3rd Jan, 2022

Happy 2022 – New Discussion thread

wishing you all have a healthy and happy 2022!!


Eliseo: Thank you for saying “We are two nations, but one society.”

Hi Nancy, hope you have a wonderful 2022. I am so appreciative for you continuing to host this sanctuary.

I must affirm Kiwi’s message to you. I am deeply grateful for this refuge, this sanctuary. Thankyou. May 2022 be a year full of blessings for you and your family. So may it be for us all.

You are quite welcome. We are all North Americans. US citizens who’ve had sufficient business of any kind in Canada, and Canadians who’ve worked in or lived in the US know we are two nations, but one society.
Those of us trained in sociology know it as well.

Our enemies know and understand it. Whether we speak English or French, their spies study us as one North American culture.

When I was a senior in High School in Texas, I seriously considered moving to Canada and becoming a citizen. I sometimes think it was a mistake not to have done so. As a minimum, I hoped at that time to tour Canada, New Zealand, and Iceland.

I eventually had really good adventures in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia, Treated with kindness and respect, it always seemed Canadians were more open to my ideas than folks in the US!

Happy belated 2022! Thanks for the Globe link, Sharon K. A very thought provoking and worrisome article. But, there’s the weather to think of in Canada: 6 months of the year it’s ok, with mosquitoes, 2 months not bad in late spring and early fall, and 4 months, positively Siberian, except on the west coast where it’s soaking wet, like Washington state.

I just don’t imagine a whole lot of Americans rushing to absorb or otherwise invade Canada. I mean, what’s to gain (no offense to Canadians, they are lovely people). Americans haven’t even managed to fully populate Alaska, which has the same weather and scenery as a lot of Canada. Lots of rocks and water. And 50 % of Americans has much the same attitudes as right wing Canadians, but is that sufficient for “identification” between the 2 cultures when health care is like Mount Everest in between? Plus environmental issues and oil and gas and – gasp, Sarah Palin! If Alaska can’t get more going than that, compared to Canadians, what’s the chance that Americans would charge into Canada nicely, or otherwise. Would they do any better than Sarah – I mean she was Governor for only a matter of months!

It took 400 years of hard work and countless indigenous and immigrant lives and virtually defeated the British establishment financially, and nearly all of Canada’s population lives within 40 miles of the international border! That’s as far as people have penetrated thus far.

Come on. It wouldn’t be like Mexico – Mexicans WANT to come north. Life could be better for them. But, why on God’s little green planet would masses of Americans want to invade or even influence Canada? It’s still a frontier. Only hardy folks can manage to live on frontiers for any length of time (unless they live in high rises in Canada’s few and veeery far between cities).

If man and mother nature don’t burn up all the trees in forest fires, or shake the coast silly in an earthquake, or flood out cities anywhere near a big river (Calgary), Canada will be lucky to make the most of its prairie wheat fields and mine its minerals for generations to come. It has a miniscule population and other than food production and mining, that’s about it except for beleaguered auto companies in Ontario!

Yes, Canada is headed for trouble, but I doubt it will be because Americans suddenly start paying attention to anything but mining more of its resources and piping its gas (and water) toward the south. It’s an OLD story and there ain’t gonna be a new one for a long time yet. Which most Canadians are just fine with.

Just my rant since people are just getting too, too paranoid.

Speaking of Canada, has anyone seen this? It is a little concerning…


I know many of us here feel helpless as we watch what is unfolding and don’t know what to do…one thing we can do is see where we spend our money and let these companies know of our buying patterns.

We cannot forget that corporations (not all – but many) have played and continue to play an active role in attempting to overthrow our democracy. Fascism can be far more profitable than a fully functioning democracy. Please take a look at this report.


Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon is not suggesting hordes of Americans will seek asylum in Canada, but only some from our political class. Nor is he paranoid. He’s merely recommending the Canadian government game out the possible scenarios, potentialities which are not beyond the realm of possibility.

Ever been a Boy Scout? Or known one? Their motto as far as I know remains as “Be Prepared.” It would be irresponsible for the Canadian government to NOT consider such possibilities, to remain unprepared.

As far as Canadian weather goes: The weather in the populated areas is no different from the US states immediately south of them. The weather in Blaine, WA (usually pretty pleasant) is no different from White Rock, British Columbia, Pembina, North Dakota from Emerson, Manitoba, Detroit from Windsor, Ontario, Niagara Falls, NY from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Ever been to North Dakota in the middle of winter? I lived in Minnesota for a year. That was enough. Since then I’ve often referred to the area as the Siberian part of the United States.

As for political motivation: In the 19th century somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 people of color crossed over and settled in Canada through the Underground Railroad. During the Vietnam war, as many as 125,000 US citizens moved to Canada to avoid the draft. I don’t see it as implausible at all that many in larger numbers from south of the border might under the right circumstances move across the Canadian border.

AND, climate scientists have often
stated folks in the lower 48 might eventually move northward as becomes necessary. As I see it, Canada is one of the few countries likely to benefit more than it suffers or loses from global warming. The Canadian provinces IMHO have a great future if they can obtain a large enough population to develop as need be.

Nevertheless, the main conundrums Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon presented are salient. What IF a right wing American government demanded Canada repatriate prominent Dems whom they regard as criminals just because they are “Liberal”? Should Canada comply?

Canadians are NOT stupid! The US is great as a friend, but Canadians know us intimately. They know how dangerous we can be, better than just about everyone excepting the surviving citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Admittedly, despite his intentions, it appears DJT will not run for president in 2024. IMO, his legal troubles will likely bring him down.

But if things go badly, a Josh Hawley, or some other, smoother Trumpist R might run, and like the Donald and “W,” lose the popular vote, but win the electoral college. That might occur legitimately, or through dirty tricks at the national and/or state level.

It’s happened before a few times beginning in 1876. The nefarious behind the scenes machinations of 1876 gave us president Hayes, not Samuel Tilden, but also Jim Crow apartheid for 100 years. AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THE R’s ARE HOPING TO DO IN 2024! I’m not saying they will succeed, but that they might if we don’t prepare and prevent them.

IMO, the Canadian government would be wise to follow Dr. Homer-Dixon’s prescriptions. They would be foolish to do otherwise. That’s not paranoia. That’s just plain old common sense.

Rick Levine’s Astrology Forecast for January 2022: BRING ON THE NEW!

Video: 1 hour 6 min


Jerry, re. your quote: “On February 19, 2022, the USA will have its first-ever Pluto return, a groundbreaking moment that changes the world as we know it” – point taken – since it’s Pluto, I just hope the ground breaking isn’t the ‘big one’!

Eliseo, I have no disagreement with you on those specific points, and I don’t believe I said Canadians are stupid. Not at all! But they are a small minority on a big continent – and geography is geography.

Sure, Americans could just drive across the line and take over, or apply huge pressure, military and otherwise. But that costs money and manpower. Why bother? Americans have plenty enough influence already – they run things from a comfy distance via business and government, with Canada’s full cooperation. Why do anything more?

It’s the enormous ’empty’ space of Canada, very few people and only a 40 mile wide strip of ‘development’ that keeps Canada ‘separate’ from the US politically. The geography is the formidable barrier. The cultural difference on health care is being eroded already with the introduction of private care in Canada and endless pressure (as in the US) for ever lower levels of taxation for corporations.

Americans who don’t want social services or health care (Repubs in large part) so far have kept the US and Canada separate, along with Quebec. Repubs don’t want Canadian style health care to creep into the US and could you picture what Americans would do about Quebec if they were to run the whole country openly? Much simpler just to take the resources and play ball in a bigger court south of the line.

I don’t disagree with the threat that is outlined in the Globe article. I only happen to believe things will stay largely the same for a long time to come because the powers that be want it that way. It doesn’t matter whether they are Dems or Repubs because it’s the money that talks. Otherwise, they would have made the US into a fair and open society with a logical voting system countrywide a long time ago. There are reasons for the way things are in the US – citizens can complain all they like, but businesses don’t WANT it to be fair and open. And Canada isn’t in a position to change a thing as to resources or trade with the US. Sure, a little global diversification is smart, but when the US coughs, Canada reaches for a hanky.

Assuming Covid doesn’t upend the whole world even worse than it already has, things will continue, whoever is in power. Same old s**t, different flies.

Canada can hold committees all it likes, and get ready all it wants. No harm done, it’s good preparation, but in the end it won’t change a thing. The US will call the shots from the board rooms of New York and the likes of Trudeau and O’Toole in Ottawa will say ‘yes sir’.


Whether it is the Big one or not, who knows. Lots of intriguing twists and turns to the drama. It will be interesting to watch it unfold. I mistakenly posted that entry in the previous thread. Here it is in this new thread…..

Very exciting times lie ahead……….

The United States’ Pluto Return

On Feb. 22, the United States will undergo a once-in-our-lifetime and first-of-its-kind event known as a Pluto return. This means that for the first time ever, Pluto will return to the exact position in the zodiac that it was during the United States’ inception on Jul. 4, 1776. It takes about 245 years for Pluto to complete a full rotation through the zodiac, so the Pluto return is an alignment that no human has ever experienced in their own natal chart.

Named after the god of the underworld, Pluto is the planet of transformation and extremes. During the U.S.’s Pluto return, the country will have to reckon with these intense themes. The dark and power-hungry underbelly of authority and societal structures will likely be forced into the light, and it’s possible that something entirely new will be reborn. There’s no way to know exactly what that’ll look like, but as the social movements of recent years have shown, something has to change. – Nina Kahn

VENUS RETROGRADE CONJUNCT PLUTO Relationships & Value Systems Transform.

Video: 24 min 35 sec


USA & The Pluto Return – Rewind, Reset, Transform by Sorana Cancel

On February 19, 2022, the USA will have its first-ever Pluto return, a groundbreaking moment that changes the world as we know it. Since Pluto is a slow-moving planet, its effects extend over the years before and after the return, so 2020 has already set the wheels in motion for some major transformations. Let’s find out more about the following years…

Pluto Returns: Key Moments In History

Dwarf planet Pluto follows the principle of strong essences kept in small bottles: he rules death, rebirth, power, secrets, and taboos. Just like us, each country has a birth chart and just like ours, every country’s chart has a Pluto that represents an ideology, social hierarchy, the way power is wielded, as well as a nation’s traumas, from war and destruction to social injustice and oppression.

When Pluto returns to its original position in the country’s birth chart- something that happens once every 247 years-, these issues come to the surface through groundbreaking circumstances that are meant to shake the system and leave behind any impurities, bringing radical change in the political, economic and social system. We can see some examples in nations that have been around long enough to catch a Pluto return: in 1972, when Pluto was conjunct Spain’s natal Pluto, dictator Francisco Franco relinquished power, while Pluto returns in France and Russia marked the deaths of Napoleon and Stalin.

Pluto returns are often turbulent because they bring transformation through eliminating the toxic material- ideologies, political practices, traumas- that has accumulated during a 247-year cycle.

Even though it’s not easy, flowing with the change is the best choice when it comes to Pluto. Used well, the upheavals he brings can help a country shed its old skin and find new resources as it’s being reborn.



And this one as well…….

Several days prior to the exact US Pluto return we have a rather interesting symmetrical Leo Full Moon configuration forming a fixed Grand Cross Square to the nodes affecting both President Biden (Sun/Venus 27/28 Scorpio – Chiron 28 Leo) and former President Trump (Mars/ asc, 26-29 Leo). The Full Moon is in quincunx to tr. Pluto and the US natal Pluto. Will Donald J Trump finally face the long awaited indictment at this time? Here’s the 28 Leo Full Moon Feb 16th chart…….


The photo that goes with the article that you just posted, Eliseo, reminds me of Trump’s quote that he loves “the poorly educated”.

The mid-term elections will be instructional about an authoritarian take over of our nation. I am taking with my husband about moving to another country. I have fought all my life for civil rights and social change like many of you. I was born in 1954 and I have an exact conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus at 27 Cancer in my 9th H directly opposite the USA Sibley Pluto so moving away may just be in the stars for me. I’m tired of fighting and I do not want to live with the angry and armed, science denying, racist, sexist homophobic, authoritarian ilk that defines the MAGA movement. Whether you make plans to flee, resist, arm yourselves and fight; I encourage you to start making plans on what you will do when and if they take over.

Thank you Frank for fighting all your life for civil right and social change……

I am already in a different country… but not SO different….. So I have to stay and fight…… The thought is fraught…. and the feeling ….. I have to get some optimism.

We are going to push through this. Just remember, the science-denying, Big Lie believing jackasses are just as sick and tired as we are. The screws of the justice department are slowly but surely squeezing the Trump family and friends. We are all weary, but we are going to beat this.

That’s my hit.

The investigation of Trump and Jan. 6 seems to be accelerating. How much does anyone want to bet that this becomes the Pluto Return catalyst event that provokes the transformation of America, for better or for worse?

I think it’s obvious. The dumbass bastard grifter and his associates, including Bannon, Stone, Giuliani, etc. are thoroughly corrupt and destructive, yet he somehow manages to retain a substantial and loyal following among the public that sticks with him, some of them if for no other reason than to spite the Dems and liberals they have come to see as their mortal foes. If he is convicted and punished, this same group may come to see him as some sort of martyr, and elevate him to sainthood in their eyes, viewing his fate as a personal assault on THEM.

It’s quite disgusting, actually, as much as it is disturbing. Such an unseemly divide could be catastrophically deepened by efforts to hold accountable such a morally depraved and unworthy avatar. Trump as a sort of anti-Jesus, crucified.

Who would have ever foreseen such a hideous manifestation and the potential for it to result in irreparable harm to the nation?

That makes perfect sense. Pluto will be at
27°32’ Capricorn, the exact degree February 20th, but DJT will likely set it up January 6th.

I’m given to understand he plans to deliver a public speech that day, probably casting the event in 2021 as a day of heroic action. Surely Fox News will broadcast it live, but I’m wondering how the others will deal with it. Considering how nutsz he is, we should not be surprised if he ignores his growing legal troubles and overtly calls for more insurrection.

