, the new Speaker, and Dems plus the minority of “moderate” R’s might actually get things done. What are the chances something that intelligent will transpire? Probably zero.

As far as I know, the nonmember Speaker would have all the normal responsibiliies, but be unable to vote anything but present.

Here is a good, short NYTimes editorial that tracks how Antisemitism is getting more real. Being Jewish, it disturbs me greatly. It’s bad enough that there are many call-in bomb threats at Jewish events for which there is now often a security or police presence (especially since the Tree of Life mass shooting in 2018) but the fact that I feel slightly uncomfortable about attending them is distressing. Now, it seems to be escalating —


Eliseo, I believe you’ve split the baby…

LOL. I’m not sure what you mean by that, but it is funny.

Sharon, perhaps the phrase ‘remember, Jesus was a Jewish rabbi’, or something similar, could be promoted more widely by lots of people?

Good thought, kiwi, but there is also the phrase or expression, “haters will hate”. It’s not rational but people latch onto stereotypes, much of it negative, and just decide to blame, hate, dislike, get revenge on, etc., based on some wound and negative feelings inside of them. Sad but true. I could say that to someone who I could have a rational conversation with but even so, Jews are also blamed for killing Jesus (I was told I killed Jesus by a group of neighborhood kids when I was about 8), or he could be looked at as the exception.

Sad but true…humans sometimes suck.

I was talking to a relative today about the Pepe the Frog picture on Musk’s tweet recently (I am so disappointed in him overall) and my relative, who is Jewish, laughed and said it was just started out as a joke and the “Liberal Media” ran with it, and since that’s all I pay attention to… ‘Apparently, the same thing is true of the “ok” hand gesture according to him. The fact that the ADL spoke against it. Trump’s dinner companions were not brought up in the conversation.

People tend to believe what they want to believe and what supports their overall positions. It’s a kind of cognitive dissonance but there’s also another term for it.

Thank you for your comments, though.

I originally wrote but it got lost in the editing, “The fact that the ADL spoke against it, didn’ make a dent.”

Happy Thanksgiving. Plenty to worry about as Pluto return gets closer, but be well, have faith, plant a garden

Eliseo, it’s a solution that no one will be happy with. Would anyone be able to make a sacrifice?

Thank you Arbo. I understand your meaning though I see it quite differently.


Maybe arbo is referring to the two women claiming motherhood over the baby before Solomon: he knew the real mother was the one who was willing to give the baby up in exchange for letting it live…the imposter agreed to cutting the baby in two. I’m sure you know the story.

Jim Jordan reminds me of a catheter bag full of sick urine.

Is there any possibility that the congressional majority could flip back to Dems via unusual circumstances? Curious

In the meantime, Nick Fuentes; what Fresh hell is this? Unabashedly hateful. Would so love to see him disappear. What a sick freak!

Genuinely stoked about the Chinese and Iranian uprisings. It’s about time!

Kiwi, Sharon,

In my past pastoral work of several decades, and as a religious studies educator I frequently made it clear the man from Nazareth was a rabbi. Why else would he be addressed in the NT so frequently with the Aramaic title Rabboni? (Early English NT’s translated the word to the less Jewish sounding, “Master.”) Needless to say, most were shocked by that fact and many had no clue the man was Jewish! Sadly, when it comes to religion, most people are fog headed mental retards.

Noted British scholars believe the Nazarene was the very same rabbi who led the imperial standards passive resistance protest very early in Pilate’s tenure as governor. As an organized group the local rabbis forced Pilate into a humiliating albeit temporary capitulation, a political incident which surely embittered the man. This would indicate J was not just a rabbi, but for a while at least, the chief rabbi.

Unfortunately, in my experience, emphasizing JC’s Jewishness has no effect on anti-semites, and sociological studies show this as well. You can say, “No! He was executed by a Roman method, crucifixion, not the Jewish way, stoning.” Makes no difference. Nor does other good historical explanation. As Sharon said, haters gonna hate, and Jews have long been a convenient and relatively vulnerable target. I hope I’m wrong, but as various economic stresses increase, I see anti-semitism increasing for a while longer.

I was aware of the reference. I just find the analogy inapplicable. Each to their own!

Yes it is possible for the House to flip to Dems before the next election but it would be temporary, perhaps intermittent. If a few R congresspersons are implicated for collusion in the Jan. 6th insurrection they could be subject to removal under the 14th amendment. In their absence Dems might have a temporary majority until their governors replace them. If a governor is a Dem they might (against tradition) appoint another Dem to replace the disgraced R.

BTW, you will find the video below enlightening. Enjoy!

The End of China 8:24 MINUTES

Is Garland’s relentlessness being mistaken for slowness?



I didn’t like the clip you posted .. . …I loved it! The guy is almost as bright as you. Sounds like a hybrid of Chris Hayes and John Oliver.


Do you have any thoughts about China’s and/or Iran’s present astrology?

I’m glad you liked the video. But I’m in no way as knowledgeable as Peter Zeihan. I don’t always agree with him, (he’e a bit center right on some issues) but his facts are real, not made up, and his analyses of those facts are superior. He has a talent for connecting dots most of us do not even see. I recommend you read his books, (all 4 of them in order,) all of which are fascinating. He is IMHO the most brilliant geopolitical analyst and futurist on Earth at this time.

Addendum: Peter Zeihan inadvertantly imparts some astrological wisdom as well, as he pinpointrs precise times when certain trends and processes commenced. As an example, he traces the beginnings of our globalized modern world to the Bretton Woods conference of July 1944, only a month after our D-Day Uranus return. He never mentions astrology, but he can tell you exactly when something was decided, begun, or culminated. You can find his books at Amazon and there are numerous videos of him on you tube, some short and some very long.

Will, I have not done a chart on either country in years and do not expect to as my eyesight and energies are fading but never say never.

Gratzie mille.

I so support you honoring your energy levels.

You will find this interesting. Peter Zeihan again 8 minutes 16 seconds.


This is real. Hard to make such as this up.

Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter

So many people still wearing masks.

I just want to ask you.

If a pair of underwear, really thick ones, high quality cotton, can’t protect you from a fart, then how will a mask protect you from covid??

Firstly, I laugh. Then I think about it. We’d like to see everyone more educated. But maybe in some cases when we think we are educating stupid people we are merely informing them, turning thrm into knowledgeable stupid people. They’re still stupid.

They have no idea how to use or interpret the information they have gained. People have to be trained in the skills with which to interpret and understand the implications and nferences of the information they have gained. Not what to think, but how to think.

MTG and I think probably most of the screwball R’s never learned HOW to think, and some of them, indoctrinated early into an illogical meaning system, with great hostility probably resisted any such efforts.

Just a thought in my efforts to understand these people.

Very good summary of what’s been going on with “Kanye, Elon, Trump” – and how they represent the extremist base of the Republican party – (but my opinion is that we laughed at Trump in 2016, so we had better pay attention to these dangerous people who know how to sow chaos & attract followers):


And then there is this “warning” from Michael Steele, the rational, balanced, ex-head of the RNC, about MTG: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/michael-steele-issues-dire-warning-marjorie-taylor-greene-will-be-the-most-powerful-speaker-of-the-house/ar-AA14ODDU?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=32e5ae3ff8014aedbba47319e6b41a71

Sorry about the long links. You (or I) can create “tiny urls” at a tiny url site so let me know if you need me to do it.

Will the United States Pluto return foster another “Great Generation’?

“How the Greatest Generation Works”
By: Clint Pumphrey

“Characteristics of the Greatest Generation

In “The Greatest Generation,” Tom Brokaw argues that the World War II generation’s perseverance through difficult times is a testament to their extraordinary character. Their remarkable actions, during times of war and peace, ultimately made the United States a better place in which to live. Born and raised in a tumultuous era marked by war and economic depression, Brokaw asserts, these men and women developed values of “personal responsibility, duty, honor and faith.” These characteristics helped them to defeat Hitler, build the American economy, make advances in science and implement visionary programs like Medicare. According to Brokaw, “[a]t every stage of their lives they were part of historic challenges and achievements of a magnitude the world had never before witnessed.”

If members of that generation were born in 1909 and lived for 80 years they experienced WW I in their coming of age years. Then followed ‘The Great Depression” which included the experiences of WW II and the Korean War (a so called Police Action).

After that the experiences of the growth of the most prosperous ‘middle class’ in U.S. history, a presidential assassination, the beginning of the ‘Space Age’, the Vietnam War (America’s first loss of a war), the removal of a president from office, and the advent of mass computer availability. If they lived a few more years, the birth of the “World Wide Web” (WWW).

Corrections welcome.

Just a few thoughts based on what you just said, Bob (which I very much appreciate).

I certainly think that when adversity comes our way as a country (climate change & the accompanying economic vicissitudes), it may be what we need to unify as a country, overcome these competing policy positions, and do what needs to be done in a manner that builds character & embraces traditional values like fairness, helping the underdog, championing democracy, helping each other and taking responsibility for solving the problems together. It’s going to be tough on the world, hopefully, we will all help each other globally, and warlike behavior won’t weaken us all.

“it’s going to be tough on the world and, hopefully…”


Unfortunately, the link you posted did not lead me to anything by Zeihan. Mostly Johnny Cash.


I have suffered a stone in my shoe since Brokaw wrote his “Greatest Generation.” It is true that the global horrors of WWII helped to galvanize the Greatest Generation – but I dare say the Boomers would most likely have come together as a united generation in very much the same fashion had that event happened when we were young adults. I’m not saying the American people didn’t make significant sacrifices at that time – but then, their world was exponentially-less complex and unencumbered with the many formidable crises the Boomers have had to slog through in spite of us being so “spoiled.” Indeed, I believe each generation (especially those of the post-industrial era) has had to struggle with its own set of challenges and hardships. Moreover, the “Greatest Generation” was fortunate to have enjoyed the fruits of an American Golden Age of economic and industrial prosperity. Times were so very different. It wasn’t until the Boomers entered the job market that employers drew (and abused) a seemingly-endless pool of workers all competing for the same dollar. Most mothers or nurturing fathers can no longer afford to stay at home (let alone a home they actually own) as the cost of everything has risen precipitously. The Greatest Generation has also lived much longer than former generations; this is NOT so for the Boomers – many are dropping like proverbial flies long before their parents pass. My spit-balled assessment; it is attributable to a quantum leap in our exposure complex and here-to-fore unknown levels of stressors unique to the Boomers. The Greatest Generation also brought us a record level of alcohol, domestic violence and child abuse in many forms.

Okay – rant over.


Holy crow – I’m on again

So now I have to LEAVE! ….. so we will all see if this lasts…. will get back …. or not 🙂

Thanks …. you know who you are – but I don’t.

Despite our inclement weather here 112 miles OR 180 kilometers SSE OF you, it’s been a good day for which I am grateful. But the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae is your return to this blog. I’m very glad you are back with us.

I apologize. I’m not sure what happened with that link. If I can find the correct one, I will send it on.

I too have suffered a stone in my shoe since Brokaw published his 1998 tome on the Depression/WWII era generation. I concur with your “rant” 100%!

No doubt, the accomplishments of the Pluto in Cancer generation are impressive and historic, but so are those of certain generations in ancient history as well. Anyone remember Thermopylae? Furthermore, Mr. Brokaw was apparently only referring to the winners of the last world war. I think we can rightly assume he was not thinking of the Japanese, German, or Italians of that Pluto in Cancer generation.

We usually don’t clearly see the true and deeper meaning of events or achievements until decades later. Brokaw’s book was published 53 years after the war was done. How the accomplishments of Pluto in Leo Boomers, the most educated generation in history, will be seen and remembered has not yet been fully contextualized, in part because of complexity and because so many processes begun at the time are unfinished.

In contrast, the Great Depression and WWII each had a specific beginning and ending.

Speaking of beginnings and endings…….

Contemplating a possible timeline on the release of the January 6th report by congress and a pending Trump indictment; according to various news sources, the Jan 6th report is expected to be released sometime after congress has adjourned for the holidays but prior to Christmas (the January 6th committee is expected to wrap up its activities no later than January 1st). The December 23rd New Moon seems the most likely target date here. Refer to my November 21st 1:14 am entry I had posted.

After the new year, mid January to be exact, we have an interesting array of aspects coming up that could point to some meaningful progress in the expected indictment of Trump and his cronies. Tr. Mars will go stationary direct on January 12th at 8 Gemini. This is the US Mars return degree. This is to be followed by Mercury going stationary direct on the 18th (8 Capricorn) in quincunx to the near stationary Mars (8 Gemini) and close semi-square to Saturn (24 Aquarius). This will be activating Trump’s natal Mercury-Neptune square (8 Cancer-5 Libra). Much has been written about this Mercury-Neptune square aspect in Trump’s chart. Here’s a brief definition by one astrologer….

“A “square” is a deeply challenging aspect, and having one between the planet Mercury (the communicator planet) and Neptune (the planet of lies and self deception) means that the person can have trouble defining the line between an overactive imagination and objective truth, resulting in the construction of their own private version of reality.”

Because transiting Saturn, Mars and Mercury are so heavily intertwined in this particular aspect of Trump’s troublesome Mercury-Neptune square, I suspect these forces may catapult as it were all the sordid secrets in Trump’s closet out into the open for public scrutiny. The other equally challenging aspect coming into play at this time is the close Venus/Saturn conjunction (23/24 Aquarius) in the January 21st New Moon chart. It is in square to Trump’s natal midheaven (24 Taurus). The subsequent Uranus station on the 22nd (14 ’56 Taurus) will be quincunxing the US Saturn (14 ’48 Libra) so some kind of major adjustment as a result of an indictment may be required.


The Jan 21st, 2023 New Moon/Pluto conjunction. See chart for quick reference…..


The New Moon/Pluto midpoint at 29 ’56 Capricorn is within a half degree of the December 21st 2020 Saturn/Jupiter conjunction (0 ’29 Aquarius) and one degree of the Biden administrations Jan 20, 2021 US Inaugural chart Sun (0 ’51 Aquarius).

The Great Conjunction of 2020

by Daljeet Peterson
Dec 6, 2020

You’ve probably heard quite a lot of buzz lately about the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that will happen on December 21st, 2020. And there are a few reasons why so many astrologers are very excited about this configuration. First, it’s happening on the Winter Solstice. And second, it’s happening at 0º Aquarius. So many are reading this as a sign that the much anticipated Age of Aquarius has finally arrived. And while this isn’t necessarily related to the “Age of Aquarius” (because that’s referring to the precession of the equinoxes — which is an entirely different astronomical phenomenon,) we can accurately say that the “Era of Aquarius” is about to begin. And this is in and of itself a really big deal. Here’s why.

The “Great Conjunction” refers to the fact that every 20 years, the planets Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in the sky. As these are the two social planets, their conjunction cycle tends to indicate the beginning of a new era in society, pointing to shifts in power and ideology. It’s a very significant and predictable cycle that astrologers have observed for millennia. Throughout history, the reigns of monarchs and the emergence of new political dynasties and even new religions have been linked with this cycle.



Trump Organization guilty on all 16 counts (the boss wasn’t charge but it makes him look pretty bad). Jan. 6 committee to make criminal referrals to the DOJ (not sure if Trump will be one of them), No more Special Master on the documents probe. Some of this should stick to TFG. Bob, Jerry, Eliseo & others, you were SO RIGHT!

Something’s odd. I’ve had at least 7, if not more excellent and good days in a row. At the end of each day I felt good about small accomplishments, all of them pregnant with further bright possibilities. Folks, this is weird!

Meanwhile: As many of us have sadly anticipated, the Chinese people are not done with their Covid induced suffering and death. Considering how ineffective is their vaccine and that their pride prevents them from importing better vaccines from Japan or the West, AND that they are loosening restrictions, I think we can reasonably expect an enormous number of Chinese deaths.

China’s Covid Wave is Coming

Thank you for lots of juicy astro news. Your shares are always meaty.


If you have any planets in late water signs or at the very beginning of fire signs, you might be benefitting from a Jupiter transit. Jupiter is just about conjunct my 0’Aries sun. May the good times continue to roll for you; God knows you’ve earned it.

Currently live on CNN news. Warnock’s victory speech.

Will, Thank you for the kind compliment.

Continuing on from the previous entry, the aspects of late Jan to early Feb look especially poignant with tr. Mars going over Biden’s natal Saturn for the third and last time. Tr. Saturn approaching its conjunction to the US Sibly charts Moon (27 Aquarius) casting a pall over the US populace (a downturn in the economy?). Most critical is the February 5th Full Moon at 16 Leo in t square to Uranus forming a perfect grand cross square to the November 8th lunar eclipse of last fall. This February 5th full moon could be a catalyst for major events. Here’s the chart….


Well, Iran and China are responding to the peoples’ protests — something we didn’t see coming. Hopefully, it is not a subterfuge. A sign of Pluto in Aquarius?

I was reading a thread on Twitter about how depressing it is that a poor candidate like Walker was so close to winning and I feel the same concerns.

There are various factors if you analyze the issues – a lack of educated voters is one. A lack of good jobs that is perceived/identified with Democratic administrations (but may just be coincidental with economic factors) is another. Then, there is the idea of generally hating the Democrats (more commonly labeled as Liberals). I have observed the progression of this, which includes the “infiltration” of old-fashioned, authoritarian religion and the associated anti-abortion and anti-gay positions. The anti-gay thing is not as successful as anti-abortion, I believe, and thank God for that.

And, of course, there is gerrymandering and the pending SC case whose arguments are being heard today, I believe, which will give states way too much power over election results if the SC rules the wrong way (I believe the ruling is expected next summer).

My main observation is that there has to be a better strategy that does not frighten Conservatives into seeing the Dems in such a distorted way, based on things like the riots associated with George Floyd’s death (much of it was peaceful protest, but it is the rioting that got attention — that along with urging that the police be defunded – obviously not a great solution), or maybe Janet Jackson’s wardrobe misfunction that happened during one Super Bowl show many moons ago. And, maybe there are alternatives to abortion that don’t carry such a negative association (many who oppose abortion as birth control are not against birth control per se, but I don’t know how many).

What I don’t think is working is this legislation that leads us one way when Republicans are in the majority and the other way when Democrats take it back, swinging the pendulum back and forth according to which direction prevails in these razor-thin elections.

I guess the only solution I can see, as always, is moving towards the center and steering clear of over-controversial legislation as much as feasible because the win is always in jeopardy. However, both sides would have to be doing that.

Astrologers on this site think Pluto in Aquarius will lead the way to better institutions and more equitable social change but this cannot be forced on people. I guess our hope is in the younger generations.

Though we won last night, we need to realize how truly tribal and divisive we have become. It can be argued by many of the pendants that Walker was the absolute worst Senate candidate in recent memory yet he got 48% of the vote. I don’t have a solution – I think Biden has been amazing in his slow and steady movement and not being distracted by all of this. But I cannot recall a time in recent memory when we were so divided and tribal.

Based on my original post of December 31, 2020.

The history of winners and losers percentages in presidential elections shows that the division between political parties in most elections are quite small.

Election Loser’s Percentages

Last edited Thu Dec 8, 2022, 12:37 am CST. Bolding of loser’s percentage has been removed for this posting.
Data gathered from Dave Leips site.

Only 4 times since the American Civil War has the popular vote loser been elected president. In every case it was a Republican candidate that lost the popular vote but won election. (1876, 1888, 2000, 2016).

In 27 of the the 41 elections listed below the loser has garnered more than 40% of the popular vote. That is, in 65.9% or almost in 2 out of 3 elections the loser had almost 1/2 of the voting public in his or her favor.

Only Democratic and Republican party’s percentages are shown.

1st column shows the election year, 2nd column the Democratic party percentage of the popular vote, 3rd column the Republican party percentage of the popular vote.


2020****51.27%*** 46.82%
2016****48.02%****45.93% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
2012*** *51.01%***47.15%
2000*****48.38%***47.87% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
1984*** 40.56%*** 58.77%
1980****41.01%*** 50.75%
1976*** 50.08%*** 48.01%
1972*** 37.52%*** 60.67%
1968*** 42.72%*** 43.42%
1964*** 61.05%*** 38.47%
1960*** 49.72%*** 49.55%
1956*** 41.97%*** 57.37%
1952*** 44.33%*** 55.18%
1948*** 49.55%*** 45.07%
1944*** 53.39%*** 45.89%
1940*** 54.72%*** 44.77%
1936*** 60.80%*** 36.54%
1932*** 57.41%*** 39.65%
1928*** 40.79%*** 58.22%
1924*** 28.82%*** 54.03%
1920*** 34.12%*** 60.35%
1916*** 49.25%*** 46.11%
1912*** 41.83%*** 23.18%
1908*** 43.04%*** 51.57%
1904*** 37.59%*** 56.42%
1900*** 45.51%*** 51.66%
1896*** 46.71%*** 51.02%
1892*** 46.02%*** 43.01%
1888*** 48.63%*** 47.80% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
1884*** 48.85%*** 48.28%
1880*** 48.22%*** 48.31%
1876*** 50.92%*** 47.92% POP LOSER STILL ELECTED
1872*** 43.78%*** 55.58%
1868*** 47.34%*** 52.66%
1864*** 44.95%*** 55.03%
1860*** 29.52%*** 39.65%

“in most elections are quite small.” should have been “”in most elections was quite small.”

Most of you know, Brittney Griner has been released. Astrologically, what points to this? Full moon, etc. Thanks,

Today, December 8th for most non-Tibetan Mahayana Buddhists is Bodhi Day. It is the celebration of the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakumuni, i.e. the Buddha.

Angellight, Using a noon birth time for Ms Griner yields a natal Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at 28°49′ Virgo that is opposed by transit Jupiter at 29°10′ Pisces today at 8 am CST.

That bolsters my thinking that the nature given planets making an aspect is more telling than the aspect – in this case an opposition and to a midpoint.

I think she might agree that thinking both are valid tools to use in looking at astrology charts could be correct.

Thanks Eliseo and Bob.

Speaking of the Greatest Generation, I think that name is partly given out of respect for their coming through a severe national economic Depression and then fighting a brutal war in Europe and the Pacific – there is very little in comparison that we Boomers suffered through short of Viet Nam. We were the children of the Greatest Generation and we benefited from their courage, dedication, strength and stamina:

Here is Joe Biden meeting with some of them at the WH –


Things are heating up in the DOJ investigation.

Jan. 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson says the panel plans to meet Sunday at 1pm to decide on criminal referrals, but the announcement will wait until the hearing when they release the final report. Refer to the following article…..

January 6 Committee Considers Criminal Referrals For At Least 4 Others Besides Trump

Dec 8, 2022

The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection is considering criminal referrals for at least four individuals in addition to former President Donald Trump, multiple sources told CNN.

The panel is weighing criminal referrals for former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, right wing lawyer John Eastman, former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark and Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the sources said.




Chairman Jan 6th Committee Has Decided To Make Criminal Referrals. Hear what Haberman says Trump’s orbit is concerned about

Video: 8 min 50 sec


The Jan 6th committee report is expected to be released sometime between the Dec 21st – 23rd timeframe. It is a critical, necessary step towards the issuance of DOJ indictments.

So, here’s the interesting part. If we are to seriously consider Andre of Astrology alert’s suggestion, that although not corroborated just yet, the newly designated special counsel Jack Smith’s birth date may have been March 11, 1968 (Clay, NY?). We now have a rather fascinating established dynamic in play. Besides Smith’s exact natal Sun-Pluto opposition (21 Pisces-Virgo) is in position of a grand cross square to Trump’s natal Sun Moon opposition (21-22 Gemini-Sagittarius), Smith has natal Saturn at 12 ’23 Aries. Why is that important? As discussed earlier, tr. Chiron will be stationing direct at 11 Aries within a few hours of this December 23rd New Moon. It will slowly gain speed and reach an exact conjunction to Smith’s natal Saturn on or around January 21st, coinciding with the New Moon/Pluto conjunction (refer to my December 6th, 2022 12:37 am entry). The above aspects seem to confirm my suspicion that indictments may be on their way and could come to fruition at the time of the January 21st New Moon.

WTF Kyrsten Sinema!

Well, will, Macy’s wouldn’t let her take her clothes off in their best display window, so she had to do SOMETHING…

Some tough days ahead for Garland before the swearing in of the next Congress. Possibly health or removal of Merrick Garland as AG. Noon Chart located to SC building – Nov 13 1952, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

Dec 19 2022 Sat 21°Aq16′ Sqr Sun 21°Sc16′ Tr-Na
Jan 1 2023 Sat 22°Aq31′ Opp Plu 22°Le31′ Tr-Sp
Jan 8 2023 Sat 23°Aq14′ Opp Plu 23°Le14′ Tr-Na

The Scheme 19: “Operation Higher Court” and the Supreme Court Ethics Crisis 18:55

Kari Lake just filed a lawsuit challenging election results. What is the matter with her? She is just doing it for the publicity and to rile up the election deniers. Trump must have put her up to it.


Federal judge REFUSES to hold Trump and his team in contempt. Here’s why the judge was right 00:14:37


She drank the kool-aid. Like Don and Kyrsten, she’s a publicity whore. Quite a dark heart. They are all a terrible waste of time.


I’ve not heard nor read that story. Quite the loosely- wrapped nut bar.


Isn’t it maddening?

Trump in the next 3+ Months: Part 1–SATURN

Video: 4 min 44 sec


A few salient points regarding mid January and Mr Trump.

In the above video; Andre of Astrology Alert points to the mid January Mars station (8 Gemini) in semisquare to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer) and nearby Venus (25 Cancer) as a major milestone in the Trump investigation (possible indictment).

Evon Davis in her latest video also mentions mid January but from a different angle. Jan 18th, the same day that tr. Saturn squares Trump’s midheaven also marks his lunar return. Other aspects are mentioned as well.

Her remarks begin at the 10 minute mark…..

Trump’s Troubles Worsen

Video: 13 min 23 sec


Kyrsten Sinema is an opportunistic liar. Despite her “I’m so holy. I will serve Arizonans better by rising above party politics as an Independent” rhetoric, the truth is far simpler. She has two motives.

(1) She thinks she can hold on to her swing vote leverage as an ‘I” while like the other “I’s” caucusing with the Democrats. It is an attempt to hold onto her unique power in the Senate.
(2) She is immensely unpopular among Arizona Dems. Up for election in 2024, she knows she cannot possibly win the Dem primary. As an Independent she avoids it.

She thinks this is her best chance to retain her Senate seat and her leverage power within that body. The reality is she’s also unpopular among R’s; through this maneuver she’s probably ended her political career.

Eliseo – Yep, especially #2. And she won’t mind splitting the Dem vote. She’ll make a swell lobbyist.

Sharon – Lake is a parrot who will repeat whatever Trump says until he finally is discarded by the Party, at which point she’ll hop onto the next available shoulder. I think she’s got an ego that rivals her master’s but she has a lighter hand with the pancake. Here’s hoping her political days are numbered.

will – doing something shocking “in Macy’s window” is a dated way of calling someone an exhibitionist.

“…but she has a lighter hand with the pancake..”

Good metaphor, Arbo – lol! (& she doesn’t have bleached hair, or a hair piece, like Trump & his female politcal supporters)


Thank you for explaining that Macy’s window reference. I wouldn’t be a tad surprised had she done such a thing.


She’s vile.

This one lasts about 65 minutes.

Peter Zeihan at commonwealth club
Mapping the Collapse of Globalization

Eliseo, I have not watched the whole video, but right off the bat it appears the blame focus is conveniently on political influence rather than global for profit corporations.

The blame for today’s global money woes is laid at clinton and biden’s feet rather than the business corporations that have hollowed out america by offshoring cheap labor – is it any wonder that there are now supply chain/shipping problems and costs.
I dont hear anyone blaming big business leaders for their strategic focus on quick profit and to hell with the long term.

In a similar vein, its popular today to blame the british monarchy for all the woes of the colonial era – in reality it was influential businessmen of that day who sought monopolistic license from the crown to profit from trade, that caused most of the problems. At one point the east india company was the largest corporation accounting for half of the worlds trade. They even had their own army – It was the company that caused many of the ‘colonial’ problems around the world.

Not too different to what is really going on under the surface today.

You lost me there. Which video? The focus on the last one I posted is on many different things relative to many different questions.

Thank you, Sharon. The current crop of conservatives makes me miss Walt Kelly, if that makes any sense.

will, she may have thought of it. She brings to mind Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct lol? I see the resemblance, Arbo (you are pretty funny).


“Want to know why Dems lose rural America?” I see the author’s points.

Marjorie Orr just put up a post on fox/murdoch

“…Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.” IMO, You nailed it! I read her as an amoral and vindictive predatory seductress.

We have several consummate hypocrites in the US Senate, more R hypocrites than Dems, but to my mind Kyrsten Sinema takes top honors in that area for the Dems. She began her political career in the Arizona state legislature as a Green Party member and an anti-corporate. Recently, as a Dem she voted against the Green New Deal, and receives substantial funds from corporations.

Sharon, it took three tries to read that. Thanks for the push to finally finish it. The thing is, as a Democrat I felt dismissed. Isn’t that what the conservatives accuse the left of doing to rural America?

As one with a mother who was a true daughter of Iowa, I’m not unfamiliar with the judgmental nature of that state. And “they can stand touchin’ noses for a for a week and a half and never see eye to eye,” as the song goes.

The contentiousness goes both ways. So before being insulted, consider the source. A person secure about themselves wouldn’t curl up and whine about being called a “deplorable” by Hillary Clinton. They’d take it as a compliment.

The contentiousness goes both ways and it makes good copy.

kiwi, you are right – how history blames politicians instead of the corporate titans who screw everything up. Being old enough, I can see how history records some things but not others and how often times, a popular book or film becomes the defacto record of reality when in fact it is often far from accurate.

Eliseo, I fear that Ms Lake doesn’t understand that the protagonist isn’t always a hero.

Sinema is, I hope, the apex of the self-involved politician. Politics is apparently a means of self-actualization as well. It can’t get much more obvious or laughable but the marks will keep buying the snake oil, I suppose.

Kyrsten Sinema does indeed appear to be the archetypal narcissistic self-involved politician. Politics as a means of self-actualization is a notion I’ve never considered, never thought of it that way. Interesting!

As far as snake oil, I don’t live in Arizona but I suspect Arizonans generally are wising up to Sinema’s particular brand of the juice. Dems certainly have. They give her a 19% approval rating! This is why she had to declare as an Independent. I haven’t looked at her chart or transits, but I suspect they probably are not good for November 2024.

Her plan is part of the divide and conquer strategy. Here’s hoping Arizonans keep noticing her tricks.

speaking of divide and conquer, I’m definitely getting a Lex Luthor vibe from elon musk these days.

LOL! Yes, good insight. Good comparison.
Lex Luthor must be Elon Musk’s secret alternate identity.


I perceive Sinema as someone with more than a few of borderline personality traits…with narcissistic features. There is something dissociative about her role. She seems to “go somewhere else” when she attempts to rationalize her moves. Scary.

She switched to establish her credentials as a T.
v. personality. No way she can win a senate seat in the future. No one likes a party pooper or turncoat. She did it to get attention and show off her fashion nonsense. Watch. She’ll become a “political analyst” for MSNBC. If she had quit the senate before Megan McCain’s unceremonious departure from The View, she could have had her seat on the panel. McCain brought her on as guest and her favorite senator.

OMG will, you’re right.

kiwi, when I see Musk I’m reminded of the lizard people who could open wide and swallow a human. Don’t remember the TV show but the imagery is sort of vivid.

Elon Musk Boo’d Off Stage at a Dave Chappelle show.



Good article about Sinema confirming what most of you are saying about her. As an aside, I’ve read commentary on Democratic Underground where people who have known her personally confirm that she is thought “crazy” by some and a chaos produce (a mark of narcissists, I’ve read that makes them feel safer?), who seems to have had a certain amount of chaos in her childhood (living 3 yrs with her family in an abandoned gas station).

So, she is a “crazy” but a very shrew and highly educated opportunist, who was raised as a Mormon & earned a B.A. at Brigham Young U, then went on to get an MA in Social Work, as well as a JD, & a PhD in Social Justice (doesn’t sound like a Republican to me).

I guess, having lost some power in the Dem Party (due to their being 51 senators with Warlock), she “needs” to get it back as well as have a fighting chance to stay in office. There might also be a revenge factor there. She is definitely not a team player.

Bernie says it’s pure political aspiration.

Her birth info for anyone who is interested is:
July 12, 1976 (age 46)
Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

(I can’t procrastinate from doing my work any longer so I won’t be taking a look.)

I have not your expertise, but I did intake interviews for a few years at a psychiatric hospital. Among many other responsibilities, my job was to clarify the presenting problem and propose a “pre-diagnosis” in a written report to the psychiatrist assigned to the patient.

Your perception of K. Sinema is precisely the same as mine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accused of Seeking ‘All the Dirt’ on Kevin McCarthy
By Fatma Khaled On 12/10/22 at 4:21 PM EST

“Some political experts expected Greene to back attempts by her fellow Republicans to block McCarthy from becoming speaker, but instead she called those efforts “risky” and a “bad strategy” for the GOP and defended McCarthy, vowing to vote for him.”

Using a noon chart for MTG and transits for noon on January 3 2023 (possible time of voting for Speaker of the House) transiting Saturn will oppose her progressed Mars and transiting Mars will oppose her natal Neptune. Doesn’t look happy for a strong supporter of Kevin McCarthy.

Keep an eye out.


“Mark Meadows Exchanged Texts With 34 Members Of Congress About Plans To Overturn The 2020 Election
The Messages Included Battle Cries, Crackpot Legal Theories, And ‘Invoking Marshall Law!!’ ”

By Hunter Walker, Josh Kovensky and Emine Yücel | December 12, 2022 5:34 p.m.

I think it is fitting that Mark Meadows with natal Saturn at 1 ’33 Capricorn will experience a direct hit by the December 23rd New Moon (1 ’37 Capricorn) at the time of the expected Jan 6th Committee Report release.

Also in the cross-hairs is Meadows natal Uranus at 15 ’53 Leo. It will be squared by an almost exact Uranus direct station (14 ’56 Taurus) on January 21st, the most likely time period when the DOJ hands down the indictments. Here is Meadow’s natal chart….


Trump in the Next 3+ Months: Part 2–JUPITER by Andre of Astrology Alert

Video: 5 min 59 sec


Thank you Bob and Jerry! Here’s a little musical ditty to enjoy in anticipation: https://youtu.be/FczfH00abvQ

Thank you, Frank. Glenn Miller lives!



in today’s crazy world full of self serving greedy people, it is so heartwarming to be reminded of the simple and down to earth gift of others. This woman’s deeds and words are so inspiring

Many Thanks for posting the Jane Goodall interview. She has long been a hero of mine. If she were Roman Catholic I’m sure she would be a candidate for sainthood after her death.

She has been one of the most powerful forces in overturning the Cartesian worldview.
(René Descartes taught that animals were really instinctual automatons, that they only appeared to experience pain, suffering, and other emotions. In modern terms he would say they are merely “biological robots.”) Descartes inadvertently opened the door to the factory farming of animals.

When teaching college students how to write research papers I often assigned animal consciousness as an available topic, and pointed them in part to the work of Jane Goodall and others.

I agree completely with your asessment. She is one of the most inspiring people of these last several decades.

IMO the USA is the new Rome and Mr. Biden is our Tiberius Claudius.
(Born 1 August 10 BC in Lugdunum, Gaul
Died 13 October AD 54 (aged 63) in Rome, Italy) Claudius stuttered and was severely underestimated, thought by his enemies to be addled and retarded. He was nevertheless one of the very best emperors in the history of the Roman republic/empire.

Claudius was preceded by that distinctly Trumpian character we know as Caligula. His deft administration was unfortunately followed by Nero, the anti-christ referred to in code (666 etc.) in the book of Revelation.

In our time, (late 2024 through 2044) with Pluto in Aquarius, I do not believe Mr. Biden will be followed in office by an American Nero. Does anyone know where Pluto was in AD 54?

Below is a piece on Biden consistently being underestimated.
Juan Williams: Who’s laughing at Biden now?

Thank you Bob; very, very cool!

Today on President Biden’s order the US government released 1000’s more JFK documents. The rest of them are to be released in May 2023 and available to the public in June.

Nevertheless, I doubt they will change anything. Personally, I remain convinced the first two shots were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, the third one accidentally by new Agent George Hickey with the AR-15 in the SS follow up car as it suddenly jolted forward.

If interested, read “Mortal Error” at Wikipedia, which describes the 1992 book by Bonar Menninger, Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK, and/or Colin McLaren’s
JFK: The Smoking Gun. There is also a long YouTube video done by McLaren.

Andre of Astrology Alert does an interesting analysis of special prosecutor Jack Smith’s birth chart (birth not confirmed). He draws some interesting paralells between Trump’s chart and Smith’s. As mentioned earlier, tr. Chiron will be conjoining Smith’s natal Saturn (12 ’20 Aries) around the 21st of Jan in close sesquiquadrate to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’47 Leo). Given those aspects and if indeed the enclosed chart proves to be Jack Smith’s correct birth data, an indictment looks all but certain.

Is This Jack Smith??

Video: 6 min 40 sec


Many Thanks for the Andre Kahr link. The man has an excellent track record. He lives less than 70 miles from me. I hope to actually meet him before the end of 2023 and possibly become one of his students.


When I saw the documentary theorizing that Secret Service Hicks accidentally tripped on his rifle and shot Kennedy, it was presented in such a compelling fashion that I threw up. That such a simple, awkward blunder could be the cause of the horror of the century was more than could stomach. I had to repress that possibility for the sake of my outraged psyche. I still hold out that the fatal skull-blasting shot entered the front of JFKs head and was fired by a co-conspirator. If the Hickey part is ever proven though, it would make sense that the Secret Service would hide behind the Warren Commission.

I understand your feeling. It is pretty galling. As a matter of parsimony as time has progressed, I’ve become increasingly convinced there was no conspiracy to murder the president, but there was a conspiracy to cover up failures of the FBI, CIA, and the SS. Neither the FBI nor CIA dealt with Oswald properly before 22 November 1963. He was on their “radar” but they did no proper follow up.

Many of the SS agents were carousing the night before, drinking and consorting with strippers and hookers, hung over the next morning. SS Agent Hickey, a newbie, was essentially a substitute for another agent too hung over to function. Almost immediately after the terrible event, he was reassigned forthwith to the airport to wash the SS limousines, far away from all the medical activity; and far away from cameras where he might make a guilt ridden emotional confession thereby embarrassing the SS?

I also find it curious the SS agents felt so emotionally threatened they pointed their pistols at the unarmed Dallas coroner and his staff in the dispute as to where the autopsy was to be done. Flouting the local law, they literally stole the body! Having myself been trained in the proper and safe use of firearms, I find it weird that purported professionals like SS agents, even under extreme stress would point their pistols at unarmed individuals who present no physical threat. That’s beyond odd. They apparently wanted the autopsy done where they could control the outcome?

As to theories in need of another rifle, the only high powered rifle other than that of L.H. Oswald’s we can absolutely prove was in Dealey Plaza was the AR-15 on the left side of the floor of the follow up SS limousine. We have the photographs of Agent Hickey holding it. Bystanders reported immediately smelling burnt gunpowder at ground level at the location of the tragedy. Very shortly after the assassination, AR-15’s were banned from use by SS agents.

Undoubtedly, the first two shots were fired by Oswald. I do not find it plausible the third and fatal shot was his. In the Marines, Oswald was an average shot, certainly no sharpshooter. After the assassination the government arranged for the thirty top marksman in the country to attempt to fire three shots in six seconds from the appropriate height from a bolt action rifle identical to Oswald’s. Twenty-nine failed. Only one succeeded, but without accuracy, and only after about a hundred trials. That was ballistics expert Howard Donahue, who incidentally was the man who on the basis of the ballistics math developed the hypothesis the fatal shot came by accident from Hickey’s AR-15.

I’ve examined the forensic photographs. I recall no entrance wound from the front, but a quite large hole at the back of the skull consistent with a ground level trajectory. I’m curious as to your opinion there was a shot from the front. Have I missed something?

IMO, since that terrible day Liberals and the Left have suspected a rightwing conspiracy. In the shadows of our minds and in all our dealings with Conservatives we link the event with them. Conversely, folks on the Right like to repeat the fact Oswald was a Marxist; they suspect the Left with whom they believe Liberals are too cozy. What supreme irony if it is eventually admitted the death of our president was an accident precipitated by stumble-bum dumb bad luck and the dereliction of duty by the FBI, CIA and hung over SS agents?

I am open to any compelling evidence contrary to my own opinion, but it appears to me the FBI, CIA, and SS all themselves had much to hide and still do.

The 1/6 committee meets at 1 PM on Monday Dec 19 and will likely recommend tRump be charged.

This video from psychic susan-lynn talks about the ascension that is happening now. She indicates that throughout Dec we are being showered with spirit energy that is changing not only the earth’s vibration but our own vibrations if we tap into it. Very interesting. l



Agreed there was a cover-up and a staggering degree of incompetence. Rhw Zapruder film in slo-mo had me convinced of a blast to the front of JFKs head. The convoluted explanation of physics wherein the “experts” attempted to sell tje idea that a skull blast from tje rear would initially cause JFKs head to jerk backward never made a lick of sense to me. Some witnesses did report smelling gunpowder in the vicinity of the presidential limo when that third and lethal shot rang out…and it could just as easily have been the result of a front-of-the-head shot from the much vaunted “grassy knoll.” When the front shot hit, his whole head snapped back. Im no ballistics specialist but I did receive “Marksman” status with a 22-rifle and worked as an emergency room tech for 10 years. I admit that to this day I remain deeply unsettled and haunted by not knowing the truth. Maybe we will find out in the weeks to come.

Thank you for sharing this Stephanie. She has an unusual way of speaking…boring and didactic but full of interesting insights. One thing for sure is that Ive been experiencing a level of “jangly” and free-floating anxiety for the last two months that has me feeling like I am outside of my own body. Ive never felt this level of trepidation; its overwhelming at times. May my consciousness is downloading all of that advanced wisdom Susan Lynn speaks of. Looking forward to shaking these raw nerves.

Hi Will,

“Boring and didactic”. Very cute. I had a similar reaction. Susan Lynn’s intention seems sincere enough, but her view of what constitutes spiritual awakening runs counter to my understanding of it. The concept of needing to accumulate or download energy from some external source is a bit odd. We are not unfeeling computers after all. According to most spiritual teachings, the process has more to do with the unfolding and releasing of what is buried in our subconscious and in so doing we become more and more free, more and more aware of our pristine nature (pure awareness).

The following Ho’pononono prayer captures it quite well…..

Ho’oponopono by Hew Len

Video: 5 min 52 sec


Jerry, My understanding is that it has to do with raising everyone’s vibrational level. Those who have had out of body experiences and Near Death Experiences report that they become aware of significant vibrational shifts, some (my husband for one) heard a crackling or buzzing just before entering these states. I believe the “download of energy” Susan-Lynn talks about is from the collective unconscious, which we are all a part of and contribute to. Our spiritual bodies are energy, as is the collective unconscious.

