6th Aug, 2022

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Late Summer election season!


Reposting because I think it is too important to be lost in a new thread. It is the very thing the rightwing would be afraid of – exposure in public media.

02.22.22 ‘The Scheme’: a senator’s plan to highlight rightwing influence on the supreme court

The Scheme: Sheldon’s Court Capture Speeches

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The site should be a “must read” for everyone who reads here.

The coming Pluto return for the United States is the time to purge government in this country at all levels of lawmakers and/or judges who espouse following the “Powell Plan” in any way and to any extent and change laws they have passed that hurt the majority of citizens. The time is now and we, with our votes, are the instrument.

I got chills thinking of the changes we can start with this years midterms and with the number of actual voters advantage we have for the foreseeable future how quickly changes may come. The writing will be on the wall in less than 100 days. I am nearing 82 years and they can’t come fast enough!

Bob, thanks for posting Sheldon Whitehouse’s videos. He has been an articulate spokesperson about the power of dark money in our courts and the evil it brings.

Sheldon Whitehouse’s chart, with a noon birthday time… He was born 10/20/55 in NYC. I really like him and wonder about his chances for Dem presidential candidate. He has several things in Leo opposing the U.S. moon. Maybe that’s an obstacle? He will be 68 by Nov. 2024. Not too bad…


I also looked up his height. It’s 5.57 feet. Unfortunately, I think height can be a great asset in this case, so maybe that would act against him. The reason I say unfortunately is that appearances should not matter — but they do. However, if the person has enough intelligence and personal power, it may not matter.

Meant to also post this –



Great to see sign of a pulse from you!

Please think about writing a post. Please!

on thinking more about sheldon Whitehouse’s outline of how sneaky the supreme court capture occurred, it occurs to me to wonder if there has not also been some kind of polling propaganda capture to persuade the masses that Biden’s numbers are at rock bottom. I for one don’t believe it, but sadly many people will.

I just learned that Merrick Garland was lead prosecutor in the Oklahoma bombing case. How ironic the Jan 6th prosecutions also have govt subversive elements. Question to you more experienced astrologers – has anyone looked for astrological echos that might tie the two events and prosecutions?

I didn’t watch the Whitehouse video but the news reported that tips on Kavanaugh’s sexual history were sent directly to the White House and were not followed up on by the FBI.


So much can happen so quickly (aka this past week).
I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Biden went a second term if he gets a firm edge in the Senate. He’s had some of the worse luck I’ve ever seen for a president in office. All he needs is to keep and gain some more wins before the fall election to tilt the senate solidly his way. We must remember that he got over 7M more votes than tRUMP. Never underestimate the deeply-resourceful Scorpio archetype. He’s made of raw hid and cat gut.

will, the phoenix…

As you know so.very well, arbo!

Here are the titles of each of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s essays and their length in time:

They may be selected to play one at a time or “Play All” will have them play one after the other automatically (Can be left at any time).

The Scheme Speech 1: The Powell Report May 25 2021 14:09

The Scheme Speech 2: Powell Groundwork June 8 2021 20:41

The Scheme Speech 3: The Latent Virus June 6 2021 14:53

The Scheme Speech 4: A New Constitutional Right for Dark … Jul 13 2021 25:05

The Scheme Speech 5: The Federalist Society Jul 28, 2021 9:23

The Scheme Speech 6: The Judicial Crisis Network Aug 5, 2021 25:07

The Scheme Speech 7: The Kavanaugh Operation September 20 2021 19:00

The Scheme Speech 8: Tu Quoque (You Too) October 27 2021 14:49

The Scheme 9: Amicus Flotillas Nov 16, 2021 21:34

The Scheme 10: Climate Obstruction and The Scheme December 9 2021 16:44

The Scheme 11: Faculty Lounge Report January 11 16:57

The Scheme 12: JCN’s Opening Salvo February 9 20:13

The Scheme 13: “Auditioning” for the Supreme Court March 15 14:17

The Scheme 14: Attacking Roe May 10 16:57

The Scheme 15: The Hothouse and WV v. EPA June 14 25:41

The Scheme 16: West Virginia v EPA pt. 2 Jul 14 17:05

The Scheme 17: The Captive Court August 2 14:31

Bob, I finally finished watching all of them. I confess to feeling a bit overwhelmed and depressed with the realization of the enormity of the problem, and with most people remaining blissfully unaware. No wonder today’s society is so F’d up. I imagine the monied schemers come from the same dark well that financed and supported Hitler and hated Roosevelt’s new deal.

If the Dems can take the Senate and hold onto the House in the midterms kiwi we (they?) can remove the laws that allowed their practices and/or make them illegal.

Controlling Congress and having a president willing to pass laws that are wanted by the majority of voters regarding a new, stronger, Roe v Wade, elections at all levels, taxing offshore accounts, reversing or removing Citizens United, and many others.

Yes, there is a lot but we can make it happen with our votes for people who think the same. If we make mistakes along the way we can correct them, but first we must get control of Congress because I believe the GOP will fight us on every point – there will be no help from them. Best not to expect bi-partisanship.

RE: your August 6th, 2022 9:55 pm post.
“polling propaganda capture to persuade the masses that Biden’s numbers are at rock bottom. I for one don’t believe it, but sadly many people will.”

I’ve wondered about that as well. The numbers don’t make sense to me. Maybe they’ve been fudged” My niece believes Biden is senile. Of course, she lives in Texas where such propaganda flows more readily and easily.

August 7th, 2022 5:34 am
“I imagine the monied schemers come from the same dark well that financed and supported Hitler and hated Roosevelt’s new deal.”

I’ve sometimes imagined what the USA and the world would be like had we continued the New Deal beyond WWII to the present. We would all be better off I’m sure, better trained, better educated, better informed, with a lot less violence in the US.

“If we make mistakes along the way we can correct them, but first we must get control of Congress because I believe the GOP will fight us on every point – there will be no help from them. Best not to expect bi-partisanship.”

My G-D what the R’s have become!

Your points would seem obvious, but some Dems continued to play the game as though their adversaries were honest devotees of what the Founders intended. It is my hope ALL Dems have awakened from our naive slumber.

If it walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist, and persecutes like a fascist, it’s probably a fascist. The R’s left the Constitution and the democratic ethos behind long ago. I don’t think there is any turning back for them.

IMHO, at no point in American history has it been more important to maintain control of the Congress.

havnt heard the newt gingrich name in a while – new book apparently

Thank you for the Marjorie Orr link!
Looks like an informative book. Maybe that history will make at least a few R’s do a rethink.

Newt Gingrich, what a character!?!?
He was known to “have had his way” with several young female congressional aides on his desk. I’m not making this up! (Couldn’t he have used a couch? Was his desk the only furniture in his office?) On her deathbed, Newt served his wife divorce papers, insisting she sign them right then and there. In both above cases – Couldn’t wait, I guess.

Despite spending much too much time in odd places without his pants, he led the impeachment mob against Bill Clinton’s dalliance. When we write the encyclopedia of hypocrisy, I’m sure Newt’s photo will be useful as a visual aid.

The Dana Milbank book Marjorie Orr references, traces the beginning of the dark metamorphosis of the R party to Newt. But I trace it back to Nixon. Nixon made his ironic “deal with the devil,” leading and dirty tricking the party that abolished slavery into the “Southern Strategy.” Reagan and Bush senior took the same path. The R party lost its soul in the 1960’s, having traded it for racist votes.

With the October 25th solar eclipse (2 ’00 Scorpio) opposing the Republican Party’s natal Pluto at 1 ’30 Taurus (DOB March 20, 1854 Ripon Wi 6:30 pm) and sesqui-quadrate Trump’s natal Uranus/ progressed North Node conjunction (17 Gemini – expect the unexpected?) perhaps the DOJ will finally make their move as we approach the midterms. The clock is ticking……

Fake Electors May Provide Easiest Path for DOJ to Charge Trump

July 23, 2022

(Bloomberg) — As Congressional hearings into Jan. 6 pause for an August break, the focus turns to the US Justice Department, which must decide whether to prosecute former President Donald Trump.

Although a House committee investigating the assault on the Capitol has laid out an array of potential crimes committed by the former president, experts say the easiest charges to prove may come from his attempts to submit lists of fake electors.

“The Jan. 6 committee has done an excellent job of putting together an evidentiary record that would be adequate to sustain a set of charges against former President Trump,” said Paul Rosenzweig, a former senior counsel during the Whitewater investigation into President Bill Clinton. “But it would not surprise me if a DoJ indictment, in the end, is more narrowly drawn.”

Criminally charging a former president would be unprecedented. But the House committee has laid out evidence that Trump may have incited a riot and committed seditious conspiracy among other crimes, said Donald Ayer, former deputy attorney general under Republican President George H.W. Bush.

The use of false electors is the only aspect of Trump’s attempts to overturn the election results that the DOJ has confirmed is under investigation. Fake electors are also targets of an investigation a Georgia district attorney is conducting.



kiwi: Thanks for the link to Marjorie Orr on Newt Gingrich.

At the time Gingrich was most active, I was horrified and repulsed. I did not know how such a creature could have a place in American government. I thought he was a one off that would soon vacate the scene.

Then later when his name arose again after Trump became politically active, I checked out his chart and saw the similarity to Trump, I thought “What IS this?!”

The mutables – Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius… the wide ranging FIRE sign Sagittarius Moon – unlike, say the Moon in earth sign Virgo or the perhaps passive Moon in Pisces…

Food for thought. Yes. The hard aspects pretty much must be there for a person to have the energy to make his/her mark on the world. What they do with the hard aspects is another thing.

Many decades ago I thought – soft aspects: Good. Hard aspects: Bad.

Now it is more of a mystery to me as to what makes a person go good or bad.

Yesterday someone reminded me of Gandhi’s chart. Of course.

OK back to present time – At the beginning of the Trump presidency I noticed the preponderance of the signs Capricorn and Gemini in high posts – as in Jeff Sessions and the deputy DOJ ….
After the Insurrection, the Sun Signs seem more wide ranging… I haven’t kept track.

Eliseo – gonna educate myself on the “Southern Strategy”.

And I have yet to read all on Sheldon Whitehouse’s collection but yes, I believe it is required reading.

Thank you, Jerry!
Interesting! That would be a very compelling October surprise!

The “Southern Strategy” was a conscious effort by Republicans to use coded language to get White Southern racists to vote R.
Up until that time, the South was solidly Dem.
Wikipedia has an article on it.

🙂 Thanks Eliseo gonna do the Wikipedia for starters

Sunstars, good point…thank you.

“Food for thought. Yes. The hard aspects pretty much must be there for a person to have the energy to make his/her mark on the world. What they do with the hard aspects is another thing.”

At this moment the FBI is at Mar-a-Lago, serving a warrant, searching 45’s home for documents. TFG has issued a statement complaining they even broke into his safe. TFG is not presently in Florida. He is in NY.



“The Dana Milbank book Marjorie Orr references, traces the beginning of the dark metamorphosis of the R party to Newt. But I trace it back to Nixon. Nixon made his ironic “deal with the devil,” leading and dirty tricking the party that abolished slavery into the “Southern Strategy.” Reagan and Bush senior took the same path. The R party lost its soul in the 1960’s, having traded it for racist votes.”

True dat.




How very satisfying.

Coincidence or not? 48 years, to the day, that nixon announced his resignation.

One tarot reader speculates that Trump possessed a whole treasure trove of highly classified intelligence documents/ state secrets in those boxes stored at Mar a Lago and that he had been selling the contents openly on the international market to the highest bidder such as Russia, China, North Korea etc. She further adds that Trump has approximately 8 off shore bank accounts used to facilitate the transfer of money for this purpose. Treasonous behavior? The US State Dept’s worst nightmare come true?

The following article by Vanity Fair was published nearly 2 years ago…….

How Many State Secrets Is Trump Going to Sell to Pay Off His Debts?

He might also spill just to screw over the country he thinks “cheated” him out of second term.

Vanity Fair
November 10, 2022

Despite the fact that Donald Trump and his allies have cranked their delusions re: a second term to an 11, the most likely scenario on January 20, 2021, is that Joe Biden is inaugurated the next president of the United States. At that point, Trump will just be another civilian. But the difference between him and your average guy on the street is that he, by his own admission, is in debt for $421 million. And also, that he’s been privy to four years of highly classified information, the kind assorted parties would be thrilled to get their hands on, and which a known con man who thinks he’s been cheated would probably have little issue parting with for the right price.

Of course, that might sound crazy and delusional if not for the fact that Trump has spent nearly his entire term in office making the solid case that he’s a national security risk, a threat that would seemingly become more acute once he leaves office. Per the Washington Post:

As president, Donald Trump selectively revealed highly classified information to attack his adversaries, gain political advantage, and to impress or intimidate foreign governments, in some cases jeopardizing U.S. intelligence capabilities. As an ex-president, there’s every reason to worry he will do the same, thus posing a unique national security dilemma for the Biden administration, current and former officials and analysts said.… Not only does Trump have a history of disclosures, he checks the boxes of a classic counterintelligence risk: He is deeply in debt and angry at the U.S. government, particularly what he describes as the “deep state” conspiracy that he believes tried to stop him from winning the White House in 2016 and what he falsely claims is an illegal effort to rob him of reelection.

“Anyone who is disgruntled, dissatisfied, or aggrieved is a risk of disclosing classified information, whether as a current or former officeholder. Trump certainly fits that profile,” David Priess, a former CIA officer and author of The President’s Book of Secrets, an accounting of the top secret intelligence briefings that presidents receive while in office, told the Post. While experts noted to the Post that presidents receive while in office, told the Post.



Very Interesting! Thank you!
BTW, the Vanity Fair article was from 2020, not 2022. Just so no one is confused. An easy typo to make.

Several stories are buzzing about Proud Boys & others planning more violence, all furious about the FBI “raid.” Some speculate DJT might escape to Russia. I would find that hilarious.

Was the tarot reader Linda G?
At the address below she mentions treason.


Interesting to me is that on Lion’s Gate August 8, which comes yearly —

Nixon resigned!

Trump’s home raided by FBI

Also, sleepy Joe is doing pretty damn good.

Hello everyone!

Hi Eliseo,

Yes. Thank you for mentioning it. 2020 is the correct year.

Oracle of Whimsy was the tarot reader I was referring to.

Angellight! Great to see you xoxo

When it rains it pours. Hope this can’t be undone.


I am hoping the search of Mar a Lago can provide evidence for treason. The warrant was signed by a Trump-appointed federal judge. I think the feds would make sure this was done right is was air-tight despite what aholes like McCarthy say.

Treason and sedition, a tasty combination.

I didn’t know what TGF meant so I looked it up. It means “The Former Guy”. That’s funny – I thought it meant “the fat goon” or something like that. (Will, you’ll think of a better one; Eliseo, when it comes to this guy, no insult is insulting enough – lol)

Sharon K, Thank you. xoxo

Ha ha. Sharon. TFG came about after Biden was elected and people were so fed up with mentioning Trumps name as president and so happy not to speak of him that they started referring him to him as the former guy and it stuck!

People were so over him and so happy not to talk about him at the beginning of the Biden administration but now of course he’s eating up all the news again and we can’t as a nation and as a world really move on past him sadly.

“America’s oldest president can now boast of a stronger legislative record in less than two years than either Obama or Bill Clinton achieved in eight. It turns out that low expectations are Biden’s secret weapon. it is worth emphasising what he has done in less than half of one. In the coming days, Biden will sign America’s first serious attempt to tackle global warming. His predecessors tried it and failed. Clinton got nowhere close to persuading the Senate to ratify the Kyoto Treaty on climate change in 1999. Obama’s 2009 cap and trade bill also foundered. Trump, of course, scrapped the executive actions to which Obama resorted after failing on Capitol Hill. Trump also pulled the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change. Biden has not only reversed Trump’s actions but is the first president to signal that the US means business on global warming. In contrast to Obama and Clinton, both of whom had large Senate majorities, Biden has done so with a 50:50 Senate. Perhaps lacking that cushion is good for party discipline. This week he will also sign the “Chips plus” act, which is America’s first stab at industrial policy since Ronald Reagan’s response to the rise of Japan in the 1980s. The bill puts tens of billions of dollars into public science research — the kind of money that in the 1950s resulted eventually in the internet. Biden’s climate and tax bill also for the first time gives the federal government the power to negotiate lower drugs prices. Again, Democrats have been losing to the pharmaceutical lobby for decades. Biden has broken that dam without much fanfare. The attention has been captured by the bill’s clean energy bonanza.”


About Trump: The only way “out” is “through”. We have to see this aberrant time through to the end.

We have lost critical thinking, truthtelling in the US – and absconded to greed and power seeking primarily because of INEQUALITY.

The Constitution provides for EQUALITY. The farther we get away from the Constitution is the farther we as a people, as a nation, get into our lower selves.

There exists a sacred phrase as the essence of the idea of the Constitution: “PUBLIC SERVANT”.

….Jesus washing the feet of his Disciples.

Where has it gone? Temporarily it has gone to the last dregs of Pluto in Capricorn – typifying the worst of Capricorn – the greed, the hierarchy, the power mongering that we see now.

It’s just a phase….. we will move on. I am excited to see Pluto move into Aquarius in the coming months. I know the downside of Aquarius will likely come on us in the years to come, but for the initial move there will be contrast and perspective.

Aquarius positively is “For the People”.

Being Public Servants – yes – is rather Piscean – but it is For the People too.

As reported earlier; the August 11th Full Moon at 19 Aquarius will be activating the August 1st Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction. It will conjunct Saturn in t square to Uranus and the North Node. Could this suggest something may be emerging?

Transit Alert

Sunday Aug 14, 2022 5:28 PM EST

Mars at 26 ’45 Taurus trine Pluto at 26 ’45 Capricorn

Trump’s natal Mars at 26 ’46 is in the cross-hairs. It will be quincunxed by Pluto and squared by Mars.

Major developments in the Mar A Lago FBI seizure story at this time? Will Trump face charges?

Trump Could Be Charged with Violating Espionage Act

Political Wire
August 9, 2022

“The former chief of the Justice Department’s national security division said Tuesday that the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fla., suggests that the former president could be charged with violating the World War I-era Espionage Act,” Yahoo News reports.

That law has traditionally been used to target government leakers, such as former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. But Mary McCord said it also “actually has provisions that apply to essentially the mishandling of classified material through gross negligence, permitting documents to be removed from their proper place, or to be lost, stolen or destroyed.”

FBI Executes Search Warrant at Donald Trump’s Home At Mar-a-Lago by Glenn Kirschner

A legal barrier has been broken – a maiden legal voyage has been taken: the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida home of former President Donald Trump. This is a historic law enforcement move by the Department of Justice.

Video: 12 min 30 sec


Speaking of Aquarius, SS & Jerry, I had a really nice full-moon-in-19 Aquarius (conjunct my mercury & opp my moon/pluto) night last night – filled with spontaneity, fun, friendship, friendly encounters with people. I really, really needed it as it has been quite a while. I spend much of my time at home or visiting with family but the full moon in Aquarius gave me a feeling of freedom and love.

I am feeling a deep seated joy at watching the GOP become totally unglued over the mar a lago fallout!


Your 7:17AM post is pure poetry. Thank you for the elevated thoughts.


Nice work on fleshing out those transits. Thank you!

Sharon, Mazel tov on your Aquarian moon reverie. You deserved it.

Aww thank you, will.

Thanks, Will…:-)

I just finished taking the 15 hr CE course on Mass Shooters, and Extremists and it is very valuable information.

Basically, this is a path taken by those with grievances who develop an injury to their sense of self that is exacerbated by other events while on their live trajectories, so they try to create a social identity by identifying with and copying a past mass shooter, or are drawn into an extremist group. Many have firmly entrenched narcissism or paranoia personality traits, but not usually mental illness (e.g. bi-polarism, schizophrenia). The author of the course distinguishes between “far-right” and “alt-right” with the latter groups more extreme and cultivating a sense of victimhood, usually blaming a group for their plight (women who spurned them; immigrants who took their jobs away, etc.). Some of them turn to what they consider justifiable violence, whether lone wolves or part of an extremist subgroup.

What really caught my attention is that these are the very groups that Donald Trump, in his desperate search for supporters, cultivated and eventually motivated to lay siege to the Capitol. When asked about them at an earlier time, he said that “some of them are very fine people”. He told Biden — when he asked him in one of their debates “what would you say to the Proud Boys right now”? — “Stand down and stand by!” When you think about what that means in light of Jan. 6, it all starts making sense. So, one of these fine people tried to shoot up a FBI office today, and others have been slinging so many anti semetic insults at the judge who signed off on the search warrrant, that his synagogue cancelled a Sabbath-on-the beach event for this weekend. What a horror show!

Hi Will,

Yes. The timing is interesting! Here’s a rundown on the aspects for this week………

Astrology Aug 9-15 2022 – Aquarius Full Moon Karmic Grand Cross – plus many aspects

Video: 43 min 20 sec


According to one editorial opinion, the US is now facing one of two stark choices, pointing to just what is at stake in the near future……..

Mar-a-Lago Raid Endgame: Donald Trump Gets Indicted or Wins 2024 Election

August 10, 2022

The unprecedented FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home will have either one of two results—and almost certainly won’t have any middle ground.

Either the Justice Department and the FBI will be conquering heroes that finally slayed their dragon, or Trump will be re-elected in 2024.

First Option: The Justice Department finally has Trump dead to rights.

The FBI wouldn’t step out on this type of ledge without having everything lined up. They would have to know better than to overreach yet again—which only serves as a boon for Trump. This will likely lead to a Trump indictment, perhaps for mishandling of classified material with regards to the Presidential Records Act—the grounds for the search warrant.

Or possibly, the Presidential Records Act served as the legal grounds to secure a search warrant. The real target is evidence that of Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 riots and potentially criminal conduct to overturn the 2020 election—as the House Select Committee members have been telling us for months.

After years of false starts, the walls really have closed in on Trump, as MSNBC, Jennifer Rubin and others have promised us for so long. We were starting to doubt Rachel Maddow and the Morning Joe crew. That’s only because we didn’t know what evidence was amassing behind the scenes.



Just my opinion – but I think Trump will run in 2024 unless he is dead, regardless of his legal condition. If the R’s nominate him, he will lose by a greater margin than in 2020. If they nominate someone else, he will run as a third party candidate.

He will run if he is free. He will run if he is in prison. Let us recall, in 1920 Eugene V. Debs ran for president from prison, garnering a bit less than one million (3.4%) votes. It’s not unprecedented.

I heard WA Post reports part some of the documents the FBI obtained were nuclear secrets, but we don’t know yet whether that refers to OUR nuclear secrets, or another nation’s, or possibly both. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg come to mind. What does anyone need with nuclear documents in their basement?


Correction: That is top secret nuclear documents

Fox News contributor: Republicans rushing to defend Trump shows they don’t belong in government


It might be the right time to ask again why the Saudis give Jared Kushner $2B.


Inflation Reduction Act will be ‘life-changing’ for Black and Latino seniors


Hi Eliseo,

I think the dynamics are obvious. If the inferences/ allegations are proven; selling highly classified stolen material (nuclear secrets?) to the highest bidder on the open market (that would include ones adversaries) is a grievous offense, enough to constitute treason. The least that can be said about it is that it would automatically block one from running for public office.

Your logic is excellent, but is based on a popular and understandable but false definition. You are certainly right as to Trump’s betraying nature, and it sure feels like and smells like treason in the generic sense to you and to me. I have no doubt he has betrayed the US and our allies on multiple occasions.

But treason under the US Constitution is very narrow and limited, the concept applied only in the context of time of war. It is defined specifically, in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution as: “levying War against [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

This is why Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who supplied the Russians with our nuclear bomb making documents, were convicted and executed in the 1950’s for espionage, not treason. We were not at war with the Soviet Union.

On June 16, 1918 Eugene V. Debs made an anti-war speech in Canton, Ohio, protesting US involvement in World War I. For this he was arrested under the Espionage Act of 1917, convicted for sedition, and sentenced to serve ten years in prison. (Fortunately for him President W.G. Harding commuted his sentence later.) Nevertheless, it was from prison he ran for president in 1920.

By today’s standards Debs likely would not be arrested or convicted for espionage, such were the prejudicial sentiments of that time as opposed to the present. But the Rosenbergs would be. And so would Trump, if he sold any classified material to a highest bidder, or made contact with them with intent to sell same. That would certainly nail him for the Espionage Act, and we’ve likely already got him for sedition.

But back to the Honorable Mr. Debs. If he could run for president while in prison, I know of no technical or legal reason why Trump could not do likewise. I’m not saying he will. There are a number of factors that might mitigate against it, I’m only saying he could or might.

Angellight: I liked what you posted.

Eliseo! Thanks for putting that together for us.

sunstars: Thank you.

I can’t imagine Trump will be doing much of anything in prison… beyond maybe what his buddy Epstein did to himself.

Better keep the motherf——- on suicide watch, is all I’m saying.

Either that, or he’ll suffer a complete nervous breakdown, go bonkers and stroke-out or die of a heart attack when he realizes the gig truly is up for him this time, and there’s no amount of lying and swindling that can get him out of the mess he’s made.

He’ll be a non-factor as a candidate in 2024.

Truly, this is the beginning of his end.

“A judge on Friday reportedly denied a request to dismiss the Manhattan tax fraud case against the Trump Organization and its longtime chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg.

Why it matters: Friday’s denial allows the case to move forward to a trial in October, the New York Times reports.”


New York City health officials identify polio in wastewater samples, urge people to get vaccinated!


Dare I say Bob and Jerry were right!

I keep wondering if he might flee the country for a nation with no extradition treaty with the US. Russia, maybe? Saudi Arabia?

I think the more important question will be whether the R. party is a factor in the 2024, 2026, and 2028 elections. As they’ve evolved into an anti-democratic, neo-fascist criminal enterprise, how much longer must we endure their presence in our political system? Will Pluto in Aquarius sweep them away? Or might they hang on for a while longer?

The October surprise could begin on October 10th or 11th if tRump is in the Eastern time zone. It could be fought almost daily for the rest of the month.

Hi Eliseo,

There may be a grey area there as you pointed out. I had the impression treason under the laws enumerated in the US constitution disbarred a US citizen from running for public office. So…….. not taking anything for granted I humbly consulted Mr Google (the internet) on that vexing issue and here’s what I found………

Extracted from the Congressional Research Service

The Insurrection Bar to Office: Section 3 of the
Fourteenth Amendment

The Disqualification Clause

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment provides:

No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-
President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who,
having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or
as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Congressional Research Service

https://crsreports. congress.gov

In short, Section 3 disqualification appears to apply to any covered person who has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and thereafter either (1) engages in insurrection or rebellion against the United States or (2) gives aid or comfort to the enemies of the United States, unless a supermajority of Congress “removes such disability.”

Enacted in the aftermath of the Civil War, Section 3 seems specifically designed for the Reconstruction Era but may be applicable to modern times as well. Section 3 was for the most part used only for the short period between its ratification and the 1872 enactment of the Amnesty Act. The Amnesty Act removed the
disqualification from most Confederates and their sympathizers and was enacted by a two-thirds majority of Congress in accordance with the terms of Section 3. Some argue the Amnesty Act operates retrospectively. In a recent case, Cawthorn v. Amalfi, discussed in this Legal Sidebar, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit found that the Act does not apply to later insurrections or treasonous acts.

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment does not expressly require a criminal conviction, and historically, one was not necessary. Reconstruction Era federal prosecutors brought civil actions in court to oust officials linked to the Confederacy, and Congress in some cases took action to refuse to seat Members. Congress last used Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment in 1919 to refuse to seat a socialist Congressman accused of having given aid and comfort to Germany during the First World War, irrespective of the Amnesty Act. The Congressman, Victor Berger, was eventually seated at a subsequent Congress after the Supreme Court threw out his espionage conviction for judicial bias. Recently, various
groups and organizations have challenged the eligibility of certain candidates running for Congress, arguing that the candidates’ alleged involvement in the events surrounding the January 6, 2021, breach of the Capitol render them ineligible for office. No challenges have to date resulted in the disqualification of any candidate.

To Whom Does Section 3 Apply?

According to the text of Section 3, the bar against office-holding applies to Members of Congress,
officers of the United States, members of state legislatures, and state executive or judicial officers, who previously swore an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and later break that oath by committing the acts mentioned. The offices to which such persons are then barred include seats in Congress, membership in the Electoral College, and any civil or military office under the United States or any state. Although not expressly referenced, the bar appears historically to have applied to judgeships.

There is an argument that because the President is not covered explicitly by the provision, the presidency itself is exempt from the disqualification. In contrast, the Impeachment Clause of the Constitution explicitly applies to the “President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States,” which suggests that the President might not be a “civil Officer of the United States” whose oath of office would subject him to possible disqualification. However, it may be more likely that the office of the President is included as an office under the United States (unlike Members of Congress and electors, which may be why they are expressly included), so that any person subject to the disqualification is ineligible to serve as President. One scholar notes that the drafting history of Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment suggests that the office of the President is covered:

During the debate on Section Three, one Senator asked why ex-Confederates “may be elected
President or Vice President of the United States, and why did you all omit to exclude them? I do not
understand them to be excluded from the privilege of holding the two highest offices in the gift of
the nation.” Another Senator replied that the lack of specific language on the Presidency and Vice-
Presidency was irrelevant: “Let me call the Senator’s attention to the words ‘or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States.’”

In the January 2021 article of impeachment against President Donald Trump, the House of
Representatives, citing Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, appears to have presumed that the
Disqualification Clause would operate as a bar against President Trump continuing to serve as President,




MSNBC confirms that the “Espionage Act” being used in the warrant means that there was evidence that Trump had transferred information to a third party (foreign gov’t or organization).

This is a whole new level of treachery.

That last line was part of the tweet, not my comment.

You are right. It IS a grey area! My understanding is that had Trump been convicted by the US Senate after either of his impeachments, he would then be ineligible to run or hold any high office. That would have been my preference for him. But he wasn’t convicted.

As I read the text you submitted, the issue of his eligibility to run again seems unclear either way. It is looking like federal level indictments, plus NY State, and Georgia state indictments are on the horizon for him. I for one, certainly hope he is convicted on multiple charges. Theoretically, a sedition conviction should be a barrier in his way, but neither the Donald, nor the current so called Republicans seem to be willing to actually obey the law.

The irony I see is that were he to run, legally or illegally, I think he would lose by a larger margin than he did in 2020. I’m really ambivalent about the issue. I’d rather a stumblebum fool like Donald lead the far right and fail, rather than a smarter, smoother autocrat like Desantis run and actually succeed and win. Any way you look at it, it appears we are in for a wild and unpleasant ride.

My ex-FBI pal, now an attorney called me today. We chatted for a while, agreeing that in the long run, the R party is simply not sustainable. They’ll likely be causing trouble for a while, but they are behaving like lemmings headed for the edge of the cliff.

Hi Eliseo,

Now that the cat is out of the bag, much discussion has been swirling around in the media regarding whether Trump will be able to run in 2024.

Neal Katyal, Former Solicitor General of the United States touches on the legal implications of the alleged violations at the 2 minute mark…….

Trump’s Declassification Defenses Won’t Hold Up In A Criminal Trial Says Katyal

Video: 5 min 49 sec


interesting read

Bob & Jerry,
Firstly, I must echo Sharon K’s comment from her August 12th, 2022 – 6:25 pm posting. You guys hit some genuine home runs with your astrology calculations and observations. Thank You!

Thank You for the link wherein Neal Katyal clarifies why if convicted of the second offense of the three he mentioned, the Donald would be ineligible for any and all public offices. He obviously understands law and the Constitution better than do we. I am grateful for the homework you did on that.

Eliseo I receive more than I give from you and from all those who contribute here. I am at fault for not expressing my thanks as I should.

When I think of tRump I get a feeling of him being banished to an island a la Napoleon Bonaparte’s sentence.

Who do you think identified the most important (ie, valuable for sale) documents to keep? It’s been pointed out he doesn’t read and isn’t smart enough to understand anything that’s not short and bulleted. Except maybe the bit about Macron which is probably kompromat. He had to have help sorting out what to keep and what to send to the national archives when it was requested.

I pay little attention to most tarot readers. I have reason to take their commentaries and observations far less seriously than those of competent astrologers. I nevertheless like this gal. She’s quite sober with IMO good mental & emotional clarity. She appears, again IMO to have a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of archetypes in process.

Donald goes nuclear. Did he just fall over his own tripwire? Did the cards just predict a penalty?
Ellie Dreams Down Under


“It’s been pointed out he doesn’t read and isn’t smart enough to understand anything that’s not short and bulleted.”

Excellent point, Les!
I suspect one or more learning disabilities. Possibly dyslexia which was never overcome? Plus a truly bad and belligerent attitude toward learning, developed as a self defense?

In any case, his disinclination to read and inability to understand begs the question. With whom might he be in collusion? A foreign asset or agent within his inner circle? Secondly, who might be the informant(s) who alerted the FBI to the presence of the 20 boxes the Donald held back? How did he, she, or they know the boxes, among other things contained highly sensitive, nuclear state secrets?

The Donald story gets weirder and weirder. Some day some genius writer, (W. Shakespeare returned?) will write a new Hamlet/King Lear story, the tragedy of the most bizarre president of US & world history, a man comfortable with risking the lives (nuclear secrets) of his entire nation plus those of US allies, over a billion people, to assuage his narcissistic ego.

My ex-FBI pal pointed out the documents will be perused for fingerprints. Unless he/she/they used gloves, the FBI will determine what unauthorized persons may have handled them.

Carved in stone in the Original Headquarters Building (OHB) of the Central Intelligence Agency

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”

This says trump was holding the details on America spies. Who was he selling this to? Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, or Russia? Or all of them?


Speculation is that if
(A) Trump is indicted,
and (B) R’s take the House in Nov. 2022,
they will persecute top Dems like Nancy Pelosi with endless investigations, and the door will be opened for each successive presidential administration to charge the previous one of opposite party with corruption, jail them, etc. i.e. descent into banana republic politics.

BUT… Several astrologers (and psychics) believe the Dems will retain the House and Senate. I’m wondering if for strategic reasons, Trump indictments only come AFTER the Nov. election. Does anyone, on the basis of your astrological work, have any idea as to when or if Trump might be indicted?

Australian tarot reader, Ellie’s reading suggests the Donald will slip away to another country when it becomes obvious to him his only other alternative is to spend the rest of his life in jail. But…wherever he lands, it will not be pleasant or kind to him. He will be miserable there.
The video lasts less than 7 minutes.

Donalds great escape
Aug 11, 2022 Ellie Dreams Down Under

Trump NJ – Natal Chart Relocated, Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT +4:00
Bedminster NJ, 40°N40’50”, 074°W38’45”

Saturn transits to tRump’s relocated natal for the next year starting today:

Aug 23 2022 Sat 21°Aq12′ Sxt Mon 21°Sg12′ Tr-Na
Oct 10 2022 Sat 18°Aq44′ Opp EqA 18°Le44′ Tr-Na
Nov 4 2022 Sat 18°Aq44′ Opp EqA 18°Le44′ Tr-Na
Dec 18 2022 Sat 21°Aq12′ Sxt Mon 21°Sg12′ Tr-Na
Jan 5 2023 Sat 22°Aq56′ Tri Sun 22°Ge56′ Tr-Na
Jan 11 2023 Sat 23°Aq33′ Sqr MC 23°Ta33′ Tr-Na
Feb 8 2023 Sat 26°Aq47′ Opp Mar 26°Le47′ Tr-Na
Mar 1 2023 Sat 29°Aq18′ Opp Asc 29°Le18′ Tr-Na

The word “trumpery” appeared in the 15th century with the meanings “deceit” or “fraud”. 100 years later, it was being applied to objects of no value. Then in the 1900’s, it came to mean “showy but worthless”. Today, it is equated with “treasonous shitweasel”.


China and Taiwan: World War?

Video: 14 min 37 sec


Ex-Clinton aide implies ‘President of France’ file found at Trump’s home during Mar-a-Lago raid could be valuable to Putin as ‘kompromat’

https://www.yahoo.com/now/ex-clinton-aide-implies-president-095057822.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw&tsrc=twtr via @Yahoo

Armed Trump supporters hold protest outside FBI Phoenix offices Saturday


Trump Sics the G.O.P. on the F.B.I.

“it is one of the most bizarre loop de loops in Donald Trump’s dark, crazy reign over Republicans that he turned a party that was pro-law and order and anti-Evil Empire into a party that trashes the F.B.I. and embraces Vladimir Putin.

It is the greatest con of the century’s greatest con man: hijacking his own party.

The Republicans are echoing “unhinged leftists from 1968,” Tom Nichols, The Atlantic writer, noted Friday on “Morning Joe.” “‘The F.B.I. is the enemy, the F.B.I. is the Gestapo, the F.B.I. is the enemy within.’”



GOP governors repuke outrageous anit-FBI rhetoric by people like Senator Rick Scott from FL & all the usual extremist suspects & ass-kissers.


Due to the positions of transiting Saturn and Pluto in these times the progressions of tRump’s anlunar or demi-anlunar’s yield 3 consecutive negative days every 6 or 7 days. Just eyeballing the charts it looks like the 4 days preceding and the 4 days following those 3 days contain other negative hits revealed by further progression of the charts.

I can believe that he is stressed every day without fail now.

It’s time to treat the Republican Party itself as a terrorist organization and a grave threat to the U.S. it is beyond any reason or rationale why these folks should remain enthralled to that narcissistic fool. They want an idiot king so badly that they will follow him straight off a ledge into a ravine.

They don’t get to take the rest of us and this country with them.

Seems like a goodly percentage of the world has become morally and culturally retarded. On the Left – “Defund the police!”
On the Right – “Defund the FBI!”
The mainstream media and the social media foment our distraction and lack of meaningful focus. We get emotionally involved in pseudo existential crises while ignoring the real existential crises of our time.

Eliseo: I do not know abt on the right but most people on the left that I know, no, all the people I know on the left do not want the police defunded. We want more police.

I agree with you entirely. I hear your frustration. It makes no sense to those of us who are not addicted to the Donald. The R party has become a clear and present danger, not just to the US, but to the entire world.

I see their extremism as compulsive. They are compelled to go further and deeper into madness with each successive step. Continuing to support a man who has betrayed the nation, fomenting violence against the FBI, rejecting the rule of law; as dangerous as all this is, I think it even more dangerous for them. With each successive step, more extreme than the previous one, they are marching themselves like lemmings toward the precipice of history. May they fall off that cliff soon and with them all the political insanity in their cortege.

Of course, sensible people on the Left want more police, better trained police, not to defund them. I was referring to the loud extremes. When the Right goes absolutely nuts, it’s hard for some on the Left to not react by becoming a bit imbalanced themselves. It’s OK to believe our view is more correct than someone else’s, but also wise to remember we all have our blind spots. Humility is the child of wisdom.

Saudi Arabia has long wanted to be able to make a nuclear bomb. It is very plausible they now have the info to do so. If they attack us with a nuclear bomb supplied by Trump & Co. and the payment was 2 billion $$ supposedly to Jared Kushner, well many warned, but it will be too late.

Eliseo, thank you for your explanation.

Nandini Jammi, @nandoodles –HOLY SHIT: @NewsGuardRating just downgraded @FoxNews
‘ official rating from “Green — Trustworthy” to “Red — proceed with caution.” THIS IS HUGE.

‘It’s All Going To Hell For Fox News As They Reportedly Lose Their Certification As Trusted News Source, Face Losing Top Advertisers And Tons Of Money”

https://polinews.org/its-all-going-to-hell-for-fox-news-as-they-reportedly-lose-their-certification-as-trusted-news-source-face-losing-top-advertisers-and-tons-of-money/ via @PoliTribune

Angellight, I think the Saudis want a bomb to balance Iran’s progress in getting one. Will they attack us? Well, the 911 “terrorists” may have had help from their government but maybe not. The U.S., I believe, has felt it had to cultivate good relations with SA for varied reasons. Was it right for the Saudis to get info to make a bomb from Trump or his allies? Of course not…but I don’t think they would use it against us. They just want it for defense and as a counter threat to Iran. Israel & the West do not trust Iran but the same is true of many ME Suni majority countries, I think.

Feds take Trump’s passports. He might be staying a while.


Sharon K, bless you because you cannot think on that level of evil. I hope you are right, but I put nothing pass these evil, crazed men who have no soul or conscience.


“But…wherever he lands, it will not be pleasant or kind to him. He will be miserable there.”

Oh, nooooooooooooooooooo!

Re: TFG’s passports, I’ve seen several explanations, mostly saying it’s just another attempt by 45 to distract from the real issue which is his taking classified documents. It’s possible the passports were stored with the documents, in which case they would have been taken because they were commingled items. They may also have been taken because they’re identifying items, ie, they show that the documents were in his possession as supported by the identification items (passports). A former FBI espionage agent on Maddow last night said that passports are rarely taken away from someone unless they’ve already been indicted and they’re deemed a flight risk or just before indictment, which he dismissed as very unlikely as there’s still an ongoing investigation.

I loved Liz Cheney’s “concession” speech, and how she proudly stood for honesty and patriotism, a trait sadly lacking in many people today.


The Mystery of The Seizure And Subsequent Return of Donald Trump’s Passports . . . Solved? by Glenn Kirschner

Video: 11 min 25 sec


To All:

This was forwarded to me by our sometimes Starlightnews.com participant who goes by Fierywoman. It resonated with me and thought I’d pass it on.

It has been a while since I sent out a newsletter. I did, in fact, write one that was ready to go out last week between August 8 and August 15, but it didn’t feel right – so I discarded it. I have been doing a lot of thinking about all kinds of things- the world, events, astrology, the purpose of astrology, what all this chaos means, why we must go through it, when is it going to end, and on and on and on. So many questions and so little clarity. I am sure you, my readers, feel the same. I know I am preaching to the choir.

I juggled several topics. Then I had a fortuitous lunch with a high school friend of mine from Chicago. We’ve known each other since we were kids in Chicago schools. We recently met at the Reservoir in Lafayette and rented a paddle boat (mind you it was bright blingy magenta too) and wiled away an hour of paddling on this glorious lake talking about this and that. We talked about a lot of things – questioning our next steps in life – and he, in his profound wisdom, listened and helped me sort out what it was I wanted to write. Thank you, Michael B, you always show up at the right time.

Mars is the topic. Its affect and how that affect can stir up things. Mars is the warrior of the zodiac. Archetypically, Mars goes into battle to fight the fight. It is a very task-oriented energy and when in a younger format can be quite reactive without being strategic in its expression. When and if it matures, it can be very forthright and strategic. The key thing for Mars energy is to listen and really hear what others are saying, doing, and pivoting with that information. And information is the topic because in a few days Mars enters Gemini, the information junky of the zodiac.

Mars usually takes about six weeks, but we are moving into a Mars retrograde season, which really pencils out to about six months of serious reviewing, listening, discovering, and being surprised all at the same time about information in our world and our personal lives. The question is how will you the individual use this cycle to the best of your ability? And to better your life and produce the right strategy or direction for your next life steps?

Mars will be in Gemini starting on Friday August 19, 2022 but doesn’t start its retrograde movement until October 30, 2023. For many that will feel like relief, a lighter touch than this last week’s disturbing news. Mars hit the fixed star of Algol, Medusa’s Eye, at 25? to 26? Taurus between August 8 and August 15. Salman Rushdie got stabbed in the neck (Algol), the FBI walked away with a bunch of boxes from Mar A Lago and China keeps threatening Taiwan, Russia threatens Ukraine both my shooting dangerous missiles (Mars). Yikes.

So, what’s next? Though the retrograde of Mars in Gemini begins later this fall, its ingress into Gemini puts it in the information ‘neighborhood’ that bears watching. This happens sooner than later because Mars quickly passes over the retrograde degree of 8? Gemini 07’ on Sunday September 4 and Monday September 5. Then when it finishes its retrograde in mid-January 2023, it is at that same degree again. Then turning direct, it returns to the original October 30, 2022 degree of 25? Gemini 36’. So, there you go – six months not six weeks!

Side effects: Some of the ‘side effects’ of Mars slowing down can be a reduction of energy and mental motivation. People who have their Sun signs in Gemini are often affected by this because Mars often acts as an irritant when in retrograde motion. The former president of the USA is a Gemini Sun/Sagittarius Moon. He is born on a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse and this retrograde Mars cycle is hitting him for six months. This could be a very difficult period for health and vitality and, frankly, control. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on his chart because this newsletter is for you the readers.

You: You could experience a slowing down of energy and mental agility that could begin as soon as the Mars Gemini ingress on August 19. If there are any record or bookkeeping tasks that require your best mental gymnastics, do them now rather than later.

Gemini energy is the bumble bee going from place to place with this idea or that thought and never landing on anything permanently while continually pollinating information networks. This endless activity is necessary so that the nectar is taken back to the hive, so honey is produced. Those bees must do their work. Mars transits through Gemini are not the best cycles for peaceful sleep. One way to ameliorate its effects is to set up an exercise program to slough off the nervous energy that this transit often fosters.

Energy sidetracked: Mental motivation and curiosity often get sidetracked with Mars retrograde. We are trying to find that answer but are distracted by something else. The cosmic ADHD cycles. We feel as though we can’t think straight and often are distracted trying to focus on one thing while another thing interrupts the process. Write down the thoughts, the ideas, or make a video or recorded note in your phone and come back to it later. Remember – the mind operates like a bumble bee – not landing on anything for very long during this time.

Sometimes that isn’t so bad as it also forces each of us to examine the area of our chart through which it is traveling to start sorting out thoughts, ideas, insights, ideas for papers or reports, essays, presentations, or something related that doesn’t give a clear direction. We question ourselves, our ideas, our purpose. It can also mean getting lost while driving our cars even in a familiar neighborhood!

USA Chart: Most importantly, this Mars retrograde occurs directly on the Mars at 21? Gemini in the USA Declaration of Independence chart formed on July 4, 1776 at 5:13 PM, Philadelphia, PA. Mars in Gemini in this chart is in the seventh house open enemies, legal matters, trials, litigation. The seventh house is also the house of long-term relations, and this is often a time when many questions arise regarding these long-term relations and their viability. It is an angular Mars, too, which is more contentious, and, in this world, the USA has NOT been in a war in its 246 years for only about 20 years! It is still a teenager, when you think about it, belligerent, wanting to drive the nice car without the license! When you think of how much older the rest of the world is – this might explain the constant fighting we have with each other as well as the world. After this Mars retrograde, we get to our ‘late teen’ years where we start to make some sense. Lest I get sidetracked…here is another…

Mars also rules manufacturing, suggesting that with any bill like the recent Inflation Reduction Act, it goes through hoops trying to find vendors, and manufacturers to make changes and reduce inflation and this won’t happen overnight – it just won’t. Meanwhile, while all this is going on, our open enemies continue to rattle swords like China and Russia and those sword rattles and threats will continue for the next few months unless someone gets too close to targets that are being used to tease us and misses – yes, Mars retrograde in Gemini is mis-firing. I often think of Mars retrograde in air signs are like a tea kettle that is whistling, evaporating all its water into steam, and getting hotter and hotter and eventually dissipating, and getting turned off or the pot burns. Will the pot burn or not? I all depends on misfired words…Mars retrograde.

Mars squares Neptune in the USA Chart: In the USA chart Mars is square (that’s stressful) the country’s Neptune in Virgo. I often think of this aspect as news on the front page today that moves quickly to the middle or the back page over time because the public loses interest. American focus is not always at its best during a time like this, this square can get easily distracted. Additionally for the last few years, the transit of Neptune in Pisces has been opposite the USA Neptune in Virgo (still not finished) while squaring the USA Mars in Gemini. This is what we call a T-square, and the answer is always found in that open corner, which is Sagittarius, our country’s rising sign, its identity. Sagittarius is a sign that rules either truth or stories that just have a small element of truth. Mars retrograde in Gemini is about unraveling the stories, papers, thoughts all in the attempt to separate truth from fiction and it could take – yes – 6 months!

Mental exhaustion is very common during these cycles. Starting a daily mental practice that keeps you calm and healthy is very important for maintaining balance in these next few weeks. Starting now shores you up for the big stuff at the end of the year.

So, what do we do with this? Do we run for the hills and ignore things that need to change in our lives? Do we throw our hands up and let others figure it out avoiding our own responsibilities of researching ideas or thoughts or visions for something we’ve thought about doing? That would be the easy route, but in the end, you are left with asking the same questions almost six months with a lot of wasted time.

Suggestion: Instead, try a different route. Become more curious, ask more questions, learn new techniques that make you a better communicator. Take a mediation class or better, a meditation class. Go through your library and find books you’ve been meaning to read that you aren’t going to read and give them to someone who will. Go through papers, files, boxes of things you thought you wanted to learn or teach or study but which you’ve outgrown.

Clear your space and clear your head. Lots of new things are starting in early 2023. You want to be ready to dance with your future. Arm yourself with facts, read things that have nothing to do with your chosen profession, but which fascinate you and will distract you from the problems you are having at the job. This gives your subconscious time to rest and figure things out while you are doing something else. Learn something new without the worry about whether you will finish or not. Make an appointment assessing that health thing you’ve intuitively known you need to do but avoided.

Use the part of your brain that has been taking a long nap and been on recess. Conscious distraction and physical activity are the lightning rods supporting changes is upcoming cycle. At the entrance to my home, I’ve had a little sign for years, that someone found at Unity Center in Walnut Creek where I used to lecture, and it sums things up beautifully:

“Good morning. This is God. I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a good day”

Announcement: The new 2023 Starcycles Cheat Sheet will be available around August 20…check out http://www.starcycles.com to download directly into your computer or phone for $6.95 – we haven’t changed the price and is a good value for an overview of the upcoming year’s transits and cycles. It includes a written forecast for each sign (or Ascendant) for 2023 and a color-coded graphic.

Saturday December 3, 2022 I am speaking at NCGR Boston on Age Cycles. Here’s the link to register: https://starcycles.com/live-events/

Many of you have asked if I am doing private sessions – not yet – but…I am working on new things – taking my own advice.
Warm regards,
Georgia Stathis

P.O. Box 15553
Clearwater FL 33766

thanks Will

Very interesting & well done, Will. Thanks from me, too. Reminds me of a neuroscientist I heard being interviewed on NPR today about her book, “Smashing Mindset”, which sounds like it’s about consciously shaking up the brain by varying what we do, so it’s new & revitalized. Anyway, I enjoyed Fiery Woman’s thoughts & guidance & will refer back to it.

Names will not be revealed in a redacted affidavit if there is one.

Judge considers redactions to Mar-a-Lago SW affidavit; Lindsey Graham’s hypocrisy re: Trump crimes


I am gettiing so sick of the media’s wall to wall coverage of the latest trump squirrel – once again. Will they ever learn?

Could Dem leadership be holding back a salvo of major hits against tRump and his followers (his arrest, indictment, charged with violation of the espionage act, and other charges stemming from his stealing files he was not entitled to have ar Mar-A-Lago [those could be dragged out to fill until early October]) to strike an irreversible blow so close to the midterm elections in hopes of creating a “Blue Tsunami” that sweeps their party into power in all levels of government across the country. Just in time for the Sibly chart Pluto return.

They likely have what they need to prosecute those cases now but an October succession of those acts would be strongest strategically.

What say you counselor will (and/or others?)

Bye the bye will I have some boxes of papers I would like to store in your basement until January 21, 2025.

I chose you as Chicago’s suburbs are not far from Rockford.

On or around October 8th transiting Saturn will cross tRump’s natal East Point, an exact square in right ascension to his natal MC before continuing on to conjoin his ascendant in longitude and right ascension in November or December depending on his location.

A fall from grace or flat on his face?


Transit Saturn will conjoin tRump’s West Point and move onto his Desc in Nov or Dec depending on his location.

The West Point conjunction (square to his MC in right ascension) will happen on or around Oct 8.

Apologies. My memory and eyesight both fail me at times.

Bob, it sounds like you have been right so far and from all that I’m reading about the NY trial, as well as Trump’s CPA’s trial, the GA case against Trump, the upcoming Jan 6 hearings (there will probably be at least 1 before the election)…he will surely fall flat on his face.

I read a quote by McConnell today bemoaning the poor quality of certain Republican Senate candidates that could hurt the Republican’s chances to take the Senate, but he feels they may take the House.

Thank you for scoping this out for us.


I have been wondering about the same, regarding the Dems and their takedown of Trump. He’s turned out to truly be an outsized avatar of the deepest-seated issues in this country that are being highlighted during the US Pluto Return, namely unaccountable privilege, racist and male chauvinist elitism, and authoritarianism.

The J6 hearings and scrutiny of his corruption and wrongdoings have closely paralleled our Pluto Return. With one more pass yet to come in a few months before Pluto makes its first dip into the Aquarius energy early next year, it certainly would seem that there’s a massive culmination brewing that severely damages if not outright destroys Trump and his crime family.

I believe he will go to prison. Even a few years there would represent a massive victory in favor of elite accountability (a former President and rich white guy going to PRISON?!?!?), and he very well may not survive it due to his age, questionable physical health, and his delusional mental state.

It’s also become evident that the Republican Party is no longer in the hands of an old guard Conservative elite (e.g. the Cheneys, Bushes, etc), but rather has been taken over by some of the darkest and most I’ll-informed reactionary elements in US society that were generally held at bay on the fringes during more recent modern times… bats—- cray cray individuals like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan. etc.

Even if Trump falls, I’m not sure that the end of the Republican Party will be as clear cut at this point. Even in the face of damning evidence, it’s clear that many of these people will continue to support him unquestioningly, buying his victim-persecution story and seeing him as some sort of savior-martyr of their plight. They may lose him as a rallying point, though I’m sure there will be no shortage of other charlatans (e.g. DeSantis) who are already all too eager to lay claim to his gold-plated commode-throne.

The only way to beat back these fools is through systemic political reforms that empower and encourage greater, rather than less, participation. Pluto in Aquarius looks quite promising in this regard, but we still have to navigate the transition of these next few election cycles.

I put in for 10 years of Pluto transits to the Sibly chart.

Pluto returns in longitude to natal and progressed Sibly Pluto:

SIBLY – Jul 4 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
Philadelphia PA, 39°N57’08”, 075°W09’51”

Feb 20 2022 Na
Jul 11 2022 Na
Dec 28 2022 Na

Mar 1 2023 Sp
Jul 5 2023 Sp

Jan 6 2024 Sp

Pluto returns to Sibly chart Pluto in right ascension:

SIBLY – Philadelphia – Natal Chart
Jul 4 1776 NS (Jun 23 1776 OS), 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
Philadelphia PA 39°N57’08” 075°W09’51”
Geocentric Fagan-Allen Zodiac

Sibly chart Pluto in right ascension is at 300°18′.

Mar 2 2022 300°17′
Mar 3 2022 300°19′

Jul 2 2022 300°19′
Jul 3 2022 300°17′

Transit Pluto station’s direct:

Oct 7 2023 300°35′
Oct 8 2023 300°34′
Oct 9 2023 300°34′
Oct 10 2023 300°34′
Oct 11 2023 300°34′

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

D.A. Bragg: Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to Serve 5 Months in Jail & Testify in Upcoming Criminal Trial Against Trump Organization


“The Court promised WEISSELBERG a sentence of five months in jail to be served on Rikers Island and five years’ probation, contingent on WEISSELBERG testifying truthfully in the upcoming criminal trial of the Trump Organization by providing truthful testimony as to the facts underlying his allocution and plea. Jury selection in the Trump Organization trial is scheduled to begin October 24th.”

According to Kim Carey Allen Weisselberg is not going to take the 5th. He is going to give up the Trump organization when he testifys in October.

His progressed chart explains his sweetheart deal from the New York DA.

Kim (intuitive psychic) looks at Alex Jones’ current and upcoming cases


Why aren’t the media outlets asking over and over again if extremists really think they can defeat this nation’s military manpower and firepower if they should attempt to start a civil war? The idea being the fringe groups hearing the message over and over again on a daily basis will decide against such an action in order to save their own lives. There likely are some in the military and law enforcement that would side with them but I believe they are definitely in the minority.

I read that the radical right extremist strategy is not to engage the U.S. military head on, but instead to use a gorilla war strategy, attacking soft targets.



There are novels and other books that that these extremists follow, that instruct them how to plan their anti-government, anti-minority attacks. One very influential one that was found in Timothy McVeight’s things is “The Turner Diaries”, which has been described as:

“The Bible of the Right Wing
The Turner Diaries is probably the most widely read book among far-right extremists; many have cited it as the inspiration behind their terrorist organizing and activity.”

To have a movement there has to be communication. How much about extremist procedures has been learned during the j6 investigations? Has there been an increased focus on surveillance of domestic right-wingers including possible infiltration’s of the same? There have been cases where family members have turned other members in to LE or j6. Have U.S. intelligence agencies been asleep at the wheel since January 6th? I think the USA’s Pluto return marks a fight to the death for the country and I think we have the patriots to win that fight whatever it takes.

“The Court promised WEISSELBERG a sentence of five months in jail to be served on Rikers Island and five years’ probation, contingent on WEISSELBERG testifying truthfully in the upcoming criminal trial of the Trump Organization by providing truthful testimony as to the facts underlying his allocution and plea. Jury selection in the Trump Organization trial is scheduled to begin October 24th.”

WOW! The former guy is apparently NAILED like Al Capone! I don’t see him getting out of this.

“I think the USA’s Pluto return marks a fight to the death for the country and I think we have the patriots to win that fight whatever it takes.”

I agree. They are not going to take this country down the red fascist road. Authoritarians, mistaking compassion, tolerance, social justice, and freedom loving as weakness, universally underestimate the will and determination of small d democrats. The WWII Nazis made the same false assumptions.

“There have been cases where family members have turned other members in to LE or j6.”

And there will be more. You touch on a very important and oft ignored social dynamic.

Moderates and Liberals of various stripes are usually comfortable associating with folks with a wide spectrum of belief. Byword = Tolerance. Conversely, it is a pretty consistent psychological characteristic of Conservatives, and especially authoritarians to associate only with people who believe as do they. Conservatives and authoritarians tend to isolate themselves within their self-created ideological bubble. Byword = Intolerance.

The anti-abortion leaders of Kansas were therefore recently shocked at the overwhelming vote to preserve abortion rights in their state. They truly believed they were in the majority. Surely, they said to themselves, “those egghead professor statisticians numbers saying otherwise have to be false!”

It’s an old pattern. When John Wilkes Boothe assassinated Lincoln, he honestly believed he would be widely hailed as a great hero. A few days before his capture and demise he got hold of a newspaper. He was shocked to the very core to learn he was almost universally referred to as an “accursed devil,” “monster,” “madman,” and a “wretched fiend.”

It was “a disgrace to the age”, said Confederate general Joseph E. Johnston. General Lee also expressed profound sadness in regard to Lincoln’s death, especially as it was at the hand of such a very famous Southern actor. He regarded it as a supremely dishonorable act, and like many Southerners, feared that it would precipitate a vengeful and terrible retribution upon the defeated South.

Boothe, like most all of our modern self-righteous authoritarians, suffered the delusion born of their social ideological bubble, the majority of Americans are with them, on their side, or will be soon, and will recognize them as great patriotic heroes after they overthrow those they perceive (in their psychological projections) as “tyrants.” They are romanticists. Somehow they think, upon their victory against the “oppressor”, everyone (except the traitors requiring execution) will magically rally behind them; forthwith they will run the country as their twisted g-d demands.

In the case of Mr. Boothe, everyone knew what he looked like. His image was on tens of thousands of theatrical handbills; he was the Laurence Olivier of his day, one of the highest paid actors of his time. His photograph, and/or of the entire Boothe theatrical family was in many a parlor; he was considered “the handsomest man in America.” And telegraphy, widespread now because of the war, was the internet of the day. For him, there could be no escape.

Likewise, for the attempted assassins of democracy there will be no escape from justice, regardless of what violence they visit upon us. There will be no civil war. There likely will be serious domestic terrorism. As radical Trumpers, Christian Nationalists, and other similar fascists maim, mutilate, and torture our body politic, they will be monitored through modern technology. Proud of their “heroic” deeds, they will be identified through their postings on the internet, their email, and by their own family members.

We do indeed have the patriots to win this fight, whatever it takes to accomplish the victory. The Far Right has awakened us, not just in the US, but worldwide.

On the basis of present evidence, and my intuition, I’m inclined to believe, unlike the aftermath of the 1860’s war, the ghost of the white supremacist “Christian” Confederacy will finally and gradually pass away within the next two decades, an eidolon fading into the mist, haunting us no more. Theirs is a suicidal path.

