30th Jul, 2021

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What a time we live in!


Rand Paul’s dressing down followed by the transit of Mars (22°23′ Virgo) opposite transiting Neptune (22°06′ Pisces) both squaring tRump’s natal Sun (22°58′ Gemini) and Moon (21°42′ Sagittarius) in longitude and affecting the Sibly chart’s Mars-Neptune square on September 3.



Please be careful and aware even around those who are vaccinated.

CDC study shows three-fourths of people infected in Massachusetts covid-19 outbreak were vaccinated

Source: Washington Post


Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/07/30/provincetown-covid-outbreak-vaccinated/

Bob, in reference to our conversation in the last thread, I guess what I am asking for is a chart analysis for Facebook (it is not just Facebook but the whole juggernaut of social media which would be reflected in Facebook’s fate). Unless we regulate this massive nightmare, it will continue to sink the world ever lower. It is designed to incite conflict – that is its DNA and exploiting that DNA is very lucrative. Does the companies chart show a solid growth or a bumpy future?

DOJ: Trump Must Turn Taxes Over To Congress | Zerlina

In a new legal opinion, the Justice Department said the Treasury Department must turn over six years of Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways & Means Committee. Glenn Kirschner breaks down what it all means.

Video: 7 min 19 sec



I recall Marjorie Orr posting about FB. She seemed to think it will skirt by with better luck than it deserves for awhile. I don’t have the chart but would be curious to take a closer look. FB could really benefit from all the astro emphasis on Aquarius themes and even expand its impact, for better or for worse. Tech, social groups, friendships, communication, etc. are certainly highlighted and will be infinitely more so once Pluto gets to Aquarius, but we will also certainly see the dark side of info technology and its abuses even more so than now.

I tend to think of Zuckerberg as a nuisance myself. He has no ethics, and his only guiding principle seems to be how much damage he can cause to the social fabric while conning people that it’s in their own self interest to participate. Literally move fast and break things as he says. Wish the universe would have swatted him, but alas he, like DJT and Rupert Murdoch, may be here to harness and reflect back the darker impulses of the collective.


Good thoughts on the previous thread regarding climate change. I did neglect to mention the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2053, which falls in Pisces.

Certainly, we will be dealing with major weather and environmental issues then which will have a lasting impact on everything. To say that this will not be an easy time is an understatement. I think mid-century from the 2040s through the 2060s and 2070s—looking ahead at the Neptune-Pluto Square in Pisces & Gemini to come in 2061-64, in addition to all the other major configurations noted, heralds an immense transition.

To top this off, Eris moves into Taurus beginning around 2046, while Pluto begins a new cycle in Aries in 2067. There’s also the closing Uranus-Pluto Square from 2071-75.

The one blessing I see is that the current era marked with the extreme stupidity of Conservatism in all things is fast drawing to a close. We could use a good dose of Aquarian radicalism and genius to move us forward in preparation for the trials and tribulations ahead, though I am under no illusion that the Aquarius Pluto period from 2024-2044 will be a utopia. I do think Pluto will be giving humanity a definitive “wake up call” during this period akin to “get your house in order, pronto, or else prepare to reap the whirlwind.”

Also, the coming years will reveal the extreme folly of a half century spent on inane debate about cultural pieces while the environment increasingly teetered on the brink of disaster.

I do not think an astrologer has ever existed who was as specific (and unfailingly so) as you are seeking silcominc. If one had, or does, I believe they would be world famous and written about in history books or recorded in current media. At any rate I certainly cannot.

All astrology predictions or proposed explanations of referenced planetary positions with those in a horoscope at the time of an experience (physical or emotional) are opinions or theories. That is why I usually do not spoon feed readers with specifics but leave it to them to apply their own.

Thanks, BuckeyeShadow. Bob, I was looking for disruption. For example, ATT was created on March 3, 1885, in NYC, and in the late ’70s and early 80’s the US sued to break up its total monopoly. In 1984, it was broken up into many parts as part of the court order.

As the US was beginning to prepare its case for divestiture, transiting Neptune was oppositive natal Pluto in the ATT chart and when the case was over, Uranus was opposite Pluto and Pluto was inconjunct itself. I am not much of an astrologer but many of you are and would be grateful if you guys could look at these aspects.

With Facebook, there seem to be two dates – Feb 4, 2004, is the incorporation date then the date when Zuckerberg launched from his dorm on October 28, 2003.

I could be very wrong but I do believe that the fate of the world rests with the fate of Facebook. Facebook is built for engagement. The more conflict, the higher the engagement. It becomes a race to the bottom.

In the 04 chart, Saturn will be coming to its natal sun and pluto to its natal mercury which could be a major restructuring. But I think it needs to be split up like ATT was and regulated.

silcominc – fyi – here is the link to marjories article on facebook https://star4cast.com/facebook-money-talks-as-pressure-ramps-up/

if you do a search on her site, there is also another one written in 2019

Wow silcominc, what a good analogy. Of course I totally agree with BuckeyeShadow’s take on Zuckerberg, and always have.

To that end I have never joined Facebook. I don’t want the constant task of separating fact from fiction and do not want my energies participating in any way. So much harm can come from Facebook. The younger people blithely go forth…. As I get “more mature” I console myself with “Older and Wiser”….. I really see that now.

However I concede that some of the young people commenting on national networks are getting it right THE FIRST TIME…… Maybe in fact it is ME who is learning…… I truly get a laugh every time I say the phrase “When you’re young, you’re dumb.” Because I was. In my twenties I was so sure of my opinions. I have apologized over and over again to my parents, long since departed, for the mistakes I made with them.

Yes, Murdoch is a pox on our society. It is hard to understand why he is there.

“….may be here to harness and reflect back the darker impulses of the collective.”

Yikes! Do we have to?

Yesss…. I guess the only way out is through…..

It’s so much work though. Why do we have to do this?

Yup as astrologers we usually know when events will occur and the general nature of the events but we do not know what actually will occur.

So when I read the planets, signs and aspects for the rest of the century I can only hope that all of this energy is moving us forward……. or that we are learning through trial and error….

We want less pain and more pleasure, right?

Actually we really don’t know what this is all about do we.

Pluto. When I think of all the deep pain that happened say in the Holocaust….. why was it there? We can only conjecture what it was like…..
the deep pain and fear they suffered. That if THEY suffered, then at some point in history if there is something in reincarnation, we all have suffered…

At one point many years ago I thought of Pluto as the most extreme sensation. I heard somebody say that pain is only a sensation.

So if that is true, is all of this about evolvement? I want to go forward…..

When we are fortunate enough to look back in history, we see civilizations that have come and gone…..

When I look at the next hundred years in terms of Pluto in Aquarius, Pisces, Aries……

What are we supposed to be learning? Are we just going to be another civilization that has to return to ground zero on Earth….And have to be going through the Dark Ages again long after more advanced civilizations have vanished?

RE: my JP comment in last thread. Apparently, the lady has enough business sense to not mention him by name. But you, yourself prefaced the link with your comment she was alluding to Mr. T. I’m not faulting her on her Vedic astrology skills, but I think it prudent to be aware of her extreme bias.

Your introspective mood matches mine.
I drove slowly by a gal today with a sign. It said, “far from home, need money for food.” She was all alone. I noticed her young face, nevertheless weathered by time and hardship. I saw it likely would have been prettier had she endured an easier life. I had no cash on me, and felt helpless in my desire to help her. I had nothing to offer but a quick prayer. And I thought to myself, we are ALL far, far from home.

RE: the holocaust. Yes. Pluto cycles. See an astrological review of the holocaust at this link.

Yes. So many civilizations have come and gone, … just here on Earth. In 1950, thinking about the mathematical probability of the existence of alien civilizations and the possibility Earth might have been visited by some, Enrico Fermi asked his fellow physicist colleagues, “Where are they?” Thus, the “Fermi paradox.” One of the darker possible explanations is that like ourselves, intelligent alien species and civilizations might come and go by self destruction. It is certainly possible we might meet that fate.

We’ve not yet come to terms with our predatory propensities. We remain the cause of much of our suffering: we are overwhelmed by our addictive desires, our ignorance, and the consistent inadvertant misuse of our minds and emotions.

All knowledge is contextual. But our context is so narrow as our lives are so short. I am not a thanatist, but even when we to accept the notion of thousands or millions of incarnations, they are but the blink of an eye in the vastness of our universe’s time and space.

Psalm 90:4, CSB: “For in your sight a thousand years are like yesterday that passes by, like a few hours of the night.”
In my pantheism I have come to interpret the cosmos similarly as did the ancient Egyptians, as the goddess Nut, (also spelled Nwt.) But the psalms quote is IMO a profound understatement, however we might anthropomorphize the deity, male, female, or something else.

Perhaps as I concluded in 1967, we are a kind of zygote nestled in the womb of Nut. Perhaps if we nurture ourselves and one another sufficiently, we will overcome our predatory instincts, our addictions, our darker nature, and having survived, grow into something, a kind of being we are not yet capable of imagining.


Pantheism……. Here’s a brief definition from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

“Emphasis on nature. Most typically pantheism is characterized by deep love and reverence for the natural world insofar as it exists independently of human culture or civilization.”

Coincidentally, I happened to view Cash Peters latest video earlier today. He ends his readings with a focus on Steve Irwin and his “transition” (known as the crocodile hunter). Steve’s exceptional love, and “boyish like enthusiasm” for all animals and wild life is well known. The key point Cash came away with in his meditative pictures of Irwin is that Steve lived life to the fullest, devoting one hundred per cent of himself into everything that he did AND he was a man of great humility. That is what made Steve Irwin so charming and extraordinary. Cash’s reading of Steve is deeply moving. I would recommend watching it. It starts at the 19 min 39 sec mark. For the sake of convenience, I time-stamped it. Just click on the following link…..


For those unfamiliar with Steve Irwin, here he is appearing on the late night show with Conan.

Steve Irwin Introduces Conan To A Crocodile | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Video: 6 min 3 sec



Re: Joni Patry’s credibility

I’m not disputing what you are saying, just asking that you share the remarks that lead you to be believe she is politically oriented. I’m genuinely curious and interested.

I’ll be “out of pocket” for a day or two, so here’s very my brief response. The Cash Peters take on Steve Irwin reminds me of the mythological Celtic horned god, Cernunnos, as well as Rudra/Shiva as Pashupati, all referred to as “Lord of the Animals.”

The seal of Pashupati/Shiva (see here)


looks so extraordinarily similiar to images of Cernunnos as you can see them at the Cernunnos entry we see at Wikipedia.

Hi Eliseo,

I’ve been to the Pashupatinath Temples in Kathmandu, Nepal a number of times over the years. It has a unique atmosphere. See photo gallery…..


I posted an account of one of my Nepal visits in Starlightnews a couple of years ago. If you missed it, I’m re-posting it here for you. The description of the Pashupatinath temples can be found in the section entitled A Post Card Impression of Kathmandu, Nepal. Here’s the link…….


Jerry, Kathmandu always makes me think of the young man with ?craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, who the film “Mask” was about, as beautifully played by Eric Stolz with Cher as his mom. What a great film that was! The young man (Rocky Dennis) always wanted to go to Kathmandu and it was a theme song in the flm.

Joni On Donald

By: Diana on November 25th, 2016 at 11:53 pm

“Ok, so i am halfway into Joni Patrys latest video. Now I know little about western astrology and nearly nothing about vedic, however from everything I read from the singh guy seemed to indicate that Jupiter in Trumps Maha whatever, sorry I really do not know the terminology, was a bad thing, well hearing this lady talk about him its like its all so amazing and positive and powerful and frankly a little too sickly saccharine, she went on and on about how at the end of OCtober the world would be different, anyway… but now its all about the alignment of trump and the US , which she did mentione before but she thought hillary would win, but not really win, anyway its all so perfect now for Trump according to her, so why didnt she call this before?”


By: bruce on November 27th, 2016 at 11:59 am

“This is Joni Patry’s latest video. In this one it’s as if she is supporting Trump and if we don’t “fall in line” something terrible will happen.”


By: Diana on November 27th, 2016 at 2:19 pm

“After saying hillary would win but that she would not be elected and saying both Hillary’s and trumps chart were amazing, now it’s all about trump being a King and going to be one of the best presidents ever. ”


By: Diana on November 27th, 2016 at 2:22 pm

“Its all in the stars , its all destiny, blah blah blah, that Trump is going to complete everything , be the President, and be the greatest President ever!”


By: bruce on November 29th, 2016 at 9:08 pm

“The latest from Joni Patry. Miss “dipity-do” goes all out for Frump !


December 2016 Predictions”

NOTE to Jerry – start watching video at the 9:15 mark. At the 10:42 mark “…I’m going to say this again…”.

“Miss ‘dipity-do'” LOL

Will oughta love that one!

Joni reminds me of Lonnie Anderson or Dolly Parton but not as attractive.

Bob, great sleuthing on Patry and will read it all, thanks!

On Feb 25, 2015 Trump told the WAPO that he’s going to run in the 2016 presidential election.

Coincidently 2 weeks later on March 15,2015 Patry did a Youtube “A King is Born”,

She used as proof the upcoming summer (2015) Jupiter/Venus(retro) conjunction in Leo which also would be conj. the star Regulus.

She said to be on the lookout for a leader to appear who will change the world. LOL!

She set herself up astrologically with her king knowing damn well that Trump’s ascendant was @ 29 Leo.

Tint & Squint did their escalator slide in June 2015.

What I found funny and so telling is that in the “king” video never once did she mention how Regulus will also bring down a king/leader and if I remember correctly she never mentioned the Regulus downfall throughout Trump’s presidency and the 2020 campaign with Biden,

I’ve found her right-wing/conspiracy politics transparent as she tries to appear neutral so she doesn’t lose astro clients, students for her Vedic school and jewelry customers.

Joni & $$$$ are two peas in a pod.

Apologies: *** I lost what I wrote and the 2015 Rolling Stone article when I went to my bookmarks to get Patry’s king video.

10 minute video.

“A King is Born”

March 14,2015

@ 6:00 minutes Joni starts with be on the “lookout”


Thanks Bob for your Joni Patry entry…..

However I ran into her site in 2016 – it’s amusing to see the reactions of others. Mine was “What IS this!??”

🙂 So I’m going to spare myself and not watch her again.

Patry’s December 2016 prediction video.


Jerry, thanks for the definition of pantheism. I would have assumed, wrongly, that the ‘pan’ etymologically meant ‘all.’

Do you (any of you) ever use astrology as a trance/meditation base to delve into a situation? Is that considered legitimate?

Also, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUj9NRq3ys8

Interesting mythological moniker! I like it!

Jerry’s definition of pantheism was correct, as far as it goes, but “pan” does indeed mean all.
In the most used sense, the term refers to the belief that God IS all, and ALL IS God. The universe, or cosmos itself IS the deity. Many pantheists, like myself tend to think of the universe as something akin to an organic being or entity.

In my case, as a child I struggled with the concept of God, deciding I was an atheist when I was 12. At 14, I decided I was an agnostic, but at 15, in the 1960’s I had a profound, very deep, natural mystical experience which transformed me into a pantheist. One small part of the experience was realizing in past I was not rejecting what Aristotle would have called a causeless cause or first cause, but was rejecting the idea of an anthropomorphic deity up in the sky. In Western culture we’ve inherited a god concept which is really a synthesis of Zeus and YHWH.

IMO, many, (but not all,) who think of themselves as atheists are actually pantheists, but don’t realize it. They are understandably rejecting the notion of an exclusively male bearded fellow on a throne up in the clouds. In his shallow misunderstanding, one of the early Russian cosmonauts, upon traveling into space, commented, “See! No God here!”

Whereas the operative verb in defining pantheism is the word “IS,” in contrast the perhaps more subtle concept, pan-en-theism is the belief that all IS IN God.

“Pantheism derives from the Greek ??? pan (meaning “all, of everything”) and ???? theos (meaning “god, divine”).” – Wikipedia.

“Pantheism is the belief that reality is identical with divinity, or that all-things compose an all-encompassing, immanent god. Pantheist 
belief does not recognize a distinct personal god, anthropomorphic or otherwise, but instead characterizes a broad range of doctrines differing in forms of relationships between reality and divinity. Pantheistic concepts date back thousands of years, and pantheistic elements have been identified in various religious traditions.”

“The term pantheism was coined by mathematician Joseph Raphson in 1697 and has since been used to describe the beliefs of a variety of people and organizations.”

“Pantheism was popularized in Western culture as a theology and philosophy based on the work of the 17th-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza, in particular, his book Ethics. A pantheistic stance was also taken in the 16th century by philosopher and cosmologist Giordano Bruno. Ideas resembling pantheism existed in South and East Asian religions before the 18th century (notably  Sikhism,  Hinduism,  and Sanamahism, Confucianism, and Taoism).”

Hi Izzy, Bob,

From a purely political perspective, I can see how Joni Patry’s remarks can be construed as partial and biased (re: the 2016 videos – her later videos do not describe Trump in such glowing terms). But if you listen carefully to what she is saying in the section Bob cited, she adds that what she is seeing is based on astrology. I have not extensively watched her video presentations, but what I have seen till now I am unable to discern any particular political leaning (wikipedia is a good source by the way).

In 2016 she states that Trump would make a good president, a force for change. Admittedly a bad choice of words, but the catalyst for change has been thrust upon us nevertheless. We are entering into uncharted waters hastened by the inept, corrupt leadership of Biden’s predecessor. As a result, the fissures in our economy are going to inevitably rupture and collapse. It’s not business as usual anymore. We may be heading for a second shut down due to an out of control Delta variant virus in the Fall with no financial reserves to dig ourselves out of the crisis as in 2008. No leadership in the world can save us from this event, except for the brave spiritual ingenuities of individual and collective effort……

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Those words were uttered by Barack Obama in 2008, in his campaign efforts to become President of the United States.

Izzy writes;

“What I found funny and so telling is that in the “king” video never once did she mention how Regulus will also bring down a king/leader and if I remember correctly she never mentioned the Regulus downfall throughout Trump’s presidency and the 2020 campaign with Biden.”

The Times They Are A-Changin’

The star Regulus is at 29 ’50 Leo. As mentioned earlier, the August 22nd Full Moon (29 ’36 Aquarius) conjunct Jupiter (26 ’54 Aquarius) will oppose Trump’s Mars/Ascendant degrees (26 ’44/ 29 ’54 Leo). I see events in late August accelerating. Indictments, arrests? Trouble in the streets? Perhaps. It is also activating the same degrees as the Aug 21, 2017 Great American Eclipse (28 ’50 Leo) that gathered so much attention a few years ago. …….

New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse In Leo:
The Great American Eclipse

“…….Traditionally a Solar Eclipse represents the falling of a king if there’s an imbalance of power, and this one falls directly on Donald Trump’s Ascendant and Mars. The Ascendant is the most crucial point in a person’s chart, and Mars represents our direction. Since Donald Trump was born within a few hours of an eclipse, he is more susceptible to their effects. With serious moves toward impeachment after his outrageous response to the Charlottesville attack, and with many leaving their positions at the White House and abandoning their support of Trump, his fall seems to be underway.

Monday’s Solar Eclipse will also oppose the Aquarius Moon in the United States’ chart. The Moon is our heart and emotional body, while Aquarius is the sign of egalitarianism. This means that our heartfelt concern for fellow beings lines up with the deepest drives of the United States. The Moon will take center stage as it blocks the Sun on Monday, bringing this sense of compassion and inclusion to the foreground.”



Hi Sharon,

Re: Kathmandu

I’m familiar with the Cat Stevens version.


Although I’ve seen the film Mask (1985) when it was first released, I can’t recall the song nor the aspirations of the young man who dreamt of going there. Wonderful film. Kathmandu by Bob Seger is strikingly, amusingly different than the Cat Stevens original version……


Seriously OMG gimme the Bob Seger version !!!!!
Hey hey hey!

I didn’t have to listen closely to hear her CYA tactic Jerry. She has scrubbed her postings where she was more effusive with her postings about tRump.

I base my belief about her political leanings on her postings about him (never taking him to task for any of his actions as before, during, or after he held the office of the presidency) he is alright – it is us who must change our ways, let go of our anger about things, and on and on about how we must adjust our beliefs; her birth place and lifelong residency, and my charts for her in times pro or con for tRump [they are positive when things go right for tRump – negative when they don’t].

Charts for both of them are negative for August 13 the day he is supposed to assume the presidency and several days following it when Biden and Harris are supposed to resign.


Patry saying that it’s we who must change etc says it all.
She’s another Trump enabler and hasn’t learned zilch in the past 4 years.

Here’s her video about July 29,2021 and Mars.
5 degrees Leo/Aquarius axis and Regulus.

“A leader will appear”

She ends with a specific reference to the leader (Trump) who she says she has done his chart many times.
It’s going to happen with this leader appearing even though we may not be seeing it now…according to her.

She appears to have jumped on the Mike Lindell conspiracy bandwagon that claims Trump will be reinstated as POTUS on Aug 13th after Biden & Harris resign after hearing his election fraud proof at his 8/11/12 Cyber Symposium.

I find it interesting that most of the comments on this video and on her other videos are from posters who either compliment her looks, post personal astro info or just thank her,

No interest is shown for her mundane astrology which gives her a free pass from her fans on all of her failed political predictions.


Hi Bob,

Scepticism is healthy when it is warranted. About her Trump postings you said “they are positive when things go right for tRump – negative when they don’t”. Can you specify where those references can be found?

Saturn reaches its closest point to Earth.

Don’t know if being closer or further away is more powerful astrologically, but the article is interesting.


Jerry, please don’t Change the context of what I said – it doesn’t speak well of you.


The charts were done to judge her astrology at the times of various events and deleted once a judgement was made as there was no intent at the time to share them. The exercise was for my benefit only.

By: Bob on August 2nd, 2021 at 9:35 am

“… and my charts for her in times pro or con for tRump [they are positive when things go right for tRump – negative when they don’t].”

Ugh. Lindell is as batsh_t crazy as they come. A whole new level of nutzo. Crack destroyed his brain if he even had much of one to begin with. That fool needs to be locked up–in an asylum.

Sarah Palin looks sane compared to the current crop of crazies.

I feel very much like we are heading for some kind of perfect storm of economic, political, and infrastructural chaos.

Pluto goes direct on October 6, and won’t stop until it makes its first pass over the US Pluto, our Pluto Return, now 6 months away from being exact in February 2022.

Even if something took “The Former Guy” out of the game tomorrow, how much longer would it take to unwind and de-fang the damage he has caused, as well as the whirlwinds of trouble that he has stirred up?

The Reactionary Conservative forces have gone completely off the deep end. They are behaving like they have everything to lose–and they will. But they can’t stop the losses. They are overdue and must happen. The only question is how much damage will these people cause as their worldview utterly and irrevocably crumbles to dust?

Hi Bob,

Ok. Sorry. I misunderstood. I quickly glossed over that sentence hence my mistake. You were saying – charts that you had drawn up on JONI “they are positive when things go right for tRump – negative when they don’t.”

Really speaking, that doesn’t tell me very much. The question I originally posed to Eliseo has to do with providing direct comments on her political affiliation. She doesn’t seem to frame any of her thoughts in terms of politics i.e. the Republican or Democratic parties. More to do with astrological trends. I’m not seeing blatant bias.

You know darn well Joni Patry did not refer to Trump directly. So why do you ask for a specific reference to him by name? The woman has enough business sense to try not to alienate her non-Trump, and anti-Trump clients.

You are also obviously aware of whom she was speaking when she uttered the sentence, “A Leader Will Appear.”
On July 29, 2021 you posted:
“Although Trump isn’t mentioned directly, Joni alludes to it in this 8 minute video.”

In every video, every time she alludes to Trump, her maniacal and devotional enthusiasm shines brightly through. You may follow her videos if you wish, but I’m choosing to never be bamboozled into watching any of
this abhorrent, crazy woman’s videos ever again.

There’s plenty enough crazy people right now doing crazy, harmful things enough to make us all severly depressed, or angry enough to destroy several solar systems. JP is evidently one of those crazy making people. For my mental health, I frankly need to avoid her.
So — Might we please now stop talking about her?


The October 6th Pluto station (24 ’18 Capricorn) may be more significant than we realize. If we are using the US Sibly chart (5:10 pm July 4, 1776 Philadelphia), the Pluto station is within a 7 minute orb of exactly opposing the US Mercury (24 ’11 Cancer). I posted my thoughts elsewhere on this upcoming October 6th New Moon/ Pluto station. Suffice to say, I think it might be a defining moment in America’s history. Here is some additional info on the natal US Mercury-Pluto square……

The Birth and Remaking of America – Mercury-Pluto Opposition and Pluto Return by Renee Karger

“……. The most revealing astrological factor defining the stark transition from monarchy to an emerging democracy was Mercury in station-retrograde at the time of America’s establishment. The station nurtured the extraordinary mental activity required of its leaders for the development of an American ethos and for laying the ground for inestimable levels of achievement to be reached by its free and aspiring populace……..


In the segment on Collective Nativities in Mundane Perspectives, Jones designates Mercury in his US chart diagram as stationary-retrograde. However, the ephemeris for 1776 shows the station to be exact on June 28, just days before the announcement of independence in early July. Planetary stations, whether in transit or progression, point to a crescendo in the development of events that facilitates a psychological shift in perspective resulting in a dramatic transformation of existential affairs. Jones explains the virtual phenomenon in his Scope of Astrological Prediction as a pivotal period demanding “a critical regrasp of experience.” Unlike transit stations that need to aspect a natal planet to be effective for chart interpretation, a progressed station need not make an aspect with a birth planet and can be associated with events far in advance or after their pause to change direction.



RE: “I feel very much like we are heading for some kind of perfect storm of economic, political, and infrastructural chaos.”

I don’t know if it is my Pisces Moon or some other factor, but I’m feeling it too. It feels as
though the entire planet is about to pass through a series of very dark, quiet, but cosmic sized hurricanes and earthquakes, some of them simultaneous, and some in rapid sequence.

With every step, it feels as though the ground beneath may or may not be present for my next footfall.


Respectfully, you voiced your opinion, I voiced mine. What is the harm in that? You further requested that we terminate any further discussion on this. So where does that leave us? Judging by the few strong emotional reactions expressed here in this blog, if I choose to share another Joni Patry post REGARDING ASTROLOGY in the future, should I refrain from doing so because of concern that it would generate more objections? Let’s be clear, I am not advocating Joni Patry as an astrological source. I don’t agree with everything that she says. But I do think she offers some interesting salient points REGARDING ASTROLOGY. This is after all primarily an astrological blog with politics as a point of reference isn’t it? If you feel you can’t discuss these issues calmly, matter of factly with care and thoughtfulness, perhaps this matter should be brought to the attention of the moderator and then she can decide what is inappropriate material. I don’t wish to be blunt about it, but in fairness to the other readers, we should respect other opinions even if we disagree.

That was my point, strongly but politely made. Let us agree to disagree and move on.

My dear Eliseo,

For all intents and purposes I did move on. I posted the Joni Patry “Jupiter Opposes Mars” video on July 29th and thought that was the end of the matter; not expecting any negative responses. I thought it was pertinent to current events. Instead I received a litany of protests including you. Should I not answer the concerns? Go quiet? Remain compliant?

One thing should be kept in mind. If clarity is important in these discussions, then it behooves us to keep an open mind and not vociferously close off due to certain select emotional, preconceived ideas. Trump is an aberration no doubt, someone ill qualified to be taken seriously as a world leader. He is consumed with selfish interests and has placed our country in deep jeopardy, morally, financially and health-wise. BUT whether through choice or destiny, he was there for a reason. He serves a great purpose for us to look more deeply within ourselves. No point in designating blame to anyone. As a country we are heading in the right direction.

Yes please move on from Joni, I agree with Eliso that it’s getting rather depressing thinking about the strive ahead. Especially when climate is our real concern. I’m not sure how our Astrology can help, other than looking at how people will have to respond. Working together will be needed and that looks like a dim hope right now. What has been weighing on my mind Astrologically is the next Great American Eclipse (2024) and of course the imminent Pluto Return. I am a pretty good chart reader when it comes to doing a person’s chart with transits and progressions. When it comes to World events I can only feel intuitive what a chart might say. Anyone want to dive in to looking at Pluto’s USA return and the Eclipse that is coming and will mimick the 2017 American eclipse but slicing the country from Texas to New York?