Hi Stephanie, I don’t wish to dismiss Susan’s experience, but the notion of downloading sounds rather hi tech and unnatural to me. Admittedy that is just my opinion. What do I know. Perhaps “imbibing” or “absorbing” might be a more accurate term?

The days are going to start getting longer.

Winter solstice 2022 in Northern Hemisphere will be at 3:47?PM on Wednesday, December 21.
Time is in Central Standard Time.

Thank you for the encouagement, Bob.

Lovely healing video. Thank you Jerry. I think Susan Lyn’s use of “downloading” was probably her way of making the metaphysical act of accessing divine wisdom was a way for her to appeal to the more computer literate generations. I use techy terms to explain abstract and complex psychological processes and make them more relevant to my younger clientele which i find effective. There is usually a human choice involved in what one chooses to download aka allow to unfold and discover in what Stephanie referred to the “collective unconscious.”

I’m slipping will.

The days will still be 24 hours long but the amount of daylight in each day will be increasing until we get to the “longest day of the year” as the Summer Solstice is commonly called. I wonder what it is like in “the land of the midnight Sun.”?

Happy Yule/Solstice everyone!

Happy Yule everyone!

I want to point out that during the last USA Pluto conjunction Russia invaded Ukraine. Today, the last hit of the USA conjunction President Zelinski will address the joint meeting of Congress.

At the invasion and on our Pluto return the Ukrainian people and President Z in particular. inspired Americans in defense of our own democracy. Today, on the solstice, the Ukrainian President will address our House and Senate.

I’m currently watching the press conference replay on Youtube of the Zelensky-Biden press conference today. Zelensky is a down to earth, unpretentious, honest, stalwart, strong and courageous leader and Biden is doing a great job – very articulate and clear thinking. I actually planned on watching Zelensky’s speech to Congress but found the press conference video first, so I’ll watch the speech to Congress tomorrow. I heard it was very good.

Happy festive season all, whether it be hannukah, yule, christmas, or hogmanay, et al.

With Zelinski’s address to a largely receptive congress not long following the actual solstice nadir, thus the ‘rebirth of the sun’ in the northern hemisphere, I am hopeful that the signs point to this being the fulcrum point leading to diminishing madness

Well said, kiwi. Thank you.

Well said. You are of great heart. You have a beautiful mind.

Sharon K,
Many have praised Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s address to Congress for how well written it was, how well he delivered it, his superb use of symbolism, and for his facility with English as his third language. But I suspect it is his fourth language, as he probably also learned Hebrew as a child.

Long active as an actor from his teenage years, he won a scholarship to study in Israel, but his father disallowed it. He instead obtained a law degree, but thereafter was successful anyway as an actor and producer.

He is a fascinating fellow who IMO has a great future eventually beyond Ukraine,

Former President Donald Trump in the opening intro to his newly minted NFT digital trading card venture, expressed the following to a bemused audience:

“Hello, everyone, this is Donald Trump, hopefully your favorite president of all time — better than Lincoln, better than Washington — with an important announcement to make…”

In response, a well known intuitive who has the ability to tap into and channel various historical figures managed to track down our former beloved president George Washington for comment. The reply was quite simple and to the point……


Are Donald Trump’s NFT Trading Cards All Just A Money Laundering Scheme? One TikTok Theory Seems To Think So

We Got This Covered
Dec. 16, 2022

Despite widespread mockery of the internet and disdain from his own supporters, Donald Trump supposedly sold out of his heavily-maligned NFT digital trading cards in just 12 hours. But could the 45th president be laughing all the way to the bank — or more accurately, offshore bank accounts?

That’s what one TikTok user is suggesting, anyway. And even without any concrete evidence or smoking gun, it’s hard to deny that the story doesn’t seem to add up.



The Deutsche Bank official who authorized the 2 billion dollar loan to Donald J. Trump while ALL
American banks refused to touch him was the son, (Justin Kennedy) of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Anthony Kennedy retired early so that his protege, Brett Kavanaugh, a younger man could be appointed to his position by DJTrump.

?Tax returns shed light on entanglements between Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank | DW News


Eliseo, I wonder if we will ever know the real story behind Kennedy stepping down (which led to the ultra right takeover of the SCOTUS) and how the Pentagon held up sending troops for nearly three hours on 1/6.

Marjorie Orr has posted some thoughts about next year and beyond

My feeling is yes, we will. I believe bit by bit within the next few years we will connect most of the dots within what Hillary Clinton called the “vast right wing conspiracy,” particularly as they relate to Mr. Trump & Associates. The circumstances of Justice Kennedy’s early retirement are suspicious. No doubt some intrepid reporter will follow the leads the Germans have uncovered thereby eventually forcing government inquiry, possibly by a congressional committee and by the DOJ.

I suspect information will dribble out for the next two years, but little will be done about it (unless the DOJ gets into it early) until 2025. Metaphorical heads will eventually roll, including many presently in Congress and on the SC bench. Just my opinion.

Eliseo – I don’t know how you get this stuff – but I’m grateful. 🙂

Bless you Sunstars…
My everyone here be blessed in this season of transition and inner light.

Sunstars – welcome back & Merry Christmas. And to everyone else here as well. Christmas Eve is such a special time. Thank you, Eliseo, and, yes, may the blessings rain down on all of us and on the planet.


Hello, I occasionally add something, mostly a lurker, maybe not anymore:).

I so appreciate this circle of folks, I learn so much, especially from Barb, when she was still here. The rest I learn very interesting info all the time, it’s my first and only group online, till now.

The M?ori Mayor article provided by Kiwi has me in bliss knowing the shift is on full speed ahead, of course the seed is planted, by a M?ori.

Eliseo your history lessons are phenomenal. Sunstars you’ve been missed by me too.

Everyone thanks you for all you have taught me.

Laura Willow turned me onto you all.

I think you may enjoy Anne Ortelee’s, Weekly Weather Report, she gives an interesting live teaching for last week and this week.

Blessing to you and yours, during this time of magnificent shift for us, our communities n World, Mother Earth, our universe, Great Mystery and The Galactic Butterfly! Ho!

Tara Ladner aka Tara Laura Martinez aka Singing Moon Woman….lol

This Taurus is in huge shift….lol Healing all of my bodies!

Last time I gave my birthday, here’s the rest in case anyone is curious; 5/1/53 2:55 am Albuquerque, NM

I see the computer changed the spelling of Maori, with the glyph about the a into a question mark……

That cracks me up! And technology thinks it know everything, ha!

Hope you guys are not suffering through the storm effects and, therefore, cannot get online, but I suspect that may be the case for many of you. I’m praying for everyone’s safety and may you have your power back on by now or asap.

Hi Nancy,

I’m not sure what happened? Today I wrote a comment, then all of a sudden my old email address was gone, taraearthstar@gmail.com was gone, I’m showing a new hide my email from Apple, done today.

Hmm, I wonder if my old iPad it under attack? In deep appreciate for all you do.

Happy to donate, anytime.


Remarks by President Biden in Christmas Address To The Nation

THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon. “How silently, how silently, the wondrous Gift is given.”

There is a certain stillness at the center of the Christmas story. A silent night when all the world goes quiet and all the glamour, all the noise, everything that divides us, everything that pits us against one another, everything — everything that seems so important but really isn’t, this all fades away in stillness of the winter’s evening.



In stark contrast; Christmas greetings from former President Donald J Trump reads as follows:

Donald Trump’s ‘Merry Christmas’ Message Is A Grievance-Filled Lump Of Coal

Dec 25, 2022

Donald Trump wished a “Merry Christmas” Saturday that wasn’t so full of peace and goodwill ? but plenty full of himself.

Dec 25, 2022

“Merry Christmas to EVERYONE, including the Radical Left Marxists that are trying to destroy our Country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is illegally coercing & paying Social and LameStream Media to push for a mentally disabled Democrat over the Brilliant, Clairvoyant, and USA LOVING Donald J. Trump,” the former president wrote.



Hope for the coming years.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas | Meet Me In St. Louis

Rep. Schiff’s full opening argument in the first Trump impeachment trial 02:20:03

We should have had him then Grand Old Party! Shame on you!!

Well said Bob.

Oh, and thank you Eliseo for your brilliant perspective on my question above. Eliseo, I have read that several scientists are now predicting that ElNino is or about to be returning and usher in some cataclysmic weather worldwide. Have you read about this?

The Mercury-Mars Station-Quincunx January 2023

Jan 12, 2023, 3:56 PM, Mars Direct at 8 Gem 08

Jan 18, 2023, 8:12 AM, Mercury Direct at 8 Cap 08

The exact Mercury-Mars quincunx occurs January 17th within a few hours of the Mercury station and then again on the 21st . This is the US Mars return in quincunx to Russia’s natal Uranus (8 ’17 Capricorn DOB June 12, 1990 1:45 pm Moscow) in square to Russia’s natal Mars (8 ’48 Cancer). Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy’s’s nodes at 9 ’15 Aries-Libra are also being impacted. Ukraine’s natal Uranus at 10 ’06 Capricorn is closely buffeted by this configuration. NATO’s natal Mars ( 8 ’55 Sagittarius DOB April 4, 1949 4:45 pm Washington DC) will be facing an opposition to the Mars station. More telling is President Biden’s natal Saturn at 9 ’57 Gemini, in quincunx to progressed Saturn (8 ’44 Capricorn) and Russian President Putin’s natal Chiron (7 ’05 Capricorn).

The January 22nd Uranus station at 14 ’56 Taurus will form an exact trine to Zelenskyy’s natal Mercury (14 ’57 Capricorn). It will be in close square to NATO’s natal Pluto (14 ’15 Leo), in close t square to Putin’s progressed Nodes (13 ’32 Leo-Aquarius), conjunct Russia’s natal Venus (15 ’08 Taurus) in square to Russia”s natal Pluto (15 ’27 Leo). This suggests to me that on or around the January 21st New Moon (conjunct Pluto) we may experience a major escalation in the Russian-Ukraine conflict perhaps in favor of Ukraine. Will NATO become involved?

NATO Chief Fears Ukraine War Could Broaden Into Wider Conflict

Dec 9, 2022

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The head of NATO expressed worry that the fighting in Ukraine could spin out of control and become a war between Russia and NATO, according to an interview released Friday.

“If things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in remarks to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

“It is a terrible war in Ukraine. It is also a war that can become a full-fledged war that spreads into a major war between NATO and Russia,” he said. “We are working on that every day to avoid that.”

toltenberg, a former prime minister of Norway, said in the interview that “there is no doubt that a full-fledged war is a possibility,” adding that it was important to avoid a conflict “that involves more countries in Europe and becomes a full-fledged war in Europe.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly accused NATO allies of effectively becoming a party to the conflict by providing Ukraine with weapons, training its troops and feeding military intelligence to attack Russian forces.

In comments that reflected soaring tensions between Russia and the West, President Vladimir Putin suggested Moscow might think about using what he described as the U.S. concept of a preemptive strike.

“Speaking about a disarming strike, maybe it’s worth thinking about adopting the ideas developed by our U.S. counterparts, their ideas of ensuring their security,” he said.



With Pluto going into Aquarius, this conversation hosted by Jon Stewart is scary/interesting

Greene, Raskin set aside differences in Twitter exchange following Raskin’s cancer diagnosis


Representative Raskin has a common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that affects white blood cells in the body’s immune system.

He said his cancer is “serious, but curable,” and that he is starting chemo-immunotherapy treatment at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.

“We disagree often, but I’ll be praying for Jamie Raskin,” she wrote on Twitter. “Cancer is a terrible disease. I watched my father die from it, and it broke my heart. It’s good Rep Raskin has hope and his form of cancer is curable with the treatment he will be starting.”

Raskin replied to Greene’s message on the platform, writing, “Thank you, Marjorie, for this touching message, which my youngest daughter showed me. I’m grateful for your concern and very sorry to learn that you lost your father to cancer. Wishing you happy holidays with loved ones”

MTGreene’s response to the news of Raskin’s cancer diagnosis seems unusual especially as compared to her normal vituperative, compassionless statements.

Let us hope & pray Mr. Raskin’s cancer goes into complete abeyance and remission soon, and his good health returns.

Here you go

It’s frightening

Thanks Diana – sobering news. Many of us were seeing a growing solar and alternative energy system developing in the late 1970’s and then Reagan ended that and embraced the fossil fuel complex and now we are about to reap the result and its not good.

NY eve morning already here in NZ. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

And Happy New Year to you, kiwi. Let’s hope for a lot of positive solutions this new year and more mutual support and kindness in this world. I mean if MTG can do it…

Silcominc, my husband is in the energy field and stays abreast of many of the solutions. I think there is a revolution coming that may just slow some of the negative effects of carbon (such as the carbon sequestration solution) although we will definitely have a lot to deal with on this planet.

I could not open up Diana’s link though.

Thank You Kiwi!
Happy NY to you as well.
I think 2023 & 2024 will be bad in the sense of climate problems, progressively nightmarish for US-R’s but mostly good individually and collectively for progressive minded people and political parties internationally.

Raphael Warnock for VP and Elizabeth Warren for President in 2024?
Note: On Election Day Pluto 29 Cap is in opposition to Mars 0 Leo

Raphael Warnock 7/23/1969 no birth time Savannah, GA

Sun 0 Leo conjunct Mercury 1 Leo, sextile Uranus 0 Libra conjunct Jupiter 1 Libra
Moon anywhere from 9-21 Scorpio
Neptune 25 Scorpio

Transits 11/6/2024 8AM, morning after Election Day
Pluto 29 Cap in opposition to his Sun-Mercury and trine his Jupiter-Uranus, empowering the Sun-Mercury and supercharging the sextile with his Jupiter-Uranus (also remember transiting Pluto is about to ingress into Aquarius which will strengthen his Uranus at 0 Libra)
Transiting Mars at 0 Leo opposite transiting Pluto energizes this configuration.
On Inauguration Day, although the energizing effect of Mars has passed, transiting Sun conjuncts transiting Pluto which lights up this configuration.

Jupiter 20 Gemini Rx conjuncts his Venus later in Nov.

Uranus opposition to his Neptune and he is soon coming into his Neptune-Neptune trine which has a debilitating effect, also strengthens spirituality and could speak to his empowerment as the nation’s pastor perhaps in his role as VP or President?

Elizabeth Warren 6/22/1949 1:51 PM Oklahoma City, OK

Sun 1 Cancer conjunct Uranus 0 Cancer sextile Saturn 1 Virgo, forming a YOD to her Jupiter 0 Aquarius
Both Libra ASC and Moon 18 Taurus ruled by Venus 18 Cancer which conjuncts her MH 19 Cancer and sextiles her Moon

11/6/2024 noon day after Election Day
Pluto 29 Cap conjuncts her Jupiter 0 Aquarius empowering her YOD while transiting Mars 0 Leo opposes her Jupiter and sits at the mid-point of her Sun-Uranus to Saturn sextile which energizes the YOD to her Jupiter.

Jan 20 Inauguration Day transiting Mercury 18 Cap opposes her Venus-MH conjunction emphasizing her communication skills.
Although the energizing effect of Mars to her YOD has passed the transiting Sun conjuncting transiting Pluto serves to light up her Jupiter which is the focal point of her YOD.
Venus 17 Pisces conjunct Saturn 16 Pisces trines her Venus-MH

Synergy between EW and RW
EW’s Jupiter opposes RW’s Sun-Mercury conjunction and trines his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction
RW’s Venus is mid-point of EW’s sextile between her Venus-MH conjunction and her Taurus Moon (Taurus is ruled by Venus)
And, finally, although this conjunction may be a tad wide, RW’s Juno which can indicate a marriage partner is at 3 Cap and opposes EW’s Sun at 1 Cancer-Uranus 0 Cancer.

On the political-social level, their synergy would energize women, Black people, young people and progressives. RW is regarded in the mold of Biden and his presence would also bring in Biden moderates.

Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has died. Pope Francis will conduct the funeral.

Meanwhile, by end of 2023, be aware the Roman Catholic Church may begin to split. The German bishops (by RC standards) have become pretty radical. They are to meet in October 2023 at which time the Germans may decide to leave or stay with the Roman See.

Sharon, I hope you are right about a tech advancement that can help to minimize the worst of global warming as it is becoming more clear that we will not be able to limit emissions quickly enough to keep us below the 1.5 degree threshold.

marjorie orr always seems to be able to ferret out birthdates

I enjoyed your Dec. 30th 5:19 PM astrological musings. Well done!

Pretty clearly, (according to insiders) Joe Biden is
planning on running for re-election. I’m fine with that as long as he is in good health. I’ve known several professionals who worked brilliantly into their 90’s. One was a professor who did not retire until he was 96! But just in case – it will be paramount to have a younger, well respected VP candidate running as his teammate. Joe would be 83 at the 2025 inauguration.

I’m crazy about Elizabeth Warren. I voted for her in the Dem primary. She would be 75 at the 2025 inauguration. Although I believe she would be a very good president, I do not believe she would get as many votes as JB. Another concern is who might replace her as Massachusetts senator. Republican Charlie Baker is their current governor. I don’t want her appointed replacement to be a R.

Raphael Warnock IMHO would be a stronger VP candidate than Kamala Harris, but again who would replace him in the senate is a concern. Georgia’s governor is a R whom I recall to be fairly radical. If we can turn Georgia a bit bluer between now and 2028, RW might be a stellar presidential candidate that year.

Presuming Biden runs in 2024, I believe he will use Harry Truman’s 1948 strategy but with greatly more success. Truman ran that year against what he called a “do nothing congress.” Like Truman, Biden is consistently underestimated. He will be able to quite plausibly and legitimately run against a “do nothing important,” “crazy,” “shenanigan plagued” R. House.

Think about it. R. Jim Jordan of the Ohio State scandal will be leading the investigations of the Dem
investigators, Hunter Biden, and other Dems whom he and the other R crazies regard as “enemies of America.” This will not set well with the voting public. The R’s are about to jump headfirst into a very stinky sort of quicksand from which they cannot escape.

Meanwhile, journalists will uncover the misdeeds of
several serving R’s in congress regarding their role in the Jan.6th drama, while simultaneously Mr. Trump begins to receive his well deserved judicial comeuppance.

IMHO, whomever is the Dem presidential nominee, the Dem strategy for 2024 will be close to that of 1948, but with the results of 1932. Why? Primarily because of the success of Dems in the past two years contrasted with the screwball tragicomedy in which the R’s are about to engage.

Furthermore, 2023 and 2024 world events of several kinds will reshape our political universe dramatically in the favor of the Dems.

Happy New Year Starlight Group! All the best to you and the world for 2023.

Thanks for posting Marjorie’s very interesting profile on the Idaho killer, kiwi. I think that many of us find it fascinating from a psychological point of view as well. It was disclosed by a good friend that he was bullied earlier in life for being socially awkward, with girls throwing things at him. Apparently by HS, he had turned into a bully himself. Just another side of the equation that proposes that mass murderers were often bullied and rejected earlier in life. Most likely a deeper reading of his chart would show the bullying. But will we ever put our finger on what causes a human being to snap and choose an evil course of action? Just how much negative pressure in life, or lack of love, the right kind of discipline, and the kind of life events that lead to the acquisition of inner resources and moral choices does it take to make this happen?

Eliseo, you raised important and practical points I didn’t consider about EW and RW, about who would replace them, which will very likely exclude them from the running. I’ll look at Biden and Harris for the election and write up what i find.

BTW, a very happy and healthy 2023 to you and to all Starlighters!

Eliseo, Charlie Baker is no longer gov of Mass., he was term limited. Dem Maura Healey is gov there now.

Thank you Sheila for that info which is good to know if Elizabeth Warren runs. However, if Biden runs his Election Day transits are outstanding!

Biden’s Re-election

Currently, transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces was recently opposing Biden’s MH 20 Virgo coinciding with all of his recent successes. For many of us, that transit would have a debilitating effect. Transiting Neptune also trined his Mercury 21 Scorpio which rules his Virgo MH, and in a few years will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun which is conjunct his Scorpio 28 Venus, indicating future beneficial effects. In a few years, he will have a Neptune opposition when transiting Neptune enters Aries that will trine his Rx Uranus 2 Gemini. These transits will roughly coincide with his Uranus return when Uranus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. All of this looks great for him for the not too distant future.

On Election Day, transiting Pluto 29 Cap will trine his Neptune and his Uranus creating an Aries Point Grand Air Trine. Transiting Neptune 27 Pisces will trine his Scorpio 27 Sun and Scorpio 28 Venus and the transiting Neptune will trine his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer and form a Grand Water Trine. Transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces will trine his Mars 12 Scorpio. Also Mercury 5 Sag trines his Rx Pluto 7 Leo, remember Mercury rules his Virgo MH so this is very good for him, too… but really, how many trines can one person have!

He also has a few concerning transits. Transiting Uranus Rx at 25 Taurus is opposing his Sun 27 Scorpio. Robert Hand said this can indicate a passing away or an ending, possibly with health problems due to a “broken heart.” A sadness or “broken heart,”that may be echoed by his Moon 1 Taurus being squared by transiting Pluto 29 Cap and Mars 0 Leo creating a T-Square to his Moon.

Interesting that the transiting Pluto-Mars opposition also squares Kamala Harris’ natal Sun-Moon opposition creating a Grand Cross for her. More on her later, but it seems that they both may share in some very painful events.

On Inauguration Day, transiting Sun conjoins transiting Pluto exactly at 1 Aquarius lighting up Biden’s Aries Point Grand Air Trine with his natal 10th H Neptune 1 Libra and his natal Rx Uranus 2 Gemini. Unfortunately, transiting Sun also lights up the square to his Moon 1 Taurus from transiting Pluto. However, transiting Mars which was also squaring his Moon has now moved backwards to 24 Rx Cancer and now conjuncts his natal Rx Jupiter 25 Cancer which is one of the points on his Grand Water Trine formed from transiting Neptune.

Overall, if Biden runs, his chart looks outstanding! Another outstanding chart is Nikki Haley’s and I’ll write up something on that at a later time, but first I’ll take at look at Kamal Harris’ transits.

Kamala Harris’ transits for Election Day

Yikes! Basically, they are awful.
Transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces in her 10th H is in opposition to her Virgo stellium of Uranus 13, Pluto 15 and Venus 17. Saturn transiting the 10th H is usually a good time for one’s career, bringing more responsibilities and leadership. It is a time of harvesting what one has sown in one’s career. But that harvest can also be disastrous, as Nixon resigned when Saturn transited his 10th H. Harris has not created the negativity in office that Nixon had and her tenure has been supportive of Biden’s policies as she worked mainly in the background, so my hope is this will be a positive harvest for her.
Transiting Jupiter Rx 19 Gemini squares her natal Virgo stellium which may offer some relief or it can expand on the stressors from transiting Saturn onto her Virgo stellium.
Transiting Mars 0 Leo opposite transiting Pluto 29 Cap squares her Moon 27 Aries opposite her Sun 27 Libra forming a Grand Cross.

On the positive, transiting Jupiter Rx 19 Gemini soon will conjunct her ASC 24 Gemini and her NN 24 Gemini. I don’t know how to interpret aspects to the nodes, but Jupiter on her ASC is positive, however, because Jupiter is retrograde it doesn’t conjunct her ASC until May. Transiting Venus 24 Sag is directly opposite her ASC and her NN which is a help to her.
Transiting Uranus Rx 25 Taurus is conjuncting her Jupiter Rx 24 Taurus, which Robert Hand describes as a sudden change of fortune that can go either way but is a positive change more often than not, but that can be short lived according to Hand.

On Inauguration Day, transiting Sun conjoins transiting Pluto and lights up Pluto’s squares to her Sun-Moon opposition that form a Grand Cross.

If Biden runs and wins, and if Harris remains Biden’s VP she will have a very difficult time of it.

Many Thanks RE: Massachusetts governor-elect Maura Healey. Good to know the state now has a Dem governor.

Many Thanks to you for your astrological take on a 2nd Biden run.

My feeling is it will be a while longer before the maga “fever” has broken, perhaps by 2025 or 2028. We’ll therefore need a Dem candidate who is largely perceived as a just minded, compassionate moderate to get the most votes. Biden fits that bill exceptionally well.

Frank, I don’t think Kamala will be Biden’s running mate next time. There are many complaints from her end about not being given significant responsibilities and that must be intentional on the part of the Biden people. I am torn about him running again because of some of the age-related issues we are glimpsing now but on the other hand, he does have a record of successes and I cannot think of anyone better. Now if there is a recession, that is another thing altogether.

If Joe were smart perhaps he might appoint Kamala to the supreme court giving her a prestigious ‘out’, while opening a spot for the perfect, yet-to-be-named, running mate.

Kiwi, brilliant!

Sharon S Katz,
Considering that Biden was elected in a year with the digit 0 divisible by 20, and his age, I’ve often wondered if he might be subject to “Tecumseh’s Curse.”

No, I don’t literally believe in the curse itself, but it was the pattern from 1840 through 1860. Reagan narrowly avoided it, surviving having been wounded in an assassination attempt. GW Bush wasn’t really elected in 2000. The Supreme Court SELECTED him by stopping the vote count. Later it was clear Al Gore had the most Florida votes and national votes.

Although Biden would be our oldest president, I too cannot think of anyone better for 2024. I believe maga fever at that time will still be raging, therefore making a Dem moderate more electable. And Biden is our strongest, most successful and most experienced moderate Dem.. I suspect 2028 will be the first presidential election in which we have a somewhat more rational body politic.

As for a recession, if there is one its cause will be from international events, not perceived as Joe Biden’s fault. But I’m not convinced a recession is near. A “recession” with near full employment needs to be called something else. It’s not a real recession.

Famine on a massive scale in third world nations in 2023-2024 is already baked in the mix. The Russia/Ukraine war means no available fertilizer, which in nations with poor soil is a recipe for death. Furthermore, severe water shortages are probable in those same vulnerable nations as a result of climate change driven drought.

IMHO those who predict “recession” are relying on old models inapplicable in the current situation.


Nikki Haley 1/20/1972 Columbia, SC

Given no birth time her Moon is anywhere from 28 Pisces to 0 Aries
Natal Grand Trine: Sun 29 Cap, Saturn Rx 29 Taurus, Pluto Rx 2 Libra
She has a charming Venus 5 Pisces square Neptune 4 Sag
And a strong willed independent thinking Mars 16 Aries opposite Uranus 18 Libra

Before I continue, I just want to be clear with all of you that I do not support her in any way and I am very concerned given the power of her transits on Election Day 2024.

Election Day 2024 Transits

Transiting Pluto 29 Cap conjuncts her Sun 29 Virgo while transiting Mars 0 Leo makes an opposition to her Sun. These aspects supercharge her natal Grand Trine.

Her natal Uranus 18 Libra is trined by transiting Jupiter Rx 19 Gemini, squared from transiting Moon and opposed from transiting Chiron which also conjuncts her Aries Mars. These aspect fire up her natal Mars-Uranus opposition and signify a sudden and major change. My Time Passages phone app describes the Chiron opposition to her Uranus as a change that has been waiting for the right moment to actualize one’s evolutionary purpose.

Transiting Neptune has been or is conjuncting her Pisces Moon and is sextile her natal Sun and Saturn points on her Grand Trine. Normally a Neptune transit to a natal Moon is creative and dreamy or even confusing and un-grounded. Her Moon is in Pisces though and so is strengthened with Neptune there.

The transiting trine from transiting Saturn Rx 12 Pisces and Sun 15 Scorpio both sextile her natal Mercury 12 Cap which is close to that transiting trine’s mid-point.

In the near future I will take a look at DeSantis’ transits for Election Day 2024 and post what I find.


Re: Recession

You wrote “if there is one its cause will be from international events”

Agreed. The China Covid situation and simultaneous rising military tensions between China and Taiwan has the potential to erupt into a very real uncontrollable crisis. Those two factors are not mutually exclusive of each other. China is on the verge of economic collapse and it could precipitate war…..

China Lies Completely Flat – How Bad is China’s Covid? Many Industries Paralyzed.

Video: 22 min 01 sec


Taiwan Invasion: China ‘Fully Prepared’ To Gobble Taiwan; 3 Key Factors Could Trigger Military Ops – Experts

December 11, 2022

China is preparing to use military force to take Taiwan and has resigned to the eventuality of possibly clashing with the United States military in the western Pacific.



The Uranus station of January 22nd at 14 ’56 Taurus precisely squares China’s natal Mars (14 ’53 Leo) and nearby Pluto (17 ’39 Leo). I can’t think of a more volatile aspect. I expect US/Taiwan-China tensions will escalate further at that point and potentially break into actual hostilities at the time of the February 5th Leo Full Moon (16 Leo) not only because it t squares tr, Uranus (15 Taurus) but because it activates the highly incendiary Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction (18 Taurus) of August 1st of last year and the November 8th 2022 lunar eclipse (16 Taurus). As one may recall, that very rare 8/01/2022 Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction coincided with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, a provocation that China found intolerable, to the point that China was threatening all out war. A war between the two worlds largest economies would no doubt spell disaster for international financial markets. In fact it could spark a world war. Tr. Pluto at 28 Capricorn is currently hovering over Taiwan’s natal Uranus over the next month or so. Translate that into layman’s terms; radical transformation.

Frank, Thanks for the profile on NH’s aspects. I too worry about her; however, the Republicans are pretty divided. I look forward to reading what you see for DeSantis.

Eliseo, yes, things may change – and someone else may come to the fore, but Biden is the strongest choice by far, at least at this point his life. His vp choice as running mate is very important as you are right, he may not survive a second term. But a president whose term begins at 82? The Republicans do everything they can to make him look like a doddering old fool now – imagine what they will do in the future. And the House investigation of him is yet to begin. Whether or not he caused a recession-related downturn, they will harp on the fact that it’s his recession. Everyone needs to remember what they did to Hillary’s image over the course of maybe 5-10 years.

Longer than that, Sharon. They’ve been going after her since Watergate, when they realized she wasn’t a Republican anymore.

I have no doubt the Chinese economy will implode. The question is when. As they do not have any effective vaccines for covid, the virus could well be a precipitator. But their many troubles are sufficiently deep, even were covid eliminated in their society other factors could be precipitators as well. The sanctions imposed on Russia affect China indirectly but quite profoundly, more so than any nation other than Russia. Also, they are one of the several nations who will experience famine in 2023-2024.

Joe Biden and the Dems overtly and covertly are gradually decoupling our economy from China’s, preparing us for an eventual complete separation. Our allies are doing likewise. The re-industrialization of the USA and our NAFTA partners has begun. If China’s economy implodes very soon, you are correct the markets will crash. If they implode two to five years from now, the effect may be greatly less on a better prepared Western world.

The astrological stress points you listed are well noted. But if war occurs I suspect it will occur later.

If China invades Taiwan it will be their “Operation Barbarossa.” Taiwan itself has been preparing for such an event since 1949; most of their population has military training, and they are armed to the teeth. Furthermore, the Chinese cannot mount an invasion without the entire world knowing about it. This isn’t 1944 when subterfuge for such a large enterprise could be effective. The Taiwan strait is extremely turbulent for most of the year, five times the distance to cross than was the English channel, only do-able with an armada in October and for about fifty to sixty days in the Spring.

The complex logistics involved to coordinate such an invasion, probably beginning with extensive bombing with missiles, is in all probability not possible with the present state of the Chinese military, though their capacities are improving. Were it to happen in 2023 I believe the Taiwanese would be tougher to beat than the Ukrainians, and alone would win what would likely be an extremely intense and long war. Conversely, were the PRC to win they could not do so without casualties in the several millions and would never be able to pacify or control the island. Were the occupying PRC to attempt governing Taiwan they would be nettled to death by the Taiwanese Resistance.

But the reality is they would be joined by powerful allies, Australia, the UK, the US, Japan and possibly Canada and New Zealand. It would be a world war, likely involving North Korea and India as well. (If China continues stealing India’s water from their sacred rivers, I see war between them as probably inevitable.)

If the CCP wants to use war to distract their people from their terrible woes, the smart move would not be to invade Taiwan, but possibly to invade vulnerable eastern Russia to take back Outer Manchuria and Sakhalin, stolen from them 163 years ago. (Ethnic Russians are already leaving the East, moving to western Russia in great numbers and being replaced by Chinese.) The caveat is timing. If they wait until Russia is in sufficient chaos, with no central government the Chinese would win. But if they were to invade too soon, the Kremlin would rain down upon them nuclear fire in enormous quantities.

The smartest move of all of course would be to let go of Taiwan, honestly confront their internal problems, and develop friendlier relations with the rest of the world. But I doubt they will be that wise.

Sharon, I get physically upset when I imagine him debating a Nikki Haley or someone else. His astrology is looking very good, though. He seems happy about something over the election. NH’s chart is on fire, though.


By later, I meant spring of the year or October. If China invades this year or any other year it will be when the Strait of Taiwan is calmer.

But they now know the sanctions imposed upon them would be worse than what the Russians are now experiencing and they’d be fighting against the entire world either directly or economically.

Also, although they have more ships than the US, most of them can’t travel very far and are in a word, pitifully unprepared for war. Unlike Japan, France, the UK, and the US, China does not have a “blue water navy” and are still a fairly long way from developing one. At best they have a primarily “brown and green water navy.”

You are probably aware of the nautical definitions, but for those that are not:

from Wikipedia –
A blue-water navy is a maritime force capable of operating globally, essentially across the deep waters of open oceans.

“Brown-water” refers to the littoral areas within 100 nautical miles of the coastline. “Green-water” begins from 100 nautical miles out to the next major land formation, while “blue-water” is the ability to project force out to at least 1,500 nautical miles beyond the coast. Traditionally a distinction used to be made between a coastal brown-water navy operating in the littoral zone to 200 nautical miles (or 370 kilometres) and an oceangoing blue-water navy. However, the United States Navy created a new term, green-water navy, to replace the term “brown-water navy” in US Navy parlance. Today, a brown-water navy has become to be known as a predominantly riverine force.

“Writing for the US Naval Institute in 2012, Dr James Mulvenon believes that “the Chinese navy is still primarily a brown and green-water navy”, highlighting problems with replenishment and logistics as key shortcomings in PLAN ambitions of becoming a blue-water capable fleet.”

Now in 2023, the Chinese navy continues with very serious problems. Most of their “ships,” many are actually quite small, can’t safely venture beyond about 500 miles. Also, it would be easy to cut off their fuel supply pretty fast in Indonesia way before it arrives. No fuel = no ability to fight a war.

I agree “Biden is the strongest choice by far, at least at this point his life.” I also agree the R’s will do all possible to make him look like a doddering old fool,
the House will investigate him and his son, and they’ll blame any bad economic news on him.

But I have zero fear. I strongly believe such efforts will backfire. Biden and company will prevail. The ’24 election will be a rout for the GOP. We will progress. Maga fever will eventually subside. Events will sober up the world forcing us into greater cooperation.

Eliseo, your confidence is reassuring. May it be so!

Hi Eliseo,

Regarding activity in April and October, I assume you are referring to the eclipses. The April 20th solar eclipse looks especially intriguing with the eclipse at 29 ’50 Aries square the Pluto ingress in Aquarius (0 ’20 Aquarius).

About a hypothetical war between China and Taiwan, here’s one well informed assessment…….

Here’s What Happens If China Invades Taiwan

Video: 21 min 33 sec


I saw that video months ago. I eventually quit watching Johnny Harris videos as his well produced presentations tend to put sensationalism over facts. He ignores too many facts that his video might be more interesting. He’s entertaining, but gets too many things wrong IMO.

I wasn’t referring to any particular October, March, April, or May. The PRC might invade this coming spring, but I doubt they will do so this year or any year.

Chairman XI is smarter than his Russian counterpart, but nevertheless extremely isolated. I think he knows neither his navy or army are ready for such an adventure.

By the time they might theoretically be ready, China will have declined precipitously. I think there is a very good chance a decade from now the People’s Republic of China will have regressed into several different ethnic nation states.

Sharon K,
As I said in the 6th paragraph of my December 31st,
10:07 pm posting above, I believe the House R’s are about to dive deep and headfirst into a huge pool of poop/quicksand of their own creation.

IMO the 2023/2024 House will probably be the last one with a R majority for at least a generation. I suspect through their coming shenanigans they will make blatantly obvious their corruption, incompetence and paranoid delusions.

One factor that needs to be taken into consideration as far as timing goes……… the Chinese governments decision to radically change course on its zero covid policy to that of abruptly opening up to its “business as usual” approach; a complete reversal of its draconian restrictions; may have been a deliberate political decision. Keep in mind no transitional period of preparedness was implemented. According to the narrative posted below, the government wants to reach peak contagion (herd immunity) in January ahead of the March 2023 Congressional Peoples Party meeting so that Xi Jingping can fully consolidate his power on all levels of government. Under pressure and weighing in on the balance is the inherent risk of a total collapse in its economy in doing so. If there is a rupture in the economy, a Wag The Dog scenario would certainly serve as a convenient distraction. The strategy as the thinking goes, is to bring the Taiwan issue to the forefront of government policy in public discussion.

The Great Fall of China

Video: 23 min


The Shanghai Stock Exchange chart ( https://i.ibb.co/wCnkLNW/Shanghai-Stock-Exchange.gif ) reflects extreme volatility in the upcoming transits. Tr Pluto presently conjunct natal North Node (28 Capricorn) opposite natal Chiron/South Node (28 Cancer) and the January 12th Mars station (8 Gemini) forms a quincunx to its triple natal Mercury/Venus/Uranus conjunction (8 Capricorn). We will have a clearer idea of what’s going on in mid January.

Ron DeSantis
Without knowing his birth time indicating angles to his chart and the location of his Moon I do not see anything remarkable about him in his natal chart.

Transits for Election Day 2024

Transiting Pluto 29 Cap opposes his natal Jupiter 1 Leo and transiting Mars 0 Leo conjuncts it. This is very successful or it could be overblown, however he his natal chart his Jupiter is not under any major stressors so it will likely be positive for him.

Natal Sun 21 Virgo receives a square from both transiting Venus 24 Sag and Rx Jupiter 20 Gemini, which lends enthusiasm and grace.

Transiting Saturn 12 Pisces trines his Uranus 13 Virgo which lends steady and balanced discipline in working toward a desired change.

Transiting Mercury 5 Sag square his Saturn 6 Virgo is good for mental discipline.

With no birth time his Moon is anywhere from 16-28 Aquarius and is currently, was or soon will receive a trine from transiting Jupiter and a square from transiting Uranus. Additionally, it is quite possible his Moon is conjunct the USA Sibley Moon which could explain his (inexplicable to me) appeal to the public.

Overall, his transits look pretty good on Election Day.

Michael O’Reilley of Neptune Cafe has DeSantis’ birth time at 10AM which would place his Jupiter conjunct his MH and his Mars conjunct his ASC. This explains his success and prominence to me in an otherwise unremarkable chart.

The Pluto and Mars transits I discussed as successful, now being conjunct his MH makes it a very successful transit for him.

Frank, I’m always suspicious of right-on-the-hour birth times, especially for someone of Santos’ age. By the time he was born birth times were recorded more accurately, meaning the minutes were included.

If his birth certificate reads “10AM” I’m as suspicious of him as I am Santos…

Looking at Kevin McCarthy’s chart, he will gain the Speakership either today or soon after. On Election Day 2024 he will most likely lose his Speakership.

He has an interesting natal chart with a strong Grand Earth Trine: Rx Uranus 14 Virgo conjunct Rx Pluto 15 Virgo; Mercury and Venus conjunct at 18 Cap; and Jupiter 16 Taurus. Chiron 16 Pisces opposes the Uranus-Pluto point and sextiles the other 2 points making a kite formation and adding emotional and mental challenges to his trine. Currently, the Sun at 13 Cap is a little past trining his Uranus-Pluto and moving into trine with the Jupiter point of his Grand Trine and a conjunction with the Mercury-Venus point. Transiting Rx Uranus is trining his Uranus-Pluto and conjuncting his Jupiter and will soon trine his Mercury-Venus. So it looks very good for him gaining the Speakership.

On Election Day 2024 though, transiting Rx Saturn 12 Pisces will oppose his Rx Uranus 14 and Rx Pluto15 Virgo conjunction point of his Grand Earth Trine while it conjuncts his Chiron 15 Pisces. Transiting Saturn also sextiles his other 2 points on his Grand Trine which is some help for him but that Saturn opposition to his Uranus-Pluto is very, very difficult for him.

His natal Mars 28 Virgo is strengthened by a trine from transiting Mars but Rx Neptune 27 Pisces opposes his Mars which is undermining, debilitating and fearful.

Additionally, transiting Rx Saturn will leave his 10th H in March of 2025, indicating his prominence will diminish and he will join his peers as one of the group.

I will take a look at Hakeem Jeffries chart for Election Day.

Hakeem Jeffries 8/4/1970 Brooklyn, NY
No birth time, Virgo Moon anywhere from 2 to 14 degrees.

He has a Leo Sun-Mars conjunction at 11 degrees which indicates passion, drive and competition to shine and be in the limelight as well as leadership qualities.

He has a Virgo stellium of Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto; great for detailed and managerial work, but can be overly critical and overbearing in his relationships. Venus and Pluto are conjunct at 25 Virgo which emphasizes his difficulty with relationships, especially in any romantic or sexual relationships.

His transits for Election Day Has an opposition from transiting Rx Neptune 27 Pisces to his Venus-Pluto 25 Virgo that has been retrograding back and forth since June 2022. During that time he would have become Speaker if the Dems took the House and became House Minority Leader, instead. That opposition can indicate a loss. The good news is that it had passed.
Transiting Venus 24 Sag is now in square to his Venus-Pluto indicating harmony and healing from whatever the Neptune opposition created.

Transiting Pluto 29 Cap is in a square to his Jupiter 28 Libra. Majorie Orr looked at his chart in November 20222 and said this square marks his successful phase through 2023. It has now passed its peak but still would be in effect.

Transiting Rx Uranus 25 Taurus which was in exact trine June 2024 to his Venus-Pluto point has been retrograding back and forth, is exact on Election Day and after it goes direct will be in its final trine to his Venus-Pluto 25 Virgo in April 2025.

I believe he will gain the Speakership and the Dems the House.

I haven’t been following things re. McCarthy too much as it has been a busy time, but just ran a chart for Trump for the umpteenth time. His shadow is everywhere and sorry to say, but the next little bit looks to be highly favorable for whatever his little orange mind is cooking up.

Progressed Saturn in his chart is out of range for putting limits on him (at 3 Leo). On the other hand, Mercury progressed at 21 Leo and transiting Mercury Rx at 21 CapRx are aspecting his natal Moon at 21 Sagittarius and natal Sun at 22 Gemini (news, news, news).

Transiting Saturn at 22 Aquarius rules its own sign, but is in Trump’s 6th house, where it affects health (maybe), but not so much world affairs (this may not be a bad thing). Progressed Venus is also trine his natal Sun at 22 Gemini, from 22 Libra.