Extraordinary events are unfolding. What we think of as the “modern era,” 1500 – to present, is coming to an end. We are on the cusp of the most extraordinary medical, technological, and sociopolitical developments and inventions ever conceived in human history. On the other side of the present and coming troubles, domestic and international, such quaint, authoritarian, and “Lost Cause Mythology” notions will pass into the category of dark age absurdities.

Anyone else having terrible trouble with self control relative to Neptunian influence? Transiting Neptune has been conjunct my Moon in the 10th House and it is making me crazy.

Hope this plays – this guy says it just as succinctly as possible.


I’ll try again.

The link works for me will. I had to sweep the right side of the video to get sound to pop up. The indicator was set to it’s lowest point.

From your lips to the ears of the universe, Eliseo.

For good measure, I still think we should reincorporate the US with Pluto in something other than Capricorn, which empowers elites, corporations, conservatives and conservatism. Pluto in Aquarius would level that playing field and double-up on people power and group organizations. Of course, it’s vice is that we may end up also dealing with powerful tech run amok, including autonomous robots.

Very good, Will. Nothing like hearing words of truth from a fearless retired Army Major. This is the best of what the U.S. military has to offer us. No BS, no nonsense, straight, tell-it-like it is (“you can’t handle the truth”) Truth!. I may post it on my FB page; I’m a little conflicted about doing that.

Meanwhile, how do you like these apples? This is unadulterated BS. His status as a federal lawmaker should exempt him? I truly dislike this guy.

“A federal appeals court temporarily blocked Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, on Sunday from testifying in the investigation into efforts by President Donald J. Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. The appeals court instructed a lower court to determine whether Mr. Graham should be exempt from answering certain kinds of questions, given his status as a federal lawmaker.”

I find so many similarities between the time of the Civil War and now that it makes me really anxious about the upcoming midterms, which I think are going to usher in a lot of violence as result of the Dems routing of the Republicans. Biden in many ways reminds me of Lincoln, who was also as hated by the Southern (Red) States as Lincoln. Then you have the overturing of Roe, which many Supreme Court scholars liken to the Dred Scott Case, which brought about the Civil War, and then you have Garland, who has the goods against Trump but seems to be dragging his feet to prosecute, just like Lincoln’s first General, George McClellan, whom Lincoln relieved of duty because he failed to pursue and aggressively engage General Lee in Northern VA. McClellan turned out to be a saboteur of Lincoln’s war strategy. The planetary aspects during the Civil War are very similar to what we have now. This time around though, I think it will not be a hot war but a cold one with lots of violent incidents by he MAGA insurgents, like the Oklahoma City bombing, etc.

Perhaps this time around, we will put an end once and for all to the White Supremacy movement that fueled the Civil War and is rising again. What is their slogan, the South shall Rise again—seems to be happening now.

I think it was the intuit Kim who saw Biden winning a second term but then not finishing it because of dying by natural causes or assassination.

Things are getting very ugly in Moscow. IMO, as the economic screws tighten, such violence as described in the two stories below may increase.

Many believe Russian political commentator and far-right ideologue, Alexander Dugin was the real target, but it was his 30 yr. old daughter who was killed while driving her father’s car. Both father and daughter have been sanctioned by the UK and US for acting to destabilize Ukraine.

Ex-Russian MP claims Russian partisans responsible for Moscow car bomb
Speaking in Kyiv, Ilya Ponomarev alleges bomb that killed daughter of Putin ally was work of underground group

Luke Harding
Sun 21 Aug 2022 13.54 EDT
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A former member of Russia’s Duma who was expelled for anti-Kremlin activities has claimed that Russian partisans were allegedly behind a car bomb which blew up the daughter of one of Vladimir Putin’s close political allies on the outskirts of Moscow.

Speaking in Kyiv, where he is based, Ilya Ponomarev alleged the explosion on Saturday evening was the work of the National Republican Army, which he claimed was an underground group working inside Russia and dedicated to overthrowing the Putin regime.

According to Ponomarev, “partisans inside Russia were ready to conduct further similar attacks against high-profile Kremlin-connected targets, including officials, oligarchs and members of Russia’s security agencies.”

Rest of Guardian version of the story at:


Car bomb kills daughter of ‘spiritual guide’ to Putin’s Ukraine invasion – Russian media

(CNN)Russian authorities said Sunday they had opened a murder investigation after the daughter of influential, ultra-nationalist philosopher Alexander Dugin was killed by a car bomb on the outskirts of Moscow.

The Russian Investigative Committee said it believed someone planned and ordered the car explosion that killed Darya Dugina, based on evidence already collected from the blast. “Taking into account the data already obtained, the investigation believes that the crime was pre-planned and was of an ordered nature,” the investigative committee said in a statement Sunday.

Dugina died at the scene after “an explosive device, presumably installed in the Toyota Land Cruiser, went off on a public road and the car caught fire” at around 9.00 p.m. local time on Saturday, near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy, according to the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee, as reported by the Russian state news agency TASS.

Dugina’s father is a Russian author and ideologue, credited with being the architect or “spiritual guide” to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He is purported to have significant influence over Russian President Vladimir Putin and was described as “Putin’s Brain” by Foreign Affairs magazine.

Rest of story at:


I am quite impressed!
According to my analytical and intuitive vision your three August 21 posts above were very near perfect on every point. I’m no expert astrologer, but what you’ve described is consistent both with the astrology and with the visions of many talented intuitives. IMO, your analogies to people and events of the 1860’s ring true. Good insights there!

I would only quibble just a tad with your comparison of Merrick Garland to General George McClellan. Garland, indeed DOES have the goods on Trump but I don’t think he is purposefully “dragging his feet” to prosecute.

Firstly, it is normal for such investigations and legal procedures to take place slowly, and he’s having to function under some unusual constraints not of his making. As soon as he took charge of the DOJ he had to purge the department of Trumpers and/or anyone that might impede, sabotage, or leak information of the investigation. Such an exercise takes precious time, but it had to be done to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the investigation. To my knowledge, McClellan did not have to purge his army or staff of Confederates or Southern sympathizers.

Garland and the DOJ also have to contend with the fact they’ve never had to indict or prosecute an ex-president. In such a case, every “I” must be dotted and every “T” crossed properly or the department and possibly the nation becomes burnt toast.

As much as we would like to see the case proceed more quickly, I suspect they are working it as quickly and carefully as they can. In my experience as a former criminal investigator, the old saying, “the wheels of justice turn slowly ” is true.

I too see a high probability of violence as result of a Dem rout of the Republicans in the midterms. There will likely be more “Oklahoma City” type bombings and assassination attempts on prominent journalists and news presenters, congresspersons, DOJ officials including M. Garland, and the prosecutorial teams in Georgia and NY state.

ALL of your other points were prescient as well. I see a high probability for each and every one. But I also seeing us getting through all this madness to “a new birth of freedom” as Lincoln so well phrased it.

We will endure profound and bitter domestic and international events, but in the end emerge into a golden age like no other. I see this with eyes of Spirit. I believe it in my very bones.

The terrible, horrible catastrophes of the 21st century, here in the US, and about the world will awaken us all, will lead us to much better, more creative, longer, and happier lives in which a kind of “Star Trek” economics will prevail. We will indeed have “a more perfect union.”

“Perhaps this time around, we will put an end once and for all to the White Supremacy movement that fueled the Civil War and is rising again. What is their slogan, the South shall Rise again—seems to be happening now.”

Yes. That’s precisely what I see and expect . I see the current US MAGA radical reactionary resurgence as the last gasp of the cultic Southern “Lost Cause” and Nazi mythological mindset. Worldwide, I see the Russian/Chinese/Iranian/ N. Korean/Arabian, etc. dictatorial systems as rising to fight their last and doomed battles as well.

We will have “a new heaven and a new Earth,” as our perception of our selves and the cosmos will have been so radically transformed by experience and new knowledge.

Thank you Eliseo!!!

And Thank You Nancy

And Stephanie 🙂

A fascinating and brilliant video!

Is Russia’s collapse in the interest of the Russians?
May 18, 2022 19 minutes 40 seconds


The must read essay by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan, on which the video is based.


A Clash of Two Systems
The war in Ukraine is a confrontation between two systems, one modern, legalistic, decentralized and multicephalous; the other archaic, nationalistic, centralized and monocephalous

Physical birthdates and times for animals such as our selves can be relatively certain, but are more ambiguous for legal entities like partnerships, states and corporations. The US birthdate is July 4th, 1776 because we say it is, because that’s the time we trace to our birth of self concept. It was the birth of an evolving egregore.

In the future we will think of ourselves quite differently. For reasons that should not be discussed on this forum, eventually it will be necessary to put more emphasis on the Constitution than the Declaration. At that point we might choose date of signing, September 17, 1787, date of ratification, June 21, 1788, or date of implementation, March 4, 1789. All of those have Pluto in Aquarius, but obviously at different degrees with different implications.

Conversely, were the trade union we will eventually be part of (not the present one) unify into one nation, the new date might apply.

Ok eliseo – before I lose this thought – (I read “the Clash of Two Systems”) and now am beginning to watch the video –

First of all it makes me wish I had taken political science and even then I don’t know if that would cover what I am reading….

But this guy is covering our origins mainly in Europe.

I have never been to New York City but it seems to me that its scope of “Nationalisms” that exist there such as the Irish Catholics and the Italians – etc. – have managed to coexist peacefully – with then the “administrative system” being democracy.

So couldn’t this all be simplified as Democracy vs Autocracy?

I do see the value in our cultural origins…however people came to the US to have freedom… that is, one person one vote – democracy.

So respect is in order and thus equality.

Taleb’s definitions of Europe’s evolvement of systems educates us as to our background but in honoring our background it overshadows what we are getting at in the first place which is the honor and respect of the individual.

Which brings me to the antithesis of the Psychopath vs the Individual.

The psychopath is in the end self destructive because he would destroy the very system that would keep him alive.

So Taleb is talking about the systems that have existed in Europe. All this is interesting but what prevails is actually – does the individual prevail, or does the psychopath prevail?

Regardless of the reasons for Garland’s inaction (remember there were no signs of an investigation of Trump before the Jan 6th committee interviewed witness after witness who revealed the extent of the vast conspiracy to overthrow the election), his delay has emboldened the MAGA movement and Trump. I agree with you that in the end, we will prevail and have a more perfect union. I believe, and have posted here as well, that we are experiencing an ascension and collectively, we are becoming more enlightened. Our struggles to free ourselves from those who would oppress and dimmish our humanity are profoundly significant to this process.

The exactness of transits to the Sibly chart for a precisely timed unique experience in the history of the United States present a strong argument for it being a viable chart for the United States. First step on the Moon was at 10:56 pm, EDT, on July 20, 1969, in the U.S. .

From my posts on Astrodienst (ASTRO-DATABANK):

“I used Philadelphia for the U.S. because as Deb said that is the location given for the signing of the Declaration of Independence.”


re: Nation: USA No.1
« Reply #191 – on: 07.12.2003 at 12:30 [UT] »
reply by Astrodatabank Web User Robert Nicewander

“Although the landing on the Moon may have contenders for being classified as the most momentous event in the history of the United States it is the only one directly involving human participation on another object of our solar system and therefore in my opinion holds a unique distinction which is the reason I have chosen to use it for this post. However, it is not the only event in the history of the United States I have looked at using the Sibly chart.

The following positions are the right ascensions of the Sibly and Moonlanding (First step on the Moon) charts. I am giving them in degrees and minutes instead of hh:mm:ss as I believe the degree and minute form will be more easily understood by most.

All aspects are less than 1° from being exact!

Sibley Midheaven………….180°58′

Moonlanding Uranus……….180°55′
Moonlanding Jupiter………..181°12′
Moonlanding Pluto………….179°50′
Midpoint of ML Jup\PLu….180°31′
Midpoint of ML Sun\Mars..180°09′

Trine to Sibly Pluto is……….180°18′

Sibly Pluto is at 300°18′

Moonlanding Sun is at 120°16′, the exact opposition of Sibly Pluto is 120°18′

ML Sun\Jup…………..150°44′
ML Sun\Ura………….150°36′
ML Sun\Plu…………..150°03′

Opp to Sibly Moon…..150°02′. Sibly Moon is at 330°02′

Not bad having natal Pluto trine your Midheaven, then having transiting Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto conjunct your Midheaven and trine your Pluto while transiting Sun sextiles that Midheaven and opposes your Pluto while at the same time the midpoints of transiting Sun\Jupiter, Sun\Uranus, and Sun\Pluto oppose your natal Moon at the moment the first person in our known history sets foot on another body in our solar system. And every one of the aspects are less than 1 degree from exactness! Yeah, I vote for Sibly.”

Excellent article in today’s NY Times about gun violence & mass shootings. This was all covered in a continuing education course I just took in the past few weeks.


One of the main points made in this article and in the course is that it is not technically a diagnosable mental illness (such as would be found in the DSM) that describes the mental state and motivation of someone who decides to go the route of shooting others or affiliate with extremist groups but it is the life situation of a person who is isolated, bullied, alone, excluded, who experiences a life crisis (being fired from a job; rejected by a desired object of their affections, etc.) that triggers the leap from unhappiness, loneliness and a grievance orientation to the resolve to commit the act and formulation of a plan to make it happen. So, when we loosely say it was mental illness or we need to invest in mental health resources (for those with a mental disorder or illness), that is not really the case. In the continuing education article I read, the personality disorder traits of paranoia and narcissism also play a role. In the above NY Times article, the keys are a life crisis and the availability of guns. They also quote the man who gave a Ted Talk about almost being a shooter and cite that what stopped him was that someone invited him out to dinner.

Legal expert thinks ‘justice is finally coming for Trump’ after revelation he had 700 pages of classified docs


Sharon K: Love your above letter.

Jeff Tiedrich – @itsJeffTiedrich

“your reminder that Reality Winner swiped one document and was quickly arrested and did four years in prison. no polite requests. no gently-worded letters. no pretty-pleases. no second chances. no months-long negotiations. one document. four years


I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. A couple of days before my birthday, (August 19th) I felt a positive energy shift. Since that time, I’ve gradually become busier than usual.

RE: the Nassim Nicholas Taleb essay.
“So couldn’t this all be simplified as Democracy vs Autocracy?”

Well yes, to a degree. But the beauty of his thought is its depth and complex nuance. There is a wisdom there I find lacking in most other thought systems of modern political scientists and historians. His analyses are not merely more accurate, with better logic, clarity, and deeper insight, but flow with a sublime symmetry.

Following his thought is like listening to the music of Antonio Vivaldi, or Mozart. He seems to nail every single note with unusual elegance, each thought transporting the reader to a deeper, truer understanding not previously imagined, while exposing the shallow “realism” of scholars like John Mearsheimer.

…”but what prevails is actually – does the individual prevail, or does the psychopath prevail?”

In Ivan Turgenev’s novel, Fathers and Sons (1862), Yevgeny Bazarov states: “What’s important is twice two is four and all the rest’s nonsense.”

Such thinking reflects the kind of dark nihilism which pervades early Communist thought. Such philosophy was used to justify the destruction of old ways and traditions that were perceived as having been used to oppress the proletariat. In so doing it also functioned to suppress the individual, with the unintended consequence of nurturing and elevating the psychopath. IMO, Communism went a long way, both in China and Russia in suppressing and damaging the more humanistic values of their respective traditional cultures.

Contrast that experience with the ethos of the nations Taleb mentions. Japan and S. Korea were and are very influenced by Buddhism, whereas the western nations he cites were and are influenced by Judaism and Christianity. What do they have in common? They all uphold the value of compassion and the sanctity of individual life.

Taleb clearly affirms systems now prevalent in the West, including Japan and S. Korea as moral, practical, efficacious, stable, and more likely to endure. In the essay he uses his philosophical, historical, and political insights as the foundation of his argument. Referencing Ukraine and Russia, he does not predict victory over the more autocratic way, but urgently asserts its clear, and absolute moral necessity.

Regarding nihilism – Another interesting short essay, this one from a Buddhist perspective can be found in the link below.

In the essay linked, Sensei Kakuyo uses the word Illusion. In my own philosophy, I tend to replace the Hindu/Buddhist/Jain word “Maya”, almost always translated as “Illusion” with what I believe is a more accurate and appropriate phrase, “perpetually oscillating distortion.” We evolved, not to perceive reality accurately, but to survive.

Compassion and Meaning: Moving Beyond Nihilism
By Sensei Alex Kakuyo August 25, 2020

Thank you for reminding us of Reality Winner!

Reality Leigh Winner, former US Air Force member & Intelligence Specialist leaked ONE & ONE ONLY classified document, a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. In 2018 she was sentenced to 5 years & 3 months in federal prison.

One document = 5 years & 3 months, i.e. 63 months.

Mr. Trump took over 700 documents, (first batch returned reluctantly and resentfully) and over 300 which the FBI seized recently. (second batch) .

63 months × 1000 = 63,000 months, ÷ 12 = 5,250 years.

Need I say more?

Eliseo, if this were a script it would’ve been rejected a long time ago as too contrived. But so was the Symbionese Liberation Army. What do YOU think is really buried in that gold box in, what was it? The rough..?

Taking down a guy this big — in so many ways — is a hard nut to crack, with or without an audience or rooting section. I keep expecting to hear something about him wandering around in his bathrobe like a retired mob boss avoiding the Heat.

It’s coming down to who has the best TV show and everyone’s streaming. We all come here to see who’s producing the show.

I keep having these two thoughts:

Imagine having the internet in ’68.

Paddy Chayefski was right.

I agree were it a script it would’ve been rejected as much too contrived, entirely implausible.

What golden box are you referring to? Ivana’s coffin?

Yes. That whole thing is pretty weird. And implausible.

arbo, what is the issue with burying your ex wife on your golf course? And the casket was exceedingly heavy — which no one has ever explained.

With charts for prominent Republi-cons getting hit hard in October I believe the surge in numbers for Democrats will be enough to take/keep control of congress in the midterms.

“Yes, Special Elections Really Are Signaling A Better-Than-Expected Midterm For Democrats
But there’s still time for history to catch up to the party.

By Nathaniel Rakich

Aug. 24, 2022, at 12:19 PM

Some excerpts:

“But given how these two elections are part of a larger pattern of good results for Democrats over the last two months, they suddenly look a lot more like signal than noise.”

“When a party consistently does well in special elections — defined not by winning or losing, but by outperforming a state or district’s baseline partisanship — it’s often a sign that the national political environment favors that party, and is therefore a good omen for that party in the upcoming regular general election.”

“Up until mid-June, special elections for the U.S. House during the Biden presidency were pointing to a national political environment that was neutral or a little bit Republican-leaning. On average, Republicans did 2 points better in those elections than you’d expect based on the districts’ FiveThirtyEight partisan leans.2 That all changed, though, starting in late June — immediately after the Supreme Court issued its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, overturning the constitutional right to abortion. There have been four first-past-the-post special House elections since that decision, and Democrats have outperformed their expected margins in those elections by an average of 9 points.”

John Williams/Date of birth
February 8, 1932
age 90 years


silcominc, just another day in the life.

Kamala Harris caught Barr & Rosenstein red-handed


Using a noon chart for Barr, on October 8th transit Saturn will oppose his natal Pluto.

Using a noon chart for Rod Rosenstein, on October 8th transit Saturn will be square both his natal and progressed Neptune within 1 degree in longitude.

Using a noon chart for Kushner, on October 8th transit Pluto squares his natal Pluto in right ascension.

More fodder for an October surprise.

Arbo & Silcominc,
I’m not overly familiar with the facts of the memorial and burial of the lady, but I see no great mystery here. The fact of a gold casket alone would account for the weight. Gold is heavier than lead!

J. Edgar Hoover’s will required his body be buried in a sealed lead casket. It was so heavy some of the pall bearers were injured carrying it!

I’m not certain why Hoover wanted his dead body buried in a lead box, nor why DJT’s former wife was buried in a gold one. In both cases it seems to me absurd, a waste of precious metal, and an act of narcissistic vanity. The Trumps use gold plated toilets and gold plated faucets in their bathrooms and kitchens. So I suppose for them a gold or gold plated coffin seems normal.

As to why her corpse was buried on a golf course. Seems no weirder than all the other weird stuff the Trumps do. At least it was on family property.

Eliseo, the absurdity is, word is she was cremated and the ashes put in the coffin, which was not gold, but painted gold. Cremation may be just rumor, but was reported as such by many sources.

Eliseo and kiwi, I would hazard to guess that when you feel as filthy as all of them probably do, gold all over everything makes a person feel better. I don’t imagine any of them is too healthy emotionally no matter how much money they can make people believe they have.

As for burying her on his golf course, rumor has it that it means a big property tax break, and we know that the orange leech never misses a trick when it comes to getting away with something at someone else’s expense.

It’s not a corpse. She was cremated. She fell down the stairs but only her body was bruised. Were I a cop I’d be curious about that even if it’s only gossip.

Life can more contrived that the worst Lifetime movie.

Interesting. Thank you.
I have a feeling if there was any foul play of any kind it will be discovered pretty soon. The astrology for the Orange man and his emotionally retarded family does not look remotely good – AND – the man’s growing legal troubles appear to be moving toward several catastrophic crescendos.

Seems like the whole gang is absurd in just about all they do. Only one that seems relatively normal is Mary Trump, the therapist.

CNN Staffer Fear Right-Wing Billionaire Will Wreck It

https://thedailybeast.com/cnn-staff-fears-right-wing-billionaire-john-malone-will-turn-it-into-a-dumpster-fire?source=twitter&via=desktop via

Eliseo, welcome. Yes, seems pretty absurb about Reality Winner getting so much time for one document. Must have been very revealing

I would not be the least bit surprised if Trump buried documents along with Ivana on his golf course. Good way to spite the Feds, keep stuff where they can’t get to it (it’s all mine! mine! mine!).

Also, I forget who among TFG’s (or DFG, “defeated” being the first word) WH people said it but the documents he most commonly grabbed for himself while in office were those that were most likely to benefit him in some way, such as potentially furthering his business interests. Per Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter, “A man who would leverage U.S. taxpayer dollars to get dirt on his opponent would ABSOLUTELY trade America’s deepest secrets to benefit himself. Don’t assume anything but the worst about Trump’s intent. He’s not worthy of any benefit of the doubt. He has priors.”

Trump Calls For Mitch McConnell To Be ‘Immediately’ Replaced As Senate GOP Leader


Record number of women are running for governor and winning their primaries


Sixty-nine women filed to run for governor in 2022, surpassing the previous record of 61, set in 2018. So far, 23 have won their primaries, according to the Center for American Women and Politics, which tracks women candidates. The previous record was also set in 2018 when 16 women won their primaries.

Currently, nine women serve as governors across the country, matching a record first set in 2004, and this year could break that record.

I forgot to enclose the excerpts in quotation marks. Mea Culpa.

With all due respect, I believe the penalty for stealing even one document should be severe, but no doubt the Trump appointed AG & DOJ were vindictive as the document in question related to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

What is beyond absurd is the “sweet – pretty please – kind” treatment Trump is getting for having absconded with over 1000 classified documents. By Reality Winner standards, life imprisonment isn’t nearly a long enough sentence for the Donald. And that’s just for stealing and keeping all those documents.

For that matter, when ALL or most of his crimes are fully revealed, cumulatively by past standards I expect the man would receive several death sentences. He would be executed, resurrected, executed again, resurrected, executed again, etc. quite a number of times.

But that’s an accountant’s view of karma. IMO, karma has nothing to do with justice, despite that being the common western misunderstanding. It is I believe a more spiral process having to do with balance and edification taking millions of years. It is the universe maintaining homeostasis, of which we are an extraordinarily infinitesimal component.

The Orange man exudes a dark messianic presence. He is an ignoble soul inadvertently serving a noble purpose. A living avatar of the American, and perhaps world id, he, Mr. Putin, Mr. Kim Jung Un, and a few others are a karmic group awakening us to the darker side of our collective self. It is a stage which precedes illumination.

Such souls kick us in the pants of our complacency, force us to see our transgressions and iniquities, and motivate us to greater courage, and spiritual and humane heights.

Bill Barr Slams Trump, Accuses Former Boss of ‘Extortion’ and ‘Sabotage’



“Despite the criticism, Barr said that he would still vote for him if Trump were to run against a progressive Democrat in 2024, calling Trump the “lesser-of-two-evils choice.” He said that if the matchup were Trump versus President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom, he would cast his ballot for his former boss.”

“Asked whom he thinks will become president in the next election, Barr said, “If I had to bet, I would probably bet DeSantis.”

How deeply propagandized and poisoned can someone be? Barr, Rusty Bowers and their ilk have so demonized Progressive Dems they would still vote for Trump over a Dem!?!!??! How is it such a large group can maintain such a distorted view of good and evil? So much so they can’t see Dems as mistaken or misguided, but instead as morally evil?!?!!

These folks make crazy fundamentalist prophecies of an AntiChrist seem plausible. I do believe they would vote for Satan over the rabbi from Nazareth!

Add sinema to the October pile.

Post on DemocraticUndergtound.com:

The White House is tweeting out PPP loans taken by Republicans

https://www.democraticunder at ground.com/100217083227

A must read!! Ignore image at the bottom of the page.

Correct link –


More karma? “Trump’s Truth Social stops paying web host, owes $2.6m – report”

thats $2.6mil NZ – $1.6mil US

Kim says it will come out that getting tRump had to be done now. I think the reason is because they had to bring out enough against him and the rethug party before the midterms so they could have control of congress and the executive branch for the last 2 years of President Biden’s term to enable passing many changes in laws for running the country.

I think Kim is right.

My intuitive feeling is we’ve only seen the “tip of the iceberg” i.e. maybe 10% of the depravity, hypocrisy and perfidiousness of Trump and his party.

And I’m noticing an odd trend. Due to the worldwide drought and the melting of glaciers, human bodies and archeological sites and artifacts, previously unknown are surfacing for all to see. All over the world our lakes and rivers and glaciers are giving up their dead, and unveiling the past.

So it is, and will be with Trump and the Rethuglicans. As the dark waters recede, (emotions) their thuggery is exposed. The question is, are we as a body politic moral enough to be repulsed by all that greed fueled seditious criminality?


Donald Trump not paying his bill?
Say it ain’t so!

“Read the Affidavit for the F.B.I. Search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Home!

Here is the full, partly redacted version of the affidavit that federal investigators used to obtain a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald J. Trump’s Florida residence.”


Eliseo: Yes, after all the negative things he said about Trump, which were damming, he would still vote for him. The lesser of two evils, he says. I believe they are so corrupt, and Biden is not. They want to continue their tax breaks,etc. They care less about humanity and the good of the planet and democracy.

Dash Dobrofsky @DashDobrofsky

“NEW: the FBI is investigating a Russian speaking woman that posed as a European banker by using a fake id in Palm Beach — who made multiple trips in and out of Mar-a-Lago. She even played a round golf with Trump & Lindsey Graham; the guy who took a secret trip to Moscow in 2018.”


Will, ha ha. Isnt that what he put Devin Nunes in charge of? wonder how hes doing?

When all is said and done, I strongly suspect Orange Man will be found to
(A) Have been a Russian asset or agent all along.
(B) As an asset or agent passed classified information to Russia while president.
(C) During post presidency either shared classified material with foreign agents, Russia and/or Saudia Arabia.
(D) Was in process of negotiating a deal with Russian and/or Saudi agents for classified info.

DJT has a long history of doing various crimes with no consequences. He reminds me of some of the court ordered boys/residents i worked with (doing behavior modification) years ago at residential treatment centers. Spoiled rotten, low emotional & social IQ, never received boundaries, eventually in trouble with the law.

The difference this time for little eight year old Donald is – he WILL BE indicted – he WILL BE convicted. Upon conviction, I recommend he be incarcerated at either Guantanamo base prison, the Eareckson Air Station at Shemya Island in the Aleutians, the Wake Island facility, or the Thule Air Base in northern Greenland.

Why such remote locations? We don’t want a repeat of the Napoleon episode in which followers liberated him from the island of Elba. After Napoleon got another 200,000 killed he was re-exiled to St. Helena.

Trump has no Napoleonic military skills, but has demonstrated a talent for instigating riotous mayhem. We want him as inaccessible as possible to his fanatical followers, far away from microphones, internet, TV cameras, etc. Upon indictment, trial, conviction or incarceration, we might have quite enough trouble with his followers causing domestic violence here in the US. Keeping him, the most dangerous man of American history far away from us all would be wise.

From Democratic Underground today:

“My favorite paragraph in the affidavit:
(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term ‘office’ does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”

Can TFG be considered AN ENEMY OF THE STATE?

“Can TFG be considered AN ENEMY OF THE STATE?”

From our point of view, YES! of course. Enemy of the State, enemy of democracy, enemy of all humanity and all life on this planet, – all quite literally.

It will take a while, even after his convictions, for his supporters to realize and admit how deeply they’ve been duped, and that he was their truest enemy all along.

The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago affidavit paints an unsettling portrait of Trump | Lloyd Green


Why did it take 10 pallbearers to lift Ivana’s casket with only ASHES in it? And they were struggling.I’ve never seen more than 6 pallbearers needed with a full body in it? Who puts cremated remains in a full size casket? What else is there? Her NDA was soon to EXPIRE. Very odd!


Look at their faces. It’s too heavy. Ivana’s ashes they say?? (YOU REALLY GOTTA LOOK AT THE PHOTO)


CIA admits to losing dozens of informants around the world: NYT


any thoughts on the astrology of Artemis with the next generation of moon missions?
Countdown starting soon – launch scheduled for aug 29th 8.33 eastern time

This is terrorism! Howard University forced to evacuate after two bomb threats within 48 hours


Black colleges being targeted.

RE: your 8:26 am August 27th, 2022 posting
Coincidence? OR are we being prepared to hear and know of the Donald’s role in the unprecedentedly large number of CIA informants abroad being dispatched, roughly simultaneously?

I’m betting the latter explanation is correct. Considering the rule of not announcing any politically sensitive prosecution 60 days before an election, they better indict soon.

My progressed demi-anlunar for House minority leader McCarthy with his progressed natal on election night indicates a bad time for him. I don’t know if that is because he does not get re-elected or because the Rethugs do not win the House, or both of those occur. I hope for both of those to happen because of the women’s vote in California and across the country. Charts based on birth time from birth certificate.


Time Change 2022 in the United States

Nov 6, 2022 – Daylight Saving Time Ends

When local daylight time is about to reach
Sunday, November 6, 2022, 2:00:00 am
clocks are turned backward 1 hour to Sunday,
November 6, 2022, 1:00:00 am local standard
time instead.

FUNNY! John Fugelsang & Stephanie Miller Roasting Donald Trump. The GOP is in Trouble, & More News.


Watch at least through the first phone-call answer.

Back to truth social and the money it owes – apparently Devin Nunes is due for a raise. Good luck with that??? Couldnt happen to a nicer guy! Chickens coming home to roost? Wonder what crook might bail them out?

“Nunes, who assumed his post in January, makes $750,000 a year and is scheduled for a raise, after two years, to $1 million, Digital World filings show.”

regarding the topic of schools and the rightwing push to take over the agenda and the dumbing down of the citizenry, I did a search and found this old article. Im posting the link because I think it may be worth sharing far and wide to whomever may listen.
It contains quotes from the founding fathers regarding public education

For what its worth ……
cash peters read on trump and the docs

Thank you so much kiwi, for the link to what the founding fathers thought about education!

Buried, hidden things are surfacing.
Every day several new archaeological discoveries are revealed as lakes and streams recede in the global drought.
One Example: Roman military camp complex, Aquis Querquennis, as water levels in the Lima River in Galicia, Spain recede.

+ Human remains, sunken boats, all sorts of long buried objects. AND – hidden political and espionage misbehaviors of Trump & Co..p

I found no Sabian symbol representing buried, hidden things coming to light..

What would be the classical astrological symbol for such a period off events?


“……What would be the classical astrological symbol for such a period of events?”

I’ve been looking at the upcoming September 9th Mercury station (8 Libra) in opposition to tr. Jupiter (5 Aries). It will be activating Trump’s natal Mercury – Neptune square (8 Cancer – 5 Libra) and criss-crossing in square all through September and October. Damning information coming to light? Equally important is the upcoming station of Uranus in October in square to Saturn activating the early August Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction. As far as a possible Trump indictment is concerned – it should be interesting to watch the mid October period with the Mars – Neptune square (23 ’22 Gemini – Pisces). It is precisely conjunct Trump’s natal Sun (22 ’55 Gemini) and triggering the inherent US Mars-Neptune square. In view of the approaching eclipses of late October and early November, I think the period of September/ October/ November period will be a very dynamic time for enormous growth and perhaps the disruption of the status quo. Joni Patry addresses some of these issues here…….

September 2022 Predictions: Major Cover-Ups Revealed!

Video 27 min 55 sec


The DOJ maintains a “60 day rule,” a soft norm precluding any indictments or prosecutorial action within 60 days before an election which might affect that election.

It is described as a “long-standing Justice Department policy and tradition,” in which, “Law enforcement officers and prosecutors may never select the timing of investigative steps or criminal charges for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.”

That nevertheless leaves a wide loophole for actions taken near an election which might be interpreted as “without the purpose of affecting that election.” DJT is not on the ballot, but he overshadows all the R candidates to one degree or another with his enormous, orange leathery wings!

I note September 9th precedes the 60 day period. But the DOJ may take action nevertheless within the 60 day period. Again, a matter of interpretation. Technically, Mr. T is not on the ballot. Were more damning information to be revealed, or TFG to be indicted in mid-October, I’m sure the R’s would loudly howl how unfair it was, political persecution, etc. But regardless of the timing, they would cry foul anyway.

I agree the period of September/ October/ November period will likely be a very dynamic time disruptive of the status quo. I believe that will be the case all the way from September 2022 at least into the summer of 2023.

So many potentially disruptive things happening simultaneously!

In September the J6 committee will again be conducting hearings. More damning information coming forth – How damned can a fellow be? – seems like there is never an end to Donald’s perfidy! Each time one of his nefarious acts is exposed, it opens a door to more and deeper perfidy. It is as if he is working to get into the Guinness book of World Records for how many ways a man can betray his country.

Furthermore, I have little doubt we are headed not for civil war, but for domestic terrorism on the part of angry Trumpers when the November election does not go their way, or when their orange, white supremacist messiah is indicted, or convicted, or sent to jail. We may have riots like we did in the 1960’s, but this time conducted by White people.

Other things:
The Ukraine/Russia war may well continue for a very long time, and when it ends, may or may not turn out as we might like. It could also lead us into WWIII.

The Chinese economy is in very serious trouble, exacerbated by their real estate and banking crises, and their inability to get in control of the covid pandemic. Their vaccine doesn’t work, and tens of millions of their citizens are refusing to pay their mortgages in protest of the banking scandal. Furthermore, the worldwide drought is apparently affecting them more so than the rest of the world. They are again headed for catastrophic famine. If their economy collapses sufficiently, it might bring down the world economy with it.

As autumn and winter come for us in the northern hemisphere, so does spring and summer warmth in the south. I’m expecting the Thwaites glacier to break off any southern spring or summer day. Could be in the next few months but will definitely happen within the next 5 years.

In my mind’s eye I see more climate catastrophes, black swans flying our way, forcing us to change, to self-transcend, to transform the way we do things.

Presently, I am fascinated by the patterns I see. As I said in posts above, melting glaciers, drying up lakes and rivers, and criminal investigations revealing all sorts of secrets, long dead bodies, unknown archaeological sites, and the crimes of the high and mighty. Synchronicity!

Eliseo re: in response to things long hidden coming to the surface.

Dinosaurs tracks from 113 million years ago uncovered due to severe drought conditions at Dinosaur Valley State Park



Something else to be mindful of. In addition to the Chinese economic crisis, Europe is facing a major economic contraction this Fall, with the escalation in energy prices due to the Ukraine-Russian war.

Astrologically, Pluto is stationing at 26 Capricorn in square to the Euro currency’s natal Saturn (26 Aries) in early October. This would make it increasingly likely the Euro will plunge in value with the October 30th Mars station in quincunx to Pluto. The Euro has already fallen matching in parity to the US dollar. More instability in the markets with the approaching winter appears more and more likely.

Here is the chart for the Euro for quick reference….


The US economic situation is just as dismal…..

Note one news headline from Friday night…….

Dow Drops 1,000 After Fed’s Powell Says Rates Will Stay High

You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is

Natural gas prices are 10 times the usual—upending industries, angering consumers, and panicking politicians.

Foreign Policy
August 26, 2022

If most of the world is struggling with higher energy prices, Europe is being stretched on the rack, forcing European leaders to improvise bailout plans and emergency measures to spare consumers from damaging economic pain come winter.

The biggest problem is spiking natural gas prices, which have been wreaking havoc across the continent, turbocharging inflation, hamstringing industries, and making ordinary people shudder when they get their power bills in the mail. European natural gas prices are now around 10 times higher than they were on average over the last decade and about 10 times pricier than in the United States. Alex Munton, an expert on global gas markets at Rapidan Energy Group, a consultancy, said European natural gas is so expensive it’s like paying $500 for a barrel of oil. And these are the good months.

“Things are [at] a crisis point,” said Munton. “We have astronomic gas prices, and we’re still a few months away from when gas demand really peaks during the winter. There’s genuine uncertainty whether there will be sufficient gas to meet demand throughout the winter.”

The gas problem is largely due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, which has disrupted exports of Russian gas to Europe and raised prices everywhere else. But it’s not just the war: Alternative supplies of gas are expensive, climate change has drained rivers so much that many of Europe’s nuclear plants are offline, and there’s been more than a decade of confusion among European policymakers about how to build shock absorbers into the system. Power prices in both Germany and France reached record levels this week (again), a reflection of the continent’s ever-deepening power emergency. As nations buckle under the economic pressures, desperate times have called for desperate measures: Britain announced a painful 80 percent spike in the cap for household energy costs while Germany increased bills by almost 500 euros.



Yes! I read about that earlier. Amazing, isn’t it? The remarkable consistency, worldwide!

Yes, I’ve been aware of the European natural gas situation. Less so, the nuclear power plants lack of necessary water, and of the Euro situation. My personal opinion is the US is better off than many recognize. Europeans worse.

Also, in case you’ve missed the latest, “Boxes of documents even came with Trump on foreign travel, following him to hotel rooms around the world — including countries considered foreign adversaries of the United States.” (from a tweet by Tim O’Brien linking to the WaPo article.


For discovery I think Uranus and/or Pluto, possibly Sun and/or Moon.

For positive or negative coloring add the inners and Saturn.

Happy – Venus, Jupiter
Sad – Saturn. Possibly Neptune.
Exciting – Uranus
Upsetting, anger – Mars
Shocking, astonishing – Pluto

Senator Lindsey Graham is vigorously fighting a subpeona that is requiring him to appear before a Georgia grand jury. Adding to the intrigue, Graham’s decided pro Trump leanings as of late leads one to suspect that he may be involved in some sort of nefarious criminal cover up. Have the Russian oligarchs gotten to him? Has he been bought?

Born July 9, 1955 South Carolina, Graham’s natal Mercury/South Node conjunction sits at 25 Gemini. This is precisely where Mars stations on October 30th. It will be in close quincunx to tr. Pluto. Will Graham conveniently serve as Trump’s “Trumpeteer” and sound the alarm to the pro Trump supporters? A call to arms?

Graham Predicts ‘Riots In The Streets’ If Trump Prosecuted Over Classified Docs

The Hill
August 28, 2022


Trump-Appointed-Judge Aileen Cannon Grants Trump’s Demand For Special Master BEFORE DOJ Weighs In / Glenn Kirschner

Video: 8 min 6 sec


Thanks for the link re: Lindsey Graham. As a living specimen LG is exceptionally good evidence for the necessity of an annual award for extreme, absurd, jaw dropping hypocrisy.

There will surely be a reckoning which may result in several R congress persons who colluded with Trump getting the boot, some going to jail. LG is up for reelection in 2026, but I’m hoping he’ll be turned out sooner. Perhaps legal troubles will force him out?

SC needs better representation than that. His statement was not a prediction, but clearly a purposeful threat. But I doubt Merrick Garland and the DOJ are intimidated. It appears to me prosecution of Mr. Donald John Trump is unavoidable. Surely the senator as a former JAG lawyer knows that!

“President Biden’s Twitter account has recently been taken over by new White House’s Deputy Director of Platforms Megan Coyne, who garnered attention when she ran the official New Jersey Twitter account with attitude, and it seems as if the administration is taking the new saltiness out for a spin. “All the talk about the deficit from the same folks that gave an unpaid-for $2 trillion tax cut to the wealthy and big corporations. It makes you laugh,” the account said tonight. “Under my Administration, the deficit is on track to come down by more than $1 trillion this year.”

Heather Cox Richardson, FB

The Artemis I launch was scrubbed for today. She may launch Friday, but that depends on whether they can get the engine leak problem fixed in time.

NASA puts out good PR about all the good reasons for returning to the Moon, citing the need to do good science, to learn what is necessary to go to Mars, etc. All of that is true, but what they never mention is the military necessity.

Whomever controls the Moon controls the Earth. It is the ultimate high ground. From the Moon, any enemy on Earth can be defeated with one trebuchet and a few boulders equipped with guidance systems.

The Chinese government is militarizing space, putting up killer satellites, plus satellites with claws that can capture, grab and redirect other satellites, and is messing about in great secrecy with robots and various equipment on the dark side of the Moon, where it is impossible to monitor their activities.

To military analysts, it is obvious they intend to take exclusive possession of the Moon itself, and ALL the space surrounding the Earth. The CCP has overtly stated their space stations will be for their use only, although they recently made a deal to share facilities with the Russians. That of course, will eventually prove to be a temporary arrangement.

Our new “cold war” with China is fueling a new “space race.” The US intention has long been to share space projects with other partners. So far, Canadian, Japanese, and UK astronauts have been welcome to participate.
Due to financial difficulties, I personally believe the Russians will drop out of the race, leaving it to China vs the Free World allies.

NASA hopes to keep space neutral, open to all who want to do serious space science. The Chinese have no such intentions. We have no choice but to return to the Moon with full intention of permanent presence.

Hope the Artemis glitch does not portend future problems especially with mercury going retro soon.

On another note, FBI tells judge they’ve already undertaken a review of trump docs for exec papers by a special ‘filter team’ so there should not be a need for special master appointment.
Interesting, phrasing in the search affidavit includes the words fruits of crime …… “physical documents and records constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other items illegally possessed in violation”

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Texts Tones As Dance Moves

Video: 1 min 31 sec


I’d like to sever the fists of both Josh Hawley and Trump and have them jammed up each other’s asses. Their raised fists are a sacrilege and a mockery to the hard-won, legitimate causes for.which a raised fist served as an honorable call for solidarity. Disgusting!

The second-biggest Republican lie And the truth you should know

He urged the GOP to run TV ads telling average working people that Democrats have funded the IRS to hammer them. Wynn even offered a script: “Tell them the IRS is ‘coming after you if you’re a waiter, if you’re a bartender, if you’re anybody with a cash business … they’re coming after you.’” Unfortunately for Wynn, the funding for the IRS in the Inflation Reduction Act targets the very wealthiest Americans — such as Steve Wynn — whose complicated businesses dealings and small armies of accountants and tax attorneys require lots of IRS resources if they’re to be audited.

Over the past decade, Republican lawmakers cut the IRS budget by roughly 20 percent — with the result that just 2 percent of the richest Americans had their taxes audited in 2019, down from 16 percent in 2010.

Not surprisingly, the richest 1 percent of Americans are estimated to be hiding more than 20 percent of their earnings from the IRS, accounting for more than a third of all unpaid federal taxes. The newly-added IRS funding is projected to raise some $100 billion in net tax revenue over the decade, mostly from the very rich.


Perhaps the only way out of this trumpist mess is for the donald to be declared insane, criminally or otherwise, and for a team of psychiatrists to sequester him away from civilization in a padded cell. Maybe they can use him to further their studies to benefit future humanity?

new Artemis launch time announced: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2022 AT 4:15 AM UTC+12

Add lindsey to the October surprise.


“The passage of the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act spurred investment in technology.

Yesterday, Honda and LG Energy Solution announced they would spend $4.4 billion to construct a new battery plant in the U.S. to join the plants General Motors is building in Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee; the ones Ford is building in Kentucky and Tennessee; the one Toyota is building in North Carolina; and the one Stellantis is building in Indiana. The plants are part of the switch to electric vehicles. According to auto industry reporter Neal E. Boudette of the New York Times, they represent “one of the most profound shifts the auto industry has experienced in its century-long history.”

Today, Kentucky governor Andy Beshear (D) announced that Kentucky has secured more than $8.5 billion for investment in the production of electric vehicle batteries, which should produce more than 8,000 jobs in the EV sector. “Kentuckians will literally be powering the future,” he said.

Also today, First Solar, the largest solar panel maker in the U.S., announced that it would construct a new solar panel plant in the Southeast, investing up to $1 billion. It credited the Inflation Reduction Act with making solar construction attractive enough in the U.S. to build here rather than elsewhere. First Solar has also said it will upgrade and expand an existing plant in Ohio, spending $185 million.

Corning has announced a new manufacturing plant outside Phoenix, Arizona, to build fiber-optic cable to help supply the $42.5 billion high-speed internet infrastructure investment made possible by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act. AT&T will also build a new fiber internet network in Arizona.

The CHIPS and Science Act is spurring investment in the manufacturing of chips in the U.S. Earlier this month, Micron announced a $40 billion investment in the next eight years, producing up to 40,000 new jobs. Qualcomm has also committed to investing $4.2 billion in chips from the New York facility of GlobalFoundries. Qualcomm says it intends to increase chip production in the U.S. by 50% over the next five years. In January, Intel announced it would invest $20 billion, and possibly as much as $100 billion, in a chip plant in Ohio.

This investment is part of a larger trend in which U.S. companies are bringing their operations back to the U.S. Last week, a report by the Reshoring Initiative noted that nearly 350,000 U.S. jobs have come home this year. The coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s war on Ukraine, and China’s instability were the push to bring jobs home, while the Inflation Reduction Act and the CHIPS and Science Act were the pull. Dion Rabouin notes in the Wall Street Journal that this reshoring will not necessarily translate to blue-collar jobs, as companies will likely increase automation to avoid higher labor costs.”


kiwi, insanity yes, because he demonstrably doesn’t know right from wrong. But I think he’ll go for incompetent representation and the claim none of it is his fault.

I don’t see that as a solution. His followers would claim it was a false diagnosis, part of a conspiracy, etc.

There is no avoiding prosecution, even were he to successfully flee the country.. When prosecuted, he will probably be tested by psychiatrists, but that will not help his case. He likely will be tried for federal crimes, and for state violations in New York, and Georgia.

His only way to avoid the mess he made for himself is death. I doubt he would suicide. It is conceivable he might have a heart attack, but more likely he’ll serve time, ideally in a far off, isolated location, like maybe Wake Island at the base there.

IMO, there is no avoiding whatever troubles may come from his followers. And the R party, forever stained by the revelation of his deeper betrayals will go out of business, like the Federalists, and Whigs before them. Their dogmatic philosophy will be seen as antiquated, and inappropriate for the 21st century. A new party will replace them, as we redefine what we consider liberal, conservative, and moderate in a completely changed technological, political, and economic environment.

As Pluto moves through the last degrees of Capricorn, ever closer to Aquarius I see an interesting trend.

The pace of Confederate monument removal is accelerating, though no longer getting the front page coverage it once did.

Simultaneously, in Eastern Europe the pace of removal of monuments commemorating Soviet WWII victory has also accelerated, particularly since the invasion of Ukraine.

Anti-slavery/anti-tyranny sentiment is growing.

Bob, if Graham has trouble coming, it couldn’t happen to a better fellow. I dislike, almost hate him. He is such a damn hypocrite. And I’ll never forget his pro-Brent Kavanaugh speech at the time of the hearings. John McCain, his good friend, must be turning over in his grave.

Eliseo, don’t you think Trump would choose leaving the country and going underground rather than prison?

I usually dislike wishing misfortune or ill health on someone, but in Donny’s case a significant stroke rendering him speechless and helpless might do the trick – no texting, no talking, forced into seclusion, for him would be the ultimate hell.

I have been enjoying the news so much lately as our little Donnie suffers more and more. Given what he has put us (the entire world) through with his mishigas…it gives me hope.

Sharon K,
Fleeing the country is certainly a possibility, depending on a few factors, primarily whether he retained his wealth. But there is a major problem. – Ex-presidents know things, secrets which must be kept for national security. Previous ex-presidents have been loyal, honorable men who would never consider sharing state secrets with our enemies. Mr. Trump is not in that category.

Trump fleeing to a country with no US extradition treaty would essentially be defection. Foreign agents would be all over him pumping him for whatever information they might glean.

Were any of our intelligence organizations to discover Mr. T’s plan was to flee, they would have to quickly arrange for him to have a sudden, massive heart attack. Worst case scenario would be shooting his plane down.

Oddly, this morning I literally dreamed Mr. T found himself in a situation very much like the Tom Hanks character in the 2000 movie Cast Away. Alone, marooned, presumed dead for 3 to 5 years, DJT returned clutching a large log in the ocean, now a very changed and better man. I’m sure that was a dream which won’t come true.

Eliseo, I could see your dream coming true:
a debilitating stroke could fit your castaway senario – alone, marooned, presumed dead?
Then after 3-5 years of clinging to a “log” (wheelchair?) his temperament is forced to mellow. Through suffering he eventually gains empathy for others?

It won’t likely come true, Eliseo, but it’s a really appropriate image as I’m sure that’s how he feels right now.

His usual streak of good luck is not protecting him and he won’t triumph over all of his troubles no matter how hard he fights.

A stroke of Luck shall we say kiwi?


No matter which way we choose to perceive it, Enfant Terrible L’Orange and his unholy organization is now a very real and potentially treacherous and dangerous liability. He has demonstrated again and again that he is loyal to no one. He’d sell his own mother to the highest bidder without skipping a heartbeat. He has also proven himself to be mercilessly cold and vindictive. That this misbegotten monster is in the know of all manner of the most secretive and sensitive U.S. geopolitical information should cause Christ himself to worry. His Presidency is one of the most regrettable mistakes in modern history. His access to all forms of social media and news outlets should be disabled/cauterized for the sake of national security. There is no telling the level of damage he is capable of stirring out of spite. What a bloody mess!

Hi Will,

This one’s for you……

BREAKING – Film Footage of Raid On Mar-A-Lago

Video 1 min 28 sec


Yep, Absolutely! “No telling the level of damage he is capable of stirring out of spite.” To call it “a bloody mess” is too kind.

In addition to his potential to foment domestic terrorism, like I said above, ex-presidents know state secrets. For the sake of national security we need Orange man either incarcerated ASAP, or dead. No other choices. Allowing him to escape or remain free is much too dangerous.

I suspect he’s already shared intelligence with the Saudis, and was negotiating, preparing to do so with others, like China or Russia.
Let us hope he is arrested and prosecuted very, very soon.

will & jerry ha ha ha
eliseo, the problem with a ‘mere’ arrest – sadly that would do absolutely nothing to silence his mouth, which at this point should be the prime directive.


Wouldn’t surprise me if he was selling limited edition copies of what he purloined from our national Top Secrets. He’s truly an insufferable whore.


Thanks for the humor! I continue to feel like we are all enfolded in some dreadful, night-marish fugue. I’m waiting for it all to pop and turn inside out.

I agree. A “mere arrest” won’t do. For reasons of national security, when he is arrested he will need to be taken into special custody with no possibility of bail. He would also of course be a flight risk.

I get your metaphor, your sense of indignant frustration, but I would think most whores, no matter how insufferable are probably not as depraved as DJT. He is in a unique category of his own. I am at least temporarily at a loss to find a truly accurate and appropriate string of words to adequately describe him, AND his story is not yet finished!

On one hand he reminds me of Mao Zedong, who out of his ideological narcissism allowed 45 million of his own people to die of starvation. Were he in similar circumstances, i have no doubt Orange Man would be comfortable doing the same.

On the other hand, the essential difference is intelligence. Mao was a brilliant, scholarly intellectual sociopath. Donald is hopelessly stupid, and arrogantly ignorant. Adolf Hitler made some enormously stupid decisions, but he was smart enough to write his own book. TFG is not.

If it is indeed a fact Donald sold or shared state secrets with foreign agents, IMO he deserves a similar fate to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They were executed by gas chamber. I think hanging more appropriate for Donald.

Of course, that’s not at all likely. I think the best we might hope for would be Napoleon style exile. Not an Elba, wherefrom Napoleon escaped, but a St. Helena. If I’m not mistaken, the US has 750 bases overseas. Surely one of them is sufficiently remote for the purpose. Considering the alternatives, I’m convinced imprisoned exile on the Wake Island base might be best. But who listens to me?

all in all I don’t think either the Donald or the Republican party are done with their process of damaging themselves beyond any possible recovery. They won’t be done until each and every lemming has jumped off the cliff to brutal demise.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants Biden to apologize for labeling MAGA R’s as “semi-fascist.”

I agree. President Biden should apologize for using the prefix “semi.”

Whenever citizens see Kevin McCarthy or any other MAGA R’s in public they should point their index finger and chant “fascist, fascist, fascist” incessantly.

At a time when his supporters are increasingly calling for violence after the FBI executed a search warrant on the Trump Organization’s Mar-a-Lago property in order to recover classified documents, Trump is normalizing violence and suggesting that if he regains the presidency, he will protect those who fight on his behalf.

In Arizona, Jerod MacDonald-Evoy of the Arizona Mirror reported that Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters has hired two fake electors as part of his staff. Before the primary, Masters’s website read: “We need to get serious about election integrity. The 2020 election was a rotten mess—if we had had a free and fair election, President Trump would be sitting in the Oval Office today and America would be so much better off,” although he has since scrubbed it to read simply: “We need to get serious about election integrity.” Trump endorsed Masters.


“Authorities in Michigan are investigating how a missing voting machine from the state wound up for sale on eBay last month for $1,200. Election machines are part of the United States’ critical infrastructure and are supposed to be kept under lock and key. ”


I recently saw a photo of a gathering of american nazis from the 30s, of which I was previously unaware. The resurgence of this movement, combined with old south doctrine, seems to be what we are once again fighting, – very scary.

So who has the contents!?!??
Who bought the contents?

When you’ve lost Bill Barr as an ally, you’ve lost the game. Bill Barr excoriates Trump, & defends DOJ & FBI 4 minutes 44 seconds into the video, but entire video (7 minutes 20 seconds) is worthwhile

‘Every New Fact Makes The Situation Worse’ For Trump: Neal Katyal on Nicole Wallace Deadline MSNBC
Sep 2, 2022


kiwi, it really is history repeating itself. Nazi’s had a large rally in NYC attended by thousands and there was an attempt by wealthy industrialists to overthrow a popularly elected president.



The Nazis and South can rise again 100 times.

And we will punch and stomp them back down 1000 times.

may it be so buckeyeshadow!!

Kiwi & BuckeyeShadow,
Just my opinion: it feels like we are experiencing the last gasp of the old myth/cult of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy.

The removal of Confederate monuments accelerated recently, though now such stories are on page 17A instead of page 1. Increasingly, local governments don’t want shrines and pillars to the “heroes” of that overtly racist cause in their communities. They cause too much trouble.
Furthermore, MAGA Republican efforts to suppress votes are a sign of weakness, of their waning power. It is a loud cry, a too late effort to preserve a dying ethos, dangerous and harmful nevertheless, but essentially the flailings of a dying beast.

What power they have is temporary. They sense this. Their draconian laws and rules are expressions of their desperation.

We are experiencing the last wave of migration into the sun belt. Relatively soon, within the next several decades (if not sooner) that demographic geography will be reversed. As climate change progresses, the southern third of the contiguous 48 states will become less and less habitable, more and more depopulated. The Old South and Southwestern states will have the least population. There will be some areas within that belt that are essentially uninhabitable.

“We” will be a very different country. The entire human world will have experienced greater technological, economic, spiritual, and socio-cultural transformation than anything we’ve had in the last 12,000 years.

The “South” culturally and politically will be ancient history, as ancient as the Hittites.

I agree with your opinion Eliseo.

More immediate is a time I have been holding back on posting about for months, perhaps a year. After all this time I cannot sort it out except to say it will be a difficult time for the president, the country, and possibly Merrick Garland and many in the tRump camp. It could be the beginning of an “October Surprise” that runs through the entire month. Target date is October 8th.

I agree with your opinion Eliseo.

More immediate is a time I have been holding back on posting about for months, perhaps a year. After all this time I cannot sort it out except to say it will be a difficult time for the president, the country, and possibly Merrick Garland and many in the tRump camp. It could be the beginning of an “October Surprise” that runs through the entire month.

Target date is October 8th.

Your target date “feels” right. I’ve come to anticipate a series or group of simultaneous events or revelations which for many will shift political perceptions, opinions, conclusions, and behaviors. Certain things will become obvious, things that were always there, but to many were obscured. I think that obtains for Magas, R’s, and Dems.

I feel your key word in the post was “beginning.” Yes, a series of events in October, but I also see continuing transformative political and economic developments domestically, and internationally beyond the end of the year into the spring.

Just my intuition in concert with my social science background.

Concerning Trump, I suspect the Mar-a-Lago scandal is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. For the foreseeable future, every day will be a banner field day for presidential historians!

Thank you Bob! Mars at the mid-point between transiting Neptune and Sibley Neptune and the Sibley Neptune is under its own opposition with transiting Neptune adding aggression to Neptunian themes like oil, delusion, inspiration, scapegoating, floods…? And I heard the election itself occurs during an eclipse as if we need a pimple on top of the boil about to pop. I believe the last Pluto pass to the Sibley Pluto is Dec 22 and then it moves slowly onto its ingress into Aquarius several months later. I’m thinking the results of many elections will not be finished until late Dec and my fervent prayer is that it will be a full rejection of Trumpist fascism.

Kiwi: Joy Reid on the Reidout did a commentary of the Nazi uprising in America in the 1930s. I too was unaware of this.

“Today the unsealing of a court filing revealed that the August 8 search turned up more than 11,000 documents or photographs that were not classified, 31 documents marked CONFIDENTIAL, 54 marked SECRET, and 18 marked TOP SECRET. In addition, agents found 48 empty folders marked CLASSIFIED, and 42 empty folders marked to be returned to a military aide. Those documents were not filed with the envelopes.

This story is unprecedented and explosive. As Sue Gordon, who was principal deputy director of national intelligence from 2017 to 2019, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace yesterday, in addition to the potential for exposing national secrets, the exposure of the networks and techniques that were in those documents could unravel intelligence networks that took decades to build.”


CNN White House correspondent John Harwood abruptly leaves the news channel

Open in browser
September 2, 2022
Heather Cox Richardson
Sep 3

Just a week ago, a judge ordered the release of the affidavit on which the FBI applied for a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago. That document revealed that Trump had taken highly classified documents from the government and held them in insecure locations. That document was horrifying, but it referred only to documents the government had already recovered, not the ones for which it would go on to search for on August 8.

Today the unsealing of a court filing revealed that the August 8 search turned up more than 11,000 documents or photographs that were not classified, 31 documents marked CONFIDENTIAL, 54 marked SECRET, and 18 marked TOP SECRET. In addition, agents found 48 empty folders marked CLASSIFIED, and 42 empty folders marked to be returned to a military aide. Those documents were not filed with the envelopes.

This story is unprecedented and explosive. As Sue Gordon, who was principal deputy director of national intelligence from 2017 to 2019, told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace yesterday, in addition to the potential for exposing national secrets, the exposure of the networks and techniques that were in those documents could unravel intelligence networks that took decades to build.

The implications for the destruction of our national security at Trump’s hands are enormous.

And yet, after President Joe Biden’s speech last night saying that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” Republicans have rushed to attack Biden as divisive, hateful, or disparaging of half the country, claiming far more support than they have. Biden offered them an off-ramp from this profound scandal, inviting them to stand on the side of defending democracy, and they refused it.

They have tied themselves to what looks like it is on the way to becoming the biggest attack on our national security in our history, but it is not clear to me that even remaining Republican voters will be okay with the compromise of our national security. National security used to be very important to Republicans.

Trump’s attorney general Bill Barr seemed today to be trying to get whatever is left of the Republican establishment to abandon the former president. He told two different Fox News Channel programs: “I…think for them to have taken things to the current point, they probably have pretty good evidence…. I think the driver on this from the beginning was…loads of classified information sitting in Mar-a-Lago. People say this was unprecedented, well it’s also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put them in a country club.”

“I can’t think of a legitimate reason why they…could be taken…away from the government if they’re classified.” He added that he was “skeptical” that Trump had declassified the documents. “I think it’s highly improbable, [and]…if in fact he sort of stood over scores of boxes, not really knowing what was in them, and said ‘I hereby declassify everything in here,’ that would be such an abuse and…shows such recklessness it’s almost worse than taking the documents.”