But international events might also occur near simultaneously which directly challenge the US. Meanwhile we’ll have to get through July 11th and December 28th as well.

Thank you Will.

So WHY do they stick with him? Most obviously it’s inequality…. lack of education, lack of substance, and the erosion of the middle class.

But…. inequality …. inability to see that ALL Americans have been raised in America…. and have had the same environment (generally) and have suffered the same McDonald’s commercials… etc etc. No matter what the color of their skin, whatever their accents……. we have all been raised in the environments of the same events …That’s what makes all Americans American, whatever their disparate backgrounds… really it’s just the same background from different views.


If the present Covid 19 cases continue on its current trajectory, I can well imagine the economy arriving at a dangerous precipice in a months time. The hospitals will be overwhelmed and the ordinary day to day affairs could grind to a halt……

U.S. Sets Global Daily Record of Over 1 Million Virus Cases

Jan 4, 2022

*Cases nearly doubled versus four days ago as omicron surges

*Officials hopeful that deaths won’t rise as much as infections infections



The Economy, Covid & The Stock Market by Denise Seigel

Video: 24 min 35 sec


Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints


In addition to talking about the 2020 election, Trump was also expected to decry the House select committee’s investigation into Jan. 6. In his statement announcing he was canceling the rally, Trump blamed the committee for his decision and said he would discuss “many of those important topics” at a rally in Arizona on Jan. 15.

“In light of the total bias and dishonesty of the January 6th Unselect Committee of Democrats, two failed Republicans, and the Fake News Media, I am canceling the January 6th Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday,” Trump said, reiterating his false charges of widespread election fraud.

Yes, it’s usually the White Americans of course……

Remember the guy sailing the Confederate flag though the inside of the building during the insurrection…….

It took me quite a few times viewing it to have greater understanding of the symbolism of it. After all, I am a Canadian. But I sure read Gone with the Wind a few times. Two of the subsequent times I did not read the last few pages where Rhett left Scarlet.

My Aunt Margaret gave me the book to read. It was dated as a birthday gift to her in 1937. It had 1037 pages.

Margaret Mitchell did a service to the history of the country – from her point of view.

The rest, the rest of the history we are just finding out. I mean…. from my point of view I am, we are discovering what the other side of the story was and is.

In an effort in my teens to find out what I did not know about this “fraught” subject, I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Black Like Me, and so many more well known subjects on the matter.

There is so much available now that I did not read…. Books that would enlighten me greatly but distress me mightily.

Yay! to the cancellation of Trump’s Jan. 6 talk….makes the atmosphere cleaner

Jeez I sound so “White” when I list the books I read as a teenager…. I’m kind of embarrassed.

But I was a sign of my times…

Now I’m trying to be a sign of THESE times. Actually I know that might sound lame. But I am, we are, on our way into full equality. Thank GOD.

You have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed
about. Being White is no “sin,” nor any other color of skin.

You were not, and are not willfully or purposefully unaware or ignorant, nor intent on using any such contrived ignorance for your own selfish purposes. You did the homework of the heart! You read what was available to help you understand as best you could how and why others less privileged than yourself actually live. Would that we have had more who have done as have you!

Most of us are not lawyers. We do not always know precisely what to do when we see injustice, certainly not as individuals. But to acknowledge it, and internalize that knowledge, sets us up for deeper understanding and consequent action. It sets us on the quest; prepares us for whatever action need be taken when the opportunity arises, be that in a voting booth, or some other capacity.

The Right Wingers love to hate us. They love it when we feel ashamed of being White. To them, such feelings are signs of weakness and inferiority, all the more to hate us, to punish and prey upon us, and those for whom we have felt empathy, sympathy, or compassion.

NO! Let us not be ashamed of being who we are. If we are Liberal let us be so proudly. It is not a perfect tradition, but is certainly a noble one. We share it as a common political quest, ultimately spiritual in nature.

It is easy to feel disillusioned right now. Our opponents have lost their way. They have lost faith in our common quest. Some sadly never shared our vision. We know our Pluto return and later Uranus return are about tearing down old power structures and edifices of thought, but surely that is in the service of our long overdue restoration and renewal.

Historically, after every plague there was a golden period in which the fortunes of the poor and the middle class dramatically improved. (Labor shortages will do that.) May it be so for all of us as well. How could it be otherwise when Pluto moves from Capricorn into Aquarius in November of 2024?

The rabid Reactionary right-wingers will also be substantially de-fanged once Pluto moves on from Capricorn, Eliseo. They obviously won’t go away entirely, but they will no longer have Pluto propping them up and pushing them to fight for their survival.

When Pluto leaves Capricorn, we will also see the Conservative political “movement” and infrastructure die back, if not outright collapse. This could happen a lot of ways, but will probably come about in part due to the decline & death of key/instrumental figures such as Rupert Murdoch and Charles Koch, and possibly the dissolution/crashing of their literal fortunes due to economic dislocation and/or the imposition of new taxes and restrictions on elite wealth and influence, also no longer able to fend away such boundaries with Pluto gone from the sign of the elites and most-privileged by virtual of fortune and built-in structural advantages.

The Republican Party–as well as conservative political parties everywhere–will also see its fortunes and power curbed back due to the decline in financial and media support, and successful, likely aggressively radical and out of the box (Pluto in Aquarius) challenges levied to its desperate attempts to grab and put a structural (Pluto in Capricorn) lock on power in government. It could very well be broken up into two or more factional parties as a result of electoral reforms that split the parties and create greater transparency around ideological/political groupings and coalition-building.

The centralization & authoritarian impulse is also Capricorn at its worst extremes, driven there by Pluto. Capricorn in its purest form also has a distinctly “conservative” bias.

Obviously, there are Sun and Moon Capricorns who are quite liberal and progressive as individuals, and that leaning could be the result of many other placements and life influences.

When Pluto moves into Aquarius, we will see structural centralization and authoritarianism give way to radical democratic decentralization and libertarianism. This can actually manifest in both conservative and liberal respects, sometimes overlapping in odd, contradictory, and novel ways.

I do think for this reason that we will see a breakup of the Dems and GOP here in the US in favor of some sort of open-ballot proportional representative system that supports multiple parties and coalition building.

It’s absurd to think that we continue to conduct our politics in the 21st century here in the US as if there are always, always, always, just two choices. We live in a 3D (I know, some say 4D or 5D world) yet we continue to apply an archaic 2D system frame to it, and then complain and act out in furious and destructive ways towards each other because the either/or approach does not achieve any meaningful progress and results, time after time. We’re behaving like fish in a bowl of water–sitting on the ground in the middle of a forest. The world is complex and vivid, but we and our media insist that there are only two colors in the picture, black and white, or red and blue. When do we break this silly frame, and step outside of the bowl, outside of the box? I suspect during the next few years, we will be increasingly challenged to do so.

A national split-up is also possible, though maybe not as likely as we romanticize. In practice, it would turn out to be far more destructive and messy than we can imagine. More ideal would be some sort of organic restructuring at a local-regional level in which metropolitan areas and perhaps whole states or broader regions (e.g. New England) assume some degree of governing autonomy, yet still remain integrated within the US. The Midwest isn’t going to send ambassadors to Japan, for instance, but it could take on a much more active role in coordinating economic development within a multi-metro and multi-state compact of sorts.

Well said on all points.

“When Pluto moves into Aquarius, we will see structural centralization and authoritarianism give way to radical democratic decentralization and libertarianism. This can actually manifest in both conservative and liberal respects, sometimes overlapping in odd, contradictory, and novel ways.”

Yes, I agree. In Europe the word “Libertarian” connotes a politically Leftward leaning, whereas here in the US it connotes the opposite. Perhaps our focus on structure will give way to more focus on process? That might well result in overlapping, what to us now would seem odd, contradictory, and novel arrangements.

I also agree a breakup of the Dems and the GOP would be desirable IN THE CONTEXT YOU PROVIDED. Were it not for such consistent R opposition, I think it likely the Dems would split into at least two parties. If the R party is sufficiently discredited morally, and as you suggested its elderly benefactors die off, I can see it shrinking into a far smaller minority caucus. The moderate Dems might then be perceived as the “conservatives” (relatively speaking) and the Progressive Dems a distinct party of their own.

Having only two choices is ridiculous. At times we see the R party choosing to ignore or deny a problem, whereas the Dems acknowledge it, but propose IMO bad, unworkable, or counterproductive “solutions”. Who do we vote for then? I’m not suggesting ALL Dem solutions are bad. Most are OK. But some are based more in ideological fantasy than in objective reality. For over a century it seems to me, R policy has been almost totally based on self serving ideological fantasy.

Presently, IMO both parties are much too wedded to ideology, and obtaining and maintaining power. I’ve seen both sides purposefully misinterpret numbers and statistics to “prove” how well they’ve done, or how well some particular program worked when it did nothing of the kind. Policies implemented can be an absolute and total failure, but the politicians will spin it as having been just wonderful. We seem to love brainwashing ourselves when our side is in power.

A multiparty system with proportional representation would mitigate more toward compromise. That would be better than what obtains now. The primary problem with it, as I see it, would be that compromise does not always provide rational, pragmatic solutions or courses of action.

A “multi-metro and multi-state compact of sorts” makes sense, but I’m not sure what the best form for that would be. Bioregions? Cultural or economic regions?

In many respects our states as they are now divided seem to me obsolete, primarily because 98% of us live in urban enclaves. We seem to have devolved into city-states! Unless ALL of us go to working remotely, as biotechnology develops there will be fewer and fewer jobs available in rural areas, which will drive more of us into the cities.

Frankly, the part of Texas in which I grew up has far more in common with Louisiana than with the rest of Texas. Furthermore, there are now several metropolitan statistical areas which overlap two or more state boundaries.

On November 15, 1777, while Pluto was in Capricorn, the Second Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, and sent them to the states for ratification. After ratification
they came into force on March 1, 1781, while Pluto was in Aquarius. That astrological difference may be at the root as to why the Articles did not work well, and were necessarily replaced by our Constitution.

I don’t see another Constitutional Convention in our future, but more likely ten or so new amendments which collectively alter our way of governing significantly. All those ratified, are likely to be proposed and implemented while Pluto is in Aquarius.

Yes, I know how difficult it is to ratify new amendments. But such things are more likely to occur in reaction to extraordinary events and circumstances.

And of course, here we are. We live in what feels like exceptionally odd, weird times. Rod Serling could not have written a plot with more twists, strange sociopolitical delusions, and unlikely events and characters as we have been subject to so far.

As I see it we are in for more weirdness and unexpected, extra-ordinary, events for the foreseeable future, domestically and upon the world stage, though I hope the number, breadth, and depth of the body politic’s odd delusions diminishes. I think for our latter day fascists, as well as for the rest of us, this present time feels like a nightmare. Citizens will want fixes, i.e. laws and amendments designed to prevent any such nightmare from recurring, and to insure stability, progress, and equal justice, per our foundational values.

In case you missed this,

(CNN)Devin Nunes, a Republican who has represented California since 2003, has officially resigned from Congress, ending a nearly 20-year stint in the House of Representatives.

Nunes, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, announced in December that he was leaving Congress at the end of 2021 to become CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group. His departure also comes as midterm elections kick off in which he faced the threat of a more-Democratic district through redistricting.
“I was presented with a new opportunity to fight for the most important issues I believe in. I’m writing to let you know I’ve decided to pursue this opportunity, and therefore I will be leaving the House of Representatives at the end of 2021,” Nunes told his constituents in a letter issued in December.
His resignation was effective January 1, 2022.
Nunes served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee when Republicans were in the majority in which he led efforts among Trump’s allies to discredit the FBI’s Russia investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. His role as an attack dog against the Russia probe raised his popularity among Trump’s supporters, and he became a top fundraiser in the House GOP conference as he gained stature on the right.
He was also an outspoken defender of Trump during his first impeachment, and the then-President awarded Nunes the Medal of Freedom in 2021.


After Trump Aide’s Admission On Air, New Heat On Coup Plot

Video: 11 min 30 sec


Thanks for then video.
As long as these guys are alive they are a serious danger to the republic and the world. Can you imagine had they succeeded in their coup – the United States would be the most powerful nation in history as well as an aggressive fascist state with nuclear weapons.

Under federal law the maximum penalty for insurrection is ten years plus fines. The maximum for sedition is twenty years plus fines. These guys need to be locked up for the full twenty with no chance of parole, and barred from communication with anyone except FBI and possibly other law enforcement agencies and officers.

In Trump’s case, sedition is only the beginning. Add in multiple rapes, multiple cases of fraud, money laundering, election tampering, tax evasion, revealing state secrets to our enemies, violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution, and God knows what else he’s hiding under that odd mop of hair on his head.

Although one Pluto cycle ago George III and the British Parliament of yore made some serious errors in judgement as to policies toward the colonies, I do not believe they were nearly as crazy, stupid, or delusional as is Mama DJ Trump or the angry lemmings who’ve imprinted on him.

Throw them in jail. Throw away the key. Give them lots of drugs, and when they die, secretly bury them at sea.

Hi Eliseo,

Although I understand the sentiment, it may be equally important to not lose sight of the ultimate goal. Under the present leadership, we may be passing through some difficult challenges, but as one of the videos I had posted earlier suggests, the Pluto/Venus/Mars conjunction on the US Pluto return in late Feb/early March has all the characteristics of a deepening on many levels.

As a refresher, here is that video once again…..

VENUS RETROGRADE CONJUNCT PLUTO Relationships & Value Systems Transform.

Video: 24 min 35 sec


The Venus/Pluto/Mars conjunction falls right on the Kamala Harris/Joe Biden composite South Node. Would that suggest a thorough re-examination of values? Here’s the composite chart……


And here is one astrologers interpretation of what a tr. Pluto conjunct natal South Node entails…….

“Pluto conjunct South Node reveals injustice, all maneuvers from politicians, businesses and bankers to keep people dependent. This conjunction requires from those in power to change the laws that rule the country. It requires from every one, including the people, to be genuine and authentic.”