Transiting Neptune (things are not what they seem – an understatement) at 22Pisces 55’now, is on the cusp of Trump’s 8th house, and inconjunct his progressed Venus, and square his natal Sun. The square to his natal Sun at 22 Gemini 56′ perfects on Thursday. It is the final square to his Sun from Neptune.

Until Neptune trines his Saturn at 23 Cancer 49 in his 11th house of associates (think of Congress), it appears that Neptune is giving Trump and his people/agenda a free ride. Even then, the aspect to Saturn from Neptune is a trine, not a square.

This aspect pattern indicates to me that he will get away with this latest upheaval and in the final analysis will get away scott free altogether (until more drastic health or other events take over). So I don’t feel this is anywhere near over. McCarthy of course, has become a pawn as well as a force in this chess match. Hold on. It’s too soon for definitive wins against Trump yet.

Further note on the above – Trump’s progressed Moon at 16 Libra 44′ is almost exactly conjunct his very lucky Jupiter in his 2nd house of money (at 17 Libra 27Rx). The progressed Moon is also trine his natal Uranus at 17 Gemini 54 in the 10th of leadership. It will be several months before this very positive (for him) influence from the progressed Moon starts to fade. His progressed Nodes are also at 17 Gemini/17 Sag.

It has a rather fated sort of feel about the whole thing. Perhaps (we wish) it is his final triumph before his fall. We shall see when transiting Pluto, now at 27 Cap is more precisely inconjunct his Ascendant at 29 Leo 56′. Whatever way it plays out, he will be remembered for a very long time as a master manipulator, like a few of the Roman emperors who did no favors for their people while they had time. History – it’s worth a study!

Beowulfie, you (& everyone else) might be especially interested in this post on Democratic Underground:


“OK…I may have some “news” here….
By way of introduction here, one of my patients whom I consider a friend was in my office today and incidentally, he is known nationally as one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the country. The list of his clients both domestically and internationally….well, I’ll tell you that it made my jaw drop when we met and he mentioned a number of these. He is a political progressive and really really incisive but he is also , of necessity, a realist.

So as I was dismissing him from “the chair”, I asked him, “So what do you think of Trump being indicted?”

He began by saying that his sources in Atlanta tell him that it’s going to happen: that they’ve assembled what is considered to be an airtight case against Trump.

Now it got interesting: he then said that it would be extremely difficult to prove the insurrection case due to interpretations of language BUT he then said that the classified documents case is also solid. He then said that the indictments are coming soon. I didn’t press him as to what “soon” means but it is important to remember that he has dealt with so many federal cases that he’s basically professional buddies with these US Attorneys. He has never blown smoke or BS’d me in all the decades I’ve known him. He rightly predicted that a certain mob trial in Philly would end with acquittal of the defendants even though they had been tried and convicted in the Press, and he was correct as well in a number of trials he participated in wherein the defendant, his client, was found guilty…”

Wow Sharon K, I wish I had someone like that in my sphere but third hand is good enough for me! Thank you for this and please keep us informed, if you feel comfortable sharing.

Wow Sharon! May it be so.

On the other topic of the day, pretty sad state of play when the minority leader of the house gets more votes for speaker than the majority leader. (ha ha ha)

Watching the blood letting of McCarthy on CNN, and loving it. But I’m thinking the Dems should decide who they can best work with and have Jeffries nominate that Republican. That would be a major coup for the Dems because all the Dems would need is just 4 votes to put in someone they want.

Actually, the Dems would need 6 votes from the Repugs to elect someone with the potential for bipartisanship

Who knew there existed an ‘architect of the capitol’?
And who is the current architect of the capitol you might wonder? Another gem it appears. https://www.politico.com/minutes/congress/11-1-2022/watchdogs-architect-report/
Apparently Matt Gaetz wrote to him complaining about Kevin Mccarthy squatting in the speaker’s office.
The clown show continues …….

McCarthy may get the vote he wants around 9:30 pm tonight.

Finish up tomorrow because Friday is a travel date for overworked members of Congress.

May our antennae be highly tuned and polished. The congressional R’s had the magnetometers removed yesterday. That’s beyond odd and suspicious. We are just a few days before the Jan. 6th anniversary.

and while the house repub drama continues, another laudable woman milestone quietly happens –
“But across the building, with little fanfare, the Senate quietly made history: It elected Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) to be its first female president pro tempore.”


By: Bob on January 4th, 2023 at 5:08 pm

“McCarthy may get the vote he wants around 9:30 pm tonight.”

Having lost every vote so far could he have decided to make a deal with some opposing GOP members to get the votes he needs. The time representing the time he secures a deal, not the time he gets a vote.

McCarthy makes fresh concessions to try to woo hard-right Republicans in speaker bid

By Marianna Sotomayor, Paul Kane, Amy B Wang, and Jacqueline Alemany

January 5, 2023 at 8:22 a.m. EST

If McCarthy keeps this up, he will be a weak speaker. I’d hate to see these bullies getting too much clout but it seems that’s going to be the case as this can pull this any time they don’t get their way.

It strikes me that the continuing disarray in the Republican conference in the House that is on display for the world to see is one of several aspects of our Pluto return.

McCarthy has lost 9 ballots so far.

McCarthy – after innumerable times I’ve butted my head real hard against the wall, maybe next time it won’t hurt, I won’t bleed, and I’ll attain enlightenment – a new buddha for our time.

And it’s 11 votes so far!!! Rethugs exposing their true selves to the entire world. Not surprised with a Pluto return in Capricorn. AND….full moon at 16 Cancer conjunct USA Natal Sun, full moon square USA natal Saturn. The fun will continue.

My best wishes to everyone on this blog (and Nancy!!) for the new year. I very much appreciate this site, reading all your great & informative posts, helps keep me grounded right now.

Pluto is opposing my natal Moon now, and will do so a couple more times in 2023 and 2024, ugh, and I don’t wish any of what I’m going through on anyone (except McCarthy, Boebert, Jim Jordan, M Traitor Greene, TFG, Ron DeSantis and a few others).

does anyone know how many of the congressional obstructionists might also be in Jack Smith’s crosshairs?

No way to know for sure. I’m guessing between 30 and 40, closer to 40. Those are numbers I’ve heard but they may or may not be accurate. There is surely a difference between those who voted to not certify and those who either colluded with or had prior knowledge of the insurrection.

I think I herd today the average number of House Representatives who do not fulfill their two years is about 16. Some die, some have personal reasons, some might be indicted or suffer some sort of scandal, and some just take a higher paying job doing something else.

Republican numerical control of the House is at best tenuous. We can’t predict who will not survive, who might resign, or who might replace them, but it is actually possible the House might flip to the Dems before the November 2024 election.

“In 1997, Byron Donalds was arrested for marijuana distribution; the charges were dropped as part of a pre-trial diversion program. In 2000, he pleaded guilty to a felony bribery charge as part of a scheme to defraud a bank, which was expunged after he entered the Florida House.”

kiwi, funny that you should ask…


JACK SMITH has added two longtime associates of the Justice Department to his team; Raymond Hulser, former chief of the DOJ’s public integrity section & David Harbach.
Each specialize in public corruption and together they will lead the DOJ investigation of congressional members.

Used The World Clock for times.

McCarthy sworn in on January 7, 2023, at 1:48 am, EST, in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

118th Congress sworn in on January 7, 2023, at 1:49 am, EST, in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

High drama on Capitol Hill……..

Friday evening January 6th (the second anniversary of the insurrection, the storming of the Capitol building)


Matt Gaetz withheld the deciding vote preventing Kevin McCarthy from gaining the speakership. After intense, private discussions, a 15th ballot ensued which finally put McCarthy over the top. This begs the question, what secret, draconian concessions and measures did McCarthy finally agree to in order to placate the far right? Has the security of the US been compromised? The items on the table according to one source included “lowering the threshold for a motion to vacate the chair,; a move to force a vote on ousting the Speaker by just one member”. Realistically speaking, that has ominous implications. It is an act, similar to that of allowing the far right to place a gun to the Speakers head in carrying out the Freedom Caucus’s extremist agenda. Has McCarthy in his obsessive greed to become Speaker “sold his soul and the country to the devil”. And the madness continues………

Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker??? by Astrology Alert

Video: 4 min 54 sec


Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker???
ASTROLOGY ALERT 4 minutes 54 seconds

Thank you, Bob, for the exact time of the swearing in. And Jerry and Eliseo for the Astrology Alert video, which gives Kevin’s birth data. Kevin definitely has a Saturn return to look forward to in 2023 and 2024, and my second Saturn return was a nightmare………

So the fascists are now running the show. I’ve been listening to Rachel Maddow’s Ultra podcast when I can, gives you chills, you realizing how vulnerable our democracy really is, and the stars seem to be aligned now in a similar way as in 1940, so no surprise that we’re going through the crap we are right now.

Marija, the beginning of McCarthy’s Saturn challenges begin this April (square his natal Moon on April 9 and first Saturn return on April 13) with both repeating in August, then an onslaught of Saturn hits to points (particularly Pluto) in his chart in 2024 before the elections. Will he still be Speaker come election time?

Should have left out “the beginning of”. Let’s vote on it again.

If not before this could be the date of removal from chair for McCarthy.


Shown in EDT has the same angles.

Here’s a tiny url of the one below that leads to McCarthy’s natal chart on Astrodienst. tinyurl.com/5bk8t2p3 You may have to cut and paste it.

Just in terms of today’s aspects (also found at astrodienst whose url is astro.com), his sun is favorably aspected by venus, his mercury/venus conjunction is favorably aspected by the sun and mercury, and uranus is conjunct his natal jupiter, so this is a good week for him. Also upcoming is a Neptune opposition to his mars sometime in the next 2 years (I can’t check right now).

What disturbs me the most is Trump’s direct line to those in control of the House right now. Bad, bad, bad… ugh, ugh, ugh…hope it all backfires!

Here is the full link to McCarthy’s chart in case the tiny url doesn’t work for you.


Thanks, Bob! You know what they say, “from your words/charts to the Universe’s ears”?

There is not one person in the Republican Party who can possibly qualify for speaker. The level of corruption and insanity among the Rethugs is out of control. And it looks like they are going to seat Santos, if that’s really his name.

McC’s Saturn visits to come (Used Bakersfield chart location).


Sharon K,
Many Thanks for the link to the McC chart!

The House R’s are extraordinafily full of themselves. They will advocate laws the Senate will not pass and which will have the opposite effect of what they intended. Living in their self created alternate reality they proudly believe they are about to set the world on fire, or at least the US government. But they misunderstand the nature and qualities of the fire they believe they possess. In reality it possesses them. With great religious, ideological fervor they will proudly perform numerous feats of self-immolation rendering themselves as extinct as the non avian dinosaurs. The asteroid approaches from within the inner space of their twisted psyches. Who will mourn the incinerated souls of such dragons?

Jack Smith needs to get his team into high gear pronto! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8J5QT9DkNg


Regarding the Republican agenda; you wrote:

“Living in their self created alternate reality they proudly believe they are about to set the world on fire, or at least the US government.”

Needless to say, the environment is very toxic. The commotion immediately following the 14th ballot, shows how volatile the situation is. One news report describes the incident in this way….

“…..A near-brawl broke out between Republicans on the House floor late on Friday night as four days of frustration at Matt Gaetz’s refusal to back Kevin McCarthy’s teetering bid for Speaker boiled over.

Republican House member Mike Rogers had to be physically restrained after lunging at Mr Gaetz amid chaotic scenes on Capitol Hill.”

The incident described above, is even more alarming now that the metal detectors have been removed from the Capitol building. Any deranged congressman bent on exacting revenge, and secretly carrying a pistol can now wreak havoc in the chamber if and when they please. One can only hope the extreme right wing elements in the Republican party are marginalized in time. Congresswoman Boebert’s possession of a fire-arm and a longstanding vocal critic of metal detectors in the Capitol building sets a bad example. It is disturbing and dangerous……

GOP-Controlled House Removes Metal Detectors Pelosi Put in Place after J6

The Philadelphia Enquirer
January 7, 2023

Metal detectors first installed outside the House chamber after the January 6 Capitol protests were removed Tuesday as Republicans took control of the lower chamber.

Then–Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) ordered the installment of the machines after the riot and later threatened lawmakers who did not comply with the security measure to pay a $5,000 fine for a first offense and $10,000 for a second.

“It is tragic that this step is necessary, but the chamber of the People’s House must and will be safe,” she said at the time.

Pelosi’s rules led to outcry from several Republican members, including Representatives Louie Gohmert of Texas and Andrew Clyde of Georgia. After they were both fined under Pelosi’s policy, they filed a federal lawsuit in 2021 claiming that the use of metal detectors to screen members of Congress was unconstitutional. However, a federal judge upheld the fines.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R., Colo.), another outspoken critic of the metal detectors, cheered their removal on Tuesday.

“When I arrived in Congress two years, Nancy Pelosi put this hunk of garbage outside of the House chambers for members of Congress to go through,” Boebert said in a video posted to Twitter. “Today, they are being removed and we are turning Pelosi’s House back into the people’s House.”

Boebert clashed with Capitol Police when the metal detectors were first installed: She would not allow them to search her bag after it set off the detector’s alarm.

“I am legally permitted to carry my firearm in Washington, D.C., and within the Capitol complex,” she said at the time. “Metal detectors outside of the House would not have stopped the violence we saw last week — it’s just another political stunt by Speaker Pelosi.”



In a December 6th, 2022 12:37 am entry, I was examining the aspects and possibilities of a forthcoming indictment against Trump & associates on or around the January 21st New Moon. Now that McCarthy has been duly elected as House Speaker, this New Moon is once again coming back into sharp focus. The New Moon and its near conjunction to Pluto (1 Aquarius) is not only square to the Republican party’s Pluto (1 Taurus) but forms a sesquiquadrate to McCarthy’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction (15 Virgo) and semi-square to McCarthy’s natal Chiron as well as the Republican Party’s Neptune (14 Pisces). Uranus going stationary direct the following day (14 ’56 Taurus) are in trine to McCarthy’s Ur/Pl conj., and on Merrick Garland’s natal Jupiter (15 ’11 Taurus). This suggests to me, Garland will take action on the special counsels recommendations for indictment. However, the long awaited indictments have inherent political ramifications and problems as the following article explains…….

Merrick Garland’s Unprecedented Dilemma

The Hill
December 2022

In the new year, Merrick Garland will face two unprecedented scenarios: He could become the first attorney general in American history to indict a former president, as well as the first attorney general to be impeached by Congress.

For months, Garland has faced the unenviable prospect of having to eventually decide whether or not to prosecute Donald Trump. There are two ongoing federal investigations into the former president: One involving his possible mishandling of classified documents and presidential records, and the other concerning his role in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

This month, the House Select Committee that was separately investigating Jan. 6 unanimously recommended that the Department of Justice pursues at least four criminal charges against Trump for attempting to block the peaceful transfer of power after losing the 2020 election.

Declaring that “one man,” was the “central cause” of the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the committee released a scathing report detailing their findings and recommended that Trump be charged with obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make a false statement and incitement of insurrection.

Though criminal referrals from Congress have no legal weight, and the DOJ’s own investigation into Jan. 6 is still running its course, the committee’s final report adds to the pressure that has been building on Garland for months.

Seeking political insulation, the attorney general appointed an independent special counsel, Jack Smith, to handle the DOJ’s active investigations into Trump after he announced his intention to seek the presidency again in 2024.

But regardless of what Smith recommends, Garland will have the ultimate say in bringing an indictment, as the attorney general has the full power to override a special counsel’s recommendation. Appointing a special counsel does not offer Garland any real degree of political absolution, and he will personally bear the consequences of the department’s eventual decision.

Based on the current rhetoric from Republicans in the House, these consequences will likely include an impeachment inquiry into his conduct as attorney general. House Republicans already filed two impeachment resolutions against Garland in the 117th Congress, and far-right Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who will become one of the most prominent members in the new Republican caucus, has indicated her desire to move forward with impeachment in a GOP-controlled House.



I agree with you entirely. The circumstances ARE volatile and I’m very glad you brought up the issue of the metal detectors having been removed from the Capitol building. I referenced that in my January 4th, 7:27 pm posting.

There have been incidents of violence in the US Congress in the past, most notably and infamously the caning of Senator Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate by South Carolina Congressman Preston Brooks on May 22, 1856. The senator was beaten so badly he almost died and did not return to his senatorial duties until December of 1859.

I pray nothing like that ever happens again, nor another attempt at insurrection. Armed right wing kooks in Congress? What could possibly go wrong?

The political dynamics just got a lot murkier. It looks like the GOP just received a huge belated Christmas gift…….

McCarthy Reacts To Classified Documents Discovered From Biden’s Time As VP: Dems ‘Overplayed Their Hand’

McCarthy says Biden classified documents reports reveal Democrats were ‘trying to be political to President Trump’

Fox News
January 9, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., says Democrats “overplayed their hand” in the handling of the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago in light of new revelations of classified documents discovered at the Penn Biden Center, which were taken by now-President Joe Biden after his time as vice president nearly six years ago.

“I think from … the same point that the Dems overplayed their hand on the Mar-a-Lago … just a proof of that,” McCarthy responded Monday evening to a reporter’s question about the new reports that Biden took a batch of records from Biden’s time as vice president. 

A “small number of documents with classified markings” were discovered at the Penn Biden Center by the president’s personal attorneys on Nov. 2, according to Richard Saubel, special counsel to the White House.



If members of Congress are found guilty of participating in the insurrection can they be prevented from voting on issues before the Congress?

PBS NewsHour from Oct 25, 2021



GOP lawmakers were ‘intimately involved’ in Jan. 6 protest planning, new report shows
Oct 25, 2021 6:45 PM EST
By — Yamiche Alcindor and Alex D’Elia

“A new Rolling Stone report claims multiple members of Congress helped plan former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss, and the Jan. 6 protests that ended in violence. Author Hunter Walker joins Yamiche Alcindor with more details.”

Six named in the show:

Hunter Walker:

“So, both of my sources said they participated in — quote, unquote — “dozens of briefings” with Republican members of Congress and their staff. That included Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, Madison Cawthorn, and Louie Gohmert.”

Bob: “If members of Congress are found guilty of participating in the insurrection can they be prevented from voting on issues before the Congress?”

It appears that the guilty members would be disqualified from holding office *unless* Congress “by a vote of two-thirds of each House,” removes the ban. From Lawfare Blog:

Disqualifying Insurrectionists and Rebels: A How-To Guide


“Recall again that under Section 3 [of the 14th Amendment], an individual who holds a triggering office [e.g., current member of Congress] and then engages in covered conduct cannot occupy a banned office afterward. But what conduct does Section 3 cover? It’s helpful to distinguish between two types of covered conduct: (a) engaging in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, and (b) giving aid or comfort to America’s enemies.”

Thank you peter.

My hope was that members would not be removed (allowing for an appointee who would vote as they would have) but would be prevented from having voting privileges thus reducing their party’s voting totals on issues.

Democratic California Congresswoman Katie Porter, who IMHO may well be the smartest representative in the House has announced she will run for senate in the 2024 election.



Jerry & all, Have you seen this, however? Biden’s people are being very forthcoming and transparent (or so it seems) about disclosing the fact that documents were found. Trump’s team did not return documents that were identified by the Archives although they said they did.

I did not watch the Karl Rove news but I’m glad he is being honest. It seems he has acquired scruples since the W days.

Why do I feel Biden is being set-up with these documents?

Yes. It does seem odd, doesn’t it? It makes no sense, out of character, as you suggested like some sort of set up.

Angellight, because you can see the motive and the opportunity for the loons to do it.

Interesting you are feeling a setup with the Biden docs – Ellie dreams downunder just did a video wondering the same thing. Interesting perspective

Kiwi, Arbo, Angellight,
I often view Ellie; I regard her as the best tarot reader on youtube. She made excellent points in her commentary and in her reading.

Knowing Mr. Biden’s character, it makes absolutely ZERO sense such documents would be found in his personal garage where he stores his Corvette. The documents in his old office may or may not have been an oversight of his former VP staff, but I think it highly probable the documents in his garage were planted. I think it also probable the first set of documents were planted as well.

On the basis of her reading and superb intuition Ellie strongly suspects both sets were planted and the Biden team is aware that is what occurred.

Mr. Biden is a careful and honorable man. Claiming or implying he or his staff were so careless as to not return or leave classified documents in inappropriate places is like accusing a teetotaler who has never in their life had a drink of being publically drunk on the night of the tenth of xyz month in a certain year. Relative to information we presently possess, it does not add up.

Re: The Biden docs

A set up? Not at all surprising. GOP delay and obfuscation is typical. And now a false equivalency is being touted. Hopefully the newly designated Special Counsel assigned to looking into the matter will get to the bottom of it.

Now that the alleged Biden mishandling of documents conundrum has muddied the waters, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about a DOJ Trump indictment this month. Looking further afield, my focus of attention has settled around the March 7th date for possible indictment, although the aspects on or around that time may not bode well for Biden due to other mitigating factors. Will there be health concerns for Biden?

First we will examine Joe Biden’s chart……….

This Full Moon precisely coincides with Saturn’s ingress into Pisces (0 ’00 Pisces) conjunct Biden’s South Node (0 ’08 Pisces) in t square to Biden’s progressed Uranus (0 ’34 Gemini). One can infer therefore, that this will mark a major turning point in Biden’s tenure as president. These are destiny points after all.

Saturn Conjunct South Node by Jack M

When Saturn conjuncts the South Node, it indicates that the native is coming to the end of a karmic cycle. This is a time of reckoning, and the native must face the consequences of their past actions. The South Node represents our karmic baggage, and Saturn’s presence here indicates that it is time to let go of these old patterns and move on.


Saturn Conjunct South Node by Crystal Energy

From March 7, 2023, Saturn will enter Pisces so it will be the turn of those born with South Node in Pisces to feel the manifestation of the aspect:

It’s a POWERFUL aspect that brings transformation. South Node and Saturn are related to learning and karma. Very rare transit, occurs once every 28-30 years.

North Node represents what we still need to achieve in order to balance our being, evolve and reach our potential.

It’s all about balance, and there’s no way to work with the North Node without touching the South Node, because in the latter is the key to dealing with the first, the necessary complement. NN and SN are essentially opposite in nature, and because of that you will always feel some difficulty between them. But there must be perseverance and a willingness to harmonize, taking advantage of the process of self-knowledge.


Saturn in conjunction with the natal South Node represents a time of realization of greater purposes that involve your Higher Self, situations that needed to occur for the awareness of your potential/individuality may come to light. It’s a time for a lot of reflection on who you have been, on your responsibilities for your DESTINY. It may be that you will reflect more on your purposes and what you should do from now on.

As Saturn brings dilemmas and seeks the native’s maturation – which often comes through conflicts, problems -, this can mean a moment of a lot of divagation about who you are in the now and who you were yesterday (and may even have an interest in issues of your past lives or reasons for being who you are).



Other prevalent factors in the March 7, 2023 Full Moon:

1) Transiting Nodes at 6 ’44 Taurus-Scorpio in t square to natal Pluto (7 ’13 Leo) semi-square to tr. Mars (21 ’48 Gemini). Because the US Mars is so inextricably entangled (21 ’22 Gemini) this could signify some kind of domestic or military conflict.

2) Tr. Pluto (29 ’39 Capricorn) in close sesqui-quadrate to the Full Moon (16 ’40 Virgo) at harsh angles to Biden’s natal Moon (0 ’59 Taurus).

Mr Trump and DOJ director Merrick Garland’s charts are equally impacted which I will examine in a subsequent post.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I hope the real truth comes to light. I too think Biden & team are aware of this but keeping mum for now.

Is Biden In Trouble With His Records Problem? by Astrology Alert

Video: 5 min 44 sec


Ellie from Down Under also discussed the timing as suspicious with the first docs discovered Nov 2, just days before the midterms. The docs in the garage also seem very suspicious. Does anyone have a sense of how this may or may not impact Biden’s announcement about running? Jerry’s posts on the Saturn-SN conjunction seem to point to him not running but it may also relate to the war in Ukraine, or something else??

One more point if it hasn’t been made yet: there are Secret Service agents who would have had the opportunity to plant documents. It’s been revealed that there are orange tinged agents who might be happy to carry out a right wing plan. And I’m sure this has occurred to the Biden team. The Scorpio-in-Chief probably thought of it too.

Good point about the Secret Service. I believe they have much to hide going back at least several decades. The present is no exception, and they are the most likely saboteurs.

I think we are seeing (and have been seeing) an organized effort to overthrow our democracy that extends to members of Congress, the Judiciary and other parts of government including the Secret Service. I do not think they will succeed but they are trying very hard.

Thanks, Eliseo. At least back to 1963.

I gather from reporting, fbi is also now involved in biden docs – hope they are checking for fingerprints – but I guess that wouldnt matter if gloves were worn. The Plot thickens.

kiwi, how about the age of the paper..?

I remain convinced the most plausible explanation for the 3rd shot, the one that hit JFK squarely in the back of the head, was fired accidentally from Secret Service Special Agent George Warren Hickey’s AR-15 which was carried in the car immediately following the President’s vehicle.

If so, this would likely be the deepest, darkest secret the Secret Service must continue hiding. (What else could explain their extreme bellicosity after the assassination when they pointed their pistols at the unarmed Dallas County Coroner and staff when arguing over possession of the body?)

Presuming it was Trumper SS guys who might have planted the documents in Biden’s former VP office and garage: WHO KNOWS? We may suddenly have motive for someone to reveal the SS’s darker secrets including their 1963 cover-up.

For decades the Left has suspected the Far Right of having done in JFK, whereas the Right has suspected the Left. Were it discovered that although Oswald fired the first two shots, the third shot was a clumsy, stupid SS accident, that might help cool the tensions and polarization we now experience. Maybe – maybe not.

But for sure, our SS agents are at the top of my list as suspects who might have planted those documents. The timing is too suspicious. Nov.2nd, just before the general election? And NOW? – just when DJT is about to be indicted under the Espionage Act for stealing and holding on to classified documents? This smells to high heaven and beyond.

There’s so much that smells bad from the DJT era I don’t think we have a landfill site large enough. (See my December 24th, 2022 1:22 am posting) I’m wondering if and I’m hoping it all comes out soon. If it all comes out, it will hopefully be easier to get ourselves mentally and karmically clear that we might move forward.

Eliseo, as Malcolm Nance says, coincidence takes a lot of planning.

I watched the Ellie Dreams Down Under reading on the Biden documents discovery. I then tried to find out more about Ellie so, perhaps, could look up her birth or birth chart info to confirm my intuitive perception that she is some combination of Virgo, Leo, Aries. I could feel the Virgo (maybe Capricorn?) the most, with her nervous, astute intelligence and articulateness but with kind of deeper roots than Gemini, as well as a kind of Leo or Aries focus and staying on track. Anyway, this is how my mind works when I observe someone and try to intuit their sun and other personal planetary placements. Kind of an interesting game. I have to say that it amused me when she pulled together her interpretations of the cards (which she said are her standard interpretations) and then implied that the cards confirmed her premise and there was no bias there, as I think there could have been other interpretations, novice tarot person that I am, but with lots of Pisces and mercury in Aquarius so I tend to see the other pieces, layers, points of view.

Anyway, thought I’d share. I do like her very much and enjoyed watching her very focused, creative intelligence, knowledge of the tarot, and serious presentation punctuated with some wickedly dry humor (or should I say humour?)

But, just because I see where they could be other narratives attached to the reading, it doesn’t mean that I discount what she said, particularly about the documents being planted by a traitor in the camp (which could very well be the SS) or Joe’s resilience. On the other hand, I have read that other former presidents (maybe many) have been known to have possession of documents that they should not have had.

Hi Sharon, dont know her birthdate, but to give some background – she got her degree in the US. Lived in britain for some time working with planning, logistics, and police security etc in fairly high circles.

Ah, that explains her serious, organized and focused attitude, kiwi. Guess you can combine all kinds of skillsand experience that people wouldn’t necessarily think go together 🙂

Sharon K,
Just my opinion, but I think she is the very best tarot reader on YouTube.

I like her serious, focus approach very much. She doesn’t miss a beat. As far as how correct she’s been in her interpretations, this is my first time watching her so I’ll take your word for how good she is, Eliseo 🙂

Sharon K,
I’ve not tested her accuracy in any statistical sense. But to me her interpretations intuitively feel very straight. For many of those interpretations, it will be a good while before we know whether she was correct.

Meanwhile, I’ve long been impressed by her in depth knowledge of symbolism and no nonesense straightforward answers to questions. She just makes sense, and I can feel it in my bones.


Thank you for sharing Ellie Down Under. She presented in a noticeably grounded and captivating manner. She had an interesting manner of synthesizing interpretations od the relationships between the cards. My noole is all abuzz speculating who the mole might be on team Biden.

The March 7th Full Moon (16 ’40 Virgo)

Points of contact to Trump’s natal chart…….

The Virgo full moon forms a grand cross square to Trump’s natal Uranus/progressed Nodes placement (17 Gemini-Sagittarius) in opposition to Merrick Garland’s progressed Mars (17 Pisces). Tr. Nodes at 6 Taurus-Scorpio will be in semisquare/ sesquisquare to tr. Mars and Trump’s natal Moon-Sun opposition (21 Gemini). Whether this marks the defining moment towards a Trump indictment is unclear but it’s worth pointing out that the North Node at 6 Taurus in the US 2021 Inaugural chart is conjunct its natal Mars/Uranus conjunction AND it will be in semi-square to tr Mars as well as the US Mars at 21 Gemini. That could reflect sudden, explosive events due to and preciipitated by a Trump indictment.

Another poignant astrological moment arrives later in the month. If my memory serves me correctly, the few days surrounding Saturn’s entrance into 0 Aquarius on March 21st, 2020, had most of the world gripped in a forced lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The travel industry, especially the airline sector were hard hit with the closing of international borders. A rather remarkable event in the annals of modern history. We have a similar situation coming up with Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius March 23rd. In fact, two days prior, the March 21st New Moon at 0 ’50 Aries in sextile to Pluto (29 ’58 Capricorn) has Saturn at the midpoint (1 ’37 Pisces). Saturn in turn is in conjunction to Joe Biden’s natal South Node (0 ’08 Virgo) semi-square to tr. Jupiter (16 ’40 Taurus) in square to Biden’s progressed Uranus (0 Gemini). What does that signify? One astrologer explores the significance of the 0 Aquarius degree in her video entitled:

ACCURATE FORECASTING: World Astrology 2022 into 2023 – including the US Presidency

Her remarks regarding the 0 Aquarius degree and why it is so critical to American presidential events are near the end of the video at the 27 min 19 sec mark. Just click on the following URL link and it will take you directly there. It is time stamped:


Continued in the next entry…….

Saturn in Aquarius – A New Renaissance (a brief explanation found on the net)

March 2020

Saturn in Aquarius is one of the most anticipated transits of the year. In the light of the Corona Virus crisis and civil unrest throughout the globe, Saturn in Aquarius seems to be a key transit that will show us where all of this is heading. 

Saturn will re-enter Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and will stay in Aquarius until March 2023. 

The Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction – A New Era
by Astro Butterfly

We cannot talk about Saturn in Aquarius without talking about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which occured on December 21st, 2020, at 0 Aquarius.

This is not ‘just’ a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction – although a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction alone is an extremely important event, since it occurs only once every 20 years – but what makes this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction truly special is that it occurs at 0° in an Air sign.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are very cyclical and belong to 200-year elemental cycles. The current Jupiter-Saturn cycle started in 1802 and is an Earth cycle.

The current Earth cycle will end on December 20th, and a new elemental cycle will begin on December 21st, 2020, this time in the Air element. This is BIG. 

The energy will shift from Earth (consumerism, material values, hierarchies) to Air (intellect, information, collaboration). 

In the light of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction – which will revolutionize our society – you really want to pay attention to Saturn’s first ingress in Aquarius on March 21st.  

Most astrologers also agree that we are currently transitioning from the Age Of Pisces (the astrological ages move backward) into the Age of Aquarius. The transits of Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) and Pluto in Aquarius (2024-2043) only come to reinforce the Aquarian Age themes.

Saturn And Aquarius

To understand what to expect from this transit, let’s go back to the basics, to understand what Saturn and Aquarius stand for in astrology. 



Pluto Into Aquarius is The Big Event of 2023.

Pluto moving from Capricorn to Aquarius is always about the replacement of the men at the top, with the people as a whole – people power. Historically, when Pluto goes from Capricorn to Aquarius, we see system change. Boudicca began to fight back in Britain, against the Romans. Centuries later, on the same Pluto transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were crowned.

– Jessica Adams

Re Ellie: for those interested, found this old video of her explaining a bit about herself

There is another where she talks a bit about her UK govt work but havnt been able to find it.

I love this very profound and intelligent statement by MLK

“And so, while the law may not change the hearts of men, it can and it does change the habits of men. And when you begin to change the habits of men, pretty soon the attitudes will be changed.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Additional Thoughts On The March 7th, 2023 Full Moon/ The Case For A Trump Indictment Timeline

The rarity of having both tr. Jupiter and Chiron closely conjoin each other at harsh critical angles to a nations chart cannot be overlooked here. Jupiter and Chiron at 13/14 Aries respectively will be hitting the US Sun (13 Cancer) and US Saturn (14 Libra) simultaneously. Jupiter augments the power of an aspect exponentially adding to the gravity of any given situation. Here then is the 3/07/2023 Full Moon chart diagram below:


A partial explanation of the above aspects are reproduced below from the 12 ANDUS . COM website…..

Transiting Chiron Opposite Natal Saturn

You may feel as if you are placed at odds with your sense of stability and security. This is the time to face unresolved wounds from the past especially those inolving tradition, aging and enduring hardships.

You have the opportunity to reconsider past expreiences, traditions or memories of past wounds and may have to face an aspects of yourself that is harsh or abrasive. Facing life areas in which you jfeel restricted or constrained may give you the feeling that life is full of hardship now.

Diligence and patience are needed and your ability to perservere will serve you in the long run but only if you face facts no matter how unsettling reality may be.

Transiting Chiron Square Natal Sun

Your desire to show your confidence and strengths will be challenged now by reminders of unresolved healing. You need to harness frustration as a motivation for healing now.

You may have flare ups and arguments regarding past wounds related to your individuality and sense of self. Any unresolved issues related to confidence or the desire for recognition will be triggered. You will have the opportunity to go deeper into your own healing and come out shining as a confident leader for others, but you will have to resolve old conflicts regarding your past fears of being inferior.

Hi Eliseo and All,

A technical question here. What’s your position on using Mean Node versus True Node calculations in any given chart? For many years I noticed the discrepancy between the two, but I’ve yet to come across any reasonable, compelling argument for or against the issue. The differential; approximately two and a half degrees at times, casts some doubt on the accuracy of a chart. I bring this up because when deliberating on the March 7th. 2023 chart, and using the online tools for calculation, both Astro.com and Cafe Astrology use the true node format:


whereas Astro Seek . com and khaldea rely on the Mean Node method; producing an exact North Node (6 Taurus) – Mars (21 Gemini) semi-square in the March 7th chart. Any thoughts on this?

Which Is More Accurate, Mean or True Node?

“…… There is no agreement among astrologers as to which is better to use in chart analysis. There are valid arguments supporting the choice to use either one. They are never more than a few degrees away from each other, so it rarely makes a difference. If your True and Mean nodes fall in different signs, consider that both signs may be valid!”

– Molly of Astrology . com

I REALLY dislike this guy! I heard a tape of him on a conservative radio station today promising to remove sales tax from diaper sales and such, but banding forever the dreaded masks and vaccine mandates (even if we need them)!

Correction: I hate this guy!


banning, obviously, not banding…

He’ll be toast before you know it.
He’ll fade away with Trumpism before long. He’s not worthy of ruining your peace of mind Sharon.

It’s intuitive, Will. He is very popular in FL and will probably be the presidential candidate. He’s like a Conservative’s dream (I think), with his authoritarian bent, and a good communicator. Military background, blue-collar roots, a man of the people but tough and macho.


Here’s his chart. Moon at 22 Aquarius, so conjunct U.S. moon. Lots of Virgo which will be affected by Saturn’s transit through Pisces in the next 3 years. I have found that Saturn transits actually seem to help elevate people through the hard work and responsibilities that come their way. But there is really something about him I don’t like.

kiwi, so sorry that you’re losing your wonderful PM. What are your thoughts, especially about a successor?

My prayers to the people of NZ.

Jacinda is just one of many governing heads of State that will roll out within the next couple of years, as Pluto changes sign into Aquarius.

The US moon is in Aquarius, the people’s moon, the decentralization of central government is inevitable.

The Grass Roots movement is gathering strength exponentially, in consciousness and awareness, and this is ushering a much needed community building, away from Federal dictates.

By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn, we, the people have integrated the lessons of Pluto in Capricorn true power within is becoming a reality, maturity and wisdom will guide our sovereignty, this is also inevitable! Only then we will know what True Democracy is about.

In service of Love, Unity in Peace.

Sharon, yes, a shock that Jacinda is stepping down. But understandable. The trump-like vitriol and hateful rhetoric that arose during covid and seems to have taken root, has been shocking – several wealthy americans like peter thiel and bannon cohorts funding to stir the pot here.
Im sure she is stepping back in part because her daughter will be starting school next month, in addition to her being just plain worn out with all that has happened over the past 5 years.
No idea who will replace her as PM – the party MPs will huddle over the next period of time to come to some sort of consensus among themselves. She will remain representing her local electorate as an MP till the end of april and assist in any transition.
I continue to think she is a remarkable woman, but am shocked that even some people who I consider to be friends continue to spread hateful memes on social media group-think posts.

Sometimes our intuitions are incorrect. Fortunately, Florida’s influence has rarely if ever been a bellwether for national politics.
DeSantis benefitted immensely as he basked in the metastatic juggernaut of 45’s maniacal populism…and continues to benefit in the valence of the afterglow. He’s a savvy imitator of fascism but lacks any of the compelling magnetism we see so often in big, personality-driven characters. I hazard that Trumpism and it’s various cartoonish neo- spawns are running on fumes. I’m sensing that the national collective unconscious has grown bored and tired of bullies. Just my impressions.

Sharon K, on Election Day 2024, Ron DeSantis’ Jupiter at 1 Leo will be opposed by Pluto and conjunct Mars. On Jan 20, Inauguration Day, the transiting Sun will join Pluto to oppose his Jupiter. This all smells of success. If the birth time given by Neptune Cafe is correct to be 10AM, then his Jupiter conjuncts his MC which emphasizes greatly his success. So he will be a formidable candidate to beat. If he does take the Presidency I hope the Dems re-take the House and keep the Senate. At some point soon I am going to look at the transits of Election Day for Chuck Schumer to get a sense of the Senate races.

Sharon, and for any who may be interested, Marjorie has done a writeup on Jacinda and NZ

Thanks, Frank and kiwi.

I wouldn’t count DeSantis in for anything at this time, all. It’s way too early, and a lot can happen between now and 2024. We don’t know what shifts will start to happen once Pluto enters Aquarius, particularly for the better part of 2024 after the brief “preview” we get here this year in a few months.

We don’t know what Biden will do in 2024 yet, if he runs or another Dem does. I’m not saying don’t speculate, but it seems premature to assume at this point that anyone has anything in the bag, a full 2 years out now from the next presumptive inauguration.

Good to have some support in Florida! VP Harris in our capital city, kicking on DeSantis turf!

On the Politico website is an article that gives me more hope than I have felt in years. The article is called, “One woman is holding politicians accountable for nasty speech. It’s changing politics.” It is in the weekend section, so you have to scroll pretty far down. It is a long read, but I feel it is well worth it. They have devised something called the Dignity Index, which measures a politician’s speech on an eight-point scale from contempt to dignity. The most exciting part for me was that people who learn to rate speeches on this scale, improve the Dignity of their own speech. I really feel this is the most effective thing we can do to save Democracy in America.


Thanks for letter us know about this, Mark.

Kamala Harris has a strong Saturn at 28 Aquarius conjunct her MH at 2 Pisces. In late February, transiting Saturn will conjunct her Saturn for her second Saturn return. In late March, Saturn will conjunct her MH and move into her 10th House. This indicates an assumption of greater responsibilities and leadership.

Additionally, her Saturn conjuncts the USA Sibley Moon. She is not liked by the public and, at the same time, she is respected so someone with authority. When transiting Saturn conjuncts her Saturn, it will also conjunct the USA Sibley Moon indicating sorrow or a hardship for the public.

Additionally, Biden’s South Node is at 0 Pisces. Saturn will also be transiting his SN in this time frame. This has to do with karma and an ending of some sort.

Something interesting will occur during the time frame from late February through late April.

I wanted to get more astrology on VP Kamala Harris and found this from a previous post by Marjorie Orr, Star4Cast, May 20 2021. The last sentence is the kicker for me and confirms what I’m seeing for her.

Kamala Harris has the same uplift as Joe Biden with tr Pluto trine her Jupiter until late this November (2022) and tr Jupiter is moving through her 10th till March 2023 which is generally successful. But also like him she runs into more obvious problems from next year onwards when she picks up the challenging tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and her Aries Moon and conjunct her Sun/Moon midpoint. The latter could suggest marital tensions but in a politician it can also point to a popularity dent. But one way and another she’ll be under huge pressure. Plus tr Neptune will square her Ascendant and oppose her Sun/Mars midpoint from April 2022 onwards till late 2023 – which suggests an undermining of her image, low vitality and failed-plans. During this period tr Uranus will make a high-anxiety opposition to her Neptune.

Late 2023 sees a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn opposition her Sun and from April 2024 onwards for two years she picks up another Neptunian sinker to her Sun/Saturn midpoint.

Her Progressed Moon will move through her 12th house from the middle of this year to mid 2023 which is usually a time of endings, inward looking and not too upbeat. Then she’ll experience some uplift as it moves across her Ascendant and that coincides with tr Saturn being conjunct her Midheaven in March 2023 and starting her career peak of eight years thereafter with heavier responsibilities.

Classified documents discovered at Mike Pence’s home in Indiana


Can’t help but to wonder why the officials at the National Archived
are not being held answerable or accountable in any fashion for tracking the national classified documents and seemingly being cluless about who has what and where the borrowed/removed documents are. If I borrow a book from my local library, I am informed by email and or snail mail whenever that book is overdue to be returned. Am I missing something or do the National Archivists (who earn an annual salary close to $170,000. need to be routed out and publicly audited? How could there be such an unimaginably incompetent tracking system for national classified documents? It is a stupefying National embarrassment.

Will you are so correct. If you do not mind, would like to repost this info with your name of course.