I’m sorry if I misunderstood your intent.
I agree that Trump “serves a great purpose for us to look more deeply within ourselves.”

I believe it may have been BuckeyeShadow, or Beowulfie who referred to him as an expression or avatar of the id. I recall I modified it to “avatar of the American id.”

I began warily observing that “id” when I was growing up in Texas. Certainly by the 1960’s, when I was involved in the Am. Civil Rights movement, I became very concerned with the racism, sexism, and propensity to totalitarianism, somehow seemigly innate to many so called “Christians.”

The “Fundamentalists and Evangelicals in particular in my experience seemed not to have grasped either the mystical meaning nor the egalitarian ethos in their own scriptures. The ancient early Christian hymn quoted in 3rd chapter of Galatians was very plain in purpose and intention, “We are no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female, for all are one in Christ Jesus.” I noticed early on, despite the clarity of the ethos expressed, these “Christians” were inimical to it, so much so as to lean heavily into what Matthew Fox calls “Christofascism.”

I do not mean to “broad brush” such people, as there certainly are folks of all religions who tend toward the far right, and of course many who are moderate, progressive, or quite socialistic. There were many I grew up around who were not particularly religious who nevertheless were pretty far right politically.

My point here is Mr. DJT is a perfect focus or conduit for that sort of angry, hate filled, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic breed of American. Such people have been with us from before the American Revolution, as well as those of an opposite, “William Blake-ish” persuasion.

What I see in the complex astrology, these profound transits to the 1776 chart, is very troubling and painful, but also purgative and transformative. DJT inadvertantly did a great job of exposing the long lingering contagion nesting in American political consciousness. I
do not believe we can progress further the American experiment without overcoming that old political juggernaut.

Thank you Jerry for the planetary dynamics link. Fascinating! With my limited knowledge of astrology I didn’t quite understand all of it, still though, fascinating. I’m wondering (and hoping!) if more skilled astrologers on this site can glean clues to the how the mid-terms and the 2024 election could turn out given the info on lunations and Pluto stations?

The divisions Trump exposed have existed a long while, certainly since Nixon as well as Gingrich, etc. with the Republicans focusing on social messages to divide the two parties (they were the party of “family values”). I’ll never forget the anti-Howard Dean commercial that talked about Democrats as latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo driving, NY-Times reading…” https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2004-jan-07-na-media7-story.html

In fact, in my graduate social work studies that included the history of poverty in “America”, these divisions existed from the onset of the early immigration to the lands in the Western Hemisphere to escape monarchy’s abuses and embrace religious freedom. England’s poor laws were rigid. If the poor were able-bodied, they should not be helped and charity was allowed only in the home (and maybe via the church). In fact, it wasn’t until after the Civil War’s devastation and release of the dependent African American population, that government help was even considered viable, and then later expanded during the Great Depression. This is one major dichotomy between conservatives and liberals that is played on. Now there is religion, abortion, sexuality, etc.

None of this is new and both parties use it but the Republican approach seems the most egregious. Donald Trump just embraced this path as he does with any path to power and greed. The irony that he spear-headed the party that creates an image of itself as one of true religious and Constitutional freedom and family values! And, in fact, I do not see enough people seeing the truth about him after all.

Interesting, Sharon K that Newt Gingrich, the precursor to Trump is brought to my attention again.

This despicable human being was (along with individuals like Rush Limbaugh) I believe to exist because of the unsolved inequality in the US. This inequality was exacerbated by lack of education, and suppression of all individuals not white males.

Yes the US was making progress with the Civil Rights Movement, and progress on paper for women’s equality…. etc. etc. and we still have to face people like this.

Of course America is at a crisis point right now….it is painful to watch the toe to toe fight between Democracy and Fascism.

There are more of “Us” than “Them” – will that help?

Is the nearness of the Infrastructure Deal any indication that some Republicans are sick of the party being so sick and dysfunctional….

Are there going to be a few of them to turn the tide in favor of democracy….

A question I have: Does Biden have the power to veto the States’ voter suppression bills and enact the 2 bills that protect voter’s rights?

Can Biden invoking protection of voter’s rights at the federal level be made to work?

Does he have veto power on this?

I could google this but just at the moment I don’t have time….

Sharon, simply put, their wholehearted regret is that societal serfdom is no longer accepted as a norm under their boot as modern ‘lords of the manor’.

“… and suppression of all individuals not white males.”

Generally true, but some white males were suppressed as well. As a white male, all you had to do to be treated similarly to other minorities was to be too “different.” This was particularly true in the Am. South where conformity for males was highly valued. If you were gay, OR disinterested in football, OR if you were interested in the “wrong” ideas or things, OR your vocabulary was too large, OR your politics was too Liberal, OR you were knowledgeable about things other than how to fix cars and things, OR just plain too intelligent, you were quite liable to lose your job, and/or get the crap beat out of you on a semi-regular basis. They didn’t like boys or men whom they interpreted as “putting on airs.”

If you were fortunate enough to be employed, you had to slack off to survive. If you were too good at your job, did it particularly well or competently, you would be told, “Boy! What’s wrong with yew? Yew tryin’ to show us up? You had to slow down, and/or occasionally and purposefully make a few mistakes, or risk soon being “re-educated.”

The primary acceptable Southern attitude for white males was, “I don’t know nuthin’, proud of it, and don’t yew try to confuse me with no facts, cuz I kill yew!

When I was about 19 and beginning college, I needed a job to so as to pay for my tuition, etc. I applied at Bosco Nuts & Bolts. (Yes, that really was the name of the company!) Quite naively, I told the truth on my application. When asked what were my hobbies or outside interests, I wrote, music, philosophy, comparative religion, and of course as I had been a child and adolescent actor, I wrote acting and theater work. Wow! Was I dumb?!?!

The big hulk of a man who read my application, (he was a fat fellow about 6’6” with enormous hands) turned red, tore up my application into little pieces, and spit in my face.

In the late 1960’s as the counterculture began to change the culture as a whole, it got worse for white men who were sensitive types, or just too different. An acquaintance of mind who had what what was considered at that time long hair, was detained while traveling through Georgia. He was traveling by bus, and had done nothing illegal or conspicuous. Nevertheless, the police, beat him up, shaved his head, castrated him, and dumped him by the side of the road, bleeding. He survived, but after having been so brutalized, was pretty sick physically and emotionally for long afterwards. He never was able to afford to sue the police, and later died.

Such things were common back then, but discrimination against the “wrong sort” of white male still exists, albeit more subtle, and is especially strong in the old “Bible Belt.”

OK, guys, some frivolous & happy news! My niece had a baby boy today by Caesarian (on the same day my husband’s son turns 40). Her dad is wealthy so, after 2 girls, they were able to do an in situ fertilization and choose the sex. Not only that, they named him Mars and he has red hair (and mercury conj his sun – he will be clever)!

Sharon K,

Eliseo: Wow! I get it. Yes I knew that vaguely….
I generalized for sake of brevity, hoping someone might get more specific.

But boy..that was pronounced…. the big hulk etc. tearing up your application and spitting in your face.

Talk about culture clash and the bullying by the stupid…

And the horrible thing that happened to your acquaintance.

I think first of all, poverty needs to be addressed. $7.25 an hour for minimum wage in places still.

Makes me think twice about the theory that a certain strain of the very wealthy want to keep, essentially, a slave underclass.

Then with food and shelter security the formerly very poor can educate themselves, leading to greater and greater critical thinking skills.

I mentioned before on the blog “The Clemente Project”
which is worth a refreshing look.

Many years ago in my early teens in Canada I read Black Like Me..and other books like it.

When I moved to San Diego in 1970 – you brought back a memory. What to my surprise and dismay, my vocabulary was too large for the potpourri of American enlisted people and their girlfriends so I ditched my vocabulary.

Nice to have some good news Sharon! Congrats, great auntie!


Your colorful, very entertaining narrative of growing up in the ’60’s in the deep south reminded me of the award winning film Green Book. Have you seen it? It’s based on the true story of black pianist Don Shirley. Rather comical and at the same time deeply touching. Here’s the trailer…..

Green Book


On a similar note, I just noticed the news a short time ago. Pres. Biden stepped in and urged NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after the release of a damning report of inappropriate sexual behavior with multiple women. The good ole boy mentality is no longer being tolerated.


The President has no power whatsoever over laws individual states pass. Nor can he just declare laws at the federal level. That’s what Congress is for. If a federal voting rights law is passed, it should override state voter suppression laws.

My younger brother, who died January 20th of the coronavirus, recommended the film, Green Book to me many times. He had intended to send me a dvd copy for Christmas, but got sick with the virus before he was able to. His birthday was Dec. 24th, but by Dec. 20th he was in the hospital.

I probably will eventually see it, but right now, I think it would be too painful. I can’t think of him right now without breaking down.

Duchess of Gadsden:

Ok Thank you. Appreciate it…….


So… is getting rid of the filibuster the only way?

I remember now. (((((Hug)))))!

Watched the trailer for Green Book ….. The movie will be enlightening for people who are not familiar with the Deep South……

However not much could top what they did to your acquaintance, Eliseo.

Perhaps that was akin to what happened to Jack Nicholson’s character in Easy Rider.

For someone who was born and raised in Canada it is a horror story.

But then again, the combo of the Canadian Gov’t and the Catholic Church created a horror story for the Indigenous at the residential schools.

If you google YouTube
Solomon Burke:
“None of Us is Free”

If one of us is chained None of us is free.

To be disclosing, Burke’s flashing eyes look angry – justifiably so.

I hope he has the heart to recognize gender inequality when it happens and honor the women in his environment……


So sorry to hear about your brother. Very sad. If you can detach yourself from the association and just take the film on its own merits, it’s well worth watching. It’s precious. It deservedly won Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the prestigious Academy Awards (5 awards altogether).

If you don’t subscribe to online Amazon Prime Video, YTS has the film on their website for free download (it requires the t o r r e n t app.). Or if interested, here’s my copy that I’m sending to you via the Send Transfer website. There is a 7 day expiry date on this download. Don’t worry, there are no virus’s enclosed. The Send Transfer website is legitimate (you can send up to 10 GB for free). The Download feature is on the upper right hand corner of the page. If for any reason this link display appears inactive on Nancy’s website, we can arrange sending this via private e mail …….


Eliseo, sending healing love & light.

I hadn’t read about your acquaintance’s experience in GA until just now. There are truly some brutal, frightening people in this world, and I remember Easy Rider well, Sunandstars.

Thank you, and thank you, kiwi, for the congratulations. What a bitter and sweet world it is.

OMG Listening to Mary Trump with Lawrence O’Donnell and I’m only half way thru! There’s lots of books I should have bought and still should buy (like all of Rachel Maddow’s books – That Aries Ox with the Pisces Moon) but right now I want to run out and buy Mary’s book tomorrow! And I just may! ” The Reckoning”.

Ok I’m only half way thru the interview and things could change… She seems right on! But with things so precarious with us majority folks it could be too good to be true…… It won’t be long for the interview to be over…. and then I will know more about the direction of our immediate future……. democracy vs. fascism…..where we are at the moment….. This girl knows a thing or two. 🙂

So….Mary Trump thought for a long time that Donald would not run again because of his huge loss to Biden. But now she allows for the possibility that with the Minority…. the Republicans… suppressing the vote, and coming up with a way that the Minority may rule the Majority, that Trump might run again because nobody and nothing is stopping him.

Lawrence O’Donnell countered her and said Trump might not be able to run because of his convictions.

Mary seemed to think that even with State convictions he would be able to run again………

THAT is disappointing to me… that Mary Trump does not have the faith that Trump will be unequivocally convicted of enough crimes either through federal or state laws to easily EVER preventing him from running again.

She has always been right about her uncle.

However I have had an unshakeable knowing that he would never run again as it is hard to run a campaign from prison.

I could be open to a different point of view; however I feel peaceful in my conviction that Trump is gonna get it.

But as I said, Mary Trump has been pretty much right before about her uncle. Eek we shall see….

The most important thing as I see it is to get rid of the voter suppression bills.

In that way, the Republican Party has found a way to let the Minority rule.

Pretty sickening………

So, Duchess of Gadsen…. Or anybody else……….

Is the only way to our freedom, our DEMOCRACY – Is it through the erasure of the Filibuster?


I definitely plan to watch the movie, Green Book when the time is right. Right now, I’m much too busy looking for work, and trying to get my 11,000 books library out of storage without hurting myself or my tiny bank account. Also, many Thanks for the condolence.

Sunstars, Sharon,
Thank you both for your empathy and sympathy. When I saw Easy Rider, it scared me to my core. From that point onward, for a
few years, whenever any of my Texas family members drove over to see Louisiana relatives, I chose not to accompany them.

Unto this day there are places in the South in which I’m not entirely comfortable emotionally. New Orleans is an exception, though mardi gras has never appealed to me. A few years ago, I sang in New Orleans, for which I received a long standing ovation. I was stunned by the acceptance and warmth.

But in late 2019, driving from Kansas into Missouri, I had a bit of a freakout panic attack. I was wearing a gray shirt, and the thought went through my mind they would think I was a Confederate spy and hang me. The feeling was so strong, I stopped to change shirts! Only then did I stop shaking inside, and begin to gather myself. Only then did my confusion abate. Call me crazy if you wish, but I believe “I” was a drummer boy compelled to serve, who died thereabouts during the Am. Civil War, and then moved on to be reborn in Ireland a bit later in 1867.

Eugene V. Debs ran for president while in prison!


Understood. The film download file is active until Aug. 11th. You can always download it now and watch it at some later date.

A friend forwarded this Twitter thread starting with: “I have reason to believe the DoJ is investigating trump and his allies for attempting to overthrow the government. Here are the clues…”


One can only hope, though I’m skeptical given all the footballs Lucy’s pulled away before. This person, by the way, has no inside scoop, just their own conclusions based on recent DOJ actions.

All very logical.
We shall see!

This gives me hope and makes me smile. Not all Floridians are nuts over gov DeathSatan.

And so……..

What if Mr Trump is not re-instated into the White House on August 13th as he and many of his supporters strangely but firmly believe will happen? Desperate men often resort to desperate measures.

Trump is scheduled to appear and deliver another one of his fiery speeches at the “Save America” rally in Cullen, Alabama on Saturday August 21st at 7 pm.
This falls unerringly close to the August 22nd Full Moon (8:02 am EST) that we touched on earlier. It’s entirely feasible based on past behavior, that he will use this platform to incite a call to arms, a civil uprising designed to distract attention away from his pending legal court battles and a potential criminal indictment.

According to a recent survey, a stunning 53 per cent of the Republican party still feel Trump had won last years presidential election as published in the following article…….

Trump’s August Election Reinstatement Theory Is Even Worse Than It Looks

Trump’s embrace of this new, delusional conspiracy shows how the right’s doom loop of craziness works.
June 6, 2021
MSNBC Opinion Editorial


Conspiracy Theory About Trump Comeback Puts FBI On Alert for Violence

July 13, 2021

It’s the latest baseless prediction from conspiracy theorists on the fringes of social media: Donald Trump will somehow be reinstated as president as soon as next month.

Yet the claims — pushed by QAnon adherents and MyPillow CEO and pitchman Mike Lindell — are enough to put FBI Director Christopher Wray and other top national security officials on alert for the risk that the former president’s most ardent supporters might again resort to violence.

Wray and colleagues, stung by criticism that they failed to raise sufficient alarms before the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, are in a bind: Unlike January, when Trump summoned supporters to Washington as part of his effort to block Joe Biden’s certification as president, the threats circulating online are amorphous as to time and place.



On second thought, the Alabama rally could turn out to be a nothing burger if this commentators remarks are to be believed…….


Video: 4 min 4 sec


As mentioned, the August 22nd Aquarius Full Moon is activating some major aspects in Donald Trump’s chart. Here is the Full Moon chart:


All on the same time table I’ve expected as well. The storm is coming. The question is, will it be like a big hurricane, or more like a number of small tornadoes scattered about the country? I think the latter more likely, but much less manageable. What i believe most likely, will be sporadic lone wolf and lone pack behavior, inspired by Trump’s Cullen, Alabama August 21st rally. Quite likely, he will conduct subsequent rallies as he becomes increasingly desperate.

If the recent past is any indication, these folks will neither plan well or strategize properly. Thinking of themselves as patriots and heroes, I believe unconsciously they think of themselves as in the archetypal mold of John Brown at Harper’s Ferry. But they are as delusional as was John Wilkes Booth, who truly believed he would be hailed as a hero if he assassinated Abe Lincoln.

Booth shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis! (Ever thus to tyrants!) The South is avenged,” as he jumped onto the stage with dramatic flair to let everyone know that it was he, who had shot the terrible “tyrant.” Days later he was shocked and horrified to read newspaper accounts describing him not as a hero, but as a “savage who had slain a beloved leader at the peak of his fame.” “I am here in despair,” he confided to his pocket diary that April. “And why? For doing what Brutus was honored for, what made [William] Tell a hero. And yet I for striking down a greater tyrant than they ever knew am looked upon as a common cutthroat.”

I believe the end is coming for the American South, and its blood red Dixiefied colonies spread unevenly through the rest of America. Red culture toys with its own suicide while simultaneously ignoring the greater danger. It is a dying culture enduring cognitive dissonance, and temper tantrumic seizure; climate change will rob the Olde Confederacy and her provinces in the Am. SW of much of her geography, and render the rest as mostly uninhabitable, inundated by the sea, and expanding desert.


Re: “The storm is coming”

You’ll be relieved to know Trump is diligently hard at work to Save America.

In this digital age of technology, it’s no longer the arm bands with the SS insigna as in Hitlers time. The brown shirts are coming, and they’re being very creative about it……

Donald Trump Wants His Supporters To Carry “Trump Cards.”

Business Insider
August 4, 2021

The Trump camp sent two emails on August 4 asking supporters to get on board with carrying the red and gold cards, which look like credit cards and bear the former president’s signature.

“The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country. They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I’m putting my full trust in you,” Trump wrote in the first email.

The Trump team sent a follow-up email later that night, which read: “We’re about to launch our Official Trump Cards, which will be reserved for President Trump’s STRONGEST supporters.”

Continued………(photo of four different card designs enclosed in the article)….


RE: Trump cards.
Amazing & Astounding, but somehow not surprising.

Grifters gonna grift.

Kamala knows she’s trapped.


RE: the Atlantic article on KH
The latter portion pointed to a way forward for her. Although I personally have much less faith in her than say, Elizabeth Warren, or other possible 2024 or 2028 candidates, KH’s prosecutorial talents might be precisely what we need when all evidence of Trump’s and widespread R. treachery is fully revealed.

The careful process of exhuming all that evidence takes time, and Dems will need to manage the information well, feeding it to the media, and therefore the public in the most damning light possible.

Beginning at the right moment, KH might become more successful as VP and/or presidential candidate were she with Biden’s permission, to partially emulate VP Spiro Agnew, not with his alliterative, hate filled condemnations, but by simply, publicly, and persistently rhetorically pose the right prosecutorial style questions. Although I believe she is uniquely talented for such enterprise, the primary caveat I see is whether she as a woman can do so in our sexist culture and retain or increase her popularity.

Just speculating..

Eliseo…. read about Eugene V. Debs. Huh!

Yes, an interesting and passionate fellow. He garnered 6% of the popular vote in 1912, and ran from prison in 1920. How anyone runs for president from prison, I have no idea. I’m not sure that would be possible today.

I feel pretty certain Trump, and/or his people will again attempt a coup, some kind of insurrection, one probably more violent and deadly than that of Jan. 6th. I think as Jerry suggested above from the op-eds at MSNBC & Bloomberg, if Trump is not re-instated on August 13th, his disgruntled captains and captives of chaos will revolt.

The wheels of justice are said to purposefully move slowly. I’m hoping Trump is in jail by election day 2024, if not 2022. But we are living in crazy times. Anything can happen.

On August 6th 1945 @ 8:15 am JST
“Little Boy” was dropped from the Enola Gay
on Hiroshma. 44 seconds later it detonated, instantly vaporizing about 80,000. In the next few months about 66,000 more Japanese Hiroshimans died of burns, radiation sickness, and injuries sustained from being thrown about or hit by objects when the explosion finally occured.


Yes, the filibuster should be done away with, but it is not the only way to save this country. At least that’s not the way I see it.

Duchess of Gadsden: How do you see it?

Looking toward the future – I love the message in this story!

I too am interested in how you think we might save this country. Trump has awakened into action the Authoritarianism lovers and kooks among us, and even were Trump to disappear from the scene, I don’t see them going away anytime soon.

I don’t see how a system such as ours can accomodate or tolerate 1/5 to 1/3 of the electorate functioning as, and advocating fascism. It’s like throwing a proverbial “monkeywrench” into the cogwheels of democracy.

I am quite interested as to how you see it.


“Trump has awakened into action the Authoritarianism lovers and kooks”

I don’t see any significant astrological aspects on September 18th, but the pending Trump protest bears watching….

‘WE’RE GOING BACK’ Capitol police are bracing for another ‘huge’ MAGA protest of Trump supporters NEXT MONTH

MAGA fans are set to stage a protest at the Capitol next month to rail on behalf of “political prisoners” arrested in wake of the January 6 insurrection.

The Sun
Aug 6, 2021

Matt Braynard, who was the data chief for Donald Trump’s campaign, has revealed plans for a “huge” demonstration in Washington DC as Capitol police brace themselves following the violent siege at the start of this year.

“We’re going back to the Capitol, right where it started. And it’s going to be huge” Matt Braynard

The demonstration is pegged for noon on September 18.



“I don’t see any significant astrological aspects on September 18th, but the pending Trump protest bears watching….”

No Kidding! I’ve been expecting they would return. I think it foolish and naive to believe these folks are done with their game. They want a rematch, and I believe their leaders will continue to escalate until such time as they are locked up tight, or dead. I don’t see in future any genuine or sincere repentance coming from them, no epiphanies, no transcendent or self transformational conversions to the democratic ethos coming from them.

I’m thinking if there are no astrological indicators, it could be because
(A) The organizers may change the date.
(B) On or after the 18th, t FBI arrests the organizers and their faithful followers before the event can occur. They might be charged with “seditious conspiracy.” 
(C) Maybe the 18th is the date, but we are just not recognizing the astrological indicators.
(D) Maybe it occurs on the 18th, but fizzles into a nothing burger.

Everyone I know, and I truly mean just about EVERYONE literally I’ve communicated with about current events in person, by email, or by phone in the last few months, ALL are feeling a peculiar darkness approaching. We all feel it domestically, and internationally, very much like so many felt it in the summer of 1939, the proverbial calm before the storm.

And frankly, this feeling of calm before the storm is driving me crazy!


If anything untoward should unfold, I see it as an opportunity, a positive development and not to be dreaded The energies will be available for us to allow us to make the shift. The potential is there for humanity to undergo a spiritual awakening. We will have no choice. It’s clearly a time to go more within.

We both know the coming difficulties are also opportunities. We both see them as positive and good in the sense of potential for, as you said, spiritual awakening. You and I will go within. We will gain insight.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. While we are going within, many will go without. There will be enormous unnecesssry suffering.

I’m sure you are familiar with John Donne’s point of view.

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”


We are part of the whole. Quite right. If our frame of reference turns inward, than that affects others. Perhaps your academic background is an impediment? Intellectual understanding pertaining to history, social matters etc after all has its limits. It’s not who we are in essence. Pure awareness is free of all that. J Krishnamurti used to say – just admit and say “I don’t know” and begin from there. Humility is essential. We are then open to new possibilities.

I found it! My John Donne book. Selected Poems. On my bookshelf 🙂 Boy is it old. Not gonna say HOW old. Haha Fell in love with my English prof.

He was a Gemini.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a Gemini too.

Soo…. looks like John Donne was an Aquarian. Makes sense……

But then again he WASN’T detached when he talked of his mistress etc.

And “Child of My Right Hand and Joy…. My Sinne was Too Much Hope of Thee”…… That is not detached – that is very attached, very emotional.

However, lazily, I did not look up his entire chart but just referenced his Aquarian sun sign.

Huh!!! Eliseo…. John Donne’s Pluto is at Pisces 22*. His Jupiter is at Pisces 23*. So that is conjunct your Moon and My Sun both of which are being conjuncted by Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet.


His Moon is in Taurus, and his Mars in Libra is in trine to Sun, Mercury, Venus and then Chiron in Aquarius.

Neptune at 23* Gemini strengthened his Aquarius planets.

So there you have it.

Down through the ages he is affecting you and me now….. His Pluto, the planet of life and death and transformation, and his Jupiter, the planet of expansion etc. ….. to where somehow we are thinking of how our planet and our people are going to change, going into the future.

So Jerry’s “Spiritual Awakening”…..

Eliseo: “We both know the coming difficulties are also opportunities. We both see them as positive and good in the sense of potential for, as you said, spiritual awakening.”

Then Jerry says, “We are part of the whole.

Could that be Pluto and Jupiter in Pisces resonating from 1572 to our Lights through present day Neptune in Pisces also at 22*.

My academic background is not an impediment. I do not appreciate your suggesting so. I find Krishnamurti interesting only as a phenomenon in the history of modern mysticism. But please, do not quote him to me. You appear to assume everyone reveres him. That is not the case. I knew him, personally. He was a well intentioned, sweet man with a mediocre mind who always seemed to exude a subtle sanctimoniousness. My sentiments in his regard are the same as those of a dear predecessor of mine:

“He has had a claque of charlatans about him since he was a boy, announcing him as an avatar, and it says much for an inherent sweetness and simplicity of character that he has emerged with that sweetness and simplicity from the most horrible chorus of wonder-seekers and devotees whoever encompassed a child with their chattering and folly. Probably driven in upon himself as a refugee he sought for something simple and lovely and sweet in his heart, something altogether different from the church which was being organised for him, and the bishops who were being nominated as his apostles, and the worshippers who waited in expectation of wonders and miracles.”


“Kahil Gibran as well as Tagore has expressed the mystical faith of Asia much better than Krishnamurti, but there is an engaging, boyish innocence in his poems, though I cannot find in them a wisdom or beauty which would lift them beyond the average expression of spiritual life.”

Jerry, our respective mystical paths have led us into quite different directions. We have quite different philosophies and very different perspectives. I respect the fact you’ve taken your spiritual calling so seriously; I find that extraordinarily commendable, though my spiritual compass has led me elsewhere. I think we can agree the various mystical paths all lead to enlightenment, though we might define and understand that differently also.

Let us remain friends who’ve agreed to disagree. With all due respect, (and I truly mean that) I don’t need you to act as my guru. Instead, let us continue on this blog to persue our mutual interest in politics in astrological perspective as we observe humanity unfolding its spirituality through domestic and international conflict.

I love the way your mind works!

“John Donne’s Pluto is at Pisces 22*. His Jupiter is at Pisces 23*. So that is conjunct your Moon and My Sun both of which are being conjuncted by Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet.”
“Pluto and Jupiter in Pisces resonating from 1572 to our Lights through present day Neptune in Pisces also at 22*.”

To quote Mr. Spock, “Fascinating!”
Real food for contemplation!
Let me give that some thought.


My first introduction to astrology some 30 years ago…… a fascinating article written by Mark Lerner regarding the great Neptune-Pluto conjunction cycles. I can’t find the article anywhere on the net but here is an equivalent……

The American Century and the Neptune-Pluto cycle 1892-2384 by Tony Dickey

Neptune conjoined Pluto three separate times between 1891 and 1892 The American Century broadly described as the 20th Century, really began in the 1890s and never really ended. The 1890s also contained the Neptune-Pluto conjunction, renewing the 495-year cycle between the two. This half-millennial cycle coincides with issues in proportion to its length. Think in terms of Bronze Age or Hellenization. Yes, the American Century is that important.

During the 1880s, Nietzsche declared ‘God is Dead’. The full quote is ‘God is dead God remains dead. And we have killed him.’ He was speaking of a globally prevalent mindset, whether US citizens recognize it or not. Nietzsche was talking about how humans supplanted nature in just about every aspect of life. This substitution is apparent in the United States more than most places and an existential challenge everywhere.