Transcription of Attorney Merrick Garland’s speech yesterday, 1/5/22: EXCELLENT! He does not say he is investigating any of the higher ups yet but I wouldn’t expect that he would. Yet, his statements does not preclude that either. I am sure he is doing EVERYTHING he can as he says and that if there is evidence to indict, he will take it very seriously.


Sharon K,
Thanks Sharon for the link to the transcript.
The accepted and common practice of course doesn’t allow him to be specific as to any higher ups, but it appears plain they also are in investigative focus.

“The central norm is that, in our criminal investigations, there cannot be different rules depending on one’s political party or affiliation. There cannot be different rules for friends and foes. And there cannot be different rules for the powerful and the powerless.” – Merrick Garland –

Some definitions:
Generally, sedition is conduct or speech that incites individuals to violently rebel against the authority of the government.

Insurrection includes the actual acts of violence and rebellion.

Under 18 U.S.C. § 2384, “seditious conspiracy” occurs when two or more persons:
conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof.

Insurrection is captured by 18 U.S.C. § 2383 and applies to “[w]hoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the law there, or gives aid or comfort thereto.”


From what I understand, the two concepts overlap. Insurrection can get you ten years of prison time, sedition twenty.

My nephew, a Dem, is concerned that if DJT is indicted and/or convicted his supporters will riot and we will have a messy, disorganized civil war. He’s therefore opposed to indictment and trial.
My feeling is that if Mr. T is NOT charged, etc. i.e. he gets away with it, the door will be wide open for others to behave as he has done.

IMO, had Nixon been tried, convicted, etc. maybe Trump would never have gotten so far, maybe not even the R nomination.


You expressed concern that “….. if DJT is indicted and/or convicted his supporters will riot and we will have a messy, disorganized civil war.”

Although fully justified and timely, President Biden, in a remarkable, fiery speech Thursday, marking the one year anniversary of the foiled insurrection on the Capitol building; condemned the “web of lies” spread by former President Donald Trump, blaming him directly for fomenting the attackers who tried to overturn the 2020 election.

This speech will certainly inflame the radicals. Up until now, Biden has deliberately taken a neutral stance in the ongoing investigations on the assault of the Capitol. Although well intentioned, Biden’s public statements may have placed himself as a primary “target”. There is reason for concern astrologically. The mid February astrological aspects with the Leo Full Moon has a fated signature to it because of its grand cross square to the nodes and Biden’s natal chart (see related entry I posted earlier on the Feb 16th Leo Full Moon). It also activates the August 21, 2017 eclipse, the so-called Great American Eclipse……..

DHS Warns Online Threats Have Increased On Extremist Platforms Over Past 48 Hours With Some
Against Lawmakers

January 17, 2022

There has been an increase in online extremist content in the past 48 hours, including threats to lawmakers and the President, according to a Department of Homeland Security intelligence memo obtained by CNN.

While there is still no indication of a specific and credible plot, officials fear the content could inspire violence, particularly by lone offenders. Law enforcement and federal authorities in the Washington, DC, region stepped up security efforts this week in anticipation of the first anniversary of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

The DHS intelligence memo warns that potential violence could be directed against political and other government officials, including members of Congress, state and local officials, and high-profile members of political parties.



It wasn’t my concern. It was my nephew’s concern indictment and trial would incite messy, disorganized civil war. My feeling is – whether or not Trumpeteers revolt or not, the cause of justice must continue. The man and his minions must be held accountable, or we shall have others attempting the same or similar tactics and conspiracies.

My nephew is likely right IMO. As I believe Trump & company will be indicted, etc. there probably will be violence. At this point, we just don’t know how much.

I’ve long expected we might descend into a scenario much like what obtained from 1865 through 1876. The Reconstruction era in the South was one of Confederate vs Union vigilante style gangs. It was as if every Southern state had a few 100 Timothy McVeighs leading their gangs into all sorts of lynching parties and terrorist activities.

Karma is karma. Dharma is dharma. Long standing cultural/historical moral struggles eventually are resolved. But in the US case, that process was planned badly, poorly executed, and left woefully incomplete.

It is my hope we can avoid such madness, and I believe we should take the necessary steps to prevent or at least minimize that potential. But I’m not optimistic. Sometimes such extreme passions, sadly cannot be resolved but through violence. Such is the level of consciousness of humanity as a whole.

Where I grew up there were plenty of latter day Confederates, eager to fight the “good fight” all over again, but this time win. I went to public school with a good number of George Wallace loving, Timothy McVeigh wannabes, proud of their white superiority, their Confederate flags, and their racism. I know these types. As a teenager and later as a young adult I was involved in the 60’s/70’s Civil Rights movement. Needless to say, they called me a “race traitor” and a number of other names I shall not put in print here, and they beat the crap out of me on a few occasions.

Over the decades, you can imagine how horrified I’ve been as I observed the gradual Dixie-fication of much of the rest of America. Now comes Trump, our avatar of the American Id, the rest of the story yet to be told.

Your interpretations of the astrological conditions you describe do not surprise me. In my lifetime I’ve not seen anything like what we are experiencing today. In the 60’s we had some violence and madness, but the Left was never as strong or numerous as the racist Right. Richard Hofstadter, (1916-1070) author of “Anti-Intellectualism in American Life”, The Paranoid Style in American Politics”, and many other tomes was utterly correct. The Left has never been the real danger to the republic. It has always been the far Right.

The grand cross square to the nodes and Biden’s natal chart, the uptick in threats to lawmakers, the president, and other government officials: None of that bodes well. I don’t necessarily interpret that as a sign our head of state will be assassinated, but agree he and the Secret Service need to be extra careful.

If the violence comes as we can reasonably expect, attempts at assassination, kidnappings, the burning and bombing of federal buildings, efforts to take over towns, cities, counties, states, etc. coordinated through internet will all be part of the Far Right game plan. That’s the way of modern civil war. Nations no longer square off in organized lines on battlefields.

If it occurs, I pray it be a short struggle, and this time a rational period of healing, reconciliation and genuine resolution when it is over.

That should read, Hofstadter, (1916-1970)


You’re right. I stand corrected. It was your nephews concern. I misread that.

Personally speaking, I think the current situation is intractable and inherently offers no viable political solution. Perhaps we are now being given a unique opportunity to rise above the petty politics. We may have no choice in the matter. The ability to tap into our inner being for the answer I.e. to look within may be the only sane thing we can do at this point. As one wise sage once said: ” Just sit and know that you are the “I am” without words. Nothing else has to be done. Shortly you will arrive at your natural absolute state”. Tapping into the Oneness that underlies all things is simple and disarming and yet because we tend to intellectualize everything, the simplicity of it eludes us. To be empty of all thought and conditioning. That is what love is. Non-judgmental awareness. I think we are heading in that direction. It’s just a matter of time.

Grateful for Merrick Garland’s speech and for Biden’s speech. Both, powerful speeches that have helped shift my pessimism and hopelessness to hopefulness. I am one of those who felt let down, frustrated and disgusted with Garland, regarding him as a milk toast and overly cautious man. If any of you felt as i did about him i encourage you to listen to his half hour speech.

I could be wrong but I feel that there will be some changes at SCOTUS this spring. I think Breyer will step down, Garland will be nominated and Harris will become AG and take charge of the cases against Trump – and yes the case against trump will be consumed by the pluto return. No idea who Biden will choose to be his new VP. That is my humble opinion.

Navarro and Bannon’s arrogance is astounding. I think they and the current gop higher ups are doubling down on their lies because of the proverbial ‘if we dont hang together we will hang separately”
We have a real problem here with the whole structure of the existing legal system being based on the fact that there will be honor and truthtelling from the accused, with the penalty for lying a mere slap on the wrist. Sadly, courage and honesty seem to be dying virtues among the gop vipers. Lets hope Liz Cheney is enabling courage to more.

Happened upon an English nursery rhyme, circa 1764, that pretty much sums up all – still.

Pluto finding a way to upend this would be welcome news indeed.

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose

The law demands that we atone
When we take things we do not own
But leaves the lords and ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine

A couple of weeks ago, astrologer Andre Kahr said in a video (was that in conversation with Linda G?) he predicted the GOP would fail in their efforts to take back either the House and/or the Senate in the Nov.2022 election.

Presuming he is correct, I’m wondering what events and circumstances might mitigate toward 2022 Dem success and R failure.
Deeply unpopular SC decisions? The Jan.6th hearings? The Dems pass enforceable voter’s rights laws? Events abroad? Widespread Trumpeteer violence? I seem to recall he was looking particularly at transits to the R chart.

Hopefully today I will find and revisit the video to see what specific astrological signatures he based his thoughts on. I do hope he is correct.

Thanks for that prescient nursery rhyme. Absolutely perfect!

The new trend for ‘good ole white boys’?
Arbery killers just sentenced to life without parole.

Eliseo: Thank you for your post of Jan 7/22 at 7:54 am.

Yes I have suspected, being raised where you were raised that you had a full understanding of the Confederate.

and Kiwi – I have already taken that verse and sent it to numerous people in my life…….. 🙂

As read in The Atlantic regarding the latest COVID-19 surge, it’s impact on our hospitals, and our societal attempts to downplay or dismiss the central issue and its implications:


“There’s a plausible future in which most of the U.S. enjoys a carefree spring, oblivious to the frayed state of the system they rely on to protect their health, and only realizing what has happened when they knock on its door and get no answer. This is the cost of two years spent prematurely pushing for a return to normal—the lack of a normal to return to.”

We had the answer in the beginning. Saturn in Aquarius gave us the value of working together by staying apart, that it would serve the greater whole. But we couldn’t maintain that—we’ve been cutting corners since late spring when a bunch of Conservative Reactionaries threw a temper tantrum and made it political.

And now we pay the price. Saturn does not support cutting corners.

Jerry et al: re. your comment, “I think the current situation is intractable and inherently offers no viable political solution” – I agree. No viable, but also no visible solution is in sight.

However, I took a deep dive into some charts again and in Trump’s chart I note that he has:

– transiting Saturn opposite his progressed Pluto in the 12th, but trine his progressed Mars in the 2nd,

-transiting Pluto is inconjunct (150) to his natal Mars on the Ascendant,

– transiting Mars opposes his natal Uranus in the 10th (but sextile his natal Jupiter in the 2nd,

– transiting Uranus RX in the 9th is square his natal Pluto – but it is retrograde until January 17/22, then direct until August, and retrograde again until Jan 21/23, around which time Congress will have resumed. This Uranus retrograde cycle is near the degrees of Trump’s natal Uranus/Gemini and Jupiter/Libra trine. The natal trine degrees pull it in Trump’s favor and the transits set them off. I doubt any legal action is going to beat this, although the transiting Uranus and the other aspects may prevent him from ever running again. It looks like it could tip either way.

– transiting Neptune on the cusp of the 8th is inconjunct progressed Pluto in the 12th

– progressed Uranus in the 10th opposes his natal Moon at 21 Sag. (and will do so for years). At the same, progressed Venus trines the progressed Uranus and sextiles the natal Moon – yet again, the positives offset the difficult planets.

– his progressed Ascendant has just gone past 0 Scorpio in the 3rd, a critical degree. Scorpio indicates he will both examine and be examined in a strategic way. In the 3rd, the emphasis is on advisors, legal and otherwise.

All along it has appeared that some serious obstacles and delays will transpire to halt Trump’s progress toward 2024. With such a heavy line-up, this time is likely the beginning of the ‘real’ obstacles, whatever they may turn out to be. I was not surprised to read in the news that his speech on Jan. 6 was cancelled.

I expect Trump will have challenges from now on because of the emphasis on the 3rd and 9th houses, but because of the 12th we won’t know much of what will transpire. Undoubtedly, Trump will be highly combative – transiting Pluto inconjunct his natal Mars / Asc. is likely to set him off in a big way, to overpower his opposition. The deal making begins.

Transiting Saturn opposing his progressed Pluto in the 12th is the key, in the short run. Saturn brings delays and also possible health issues (being in the 6th, and opposing the 12th of institutions like hospitals). But it may have nothing to do with his health. It could be any 6th/12th house matter, including twists and turns by his close associates (progressed Mars from the 3rd).

One must remember astrology doesn’t really do a good job of predicting specific events, or outcomes, or even the relative seriousness of events. It is a combination of factors that ‘builds’ the case and indicates ‘conditions’ that pertain to the person and the times. And most importantly, the interpretation depends on the skills and objectivity (especially the latter) of the analyst, which is where I get off the bus.

Nonetheless, the opposition to the 12th indicates secrecy and forces hidden from the public eye. Justice may be done in time, but imo, the public is unlikely to get satisfaction any time soon.

Thanks for the nursery rhyme, kiwi….it’s excellent and the stuff that revolutions are made of (normal ones, not the Jan 6th one) but….sometimes the revolutionaries also go too far. If we find enough honest men and woman, we can change the system from within or at least protect it.

It’s always good to see justice done (regarding the killers of Ahmaud Aubery).

Correction: ….including twists and turns by his close associates (progressed Mars from the 3rd)….should be from the 2nd of personal finances/taxes etc.

Sorry, another correction (I should have proofed more!): – transiting Neptune on the cusp of the 8th is inconjunct progressed Pluto in the 12th —– should be inconjunct progressed Mercury (news) in the 12th. The news or communications will likely be more hidden than not.

Does anyone here have any knowledge of either phobias or anxiety in astrological context?

Is it possible to see indications of such problems and/or their cycles in natal, transits and progressed charts?

I have a pretty extensive astrology collection of books, but nothing on the astrology of mental health.


Re: transiting Pluto is inconjunct (150) to his (Trump’s) natal Mars on the Ascendant,

Yes. That is the emphasis of the February 16th Full Moon I attempted to explain. The Feb 16th Leo Full Moon conjoins Trump’s natal Mars/ascendant degrees in quincunx to tr Pluto (the US Pluto return at this point is nearly exact). It is in grand cross square to the nodes (destiny points). Also in effect is the Venus/Mars conjunction (17 Capricorn) in quincunx to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini) and tr. Saturn (17 Aquarius) in trine to Trump’s natal Uranus. Perhaps something significant will be developing out of these aspects in mid February. A very interesting period to watch.