Among all the Republican backlash over Biden’s speech, today, veteran CNN White House reporter John Harwood said:

“The core point he made in that political speech about a threat to democracy is true.

“Now, that’s something that’s not easy for us, as journalists, to say. We’re brought up to believe there’s two different political parties with different points of view and we don’t take sides in honest disagreements between them. But that’s not what we’re talking about. These are not honest disagreements. The Republican Party right now is led by a dishonest demagogue.

“Many, many Republicans are rallying behind his lies about the 2020 election and other things as well. And a significant portion—or a sufficient portion—of the constituency that they’re leading attacked the Capitol on January 6th. Violently.

“By offering pardons or suggesting pardons for those people who violently attacked the Capitol, which you’ve been pointing out numerous times this morning, Donald Trump made Joe Biden’s point for him.”

Shortly afterward, Harwood announced he was no longer with CNN.

A source told Dan Froomkin of Press Watch that Harwood had been told last month he was being let go, despite his long-term contract, and that he used his last broadcast to send a message.” (Heather Cox Richardson news)


With DJT, always the psychological projection… It’s never ending!

“Crooked Hillary” when he was the real crook.
Hillary’s inadvertent and unintentional fumbling of her email (who among us of and above a certain age might have done the same?) is no comparison to Trump’s intentional theft and blatant misuse, mishandling, and possible sale of classified documents.

“Fraudulent election” “Rigged election” and “Stolen election” when he and his allies were the fraudsters and wannabe electoral thieves.

“Fake news” when the fakery was always generated by him and his team while mainstream journalists did their best to find and report the truth.

Now he accuses Mr. Biden of being the “enemy of the state,” when of course we know who the real enemy is. What next? I almost hope he accuses Biden of being the “AntiChrist!” I almost hope he points the index finger of his tiny right hand, loudly and angrily proclaims, “Biden is Satan Incarnate!” Of course, he probably doesn’t know the word incarnate. He probably thinks it might have something to do with cars.

The irony grows and intensifies.

Trump could be charged with crimes he suggested Edward Snowden should be executed for, says former Fox News analyst

According to a former Fox News analyst, former President Donald Trump could be charged with the same crimes that he suggested a National Security Agency whistleblower should be executed for.

“In a monumental irony,” former New Jersey Superior Court judge Andrew Napolitano wrote in an op-ed in the New Jersey Herald, both Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the NSA’s Edward Snowden “stand charged with the very same crimes that are likely to be brought against Trump.”


Yes, but now they are saying (on Dem Underground) that the “special master” permission granted by the judge is going to delay things, Eliseo, which was their goal.

Sharon K,
Yep. No avoiding delay now. I tentatively surmise the judge must be in Trump’s pocket as there clearly is no need for a special master. Assigning one is just plain dumb unless your ONLY goal is delay.

The DOJ will now surely appeal the decision which of course = more delay!

Sharon, what the Federalist Society judge did was to totally delay the prosecution of trump. Rumor is that the DOJ will appeal to the 11th Circuit (which is filled with more Federalist Society judges). When did Leo Leonard (the power behind the Federalist Society) decide to declare war on democracy?

Lets not forget that the CIA has lost many human assets in the past year – the same assets that were named in documents that trump stole (and then gave or sold to foreign governments).


Its Leonard Leo – not the reverse.

Sharon K & Silcominc,

Obviously, the ruling is a completely unjustified and unnecessary delay. Silcominc, I’m not sure how “total” it might be. We don’t know how extensive or for how long. We will have to see. I don’t know any details, nor the implied perambulations. I was perhaps naively expecting the judge to deny the request.

I am extremely annoyed and exasperated!
I’d like to see the Orange MAGAot Betrayer prosecuted asap.

The nightmare continues, and I’m very tired of it. What do we have to do? Purge the nation of all these Federalist Society judges? It feels like our society has been poisoned, and we just can’t seem to shake the consequent infection and fever.

My Two Cents,

I’m going to wax optimistic about
this Trump-appointed Judge giving Trump permission to bring in a “special master” to peruse the documents. While it may very well cause yet more delays for the DOJ, I would wager Garland et al have already weighted this very possibility and will fast-track as much of this procedural tedium to counterbalance the unnecessary, transparently tactical delays. This so named special master will be under such enormous scrutiny that Italy be impossible for he/she/they to pull anything too greasy or slick. It may end up being an instance wherein this Cracker Jackass is being given all the rope ge needs to get himself a righteous Saddam Hussein style lynching. Nancy has written about how Pluto conjunct Pluto transits carry a vicious fight to the death valence of treachery. But in the end, all horrid thugs and despots ultimately fall. A righteous victory will then be even more gratifying.
We must do everything in our power to rub the present GOP off the face of the planet. We can do this people. Yes we can.

Thank You for your optimism! I needed that. I hope you assessment is correct. I’m disappointed, I think because I’ve been hoping the man would be indicted before the midterm election. As the anthropomorphic saying goes, “from your lips to God’s ears.”

RE: “We must do everything in our power to rub the present GOP off the face of the planet. We can do this people. Yes we can.”

I heartily agree. We have no choice. The R’s as a party full of rational, sensible people we might nevertheless disagree with are long gone, having evolved, beginning in the 1960’s into the criminal enterprise we have today.

Trump Went Judge Shopping and It Paid Off in Mar-a-Lago Case


Is Something Called “Narcissistic Collapse” Coming To America?

“At some point — probably, depending on how this all plays out, when or if he’s charged with a crime — he’ll confront the inevitable truth that he’s a fraud and a failure, and has been one his entire life. A fraud and failure who sold out his own nation just for money, power, and glory. Who not only committed treason, but has now lost the entire game.

That will be his Fuhrerbunker moment, his abused-wife-is-leaving moment, his Jim Jones-in-the-jungle moment, when he will fully turn on America and lash out, trying to destroy whatever he can in and of this nation.

That’s when he’ll call his people to murderous violence.

That’s when stochastic terrorism could rear its ugly head in a widespread way across the country, with “lone wolf” murderers picking off perceived “Trump enemies.”

That’s when the “civil war” violent attacks — on people administering elections; well-known Democrats and “disloyal Republicans”; and authority-figure government employees like police, judges, and members of the FBI — predicted and fretted about by so many, will be closest.


“The temptation is powerful to close our eyes and wait for the worst to pass, but history tells that for freedom to survive, it must be defended, and that if lies are to stop, they must be exposed.”

Madeline Albright

Ellie (from) Dreams Down Under, i.e. an intelligent Australian tarot reader, IMO with a deeper understanding of the symbolism and better connection than most, made an interesting point about Donald and the recent special master ruling.

“A defendant who is given an extra fair process has no avenues for appeal once convicted.”

There may be very good news about 4 weeks from now for us on the political Left. Could beat my October 8 target date.

EXCERPT FROM “Hiding in Plain Sight” by Sarah Kendzior

“I learned that the man who trained Donald Trump was the go-to attorney for the New York mob. That when Rudy Giuliani pushed the Italian mob out of New York, the Russian mafia took over. That Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller and agents in both the FBI and Russia’s FSB warned that this mafia had gone global and infiltrated governments. That Donald Trump’s circle is filled with people who have worked for the most dangerous mafia boss in the world, who once sat at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted, and who may be the reason Vladimir Putin is in power today.”

The story of Donald Trump’s rise to power is the story of a buried American history – buried because powerful people liked it that way… We live in the era of the masses versus the mob: but people do not recognize the mob as the mob. In the twenty-first century, the mob both wears suits and files them. The mob is tasteful, and presidential, and – worst of all – legal.

– Sarah Kendzior, Hiding In Plain Sight

What happens to the rethuglican vote if TFG dies before the midterms?

If he dies before the midterms, the cult of the “Lost Cause” will be replaced by the cult of the “Lost Messiah.” Meanwhile, conspiracy “theories” surrounding his death will mushroom like a small nuclear bomb.

Angellight – havent read or heard of the book before, but many years ago, late 90s, I had the distinct flash thought “the mobs gone white collar”. I think it was around the time the bank deregulation legislation, that was put in place in the 30s, was eliminated. I suspect that strategy was part of why they kneecapped clinton politically. I think Newt Gingrich is an integral element to all these shenanigans and right wing authoritarian creep – he was calling the shots from the mid 90s.
And given events over the past few years, I have also wondered if Guiliani was somehow used to get rid of the italian mob so the russian mob could get a foothold. Very interesting to have my thoughts put into print. Ill have to get the book and read it.

This from a commentator on NY Times –

“Either Sunday or yesterday, I googled Judge Cannon’s Wikipedia statistics. If she had any judicial history, it would be published. The only thing I saw was the proposed Special Master ruling which leads me to believe she never tried a case before.

Inexperienced, I think is an understatement. How about you?”

I checked Wikipedia and she was right.

kiwi: I too had not heard of the book. Came across the info today and ordered on Amazon. She also has a new book out. It’s called They Knew.


Angellight, Leo (the head of Federalist Society) has specialized in putting young inexperienced ideologues on the Federal Court. Prior to Reagen, each president sought older, experienced jurists on the Federal Bench. Since Reagen, the GOP has only put young lunatics, who could reign for many decades, on the bench and we are now dealing with that horrific result.

Also, Kendzior has a podcast called Gaslight.

I meant who would they vote for or might the movement fall out for many and have many stay home and not vote.

silcominc: Thanks. A sad situation. Reagen got rid of the Fairness Doctrine also and the decline of American middle class began when he got elected.

I hope this ruling is merely the beginning. 100’s, perhaps 1000’s should IMO be in this category.

Judge calls Jan. 6 an ‘insurrection,’ bars ‘Cowboys for Trump’ founder from office

A judge in New Mexico declared that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was an “insurrection,” the first time any court has done so, a government watchdog group said.
The judge also barred Otero County Commissioner and “Cowboys for Trump” founder Couy Griffin from office for participating in the riot.

A judge in New Mexico declared Tuesday that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was an “insurrection” as he ruled that Otero County Commissioner and “Cowboys for Trump” founder Couy Griffin must be removed from office for participating in the attack.

Griffin is barred for life from holding any federal or state office — including his current role as county commissioner, from which he will be ousted “effective immediately,” Judge Francis Mathew ruled.

Griffin became “constitutionally disqualified” from those positions as of Jan. 6, 2021, the judge concluded.

The ruling marked the first time that any court found that the Capitol riot met the definition of an insurrection, according to the nonprofit government watchdog group CREW, which represented the plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit to disqualify Griffin.

“This decision makes clear that any current or former public officials who took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and then participated in the January 6th insurrection can and will be removed and barred from government service for their actions,” CREW President Noah Bookbinder sai

Mathew’s ruling also marks the first time since 1869 that a court has disqualified a public official under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, according to CREW.

That section, known as the Disqualification Clause, bars any person from holding civil or military office at the federal or state level of the United States if they “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”


The more discussions that emerge about the extraordinary level of integrity required for a valid special master,
the more it is becoming apparent that there may be an extremely limited pool of nominees from which to choose. I’m no lawyer but I wonder if the DOJ could file a temporary restraining order to suspend or otherwise nullify the offending judge’s ruling that would allow the Trump org to use a special master. If the TRO stood on solid law, it would lead to the imposition of a permanent injunction against permission to use a special master. The judge who ruled in Trump’s favor for the SM is utterly and completely unqualified to have granted this and is a Trump appointee. She is not published in any reviews or judicial experience. She’s a moral and ethical sewer who is profoundly out of her depth. A travesty.

Angellight – Thank you for your post of Sept 6 at 2:00 pm.

It is reaffirming and very clear.

Too true. Simple.

Eliseo – Thank you for ALL your posts. What a brain! 🙂


will: YEAH!!

There’s a lot of books I SHOULD buy but the one I am gonna buy is Michael Tomasky:

“The Middle Out –

“The Rise of Progressive Economics and a Return to Shared Prosperity”.

RE: “I meant who would they vote for or might the movement fall out for many and have many stay home and not vote.”

Just my opinion: IF he passed over between now and the coming 2022 election, my feeling is many R’s would stay home, and not vote. But by the time of the 2024 election many may have recovered.

The 2024 election may be a different story. It would depend I think partially on if the R’s have a charismatic candidate.

BUT… whether Mr. T is dead or alive (in 2024) I strongly expect additional damning information will continue to be revealed, week after week from the present through the next several years. As time passes I believe that information will get progressively darker. Our worst fears about DT, i.e. “Darth Traitor” will not only be confirmed, but exceeded several times.

In the long run, this surely will IMO not merely damage, but probably be one of the instruments of death for the GOP.

My pleasure. You are a mighty bright lass yourself! Your appellation is appropriate. You shine like the sun and the stars.

sunstars: You are truly welcome. We are all sharing here trying to make sense of this dark time and educate each other on how to overcome this. What a struggle.

FRONTLINE’s New Season Begins Tonight With “Lies, Politics and Democracy”

https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/frontlines-new-season-begins-tonight-with-lies-politics-and-democracy/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share_button via @frontlinepbs

What a good feeling as I watched this.


thanks for sharing the portraits Bob. I wonder what will happen to the trump portrait schedule if more definitive dirt is exposed?

fwiw – intuitiview posting this morning

just watched the obamas at the white house – I have SO missed their humor and wise words

Report: Trump won’t unveil Obama’s official White House portrait anytime soon

https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/05/19/trump-wont-unveil-obamas-official-white-house-portrait-report-says/5222606002/ via @usatoday

Petulant Child Trump Won’t Unveil Obama Portrait at White House


angellight – trumps refusal was a blessing in disguise.
Michelles awesome speech, hosted by the Bidens (at around the 30min mark in my link above) slammed trump by comparison without ever mentioning his name!

I took the link from the unveiling ceremony as I watched it. It played for a long time without a break showing the full speeches of both presidents and their wives without interruption. It was probably an hour or so. Now CBS has changed the content.

we still need to be vigilant though: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/oath-keepers-law-enforcement-military-roll_n_631859a3e4b027aa405614d5

“The Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism pored over more than 38,000 names on leaked Oath Keepers membership lists and identified more than 370 people it believes currently work in law enforcement agencies — including as police chiefs and sheriffs — and more than 100 people who are currently members of the military.
It also identified more than 80 people who were running for or served in public office as of early August. “

Very worrisome – the ice shelf of the Thwaits glacier, which Eliseo has already spoken of here – may actually have only 5 years, and it’s holding back the entire glacier. Sorry to be the bearer of frightening, “existential” news.

A ‘doomsday glacier’ the size of Florida is disintegrating faster than thought
Source: Washington Post

Thwaites Glacier, known as the “doomsday glacier” for the risk it poses to global sea levels, is retreating faster than previously thought, study shows

A large glacier in Antarctica that could raise sea levels several feet is disintegrating faster than last predicted, according to a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The Thwaites Glacier — dubbed the “doomsday glacier” because scientists estimate that without it and its supporting ice shelves, sea levels could rise more than 3 to 10 feet — lies in the western part of the continent. After recently mapping it in high-resolution, a group of international researchers found that the glacial expanse experienced a phase of “rapid retreat” sometime in the past two centuries — over a duration of less than six months.

According to a news release accompanying the study, researchers concluded that the glacier had “lost contact with a seabed ridge” and is now retreating at a speed of 1.3 miles per year — a rate double what they predicted between 2011 and 2019.

Unlike some other glaciers that are connected to dry land, Thwaites is grounded in the seabed, making it more vulnerable to warming waters as a result of human-induced climate change. Thwaites already accounts for about 4 percent of annual sea level rise.

Crucial Antarctic ice shelf could fail within five years, scientists say

“You can’t take away Thwaites and leave the rest of Antarctica intact,” said Alastair Graham, a marine geologist at the University of South Florida and the co-author of the study, in a phone interview.

He described the consequences of losing Thwaites “existential.”

According to the United Nations, more than 40 percent of the world’s human population lives within 60 miles of the coast — areas that will be hit hard by rising tides.

Fortunately kiwi got the whole unveiling ceremony also and her link has better beginning and ending video than CBS live news coverage had. I had posted this last night but it went into space I guess.

I concur with the wonderful nostalgic feelings while viewing the official White House portraits of them. I was actually kvelling at the sight of all of those wonderful, dedicated and decent people who attended the event in person. The contrast between the Democratic Party and the Republicans has increased and sharpened; we are truly in a civil war of sorts via these unprecedented legal maneuvers and decisions by the various courts. I am dumbstruck about how so many of my own family and even some friends who have fallen victim to the culture of hatred, selfishness, overt dishonesty and intolerance. This is not America. (but it is!). When I am at my best, I practice deep meditations and generate kind, loving and healing visualizations for the whole universe. Although laws and legislation will play a big part in ending this madness, I believe we have to raise our own vibration on a daily basis and bring our relative state of peace and gratitude to our encounters with others. “When they go low, we go high.” This is my aspiration even though I fall far from reaching it quite often. When I fall, I ultimately redirect, redirect, redirect without guilt or self approbation.

I acquired a 8 week-old red male Doberman puppy who I named Gianni. Mother of Christ, what have I done! I forgot that it was 30 years ago when I had my last doggy. I was so much quicker, agile, physically-toned and capable then. This little guy is akin to bolts of lightening. I’ve never been so challenged. He’s teething so he’s biting and chewing me and everything in sight. He is not yet house-trained which is oh, so much fun. But he is astonishingly present and amazing. I’ll be attending the University of YouTube in an effort to get some decent training tips. I am elbow deep in aloe vera gel. Every time I rebuke him for biting me, he intensifies this behavior. I have provided him a panoply of different chewing toys; he mouths them for a few moments but then decidedly goes for my fingers and hands. I have to remind myself that he’s just a young baby. I am learning to develop a higher tolerance for frustration. He is impossible but I laugh out loud at his antics – he has no bad intentions other than eating my flesh, clinging to me wherever I go, pooping and peeing everywhere and getting into absolutely everything that isn’t in a closet or drawer. Mother Mary, what have I done!
He was born on 6/25/22. But he does not present as a moonchild; he feels more like Aries/Scorpio/Gemini energy. I have no intention of “quitting” him. Onward!

Unfortunately, I’ve been a highly sensitive intuitive for most all of my life. I tend to have sporadic precognitive episodes. (They probably are actually cyclical and in harmony with transiting planets affecting my chart.)

I don’t ask for them, or cultivate them, nor do I have any control over them. They just happen. Sometimes such experiences for me have been very specific with time, place and details, like when I so clearly foresaw the events of 9/11/01 for about 48 hours before they occurred. At other times they are more ambiguous, but almost always quite intense. They can be foreknowledge of very positive and happy events, or conversely quite the opposite.

A few hours ago, Sept. 7th from about 5:45 pm to about 8:00 pm PDT I experienced an intense feeling of sadness for no apparent personal reason, accompanied by an ominous feeling of some coming tragedy or catastrophe. That sadness and sense of foreboding persisted, and then was suddenly gone.

Did anyone else have such an experience at about that same time?

Congratulations on adopting your puppy! I wish you well on the raising of your new baby. Your story brought me a genuine smile!

I’m certainly no expert on pet astrology, but I’ve long been of the opinion the ascendant rising sign is most important for dogs and cats, more so than the sun sign, or moon placement. But I would hazard a guess, someone on this blog, wiser and more knowledgeable than am I, probably has a clearer perception on that.

Eliseo: There is major concern about the queen of England. May be this is what you picked up.

Quite possibly. I tend to have these episodes in concert with world events, not so much with anything personal or local. Furthermore, I am deeply connected on important levels with all the nations of the British Isles.

On the other hand, I sometimes meet people and immediately “Know” things about them. It was very helpful when I was a criminal investigator, but in recent years working in academia I’m completely silent about it as it tends to spook people if they know.

In 1972 I had an extraordinary three part vision in which I foresaw events of 2000 and 2001. In the third part Queen Elizabeth II played a major symbolic role revealing details which did indeed transpire in 2001. I again had such an episode shortly before the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01.

Incidentally, most are unaware there was a terrorist team on 9/11 with orders to crash a plane into the Parliament building in London. Fortunately they were apprehended and arrested at Heathrow airport before boarding the plane.

It was never in the news, but folks connected to US and UK Intelligence are aware of it. The event was documented in certain books, but you still rarely or never hear of it.

Apparently, in the custody of MI6 the hijackers disappeared. No trial, no front page news on them. I suspect the reason is MI6 interrogated them and soon quietly and covertly executed them.

Queen Elizabeth II has died at 96, ending a 70-year reign. Prince Charles is now King Charles III.

Eliseo – That must be what it was …. unless also something else comes up

Sunstars, Angellight,
Yes. I think so.

BTW, the DOJ has filed an appeal regarding the special master ruling.


“As the flag is lowered to half-mast over Windsor Castle an incredible rainbow appears over the castle for a few minutes and then just like that, it was gone,”

I dont expect those in the US to understand the sadness I feel today with the queen’s passing. Partly due also to her mystical connection to history that is beyond modern politics.
I was lucky enough to see her several times during my life, and as a child spoke to a neighbor who had lunch with her on the yacht Britannia and shared his impressions of her. So gracious and such strength of character, I admired her as a person immensely – a giant in one respect, belied by her tiny frame and absolutely radiant, beautiful skin, noticeable when close.
2019 Charles and Camilla visited our wee town and I was fortunate enough to shake both their hands and briefly speak… I was actually surprised also to perceive that they seemed so different and much better than how many tabloids portray them.

Taurus Sun, a royal Leo Moon, and Cap Rising. She was born to be a monarch and maintained within the role quite well for all of her years, ascending to the throne while Pluto was still in Leo.

As the British are known to say, we shall likely not soon look upon her like again.

Personally not a monarchist, but I can’t help but acknowledge the energy that Elizabeth generated, and the manner in which she seemed to transcend time and multiple eras of history, going all the way back to WWII and the time of Hitler, Churchill and FDR. Hard to imagine any future monarch reigning during a similarly lengthy period of rapid modernization and change.

It will be interesting to see how all the countries under the crown navigate the ever-after in her absence. I suspect that more of them will break away and seek full sovereignty in the coming Pluto in Aquarius years.

Seems fitting and symbolic too that she passes a very aged elite at the end of Pluto in Capricorn. She won’t be the last to go.

I felt the deep sadness yesterday as a precognitive experience. I did not know she was ill. For me, she has long functioned as an important archetypal image and symbol, occasionally present in my dreams and visions. See my September 8th, 2022 4:48 am & 11:09 am posts.

A good friend, now passed, who served in the US Army in WWII danced with her at a special event during the war. At that time she was of course still a princess. My friend also commented on her “radiant, beautiful skin,” and how gracious and kind she was to the soldiers.

I agree with you the tabloids are unfair to the Royals. In prying into their private lives, such papers appeal to a kind of childish prurience.

The British monarch is head of state for your country and several others. To you and all others in such countries I offer my most sincere condolences.

I do wonder how the US itself manages to find its way out of this current era of reactionary-ism and the cult of personality. It might seem easy enough if Trump just summarily collapsed and expired, the inevitable outcome of poor self care and an awful diet. Whether he lasts another two months or 20 years (dear Universe let’s hope not…) I suspect there are years of convulsions and craziness yet to come for the people who have become so enthralled by him and the apparent influence he wields.

One thing is for certain—Pluto in Cap and our Pluto Return has exposed some very ugly truths about a good number of our fellow Americans. Can we even still continue to be a functioning country with this knowledge?

RE: your 10:24 pm post.
My thoughts as well. We are again on the same “wavelength.”

Unfortunately, the glaringly obvious truth to all but the most fervent Trumpers, is the man is a loose lipped, living, breathing ever present danger to the nation and the national security of the US and our allies. As long as he is alive and free he could in conversation theoretically “spill the beans” to any of our enemies. Unlike ex-presidents before him, that would be for him in character.

I doubt this will occur, but I think the most convenient scenario would be for the man to expire of natural causes before any possible indictment. That way, no precedent is set and investigations could continue, criminal and historical, as there were others involved in his various crimes. As the truth of his crimes and betrayal became clear, gradually, probably slowly, loyalty to him and his memory would diminish. Concomitantly, we could institute the reforms, laws, constitutional amendments, etc. necessary to repair the damage and prevent such a sick, criminal mind from ever attaining such high office again.

Otherwise, we are in a damned if we do, damned if we don’t dilemma. Indictment, conviction, incarceration, etc. are necessary, but set a bad precedent. Apart from any domestic Trumper terrorism, future R’s might retaliate by indicting a Dem ex-president for chewing gum on Sunday.


Thank you for the good wishes re: Gianni. He’s quite the handful. I’m sticking with Aries his ascendant – he is an indefatigably feisty little guy. I had no one to watch him today so I took him with me to my uncle’s funeral mass; even the priest smiled when I carried him in my arms as I took the Eucharist. Thank you again.


I feel the heaviness in your heart; I am so very sorry for her passing. She is quite a strong spirit and will hopefully continue to assist her subjects in the seasons to come. She’s a rare soul who redefined what public service is about. She made it her business to remain steadfast and provided a North Star for her nation as traversed such fear and sorrow during WW2. I doubt we will see anyone close to the likes of her for quite some time. I wish you hope and happier days ahead. God knows Elizabeth lived her life right up to the last flicker of her wick.


I know the feelings you write about; I find myself overwhelmed by melancholy and tearfulness once a month and I’ve clocked it happening a few days before the full moon. Nonetheless, it always surprises me when it comes over me. No one ever said it was easy being an empath, huh?

Two things: Going forward.

The Constitution is GOLDEN.

The THING that has undermined the Constitution is human frailty which must be addressed….. the ELEMENTS that have allowed and fostered INEQUALITY.

The Constitution understood that equality was the answer.

Slave owners got around that.

The Original Sin was owning slaves.

This was the Original Sin against the Constitution.

Another thing we must address is the lack of education. This is #2.

We must understand. There must be communication.

We must know what PSYCHOPATHY is. We must recognize when a person does not have a conscience; when a person does not believe in the greater good.

Betsy De Vos – can someone else describe her?

She’s in a class by herself… sort of..the class that say the Koch brothers were/are in…… She’s a Capricorn with a Leo Moon….

Don’t get me wrong – I like and understand the Cap/Leo but not with her motivations….

She would destroy our society. For her extremely selfish and horribly warped reasons. OMG.

We have to be educated….. 🙂

And we only can, across the board, be educated, if we have equality.


I have a special affinity for Great Britain having spent a fair amount of time there over the years. India has that special connection to the UK as well being part of the commonwealth.

I saw an excellent documentary recently that I found especially fascinating……..

Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen

It follows rare private moments from the Queen’s life, including her engagement at Balmoral and behind the scenes footage of her first tour abroad with her family.

Video: 1 hour 17 min


Cash Peters shares his impressions of Queen Elizabeth’s passing/ transition…..

HM Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

Video: 16 min 14 sec


Puking buckets after discovering Judge Aileen Cannon’s abysmal lack of legal experience, poverty of principals, morality and decency. She has no f——g idea what she’s doing =just another back-door hack appointment by he who has no name. Her ridiculous ruling has sullied her reputation and brought outrage, infamy and indignancy in the halls of jurisprudence.
From what I have culled from the various national pundits and publications, her decision lacks any legal substantiality. The DOJ is going to clobber her in the days to come. Good God, how many more will fall under the spell of the Father of all Lies?

Will: Yes and Yup. Can’t wait to see the days to come and she indeed sullied her reputation likely irreparably. Thank god. She should be known.

Finally the possibility of moving toward sanity.

The New York Times
California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information
By Steven Lee Myers
August 29, 2022 Original article
Featured image for California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information
Trying to strike a balance between free speech and public health, California’s Legislature on Monday approved a bill that would allow regulators to punish doctors for spreading false information about Covid-19 vaccinations and treatments.

The legislation, if signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, would make the state the first to try to legislate a remedy to a problem that the American Medical Association, among other medical groups and experts, says has worsened the impact of the pandemic, resulting in thousands of unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths.

The law would designate spreading false or misleading medical information to patients as “unprofessional conduct,” subject to punishment by the agency that licenses doctors, the Medical Board of California. That could include suspending or revoking a doctor’s license to practice medicine in the state.

While the legislation has raised concerns over freedom of speech, the bill’s sponsors said the extensive harm caused by false information required holding incompetent or ill-intentioned doctors accountable.

“In order for a patient to give informed consent, they have to be well informed,” said State Senator Richard Pan, a Democrat from Sacramento and a co-author of the bill. A pediatrician himself and a prominent proponent of stronger vaccination requirements, he said the law was intended to address “the most egregious cases” of deliberately misleading patients.

California’s legislation reflects the growing political and regional divisions that have dogged the pandemic from the beginning. Other states have gone in the other direction, seeking to protect doctors from punishment by regulatory boards, including for advocating treatments involving hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and other medications that the American Medical Association says remain unproven.

If enacted, the law could face a legal challenge. Governor Newsom, who has three weeks to sign the legislation, has not yet taken a public position on it.

While other nations have criminalized the spread of vaccine misinformation — and have higher vaccination rates — the response by states and the U.S. government has largely been limited to combating misconceptions with accurate information, said Michelle M. Mello, a professor of law and health policy at Stanford University.

She noted that even laws that cited a “compelling interest,” like public health and safety, to police disinformation ran the risk of having a chilling effect, a First Amendment standard for many courts.

“Initiatives like this will be challenged in court and will be hard to sustain,” she said in an interview. “That doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.”

California’s response follows a warning last year by the national Federation of State Medical Boards that licensing boards should do more to discipline doctors who share false claims. The American Medical Association has also warned that spreading disinformation violates the code of ethics that licensed doctors agree to follow.

The measure was among a flurry of Covid-related bills proposed by a legislative working group that drew fierce opposition from lawmakers and voters. Some of the most contentious bills have stalled or died, including one that would have required all California schoolchildren to be vaccinated.

As the legislation moved through the Legislature, its sponsors narrowed its scope to deal directly with doctors’ direct interaction with patients. It does not address comments online or on television, though those have been the cause of some of the most impactful instances of Covid misinformation and disinformation.

“Inaccurate information spread by physicians can have pernicious influences on individuals with widespread negative impact, especially through the ubiquity of smartphones and other internet-connected devises on wrists, desktops and laptops reaching across thousands of miles to other individuals in an instant,” the Federation of State Medical Boards wrote in a report in April. “Physicians’ status and titles lend credence to their claims.”

The legislation would not require the suspension or revocation of a doctor’s license, leaving such determinations to the Medical Board of California. It is intended to make the dissemination of false information about Covid-19 subject to the same rules as other kinds of “unprofessional conduct” taken up by the board.

The legislation defines disinformation as falsehoods “deliberately disseminated with malicious intent or an intent to mislead.” Treading into the at times contentious debates over alternative, often unproven Covid treatments, the bill defines misinformation as spreading information “that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.”

It says doctors have “a duty to provide their patients with accurate, science-based information.” That would include the use of approved vaccines, which have been subject to fierce debates and political activism across the country, though there is broad agreement among medical professionals about their effectiveness.

A group called Physicians for Informed Consent opposed the legislation, saying it would silence doctors. The group filed a lawsuit this month to seek an injunction preventing the Medical Board of California from disciplining doctors based on accusations of disinformation. In its lawsuit, it called the legislation’s definition of misinformation “hopelessly vague.”

In a recent letter to Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, James L. Madara, chief executive of the American Medical Association, said disinformation swirling around vaccines had contributed to ignorance among the public that had worsened the pandemic’s impact.

“The most unfortunate result of this has been significant vaccine hesitancy and refusal among certain communities and within certain demographics, ultimately resulting in continued higher rates of severe illness, hospitalization and death due to Covid-19 in these populations — outcomes largely preventable with vaccination,” he wrote.

This article first appeared on The New York Times and was republished with permission. Copyright: c.2022 The New York Times Company

My posts on September 6th, 2022 at 8:51 am and September 6th, 2022 at 3:03 pm were prompted by my charts for October 4-5 and October 8.

I just finished watching “Shall we talk?” by Linda G. My charts for those October dates had me wondering if they matched a stroke or heart attack for tRump on the 4th or 5th prompting another insurrection by some of his followers on the 8th.

“No one ever said it was easy being an empath, huh?”
Amen brother, Amen!

That 2.5 billion Jared Kushner received from the Saudi royal family; I speculate the document which Trump had delineating a foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities might have been that of Israel or Iran or both. I also speculate that money has been squirreled away in a foreign bank, or some other venue allowing it to be hidden. Perhaps JK and DJT each got their cut?

British astrologer Steve Judd was spot on…….

Queen Elizabeth of England

6 min 34 sec


Really Trump does not give a damn about America or the American people b/c this is about national security and our safety. He should never be able to run for president again.

I have loved the phrase: Public Servant.

It is illustrated by Jesus washing the feet of his Disciples.

And Queen Elizabeth “reigning” over her people for 70 years.

How can we be so mixed up as to elect anybody who is not a public servant?

Lack of education … which happened because of inequality and lack of access to education ….. OMG

We know the problem and now we have to apply the solution…..


“On this day in 1974, President Gerald Ford gave former president Richard M. Nixon “a full, free, and absolute pardon…for all offenses against the United States which he…has committed or may have committed or taken part in” during his time in the presidency.

In the pardon proclamation, Ford said he issued the pardon to help the nation heal from the trauma of the Watergate scandal. A trial would “cause prolonged and divisive debate over the propriety of exposing to further punishment and degradation a man who has already paid the unprecedented penalty of relinquishing the highest elective office of the United States.”

Ford’s pardon of Nixon removed from our democratic system the principle that all of us are accountable to the same laws.

Presidents, it appeared, were in a different category than the rest of us, and that encouraged future executives to push the boundaries of what was acceptable.

Under Ronald Reagan, the next Republican president after Nixon, members of the administration broke the law to sell arms to Iran in order to funnel the proceeds to the Contra insurgents fighting to overthrow the leftist government in Nicaragua. Fourteen administration officials were indicted and eleven convicted in the scandal, but when he became president, George H. W. Bush—himself implicated in the scandal—pardoned them on the advice of his attorney general, William Barr. ”

Heather Cox Richardson daily report

Yes! Right!
Increasingly, in Canada, the US, and many other countries we have many well trained, but very few well educated people. And that includes many with advanced degrees. We’ve become a society of specialists and technicians who are lacking in what the US Founders esteemed as a “Liberal Education.”

A plumber, an automobile mechanic, a chemist, an engineer, a computer scientist, a dentist, and a medical doctor are all likely well trained, but not necessarily well educated.

According to prestige ratings as determined consistently over the decades by sociologists, medical doctors rank second, only exceeded by federal judges. In Western societies they are held in high esteem. But in order to earn their degrees, they had to spend all their study hours focusing on an enormous amount of technical, and medically related material to the exclusion of all else. They tend to be bright, but not brilliant, nor are they usually very creative. They know medical science, but may or may not be culturally or emotionally literate.

Conversely, those educated in the humanities and social sciences may or may not have an adequate understanding of the physical sciences. To be good citizens in a democratic complex society, we all need to have a much broader education and worldview. We have to rethink our educational system for the 21st century.

For your benefit, I’m reposting what I wrote to Kiwi in the previous thread, July 20th, 2022 at 9:55 pm.

“that there may be so many stupid and/or selfish people in the country, unable to possess intelligent reasoning or grasp the concept of the honest greater good of the whole, that true democracy may be no longer possible.”

Good observation. It started innocently in 1956 with the reaction to Sputnik. Suddenly STEM subjects were more emphasized, and of itself there was nothing wrong with more science, technological subjects, engineering or math study. The problem was the STEM subjects were emphasized in our schools and colleges at the expense of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Gradually Humanities and Social Science courses normally and traditionally required for a B.S. or B.A. degree were reduced, in some states more than others. At the university I last taught at, those requirements were reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 (depending on the major & minor) from what they were when I graduated decades ago.

Frankly, it appears the corporations who pay for the campaigns of the state legislators (who in turn make decisions and rules for educators) don’t want us truly educated, but merely trained. They’d prefer we study only those things essential for our specific jobs. Ignorance makes for more compliant employees, at least until they can replace us with robots and automation.

Those fools who marched in the 2017 Charlottesville “Unite the Right” demonstration focused on the wrong target. “Jews will not replace us!” they chanted. Absolute racist and dangerous silliness. It’s the corporations using robots and automation who seek to replace us.

Two other major factors:
(A) Specialization. I saw a dermatologist about a month ago. She really knew her dermatology and related subjects, but not much else. Seems like that’s true throughout. The folks that are actually competent, mostly only know what’s necessary for work and superficial living. Too much information to process, or so we’re told. Not enough time to learn things which have little or nothing to do with money.

(B) Cost of education. Federal and state funding for colleges and universities has seriously diminished. Each year it is a bit less than the previous year. Adjusting for actual purchasing power, in many states funding for the public schools is reduced as well, putting more of the burden on property taxes.

Result: We increasingly have a nation of culturally retarded citizens who in turn vote for culturally retarded politicians who in turn legislate stupidly from purposeful ignorance and appoint other culturally retarded blockheaded nitwits to make decisions about our education process.

In Texas, where I last taught, the chairman of the State Board of Education was an insurance salesman who never attended college! I’m not sure if he still “serves” but during his tenure that fundamentalist fool was clear that he was on a mission from the Almighty to stop our colleges, universities and public schools from “poisoning” the minds and hearts of our young people.

Next: News used to be a public service. TV and radio news in particular was not expected to make a profit. But since the advent of 24 hr corporatized news channels, quantity has gone up, with quality going down. Left or Right, the purpose is no longer to inform, but to inflame. Sensationalized news attracts more viewers, therefore more money to the corporation.

Our so called “journalists,” particularly those well paid talking heads on cable news shows are obliged to follow the formula to keep their jobs. But they too are “culturally retarded.” They know their craft and do it well. Many are certainly more knowledgeable than the average citizen, more politically aware. But they, like everyone else had to specialize at the expense of broader, deeper knowledge to learn their craft. Time constraints and corporate need require shallow, sensationalized, reporting colored ever more deeply by the biases and prejudices of their targeted audience.

I’m amazed as to how well we are doing relative to what I’ve described above. It looks like we are surely on a “highway to hell,” a worse hell than the one we currently inhabit.

But I also see “black swans” flying in our direction. Profoundly transformative international, political, economic, military, technological and environmental events are I believe as it were “just around the corner.” This is what astrologers see. This is what I see.

We ARE culturally retarded. We don’t know or truly understand our own history or purpose. We don’t know half of what we think we know. Perhaps I am naive. Naivete is the persistent affliction of Liberals. We underestimate the predatory propensities and compulsions of our fellow humans as well as ourselves. Yet I believe, partially by what we see of our future astrologically, the rule of law and our humanitarian values will in time prevail.

We are on the precipice of a painful and dark era. The feeling is similar to that before WWI and WWII. Our US Pluto and Uranus returns are coinciding with the challenging astrologies of our adversaries as well as our friends.

Beyond the presaged darkness however, I also see light. Sometimes we have to lose something to come to understand its value. Sometimes we lose things that we might regain them, albeit in a higher, better and more appropriate form.

We’ve lost so much understanding of the value of our own unique culture. I cannot help but think our loss and the threats of more loss, as expressed by anti-democratic, authoritarians domestically and abroad are forcing us into a posture which will lead to a deeper, stronger humanitarian affirmation, a cultural renaissance.

September 9th Addendum.
IMO, in the future, we can have either a star trek economy and society, or that of Bladerunner. A trekonomic society needs to be our consistent and conscious goal and focus.

Eliseo, I heard a comment yesterday regarding the institution of the monarchy which I thought fits “the constitutional monarchy symbolizes unity but legitimizes political division”.
I am mindful also that since after nixon the various murdoch news organizations have been pushing for the dismantling of the monarchy (by perpetuating salacious stories to advance discontent) – the same timeframe where the US republicans have been pushing the unitary authority doctrine for the presidency in the states. The masses miss an ultimate ‘figurehead’ – (this may be why the modern ‘jesus’ conmen have gained power also.)
The lust for power and crass money greed by a few powerful figures around the world have overshadowed the queens embodiment of well mannered, wise and noble service to the public.
And here we are.

Interesting observation!
Thank you!

sharing a cute clip telling of the queens delightful sense of humor

Thank you for sharing that clip kiwi. I love bits like that.

And so welcome in times like we are in now.

QE2 astrology

England is having an emotional time as we in America approach one of the most memorable in our history. This had no meaning for tRump and his followers. DAMN THEM!!!




Re: The New Monarchy

Perhaps the following might be more applicable. Brilliantly set to the Bob Dylan song “the times they are a changin”…….

THE CROWN Season 3 Trailer

Video: 2 min 39 sec


I was not commenting about the English monarchy Jerry but noting the attack on America on September 11, 2001. A time for reflection and honoring for this country.

Full Moon at the moment of proclamation- you can’t make it up Sep 10, 2022 about 8 minutes
Steve Judd Astrology

SJ is alarmed.


It seems Trump is trying to get Pres. Biden to invite him to the Queen’s funeral. Many comments on Twitter against this. I definitely am.

angellight – trump misses the attention and wants it to be all about him. Cant imagine Charles would be too thrilled either. My bet is Biden is smart enough to not touch the topic with a 10ft pole – if he felt opposition party representation was important he’d pick Bush.

angellight – notice that trump doesn’t even rate a mention in this fort worth paper

kiwi, agree with you 100 percent, Biden will not touch with a 10 ft pole. LOL.

Thanks for link, will check it out. Glad he is not mentioned. Taking up too much oxygen as it is with the document fiasco and other things.

Eliseo: King Charles is a climate change advocate. Been talking about it for years. A king whose time has come, it seems.

LOL, now Trump is claiming the Queen knighted him privately! “The Queen never knighted anyone in secret, knighthoods are all recorded. Trump is a big fat liar, and to take advantage of the death of the queen to lie for self promotion is one of the worst things I have ever come across.” @AndrewC66721154


Yes. I’m aware of Charles’s views, and I’ve usually been in agreement with him. I also agree with him that “modern” architecture is ugly.

If Donald really tweeted the Queen secretly knighted him; if he really said that, than he’s even crazier than we thought., or as has been suggested, high on a drug. A very, very sick man.

Honestly, that tweet sounds like somebody made that up. Sounds like someone planted that one as a joke. Do we have any confirmation DJT actually, or truly said or tweeted the Queen secretly knighted him? That’s just too bizarre.

Eliseo, not sure if it is accurate or not. Supposedly from his Truth site. MSNBC reported it.

Eliseo: thanks for your post re. S. Judd, “Full Moon at the moment of proclamation- you can’t make it up Sep 10, 2022 about 8 minutes – Steve Judd Astrology – SJ is alarmed.”

I listened to Judd’s talk and have a comment on his concern about the full Moon and Mercury Rx. His comment should be valid, especially since the swearing of the oath had a 28 Libra 59′ Ascendant, which means things ought to progress into Scorpio pretty quickly. All the same, it is possible that the future length of Charles reign may be stable. He may surprise everyone by living as long as his mother, 90 or more. A chart for 20 years from now shows he ought to be gone thereabouts (like the rest of us boomers), but he’s got a fixed sign axis for his Ascendant/Descendant in Leo/Aquarius. That is very good for longevity.

He also has an Aries (ruled by Mars) activist Midheaven, and a Libra IC/4th house cusp, which is energetic and socially (environmentally…) aware, ruled by Venus in its own sign, sextile the power planet, Pluto.

Thus, he may be a klutz, but he might have more staying power (Pluto) and be a better king than he has been a king-in-waiting. We’ll see soon enough how he transitions. Maybe Camilla will make sure he takes care of himself.

Things are not going well for Mr. Putin…


It looks a retreat to the 2014 lines.



Ok. That went past me. I didn’t realize you were referring to the 9/11 attacks.

Eliseo: This comment on Twitter

When I saw Trump’s announcement that he had been ‘secretly knighted’, I assumed it was a parody account…no one is that stupid. I stand corrected, Sir Donald is definitely that stupid. #TrumpIsALaughingStock


It seems he did say this. Really stupid.

Eliseo: Googled it and most likely fake b/ c of this:

Purportedly Donald Trump is claiming that Queen Elizabeth knighted him in private. Don’t pay a lot of mind to it, is my initial take. I can’t find the “truth” on Truth Social so I speculate it’s fake.

But I’ll tell you what is not fake and that is Sir Donald’s tribute to the Queen in the Daily Mail. That is findable and verifiable


Moscow Officials Urge Putin to GTFO: ‘Everything Went Wrong’

“We ask you to relieve yourself of your post due to the fact that your views and your governance model are hopelessly outdated and hinder the development of Russia and its human potential,” the deputies said in closing.

https://news.yahoo.com/moscow-officials-urge-putin-gtfo-030517069.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw&tsrc=twtr via @YahooNews

Video shows Trump boarding jet with boxes days after being told of missing docs: Report


A photo montage of past US presidents paying homage to the Queen…..


“THE FULL STORY – How decades of Donald Trump’s business dealings and Vladimir Putin’s assault on western democracy converged during the 2016 election cycle and beyond”


Nostradamus predicts death of Queen Eliazabeth and new king! King Charles will step down under pressure.

Frederick Woodruff
Sep 10

A SMALL BOOK you want in your library immediately—whether a student or a professional astrologer—is Stephen Arroyo’s Experiments and Experiences With Astrology: Reflections on Methods and Meanings. (2019, by CRCS Publishing).

The book is an arsenal of sure-to-disturb revelations (my favorite kind). An intelligent modification of astrological cliches by one of the art’s premiere free thinkers—a professional with 50-plus years of empirical client-based data to cull from.

Arroyo distances astrology from the so-called ‘traditional revival’ by reminding the reader that interpretive techniques applied to humans 2,000 years ago aren’t a good fit for 21st Century beings maneuvering the End of Days. (I’ve envisioned this last bit of hyperbole, but it’s a sentiment I’d imagine Arroyo agreeing with).

What are astrologers trying to accomplish with this sudden reversion to a past culture’s system? Arroyo suggests:

“Are we trying to create a cult, a religion, an ego trip? Or is it just another of the endless instances…of recycling old theories without testing and modernizing them? Although I have respect for much astrological tradition, I do not hold it in religious reverence.”

Experiments and Experiences is a miscellany of cogent, colloquially delivered salvos and ‘wake-up calls.’ And astrology—the world’s second oldest profession—sheds pounds of weight along the read.

Here are some of the more intriguing re-seeings and reevaluations that Arroyo presents to the astrological community:

• Retrograde planets. The lore around this phenomenon is “mostly superstitious—couched as it is in fear and negative language.” Retrogrades are no less potent or hobbled than planets that are direct in motion. I ignore retrogrades entirely and have done so for years— unless the planet[s] are in the process of reaching slower motion. Arroyo makes the same observation about a planet’s speed and associates the slower velocity with a planet’s increased potency.

• The Ascendant is something other than the ‘mask’ we wear. This notion became popular when Jung’s concept of the persona got a foothold in astrology in the 80s. And the assertion has outworn its welcome. Arroyo sees the Ascendant as “another example of [a horoscopic] factor being so dynamic, so absolutely essential in a person’s make-up, that people have a hard time seeing it or describing it.” He continues:

“The Ascendant is a gate through which the self…has to flow. Can you project or express yourself, or most of yourself, through that particular gate? If not, can you adjust your life…in some way to enable you to do so more easily?”

• The four elements are the lifeblood of a horoscope. Or, as Arroyo puts it, “The energies represented in astrology—especially the four elements—are real.” Astrology isn’t simply a symbolic art it is a body-based interface between the cosmos and our life here on Earth. And the four elements represented in the horoscope are akin to the roots and the sap of the tree of life.

It’s far more efficacious to pay attention to these essentials than “spending all of your time trying to count and classify every leaf on a tree, which is a job that can never be finished. New leaves [see below on the infiltration of asteroids and dark moons] endlessly burst forth; you can’t keep up with them.”

• The water signs often counter the parroted cliches we associate with the feeling function. As Arroyo notes, all of the Zodiacal symbols associated with the element are cold-blooded creatures.

Arroyo notes: that water is the most ‘unknowable’ of the elements. “Yes, watery people are sensitive,” he writes, “…but often they are far more impersonal than they may appear.”

With 80% of my chart in the water element, I can vouch for this observation. My friendly detachment is in place to keep other folks out of my watery inner sanctum. Water folks swim in a private pool and, despite having their share of the social instincts, often prefer solitude and quiet to the frick and frack of human relations.

• The sign Aries gets short-shifted as the sign tends to ignore others and follow an independent route, which can frustrate folks who strive for cooperation. Arroyo writes:

“I think many would benefit if they paid more attention to Aries people’s perceptions and assessments. And that is for one reason: that those with a strong attunement to Aries sense (and often see) where energy is moving most directly in any situation and circumstance.”

• Astrological ‘readings’ do a client no favors. I’ve long objected to the term ‘readings’ and corrected new clients with the terms ‘consultation’ or ‘inquiry’ when they reference the nature of our time together.

It seems an unwarranted objection, but as Arroyo explains:

“The whole world astrology is held back by that atmosphere of ‘we do readings.’ Readings imply… one-sided, psychic, fortune-telling analysis. Why bother to do a one-sided reading when you can get feedback from the person who asked you for help? Such astrologers are too wrapped up in showing off.”

Continuing on this theme, I’ll share that I turn away a quarter of the folks who contact me for session work. Thousands of consultations with clients have alerted me immediately to requests that seek to unearth fortunetelling-like extravaganzas (finding a soul mate, the million dollar career, etc.).

In my early years, I never turned down a booking, but over time learned that my disappointment at the end of the session—married to the client’s—was too inglorious and depressing.

• Skeptics of astrology? Arroyo advises that you avoid them. As I’ve written, engaging with their arguments wastes time. Having never studied the subject, cynics have no in-depth grasp of astrology, and simply quote hoary attacks handed down from the scientific community or—worse—their childhood church. My pat response, should I deign to engage, is, “Do you follow weather reports? Astrology is no different and tracks the celestial climate penetrating all life on Earth.”

• The astrological field is riddled with professional jealousy. It might be the nature of having to scramble to hold a client base intact, but there’s a stingy, close-to-the-chest vibe amongst astrologers, especially those who write about the art for a living. As Arroyo points out:

“Why do authors of astrology books never refer to other authors? Why don’t they ever have any references? There is an almost complete lack of authors’ acknowledgment of the long and beautiful astrological tradition. You never see anything resembling scholarship…”

• Asteroids, comets, dark moons, and the sundry clutter that clogs a horoscope have got to be scrapped.

For me, this was the most satisfying section in the book, as I’ve conducted a prolonged campaign of returning the horoscope to the basics: 2 lights, 5 traditional planets, 3 transpersonals, 12 signs and houses, a sprinkling of aspects.

With those components, you have more than enough for a complete horoscope. And a sound impetus to launch your inquiry. What more does one need? And more importantly, why?

In a wonderfully kookie passage from Douglas Donleavy, from the British Astrological Association, Arroyo reprints the author’s frustrations with the glut of unnecessary effluvia injected into the horoscope:

“…we have added 2 planetoids (Chiron and Charon), 4 senior asteroids (Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Vesta), 1 fictional moon (Lillith), 6 junior asteroids (Sappho, Hidalgo, Eros, Toro, Icarus and the other Lillith), plus who knows how many transplutonian planets, Arabic parts, occultations, imaginary moons of imaginary planets…Coming soon, no doubt, will be shadow suns, the Galactic Planes, meaningful meteorites, and bewitching black holes. It seems every new body possesses a special significance not quite like any older body but not all that different either.

The point of this chapter is to return the astrologer to a baseline approach to chart synthesis. While also suggesting Arroyo’s suspicion that all of the clutter that’s been added to the horoscope reveals a novice astrologer’s inability to successfully glimpse the heart of the horoscope. Arroyo adds:

“It seems today that so many astrologers are evidently trying to make things as complex as possible, just for the sake of demonstrating pseudo-cleverness, without any clearly defined goal or direction…I maintain, rather than helping us to achieve chart synthesis and thus a meaningful evaluation of the person’s major life themes, putting too many factors in a chart makes it harder to discrimiante between the significant themes and peripheral details.”

Upgrade to paid

There is much more to this dynamo of a book than these cherry-picked highlights that piqued my approval. If it’s true that we gravitate to art and writing that reflects our proclivities, well, yes—I stand accused. And this book states with eloquence and precision solid techniques to help the astrologer align—once again—with astrology’s poetry and magic.

Most fascinating and hard to weave into this short overview is Arroyo’s wide-ranging command of hardwon insights into human nature. Not as related to astrology per se, but from his four-decades career as a professional psychological counselor.

He intermixes just enough of modern advancements in astrology with the key elements (like rulerships) he’s brought forward from the traditional school. But the acknowledgments of astrology’s oldest applications came not from blind, untested repetition but from Arroyo’s experience—trials and errors—with interpretation.

That the book is only 125 pages long and packs triple the wallop of tomes that drone on for 500 pages is a true feat of Aries succinctness and boldness. And yes, Arroyo has an Aries ascendant. (But knows how to deliver his innovations in a velvet glove—he’s a Libra, after all).

As Paul McCartney once sang, “Ram on, baby.” And yes, please do. Order your copy today.

If Putin is forced out or taken out—I doubt he will ever leave of his own accord—Trump will probably really start freaking out. He thinks Putin is his ally and protector. I would say there is an excellent chance that he’s about to lose that when the Russian people revoke Putin’s lease in the Kremlin.

The Russian army is calling emergency. It’s fallen and it can’t get up.

That’s a major humiliation and defeat for both Putin and the Russian people. The latter will be quite openly angry with the former. Putin the so-called KGB strongman looks increasingly like Putin the incompetent bureaucrat.

Many Thanks for the book review. I’ve added it to my list to obtain.

I bought one of his books 30 years ago. and I agree that astrological simplicity and the basics are enough to guide any astrologer. However, I think with advancement of our understanding and discovery of outer planets in modern times and several asteroids, I wouldn’t discount some of these additions, such as Chiron. I also find mercury retrogrades significantly affect me, although it is enhanced in certain signs for me. Since I am a Gemini rising and moon in Gemini, this would make sense.

Correct me if I am wrong, but did he discount the significance of the houses in a natal chart? I think I remember that he did and highly disagree that houses of the horoscope are irrelevant.

Still, he has a lot of insight and knowledge.

BuckeyeShadow, do you think Putin will exit soon? Looking at his chart (10/7/52 09:39 Moscow) assuming it is accurate, he has transiting Saturn conjuncting his nodes. There does seem to be growing rumblings of dissatisfaction within Russia. There is also concern at the UN that he will turn the nuclear reactors he captured into dirty bombs.

Eliseo, what do you think? And who would take over? Someone worse or better?

Ukraine war: Kharkiv blackouts caused by targeted Russian attacks – Zelensky
By Elsa Maishman

“Russia aims to “deprive people of light and heat” by causing power cuts across eastern Ukraine in revenge for a Ukrainian counter-offensive, President Volodymyr Zelensky has said.

Blackouts reportedly affected millions of people in the eastern Kharkiv and Donetsk regions. The Kharkiv city mayor says power is now restored.

It comes after Ukraine said it had retaken over 3,000 sq km (1,158 sq miles) in an eastern counter-offensive.”



“Cohn was a homophobic gay man and a Jew who persecuted other Jews during the anti-communist witch hunts of the ’50s. His most famous acolyte was Donald Trump, to whom Cohn attached himself as a mentor during the ’70s, teaching the budding real-estate mogul and future president his own personal code for winning: Dominate in every interaction, never admit wrongdoing or defeat, never pay your bills, and sue anyone who objects to your behavior into financial submission. (This week alone, Trump’s Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against his former national security adviser John Bolton over Bolton’s forthcoming book, The Room Where It Happened, and the president is reportedly considering similar action against his niece, Mary Trump” for her book on Trump


Roy Cohn was also very closely associated with Joseph McCarthy. Cohn died of AIDS in 1986. He was a truly weird bundle of contradictions. Actor James Woods did a superlative job of portraying him in the 1992 cable TV movie, Citizen Cohn.

Is this lady cool or what? She is da bomb! 🙂


“Fani T. Willis has emerged as one of the most consequential legal threats to Donald Trump while presiding over the justice system in Georgia’s most populous county…”

Book: Trump Told Aides He Wouldn’t Leave White House After Election Loss

Video: 4 min 9 sec


Exit 45

Video: 48 sec


A crazy thought just popped into my head – I wonder what might happen if delusional trump decides to get himself to London and interject himself into the queens funeral, disregarding joe biden? I wonder why hes gone to DC?

kiwi, perhaps a visit to the Tower Of London…

arbo – ha ha ha, t’would be fitting!

My husband saw a cartoon this morning with Trump in old english armour, with the caption “Sir Lies-a-lot”

Regarding your September 11th, 2022 11:00 pm posting.

Firstly, please remember although I am fascinated by astrological cycles, and pay serious attention to the starry art, in no way do I have near the expertise of several astrologers who post here. I’ve hob-knobbed with many an astrologer for well over 5 decades and know and understand a great deal more than most lay persons, but nevertheless regard myself as an astrological novice.

My perspective and futurist musings are primarily based on my lifelong role as perpetual student of many subjects, and a very heavy dose of my intuition. I’ve been plagued with visions of future world events all my life, but am surely as fallible as the next person.

What will happen with Mr. Putin is a coin toss. Even our top intelligence analysts are somewhat in the dark. Rumors of ill health persist, but may be wishful thinking. His health is an extremely important issue, as a terminal illness might render him less risk averse. Nevertheless, he is surely egoistically concerned with his legacy.

He has rendered himself virtually coup proof by eliminating everyone who might realistically replace him. Surrounded by yes men who are acutely aware bringing bad news to the boss is likely to get you killed. As far as we know he therefore does not receive accurate information regarding the war in Ukraine, nor anything else.

Will he transform the captured nuclear reactors into dirty bombs? My opinion has changed on these what if’s. I think he won’t. Nor do I believe he will use mini-nukes or chemical warfare. If it possible however such an order might come from some foolish idiot officer directly involved. But I doubt it will happen. It would violate their chain of command, and Russian military punishment is beyond monstrously severe.

To his unpleasant surprise, Putin has discovered the world truly cares what happens in Ukraine and is watching him closely. Though he seems nihilistic, he is a calculating Machiavellian. Besides, considering the wind patterns, use of such toxic weapons might well harm western Russia, a scenario that would likely get him removed from power, if not life itself and irretrievably stain his legacy.

Here is what I think/intuit is most likely.

Within a few months to a year, Ukraine will have taken back ALL of the territory the Russians took from them, including Crimea. The Russian military will be thoroughly defeated, humiliated, and exposed as hopelessly corrupt, logistically and technologically incompetent, a severely weakened shadow of its former mighty self.

Destroying the Russian military IN UKRAINE will have prevented direct conflict between NATO and Russia, thereby avoiding what would have evolved into nuclear war. That extraordinary and unanticipated victory is nevertheless in the category of “be careful what you wish or pray for.” For then comes a far more chaotic and at least as equally grave crisis.

Most of Russia is not actually Russian. For centuries they have brutally dominated the native and aboriginal peoples within what is now the Russian Federation. The RF is really an empire with many geographically adjacent colonies.

The loss of the war will foment the disintegration of the RF into several distinct ethnic republics, some with warlords taking possession of the nukes within their respective territories. Those warlords are likely to be as authoritarian as their past masters.

When Russia devolves into chaos, it is possible the Chinese will as a minimum want to retrieve Outer Manchuria, territory stolen from them by Russia in the 1800’s. But they may want to go further, taking all of Siberia, and taking possession of as many nukes as they can.

As global warming proceeds, much of Siberia becomes more livable and excellent farmland. Many Chinese are already there running huge farms, as Russians don’t want to farm, don’t like living out in the “boonies,” and are moving west to the Moscow and St. Petersburg areas.

The crown jewel for the Chinese would be Lake Baikal, which holds as much pure fresh water as all of North America’s Great Lakes combined. (I’ve long anticipated a possible major war over possession of Lake Baikal.)

Alternatively, when Russia fails and falls, the smart move would be a concerted UN effort to go confiscate and neutralize ALL of their 6000+ nukes. That would be an enormous and complex undertaking requiring the effort of all the world’s armies combined. The warlords would surely be unwilling to cooperate. That event, should it happen, will be far larger than was WWII, requiring resolute, visionary Allied leaders on a par with Winston Churchill, FDR, and Truman.

If that effort is not undertaken by UN Allies, either chaos within Russia will continue to threaten the entire world, OR the Chinese (presuming they too have not broken into several nations) will make the attempt as described above. Their problem will likely be they can’t do it alone.

Other probable events to take place before Pluto moves from Aquarius into Pisces, IMHO. I base all above and below on available data, logic, astrology, and my intuition.

