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I have no insight into whether Washington and Caesar are the same soul but Edgar Cayce did a reading for a newborn in 1936 in which he stated that boy was the reincarnation of both Alexander the Great and Thomas Jefferson. In trance Cayce said the boy would mean to the world as much as he as Jefferson means to Americans. A world where nations would be as states in the American system!
The man is still alive and in his 80’s. As should come as no surprise I believe Nostradamus mentions him often:
Century 1 Quatrain 4
In the world there will be one Monarch
Who will not long be in peace or alive:
Then the fishing bark (papacy) will be lost,
It will be ruled to its greatest detriment.

Century 4 Quatrain 77
Selin monarch Italy peaceful,
Realms United by the Christian King of the World:
Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
After having chased the pirates from the sea.

I should have said “states in an American type system” since America would be only one among equals.

I know nothing,
I highly respect Edgar Cayce’s work, but I note he has had some misses as well as hits. There are “optical illusions” and “echoes” within these inner dimensions, just as there are in our more overtly physical, material world. It is difficult at times for even the best and most highly trained clairvoyants to distinguish between a particular person (reincarnationally) and another who was close to them as an associate or immediate family member.

In the early 1970’s in Houston, within a matter of about 5 days, three different individuals who did not know one another, contacted me hoping I would confirm to them they each had been the apostle Andrew in a previous life. (I know, this is odd. But it really happened.)

Each met with me separately on different days without knowledge of the other two. I never revealed the existence to them of the others. That would have been unethical, AND I did not want them to be confused or embarassed. In their presence I went into a deep meditation to determine what might be the truth, and reached the same conclusion each time.

In my response, I firstly told them my story of the pet duckling I had as a small child. To my childish delight, it followed me everywhere I went. I used the story to illustrate the principle of animal imprinting.

I then used the analogy of stargazing. When we look upon a particular star in the night sky with the naked eye we might perceive it as a singleton. But were we to use an exceptionally good pair of binoculars or a telescope, we might see it is really a binary system, or perhaps a cluster of stars. It might even be a galaxy!

I then explained to them some very spiritual individuals are like extremely bright lights, outshining the smaller lights close by. In life, when in association with them, we tend to imprint on such souls, coming to identify with them as they so profoundly and deeply affect us. This is particularly true as most of us have led a plethora of relatively uneventful lives.

When looking back into ourselves upon such a life, it is reasonable and natural we would see that which was most consequential, extraordinary, and exciting, not the boring day to day things we regularly experienced.

The same is true with conventional, this life type memory. What do we remember of the humdrum things, perhaps the chores we did, or a meal we ate from months or even days ago? Not much! But we might well remember that sparkling, exciting, interesting, spiritually or perhaps sexually attractive person we met whom we would very much like to see again!

I suggested Andrew was surely a very bright light who deeply affected many. How many were in his congregation? 100’s? 1000’s? Such teachers develop deep, intimate, platonic relationships with their students. Looking back within oneself, it would be easy to see the light which so brilliantly lit our way during that lifetime, rather than the otherwise boring but not unimportant normal personal events.

They were disappointed, though somewhat mollified, yet appreciative that such a bright spiritual presence was likely an important past influence in their long spiritual journey.
I also provided them with a few techniques and meditative exercises with which to sharpen their accuracy should they want to pursue the matter further. I emphasized past lives were merely the tail on the kite. This life is the kite which must catch the wind.

A more recent example of what might be a near miss reincarnational identification concerns our former president, Barack Obama. Some wanted to see him as A. Lincoln returned. But deeper meditative investigation indicated he had more likely been Lincoln’s good friend and associate, Illinois Senator, Lyman Trumbull, 1813–1896) co-author of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

To me, Thomas Jefferson as a continuation of
Alexander the Great doesn’t seem plausible. TJ just doesn’t resonate as any kind of progression from A the G.

It is noteworthy many “orthodox” or “mainline” members of the Theosophical Society believe one of their hidden masters and founders, who is purportedly 100’s of years old, Morya – had been Alexander. Some of them say Alexander was the last life he led before becoming an adept and later mahatma or great soul.

I’ve never taken that too seriously however. It is a bit too legendary and mythological for my taste. I remain agnostic as to whether Alexander eventually became either Morya or Thomas Jefferson. It is not for me to know, at least, not at this time.

Wonderfully detailed answer Eliseo!
Did you know that Edgar Cayce through his readings stated that his eldest son Hugh Cayce was… wait for it… the apostle Andrew?
I too was struck by the incongruity of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander being the same soul. Those two souls do ,however, share a talent for nation building. Cayce’s warning for the boy was that he might again fall into the “might is right” mindset that set back the soul of Alexander.
I suspect we have had another historical Alexander on the world stage of late. Trump as Alexander VI – Rodrigo Borgia. That most corrupt of Popes who enriched himself and his family from the Church’s resources. The Pope who thought he could dispose of the new world by the treaty of Tordisillas and perhaps most importantly for our time, he helped quash the nascent Florentine democracy. Not out of any real animosity, it simply got in the way of his aggrandizements.


Good to see you again,

“By: I know nothing on October 15th, 2021
at 11:32 am”

Are you saying that the 86 yr old gentleman who is alive today is Pope Francis and that Cayce gave a reading when he was born in 36′ confirming his prior lives as Alexander the Great & Washington?


I meant Alexander the Great and Jefferson, not Washington..

Edgar Cayce readings:

“The Reincarnation of Biblical Characters”

Andrew is among them.


No Izzy. The man Cayce did a reading for is a relative recluse living in Virginia. There is a book about him “Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn” that came out last year identifying him (with his consent) and recalling his life with Cayce. This man has no status or achievements other than the normal American male. Was Cayce just wrong or did this man’s free will life choices retard his greater possibilities?
Those are some of the questions the book deals with.
On a tangent I was speculating that Trump was the reincarnation of Pope Alexander VI at the time of Columbus. Nothing to do with Pope Francis.

The Obama/Trumbull connection is an interesting possibility but what characteristics connect them?
The most slap-in-your-face example of an American leader reincarnated in my opinion is Martin Luther King. If reincarnation is valid then he was indisputedly Moses.
Once again leading an oppressed people out of bondage. His last speech the night before he died evoking Moses within sight of the Holy Land clinches the connection for me.
Such outsized personalities – such bright stars – are easy to see. But Trumbull and Obama are really hard to establish historically (like Trump/Alexander VI) and must rely heavily on the intuitive faculty.

I know nothing,
If we are to engage in such speculation, which in my later years I’ve come to see as often not helpful, and somewhat dubious, it becomes important not to confuse the individual monad with the archetype. The Mosaic archetype has been expressed and fulfilled by many in various cultures and religions, not just the Abrahamic religions. History is full of such people! IMO, it is unwise to automatically assume Dr. MLK was Moses because he fulfilled that archetype, anymore than assuming Abe Lincoln must have been Jesus because he died on a Good Friday!

Sigmund Freud concluded the Moses of history had actually been two people, whose stories became melded into one narrative. He detailed his hypothesis in his book, Moses and Monotheism. Not knowing does not detract from the Mosaic tradition and ethos, but whether Moses was two, one, or none we do not actually know.

We do know Dr. King was one great man. I never met him, but as a teenager was involved in the civil rights movement in association with Rev. Robert Starbuck, the Methodist pastor of the church which I attended growing up. Rev. Starbuck shared several letters with us which had been exchanged between he and Dr. King.

Thanatistic critics of reincarnation like to invoke simple math to debunk the notion. They note how many billions of people are alive today on our planet, and the much smaller population numbers from centuries past as background from which to cynically ask, “Where did all those souls come from?”

It’s a silly and shallow argument, ignoring the role of infant mortality rates in centuries past, and of the spiritual development of the other “higher” species as they evolve into human form. Population numbers from the past do not include the actual numbers of births, still births, or numbers of children who died in infancy or before age ten.

Nevertheless, statistics are not unimportant in speculations about purported past lives.
Considering how many people have lived and died, the chances anyone might have been another particular, specific person are extraordinarily low.

But we musn’t be unfair. Statistics can be misleading. Were we to identify multiple millions of points on a wall, the statistical probability of our dart hitting any one of them would be .0000000001 etc. percent. But tell that to the point which was actually struck by the dart!

Many people today indulge in reincarnational fantasies. But that doesn’t mean our consciousness is not recycled in a long series of rebirths. That would be true for the famous as well as the obscure. In other words if X was a person who actually existed, and reincarnation or rebirth is true, there is a reasonable chance X is somewhere today living a new life!

The proper identifying traits are often not the major ones alone, but the major ones in concert with very minor ones which of themseves are not worth changing, and left of themselves remain unevolved.

Is Beto O’Rourke RFK returned? Many think he looks and talks like a Texas version of RFK, and there are a number of other unusual coincidences. But who knows? Our ways of determing such things are not entirely reliable. In final analysis it might be important to him, but not so much for you or me.

Adolf Hitler purportedly believed he had been Landulf II of Capua, 825 – 879, who was the historical basis of the fictional character Klingsor, of Wagnerian opera. Was he? Who knows? It was important to him, maybe not so much to you and me.

Is Donald Trump Pope Alexander VI returned as you suggested? Maybe… But I note a profound discrepancy. Rodrigo de Borja, although infamous for many good reasons, was actually a very competent pope. DJT, is not merely an extremely racist crook, but also a very incompetent one. Much would have to have been unlearned for him to have been Alexander VI.

As you seem fascinated by the subject, I suggest you look into astrology’s methods for determining information about past lives. But I think it wise to not become obsessed with such speculations. As many on this blog are good friends, we often cite personal feelings and information, but often in context and concert with the blogs original purpose, mundane political astrology. Some of us lean more toward the politics, others to the astrology. But I try, not always successfully, to link the two subjects. I think it might be more interesting for others on the blog were you to link any reincarnational musings with the astrology and what that might portend in our real world of history and politics. Just a suggestion which might be helpful and enlightening. Blesssings.

Remember when David Wilcox came out with a book claiming to have been Edgar Cayce in a past life?

iirc: That went over like a lead balloon when Wilcox met with some powers that be at the A.R.E

One of the things Wilcox used as his evidence was his and Cayce’s astrological charts.


Whether Mr. Wilcox was or was not previously Edgar Cayce, his strategy was awfully stupid. His announcement was bound to be rejected as he was inadvertantly challenging the A.R.E. power structure and hiearchy. IF – he really had been EC, it would have been smarter to allow the A.R.E. people to gradually discover that for themselves.

Have you looked at either the Cayce or Wilcox natal charts? Also, what about Cayce’s moment of death? Do we have a death chart for him?

There’s a well known intuitive by the name of Lynn who has a website called Psychic Focus. For the past seven or eight years, from time to time, whenever she is asked about the state of the economy, she says that invariably when she tunes into it, she sees a major correction (collapse?) in the financial markets during the period of Christmas (she doesn’t see a specific year).

This year seems especially poignant, given the precarious Chinese housing market crisis and the contentious US Congress debacle over the raising of the debt ceiling.

Researching the astrological indicators and the internet for clues, I found that Bitcoin is especially vulnerable to volatility over the next couple of months and could conceivably drag down the rest of the world’s financial markets in the event of a steep decline in its currency.

First here is an in-depth financial analysis on the Bitcoin……

Warning: This Trigger Could Meltdown Financial System

Video: 16 min 38 sec


And here are some observations from an astrological perspective………

The Astrology of Bitcoin Part I : Birth Chart


Part Two goes into extensive analysis on the transits affecting the chart. Entirely missing in the analysis however is the Mars/South Node conjunction of December 13th (0 ’28 Sagittarius). The Nodes form a t square to Bitcoins natal Venus (0 ’15 Pisces). That suggests to me a major decline in the currency (destiny points squaring the value of the currency). More volatility may be in store in the weeks ahead with Venus’s retrograde station (26 ’29 Capricorn) conjoining the Bitcoin’s progressed Sun (26 ’43 Capricorn) and tr. Pluto (25 ’30 Capricorn). The Bitcoin was established at the time of a Uranus-Saturn opposition. The current Uranus-Saturn cycle is now in square formation to each other with the third and final square occurring on December 24th. An acceleration and a climax at the very end of December may be in the offing with tr. Jupiter’s conjunction to Bitcoin’s natal Venus. Here are some more observations from Part Two: The Astrology of The Bit Coin……

“……….Jupiter’s first transit over Bitcoin’s Venus mid-May in fact destabilised the currency and the price lost a lot of ground, falling to its early January levels. During this time, Saturn has been practically stationary at 13 degrees Aquarius, creating an oppressive influence and we also entered into the season of eclipses, traditionally a period of market shocks. So no buoyancy. Still, Jupiter tends to inflate whatever it touches and Bitcoin’s Venus does reflect the currency’s value – not to mention that Bitcoin’s Venus in Pisces is exalted and Jupiter rules Pisces, so both benefics (signifying abundance and profit) are strong. So what’s happening? Too much of a good thing?

First, let’s remind ourselves that such huge fluctuations are quite commonplace for the currency, as I have argued in presenting Bitcoin’s natal chart. Bitcoin’s trajectory is never going to be a smooth steady line. Moreover, one needs to study the aggregate effect of every passing aspect to understand price fluctuations. And let’s not forget, Bitcoin’s Venus is highly unstable at the critical 0 degree of Pisces, the most mutable of mutable signs, swimming in every which direction. But Jupiter-Venus’ core growth principle remains. Jupiter goes over Venus another two times this year, once at the end of July – one to watch – and then in December 2021 – a key period fo Bitcoin.” – End of Quote –


I posted the link in my 10:31 pm post.
It has a few articles on the astro of Cayce and Wilcox.

Wilcox, like many other failed New Age leaders, has no shame when it comes to woo-woo self-promotion because their culties never hold then accountable, the same goes for Trump’s stooges.

Another one of David’s laughable doozies is when he announced that he went to Tibet and was given an Ascended Master’s CERTIFICATE from a Tibetan monk.
I’m not an astrologer and rely on the astrological analysis of those who are that I respect,

These 2 links are in my prior post and are from Wilcox’s site.


Astrological Similarities Between Edgar Cayce and David …

The vibrational / astrological similarity of Wilcock to Cayce illustrates clearly that both souls are part of a remarkable team effort, originating from a very similar source for a very similar purpose; “To Make Manifest the Light of God In Man.” —-Completed Friday, December 18, 1998 by David Wilcock—-

Wilcock and Cayce: An Extraordinary Astrological …
Nov 16, 2005 · Wilcock’s Mercury is conjunct Cayce’s Sun, indicating an awareness of Cayce’s life that is likely to convince any doubters that Wilcock is aware of many of the hidden details and secrets of Edgar Cayce’s life. These will probably come out as required to allay fears and create better communications between the A.R.E. and David Wilcock.

Thank You for posting those links. I somehow previously missed the fact you had posted a link in your message before.

David Wilcox? Until you referred to him I was entirely unaware of him or his claim. Superficially, his claim feels like a poorly thought out scam. In my experience, most who have come to believe (rightly or wrongly) they had been someone famous or celebrated in any sense prefer to keep that private. What did he think he would accomplish, the acquisition of the entire Cayce empire?

Announcing to the world you are the reembodiment of so-and-so won’t get you any red carpet treatment, but merely ridicule. In decades past it might have landed you in a mental institution for a good portion of your life.

Hypothetically, were someone to claim to have been Dwight Eisenhower as an example, such a claim would not get you back into the Eisenhower family, or automatically make you into a five star general, or give you the keys to the White House.

I know a fellow who believes he was General George S. Patton. Maybe he was. Maybe he’s delusional. I don’t know. But I do know he is not interested in anyone discovering his purported previous identity. For a time he served as a submariner, but now does other secret work for the United States government. He’s only interested in doing his job well, not in any fame, fortune, or self-aggrandizement.

What’s up with Wilcox? Does he have a significant cult following as you suggested? Is that how he makes his living? I am bizarred out!

Thank You for the link to the conversation between linda G and astrologer Andre Kahr. I finally got around to viewing it. There was not any overwhelming detail, but quite enough astrological information as to be worthwhile.

Mr. Kahr’s observations and conclusions on the basis of his astrology were both interesting and encouraging. His analyses made sense. Let us hope he is correct in his belief Dems will maintain control of the White House and both houses of Congress in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

What he saw for Trump, McConnell, others, etc. was also interesting. I intend to watch the video again.

Steve Bannon: Uber-Chazzer

Bannon was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery, and dissuading a witness in early January 1996 after Piccard accused Bannon of domestic abuse. The Santa Monica Police Department crime report states that after Piccard called 911, an officer arrived at their home and observed red marks on Piccard’s wrist and neck.[353] The charges were later dropped when Piccard did not appear in court.[354] In an article in The New York Times, Piccard stated her absence was due to threats made to her by Bannon and his lawyer:

Mr. Bannon, she said, told her that “if I went to court, he and his attorney would make sure that I would be the one who was guilty” … Mr. Bannon’s lawyer, she said, “threatened me,” telling her that if Mr. Bannon went to jail, she “would have no money and no way to support the children.” … Mr. Bannon’s lawyer … denied pressuring her not to testify.[355]

During their divorce proceedings, Piccard alleged that Bannon had made antisemitic remarks about her choice of schools, saying he did not want to send his children to The Archer School for Girls because there were too many Jews at the school, and Jews raise their children to be “whiny brats”. Bannon’s spokesperson denied the accusation, noting that he had chosen to send both his children to the Archer School.


Bannon – Ugh! I am continually coldcocked, punched in the face by the depravity of these people. Never before in American history have we had a more malignant, corruptive, corrosive, noxious nest of virulent and vindictive serpents at the helm of the nation. In substantial numbers, having successfully penetrated our legislatures, governorships, judicial establishents, congress and white house, they’ve left our nation pregnant with fear, anger and the potential for grave chaos..

To jail with them! – All of them!
May they hear the chants of “lock her up” resonating in their minds for the rest of their incarcerated lives. They deserve nothing more.



Eliseo, I totally agree. Slimy, evil swamp creatures & predators…all of them!


Bannon’s jail should be a sewer. Like the one he crawled out of.

Whenever I am repulsed by a certain individual, I try to imagine what its like to think, to be to feel like them; what were the crucial/critical moments in his life that formed his personality and character. After tuning in to him intensely, my assessment is that he makes me feel like skin cancer.

He and 45 are joined at the hip. Truth is, they’d both throw one another under a bus in nanno-second if it meant a better deal for them.

May your Mercury direct today remove obstructions bring you all auspicious advances.


For your perusal.


Although there may have been others involved, that at least one of the bullets fired by LHO’s Italian carbine rifle from the Book Repository contributed
to the assassination of JFK.

The fact that one disturbed gunman could have taken down the magnificently glamorous and popular Camelot president was inconceivable at the time. But we’ve all seen the mayhem that lone gunman can do.

I am sad to hear of Colin Powell’s passing. Covid related complications even though he was vaccinated, but I understand the underlying issue was that he had some sort of blood cancer and parkinsons.
I think he was a smart, decent man, who was probably the chosen patsy to deliver the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ canard to the world.

Powell’s passing is unfortunate, yes, but he shouldn’t be elevated to sainthood anymore than anyone else who served the Bush Klan, father and son included. They are a big part of why we are in the mess we are in today.

Most of them are now dead and gone, yet we are left holding the bag for the messes they made in the name of money and power.

Powell was far more tolerable and decent than the likes of Trump. But he’s also not spotless or innocent of criminality. History will reflect this reality.

Thanks, Will for the link….gonna take a little time to peruse it all…..

As a girl, I saw the Bay of Pigs as it was happening – on the news. And then when the book came out I read it.

Just for the sake of chatting because I am a little pressed for time right now (will be more thorough later) – wasn’t it a possibility that Oswald was separated from that gun, and that somebody else shot the President with it? After all I think I recall that that gun was well recognized as his gun because there was a picture – taken – by his wife? at home…. Oswald holding the gun…

So with that picture, supporting the narrative of Oswald the assassin would have been simple.

I really hear the ring of truth when Oswald said: “I’m a patsy!” or maybe he said “I’m just a patsy!”

And then Ruby shot him. And then Ruby died.

And the official investigation that was liinked was far from perfect, and has been criticized for not truly being professional.

All this is from my memory…. would like to post more later. It is a fascinating subject.

I remember hearing back then, as we all strove to understand, to discover what really happened… the general word was that we would not have the answers for about 50 years “from now…” And we all thought – Oh no! We’ll have to wait for FIFTY YEARS!! It seemed unbearable.

And here we are……..

Hi sunstars,

I lived through it all myself. It was unquestionably the worst day of my young life.

The investigations were far from perfect. I was at one time a full-tilt-boogie believer in the JFK assassination as a conspiracy. After copious reading and research, I am convinced that Oswald was a lone malcontent maniac who did the dirty deed. But I am open about the possibility that Hickman who was part of the presidential security detail following JFK’s limousine tripped and misfired a rifle that essentially ended JFK’s life.

There were two guns connected to Oswald; the Italian carbine rifle that he used to shoot from the book depository and then the pistol he used to murder the Dallas police officer, Tippit. Lee was a gun freak, no doubt – and a deeply-paranoid and troubled person. Oddly (or not) he fills the profile of a mass-shooter to the “T” – white, male, a misanthrope of sorts and 30 years of age.

I’ll be interested to read your thoughts and musings on the subject.

Will, Sunstars,
I agree LHO was a deeply-paranoid, troubled,
lone, malcontented mixed up misanthrope who really does fit the profile of a modern day – mass shooter.

We could not have known that in 1963 as our first mass shooting in the USA did not occurr until August 1, 1966, when Charles Joseph Whitman, the “Texas Tower Sniper” shot so many at the University of Texas in Austin. A friend of mine skipped class that day in August. Had she attended that day she would have been hit, as one of Whitman’s bullets sailed right through the space where her desk was.

I personally believe evidence and inference for Oswald having shot Officer Tippet is stronger than that for JFK. Also, evidence is strong he was the shooter who on April 10, 1963 attempted to kill far right retired Major General Edwin Walker. The bullet did not hit Walker as it was deflected by the window frame.

Some believe Oswald might have been a double agent who deliberately missed the shot at Walker, but attempted the shooting to bolster his bona fides. But I think that would have required him to be a crack shot, which he was not.

I’ve never fired a 6.5mm Mannlicher–Carcano, but have fired similar bolt action rifles. In my youth I was a champion marksman, but I’ve known professionals far more adept with such weaponry than am I. Such marksmen I have personally known, have unamiously asserted the impossibility of anyone firing three shots in six seconds with that particular rifle, much less as accurately as purported. If eyewitnesses from the time were correct there were five or six shots, that would make the feat by one shooter that much more ridiculously impossible.

Josiah Thompson, author of the 1967 book, “Six Seconds in Dallas,” published a new book this past February, 2021, “Last Second in Dallas.” He uses 21st century forensic science unavailable decades ago, and evidence purporting there had to have been at least two gunmen. He explains JFK was hit twice in the head, 0.71 seconds apart, by bullets fired from diametrically opposed directions. 
Thompson only looks at HOW it was done, NOT WHO or WHY.

I’m looking forward to eventually reading the book, but won’t very soon, as other works are a priority directly impinging on my personal research and writing projects.

If you google Lee Harvey Oswald natal chart, quite a number of addresses pop up, more than you can shake a stick at.. Years ago I read several astrological analyses of the assassination, and of JFK & LHO. I found them mostly confusing, and don’t recall which was best.

Only recently have I realized how politicized are interpretations of the JFK assassination. As a generalization, (there are exceptions of course) R’s and Right Wingers emphasize their belief it was the lone MARXIST nut, LHO. Also generally, most Dems and Left Leaners tend to believe it was a right-wing conspiracy, not just for JFK, but also MLK, and RFK. Both sides blaming the other. I’ve heard many conservatives rail on about how deluded all we “liberals” are who think it was the Right who killed JFK. But who hated the man and/or believed he was betraying the nation? – The Mob and the Right.

Personally, I feel LHO may indeed have been a patsy of some kind, but that doesn’t make him innocent. A volatile, emotionally disturbed and confused man, having earlier been diagnosed as having “schizoid features and passive-aggressive tendencies” he was surely manipulatible by Leftists, Rightists, the Mob or whomever.

A pal of mine, whom I’ve known since I was 12, is a practising attorney and former FBI man. His grandfather was Harris County Sheriff (in Houston) for many years. My friend and his grandfather investigated the crime independently years ago. He attends the annual JFK assassination investigators and scholars meetings every year in Dallas. He has long been firmly convinced of a Mob connection. Jack Ruby (originally Rubenstein) was defintely with the Mob..

I’ve read things over the years, and definitely think there was a Mob connection.

It seems Joe Kennedy, JFK’s father, got the Mob to lay off JFK as he ran for president – and even promote him – on the promise, by Joe Kennedy, that as president, JFK would lay off the Mob. Which he definitely did not do.

So there’s that.

Also Castro didn’t like him.

Not to mention Russia…..

However it would have been hard to orchestrate all those guys working together. But truth is stranger than fiction.

As a young woman, it was hard to wrap my head around all these theories coming up. Partly because with the Kennedys, and Camelot….. we were coming to the end of the Age Of Innocence for the American People.

To think that a group of criminals, the Mafioso – could take down something the American people loved at their core…. The American people so outnumbered the Mafioso… And their way of life, their values, and their love of Country was so powerful that it seemed unassailable. The mere idea was so incredible that it never entered American consciousness.

There’s a lesson in that…..

Maybe that’s why we are talking about it now.

The group of criminals at the moment is the bulk of the Republican Party. Along with Fox News etc., they are feeding the reality disabled sector of the American people their brand of narcotics.

Yes it does demonstrate that slavery undermined the Beautiful American Dream.

I like the depiction heard recently that some men trafficiking in human beings KIDNAPPED some Africans and brought them to America for their criminal intentions.

They were KIDNAPPED: Africans were KIDNAPPED.

However, under JFK, it seems some reparations were taking place.

Pure Capitalism undermines equality. That is just a recent and ongoing realization. So I think that was a factor in the current and temporary descent of America…. The willingness of some people to hearken back to the days that they were superior because of race and race alone, is of course another factor.

I made a note to read the book “Caste” but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think it will delineate the details, but I think I get the general gist already.

The sad thing is that one cannot talk to the harmful deluded people because you can’t have a rational conversation with an irrational person.

So there has to be another way.

Biden’s 2 infrastructure plans are brilliant and the antidote for inequality and other major societal problems of the present.

I have come to feel that Joe Manchin is crooked, and into it for himself. He is not well disposed, and would take down the American people for his own greed, and his own nerve endings.

This is the possible horror staring us in the face. That such a man exists in such a place of power.

It is amazing to me that the representatives of Americans do not realize their power for good, for lifting the American people out of the dilemmas in which they find themselves. There is no greater elixir in my mind, than that kind of power.

I am worried about the police and military, firemen and athletic administrators (coaches, etc.) either quitting or being fired due to their resistance to being vaccinated. Some of them will undoubtedly join the those who want to revolt/take over the government and they are professionally trained in military or law enforcement skills!

Sharon, I have a feeling most of those staunch anti vaxxers, driven by their thuggish ‘unions’, are already deep down the trumpy rabbit hole – in other words, most are already on the side of the ‘revolting’. It might be painful, but perhaps its a good time for a reform driven cleanout.
Dont be afraid of their fear inducing tactics

Lindsey Graham has Mars conjunct Uranus, both of them square Neptune. He can do anything without moral boundaries, and change his mind frequently.

Joe Manchin has Mars square Neptune, and Jupiter square his stellium of Leo planets. Likewise, he gives himself permission to do anything and can rationalize anything to himself…..Moon in Sagittarius would aid this.

I have noticed bodybuilders and cult leaders have such configurations.

Mars square Neptune energies well used can be great inspirations and belong to artists and musicians, and those creating great and positive visions.

Sadly, with the kind of temptations facing people who boost themselves into prominence by fudging their stories…who WILL use these energies badly in the first place….it is easy for them to further lose their boundaries….what is happening here and now is that people like them do resonate with the aforementioned section of American society that find pleasure in their altered states of consciousness, their delusions and conspiracy theories no matter what the dangers to the whole of our society.

It’s not for nothing that the number of overdoses in America currently exceed the number of deaths by Covid.

And Sharon – you are right. It’s something chilling to think of. My mind turns away….. gotta be positive, gotta be solutions oriented. But we are in deep you’know’what in this moment.

Your insights are good.
“section of American society that find pleasure in their altered states of consciousness, their delusions and conspiracy theories no matter what the dangers to the whole of our society.”

Those words contain a recognition of the addictive process in which Trumpers are involved. Their false beliefs, delusions and conspiracy fantasies foment a feeling of superiorty on several levels and constitute a kind of high. Their distorted, anamorphic views of themselves and the world are innately dangerous as they lead to truly crazy personal and electoral decisions inimical to self and society. We’re literally seeing death by delusion on a grand scale!

Sharon, Kiwi,
Regarding police officers, military, firemen, coaches, athletic administrators, etc.
Kiwi is right. The antivaxx madness exposes a dark fact. The aforementioned “are already deep down the trumpy rabbit hole – in other words, most are already on the side of the ‘revolting”.  

I worked for several years in the mental health system, particularly with court committed patients, and later as a criminal investigator in the criminal justice system. In both cases I worked with quite a number of police officers, and sheriff’s deputies, some of which I got to know fairly well.

Some were bright, some were dumb, but pretty universally I’d say subtle is not their cup of tea. Nuance is a gal they never met, and would really prefer not to. Time and again, I’ve seen officers take really dumb, dangerous actions with mental patients whom they have no desire to understand at all. By dumb, I mean deadly dumb, as in potentially lethal.

I’ve also interviewed officers who frankly told me they would be fine were our depressed patients to all commit suicide. That was in concert with their belief all suicidal people are probably homicidal as well. I don’t imagine all officers feel that way. But I’ve encountered quite a few who do.

According to what we know sociologically, the inability to comprehend nuance and subtlety applies fairly universally in the religious sense as well. Whether the officer is Hindu in India, Christian. Jewish, or any of the other religions in any country, they are more likely than others to see the world in black and white, often in a context of mythological literalism.

Some are quite noble. IMO, many join the force out of a sense of duty, patriotisn, and a genuine desire to serve the public. I’ve especially seen this in many female officers. But many also join because they enjoy exercising power over others. Those type enjoy the “right” and power to intimidate, which their badge and gun imparts. Some join because they like to punish.

IMO, in way too many police departments, no psychological assessment or screening is done for applicants to join or work as police officers. As a culture, the officers I’ve known tend more toward authoritarianism. It really should not surprise or shock us that many are Trumpers, and are more comfortable as red confederates.

I think the positive side of the transits affecting us now is that our darker “sins” previously buried in the permafrost of our consciousness, are now coming to light as the temperature of our politics rises. We can’t fix that which we cannot see. I expect during the pluto in aquarius era we will be doing an awful lot of fixing.

In the post above I did not mean to paint ALL law enforcement officers as hopelessly obtuse. I’ve known many very fine men and women who’ve served honorably, and with sincere devotion. Furthermore, different police and sheriff’s departments can vary greatly in the quality of their personnel, depending greatly on region and funding. I’ve known some departments in the Am. South that were corrupt and racist, but down the highway a bit in an adjoining county, another department was much the opposite.

I did not mean to say ALL police officers were or are Trumpers. Many are, but not all. What IS consistent however, is that in most towns, cities, and counties the majority are pretty conservative, though not necessarily Trumpers, or reactionary conservatives.

I guess one of the things that worries me about these people, who are undoubtedly Trumpers & far right to begin with, is giving them more fodder to fuel their cause, and more time now that they are unemployed, and, and more anger, resentment and desire for revenge and/or retaliation than they had in the first place.

Sharon K,
At the time of the Declaration, the majority of colonists supported the revolution, but a very significant and large minority did not. They supported the prevailing monarchial system in London. The royalists mostly left for what is now Canada after the British lost the war.

We are similarly divided today as we approach our Pluto return, but the numbers in a sense are reversed. The majority today support the prevailing system, i.e. a democratic republic. The minority, the Trumpers, support an authoritarian dictatorship. Presuming we supporters of democracy prevail, will the minority in time adjust and acquiesce? Or might they want to leave? If so, where could they possibly go? Mars t’aint ready yet and the antarctic is still too cold!

I wonder how this plays into the big picture? FBI raided russian Derapaska’s home today – he was named in the Mueller report.

If memory serves, DJT sold to Oleg Deripaska the properties he owns in the USA. We know for sure he is connected to Paul Manafort. Deripaska is probably the key to proving DJT was laundering money for the Russians.

Anyone wish to look at astrology of terry mcaufflie and glenn youngkin for next month in virginia

You never know! At least I never know. Upthread I have been talking about natal Mars square Neptune. Mainly the negative manifestations. With Lindsey Graham and Joe Manchin.

Well, Sen. Sherrod Brown has Mars in Capricorn (these guys want to get things done in real time) square Neptune in Libra. They have a vision…. and dream to get it done.

OK – since in 1952 (his birthday is Nov. 9 1952) Saturn was also in Libra, Mars square Saturn means you are a hard worker and you NEVER think you have done enough work.

Sen. Sherrod Brown just said that getting the Child Tax Credit Bill was the most important thing he has ever done in his career.

Seriously…..Awwwww. 🙂

He’s a Scorpio with Moon in Leo!! Two fixed passionate signs…… Born in the year of the Dragon!

So it is really hard for me to know the tipping point…. Is this person going to use his/her energies for good or bad (or somewhere in between)?

I know it can be done on very close inspection.. to get more accurate that is……the operative word being “more”…..

So in astrology or with astrologers…. it takes a lot of skill, a lot of experience, and sometimes a lot of work to discern whether a subject is going to use their strong energies for good or bad……. and sometimes you have to suspend judgement, as things are happening, and just be an observer…which in turn adds to your experience.

this lady has a very interesting way of looking at astrology etc – via ‘synesthesia’ or as she says ‘cross sensing’

My musings on how and when the Trump era might end.

This op-ed by David Paleologos was published on 17 January, just days before the Biden inauguration. Some of the information is dated. There was at that point much less realization the R’s would be busy in their state legislatures enacting various voter suppression laws to disenfranchise Dems and assure a R. Victory. Nevertheless, the numbers the author offers are encouraging. The poll cited is a Suffolk University/USA Today poll.
Here are some salient excerpts.

Paleologos on the Poll:
Inauguration Day isn’t the end of the Trump era. It’s just the beginning.
(David Paleologos is director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center.)

Based on our analysis, President Donald Trump would enjoy an almost-certain early favorite status in an open 2024 Republican primary and an equally almost-certain defeat in the 2024 general election. The poll also shows that there was a statistically significant drop in Trump’s 2024 support between December and January, following the incident at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Let’s start with the 2024 Republican primary. In our December poll, 71% of Republicans said that they would vote for Trump in 2024, but today that number is 55% – a drop of 16 points in one month. The poll released today was conducted after the storming of the Capitol and during Trump’s subsequent impeachment, which was aided by ten House members from his own party.

The good news for Trump: after being impeached twice, overseeing the continued rise in COVID-19 cases, and potentially igniting the violence in and around the Capitol Building last week, 55% of his party would vote for him again. The bad news for Trump: In one month, he lost over 20% of his supporters.

Still, 55% goes a long way (and doesn’t include the 25% of Republicans who said that “maybe” they would vote for Trump in 2024). Especially if there are many candidates running for an open GOP nomination who may split the remaining political crumbs. Keep in mind that Trump handily won the Republican nomination with a majority of delegates despite only garnering roughly 40% of all Republican primary voters in 2016.

…. Trump is the ideal presidential opponent for the Democratic Party nominee in 2024. In the general election, 60% of voters would not vote for Trump in 2024. That’s up 4 points from the 56% who wouldn’t vote for him in December and – if that should continue to hold – it all but assures a win for the 2024 Democratic nominee. When it comes to legacy, 58% of voters now say history will record Trump’s tenure as a failure. Trump, by winning the 2024 nomination, could do the most effective work for the Democratic Party by defeating a new fresh-faced viable Republican and then, as the Republican nominee, getting routed in the general election.

This situation has rarely, if ever, been seen in U.S. history: a president who was voted out of office after only one term by a relatively wide margin in both the popular vote and Electoral College, yet is still popular among his own party.

Even as he leaves office, the Republican Party is still very much Trump’s party. According to the poll, just 31% of voters said those Republican House and Senate members who called on Trump to resign are doing what is best for the country. Meanwhile, 56% said they were simply seizing the moment for political gain. Among Republicans, 11% said “doing what is best for the country” while 85% said “seizing the moment” or “disloyal for turning their backs on Trump.”

With basically majority support – and some might even call it control – Trump has a plethora of options available to him.

He can use his wealth, support, and relationships with Trump loyalists to exert revenge on those Republicans who impeached him or opposed his challenges to the results of the election. It has already leaked that he is allegedly targeting “disloyal Republicans” with a well-funded super PAC for the 2022 midterms. The result would again help Democrats. He knocks out Republican candidates with extremists in the GOP Primary who then go on to lose in the 2022 midterms. That would make Pelosi smile.

Bottom line: the Trump-era isn’t over. It’s just beginning. But that just might be what Democrats want.


The op-ed above did not take into account the effect of what are now ongoing investigations which are likely to lead to indictments of Mr. Trump and several of his associates. True believers are likely to assume the investigations are merely a Dem inspired partisan “witch hunt.” But indictments rendered on the basis of compelling evidence and testimony, or possible convictions which may have been announced by then, will surely persuade 20% or so of R’s (according to recent past patterns) to either not vote or to vote for someone else in 2024. A reduction of 20% of R votes, would surely cause 45 to lose “bigly” plus deptess the R down ballot vote.

Of course, Trump might be dead by then, either literally or politically, or perhaps ailing too much from bad health to run, or to run well. A good number of astrologers believe he will be out of the picture by 2024, if not 2022.

Presuming, (and I know at present that appears to be a pretty big IF) we can enact legislation which if enforced will successfully prevent significant voter suppression, we might yet preserve this republic.

Conversely, let us recall what ocurred in the 2020 election. Millions of voters rebelled, choosing to brave covid exposure, bad weather, and R efforts to prevent their vote, and voted anyway. Eligible voter turnout was higher by percent and raw numbers than in the past 120 years.

The high turnout was primarily due to covid-19 inspired expansion of mail balloting and early voting, plus the intensity and bitterness of the Trump/Biden rivalry. I don’t see that red/blue bitterness diminishing any time soon. I also expect if red states succeed in suppressing the Dem vote, blue states will have done the opposite, further enabling the vote. Let us note, generally blue states are more populous!

If Trump is not the nominee in 2024, I think we can reasonably expect the R candidate will be a Trump wannabe. No telling whether that person would be a strong, mediocre, or weak candidate. But I believe we can be sure the more the R’s overtly or covertly attempt to prevent Dem voters of color, and the other reliably Dem categories of person from voting, the more they will assuredly rebel as in 2020, going the extra mile or several, to vote anyway. If the fruit is forbidden, we desire it more intensely.

Perhaps then, our main concern would be the integrity of those actually counting the votes.

So on Astro-Data-Bank before Lois Rodden passed, I looked up serial killers. It seemed that there was a high preponderance of them with either the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Sagittarius or Capricorn. The site had data. I also checked it out on my own as time went on and it seemed to prove true.

It made sense to me…. After all, Sagittarius is the sign of Philosophy, and a way, religion. Capricorn is the sign of Hierarchy, and religious hierarchy. So someone could confuse themselves with God given a conflagration of those two signs and energies. They could think themselves fused with God, as in The Good Lord Giveth, and The Good Lord Taketh Away.

I forget all the particulars, but the guy decades ago who killed the 9 nursing students in the house they had as their residence as they were going to school – he qualified for the Sagittarius Sun and Cap Moon or Asc. etc. So did the Uncle Nephew team who went across the States randomly but methodically killing people. Ted Bundy was Sun and Moon in Sagittarius.

Just now checked out other sources on Google. So…the other mutable signs figure in. Rationalization maybe?

Think that’s what I started out to discover in this conversation…. what is the fine line between going high and going low…..

7th paragraph up from bottom.
depress (not deptess) the R down ballot vote.
Writing posts on my phone leads to me to make more errors. Argh!

Eliseo – yes, the integrity of those actually counting the votes.

I am not following but couldn’t things change between now and then – is everything written in stone as far as voting rights are concerned……do we have a little leeway between now and the next election to re-modify (:) ) voting restrictions?

I have never – NEVER worried about Trump running in 2024. Not once. No hesitation or nothing. It is – Poof! Silly people wasting their time – for some reason – factoring it in…. waste of time.

As we understand it, Pluto will go into Aquarius in 2024 denoting a long progressive era. Some astrologers see the Nov. 2024 general election as a probable Dem landslide beginning of that era. Were Mr. Trump to be the R. 2024 nominee, and as Dr. David Paleologos suggests, lose resoundingly, that might fit well with the new era.

The Know Nothing party of the 1850’s remained as a political nuisance for the decade, but was eventually subsumed by the issues of abolitionism, secession, and the civil war. By the time the war was over, no one spoke much about the nativist, No Nothings as they were irrelevant. I speculate Trumpism, and hopefully any other authoritarian movements may fade in concert with our Uranus return. I suspect the conflict we (the US & allies) may find ourselves in by 2027-2028 will subsume the Trumpers and Trumpism, revealing it as absurd and irrelevant as became the Know Nothings.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Biden declared America was back. The world may not become convinced of that until the point when Uranus conjuncts our natal Uranus and moves somewhat beyond it.


Sherrod Brown is a treasure here in Ohio. A throwback to when we had many other sane, decent, sensible and insightful leaders–mostly Democratic–representing us, like John Glenn, Howard Metzenbaum, Dick Celeste, and others. Even our Republicans, flawed as they were, were somewhat more rational and forward-looking than others, including George Voinovich, and at one point, Mike DeWine. Basically Rockefeller Republicans, which now seem to be extinct, or severely endangered.

I don’t get the current crop of Republicans at all. Josh Mandel. Jim Jordan. Even Jane Timken. The Timken family in Canton were more traditionally like Rockefeller Republicans, but with Trump on the scene, that whole dynamic has changed.

Basically, they are bats— crazy Reactionary RepubliNazis.

I shudder to think of who or what will replace Brown when he retires. The Ohio Dems have been in the dumps since the 1990s with only a brief rebound in 2006. There have been other sensible leaders in their ranks, including Richard Cordray, which some may recall as the head of Elizabeth Warren’s CPFB, but the party has been weakened due to a number of factors, including the decline of unions, term limits, and Republican-controlled gerrymandering.

Cordray and his like have had an uphill battle to compete against an increasingly structurally-entrenched GOP here. I’m hoping that Pluto leaving Capricorn for Aquarius supports some kind of overwhelming, tsunami-like overturning and backlash against Republican-dominance here. I would love to see these fools and their idiot obsessions (e.g. abortion, guns, sexuality) irrevocably swept aside into the ashbin of history.


I hope and pray you are right. It certainly does seem though, as I have spoken into as well, that some kind of big “watershed moment” shifts the entire paradigm around 2023-24, with Pluto’s 5 exact transits of 0 Aquarius, and the first one happening in March 2023.

Perhaps it will draw some echo from March 2020 when the world veered into a mass-shutdown due to the pandemic, as Saturn made its first ingress into Aquarius on the heels of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in January.

Saturn represents barriers and limitations, of course (and used to symbolize death before Pluto was discovered). And if Aquarius represents the whole of humanity, mankind has definitely been feeling a bit boxed in during this period, to put it mildly.

What might Pluto, symbol of death, power, and transformation, bring to Aquarius?

A more virulent–and even deadlier–pandemic?

Perhaps an emergent climate or technological disaster that upends the world, and threatens the survival of humanity?

Pluto does push things to extremes in the name of survival, although they sometimes crash and burn after the transit is complete as we are seeing now with Conservatism in all forms now, as Pluto nears the end of Capricorn.

Where will humanity end up by the time Pluto leaves Aquarius in 2043? Stay tuned.

So, I don’t post very often and really don’t read the blog much anymore. I don’t watch much news or commentary anymore–it used to be the background of my day. I just cannot bear it. I am so profoundly sad and afraid about what is happening in this country and in the world.

However, I do have a question for the group here, as there are so many wicked smart people commenting. I do learn lots every time I do log on.

The question has to do with epidemiology and something that is confusing me. One habit I have not given up is scanning the front page of the NYT each morning. They have maps of the pandemic hot spots in the country. For a long time FL, LA and TX were the darkest places in the country, but for at least a couple of weeks they have pretty much gone to pale yellow and orange, despite having some of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. I don’t know how this could happen, unless so many people have already had the virus that there are not many people left to infect?

Maybe it is a dumb question, but it is something that has me wondering. Does anyone have any thoughts?

RE: “A more virulent–and even deadlier–pandemic?”
& “Perhaps an emergent climate or technological disaster that upends the world, and threatens the survival of humanity?”

Those are definite possibilities. More pandemics are plausible with tropical diseases expanding territory from the equator and permafrost melting, exposing dormant bacteria and viruses to which we have no immunity. Sudden climate catastrophes are equally as plausible.

As we came to our Uranus return in 1860-1861, the emergent disaster became the nastiest war in our history. The war slapped down the previous issues for the silliness they truly were. The nativist Know Nothing party was focused on what it perceived as our main problems, all those “inferior” Irish, Italians, Roman Catholics, Jews, and Freemasons ruining the country.

The war deepened our humanity in the face of our proud depravity. When you saw the Irishman, or Italian, Jewish, Catholic, Freemason, or Black soldier next to you comport themselves so bravely, perhaps having saved your life, perhaps having sacrificed their own life to save others, you had no choice but to begin to think of them differently. In the face of such massive suffering and carnage, one had to rethink the meaning of life.

In addition to death, power, and
transformation, I feel Pluto also symbolizes depth. That can be mental, or emotional depth depending on other astrological factors.

I sometimes say, “shallowness kills.” In situations in which we have our facts straight, our logic and reasoning well done, we sometimes nevertheless get things wrong, and sometimes with lethal consequences. Often the reason is because there were other facts we were unaware of, either of the situation or issues of self which when combined with what we do know, profoundly changes the complexion of the problem.

In politics this often translates into both sides being right and both sides wrong simultaneously. I believe Pluto frequently leads us to transformation by deepening our undestanding and consciousness. That can be new facts and discoveries coming to light, or can be a matter of psychological or spiritual insight. The process can be sudden, or gradual, brutal or gentle, depending on other astrological factors.

Our other Uranus returns (isn’t that at about 9 degrees of Gemini?) involved war and sense of national self and being. Who are we? What are we? In 1776 the Declaration invoked a new and principled vision, a transition from British colonies to American states. The Civil War transitioned us from “THESE” United States to “THE United States.” D-Day in WWII, and the Bretton Woods conference a month later transformed us into the “fortress and arsenal of democracy,” and “leader of the free world.”

If the past is any guide, war will probably be one of the tools of the next Uranus return. But that does not exclude the other possibilities we’ve discussed.


so i liked this: Biden said: “Scranton isn’t my home because of the memories you gave me; it’s my home because of the values you gave me.”

Hi Julie, I follow the stats from all over pretty closely. In Florida, apparently 59% are fully vaxxed, 68% partial. There are now almost 18% reported cases or deaths. Dont know how many unreported with DeSantos having messed with the numbers previously. In any case that would be about 14-22%? with no immunity, many of whom will be children. So yes, not surprising the numbers are starting to come down from the 10-12K daily that they were having a while back. However, there were still 2571 new florida cases reported yesterday.

In NZ we are currently having our own delta breakout at the moment, unfortunately driven by stupidity. Covid is being perpetuated by the boozers and druggies who sneak out to their friends houses to party and and have been conned into thinking vaccines and covid is a conspiracy. 20-34yr olds are the worst offenders. Sadly there is also a vocal ‘freedom’ group who have organized protests and who are hooked into the US right wing evangelical brainwashing.
Having said that though we have had it pretty good up til now – last year was total freedom after the initial 6 week lockdown.
Yesterday was our highest case day yet with 102 new community driven cases, most in auckland with unknown case links. Auckland has been under lockdown for 2 months now. All of the sane people are getting quite pissed off with the selfish f**kwits.

Eliseo: I really liked your post of Oct. 21/21 3:47 pm

Gonna read it again and maybe again….lots in there that is immediately pertinent to our situation now…..


Julie: Don’t think you’re hanging out there all alone. I DO watch news and commentary: it IS the background of my day.

However, I do exclude repetition. Just give me the facts, Jack.

And as to your question, once again I have not been closely following…….Hmmm….. interesting.

Yes, I have to protect myself. It is one thing to be informed; it is another thing to let negative and maybe false information Hijack my energies however long. This is a delicate period in our lives that will become history.

I can certainly relate to
“I just cannot bear it. I am so sad and profoundly afraid about what is happening in this country and in the world.”

Julie, I have to remind myself that the minority is extremely loud so that they appear bigger than they are.

Also that the Repugs are counting on minority rule because of crookedness and all manner of manipulation of the US government. Their study and their raison d’etre is only – and only – to get minority rule. So in that way, my understanding is to fight their raison d’etre.

I no longer consider – or search for – any of their policies that might move the citizenry forward. There are none.

Their raison d’etre is to bring down democracy. They think it is in their immediate interest to support an autocratic government which supports their immediate economic interests and their political survival in the moment.

When people refer to their place in history, or what their children will think of them in history, it has no effect on them. They are living in the present moment, hoping that what they shape will have them escape from what would be justice by the very democracy which afforded them, which elected them, as representative, of the people in their district.

Instead, to an individual, they have been shaped by the culture in which they reside in the current Republican Party into their extreme lower selves…into greedy, fearful, selfish people…completely abandoning the higher calling of representing the people in their districts and their needs and aspirations.

Actually it isn’t a “higher calling.” What these representatives were elected to do is just represent the needs of their electors in a Democratic government. The Beautiful Experiment.

Hopefully another person on this site can give you info on what you are seeing in the NYT. I don’t subscribe to them, but I think about it. I used to subscribe to the Washington Post, and may again.

I am glad to know there is a person named Julie among us who has the sensibilities I do…. “I just cannot bear it.”….. LOL

one more thing Julie – the important number to look at is what they call the Rt value – the virus reproduction rate. Florida is currently at .57 – anything less than 1 means reproduction is waning. You may find this site interesting

Hey! Kiwi! 🙂

RE: “Sadly there is also a vocal ‘freedom’ group who have organized protests and who are hooked into the US right wing evangelical brainwashing.”

Sad indeed! They seem to be everywhere. Is there anywhere where we don’t have such kooks?

The link below is to a well written, very clear astrological explanation of what and why we are experiencing in the USA. It’s not long, actually fairly succinct and direct. Quite worthwhile, though published 16 months ago.

JUN 03 2020
The United States’ Birth Chart Shows A Country In Dire Need of Repair


Another good astrology article, this one from last August. The author uses the Sagittarius rising Sibly chart.
25 August 2021
Neptune and the Sibly Horoscope for the United States

Much has and will be said about the upcoming conjunction of transiting Pluto with the natal placement of Pluto in the horoscope for the United States that is coming up next year. (Click here to see the Sibly chart.) However, that is not the only “big” aspect impacting the US chart during that period. Around the same time that the US gets its momentous Pluto Return, transiting Neptune will be opposed to the Sibly natal Neptune.