Addendum to the above….

Oftentimes it is relatively easy to be lulled into a state of complacency. The old adage – politics as usual applies here. The Democrats vs the Republicans, the endless partisan wrangling is what we have come to expect and are accustomed to. It is my feeling the US Pluto return however has unique significance. As a country we are entering unchartered waters. Something new and exciting may be coming our way…….

Astrology: Pluto To Bring The Foundational Transformation America Needs by Rio Olesky

Pluto represents the energy of transformation. It can focus on the lowest elements of human nature such as lust, betrayal, manipulative secrecy and unbridled power. As an agent of transformation, it can also provide a process whereby we can eliminate those behavioral patterns and elevate our consciousness. Ultimately, by letting go of the lower patterns we can use this process to realize our potential to understand and embody universal laws. As such we can begin to understand the nature of reality.

Pluto is the slowest of all the planets in our solar system, taking approximately 248 years to complete one cycle. In the horoscope of the United States that most modern astrologers use Pluto will return to the point it occupied in 1776, our nation’s founding, in 2022-2023. However, it has been very close to that point this year and will continue to be until 2024. In that chart Pluto is located in the Second House, the one that pertains to financial security. Hence, it has been projected that the Pluto return will transform our banking system or the value of the dollar itself. All of which could come to pass. The Second House, however, pertains to more than just money. It also has to do with values; what we as a nation find to be the most meaningful qualities. According to the Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal. We have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So far so good. But the Constitution allowed only white, property owning men to vote. Thus this was a flawed document. Over time the Constitution has evolved. Everyone now has the right to vote and, theoretically at least, pursue meaning and security in life.

Could the current US Pluto return bring about a transformation that involves more than the banking industry and our currency? It seems to me that it not only could, but that it is.




Right now Saturn 12 AQ is building to an exact opposition to Manchin’s natal Pluto at 13.5 Leo exact Jan 14 and to his natal Saturn at almost 15 Leo exact Jan 26.

Please send energy, thoughts, prayers, spells…whatever your particular bent between now and the end of January for him to support changes to the filibuster to pass voting rights protections legislation.

Hi Jerry, regarding your comment above pertaining to ‘all men are created equal’ and pluto.
Ive read some that say the declaration date chart is more aspirational, “the birth of an idea’, wheras the constitution date is the birth of the more ‘operational/functional’ chart.
And some further say, the current pluto return era means we are re-visiting the aspirational foundations, but it will not be until the constitution’s pluto return that significant meaningful change will occur.
Id be interested to hear what you think of that pov.

That’s a few years from now. The Constitution went into effect in 1788 when New Hampshire ratified it.

Hi Kiwi,

From what I can gather, most professional astrologers regard  both charts, the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as having merit. I think the reason why The Declaration chart of 1776 takes precedence over the other is that it is the first formal document that established and recognized the US as a separate and sovereign entity distinctly different from its colonial past. Whereas the constitution is a governing body of laws instituted to consolidate and implement its sovereignty into a legal coherent framework. At least that is my understanding of it.

On this day, the transition begins to our Constitutional government

The Articles of Confederation

“The present United States Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation on March 4, 1789.”
Library of Congress Web Site | External Web Sites | Selected Bibliography

1789 March 04 Government under the U.S. Constitution begins

From the SAMVA chart for the USA

Predictions for the USA in 2022
Friday, December 31, 2021

thanks Bob!
being as expert as you are, any pluto related interpretation/opinion from you regarding anticipating what might happen in real time going forward from here, would be welcome.
Happy New Year!

Short answer kiwi-
I think the Pluto return will signify major changes for the United States in many areas affecting the population. As transit Pluto’s return is configured with natal and progressed planets, midpoints, and aspects created by progressions of the natal chart and all of those are configured with ongoing transits while the return holds sway all areas of life will be touched by the return.

May all of us stay safe and healthy through these times.

Thank you kiwi for the well intended remark. I do not consider myself to be an expert in astrology, just an interested follower.

Re: The astrological charts for The US Constitution & The Declaration of Independence

I found an article that examines the properties of both charts; a very interesting analysis…….

Happy Independence Day America, Your Birth Chart Is a Mess

The astrology of July 4, 1776 and what it means for us today

……. The ratification of the Declaration of Independence is widely heralded as the birth of the United States, since that’s when we celebrate its inception. The Constitution is the document that guarantees and details our rights as citizens.

….. In order to better understand the United States, I analyzed the chart for both historical documents, which allows for some insight into the country. Astrology lovers can scroll to the bottom of this post for all the details on which dates and times were used.

…… Both the charts of the Declaration and the Constitution have Sagittarius Rising, which fits into the image of the U.S. being an abundant country that welcomes people from foreign lands, and the desire to honor one’s own religious or philosophical path.

The Declaration’s chart paints a picture of a nation that sees great transformation, wealth, and power from corporations and business. This is represented by Pluto in Capricorn in the second house. Pluto also deals with parts of life that are done in the dark or hidden from the public, like dirty politics, organized crime, and espionage. The CIA and FBI, for example.

An Aquarius Moon in this chart garners us much freedom in the way of communication, transportation, and expression. It represents the people and public opinion.



As aspects formed during the Pluto return for the United States involve various planets in the natal or progressed charts for the country changes in areas associated with them may be observed.

Aspects involving the Sun may accompany changes involving energy and/or leadership; involving Mercury – communications and/or commerce; Venus – benefits, health care; Mars – energy, military matters; Jupiter – successful endeavors in governing leadership, a positive economy; Saturn – reversals in the Jupiter areas; Uranus – scientific endeavors. Neptune and Pluto – who knows?

Thanks guys! Lots to read and absorb.

new from Marjorie


So enjoyed the Venus retro/Pluto conjunct video. She’s rather captivating.

Frank – I agree about getting an encouraging lift from Merrick Garland’s speech.

kiwi – that nursery rhyme says it all!

Bob, good to see you back on the blog! Thanks to everyone for contributions.

The rhyme you provided was a part of a protest song concerning the “Inclosure Acts”. (Archaic spelling) Wikipedia has an article about it.
“…cover enclosure of open fields and common land in England and Wales, creating legal property rights to land previously held in common. Between 1604 and 1914, over 5,200 individual enclosure acts were passed, affecting 28,000 km2 (1).” (Nearly seven million acres)

The verses you provided are the first two of four stanzas. The last two are:

The poor and wretched don’t escape
If they conspire the law to break
This must be so but they endure
Those who conspire to make the law.

The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
And geese will still a common lack
Till they go and steal it back

The verses were put to music by David A. Harley. From what I discern, the original tune may be lost. Below is the link to it as sung to Harley’s rendition.


This should cheer you guys up! Whoo Hoo!

(It doesn’t give much away but implies that a lot will come out.)



I agree. She is captivating. Not mentioned in this particular video but more than likely will be covered in some future presentation is when Venus goes stationary direct in Feb and then reaches its final conjunction with Pluto in early March. Venus’s role in its connection to the US Pluto return is fascinating.

Wow, how interesting. Thanks for that professor Eliseo!

Michael O’Riley has taken a look at America’s mental health. He uses Scorpio ASC which places Pluto in 3-H opposite Mercury. Makes so much sense. https://www.neptunecafe.com/newsscope

Hi kiwi,

For your information, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (ACPU), written in 1776-1777, legally established the United States as a national entity.

Maryland, which had been a holdout, due to Virginia’s Western land claims, was the requisite 13th and final state to ratify the ACPU in 1781.

In 1869, the Supreme Court concluded:

“By [the Articles of Confederation], the Union was solemnly declared to “be perpetual.” And when these Articles were found to be inadequate to the exigencies of the country, the Constitution was ordained “to form a more perfect Union.” It is difficult to convey the idea of indissoluble unity more clearly than by these words. What can be indissoluble if a perpetual Union, made more perfect, is not?” —?U.S. Supreme Court, Texas v. White (1869)

In other words, the US Constitution of 1789 was the second document with laws for the national entity established in 1781. It´s main aim was to make the union “more perfect.”

By comparison the Declaration of Independence was a “divorce cree”, signed by representatives of 13 free and sovereign States. While they were united in rejecting British rule, they were not yet legally a nation. For that the ACPU was required.

The time of the SAMVA USA chart is 5 pm, Friday, February 2, 1781 in Annapolis, Md, giving 20° Cancer rising in the sideral zodiac (11° Leo rising in the Tropical). Feel free to try it out.

As explained on my blog since 2007, the SAMVA USA chart is based on that historical foundation. Moreover, the horoscope has been further tested against significant trends and events in the history of the USA and with repeat accurate predictions.

All the best for the USA in 2022!

Rachel reports on Republican fake electors in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona forging, signing their names to official looking documents certifying that Trump had “won” in their state. They sent these fake, albeit notarized documents, as if they were real, to the National Archives and to the Congress for the purpose of the official count to be done January 6th.

It appears they were in on the plot to get Pence to certify the fake Trump electors and reject the genuine Biden ones.


I do not understand why these “electors” are not charged and awaiting trial. Why aren’t our state AG’s and Merrick Garland doing their jobs?

So, Andrew Yang has apparently formed a PAC to start a third party — the Forward Party — in order to strategically push for Ranked Choice Voting and other reforms to end the extreme political acrimony that has poisoned our politics and increasingly threatens to tear apart the country.


Supposedly, it’s open to membership from both of the existing major parties, who would retain their current affiliation. This would be key to the Forward Party PAC building a centrist coalition with members of both parties that would then make a legislative push for RCV and other democratizing reforms.

I’m wondering if this is a prelude to what is to come when Pluto moves into Aquarius and the eventual emergence of other parties that stand as legitimate challengers to the status quo established Democrats and Republicans.

This is the link in which astrologer Andre Kahr offers the opinion the Dems will win the mid term 2022 elections retaining both the House and Senate. He correctly predicted the debt ceiling would be raised and a rational compromise would avert any crisis.


It is from October 11, 2021.

DC Horoscope: SOTU 2022 (State of The Union address)

America 2022: Disjointed and Ill Yet Hopeful

by Jude Cowell

January 10, 2022

Shown below is a photo of the DC Horoscope of what is reported to be (per Speaker Pelosi’s invitation to President Joe Biden) the March 1, 2022 SOTU Address to a Joint Session of Congress concerning the State of our Union.

As scheduled, the SOTU 2022 chart is set for 9:00 pm est, Capitol Building, with 18Lib24 rising (bringing up Tr*mp’s natal Jupiter opposed by Speaker Pelosi’s natal Jupiter @18Aries at Descendant), and with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune in the creative 5th house. A pile of trouble constellates around the IC of the chart (21Cap07) including the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Capricorn which conjoined the natal Vertex of Herr Tr*mp.

Then as you see, intense conjunctions between Venus-Pluto and Mars-Pluto are lining up (both exact on March 3, 2022 – conjunct US natal Pluto @27Cap33) and, appropriate for a SOTU Address during difficult times in society, there’s a serious and tenacious Mercury-Saturn Conjunction @18AQ+ exact on the morning of the March 2, 2022 New Moon (12:35 pm est @12Pis07).

Therefore, SOTU 2022 will be delivered during the prophetic Dark of the Moon phase with major Piscean overtones. No, this date is not the most auspicious timing for expressing the optimism and enthusiasm that President Biden is bound to show during his speech – yet perhaps March 2022 is when Piscean compassion will be the most needed and valued:



Many Thanks for the link to Andrew Yang’s Forward Party. I’m definitely a fan of AY, and his ideas. I enthusiastically support all six of his core principles.

As for
Fact-Based Governance
Legislation should be judged on outcomes, not ideologies.

Well duh! Whereas modern day R’s are entirely and completely blinded by their ideology, Dems, usually having benevolent intentions, also have their ideological blind spots.

If your speculation turns out to be correct, that “this is a prelude to what is to come when Pluto moves into Aquarius and the eventual emergence of other parties that stand as legitimate challengers to the status quo established Democrats and Republicans” I will jump for joy and dance all night.

It was a difficult Rachel to watch….the bald-faced multiple forged signatures on fake documents from the vote counters of several states and ultimately filed in the National Archives by Trumpista operatives. So very corrupt and demoralizing.

I felt the same way. I find the incident with the Trump pseudo-electors far more disturbing than the violent putsch attempt of January 6th. It is far more intelligent and easier to take over a country quietly than with all the breaking of windows, violence and mayhem as occurred a year ago.

Furthermore, in how many other states might this have occurred that we are unaware of? It’s clear they are determined to do it again. If they are not soon arrested, convicted, and jailed they will do it at next election in 2024.


I never thought I would live to see history in our nation like that which is unfolding. The audacious levels of unprecedented depravity and deeply-seated contempt for our democracy and the American people is Biblical in dimension.

Happy late new year. I took a look at the inauguration chart for 2025 with a few asteroids thrown in (I use HH and about the first 10 on astro.com) and Nessus tightly conjunct chart ruler Venus is not a pretty picture. Trying to get out of the city before 2025.

“…audacious levels of unprecedented depravity and deeply-seated contempt for our democracy and the American people..”

Yep. And it hurts. It hurts real deep.

By the “virtue” if I may use the term loosely, of having been born and matured in what for me was the wrong area of the country, I’ve been aware since childhood of the presence of the far right theocrats, their overlap with virulent racists, and their potential to take down the republic. What I did not anticipate was the triune “marriage” of the “Big Money Elite” the “Christian” Kooks, and the various neo-fascist gangs.

By 1981 I became convinced the anti-abortion horde would eventually succeed in overturning Roe. My post-1980 election realization was the Reagan revolution was a precursor to some kind of dystopic disruption similar but not quite the same, or as satirical as what Margaret Atwood later envisioned in “The Handmaid’s Tale.” To me, R. Reagan was the archetypal harbinger, the foreunner of a short series of “anti-Christs” to come at least a full generation later.

My awareness of these people deepened in the early 90’s when I did graduate work on the religious right. (I’ve been associated with the religious Left since my adolescence.)
Sometimes when we know some dark event or circumstance is probable, we like to hope we are wrong, taking some measure of security in our fragile denial. But frankly, the knowing expectation, the awareness pales miserably with the reality. I suppose knowing what I’ve known, I should have prepared myself emotionally. But I did not.