Also during the 1880s, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and others finalized inventions that further helped humans overcome nature. They put in place the wiring, component and utility designs that continue to deliver electricity to millions. It is also a design that leads our planet into the Anthropocene Era. It is more than symbolic that General Electric, under robber baron JP Morgan, incorporated in New York state in 1892, Neptune within a few minutes of Pluto.



The Martin Scorcese film The Current War relates to that time period. Here’s the trailer…….

Video: 2 min 49 sec


OK, gotta find my Kahil Gibran book which I revere….
Lol …… where is it now….. seriously I’m looking

The Prophet – Kahilil Gibran

Brings back so many memories of young days in Edmonton Alberta

Trying to get out of our pedantic middle class lives and understand the world……

These books could take us where we otherwise never could go……..

Wow so different than what our parents of the Greatest Generation were trying to teach us.

But the groundwork they laid for us to be so privileged… at the time we never knew or appreciated.

I remember when the Java Shoppe in Edmonton opened up. We sat around and talked philosophy and politics. Some flirted with communism.

My boyfriend at the time was the head of the Young Liberals on Campus at U of Alberta.

He became the delegate to Ottawa for the Liberal party. And we were so young.

We went to all the caucus meetings. It was one big drunk. And it was so fun!!!!

I met Turner and Trudeau. Trudeau as in Pierre did talk to me on 2 different occasions. That was fun. I asked him what were his policies for the Okanagan (where my parents ultimately moved).

He smiled at me and said I don’t know – I’m going to make it up as I go along ….Hahahahaha!

Oh, when you’re young. I found my book. It still has the paper cover over it.

Think Kahlil Gibran was a Pisces.

You are a real pistol! You never fail to amuse (and I mean that in the most positive way.) I love your insatiable curiosity!

Thank You for reminding me of Mark Lerner. I’ve read a number of his essays – always very interesting. His perspective is similar in some respects to that of Eric Alan Meese, author of Horoscope For a New Millennium. But ML is the better writer, IM0.

Heads Up!
Tomorrow, 9 August the IPCC will issue their climate report, the cumulation of 8 years research. It precedes the November 2021 climate summit. The scientists say this will be the last IPCC assessment that can make a real difference in policy terms, before we exceed 1.5C and the ambitions of the Paris agreement.
By rights, tomorrow, this should be one of the major headlines coming from our news sources.

The UN report on climate change says that sea level rise is irreversible and may last thousands of years.


British Astrologer Palden Jenkins’ astrological analysis of the current period through mid-century seems to resonate more strongly than ever as our situation comes into relief.

The Uranus-Pluto Opposition of the late 2040s, exact between 2046-48, is the crux point, followed just a few years later in 2053-54, by the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction… followed a few years after that in 2061-64 by the Neptune-Pluto Square. Pluto remains in Pisces for each of these transits. Uranus will be in Virgo during its exact opposition to Pluto, and Neptune will be in Gemini during its square to Pluto.

Pluto in Pisces suggests global-scale challenges, including those pertinent to the environment, atmosphere, flooding, massive storms and hurricanes, the legacy of oil/chemical pollution, fracking, etc. This period will coincide with a revisiting and mobilization of many 1960s themes (Uranus in Virgo: e.g. Civil Rights, Unions/Workers’ Rights, environmental concerns & movements), the formation and/or collapse of worldwide institutions intended to address and navigate the global crisis (Saturn & Pluto in Pisces), and the overall next phase transition and/or collapse of modern global civilization (2060s Neptune-Pluto Square).

Running concurrent with this will be an epic spiritual challenge, perhaps the most epic ever for humanity. Can we awaken en masse and find peace, grounding, and hope in a world that we have rendered inhospitable for ourselves?

The universe has delivered unto us the imperative: wake up, grow up, and accept responsibility for our actions, and see the oneness and universality of all… or perish.

God, Jesus, and the aliens are not coming to save us. We have only ourselves.

The universe has delivered unto us the imperative: wake up, grow up, and accept responsibility for our actions, and see the oneness and universality of all… or perish.

God, Jesus, and the aliens are not coming to save us. We have only ourselves.

For those of us who are Awake and Connected to the Earth, it does feel that way. Oh Vey

It sounds like it’s time to fasten seat belts – turbulence ahead. And as I said earlier on this thread, we need to regulate Facebook and bring back the Fairness Doctrine while we can. Like global warming where we are experiencing its impact in Europe and North America, we are also experiencing mind warming in Europe and North America. These lax regulations are heating up our minds to dangerous levels. Both need to be dealt with.

“God, Jesus, and the aliens are not coming to save us. We have only ourselves.”

I’ve been saying the same for decades, but gradually discovered most people are not particularly interested in thinking for themselves.

“Can we awaken en masse…etc.”
Maybe it is not necessary for all of us, but perhaps enough of us to make a difference. I hope so.


You wrote:

“It sounds like it’s time to fasten seat belts – turbulence ahead. And as I said earlier on this thread, we need to regulate Facebook and bring back the Fairness Doctrine……..” etc, etc

Do I read panic and concern in those words? It is my personal view that the sole purpose of the world pandemic is for us as the collective to stop what we are are doing – literally stop dead in our tracks and just simply observe. That’s all that is required. Easy and obvious on one level; to be QUIET and observe; for it is only then can we see things clearly, but awfully difficult for the restless mind for it always wants to be active and busy. It is forever obsessed and stuck in the same habit and routine ad infinitum without any clear objective and hence immersed in constant confusion .

One particular wise sage once said:

“Just sit and know that you are the “I am” without words. Nothing else has to be done. Shortly you will arrive at your natural absolute state.”

I’m workin’ on it. Have been for years……

Transcendental meditation


Shortly? ……

Maybe it’s my Moon in Aries……

Jerry, I do not feel panic but I do believe that the window to avert civil war or anarchy is beginning to close and we must act soon to effectively regulate media and technology. The EU is moving in this direction.

Well, I am with AOC. I do not respect Sinema. Or Manchin…. He should be a Republican.

The States is such that it has created such inequality that now we need the bill to help the people out of the inequality that the States has created.

Plus, it’s a win-win because once the poor people have opportunity and money, the more money will be circulating in the economy.

I mean, it’s not rocket science. Jeez.

Beto O’Rourke says today:

It’s now as clear as can be: we can have the filibuster or democracy, but we can’t have both.

According to the “my pillow” guy, Trump’s ‘reinstatement’ is supposed to be around now.

Its also “cool aid week”

Hows that for irony!!!

kiwi, Lindell has said it is this Friday, Aug. 13. Your article talks about paying tribute to kool aid the second weekend in Aug. Makes you wonder who is behind Q-Anon and Stop the Steal.

I am wondering if DOJ will actually charge a former US President with treason and if so, when?

If we get rid of the filibuster, or at least modify it back to its original form, AND pass sufficient voter protection laws overriding the states voter suppression laws, the R’s and/or the Radical Right will have nothing left with which to maintain power but violence.

Of course, we need to do it anyway. But then we will face more episodes of insurrection. Let us be aware of probable consequences and Be Prepared.

Hi Sunstars,

I was referring to the protracted dilemma we are facing. No amount of political maneuvering, superficial cosmetic touches here and there, will save us. The problems are too deep and intractable. The American political system has atrophied. It is sick and dysfunctional beyond repair. It will require a shift in consciousness or a spiritual awakening which I believe will be coming “shortly” (emphasis taken from your previous entry).

If you think Biden has everything under control and will gallantly usher us into a new era of prosperity and good-will, think again. There are insuperable obstacles, chief among them is Senate Republican Minority leader Mitch McConnell….

“When I first came into office, the head of the Senate Republicans said, ‘my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president.’ Now, after the election, either he will have succeeded in that goal or he will have failed at that goal.”

— President Obama, interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” recorded on Sept. 12, 2012, and aired on Sept. 23

Nine years later, absolutely nothing has changed. The following is an excerpt from a NY Times Opinion editorial entitled: Don’t Be Fooled
By Mitch McConnell’s Sudden Bout of Bipartisanship

“…..Of course, this is the same Mitch McConnell who said of Mr. Biden, “100 percent of our focus is on stopping this new administration.” The same Mr. McConnell who made sure Donald Trump’s impeachment did not result in conviction, who filibustered the bipartisan plan for a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 violent insurrection until it died, who kept all of his Republican senators in line against the American Rescue Plan early in the Biden presidency. And the same Mr. McConnell who said that he would not confirm a Biden nominee to the Supreme Court if Republicans recaptured the Senate in 2022.”

– End of Quote –

With a Venus-Pluto-Moon t square in his chart (4/5 Aquarius-Leo-Taurus) it appears Mr Mitch McConnell has an inherent death wish against the welfare of his perceived enemies. With Saturn stationing direct at 6 degrees Aquarius in early October right on the US south node, in square to the 2021 US Inaugural Mars/Uranus conj, and McConnell’s Moon-Pluto-Venus t square, the government defaulting on its debt after the September 30th fiscal deadline comes to pass in the midst of a COVID 19 pandemic crisis could plunge the US into a precipitous economic meltdown. Make no mistake about it, given the rancor and bitterness engulfing our political institutions, it is a very real possibility…….

Republicans Throw Roadblocks Into Government Spending, Debt Ceiling Plans

Lawmakers have a long way to go to stave off a shutdown or fiscal calamity this fall.

Government Executive
August 5, 2021


Republicans Tell Democrats to Go It Alone on Debt Limit

Treasury & Risk
August 11, 2021

The move is necessary to avoid default on debt payments, but some politicians see supporting a debt-limit increase as equivalent to approving Biden’s proposed federal budget.

Forty-six Republican senators issued a stern warning to Democrats that they will not vote for an increase in the debt ceiling, a move that could raise the risk of the U.S. Treasury defaulting on its obligations as soon as next month.

“We will not vote to increase the debt ceiling, whether that increase comes through a standalone bill, a continuing resolution, or any other vehicle,” the letter, dated Aug. 10, said. “Democrats, at any time, have the power through reconciliation to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling, and they should not be allowed to pretend otherwise.”



§2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., §§1, 2 (Mar. 4, 1909, ch. 321, §§1, 2, 35 Stat. 1088).

Section consolidates sections 1 and 2 of title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed.

The language referring to collection of the fine was omitted as obsolete and repugnant to the more humane policy of modern law which does not impose criminal consequences on the innocent.

The words “every person so convicted of treason” were omitted as redundant.

Minor change was made in phraseology
Editorial NotesAmendments
1994—Pub. L. 103–322 inserted “under this title but” before “not less than $10,000”.

§2382. Misprision of treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., §3 (Mar. 4, 1909, ch. 321, §3, 35 Stat. 1088).

Mandatory punishment provision was rephrased in the alternative.

Editorial NotesAmendments

1994—Pub. L. 103–322 substituted “fined under this title” for “fined not more than $1,000”.

§2383. Rebellion or insurrection

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., §4 (Mar. 4, 1909, ch. 321, §4, 35 Stat. 1088).

Word “moreover” was deleted as surplusage and minor changes were made in phraseology.

Editorial NotesAmendments

1994—Pub. L. 103–322 substituted “fined under this title” for “fined not more than $10,000”.

§2384. Seditious conspiracy

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, §1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Historical and Revision Notes

Based on title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., §6 (Mar. 4, 1909, ch. 321, §6, 35 Stat. 1089).

Editorial NotesAmendments

1994—Pub. L. 103–322 substituted “fined under this title” for “fined not more than $20,000”.

1956—Act July 24, 1956, substituted “$20,000” for “$5,000”, and “twenty years” for “six years”.

Statutory Notes and Related SubsidiariesEffective Date of 1956 Amendment

Act July 24, 1956, ch. 678, §3, 70 Stat. 624, provided that: “The foregoing amendments [amending this section and section 2385 of this title] shall apply only with respect to offenses committed on and after the date of the enactment of this Act [July 24, 1956].”

§2385. Advocating overthrow of Government

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, §2, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 87–486, June 19, 1962, 76 Stat. 103; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

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Section consolidates sections 10, 11, and 13 of title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed. Section 13 of title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., which contained the punishment provisions applicable to sections 10 and 11 of title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., was combined with section 11 of title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., and added to this section.

In first paragraph, words “the Government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein” were substituted for “any government in the United States”.

In second and third paragraphs, word “such” was inserted after “any” and before “government”, and words “in the United States” which followed “government” were omitted.

In view of these changes, the provisions of subsection (b) of section 10 of title 18, U.S.C., 1940 ed., which defined the term “government in the United States” were omitted as unnecessary.

Reference to conspiracy to commit any of the prohibited acts was omitted as covered by the general conspiracy provision, incorporated in section 371 of this title. (See reviser’s note under that section.)

Words “upon conviction thereof” which preceded “be fined” were omitted as surplusage, as punishment cannot be imposed until a conviction is secured.

The phraseology was considerably changed to effect consolidation but without any change of substance.

Editorial NotesAmendments

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1956—Act July 24, 1956, substituted “$20,000” for “$10,000”, and “twenty years” for “ten years” in the paragraph prescribing penalties applicable to advocating overthrow of government and inserted provisions relating to conspiracy to commit any offense named in this section.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1956 Amendment
Amendment by act July 24, 1956, as applicable only with respect to offenses committed on and after July 24, 1956, see section 3 of act July 24, 1956, set out as a note under section 2384 of this title.


Thanks, Eliseo. Do you think the DOJ will go ahead? It is politically charged but he is clearly guilty and if I am not wrong, treason is the only crime described in detail in the US Consitution.

In May of 1961, JFK authorized sending 500 Special Forces troops and military advisors to assist the pro Western government of South Vietnam. 14 years later after a protracted war and the last of the US forces were withdrawn, South Vietnam fell to the communist North. Is Afghanistan about to suffer a similar fate? Transiting Saturn will station on Afghanistan’s natal Neptune (dissolution?) and the US South Node on October 6th. Are we about to learn a hard earned needful lesson in history?

Kabul Could Fall To Taliban In 90 Days: US Intelligence

Times Of India
August 11, 2021

Taliban is closing in on Kabul and could isolate the city in 30 days, and take control of the Afghan capital in 90 days.

This is the assessment by US intelligence agencies, news agency Reuters reported, quoting a defence official.



kiwi on August 11th, 2021
at 6:42 pm:

According to the “my pillow” guy, Trump’s ‘reinstatement’ is supposed to be around now.

Its also “cool aid week”

Coincidentally, August 1, 1977 was the date that Jim Jones left the USA following the publication of an exposé on the Peoples Temple and moved approximately 1000 of his congregation to Jonestown, Guyana.

I’m NOT an attorney. During the 90’s I worked with a number of attorneys as a criminal investigator, but my job was NOT to detetmine what the law was, or how it should be interpreted. My job was to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and develop a theory of the event, or of the case.

“Treason” in the opinion of a pal of mine, a fellow I’ve known since adolescence, and a former FBI agent and attorney, unfortunately would be a bridge slightly too far. From what I gather from my friend, I suspect the DOJ AT MOST will charge Mr. T only with insurrection and seditious conspiracy, but those are EXTREMELY serious crimes in themselves.

Keep in mind, the DOJ has to operate within the bounds of the law, but they are not doing so in a cultural or political vaccum. Charging Mr. T with such serious crimes would IMO be Just and Right, but also might spark civil war.

Technically, treachery is not quite the same as treason. The word treason, as the Constitution defines it, applies only in time of overt war. Although we are involved in cyberwar, Congress has not formally declared war on anyone.

If I’m not mistaken, no one has been charged or convicted of treason since WWII. In the 1950’s during the “cold war” although they had certainly “betrayed” the nation, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted and executed for espionage, not treason.

But either Jerry or Andre might have a clearer understanding of these things. I know for sure Andre is an actual, honest to God attorney, and if I’m not mistaken, Jerry is as well. Their opinions on this are surely more valuable than mine. You can take my opinions with a grain of proverbial salt.

Hi Eliseo,

You are probably referring to my position as a law librarian (briefly mentioned in the article I shared sometime back), which requires little ability other than to identify and update the latest tax codes and legal cases. A glorified clerical position, nothing more.

In my humble opinion, Trump’s unique position as former President and potential litigant in any future court proceeding would inevitably have political overtones. Unfortunately, the prevailing view is that he would probably not serve prison time. A number of tarot readers see him eventually committed to some kind of health facility or mental institution in his waning days. A price will be paid for his misdeeds, but not as some would hope.

The humanitarian conditions in Afghanistan are horrific……..

“Afghan Capital May Fall Within Weeks” As Taliban Fighters Advance Across Country – BBC News

Video: 4 min 50 sec


Additional thoughts:
Personally, I believe in addition to insurrection and seditious conspiracy, Mr. T is probably also guilty of having “colluded” with the Russians in the 2016 election and having shared classified information with them, both before and during his presidency. If this is proven true, I’m guessing he might also be charged with espionage.

During the course of Am. History, we’ve had a few who’ve betrayed the nation, but none of them were president! We’ve had presidents who were crooks, presidents who were racist, and presidents who were incompetent. But until Donald Trump, never all three simultaneously, and certainly never before a president willing to sell out and betray the US to our enemies for personal gain and/or to maintain power and avoid jail.

To me, all of this is absolutely synchronous with our Pluto return, Neptune opposition, and coming Uranus return, each of which alone are extraordinarily challenging and stressful.

So what do we have? A traitor president, the fascist-ization of the R party, the descent of so many of our citizens into politically active paranoid, angry, hostile, know-nothing kookiness, this terrible pandemic which took my brother’s life, and 100’s of thousands more, and will surely take more yet, plus the strong possibility of rebellion as serious as that of the 1860’s, and the probability of the collapse of globalization accompanied by regional wars the size of our previous world wars, and last but surely not least the immensity of climate change, all confronting us and all humanity almost simultaneously.

What next? The return of those dinosaurs who left Earth in their spaceships just before the arrival of the Chicxulub asteroid, and now they want their planet back? Oy Vey!

But seriously, all together this may all be “random” but I do not believe it is “merely random.” These circumstances are not mere coincidence. Such catastrophic and emergent circumstances all combined force us to grow beyond all our previous concepts of ourselves. They surely portend some extraordinary breakthrough in consciousness we do not yet see. All such breakthroughs are preceded by intense struggle and suffering.

That’s not any consolation for us here on the ground where we are hurting, dying, and mourning. We are now compelled out of necessity to hold one another close within our hearts, and to nurture and comfort one another as best we can.

I am reminded of something an old friend of mine wrote in 1919.
The Second Coming 
Turning and turning in the widening gyre   
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst   
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.   
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out   
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert   
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,   
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,   
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it   
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.   
The darkness drops again; but now I know   
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,   
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

I believe we about to go through an experience as harrowing as was the Great Depression and WWII. I’m not saying it WILL BE a great depression or world war, but something as equally difficult. Look what those experiences taught us. Had we not confronted the racism and ethnicism of the Nazis, would we have been ready for the civil rights movement? I believe they are connected.

We share myths worldwide of great catastrophes, great floods which we believe commenced firstly about 12,000 years ago before we had written records. Dramatic climate change simultaneous with our leaving behind the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, developing agriculture, and what we call civilization. Surely such transitions were horribly painful and traumatic.

I think we are again at similar cycle, on the cusp of some horrible, painful, traumatic, ugly and beautiful, depressing and uplifting metamorphosis. The slouching beast of our friend’s poem is our own id, our penchant and propensity to predation. For now we collectively, albeit chaotically move toward becoming the compassionate, nurturant and wise beings we must surely evolve into, for our survival and that we might thrive through the coming exploration and self-realization of the star system in which we live, move, and have our being.

We all hurt now. But we will move through these things. We will survive, eventually thrive and become the greater nation, the better world, the species and collective spiritual entity we are meant to be. Like all of us, i have my ups and downs, but this is the way i see it all as a whole.

Hey Jerry,
I apologize for getting that wrong. I really did have the impression you were an attorney!

About Trump’s fate: You are probably right. I think through all the ligation there is probably about a 50% chance he’ll get a genuine psych evaluation. That might well land him not in prison, but committed to a mental institution for the rest of his life.

I note the reporters who wrote “I Alone Can Fix It” have said they believe Trump truly believes he won the election and it was stolen from him. Also, I’m sure the stress of the coming indictments and ordeal he’ll be going through will intensify his delusions, and he will likely get crazier as time passes.

When has this man NOT been crazy? He’s apparently been pretty ill for his entire life. That plus his wealth, strange charisma and natural stupidity make him one of the more dangerous men on Earth.

It is not a particularly satisfying thought that he might not have more serious consequences for his extraordinary and egregious crimes, but it would be wonderful just to get him formally and officially exposed as crazy and finally shut up, silenced, locked away where he might do no more harm.

Meanwhile, it will take decades to fix all he has broken. Perhaps everyone knowing he has is guilty of his crimes, and officially diagnosed will aid somewhat the repair process and spur our legislators to craft rules and laws to prevent anyone like him ever again becoming president or holding any other high office.

The Full Moon of August 22, 2021. A Major Discovery Favors An Unexpected Change

Video: 26 min 33 sec


Hi Eliseo,

To be clear, not being incarcerated doesn’t rule out a Trump indictment. In fact I think given the circumstantial evidence, arrest and indictment is all but certain. Unfortunately, court cases of this kind could drag out for months if not years, which underscores one of Trump’s favorite strategies on all litigation. Run out the clock on court proceedings until one manages to go past the Statute of Limitations. The good news is that the judicial process will eventually catch up with him, because it will no doubt completely drain his financial resources over time, especially if as expected, the Trump Organization enters into bankruptcy. Death by a thousand cuts.

I’m still intrigued by the September 3rd date coming up. Mars will square the December 14th, 2020 solar eclipse degree (23 ’08 Sag). If you may recall, that was the day Biden was formally confirmed as President through the Electoral College Vote.

The entry I had posted in late June has all the particulars….

Friday September 3rd, 2021: The Arrest And Indictment of Donald J Trump?


Your astrological assessment appears quite pregnant with definite possibility. Those aspects ARE intriguing. Many Thanks for posting the link to your previous June post.

The timing you suggest also makes perfect sense. An arrest on a Friday night after all the major news stories have been filed, AND at the beginning of Labor Day weekend! As you mentioned, as Labor Day follows on Monday the 6th, it provides 3 days of “breathing space” before financial markets are again open. The Sept.3rd date would be the perfect time to arrest and take into custody any high profile celebrity, with a minimum of fuss or interference from the media, from militia types, etc.

Charts for tRump on September 3rd, 4th and 5th.



Thank you guys for responding about trump’s potential DOJ indictment. On another note, it now seems more likely that the Taliban will retake Kabul on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and will go on to be a rogue nation along with Iran.

The other thing is a voting bill. It seems Manchin has promised to support voting rights in September but he just left on six weeks of vacation with his lobbyist buddies and I wonder if he will follow through or is he changing parties? Has anyone done his chart?

If Dems pick up a few Senate seats they may not need Manchin’s vote to move their agenda forward.

7 months from now for Manchin

Will Manchin complicity in tRump’s efforts to harm or destroy our Democracy be discovered in tRump and/or Putin investigations or will Dem party leaders and rank and file members be in a position to oust him if they have Senate majority somehow?

Transiting Saturn’s square to his progressed Sun and oppositions to his natal Saturn and natal and progressed Plutos along with that progressed Sun squaring them may be giving him nightmares in January 2022.

Natal Saturn position will be within 4 arc-minutes, natal Pluto within 2


I did the above post in June. Now there are only 5 months before you stick the needles in Manchin’s Voodoo doll.

U.S. ‘Really Messed It Up’ In Afghanistan, Says Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Video: 18 min 20 sec


President Biden designated September 11th as the date for the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. Selecting September 11th was no doubt intentional, highly symbolic. The twenty year anniversary of US military involvement in the region is drawing to a close. Astrologically, the May 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction cycle is closely aligned to the intervening years. The conjunction occurs every twenty years and is being replaced by the new updated version that took place on December 21, 2020. This new cycle however may be fraught with difficulties. The 9/11 attacks of 2001 had tr. Neptune at 6 Aquarius conjunct the US South Node. As one astrologer noted of those events “Neptune (confusion, muddled thinking) was crisscrossing the USA South Node (an indicator of our national karma)”. In the current cycle, tr. Saturn is stationing at 6 Aquarius on October 10th, once again on the US South Node. It synchronizes closely to the twentieth year anniversary of the American invasion of Afghanistan (October 7, 2001). As one astrologer explains:

“Having Saturn conjunct your natal South Node is a once every 28 years only personal transit that has a distinct effect. If you ever doubt the veracity of the South Node, wait till Saturn, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune cross over it. It’s potent. Saturn over the natal South Node is like one of those movies where the person gets drawn back to their hometown on some flimsy narrative pretext, only to confront unresolved issues and found themselves anew.”

The writer goes on to say “Saturn conjunct the South Node is an opportunity to bring the measured, deliberate and logical light of today to bear on some of the more puzzling or painful events from your past. And, the best part about it? It’s Saturnine Vibe so being an archeologist to yourself involves no time off work or lengthy sabbaticals. It will improve every facet of your performance and help you become better at wielding power.

What would become of the ‘ignore’ option? It’s more likely to involve grotty people from your past popping up in a tedious mode and a vague but weighty miasmic nostalgia.

Or a crime heist plot where one last job leads to the protagonist encountering the father they thought was dead. Circumstances often compel the person to re-experience old dynamics to understand them better. It’s a consciousness-raising trip that feels more like working in a quarry.” – End of Quote –

Relating that to the American experience in Afghanistan, as a nation, we may have some valuable lessons to learn in the way that we project power.

Factor in the 9/11/2001 Saturn-Pluto opposition to that of the recent Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020, and we come to some very interesting conclusions as to what we may be dealing with in the near future…….

An Astrological Look at the Terrorist Attacks on the WTC

By : N. C. Syminghton 9/15/2001

Starting from a wide viewpoint and moving to a more narrow one, I will discuss the major cycles that influence this year, then the astrological effects upon the USA birth chart, followed by their effects on the ground breaking and opening of the WTC, and finally the astrological configuration for the date of the attacks themselves. Here are the sources for the data used. The horoscope of the USA is from Dane Rudhyar. While there are many different times for the USA chart, Rudhyar’s certainly is telling in this case, as you will see. The groundbreaking of the WTC comes from a couple of sources on the Internet, as does the opening. Finally, I am using the time of the initial crash into 1 WTC since that was the defining moment, changing lives forever.

This is not an exhaustive analysis by any means, since it just looks at aspects (the angular relationships between planets and points) only-and not every one of those. Many other techniques would render greater detail and more insight. Using aspects, however, is my preference because they are so revealing and are generally consistent, regardless of the astrological system used.

The broader perspectives supply the context, so I will give just the major aspects that set the stage. For the actual time of the event, I will go into greater detail to elucidate what made it a unique moment and its activation of the larger cycles.

To many astrologers, the year 2001 has an ominous signature-the opposition of Saturn to Pluto which repeats every 35 years or so. Saturn represents, among other things, the past, traditions, authority, and security. Pluto represents power, inexorable force, death/rebirth, and transformation at the deepest level. An opposition means that the two planets are 180 degrees apart which often brings awareness through conflict, or through opposing (or complementary) viewpoints. So this year the stage is set for powerful forces to challenge the security and status quo of the world, since this is a transit that has global effects. While it does not necessarily indicate war, the last opposition between these two planets occurred in 1965 when the U.S. committed its first combat troops to Viet Nam. The one prior to that was in 1931 when Japan invaded Manchuria, considered by many as the first step towards World War II. The true purpose of this aspect, though, is to make us realize what is truly important and to do away with what is inessential. While the loss it portends is often painful, it allows for a stronger sense of stability to emerge, although the results are not immediately apparent.



Wow I did not realize Lois Rodden was Canadian. I checked her out on Wikipedia to refresh my memory… born in Saskatchewan.

So in the 1990’s and early 2000’s she of course had AstroDataBank.

And astrologers could talk to each other on it.

In 2001 I was watching carefully for the event that would demonstrate the Saturn-Pluto opposition.

I settled on August 5, 2001.

Nothing happened. It was the exact opposition on that day.

Then, it happened – on September 11 2001.