Neptune in the Sibly chart is placed in the Ninth House which has to do with the ideals and ideologies that motivate a nation. Having Neptune in this sector emphasizes religion and, from the very first, religion has always played a major role in our thinking as a country. We began with the Puritans and today contend with the Evangelicals. Though church attendance has been declining in the western world since the 1960s, it is still more prevalent in the US than in Europe.

The other thing we associate with Neptune in the Ninth is muddled thinking and misplaced beliefs. This side of Neptune has frequently shown itself in the history of this country. During the McCarthy era we persecuted anyone with the flimsiest association with socialism. During prohibition we actually thought that making alcohol illegal would stop people from drinking it.

We would have to assume that having transiting Neptune opposing the country’s natal Neptune would increase these tendencies. But we don’t have to assume. We’ve already gotten a taste of Neptune opposed to the US natal Neptune. The aspect was exact for the first time on March 1, 2021. It was within a five degree orb between Feb. 1 and Mar. 28.

One of the important events that occurred during this period was the removal of Liz Cheney as the second most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives. Cheney was one of the few Republican lawmakers to challenge Donald Trump’s erroneous assertion that he had actually won the 2020 election. Her demotion made it clear that the Republican Party was determined to support Trump and “The Big Lie” regardless of the consequences. Neptunian delusion had won.

The fact that Neptune will be opposed to the Sibly Neptune (within a five degree orb) for much of 2022 strongly indicates that “The Big Lie” will continue to be a major part of the ideology of the Republican Party and for a large segment of our population. The fact that the audits and recounts have fizzled won’t matter. Neptune doesn’t require facts, only belief.

However, there is a more hopeful note. The other important event that occurred while transiting Neptune was opposed to the Sibly natal Neptune was the conviction of Derek Chauvin. It wasn’t just the jury that convicted Chauvin of killing George Floyd, it was the outrage of the American people as a whole. It was the other attribute of Neptune, the one that we do not see often enough. That attribute is compassion.

In other word, what we can expect of the America people in between Oct.10, 2021 and Jan. 25, 2022 and between Apr. 1, 2022 and Sept. 29, 2022 (when this opposition is within a five degree orb) is that they will follow their feelings and express the ideals of this nation in a highly emotional and non-rational way. Many will be seduced by false hopes while others will be driven by compassion for their fellow humans.


Kiwi–I have often wished I was in NZ over the last two years. Sanity and common sense seemed to prevail there when the rest of the world was in chaos. I guess there is the idiotic fringe everywhere, though.

But even with your share of the hooligans your highest case number was 102. My county of 400K in PA had 176 new cases just today.

Thank you for that link to the replication rate.


PS New Zealand has also brought me another kind of joy during the pandemic. Apparently you have quite an avid community of performers of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. I have loved Gilbert and Sullivan since I was a child and I came across a wonderful series on you tube of all of the operettas performed by a company in Dunedin. So one more reason to love NZ.

Sunstars–thank you for your supportive words.

Do we share a first name or just the same sensibilities?

Julie, my husband grew up in PA – Lancaster county.

Julie: Just the same sensibilities……..

wow – lite astrology from webmd of all places: LOL
COVID-19 vaccination rates vary dramatically by astrological sign,

Ha! Thanks for sharing WebMD’s post. I find it bizarre as a Virgo (4 planets including Sun) to see Virgo listed so low. I thought we were all health oriented. Maybe some think they’re healthy enough to withstand the virus without the vaccine? (Oh and I do have Leo Moon conj Ascendant so…) Anyway, that was fun.

Wow slow weekend lol……

I’m almost tempted to respond to Julie and complain about my name but don’t know how to link that into astrology……..

It is maybe the most common name given to girls in say the 1950’s. And a lot of my name counterparts I’m not sure I admire…

So I was thinking could I change my first name and my best friend (the Gemini) gave me a good suggestion by only changing one letter. That’s what best friends are for. But I was thinking that that looked disingenuous. So I figured I’ll have to make the best of it and live with it and looked up all the females with my name and picked out the ones I like best and “identified” with them. It’s the best I can do.

What can I say? It’s a slow weekend and the Moon is in Gemini.

Is it my imagination, or has anyone else noticied? It appears to me, obviously false, and/or extremely exaggerated and distorted online Fox News headlines are becoming more frequent.

Every day they post a story with a headline about Madame Speaker Pelosi, or Mr. Biden that infers or strongly implies, incompetence, bad judgement, senility, dementia, or malice of forethought in the title of the article itself. They include other Dem leaders as well, but especially N. Pelosi, VP Harris, and President Biden.

I see this on the web when I read the news every day. They are apparently doing likewise on their cable tv news. They’ve always run propaganda stories masquerading as news, but it appears to me the number and frequency has increased of stories describing and complaining how badly the nation is doing as led by our purportedly incompetent and depraved Dem leaders.

Are any of you noticing this apparent increase? Or might it be just standard procedure as we now have Dems in charge? Perhaps there was less of this while Trump was in office as he was the primary focus?

I am going to be direct. I don’t read Fox News because they make me sick.

I do myself a favor. For that reason I am not on Facebook or Instagram. All the false stuff on there is not at the moment worth what I might gain.

I DO read pertinent stuff though. Today as I followed Angela Merkel standing up to Donald Trump in the last couple years, I was able to listen to her unparalleled speech to the graduates of Harvard in 2019.

I also checked out if Kyrsten Sinema could be removed by a vote of no confidence. Etc.

I wanna be aware of the dangers we face from Fox News and all the lies but I have to protect myself from the energies of those horrible people…..

I know this is not that kind of blog but being that this is a slow night…..

Gabby Petito and I are both Pisces of the 3rd Decan with Moon in Aries. We both have Venus in Taurus. I have Uranus square my Sun; she has Uranus square her Mars. Both Sun and Mars denotes a man in a woman’s chart.

Brian Laundrie was a Scorpio born in the year of the Ox – on November 18 to be exact. I had a significant relationship with a Scorpio Ox born November 18 which resulted in my move from Kelowna to Victoria.

Now that is interesting…….the Scorpio in my life is deceased…. Thank god I’M not! Hahaha!!!

Sorry…. slow night.

By the way Eliseo…. to remind you – I currently have transiting Neptune going over my Sun (and your Moon) so I am porous….. I REALLY feel things now so have to be aware. In some ways being able to FEEL another’s circumstances or feel their essence, or feel their feelings is a blessing…. but also I must be aware of the need to have a balance in my life … so I do not go off the deep end…… Think I have enough maturity so that is not such a risk… but just when you think you’ve got it covered…. eek! especially with Neptune

Hey Sunstars,
I usually don’t watch Fox News or listen to them on the radio either. The sickness you reference affects me too. But I sometimes pay attention to their headlines in print as part of the aggregate of news stories I receive from google. I pick and choose what I want to read from that aggregate.

I therefore see their headlines every day, but don’t usually read the whole story, unless I see a trend. Lately, I do see a trend by Fox and the other hyper-conservative outlets. The motivation for what I believe I am seeing, an escalation of belittlement and minimization of Dem leaders is obvious. I’m just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same trend, and if it is as real as I perceive, who might be the puppet master.

BTW, I don’t do Facebook, etc. either. I spent too many years working with criminals in the mental health system and later in the justice system as a criminal investigator. Folks whom I’ve assisted into the jailhouse really don’t need to know where I am, or what I’m doing.

Eeek! Indeed!
Neptune has been giving me all kinds of hell. When it conjuncts my 10th house midheaven Pisces Moon it plays hob with my emotions, but when it retrogrades a bit, it opposes my mercury/Venus conjunction in my 4th house. Needless to say, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of painful and unpleasant realizations and emotions about myself, my motivations, my mistakes, and my family of origin.

I believe Neptune is intensifying the sadness I would be feeling naturally. My kind parents, with whom I was nevertheless profoundly mismatched, have been gone for a few years now, but the passing of my brother from covid-19 nine months ago haunts me terribly.

I want to see Mr. Trump and his minions, especially Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick, brought up on charges of negligent homicide for the murder of my brother and the 1000’s more who’ve died needlessly due to their malfeasant rhetoric and lack of appropriate action.

The following entry was posted on the 22nd and then accidentally misplaced in another thread. Hopefully the accompanying link at the bottom of this page is currently active. It is a very long post but well worth the read…..

Posted October 22, 2021

It seems supply chain shortages are becoming increasingly evident in the US and elsewhere as of late. Have any of the readers here in this blog noticed?

I’m submitting a series of videos and article links here covering the story from several different angles. China’s rising economic difficulties are only one facet to the problem. There are a confluence of factors that suggest as stated earlier that the last of the Saturn/ Uranus squares (exact December 24th) might prove to be a culmination of events in this long economic cycle. The December 24th Uranus/Saturn square (11 ’05 Taurus-Aquarius) is semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the Chinese Shanghai Stock Exchanges natal Sun (26 ’52 Sagittarius) hence the impact could be global and far reaching. It is a well known fact, China has surpassed the US as being the main bulwark behind world economic growth. As China sputters into recession, the rest of the world will follow. It is all inter-related.

China’s Growing Power Crunch Threatens More Global Supply Chain Chaos

September 29, 2021

A growing power supply crunch in China is triggering blackouts for households and forcing factories to cut production, threatening to slow the country’s vast economy and place even more strain on global supply chains.



ThankYou for the posting about supply chain shortages and the Chinese economy!
Yes! I’ve certainly noticed supply chain shortages. A couple of kids who work at a pizza parlor told me they can’t make as much pizza as their dough supplies keep dwindling. At the supermarket I frequent, the doughnut and pastry case is almost empty pretty consistently. Not enough dough! They’ve had to lay off some of their bakers.

Data coming out of China is not always reliable. The incentive in their system is to minimize their problems and overstate their successes. They fudge their numbers so as to appear stronger, and more robust than is actually the case, particularly in regard to their economy and military capabilities. Some of the most astute observers, amongst them Peter Zeihan, believe the PRC has peaked and has now begun to decline. But this actually makes them more dangerous, not less so.

Are you hearing any significant information on your end about the border dispute between India and China?

I wonder if astrologically these current supply chain and big financial disparity issues resonate back to the 90’s.
It seems the seeds of so much today’s craziness were sown back then – banking deregulation by repeal of glass-steagel; big business attempts to thwart union power by offshoring manufacturing labor to the cheapest place possible; minimizing inventories to free up liquid capital; the beginning of greed-is-good mentality; newt gingrich in the house beginning to spew poison under the guise of a velvet glove – precurser to the tea party; etc etc etc.

On another note, any thoughts on how the Baldwin movie gun tragic accident might impact the larger gun debate and movie depictions going forward? Often movie sensibilities of the day are signs of societal attitudes to come.

You might be interested in
“A Closer Look at the 1980 and 1981 Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions”

In the same article, the author also examines the relationship between the 2020, 2000, and 1980-81 conjunctions reflecting social and political trends with which they are associated.


As far as the terrible accident on set in New Mexico, I don’t believe it will have any political effect at all. For a Western, single action revolvers, shotguns, and lever action rifles are standard. Neither modern semi-autos, or double action revolvers would be part of the story.

The pistol Mr. Baldwin was handed as a prop had to have been a single action revolver. Old fashioned SAR’s don’t play much of a role in the gun debate.

IMO, the tragic accident will likely play a role however, in negotiations between Labor and Management regarding safe practices and working conditions. Unions all across the country are now in a period of re-assertion, including the Unions associated with film making. Several union members had left the jobsite, protesting unsafe conditions a few hours before. The director, BTW, has a reputation of being overly cavalier about safety issues.

I also have questions about the competence and ethics of the gun prop handlers who were on the set at that time. Were the professional prop managers who knew what was safe and appropriate among those who walked off the job in protest? Were those whom were left, amateurs who were clueless about how revolvers function?

I’ve done Zen archery, and Zen target shooting with revolvers and semi-autos. I’m a former champion marksman. Revolvers are remarkably simple machines. Unlike most semi-autos, any fool can just look at the revolver cylinder and instantly determine if it is loaded, and what it is loaded with. I fail to understand how a prop handler could make such a stupid mistake.

From my perspective, I don’t see a consensus developing on the role of guns in American society anytime soon. Both sides passionately and fervently hold to their particular set of false facts and false assumptions. Too many on both sides have self-righteously demonized the opposition. On the Right, organizations like the NRA remain vituperative. They maintain a purposefully un-empathic, un-sympathetic, belligerent attitude as part of their strategy. They thrive on the controversy, which of course makes them an awful lot of money. And don’t get me started on the strategic mistakes the Left makes in their noble but naive attempts to change the laws.

thanks Eliseo, I will read later.
I feel somewhat of a distant connection with the accident. The woman killed was a friend of my cousin’s ex and their kids are the same age. Tragic.


Thanks for the generous post.

“On another note, any thoughts on how the Baldwin movie gun tragic accident might impact the larger gun debate and movie depictions going forward? Often movie sensibilities of the day are signs of societal attitudes to come.”

I can’t read the tea leaves on how the Baldwin tragedy might motivate a larger discussion on guns in the U.S.

However, I have a crawling suspicion that Baldwin was set up for this mishap. Paranoid I may be, but with all of the revolting and rebellion by the workers on the set who walked out en masse the day before, I can’t help but to wonder if some malcontent crew worker might have rigged the prop gun to back-fire in spite Baldwin’s production. It just doesn’t seem to make much sense that it was just a mistake. Color me conspiratorial.


There is so much ebb and flow to Chinese/Indian relations, each side vying for political advantage that one learns to take all this in stride. At the moment, nothing dramatic or imminent as far as I can tell.

Not many are aware of how serious the supply chain problem is, but there are indications these shortages will start affecting financial markets towards the end of November and into December……

Global Car Industry To Grind To A Halt Within Weeks Amid ‘Catastrophic’ Chinese Magnesium Shortage

Thousands of businesses and millions of jobs are on the line amid a “catastrophic” shortage of a crucial commodity, with stockpiles set to run out within weeks.

October 25, 2021


One consistent astrological theme that is hard to ignore is that with the January 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction marking the onset of the world wide COVID 19 pandemic, some astrologers feel this might all be coming to a head with the last of the Uranus-Saturn squares in late December…….

The Saturn-Uranus square, Feb, June, Dec, 2021. A Seismic Shift!

By Empower astrology

The Saturn-Uranus square is perhaps the most important astrological aspect of 2021 that will peak three times throughout the year, the first will take place on the 17th of February, then again June 14th and December 24th. However the effects of this aspect will be active all year.

Saturn and Uranus can be likened to tectonic plates beneath the earth’s crust slowly moving towards each other, causing a steady build-up of pressure that releases as they come into contact with each other, resulting in a seismic shift and major eruption.

The resulting waves of seismic energy will propagate through our lives and society, changing our world as we know it.

Together Saturn and Uranus are causing revolutionary change that first began with the Jupiter- Saturn conjunction on the 21st of December 2020, heralding in a new Aquarian age based on a more progressive, fairer and more humanitarian society.

Uranus in the fixed sign of Taurus is Shaking up the unshakeable and removing the unmovable.

The exact square to Saturn on the 17th February, then again in June and December will result in a sudden release of stress that means something has to give. The strongest effects are often felt one to two weeks before the peak date.

Much will change and become uprooted as the old dismantles and the new begins to take form.

This is nothing short of an inner and outer revolution and awakening on a personal and global level.



Your conspiratorial musings may be on target. To someone with firearm experience, the story as we’ve received it does not make much sense. In most of the reported stories as written, the accident has been described as a “misfire.” MISFIRE? Who chose that term?
I’m wondering if that word was used by the prop personnel, or a lame attempt of explanation by an ignorant reporter.

A misfire is when the gun FAILS to fire. It’s when it does NOT go bang! A revolver can fail to fire if the ammo is faulty or because of a mechanical malfunction. A failure to fire means no projectile is discharged and no one gets hurt!

Most gun accidents occur with semi-autos, not with revolvers. No Western story will involve the use of semi-autos unless it takes place about 1900 or thereafter, and more likely after 1910. Revolvers are practically idiot proof in their simplicity and reliability. They are so reliable, they do not need a safety, (that’s a short lever on the side of many semi-autos) as revolvers all have a hard trigger pull. Accidents with revolvers are exceedingly rare.

As I stated above, any idiot with half a brain can either swing out or rotate the cylinder to instantly determine if it is loaded, and what it is loaded with, a bullet, blank, or mini-ball.  

Maybe there was a conspiracy here. The more I think about it, the more implausible the story seems. Might there be some kind of cover up involved? The story is assuredly weird.

Hey Jerry!
Thanks for your reply. The information and speculation you offered makes a great deal of sense. A shortage of “rare earth” and other materials we buy from China will assuredly cause serious temporary halts of several industries. The irony is we have plenty of those elements right here in Canada, and the US, all that we need. Unfortunately, they are discarded as byproducts, waste from the industrial mining process. If I remember correctly, the same is true for India.

It will take some time, but one probable affect of the shortages is likely to be the development of local industries mining and making the materials we need to continue our technology. I believe we are headed toward a major economic shift away from dependence on unreliable business partners like China. Their financial mess will also accelerate that shift.

Will, a set up was one of the first things that crossed my mind!

Sounds like it to me …..

I find it interesting that simultaneous with our Pluto return in February 2022, NASA will be flying back to the Moon..They will firstly send the capsule (Artemis 1) with no astronauts, but beginning with Artemis 2, they plan on sending humans, including women astronauts.

Nasa announces uncrewed flights around the Moon to begin in February 2022
The Orion capsule will be launched on the Space Launch System, paving the way for the resumption of people to walk on Earth’s satellite again


Two excerpts:
“Nasa said the Artemis 1 mission will “pave the way for a future flight test with crew” before “more complex missions with astronauts on and around the Moon”.

“Artemis 1 will provide a foundation for human deep space exploration and demonstrate our commitment and capability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond prior to the first flight with crew on Artemis 2,” it said.”

“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

I remember where I was, and what I was doing, and who was with me when I saw this as it was being broadcast for the first time on tv.

NASA tentatively plans for a woman astronaut to go to the moon in 2023. I pray we are all alive and well to see it, as we did before. One small step for a woman, one giant leap for all humanity.

kiwi, Eliseo,

I almost feel as if the “slug” was intended for Baldwin but it hit the two people behind him instead. Something’s fishy, huh? Too many loose ends. Baldwin’s been on plenty of sets with prop-guns – ie: Married to the Mob, Miami Blues, Hunt for Red October, etc. Moreover, Rust was his investment and production – even more a reason for him to be on his toes about details. Could someone have harbored such a deep hatred for him? Hope not. Hope I’m wrong as a bong.

I heard on CNN radio the county is cosidering criminal charges. But no details.

As far as a possible set-up, we shouldn’t forget A. Baldwin played Trump in SNL satirical skits for most of DJT’s 4 years. It should not surprise us, someone might want revenge.

“Assistant director on ‘Rust’ was subject of complaints (re following safety protocols) dating back to 2019”



“As far as a possible set-up, we shouldn’t forget A. Baldwin played Trump in SNL satirical skits for most of DJT’s 4 years. It should not surprise us, someone might want revenge.”

I hadn’t “gone there” just yet. Anything is possible.

Sharon, it could also be a simple yet incredulous series of acts of gross malfeasance.

District attorney hasn’t ruled out criminal charges in fatal shooting on “Rust” set
By Jenn Selva and Susannah Cullinane, CNN

News of the ongoing potential for criminal charges was first reported on Tuesday by the New York Times following a phone interview with Mary Carmack-Altwies, the district attorney for Santa Fe County.

“We haven’t ruled out anything,” Mary Carmack-Altwies was quoted as saying to the Times in a phone interview. “Everything at this point, including criminal charges, is on the table.”

Carmack-Altwies told the Times the term “prop gun” is misleading and the gun that killed Hutchins was a “legit gun,” describing it as an “antique-era appropriate gun.”

According to the report, Carmack-Altwies said the investigation is focusing on ballistics to determine what kind of rounds were used, and who placed them in the gun fired by actor Alec Baldwin.

“There were an enormous amount of bullets on this set, and we need to find out what kinds they were,” Carmack-Altwies was quoted as saying.

The district attorney is expected to participate in a news conference with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office scheduled for Wednesday morning.


My perspective: When you scroll down a bit, at the site of the article there is a photograph of Western six shooters with “Cowboy” style grips. When Santa Fe AG Carmack-Altwies referred to the “antique-era appropriate gun,” she means a single action, probably 1880’s style “blued,” (which actually means black) revolver as depicted in the photograph. The most popular revolver was the Colt Peacemaker, chambered in .32, .44, or .45 caliber. In those calibers, one and only one round had sufficient force and velocity to kill any human, or human sized animal. A well placed .44, or .45 could easily kill a much larger animal as well.

Despite the seemingly infinite number of bullets fired from each gun in the movies, the reality was usually FIVE (5) rounds per single action six shooter. The practice at the time was to keep one of the chambers empty, the hammer to rest on that empty chamber. This was to prevent any accidental discharge. (This is unnecesssry with double action revolvers.) Allowing the hammer to rest on the empty chamber in a single action revolver remains a common practice today.

As I understand it, normal protocol on a TV or movie set is for the armorer to place ONE, only (1) blank round in the revolver in the chamber next to rotate up. That means the hammer rests on an empty chamber, but when the actor pulls back the hammer back, before pulling the trigger, the blank is in correct position for the firing pin to strike the primer cap, causing the explosion.

Mr. Baldwin was rehearsing a quick cross draw. When he pulled and (fired?) he had to have been pointing toward the camera. Halyna Hutchins, the photography director was therefore directly in the line of fire.

Presuming the projectile was a blank, and not an actual bullet, the plastic tip, although smaller than the comparable bullet, had to have traveled at same velocity. It probably had less mass, but was nevertheless lethal at the short distance in the mock-up church interior.

I’m no expert on the use of blanks, but I believe Hollywood uses three different “calibers,” each having different levels of force and visual effect. Was the wrong caliber blank for that distance in the cylinder? Was there something wrong with the trigger, hammer, or firing pin? Did someone put an actual bullet in the gun? The irony to me is that if as reported, they were only rehearsing, calculating necessary light, camera angles, how to do the crossdraw correctly, etc. the gun should have been EMPTY! The round is not placed in the pistol until you are ready to film the action and record the sound. Also, You don’t purposefully make the machine go BOOM unless all are wearing hearing protection! No one was.

From my perspective, the more information we receive about this story, the fish-ier it becomes. Conspiracy, Will? Incompetence? Both? Alec Baldwin is well known as an anti-Trumper. One of the core elements of the Trump ethos is undoubtedly, REVENGE!

I did not mean to sound dogmatic in my musing about the tragic accident in New Mexico. Just voicing suspicions. We don’t know all the facts yet. It is possible no one meant anyone any harm, that it was merely a matter of cascading errors.

More information, but nothing conclusive. I guess someone could have inserted the lethal ammunition since the rounds weren’t fully check…or, as Will & Eliseo said, it could have been negligence or an accident. Hmmm…..


Fox News absolutely cannot resist an opportunity to slant a headline, particularly if it is against a known Liberal who made fun of the Fearless Leader. Gotta show up the Lib Tards for the criminals they really are!

Alec Baldwin’s criminal liability in ‘Rust’ movie shooting ‘has not been ruled out,’ legal expert suggests

Live bullet was in gun fired by Alec Baldwin in fatal movie-set shooting: Sheriff

Law enforcement officials in New Mexico said Wednesday that they suspect a real bullet was loaded in the antique revolver used in a movie-set shooting by actor Alec Baldwin that killed the film’s cinematographer and wounded its director.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said a lead slug taken from wounded film director Joel Souza’s shoulder came from the F.LLI Pietta Long Colt .45 caliber revolver that Baldwin fired during a dress rehearsal Thursday afternoon for the Western movie “Rust” at the Bonanza Creek Ranch studio near Santa Fe.
more at:

paragraph (1) “they suspect a real bullet was loaded”
paragraph (2) “a lead slug taken from wounded film director Joel Souza’s shoulder came from the F.LLI Pietta Long Colt .45 caliber revolver”

LEAD SLUG? Blanks don’t have lead slugs.

At long last! The Charlottesville trial has finally begun.


13th paragraph down:

“Celebrity website TMZ.com, citing unidentified sources connected to the production, said the gun handed to Baldwin had previously been used by crew members for target practice off-set, using real bullets.”


Karma? Couldnt happen to a more deserving organization.
Ransomware attack on NRA puts them in a bind – The group behind the reported attack is under sanctions from the US Treasury, which means a payout could come with penalties for the victim.

There are now contradictory stories RE: the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the wounding of director Joel Souza in New Mexico. The armorer states the story circulating that crew members “borrowed” the guns on off time and did some target shooting with live ammunition is untrue.

According to Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armorer for “Rust,” and her attorneys:
“Hannah and the prop master gained control over the guns and she never witnessed anyone shoot live rounds with these guns and nor would she permit that. They were locked up every night and at lunch and there’s no way a single one of them was unaccounted for or being shot by crew members.”

Gutierrez Reed’s attorneys said the set “became unsafe,” noting it was “extremely difficult” for her to focus on being the armorer because she was hired for two positions.

(We might note several workers walked off the job in protest of unsafe conditions a few hours earlier)

“She fought for training days to maintain weapons, and proper time to prepare for gunfire but ultimately was overruled by production and her department,” the attorneys said. “The whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including lack of safety meetings. This was not the fault of Hannah.”

Assistant director Dave Halls handed the .45-caliber revolver to Baldwin before the actor rehearsed a scene in which he pointed the weapon toward the camera, investigators said in court documents. Halls said in a police interview that he didn’t check all of the rounds in the gun, according to the documents.


About assistant director, Dave Halls:
In 2019, in New Mexico during the filming of “Freedom’s Path,” Halls was fired after a gun unexpectedly discharged on the set, injuring a crew member.

Also in 2019, Dave Halls is said to have not maintained a safe working environment on the set of the HULU series, “Into the Dark.”
In a statement to NBC News, special effects technician, Maggie Goll said Halls did not hold safety meetings or announce when a gun had appeared on the set. He also tried to keep filming after the lead pyrotechnician on the series, “Into the Dark,” suffered a medical emergency, she said.

Another intetesting point:
Dave Halls is NOT a member of the (DGA)
Directors Guild of America, the motion picture industry labor union. He is a “financial core non-member” – aka “fi-core.” “Some workers in the entertainment industry have gone “fi-core” so they can work on non-union shoots, but others have done so for political or personal reasons – they either don’t like unions in general or don’t want to pay for their union’s political activities.”

“SAG-AFTRA says on its website that those who opt for financial core status “are viewed as scabs or anti-union by SAG-AFTRA members, directors, and writers – most of whom also belong to entertainment unions.”


Hmmm. The assistant director yelled “cold gun” when he handed it to Alec Baldwin, but says he did not check it. He’s been in trouble for and has a reputation for maintaining unsafe sets on previous films, particularly in regard to firearms. He’s not a union member and may actually be anti-union. Anti-unionists are nowadays often Trump supporters. Mr. Baldwin is a well known progressive, a union supporter, an anti-Trumper who portrayed Trump frequently in SNL satirical skits.

Maybe Dave Hall is just careless, and needs to develop into a different profession. But maybe there is more to his motivation. I don’t know New Mexico law, but I’m guessing if there is criminal prosecution, Mr. Hall will be first on the list.

I’m also wondering whether there was a mechanical problem or perhaps tampering with the .45 pistol.

Revolvers tend to have heavy trigger pulls, far heavier than semi- autos. Trigger pull weight is the measurement of weight—or force—on the trigger of a firearm. More specifically, it measures the number of pounds or ounces applied before the trigger breaks and the sear releases.

I’m wondering if there was a problem with a spring which gave the revolver a very light “hair trigger.” (Maybe about 3 pounds) (This is a frequent problem IMO with Glocks, which is probably why we hear so many stories of victims receiving so many bullets in altercations with police officers. Most officers carry Glocks either in .40 or 9mm.

As assistant director Dave Hall was the last person to handle the gun before he handed it to Alec Baldwin. In addition to possible political motivation against Alec Baldwin, I’m also wondering if there was any “bad blood” between Dave Hall and Halyna Hutchins, or with director Joel Souza.

I hope my speculations are enlightening, but I’m thinking my zeal may have exceeded patience for many of you. If so, I apologize. I tend to delve into things in depth and detail, (Gemini rising, Mercury and Venus conjunct in Virgo) and many may not be interested in the details of this tragedy. It’s been a while since I was a criminal investigator, and my old habits came into full manifestation with this story. But if anyone IS interested, has anyone got the time of the shooting, or done a chart on this event? Sorry if I’ve bored you all.

The November 19th lunar eclipse at 27 ’14 Taurus is within a 3 degree orb of t squaring Jupiter (24 ’01 Aquarius) and nearly exact conjunction to the New York Stock Exchange natal Sun (27 ’17 Taurus) in quincunx to the NYSE n. Neptune (27 ’42 Libra). There is also a close Mars-Uranus opposition (13 Scorpio – 12 Taurus) occurring at the same time. Could that indicate some geopolitical event that precipitates a downturn in the economy?

Supply Chain Panic Is Creating A Vicious Cycle of Shortages

Fortune (by subscription only)
October 20, 2021

After two years of mangled global supply chains, it is fair game to blame anything on port congestion. With the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization this week both noting they expect supply chain issues to drag on for several months, everything from poor company earnings to missing Christmas presents can be put down to supply chain disruptions.

But according to some analysts, the problem of the “everything shortage” may not be the supply chain disruptions themselves but everyone anticipating them.

As the rhetoric of a “supply chain crisis” ramps up, companies are over-ordering and placing orders earlier than usual to ensure goods keep flowing out the door, which causes further disruptions, notes Eric Oak, supply chain analyst for S&P Global Market Intelligence.

If a company is 80% sure it will get enough goods to keep its manufacturing facility open, it might not order 100% of what it needs, Oak says, as an example. But this company, which is expecting 80% of its goods to arrive, might instead over-order 120% of what they need, so at least 96% arrives. “The manufacturer is more likely to boost the raw material orders to make sure that their plant stays open,” creating a cyclical effect in supply chain disruptions, Oak tells Fortune.

Early over-ordering creates a bullwhip effect, he says, as one company increases its order volumes, or orders sooner than expected, making its suppliers do the same. Suppliers of suppliers will all increase their own volumes, creating a trickle-down effect of more disruption.

And in an already tight market, a small swing in consumer demand—which may come from panic-buying that arises after reading about mangled supply chains—may result in singular large order volumes one month, which just makes things worse, Oak says, calling it “a problem of transparency.”

Inflation has a similar role to play. As companies fear the prospect of prices rising in future, they also might be inclined to order more today, pushing prices still higher. “If everybody thinks inflation will happen, it’s likely to happen,” says Oak, who says both inflation and supply chains have the same self-fulfilling nature.

As of now supply chain congestion sees no end in sight. After two years of pandemic-related supply and demand constrictions, 77% of the world’s ports are experiencing abnormally long turnaround traffic, according to Bloomberg, with ships anchored off the coast of U.S. and Chinese ports waiting to be processed.

Some argue the focus on just-in-time manufacturing—a company strategy to maintain the bare minimum of stock in factories to save on space and costs—may be at the heart of the problem. And if there are any winners in the supply chain crisis, according to Oak, they will be the companies that thought ahead. “Companies that didn’t plan for, or adapt to this kind of new super long lead time supply-chain environment might be left with goods on boats,” Oak says.


Sadly the delta horse has now bolted the barn in NZ. The Alt-Right, prosperity theology, anti-vax, anti-everything, crowd have teamed up to stir the gullible into useful idiots demanding ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’. The irony is 100% lost on them.

They don’t seem to get that their freedom to die endangers everyone else’s freedom to live.

How numerous and how politically influential or powerful are they in NZ? Do they have any seats in your parliament?

Eliseo, most of the key agitators are aligned with a minor or fringe political party – of which there were 12 in the last election that didnt get enough votes to get any seats, thankfully. Definitely a very vocal minority thus far. The key people are are worryingly aligned with a range of subversive views – alt right linked, US linked evangelicals, antivax-anti5G-‘holistic’ posers. All have managed to hitch their political rhetoric wagon to legitimate Maori outstanding issues and managed to hijack them. When one of the prominent longterm Maori issue fighters has come out and called them ‘outside scammers’ you know there is a huge problem.

Eliseo, I just found out a little while ago that one of the stirrers is an american propagandist linked to bannon,

Sounds like a better situation than what obtains in our state legislatures and our congress in WADC with almost half of our Senate in bed with the Kooks, and a bare majority of Dems in our House of Representatives.

A greater proportion of immigrants representing the more poisonous varieties of Christianity came to the US and the Republic of South Africa than to Canada, Australia, or NZ. There are fewer in the UK as well. Unfortunately, they’ve had a disproportionate effect on our culture and politcs from the beginning. It saddens me we are exporting such poison.

Having grown up in the more culturally Southern part of Texas, and spent my summers as a child in SW Louisiana, I’ve had heavy exposure to these folks. Superficially, their issues have changed a bit over the last couple of centuries, but at core are always the same. At heart, their thinking is deeply imbued with mythological literalism, the need to feel superior by race, religion, or other means, paranoia, and the cultivation of particular forms of ignorance. All my life I’ve
pondered how we might counter their poison, but as of yet have no good answers. I’m still pondering.

on another topic, a short video by Andre on Kinzinger

Slow night… Where’s OUR Andre?

Several slow nights in a row.

Wishing a blessed samhain to all!

Can someone recommend a good astrology website that will generate the charts from date of birth , time and place born?
I know there are many but thought that people here may have favorites and that some may be better than others, maybe even one is a gold standard so to speak? Have no clue where to begin!

Diana, I use astro.com

Diana, http://www.astro-seek.com is another good one.

Bob or Andre (or anyone else), can any of you guys do a look at the VA and NJ Gov races? It is not looking good in VA and even NJ is tightening. The Dem inaction or rather the media hype of it (on all sides – watching sausages get made is boring and the media needs a story so they create one). It seems to be turning off voters. Races that we were expected to win and win easily are all looking very close and this year is huge in terms of local races.

Just a few thoughts I shared this morning on facebook. We have so many on this page that work with people in counseling type capacities, I wanted to get your take on this musing. I know it’s not astrology, and I’m not sure which of the planets is causing this massive change, but, for today, this feels true.

Rules, boundaries, the edges that define our reality so that we know where we are and how things work. The direction gravity pulls is down, the opposite is up. The sun is up, the moon is up…. those are rules of the universe, edges, that define where we are and where we are not. We don’t have gills, therefore we are land animals. This, not that. Humans need rules and boundaries. That’s how we define who we are and are not, where we are, how we interact with the environment around us. But sometimes the rules are too tight and constricting. We fight those rules, those arbitrary fences we’ve erected to a belief about reality. Those rules no longer fit, or we realize they were never right and they have to be rewritten.

We live in a time of changing rules and perceptions. A time when we come face to face with some of those boundaries and have to move the fence. We realize that women are as capable as men in the business world. We realize that the color of skin does not define a persons capability. We challenge old beliefs about wealth and rights, and the purpose of government. And those rules and beliefs do need to be challenged on occasion, taken out and dusted off, reviewed and revised.

But our society has been challenging all these rules so fast that people are fighting back to hold on the old rules. It’s just too much change, too many boundaries moving at one time and it feels like our worlds are quaking beneath our feet. Nothing feels solid, up may not be up any longer. So our natural inclination is to fight back, to hold on even more tightly to our rules. We need definitions so we know who we are and are not.

I had to watch a video for work yesterday on dealing with transgender students and all the variations of sexual identity that people have. I’m pretty open minded and I really don’t care what you define yourself as, I can work with whatever it is. Until we got to gender fluid and my old liberal brain could not go there. “Pick something” it said. Be this or that or something I can add to my little book of definitions, but not this fluid thing where you change your mind like I change my socks. I need you to be something, anything, but one something…

And in that one situation I saw clearly how important rules are to simply functioning in life. We need to know how to interact with something, and that requires that we define what that something is. And suddenly I realize what is happening underneath all the political hate and kerfluffle – the rules are changing so quickly, people can’t adjust. They want to go back to what was, so that they know where and how they fit in life, whether or not it is wrong or right, they know where the walls are. And right now the walls are moving. As a society, we are fighting with our need for rules and boundaries and the fear that comes when we don’t know what they are. And there are those who prey on this fear, who use it to foment hate and redefine the boundaries into something they can use to enhance their own power.

So, for now, I begin to understand what is happening underneath, what we are doing is redefining the rules and that is messy and painful. And we don’t really know where they will end up, at least I don’t. For now, I’m going to consider ‘fluid’ and see if I can wrap my head around what that means in my own set of rules. And perhaps, I’ll be a little more understanding of the anger and confusion I see around me. Maybe you will too,

That is REALLY good, Casey M. What you said is CLASSIC as an explanation of what we are all going through. “…what we are doing is redefining the rules and that is messy and painful. And we don’t really know where they will end up, at least I don’t. For now, I’m going to consider ‘fluid’ and see if I can wrap my head around what that means in my own set of rules.”

I am stymied when I automatically mentally attempt to solve the problem you set out.

So anger and confusion rises in me. I mean, “fluid” in this case is so frustrating because we do need to define ourselves and the Other in order to make our moves.

Decades ago there was an attempt to support gender equality by someone who stated “Different but Equal.”

Haha! How does “Fluid but Equal” feel?

Neptune of course is the “fluid” part. Pluto is transformation of the rules set out by Capricorn (Saturn and its boundaries).

Pluto is also the planet of power… and in setting out the rules of Capricorn Saturn for the use of hierarchy there naturally is a fight for power, and sadly of course there is the abuse of power. That’s pronouncedly what we have now as we reach the Pluto return of the US. The courts in the US are battling it out between the State and Federal levels using at the moment the issue of abortion rights. Nefarious characters (some lawyers) are using a form of trickery to affect large numbers of the population.

On a very human level I can’t wait to get to Pluto in Aquarius…. I want to speed through the rest of Pluto in Capricorn!

But we have to go through the goings through. And it is PAINFUL. Birth and rebirth is painful.

So I’m in and out of the desire to be an observer rather than a participant……


Great post. Capricorn in general is about executive ambition, conservatism and tried and true ways of doing things. Even “liberal” Capricorns, lacking any significant Aquarian/Uranian influences, play by the book, follow existing norms, and generally expect others to do the same. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet represents boundaries and limitations.

Pluto transiting Capricorn is pushing conservatism boundaries and their enforcement (e.g. TFG’s Border Wall) to extremes in the name of survival. The old ways of doing things and norms are being challenged by a changed–and changing–world.

The global economy has already made administrative boundaries at city/township, county, state/province, and national levels irrelevant. Climate change will made them downright comedic, perhaps in a dark sense.

Racial diversity is here to stay, and is only going to increase. White people who pine for a 1950s-esque world when white people were clearly the majority and in the driver’s seat of culture, business, and government, are deluding themselves with fantasies of something that was a historic anomaly, and the modern outgrowth of the original sin of the framers.

These folks need to understand that humanity of any color is not going to indefinitely tolerate being under anyone’s boot, literally, or perhaps structurally, as has been the case in the US for so long.

Karmically, the seeds of oppression eventually take root, sprout, flower, and produce the fruit of rebellion and liberation. It may take many years and generations, but in the end, people will find their freedom, and the structures that held them in place will crumble and collapse into dust.

Culturally and in other ways, the world continues to change, defying “the way things have been” or perhaps rather “the way certain people wish they still were.”

Ask yourself how it is that the Conservative Response has coalesced around an individual who is very much a deranged caricature of a CEO, rather than someone truly competent or constructive. These are not the actions of a movement that is going to survive, but rather one that is in its death throes.

Granted, it may go down kicking and screaming, and may cause a lot of damage as it thrashes about. But make no mistake, the old boundaries and norms are dying. By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn, they will be in full-on collapse.

Casey M, I think you nailed an important underlying dynamic. Part of the change is that we are moving from binary consciousness: black-white, good-bad ideas about morality, male-female, this or that; into spectrum consciousness which I think of as that area of consciousness that lies in between the polarities which was always there but which seems so new to us. Gender fluidity is an area of our humanity which is broadening our definitions of what it means to be human. Because this is all so new many of us struggle with the details like terminology for instance. I believe that this is all part of our consciousness evolving as we move more clearly into the Aquarian Age. It’s stunning to me that so many young people, including children are realizing their gender is more along a spectrum rather than it being a binary and this tells me we are definitely changing. It helps me to understand and grasp these changes to think of the Kinsey scale of sexuality and then to apply that to gender. On the Kinsey scale the polarities are between exclusively hetero (0) and exclusively homosexual (6) with a lot of people’s natures in between those exclusive polarities and with a number of people moving between the scale being sexually fluid.

Nancy, please come back.I had a reading from you years back, and I respect your talent and opinions. You have been away for so long, it’s not your blog anymore. There are many ‘regulars’ expounding their stuff on your page, and I don’t find it meaningful. Please come back with some observation that is relevant to you and let us follow that tract for a while. Thank you

Good thoughts – well written!

I’ve always thought of myself as fairly flexible. I have no problem addressing someone with any title they prefer, Mr., Ms., etc. But I must admit I was confused when certain Canadian intellectuals wanted to divide us into nine different genders, each with a different prefixed title.

In personal relations, I’ve also been confused how to properly address the large, six foot four person who appeared to me as clearly male, but who was dressed as a female, obviously wearing a bra, make-up, earrings, etc. It was a bit easier with the 4’10” slender person I met who talked like a woman, but had grown a rather nice beard. I correctly guessed “he?” preferred to be called “Sir.”

In my case, mere confusion, but others with more conservative religions, or politics tend to be outraged. The last college English class I taught was full of such people who insisted there were only two genders, marriage was for two only, a man and woman, and everyone who lives on the west coast is a “snowflake.” They hated nuance, complexity, or any kind of spectrum, preferring a good/bad with no grey, go to heaven/ go to hell, black and white world. That particular class was IMO quite frankly, less intelligent than classes I had taught before at a previous university. I see intelligence as one of the main variables in determining how flexible we might be on such issues.

As wild as it may seem, I do not think it implausible that within a couple of centuries our biotechnology will have evolved to allow us, like the mythological Tiresias, prophet of Apollo, to change sex if we choose, whenever and as often as we like; not as punishment, as Tiresias experienced from having angered Hera, but simply because excessively long lifespans with no significant aging might be more interesting and meaningful as what biologists would call sequential hermaphrodites.

“Ask yourself how it is that the Conservative Response has coalesced around an individual who is very much a deranged caricature of a CEO, rather than someone truly competent or constructive. These are not the actions of a movement that is going to survive, but rather one that is in its death throes.”

I agree! With what little astrology I know I’ve seen it that way for quite a while, but more importantly, I love the way you connect all the dots!

How delusional and stupid can we get? Is there a limit to how crazy we can be?

QAnon supporters gather in downtown Dallas expecting JFK Jr. to reappear
Some believe the reappearance of John F. Kennedy’s son, who died in a plane crash in 1999, will bring about the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.


They are gathering in Dealy Plaza, where JFK sr. was assassinated.

Rod Serling is surely playing with our minds from the other side.


“QAnon supporters gather in downtown Dallas expecting JFK Jr. to reappear
Some believe the reappearance of John F. Kennedy’s son, who died in a plane crash in 1999, will bring about the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president.”

Mother of Christ!

Well, anybody got any astrological insights on the Youngkin win in Virginia, and/or how it bodes for the midterms? I’d also be interested to see what the stars say about Biden’s potential success. Thanks & I love this site.

Dallas Morning News reported that “scores” of QAnon folks were there for the “reappearance” and “reinstatement.” I interpret “scores” to be somewhere between 40 and 200. Could have been worse. Could have been thousands. But it wasn’t.

On one level it is hilarious. But what might foreigners think of us? I’m sure some, upon hearing of or reading such are thinking, “How can Americans run a democracy with so many irrational kooks as part of their electorate?” It is an especially acute question considering our former supreme leader was a consummate crooked kook, himself.

I’m not sure what astrological correspondence properly explains this kind of thing. Yes – I know we have transiting Neptune opposite our Am. natal Neptune, and a Neptune return for the R party, as we approach our Pluto and Uranus returns, and a number of other interesting planetary influences. But my mind is nevertheless boggled numb by such beliefs and events.

My one-year-older brother has been placed in hospice. He is autistic and special needs. Heartbreaking to see him refuse all food and liquids. Its been a hell of a year for him and health issues. Lots of tears and letting-go-and-letting-God. He has no more joy in him which was something he had in great supply.

Maybe send up an Om or an Ave for brother Bertram. He’s such a gentle beautiful soul. Leap-year born in 1952.

Consider it done. Happy to oblige.

Omg Will, I am so sorry for what you and your family are going through, I cannot even imagine the heartache it must be to see your brother go through this. I am sending you oms and love and light.

My father died two months ago, he was in late stage Alzheimer’s , Still talked and remembered us though, but he was in a pretty bad way , he also refused to eat and drink, death by dehydration I believe is the technical term, even though he was only 90 pounds he took a whole week to die, the human body is amazing isn’t it?

Dying is a very hard process. It really is a letting go, exactly…. my dad had joy and then all of a sudden it went and then it seemed it was time for him to go, I guess it was as it’s supposed to be. Sadness here for you And him.

Again I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts, XOXO Diana


Will, I am so very sorry to hear. Bertrand sounds like a sweet and special soul.

Although I never met him I will Ooommmm with him in mind.

And another one for you.

((((((((Eliseo, Frank, kiwi and Diana))))))))

Diana, I’m so sorry for your loss; it feels like it was a life-changing event for you.

Was it Sogyal Rinpoche who taught us,

“Death is the Great Clarifier”

Grief is like being in a fugue of sorts – nothing is clear nor feels anywhere near real.

Peace and comfort upon all of us who are grieving.

Sending peace, love, healing and prayers to Bertram, you, and your family, Will, and to you and your family, Diana.

May your dad be in a special place of angels and beautiful souls and beings, and may Bertram have angels, beautiful souls and beings accompany him on his journey.

Om and Namaste

I believe you mentioned in previous posts the death of your father. I recall I extended my condolences to you then. I repeat them now. My heart to your good heart. You are so right in recognition of how hard it is to let go for the dying, as well as for those left behind.

My younger brother died Jan. 20th of covid, a few hours before Mr. Biden’s inauguration. A Union man, he would have been thrilled with our new president’s committment to reviving the unions, and the middle class. I’m still pretty sad and angry about his passing.

My wife has a fatal inherited disease, primary biliary cholangitis, an autoimmune disease of the liver which eventually becomes cirrhosis. Recently her liver numbers were good. She doesn’t have cirrhosis yet, but I’m told it is only a matter of time.

Sometimes I think we are precariously balanced on surfboards rolling on the swells and waves of space and time, but with no land in sight. Death can be a merciful friend, or a vicious, sadistic thief. Throughout most of our lives we do not know in which role it will manifest.

From your various posts I see your insight and your gentleness. You are a rare person. Om Aum Om to you. & Om Aum Om to Will and Bertram. During the coming disorienting transits, may we all get along well, and fall into the healing we need.

Sharon K: I felt your post of November 4 at 1:15 am actually and really soothe my heart…..Then I realized that this IS November 4, the anniversary of my brother’s death in 2013. He was surrounded by family and friends and I held him as he passed.

Sometimes one does not know that they have fallen into a low grade depression… I think I was in one for years after he passed, not quite understanding I was in one. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn was approaching a square to my Moon in the 7th house, and then of course on the heels of, and concurrent with that, transiting Saturn in Capricorn did the same.

My brother was a Capricorn born December 29, so had transiting Pluto and Uranus hitting his Sun in conjunction and square during his illness. His malady was melanoma….. At least I can think of all the years of his skiing and sailing…. – Yup he had a cabin up at Whistler, and sailed from the Fiji Islands to Australia…… Hahaha! well he didn’t have the cabin for long… it became the property of his first wife… with whom he became friends years later.

So this present conversation is about things gone by… presently as I write, transiting Moon in Scorpio is square Saturn in Aquarius.

I am in the process of understanding the squares and oppositions differently – really. Automatically.

Years ago either in Horoscope Magazine, or in American Astrology I would read some astrologers’ take on celebrity’s horoscope – usually some movie star.

These astrologers would explain the chart, and give credit to the squares and oppositions that helped the individual to get where they were.

I started reading these magazines at around 12 years old, so grew up thinking that the opposition was GOOD…… Thank god for those old astrologers.

Hopefully we will live in a world, in the future, where the opposition is GOOD.

Sharon K,

“Sending peace, love, healing and prayers to Bertram, you, and your family, Will, and to you and your family, Diana.

May your dad be in a special place of angels and beautiful souls and beings, and may Bertram have angels, beautiful souls and beings accompany him on his journey.

Om and Namaste”

So very kind and beautiful of you to post; quintessentially Pisces poetry, Sharon.

We are all wringing our hearts in a vale of tears for one sorrow or another, aren’t we? This is one of fields of experience that connect us and all the other creatures of this Magical Universe.

Strength and forbearance to us all as we navigate this mysterious journey.

Much love to each of you and your loved ones, Eliseo, Frank, kiwi, Diana and will.

This is a challenging season, as eclipses (in relationship with Scorpio, aspecting Pluto no less) sometimes reflect. I know of several people myself who have transitioned. One after a long battle with an awful, debilitating disease. Another quite suddenly and shockingly (the pending Lunar eclipse nails his nodes like a dart hitting a bullseye, almost to the minute).

Even if death brings an end to their suffering, their losses are unimaginable to their families and close friends, and I am feeling the ripples of these impacts, also.

What can you say and what can you do for someone who has lived a life with someone for so long, whose company seemed as certain as the sun rising and setting each day, and now, no more, forevermore in this incarnation as we know it? I’ve got nothing.

None of us is ultimately immune to the ravages of time and circumstance. It is something that will touch each of us, and in the most personal of ways, sooner or later.

Sharon K: I took your words and sent them to Shelley on the death of her daughter Danielle last Saturday morning October 30 2021. She died of an overdose in Los Angeles.

Shelley was born in Montreal and moved to Victoria. Danielle was born in Victoria on Aug. 17 1991, with a packed 8th house containing Sun conjunct Jupiter.

Danielle passed when tr. Jupiter opposed her natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction, and when tr. Neptune opposed her natal Mars…Mars being in the 8th or 9th house depending on the house system. She had 0* Capricorn Asc. Her progressed chart had Mars squaring Uranus conjunct Moon.

Danielle was a model as a little girl…

Shelley inherited enough to put Danielle through several different treatment centers and rehabs.

Danielle died in a tent somewhere in Los Angeles a day or two after leaving the latest treatment center.

She had a fresh tattoo with a Heart and the word Mom written through it.

Oh dear friends, I am sorry for your losses (and in the case of Will, a pending loss). It’s so hard to lose a loved we. We are dealing with the loss of my sister-in-law, whom I loved and admired and also tried to help and be there for (and also had some estrangement with), but it’s not the same for me as it is for her brothers and sisters, and mother.

There is nothing as hard as losing a child (my mother did and my first cousin did) but losing a spouse, parent, sibling, and a very close friend is not far behind.