No matter one’s variety or depth of faith, the reality unfolding before us, the present and future events are to put it mildly, astonishing and confounding; they wrench my heart into something I do not recognize. I think it so for us all. And as of yet, I’ve found no consistently effective balm.

Regarding the current voting rights blockade by the repubs:
My cousin is visiting and I was showing her wiki’s page on Robert Mercer. I see it includes this sentence “Mercer has said that the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the landmark federal statute arising from the civil rights movement of the 1960s, was a major mistake.”
With his oversized $$$ influence with the current crop of repubs, might his influence be causing the current intransigence I wonder?
would love to see someone look at his chart and see what he might have in store. July 11 1945 no time.

oops that should be 1946

Not to be outdone by Manchin, Sinema just stated she will not budge on filibuster reform for voting rights…so it’s over.

Frank – Yah I saw that. Good thing I was alone for what I was saying to Sinema.

A couple years ago I saw a documentary of an alternate story of Vladimir Putin’s origins. Vera Putina claims to be his real mother. This would put his birth 2 years earlier, I am assuming – also on October 7 but in 1950 rather than 1952.

Ok – 1950 Year of the Tiger rather than 1952 Year of the Dragon.

1952 would give him our choice of a Gemini Moon (nimble and maybe the ability to live in his head) or Taurus – fixed and attached to comfort.

1950 would give him a Leo Moon with perhaps a conjunction to Pluto. This also could fit.

I did not re-do my task of fitting his horoscope to the takeover of Crimea, which I did originally back then to his 1952 birthday.

His time of birth is unverified but someone guessed 9:30 am He sure does LOOK like a Scorpio ascendant.

So many possibilities! If he was born in the wee hours. he could have a Leo ascendant with Pluto in Leo conjunct the ascendant. This would give him Moon in Taurus in square to Pluto.

And, this would give him easy compatibility to Alina Kabaeva, his long time companion born May 12 1983 at 11:30 am Tashkent Usbekistan. Cancer asc. – Sun and Moon in Taurus, Mercury and Mars in Taurus – Year of the Pig – what a dream for a dictator. Comfort oriented, sexual, homey, fixed, unquestioning, supportive.

So maybe more compatible with the 1952 Vladimir than the 1950 Vladimir – if 1952 was born with Moon in Taurus.

PWhew!! FINALLY! DOJ charges “seditious conspiracy” to Oath Keepers and others … the beginning…..!

The count has increased from 3 to 5 states from which false electors sent their signed, notarized, forged documents on official state stationary to the Congress and the national archives.


How many more might discovered? Who was coordinating these almost identical efforts?

MERCURY & VENUS RETROGRADE, a Powerful Exchange into the Nodal Shift of 2022!! by Raquel Spring

Video:37 min 39 sec


DATELINE: Ukraine 27 February, 2014 (extracted from Wikipedia)

Russian special forces seized the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea and the building of the Council of Ministers in Simferopol. Russian flags were raised over these buildings, and barricades were erected outside them. Whilst the “little green men” were occupying the Crimean parliament building. Ukraine parliament in Kiev held an emergency session…..

Thus began Cold War 2.0 in Russian/US relations. With the Russian invasion and subsequent annexation of Crimea we have entered a new and dangerous post world war two era.

Fast forward 8 years later

Russia is now contemplating its next logical move under the obsessed nationalistic leadership of Russian president Vladmir Putin against the backdrop of severe warnings from the western alliance of dire economic consequences if it chooses to do so. An outright brazen invasion of Ukraine would have devastating economic effects for Russia and unforeseen consequences for the world at large.

Astrologically, there is an eerily similar situation happening with that of past events related to the Feb 27th 2014 invasion to that of Mercury stationing direct on February 3rd, 2022. The upcoming Feb 3rd Mercury station at 24 Capricorn positions itself right on Russia’s natal Saturn (DOB June 12, 1990 1:45 pm Moscow) in square to the US Mercury (24 Libra) and in near conjunction to Pluto and the US Pluto (27 Capricorn).

The February 27, 2014 Russian incursion into Crimea occurred with tr. Venus at 24 Capricorn in near conjunction to tr. Mars (27 Capricorn). I suspect events on the Ukraine eastern border could begin to materialize on or about February 3rd and reach fever pitch with severe economic sanctions levied against Russia at the time of the Mercury/Pluto conjunction (27 Capricorn) on February 11th.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Point To Potential Russian Invasion of Ukraine Within A Month’s Time

January 14, 2022

* Russia’s cyberwar campaign against Ukraine exploded in December, a pattern that U.S. intelligence agencies believe could signal a ground invasion within a month’s time.

*The new time frame was one of several details that White House press secretary Jen Psaki shared Friday about Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine, a longtime U.S. ally.

*Some American military analysts believe Russia has “prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine,” Psaki said.

WASHINGTON – Intelligence agencies monitoring Russian cyber operations against Ukraine believe Russia’s pattern of activity could signal a ground invasion of Ukraine within the next 30 days, the White House said Friday.

The new time line is the latest sign of how imminent the Biden administration believes a Russian attack against Ukraine could be, and how urgent its effort to negotiate a peaceful settlement has become.



It’s a lot.

The complete change in consciousness of the people who carry the “Republican Party” name….. to fully embracing the concept that the US should remain with only White Men in charge….

and the visibility we have of one man – Putin – who is going to take his vision of Russia to the limit no matter what the cost to millions of people in Russia and the Ukraine.

One man – ONE MAN!! affecting life horribly for MILLIONS of human beings.

If ever there was a case of Democracy – self determination – this is it.

Thank god for the Internet. We get to see it all.

More fake electors!
We are now aware of R pseudo-electors from SEVEN states. Pennsylvania and New Mexico are added to the list.

In alphabetical order:
New Mexico

We can’t help wondering. Might there have been more?

Fake Election Certificates In NM and Other States Shed Light On Plot to Overturn Biden Victory


Joni “Way-Cray-Cray” Patry tips her hand in a big way regarding her political persuasions.


Joni “Way-Cray-Cray” Patry tips her hand in a big way regarding her political persuasions. Everything but the kitchen sink, Children!


Dear Will,

Re: The Joni Patry video

I watched the video. I made an effort to keep an open mind about it. Are you referring to Joni’s assessment of Biden; his “weak” accomplishments and the possibility that he may find himself politically sidelined in the days ahead (VP Harris taking over the Presidency in Feb, Aug or October?).

Personally I wouldn’t interpret her observations as political. Those are fair assessments; a perception held by some. Biden, in spite of his best, hurculean efforts to put forward his agenda has been marginalized, unable to pass major portions of his legislation due to inertia (lack of momentum). And for very good reason. The Republicans are proving to be intractable and unreasonable in their demands.

The other point Joni mentions…….. Biden’s decision to completely unilaterally withdraw from Afghanistan. That decision in fact has proven to be in retrospect short-sighted and ill advised. His age seems to be a factor. Unquestionably, Biden’s vitality and effectiveness has diminished over the years. Let’s face it, he is not the same vibrant eloquent politician we had witnessed as a junior senator during the Watergate hearings some fifty years ago.

Joni alludes to the tr. nodes in t square to Biden’s Sun/Venus placement in January an February. That is something I had touched on some time back. That transit could alter the status quo significantly especially when we hit the February 16th Leo Full Moon. The Mid Feb Full Moon forms a grand cross square to those aspects and quincunxes Pluto and the US Pluto return.

I think it’s entirely possible you may be mistaking Joni’s astrological skills and assessments with that of political bias. From my perspective, they are distinctly different.

CORRECTION: Read instead: The February tr. South Node conjoins Biden’s Sun/Venus placement (27/28 Scorpio).

This particular alignment usually denotes a diminishment of ones vitality and effectiveness.

I agree that the withdrawal from Afghanistan may have been short sighted and ill advised.

Biden is between a rock and a hard spot though in getting these bills passed. Does anyone on this blog have any other ideas that are better?

Biden is only one man and indeed he is privy to the best information about any situation in the US and in the World. But to repeat – he is only one man. The circumstances surrounding him are unbelievably difficult. It’s not all about him. I am pretty sure that any seasoned political scientist will say that it is the times as well.

Who could have forseen the stupidity and egocentricity of Manchin and Sinema? Who could have seen the utter depravity of the “Whites” in the Republican party?…The ones who are trying to preserve the US as they knew it? We are just now seeing it as it unfolds. Yes, it has been predicted – but how strongly and for how long?

Biden is good but he is not superhuman. I would like to know a public or private person who approaches that kind of elite knowledge because we sure need her now.

🙂 Or him

I meant to say “that kind of elite knowledge” to get us out of this ….. !


Well said. The point I was trying to make earlier and I hope it is not too presumptuous of me to say this, but I feel Biden may be way past his prime and not up to the task. Although well seasoned and politically astute as you were suggesting, he doesn’t appear to have the intellectual acumen and adeptness that inspires confidence. A young Biden would have been ideal in the current complicated, difficult times we live in.

The following video serves as a contrast. It conveys a little of what I am trying to get across……

Young Joe Biden on Campaign Finance Reform (1974)

Video: 12 min 15 sec


RE: your 1-16-2023 4:53 am posting.
Well said! Many here in the US and abroad are I believe seriously underestimating Mr. Biden. Part of that is the unprecedented strangeness of the era we now inhabit, and part is I think ageism. And no one ever provided Mr. Biden or any of the rest of us with a manual to guide us in how to manage ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, and the nation itself in the face of so many Neptune intoxicated Kooks, Crooks, and Power addicted, dishonorable liars.

I feel/sense greatness in the man which I expect to be demonstrated relatively soon. No US president or congress has had to deal with a Pluto return before. It feels like we are enduring a huge, psychic hurricane and metaphysical earthquake simultaneously. Fearful talk grows of a 2nd Am. civil war domestically, and abroad.

What we see in the skies and in our charts syncs up perfectly with what we see in the present and evolving circumstances, events, social psychologies and pathologies of this peculiar time. Extraordinary political and environmental developments are coming, as consequential as any we’ve experienced. I think it highly probable, as one of several examples, the Russians will soon invade Ukraine. Concomitant with shocking revelations gleaned and widely publicized from the Jan.6th congressional hearings, to soon be broadcast publicly, several members of both US Houses will likely be exposed and expelled.

We’ve had nothing but mediocre to poor presidents for the past 52 years, regardless of party. I believe Mr. Biden will probably outshine them all. He is uniquely qualified to meet the exigencies of these times.

Let us be patient. Things are about to change.


Just a hunch., but I think Biden’s legacy will be remembered not for what he did or will do, but for his willingness and daring to try to change the shifting winds of the far right. Whether he will be successful in that endeavor or not is yet to be determined. Politically, it appears his hands are tied. It will take a deep grass roots longing for change that will bring about the lasting transformation we are seeking. It has to come from within. Superficial change is not the solution.

I have to say that Biden has done great, all things and factors considered. He has been a strong anchor for this country and succeeded in turning things around to some extent. I am SO proud of him. This is a tough country for progressives/liberals/Democrats at this time. We have some very powerful and determined opponents. Let’s hope you are right, Eliseo, and things are about to change…and, yes, it has to come from within. As of now, some gerrymandered maps have been thrown out in OH and NC (I don’t know if it was the entire state or certain districts). The problem is people getting to the polls when transportation for them is difficult and absentee ballots are not allowed. And then, of course, Manchin and Sinema… As sunstarts said, Biden is only one man.


No one can deny you as Joni’s champion and protector. I wonder however if you haven’t taken on an unworthy liability. You have made a rather obstinate point of assuming a fierce devil’s advocate position to anyone who casts shade on her and her musings. Perhaps her invocation of the nuts and bolts of familiar Vedic astrology tug at your Indian heart-strings. Whatever the case may be, your fine mind seems oblivious to the con-woman she is. I too have my fair share of critical thinking facilities; I’ve watched and listened attentively to a number of her You-Tube “presentations.” To me, she remains a slick, big-haired Texas huckster who wears 30 lbs. of whore make-up and wraps her wares (crypto- currencies last year, cheaply-produced astrological “jewelry” her very own vedic astrology university, etc) in a lexicon of Hindu and New Age verbiage with the manic overdrive of an Amway sales rep on an extra-large hit of Red Bull.

So please Jerry, enough with the “Joni-splaining.” I have a right to my own perceptions.

Here’s an interesting insight that I just found on Democraticunderground.com, posted by Joinfortmill:

The Hartmann Report: The Supreme Court Sets Up American Oligarchy


The Supreme Court Sets Up American Oligarchy
If you were looking for a date when our modern American oligarchy started, it would be January 30, 1976. It was a clear day in Washington, DC, the temperature well above freezing with a light wind.

When the Supreme Court handed down their decision in the case of Buckley v. Valeo, the New York Times noted in a front page article, “Campaign finance law in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and 32 other states will require drastic revision in the wake of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision that struck down nearly all limits on campaign spending by candidates for Federal office.”

It was the first of a cascade of decisions that reached their peak in 2010 with Citizens United v. FEC.

My Dear Will,

To be clear, I don’t feel particularly drawn to Joni Patry per se. To me she appears to have a certain grasp of the fundamentals along with an intuitive perception of astrology that I find interesting. Nothing more, nothing less. To me, she is just one of many astrologers who have something valuable and valid to share. She contributes a facet to astrology that is worth considering. Nothing to get worked up about. Your insistence that she is misguided, politically driven and self centered, that assertion is puzzling to me. I just don’t see it. Never once does she ever coin things in terms of the Democrats or the Republicans which would belie some kind of political affiliation. In any event I think you may have missed the underlying issue here.

You were objecting to her minimizing Biden’s importance as a leader AND I am simply suggesting that what she is alluding to is not at all preposterous and certainly not as you are insisting, a malignment of Biden’s character. Leaving the personal preferences and assertions aside and looking at it exclusively through the lens of astrology, here is my personal take on it…….