I asked the astrologer Erin Sullivan – What happened? Why did it occur Sept. 11 and not August 5?

But of course. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

She told me – Pluto was retrograde on August 5.

When it went direct late August, and then went – direct – over the exact degree and minute of the opposition of the August 5 opposition, THEN it happened.

Pluto unleashed its full power when it was direct.

Erin is the author of at least 8 books…….

She wrote:

Retrograde Planets:
Traversing The Inner Landscape

Bob, with those aspects for Manchin in a few months…it could be that he supports the carve-out for the filibuster, and folks back home are riled up enough to vote him out? I feel like he has to support the carve out yet he is one of the slimiest sentors and that says a lot given the scum that currently inhabits that chamber.

sunstars, that is amazing about 9/11. Looks like there is a lot of chatter here and abroad warning about terror attacks on this twentieth anniversary.

Very interesting about the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001. ThankYou!
I see the eight books listed at Amazon, all but two also available on Kindle. In one of the bios, she is described as being connected both with Santa Fe, NM and with Victoria, BC. I have very important connections with Albuquerque & Santa Fe, and of course with Seattle & Olympia. I find the NM & PNW parallel connections intriguing.

Three questions:
(1) The content of “Dynasty: The Astrology of Family Dynamics (Contemporary Astrology) published in 1997
The Astrology of Family Dynamics, published in 2008 appear to be the same.
Are they? Is the latter version an updated one?
(2) I note in one of the bios the name is
Samara Anjelae. Are Samara Anjelae and Erin Sullivan the same person? Is one a formerly used pen name or spiritual name?
(3) Is she still alive? And/Or living in Victoria?

Previous to your reference to her I was unfamiliar. She appears to be quite the powerhouse of a variety of depth psychological astrology. You and the bios have got me sufficiently interested, I plan on consuming her books as soon as I can afford them. If she is alive and well and living in Victoria or Vancouver and conducting any seminars I would be interested in attending as I live in the same “neck of the woods” in the US.

What I know about Erin Sullivan… not much presently.

I came to Victoria in 1993 and connected with the Victoria Astrological Society, which she founded. After she left, it floundered but revived for a while. I became a board member.

I think at the time she lived in Arizona (another thing I felt in common with her).

We connected when she came up in around 2006…. I forget the year altho I took a course or two from her and she reviewed my chart. I knew my chart of course but I wanted another perspective.

She told me her dad was a physician… So I better understood where she was coming from in terms of academic achievements and desires. and continuous work ethic.

She was connected to Santa Fe, and I heard the name Taos so when she left I knew she was once again attracted to that area of the continent.

She had a great website, featuring New Mexico, and earlier.. Arizona but in an elementary search for it I cannot connect with it.

So I hope she’s happy and at peace…. she’s done her part.

This is a guess but I think the Astrology of Family Dynamics, if not one and the same, are very similar…. maybe just some sort of an update.

And I wish I knew who Samara Angele was. Haha!


I think there is general agreement that the Pluto-Saturn opposition along the US ascendant-descendant axis had provided the background for the 9/11 attacks. With that being said, most astrologers also generally agree that the 9/11 Mars-Moon opposition was the primary catalyst due to its activation of the 6/21/2001 0 Cancer solar eclipse………

The Day the World Changed: The Terrorist Attacks of September 11 and the U.S. Retaliation
Compiled by Tem Tarriktar

……………The Fuse: Moon–Mars–Nodes at Recent Eclipse Degree Axis

The terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. were the result of many years of planning, but the devastating events all occurred within a few hours. When things happen suddenly and with great force, look to Mars as the planetary catalyst. Mars and the South Node together in Capricorn accurately symbolize a strategically planned attack. Mars was “out of bounds” – at extreme south declination – which can make for wild, uncontrollable aggression. Mars at 1’26’ Capricorn was also opposite the recent June 21 solar eclipse in the first degree of Cancer, and the void-of-course Moon in late Gemini was only 3 degrees from opposing Mars. Remember that Mars went retrograde between May 11 and July 19, 2001, from 29 degrees Sagittarius to 15 degrees Sagittarius. Both of these degrees are strongly connected to the attack chart.

Many astrologers, especially Vedic astrologers, foresaw this “triggering” of the eclipse degree by Mars, Moon, and the nodes as a nasty combination and a potential problem. But who could have known how much dynamite was attached to this fuse?



Off topic.

The Square Wave. Reminds me of our nine month old puppy dog Gracie. Graceful, intuitive, flexible and so fascinating to watch.

How to Display your Square Wave with the Magnetic Stand

Video: 2 min 14 sec


Here’s a snap of Gracie. She’s the one on the right…….


Thank you Jerry!

And as for Gracie ….


silcominc, I thought that Manchin might vote for a carve out. As to the aspects in January they may mark a scandal invplving him coming to lightor health problems he has to deal with. He doesn’t come up for re-election until 2024.

Democrats may make gains regarding the filibuster on or around September 23 setting the table for Pluto’s station opposite tRump’s natal Saturn on October 5 or 6.

Jerry, Eliseo, Sunstars,

Marjorie Orr writes today that the most significant aspect of 9/11 was Neptune on the US South Node. Saturn stationing on the US SN in October will also be a dismal milestone. I wonder what will happen when Pluto crosses the SN three times in 2027-28 at the same time as the Uranus return. Frankly, I shudder at the thought.


The tone of our times changed overnight this week when Pluto crossed over retrograde from 25 to 24 Capricorn. The story was all good for Biden until Wednesday with the vote on infrastructure which will have deep impact. For reasons I have already mentioned, 25 Cap is very good for Biden as it opposes his Jupiter and US Constitution Uranus. Pluto was there when he became President. But 24 Cap is the degree of the January 6 insurrection and the Big Lie and Pluto stays there until November as it opposes US Mercury. The madness and polarization will only intensify as multiple crises beset the country: Covid, the southern border, voting rights, Afghanistan and increasingly the economy. The good news is Pluto returns to 25 Cap for a final passage in December but it will be a very disconcerting and frightening autumn. The other good news is that this period will also be very bad for Trump as Pluto opposes his Saturn: after all, his insurrection failed and he lost power the last time Pluto was there. Anything he tries now will backfire and his legal problems will grow. His grip will slowly weaken as the hysteria grows and tries to compensate. The best good news is that clearly Biden will remain the man of the hour as the Pluto return in 2022 will be exactly sextile his Sun which will make him more forceful, effective, benevolent, wise and inspiring. He was clearly born for the present time.


Thank you for the lovely response. I forgot to mention several other noticeable attributes that makes Gracie so endearing. She is still relatively young, a puppy at heart, and consequently she remains extremely inquisitive, playful and affectionate.


Marjorie Orr’s astrological analysis on Afghanistan confirms my thoughts on the importance the US South Node plays in all this. Curiously she refers to a much earlier chart for Afghanistan; the Independence from Britain in 1919. Given the political realities of the past twenty years Astro Data displays a more up to date version that I feel is more applicable to the times; December 22, 2001; the time of the swearing in of the post-Taliban new government in Kabul. This would place the upcoming October 10th Saturn station right on Afghanistan’s natal Neptune. A dissolution of sorts? Here’s the chart:


Thank You for the MO link.
Jupiter/Pluto – Yep! Just like she said – Arrogant. Foolish. But also, not paying attention to history.

The original goal of the US Afghanistan mission was to get Osama Bin Laden. Secondary to that was preventing any other terrorists from using the area as had Osama and his fellow Wahhabis. Unfortunately, realistically the secondary mission would require a permanent military presence, something the US was not prepared for. (And by permanent, I mean at least about six decades or more.) Futhermore, the area is infamous as a military quagmire. Alexander the Great and the Persians before him were the last to successfully conquer and control the area, but in each case extraordinary ruthlessness bordering on genocide was necessary to their success. Every single nation sending troops into Afghanistan post Alexander eventually withdrew in humiliation.

After 9/11, the military mission focused on going after Osama Bin Laden (alone) in Afghanistan made sense. Going into Iraq did not. (Except for Cheney, Halliburton, etc.) (All but one of the 9/11 hijackers in the US were Saudis, not Iraqis. The other team members (the unsuccessful ones) arrested at Heathrow London airport were also Saudis. The UK and US governments have been very quiet about what happened to the Wahhabi terrorists arrested in London before they could board the plane.)

But GWB never truly intended on capturing Osama Bin Laden. Why? Both the Bush family and the Bin Laden family were heavily invested in the Carlyle Group. The two families had been doing business together for decades. No way was George going to foul up their business relationship! Meanwhile, when all other air traffic was grounded, one plane was allowed to travel from city to city within the US to pick up Bin Laden family members to get them ALL out of the country before the FBI could question them. Who authorized that?

When American troops had Osama Bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora, they suddenly received the order to stand down, effectivelly allowing OBL to escape. Again — Who authorized that?

Marjorie Orr wrote:
“There was never going to be an easy answer to Afghanistan and much of the blame attaches to the early decisions of GWB and cronies, but it could turn out to be a blot on Joe Biden’s copy book. Relocating his chart to Kabul puts Saturn on his Ascendant as well as Uranus.”

Sadly, nation building, although a noble aspiration, was never realistic. The smart move would have been during Obama’s administration, to withdraw our troops ASAP after having dispatched Osama Bin Laden. That having not occurred, Mr. Biden, not GWB or BHO, pays the political price.

Today is Indian Independence Day August 15, 1947

India, once considered the crown jewel of the British empire for over two centuries finally comes to terms with and relinquishes its colonial past.

An excellent film that depicts the events leading up to partition and the birth of two nations……

The Viceroy’s House

Trailer Video: 2 min 21 sec


This is interesting.
A possible shift in the wind?

Lindsey Graham Warns Trump That Jan. 6 Riot May Be His ‘Political Obituary’


The Uranus station of August 19th (14 ’47 Taurus) trines the Mars/Mercury conj. (13 ’23/ 14 ”20 Virgo) and forms a quincunx to Afghanistan’s natal Pluto (15 ’40 Sag)……..

Afghan President Flees The Country As Taliban Move On Kabul

Associated Press
August 15, 2021

Afghanistan’s embattled president left the country Sunday, joining his fellow citizens and foreigners in a stampede fleeing the advancing Taliban and signaling the end of a 20-year Western experiment aimed at remaking Afghanistan.

The Taliban, which for hours had been in the outskirts of Kabul, announced soon after they would move further into a city gripped by panic throughout the day as helicopters raced overhead to evacuate personnel from the U.S. Embassy. Smoke rose near the compound as staff destroyed important documents. Several other Western missions also prepared to pull their people out.

Civilians fearing that the Taliban could reimpose the kind of brutal rule that all but eliminated women’s rights rushed to leave the country as well, lining up at cash machines to withdraw their life savings. The desperately poor — who had left homes in the countryside for the hoped-for safety in the capital — remained in their thousands in parks and open spaces throughout the city.



An immensely valuable post from Heather Cox Richardson on the anniversary of the Social Security Act.


I find this VERY Interesting! Perhaps you will too. It’s about the Earth’s Schumann Resonance AND how it may interact with human consciousness. Who knows? Perhaps through understanding these types of natural phenomena we will eventually come to understand the causal relationships which make astrology work. As of now, no theoretical causation is the big stumbling block for scientists to accept what we here on this blog know, the synchronicity between events and long standing accepted astrological symbolism.
Here are some excerpts, but to truly understand, I recommend reading the entire article. This subject is calling us to further study!

Please pay attention to the last paragraph I’ve excerpted. What event corresponds to the dramatic rise in Earth’s resonant frequencies in January 2017? Might it have been DJT’s inauguration?

Schumann Resonance: Does Earth’s 7.83 Hz “Heartbeat” Influence Our Behavior?
The Earth’s magnetic field has a set of resonant frequencies that scientists theorize could have an effect on human behavior.

“One possibly surprising area of research is in the way in which the Earth acts like a giant electrical circuit. The atmosphere of the Earth is actually a weak conductor. If there was no source of electric charge for the atmosphere, its energy would dissipate in about 10 minutes — but it doesn’t.”

“It means that there is a great deal of electrical activity between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. Some of this is in the form of standing waves of electricity. These standing waves are known as Schumann Resonances. So what are these resonances?”

“The ‘sweet spot’ for creating this resonance is when the wave is as long or longer than the circumference of Earth. This is an extremely low-frequency wave of up to one hundred thousand times lower than the lowest frequency radio waves used to send signals to your AM/FM radio. As this wave flows around Earth, it hits itself again in such a way that the crests and troughs of the wave are aligned and act in resonance with each other to increase the original signal.”

“Scientists speculate that the waves are related to the electrical activity in the atmosphere.”

“The base atmospheric electromagnetic resonant frequency is 7.83 Hz. This means our atmosphere is continuously resonating with a radio frequency of 7.83 Hz, along with progressively weaker harmonics at around 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 Hz. These oscillations are called the Schumann resonances.”

“In January of 2017, the Schumman resonance reached frequencies of above 36 Hz, which was unusual. Historically any rise above 15 Hz was considered large, so scientists were puzzled. According to some, these higher resonant frequencies on Earth are associated with more stressed nervous systems than normal.”


Andre, can you expand on your thoughts about Biden. Do you see him staying strong beyond early 2022? There is much consternation about the midterm elections and the GOP retaking one or more houses of Congress. There has also been talk of Biden running for reelection as he feels he is (and I agree) the only dem who can successfully combat trumpism and it will take two terms to do that.

I too have been worried about pluto conjunct the nation’s SN. When pluto conjunct my SN, a deal that was all set to sell our company unravelled in a matter of days and it was completely disastrous.

So why is there not more being made about lying Trump making the deal with lying Taliban for Afghanistan US withdrawal? Biden is getting blamed, but Trump started the ball rolling with agreeing to a May deadline – Biden merely pushed that date back a couple of months.
All the good people are fleeing, no wonder the country is collapsing.

I agree Mr. Biden is getting blamed unduly for deterioating circumstances in Afghanistan. Sadly, without support from another power, Afghanis are not IMO presently capable of running a modern democratic state. That requires a mostly literate population. Afghanistan has the second lowest literacy rate of any nation on Earth.

We did some good there. We helped raise the literacy rate by 10%, especially for the girls and women, and we did so against intense and deep opposition. But that puts those girls and men who can now read and write in severe danger as the Taliban retakes the area. Those who do not escape are likely to be killed by the Taliban. These guys make the WWII Nazis seem angelic!

As I refernced in post above, the only way to “fix” the country is for a foreign entity to temporarily colonize it, and run it for a bare minimum of sixty years while conducting a massive education drive and rebuilding infrastructure. It might well take longer. But who is willing to do that? Americans, nor anyone else has that kind of patience.

Sad, catastrophic, etc. These words are much too mild.

Will we have to fight the Taliban as we did with ISIS? Will the other Arab countries help us?

Will there be horrible videos televised of beheadings?

I have to say that no matter what Trump did wrong, this is going to reflect on Biden. Something went wrong with the way this transpired and something is telling me it was done so abruptly because we need the money for the infrastructure and social net projects.

What happened in Iraq after ISIS? Is it functioning well at all. My heart hurts for the people of Afghanistan who are now subjected to those fanatical monsters who rape, plunder and murder.

Hard to change a country whose culture is basically configured as multiple tribes, and where us $$$ has contributed to heirarchal corruption over recent decades

Afghanistan’s first female ambassador to the U.S. said this was avoidable if the international community had stepped in to strengthen the military abilities of the country. I don’t remember how we defeated ISIS but we did it as an international community, didn’t we?

Sharon K,
Until the 1600’s, the territories that comprise modern Afghanistan were peripheral parts of powerful various regional empires of Central Asia, India, and Iran. But upon their decline and/or collapse in the mid-1700’s, Afghanistan fell into a feudalistic structure wherein Afghan amirs gave land grants to vassals in exchange for military service. Sounds like medieval Europe, doesn’t it!

Most people in Afghanistan live in relatively inaccessible rural areas. They are mostly illiterate, but if they CAN read and/or write, their only book is liable to be the Koran. The history, literature, science, and arts we take for granted doesn’t exist for them. They are so deeply enmeshed in their Islamic moral and mythological worldview, they cannot imagine religion and government as separate. In their minds, to separate them would be immoral.

From our perspective, their country is like a different planet revolving around a different star. Assisting them into the 21st century is and would be extremely expensive and time consuming. It rightly should be the responsibility of a world government. For them to remain in their feudal state is dangerous for them and for us all. The problem of course, we have no world government.

The international community you spoke of is divided, with different and often conflicting national interests, not even any kind of confederation.
For the same reason, we are inept at dealing well with climate change.

As Eliseo says: …… the only way to “fix” the country is for a foreign entity to temporarily colonize it, and run it for a bare minimum of 60 years while conducting a massive education drive and rebuilding infrastructure. It might well take longer.

England did that in India. I think the States would profit so much in so many ways if they did that. To not see it that way is very shortsighted. And now the humanitarian failure is apparent for all to see, and we cannot bear to look. In this day and age of raised consciousness….

Obviously what’s going on at home with the disparity and inequality that does not yet have a solution, has blinded the good people of The United States and their government……….

In a different time, with equality at home in the US, the Afghanis might have escaped the beheadings that are about to happen, and the girls and women might have been saved from what’s going to happen to them at the hands of the Taliban.

The terror and pain of the Afghani people did not have to happen.

Even me, sitting in Canada, could easily see the horror story of what was about to happen if and when the US left.

Was this really a blunder by the US government? How COULD it be?

Not to get …. what – ? soft or smarmy or sentimental, but these are our brothers and sisters.

We can SEE them in real time due to our technology.

Are we really up for this?

Yes, the United States should have been there for 60 years. Call it colonization. Educate them.

Are we up for viewing what’s going to happen to them? In a way, I hope the Americans can SEE the carnage that’s going to happen to them – the blood, the terror, the beheadings, the girls and women murdered and raped……….. and made into nothing better than the death cult’s worthless mules. Mules would have more dignity. Brood mares would have much more dignity.

What a mistake! How could this happen? I mean really.

Other than that I have no words. I’m speechless.

Somebody else tell us how this could happen.

Canada was in there too…. but they did not make the decision to pull out.

Is it really totally too late? Is there any rectification?

And complicating matters of training during the past decade or more, one has to wonder how many us military eg the ignoble Flynn, and private contractors eg Eric prince were signaling they were right at home with wink wink nod nod corrupt behavior of the highest bidder.

Eliseo: Our posts were 6 minutes apart so of course I was still writing when you posted yours, and pressed submit and did not see yours at all.

The States was already IN there for 20 years….. if it takes as you said, 60 in all…. then there would be 40 left…..

‘For them to remain in their feudal state is dangerous for them and for us all.” As you said.

We don’t have time for an international community to come together. It seems like we have lost the investment into their country, and that is VERY expensive.

It is going to be very expensive to the US and the world community to feel the repercussions of what is happening now in Afghanistan – we are going to feel it for years into the future in every way. It is going to be MORE expensive to the rest of the world than staying there and continuing the groundwork that had already been laid.

There were beauty salons there, with beautiful pictures that had to be painted over today. If there were entrepreneurs that owned the beauty salons, they could read and write. They had initiative and business sense. So the culture was changing rapidly.

The desire was there……. it was a good and strong start. We could have continued…. I was not aware of an extremely strong desire to get out of Afghanistan…. The military over there were the peacekeepers, the protectors.

Nowadays, we meld together the concepts of imperialism and colonialism. We think of imperialism as a bad thing. But historically, imperialism has been both good and bad for both the ruling country and the subject country.

I am reminded of the Monty Python Life of Brian, Scene 10: Before the Romans Things Were Smelly
as the group attempted unsuccessfully to get themselves all riled up about how bad the Romans were.

REG: Yeah. All right, Stan. Don’t labour the point. And what have they ever given us in return?!
XERXES: The aqueduct?
REG: What?
XERXES: The aqueduct.
REG: Oh. Yeah, yeah. They did give us that. Uh, that’s true. Yeah.
COMMANDO #3: And the sanitation.
LORETTA: Oh, yeah, the sanitation, Reg. Remember what the city used to be like?
REG: Yeah. All right. I’ll grant you the aqueduct and the sanitation are two things that the Romans have done.
MATTHIAS: And the roads.
REG: Well, yeah. Obviously the roads. I mean, the roads go without saying, don’t they? But apart from the sanitation, the aqueduct, and the roads–
COMMANDO: Irrigation.
XERXES: Medicine.
COMMANDOS: Huh? Heh? Huh…
COMMANDO #2: Education.
REG: Yeah, yeah. All right. Fair enough.
COMMANDO #1: And the wine.
COMMANDOS: Oh, yes. Yeah…
FRANCIS: Yeah. Yeah, that’s something we’d really miss, Reg, if the Romans left. Huh.
COMMANDO: Public baths.
LORETTA: And it’s safe to walk in the streets at night now, Reg.
FRANCIS: Yeah, they certainly know how to keep order. Let’s face it. They’re the only ones who could in a place like this.
COMMANDOS: Hehh, heh. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
REG: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
XERXES: Brought peace.
REG: Oh. Peace? Shut up!

It is surely terrible and usually humiliating to be ruled by a foreign power, but much depends on the moral standards of the ruling power. Japan ruled China in WWII with extreme and bizarre cruelty, with no apparent benefit to the Chinese people.

In the case of India, the British East India Company ruled the subcontinent from 1757 to 1858, and the British Raj from 1858 to 1947. Before that they were under the thumb of the Mughal empire.

I’ve read that under the Islamic Mughals and the Victorian British, Indians became much more prudish and neurotic about the body, and surely there had to have been some other pretty bad effects. Conversely, their 100’s of native languages were retained, but
under the British, India gained a common and unifying second language for business, government, and education. Indians came to deeply appreciate democracy and efficient British methods of governing and of administration. Political scientists believe, that despite their terrible problems, India is a stable, peaceful democracy today because they learned so much from the British during the 190 years of British rule.

In the case of Afghanistan, Americans are presently the only folks with the capacity to temporarily “adopt” them as a protectorate, but are IMO psychologically unsuitable for the job.

Taliban members are so vehemently and fanatically fundamentalist, facts or education are not likely to change their hearts or minds. They are apparently stuck permanently in severe, thuggish, medieval mode, and little but death is likely to liberate them from that mindset and cruel, violent behavior. Think of it. Our N. American fundamentalists, though far “milder” aren’t persuaded politically or religiously by facts or good science either.

What might these facts imply? Apart from the humanitarian effort, all 150,000, every single Taliban member would need to be hunted down and either jailed permanently or executed so as to prevent further harm to the Afghani people.

I don’t think the average Am. soldier is prepared for such duty. I do not know of any existing culture which might be capable of systematically and dispassionately hunting down Taliban thugs, while simultaneously treating the rest of the country with the compassion they deserve.

IMO, the Afghani people have suffered quite enough, but their country will soon be a pawn in a much greater game, the Greater Asia Water Wars.

Also, I’m guessing Mr. Biden & company are anticipating the need for our troops now in Afghanistan and the Middle East to soon be deployed elsewhere attending to some extreme matters of national security.

AND the International Community will relatively soon, IMO fracture under present and more coming stresses. It will take quite a while to put it all back together. I’m hoping the challenge of global heating will unite us.

Eliseo: I loved the Life of Brian exchange.

Am I wrong… did you say there was only 150,000 Taliban? If so, that might be doable.

I am impressed with your ability to draw up facts (always) like the British East India Company, and the British Raj, etc.

I’m good with Am soldiers hunting down and jailing permanently the Taliban thugs…… there could be a policy that they are captured and put away. Altho war is different, isn’t it? You have a point there that the average American human being may not be able to be two things at once – a person capable of killing a human being and then a person who also has compassion for the Afghanis.

This brings me to something I have observed…..the Viet Nam vets. I cannot encapsulate in 10 words or less what I saw when I was surrounded by young men who had seen the worst……

And I was too young to understand. I was, we were shocked. It took me decades to more fully comprehend the experience.

As I see it now, the North Vietnamese were very little like the Taliban as the that prior war ended.

The American soldier could, in my opinion, have remained in Afghanistan and protected the people.. yes, doing all that the Life of Brian guys ultimately understood the Romans had done.

You may be right that this current batch of soldiers could not go to two extremes. I believe our consciousness has been raised on this continent.
Umm let me rethink this. There are the anti-vaxxers, and the Trumpers. Hmm.

Anyway it looks like it’s a moot point. It looks like we are going to observe the Afghani people being slaughtered.

Yes, and good reminder that Japan ruled China with extreme and bizarre cruelty, with no apparent benefit to the Chinese people.

That’s DEEP. People’s presentations…. as polite and civilized now……with bizarre cruelty before…and then doing an about face and becoming (appearing) polite and civilized.

The Chinese pride themselves on being the oldest civilization.

So…Afghanistan…..Old in our recorded history.

Still wish we were there protecting the Afghan people. If we were there for a number of decades then the people may have flourished. Yes I know we are North Americans and that the North Americans’ lives are precious.

Forgot to press send on this written hours ago… sending it now. God help the Afghans

The United States Army was founded in 1775, a year before the Dec. of Independence.

Guess where tPluto is in the US Army & military founding chart?

Somehow this all seems very timely and fitting.

We never were going to “fix” Afghanistan and had no business going in there in the first place.

This is the folly of imperialism and distorted priorities.

How much blood and treasury were spilled just to make Neocon war criminals rich?

Notice the people who are whining about this the most in the media. They are the ones who are taking the cash flow hit. They couldn’t care less about the Afghanis.

Most Americans actually couldn’t care less, because we are so far removed from the business end of our military-industrial complex.

This will cause big trouble, yes, but it didn’t start with the US withdrawal. It actually began centuries ago with European imperialism. The US just picked up where Britain, Spain, France, etc. left off.

I remember, I remember at the fall at the end of the Viet Nam war….. the same chaos at the airport – the 3 final planes taking off – and the 3rd and last one, containing the babies – crashing at the airport!
Yeah, how many of you out there remember that?

No one is talking about it!

But with the Taliban…. this looks like it’s gonna be much worse.

The value of human life….. I am so grateful that Mom and Dad sent us to church. It was part of our upbringing. We often left in our late teens and maybe returned later or not. But that value of human life stayed with us.

Who better to talk of Afghanistan this morning than Mika Brzezinski whose dad was Zbigniew Brzezinski. He was key to strengthening the Afghanis in the first place, many years ago. Yes of course his decisions may have been controversial as he was very involved with foreign policy to say the least….

And Liz Cheney – who unlike her famous father seems to have great value for human life, and the courage to speak out … she is the real inheritor of the real Republican party.

Two wise and strong women who inherited from their famous fathers. Who better to speak ….

Mika saying this morning about the impending horror story and the travesty of American decisions, and the betrayal of the Afghanis who supported the Americans there:

“I’m not sure how you keep this from defining who we are?!”

The Afghani gov’t was completely corrupt. They did not have their citizen’s backs. How do you expect the Afghanis to have the courage to fight?

This was clear to me months ago. How could it not be clear to the politicians, the army generals, the policy makers, and BIDEN?

That the Taliban worked so swiftly is little surprise to me.

Just finished listening to David Ignatius, Washington Post columnist. A true and compassionate analysis. He says the best way out now is for American troops to stay at the airport til every Afghani who supported the Americans are lifted out…. I concur.

He is born May 26 1950. Year of the Tiger. A Gemini with probably a Virgo Moon, and with Mars in Virgo. A superb analyst, with the ability himself to be practical, organize and understand what it takes to get the job done. Would that there would be more like him actually setting the policies in the American government.

It currently is a mystery to me why Biden at this time wanted out. And then did so so very clumsily.

Someone on this blog said months ago that August was going to be a bad month for Biden.


I have noticed in the past 5 years a disproportionate amount of Geminis and Capricorns prominent in American politics.

By the way, Justin Trudeau is a Capricorn as is at least one of his brothers…. Altho his dad was a Libra with lots of Virgo planets.

Three days ago, MacLean’s magazine thru the reporter Scott Gilmore said that Canada is prepared to accept 10,000 refugees from Afghanistan. At that time, there were many taking shelter at the Canadian compound, and many had been airlifted out.