I have been thinking about death a lot myself, with Saturn in my 8th house now (Aquarius) and Pluto to follow as I have some medical challenges that I am trying to improve (they may be improving actually). I was thinking: What is all of this striving for and trying hard to remain healthy so that we can live a little longer. What is so important about living a longer life? My mother-in-law turned 100, her mind is clear, she looks good (for 100 🙂 and her health is pretty ok. I think she, too, is wondering how did this happen and what does it all mean?

Will, Sunstars, I found your posts very moving, and, Eliseo, I know how much you miss your brother as you have shared about it and his passing is fairly recent. Will, Sunstars, I can feel your love and caring for each of your brother and what your brother and family is going through now, Will, is indeed heartbreaking to hear about.

My brother died before I was born, at age 6 – I’d loved to have known him and love what I’ve heard about him.

Sunstars, I, too, read those magazines. My mother bought them home but I was the one who delved into astrology. I think that some oppositions and squares ARE good. It depends on the other things happening and one’s karma, probably. And it’s funny, I’ve noticed how Jupiter transits are often associate with death, as death is a release and an expansion.

I told my aunt the evening before she died (she was doing ok in her cancer treatment at the time but had had an accident in a movie theater where she lost her bowels and was embarrassed and upset) that I was reading “Conversations with God” and God had said that the day you died was the happiest day of your life (book 2 I think). She told me she wanted to live to see the 21st C as this was a few years before 2021. She died the very next day. Maybe when she heard what God said to Neal, it allowed her to.

Love to all. Namaste.


Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. You have suffered greatly.


“I was reading “Conversations with God” and God had said that the day you died was the happiest day of your life (book 2 I think).”

Amen to that! The Irish share the same sentiment as an ages-old tradition.

Bertram is now receiving 2mg of morphine every two hours. He is definitely relaxing into the relief and the wonderful rest. He has suffered a life of untold difficulty and has never been in a position to call any shots in his life; I cannot imagine how that feels. I spent time playing some of his favorite holiday music on my laptop while he slipped in and out of a gentle delirium. He is blessed with an absolute angel of a hospice nurse who introduced herself tonight. I am so grateful he is getting terrific care after being bounced around a number of places over the last several months – it essentially did him in. For an autistic person to have their routine pulled out from under them and replaced with complete chaos is a horror in and of itself.

I think I will be able to get a decent night’s sleep tonight after many, many distraught evenings.


such wonderful souls contributing to this board, with such wonderful, moving, prose. thanks for sharing those moving thoughts and blessings to you all.

Will, I am so glad there is consolation in the comfort and peace Bertram is experiencing during this difficult time of saying goodbye and letting go.

Some of us get to say goodbye; others don’t.
BuckeyeShadow described the feeling of loss extremely well. But picturing that there is a beautiful realm or dimension that we are transitioning to (and that I’ve read about in writings about near death experiences and from psychic readers), and the feeling of freedom and joy that awaits us, could help us, too, to let go.

I have also read that our loved ones are still close to us after they leave. I know that even though it still hurts that they are not here, I still talk to them, including my sister-in-law. (And it is much easier to get along with them now!)

May Bertram’s release Truly be the Happiest day of his life.


“May Bertram’s release Truly be the Happiest day of his life.”

It is with conflicting feelings of deep sorrow and joyous relief that I share that my brother Bertram passed peacefully in his sleep at 1:50AM.

May the serene peace which passes all understanding be with and within you now and always. May angels kiss your tears and wing Bertram into the Divine Light.

The near-total lunar eclipse in Taurus of November 19th will last 3 hours and 28 minutes. According to NASA, it will be the longest partial lunar eclipse this century and will be quite visible throughout N. America.

Condolences to you & your family, Will, on this departure of a beloved family member.

Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935) responding to criticism of his poetry:
“The world is not a prison house, but a kind of spiritual kindergarten, where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell God with the wrong blocks.”

the upcoming aquarian age techo innovations? something to ponder

I love Michio Kaku! He’s always interesting! Thank You!
At the end of section 3 he states we will radically reduce the threat of cancer down to something similar to the common cold. But I think he is wrong. I think we will do better than that. I believe we will eventually develop vaccines which will prevent all of the varieties of rhinovirus, and all the varieties of cancer, just as recently we developed a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.
Of all the technologies he mentioned, I believe the most important existentially is and will be biotechnology. We are not that far away, as a major example from understanding and preventing aging. In addition to the prevention of and curing of various diseases, I can think of nothing which could have a more profound effect on our psycho-spiritual consciousness.
The arrest of aging connects with his first assertion of becoming a space faring species. Dramatically extended long lifespans would of course be an evolutionary necessity for serious space faring. Even were we able to travel at 99.999% of the speed of light, the distances and time involved for travelling about the solar system and beyond to other stars would require extreme longevity.

Hmmm. Love and Mathematics. We could talk.

Sharon, Eliseo and Nancy,

Thank you for your comforting sentiments.

Gosh, I love this group of people on this starlight news group so so much. It is rare to find a place with such love and healing, where we can be free to be ourselves, kindred brethren the we may have never seen face to face. Love you guys.

Kiwi, Jerry, thanks for the recommendations for the astrology sites.

Will, yes the death of my Dad was a life changing event, I know he would not have wanted to go on living the way he was so I take comfort in that, knowing his time had come, that he was ready and that he always said ‘when your time was up it’s up’, yet I miss him so , he was such a sweet gentle man, in the true sense of the word, a wonderful father , and complex and deep he was in his own way and having suffered many heartaches. I do miss him terribly though I don’t think I am grieving if that make sense. Anyway, I hope you brother is transitioning peacefully and my heart is with you at this time. All blessings your way to Will and your sweet brother.

Sharon K, thank you so much for wishing my Dad to be in a special place of angels and beautiful souls and beings, that really touches and moves me.

And sweet Eliseo, thank you for your condolences that you offered a while ago and now again, and thank you for mentioning my good heart and gentleness , that was so sweet and loving. I am so sorry about your younger brother’s death and can only imagine your sorrow and anger. And I am also so sorry also about your wife’s debilitating disease.

Your words…’ Sometimes I think we are precariously balanced on surfboards rolling on the swells and waves of space and time, but with no land in sight. Death can be a merciful friend, or a vicious, sadistic thief. Throughout most of our lives we do not know in which role it will manifest.’ …. so beautiful and also when you say in another part, ‘ fall into healing’, perfect, and I think this is what we all reach for and experience in this group. Love and support and seeing we are all the same !

I am listening to one of my favorite songs as I write this and I feel compelled to share with you all, a song by the Australian Xavier Rudd called ‘Spirit Bird’, you should find it on YouTube or whatever music service you might have. It’s a beautiful song that touches me to my core, I feel the pain of humanity and the earth, and also the possibility of healing. I hope some of may also find the beauty and the healing in it that I do.
Blessings on this Sunday

xoxoxo D

(((((((((((((DIANA JOSEPH)))))))))))))))))

This story should come as no surprise:

Ted Cruz wants Texas to secede if ‘things become hopeless’ in the US


So, what does Ted Cruz mean by hopeless?

“If the Democrats end the filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country, if they pack the Supreme Court, if they make D.C. a state, if they federalize elections, if they massively expand voter fraud, there may come a point where it’s hopeless,” Cruz said while speaking at an event at Texas A&M last month.

Having grown up in Texas, I personally find such talk disturbing. The majority of Texans, including the majority of the business community DO NOT want secession. But Cruz could get a lot of people worked up “into a lather” fomenting quite a lot of chaos.

Must be something in the air today – the subversive american connected right wing radical ‘freedom’ movement, and the useful morons they have conned along the way, protested at our parliament today, calling it NZ’s wakeup moment. They didnt storm it, but there were some scuffles. At protests in another area, a policeman was even bitten. The loudest organizing group is connected with american rightwing evangelical, prosperity theology movement. Dont know what is happening to this country!

It seems to be happening everywhere, Far Right revivals on every continent but Antarctica. Our astrology has been mostly confined to the US and US politicians and pundits, but most all of the world is presently affected. Wildfires and forest fires in Australia and Greece, (the Mediterranean countries had a Hellish summer), noisy Far Right agitation and rebellion in Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. We in the US don’t hear as much on those stories; we’re too focused on our own domestic dementia. But the Far Right turbulence continues.

Pluto in latter stages of Capricorn? Maybe, but that alone seems to me an inadequate explanation. Surely their must be a larger astrological perspective we’ve missed, applied to the entire world.

Apologies for having exported our poison your way. I’m sure NZ has enough problems without American fascistic fundamentalist crackpot kooks showing up on your shores!

I’ve been thinking. Presuming we defeat these rabble rousing agent provocateurs, (their defeat will need to be decisive, total, absolute and complete) we will need a long period of healing and reconciliation. I’m not sure how we can lead such people to see their own deeply disturbed delusions for what they are, or the damage they’ve done to us all. Studying the Allied denazification program which ended in 1951 might be helpful. I began reading about it today. We need to understand what worked and what did not.

Meanwhile, Winston Churchill, where are you? We need your august clear headed no-nonsense presence to lead us into victory against legions of kamikaze wackos aggressively excercising their antivaxx right to die in the name of freedom.

Eliseo, Kiwi (where is everyone by the way), I completely agree, it is so worrying what is happening everywhere with the rise of authoritarianism.

And now for a little rant, talking to my seventeen year old yesterday and it came up somehow that all his friends are pro Trump. I was a little shocked, I mean I know we are in a Republican area, but really? Actually Orlando leans blue. My son said Mum all they care about is the economy.

And they perceive that the economy is always better under R’s and definitely under trump, he said every day his friends talk about the high gas and it being Bidens’s fault. He also told me that the girls in his friend group think that Biden is a pedophile and everyone sees these clips where he looks demented so they all think he is. Even my older son I realize all his friends perceive Biden as a weak leader. Of course a lot if not all of this comes from their parents but wow, I try not to be too sensitive but I can’t help but be bothered . It’s all so warped and that it seems that Trump and minions are paying no price for the most corrupt presidency ever, constant lying and stripping away of norms and even with an attempted coup. All news is from social media. Young adults for the most part don’t care but are totally influenced by parents and social media and TikTok

It’s just so wrong to think that whilst Biden may be old I get it, but he’s a decent human with way more brains than Trump ever will have, Trump is just a salesman and they all fall for it, they all think he was this great businessman. They all think Trump was better than Biden and they all (parents) love DeSantis. Not a mention of course in any of their mind’s that there was an attempted insurrection. We are living in a warped world where truth doesn’t exist any more. And don’t even get me started about the evangelicals. Imagine Catholics that I know, especially from Trinidad, though Biden is an actual God faring Catholic would take Trump and the Republicans any day, even though there is no longer even a real Republican Party, just a Trump party.

Its really really disturbing. I would like to think that trump won’t be around in 2022 but if Dems don’t run someone good, I fear that the R’s will actually win without cheating even, , maybe, or at least their cheating can tip them over. As usual, Dems are perceived to be infighting, , making many mistakes. and, Even on news like CNN, the passing of the infrastructure bill is not even mentioned that much. Biden worked harder on this than Trump ever worked for four years (playing golf for almost a full year), yet the rage machine has them all thinking America is going to the dogs under Biden. That the communist Libs are taking over and destroying their beloved America.

Stock market highs, crypto highs yet everything is terrible under Biden. Inflation and supply chain problems, although as a result of the pandemic and affecting the entire world, are ALL because of Biden and the Dems. They talk about freaking Big Bird getting a vaccine, for crying out loud as if it’s propaganda instead of a sincere public message.

Anyway, sorry fo the long rant, this is the only place that I feel safe to vent, happy Tuesday !

Diana Joseph,
Rant? Vent? Not a problem from my perspective. Silly me, I rarely edit what I post here, and a great deal of my prose on this site might be considered ranting as well.

The central purpose of this blog is political astrology, and like everyone else here, I have a longstanding interest in same. (I hope to be certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research, NCGR and the American Federation of Astrologers, AFA before the end of 2022.) There are many empathic, sensitive souls here who like you are very attuned to the current zeitgeist (spirit of our time), deeply concerned by the severely distorted, aberrated moral and perceptual direction of our culture and the body politic. We who post here, do so I think because here, we are emotionally and spiritually comfortable. To one degree or another, most here hold to an alternative, esoteric mystical worldview which might not be welcome in many quarters. Within some understandable limitations, it feels like a safe space to express our opinions, ask pertinent questions, speculate, and to occasionally disagree amicably. Thanks to Nancy, and the forbearance of many here, I personally am deeply grateful for this site.

It sounds like you are doing a good job in raising your sons. I am happy for you. Sadly, I have no children. It is one of my most painful failures. You seem like a level headed person, and it is good you have good communication with your boys. Have you looked at how your natal astrological characteristics affect one another? How many sons have you?

back to astrology …… Andre and Linda G with another political conversation

a second video follow up astro summary by andre

Diana Joseph thank you for sharing Spirit Bird! I found the version with lyrics, beautiful. Peace and Blessings

Kamala is at 28%. Count her out of the nomination in 2024.


Andre Kahr is superb! He is an astrologer from which we can learn a great amount.
Thanks for posting those links.

For those interested, Andre Kahr’s website address is:

Also known as astrology alert.

When she was selected as VP by Mr. Biden, I felt he had made a mistake. I was and am convinced however, she would make a great attorney general. She’s IMO in the wrong job.

If Mr. Biden’s health is good in 2024, I will feel very comfortable with him winning a second term. Just because someone is in their 80’s doesn’t mean they can’t do the job well. Presuming he really does win a second term, I think it highly likely his agenda will wax much further into grand and good ideological and pragmatic progressiveism.

Andre – the Hill has moved decidedly right in recent times – this piece is written by someone hired in 2020, and who hangs out with the fox news crowd. Theyve been hiring more trumpie type rightwingers since 2017. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/11/18/media/jimmy-finkelstein-the-hill-ukraine/index.html

To further my comment on Kamala’s polling: I find it curious that the 28% approval number cited is a one off. 538’s data shows it is bookended by 39% immediately before (the 4th) and 47% after (8th).
I think her general low numbers are a result of her working behind the scenes and not grandstanding in the media spotlight – people dont know what she is doing so human nature is to think the worst.

the latest from astrology alert

Thanks for the heads up about The Hill. I don’t always read the stories they publish, but I certainly read their headlines. I’ve noticed a change in their headlines and lead sentences, as you said, reflecting a move decidedly to the right, particularly after the 2020 election. Unlike in the past, their “news” really HAS become pretty biased. Now I know why.


Pluto in late Capricorn–and making a beeline for the US Natal Pluto–certainly speaks to a lot of the conservative agitation here in this country. But Pluto is also in Capricorn for the rest of the planet, too.

A lot of people who take comfort in the status quo are certainly feeling like they are in a struggle for survival these days. Notice how their response is to double down on the same tried and seeming true standards (e.g. guns, corporate capitalism, trickle-down economics, etc.) as if doing these things stronger, harder, deeper, etc. will solve the “problem.”

And of course, the enemy is anyone who isn’t doing these things, and even moreso, those who openly challenge and/or are opposed to the things (e.g. BLM, ambitious women, LGBTQ, etc.).

Here in the US, I think we also have to take into account the mass-delusions of Neptune, as well. The modern America we know was essentially born with the United States’ entry into WWII in 1941. The nation has essentially been at war with the world ever since. Is it a coincidence that 1941 is also when the United States’ first Neptune Return based upon the 1776 Dec of Independence chart happened? I think not.

Remember that natal Neptune also squares the US natal Mars. We have always had twisted, extreme fantasies and fears about war and violence, and an overblown, grossly distorted and unhealthy idealization and expression of masculinity. Now we have transiting Neptune opposing our natal Neptune while squaring our natal Mars as well. Any wonder why we have candidates now (mostly Republicans of course) toting assault rifles in their photos?

Even Trump–hardly a healthy model of masculinity himself–has tapped into this distortion of energy and seemingly has harnessed it to his advantage.

ON TOP OF THIS, worldwide, we are also dealing with Pluto squaring Eris, so there is a factor of discord and chaos sewn into the mix as well. As we might expect with Eris, clear cut lines and norms are rendered useless in the most absurd and ironic ways. With Eris in Aries, we see the individual asserting themselves violently in chaos-inducing ways. Just look at the pushback against masks, resistance to the vaccines, social-distancing mandates, and other established norms and ways of doing things backed by historical precedent and scientific research that would have brought the pandemic to heel within weeks. Instead, we have people acting like toddlers in their terrible twos, assaulting flight attendants and raising a ruckus at school board meetings because “I CAN’T HAVE IT MY WAY, HOW DARE YOU TELL ME -I- MUST DO THIS!” Very infantile. Lower Aries at its most immature and worst.

Contradictory as it may seem, some of this energy is finding support in Pluto in Capricorn-propped-up Conservatism–see Youngkin’s victory in Virginia for example–despite it actually working to the detriment of these people. The rub for Pluto in Capricorn is that at some point, some of the people being activated on the Eris Aries side of the square will turn their ire on Conservatism as well. They aren’t necessarily conservative or liberal. They just want what they want, and how dare anybody tell them NO!

I still see this energy passing during the next several years, as we experience several major outer-sign changes. I don’t see a sustained or sustainable buildup of authoritarian Consevative-Fascist energies. This is far more of a “last gasp” before the fall. Doesn’t mean though that these monsters and madmen won’t cause a lot of damage on their way down, however. They probably will.

But the moment demands novel ideas and ways of thinking. The old crap that got us here will not change or solve anything, no matter how much Conservative Reactionaries keep trying to repackage and shove it down people’s throats anew. By 2025, they will be out of gas (perhaps literally), if not dead or wishing they were as the emerging zeitgeist renders them and their silly old nostrums into bygone absurdities, out of place and out of time in a strange new world.

Don’t let them fool you. They are scared to death.

They are not about to win. They are fighting not to lose. In doing so, they’ve sealed their own fate, and will bury themselves even deeper with their profound stupidity, brought on by desperation and an abject fear of new ideas and alternate perspectives.

Trump revealed just how bad their hand is. He was literally the Joker, and the joke will ultimately be on them for how badly he f-ed things up for them.

Also, a wise person once said, when you see a giant falling, sometimes the best you can do is get out of the way.

buckeye – two thumbs up ‘likes’

Yes Thank you BuckeyeShadow.

Grateful. Good reminder of the US Mars-Neptune square and the aspecting transits… including Eris in Aries.

I don’t pay much attention to the asteroids, keeping it simple but I know I miss out on crucial things in the crunch…. Like Eris square US Pluto right now, not to mention Eris squaring Pluto in the sky – reflective of all the disruption and homegrown terrorism.

You soothed my soul when you said: “I still see this energy passing during the next several years”
I do too.

“Don’t let them fool you…” “They are not about to win. They are fighting not to lose……will bury themselves even deeper with their profound stupidity, brought on by their desperation and abject fear of…. alternate perspectives.”

I feel it is inevitable that that is the way things will go but I am not seeing this perspective supported in the mainstream news, or whatever else I access.

So thanks, we needed that. And more like it.


Like I said, take heart, all.

I didn’t say it wouldn’t be rough. It will almost certainly be, and become moreso as evidence mounts as to where things are, and what the agenda must be moving forward if we are to have any kind of chance at survival as a species. Pluto stepping into Aquarius in March 2023 will make this glaringly obvious, in case Saturn poking int Aquarius in March 2020 wasn’t shocking enough.

But what the reactionary right wingers want so desperately to hold onto is already gone. It’s an illusion, and no amount of obfuscation, obstruction, or outright burning of the truth of reality will make things any less so.

The gig is up. The game is over. All that is left is the unceremonious processing of those facts.

Ma Nature doesn’t give a damn about your privilege and entitlements, people. Get over yourselves and suck it up, Cons.

The US may be on the verge of experiencing a major transformation with the approaching December 4th solar eclipse (12 ’22 Sag) as it forms a precise conjunction to its natal ascendant (Sibly chart 7/4 /1776 5:10 pm Philadelphia, Pa). This coincides with a rather close waxing Pluto return (exact in Feb 2022). For purposes of simplification however, I will confine my thoughts to this Sagittarius eclipse.

The 9/11 terror attacks in NYC and Washington DC coincided at the time of a nearly exact Saturn-Pluto opposition that straddled the US Ascendant-Descendant degrees. Much has been written about this particular subject. Suffice to say the ascendant placement in any given chart is exceptionally sensitive to transits especially with eclipses as the following article explains……….

“…..Any Eclipse aligned to your Ascendant and Descendant could be an exceptionally significant event in your life. The Rising and Setting degrees in fact are among the most sensitive in the whole horoscope, affecting directly our temperament and moods, as well as our close relationships and the general way we interact with the external world. Emotions come certainly to the fore at this time. The Eclipse could bring a whole new level of awareness on the way you feel about yourself and those people you are very close to, love partners, spouse, close friends, business partners etc. It is like becoming aware of facets of your emotions and of others’ which are usually in the dark. The least you are conscious of the undercurrents from which your feelings come from the more the revelation that may accompany this Eclipse could prove unexpected, shocking, hard to accept and integrate. Embracing this new awareness could be, on the other hand, very liberating, with the potential to change in profound ways your knowledge of self and others, ultimately enriching your life and providing meaning to what you have so far not quite understood. The knowledge and keener awareness of the source of your feelings or patterns of behavior could begin to empower you into making positive changes. As your self image, physical and psychological, improves you will be much more likely to attract respect and appreciation in your close relationships too.

Eclipses on the Ascendant-Descendant’s axis are powerful movers and shakers especially if there is much to move and shake in your life. The process of accepting and integrating a new sense of self and different patters of relating is not going to be easy, Eclipses representing challenges that we need courage and determination to tackle. Let’s say that Eclipses are here to give you a hand if you need one or even a push in some cases, thus helping to align your personal life more closely to your evolutionary potential.”- Extracted from Eclipse Conjunct Ascendant by Living Moon Astrology

It is generally understood that when transiting Mars aspects an eclipse point either by square, opposition or conjunction, an event is triggered. Keeping that in mind, we have an exact Mars conjunction to this eclipse degree coming up on New Years eve. Here’s the chart:


In my view therefore, significant events could very well germinate with the onset of the December 4th Sagittarius solar eclipse, intensely accelerate with the final Saturn-Uranus square on December 24th and reach absolute culmination around the New Year; January 1, 2022.

Astrologer Robert Cosmar briefly delves into the dynamics of the December 4th solar eclipse conjunct the US asc. opposite natal Uranus and the US Pluto return in the following video…….


Video: 12 min 38 sec


The December 4th solar eclipse could relate to the US debt ceiling debacle scheduled to come for a vote December 3rd. Will McConnell dig in his heels as he has vowed to do and force the US into default? In that scenario, the US economy would certainly face a tumultuous protracted downturn. McConnell has natal Jupiter at 11 ’47 Gemini in t square to his Nodes (13 ’27 Pisces-Virgo) – read intractable……….

McConnell Vows GOP Won’t Help Raise Debt Ceiling In December After Schumer ‘Tantrum’

The Hill
October 8, 2021

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) warned President Biden on Friday that Republicans won’t help raise the debt ceiling later this year, and stated that a recent speech by Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y) had “poisoned the well.”

“Last night, Republicans filled the leadership vacuum that has troubled the Senate since January. I write to inform you that I will not provide such assistance again if your all-Democrat government drifts into another avoidable crisis,” McConnell wrote in the letter to Biden.



Too many Trumpsters subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 congressional committee are refusing to appear. Today – Mark Meadows.

I am wondering why the fuel price has shot up since biden took office, helping to fuel inflation. Who is driving this increase behind the scenes? Certain trump supporters like the saudis and texas oil?

Your guess as to identity is probably correct. If I recall correctly, they did the same to Obama. Pigs have more integrity, honor, goodwill, and principled morality than do the oil companies. But for public relations they love to pretend to be greener than Redwood National Forest.

Thanks for the heads up, Jerry. I have a feeling that the next few months are going to be intense – buckle up friends.

As Pluto reaches the end of Capricorn, we will start to see more and more unraveling of its hallmark power expressions, including mega-conglomerate corporations. The recent announced breakup of Johnson & Johnson is only the beginning. Pluto in Aquarius strongly favors decentralization of power & and power structures, so the massive, centralized companies that have come to dominate so much of our lives and landscape are going to be increasingly challenged to split themselves up in order to survive, or else collapse under their own bloated weight. Note that this can apply to countries and even perhaps states and cities also.


Thanks for the eclipse info, and for your speculations regarding the debt ceiling. Good to be aware.

In the context of the possibility of decentralization of corporations, nations, states and cities: As Pluto goes into Aquarius, the Water Bearer, I’ve often wondered if that might be an indication of sudden, unexpected, catastrophic events concerning water.
Roughly 14,000 years ago, again 11,500 and 8,000 years ago, the Earth experienced sudden, worldwide floods. I don’t think from the geological record alone we can determine when precisely they occurred, like which month and which specific year, but we do know they were associated with a warming period coming out of an ice age, each was shocking and traumatic, and they were immortalized in the mythologies of the ancient world.

Although in certain states some of our far right kooks have promoted secession, that is probably unlikely as universally the business community is adamantly against it. I’ve therefore often wondered if we might lose some cities and/or states to sea level rise far sooner than expected.

Hi silcominc.

Re: The coming storm……

Buckle up? Or is it more in our interest to let go?

I rather like the 1997 movie Contact (based on the novel by Carl Sagan). It carries just the right message. After establishing preliminary contact with extraterrestrial life beyond our known universe by way of coded messages, a machine is built according to specifications (embedded in the messages) that allow for contact. Letting go of resistance is the key. Take a look…………


Our main character then proceeds to exit the pod and experiences a whole new way of looking at things, contact is made…..



Senator Mitch McConnell, to be generous in ones assessment of him, may have a screw loose. His sole aim in his tenure as Republican senator has admittedly been to see to it that the Democrats lose, regardless of the cost and one assumes even if it is to the detriment of the health of our nation. He is a man possessed. The December 4th solar eclipse forms a grand cross square to his Jupiter-Nodes t square…….

McConnell Says He’s ‘100 Percent’ Focused On ‘Stopping’ Biden’s Administration

McConnell “said that about the last administration — about Barack, that he was going to stop everything,” President Joe Biden said.

NBC News
May 5, 2021


I heard on radio today some of the more important documents and papers the Jan.6 committee has requested are not likely to be released until end of November, just a few days befire the eclipse. That’s just enough time to find & reveal whatever comes through. Perhaps it will be somethinhg earth shaking.

Did you know that Carl Sagan hated astrologers and astrology, and said really terrible and untruthful things about astrology?

So he in my mind was really limited and very harmful. He did what he did for the good but had a terminal ego problem as some “celebrated” people do.

I was SO disappointed when I heard his scathing and unfounded words about 30 or 40 years ago…. waited for it to change… then sadly chalked it up to another frail one trick pony trying to slap down anything thing that threatened his claim to fame. Ok he may not be a one trick pony but …. he didn’t want anything he developed to be threatened…..so stopped his thought processes, and his words, and his support, at some point to uphold his role as a “scientist”.

So he lost my respect. And put me on alert…. for people in the scientific community who are only in it to be “winners” in the end…..

We had Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Close Encounters of the Third Kind….. So “Contact” – the movie based on the book by Carl Sagan was not an original thought.

Talk of Sagan always reminds me of Lynn Margulis and stromatolites. She was a giant free of any of the offputting affectations of her former husband.


It’s really hard to tell with most horoscopes how a person is going to use their energies…. unless there are extreme aspects in the natal chart….

Carl Sagan is born Nov. 9 1934 and has a nice enough chart lol.

However what I glean from his Mars/Neptune conjunction in Virgo ( the great analyzer and categorizer and organizer) in probable square to his Sagittarius Moon, he has VISION. His emotions contribute to his role as a Visionary.

All this is easily supported by a Sun-Venus conjunction, and a very self confident of his views Mercury Jupiter conjunction.

His people, his generation went through what we all went through in the last 10 or so years – a Uranus-Pluto square. Hmm. My brother died under that square to his Sun as I have said upthread so it is not inconsequential.

So he had an easy chart and of “consequence” to me was his Mars/Neptune conjunction in likely square to his Moon….. the Moon must be satisfied… it must be protected…..

I think with an easy chart one may not be critical enough of their own mental or emotional processes unless a reason comes along for them to do so…..

This could put an ordinary chart (to repeat which holds Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter – well supported) into the confines of hubris……

“Could…..”) Heck you never know. One person’s serial killer chart could be another person’s angelic chart, right?

Just look at Mahatma Gandhi’s chart.

It takes a seasoned astrologer and a seasoned human being to make any sense of it all…. the key word being “any”.

Thank you ericb – I’m reading about Lynn Margulis now in Wikipedia.

Hey! She and Carl Sagan divorced in 1965.

I like her. You have contributed something to my life…. She was strong enough for her own convictions and had the vision to leap from one understanding to another due to the correct and instinctual following of her correct innate scientific reasonings.

Sorry for the digression but she was a Pisces with an Aries Moon as I am, and as that bright spot Gabby Petito was…. 🙂 so no wonder I am drawn to her…..

I like especially that she divorced Carl Sagan probably to keep her own independent thought…..


….to be controversial…. Can’t help it… 🙂

Ok. I made that up. I don’t know who divorced who between Lynn Margulis and Carl Sagan. But sounds good to me….. 🙂

Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody…. I got some money ’cause I just got paid….Oh how I wish I had someone to talk to….I’m in an awful way.

Gotta go over to Saltspring Island again….

Haha! Gotta cool it. Don’t want to get kicked off this blog

Happy Saturday night everybody …

We gotta take the good with the bad. Everyone has blind spots, including you and me. If we are lucky we eventually get to see and recognize them for what they are and transcend them. It’s true personally, spiritually, psychologically, politically, philosophically.

We live in extremely weird times. In the context of politics, IMO through most of US history, Democrats and Republicans have been equally delusional, just deluded about different things. But not today. IMO, Dems are at least 80% right on track for the right reasons, and even when they are wrong on assumptions, facts, conclusions, etc. their motivations are usually altruistic. Conversely, R’s have become delusional about almost everything. It’s hard to think of an issue on which they are remotely correct. They are either wrong headed completely or partially. And when they are right nowadays, it is usually with ignoble or possibly nefarious motivations. The high minded true believing conservatives left the party long ago. What’s left are led by conniving kooks.

Carl Sagan suffered from dogmatic scientific fundamentalism. Mastering any hard or theoretical scientific discipline in today’s information rich environment involves an enormous amount of study time. They are therefore robbed of sufficient time to take in humanities subjects. In particular, what they need is better training in philosophy, especially epistemology and the philosophy of science. They know their higher math and their particular science, but often cannot see when they are violating the basic rules of the philosophy of science.

William of Occam told us centuries ago that no matter how good is our logic, if it is based on false assumptions, we nevertheless will probably come to false conclusions. Scientific materialists function with a number of false assumptions as to what astrologers believe, what astrology actually is, and perhaps most importantly, see it as an insanely and absurdly popular anti-science competitor to astronomy. Using their paradigm, they cannot see any causal relationship between what happens in the sky with what happens on earth. Few things confuse them as much as astrology’s rising popularity, and frankly, it makes them extremely angry.

I have a very good friend who has a heavy background in the sciences, but is also a Unitarian Universalist minister, semi-retired. Sharing much in common, we’ve gotten along great for quite a number of years. He is a very spiritual and generally open minded fellow, but talk of astrology sets his temper on fire. So, I just don’t mention it in his company.

Sagan was a good fellow, with a good heart, but like all of us, with some serious injuries to his psyche.

I’m with Eliseo on that. We all have our blindspots.

Unfortunately, the point being made was entirely lost. There’s a simple, perennial truth to the fact that to resist causes one to be stuck in perpetual frustration. As Eckhart Tolle once explained…….

“You all know the saying which is very true: What you resist persists. And I’m sure many of you have already found that out in your life. And then suddenly when you let go of resistance you let go of an attachment to something: I need this to happen in order to be happy; I don’t want what is, I want something else. To be okay with what is, which is the simplicity of this moment, is the beginning of true change.”

Biden’s aides are giving up on Kamala.


Thank you Eliseo – makes sense… of course.

And thanks Jerry. Eckhart Tolle seems to make sense but it’s not easy for me….

I just read that on CNN, Andre. I think they are making a mistake by not grooming her more as it will make Biden look bad for choosing her! Could it be because she makes too many gaffes when they have sent her out to represent us? Either way, he choose her so he should help make her look good. Is that so impossible?

I agree on all points Sharon K…. haven’t seen the gaffes myself yet because haven’t been following closely…. but Americans could be more forgiving… Where’s the generosity and support that I have seen before …. ?

….. for one of their own …..

upcoming lunar eclipse affecting biden, queen,

Generosity and forgiveness are are on vacation. It will be a while before they return. Everyone on both sides got so loud and desperate. Generosity, Forgiveness, and their pal, Support just couldn’t stand the din. Besides, everyone got so afraid, and decided they could no longer afford them. Each side looked over the chasm and no longer saw fallible human beings. Instead they saw the others as intensely, and insidiously evil traitors, for which no punishment was sufficient.

Seriously, Dems feel they barely have the numbers and are running out of time to prevent the hijacking of our democratic republic by a rabble of authoritarian and fanatical Kooks. They’ve no time for anyone they perceive who can’t do the job. No time for on the job training. THIS IS WAR. – HOLY WAR. Our very existence, they feel is at stake.

Yup. Ok. HOLY WAR. I get it. No time for on the job training.

Would you like to feel better? It may sound crazy but my mood brightens every time I view a particular movie. During these severely divisive and bitter times, I seem to be watching it every other day.

The 2011 film, Cowboys & Aliens, starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Keith Carradine, Adam Beach, Clancy Brown, Paul Dano, & Noah Ringer is an extremely well done Western/SciFi adventure. The story is one of hardened, bitter enemies who through struggle against an unfathomable common enemy, come to respect and forgive one another for their past “sins.” United by the threat, they transcend themselves, finding redemption and self transformation. In the end every character is a better, and more humane person by the end of the story.

The story is delicious, so well scripted and acted in the process of rendering something absurd and implausible into a “believable” (at least for the duration of the story) and inspiring work. For me at least, it is very therapeutic. I highly recommend it.

Here’s something good about Harris’s recent trip to Paris. https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/13/politics/kamala-harris-france-trip/index.html

I’ve seen Cowboys & Aliens, Eliseo. I remember it as fun (I think).

Biden did the best he could selecting Kamala. It IS historic. I for one wanted to see Elizabeth Warren…However she is doing extremely well for the US no matter where she is. And we are so fortunate to have Bernie Sanders.

At some point Andrew Yang might be utilized. We are lucky, going ahead – in case we win the HOLY WAR.

My dad and former father in law were both in WWII.

My former husband – Viet Nam. My son – 4 years in the air force. So I should know war.

I studied the Holocaust. However being a Canadian peacenik, many years ago it was all once removed.

At the moment I should call on my Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction… because I believe you , Eliseo. We cannot think of the possibilities of the crazies taking over in terms of something once removed. Mazie Hirono calls it right – I love the way she talks. That lilt in her voice making it easy to hear the strong words she says. With her Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Leo. She sure speaks for me but she sure says it better.

Plus, born a few days away from her is Hillary Clinton…both of them Scorpios with their Moons in water signs… Mazie – Cancer. Hillary – Pisces.

I think we are all coming to understand it is war. I guess the better, the sooner, the more fully we understand it the better off we will be.

Yes, a few months ago I couldn’t understand why the Democrats were not acting like they were at war because they were SO attacked. It’s been a fine line they were walking.

Now we will see if the subpoenas make a difference….it seems the lack of precedence slows everything down. Yes we are running out of time. Gotta be prepared to get rough but act within the values of the Constitution. It’s tough because so many decent law makers acted on NORMS……now the INDECENT so-called law makers act as if the norms are not there… and there is not enough time to turn the norms into laws. That is a great advantage to the destroyers of Democracy. Here’s hoping… There are many more of “us” than of them. I think.

Ok, thanks Eliseo. Gonna watch it.

sunstars and others around our globe who might not have ready access here is the text of that obit


Lynn Margulis, Trailblazing Theorist on Evolution, Dies at 73 – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Lynn Margulis, a biologist whose work on the origin of cells helped transform the study of evolution, died on Tuesday at her home in Amherst, Mass. She was 73.

She died five days after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, said Dorion Sagan, a son she had with her first husband, the cosmologist Carl Sagan.

Dr. Margulis had the title of distinguished university professor of geosciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, since 1988. She drew upon earlier, ridiculed ideas when she first promulgated her theory, in the late 1960s, that cells with nuclei, which are known as eukaryotes and include all the cells in the human body except mature red blood cells, evolved as a result of symbiotic relationships among bacteria.

The hypothesis was a direct challenge to the prevailing neo-Darwinist belief that the primary evolutionary mechanism was random mutation.

Rather, Dr. Margulis argued that a more important mechanism was symbiosis; that is, evolution is a function of organisms that are mutually beneficial growing together to become one and reproducing. The theory undermined significant precepts of the study of evolution, underscoring the idea that evolution began at the level of micro-organisms long before it would be visible at the level of species.

“She talked a lot about the importance of micro-organisms,” said her daughter, Jennifer Margulis. “She called herself a spokesperson for the microcosm.”

The manuscript in which Dr. Margulis first presented her findings was rejected by 15 journals before being published in 1967 by the Journal of Theoretical Biology. An expanded version, with additional evidence to support the theory — which was known as the serial endosymbiotic theory — became her first book, “Origin of Eukaryotic Cells.”

Lynn Margulis, wearing her National Medal of Science Award.Credit…Paul Hosefos/The New York Times

A revised version, “Symbiosis in Cell Evolution,” followed in 1981, and though it challenged the presumptions of many prominent scientists, it has since become accepted evolutionary doctrine.

“Evolutionists have been preoccupied with the history of animal life in the last 500 million years,” Dr. Margulis wrote in 1995. “But we now know that life itself evolved much earlier than that. The fossil record begins nearly 4,000 million years ago! Until the 1960s, scientists ignored fossil evidence for the evolution of life, because it was uninterpretable.

“I work in evolutionary biology, but with cells and micro-organisms. Richard Dawkins, John Maynard Smith, George Williams, Richard Lewontin, Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould all come out of the zoological tradition, which suggests to me that, in the words of our colleague Simon Robson, they deal with a data set some three billion years out of date.”

Lynn Petra Alexander was born on March 5, 1938, in Chicago, where she grew up in a tough neighborhood on the South Side. Her father was a lawyer and a businessman. Precocious, she graduated at 18 from the University of Chicago, where she met Dr. Sagan as they passed each other on a stairway.

She earned a master’s degree in genetics and zoology from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of California, Berkeley. Before joining the faculty at Massachusetts, she taught for 22 years at Boston University.

Dr. Margulis was also known, somewhat controversially, as a collaborator with and supporter of James E. Lovelock, whose Gaia theory states that Earth itself — its atmosphere, the geology and the organisms that inhabit it — is a self-regulating system, maintaining the conditions that allow its perpetuation. In other words, it is something of a living organism in and of itself.

Dr. Margulis’s marriage to Dr. Sagan ended in divorce, as did a marriage to Thomas N. Margulis, a chemist. Dr. Sagan died in 1996.

In addition to her daughter and her son Dorion, a science writer with whom she sometimes collaborated, she is survived by two other sons, Jeremy Sagan and Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma; three sisters, Joan Glashow, Sharon Kleitman and Diane Alexander; three half-brothers, Robert, Michael and Mark Alexander; a half-sister, Sara Alexander; and nine grandchildren.

“More than 99.99 percent of the species that have ever existed have become extinct,” Dr. Margulis and Dorion Sagan wrote in “Microcosmos,” a 1986 book that traced, in readable language, the history of evolution over four billion years, “but the planetary patina, with its army of cells, has continued for more than three billion years. And the basis of the patina, past, present and future, is the microcosm — trillions of communicating, evolving microbes.”

Correction: Nov. 30, 2011

An obituary on Friday about the biologist Lynn Margulis referred incorrectly to cells, whose origin was the focus of her research. All cells in the human body except mature red blood cells have nuclei, not “all the cells in the human body.” And the obituary, using information from the family, also omitted the name of a survivor. Michael Alexander, a half-brother, survives her.

Eliseo I like your explanation of how the process of dogmatic scientific fundamentalism occurs, and your understanding that Carl Sagan suffered from it, and probably could not have done otherwise.

I see he didn’t have TIME for research and investigation and did not have the philosophical training in the first place to consider astrology. However he sure became vocal in his condemnation of astrology. It seems it threatened the respect of his work in astronomy. But of course. He lost his critical thinking skills (due to the need to meet prevailing sentiments) in the gap between astrology and astronomy.

Astrology and astronomy go hand in hand.

I read somewhere that the study of astronomy in ancient times was to facilitate the study of astrology.

And here I am, mightily disturbed by the people who DON’T think for themselves, who don’t do their own research and investigation….the lazy ones, the ones for whom their own comfort supersedes the greater good…. and their own good…. the ones who live in fantasyland – Yes it seems they want the same things WE do… togetherness – brotherly and sisterly love…. but there is a little thing called work. Research and investigation is work. Departing from your comfort zone is work.

Well, the above sounded a bit self-righteous, didn’t it?

Posting this link in case some might be interested – A university study here in NZ plans to study 1000 people over 2yrs on the ‘infodemic’ – what has led people down the conspiracy rabbit hole. “he hoped that getting a deeper insight could inform interventions in the future.”


I left out an important point when describing the lack of philosophical training scientists usually have. Argumentum ex silento, meaning an argument from silence. It is a very basic and common form of logical fallacy in which one takes the absence of evidence – as evidence of absence. Historians, perhaps more than scholars of other disciplines, sometimes fall prey to this fallacy, when an event or person is mentioned in one source but is not found in other writings. They might then make the mistake of claiming that the person never lived or that the event never took place.

But scientists can be just as narrow minded falling prey to it as well. The 1912 Wegener hypothesis is an oft used example. Alfred Wegener proposed the Earth’s continents were once a single supercontinent, Pangaea, which broke up long ago, and that the continents then moved to their current positions through what he called continental drift. Even though some found it interesting that the shape of the continents fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Wegener’s colleagues, could see no plausible mechanism for how continents could possibly move through the oceans. No evidence for it, therefore it didn’t happen! Wegener was ridiculed, etc., but decades after his death we discovered plate tectonics. Today continental drift is an accepted fact.

For centuries, “astrologia,” the ancient word for astrology and astronomy as a unified whole, was the queen of all sciences, but
gradually became separated in the 17th century. Modern day scientists see no plausible explanation for how the positions of astronomical bodies could possibly affect people, personalities, or events here on Earth. The “silence” of evidence for HOW is therefore interpreted as evidence of abscence. As no causal relationship can be ascertained, …astrology must be bunk.

Yet, I am confident in time we will discover a number of principles and forces which together will constitute astrology’s “plate tectonics.” I have my own hypothesis as to how the process works. Eventually, I hope, with the help of a biophysicist/theosophist friend, to show evidence of causal relationships which will explain astrology as well as several other phenomena.

As to why Dems have been slow to recognize the danger. When I was a teen, peers used to say, “It takes one to know one!”

Benevolence is not merely or simply a matter of goodwill and a desire to do good to others. It is an active process and spiritual praxis. Benevolent people seek to see the good in others as a matter of course. It is a healthier, more noble, and happier way of being, the downfall of which is an increased inability to see malevolent intent. Mr. Chamberlain, good soul that he was, had difficulty believing Herr Hitler could really be THAT duplicitous, or THAT baleful. It took someone with more acute predatory instincts, the Conservative Mr. Churchill to see Herr Hitler for who and what he really was.

Most modern Dems are women and men of goodwill, often compassionate and frequently naive. Who were the first folks to see how dangerous and potentially insurrectionary are modern R’s? The former Republicans who founded The Lincoln Project.

As for VP Kamala Harris: I have no idea how her situation may unfold. Favoring Elizabeth Warren myself, (I love that gal!) I felt K.H. was the wrong choice, but understood the political necessity. But had EW been the VP choice, the R. Massachussetts governor would have appointed another R. to replace her in the US senate. Not Good! Also, as much as I admire EW, I see her as pretty naive about foreign affairs, quite possibly implementing a disastrous foreign policy were she to replace Mr. Biden as president.

Nevertheless, with the right foreign policy advisors, I see in her the potential to be a great president. Meanwhile, I agree with several astrologers here on this blog. It is likely Mr. Biden’s fortunes will change for the better. I see great potential in him as well.


“Republicans Gain Heavy House Edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered Maps Emerge”

If Republicans should re-gain control of the House and the Senate, my heart breaks for the future of this planet and its children, particularly in regard to global warming. Sorry to post such negative news. I believe that the divisions in the Democratic Party, pulling it further left, might be contributing to our defeat as slogans like “defund the police” bother people, and I don’t know if the infrastructure bill will have manifested enough positive results by Nov 2022 to influence the country to choose Democrats. I guess it will all come down to the economy.

I know people are fearful of a Republican takeover.

And, here’s the thing: Being fearful and dreading the worst is not a viable answer. When has it ever solved anything?

Only the courageous know victory and the change they desire.

The power grab of the Republicans must provoke a deep, revolutionary progressive response against them.

Fight fire with fire, people!

Be ready to go for the jugular against them and their anti-democratic tools–elite money, corporate media, gerrymandering and court-packing. Hit them where it hurts, hard, and repeatedly!

The Republicans have nothing but horribly bad ideas that they cling to for dear life. They’re not even good ones! What moral ground do they have to stand on? None!

Own the libs! Block all funding for infrastructure! Scream incessantly about taxes! Abortion! Transgender women in bathrooms! Critical Race Theory!

What kind of nation falls prey to such profoundly stupid red herrings?

These people are so scared of a future for which they have completely lost the plot. The future on the horizon is so foreign to them that they are extremely terrified. They are literally trying to stop and turn back the clock with everything they’ve got to stop it from happening. But they are actually powerless to do so.

In their ridiculous efforts to stop change from happening, they are in effect begging the universe to bring a tsunami of destruction upon them and sweep them away into history. It’s not a question of if at this point, but when. How long before those who embrace the future can no longer tolerate the choke-hold that the status quo desperately wishes to impose upon us.

“What kind of nation falls prey to such profoundly stupid red herrings?”

A nation with atrophied attention spans. A nation sufficiently shallow to impair cognitive functions. A nation with too many who are so unaccustomed to critical thinking they cannot find their way out of a wet paper bag.

In order to develop depth of mind, one must first develop a long attention span. Truly understanding things and ideas in depth requires time.

We live in a culture and technological milieu which mitigates against that. In a democratic republic, people with short, poor attention spans make terrible citizens, but great consumers. And of course, the perfect consumer is an addict.

In the 1850s there was a do-nothing party and before that was the Ludditte’s and let us not forget the attempted assassination of FDR in the early 1930s and the attempted coup in 34 (against the New Deal). We have a history of resistance to progress but this time seems different. Maybe because there is corporate support for the end of democracy which we have not seen before.

Apple and Google pulled the plug on democracy in Russia and would do the same here in a heartbeat. Joining that chorus is Musk and others who have made it clear that they will do whatever is best for their business and democracy is not (from their perspective) good for their bottom line. There has been zero corporate pressure on TX or GA for abandoning their anti-democracy laws and in TX for its horrific abortion bill – zero.

We are in a battle for the future of the world and though I know the charts look good later this decade I do worry about our getting through the next few years and at what cost?

I have not posted here in a very long time, but I can’t be silent on this, I have to understand why no one seems to see what is going on here. I am completely baffled that the democrats don’t realize what they have done? I am baffled that none of you seem to think this is a problem? Are you all seriously OK with what happened in Austria today?
Would you be OK with that happening here? When did the democratic party decide to stand against civil liberties? What had always been the bedrock of the party. When did they decide it was a good idea to implement a mandate for a vaccine that is under EUA? Something that Biden, Pelosi and Fauci had all said was not only a bad idea but was not possible, only to turn around and do exactly that. At what point will they realize that costing people their livelihoods because they refuse to forfeit their bodily autonomy was a bad idea that is not just causing anger but fear. This is not just trumpsters. Are the thousands and thousands of people in the streets protesting all over the world trumpsters? This is just unbelievable to me that no one sees this? Believe what you want but this is going to cause a political realignment of constituents that will last for decades to come. Who needs Republicans when the Democrats are so efficient at destroying themselves.

With all due respeect, please consider this:
The “bodily autonomy” you referenced, i.e. freedom to die, threatens everyone else’s freedom to live. In societies which adhere to the rule of law, we do not tolerate people who threaten other’s lives..


Make this make sense to me. The vaccine does not stop transmission, by the CDC’s own admission. The vaccinated carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated, how does this equate to the unvaccinated threatening the lives of others anymore than the vaccinated?


Re: The Republicans vs the Democrats

I came across a Jessica Adams article sometime ago entitled Saturn, Uranus and the Civil War. I found it most helpful in grasping the undercurrents of our present circumstances.

Here’s an excerpt:

“……. By the time Lincoln was inaugurated, the hot issue was whether to attempt to resupply Fort Sumter, which sat in the middle of the harbor in Charleston, South Carolina. Confederate forces had surrounded the fort with the intent of starving the federal soldiers there into surrendering. Lincoln decided to make an attempt to get supplies to the fort. To the southerners, this was seen as an act of war.

The bombardment of Fort Sumter, which began at 4:30 AM on Apr. 12, 1861 is generally accepted as the beginning of the Civil War. But a horoscope drawn for that date is not particularly remarkable. Nor is a chart done for the day Lincoln was elected, Nov. 6, 1860. The chart that shows the most dramatic aspects is one done for noon on Dec. 20, 1860, the day South Carolina seceded. (horoscope enclosed.)

In this chart we have Saturn and Uranus in a nearly exact square, an aspect that clearly describes the breaking down of established structure by revolutionary fervor. On top of this we have Jupiter in a nearly exact quincunx with Neptune. Together, Jupiter and Neptune represent a grand and seductive dream, a “Cause”. The quincunx aspect tells us that the foundation of that dream is faulty.

In previous articles I have pointed out that the perfection of transiting aspects of the outer planets doesn’t always coincide with events labeled as significant by historians, but that they often do coincide with events that are meaningful to the masses.



In the preceding days before we reach the final Dec 24th Uranus-Saturn square (11 ’05 Taurus-Aquarius), there is the December 19th Gemini Full Moon (27 Gemini). It forms a semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to this Uranus-Saturn square AND this will be activating the Republican Party’s natal Uranus (10 ’12 Taurus – DOB March 20, 1854 6:30 pm Ripon, Wisconsin) and the Democratic Party’s Jupiter/Mars conj. (10 ’33/ 12 ’23 Scorpio – DOB January 8, 1828 10 am Washington DC).

Based on the above data, I would speculate we might be encountering a full blown constitutional crisis at the time of this Dec. 19th Full Moon.

Saturn Square Uranus 2021 – The Clash Of The Titans by Astrobutterfly

Saturn square Uranus is the most important transit of 2021. WHY? Saturn and Uranus will be in a close orb throughout the whole year.