Several amendments will be added into the US Constitution. There will be much electoral reform. Corporations will be divested of their “personhood.” As a matter of economic and environmental safety and necessity the US will evolve into a social democracy. There will be universally available health care and opportunity for training and education. What we perceive as “liberal” and “conservative” will have quite different definitions from what presently prevails.

The role of AI, artificial intelligence AND of IA, intelligence augmentation will be hot topics of debate. Concomitantly, genetic manipulation will be an overlapping issue with AI and IA.

Several major diseases will become curable and/or manageable. If you lose a limb, we will grow you a new and better one. Same will be true for internal organs.

What is now NATO will expand to include some Pacific nations, including Japan, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly more.

The EU will either collapse OR adopt a new and better constitution. The system they have now is ultimately unworkable, akin in construction to the US Articles of Confederation which preceded the US Constitution. The absurd bureaucracy which governs the present iteration of the EU is partially why UK citizens voted for Brexit. France will come to be the dominant power within the EU as Germany declines.

The UK will be admitted into what is now USMCA/NAFTA. Australia and New Zealand will likely follow as well. The “five eyes” will be united in one trading union bloc. If Quebec secedes, they will be welcome within the trade union.

The southern third of the contiguous 48 US states will greatly depopulate. Nevertheless, the 2030’s and 2040’s will be another golden age for the USA. Canada will thrive as well, global warming having made more of their territory habitable and economically viable.

Normally the US president is invited to form a delegation to attend a state funeral abroad. Why were President Biden and the First Lady ONLY invited to QEII’s funeral? To make sure Donald did not attend, and to allow Biden to “save face” and avoid any scandal or Right Wing criticism by not including TFG.

BREAKING: Trump SPOTTED holding SECRETIVE MEETING on Golf Course After Landing in DC

After landing at a Washington DC airport in a trip shrouded in secrecy, Trump was just caught on camera at his golf course with a group of people holding a meeting. Trump and the group walked and drove the course as if they were playing golf but witnesses reported they did not observe him actually golfing. The golf outing seemed to be a pretext for the clandestine meeting. Many have commented that the optics looked like a meeting by the mafia.


Eliseo, I saw lots of commentary that this was a secretive meeting by Trump, but then I saw that Keith Olbermann tweeted this and now I’m more doubtful: “I hate to spoil everybody’s fun but clearly the men with Trump at the golf course are not political figures or lawyers.

They’re his golf course executives.

He used to do this crap at his building when I lived there. He points at stuff he wants fixed. It makes him feel big.”

Thanks for clearing up the mystery. When it comes to Trump and the Far Right, it’s easy to be a bit paranoid!

DJT usually uses social media to telegraph where he’s going and what he’s doing. But he did not announce the trip to DC. It occurs to me maybe he was one of the many who were so recently subpoenaed, but wants to keep it secret.

Maybe he’s been clandestinely testifying? Appearing before certain authorities, hoping to extricate himself from his dilemma? Maybe he’s cluelessly believing he can manipulate the narrative through testifying?

Eliseo, it does seem suspicious that he suddenly flew up to DC, and apparently rarely goes to his Virginia golf course. And flew suddenly in his golf clothes by eyewitness accounts.

Whatever is going on, Justice is closing in on him. It may be hard for the DOJ to prove his role in instigating the insurrection and getting conviction (we’ll see), but the facts in the stealing of classified and other documents that are not his to have, plus obstruction in not turning them over after asked time and again (and moving and hiding them) are straightforward. Many other people have been convicted and imprisoned for exactly this behavior so there’s strong precedent. Also the Georgia case where they have him on tape asking to overturn the election with exact number of votes his needed is pretty strong and he can’t say someone else did that as it’s him on tape. Probably the fraud case with his PAC where he elicited money from his cult followers and then pocketed it may be strong as well. NY case of tax fraud is in there as well. Never mind indictments coming of many advisors around him.

Russia Secretly Gave $300 Million to Political Parties and Officials Worldwide, U.S. Says


The U.S. is considering options for a sanctions package against China to deter it from invading Taiwan!


Rep. Jayapal: Rising threats against Congress linked to Trump rhetoric


MAGA’s New Hampshire sweep! Why it matters: The GOP’s path to win back a Senate majority has narrowed, with Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) better positioned to win re-election.


The lemmings just can’t seem to stop themselves. They compulsively take extreme, unpopular positions, and/or seem to relish looking extreme (dramatic) even with their less extreme positions.
Time to take another look at the R natal chart!

Rubio is embracing Graham’s federal abortion ban. Florida Dems see an opening.
Sen. Marco Rubio’s decision to tie himself to a federal ban comes as he’s also trying to draw attention to Rep. Val Demings’ stance on abortion.


Though in the past, she’s was not my choice for Biden’s VP, or for eventual president, I find Stacey Yvonne Abrams increasingly interesting. She is an intellectual, an author who’s written novels and nonfiction works. For a politician, she is truly weird, as she is both very intelligent, AND creative!

Before she received her Master of Public Affairs, and JD degrees, she graduated magna cum laude with
a Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies, focusing in particular on political science, economics, and sociology. To me, her BA is more impressive than her graduate degrees, as it indicates broader knowledge than most officeholders ever have.

Considering how difficult it is for a creative, curious person to get through law school, I am amazed as to how disciplined she must be.

I hope she wins the Georgia governorship this November, but I wonder whether she will eventually run for president. Perhaps in 2024 if Biden does not run, or in 2028?

I see in her enormous political talent and potential. We’ve had some smart presidents, but none as literate as JFK since his death. Stacey Abrams appears to me to exceed both Obama, and JFK in intellect and literary acumen. But so far, she does not appear to have their charisma. She is nevertheless, quite interesting. Perhaps she will be our first female president?

Might anyone else here have an opinion about her? Anyone, especially from Georgia?

She was born December 9, 1973 in Madison, Wisconsin, purportedly at 4:44 PM CST. According to Astrodienst, she is a Sagittarius with Moon and Ascendant in Gemini.

To see her chart:


An astrological analysis projecting Stacey Abrams wins the November 2022 governor’s race against Brian Kemp.


My charts agree but care must be taken in polling places across the state.. I use locality charts.

I’m not familiar with this news agency. Anyone have any notion as to their reliability?

Vladimir Putin Survives Assassination Attempt Amid Russia-Ukraine War: Report
Rumors about Putin s health and safety have been circulating since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of this year Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly revealed in 2017 that he had survived at least five assassination attempts.

Published Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 06:57 PM IST


Ukrainian President Zelensky Involved in Car Accident in Kyiv, Hours After Putin Survives Assassination Attempt


Zelenskyy’s hometown in Ukraine floods after Russian cruise missile strikes break dam


Putin offs his “friends” like Darth Vader ruthlessly force-chokes and kills his admirals in the original Star Wars trilogy. He is likely losing his mind, and hell-bent on revenge against Zelensky, who was supposed to simply bow before his feet and surrender! How dare he stand up to the Mighty Putin and lead his country to defend itself against Mother Russia!

So-called tough guy Vlad ain’t so tough after all. Imagine that.

If that assassination attempt is true, it will likely push him even further into madness. Putin has no real friends, no one he believes he can trust, and a lot of enemies who would be very glad to see his life come to an abrupt end. His days are numbered.

I long predicted that someone would suddenly “off” him and that he would never see it coming until too late, if even then. Not something I do often, and there’s no astrology behind it. Just a very strong feeling that I have had for years. But then also, “live by the sword, die by the sword” applies here too. He’s been karmically sourcing the specific circumstances of his undoing for a very long time.

Also, the revelation that Putin has been funding psy-ops against the US since 2014, we here have suspected that for years. Times out well with the Uranus-Pluto Square too, and specifically Pluto’s opposition to the US Sun in 2014-15. The former KGB man played our core weaknesses to devastating effect, including our deeply-rooted racism, sexism, homophobia, male insecurity/toxic masculinity etc., and the end result was Trump over Clinton in 2016. The dark side of the American Cancer Sun/ego has really been on display these past several years.

Sometimes we don’t really see Pluto until several years after he has passed by. I’ve said before too, Putin sounds a whole lot like Pluto. No denying that the man is quite Plutonian and willing to go to the most extreme lengths to augment and maintain his iron grip on power in Russia while undermining if not outright destroying his enemies.

His play against the US by funding right-wing troll groups online and playing on the worst prejudices and insecurities of people, specifically white men in the US, has yet to be fully grasped by the same. Would they ever admit that they’ve been had, even when confronted with glaring evidence? Seems deeply doubtful, which is another deep flaw in the American character that many people believe they cannot possibly be wrong, ever. Such experiences are quite revealing, however, and perhaps they do point the way forward to the possibility of a more profound confrontation and change down the line, if not a total nervous breakdown beforehand.

For those who may read French, I have just read the best editorial on the Queen’s death in France’s Le Monde. It says she survived brilliantly and accompanied gracefully the dissolution of an empire, and could teach Putin a thing or two.


IMO, Trump making the threats recorded in the article below indicates he anticipates indictments and arrest soon.

Trump warns of ‘problems’ like ‘we’ve never seen’ if he’s indicted
It’s not the first time Republicans have hinted at potential civil unrest.


A Delaware judge ruled Wednesday that a new vote-by-mail law enacted earlier this year is unconstitutional and that voting by mail cannot be used in upcoming November election.”


Voter suppression in real time.

I say indict Trump, and bring whatever comes. It won’t be a civil war, and what actually happens probably will not even as remotely violent as some fear. When the case is clearly made, with so much damning evidence available, many of his supporters, cowards that they are, will simply go quiet. Those that remain outspoken and who act out in rage will find themselves small in number, isolated on the margins, and targets for federal prosecution like the J6 conspirators.

Sock it to that miserable bastard. He richly deserves everything that’s coming to him.

Agreed! IMO, the sooner the better. We face far worse consequences in the long run if we don’t indict.

BuckeyeShadow and Eliseo, I heartily agree with your posts. Let’s do what is right, indict the SOB and face the consequences; unlike the AG, DOJ, and Congress.

“Assuming the Presidency at the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people regain faith in themselves. He brought hope as he promised prompt, vigorous action, and asserted in his Inaugural Address, ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ “.


If everyone is not treated the same for breaking a law then our government is a farce, a lie. Nobody should be treated differently under a law because they once held a high office in government in a country that is “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Let the law be the law.

“What you sow, so shall you also reap!”

In 2018, while Mr. Trump was president, Reality Winner was given the longest prison sentence ever imposed for unauthorized release of government information to the media, (63 months.) She violated the Espionage Act of 1917 by leaking an intelligence report about Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. That surely upset the Donald!

Estimates are out of the 100’s of documents Donald stole, at least 100 of them were either classified or top secret. Equal treatment for the ex-prez would be 100 X 63 = 6300 months = 525 years behind bars.

Longevity science has recently greatly advanced. We can now arrest and reverse aging in mice, such that they can enjoy indefinite life spans. Let’s exile Mr. T to Wake Island, making him the incarcerated Orange House Mouse with the requisite longevity drugs to make sure he serves the entire 525 years.

The Scheme 18: Leonard Leo’s $1.6 Billion Payday Sep 13, 2022

The link for #18 of The Scheme


In honor of how much trouble Mr. T is in, I submit this golden oldie.


My Boyfriend’s Back

Will Putin, Losing Control in Ukraine, Reach for Nuclear Weapons?


The conclusion is Putin will probably NOT use nuclear or chemical or biological weapons. Russian & Ukrainian soldiers are in close proximity to one another. He can’t use such weapons without endangering his own soldiers.

Also, the wind frequently blows right into Russia. Experts give it about a 25% possibility.

On another note, all the stories coming from those who have queued to see the queen at westminster hall are quite remarkable
One example is astrologer Steve Judds comments which, since hes not really a royalist, to me were surprising but indicative of the general feeling

Eliseo, thank you for your response to my question the other day about Putin. I am truly grateful for your thoughtful and considered response.

I also agree with others that trump must be held accountable along with his lunatic followers such as Flynn, Gulianni, Stone and the others who have broken our laws.

Add DeSantis to that list. The Mussolini wannabe Guv of FL may have inadvertently calculated himself into federal crime territory with his immigrant shipping stunt.

Not so bright after all, it seems.

RE: DeSantis and Gov. Abbott.
I’m not absolutely clear on the law, but I would think human trafficking & kidnapping for starters.

It’s amazing what blind ideological adherence and/or addiction to greed and power can do to shape your decisions and behavior. Let us not forget how many died of covid because they were purposefully lied to about the disease for political gain. As a minimum, in that context I would think Misters T, DeSantis, and Abbott would be guilty of depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder.

It was my pleasure. Pardon me for being human, but I am delighted when someone takes my analyses seriously, whether they agree or not.

Let us hope DeSantis’ migrant stunt really does cost him votes, enough to as a minimum diminish and tarnish his presumed upcoming gubernatorial victory, and as a maximum actually contribute to his defeat.

‘Huge mistake’: DeSantis’ migrant transports could undercut support in South Florida
The move by DeSantis dominated the radio and television airwaves in South Florida — where large swaths of Hispanic voters live.


Astrologer Andre Kahr
Judge Cannon Determined to Help Trump
Sep 16, 2022 4 minutes 3 seconds


Many Thanks for posting the latest Steve Judd video. His reflections were interesting. I did not know there was a difference between a royalist and a monarchist. He claims to be a monarchist but not a royalist.

The last time we in the US experienced anything similar to what SJ describes was in 1963. I remember it well. But the grief, mourning, and respect paid at JFK’s ceremonies reflected dramatically different circumstances. No comparison to 70+ years of service as head of state.

A good friend of mine, now long passed, who served in WWII, had the privilege of dancing with Princess Elizabeth at a special party to honor US servicemen. Having seen photos and film of the lady in her WWII uniform, and knowing she trained as a mechanic – having also seen her young figure in pretty dresses, it is easy for me to imagine her dancing with the young soldiers to 1940’s music.

I was very moved emotionally on September 11, 2001 when the Queen ordered the royal guard to play the Star Spangled Banner. And they played that difficult tune so well! Our US flags now fly at half mast in QEII’s honor on orders of President Biden. To my knowledge it is the only time our flags were lowered to honor a “foreign” head of state.

It would have been nice had the lady lived a tad longer – to witness the end of the US Trump era. We”re not quite done with our orange shadow. Getting beyond and overcoming the peculiar problems he’s created will take a while longer.

Fulfilling the role of head of state without the authority that comes as head of government some say is mostly play acting. Perhaps so. Perhaps not. But if that be true, what a grand performance! Whether one believes in constitutional monarchy or democratic republicanism, the world is a better place for her consistent, steadfast performance.

Trump’s ex-chief of staff told him that ‘the public will come to your grave and piss on it’ if he didn’t lower the flag in honor of McCain’s death: book


“The rule of law means that the law treats each of us alike: There is not one rule for friends, another for foes; one rule for the powerful, another for the powerless; a rule for the rich, another for the poor,”


I am not so sure that DeSantis will lose Hispanic votes against registered voters who came here 20 yrs ago or so, were accepted as political refugees (from Cuban anyway, and particularly under Reagan) and paid their dues working lower paying jobs, and eventually becoming citizens. The people I used to work with in Miami are staunch Republicans due to being anti-abortion Catholics, as well as the reason I just mentioned. I would have to read more on the current situation but this is my impression. In other states this might not be the case as much.

More evidence emerges on the damage that Putin’s internet trolls did to progressive, anti-Trump movements here in the US:

How Russian Trolls Helped Keep the Women’s March Out of Lock Step
As American feminists came together in 2017 to protest Donald Trump, Russia’s disinformation machine set about deepening the divides among them.


Eliseo, with Britains history being so long and so complex, certain elements help explain many of the seeming arcane ceremonies. And the threads are related – eg, The stone at the top of the imperial state crown is said to be from Edward the Confessor who died in 1066; the 4 pearls in the center from QE 1st. The coronation crown, aka st edwards crown, was made in 1661 for the coronation of charles 2 because oliver cromwell had melted down the earlier medieval crown after they executed charles 1. To get rid of all that would be like americans tearing up the declaration of independence and constitution.
QE2 did an incredible amount of ‘soft diplomacy’ work behind the scenes and no only lived her faith but was very wise. Just a couple of her many quotes that I love “It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult.” “It has been women who have breathed gentleness and care into the harsh progress of mankind.”
Regarding Charles, the press over the years have just focused on the personal drama of his life, not on the good works. e.g. When he left the navy in 1976 he received, as did all when they left, a 2.5K pound payment. He used that money to start his ‘Prince’s Trust’ because he had observed there were many citizens with great talent but no means to finance themselves and bring that talent forward. And he has promoted the environment and organic gardening since long before it was even a thing.

Hi Kiwi!
Yes. I was aware of most of that. I respect those who choose to use their wealth, fame, or celebrity for the betterment of humanity. The Windsors are certainly in that category.

Theirs is an interesting family. Their public Anglicanism, apparently sincere, expressing the best of the Christian ethos, (kindness and compassion) is in pleasant contrast with their very private interest with esoteric Judaism and consultation with the top UK rabbis.

Privately also, the Queen was essentially a social democrat, a moderately left winger. I understand she clashed with PM Margaret Thatcher over the issue of sanctions against apartheid era South Africa. The conservative PM was against sanctions. The Queen supported them.

I’ve always agreed with Prince Charles’s positions in regards to architecture, city planning, and environmentalism. I understand as King he intends to slim down the monarchy. Had I his ear, I would advise him to remain as nonpartisan as was his mother, with the one exception of the environment. Global heating threatens civilization itself, if not our survival as a species. Rationally, it should not be a partisan issue; I hope he continues that particular quest.

Most Americans also unaware of the judicial role of the monarch. The monarch consults and guides the queen’s/king’s bench, the equivalent to the US Supreme Court. Unlike the opinions and decisions of the other justices, the opinions of the monarch on constitutional issues are not made public until long after their death.

A confidant of former President Donald Trump goes on trial beginning this week on charges he illegally pushed U.S. officials to support policies favoring the United Arab Emirates

https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-associate-heads-to-trial-over-alleged-illegal-foreign-lobbying-11663502402 via @WSJ

This is sad, and very concerning. I’ve been expecting it for several years. I’ve long said relative to climate change, the canary in the coal mine is the insurance industry. Despite whatever “fixes” state governments provide, it will eventually become too expensive for insurance companies to provide their policies in certain areas. That will be the beginning of the depopulation of that area.

Louisiana faces an insurance crisis, leaving people afraid they can’t afford their homes
A wave of insurance company bankruptcies has jacked up premiums — and stoked worries that the Gulf Coast will become too expensive a place to live as the climate changes.


Lawyers for 30 of the Venezuelan migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Gov. DeSantis call for CRIMINAL probe because he ‘falsely promised jobs and immigration help’

https://mol.im/a/11226185 via @MailOnline

Extreme MAGA Republican nominees are refusing to say they’ll accept the results of their elections if they lose, representing an existential threat to our democracy.

This includes high profile senate races in AZ, FL, KS, MI, NH, NC, PA, and TX.” (SCARY)


“Donald Trump had his political organization Save America PAC which is under investigation by the DOJ pay $3 million to hire a Florida lawyer named Chris Kise. It now turns out that Kise is a registered foreign agent for the government of Venezuela according to the FARA filings. This is particularly disturbing since Kise is seeking access to the top secret classified records that the DOJ obtained in connection with its August 8 search warrant.”


Attorney, Mary McCord, on Deadline Whitehouse said Judge Cannon ordered documents to go to plaintiff’s attorneys first, instead of the Special Master. These documents contain confidential and top-secret information and should not be in Trump’s lawyer’s hands at all, especially if he is also a foreign agent!

We are well-aware of this, Eliseo….many people have to get a state-insurance plan called LA Citizens and so many people have it now that the company has asked for a 63% increase so that they have money to pay for damages should major mass damage occur, such as hurricane damage. 40 more days and we are in Nov. Hurricane season ends Nov 30 but usually there is nothing in that month. We just have to get through Sept/Oct.! (All in hurricane zones; not just us). Since living in FL, I acquired the habit of checking the Nhc.noaa.gov at least once a day to see what’s brewing. This year it is eerily quiet — but thank God it is quiet — except for the islands of PR, DR, who suffered through Fiona, which now goes north to Bermuda and as far north as St. Lawrence Island I think (where I have a friend from HS living)

Is anyone good at dream and/or vision interpretation?

On 14 Sept. I had a very disturbing and vivid dream. I was shaken by it for several hours afterward. Several huge, quite high glaciers were moving at very high speed, colliding with one another, and houses, cities, etc. grinding all before them under their ice, destroying all. I saw the glaciers crashing into one another, destroying 3 story houses, and entire cities beneath them. I was on top of one of them standing unsteadily, trying with difficulty to keep my balance as it moved with such incredible speed.

My interpretation: The glaciers were our social, cultural, spiritual, and technological foundations. They seem solid only because they are frozen, but can melt into something we’d have to swim in rather than stand, or walk, or run on, were the circumstances right. As they were frozen and cold I interpret it to mean we are too rigid in our thinking and feeling. Also we are moving into another “cold war,” a period in which our overwhelming ideologies, crushing in their weight, have the potential to destroy our civilization.

It was a high definition, 3D kind of dream, the kind that seems like a very real alternate reality. When I awoke from it, it felt as though I had actually been there. It was very frightening, and took me a few hours to recover from it.

Might anyone else have a different interpretation?

Perhaps I over interpreted the article? I’ve followed climate science since the late 1960’s, and long expected the eventual necessity for millions to relocate. The question has long been when? How soon? Might I have overreacted emotionally?

I know how difficult it is to divest oneself of property and ties to an area and do a radical, complete, and permanent relocation to some place 100’s or 1000’s of miles away. I’ve done that; I know the pain and complexity of it.

It was easier for me because I was so deeply and profoundly alienated from the people and culture in which I was born and lived for too achingly long. I lived so long as a fish out of water, I forgot how to breathe. I had to go somewhere where I might learn to breathe again.

There’s not a day goes by I don’t think of the present and coming plight of the millions who will have to eventually relocate for survival. My heart goes out to all those millions. And I watch the sky and the earth, the wind, the water, and the ice.

I know you and Myron are far more aware of the dangers. My post regarding the insurance was not meant for you. Still, as you are in New Orleans, I am concerned for your safety. May this hurricane season pass you by with no harm.

As always, may G-d be with you.

I can’t help but laugh!

Trump Says He Would’ve Had Better Seat Than Biden at Queen’s Funeral


Eliseo, eye roll. How predictable! The queen planned all the funeral arrangements, it is said down to the overall seating plan. I watched a tv show of her with Attenborough a while back, walking around the grounds of the palace. When a noisy weedeater started she said dryly ‘sounds like trump.’ I had to rewind and listen again to be sure I heard correctly! Ha ha ha.

Eye roll indeed! It IS funny!

The sad and befuddling question is how did we get such a transparently petty, and
clearly mentally ill president?

I do hope I live beyond this crazy dark Trump era. I honestly pray Trumpism, Trumpers, and all the other neo-fascist movements begin to diminish as Pluto goes into Aquarius and are completely gone by the time Pluto cycles into Pisces. I will see that day with great pleasure!

I truly believe there is a golden age beyond our present worldwide dark confrontation between the forces of dictatorial autocracy and those of democracy. I suspect we take giant leaps in consciousness about every 12,000 years. I believe we are approaching one now in the next 100 years.

BTW, I appreciate the details you offer of your knowledge of how things work in the UK and NZ. I am forever sociologically curious.

AN ODE WE OWE, Amanda Gorman!
“UN Secretary General, distinguished guests, and all of humankind:
How can I ask you to do good, When we’ve barely withstood
Our greatest threats yet: The depths of death, despair and disparity, Atrocities across cities, towns & countries, Lives lost, climactic costs.
Exhausted, angered, we are endangered, Not because of our numbers, But because of our numbness. We’re strangers To one another’s perils and pain, Unaware that the welfare of the public
And the planet share a name––Equality Doesn’t mean being the exact same, But enacting a vast aim: The good of the world to its highest capability. The wise believe that our people without power Leaves our planet without possibility. Therefore, though poverty is a poor existence, Complicity is a poorer excuse. We must go the distance, Though this battle is hard and huge, Though this fight we did not choose, For preserving the earth isn’t a battle too large To win, but a blessing too large to lose. This is the most pressing truth:
That Our people have only one planet to call home And our planet has only one people to call its own. We can either divide and be conquered by the few, Or we can decide to conquer the future,
And say that today a new dawn we wrote, Say that as long as we have humanity, We will forever have hope. Together, we won’t just be the generation That tries but the generation that triumphs; Let us see a legacy Where tomorrow is not driven By the human condition, But by our human conviction. And while hope alone can’t save us now, With it we can brave the now, Because our hardest change hinges On our darkest challenges. Thus may our crisis be our cry, our crossroad, The oldest ode we owe each other.
We chime it, for the climate, For our communities. We shall respect and protect Every part of this planet, Hand it to every heart on this earth, Until no one’s worth is rendered By the race, gender, class, or identity They were born. This morn let it be sworn That we are one one human kin, Grounded not just by the griefs We bear, but by the good we begin. To anyone out there: I only ask that you care before it’s too late, That you live aware and awake, That you lead with love in hours of hate. I challenge you to heed this call, I dare you to shape our fate. Above all, I dare you to do good So that the world might be great.”

Listen as Amanda Gorman reads her new poem, “An Ode We Owe,” before the U.N. General Assembly on Monday. http://bit.ly/3dosXpd

September 17, 2022
Putin’s Russian Empire is collapsing like its Soviet predecessor

Thirty years on from the disintegration of the USSR, Russia is in the midst of another imperial collapse. Countries that spent the past three decades as part of Moscow’s informal empire are now turning away from Russia and taking control of their own destinies. Unsurprisingly, Europe, Turkey, and China are now all seen as more attractive partners.

Once again, it is Ukraine that is serving as the catalyst for Russia’s retreat. Putin’s invasion was meant to extinguish the Ukrainian state once and for all. Instead, Russian imperial influence is in danger of receding to levels not witnessed in hundreds of years.


Rule of Law, — Merrick Garland, Attorney General

“The protection of law—the Rule of Law—is the foundation of our system of government,” the attorney general said.

“The Rule of Law means that the same laws apply to all of us, regardless of whether we are this country’s newest citizens or whether our [families] have been here for generations.

“The Rule of Law means that the law treats each of us alike: there is not one rule for friends, another for foes; one rule for the powerful, another for the powerless; a rule for the rich, another for the poor; or different rules, depending upon one’s race or ethnicity or country of origin.”

“The Rule of Law means that we are all protected in the exercise of our civil rights; in our freedom to worship and think as we please; and in the peaceful expression of our opinions, our beliefs, and our ideas.

“Of course, we still have work to do to make a more perfect union. Although the Rule of Law has always been our guiding light, we have not always been faithful to it.

“The Rule of Law is not assured. It is fragile. It demands constant effort and vigilance.
“The responsibility to ensure the Rule of Law is and has been the duty of every generation in our country’s history. It is now your duty as well. And it is one that is especially urgent today at a time of intense polarization in America.”


Eliseo: I sure hope your above article is right.

All indications from all sources are it is true. But that’s what’s contributed to their becoming more dangerous. They are desperate. I could list 40 different factors, but let’s focus on just a few.
For every birth, 1.6 deaths. Some sources say 1.7.
Record alcoholism, especially for males.
Record drug addiction numbers.
Record STD’s.
Significantly lower lifespans.
Can no longer afford to train and/or educate their people.
Their educated & trained class is retiring.
Their soldiers barely have 8th grade educations.
Many of their soldiers in Ukraine were pulled from their prison populations.
Their military equipment is beyond inferior.
They are poorly trained.

As the USSR collapsed KGB and organized crime took over. Their society has become progressively more corrupt. Russia is dying.

Putin’s iron grip is slipping. The Russian Federation will probably dissolve into several states run by warlords competing for possession of their deteriorating nuclear arsenal.

In other words, as fractured entities they will be more dangerous, not less so. They’ll just be a different kind of dangerous.

Eliseo: You are so right about more dangerous.

Chilling footage shows flesh-melting THERMITE RAIN bombs blitzing Ukraine town


Putin to address Russia TONIGHT in biggest speech since Ukraine invasion as Vlad expected to order full mobilisation


Speech has been postponed till tomorrow morning, supposedly.

The whole idea of the West giving such strong support for Ukraine is to stop the Russians IN UKRAINE, i.e. to confine the war, thereby preventing it becoming a war with NATO.

Purportedly, Mr. Putin believes (fake, rigged) referendums in the eastern occupied areas of Ukraine wherein the “citizens vote” to be part of Russia would legitimize the war in the eyes of the Russian people. He therefore could justify mobilization as Russians could interpret it as a defensive war.

If that is his intention, the war will become far more messy and violent, probably changing the outcome, perhaps guaranteeing the complete destruction of Ukraine. Despite their incompetence, due to sheer numbers, Russia would “win.” But it would be a costly, pyrrhic victory.

Even if Russia wins, they lose. The greater danger is mobilization could domino quickly into WWIII.

Let us hope mobilization is not his intention. If it is, it means more unnecessary brutality and deaths, making everything far more complicated.

Eliseo, one more thing about the seating …. it was intended that all the commonwealth countries should be seated in front of non commonwealth countries, which is why Biden was further back than some thought the USA should have been

I’m sure the Biden’s had no problem with that. And neither should anyone else. Although the USA may be the UK’s strongest and most supportive ally, it is not a commonwealth country.

commonwealth member countries

There is big news today out of Russia, where the legislative body abruptly passed harsh penalties on those who don’t report to military duty, who surrender, or who refuse to fight against Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that if Russia does, in fact, “stage these sham ‘referenda’, the United States and the international community will never recognize Russia’s claims to any purportedly-annexed parts of Ukraine. We continue to stand with the people of Ukraine.”


Well, he did as we expected.
In a pre-recorded message Mr. Putin announced a “partial mobilization” of reservists, as many as 300,000. Of course the adventure will take time to get going, and it doesn’t solve the problem of morale, or pitifully poor quality broken down equipment.

(Cardboard substituted for kevlar will not stop bullets! The Russian contractor paid to make the vests sold the kevlar on the black market and replaced it with thick cardboard covered with the normal fabric, No wonder the Russian soldiers were ordering newer vests online to replace those the government issued to them!)

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians will rack up a few more victories. The more quickly they can take back their territory, the better.

Putin also announced stiffer penalties for desertion, demanded better discipline, and more weapons production. Unfortunately for him, further arms production is probably near impossible. They don’t have the wherewithal for that.

Most telling was his assertion, the West “wants to destroy our country.” Before the Ukraine invasion, not so, but now the statement qualifies as a classic self fulfilling prophecy. Considering Russia’s present ambitions and the many war crimes, they have made total unconditional surrender necessary as it was for the Nazis and Japanese of WWII.

At the UN in NY the Japanese prime minister, a native of Hiroshima, suggested it might be time to change the structure of the security council, a not so subtle recommendation it is time to remove Russia from permanent membership of the security council.

Although the special master was given until November 30 to complete his task, Judge Dearie stated he was confident it would likely be done within two weeks. That would be in October! As I recall that’s within your suggested timetable.

He’s also pretty obviously not amenable to the absurd contradictory arguments and ad hominin claims of Mr. Trump’s attorneys.

Sports world reacts to insane Donald Trump golf story!

“As anybody who’s ever played a round of golf understands, it can be a cruel sport that destroys your confidence. But former United States President Donald Trump seems to have found a way to combat those negative thoughts while on the golf course – pay people to say nice things.”


Jupiter is at its closest to Earth in 59 years, NASA says


Wow, check this out from MidasTouch, a unanimous Senate resolution condemning threats to FBI:


Hi Bob,

Regarding your comments of a possible Trump indictment target date around October 8th, you have previously cited Saturn’s conjunction to Trump’s natal West Point degree. Is that an asteroid?

In any case Judge Dearie’s draft plan was looking at an Oct. 7 deadline for the completion of his review. That’s fairly close.

On the astrological front Trump has natal Chiron at 14 Libra conjunct progressed Moon and nearby progressed Mars at 13 Libra. The October 7th Sun – Chiron opposition at 14 Libra – Aries will be activating those degrees. It should be interesting to see what happens around that October 7th – 8th time frame.

Trump, DOJ Lawyers to Meet With Special Master on Mar-a-Lago Documents

The conference comes as Trump’s team has already expressed disagreement with a drafted plan for how the third party’s review will proceed.

US News
September 20, 2022


Donald Trump Fraud Lawsuit: Read the Blockbuster 222-Page Filing


Jerry, the West point is an exact 90° square measured in real space from the MC (like scientists and engineers do).

A busy October 8th for tRump.


Biden signs bill eliminating civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims


Lindy Li @lindyli
Biden just ended the civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims! Bad news for Trump who raped a 13 year old girl – Bad news for Gaetz who sexually trafficked a girl
Bad news for Jim Jordan
Bad news for the Catholic Church who continues to shelter pedophile priests

Putin’s TV broadcast delayed after he suffered ‘coughing fit and chest pains’


WATCH: Large protests in Russia against Putin’s attempt to call up 300,000 more soldiers for his failing invasion of Ukraine.

They’re chanting “no to war.”


just watched Tish James press conference – the lady is not messing around and aims to hit him where it hurts most – his business and his $$ resources.
From her lips to gods ears please.

Just in: “Appeals court lifts hold that prevented Justice Department from using classified documents in Mar-a-Lago probe”

My chart for putin shows difficulties beginning the evening of the 19th, lasting into evening of the 20th.

Hi Bob,

Just a technicality here, but I am a bit curious. The October 8th Pluto station you had written about is in a 3 degree orb past its opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn. Traditional astrology usually discounts the impact of a transit once it passes beyond its aspect (Nancy, our moderator, sometimes commented on this factor). With that being said, what’s your thoughts about a stationary planet? Apparently you feel the planetary influence is still in effect.

Jerry, we are all entitled to believe anything in astrology as we want to – there is no way to ‘prove’ or disprove any of it’s tenets.

I think that planetary traits are always on, not turned on and off and may be experienced in a number of ways – in a moment or growing and fading. A planet is always a planet. Their “influence” is usually deemed stronger as they approach exactness of aspect and wanes as they move beyond the exactness, like the sound a vehicle coming towards you makes grows louder until it passes you then fades away after it has passed you.

Believe as you want. I will do the same.

Not to fret overly much over the Russian war in Ukraine. A serious, bloody business, the Russians are still weaker than anyone might assume.

Putin can call up all the troops he wants, but Russia can’t train or support them


Under our radar: The women of Iran are leading major protests against their repression. Women are burning their headscarves in defiance of the morality police. The protests were sparked by 22 year old Mahsa Amini who was arrested on Sept. 13 for non-hijab compliance. The police beat her to death. Some Iranian intellectuals, like Arash Azizi, feel their society is approaching a tipping point leading to a revolution against their theocratic dictators. They are apparently having a George Floyd moment. It could be a beginning to the dismantling of the Islamic republic, perhaps to eventually occur after Pluto has moved into Aquarius?

Several news agencies are covering the growing movement.

Why Iranian women are burning their hijabs after the death of Mahsa Amini


Marjorie just posted on the massive wave of litigation washing up on 45 and his crime family.

Including this: “What is clear from the fraud allegations is quite how delusional Trump and those around him are.” If you haven’t seen it, he apparently went on Hannity’s show and said that as president he could declassify documents “just by thinking about it.” Utterly insane. (Twitter is having a field day, with my favorite being an image of “Dark Brandon” aka Biden saying he re-classified all the documents with his mind.)

Timeframes include: “The legal net is closing around him which it was always going to do late this year. His chart is facing a mountain of grief. Tr Uranus is in a catastrophic square to his Mars/Pluto midpoint now till mid October, with tr Saturn adding its sorrows in hard aspect to the same midpoint through this October to mid November. From the end of October through till early January 2023 tr Neptune is retrograding back to the undermining square to his Sun and opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint, undercutting his enthusiasm… His Solar Arc Mars will square his Pluto, exact this coming December but in effect beforehand which will see him trapped, fearful and enraged. His Solar Arc Pluto moves to square his Saturn by March 2023, which will be a road-block of considerable proportions, discouraging and burdensome, with the effect building up beforehand.”



Thank you for posting Marjorie’s interpretation.
As a counterpoint, I don’t think DJT is delusional at all – but I’d bet he’d use that as a legal defense in a NY minute. This man is a bottomless pit of depravity, deception and blood-thirsty greed. He knows exactly what he’s doing most of the time – and he held court last night on Fox News as he tried out some new theater-of-the-absurd-distortions on the broadcast see get a feeling for how it would fly with the public. This person is the embodiment of The Father of All Lies – truly evil.

will, if the legal definition of insanity is not knowing right from wrong he’s got that defense tactic made.

“Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked legislation requiring disclosure of so-called “dark money” in elections”
how predictable, of course they would!

I agree with you DJT “is a bottomless pit of depravity, deception and blood-thirsty greed.” But IMHO he knows exactly what he’s doing SOME, but not ALL of the time. Also, I think he is delusional about some things, but not others. I see him as an extremely ignorant, narcissistic sociopath with a very bad case of Dunning-Kruger Effect. Again, just my opinion; it’s the way I read him.

But I’m curious. You’re a professional. I’m wondering why you believe the man is NOT delusional. I’m sure you probably have good reasons for your opinion. Is it something in his natal or progressed chart?

the graft news keeps coming thick and fast:
Desantos, Gaetz, GOP$$, Air company (the only one licensed to operate russian helicopters in usa), and migrants to marthas vinyard, all tied together.

Hi Bob,

Sorry. I think you might have misunderstood the import of my question. It is not a matter of differing opinions i.e. who is right or who is wrong in the matter but rather I was asking if you could cite some concrete examples. Anyway, thanks for clarifying your position. It should be interesting to see what unfolds. October 7th – 8th occurs as we enter Friday evening into the weekend. A perfect time for an indictment; after the financial markets have closed.

You did not ask for examples of any kind in your post Jerry. What you did ask for was “With that being said, what’s your thoughts about a stationary planet?” which I did respond to. FYI the aspect is closer to 2 ° than the 3° you misstated. I interpret a 2 ° orb to be effective regardless of what you believe.

Through the years most of your posts directed at me have been confrontational in tone. For that reason I will no longer engage with any post you may direct at me.

Your natal Saturn is conjunct my birthplace Zenith within 00°03′ and your aggressive Sun-Mars conjunction conjoins my birthplace IC.


Granted. We have have had differences of opinion in the past, but I thought this was a congenial discussion on the fine points of astrology. Perhaps my wording could have been more finely tuned and diplomatic. I simply asked “what’s your thoughts about a stationary planet?” Implied in that question is a request for concrete examples. It is a legitimate question since a stationary Pluto could in theory extend its orb of influence several degrees in either direction. Most pertinent is that this degree is within a degree of the US Pluto return.

Personally, I have not seen anything addressing this issue in any of the astrological material I have read. Citing examples could be helpful. Would anyone else care to contribute their thoughts on this?

Here’s one article that I found interesting…..

Tectonic Triggers: The Hidden Power of Station Points (Part 1) by Ray Grasse


Continued from the last entry……

One well known example that comes to mind of a Pluto station having tangible consequences is the February 26th, 1993 World Trade Center bombing in NYC resulting in 6 deaths and many injuries. Pluto had gone stationary retrograde at approximately 10 am that morning at 25 Scorpio. It was in a two degree square of the US Moon (27 Aquarius) and tr. Saturn (23 Aquarius. The actual explosions occurred at 12:17 pm two hours later.

Nancy Sommers,

Hi, I was wondering if you will be making any astrological predictions for the 2022 U.S. Midterm elections.

I know it be an extremely laborious task to go through every House, Senate, and Gubernatorial race…I certainly wouldn’t expect any astrologer to do that.

I’m just curious as to how the general political environment looks for this November. I’m aware of the eclipse that’s coming….

With Mercury in Retrograde at the moment, I’m not at all surprised by the litany of mixed polls, habitually changing projection models, and data journalists shifting back and fourth on where they believe the elections are headed this year.

Other astrologers (and psychics) I follow including: Linda G, Marjorie Orr, Jessica Adams, and Alex Miller gave their insights (and predictions). I was just curious to know your take.


“the graft news keeps coming thick and fast:”
A seemingly unending flow.


“But IMHO he knows exactly what he’s doing SOME, but not ALL of the time.”

I understand the need for you to make the differential; its fair. Nonetheless, his penchant for rhetorical evil is so well-practiced why should we hand him a nice clean-insurance-coded health diagnosis to hide behind and avoid comeuppance? He has a brilliant touch for manipulating language and manipulating the media to his own ends. Despite our Constitutional remedy for presidential enfeeblement, the United States body politic has been unable to muster enough support to bring it to bring it to a vote. Moreover, approximately one third of voters remain transfixed by his mal-incantations.


“Your natal Saturn is conjunct my birthplace Zenith within 00°03? and your aggressive Sun-Mars conjunction conjoins my birthplace IC.”

Best astro-zing ever! Some comedic genius in that statement! No hard feelings Jerry – it just tickled my funny bone.

Hey Will,
I agree with your last assessment. Mentally ill though he may be, we can’t allow DJT to avoid consequences for his actions. He is apparently the most dangerous US citizen to have ever lived so far.

I get the feeling that either in this life, or a previous one (or both) he experienced what he felt was a profoundly deep and intense betrayal. Justified or not does not matter. It is his soul interpretation. To the core his most consistent demand is for personal loyalty.

There are differences, and he doesn’t look at all like him, but he maintains attitudes that remind me of Charles I of the UK, (19 November 1600 – 30 January 1649). He is at least as obtuse as Charles I, and the king’s beliefs updated to the present could manifest as those of the Donald in republican (not the party) context.

Although I think he deserves the same fate as Charles I, I think it better to treat him like Napoleon. I’m literally for exiling him to a jail cell on Wake Island, under guard of the US military force there. No internet, no TV, no communication with the outside world, no possibility of escape. When he dies let his remains be cremated and dumped into the sea leaving no particular physical spot to honor his nefarious memory, no single point to become a focus of cultus.

Hi Will,

Self deprecating humor is always welcomed of course. I think if we stay on topic with astrology we’ll be alright. With Mars at 10 Taurus and Sun at 23 Taurus, I’m not sure if a conjunction in the strict sense of the word would apply (13 degree orb). Nevertheless if I was being overly aggressive, my apologies to all.

Off Topic

Regarding humor, someone just sent me the following. Knowing your temperament, I think you would find this equally appealing ………


Putin has escaped to his secret palace in a forest amid anti-draft protests in Russian cities, report says


I may be back on. I’ve been unable to access the blog for 3 weeks. Do not know what has changed to allow me back or why I was off in the first place…

BUT, now I’m going to read about Putin hiding out.

Putin has escaped to his secret palace in a forest amid anti-draft protests in Russian cities, report says

Joshua Zitser Sun, September 25, 2022, 6:10 AM·2 min read

“Putin intends to stay at the palace until at least Thursday, a journalist said, citing three sources.”

“Russian President Vladimir Putin escaped to his secret palace near Gelendzhik, close to the Black Sea coast, amid anti-draft protests in Russia, MailOnline was first to report.

According to independent journalist Farida Rusamova, who cited three sources familiar with Putin’s schedule, the Russian president traveled to his vacation home on Wednesday.”

You may enjoy this report better – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11246085/Putin-vanishes-secret-forest-palace-amid-anti-war-demos-Moscow.html

I see that he will probably be back in Moscow in time for the first week of Oct which has almost every day (2nd thru the 8th) with very heavy negative astrological hits.

sad news, caused by the trumpiest types
US becoming ‘developing country’ in world rankings

The Breach: The Untold Story of the Investigation into January 6th by Denver Riggleman

The tentacles of the Jan6th conspiracy go far deeper and wider than we’ve imagined. What this very independent minded gentleman reveals in the interviews, and in his book, The Breach, shows that the information of wrong doing exposed so far by the J6 committee is merely the “tip of the iceberg.” He should know. Until recently he led the data mining for the committee.

See the 60 Minutes video of former R. congressman, military intelligence and security expert, Dennis Riggleman.

(13:43 minutes)

plus the 60 Minutes Overtime video of him.
(2:49 minutes)

I’m neither recommending or not recommending Denver Riggleman’s new book, The Breach. I have not read it. But I think it clear the information he reveals is vital to our understanding of Jan. 6th and the Far Right. Below is an excerpt from the description of his book I found at Amazon.

“In The Breach, a former House Republican and the first member of Congress to sound the alarm about QAnon, Denver Riggleman, provides readers with an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the January 6th select committee’s investigation. Riggleman, who joined the committee as senior technical advisor after he was asked to help, lays out the full intent and scope of the plot to overturn the election. The book includes previously unpublished texts from key political leaders. And it also contains shocking details about the Trump White House’s links to militant extremist groups—even during the almost-eight-hour period on January 6th when the White House supposedly had no phone calls. The man responsible for unearthing Mark Meadows’s infamous texts shows how data analysis shapes the contours of our new war, telling how the committee uncovered many of its explosive findings and sharing revealing stories from his time in the Trump-era GOP.”

“With unique insights from within the far-right movement and from the front lines of the courageous team investigating it, Riggleman shows how our democracy is balanced on a knife’s edge between disinformation and truth. Here is a revelatory peek at the inner workings of the January 6th committee and a clear-eyed look at the existential threats facing our republic—and a blueprint for how America can fight to survive the darkest night before the dawn.”

Thanks, Kiwi, for the link to the article about the US now demoted to developing country status. Sad indeed.

It reminded me of this article in the Financial Times which focuses on the rates of inequality in both the UK and US, although I think inequality is also tied in with threats to democracy at least in the US. Easier to manipulate people who are struggling financially by using divisive rhetoric and blaming “them” (Democrats, immigrants, trans people, etc) so people fight among themselves for the crumbs while the ultra rich individuals and corporations take the bulk of the wealth.

“…redistributing the gains more evenly would have a far more transformative impact on quality of life for millions. The growth spurt boosted incomes of the bottom decile of US households by roughly an extra 10 per cent. But transpose Norway’s inequality gradient on to the US, and the poorest decile of Americans would be a further 40 per cent better off while the top decile would remain richer than the top of almost every other country on the planet.”


Oh Les, but thats the evil “socialism” – work of the devil! (said totally tongue in cheek)

kiwi, I think Eliseo will agree with me when I say it’s an historical cycle – we are seeing the end of the 40 year reign of the GOP and their trickle down economics and we are returning to a more equitable model. Remember in the 1970’s the top tax rate was 90% and the rich were quite rich but they paid their fair share.

Woman charged in Capitol riots now serving as a ‘captain’ for Herschel Walker’s campaign


Update on Putin’s horoscope Sep 27, 2022
Steve Judd Astrology
8 minutes 10 seconds

I’m alarmed. Steve Judd gives no hint that there is another possible chart for Putin – That of the 1950 year of birth instead of 1952.

It makes much more sense to me just for the fact that the 1950 chart has Moon conjunct Pluto……….

Putin sure seems like a Scorpio Moon type. I have never understood how people could accept the Gemini Moon….. ???

Plus the relative lack of drama currently in the 1952 chart.

I have seen on the internet references to his tendency to botox his face which looks like a possibility because he no longer has any angles to his face but seems wrinkle free and if one was critical, his face looks bloated and smooth.

Putin likes to show his dominance by horse riding bare chested, and manspreading – yukky and crude. I ask you – is this a Libra with a Gemini Moon, or a Libra with Moon in Leo conjunct Pluto?

‘Let’s Get Right To The Violence’: Roger Stone In New Documentary Footage
Sep 27, 2022

Shocking. Not for the faint of heart. The Danish documentary excerpts on Morning Joe show us a real, honest to god Nazi in Roger Stone, not a swastika wearing fool in black uniform, but the kind Sinclair Lewis warned us about, one thoroughly immersed in, involved in, and attuned to North American culture.

As a minimum, this guy needs to be in jail, permanently. His wealth needs to be confiscated for recompense to his many victims.

I don’t have your years of expertise, nor do I think riding a horse bare chested is innately crude, (context is everything) but I agree with you the man does not seem like a Libra with a Gemini Moon

yes riding a horse bare chested is not innately crude but it didn’t look good on him for several reasons….

Among other things he is a misogynist, and his motives for undressing are suspect….. And as the head of state he undermines the dignity of the head of state. His display of “masculinity” – his proof of “superiority” is actually pretty repulsive. He mixes up his ability to have political acumen for the good of all of his people with the need to assuage his desire for self aggrandizement.

He exposes himself as emotionally handicapped as the head of a country in need of a great leader.

All good points. I agree entirely!


Jamie Partridge does a persuasive, excellent analysis on Vlad’s birth chart (October 7, 1952) here…….

Vladimir Putin Horoscope – Ruthless Power


Putin would have his Sun conjunct Algorab whether he was born in 1950 or 1952.

He would also have Pluto conjunct his midheaven if born at 9:30 am in either 1950 or 1952. Moon would be conjunct Pluto in the 1950 chart.

in 1950, Mars in Sagittarius at 8* would have a two degree orb to Antares which causes destruction.

In 1950, Saturn would be conjunct Mercury in Virgo and if you’ve ever heard him talk – it fits.

I’m with Stephen Arroyo when he puts weight on the ptolemaic degrees.

… a little pressed for time now or I would go on.

The most important points of the chart are the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant.

The Moon MUST be satisfied. Where it is placed – the house – and the aspects to the Moon. The Moon must be satisfied, actualized, activated…..recognized.

In 1952, the Gemini Moon is just hangin’ out there doing a whole bunch of nothing.

in 1950 the Moon is in Leo conjunct Pluto conjunct Midheaven – not only is the Moon Scorpionized but then sort of drawn into a mutual reception with the Ascendant in Scorpio – a powerful, passionate Moon.

How’s that for a world domination desire?

The Moon Pluto is further strengthened by its sextile to Neptune, also drawing in the Sun – an ability to envision the ideal and final goal.

The Mercury Saturn conjunction give the precise ability to organize, do comprehensive planning and prioritize.

He came to power around 2000 … it was supposed to be temporary in the very beginning.

He swore to track down the terrorists who had felled low cost apartment buildings housing 500 of the poorest people in Russia. It was conjectured that Putin did it himself so that he could mount a very dramatic and vociferous campaign to find the terrorists and kill them in the outhouse. That was his springboard to power.

Throughout 2000, Uranus was in Aquarius going back and forth between mainly 17 and 20 degrees, opposing the 1950 chart’s Pluto Moon conjunction.

Uranus would have then been near the IC – indicating DOMICILE(S).

In February 2022, Saturn was opposing that Pluto Moon conjunction when he invaded – slaughtering the Ukrainians taken by surprise – innocent people.

Cold, Man. Saturn again in the 4th house – considering Ukraine was coming back to the HOMELAND.

Earlier in February, Jupiter was squaring his Mars making for belligerence and overconfidence. His armies were on the border – threatening.

In May and June of 2022, Neptune came up to oppose his Saturn Mercury conjunction. “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”

Plus to add to the confusion now Uranus in Taurus was square his Moon Pluto conjunction. His reputation was completely in tatters and he was swinging wildly.

In September 2022 we see how both Saturn and Uranus are demolishing any standing he had left in the world. Saturn in his 4th house gives the loss of support of people in Russia, and demonstrates his utter lack of regard for the lives of the people over whom he presides.

There’s no place for Putin to hide. Once again, he is swinging wildly. And the people, the Ukrainians and the Russians are paying the price.

What happens for Putin next year? I don’t know. But I do know that Saturn in Aquarius conjuncts his 4th house Jupiter, and then moves up to square his Mars…….

But more importantly. Neptune lingers all year in opposing his Saturn Mercury conjunction. His resolve is dissolved.

We shall see, right?

Putin may even completely lose it

I’m not particularly fond of the death penalty, but Stone is enough of a dumbass that he warrants bringing back the gallows just to make a point. He’s a complete unredeemable waste of flesh and trouble every moment he is still sucking air. The world is immediately a better place without him in it. The same could also be said for his second favorite former President, of course.

In other news, I see MTG’s husband is filing for divorce. I wondered how long anyone could ever stand to live with such a miserable person. Apparently not for a lifetime. There may be hope for others also.

Feeling a bit sarcastic right now, all. I feel like I’m picking up on something in the collective. I think the Capricorn Pluto Conservatism in all of its stodginess and shrillness is finally, truly wearing a bit thin among the masses. As Pluto turns direct and makes its way forward for its first dip into Aquarius, I think we are going to see even more extreme stupid Conservative-Republican-Fascist antics with Pluto reaching the anaretic 29th degree of Cap. Blatant overreach and probably even more tone deaf stupidity from people like Florida’s Ron DeSantis will mark this upcoming period.

I do worry that Putin will go nuclear. He’s angry and bitter, and so much trouble in our world leads back to him these days. Another very foul and bitter person whose life should be ended for the greater good of all. No one should shed a tear when his time comes. If anything, there should be cheers heard around the world.

I think he deserves the Mussolini treatment, honestly. Shoot him and hang him upside down in a town square. That’s the proper fate of wicked despots like him.

Interesting. His progressed Sun is at 25* of Sagittarius, currently squaring his natal Saturn Mercury conjunction. So his progressed Sun has felt the square from Neptune already adding to his miscalculations and confusion. This progressed Sun will move to 26* and up next year so it will be debilitated and confused all year, not to mention the other strong aspects.

And in his progressed chart, we have progressed Pluto, so beleaguered by Uranus and Saturn, posited in his progressed EIGHTH house.

So, we shall see …..

Just in case some people do not follow astrology fairly closely…

Putin’s progressed Sun squaring his natal Saturn means he is feeling unloved and judged…. and the Progessed Sun square Neptune will have him feeling very lost. He is losing his compass. Bringing in the natal Mercury in Virgo conjunct Saturn, he will have a hard time defining himself and thinking straight. He will lose his “plan”. Or has lost his “plan”. He has lost his ability, on which he so counted, to organize effectively. It’s gone and he’s lost.

He feels weak and ineffective. Saturn still within a 1* orb of the opposition of his Moon in Leo through October still has him feeling heartless to his people and his victims acutely so, into November, and Uranus squaring his Leo Moon at the same time makes him erratic and wanting to do anything to make a sensation, make an effect – kind of like throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Saturn opposing his natal Pluto Moon conjunction has its last hurrah in November December 2022.

But Uranus in Taurus stays – squaring his Pluto Moon clear through to April 2024 off and on.

It seems to me though that since Neptune in Pisces is really doing a number on his Saturn Mercury in Virgo up through to 2024 as well – the question is – will he still wield power?

Will he even be alive?

BuckeyeShadow – and Caltech thinks it demoted Pluto…

It would be of no strategic value for Putin to use any level of nukes against Ukraine. The wind blows west to east, and it would reduce maneuverability for his troops. Militarily speaking, it would be enormously stupid for these and other reasons.

Politically, Russia would lose support from China, Iran, India, etc. Sanctions, far tougher than those now employed, would ensue, and they would be removed from the UN Security Council. Worse still, would be a very possible civil war or coup in which Mr. Putin loses his position and power. Russia would become a pariah state embroiled in chaos.

None of the above guarantees he won’t do it. History is full of stories in which a leader chose to do something so crazy and stupid as to be suicidal for him and/or his nation.

But if Putin is as Machiavellian as perceived, and his judgement is not impaired, he will choose not to use nukes. Alternatively, we don’t know whether those two conditions prevail, or not.

really feel for all the people affected by Ian’s destruction – the good news is, desantos will likely have his hands too full to pull any more stupid political stunts regarding immigrants. fort myers is mostly republican – hmmmmm.

As a former Floridian for almost 30 yrs — my heart goes out to them, too, kiwi. I fear for the lives lost by those who stayed home in the places where they had the worst deluge, and the losses, damage & rebuilding others will have to go through, at a time when insurance companies are going out of business and/or leaving FL & LA. David Jolly, a former Republican Congressman from FL who served with DiSantis, said, on Joy Reid’s show, that DiSantis, a former member of the House Freedom Caucus, now will have to become a “big-government Republican” and work with the federal government to get help. https://www.foxnews.com/media/hurricane-ian-msnbc-analyst-predicts-ron-desantis-big-government-republican

This is ominous.

September 28, 2022 1:29 PM
Chinese Launch Assault Craft from Civilian Car Ferries in Mass Amphibious Invasion Drill, Satellite Photos Show

Why is this ominous?
Because despite the lessons they should have learned from the Russian experience in Ukraine, it implies the CCP is still planning an invasion of Taiwan. Ukraine and the world reaction disproved ALL the assumptions the Russian and Chinese leaders were making in regards to any possible violent annexation of Ukraine or Taiwan.

For the CCP, invading Taiwan would be a logistical nightmare, a worse experience than what the Russians are having in Ukraine. The Taiwan strait is too turbulent for crossing with any massive amphibous force for about 9 &1/2 months of the year. The geography and topography of Taiwan severely mitigate against an invasion, plus unlike flat terrained Ukraine, the Taiwanese are already armed to the teeth, having been preparing since 1949. The PRC cannot invade without massive casualties, which would surely be unpopular among all those one child (son) families.

Ferries designed to carry heavy military equipment would make the crossing task far easier, and might enable the assault to commence any time of year. Building enough ferries will take a while, perhaps a couple of years if they rush it. My guess is they plan a heavy aerial assault, followed by the amphibous ferry assault.

In any case, a good analysis of each sides capabilities shows such an invasion, even if initially successful, would ultimately be suicidal for the PRC and CCP.

But of course, emotion and ideology have often trumped sound, logical military facts and reasoning inumerable times through history. The ferry gambit tells me XI and the CCParty are ignoring the facts and suicidal peril, obvious to our best Western military analysts, intending on invasion as soon as they feel the time is right.

Considering the many deep, severe, and ubiquitous problems China is experiencing, I expect Xi will probably use invasion as a distraction when he determines the moment is right.

I sincerely hope I am wrong, that events and circumstances evolve to a point wherein it does not occur.

Thank you Eliseo.


Regarding the assertion by Putin’s alleged biological mother that Putin’s birth date was October 7, 1950, it’s important to keep in mind that that claim hasn’t been substantiated by any known documents. It is based on hearsay. For arguments sake, even if we were to give the benefit of the doubt and 1950 is the year of his birth, as far as I can gather, no specific time has been mentioned in any of the articles I have come across. That leaves a wide room for error in ones calculations in determining a possible Pluto/Moon conjunction since the moon moves rapidly. The beginning of the day begins at 12 Leo and ends at 25 Leo midnight of the 7th.

It’s interesting to note, in the 1952 birth chart, Putin has Saturn at 17 Libra in square to a nearly stationary Uranus at 18 Cancer.

I think that defines Mr Putin quite well. Here is one brief definition of that aspect found on the net…..

“With Saturn forming a square to Uranus, there can be tension experienced as our needs for freedom and spontaneity seem to clash with a need for structure and stability. Ideally, we can find creative ways to satisfy these diverging needs, perhaps by giving form to our ideals and quest for progress.”

In the article I posted earlier, the following excerpt might help to explain apparent inconsistencies in a chart………

Tectonic Triggers: The Hidden Power of Station Points (Part 1) by Ray Grasse

“……… Have you ever looked at someone’s horoscope and felt puzzled by the discrepancy between the planetary energy expressed in their personality and what was suggested by their chart? For instance, a person with a heavily Saturnian chart but who exhibits an unusually Jupiterian personality? Or someone with a confident-looking horoscope who acts relatively timid in person?

There are any number of possible reasons for discrepancies like that – overlooked declinations, alternate systems of measurement (such as Vedic or Hellenistic), or simple misinterpretation. But one factor I’ve sometimes found to be responsible involves what astrologers call the station point. Look up that term in any basic astrology source and it will usually say that it’s when a planet slows down and stands relatively still before changing directions, and either starts going backward (“retrograde”) or forward (“direct”). Think “station” as in stationary, in other words.

But while many astrologers look to the station point primarily for what it tells us about when and where a planet is changing direction, stations possess another level of meaning that’s often overlooked, and which could be even more important in symbolism than its role as a directional marker. Why? Because in the process of slowing down and grinding to a seeming halt, the influence of that planet is dramatically amplified, creating what one early teacher of mine called a “branding iron” effect.(1) To use a simple analogy, imagine you’re walking very quickly across a surface of freshly poured cement. You’ll make impressions on that surface, no doubt, but they probably won’t go deep. But if you were to stop midway across that surface and stand motionless for a minute or two, your feet would sink considerably deeper, making a more noticeable impression.