The gov’t already has the legislative authority – SKIPPING THE HOUSE OF COMMONS – to accept every Afghan who worked for Canada directly, supported our mission indirectly, or strove to build the new democracy, refugee status.

With some diplomatic finesse, an airbridge could be set up between Kabul and Dubai overnight, creating a waystation to process the refugee claims and set up onward patriation to Canada. If Dubai balks at the idea of housing these Afghans in the interim, we could put them on cruise ships, anchored off shore….(from MacLean’s Magazine August 13 2021)

In the past 3 days things have changed….. what the capacity for airlifts out of there is in the moment is the question.

The cruise ship thing was done in 2006 when Canada took 15,000 refugees from Lebanon. Canada was prepared to take 50,000 refugees……

Kimberley Motley wrote:

A Lawyer’s Unrelenting Fight for Justice in a War Zone

I can’t get her birth date but Wow What a Woman


Re-read your Monty Python Life of Brian, Scene 10:
Before the Romans Things Were Smelly
as the group attempted unsuccessfully to get themselves riled up about how bad the Romans were.

That is SO GOOD! Worth re-reading. Encouraging as to what the US might do if it solves its own problems of inequality. The US might continue on to be the Leader of the Free World.

It’s at August 16 2021 at 5:35 am – ELISEO.

Yes I LOVE that Monty Python thing.

Ok I have been putting off watching Biden speak on Afghanistan. It’s probably been out for a couple hours….

This is going to be hard to watch.

Ok this was too sickening to watch.

So I switched over to George Strait – Troubadour

Then he sings Boot Scootin’ Boogie which was Brooks and Dunn’s hit.

George Strait – Born May 18 1952

Year of the Dragon – one of my favorites cz I’m a Rat

Hahaha! AND a Taurus with a Pisces Moon…..

OMG it doesn’t get any better for the vocal chords..

Then after that….. Switch back to The Eagles
Concert in Melbourne 2005

Glenn Frey November 6 1948

Scorpio with Moon in Capricorn Holy Crow
Dedicated to work and very plucky AND a Rat

How do you square that with music….

Well I’m running down the road Trying to loosen my load – Yup that’s what that Scorpio Cap was trying to do.

Our family accountant’s grandfather fled from afghanistan for india back in the day, and the family ended up in Fiji. Our muslim accountant came to NZ when he was 13 for high school. I’ve had several interesting conversations with him about that culture. His ancestor fled afghanistan because of eye-for-eye thinking and fear of tribal retribution. I think that mindset is alive and well still; as Ive said above, hard to change that cultural mindset – which is not that dissimilar to today’s US ‘confederate taliban’ – their version of god and guns reign supreme.

The Southern “confederate taliban” has been gradually softening over the decades. They are still pretty bad in the context of our culture, but most no longer have the stomach for overt lynchings.

Eliseo, when I hear stories like this, more than 150 years after the civil war, I despair that such hateful barbarism can ever be completely overcome.

I completely understand your feeling. In my work on hate studies which I hope to publish in about two years, I’ve had to do serious reading in the history of lynchings. IMO, Mississippi and Alabama are presently our two most backward states in the US. But as bad as was the report which you shared the link for, things in the past were worse.

To answer your question, yes. As far as what the experts report, there are roughly about 150,000 members of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But the job of hunting them down is tougher, more difficult and dangerous than the numbers might imply. They are well armed and well hidden. They know their own territory far better than any foreigners possibly could. Plus, as you mentioned, the Former Afghan government was entirely corrupt. NATO soldiers often died because they were tricked or betrayed.

Considering that the original goal of apprehending Osama Bin Laden was accomplished May 2, 2011 under B. Obama, the smart move would have been to bring the troops home shortly after.

Understood Eliseo. Respectfully – about bringing the troops home in 2011 – in my view, that was then – this is now. We have developed a RELATIONSHIP with those translators, supporters, women and girls.

They indeed were betrayed. Horribly.

Yes, the US was and is handicapped by their internal struggles of racism, and of the late stages of Capitalism resulting in the ever widening gap between wealth, power and greed, contrasted with poverty.

I have a close friend who is a nurse. She has lived in Victoria her entire life and is 11 years younger (so less experienced haha but seriously) than me.
She says Canada has always practiced Multiculturalism. She has even googled policies back to the 1920’s.

I have had a different experience being raised in Alberta for most of my school years. We leaned, I think, toward the US in our school curriculum. My memory could be faulty but I remember we were taught The Melting Pot.

I absolutely do not believe in multiculturalism. It is divisive. These policies have been stopped in many countries, and I have seen their divisiveness in Canada.

I have a friend who is from Ethiopia. She and her husband are part of the melting pot. I respect (and am a bit in awe of) what she and her husband have accomplished since they have moved here, obviously thrilled with their opportunity and their resulting energy toward goal orientation.

One day she came to me with her phone, crying. She wanted me to see ISIS beheading a lineup of Ethiopians.

I was almost angry with her because ISIS wanted to do their horror over and over and over again to the watching world.

I told her I wouldn’t watch it, and she shouldn’t either because that would compound their awful crimes. I felt great compassion for her and what she had been going through. We in Canada don’t see what a lot of the rest of the world sees. Thank god.

My point is – how can the US think that the Afghans are The Other? We worked with them – they were loyal to us. To repeat – we had a relationship with them. We developed a close relationship with them over the years. At least the soldiers, the military – the individuals in the military – developed a relationship with them. We had the same values. We were bonded by the same values. We were human to human. To the politician, to BIDEN, they were the OTHER. They were disposable.

This is where Biden and I part company. He betrayed them.

A very brief synopsis on the chronology of events in Afghanistan (from the Occupy Democrats website)……..

In 2018, Trump assisted in the release of Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar from prison.

In 2020, Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

In 2021, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar appears set to become the new president of Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

There is wide-spread speculation Trump had surreptitiously arranged a US exit strategy agreement with Russia. For Russia to pay off Afghani commanders to lay down their arms and allow the Taliban unimpeded entrance (hint: corruption within the Afghani government was an established, well known fact).

Opinion | Why Afghan Forces So Quickly Laid Down Their Arms

Opposing Afghan factions have long negotiated arrangements to stop fighting — something the U.S. either failed to understand or chose to ignore.

August 16, 2021

In the winter of 1989, as a journalist for the Times of London, I accompanied a group of mujahedeen fighters in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province. At one point, a fortified military post became visible on the other side of a valley. As we got closer, the flag flying above it also became visible — the flag of the Afghan Communist state, which the mujahedeen were fighting to overthrow.

“Isn’t that a government post?” I asked my interpreter. “Yes,” he replied. “Can’t they see us?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “Shouldn’t we hide?” I squeaked. “No, no, don’t worry,” he replied reassuringly. “We have an arrangement.”

I remembered this episode three years later, when the Communist state eventually fell to the mujahedeen; six years later, as the Taliban swept across much of Afghanistan; and again this week, as the country collapses in the face of another Taliban assault. Such “arrangements” — in which opposing factions agree not to fight, or even to trade soldiers in exchange for safe passage — are critical to understanding why the Afghan army today has collapsed so quickly (and, for the most part, without violence). The same was true when the Communist state collapsed in 1992, and the practice persisted in many places as the Taliban advanced later in the 1990s.



You make some good points.
“that was then – this is now” is one of them.
From what I can tell, I don’t think Mr. Biden sees Afghans as “the other.”

I think he’s doing what he believes our citizens want. Am. citizens have become weary of our various international involvements, particularly in the middle east and in Afghanistan. The body politic, for the present at least, is moving in an isolationist direction. Unfortunately also, we’ve cultivated short attention spans, made worse by our technology.

As I believe I said upthread, allowing a society such as Afghanistan to remain illiterate and feudalistic is dangerous for them and for the rest of the world. As history has shown, it makes them vulnerable and open to terrorist groups which brutalize their people and ultimately threatens the rest of the world.

That being said, the humanitarian responsibility for gradually assisting them into the 21st century should rightly be left to a world government. But we don’t have a world government. The US is presently the only nation with the capacity for such an undertaking, but is not prepared psychologically for the job. For the moment at least, it is a lose – lose situation for us all with the most immediate suffering to be endured by the Afghani people. But in time, the rest of the world will pay a price as well.

Over time, I believe the quality of our legislators has seriously declined. We have way too many at the state and federal levels, even in our US senate, who are spectacularly unqualified for their job. It seems our democracy, our representatives have descended into enacting the will of their rich, shallow, ignorant constitutents rather than studying or coming to a fuller understanding of the issues requiring legislation.

Good article from retired Lt. Col. Jason Amerine who was there in 2001 when the Taliban were forced to surrender. It seems he feels that the U.S. orchestrated a national army for Afghanistan but did not do enough to ensure it’s success. He is justifiably disappointed at what has ensued.


And from DVRacer at DU:

“What Americans never understood or were never told about Afghanistan”

I once upon a time was a member of the IC long since removed. I assist veterans like myself in navigating the VA for benefits many from Afghanistan.
The lie that has been and is still being told is there is a difference between the Taliban, ISIS and Al Queda. To put it in perspective that’s like saying there is a difference between the Proud Boys, KKK and 3%ers. The goals by all of them is the same to establish a Caliphate.

When we pushed the active fighters to Pakistan we see lines on a map and thought we were accomplishing something. We see distinctions between the groups that fundamentally don’t exist. We trained and gave arms to men that had/have no problem deceiving those that were intentionally ignorant about allegiances. The Afghan Army was always a paper army as long as we kept paying them. Were there some that had our interests in mind sure but never the majority and those tended to die in the fighting.

The Taliban and AQ/ISIS never really left they just changed uniform to appease us and wait knowing we would eventually leave. Our leaders never understood who they were dealing with. The reason everything seemed to fall so fast was it was never real in the first place. Once we “left” and stopped paying a huge chunk of the army just switched back into their old uniform now armed with all the guns and equipment we trained them with.

Afghanistan wasn’t lost it was never real to begin with and once you understand that everything else makes sense.

As General Powell said about Iraq: “You break it, you fix it” and that would have taken time and resources that we couldn’t reasonably commit but, all the same, it’s really hurtful to see the barbaric and ruthless Taliban armies in control.

Thank you Sharon

Lends to greater understanding which is so badly needed

In the tenth grade our text for social studies was
“The Ancient and Medieval World”. Our teacher was a tall slender man in a grey suit which matched his grey hair. His name was Mr. Poohkay. My Mother called him a “White Russian”.
We studied Syria and Mesopotamia. I loved it. I loved that course. It could have been in part the way Mr. Poohkay taught it. I saved the text for years but lost it somewhere along the way.

I could not reconcile present day Afghanistan and Syria to what I had learned of its beautiful and cultured beginnings. It was disconcerting – to say the least. I mean I accepted the wars along the way, and the conquerors…

I was mystified as to how that area could go backward – and be so gutted – so terribly.

I always thought we as countries, as citizens of the World, generally improved as we went along due to increased knowledge and experience.

But Bashar Assad!!!!??? in this day and age…

When I came across the book: “Political Ponerology” by Andrew M. Lobaczewski
It gave me a beginning of an understanding of how corruption could happen in any age.

The greedy power hungry sociopaths seem to exist in any age. These tricksters and liars are present in any century. They roam among us, seen and unseen.

We have to educate ourselves. We have to identify who they are. And we need to recognize the segments of our society who are vulnerable to these sociopaths and ask ourselves WHY they are vulnerable – what is the weakness in our society that makes them vulnerable. And then apply an antidote.

Yes much easier said than done. The U.S. is in the process of recognizing racism, inequality, and sheer baldfaced Capitalism which is creating the richer rich and the poorer poor.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg – that should not be allowed to happen. Even if one or two of them started out semi-normal, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I could not bear to watch those guys go into outer space this year. Richard Branson is likeable, yes.

However their decisions to tend to their own pleasures while billions are suffering on Earth ……
the situation is unbalanced in the extreme. And they do not RECOGNIZE it to the point they would act.

My Dad would say they are serving their own nerve endings.

We need a different system. The Scandinavian forms of government have it the best.

But there is a fly in the ointment. Immigration from the Muslim countries coming in. Gender inequality is built in to the Muslim culture, the Muslim religion.

As I have said before on this blog, because of the number of rapes and assaults on Norwegian women by Muslim immigrants, Norway began to make compulsory a course that would have immigrating Muslim men take in order for them to understand and respect Norwegian women.

It didn’t work.

This was two or three years ago. I read that Norway began to re-direct Muslim immigrants to two other countries that would take them.

So NOW we have the largely Muslim population leaving Afghanistan, as they must.

But I ask myself, – what kind of Muslims are they?
The men seemed happy enough to see the women educated and emancipated, but was that only because the Americans were there?

Or – they are a young population who were little when the Americans first arrived. Maybe they ARE Americanized. Maybe they are emancipated and liberalized. Maybe they live in the equality of the genders.

OMG – This remains to be seen.

Good question, Sunstars. In studies of neighborhoods and communities, when they integrate mixed-income people into controlled environments with quality resources in terms of schools, recreation centers, golf courses, and attractive housing, and they have some rules, like no one with a felony on their record is allowed to move in and people must have jobs or job training (I’m quoting this from memory but I did a project on it in grad school a few years ago), the children thrive and the community does well. It is difficult to have a controlled environment these days in the U.S., with all of the emphasis on gun rights and Constitutional rights (vs. socialism), often at the expense of community’s health and welfare…..as we are seeing with the Covid spread.

Communities HAVE to have rules, just as families have to have rules. This is not fascism or socialism. Libertarianism in the guise of Trumpism, and the Republican party, has really, really ruined things. Of course we have to have the healthy protection of individual rights – that goes without saying, but we have it in the U.S. more than many countries do, in spite of some government invasion of individual rights (if you wish to look at it that way; my husband’s adult son who teaches philosophy and similar-types of courses in college cites the Patriot Act as an example)….AND, then there is the internet, which is a real double-edged sword – it makes so many good things available but can also really muddy the waters and spread propaganda. Nancy was right – What a time we live in!

Nz last night entered 3 day minimum full lockdown after just 1 case of suspected delta community case discovered. Govt decided a soft lockdown like australia did has not been effective. The rest of the world is surprised at the severity, but NZers know already the short term pain = better long term outcome. Our economy has been doing better than pre-covid level for quite some time, and govt is again making payments available to bus & employees to stay home until this latest outbreak is sorted – probably cheaper to do that than medical costs from a prolonged outbreak. This morning, streets are empty https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300385249/covid19-lockdown-in-pictures-empty-streets-across-the-country-as-level-4-begins

YAY!! Kiwi What a wonderful country you live in 🙂

Long live good rules and laws that people support! Libertarianism, whether the anti-government nuts or the proponents of too-small government, has ruined this country.

Sharon, it is not libertarianism at fault. This GOP has taken all the isms and turned them on their head. They have so fuc*** it all up and they have gutted the government so much it will take generations to bring it back to just the level it was in the 1970s.

Sharon, Silcominc,
What’s fouled things up are
pseudo-Libertarians. They are mostly R’s who want to rationalize their greed and clothe their corruption in high sounding moral language. Rand Paul is a good example. He says he is libertarian. Is he? Not by a long shot! He is a classic authoritarian! He is a deeply angry and bellicose child who loves to grandstand and take anti-science positions reflective of his need to dominate and control, especially to control women. He is a classic example of double-speak. He piously preaches Liberty! & Freedom! .. but redefines such principles as the exact opposite of their true and original meaning.

In the US, the label “Libertarian” implies right wingish laissez-faire policies. But outside N. America, particularly in Europe, the word has left wing connotations. Noam Chomsky refers to himself as a “Libertarian Socialist!” Wikipedia devotes an entire article to “Left Libertarianism.”

silcominc, these crooked kooks have indeed royally fouled up the workings of our economy, and poisoned the hearts and minds of too many of us. Sometimes from a blind and shallow ideology, but more often to enrich themselves and/or their wealthy donors they have as you stated, deeply gutted our state and federal governments. But I don’t think it will take generations to get us back to the level of the 70’s.


Crises are here! And more crises are coming, extraordinary, lethal and literally unprecedented crises, many of which will be understood as having been caused by these pseudo-libertarians and other loud, overly proud kooks. When the progressive dam breaks, it will break hard, a tsunami flooding us with Scandinavian style practices and arrangements, with new and creative technologies and humanitarian policies. It will drown the greedheads, plutocrat robber barons, and their bootlicking toady R politicians into the watery abyss they so richly deserve.

These crises are and will be surprising opportunities. They will force us, most of the world into a new New Deal, a process IMO which will get us back to the levels of the 70’s and quite beyond in a relatively shorter timeframe than “several generations.” I think once the process has commenced we will be in a far more comfortable place in 6 to 10 years, but the humanitarian expansion as a whole will indeed take several generations.

Bad news = We are in for more travail.
Good news = These events and terrible experiences will greatly speed up our progress on multiple levels.

There’s this issue of timing…..

U.S. Evacuation Scramble Will End on Aug. 31, Unless Biden Extends It


Keep in mind, tr, Mars will square the June 10th solar eclipse and the US Mars in early September. This could suggest a military confrontation of sorts.

It’s quite apparent the Biden administration is putting a brave and positive face on the evacuation process. Based on current numbers and logistics, many Americans and Afghan dependents are stranded in outlying areas controlled by the Taliban and thus have no direct access to Kabul airport…. no way is the US effort going to make that deadline.

I expect this emerging humanitarian crisis to become more acute, horrific and dragged out as we enter the months of September and October. Would it be any surprise if Biden finds himself in increasing political isolation as a result? This occurs at a worst possible time imaginable with exponentially rising COVID 19 cases and the consequent threat of another world wide lock-down. To complicate matters, there is that looming September 30th debt ceiling deadline. Another govt shutdown in the offing if the Republicans decide to play hardball?

However this scenario plays out, public confidence will be severely shaken. The integrity of the Biden administration will be called into question. Financial markets will surely suffer.

Politics aside, nothing of this magnitude can be resolved on its own merits. No amount of gerrymandering the system will have any effect. Saturn’s station of October 10th precisely on the Jan 20, 2021 US Inaugural Mars/Uranus degree could upend everything.

Here once again are some highlights from Nancy’s Jan 23rd entry Dawn Of A New Era wherein she focuses in on the Jan 20th 2021 US Inaugural chart…….

“…..The most notable and the tightest planetary configuration is the Mars/Uranus conjunction (6Taurus40 and 6Taurus44) square to Jupiter (7Aquarius23). This combination signifies an enormous amount of energy, perhaps best described in the words of Martin Luther King as marshaling the “fierce urgency of now.” This somewhat agitated and impatient imperative to get things done is consuming and expansive. It describes an intense mobilization of force against an enemy, whether that be the pernicious and ubiquitous corona virus or the upsurge of domestic terrorism.

The Mars/Uranus/Jupiter Combination

The Mars/Uranus/Jupiter combination remains extraordinarily strong from January 20, 2021 all the way through August 2023 due to Inaugural progressed Mars moving to perfect its square with natal and then progressed Jupiter, implying a significant amount of purposeful accomplishment by the Biden administration. This will be further strengthened by tertiary progressed Uranus perfecting the square to Jupiter for the entire first three years of the Biden administration, adding an innovative and creative flavor to the multitude of problem solving.

Difficulties and frustrations may thwart or at least restrain progress, however, when transiting Saturn is square to Mars/Uranus during 2021. We may also see an intensifying of the government’s need to quell violence at that time. The first transiting Saturn square is from February 5 to February 13.

……..The second period to watch for a hyper stimulation of the Mars/Uranus conjunction comes when the progressed Inaugural Moon will conjunct Mars/Uranus and then progressed Mars from August 20 through September 23, 2021. Again, we are likely to have a time of tremendous energy in the Biden administration and an aggressive agenda that will either be somewhat thwarted or restrained by the exigencies of reality in the form of a Saturn transit square Mars/Uranus from September 8 to October 12 (8 minutes shy of exact). An alternative possibility is that there will be a potentially violent confrontation between protesters and government forces during this time.

A similar pattern emerges earlier in the summer when tertiary progressed Mars crosses the Inaugural Ascendant (10Taurus19) from June 25 to August 26, again suggesting a very active and aggressive Biden agenda that may agitate and inflame a violent response. Transiting Saturn will square Inaugural Ascendant from July 18 through July 31, again pointing to some kind of restraint and frustration of this forward momentum and/or a need to quell violence.

Thus, the most significant aspect in the Inaugural chart points to sustained, aggressive action against a determined and vehement foe, whether it be the virus, the far-right extremists, environmental degradation, or some foreign adversary. Most likely, it will be all of the above, especially into mid-2023.

The TALIBAN is fundamentalist Muslim military organization founded in September 1994, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Driven out of power in the 21st Century by the US-led forces, they retook control of the country on 15 August 2021 as the US and its allies withdrew. Their stated goal in Afghanistan is to enforce their own version of Sharia, or Islamic law (stoning of adulterers, cutting off the hands of thieves, etc). Detractors of these events label the intervention as a huge failure and waste of human lives and resources. But there is another way to look at it, using esoteric astrology.
1. a. The PISCES – 6TH RAY FORCE which has dominated human life over the past 2.5 thousand years is rapidly receding. These forces govern fundamentalist religions whether Christian, Muslim or any other. Such religions give strict adherence to their theological doctrines.
b. The 6th ray is the force of the astral plane and is carried by the planets Neptune and Mars. Hence religions (Neptune), that leave blood and war (Mars) in their wake.
c. That such behaviour no longer predominates in the west is testament to the development of the thinking mind through widespread education and the separation of power between the church and state. This change was aided and abetted by the force of the 7th ray as the Aquarian Age of universal brotherhood rolls in. Eastern states dominated by the church still have this task before them.
2. The ASHRAF GHANI GOVernment was never going to last because it was not selected by the Afghan people. It was imposed upon them and many abuses of the people happened during this process. Like all nations, people prefer their own people to govern and even a bad local leader is preferable to a foreign interloper, which was how Ashraf Ghani was seen.
3. The BIRTHCHART of the ASHRAF GHANI GOVernment (22 Dec 2001, 13:12 Kabul).
a. The chart shows the people chained to the past by their religious beliefs and practices (Moon Pisces 12H).
b. A new start was hoped for based on a different belief system (Sun 9H, religion and beliefs). But the government – imposed by a foreign power (9H), was generally rejected by the masses (Moon square Sun). The people did not give it their support.
c. Spiritually, the hope by the soul of the nation, by the west and by forwards-thinking Afghanis, was that the rights of the people and of women in particular, would be transformed for the better. That their widespread repression by Afghani men using Sharia Law as justification, would be liberalised (Taurus ascendant, Venus in Sagittarius 8H, the star Mirach {1 Taurus}, in the Chained-Woman constellation Andromeda, on the ascendant).
4. The TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE of 26 May hit the birthchart of the Ashraf Ghani government.
A total lunar eclipse, sometimes called a blood-moon eclipse – when accompanied by major planet transits; signifies major destruction and rebirth in a nation.
a. The beginning of the end started in 2016, when transit Pluto hit the progressed Sun (Ashraf Ghani govt) and President Trump came into power and later announced the withdrawal of troops.
b. The Total Lunar Eclipse of 26 May 2021 signified the end. Pluto, Lord of Death was in the 10H of the government. Transit Pluto-Mars opposition straddled the MC/ IC angles of the natal chart, signifying catastrophic death, obliteration and ultimate transformation of the government and the people.
a. A whole Afghan generation grew up in a Democratic society. They are the seed of the future. Taliban may impose Sharia Law, but its days – and the Taliban’s days are numbered – because of this generation and because our solar system is entering Aquarius. The forces of this sign frees the human soul from servitude and raises up the masses. Additionally, the withdrawing 6th ray will sweep away also (in time) all these fundamentalist religions.
b. The Sun rules the 5H of children in the Afghan chart. It is in the 9H, signifying children impregnated with a new idealism (Democracy) and who will fight to free themselves from the old ways (Sun square Moon). Vulcan, the esoteric ruler is conjunct the Sun, giving this generation with will and power to carry out this task.
c. The US and its allies did what they needed to do. Nothing was lost or wasted. They acted like Covid-19 has acted, brought about a reset of life. The Afghan people have been catapulted into the modern age and though there may be a damping down of the gains, they will not last. The spiritual evolution of humanity will have its way.”

FB Page of Leoni Hodgson August 2021


Wow Nancy!! What a good ASTROLOGER!

Thank you!!!

(Holy Crow)

Not to mention you, Jerry

At least we on this blog are prepared for September and October ……. and won’t expect the evacuation of Americans and loyalists from Afghanistan to be finished any earlier… we won’t be holding our breath. Which makes sense in light of what we are seeing now.

Not sure why the US is not employing helicopters for those Americans and loyalists in outlying areas…

Elisabeth Grace writes that this week Biden’s progressed Solar Arc is conjunct his Saturn. This tough aspect is a once-in-lifetime occurrence that does not happen to everyone. Too bad it happened to him while in the White House. It happened to me in 1999. I was trapped in a no-win professional situation which lasted 18 months and had negative effects for years, but it had an upside in the long term.

We must not forget the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December, which impacts the next twenty years, was exactly square Biden’s Moon. It was also exactly square Nancy Pelosi’s Saturn and opposite her Pluto. These are admirable people and gifted politicians who are sincerely trying to do the right thing. But as they age they are increasingly bewildered by our times, and may feel disconnected because their instincts don’t work as well as they expected in the past. Someone else will have to pick up their burden. Public anxiety will grow during the Pluto return next year because it is likely the GOP will take back the House unfairly through gerrymandering after the census. I believe the Democrats will hang on to the Senate allowing for one or two Supreme Court appointments. Pelosi will retire and Biden will fade after the mid-terms as it becomes increasingly evident he will not be the man to complete the transition to a different and better world. But they will have done well. They are the precursors of what comes after and they stand for what is right as best they can even if they are imperfect and sometimes fail. There will be much uncertainty in 2023 as to who follows Biden as it will become more clear that Kamala is not up to the presidential task. But the right leader will come for the Uranus return just as Biden is the right and good, but not great, President through the chaos of the Pluto return.

Correction: Biden’s progressed Solar Arc MC is conjunct his Saturn. Most people never experience this aspect.

Your words resonate, Andre. I just worry about what comes between these two epochal returns. The Republicans sure seem hell-bent on destroying this country, whether they can impose their will on it or not.

I can’t imagine what they will try and do during midterms. I mean, I can, and it looks pretty awful given where we are at now.

What will it take to evoke a massive pushback against this godawful group? Or do we even care enough to give a damn?

I’m puzzled. If the R’s succeed again in gerrymandering districts, and/or suppressing the vote, therefore retaking the House as you suggest in the 2022 election,
(A) Why would they if assuredly playing the game so unfairly, not also succeed in taking back the Senate?
(B) With the board so unfairly tilted in their favor, would not they also be set to win the presidency, House and Senate in 2024?

Eliseo, I believe the answer to (A) is they won’t try a complete steal of all races everywhere. Selective stealing may allow them to move in incremental, plausible deniability until they “perfect” their method.

(B) Unfortunately, I see their methods either being completed by 2024, or throwing plausible deniability to the wind as they retake all aspects of the government, thus turning this country into anything but a democracy.

As you can tell, I don’t hold out much hope of defeating the R’s at their evil game. Not only do the democrats not do evil, I don’t think they truly understand just -how- evil the R’s actually are. That worries me. And, as good as some of these politicians are on our side, I believe they need to retire. The country they’re trying to govern simply isn’t the world they’ve presided over for the last 60 years. They need to retire and let younger, stronger, (and more cynical) blood pulse thru our party.

on August 16th, 2021 at 11:01 pm you detailed how you went from bad news/politics to music. I share that propensity with you. I’ve found myself doing the same thing lately. The other night, mine started with Jon Anderson and the Promise Ring (very Celtic), moved over to Copperhead Road and some bluegrass, and ended up with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer as well as Kansas. Very eclectic, and very cathartic. Nice to know someone else who finds touchstones of sanity thru music, to counteract the evilness of today’s world. Thanks!

I do believe that the Republicans and Reactionaryism will be weakened considerably after Pluto leaves Capricorn for good in late 2024. Pluto in Aquarius will bring the impulse for freedom and a breaking away from a stifling status quo. It just may take some time for all of this to unfold. It will not be pretty, to say the least.