In February 2021 we had the first Saturn square Uranus transit. The 2nd exact square is June 2021 and the 3rd and final square is in December 2021.

This is not a transit that comes and goes. This is a transit that will influence every single day of 2021. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction for example lasts for 1 day only, and the next day Venus is already out of orb.

But because Saturn and Uranus both move slowly and have relatively similar speeds, they will remain within orb for much longer… 2 years to be exact. Alignments between Saturn and Uranus are a collision between the old and the new – times when change becomes unavoidable.

Does this mean that the world will turn upside down when we have a Saturn square Uranus transit? Not necessarily, although Uranus transits usually come with big headlines… but for most of us, it’s not one single event we can ‘blame’ Saturn square Uranus for.

Saturn Square Uranus – The Long Process Of Change

The slow-moving planetary transits are slow… and the transformation they bring takes time, it is subtle, and not very obvious.

You may not be aware of the things in your life and inside of you that change right now, but you can bet that there is a massive rewiring going on, in the background.

In February, June and December 2021 the themes of the Saturn square Uranus transit will become more clear, but keep in mind that this is an ongoing process.

Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be more different, however, the paradox is that they work well together.

If we look at the order of planets in our solar system, Uranus follows Saturn, so there is a continuity theme there. Once the Saturn work is done, Uranus is the one that takes over from Saturn.

Uranus comes with the promise of freedom and enlightenment.



Freedom is great. But none of us through our actions or inactions have the right to set the world on fire.
It is very simple.
(1) As a vaccinated person, I do not want to get or transmit the disease to anyone, whether they or vaccinated or not.
(2) An unvaccinated person can get the disease and transmit it to OTHER UNVACCINATED people.

Two individuals who intentionally and purposefully remained unvaccinated transmitted the disease to my brother. He died!

(3) Being vaccinated reduces probability of getting the disease, or transmitting the disease, and strengthens the ability to overcome it if you do get it, but is not a 100% cure. Vaccinated people, especially those with certain preconditions remain vulnerable, but only less so. Let us not forget the virus IS evolving!

In the context of highly contagious, quickly evolving lethal diseaes, what you are calling “bodily autonomy” (refusing the vaccine) is the crime in most states referred to as “reckless endangerment.” IMO, anyone who purposefully refuses the vaccine needs to be confined to an isolated jail cell until such time as they have received all necessary vaccines and boosters.

Such refusal is the progeny of what we call in spiritual circles “the illusion of separateness.”
We ARE all one in a deeply interconnected biological and spiritual web of being.

Well thank you Eliseo for your reply to Elizabeth. I did not reply to her because I wasn’t able to pace my response to be thoughtful and intelligent.

I googled her claim about vaccinated being just as able to transmit the virus as unvaccinated.

But that’s only if the vaccinated have been infected! And there is a much lower chance of the vaccinated becoming infected.

The vaccinated who get the virus do not fill up the hospitals. The unvaccinated do.

The vaccinated who get the virus are unlikely to die. The unvaccinated who get the virus so severely that they must be hospitalized are in danger of death. They tax our hospitals and all the people around them.

Reckless endangerment, yes. The unvaccinated have the right to risk death to themselves, I guess, but they do not have the right to risk death to their fellow humans.

I believe that people who refuse the vaccine need to be kept away from other people because the risk of death to another is too great. Yes, the illusion of separateness.

Ok. maybe not in jail. But at home. They can order groceries in. Hopefully they can work from home. If not…. Yikes! Then we shall see….

I find the individuals on this blog investigate and research. They want information. Their opinions can change due to more information.

I’m totally for what Austria is doing in isolating the unvaccinated. Austria is protecting their citizens from death and from long Covid.

If Elizabeth reads the above from me, that vaccinated people only transmit the virus if they are infected, and rates of infection of vaccinated people are far lower than the unvaccinated, and yet she is outraged by vaccine mandates, then I say Ok I will cease to communicate with Elizabeth.

I’ve always heard the following but it was repeated almost 2 years ago, not only regarding attitudes to covid, but for all the conspiracy theorists that abound today:

You can’t have a rational conversation with an irrational person.

Ok.. some patient and intelligent people can talk to someone who is borderline, and do a great service of helping them walk over the line….. but not me at the moment.

I hope in the future I can develop the patience, and the intelligent and sensitive approach that can take the borderline over the line. However, how do we know who is borderline and who is just plain crazy?

Just an anecdote about Covid transmission among vaccinated: I went to a wedding this summer where the vaccinated bride ended up getting a breakthrough Covid case from the unvaccinated makeup person (no one else caught it). The bride had a mild case and didn’t give it to the groom – and they were clearly not distancing during their honeymoon! Breakthrough cases, when they do occur, are not only generally mild but also much more short lived. So they’re contagious for shorter periods of time (reported as 24-48 hours prior to symptoms) compared to unvaccinated (13 to 18 days in total with the Delta variant).

As for vaccine mandates, all children are required to be vaccinated for a number of infectious diseases in order to attend school. Smallpox vaccines were mandated in the military by George Washington and some localities also mandated smallpox vaccination for citizens subject to fines, such as Cambridge MA in 1905. When challenged, the Supreme Court ruled that “mandatory vaccination in the state did not violate the first amendment. While acknowledging the personal freedom of U.S citizens, Judge Justice John Marshall Harlan said in an opinion at the time that “the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.”” (Newsweek article on Sept 10, 2021)

In many places, Covid vaccination can be waived for medical exemptions (and I think religious – but see at least Pope Francis on Catholics and vaccination) and otherwise people can agree to regular Covid testing. But seriously, I don’t see how any healthcare worker, nursing home staff, anyone who serves the general public should be allowed to potentially infect anyone at their mercy.

Somehow the same Republicans challenging the vaccine mandates are fine with attacking the bodily freedom of women to have an abortion, a right guaranteed under Federal law.


Even though I agree that the vaccination is protecting us, as do masks and social distancing and washing hands to a good extent, it is the perception of the government forcing us to do something that frightens people and some even see it as a lead-in to fascism. It may not be rational, since we are forced to do a lot of things, like pay taxes, and follow the system of laws; however, those who are not “Liberal” (Progressive, Democrat, whatever label they use) are as afraid of US as we are of THEM. And, apparently they are more afraid of government control, or some bad effect from the vaccine than they are of Covid. People do frighten easily.

To move forward, I do not agree that fighting the good fight is the only strategy. I think we have to understand how the other “side” thinks, and use psychology, respect, dialogue, etc. I am not sure what will work (or if anything will), and I am not thinking of the ones that are too adamant or belligerent to talk to or reason with. And, of course, it is hard to battle each side’s media and social networking, but confrontation alone will not win us voters.

And since people do frighten easily, it is only when they SEE the consequences that they make changes. Unfortunately, when it comes to global warming and climate change, the consequences may be disastrous.

Therefore, as much as I believe that vaccinations are what’s saving many (as will the many meds being pioneered against Covid), I understand why people fear the mandates, and I understand Elizabeth’s point. I did not hear her say she is against vaccination – I heard her say that the perception the Democrats are feeding by having the government force people to do something (people who already think Democrats are going to take away their right to defend themselves with guns) is the problem – among other myths and cliches.

Ironically, both FL and LA now have the lowest case loads in the country. LA is a red state but NOLA, the largest metro area in the state, is blue. Overall, both governments had opposite philosophes – so how do you account for this? Warm weather and spending a lot of time outdoors may be the relevant factor (?)

Here in NOLA, there have been some mandates in private and government settings with mixed results. I think the most effective thing our mayor may have done was mandate that people could not be served in restaurants if they hadn’t been vaccinated or could show a recent negative test result.

Thank you Elizabeth for your post, it is brave of you to express your opinions and thoughts here, where people claim to be open minded. I personaly know 2 people who died after being injected. They were healthy and had no pre-existing condition. So there are two, if not more sides to a story. I am amazed at the willingness to trust in Pharmacutical companies, Bill Gates and yes even the Government that has continued to destroy what little freedoms we think we have. Astrology aligns with what is going on and we have much more destruction of systems and tumbling of big organizations to look forward to. Which “facts” are right or wrong will be only known in hindsight. I for one can not and will not support Government Mandates that lead to Digital Passports that will lead to the end of whatever freedoms we think we have. How many “booster” shots will it take for people to clear there minds and come to there senses. I am sorry that family members have left us, my cousin is included in this. He was an awesome Doctor who was only 67 when he died after his injection. So I understand the strong feeling from some on this site. I too, see his death as unessary.

China’s self-destructive path.


To Elizabeth & Laura

When we are subjected to such a great amount of one sided reporting and those few reporting on the otherside are strongly berated, I really wonder where is the truth.

Laura, I am truly sorry for your loss. That is most unfortunate and exceedingly rare (CDC reports 0.0022% death rate following more than 432 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, with deaths occurring post vaccine not necessarily caused by the vaccine).

As for mandates, in this country nobody is required to be vaccinated, only as a condition of their job in some cases. People do have a choice, but the choice may require that they find another job, which is again unfortunate but the people they serve and/or coworkers are spared potential infection by the person who chooses not to get vaccinated.

Cool Hand Luke

Actually his alter ego is

Cool Hand Les

I could not have done it…..


I just want to pull the curtain back a little bit and remind all that we have vaccine mandates for many illnesses from birth on. It is a requirement in this country (and most of the developed world).

Much of the cold civil war we are living in right now is fueled by foreign actors and those who would rather see a divided US (and a divided western world).

They don’t want any restrictions on guns but it is OK for cars like requiring wearing a seatbelt. Some of the issues we are dealing with are absurd, to say the least. But that is the goal – to become obsessed with issues that are counterproductive to our lives – it is a way to destroy our nation and social media is built on fostering conflict.

…social media is built on fostering conflict

Elizabeth and Laura. I would like to think this blog has room for differing opinions and honest civil discussion. Thank you for voicing your thoughts.

Yes people can have have very unfortunate side effects from the vaccine. However, recent studies indicate that if you are likely to be susceptible a particular side effect, the degree of intensity is far greater for any particular symptom if you get the disease, than with the vaccine. (e.g. myocarditis, body aches, headache, etc etc etc.) There are very rare cases that they think the vaccine may act as a trigger in pre-susceptible people for such things as Guillian-Barre syndrome. My son has blood clotting issues resulting in an amputation a few years ago, and was reluctant to get the vaccine. Because he is on a blood thinner already, his specialist encouraged him to get the pfizer, and he is now double vaxxed with no issues.

On the topic of viral load comparison, there are a few days (avg 3) at onset where the viral load is in the same range, however, the elevated viral load continues for a considerably longer time frame with the unvaxinated (avg 14 days) than the vaccinated. So the additional factor is, a breakthrough infected vaxxed potentially spreads the virus for fewer days, and, because there are fewer vaccinated people getting the disease, it means there are also fewer hosts among the vaccinated to pass the disease to others.

For those that cannot get the vaccine because of medical contra-indications, that is precisely why the vast majority of those that have no reason not to do so, need to get vaccinated to help to protect them and contribute to having less virus in the community.

On the topic of ‘freedom’ – all of these mandates/laws have a sunset clause that is directly related to the severity and stage of the pandemic. I think the objection has been fueled because most have no pandemic disease experience, and don’t read history. Freedom will return when the virus has been tamed. The irony is, vaccine reluctance is actually contributing to a longer curtailment period.

So whose freedom is more valid? My freedom to know the disease isnt being passed around my community, leaving me and my loved ones susceptible? Or your freedom to not get a vaccine due to largely outsized, manipulated fear of what’s in the vaccine, together with manipulated downplaying of data and the severity of the disease? Not to mention the selfish who just plain don’t like being told what to do because they feel no obligation toward other members of a civil society.

I get very angry at key manipulators who target the general and vulnerable population into believing all sorts of nonsense, due to their own self serving agenda.

I have not visited the site since January of this year.
Today I celebrate and extend a warm welcome to Elizabeth and Laura.

Thank you for your posts I could not have said it better my self.

I am pro-choice, the Hedge Fund informed media have done a masterful job of inflicting jaw dropping, heart stopping, nail baiting disinformation and misinformation to a already stressed, distressed population, the FEAR card has been played to the NTH degree. this Fear is the Virus, Freedom, the cure! no, I am not a trumpist, I am someone who was born in a totalitarian regime, compare to what the forces that be are hell bent into manifesting, that was a walk in the park, my family and I were able to immigrate to Australia many years ago, now there is no place to move to, and yet I trust that Earth cycles are instructing sentient beings to move to a new radical way of seeing and being, may it be so for our sake.

I love Benjamin Franklin’s quote apropos for these times… ” They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

Peace and blessings to every one.

Aglo, your comment regarding media, sadly, can fit anyone with a profit motive. From my perspective, the murdoch & bannon connected media is the greater offender.

I take it you object because of the freedom aspect, rather than as a health expert.
Did you know that as a public health activist, Benjamin Franklin is also remembered as being an avid supporter and promoter of smallpox inoculations to prevent disease spread and death?

I am assuming by your comment that you currently live in Australia. I was born and raised in NZ, where the country used to have a large sense of egalitarian cohesiveness, born out of common sense and a reverence for the greater good of the community in mind. Many families still remember how the 1918 pandemic here affected their relatives.
The current narrative of “antivax, freedom” in australia, nz, and elsewhere, is being driven via internet social media avenues by a few dedicated stirrers mostly with self serving motives, directly connected to current US right wing prosperity theology actors, alt-right, Qanon, as well as other 5G etc out-there conspiracies.

Bravo kiwi.

Jerry, you referenced (above) the Dec 4 solar event. I just saw this – the US reaches the debt ceiling on Dec. 3.


Hi silcominc,

Yes. I did explore the risks of a US default regarding that eclipse. Perhaps you missed it (posted Nov 12th)….

“The December 4th solar eclipse could relate to the US debt ceiling debacle scheduled to come for a vote December 3rd. Will McConnell dig in his heels as he has vowed to do and force the US into default? In that scenario, the US economy would certainly face a tumultuous protracted downturn. The eclipse will be activating McConnell’s natal Jupiter – 11 ’47 Gemini in t square to his Nodes (13 ’27 Pisces-Virgo) – read intractable……….

McConnell Vows GOP Won’t Help Raise Debt Ceiling In December After Schumer ‘Tantrum’

with regard to the dec 4th eclipse, personally, I have been wondering what change(s) might happen in the next period of time – it falls 11 min from my sun.

Thank Jerry. As I said earlier, buckle up friends – turbulence ahead.


I am very sorry to hear about your brother and I can imagine that it has deepened your feelings about this situation. You and I have had many deeply thoughtful and insightful conversations here and privately. I have greatly appreciated all of them.

I am however deeply saddened that you hold this opinion,

“IMO, anyone who purposefully refuses the vaccine needs to be confined to an isolated jail cell until such time as they have received all necessary vaccines and boosters.”

I really am speechless.

Laura, I am sorry for both of your loses. I am quite angry that these stories get no media coverage. There are more that have died and also many who have suffered serious life altering adverse reactions. Given that there is risk and very serious risk at that, whether or not these incidents are rare or not, they are possible and that is the entire point. No one knows if it will be them until they get the vaccine. Where there is risk, there must be choice. Full stop.
“I am amazed at the willingness to trust in Pharmacutical companies, Bill Gates and yes even the Government that has continued to destroy what little freedoms we think we have.” – thank you, Me too. I concur with everything you said.

The town of Waterford Ireland has a vaccination rate of 99.7% and they have the highest cases in the whole country. How does that happen? Listen, if the vaccine did what vaccines do, which is stop transmission, I would at least understand the desire for a mandate, but it clearly doesn’t. And if sunstars reads this and doesn’t understand my concern than she is welcome to cease communicating with me.

Aglo, Thank you for your warm welcome and thank you for your post, I will extend back to you that I could not have said it better myself. – peace and blessings to you.

Here is one of my personal stories,
My niece just gave birth to her first child. She is not able to return to work unless she is vaccinated and she is a nursing mother. Did I mention she works from home, she will encounter no one from work. there are no studies to show safety for the baby while nursing if she were to get the vaccine, yet, she was told there will be no exemption for her being a nursing mother. She had to quit her job. Exactly what risk was she going to present to her company by waiting until she is done nursing to get vaccinated?

Les, Yes, there are childhood vaccinations and most states offer an ethical/religious/medical exemption and children can still attend school. Never before in the history of our country has a vaccine been mandated to participate in society.

Sharon, Hello. Leave it to you to see my point. No, I am not anti-vax. I am anti-mandate. My original point and the reason I posted last night was to express my deep concern about what I feel is happening. I know you remember that I was a Bernie supporter and I am a progressive. I care deeply about the progressive agenda and I see it all slipping away. I have been watching this for months.
I was waiting for the VA governor race because I felt certain Youngkin was going to win. Whatever anyone thinks the reasons for that loss were, I have been watching very closely, not just conservatives but independents and some democrats and I see a tsunami coming. Whatever any of you think about covid or the vaccines, the mandates are terrifying people. I have seen so many democrats say they are done with the party over this. Time will tell, but I see a tsunami coming in 2022/2024 and I don’t understand why no one sees it.

Elizabeth, thank you for your thoughtful post above. I see it a little differently. I understand about your niece and that is horrible and a real problem with one size fits all solutions. There should be exceptions but in NYC, which requires proof of vaccine to enter any restaurant, the covid rate is the lowest in the northeast. I think the vaccine works but more to the point, I wonder when you link the Govt. and big pharma together – I truly believe that big pharma and most big tech and most big everything has over the past fifty years of deregulation become the enemy and the Govt. is on our side. But the disinformation on social media tells us that the Govt is the enemy. I just don’t think they are equals…

Elizabeth, you say ” Never before in the history of our country has a vaccine been mandated to participate in society.”

Actually, that is not exactly true. As far back as 1777 George Washington mandated all soldiers to be vaccinated; 1809 Massachusetts required all over 21 be vaccinated, and other states followed; 1855 Massachusetts instituted first school vaccine mandate; 1905 supreme court upheld authority for states to require vaccines.

silcominc ,

Re: The December 4th eclipse

A quick follow up if I may. An acrimonious, contentious split between the parties could develop beginning Dec 3rd on the debt ceiling and budget and possible govt shutdown. What I’m really looking at is the December 19th Gemini Full Moon for reasons stated earlier. The latest public announcement released by Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen seems to corroborate that timeline….

Yellen Warns US Could Default Soon After Dec. 15

The Hill
November 16, 2021

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told congressional leaders Tuesday that the federal government could default on its debt soon after Dec. 15 without action to raise the federal borrowing limit.

In a Tuesday letter, Yellen said she has “a high degree of confidence” in Treasury’s ability to keep the U.S. current on debt payments until midway through next month — roughly two weeks longer than her initial projection of Dec. 3.

She warned, however, that the U.S. could run out of cash soon after transferring $118 billion to the Highway Trust Fund to comply with the recently signed bipartisan infrastructure bill.



One more thing Elizabeth, from what I have read, recent studies have found there are no additional safety issues if you breastfeed after vaccination. In fact, there is some suggestion that the baby may get protection from antibodies contained in the breastmilk.

Regarding Ireland, from what I have read it seems that reopening social rule relaxing is playing a part, as well as a small number still unvaccinated, including children, together with waning protection 6mths post vaccination. However, even though breakthrough cases are appearing, they are not as severe in the vaccinated group, and fewer deaths are occurring.

Welcome back, Elizabeth, and Algo, Laura, Les!

It’s getting lively around here lately.

This default stuff is getting old. Republicans are playing a game of chicken or let’s see who blinks first again.

I certainly hope you are correct (it often feels that way) in your assertion the power of the Political Right will soon diminish as they take their last gasp desperate breaths and sink into oblivion. I am so extremely tired of all the right wing propaganda masquerading as news, poisoning our minds and body politic.

So, so much “odious” energy is flowing through us right now. It is literally making me sick.

Is the Biden-Kamala Harris Honeymoon Over? Reports of Rift, ‘Struggling’ VP Point to ‘Exhausted Stalemate’

News 18
Nov 17, 2021

A damning report, a pushback and a possible crisis in the White House


Glancing at the Biden/Harris composite chart here:


there is a close Sun/Mercury conjunction at 11/12 Scorpio. It will be heavily impacted by the late December Uranus-Saturn square. Biden’s natal Mars is sitting right at that point at 12 Scorpio. Could this indicate a foreign or domestic conflict? The US progressed Neptune at 26 ’00 Virgo will be semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the Saturn-Uranus square. Some kind of awakening or spiritual transformation as we approach the end of the year? I noticed a perfect symmetrical grand cross square involving Kamala Harris’s Sun-Moon opposition (27 Aries-Libra) to the composite nodes (27 Cancer-Capricorn). Is Kamala “destined” to take over the presidency at the beginning of the New Year? Just a wild guess. I rather like being recklessly speculative at times.

Jennifer Gosar, younger sister of Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ), in an interview with Andrea Mitchell stated she believed a Congressional censure is a move that doesn’t go far enough.

“From all the information we’ve learned, I believe my brother to be a co-conspirator in a coup attempt against the United States government. So I think expulsion is actually the most appropriate next step.” says Gosar.

She did not say it should be the final step.


It certainly seems bad enough, and probably will get even worse before it gets better.

And the reality of it is, these fools really have no place to go. They are clearly out of ideas, and out of time. They have zero moral authority upon which to stand.

If the likes of TFG, punks like Rittenhouse, nuts like MTG, Gym Jordan, and that flea-bitten pig Bannon are what they elevate and aspire to be, they are completely f—ed.

Should anyone be surprised that they are flinging feces at everything that threatens their crumbling position?

The only real question is, how long before progressives go radical? The far right will not save us. They never have, and never, ever, ever will. These people are idiots! Left to their madness, they will suicide themselves, and take down the planet with them! The gerontocracy—Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, etc.—has much to answer for. Their extreme greed and selfishness should earn them full asset seizure and a cardboard box under an interstate overpass in which they can properly live out the rest of their miserable days. Unfortunately, they will die before any real public anger can lead to justice and retribution, but it is a nonetheless a blessing that they will not reign seemingly so supreme for much longer.

The future belongs to the rational mind and heart that understands how desperate our predicament is on this planet, yet chooses courage over cynicism, inclusionary democracy over bitter divisiveness, hope and healing over hatred. That time must come, if for no other reason than the fact that what so-called Conservative Republicans are now creating is too intolerable to remain without evoking violent resistance at some point in the near term.

Undoubtedly some of them seem to be itching for a fight. And I say to them, woe to those who wantonly start something while lacking the conviction to finish it.

The patriarchy is dead. Kill it already! Let it die! It wasn’t that great anyway, even for those who supposedly benefited from it. It’s time for something new and perhaps better to emerge.

Buckeye Shadow:

Like Like Like!!!!!!!! 🙂

I don’t know exactly how it works but there is a problem in the system that lets people like Koch and Murdoch amass so much money that they haven’t earned. Other examples are Musk, Zuckerberg….. we all can name them.

I agree with all that you said, except for the term patriarchy. All of my thinking life I’ve been an egalitarian working for women’s rights as equal citizens. Oligarchy, IMO would be far more accurate and appropriate. A great number of males are systematically excluded from the club. I have long felt use of the word patriarchy to describe our overlords is unfair. Some are bullyboys, and some are bullygirls, but they are all our oppressors. Too many males have been deeply hurt, lived and died under their rule. Whether we labor in the mines, or at universities, we are still merely livestock at best, and cannon fodder to the plutocrats, the beautiful people, regardless of their sex.

You of course are on the mark in saying “these fools really have no place to go. They are clearly out of ideas, and out of time.”
I just hope they don’t burn the country, and/or the world down as they lose power.

Good point, Eliseo. I neglected the fact that many women are just as guilty of the destructive use of power. How many female CEOs and investors are throwing money into projects that cause harm to many? Rebekah Mercer comes to mind, who along with her father Robert has financed the odious Bannon. Also, Amy Comey Barrett, the Conservative Reactionary Catholic Stepford wife Supreme Court justice, ever so willing to impose her narrow theological-based worldview upon the nation. She’s no different than so many men who have done the same before her.

So yes, maybe the patriarchy is a poor descriptor for the larger problem that we are dealing with, one that isn’t limited to just one gender.

My stepson, who has delved into men’s rights groups, points out that so much is expected of men: they are still expected to be the breadwinner and, of course, die or being injured in war (the military is still largely male). In some ways, although they built the system, they did it in a way that makes them almost expendable.

die or be injured (not being injured)…

Things are still changing. Roles are changing. Everyone is still getting accustomed to them. Can women still be strong yet feminine and men kind yet strong?

I’m very relieved you see my point.
My grandmother was very involved in the Texas Women’s Suffrage Movement. She was elated in 1918 when Texas first allowed women to vote in primary elections. She was happier still on June 28, 1919 when the Texas legislature ratified the 19th amendment, becoming the ninth state and the first Southern state to ratify it. She had worked the Texas legislators in Austin, and the local people in her home town. She often said that it was the proudest day of her life, and thereafter, every June 28th hosted a party for the local ladies, and their men, celebrating with lemonade and teacakes.

My father felt honored to be raised by such a grand lady, his adoptive mother, for having done such work. He was a proud union man, an IBEW electrician who from a young age believed in abortion rights and socialized medicine. Furthermore, he was the gentlest, kindest, most decent man I have ever known.

From an early age I too have labored on behalf of egalitarian causes. In the 1960’s as a teenager I was with Rev. Starbuck, the White pastor of my parent’s church, as we made speeches, and teach-ins, and worked in concert with our Black brothers and sisters for civil rights. It is from that era I have most of my physical scars, and Complex PTSD. Later I was also involved in the Vietnam anti-war movement, and in the Women’s Liberation efforts. Sometimes with events with the ladies, I was the only fellow amongst them!

Most all the men I’ve been closely associated with all my life have shared similar views to my own. But when I hear (or see in print) someone complaining about or excoriating the “patriarchy,” I feel hurt, diminished, condemned, and excluded, essentially for being a White male. Not all White males have the power to oppress, and many of us have no desire to oppress anyone.

We have a long way to go yet before we’ve attained gender and sexual justice. The anti-female attitudes, and cultural artifacts and issues women face are well known. But we men are still “success objects” to many women, and if you are the wrong color, social class, gender orientation, or simply a sensitive bloke like myself, … well, you don’t get into the club, nor do you benefit from your maleness.

Thank You for seeing my point. I very much admire the way your mind works, and always appreciate your astute astrological insights.

SO sweet –
My kind of news story


For those interested in the eclipse:
The moon will begin to pass into the Earth’s shadow around 1 a.m. ET.

At 2:19 a.m. ET, the moon will move into the umbra, the inner part of Earth’s shadow and begin to look like a chunk is missing from it.
It will turn red around 3:45 a.m. ET.

For U.S. viewers the peak of the eclipse — when the moon is the most covered by Earth’s shadow — will be at 4:03 a.m. ET.

I have great admiration for you as well, Eliseo, your thoughtfulness and wisdom. It seems the good guys are real diamonds these days, and it’s easy to forget them and dismiss all men—myself included—when so many truly rotten apples and their stench threatens to overtake everything and everyone. And maybe the real opportunity is discernment? Distinguishing the good from the bad, while understanding that there is a lot of gray in between. They bad guys—Trump, Bannon, Gaetz, Murdoch, Koch, etc—all seem to benefit when their numbers appear much larger than they are.

What does Bannon do? He blusters and tries to make himself seem so much bigger and badder than he actually is. Same for Trump. They are both sh!tbags, for sure, but they each benefit from creating a perception that they are far more powerful and impactful than they are.

Discernment and critical thinking are scarce things these days. Yet they are the keys to walloping these bastards and knocking them back into their rightful places, under rocks, in the septic tank, etc.

Another random thought regarding right-wing reactionary extremists and extremism:

Want to know how it ends? Look to places where progressive ideas and actions are taking root. Here in Ohio, the Republicans are destroying our state government with their imbecility, corruption and obsession with gerrymandering, abortion, and guns.

The progressive action in evidence here is within our larger cities, particularly Cleveland and Cincinnati, which have joined other major cities nationally—New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, etc—in electing new, younger and/or ethnically novel mayors. What’s happening here in these places represents the future of the US. These are the places where the actions and policies that will move the nation forward out of the Conservative Catastrophe will occur.

I expect that we will see cities take a powerful stand in the not too distant future for their own autonomy and quasi-independence from nutjob Conservative-controlled state legislatures. Some cities may even band together with several of their suburbs.

Tax rebellions and other outright defiance on a region-by-region scale might be how this plays out.

The Republican Party is a dinosaur. Time to kill it dead with the progressive political equivalent of an asteroid, and bury it for all time. It’s become a monster that threatens all of us, and for what possible good?

“The Republican Party is a dinosaur. Time to kill it dead with the progressive political equivalent of an asteroid, and bury it for all time. It’s become a monster that threatens all of us, and for what possible good?”

LOL! Long ago I wrote a song (actually unfinished) for 12 string baritone guitar expressing those same sentiments and metaphors! Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to conclude the lyrics to my satisfaction. I think I need a songwriting partner. Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen, where are you guys when I need you?

Maybe BuckeyeShadow? 😉

“The Longest Lunar Eclipse in Centuries Happens Tonight”! Didn’t know that. At this moment the moon is in 24 Taurus.


I note the R dominated Ohio legislature has just voted for a redistricting plan which heavily favors their party. Do you have any idea as to how soon it will be challenged in court, and what the odds might be for it to he struck down?


Not sure, and it’s also unlikely much will happen with Republicans in near full control of the courts.

Things are really bad here in Ohio government. And it’s not like this should be a surprise to anyone here. The Ohio Republicans have dominated the state for 3 decades, while the Ohio Democrats have essentially collapsed into ineptitude, perpetual embarrassment, and incompetence.

There are perhaps several reasons for this, not the least of them being the rise of the pro-Corporate DLC nationally, and in turn, the national Democratic Party kicking union/labor support to the curb in favor of chasing after corporate/investor $$$.

The party also nowadays seems to glued to making all of its policies and strategy based upon focus groups, rather than sticking with the tried and true, heartfelt “kitchen table politics” that appealed to broad swaths of society, and which were leveraged against Conservatism to devastating effect by FDR, and to a lesser extent by later Democratic presidents, including Kennedy and Johnson.

The Dems have effectively abandoned advocacy for the working class/broad masses of people to the Republican Party, which of course doesn’t care one whit for them either. But as a right-wing party, the GOP is all too eager to leverage race and religion/morality through its platform to appeal to these people. Meanwhile, the Democrats during and since Obama have increasingly concentrated their efforts within city cores and their immediate suburbs, giving them full control of local government in most of these places, but limiting their influence at the state level due to the structural disadvantages in many states that grant more representation at that level to rural and outer-suburban areas.

Some of us will recall that Howard Dean attempted to correct the Democrats course by waging a 50-state battle against the Republicans, funding candidates in every district. Dean’s strategy was responsible for giving the Dems control of Congress during the latter part of the 00s–and making Nancy Pelosi the first ever female Speaker of the House. It also earned the Democrats a number of governorships as well as major gains in many state legislatures, and ultimately bolstered Obama’s successful campaign for President in 2008.

What happened to Dean? The awful Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s campaign manager and strategist, who promptly booted Dean from the DNC after Obama’s victory. The two did not get along well apparently. Unfortunately, Emmanuel was too willing to jettison and downplay Dean’s successes… for focus groups and the pro-Corporate DLC approach that largely remains in place today.

Basically, the Democrats have a strategy in place that appeals to upscale, diverse, well-educated urban professionals. In Ohio, that resonates most strongly in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, the state’s three largest, most well-educated, and most diverse cities. Unfortunately, this narrowing shift in base and focus has come at a time when the Republicans have had successive opportunities to reapportion and gerrymander state and congressional legislative districts in their favor, essentially enabling them to contain Democratic voice and influence in a few small districts.

What’s the solution? Revolt? Yes, but it seems we aren’t yet ready for that. But we are getting close!

The only other possibility is for the Democrats to broaden their base and appeal strategy. Biden has campaigned in this direction, but a more aggressive stance is necessary, and the Democrats must find their heart and hit back at the Republicans at every turn. HARD. Use the bully pulpit!

So far, the party seems stuck in a perpetual neutral with a core of centrists (e.g. Manchin) and a few narcissistic nuts (e.g. Sinema) who don’t want to rock the boat with their corporate donors too much. The problem is that they share the boat with an increasingly nutzo reactionary right wing Republican Party that has set the boat on fire and seems all too eager to burn it all up and drown if it means the liberals they hate so much also burn and drown with them. We need the liberals/progressives to A.) put out the fire, and B) kick the right-wing nutjobs in the Republican Party overboard, if not the whole damn party itself. But the centrists have them mostly hogtied in this moment.

Feels like a cliffhanger… and we’ve all got a front row seat to it, because we are on that damn boat, too.

The loss of the Fairness Doctrine eventually forced Dems to seek monies from those with the deepest pockets. Although I was very involved in the 1968 Dem campaign, I did not vote until I was of age, in 1972. Biden, a pro-union FDR style politician, is the first Dem I’ve voted for “with actual enthusiasm.”

For a break from political and social anxiety, I know some of you will find this Theosophical Society video by Mitch Horowitz interesting and affirming: https://youtu.be/_atYDdRpqr4

Jerry, all

related to your posts re Harris taking over presidential powers:

“Biden To Transfer Power To Harris While Undergoing Medical Procedure

Vice President Harris will be the first woman to hold presidential power while Biden is at Walter Reed.”


Last night’s lunar eclipse coincided with the House passing the BBB bill and as Jerry’s astrology acumen suggested, Biden briefly ceded presidential power to Harris, establishing her as the first woman and woman of color to hold presidential power. I’d so love it Nancy or someone else can bring some astrological illumination to what is going on and maybe what we can expect.

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges in Kenosha shootings

I have to agree with the statements below. Whether this foolish boy should go to jail or not, the not guilty verdict IMO really does open the door for Left & Right to be shooting at one another in the streets. I don’t associate with Right Wingers, but I personally know several on the Left who are armed, and well practiced with their firearms. To my knowledge, none of them want to get into a gunfight, but neither will they run from one.

“The family of one of the victims, Anthony Huber, said in a statement “there is no accountability for the person who murdered our son.”

“It sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street,” the statement said of the verdict.


My antennae are buzzing. I’m wondering if De Santis might be the 2024 R presidential nominee, or perhaps on the ticket as VP.

Trump’s ire grows as DeSantis’ popularity with Republicans takes off

From the strong statement by the Huber family in response to the verdict (who are also blaming the police for advocating and supporting vigilante assistance, because they weren’t capable), they have just begun to fight. They will not let this go.

Eliseo and all,

My sense is very much that what the reactionary right-wingers start, the radically progressive left will finish. It won’t be pretty, and I must understate this fact. We are in ugly times, and they will become much uglier still before they become better. But the greater good of humanity will triumph in the end.

Indulging in violent rage and nihilism because you feel entitled to be a murderous ass to people just because of accident of birth (skin color, sex, etc.), is no more or less a recipe for one’s own self-destruction. That’s the deep end the right wing is diving off into head first.

But remember this well, all, they have zero foundation to stand on. There is literally nothing driving them but hatred and emptiness. What can you possibly create that is constructive and lasting in such energies? Zero.

Anything they attempt to preserve or create is condemned from the start.

I actually don’t know if many of them can learn the lessons in this lifetime that they should learn. It feels like an evolutionary dead end to me.

The path forward is with those who look to the future with hope for humanity’s highest aspirations. They will be victorious, and actually must be, if we are to survive.

I see progressives with guns, and I think of people who will fight only as a last resort, but will do so with the tenacity of Gen. Sherman, the Union General from Ohio best known for his “scorched earth” approach throughout the Confederate South during the Civil War. He admitted he did not love war, but knew that the only way to fight one was to win, and to use every means necessary to do so.

For this reason, the left will win on conviction. The right proves time and again how completely bankrupt it is in every way imaginable, save perhaps literal money. And even that apparent advantage will not be lasting too much longer.

BuckeyeShadow, I agree with you in your above posts but in reality, the Confederacy was also morally bankrupt but 150 years later, they are still around and now they are called the GOP but its the same group – same thoughts and same game plan – their way or the highway.

And I agree the Clinton/ Emanuel faction of the party is / was our deathblow. The sooner we can return to the policies of Howard Dean and others who favor a 50 state solution, the better. Unfortunately, the current DNC leadership shows a total lack of understanding or messaging or anything else that can help us. I am worried that unless we get real leaders in the party or the current ones get their act together, we are looking at some challenging times ahead. Yes, I think we all agree that the long term might be OK but the short term is going to be very dicey. As I have been saying, buckle up.

Eliseo, just realized that the US civil war coincided with the industrial revolution in the US. It makes me realize that this pluto return we are beginning shortly is not just about our perspective on human value, but also about our relationship with commerce.

Like I have been saying – buckle up everybody.

I am looking at the FB posts and political “cartoons” about the Rittenhouse verdict, seeing people taking sides, and feeling heartsick about where this will lead in a country like ours where the right to assemble and protest is protected. The protesters will have to now protect themselves, more will be armed….more killed, injured, arrested……

RE: Our Pluto return and relationship with commerce:
Many economic historians believe we are in “late stage capitalism.” They do not believe we will go “socialist” per se, but honestly are not sure what we are evolving into economically.
It is becoming clear computerization, roboticization, and biotechnology will dramatically alter how we live. When robots and computers do the lion’s share of our work, and it becomes cheaper and more efficient to create and manufacture meats and other foods in labs, rather than raising beef cattle, chickens, & other livestock, we will certainly be living in a quite different economic and moral universe. And I perceive these developments are coming sooner than we think. There are expectations we will no longer need vast tracts of arable land to raise crops, making most jobs in rural areas obsolete.

RE: “The protesters will have to now protect themselves, more will be armed….more killed, injured, arrested……”
In the next few weeks I hope to look at the astrology of 1865-1876 for comparison with our own era. I strongly suspect we will find “gold” in such an astro-historical study. But I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Hi Frank,

Regarding the November 19th lunar eclipse and a possible connection to Joe Biden’s brief inaction as President…… yes. I thought that was quite interesting as well. Here are some thoughts I had posted on October 15th……..

The November 19th lunar eclipse (27 ’14 Taurus) forms a grand cross square to the Aug. 21, 2017 solar eclipse (28 Leo), Trump’s Mars/Ascendant degrees (26/29 Leo) and tr. Jupiter (24 Aquarius).

Here’s the chart: https://cafeastrology.com/events/full-moon-lunar-eclipse-on-november-19-2021/

Fast forward 3 weeks later to December 9th. This might be a date worth watching. Tr. Mars in exact opposition to the November 19th eclipse forms a t square to a waxing and tightening tr. Jupiter (26 ’35 Aquarius) and Moon (27 ’35 Aquarius). This in turn forms a grand cross square to Trump’s Mars/ Ascendant degrees. Because it is also hitting Biden’s Sun (27 ’33 Scorpio) and natal Venus (28 ’33 Scorpio) and the US Moon (27 ”10 Aquarius), this date may have major implications for the Biden administration as well. A Trump indictment coming December 9th? In Will’s words “Oh to dream”

Here’s the December 9th chart set for 5:40 am Washington DC EST:


PS Just noticed…. during the late evening hours of Monday December 13th, there’s an exact Mars/South Node conjunction at 0 ’28 Sagittarius. It forms an opposition to Pres Biden’s progressed Uranus (0 ’34 Gemini) and a grand cross mutable square to his natal nodes (0 ‘9 Virgo-Pisces). This could suggest a major change in his stature or presidency. Mid December looks intense.

Doesn’t sound like a good change, Jerry, but let’s hope. Yellen said 12/15 was the date U.S. would reach debt limit. McConnell (and Trump) say “no deal”.

It does look intense.

UKs Pam Gregory on the dec 4th solar eclipse

Happy Sunday everyone, just some random thoughts and questions after reading through the comments..

I absolutely think that DeSantis might be running in 2024, unbelievably he is hugely popular here in Florida, almost with a cult like obsession and it’s well known that many of trumps funders would really rather have less crazy DeSantis. HUGE money is pouring into him. I notice that a lot of my 23 year old son’s friends LOVE him, I don’t get it, it’s something about his confidence I guess. Anyway, I think he is going to be around for a while, Perhaps Trump will bill him as VP and then not run and then it will all fall on to him to run for POTUS and they will love that! He’s even using trumps hand movements now, sick that this is where we are at now.

This case and the division it has caused and the judge , wow, I thought he would at least get some charges, absolutely crazy that a 17 year old can have an automatic weapon, kill people and it’s all fine. No wonder other countries think America is nuts. And the fact of the righteous making him into a hero is very dangerous indeed. I saw some comments on Twitter, boy is the right angry about joy Reid saying that white men’s tears count so much , they hate that she said that about that boys tears.

The fact that there is all this looting in San Francisco though is just the worst thing, and it falls right in to why they think that the case was decided rightly, why they will feel more emboldened. The leftist does not help itself sometimes. It’s incredible how inflammatory this whole race division is now in America, it’s actually pretty sickening, and on both sides, the answer is not to tell all white people That they are bad and privileged. The far left of going about this all wrong, the woke left are making the situation worse. The extremes on both sides are terrible right now and of course are the noisiest.

I am just wondering too if any astrologer can tell me about the Pluto return and it’s possible relation to crypto and defi and digital money, NFT’s, the meta verse, web 3 and all that stuff. What is happening in that world is huge, I don’t think people really realize how much this stuff is starting to take over, wasn’t Uranus and Taurus all about the disruption of money and all of that? Also agree about farming, and medical treatments and how we raise animals and all of that. Was Not all this predicted with your Uranus entering Taurus and all that?

What about Covid itself, how it’s changing the world in so many ways, astrologically is this something that is not surprising that has happened in these times, I would like some of the astrologists here to comment on some of these topics please!

Even though this is a bit old, read the part on america, it’s so spot on to whats happening!


Crossing a state boundary,
as an underage civilian,
carrying a rifle of any variety,
that is not yours,
to a protest,
for the purpose of “protecting” property
you do not own
in an empty car lot,
owned by someone you do not know,
have never met
and who did not request your armed presence
has got to be worthy of a Darwin award.

This White dummkopf is extraordinarily lucky to be alive, much less free.

Hi Diana, thanks for the link. I recently listened to a panel of astrologers on the the Pluto return and one of the things i learned is that the precise Pluto return is Feb 2024, due to precession. https://astrologyhub.com/pluto-return-webinar/?orid=220026&opid=125
I dont quite understand precession but it occurs to me that 2024 is also when Pluto moves into Aquarius, so it is going to be a wild year. My sense of how this is going to go is that the Dems will lose one or both Houses, the Republicans will overreach and scare many Americans who will then vote them out in 2024. If I’m wrong and it goes badly in 2024 I hope to leave the country with my husband.

headline in WashPost today
“Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 million legal funds won his case. Most defendants can’t afford that quality of aid.”
kinda says it all.

Eliseo – I like your poem.


interesting – rittenhouse and greta thunberg share their birthdate

and now for the sick laugh of the day
‘trump awarded his 9th black belt’

Respectfully, the kid did not have an “automatic weapon.” An automatic weapon is a machine gun. The kid employed a “semi-automatic” rifle, often referred to as “semi-auto.” It is important to use the correct terminology for a number of good reasons.

You are so absolutely right about the looting in various cities. Right or Left, looting and arson are criminal behaviors which gains your side nothing and persuades your opponents they are righteously correct and you are morally wrong.

You are also correct the Left’s approach is backwards at best. The so-called “woke left” are indeed making the situation worse. The “defund the police” movement as a good example. It alienated and frightened people, and turned them against the cause.

Right again – You don’t and won’t persuade anyone by telling them they are bad and priviliged. That’s just going to have the opposite effect. They don’t feel bad or priviliged. They may even feel cheated and disadvantaged. Such talk, again just persuades them you are either crazy, morally corrupt or both.

I have difficulty understanding why the Left can’t seem to frame issues more sensibly and intelligently. What?! Maybe they failed psychology 101? They inadvertently left their common sense in the trash bin?
Both sides IMO depend too much on their ideology (fantasies) to guide them through reality. Maybe that plus all the intense emotion clouds our common sense inti oblivion.

Sadly, whether the Rittenhouse verdict was right or wrong, it does embolden Right Wingers to show up at protests with high capacity semi-auto weaponry. Many on the Left will now feel they must do likewise.

As we get closer to our Pluto return, such things as this escalate. Perhaps the prudent path for us is to maintain as much sober equanimity and objectivity as we can, metaphorically hold hands with one another through the darkness, and stay out of the way of the chaos.


you’re absolutely right and I meant to write semi automatic weapon. It’s hard to believe in America in some states you can open carry these weapons, it’s just mid boggling to me. I lived in Canada for seven years where guns are not prevalent and I find that was normal, I just don’t get America’s fascination with their gun rights and never will.

I love this Eliseo , although sadly I don’t see much sober equanimity, at least not at the extremes.

‘As we get closer to our Pluto return, such things as this escalate. Perhaps the prudent path for us is to maintain as much sober equanimity and objectivity as we can, metaphorically hold hands with one another through the darkness, and stay out of the way of the chaos.’


Majorie Orr’s description of Pluto’s march through the signs as correlated to historical events was interesting, kiwi. Thanks for posting it.

I’m certain Rittenhouse will come to regret the day he picked up a gun and walked into the situation he did, if he doesn’t already. While he’s been lifted up and protected by fascist billionaires as sort of a prodigy/poster child of their cause, as I’ve said repeatedly, we’re not heading into a full-on fascist state, nor will these men and their idiot ideology triumph in the long haul.

Their time is over. They just don’t realize it yet. Or perhaps they do, which is why they are so desperately fighting to stop any forward movement that will result in them being swept aside. Not gonna work.

More likely, circumstances will come about that will force them into bankruptcy. Certainly, they won’t have extra cash to score ideological points on leftwingers by propping up dumb kids like Rittenhouse.

The civil suits are coming, and will leave him and his family in a world of hurt. His backers aren’t going to keep propping him up indefinitely, cause of course, it’s all about looking out for number one as far as they are concerned.

Frank and Eliseo,

The Left acts so stupid at times, I can’t help but wonder if it’s all a PsyOps ploy by the FBI, CIA, etc. to maintain the status quo by rendering all opposition inept. Wouldn’t surprise me, given that the US has been in the business since the jump of toppling other governments and installing puppets to suit its own economic interests–or rather, those of the elites. If it works so well elsewhere, why not here as well?

They murdered the Kennedys, MLK, and other Civil Rights leaders who saw the problems for who and what they were, and made serious moves to start to do something about them.

Funny but really not funny how it is that all other aggressive progressives have been pretty much systematically neutered since then. Bernie is the closest thing we’ve had to someone offering a real sensible change from the godawful Neoliberal status quo since King was shot and killed. They didn’t kill Bernie of course, but they certainly did their best to marginalize him, and foisted the Orange asshole upon us all instead.

Nowadays, we have the saboteur Senator Krysten Sinema, who basically seems to be a walking, talking mockery representing every bad meme associated by the Right with the Left.

I hate to say it, but maybe the one thing that could fix this country at this point would be a massive financial crash that bankrupts everyone, particularly the insanely rich. Our Pluto Return might just invoke something on that scale, actually. Plus Aquarius isn’t exactly a fan of wild inequity on the scale that it has been, or inequity at all, really. And that makes me wonder just what kind of “correction” is coming that will shake everything down to its roots.

As I have said repeatedly, the Republicans have no ideas and no vision of the future. The incoming era is going to DEMAND new ideas and a new vision of the future. Gerrymandering the hell out of a state, torturing women with abortion restrictions, and arming teachers is not a pathway forward. It’s suicide for the political party that has outlived its purpose and has morphed into something truly monstrous and abominable.

buck eyeshadow. Wow. So well said. hear hear!

Favorite part : ‘the Republicans have no ideas and no vision of the future. The incoming era is going to DEMAND new ideas and a new vision of the future. Gerrymandering the hell out of a state, torturing women with abortion restrictions, and arming teachers is not a pathway forward. It’s suicide for the political party that has outlived its purpose and has morphed into something truly monstrous and abominable.

Kiwi. Thanks for the interesting link

Ghislaine maxwells trial starts November 29th. That should be interesting indeed

Maybe a new trend will tamp down the madness – forget trying to prove criminal right/wrong that relies on ‘eye-of-the-beholder’. Hit them in the pocketbook for financial damages. First Alex Jones, now charlottesville organizers. That’s the language they speak, and thats what got OJ. I like it!

I’d love to see Rupert Murdoch held liable for the misinformation he had spread and the damage he has done to our country. Sue and bankrupt his News Corp—the parent company of Fox News—and run him out of business.

that thought has crossed my mind too buckeyeshadow! And the damage is global, not just the USA.

BuckeyeShadow said:
“Aquarius isn’t exactly a fan of wild inequity on the scale that it has been, or inequity at all, really. And that makes me wonder just what kind of “correction” is coming that will shake everything down to its roots.”

I think the correction coming will shake the foundations. From a recent John Hussman commentary:
“The Federal Reserve simply does not understand the risks of asset price bubbles and asset price collapses. It is clear from the data that they don’t get it. Greenspan could never make up his mind whether the market was overpriced – irrational expectations – or whether it was fine. Yellen couldn’t. Bernanke couldn’t see a housing bubble that was a 3-sigma 100-year event. Where were the statisticians? The answer is that the Federal Reserve statisticians do not do asset bubbles. They are, in that respect, utterly clueless – and we apparently never see that. We are willing to look through the crash of 2000, the housing crash – really dangerous affair – they didn’t do their duty, they didn’t head it off, they didn’t raise the limits for mortgages, they didn’t warn anybody, they allowed it to happen. Yes, they did pretty good in the decline. They were pretty good at applying bandages, and stimulus, and support for the wounded. But they sure as hell should not have allowed that housing bubble to occur.

They don’t get it. They don’t see the risks, and they don’t see them now. And so this time, we don’t just have a housing bubble. We have a housing bubble, a stock market bubble, a commodity bubble, and an interest rate bubble. This is going to be the biggest writedown.”
– Jeremy Grantham, GMO, August 2021



Thanksgiving Day Test

RE: “… sadly I don’t see much sober equanimity, at least not at the extremes.”
Amen to that! I’ll bet everyone who posts or lurks here would agree with you.

From my perspective, civil wars occur when we lose sight of our own frailities, our moral limitations, our capacity for self-deception, and the limitations of our reasoning, when both sides lose the capacity or desire to see the humanity of the others, or to understand their beliefs, feelings, and reasoning, no matter how flawed or misguided we believe those are. Sadly, sometimes our acknowledgement of our own and the oppositions humanity only returns when we’ve exhausted our emotions, seen too much blood and smelled too much death. When we see our enemies corpses on the spent battlefield along side those of our boys and girls, that is when our anger and sadness can be deepened, OR conversely, the epiphany we experience reminds us of our enemies humanity, and of our minuscule finiteness in an infinite universe.

I pray we do not descend that far. In many respects I believe our current peculiar era is evolving into something more like the violent postwar Reconstruction period, than like our 1860’s civil war. We can, if we choose avoid this. Humans have found peace and reconciliation in far worse circumstances than that in which we now dwell.