The system for marking, registering and keeping track of classified documents badly needs an overhaul. Part of the problem, apparently per some national security experts I’ve listened to, is that many many low level documents are marked classified when they don’t need to be. We don’t know the level of classification of those found at Biden’s property or Pence’s while we do know that top secret, SCIF-only documents were found at Mar-a-lago. I would imagine that the National Archives would only know what they’re informed of in terms of lists of classified documents. So people in an administration would need to file some sort of registration of each and every document they consider classified, every presidential briefing letter when it’s given, every you-name-it document used within the administrative functions that someone decides should be classified at some level. Even then, true that the National Archives would then need to check records of which of the documents are eventually provided to them and which are still out there somewhere and pursue missing ones. I would hope at the least that the very top classified documents would be considered important to register with the Archives and then pursued if not provided to them at the end of an administration (the NA did alert someone that it knew of documents not returned by Trump). Given that this is now a bipartisan issue with both Biden and Pence having classified materials (Trump is another issue altogether for refusing to return stuff, especially highly secret national security related docs), Congress may actually do something to ensure the system is overhauled.


Go for it. Not necessary to credit me.


Certainly is a plausible explanation

I also just heard a security expert note that recent classified documents are more important than old ones since things change over time. Biden’s old classified documents likely don’t say much about current concerns in national security or otherwise since people and conditions have long since changed out. Trump’s and presumably Pence’s as well may still be quite relevant to at least some current matters such as assets in the field, nuclear secrets, communications with allies, etc.

It’s been suggested that Biden’s documents could have to do with Bo’s death and the sympathy that foreign leaders offered to his father, not the VP. Rampant overclassification could explain it.

To be fair, there could be a similar explanation for Pence’s stash.

But the fat guy acts guilty as hell and that’s different.

Make that Beau.

Does anyone have astrological or other knowledge of Virginia Dem Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger? She was born August 7, 1979 in Red Bank, New Jersey.

She is a former literature teacher, has a MBA, and was a CIA officer. I note she has an OP-ed published by Fox News in which she defends the Inflation Reduction Act.

I don’t spend much time reading Fox News but thought it unusual as she is a Dem.

Eliseo, thanks. Your post got me to look up Abigail Spanberger and what an interesting person she must be! Your post doesn’t say why you ask for comments, but fwiw, here’s some speculation as to what may motivate her. With no birth time it’s anybody’s guess what her Ascendant and Midheaven are (which is a big lack of data, so keep in mind that, really, with no Asc/MC, half the chart is missing!) Still, the planets can say a little by themselves.

She is certainly a promising Democrat according to Wikipedia and her Congressional site – young, attractive, professional, well connected, and an activist, wherever she focuses her energies. And focused she must be, with a prominent Mars, and Sun conjunct Jupiter. She must have big ideas. You might think she would lean more traditional with the CIA connection, but that seems contradicted by her push to ban members of Congress from trading stocks.

As for being a Dem, it must be family history that does it (no 4th house to look at, but she has Saturn in idealistic Virgo, square Neptune for a link to the disadvantaged. However, she’s a bit confusing too – Saturn is also conservative and there are elements of both sides (security, cost cutting), so some of her planets might lean her Repub in some areas (maybe she’s a hard ass whatever she does).

She has a 29 Gemini Mars (military, intelligence) that is semisquare (45) her Sun (goals) at 14 Leo. A 29 degree planet is considered to be at a “critical” degree: thus her Mars in Gemini is very significant. As it bridges the 2 signs it sits between, Gemini and Cancer (the sign of the homeland), there may be push/pull as to the way she leans depending on her goals.

A Mars/Sun semisquare is not as tough as a square, but it is still a path with obstacles, especially when she also has Saturn, the hard work planet, in a tricky square to secretive Neptune, the planet of uncertainties and disappointments, in Sagittarius (a sign connected with foreign service and aspects of the military). Barring her unknown Asc/MC, the solitary Mars in Gemini fits her intelligence history. It is a pretty safe bet that she is very patriotic and supportive of the military in general.

So, there is a relationship between a high energy (Mars), stamina (Saturn) and her ego identity (Sun), but she might be subject to overdoing it and risking burnout. On the other hand, she has a beneficial trine between her Saturn in dedicated Virgo to her Chiron and Vesta in Taurus (causes, values), so perhaps she knows enough (trine) to protect her health (Virgo).

Her 14 Leo Sun sits in a cluster of planets, including Jupiter at 18, Venus at 9, and Mercury at 3 Leo. Her natal Moon at 7 Aquarius opposes the cluster. All those planets in Leo say she wants to be a leader and enjoys the spotlight she is in. Her Moon in Aquarius makes her a bit of a rebel, or at least an independent thinker. She has 6 fixed planets (4 in Leo, Moon, and Uranus in Scorpio), which would make her a formidable opponent politically – determined, stubborn. Of course, that can be both a strength and a weakness.

She has only Pluto in Libra in the cardinal signs, and while the Moon in Aquarius indicates a rebel persona, she isn’t necessarily as much of an innovator as her other planets are more traditional politically. She has an interesting ‘’necklace” of planets running through the middle of the signs, making a set of integrated connections around the chart – Sun at 14 Leo, Jupiter at 18 Leo, Saturn at 13 Virgo, Pluto at 16 Libra, Uranus at 16 Scorpio, Neptune at 17 Sagittarius, Ceres at 19 Aries, both Vesta and Chiron at 13 Taurus and Juno at 17 Gemini. It’s quite a chain that suggests influence on the larger world because it touches so many areas of her chart.

Finally, with Moon in Aquarius opposing Venus in Leo, she is going to be noticed, and loved by some. However, she has Mercury at 9 Leo, which does not closely contact any of the heavy planets and her Moon is similarly without aspects to Jupiter and further out. That (imo) says her influence may not go as deep as she would wish. She’s certainly got ambition (Sun) but perhaps would need to team up for greater impact, rather than be a trail blazer. Time will tell (and again, the Asc/MC could change this a lot).

Eliseo, Spanberger is a moderate Dem who sought to change the Blue Dogs coalition of Dems to the Common Sense Committee but that lost the vote among that group and she didn’t join. Her attempt, with another moderate Dem was to shift the public’s perception of who they were and to break ties with the group’s racist, anti-gay and anti-abortion leanings of the past.
Here is a recent clip of her discussing the USA support for Ukraine on CSPAN:

Les, Will, great explanation on National Archive.

“Scoop: Russia state propaganda alums launch new D.C. media venture” Called Globaltek


Many thanks for the info and link. Very helpful!

To All,
Will We Ever Find Planet X? 22:47
The history of finding new planets and that astronomers expect to discover a planet X, Y and numerous planetoids and dwarf planets.

How astrologers will incorporate the new information? I have no clue.

I may be back on. We will see

Let us hope your connection with us remains viable. You are a valuable presence here.

To All:
For some truly good and clear political analyses of the Russia/Ukraine war:

The Hidden Reason Ukraine Is Optimistic about Crimea


Re The Hidden Reason

A very interesting analysis. I noticed an equally interesting documentary by the same author when pulling up your recommendation……

The Hidden Battle that Saved Ukraine

Video: 26 min 50 sec


Yes, I’ve seen that one too. Glad you listed it.

The quantity and plethora of stupid is growing, particularly when it comes to what people believe about Ukraine, Biden, etc. I and many others I know are hearing so many dumb, ridiculous, statements uttered just about everywhere from way too many people, enough that it is getting really scary.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in his letters from jail said stupidity was more dangerous than malice. He was executed by the Nazis 9 days before the Allies liberated Germany. We’re finding out he was correct through our American experience.


Many Thanks for your detailed analysis re:
Abigail Spanberger! She IS interesting!

So far she’s won election to Congress thrice, in 2018, 2020, and 2022. She appears to be a quite strong potential candidate for further office and service. I agree with you it would be nice to know birth time, etc. so as to determine asc/mc.

I’m struck by the strength of her writing and personal presentation. She’s one definitely worth watching.

Is anyone else getting a kind of “haunted” feeling, a deep intuitive feeling something unexpected, truly profound, world-shaking, world-changing event or series of events is coming between now and the end of 2023?

I particularly am feeling something will occur between spring and the end of the 2023 summer that will deeply reorient our attitudes, sense of self understanding and worldview. I feel it will be something we will be in awe of, something eliciting humility, something that will take our breath away by its scope and through its obvious unusual significance.

I don’t know what it is, but tend to lean toward something occurring with the Russia/Ukraine war. Nevertheless, it could be something else entirely. Perhaps something archaeological? Medical? Technological? Something to do with the climate and environment?

And it may not be just one thing, but a sequence of near simultaneous, possibly unrelated events. Whatever it is, I feel it is at least as big as the 1963/1964 events which so profoundly affected us all.

Am I crazy? Overly sensitive to Pluto’s move into Aquarius?


I have no intuitive feeling, but my highly intuitive older sister sure does. She has been a spiritual teacher for decades and feels we are in for a few shocks for the next couple of years. She doesn’t know what but I got the feeling from her the road is about to get rockier. When you say l963/64 are you talking about the death of JFK?? Just wondering.

Thanks for your reply. Like your sister, I see a future that you could describe as “rocky.” I see a combination of profound breakthroughs as well as tragedies.

By 1963/1964 I’m referring to the cultural changes we began to experience at that time in reaction to JFK’s assassination AND to the arrival of the Beatles. Our attitudes and worldview were altered and radically redirected in response to those events.

To me, 2022 and the very beginning of 2023 feel heavily like 1962. Are we to have another “Cuban missile crisis? ” A sudden sea level rise? A hurricane that wipes out Maine or Nova Scotia? A super volcanic eruption at one of our geological hotspots? I really don’t know. But I think the next few years will involve both extraordinary accomplishments and extraordinary tragedies.

There seems to be rising violence and war threats in the world, maybe aligned with Jupiter’s entry into Aries last year? In Israel with hard liners back in power you’re seeing new violence and a possible new Intifada uprising. There was a huge bomb at a mosque in Pakistan this morning. Very high risk of US conflict with China as they’re looking to invade Taiwan. Ongoing Ukraine war. Very scary times. Meanwhile we in the US have the idiot Republicans in the House looking to stir up trouble with the Biden administration to try to distract from their own criminal wrongdoing. No wonder we’re feeling anxious. Many psychics seeing major shakeups happening in the next year or two.

Personally, I have my own anxiety with Uranus finishing up squaring my natal Uranus (14 Leo) and yet to finish squaring my Ascendant and Moon (17/18 Leo). sigh

Eliseo, I wouldn’t exactly call that an analysis. More like a bunch of hunches, from basic planetary patterns. The planets at any given time apply to everybody in some say. The Asc/MC make it personal and without them it’s a shot in the dark as to what applies to a given individual. The birth DAY gives a framework, but the houses are essential for an interpretation.

Also, I agree, there is a sense of an ending or a beginning, or both. It’s just too crazy to be stable. Anything can tip it. I’m thinking of WWI – there was no “reason” for a world war to start from the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on 28 June 1914. But it happened, like from the flap of a butterfly’s wings. Impossible to predict. But maybe not a world war like the others – perhaps more cyber than military hardware?

For the first time being the probability of China invading Taiwan is much less than is generally assumed. It is to their advantage to keep rattling their swords, but as of now they can’t invade without massive losses and the chances of success are small.

If Russia wins in Ukraine, war against NATO, i.e. WWIII will eventually follow..
But if they lose the war in Ukraine several wars for independence in central Asia will ensue as well as the possibility China will invade eastern Russia to take back territory Russia stole from them over a century ago.

In other words, by invading Ukraine Russia has guaranteed more war to come later.

Addendum. Omit “first”. That was autocorrect on my phone and I’m not sure how to turn it off.

Eliseo, I too have been focused on a series of events occurring this year (2023). Thus far, I feel it is weather related and say that given the fact that El Niño has returned and now with the oceans considerably warmer than in many years, we have already seen the worst snow storm in Buffalo’s history and a torrent of rain storms battering California and it is still January and many believe El Niño is only just beginning its cycle and some say the cycle will not be full until summer of 23.


Re: world changing event(s).

If you think of unexpected world changing events, then Pluto and Uranus come to mind. Pluto is moving into Aquarius which governs the collective, computers, etc. and Uranus is in Taurus which governs essentially what we value. Could there be a similar situation to the Y2K issue of 1999, except this time it is actually a real problem, like a sudden upset to our highly computerized world. Artificial Intelligence comes to mind.

What you are describing sounds like a geomagnetic storm, like the Carrington Event of the 1st and 2nd of September 1859. It fried the telegraph system, worldwide, gave some telegraphers electric shocks, and at some telegraph stations caused fires. Some telegraphers sufered burns to their hands. Fortunately, telegraphy was our only electrical or electronic system at the time; we were not ubiquitously dependent upon it.

It is certainly conceivable we could receive a very powerful and destructive coronal mass ejection. We are presently on solar cycle 25, the solar maximum occuring between now and 2026 with a sunspot range of 95 to 130.

All I can say is YIKES! To my knowledge our electronics, internet, satellites, radio and television systems, plus miost of our infrastructure, pump stations for running water, etc. remain vulnerable. There’s very little left today that is NOT run by chips and computers. We would endure several months or longer of darkness, no running water, heat or cooling. Repairs would take a very long time using bicycles and horses for transportation as the electronics in our “modern” vehicles would be fried. Manufacturing would also stop for same reasons.

I don’t think we are prepared for such an event.

I have often said on this blog and elsewhere that I strongly suspect we are electromagnetic beings dressed in biochemical clothing, i.e. our physical bodies. I hypothesize consciousness is intimately related to electromagnetism. Electromagnetism could be the carrier wave for consciousness, or consciousness might be a specific variation of electromagnetism.

But I further speculate the unseen causal relationships which make astrology work are rooted in magnetohydrodynamics.

As planets move through the solar system they effect subtle changes in the magnetospheric activity of the sun which in turn affects the magnetosphere of the Earth which affects living things. How might we be affected so? Saline solutions are excellent electrical conductors. Blood is highly saline.

Admittedly, what I’ve described here is oversimplified and I’m leaving out a number of details and steps in the logic chain. Furthermore, there is much we do not know because reputable scientists steeped in materialistic scientism would lose their grants and reputations should they consider such forbidden ideas or try to test any associated hypotheses.

Has anyone here thought along these lines or come to similar tentative conclusions? Do these ideas make sense to you? Or might I be off base here? What do you think?

Eliseo, I highly highly recommend this episode of 2 years ago on astrology hub that discusses the nodes. The astrologer discusses astrology in terms of waves and particles and considers the planets as waves rather than as particles. I thought the 1 hour lecture was mind blowing and I think it may have some resonance for you in your thinking of electromagnetism.

Thank you, Frank.
I will definitely view the video.
I sent the text of my post on astrology and electromagnetism to an old friend who is a PhD biophysicist. He thinks I’m on the right track and suggested I view the work of
Michael Clarage as represented in this video.

I’ve not viewed it yet.

BTW, does anyone have a notion as to what would be the astrological signature of a change in preference for a particular type of music? I’ve been a guitar player since 1967, but only now I’m deeply in love with flamenco guitar, a style of guitar I’m determined to learn but until recently had no interest.

Eliseo, good taste in music! Flamenco guitar is amazing — along the lines of Hispanic music in general. After 30 yrs in Miami, I love it all from the Cuban rhythms to salsa & tango to the Gypsy Kings. There is a fire and a passion in all of it, but flamenco guitar is particularly deep and moving.

Eliseo, guessing here but I’m thinking something with Neptune, maybe with a trine or sextile to Saturn which can give the nebulous of Neptune some structure and form? In your chart, maybe a trine or sextile transit to your 5H ruler from any planet. Or maybe a North Node transit to your 5H ruler? All guesses though. The terrific thing is the evolution of your musical interest and the striving to master something new…and flamenco guitar is totally hot!

Frank & Sharon,
I like to understand what is happening with my transits, etc. in association with the subtle and not so subtle changes I go through emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and medically. I feel the more I understand what’s happening in my own chart the better I will be in understanding what is occurring in other folk’s charts and lives.

Unfortunately, the POD company broke my electric piano in transit to my move back to home here in WA. I nevertheless have several acoustic and electric guitars, basses, etc. each for a different sonic purpose. In recent years I’ve mostly played baritone guitar,parttly because it fits so well with my voice. (I have a baritone 6 and two 12 stringers.) I’ve mostly been a rhythm guitarist and flat picker, all really in service to my song-poems, though I’ve also done my share of finger picking.

Oddly, in recent months I’ve come to find most all forms of music I previously loved somehow irrelevant and boring. It is consistent with my feeling we are at the end of a cultural era, on the cusp of something quite different. The only contemporary form that really moves me now is flamenco; it has the majesty, depth and complexity of classical music but with far more interesting and exciting rhythms.

Unfortunately, I do not have a nylon string guitar. All 8 are steel stringers. Also unfortunately, my tyrannical mother-in-law does not allow music in the house. (Sneaky me, I sometimes play baritone guitar softly late at night when all others are asleep.) Yet I’m so strongly attracted to flamenco I feel by end of year I’ll have a guitar appropriate for it and be on my way to mastering that particular style of playing. It’s a really strong feeling.

Changes in the world. Changes in me. Changes in all of us. The astrology of our time is pretty darn interesting. I don’t think it will be long before we are all quite different people from what we expected we would be.

You know, Eliseo. I see your point completely. It is getting harder and harder to immerse myself in fun and cultural celebrations (except where family or friends are concerned) when there is so much hardship, risk, threat of risk, and suffering in the world.

Celebration and concentration on entertainment seems out of place in a way, yet we humans seems to need it, but we can’t allow it to desensitize us to suffering as that is all too easy.


A quote attributed to the famous Greek philosopher Plato comes to mind:

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

A number of astrologers are pointing to Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius in late March as the foundation stone of our official entrance into the Age of Aquarius. For one, it will conjoin the December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (0 Aquarius) AND simultaneously Mars at 0 Cancer will form a quincunx to Pluto (March 25th). Because Mars will be at its zenith in its out of bounds declination at this juncture, there is a sense that Mars will provide the much needed catalyst for those energies to manifest. The fact that this 0 Aquarius Pluto degree forms a t square to the Saturn-Pluto square of August 1939 (1 Taurus-Leo) which was the main astrological signature prevalent in the events leading up to World War Two suggests to me major transformative events may be on the way in our near future. I must say, it is all rather exciting if you look at it in terms of positive change.

Enter the Vortex! Astrology of March 2023: Massive Shifts in World Order, Spiritual Businesses RISE (by Sacred Planet)

March 2023 is going to be an absolutely MASSIVE month astrologically. In this video, you’ll learn about the three main transits that will create a huge shift in global energies in March 2023: Pluto enters Aquarius, Saturn enters Pisces, and Venus meets the North Node in Taurus.

Video: 35 min 3 sec


Sharon K,
You do indeed see the point I alluded to. We are again in harmony.
RE: “It is getting harder and harder to immerse myself in fun and cultural celebration … when there is so much hardship, risk, threat of risk, and suffering in the world.”

Yep! Our awareness has become a burden. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis of ’62 have we lived in a more transparently dangerous era.

As I drive about, doing my errands I no longer enjoy listening to the Beatles, Vivaldi, or Mozart. I derive no joy there anymore. Who would have thunk that would happen?!?! For a while I tuned to a bluegrass station; I very much admire the disciplined musicianship of bluegrass players, but that too became boring, and besides, the lyrics and stories bluegrass songs convey are not exactly inspiring.

Not just for me, but for us all I think it boils down to questions of meaning. There are so many “swords of Damocles” hanging over all our heads leaving us dizzy, imbalanced, and sick with angst, not just for ourselves personally but for civilization itself, for the biosphere, for everything we’ve created, for all the good things we might do, for all the love we might have shared.

The world in which we’ve long lived now totters. Will it fall? Can we regain our balance? We think, perhaps unconsciously, what good was anything if we destroy ourselves by any of the several means at our disposal? Our collective capacity and potential for such has never been so glaringly clear.

Meanwhile, our sensationalist, profit driven, greedhead news media keeps us intensely focused on the latest scandals, corruption, screwball kook-brained political policies and events, and of course the profusion of suffering in so many places and in so many hearts.

For most of my life, from adolescence to fairly recently, I mostly wore either navy blue or all black, black shirts, black pants, suits, coats, sweaters, etc. I rarely wore any other colors. The only things that weren’t black were my ties and my natural wood, very light-colored, almost white guitars for performance.

For the past year I’ve come to wear nothing but bright red and dark forest green. Is that rebellion? Is that a manifestation of defiance against the angst and melancholy of our times? I don’t know. And as I described above and to which you’ve so pleasantly responded, flamenco is now the only music which invigorates, rejuvenates and inspires me. After a lifetime of eclectic taste in music, I am a bit puzzled with myself!

I’ve been definitely focused on this coming March as a function of my unreasonably robust intuition. I feel it in the marrow of my bones and the blood streaming through my body. My propensity to foreknowledge and precognition is normally irksome; it drives me crazy at times as there’s usually not much I can do to prevent any coming world tragedies or catastrophes, nor can I enhance or foment any of the world class beneficent events that may come. I sometimes feel like Lennon/McCartney’s Fool On The Hill, observing, knowing, but ignored and unable to take any meaningful action. The visions come, but I can only know and in rare cases inform.

For March 2023 and throughout 2023 I see some really good and wonderful developments and discoveries as well as some very dark tragedies. But my feeling is the darker events will serve to awaken us more deeply. The changes nevertheless are unsettling.

Many Thanks for the link. The lady expressed herself well and I think is mostly on target, though I regard cryptocurrency as a scam, and was confused about the north node business. North node of which chart?

I agree with you the changes coming will be “MASSIVE.” The only true “fault” or “oversight” I found in her analysis might be underestimating how dramatic and far-reaching will be the changes portended. The transiting planetary relationships she described were and are accurate as far as they go, but I believe something much larger is occurring. It IMO is larger than a transition into the Aquarian age. It is I think a shift which will continue for decades, something as big or bigger than the transitions we experienced 12,000 years ago, at the end of the Paleolithic and beginning of the Holocene era.


I believe what the astrologer is referring to is the March 21st New Moon chart. The North Node/Venus conjunction is at 5 degrees Taurus. Here’s the chart:


Also notice Saturn’s semi-square to Jupiter (1 Pisces – 16 Aries). This is at harsh angles to President Biden’s natal Uranus (2 Gemini) and natal nodes (0 Virgo – Pisces). The New Moon itself at 1 Aries (the US nadir) is in semi-square to tr. Uranus at 16 Taurus. It’s a very powerful chart.

Thank You. It makes sense now.

To All:
Our friend of the blog, slightKC took a very bad fall and is very ill with quite a lot of pain. It would be kind to extend to her our healing prayers/spells/meditations, etc.


Adding one more observation to the March 21st New Moon chart; the exact Venus/North Node conjunction occurs several hours after the New Moon lunation is exact. Using the Mean Node calculations provided by Astro-Seek, the exact conjunction occurs at 5 ’58 Taurus (5:40 pm EST) . Here’s the chart:


Interestingly enough, this closely conjoins The Uranus/Mars conjunction embedded in the Jan 20th 2021 US Inaugural Chart (6 Taurus). The following are Jamie Partridge’s remarks regarding the Uranus/Mars conjunction complete with chart……

Inauguration Day January 20, 2021

Inauguration day on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, is unlike any other. The FBI has warned of possible armed protests across the US as Donald Trump supporters and far-right groups call for demonstrations before Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

Inauguration Day Astrology

The Inauguration Day astrology is explosive because of Mars conjunct Uranus. This combination causes impulsiveness, recklessness, violence, protest, rioting, rebellion, revolution, and explosions. The police, military, and militias will unpredictable, and volatile, and even uncontrollable.



January 20th 2021 was also the day my younger brother died. He succumbed to covid a few hours before the noon inauguration.

“I havent been well so I havent posted for awhile.
But had to say something about this.
Some GOP members in congress have been wearing large pins depicting AR 15 rifles in place of their American flag pins” (Reposted from a FB friend, crazy if that is what they are doing.)

Prayers to SlightKC; get well soon.


Rather sad. Were you close to your brother?

Yes. And his death has had and continues to have quite a number of cascading bad consequences for many.


About “bad consequences”, and not to dismiss your genuine feelings of bereavement, I am of the opinion that everything has a purpose. Nothing is lost or without reason. In fact, if one is able to detach oneself to a certain extent, one is aware that transiting from one incarnation to another is a simple, natural process, and that all experiences; so-called bad or good, are a means towards unveiling ones true nature (self realization).

I was merely speaking colloquially, not in the ultimate sense. I hold very similar beliefs to yours, but was describing how it feels, not just for me but others as well. His unexpected demise has been traumatic for a good number.

Growing up I was very much out of place within my family and socio-cultural environment, “mismatched” as it were. My parents had no idea what to do with me, consequently making a number of mistakes. It became important to me to feel and be understood. Though most never did, my brother eventually did and particularly in adulthood became one of my staunchest allies. Now that he is gone, I essentially have no family.

I am in the office, the grammys are on, the tv is turned off and I had time to pop in. I can see the Swords of Damocles comment, we have so much hanging over us that could go wrong. The actual US Pluto return is in April I think? sometimes this spring depending on the chart one uses.

I just go to work, walk the dogs, planted onions today, will start tomato seeds later, and hope for the best.

Bright Blessings

Gypsi, It’s always nice to see you here. Along the lines of what Eliseo said, I think simplicity and peace are the way to go, and tuning within to what supports you (as well as keeping a low profile – at least for me). Taking care of and trading love & joy with my 2 dogs is one of my main support systems. Today was such a beautiful day here in New Orleans. I was sorry to hear about Turkey’s earthquake.

Looking further ahead, does anyone have any thoughts about the US Constitution’s 2033-2036ish Pluto return?

Do Over?


“Federal judge says Constitutional right to abortion may still exist, despite Dobbs”

I venture to say that Biden is hitting a home run right out of the park tonight! He has gotten the Republicans to stand up for the seniors while agreeing to not decrease SS & Medicare/Medicaid! In fact, he’s gotten the whole room to stand up quite a bit. He is not acting one bit like an 80 yr. old. What energy, what passion and stamina! This does not mean he should run again but he can go out on a very high note if he doesn’t, if this keeps up.

I agree entirely. Using your baseball metaphor, Mr. Biden IMO hit quite a number of home runs right out of the park. He was amazing! I don’t think anyone expected his speech to be as clever or as good as it truly was. He demolished every single criticism and argument against him, “too woke,” “too stupid,” “too old,” “suffering from dementia,” etc.

The speech was remarkably balanced. Biden was
confrontational yet eminently reasonable. He was very pro-American, but unlike Trump without any jingism, with no contempt for other nations or cultures. He was pro-Law enforcement but also compassionate and pro-justice for minorities. His empathetic narrative of what it is like to have to talk with your Black or Brown child when they are confronted by police was simple and compelling, probably persuasive and enlightening to many who have never thought about the issue.

Mr. Biden baited the R’s and their clown caucus, and they took the bait! They walked eagerly into his trap!. I don’t recall any Dem president ever handling the hecklers or the far right so deftly!

I suspect this SOTU address is and will be one for the textbooks. I do not recall any SOTU in my lifetime being as well written, well delivered, or as well grounded, oddly, perhaps weirdly rooted both in idealism and practical reality.

IMHO, Mr. Biden is on his way to being ranked as one of our greater presidents. Presuming he runs in 2024, I believe he will win and kick off the progressive Pluto in Aquarius era we so sorely need.

Yesterday, the 7th on air Morning Joe, former R congressman and reasonable conservative, Joe Scarborough said some of the present day R’s serving in Congress are “insurrectionists, weirdos and freaks!”

I’m loving this! Trump is attacking DeSantis as a groomer of highschool girls with alcohol. Google “DeSantis grooms highschool girls” for the many articles on it. Here is a link to the photo he posted on twitter https://twitter.com/willsommer/status/1623050705631150081?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1623050705631150081%7Ctwgr%5Ea2606fafddd9bf3c01f05fd9ed2aa054b6fba7cb%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediaite.com%2Fpolitics%2Ftrump-now-sharing-memes-accusing-desantis-of-grooming-high-school-girls%2F

Eliseo, I really liked what you highlighted about Biden’s SOTU speech.

I looked to see what the astrology could have been that was affecting Biden last night and maximizing his Scorpio (Sag rising) unbeatable gumption and confidence. The t. moon was in Scorpio but it didn’t seem to be at the degrees of his planets yet except, perhaps, natal mars at 12 Scorpio (which T Uranus is just passing, now at 15 Taurus). Transiting mars at 12 Gemini is now transiting his 7th house, which showed. And it looks like his NN conj chiron are at 29/28 Leo opposing t. Saturn at 26 Aquarius (the U.S. natal moon is 27 Aq).

Maybe the more astute astrologers among us can translate.

Trump had the cancer natal placements that linked his planets to the U.S. cancer planets, probably playing up his ability to be a populist. Biden has Jupiter at 25 Cancer, trine his n. mercury & venus. And the activations of his NN/chiron by opposition of t. Sat in Aquarius can be helping him communicate, highlight, heal the country’s pain?

Hopefully, I haven’t made a mish-mash of all of the above.

Anyway, something is keeping Biden squarely on the Populist track that presidents like FDR & Linden Johnson paved the way for…..a different populist track that highlights helping those in need, who need a boost, who deserve a more level playing field as opposed to Trump emphasizing the plight of the forgotten white people (which is also valid as a lot of white males had great losses in the 2008 recession and have had to share jobs with new immigrants, both legal and non-). Biden’s populism is more diverse, highlighting everyone, not one group more than the other.

I really loved when he said about the oil companies: “Don’t worry, they are going to do ok!” and his line about strengthening the middle class also giving a boost and a path to those who are economically oppressed….but “Don’t worry, the wealthy will do ok, too!” (Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors above as I cannot spend any more time proofing this.)

Forgot to say, Biden’s n. Jupiter conjuncts the U.S. natal mercury. The U.S. sun is at 13 cancer and venus is at 3 Cancer.

The astrology of the speech is certainly interesting. Thank you!
Several of the commentators on CNN & MSNBC were delighted & laughing about how entertaining the speech was. One pundit described Biden as having “rope-a-doped” the R’s. Willie Geist on Morning Joe said Biden “Jedi mind tricked” them as Joe & Mika & others laughingly compared him to Obi Wan Kenobi.

Age/Smage! What do FDR, LBJ, & Biden have in common? Decades of political experience before they assumed the presidency. It shows.

I’m on again

And am not prepared cz it is so sudden. god only knows why this is so off and on for me. But I sure miss taking part. 🙂

Hi Everybody!

Hey Sunstars!
Always happy to “see” you here.
What browser do you use?
Could that be the problem?

The Russian winter offensive has begun.


IMO Russian culture has a weird and unhealthy relationship with suffering. They are so very proud of their ability to tolerate and endure hardship and suffering. They consider it an essential part of the Russian soul.

They’ve been invaded 50 or so times in their history and done their fair share of foreign invasions. Each time they get into a war they start out by losing a half million lives before they win or lose. Also, their tactics in each war have been consistently brutal, often genocidal to civilians. They’ve won about half of the wars in which they’ve engaged, and lost the other half. But never do they think how they might win with minimum loss of life. When they win they do so not with superior technology or strategy, but through sheer numbers. Since they are not bothered by massive loss of life, they overwhelm their enemies with huge numbers of poorly trained, ill equipped soldiers.

What they are doing now in Ukraine, although shocking to us in the West, is nevertheless normal Russian warmaking. By the end of this war, the number of deaths and injuries will be astonishing.

All of a sudden, I love Joe Biden! Give ’em hell, Joe!

Sharon K,
In the 1980’s we began to pursue several very wrong directions economically and politically. “Experts” concluded it was safe and more efficient to offshore most of our manufacturing. Ascendant Conservatives naively assumed that if other nations such as China adopted capitalism they would evolve into democracies, (just like us!) And besides, there was serious money to be made in those countries.

In the 1990’s we continued with the same false and very naive assumption, only now applied to the Russians. Meanwhile we allowed our greediest financiers to rewrite the finance rules by which they were to be theoretically bound. Although by September of 2008 the folly of such “generous” rules began to become obvious, the “fix” despite Obama’s and Barney Frank’s noble efforts was in a word, WEAK, allowing entirely too much financial “incest,” too much of what continues today.

Now comes the new “New Dealer” Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Mr. Biden & company are laying the foundation for the re-industrialization of the US, and indirectly Canada and Mexico as well, as they will follow with parallel policies.

Biden’s presidency is IMO a “turning point,” but like an Argentinosaurus, our economy, our nation and culture are huge and difficult to effect a course change swiftly. But it IS turning! Though circumstances are now difficult and angst ridden, we are headed toward a golden age, particularly through the Pluto in Aquarius and Pluto in Pisces cycles, a long period more extraordinary than anything we’ve ever experienced.

That is not to say the world will be free of catastrophes and tragedies. But between now and our Uranus return in 2028 I don’t see any electable Dem better qualified than Biden to continue the intelligent course we are now set upon.

On the other hand, Mr. Putin could screw up things irretrievably, despite what we interpret as generally positive astrological transits. This is one of the several “Swords of Damocles” hanging above us I referred to in previous posts. In such circumstances I prefer an experienced hand at our helm like J.R.Biden rather than a newbie.

Columnist Brian Howey wonders: Should we be concerned about a nuclear war?
“Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, a top ally of President Putin who now serves as deputy chairman of the Security Council, posted on Telegram: “It never occurs to any of the lowlifes to draw an elementary conclusion from this: The defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war can trigger a nuclear war. Nuclear powers have not lost major conflicts on which their fate depended.”


So, Medvedev – who traded places with Putin for years – hopping between prime minister and president to keep Putin in power artificially until Putin made himself essentially leader for life (which hopefully will be rather short) – is threatening that if Russia loses the Ukraine invasion – Russia will drop the bomb. So the world had better let Putin win.

RE: Medvedev and the Russians.
Knowing were they to use nukes or any other weapon of mass destruction it would mean their complete demise, the question arises, are they really that nihilistic? OR might they be like your drunk friend who calls you up in the middle of the night threatening suicide if you don’t come over, but have no real suicidal intention, only wanting you to come “rescue” them, only wanting the attention?

In either case it is the way of an abusive bully.

I use precessed charts and express them in the Tropical zodiac.

A demi anlunar is a demi lunar return created from the Moon in the current solar return. I think the many tight aspects in this progressed anlunar for the death and destruction resulting from the February 6 earthquake are indicative of the scope of the tragedy.

I inadvertently labeled the West Point in the image. 322°18′ is the correct location.


Prog Canlunar to 7.8 earthquake.

Used Fagan-Allen to produce Canlunar then progressed it to the time of the earthquake. The chart is expressed in the Tropical zodiac for the convenience of most likely viewers.

Progression is determined by the Moon’s transit. Positions are given in right ascension (true body positions in space). I associate the angular Mars and Neptune with terror.

Progressed MC is at 179°32′. Progressed Mars sets at 179°21′.


Hi All, 2 shootings of potential spying by sky balloons. Could this be one of the previews of the Pluto in Aquarius era? And of course, the big Earth Quake in Syria/Turkey is just the start of Uranus in the middle and final degrees of Taurus reminding us that we are all vunerable.

Hi Laura,

An interesting point is being made about Pluto currently transiting in the last degree of Capricorn. Legal affairs and other intense forces are expected to be brought up to the surface in the next month or so ……..

A Reckoning Is Coming In March & Pluto’s Name Is On IT! My Fav. Astrologer- Karin Explains!

Video: 49 min 41 sec


Eliseo, “That is not to say the world will be free of catastrophes and tragedies. But between now and our Uranus return in 2028 I don’t see any electable Dem better qualified than Biden to continue the intelligent course we are now set upon.”
Thanks for spelling out the financial overview in your 3.04 post.
I wholeheartedly agree with everything you so eloquently said

I agree on Biden but I am also aware that we live in a youth culture where it is very hard for many who are over 50 to get a job let alone re-elected President. Maybe the media can begin spotlighting active octogenarians to ease this age bias that Biden will endure.

Given how widespread the Chinese spying is, what Biden did is eerily similar to an event in 1942 in Alaska to help change the tone of that war. It is very Uranus


Very interesting! Many Thanks! I was entirely unaware of that little chapter of WWII.

Also, you are certainly correct about age discrimination. I’ve experienced a great deal of it lately myself. Biden’s reelection will be made easier if:
(1) The R’s nominate a candidate with highly unpopular views. I think that very likely. Unless they go through some profound change, I see no way they will nominate a candidate the majority of Americans will consider “normal.”
(2) If Biden chooses the right VP running mate, someone whom most feel very positive about and in whom many place great confidence.

It is gratifying to hear your assent.

IMO, the green re-industrialization Biden is leading will likely become a true “Green New Deal,” albeit somewhat different from how and what most progressives have naively envisioned. It will not only benefit the 3 NAFTA countries, but the entire Western world.

In the long run, post-Brexit, for maximum benefit the UK needs to join what is now our USMCA (formerly NAFTA) trade union. Hopefully NZ and AU would also become members. (What might we call it then?)

Except for Mexico, and very unlike the Europeans, we of “the five eyes” all share English common law and English business sensibilities. Meanwhile, Mexico is gradually adapting to and paralleling with Anglo legal, economic, and financial concepts and practices.

As much as I like Mr. Biden, he unfortunately shows no interest in an Anglospheric + Mexico trade union. I think it eventually will occur, but maybe not on his watch unless he changes his mind. I believe such an arrangement would be quite advantageous to NZ and to us all. I hope to see it in my lifetime.

Kiwi, I don’t know if you or family/friends are anywhere near the cyclone that NZ is expecting but may all be safe & out of harm’s way!

I seem to recall you live on a small island off of NZ’s North Island. I read the cyclone has diminished in strength but is headed for the North Island. I pray you will be safe and sheltered as necessary.

Hi guys, yes cyclone Gabrielle is a pretty big – cat 2 hurricane. But nothing that I havent experienced before. Center is just passing offshore towards the south of us now. wind, rain flooding, surf damage and power issues due to downed trees in the surrounding areas, but our house is all battened down and safe. thanks for the thoughts.

Glad you are OK. Having grown up near the Gulf coast in the US I’ve been through quite a number of hurricanes myself, therefore know of what you speak about battening down.

To All:
Russian military tactics and strategies appear amazingly and puzzlingly stupid. WWI style trench warfare tactics are not viable in 2023! Western military experts are scratching their proverbial heads wondering if the Russians have some hidden “aces up their sleeve” or if they are merely severely incompetent.

Meanwhile an average of 824 of their soldiers are dying per day in Ukraine. I hope I am wrong, but I feel that if Ukraine retakes Crimea, the Russians will do something drastic and shockingly stupid.

This is hilarious! And very illuminating!

Peter Zeihan – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Chinese Spy Balloon… 8:46


Kiwi, May it all go well for you & all New Zealanders. Please let us know how it went. After living through many hurricanes and “tropical storms” – both large and small – in FL & LA, these kinds of events make me VERY nervous, especially clean-up and rebuilding (and especially when it comes to your own property).

It is hard enough right now to conceive of what people have been and are still going through in Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, and Russia as well – with all the losses – as Eliseo has pointed out. However, I do not think that those in Russia who would do something drastic will be allowed to do it & saner minds will prevail, as the price is too high.

Sharon, thanks. The biggest problem being experienced is water; flooding, hilly watersoaked clay land causing slips, fallen trees blocking roads and knocking out power. Cell towers in remote locations out – the downside to beautiful countryside. This cyclone had a pretty big diameter. although center is past us, now affecting further south, we are into 3rd day of its effect here. all auckland flights cxd.

the cyclone carnage continues south. Our power and internet has just come back on, so I have been unaware how bad it has become further south.


Grief, NZ is catching a formidable amount of unexpected upsets and challenges. Do you have a take on your nation’s astrology? May you and yours be protected.

That’s adorable!

Happy Birthday Nancy, from the other side of the date line! Hope your next journey around the sun is a great one!

Hi Will. The only astro thing on NZ I have at the ready right now is this article Marjorie Orr did last year. She indicated tough times ahead

Horrible storm stories now starting to surface. 4 dead so far with others missing. This will cost billions.

kiwi — lots of water entry damage and road blockage but not so much wind damage which is good.

Did it affect your home at all?

Thank you for reminding us about Nancy’s birthday….Nancy, many Birthday Blessings & wishes for good health, peace, success, & happiness!

Marjorie Orr has a new New Zealand post up this morning: https://star4cast.com/new-zealand-in-the-eye-of-cyclones-and-celestial-storms/

Those photos you shared, kiwi, are astonishing. So sorry to see. Looks like the country is in for some trying times. At least it appears they have good leadership going for them.

I would venture to say that Saturn is affecting Nancy’s sun degree right now. Sending you Love, Light, Supportive Thoughts & Positive Vibes!

Wow! My posts are not appearing or only in part, as the one above, which had a few preceding sentences. I’m not saying anything controversial at all.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Wonderful Birthday, Nancy. Sending Light, Love, Positive Vibes & Support, during Saturn’s transit of your sun!

Ellie has a very interesting reading this morning re the fbi agent & russia . . .

I agree with Les. Those photos are astonishing. I hope you and yours are well.

RE: your February 13th, 2023 12:20 pm posting.

“However, I do not think that those in Russia who would do something drastic will be allowed to do it & saner minds will prevail, as the price is too high.”

I would like to believe that. But as logical, rational and “sane” as any of the very small elite that runs Russia may be, (about 130) we need to remember they are functioning with quite a number of false assumptions, and false facts as the basis of much of their “logifying.”

Disinformation and misinformation may be rife here in the US within certain circles, but it is self evident they are king and queen in the court of the elitists who govern the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, we musn’t underestimate the depravity, cynicism and nihilism of that ignoble elite. Is their instinct for self preservation greater than their nihilism? In truth, we do not really know.

Turkey Syria Quake – Piling Misery On Misery ++ 1999 Solar Eclipse Similar by Marjorie Orr

A massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake and a string of aftershocks have killed hundreds, possibly thousands, and caused catastrophic damage in south-east Turkey and Syria. Only three earthquakes of magnitude 6 or larger have occurred in the area since 1970. This one set off a string of tsunami warnings across the Mediterranean, from Greece to Italy, where people have been warned to stay away from coastal areas. The epicenter region is home to millions of refugees and displaced persons, many of whom live in tents & makeshift structures. On the Syrian side of the border, there are more than 4 million people displaced by the civil war.

The quake occurred just a few hours after the Leo Full Moon square Uranus which is significant since it triggered and repeated positions of the recent Lunar Eclipse chart of 8 November 2022. The Eclipse had a Taurus Full Moon conjunct Uranus with Saturn square – so it was an indication of turbulence ahead.

Located to Maras, Turkey, the epicentre, the quake chart puts Saturn on the Eclipse Ascendant and Mars on the Eclipse IC – planets on the axis are always deemed to be indicators of major events. And it sparked off other Eclipse positions as well.

Often Eclipse charts ‘produce’ effects or rather point to their timing months after the Eclipse date. Later New and Full Moons can be a trigger. Lunar Eclipses are often more descriptive than Solar Eclipses.