Yes. Nancy’s analysis is well expressed and interesting. Expanding on the discussion; no doubt Joe Biden’s intentions are in the right place. We should at least grant him credit for being sincere. On a more fundamental level however it seems as though he lacks the intuitive vision and foresight necessary in dealing with these kind of far ranging difficult foreign policy decisions. We live in unusual times. It’s no ones fault.

I am concerned about Joe Biden’s health during that rather intense October period. The October 6th Full Moon progresses and forms a square to the Pluto station the next morning. That October 7th date coincides with the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan. The Moon-Pluto opposition will t square Joe Biden’s natal Jupiter. Will the Taliban carry out a terror attack on US soil? This will be followed up by the October 10th Saturn station in opposition to Biden’s natal Pluto. Very intense.

Opinion | Biden Campaigned as a Truth Teller. Afghanistan Undermined His Credibility.

The president made assurances about the U.S. withdrawal that didn’t come close to bearing out, and instead were contradicted by photos and videos for all Americans to see.

August 18, 2021



CORRECTION Read instead: “The Moon-Pluto SQUARE will t square Joe Biden’s natal Jupiter.”

Well, here we go again. Solar return today. I’m getting too old for this!

Eliseo, Republican state legislatures cannot gerrymander state-wide elections for the Senate or national elections. Gerrymandering is about drawing up the boundaries of congressional districts in the House to obtain an unfair advantage, something that is unconstitutional in Canada where boundaries are drawn after a census by non-partisan authorities.

Voter suppression and intimidation are entirely different matters. Despite current fears, I believe they will not be decisive factors because there will be some kind of Voting Rights Act passed in the current Congress late this year or early next.

Sunstars & slightKC,
I too have turned to music to calm myself during these unusual times, but unfortunately I have to be very secretive about it. My terminally ill wife and I and M-in-Law live in the same house. M-in-Law has many weird rules, amongst which no music in the house. I’ve taken to playing baritone guitar very, very, very quietly after everyone has gone to bed. (The tones of a baritone guitar are less likely to awaken or disturb, and besides I prefer it to my other several guitars.) I’ve also returned to songwriting to keep my sanity. I do what I suppose would be a modern form of what the Germans call lieder, but my music is not in classical mode, nor are my lyrics from the romantic period. The music of each lied must be able to stand alone, and the lyrics must also be able to stand alone as poetry, or it is not a lied.

And I’m back to the editing, and rewriting, and editing, and rewriting, and editing, and rewriting of an old short story of mine and other projects, especially one of my continuing sci-fi/historical novel efforts. I need to return to my research (in the context of the literature and sociology of emotion) on a special project I began in graduate school on a very particularand essentially ignored form of hatred. But lately I’ve found my own emotions get in the way of focusing well on that dark subject.

All this to keep my sanity in these overly politicized, strange, crazy, plague filled times, and maybe I’m going crazy anyway!

A few more astrological notes on Biden. One is that we must remember he is a Scorpio, the toughest, most ruthless and most realistic of Water signs. While Scorpio shares a high degree of intuition with Water signs, it does not share their empathy. It is the only fixed sign among Water signs. Once its mind is made up, it will not be flexible. In Biden’s case, this is enhanced by his Moon in Taurus, which can bring stubbornness. Do not expect regrets over Afghanistan however it turns out. In Biden’s worldview, he is engaged in a deadly chess game with the Russians and the Chinese. He believes in the US national interest, not in humanity’s interest, but he thinks most of the time they are the same. Afghanistan, in this steely mindset, had become a drain on US resources and a sideshow. The plight of the Afghan people is not a foremost consideration. The US does not go to war over foreign women and children. To all governments in this world, whatever party is in power, humanitarian aid is an option, not the moral imperative many US citizens believe.

Another relevant astrological note is that Uranus is moving gradually to oppose Biden’s Sun. It is now halfway through the sign of Taurus while Biden’s Sun is at the very end of Scorpio. Uranus is therefore beginning to be strongly felt. It can bring a surprising rise or fall in public perception and support, particularly this week when it is turning retrograde. This aspect will be more powerful until the end of Biden’s term. The seventh house is also about close partnerships. While I will not speculate about his marriage, it is clear that Biden may increasingly be surprised (surprises, pleasant or not, are the specialty of Uranus) by his Vice President, who may falter as she tries to succeed him or may come to disagree with him.

In his natal chart, Biden’s Uranus is in early Gemini in the 6th house, the house of the military, at a crucial near-conjunction with his Descendant and near Saturn in the 7th. There is much to say about that. Saturn-Uranus near-conjunctions are highlighted when these planets in transit have other major aspects, such as this year’s Saturn-Uranus squares repeating until December, with effects well into 2022. The fact that Saturn and Uranus surround the Descendant means that tough military events may determine his legacy. He may be the President of military hard choices even more than domestic reforms, although he will make surprising and long-standing decisions domestically as well to alleviate serious problems such as poverty and inequality. He is clearly a President for difficult times much like his likely inspiration FDR. Finally, since he was born in 1942, he is basically a child of the last Uranus return. Being a Scorpio makes him attuned to the life-and-death implications of the Pluto return. Jupiter trine his early Sagittarius Ascendant gives him the faith to overcome dark and perilous challenges. Uranus in Gemini may also make him the man for the next Uranus return after 2024, or at least to play a crucial role in terms of military preparedness (including space and cyberwar) for a major conflict to be expected in 2027-28. Getting out of Afghanistan may prove to be a good move at that time.


Eliseo: Hahahaha

Thanks Andre for your 11:02 analysis on Joe Biden. IMO the mainstream media is bizzare and crazy when it comes to it’s reporting on all events, including Afghanistan and Covid. I hardley watch any of it, I do subscribe to Planet Waves, Eric Francis investigative reporting. It’s one of the few places that gives me a chance to listen and read and form my own opinions on events.

I certainly hope you are correct about a Voting Rights Act, though I would be concerned as to enforcement. In past decades the redrawing of district lines was overseen by a purportedly nonpartisan panel consisting of an equal number of Dems and R’s, but the R’s did away with that quite a number of years ago.

I should have written more clearly in the earlier post. I’m aware gerrymandering is a congressional prerogative, not a power of state legislatures. But in several “red” states the R dominated legislatures employ all sorts of shenanigans to keep themselves in power, and make sure only “their kind” are elected to US Congress. Whatever the federal government might or might not do, these politicians propensity to overt defiance is a concern.

The British Parliament condemns Joe Biden for what it sees as a dishonorable withdrawal from Afghanistan.


I did not wish to suggest above that Biden has no empathy. Of course he does, but it tends to stop at the border. Canadians have noticed our relationship with him is cooler than with Obama. While Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Pisces by Neptune, which can both be emotional, Scorpio is the Water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, which makes it hide its sensitivity under a harsh view of the world. The positive Scorpio is perhaps the best friend to have in times of need, as she knows how to fight for what she believes in. My partner is a Pisces with Scorpio rising, and is much tougher and practical than I, while often displaying great intuition and sensitivity.

It is interesting that Capricorn, my own sign, is sextile both Scorpio and Pisces. I would spontaneously consider such persons as friendly but be slightly wary of Scorpios. Certainly the Pluto transit over my Sun has made me better acquainted with Scorpio’s tough love, clear-eyed and hard-nosed outlook. But a good Capricorn will always prefer Piscean compassion and humanitarian ideals. Capricorn is a cardinal sign looking to initiate action and getting things done. It will heartfully help Pisces while relying on Scorpio’s strong character and resourcefulness. A good example of this is Justin Trudeau, a Capricorn with Mars in Pisces (as I am; I also have Saturn in Scorpio so I feel some passing knowledge of both signs), which gives him both a compassionate and effective outlook. After Trudeau’s likely reelection on September 20, he should work well with Biden even though they may at times differ strongly. The mutual respect and the trust will be there even if warmth and actual friendship are not.

They don’t call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires for no reason. Alexander the Great invaded Afghanistan in 330 BC. (Kandahar is a contraction of Iskandahar, the Afghan name for Alexander.) I believe he was the last to actually conquer and retain the area. All others who conquered after were unable to retain or maintain their dominance. They all failed to fully accomplish their mission.

It is a disappointment, but should be no surprise that withdrawal from the country is messy. I do not believe there was a “clean” or “honorable” way to get out. As the US withdraws from the mid-east we may see similiar scenarios.

I agree with Andre. There will be voting rights legislation and it will be attached to a tax break for Koch industries so it will pass or there will be a carve-out but I think a bipartisan vote will hold up better in courts. According to the Census, the population growth has occurred in the more diverse and better educated urban and suburban areas rather than the rural areas. Gerrymandering could backfire on the Republicans if they get too power-hungry and draw too many districts. Currently the Democrats have only 3 more seats than the Republicans

October 7, 2021/ The Changing of The Guard – from the Old To The New?

As mentioned, the October 6th Libra New Moon with its inherent Pluto station evolves into a Moon-Pluto square the following day. The Pluto station (24 ’18 Capricorn) located in VP Kamala Harris’s 7th house of partnerships forms a trine to her natal Jupiter (24 ’00 Taurus) and quincunx to her natal Ascendant/ North Node conj. degree (24 ’26/31 Gemini). This suggests to me a powerful transformation and transition is in the offing (Pluto to Jupiter) and its consequent adjustments (No. Node and Asc.) involving her destiny, karma and standing in the world………

Will Kamala Harris Take Over From Joe Biden? Rumors Swirl As US President’s Ratings Dip Amid Chaos In Afghanistan

The Free Press Journal
August 2021

In March this year, the President of the United States found himself being lambasted on social media for accidentally referring to his Deputy as “President Harris”. At the time, countless people had dissected the gaffe, questioning Joe Biden’s mental state and pointing out that mispronunciations from a US President are not a new phenomenon. Eventually however, it was forgotten as fresh controversies arose. But the idea of VP Kamala Harris taking over the reigns of the US government appear to have persisted.

With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan in less than a fortnight, the backlash has been immense for US President Joe Biden. For the first time since he took office earlier this year, the Democrat’s have ratings dipped below the 50% mark. And while Biden continues to stand by his decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan, the growing humanitarian and administrative crisis in the South Asian country has left many fuming.



This is after all the beginning of a new Jupiter/Saturn cycle. . . . . . .


Every US President from 1840 to 1960 who has been elected in a year ending in a zero has died in office. This phenomenon has been attributed to what is known as Tecumseh’s Curse, which appeared to have broken, or at least weakened, by the time Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980: there was an assassination attempt a few months after Reagan began his term, but he survived.

There is a well-known astrological correspondence to Tecumseh’s Curse, which is that there has always been a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction within a year or so of the ‘zero’ Presidents being elected. Until the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn were the 2 outermost planets, and so very much the significators of world events and their cycles. When they conjoin (about every 20 years) a whole new cycle begins.

Saturn (authority) and Jupiter (King of the Gods) are both connected to leadership, so if this curse is/was real, it would not be surprising to find a correspondence to the Saturn-Jupiter cycle. That there is in fact a correspondence suggests to me that the curse is real.



Jerry, any thoughts on who she may pick as a VP if Biden steps down? I’ve read several posts on this site that he may step down but back then we were thinking it was because of health reasons. Frankly, I feel I’m on tenterhooks with the critical state of American democracy, with fires and droughts, with covid, and with the California Governor’s recall vote looming that has a fired up and well funded Republican Party v a seemingly apathetic Dem populace. I fear a Republican governor will slip in and appoint a Republican Senator when and if Senator Feinstein (who is in her mid to late 80s) doesn’t complete her term.

Facebook, like money, is an energy form which can be used for either good or bad.

Hi Frank,

Your question presupposes that life as we know it will continue on as usual. The direction we are heading I’m afraid isn’t very reassuring. I expect it will be a fluid situation. We may be entering into unchartered territory.

Presidents with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction during their term in office


Click on image to enlarge, right click on image to save or download

For Eliseo

Patry video in my files December 8, 2017- “President Trump and the Future of America”.

Quote at 18:09 mark “…and here is my prediction [“he will be one of our greatest presidents that we ever had.]”

I am reading here some of you are speculating abt Biden’s death. However, I do fear an attempt on his life b/c he is putting a stop to this warmonger group making billions on weapons due to Afghanistan war or whatever it is.

Biden is close to 80 so his health is at least somewhat fragile, so a sudden heart attack or stroke is perfectly possible, AND has to overcome a stutter as he speaks publicly, now more than ever, so, along with a senior brain, gaffes are not so easy to avoid. The jury is out on the Afghanistan pull out. I feel he has some plan B, etc., some strategy. I don’t have high hopes for a KH presidency. Let’s see.

Nancy Pelosi is 81. Biden is 78, gonna be 79 this year.

I am 73. One of my best friends won the Order of Canada a couple years ago for her work in Gerentology.

How do I feel about all this?

Onward and upward. I take great supplements, study anti-aging methodologies. and listen to Dr. David Sinclair, also well known for his anti-agiing techniques.

And I’m not above getting a little help cosmetically.
Still, all this is a bit of an uphill struggle.

Yup I have struggle getting back to the kind of exercise I did years ago although I am quite active.

My biggest challenge is my state of mind…… to always maintain my natural optimism (Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sag, and Mercury trine Uranus in Gemini)

It was scary going when the 2 transiting Cap planets squared my Moon in Aries in the 7th.

And now Saturn and Uranus are on the cusp of opposing and squaring my 3 Leo planets….
Mars, Saturn and Pluto. This will be especially apparent next year and the year after I think….

I try to have a high level of consciousness. If I slip, I personally am of the opinion that it won’t be physical. It will be mental and emotional.
I understand that most of the physical is triggered by the emotional.

So in a way it is a struggle.

But it is all in the way you look at it. Lawrence O’Donnell said on his show a cpl nights ago that much of the American public doesn’t remember the Viet Nam war, and the way it ended, which was much, much worse than that of the Afghan war.

He gave Biden credit for adapting so well to the end of American involvement there and for getting thousands of people out.

I feel privileged to have seen the Viet Nam war, and the ending of it. Such perspective, and information.

Before Biden was the nominee, someone in my environment questioned whether he was the right one.

I simply said: He has a lot of EXPERIENCE. And that has turned out to be the case.

I bought a National Geographic magazine a couple years ago, for it’s cover. It showed a baby and the caption said: “This Baby Will Live To 121.”

That’s what I’m aiming for. Just gotta make sure I have lots of people around me that I love, and who love me.

It occurs to me the afghani situation over the past few days and the abundant negative piling on of Biden, is sort of like everyone watching a heart surgeon cut into the heart and, on first seeing blood, scream the operation is a failure. Perhaps waiting until the surgery has been completed and a rehab period has elapsed would be a better time to determine complete failure, or not.
I think many are under the significant delusion that a western style democracy could have been accomplished by ‘america’. Heck, in recent years we cant even take care of our own backyard!

Re Tecumseth’s curse:
Presidential deaths occurred when the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction was in an earth sign. In 1980, the conjunction was in an air sign, with some offering that as a reason why Reagan survived the curse.

The other anomaly is the 2000 conjunction which was in an earth sign, but I’ve not seen an explanation as to why Bush was spared the curse.

So questions.

The 2020 conjunction was in an air sign. Should we expect Biden to survive a near death experience?

Given the Bush anomaly, might there be some other aspect paired with Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that activates the curse?

Peter, I agree. There may be a common thread but every situation is a little different and unique.

Sunstars…sounds like you are doing it right.

My comments about Biden had to do with the immense pressures he is under at this time, and at this age. He’s doing well considering all that but it’s far more than what’s common, I would say.


“is sort of like everyone watching a heart surgeon cut into the heart and, on first seeing blood, scream the operation is a failure.”

“I think many are under the significant delusion that a western style democracy could have been accomplished by ‘america’. Heck, in recent years we cant even take care of our own backyard!”
Amen to that!
As a person with a social science background, I am consistently frustrated with our politicians and business community ignorance of basic elementary anthropology, sociology, and history. I do believe some of them are so dumb, they would eagerly attempt to sell Jimmy Dean pork sausage in Israel! While we’re at it, how about let’s sell beefsteak to the Hindus in India!

GWB wasn’t actually elected in 2020. He was “SELECTED” by a compromised supreme court. Maybe that was a factor? If I recall correctly, I believe the supremes made and announced their decision Dec. 13 of that year.

One factor to consider more often is the Neptune transit to the Mars-Neptune square in the US chart. The 4 July 1776 chart has Mars at 21 Gemini and Neptune at 22 Virgo. Currently Neptune is at 22 Pisces.

The Mars-Neptune square creates a permanent strain between military might and the police force on the one hand, and on the other hand American values and ideals, or the American humanitarian impulse which a Sun and a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer will provide. This is true at the best of times, but much more so now when transiting Neptune creates a T-square with that square in the US chart, which is as central as the Sun-Saturn square which brings heavy responsibilities.

The T-square breaks down into an opposition from Neptune to the 1776 Neptune which has already happened once in US history in the lead-up to the Civil War. It brings clearly a soul-searching, dispiriting period with great internal division and low national morale, the complete opposite of the Neptune return which brought the highest American vision to the world during World War II and compassion for the poor and trust in the morality of government with FDR’s social programs. The T-square also brings a square to the 1776 Mars, which can translate as meltdown (a typical Neptunian word) of a military situation or an immoral use of police power as in the George Floyd murder and many other killings. The Mars-Neptune square has a strong racial component in internal American history with deep-seated racial abuse by state and local authorities.

The current T-square is simultaneous with the Pluto return, which has never happened before and will not take place again for over 200 years. The Pluto return has often been compared to a near-death experience followed by a national resurrection. This is clearly, as if you didn’t know it, a critical and unprecedented time in US history which will reach its peak in 2022.

By the time we reach the Uranus return in the late 2020s, both the T-square and the Pluto return will be over, which should bring a renewed sense of national purpose for another dramatic challenge to the country which will have world-wide significance, as previous Uranus returns have shown.

Once Neptune moves out of range of the Mars-Neptune square, Uranus will move in. After the conjunction to natal Uranus at 9 Gemini in 2027-28, it will make its way to 21 Gemini and conjoin Mars while it squares US Neptune in 2030. The moral ambiguity of the Mars-Neptune square will once again be exacerbated.

This can be better understood by looking back at the late Forties. After the Uranus conjunction at D-Day, Uranus moved towards the Mars-Neptune square which it reached in 1948. That period was very eventful and shaped our current world. It covered the atomic bombing of Japan, the Nuremberg trials, the birth of the Cold War, the Marshall Plan, the creation of the UN and NATO, the Berlin airlift, and the appearance of India, Pakistan and Israel among many other major happenings. The moral ambiguity was apparent in most, il not all, these historical events which all involved the US to some extent. Even if the US was generally a force for good, a dark side also occasionally became visible as it dominated the global stage in its national interest and its capitalist vision, which brought many people in the world to support communism or various degrees of socialism in their defense of the common man.

Uranus brings both good and bad surprises. Uranus on Mars brought unimagined military power. Uranus square Neptune meant that power was not always used wisely or brought unforeseen moral issues and hubris, which later became apparent in Vietnam and remains a danger to this day. All these issues will be revisited compellingly in the next ten years.

This is very interesting! It will be even more interesting if they actually succed in getting this signed into law. If not, it reflects a developing consensus among elected Dems which we can hope will eventuality prevail.

House Democrats Just Got Serious About Reining In the Supreme Court
Their new voting rights bill limits the court’s power to greenlight voter suppression.


The first few paragraphs read:
On Tuesday, Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, also known as H.R. 4. As Ian Millhiser explained in Vox, H.R. 4 essentially overturns the Supreme Court’s recent attacks on voting rights: Its central provisions give both the Justice Department and federal courts sweeping authority to block voter suppression laws. But one crucial section takes a more creative approach: The House bill actually repeals the court’s own rules for deciding election-related cases—which strongly favor states’ ability to suppress votes—replacing them with voter-friendly directives that would force the justices to safeguard equal suffrage. H.R. 4 also takes on the “shadow docket,” prohibiting the Supreme Court from issuing unreasoned emergency orders reversing lower court decisions that protected the franchise. And it abolishes the legal doctrine that allows the justices to shield anti-voting laws from judicial scrutiny in the run-up to an election.

H.R. 4, in short, is court reform. It is the clearest indication yet that House Democrats are getting serious about reining in an out-of-control Supreme Court.

Inbetween there are about 8 more longish paragraphs explaining important details.

The last paragraphs read:
“The Constitution grants Congress the power to regulate SCOTUS’s jurisdiction and to craft judicial remedies for violations of federal law. Michael Morley, a right-leaning professor at Florida State University College of Law, said this section “may be among the least constitutionally vulnerable provisions” of H.R. 4.

“Congress seems well within its rights to adjust the balancing test that courts must apply in deciding whether to grant relief” under federal voting rights laws, Morley told me. Because Congress passed the federal statute that allows citizens to sue over voting restrictions, it also gets to decide what factors courts must consider (or ignore) in these cases. For similar reasons, Congress “almost certainly has authority” to overturn the Purcell principle, which is not “a constitutional requirement” but rather “a default rule that Congress can supersede through clear statutory language.” Morley did assert, however, that the provision excluding consideration of states’ interest in enforcing their laws “raises substantial federalism concerns” because it “squarely repudiates states’ sovereign interests.”

Aderson Francois, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, saw it differently. “My reading of the statute is that Congress is neither telling states not to care for their interests, nor directing the court to ignore those interests when they are concrete,” Francois told me. “The way I read it is that you cannot use an abstract state interest in enforcing your laws to outweigh an actual burden on the right to vote.” But, he added, “I’m never going to predict what crazy reading of federalism this court will embrace.”

Because the Supreme Court answers to no one, it can always, in theory, adopt a “crazy reading” of the Constitution that requires federal courts to suppress the vote. But with H.R. 4, House Democrats have made a bet that the justices will stand down in a game of chicken over voting rights. If it exerts extraordinary new powers to avoid the bill’s limits, the conservative supermajority will only demonstrate the need for much more sweeping court reform.

Unless the Senate scraps the filibuster, there is little chance that this measure will become law in the near future—though it has the backing of the White House and seems poised to pass the House. Its time may not have come quite yet. But H.R. 4 is what happens when Democrats get serious about protecting the Constitution from the Supreme Court.

Thats encouraging news about provisions in the proposed law Eliseo.

On another note – NZ has gone from just 1 to 51 confirmed delta cases in the span of only 3 days – so far they have id’d around 5K possible contacts – mostly younger ones who have been out and about lots. 99.9% of the country is totally behind the current, rapidly enforced very strict lockdown. We have enjoyed a year of almost absolute liberty without risk and want it back sooner rather than later! PM has just extended max level nationwide lockdown til tuesday, then cabinet will review decision based on more collected data.

Hi Bob,

Re: Joni Patry

There was considerable debate over this issue a while back; whether Joni was a fervent Trump supporter or not. Initially, when Trump announced his candadicy, she clearly stated she was basing her observations solely on astrology.. Her contention was that Trump represented a force for change. Noting the events of the past few years, I think there is an element of truth to that. There has been an intensification of previously unchallenged, unquestioned beliefs on so many levels. Adversity must be brought to the surface and bravely faced if we are ever to establish lasting resolution and harmony. The video you cited is dated Nov 26, 2016 before Mr T. assumed the Presidency. Toss it up to political naivete and perhaps a general ignorance of Trump’s true obvious character flaws. She did not attempt to express those thoughts later on in any of her later videos or writings. So my friend, what prompted you to bring this up? There are a few in this discussion group who feel this issue has been hashed to death.

There are several variants of covid, but the Beta form out of South Africa may be the most dangerous because it is purportedly transmissble to mice and rats. And as we all know, mice and rats are infamous for hitching rides on container ships, or any kind of ship. Let us hope we can prevent that one from leaving South Africa, and is soon extinguished.

🙂 Yes, Sharon K

Hoo Boy Andre… That explains a lot to me about my Uranus conjunct America’s Mars, and my Sun in opposition to America’s Neptune, and my Sun in square to America’s Mars…….

Yep so much happened to me down there….. it was unbelievable and a sign of the times……..

It was really unbelievable. Every time something was in the paper it happened to me.

Were those Delta victims travelers? Did they leave NZ and then return? Hopefully your quick national lockdown will alleviate the problem.

Eliseo, 1st case has genomic link to the current sydney outbreak. Theyre still trying to figure out exact transmission incident, but it came from someone returning from OZ after their outbreak.

Quote from Jerry’s post: “The video you cited is dated Nov 26, 2016 …”

My response: Jerry my post was directed to Eliseo because I wanted to get that information to him and I do not have his Email address. Your choosing to read a post directed to someone else is on you.

Quote from Jerry’s post: “She did not attempt to express those thoughts later on in any of her later videos or writings.”

My response: Au contraire. In my files a video featuring Patry titled “Predictions December 2016”, dated November 29 just 3 days later than the first referenced video. At the 9:17 mark Patry says “…in my other videos I speak of him as being the king that is born.” (FYI – he was not.)

Quote from Jerry’s post: “So my friend, what prompted you to bring this up?”

My response: My post was to share information with Eliseo (Re-read my first response.) not to discuss anything.

From me to you Jerry – you believe what you want. I shall do the same.

Dear Bob,

May I gently remind you, this is a group discussion setting where ideas are freely exchanged. That is the spirit and nature of these discussions. If a person addresses one individual in the group it is generally understood others can join in as well and respond in kind if they feel so compelled. The atmosphere is friendly and caring. Exclusive, private discussions, if that is your intention, can be discreetly handled in other ways, such as contacting one of the moderators; Sharon or Nancy with a request to pass on your e mail address to the intended person.

Joni’s choice of words may be unfortunate in that particular characterization, but I think it can be interpreted in many varied ways, not necessarily political. I’m not quite sure why this is so upsetting to you, but at least know, from my end, no ill-will was intended. As you suggested, “you believe what you want. I shall do the same.”

I thoroughly dislike Joni & her pro Trump predictions but she was right about him having a large impact, albeit a Satanic one.

Talking about her reminds me of a fellow Joni disliker whose absence is noted. How are you, Will?

On August 18 2021 at 8:01 pm I said: Not sure why the US is not employing helicopters for those Americans and loyalists in outlying areas

Well, they were! And are! Yay!

I take back those things I said about Biden.

Sharon will supply you with my email address. Please contact her.

I learned many years ago that knowledge and practice of astrology is no guarantee of spiritual awareness or accuracy.

I know of a few astrologers like Joni who were smitten with Trump and saw him as some sort of messianic figure.

I know of a few others who don’t necessarily hold Trump in high regard, but nonetheless see him as some sort of agent of change destined to shake up if not completely tear down the status quo.

The latter interpretation I just kind of shrug to. Clearly he’s accomplished that to some degree, and maybe it was always destined to happen by way of some agent provocateur or another. The astrology has always suggested this time period as one with potential for great upheaval in the US, but that there is also the possibility for change and renewal coming up through the other side.

The former interpretation, of Trump as some kind of messianic figure, hero, or superman, is just plain dumbassery. He’s a criminal idiot who deserves to have his assets and companies liquidated, and see himself tossed into a prison cell to rot as a convicted felon for the rest of his days.

But also certainly speaks volumes about Americans in this current moment that so many have been so willing to jump on his bandwagon, and even now, with multiple opportunities to jump off and save face, are still on it.

“that so many have been so willing to jump on his bandwagon, and even now, with multiple opportunities to jump off and save face, are still on it.”

It is so difficult for people like us to “wrap our heads around” the “thinking” or is it “Flinking” (thought mixed poorly with strong feeling,) of Trump supporters, anti-vaxxers, etc. Right now the US is experiencing Neptune opposite our natal Neptune, which I recall we last experienced in the late 1850’s. I’m thinking this particular transit must surely be the cause, or perhaps also the reflection of this present mass tendency to delusion.

One of the developments sociologists and historians note as a characteristic of the last half of the 19th, and the entire 20th century was that of political ideology coming to replace the role of religion in many people’s lives. But whether it is religion in the old sense, or political ideology, “blind faith” though we might think of it as the dark side of religion, does function to impart a sense of meaning to many.

We DO LIVE existentially speaking, in an era in which alienation, an aspect of which is a sense of meaninglessness, grips our souls like the python squeezing its prey.