Station points are like that. Because a planet occupies one spot in the zodiac for a longer period, it has the chance to make a deeper impression on your horoscope than it normally would. Just as importantly, not only will that planet’s energy be amplified, but any aspect it forms to other planets will be, too. Grasping this simple fact can hold dramatic implications for our astrological practice, and has led me to believe that station points are among the most significant – but overlooked – tools of our trade. What I’ll be doing in this chapter is examining some of the implications of station points for both personal charts as well as mundane, socio-cultural horoscopes, as well as for prediction. To begin with, let’s look at their role in the natal horoscope.”



Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Some interesting numbers.

The Russians have only about 6.8 million men in their 20’s.

Surely, not all are in sufficient physical or mental shape to go a’soldiering, though many if not most of their “recruiters” are apparently behaving more like kidnappers who really don’t care if the conscript is truly fit for duty.

So far as we can tell, at least 300,000 young men in their 20’s have already escaped conscription by leaving the country. Meanwhile, at least another 300,000 are actively attempting escape over the borders into adjacent countries.

An unknown number, using cash only (no identifiable credit or debit cards) have left their home address, moving from one town to another with great frequency to keep their wherabouts a mystery to the “recruiters.” They too hope to eventually cross the border into an adjacent country.

The cost of a flight to another country for these men is an average of $25,000 US dollars. As most cannot afford that price, they are using just about every trick in the proverbial book to get out. I’m reminded of the many who used all sorts of tricks to escape northward from slavery before and during the American civil war.

Considering the Russian Federation death rate is 1.6 to 1.7 deaths for every birth, and they have a truly lopsided overabundance of females with a deficit of males, I can think of few things as equally suicidal or stupid as getting so many of your young men killed. Russia has racked up over 80,000 casualties so far. I expect that number will be far higher by the end of this war.

Even if Russia wins, they lose in a pyrrhic victory. This is their last national war. Any war they fight after this is likely to be a local matter, a warlord of an oblast against another warlord, or possibly a series of regional civil wars as the federation breaks up.

Spiritually, the Russians are inflicting horrible deaths on their own yonger generation, traumas they will carry with them into their next lives, perhaps for several lives in series.

Interesting info on stations, Jerry. How close to station do you think is relevant? Obviously if it’s on or right around the day of station that would be stronger. But the whole degree of a station? For example, checking the ephemeris for myself, Saturn stationed direct at 19.6 before my birth and was 19.21 when I was born. So it was moving forward again but still in the same degree. It’s already square my Virgo Sun (and trine my Moon for that matter) so strong enough at that! A faster moving planet like Mercury would have a shorter station and of course would also remain in the same degree only briefly.

KGB FSB – Putin is adept at concealing things. I find it credible that he was responsible for the death of 500 people in 2000 to vault himself to power – engineering the collapse of public housing by purported terrorists as a platform to show his strength and outrage in finding the “terrorists” who would do this.

Similarly, now he is sending hundreds of thousands of men to certain death in Ukraine – his own people!

He is a psychopath. For whatever reason he had for changing the circumstances and year of birth it would have been very simple for him to do it.

I believe the 1950 DOB fits him much better than 1952.

Biden once told Putin: “I don’t think you have a soul.” Putin replied: “We understand one another.”

Hi Les,

An excellent question. I have heard the stationary effects of the slower moving outward planets lasts approximately 15 days before and 15 days after a planet goes stationary.

I searched it on Google and found that figure seems to be the accepted norm. Here’s a direct quote from one astrological source……

“……The duration of the stationary phase depends on a planet’s orbital period – and the definition of what one considers a “standstill”. With the slower moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) the stationary phase can last up to four weeks if one allows for an orb of several minutes of arc.”



In Putin’s chart of October 7th 1952 there is a near stationary Uranus at 18 ’23 Libra in square to Saturn at 17 ’27 Cancer. 16 days later the Uranus stationed exact at 18 ’32 Libra.

A very close correlation is happening now. On October 22nd, Saturn stations direct at 18 ’35 Aquarius in square to Uranus at 17 ’39 Taurus. This will be t squaring Putin’s natal Jupiter (19 ‘4 Taurus) and Nodes (18 ’37 Aquarius-Leo). Looks like Putin will be escalating tensions even more around this time.

From the beginning, Russian civilization has a long history of psychopaths coming to supreme power and sending hundreds of thousands of men to certain death. Several Czars, and of course, Stalin.

In WWII in the first stages of the war against the Nazis they sent less than half of their soldiers into battle with real rifles. The majority had carved wooden rifle mockups. They were commanded to move forward, and as a soldier ahead of them fell, to pick up his real rifle and ammunition and continue moving. If they did not move forward their commanding officers shot them on the spot.

From the beginning as a nation they’ve had terrible karma, centuries of perpetual and repetitive catastrophe. I’ve not examined the chart for Russia’s founding about 1000 years ago, but it has to be pretty awful.

IMO, as a civilization they need to go out of business. Perhaps their culture might survive reborn, but not their civilization. But I could be wrong. Perhaps their culture and civilization are too intimately intertwined. They take pride in their infinite capacity to endure self inflicted deep and profound suffering. I would hope a new natal chart might reflect a healthier cultural identity and consciousness.

Eliseo: Pretty mind boggling. Horrible.
Gives one chills and an appreciation of peaceful lands.

Back to Putin – Saturn square Uranus – an outer planet to an outer planet. That can be a pain. I know a number of people born in 1952 including my own sister.

The outer planets aspecting other outer planets give an environment in which things happen.

The outer planets aspecting the inner or personal planets is where it really happens… This is where events occur, and where character is wrought.

The Sun and the Moon in the Putin 1952 chart do not have enough tight aspects to make the moves Putin does. Especially the Gemini Moon, just hangin’ out there.

How can anyone doubt the triple effect of Scorpio in the 1950 chart?

Moon conjunct Pluto – Scorpio.
Scorpio Ascendant – Scorpio.
Mutual Reception – Scorpio.

Sun in Libra within orb of Neptune conjunction in the 12th house of Neptune. Pisces-like.

John Wayne Gacy was a Pisces.

The 1950 Sun has a closer aspect to the Sun than the 1952 chart.

Putin is clearly deluded in wanting the Russian Empire to come back. This overwhelming delusion is demonstrated by Sun Conjunct Neptune in the 12th house. Plus his efforts in the KGB FSB.

There’s no way around it. The Sun and the Moon have to be strongly aspected – plus the Ascendant – to make a character like Putin.

Not only is Putin grandiosely deluded, but his minions consistently lie to him. He is frequently misinformed as they hedge, tell him half truths, and what he prefers to hear.

Noteworthy was his belief and those of his troops the Russian speaking Ukrainians would welcome them with flowers and kisses, OR that any actual war making would be over and done within ten days.

Their system is so corrupt, and intelligence so consistently bad, it is difficult to see how they could possibly win. Their only advantage is in artillery and sheer numbers of soldiers. The only chance of winning the Russians have is to literally throw so many bodies against the Ukrainians as to overwhelm them. But in doing so they sacrifice a generation they cannot afford to lose.

Jake Broe is a youtuber who does some of the best reporting on what is going on with the Russian war in Ukraine. Providing deeper, more detailed and insightful reports than anyone in the mainstream media, IMO his videos are extremely worthwhile.

I agree with Jake the ultimate outcome of the war for the Russians will probably be similar to what they experienced in WWI and their post-WWI years. Sadly for them, I believe their circumstances and suffering will be greater than that of 1916, through their post-WWI civil war, etc.

Rumor amongst NATO troops is that if Russia pops a nuke, the response will not be more nukes as NATO will not want to escalate their use. Part of the response would be for NATO to sink every Russian ship within the Black Sea, and possibly all other military Russian ships worldwide.

Putin’s Supporters are Turning on Him
Sep 23, 2022 21:58

Russia Has NO PLAN For Their Soldiers After Mobilization
Sep 30, 2022 24:25

At the beginning of this second video Jake shows you the day by day maps illustrating the progress the Ukrainian army is making taking back their territory. At the 10 minute point you can see the map of where in Russia arson is taking place, evidently at many, many conscription offices and recruiting stations. People are rising up and burning them down! At the 23rd minute you will see a Ukrainian soldier, evidently a classical trained musician, playing violin beautifully. The music was inspiring.

Russia is bussing in soldiers with no tents, sleeping bags, food, or cooking utensils. They are just leaving them there in the Ukrainian wilderness only with their assault rifles and bayonets, nothing else. No radios or night vision equipment. They are confiscating their cell phones.

Snow is on the ground, but they do not have adequate clothing. Winter comes there early every year. If they don’t get shot they are likely to starve or freeze to death on the cold and frozen ground. In many places they are just left in Ukrainian territory with no orders and no maps.

interesting interview by jon stewart with an iranian woman who now lives in england and works for the bbc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piQThuhw-3c

A little diversion……

After much anticipation with on/off production contractual disagreements lasting nearly ten years (Jonny Depp bought the film rights) it’s finally here….


A 6 part TV drama, suspense series to be released by Apple tv on October 14th based on the much acclaimed 2003 novel of the same name, It’s the purported autobiographical story of Gregory David Roberts.

Here’s the trailer:


Personally, what is fascinating to me is that the first several episodes dwell on the vibrant social gathering place known as Leopold Cafe. Its a well established restaurant/ coffee house located in the heart of Bombay, frequented by foreign expatriates. I spent a good deal of time at that establishment during the months of April and May 1971 waiting for the right moment and opportunity to work my way back to the States on a merchant ship. It also happens to be the unfortunate site, one of 12 locations in Bombay hit by the horrific terrorist attacks of November 26, 2008, but that’s another story.

From Wilipedia, a synopsis of the novel…….

Shantaram is a 2003 novel by Gregory David Roberts, in which a convicted Australian bank robber and heroin addict escapes from Pentridge Prison and flees to India. The novel is commended by many for its vivid portrayal of life in Bombay in the early to late 1980s.

The novel is reportedly influenced by real events in the life of the author, though some claims made by Roberts are contested by others involved in the story.

The protagonist Lindsay (according to the book, Roberts’ fake name) arrives in Bombay carrying a false passport in the name of Lindsay Ford. Mumbai was supposed to be only a stopover on a journey that was to take him from New Zealand to Germany, but he decides to stay in the city. Lindsay soon meets a local man named Prabaker whom he hires as a guide. Prabaker soon becomes his friend and names him Lin (Linbaba). Both men visit Prabaker’s native village, Sunder, where Prabaker’s mother decided to give Lin a new Maharashtrian name, like her own. Because she judged his nature to be blessed with peaceful happiness, she decided to call him Shantaram, meaning Man of God’s Peace. On their way back to Mumbai, Lin and Prabaker are robbed. With all his possessions gone, Lin is forced to live in the slums, which shelters him from the authorities. After a massive fire on the day of his arrival in the slum, he sets up a free health clinic as a way to contribute to the community. He learns about the local culture and customs in this crammed environment, gets to know and love the people he encounters, and even becomes fluent in Marathi, the local language. He also witnesses and battles outbreaks of cholera and firestorms, becomes involved in trading with the lepers, and experiences how ethnic and marital conflicts are resolved in this densely crowded and diverse community.



Eliseo: I do get smarter when I read this blog.

Is anyone on the blog here familiar with the astrology of the UK from 1641 through 1689? I’m hoping someone understands the astrology of that time in contrast with ours today better than do I.

I’m struck by the similarities between that era in the UK and events and social circumstances unfolding here in the USA. The UK political environment of the time was far worse than what we are experiencing in the US but nevertheless parallels exist.

Notable parallels are a plague, the plethora and consistency of rumor, paranoia, insanely absurd but widely believed conspiracy “theories”, misinformation, purposeful disinformation, an incompetent head of state, and severe division between two different theo/ideological visions of how the country should be governed.

In the UK of that era, the division was between R.Catholic, Anglican Protestant, and Puritan. In the USA today we divide between two starly different visions for our future, Modernist Democratic, and what we might call Archeo-restorationist.

A difference is between Mr. Trump and King Charles I. Charles the First was an inept, obtuse leader, but nevertheless one who sincerely tried to be a good man. Trump is a malignant narcissist who revels in in being a “bad” man. The King, convicted of treason, was removed from office through beheading. Mr. Trump was turned out of office through election. Both harbored a deep personal sense of having been betrayed.

Another difference is the UK had three civil wars in that period before they found stability. The USA will likely NOT have any formal civil wars, but may experience some domestic terrorism, particularly when or if Mr. Trump is indicted and/or convicted.

Eliseo, humanity seems to perpetually return to eras of conflict. Was thinking about the wisdom of confucious the other day – maybe its time for society to delve into that for a bit?
“Originally, these sayings and conversations were penned during the Warring States period of Chinese antiquity. The subjects range from wise behavior in times of crisis to instruction upon how to live a peaceful life characterized by serenity, humility and good work. The importance of family life and community cooperation are alluded to, offering insight into the mores and customs of ancient China. The politics of the time, rife with infighting between noble families and dukedoms, attract consideration of Confucius and his companions.”

Confucius was a good and wise communitarian, but much of his philosophy would require us to be more subservient than most of us would or could be comfortable with. We certainly would benefit from much of what is in Taoist, Confucianist, Buddhist, and Hindu thought, but it needs reworking for the sensibilities of the modern mind.

The Won Buddhists (Korea) have attempted this, but I’m not familiar enough with their system to judge how appropriate it is.

I too am working the idea of synthesizing science and modern thought with the best of those traditions, but I find it a slow and difficult process. Hopefully, I’ll have something helpful to present before I pass from this life.

One of the reasons I’m particularly interested in the astrology and history of the 1640’s in the UK, is it is a hinge of history, the events of which paved the way for the development of democracy. Were it not for the 50 day period that led up to the English civil war, there would have been no French or American revolutions. With no John Pym, probably the most important politician in British history, no Oliver Cromwell, no King Charles the First, all contending with one another, our world today would be a radically different one, in all likelihood a very autocratic one, more akin to the visions of Mr. Trump and Mr. Benito Mussolini.

I so miss the astute astrology that was a large part of this site. There was really nothing else that could compare. As we approach the predictions of shocks on Election Day with the lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus I heard on Meet the Press that the gap that favored the Dems is closing. Fettermen who led Oz (the MAGA quack doctor) in PA by a comfortable margin has lost that margin and even Barnes who led Johnson (the MAGA extremist nut) in WI has lost his lead.

If I had the know how I would draw up charts and share my analyses but I’m really out of my depth. If anyone here can look at some of these charts I would be very grateful and I believe most of us on this site would be also. In the meantime, I keep sending our candidates more money than I should as an investment in our democracy.

We are in crunch time this month and my belief is that the charts I have done this year favor Democrats success overall.There are some favorable aspects in the charts of some Rethugs but not enough, in my opinion, to overcome the negative aspects I see for them. I have posted more than once that my belief is that the Democrats will secure control of both the House and Senate in the coming midterm election.

I see so many negative aspects coming to fruition this month in the charts of GOP politicians that when lumped together they cover almost every day between now and election day. One thought regarding both positive and negative aspects in election day charts for a GOPper is that they may be re-elected while seeing the party losing seats and control in Congress

Another thing I see is many of the negative aspects for tRump, his children, Gaetz, and other notable right-wingers is that they come up in the months following the swearing in of the next Congress. Trials take time.

Bob, I have been looking at election day for a while and was wondering if the Uranus Moon conjunction/Lunar Eclipse indicated that there would be an unexpected change (Uranus) in Congress. But I was unable to decide who this benefitted, Democrats or Republicans. Since Uranus is unexpected change, I thought this would benefit Democrats since conventional wisdom says the president’s party usually loses seats. However, Wolfstar of Neptune Cafe wrote, “radical factions (Uranus) challenging the Old Guard (Saturn in Aquarius)” seems to point to MAGA republican voters. Either way, I have been fearful of violence on that day. What do you think the chances are of Democrats winning and MAGA Republican’s engaging in violence over the outcome?

Gaetz voted AGAINST disaster relief in a bill than asks for it for FL (I wonder if his constituents even know this?)

“3 Huge Supreme Court Cases that Could Change America”

I’m not sure which charts to use for the Democratic or Republican party but it would be interesting to compare them to the election day chart. I imagine many of you already have (Bob)?

2 of my January posts:

I think all will work out for President Biden on the night of the midterms.

By: Bob on January 21st, 2022, at 9:14 pm

Transiting Jupiter trining President Biden’s natal Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on election night is an excellent aspect for him on that day.


By: Bob on January 24th, 2022, at 9:31 am

My progressed anlunar chart for president Biden for 9 pm, EST, in Washington on election night has its Jupiter on the MC and his secondary progressed natal Jupiter on its ASC; agreeing with the transit of Jupiter to his natal points.


Sorry Sharon but I do not have a solid chart for either party.

“The Congress of the United States established by the new Constitution met for the first time at New York City’s Federal Hall on March 4, 1789. …”


Setting Noon as the time of meeting


The Significance of March 4

March 4, 1789

At New York City’s Federal Hall (pictured), on March 4, 1789, the Senate convened for the first time. From 1789 until 1933, when the Constitution’s Twentieth Amendment changed the convening time to 12 noon on January 3, the date of March 4 would rank among the most important on the congressional calendar.

As the Constitution’s framers had no way of knowing when the new constitution would be approved, they directed the Congress under the expiring Articles of Confederation to set the convening date. In September 1788, once the necessary nine states had ratified, the Confederation Congress chose March 4.

In the years that followed 1789, March 4 became most significant as an ending date. Although the Senate customarily convened on the Fourth of March every four years for a few days to consider nominations of new presidential administrations, the Senate and the House would not again come together on March 4 until 1867. While Congress followed the constitutional requirement to convene annually on the first Monday in December, it almost always adjourned its final session on March 4.

As early-nineteenth-century members approached a final session’s crucial closing minutes, they regularly questioned whether the Congress expired at midnight on March 3, or noon on March 4. Surprisingly, this fundamental point remained unsettled for decades. Finally, at midnight on March 3, 1851, Mississippi Senator Jefferson Davis declared that his term had expired and refused to vote when further roll calls were ordered. This sparked a discussion of the difference between a natural day, beginning at midnight, and a “political” day, starting at noon. The Senate then adopted a resolution stating its opinion that, as the Senate customarily convened at noon on March 4, the previous Congress must end at that time.

Whether at midnight or noon, the Senate often gained extra time for last-minute appropriations bills by sending a doorkeeper, pole in hand, to gently move the chamber clock’s minute hand from natural time to “political” time.

Nancy, what are you seeing for election day? (I hope you’ll return, miss your writing.)

Hi Frank,

Within the astrological community, the most widely accepted birth chart for the founding of the Republican Party seems to be March 20th 1954 in Ripon, Wisconsin. Here’s the chart….


If we are to use this chart as the basis for serious analysis, we can expect a lot of volatility and unexpected surprises running up to the mid term elections due to the late October and early November eclipses. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the elections were cancelled due to an unprecedented upheaval in our government.

Consider this….. the October 25th solar eclipse at 2 ’00 Scorpio is nearly precise in its opposition to natal Pluto (1 ’30 Taurus). This may signal some kind of irretrievable ending as we approach the November 8th election. Will Trump be indicted in late October which would cause civil unrest?

The November 8th lunar eclipse itself is breath-taking. It conjoins Uranus forming a t square to Saturn. Tr. Jupiter at 29 ’13 Pisces and the GOP’s Sun at 0 ‘5 Aries both sit within 2 degrees of the Saturn-Uranus/Eclipse midpoint (2 ’24 Aries). Could this mark an extraordinary turning point in America’s 250 year political history?

Here’s the November 8th lunar eclipse chart:


An “extraordinary turning point in America’s 250 year political history” could be either good or bad or both. What is your interpretation of the November 8th lunar eclipse?


Sorry. I mis-typed that. I neglected to proof read the above before submitting. The Republican Party DOB is 1854 (not 1954).

After reading his astrological analyses and musings over the many years, I’ve come to see Wolfstar as consistently displaying a right wing bias in his interpretations, which I believe are often inaccurate. Just my subjective observation and opinion. I’m no expert.

Bob! I so appreciate your enlightening posts. Thank You! BTW, I presume you are aware several other astrologers have come to the same assessments as yours regarding the midterm elections? Your predictions also “feel” right to me intuitively. I sense unusual movement in the subconscious of the body politic.

Hi Eliseo,

Some brief thoughts on that……

Uranus often denotes abrupt change and Saturn represents the foundation and structure of society. With the eclipse coming into the mix, conjoining Uranus in square to Saturn AND Jupiter at the midpoint I suspect a profound magnification of those two forces. Not only is the GOP Sun being impacted, but keep in mind, this midpoint is also the location of the US Sibly chart’s nadir (1 ’03 Aries) the heart of America’s homeland.

PS I just realized, I failed to answer your question. I sense there are spiritual implications involved this….. a spiritual transformation on the horizon perhaps, but I have some obligations to tend to. I can share some more thoughts on this later.

Thank you Bob and Jerry for taking a look at the midterms. My optimism is shaken given the elections in Italy and Sweden and the recent unexpected surprising strength of Bolsanaro in Brazil; all that coupled with rising inflation and the recent large losses in the markets coupled with rising crime. Crime and the economy are the 2 main factors I fear that could push many Americans to vote for MAGA Rs even though I believe most Americans would rather move past the extremism.

If the worst happens and if SCOTUS votes to enshrine state legislators over the judiciary as the last word in determining elections then we are finished; so I’m praying the outcomes bode well for the Ds as well as sending way more money than I should to vulnerable Ds.

Deep breaths…

Thank You Jerry.
I sense unusual events or revelations sparking positive & progressive change. Not necessarily the change we might ordinarily expect from progressive ideology, but progressive change nevertheless.

Metaphorically it feels like something truly strange, like as if aliens landed on the White House lawn or something. But I reiterate, I don’t mean that literally. It feels like some new knowledge which turns every head around, gets everyone’s attention. Maybe I’m over reading it. Maybe it just feels odd to me.

Conversely, I am concerned Pluto will be retrograde from May 1 through October of 2023.
The Supreme Court will announce their decision on Moore V Harper that June. If the Supremes uphold the fringe independent state legislature theory we’ll be in extreme deep trouble.

The ISLT, argues that state legislatures have unconditional power to legislate on election issues and cannot be reviewed by any established checks and balances, like a governor’s veto or a state court’s ruling. If this fringe theory — which has been rejected repeatedly by the US Supreme Court — is accepted by the current US Supreme Court, state legislatures could have unchecked power to control elections.

It would allow state legislators to gerrymander as they please with no oversight. If I’m understanding it correctly, they also could legally reject the popular vote of their state and send instead electors representing the losing candidate they prefer.

I think this would necessitate the abolition of the electoral college asap.

By: Bob on May 7th, 2022
at 10:40 am

“Have you fathomed how or why Dems might maintain control? I see the summer of 2022 as potentially transformative.”

The main reason for my thinking is basic astrology to the charts of GOP leaders of the House (McCarthy Astro.com AA) and Senate (McConnell – time not needed for aspects to show) on election night and 5 days in January. Those will be bad days for them on those political dates and I am thinking not just for failed elections for them but loss of majority’s in the houses they had led.

For McConnell at the time of new Congress in January 2023. Saturn aspect will hold starting several days before and for several days after.


For McCarthy on election night.


🙂 Thank you Bob.

Maybe the eclipse leads to Trump kicking the bucket, while at the same time, a massive scandal completely takes down and destroys DeSantis.

I wonder each day how much longer either of these goons can continue. Trump is aging and is both physically and mentally in decline and ill. He needs to be institutionalized and is probably far closer to death than any of us are aware. I feel like one day he will just summarily collapse on his feet, perhaps of a massive stroke or cardio episode. Not predicting, but seems more like conjecture.

Think about it. He has placed himself under enormous and unnecessary stress that would wear heavy on a healthy person half his age. He will not be able to fight off all challenges indefinitely, and each one that he endures will cumulatively exact its own toll upon him. He is blessed with more Jupiter/Sag than anyone of his ilk deserves in any lifetime, and that seems to protect and carry him through many things. But even the essence and principle of abundance runs out eventually, and at that point, his number will finally, blessedly be up. Hallelujah when that day comes.

As for DeSantis, he is already being exposed as a gutless hack. He tried desperately to position himself as a successor to Trump, but a 44 year-old Pluto in Libra Gen-Xer looks really damn stupid angling to take on the fascistic mantle of so many reactionary culture warrior Pluto in Leo Boomers. The culture wars themselves are of course a ginormous red herring. Meanwhile, Mother Nature courtesy of Hurricane Ian has spotlighted the real issue of our times: Climate Change. It is an issue for which the Trumplican Party is woefully, abysmally, abjectly unprepared and summarily incapable of addressing in even the most remotely adequate manner possible.

Whatever the outcome of the November election, it isn’t necessarily the final word by any means, but I do believe it will be the last stand of the GOP.

One more factor to consider that is not necessarily favorable for the Dems.

Someone I know pretty well told me yesterday that Trump was a “strong” president compared to Biden who is not. (I know, I know — they are basing it on the wrong, superficial traits.)

A lot of people also see DeSantis as strong.

It’s a one-dimensional view.

When you take into consideration that white males or males in general are struggling these days (lots of books & articles about this topic – pointing out how much better women are doing academically and, I think, in the work force) – it would make sense that white males are attracted to the “strong”-seeming persona and gloss over any other details such as morality, policy decisions, etc.

Bob, thank you very much!

Sharon, DeSantis lacks Trump charisma so I do not think he will do all that well (aside from being Governor).

Frank, I share your concerns but have been buoyed by the Kansas vote (biggest turnout ever). I think we as a people are not going to give up our fundamental rights such as abortion, voting, education and so on.

Sharon K,

I heard someone say once that if Trump or even DeSantis is the pinnacle of what white men should aspire to be, the entire white “race” is doomed. Although I don’t believe in race on any scientific level, it’s definitely on point as far as that which brands itself as Populist Conservatism in the US seems to stumble after.

These men are living, breathing caricatures of every loathsome trait possible in humanity. Where are the truly decent men? Like Fred Rogers? Jimmy Carter?

Why do we tear down our best and elevate our worst?

Aspects in the charts of tRump and President Biden to choose from to display their temperament.

tRump has Mars conjunct his ASC, Saturn conjunct his Venus, and his Saturn on his Sun/Mars midpoint.

Uncle Joe has his Sun (and Venus) trined by his Jupiter.

Composition of Congress, by Political Party, 1855-2017


75th Congress by Party 1937 – 1939

Senate 96 members

75 Dem 17 Repub 4 Others

The Democrats gained 5 net seats during the election, and in combination with Democratic and Farmer–Labor interim appointments and the defection of George W. Norris from the Republican Party to become independent, the Republicans were reduced to 16 seats, the most lopsided Senate since Reconstruction.

House 435 members

333 Dem 89 Repub 13 Others


You asked “……What is your interpretation of the November 8th lunar eclipse?”

Potentially, I think this eclipse could offer the spark that throws the entire social order into complete chaos and serve as a prelude to the November 11th date, wherein things will abruptly change (for the better). I’ve often been fascinated by that date. According to some spiritual enthusiasts, the numbers 11 11 signifies divine intervention:

“…… the myth that 11:11 is prime wishing time didn’t just come out of nowhere—11 11 has spiritual significance, according to both astrology and numerology. It represents a powerful opportunity to connect with your inner self and initiate spiritual growth”…….

The Magic of 11/11

Video: 8 min 20 sec


The astrological aspects in play for November 11th will be activating the Saturn station of October 23rd and the Mars station of October 30th. The aspects are as follows:

Nov 11, 2022 3:04 AM EST Sun 18 Scorpio 54 square Saturn 18 Aquarius 54

Nov 11, 2022 4:07 PM EST Venus 24 Scorpio 30 quincunx Mars 24 Gemini 30 ______________________________

Here is Meher Baba’s explanation of the new world order that is to come…..

The New Humanity

As in all great critical periods of human history, humanity is now going through the agonizing travail of spiritual rebirth. Great forces of destruction are afoot and seem to be dominant at the moment, but constructive and creative forces that will redeem humanity are also being released through several channels. Although the working of these forces of light is chiefly silent, they are eventually bound to bring about those transformations that will make the further spiritual advance of humanity safe and steady. It is all a part of the divine plan, which is to give to the hungry and weary world a fresh dispensation of the eternal and only Truth.



The election day eclipse activates tRump’s natal Mars/Saturn midpoint, bringing it into the public’s awareness.


Many Thanks for your interpretation and for Meher Baba’s words of wisdom!

“Where are the truly decent men?”
Sidelined and overshadowed by bullying greedheads. As our friend, Mr. W.B. Yeats said, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.” .

BuckeyeShadow and Eliseo, there’s a truly decent and passionate one in the White House.

Thank you Bob! May his dirty linen be exposed for all to see! And thank you for the optimistic analyses!

Good point!. In the past, before the Trump era, even Lindsey Graham praised Mr. Biden for his basic decency and goodness. And he certainly has the right passion.
Contrary to the opinions of many younger adults who’ve been successfully propagandized, IMHO he is the best we’ve had in decades.

But I also understand BuckeyeShadow’s exasperated question.. “Where are the truly decent men?” More accurately, why are there so few Republican Adam Kinzingers and Liz Cheneys? How is it that so many so addicted to greed and power can lose all moral sensibility, and their moorings with reality?

Starting IMO in the 1980’s I see a precipitous decline and shallowing in moral common sense. I see a pretty strong increase in dishonesty, duplicity and dishonorable attitudes and behaviors particularly during Pluto’s sailing through Capricorn. Simultaneously, I see a general drop in self-respect and respect for others.

The great anthropologist, Margaret Mead, said courtesy and politeness were what all societies employ to keep us from throwing stones at one another. It is odd to me so many have forgotten that simple truth.

I suppose these things flow with the cosmic tides, as the planets in their courses make their way around our star. We are on the cusp of a new and very different era. I’m hoping it will be a more humane one.

Just a quick response, Eliseo – I don’t know how accurate it is

I think the 60s really shifted things in terms of the breaking down of social roles. The resulting freedom was life- affirming but lots of structure, mores, manners broke down (I used to thing them phony but now realize a veneer of manner – as opposed to true manners – may be better than brutal, insulting, rude, angry honesty – although if done right, it could create a break through and a new start).

…and then the internet came along, with its ultimate freedom to express yourself, under pseudonyms if necessary. And following that, people started doing it out there in the world – being very reactive to each other, going to the extreme of what individuality means, without communal restrictions and controls…to the point of hate speech & crimes, expressing any rudeness and anger they/we felt, shooting people for driving slowly in traffic, hate crimes, mass shootings, using every bit of your libertarian, Constitutional, 2nd amendment right. In other words, “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” – even if it’s someone’s life or trust or peace in the world.
Donald Trump and other fascist-leaning leaders stir things up and validate these behaviors. I watch a lot of Netflix & other cable shows, such as Game of Thrones, and many of the most popular shows express brutality and war (set in medieval or fantasy worlds that are medieval times).

I guess the ultimate expression of where society might be moving would be a “Mad Max-Thunderdome”/dystopian future. It’s not hard to believe that there is a war between the forces preserving civilization and those that are causing it to breakdown. Maybe Pluto in Aquarius will hasten the break-down and ultimately move us into a healthier, stronger, life affirming civilization — because nothing stands still, there is the cycle of creation & destruction, and the pendulum swings back and forth…

Sharon K,
Friend, I believe you are right on every point. And yes, let us hope Pluto in Aquarius will serve to move us into a healthier, stronger, life affirming civilization.

The Oct 25 SE with tRump’s natal has the eclipse MC on his natal Saturn.


No rest for the wicked!

tRump’s natal progressed to the October 25 solar eclipse reflects the nature of his natal to the eclipse.


Bob <3

I too liked what you just said, Sharon.

For my part, I did not at all watch the shows set in medieval or fantasy worlds that are in medieval times.

I read, say “A Tale of Two Cities” and all the other similar classics when I was in my teens. That gave me in my mind an understanding of the contrasts of human nature and how those contrasts played out in the collective…. in how we lived collectively.

In the late ’80’s and early ’90’s we had Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in CAPRICORN, and Pluto in SCORPIO.

So the young people born then could resonate – in my mind again – to the lower octaves of these signs. And then we had the dark music of the punk rockers etc. around that time. It seemed that it was easier and more sensational to relate to the more negative vibrations of both Capricorn and Scorpio. The negativity gained the upper hand.

Enter Pluto in Capricorn – appealing to those born in the ’80’s and ’90’s, some who were born with a little dash of Sagittarius thrown in.

So “The Game of Thrones” and it’s ilk were mainly productions made with Pluto in Capricorn.

Yukky! A new generation, untouched by “A Tale of Two Cities” were having us go through all of the NEGATIVE manifestations of those outer planets.

One could not avoid seeing these movie productions in snippets in the media…. I was gifted trilogies either in videos or in book form.

I was offended by the new take on collective human nature being foisted on me from such a negative view by people purporting to tell me as if they had something to offer… that brutality and war. and the HIERARCHY in full glamor, was of value because they had discovered it. And now they were going to school the people born before them….

Well, of course we who were coming to maturity in the late’60’s, early ’70’s did the same thing.

But the sheer negativity of the Capricorn and Scorpio outer planets were dragging us backwards.

I was disgusted and did not participate.

I did not watch those productions – saved myself the trouble but saw enough of them in passing to say I was pretty informed. To me, I made a pretty healthy decision.

Eliseo, you answered your own question and sunstars emphasized it: the fault is in our collective stars. And the general hostility toward astrology, which goes a long way in explaining man’s stupidity, prevents most from learning how to deal with their darker natures. I count myself lucky to have a Scorpio-laden natal chart. It seems to make understandable the worst tendencies in people.

So did the experience of growing up in a household that had never had a Democrat in it until I came along. I was so offended as a child by Nixon and the vestiges of McCarthyism that I could never sign up to be a Republican, even when I recognized the excesses of the Democratic Party.

Sharon and sunstars, when I “left home” I walked out of Orange County right into the “Summer of Love” as it was occurring in Hollywood. I wasn’t a hippie but worked in talk radio when it was actually politically balanced. I knew Joe Pyne — the original Limbaugh — and learned that some of his outrageous behavior was calculated to upset — read: “own” — the libruls.

I relate to what you said. Again, it was the excessive nature of the anti-war movement that gave me pause, even when I agreed that the war was wrong. But the anti-antiwar people were equally offensive.

What I learned from living with Republicans is that they will look you in the eye and lie if to do so furthers their cause. When you call them out on it they’re capable of looking you in the eye and ignoring it. They are shameless and proud of it.

Bravo! I concur. I like your Independent mind. Fairy tales which glorify the most unscrupulous predator in pursuit of power do our ever evolving minds no good. We can tell better stories than that that if we try.

Most people do not pay attention to the moral messages or values in the stories we read or view. Neither do they contemplate the inferences and implications of the ways we use our parts of speech.
make love TO vs make love WITH
Merely a difference in prepositions? NO!
A subtle but deeply profound difference in meaning, the latter inferring a shared experience.

There’s always something hidden in what we say to one another and in the stories we tell.

interesting comments all.
Here is an informative interview on the white supremacy topic which is interlaced with all this

Anyone else feeling the subtle-yet-substantial shifts as Pluto stations to go direct?

I suspect we’ll get an early inkling in the next few weeks of what the Pluto in Aquarius era will bring. Watch for it. The elections here in the US may be part of it.

I read an article a few days ago suggesting that Pluto in Capricorn represents the ascendancy of conservative evil in the world, while Pluto in Aquarius represents the ascendancy of progressive/liberal evil.

Given that Pluto’s previous run of Aquarius saw the rise of figures such as Maximilien Robespierre and the Reign of Terror in Revolutionary France, I suspect the transition between the two energies is going to feel far more abrupt and whiplash-like, true to form for Aquarius of course.

What kind of progressive shifts and outright explosions are in store for the US? I’m feeling like there will be an outcry of “enough” from many whom have been oppressed and/or quiet during the past 14 years. The power of businessmen like Murdoch, Koch, etc., religious authorities, and reactionary charlatans like Trump, Bannon, Carlson, Clarence and Ginni Thomas, etc. will be hitting a wall and waning thereafter. Some of these people will go down due to old age and physical decline, and others due to criminal scandals catching up to them, but ultimately they will be swept aside into history, and all the money spent on media and elections will not be enough to preserve their reign.

I suspect you are correct on every point you just made. On the one hand it will be gratifying to see the radical R’s get their cumuppence.

Conversely, I definitely do expect some “woke” radicals to go way overboard, doing more harm than good. I often remind fellow Liberals that Prohibition was a Liberal, not Conservative idea that later had to be undone by other, wiser Liberals.

Considering all the screwball falsehoods and conspiracy “theories” we often ask.
“What planet are they from?!?!!”

Wife just said we need to send all those Reds to Mars. After all, Mars IS the red planet.

Agreed, Eliseo. I think we could very well see our own “Robespierre” or two rise up here. A radical, idealistic, and perhaps charismatic progressive/liberal type who embraces populism and influences the masses. Trump has been noted for seeming to have a similar charismatic ability at his peak (I never saw the attraction to such an idiot myself) but this next type will be someone much closer to the lived reality of most people, and more forward-looking true to the Aquarian archetype. I’m guessing a younger, Instagram/TikTok personality who connects with masses of people while also being able to inspire them into political action somehow.

It may well first start off as an all-out-attack on elites. Not just Trump, who infamously claims to not be “one of them” (though he very much is), but also Murdoch, Koch, and so many others like them who pull puppet strings from behind their fortresses made of money, prestige and power. But these are very much Capricorn trappings. Pluto in Aquarius will aggressively seek to level the playing field, tearing all of these things down, and the people with them too, however necessary.

The French Revolution went after the heads of their own royals at first, but Robespierre then turned the focus to anyone he deemed an enemy of the revolution itself, no matter their wealth, class or status. Maybe we don’t get to that point, but I expect that, at the very least, a lot of rich men are going to take a tumble in some way or another. Again, a lot of these guys are old, and really are due to die off. Murdoch can kick the bucket at any time as far as I’m concerned. The world will be a better place without that slimy old bastard in it. Same for Koch. Too many of these old bastards get off on using their wealth to manipulate people into believing their stupid retrograde ideologies.

Time to go away, old fools. Your time is up. We don’t need you here any more, and actually never did. We need visionaries and people willing to embrace the future with courage and a spirit of possibility. I’m a little less concerned right now with those who might go to far, and more interested in the turn towards progress and action that we must embrace if we are to navigate our way through so many of the predicaments our inaction and the fears of those whose fortunes are rooted in clinging to the past, have created.

But seriously,I think we are being too soft on the radical red republicans in Congress, those who refused to certify the electoral results on Jan, 6th, and those who continue to deny the election results. Seems like we couid oust them for violation of their oath of ofice.

If you don’t want to play democracy, you need not be in the game!

What you suggested about Pluto in Capricorn representing the ascendancy of conservative evil in the world, and Pluto in Aquarius representing the ascendancy of progressive/liberal evil would apply not just to the US, but the entire world depending on each nation’s nativity. I believe Mr. Putin’s various invasions in the last few years fall into the category of conservative evil.

The Russians will not likely be able to get their new conscripts to Ukraine until spring. Meanwhile Mother Winter will make it exceedingly hard to maintain supply lines to their soldiers, especially as sanctions are lowering the number of supplies they have in the first place. If they deploy their troops earlier, they are liable to freeze.

Ukraine has the advantage of far shorter supply lines and the benefit of Western supplies coming their way regardless of season. They have the time, the will, and supplies necessary to take back their territory before the Russians can counter attack with their 300,000.

Military analysts believe there is a 1 out of 4 chance Putin will resort to small tactical nukes. If and when the Ukrainians suceed in taking back their territory, that’s when IMO the odds go up to 50/50. Either Mr. Putin will or he won’t use tactical nukes. In either case, at that point I believe there will be an outcry of “enough” against the Russians from the entire world.

Andre Kahr

The Astrology of the November 2022 Midterm Elections 6:20 minutes


If I understand his analyses, it is in harmony with Bob’s astrology.

“Republicans no longer care about anything but winning. They insist on winning so they can put their vision of Christian domination into effect. “[T]he so-called ‘family values’ of American fundamentalists…turn out to be mere window dressing that can be tossed for the movement’s true aim: authoritarianism,”


“If you care about democracy and you care about the survival of our republic, then you need to understand—we all have to understand—that we cannot give people power who have told us that they will not honor elections,”

Rep. Liz Cheney

I think if Russia does use “tactical nuclear weapons” (I have to look those up) – they will have someone else do it so it either looks like a false flag or terrorist opp. I do hope that Putin is out of the picture by then. He is the only one who might pull that trigger because of the humiliation involved (although there are some crazy supporters behind the scene, I imagine, but I think there are more sane Russians in positions of power). I guess there is a change of a negotiated solution with Ukraine but I cannot imagine what that would look like.

Sharon K,
Some of the nuclear powers also have tactical nukes. No terrorist organizations have tactical nukes,; if they were to obtain anything nuclear it would go into the making of a “dirty bomb” not a tactical nuke.

The Russians would gain no military or political advantage from the use of tactical nukes. If they use one on the battlefield, it would be from a fit of nihilistic pique.

I just noticed that I did not answer this question by Stephanie.

By Stephanie on October 3rd, 2022 at 8:28 pm.

“Either way, I have been fearful of violence on that day. What do you think the chances are of Democrats winning and MAGA Republican’s engaging in violence over the outcome?”

My apologies Stephanie. I think we will see a Blue Wave of voters across the country in general on election day yielding many Democratic gains. I also think there may be small pockets of violent protest on or following the election which will be contained.

The Jupiter transit to President Biden’s chart on that day does not equate with Right Wing success in voting or in protests.

From CNN……

January 6 Committee Announces October 13 Public hearing

“We’re not really looking at bringing witnesses before the committee in the next hearing,” Thompson said about the next hearing but promised it will feature “significant information” that has not yet been shown.”

One quick glance at the astrological aspects for Thursday October 13th 1 pm Washington DC we have……

1) A nearly exact Mars-Neptune square at 23 Gemini-Pisces activating Trump’s natal Sun (22 ’55 Gemini)

2) Tr. Venus conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (17 Libra) quincunx tr. Uranus (17 ’57 Taurus)

3) Tr. Mercury at 3 Libra in exact sesquiquadrate (square and a half) to both Saturn and Uranus (17/18 Aquarius) and semi-square to Trump’s natal Mars-Pluto midpoint (18 Leo).

Information coming to light linking the former White House staff (and Trump) to the January 6th insurrectionists?

Some random thoughts about Russia and their war against Ukraine.

When we look at the economic, military, political, cultural, and demographic data as a whole, it becomes obvious that even if Russia wins the war in Ukraine, they lose. With 1 out of 5 males afflicted with alcoholism, the collapse of their education and healthcare systems, 1.6 to 1.7 deaths for each birth, their citizens dying at increasingly younger age, immense, universal corruption, and numerous social problems they prefer to hide, they were in pretty bad shape before the invasion of Ukraine.

It’s no wonder 100’s of thousands of their best educated families began to leave as soon as the invasion of Ukraine began. Over 1000 companies left almost overnight, simultaneous with increasing sanctions added to the mix. And now, 100’s of thousands of conscription age men have flown with more fleeing every day, probably never to return.

Meanwhile they’ve sacrificed the lives of over 50,000, and 30,000 severely injured of their citizens all for at very best might be a pyrrhic victory, and at worst a humiliating defeat.

Like most of us, I too hope Mr. Putin exits our world political drama asap. Unless he dies of natural causes, he needs to be removed from power asap, and in Russia that’s not normally a smooth or pleasant process. Regardless of when or whether that happens during or after the Ukraine war, there is no guarantee his replacement might be any better, and conceivably could be far worse. But there is at least a small chance he would be someone more amenable.

No one that I know of amongst our military analysts nor diplomats believe there will be ANY CHANCE AT ALL of a negotiated solution as long as Mr. Putin is in charge of Russia. He has made that impossible in the eyes of most of the Western world, and absolutely impossible to the Ukrainians.

He’s like the fellow who asked the lady to marry him, fully expecting she would enthusiastically say yes. Upon hearing her vociferous and vituperative rejection, he felt humiliated and resolved in his anger to kill her and all
her relatives so that no one would ever know he was so “dishonored.”

Realizing the Ukrainians would not capitulate, that Ukraine would not be absorbed into Russia, Mr. Putin decided instead upon genocide and destruction of ALL Ukrainian infrastructure. “Ethnic cleansing” as a “final solution” is nothing new to Mr. Putin, or the Russian state. They are currently “ethnically cleansing” their eastern regions by making sure the “lion’s share of their conscripts are from rural areas and therefore are non-Russian indigenous young men.

The war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in each and every village, town and hamlet they’ve entered and occupied also serves to make negotiations impossible. Those war crimes darkened the attitude of the Europeans, (including Mr. Macron) some of whom had previously suggested Ukraine sacrifice some territory in an effort to appease Mr. Putin. Appeasement is now completely off the table, particularly with Putin threatening Ukraine and the West with nukes.

From the European and Western point of view, nothing is as coldly absurd and just plain crazy as taking your peaceful neighbor’s territory by force, declaring it part of your nation, and then threatening anyone with nukes who wants to mess with your newly acquired territory.

Crimea was Russian from the 1700’s until 1954. Elon Musk’s suggestion Ukraine should give Russia Crimea in exchange for the other 4 provinces the Russians occupied fell on deeply angry and deaf ears. Elon’s suggestion may have seemed rational, but in effect is appeasement of an untrustworthy bully. Again, the war crimes effect. Ukrainian national pride and the ghosts of all the civilians and soldiers who were tortured before execution scream NEVER! The Ukrainians are determined to recover ALL territory the Russians have taken since 2014, including Crimea.

The Russian Federation now consists of 85 states, most of which are actually geographically adjacent colonies. At the end of WWII, all empires except Russia were obliged to relinquish their colonies, a process that took a while.

Presuming Ukraine wins, after war’s end, Russia will need be treated similarly as was Germany, post WWII. I’m guessing for a time they might be administered by the UN? That would be best case scenario. That would entail a worldwide cooperative effort to remove and/or neutralize ALL the nukes in Russian Federation territory.

Worst case scenario might be Russian civil war and/or invasion by the Chinese.

There are several possible paths to the end of Russia as we know her, but they all include independence for the non-Russian indigenous peoples forming their own nations.

I think it possible Russia will be gone within a few decades if not much, much sooner. They are certainly speeding up their own demise. I think it possible we may come to interpret the Russian war against Ukraine as the last gasp of WWII. As a minimum we will see the end of the Russian empire if not Russia itself.


Re: Russia

“If they use one on the battlefield, it would be from a fit of nihilistic pique.”

Pitch-perfect move for Putin. Why do I think his own peeps are going to fry poach his pierogi? It would be such a smart move.

I am in complete disbelief about the Saudi’s latest stunt. There’s got to be a twist, yes?


There is reason to believe the October 25th solar eclipse and subsequent Mars retrograde station of October 30th, will witness an exponential rise of tensions in the Ukraine-Russian war (will NATO get involved?).

Here’s one astrologers take on the upcoming aspects. Warning – some colorful language used…..

OCTOBER 2022 ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS: Eclipse Season For US, Russia, Ukraine, Iran

Pertinent info begins with an astro analysis of Joe Biden at the 12 min 30 sec mark

Video: 55 min 43 sec


Hello stargazers, I appreciate all of you hanging in our roundable discussion.
I’m sorry I haven’t caught Nancy’s predictions but value all your keen political Astro-insight.
Bob I’d like to ask for a reading of my chart. Will you ?
I’ve never asked for a reading and can’t do it myself but I value your astro-insight.

As the battle for Zaporizhzhia rages on, crunch time in the Ukraine-Russian conflict may be upon us……

Urgent Imperative: Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant On Auxiliary Power

Power source needed for cooling reactors lost because of shelling; IAEA chief calls it ‘tremendously irresponsible’.

Al Jazeera
October 8, 2022

Ukraine’s besieged Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant lost its last external power source as a result of renewed artillery fire and is now relying on emergency diesel generators.

The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said the plant’s link to a 750-kilovolt line was cut at 1am on Saturday. All six reactors at Europe’s biggest nuclear plant are shut down but they still require electricity for cooling and other safety functions.



With Saturn stationing direct on October 23rd (18 ’35 Aquarius) within a two minute orb of conjoining Putin’s north node (18 ’37 Aquarius) AND in quincunx to Putin’s natal Uranus (18 ’23 Cancer), I suspect it’s entirely possible out of sheer desperation, Putin will make a bold move and irreparably damage the core of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant thereby precipitating a catastrophic nuclear melt-down. Theoretically this could cause chaos in the region, effectively stopping Ukraine’s advancement in its tracks.

Transiting Saturn Conjunct North Node (by Seraphic Siren)

Saturn makes the person focus on the things have a lasting value in our lives. North node is what feels right in this lifetime. Transiting Saturn conjunct North Node in the natal chart, makes you take a very important decision for you. Most likely it is about what to give up, and what path to take to achieve your true soul purpose in this lifetime. It will be very clear about what you want and where you feel stuck. There will be plenty of letting go and moving forward.

You will leave people, and/or things behind to pursue your life’s purpose. Everything that is not important will be taken away from you. This is often a very painful experience. What is left is where your heart’s desire is, but a heart’s desire which you are not completely aware of. The moment you made that important decision it will feel right for you, and slowly everything will fall in the right place. Fate has a big role at this moment. New opportunities and responsibilities will come to you. Everything will have to do with unlocking your destiny and your highest potential. You will attract new people and experiences. Everything will feel outside your comfort zone, but all these are essential to finally become what you are meant for this lifetime.

Changes are inevitable during this time. You will be focused on what should be cut out in your life. An example of this is… “Does your excess fat help you achieve your true purpose? or is it better to eat vegetables and fruits to make you really focus on what is important… your health (6th house north node).” It really depends on the whole planetary pattern and where your north node is positioned. When it is in the 7th house then you will have to decide something about self and partnership. Do you truly want a partner? How will you make it last? ( since Saturn wants something long-lasting. ) Are you willing to lose your ego (1st house south node) and fix the problem in your relationship? (7th house north node) This depends on every person and these are just my examples but you get my point.

Transiting Saturn conjunct North node takes away the things that make you feel doomed and stuck. It basically takes away every single thing in your past to make you realize if you really want in the future or not. If you want it then you need to work hard to get it back.



Many thanks for the video link. The gal has a pretty repulsive presentation and communication style, but clearly knows her astrology well. She needs to invest in some nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. They do come in handy!

Presuming the Oct. 7th 1952 chart she uses is correct for V. Putin, she apparently sees him probably doing something stupid near the end of the month. Lord love a duck. He keeps compounding his errors with more errors. In any case, more tragedy for Ukraine, Russia, and Mr. Putin is highly probable for any day of any month.

If I understood her correctly, she nailed the timing of Biden making a well received announcement. That would be his federal pardon of those convicted of small amount marijuana possession. She expects another announcement, something idealistic around the 12th with Mercury conjunct his Neptune, and further positive actions and/or announcements coming on the 19th and 23rd.

Crises coming at the end of the month are a no-brainer, what with the eclipses and considering the many active and potential flash points on our planet. Also, partisan heat will surely rise as we approach the midterm election.

As far as the Russian war on Ukraine, I don’t think NATO will ever get directly involved unless the Russians do something especially extraordinary, like using nukes, or chemical warfare, or incessant targeted bombing of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility, or of areas within NATO countries.

Of course, considering all the dumb to the 10th power, extraordinary blunders they’ve made so far, it’s not unthinkable they might do something even more egregiously idiotic and self defeating under the influence of these coming eclipses. I don’t think they’ve reached their bottom for stupid yet.

Minutes apart our minds were focusing in harmony.

If they deliberately damage the facility enough to cause a meltdown, that affects Ukraine of course, but also Moldova and eastern Russia.

Stupid beyond belief.

Such an act might well get NATO involved directly, or perhaps UN troops, and might be the final straw which gets Putin canned. I don’t think it would affect the Ukrainian advance as much as some suppose, if so, only in the south. But it would ratchet up world political tensions pretty considerably, intensifying acrimony against Mr. Putin and Russia.

Worldwide, we’ve crossed into the Twilight Zone where Insane and Stupid are fighting it out like boxers in a ring to see who shall be king.


I agree with that observation. Maren Altman’s presentation is definitely a bit quirky. But on the astrological front, she seems to have a good , basic understanding of the aspects involved.

Re: Your supposition that NATO would not get involved in the Ukraine-Russian conflict

It’s all hypothetical of course but the current situation raises the question; who would take control over the area if there was an uncontrolled nuclear meltdown? The thought that there would be coordinated efforts between the warring factions seems improbable. Trained NATO personnel, who have the expertise to deal with that sort of thing certainly might be an option.

The October 25th solar eclipse is dead center right on NATO’s ascendant (2 Scorpio) and with NATO’s Pluto at 16 Leo (issues dealing with nuclear power) in t square to the unfolding Saturn-Uranus square certainly makes that scenario likely.

Here’s an article that analyzes the Ukraine/NATO relationship (charts included)….

Ukraine and NATO at Astrological Crossroads



Our comments seem to be crossing each other. The above post was submitted before that last reply of yours. Yes. I think we are in agreement.

The article analyzing the Ukraine/NATO relationship was quite worthwhile. Thank you. The analysis also falls in line wirth both my calculated and intuitive reading as to ultimate outcome. I think it probable the Russian effort in Ukraine will fall apart mid 2023.

1.5 million winter uniforms with necessary gear somehow disappeared from the Russian inventory, meaning … the contractor took the money but never manufactured them. Recently arrived Russian soldiers in Ukraine are without tents, sleeping bags, medical supplies, or food. They are only equipped with their rifles, bayonet, and some ammunition.

The supply lines for Ukraine are short and secure. The supply lines for the Russian soldiers are long, unreliable, and entirely inadequate. Winter will be far more brutal to the Russian soldiers than for the well fed, well equipped and motivated Ukrainian warriors. I expect the Russians will endure their most massive losses between now and the spring. Some will literally freeze to death. Their best chance for survival is to surrender asap.

The astrology reflecting future transformation of NATO was no surprise. When the Russian war in Ukraine collapses, Russia itself may soon follow. A Russia in chaos alone would necessitate transformation of NATO. Warlords with nukes would not be fun.

The seeds were planted for transformation of NATO in June at the summit in Madrid. For the first time the presidents and prime ministers of Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and New Zealand attended and each addressed the asembly. The summit identified Russia as the most significant and direct threat to Allied security, but for the first time addressed China and other challenges as significant as well. At the summit the Japanese prime minister stated the security of the Atlantic nations was intimately and inextricably intertwined with those of the Pacific regions.

As I posted here September 13th, 2022 at 9:24 am “What is now NATO will expand to include some Pacific nations, including Japan, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly more.” I strongly suspect NATO will evolve into THE military alliance for any and all democracies on our planet.

Addendum about conditons in Russia:

This is so telling. Russian soldiers keep stealing washing machines from Ukrainians. They package them up in empty ammunition crates and other type boxes and mail them back home.

Either they don’t have, or can’t afford, or their Russian washing machines don’t work, but the Ukrainian ones do. In any case, Ukrainian families are very grateful their soldiers are making extra affort to recover and return their washing machines.

Donald and Herschel: The Unholy Alliance
Republicans sink to a new low in defending Walker.


Oct. 8, 2022

“Once, there were limits, things that could disqualify you from office, especially in the party that claimed a special relationship with Jesus.

But those limits don’t exist anymore.

Conservatives have sacrificed any claim to principle. In an unholy transaction, they stuck with Trump because there was a Supreme Court seat and they were willing to tolerate his moral void in order to hijack the court. They didn’t care how he treated women as long as he gave them the opportunity to rip away rights from women. They wanted to impose their warped morality, a “Handmaid’s Tale” world, on the rest of us.

Christian-right leaders made clear that, no matter what Trump said or did to women, he was preferable to Hillary Clinton, who supported abortion rights.”


Linda, I no longer commit to do readings as keeping up with current political charts and my own health are all I can manage these days.

Another potential Trump indictment date looming?

October 22nd

The astrological coordinates are as follows:

Mercury (announcement?) at 17 ’38 Libra conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (justice?) at 17 ’27 Libra in exact quincunx to Uranus at 17 ’38 Taurus (sudden event?) in trine to stationary Saturn (karmic comeuppance?) at 18 ’36 Aquarius.

As a consequent, will there be another “January 6th” event as a result of a Trump indictment and would this embolden Putin to make a dangerous military move in Ukraine if the US is distracted by domestic unrest?

Trump Warns Of “Big Problems” II He’s Indicted

Former President Donald Trump warned there could be unrest if he’s indicted over classified documents seized from Mar-a-Lago. Major Garrett reports.

Video: 2 min 5 sec


Linda gomez,
Wherever you live, there are probably competent, insightful astrologers who might assist you. Presuming you are in the US, in what state do you reside? People who post here are from several different states and countries. If we know where you are, someone here can probably recommend a good astrologer in your area.

Linda Gomez, I would click on the contact button at the top of the page and ask Nancy if she still does readings. It’s worth a try.

Nice to rediscover inteligent discussion on line!!! <3

As we approach the aspects you referenced, we DO SEE political/military circumstances heating up quite well. Russia raining down missiles on ten different Ukrainian cities including their capital in response to the bridge explosion for starters, and I’m sure more to come.

Whether it would be prudent or wise for Ukraine to fly equivalent missiles into St. Petersburg and Moscow is surely now a serious question in the top echelons of the NATO and Ukrainian military.

Meanwhile, here in the US a growing number of our politicians contemplate whether it is time to withdraw all military protection from Saudi Arabia.

Both domestically and internationally I believe we are experiencing the beginning of an exceptionally major geopolitical realignment. Autocrats and dictators vs small D democrats.

I look forward to your perspective on the possible authentic reasons as to Saudi Arabia’s recent posture on oil production and alignment with Putin. Something about this seems very, very off and provocative.

The Saudis reduced oil production ostensibly because of lowered demand, but like you, I am suspicious. I think some of the missing classified documents Trump refuses to return may have somehow found their way to Riyadh. I also highly suspect other secret deals were done between Trump and the Saudis which we may or may not eventually discover. That 2 billion $ that went into Jared’s pocket certainly seems odd!

I think Crown Prince MBS surely knows his country and ours have been allies only as a matter of financial convenience (that’s long been over) and we are deep down natural enemies. In the growing clash between the democtatic and autocratic dictatorial powers I have no doubt he sides with his brother despots.

More later. I need to research, think, and intuit what might be going on with the Saudis and MBS more before I express any definitive opinions or statements of fact.

Thanks Eliseo. Your research skills and abilities enrich this blog SO much ..

Using a noon chart for birth for Hershel Walker, no matter what the correct time of his birth was, nor where, this T-square will be in his chart on midterm election day. These positions will be within a few minutes of the actual longitudes of his progressed Sun and planets.

Progressed Sun at 12°28′ Taurus opposite progressed Neptune at 12°37′ Scorpio, both squared by progressed Saturn at 11°07′ Aquarius.

Having your Sun afflicted by Saturn and Neptune does not foreshadow pleasant times.

In the spiritual sense my intutive interpretation is the Russia/Ukraine war is the last major battle of WWII, whereas the Jan. 6th attack on the capitol was the last major battle of the American Civil War.

There may be more domestic terrorism in the US; it will take a few years to get over the Trumpist fantasy romance with fascism, but I don’t think we will have anything as big as the 2021 Jan, 6th insurrection event.

In both cases, the war ostensibly ended long ago, but not without some unattended loose ends.

General Patton was right in his belief the WWII allies needed to defeat the other dictatorial totalitarian power, Russia. But that was physically and morally impossible at the time as all concerned were so exhausrted and traumatized from the fight with the Nazis, and fascist Italians and Japanese.

We think of the US Civil War as having ended with Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. In reality, it continued as a guerilla war during Reconstruction until the stolen election of 1876 and President Hayes’ surrender, i.e. “withdrawal” in 1877 of federal troops from the South. The withdrawal allowed Southerners to reinstitute slavery by another name and continue on with the same beliefs and cultural attitudes, minus any efforts for secession.

Post Eisenhower, with the Southern Strategy the R’s were able to tap into and stoke the unresolved resentment, denial, fear, and hatred of White racists as fuel to propel them to more victories than they truly deserved if we went by policy alone. Mr. Trump, a manipulative master of unrepentent malice, is most probably a returnee, the rembodiment of a Southern Civil War era leader, or businessman.

I think the difficult period we are now in is about tying up those “loose ends” so as to be prepared for the coming era, one like nothing humanity has ever experienced before.

Rachael has been busy over the past few months. Have any of you caught the 1st episode of her new podcast series – about the ultra right wing from the 30s and 40s? We’re here not for the 1st time, but once again. Eye opening history
Here is a link to a taste ……

I listened to episodes 1 & 2. I already knew some of that history, but Rachel presented a great amount I was entirely unaware of. The story she tells not only informs, but rightly should focus those of us who study astrology on the cycles of history..