The recent Lunar Eclipse of Taurus Moon Uranus opposition Sun square Saturn also rattled up the Venus in Scorpio on the Turkey chart for an emotionally upsetting time.

Add On:

A previous 7.6 magnitude earthquake which occurred near Istanbul in Turkey on 17 August 1999, caused monumental damage and around 18,000 deaths. A maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme) was observed, marking this event as one of the most destructive earthquakes in the history of the region.

The 11 August 1999 Solar Eclipse has a Leo New Moon opposition Uranus in Aquarius and square Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio – so was remarkably similar to this one.

– Astrology Charts Enclosed –


In a tweet on February 3, Dutch astrologer/ geologist Frank Hoogerbeets predicted that an earthquake of greater than 7.5 magnitude would strike Turkey and Syria. His prediction came true three days later when, on Monday (February 6), four massive tremors shook the two nations. He attributes Uranus as the main catalyst to the seismic activity and states that the next fault line being activated could well be be on the Indian subcontinent……

Dutch Scientist’s ‘Prophecy’ of Turkey Quake Hints Correlation With Planets, Triggers Debate

The Print
Feb 7, 2023

New Delhi: A Dutch researcher’s uncanny prediction of the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday has not only gone viral but also ignited a debate on whether critical planetary geometry precedes such disasters.



Further info provided below in the next entry.

Continued from above…..

Massive earthquake in India? No certainty.. it’s a probability, says Dutch researcher
Frank Hoogerbeets, the man who predicted earthquakes in Syria and Turkey spoke exclusively to India Today.

He said massive tremors are also predicted around India, Afghanistan and the Pakistan region. Hoogerbeets said the predictions are based on planetary movements and their influence.



India’s chart (Aug 15, 1947 00 am IST Delhi) has natal Mars at 0 ’34 Cancer in semi-square to natal Venus at 15 ’40 Leo. It will be powerfully impacted by the March 21st New Moon (0 ’50 Aries) in semi-square to Uranus (16 ’19 Taurus).

Here’s the March 21st New Moon chart:


Sharon K,
Happy Solar Return!
May you have many more happy, healthy, prosperous, and illuminating years to come.

“Separately, Dominion Voting Systems is also suing Powell and her fellow Trump allies, Rudy Giuliani, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, for defamation. The company is asking for $1.3 billion in damages, alleging that the trio pushed a slew of baseless voter fraud claims that hurt its business.”


I hope and pray Dominion Voting Systems wins its defamation lawsuit against Fox. I hope it is the beginning of the end for Murdoch and his corporation.

I find it hard to comprehend the depravity of the company or their pseudo-journalist media personalities. Privately, they knew Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and the others were nuts. They knew Sidney Powell was getting her “proof” of election fraud from a woman who claimed she was a “decapitated time traveler.”

“Who am I? And how do I know all of this?…I’ve had the strangest dreams since I was a little girl….I was internally decapitated, and yet, I live….The Wind tells me I’m a ghost, but I don’t believe it.”

How did the woman know the election was stolen? She stated she was able to “time-travel in a semi-conscious state.”

Shall we agree that’s an odd epistemology?

report out that Jimmy Carter is now recieving hospice care. I guess that will be the next notable funeral. May his transition be peaceful. He is such a wonderful soul.

From what I heard on CNN earlier today, they said that Powell, Giuliana, and Lindell were nuts but they didn’t say Trump was wrong in calling the election fraudulent. They are not stupid enough to put “that” i writing…or am I missing something?

Thank you, Eliseo! It’s tomorrow, Feb 20. & I’m thinking very fondly of Nancy, too, who just had her solar return.

I want to wish you a belated Happy Solar Return. I am remiss and I apologize for spacing it out on the 17th. You deserve our gratitude for maintaining this blog. “Thank You” is not a sufficiently strong phrase.

I don’t know about you, but the world lies heavy on my heart as of late. Too much organized murder, i.e. war, too many war crimes, too much arrogant and belligerent ignorance, too much active malevolent delusionality.

I feel that 2016 was the year we entered a progressively darkening era. It is like a tunnel through which we move, but simultaneously a storm that moves through us – from which we have not yet exited. This era has had its brighter spots, but on the whole has felt like a time in which many of the stars refused to shine.

I pray Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius will force the clouds in our collective consciousness to condense into a long nurturing and healing rain.

Again, Happy Birthday and may you have many happy, healthy, prosperous and illuminating years ahead of you.

Former President Jimmy Carter’s imminent departure provides an inspiring opportunity for the world at large to be reminded of just how genuine and self-less the man was, in and out of public office. His sister; Ruth Carter Stapleton, a prominent spiritual healer until her passing, apparently had a strong spiritual influence on Jimmy’s life, especially in his earlier, formative years. Her book The Gift of Inner Healing is quite a compelling read. Here is an August 1976 New York Times review of the book…..

The Gift of Inner Healing

A year ago, at one of Ruth Carter Stapleton’s evangelistic meetings, not many in the audience would have known she was Jimmy Carter’s sister. Now everybody knows that it was Mrs. Stapleton who opened her brother’s eyes to his need for rebirth.

It was 1967. Depressed over his failure to defeat Lester Maddox, Jimmy Carter was walking with Ruth in the pine woods near his farm. Would he, Ruth asked; give up anything for Christ, including politics? No, said Jimmy. Then he buried his face in his hands and wept. The episode led to his second birth…



Here is a partial PDF file copy of the book The Gift of Inner Healing


Biden Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine Nearly One Year After Russia’s Invasion

NBC News
Feb 20, 2023

The clandestine journey into the war-ravaged country comes as Biden also heads to Poland to demonstrate U.S. solidarity.


From an astrological point of view, the timing of it is quite remarkable. It coincides with the Feb 20th New Moon (1 Pisces) conjunct Biden’s South Node (0 Pisces) square natal Uranus (2 Gemini). Here’s the 2/20/2023 chart for quick reference:


Tr. Saturn at 28 Aquarius will be conjoining that exact degree of the New Moon (1 ’22 Pisces) from March 19th to the 21st in square to tr. Jupiter (16 Aries). This leads me to believe major developments will unfold involving President Biden and the region around the time of the March 21st New Moon.

CORRECTION: Read instead: “…..Tr. Saturn at 28 Aquarius will be conjoining that exact degree of the New Moon (1 ’22 Pisces) from March 19th to the 21st in SEMI-SQUARE to tr. Jupiter (16 Aries).”

Death toll from Syria/Turkey earthquake now above 47,000. Two new earthquakes in last 24 hours have killed 6 and injured 100’s.

Putin scheduled to deliver major speech about Ukraine war some time today.

This may be the Pluto return for the USA. Important for other countries of the world also. Kim’s post:

The Truth will Be Revealed

3,276 views Feb 21, 2023

Kim chats about UFO’s, Russia, the Unearthing and the truth coming out and what it means for the collective and the individual.

So tragic for Turkey & Syria….very hard to grasp the suffering, and in Ukraine and many other countries asa well.

Thinking about the truth coming out has me wondering about those Georgia grand jury indictments…

Wondering if Linsey Graham is among them (I actually liked him a bit at one time, when John McCain was alive, who I did like very much – the only Republican with the guts to support Obamacare!

Sharon, the jury foreperson who spoke to NBC News said that she really like Lindsey Graham and thought he was being honest. She also liked Giuliani and thought he was being honest also. Of course she is just one of 25 jurors so others may disagree. But it appears that once these two were not among the witnesses who outright lied.

Wow….well, they just gave good performances and emphasized something honest.

Les and Sharon, I couldn’t help noticing her performance. She’s certainly enjoying her moment of fame. If she thinks serving on a jury is the patriotic thing to do, why didn’t she vote in 2016 and/or 2020? My Scorpio sense is going bananas.

Bob, would you please post the link to Kim’s post. I’m always interested in your assessments and posts! Thanks.

Frank, here’s the link to Kim’s utube post referenced by Bob

arbo, yes, that jurist strikes me as extremely immature and it’s cringe inducing to watch her. Apparently the law re: grand jury participants divulging information is very lax in Georgia. It’s fortunate this grand jury isn’t the one that will hear cases once people are indicted. But she makes this grand jury look foolish which is unfortunate. Fani Willis however is a serious professional and I’m sure will proceed based on her her own judgment and evidence. She will take jurors’ impressions into account though since it provides some inkling of how a jury will respond when she presents her case at trial.

Les, I have faith in her – another Scorpio, fortunately. It’s the American public that worries me.

Thanks Kiwi!

Putin promised big things, i.e. a renewed and more robust offensive for the one year anniversary of the invasion of eastern Ukraine. So far, nothing new – and the Russians are averaging around 5000 casualties per week.

Win or lose, considering Russia’s terminal demography, I think historians will look upon Putin’s 2022 invasion as the dumbest military move since Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa. Ironically, both campaigns are and were primarily fought in Ukraine!

It’s important to keep in mind, the US progressed Pluto is presently at the 29 Capricorn degree. The transits will reach absolute culmination on March 25th when out of bounds Mars at its highest declination will form a powerful quincunx to Pluto just as Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters the sign of Aquarius, the location of the December 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (0 Aquarius). One presumes therefore that we could expect many problematic world events to rise to the surface in need of resolution during this upcoming period ending in late March….

Pluto At 29 Degrees Capricorn – A Karmic Reckoning

Video: 9 min 37 sec


Critical Timeframe: Pluto At 29 Degrees Capricorn

Watch out, we are entering turbulent times. Planet Pluto is at end tail of the sign of Capricorn. 29 degrees is a critical anoretic pivotal time. Where Pluto might create the last big punch of devastation/endings/ excavating the unseen/hidden aspects of Capricornian themes such as government, corporations, large organizations, leaders, bosses, systems of authority, housing market, stock exchange, financial systems, military and such. This lasts till March 23rd.

Video: 26 min 54 sec


More info on that momentous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020 and why it is so critical at this juncture, especially because both the 12/21/2020 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and the 3/21/2023 Pluto ingress are marked by the Winter and Spring solstices.

Continued In The Next Entry…….

Continued from above……

The Biggest Astrological Event of Our Lifetime Arrives on December 21st, 2020

Between a global pandemic and inspiring activism, 2020 has already had its share of life-changing moments — but the stars are just getting warmed up. On December 21, a rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn, also known as a Great Conjunction, is set to shake things up politically, socially, and in your personal life as well. It only happens once every 20 years, so what happens now will have ripple effects for decades to come.



Dec 21, 2020 – Saturn – Jupiter Conjunction In Aquarius/ Opening Up New Matrix Energies

Video: 17 min 15 sec


Pam Gregory’s take on Saturn in Pisces

Another interesting piece on Saturn’s entry into Pisces was written by Lynn Bell entitled Saturn in Pisces – Dissolving Boundaries.

A personal observation if I may: The author draws a compelling parallel to that of the previous Saturn in Pisces cycle – the mass slaughter and horrific genocide of innocent civilians in Rwanda. In juxtaposition to this, there were also many acts of heroic bravery that brought out the best in the human spirit as exemplified in the film Hotel Rwands. Here is the theatrical trailer:

Hotel Rwanda

Video: 2 min 3 sec


Here is the Lynn Bell article:

Saturn in Pisces – Dissolving Boundaries

In Pisces, Saturn loses its footing, its certainty. The maps we formerly used to navigate the world may no longer apply. Our guidance system becomes erratic.

As Saturn leaves Aquarius on March 7, 2023, the last of its ‘home’ signs, the old rules crumble, and the new ones may be hard to grasp. We are asked to take a leap of faith and develop other forms of perception as the boundaries of the world shift and change.

On an individual level, Saturn in Pisces will bring us forward, but we may not yet know where we are going. If we work with Saturn in this sign, it brings compassion and a gift of subtle insight. Planets in Pisces ask us to acknowledge our implicit connectedness, feel things deeply, and identify with the experiences of others.

Just as the fish in the Pisces constellation swim in opposite directions, Saturn in Pisces is ambivalent. Saturn asks us to enlarge and encompass more, but we can feel frightened when our boundaries lose solidity. We can feel destabilized by a lack of control and overwhelmed by chaos. At its most extreme, this transit gives rise to a sort of madness and unleashes disturbances that temporarily seize the collective. All sense of proportion can be lost in a wave of destructive emotion fueled by false notions of the other.
The Fear of Chaos

Destabilization happened in Rwanda the last time Saturn was in Pisces, as the Hutus and Tutsis entered a horrifying ethnic conflict that swept formerly peaceful neighbors into murderous annihilation. These events began when a plane carrying Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira was shot down by a missile, killing all 12 passengers on April 6, 1994, at 20:27 (see chart for Assassination of Rwandan President).

It is estimated that 800,000 Tutsis lost their lives between April 7 and July 17, 1994. Various colonial powers had emphasized the rivalry between the agricultural Hutu and the herding Tutsi over a long period. The United Nations ruled this conflict as genocide. The chart shows a tight opposition between Saturn and Chiron and significant outer planet activity.



Kiwi & Jerry,
Many Thanks for the links regarding Saturn’s ingress into Pisces. It is a particular concern of mine as my natal Moon is at 24 degrees of Pisces in my 10th House.

Regarding a possible parallel to the genocidal madness in Rwanda during the last Saturn in Pisces cycle:

We are already seeing genocide and war crimes in Ukraine, but sadly the death toll will surely worsen in the next few months. Conservative estimates of current Russian troop deaths per week in Ukraine now exceed 5000. As Spring arrives the expectation is the Russians will commit 500,000 more conscripts to the war.

Historically, Russians don’t win major wars until after they’ve sacrificed at least a half million of their precious sons. Always functioning with lesser military technology than their enemies, they throw bodies at the problem until it goes away.

Russian ammunition is running progressively lower, not likely to be replaced in full, and they are running out of their inferior armored vehicles, inferior equipment, out of date food and supplies, much of which was sold on the black market by Comrade Colonel Corruptivich. Simultaneously, Ukrainian soldiers are well fed, highly motivated and are receiving some of the best military technology and hardware available this side of the solar system.

The prospects for a long, healthy life for Private Conscriptivich are not good. We could easily see over a million battle deaths when casualties are calculated for both sides at end of war.

At least as bad, and probably far worse, the economic and supply issues caused by the war will cause more deaths thousands of miles away from the conflict. Together, Russia and Ukraine provide much of the world supply of grain for bread, and most of the materials with which to make fertilizer. In most of the undeveloped world, the soil is so poor that great amounts of fertilizer are necessary to grow food. No fertilizer – means no food – means famine on a scale we’ve never collectively seen. Again, deaths in the millions, and literally possibly 100’s of millions.

Citizens of our so called “first world” will continue almost as normal with sufficient food and energy for ourselves, but not enough to feed the many of the “third world,” their suffering and starvation televised for all to see.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius (impersonal humanitarianism) and twenty years later into Pisces (compassion) I expect we will see world wide reforms designed to prevent such catastrophes from ever happening again. The world powers will cooperate, doubling and tripling down on arrangements minimizing the possibilities of war and starvation, and maximizing the probability of liberty, good health, and economic stability and prosperity.

Russia cannot win their war against Ukraine without severely wreaking their power and influence. If they lose the war, they lose. If they win the war, they lose.

As expected, the ethnic republics they brutally dominated in the past under the USSR, presently under the Russian Federation and the nominally “independent” republics as well are “restless.” Their present response to the Ukraine war is “soft” in that they’ve begun discouraging the use of the Russian language. By the end of the war their response will likely be more violent should their past Russian masters resist their bids for cultural or political independence and freedom.

EurasiaChat: A year of de-Russification in Central Asia

Apologies. That should read “weakening” not “wreaking”. I can’t get AutoCorrect removed from my phone! It frequently misunderstands my prose. Who are these tyrants who invent these digital nuisances?

Hi Eliseo, fyi – my nn is 25.02 pisces. 🙂

Kiwi, I have my mars venus conj on your NN. Also, my NN is about 21 Pisces. Going to listen to Pam Gregory’s talk on Saturn in Pisces pretty soon. So far it’s agreeing with me – 3 degrees from my sun. But Nancy said it’s 2 degrees before and after your sun sign degree that are the most significant. I remember in the past having fairly good results during & after a Saturn transit although there was also some stress and difficulty. If it makes me stronger & clearer (then these challenging Neptune transits to my mars/venus), I will feel relieved.

sharon (( ))

I just remembered that Eliseo’s moon also falls on your NN and I believe sunstar’s sun.

Sharon, no wonder we all seem to get along

True, kiwi. We all also have some combo of Aquarius/Leo, Sag/Gemini (Eliseo anyway).

We are all heartsick and alarmed over the carnage and suffering in Ukraine. The suffering of their people and the courage and determination of Ukrainian soldiers is so very far beyond our privileged experience here in the West.

Likewise, we are all appalled at the war crimes. A few days ago, I came across a news story stating that although Russian soldiers were generally very poorly supplied, they nevertheless have quite adequate amounts of vodka. One soldier in an intercepted phone call told his girlfriend it made it easier to follow orders to kill old men, women, and children.

I am reminded of Napoleon’s wars. Before battle he gave his soldiers wine and when available cognac, so as to loosen their inhibitions before they marched into the melee.

But my heart is also deeply troubled for the Russian boys who are being used as cannon fodder. In the CNN story below beginning at the 1:15 minute mark the video reveals the recruitment of 10th graders in Moscow high schools by the Wagner Group.

It is only one piece, one story about a minute long in the 6:26 minute long report. But to me it is the most disquieting and telling portion of the video. What kind of mindset I ask myself; how deep the focused depravity, the radical desperation, the misplaced patriotism, and how many heroic tales must it take to knowingly deceive 15 – year – old boys into what must surely be inescapable trauma, suffering and death?

Russian soldiers dying in large groups, pleading to Putin for help

What Putin is doing to his own country’s young men is horrific, never mind the atrocities in Ukraine. Regarding that CNN story of recruiting 10-year-olds in Moscow, it reminded me of the recent 2022 German version of All Quiet on the Western Front, which starts with boys being inducted into the German army during WWI, naively patriotic and excited to be going to war only to become nothing but fodder. In the current case of Russia, there is more access to knowledge of what’s going on in Ukraine at least for some since about one million have left the country to evade conscription and the economic effects, although many are also buying the Kremlin line issued by the national media. I’ve seen some intuitives saying that the mothers will be the ones to stop the war given the steady stream of body bags being sent home. Remains to be seen. Astrologers such as Andre of Astrology Alerts and some intuitives also see Putin’s days being numbered so we can only hope.

They are not ten year olds, but tenth graders, i.e. 15 years of age. Barbaric in either case! Let us hope the Russian state does not induct ten year olds as did the Nazis at the end of WWII!

To All:
If you want to understand the true and deeper geographic, economic, political, and military relationships between Russia, China, India, and the far East you need to see this video. The video is not astrological but is extremely informative and accurate – and IMHO analysis of these nations charts and of their leaders should be a highly recommended exercise in international political astrology and futurism. IMO these wars per karma will unfold whether we want them too or not.

Why Russia’s Biggest Threat is Actually China 36:20

If IMO Russia loses the war in Ukraine, there will be a high probability that seeing Russian weakness

(A) various Central Asian republics will with Chinese support seek independence from the Russian Federation and

(B) China will go to war with Russia to obtain the Lake Baikal region plus Outer Manchuria which was taken from them by Russia in 1860.

I expect taking Outer Manchuria will be relatively easy logistically but the battle for Lake Baikal will be a hard and bitter fight. If the Chinese focus on their practical needs as opposed to their emotional and ideological needs (Taiwan) the war will remain regional and they will be triumphant If they are dumb enough to also attempt a Taiwan invasion it will be a world war in which they will self destruct.

BTW, Lake Baikal contains 25% of the world’s fresh water which China desperately needs. By comparison, our North American Great Lakes contains 22% of the world’s fresh water. I’ve long assumed a serious war over Lake Baikal as part of the back story in some of my fiction work.

Also, China has been stealing India’s water for a few years now. I’ve long foreseen a possible major conventional war between India and China but it will be a while before India is ready to militarily reassert control over their sacred rivers.

It is my hope India can solve the issue through the UN or by other peaceful means without war. Perhaps China, thinking they will gain Lake Baikal, will not want a simultaneous two front war with both Russia and India? – and therefore settle with India peaceably?

Jerry, might you have any insight on this?

There is an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” I fully expect history will unfold in fascination for the rest of our lives.

Oops, sorry, I did mean 10th graders not 10 year olds. Too early in the morning. Interesting re: China vs Russia. I don’t for a minute think China wants to help out Putin and their economy wouldn’t support it. They do likely want to watch what the West does with regards to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to help decide whether the West would also stand together against them if they took Taiwan. If the West continues to hold the line, and they realize as Biden warned that Western companies would flee China like they did Russia it might not be worth their while at least in the near term to go after Taiwan.

The Chinese system is more fragile than most realize The problems they face are mighty difficult to surmount. In order to maintain national unity they may feel the need to go to war before 2030. If Russia looks weak and if they believe they conclude the Russians won’t or can’t nuke them, the smarter option is to militarily reclaim Outer Manchuria.

During their “century of humiliation” 1839-1949 the Russians forced the Chinese to sign over Outer Manchuria. They DO want it back! It would be far more valuable to them economically and strategically than Taiwan.

Were they to successfully invade and take over Taiwan they would eventually be driven out by a Taiwan resistance movement. Taiwan would be a lethal headache requiring way too many of the sons from one child families to die.

Conversely, due to the sparse population and very small number of Russian troops there, the Chinese could retake Outer Manchuria and reintegrate it back into China with little local resistance. Furthermore, invading Russian territory, retaking Outer Manchuria might not meet with as much public international condemnation as would an invasion of Taiwan.

But let us not delude ourselves with mythological conceptions about the purportedly patient, calculating and inscrutable Asian mind. The CCP is as capable of stupid decisions as anyone else, especially under stress.

Hi Eliseo,

Interesting that you should ask. Although Meher Baba rarely commented on future events; it should be mentioned that during the Cuban missile crisis and simultaneous Chinese invasion of India that suddenly flared up in late October of 1962, Baba said at the time that the third world war would begin on the border between India and China. He added, “World War III will not be fought where it has been fought before. It will be fought here (India), and will spread into the Near and Middle East. The Chinese will retreat this winter, but they will return after the snows melt. But India will win in the end.”

You may or may not know this but Pakistan may be on the verge of economic collapse. If and when that happens, it could create a great deal of instability on the Indian subcontinent. Joe Blogs reports the following…..

PAKISTAN Default Imminent as $22 Billion Debt Repayments Are Due & Inflation Hits 50 Year High

Video: 19 min 28 sec


In my view, the astrological conditions are ripe for a major crisis, particularly on the Indian subcontinent around the time of the Spring Equinox March 21 – 22nd. It will be due to several factors. The most notable aspect is tr. Mars on the 25th at 0 Cancer in quincunx to Pluto (0 Aquarius). Mars will also be in close semi-square to Uranus (16 Taurus). This will be heavily impacting India’s natal Venus (15 Leo) and nearby Pluto/Saturn conjunction (13 Leo) and Mars (0 Cancer). It is India’s Mars return.

Although non astrological in nature, I came across a very interesting video that summarizes the energies coming up at the time of the Spring Equinox:

Two VISIONS About The 22 March EVENT Explained By 2 Higher Dimensional Guides. Perspectives.

Video: 21 min 39 sec


A quick follow-up to the above. Pakistan’s national chart bears a close resemblance to India’s. It’s independence from the British in 1947 was recognized and officially established virtually at the same time, though because of its location and time zone difference the ascendant and midheaven calculations are different.

The following article was published a month ago. Economic conditions have been deteriorating appreciably on a daily basis…..

Is Pakistan’s Economic Collapse Imminent?

DW (Deutsche Welle)
February 2, 2023

The South Asian nation is facing an acute shortage of gas and electricity, and record inflation has put many basic food items out of citizens’ reach. But the country’s ruling class is caught in a political tug-of-war.

Pakistan last week suffered a nationwide power outage following a breakdown in its national grid, which left millions of people without electricity. This power failure is an apt representation of the state of the country’s faltering economy, which, according to many economic experts, is on the verge of collapse.

“Does Pakistan have a future?” a shopkeeper asked. “I don’t know what is happening in this country. We can’t afford a proper meal, yet our politicians seem totally unconcerned about our plight,” he added.

Long queues of cars can be seen in Pakistan’s major cities, including its economic hub Karachi, outside gas stations. There is a shortage of fuel, and whatever gas is available is so costly that ordinary citizens can’t afford it.

There are all kinds of other shortages right now in Pakistan. There is no gas to cook a meal in households or to run small factories, and power outages are so frequent that they have crippled the economy.

“The recent power outage paralyzed our lives. We were unable to do our daily chores. It felt like we’re living in the stone age,” Mrs. Waseem, a housewife, told DW in Karachi.

On January 26, the Pakistani rupee fell 9.6% against the dollar, which is the biggest one-day drop in over two decades. The dollar crisis is so severe that hundreds of foreign containers carrying food and medical supplies have been stranded on ports for weeks as authorities do not have the money to make payments.



A light-hearted look at the G20 Summit currently being held in New Delhi, India

Bye Bye Bulletproof Cars! US Secy Antony Blinken Joins ‘Auto Gang’ For Swift Cruise In Delhi

Video: 1 min 11 sec


Many Thanks for the quotes from Mehr Baba! I truly appreciate your response. I am fascinated my vision of the future, received in the 1970’s is so very close to what MB envisioned.

As for Pakistan, I’ve been watching events there for some time now, and yes I too expect a collapse of their economy and possibly their government. They are presently quite influenced by China whom may intervene. I am concerned that (A) chaos in Pakistan could spill over to adjacent areas and (B) that China may send in troops to “establish order.” Of course, they may not leave once having arrived, which would further exacerbate China/India tensions. India and China have quite enough trouble over boundaries and water rights as it is.

Of importance is how we define a world war. WWI and WWII were fought primarily in Europe, the Pacific, and East Asia. Much, much less so if at all on the other continents. The conflict elsewhere existed but was minimal.

I interpret the war in Ukraine as analagous to the Spanish Civil War which preceded WWII. IMO and in accordance with Mehr Baba, there will be a WWIII but it will not be fought in Europe, Africa, or the Americas. It will be primarily located as we dicussed in India, China, and Russia, and possibly the middle east if Iran, Arabia, and/or Turkey vie for dominance.

As in Ukraine, I do not believe the western powers including the US will be directly involved, instead supplying intelligence and materiel support to India, the only democracy in the fight. I believe India will eventually emerge as a prosperous superpower in close cooperation with the other democracies, but will suffer a great deal from the effects of latitudinal climate change.

As for the energies flowing around the spring equinox: By that time Saturn will be in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius. For the past year I’ve intuitively felt that something extraordinary and shocking will occur, some event or discovery in the spring and before the end of summer which will change EVERYTHING.

So Eliseo….

You piqued my curiosity. Would you care to share the vision?

For most of my life I’ve been prone to both psychic and mystical experience. Early in life these experiences led me beyond scientific materialism to the study of comparative religion, philosophy, the sciences, the paranormal, and their interrelationships. (And BTW I’ve never taken any drugs. My experiences were all natural.)

My mystical experiences were liberating and inspiring, but I’ve mostly found my psychic experiences to be a nuisance. I do wish strangers who have died would stop coming by to say hello!

I’ve had a number of future visions which did come into manifestation, mostly political, military, and international events. They’ve sometimes been illuminating, sometimes quite depressing, almost always astonishing. 11th

In the 70’s I saw maps and battles which greatly disturbed me. As at least one battle or war greatly involved tanks, my mentor and I at first thought I might be peering into the past, perhaps the battle of Kursk as an example. But more visions came; clearly it wasn’t the past but the future.

I saw a conflict between Russia and some of the former republics of the USSR, (Ukraine & some of the former southern Soviet republics) a Russia/China fight, and a China/India conflict. Most distressing were the tank battles wherein Russian soldiers were dying in enormous numbers. It was like being forced to watch an extremely violent movie but also feeling the thoughts and emotions of the combatants.

It was very draining emotionally. It was both frustrating and depressing.

I can do nothing to stop such aggressive insanity. The Russians, the Chinese do not listen or heed my prayers. They are lacking in capacity for even a small amount of self-transcendance.

Hi Eliseo,

Thanks for your response. Quite intriguing. About future events; here’s an interesting read that might answer some of your questions. To understand the context it would be important to thoroughly read the introduction first. To be clear, these messages are not from Baba, but it is related in a certain way………

Space Brothers To The Rescue?


One last thought about India and its special place in human history. India has long been considered the cradle of spirituality. Meher Baba once said

“From ancient times, India has been a land of spirituality. So being born in India is a matter of spiritual pride, in as much as a person is seemingly so near the spiritual goal.

“The best of people born in America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with their good karma from this life, are born in India in their next life.”

WOW! Material like that is confusing. And it really takes me aback. I fully understand the controversy involved.

I too am skeptical in regard to channeled material. It almost always flows through our egos picking up distortion and debris from our wishful and spiritually immature imaginations.

I seriously doubt we will be rescued from our self-created troubles by our “space brothers.” Nor do I believe in any literal, anthropomorphic second coming of Christ. Changes in consciousness? Sure. They might be subtle but nevertheless profound in effect.

“Space Brothers?” Consider these thoughts and let us connect some dots.
Presuming our scientific estimates are correct,
the Universe is 13.8 billion years old.
Speculation is it may actually be in its infancy.

One million Years = 0.00724637681% of 13.8 billion.

As far as we can tell, the size of the observable Universe is
94 billion light years across.

Gastrotrichs are flat, transparent near-microscopic creatures found in aquatic environments. They live their entire lives in less than a week, reaching sexual maturity in three days, reproducing by cloning and then dying a day or two later.

By comparison with the entity we call the Universe we are merely gastrotrichs. Were we to experience million year lifespans or perhaps a million years of incarnations it would still only be a less than paltry 0.00724637681% of the lifespan of the Cosmos.

To a small degree some of our ancient cultures understood this when they contemplated G-d.

Psalms 39:5 NKJV
Indeed, You have made my days as handbreadths, And my age is as nothing before You; Certainly every man at his best state is but vapor.

Psalm 90:4 ASV
For a thousand years in thy sight Are but as yesterday when it is past, And as a watch in the night.

The Hindus were clearest in their understanding with their concepts of yugas, manvantaras, and the days and nights of Brahma.

Considering the age and vastness of our Universe, i.e. what it would take to travel even a comparatively “small” distance from star system to star system, at least two realizations come to mind.

(1) Any advanced spacefaring species would need to possess extremely long lifespans, even were they able to travel at Star Trek’s warp 10.

(2) And most importantly, presuming they are physically real the “Aliens” as those who claim to have seen them describe them, are IMO not alien at all! They are from here. Note, they are bipedal with two arms, two legs, two eyes, a face, a torso, etc. The only thing they appear to lack are any obvious genitalia. Their bodies are homologous to ours. They look more like an unknown species of hominin as opposed to something that evolved elsewhere under different conditions.

As a speculation, I think it more plausible an unknown species of hominin developed civilization during Earth’s Eemian interglacial, a warm period 127,000 years ago lasting until 106,000 years ago.

If they are real biological beings I would also presume they would avoid contact except under highly controlled circumstances. Let us remember what happen to Amerindians after European contact or to the Martian Aliens in H.G.Wells, War of the Worlds. They likely would not want to contaminate us or be contaminated.

Where do they live? Maybe in the deep ocean? Who knows? Perhaps those unidentified objects our pilots have seen and documented are their robotic drones?

Would they choose to rescue us from ourselves? That depends on a number of unknowns. They might or might not regard as redeemable. We ARE a pretty dangerous species. They might want to study us but choose to not interfere or intervene with our self-destruction. But then again, presuming they really do reside in the deep oceans they might be pretty concerned about our continuing damage to our shared ecosphere. Their possible intervention might not be to save us, but to save themselves.

As an astrological note, I would think physical contact would be reflected in something far more major than what we anticipate anytime soon. I would think it would be something more akin to the Uranus/Neptune/Pluto conjunction during the Axial age, around 600 BCE.

RE: “The best of people born in America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with their good karma from this life, are born in India in their next life.”

I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do agree India has a very special place in human history and our spiritual evolution, and will again be of profound importance spiritually and socially within a few decades and beyond through the 21st and 22nd centuries.

BTW, although mainline, orthodox historians regard Sumer as the earliest human civilization, (now in question due to the discovery of Gobekli Tepe) my suspicion is we will eventually discover the Indus valley civilization preceded Sumer.

I also suspect the Indian civilization was the direct line daughter of one which developed in Sundaland, the continent that existed 23,000 years ago at glacial maximum ESE of India.

I wonder sometimes if India inherited its caste system from Sundaland where more than one species of hominin might have resided. Perhaps it was applied in India only to Homo Sapiens, but earlier in Sundaland to HS and to others? I also speculate Hanuman might have not been an actual monkey, but one of the last Homo Erectus.

According to the geological record Sundaland became what is now Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, etc. due to three successive floods, 14,000, 11,500, and 8000 years ago. A map, an out of Sundaland model can be found at

Presuming I am right about a high civilization in Sundaland, I believe it likely India inherited the most and purest version of their knowledge, skill and “ancient wisdom” due to their geographic proximity.


If I may gently point out, you may be missing one all important consideration in all this. What is being duscussed hete is the spiritual transformation that is about to take place. If we agree that the experience of oneness i.e. the essence of our true being lies latent within all and that what is required is the tearing away of the veil that obstructs our clear vision, then there is no mystery to any of this. It is being suggested that a crisis of monumental proportions will soon be upon us and that the survival of the human race will have no choice but to turn within. Everything will fall into its rightful place once the adjustment has been made.

About the astrological conditions that could precipitate such an event, look no further than the recent Saturn/Jupiter conjunction of December 2020 at 0 Aquarius. In late March Pluto will conjoin that degree and tr. Mars at its highest degree of declination (out of bounds) will form a quincunx to Pluto. Some astrologers regard it as a powerful period of transformation as Aquarius is often regarded as the ultimate leveler. It represents the world community at large. Combine that with today’s Saturn transition into the domain of Pisces (spiritual insight), we then have all the potential ingredients for a major change in human consciousness.

“we then have all the potential ingredients for a major change in human consciousness.”

I agree completely! I think you might have misunderstood me, however. My interpretation is that coming events and discoveries will effect changes in consciousness similar perhaps (yet different) to those of the 1930’s and 1960’s, but not 600 BCE.

How Pluto Explains 15 Years Of History

Eliseo talking about tank battles…


Even though I want Ukaine to win, I just want the war to stop. My heart cries for the dying Russians as much as the Ukranians.

Same here. Me too. So many things breaking my heart, the unnecessary carnage in Ukraine, plus things here in the USA. If my understanding of geopolitics is correct we will surely have more, not less organized murder, and not just innocent Russian & Ukrainian boys & girls.

We share the Pisces influence, as does Sunstars, and I think Kiwi.

I dreamed Vladimir Putin and I and two others went to dinner at a nice restaurant. Vladimir was sitting to my left, the other two fellows were across from us.

Into the restaurant and far across the room walks one of Vlad’s naturally blond ex-wives. She was unaware of our presence. I was struck by her beauty, as was everyone. I agreed with Vlad she was an extraordinarily attractive woman.

But Vladimir was very jealous. His attitude was “If I can’t have her, no one can!” I noticed he carried a snub nosed revolver hidden by his jacket. (I’m trained to notice such things.) When his ex-wife left, he rose and departed through the back door.

Knowing what he was thinking, I rushed to follow him. When outside I yelled at him as loudly as I could, “Vladimir! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” But as far as I know, he shot her anyway. Such was the dream. And I awoke.

This might appear to be off topic, but when I read ‘the spiral’ today in a new gallery built to his design, it felt very profound, especially for these times with continual spiraling of the planets as we mortals evolve.
He disliked straight lines in his art – saying, nature does not have straight lines.
The artist, though from Vienna, spent much of the last decades of his life in NZ. His former home is a very short distance from where I now live. Though I didnt meet him personally, several of my friends knew him quite well. A visionary and environmentalist before it was fashionable.
His is a fascinating life story, a summary of which can be accessed from the link.

An important clue for astrologers is found in the 22nd paragraph of this article. The date, the year 2027.

“U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns has said that Xi has ordered his military to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, while noting that the Chinese leader was probably unsettled by Russia’s experience in Ukraine.”

The article is about what Chinese military-industrial complex thinkers are gleaning from the study of the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war.

Not included in the piece is the fact US and UK military analysts conclude a PRC/PLA invasion of Taiwan would be suicidal, despite their greater numbers. It would be a really bad and crazily stupid move. But as we know, political leaders sometimes commit to insanely stupid military campaigns. (Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa, Putin’s war in Ukraine, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, the Charge of the Light Brigade, Pickett’s charge at Gettysburg, Custer’s Battle of the Little Bighorn, etc.)

This is not to say whether China will or will not attempt a Taiwan invasion. Various factors may preclude such an adventure. But we now know their target date, 2027 a gift to us in the astrology community.

Studying Ukraine war, China’s military minds fret over US missiles, Starlink

IMHO, the war in Ukraine, as I’ve posted before may be analogous to the Spanish Civil War, a precursor to more serious conflicts elsewhere.

Starting in April, transiting Saturn will begin conjuncting Kevin McCarthy’s natal Saturn and it will retrograde back and forth through January. I think this will in part be his karma for giving Tucker Carlson exclusive use of the Jan 6 video footage.

Then starting in April next year, Saturn will oppose his Uranus-Pluto conjunction and Saturn will retrograde back and forth before finally clearing in Jan 2025. That is a very tough aspect and indicates his demise to me which will could reflect a change in House leadership, I think in favor of the Dems.

Eliseo, thank you for that link to Astrology World Report, I devoured all of his videos!

Interesting dream, Eliseo. My take: Yes, Putin is jealous—of the U.S., I think, and is angry and resentful at Ukraine and feels “less than” because he hasn’t met his ambitions and has not been able to match the U.S. And, yes, he is a murderer.

My interpretation is a bit different. To me his beautiful ex-wife is Ukraine. She rightfully doesn’t want to have anything to do with her former abusive husband.

Hitler coveted Ukraine as well. It is the most hospitable and productive of all of the former Soviet spaces and for centuries wealthy Russians always vacationed in Crimea. Were Disney to establish a Russian area Disneyland the logical place would be Crimea or southern Ukraine.

My feeling is that when the Russians are defeated and driven out, when Putin realizes he can’t win, (can’t have her) he will feel completely humiliated and choose some form of total destruction above and beyond anything used before.

Mr. Biden has admonished him, ” Don’t! Don’t” resort to any variety of weapons of mass destruction, but I’m not sure Mr. V. Putin really cares about consequences which would affect the well being of his people – particularly if he is as some suspect – actually dying.

All means necessary must be used to persuade and prevent Putin and the Russian high command to refrain from the use of any WMD’s at any point and especially in retaliation when they lose the war.

But remember that China also has some control over Russia and they will not want that….. I believe Putin will be held back at a certain point. He just can’t give up on the possibility of winning and he is very angry about being thwarted. But even Putin does not want a full blown WW III. Plus, I hope God steps in or at least Russians who are evolved. I guess the exception could be a false flag opp.

True. I don’t believe Putin wants WWIII. Also true; the Chinese Communist Party & Chairman Xi probably don’t care what happens to Ukraine but do care what happens to Russia. Economic or other consequences for Russia affect them too.

The conundrum is whether Putin will act rationally or emotionally. Experts assume he will act rationally. I’m not so sure. It appears he is ill. The puffiness in his face may be from steroids. We don’t know what drugs he is taking or how they might affect his judgment.

Furthermore, the number of people who could replace him is extremely small. He’s successfully eliminated all but the most loyal yes men. As a dictator, Putin has been extraordinarily efficient. The possibility of a coup is remote.

Nevertheless, it is inconceivable Mr. Putin would remain in power should Russia lose the war. Should they lose as we hope, Russia will at best be unstable, and quite likely in chaos. This is not good for a country with so many nukes. Finders Keepers would be the new local Russian game.

To All:
An interesting process is unfolding. Gradually, Confederate “heroes” are being recognized in a more historically accurate context as traitors. Taking up arms against the US was by constitutional definition TREASON!

Confederate’s name removed from Navy survey ship

In recent years Congress directed a naming commission to review military assets and rename those with Confederate ties.
Various ships, buildings and even weapons are being renamed, as their Confederate names are removed.

I don’t think it coincidental simultaneous to this process, Southern kooks like Marjorie Taylor Greene are calling for a “national divorce.” The Confederate dream did not die with the defeat of its armies. Her loud and crazy rantings are the last protests of a dying virulent ethos awakened by the energies of our Pluto return.

An interesting excerpt from a BBC article. It deals with questiions about what Russia would be like if they lost the war in Ukraine. The assumption is Putin would be replaced.

“As a result of the war, suddenly, there are a lot of groups around with guns, including private military companies, like Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner group and regional battalions. Relations with the regular armed forces are far from harmonious. The conflict between Russia’s Ministry of Defence and Wagner is an example of public infighting within the elites.”

Instability plus private armies is a dangerous cocktail.

“Civil war is likely to cover Russia for the next decade,” believes Konstantin Remchukov, owner and editor of Moscow-based newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta. “There are too many interest groups who understand that in these conditions there’s a chance to redistribute wealth.”

“The real chance to avoid civil war will be if the right person comes to power immediately after Putin. A person who has authority over the elites and the resoluteness to isolate those eager to exploit the situation.”

How Putin’s fate is tied to Russia’s war in Ukraine

A Trump indictment next week?

According to the following New York Times article (posted below), it could happen. Which raises the question, is it possible the prosecutors representing the Manhattan DA, the Fulton County DA of Georgia and the DOJ in Washington DC are all closely coordinating their actions in sync with each other? One full sweep?

A quick look at the astrological aspects set for March 14th 11:30 pm Wash DC EST reveal an exact Mars-Moon opposition (25 Gemini-Sagittarius) in tight t square to the Neptune/Sun conj. (24/25 Pisces). This complex configuration are all in exact sesqui-square/ semi-square to Donald Trump’s natal Pluto (10 Leo).

Prosecutors Signal Criminal Charges for Trump Are Likely

The former president was told that he could appear before a Manhattan grand jury next week if he wishes to testify, a strong indication that an indictment could soon follow.

New York Times
March 9, 2023

The Manhattan district attorney’s office recently signaled to Donald J. Trump’s lawyers that he could face criminal charges for his role in the payment of hush money to a porn star, the strongest indication yet that prosecutors are nearing an indictment of the former president, according to four people with knowledge of the matter.

The prosecutors offered Mr. Trump the chance to testify next week before the grand jury that has been hearing evidence in the potential case, the people said. Such offers almost always indicate an indictment is close; it would be unusual for the district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, to notify a potential defendant without ultimately seeking charges against him.