I feel this current Neptune relationship with its propensity to engender confusion and a sense of loss of self (and hopefully renewal) is at the root of all this very dangerous wackiness. In combination with our approaching Pluto return and later our Uranus return, we feel so very overwhelmed.

I’m thinking maybe the stress of it all bends the “gravity” of our capacity for rationality way beyond normal parameters, a condition to which some are more vulnerable than others.

These are my tentative thoughts as to the what and why we are experiencing. I have great respect for your intelligence, the clarity of your insights, and your deep astrological acumen. I therefore humbly seek your learned opinion. I’m sure many on this blog are as overwhelmed as am I in our quest to understand the peculiar social craziness now so widespread. Does the Neptune opposition provide an adequate explanation?


Like anything in life, one learns to discriminate over time. I don’t wish to defend Patry, but there had been a noticeable shift in her views regarding Mr T. after he came into office. She appears to be much more measured and cautious in her words and rightfully so. I think she probably realized what she was saying can be easily misinterpreted or politicized. I haven’t scrutinized or followed her work that closely, so I can’t vouch for her integrity, but I think she has some interesting things to say regarding astrology in general. The drawback in being so vociferously opposed to another view is that one becomes intolerant and narrow in ones perspective without meaning to do so. I think there is a healthy balance wherein one takes in all the viewpoints, weigh the value of what is being said and then quickly move on.

Phil Valentine, “conservative” radio host and anti-vaxxer has died of covid-19.


A perfectly designed disease to take away many of the crazy right wingers, it also takes innocent rational people, like my brother. But every day we see the sort of headlines as above.

Eliseo, your thought-provoking comment about the US experiencing Neptune opposite natal Neptune, sure helps explain the tRump delusion. While the creature is no longer president, tRumpism is alive and well, very scary.

Paraphrasing lines from E. Alan Meece book, with Neptune opposite U.S. natal Neptune, Pluto return 2022-2023, and after that the Uranus return, in the mid-2020’s the country will be transformed and unrecognizable. That is a triple-whammy, comparable to the Revolution, Civil War, and WWII.

Listened to an online show where Mitchell Scott Lewis was the guest astrologer, and mentioned the following about Uranus being in Taurus right now, and after that moving into Gemini, which doesn’t sound pretty.
1767 – 1775 Uranus was in Taurus (changing values)
1776 — Uranus moved into Gemini, Revolutionary War

1851 – 1858 Uranus in Taurus
1859 – 1866 Uranus in Gemini, Civil War

1934 – Uranus in Taurus (Depression)
1942 – Uranus in Gemini, and U.S. joined WWII

Uranus now in Taurus, moving into Gemini in a couple years.

Another civil war?? To me, tRumpsters are the U.S. version of Taliban, and will not give up until they get more power, and January 6 was a practice run.

Thank you for your post Marija. That information is what I usually look for to work with.

Thankyou for reminding me of E.A. Meece’s book, Horoscope For The New Millennium. I read it originally back in the early 90’s. He wrote the book well before the events of 9/11/2001.

He certainly was on target when he stated that by the end of this period the country will be transformed and unrecognizable, referring to the Neptune/Neptune opposition, the Pluto return, and Uranus return, comparing all to the Revolution, Civil War, and WWII. That transformation is certainly under way.

In retrospect, he proceeded I think under some false quasi-marxist assumptions, but nevertheless got much correct. I think he was trying to be objective, but his assumption of malevolent intent relative to American adventures is I believe misplaced. I trace this to his misunderstanding of the events of the last year and a half of WWII, and the institutions established in the late 1940’s. Such adventures IMO begin with both noble and ignoble motivations simultaneously.

Checking back into Ch. 18, p. 289 at bottom he stated an expectation the president elected in 2020 would like Reagan barely escape a violent attack by “inches.” I find that possibility very plausible considering the mood of our right wingers.

Also in retrospect, he assumed we would progress much faster on the path to a green economy than has actually occurred. I can relate to that optimism; at that time in the 90’s I assumed likewise we would legislate more rationally. I think many of us naively underestimated the depth and breadth of anti-environmentalist recalcitrance.

Andre: Thank you for your post of August 20, 2021 at 6:59 pm.

You said that the US chart has Mars at 21 Gemini and Neptune at 22 Virgo.

Neptune is currently at 22 Pisces, creating a T-Square to the US natal Mars – Neptune square.

So transiting Neptune is exacerbating the US natal Mars in Gemini, Neptune in Virgo square.

To me, a Mars-Neptune square can be a signature of, say, a body-builder….the idealism of the Masculine.

I have always thought that the US Mars-Neptune square created Hollywood.

It can be a collective dream, or notion, or super- idealism of the country.

In the case of Neptune in Pisces, where it is at home and therefore stronger, the T-Square is also capable of creating Q-Anon and all the obvious lies that Trump and enablers create.

It also speaks to the altered state of consciousness by a portion of the country, creating very real actions and consequences. I think the VIRUS is ruled by Neptune. Neptune rules hard-to-diagnose diseases, doesn’t it?

Neptune rules diseases or illnesses of the body that have to do with the fluids in the body- Pneumonia – is that correct?

Neptune-Mars would rule idealism of the Masculine, or idealism of action, right?

Lindsey Graham was born with a Mars-Neptune square. The fact that he is able to survive politically speaks to the current environment tolerant of lies and of the fluidity of sentiment in the US. He also has the same solar return as OJ Simpson. There is something outstanding about July 9 birthdays and January 9 birthdays…..they may be like out-of-bound planets.

So yes, descriptions of the present T-Square are reflected in living color in the life of the US today.

Neptune-Mars would mean the idealism of guns too…

Posted here by Bob on August 12th, 2021 at 6:51 pm

Chart showing September transits to both the Sibly and tRump charts in the first week of September.


Sunstars, that is very perceptive. Certainly, John Wayne would be a figure that reflects the Mars-Neptune square. The macho cowboy spirit was idealized to veil (another Neptunian word) the underlying violence at the core of the American experience. Gaslighting is a Neptunian concept and mass delusion would periodically be dominant or remain permanently embedded in parts of the American people (the deep South’s view of the Confederacy and evangelism come to mind as well of course as permanent racial suppression). Another side of the square would be the fascination with action movies and guns. That is why the Second Amendment concentrates such irrational thinking.

Marjorie Orr writes today about Biden’s chart. She underlines his natal Mars-Pluto square. Mars and Pluto share rulership of his Sun-sign Scorpio. Mars is in Scorpio and Pluto is in Leo. Both are fixed signs. Pluto is in the 10th house. This would make him much more controlling and fixed in his views than might appear. This confirms what I wrote earlier about his stubbornness and tendency to tune out his empathy at will when it comes in the way of deeply-entrenched views. Saturn is now hitting his Mars-Pluto square which will make some character flaws more visible and also bring setbacks. His priority is probably the big picture of strategic competition with China, Russia and Iran. In that larger realistic view, Afghan refugees may unfortunately be seen as expendable. What is missing here is public recognition of the hit American credibility is taking all over the world. No wonder Biden is sending Kamala to Asia to reassure American allies. Taiwan and other Pacific nations would hardly be reassured by what is going on in Afghanistan. These events raise troubling questions about American planning and resolve. In NATO, an emerging consensus is that the US is an unreliable ally, despite Biden’s assurances that America is back. We are entering a more dangerous world. The 20th century was the American century. The 21st is not.

I was wrong however on one thing. I wrote a few days ago that by Solar Arc Biden’s MC was now conjunct his Saturn. That is incorrect. I took that at face value from another astrologer without checking Biden’s chart. Now that I did, I see that is impossible because his Saturn was in Gemini at birth and his MC in Virgo. Nor is the reverse, SA Saturn on his MC, possible, because he would have to be 100. However, there are enough indications in his natal chart as well as his Administration chart to say that he is entering an increasingly difficult time, although December looks good as Pluto will oppose his natal Jupiter for the last time. He should reach major goals at the end of the year. Also, he remains paradoxically empowered or stimulated by the Pluto return as it sextiles his Sun. The rougher it gets, the steadier he may be, although there will be setbacks.


Andre: Like, you are totally ON IT!!


Well my SISTER has Moon and Mars in Scorpio. OMG!!

And she would talk to me every day if she could.

However, Dr. Fauci the Capricorn has Moon and Mars in Scorpio and uses it to good effect.

In my sister’s case, she has Sun in Gemini along with Mercury and Venus in Gemini – in the 9th house.

So she’s a teacher, a writer, and very political..

I believe implicitly in her political understanding of the politics in BC and in Canada.

I phone her up at voting time and say to her: “(Sister)”, who am I voting for? Lol!!

Most of my attention goes to American politics.

However, the mutable sign(s) of Gemini, I feel in her case have been overwhelmed by the fixed sign of Scorpio….. so she may have less control over her responses than say Fauci, whose Capricorn Sun can HANDLE his Moon and Mars in Scorpio.

RE: questions about American planning and resolve.
I think the average American had great resolve against the Soviets, but they were a foe we could understand. Am’s are innately impatient – If we request it today, we want it to arrive yesterday. The Taliban, Al Queada, etc. are a far more implacable foe the average American can’t make sense of or understand. To defeat them would take time and patience most Am’s do not feel worthy of investing. Most Americans, Left and Right are in a “Let’s go home” mood; we’ve decided we are dealing with people who hate one another for dubious reasons, have done so for centuries, who will never change, and are therefore a waste of our time.

We are indeed entering a more dangerous world, made that much more dangerous IMO because the US chooses to abdicate the role it played with general success from the end of WWII until quite recently. There are parallels with our withfrawal from Vietnam, but more so I think with our withdrawal from global affairs after WWI, symbolized perfectly by the Senate refusing to ratify the League of Nations. I suspect our withdrawal will precipitate events not that dissimilar from those suceeding WWI.

RE: My post above about the weary American mood and withdrawal from the world.
I sometimes wonder if the retrograde Mars in our progressed chart is the reflection of this withdrawal. If I remember correctly, that retrograde continues until some time in the 2080’s.

Regarding Biden’s chart, I was anticipating some major event related to Trump and/or Biden’s quagmire in Afghanistan with yesterdays August 22nd Full Moon (29 ’36 Aq) because of its trigger to Trump’s Mars/Ascendant degrees (26/29 Leo)/ and Biden’s Chiron/South Node conj. (28/29 Leo) and Sun/Venus conj (27/28 Scorpio). Nothing dire as yet. But the Afghani situation does look ominous. I heard reports that the evacuation process out of Kabul airport will become untenable in a weeks time due to the logistics of finding suitable accommodations for the refugees.

Here is Biden’s chart…….


Actually the Full Moon could reflect some volatility currently in play at Kabul airport in Afghanistan……….

Firefight at Kabul Airport involving Afghan, U.S., German forces

Aug 23, 2021

A firefight broke out between Afghan security forces and unknown assailants at the North Gate of Kabul airport on Monday, the German Bundeswehr said on Twitter.

One Afghan security force member was killed and three others were injured in the battle, which also involved U.S. and German forces, the Bundeswehr said.

All Bundeswehr soldiers remained uninjured, it said.



The Marjorie Orr article “Joe Biden – Can’t Escape His Astrology” was quite interesting.

She made note of Biden’s Jan 20, 2021 Inaugural progressed Moon conjunct the natal Mars/Uranus conj. in mid September. I noticed tr. Venus will form a t square to this Inaugural Mars/Uranus/Progressed Moon-Jupiter square on or around September 16th. Could that be an intensification of events on the ground in Afghanistan?

Marjorie added some to the Biden post – shows he may be able to push through major transformation:

” What may be most important is Biden’s Pluto conjunct the USA ‘leadership’ Leo North Node which should help to shape the USA’s path ahead and bring about a transformation. Trump’s Pluto is also conjunct the US Node though not as closely and he clearly had a Plutonic effect on the USA – Pluto being destructive and power hungry as well as an influencer.

“Biden’s relationship chart with the USA has a friendly composite Sun Venus Mercury sextile Jupiter; but also an explosive composite Mars square Uranus and sextile Pluto – part of this latter will help in pushing through significant policies of change but will also lead to disruptive discussions and differences.”

I also saw some interesting discussion elsewhere that part of the reason for the chaos at in Kabul was that the DOD thought they could push Biden back to stay in Afghanistan by slow-rolling things, that in previous administrations the DOD were able to roll Obama and Trump that way, but then they realized that Biden was not going to back down and by then it was too late to recover from their half-assed planning and had to scramble. It doesn’t sound at all far-fetched, and also goes to Biden’s stubbornness, in a good way.

…….. during the early morning hours of September 17th the moon joins the fray with its conjunction to Venus square Saturn and triggering the Mars/Uranus conj in the 2021 Inaugural chart.

September 17th marks the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution of 1787. The Sun at 24 Virgo conjunct the US Constitution Sun will be in trine to Pluto at 24 Capricorn (one day prior to the highly publicized March On Washington pro Trump rally)…..

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

– Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America

USA Astrology And The US Constitution by Doug Walker

This section of the book Washington, An Astrological Memoir, covers USA astrology, especially the restructuring of the Articles of Confederation, which was not working very well. It is about the US Constitution and its founding. It demonstrates Washington’s influence all through the restructuring efforts of the Founders.



Wolfstar emphasizes the transiting Uranus station inconjunct US Saturn to explain the Afghanistan debacle. He also draws parallels with the astrology of the Vietnam retreat in 1975. Both were unwinnable wars as he says. He also mentions that progressed US Saturn is retrograde since 1997. This is on top of US Mars retrograde and would add to the woes felt in the US.


I saw Biden give another press conference yesterday. I gave him a grade of 0 in his first two attempts to explain the withdrawal from Afghanistan and 50% on Friday. I think he made it to 65% yesterday, but it could still go down in coming days which will be critical as the August 31 deadline approaches. Transiting Pluto sextile his Sun in his solar 3rd house should make him transmit his message effectively. He can do that if he does so regularly like FDR’s fireside chats. He has to keep the people on his side, but he won’t achieve that if he denies basic facts on the ground. However, he did manage to show more empathy to the Afghan people.

There was a revealing moment in the press conference. One journalist quoted a poll that questioned Biden’s judgment and ability to govern. He asked Biden not to shoot the messenger, perhaps fearing his response. To no avail. Biden said and I quote: ‘I don’t trust many people. I do not trust you.” To me, that was Mars in Scorpio in the 12th square Pluto in the 10th talking. A defensive and tense answer that tends to divide the world into black and white. Biden shares Mars in Scorpio with Andrew Cuomo. It gives great mental toughness and willpower, which in Biden’s case helped him to overcome tragedy but also practically guarantees a tragic life with its square to Pluto. Not someone to cross in a dark alley, but a great and loyal friend to have.

Biden’s 12th house is loaded. He not only has Mars there but also Mercury and a Sun-Venus conjunction near the Ascendant which gives a winning smile but hides deeper and darker emotions. Interestingly, his Administration chart’s 12th house is loaded as well. There is a lot we don’t see.

Some have suggested his National Security Advisor and his Secretary of State should be fired. I have not been impressed by either of them and I do not believe they will be there for his entire term. However, now is not the time to let them go. With Pluto in the 10th, Biden is demanding but his fixed planets also make him faithful to the people around him, perhaps to a fault. I unfortunately see a failure to surround himself with independent minds of strong character; that would include his VP. The exception in my view is Secretary of Defense Austin, who I intuitively feel has a great future without so far looking at his chart.

Interesting interpretation of the current astro energies from the perspective of blending mythology with living in the now

Many Thanks for the link and reference to the Doug Walker book! I notice it is available to Kindle at Amazon. It is now on my list of books to buy.

Hi Eliseo,

I haven’t read the book, but the section enclosed provides rich insight into the formation of our country after independence supported by astrological observations. A fascinating read.

A Fascinating read indeed!

President Biden vowed that his Afghan withdrawal would not lead to a Saigon moment. That ship has sailed, but Saigon 1975 is far from the worst-case scenario for Afghanistan today. With thousands of unprotected U.S. citizens scattered across the country, Mr. Biden should worry about a repeat of Tehran in 1979. – WSJ

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Will Become A Hostage Crisis

Aug 18, 2021

The 1979-81 Iranian hostage crisis defined the Carter administration. Iranian students allied with Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini seized the US Embassy in Tehran and held 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days. The episode sapped American morale, humiliated the United States on the world stage, and ended any possibility of Carter’s re-election.

The Afghanistan debacle may now make that look like the good ol’ days.

The rapid Taliban advance stranded several thousand Americans in Kabul and across Afghanistan. The US Embassy in Kabul has urged Americans first to shelter in place and then to make their way to the airport for evacuation. It warned, however, that it could not guarantee the safety of the routes to the airport. That may be sage advice: The Taliban have shut off access to the airport. Bold Afghans now share videos via social media of Taliban thugs using whips and pipes to beat men, women, and children who try to go to the airport. Administration officials like National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, White House Spokesman Jen Psaki, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin refuse to guarantee that they will evacuate all Americans.

It appears that, for the Biden administration, Plans A, B, and C are to beg the Taliban to allow people to pass unmolested. The Taliban agree orally, but then continue their crackdown regardless.

While the press focuses on efforts to enable Americans to get to the airport, they may be missing the bigger picture: The entire city of Kabul is now the equivalent of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979. If thousands of Americans are left behind in Kabul—a scenario which men like Sullivan seem willing to let occur—they effectively become hostages. The Taliban may be disorganized now but they are slowly consolidating their control. If the White House and State Department hope that order will bring reasoned dialogue, they are foolish. As the Taliban solidify their grip on the country, they will begin to consider the Westerners left behind as hostages over which they can bargain to further America’s humiliation.

The danger grows because the Taliban are not an indigenous force. They may have emerged as a grassroots organization in 1994, but Pakistan quickly co-opted them. They are now proxies of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, the same organ that sheltered a fugitive Usama Bin Laden after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, likely hides his successor Ayman al-Zawahiri today, and also host myriad other designated terrorist groups,



Jerry, I think Biden is doing as good a job as anyone could in getting us out of Afghanistan. I think he will be looked at as having been a great leader – a grandfatherly figure who led us out of the darkest period since the 1860s both on the world stage and at home.

Biden’s MC is at 20 Virgo. It is conjunct US Neptune at 22 Virgo and US Constitution Sun at 24 Virgo. It is also square US Mars at 21 Gemini and opposes transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces.

This is a recipe for a military debacle, as well as delusion about the conflict between military power and humanitarian values, and profound moral confusion which places the lives of American soldiers before those of defenseless women and children. The result is likely to be a humanitarian catastrophe which will at least extend through September until October 6 when Saturn stations on the US South Node.

This catastrophe will, at least in the short term, be a huge stain on the image of this President and the honor of the United States. It is too early to discern its long-range implications.

I agree. Also – It seems to me our hasty Vietnam withdrawal was just as difficult and harrowing if not worse. There were many successes and many failures, thousands of individual stories as Americans, Vietnamese, and people of other ethnicities and nationalities were forced to leave everything behind to escape the North Vietnamese army. But I don’t recall anyone blaming President Ford for any accidents or failures.

I wonder why more journalists are not focusing on the probable exponential disastrous scenario that a Trump led May deadline withdrawal would have been?

(A) A “what if” is not as interesting or sensational as the drama now unfolding.
(B) Many editors and reporters have unconsciously succumbed to right wing propaganda in which all is viewed in black and white. It is easier and more profitable to write without nuance, to write whatever excites and hooks your readers without reference or knowledge of past events or deeper meaning.

I do see…some… improvement in the quality of our news reporting and writing, especially of the biographers, but generally they are falling into the same traps as they did with their pitifully inadequate coverage of the stealing of the 2000 election, the presidency of G.W.Bush, and the lead up to the Iraq war.

Eliseo, understood and agreed. It was more of a rhetorical question on my part. I wonder if or how they can ever be prompted toward better questions = better info reported?

Good question.
Knowing what are the right questions to ask, I was taught, is to win half the battle from the beginning. Why “journalists” tend to ask the wrong ones, or fail to ask the right ones is a study unto itself, and I honestly can’t say I have the answer either.

I’ve often heard it said journalists are the pseudo-intellectuals of the educated class, (although personally I would also include engineers.) In both cases many come to believe they know and understand far more than they actually do.

I perceive Rachel Maddow as an exception to the rule. She earned her doctorate in political science at Oxford in the UK, and appears to have knowledge AND understanding in other fields beyond political science. She has remarkable narrative skills. Yet… at times I see her blinded, as are we all, by ideology.

Specialization may be part of the problem. Seems like the world has become so complex it takes a polymath to understand it.

Eliseo, your comment about engineers made me laugh. Reminds me of the time I was trying to teach an engineer to sail. My only failure ever – it was because, even though he was capable of understanding the theory of what propels the boat forward, he was incapable of feeling what direction the wind was coming from, thus being unable to put the theory into action.

@Andre — I’m delighted you find my weekly forecasts worth discussing in this most illustrious forum. With respect to President Biden’s SA MC=Saturn, exact on 8/16/2021, please note that the “=” means “in hard aspect to,” not “conjunct”. Biden’s SA MC is at 9 Sag, opposing his natal Saturn at 9 Gem.


I don’t know how it goes in New Zealand or Australia, but here in the US, whenever someone representing themself as a scientist refutes either climate change and/or evolution, and/or advocates creationism, they are almost always an engineer. They are not a biologist or climatologist.

Applied science is not the same as theoretical and research science. But many engineers in the US believe they understand the issues better than the theory and research folks. They often don’t understand the Constitution or the principles it embodies either. I conjecture they suffer a deficit of emotional intelligence.

Addendum: In my experience they often also make very bad theologians.

My husband, Myron, has a great little short “parable” about an engineer and a mathematician. I’ll ask him to type it out and I’ll post it here.

My dad called them ‘educated idiots’ LOL

You don’t have to be an engineer to be an “educated idiot.” I’ve worked with highly educated attorneys, psychologists, psychiatrists, and college professors with
PhD’s. Most were OK, but there were a few who were definitely idiotic. Again, I think it was a matter of lacking emotional intelligence.


Re: Biden’s credentials and many years of invaluable service in the public sector

As we were saying earlier and am sorry if it sounds repetitive………

No doubt Joe Biden’s intentions are in the right place. He is sincere. On a more fundamental level however it seems as though he lacks the intuitive vision and foresight necessary in dealing with these kind of far ranging difficult foreign policy decisions. We live in unusual times. It’s no ones fault.

All indications are Biden’s competence and expertise in government can be more likened to that of a technocrat rather than a visionary. He is likeable, but does he possess the charismatic charm of let’s say a JFK to get the job done?

So what is a technocrat? Here is a partial description by Wikipedia……..

“……. The term technocracy was originally used to signify the application of the scientific method to solving social problems. Concern could be given to sustainability within the resource base, instead of monetary profitability, so as to ensure continued operation of all social-industrial functions. In its most extreme sense technocracy is an entire government running as a technical or engineering problem and is mostly hypothetical. In more practical use, technocracy is any portion of a bureaucracy that is run by technologists. A government in which elected officials appoint experts and professionals to administer individual government functions and recommend legislation can be considered technocratic.”

Kiwi, Biden could have postponed another six months until February. During winter, the Taliban have been hiding in the hills. Their combat season begins in spring. Also, those at the airport would not have suffered the stifling heat. Biden has made the right strategic decision but the execution was poor.

My feelings are summed up by one of my favorite cartoonists in a Belgian newspaper. The caption in French reads: “We said the 31st!”


Yup Saw it.

to say it again, to repeat it – nothing happens til we get rid of the Filibuster.

🙂 Nothing happens til we get rid of the Filibuster.

Nothing happens until we get rid of the Filibuster…..

Let’s get rid of the Filibuster

We must get rid of the Filibuster or nothing happens.

Are we ON IT? Let’s get rid of the Filibuster!!


Andre, Biden managed to get a 4mth extension from the taliban agreed date with trump. Who knows if he would have been able to get a 10 month one.

Regarding insight into the dynamics that may have happened, and may still be happening, behind the scenes in the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, it’s worth watching the movie Thirteen Days (2000). The movie is about the Cuban missile crisis (ignore the Costner character O’Donnell’s role, as his contribution is not historically accurate – the character only serves to carry the story).

The movie is about the dark uncertainties of decision making in real world situations and the portrayals of the Kennedys are quite well done. But the main point is nobody knew how the crisis would turn out in the grand game of nuclear chicken. The fact that JFK’s nerve in the situation preserved a civil (as opposed to military) administration in the US and avoided a monumental disaster came down to the interactions of very few people and, presumably, a similar dynamic in Moscow. And we all know that the Kennedys paid the ultimate price for the political independence of their decision making.

Powerful people don’t have a crystal ball any more than the rest of us, and the inside information they receive from many sources doesn’t necessarily help in making decisions (and I’ll bet they carry a rabbit’s foot just in case). We can be grateful it isn’t Trump who is sitting in the WH, but it’s only to be expected that Biden’s approval ratings have dropped. He undoubtedly knows he’s going to pay a price and is willing to pay it. If there’s a Scorpio side to his personality, this is the place where you’re going to see it.

This review of the movie is worth a look:


And a different point of view here:


Biden will have done well if his administration survives the midterms, as many have already pondered on this blog. But he’s done the one thing that nobody has actually got done to date. He got the US out, ugly or not, they’re out. That’s politics played Scorpio style.

stephen miller largely responsible for the situation leading to the afghan evacuation mess


“…..he’s done the one thing that nobody has actually got done to date. He got the US out,”

You speak as though the withdrawal is a forgone conclusion, a fait accompli. Your optimism may be premature. What if there is an attack on Kabul airport and/or a mass hostage situation that prevents US forces from leaving? Regretably, a protracted stand-off is an uncomfortable possibility. Biden has stated contingency plans are in place to extend the deadline if absolutely necessary. Astrologically, the timing couldn’t come at a worse moment with tr. Mars squaring the June 10, 2021 solar eclipse on August 30th and then t squaring the US Mars-Neptune square September 2nd and 3rd. Toss it up to poor planning and inept leadership….

Nato Chief Warns ‘Real
Danger’ of Terror Attack At Kabul Airport

Stoltenberg warning comes as evacuations from Afghanistan reach 20,000 people a day

Financial Times
August 25, 2021

“It is hard to overstate the complexity and danger of this effort,” Secretary of State Blinken said. “We are operating in a hostile environment, in a city and country now controlled by the Taliban, with a very real possibility of an Isis-K attack.”



Thirteen Days is one of my most favorite films! IMO it is a real classic. I’m glad you recommended it for gaining insight into the process.

Jerry, of course, you’re right! Did anybody hear Biden say it will be clean or easy? No. It can be any or all of those things: premature, regrettable, protracted, uncomfortable, complex, poorly planned, etc. It can get much more messy than it already is, but I doubt there will be any going back now. Can you picture the administration saying, ‘Oops’ and doing a u-turn instead? No.

Of course, consequences will surely follow. The action comes with no guarantees. Biden could be wrong, but he must have decided the price is the price – and that’s that. Let’s hope he’s right.

conversation was had here years ago about the usa progressed mars going retrograde, surmising that it would mean a diminishing of future military (mis)adventures.
this article perhaps reflects that thought . . . . .


Large explosion and gunfire reported at one of the gates at Kabul airport. I appears to be a suicide attack……..

Pentagon Confirms Explosion Outside Kabul Airport As U.S. Rushes Toward Afghanistan Evacuation Deadline



There Was No Need To Withdraw From Afghanistan, Says Former Sen. Joe Lieberman

NY Post
August 25, 2021

Last year, many of us called on President Donald Trump not to withdraw from Afghanistan, as he seemed intent on doing. We argued that it would be a humiliating surrender to an enemy we had already defeated and a disastrous error. President Joe Biden has now implemented the withdrawal, and the consequences have been as disastrous as feared.

President Trump’s policy and President Biden’s decision were not required by any facts on the ground. The United States and Afghanistan had achieved a strategic balance. The number of American soldiers there had been brought down to less than 3,000 from a wartime high over 150,000, and not one of our troops had been killed in battle for more than a year.

That is because they and we were no longer at war in Afghanistan. Our mission there was to counter terrorists who want to kill Americans and to give backup support to the Afghan government and military, which were building and defending their nation.