Believe it or not, Kamala Harris’s position as a potential Biden replacement has already happened – LITERALLY. Perhaps we may have forgotten but Harris briefly took over the presidency within a 6 hour window of the November 19th lunar eclipse (refer to the article below). The astrological significance of that event is stunning. The eclipse (27 Taurus) was in precise opposition to Biden’s Sun/Venus placement. The upcoming February 16th, 2022 Full Moon will form a grand cross square to the Nodal axis (south node conjunct Biden’s natal Sun/Venus). It will be activating that eclipse once again. In other words the potential is there for a recurrence of the November 19th event, i.e. Biden stepping down as President, but on a more dramatic scale because of the inherent quincunx of the mid February 16th Full Moon to the US Pluto return. Here’s the November 19, 2021 lunar eclipse chart for quick reference….


And here’s an article describing the events of November 19th, 2021:

Kamala Harris Held US presidency For 1 Hour 25 Mins: White House

Deccan Herald
November 19, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris held presidential powers for a total of one hour and 25 minutes while President Joe Biden was under anesthetic, the White House said Friday.

The White House press office said that official letters to Congress declaring the temporary transfer of power were sent at 10:10 am (1510 GMT).

“The president resumed his duties at 11:35 am,” (1635 GMT), the White House said in a statement.

Biden, the oldest person to hold the presidency in US history, went to the Walter Reed Medical Center just outside of Washington early Friday on the eve of his 79th birthday.

The White House described the appointment as Biden’s “routine annual physical.” It was his first since taking office in January.

During a colonoscopy examination, Biden will be anesthetised and as in past practice, the vice president will assume power, which includes control over the US armed forces and the nuclear weapons arsenal.

“President Biden will transfer power to the vice president for the brief period of time when he is under anaesthesia. The vice president will work from her office in the West Wing during this time,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.




It’s okay if my assertions puzzle you. I do not share some of the assumptions you make about my perceptions. I’m not looking for your approval. I’m asking that you allow me my subjective interpretations as I have set them forth. That’s pretty much ot.

Hi Will,

You must realize that your initial Joni Patry posting was rather derisive and from my point of view not entirely impartial. Personally, I try to take into account not only the astrologers demeanor but also what is being conveyed I.e. the information that is being presented. If I feel there is a personal interpretation or slant to it, that is also taken into consideration. The point being, if what is being shared in this forum constructively contributes to the subject matter, if it adds to the discourse – where is the harm in sharing it? Obviously we have differences of opinion on certain issues, but that is after all the “spice of life”. You would probably be the first to admit that life would be terribly boring if we all agreed on everything. That’s why I enjoy your lively banter. You don’t mind “telling it like it is”. It’s refreshing.

We can agree to disagree. Can we let it go now or will you push me to become discourteous?

Dont know if you heard about the tongan volcanic eruption, but spare a prayer for them if you have time. We heard the explosions in NZ. Tidal wave here wasnt that bad, but phone communications with tonga still down, radio only.


I think if we stay within the parameters of astrology we’ll be alright. There are no issues from my side.

Eek! The problem with Joni Patry is that she doesn’t present well. You have to get past her appearance to hear what she has to say. I did make an effort to hear her and it seemed like she made some good points but I didn’t stay with her. Her presentation made me distrust her so with so many things to pay attention to I kinda lost it.

Sorry – I probably should have stayed out of it but I couldn’t resist.

Jerry, this is not personally against you but I, too have a very negative reaction to Joni. I find her repulsive.

She’s a smart lady and, of course, can use astrology to back up her positions but it doesn’t mean she’s right. We all know that astrology predicts possibilities, sometimes strong ones, but things often work out differently than a particular astrologer’s interpretation – which can be influenced by their personal preference especially when it comes to political astrology.

Joni was over-the-top thrilled over Trump. We actually went over this in the 7-30-21 thread: http://starlightnews.com/wordpress/2021/07/new-discussion-thread-6/ — just google “Joni” – there are 23 mentions of her name and in one instance, there is mention of a reading of hers entitled “A King is Born” where she references Trump without using his name.

My main point is that if you’re not a strong supporter of someone, you are going to sound a lot more objective and neutral than she does, which leads to the question: What kind of fool doesn’t see him for what he truly is and supported and still supports him?

I googled Joni on Amazon and found 12 books – very prolific. This one in particular caught my eye – https://www.amazon.com/How-Make-Money-Using-Astrology-ebook/dp/B00MH3UYAY/ref=sr_1_4?crid=18DMC94U4EI1&keywords=joni+patry&qid=1642370344&sprefix=joni+patry%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-4
which she appears to have used to good benefit.

She’s a smart lady and probably a skilled astrology but her values? Maybe that’s why she makes many of us here more than a little sick — but you find her to be a talented astrology and seem immune to the rest of who she is. She may be a gifted astrology but she cannot be counted on to be objective in her interpretations. I would definitely take her with many grains of salt. Let’s see where this new prediction about Biden’s presidency lands.

It may be that’s she’s right because — even a clock and all that…

I think I had a book by Ray Merriman about financial astrology. I think it’s in a box somewhere. OBVIOUSLY! or I might be talking from a different point of view.

Think I’m going to fish that book out.

I have read, and it seems to be true – that the idea of prosperity consciousness can really hurt a person. If one reads that they simply need to change their consciousness and they will suddenly become successful and rich……

Well, if you can’t do it (and you can’t in one easy lesson) then it lowers your self esteem and makes you less able.

So when Evangels preach the Prosperity Doctrine to potential new believers it can be very harmful, very toxic. The inability to immediately grasp what other people say they have grasped, can lower one’s self esteem to dangerous levels.

There are few shortcuts to changing whatever ails the average human being.

But I myself am going to review Ray Merriman’s book! Prosperity here I come! It’s all about the cycles. Hehehe!

I’ll let you know……

Actually her books seem to have some good premises.

Wish I had time and motivation to read them… After all, Jerry …. contempt prior to investigation is what I may be evidencing…..

So have you, Jerry read any of Joni Patry’s money/prosperity books, and what did you think?

I don’t deny for a moment that Joni Patry is not knowledgeable about astrology. I believe she is smart and clever. I do not however buy her interpretations. She throws a lot of predictions out there but only some of them prove prescient. I don’t fault her for wearing makeup or big hair – I do not however, believe for a moment that she is neutral. I also doubt she is spiritually-evolved. She’s quite driven and all about the Benjamins; She owns and her family own a French restaurant if I am not mistaken. No foul on that point either. And yes, as Sharon essentially stated, ‘Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”


The short answer to that is no. I have not read any of Joni Patry’s books. At first glance, her outward appearance can give one pause for thought. Admittedly, I find it kind of amusing. But you have to give her credit, she doesn’t seem to mind what others think. She’s a free thinker, knowledgeable about astrology and appears to have a certain intuitive perspective.

I read her January 2022 on her galactic center site.

Yes, she’s a Trumper. Not common in an astrologer.

So the false media is one and the same with Trump’s fake news.

She’s a middling good astrologer. Yes, her interpretations leave something to be desired I think. I haven’t read far enough to see the veracity of her predictions but given her soupy way of talking I can see where she could be interpreted as untrustworthy.

Funny, she talks about trust. Hmmm.

I wonder if she’s friends with Betsy De Vos….. Amway and all that.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Capricorns with Leo Moons – which is what Betsy De Vos is. But they are into Go Big Or Go Home.

And that’s NOT what you want to see dividing up the education of the children of America, when those who go to private schools CAN win at the Go Big Or Go Home game. Fostering inequality from the ground up is the antithesis of Democracy.

Capitalism itself has reached a tipping point and it looks like Joni Patry has bought the Capitalism Doctrine hook, line, and sinker.

We need to modify the way we do Capitalism because it has created such inequality at this point. Let’s hear it for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren…..

Further, inequality was built into the US with the original sin of Slavery, and the conquering of the Aboriginal People.

However, the Constitution as written is GOLDEN. Now if Americans can only follow it.

And guard it. Guard the Constitution.

There is a fair sized difference between what the New Thought theologians, (Unity, Church of Religious Science, Divine Science, etc.) originally called “prosperity consciousness” in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and what the evangelical and fundamentalist hucksters made of it much later.

The original theory has some validity, in that our attitudes and self concept do affect how successful we might be, but all within the limits of our personal karmas. Furthermore, our personal karmas are connected to our group karmas. Personal karma can be quite varied, for some pretty severe.

Unfortunately, avaricious fundamentalist and evangelical predators fell in love with the phrase, severely misconstruing its meaning for their own selfish designs and purposes. As they reject the larger dharma/karma/reincarnation context out of hand, as well as the group karma connection, they present a very severe, absurd, and transparently greedheaded version of the notion. These spiritually salivating vampires gleefully suck our poor, lost, and abandoned souls for all they are worth. It is an evil business which our government inadvertantly

Modern “prosperity consciousness” is the bastard, illegitimate child of its parental namesake.


You state Joni Patry is a Trumper based on her January 2022 astrological forecast that she posted on her Galactic Center website. So….. I “trumped” over there and read the contents. Can’t find anything that would indicate any kind of political leaning. Could you be more specific?

Eliseo: ‘Modern “prosperity consciousness” is the bastard, illegitimate child of its parental namesake.’

In my bookshelf beside me I have “Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.

In the late ’70’s and early ’80’s I used to read the monthly Science of Mind booklet.

In Phoenix in the middle late ’70’s I would go to the First Church of Religious Science on Sundays. I guess I was trying to find a “group karma”. They truly were genuine.

Those days are gone – for me anyway. Haven’t looked – can’t find – that group karma anymore.

It was better than the first two courses I took through the Church of Scientology – 1. Problems of Living 2. Introduction to Scientology.

They actually were really good books…. Sort of snuck you into Scientology.

Thank god my young husband got me out of that – I am forever grateful. That would have been the WRONG group karma.

Back to prosperity consciousness – I WONDERED where it had gone – I almost grieved it. I knew it had been perverted and the whole deal was confusing to me. So I just let it go. But I knew there was a pure version of it somewhere.

Jerry: You said about Joni Patry – “She’s a free thinker”

Yup. Uranus square Mercury – She’s born November 8 1955.

Okay Now I’m gonna go back to Galactic Center.

All Your Questions On The Pluto Return In The U.S., Answered (by Brittany Berringer)

Nothing says a cosmic rebirth like enigmatic Pluto, the power-hungry dwarf planet that symbolizes transformation and renewal. According to the stars, the United States is finally getting a spiritual makeover with its first-ever Pluto Return on Feb. 22, 2022. Astrologically, a Pluto return is when the heavenly body returns to the same position in a birth chart where it was when the chart began. It happens around every 248 years, meaning this is the Pluto return in the United States since the country was founded in 1776.

“Pluto rules death and rebirth, influencing the end and beginning of new karmic cycles. It also rules things like interpersonal skills, power struggles, and shows the source of your personal power. This planet is the portal through which your spiritual and shadow energy is transformed and released into the exterior world,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle.

Just like ever-elusive zodiac sign Scorpio, which it aptly reigns over, Pluto is a riddle shrouded in mystery. In astrology, this celestial body signifies the death of old traditions, the birth of new ones, and annihilating problematic dogma you’ve come to recognize as part of your DNA. A Pluto return, therefore, spells a metamorphic change in the country’s astrological history as it’s forced to meet the most hidden and not-so-noble parts of itself. It’s a time to air out the grievances, reflect, and completely rebrand.

“Pluto returns are about the ends of empires, the changing of guards, and the transfer of power,” Dana DeFranco, astrologer and co-host of the Allegedly Astrology podcast, tells Bustle. “America has Pluto in Capricorn in the second house of money, property, security, and values. Capricorn is the sign of infrastructure, hard work, and earning your keep. These concepts relate to traditional American values and the American dream.”

If you’re having déjà vu about the astrology of 2020, you’re not alone. Astrologers say it’s all kind of related, though. From the COVID-19 pandemic rocking the country at the start of the Age of Aquarius, to a summer of protests against racial injustice, along with heated tensions of the 2020 presidential election, astrologers believe these events aligned in time for America’s Pluto return.

“Since Pluto is a slow-moving planet, the transit of Pluto can have a 10-degree orb. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the 2020s, in general, have been impacted by America’s Pluto return,” astrologer MaKayla McRae, also known as The Starry Eyed Mystic, tells Bustle.



There’s a good reason some wealthy Hollywood celebrities are $cientologist$! They can afford it!

Jerry: Joni says:

“But what is finally surfacing is the money trail leading back to China. This entire pandemic originated out of China and brought the world to its knees. This was obviously biological warfare as it began when Trump tried to make China accountable financially. The truth concerning China may not be uncovered, but they now know how to control the world through this new form of warfare.”

‘This was obviously biological warfare ….. The entire pandemic originated out of China….TRUMP tried to make China accountable financially.’

So how many Asians were killed in that massage parlor in March 2021? Lone gunman. Think he was a friend of Trump’s?

Eliseo: Yah! Haha!

“………Trump tried to make China accountable financially. The truth concerning China may not be uncovered, but they now know how to control the world through this new form of warfare.”

So sunstars, I gather from what you are saying, because Joni described the events emanating out of China as possibly a Chinese generated conspiracy aimed against the West which Trump subsequently declared was unacceptable and that they needed to be held accountable, that she is sympathetic to Trump and his policies? Perhaps a more honest, accurate and appropriate use of terminology would be to state that SHE felt the whole COVID 19 affair was a sinister plot hatched by the Chinese govt. and that Trump was justified in laying the blame on China. I don’t know sunstars. The evidence and jury is still out on that one. It’s a cautionary tale that hasn’t been proved one way or the other just yet. There is a smoking gun there but it can not be confirmed. Be that as it may, all in all, I am familiar with Joni’s writings and videos, enough to say that I haven’t seen or heard views that would suggest she is promoting a pro Trump stance. Her themes are always related to astrology.

Anyway, as I was stating earlier, I think it is in our best interest to approach these matters with caution, in a spirit of inquiry rather than unilaterally dismissing all of what is shared simply because because it doesn’t agree with our own views. She may be off in certain areas, but it is for us to discern what is true and what is not. I don’t see the necessity in coming to a conclusion one way or the other. I like Eckhart Tolle wise words on these matters when it it come to viewing things without judgment……..