Brilliant work on her part and that of her staff. Although she received her PhD in political science from U. of Oxford, she functions far better IMO as a historian. Her gift for broadcast narrative is extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to the other 6 episodes as they are released.


I don’t know if Trump actually has any past-life soul/spiritual ties to the Neo-Confederates in the US South and Republican Party, but he has certainly captured the spotlight of attention from the nation and even the world he so desperately craves, by tapping into their unrelenting grievances and manipulating them for his own political gain. I see him much more as an extraordinarily though not-so-deserving “lucky” opportunist in this lifetime. However, he may finally be paying the price for all of his abuses abject lack of humility, and he isn’t the only one.

Alex Jones, the founder and owner of InfoWars, the right-wing, mudslinging outlet responsible for peddling many lies and utter filth on the web, has just been assessed a nearly billion dollar judgment by a jury for the Sandy Hook families he attacked with his machine of malice. It’s said he is considering bankruptcy, but legal experts say that it won’t protect him from a verdict rendered in a defamation suit. This bastard’s goose is likely cooked.

Look for more right-wing figures and their cherished ideologies to come undone in the coming months. Pluto moving through the late degrees of Capricorn is going to push many of them to increasingly outlandish extremes, and a good number of them are going to crack under the pressure of their own making.

Well said, & I agree we’ll see more right-wing figures come undone in the coming months. I’m less convinced, though hopeful their ideologies will bite the dust as well.

What are the Ukrainians up against in the psychology of many Russians? I don’t mean to represent ALL Russians as believing as those below, only the religious/political hardliners.

The Patriarch of Moscow has stated that Russian soldiers who fight in Ukraine are all automatically absolved of all their sins, inferring they will go directly to heaven if killed. No waiting until resurrection day in a distant future. I am reminded of statements by one of their most popular TV talk show hosts who said nuclear war would be OK because Russians would go to G-d’s paradise, whereas we in the West would simply “croak.”

The attitude of many hardline Russians toward Ukrainians is expressed below by Pavel Gubarev. I speculate, possibly in part shaped by Russian Orthodox superstition? as opposed to Russian Orthodox theology? which in the popular Russian mind are mixed and intertwined together? I don’t know, but it is truly frightening.

I think many of these people are still living in the middle ages. Their culture never experienced a protestant reformation, or a renaissance, only experiencing the industrial revolution post WWI in the 20th century.

Here is Mr. Pavel Gubarev’s literal statement about Ukrainians:

“It is very important for us to create an image of the enemy that will be reality-based. These are Russian people, possessed by the devil. We are coming to convince them, not to kill them. But if you don’t want us to change your minds, then we will kill you. We will kill as many as we have to. We will kill 1 million or 5 million. We can exterminate all of you until you understand that you’re possessed and have to be cured.”

Pavel Gubarev, Russia’s DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) leader in Donetsk.

beginning at 12:13 through 13:25

And we think OUR crazy Christo-Fascists are bad! At least most all of ours do not believe that it would be OK to die in nuclear flames!

Does anyone have any idea what this woman is talking about?

I’ve never heard of the Venus star point, and I don’t see any special meaning in Venus purportedly moving in a pentangular pattern every 250 years. Is this woman in ebullient fantasy land or is she talking about some esoteric on the level astrological event I’ve never heard of in the several decades I’vs hob-knobbed with astrologers?

Big News! Venus Star Oct 22 2022 – Rare, Once in a Lifetime Shift!
8 minutes 30 mseconds


This sounds like the same cloth that Putin is cut from. He is very much a Russian Orthodox fundamentalist. I remember reading some conspiracy theorists that regarded him as some sort of “White Hat” in a worldwide battle against secularization and the liberalization of the West. The truth is that he’s very much like our own band of reactionary ideologues here, crusaders for a glorious patriarchy of the past that never was, and never will be.

The increasingly scrutinized Conservative dark money lawyer Leonard Leo, along with Charles Koch, also come to mind. All are men out of time. And actually, with Pluto preparing to leave Capricorn, they may be about out of even more than that.

As for the Venus Star Point, I believe it is a thing. Look up Astrologer Anne Ortelee. She’s blogged quite a bit about it in the past and discusses it in her podcasts. I haven’t explored it much personally, but there are astrologers who swear by it.

Hi Eliseo,

Great find and very interesting. I’m also unfamiliar with the “Venus Star Point” phenomenon. The most comprehensive explanation I can find on the subject is contained in this article (hint: it has to do with Venus/Sun conjunction cycles)….

Venus Morning Star – Venus Evening Star
by Michael R. Meyer

If you’re one of the millions who give attention to astrology, or have had your birth chart drawn and interpreted, you probably know the zodiacal sign and natal house occupied by Venus at the time of your birth. The natal house in which Venus was located at birth shows the particular set of human experiences through which your emotional life, feeling nature and sense of values, fueled by the type of energy symbolized by Venus’ sign, best operates.



Here’s another one……

Intuitive Astrology: Venus Star Point October 2022

Every eight years, Venus creates a perfect five-pointed star or five-petaled rose as it orbits around the Sun. Known as the Rose of Venus or the Star of Venus, this perfect geometrical shape is a reminder of both the beauty and order that can be found in the Universe.



The October 22nd date of the Venus Star Point happens to coincide with the potential for a Trump indictment I had speculated about earlier (refer to my October 10th 2:42 am entry).

Another astrologer observes…..

“…..The fact that the Venus-Sun conjunction is happening on the last degree of Libra, the 29º, is also particularly significant as the so-called anaretic degree indicates we are navigating a time of completion, fulfillment, closure, and resolution of karma.

Venus enters Libra: the Value of Connection

While Venus is in Libra, we value the journey of being in relationships and we value being surrounded by pleasant, beautiful, and harmonious environments. However, during the upcoming weeks, we have to be wary of not mistaking a superficial, inauthentic sense of peace and harmony with a real one. One of the risks of this transit could be settling for a false harmony in order to avoid conflict, confrontation, or uncomfortable truths.

Venus’s journey through Libra invites us to notice whether we tend to abandon ourselves, our desires, and our needs to please others or make them happy, or whether we attach our self-esteem and self-worth to what we do for others or to their opinion of us. This transit reminds us of the value of connecting with others in authentic and truthful ways, invites us to recognize where we are out of balance, and encourages us to further our self-awareness by navigating exchanges more consciously.”

An excerpt from another article regarding the Venus Star Point’s position in Libra (hint – Trump related?)

“….Where do we begin to interpret the impact of such a long transit? One of the first things we can do is look to the sign of Libra and what it represents. Libra, on one hand, represents the scales of justice and has to do with laws and the courts and the concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty and that everyone is entitled to a “fair” trial by a jury of law. Another facet of Libra is the goddess that graces this sign—Venus—and the idea of harmony, beauty, grace and the feminine.”

Here’s the full article:

The Libra Venus Star Point

On October 22, 2022, for the first time in 150 years, the Venus Star will enter the sign of Libra. The slowly moving rotational star clock of Venus transits through a sign of the zodiac at various intervals in history, spending 100 years in a sign (on average). Then, for 150 years it is absent from that sign. The last passage through Libra occurred from 1771 to 1880. Certainly, we can agree it was an incredible time period of history. With the birth of two new and important democracies, following the American and French Revolutions, one can only wonder what miracles will be birthed in the coming cycle.

To sum it up, no one alive in our present era has witnessed this passage. Yet we are aware of it from the countless ways the events of that time have been documented and how it has shaped both our past history and the present unfolding of events.

Of course, a 100-year passage of a transit through a sign covers much ground. Where do we begin to interpret the impact of such a long transit? One of the first things we can do is look to the sign of Libra and what it represents. Libra, on one hand, represents the scales of justice and has to do with laws and the courts and the concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty and that everyone is entitled to a “fair” trial by a jury of law. Another facet of Libra is the goddess that graces this sign—Venus—and the idea of harmony, beauty, grace and the feminine.

And, the fact that its own planet, Venus, will be the one gracing it. This is a radical change from where that Star Point has been for the previous 100 years (1926-2026) — in Scorpio, governed by Mars, and secondarily by Pluto. So we are culturally and collectively switching gears from a Mars dominated culture to a Venus dominated culture. What type of changes might that bring in personal relationships, gender identification, gender classification in politics, religion and customs? Also, what new legislation might be forthcoming to emphasize such changes?



So, when did a communist country like Russia all of a sudden come up with a religious right-wing, fantasy mindset like that? How many in Russia are actually religious these days? (I know I can “google” this but don’t actually have the time right now).

Sharon K,
About 41% of the population is purportedly Russian Orthodox, 38.2% with no religion, mostly meaning atheists and agnostics. The latter is likely a holdover from Communist days. But there is no telling how many in the RO 41% category are sincere. I think we can safely assume certain politicians and business oligarchs embraced the RO church as a means of sociopolitical expediency.

In the long run Protestants, Roman Catholics and Jews in the West were all positively affected culturally, socially and politically by the combined influences of the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution and especially the Age of Enlightenment.

Generally, those cultural developments were not part of the Russian or Islamic experience. The Russians were mostly unacquainted with scientific method until it came to them simultaneous with their 20th century industrial revolution imposed upon them by Communist rule.

For centuries the Russians and the aboriginal peoples they dominate have been largely isolated by geography, topography, and weather. They were harshly forced into modernization twice, firstly by Peter the Great, (1672-1825) and again by the Communist Party in the 20th century.

Although they love to criticize Westerners for being racist and classist as part of their propaganda, (the Communists were on about this constantly) in reality, as a generalization they are far more racist, classist and anti-semitic IMO than are we.

The Soviet Union gave their citizens good quality health care and educational opportunities until they ran out of money in the late 1980’s. Since that time their education and general literacy level has deteriorated, as has also their health, physical and mental.

As you know, the democratic ethos has never been strong in Russia. Neither have been modern styles of thinking. To put it bluntly and truthfully, and assuredly politically incorrectly, there are many in Russia with at least one foot remaining stubbornly mired in medievalism.

“If he comes, I’m going to punch him out. I’ve been waiting for this. For trespassing on the Capitol grounds, I’m going to punch him out. And I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.”
–Speaker Pelosi on Trump, January 6, 2021

This is a total badass Aries woman, folks. This woman and the other Democratic Congressional leadership evidence so much backbone, nearly every single Republican in existence today looks like a f—-ing jellyfish by comparison. And essentially, they were and remain so.


Save Liz Cheney and a handful of others, history will remember this era’s crop of Republicans as a particularly rancid collection of cowards.

Like Josh Hawley, when it comes down to it, they all run like chickens–t.

When I was a kid I read JFK’s bestseller, Profiles in Courage. The Kennedy Center occasionally awards individuals with the Profiles in Courage award for doing what is right when they know it will probably cost them their political career.

Were it so, someone to write a tome called Profiles in Cowardice.

an excellent astrological perspective on upcoming midterms and more:


Many Thanks for that link!

not sure how exactly to interpret this from jessica adams regarding her wall street predictions, but she thinks a big change is coming soon. fwiw, heres the link to her blog article

Many Thanks for the link to Jessica Adams financial analyses and predictions! I’m pretty tired right now. I read what she wrote, but will check it again later when my head is a bit clearer.

I too believe some enormous change will transpire in the next several months. It feels like everything we are doing now is more a continuation of things we started in the 20th century, (or earlier). Something different is coming however which I think will be a truer beginning for the 21st century than the mere calendar change 22 years ago.

It’s as I posted above, (October 12th, 2022
at 8:45 am) “In the spiritual sense my intutive interpretation is the Russia/Ukraine war is the last major battle of WWII, whereas the Jan. 6th attack on the capitol was the last major battle of the American Civil War.”

In other words, I feel we are presently in a time of tying up loose ends. Here in the US we are taking down the Confederate monuments, and correcting what is in our history books about that terrible civil war. Yes, despite what Southern historians wrote about it, slavery really was the truest cause of that war, not some later concocted spurious theory of “states rights.” Meanwhile, we are slowly indicting, trying, and sending folks to jail who planned or participated in the Jan. 6th insurrection.

There are several other issues we are addressing, some better than otheres, some poorly, but most have their origins in events and theories born in the 20th or earlier centuries. I believe what is coming is something entirely new.

I am reminded of the 1963-1964 period in my personal psychic experience. What the world felt like in the northern hemisphere spring of 1964 was extraordinarily different from what we experienced in December of 1963 and January of 1964. It was as if the air itself had suddenly changed color.

The Beatles had arrived in New York in early February. The Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo was beginning to show its strong and powerful influence over our imaginations and in our lives. The Vietnam war was heating up. The US Civil Rights Act was passed.

By August of 1964 the signs of profound cultural change were becoming more obvious. Roger Ebert commented that upon leaving the theatre after having viewed A Hard Days Night, he could feel his hair growing longer and no longer felt the need for his rectangular briefcase.

My point of reference is how profoundly different things felt in the post WWII era 1945-1963 from that of 1964 unto today. As I drive down the road with my radio on I can’t help but think how irrelevant are the songs I hear, no matter how good they are. They all feel like ancient history, even if brand new.

Agro-Economic analysts and demographers fully expect by the end of 2023 we will see massive famine in the undeveloped nations. Our sources from which we make fertilizer mostly come from Ukraine, Russia, China, etc. It will be a while before those sources will be available again. Nations with poor soil, particularly in Asia, S. America, and Africa will suffer greatly.

The world population was reduced by covid, but will be reduced even more dramatically during the coming dark cusp between eras. (Actually we are already in that cusp, I believe.) I see so many unusual (to us) events, realignments and changes coming followed by a golden period which will begin to show its light and promise early within that dark cusp.

The US R. party will come to its inevitable end in the next few years, as will some nations, while others are born anew. The EU as one example needs to reinvent itself, or it is liable to come apart. They are in a stage similar to that of the US when governed by the Articles of Confederation. Each nation having veto power means very little gets done. They also made the mistake of establishing a common currency but WITHOUT a common banking system.

I believe amongst all the crazy world politics we will also see the most consequential and extraordinary medical, technological and scientific breakthroughs, acomplishments and inventions the world has ever seen, a long series of triumphs which will change everyone’s lives for the better.

I better stop. I could write pages and pages on each area of the Earth, each nation. Suffice it to say I believe the “color” of the air we breathe is about to change again in both pleasant and unpleasant unexpected ways, consistent with Pluto’s entry into Aquarius and with a number of other relative astrological conditions.

It may mean nothing, OR they may know or anticipate darker future events, but both Egypt and China are strongly recommending their citizens leave Ukraine and Russia ASAP.

Eliseo: Once again … Thanks for the above

The world went on lockdown when Saturn moved into Aquarius. COVID pretty much brought civilization as we knew it to a halt.

Remember the ads that aired then? “Stay Safe: Alone Together” – That’s about as literal Saturn (Restrictions, Limitations) in Aquarius (Space, the Collective) as it gets.

What will Pluto moving into Aquarius bring? Somehow, I don’t think it will be a pandemic this time.

Nukes and fallout? I mean, nukes are a Pluto thing, so unfortunately it is a distinct possibility at this juncture. Much more so than it has been in awhile, but we’ve also been heading here for awhile.

Putin needs to be terminated, in the most literal sense. He’s a menace to all at this point. Maybe it will take such a ghastly act before Russians rise up in mass to take him down. But nukes, fallout, whatever it is that happens, it will affect nearly everyone on this planet at once.

I’m still hoping for benevolent aliens. It’s also not actually all that far-fetched for Pluto in Aquarius. More likely than something intelligent landing here, it will be the discovery of some kind of intelligent life “out there” that could result in a major awareness/shift in humanity.

Anything is possible. And also, expect the unexpected.

Your speculations and mine overlap. I’ve been hesitant to post about the darker possibilities, but I too see at least a 50% possibility Mr. Putin in nihilistic rage might drop a tactical or maybe even a strategic nuke on Kyiv.

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have often been called history’s exclamation points. If Putin drops one on Kyiv, or anywhere else it will be another exclamation point, but with far more extensive consequences. The changes I anticipate could well be the result of such a foolish, cynical, and evil act.

As you said, Putin really is a terrible menace who requires termination for the world’s safety. “Maybe it will take such a ghastly act before Russians rise up in mass to take him down.” Let us hope that would merely be the beginning.

Were Putin to nuke anybody anywhere, even his allies would turn against him. Following the “secret” plan, NATO would immediately begin to sink or confiscate every Russian merchant and naval vessel in the Black Sea and on the world’s oceans. After the complete defeat of the Russians, we would also see the beginning of an anti-nuclear weapon movement enjoined by the majority of the world. Under new international law, ALL nations would be obliged, by force if necessary, to relinquish and/or destroy ALL nuclear weapons.

We are not headed for another pandemic in the near future, but much of the world will experience the worst episode of famine in human history. We in the so called “first world” will be fine, but quite unfairly millions will die in the poorer countries. Total human population will be radically reduced. That process will begin in the next few months, and quite sadly, unlike other more localized famines of the past decades, lack of supplies and logistical issues will render it impossible to alleviate.

I’m not hoping for benevolent aliens. Actually, presuming the “aliens” are real, I don’t believe they are aliens. They are from here. Their bodies are too homologous to ours. They evolved here. They may be the remnants of a highly developed civilization from the deep past. Even so, I doubt they would interfere either for or against us.

I agree another possibility consistent with Pluto in Aquarius might be communication with an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization, perhaps through radio telescope, perhaps several light years away. That would surely affect everyone’s mythological origin narratives!


Thank you for the Venus Star phenom piece. It’s the first I’ve ever known of it as an influence. Maybe it will manifest as more women in positions of power? Also, a Renaissance in the arts comes to mind. Still fumbling with figuring out where to find it in a natal chart.

Stephanie, tha k you for the forcast!

RE: your October 11th, 2022 8:13 pm posting.

The New York Times, and the legal watchdog group, American Oversight have been eyeing the mysterious 2020 post election “gifts” to former treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and to Jared Kushner. There may be other entities investigating as well, perhaps covertly. But so far no one has published much about these financial mysteries.

Very soon after Trump left office, Mnuchin launched a fund, Liberty Capital, and Kushner estalished Affinity Partners in July. According to the NYTimes, within six months, Affinity Partners had secured a $2 billion investment from the Saudi sovereign-wealth fund despite Saudi investment advisors objections. Crown Prince MBS authorized the cash over their heads.

Mnuchin’s Liberty Capital raised more than $1.5 billion from the sovereign-wealth funds of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar within three months of Mnuchin leaving office.

Speculation was the various contributors may have seen their investment as a way to stay close to those close to Trump, should he run for and win the 2024 election. But such speculation was generated before anyone was aware Trump had stolen all those government documents.

So far, no one perhaps excepting you and I have wondered if there was or is a connection between all that money and various still missing classified documents. Unfortunately for our curiosity, but in all likelihood quite prudently, the NYTimes investigative reporters are presently silent on the matter. I’m sure their investigation continues, but they’ve not published much on it yet.

It’s obvious some financial “funny business” is going on here. It definitely smells mighty peculiar. Whether you and I are paranoid or intuitively prescient in linking up the missing documents with the disbursement of those billions remains to be seen. We can only hope the NYTimes or some other investugative entity reveals more information in future.

The reasons why the Saudis decided to reduce oil production may truly be plural. Demand has gone down, and the Saudis maintain this was the only reason. There are rumors MBS advisors were against the move, but he decided to reduce output anyway, perhaps to purposefully snub Prez Biden. If so, that was a bad chess move for the young prince. Congress and the Prez will likely begin removal of our troops and cease sale of any military hardware to the Saudis soon after the midterm election.

In any case, I see a larger pattern. World leaders are squaring off into two primary camps, autocratic dictators, and small D devotees of democracy and human rights. In the long run I expect the US to withdraw support from the ME countries with the one exception of Israel.

Eliseo, not sure if you can see this due to paywall, but the article fits in with your thoughts above – talks about repubs intentionally tanking the economy to foment dissatisfaction to gain control. Raising oil prices in the 70s led to runaway inflation also, which led to repub control.
The article is concerned about the repubs torpedoing the debt ceiling as well

kiwi, thanks for posting the WaPo article. I remember in the 1980 election, Carter was holding high-level discussions with major oil companies about shifting to alternative energy – 1980. When Reagan did his illegal deals with Iran to hold up hostage release to win the election, he immediately stopped those talk and doubled down on the fossil fuel industry. That was 42 years ago and to realize that if Carter had a second term, he would never be in the pickle we are now – we would have been able to curtail the worst of climate change. But thanks to the GOP, we are so screwed.

I hope folks are looking into the connections of GOP/Koch Brothers/Fossil Fuel Industry/Russia. They are all connected.

Ordinarily, I would not have been able to read it due to the paywall, but this time that wall never manifested. The entire piece was available. I concur with the author’s opinion. IMO she nailed the GOP strategy. The question is what should be the Dem response, how might we counter such cynical manipulation?

It’s often been said democracy is a terrible form of government, just one better than all the others. Most voters don’t look too deep into the motives or purported moral purpose (or lack of) of the major political parties. And most are abysmally ignorant of economics, history, and social process.

Exposure of political/financial behavior which hurts the people only works sporadically. As Paul Simon wrote, “All lies in jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” Let us hope the astrological analyses of our several friends are correct in predicting a good outcome for Dems in the November election. They are now the only ones actually committed to governing.

Although there are other major players and factors, the fate of the entire world depends heavily on the next two US elections. Too bad you New Zealanders plus the citizens of all the rest of the West can’t vote in our elections. What voters decide here affects you for better or worse as it does us.

Good, historically accurate points. All true. You are a far better informed citizen than most. Conducting diplomacy Independently from the State Dept. is against the law. Through his Iran hostage deal, Reagan betrayed the country in order to secure election. But he wasn’t the first.

Beginning with Nixon 4 out of 6 R presidents betrayed the nation and the world. Time to rid ourselves of this pestilence.

Eliseo, we NZers have our own right wing influencer problems of late. National party (closest to gop) under former PM John Key ‘gave’ Peter Thiel (who later became and remains an ardent trump supporter and advisor) a kiwi passport in 2011 even though he’d only briefly visited here on 4 occasions. Latest word is Thiel is now trying for a maltese passport also. And, in an interview with Key from just last week said he would have voted for trump if he lived in the US. I used to think Key was reasonable. The world has gone mad.

kiwi, Eliseo, to me it is obvious that the Republicans try to make the economy & U.S.’s outlook in general go south/look bad in order to make the Dems look bad — and the corporations (and others) cooperate.

Gawd have mercy! Thank you for focusing me on both John Key and Peter Thiel, neither of whom was I familiar.

The world has indeed gone mad! This is the true essence of our world crisis. It really is fascism vs democracy. But there is a deeper dimension.

The corporate variety of capitalism won the day, but when married to autocracy it is by definition fascism. It is a natural alliance as corporatism fulfills and foments greed, be it for financial or political power, in both cases process addictions and the true fuel of our self destruction.

All my life I have loved and sought wisdom and encouraged others to do likewise. Today I would be satisfied were we all to merely seek and find sanity.


Bigger corporate profits account for *over half* of the higher prices people are paying.

(This is a video of Representative Katie Porter showing charts to illustrate the above point.)

Posting as an investigative help. The same chart for 3 sensitive locations. I have had these in my files for years.

3 Bombs


We call the GOP the “Grand Oil Party” for a reason.

Biden just announced that he’s taking oil out of the strategic reserve in an attempt to lower gas prices. He knows the bullshit the Republicans and their benefactors in Big Oil–including the Saudis–are attempting to pull just before the election.

Eliseo, Thiel is something of an oxymoron. A gay Nazi. He would proposition Adolph Hitler were the latter alive today. Hitler of course would want nothing other than to have him executed.

Thiel is another billionaire malignant narcissist in the Pluto in Cap club of them who believes he’s somehow the answer to the world’s problems. Like so many of these individuals, he’s caused far more trouble than he’s worth out of the tech industry (including propping up Facebook) to politics (backing JD Vance here in Ohio). New Zealand doesn’t need him, nor do we here in the US.

Buckeyeshadow – most NZers were outraged when Thiel’s passport status was made public. Most would like it to be stripped, but unless he does something overtly criminal, we’re now stuck with him. I did wonder if he was a source of funding when all the really bad anti Jacinda/pro trump activist, civic disruption, protests took over the grounds at parliament as well as elsewhere in the country during covid. With him being a large facebook and other tech funder Im very suspicious.


Thank you for your abundant reply. From whatbyou shared, everything and anything seems possible. Ive had a tird in my.ppcket with the Saudis since 911. Cant say i wouldnt enjoy dragging the Prinve et al kicking and screaming onto the 21st centiry. Time will ripen this.

Sharon K,
Katie Porter is my favorite conresswoman. I would not cry any tears were she to become president. She IMHO would be a great one.

Such a pleasure reading these last posts.

Eliseo, Sharon, et al … I feel like we are in a slow moving coup. The GOP is letting us know that if they control congress, they will not approve any more arms shipments for Ukraine and will likely allow the US to default next year when we reach the debt ceiling. They really are aligned with Putin and his dark forces.

I think you are correct about the slow moving coup. But there is no guarantee their coup will be successful. The advantage of its slowness is we are aware of it, and efforts, (many covert) are in process to eventually arrest it.

As the Russians are evacuating civilians fron Kherson, there is speculation amongst military analysts they may be planning to use WMD’s in that area. As Russian troops withdraw and Ukrainians advance into the area, speculation is the Russians might use chemical weapons or poisonous gas. It is considered far less likely Putin will employ tactical (mini-nukes) in an area he now deems as part of Russia.


Russian/NATO nuclear military exercises began a few days ago. It will culminate October 30th the day of the Mars station (25 Gemini). Stationary Mars will oppose Putin’s Mars/progressed Sun at 24/26 Gemini, square Russia’s ascendant and Ukraine’s natal Mars (25/26 Virgo). The Mars station will also closely conjunct Ukraine President Zelensky’s natal Jupiter (27 Gemini). A major turning point in the military standoff.

NATO and Russia Exercises Rattle Nuclear Swords Amid Ukraine War |

Russia Matters
October 14, 2022

Next week NATO plans to conduct a major exercise in Europe. The two-week-long exercise, known as Steadfast Noon and set to begin Oct. 17, will practice the handling of and attacks with non-strategic nuclear weapons and aircraft from more than half a dozen NATO countries.

The NATO exercise will more or less overlap with a Russian nuclear exercise—Grom (or Thunder)—that will practice deployment of strategic nuclear forces and possibly include test launches of nuclear missiles.

These exercises happen every year and officials insist they are not directly linked to any current world events. Except this year, they are happening at the height (so far) of the worst NATO-Russia crisis since the Cold War. Russia is continuing its seven-plus-month brutal war in Ukraine but is losing, and Russian officials are threatening use of nuclear weapons if NATO interferes directly or attacks Russian territory. The rhetoric from both sides is escalating day by day.

This is inherently dangerous because it increases the perception of threats even further and can lock the two sides deeper into escalating nuclear posturing.



Of note to political astrologers and anyone else who finds this interesting:

The coming ingress of Pluto into Aquarius in spring of 2023 will coincide (per demographers expectations) with the peak in world population at slightly more than 8 billion followed quickly by population decline for what will probably be several decades.

How do we know this? Numbers – birth rates, infant mortality rates, death rates, how many females are of child bearing age, how many children on average are born per couple, how many are now in aged category, etc.

Through history golden progressive periods for the middle and working classes was preceded by population decline.

Thans for the valuable link!
I sincerely hope I am wrong, but as Russia sees itself in existential crisis (they truly are on several levels and in many contexts) I don’t think they will compromise or back down, no matter the human, economic, or political cost.

Presuming the Ukrainians retake the territory the Russians confiscated, a safe bet I think, the Russians will either deploy a half million untrained conscripts to overwhelm the Ukrainians, and/or utilize WMD’s. I don’t thinki they’ll be able to deploy all those conscripts until spring 2023.

The situation will get far uglier before it gets better. I again hope I am wrong, but continue in the suspicion this war will spark some kind of WWIII. I believe it will be a mostly conventional war with the exception of the portion fought in space. I’m not expecting a full thermonuclear exchange.

My hope is as Russian casualties mount Putin will be deposed and replaced by a more pragmatic dictator who chooses to boost his popularity by ending the war He will not be much better than Putin. The Russian political elite consists of about 130, all of them in general agreement with Boss Putin. Putin killed or imprisoned all others long ago.


The emerging battle for Kherson seems to be pivotal in the ongoing conflict. Ukraine is keen on securing that city before winter sets in. It is of invaluable strategic importance in its link to Crimea.

Increasingly ominous is that with Russia urging its civilians to evacuate the city of Kherson, there is concern Russia will use chemical weapons once it is overtaken by Ukrainian forces. Will NATO step in at that point? Established in the aftermath of World War II, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed into being in Washington, D.C., on April 4th, 1949, although its operations remained largely dormant and didn’t effectively come into operation until August 24th of that year. The April 4th, 1949 signing chart has a natal Moon/Uranus conjunction at 24/26 Gemini right at the midpoint of where that Mars station is happening.

Here’s the chart:


Is Russia Preparing To Use A WMD In Kherson?

Video: 11 min


Again our thoughts and intuitions are in harmony.

Eliseo, Jerry, I have been hearing about the possibility of Putin committing a mass casualty event in the coming months that, some say will be his undoing. It seems you both are feeling this way too.

At the same time, the mothers in Russia, who were instrumental in stopping the carnage of other wars, are becoming more and more vocal. Its appears as if all is coming to a head this winter.

And in the country, the GOP has announced they will begin to put limits on aid to Ukraine or even attempt to stop it. Pretty clear the House GOP is aligned with Putin.

Liz Truss has resigned – this printed in the wapo today sounds like they mirror the current crop of gop trump ass kissers

“In a live television interview that evening, a visibly seething Conservative lawmaker, Charles Walker, described the situation as an “absolute disgrace,” blaming “talentless” colleagues for supporting Truss’s bid to become leader — “not because it’s in the national interest, but because it’s in their personal interest to achieve ministerial position.” The public’s view of how the party handled itself is so dim that as many as half of all Conservative lawmakers could lose their seats in a general election, he said.

sharon, sounds like they’re finally waking up, perhaps too late, to the fact that they’ve created their own frankenstein.

this from marjorie orr on the UK

Our perceptions are pretty similar. With each death of a Russian soldier, and each military failure the odds go up of Putin resorting to WMD’s. If he does, NATO will probably intervene, if not NATO, the UN. The CCP in China, and all other Russian allies will NOT be comfortable with Putin using such weapons.

Such escalation has a more than reasonable chance of sparking a worldwide conflict, a type of WWIII, but I think not as we have imagined.

I think the reason my intuitive antennae are buzzing so consistently at me, giving me the feeling all our art and music and culture are so very past tense, is that such a conflict renders all else less relevant and more subservient to the common focus, winning the war.

If House R’s prefer to withhold military and humanitarian supplies to Ukraine and support Russia, let us then fly them directly to eastern occupied Ukraine so they can give proper fealty to their masters on the front lines.

I’ve been expecting her resignation. I’m no expert on how the UK Parliament works, but I think probable a vote of no confidence followed by a Labour party victory. Makes sense as Pluto approaches Aquarian space.

I see the pain and suffering the world is now experiencing as birth pains to the coming Pluto in Aquarius/Pluto in Pisces eras. The worse the pains, the bigger the baby?

I believe now it is more likely the Russians will employ various WMD’s but not nukes as their goal is (1) genocide, rendering the area completely depopulated and
(2) confiscation and annexation of the entire territory for their own purposes.

They might use poisonous gas or chemical weapons which will dissipate quickly, but probably not tactical nukes which leave parts of the area radioactive were they to want to use the land for themselves. Blowing up the Kakhovka dam would be like using a WMD. See paragraphs below.

The Russians are deporting 10,000 civilians per day out of the Kherson oblast regardless of whether they are pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian…ostensibly for their safety. They are also withdrawing troops from the area gradually as well.

In the last few months the Russians have literally detained, interrogated, and forcibly deported (kidnapped/stolen) between 900,000 and 1.6 million Ukrainian citizens, including 260,000 children, from their homes to Russia, usually to Siberia and other very isolated regions in their Far East.

The Institute For The Study of War believes the Russians are getting set to blow up the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Dam/Power Plant near Kherson as a false flag endeavor. Their plan would be to empty the area of their own soldiers, and when Ukrainians have retaken Kherson – blow the dam, thereby creating a massive flood drowning the Ukrainian soldiers and many Ukrainian civilians downstream.

Blowing the dam is also consistent with the Russian effort to destroy Ukraine’s ability to generate and provide electricity. One Russian general said the plan was to make sure the people of Kyiv had no electricity, therefore no heat, no capacity to cook, no sewers or water treatment plants working, that their city would be full of nothing but “s**t” which would lead to sickness and death from water borne bacteria, etc.

Every day it becomes more obvious. The true Russian intention is genocide.

Wow Eliseo Thank You for researching this! OMG Rings true.

In that case we are not the only ones who know this.

If true, what can we do about it?

October 2022 Mid-Month Update by Rick Levine


Some of the European nations, Germany and France are already shipping emergency electrical generation equipment to Ukraine in anticipation the Russians will blow up the dam. I’m sure that will not be enough. I’m hoping they are planning on more extensive assistance.

The death toll from the flood alone caused by the dam’s failure would be enormous. IMO, the Ukrainian government needs to begin evacuation asap of people who live along the part of the Dnipro river they control. Kherson is the largest city on the Dnipro.

This is torture. The West has every right morally to intervene. The only reason we don’t is because of Russian nuclear blackmail, the potential for a WWIII going nuclear.

On US election day:
Uranus square Saturn
Full moon eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus

Most interpret this as astonishing & unexpected results. Perhaps like the Kansas election a few months ago regartding abortion?– meaning huge turnout?–favoring Dems?
Anyone have an alternate or deeper interpretation?

Hi Eliseo,

We brought this up some time ago. Glad that we are discussing this. Similar astrological aspects were in place when Biden underwent a colonoscopy; a surgical procedure that took place on November 19th 2021. It necessitated a brief transfer of power. VP Harris took over the presidency for an hour and a half. Biden was experiencing his Mars return at the time (the previous day to be exact – at 12 Scorpio). Mars was in opposition to tr. Uranus (13 Taurus). There was also a lunar eclipse opposite Biden’s Sun (27 Scorpio) that day.

Fast forward to present circumstances, November 8th has the South Node at 13 ’02 Scorpio within a half degree of conjunction to Biden’s natal Mars with the total lunar eclipse in exact opposition to this Mars degree several hours prior. Is it possible there will be so much frenzied anger among Trump supporters over a potential Trump indictment that there will be an attempt on President Biden’s life? Given that possible scenario, will VP Harris take over the presidency being the next in line of succession? Just thinking out loud here. What’s your sense of it? Harris has some very compelling aspects during this period, enough to indicate a dramatic change in leadership.

For the past few decades it has been easy for me to understand that the positive effects of Uranus are Truth, Freedom and the Latest Information. Uranus rules electricity and lightning. If Saturn tries to suppress Uranus, there is an explosion.

So, with Mercury also involved in the November 8 2022 vote….people writing their ballot out – people communicating and expressing themselves – it is easy to interprete beforehand that the unexpected and astonishing results are a complete blowout for the Dems taking both the House and Senate.

For this we have to envision the citizens being moved to rise en masse to save themselves from the tyranny of the Republicans. The energies on November 8 2022 say this is possible.

Mercury is information and categorization. In this vision of voting day, it could be that the public has been so informed of the conditions approaching this voting day that they are moved to save themselves.

Kim of Intuitiview says it’s not even going to be close – it’s going to be a complete blowout. I have been watching her say this for a few months, wondering how it could be so.

The media coverage of the extremely precarious condition of democracy in the US has been extensive. I have been thinking – how can anyone miss this threat? But past experience has shown that citizens can be apathetic to even the greatest dangers.

Given the energies that exist on November 8 2022 – maybe not this time. Uranus and Mercury may play their “explosive” part.

God help us.

An interesting factoid:
The US government has made it public the USS West Virginia, one of our Ohio class submarines is cruising beneath the waves somewhere in the Arabian Sea. It is highly unusual that this would be disclosed. It is interpreted as a message to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and to Russia.

US armed forces, especially the Navy and Air Force, are surely on somewhat higher alert than usual, what with Mr. Putin rattling his nuclear saber so liberally, and the war in Ukraine getting hotter as the days get colder. You can bet the USS West Virginia is not the only Ohio class sub in the Arabian Sea or Mediterranean.


Thankyou for your thoughts on the aspects for election day. I very much respect your intelligence and years of professional astrological experience. (There are so many superb astrologers who post here!)

Perusing the various astrological websites and youtube presentations reveals your assessment is in harmony with the overwhelming majority. Some are more cautious than others, but every single astrologer I’ve come across on the web interprets the aspects as portending the Dems will retain both the House and Senate on election day.

The icing on the cake is found within Joe Biden’s chart. He is apparently quite happy and pleased throughout November. We can suppose something other than the election might produce that result, but what? Numerous bouts of hot lovemaking with his wife? With all that is going on, I don’t see how he would have time for such, uplifting though it might be.

Conventional wisdom as expressed in the media is the Dems will keep the Senate but lose the House. They make more money of course when they can portray the election as an even horserace. Tending to think overly much in black and white, they also assume the demography of the voters will be the same as in previous years. If anything, the August 2nd vote in Kansas indicates that will not be the case. I think it reasonable many Independents who do not normally vote might be doing so “in droves.”

If the election really is a grand slam for the Dems, another aspect of the explosion part might be protests, and/or violence by the Trumpheads. Claims the election was rigged would be standard for them.

I want to believe that this election will be a landslide victory for the Dems, and a crushing rebuke of the Trumplican Party.

This would be the ideal, but with Saturn-Uranus, plus the eclipse, it’s difficult for me to say.

I do fear the apathy of Democratic-leaning voters. Too often, people who should know better take the outcome for granted, and then are shocked by an unfavorable result, because they believed something more favorable was assured. 2016 is the perfect example of this. Clinton should have easily won, but too many people took Trump for granted, believing that there was no way that he could win. Had they assumed the worst and turned out in droves to crush him and his insufferable ego, he would have become a mere footnote in history, rather than the subject of volumes that are yet to be written.

People also have notoriously short memories. Liberals/Progressives too-soon seem to forget just how bad a Republican majority in Congress and President are, and then quickly remember their disgust when they are in place. I do hope that abortion will drive women to the polls. I also expect the Republicans to use every dirty trick in the book to deny their votes and the votes of Democrats.

voting privilege certainly fits the age old truth – use it or lose it! Apathy never fixed anything. Keeping my fingers crossed that will be overcome.

I think part of the problem too is the ineptitude of the national Dem party campaign leadership in many instances. I just read where Tim Ryan, who is campaigning for Senate here in Ohio against shitheaded Theil-puppet JD Vance is trying to understand why the national party hasn’t sent more money his way. I wonder that too and I hate how often now the national Democrats write-off Ohio. Ryan is a competitive candidate. There are still tons of people here starved for leadership not stuck in a Dark Ages mindset. Sadly, we have little hope for an answer here through our godawful two party system, and the undue advantages that it seems to gift to the GOP.

The national Democratic party did not learn anything from the masterclass lesson that Howard Dean gave in 2006 on how to beat back the Republicans with ferocity; backing candidates in all 50 states is a legit and effective strategy that works, but who would know it today, outside of those of us who saw firsthand its impact?

BuckeyeShadow, I think many of us agree with you with regard to the DNC. It is a patronage job and we lucked out with Howard Dean. Dean instituted the 50 state solution, reversing many years of the Clinton effort of catering to the two coasts. You are correct about Ohio (Ryan has run an amazing campaign) and also N Carolina where we have an amazing candidate and she should win.

What we are seeing is the result of $400,000,000 in dark money (that is just the money that we know about). Since late September they have delivered a constant barrage of inflation and crime messages and how Dems are soft on both. This is Citizens United in action – buying an election in plain sight. Hopefully, the more than two thirds who don’t agree with this will wake up and make change.

Hi Eliseo,

Perhaps my response to your query was a bit too speculative and extreme? Admittedly, I am intrigued by Joni Patry’s review of the aspects for this upcoming period posted some five months ago. She focused primarily on the October 25th solar eclipse that is conjunct Biden’s natal Moon and what that implies. Of course it’s all conjecture but Joni’s perceptions seems to resonate. I have added my own observations here.

With the October 30th Mars station conjunct Kamala Harris’s Ascendant/North Node/progressed Sun at 24/26 Gemini respectively, a radical shift in position can be expected. Kamala Harris has natal Neptune at 16 ’50 Scorpio opposite progressed Jupiter (17 ’01 Taurus). The November 8th Lunar Eclipse/Uranus conjunction at 16 Taurus could conceivably catapult her into prominence, if not materially, certainly spiritually…….

Update on President Biden and Kamala Harris Look Out! by Joni Patry

Video: 16 min 43 sec


I see your reasoning, but the aspects in Kamala Harris’s chart could pertain as heightened responsibilities in the form of one or more special projects. It’s not unusual for the Prez to delegate a special project to the VP. As Biden has assumed a teaching/grooming role for VP Harris, I think that more likely.

In any case, I don’t see K. Harris as a particularly strong VP, nor do I think she has the experience or wisdom to function well as president. She is a very talented prosecutor. I remain of the opinion she is in the wrong job. I believe she is better suited to the position of attorney general. Maybe she’s learning from the master? We’ll see.

The possibility of violence perpetuated by the less inhibited followers of the Republican neo-fascist criminal cult on election day or thereafter may remain a possibility for quite some time.

I am in no way any kind of expert in astrological interpretation. But my search for written or youtube presentations regarding the midterm election turned up pretty consistent results. Apparently, most astrologers including Andre Kahr, our Sunstars, and our Bob, presuming I’m understanding them correctly, see a probable positive outcome for the Dems on election day. All nevertheless confess the unusual complexity and uniqueness of the aspects. I think we are all somewhat gobsmacked by the knowledge of such distinctly peculiar aspects manifesting on election day!

Rick Levine was cautiously positive for the Dems, but interpreted the election day Saturn square Uranus conjunct the full Moon eclipse in Taurus as “Expect the unexpected.” On that point everyone agrees.


That might mean another coup attempt, OR a complete grand slam by the R’s, OR conversely by the Dems retaining both Houses. We can suppose it might even mean something bizarre, truly weird, and entirely beyond our imagination.

“Newsflash: Gamma ray burst from unknown source simultaneously kills all USA politicians. Nation in mourning. Military appoints Topeka, Kansas dogcatcher as new president and commander-in-chief.”

Absurd? Of course, but who among us ever thought DJT would ever be president? Absurd might be the best adjective for that day.

Basing their forecast on the history of midterm elections and whom they believe are likely voters, the vast majority of the media and mathematically inclined prognosticators see the House as going to the R’s, and the Senate too close to call, but lean towards Dems retaining the senatorial majority.

A small minority, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, plus the majority of self-proclaimed psychics, tarot readers, intuitives, and astrologers see Dems retaining both Houses.

Presuming we are wrong, delusional, overly involved in wishful thinking and the R’s retake the House, I believe they are not liable to have as much success as we might fear. Their opposition to support for Ukraine would be for naught as there are ways to get around such.

The House as led by K. McCarthy and swayed heavily by their craziest crazies would surely create quite a lot of noise and chaos. But any bills they might pass would die in the Senate and/or be skewered by the earnest veto pen of Mr. Biden. Their obvious madness would ultimately lead to an overwhelming defeat, and victory for the Dems in 2024.

Why, other than my meager knowledge of astrology do I believe it more probable Dems will retain both Houses? Firstly, my own intuition. And secondly, if you will please pardon the ironic metaphor, I see the results of the Kansas 2nd August abortion rights election as quite pregnant. Pregnant!? Yes, with a plethora of “UNLIKELY VOTERS,” resulting in a 59% to 41% Dem victory. I don’t necessarily see the abortion issue as primary for November, but it is an important bellwether of the larger issue, DEMOCRACY.

Of course, I might be crazy. Maybe we all are. For all I know we might be invaded on election day by dense electromagnetic beings from the bowels of Jupiter. And who knows how they might govern?

excellent interview with rachael on the fascism topic and ideas about how to deal with it going forward

Eliseo, if, as you say, MAGA takes control of the House, when it comes to Ukraine we know many expressed support for cutting off military aid. I agree that there may be ways around that, but they would hold the purse strings. They could tie revoking aid to Ukraine to defaulting the government to blackmail Biden into a position of our country or Ukraine. When it comes to abortion they could also tie a restrictive bill to defaulting the government forcing Biden to break his promise to veto any restrictive abortion legislation or defaulting the government. If MAGA takes control of the House there is not guarantee McCarthy would get to be Speaker because MTG has a whole lot more MAGA support. Scorpio ASC conjunct Saturn/Mercury here, so I know these are my own dark thoughts but I think they are realistic IF they win the House. I cling to hope though that what so many of the astrologers and intuitives are saying about us keeping the House and Senate is true?

That last question mark was supposed to be the praying hands icon!

No doubt it would be a chaotic mess, a truly horrible two years reminiscent of the problems in England in the 1640’s wherein the King and Parliament were at loggerheads. It would tax all our creativity and patience.

We will know relatively soon whether we’ll need to employ go around strategies to get things done or not. If we lose, we’ll have about 60ish days to pre-tinker with the machinery of government, to disable the kooks before they are inaugurated.. Financing the government would be our greatest challenge. Our side would need become far more subversive.and machiavellian.

I too pray none of that becomes necessary.

Eliseo, don’t know if you take much stock in Tarot but I’ve discovered Ellie from Australia, I think someone on here posted something from her and I’ve been tuning in ever since. I always take these things with a couple grains of salt. Anyway, this morning I saw she did an insightful reading on young people and if they will have an impact on the vote. If you’re interested, here is the link: https://youtu.be/ggmmwdZ8VDI

We share similar attitudes about tarot readings and also agree about Ellie. From experience I put far more faith in a good astrological analysis. Perhaps a month or two ago I posted about Ellie. I absolutely love her personality. She is delightful!

One of the things that most impresses me about Ellie from down under is her mastery of symbolism. Her knowledge and understanding of the archetypes is very complete, therefore very internalized. It’s all very natural for her. She’s like a musician who has completely mastered her instrument and knows the music so well that both are an innate part of her. The combination of her finely honed intuition, intelligence, knowledge, video skill and uplifting personality give her readings great clarity and focus, all in all exceptional.

Astrologer Michael Wolfstar O’Reilly posted about the upcoming midterm election the other day at Neptune Cafe. He believes Democrats will likely do better than what the polls are indicating

Here’s the link to Michael’s October 17th posting:


I’m a strong supporter of Ukraine, Kurdistan, Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), Tibet, West Papua, and many other self-determination movements. So, I was recently distressed by the McCarthy and the fascist Republicans threatening to cut (or at least sharply reduce) military aid to Ukraine if they were to regain control of the House and Senate.

Granted, various foreign policy experts have explained that there are ways President Biden could get around some of those roadblocks, but since Congress does control the purse strings, it would be a hot mess.

I noticed one of the Tarot readers / astrologers I follow, Maryanne Revealing Light from Australia, did a reading on this. She predicted that the Republicans would not be successful in stopping the aid to Ukraine do to either the fact that they don’t win this November or due to the fact that they receive some kind of pushback that would force them to rethink their policy.

Interestingly enough, yesterday, GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell came out against McCarthy’s proposal to cut aid to Ukraine and stated that he intends to continue supporting Ukraine if the GOP were to regain control of the Senate. So, it appears Marianne’s prediction may have merit.

Curious as to how the midterm eclipse looked on the U.S. map I found that eclipse Pluto went through Texas.

Locating the eclipse to Austin, the capitol of Texas, has it’s MC on tRump’s natal Saturn and it’s Saturn/Neptune midpoint exactly opposite his progressed Sun, both the midpoint and Sun being exactly square his progressed MC in right ascension in Austin. Also his progressed Sun is in the grip of his progressed natal Saturn and Neptune being on their Midpoint. Transiting and his progressed Saturn/Neptune midpoints both have his progressed Sun in hand as they are opposing each other.

As this attack on Roe/Wade originated in TX could this be where the unexpected comes forth from the eclipse as TX goes Blue under the eclipse, giving the House to the Democrats.

That’s very interesting. As an Ex-Texan with friends & relatives there, I pay attention to their politics. Political demographers like Ruy Teixeira expected Texas to go blue in national (not local) elections by a few cycles ago. It didn’t some say because of gerrymandering.

Not knowing if this is a viable exorcise but I lean to thinking it is, the Pluto line begins just South of the short East-West Arkansas border with Texas and goes straight down to the coast between Beaumont and Houston. Could the Houston area favor Democrat and independent voters?

Chris Romero,

The most commonly, widely accepted date and location for the establishment of the Republican Party among historians and astrologers is March 20, 1854 Ripon Wisconsin 6:30 pm. If we are to accept that chart as legitimate, the October 25th solar eclipse 2’00 Scorpio will oppose the GOP’s natal Pluto (1 ’30 Taurus) within a half degree. That suggests to me the Republican Party’s influence will become less significant as we approach the midterms. Natal Pluto in the 8th house when harshly aspected by a solar eclipse implies an ending of sorts. Here’s the chart…….


Beaumont is in Jefferson county. Houston is in Harris county. In between are Liberty and Chambers counties. Both Harris & Jefferson counties usually go blue in presidential elections, as do Travis county, (Austin) and Bexar county (pronounced Bay-are) (San Antonio).

Texas is portrayed as a solid red state, but in reality is quite purple with some deep blue counties. Heavily urban areas plus the most southern (Hispanic) counties tend to have a slight majority of Dem voters. The many small to middle size cities, towns, and rural areas of Texas tend to be close to 100% red.

Hope this helps.

Factoids you might find interesting as we endeavor to understand our world through the lens of astrology:

(1) As of today, reliable estimates say 700,000 men have fled Russia since the announcement of Mr. Putin’s Sept 21st “partial mobilization.”

(2) NASA Announces Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study Team Members
NASA has selected 16 individuals to participate in its independent study team on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Observations of events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or as known natural phenomena are categorized as UAPs.

The independent study will begin on Monday, Oct. 24. Over the course of nine months, the independent study team will lay the groundwork for future study on the nature of UAPs for NASA and other organizations. To do this, the team will identify how data gathered by civilian government entities, commercial data, and data from other sources can potentially be analyzed to shed light on UAPs. It will then recommend a roadmap for potential UAP data analysis by the agency going forward.

The study will focus solely on unclassified data. A full report containing the team’s findings will be released to the public in mid-2023. …


In my personal opinion the various “crafts” or objects seen over the last several decades (and centuries) are not driven by “aliens” from other star systems. Nevertheless, the mysteries these objects present to us are profoundly befuddling. I think we can be sure that when we eventually get answers, the information will be astonishing and world changing. I note the report to the public scheduled for mid-2023 will be roughly when Pluto is dipping back & forth into Aquarius. Seems to me Pluto at the beginning of Aquarius is perfect symbolism for whatever information might be revealed about the strange objects flying through our skies at 20 times mach speed, and equally capable of “flying” through our oceans.

The Russian war on Ukraine is escalating. We in the US are more focused on the eclipses’ effect on our midterm election. I’m wondering also about their effect on Ukraine and Russia.

All major news orgs and the US Defense dept. report Iranian soldiers in Ukraine assisting Russians. They are training Russian soldiers in drone use, and at least a few Iranian soldiers have died in Ukraine missile attacks. Some report (so far unverified) Iranians may also be involved in war crimes.

All the news orgs also report the Russians have removed their officers from most of the Kherson region, leaving only their least trained troops as sacrifice to defend the coming Ukrainian advance. The Russians have set mines on the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Dam/Power Plant. Expectation is at the right moment, when it is most advantageous militarily, they will blow it, drowning the advancing Ukrainian soldiers and over 80 cities. The flood would cripple a nuclear power plant, seriously risking a meltdown, and potentially drown tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War believe the Russians plan on blaming the destruction of the dam on those “evil Nazi Ukrainians.”


We should be mindful about making these kinds of postulations about the dam and a projected high casualty rate. I don’t put it past the Russians to be underhanded but I do trust Ukraine’s capacity to use the international intelligence that’s been provided to them and act strategically. I highly doubt the Ukrainian military would be so rash to jeopardize thousands of their own citizens lives in Kherson by arbitrarily advancing into the city knowing the risk of the dam. They would likely encourage evacuation first.

Also, various foreign policy experts have praised Ukraine’s ability to intercept and destroy those dreadful kamikaze drones from Iran – they were saying even Israel has been impressed.

So, I do try to stay optimistic even in these distressing situations because Ukraine needs the world to support her.

Chris Romero,
I agree with you entirely. Zelensky is no fool. I expect the Ukrainians are preparing for such possibilities. Russian plans and intentions have been so transparent. I posted the information regarding those intentions that we would know what to look for astrologically. I did not mean for any of that to seem inevitable.

Jerry, Bob,
You are probably aware, the Trump organization tax fraud case begins Monday the 24th, tomorrow – one day before the eclipse.

Hi Eliseo,

Re: The October 24th Eclipse (2 Scorpio)

Although I hadn’t seen a direct connection to Trump’s natal chart, after your mentioning it, I took a quick glance at the eclipse chart once again and noticed a sesqi-square to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini). Some unexpected surprises in store for the Orange Man?

Monday October 24th also happens to be Diwali (India’s festival of lights)……

Vice-President Kamala Harris Celebrates Diwali In Washington

In a tweeted video, the US Vice-President and her husband can be seen enjoying the occasion with sparklers in their hands


“Unexpected surprises in store for the Orange Man?”
I would think so, and hope so. For starters, he’s alwayd gotten away with his various crimes and boorish behavior. His karmic chickens accumulated for so many years have all come to roost, and I think they will bury him.

Many thanks for the link to those Diwali videos. That was delightful!

At last tRump knows the charges are for real.
And he is the rat in the trap.

By: Bob on October 6th, 2022 at 5:05 am

The Oct 25 SE with tRump’s natal has the eclipse MC on his natal Saturn.


No rest for the wicked!

tRump’s natal progressed to the October 25 solar eclipse reflects the nature of his natal to the eclipse.


Garland to hold news conference on ‘significant national security cases’

Rebecca Shabad is a politics reporter for NBC News based in Washington.
Ryan J. Reilly is a justice reporter for NBC News.

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Merrick Garland will hold a news conference Monday afternoon to discuss “significant national security cases addressing malign influence schemes and alleged criminal activity by a nation-state actor in the United States,” the Department of Justice announced in an advisory.

Garland will speak at 1:30 p.m. ET, and will be joined by Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew G. Olsen and other Justice Department officials.

The advisory didn’t provide any additional details about the case, including what the alleged criminal activity entails or what foreign country or countries may be involved.”

The info is much appreciated. Thanks!

Some interesting facts:
In August of 1941 in an attempt to thwart the German Nazis, the Soviets blew up a dam at same location as the present day Kakhovka Hydroelectric dam. I’m looking for an exact date in that August for purpose of a chart on the event. The rushing water killed 20,000 of their own soldiers and 130,000 civilians, but not many Germans.

On May 9th 2022 President Biden signed into law the Lend Lease act for Ukraine. It’s a done deal, very difficult to undo.

There are 213 R’s in the House of Representatives. 57 of them, slightly more than 25 percent, voted against aid for Ukraine. Although minority leader McCarthy says he’s against any more military aid for Ukraine, about 3/4 of his fellow R’s in the House support continuing assistance.

Senator McConnell and most of the other R senators support more assistance for Ukraine as well.

If the R’s become the majority in the House, Dems and sympathetic R’s will pass a massive new Ukraine aid bill in the lame duck session before the Jan. 3rd inauguration of new members.

In the unlikely event the R led House and Senate pass legislation in 2023 to somehow withdraw support for Ukraine, Mr. Biden will veto the bill. They would never get a 2/3 with which to overcome Biden’s veto.

Were the R’s to take the House, military equipment and assistance would probably continue to flow to Ukraine through 2023 & 2024.

For info


?? ???? ?? ??????? ???. ? ?? ???????? ???.

The first link, Bob, was about Clarence Thomas putting a “temporary” hold on Lindsey Graham’s court order to testify to the Jan 6 Committee!!! He is also involved in the permanent decision. It really stinks!

The second one was about Garland charging 12 Chinese spies whom, I guess, live here (I did not read the details). I was relating this to all the talk about getting into a cold or warm war with China.

Thank you Sharon.

Looking at the charts I am thinking there might be contested election results that take a day or 2 to resolve.

You’re welcome, Bob, and I would not be surprised as about 5 Senate races alone are very tight — I imagine there will be others.

It would be great if yhey are resolved in as little as 2 days. I hope so (and maybe the major ones will be). But, if not, I hope it’s a short time.

Clarence Thomas remains the ultimate Uncle Tom.

These people don’t even try to hide it anymore.

As bad as uncle Tomas’ decision is, its not as bad as it could be – yet. Utuber Meidas Touch outlines the legal scenario. Apparently the temporary stay has been issued is only until a response is received from Georgia DA. Here’s the ‘legalese’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5ah-T7nRJk

I wonder how much all these appeals are costing the taxpayers? it would be great if someone is tallying them all up for future publication and general outrage.

Rishi Sunak, the first Hindu to be elected PM of the UK, will assume his duties on 25th, day of the solar eclipse.

Diwali Delight for Indians As Rishi Sunak Set To Become UK PM

NEW DELHI, Oct 24 (Reuters) – Many Indians are delighted at the prospect of Rishi Sunak becoming the first person of Indian origin to become British prime minister, just as Hindus like him celebrated Diwali across the world on Monday.



An explanation on the significance of Diwali by Meher Baba

Video: 3 minutes


Karmic justice & positive irony that India was a British Colony, freed largely through the efforts of Mahatma Gandhi, and now an Indian gentleman is Prime Minister.

The Indians I have known in the U.S. are highly educated and capable (yet humble), especially in technical fields, as well as ambitious. Obviously, this is why they were offered employment & obtained work Visas. More power to them, I say. (They also have a great film industry.)

Mrs Patry

Reading between the lines she very cagily dances around the big changes that are about to come after the midterm elections without saying she thinks they will be tRump’s return to the presidency.

Lunar Eclipse November 8th: Chaos and Revolution!


What she has to say about the election day eclipse begins at the 10:39 mark. She uses tRump language.
“gonna cause chaos in the streets of the United States. You will see, there’s going to be pretty much a big, almost like civil war,”

Then later goes on to say she thinks ‘it’ has to be detroyed in order for it to be rebuilt.

She will have more to say as the calender moves in to November. There is already unrest in the country and although I think there will be pockets of violent protest about the election I do not think they will be near the scope of a civil war.

What she said about tRump: “In my files a video featuring Patry titled “Predictions December 2016”, dated November 29 … At the 9:17 mark Patry says “…in my other videos I speak of him as being the king that is born.”

Bob: Yeah, after discerning who Joni Patri was a few years ago, I saved myself the trouble and ceased resding her.

Just because an astrologer has a slick website doesn’t mean they are smart.

President Trump and the Future of America



“…talking about donald trump in terms of being the president you have to come to realize that this is all in the stars. Look at the charts. He was destined to be the President of the United States and based on these planets I have to say something that many of you may not like but if you do not like what I have to say you’ve got to reconsider and take a close look at yourself because what is it you really want do you want to destroy our nation or do you want wholeness completeness and for it to prosper? It’s in the Stars. The charts are aligned. The stars are aligned for Donald Trump to be the president and here’s my prediction – he will be one of our greatest presidents that we ever had. Does that upset you? If it does take a look at your heart in your soul because then you’re saying you do not want what’s best and I’m not saying that Donald Trump is perfect by any means. I’m just saying that there’s something important for him to do and it’s changing everything. He has uncovered the scandals, the cheating, and he will continue to do more work in cleaning out the deception deceit in denial that has been going on in politics for years. Why? Because Neptune and k2 are conjunct right now and they are opposed that solar eclipse degree that brings everything out into the open. The media has been lying, the government has been lying and no one likes to be lied to. This is one of the reasons why so many people secretly voted for Trump because they want to change. They did not want to see more of the same. Donald Trump represents change and this is what you’re going to get and I say based on the astrology he’s going to do great things for the world.”

Hi Bob,

Some time ago there was a heated debate in this discussion group regarding the credibility of Joni Patry’s views and style. You had some very strong opinions in the matter. Rather than taking sides, why not apply ones intuition to the merits of the aspects? Forget about Joni.

Look no further. The geopolitical storm is fast gaining speed and frothing at the edges on many fronts. The protests in Iran, the Russian-Ukraine war, the rapid decline of confidence in the economy, Trump’s imminent indictment and the threat he poses of instigating a “civil war”. You don’t have to be psychic or an astrologer to read in between the lines; something dramatic may be emerging in all this.