Too many are now too loud with their
inflammatory rhetoric. It doesn’t matter the Right started the lies and verbal abuse. I now see the Left doing likewise. I sincerely wish we could get all the screamers into a monastery for a while where all live under the rule of silence, only broken by the daily mantras.. Om Mani Padme Aum. Kyrie Elieson. Om Mani Padme Aum. Kyrie Elieson. Aummm

I know you’ve heard it’s over now
and war must surely come,
the cities they are broke in half
and the middle men are gone.
But let me ask you one more time,
O children of the dusk,
All these hunters who are shrieking now
oh do they speak for us
– Stories of the Street –
Leonard Cohen

It’s coming to America first
The cradle of the best and of the worst
It’s here they got the range
And the machinery for change
And it’s here they got the spiritual thirst
It’s here the family’s broken
And it’s here the lonely say
That the heart has got to open
In a fundamental way
Democracy is coming to the USA

It’s coming from the women and the men
Oh baby, we’ll be making love again
We’ll be going down so deep
The river’s going to weep
And the mountain’s going to shout, “Amen”
It’s coming like the tidal flood
Beneath the lunar sway
Imperial, mysterious
In amorous array
Democracy is coming to the USA
– Democracy –
Leonard Cohen


Re: The Economy

One mis-step is all it takes for the house of cards to fall. Putting this into an astrological perspective and we were discussing this earlier; the implications of the debt ceiling crisis possibly coming to a vote in mid December……. the December 13th Mars/South Node conj (0 ’28 Sagittarius) could derail Pres. Biden’s economic agenda. The Mars/So. Node conj. forms an opposition to the Presidents progressed Uranus (0 ’34 Gemini) and a grand cross mutable square to his natal nodes (0 ‘9 Virgo-Pisces). There are also other factors coming into play which may need to be considered. Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell’s natal Sun at 1 ’28 Virgo closely aligned with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s natal Sun at 0 ’41 Virgo. These are key positions in the mid December configuration. It’s important to remember, Manchin holds a critical vote in the Senate……………….

Joe Manchin Has His Saturn Moment

Joe Biden wasn’t the only Joe to get a big promotion in the 2020 election. The same vote that put Biden in the White House made Joe Manchin the most powerful person in the U.S. Senate. Some might say he’s the most powerful man in the country since, with the Senate evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, his vote has become the deciding factor in many of the initiatives put forth by the Biden administration.



CORRECTION: Mitch McConnell’s Sun – 1 ’28 PISCES.

Andre, (youtube astrologer), has informative, yet short, videos on political figures. Here is the new one about Murdock vs trump explained astrologically.

Its been quiet around here. Hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving.

Heres another long view look from Marjorie with her comment
“Standing back to take a historical perspective is very calming. It damps down the noise of present trivia and makes you realise that humanity marches on no matter what.”

Thanks for the link. I don’t recall whether New Zealanders celebrate a Thanksgiving holiday, but hope your weekend is going well also.

From my perspective, we are now squarely in the eating season, or maybe overeating season. It begins with Halloween, includes Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and ends with the big meal on January first. It is a perilous time for those of us on diets!

Ah – the Neptune effect. So many, so very delusional. Joe Biden’s approval numbers are down significantly. The divide apoears to be between those who see the pandemic as priority # 1 and those who believe the economy should be the main priority. IMO the pandemic needs to have ended or be under sufficient control before the economy can regain strength. This fact is so obvious to me, it puzzles me so many don’t understand it.

I believe I read 79% of those who believe containing the virus is paramount regard Biden’s performance in office as good or great, but those who favor the economy as job # 1 see him as having done poorly. Unfortunately, too many are blaming him for the poor economy. But following after the worst president in Am. history and with the pandemic not yet ended, I’d give him a grade of A, but not A+.

Biden handled the Afghanistan withdrawal far better than Gerald Ford did with the fall of Saigon. But who remembers that? And the Trumpist & Republican propaganda machines keep pumping out false memes about Biden as senile and incompetent.

I saw a video of astrologer Andre Kahr predicting Dems would do OK at 2022 election time retaining control of Congress. If true, we must logically assume circumstances and attitudes will change fairly dramatically between now and then.

Pluto has now returned to 25 Cap for its final passage. As predicted, its extended transit at 24 Cap brought a difficult period for Biden and the US, with the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, renewed Covid, economic problems and a continuing deterioration in American political culture. January 6, which happened at the last transit Pluto at 24 Cap, was revisited. Trump’s attempts to come back into the spotlight backfired as they did in January as his legal problems continue to mount.

The good news is that two major aspects that divided American public opinion are now definitely over. The first was the Pluto opposition to US Mercury at 24 Cancer. The other was Pluto square Eris. Outrageous discourse in the media, polarizing figures and a time of unreason should now begin to recede.

The bad news is that other difficult aspects remain. The once-in-a-quarter-millenium Pluto return and the once-a-century Neptune semi-return will peak in 2022, which will make it a fateful year. I believe it will be about the inevitable Trump trial. Pluto returns in the case of France and the UK have also been about the downsizing of empires and the humbling of collective arrogance. There will some symbolic event in the near future that will crystallize the possible ending of the era of American dominance that has lasted since 1945. A new international system will likely come out of the next US Uranus return of 2027-28 just like the last one came out of the Uranus return of 1942-43. At that time, Pluto was conjunct the US North Node in Leo, ensuring world leadership. This time it will be conjunct the South Node, meaning the US would do well to voluntarily relinquish that leadership to a more effective UN or a powerful alliance of democratic countries.

Democrats now fear that Trump might win again in 2024. He will be completely out of the picture by 2023. A great healing will take place in 2024 when Chiron completes its own return (the last time this happened Ford pardoned Nixon to turn the page on Watergate and the Vietnam War ended). More significantly, a second President will be elected under the compassionate, pivotal and powerful last degrees of Neptune in Pisces, the first since Abraham Lincoln. This will be a President for the downtrodden and the underdogs, who will likely bring Medicare for all when Saturn is conjunct Neptune in February 2026. Like Lincoln, that President will have to manage a Uranus return, which has never occurred without major bloodshed.

Favorable aspects between outward planets guarantee the mid to late 2020s will see major social progress, so that means the President will very likely be a Democrat. But these favorable aspects do not preclude warfare. The unpalatable truth is that such major conflicts may be necessary to accomplish much needed social change. It is unclear who will be President in 2024, or if the conflict will be another civil war or a major war with Russia and China, or both. The war or its aftereffects could last until 2032 when Saturn will be conjunct Uranus and US Mars in Gemini, but the critical initial period will be in less than six years.

Unfortunately, the resolution of the environmental crisis will have to wait until that conflict is over. Of course, it will be much worse by then; at this point that seems inevitable. It seems that humanity’s more pressing issue will be to ensure that all major powers definitively embrace democracy and the rule of law, as Germany and Japan did after WWII.

In the short term, December’s Pluto at 25 Cap will be very favorable for Biden. Pluto was at that degree twice before opposite his Jupiter, his ruling planet: when he pulled away from Bernie Sanders in the race for the nomination and when he became President. He should regain confidence and public support by Christmas.

Mon frere Andre,

Vos interprétations rayonnent d’un avenir beaucoup plus prometteur. Je suis reconnaissant pour votre prise édifiante.

Your interpretations radiate a much more hopeful future. I am grateful for your uplifting take.

ThankYou Andre!

I expect the Supreme Court will soon reverse
Roe v. Wade which will anger about 60% or more of the population, and radically energize Moderates and Progressives through the 2022 and 2024 elections. I suspect in the long run the reversal will have the opposite effect the “pro-life” movement desires or expects.

Thank you Andre

Russia or China ….. gonna read up on them …

Gonna re-read the link you gave us about China

Yes, Eliseo, that’s a great insight and things are getting tight. There are 2 cases the SC will hear now, the case that challenges the TX ban after 6 weeks and the original position of R v W that the constitution protects the right to abortion.


Sharon K,
Thanks to Trump the Supremes now have the Far Right Justices they need to overturn it and probably will.

I’ve strongly felt for decades this day would eventually come. The Anti’s are extremely and highly motivated, absolutely and deeply convinced they are right and our side is morally wrong. (Many of them also believe that God will punish America if Roe is not overturned.)

Frustrating. Our side has framed the issue wrongly from the beginning. Although I certainly agree it is a “woman’s right to choose” that argument only resonates with people like ourselves. It comes off as extraordinarily arrogant to the Anti’s. (What? You believe all women have the right to choose murder?) Not very persuasive to those of the religious right.

Had we framed it as a freedom of religion issue, we might have swung more of the evangelicals, fundamentalists, and R.Catholic Anti’s to our side. At root, our conceptions of what is or is not a human being lies not in science, but in theology. In science and/or philosophy we can’t even agree on a good definition of consciousness!

As you surely know, the Jewish tradition has for centuries maintained you don’t have an actual human being until the newborn infant takes it’s first breath, i.e. (when the soul enters the body.) Most Protestant theologians for the last 500 years have agreed with the Jewish view as expressed so well by the rabbis in the Talmud.

Conversely, the magisterium of the RC Church, particularly in the last 500 years has asserted the soul enters the body at conception. Therefore in their view, a zygote is a human being! But note the contradiction. RC tradition mandates a proper funeral and burial for a stillborn child, or one that dies shortly after birth, but not when a woman has a miscarriage!

Unfortunately, in the 20th century the more conservative, literalist denominations and sects of protestant Christianity became persuaded the RC’s were correct. That gave the Anti’s more voters and monies for their side.

But no one ever makes the point about these religious differences, or the fact our system is designed to NOT favor any particular religion’s point of view. Our constitution was written to be neutral on such issues. Allowing the freedom to choose as in Roe v. Wade, therefore is more consistent with the vision of the Founders.

But of course, many of our fantasy prone citizens sincerely believe our Founders were “Christian” just like them. That’s what their pastors tell them. Thomas Paine was an atheist. Benjamin Franklin was a Rosicrucian. George Washington, and most of the other Founders were all Deists, i.e. NOT Christian.

Seems to me both Liberals and Conservatives often ignore a very basic principle. You can successfully change a No to a Yes, but trouble always ensues when you attempt to change a Yes to a No. (Ex. Remember Prohibition?) If the Supremes change Roe (a yes) to a no, the Antis will have a great deal more trouble than they can possibly imagine.


I agree with Judaic law; Life is in the breath as in inspire.

Re: Expire: 1 : to breathe one’s last breath : die. 2 : to come to an end:

For what its worth, I’m fairly certain the Roman Catholic church still insists that all the unborn be provided burial in blessed grounds because all fetuses and stillborn are considered “children” per the all-male “magisterium.” It is bizarre. I recall my mother miscarrying a three-month old male fetus at Saint Anne’s Hospital in Chicago. “Michael” was both baptised and then buried in the hospital’s cemetery. No hell, purgatory or limbo for that little fella.

Your mother’s experience – Interesting! I sometimes discussed the issue with RC clergy friends in past years. Evidently, the practice came into more favor after Roe and the rise of the Anti movement. I very much got the impression of inconsistency on the issue of burying unborn fetuses before that time.

It is logical the magisterium would eventually take a position regarding a zygote as a human being. It mirrors the question as to when the historical Jesus became the Christ.

The eariest gospel, Mark assumes an “adoptionist” Christology in which Jesus becomes Christ at his baptism. (This is what the Ebionites and other Jewish Christians believed.) Matthew and Luke push that back to conception. John pushes it back beyond time and space as we know them to the “beginning” of the cosmos.

If you are going to assert a literal virgin birth, which only Matthew and Luke enjoin, that seems to mean you would have a fully conscious Christed zygote growing in the womb of Mary. I agree with you. It is bizarre.

Many Thanks for your story, BTW.

Andre thank you

And thank you for your suggestion that if it comes to war we have to watch out for Russia and China. You gave us a link to an article on China which I am going to re-read.

Now to something more immediate regarding this thread.

We try to be very pertinent on this blog without getting really personal.

OK: The really personal is that I am Fe-Male. I am a Wo-Man.


So I try GIRL. Then I find it. too, is not independent of the male of our species.

Then I find out the real difference…..eventually in my own biology.

Long story short, after 2 years of marriage I become pregnant.

However, one month before I marry, I take the birth control pill so that upon marriage I would not become pregnant. And the birth control pill is brand new. But, as things are progressing so rapidly, I consider it my due.

However again – a new thing. The birth control pill makes me sick. I try different strengths. I try different brands. I try other things.

Haphazard hit and miss – I become pregnant. And this is after I almost moved back home because I thought this marriage was not viable.

OK now I am pregnant. What do I do? I embrace the pregnancy and thus the relationship.

I am absolutely thrilled about the pregnancy – and the birth and the baby. And the family.

However my young husband and I do not see eye to eye on some basic things….like financial and emotional and familial stability.

I realize that he is very disturbed that society and his family did not save him from Viet Nam.

We share the same idealism of love and marriage….in that sex is a very shared experience and that IN sharing, we give to one another the sexual experience even if one of us is just coasting.

However my fear of pregnancy came in. When, due to faulty birth control, I was afraid of sex…my fear was not respected.

I became pregnant within a couple of months of giving birth. I became pregnant on the IUD.

The doctors decided not to try to remove the IUD because it might disturb the pregnancy. So at a little over 7 mos pregnant the IUD pierced the bag of waters and eventually I gave birth to a premie. She lived 4 days.

I know she touched my life and I touched hers for a reason. It was a mystical reason. To be understood at some later date….

Now, I had to protect my little boy… and our environment. I had to make things ideal for his growth and development.

However my young husband had demons of his own.

However much against my will I became pregnant again.

Things were falling apart. I was horrified. How was I going to take care of my little baby boy? Why was this man not respecting me and the possible wrecking of our family?

OK it looks like it’s just me. And I had a burden on my body and my life. OMG!

I was considering leaving this man because of the lack of respect to me and my body.

But now I was pregnant. What about the quality of life for my baby – and me?

If I was forced to give birth, – and I was on my own…. who was going to pay for this baby’s upbringing for TWENTY YEARS…? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would be all right except that at that time I had no viable (there’s that word again) skills or no university degrees like my siblings.

Why would you force me to give birth and not pay for the baby for twenty years if you are going to force me to give birth? Why are you going to force me into poverty and my baby into poverty without supporting what you are forcing me into?

Ok after a couple of pregnancies one gets to understand that after all the posturing of the mainly MALE powers that be, – you and your baby are going to be left holding the bag. Your body is going to be modified as you are going through this pregnancy and birth…..You will not be accepted as an independent wo-man fe-male because for the most part they are subjugated in the things that count…..

Then you realize that it’s going to be YOUR body and YOUR life that’s gonna be affected – NOT anybody else’s.

And that nobody else is gonna be on your side. Just you. “They” are not gonna take the baby from birth to 20 Years. You are now gonna see that you cannot easily get higher education to develop skills that will bring you and your baby a higher standard of living.

Those hypocrites who are forcing your body to have a baby, yet not doing anything to ensure your and your baby do not fall into poverty, or get out of poverty – well, they just did their job by forcing you to have the end result of a pregnancy no matter what the effect on your soul….

Then in the end you realize it’s just you and your body….

Then you realize yes it’s JUST YOU AND YOUR BODY.

Are you going to be a host to this phenomena? What does it mean?

In the END, we are the only ones who can HOST the continuation of our species.

Does this disturb the male side of our species in that they insist upon an egalitarian standard at least? So in that “egalitarian” do they pledge to raise the baby for twenty years after they have forced its birth…?

NOt to mention the wear and tear on our bodies if not on our psyches.

So it is a fact that Girls’ bodies have the power to reproduce (or not) and male bodies do not.

One (given equality) should not be forced to do something that another should should not be forced to do….

So forgive me in advance… do you think the male population really thinks they have to control the female body – for whatever reason….?

sunstars, that all sounds harrowing. I would say that it’s the far right that thinks they have the right to control the female body.

Michelle Goldberg wrote in the NYT this weekend how ironic is that the right has picked up the “my body my choice” slogan when it comes to vaccines.

“When it comes to themselves, many conservatives find any encroachment on their physical sovereignty intolerable, and arguments about the common good irrelevant. Yet their movement is dragging us into a future where many women will be stripped of self-determination the moment they get pregnant. Choices, it seems, aren’t for everybody… As the feminist Ellen Willis once put it, the central question in the abortion debate is not whether a fetus is a person, but whether a woman is.”

I am not female, but I certainly relate to your experience and your pain.
I think the men who make these decisions about women and their bodies, want to control everyone, women and other men as well. Unfortunately, they do a pretty good job of it.

I personally find it bizarre. I feel like I have serious enough difficulties controlling myself. Why would I waste my time attempting to control someone else? Why would anyone do that? Maybe to maintain their place in a hiearchy? Their power – their control.
Which sounds like addiction to me. IMO, in many cases seeking and maintaining power is a type of process addiction, be it political, financial, economic, or personal.

I note the way it is in our culture is not that way everywhere. A large number of babies born in Iceland are to unmarried teens and women. But it’s not considered a social problem. The men and women of Iceland joyously accept the birth of all babies and happily and willingly take responsibility for them. They get both family and state support, emotional and financial.

Frankly, I think they are sane. We are not.

I agree it is ironic the right has picked up the “my body my choice” slogan when it comes to vaccines. Ironic, and absurd in context.

“When it comes to themselves, many conservatives find any encroachment on their physical sovereignty intolerable, and arguments about the common good irrelevant. Yet their movement is dragging us into a future where many women will be stripped of self-determination the moment they get pregnant. Choices, it seems, aren’t for everybody… ”
That’s a very insightful, useful, and interesting point of view.

I must respectfully disagree with Ellen Willis, however. Both questions, whether a fetus is a person, AND whether a woman is are central to the abortion debate. I don’t think we can escape that. Unfortunately, there remain too many who don’t want women to have full personhood, but in theory want to give that to every fetus.

A mere hundred years ago we were embroiled in a bitter and grave culture war over whether adult women should have the vote. Today we continue the struggle for full citizenship for women. We really don’t have that yet. We have yet a long way to go.

If anyone is interested in reading this article, it articulates what I’ve been feeling much better than I ever could.

Whether you agree with it or not, it is a worthy article to read..


“Mainly, though, this has been a historic failure from the Left, which will have disastrous consequences.”

Also , a really wonderful video from Bracha Goldsmith:

USA Pluto Return: 2022 – 2024 | Dark Night of the Soul



I echo your views. I also don’t get the male right-wing obsession-hypocrisy with controlling women and forcing them to give birth to unwanted children.

You’d almost think it would be the opposite. If anything, men would seemingly want women to have abortions so as not to be obligated or “trapped” in their eyes into paying child support.

On some level, I think it’s some kind of narcissism that right wing men in the US have about the value of their “seed” and believing that it should have special rights, above those of women.

I also see a link to Nazism and white supremacy–some white men in particular think that abortion threatens their ability to preserve the white race in some kind of perverse competition vs. African Americans and other minorities.

Still others I think have become wrapped up in some kind of perverse moralistic argument over abortion = murder, and cherry-pick verses out of the Christian Bible to justify their piety.

Astrology wise, I think the US Sun in Cancer is to blame for quite a bit of this, a trait also shared by the Republican Party. The Sun in a nation or organization’s chart represents its rulers, but also the men or masculine energy in general. When poorly understood and expressed as such, Cancer is a challenging placement for many men.

In the US, it shows up as men who aren’t comfortable with their feelings, and who overcompensate with some kind of fake macho tough guy persona. Tough talk, guns, and pickup trucks. Don’t mess with me, buddy! Emotion and vulnerability is weakness to these guys.

I also think Cancer and its association with motherhood and at least one form femininity contributes to the abortion issue. On some subconscious Freudian level that these men can’t grasp, they want to parent/mother children, or something, but don’t know how to express this desire in a healthy way. So it expresses itself in some kind of perverse control/condemnation impulse of women who actually can become mothers, but whom would elect not to be for their own personal reasons.

Pretty twisted, yes. And so many men in the US–and the Republican Party–need a head shrink.

Sunstars, I empathize totally, having once needed an abortion because of being broke and alone.

Sadly, there have not been enough years since women were considered mere chattels, and could not own property or have a bank account, not to mention other rights surrounding marriage and pregnancy, etc.
For those patriarchal ‘originalist’ mindsets who are once again trying for a comeback, that was also the norm when the constitution was written.
We need more smart women legislators and judges who are not beholden to that ethos.

Eliseo: Thanks so much! And thanks for the info on the people in Iceland……

One of my best friends visited Iceland and loved it.


“I very much got the impression of inconsistency on the issue of burying unborn fetuses before that time.”

I think your impression is not at all incorrect. I believe this has to do with the individual Roman Catholic’s behavior and adherence to Vatican doctrine.

“If you are going to assert a literal virgin birth, which only Matthew and Luke enjoin, that seems to mean you would have a fully conscious Christed zygote growing in the womb of Mary.”

Hilariously-talented wording! Your intellectual outrage leaps off the screen.

I have a couple of anecdotal, personal experiences on this topic which I am not ready to share just yet. I’m still processing and struggling with my own theology vs. evidence-based biological science.

Kiwi just saw your post.

Ok my young husband had a wealthy and educated family background.

This Viet Nam thing really left him embittered. He went through a phase, much to my horror, where he spent with gay abandon and let his family pick up the tab.

In the early days of women’s equality, Saks Fifth Avenue said they were offering credit cards on a woman’s own recognizance.

I immediately got one and paid perfectly on time for three months to establish my own credit.

In three months, they revoked my credit card. I was insistent on knowing why. I would not leave them alone until they told me that it was my husband’s bad credit…. When I repeated their pledge to help women establish their own credit they had no answer.

All right; it was early days. But that’s what happened.

an anecdote regarding women in society.
NZ was the first country to grant women the vote in 1893, but they were not allowed to stand for parliament until 1919.
And to trigger a smile on the banking subject, check out this ‘quaint’ story https://www.bnzheritage.co.nz/archives/story/the-ladies-bank


Re: U.S. Cancer sun manifestation in U.S.males.

“In the US, it shows up as men who aren’t comfortable with their feelings, and who overcompensate with some kind of fake macho tough guy persona. Tough talk, guns, and pickup trucks. Don’t mess with me, buddy! Emotion and vulnerability is weakness to these guys.”

Yours is a fair characterization of the unevolved male Cancerian psychology. However, me must remember that Cancer is a feminine, cardinal water sign which speaks to the native’s propensity for a high emotional IQ capable of plumbing the depths of the watery unconscious with its intuitively-tuned immersive sensors. Cancer is ruled by the shifting moodiness of the moon (a.k.a “Moonchildren”) due to its reflection all twelve zodiacal energy archetypes that change signs every two-and-half-days or so; the hard-shell of the crab serves as a an engulfing housing which adeptly protects its highly-vulnerable innards that essentially have the consistency of raw, embryonic mucosal membrane. Their formidable up-front pinching claws serve to augment the Cancerian archetype of a defensive energy that does not back-down from a fight with any perceived foe.

On another rift, I find it fascinating that the most powerful and adaptive piece on the ancient game of chess is none-other than the Queen – not the King which is limited to moving one square at a time on the board. Once a player’s Queen is imperiled or worse “taken” – the fate of player is almost certainly doomed. Another oddity is how the misogynistic “Magisterium” [love that noun, Eliseo] of the Vatican paradoxically refers to their collective body as “Holy Mother Church.” Their right hand knows not from its left.

LOL – “And so many men in the US–and the Republican Party–need a head shrink.”
I think their heads (and their hearts) were shrunk long ago – and they did it to themselves! What they need is an epiphanic expansion of consciousness.

About the Nazi angle: In the US, Black & Brown women have the disproportionate number of unwanted births. Generally, White women have better access to birth control and knowledge of the reproductive process. You’d think as racists they’d want minority women to have greater, not lesser access to safe abortions. Maybe that just shows how confused they are.

Interesting analogies regarding the Cancerian crab! Also interesting is the queen on the chessboard. That’s a connection I had not made.

Artistic tradition usually portrays Mother Mary in a mandorla, a geometric figure with the shape of a vulva. Makes you wonder what those overgrown sexually suppressed boys in the magisterium actually have on their minds!
Maybe their thinking would be far clearer if they occasionally got some – – relief.

My former husband is a Cancer with a Scorpio ascendant.

He won Mr. Physical Fitness in our city. He was State champion in his wieght class. Much later he won regional states champion in sharpshooting etc. even though he was drafttsman and did the work of engineers he got his gunsmithing license so he could deal in guns. My daughter told me several years ago he had 172 guns. he kept them at one point behind bars like an old fashioned jail cell but painted turquoise.

His favorite song was “bye bye Miss American Pie – Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry”

Even though we had new Fords he acquired a ’69 Bronco.

He and his friends would drag each other’s cars out of the Verde river with a winch.

They hunted together.

His Cancer Sun sign and Mercury was either in his 8th or 9th house.

He was very patriotic. To this day I hope he didn’t have anything to do with Jan. 6. I really hope. He’s not talking to me since our last conversation 12 years ago when for the very first time I expressed myself and what I needed.

I do wish I had contact with him. however. I would like to see how he is now.

The former Cancer Scorpio husband voted for Trump twice. He told our daughter that he caught Covid 19 but he weathered it. I keep hoping intelligence will win over. He comes from a background of intelligent people who did very well … Magna Cum Laude etc. I just cannot believe the way he has decided to live his life. What about critical thinking skills? So I am curious about the apparently privileged Americans who cast it all away… I know I know. I have read it all – about the “whites” who do not want to lose their privilege.

It seems unreal that it happened in my environment, thinking the way I do – respecitn Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrren, Katie Porter.

But so I may be deluded….Hope springs eternal in the human breast, right?

I know – I get it – Josh Hawley went to Harvard and on and on


“Artistic tradition usually portrays Mother Mary in a mandorla, a geometric figure with the shape of a vulva.”

Holy Virginal Vulva! Some writers refer to it as:

“mandorla, (Italian: “almond”), in religious art, almond-shaped aureole of light surrounding the entire figure of a holy person; it was used in Christian art usually for the figure of Christ and is also found in the art of Buddhism.”



Emotionally intelligent Cancer men are out there. And they are rarer than unicorns.

Women, on the other hand, yeah, I have met and know some very emotionally intelligent Cancer women. They seem to be more common. Of course, women seem to be much more comfortable with Cancer Sun energy than men.

Sunstars – the July 6, 1854 founding chart for the Republican Party is Cancer Sun, obviously, and it has a Scorpio Moon.

LOL again.
I was aware of all that, but I still find it interesting.

BuckeyeShadow used the salient phrase.
“Emotional intelligence” is the right issue. In my lifetime I’ve worked with a goodly number of medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, attorneys, and professors. We might assume all of the above were pretty smart, but not so fast. Some of them were pretty dumb, lacking severely in emotional intelligence.

How about an attorney who works a zillion hours every week, but can’t understand or figure out how or why his wife feels ignored, abandoned, and wants a divorce?

What of the English professor who really knows his area of literature, but becomes unglued when a student or anyone else disagrees with him or postulates a different hypothesis? He yells and screams at his students without mercy!

What about those PhD engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and medical doctors who attend fundamentalist churches, and live with very childlike, anthropomorphic notions about God, the bible, and creation? Although in some ways they are very smart, they believe what they believe because they are literally emotionally retarded, because those beliefs meet their very childish emotional needs.

In most of the cases I’ve personally known, most were men who readily absorbed, assimilated, and used knowledge and information well, but could not carry
forward the most basic ideas & ideals as to how to conduct of feel their own emotions, and behave accordingly.

I have one friend whom I’ve known since I was 16. The man is an inventor, a genius with several patents who lives off his royalties. He’s got a MA in fine arts (he’s a sculptor) and a B.S. in engineering. He was CEO of a major, worldwide electronics corporation for many years. Seven times he made himself into a multi-mega-millionaire. Each time he married a stereotypically beautiful, big busted, curvaceous, playboy bunnie type trophy wife, — who eventually divorced him and took all his money. How does a guy marry the wrong kind of gal seven times in a row? He is severely emotionally immature! He’s got some of the silliest, crudest, naughtiest, boorish ideas about women and relationships one could possibly imagine. He’s an extraordinarily creative, inventive genius, but when it comes to women and emotions he is infantile, dumber than a box of rocks.

And of course, who did most of these I’ve personally known vote for? DJT, who else? That’s the pattern I see. Cognitively, they were all smart, bu emotionally, all pretty dumb.

That’s the charcteristic I see amongst more educated, smarter but conservative Trump voters. Emotionally none too bright, easy prey for a consummate conman like DJT.

Eliseo: Yes, that describes it really well. Haven’t used or seen that phrase in a few years.

I wonder why? Maybe it’s because this phenomena (lack of emotional intelligence) is so utterly blatant and in your face that it is like an object hiding in plain sight…. I do not know why the writers, the observers of our current situation have failed to use this phrase. It is so accurate – a sign of our times.

Lack of emotional intelligence is the hallmark of the Republican Party now.

Not to mention lack of critical thinking….. Those two seem paramount.

Certainly looks like Roe will be reversed soon. Could this be the trigger for America’s Pluto Return?

I listened to the oral arguments in the SCOTUS abortion case today. They are doing this because they can and they will not stop until they overturn Brown v Bd of Ed. That is the ruling they want to remove since much of their issue is based on race and not abortion. As this article points out – abortion was not and is not the issue.


But these five conservatives are on a rant and we will all suffer. I hope Andre and others are correct and this potential ruling will awake a sleeping giant to act as we know there are more of us than them.

Excellent article! Thank You!
I did graduate work on the Religious Right but never realized until much later the truth of their origins lying in racism. A retired Methodist pastor acquaintance maintained the same position as the authors of the article for which you provided the link.

Eliseo, what is most terrifying is that they did this (or will do this) because they can. They are in a position to undo nearly every advancement we have achieved in the last forty years.

It appears so.
In one form or another their scourge has been with us since before the beginning of the republic. The relgious right is their latest iteration. Perhaps the backlash which will surely come to their planned reversal of the last several decades of our social justice progress will wipe them from the political map permanently; that also concurrent with coming climate catastrophes and other world events.

I reccomend a book by Frederick Clarkson, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy. The book was published in 1997, but remains salient.
The author documents the struggle which has plagued us from the beginning, between those intent on establishing a theocracy on the North American continent and those with democratic intentions. Remember the Massachussetts Bay Colony? Their spiritual descendants were but one of several groups alienated and horrified by the advent of the American Constitution & Bill of Rights. Their plans went in the opposite direction, and they are still with us today.

It is hard to reconcile their version of what America should be with our developing 21st century culture, technology, and spacefaring ambitions. I think they will regret having stolen the keys to the kingdom. The backlash against them I expect, will be a tsunami they cannot overcome.

Eliseo, I hope you are right and that they are overplaying their hand and will be beaten down as they were in 64 – it led to 16 years of uninterrupted social progress – until Reagan, and here we are – from conservative to crazy.

1964 and the elections of 1932, 1934, 1936, 1938, 1940, 1942, and 1944. From 1933 through 1946 Dems held super majorities in Congress, a 3/4 majority I believe in the 74th Congress, inaugurated in January 1935.

I do not believe Dems have it right on every issue. But unlike the R’s they have not completely lost their minds. They have no desire to subvert and replace the American Constitution with a dictatorial theocracy.

If I’m understanding the astrology correctly, the 2022 election will be important, but the really crucial ones which will strongly and deeply establish protracted Progressive control will be those of 2024, 2026, and 2028. Those elections will help assure our survival as a democratic republic.

I suspect our most important social justice, environmental, and energy use reforms will occur in the 2030’s in concert with the Pluto return of government under our Constitution. We will also pass laws essentially freezing out autocrats from running for office, the byword for which, “Never Again!”

The Republican Party needs to be wrecked.

And Jack up the max tax rate on the 1%. No more Kochs and Theils buying elections. Revoke Citizens United and reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. No more Rupert Murdoch.

Buckeye Shadow

“Emotionally intelligent Cancer men are out there. And they are rarer than unicorns.

Women, on the other hand, yeah, I have met and know some very emotionally intelligent Cancer women. They seem to be more common. Of course, women seem to be much more comfortable with Cancer Sun energy than men.”

I agree.

Sunstars, regarding your excellent post about abortion, consider this: most of the would-be controllers are old, white men. And old, white men are seeing their majority and their dominance slipping away, primarily because their numbers are declining.

I therefore see this abortion battle as the last gasp of old, white men(in my experience, persons of color just don’t even consider abortion–please correct me if data doesn’t bear that out) using religion as a shield, to simply keep their numbers up.

My intent is not to offend anyone with these ideas, but doesn’t this seem to explain the fervor behind their approach, outside the shield of “religious convictions”? It’s about old, white people being frightened that we soon won’t have any white people! It looks blatantly obvious to me.

Again, apologies if these ideas offend anyone. (I am an Aquarius,1/24/63, middle child, after all!)


I agree. Having an intelligent man of color as president (Obama) was just too far out of their comfort zone. Abortion and other progressive issues made the white supremacists feel disenfranchised. Trump fit the criteria, the answer they were looking for (Make America Great Again – code for turning back the clock to the “good ole days”).

Not to minimize the subject, but a little levity might be in order. Comedian Eddie Murphy went undercover as a white man in a hilarious SNL skit He discovered a whole new world very different from his own. Take a look….

White Like Me – SNL

Video: 5 min 55 sec


I’m going out and getting 10 abortions to indicate my vigorous dissent.

So received this note just now—Liz Cheney says the Jan. 6 select committee is planning “multiple weeks” of public hearings in 2022 in which they will detail their findings to the public.

Sounds like a Pluto Return, alright.

Garry, there’s a logic break in the idea that “It’s about old, white people being frightened that we soon won’t have any white people!” White women of means will always have access to safe abortions because they can travel to where it’s safe and legal. It’s the poor women of color in particular who are put at the greatest disadvantage, which means more black and brown children increasing the population. I honestly don’t understand their reasoning other than to control women. Period.

But that was my point–they want to stop as many white women from aborting as possible. The rich always do what they want. But the poor whites vote GOP, so…

She will obviously not be the nominee in 2024.


With all due respect, I do not believe those who oppose abortion are monolithic. Their opposition does not stem fom one issue alone. Nor are the primary anti-abortionists older White men. The legislators and judges are primarily male, but the movement leaders are almost always women.

For some, it definitely IS about race, but not for all anti-abortionists. For far more I think it is about dominating women, and dominating the lower class making sure all “know their proper place.” Ironically, restricting abortion access will result in fewer White people and more Black & Brown!
Is absolutely correct, IMO. Having an intelligent man of color elected president really was way too far out of the comfort zone for many far righters and conservatives.
Several other progressive issues contributed to white supremacists feeling alienated and disenfranchised, such as having to pay taxes to a government that redistributes wealth to people of color, i.e. folks they regard as undeserving at best, and certainly expendable.

From what I can discern, it appears abortion is not at the top of their list. It was and is only a “front issue” enabling them to take the “high moral ground” and present themselves as somehow righteous. The “pro-life” crowd often compare themselves to 19th century pre-civil war abolitionists.

And frankly, many anti-abortionists hold their views out of sincere moral conviction, apart from other issues. My sister-in-law is a good example. She’s a devout Democrat who was educated in an all girls Roman Catholic school run by nuns. She sees the logic of MY point of view, but nevertheless can’t get the gruesome, horrible, explicit images out of her head from the abortion films the nuns showed to the girls at her school. My S-in-L is a truly good, kind, well intentioned person, a real sweetheart of a gal who just holds a different point of view on the subject. We get along fine. We long ago agreed to disagree on the issue.

My essential point here is the issue is a bit more complex than we might realize. I do not believe opposition to abortion is solely about race, but it is easy to conclude that considering those same folks generally oppose ANY life affirming government assistance to those in need, to make sure all children have the safe, nurturing environment they need. In other words, I believe it is about social class and opposition to equal rights between the sexes, more so than race.

I applaud your zeal, but don’t go out there and hurt yourself. Ten might be too many at a time! Maybe you should stagger the procedures.

Copied from DU

“The Judge Who Told the Truth About the Mississippi Abortion Ban”


…Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, likely the most consequential abortion case in three decades. The case began as a challenge to the Mississippi abortion ban, and in 2018 landed before Carlton Reeves, an African American judge whose legal opinions—especially this one—are rich in history and disarmingly honest. Reeves struck down the law, as precedents like the 1973 landmark abortion decision, Roe v. Wade, compelled him to do, but then lambasted the Mississippi legislature for trying to justify the ban with reasons that he believed were transparently dishonest.

“Its leaders are proud to challenge Roe,” he wrote, “but choose not to lift a finger to address the tragedies lurking on the other side of the delivery room.” I spoke with Reeves recently, and his opinions out of court are as candid as the ones he delivers from chambers and the bench. “Judges are heroes,” he told me. “But for them I would not be in the position that I am or had the experiences that I did. They have the capacity to breathe life into our rights.”

Under current law, Dobbs is an easy case. In Roe and, almost two decades later, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the Court ruled that states cannot ban abortions before “viability” of the fetus—about 23 to 24 weeks—making Mississippi’s 15-week cutoff clearly unconstitutional. Reeves ruled as much and then asked an obvious question: “So, why are we here?”

Rejecting sophistry from the state’s legislators that the ban wasn’t really a “ban,” Reeves revealed the truth as he saw it: The state passed a law “it knew was unconstitutional to endorse a decades-long campaign … to ask the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.” He then scolded the lawmakers for pretending to care about women’s health and the well-being of the unborn and people of color while having the nation’s highest infant-mortality rate, tolerating “alarming” poverty and maternal-death rates, and curtailing health-care programs such as Medicaid. He accused legislators of perpetuating “the old Mississippi,” the one that didn’t allow women to serve on juries until 1968, the one that systematically sterilized Black women—getting a “Mississippi appendectomy,” it was called—and the one that, in 1984, became the last state to guarantee women the right to vote. He recounted Mississippi’s long history of denying its citizens’ constitutional rights with segregated schools, prohibitions on same-sex marriage, and a “secret intelligence arm” that enforced racial discrimination. Far from helping women and minorities, Reeves wrote, the state still seemed “bent on controlling” them.

Judge Carlton W. Reeves

More from Reeves in

“US District Judge Carlton Reeves calls out Trump – urges other judges to “defend our bench”

Think of the pattern of judicial nominees refusing to admit, like generations of nominees before them have, that Brown v. Boardwas correctly decided. That same Brown which led to Alexander v. Holmes County, which breathed justice into the segregated streets of my Yazoo City. As if equality was a mere political position.”


The January 6 commission will (finally) begin public hearings in June 2022. That will be must-see TV.


I applaud your zeal, but don’t go out there and hurt yourself. Ten might be too many at a time! Maybe you should stagger the procedures.”

I’ll certainly take your suggestion under advisement.


I second that emotion …..

Govt shutdown extention voted last night – only til Feb 18th. Pluto exact Feb 21st.
Buckle up?

“Govt shutdown extention voted last night – only til Feb 18th. Pluto exact Feb 21st.
Buckle up?”

Wow. I’m laughing but… yikes.

It has occurred to me for a while now that the main problem with the dems is that they so often signify, as a motivation basis, that they are operating from a victim perspective. Think of the abused wife forgiving all if her abusive husband brings her flowers the next day, while continuing to suffer in silence. Whereas repugs reliably operate more from a that of conqueror/abuser certainty. Dems as a whole need to turn their victimhood messaging and language into a decidedly victorious mindset PDQ. Some of the younger women are actually pretty good at it. Nancys pretty good, Schumer has a ways to go.

Thanks for the link, Kiwi. I will read it this weekend. Looks interesting.

But I wanted to note that the Republicans also like to tout their aggrievement, starting with the biggest baby of the all, their orange leader.

See The Republican Party and Victimhood as Ideology (ironically, published on Jan 6): https://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/06/republican-party-and-victimhood-ideology

Egocentric victimhood is linked to support for Trump, study finds: https://www.psypost.org/2021/01/egocentric-victimhood-is-linked-to-support-for-trump-study-finds-59172

See also The Party of the Aggrieved (ie, Republicans):

Les, too many are addicted to the drama triangle – victim, persecutor, rescuer. To evolve we must step outside of that perpetual drama cycle – minimize blame and excuses, encourage self worth and empowerment.

When was it? — Maybe 2? 3? Years ago Nancy made the same analogy in one of her astrological essays. It is IMO a valid way of looking at our political situation.

Eliseo, Yes. I remember her topic, but cannot remember how long ago.

Another helpful model to understand our present politcs is that of addiction. Power IS addictive, and as George W. Bush said, very corrosive to the soul. If there is anything that can make you crazy, it is addiction.

The mid to late December aspects as delineated earlier are formidable. This could partially relate to US congressional failure to raise the debt ceiling. The Republicans in their zealousness to relegate the Democrats to a redundant, ineffective party, through sheer bravado and brinkmanship will they inadvertently trigger a US default thus plunging international financial markets into disarray? Taking advantage of the situation, Russia’s imminent threat of a Ukraine invasion currently on track for January (refer to the latest intelligence report posted below) could be moved up significantly in that scenario. The December 19th Gemini Full Moon is intriguing.

The December 19th Full Moon (27 Gemini ) is in close semi-square/ sesquiquadrate degrees to the waxing Saturn-Uranus square (11 Taurus- Aquarius) activating Putin’s progressed Jupiter (11 Taurus) sesquisquare natal Mars (26 Sag), Ukraine’s natal Mars (25 Virgo), NATO’s natal Uranus (26 Gemini), Pres. Biden’s natal Mars (12 Scorpio), US progressed Neptune (26 Virgo) and Russia’s natal Ascendant (26 Virgo).

Putn has often declared Ukraine to be an integral part of Russia. His mission as president has been to restore Russia’s greatness as a world power on to the world stage This included mounting a number of risky military adventures, a determined effort to undermine NATO’s grip in the region. Ukraine appears to be his next target. The November 19, 2021 lunar eclipse opposite Biden’s natal Sun (27 Scorpio) doesn’t bode well for Biden in any potential future conflict. Sept 1, 1939 saw Germany invade Poland, thus catapulting the world into a frightful world war. Will December 19 – 24, 2021 prove to be another dark chapter in human history?

US Intelligence Finds Russia Planning Ukraine Offensive

Associated Press
December 3, 2021

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden pledged Friday to make it “very, very difficult” for Russia’s Vladimir Putin to take military action in Ukraine as U.S. intelligence officials determined that Russian planning is underway for a possible military offensive that could begin as soon as early 2022.

The new intelligence finding estimates that the Russians are planning to deploy an estimated 175,000 troops and almost half of them are already deployed along various points near Ukraine’s border, according to a Biden administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the finding.



On The Brink Of War: Russian troops ready to invade Ukraine?

Video: 5 min 3 sec


My brother-in-law spent a lot of time in Russia and the Ukraine 2 years ago and he said that many Ukranians are of Russian descent and want to be part of Russia, and he thinks that the U.S. should not interfere.

Hi Sharon,

Politically speaking I don’t think there is an easy answer, to what is considered to be a deeply divided, complex situation. We’re dealing with centuries of ethnic conflict. Two excellent articles that explore Ukraine’s pivotal role with Russia, Europe, NATO and the US……..

Ukraine: Conflict at the Crossroads of Europe and Russia

Council On Foreign Relations
December 2, 2021

Ukraine has struggled to forge an independent path, torn between Europe and the United States in the West and its long-standing ties to Russia in the East.



Ukraine: The Most Dangerous Problem in the World. But there’s already a solution.

The Nation
November 15, 2021

Amid the public storm in America over the fall of Kabul, it is important not to lose sight of other looming crises around the world—some of them potentially much more dangerous than Afghanistan. For if the US political elites were so surprised by the speed of the Afghan state’s collapse, that was largely because the US media stopped paying attention to developments on the ground in Afghanistan once most US forces withdrew and Americans stopped dying there in large numbers.

Of these potential crises, one of the most menacing is the armed standoff between the Ukrainian military and Russian-supported separatist forces in eastern Ukraine. Limited numbers of Russian troops (lightly disguised as “volunteers”) are stationed in the Donbas region, and Russia has deployed large forces in southern Russia to defend the territory against any new Ukrainian offensive. However, Russia has not annexed Donetsk and Luhansk (the two Ukrainian provinces that make up the Donbas) or recognized their independence.



PS If you have the time, here is another informative article…….

Why Ukraine Matters To Russia So Much

TRT World
December 4, 2021

There are both geopolitical and historical reasons behind Moscow’s endless pressure on Kiev, which was the birthplace of the first Russian state in the 9th Century.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s longtime leader, once described the collapse of the Soviet Union, the predecessor state of Moscow, as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century”.

“As for the Russian people, it became a genuine tragedy. Tens of millions of our fellow citizens and countrymen found themselves beyond the fringes of Russian territory,” the Russian president said in 2005, when Ukraine’s anti-Russian pro-EU Orange Revolution was raging across the country.



Thanks, Jerry, for posting these articles. I actually have very little free time these days but will try to peruse them. I know from conversations with Eliseo here that Russia desperately needs the seaport that have control of the Ukraine will give them.

My brother-in-law is retired and has the means to travel. I believe he spent maybe a month in the Russia/Ukraine area and he spoke to a lot of people and he came away believing that many in Ukraine want to be aligned with Russia. That’s a part of the story that I was not aware of and is not usually focused on since Russia is painted as the “bad guy” in most scenarios. It’s obviously more complex than good guy/bad guy and I’ll try to look at the articles when I can. Namastse.

Sharon K,
Three points:
(A) A very brilliant Ukranian was in the same cohort as mine in graduate school. According to her, many Ukranians cannot and will not forget the vicious brutality and bullying of the Russians. Although there are many Russians in Ukraine who might want to be part of Russia, there are also many Ukranians who absolutely do not want that at all. They would very much like to go their own way.

(B) Russia has horrible geography. As their borders are essentially indefensible, the only way through history they’ve been able to maintain security was to control Ukraine and what were the southern republics of the former USSR, stationing their troops in those locales. Why? In the past 800 years they’ve fought at least 14 major defensive wars of invasion, each with massive loss of life. In WWII, invaded again, the fourth time from the west, they loss 20% of their population. If they want to be a strong, viable country, they MUST retake and control Ukraine and the southern republics. Putin fully intends on restoring the glory of the old Soviet Union. That’s no good for those other countries, but a geopolitical necessity to maintain Russia’s security.

(C) When they invade Ukraine, there will be little the world can do about it. Ukraine is not part of NATO, and has no formal alliance with the US. Europeans especially, will be nervous. Mama Bear, now awake from her hibernation will be angry; she’ll be wanting her cubs back.

Eliseo, thank you for that very good explanation. I never realized that about Russia’s border. I seem to remember that there was talk of Ukraine joining NATO a few years back, during Obama’s terms probably. That seems like it would have lead to a much worse conflict.

Sharon K,
Mr. Vladimir Putin intensely and deeply hates the United States, and especially Bill & Hillary Clinton. When Boris Yeltsin was president, many Russians were eager to gradually transform their country into a democracy. Doing that depended in part on feeling safe, on their borders being secure. Bill Clinton personally promised Boris the US would NOT expand NATO, but broke that and several other promises. Eventually, NATO was expanded to within 100 miles of Moscow.

Putin hates Hillary for her connection with Bill and for things she said as secretary of state, things he interrupted as intentionally undermining the Russian election and his presidency. Generally, the Russians see the US and our allies as dishonest, self-righteous hypocrites. They feel the US has intentionally intimidated, humiliated, shamed and betrayed them. It is no coincidence Putin directed his agents to disrupt and undermine the 2016 election.

Mr. Putin intends not only on the restoration of Russia to its former size, glory, and power under the USSR, but IMO he would like to somehow personally hurt the United States itself, causing citizens to suffer as did his people at the time of the fall of the USSR and beyond.

Likewise, Xi Jinping and the Chinese people generally hate us as well. They teach their school children about their century of humiliation, AKA as the hundred years of national humiliation, i.e. the period of intervention and subjugation of the Qing dynasty, and later the Republic of China by Western powers and Japan from 1839 to 1949. They especially hate the UK, Japan, and the US.

Both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have established themselves as dictator for life. Both are very involved in the politics of revenge. It should not surprise us if either or both countries, despite serious risk take action from a very emotionally based bias, rather than any rational foreign policy or military reasoning. This is the stuff of war making.

Sharon K,
“I seem to remember that there was talk of Ukraine joining NATO a few years back, during Obama’s terms probably. That seems like it would have lead to a much worse conflict.”

Yep! That would be like Mexico joining the Warsaw Pact.

Yes thank you very much Eliseo!

I did not realize all that and it makes sense…..

How can we get around any of that? Yes I know that there are many Ukrainians who lean toward Democracy. And it seemed that the supporters of Navalny thought the w\West would help them… and Google etc. appeared to have abandoned them.

“How can we get around any of that?”
Here are some thoughts.

In all probability, we can’t, at least not under present circumstances. The rules of diplomacy and warfare profoundly changed on 29 August 1949 at 7:00 a.m. at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, Kazakhstan, USSR, when the Soviets exploded their first atomic bomb.

We cannot intervene directly outside our several spheres of influence, and with rare exception, we especially can’t in the backyard of an unfriendly nuclear power. For analogy, imagine how we would react were the Russians to intervene with a 100,000 troops in Mexico. Unfortunately, my Ukrainian friend did not want to grasp this reality in 2014, and that may or may not be true of Mr. Alexei Navalny as well.

Remember when the Russians invaded and took control of Crimea in 2014? Obama was president, and the Republicans went nuts furiously blaming Democrats, as if we could somehow have prevented the event, or perhaps did not have the gumption or courage to mobilize our troops and send them off to defend the Crimeans against the evil Russians!

OK. Time for some facts:

(1) From 1783 to 1954 Crimea was part of Russia, not Ukraine.

(2) In 1954 Premier Nikita Khrushchev, (himself a Ukrainian) gave the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine as a symbolic reward for their bravery, perseverance, and sacrifice in WWII. It didn’t matter really, as Ukraine and Russia were both part of the Soviet Union.

(3) It is absolutely necessary for the Russians to own and control Crimea, with its year round warm water ports, if they want to have a blue water navy, i.e. be a viable naval power. All the other Russian ports are frozen over too many months of the year. Having access to the Crimean ports enables them to trade with the rest of the world. Without those ports, transport over land costs them at least 12 times as much, and frankly they can’t anyway, as they don’t have the necessary roads, rail, or infrastructure. Without access to the Crimean ports they cannot for long, maintain a modern nation, and would in time revert to a pre-industrial society.

At some point, probably sooner than later, the Russians will invade and successfully retake control of Ukraine. It’s not just historically important to them, their country and culture having been established in Kyiv over a 1000 years ago, but also logistically, as an important piece of their southwestern defense.

When might they make the move? With predator’s eyes they are watching the US domestic situation quite attentively. They know we will not intervene directly, but would like to minimize the volume, intensity, and drama of our protests. They will likely invade perhaps when Mr. Trump is indicted? Or perhaps when he’s on trial, while our right wingers are noisily protesting, rioting, or attacking one or more of our state capitol statehouses. They’ll likely choose their moment carefully.

When they invade, the world will yell and scream, perhaps impose sanctions, etc. The Russians will retaliate with their own sanctions, perhaps cutting off the natural gas and oil supply to Europe in the middle of winter. It will be a pretty hot, cold war in the beginning, and may well devolve into further nastiness. But it won’t be anything new. The Soviets invaded Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and quite a number of invasions of other countries as well. The world will have again become a more dangerous neighborhood.