In New York, potential defendants have the right to answer questions in the grand jury before they are indicted, but they rarely testify, and Mr. Trump is likely to decline the offer. His lawyers could also meet privately with the prosecutors in hopes of fending off criminal charges. Any case would mark the first indictment of a former American president, and could upend the 2024 presidential race in which Mr. Trump remains a leading contender.




A Trump Indictment Requires the DOJ to Follow These Steps

Dec 20, 2022

Former federal prosecutor Kevin O’Brien lays out the steps the DOJ must take when deciding to pursue criminal charges against former President Donald Trump following the recommendations of the Jan. 6 committee.

While the House Jan. 6 committee’s decision to refer criminal charges against former President Donald Trump to the Department of Justice is only a recommendation, it focuses attention on whether the department will bring an indictment against the former president.

In making this decision, which is unprecedented in our nation’s history, US Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ’s prosecutors must weigh several factors.
Indictment Requirements

First, the standards for seeking an indictment are strict.

The DOJ’s manual for attorneys instructs that as a threshold matter a prosecutor should only “commence or recommend” prosecution if they believe a “person’s conduct constitutes a federal offense.” In addition, the “admissible evidence” should “be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction.”

Determining what is “admissible evidence” is critical, as there is a very high bar. Not all evidence prosecutors gather can be used in court.

Prosecutors must scrutinize each major piece to determine if it will be permitted into evidence during trial. No matter how persuasive some fact might be, if it can’t be presented to the jury, then prosecutors must eliminate it from their calculations.



Follow up to the above……

Another aspect rapidly coming into focus of equal importance is the approaching Jupiter/Chiron conjunction (14 Aries) in mid March. It will be opposing the US Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron (14 Libra).

Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Conjunct Chiron March 9-15, 2023

March is one of the most potent months of 2023 due to all the rare and spectacular cosmic alignments that are set to unfold. March also paves the way for Eclipse Season, which begins in April.

All of this collective cosmic energy is bringing transformation, change, and evolution that hits us on a soul level. It is a big purge moment where we release the old and welcome the new.

Through all of these new cycles that are unfolding, March also delivers a powerful healing portal, thanks to the alignment of Jupiter and Chiron in Aries.

Jupiter + Chiron: A Powerful Portal of Healing

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, and Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. As they come together for the first time in 12 years from March 9-15, 2023, a powerful portal will be unlocked, helping to deliver potent healing energy to the deepest corners of our mind, body, and soul.

Those pains, those things we thought we would never heal from or forget about, will soften, will melt, will fall away to be replaced with wholeness, deeper understanding, compassion, and strength.



Astrology Of March 2023 – A New Era, Saturn In Pisces, Pluto In Aquarius

March 2023 is that month of the year that everyone is excited about – and a bit frightened of.

In March, the 2 “giants”, Pluto and Saturn, change signs. I can’t emphasize enough what a bit of a deal this is.

On March 12th, 2023 Jupiter and Chiron meet in a rare conjunction in Aries. This transit is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in touch with our identity wound and heal it…………

March 12th, 2023 – Jupiter Conjunct Chiron

On March 12th, 2023 Jupiter is conjunct Chiron. This is once again one of the most important transits of the year. I know I keep repeating myself but March 2023 is really when all the action happens.

You have felt the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction building up for more than a month now. We are really feeling this transit at a collective level. We all feel vulnerable and exposed.

Old wounds will resurface and we will again be reminded of painful experiences we haven’t fully processed. Jupiter conjunct Chiron will help us connect the dots and see what’s the bigger picture behind these wounds, revealing the crucial role they have served in our development.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron is also a great moment in time to find a teacher, a guide, or to become a teacher yourself.



On the basis of the known facts, and of hopefully intelligent guesses as to the unknown ones, I am strongly of the opinion the higher probability is
(A) At great cost Ukraine will win the war against Russia.
(B) Russia will descend into a decade long terrible civil war.

This is not a matter of fate; it is not written in cosmic stone. I am speaking here of probability based on what we now know.

Below is a link to a possible, albeit ultimately optimistic Russian civil war scenario created by InfoGraphics. Optimistic though it may be, any and all Russian possible civil war scenarios are heart breakers, a caution to all who are sensitive. Nevertheless, as painful as such musings are, knowledgeable, well reasoned probabilities are worthwhile on many levels and for many reasons.

What a Russian Civil War Will Look Like 19:14

Glenn Kirschner expands on the ramifications of the NY DA “letter of invitation” to Donald Trump……

NY DA Bragg invites Donald Trump to testify in grand jury; next prosecutorial step? An indictment

Video: 9 min 41 sec


Jupiter and Chiron on the 12th will conjunct simultaneous with the entry of the US into Daylight Saving Time.

For anyone interested in precise time, according to Cafe Astrology on the 23rd Pluto will ingress Aquarius at
8:14 am EDT(GMT-04:00)

Thanks Eliseo,

About Russia…….

The March 14/15 Moon-Mars opposition in t square to the Neptune/Sun conjunction all at 25 degrees mutable signs interestingly enough also conjoins the Russian charts midheaven/ ascendant axis, so there could be a major development in the Ukraine-Russian conflict in mid March.

Here’s the chart….


My attention has been riveted to the March 21st New Moon (0 Aries). It will semi square tr. Uranus and Russia’s Pluto-Venus opposition. Could Putin out of sheer desperation sabotage the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear power plant (Europe’s largest nuclear installation) and cause a catastrophic meltdown?

Ukraine War: Russia’s ‘Secret Work At Nuclear Plant’; ‘Dirty Bomb’; Refugees Urged To Stay Away

Euro News
October 26, 2022

Russia accused of ‘secret construction work’ at nuclear plant

Russian forces were performing secret work at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, according to Ukraine’s nuclear energy operator.

Energoatom, the Ukrainian state enterprise that operates the country’s four nuclear power plants, said Russian forces have carried out secret construction work over the last week at the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

Russian officers controlling the area would not give access to Ukrainian staff running the plant or monitors from the UN’s atomic energy watchdog, Energoatom said in a statement on Tuesday.

It comes as fears rise the Kremlin might intend to make Zaporizhzhia the site of its alleged false flag operation involving a nuclear device.



May any false flag operation that is executed back-fire on Russia. Also, here is a nice bit of positive news re the war: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/anti-russia-guerrillas-in-belarus-take-on-two-headed-enemy/ar-AA18rYpc?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=48b713b60e7e461da4e0c94f894f9b30&ei=11

However, the collapse of Silicone Valley Bank – what do we make of that??

“However, the collapse of Silicone Valley Bank – what do we make of that??”
Sharon, remember when Pluto entered Cap in 2008?
It’s now at 29 degrees and on time to start finishing up what it began. I believe Pluto will be going over it’s aneretic degree again once or twice over the next year or so.


““Civil war is likely to cover Russia for the next decade,” believes Konstantin Remchukov, owner and editor of Moscow-based newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta. “There are too many interest groups who understand that in these conditions there’s a chance to redistribute wealth.”

Jeepers creepers!

Hi Laura,

Expanding on the 29 Capricorn anaretic degree theme you were sharing, it would interest you to know that on the very last day of Pluto’s journey in Capricorn, the Federal Reserve is scheduled to meet on March 22nd. Of primary concern in its effort to tame inflation is how to effectively implement policy. Additional interest rate increases were expected, especially in light of yesterday’s robust US job report for February. However, in view of the current banking crisis, one would imagine Powell may be having second thoughts. Needless to say, the situation puts him in a rather extreme, uncomfortable position.

Secretary of Treasury Jerome Powell (Feb 4, 1953 Washington DC) – here’s the chart

The March 21st Aries New Moon (0 Aries) closely conjoins Powells’ natal Venus (the domain of money and values) at 2 Aries.

March 25th/ Tr. Mars will reach 0 Cancer. It will conjoin the Federal Reserves natal Pluto in quincunx to the newly established Pluto ingress in Aquarius (0 Aquarius). Tr. Mars will simultaneously sesqui square Powell’s Sun/Mercury placement (15/16 Aquarius) and from another angle, tr. Uranus (16 Taurus) hits his Mercury/Sun by semisquare. Tr. Saturn at 1 Pisces in semisquare to tr. Jupiter at 16 Aries forms a dual sesquiquadrate and square to Powell’s natal Uranus (16 Cancer). I can’t imagine a more volatile configuration.

Personally I think we may be facing a period of intense instability in the financial markets in late March. It’s the interest rate dilemma. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. International markets hate uncertainty.

Silicon Valley Bank Collapses After Failing To Raise Capital

March 10, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank collapsed Friday morning after a stunning 48 hours in which a bank run and a capital crisis led to the second-largest failure of a financial institution in US history.

California regulators closed down the tech lender and put it under the control of the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The FDIC is acting as a receiver, which typically means it will liquidate the bank’s assets to pay back its customers, including depositors and creditors.

The FDIC, an independent government agency that insures bank deposits and oversees financial institutions, said all insured depositors will have full access to their insured deposits by no later than Monday morning. It said it would pay uninsured depositors an “advance dividend within the next week.”

The bank, previously owned by SVB Financial Group, didn’t respond to CNN’s request for comment.

What happened?

The wheels started to come off on Wednesday, when SVB announced it had sold a bunch of securities at a loss and that it would sell $2.25 billion in new shares to shore up its balance sheet. That triggered a panic among key venture capital firms, who reportedly advised companies to withdraw their money from the bank.

The company’s stock cratered on Thursday, dragging other banks down with it. By Friday morning, SVB’s shares were halted and it had abandoned efforts to quickly raise capital or find a buyer. Several other bank stocks were temporarily halted Friday, including First Republic, PacWest Bancorp, and Signature Bank.

The mid-morning timing of the FDIC’s takeover was noteworthy, as the agency typically waits until the market has closed to intervene.

“SVB’s condition deteriorated so quickly that it couldn’t last just five more hours,” wrote Better Markets CEO Dennis M. Kelleher. “That’s because its depositors were withdrawing their money so fast that the bank was insolvent, and an intraday closure was unavoidable due to a classic bank run.”

Silicon Valley Bank’s decline stems partly from the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes over the past year.

When interest rates were near zero, banks loaded up on long-dated, seemingly low-risk Treasuries. But as the Fed raises interest rates to fight inflation, the value of those assets has fallen, leaving banks sitting on unrealized losses.



CORRECTION: Read instead: “and from another angle, tr. Uranus (16 Taurus) hits his Mercury/Sun by SQUARE”.

Another typo. So sorry.

Jerome Powell’s official title is Chairman of
the Federal Reserve (Janet Yellen is Secretary of the Treasury)

The aspects you referred to for Russia are disquieting. BTW, I’ve long expected Russian forces would eventually engage in some dangerously imbecilic shenanigans at Zaporizhzhia. I hope I’m wrong about what I think they might do. But that’s the sort of thing you get when you combine stupid, mean and proudly ignorant. Shall I say it is an understatement to acknowledge that at a nuclear site that combination becomes absurdly exponential?

Good to hear from you again!
Jeepers creepers indeed!
Sorry to bring bad news, but such predictions are quite rational and in alignment with the facts. Win or lose, the “mighty Russian military” has exposed itself as a corrupt, incompetent, collection of stumble-bum fools. Such obvious weakness is an invitation not just internally, but to the several nations that border them, most of whom harbor an abiding and deep hatred of the empire that forcibly and mercilessly annexed parts of their territory and brutally suppressed them for so, so long. At end of the Ukraine war the Russian state will not have sufficient manpower or resources to impede the coming retribution.

When Pandora opened her box she was merely a curious innocent. Mr. Putin is neither.

You’ve long been our sharpest contributor when it comes to medical questions. Have you any insight on the basis of what we observe as to Putin’s medical condition?

Very informative……..

USA BANK COLLAPSE To Trigger More Bank Runs as Global Financial Markets Brace for Meltdown

Video: 22 min 43 sec


Jerry, of the three cases, the Manhattan DA is the weakest. Georgia is a slam dunk – he’s on tape saying get me the votes. And the classified documents case – we have video of staff moving them-after he said he didn’t have them. They are easy to understand and should be understood by his followers that they are crimes. The Manhattan case is not easy -they are looking to charge him with illegal business dealing which is a minor crime in NY and combined that by saying the expense was actually for campaign expenses and therefore it is now a low level felony.

The history of the Manhattan DA office and trump is a sordid one and I would not be surprised if trump welcomes the NY case as vindication of all he’s been saying.

If you bring a case you need to know you can win. I don’t think Alvin Bragg believes it but is under pressure after he botched and dropped the initial case in a town that knows and hates trump more than anything – has to act but I am worried if it goes ahead, it might be to trumps advantage.

The state of Georgia’s legislature is pushing an 11th hour oversight of Willis office so I hope she acts soon.

Hi silcominc,

Reading through your list of potential indictments, I would have to agree with your assessment. In light of the many serious misdeeds allegedly committed by the former president, a much deserved meaningful conviction seems uncertain in a court of law. Kind of discouraging isn’t it?

I think the one legal pursuit that may be the most compelling is DOJ Merrick Garland’s dual track investigation into the events of the Jan 6th insurrection and the misappropriation of classified documents. There may be a timeline of urgency attached to this, given that the 2024 presidential primary season is just around the corner. Taking that into consideration, I’m optimistically hopeful that some concrete movement will come out of the DOJ soon.

Note that in Merrick Garland’s chart he has Jupiter at 15 ’11 Taurus in t square to his nodes (16 ’46 Aquarius-Leo). The upcoming March 20th Aries New Moon (0 Cancer) in semisquare to tr. Uranus (16 Taurus) will be heavily impacting those natal aspects. Tr. Mars follows five days later at 0 Cancer, so I would expect something dramatic may be lurking in the wings that may SUDDENLY make its entrance (Uranus).

Merrick Garland Is No Pushover. The more we learn, the more aggressive the attorney general’s approach looks.

Atlantic Daily (by subscription only)
March 4, 2023

Many critics of Donald Trump concluded long ago that Attorney General Merrick Garland was not equal to the challenge of holding the former president accountable. It might be time for them to reassess.

Deliberate Aggression

No one would mistake Merrick Garland for a firebrand. When President Joe Biden nominated him to lead the Justice Department, the former federal judge cited Edward Levi, the attorney general who restored faith in the department after Watergate, as a role model. But Garland faced a potentially more complicated charge than Levi: Whereas Richard Nixon had resigned, been pardoned, and withdrawn from the national stage, Garland had to rebuild the DOJ while also delivering accountability for Trump, who remains unrepentant and is running to return to office.

As weeks turned to months and we passed the one-year mark of Biden’s term, Garland’s apparently slow pace on the second task rattled observers who worry that Trump will end up facing little punishment for attempting to steal the election and inciting an insurrection—and that he might even return to the White House. But deliberation is not the same as inaction. The first sign that Garland was not as disengaged as he might have seemed came when the FBI executed a warrant at Mar-a-Lago in August, seeking government records—some highly sensitive—that Trump had allegedly improperly taken. And the more we learn, the more aggressive Garland’s approach looks.

This week, The Washington Post reported on how the surprise August search was the culmination of a running disagreement between the FBI and Justice Department prosecutors. (All of them ultimately report to Garland.) Some of the FBI officials were reluctant to push Trump too hard and wanted to ask him for permission or to slow-walk the process. My colleague Adam Serwer notes the irony that the bureau, which Trump and Republicans have portrayed as implacably politically opposed to him, was actually quite eager to protect him. But backed by Garland, who personally approved the search, the prosecutors ultimately won the day.

Separately, the Justice Department argued in a court filing yesterday that Trump can be liable for actions of the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. A group of Capitol Police officers and members of the House of Representatives have sued the former president for physical and psychological damage from the riot. Trump’s lawyers contend that he cannot be held liable for inciting the riot because he was acting as president at the time, which confers immunity. But the Justice Department disagreed.

“Speaking to the public on matters of public concern is a traditional function of the Presidency, and the outer perimeter of the President’s Office includes a vast realm of such speech,” government attorneys wrote in the filing. “But that traditional function is one of public communication. It does not include incitement of imminent private violence.”

While all of this happens, the criminal investigations into Trump’s actions around the 2020 election and the Mar-a-Lago documents are moving swiftly. After Trump announced his presidential campaign in November, Garland appointed Jack Smith, a former Justice Department lawyer, to oversee the probes, and Smith has demonstrated an aggressive streak. In the past month, he has subpoenaed Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and former Vice President Mike Pence. CNN also reports that Smith “is locked in at least eight secret court battles” related to the Trump investigations. (Garland also appointed a special counsel to look into classified documents found in one of Biden’s houses and a former office space. He has said that the DOJ can handle an investigation into Hunter Biden, the president’s son, internally.)

My colleague Franklin Foer saw all of this coming in an October profile of the attorney general. He wrote that Garland did not seem to relish the position in which he found himself, but that the very qualities that worried Garland’s naysayers—his institutionalism, caution, and fastidiousness—were the ones that would likely lead him to indict Trump. “I’ve reached the conclusion that his devotion to procedure, his belief in the rule of law, and in particular his reverence for the duties, responsibilities, and traditions of the U.S. Department of Justice will cause him to make the most monumental decision an attorney general can make,” Frank wrote.

What the attorney general has not managed to do so far is depoliticize public perceptions of the department. By all reports, he’s returning a greater professionalism to the department after some of the lowlights of the Trump presidency, but the Mar-a-Lago search and other investigations have made the DOJ a subject of greater political strife. Despite his painstaking approach to the Trump investigations, Garland was grilled by Republicans during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week, and accused (unconvincingly) of conducting a witch hunt against conservatives. An indictment of Trump would only exaggerate complaints of bias from the right.

There is, to be fair, a big gap between investigating and indicting. Trump is clearly upset about how things are going. He issued an angry comment after the DOJ’s filing yesterday, and last month released a long, unusual statement, replete with very un-Trumpian footnotes, that I wrote was a preview of the legal strategy he might use if charged with crimes connected to the insurrection. The strategy might work, either as a defense or at least as a deterrence to charges. And, as I reported in January, any case against Trump would also have to move fast, with the goal of concluding before January 20, 2025, when a Republican president could take office and shut it down.

But whatever ultimately happens to Donald Trump, what we’ve seen over the past month should be enough to put to rest the idea that Garland is letting the former president off easy. Perhaps the Trump years made us forget that the Justice Department can get things done without messy public drama.


TYPO: Read instead: “The upcoming March 20th Aries New Moon (0 ARIES)

Sunday’s rescue plan by the Fed may be only a temporary measure to staunch the hemorrhaging of funds……

Gundlach, Ackman Weigh Fed’s US Bank Rescue Impact On Markets

March 13, 2023

Strategists see short-term sentiment boost from loan plan

Ackman, Gundlach among voices warning of trouble ahead

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank and the government rescue of its depositors are ripping through market bets on everything from the economy to the US interest-rate outlook.

Authorities rushed to stem panic about the health of the US financial system by pledging to fully protect depositors’ money and offer loans to banks under easier terms than usual.

Market participants have said the move should boost sentiment in the short-term but could lead to moral hazard in the long-term. And some of the biggest names in finance are weighing in with warnings.

Pershing Square founder Bill Ackman said more banks will likely fail, while DoubleLine Capital Chief Investment Officer Jeffrey Gundlach said the Treasury market is now signalling an imminent recession.



Elizabeth Warren’s chart is on fire right now as tr Pluto at 29 Cap is conjuncting the tip of her Yod which is her Jupiter at 0 Aq. Today she has a piece in the NYT citing blame for the relaxing of financial regulations on banks during Trump but supported by both Dems and Republicans. She exposed the CEO of the failed bank as one of the main people lobbying the Trump Adm to relax the regulations. Interesting that tr Saturn 0 Pisces is trining her Sun-Uranus conjunction and is in opposition to her Saturn adding heft and authority to her. These natal planets are sextile to each other and form the other points on her Yod.

This is Sen Warren’s piece in NYT

No one should be mistaken about what unfolded over the past few days in the U.S. banking system: These recent bank failures are the direct result of leaders in Washington weakening the financial rules.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act to protect consumers and ensure that big banks could never again take down the economy and destroy millions of lives. Wall Street chief executives and their armies of lawyers and lobbyists hated this law. They spent millions trying to defeat it, and, when they lost, spent millions more trying to weaken it.

Greg Becker, the chief executive of Silicon Valley Bank, was one of the ?many high-powered executives who lobbied Congress to weaken the law. In 2018, the big banks won. With support from both parties, President Donald Trump signed a law to roll back critical parts of Dodd-Frank. Regulators, including the Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, then made a bad situation worse, ??letting financial institutions load up on risk.

Banks like S.V.B. ?— which had become the 16th largest bank in the country before regulators shut it down on Friday ?—? got relief from stringent requirements, basing their claim on the laughable assertion that banks like them weren’t actually “big” ?and therefore didn’t need strong oversight. ?

I fought against these changes. On the eve of the Senate vote in 2018, I warned?, “Washington is about to make it easier for the banks to run up risk, make it easier to put our constituents at risk, make it easier to put American families in danger, just so the C.E.O.s of these banks can get a new corporate jet and add another floor to their new corporate headquarters.”

I wish I’d been wrong. But on Friday, S.V.B. executives were busy paying out congratulatory bonuses hours before the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation?? rushed in to take over their failing institution — leaving countless businesses and non?profits with accounts at the bank alarmed that they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills and employees.

S.V.B. suffered from a toxic mix of risky management and weak supervision. For one, the bank relied on a concentrated group of tech companies with big deposits, driving an abnormally large ratio of uninsured deposits?. This meant that weakness in a single sector of the economy could threaten the bank’s stability.

Instead of managing that risk, S.V.B. funneled these deposits into long-term bonds, making it hard for the bank to respond to a drawdown. S.V.B. apparently failed to hedge against the obvious risk of rising interest rates. This business model was great for S.V.B.’s short-term profits, which shot up by nearly 40 ?percent over the last three years? — but now we know its cost.

S.V.B.’s collapse set off looming contagion that regulators felt forced to stanch, leading to their decision to dissolve Signature Bank. Signature had touted its F.D.I.C. insurance as it whipped up a customer base tilted toward risky cryptocurrency firms.

Had Congress and the Federal Reserve not rolled back the stricter oversight, S.V.B. and Signature would have been subject to stronger liquidity and capital requirements to withstand financial shocks. They would have been required to conduct regular stress tests to expose their vulnerabilities and shore up their businesses. But because those requirements were repealed, when an old-fashioned bank run hit S.V.B?., the? bank couldn’t withstand the pressure — and Signature’s collapse was close behind.

On Sunday night, regulators announced they would ensure that all deposits at S.V.B. and Signature would be repaid 100 cents on the dollar. Not just small businesses and nonprofits, but also billion-dollar companies, crypto investors and the very venture capital firms that triggered the bank run on S.V.B. in the first place — all in the name of preventing further contagion.

Regulators have said that banks, rather than taxpayers, will bear the cost of the federal backstop required to protect deposits. We’ll see if that’s true. But it’s no wonder the American people are skeptical of a system that holds millions of struggling student loan borrowers in limbo but steps in overnight to ensure that billion-dollar crypto firms won’t lose a dime in deposits.

These threats never should have been allowed to materialize. We must act to prevent them from occurring again.

First, Congress, the White House? and banking regulators should reverse the dangerous bank deregulation of the Trump era. Repealing the 2018 legislation that weakened the rules for banks like S.V.B. must be an immediate priority for Congress. Similarly, ?Mr. Powell’s disastrous “tailoring” of these rules has put our economy at risk, and it needs to end — ?now. ?

Bank regulators must also take a careful look under the hood at our financial institutions to see where other dangers may be lurking. Elected officials, including the Senate Republicans who, just days before S.V.B.’s collapse, pressed Mr. Powell to stave off higher capital standards, must now demand stronger — not weaker — oversight.

Second, regulators should reform deposit insurance so that both during this crisis and in the future, businesses that are trying to make payroll and otherwise conduct ordinary financial transactions are fully covered — while ensuring the cost of protecting outsized depositors is borne by those financial institutions that pose the greatest risk. Never again should large companies with billions in unsecured deposits expect, or receive, free support from the government.

Finally, if we are to deter this kind of risky behavior from happening again, it’s critical that those responsible not be rewarded. S.V.B. and Signature shareholders will be wiped out, but their executives must also be held accountable. Mr. Becker of S.V.B. took home $9.9 million in compensation last year, including a $1.5 million bonus for boosting bank profitability — and its riskiness. Joseph DePaolo of Signature got $8.6 million. We should claw all of that back, along with bonuses for other executives at these banks. Where needed, Congress should empower regulators to recover pay and bonuses. Prosecutors and regulators should investigate whether any executives engaged in insider trading ?or broke other civil or criminal laws.

These bank failures were entirely avoidable if Congress and the Fed had done their jobs and kept strong banking regulations in place since 2018. S.V.B. and Signature are gone, and now Washington must act quickly to prevent the next crisis.

Right now tr Saturn at 0 Pisces is conjuncting Biden’s South Node indicating a culmination, ending or frution. Kamala Harris’ MH is 2 Pisces which indicates taking on more responsibility and authority in the public sphere.

On Election Day tr Saturn and Venus will be conjunct and they will be in opposition to her natal Pluto-Venus conjunction.which indicates a very difficult time for her.

As I don’t have access to the NYTimes, Many, many thanks for posting the Elizabeth Warren piece! She knows more about banking law than anyone else in Congress. I would happily vote for her for president.

I remember Black Monday, October 19, 1987, as clear as a bell. I was taking courses in finance and trying to run a small business at the same time. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I didn’t have a penny, so I didn’t lose a penny either, but I do remember the shock. It was a massive fall of the markets and if it had continued we would have had another depression. 2008 was terrible, but 1987 had potential to be catastrophic. We can hope that we never see it now, with the enormous scale of finance in the world today. Size wise, the world was like the middle ages in 1987.

Well, that was then and this is now. Since then, a lot has happened and the same bell is ringing again, but not too loudly thus far.

It’s not going to be the same (it’s never the same). History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes – some brilliant person made that accurate observation.

I expect with Pluto changing signs to Aquarius (a fixed air sign no less – air and fixed are entirely contradictory concepts), a clean out is to be expected.

Saturn is now in Pisces, eventually to conjoin slippery Neptune. Pisces is a hard to pin down sign – switching ideals, never mind values, the sign of 2 fishes headed in opposite directions.

And Uranus, the planet of revolution in the middle of the fixed money sign, Taurus. Another contradiction.

Sign astrology, however, is quite unsatisfactory for specifics. It cannot do anything like a ‘real’ prediction, but it gives a flavor. The only way to see the picture more accurately is to do a lot of charts in areas of economy, politics etc. Which is a ton of work.

Since few of us intend to do all that work, we should just calm down and not cry the sky is falling. It’s tempting to panic for investors, but they should chill.

What people could worry about some more (imho) is poverty and the infrastructure. It’s not only the hard assets of roads and manufacturing, but now we are entirely dependent on computers for everything (Uranus). All those bits and bytes that support gazillions of transactions moment by moment. And communications.

Farming may be fine, but Tech is going to take a beating, or more accurately many beatings. Not death by a thousand cuts – just a thousand cuts.

The computer based economy has too many holes in services and infrastructure. Too many weak spots in the world wide web and it’s starting to show it’s age.

That is where (imo) the cracks will show. It’s going to cost us all and it’s going to cost a lot to fix. The grid and so on. Anybody who has been involved in and dependent on the world of computers (since the early 80s) knows there are a lot of problems to fix.

Year 2000? Well, we got lucky that time. But it’s too huge now,if anything goes wrong. The stock exchanges are better prepared than most – they are armored to the hilt and will be fine (not the investors, but the mechanism). It’s the whole rest of industry that Pluto in Aquarius might clean up.

Fluctuation, extremes, but one should remember that fixed signs are stubborn. They don’t all quit at once. Not to lose our heads. It may be more like a long, slow grind. Although Uranus and Aquarius could tend to say it could be a fast bumpy ride with long term (fixed) consequences.

Anyway, the banks and credit companies and their derivatives will survive, whether we (and the natural world) like it or not. Money being the root of all evil, we humans will just get right on it and find new ways to make it!

P.S. I think it is very important to keep in mind that America (and the western world in general) are DE-industrialized in large part. And we are most certainly no longer ‘resource based’ economies.

Which is why, as much as I agree with Elizabeth Warren that the banking system has been weakened too much, it’s not banking that is the problem.

It’s the economy stupid!, as Bill Clinton said. The US has been fortunate after 2008 to have recovered into a relatively thriving economy based on services. But not so much on production. Not so much on self-sufficiency across the board. And most western countries are in the same boat.

Most of the ‘stuff’ we need is made overseas. Pick any third world country, not just China. We are literally dependent on them to survive. It is good that US is still a major food producer, but that too is being eroded steadily. And politicians play games with it every single day. Survival.

And then there is climate change and environmental degredation. More survival. THAT is going to take a lot of high tech solutions and hard work. Tech is essential when most of us haven’t a clue how to grow vegetables or make cars. But tech has become mostly for getting rich for the ultra wealthy, and for us peasants, we just want more new cell phones. We are not into production of useful things, or feeding the masses.

Well Aquarius is the water bearer. He can bring water, but first he has to have it to bring, and he can’t make it. Therein lies the dilemma of modern existence – we still need food and all those natural resources need to be fairly distributed and Tech helps us do that. Distribution being the ultimate Aquarius thing to do. But, you can’t EAT Tech.

Poverty for the masses of the world caused by the greed of a few.

And yhe ignorance of the masses.

Well said Beowulfie

Bob, the masses seem to have forgotten Jefferson’s ‘a well educated citizenry’ requires vigilance, work, and diligence. Whats happened to many reminds me of the episode from star trek next generation ‘the game’ where aliens try to influence the crew with addictive mind games so they can take over

Yes, kiwi. I am not a trekkie but I do know about the Borg in Star Trek: Voyager (“We are the Borg. It is futile to resist.” – How scary is that!?)

Some great comments folks – it is true that we have become fat and lazy as a society – reminds of Mike Judge’s 2010 film Idiocracy

Here is the trailer for Idiocracy…


RE: “Whats happened to many reminds me of the episode from star trek next generation ‘the game’ where aliens try to influence the crew with addictive mind games so they can take over.”

IMO, you are so very much on target. “The Game,” (106th episode) (Season 5, episode 6) was a good diagnosis of what ails us, ignored of course as we are in denial of our various shared addictions. We persecute and punish those who turn to substance addictions while fomenting and rationalizing our “higher class” process addictions.

I believe this is worse here in the US than in the rest of the English speaking world. Greed, a definite multilevel process addiction remains king here in the US where we supposedly have no royalty but admire and fetishsize our robber baron pirates who’ve become billionaires.

Back in the 80’s, When Society Becomes an Addict, a book by feminist author Anne Wilson Schaef was published. For me it was a real “eye opener.” The insights she provided remain valuable unto this day.

The Buddhists, IMO are closest to understanding or seeing the problem in its truest form with their concept of “tanha” which we poorly translate as thirst, hunger craving and desire. I would modify their second “noble truth” in asserting, like in the Shingon tradition, that desire can be good or bad or both. Instead I would assert the problem is addictive desire and the ones that cause the most, and most perpetual suffering are the process addictions.

Greed, perhaps the most pervasive of the process addictions taints our individual and collective lives to extremes we fail to recognize. One really bad summer a few years ago a friend of mine died from the heat because he could not pay his electric bill. He was an air ace, one of the WWII Tuskegee airmen, but had fallen on hard times. We do not have a rational or humane electrical distribution system because the system is shaped and controlled in the interests of a cadre of our top greedheads.

Likewise, we do not have a rational or. humane tax system, education and training system, or universal healthcare system because of the greed of those in charge and their disdain for everyone else.


A very brief synopsis on the March transits for Biden….

Why The Astrological Shifts Coming In March, Particularly The End Of The Month And Early April, Look Tough For Joe Biden.

Video: 52 sec


Thank you Jerry, I appreciate that video. As an amateur astrologer it feels great to have my observations validated. I did miss how Pluto’s ingress will square Biden’s Moon which can be tough. In my observations I was more focused on Saturn’s conjunction to Biden’s South Node which can indicate an ending of some kind, and that soon after Saturn will transiting Harris’ MH and moving into her 10th H indicating greater responsibility and authority. This is all starting to happen now and by the end of April we will have a clear picture of how these Saturn aspects are playing out in both their charts coupled with the affect of Pluto squaring Biden’s Moon.

Hi Frank,

About the Saturn transit, we do in fact have historical precedent to go by. Analyzing the astrological aspects when VP Harris briefly stepped in as acting President on November 19, 2021 one notices some interesting parallels to the near term approaching aspects……..

For 85 Minutes, Kamala Harris Became The First Woman With Presidential Power

November 19, 2021

President Joe Biden on Friday temporarily transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris while he was under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy for one hour and 25 minutes, according to the White House.

The nation’s first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president broke yet another barrier when she temporarily stepped into the acting role. Harris worked from her office in the West Wing while Biden was under anesthesia, according to Psaki.



The surgery began at 10:10 am Nov 19, 2021 Washington DC. Here’s the chart:


In this chart there is a Moon/North Node conjunction at 0/1 Gemini conjoining Biden’s Uranus/Ascendant degrees (2/3 Gemini). There is also a powerful Mars-Uranus opposition in effect (12 Taurus-13 Scorpio) conjunct Biden’s natal Mars (12 Scorpio).

Fast forward to the March 21st Aries New Moon (0 Aries). It will be in close semi square to tr, Uranus (16 Taurus) and sesquiquadrate to Harris’ natal Neptune (16 Scorpio). Saturn at 1 Pisces will be re-visiting the pattern set in Nov 2021 in semi square to tr. Jupiter (16 Aries), so maybe that could indicate some kind of transition in the next lunar cycle.

Hi Eliseo,

Never mind Putin, when Jupiter hit my sixth-house sun a few months ago, I got hit with a panoply of formidable health challenges which are still taxing me. Sorry to say I don’t have time to delve into any of Vlad’s health or decumbiture issues. I still have a few weeks before I can exhale. Should you come across a reliable natal chart for Putin, I’d be glad to scry it for a while and share what comes up for me. In the meantime, I’ve been passing colossal kidney stones from both kidneys and have just had my third surgical procedure this past Friday. I’ve been pretty much down for the count since Thanksgiving.

A bit of good news; I was prescribed a very expensive medicine that came with an obscene price-tag of $6200 per 90=day supply. On a whim, I checked out Mark Cuban’s https://costplusdrugs.com and found it for $145 for a 90-day prescription. I found some dramatically-reduced prices on almost all of my medications vs what I am paying on my RX supplemental insurance. I encourage every one on this site do check Cuban’s website. From what I’ve gathered, he’s doing this to expose Big Pharma’s Big Rip-off.

My illness and weakness became unmanageable to the point that I was forced me to give my 6-month Doberman puppy to my niece and her family (sixth house also rules pets); I was experiencing acute kidney failure and was blacking-out after standing up or walking but a few steps. Honestly thought I was going to buy the farm for a while. Docs are calling it Autonomic Neuropathy or Autonomic failure due to lack of dopamine. messing with blood pressure, breathing, balance and urinary system. Ode to Joy.

Thanks to you and others for keeping the pulse going on this site. I will contribute more when I get my mojo back.

Will, sending you love, light & positive healing thoughts. You have been through a lot. Do what you need to do to get well. Also to anyone else who needs it here, & to your puppy as well, in his new home. Pls keep in touch, Will. I’m glad Elise reached out to you. Everyone I know has health challenges lately.. I currently am having a Saturn transit of my sun & everything is taking extra effort + I’m having neuropathy issues as well but In carrying on, as the British say, looking for solutions. Life is a gift that we sometimes take for granted. We also need to flow with it, in gratitude & acceptance.

Hi Will,

Good god! So many challenges in your life. You are a very brave soul.

I’m sure you must have explored the alternatives (home remedies, homeopathy etc). If not, it would stand to reason, if given ample time and patience, natural home remedies might be just as effective and moreover much more affordable. Here’s one website I found that could be of helpful interest…..

8 Natural Remedies to Fight Kidney Stones at Home


Sending thoughts of love and good will your way.

Ugh, Will, that sounds scary and painful. I hope things resolve soon and you can get back on your feet. Great to hear Mark Cuban’s site is up and serving well.

As Sharon said, many of us are dealing with health issues. I had a scare with palpitations and heart racing about a month ago – even took an ambulance ride to the ER – all while Uranus was squaring my natal Uranus for the final time (and just now coming up on final square to my Ascendant and Moon). Uranus doing its electrical thing. Still awaiting Holter monitor results but I believe it’s gastrointestinal issues setting off my vagus nerve, and my doc is inclined to agree. Being a Virgo Sun and other planets, digestive issues are common enough. Saturn in Pisces is now opposing my Mercury and Venus+Pluto, but so far that’s just felt calming. fingers crossed

I hope this Spring is good to everyone here, in health and weather.

OMG! I feel for your suffering, and pray you better health to come soon. Please keep in touch with Starlight or others with whom you are in email contact if you can’t post here. As you likely recall Alex and Barb K disappeared from our midst long ago and we have no way of knowing what happened to them.

I too have been experiencing health difficulties. Terrible, erratic sleep problems and consequent fatigue (I’ve had circadian rhythm problems since infancy) and tremendous pain in my left arm.

No! It’s not a heart problem. I have a very messed up rotator cuff in my left shoulder and a neck injury from long ago when I was involved in the civil rights movement. The neck vertebrae connects to nerves in my left arm. I hope by end of year to receive the eye surgery and neck surgery I need, plus assistance for my hearing problems.

I concur with Les in saying “I hope this Spring is good to everyone here, in health and weather.”

I have used the Mark Cuban pharmacy recently and found a great price on an expensive medicine. In fact, an M.D. told me about it. https://costplusdrugs.com/

Will, Neptune, whose transit is at 25 Pisces now where it’s affecting Eliseo’s moon & my mars/venus, I believe, is transiting your 6th house mercury (years ago you posted your birth data and I stored it in my astro.com database). I am not sure how that factors into your current health situation. It could be causing unclarity but also a visionary ability and an inspiring solution? Healing using imagery and energy work? (Just brain storming). Also, it looks like the Uranus transit in Taurus is affecting your Jupiter.

The Neptunian transit of Pisces over my mars/venus conjunction has done a number on my health – my muscular-skeletal structure and fascia, as well as decrease my ability to move forward (mars) and get things done.

Thinking of you, Eliseo, Les, anyone else who needs it, and projecting healing energy to all of you.

And — both the sun and neptune are transiting 25 Pisces today.

Additionally, Mars is in 25 Gemini today so that is part of the astrological mix for those with personal mutable placements around 25 degrees.

To this end, I’d like to share a little astrologically-related anecdote.

Although I like an occasional glass of wine when eating out on a special occasion with family or friends, or mixing a ittle red wine in my Friday night grape juice when we say blessings over the candles, bread and grape juice on Fri night, I almost never order a cocktail made with hard liquor.

However, yesterday when I met an old friend for lunch, who had moved away about 5 yrs ago, we indulged in cocktails at True Food Kitchen — a chain that specializes in a more gourmet vegetarian menu (but with some meat, fish, chicken).

I ordered their Adaptogenic Hot Toddy because, disappointingly, they didn’t have all of the ingredients for the “passion colada” (which sounded really great by the way). Several menu items were labelled adaptogenic, and I had to ask for the definition – which I’ll leave for you to look up. I didn’t realize the Hot Toddy was basically made with bourbon and ashgwaghanda, an anti-anxiety herb among other things. Well, not only did I need to sleep after getting home but I still think I’m feeling the effects today, after only 1 drink.

Since Pisces rules alcohol, I’d say be careful with your alcohol, herbal, medicinal, drug intake, those of you with planets around 25 Pisces, Virgo, Sag & Gemini. As I am not feeling so great today, I’m also lucky, so far, to be having an easy-going.

Also, although my mercury is in mid-Aquarius, my brain power has been decreasing over the past few years, and I attribute it to Neptune so I’m going to go back to a brain supplement & also bring back more physical exercise (swimming & yoga) into my life. I’m going to try to use Saturn’s transit through Pisces positively in this respect.

“easy going day…” and “to also bring back…”

Sharon K,
Considering that my Moon is in my 10th at 24 Pisces and my rising sign is at 27 degrees of Gemini I take what you’ve offered as a good and needed heads up. Sunstars’ Sun as you recall conjuncts my Moon, so I expect she would be affected as well.

Many, Many Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions. And yes, my Mercury is at 25 Pisces also in my sixth house. Although it serves me well with intuiting the unconscious realms, it seems at times to obscure with confusing impressions; my private practice is riddled with addiction issues. By the way, Happy Solar Return to you, Daughter of Neptune. All the best to you!

Thank you so much Will.

People with mercury in Pisces seem to me to be very intelligent and creative, artistic, right-brained

Eliseo, except for Neptune which retrogrades in the next year so it will affect those degrees for another while (on and off), the sun, mars & mercury transits are fleeting but you should be feeling them today & tomorrow, etc.


Sorry to learn of your health- scare. Approaching my 70th solar return (and especially over the last four months) my sense of my own mortality has dramatically intensified. My numbered days in this incarnation has also stoked fires of self-activation and determination. Although I will probably need two knee replacements in the coming months (the arthritic pain has become chronically unbearable), the promisev of a significantly increased quality of life from now until I get my ticket punched seems like a good enough motivation. I wish you a good and optimistic prognosis.


I so appreciate your kind thoughts and suggestion.
Thank you! Love your generous and fascinating posts.


Oh, the constant, dull joy-robbing pain of a torn rotator cuff. Sorry to know we share this misery. My vote is for you to address your vision issues first.

Bette Davis nailed it.
“Aging ain’t for sissies.”

International court issues war crimes warrant for Putin

CNN ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin 7:37

Cash Peters, a familiar youtube intuitive reader on the net, in a number of readings recently, had outlined his impressions for March. He saw two consecutive tidal waves, the second of which would be much larger than the first. Looking back in retrospect, as events took sway this past week. he now has the impression that the series of recent bank failures could well symbolize those waves; a hint of things to come? Presumably, the second wave is imminent. This leads us to the following hypothetical……..

All eyes are on the next Federal Reserve meeting set for March 22nd. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is assigned to the unenviable task of trying to steer the economy towards calmer waters. A decision to raise interest rates or not in its effort to combat inflation is on the agenda. The soundness of our financial institutions remain in the balance. One false move can send world stock markets plummeting. The timing is remarkable in that the Fed’s interest rate announcement scheduled for 2pm EST and a press conference that follows at 2.30pm EST coincides with what is being termed in the astrological/ spiritual community: “Heaven’s Cross”. The chart drawn up for this astro event of 3/22/2023 is set for 3 pm EST (9 am Hawaii HAST). It has Chiron conjunct Moon & Jupiter at 16 Aries in semisquare to Saturn at 1 Pisces.
Connecting the dots, if Credit Suisse were to go under, this indeed would seriously undermine the Euro and consequently irreparably damage the delicate balance of the entire international monetary system.