Personally, I’m looking at the October 30th Mars retrograde station (25 ’36 Gemini). This could mark the beginning of serious instability. As discussed earlier, the Mars station is especially powerful when standing still, all the more poignant since it is heavily impacting Ukraine, Russia, Putin and Zelensky. Mars is presently “out of bounds”. It will remain out of bounds over the course of the next several weeks. When Mars is out-of-bounds, its natural assertion and physical energy can become violently aggressive and unpredictable. It will be within a half degree of quincunx to Pluto (26 ’13 Capricorn). A quincunx is a harsh angle that requires adjustments for the entities involved. Pluto represents nuclear explosions or power. The implications of that Mars-Pluto quincunx is particularly disturbing in light of recent developments…….

Ukraine Alleges Russian Dirty Bomb Deception At Nuke Plant

Ukraine’s nuclear energy operator says Russian forces have performed secret work at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant

Associated Press
October 25, 2022

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine’s nuclear energy operator said Tuesday that Russian forces were performing secret work at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, activity that could shed light on Russia’s claims that the Ukrainian military is preparing a “provocation” involving a radioactive device.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made an unsubstantiated allegation that Ukraine was preparing to launch a so-called dirty bomb. Shoigu leveled the charge over the weekend in calls to his British, French, Turkish and U.S. counterparts. Britain, France and the United States rejected it out of hand as “transparently false.”

Ukraine also dismissed Moscow’s claim as an attempt to distract attention from the Kremlin’s own alleged plans to detonate a dirty bomb, which uses explosives to scatter radioactive waste in an effort to sow terror.

Energoatom, the Ukrainian state enterprise that operates the country’s four nuclear power plants, said Russian forces have carried out secret construction work over the last week at the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.

Russian officers controlling the area won’t give access to Ukrainian staff running the plant or monitors from the U.N.’s atomic energy watchdog that would allow them to see what the Russians are doing, Energoatom said Tuesday in a statement.

Energoatom said it “assumes” the Russians “are preparing a terrorist act using nuclear materials and radioactive waste stored at” the plant. It said there were 174 containers at the plant’s dry spent fuel storage facility, each of them containing 24 assemblies of spent nuclear fuel.

“Destruction of these containers as a result of explosion will lead to a radiation accident and radiation contamination of several hundred square kilometers (miles) of the adjacent territory,” the company said.



A Dangerous Holiday Season


Posts about Mrs Patry


With all due respect, and forgive me for saying so, but I’m not fully clear why you feel the need to denigrate and laboriously dwell on the alleged anomalies of another astrologer. Really speaking, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, regardless of whether we agree or disagree. We just have to learn how to listen quietly to discern what’s real and what is “off”. In any case, if we all agreed on everything being said, things would get awfully boring after awhile.

Sunstars, it is a horrendous gap between ” here’s my prediction – he will be one of our greatest presidents that we ever had.” and one who was impeached twice and is being labeled by contemporary politicians and historians as the worst president ever.

That level of predilection needs to be noted.

I meant Mis-predilection.


The issue you addressed to sunstars had already been covered in previous discussions. I think you would be hard pressed to find any mention of Trump in those “colorful” terms over the past 3 or 4 years. Once again, why bother with it. It is all inconsequential.

And that, Jerry, is why you’re not the moderator of this website. MYOB and stay out of others’ conversations. Please.

Thank Gawd MT Rushmore is finished or that Texas sidewinder would probably have labeled him as the G.O.A.T.

She has never retracted nor modified her proclamations about the ponderous vermin and her current talking points are the same as when she used them in connection with his name. Because she hasn’t, those predictions are fair game for discussion, in fact, because her views as a prominent atrologer about what his chart says to her about him are in direct opposition to his current and likely future considerations that point should be available to those who might consider buying her services.

Thank you, Bob. Point taken.


“And that, Jerry, is why you’re not the moderator of this website. MYOB and stay out of others’ conversations. Please.”

Zzzzing! I might jump on the heap here and remind us all that Joni was/is knee-deep in promoting crypto-currency as well as her astrology university and ersatz astro-amulets with “cosmic protective powers” on her website. She loses her credibility again and again with her Trumpian delusions I don’t doubt her knowledge of astrology – its her interpretations that defy even the astro-logic. The manipulation through guilt and not-so-subtle anti-Trump shaming is galling.

Joni, what’s going through your mascara?

She appears to me to be more a hawker of astro-trinkets than she is a legitimate astrologer. But then, Scorpio…

Arbo, Will,

MYOB? It is a group discussion. I’m merely suggesting that we could exercise some amount of neutrality. To ingratiate ourselves in the art of character bashing is getting away from the main intent of this forum. It is better to stay on topic. We are passing through a minefield of explosive aspects during this eclipse season. Major changes may be ahead. That to me is much more interesting and subject worthy then repetitively going over another persons perceived character flaws. In the final analysis it really doesn’t matter. The astrological aspects speak for themselves. We may have a different set of interpretations on what the aspects may mean, but I would suggest that we hold back on our judgments at least until mid November.

jerry, if someone wants to express displeasure, as all of us here know it’s a manifestation of their current planetary influences coming up against those of others.

As far as neutrality goes, that thinking has given us our current government. Enablers shouldn’t be encouraged. We are left of center here.

I, personally, am not fond of either snake oil or trinket sellers nor those who have sold their souls for a seat in either House of Congress. Or the White House. Or those who make excuses for and a buck off them.

If you don’t like what you read, scroll down. That’s what I do when I don’t wish to waste time.

Meher Baba paging Jerry; Meher Baba paging Jerry.

Jerry, its just some good-natured ribbing. Try not to make it so heavy. You are beloved.

OK Boys, play nice! Sometimes its helpful to just give up the need to be right.
Must be tetchy planets that seem to be winding up too many everywhere recently ….

Huawei is the global telecom infrastructure giant at the center of the DOJ actions taken and announced earlier this week. The case shows the State and corporation aligned as one, and in turn substantiates that China control of large segments of the global telecommunications network via Huawei acts as an extension of their autocracy. This has already caused global harm and is a direct threat to democracy. Not sure the significance of this week’s DOJ action has been internalized yet here in this forum. Supposing Aquarius and Gemini activations a good lens from which to start processing.

Hi Will, Arbo,

Just to reassure you, I feel no disharmony or friction in this discussion. I was responding to Bob’s initial comments. There was a derisive tone there and felt prompted to bring that to his attention. I’m all for expressing ones opinion as long as it is stated as such. To present ones opinions as irrefutable fact however, may be a bit presumptuous and misleading. It changes the tone of the conversation. Anyway Will, I could have chosen to not engage, and let his comments go unchallenged. I didn’t. And therein lies my weakness. I think if we stick to astrology, we’ll be alright.

Ericb – Thank you very much for your comment. Need to know, of course! So essential.

Sharon K – I liked your comment about the new UK prime minister.

When I lived in the US a few decades ago, all I ever knew about India I learned from a fabulous PBS drama series 14 episodes long called
“The Jewel in The Crown”.

It was about the transition …. about the British Colonists leaving India. It was really good. The story started in the Second World War, or just before it.

When I was in my late teens here in Canada, I had a boyfriend whose British parents had met and married in India during the War. She was a nurse; he was the head of food services for the Allied countries.

In my back and forth between Canada and the US I attended one year at University of Alberta. I noticed that almost half of my profs at the time were from the US. So then I started thinking in terms of “North America”.

When I came back to Canada for the final time. it was then that I noticed Indians in Canada.

And the reason I noticed them is because of a difference in attitude between the US and Canada.

Canada has an attitude about our immigrants with which I strongly disagree – actually it is policy – It is called “Multiculturalism”.

The US attitude toward immigration is called “The Melting Pot”.

Actually, a friend pointed it out to me that Multiculturalism – to my surprise – was initiated in Canada around 1921.

A number of European countries plus Australia have abandoned Multiculturalism, finding it divisive.

However, my observations in just the past few years suggest that multiculturalism may become the melting pot after all, albeit extremely slowly.

It’s the “extremely slowly” that is disturbing.

The Values of the Indians exist here in Canada. The Caste System with some Indian families is alive and well. And, I have read, also in Silicon Valley – Indians proficient in their profession will go to lengths to find out the Caste of other Indians with whom they interact. And if a person’s caste is lower than theirs, they persecute that person.

In Canada there have been documented and publicized cases of murder related to the Caste system, especially with women involved.

I am happy that there is a Briton of Indian descent as Prime Minister in the UK. Hopefully that will go a long way to ease the need of Indians to continue to adhere to their Caste system.

Does anyone have an opinion on the young ‘protesters’ defacing art and causing general mayhem?
Seems to me they are either spoiled brats with no care for anyone else, or they are being paid to disrupt. Either way, perhaps it is designed to elicit disfavor for the very causes they espouse?

kiwi, a “false flag” protest. Or as they said back in the sixties, um, getting intimate with a rat?

I wonder what sort of hell is going to break loose with twitter now


I would expect you may be familiar with the British television drama series Indian Summers. If in the off chance you are not, it’s well worth watching. Extremely well done. Here is a preview to the first season…

Indian Summers/ Preview of Season One

Video 5 min 12 sec


kiwi, the beginning of the end of twitter?

arbo, that would be a very good thing since there remain so many complete twits around.
PS – meaning of twit = silly or foolish person

omg – the crazies are definitely out. Nancy Pelosi’s husband attacked with a hammer and hospitalized. Person was ‘looking for Nancy’


In response to your interesting comments – I guess you could say that all countries have a “class” system of sorts, although the Indian caste system is one of the worst in the world and I’m sure there are others like it.

The U.S. and even Britain, seem to have the least separations but people are still playing what Eric Berne called in his “Games People Play” – ‘top dog/under dog’, superiority-inferiority games.

There is something in human nature that likes to feel superior, even among all of us here I’d wager. Revolutions that led to socialism (not the democratic socialism or socialist democracy they have in Europe and that we have a version of here – and I do confuse the order of the terms) created a kind of false equality and stifled freedom and enforced their system with dictatorships and fascism.

I think that there are those who deserve to earn what they have via merit and hard work (not by cheating or paying for it underhandedly) and others who do not have the same abilities should at least have a level playing field and help or a boost, but it all seems to have gone awry. Will we ever really have real equity?

Regarding multiculturalism and melting pots, I remember being told in social work grad school in the last 10 yrs that we are now more like a “salad” with all ingredients mixed together but still retaining their unique identity. I guess that’s definition of multi-culturalism?

And when it comes to multi-culturalism, lots of “ingredients” are insisting they be recognized and, rightly so, but I guess we are in the growth stage of that process, and I do have to admit that some of what is demanded can end up feeling unfair or silly in itself. For example, in a bid to oppose “authoritarianism”, students now sometimes have more power over teachers than vice versa in colleges that are relying on paying attendees. And I, for one, sometimes find the whole non-binary gender thing and being asked to be called a “they” instead of a “he” or “she” a little clumsy and/or confusing.

Sharon, I am actually beginning to rather dislike the movements that over-emphasize ‘labeling’. Whether it be gay-straight/male-female/ caste/color/profession/religion/etc. etc.

It seems to be driven by a) an inner wounding or fear of some sort and b)the need for a sort of tribal recognition by individuals. I think insisting on labels to validate the self serves to perpetuate human divisions in the bigger context.
I wonder what a conscious move away from labels would do to overall civic cohesiveness, for example, changing ‘black lives matter’ to ‘All lives matter.’
I would like to think that as people become more psychologically secure and whole within themselves as to who they are, the less need they have to shout their separateness are from the rooftops. Could it be perhaps that labeling is simply their first stage overreaction to long term suppression?

Maybe the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius can help with this.

Yes, the less labeling the better, kiwi. As they say, race is a social construct based on recognition of skin color. But because of it, people have been debased, as well as others who make less mainstream choices, or whom belong to an unfamiliar group, religion, ethnicity. Why we have to notice and make it into something negative instead of thinking of them as just another person, to be accept based on their character, etc., is the sad part.

Maybe with Aquarius, we will have a more universalist perception and reach the highest stage of morality and ethics that Kohler talked about (and as Eliseo has often talked about). Unfortunately, even Aquarians can be narrow minded it seems. I guess you would have to see the rest of the chart but it always surprises me when I find one who is so stuck on a narrow belief system, although I guess it’s also just a reflection of their environment and times. Even Aquarians can only be so enlightened – (LOL)

If Nancy Pelosi was home, she may have been killed or at least also injured – although I could see her husband protecting her.

We know there are right-wing extremists who cling to the conspiracy theories, particularly about the election but also white supremism, etc, but we also know of at least 1 very disturbed left winger who shot Steve Scalese while he was playing in a congressional baseball game about 3-4 yrs ago.

Sharon, I do wonder if the timing of the Pelosi attack and the uptick in right wing activity immediately following Elon’s acquisition of twitter is just coincidental? It’ll be interesting to find out what the attacker’s digital footprint reveals.

Sharon K,
I worry far more at this time about the far right than those on the far left. Can we do away with the false equivalency conversation, please? We are much, much closer on the spectrum at this point to Italy/Mussolini-style fascism than we are to a France/Robespierre-style revolution.

The fact that so many Republicans/right wingers are positively gleeful about the harm the attacker inflicted upon Mr. Pelosi speaks volumes about them, and where we currently are as a country. Not a good look or place to be.

I can’t stand Trump and want him gone, period. The sooner that incessant babbling bastard falls silent forevermore, the better for us all. But I still much rather prefer that he be tried, convicted and sentenced to rot away in a prison cell than be martyred for stupid by an individual extremist. I think most of us on the progressive left feel similar.

The best thing we can do with Trump is to make a very strong legal example out of him to set precedent that law, order and honor in this country actually do mean something, and that no one, no matter how much money or power they amass, can be above the law, or else wrap themselves in the trappings of high office to escape from consequences of wrongdoing. To be clear, Trump wants back into the White House for exactly this reason, because he believes being President will protect him from prosecution. We must prove to the contrary, no matter what it takes, that no one can use the office of the POTUS as their own personal shield, ever.

If people are so delusional that they want to fight a civil war over this clown, so be it. I would rather take a righteous stand for the rule of law and go down fighting, than live on in a lost country where a complete and total fraudster and buffoon is elevated and literally crowned king.

This country won’t survive if we don’t go for the jugular of right wing extremism and eviscerate it at its very roots while presenting legitimate alternatives to Christo-fascist delusions. We could actually use quite a bit more of a progressive/radical left in our politics to pull the country forward out of the reactionary mess we find ourselves in today.

Universiality, I believe is coming with Pluto moving into Aquarius, and eventually, Pisces. But keep in mind that terms such as “all lives matter” have been frequently used as a knee-jerk, reactionary, and even facetious response by white conservatives to “Black Lives Matter” here, making it an emotionally charged and derogatory term not well or widely received. Some Conservatives have even created “Blue Lives Matter” memes in support of the police, which is so blatantly asinine and incendiary given that George Floyd and countless other black people have been harmed by undue police brutality. What they are saying is that all lives don’t matter, which of course goes back to the very root of racism, “whiteness” and “blackness” incorporated into the founding of the US. All lives will not truly matter until we have had a massive reconciliation around multiple centuries’ worth of karma.

Yesterday’s brutal attack intended for Nancy Pelosi, but suffered at the hands of Nancy’s husband is a clear indication that we can expect more of the same as we approach the midterms. The election itself is promising to be intensely acrimonious, volatile and chaotic. Results will most likely be contested, possibly dragging on for weeks. There’s a lot riding on the outcome. The obvious concern is if the Republicans gain the majority in either the House or Senate. Given the opportunity, GOP leaders, sympathetic to Trump’s MAGA influence will wrap up the January 6th hearings and other related Trump investigations and throw away the key. If that were to happen, justice will be ill served and democracy as we know it will come to a very sad and abrupt end. For this reason, Putin’s restraint in not following through with his threats in launching weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine as a “defensive measure” is understandable and may be deliberate. He may very well be waiting until after the elections have taken place…..

Putin Has Been Watching And Waiting For This Moment In Washington

October 26, 2022

For months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has waited and watched, hoping for a fracturing of the remarkable Washington consensus built by President Joe Biden on the need to do everything it takes to defend democracy in Ukraine. Now, at last, the first cracks may be appearing.

There is no sign that the $18 billion US pipeline of military aid that has helped Ukraine drive back Russia’s onslaught is immediately in danger. But the stirrings of political opposition to an endless US role in the war are growing on both sides of the aisle just two weeks before the November midterms.

Even the slightest hint of a softening of American resolve could comfort Putin as the Kremlin strongman prepares to inflict a painful winter on Ukrainian civilians and Europeans reliant on Russian gas.

In what can only be described as a political debacle on Tuesday, progressive Democrats published, then withdrew, a letter initially signed in June that called on the White House to match its effort to arm Ukraine with a strong diplomatic effort to engage Russia and seek a ceasefire. This came days after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the possible next speaker, warned that Kyiv could not expect a “blank check” on aid if the GOP is in charge next year.



So, given the astrological aspects in play and considering Putin’s possible intentions, I think it’s fair to say that we can expect major developments in the Russian-Ukraine conflict to erupt on or around November 11th.

November 11th

The Sun-Saturn square at 18 Scorpio-Aquarius will be t squaring Putin’s natal Nodes (18 Aquarius-Leo) and natal Jupiter (19 Scorpio). The Russian invasion of Ukaine debacle has been described as “Putin’s war” so any sensitive degrees in his chart should be well considered in determining the outcome of the conflict. What is intriguing to me is that the powerful August 1st Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction (18 Taurus) is being activated at this juncture BIG time.

Here’s an astrological analysis of that conjunction…….

Explosive Liberation: The Astrology of the 2022 Mars-Uranus-North Node Conjunction in Taurus

“………. This conjunction is a continuation of the story of Uranus’ transit through Taurus. Uranus, the disruptive planet of chaos and rebellion, has been shaking up the earthy fixed energies of Taurus since 2018 and will continue to do so until he leaves in 2025.

This ramped up late in 2020, when Saturn entered Aquarius and therefore moved into a square relationship with Uranus in Taurus. That gave added pressure where Saturn attempted to exert order and control over unruly Uranus, and Uranus rebuffed every attempt in due course. It was that constant sense of: “Here are the rules, deal with them,” followed quickly by: “f*** you and f*** your rules!”

This dynamic, the push-pull of attempts to exert control and subsequent revolt against that control, heightened even further in 2022 with the eclipse cycle shifting to the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The North Node in Taurus has an increasing effect on the Uranian energy here, so the net result is even more of a sense of rejection of order and a need for liberation.

We have seen this play out as a complete disruption and loss of order and control over all the things in our lives that are supposed to be stable, fixed and secure – housing, food, fuel. The chaos related to these areas has ramped up considerably in 2022,”




“This country won’t survive if we don’t go for the jugular of right wing extremism and eviscerate it at its very roots while presenting legitimate alternatives to Christo-fascist delusions.”

I agree we need to go for the jugular of right wing extremism and eviscerate it at its very roots. The problem I see lies in your very accurate use of the word “delusions.” Those delusions are wrapped up in a very vibrant but twisted political and theological mythos. It has power in great part because it imparts a sense of meaning in the context of the shallow, emotionally cold techno/economic world in which we live move and have our being. We live in a very loud milieu which constantly screams at us that our lives are meaningless.

In several cases we’ve presented relatively simple legitimate practical alternatives to Christo-fascist notions of governance which our paranoid opponents either do not comprehend or cannot hear for the burning propaganda voices in their heads.

A brilliant young friend complained to me recently, lamenting how much trouble he has distinguishing what is true and false between the conflicting spiritual and political assertions of our times. I notice the same problem with my adult nephew and niece. Although they are quite intelligent, critical thinking is nevertheless a real struggle for them when it comes to spiritual and political matters.

Early in my life I saw the vampire for what it was and is. I’ve searched for most all of my years for the stake to drive deep into its heart, but have not found it. Meanwhile, the vampire has grown exponentially, and I am still searching.

If I understand the astrological influences correctly, I expect the creature will meet its ignominious end within our lifetime, but likely through unexpected forces far greater than ourselves. If I can work in harmony with those forces, I will be quite pleased and fulfilled.

An interesting and uplifting little essay at CNN which conveys to me a sense of hope regarding the war in Ukraine. It begins with the psychology of the Christmas truce of 1914, reaches back all the way to Alexander the Great, and explains the 3 principal reasons soldiers have either lost the will or refused to fight through history. Considering the amazingly pitiful and corrupt state of their society and military, and what the severely ill equipped Russian soldiers are beginning to endure through winter, it is entirely plausible they might behave as author of the piece, John Blake suggests.

Perhaps our meditative focus should be of Russian soldiers simply refusing to fight?

What causes armies to lose the will to fight? Here’s what history tells us — and what Putin may soon find out

“Russia’s troops may be approaching that precipice, says Jeff McCausland, a combat veteran of the Gulf War and a visiting professor of international security studies at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.”

“He says it’s become clear that the Russian army is poorly trained and supplied, and that its soldiers in many cases have lost their will to fight.”


Jerry, Eliseo,

Thank you for those meaty posts.

interesting/sobering posting this morning from Ellie Dreams Down Under

I live in San Francisco and Speaker Pelosi is my Congresswoman. I hope the attack inflames every decent American to vote Democrat.

The best article I an find on the attacker is in our local paper and here is the link:

From nudist activism to online hate, suspect David DePape’s strange descent https://www.sfchronicle.com/crime/article/What-we-know-about-David-DePape-man-accused-of-17542056.php

From what i can gather, the attacker is mentally ill, may be using drugs, and vulnerable like so many other Americans who are marginal and suffering from mental illness, to be more than willing to place the blame of their miserable lives onto others who have been vilified and already marked by the fascists as the cause of their misery. QAnon is a catch all for the mentally ill. The easy getting of mind bending drugs, weapons, and the addresses of people labeled enemies of the people by the fascists create danger. I hoped so much that the attack would galvanize decent people to get out and vote and then I saw that this all happened under a Void of Course Moon. Perhaps the VOC helped save Nancy Pelosi and her husband’s life. Thank you VOC! Still though, I want people to rise up against the political violence and i hope we all do!

Don’t mind me. Just some rambling thoughts here……

From Wikipedia

The first laptop computer using the flip form factor appeared in the early 1980s. The Dulmont Magnum was released in Australia in 1981–82, but was not marketed internationally until 1984–85. The $8,150 ($18,540 in current dollar terms) GRiD Compass 1100, released in 1982, was used at NASA and by the military among others. The Gavilan SC, released in 1983, was the first computer described as a “laptop” by its manufacturer. It weighed 25 pounds with an attached 5 inch screen. – END of QUOTE –

Fast forward to present day consumer realities. Here in India I recently bought a brand new HP light-weight laptop computer for approximately US $300.-. It has all the latest features of internet access, downloading capacity etc etc. AND additionally includes an infinite variety of programs and features that were unthinkable and unavailable some 40 years ago.

So the question arises, if technology is capable of such extraordinary advances, how is it that the oil industry still wields such a huge monopoly over our every day consumer preferences? Alternative energy sources are available. It’s a matter of supply and demand. The more the demand, incentives will be introduced into the mainstream that will lower the cost of alternative energy. Manufacturers will find a way of bringing down the cost through innovative engineering. For example, what if car manufacturers devised a way to run a car exclusively on water and made it affordable to the average consumer (to the consternation of the oil producers)? That would change everything. No more gas emissions. Global warming issues would be resolved. Conceivably, wars would be a thing of the past since the dependence on oil is the one commodity that has been the main impetus in instigating wars. Well guess what? The future is here. The technology presently exists. Such a car is available to the public as we speak. It’s called the Hyperion XP 1. There is a limited edition of 300 such vehicles being rolled out on to the production line this year. But who knows, if it becomes more popular, like the invention of the laptop computer some 40 years ago, everyone can afford and eventually own one. It’s beyond the experimental stage. For a mere few million dollars, you can purchase and be the proud owner of one NOW.

Hyperion XP-1 Reveal | 1000mi Range Electric Hypercar

Video: 1 min 30 sec


Hyperion CEO – Company Overview

Video: 2 min 56 sec


Please contact me through email. I’ve authorized Nancy to share my email address with you.

Two things – but both are about equality.

If people adhere to the Constitution – there is no problem about equality.

The second thing is more personal…… It’s about gender inequality. I am really disturbed about women wearing scarves or hijabs. When some of the women wearing them say “It’s my choice” I can’t tell you the bad language I want to use in reply.

Lazy stupid women. They don’t do their research. They apply to their selfish egos.

I have to respect and like Ilhan Omar – yes. She, however is doing a disservice to women over the world by wearing that symbol of women’s subservience. She may say that it is her “choice” but it is a SYMBOL of being a second class citizen.

wow sunstars, thats a rather judgmental post. Do you want to ban all women who wear head coverings out of respect to go to church or meet the pope too? My grandmother never went out without hat and gloves and she never kowtowed to anyone. Different cultures have different values, and not all appearances denote inherent subservience.

Such personal “choices” are made within very prescribed boundaries created by men who at best have no interest in gender equality and at worst enjoy subjugating, dominating, and controlling girls and women.

Emotionally, it has always puzzled me as to how and why many males (or females) could possibly find any dominance/submissive relationship as in any way interesting. IMO, domination is boring, and blinds and robs both parties of more interesting energies which grow and dance within any equalitarian partnership or larger group. Such electrical like energies are far more fulfilling and edifying.

Wearing a head covering (or not, as in men removing their hats) as a sign of respect is quite different from doing so as a sign of submission in the context of culturally imposed severe androcracy.

Your grandmother sounds like an interesting woman!

Eliseo: 🙂

Thank you, Eliseo, for explaining, capturing the difference to Kiwi…. better than I ever could under the intensity of this moment ……:)

Kiwi – even though I did not state it I was not referring to church or religion when I was referring to hijabs etc.

I was referring to symbols of subjugation.

I went to the United Church (my dad). The Lutheran Church (my mom). The Mormon Church (the boy I fell in love with). The Catholic Church (my best friend). The Baptist Church Camp. The Episcopalian Church classes that another girlfriend dragged me to bcz she didn’t want to go to……

So I guess I know churches.

I am not talking about churches or spirituality when I refer to head dresses. I am talking about subjugation.

Man to women subjugation. I have ALWAYS been disturbed about what happened in 1979 in Iran and this is a good time to talk about the subjugation of women. I was friends with young engineers who were scheduled to go to Iran for their 2nd or 3rd trip (I forget which) with GE on Friday, when the Shah folded and the Ayatollah Khomeini took over on the Sunday before.

No more modern women. No more splendid university graduates of stylish brainy women in Iran.

Almost overnight they were COVERED. And subjugated. By bearded, towel wearing horrible men.

This was not like the respectful Catholic women wearing a soft light lacy head covering only upon their religious contact with the priest or their visit to their Catholic church…. and then after leaving the church, resuming everyday garb…..

I am speaking to Kiwi here… there is no equivalency as Eliseo has already pointed out.

But I couldn’t let it go obviously. It has been too hurtful.

My pleasure to assist.
What stimulated your thoughts and feelings regarding gender equality, scarves, and hijabs? The astrological energies affecting us all right now are pretty intense.

sunstars, sometimes a scarf is just a scarf.

You’re entitled to your opinion but you aren’t entitled to loudly disrespect Rep Omar or anyone else for what they wear and expect them to change for you. In spite of your personal research into all those religions your understanding is not necessarily all that deep. You don’t get to make those decisions for others. That’s according to our Constitution.

Eliseo, there was a time – not long ago – when all women wore hats and gloves – and stockings – just to go to the grocery store. Quite a few of them refused to kowtow despite the limitations of straight skirts and high heels and made way for teens to show us all their but cheeks and more whether or not we want to see them.

Those women changed the world with the second wave of feminism. Gloria Steinem did it in a miniskirt.That’s why the men who confuse themselves with God are so pissed at them.

At any rate, few women bother with that kind of fashion anymore save the Kardashians and their ilk. Times change. Disrespecting those whose values — and religions — don’t align with yours doesn’t help.

As one who was fortunate enough to be raised organized religion free, I could go off on how ridiculous I find Catholics, Mormons, Evangelists and Hassidic Jews to be, but I prefer to keep that to myself. Go after the men who enforce the destructive rules you don’t like, sunstars, but you ought to leave the women alone when you’re feeling so judgmental.

An addendum:

Just read Roz Wyman’s obit in the New York Times. If the name means nothing, go read the obit.

Wyman is an example of what an young woman – in her 20s – could do despite having to wear heels, gloves and a hat. And have a baby. She stared down Walter O’Malley and brought the Dodgers to LA. The men on the LA City Council took credit for it, but without Roz Wyman California wouldn’t have the Dodgers OR the Giants. And, like Ginger Rogers she did it in heels… but she didn’t dance backward.

Interesting conversation about the ancient custom of women covering their hair, and as far as i know it is only a custom in the 3 main patriarchal Abrahamic religions. Does anyone know of that practice in other religions? The practice is still observed in all 3 religions, not as much as it was and, as we’ve seen in Iran women are being attacked, jailed and murdered for breaking with that tradition. It is so very interesting to me that what is happening in Iran and here in the US with women rising up to demand full equality and autonomy over their bodies is echoing something happening astrological, but what? If anyone can give me links to an astrological analysis on this please post it for me. I find it both exciting and fascinating and want to know more. Also, are women rising up in other parts of the world?

Arbo: I did not say I was an expert at any of those churches I attended. I attended them because that was what was happening in my little childhood life.

I did not disrespect Rep. Omar. She IS a representative. I can certainly state my opinion. You characterized my statement as disrespectful.

So who is disrespecting who?

It would be nice if you kept the awareness of femicide at the forefront. That is part of the reason people are coming up over the southern border of the US.

We don’t have to leave the North American continent to see evidence of femicide. The disappearance of indigenous women is apparent. The murder of men by women is comparatively rare but the murder of women by men is HUGE.

Ok Eliseo.. the only thing that makes this a big deal now – I can conjecture that the tail end of Pluto in Capricorn is bringing up the Hierarchy big time. I realize how important equality and democracy are. When equality is threatened and not supported, I for one am on high alert.

That’s all I’m gonna say now since transiting Moon is square my Mars……hehe.

Sunstars, when I first went to the states, 1970, I never understood the essence of the women’s movement which was in full swing beginning in the late 60s. During my childhood I spent time around boats and construction sites – I was very comfortable around ‘guys’. On boats, crew was genderless in a sense – we were all expected to pull our weight together. So I always had a very good inner sense of my own autonomy. I later became a boat captain and it wasnt until a passenger (texan male) said ‘I won’t be helped by a woman’ that I understood why so many women felt subjugated. I wasnt offended, merely thought to myself ‘fall on your ass then you silly man!’ I feel blessed to have been treated with equality from an early age.
Seems to me the question needs to be not so much about the garb, but how to encourage feelings of equality, kindness, and worth within the inner core of all, no matter whether male or female, nor what politician in what country, nor what ceo, rules the roost. Boys who witness bullied/subjugated mothers often also become either bullied or the bully regardless of culture.

sunstars, you were telling Muslim women they shouldn’t wear an article of religious clothing in order, I guess, to not disturb Christians. Respectfully, may I point out that it strikes me as a wee bit disrespectful?

It’s hard to not notice the casual murder of women all over the world, including here. But it isn’t new and shouldn’t lead to using the right’s slippery slope tactic of insisting everyone look the same, think the same, be the same.

kiwi, yes, I’ve noticed that women wearing “men’s” clothes and working side by side with them can allow the less rigid men to be less threatened and even learn to relax about it. But there’s always at least one.

Things have improved since the Mad Men days but more improvement is needed. It needs to begin at home, where people are often “carefully taught to be afraid.”

Lula won in Brazil!! The fascist Bolsanaro was defeated, but it was very close.

Eliseo, i sent an email to Nancy requesting your email and she hasn’t yet responded. When i get it I’ll contact you.

She informs she sent it to you. Please check again at your convenience.

One Billion Rising




One Billion Rising flash mob


Eliseo, I searched all my mailboxes-junk, trash and inbox for an email from Nancy and didn’t receive it. I asked her to re-send it or just send you my email.

Here is a link to an article in our local paper in San Francisco that addresses the disinformation regarding the attack on Nancy Pelosi’ husband being spread by Musk on Twitter.


Saw that too, Frank. Good on Brazil. Bolsonaro can go to hell like every other fascist. At the very least, lock him up. Seems like a win for hope and the better part of humanity tonight.


Regarding US Representative Ilhan Omar and her embracing the Islamic tradition of wearing the head covering you wrote:

“She may say that it is her “choice” but it is a SYMBOL of being a second class citizen.”

My impression of Ilhan Omar is that she is deeply wrapped up in her identity as a muslim and uses her position in congress as a platform to air her personal grievances. Far from being a unifier of let’s say a Martin Luther King jr, her approach feels divisive. Obviously she takes herself a little too seriously.

About the oppression of women in Islamic culture and the need to relax and just “be yourself”, Victoria Secret’s approach from an advertising point of view tackles the issue head on. Kind of blunt, but with a touch of humor that seems to hit the target………


Hahahahahaha!! Thanks Jerry ….. so good

I feel better now. heeheehee

Jerry, regarding Omar – while she’s not popular in the state as a whole (what somali refugee in a predominantly white state would be!) she won the last election for her district by almost 65% of the vote. I have always viewed her dress as more aligned with historic somali culture, which has been influenced by islam for many many centuries.
Perhaps if you had lived her life experience you might view life seriously too.

I watched a video last night that links the whole societal women’s thing back to the mythology of adam, assertive lillith and her subsequent demonization, versus a compliant and submissive eve, who then shouldered the blame for man’s later misfortune.
Centuries and centuries of indoctrination to undo.


Understood. I was trying to draw a distinction between a self imposed style of dress based on a persons belief and principles and that of a patriarchal culture that enforces that stifling dress code against the public’s will. I have had the opportunity to travel through Iran (before the Shah’s overthrow) and was startled by the appearance of the black chador on some of the women, especially in the rural areas. Covered from head to toe in that heavy black cloth in the sweltering desert heat of 100 plus degree temperatures. It was a very strange experience to see that. It reflects the insensitivity of the religious mullahs. Nothing spiritual about it. It is inhumane.

As I both look at and “feel of” history, particularly US history, I see a natural division of cultural eras .

IMO, the post WWII era ended with the assassination of JFK on Friday 22 November 1963. The weekend and following Monday were taken up with the immediate aftermath of the assassination and state funeral.

The following Tuesday the 26th at 8:00 AM EST marked what I interpret as the beginning of a cusp between eras, that cusp ending February 9th, 1964.

On the evening of February 9th the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan TV show to a nation wide audience. From my perspective, a new cultural era began at that point which has continued until recently.

I believe we are in another cultural cusp period which began with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and was foreshadowed by the 2016 election of Mr. Donald J Trump.

Does any of this jive with our astrological cycles? I certainly see the 1960’s Uranus Pluto conjunction and the future Pluto in Leo transits as basic to these cycles. But surely there is more? Yes?

Jerry, I agree the iran situation is a trip back to the dark ages; which imo is rather different to the more elegant and colorful Somali headwear.

I meant Pluto in Aquarius and Pisces, not Leo.

Let us hope Lula’s win in Brazil was a portent of things to come here in the US on election day.

Pluto Ingresses into Tropical Capricorn,
Aquarius, and Pisces

SIBLY Natal Chart
Jul 4 1776 NS, 5:10 pm, LMT +5:00:39
Philadelphia PA, 39°N57’08”, 075°W09’51”

Jan 7 1762 NS Plu 00°Cp00′
Jul 7 1762 NS Plu 00°Cp00′
Nov 9 1762 NS Plu 00°Cp00′

Apr 4 1777 NS Plu 00°Aq00′
May 27 1777 NS Plu 00°Aq00′
Jan 26 1778 NS Plu 00°Aq00′
Aug 20 1778 NS Plu 00°Aq00′
Dec 1 1778 NS Plu 00°Aq00′

Apr 11 1797 NS Plu 00°Pi00′
Jul 20 1797 NS Plu 00°Pi00′
Feb 17 1798 NS Plu 00°Pi00′
Sep 28 1798 NS Plu 00°Pi00′
Dec 26 1798 NS Plu 00°Pi00′

Jan 25 2008 Plu 00°Cp00′
Jun 14 2008 Plu 00°Cp00′
Nov 26 2008 Plu 00°Cp00′

Mar 23 2023 Plu 00°Aq00′
Jun 11 2023 Plu 00°Aq00′
Jan 20 2024 Plu 00°Aq00′
Sep 1 2024 Plu 00°Aq00′
Nov 19 2024 Plu 00°Aq00′

Mar 8 2043 Plu 00°Pi00′

Frank, there’s a tiny possibility that the epicene and overcompensating “self made”billionaire is projecting, as most Republicans seem to be doing. No, make that more than tiny.

Right on, kiwi. There’s more oppression on the earth than can be conveniently blamed on a headscarf.

Eliseo, I hear you. I remember too the first wave of the British invasion on the Sullivan show. And I too felt the beginning of the change that was to come. You and I probably have a similar issue date. “Leading Boomers,” so to speak.

The boys did help pull people out of the darkness that had preceded them and gave young people permission to question their parents more than they had before, not to mention to block out the assassination.

We knew that Leave it to Beaver was a nice fantasy but it wasn’t portraying the world as we could see it really was. And for a while the rebellion was acted out in the music. Then came Vietnam.

Eliseo, if you want to learn about some other stuff going on “behind the scenes” that terrible weekend in November and what almost happened to the stock market because of it, check out “The Great Salad Swindle.” It’s edifying, blackly funny and gives an interesting perspective on Warren Buffet.

Jerry, your Victoria’s Secret link gives me the same feeling that all real Victoria’s Secret ads always did. Underwear as oppression. But I don’t laugh…


Using a noon chart for birth for Hershel Walker, no matter what the correct time of his birth was, nor where, this T-square will be in his chart on midterm election day. These positions will be within a few minutes of the actual longitudes of his progressed Sun and planets.

Progressed Sun at 12°28? Taurus opposite progressed Neptune at 12°37? Scorpio, both squared by progressed Saturn at 11°07? Aquarius.

Having your Sun afflicted by Saturn and Neptune does not foreshadow pleasant times.



Using a noon chart for birth for Hershel Walker, no matter what the correct time of his birth was, nor where, this T-square will be in his chart on midterm election day. These positions will be within a few minutes of the actual longitudes of his progressed Sun and planets.

Progressed Sun at 12°28? Taurus opposite progressed Neptune at 12°37? Scorpio, both squared by progressed Saturn at 11°07? Aquarius.

Having your Sun afflicted by Saturn and Neptune does not foreshadow pleasant times.


Thank you, Bob. Here’s hoping that T-square will figuratively T-bone Mr Walker’s new career.

Info about video in my 2:27 pm post.

“No. This was delivered at Morehouse College in Atlanta. NOT IN HIS CHURCH.”

In the discussion thread: “Evisceration complete” on Democratic Underground.

Link to that thread about pastor on Walker:

Evisceration complete


Many Thanks for the suggestion re: “The Great Salad Swindle.” I’m very ill presently, unable to read for very long, but will check it out when I’m feeling better and more able to do serious reading.

What is your feeling and/or thoughts regarding the analogy between the present and that “cusp” period between November 26th, 1963 & February 9th, 1964? The feeling I get now is very similar, and I anticipate there will be some kind of unexpected event, this time more likely to be economic, political, or military rather than cultural, which will propel us into an entirely different direction.

Yes Eliseo, I know how it goes with reading. I have major trouble reading anything written in long paragraphs. The eyes just can’t keep focused.

As for the cusp. That 63-64 period felt anticipatory to me also, but at that age everything seemed that way so I’m not the best judge.

One relatively odd thing I remember that qualifies an an unexpected event was the inept kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr, which happened between Dec 8th to the 14th in ’63. Why anyone would attempt such a stupid thing has always puzzled me.

Few probably remember how powerful the elder Sinatra was back then, when there weren’t quite so many famous people as there are now, but the kidnappers were essentially taking a stick and poking an angry bear who had a lot of connections.

As happens regularly now, many thought it was a publicity stunt. I don’t buy that. Sinatra wasn’t in need of any publicity then and by extension neither was Frankie.

That’s off the top of my head, Eliseo. I’ll think on it some more. It was a relatively small time event but a curious one.

As for Feb 9th, what registers there is that it’s Mia Farrow’s birthday, the last one she had before meeting Sinatra later that year. None of this is monumental but awareness of astrology causes the dates to register in my mind.

At any rate these were oddities that I have set on my memory shelf beside the Beatles invasion, which BTW was not something that pleased Sinatra. An expert reading of his natal chart would be interesting, especially since none of it really matters.


Isn’t that part of the problem though? Generally speaking, we take ourselves much too seriously at times. Much more than is warranted.

Eliseo, make that The Great Salad OIL Swindle. Sorry. I blame my eyes…

Yes, Jerry. Something else we can agree on.

Eliseo, I hope you feel better. I agree that a shift did occur following Kennedy’s assassination. Here is an interesting (its long at 90 minutes) C-SPAN special on the 62 Cuban Missile Crisis. It contains the audio from the Oval and makes me realize that the US Military Industrial Complex was incredibly strong and had been since the WWII victory. Makes me wonder if they were behind killing Kennedy. After the 62 Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs and his desire to leave Vietnam…maybe they had enough of him. Johnson changed course and expanded the war.


silcominc, in mid-January of ’61, in his last speech as president, Eisenhower warned us about the Military-Industrial Complex. Given his long history as a five star general and a two term president I don’t know who else would be as aware of the problem as he was.

Maybe it was them. Maybe it was the Mob. Is there much difference? I’ll check out that special.

I had forgotten about the Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnapping. I think you answered your own question as to why with the adjective stupid. In the words of a famous fictional character, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

That cusp period was fairly somber. There was no feeling or anticipation of anything different until the Beatles appeared. They were like a breath of unusually sweet fresh air. With them came a beginning awareness of how emotionally suppressed and constricted we all were. Roger Ebert wrote that when he left the theater in August of ’64 after seeing “A Hard Days Night” he could feel his hair growing longer and no longer felt the need for his rectangular briefcase. Most kids today have no idea what a dramatic, sudden yet gradual transformation in our emotional lives was begun at that time.

It feels like to me we are again living through another cusp before the beginning of another powerful, sweeping cultural, emotional, and spiritual change. No telling what will spark this one. But I feel the entire world is about to be reorganized and our self awareness greatly enhanced, perhaps by unexpected hardship.

Everyone, pray and send Love and Light to Eliseo for good health….and, of course, pray and send Love & Light to the Democratic Party!!!

Thank you for your kind hopes as to my health. I can’t afford a doctor right now, but will probably get better in the next few days.

I’m not convinced any rogue element of the military industrial complex had anything to do with the JFK assassination. I’ve read extensively upon the matter, (as have many) and a close friend who is ex-FBI is an expert on the matter. In the context of Occam’s Razor I’m personally convinced on the basis of ballistic evidence, the first two shots were fired by Oswald, (he may have actually been aiming for Connally with whom he had a very intense personal grievance) and the third fatal head shot was accidental, coming from the AR-15 a SS agent had in the car immediately behind the presidential limousine. The cover up began IMO with the SS who of course were embarrassed they had accidentally killed the man they were sworn to protect. If so, what extraordinary irony! Just my opinion. People on the Left like to blame a right wing conspiracy. Folks on the Right like to point out Oswald was a Marxist.

In any case, it was traumatic for us all, and IMO we are still not over it as a nation. The event haunts us like no other.

Thank you, Sharon!

Yes Thank You Sharon

Love and Light for Eliseo

and The Democratic Party

but more immediately for Eliseo.


I share your sentiments regarding Omar.


If you are not feeling well, go to an emergency room. You cannot be refused treatment due to financial hardship….the hospital can afford to.write it off. Don’t hesitate to get yourself checked out.


Thank you for The Great Salad Oil Swindle. Who knew?


I understand your contempt for the oppressed Muslim Women who continue to wear hijab. Perhaps it’s more about their fear.

This is interesting! Post Roe, our “underground railroad ” operates in the air!

The pilots flying passengers across US state lines for abortions
Volunteer pilots across the US have been offering the use of their small planes to fly people seeking the procedure from states that outlawed it


Thanks for your concern and suggestion. I don’t feel it will be necessary: I am recovering. But if necessary there is a clinic I can access.

Eliseo, you’ve pointed out the symbolic change in music with the main players. The Beatles were replacing the original huge teen sensation. Wasn’t it in a 25 year period? Maybe 30? He wasn’t handing it over willingly. Only one of many shifts happening then. An interesting assassination theory, too. That whole thread is interesting.

At the beginning of all this mess I remember thinking it felt like 1968. It still does.

will, tell me…

sunstars, I understand it too. And the frustration. But there’s that thing about honey versus vinegar. Although sometimes a good balsamic is good.

You’re right, Sharon. Thank you.

1968? Interesting. 2022 is not done yet. We may well see some of that 1968 style chaos when R’s reject election results not in their favor. Violent MAGA protests against Dem wins and/or Trump indictments may manifest soon. According to several astrologers the transits to Trump’s chart are looking pretty bad, and are worse in the first few months of 2023.

Personally, I expect major world changes including geopolitical realilignment by June 2023. It’s already started but I think it will be far more clear and solidified by then.

Although Frank Sinatra may have been originally displeased with the British invasion, in later years he happily covered several Beatle songs. In performance, he especially liked to sing George Harrison’s “Something”.

It was the words Eliseo. He didn’t like the new music because he couldn’t understand the words most of the time and didn’t care for what he heard when he could. He had a point. Again symbolic of what was happening.

He recorded another Beatle song – Yesterday – where the words were more important than the arrangements were and that he could mean when he sang them. That lyric could’ve been written in the depths of the Great Depression.

Yes, 1968. And the current anti government people are bigger loons now than they were then.


Supreme Court temporarily blocks Congress from getting Trump income tax returns
Published Tue, Nov 1 20229:52 AM EDT Updated An Hour Ago

“Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked the House Ways and Means Committee from obtaining years of federal income tax returns of former President Donald Trump from the IRS.

Roberts’ order came a day after Trump’s lawyers filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court seeking the delay.”

“From the Record: U.S. Supreme Court first convened by ceremony, at 1:00 p.m. LAT, lower Broad Street, New York City. [Source: New York Law Review, March 1940.]

i_predict, Msg 23936
Posted By: blazingstar1776 , Tue Jan 5, 2010 8:36 pm”

“Supreme Court schedules first session, Feb. 1, 1790
By ANDREW GLASS | 2/1/12 4:26 AM EST

On this day in 1790, the Supreme Court was scheduled to meet for the first time in the Royal Exchange Building on New York’s Broad Street. Because three of the newly appointed justices couldn’t make it, the meeting was delayed until Feb. 2. It took 145 years for the court to find a permanent site.”


SCOTUS located to Washington, DC


“The 1790 supreme court chart @ lower Manhattan (NYC) captures the inaugural ceremony convened at 1:00 p.m. local apparent time, which makes it 13:14:14 hrs LMT +4:56:04. Note the Moon anti-culminating @ 24-Vi-52


Transiting Saturn is on the SC natal Pluto and transiting Neptune is less than 2° from exact conjunction to SC Saturn and closing.

I forgot to upload relocated COTUS. Here it is:


SCOTUS that is.

“And the current anti government people are bigger loons now than they were then.”

Sadly true. Ten times loonier, at least.

BUT, on the other hand ….


Supreme Court rejects Sen. Graham’s request to avoid grand jury testimony

A district attorney in Georgia wants Graham to testify before a grand jury about calls he made to state election officials as Trump contested the 2020 results.

By Robert Barnes
November 1, 2022 at 2:39 p.m. EDT

Sunstars & anyone else who likes nature shows (and I have my reservations because I don’t like seeing animals kill each other in the wild) — there is a very nice series on Netflix right now called Sea Wolves, and it’s filmed on Vancouver Island.

Something is up with the unusual US Naval strategy I referenced here Oct. 21. In that post I reported about the US Navy revealing the whereabouts of one of their Ohio class subs, the West Virginia in the Indian Ocean.

They”ve now been public about the presence of another Ohio class sub, this one, the USS Rhode Island, which appeared at Gibraltar. These public reveals are completely out of character for the US Navy and the “Silent Service.” The submarine corps is the most secretive branch of the navy.

We may assume the navy is purposefully sending a message to both our allies and adversaries. Anyone remotely familiar with traditional US Naval and submarine practice will recognize how absolutely how weird and unexpected it is.

Second U.S. Ballistic Missile Submarine Makes Unusual Appearance In Just Two Weeks

If the Sibly chart is the birth chart for an experiment and is located to the governing center of that experiment (the White House) then Jupiter of the total lunar eclipse on election day, November 8, 2022, is on it’s IC and it’s Neptune is opposed by the eclipse Neptune.

Let’s hear it for the Jupiter on an angle. It may be taken as very strong as it stations direct just 15 days after the eclipse, on the New Moon of November 23, with New Moon Mercury and Venus on Sibly’s DC ASC and both in opposition to Sibly’s Uranus.

That station is on the IC, coloring the Mercury and Venus on the ASC at the same time. Their opposition to the Sibly Uranus is a positive in my mind as it is made by positive components. The nature of the planets, not the aspect, prevailing.

Has anyone looked at the astrology for Iran lately? Various newspapers are reporting that Iran intends to send over 1,000 surface-to-surface short range ballistic missiles to Russian forces to be used in Ukraine.

These surface-to-surface short range ballistic missiles are more advanced and will be extremely difficult to shoot down. Ukraine doesn’t have the technology at their disposal to counteract these missiles.

The talking heads at CNN (which has basically become a newly converted “right-wing” news source) were all saying this would change the trajectory of the war in the Russian Federation’s favor.

Is the astrology indicating at one-upmanship for Iran and the Russian Federation in the upcoming months or could this all be a mirage?

I’m curious to know if anyone has been following this.

Your two Nov..3rd posts about aspects to the Sibly chart. Very interesting! ThankYou!

When the Sibly chart in DC is progressed to the New Moon of Nov 23rd the New Moon’s Jupiter/Uranus midpoint (sudden windfall – in this case victory) is on it’s IC.

Dems doing better than ever in recent times. This may be the blowout Kim Carey is predicting.

NEW: Early Voting Data shows Democrats LEADING Midterms

“Rosenberg chats with the brothers about the latest election data, which contrary to media narratives, shows incredible Democratic overperformance in early voter turnout across the nation.”


About the Polls…

Joy Reid on MSNBC recently did a segment about the polls on her show. She interviewed an analyst and they discussed why nobody should be trusting the polls this election.

Majority of the polls that came out in October were coming from Republican-backed polling firms (like Rasmussen, Trafalgar, etc.) there were hardly ANY polls released from Democratic-backed polling firms. So, there’s been nothing to counteract the narrative.

The analyst also explained how even psephology websites like FiveThirtyEight appear to have been compromised in some way this election. For example, Nate Silver (who is extremely pessimistic about Democrats chances this election) has reportedly blocked other statisticians and psephologists on Twitter who disagree with his analysis. For example, Nate Silver blocked G. Elliot Morris back in 2020…and he apparently did so again this year.

Also, I noticed one thing on my own at FiveThirtyEight that wasn’t mentioned in Joy Reid’s segment. I have FiveThirtyEight’s list of “rated” pollsters bookmarked in my U.S. Politics and Elections browser folder. I check that list regularly. I noticed that Nate Silver has changed some of the pollsters he once gave an “F” rating to in the past to an “A” rating this year ? I just found that a bit peculiar given that it’s unlikely there’s been a radical shift in these polling firm’s methodology.

Anyway, I used to be the type of person who always believed in and trusted the polls. I defended them profusely. Not anymore ?

I trust actual votes more than any poll. Just vote!

Rick Levine’s November forecast.

I guess we’re about to see this Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus and what it creates.

One thing that occurs to me also… Pluto is in forward motion now, getting ready to dip into Aquarius. Although it retrogrades back into Capricorn twice, before moving fully into Aquarius for 20 years, we’re entering the “overripe” phase of the Pluto in Cap energy now. This will become even more evident once Pluto reaches the anoretic 29th degree of Capricorn in mid-February.

A few things:

1) During Pluto’s time remaining in Cap, we’ll see far-Right Reactionary Conservatism press to even further extremes than even where things are now during the next 2 years.

2) These extremes will become so blatantly in your face and oppressive as to become absurd and ridiculous. I mean, we are actually there now, but it will get even more outlandish. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Nazis? Marjorie Taylor Greene and Gym Jordan types running the GOP, if not Congress? Abortion restrictions? Fascism on the march?

They’ll push even harder. Everything from full-on attempting to repeal Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage (and yes this will come from minority and female “tokens” like Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett) to granting Trump legal immunity and attempting to appoint him as POTUS for life.

“Old rich white men rule forever and ever! Sit down women, GLBTQ folk and brown people. Oh, and dumb poor white people, remember, cause you’re white, you’re still better than those OTHER folks.”

This is the world that rich old bastards like Charles Koch, Leonard Leo, Rupert Murdoch, and other old crusty Saturn types want more than anything. And that brings me to point…

3) Time’s up, old man Saturn. And it’s all about time. This isn’t the 1930s and Hitler’s Germany. The seeds of the future and the drive to see humanity and our biosphere survive, to be amped up massively by Pluto in Aquarius, are indeed quietly germinating now.

Many of us know that the past belongs in the past. For 14 years, Pluto in Capricorn has given us a chance to wax nostalgic for it. Not all bad in all ways, but certainly some of the more and most toxic have risen up and have come to the fore in hideous form. Trump has largely personified the most rancid aspects of structural Conservatism and white elitism in particular here in the US, but far more cunning elite operatives have flown under the radar with a lot less drama–Koch, Murdoch, even attention grabbers like Musk–and they have been thriving greatly at all of our expense.

As I said, the clock is about to run out on all of this, and on them. It won’t stop Conservative stupid and greedy from being Conservative stupid and greedy, but Pluto moving out of Capricorn is going to greatly reduce their ability to get away with tilting the tables in their favor.

4) The agenda of the Pluto in Aquarius era is going to become evident soon. My guess is it will be a show-stopper. Perhaps not literally so, like COVID-19 was when Saturn first entered Aquarius in March 2020 after its conjunction with Pluto.

But also, let’s be clear. Aquarius is often considered the ruling sign of human kind. Pluto coming to Aquarius is going to challenge ALL of us to fight for our collective survival in some profound way.

Could be a virus and a new pandemic. Or nukes & WWIII set off by Putin or N. Korea in Asia.

Or, duh, the environment itself, which is what I’m betting on.

But something IS going to seriously challenge us as never before as we head into next year, and we had better get on the ball, suck it up, and face up to it.

Our election returns do matter–they always do–but the issues we are voting on may not seem nearly so pressing in a few months, no matter who wins.

Thank you Chris Romero. Yes, it will be interesting to see if any of the 538 polls were right. They were mighty wrong about Hillary. I just read on DU that early voting is favoring Dems and we know that mail-in ballots do, if they aren’t tampered with or unfairly negated.

Thank you too, Buckeye Shadow, for your post…very intriguing, foreboding and a bit frightening.

I mean even the MS River is drying up down here in some areas. We never thought we’d see that here in S. LA with all of this water in a river whose levels are usually too high in the Spring from snow-melt, at least that’s what I’ve seen in my 20 yrs here.

Obma is so funny on the campaign trail in Michigan.


Obama sharply criticizes GOP candidates in Nevada


Just a quick run down on the various rogue elements in play that could potentially throw the US midterm elections into complete chaos……

US Is Worried About Russia Using New Efforts To Exploit Divisions In 2022 Midterms

June 19, 2022

Homeland and national security officials are worried about how Russia could significantly exploit US divisions over the November midterms, considering scenarios like Russia staging smaller hacks of local election authorities — done with the deliberate purpose of being noticed — and then using that to seed more conspiracies about the integrity of American elections.

These efforts, the officials said, would be designed to dovetail with the false doubts about the 2020 presidential election spread by former President Donald Trump and many of his allies.



Other foreign governments clandestinely working behind the scenes in an effort to undermine the elections reads as follows…..

Cybersecurity Group: China Working to Undermine Midterm Elections

Georgia Star News
November 2, 2022

A cybersecurity group has claimed that the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is actively taking steps to undermine the coming midterm elections in the United States, with just one week left to go.

FBI Warns Iranian Hackers Are Active Ahead of Elections

NBC News
October 21, 2022

The FBI says the Iranian government-tied hacker group, which tried to interfere in the 2020 election posing online as “Proud Boys,” is a threat.

Well, you get the point. A lot of bad actors determined to rock the edifice of US democracy down to its very foundations.

So, what if Mr Trump, in the interest of avoiding pending indictments and sensing the weakening of America’s resolve to keep the integrity of the electoral process free and clear, decides to stoke the flame of even more doubt and hatred, encouraging his followers to engage in seditious behavior? Anarchy and open rebellion in the making? Would the DOJ stand for it – sitting idly by and do nothing? One glance at DOJ Merrick Garland’s chart suggests that he could conceivably launch into action a lot sooner than most people would expect.

The November 8th lunar eclipse (16 ’00 Taurus) conjoins Garland’s natal Jupiter (15 ’11 Taurus) which in turn forms a grand cross square to his nodes (16 ’47 Aquarius-Leo).

Fast forward to November 11th. I think this may be the day that spurs Garland into action. The announcement of a Trump indictment.

November 11th. Sun square Saturn at 18 ’54 Scorpio-Aquarius forming a trine and square to Garland’s natal Uranus (18 ’21 Cancer).

PS Forgot to include DOJ Merrick Garland’s natal chart…….



The big problem with grand crosses is that they tend to immobilize you because any action taken on one point of the cross, causes a negative reaction throughout the other points.

So I’m not sure that Garland’ will take any action on election day and if he does, it will not be very effective and may even incite negative reactions.

Hi Stephanie,

It is all speculation of course, but what was said is that we think the Sun-Saturn square of Nov 11th forming a dual trine/ square to Garland’s natal Uranus could be a release point. As mentioned elsewhere, Biden’s progressed Sun at 18 Aquarius is also being heavily impacted here. Is it unreasonble to assume that the consequences of a Trump indictment could result in a possible assassination attempt against the President’s life? Saturn conjunct Sun is restrictive and possibly life threatening.

……. Most importantly, there is the political factor in the DOJ pressing for an indictment sooner rather than later. As one news media editorial observed…..

“In communications reviewed by the Guardian, the source indicated Trump needed to announce because politically it would be harder for the US Department of Justice (DoJ) to indict a candidate for office than a former president out of the electoral running.”

The decision for Trump to announce or not to announce is coming down to the wire. Based on the latest news reports, the DOJ may have to make a bold move before mid November…..

Trump Team Eyes Nov. 14 Announcement

November 4, 2022

Former President Trump’s inner circle is discussing announcing the launch of a 2024 presidential campaign on Nov. 14 — with the official announcement possibly followed by a multi-day series of political events, according to three sources familiar with the sensitive discussions.



So, why does this ultimately matter?


Which Will Happen First — A Trump Indictment Or 2024 Presidential Announcement?

The Hill
November 3, 2022

A convergence of forces threatens to crack the Constitution’s solid foundation upon which our nation has thrived. Pressure emanating from this powerful convergence could cause tectonic plate shifts impacting and destabilizing equal justice, the rule of law and government authority. At risk is our traditionally respected electoral system, along with the peaceful transfer of power that helped make this oldest continuous democracy the envy of the world.

Intensifying the pressure is a partisan media in which truth is pliable based on the audience’s political leaning, reflecting our hyper-polarized electorate, where facts and “alternative facts” are equally valid.

That is the national backdrop for two Earth-shaking decisions expected after the midterm elections. In one corner, former president Trump declares his decision to launch a 2024 presidential campaign. In the other, Attorney General Merrick Garland announces whether the Department of Justice (DOJ) will pursue an indictment of citizen Trump. Which decisive event occurs first could be consequential to advancing a successful message-branding narrative while forcing the other into a defensive posture.

Either way, Americans should brace themselves for turmoil mirroring pre-Civil War levels of hatred and mayhem with the potential for violence. Note that unrelated to this topic, a major survey associated with Yale University found that among American adults, “Half (50.1%) agreed that ‘in the next few years, there will be civil war in the United States.’” That begs the question: Could a DOJ indictment of Trump be a spark?



Just my opinion:
We won’t have a civil war.
We in all likelihood WILL have some domestic terrorism and violence. We will live through an era perhaps similar to what transpired between 1865 and 1876.