Mind you, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not defending the Russians, or excusing their consistently bad behavior. They, and the Chinese will disrupt and destabilize the world order, an order that would have been disrupted anyway by new technology and climate change.

The silver lining is they will keep us more focused than we would have been naturally or normally. Their autocratic system will not be sustainable in the long run. Just as we did post WWII with the Germans and Japanese, once they have run their course, we will need to assist them with some kind of Marshall program, (we should have done that in the early 90’s) helping them transition to a secure, more humanitarian, democratic system.

If we don’t, history will repeat itself in similar fashion. Democracy does not and will not survive within a sea of tyranny. Until all nations have traversed and arrived in the citadels of democracy, we will continue the cycles of war.

In hope my opinions and thoughts are helpful and illuminating


Re: Russia

“……When might they make the move? With predator’s eyes they are watching the US domestic situation quite attentively.”

A Trump indictment presumably along with other close associates (partners in crime) would certainly be a distraction and a compelling motivator. The Republican Party’s Uranus return (DOB March 20, 1854 Ripon, Mo.) having occurred last April (10 ’12 Taurus) has since reversed course and about to make another direct hit in January. However December 15th has tr. Saturn (10 ’12 Aquarius) making an exact square to its natal Uranus. Four days later, on the 19th to be precise, the Gemini Full Moon (27 ’28 Gemini) will activate the approaching Uranus-Saturn square by harsh angles. I think it’s entirely possible it will be due to pending indictments but also to do with the debt ceiling crisis. The Republicans could miscalculate the seriousness of the debt problem and fumble the ball…….

Senate Republicans Shrug Off Debt Default

Dec 2, 2021

Senate Republicans are feeling far more relaxed about the impending Dec. 15 federal debt-default deadline this time around, with many suggesting the real drop-dead date isn’t until January.

Why it matters: Their attitude toward the deadline set by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is distinctively different from the hair-on-fire rhetoric before the initial Oct. 18 date. But a Congress discounting the advice of a Treasury secretary is risky financial practice — and has the potential to affect markets itself.

* This time, some Republicans tell Axios, they think Yellen may be bluffing with an early deadline, trying to force Congress to act sooner rather than later and not give markets agita over a true default.

* “They can transfer money from the Highway Trust Fund for it, and take us probably into January,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told Axios.

*Republicans also appear more open about allowing Senate Minority Leader Mitch Republicans also appear more open about allowing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to cut a potential deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.



All very interesting!
Thank You!

“has since reversed course and about to make another direct hit in January”

When precisely, Jerry?
Have you looked at the aspects for that day? Might there be an association with water?

Ukraine cut off the water to Crimea after the Russian takeover. I believe we can safely assume one of the objectives of any military incursion would be to seize the area which controls and pumps the water to the Crimean peninsula. Providing water relief to the peninsula might make the Russian troops heroes in the eyes of the local Crimean population. That might very well be one of their psychological objectives.

Oops! I’m not entirely awake.
Sorry Jerry. I mixed up aspects for the R party Uranus return with the Russians & Ukrainians. Please ignore my faux pas. I wasn’t thinking straight.

Hi Eliseo,

My mistake. I made an assumption without consulting the ephemeris. Actually Uranus goes stationary direct in mid January at 10 ’49 Taurus and doesn’t return to that degree for another 84 years.

The end of the American experiment and the United States as a democracy is coming swiftly unless Biden changes course immediately. The US Pluto Return looks like it will end the empire as we know it.

“Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun – January 6 was practice”

“But then, having looked directly toward the threat on the horizon, Biden seemed to turn away, as if he doubted the evidence before his eyes. There was no appreciable call to action, save for the bare words themselves: “We’ve got to act.” Biden’s list of remedies was short and grossly incommensurate with the challenge. He expressed support for two bills—the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act—that were dead on arrival in the Senate because Democrats had no answer to the Republican filibuster. He said the attorney general would double the Department of Justice staff devoted to voting-rights enforcement. Civil-rights groups would “stay vigilant.” Vice President Kamala Harris would lead “an all-out effort to educate voters about the changing laws, register them to vote, and then get the vote out.”

And then he mentioned one last plan that proved he did not accept the nature of the threat: “We will be asking my Republican friends—in Congress, in states, in cities, in counties—to stand up, for God’s sake, and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our elections and the sacred right to vote.”

So: enforcement of inadequate laws, wishful thinking about new laws, vigilance, voter education, and a friendly request that Republicans stand athwart their own electoral schemes.

Conspicuously missing from Biden’s speech was any mention even of filibuster reform, without which voting-rights legislation is doomed. Nor was there any mention of holding Trump and his minions accountable, legally, for plotting a coup. Patterson, the retired firefighter, was right to say that nobody has been charged with insurrection; the question is, why not? The Justice Department and the FBI are chasing down the foot soldiers of January 6, but there is no public sign that they are building cases against the men and women who sent them. Absent consequences, they will certainly try again. An unpunished plot is practice for the next.

Donald Trump came closer than anyone thought he could to toppling a free election a year ago. He is preparing in plain view to do it again, and his position is growing stronger. Republican acolytes have identified the weak points in our electoral apparatus and are methodically exploiting them. They have set loose and now are driven by the animus of tens of millions of aggrieved Trump supporters who are prone to conspiracy thinking, embrace violence, and reject democratic defeat. Those supporters, Robert Pape’s “committed insurrectionists,” are armed and single-minded and will know what to do the next time Trump calls upon them to act.

Democracy will be on trial in 2024. A strong and clear-eyed president, faced with such a test, would devote his presidency to meeting it. Biden knows better than I do what it looks like when a president fully marshals his power and resources to face a challenge. It doesn’t look like this.”


A quick follow up to the comments made on the December 19th Gemini Full Moon aspects.

Chiron stations direct at 8 ’26 Aries within a few hours of this lunation. The June 12, 1991 chart for Russia has the Chiron station right on its natal Mars (8 ’49 Aries) in square to natal Uranus (8 ’17 Capricorn) and tr. Mercury (8 ’34 Capricorn) suggesting whatever aggressive action takes place, the incursion into Ukraine, if it occurs at this time, will be swift and decisive. Because the Full Moon falls on a Sunday, I suspect there will have already been tremors felt in the financial markets due to Congress’s inability to tackle the debt limit issue with any degree of success. The opening bell on Wall St. Monday morning has the Chiron station in semi-square to the New York Stock Exchange Pluto (23 ’31 Aquarius) and sesquiquadrate to the NYSE Mercury (23 ’47 Taurus)

Explained: Why Russian troops Are On The Ukraine Border, And Why The West Is Concerned

Ukraine says that Russia has amassed around 90,000 troops at the border, and US intelligence reports say that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is possible as early as next month.

Indian Express
December 7, 2021

The tension on the Russia-Ukraine border represents a major security crisis for the region, with the potential to snowball into a broader conflict. Ukraine says that Russia has amassed around 90,000 troops at the border, and US intelligence reports say that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is possible as early as next month.

Russia has shown, as recently as 2014, that it is not averse to taking military action in Ukraine. In that year, Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in what was the first time a European country annexed territory from another country since World War Two.

Ukraine and Russia share hundreds of years of cultural, linguistic and familial links. As part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the second-most powerful Soviet republic after Russia, and was crucial strategically, economically and culturally. Ever since Ukraine split from the Soviet Union, both Russia and the West have vied for greater influence in the country in order to keep the balance of power in the region in their favour.

For many in Russia and in the ethically Russian parts of Ukraine, the shared heritage of the countries is an emotional issue that has been exploited for electoral and military purposes.

For the United States and the European Union, Ukraine is a crucial buffer between Russia and the West. As tensions with Russia rise, the US and the EU are increasingly determined to keep Ukraine away from Russian control.

Efforts to induct Ukraine into NATO have been ongoing for many years and seems to have picked up pace recently. Russia has declared such a move a “red line”, with Moscow worried about the consequences of the US-led military alliances expanding right up to its doorstep.



That was scarier than a horde of giant carnivorous locusts! The author is right in saying nothing quite like this has ever occurred here in the US. Also right in asserting proposed measures are not nearly enough. So what DO we do? Most of us are not lawyers.

Eliseo – I was gonna tell PSW a similar thing… haha!

Like do we really need to be more scared?

Yup we need solutions … anybody got any? 🙂

PSW: It is my hope that Biden’s intent is to demonstrate that he is the President for ALL Americans… both Republicans and Democrats. That he is going to lengths to consider all reasonable solutions that in another day would be taking into account the earnest desire of members of both parties to do their job for the American people, as they were elected to do. Then, having gone the distance, and discovering and demonstrating that the Republicans indeed had no interest in doing the job for which they had been elected, he could then understandably GO for it….allowing the filibuster to be destroyed,

This is a crucial moment in history – we need the filibuster to be gone.

As it is, we have Joe Manchin and Kristin Sinema who I personally think are traitors to the Democratic Party and to the US, and to Democracy itself. They are damaged individuals who do not care if they bring the Western world down… they do not realize that if they do, their names will live in infamy forever.

Also I realize that good individuals who understand this are treading very carefully regarding them so that if there is ANY chance we can save our souls through those two sickos, these good individuals, walking on eggshells, are going to give it every chance.

The problem is, there are too many problems all at once. When one fire pops up there are dozens more in every direction.
The problem is, saving ‘democracy’ relies on ‘a well educated electorate’, pulling together, doing their part by rational discussion, not just a big daddy figure to ‘save’ all.
The problem is, a generation or more of brainwashed people who don’t understand fundamental governance nor a sense of the importance of community cooperation. We have evolved into the ‘all about me’ society, with no manners.
The problem is, even if Biden were to pull it off, there are still too many drooling over chaos, meaning anything he does likely wont stick for long.
The problem is, too many educated idiots picking each other apart, and I point my finger at the non-constructive media pundits of all stripes looking for controversy and drama instead of constructive suggestions and ideas, or to even to push back at controversy itself.
As I’ve said before, to mutiny during a hurricane is very foolish. Its looking more like we will have to pick up the ship’s wreckage after the storm has done its worst.

We can always hope and pray that TFG is gone from this Earth by 2024–or at least severely and permanently incapacitated–which personally, I do.

I don’t wish that lightly–and I would have hoped for a similar end to befall any malevolent figure in history.

I am so sick of that insufferable, narcissistic, blathering buffoon and all that he represents, and all that he perpetuated during his abomination of a presidency, and which continues now. Truly. Perhaps his rise, or the rise of someone similarly awful was inevitable. I don’t know if I believe that.

Individuals can and do affect the course of history, sometimes for good, sometimes for ill. For instance, we will never know what alternate course the world might have taken had King and the Kennedy Bros. lived. It wouldn’t have been a utopia. And I can’t imagine that it would have ever taken so many dark turns to where we are now.

Instead, we live today in a world where a reactionary-conservative establishment triumphed over progressive-liberal hopes and ideals, snuffing out the brightest lights of a generation, and terrifying or at least severely marginalizing the bejesus out of anyone else who dared to have a dream themselves.

I want a world in which charlatans, fools, and demagogues like Reagan and Trump are forever maligned and relegated to the invisible fringe. Where the prisons are empty except for the real criminals like Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Peter Thiel and other would-be trillionaires for whom too much is never enough, who would destroy the world and everyone on it in the pursuit of unlimited power. Destroy these bastards instead by charging them with crimes against humanity and liquidating all of their assets. Let them rot in prison for the rest of their miserable days for the ultimate criminal act.

I want a world where the ideals of someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren aren’t considered impractical fringe (and threatening to the billionaires, because they are convicted criminals in prison), but the necessary norm, as much as oxygen, water, and sunlight.

Here we are at the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We will very soon be experiencing our Pluto return, and by 2028 our Uranus return.

The modern world order we created at the end of WWII depends for its existence and maintenance on the stability of the US. It will pass away when our domestic troubles outweigh our capacity to act and react properly on the world stage.

The Supremes will either overturn Roe or gut it so severely as to make it irrelevant. That will elicit chaos, lawsuits, arrests, back street abortions, and possibly vigilantes at state borders stopping you to see if there are any young ladies, perhaps pregnant in the car with you.

Even if at the federal level, if we strongly outlaw the voter suppression tactics and ability of legislatures to choose electors contrary to how their state actually voted, they will in brazen defiance choose the electors they want anyway. Chaos upon chaos.

When Trump is indicted, or perhaps convicted, his followers will likely attack the courthouses and personnel involved. In some areas there will be martial law. The National Guard will be called upon to maintain peace. Their leaders will have to decide whose orders to obey, those from the US attorney general, or from their right wing governor.

The malevolent powers are watching. When the US is thusly preoccupied, they will aggressively prey upon their chosen victims with impunity. The PRC will attack Taiwan and quite possibly other neighbors as well. Russia will seize Ukraine and the southern former USSR republics. The Indo/Sino water crisis will propel India and China into protracted conventional warfare.

Climate catastrophes and epidemics will intermittently interrupt some wars, while sparking others.

In the end, the allies will IMO probably prevail against the autocratic forces, but at great cost. The effort will require a similar level of courage, perseverance, and sacrifice as was demonstrated in WWII.

Linda G interviews astrologer Andre Kahr again.
Always interesting!


Why Russia wants to restore the Soviet borders


Another worrying sign on the economic front.

From today’s Wall Street Journal…..

China Evergrande Heads Toward Default as It Misses Payment Deadline

Property developer didn’t pay $82.5 million of interest payments originally due Nov. 6 on two sets of dollar bonds, say people familiar with the matter, potentially setting the stage for a massive default and one of the country’s largest-ever debt restructurings.

BBC News writes….. “It could trigger a so-called “cross default” on Evergrande’s roughly $19 bn of international bonds, putting it at risk of becoming China’s biggest defaulter.

A cross default is a provision in a bond or loan agreement that puts a borrower in default if they default on another obligation.

Fears about Evergrande’s future and the impact of its potential collapse have been looming over the world’s second-largest economy for months.”

The repercussions of a major default of this magnitude could reverberate and affect other Chinese companies that would consequently have a decisive impact on the world economy…..

China’s Embattled Developer Evergrande Is On The Brink of Default. Here’s Why It matters

September 16, 2021

*Snowed under its crushing debt of $300 billion, Evergrande is so huge that the fallout from any failure could hurt not just China’s economy.

*Contagion could spread to markets beyond China. Here’s how big Evergrande is, how bad its debt problems are, and what’s next.



Looking at the Shanghai Stock Market Exchange (December 19, 1990) chart:


the December 19th Gemini Full Moon comes into sharp focus here. It opposes the Shanghai Exchange’s natal Sun while the Chiron station (8 Aries) precisely squares the stock exchanges natal Mercury/Venus/Uranus conjunction (8 Capricorn). Some major developments could be expected at this juncture.


Pretell, what does TFG mean re: Drumpf?

Will, TFG is The Former Guy. Yeah, TFG=DJT

Oh boy, some really interesting posts on here , how I appreciate you guys!

JERRY. China and that economic news you posted, wow, worrying!

ELISEO. Very ominous post on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and what you say about marital law, roe etc.

BUCKEYE SHADOW I too not light heartedly wish that TFG won’t be around in 2024, i Made the mistake of saying this on Twitter a while ago when Joe Walsh had tweeted that absolutely he would be running, I replied hopefully he will be dead by then, got banned from Twitter for two weeks , guess because I used the word dead, anyway, agree with all your sentiments .

KIWI. You are so spot on with what you say, too many problems all at once and a totally uninformed electorate and also with media NOT helping at all. It’s like we are taunting the demise of democracy to be brought on, collectively I mean. The negativity on Biden now is incredible. Every young person I know here thinks Biden is an imbecile and a pedophile . Incredible. It’s all from their social media.

So much going on indeed, not least the Russian Ukraine situation, did anyone see the cover of newmax magazine ‘bigging’ up as we say in the Caribbean, the all powerful Putin.

Or what about these Christmas cards these maniacs are putting out showing their whole families with guns asking for ammo, what is really going on, this is Christlike behavior? Fox News going crazy because their Christmas tree was burnt by a homeless arsonist, not that I Agree with that of course, but they didn’t seem to care about the Christmas cards or the fact that Gosar put out an anime cartoon showing AOC and Biden being killed?

On a personal note , sometimes I get the chance to talk to people with a totally different viewpoint, mostly through our restaurant here in central florida in a very Trumpy area, I do meet such nice people and always try my best to be neutral and listen, for me being not from America but being here for the last ten year enables me to see things from a more neutral view even though I lean Democrat.

Recently, I was in Austin Texas for Formula One, and one of my sons friends, started off with a great conversation with a Texan talking about barbecue, which ended up derailing as he mentioned the fact that a woman could not get an abortion in Texas right now, talking of course about the six week law that we all know about. What amazed me at the time was that this man had not a CLUE About this even though he was a Texan, anyway it was quite comical In the end because my sons friend ended up telling him that nowhere in the Bible does Jesus talk about abortion, The guy didn’t take it well , stormed off with my sons friend telling him see you in hell.

I bring this up because today I was at the restaurant, and I ended up talking to a really nice man who loves our restaurant, comes there all the time because he said it’s like Cheers where everyone knows your name, loves my husband, and he was telling me how he works in Lockheed Martin , moved here for the Job etc etc. I very discreetly said I just didn’t understand how in America we could have a three-quarter trillion annual budget for defense but how something like an infrastructure bill with 1.8 trillion over 10 years was such a problem.

I wish I could remember all the particulars of the conversation, and it never got heated at all, but it just really struck me how Americans and probably all countries actually are just living in completely different bubbles, me included I guess I did not know at this point what side politically he might be on call until he started telling me that “the leftists“, were the problem
and that they were changing the constitution of America and that he was a conservative. in said that I did not like extremes on either side and I was more of a centrist. That some conservative ideas I like and also democrat ideas that I think there should be a social safety net although I would not want a nanny state. And that the republican party was certainly not conservative now, in the true sense of the word conservative, at this point I realized that he was obviously a staunch Republican, (later my husband said he’s a huge Trump follower), he kept talking about liberals and leftists, i said that it seems like in America it’s like you bring up children almost like a religion to be what you are, he said yes he taught his children from young. That’s so alien to me.

I didn’t really want to go down the political alley, so I said well anyway what I AM for is woman’s rights and for example what is happening in Texas now is ridiculous. He had NO idea about the abortion law in Texas, second Texan I met in two months who didn’t know of it, even though he just moved here only a couple of months ago. He knew about the Mississippi case though.
He told me he had adopted a child from China when he was younger, and that Republicans were for the right to life. I said well yes but sometimes they don’t seem to care too much once they are born. I explained to him about the vigilante laws in Texas regarding abortion, even if it was rape or incest, and the fact that at six weeks most woman would not even know that they were pregnant he honestly had not a clue about that, isn’t that crazy? I said that I was for abortion, but I didn’t believe in making a woman go through nine months of pregnancy, that it took a huge toll on the woman as well and to be forced to do that was wrong, I said if my daughter got raped by somebody, there would be no way that I would make her go through a pregnancy, that I would do an abortion early, in the first trimester. He actually agreed that he would too.

He then went on to tell me that the problem was though that the laws that would let somebody get an abortion at 36 weeks, I said honestly that does not happen unless it were some ridiculously extreme case, no woman would want that, I even gave an example of someone that I knew that ended up having a child that only lived for an hour, and that in a rare case, they could know that this what happened and may be a woman would choose to abort even if it were late because to go through to the end and go through childbirth would be torture. He talked of course about communism and socialism and Venezuela, I even told him that I had live 7 miles from Venezuela in Trinidad, and Venezuela’s problem was more of a dictatorship, which he said was going to happen here. Crazy.

Anyway we ended up talking about animals ,
everything was civil and again he was a really nice man but it just stuns me how Little he knew about what was going on in terms of Texas or his beliefs about abortion.

I’m sorry to be venting here again, but as I always say this is the only place I can, I’m just sort of stunned how different we are in our beliefs, and how each side really believes these things about the other, Are we living in our bubbles and wrong to believe these things about Republicans here, I don’t think so , I feel we see what is happening and going on, yet they really do believe that liberals or leftists are ruining their country.

Anyway, that’s all, sorry for being so long, I just find it so disturbing and At the end of it all I see how much we all as Americans have in common, good people on both sides, but that just cannot see Eye to Eye on anything, and have hate in certain instances, so sad indeed.

What a slimy weasel. I guess he’s been chatting with Trump some more https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mark-meadows-sues-pelosi-jan-6-committee_n_61b145fce4b0bb13fd022163


Thank you for the clarification.

Diana: “Joe Walsh said absolutely he will be running” in 2024 …..
No he won’t!! He’ll be in prison or at least indicted and ready to go…..

Or incapacitated. There’s a good chance you could have used the word “incapacitated” and stayed on Twitter –

But I like the word “dead” better. Although I never would have said it myself…. 🙂

I have never ever worried about Trump running in 2024. Who, of all the intelligent people out there, would actually think he would be running in 2024? He’ll be lucky if he makes it through 2022 – not in one piece but in a few major pieces.

Hi, I haven’t posted for ages as other things intrude, but still read often. Eliseo, re. your comment: “When Trump is indicted, or perhaps convicted, his followers will likely attack the courthouses and personnel involved…etc., I agree about the followers, but not about Trump himself. I said it many times before, but nothing and nobody is going to do anything to him until he does it himself (probably illness, 6th house). He won’t go anywhere, he won’t be indicted, he won’t be convicted. Sorry.

Beowulfie: Hmm.

Well at least you said “Sorry.”. 🙂

You may be right. I regard you as a very competent astrologer, as are several who post here. I rather like the way your mind works. I note our friend Andre, also a very fine astrologer, holds an opposite opinion to yours as to what will happen to Mr. Trump.

I also note the Lincoln Project leaders hope Mr. Trump will be alive, and be the R nominee in 2024 because they believe he will lose bigger in 2024 than he did in 2020.

I’m really ambivalent on the matter, and do not regard myself as sufficiently prescient in the context of my astrological experience or knowledge to confidently feel that I actually or truly know what will transpire. You might say my metaphorical crystal ball hasn’t exactly gone dark, but is nevertheless presently and partially opaque due to a raging, churning, overly active snowstorm of facts, false facts, and suppositions.

My assumption of incarceration was based on the last astrologer I had read, who might be right, and might be wrong.

Christmas cards with photographs of families with guns, or suggesting ammunition as gifts, are really defiant political statements. Through much of American history, citizens have had access to high capacity firearms, but only in recent decades have we begun to have so many mass shootings. The fear and alienation is very real.

It’s never been normal for American gun owners to brandish their firearms on Christmas cards. For many, particularly in rural areas, guns were just a necessary part of life, tools to be cared for and safely stored when not in use. I’m a gun owner, and Zen target shooter. I’ve known gun owners all my life. Most in past would have interpreted guns on Christmas cards as a bit bizarre. What you are seeing is a reflection of the current, crazy political radicalization of fearful “conservatives.”

And frankly, I regard people who display their weapons on Christmas cards as NUTS! As i said in previous post, its a hostile, in your face political statement. It’s designed to antagonize and “own” the Libs, people like you and me. To me, what is most disturbing is not the irony of overt rejection of the compassionate message of the Prince of Peace on his celebrated birthday, but the fact there are so many of these armed Kooks!

Just in very simple astrology I see that tr. Saturn in Aquarius will oppose trump’s Mars in Leo in February of 2023, as that tr. Saturn Aquarius makes its way into Trump’s 7th house of lawsuits. This is AFTER the long siege of tr. Neptune in Pisces to Trump’s Lights – the Sun a nd the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius.

Then, tr. Uranus in Taurus going through Trump’s 10th house of status and reputation, makes a square to Trump’s Mars in Leo on his Ascendant; this in July of 2024. So both of these transiting outer planets – Saturn and Uranus – make strong aspects involving the Angular houses.

Now this is very simple – but since it’s so simple, it’s strong….. Health is probably involved… As well, you can’t get away from the fact that law (7the house) and public presentation (10th house) is intensely involved with Mars on the Ascendant (physical body and personal initiatives that one takes).

Not to mention of course, tr. Saturn opposing Trump’s Pluto in just a few days and tr. Pluto making a final hit to his Venus at Christmas… Wonder what this will bring? Life is a process…..

It is really so sad Trump hurts other people the way he does …. all that kharma

After a certain point I don’t even want the abuser to suffer … I don’t want to watch suffering. There is so much of it.

Ok that’s probably tr. Neptune on my Sun talking.

“It is really so sad Trump hurts other people the way he does …. all that kharma”

He’s a perpetual abuser harming the entire world, not just Americans. Such an oddly powerful man, no longer president but continuing to poison the hearts and minds of millions, with profound cascading effect.

Yes that’s true. Momentary lapse on my part. SO true – yup excuse me.

Onward and upward!

Did I mention I got my booster shot today? Now yesterday. It was fun! I ran into some familiar faces at our local health clinic. The nurse who gave the shot talked me into the Moderna – said it had more mRNA…? than the Pfizer (my previous 2 shots) – Wonder what that was all about? But I don’t care. Then went to dinner with my daughter at Il Greco where the server was so supportive of the booster and said she was on the way to get it too.

Yay! Got that behind me. And at our clinic it is worth noting we had the choice between Pfizer and Moderna. Sometimes the world is nice.

Musta been something in the booster shot that made me feel sorry for what’s coming up for Trump. THAT’S it! Joe Rogan didn’t mention THIS!….. Poor Trump! Aww.

I’m so glad I’m not on social media. I was having dinner with a nurse friend of mine (at Il Greco) a few months ago and she mentioned Joe Rogan. I didn’t even know who he was! Talk about protection….

I DO do YouTube tho of course. Jake and Nicole for instance…. up North on Vancouver Island living off grid -accessed best by water. He’s from Tucson born in Canada; she’s from Oregon. He of course is a Sagittarius with a Scorpio Moon. Not sure what she is… my friend thinks Taurus.

In response to a couple of questions above (Eliseo, sunstars) regarding what can be done about Trump’s assault on our democracy. It’s simple: Biden must abolish the filibuster and pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. That would at least greatly curb the gerrymandering, voter suppression and republican abuse of statehouse control. I don’t think he will do so for two reasons.
1. The grip neoliberalism has on the Democratic party which has torn it away from being the party of FDR. Effectively they have been neutered and will pass legislation only if it benefits the donor class which now effectively owns the party.
2. Biden still believes republicans are acting in good faith which at this point should be inconceivable.

Eliseo posted: “The modern world order we created at the end of WWII depends for its existence and maintenance on the stability of the US. It will pass away when our domestic troubles outweigh our capacity to act and react properly on the world stage.” ~snip~
“In the end, the allies will IMO probably prevail against the autocratic forces, but at great cost. The effort will require a similar level of courage, perseverance, and sacrifice as was demonstrated in WWII.”

I concur that we are at a crossroads that will change the course of our country forever. Your words remind me and I go back to Michael Lutins article (link below) in Vanity Fair often. Written in 2006!!!! it still resonates:
“Then, in the years 2023–25, the final stages of the Pluto return and the Capricorn effect will reach a climax. Some astrologers believe that an empire lasts no longer than one Pluto cycle, and by 2025 this cycle will be played out. And no matter how you look at it, the U.S.A. is an empire.

Just as the British Empire began enduring sunsets after the fledgling colonies won their independence, our turn may be coming. The Pluto return of 2025 will demand a redefinition of the United States and create the ultimate identity crisis. We will have to put ourselves on the line, as we did in the 1770s.

The period of turbulence that lies before us all in America is not God’s wrath or the work of radical Muslims, and it has nothing to do with the hole in the ozone layer. It is a necessary and inevitable step in the evolution of this country that will result in a reworking of the Constitution in the last half of the 2020s.”

I believe we are on the doorstep now to a very intense period which will culminate in the restructuring of the very foundations of our democracy. May we all pass through safely.


PSW: Sounds right….

Interesting word – “intense”. I use it myself to describe hard aspects so as not to scare people.

However I am already stressed looking at all the ways the Repugnants are thwarting the good aims of the Democrats. My body energy response is: Will it never end?

Of course it will. I believe you.

However are we up to something as severe as the Greatest Generation went through?

We are SO disorganized…. due I think to inequality …. But we have to keep plugging along.

I keep looking for wins by the January 6 Commission.

Politics is strategy, timing, and compromise. I suspect Biden is well aware of what the R party has become. I believe he knows they are not acting in good faith, but for sound political reasons cannot publicly acknowledge that at this time. Remarkably, he has gotten some of the R’s to go along with at least part of his agenda.

From my perspective, abolishing the filibuster and passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act are essential but merely a good beginning. I strongly suspect Mr. Biden is holding off on these until the right moment. He hopes to get other legislation through which at least some R’s will support through compromise. If he goes directly to abolishing the filibuster and John Lewis Voting Rights Act NOW, he’ll lose them. I suspect the Dems will move to vote on the filibuster and voting rights in the first few months of 2022.

But presuming Congress passes these laws, that won’t prevent individual blood red states from defying them. They will enthusiastically flout them, with all the repercussions we might expect.

If it is true we are an “empire” (I see us as something similar in some respects but not quite the same as an empire) that relationship only began in 1944-1945. That would give us another 170 years before Pluto returns to its station in Leo at the end of WWII and beginning of the cold war.

I do not believe we are done yet. We are rebirthing ourselves, a very painful and difficult process which I believe will render us far stronger through the latter half of this century.

Its not just the US in trouble “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has told world leaders that our model of democracy is “being challenged across the globe”

some might enjoy this astro conversation on 2022

Is this perhaps a very small beginning of a trend of restoration for unions?

Starbucks workers form their 1st union in the U.S. in a big win for labor

I think we should all say a prayer for Merrick Garland tonight. He will clearly have to indict the higher-ups in the coup attempt and yet he realizes that in so doing, he will ignite at the very least civil unrest and more likely worse as Diana discussed above – these people really believe this shit.

We have allowed the deregulated media and social media to have business models that seek to titillate and not inform or educate.

In the old days – not so long ago – TV and radio were heavily regulated but then along came Murdoch and Reagan and here we are.

But if he does not indict, then he will bring about the end of Democracy regardless of what Congress or Biden does.

Eliseo and PSW, I agree with both of you in that this is (and will be) a transformational period.

I don’t see our ending as much as our changing – maybe you are right Eliseo, maybe its a rebirth of sorts but these are the same issues that we had at our founding – it has taken us 300 years of evolution (?) to address them – but most of that growth has only been since the 1950s and a result of Brown v Bd of Ed and other SCOTUS decisions that pushed the envelope on integration. One of my concerns is that if they continue, the Court may revisit and return Brown et.al. to the states, similar to what they are indicating on Roe.

But maybe the combination of removing Roe and televised hearings in June of the January 6 commission – maybe it will be enough to create a tsunami of dem victories in the fall.

I should add that I think Biden is our best bet right now to lead us against this fascist cold war.

But big corporations (and I know there are many exceptions) are not our friend in the battle to save Democracy – how many have left Texas or GA or even said anything? Google and Apple going out of their way to kill democracy in Russia. They see fascism as far more profitable and secure than democracy.

Sad but true.


“We have allowed the deregulated media and social media to have business models that seek to titillate and not inform or educate.”

Very accurate. Very succinct.
Your statement needs to go viral, spread about throughout the cyber universe.


“I should add that I think Biden is our best bet right now to lead us against this fascist cold war.”

I agree entirely. I can think of no one with better experience and skill sets than Mr. Biden to deal with this madness. As much as I like some of the other Dems, I believe Biden’s pragmatism combined with the inner strength he has gained through personal tragedy outweighs the talents and good ideas others might have brought to the job.

BTW, you are an excellent analyst! You should be teaching sociology, history or political science at one of our universities.

One worrisome situation appears to be resolved…..

Senate Passes Bill To Allow Debt Ceiling Increase Without Filibuster

The Senate voted Thursday night 59-35 to approve a bill to let it raise the debt ceiling by a simple-majority threshold, setting Congress up to approve a final debt limit increase in the coming days.


One more to go……

China Evergrande Defaults On Its Debt. Now What?

A ratings agency’s declaration confirmed what investors had already suspected, but they now must wait on a restructuring plan overseen by the firm hand of Beijing

Japan Times
Dec 10, 2021

Hong Kong – For weeks, global markets have been watching the struggles of China Evergrande, a teetering real estate giant weighed down by $300 billion or more in obligations that just barely seemed able to make its required payments to global investors.

On Thursday, three days after a deadline passed leaving bondholders with nothing but silence from the company, a major credit ratings firm declared that Evergrande was in default. But instead of resolving questions about the fate of the Chinese behemoth, the announcement only deepened them.



Eliseo, thanks for your thoughtful (as always) response. The suspense of the Trump situation is so tiresome, but it will end, as all things do, in its own good (bad) time.

However, I keep poring over the charts to test what’s out there, which is why I wrote my short post. Nothing beautiful is on the horizon. Trying to consider all angles. The problem is the negatives for Trump are balanced by the positives – as before. That is the reason for saying he’s not going away.

Trump has transiting Saturn opposite natal Pluto at 10 Leo now, but offsetting it, transiting Jupiter opposes his natal Mars at 27 Leo and Ascendant at 29 Leo. Progressed Venus at 21 Libra is sextile his Moon at 21 Sagittarius. He is as popular with his camp as ever.

The midpoint of his natal Ascendant to natal Neptune is 17 Virgo. He has natal Uranus at 17 Gemini and natal Jupiter at 17 Libra. His progressed Nodes are now at 17 Gemini and Sagittarius. It’s like the Nodes are saying ha, ha, you’re not going to touch his armor (i.e. the natal Jupiter /Uranus trine).

His natal Saturn /Venus conjunction at 23/25 Cancer has an opposition from transiting Pluto /Venus in Capricorn now. In each case the Venus softens the Saturn and Pluto. His supportive progressed Jupiter at 24 Libra is making a nice little T-square to the natal/transit Venus etc. oppositions. And transiting Uranus at 11TaurusRx is trine the transiting Pluto/Venus – and Venus rules his money/leadership Midheaven (Taurus). To boot, Jupiter (Sag.) rules his 5th house of luck and taking risks. How does a guy get a deal like that?

There has to be a whole lot more Pluto/Mars/Saturn to get Trump out of the picture (and that doesn’t include the rest of the radical Repubs), and no such thing is in sight. The only transit against Trump with no offset is Chiron square his natal Mercury – but what’s new in that? His message has been a problem from day one.

Even on the coming Jan 6/2022, transiting Saturn will – get this – trine his progressed Mars. A trine no less!

And so on and so on, ad nauseum. It’s like the universe has made him an ugly, contradictory mirror of the whole divided country for the next while. The conflict in politics and in the media is plain for all the world to see. There’s no conspiracy – it’s just plain selfish power hunger across the board. Whether Trump and the far right win big at the midterms or not, his legacy is racism, inequality, the whole bag. Trump is not the only one, and there’s no fixing it short term. Even if lightning were to strike him (an act of God, not man), the turmoil goes on until the voting public have fought out what Americans truly believe in. It has become a war of values, religion, and competing financial interests. Trump himself is becoming expendable. Someone would take his place.

Still, I don’t think he will run for President again, or if he does, he won’t win. I keep doing charts and the same old conclusion comes up: the old order, including Trump, will be replaced by 2024. But it’s a long haul. I’d love to agree with Andre, but the charts I’ve looked at don’t say there’s an easy solution, or that Trump is going to jail.

Patience. Cheer.

Best of the season to all!

Beowulfie: Thanks for the really thorough job of ‘reporting’. Yes, I saw all the mitigating aspects but chose to ignore them….. the tr. Venus in the tr. Pluto opposition natal Saturn/Venus COULD be a hard aspect involving finances, no matter what…. and the progressed chart – yup. Using the past as a reference, he does get away with a lot… natal Uranus – Jupiter trine.

Ok I confess….. was hoping somehow the easy aspects would play out differently….. I did not compare his chart and aspects to say the US chart or other charts…. And I was thinking that the tr. Pluto would outweigh anything. Even though tr. Venus is exact at the time of the tr. Pluto to natal Saturn/Venus, the tr. Pluto IS longer lasting, and weightier……

Well, as I said before – Hope springs eternal, and
We Shall See.

And his natal Venus/Pluto IS in wide opposition to the US natal chart Pluto. But that can mean he hurts the US, and the US never hurts him… but was not counting out a switcheroo.

This is just from memory so is vague. Around 2013 I was perusing Putin’s chart and saw all these hard aspects transiting. I thought – Ok, NOW they’re gonna get him. But NO – he pulled out all stops and got Crimea!!

I thoroughly loathe TFG. He is a reprehensible, disgusting, wicked person. He should never have been elevated to his current status, and richly deserves to rot forever in prison, if not swim with the fishes. The day he was elected president is a day that should live forever in infamy and disgrace as a very black mark upon the United States and its people.

And yet I believe that he could also very well lead to a purge of a lot of garbage from the US psyche. Possibly. Or not.

While every moment he breathes is a curse, it is also a blessing that he is mortal and advanced in age at that. He will not be with us forever, even if the stain of his legacy long outlives him.

Could he live another 5 years? 10 years? 15? It seems unlikely, given his poor health habits, and who knows? Rupert Murdoch is 90 years old and seems to be going about his life as if he could live another 30-40 years, a dreadful thought for sure, given all the trouble he has caused by playing to the worst of human nature through his media and “news” empire, a large part of which is largely responsible for what gave rise to TFG.

Murdoch could also suddenly drop dead tomorrow and be gone, just like that, and so might TFG.

The bigger question is indeed, what to do about all that he has exposed. What is it about so much of the American population that takes refuge within the utterings of this bigoted, narcissistic charlatan?

Is there healing and growth that can happen in the spirit of so many reformers that have fought and paid steep prices for the stands they have taken throughout the country’s history? Or is the American project thoroughly irredeemable, so much so, that the whole thing is about to collapse into shambles, much like a house falling into a thoroughly rotted and termite-ridden foundation?

TFG isn’t quite the form that I thought our Pluto Return would take on a decade ago, yet he certainly seems to be a catalyst for bringing up the dark and vile parts of our psyche in this country that we would rather hide away from others, and ourselves.

It’s all coming to the surface now, though. Hard to deny this when you see families sending Christmas cards with pictures of themselves holding assault rifles. There’s a lot of nasty stuff in our collective closet that has only just begun to surface.

Thank you Eliseo for the kind words.

It is very depressing to read about trump being here for the foreseeable future. I am Jewish and grew up in a small town in southern New Jersey in the 1950s and it feels as though all the bigotry and antisemitism that was under the surface back then has been given free rein under trump. I am not sure we can survive that kind of hate. We did it before – but they all seem so emboldened these days. I too have been searching the charts and not finding much solace.


Your astrological analysis is insightful and thorough albeit sobering. Thank you for all of the work you did and cared to share.


Your talent for invective toward TFG is wickedly pointed and hilarious. I share your pain!

Jerry, silcominc and Eliseo,

Thank you for your always-penetrating, thoughtful and provocative contributions.

I never was a huge fan of NBC’s Brian Williams, but he seems now far more deeply insightful and wisened than I knew. Perhaps he has become so with time and experience. His remarks from his final sign-off on MSNBC, Thursday:

“The darkness of the edge of town has spread to the main roads and highways and neighborhoods. It’s now at the local bar, and the bowling alley, at the school board and the grocery store. And it must be acknowledged and answered for.

Grown men and women who swore an oath to our Constitution, elected by their constituents possessing the kinds of college degrees I could only dream of, have decided to join the mob and become something they are not while hoping we somehow forget who they were.

They’ve decided to burn it all down ? with us inside. That should scare you to no end as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman.”

Indeed, something wicked this way comes.


On Dec 9th the US Court of Appeals denied Trump’s executive privilege request to withhold critical documents sought in the January 6th committee investigation. Trump and his legal team were given 14 days to prepare a brief for presentation to the Supreme Court for review. From what I can gather based on various legal opinions I have read, the Supreme Court will not be inclined to review the case. So where does that leave us? Trump is heavily implicated in the planning and orchestration of the January 6th insurrection. At the end of the 14 days (Dec 23rd) Trump will presumably run out of options. Desperate men sometimes resort to desperate measures. Will Trump galvanize his supporters into taking the matter to the streets in protest? A second more dangerous nation-wide insurrection? We’re just looking at the astrological aspects here. It comes on the heels of the final Dec 24th Uranus -Saturn square (11 ’05 Taurus-Aquarius) in close t square to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo). You mentioned Jupiter’s current transit in opposition to his ascendant. The morning of the 24th (chart set for 8:17 am Washington DC as per Astro-seek – the link to the chart has been posted at the very bottom of this entry) has Jupiter at 29 ’05 Aquarius in opposition to the Moon right on Trump’s ascendant at 29 ’56 Leo forming a grand cross square to transiting nodes (29 ’56 Taurus – Scorpio). It is the last degree of fixed signs indicating to me that Trump may very well resort to some kind of aggressive action (Jupiter). If Trump does take matters into his own hands – it will be his undoing. The authorities will be fully justified in issuing an arrest warrant.

Trump White House Records Can Be Released In Jan. 6 Probe Pending Supreme Court Review, Appeals Court Rules

Washington Post
December 10, 2021
(by subscription only)

Former president seeks to keep White House papers from congressional committee investigating Capitol riot in first legal case testing whether a sitting president can waive a predecessor’s claim of executive privilege
Former president Donald Trump has argued that records from his time in the White House should be blocked from Congress

A federal appeals court on Thursday resoundingly rejected former president Donald Trump’s bid to keep his White House documents secret from a congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, setting up an emergency Supreme Court review.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit unanimously upheld a lower court’s opinion, which said that in a dispute between a current and past president over whether to release White House records, the sitting president must prevail.

In blunt and at times blistering language, Judges Patricia A. Millett, Robert L. Wilkins and Ketanji Brown Jackson denied Trump’s request for a preliminary injunction blocking the National Archives and Records Administration from releasing the first roughly 800 pages of disputed Trump papers after President Biden declined to assert executive privilege as requested by his predecessor, setting up the first of its kind constitutional controversy.

“Lives were lost, blood was shed; portions of the Capitol building were badly damaged; and the lives of members of the House and Senate, as well as aides, staffers, and others who were working in the building, were endangered,” the court said of the riots that stalled Congress’s confirmation of the 2020 election results, adding, “There is a direct linkage between the former President and the events of the day.”

At the same time, the 68-page opinion continued, “Former President Trump has given this court no legal reason to cast aside President Biden’s assessment of the Executive Branch interests at stake, or to create a separation of powers conflict that the Political Branches have avoided.”

Writing for the court, Millett concluded, “Benjamin Franklin said, at the founding, that we have ‘[a] Republic — if [we] can keep it.’ The events of January 6th exposed the fragility of those democratic institutions and traditions that we had perhaps come to take for granted. In response, the President of the United States and Congress have each made the judgment that access to this subset of presidential communication records is necessary to address a matter of great constitutional moment for the Republic.”

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington said the former president would ask the Supreme Court to intervene. The D.C. Circuit gave his lawyers 14 days to do so, which means the records will not immediately be turned over to Congress.

“Regardless of today’s decision by the appeals court, this case was always destined for the Supreme Court,” Harrington posted on Twitter. “President Trump’s duty to defend the Constitution and the Office of the Presidency continues, and he will keep fighting for every American and every future Administration.”

The House Investigative Committee in August requested Trump’s official communications and activities leading up to lawmakers’ confirmation of the electoral college results on the day that a riot by Trump supporters — angered by his unfounded claims that the 2020 election was stolen — forced the evacuation of the Capitol.

Trump sued, demanding that hundreds of pages of his White House call and visitor logs, emails, draft speeches and notes be kept secret. He argued he had residual rights to executive privilege as former president even though Biden agreed to the release of the material.

Trump seeking to block hundreds of pages of documents from Jan. 6 committee, court filing shows

Trump’s attorneys asked the appeals court to block release of the documents and to reverse a Nov. 9 lower-court ruling against him by U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan. Trump attorney Justin R. Clark said that former presidents retain the right to object and that such disputes should be settled in court.

Trump filed suit on Oct. 18, naming as defendants Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, and National Archivist David Ferrier.

In expedited oral arguments Nov. 30, Millett noted that past Supreme Court decisions give more deference to the determinations of the sitting president.

“We have one president at a time under our Constitution,” Millett said.

Appeals court scrutinizes Trump bid to keep Jan. 6 White House records secret from Congress

But she also expressed concern that future presidents could be hobbled if the confidentiality of their deliberations were to expire the minute they leave office. Facing a first-of-its-kind dispute between Trump and Biden, she and the other judges struggled to come up with what rules to apply.

“Whatever the incumbent president says, goes?” Judge Wilkins asked the lawyer for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “We don’t just flip a coin.”

In rejecting Trump’s request Thursday, the court acknowledged the need for confidentiality when it comes to presidential communications and said, “We do not come to that conclusion lightly.”

But the judges, all appointed by Democratic presidents, said national interests override Trump’s assertion of executive privilege in this instance. Trump is asking the court to invalidate the judgments of both the president and Congress, and “to delay the Committee’s work, and derail the negotiations and accommodations that the Political Branches have made,” the opinion said.

“A former President must meet the same legal standards for obtaining preliminary injunctive relief as everyone else,” the opinion states. “And former President Trump has failed that task.”

The opinion credits Biden’s rationale for not asserting executive privilege, saying that “the scales tilt even more firmly against the contrary views of the former president.” Courts should not “second guess the expert judgment of the sitting president about the current needs of the Executive Branch and the best interests of the United States on matters of such gravity and so squarely within the president’s” discretion.

Millett wrote that Trump provided no basis for judges to override Biden’s “judgment and the agreement and accommodations worked out between the Political Branches over these documents.” Both the White House and Congress agreed there was “a unique legislative need” for the records that they were directly relevant to an attack on Congress and “its constitutional role in the peaceful transfer of power.”

The court cited several reasons for why Trump’s novel legal claims were unlikely to prevail. The opinion said Biden gave “carefully reasoned and cabined determination” that secrecy was not in the national interest and Congress had a “uniquely vital interest” in studying the Jan. 6 attack. The documents are relevant and would be unavailable elsewhere, the court said.

“Former President Trump likewise has failed to establish irreparable harm, and the balance of interests and equities weigh decisively in favor of disclosure,” the judges wrote.

Information from within the White House, the opinion states, is also critical to understanding “what intelligence failures led the government to be underprepared for such a violent attack, and what can be done to expedite the mobilization of law enforcement forces in a crisis on Capitol Hill going forward.”


It appears the Starlightnews website does not allow condensed URL links, so here is the unabridged complete URL link for the December 24th chart as mentioned above…….


Thank you very much, Jerry!

Thanks for the valuable links.

BuckeyeShadow, et. al.
“Indeed, something wicked this way comes.”

In my lifetime, I’ve sporadically been in a number of very personal, life threatening, dangerous situations requiring action. When I was almost 17, I rescued a Black friend from being captured by the Klan. Racing away at 140 miles per hour, we were shot at as we made our escape.

In professional context in later years, I often had to direct and supervise violent mental patients. While working to rehabilitate and retrain gang members I intermittently had to divest them of their firearms while they were pointed at me two feet away. At the time I was young enough and well trained sufficiently to quickly distract and take away the gun or knife before anyone got hurt. I didn’t have time to be scared. I just did what had to be done.

But now, today I can honestly say in reference to our evolving political situation, I don’t think I’ve ever been more deeply or truly frightened in my lifetime.

Will, BuckeyeShadow,

I just remembered. Here’s an interesting post addressed to the both of you nearly two months ago regarding the significance of the December 9th date as it relates to Donald J Trump. Astrology is astonishing sometimes in its simplicity and accuracy……


PS If for any reason the post doesn’t come up for you let me know and I can re-post the text for you. The entry was made on October 15th at 10:29 am.

Hello Will. How are you doing?


“Astrology is astonishing sometimes in its simplicity and accuracy……”

You nailed it! Nice going!

Hi Sunstars,

Thank you for asking – I am doing well. I have such a strong bond with my brother Bertram that I feel him with me all – a kind of ecstatic, buzzing energy that oddly feels as if it is coming from within me. I know he is a bodhisattvah and I feel so blessed to have him in my Universe – very comforting.

I watched a compelling documentary by Oliver Stone on Netflix recently called “JFK Revisited.” I honestly was never at ease with Oswald referring to himself as “a patsy.” Although I didn’t believe he was “the lone gunman” – I thought he was a nefarious, shadowy character who was, at the very least, irrational – a provocateur. After viewing this documentary twice however, and now seeing new autopsy records and photos, I’ve made space in my mind to consider that LHO may not have been complicit after-all. It got me thinking of the Warren Commission and how most of (not all) of those old male fart-bladders were likely pushing their very own BIG LIE. I was a ten-year-old on November 22, 1963. When the Mother Superior principal of my Catholic grade school announced over the intercom that the President had been shot and we were all going to convene in the parish church to pray a rosary for him, I became inconsolably sad; I was the only kid in the class to be in tears. I never quite understood why but I knew in my bones that the assassination of JFK represented a profound loss for our nation and that we would never be the same. I remain deeply uncomfortable to this day about that horrid event. JFK Revisited managed to stir all of my doubts and concerns all over again – which is not necessarily a bad thing.

“The documentary, which has been edited down to around two hours after being twice that, makes no declarations about who killed Kennedy. It pulls in part from millions of government files that have been released in the years since “JFK.” In 2017, President Donald Trump delayed the release of more documents, citing national security.

“JFK Revisited” delves deeply into inconsistencies in Kennedy’s autopsy, the handling of key pieces of evidence and Lee Harvey Oswald’s alleged ties to the CIA. And its deepest suspicions — not unlike “JFK” — lie in the U.S. intelligence services.”

More: https://apnews.com/article/europe-entertainment-arts-and-entertainment-assassinations-oliver-stone-92193a25b8f0844360f0c6f6e47bf18b

will: Thank you for that. I am deeply interested.

Will write later…..

Jerry, all very interesting info, and it checks out, IMHO.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, for a supposedly innocent person, methinks he doth protest too much. Way too much.

What does TFG really have to lose by allowing the legal investigation and proceedings to move forward? Apparently a whole lot.

Doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that any of this is happening right at the threshold of the US Pluto Return.

The way we handle and hold power accountable within this country is up for review.

Pluto in Capricorn natally suggests powerful structures, a strong and centralized executive authority, and a generally conservative, retrograde orientation towards doing things. I note that there is general tension between this placement of Pluto in the July 4, 1776 Dec. of Independence chart, and the placement of Pluto in the US Constitution chart of 1787, in Aquarius, which actually favors an empowered, organized and participatory general public, and democracy itself.

Sometimes I wonder how the energies of the US would shift if we considered the ratification & effective date of the Constitution our true birthday as a country? I’ve long suspected that there is something to that, and our entire power dynamic could shift accordingly.

As for the possible outcomes of this period, they are actually quite clear. Discipline “The Establishment” or The Establishment destroys the very structures country through unchecked and unaccountable abuse of power and authority run amok. We currently very much seem to be on track for this to happen. And even so, the proper response is very likely to be born out of Aquarius energies and traditions similarly echoing from 200+ years ago.