Credit Suisse – July 16, 1856 12 pm Zurich Switzerland/

Transit: Tr. North Node conjoins natal Pluto at 5 ’35 Taurus in late March.

The Euro – January 1, 1999 Frankfurt, Germany 00:01 CET/

Transit: Tr. Pluto closely conjoins natal Neptune (1 ’04 Aquarius) in late March.

Equally concerning is Chinese President Zhi’s controversial meeting with President Putin in Moscow scheduled for March 22nd. At stake is what the west would consider unacceptable agreements between China and Russia wherein military assistance would be given to Russia in its war against Ukraine. If that were to happen, this would no doubt contribute to a spike in international tensions, as the US would certainly retaliate with heavy economic sanctions against China. Side by side with these potential unfolding events exist the spiritual ramifications just under the surface…….

What’s Up March 22, 2023?

Maybe something? Maybe nothing? (written by Krysta Gibson)

Have you heard about Heaven’s Cross? This is a planetary event happening March 22, 2023. Here’s some of what I’ve found about it. I suggest you do your own internet search where you can watch some videos and read some articles. See what your intuition says and make your own assessment.

“Heaven’s Cross (or Heavens Cross) occurs when the level of consciousness on the planet reaches a point where the barriers that have separated the physical realms from the non-physical realms begin to open. For humans that are aware and ready, this means easier access to their divinity. It creates a tangible energy flow between the human facet and the soul. The term ‘heavens cross’ means that the heaven (or dimension) of the physical universe begins to intersect and interact with the other realms.” (Crimson Circle . com)



We are Heading Towards the Heaven’s Cross

March 22, 2023

“Heaven’s Cross is where the heaven of Earth and the heavens of the other realms intersect. They cross, and it makes the divinity so much more accessible. It’s who you really are. It’s the alignment of your energies flowing in such a graceful, beautiful way.” ~ Adamus

Adamus has given the date of March 22, 2023 for the actual opening of Heaven’s Cross.

He says the effects of this momentous event will eventually be perceived by science bring a level of change to the planet not seen since the fall of Atlantis. The implications are far-reaching as many extraordinary potentials now become possibilities.

Adamus describes the “perfect storm” on Earth – conflict, desire for freedom, and the light of consciousness – that is bringing about this massive change. It is the fulfillment of the Atlantean dream to create a planet where human and divine walk hand in hand, energies flowing together, never again to be separated.

Continued (complete with enclosed chart and video)…..


Hi Will,

Thank you for the kind words.

Quite frankly, I’m so accustomed to “normal” affordable healthcare here in India, that I’m always astonished to learn how outrageously expensive medical costs are in the States. It’s beyond my comprehension that the pharmaceutical industry in the US has not been regulated by the government to more reasonable costs. Just speculating here, but perhaps congress is at the mercy of the pharmaceutical lobbyists? If so, money can be such a corrupt influence sometimes.

Let us not overreact to the failure of these smaller banks. IMHO if, IF we have a serious financial crisis it is more likiely to occur as a result of the failure of the Chinese economy. If China gets stupid and provides Russia with weapons or ammunition, they will be sanctioned, which might well tumble their large but fragile economy. Yes, they are in trouble and assidously working to hide it.

Absent a Chinese economic collapse, IMO we will NOT have a recession but WILL have serious inflation for the next several years as we reindustrialize.

Below see Peter Zeihan’s reaction and analyses.

Peter Zeihan || The Financial Crisis of 2023? 7:18

Will, most people I know who had knee replacements are so glad they had it. I hear that recovery can be painful at the beginning (and assistance from others is necessary) but icing the area helps. Of course, you need to do 1 at a time.
I know an astrologer who can help choose the most fortuitous surgery dates. She is based in the Philippines & charges an $80 donation that goes to a program she runs for those who need help (it’s explained in her information sheet).
Rami – Earther Rise Astrology: https://www.bing.com/search?q=rami+choosing+dates+by+astrology+philippines&cvid=245386699d044ee99eca42e373c99754&aqs=edge..69i57.12890j0j1&pglt=41&FORM=ANNTA1&PC=LCTS

Here’s Mark Dodich’s take on the coming weeks/months.

New moon in 1 degree Aries, March 21, 10:23 AM PDT

The Spring quarter Astromark newsletter is now uploaded. Big changes are coming. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all change signs- then two eclipses and Mercury retrograde add to the fun.

This new moon at the first degree of Aries initiates the energy that will be at the April 20 Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Aries. Beginnings and endings is a simplistic way to describe it. Make space to be ready to pioneer a new path as this will begin a series of eclipses in Aries and Libra (more on that next month). For now, aren’t you read for a change or a new adventure?

Spring equinox is only one day earlier so much of this new moon energy is a part of the coming quarter. The only difference is that the moon was in Pisces at equinox (April 20 at 2:24 PM PDT). It asks you to open to a new and higher vision in the coming months. The new moon in Aries is telling you to get off your back side and kick yourself into a higher gear.

Big changes are afoot with Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23 and Saturn recently moving into Pisces (Click the quarterly Astromark newsletter below to read about that). Expansive Jupiter is aligned with centaur Chiron now, so it is likely you shall make the needed changes in stages. After all, if you are a half-human and half-horse centaur, it would not be surprising to feel caught between worlds.

The trick to this new moon is to get moving in the direction you want to go, but to understand that the universe will unfold in the way that is best for you- and that may or may not be the way your personality ego wants it to work. Aries is a candidate for least patient sign of the zodiac.

Here is the link to his full Spring newsletter: http://astromark.us/newsletter.pdf

In the Earther Rise link to Rami’s website, under Chart Readings, you’ll find Electring Auspicious Dates.

Electing! I try to motor through things too fast sometimes, especially lately.


Some random thoughts…….

The Chinese economy is no doubt frighteningly fragile and problematic, but the banking industry in general is currently over leveraged and deeply in debt due to the recent pandemic and over all mismanagement. Like the tide going out, it feels as though we are now in the last phase wherein all the systemic debris left on the ocean floor will be exposed. The entire economic system is based on trust. Once that trust has been questioned or undermined we will be vulnerable to wild speculations in the market place which could lead to a meltdown. Bank runs unlike in previous years can now happen in minutes rather than weeks due to the technology of instant electronic transfers. That is precisely what happened with Silicon Valley Bank. It was primarily bank runs that forced it to capitulate and go into receivership. It happened in a matter of two days.

Astrologer Thor Sandalwood, puts the astrological pieces of the puzzle into perspective. Although he works with the Vedic astrological model, his insightful observations are easily understood and makes perfect sense…..

Urgent Astrology News: Silicon Valley Bank Collapse – Emergency Alert!

Video: 5 min 17 sec


Biden’s Chart: A Financial Crisis Looms!

Video: 16 min 51 sec



Continued from above…….

Credit Suisse Crisis: What the Swiss Chart Reveals – Red Alert Update!

Video: 4 min 47 sec


One final thought. We are in the midst of the current Uranus-Saturn square cycle which began in earnest mid February 2021. The first square occurred at 7 degrees Taurus-Aquarius. The transiting nodes just completed its activation of those degrees, which can partially explain the volatility in the banking sector we are experiencing now Dan Waite explores the current cycle and how this particular aspect had impacted previous market downturns……..

Astrology Warning: Financial Meltdown Could Be Imminent

Aug 31, 2022

World ECONOMIC CRASH coming? A WARNING from history

We all know the global economy is in big trouble. Astrology agrees. In this video astrologer Dan Waites explains how the 45-year cycle of Saturn and Uranus times financial meltdowns in history over and over again. We follow the crises that have come at the hard aspects of the current Saturn-Uranus cycle, which began in 1988. And we see how the Saturn-Uranus cycle is at the same point it was in at the start of the Great Depression and the stagflation crisis of the 1970s. This is difficult astrology. Buckle up.

Video: 4 min 23 sec



An afterthought. According to this latest report, things are not going as planned. The Fed may have to be more creative in its approach. More volatility is expected in the markets Monday morning…..

Mass Panic by the Banks as They Borrow a Record Amount From the Fed as the Liquidity Crisis Deepens

Video: 16 min 10 sec


According to a Reuters article Trump expects to be arrested Tuesday in the Manhattan DA case and Tuesday is the equinox, one day after the New Moon and a few days before Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. Finally! Finally, these cases against Trump are beginning to get real! Here’s link to article https://apple.news/AEpz9fjEkTq2Buxpsp8hDlg


When the SVB crisis first hit, the general consensus was that this crisis was isolated to the tech industry and that it would most likely not have any sufficient damaging effect on other banks to be unduly concerned, especially after the Fed took the unusual step of propping up the bank with substantial liquidity. Paul’s article makes no attempt to explore the much broader impact SVB’s demise is now having on Credit Suisse and other European financial institutions. The implications are enormous because Credit Suisse’s holdings are twice as large as SVB and is much more far reaching in its investments with other banks. If not contained, the rout could aggravate conditions towards global contagion…..

Fears of Contagion

Credit Suisse At A Crossroads As Stocks Slide Again

March 17, 2023

Credit Suisse shares fell again Friday despite being bolstered by the Swiss central bank as investors worry about which road the embattled lender will take to try and restore confidence.

Yet more drastic restructuring, closing its investment banking arm or even a takeover by a rival were being mooted by analysts studying Switzerland’s second-biggest bank, one of 30 deemed of global importance to the international banking system.

Amid fears of contagion after the collapse of two banks in the United States, on Wednesday Credit Suisse’s biggest shareholder said it would “absolutely not” up its stake in the bank for regulatory reasons.

That triggered panic in the markets and the bank’s shares plunged more than 30 percent during the day’s trading to a new record low of 1.55 Swiss francs a share.



Trump coming progressions (Sp secondary progressions)


June 25 2023 progressed Moon at 22°39′ Libra conjunct progressed Venus at 22°39′ Libra Sp-Sp

September 5 2023 progressed Moon at 25°Li06′ conjunct progressed Jupiter at 25°06′ Libra Sp-Sp


July 14 at 8 am EDT

Progressed Sun at 6°’42’ Virgo opposed by transiting Saturn at 6°38′ Pisces

J A N U A R Y 6 T H I N S U R R E C T I O N 2.0

Sometime next week we are being told. a Trump indictment is expected.

Trumps’ incendiary words (battlecry) on his blog yesterday in anticipation of an imminent arrest by the New York DA is eerily reminiscent of the events of January 6th 2021. Trump is urging his supporters to go out into the streets in protest and “take our nation back”. It couldn’t come at a worse time. If indeed we find ourselves mired in chaotic financial conditions next week as a number of experts are anticipating, Trump will exploit this vulnerability in public to no end. The prospect of facing a crisis on two fronts. riots in the streets along with the rapid deterioration in our financial institutions would be daunting as both issues could converge and exacerbate the situation dramatically. Consider the ramifications of this. Both Russia and China have been waiting for such a “Perfect Storm” opportunity and use it to full advantage. The US preoccupied with domestic unrest could provide the convenient pretext for China to invade Taiwan and/or Russia to make a dramatic move against Ukraine (the use of a nuclear device?)………

Bolton Reacts To Trump’s Post That He Expects To Be Arrested

Video: 3 min 38 sec


Regarding that looming March 22nd date…..

I don’t wish to be unduly alarmist here, but it’s being reported by various intelligence agencies that Islamic terrorist organizations plan to step up their attacks to coincide with the month of Ramadan. Ramadan officially begins on March 22nd. Perhaps a catalyst for a third intifada? A quick look at the aspects reveal Israel’s natal Saturn at 16 Leo will be directly impacted by the March 22nd Chiron/Moon/Jupiter conjunction (16 Aries) by trine and tr. Uranus (16 Taurus) by square………….

A Coordinated Terrorist Campaign Against Israel Is Being Planned for Ramadan

March 17 2023

Over the weekend, a person snuck into northern Israel from Lebanon and planted an unusually sophisticated bomb, which was detonated on Monday morning and wounded one person. Israeli officials kept most of these details under wraps until Wednesday. Yoni Ben Menachem sees the attack as a precursor to a major escalation planned by Iran in concert with its proxy force, Hizballah, and its allies Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad:

According to intelligence data from various sources, Israeli security officials assess that with the approach of the month of Ramadan (March 22–April 20) there will be an unprecedented conflict with the Palestinian terrorist factions on several fronts that may deteriorate into a military conflict more acute than that in the Gaza Strip in May 2021.

The accumulation of threatening statements by the heads of the terrorist organizations in the media, and intelligence information, indicate an impending escalation. . . . It is very doubtful whether Israel will be able to stop the approaching tsunami of terrorism since this is a strategic decision by the terrorist organizations in coordination with Iran.



BREAKING: Trump indictment date finally ANNOUNCED



Political Temperatures Are Rising

In support of former President Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other top Republicans were pressing for an investigation into the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Stormy Daniel’s probe, insisting that it is “politically motivated and won’t stand up in court”.

Last month republican congresswoman Tara Carr of Connecticut, referring to Pres. Biden wrote on twitter “He’s aiding and abetting the enemy. Ready. Aim. Fire. One shot, one kill. That simple.” Her tweet was taken down shortly after. She was heavily reprimanded by her fellow colleagues but not censured.

In anticipation of an indictment, Trump’s recent incendiary words to his supporters to band together and take to the streets in protest may not be effective or anywhere near disruptive as was the January 6th, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill given the beefed up security measures of the NYPD, but unfortunately all it takes is one lone crazed gunman to set his sights against President Biden and it would be all over. It would be the ultimate obfuscation and redemption for Trump and his supporters.

So, consider this. Mr. Donald Trump shows up at the court house in the next couple days by order of the court. He is fingerprinted, a mug shot is taken, he is charged and then sent home to await trial. So then what? After the tension and excitement of the day settles down, Trump will attend his first rally of the 2024 presidential primary season. It is scheduled for March 25th in WACO, TEXAS. Whether by design or coincidence. this is the same city, that is associated with and symbolic of armed resistance against the establishment. It happens to be the 30th year anniversary of the Waco siege, also known as the Waco massacre wherein law enforcement laid siege to the compound that belonged to the religious cult Branch Davidians. It lasted 51 days from February 28 – April 19, 1993 and ended with 76 people dying in a fire that engulfed the compound.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the Waco, Texas rally at 5 pm CST on March 25th. This coincides with an exact Saturn-Jupiter semi-square (2 Pisces – 17 Aries). Jupiter will be in opposition to Trump’s natal Jupiter (17 Libra) and sesquisquared by Saturn and at the other end of the spectrum Biden’s natal Uranus at 2 Gemini will be squared by tr. Saturn and semisquared by tr. Jupiter. Whether the next week or so transpires without incident is anyones guess, but we do live in unpredictable and dangerous times.

With so many investigations involving tRump ongoing it is not possible to specify which particular investigation the progressed aspects I posted above might apply to if to any of them.

One very interesting observation/speculation plus one very small but pregnant fact:

Many observe the Vladimir Putin in the staged propoganda photo-op series in Mariupol appears to be a different fellow from the Vladimir Putin in the video of his meeting in Moscow with Chairman Xi.

The Mariupol Vladimir is clearly much stronger and healthier, believed by some to be an actor who has undergone plastic surgery. The puffy faced (likely from steroids) Moscow Vladimir appears to be the real one. He appears thinner, so much so that his suits are now looking baggy, and he holds onto the arms of his chair tightly to avoid exposure of his tremors.

Odd but pregnant fact:
The Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources recently ordered that all new maps will use the older Chinese names of cities and areas formerly owned by China but confiscated from them by the Russians in the 1860’s. As an example, Vladivostok, a city in Outer Manchuria, now in the far east of Russia is again to be referred to by its Chinese name, Haishenwai.

All territories taken from China by various foreign powers during their “Century of Humiliation” have been returned except for that taken from them by the Russian Empire.

Chinese intentions are clearly but subtly telegraphed here. The remaining questions are “how soon?” and “by force if necessary?” Meanwhile, Chinese people have been moving into the far east of Russia illegally for quite a number of years. It is also my opinion they intend to eventually take Lake Baikal. the largest, deepest, purest source of unfrozen fresh water on Earth.

No worries Bob,

Like nailing a piece of Jello to a wall.

Exclusive: Trump ‘hush money’ grand jury called off for Wednesday, delaying possible indictment vote


tRump prog anlunar for romorrow March 23


I had to chuckle at Marjorie Orr’s word choice in one of her latest articles pertaining to The Don

” Another Gemini with cockroach powers to withstand repeated blasting …”


There is now a neuron tsunami stretching from New York City to Washington, D.C.

Pluto has finally dipped into Aquarius !!! – – – precisely opposite my natal Mars in my 2nd House.

Bob, What is a a neuron tsunami?

It is what all of the involved brains in that corridor from NYC to DC are generating as these proceedings go on curious one. I hope that it engulfs tRump and all of his followers and backers when it comes to an end.

Bob, that’s such an interesting image.

Given the conditions and current trends unfolding on the political and financial front at the moment, I’m beginning to question the timeline I had been mapping out. It may be a bit premature and unrealistic. Common sense dictates that it may take more time for the trends to fully manifest themselves.

Looking further afield, the upcoming eclipses (the April 20th solar eclipse-Pluto square and the May 5th lunar eclipse-Uranus opposition) seems absolutely intriguing. Here are some observations about the eclipses from the Mystical Transformation website……

On April 20, 2023 Solar Hybrid Eclipse will occur at 29°Aries50’. This Solar Eclipse is conjunct Jupiter and Square Pluto. A Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Sun’s exaltation indicates a need to aggressively pursue expansion on a spiritual level. Aries is an active and energetic sign so initiating new projects and undertaking new ventures are bound for around this time. This Eclipse can bring an increased potential for aggravation, aggression, resentment, and pioneering urges with a focus on personal beginnings. Eclipses are Scorpionic and purgative in nature with the ability to permanently open or close doors. Any new developments can originate from crisis situations bringing permanent changes and forward momentum. 29° in Astrology is considered a critical degree. This particular degree tends to bring long-term recognition to fated experiences. With this being a North Node eclipse, we can expect this to be more of a positive Eclipse that may give something beneficial in the midst or as a result of a crisis situation. The conjunction with Jupiter is where we need to make peace with people, places, and things represented by Jupiter to encourage and enrich our development. Jupiter’s influence expands the social experience. Emotional extremes are common at the time of an Eclipse especially with Jupter’s involvement. This can be growth, excessiveness, and foreign encounters which lead to a crisis situation to bring a sense of freedom.

On May 5, 2023, a Lunar Penumbral Eclipse will occur at 14°Scorpio58’. Eclipses propel you to get to the next new beginning to level up and tackle that next stage of development. A Lunar Eclipse represents mundane/everyday activities that come between emotional intelligence, unconsciousness, receptivity and blocks the consciousness, illumination, and outward expression of self. Lunar eclipses increase the possibility of losing something. With it being a Full Moon, which is usually a time of unbalanced, illuminated, and culminated energy, it brings finality and a sense of loss of control to our circumstances. In Scorpio, this suggests a culmination and need to balance conditions around money, possessions, values, power and control. Insurance matters, credit lines, debts, taxes, and mortality are also concerns of a Scorpio Eclipse.


One could argue that the crowning moment to all this astro activity could come on May 17th, with the Jupiter-Pluto square at 0 Aquarius-Taurus, but that might need some further analysis somewhere down the road. I noticed that the May 5th lunar eclipse in close opposition to Uranus (18 ’42 Taurus) has Uranus precisely to the minute where the August 1st 2022 Uranus/Mars/North Node conjunction had occurred. As some might remember this rare conjunction happened to coincide with Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China considered it a provocation and was threatening the US with all out war.

Jerry, Since you live in India, what to you think of this?


Rahul Gandhi was expelled from Parliment. It’s hard to believe that someone with the last name Gandhi could be unpopular, although apparently it is the politics of the party he represents? I do sense that India is going to be more of a world power in the coming years.

Let us not forget Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984.

Jerry may have additional or perhaps deeper information, but as I understand it, Rahul Gandhi violated some very old British era defamaton laws which coincidentally many legal scholars in India have been working to remove from the corpus.

Rahul was convicted of insulting and disrespecting the family of the prime minister and anyone named Modhi as he commented that all Modhis were thieves. Such a conviction would not stand in modern Britain or the US.

I’ve studied India for decades. IMO they have a long way to go but will eventually supercede China and Russia who will decline precipitously within a generation. Again IMO India will eventually be a near equal partner and ally of the US and the Western world.

Hi Sharon,

I am aware of the charges and sentencing (I believe it is a 2 year prison sentence?). Personally, I find it rather sad and perplexing, but at the same time I am sensitive to the position I am in. For a foreigner to take a political stance one way or the other would not be advisable. Let’s just say, I have a deep respect for the Indian culture. And it should be noted, that as a democracy, India is still rather young historically speaking. 75 years old to be exact. Still in its infancy compared to the US. Like all fledgling democracies they have their growing pains, but I am confident that in time they will find their way and serve as a beacon of light to other nations because in the depths of their soul, the spirit and conscience of the country is guided by deeper spiritual values. Western values can find themselves at odds with the east sometimes. For example, in the US, there was a time when burning the American flag in protest against the war in Vietnam was not only considered acceptable among one’s peers but downright patriotic (freedom of speech). In sharp contrast, here in India, it is common practice for cinemas to play the national anthem with the visual of an Indian flag fluttering in the background before a film is shown. The audience is expected to stand out of respect. As a westerner, I find it amusing and unusual, but I do thoroughly understand and empathise with the psychology of it. They are simply trying to come to terms with their identity as a secular and unified nation. Still trying to overcome the struggles inherent in the Muslim versus Hindu divide. It will take time, but they are on the right path.

RE: “but I am confident that in time they will find their way and serve as a beacon of light to other nations because in the depths of their soul, the spirit and conscience of the country is guided by deeper spiritual values.”

I concur entirely. I believe India has a truly great future!

Any country that doesn’t want to hurt cows, is a few steps above others in the world in my book. Of course, I don’t know how badly they treat other animals, particularly work animals.

Sharon K & Jerry.
An irony there, Sharon. Good and kind treatment of the cow, a symbol of the mother goddess, but very sexist, poor treatment of women and girls generally.

Nevertheless, the prevalence of strong experential connection with the Divine is a defining feature of the Indian subcontinent and of SE Asia.

Marjorie Orr has just posted on increasing solar activity and mentions ‘carrington event’
Having never heard of that I had to look it up.

In light of upcoming astro and political changes, something to ponder

PS – Aurora Australis this year has been exceptionally bright and has been visible from as far north as my latitude this week – also borealis reported by my sister-in-law as visible in south park colorado.
I wonder if there is a connection to increased solar storms already?


Yes. Agreed. There are many contradictions in India with definite patriarchal leanings as you pointed out. But interestingly enough, Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister Nehru’s niece, led the country for many years as India’s first woman Prime Minister back in the ’70’s; a time when women’s rights was just in its infancy and not at all fashionable.

In the rural areas of India, the villagers are well adapted to their surroundings. They seem to be in touch with nature. As an outsider, I am always humbled to see it when in close quarters with them. A prime example of this is the recent oscar winner for short documentary The Elephant Whisperers. Here’s the trailer….


Elephants are sentient, conscious, intelligent beings whom IMHO should be protected and granted the legal status of personhood. This I have believed for several decades. “The Elephant Whisperers” looks like a VERY interesting and enjoyable film! I’ve long been fascinated by elephants and of course by India.
Unfortunately I do not have access to a television.

I am deeply indebted to India for its great spiritual literature, the Hindu and Buddhist classics more so than that of the Jains and Sikhs. But all are valuable and fascinating. A book on my list to eventually acquire is The Hindus of Hindustan, by Meenakshi Jain. Are you familiar with it? It is difficult to obtain here in the states.

Although mainstream historians have long regarded Sumeria as the first human civilization, I am one who subscribes to the hypothesis the roots of India are older, possibly a daughter civilization mothered by one from last glacial maximum in Sundaland.

Have you studied Indian history or contemplated the possible historicity of the ancient myths and legends?

Hi Eliseo,

I’m afraid I’m terrible when it comes to anthropology. The mysteries of ancient Indian history and legend elude me. However the more recent British symbiotic relationship with India, the colonial era that lasted until India’s independence in 1947 for some strange reason does fascinate me. Have you seen the series Indian Summers? Here’s a preview……


If you are interested in watching the full documentary Elephant Whisperers, I sent it to a friend the other day. You can download the link from here (the link expires April 2nd):

The Elephant Whisperers


PS Re: The Elephant Whisperers

The English subtitles are contained in the folder on a separate link. The VLC media player works well with subtitles, so I would recommend using the VLC player.

I have been disappointed about Pluto’s seemingly lacklustre foray into Aquarius. By now I thought we would see some seismic developments in the courts re:
the horrid orange man. I am surprised. But then surprise and chaos are hallmark characteristics of Uranus, the Waterbearer’s ruler. The Parisian and Israeli rebellions and the precipitous weather upheavals and shocking delays in our own body politic seem to be resplendant with Uranian upsets and upheaval as well as its unpredictability. Hopefully this ruler will continue to confound and surprise us in wonderful ways.

Hi Will,

All is not lost. Here’s what I’m seeing……

I think there is definitely a pattern coming into focus here. The Jupiter/Pluto/Mars conjunction (23/24 Capricorn) of March 22nd, 2020 precipitated the world wide lockdown. The whole world was plunged into a state of confusion with the Corona Virus pandemic. Virtually all air traffic came to a stand still that day.

We can probably anticipate a culmination of those energies when Jupiter-Pluto-Mars once again array themselves, but this time in a t square formation on May 20th at 0 degrees Aquarius-Taurus-Leo. In between those two dates, the powerful 0 Aquarius degree is quietly building in strength, first with the December 21st, 2020 Saturn/Jupiter conjunction (0 Aquarius). This happened to be the day of the winter solstice by the way. Second, we have the approaching April 20th solar eclipse at 29 ’50 Aries in nearly exact square to a waxing stationary Pluto (0 ’20 Aquarius). The finale, the May 20th Jupiter-Pluto-Mars t square has a financial component to it. I think we may see a severe downward trend in the markets especially because the nodes in the Taurus-Scorpio axis are closely aligned…….

Solar Eclipse April 2023 | Financial Crash, Wildfire, Threats? Pluto Square the Nodes

Vide 38 min 9 sec


2023 Astrological Financial Energies ~ Uranus in Taurus, Taurus/Scorpio Nodes of Fate, Eclipses

Video: 47 min 16 sec


On a personal note that I want to share regarding uranus’s transit through Taurus, Astrodienst has Uranus at 16 38′ today. Venus is at the beginning of 14 Taurus. My stellum of mercury in 17 Aquarius opp moon/pluto in about 18 Leo are beginning to be squared by t uranus and I feel it. I am talking more & faster and knocking out many more tasks, one after the other,until I am tired and then get a 2nd wind so I keep going a bit longer. I’m a bit nervous and my husband seems to be SO slow to me in many of his thinking (mercury in Pisces) and action processes – although he does have mars, uranus, sat from 12 to 18 Leo and he does have a lot on his plate that he is knocking out. I guess I can expect to feel this way & get more used to it until Uranus goes to about 20 Taurus. We are having intermittent, contentious clashes in our discussions here and there, but they sometimes end up being breakthroughs. I have only just noticed this and I think t. venus will help for a while, but venus moves faster than uranus. Also, my own mental processes are fluctuating with my mind going blank many times a day for a few seconds. Wow…Uranus at work….as well as astrology at work, if you are aware of it. Sometimes I tell friends they might feel this way or that way, and when it will happen, and it often clicks for them…but at other times, they say I didn’t feel anything different. See – there I go being chatty again. Yesterday while getting my hair trimmed, I couldn’t stop – lol.

With my natal Mars at 0 degrees 33 minutes of Leo in my 2nd House, Pluto at 0 Aquarius is in direct opposition. What I’m experiencing is a series of events or occurrences in opposing pairs. A stress, a disapointment or difficulty arises almost simultaneous with or actually coinciding with something else truly positive and helpful.

Thank youbforbthe videosn Jerry.
Eliseo and Sharon, thank you for your personal shares. I have Mars at 0-Taurus and Venus at 1-degree Taurus in 7th house Maybe my ongoing health crises and solitude are born of this? I feel quite at sea. Very stultified..
Me no likely. I feel miserable and cranky as an old mule.


To The Old Mule That Lurks Inside All of Us,

That cranky, miserable feeling is actually a very common experience. No one is immune to it. Here is a helpful meditative technique that I find useful:

Emotional Mastery – Transcend Any Feeling

Video: 17 min 35 sec


Sharon, it may be transiting Jupiter at 18 Aries that’s leading to the excess! Sextile your Mercury and trine your Moon/Pluto. I have Ascendant/Moon at 17/18 Leo so getting the Uranus square transit also (at least it’s done with my natal Uranus at 14 Leo). Enjoy!

Thank you Jerry,

Pretty sure mostnofnthis cranky irritability is a function of still passing kidney stones and still having these stent tubes inside of me which run from the kidneys thru the ureters and through the bladder. Also struggling with accepting new provisional diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy. Nonetheless, it is lmportant to have agency over my feelings even when suffering considerable physical pain.


You might be interested to know, Sunny Sharma, the individual whose video I had shared, initially started out his spiritual quest under similar circumstances as yours. He was besieged with intense physical pain over a period of years with which he could not find any meaningful relief, until one day…….

Well you’ll just have to watch the first ten minutes of his narrative to find out how he resolved it. . . . . . .

My Story – Who Is Sunny Sharma?

Video: 49 min 34 sec


1st trump grand jury announcement made

oops, left out the word indictment


Oh Happy Day!

Humpty Trumpty’s karma has come
Humpty Trumpty is coming undone
He no longer has pluck, he’s plum out of luck,
His fate has come to an epic fail
Trumpty’s lying orange ass is going to jail.

Double drat!!
Curses! Foiled again!!!

Speaking of indicted, Trump posted on Truth Social that he has been “INDICATED.” 😀

The date of an indictment will mark a step forward but the date of a guilty plea or conviction, if there is one, will be the date to live in history followed by the date of sentencing.

Perhaps such a date could take until this July 12 when transit Saturn will oppose tRump’s progressed Sun.

Will: very cute!
For those that might be interested the utube link I posted is long and rambles a bit in places, but imo contains pretty good/straightforward legal analysis going forward

The Trump Arraignment/ Tuesday 10 am April 4, 2023 NYC Court House


Presuming Trump’s court appearance will commence at 10 am, the ascendant-descendant axis (21 Gemini – Sagittarius) in the chart conjoins Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition.

What is most intriguing about this chart is that the close Sun/Chiron conjunction at 14 ’32/ 15 ’47 Aries will be opposing Trump’s Chiron/ Saturn placement (14 ’54/ 17 ’27 Libra).

From the Dark Pixie Astrology website…..

Chiron represents our wounds and emotional baggage, so aspects by transit Chiron to your natal planet can stimulate your healing ability, make you more aware of your wounds, re-open wounds, or bring more attention to what you need to heal from. Aspects by transit Chiron can last for one year.

Transit Chiron to Natal Saturn

Transit Chiron square or in opposition to natal Saturn can make things much more difficult, and you can feel the weight of your baggage crushing you if you don’t face your issues and work on healing, but you have to do so in a healthy, productive way.

From the Cafe Astrology website

Chiron takes approximately 50 years to come full circle. This slow-moving planet’s transits are fairly long-lasting, and each transit takes its time to unfold. As Chiron transits a point in our chart, retrogrades back over it, and then hits it again in direct motion, it imparts its own special wisdom upon the point in question–the areas of lives and parts of our psyches ruled by that point.

Under heavy Chiron transits, we feel ineffective and encounter situations in which we feel we need to prove ourselves to others. The trick is to prove ourselves to ourselves first to build our own self-respect. Efforts to prove ourselves to others will backfire– they simply won’t work. We will appear less effective to them, and we’ll exacerbate our own feelings of unworthiness. It’s an endless loop. We have to take a step back, be patient, and let our characters speak for themselves. If others are not seeing us in a particularly positive light right now or if they are doubting us (which can very much be the case during these transits), the only way to solve the problem is to resist the urge to prove ourselves to them. Under heavy Chiron transits, we also need to avoid a tendency to follow others, to “suck up” to them. Chiron activates, by hard aspect, our “wounds”–areas where we feel weakened and unsuccessful–and while it shines its light on these wounds, we may be inclined to blindly follow others’ advice or to get ourselves into subservient roles.

From the Tom Jacobs Evolutionary website

Chiron Transits to Chiron bring energetic and emotional stimulation, trying to wake you up to the importance of acknowledging what makes you believe you’re not or might not be worthy of love and support. This can stir up some fears and insecurities from when you were very young, asking you to take responsibility for your feelings and needs and become the kind of parent for your inner kids now that you needed when you were young. You’re going to be more sensitive than normal to others’ emotions, needs, pains, and sorrows, and you’re going to have to learn the value in choosing to nurture yourself first so you don’t get lost in others’ issues. You might now need a lot more time alone to process emotions, but just make sure you’re maturing through self-reflection and self-care, not just hiding because people, your family, and/or the world are just too much to handle.

From the 12andus.com website

Transiting Chiron Opposite Natal Chiron

This is a difficult time for you as you are called to face up to past losses and traumas that have not been resolved. You can’t brush your past pains under the rug now. You’ll have to find ways to integrate past wounds and traumas rather than projecting your issues on to others.

You are likely to be sensitive to triggers now and this is an important time to resolve self doubts and inner fears that continue to stand in the way of greater healing and growth now.

You may want to avoid your own issues or try to fit in rather than accepting your own unique strengths and perspective but you will go farther now by accepting your unusual path rather than going along with the crowd,

And it’s only just begun! My concern though is that it will gain him sympathy & support!

Thank G-d it finally happened. But consider this. Indictment is of course important, and there will be more to come, but I think it analogous to conception. It must happen for a birth to occur, but
the birth, in this case the conviction, sentencing and incarceration will be the more historically important events.

Trump will surely as before, delay, delay and delay. It could be more than a year before there is even a trial. What’s important NOW and in the months to come is how Trumpers, red state governors and legislatures will react.

Likely also of greater importance is the news Finland has been accepted into NATO and Saudi Arabia yesterday joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. To use a phrase from G.W. Bush, a Chinese led “axis of evil” is forming.


I’m anticipating some major developments in the DOJ case when tr. Chiron precisely opposes Donald Trump’s natal Saturn on May 4th. The following day we have the lunar eclipse (14 ’58 Scorpio) which forms a grand cross square to Merrick Garland’s Jupiter (15 ’11 Taurus) and Nodes (16 ’46 Aquarius-Leo).

The May 5th Lunar Eclipse


Merrick Garland’s Chart


Jerry, he will be arraigned at 2:15 on Tuesday.

Excerpts from Ray Merriman’s weekly column (a financial/astrological newsletter)…


…….Further ahead on our radar is May 16-23, when Jupiter enters Taurus and Mars enters Leo, with both forming a T-square with Pluto, still in 0 degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter square Pluto is often a banking crisis aspect with an orb of 4 months, which is in effect now. But Jupiter entering Taurus has a correlation to cycle crests in stock indices +/- 1 month. Hence our outlook is for a low forming now, followed by a healthy rally, and followed by another leg down related to a banking crisis. Throughout this period, we still anticipate that the highs and lows of 2022 will hold as 2023 still, shapes up as an “inside year” for many global stock indices. But with Saturn in Pisces, there will likely be fears (Saturn) that matters will get worse. But fears are not necessarily reality, which reflects the emotional nature of Pisces. Pisces can also bring forth a rescuer. There are heroes among us.



Pluto in Aquarius signifies both a stunning renaissance driven by technology and innovation as well as the threat of war and a collective case of psychological dissociation, where the need for intimacy and close, supportive human contact is severely challenged by the advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

AI does present fascinating investment possibilities. But first, we need to resolve the threats of aggression by some world leaders who are obsessed with holding on to their own personal power and are willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, including their own populations. The last few instances where Pluto entered Aquarius, Neptune entered Aries, and Uranus entered Gemini, it corresponded within months to the three most important conflicts in U.S. history: the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and World War II. These three ingresses are taking place again in 2023-2025. But similar cosmic configurations were also present throughout the 15th century, which corresponds to the great Italian and European Renaissances.

There is hope. But there is also a clear and present danger that is likely to be visible between the solar eclipse of April 19-20 and the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square of May 16-23. Let’s hope our world leaders choose the renaissance path over that of destruction.



The 2:15 pm time you posted does offer an interesting clue. North Node at 4 ’04 Taurus conjunct the midheaven of the chart (4 ’50 Taurus). Ascendant at 14 ’46 Leo in square to Uranus 16 ’59 Taurus. Could be a positive sign that the charges Trump faces will move forward and not delayed (which is one of Trump’s most skillful tactics). At least that is my interpretation.

Marjorie Orr, as usual, is on top of current events with her articles.
” What is worth watching however is that late April/early May patch when Trump has tr Uranus square his Mars/Pluto midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘calamities of great consequence’.”

just came across an astrologer I havent seen before – susan hopkinson, who I think is from belgium. Thought I would share her ‘geopolitical effects of pluto in aquarius’

I’m back! For however long. Thank you Nancy!

Ok to jump right in….I was watching Anne Applebaum on Velshi this morning about her book ” The Twilight of Democracy – The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism”.

I wanted an answer to why otherwise respectable citizens would go rogue, go south and support Trump. Her book did not give me a clear enough answer. It brought up the question, but was not wholehearted enough in describing the combined mentality of people who would destroy our democracy. It described these people as essentially disaffected.

In listening to her interview and her podcast, I wanted to do a James Carville moment in which he said: “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” and yell:
“It’s The Inequality, Stupid!”

The farther away Americans have veered from the Constitution is the farther away they have slipped from the safety of the Constitution. The cognitive dissonance that was slavery, and the greedy profiteers who lied their way into power is all we need to know about the disenfranchised being lured into authoritarianism.

Even though I know, when I see the hapless Trump supporter interviewed, that they got there through genuine lack of support of their country – and they made their decisions through lack of education in some cases… and surely due to lack of information – I find it hard to stomach.

Anne Applebaum describes the Intellectuals who come to the same authoritarian sentiments as hankering for the days gone by, or the days that actually never were…. and want to jump on the nearest bandwagon that would take them there.

I myself think of the seductive paintings of Norman Rockwell.

The CONSTITUTION is GOLDEN. It is a protection against corruption and authoritarianism. America is a land of laws, not of “men”. This is to protect us from the lower forms of human nature.

Power corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

I have watched myself…. (Mercury in Aquarius) – (I am so for equality and democracy) – be tested when I want my “way”. OMG!

So we need Democracy- one person, one vote – to test our viability in times of stress – we need a balance.

We have to watch out for Liars and Sociopaths, and we must ALWAYS refer to the Constitution.

If Americans had adhered to The Constitution, the USA would be a Golden Land now.

So one of my favorite books as I have said before on this site a number of years ago is:

A Science On The Nature of Evil Adjusted For Political Purposes
by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

One of the main takeaways from this book is that we must recognize SOCIOPATHY early on.

Thanks for the time, silcominc – 2:15 Tuesday, New York, NY – for Trump’s arraignment.

Took a quick look:

Moon Void of Course. Ho Hum. Likely will only be a formality. Moon opposite Neptune – lies, smoke and mirrors.

The transit chart (the event itself) has plenty of trines and sextiles that offset the squares. It would appear on balance that Trump will get as much of a boost out of it as he does a threat to his freedom.

The arraignment Ascendant will be sextile (60 degrees, easy) to Trump’s Chiron/Juno combination. Yes, he has big troubles (Chiron), and events could move fast, but then the transit Ascendant will follow soon after with a trine (120) to Trump’s Uranus of surprises. And Melania will tough this out due to the Juno.

The transit chart also shows Neptune (delay, negotiations, uncertainties) trine Trump’s Venus (money) at 25 Cancer in his 11th house of associates. Somebody is already and will continue to bankroll his legal fees (for now).

If you assume the arraignment is the “birth”of formal legal action against Trump, it will turn into a big show and we all know how much reality there is behind a show. The Sabian symbol for 15 Leo (the Ascendant is 14Leo46′) is a Pagent, a show for the masses.

So, this is not a great chart for serious legal action, or for the people either.

As well, transiting Venus is about to get to the degree of Algol in Taurus – money plus trouble. It will be loud and ugly and take a long time to come to anything (Venus being in Taurus, the sign it rules, and a fixed sign).

Thus, the endless saga will likely continue on and Trump will go back to Mar-a-lago. The news cycle will go crazy as before, but this ain’t going nowhere yet.

Other troubles of another nature may even obscure the whole mess. Transiting Neptune at 25Pisces51′ will soon be inconjunct (150) Trump’s dominating Mars at 26Leo47′. Cloudy weather?

I know there are eclipses and other drastic things to worry about, too, but for Trump (and the world) it looks like the show is just going to continue. More sound and fury, coming to nothing.

People should be paying attention to serious environmental and business risks. The crazies will just be crazy…..and the important stuff is going on behind the scenes in war and business. This media extravaganza is most unfortunate for that reason.

Beowulfie: Believable analysis.

So for that reason I’m looking forward to the coming arraignments for Trump ….. 🙂

Thanks for the astroanalysis!

“People should be paying attention to serious environmental and business risks. The crazies will just be crazy…..and the important stuff is going on behind the scenes in war and business.”

YES! We all want to see Mr. Trump wearing orange, and the media, addicted to all things sensational will continue to cover him as long as he is alive. After his death it will be historians who are so intensely focused on the orange sociopath.

Meanwhile, the far more important (long range) news regarding what’s happening with the environment, the world economy, the Ukraine war and the probability and potentiality of coming WWII size, huge regional wars in central Asia and the middle easr.grows with every moment.

Not to mention that Trump’s fixed star Regulus, which is on his Ascendant, will be conjuncted by transiting Mars in Leo on July 29 2023.

They say that the kingly power of Regulus reverses itself if you have used your power badly.

Yes there’s a lot going on there… little by little…..

I don’t necessarily want to see someone experiencing Karma, as the Central Park Five individual declared was happening, but I DO want to see Democracy saved.

Oops July 09 2023 for Regulus conjuncting Trump’s Ascendant.

Sunstars – SO Glad & Thankful you are back with us!

Hi Beowulfie,

Welcome back! I understand the cynicism. However, I subscribe to a different view. “Teflon Don” may eventually become victim of his own rhetoric and stupidity. Raging on Truth Social about being “INDICATED” in New York could have well been a freudian slip suggesting that he’s a bit out of touch with reality. It will be death by a thousand cuts. The Manhattan DA indictment may merely be the opening salvo. The upcoming eclipses starting with the April 20th solar eclipse has tr. Jupiter (truth) at 23 Aries in precise square to Trump’s natal Saturn – 23 Cancer (karma?). I think it will be a slippery slope downward for Mr Trump from there. The May 5th lunar eclipse has the DOJ potentially stepping in with their own set of charges and indictments (refer to my 3:18 am March 31st entry). Stay tuned, grab your popcorn, witness the deconstructing and meltdown of Trump the myth before our very eyes



Sorry. I meant to include this video by Evon Davis…..