During Reconstruction in the South, Union gangs and Confederate gangs squared off in sporadic guerilla warfare. There will be resonance with that previous era, but I don’t think it will be quite as bad as that, and probably for not as long.

My best guess:
Contrary to the polls, (most all funded by R. money) Dems will retain both the House and Senate, and do better than expected locally in several states. We will then have at least two years of lawsuits and protests, some of them violent in which R’s continue with the stolen election and fraud theme. R’s will not accept the election results, and through their actions continue to dig themselves into bigger and deeper holes. Hopefully, they will find they’ve inadvertently buried themselves.

All of this will eventually be overshadowed by extraordinary international political, economic, military, and climate events.

Nevertheless, in the years to come completely unexpected archaeological discoveries plus sci-fi level advancements and breakthroughs in medicine and biotechnology will put us all in a deep state of awe requiring a new paradigm, a deep reevaluation of our history and of our future.

From your mouth to God’s ears, Eliseo. I can live with this. God knows the future appears very challenging with Iran aligning with Russia against the West, stupid Israel re-electing Netanyahu & his religious extremists, and China doing its thing. And, will we have a recession? Not to mention climate change… I am looking forward to these advancements in medicine & biotechnology but not in weapons. God save us all (or maybe there are good aliens who will?)

Here’s a good column by Maureen Dowd I stumbled upon today. She sums things up very well (but I still pray you are right Eliseo).


Hi Eliseo,

Your feedback is well appreciated. From an astrological point of view it is a fascinating subject.

Two articles come to mind.

The first article delves into the inception of the American civil war. Astrologer Wendell Perry has given considerable thought to it. He seems to feel that the crucial moment occurred on December 20th, 1860 when South Carolina seceded from the Union. This coincided with an exact Saturn-Uranus square (9 Gemini-Virgo). The South Node (24 Cancer) conjunct the US Mercury was right at the midpoint……

Saturn, Uranus and the Civil War


The November 8th, 2022 lunar eclipse conjunct Uranus at 16 Scorpio in square to Saturn at 18 Aquarius has its midpoint at 2 Aries the location of the US Sibly midheaven. So, there are parallels there.

The second article relates to the synchronicity of Neptune’s opposition to the US Neptune and the US Pluto return in 2022……

“The American Revolution 2.0 Is In Our Stars And It’s Already Begun

In the coming decade, we will witness the convergence of many cycles, secular and non-secular, ancient and contemporary in orientation. The period is circumscribed by generational astrology, with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto returning to key positions they occupied during pivotal points in American history, echoing watershed events of our past, including the founding of the United States more than two centuries ago.

The years 2020 and 2021 are a prelude to major transformations in our social, economic and political ecologies. The disruptions we’ve endured to this point will begin to coalesce into a meaningful narrative, albeit a challenging one, in the winter of 2022. Governments and economies around the globe will begin to reorient, anticipating a new epoch of human civilization that will coincide with Pluto’s reign in Aquarius between 2023 and 2044—what we have termed the Aquarian Technocalypse.



CORRECTION: Read instead: “……has its midpoint at 2 Aries the location of the US Sibly nadir (best symbolized as the US homeland).”

Sharon K,
I could not access the Maureen Dowd piece.

I’m basing my opinions on what little I know of demography, geopolitics, astrology and my own intuition. When I referred to “extraordinary international political, economic, military, and climate events” I’m in part speaking of tragedies I forsee. We will see famine on unprededented scale, especially in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Climate catastrophes, climate migration, ill conceived wars, etc. will over the next few years reduce world population by a third to half the present level. I did not mean to infer all would be pleasant. We will witness enormous suffering and dying, often unable to alleviate any of it.

“…Iran aligning with Russia against the West, stupid Israel re-electing Netanyahu & his religious extremists, and China doing its thing” are all part of that as well. We are in the midst of a worldwide political realignment in which there will again be two sides, the autocratic dictatorships, cultures and nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, N. Korea, Russia and China, vs the “Free World”, the nations committed to democracy and human rights. Our decades old alliance of convenience with Saudi Arabia will end relatively soon. They are really our enemies and always have been.

It will surely be another “cold war” but whether it develops into a world war or not is anyone’s guess. Even if as I suspect, Russia and China each deterioate into several nations, they will continue to be troubling threats to the rest of the world for a good while.

Threfore NATO will of necessity expand, not by merely admitting Sweden and Finland, but will also admit Japan, S. Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, and others, esentially evolving into THE military alliance for the West and all the democratic nations. (The seeds of this arrangement have already been quietly planted.) The alliance will become the basis in the long run for a confederation of democracies by the end of the century if not far sooner.

A number of pundits, especially of a more conservative and conventional mindset anticipate a recession. Their reasoning and fears are I believe based on very logical assumptions which applied well in the past, but are much less true today. The economic earth is shifting beneath our very feet. I believe they are more wrong than they are right.

What’s coming is not IMO a recession in any “normal” sense, but instead a series of disruptions which we will find economically and psychologically disorienting.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think it will significantly raise the level of unemployment. As world circumstances and world markets realign, the transitions will take some time, but in the end will be positive, (at least for us.) Some jobs will go away, as obsolete as blacksmiths became when cars replaced horses; new industries and occupations are now on the precipice of overt manifestation, though they are now difficult to see. (You have to look for them.)

The trends are interesting. In both Russia’s and the US case significant numbers of the population have succumbed to disinformation, purposeful misinformation and propaganda. In the US the Orange Sorcerer and his minions cast a nasty spell on a large number of citizens. The Russian sorcerer has been far more successful, duping the majority in his country, now forcing too many of them to early death, whereas over a million so far have fled.

Neither magus will survive. And it will take many years to heal from the injuries they have inflicted on us all.

Our friend, slightkc who occasionally posts here has been very ill. A small, normally lightweight person physically, she recently has gotten a bit too small, now down to 88 pounds.

Whatever your form of love and light takes, prayers, spells, meditations, healing energies, etc, she needs our healing focus and thoughts now. She particularly needs relief from muscle pain.

For those of you concerned:
A few days ago I saw a Doc, and obtained prescription medicines for severe bronchitis. Fortunately, I’m not suffering from pneumonia, and my health is gradually improving. Many Thanks to you all for your kind words, support, and focused healing energies.


Slightkc will be in my prayers. I hope she recovers quickly (and you as well).

Regarding the current world dilemma and the quest to find a solution. I rather like Meher Baba’s perspective on it. The following discourse was dictated during the height of the conflict of world war two……..

The Travail of the New World Order

The world storm, which has been gathering momentum, is now having its greatest outburst; and in reaching its climax, it will work universal disaster. In the struggle for material well-being, all grievances have assumed fantastic proportions. And the diverse differences of human interest have been so accentuated that they have precipitated distinctive conflict. Humanity has failed to solve its individual and social problems, and the evidence for this failure is but too plain. The incapacity of men to deal with their problems constructively and creatively reveals tragic deficiency in the right understanding of the basic nature of man and the true purpose of life. The world is witnessing an acute conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. On the one hand there are selfish persons who seek their happiness blindly through lust for power, unbridled greed and unrelieved hatred. Ignorant of the real purpose of life, they have sunk down to the lowest level of culture. And they bury their higher selves in the wreckage of crumbling forms which linger on from the dead past. Bound by material interests and limited conceptions, they are forgetful of their divine destiny. They have lost their way, and their hearts are torn by the ravages of hate and rancor.

On the other hand there are persons who unveil their inherent higher self through the endurance of pain and deprivation, and through the noble acts of bravery and self-sacrifice. The present war is teaching man to be brave, to be able to suffer, to understand and to sacrifice.

The disease of selfishness in mankind will need a cure, which is not only universal in its application, but is drastic in its nature. It is so deep-rooted that that it can be uprooted only if it is knocked from all sides. Real peace and happiness will dawn spontaneously when there is the purging of selfishness. The peace and happiness which come from self-giving love are permanent. Even the worst sinners can become great saints if they have the courage and sincerity to invite a drastic and complete change of heart.

The present chaos and destruction will engulf the whole world. But this will be followed by a very long period in which there shall be no war. The passing sufferings and miseries of our times would be worth enduring for the sake of the long period of happiness which is to follow.

What will the present chaos lead to? How will it all end? It can only end in one way. Mankind will be sick of it all. Men will be sick of wanting and sick of fighting out of hatred. Greed and hatred will reach such intensity that everyone will become weary of them. The way out of the deadlock will be found through selflessness. The only alternative which will bring solution will be to stop hating and to love, to stop wanting and to give, to stop domination and to serve.

Great suffering shall awaken great understanding. Supreme suffering fulfills its purpose and yields its true significance when it awakens exhausted humanity, and stirs within it a genuine longing for real understanding. Unprecedented suffering leads to unprecedented spiritual outcome. It contributes to the construction of life on the unshakeable foundation of the Truth.

It is now high time that universal suffering should hasten humanity to the turning point in its spiritual history. It is now high time that the very agonies of our times should become a medium for the bringing of a real understanding of human relationship. It is now high time for humanity to face squarely the true causes of the catastrophe which has overtaken it. It is now high time to seek a new experience of reality. To know that life is real and eternal is to inherit unfading bliss. It is time that men had this realization by being unified with their own selves.

Through unification with the higher self, man perceives the infinite self in all selves; and he becomes free by outgrowing and discarding the limitations of the ego-life. The individual soul has to realise its identity with the supreme universal soul with full consciousness. Men shall have reorientation of life in the light of this ancient truth, and they will readjust their attitude towards their neighbors in everyday life. To perceive the spiritual value of oneness is to promote real unity and cooperation. Brotherhood then becomes a spontaneous outcome of true perception.

The new life which is based upon spiritual understanding is an affirmation of the Truth. It is not something which belongs to utopia, but is completely practical. Now that humanity is thrown into the fire of bloody conflicts, it is, through immense anguish, experiencing the utter instability and futility of the life which is based upon purely material conceptions. The hour is near when men, in their eager longing for real happiness, will seek the true source of happiness.



Eliseo, I thought the Maureen article was very good. I’ll cut & paste it into an email. I hesitate to paste it here & take up the bandwidth but I could if people would like me to.


I know she has Lupus. I am praying for her good health, comfort, connection to the Source of All Things.She is quite an intelligent, enlightened being & a real dynamo. If you would, send her that affirmation I shared with you please.

So glad you are recovering!

Jerry, I will have to read your Meher Baba post later. It looks good.

RE: Meher Baba’s perspective.
IMO Timeless wisdom appropriate today as it was in WWII.

Pam Gregory’s review of tomorrow’s eclipse. Full of optimism and hope…..

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 8th 2022

Video: 28 min 11 sec


Sharon, Eliseo,

Re: Meher Baba’s message: “Timeless”. Yes. I would agree.

Love and light to you, SlightKC.

Some of you might remember Todd who used to post here regularly. He has some election predictions, and they sound very good, albeit optimistic.


Also, if you can, subscribe to his The Claw News newsletter at $3.99/mo., you will not only enjoy it but will be helping Todd and his family as he & his wife are dealing with health challenges. The Claw News is politically oriented but not just, and it’s very clever, witty, and interesting.


The 2022 Midterm Elections: Expect the Unexpected by Alex Miller

(Note: In this analysis, Alex uses mostly asteroids as indicators)

Election Day 2022 promises to be quite a stunner, a supercharged day which is, ultimately, unpredictable. Held November 8, the day features multiple activations of Uranus, the planet of the shocking and unexpected, disruption, turmoil, revolution and change, including a conjunction by the Moon and oppositions from the Sun and Mercury. As well, it’s the day of the Sun/Mercury conjunction, and the Sun/Moon opposition, which just happens to be a total Lunar Eclipse!

Given the instability built into the day, it’s a fool’s errand to suggest an outcome, but let’s dive in and take a look anyway, shall we?

That the vote is the highlight of the day is easy to see, with that 16 Scorpio Sun/Mercury conjunction, and Mercury ruling the decision-making process as well as the vote itself, and its tabulation. The Moon/Uranus conjunction on the other end of the polarity at 16 Taurus indicates a public (Moon) which is unruly, agitated, restless and spoiling for a fight (Uranus). Also within orb of the Sun (and thus opposing Uranus) is an exact pairing of Venus with asteroid Washingtonia at 20 Scorpio. Now, a truly foolish astrologer might see that as a sign of the great affection borne for DC, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it portrays a focus (Sun) on Washington’s (Washingtonia) values (Venus), which often seem opposed or inimical (opposition) to those of the populace at large (Moon).

All of this is closely T-Squared by Saturn at 18 Aquarius, and more broadly by Damocles at 25 Aquarius. Saturn at the fulcrum depicts several things – voter (Mercury) suppression (Saturn); an explosion (Uranus) of frustration (Saturn) from the people (Moon); or a revolution (Uranus) against the curtailment (Saturn) of women’s reproductive rights (Venus) among them. Damocles represents the doom hanging overhead, about to fall at any moment.



Oy Vey! Engineers and business people who think they understand politics!

“The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a certain type of task or area of knowledge tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge.”

In other words it usually refers to someone so incompetent or just plain stupid enough to be completely unaware of how incompetent or stupid they really are. Such a person believes they are completely competent and capable for the task at hand. But you don’t have to be an idiot to suffer from Dunning Kruger.

Though he is a business, engineering and tech genius, Elon Musk convinces me otherwise intelligent people can also suffer from Dunning-Kruger effect. Ross Perot and Steve Forbes likewise are good examples.

Having acquired Twitter, Elon is now encouraging all to vote for R’s because he says we have a Dem president. Although he is brilliant and creative in business and technology, Elon is an ignoramus when it comes to history, political science, social process and human nature. His Mars science isn’t up to standard either or he would never have advocated nuking Mars to heat it up nor several other of his Mars “solutions”.

Likewise, despite having no political experience, successful business leaders like Steve Forbes and Ross Perot thought they could run the country more effectively, “like a business.”

At first, I thought that Mr. Miller’s assessment would help make tonight’s results easier to take. Then i realized that while Mr. Miller is saying that today’s outcome will be unpredictable, he then uses the asteroids to predict that the only surprise will be just how bad it will be for the progressive agenda/Democrats. Sigh.

If this is the outcome, never will one Congress have accomplished so much in the way of legislation, only to be so soundly rejected. If this is the case, it will make it that much harder going forward to do the things we need to do for the American people–like universal health care, lower prescription costs, and affordable housing. And shoring up Social Security and Medicare. Maybe it wouldn’t be appreciated anyway. Then, we can predict that the next two years will be a hellscape of investigations, possible impeachments, and more things they can think of to do to us, and more ways to seize power.

Then, the best we can hope for is that every action will have a reaction.

Myself, I’m still hoping that tonight’s “red mirage” will be just that–a mirage, and that it will be a few days before it’s all decided.

IMHO any astroger who uses asteroids as the primary way they predict what they claim is an unpredictable outcome is going to have a less than stellar prediction in the first place. The meaning and symbolism of asteroids is not yet well established. It is merely assumed.

Take a look at Steve Judd’s take on todays Eclipse and what he has to say about the May 2023 follow up Eclipse. I will always remembe his perspective on Harry and Megan’s Union and how her chart will influence the Monarch. He was right on his anylasis.


Eliseo, I’m glad that you’re on the mend. Here’s to better health.

To you, and to all the other astrologers on this blog, here’s my question (or questions): has any astrologer been able to use the asteroids–especially the smaller ones, other than the big 4–to accurately predict anything, let alone elections? Do we miss anything if we don’t use them?

I like to think Bob and others are correct and there is no red wave and we dodge the bullet on this night. But if we do and we don’t act on significant legislation that will rein in social media and campaign finance reform, I really think we will be doomed in 2024 as all the knives will be out – billionaires throwing billions at issues they think are important and social media weaponizing the data to change minds and make us crazier and crazier. I will also add that if we (Dems) persevere tonight, it will be in spite of the Democratic party which is too beholden to their progressive wing.

Hey Gina!

I forget exactly who was involved in the conversation – although I remember Will as one of the participants – but there was some consensus here in the past year, maybe 6 mo ago or so, that asteroids are not worth bothering with.

I have to say that there is one for everything, it seems, including first and last names (LOL). That gave me a chuckle. The possibility of Alex being right — not so much.

Also, if there are going to be that many upsets and surprises, and with many polls and predictions in general favoring Republicans, wouldn’t a surprise more likely be that those predictions are wrong?

And, from Michael Steele, former head of the RNC:

“Republicans are flooding the zone with a lot of bad polling,” creating a false sense of where this election is heading. In fact, Steele said he “believes the political landscape favors Democrats in the key races.”


And –


“BREAKING: talking w/ the Chair of the Wisconsin Dem Party
, who confirms youth turnout in Wisconsin is *360%* HIGHER than in 2018. If you’re in Wisconsin, remember that there is same-day voter registration. Get out there & cast your ballot. 7 hours left. Let’s win this.”

Gina, Eliseo: thank you for pointing to the ongoing controversy(ies) re. the asteroids. I totally agree that they are not established as to their interpretations, except in the general sense that they seem to “flavor” the influence of the major planets, angles, etc. However, asteroids precisely on angles (when exact birth times are known, or event times) are more significant, especially on natal charts (imo). But, no asteroid alone can express itself in contradiction to aspects between the major planets and angles.

The only one I, personally, would not miss examinging closely is Chiron, which is, strictly speaking, not an asteroid at all though it gets classed with them often. Chiron is a powerful influence all on its own. It is a sore point or at least a persistent concern or theme that won’t go away. It keeps up a chorus, like those old Greek choruses, that won’t give up and therefore is rightly associated with illness and health – because persistent problems always affect one’s health long term. The influence or theme depends on its sign and current placement by progression or transit. I would not ignore Chrion, although I believe it is safe enough to by-pass the others.

A note on this midterm election:
The charts are is fascinating, of course. How could it be otherwise? Using Washington DC, Regiomontanus houses, going from approx. 6pm to midnight, there are the following aspects to consider:

1. The eclipse of the Moon in Taurus passed during the night, but the effect has lingered all day. An eclipse both hides and emphasizes the Moon (the people). Nobody has been sure how the people will vote, which fits the eclipse, as well as the Moon being in the hidden 12th house as the early results begin to come in (using the 6pm ‘start’ time).
2. Moon in Taurus is in a fixed earth sign. It opposes the Sun in Scorpio, a fixed water sign. The people are divided, entrenched and obstinate. Their polarization isn’t going to change.
3. The government (Sun), is awash in political intrigue (Scorpio), but unlike earth, water may shift.
4. The Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of shocks and upsets. Uranus is conjunct the N. node of the Moon, indicating an inclination toward progressive thinking, but since Uranus is still retrograde, the impact will take a while to show itself (expected delays in results, disputes, etc. – all in keeping with disruptive Uranus).
5. The Moon starts (at 6pm) being hidden in the 12h house and ends up right on the Midheaven at midnight, at 25-26 Taurus, the (approx.) degree of Algol. Algol is associated with controversy, and angry, revengeful women in particular, being the ‘’Medusa” star. So, angry women will probably have the last word. Not only is there a disconnect (opposition) between the people and government, but the tone of Algol is not a happy one.
6. At 6pm, Saturn, the planet of structure and government sits at the apex of a square, perched exactly between 2 clusters.
7. On the one side of the squares to Saturn is the N. node of the Moon, Uranus, and the Moon itself. They are in the 12th house of large (and uncontrollable) institutions, in the fixed sign of Taurus.
8. On the other side, opposite, is an equally powerful group of S. node, Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 6th house of health and public service, in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus are associated with media and money.
9. So, Saturn, in Aquarius, the sign of the collective, starts out perched at the Midheaven between the 2 intractable factions. By the end of the evening, Saturn finds itself in the 6th house of health and service. Think abortion here. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and protest, and is ruled by Uranus, which happens to be conjunct the election Moon.
10. All of this indicates to me that Uranus will push the results of the midterm elections toward an upset in the favor of women’s health.
11. Furthermore, the position of Pluto by the end of voting sits at the threshold (cusp) of the 6th house as well. Pluto, the planet of ruthless power and force, is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of law and order. Saturn is traditionally associated with the powers of government and rules Capricorn, as well as Aquarius. This says the election will be conducted in the proper way, despite the controversy.
12. However, the Sun at midnight ends up at 16Scorpio46, almost exactly opposite Uranus on the midheaven at 16Taurus55, retrograde. The day ends topsy turvy. The Sun (government) has landed on the cusp of the 4th house of the homeland, instead of being in the 10th as usual. Uranus on the 10th has seriously challenged the traditional order.
13. Finally, Mars at almost 25 Gemini is (still) retrograde and inconjunct (135 degrees, out of sync) with Pluto at 26 Capricorn. Mars is in Gemini (news) and at the end of the evening finds itself on the cusp of the 11th house of legislatures and assemblies, while Pluto is about to go into the 6th of health. So this will get fought out in the courts (Mars rules the 9th of courts as well as the Supreme Court), and also in the homeland at large (Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, on the 4th house).

From the above (which by no means is all), it appears the election results will show a strong turnout and the ultimate winner will be the people, since the Moon ends up in the 10th house of leadership. The aftermath will undoubtedly be unpleasant (Algol) and it will take time to clear the retrogrades and fixed signs before things move on. The government (Saturn) will continue to struggle to keep balance in the T-square of the outcome. But, a clear outcome it seems there will be. Nothing wishy washy. The people, most notably women and minorities, will not be ignored and the new government will continue to have troubles managing them all.

“Algol is associated with controversy, and angry, revengeful women in particular, being the ‘’Medusa” star. So, angry women will probably have the last word.”

LOL! Gawd, I hope so!

It causes me too much anxiety to watch the political horse race results today – Ill wait to get the preliminary final results tomorrow and deal with my psyche, for better or worse, then.

Eliseo, so glad to hear you are feeling better. Musk’s behavior is not a surprise to me – his father is rumored to have been a bully, and I wonder what early childhood die was cast growing up as a white in apartheid south africa.

Well wishes to you, Eliseo.

Watching the returns here in Ohio, and I wish I could say I am surprised. Ryan is trailing Vance and it doesn’t look good. Ryan though always had an uphill battle in a state where Dems currently have to run a near-flawless campaign, and Republicans–no matter how awful they are–are virtually guaranteed a win just by getting their name on the ballot.

The Republican Party could run zombie Hitler and win here. That’s how bad things have become.


I draw on faith from the astrology suggesting a major paradigm shift is afoot. We are at the end–the culmination–of an era of political and social reactionaryism and creeping fascism, rather than facing the dawn of any new such era.

Change won’t come easy, or overnight, in any case. But I really do think that a major shift is coming.

I really like Ryan a lot so I’m bummed out about Vance winning, BuckeyeShadow, but I think we’ll keep the Senate and not lose as many seats in the House as the Republicans hope for, but they’ll still get the majority.

Looks like Kari Lake, the Trumpista will lose the governor race in AZ which is great.

The people on CNN were saying the Dems have to be very relieved as it is not as bad as we feared.

Right On, BuckeyeShadow!

Meher Baba rocked it then and rocks it now! Brilliant. Speaks to me on many levels.

Thank you for posting Jerry.

Disappointing. Stacy Abrams lost to Brian Kemp.

We’re still waiting for results in Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. Johnson is still ahead in Wisconsin (barely) with many votes still coming out of Madison and Milwaukee….so, maybe Barnes can pull off a win?

I expected this election to be close…but I’m still angry. I can’t believe more women voters didn’t come out and vote against these fascist Republicans like many of us were hoping for. I guess some of them really don’t mind a bunch of psychotic white men controlling their uterus after all. And look at how my pathetic state voted. Marco Rubio and Ron DeSantis won quite easily and they won almost every county here in Florida – including Miami-Dade. They threaten to take away social security, medicaid, and medicare…and get rewarded for it? Make that make sense.

Anyway, we Democrats were able to stop the anticipated “red wave” but the Republicans still made gains and they’re still favored to win the House (unless California pulls through for us).

One thing I can say: the astrology was definitely correct. Uranus’s presence in this election certainly did give us the “unexpected” and its made all of us miserable.

I really hate the United States and the American people some times. I will never forgive this country for allowing Trump to occupy the White House for 4 years.

Chris Romero,
I echo your thoughts. I feel so destroyed and disappointed in Americans, (tRump should have never been in the White House!), and totally disgusted with Floridians right now, sad to see Annette Taddeo and other good people who got fewer votes than their crazy Republic opponents. So Americans chose the people who will ban books and abortions, get rid of social security, but not ban assault weapons. The stupidity and ignorance of people in this country just sickens me.

And how could the race between Warnock and Walker be so close? Seems there are no results of this race yet. Please please Warnock must pull this off. A decent, articulate, educated, intelligent human being vs. an evil non-thinking animal?

Voters in California, Michigan and Vermont adopted ballot measures to keep abortion legal, so that’s a plus in this mess. And Fetterman is the winner in PA, that’s a good thing as well. And that crazy Lake lady in Arizona lost the governorship, one bright spot. Ryan losing in Ohio is upsetting as well. And Abbott retains governorship in Texas? OMG…….how horrific and stupid are Americans.

I’m very upset this morning, needed to vent. But I guess it could have been worse?

Please to all, needed to vent.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. Much thanks to the guidance of the astrologers on this blog for their insights on the asteroids, and how these don’t outweigh the larger planetary picture.

Whatever “red wave” the political pundits were predicted is more like, Rick Wilson calls it, a “#RedTrickle.” At best, their “wave” is delayed.

The other news is that it looks like the Senate is going to come down to Georgia again. Four more weeks of Georgia. Sigh. I don’t know what charts you have for a runoff next month, but have at it. Here’s hoping Warnock can hold on.

The many, many astrologers (the majority) who predicted there would be NO red wave, that there was a good possibility the Dems would retain the Senate and House were correct. We won’t likely know the final results for a few more days, but although close, the strong possibility of retaining both Houses remains.

Sometimes when you win, you actually lose. Sometimes when you lose, it’s really a win. Win or lose in this case, it really is an extraordinary win for the Dems. Considering midterm history and the terrible odds they faced, what the Dems have accomplished is truly amazing. To my knowledge, never before in American history has an incumbent party been so successful in a midterm election.

We should not fret. The probability lies as a minimum with holding the Senate, and if the R’s gain the House it will be by a very small margin leaving them with greatly less power than they anticipated. Were that the case I have no doubt they would continue with their politics of complete crazy, and mostly as Macbeth described, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The R’s will soon begin their long overdue intraparty civil war, dividing between the DeSantis and Trump factions.

California voters may yet propel Dems to victory. If not, Biden and the Dems will enjoy the golden opportunity for the next two years of using Truman’s 1948 strategy to great effect, making 2024 another 1932.

Chris Romero – We’ve also read your comments on Marjorie’s Orr’s site. You aren’t alone in FL; we’re 34 years in 32250. Like mindedness of our sort is rare on the first coast. My husband, known here as Ericb, will find a way to connect.

Stay safe with Nicole bearing down on us.

Chris Romero – We’ve also read your comments on Marjorie’s Orr’s site. You aren’t alone in FL; we’re 34 years in 32250. Like mindedness of our sort is rare on the first coast. My husband, known here as Ericb, will find a way to connect.

Stay safe with Nicole bearing down on us.

Florida disappoints us again, but Maxwell Frost is certainly a bright spot. First Gen Z elected to congress!

“full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

Eliseo, you know that that sounds like to me? Pluto in very late Capricorn. Overripe energy. Literally, there is no place for authoritarian-reactionary bats–t crazy Conservatism to go. Even if the Republicans win control of the House and even the Senate, there’s not a whole lot that they will accomplish, other than proving their idiocy even more, and they are set up to lose big in the next cycle.

Eliseo and BuckeyeShadow, I mentioned above in a post that I am deeply troubled that if we do not regulate social media and dark money NOW, it will be so much worse in 24. I don’t see any political will to do so yet believe that we must. This war is far from over.

LIVE: Data Experts who NAILED IT Simon Rosenberg and Tom Bonier on Midterms

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alZ8AT98kwM 27:00


3 brothers

Zero outside investors

Lovely Eliseo,
I sometimes listen to a podcast called the Mike drop with Mike Madrid , he originally was with the Lincoln project, he is a very good political pundit and knows a lot about what’s happening with the Latinos and this is where the Dems are in danger he says.
I can’t remember exactly what but he was saying but something like
people don’t realize that a lot of the house races in California may very well be turning Republican.

I hope that’s not the case, but they May take quite a few seats there

On a different note, it was very eye-opening for me recently because I spent about a week in Portland, and I feel it is quite an example of Liberalism gone amuck, Portland a lovely city, felt so heavy and was pretty much a ghost town. The businesses that have been shut down since the riots, and to just see people just go into the stores and take goods. That law that they have that allows people to not be arrested for under $1000 is a prime example of liberalism gone wrong. Also the homelessness and drug use it is so in your face, it is very sad but we went for a wedding and I can tell you that my family there thinks we are lucky to live in Florida, I know ridiculous but I think you get the point. It’s a mess

Sorry to hear that about Portland, and I know LA also has a lot of homelessness, Diana.

Having lived in Miami for close to 30 yrs, I remember that, yes, Latinos (I particularly knew a lot of Cubans) are very conservative, very Catholic, and very anti-abortion. That is the case for the entire Hispanic world except for the younger generations and I would think they are also influenced by their cultural background (although they did break away to an extent in the last 2 presidential elections but the Dems didn’t have all 3 Houses then or at least didn’t for very long under Obama). DeSantis is perfect for them, as is Rubio.

It will be very interesting to watch how Trump reacts to DeSantis’s popularity, particularly with Trump’s endorsements being repudiated this cycle. I believe that this election let some air out of his tires and, although he won’t show it when he makes his “big” announcement on 11/24, he will probably be somewhat deflated and maybe people are trying to talk him out of running as we speak.

I have a feeling that DeSantis (many call him DeSatan) is going to be very big in the Conservative world. We should look at his charts for the future. I find him a bit scary.

I had made a comment yesterday that didn’t go through. I remember there was a conversation about asteroids about 6 months ago (?), initiated by Will, I am thinking, and an article was posted by an astrologer that said they just clutter things up and implied that they aren’t all that important.

Chris Romero, Maybe this will make you feel better!


And the bill in Montana to punish healthcare providers who perform abortions also failed, in addition to the 3 mentioned in the above article.

Getting back to Trump, maybe he will now be indicted. Either way, he will have a hard time being the Republican candidate after DeSantis’s very strong showing. I believe DeSantis’s star is on the rise.

I don’t think DeSantis is that powerful, Sharon. He’s uncharismatic and stuck on the culture wars when he ought to be concerned about how much of his state is going to be under the Atlantic waters within the next decade. A box of rocks would actually be more interesting to watch.

Dark money can prop anyone up though, clearly, as I know all too well here in Ohio with JD Vance.

This is the problem with the entire Republican Party–the desire for power for its own sake and to exact vengeance on others, while doing nothing meaningful to actually help people.

Some astrologers have forecasted DeSantis’ rise, but I honestly think he’s going to be sidelined by much greater forces these next few years. Culture wars will mean nothing when millions of people have been rendered homeless by a serious barrage of climate-induced disasters, and even some serious direct manmade ones thrown into the mix as well.

Such interesting comments everyone.
Sharon, you’re dead on about the Latins and the abortion thing, also Miami dade, usually A sure democratic stronghold flipped red.

Also , I completely agree this has been a huge blow to Trump, he is weakened and they are begging him not to announce, at least not before the Georgia runoff, notice he has already started to say things about DeSantis giving him the deSanctimonious nickname and also flat out saying that he shouldn’t run because he knows more non flattering things about him than anyone else but his wife .

It’s without a doubt that DeSantis is the new golden boy, his star has risen at least for now, has been for a while in a florida and it’s obvious that they want him to be the next POTUS. The whole Christianity thing with his wife who I believe is a huge driving force is actually pretty scary . He has authoritarian tendencies, is a cruel bully who loves a culture war .

I think he’s way more dangerous in many ways than Trump even though they try to normalize him, I can’t remember the name but the woman who is his right hand woman , very smart, lived in east Europe, has a lot of power in the party and should be watched. Dangerous and fierce. It’s amazing to me how many women are involved at all levels in propelling this horrible authoritarianism forward.

The Republicans are going to go full steam ahead with him, huge donors are behind him, but buckeye I do agree with you in that trying to win nationally is a whole other ball game. And he’s not charismatic at all, however I fear if he teams up with Kari Lake, insane but a much better politician than him, then I think they have a good chance of winning.

Dems need to be pushing one of their rising stars from now, they are quite a few. Also notice the media is just foaming at the mouth for a DeSantis trump war, and have barely mentioned the impressive win of Gretchen whitmer and Jared Yates I think he’s called in Colorado, big upset there.

There are many on this blog who know greatly more of astrology than do I, and are certainly better in explaining it, but if I’m understanding the transits correctly – even if the R’s take the House, and/or the Senate, (less likely) Dems will prevail. As I have said, sometimes a loss is really a win and vice versa.

The R’s are just not psychologically ready to give up on Crazy. They have no plans to assist average citizens, but several plans as to how to harm us all. The more they yell and scream, the more they pass unpopular laws at local, state, or federal levels, the more they harm themselves.

They cannot govern well as they have decided government is bad. As Sen. Schumer said, “They are like the dog chasing the car, but having caught it have no idea what to do with it.” In the next two years they WILL make fools of themselves repeatedly.

Pluto continues its journey toward Aquarius, and that is not the only transit which portends innovative political reform. I honestly expect enormous progressive political and social advance through the Pluto in Aquarius and Pluto in Pisces eras.

BuckeyeShadow and Sharon,
I don’t think DeSantis will be as great a threat as some might imagine.
Three reasons:
(A) Trump still has a large following within the R base. He’s about to start a war against DeSantis which both will lose. In the process they’ll burn down the R party.
(B) Florida is going in the opposite direction from most of the rest of the country. DeSantis policies, popular in Florida are increasingly unpopular in almost ALL of the rest of the nation.
(C) Although Desantis is smarter than Trump, he is lacking in charisma.

IMO, the 2024 election will be catastrophic for the R’s. They may not recover.


Your words are music to my ears. I do agree that they are not going to give up the crazy. For now we are seeing that the R’s are talking and wanting to give up Trump, but let’s see, I think if Trump goes he will try to burn the party down with him , and I say good let it burn! I love to hear about Pluto making its Aquarius journey.

Also you’re right about DSantis not having charisma and time will tell, Trump is not going to let DeSantis have an easy ride. Ron vs Don!
As much as the media thinks that Florida is united with Ron, many here can’t stand him.
It is somewhat of a paradox, florida is a well run state so DeSantis feeds off that, a well run but very corrupt state, and that part doesn’t seem to be well known by the media or the masses here

I believe DeSantis is on the spectrum , just as a matter of interest.

Diana, I think FLA & TN have things in common: mainly, that tourism brings in so much money that a monkey could keep things rolling. Here in TN, Head Plumber General Lee & the perpetual GOP supermajority have led the nation in hateful anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, as well as trying to siphon public school money for Lee’s Hillsdale “Charter” Schools, promising “classical ‘education’ (code for Fundamentalist Christian indoctrination)”. The last one is EXTREMELY UNPOPULAR here, but Lee has a board in place to override local community no votes. So, lots of us were highly disappointed to see him get re-elected, as well as another Dem stronghold flipped by gerrymandering, but it just shows we have more work to do.

IMO we need to get rid of gerrymandering. Do we even need congressional districts? Before 1842 we did not have districts. Congress persons were elected at large.

Diana, you believe DeSantis is on the corruption spectrum? That could be, to some extect.

I think that a lot of people do find him charismatic though. He has a strong traditional b.g., including the military & Yale, etc., and in his authoritarian, maybe toxic (at least traditional, old-fashioned, Biblical) masculine way, exudes strength in their opinion. If FL is a well-run state, he has to have something to do with that, so he is getting the credit. Many Floridians I know detest him.

Well, the competition between he and Trump should be interesting to watch. Pass the popcorn, may Boebert lose (it’s a too-close-for-comfort election) and may Kelly & Cortez win.


I have always loved Ana Navarro, the best, most outspoken and honest Cuban Republican I know of. I really enjoyed her column in the Miami Herald and seeing her on CNN. She is for real and a true moderate, slave to no party.

If I’m understanding this right, Jupiter strations in Biden’s chart on the 24th trine the Sun and trine Venus. Andre Kahr at Astrology Alert interprets these aspects to indicate Dems may yet gain control over both the House and Senate.

Simultaneously, the aspects for Kevin McCarthy and DJ Trump look pretty unpleasant.

Have I misunderstood what Mr. Kahr is reporting? Is his interpretation plausible?

Andre Kahr/Astrology Alert
It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over…………..
8 minutes 7 seconds

Apparently, the Trafalgar Group is one of the main pollsters being blamed for misleading Republicans about a Red Wave. This is one of the pollsters rated A- and often used by Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight!


This is going to sound hyperbolic but it aligns exactly with what BuckeyeShadow and others have been saying about the end of Pluto in Capricorn and the beginning of Pluto in Aquarius. This midterm election signals the beginning of the end of the Republican party.

Democrats Are On The Brink Of A Historic State Legislative Election Performance | “Democrats are expected to hold on to their existing majorities in both the Nevada state Assembly and Senate when all votes are counted. If that happens, it would mark the first time since at least 1934 that the party in control of the White House retained all of its state legislative majorities in a midterm election, according to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.”

Given that it is possible the Dems may also retain majorities in the House and Senate at the federal level and Republicans could gain no ground with a difficult economic backdrop it is beginning to be clear to those paying attention just how difficult it will be for republicans moving forward.

“The role of young people in this election cannot be understated. Turnout delivered on many of these races. By 2024, Millennials & Gen Z voters will outnumber voters who are Baby Boomers and older, 45/25. We are beginning to see the political impacts of that generational shift.” AOC

There are so many other examples of the sea change that is upon us but that generational shift will be monumental.

The plutocrats are also beginning to crack. Look at Elon Musk and his disastrous buyout of twitter or the Trump and DeSantis rift that is beginning to split the republicans. It won’t happen overnight and some locations are ahead of others (Florida, Ohio, NY yikes) but one can sense massive change coming as we inch closer to the Pluto in Aquarius age.


Ohio has some interesting transits of its own ahead. The Republicans have long enjoyed some quite deep structural advantages here due to the state’s constitution and its strong bent towards rural areas, despite the fact that we have a number of urbanized regions around the state. Still, I am wondering if the time is approaching when people here have their fill of all of the unfettered corruption that the Republicans are the source of. Saturn moving into Pisces—like Florida, Ohio is a heavily Pisces place, albeit none for the better—will cut through quite a bit of the delusion and fantasy that has enveloped a lot of people in these places. Ohio and Florida seem quite susceptible to snake oil peddlers like Trump, Vance, and DeSantis. Saturn in Pisces is very much about being brought back down to earth to face stark, cold reality, something that most Pisces types are loathe to do.

In any case, people in Ohio and Florida may be forced to face the reality of the people and governments they have allowed to represent them. I don’t see Vance, Trump or DeSantis being any kind of leaders during the Pluto in Aquarius era. They are all corporate Capricorn types.

What you presented doesn’t sound hyperbolic at all. As you said, many here have made the same observations and are aware of the same facts.

Within a decade if not far sooner our domestic and geopolitical landscape will be radically different. The R party is an anachronism. Their end is in sight.

Furthermore, what we perceive and define as Liberal, Conservative, and Moderate will change. Climate change, new technologies and discoveries will render a number of jobs and ideas obsolete. All my life I’ve been perceived as a radical liberal; I’ve long advocated for Scandinavian social democratic reforms, but without changing my views I expect in decades to come I might be perceived as moderately conservative within a new AI assisted social democratic paradigm.

IMO, in the next 5 or 6 years we’ll be connecting a number of dots we didn’t even know existed.

Sharon K,

Hi, I noticed you mentioned Ana Navarro. I’m a Floridian just like her – she is pretty cool.

Although, Ana Navarro isn’t Cuban-American; she’s actually Nicaraguan-American. Miami has a very large Nicaraugan-American community.

As a Floridian Democrat, it’s kind of embarrassing that my state didn’t join the many other states in the country who bucked the far-right extremist and fascist Republican lunatics in this midterm election.

I really wish we could have gotten Val Demings and Charlie Crist elected….but, it is what it is. At least I voted for them.

I was born in Hawaii, but I’ve been living here in Florida for most of my life (I’m an almost 40 year old Millennial, lol).

I remember back in the early 1990s when I was a teenager and Florida was mostly a blue, Democratic state. The Florida State Legislature was until Democratic control (until the 1994 midterms) and we had a Democratic Governor (the late Lawton Chiles) and we had one Democratic US Senator (Bob Graham).

Between 2001 and 2005, we even briefly had 2 Democratic US Senators (Bob Graham and Bill Nelson) serving at the same time.

Also, Bill Clinton carried our state in 1996, Al Gore technically won Florida in 2000 (it was stolen from him), and Barack Obama carried Florida in 2008 and in 2012.

Senator Bill Nelson and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried were our last statewide Democratic holdouts…and now both of them are no longer in office (well, Fried will remain in office until Jan. 2023)

I really don’t know what happened to Florida; I don’t know how it managed to digress into such a horrid far-right cesspool.

In the past, even the few Republicans who were elected here in Florida were at least more moderate, bipartisan, and rational thinking. For example, Floridian Republicans like Tillie Fowler, Bob Martinez, Toni Jennings, David Jolly, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen were actually quite moderate (and more likeable) than any of the freaks representing Florida today.

Anyway, Claude Pepper, Reubin Askew, Bob Graham, Lawton Chiles, Buddy MacKay, and Bill Nelson were some of the greatest Democrats and elected officials our state has ever had and they did such amazing things for us.

Now, so many Floridians have downgraded to electing complete far-right Republican idiots like Matt Gaetz, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, and John Rutherford.

I really hope things will change for the better down here in time.

Chris, I lived in Miami Dade for almost 30 yrs until I left in 2003 to move to Louisiana (& right into the arms of Hurricane Katrina 2 yrs later). Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Yes, there were some great Democrats leading FL.

I didn’t realize Ana wasn’t Cuban, but I did know many Nicaraguan & Hispanics of all stripes
whether from Central or South America as well as all those great people from all over the Caribbean, particularly Haiti. Miami is very intetnational & I worked at a university for 20 yrs while living there so met many people from all over the world.

For me, the greatest leader was ole “Walkin Lawton”, a man of the people, both our governor & senator. I’ve gotten to know his daughter through FB. She’s a dynamic women & very civic minded, an advocate for kids stuck in the system without families but she has her hand in a lot of things. And she’s Christian, a Conservative, very pro-life, pro-adoption, and she is the real deal, a great lady. She’s also a gun advocate (for self-defense). I respect her and her positions. And, there you go…that is now a typical type of Floridan, turned off by abortions, lawlessness & fiscal irresponsibility, and wanting to see respect for authority. Many Conservatives are very concerned about border issues & the BLM protests 2 summers ago. That is where they are coming from. I am a Democrat & a Liberal but I can still empathize & understand. The best we can hope for is that they do the same for us, as we are in a very polarized condition.

Anyway, I love FL, enjoyed my life there, and have wonderful memories, but it was time to go. I have been giving a small monthly donation to Val Demmings for over a year. I thought the fact that she was a police chief would work for her. I also feel for Crist. DeSantis is a force, he is the right age, & he epitomizes the type of Conservative that I just described. With the elections so close & the country divided, we are just going to have to find a way to work together & unite against those who lie, cheat & want to create chaos. In that vein I admire those Republicans who stood up against Trump. I think they affected the midterm elections positively. (I’m writing this on my phone instead of my laptop & can’t review it easily so sorry in advance for any typos or grammatical errors.)

Agree Eliseo –

as many on here have iterated, in the next 5/6 years things will change first slowly and then rapidly as we connect the dots on on a host of intense issues including climate change, the pandemic & health policy, oligarchic inequality etc. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing all the skeletons as the tide goes out.

“Pluto also has the habit of laying waste to the status quo and dredging up everything from the underworld that needs to be addressed. The national subconscious will be fully open for review, in all its glory and infamy.

Pluto will reach its first exact conjunction with its natal position in February next year, at which point we can expect an uptick in restiveness, the retrograde conjunction in July, and then the final exact conjunction right at the end of 2022. All the collective skeletons of the US closet will be out in the open then. The events of the 6th have shown many of them, but there is much more to come. Once we see matters clearly, then we will see the real revolution in US consciousness take place over the next couple of years. Be glad for it. It needs to happen.”


I agree that the next few years we will see many reforms, many of them socially democratic that once would have been thought of as radical but going forward will be seen as absolutely necessary for human survival. I expect the US constitution to be reformed and amended as well. We are still in the Pluto in Cap era but the light is beginning to shine through the end of the tunnel.

Yes, I’ve long expected we’ll get several constitutional amendments during Pluto’s journey through Aquarius, something like what FDR proposed in 1944 plus some for which he did not foresee.

It is interesting the Forward Party, consisting of several Dems like Sen. Mark Kelley and many ex-Republicans are advocating “human centered capitalism.” That sounds to me like what we know in Europe as Scandinavian style social democracy. OK, a rose by any other name…Maybe their phrase will be more ideologically comfortable for North Americans. Bernie Sanders will vote for that while laughing himself silly.

I expect lifelong education will become normal sometime during Pluto in Aquarius.

Climate change alone makes universal healthcare absolutely necessary. Tropical diseases are moving northward and southward from the equator and the permafrost in the arctic is melting releasing millions year old viruses and bacteria for which we have no immunity. Universal healthcare will be necessary to prevent epidemics and pandemics.

I think the primary mental change will be the recognition and realization of the illusion of separateness. Events and circumstances will make obvious our deep biological and economic interconnectedness, not just of humans but of all life. The space that exists between us will be seen as dynamic rather than static, as connecting us rather than separating us. Such attitudinal change will affect our political and economic philosophies as well as our basic metaphysics.

Chris Romero,

The way you describe Florida sounds a lot like Ohio. We have certainly had our luminaries here, and some very strong Democratic leaders over the years, from John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum, to Sherrod Brown, and I believe Tim Ryan also falls in that category, even if he did not win this time. Even our Republicans were not always bats–t nutz. I do not agree with Gov. DeWine on many, many things. I did meet him once, however, and felt that we could at least respect each other as people, even if we did not see eye to eye on our politics. I cannot say that about Vance, Jim Jordan, or the other far-righters and Wall Street puppets on strings. These folks are criminals who belong in prison.

JD Vance though… ugh! We really have fallen down considerably. It did not happen overnight, but here we are, in this state of madness. And for what? So f—ing Peter Thiel can get another tax break??? Really people? He doesn’t even live here!

I do not get the allure of the far-right or of loudmouthed egomaniacs like Trump, smarmy entitled charlatans like DeSantis, or rambling buffoons like Vance on Wall Street’s strings. Because both Ohio and Florida are Pisces states, it does seem to me that there is a pattern of deep denialism/victimhood and abdication for responsibility going on in both places… all while corruption surges.

My guess is that Saturn sweeping through Pisces soon is going to force some people in our states who normally wouldn’t do so to take a look at the mess that they’re living in, and their culpability for it. Nothing is insurmountable, as we see around us here. If Michigan and Pennsylvania can get it together and move forward, why not Ohio as well?

Hopefully, it doesn’t require a flood of climate refugees moving northward to shift our politics, but I do believe that we will experience some of that anyway during the next decade. It’s already happening, but the trickle may very well become a flood.

Has anyone here gone through the NCGR online astrology education courses? They are very expensive IMO and I’m wondering if they are worth what they are charging.


Total cost for all courses together is $4295.00.

As a Democrat who tends to clutch his pearls and worry a lot, I want to thank Bob for giving me hope through his astrology which turned out to be correct!
Bravo, Bob!

Congrats everyone for our Democratic win in the Senate. Still much work to do. Young people showed up and showed out They are coming into their own and are tired of being targets in school shootings with GOP doing nothing but offering prayers

Let’s hear it for GEN Z, the under 24 youth group who turned out! D

Depending where you look, their age group is either 7 to 22 or 9 to 24, but either way, they own the future and want to take action now. They are critically aware of how climate change, gun control, abortion rights (as well as the economy affect them).

Of course, I am thrilled the Democrats kept the Senate and would like to see us keep the House, although that probably won’t happen, but I do have to say that I would have liked Schumer to have struck a different tone in his celebration speech last night.

There are Republicans (and those who represent them in government) whose Conservative positions, at least some if not all of them, deserve respect. After all, there are at least 2 sides to every issue. Schumer needs to be diplomatic and at least attempt to create unity in the sense that some could be won over on moderate issues. We are only 1 seat in the majority and, if Warnock wins, 2. We can’t afford to be cocky and rub it in and say we represent what the whole country wants — or it will come back and bite us. I found his speech to be divisive and without tact. And I am not saying to bend to the Republicans, especially the radical or irrational ones, but be open to those who wish to reach a reasonable compromise! (And we still have to deal with Manchin and Sinema.) I think that Biden expressed a much better attitude about it.

I think Schumer was 100% right to list the achievements wrought by Democrats that have and will help the country since the 2020 election, but I also saw him putting down Republicans and rubbing the Senate win in.

Sharon K,

I don’t have any sympathy for the Republican Party at this time, nor will I for a very, very long time. These fools had us on the doorstep of fascism. They bet the bank on Trump and his ugly style of politics, and came up epically short. I think some chiding from Schumer and others is justified, to say the least.

Pick better leaders, create a constructive vision for the country, and stop doubling down on stupid. It has its limits, and eventually the bill comes due, which it did for the GOP just a few days ago. This is the lesson for them, should they choose to learn it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Point well taken, BuckeyeShadow, but I feel Schumer should have concentrated on chiding the extremists and Trumpists (whom he did) and been a little more gracious about working together with the Republican party, giving them room to move towards him.

Thank you Frank.

Using the results of this election I have found a chart for the Republican party that fits the circumstances of the event. It is based on the work of an internet friend who has sadly passed away; John Battalana.

I rectified his proposal to July 6 1854 NS, 4:38:30 pm LMT, located to the White House.

Using my progressed lunar return technique it responds to both the October 25th (preceding) and the November 8th (congruent) eclipses just before the election.

I will test it against other events for the GOP.

The chart also works for the transits on the night of and the 2 eclipses preceding Truman’s defeat of Dewey in 1948!

Fair points, Sharon.

Bob, the July 6 1854 Republican Party chart is the one that seems to be most consistently aligned with the party’s experiences, in my observations. There are a few others out there I have seen for February and even October, but the modern GOP to me has been a relentlessly traditionalist Cancerian Sun organization (party leaders, outward appearance) with a vindictive and vengeful Scorpio Moon (people and inner-organizational dynamic).

BuckeyShadow, that chart has it’s Saturn/Venus midpoint on the DSC (lack of empathy?) and tending to conservatism (Saturn angular) with it’s Sun conjunct Sibly Sun and square Sibly Saturn.

Speculative chart for the Republican party:


Thank you for all your good and precise work. You are a most helpful fellow! I concur with Frank. Kudo’s for you and all the several other astrologers who accurately interpreted the signs regarding this election.

Sharon K,
Good points. Most of the (remaining) (R’s who weren’t driven out of the party in the last few years for their relative reasonableness) are MAGAots, with or without their glorious orange leader – but not all of them.

A basic fact of political life is that Dems have to get along with R’s to some degree in any legislative body to get anything done. It is wise to be generally polite but know when to be generous and when to be purposefully penurious.

I’m not sure most of the remaining Republicans are MAGAots, Eliseo. My sense from talking to the Conservatives that I know is that to them, anything is better than Liberals and Trump did some things right and he showed strength and success, but if they have someone other than Trump to support, they will. I guess DeSantis is a prime candidate who I already dislike immensely for his stunts, the worst of which was invalidating the redistricting map the legislature passed and substituting it with his own map!

Interesting response comment by IanS from Marjorie Orr’s site …..
“I feel this is bigger than we think. Two elcipes 6 months apart one on this election the second one day before a british king iii is crowned and on ancient days. Pluto returns USA, France and the obvious links to the UK and Pensilvania. Just a few days ago three norths alingniied grid,magnetic and true North in a village in England outside Swanage with the local pub called the Square and Compass would you believe, and when was it originally opened, you guessed it 1776. To me one person links these and that’s Thomas Paine and his pamphlet “common sense” perhaps it’s worth a look at how this links with the current astrology and the themes within his pamphlet are whats is to come.”

Thoughts anyone?


Hi Kiwi,

As one news media report observed:

“The King Charles’ coronation will take place May 7, 2023. The coronation, or crowning, of the British monarch is mostly ceremonial. King Charles assumed the throne immediately after Queen Elizabeth II died.”

Since the event is primarily ceremonial, astrologically speaking, I’m not sure if it holds that much significance.

Regarding the US Pluto return however, I have noticed there is a Venus/Pluto conjunction on January 1st 2023 occurring right at the time of the last of the US Pluto returns. Astrologically, that might be a fitting “coronation” that sets the tone for the new year. We may have much to be grateful for in the coming new year.

I’m not sure I understand you. I find your last entry very confusing. Maybe we are using different definitions? My focus was on the R’s in Congress.

Over the last 30ish years the R party has gradually purged itself of those who are not radical enough, the process having been greatly accelerated under Trump. As the party became more radical, post George H. W. Bush, some reasonable R’s left voluntarily but the party itself was becoming increasingly intolerant of R moderates in its midst.

Part of the radicalization process was the escalating demonization of Dems and Liberals and the redefinition of Dem moderates as “radical socialist liberals.”
Earlier under Nixon the R’s began their moral descent into deep dishonesty and corruption, plummeting into outright depravity under Newt Gingrich and absolute sociopathic madness under Trump.

To me, by definition “conservatives” for whom anything is better than Liberals are innately radical MAGA people with or without Trump and their red caps. They are not true conservatives. Neither are the 170 R’s in Congress who rejecting democratic norms refused to certify the 2020 election results. They are either delusional or criminally dishonest. Unfortunately, we have many of these Mussolini Republicans remaining in office, though they now find it convenient to remove their red caps and ready themselves to support some other demagogue.

M. McConnell was very radical way before Trump, therefore comfortable with embracing Trump’s crazy radical policies. He found it convenient to don the red cap and to vote against conviction in both impeachment trials. He no longer supports Trump, but policy wise remains very MAGA.

DeSantis climbed onto the Trumper MAGA bandwagon early on fashioning himself as the MAGA heir apparent. But I think it possible his cavalier bully boy style and policies will land him in some serious trouble.

IMO, during the next two or more years, perhaps several election cycles, we need to carefully reeducate our body politic. Too many have been led astray by way too many lies, way too much misinformation and disinformation. And we ourselves have built too much of our logic on false assumptions.

I read about the three norths a few days ago. I’m not certain what it might mean. If it portends anything I would guess it might mean Anglospheric alignment and unity?


Are you referring to my saying that I’m not sure all the Republicans are Magats? I know Conservatives who don’t really like Trump that much but think his positions fit more with their views than Liberal positions do (as they understand them).

Meanwhile – how do you like this? Why shouldn’t he be compelled to testify or go to trial like Bannon did!




I believe the effort to crown DeSantis the next Republican President may be quite premature. Seems to be much evidence that he stacked the deck in his favor to win Florida, which would hardly be a surprise. The American corporate media, in its perpetual effort to generate a new horse race, doesn’t seem to care in any case, and it wouldn’t be the first time that a politico with delusions of grandeur in the White House attempted to tilt the tables in his favor.

Still, it suggests that beneath the thick layer of gloss DeSantis has tried to dress himself up in, there’s a lot of sloppiness and dirty secrets beneath the surface, some of which will likely come up to bite him in the ass quite hard at some point.

I don’t believe any of us here are fans of Trump by any stretch of the imagination, but I for one will definitely be microwaving my popcorn for the damaging fight between him and DeSantis. Seeing two egomaniacs in the GOP tear each other to shreds and damage both themselves and their entire rancid Reactionary party can only be a good thing in my book.

A fitting end to the Pluto in Capricorn years, and for extremist Conservatism in the Republican Party run amok.

Sharon K,
Thanks Sharon for the clarification. I understand your definitions now and it’s making sense to me. And you are of course right in that what the hyper-conservatives who ambivalently voted for Trump perceive as “Liberal ” and what really IS Liberal are vastly different. Credibly redefining Liberalism for such people is an obvious challenge.

I too have heard that underneath it all DeSantis is dirty. And I too will be plugging in my air blown popcorn maker to watch the R wrestling match. My feeling is the R civil war will knock them out of the game for many election cycles to come, and quite possibly destroy the party permanently.

Ah well. Time for them to go. From my perspective they’ve lost their moral right to exist. The Forward party is waiting in the wings and we need to transition to ranked choice voting with probably three major parties.

Democrat Katie Hobbs defeats MAGA favorite Kari Lake in high-stakes race for governor in Arizona

Hobbs’ victory comes against a Republican many thought was the strongest of the pro-Trump election deniers running in swing states President Joe Biden carried in 2020.


I’ll bet they demand a recount though since it’s so close & Lake has been accusing Hobbs of conflict of interest, etc. CNN pundits are saying we can credit the Independents for the Democrat wins.

Lorie, who was a prolific poster here sent this article out to her email list today. I didn’t read it yet but thought you guys might enjoy it.


I just read it…it’s not really much of an article. I sat down for a good, meaty read just now,,but I guess that’s not what it’s meant to be. It’s more of an inspirational welcoming of Pluto into Aquarius.

As bizarre as it may sound, there are some discussions making the rounds in a number of political circles that Trump may try to run for office as House speaker after the Republicans solidify their majority in Congress. Once Trump is in position the thinking goes, there is an inherent understanding that this would make Trump second in line for the Presidency. And if the Republicans try to impeach Biden and Harris? Well, the result is certainly chilling/ It would mark Trump’s ultimate “sweet revenge” in regaining the presidency.

The idea is not new. It has been discussed for some time now. However, the concern has garnered special attention recently by well respected democratic law-makers…..

Raskin Suggests Some Far-Right House Members Could Vote Trump For Speaker

The Hill
November 13, 2022

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) on Sunday suggested that some far-right House lawmakers could vote for former President Trump to be the next Speaker as an indication that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) may not have the votes to be the next leader.

Raskin told CBS’s “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan some far-right lawmakers have “repeatedly” discussed voting for Trump.

“It’s a real problem for Kevin McCarthy now, because there are certain pro-Trumpists within his House caucus who refuse to accept that he’s really with Trump and they want to get rid of McCarthy,” Raskin said. “They might just vote for Trump.”

Raskin noted that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of Congress.

McCarthy began trying to shore up votes to become the next Speaker of the House following the midterm elections but could face some opposition from members of the House Freedom Caucus who have not indicated they would solidly back him for leadership. The GOP was forcasted to take control of the House, but nearly two dozen races have yet to be called to determine which party will lead the chamber next year.

……….Raskin on Sunday said the roughly 155 incoming House Republicans who are ardent Trump supporters and deny the results of the 2020 election “pose a profound problem for their party.”

“That is going to create profound cognitive and political dissonance within the GOP,” the Democrat said. “Is it really Trump’s party? Or does it stand for something else?”



However the outcome of the Republican’s hold on on power in Congress turns out in the near future, I think it is noteworthy that the December 7th Gemini full moon precisely conjunct Mars (16 Gemini) has Trump’s natal Uranus/ Progressed North Node (17 Gemini) right in the cross-hairs. This suggests to me Trump may be on a war footing to regain his position back into the limelight of American politics.

A quick follow up to the above…….

House Speaker Trump? It’s Not As Far-fetched As You Think

The Hill
September 21, 2022

In a political era that often feels closer to “The Twilight Zone” than “The West Wing,” consider this possibility: Speaker of the House Donald Trump. While it may not be the likeliest scenario to result from the 2022 midterms, there is a narrow path through which the former president could well become the next speaker.

Imagine, if you will, that Republicans win the House majority in November, but by far fewer than the 60 seats once predicted by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). With Republicans falling well short of their red wave aspirations, the blame game begins. The punditry focuses on Trump’s lingering presence for alienating swing voters from the GOP. Trump, not exactly known for his magnanimity, quickly shifts blame onto McCarthy, whom he has previously criticized behind closed-doors. Rank-and-file House Republicans desert McCarthy in the GOP leadership election, fearing the wrath (and electoral pain) of going against Trump. The election is thrown wide open.

Maybe the party rallies behind a more devout Trump acolyte such as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Or perhaps Trump sees an opportunity. In one swoop, he can throw a wrinkle into the ongoing investigations swirling around him, dominate the media headlines for the foreseeable future and ensure the impeachment of President Biden. He can simply become speaker of the House himself.

Contrary to popular belief, the speaker of the House does not have to be a member of Congress. In fact, protest votes by members of both parties for potential speakers not serving in the House of Representatives are fairly common.

When Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was reelected speaker in 2021, Rep. Jar