I think Chief Justice Roberts is letting us know that the five conservatives are not content to tweak changes around the edges but rather are interested in returning many of the progressive ideals of the past fifty years from Brown v Bd of Ed to Roe back to the states to decide. And I think he is also signaling that these five will go further than Pence did in 2020. It means they feel emboldened – both he and Sotomayor are signaling as loudly as than can that there is real trouble ahead.

Here is Friday’s decision that I base my comments on.


…and Biden’s hands are tied – if he acts decisively, the 40% of the nation that follows their right-wing media echo chamber of disinformtion will be taught that he is stealing or cheating or whatever. It is a catch 22. I feel like they are playing chess to our checkers.

Why are so many now revisiting the JFK assassination? Me included!

Over the years, with the sporadic assistance of a pal who is a former FBI man, I’ve perused just about every conspiracy theory about the JFK assassination available. Though I find many flaws and apparent false assumptions in the Warren report, neither have I been convinced any of those various conspiracy theories to hold the truth. We always seem to come to dead ends and have to change direction. There’s so much contradictory testimony, no conclusive evidence, and much hidden bias.

Those of us on the Left tend to believe the deed was orchestrated and executed by ultra-dark, Right Wing forces. For decades that was my very inconclusive, vague assumption of probability.

Those on the Right like to emphasize the known shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald was a dedicated Marxist. They love to impune the Left.

But what if both sides are wrong? While looking for something having nothing to do with JFK, I stumbled onto a theory which set my intuitional antennae all-a-buzz. It is encapsulated in two different books,
Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK, A ballistics expert’s astonishing discovery of the fatal bullet that Oswald did not fire, by Bonar Menninger, published in 1992, and JFK: The Smoking Gun, by Colin McLaren, published in 2013.

So far, I’ve been very impressed by the clarity and simplicity of their explanation. Of all the “theories” I know of, this is the only one that IMHO seems to wrap up all the loose ends and actually solves the case. William of Occam and Sherlock Holmes would be quite impressed!

Very briefly, Oswald’s first shot is a miss. The second shot sails through JFK’s neck and into John Connally. SS Agent George Warren Hickey Jr. (March 24, 1923–February 25, 2005)
reacting to the first shot, picks up the AR-15 (a semi-auto rifle) in the floor of the limousine which is immediately behind Kennedy’s car, and turns backward, evidently spotting Oswald up in the book depository. He flips off the safety switch on the AR. When the car suddenly speeds up and lurches forward, he loses his balance. (He’s standing.) Bang! The accidental discharge is the fatal shot.

Oswald’s bullets, fired through his antiquated, heavy, clunky mannlicher-carcano 6.5×52mm caliber rifle were penetrative, not explosive. But JFK’s fatal shot was clearly from a frangible bullet, which explodes, more likely having come from an AR.

BTW, right after the JFK assassination, the SS instituted a new rule – no more AR’s in the limousines. To my knowledge, that’s when they stopped training with them.

We cannot positively verify the presence of ANY of the theorized rifles, casings, or suspects which speculation places at the grassy knoll, or other possible locations. But we do have testimony from 11 witnesses, 7 of whom were SS, that Hickey grabbed the AR hoping to defend the president. Furthermore, we have photographs of Hickey in the limo with the AR at the moment when the third shot blows apart most of the president’s brain.

The math is good. The ballistics are a match. I’m not done yet with the material in these two books, not totally convinced, but am more persuaded by this thesis than any other. I think these authors have probably nailed it. They don’t deal with motives, or any of that. Just the chain of evidence, and in that context what is most probable, logical and reasonable.

If you are interested, youtube has a video on this which lasts about an hour and a half.



Re: The JFK assassination

This moment among all others, stands out as one of the saddest, tragic events in the annals of America’s history. Much has been written about it. From an astrological perspective, the following article which I have posted here before carries some very salient points……

Astrology on JFK: The Wound that Never Heals
by Mark Lerner

Author’s Note: Due to the horrific and painful presidential contest now being waged in 2016, I am re-running one of the most important stories that I have studied exhaustively since I was 13 years old in 1963 and as a professional astrologer during the past 43 years. The sub-title of this article was America’s Turning Point of the 20th Century and this feature explains why. This was originally our magazine cover story in March/April 2000. I shared it on the Web in February 2002 (on a previous website of ours) because I ran a series of 5 massive articles linking President Bush to JFK. They were an extremely important group of features concerning our President’s and nation’s future destiny. Three color charts are included at the end of this feature.


Here’s one Progressive Democrat with cojones!


And for those who are sorry they missed SNL last night, like I am, here’s an article and a video clip of it from Raw Story!


https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/12/media/chris-wallace-leaving-fox-news/index.html I have always actually liked Chris Wallace as he actually does seem honest, fair, balanced (as well as he could be on FOX) like his dad. (And I’m sure someone here will come up with reasons to dis him.)

Anyway, he’s going to CNN — maybe to replace Chris Cuomo!?

And here’s something pretty sobering about the candle factor owners in Mayfield, KY:

– And then there’s this news that reeks of fascism –
Jamie Raskin’s comment was:
from Jamie Raskin:
“I wasn’t surprised to hear the Texas GOP is trying to ban politically incorrect books in schools, but was astonished to find my 2008 book We the Students on the list. It is about the constitutional rights of students and was sponsored by the Supreme Court Historical Society!”

Eliseo, do you think these natural disasters (the tornadoes in the mid-west) might actually change the dynamic? People will see firsthand the power and good of a competent Federal Govt. as opposed to the disinformation about the Govt being out to get everyone. Things are bad but maybe these disasters might have a silver lining.

Jerry, I very much feel that JFK’s assassination was a very dark turn for the US. JFK himself was no saint, but compared to the vile forces that wanted him dead, he was a light in the darkness that was snuffed out, at incalculable cost to us all. We will never know where JFK’s success beyond the day of his assassination, had that awful event been averted, might have lead the US and world to. Perhaps there would never have been a successful Conservative “Revolution” symbolized by the ascendancy of Regan? I dare believe it.

Imagine that–a very different 1980s period and outcome, without Reganomics, Iran-Contra, and the rollback of the Fairness Doctrine, which gave Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh and others so much license to spread so much ill-will across our airwaves, unchecked, and which ultimately gave rise to TFG taking up residence in the White House. Where indeed might we all be today?

History may very well have veered off into a completely different direction.

And from where we are now, I’m not sure where it all leads at this point.

I do know that there is a richly deserved reckoning coming for the Conservative Establishment that will knock it hard on its ass, and I believe that many seemingly untouchable billionaires like the Kochs, Thiel, etc. are going to see their power, fortunes, and influence curbed considerably in the years to come. The Pluto in Capricorn period belongs to them, but it is drawing to a close…

Meanwhile, Kennedy’s warning still echoes powerfully through time: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”

Possibly, yes – but I doubt it. I’m amazed as to how fixed of opinion people have become, despite glaring facts aggressively hitting them in the face. One would think that after 799,869 American deaths from corona-virus so far, a dramatic increase in extreme and frequent catastrophic weather events, plus the plethora of wildfires, at least a few folks would wake up and see the need for strong, effective government.

Then again, if I recall correctly, a number of astrologers have mentioned an “easing” of tension relative to the current transiting Neptune relationship with the US chart.

Sorry to be so equivocal, but honestly, I just don’t feel like we have a firm picture of reality right now. I think we are seeing merely a small portion of the picture – At least, speaking for myself.

A few historians have done some educated speculation as to how things might have gone had JFK served a full eight years in the office. TV journalist, Jeff Greenfield in 2013 published a novel on that basis, If Kennedy Lived: The First and Second Terms of President John F. Kennedy: An Alternate History.

The general consensus is:
American and allied casualties in the Vietnam war would have been drastically less as the US would have withdrawn far sooner.

The civil rights movement success would have come more slowly and gradually.

Kennedy social programs like LBJ’S great Society might also have come more slowly, but would not have been undermined by the expense and difficulties stemming from the Vietnam conflict.

Détente, (1969-1974) between the US and USSR might have come sooner and become more permanent.

JFK’s attitude and policy toward Central and Latin America was not that different from R. Reagan’s, but at least in the beginning engendered far more optimism and goodwill.

The Kennedy assassination, the apparent cover up, Vietnam war, MLK and RFK assassinations, and later Nixon Watergate event all contributed to a deepening distrust of government, and erosion of support for social democratic programs and reforms. Under JFK that skepticism might have been considerably weaker, if developed at all. Conversely, some historians believe scandals in the second term about JFK’s personal behavior might have diminished public confidence.

I like what BuckeyeShadow says. Yes, it was a terrible juxtaposition…. the Constitution versus Slavery. Somehow there had to be a reckoning on that.

ALL of the glaring problems in the US have been caused by inequality. Inequality has lead to ignorance and lack of information, and anger and a high crime rate. With ignorance has come the ability of rich sociopathic individuals and corporations to rape the environment in North America.

If JFK had lived – yes it stands to reason that Reaganomics. Iran-Contra, and the rollback of the Fairness Doctrine likely would not have happened.
AND we might have been out of Viet Nam in a couple of years. All that would have changed the landscape.

Yes, there still would have been a “reckoning” for Slavery but it may have been far far less because the inequality may have been less……

So I think we lost a lot when we lost JFK.

It still interests me the dark forces that wanted to assassinate the President…. Who and what they were should be known so we can identify the evil forces.

I saw just a glimpse of the spread on CNN – Saturday? – about the White Supremacists but clearly the leaders have personality disorders. We have to name it.

Was it the Kennedy era that started the Peace Corps? I so wanted to go into nursing and join the Peace Corps…… It was a dream of mine but alas it was not to be. However, I moved down to the States from Canada via a love affair then marriage with an American man. The States, and the American Experience was calling me.

It occurs to me again that a lot of Canadians call what is known as the US – we instead call it the States…..

More evidence the Jan. 6th event was an intended coup. According to the House committee:

The recipient of the email is not identified.

“Mr. Meadows sent an email to an individual about the events on January 6 and said that the National Guard would be present to ‘protect pro Trump people’ and that many more would be available on standby,” it said.


Yes. JFK founded the Peace Corps. It was a way to help third world nations progress, thereby preventing further spread of communism.

Sometimes I think the USA would be better off were we to allow you Canadians to run our country for a couple of years. But you guys, being saner than are we would probably have sense enough to say “No, Thankyou, we’d rather not.”

Eliseo: Hahahaha 🙂


“Sometimes I wonder how the energies of the US would shift if we considered the ratification & effective date of the Constitution our true birthday as a country.”

I’ve also frequently wondered this as well.


I am of the opinion that everything is as it should be. It is all pre-destined. If anything should give pause for thought, look no further than the Cuban missile crisis. Throughout the many hair-raising twists and turns of those eventful two weeks in October 1962, it is abundantly clear divine intervention prevented humanity from totally obliterating itself into all-out nuclear war.

If you haven’t seen the 2000 film Thirteen Days, I would highly recommend it. Daily Motion has it available in three parts. If you don’t mind the occasional advertisement which can easily be dismissed after 5 seconds, it is well worth watching……..

Thirteen Days

Based on the actual events surrounding the Cuban missile crisis of 1962; the thirteen days when the US and the Soviet Union nearly engaged in full-scale nuclear war.

Part One


Part Two



Part Three


Eliseo, Jerry

Truly “The Wound That Never Heals.” We lost something and we are forever deprived of knowing how or if our nation might have unfurled in a sublimely more beneficial direction. Being repeatedly deceived by those who were entrusted with authority and still yearning for truth and resolve so many decades has only gorged a bigger more doubtful haunting black hole in our collective psyche.

The yearning for relief from that diabolical event on 11/22/63 probably engendered our collective histrionics over the shaggy lads from Liverpool who debuted the following February on national tv. God knows we needed that proportionately electrifying event to jolt us out of our hopelessness and paralysis.

I just read a good analysis of the US Pluto Return on Astrology with Andy’s blog. He said, “Pluto will pay a brief visit to Aquarius from March 23, 2023 until June 11, 2023. But, its uninterrupted twenty-year sojourn through Aquarius (considered the official start of the “Pluto in Aquarius era”) starts on January 21, 2024.” That is the day after we inaugurate the next president! Has anyone done a 2024 inauguration chart? And if so, would you share some insights.

Also, did Nancy say when she would return to starlightnews?

My Bad. the next inaugural (if we have one) will be January 20, 2025 not 2024.


Pluto will be conjunct the Sun at 0-1 Aquarius in the 2025 inaugural chart. Something BIG is certainly going to be taking place involving whomever is elected and inaugurated as president around that time, and for the duration of what will presumably be a four year term. The nature of the presidency itself will likely be undergoing a major change. Perhaps the electoral college and the way we elect presidents is fundamentally challenged at this time? Steps could also be taken to further limit, or democratize, executive power, returning much of the power claimed during recent administrations back to the other two branches, if not also the states.

Sun-Pluto in Aquarius also definitely favors a more democratic, perhaps populist expression of executive power during this term, though I would caution that this doesn’t guarantee that such a leader will be of the Democratic Party.

It’s been noted by several astrologers that Nikki Haley, the former Republican Gov of S. Carolina and TFG’s ambassador to the UN is a 0 Sun Aquarius. This alone doesn’t guarantee her the Presidency, and if she pursues it, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime moment in which the stars are well-aligned in her favor, enough so to give her a huge helping hand to reach for it. In short, she could be the woman of the hour. Undoubtedly, there are others, too who could catch the wave of Aquarian energy in both parties, or beyond them, but she’s the first one that easily comes to mind.

Just checked it out, Buckeye.

Michelle Obama and RFK, Jr. were born Jan 17 (1964; 1954) and Pete Buttigieg, Jan 19th (1982).

Nikki may have some stiff competition.

Buttigieg! He was the Dem I was thinking of. Thanks Sharon K! He’s actually a 29 Cap Sun, but the Sun at 0 Aqu is still technically conjunct, if out of sign.

Perhaps he is a “bridge” to the new era? On top of this, he would be the nation’s first openly gay president. And his husband would be the First Gentleman. Cue the exploding heads among the Christian Right Wing in 3, 2, 1…

And, the Right Wing Reactionary Christians who have so poisoned our politics and discourse with the backing of monied elites like Murdoch don’t look to have much support moving forward. The reason being is that Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t empower “true believers” the way Pluto in Sagittarius does, or Conservatives the way Pluto in Capricorn does.

If anything, we are likely to see more openly gay, lesbian, even non-binary and transgender female-to male and male-to-female people in positions of prominence, power and influence.

Pluto in Aquarius will also empower those who don’t conform to traditional sexual & gender norms. Also, what is “sexy” is likely to morph from the physical, fuller-figured body-positive earthiness that has come into prominence during the Pluto in Capricorn period, to one that favors the non-binary, and also androgeny. We already have several examples of male-to-female post-op transgender models who have made magazine covers and competed in beauty contests. More will come, and will include those who are female-to-male, and altogether nonconforming.

Also, I expect public nudity to become a norm, at least on the beach, in swimming pools and within private or semi-private patios, and the human body itself to become desexualized. Lots of Capricorn/Saturn prudishness has prevailed during the recent period. I think a growing number of people will challenge the notion that breasts and genitals are 100% sexual, 100% of the time in the eyes of some folks.

The Chair of the 1/6 committee announced tonight that the televised hearings would begin in Q1 of 22. I know the US Pluto return is in mid to late Feb – could it be that the new trump show would coincide with our pluto return?


The Founders believed in majority rule, but nevertheless invented the electoral college, which was designed to prevent what they called the “tyranny of the majority.”

It hasn’t worked all that well. Pretty clearly our US Senate has evolved into an institution it was not meant to be. Together with the electoral college they have gone a long way to insure the “tyranny of the minority.”

RE: “Also, I expect public nudity to become a norm, at least on the beach, in swimming pools and within private or semi-private patios, and the human body itself to become desexualized. Lots of Capricorn/Saturn prudishness has prevailed during the recent period. I think a growing number of people will challenge the notion that breasts and genitals are 100% sexual, 100% of the time in the eyes of some folks.”

Cycles of prudery have gone up and down through the centuries, whether it be about sex, or non-sexual nudity. During the European middle ages, privacy was not a strong value, and there wasn’t much of it due to the way buildings and domiciles were constructed.

Since the 1890’s we’ve been slowly overcoming our repressive Victorian training. In 1900, bathing suits were heavy wool contraptions which covered all but the feet, neck and head. Until the 1930’s, were MEN in the US to expose their breasts in public, they would be arrested for obscenity. That changed in the 30’s with some significant court cases about men who defiantly exposed their nipples and chest hair! Nipple freedom! No wonder Cole Porters 1934 song was a hit.
“In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking
Now heaven knows, anything goes”

The song subtly refers to the fact that in the 1800’s the sight of a woman’s ankles or elbows was considered titillating. In some warm Asian, African, and Pacific countries today, women go about nude from the waist up. This is considered normal and non-erotic, but if they expose their ankles or legs they will be arrested for indecency in public. They see our western breast fetish as childish and bizarre! Why do we waste our time so much trying to control women?

The gymnosophic goals you expressed have been part of my core philosophy since 1963. Sociologists, Wiccans, and all Naturists know that interpreting nude bodies, genitals,etc. as innately erotic in all circumstances is absurd and unnatural. No part of the body is obscene. Our bodies are gifts from the Divine source. I’ve long believed in spiritualizing the physical, and physicalizing the spiritual, making the two one.

The goals of naturism are about changing consciousness, de-shaming, de-objectifying, and normalizing the body. Non-sexual nudity becomes the norm. In that context, Eros loses the predatory aspect, now elevated beyond the visual, and forbidden into something more heart centered, manageable, and nurturing. Sex ceases to be something you do TO someone, becoming instead a shared experience, something you do WITH someone.

The safest, and least erotic place you can spend time is at a family oriented nudist camp! Since the 1930’s sociologists, often with multi-university participation and funding, have conducted at least one major study per decade of Naturists/Nudists. Each time they get the same results, results which are counter intuitive to many in our overly eroticized culture. The social group in Canada and the US with the least amount of psychological problems, child abuse, sex abuse, etc. (i.e. un-measureable) are naturists. The group with the most are fundamentalists. Furthermore, children who grow up as naturists, as young adults tend to postpone their first sexual experience longer than non-naturists of same age. They wait until they are emotionally ready.

Some time ago, here in the Pacific Northwest, I had a boss who was angry. She complained her neighbor typically mowed his lawn in the hot summer nude from waist up, BUT she, as a woman could not do so because of social convention.

In Denmark, children begin their sex education at age six. Copenhagen beaches in summer are full of nude women, men, and children. In Scandinavian countries entire families and close friends spend time together nude in the sauna. In Germany, it is not unusual for the manager or owner of small companies to have everyone end the day early and go off to the sauna. All the employees, female, male, old, young, tall, short, fat, and thin disrobe and into the sauna they go. This happens especially in winter. But here in the US, we oblige very young prepubescent girls to wear a bra like covering when they go swimming.

So – Is Naturism truly an Aquarian thing?

The Trump Trial is coming in 2022.

The first passage of the Pluto return in the first quarter will be about the televised hearings of the House committee. These will shock the nation.

The second passage in the summer is likely to be Trump’s indictment and arrest in time for the mid-terms.

The third passage in the fall is likely to be the beginning of the trial. He will be convicted and go to jail in 2023.

The Dems are finally learning to play hardball.

Andre: So glad to hear from you again.

As far as your post – YAY!! 🙂

BuckeyeShadow, thanks for revealing the Sun-Pluto conj at 0 AQ in the 2025 Inaugural chart. The USA Constitutional chart has Uranus at 29 Cancer and will be in opposition to that Sun-Pluto conj. Also, my Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi as her natal Pluto at 0 Leo, conjunctions the Constitution Uranus…and, Ron DeSatan’s Jupiter is at 1 Leo. And, Eliz Warren’s natal Jupiter is at 0 AQ and is the focal point of her natal yod from Saturn and her Sun-Uranus conjunction. Lots of energies coalescing but not sure how to read it.

Elizabeth Lynne Cheney was born July 28, 1966) in Madison, Wisconsin. Does anyone have a birth time for her?

Thank you for your prescient interpretation!
Let us presume you are correct about the Trump events coinciding with each of the three passages of our direct Pluto return. In that context, do you foresee domestic disturbance, social unrest in the US relative to or coinciding with those dates?

I recall that in the last post by Nancy, she mentioned a period of violence at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. I believe that in order for the Dems to vanquish this radicalized GOP and, therefore, fulfill the promise of Pluto in AQ, we need an outside enemy in order for us to unify the country. It seems we do right now from both Russia and China. I think they each will invade Ukraine/Taiwan respectively, as they believe the US is too divided to prevent it. Nothing like a standoff with nuclear countries to snap us out of our self-destructive path.


C’est toujours bon de voir vos messages, André. Concernant le meurtre de Goliath : je fais écho à ce que sunstars et Eliseo ont écrit. Que tout se déroule dans le Cosmos comme vous l’avez écrit.

CNN: December 12

She’s got a pair of brass ovaries.

Pelosi will stay around to lead House Democrats through the next election — and perhaps beyond

(CNN)Speaker Nancy Pelosi will stay until at least after the midterm elections, extending her nearly 20-year run as the House’s top Democrat after she turns 82 and, perhaps, beyond.

She is planning to file and run for reelection in her San Francisco district next year — at least for now — in keeping with her pattern of deciding about staying in Congress after the elections, when she likely will have won an 18th full term.
And sources familiar with Pelosi’s thinking say she isn’t ruling out the possibility of trying to stay in leadership after 2022, despite her original vow to leave as the top House Democrat. She’ll devote much of next year to raising money for Democrats as they try to hold their narrow majority, those sources tell CNN, adding to the nearly $1 billion her office calculates she has already raised for Democrats in her time as leader.


Eliseo, Marjorie has posts about Liz Cheney but shows a 12:00 birth time so presumably hasn’t found an actual time.

Here’s one of her posts:

Thanks Les!
I appreciate the link.
I’ll keep looking to see if anyone has a specific birth time. She is certainly in the limelight now, and I think that will probably be the case through the coming televised hearings.

I am reminded of Tennessee Republican Senator, Howard Baker (“What did the President know and when did he know it?”) during the Watergate hearings. Liz is bound to become a star of the televised hearings as she is very useful for the purpose.

She represents no threat to Dems in Wyoming, nor to Dems generally. She will use her old fashioned Republican virtue, and direct, no nonsense approach to drive a well deserved stake into the heart of the orange vampire. Didn’t some psychics say it would be a woman who brought TFG down?

I’ll bet when all is said and done, when the Trump era is over, she will be in line for Caroline Kennedy to present her with the silver Profile in Courage award.

Liz has 3 cancer placements: mars, mercury and jupiter and all seem to have some wide conjunctions to the U.S.’s cancerian placements except for her mars at 11 cancer, which is only 2 degrees away from the U.S.’s 13 cancer sun sign.

She is fighting for us! I admire her guts and honesty. It will work in her favor in the long run when we have a new, less bipartisan government in the not too distant future. I couldn’t be happier that the tide is turning away from Trump and his minions.

Mitt Romney received the 2021 Profile in Courage award. He was the first Senator to have ever voted to convict a President of his own party in an impeachment trial.

It will be interesting to see who might be deserving of the award in 2022, 2023, and 2024, as the undoing process of Trump rolls on.

Does anyone have any insight as to the Pluto return of our Constitution in 2034?

Eliseo, Denise Seigel just did a bit on “all the pluto returns”

“My primary thesis is still, what did the president know, and when did he know it?”

R. Senator Howard Baker of Tennessee
June 29, 1973

“Mr. Meadows’s testimony will bear on another key question before this committee: Did Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’ official proceeding to count electoral votes?”

R. Congresswoman Elizabeth (Liz} Lynne Cheney of Wyoming
December 14, 2021

According to Rachel Maddow, in her December 14 broadcast, careful parsing of the language of the Jan. 6th Committee reveals probable intent to recommend criminal prosecution, not only for D. J. Trump, but also for some of his staff members, and some members of Congress who appear to have been “IN” on the insurrectional plot.

It is tiring to be aware.
Both Russia and China are in demographic decline. With each day they feel more desperate. Sometimes it feels like we are approaching another 1962.

No matter what we say or do, within the decade Mr. Putin fully intends to conquer and reabsorb Ukraine and the southern republics, shatter NATO, and fully restore Russia’s role as a superpower and illiberal rival to the West. How do we know this? He said so in various speeches starting about 2007. He and the Russian elites fully believe all of the above is necessary for their survival, regardless of any sanctions or world reaction.

The PRC is in a similar boat. They are well aware they do not have a sufficient replacement generation, and their socioeconomic experiment is beginning to fail. To “save face” they will attempt to take Taiwan, no matter the cost in lives, time, and treasure. They too, feel they must take such action to survive.

“When someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time.”
–Maya Angelou

Putin has been telling us who he was and what he was up to all along. Some of us knew, others learned along the way, but clearly the MAGAt Republicans were and remain completely oblivious. The vast majority of them will never get it, probably not even after its too late. Because winning and “owning the libs” is all that matters to them, stupid and inane is that is. Yet this is what our politics have devolved into, and what the Republican Party has become.

And let’s be truthful–this sorry state of moral and intellectual decay was at the heart of the party all along.

Andre, thanks for your post. Sometimes it’s tough to maintain hope, yet it is increasingly plausible that our Pluto Return here in the US will coincide with real accountability that targets none other than TFG himself, while implicating many others at high levels of govt. & corporate society.

So strange that Liz Cheney may play a key role in this effort. Her father is–and very much remains–a particularly loathsome character in our history. I would not play cards with either of the two. Yet, in this instance, it seems that the stakes are such that Cheney will play to uphold the Constitution rather than kowtow to the deceit and madness that has consumed the rank and file of her party.

War is expensive, Eliseo. I believe that what you said is what both countries want, but can they manage it financially? Russia has been particularly hard hit by Covid.

I do believe Putin will go for the Ukraine though.

I know both countries have been building up and China’s economy was great for a while, but what about now?

Obviously, the misinformation campaigns and the support of Trump were meant to weaken us, and with Trump in power, it could give Russia the support they need but I don’t think Trumpism will win again. Also, we are indebted financially to China (thanks to George Bush?) and they need us to cooperate with that.

I am not sure how long Putin will be in power – many have predicted he will be begone soon. Sharon, as for our being indebted to China – I think we are on the precipice of massive economic upheaval and I am not sure what follows as we move from a petroleum-based economy to something that is not.

I need your advice. For years I used a clunky Visions astrology program. It was unique in that it also contained some narrative for each aspect. Unfortunately, my Visions software has been dead for a while now.

My wife wants to get me a good astrology software for PC program for Christmas. I’ve heard Solar Fire and Sirius are best. Do you agree? What program might you recommend?

silicominc, I remember going to a presentation by the Dean of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science about 22 years ago and he very clearly said that the changeover from fossil fuel to renewables had to be made with the economy in mind so that the jobs lost would be replaced. I also know that the oil states like ours (LA) are going to struggle but that companies here are already arranging for large wind and solar farms and carbon sequestration plants — as we speak.

Hey Sharon K,
I believe their reasoning is contaminated by their emotions. It may sound odd, but I think money is less of a consideration compared to their sense of self and compulsive proclivities. Brutal force is what worked for them in the past. They don’t have a great amount of experience getting what they want by being kind or nice.

Most importantly, they see themselves as doomed if they don’t use the military option. I believe it is only a matter of time.

Sharon, in order to survive, it is not just stopping our dependence on petrochemicals. It is also our consumption economy – we need to fundamentally stop this disposable economy that we have created.

I remember when we were younger, the milkman came twice a week with fresh milk in bottles and would collect the empty bottles. Now we buy it in plastic and throw out the container or pretend to recycle (most recycling of plastic is not happening) – we need to find a new way ahead – one that does not rely on plastic and other petrochemicals.

I am worried that there is no will to do this and without the will we may stay stuck until it is too late. Instead, we have billionaires who lead our consumption economy and spend billions on space travel rather than look at real solutions to our situation.


Solar Fire.

I first received it in 1996.

It has made regular updates over the years…. It has many features that I do not, or do not know how to use, and someone more proficient would benefit GREATLY by their use I am sure.

My last installment came in 2015 and since my present computer has not broken down (LOL) I have not needed to replace it with even a more current version. I had a computer guy come over to transfer my list of charts from the old computer to the new one.

These guys of Solar Fire are obviously now very experienced. I do not think any other computer programmers can outdo them. But you never know. However I myself would not go looking to see if there is a better one……

I believe the first Solar Fire came out of Australia!


Just opened my ASTROLABE Solar Fire 5 User Guide. I wrote April 17 2016…

Brewster Massachussetts – so don’t know when but they obviouslyy moved to the States at some point

I have the Solar Fire v5.1 It’s for Microsoft Windows

I don’t think it works for the Mac unless they modified it.

Eliseo: The phone number for Solar Fire 5 back then in Brewster Mass. was:

silcominc, Sharon K,
I don’t think it will be terribly long before all debts from all countries to China will be irrelevant and summarily abrogated. And – it will be awfully disruptive when they are suddenly withdrawn from the world economy. That’s gonna hurt EVERYBODY.

Back when our milk was in glass bottles and delivered by the milkman, we were nevertheless participating in a disposable economy. It’s just that (A) we weren’t very aware of it and (B) our present economy by comparison has been ramped up to the 10th power. There are so many more of us, and we’ve gradually sacrificed our freedom, our planet, and our common sense to the great god of convenience.

But we really do need to evolve our present economy into something very different and more sustainable. I believe the change we are approaching in this century will be as big as was that of 12,000 years ago when we transitioned from hunter gathering to animal husbandry and agriculture.

Although there are problems with drilling, I believe the primary problem with oil is that we are using it as fuel. I’m OK, at least temporarily with continued use of it for making the rubber, medicines we need, etc.

I don’t mind the billionaires making their suborbital trips. Space travel, in the long run and on many different levels IS part of the solution to our many problems.

Eliseo, I agree. But I do think we need to wean off plastic – a manmade substance that never really breaks down.

I think the Greta Thurnberg and David Hogg generation is the one that will create the majority needed to make the changeover. Until then, there ARE many behind the scenes advocates, inventors, lobbyist. But it is the younger generations who are more motivated because they will be here. Pluto goes into Aquarius, and Jupiter moves into Gemini about the same time Uranus does… This will all help accelerate the change, won’t it?

Agreed. And I’m OK with biodegradable plastic.
I’ve heard newer, “better” lab made substances are on the horizon for manufacturing and common use. That’s both promising and concerning.

An old hypothesis has reemerged among historians and neurologists concerning the fate of the ancient Romans. Analysis of bone tissue from bodies of that time are telling us a dark story. It is becoming clear the ancient Romans, especially in the cities, where very slowly, very gradually being poisoned. It got worse with each century.

They used lead pipe for their plumbing needs and lead lined cups, chalices, and plates. Neurologists reason this was likely a major cause of why they were so excessively and unnecessarily brutal, and strangely and inordinately sadistic.

What unknown poisonous substances might be lurking in our environment and bodies which we have not yet identified? Apart from some of the truly crazy mind memes afflicting our culture, it would not surprise me were we to learn some particular substance we regularly use might be affecting a significant percent of our population. It might be something we are all exposed to, but only affects some, rendering them paranoid, tending to bizarre conspiracy theories and other abnormal feelings and behaviors.

We ‘re going to have to find some way of regulating all the materials we use, and by that I mean enforceable, practical legislation. Both R’s and Dems have a habit of creating laws which which make them feel good, but are essentially unenforceable and ineffectual. Both sides also later brag about the purported “success” of said law, no matter whether it improved, worsened, or had no effect on the problem.

Personally, apart from whatever substances we are exposed to, I think we are all nuts! It’s just that currently, the Dem side is somewhat less nuts than the R’s who’ve gone cuckoo for fascist cocoa puffs.

As in “If we weren’t crazy, we’d all go insane” – James Buffet?, Eliseo?

Somehow I don’t think that’s the kind of crazy that you’re thinking of.

Hey, you can’t fault me for being optimistic & upbeat for the moment…Jupiter approacheth my sun sign (for the 3rd time in 6 months) and willl be affecting me by Xmas, only to depart for 12 more years by mid-January 🙂 I plan to enjoy it (if I can – lol)

I know we have serious problems but we will have solutions. They are in the works and will manifest soon, I like to think. Like the famous line by the Theatre owner in the film, Shakespeare in Love (paraphrased): “Somehow it all turns out well in the end…I don’t know how — it’s a mystery!”

Thanks for the description of your experience with Solar Fire! That’s very helpful.

LOL! I’m truly happy you are feeling upbeat. May you have a wonderful holiday season!

I’m pessimistic in the sense I believe we’ve got darker experiences to go through, but optimistic in that I believe we will survive, and having learned from our experience fashion a better, more humane world. I too believe we will find solutions to our deeper problems. I’m actually glad they are being exposed right now. If we can’t see them, we aren’t likely to fix ’em!

Thanks, Eliseo….May we all have a wonderful Holiday season…it’s such a beautiful time of the year.


“McConnell on January 6 probe: ‘It will be interesting to reveal all the participants that were involved’ ”

Hahahahahahha! Like he doesn’t know!

Mary Trump said something interesting today. She said the Trumpists no longer needed DJT. She said the movemnt now was perfectly capable of functioning on its own.

As I see it, it is certainly true the R party has become the Trump party, the anti-democracy party. It appears we can bring down Trump, his closest minions, and some of the Jan.6 mob. We may possibly even be able to confine OrangeMan to jail for the rest of his life.

But in light of the relatively positive astrological configurations showing up by 2024 – I am puzzled by the inconsistency. How might we deal effectively and justly with the remaining active anti-democracy Trumpist style Republican attorneys, politicians, and appointed judges? There is also the issue of what to do about their loyal followers. We simply don’t have enough jail cells.

We have millions who are sincerely, deeply, and passionately convinced the 2020 election was stolen, and various truths are nefarious, stinking lies. Such people are not calmed easily. Obviously, if these folks are not allayed, we will not and cannot have a peaceful, functional society.

At the end of the Civil War Lincoln’s very naive, overly generous and foolish 10% plan was put in place. If 10% of the (male) voters in a state signed and pledged loyalty to the USA, that state could rejoin the Union. The Wade-Davis bill was wiser and more practical. It was designed to move the process more slowly, requirng 50% to take the oath. Unfortunately, though Congress passed it, Lincoln pocket vetoed Wade-Davis. Therefore Southern (unrehabilitated) states were readmitted far too soon.

This time, no one seceded. They remain Am. Citizens. They haven’t rejected the flag, or the nation per se, but have rejcted the basic principles of our Constitution, and democracy itself. What to do with such people?

You can’t do democracy when 40+% of your population are busy sabatoging it.

You are right Eliseo – it is the unfinished business of the civil war that we must address. It does seem the trump movement will endure after trump’s coming demise but then what? I think if Congress passes the voter rights bills it will help break this fascist movement and then there are the lawsuits against Fox and others for spreading lies. But the structural issues remain – an activist cabal of ultra-conservative Federal judges and many elected officials who are more interested in cultural war than governing.

Yes silcominc and Eliseo – you are right. “It is the unfinished business of the civil war that we must address.”

Especially Eliseo – you made me understand (and I know you said it before but repetition is everything) that because of Lincoln’s 10% bill vs the Wade-Davis bill requiring 50% loyalty to the Constitution – we now have unfinished business with the civil war.

It’s as simple as that. And I did not know or understand the problem in the US try as I might over the years.

You made me understand. It’s as simple as that.

To me, that understanding is HUGE!

One of the goals of the ultra-right has been to bankrupt public education. There is a stealth case at the court that will decide whether you can deduct tuition to religious schools – we live in NY where we can no longer deduct state and local taxes but SCOTUS will rule this spring that you can deduct tuition you pay to all-white religious schools.


Eliseo, further to your comment regarding the trumpsters no longer need trump:
Yesterday I came across an article from the national library of medicine regarding ‘Covid-19 conspiracies link to psychopathy, Machiavellianism and collective narcissism’ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8035125/
and it got me thinking –
How are we to address the political climate when/if it is revealed that the problem isnt trump himself, but that many in the nation are ‘mentally deranged’? Who want to be top dog, think they are right, have no concept of collective cooperation beyond their own self interests, and have conned/abused many into believing them?

Many thanks for the link! I read major portions of what was there.
Here we are venturing into the realm in which psychological anthropology and political anthropology meet. There are also issues here as to freedom of belief vs. what might be pathology. Where do we draw the line?

I cannot forget how very many people in Louisiana and East Texas decades ago sincerely believed Russian submarines were coming up the Mississippi river and had gotten all the way up into Minnesota! Some thought this was why Minnesotans voted so consistently for Democrats.

Feeling quite superior at the time, many of us laughed out loud, thinking it was harmless screwball fantasy. We were insensitive to the underlying angst those who espoused such beliefs might have been experiencing. Was it a merely a matter of misinformation, ignorance and logical fallacies, or perhaps mild, low end disordered thinking?

Baffled by what to us is the sheer bizarreness of such thought, in our minds we dismissed such people as kooks, and moved on. Having ignored their fears, we face the whirlwind, the political ramifications of those unresolved, unallayed fears.

I know we have Trumpism now, and I also see it as an extension of Libertarianism and the Tea Party mythology, none of which truly work but have some good ideals, and I also see the violent extremism craziness and the white supremacy and the racist Confederacy archetypes, — and — although it may not have peaked yet, and we still have more of it to go —— I don’t think it will last.

I hope you are right. If it peaks as you suggest, I think that might occur either when Trump goes on trial or perhaps goes to jail.

As to your feeling all of this will subside, I’m wondering what might cause that. What might get these folks to calm down, refocus on saner preoccupations, and think and behave somewhat more normally?

I think it will no longer be “trendy” but also they will be outnumbered. I pray violence will be contained. I guess the real threat is the conservative, federalist power in the SC & the Christian fundamentalists. CNN.com has a headline article on it now….as well as the Republicans taking back power. I don’t see Republicans as Trumpists. They fear his influence so go along, and they want the votes of his supporters. I hope Liz Chenney inspires more like her.

According to 18 U.S. Code § 2383, it is illegal to incite, assist with, or participate in a rebellion or insurrection against U.S. laws and authority. The punishment for insurrection can include a fine, up to 10 years in federal prison, and ineligibility for public office.

IMO, this guy deserves to get the full ten years, fined so much he’ll be poor forever, and barred from all and any office holding for life.

Jim Jordan helped plot the coup. Now he’s in line to be one of the most powerful members of Congress.
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large
Updated 1:09 PM ET, Thu December 16, 2021


andre from astrology alert thinks Jim may have a rough 2022 – June = saturn return, and more. Chickens coming home to roost? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMlCZOOejb0

“Gym” Jordan as we call him here, because of his link to the Ohio State sexual abuse scandal, is a total POS. He’s truly an awful, awful, disgusting and despicable person.

He’s also literally the worst Ohioan who has ever held public office.

When you know that a generation ago, we had such leaders as John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum representing us, It’s sad to think of how far we have fallen down.

This all feels like it is coming to a head, for certain. I still don’t know if TFG goes to prison.

He should, IMHO, and better still he deserves to rot in his own personal hell on Earth–which I envision to be forgotten as a permanent resident of a cardboard box under a NY highway overpass. Essentially becoming the biggest “loser” he always feared most.

Best case scenario–the damning evidence of his attempted 1/6 coup–is plastered all over the airwaves, a growing number of people are outraged and call for retribution against him and his cronies, and justice is actually served. Disbarment, prison terms, business liquidation and bankruptcy, asset seizure, all of it. And Rupert Murdoch himself gets nailed to the wall for his big ugly contributing part in this mess. The Republican Party is decimated, and a massive push and movement opens up for massive, sweeping reforms to protect democracy and ensure that someone in the vein of TFG never again comes remotely close to gaining such undue power and influence.

Worst case scenario: the DoJ and Congress do nothing. Republicans win full control during the Midterms and turn the table on the insipid Dems. They then retake the Presidency by hook and by crook in 2024. The Progressive spirit of America is finally awakened and aggressively confronts the Republican-controlled government. Violent conflict ensues, and after several years, the Republicans are finally forced out of power; the entire party is treated as a traitorous criminal organization and prosecuted accordingly. The Republican Party structure is liquidated and barred from reassembling and running for office ever again. Massive democratic reforms ensue. All of this happens at great cost to the country in terms of lives, the social fabric, and stature.

Truthfully, there’s probably some kind of middle ground. And, it seems, there’s no way forward that doesn’t involve some kind of serious comeuppance being dealt to the Republican/Conservative-Corporate-Right Wing Christian Religious Establishment.


Worst case scenario……. December 24th. The Supreme Court refuses to hear Trump’s appeal to withhold records and documents associated with the Jan 6th insurrection. The truth is exposed, Trump is deeply implicated and the far right radicals (the Trumpsters) react and seek revenge. It was after all Pres. Biden’s determination that the records, which belong to the executive branch, should not be subject to executive privilege and that turning them over to Congress was in the best interest of the nation. Less than one week to go. The clock is ticking. The Dec 24th Uranus-Saturn square could be explosive.

RE: Dec 24th Uranus-Saturn square
Thank You!

” Violent conflict ensues, and after several years, the Republicans are finally forced out of power; the entire party is treated as a traitorous criminal organization and prosecuted accordingly.”

It need not be several years. A few weeks or months of consistent violence fomented and supported by R’s would put them in the traitorous category. AND – they’ve already morphed into a criminal organization.

It’s just that several conservative oriented (and duped) minds don’t see it yet. The violence would be bad, but that might be what it takes for some to wake up and see the R party for what it has become.


I know there is a resistance to Joni Patry’s astrological insights and findings here, nevertheless I would be remiss not to point out that she is viewing the end of this month as the “Grand Finale”. More interestingly and to the point, she suggests that due to extraneous circumstances Biden might be stepping down and VP Harris will take over the leadership. Here is the entry….

Full Moon in Gemini December 18: Shocking Awakenings!

Video: 13 min 12 sec


I would not be in the least surprised were the end of this month to be one of a series of “Grand Finales.” We are surely headed for some explosive events. Also, anything’s possible, but I don’t anticipate Mr. Biden stepping down, nor do I expect Madame Harris to ever become president.

A must read:

Opinion: 3 retired generals: The military must prepare now for a 2024 insurrection


This is definitely concerning. Until now, we’ve been able to rely upon the military and its sworn oath to uphold the Constitution above all else. Nowadays, it seems there is a small but not insignificant number of individuals within its ranks that would ditch the Constitution in a heartbeat and pledge their fealty to TFG. Makes me gag.

What the F— is wrong with these people that they would slit their own wrists for that idiot bastard?

RE: Your Dec. 16th 2:25 PM posting.
I’m happy to be of service.
Lincoln’s 10% plan vs the Wade-Davis 50% plan was mistake #1.

Mistake #2 was the failure to industrialize and rebuild the South.

#3 was the election of 1876 and resulting compromise of 1877. Democrat Samuel J. Tilden won the popular vote, but Southern electors made a deal with Republican Rutherford B. Hayes to give him their electoral votes if he would promise to remove federal troops from the South. This was the first time there was a disparity between the popular vote and electoral vote.

#4. After president Hayes ordered the withdrawal of the Federal troops, Southern leaders reimposed slavery by another name, a system of apartheid we now call “Jim Crow.”

WWII changed consciousness. Having fought against the overtly racist regimes of the Nazis and Imperial Japan, we had unknowingly prepared ourselves psychospiritually for what was to come.

President Truman integrated the armed services in 1948. The Civil Rights movement ensued, often led by Black WWII veterans. In the 1960’s LBJ, invoking the memory and aspirations of JFK pushed through civil rights legislation.

The radical right wingers of today want Jim Crow 2.0. That’s in part what they mean by MAGA. What they really mean is to put Women, Gays & Lesbians, & Black people back in their place as they’ve all been too “uppity.” They want the return of late 40’s & early 50’s when all sex was in the closet, and women and Blacks knew their place and were purportedly obedient.

I’m guessing most here saw this by Andre:


Also I thought this was fascinating by Steve Judd, it’s a bit long, its about the Saturn and Uranus squares , he talked about November 8th 2022 being the most crazy day, at the time he didn’t seem to know that it was the elections, someone on the chat told him and he said, what a crazy day for an election!! Has anyone here done a chart for that day?

he also has a shorter one I will link to where he talks about next year being a better year and by second quarter it all being mostly over for the virus


Shorter one :


I truly believe in my gut that Omicron with it’s crazy transmissibility is going to displace the Delta and be no more than a cold soon.


Thanks for the links!
I sooo hope Mr. Judd is right that 2022 will be a better year, and by second quarter the virus will be mostly abated.

The virus took my brother very shortly before the vaccines became available, and ruined my job prospects for the time being. I’m dreadfully tired of house confinement with miniscule income and having to live with hate filled, crazy mother-in-law, and her crazy rules. In-person teaching jobs won’t be available or safe again until this virus has run its course.

Nutty is an understatement about Arizona Repub Senator saying Nzers are emailing her about our PM’s covid camps.
Some of the kiwi twitter responses are hilarious, “It’s even worse than that. They are forcing us to have Christmas in the middle of summer. Please get the word out about this outrage.”


…and it also states that it’s not milder! We’ll see, but let’s all continue to be cautious. I’ve felt kind of free since the 2 vacs + booster but we don’t know enough about Omicron yet.

This article posits the idea that just because it’s milder in S. Africa, it doesn’t mean it will be here in the U.S., as S. Africans are more immunized.

Reading more about Omicron. 70x more infectious than Delta. Back to masks and hand washing (which I never stopped doing) as break through infections happen.


Re. Biden & Manchin: It looks discouraging right now, but don’t give up on Biden yet. His progressed Uranus was going stationary retrograde about the time he was elected. It will reverse and go stationary direct in May 2022.

That little switch may push things ahead for Biden to get stuff done despite the uphill battle and Manchin’s BBB ploy. Probably in a somewhat surprising twist given that Uranus is involved. Which has yet to play out in full.

Of course Covid will have done its Omicron number by then, but in any case a progressed Uranus going direct is significant.

He will also have a sextile from progressed Moon at 0 Aries to the Uranus at 0 Gemini in June 2022.

And his progressed Venus next May will be sextile his progressed Mars in Capricorn.

And finally progressed Saturn at 5 Gemini will be sextile progressed Pluto in the 6th of health matters (potentially his own, but maybe just health concerns in general).

That’s a lot of helpful sextile contacts for one progressed month next spring. The zeros indicate early days, of course, but still the change in direction for Uranus and the rest together can indicate big shifts in his favor.

However, despite that, his popularity may not improve too much with Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). The Sun in Aquarius is not in its favorite sign. Sun in Aquarius, an air sign ruled by Uranus (conflict) is associated with the 11th house of groups and legislatures etc – so the Sun doesn’t get its own way without the group’s agreement. He will have to negotiate a great deal.

Nonetheless, he may get a lot done despite the political opposition, which will undoubtedly continue. If he gets what he wants, he won’t care too much about the popularity at his age as long as he gets his agenda accomplished. He’ll let history decide the rest.

No, China Won’t Rule the World

The video is about 19 minutes. It is a very succinct but thorough explanation of the facts. I agree with its premise and conclusions. IMO China won’t become the regional or world hegemon, but their efforts may nevertheless lead the world into a pretty nasty war.

The bright young fellow who produced the video ends with a quote from Polish philosopher and historian, Leszek Kolakowski.

“The rulers of totalitarian countries wish, of course, to be truthfully informed, but time and time again they fall prey, inevitably, to their own lies, and suffer unexpected defeats, entangled in a trap of their own making, they attempt awkward compromises between their own need for truthful information and the quasi-automatic operations of a system that produces lies for everyone, including the producers.”

Neptune Cafe this morning:

“In an interconnected global consciousness – the hallmark of the Aquarian Age – covid may be a blessing in disguise. The only way we can defeat it is for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to vaccination. And covid is likely only the precursor to the larger problem, which is global warming. Climate researchers are now warning us that Thwaites Glacier on the West Antarctic ice sheet may break off within five years. Thwaites is around the size of Florida, and when it melts, sea levels will rise some 2-3 feet, inundating many coastal cities.

The only way to slow down global warming is for everyone to get on the same page. If we can defeat covid, we can do the same for global warming. But it means raising our collective consciousness for the greater good.”

There are quite a few of world renounced psychics and those researching consciousness (Raymond Moody for one) that say that we are going through an “ascension” right now in consciousness. I believe that all the outer planets changing signs, almost at once or very closer together, signifies this and will probably be the trigger for it. Also, there have been several articles about the dying of organized religion, especially evangelicals, which would pave the way for people to look to their higher consciousness as a source of inspiration and comfort rather than the dogma of religion.

Any thoughts?

Stephanie, while not in the same language, my thoughts could perhaps be in the same vein – when covid hit and grew last year, my overriding thought was, this disease is a civilizational disrupter and wont recede until bad habits and the disconnect with nature are changed, en mass.

Correction: just noticed I should have said progressed Sun in Aquarius – Biden’s natal Sun is in Scorpio.

Firstly, I must presume you meant renowned as opposed to renounced? But I must respectfully submit, in our skeptical world there is no such thing as a “world renowned psychic.” There are of course some people with more psychic abilities than what is generally normal or average, but considering how psychically obtuse most of us are, that’s not saying much.

Our mythologies reflect an ancient loss of such abilities long ago in stories of the “Fall” in Genesis and the losing of the third eye in Indian tradition. (I personally suspect we lost most of our psychic (magnetoreceptive) abilities 44,000 years ago at the time of the Laschamp event. (Many animals use magnetoreception to navigate.) And we certainly do not have any psychics who are the equivalent of the Dalai Lama or a Pope of some kind. No one has received a Nobel prize for their psychic insights.

Conversely, we do indeed have some world renowned philosophers and scientists who are researching consciousness. I think we can reasonably expect and hope for some significant breakthroughs in our understanding of our, and other animals consciousness sometime in the next decade.

As for as what you are calling “organized religion,” any and all anthropologists and sociologists can and will assure you it is not dying or nor does it show any signs of being on its deathbed anytime soon. We humans organize EVERYTHING, and there is certainly nothing wrong, decadent, or spiritually inferior with people organizing into groups for the purpose of mutual spiritual support. Nor is there anything wrong with individuals choosing NOT to participate in such groups, be they synagogues, churches, temples, or covens.

The problem is not religion per se, nor is it
organization. The problems are dogmatism,
the need to believe your worldview and only
your worldview is the correct one, an
emotional need some have for an absolute
sense of certainty, and an inability to process
allegory and metaphor.

BUT.. just about every other human endeavor
suffers those same problems! Think of the scientists, who mired in their materialistic worldview, exhibit blind faith in their discipline, and cannot possibly consider the idea there might be some validity to
astrology. They are fundamentalist dogmatists,
(in the broader sense). As they do not perceive
any possible causal relationship between
celestial bodies and what is within us, they
typically succumb to the argumentum ex
silento, the argument from silence, a form of
fallacious logic in which they take the absence
of evidence, as evidence of absence.

But please don’t misunderstand. I’m not against good science, OR good and healthy religion. Despite some pretty profound world troubles I believe are coming, I honestly expect the next decade and the rest of this century will bring astounding breakthroughs in philosophy, psychology, and the sciences.