TRUMP INDICTMENT: Harbinger of Things to Come

Video: 29 min 39 sec


Jerry, thanks for your comments and video, which I will soon watch. However, my intent isn’t to be cynical. I know that cynical is much too superior a stance for our present reality.

True, there is a legitimate legal crisis in Manhattan. Like you, I hope Trump gets every cut he deserves and let’s also remember that he is NOT the president. He is just an old, burned out, corrupt man who is never going to be president again. Never. And everybody already knows it.

What Trump is now is a distraction. He’s like bread and circuses in ancient Rome (only not much bread). He fills air time.

For the time being, he seems more important than traffic reports, talk shows, Kardashians, Oscars, whatever – he’s a pivot point in the whole illusionary entertainment economy that obsesses North American culture. He pays the salaries of countless commentators, makes millions for advertisers, and allows politicians to talk endlessly so they look like they are actually doing something. The major media corporations laugh all the way to the bank while we, the public, are mainlining his shtick. We’re all sick addicts in this together.

Trump, the person, isn’t the threat. The threat is when there won’t BE a Trump to keep the circus going. He is a handy excuse for both political parties to avoid doing the work to solve real problems that face real people and the environment.

However, common sense and Pluto at 0 Aquarius, and all the rest of the star stuff, say the work must be done or we all suffer. Which is to say, popcorn isn’t the answer.


“Popcorn isn’t the answer”. Yes. Quite right. I didn’t mean to trivialize.

Expressing it in another way, we are presently undergoing a Pluto return as a nation. I think we can both agree Pluto is about unearthing and eliminating all that is unessential in order to pierce the veil that divides us. Nearly 50 per cent of the population voted for Trump in the 2016 election. Although Trump’s popularity is diminishing, there is still a hard core of die hard supporters that constitute his base. It’s not the man himself, but rather what he represents. It is this disorder that is being lit up from within, the lies, the corruption the hatred, the violence. We must view it in its entirety before moving on into the more progressive, egalitarian sign of Aquarius. This polarity between the Democrats and Republicans reminds me of the misunderstanding that exists sometimes between genders as depicted in the two minute video called It’s Not About The Nail. Check it out……


Sunstars! Welcome back…it’s great to see your bright presence here. Glad to see you’re making up for lost time!

I think, as I’ve said before, that the Trump supporters were ripe for his message and somehow his advisers (the Steves, Paul Manifort, Hannity, etc) knew how to groom him (especially Bannon).

Yes, we’ve had an extreme, religious influenced, “family values” right wing for years, who long for the U.S. to return to the pre-60s days which also were very white-washed days. But change happened and so did immigration of Hispanic peoples and Asians. and the advancement of people of color, particularly African Americans, advocating for their rights, as well those who advocated for gender rights, etc.

As the populations of “minorities” increased, people of color were inching towards being the majority. This has been hard for many caucasians who are used to “entitlement’ but also, sadly, being employed…having good jobs. And what happened? A recession in 2008 while jobs kept automating, trades became unnecessary, and outsourcing flourished, and it was easy to blame people of color (most of whom were here legally). The people who emigrate to the U.S., and even come illegally, are willing to work hard. I’ve had more than 1 white contractor complain that Hispanics undercut their business by working for lower wages. They are so grateful to be here, work hard, make some money.

So – this is the group that was ripe to hear Trump’s message and become supporters, and the rest is history…people whose job options decreased and who were also used to entitlement. Change is never easy to accept, but I empathize with them regarding the work issues.

for humor – randy rainbow just posted a new song LOL

Will Trump Get Gag Order In Manhattan DA Case? Here’s What That Would Mean—And Why It Could Land Him In Prison

April 3, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is set to be arraigned Tuesday after he was indicted by the Manhattan district attorney’s office—and the court could impose a gag order that would cut him off from publicly discussing the case and impose legal consequences if he does, as the ex-president has already lashed out over his indictment and reportedly plans to ramp up his attacks.

Key Facts

A gag order is an order imposed by a judge in a criminal or civil case that blocks a party (including attorneys or witnesses) from publicly talking about the case, though the exact terms of the order and what can and cannot be said vary.

If a gag order is violated, the party could be held in contempt of court, which in New York carries a punishment of a $1,000 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail.

Legal experts cited by Insider and Bloomberg said it’s possible and even “extremely likely” the court could impose a gag order on Trump, particularly given security concerns arising from his attacks on prosecutors or other figures in the case, though there are First Amendment issues given that he’s running for president that could make any broad restrictions on his speech legally problematic.

Any gag order would likely be “narrowly tailored” to only cover certain kinds of information about the case, Katie Townsend, deputy executive director and legal director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, told Bloomberg.

It’s most likely a gag order would be put on Trump when he’s arraigned Tuesday as a condition for his release from custody, former federal prosecutor Duncan Levin told Insider, and the former president’s attorneys could also be barred from publicly discussing the case so as to not taint the jury pool ahead of a trial.

The order would be issued by New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over the case—an “absolutely no-nonsense judge,” according to Levin, whom Trump has already attacked on social media.



Trump indictment hearing began at 2:32pm Eastern, according to Adam Reiss, MSNBC reporter inside courtroom; also, indictment unsealed at 1:30pm.

So focused we are on Trump’s arraignment, but IMO the far more important event today is the

Deposition of Finland’s instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

at 14:30 Belgian time.


The text of what was said is in first half but about half the page down is the video of the exchange of documents of formal admission.

For me, (I’m not sure why) this was a very powerful emotional moment. I think of all those lives lost in WWII, the sadness of the survivors who mourned their lost loved ones, their courage in moving forward and their continuing unified resolve in opposition to old fashioned Russian tyranny.

A few months ago the leaders of Australia, New Zealand, S. Korea, and Japan were present by invitation as honored guests at the last NATO meeting in Spain. The Prime Minister of Japan stated with the other leaders concurring, that the security of Asia was intimately and inextricably intertwined with that of Europe and the Americas.

Step by step, I believe NATO is evolving into a planet wide collective security alliance for the democratic nations. From there it may further evolve in future decades becoming the basis of a confederation of democracies.

from Locksley Hall by Alfred Lord Tennyson:
For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see,
Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be;

Saw the heavens fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails,
Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bales;

Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rain’d a ghastly dew
From the nations’ airy navies grappling in the central blue;

Far along the world-wide whisper of the south-wind rushing warm,
With the standards of the peoples plunging thro’ the thunder-storm;

Till the war-drum throbb’d no longer, and the battle-flags were furl’d
In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.

There the common sense of most shall hold a fretful realm in awe,
And the kindly earth shall slumber, lapt in universal law.

Manhattan DA vs Trump expected to go to trial around January 2024. In the mean time, until then…..

From Mint April 5th

Judge Warns Trump To Avoid Inflaming Rhetoric

A New York judge warned former President Donald Trump to refrain from rhetoric that could inflame or cause civil unrest during Trump’s arraignment Tuesday in Manhattan.

The judge said he was not imposing a gag order at this point, but he asked both sides to refrain from comments that could lead to civil unrest.

Sharon K,
Chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach

Thank you so much, Eliseo. I really appreciate it. You sound like a Rabbi by the way.

Yes, Passover, the “last supper” for Yeshua, later known as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus the Christ (of whom Cayce said, he was who he said he was).

Between Ramadan, Passover, Good Friday & Easter, this is a spiritual & holy week for all 3 world religions. I always feel it deeply (when I tune in).

Wishing everyone who observes, a very spiritual, elevated and joyous holiday.

Tonight, in addition to the Trump 24 hour news (ugh!), Janet P.won in the Wisconsin Supreme Court (she is the liberal who flipped the WI Supreme Court to a liberal majority!). There hasn’t been a liberal majority on the WI SC since the mid 2000s. This will determine abortion rulings and gerrymandering maps…at least until those rulings on gerrymandering are brought before the SCOTUS. Astrologers have been telling us to pay attention because these events will be a taste of what is to come when Pluto enters Aquarius for the next 20 years.

Here’s another development of Pluto in Aquarius. As a counter point to the video, i read an article somewhere that discussed the developing alignment of Saudi Arabia and Iran with Russia and China. Two axises are developing, one of democracy and one of autocracy out of the Ukraine war. Additionally, when that war started Pluto was conjunct the USA Pluto for the first time and Biden has pretty much organized the EU and NATO to support Ukraine. However that war is decided it looks to me like it will alter the international political and maybe economic power dynamics as Pluto ingresses into Aquarius over the next 20 years.


So right you are! It is very plain to see two axes ARE developing, one of democracy, the other of autocracy as the Ukraine war functions to polarize and divide us.

Whether that is an outgrowth of Pluto in Aquarius, I’m not so sure. Pluto was in Capricorn when Russia took the Crimean peninsula and when they invaded in February of 2022.

Our present world political situation is certainly reminiscent of the decade preceding WWII. I sometimes wonder if the Ukraine war is a kind of echo of the Spanish Civil War which was also a WWII precursor.

From the video Mr. PZ is absolutely correct in saying Europe has not been this united since the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. For Europe I’m hoping the Russian threat pushes them into a further and more lasting unity. I’m hoping it awakens them to the absurdity of their present political structure.

It is completely screwball to establish a common currency without first having a common banking system. Twenty Seven banking systems is twenty six too manyt! AND they must have complete unanimity to get anything done. Each nation has veto power. They are at the level of our US Articles of Confederation and sorely need a constitutional convention to redefine and restructure who they are.

No matter the outcome, the Russians will remain a menace to Europe for the next several decades. If they lose the war they will devolve into chaos and probable civil war of which the EU would be rightfully wary. If they win they will hope to later move on to Poland, the Baltic states, etc. But in any case a win would be a deeply pyrrhic victory, an orgy of self-destruction from which they would not recover – again devolving into a similar chaos to that of their post WWI experience.

Perhaps Russia will inadvertently force the EU into a more sensible unified form.

As a minimum I believe we will have a very long cold war between an increasingly unified and intimately associated affiliation of democracies while the autocratic nations eventually jockey and fight amongst themselves to determine which will be supreme.

On the above theme, the time for NATO accepting Finland (formal handover of documents) was 14:45 to 14:46 (pm), April 4/23 in Brussels (which is 1 hour ahead of London). The flag raising came later.

BBC & Sky news had the same time stamps for the signing. Marjorie Orr’s site has a post at the link below, in which a comment gives the (same) time.


Quite an ominous chart, as Marjorie says in her comments.

Pluto at 0 Aquarius is in the 6th of “health” (a little cosmic not-so-funny “joke?). Pluto is is exactly square the Midheaven at 0 Taurus. Not nice.

The ruler of the chart is the Sun, with 16 Leo on the Ascendant. The Sabian symbol for 16 Leo is sunshine after a storm and it is pretty sure Finland will be feeling that way.

The Sun in Aries (ruled by Mars in the 11th of assembles) is shortly to conjunct Chiron in the 9th of foreign affairs. Aries, the sign, is intercepted (Regiomontanus houses), as is Libra which covers most of the 3rd house of business and lawyers.

The Moon at 25 Virgo in the 2nd of money is void of course (nobody has any?), except for a precise opposition to Neptune at 25 Pisces in the 8th. of other people’s money (and taxes).

Venus is the final dispositor of every planet in the chart. When you go hopping from one ruler to another, you end up at Venus at 22 Taurus, the only inner planet in its own sign. Venus is always about money.

Except that Neptune, an outer planet that rules oil and gas is also in its own sign of Pisces. But Neptune’s co-ruler is Jupiter, which is at 19 Aries in the 9th. And Jupiter is thereby ruled by Mars in Cancer, which in turn is ruled by the Moon in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Money.

Uranus rules the 7th of open enemies, so let’s assume that would be Russia for now. Saturn is in the 7th in Pisces. Uranus is in the 10th of rulers in Taurus, square the Ascendant at 16 Leo.

Mercury at 1 degree is at the top of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven at 0 Taurus. I’m assuming that this might represent Finland, the new comer to the NATO party because it is at such a ‘new degree’. But that could be wrong.

Interestingly, Mercury, Mars, Pluto and Saturn are all at early degrees, so maybe that is right, considering Finland needed to make a move to protect itself. The heavy hitter, Pluto, at 0 Aquarius is closely square Mercury. On the other hand, Finland brings a fair amount of military power with it, so maybe Mercury is well aligned with Mars in Cancer as they are sextile.

And round and round we go. This is not an easy chart for anybody to read.

One thing to note is the emphasis on Earth – 4 planets and 2 asteroids (resources). So, the whole thing comes down to money and resources. (Of course!) Oil and gas and national and international power.

There is a lot more about this NATO/Finland merger, but suffice it to say that 0 degrees Scorpio on the cusp of the 4th house of the home (i.e. NATO’s home) does not not make for comfort. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. It won’t be easy.

I forgot to mention Ukraine’s chart has 16 Capricorn on the Ascendant (August 24, 1991, 6:00 PM, Kyiv).

Ukraine is the elephant in the NATO room and very appropriately, the Ascendant of the Finland/NATO membership chart is 16 Leo. The 2 Ascendants are inconjunct (150 degrees), which is an uncomfortable, demanding aspect. And so on and so forth……………

Psychopath Vs Sociopath | How To Spot The Difference And Why You Need to Know This


Is Mr. Trump a psychopath, or a sociopath?

RE; RFK Jr. We need the Republicans to maintain the monopoly on nutzoidism. We don’t need Dems, especially crazy ones challenging Biden for the presidency.


Till now, very little attention has been paid to the pending Mars-Pluto-Jupiter-Nodes grand cross square of May 17th – 20th (0 Aquarius-Leo-Taurus/ nodes at 2 degr. Taurus -Scorpio). It will be activating the same degrees inherent in the Saturn-Pluto square of Aug-Sept 1939 that precipitated the onset of World War 2. I would not be surprised if we will witness some sort of major development at this time. The 2021 US Inaugural chart’s Sun (0 Aquarius) is in the cross-hairs. Ray Merriman, whose commentary I have shared earlier, expressed it this way; that there is “a clear and present danger that is likely to be visible between the solar eclipse of April 19-20 and the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto T-square of May 16-23”. Given the magnitude of the configuration, I would imagine it would affect all levels of geo-political affairs.

At the epi-center of this activity is the May 19th New Moon (28 Taurus). Here’s the chart:


The Taurus New Moon will be in sextile-trine to the Mars-Pluto opposition, opposing President Biden’s Sun/Venus placement (27/28 Scorpio) and square to natal Chiron/North Node (28/29 Leo). Mars at 29 Cancer in nearly exact opposition to Pluto will be activating the April 20th Solar Eclipse (29 Aries), so it should be interesting to see what transpires on April 20th for clues to take place at the time of the May 19th lunation. Also, Jupiter at 0 Taurus conjunct Biden’s Moon. Some sort of transition in the making? Will he be incapacitated?

Molly McCord explores the dynamics of the April 20th eclipse and its connection to the Mars-Pluto-Jupiter-Nodes grand cross square mid to late May in the following video/commentary…….

Aries Solar Eclipse – Paradigm Shifting Energies, Next Level of Cosmic Awakenings – 2023 Astrology

A paradigm-shifting Aries Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees on April 19/20 is cracking us open to even more of our cosmic gifts and galactic connections as the Sun and Moon both receive intense squares from Pluto in Aquarius at 0 degrees. It is time to see how far we have come in our personal evolution while moving forward into new frequencies that may feel challenging and difficult to understand and integrate at times. Powerful downloads and huge awakenings are coming in, and it can be jarring to our sense of Self, as well as disruptive to the life we have built and currently know. But your soul knows the enormous potential of this influx of change that is accelerating us at both an individual and collective level. New levels of independence, creativity, solutions, and ingenuity are also streaming in to advance us into new territory.

One month after this eclipse, we have a Fixed Grand Cross on May 20 working with the Scorpio Solar Eclipse point from Oct 25, 2022 and this Solar Eclipse eclipse point, signaling that deep permanent changes are occurring at a soul level as karma is cleared out – unless your personal sovereignty chooses otherwise.

The effects of this New Moon Solar Eclipse will last into 2024 and beyond, as the global energies are transforming and evolving into forms we have not yet experienced on this planet.

Video: 37 min 44 sec


Inspiring! Empowered young people may be another sign of Pluto in Aquarius.


Thanks Jerry, for your additional insights.

Myself, I don’t worry about Biden (the person) so much. True, he is elderly, but he obviously has his smarts intact. He’s an old pro and he gets the best health care on the planet. At his age, I’m sure the Drs are on him like a rash (and they don’t want to blow this assignment no matter what). It may be over optimistic, but I think Biden will do just fine physically and mentally.

If I’m wrong, at least I’m supporting a sensible, rational person at the head of the US instead of some unspeakable idiot.

However, I too worry about all those planetary placements etc. and the nasty tenor of our times. I don’t follow the stars anywhere near as closely as you and others do. I just hit the highlights now and then when it’s too fascinating to resist. That’s about all I can process at my age.

What I do see is that Europe is not ready for whatever surprises may come. Putin is ruthless and resolved – no question he and his cronies are very dangerous people indeed. Now, they are officially on the other side of the new (long) NATO border and they worry about their base at Murmansk. Which means Putin is right – Finland has gone from a so-called neutral party or ally and joined Poland and other countries at the front line. It’s the new enemy line for Russia. We’ll see soon enough what Sweden does, but they are now wedged in whether they like it or not, for the first time in history.

Still, Europe is not a place that wants the war to spread. The EU /NATO are a hodgepodge – they are not centrally controlled and they worry more about politics, protest and money. They are still playing chicken with Putin. It is far too much like the ‘peace in our time’ days of Chamberlain. On the other hand, Putin is deadly serious and has no parliaments or other assemblies to answer to. Putin may be losing battles but he hasn’t yet lost the war, especially if the enemy doesn’t want to show up.

So, there is a surrogate war with Ukraine. But really, it is about the east vs. the west.

If it comes to boots on the ground, Europe is not ready, even if they say so. Their armies are not big enough or strong enough, yet.

If it comes to real trouble, the first person the EU and NATO will call is Biden – of course. And Biden is up against up against the kitchen sink of American politics and an election looming (again). The pressure is on him and woe to everybody in the west if something really transpires in the time window you discuss. Putin is perfectly capable of doing the math.

However, I don’t believe Putin wants a wider war either. It’s bad economically, but now that his Ukraine ploy has backfired, he would still like to establish a permanent foothold at least in eastern Ukraine. He would like to run a line all the way north to the Baltic at Kaliningrad where his now isolated nuclear base is located. One little patch of dirt that used to be called the Danzig corridor. Very messy history that place has.

If he gets his way, Putin might be satisfied for a while, or might even quit. But even that little road to Kaliningrad means a fight in Poland, which is a country that has had more armies stomp across it than any other besides Afghanistan.

It’s all very very dicey. Putin laughs every day that the American public is obsessed with the Donald – it means the American public is not paying enough attention and they haven’t a clue about geography or history (as a mass population that is). Therefore it is very hard for Biden to explain all this to his public, who thereby won’t understand or support him.

So Putin may just go for it. He got away with Crimea and his population is scared sh**less. The people won’t stop him and undoubtedly he has the best personal security possible. It appears (so far) that there is little likelihood that his people will dare to turn on him. He will continue to sacrifice his young soldiers and China and other countries will stand back and watch. They want to see what might happen in their own countries.

So we shall see. Cross fingers that it doesn’t transform into something awful, but crossed fingers are not a confident statement. Let’s hope the words on the US dollar bill mean something even today – In God We Trust. May it be so because the times are testing everybody.

At this I will stop. Nobody knows what will happen. I don’t either.

Paid For

At noon today April 6, 2023, Clarence Thomas natal Mars/Saturn midpoint at 155°24′ was opposed by transit Satunn at 335°43′.

Of the midpoint Mars/Saturn, Donald Bradley in his “Solar and Lunar Returns” says of the combination of the 2, – “Mars-Saturn is also the “dirty linen” in one’s life, so beware of the trouble-maker who might make capital out of your darkest secrets.”

“Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire”


“For more than two decades, Thomas has accepted luxury trips virtually every year from the Dallas businessman without disclosing them, documents and interviews show.”

Hi Beowulfie,

Astrologer Brandon Russ did an interesting piece on Putins natal Mars (26 31 Sagittarius). It was activated by t square on March 17th, the day that the international tribunal issued a warrant for his arrest. Not mentioned in this video is when tr. Neptune squares this point on April 24th. What will happen is anyone’s guess……

Putin’s T Square Trouble – Stream of Consciousness

Video: 25 min 4 sec


To let you all know, this is the first day I have had access to the blog since my last post. I do not know why this is. It is a mystery to me….

Eliseo, no surprise but Steve Bannon is the driving force behind Robert Kennedy Jr. launching a Pres bid.


Thanks for the link, Jerry!


Worry not. RK Jr doesn’t have the proverbial shot in hell. He’s an embarrassment to Klan Kennedy as well as most of us.

I think he’s a hybrid. IMO there is an overlap.

In view of the extraordinary events over the last week, I’d say we are getting a potent taste of Pluto in Aquarius.

Rebelliousness everywhere. France, India, Israel, USA. Hang on for so much more to come.

Thanks for the info. Steve Bannon is a genuine agent of K.A.O.S. and I don’t mean the satire of Get Smart. RFK Jr. Is clearly what the Soviets used to call a “useful idiot.” Were he to participate in Dem primaries I don’t see him getting any significant number of votes. But his presence as a Dem may lessen the party image and perception.

RFK, Jr.’s position on the vaccination is extreme but it won’t get him republican or MAGA votes…however those who manipulate information and create the real “fake news” (lol), not Trump’s version of it, will find a way to use him against the Democrats.

ANKA, a Turkish news agency reports a significant rise in arson in Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine


It is believed these fires are essentially a form of protest against the war and against Putin. They are increasing in number and their locations are strategically significant.

Wikipedia also has an article on the subject:

2022–2023 Russian mystery fires


The May 5th lunar eclipse (14 ’58 Scorpio) will be t squaring Israel’s Saturn-Pluto midpoint (15 ’01 Leo). Given the present heightening of Israeli-Palestinian tensions, I would expect this regional conflict to start widening, engulfing more and more countries over the coming month or so…….

Israel Carries Out Rare Strikes In Lebanon: Could This Escalate Into Conflict?

First Post
April 7, 2023

The Israeli military said it struck targets linked to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in southern Lebanon early Friday. This comes a day after over 30 rockets were fired from Lebanese territory into Israel. Will this further flame tensions between the two warring sides?

Israel’s military says it hit targets connected to the Palestinian militant group Hamas in southern Lebanon and Gaza early on Friday (7 April).

This came after a barrage of rockets was fired from Lebanon into Israel on Thursday afternoon, which the Israeli military blamed on Hamas.

These recent attacks come in the wake of increased tensions in the region following violence this week at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.



With Iran’s natal Jupiter at 29 Cancer, being heavily impacted by the April 20th Solar Eclipse (29 Aries) and the Mars-Pluto-Jupiter t square of May 17th (Mars at 29 Cancer) Iran is inextricably entangled as one of the primary warring factions……….

This Could Be the Next Big War That Grips the Entire World

The Washington Institute For Near East Policy
June 2022

Two countries that have long clashed are tempting fate with escalations that could soon spiral well beyond their borders.

The ongoing war between Israel and Iran across the Middle East came out of the shadows and into the open long ago. But now, on the back of several suspected Israeli attacks inside Iran itself, the deadly contest threatens to escalate—possibly beyond the region.

Last week, several quadcopter drones smashed into a suspected Iranian nuclear research and drone facility at Parchin, killing one engineer. Mere days before, two assassins on motorbikes shot dead an Iranian military colonel in the heart of Tehran. In February, several drones hit an Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) base in the west of the country at Kermanshah. Although never officially taking responsibility, various unsubtle hints by Israeli officials and media reports have left little doubt as to the provenance of these attacks.

This is all part of what the Israeli government, just under a year in power, has come to describe as its “Octopus Doctrine,” a new and risky expansion of its campaign against Iran’s military and nuclear capabilities. If in years past Israel did hit inside Iran, it was done covertly—usually through spies and cyber-attacks—and almost always targeted Iranian nuclear scientists and facilities. For almost a decade, too, Israel made no secret of its campaign of airstrikes, primarily inside Syria, against Iranian-allied militias and weapons shipments. But now, Israeli officials openly describe a “new defense strategy,” as one termed it to The Daily Beast, aimed at the “head” of the octopus in Iran, and not just its “tentacles” across the region in places like Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Iraq.



Solar Eclipse In Aries – 20th April
by Pam Gregory

Video: 26 min 27 sec



Where was the first Senate?

1789–1865. The Senate originally met, virtually in secret, on the second floor of Federal Hall in New York City in a room that allowed no spectators. For five years, no notes were published on Senate proceedings.

Primary Documents in American History

Judiciary Act of 1789


“The Annals of Congress, 1st Congress, 1st Session, contains the following references to the Judiciary Act of 1789:

The House of Representatives debated the Judiciary Act on August 24, August 29, August 31, September 1, September 9, September 12, and September 14, before passing the Judiciary Act without a roll call vote on September 17, 1789.

The Senate passed the Judiciary Act by a vote of 14 to 6 on July 17, 1789.

The appendix of the Annals of Congress contains a copy of the Judiciary Act of 1789.

Search this collection using the word “judiciary” in the First Congress (1789-91) to find additional Congressional documents related to this act, including all references in the Senate Journal.

References in the Senate Journal include:

April 7, 1789 – Ordered, That Mr. Ellsworth, Mr. Paterson, Mr. Maclay, Mr. Strong, Mr. Lee, Mr. Bassett, Mr. Few, and Mr. Wingate, be a committee, to bring in a bill for organizing the Judiciary of the United States.
June 12, 1789 – Mr. Lee, in behalf of the committee thereto appointed, reported “a bill to establish the judicial courts of the United States;” which was read the first time, and Monday, the 22d of June, was assigned for the second reading.

July 17, 1789 – The Senate passed the bill “to establish the Judicial Courts of the United States” by a vote of 14 to 6.

SCOTUS Established


Q. When did the United States government go into operation under the Constitution?
A. The Constitution became binding upon nine States by the ratification of the ninth State, New Hampshire, June 21, 1788. Notice of this ratification was received by Congress on July 2, 1788. On September 13, 1788, Congress adopted a resolution declaring that electors should be appointed in the ratifying States on the first Wednesday in January, 1789; that the electors vote for President on the first Wednesday in February, 1789; and that “the first Wednesday in March next [March 4, 1789] be the time and the present seat of Congress the place for commencing proceedings under the said constitution.” The Convention had also suggested “that after such Publication the Electors should be appointed, and the Senators and Representatives elected.” The Constitution left with the States the control over the election of congressmen, and Congress said nothing about this in its resolution; but the States proceeded to provide for it as well as for the appointment of electors. On March 3, 1789, the old Confederation went out of existence and on March 4 the new government of the United States began legally to function, according to a decision of the Supreme Court of the United States (wings v. Speed, 5 Wheat. 420); however, it had no practical existence until April 6, when first the presence of quorums in both Houses permitted organization of Congress. On April 30, 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as President of the United States, so on that date the executive branch of the government under the Constitution became operative. But it was not until February 2, 1790, that the Supreme Court, as head of the third branch of the government, organized and, held its first session; so that is the date when our government under the Constitution became fully operative.
When did the Supreme Court first meet?
The first meeting of the Court was scheduled to take place in New York City on Monday, February 1, 1790, but the lack of a quorum (only three of the six Justices were present) delayed the official opening until the following day, Tuesday, February 2, 1790.

Justice John Roberts Born on January 27 1955.

This would have occurred on July 30 2007.


Chief Justice Roberts Suffers Seizure, Hospitalized in Maine

Published: Jul. 30, 2007 at 10:05 PM UTC|Updated: Jul. 30, 2007 at 10:08 PM UTC

WASHINGTON (AP) – Chief Justice John Roberts suffered a seizure at his summer home in Maine on Monday, causing a fall that resulted in minor scrapes, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said.

He will remain in a hospital in Maine overnight.
Roberts, 52, was taken by ambulance to the Penobscot Bay Medical Center, where he underwent a “thorough neurological evaluation, which revealed no cause for concern,” Arberg said in a statement.

Roberts had a similar episode in 1993, she said.

The incident occurred around 2 p.m. EDT on a dock near the home in Port Clyde on Maine’s Hupper Island. Port Clyde, which is part of the town of St. George, is about 90 miles by car northeast of Portland, midway up the coast of Maine.

Hey, Bob. Good thing he didn’t fall off the dock…

Now arbo, where were you on July 30, 2007?

Here is the ProPublica article on Thomas.


His benefactor also has a huge collection of original art from Adolf Hitler. You cannot even make this shit up anymore.


Bob, I’m not telling…

OK arbo (aka Deep Throat the Second). What are your plans for June 24 (tRump’s progressed Moon conjunct his progressed Venus) and September 4 (and the surrounding days) when his progressed Moon conjoins his progressed Jupiter. Is your passport up to date?

I plan to be hiding, Bob.

Is it possible the reason John Roberts had a stroke on July 30, 2007 was that:

…..Russian leader Vladimir Putin was named as the Time Person of the Year 2007?

CBS said: “Putin landed on Time’s cover in the final year of his first term as Russia’s president….If Russia fails, all bets are off for the 21st century. And if Russia succeeds as a nation-state in the family of nations, it will owe much of that success to one man, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” the Time article said.

It must have been a bad day all around……

Later followed by Donald Trump – the CBS caption reads:

As president-elect, Donald Trump was named Time’s Person of the Year in 2016…..”For reminding America that demagoguery feeds on despair and that truth is only as powerful as the trust in those who speak it, for empowering a hidden electorate by mainstreaming its furies and live-streaming its fears, and for framing tomorrow’s political culture by demolishing yesterday’s, Donald Trump is Time 2016 Person of the Year.”

Oh joy…


Excellent lecture at Natl U of Australia bout Ukraine & Russia by Emeritus Prof Paul Dibb who seems to know a lot.


I also found this to be very interesting although not necessarily encouraging to Progressives. Neither Progressives nor Conservatives, in my humble opinion, can expect to totally influence society.


Is anyone here good at dream interpretation? My last one was pretty unusual.

I dreamed I assisted in a birth. The woman was the gal who was my best friend in high school. I was there to deliver, to catch and receive the child’s head and tiny body as it emerged. For a bit the infant was stuck, so I had to very gently get my fingers around it’s head to help it emerge. But it was birthed successfully with no harm to mother or child.

At first the unusually tiny child made no sound. I held it in the manner as ob/gyns and midwives do, but did not slap it. Within about a minute on it’s own it did begin to cry, but not very loudly.

Eliseo, are you yourself birthing any new ideas or projects? I would always interpret whatever is in your own life that your dreams have painted a metaphor for.

Yes, in myriad ways. I’ve made some serious changes in my diet, returned to my unfinished song-poems, am feeling it’s relatively safer now (with covid diminishing) to again be seeking a good job, and am reaching out to establish new friendships, and artistic partnerships.

I’m rewriting portions of a Universalist Christian liturgy (mass) I wrote and copyrighted years ago, and moving toward finishing some of my unfinished stories, essays, novels, and music. Perhaps oddly, I seem to be Kabbalistically Jewish on Friday and Saturday, Christian on Sunday, Buddhist during the week and honoring the Goddess on dark and full moons.

I’m sleeping more regularly, (sleep has often been a serious problem for me since infancy) and am slowly and gradually increasing my physical activity. (I’ve been psychologically kinesiophobic throughout my life as I was forbidden to run or exercise as a child and punished if I did.)

My taste in music has changed, as have my food and drink preferences. For decades I wore only black, but now mostly deep red and deep forest green.

Transiting Pluto currently conjuncts my natal Moon and I expect to continue with more inner and outer changes. So, it’s not just one thing but several simultaneously. Nevertheless, I feel the dream might portend something specific, for which there are at least two or three major possibilities. And I’m sure my interpretation at this point is overly shallow and lacking in insight.

There is always the unexpected.

Also, I’d like to be doing comedy again. Yesterday I dreamed up another good Bob and Ray style comedy routine that was so funny I was beside myself with almost uncontrollable laughter. Unfortunately, my brilliant radio comedy partner died years ago. I hope to connect with someone to do such work. I love doing “Bob and Ray” routines.

Hi Eliseo,

Re: Bob and Ray

Never heard of them. I looked at one their comedy routines on youtube at your suggestion. The humor is a bit dated, but endearing. Here is one that you might enjoy……

Awkward Speech At A Funeral

Video: 4 min 17 sec


Very well presented. . . . . .

Energetics of the Aries Solar Eclipse – Astrology – April 2023 – Pluto in Aquarius by Molly McCord

Video: 42 min 8 sec


I misspoke. NEPTUNE not Pluto conjuncts my Moon. Pluto is conjuncting my Mars.
Thank. You Sharon.

Eliseo, well Neptune transiting your Moon should be wonderful for sleep and dreaming, and dreaming up new ideas. Pluto on Mars can be physically empowering, maybe it’s lighting a fire under your ambitions. It all sounds very exciting!

Whoops! Misspoke again. I’m a bit loopy from some pain medication. Pluto is opposite, not conjunct my Mars.

Aries Solar Eclipse April 2023 — Dramatic Endings, Powerful New Beginnings

Viodeo: 23 min 39 sec


The astrologer makes a very interesting observation. He points out that the upcoming solar eclipse (29 Aries) will form a conjunction to the January 6th, 2021 Mars, the day of the failed insurrection. Might we see similar themes emerging in relation to this eclipse?

Thanks for the video link to Awkward Speech At A Funeral. That was truly weird and awkardly funny.

Ray Goulding and Bob Elliott were radio comedy pioneers. Actor, Chris Elliott is Bob’s son. I think you can listen to Bob & Ray routines at the NPR website, but I’m not sure they still maintain that. Wikipedia has an excellent article on them with several links to their recorded skits.


In the predominant format for Bob & Ray style one plays a serious radio journalist doing the interview, the other, the interviewee is gradually revealed to be absolutely nuts with ensuing off the wall dialogue. Sometimes the interviewer wants to leave the interview politely but the kook interviewee keeps it going. My comedy partner and I frequently used the same template, but also parodied televangelists and sports coverage.

It was a perfect format for the impovisational nuttiness my brilliant comedy partner and I naturally fell into. My partner died too young, or we might have continued. I do miss those days, and would love to be doing that kind of performance again. But it’s not easy to find a working partner with whom you share such perfect improvisational rhythm on stage or in a studio. Not every actor or comedian can successfully get into that groove. AND..near perfect astrological chemistry between the duo is essential.

There are times like now when ideas for new Bob & Ray routines come to me, but I’ve no one with and no where to do them. Lord knows we could use a bit more laughter as Damocles’ nuclear sword again hangs over our heads. And I’m still zany after all these years.

Eliseo, maybe google & contact some comedy ensemble groups in your area? A friend of mine took a class in improvisation (or an ongoing workshop) either in NY or Philly (she lives in both places). Some people are good at it, especially after some practice. Some are naturals. I have know a few people who are great at mimicking personalities (without being mean. It sounds like so much fun. I once helped Myron & a colleague adapt a Laurel & Hardy sketch to use as an introduction to his energy work. It was good fun.

Good suggestion, Sharon. Thank You! I will follow up on that. I’m pretty good at impersonation, accents, and weird character voices. But I’m way, way out of practice.

Eliseo, Sharon,

A fascinating 2018 film on Laurel & Hardy if you haven’t seen it…..

Stan & Ollie (theatrical trailer)

Video: 2 min 23 sec



Political Tribune


Former Acting Solicitor General Said J6 Investigators Have Proof That Implicated Multiple GOP Leaders In Coup Attempt: “The Rot Wasn’t Just Donald Trump”
The rot spreads far and wide through the GOP.
Andrea Thompson

At this point, it’s certainly not hard to see the level of responsibility and blame for the infamous, deadly January 6th Capitol riot that lies at the feet of former President Donald Trump. However, according to former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, the culpability for the violent, fatal insurrection spreads so much further than the disgraced, sore loser ex-president alone. Katyal believes that it spreads far and wide throughout nearly the entire Republican party — and he thinks not only does the January 6th House Select Committee know it, they have the evidence to prove it.

Neal Katyal made an appearance on MSNBC recently, where he explained his fact-based theory.
Host Jason Johnson reported, “We’re starting to see more incriminating evidence leak out, we’re seeing just how deep the plan to steal the election of 2020 was. Newly revealed text messages obtained by CNN show Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) going right to Mark Meadows in full support of the claims of fraud being pushed by Trump and the MAGA team.”
Johnson interviewed Katyal as well as Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks during the segment for their thorough analyses on the matter.

“We know that it’s bad and exposes what the Republicans were trying to do, but what can DOJ do with the text messages with the case that they’re currently pursuing?” the MSNBC anchor questioned.

“I think they can do a lot,” Katyal responded. “And even before we get to DOJ, I think it paints a bigger picture about what the January 6th investigation is all about. And I think a lot of us have been wondering, ‘Why is it that the Republican Party hasn’t cared more about what happened on January 6th?’ Right after it happened, Mitch McConnell and others condemned it and the like. And I think these texts today, Jason, start to point to an answer, which is that the rot wasn’t just Donald Trump. It goes to many leaders in the party.”

recommended by

The MSNBC panel went on to discuss the extent of that “rot.”

Wine-Banks argued that Americans should give GOP senators who voted in favor of certifying the Electoral College votes in now-President Biden’s favor the benefit of the doubt. Ultimately, only 6 Republican lawmakers sided with Donald Trump’s attempted coup and voted against the Electoral College votes certification.

However, Katyal disagreed with this assessment. the former solicitor general asserted that culpability rests on the shoulders of every single Republican who voted against Donald Trump’s second impeachment over his incitement of the January 6th attack.

You can watch the MSNBC discussion here:

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden’s fault or Trump’s fault?

President Trump
President Biden
By completing the poll, you agree to receive emails from Political Tribune and that you’ve read and agree to our privacy policy and terms of service.
Featured image via Flickr/White House Public Domain

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642 points

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As If Things Couldn’t Get Worse For The Former Guy, The Georgia DA Is Reportedly Expected To “Go Big” With Trump Charges
Things are about to get a LOT worse for Donald Trump.

Andrea Thompson by Andrea Thompson2 seconds ago2 seconds ago

Trump’s Own Lawyers Seemed To Tattle On Him — Submitted Court Filing Claiming “Closer To 200,000 Pages” Of Documents Were Seized From Ex-President’s Compound
Oof. That’s brutal.

Andrea Thompson by Andrea Thompson20 mins ago20 mins ago

Michael Cohen Exposes Trump’s Signature On Documents Showing Russian Activity In 2016 Campaign

The Destroyers Cancel Shows As Thorogood Has Emergency Surgery

Here’s Where Daphne From Frasier Wound Up

We Now Know Why Only Brittney Griner Was Rescued From Russia

Stormy Daniels’ Brutally Honest Response To Trump’s Indictment

Police Chief Reveals Possible Motive Behind Horrific TN Shooting

The Transformation Of Hayden Panettiere Has Just Been Stunning

As If Things Couldn’t Get Worse For The Former Guy, The Georgia DA Is Reportedly Expected To “Go Big” With Trump Charges

Trump’s Own Lawyers Seemed To Tattle On Him — Submitted Court Filing Claiming “Closer To 200,000 Pages” Of Documents Were Seized From Ex-President’s Compound

A Damning Recording From “The Trump Tapes” Audio Book Hears Donald Trump Pleading With Woodward After Showing The Journalist Infamous Letters From Dictator: “Don’t Say I Gave Them To You, Okay?”

Trump’s Lawyer Appeared To Send Thinly-Veiled Warning To The Unidentified Mar-A-Lago Informant And Americans Demanded Answers: “How Is This Not Witness Tampering?”

Just When Trump Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse, Melania’s Former Best Friend Confirmed That She Would Be The “Lead Witness” In The Ex-President’s Inauguration Investigation, Case Is Going To Trial

“Evidence Is Mounting” Pointing To A Deeply Disturbing Possible Reason Why The National Guard Failed To Respond Quickly To The Jan 6th Riot, According To Report

Former Acting Solicitor General Said J6 Investigators Have Proof That Implicated Multiple GOP Leaders In Coup Attempt: “The Rot Wasn’t Just Donald Trump”

A Former Senior Official Claimed Trump Flew Into An Unhinged Fit Of Rage During A Meeting When The Subject Was Turned To Ukraine: “They’re F*cking Corrupt. They F*cking Tried To Screw Me”

Donald Trump Appeared To Screw Himself Over As NYT Correspondent Pointed To One Key Apparent Admission Of Guilt During Insane Interview

A Photo Spread Like Wildfire On Social Media That Left People Wondering What On Earth Was Going On With Donald Trump’s Gigantic Keister

A Close Ally And Associate To Ex-President Donald Trump Pleaded Guilty To Felony Conspiracy To Defraud The United States Government

Georgia Special Grand Jury Forewoman Released Damning Statement Regarding Possible Trump Indictment

It’s Over For Donald Trump After His Own Former AG Said DOJ Prosecutors “Probably Have The Basis For Legitimately Indicting” The Corrupt Ex-President

Damning Report Confirmed “An Enraged” Lindsey Graham Threatened To Invoke The 25th Amendment Against Trump And Have Him Removed From The Presidency On Jan 6

Former Trump Impeachment Manager Set The Wheels In Motion To Formally Ban Donald Trump From Ever Becoming President Again

Jeanine Pirro Abruptly Ended Her Fox News Segment When Her Guest Said Joe Biden Is “Making America Great Again”

Lauren Boebert Proudly Announced Her 17-Year-Old Son Is Making Her “A 36-Year-Old Grandmother” And Americans Had A Lot Of Thoughts

Disgraced Reality TV Star Josh Duggar Was Reportedly Placed Into Solitary Confinement After He Was Allegedly Caught With Illegal Contraband

A Pulitzer-Prize Winning Political Analyst Said Donald Trump “Doesn’t Care Anymore,” Ex-President Is In “Burn It All Down Mode”

Melania Trump’s Former Best Friend Spoke Out On Ex-First Daughter: Ivanka’s Lies “Will Catch Up With Her”

Don Jr. Got Roasted To Hell And Back After Late-Night Show Host Noticed Empty Picture Frames In The Background Of Jr.’s Unhinged Rant Video: “Those Are Pictures Of His Friends”

NYT Released Massive, Multi-Part Investigation Conducted Against Fox’s Tucker Carlson And It’s So Much More Damning Than You’d Ever Expect

NFL’s Tom Brady Exposed The Awkward Request From Donald Trump That He Refused To Go Along With That Played A Role In The End Of Their Friendship

Governor Recalled Having To Call In Her Security To Hear “Scary” Phone Call Because She Believed Donald Trump Was Having A “Nervous Breakdown”
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I apologize about the unrelated promotional text included in the
article I posted moments ago

New thread up, finally!


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