Hopefully the reader will overlook the above typos.


Joni Patry in her own words.


Joni: But I am not finished! I just completed another book I am very proud of, The Secrets of Prediction …
The book begins with my initial awakening on November 21, 1963 when I saw astrologer Jeane Dixon on our black and white television beg President Kennedy to not come to Dallas or he would be assassinated. Then the next day the unthinkable occurred. I was 7 years old …

With a birthday of November 8 the above statement would yield a birth year of 1956 for Mrs Patry.

Thank you for that interesting quote.
I find it fairly odd however. Ms. Joni Patry needs to clarify and refresh her memory. If I’m not mistaken, Jeanne Dixon did indeed predict JFK’s assassination, but she did not do so on television.

OK, I looked it up.
“Dixon reportedly predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In the May 13, 1956, issue of Parade Magazine she wrote that the 1960 presidential election would be “dominated by labor and won by a Democrat” who would then go on to “be assassinated or die in office though not necessarily in his first term”.[10] In 1960, as the election neared, she changed her mind and incorrectly predicted that Richard Nixon would win.[11] She later admitted she “saw Richard Nixon as the winner” and made unequivocal predictions that he would win.[12][10]” Wikipedia article on Jeanne Dixon.

I am of the opinion she was telling the truth regarding her visions, but did not always understand correctly what she was seeing or intuiting. She interpreted the February 4, 1962 planetary alignment as the sure sign the anti-christ was born on that day in Syria.

I like to try to avoid following people’s thinking down rabbit holes. During the AIDS epidemic when I lost so many of my friends, lovers and colleagues many of us believed it was bio-warfare by our government against us. It gave me a target to focus all my anger on and made sense given the way we were attacked and vilified by our government. Over the years that was disproven.

There are now so many rabbit holes that Americans are more than willing to jump into. The Chinese bio-warfare conspiracy is another. It is interesting to me that many of these rabbit holes link up with Trump, the Liar.

Michael Wolfstar has a follow up to his post last week on mental health in America. With Jupiter moving to conjunct Neptune in Pisces opposite the natal USA Neptune it is looking like our collective mental health will continue to deteriorate. https://www.neptunecafe.com/newsscope

Many Thanks for the heads up re: the April 12th Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. For me, that’s fairly scary as it conjuncts my natal Moon.

Eliseo, although I’m just a dabbler, your Pisces Moon is being conjuncted by both rulers of Pisces…I think it sounds to me like you’re going to have a sublimely liminal experience. Do let us know and all the very best!

I think that one of the reasons Trump blamed China for the virus was to cover up his own inadequate handling of the situation which resulted in him downplaying it instead of realistically preparing the country for it. He is master of politicizing “everything” as part of his manipulating every situation for his own purposes. Sigh.

Was the virus part of a bio-weapon or of research associated to a bio-weapon? Possibly….but we cannot close our eyes to the fact that blaming China was Trump deflecting away from himself. He also blamed the WHO. As Frank said – Trump the Liar.

Sunandstars, Henry Weingarten is the expert in financial astrology. I once had a book by him about the stock market. Not sure if I can put my finger on it but there is a lot of stuff online about him and by him.

Eliseo, with my mars at 22-23 Pis and Venus at 24-25, I am well aware of the pitfalls of neptune (and a little scared and wary as well). I think if we stay grounded (and Wolfstar does mention the grounding affects of Cap & Taur at the end of the article) and do not fall into over-optimism and foolish risk-taking —- just stay grounded and practical, resisting escapes, negative thinking, over-idealistic expectations – and relay instead on realistic planning and not thinking emotionally but practically and logically, we will do ok. We can compare notes…and I know sunandstars is in there as well. When neptune t. my 1 degree Pisces sun – I actually WAS overconfident about the chance of something specific going in my favor and I foolishly talked it up, overplaying my hand – instead of the old “keeping the cards close to the chest” maneuver – and I lost and got hurt. BUT, after a few weeks of healing, I picked up the pieces and recouped and did well. I remember that period being when I was studying social work (sun in the 9th house) and I learned so much about poverty and solutions for helping society in general.

rely, not relay

Just read what Frank said and, yes, it could be a very spiritual, optimistic and feel-good time but also be careful not to get over optimistic and forget to be wisely cautious. 🙂

Also, Jup travels faster than Neptune so it will pass on leaving Neptune still involved in the transit.

You know, I once read that sometimes when Jupiter transits one’s sun sign, one of the things that happens is that we die and are released from out earthly trappings (As God tells Neale in Conv. with God, II I think, — the day that you die is the happiest day of your life).

Well, Jupiter transited my sun for the last time in the pasts month (it had transited it, retrograded and moved over it again), and I felt that much more upbeat for a number of days, but I didn’t die. But you know who did? Someone who was born on my birthday: Sidney Portier. Just a bit of astrology trivia.


“I think that one of the reasons Trump blamed China for the virus was to cover up his own inadequate handling of the situation which resulted in him downplaying it instead of realistically preparing the country for it. He is master of politicizing “everything” as part of his manipulating every situation for his own purposes. Sigh.

Was the virus part of a bio-weapon or of research associated to a bio-weapon? Possibly….but we cannot close our eyes to the fact that blaming China was Trump deflecting away from himself. He also blamed the WHO. As Frank said – Trump the Liar.”

Yahtzee! Right on.

Ultimately, virus always start somewhere; I believe the reason there is a tendency for so many to originate in China is probably do to the extraordinarily dense population. I cannot imagine the Chinese military being so stupid to start a virus that would hurt China, strain the Chinese hospital and medical systems and go on to harm so many other customers of Chinese goods all over the world. Plenty of Chinese people suffered and died from Covid as well. It is a global pandemic and we need to be globally-conscious about this.

Color me naive, but I do not believe that Covid was part of any intentionally-hatched bio-warfare.

There are much more effective and deadlier substances to use like Ricin or Sarin which would quickly depotentiate and weaken beyond the targeted area. Ergo, it would not spread like a virus.

Eliseo, Bob – helpful research! Thank you.

Thank You for reminding me of your Mars/Venus position, and that Sunstars Sun conjuncts my Moon. You are obviously correct. The April 12 Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is bound to affect us more directly than others.

Glad to be of help. Facts are facts, and fools are fools, and neither usually changes much.

I largely agree with your assessment regarding China and the Covid virus, but with these caveats.

Firstly, I think it quite possible Chinese scientists were studying the virus and accidentally released it. Their protocols encourage dishonesty. The party sets dogmatic expectations, related more to ideology than reason or science, in a culture in which it is profoundly difficult and shameful to admit failure.

Secondly, although I think it doubtful that anyone in the CCP ordered the development or weaponization of the virus, I don’t totally dismiss the idea. The CCP has a history of enacting some extraordinarily and insanely stupid policies that resulted in deaths in the millions of their own people. CCP leaders are masters of mismanagement and man-made disasters.

Best example out of many:
The “Great Leap Forward,” 1958-1962, resulted in what is regarded as the deadliest famine in human history, with somewhere between 15 & 55 million deaths from starvation.

Who was the great genius who thought up such an insane policy? None other than Mao himself. But as criticism of the man, is not allowed, his mythologization grows. And so it often is in their system.

You are of course right about population density being a factor. 94% of their people live in the eastern third of the country. It is simply not healthy to put that many people there, per square mile. Most are clustered along their coasts.

That population geography will hurt them irrevocably as climate change progresses. The topography, altitude, and latitude makes the area particularly vulnerable. Whether it is sea level rise, typhoons, excessive heat and humidity, the enormous amount of water, soil, and air pollution, or other factors, the area will eventually become unlivable.

The survivors will have to move elsewhere. As the permafrost melts in Siberia, I expect that will be their most logical destination. (Many Chinese are already farming there.) Going south would be suicidal. 22nd century maps will look very different from what we have today.

Hi, would anyone here interested in being doing an astrological reading for me for this year and what I can expect, of course I would pay for it, just wondering if anyone here might want to ?

If so, feel free to text me at (407) 450-0961 if you don’t want to answer here, is this ok for me to ask, don’t want to get in trouble lol!

this is a bit worrying regarding russia vs norway, sweden areas https://star4cast.com/norway-sweden-catching-an-icy-wind-from-russia/


Putin remains a scourge upon the face of the Earth. He’s never recovered from Pope John Paul II’s and Lech Wa??sa’s Solidari brilliant take down of the
The Evil Empire. A little man with a mean streak of insecurity and violence, his sociopathic and narcissistic character are fueling his grandiose notions of restoring the Soviet Union to its dark and Godless glory. I believe both he and 45 are both on a crash and burn trajectory. Monsters, both of them.
May they be crushed and returned to the dust they are.


Nancy, our site administrator, also does charts and chart readings. I don’t know who else that participates here does them.

Irony upon irony!
Ten former Warsaw pact nations and four Yugoslav bloc nations joined NATO soon after the cold war ended. As of now, formerly neutral countries, Finland and Sweden are now interested in admission to NATO.

Why? Obviously, fear of the Big Red Belligerent Bear! Why was/is Big Bear belligerent? Because they themselves were/are very fearful of their neighbors. Predators projecting predatory motives upon everyone else. Throughout their history they’ve been taken advantage of through invasion of their geographically indefensible borders.

“You are a danger to me, therefore I have to be even more dangerous to you.”
= Escalation ad absurdum.

Russia is now involved in paranoid self-fulfilling prophecy. Their past history is blinding them to greater possibilities. Were they to fully embrace democracy, and cultivate and encourage other nations to operate democratically, the indefensiblity of their borders would become irrelevant.

Democracies tend to be far less militarily aggressive or predatory with one another. Their predatory propensities usually shift to the economic sphere. Borders then become much less of a concern.

But, I’m betting you alteady know all this. And Mr. Putin’s dreams of Soviet empire restoration haunt the collective psyche.

Guess I could google it, Eliseo ….If it’s there to be had – the percentage of Russians that want democracy.

Frequently I think of Alexei Novalny. He IS my hero.

Happy to know that Finland and Sweden are interested in joining NATO. Yes, how ironic. I have heard in the last couple months that if Putin invaded Ukraine it would be a big mistake. On his part. And instinctively I believed it. Sooo…..:) Look what’s happening!

I do not confuse Putin with the Russian people. I do not know the particulars but Russia is a beautiful land with hard working people, people who deserve a democracy.

Both the Russians and Chinese have some extremely serious problems they really would rather the world not be aware of. In both cases, their population is diminishing with multiple major demographic imbalances, and exasperating financial difficulties. It would be a very long list. Too many profound problems to delineate here, but suffice it to say, both nations are in an increasingly desperate spiral downwards.

Like Japan in 1941, which was also in desperate circumstances, that makes them more, not less dangerous, i.e. more prone to take really stupid risks.

In think as you suggested, we would all agree the people of both nations deserve democracy and human rights, but again in both cases their populations are consistently misinformed, bombarded every day with lies and propaganda. In the US, most of the disinformation we receive comes from the far right, but in their case, obviously from their governments.

I believe the odds are high and rising Russia will invade Ukraine. Presuming they do, they will prevail initially, but in the long run it will be a colossal disaster, which might possibly lead them into another revolution. As brutal as they are quite willing to be, the Russian government does not have the resources they once possessed to fully suppress a nation wide uprising. Any domestic political conflict like that could well last a very long time.

As mentioned in a previous entry; Mercury stationing direct at 24 Capricorn on Feb 3rd right on Russia’s natal Saturn (24 Cap) could signify in some way a turning point in Russia’s military threat against Ukraine. We anticipate this activity to ratchet up into actual hostilities when Mercury conjoins Pluto at 27 Capricorn on Feb 11th. The following articles seem to confirm that timeline….

Belarus Announces Joint Drills With Russia in February

Moscow Times
January 18, 2022

Belarus’ defense ministry said Tuesday the exercises will be carried out in two phases, with the first combat readiness stage scheduled to end on Feb. 9 and the drills themselves set for Feb. 10-20.

Belarus’ strongman leader announced that his country and its close ally Russia will stage joint military exercises near NATO’s eastern borders and Ukraine in February, media reported Monday.

President Alexander Lukashenko and his top brass disclosed details of the so-called “Allied Resolve” drills amid high tensions over Russia’s troop buildup near the border with Ukraine.



Nuclear Weapons In Belarus? US Frets Russia’s Troop Arrival ‘Not Normal’

January 19, 2022

The United States is worried that the arrival of Russian troops in Belarus for exercises could lead to a permanent presence that might introduce nuclear weapons into the country, a senior State Department official told reporters Tuesday.

Russian military forces were moving into Belarus after Moscow-allied strongman Alexander Lukashenko announced Monday that the two countries will conduct military exercises next month.

The move, which came without the advance notice customarily provided to countries in the region, added to rising tensions with the West over the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, which borders Belarus.

The US official, speaking on grounds of anonymity, said the size of the Russian force arriving in Belarus was “beyond what we’d expect of a normal exercise.”

“The timing is notable and, of course, raises concerns that Russia could intend to station troops in Belarus under the guise of joint military exercises in order potentially to attack Ukraine,” the official said.

The official said that changes to the Belarus constitution in a referendum next month could allow the Russian military presence to become permanent.

“These draft constitutional changes may indicate Belarus plans to allow both Russian conventional and nuclear forces to be stationed on its territory,” the official said.

That would represent a “challenge to European security that may require a response,” the official said.



Many Thanks for the astrodates, and the links! All, quite useful!

BuckeyeShadow, et. al.
This is interesting.

Has the Progressive backlash to recent right wing R insanity commenced?

Here in WA state, our Senate State Government & Elections Committee has been hearing public testimony on Senate Bill 5584, which would implement ranked choice voting in elections.


Reports are Utah is already experimenting with ranked choice voting! Anyone hear living in Utah? Anyone know more about this?



Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, oversaw fake electors plot in 7 states


Apparently, the probability Mr. Giuliani might serve some jail time is increasing. I don’t see how orchestrating such an effort would not violate a number of federal and state crimes. I nevertheless wonder about the man’s sanity, sometimes thinking, were he convicted, it might be more appropriate were he to be incarcerated in a mental health facility.

The fake electors in New Mexico and Pennsylvania, put in language at the end of their documents describing themselves as “electors-in-waiting,” presuming a court action rejected the Biden electors. That might keep THEM out of jail, but the fake electors from the other five states are evidently in serious legal jeopardy pending further investigation.

This story, pretty obviously is getting more and more interesting as it leads deeper down the crackpot criminal abyss the R party has become. To my mind, it symbolizes the exhaustion and ultimate weakness of R. Conservative ideology. It reeks of desperation. It’s what one might do knowing your ideas are not and cannot ever again be persuasive to the majority of voters.

I suspect those in future we will regard as “conservatives” will be what we think of today as moderate democrats. That may take a decade or two, but would put us in a tighter political harmony with the other Anglophone nations, and European parliaments.

The Jan. 6th Committee public revelation hearings are shaping up to be darkly entertaining. I’m hoping they sour the public on the R party as least as much as did the Watergate hearings. The difference this time is almost the entire R party is guilty of malfeasance, whereas with Watergate, most of the R’s were not involved.

The effect of Watergate was apparent in R losses in the elections of 1974 and 1976. Let us hope the same occurs on election day, 2022.

From November 7th through the 8th, 2022 there will be a total lunar eclipse. Mars and Jupiter will be retrograde, as will be Pluto. Neptune will still be opposite Neptune, and Pluto will still be opposing our Mercury. I interpret the latter as the continuation of muddled thought processes. But at least, Neptune will be in Pisces. Maybe voters will feel compassionate?

Transiting Jupiter trining President Biden’s natal Sun, Venus, and Jupiter on election night is an excellent aspect for him on that day.


Thank you, Bob!

RCV is coming, Eliseo. It has been a long time coming. And it will come if for no other reason than the fact that the status quo can simply no longer hold.

I truly think more and more people are finally starting to awaken to the nature of the false dichotomy that has been perpetuated by both major parties here in the US, as well as the by corporate media which seems to depend on itself and the people not grasping that such a system ill-serves an increasingly pluralistic and complex society.

Put another way, it’s like someone who insists on imposing the very simple rules of checkers into a 3D multi-level board game of chess.

I believe, as I know you do as well, that Andrew Yang is onto something. Let’s keep our eyes on him as well as the FairVote organization, who have both come out strongly in support of RCV as well as multi-member legislative districts. Both would represent huge steps forward towards democracy, but they each also represent dire threats to the current status quo that benefits corporate moguls and the narcissistic puppets they pull the strings of, folks like Manchin and Sinema.

All the same, I believe we will see legit reforms come by way of an inter-party coalition of Moderate-ish reformers who recognize that feeding the radical and reactionary extremes is ultimately detrimental and destructive to the whole. They do get to have a representative voice too, however. Just not the sole one, as the current far-right reactionary tilt of our system has served to promote.


Re The Stars Over Washington URL link/ article

For the record, Jude Cowell’s info is correct on the whole but there is a major miscalculation on the April 1, 2022 New Moon. She places it at 12 ’07 Pisces (the degree of the March 2nd New Moon instead of the correct degree of 11 ’30 Aries). Ordinarily this wouldn’t matter very much, just a simple typo. But as written earlier, the March 2nd New Moon is worth noting. It is fairly explosive because of its conjunction to tr. Jupiter in semi-square to the triple conjunction of Pluto/Mars/Venus with Saturn/Mercury and the US progressed Moon at the midpoint. The US Pluto return is heavily involved here. Expect major events to be occurring at this time. More on this later.

I absolutely love this gal!
Such an impressive intellect, passion,and communication skills! I can easily see her as a possible new FDR.

Rep. Katie Porter And Her White Board Explain Strength Of Biden Economy


Yep. She’s quite the Capricorn. I remember her Sun Sign from when she first emerged. Student of Elizabeth Warren of course.

Wouldn’t you know she’s a Capricorn.

The Astrology Of 2022 – There Is Magic Everywhere by Astro-butterfly

2022 promises fairytale-like developments and unexpected twists and turns that will help us connect with our life purpose.

If we want to understand the core themes of a year, we look at the most important planetary aspects of that particular year.

2020 was shaped by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.2021 was shaped by the Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn conjunct Pluto and Saturn square Uranus were both heavy and difficult aspects, and we all know how 2020 and 2021 have been for the collective.

2022 is nothing like that.

Yes, we still have the Saturn-Uranus square lingering in the background, but the major aspects are very positive and uplifting. The 2 major aspects in 2022 are Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces and North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

……………..March 2022 – When The Stars Align

In March 2022 we have several astrological line-ups that are pretty special:

On March 2nd, 2022 we have a special New Moon in Pisces which is conjunct both her rulers, Jupiter and Neptune. At the same time, Mars, Venus and Pluto all align at 27 Capricorn, and Mercury and Saturn align at 19 Aquarius.

Basically all planets, except for Uranus, are engaged in a conjunction. This is rather unusual and it will bring a lot of forward momentum. Here we can expect a lot of new beginnings on multiple levels in our lives at a personal as well as at a collective level.

On March 6th, 2022 Venus and Mars meet at 0 Aquarius – the same degree we had the epochal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st.

If Jupiter and Saturn spoke for collective developments that impacted us on a collective level, the Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius is about how we, as individuals, get to shape the collective. Power to the people!



As mentioned above, the March 6th Venus/Mars conjunction at 0 Aquarius will be activating the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020.

Here are two articles on the special significance of the Dec 2020 conjunction……….


Known as “the great conjunction,” the cyclical conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that occurs every twenty years has been the preeminent method of demarcating historical eras in traditional astrology. When Jupiter and Saturn come together there is both the intensity of old forms dying as well as the fertility of new growth beginning to take shape. In the past century, their cycle has aligned with the transition in between decades, with the conjunctions and oppositions between Jupiter and Saturn marking the start of each decade. For example, there was a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in 1980, an opposition in 1990, a conjunction in 2000, and an opposition in 2010. Jupiter and Saturn form their next conjunction on December 21 of 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius, and so most of 2020 took place during the end of their cycle. There has been an atmosphere of anticipation building during the year of being on the precipice of a new era, while simultaneously old issues have resurfaced in need of resolution.

Together Jupiter and Saturn combine expansive and imaginative vision with the structure and discipline needed to both manifest results as well as strip away the inessential. While Jupiter signifies generosity and fortunate opportunities, it can also lead to egoic greed and delusions of grandeur that requires the contemplative focus of Saturn to trim the excess and strengthen what is ready to ripen. At the same time, we need the inspirational revitalization of Jupiter to mediate the negative side of Saturn that can bring fear over limitations and obstacles and lead to depressive stagnation. During 2020, we have been dancing in a constant balancing act of tempering between Jupiter and Saturn, with a need to shift in between the synthesizing growth of Jupiter and the methodical reordering of Saturn.



What Is A Great Conjunction And How Does It Work?

In astrology, a conjunction is formed when two or more planets line up exactly. When they line up, their vibrations blend and work together. A Great Conjunction happens when Jupiter and Saturn align. Both planets are associated with authority, but each very differently.

Jupiter is a generous leader who’s associated with health, wealth, and having a good time, while Saturn favors strict responsibility and setting limits. When they have to collaborate, you can expect power struggles over the best way to “rule.” On the macro level, it’s likely to bring about a cultural moment when things change irrevocably, whether we’re ready or not. Politics shift toward the progressive and away from calcified ideas that have outlived their usefulness. It’s a changing of the guard, so to speak.

It’s no surprise then that Great Conjunctions tend to correspond roughly to American election years, which always signal change on both a national and a global scale. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s recent victory and forthcoming inauguration as President and Vice President, we can already see how this planetary alignment is lining up with current events. Looking internationally, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from their royal status, we can only imagine what new changes the Great Conjunction might have in store for them.

What makes this Great Conjunction different?

This conjunction is special because it’s in Aquarius, the sign of social change, humanitarian efforts, and justice for all. We had a preview of Saturn in Aquarius this year (2020) when it traveled through the sign from March 21 and July 1, before retrograding back into Capricorn in the summer. During that period, a global outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the murder of George Floyd opened people’s eyes both to the intransigent disparities that exist within our culture, and to our personal responsibility to help where we can, in whatever way we can, whether by protesting, donating money to Black-led organizations, or doing whatever we can to heal ourselves and our communities from a history of trauma. In the same way, the movement is poised to gain even more momentum under the Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

Aquarius is also associated with LGBTQIA+ people, thanks to the open-hearted and open-minded nature of this sign, which is a good thing for LGBTQIA+ rights the world over. Astrologers are hopeful that this will be the start of a new era where people of all sexualities and gender identities will be able to express themselves and love who they love without judgment or criticism.

The Great Conjunction is also happening at 0 degrees, which signifies a completely new beginning. This means that as a society, we get to start from scratch and rethink our approach to freedom, equality, and what it means to care for the common good.

Even better, it’s happening on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Witches believe that the solstices are turning points in the natural cycle of the year and are great times for doing magic. With the Great Conjunction and winter solstice in sync, the effects of both are amplified, which makes it perfect for doing a ritual, reading tarot cards, or simply writing down what most want to manifest in the coming year.



Excellent and absorbing analysis on the February 1st, 2022 New Moon

Aquarius New Moon – Crystallizing New Intentions and Fated Developments by Molly McCord

Video: 18 min 8 sec


My progressed anlunar chart for president Biden for 9 pm, EST, in Washington on election night has its Jupiter on the MC and his secondary progressed natal Jupiter on its ASC; agreeing with the transit of Jupiter to his natal points.


Trump’s Biggest Failure

This is a remarkably well done video lasting one hour & ten minutes. It is important to play it unto the end. Just when you think it has ended, it hasn’t. There is another chapter or postscript. It explains the history, the how and why we got to where we are economically and politically, and how we might overcome the mess we are in.

Especially interesting was the campaign to isolate and subdue India, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

It is based on two very enlightening and frightening books.
The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century
by Norwegian sociologist Stein Ringen, who teaches at Oxford.
The China Dream: Great Power Thinking and Strategic Posture in the Post-American Era
by Liu Mingfu, a General in the PLA and a CCP member. His book describes why from their point of view, democracy failed and how China can come to ruthlessly dominate the entire world.

a quote near the end
“Historians looking back at this will determine that it was this presidency which gave the Chinese enough power to kick it off. Trump is China’s president of the United States.”

“Dealing with what will be the most important challenge of our time will require more strategic and sound minds than Trump, but also a rethinking of the fundamentals of western democratic foreign policy. The old cold war assumption that capitalism will bring liberty and democracy died on Tiananmen Square and the ruins of the deregulated free market that Bush created in Iraq.”

“For authoritarian states CAN have free markets. Tyrants can (and do) prosper on capitalism. Market forces CAN be used to further spread tyranny. Liberty is not inherently tied to commerce. And the new foreign policy to promote liberty and Democracy above all is needed, as is a reassertion of what the values of a truly free society really are. What makes one free isn’t necessarily what makes one wealthy.”

I pray not just the US, but the entire world changes direction when Pluto moves into Aquarius. Let Freedom Ring!

Headlines today on CNN.com

Stock sell-off intensifies

Wall Street is deep in the red. The Dow fell 1,000 points, and the S&P is down 10% from its most recent peak.

Biden administration identifying troops for possible deployment to Eastern Europe amid Russia tensions

Families of Embassy Staff evacuate Ukraine

Taiwan reports new massive Chinese air force incursion

The above will cause the stock market to drop further.

Hang on folks! I vaguely remember the posts and predictions here for Feb & Mar. It’s starting to look a bit wild.

– meaning, that is why she’s in the news.

good longview perspective Eliseo. Thanks for the link!

My pleasure to share and serve.
Did you view the entire video?

Eliseo, yes. Pretty much fits with my existing historical understanding, but was unaware of the more modern extent of influence. Sadly most of the one liner gottcha pundits and their flock are blissfully simplistic and ignorant. My grandfather, a history teacher, many years dead now, foresaw.

I came across this BBC story yesterday. This evening Rachel reported on it as well.

Ireland tells Russia live-fire naval exercise is ‘not welcome’
The Irish government is very upset the Russians will be conducting naval exercises with live ammunition off their southwestern coast. They will be “far from any of Russia’s permanent naval bases,” and “near several critical translantic data cables.” Experts are wary of what the Russians might be up to.

Simultaneously, the Chinese and Russians will soon conduct joint naval exercises in the Baltic Sea. According to certain experts on Morning Joe MSNBC a month ago, Chinese and Russian leaders are also discussing how to hurt the US financially and economically as a whole. Mr. Putin has been quoted as saying he wants the American people to suffer like the Russians did in the aftermath of the USSR collapse.

Is it any wonder the Europeans have their defense forces on alert? They are quickly increasing military spending and requesting more to colunteer for military service. (I believe I read the Danish government just voted to increase their military budget by 46%.) Canadian and Danish NATO troops are practicing maneuvers and increasing their numbers in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Formerly (and perpetually) strategically neutral Sweden and Finland are now seriously considering NATO membership.


I’m currently watching “Munich – The Edge of War” over at Netflix. It is a riveting, well done drama strangely similar to and evoking images of the looming dangers we are presently facing with Russia’s military threat to Ukraine, Europe and the world at large.

Here is a synopsis of the film:

Based on the international bestseller by Robert Harris. It is Autumn 1938 and Europe stands on the brink of war. Adolf Hitler is preparing to invade Czechoslovakia and Neville Chamberlain’s government desperately seeks a peaceful solution. With the pressure building, Hugh Legat, British civil servant, and Paul von Hartmann, German diplomat, travel to Munich for the emergency Conference. As negotiations begin, the two old friends find themselves at the center of a web of political subterfuge and very real danger. With the whole world watching, can war be averted and, if so, at what cost?

Here is the trailer

Munich – The Danger of War

Video: 2 min 37 sec


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