I don’t think of any of it as an “ascension.” That’s a much too ethereal term for my taste. But I believe we are on the precipice of several leaps forward in outer and inner knowledge.

The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched before the end of this month. It will enable us to see the beginnings of our universe 13.5 billion years ago, the moments immediately following the Big Bang. We can probably expect results by August 2022. The Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), the world’s largest optical/near-infrared
astronomical observatory now under construction in the Atacama desert of northern Chile is soon to be operational. I imagine those two devices alone will open our minds in a number of unexpected ways.

We are very near the ability to cure cancer. Covid-19 has actually sped up progress toward that goal. A number of breakthroughs are in the works in biotechnology. It won’t be terribly long before we can arrest and reverse aging.

And what you mentioned regarding consciousness, YES! We are approaching far deeper understandings of the nature of the self. Will our philosophers, neurobiologists, and consciousness researchers discover we are really electromagnetic beings in biochemical clothing? Will we determine the human brain is as much a receiver as it is a transmitter?

Who knows? But it will be fun to live long enough to find out. Blessings! I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

For those who celebrate Yule.
Winter Solstice is today at 7:58 am PST
Tuesday 21 December 2021
A Blessed Happy Yule to All!

Thank you for your thoughtful response. A couple of points. There are world renowned (yes I meant renowned not renounced() psychics. To name a few: Edward Cayse, Ingo Swann, Peter Hurkos, Janet Lee, Jose Ortiz El Samaritano, Miss Cleo,John Edward, Sylvia Browne, Tyler Henry, Emanual Swedenborg, Nostradamus, Buddha, Jesus Christ. Up until now, the study of the paranormal and consciousness was forbidden in the scientific community. But that is changing as the discovery of the Biggs Bosom and quantum physics cannot be explained by our current scientific theories. Current scientific research into the brain and consciousness is finding that the brain, rather than the creator of consciousness is the receptacle of consciousness (this is due to the large body of research into near death experiences where the brain activity is flat lined but the person experiences an alternate reality nevertheless.
Anyway, as far as organized religion being dead, I was referring to churches and religion organized around specific dogma. And that is dead in terms of it’s influence on society. In Europe, fewer than 10 percent of the population consider themselves religious or follow a specific religion and in the US, the number of Catholics and Protestants is only 43% of the population while the unaffiliated or “nones” are at 27%, outnumbering Evangelicals. So I would say that organized religion is definitely on the decline.

Here is an excellent link to Where is My Mind podcasts where Mark Gober interviews notable scientists and psychics, including those who were expert remote viewers in the CIA. Really worth listening to if you are interested in the field of consciousness. It is free


Thinking about the generals warning regarding possibility of future insurrectionists within the military – I really think the rot set in with the ever increasing privatization within the military – a-la Eric Prince’s boys. Discontent seeded likely due to different rules, different pay scale. I have not yet seen anyone mention the effect of that corrupting influence.


“There are quite a few of world renowned psychics and those researching consciousness (Raymond Moody for one) that say that we are going through an “ascension” right now in consciousness.”

This rings rather true. I can only hope I am part of the ascension…..its a struggle to keep my anger and outrage in check against those who resist evolving. That’s my bad.

Hell hath frozen over and Pigs do fly.


I believe all who are living at this time are part of this ascension, even those who are resisting.. One of the psychics (don’t remember which one) said that many souls wanted to reincarnate in order to be part of it but that there were not enough live bodies. So those who are living now, were considered essential for this time. BTW, a story was just published in Daily Beast today about a wealthy doner to the Morman Church publicly declaring that he was leaving the Morman Church because he believed it was doing harm to the world. “The church leadership is not honest about its history, its finances, and its advocacy,” Green wrote.”I believe the Mormon church has hindered global progress in women’s rights, civil rights and racial equality, and LGBTQ+ rights.” He revealed he’ll be making a $600,000 donation to Equality Utah, where “almost half of the fund will go to a new scholarship program to help LGBTQ+ students in Utah,” including any student who “may need or want to leave [Brigham Young University].” This is quite extraordinary and an example of what I see happening. Churchs, government, religion are failing us and we must turn toward our higher selves/consciousness to bring order to our universe.

The US Army says it is close to having a vaccine that can protect against infection from ALL COVID & SARS variants, including Omicron.


Seems like a major breakthrough. I figured this might happen as Jupiter enters Pisces. But we still have to navigate the current Omicron surge, plus all the anti-Vaxx stupidity. Uranus vs. Saturn, indeed.

BuckeyeShadow: …anti-Vaxx stupidity. Uranus vs Saturn, indeed. Yup.


A tender and sensitive part of my history: I was accepted to BYU but did not go.


That must have been a very difficult decision on your part and courageous too! And at such a young age. I hope you were able to go to college somewhere else?


Loong story. Yes I did go to college somewhere else.


This notion about Covid being the Universe’s ultimate ?blessing in disguise by compelling us to galvanize collectively in order fight our common enu.

Hi Stephanie,

Your explanation of the evolved and the resistance to this “ascension” makes a good deal of sense. Thank you for the input.

Merry Christmas everyone
interesting interview
the 3 phases of pandemics

Thank you kiwi – and all goodness and love to all.

The Yale Sociologist; painted quite a stirring canvas.

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Merry, Blessed and Holy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! May we All rebirth and nurture the compassion within, and come to see the light within one another.

To Kiwi, Will, Sharon, Eliseo and all,

Christmas greetings from India (click on the link below)……….


To Eliseo (the erudite scholar that you are),

Legend has it Jesus didn’t die on the cross but traveled to India after the crucifixion and lived there to the very ripe old age of 90. I’m sure you must be familiar with this narrative. A lot has been written about it……….

Jesus Lived in India: His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion by Holger Kersten

His unknown life before and after the crucifixion. Why has Christianity chosen to ignore its connections with the religions of the East, and to dismiss repeatedly the numerous claims that Jesus spent a large part of his life in India? This compelling book presents irrefutable evidence that Jesus did indeed live in India, dying there in old age. The result of many years of investigative research, Jesus Lived in India takes the reader to all the historical sites connected with Jesus in Israel, the Middle East, Afghanistan and India.



So many twists and turns in the Trump saga. It appears my interpretation of the astrological tea leaves was a bit off. He wasn’t indicted as anticipated. The December 24th Saturn-Uranus square however did bring up issues related to the Trump case scheduled for possible review before the Supreme Court with some tantalizing results…….

House Panel Asks Supreme Court To Say By Mid-January Whether It’s Taking Trump’s January 6 Records Case

Dec 23, 2021


I was looking at the mid January aspects earlier in the week with a bit of of intrigue and this new development seems to fall right in line with the potential for a Trump indictment. January 14th has Mercury stationing at 10 degrees Aquarius in square to the near stationary Uranus at 10 Taurus in t square to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 Leo). Would that indicate some king of ending – political or otherwise? Uranus goes on to complete its station on the 18th coinciding with the January 17th Cancer Full Moon (27 ’51 Cancer) opposite transiting Pluto (26 ’29 Capricorn). One would suspect this could indeed activate the US Pluto return BIG TIME.

Here’s the January 17th Full Moon chart……


Uranus Retrograde 2022: Radical & Accelerated Tranformation

Uranus Retrograde 2022 Meaning

Uranus is known as the planet of revolution and rebellion. It brings change on a grand scale. When in Taurus (its least favorite sign to be in), it creates change around the foundations that we have built our lives on. Structures fall, the way we invest our money and source our food is radically different than before, and relationships evolve and grow in different ways.

Being that Uranus is the only planet, other than Venus, which is in the opposite rotation of the earth, the retrograde is a planetary slowdown that allows us to understand matters on a deeper level. Now, we can understand why global growth and advancement are important instead of just doing it.

– Extracted from Astrology.com

By the way, just wondering whether Trump will have the tenacity to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race during his January 6th press conference at Mara- Lago (coinciding with the Jan. 6th insurrection anniversary)? Strange things happen around “the former guy”. I wouldn’t put it past him to ignore the solemnity of the occasion in the interest of stirring up his base.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank You for the link to the book. I’ve read most of the source material for such books, and most of the other books on the subject as well.

My graduate work in sociology, history and religious studies focused primarily on the anthropologic quest for the historical Jesus, the earliest Jewish Christians, later Gnostics, and development of the Western mystery tradition. These are subjects which have fascinated me since adolescence.

Were Sherlock Holmes to take the case, using the logic principles of William of Occam, I believe he would conclude the historical Jesus did not actually die on the cross, but was thought to have done so by people of that day. Medical practice of the time was pretty obviously undeveloped and primitive.

The earliest “Christians” (particularly the Ebionites) in Jerusalem, did not believe in the “virgin birth,” nor “original sin.” In harmony with the Gospel of Mark, they were “adoptionists,” meaning they believed the rabbi was “Christed” i.e. received enlightenment at the moment of his baptism. Their concept of illumination was similar to the Hindu concept of moksha.

For over a decade I’ve planned to write my own version of the JC story, incorporating some of the kind of legends Holger Kersten cites, but I probably won’t do it until I’m done with my current episodic novel project, which hopefully will be in print in about a year.

An important question regarding the sites HG connects the historical Jesus with: Does he also include the legends about Marseille (which the Greeks and Romans called Massalia) and southern France generally?

BTW, I forgot to mention – I love your Christmas card!
It is delightful. Hare Christmas to you too!

The James Webb Space Telescope was finally launched today at Kourou, French Guiana, at 7:20 a.m. EST on an Ariane 5 rocket. It will become fully opperational after reaching LaGrange point 2. The knowledge we will gain from it will assist in one of the more profound changes in consciousness we’ve ever had.


Merry Christmas Starlighters and Nancy! Wishing you all a wonderful day and Holiday Season. All the best.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Wishing you a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Stay safe and healthy!

Yes, Hare Christmas, Jerry & all ????

Don’t know if the icons I posted will come out. Probably not.

For all who are following the Ukraine–Russia scenario…


I didn’t put question marks there…just cute icons that translated into question marks! Should have known better…

Hi Sharon,
We can be glad the Russians did not go deeper into the conflict with Ukraine. Lives were preserved through inaction. When Russia retook Crimea in 2014, R’s loudly blamed Obama, as if he could have single-handedly prevented the forced annexation.

Nevertheless, I believe the probability is very high Russia will eventually attempt and perhaps succeed in reincorporating Ukraine and several other former Soviet states back into their dominion. They believe they have no choice, that their survival depends on it.

Their policy for well over the last 300 years has been to dominate and control the states to their south and west as the only way of maintaining national security. Otherwise their bad geography gets too many of them periodically killed.

On December 13, 2021, the United States Supreme Court refused to accept for review the case of United States v. Steven Begani. Begani is a retired military officer who was restored to active duty and court-martialed. He appealed his conviction, ultimately to the US Supreme Court, arguing that it was not proper to court-martial a retired officer under the circumstances of his case. The Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal, leaving in place the long-standing principle of law that a retired military officer CAN be court-martialed.

This action by the Supreme Court clears the legal decks for the military leadership to start the long-overdue process of holding retired Army General Mike Flynn accountable for his crimes

Glenn Kirschner


It will be interesting to see if General Flynn is actually court-martialed. When or if it happens might be a sign of indictments, prosecutions, and trials to come of many others who have betrayed the US and humanity.

Yes, I see your point, Eliseo.

Hare Christmas indeed, Jerry and all.

Jerry, thank you for the Hubble images of deep space. Mesmerizing.

Anyone want to take a crack at posting and interpreting a 2021 Winter Solstice
Chart or maybe a January 1, 2022 chart?

Hi Will,

Re: Hubble images of deep space

I believe you are referring to Eliseo’s Dec 25th 8:24 am contribution. It is interesting indeed.

About the significance of the January 1st 2022 astrological chart, I posted some observations here earlier. Here are a couple of highlights……

It is generally understood that when transiting Mars aspects an eclipse point either by square, opposition or conjunction, an event is triggered. Keeping that in mind, we have an exact Mars/Moon conjunction to the December 4th solar eclipse degree coming up on New Years eve (12:32 am Jan 1, 2022 Indian Standard Time) setting the tone for the coming year. Here’s the chart set for Washington DC:


………..Astrologer Robert Cosmar briefly delves into the dynamics of the December 4th solar eclipse conjunct the US asc. opposite natal Uranus and the US Pluto return in the following video…….


Video: 12 min 38 sec


PS The above Robert Cosmar youtube video presentation was posted two and a half years ago, hence the comments regarding Donald Trump.

Here’s a more up to date article on the significance of the Dec 4th 2021 solar eclipse…….

Total Solar Eclipse on Dec 4, 2021, at 12 degrees of Sagittarius

……..The ancients believed that during an eclipse,” the mighty will fall”. They bring endings and beginnings– births and deaths. The energy from an eclipse can last up to six months and can also become active a month before the actual eclipse.

This eclipse will be seen only in Antarctica.

Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day-to-day functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demands all of our conscious attention and focus. They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses.

A Solar Eclipse is a powerful new moon so make plans for the future. Set your intentions during this eclipse around Sagittarius themes – foreign travel, freedom, the truth, belief systems and issues of truth and justice. publications, and higher learning. The 6 months following this eclipse is an ideal time to make a fresh start in all of these Sagittarius areas.

This Solar eclipse is conjunct Mercury at 14 Sagittarius and sextile Saturn at 9 Aquarius. With Mercury involved with this eclipse it could be about teaching and writing. Saturn will add practicality and grounding on all that you attempt. I like this Solar Eclipse, it is much less complicated than the Lunar Eclipse of Nov 19.

The Dec 4 Solar Eclipse at 12 Sagittarius is very important for the U.S. because it is conjuncting the USA Ascendant. Astrologers have been trying to get an exact birth chart for the US for a long time. For the birth date of the US, most of us use July 4, 1776, but we were always disagreeing about the time of birth. The time of birth is important because it gives us the ascendant or rising sign. One of the many birth charts for the US that were considered was the Sibley chart. That is the chart that was constructed based on the recollections of Ebenzer Sibley, a doctor in London who documented the time that the final documents of the Declaration of Independence were signed. This Sibley chart shows 12 degrees of Sagittarius rising. I was never sure about the Sibley chart until 9/11 happened. Pluto was exactly at 12 degrees of Sagittarius on that day. The ascendant being our face (NYC) and Pluto being destruction. Now this Solar Eclipse of Dec 4 is exactly on our ascendant. I’m not saying that an eclipse is as impactful as Pluto on the ascendant, but it could mean we lose face in the outer world, that others see through our mask. This is a south node eclipse that brings past karma. But don’t forget Eclipses could play out during the following 6 months and they have been known to manifest a month before it is exact. So we may be able to see hints of these events or news as early as Nov 4.




You are right.


Thank you for the Hubble Telescope imagery. Fantastic!

Jerry and all:

Another thought about 9/11 and Pluto at 12 degrees

In 2001 I was perusing the ephemeris because I had an idea SOMETHING big was going to happen that year as the result of the Saturn-Pluto opposition. So I settled on August 5, 2001 – the day of the exact opposition of Saturn to Pluto – and waited.

Nothing happened. I thought – “What the…?”

Then, on September 11, 2001- It happened.

At the time, Lois Rodden had a site where astrologers could talk to one another.

I asked Erin Sullivan – why did it happen on
September 11 instead of August 5?

She said that at the time of the exact opposition, Pluto was RETROGRADE.

And when it went direct, and went over the degree of the exact opposition, THEN it unleashed its full power – and the event happened.

So Jerry: You could be right with the Ascendant of the Sibley Chart being 12 degrees of Sagittarius.

But I hold out for the possibility of the Ascendant of the United States of America being Scorpio… because what else could accommodate for the absolute schism of the “All Men Are Created Equal” to the Slavery and the disempowerment of women in the eyes of the law? One could argue that Sagittarius is philosophical, having to do with law, government, and how we live together collectively.

But I feel the US is more about deep power and passion…. How else can you accommodate for the deep power employed to kidnap human beings from their home in Africa and use them so badly for economic gain? I think the only explanation is Pluto. As expressed in Scorpio as in a Scorpio Ascendant for the US chart.

Not to mention guns that kill people wholesale. Pluto is the Planet of Death.

Guns are instant Power. Combined with what Andre said here months ago – he referred to the US Chart containing Mars square Neptune as the Myth of the Cowboy – the myth of the Old West which glamorized the Cowboy and the Guns and Violence – I think to have such a deadly outcome in the United States of America, so chronically across its history since the Constitution invokes Pluto as in Scorpio as a hugely important energy in the Chart of the US.

RE: the Hubble Telescope imagery.
My pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed and perhaps were inspired.

I believe the James Webb telescope/observatory launched on Christmas day, and the soon to be completed Extremely Large Telescope/astronomical observatory (ELT) on top of Cerro Armazones in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, will together reveal extraordinary truths about the universe and/or multiverse quite beyond our present imagination. In so doing, I believe that knowledge in conjunction with other events and discoveries, particularly in biology and medicine, will collectively transform our self concepts, eventually leading to a greater degree of enlightenment for much of humanity.


You raised a valid interesting point. There are several arguments for the Scorpio rising chart. Here’s one…..

The Marc Penfield Scorpio Rising Chart


Here’s the case for the Sagittarius Rising Sibley Chart……

The Sibley Chart


I tend to lean towards the latter.

I’m quite aware of the long standing debate between a Sagittarius vs Scorpio ascendant. I have not the expertise to make an intelligent guess as to which might be correct.

I strongly suspect our concept of national self will change dramatically with our coming Uranus return. I also think during that Uranus return period, of social necessity our self-focus will gradually gravitate toward the date of the commencement of the authority of our Constitution over that of the Declaration of Independence.

I think racism, far more than slavery has been the “original sin” of our national ethos. Slavery has been with us for 1000’s of years, quite literally.

The aboriginal peoples of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, etc. were all involved in slavery from before the dawn of civilization. When Europeans arrived in the Americas, Native American tribes-people were enslaving one another, particularly as spoils of war. The same was prevalent in Africa. African tribes-people warred amongst each other and normally enslaved the losers.

By the time the Portuguese arrived in Africa, slavery in Europe was gone, having morphed into serfdom. But when the Portuguese observed the Africans enslaving one another, their capitalist greed/lust got the better of them, and they were soon paying Africans to go kidnapping other Africans. The first European dominant slave enclave in the Americas was established at Recife, Brazil. But it was nothing new. The First Nations of North and South America were already busy enslaving one another.

Sadly, we keep reinventing slavery, often by a different name. And worldwide human trafficking continues as a serious problem, having increased as Pluto transited through Capricorn. There are always some whom prefer to drop their labor costs to zero.

The concept of lone self-ownership is relatively new. It was a truly revolutionary idea at the time of the American war of Independence. At the time most believed they were owned by the king, and/or their god.

Even today, most erroneously believe we own our spouses and our children. We can’t seem to refer to romantic love except in the language of ownership and exclusivity. On February 14th, we say “Be Mine, Baby!”

I therefore do not see the split thinking of the US Founders as unnatural. The dichotomy in retrospect is ironic to us today, but for that time the contradiction was actually an advance in consciousness compared to what was prevalent elsewhere.

Today we approach the slaver impulse again, now through technology. The slaver class is gradually replacing workers with robots and computers. Robots don’t need healthcare, or paid leave, or sick time, and can work 24 hours a day. Eventually, we’ll have robots maintaining and repairing other robots.

In summary: The robotization of work is taking place everywhere, albeit at different speeds. The desire for slave labor has been with us from the beginning, and if we do not tame it, it will destroy us. Not unique to the US, it is nevertheless an important component of American history, but I honestly feel we’ve over emphasized it in analyses of our US astrology charts.

Oh Wow, Eliseo. I am once again impressed.

And saddened, too. We have so far to go. But then again, with the advent of technology we may be closer to everyone else’s experience, thus leading us into equality.

Umm not sure it works that way but here’s hoping.

Far to go, indeed. Take a read of this short article in the Atlantic. 2022 is going to be some year!



Going back to the timing thing (you gave the 9/11 chart as an example) it is often observed tr. Mars can also serve as a catalyst at times. Specific to the 9/11 chart you cited; the Mars/Moon opposition had activated the June 21, 2001 solar eclipse (0 Cancer). But of course, as you astutely pointed out, Pluto’s return to its Aug 5th Saturn-Pluto opposition on that day certainly created the environment for events to manifest.

That brings us back to the current Saturn-Uranus square. Examining the mid January 2022 aspects more closely, I can’t help but wonder if tr. Mars will be playing a vital part in potential events, be it related to Trump, the economy, the virus, the Russian-Ukraine situation or anything else not quite on the radar just yet. It’s astonishing to note that Uranus stations direct on Jan. 18th (10 ’49 Taurus) at 10:25 am EST less than 3 hours of tr. Mars peaking at 25 ’49 Sagittarius in precise sesquiquadrate (square and a half) to the Uranus station. In my mind that conjures up sudden, explosive events, containing the inherent power to activate the December 24th Saturn-Uranus square. In the back-drop to all this. the previous days Cancer Full Moon (27 ’51 Cancer) is in close quincunx to tr. Mars in opposition to tr. Pluto (26 ’29 Capricorn) and Mars in close semi-square to tr. Mercury (9 ’09 Aquarius). Here’s the 1/17/2022 Full Moon chart…..


I’m inclined to think that the Jan 14th Mercury station (10 Aquarius) could serve as a preamble. It is in t square to the near stationary Uranus (10 Taurus) and Trump’s natal Pluto (10 Leo). January 14th happens to coincide with the suggested date Congress had given to the Supreme Court to render its decision on whether to take on the Trump case. It seems likely he Supreme Court will defer. Logically speaking, events could take off from there. With incriminating evidence going public and a looming Trump indictment at hand; would that result in anarchy in the streets? It’s already in its planning stages. A pre-cursor to what lies ahead? This is dangerous stuff……..

Bannon, Gaetz Call for ‘Shock Troops’ to Take Control of Government if Trump Returns in ’24

Dec. 9, 2021

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon and GOP Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida want some “4,000 shock troops” to get ready to take control of the federal government if Donald Trump decides to run for president again and wins in 2024.

Although Trump has not formally announced his intention to seek office, he has repeatedly hinted at the possibility. Several recent polls have suggested that Trump would be well positioned to defeat President Joe Biden, who has said he expects to run for reelection.

During a segment of Bannon’s War Room podcast on Thursday, he and Gaetz discussed a pro-Trump strategy to take full control of the government should the former president win in 2024.



To add fuel to the fire and the rhetoric, Trump had declared on a number of occasions that if he doesn’t re-run for president in 2024, “I think my base is going to be very angry.”

Whoops……. I missed that one. Steve Bannon’s pledge to take over the country is now up to 20,000 “shock troops”. The Republican Party’s right wing extremists are on a war footing…..

Steve Bannon Doubles Down On His ‘Shock Troops’ Government Takeover Threat

Yahoo News
October 5, 2021

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Monday dug in on this threat that Donald Trump-loyal “shock troops” will move to “deconstruct” the federal government the minute a Republican takes over the Oval Office again.

“We need to get ready now,” he said on his “War Room” podcast. “We control the country. We’ve got to start acting like it. And one way we’re going to act like it, we’re not going to have 4,000 [shock troops] ready to go, we’re going to have 20,000 ready to go.”



Marjorie on the james webb telescope

So Yah…. The January Full Moon meaning Sun is conjunct Pluto and Moon is opposition Pluto is an obvious big player here. But the Mercury being retrograde… hm.

Remember the November election that drove us all crazy being held on the Mercury station? I just re-looked at the ephemeris and the election was called on December 12 2000- when the aforementioned all-important Mercury (now direct of course) was in conjunction with PLUTO!

So it seems like Pluto figures in with these big things.

Gore gracefully accepted this loss. He relinquished the Presidency. If you look at the transits, though, they were not all untoward his natal chart…. which raises the possibility that he relieved himself of a lot of stress.

So with that example of an important Mercury transit…I note that Mercury (as you mentioned, Jerry) is retrograde in the middle of its approximate square to Uranus…. so I think.. what does that portend…? That whatever event happens then – Mercury pulls its punches? Though not by much because the other aspects are so acute ….?

It remains to be seen, right? So we watch….

Well that retrograde Mercury IS in square to Uranus… so could that mean that a matter in the past is brought up into the present? Yes it could mean so many different things…..


Grazie mille for your enlightening essay on the history of slavery across Europe, Africa and the Americas.


Thank you very much for the astrological links.

Hi Will,

You’re quite welcome. Hope this Christmas season of good “will” and good cheer has been kind to you. This particular concert video set the mood for me. Perhaps it will for you……

The Soul of Christmas: A Celtic Music Celebration

Video: 1 hour 20 min


Looking further afield, I found certain aspects to the months of February and March of 2022 to be quite fascinating. Mars as we all know completes its orbit around the Sun every two years. The January 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction (22 ’47 Capricorn) was a major rare astrological event, but it was not until tr. Mars conjoined Jupiter at 22 ’49 Capricorn on that pivotal point two months later (March 20th of 2020) that the COVID 19 virus exploded into a full blown pandemic resulting in the closure of many of the worlds national borders. An astonishing event. Quite unique.

Mars will once again arrive at that 22 Capricorn degree to conjoin Venus on the 24th of Feb. Would that signal a major downturn in the economy due to a protracted virus pandemic?

Fast-forward to the March 2nd New Moon (12 ’07 Pisces). The chart is breathtaking in so many respects. For one, it squares the recent December 4, 2021 solar eclipse (12 ’22 Sag) which as mentioned is the location of the US ascendant. It also forms an exact semi-square to the triple Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction (27 Capricorn). There is also a precise Saturn/Mercury conj (19 Aquarius) LOCATED RIGHT AT THE MIDPOINT of this configuration. It’s an extraordinary confluence of aspects that affect not only the US ascendant but the US Pluto return as well. Here’s the March 2nd New Moon chart:


Astrologer Denise Seigel had indicated in one of her recent videos that she felt the Pluto transit at this point in time could deeply affect international financial markets due to its t square to the New York York Stock Exchange Saturn-Neptune opposition (26 Aries-27 Libra). Here’s the NYSE chart……


Bannon should hang, period. Try him, convict him, and execute him as a traitor to the Constitution.

His “gravy seals” can join him.

Make an example of that wannabe thug. He’s no revolutionary. He has no ideas. He just wants to burn it all down.

And then what?

This is what happens when violently stupid meets with swaggering arrogance.

Again, make an example of him as a warning to others.

We are very focused on our crazy domestic problems.
Russian Citizens Are Now Being Prepped for Nuclear War

To summarize
The Russians are apparently preparing to threaten nuclear war if the US, EU, and NATO do not withdraw from their borders. The closest NATO forces (in Latvia) are only about 388 miles away from Moscow.

Under Mr. Putin, the Russians have developed hypersonic missiles, and nuclear powered, nuclear tipped torpedoes which are really unmanned mini-subs which can change speed as necessary. They can approach slowly, linger off the coast undetected until time to strike, and quickly find their target. They can cross the Pacific or Atlantic by themselves.

The Russian government has published instructions on how to do mass burials of 1000 or more corpses at a time, and like in the former Soviet Union are again putting their people through fallout/bomb shelter drills. They are also apparently contemplating missiles and troops for Cuba and Venezuela, AGAIN.

Presently, they draw their red line at Ukraine joining NATO, but I suspect Mr. Putin is waiting for the right moment to create a reverse Cuban missile crisis. He at least wants the capacity to initiate such a scenario, perhaps (I speculate here) to use in some hardball negotiation.

Considering that he also wants to humiliate the US and allies, logically, if I were him, I’d start with a massive cyber attack of some kind, followed by a statement of intention to use nukes if NATO forces do not withdraw from the Eastern European nations next door to Russia.

We know Mr. Putin is a bully and murderous thug, and presently Russia is a thugocracy, but I can relate to their paranoia. If Russian forces were in southern Canada or northern Mexico, I’m sure we would be … nervous.

It is good Russian troops have begun a partial withdrawal from eastern Ukraine, but unfortunately, “It ain’t over yet.”

Another point: The Russians have killer satellites designed to blow up other satellites. They’ve recently run tests, destroying some of their older satellites. Destroying your opponents satellites could obviously be a part of a cyber or space war.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus


Mr. Biden agreed to talk with Mr. Putin by telephone on this coming Thursday the 30th.

The U.S. and Russia agreed this week to hold bilateral talks on Jan. 10, followed by a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council on Jan. 12 and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on Jan. 13.

My guess is Mr. Biden will quietly accede to several of the Russian demands. Unlike his predecessor, he will not think it unmanly to make rational compromises. But the public will probably not hear any details or specifics as to what was agreed upon until long after the fact.

For more information:

The question was turning over in the back of my mind – what is the hidden meaning, if at all there is significance, to the March 2nd New Moon? To re-iterate, this New Moon forms an exact square to the US ascendant (identity crisis?) and the Dec 4, 2021 solar eclipse degree, highlighted by its semi-square to the US Pluto return/ Mars/Venus conjunction AND the Saturn/Mercury/US progressed Moon conjunction sitting right at THE MIDPOINT (we’re using the US Sibley chart as a reference point)?

The answer came from an entirely unexpected source. Upon waking this morning, without thinking, I casually opened to the following passage from the Eckhart Tolle book The New Earth………

“……..The collective racial pain-body is pronounced in Jewish people, who have suffered persecution over many centuries. Not surprisingly, it is strong as well in Native Americans, whose numbers were decimated and whose culture all but destroyed by the European settlers. In Black Americans too the collective pain-body is pronounced. Their ancestors were violently uprooted, beaten into submission, and sold into slavery. The foundation of American economic prosperity rested on the labor of four to five million black slaves. In fact, the suffering inflicted on Native and Black Americans has not remained confined to those two races, but has become part of the collective American pain-body. It is always the case that both victim and perpetrator suffer the consequences of any acts of violence, oppression, or brutality. For what you do to others, you do to yourself.

It doesn’t really matter what proportion of your pain-body belongs to your nation or race and what proportion is personal. In either case, you can only go beyond it by taking responsibility for your inner state now. Even if blame seems more than justified, as long as you blame others, you keep feeding the pain-body with your thoughts and remain trapped in your ego. There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness. That realization is true forgiveness. With forgiveness, your victim identity dissolves, and your true power emerges—the power of Presence. Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.”

After absorbing the import of those words, it became clear to me – Yes, that appears to be the state we as a nation are finding ourselves in. We are slowly coming to grips with our past and all its associations (the Jan 6th commission for example in its determined effort to get to the root of the hate inspired actions of the right wing extremists). An opportunity is being presented to us to finally after two and a half centuries to forgive (Venus) and let go (Pluto).

That is brilliant and lucid!
Thank You!

Should Pluto be a planet again? The debate rages on

A group of researchers say Pluto was unfairly maligned by a decision to relegate it to “dwarf planet” status — and that we should consider our solar system to have more than 150 planets.


Thank you Eliseo for your essential information on Russia and NATO. I do not follow Al Jazeera or the like, and US media has largely abandoned what’s really going on over there. And it is so essential for us to know the basics……


“The January 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction (22 ’47 Capricorn) was a major rare astrological event, but it was not until tr. Mars conjoined Jupiter at 22 ’49 Capricorn on that pivotal point two months later (March 20th of 2020) that the COVID 19 virus exploded into a full blown pandemic resulting in the closure of many of the worlds national borders. An astonishing event. Quite unique.”

I was sick with Covid on that day – my b-day. Such luck!

Thank you for the updates and the Siegel piece. Very informative and ominous – what else is new for 2020-2024?


Re: Saturn in Aquarius w/Alexa suicide dare:

Echos the ominous scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey when HAL over-rode astronaut’s directives.

I second Eliseo, Jerry. Well said!

The re-classification of Pluto as a “dwarf planet” by astronomers never downgraded Pluto’s power as a planet. If anything, maybe it suggests some kind of subconscious desire within some aspect of humanity to minimize or deny on some level what Pluto, as well as Eris, Ceres, etc. represent.

I strongly suspect that new discoveries during the next few years will directly challenge the IAU’s neat little definition of what a planet is, and what it isn’t.

8 picture-perfect planets? LOL

The universe is not strictly black and white in its design, but a vivid array of color and possibility.

“If anything, maybe it suggests some kind of subconscious desire within some aspect of humanity to minimize or deny on some level what Pluto, as well as Eris, Ceres, etc. represent.”

Excellent observation!
Ii was taught Pluto represents sex, death, rebirth, depths of the unconscious, the shadow-self, toxicity, transmutation, power, things hiddem, especially hidden wealth, etc.

All scary stuff!
In almost every culture on earth, we humans collectively suffer at least 3 unackowledged and deep phobias. We don’t see them as phobias because everyone else has them. We therefore see them as normal.
Erotophobia – the power of your, mine and everyone elses sexuality
Thanatophobia – death
Odynophobia – suffering

When they are combined, (think AIDS as 1 examplr) we get serious, perhaps pathological hysteria, Pluto stuff.

But here’s a thought I’ve not pondered in astrological symbolism re: Pluto.

Attitudinally, emotionally, and spiritually there are two kinds of sexual expression and desire, predatory and nurturant. The former is the way most people think of it, as conquest, as something you do TO someone else. The latter is an act of sharing, something you do WITH a partner.

I’m wondering. Would we accurately say Pluto reresents the predatory variety of sexuality only, but NOT the nurturant kind?

What are your thoughts? Opinions?

Hi everyone,

So interesting as always reading the comments and. Happy new year to you all!!

I randomly found this astrologer whilst I was looking up astrology for my sun sign Pisces and rising Sign Taurus for 2022. Next year will be a decade that my family has been in the US as legal resident ‘aliens’, it’s been a really hard path in so many ways and hopefully will be the year we all finally get green cards. many good thing, but huge challenges, especially financially and relationship wise .

Anyway his name is unusual, , Ablas Roland Legrand. Has anyone heard of him, anyway, he was talking about something in both the Pisces and the Taurus rising videos, something with Neptune on April 12 2022, that only previously happened on 18/04/1856

I didn’t quite get it all , but it was interesting.

Again happy new year, you all enrich my life!!

Xoxxo ox

Great question, Eliseo, about Pluto’s nurturing capacity.

I have Moon and Mars in Scorpio. My occupation has been as a deep tissue massage therapist. I enjoy cooking and providing food.

My husband is a Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus He is the nurse and nurturer for our animals.

I will think on this.

Everyone, thank you for your thoughtful posts.

Man, what is happening in CO near Boulder right now with fast moving wildfires spread by very high wind gusts is just terrible. 2 towns near Boulder were quickly evacuated with many structures destroyed, not to mention the threat to trees and wildlife. It’s really painful.


I usually embrace all things Plutonian as rather predatory lowest survival me, me,me chakra.

Sharon, Re: Boulder – so scary and tragic.

I’m used to the raging fires having lived in California for 37 years. Mother Nature does what she does, with or without human triggers.

Thank you Sharon K. I lived just out of Boulder my last years in the US so feel that alarm…….

It is strange seeing a house just like mine in Colorado – the roof on fire and no longer there but burnt instantly

I don’t know how empathy and sympathy works … you are far away in I think Louisiana, Sharon K. but I am grateful for your ability somehow to see what is happening in Colorado. Thank you again. 🙂 From one Pisces to another.

The cities which have been, or are being evacuated are Louisville, Superior, and part of Westminster, Colorado. They are NW of Denver, between the cities of Boulder and Denver, but all in Boulder county. Authorities believe the fires were started by downed power lines. The area has been suffering a drought for some time.

If you want a clearer, deeper understanding of the Russia/Ukraine, Eastern Europe situation, Peter Zeihan explains it well.

A Ukraine War and the End of Russia
By Peter Zeihan
December 29, 2021


Russia wants Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania back. They are former Soviet satellite nations, but are now part of NATO. Belarus is already in Putin’s pocket. Ukraine is of extreme historical, emotional and strategic importance to Russia, but of no strategic value to the US.

Zeihan believes that if Russia invades and occupies Ukraine, it will be a pyrrhic victory. It would exhaust their resources, ultimately meaning the demise of the Russian state.

Global 2022 by Steve Judd

Video:14 min 28 sec


Well, these natural catastrophes just take so much out of us, Sunstars, and they all create horrible loss – human, animal & material, but especially fires and the quick spread by hurricane force winds is terrifying. As it turns out, these were not wildfires, as Eliseo said, but suburban fires, although forest areas are probably involved. The idea of defenseless wildlife always devastates me and the loss of everything to families is also so very hard to take. I just heard that it’s now snowing and there were no known fatalities, so that’s a bit of a relief. I’m familiar with the area and, yes, there is a personal connection. Myron’s brother, who is here now visiting his mother, lives in Boulder, his daughter & her husband & 3 small kids and pets live in Longmont; his ex-wife (who is very much part of the family), his stepdaughter and family live not too far from there, and all of their numerous friends and relatives.

Let it snow!

I forgot to say that my brother-in-law’s family & our nieces and their families are, thankfully, safe.

Eliseo, the article by Peter Zeihan looks interesting and, Jerry, I look forward to listening to Steve Judd (always liked him!)

Wishing all a year filled with the blessings of good health, love, fulfillment of our true needs, and the presence of good, kind people in our lives and in our world. Of course, there is karma, and we don’t always understand it, so may we find meaning in our experience and the opening of doors to better ones and to many golden opportunities. May all beings be safe and loved, and may there be true justice, fairness, equality in the world. Sending love, peace and light to you all.

I lived in Westminster CO.

I found it on the map, not too far from Arvada. Did you like living in that area? Is it similar to BC. I sometimes watch “Virgin River” on Netflix with my mil (it’s her sanctuary since she lost her daughter in July – she just loves it and has seen all seasons at least 3 times! They are working on season 4 now.) It’s supposedly set in Northern CA but is actually filmed in BC. What a gorgeous area!

I liked it. I took my kids on long walks past a lake to my best friend’s house in Arvada. They were very long walks through natural treed areas. The kids were pooped but I wanted them to really enjoy nature and to be strong.

I really liked Arvada. It was a little older than the (then) brand new Westminster so the trees and foliage had grown up around the houses making the district very attractive.

Huh! Thank you for the compliment on BC…..

The VERY SAD thing is that horrible greedy people are cutting down all the beautiful trees and forests. This is criminal. I think it is one of the worst moral crimes in North America.

We fight, we fight to keep our beautiful old growth forests. Finally the premier of our province has put a hold on companies cutting down the old growth forests.

It all sounds lovely, and thank God for the hold, sunstars. May we manifest the kinder, gentler world that George Bush Sr. talked about and may the environment regenerate. Nature does and planting trees and growing various grasses helps a lot. The business community supports many jobs and we have to find that balance where those that aren’t toxic are supported and we keep changing over to a less toxic world. Myron is a major environmentalist and he’s supporting a carbon sequestration plant in LA because he will lower the carbon in the atmosphere but many local environmental groups are not because 1) pipe lines 2) they are worried that low income people will have to take the risks of toxicity in their areas. There has to be a way to balance all of this out if only people worked together to find the win-win situation!

Sharon, Sunstars,
I’ve long advocated a 3/1 plan. You cut down one tree, you are required to plant three.

But who listens to me? Certainly not the profits only, nothing else matters business heads who don’t know an old growth tree from a lamp post.

I pray 2022 will be a better, happier, healthier, and more productive year for us all.


“Wishing all a year filled with the blessings of good health, love, fulfillment of our true needs, and the presence of good, kind people in our lives and in our world. Of course, there is karma, and we don’t always understand it, so may we find meaning in our experience and the opening of doors to better ones and to many golden opportunities. May all beings be safe and loved, and may there be true justice, fairness, equality in the world. Sending love, peace and light to you all.”

Written by a true Daughter of Neptune. Beautiful blessing, Sharon. Thank you.

I wish all what Sharon wished above and hope that 2022 will be somewhat kinder to the world.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful contributions.

Thank you Nancy for providing the platform. Maybe this year will find you coming out of your sabbatical and inspire you to write one of your master-pieces.

I too wish all who visit here a wonderful, healthy, happy, loving and calming new year.
Cheers! A toast to all.
And to further that vibrational sentiment, something to think on – a mozart vineyard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72sFRavPuKs

wrong link above https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1ZYngtCrYs

Thank you, Will. I think having Jupiter transiting my sun sign at the moment inspired me and helped me express it. Love to you, and Love to everyone here. You are all Special Lights in my life. Let’s start the New Year off with positivity and keep it going. Love they neighbor as thyself but sometimes from more of a distance (sometimes more, sometimes less) because, as Jesus is supposed to have said, don’t cast your pearls before swine.

Eliseo, that’s a wonderful plan, the 3/1 plan. I will try to spread it AND I hope to see everyone’s best ideas manifest this year. Keep the focus on the good ones and if it doesn’t work, focus on something else.

Wow –


What do the Canadians on the board think. This is strong stuff and not out of the real of possibility.

(Where is everyone anyway?)

realm of possibility

Oh boy you’ve touched a spot in me. I haven’t even read Thomas Homer-Dixon’s article. I just read his Wikipedia.

We could talk. And probably will. I am Alberta and British Columbia. Besides the States. Have totally been following the fires in Louisville and Superior – my home of many years ago was evacuated as it appeared the fires might reach Westminster. But that didn’t happen…

So there’s enough familiarity there with Thomas. I took a course at Royal Roads University and I like their attitude… lol.

I went to my high school reunion a few years ago in Edmonton Alberta, invited by one of my best friends … I stayed at her place for a number of days.

THEN some time after that we had a phone conversation about the Tar Sands, and the oil pipe lines going into B.C. threatening our beautiful land in B.C…… and we didn’t speak for two years.

It was something along the lines of Jen Gerson writing for the National Post saying about Homer-Dixon -“It must be nice to be a professor who can call for the shuttering of an industry that millions of Canadians rely upon to pay their mortgages.”

So to use an old expression, that comment made my blood boil. In that I don’t give a flying f**k who makes their money in the oil industry. Or the logging industry. Find something ELSE to do.

OK now, gonna read what Thomas says….

He IS born in 1956, the year of the Monkey, and they are adroit and entertaining. You’ve got to take that into account.

I’ll get back…….

The oil industry is totally on its way out. Can’t these people see the writing on the wall?

I mean, the coal industry in West Virginia is almost a thing of the past.

But I will give you a difference. The people in West Virginia have been the victims of severe inequality and they may not have the mental or emotional capacity to get themselves up and out without help – probably government help.

As I see it (and it’s complicated) the major problem of the average oil rich citizen of Alberta is their identity, and ego problems.

We have socialized medicine. Re-education is an easier possibility in Alberta than it is in West Virginia.

It may be a problem for Albertans to let loose of their Big Truck Image but then heck, everybody has his or her problems.

Now where was I? Hahaha!

Andre, I’ll bet you’re reading this. I’m into the fifth paragraph.

Thomas Homer-Dixon has a point. He takes a line of reasoning and follows it to the very end.

To me, it is intellectualization because he does not account for – # 1: the numbers game. How many of those loudly squeaking Repubs are there compared to the rest of us. Granted, all the steps they are taking to minority rule are there and quite visible. But we shall see. #2: Technology has brought us transparency and even greater equality. An example is Tic Tok.

Does anybody remember the darling Mike Pompeo (then Secretary of State) saying a couple years ago that the Canadian claim to the North West Passage was false? And if America needed the North West Passage in order to compete with the Russians, they would JUST TAKE IT.

So probably if American democracy failed, it would only be a matter of time …..Canada would be toast!

But we shall see….We’re not going to give them back their fleeing intellects though.

Ok this is sort of tongue in cheek….. I do not have the necessary “intellect” myself, or the access to all the facts at hand to make a prediction. I DO have the necessary passion to support democracy, though, whatever the hardship to me.

It’s the number’s game, and I do not know the numbers.

Look at Alexei Navalny though. He is supporting Democracy with his very life. And his friend who was shot in the back GAVE his life.

That’s what gives me hope. Yes, we need more than hope I understand. Maybe I have faith. I don’t know.

What I do know is that Alexei Navalny is my hero.

PS: Excuse me, Thomas Homer-Dixon – Trump isn’t gonna run. There is no way he would be elected. It’s really hard to organize a run from a prison cell, or from another country because you have a “business opportunity” that necessitates your vacating of the US of A.

I read the Globe & Mail Op-Ed. The author’s points were prescient and crystal clear. Canadian, David Frum has made very similar points in his writings as of late.

Friends in my small close circle have been discussing the same issues and anticipating the possibilities the author outlined for quite some time, but we shake our heads, puzzled as to how we should respond were these things to transpire.

The scenarios we see as truly possible, and if proper steps in Congress are not taken, – probable – are most like the chaotic and violent events and circumstances of the Reconstruction era in the South, but this time in all 50 states. No one, from the North, the South, the military, or the government dealt with the situation well in the late 1860’s and 1870’s.

The primary thrust of the Op-Ed we US citizens have given less attention to was how should Canada act and react should things unfold as the author rightly fears. The author’s recommendation the PM should
– “convene a permanent standing, non-partisan Parliamentary committee to receive “regular intelligence analyses and briefings by Canadian experts on political and social developments in the United States and their implications for democratic failure there. And it should be charged with providing the federal government with continuing, specific guidance as to how to prepare for and respond to that failure, should it occur.” – is a good start, but only that.

I was particularly struck by the questions:
“What happens, for instance, if high-profile political refugees fleeing persecution arrive in our country, and the U.S. regime demands them back. Do we comply?” But sadly, consequences for Canada could be much darker if the Trumpists succeed even temporarily in taking over our federal government.

We North Americans are karmically and intimately intertwined in one another’s lives and destinies, on whatever side of the border we were born.

In our previous civil war, our “best recent estimates are that between 33,000 and 55,000 men from British North America (BNA) served in the Union army, and a few hundred in the Confederate army.”

Many Canadians served as Union spies during the conflict.

Calixa Lavallée, a French-Canadian Union officer in our civil war later composed the music for “O Canada.”

Canadian, Edward Doherty was the Union Army officer who formed and led the detachment of Union soldiers that captured and killed John Wilkes Booth.

In the 1970’s I toured the sites in Ontario which were the terminus points for the Underground Railroad. They are the sacred loci of our common quest for the liberty and dignity of all people.

There have been 29 Canadian recipients of the Medal of Honor.

About 9,000 “gun-jumpers,” US men enlisted in the Canadian military prior to the US entrance into WWII.

Not to mention the innumerable Canadian entertainers, intellectuals, and inventors, who’ve contributed to the betterment of the US, and likewise US entertainers, intellectuals, and inventors, who’ve contributed to Canada, all to our North American commonweal. We are two nations, but one society.

I am therefore saddened to think what harm might occur to our northern neighbors, just as I am for those of us south of that very long border. Whatever harm we US Americans may do to ourselves, we will also surely owe Canada deep apologies.

Sunstars, it’s not just the U.S. government we have to beware of, it’s the myriad of armed “patriots” who think they have a cause against the Liberals. After reading the articles I posted (shallowly), for the first time the prospect of another Civil war became real for me — because many of the police officers, military, ex-military, special forces, veterans, etc. are with them.

In the 1980s, I became aware of the armed militias around the country, particularly in the rural areas, who were anti-gov and stockpiling weapons. THAT was 40 yrs ago — they have many more weapons (and survival accoutrements) now.

Trump, Bannon, Miller, Limbaugh, Flynn, Fox News, the Kochs, the Mercers – all are behind this. I’ve been aware of the damage Limbaugh and Glenn Beck were doing to create a schism in our country for years. With Trump in office and with the powers of the US gov at his nefarious disposal, he brought all of this to a whole new level of organization and resource management! THAT is why they are so disappointed that he lost and, to this day, cannot allow that to happen. They truly do want to take over. The prospect of a right-wing dictatorship underscored by fundamentalist Christianity has never been so real to me.

If that became the case, many Eustacions (as Myron likes to call residents of the U.S.) will want to flee to Canada….it did not occur to me that they wouldn’t be able to give us sanctuary.

New thread up:


Very exciting times lie ahead……….

The United States’ Pluto Return

On Feb. 22, the United States will undergo a once-in-our-lifetime and first-of-its-kind event known as a Pluto return. This means that for the first time ever, Pluto will return to the exact position in the zodiac that it was during the United States’ inception on Jul. 4, 1776. It takes about 245 years for Pluto to complete a full rotation through the zodiac, so the Pluto return is an alignment that no human has ever experienced in their own natal chart.

Named after the god of the underworld, Pluto is the planet of transformation and extremes. During the U.S.’s Pluto return, the country will have to reckon with these intense themes. The dark and power-hungry underbelly of authority and societal structures will likely be forced into the light, and it’s possible that something entirely new will be reborn. There’s no way to know exactly what that’ll look like, but as the social movements of recent years have shown, something has to change. – Nina Kahn

VENUS RETROGRADE CONJUNCT PLUTO Relationships & Value Systems Transform.

Video: 24 min 35 sec


USA & The Pluto Return – Rewind, Reset, Transform by Sorana Cancel

On February 19, 2022, the USA will have its first-ever Pluto return, a groundbreaking moment that changes the world as we know it. Since Pluto is a slow-moving planet, its effects extend over the years before and after the return, so 2020 has already set the wheels in motion for some major transformations. Let’s find out more about the following years…

Pluto Returns: Key Moments In History

Dwarf planet Pluto follows the principle of strong essences kept in small bottles: he rules death, rebirth, power, secrets, and taboos. Just like us, each country has a birth chart and just like ours, every country’s chart has a Pluto that represents an ideology, social hierarchy, the way power is wielded, as well as a nation’s traumas, from war and destruction to social injustice and oppression.

When Pluto returns to its original position in the country’s birth chart- something that happens once every 247 years-, these issues come to the surface through groundbreaking circumstances that are meant to shake the system and leave behind any impurities, bringing radical change in the political, economic and social system. We can see some examples in nations that have been around long enough to catch a Pluto return: in 1972, when Pluto was conjunct Spain’s natal Pluto, dictator Francisco Franco relinquished power, while Pluto returns in France and Russia marked the deaths of Napoleon and Stalin.

Pluto returns are often turbulent because they bring transformation through eliminating the toxic material- ideologies, political practices, traumas- that has accumulated during a 247-year cycle.

Even though it’s not easy, flowing with the change is the best choice when it comes to Pluto. Used well, the upheavals he brings can help a country shed its old skin and find new resources as it’s being reborn.



Several days prior to the exact US Pluto return we have a rather interesting symmetrical Leo Full Moon configuration forming a fixed Grand Cross Square to the nodes affecting both President Biden (Sun/Venus 27/28 Scorpio – Chiron 28 Leo) and former President Trump (Mars/ asc, 26-29 Leo). The Full Moon is in quincunx to tr. Pluto and the US natal Pluto. Will Donald J Trump finally face the long awaited indictment at this time? Here’s the 28 Leo Full Moon Feb 16th chart…….



If the present Covid 19 cases continue on its current trajectory, I can well imagine the economy arriving at a dangerous precipice in a months time. The hospitals will be overwhelmed and the ordinary day to day affairs could grind to a halt……

U.S. Sets Global Daily Record of Over 1 Million Virus Cases

Jan 4, 2022

*Cases nearly doubled versus four days ago as omicron surges

*Officials hopeful that deaths won’t rise as much as infections infections



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