President Biden must have understood part of what would be lost if we withdrew when, in June, he raised with Russian President Vladimir Putin a plan to essentially reconstitute our counter-terrorism mission in Afghanistan to a friendly neighboring country in Central Asia. Putin naturally objected. Yet President Biden went ahead with the pullout anyway.

The inevitability of a rising anti-American terrorist threat from Afghanistan as a result of our withdrawal has already become clear just days after the Taliban victory. On Sunday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the threat from ISIS to Americans in Afghanistan is “real, acute and persistent.”

A new poll found that President Biden’s approval rating has dipped beneath 50 percent due to his handling of COVID-19 and Afghanistan.
What Biden needs to do to restore US credibility after Afghan fiasco

That is why, as I watch the heartbreaking scenes of human suffering, death and desperation in Afghanistan, I keep saying, “None of this had to happen. The decision to withdraw was tragically unnecessary.”



Eliseo, you wrote that President Ford did not suffer consequences for the debacle in Saigon. He did lose the election the following year because he was widely seen as inept. President Carter then named Zbigniew Brzezinski (not sure if there’s a Z missing somewhere) as National Security Advisor. ZB’s greatest contribution, in his words, was funding and supplying the Taliban, Ben Laden and Al-Qaida to burden the Soviets who were then in Afghanistan in order to ensure they would suffer their own Vietnam, which they did. All this when ZB, who was of Polish origin, wanted to hurt the Soviet Union as the Poles began to rise up against it, a movement which led a few years later to the crumbling of the Berlin War and of the USSR. ZB, with Carter’s blessing, was playing Dr. Frankenstein. There is a direct link between the fall of Saigon and what is happening now in Kabul.


My apologies for the slow response. My take is, yes, that much of what we are currently experiencing in terms of the delusional nuttery can be attributed to transiting Neptune opposite the natal US Neptune placement, Pisces to Virgo, and the Post-WWII American “Dream” that inspired generations being revealed as not quite so lovely a thing. Just look at our mounting environmental and climate disasters caused by our endless growth and expansion binges driven by market capitalism, not to mention the mass inequality and human suffering experienced by those who haven’t been able to enjoy the advantages that earlier generations, many white people, and the upper classes once did–and still do.

But even all that isn’t quite all of it.

The Republican Party also recently completed its own Neptune Return, which coincided with The Former Guy’s nomination and election, followed by the entire party morphing into a cult of personality. Mind you, it wasn’t far off. The Republican Party has long been a “follow the leader till I die” kind of group, but Trump carried it to the most dangerous extreme yet, and there might be frighteningly further still to go. More on that in a minute.

The Democrats are much less a racial-ideological tribe, and much more a big tent for multiple centrist and left wing factions, hence why they are so poorly disciplined compared to the Republicans. The Dems should really be about 3 or 4 parties at this point, but our first-past-the-post winner-take-all electoral system makes such a prospect improbable and unsustainable, however more constructive it might be for these groups and for our democracy in general.

I dread the midterms. Democratic lack of discipline and infighting between Moderates and Progressives, base apathy, plus the tradition of the incumbent President’s party losing seats makes it likely we will see the Republicans take one if not both houses of Congress. All bets are off as to what this current set of GOP nutters will do, which includes the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lauren Bobert and other far-right Reactionaries seemingly on the rise. Expect the worst from them, including the possibility they will impeach Biden and try to reinstall Trump, as well as pass all kinds of draconian anti-democratic (big D AND small d) laws that will make everyone’s lives miserable… except perhaps other nutters like them too crazy to know better.

For what its worth, I don’t expect that Trump will be able to return to the White House for reasons ranging from his own mounting legal woes to his obviously declining mental and physical health. But then, when has common sense actually prevailed among the Trumpian Republicans? However, we are likely stuck with his peculiar doctrine of “Conservative” idiocy for awhile since those seeds were planted under the most recent Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn… just as Reagan’s own doctrine took root under the last Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Libra back in 1982. Trump will be long, long gone by the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Pisces in 2053, but his fetid apparition is likely to linger with us for some time even after he shoves off this mortal coil.

That also highlights the other cause of all the Conservative-Reactionary nuttery these days. Pluto. Which has heavily favored capitalism, ambition, privilege, and “the good old days/ways” of doing things, as well as the people who would prefer to keep it all that way.

Pluto, of course, also pushes things and people to extremes in the name of survival. Just look at the Trumpers, anti-vaxxers, anti-abortionist, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mitch McConnell, Fox News, basically anyone who seems to be stomping their feet and screaming “NO!!!!” these days, almost like two-year olds.

Conservatism in all forms has been facing an existential threat since 2008 as the entire world faces the implications of change on multiple and still mounting fronts. Maybe on some level, we can’t entirely blame Conservatives for wanting to fight so hard to keep things as they are. The unknown can be a frightening prospect, and often evokes our worst fears and experiences of inadequacy and weakness.

The upshot, however, is that in fighting so hard to stave off change, they will inevitably and invariably bring about the one thing they fear most, and all of their efforts will crumble in the face of it.

Aquarius and Uranus are the nemeses of those who fear change.

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are just the opening act.

Pluto moving into Aquarius in less than 2 years now will be the Main Event.

I see your point, and the links through Zbiginew Brezinski are certainly there. President Ford was indeed perceived by many as inept, and is surely one of several reasons he lost the election to Mr. Carter.

What I meant was I don’t recall anyone blaming Mr. Ford specifically for the fall of Vietnam, or the mad scramble of Americans, other foreigners, and many pro US Vietnamese to suddenly leave when the NV communist army invaded the south. I could be wrong, but I don’t recall that sad event being used against him politically. I don’t recall the Dems expressing any partisan rancor against him on that issue alone. Everyone knew what the probable ultimate outcome would be. The only unknown, and therefore a surprise was the timing.

The causes of the chaotic present and ongoing situation are many. Both Dems and R’s are responsible for bad decisions made long ago, but much of it at root goes back to the naivete, poor thinking, and poor planning of GWB at the time of the original entry and setup into Afghanistan. This is not to absolve Mr. Biden and his administration from this very bad situation, but merely to recognize that in part, much of all this intense and vituperative blame is at base convenient propaganda launched by the R’s.

Thank You for your learned, insightful response! Thanks also for reminding me of something I had forgotten about, the Neptune return of the R. party. In that context it makes sense R ideology has evolved into something so extremely delusional, inapplicable, impractical, and irrelevant to reality. Unless the R party morphs or evolves radically into something more positive and rational extremely soon, which I find doubtful, my hope is they will go out of business as did the Whigs, and ASAP. But I feel that unfortunately will probably not happen, at least not as soon as we would like. We may be stuck with these arrogant kooks for quite a while.

I too am concerned about the midterms, and the havoc and suffering an R victory in either House could bring. Perhaps an extreme reaction against such might provide the necesssary energy for a Dem landslide in 2024?

I also agree it would make more sense for the Dems to be 3 or 4 parties, but you are right, our present electoral system mitigates against that. I’m hoping we can reform and “modernize” the system during the coming Pluto in Aquarius era.

So much of what “Conservatives” have long believed has become so completely inapplicable in the face of new technology, cultural change, and the climate crisis. There’s no way small government alone, or the world business community as a whole can adequately deal with the immensity of global heating. That requires big government intervention on a scale dwarfing all our past New Deal and Great Society efforts put together. That fact surely drives the change-phobes crazy! (Metathesiophobia) As the Earth warms, the release from permafrost, and migration of tropical and dormant viruses and bacteria alone requires us to develop a strong national health system well integrated with other nations health systems.

Your empathy for genuine conservatives is laudable. It surely must be traumatic and alienating for them to realize that due to contextual change their philosophy, their essential principles, everything they’ve believed in, devoted their lives to has become ludicrously irrelevant.

I entirely agree the R’s are “fighting so hard to stave off change, they will inevitably and invariably bring about” not just one thing they fear most, but multiple changes they abhor. Although I’m generally in disharmony with their philosophy, not all true “conservative” arguments and positions IMO are without merit. I have little doubt there will be overreach. I see as probable that by the time Pluto leaves Aquarius, and later Pisces, entering Aries territory will render what we think of as “Liberal” ideology, theory, and philosophy to have become as absurd and irrelevant as “conservatism” has become in recent context. By then, perhaps we’ll be dealing with radical Kooks in our own party.

The US evacuation and withdrawal from Afghanistan is rapidly becoming a logistical nightmare as the self-imposed August 31st deadline approaches.

The common thread linking the September 11th 2001 US terror attacks and subsequent US retaliation; the invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, this could very well be related to tr. Neptune’s conjunction to the US South Node (6 Aquarius), the south node denoting the past. Neptune instills confusion in a relationship if one is not diligent. On a more positive note; it can also translate values and lessons learned into spiritual understanding. See related charts……


Regarding current events, as discussed. arguably the US 2021 Inaugural Mars/Uranus conjunction (6 Taurus) square Jupiter (7 Aquarius) may be activating inherent problems associated with those traumatic events of 2001; underscoring America’s frustration and dilemma, in its ongoing effort to extricate its military from that region.

“……Transiting Neptune in the chart for 11th September is exactly on America’s lunar south Node in the 2nd house. The nodal axis in America’s birth chart involves south Node in the 2nd and north Node in the 8th. Any transit involving the nodal axis concerns relationships. The south Node in the 2nd house inclines to an instinctive self-sufficiency and protectionism (and also the good fortune of natural wealth), while the north Node in the 8th suggests that effort must be made to recognize the need for co-operation and sharing of resources with others.” – Extracted from The Terrorist Attack On America by Liz Greene

With Pluto’s direct station of October 6-7 (24 Capricorn) in square to the US Mercury, the day that marks the 20th anniversary of America’s invasion of Afghanistan and Saturn’s inexorable movement towards direct station precisely on the US South Node four days later on October 10th; Saturn which represents maturity, responsibility and discipline, we are about to face those long-standing issues head on. Hold on to your hat.

Neptune in Pisces:
4th April – 5th August 2011
3rd February 2012 – 30th March 2025
22nd October 2025 – 26th January 2026

I notice wild conspiracy laden fantasies and lies were proliferating in the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, and have continued through the 2020 election to present. In 2012 Senator Rick Santorum, (born May 10, 1958
Winchester, Virginia) running for the R nomination actually stated that if Obama won the election, the Dems would literally roll out guiliotines with which to dispatch their enemies. From that time unto today, we do not need to repeat the extraordinary lies and delusions in our politics. We’ve all heard them and despaired that anyone could be so gullible.

I’m personally hoping when Neptune enters Aries domain, the extraordinary political lies, strange delusions, and conspiracy fantasies diminish substantially, as we return to something approximating more “normal” political discourse.

Neptune Enters Aries on 30 March 2025
Retrogrades into Pisces on 22 October 2025
Re-enters Aries to stay from 26 January 2026
Dips into Taurus on 21 May 2038
Final visit to Aries from 21 October 2038
Enters Taurus to stay on 23 March 2039

The only time Neptune entered Aries in US history coincided with a Uranus return. They brought the Civil War while Pluto was in Taurus, which made it almost entirely a land war. They will coincide once more with Pluto in Aquarius, another fixed sign, which does not bode well. This time, it could bring space or cyberwar. Also war where allies win with no single one dominant.

Neptune was in the opposite sign of Libra during the last Uranus return of WWII. Neptune is always in either Aries or Libra during a Uranus return and Pluto is always in a fixed sing. In the 1940s, Pluto was in Leo, bringing spectacular and entertaining American leadership and the drama of the nuclear age.

andre, and hopefully gained some lessons on unwinnable war folly and misadventures

I don’t think it’s credibility as much as us trying to do something, possibly with good intensions, that was not possible and we had to find a way to do surgery & cut our losses. Even parents lose credibility with their kids when they find out they have feet of clay.

On top of everything else, Eris, the goddess of discord, is now making its fourth of five squares to Pluto. The fifth and last will be in early October, when hard planets will be piling on. I venture to say that will be the toughest time for Biden this year.


Not a coincidence – the PRC is investing heavily in space. As I understand it, the Russians can’t afford that kind of expenditure.

Good read on Afghanistan (but not at all a comforting point of view):


Beowulfie: That IS a good read.

Thank you. I wish we all could know of more people like Sarah Chayes……


Interesting read on Eris and the general transits for September and October. Excellent find.

Apparently, Eris has all the properties of Mars, and in extraordinary synchronicity; it is currently in Mars home sign of Aries (an action oriented sign)!!! The Eris square stationary Pluto on October 9th will be very intense indeed. The article/ link the author provides and recommends in the article you shared describes Eris in this way…….

“……Eris is the 10th planet, after Pluto, now considered to be a dwarf planet. It has a 560 year odd transit around the sun, and it shows a bigger picture of our lives, that are challenging for people to look at, because Eris is a catalyst for growth, and therein lies the discomfort.

Eris is intimately connected with the duality between the heart-centred, and the hard-hearted. Un-evolved Eris show many signs of psychological growing pains, which is why there may be emotional uprisings and mental imbalances during Eris transits.”

Here’s another article on Eris and its present connection to Pluto……….

Pluto, Eris, And The Evolutionary Meaning Of COVID-19 by Steven Forrest


Biden wasted no time finding the planner of the bombing in Kabul and bringing his life to an end. This is typical Scorpio: an eye for an eye. I am not sure I enjoy seeing an American President speak of revenge (in fact I’m sure I do not) but he is by definition, with his Mars in the 12th square Pluto in the 10th, born to be a ruthless and effective wartime leader. Tragedy is all over his personal chart and the chart of his Administration. That does not mean they end badly, but troubles will likely not cease until the end of his term. And we are not even under Pluto in Aquarius, which will magnify everything going on now. The 2024 President (who could be Biden himself after all) will see even greater challenges but will rise to meet them.

On the GOP chart, the Neptune return shows the powerful negative effects of that major planet. It can not only lead to delusion and lies, but to outright personal and collective madness. Neptune is the planet of inspiration and compassion and of psychosis. The GOP’s Neptune is permanently opposed to the US Neptune, and therefore to the humanitarian impulse and generous spirit of the American people. The negative GOP Neptune and the US Neptune are constantly fighting over the American soul.

Senator Josh Hawley called this week for Biden’s resignation. Whenever I see him or read about him, a powerful resonant inner voice telles me he will be an actual dictator in 20 years and he will actually execute or assassinate political opponents. Fortunately, that period will be short-lived. My strong vision tells me his dictatorship will be wiped out by the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 2047-48, but it will last a few years. I hope I’m wrong but I have never felt this about anyone. He gives me shivers. He has a very negative energy, much worse than Trump who is a bumbling fool or DeSantis who will be probably be crushed as the GOP candidate in 2024. Hawley is the real danger.

A fascinating take on RFK’s assassin, who or may not soon be free.


Thanks for listing the link!
The evidence for a second gunman, therefore conspiracy to kill RFK is far simpler and stronger than in the JFK case. Sirhan carried an eight-shot, Cadet model Iver-Johnson .22 caliber revolver. He could not possibly have reloaded it as the crowd seized him immediately. But the physical and aural evidence shows there were at least twelve, possibly thirteen shots fired.

At least two of RFK’S children, RFK Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, have in past requested re-investigation of the crime on the basis of the evidence. They are convinced there had to have been a second gunman. I do not know for sure, but I seem to recall at least some of their siblings are also desirous of a re-investigation on the basis of the same evidence and therefore suspicions as RFK Jr. and KKT.

Any new focus on Sirhan Sirhan brings with it the possibility of opening up a serious “can of worms.”


If Hawley is to be a dictator, let it be dictator of a latrine pit.

That’s where he belongs.

I do agree with you–he’s a threat. But I don’t see him actually becoming president of the US.

Maybe some kind of theocratic republic carved out of the South.

Ooh! Let us not wish such a fate on the South. Besides, in 20 years much of the South will be unliveable, i.e. toast, some of it dry toast and some wet toast. Let us hope that by the time the diaspora northward occurs, our blood Red Southerners will have turned purple, or maybe even blue from having been beaten up so badly by climate change.

Eliseo, the largest growth in the US in recent years has been the south and southwest. Florida, GA, AZ, and TX have all seen massive growth over the past ten years. Do you see this exodus occurring soon? I am not sure. Americans have wanted to conquer their surroundings. But maybe not so much with climate change.


I think we have seen it here for a decade or more.

I visited Phoenix almost 20 years ago, and although I thought the city was beautiful, I realized immediately that it was unsustainable. Not enough water, and inexplicably growing exponentially. 1.6 million people in the city limits alone.

Yet a city like Detroit that once had nearly 2 million people has been left to rot in an area that is far more sustainable.

Also, the Phoenix suburb of Mesa has a larger population than Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Cincinnati.

This country is ridiculous at times.

I am quite aware of the demographic trends. As far as all these folks moving into the South and Southwest… (maybe we should stop calling it the “bible belt” and instead call it the “biblical catastrophe belt”) I just have to shake my head. The greater their population, the more difficult and expensive will be the exodus.

As to what point in time people come to realize they have to leave, well.. that’s hard to tell. Each estimate gets overturned as Mother Nature consistently advances the process to sooner than anyone originally thought possible. I began reading climate change science in the early 1970’s. At that time many thought it would be another 500 to 600 years before it became a serious problem. 50 years later, here we are REAL–IZING the serious consequences NOW! Bit by bit the scientific community has had to reassess their models. If the projection is for 50 years in the future, figure 30, if 30 figure 10 or 15.

Although it fascinates me, my area of expertise is not in astrological interpretation. There are others who post here who are far more experienced and knowledgeable in these matters than am I. That being said, I think the keys to the whens of climate change involve relationships between Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. I’m looking at the point when Pluto is in Aquarius, the water bearer, simultaneous as to when Uranus moves into Cancer in 2032-2033 for flooding issues and sea level rise. But the other issues are just as important. IMO, desertification, tropicalization, and extreme heat waves, will precede sea level rise by several years.

Look at what we are seeing already. The fires here in the west. The floods in Europe and elsewhere. One of the several reasons my wife and I moved here to the Pacific Northwest in the late 1980’s was in anticipation the climate here would undergo less change and remain more stable. Alas! Here in Olympia where summer daytime temperatures usually stay close to 70 degrees F, it got up to 109 F about a month ago! And surely, Mother Nature is just getting started.

I believe by the end of this decade (if not sooner) the present demographic trend southward will have reversed. People may leave gradually for quite a while, until some unimaginable catastrophe leads to a sudden panicked withdrawal.

The “canaries in the coal mine” are the insurance companies. They are hard nosed realists. They pay attention to the real world numbers. Folks might actually “wake up” a bit when they realize they can no longer afford the rising costs of fire, wind, flood, home and business insurance. Life insurance costs will surely rise as well, concomitant with the lowering of life expectancy in the most affected areas. AND, we’ve not even touched on the gradual proliferation of tropical diseases in the more southerly latitudes of the US.

Of course a major (WWII size) regional war might change the equation. Depending on what sort of weapons are used, it could either dramatically speed up, or slow down and postpone the process.

Sharon, thinking of you as Ida approaches. Best wishes; be safe.

The Blame Game

Delegating responsibility and blame on to our leaders for the current state of affairs in Afghanistan has become a national past time. Here is one such opinion…….

“I was very upset at Biden over the last week. But the more I research what’s happening in Afghanistan, the more it’s clear that this is a ticking time bomb Trump DELIBERATELY slipped into the Resolute Desk before leaving. I’m no longer convinced much of this is Biden’s fault”

– Seth Abramson posted by Occupy Democrats

And here is another opinion but from a very different perspective………


I must echo what Kiwi wrote. Our good thoughts are with you and Myron, and all of New Orleans.


I forgot you might be in harms way, on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina no less. Hope everyone is safe over there. You are in our prayers.

I’m a tad confused. Might you please clarify?
You wrote: “Fortunately, that period will be short-lived. My strong vision tells me his dictatorship will be wiped out by the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 2047-48, but it will last a few years.”

Did you mean his dictatorship would last a few years, OR the Uranus-Pluto opposition would last a few years? 2047 to 2048 is but one year. But if you are referring to a JH dictatorship, you seem to be saying it will be short lived, but also last a few years, which seems contradictory. To me, a few years is not at all short lived. I suppose it is a matter of definition, and I apologize for my confusion, but it is an important matter. Whether your vision is true or not, the senator from Missouri is most definitely a very dangerous man and like several more of his R colleagues a living clear, present, and future threat to Am. democracy, the nation and the entire world.

Wow – just saw hurricane now cat4. Very worried about those oil rigs and an environmental catastrophe. Anybody shed light on aspects? Good luck Sharon. .

The “very different perspective” you posted the link for is so absolutely correct! Simple, direct, and to the point!

GWB and his VP should have been impeached, convicted, and removed for:
(A) Lying us into the war with Iraq
No weapons of mass destruction
(B) While all other flights were grounded allowing all Bin Laden family members to leave the USA on a charted jet to avoid questioning and interviews by the FBI.
(The plane had special permission to fly from American city to city, about 10 cities in all, to pick them up.)
(C) When our troops had Osama Bin Laden surrounded at Tora Bora, quietly issuing the order for them to stand down, allowing OBL to escape.

B. & C. were a matter of putting the Bush family investment portfolio and interests before those of the nation. The Bin Laden’s and Bush’s were very involved together with the Carlyle group.

The Constitution narrowly defines treason as giving aid and comfort, treating with the enemy in time of war. The 9/11 attacks were certainly acts of war, and very soon we declared our “war on terror.” From my perspective, B. & C. were therefore acts of treason.

Although Trump certainly betrayed the nation, (he shared state secrets with the Russians) (would that be espionage?) technically, so far as we know, he’s merely guilty of womanizing, sexual harrassment, rape, cheating on his taxes, money laundering, sedition and insurrection, but not treason by Constitutional definition.

But GWB definitely gave assistance, aid and comfort to our enemy in time of war. Meanwhile, he’s happily and relaxedly painting landscapes and portraits at his hacienda in Texas.

In the words of Yakov Smirnoff,
“What a country!”

Jessica Murray just wrote on her blog

“I felt the impulse to dig into the archives and look up a blog I wrote eleven years ago.”

The Death (Pluto) of the Age of Empire (Capricorn)
Would that I could send the good generals a copy of Heaven’s Command, in which historian James Morris describes the massacre of British occupiers at Kabul in 1842. A century and a half after these soldiers of the Queen were driven to their deaths in those unforgiving ravines, the intrepid Morris went back to Afghanistan and asked a toothless old villager what would happen if his country were occupied again. “The same!” he hissed.

Justin Trudeau is having a bad start to the current Canadian election campaign. He is now tied in the polls with the opposing Conservative party, which is rising because they are showing a more moderate image and say they are more willing to respect the autonomy of Quebec. Marjorie predicts today that Trudeau will lose.


Pluto in Aquarius = Humanity under pressure to survive or perish.

Likely for all the climate and environmental reasons we have been discussing, and probably some others we aren’t currently anticipating, but which could be showstoppers in their own right.

I expect that water challenges will be a big issue during this time as well. Excessive heat and water shortages in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and much of the SW will be a massive humanitarian crisis. It’s hard to imagine how so many emotionally immature Americans will handle such a situation. We seem so poorly prepared to deal with the consequences of climate change as a people, considering how mindless and stupid we are about basic things… like not building a giant metropolis in the middle of the damned desert.

FWIW, ingenuity and tech will grow exponentially during the Pluto in Aquarius period, too, with a big helping hand from the upcoming trine from Uranus in Gemini later this decade. We’ll need every bit of this airy and idealistic energy to navigate the challenges on our collective plate. But of course, there is always the adage to “beware the law of unintended consequences.” Undoubtedly there will be massive tech breakthroughs, and probably some disasters too.

In particular, I think we will see a massive breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion. Artificial Intelligence will also take off. The latter worries me more. Combined with drones, we might very well be setting ourselves up for some kind of “Terminator-like” scenario at some point or another. We need to be programming all autonomous and semi-autonomous tech with Asimov’s Laws of Robotics in mind, but I don’t trust that we won’t have some “mad scientists” out there on their own perverse misanthropic agenda.

BuckeyeShadow and Eliseo, I am truly amazed at the stupidity of Americans to continue to move to areas that will likely be uninhabitable in twenty years (or less) given a lack of water and excessive heat.

does anyone have any idea how much the massive amount of water used for fracking has contributed to today’s drought conditions?

In answer to my prior pondering question about fracking and drought, I found this 7 year old article that says fracking is indeed depleting water supplies

I too am amazed by anyone at all who moves to areas prone to any sort of climate catastrophe, but especially drought, heat, and flooding. The salient question is – WHY? Is it really stupidity as you suggest? Rejection of the science involved? Not understanding or not believing in the longer term consequences?

I speculate that some of our tribe have immersed themselves in a perverse, narcissistic, shallow, and immature self-concept of freedom. Some just want to do whatever it is they want to do, and everyone else be damned, including whatever limitations and boundaries nature, technology, or society might provide.

But maybe most just aren’t paying attention? Perhaps many are only vaguely aware of the future ramifications, or don’t realize how quickly environments can change? I’m not sure.

In any case, no one seem to understand how much division, chaos, and suffering such people cause by moving into the S & SW. I expect the economic and social chaos and suffering the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are causing now, will be looked upon as mild and minor compared to that created by the migration of a 100 to 200 million + Americans, Mexicans, and Central Americans northward when the time comes.

Has anyone noticed the rising number and percentage of prominent unvaccinated far- right wingers who are dying of covid?

I note Mr. Caleb Wallace of Texas, the founder of the San Angelo Freedom Defenders, and prominent, outspoken anti-masker, age 30 has just died of covid-19. Evidently the Ivermectin he took was ineffective! Sadly, he leaves behind his pregnant wife and 3 small children. Also Mr. Phil Valentine, 62 nationally syndicated Nashville right wing radio host, + two Florida “conservative” radio hosts who condemned vaccines and masking, Marc Bernier, 65, and Dick Farrel have died of the dread disease.

It is as though someone designed the perfect storm with which to take out our most obtuse TrumpHeads. But of course, they are getting responsible, rational people killed as well.

To my knowledge, our greatest expenditure of water is in agriculture, especially for raising livestock, i.e. animal husbandry. The amount of water required for beef cattle, as example is enormous. Many are practicing what is called Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), in other words on an industrial scale. Huge amounts of water are required to raise the crops which are processed to feed the animals, required for them to drink, and required to clean the area of the waste and fecal material they produce.

However, new biotechnology is in development which will render all of the above obsolete within 10-15 years. It won’t be terribly long before before “meat” will be “raised” in labs. The creation process will be faster and far more cost effective; livestock companies will adapt or go out of business. The product will be boneless, tastier, and more nutritious than what we have today. Want a steak? The restaurant will print one out for you, cook it in their kitchen, and bring it to you all to your specifications.

Using vast amounts of acreage to raise wheat, corn, rice, soy, sorghum, vegetables, etc. will also be obsolete. That also will be done under labratory conditions in skyscrapers designed for the purpose. Each floor will grow or synthesize a different crop, vegetable, or fruit.

(1) Killing or harming animals will no longer be necessary for human survival or pleasure. But if we allow the poorer nations to remain poor, they may not have access to the new technology. The WHO orgranization is presently encouraging poor nations to raise insects for food. If that continues, insects may become the last sort of raised animal flesh food humans consume.

(2) Mammoth numbers of acres will be freed by the new biotechnology, which can be returned to forest, meadow, or prairie. Shall we plant trees which clean the atmosphere, absorb more carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen?

Addendum to unvaccinated right wingers dying of covid.

Caleb Wallace was also the West Texas Minutemen State Coordinator.

Eliseo, “old fashioned” farming didn’t use excessive amounts of water.
I agree that intensive, limited product farming, badly needs to be modified to be more in line with broader sustainable permaculture concepts.
However, I have for quite some time wondered whether the relatively recent meme of slamming most farmers with a broad brush, didnt have an ulterior motive: that of freeing up good agricultural land for the benefit of developers, who then will cover the land with impermeable surfaces and overpopulated areas.
Leaving the land to be mere wilderness, at this point, I think is a pipe dream.

Off-topic. Or maybe on-topic, depending on how you look at it…..

Amidst an escalating world-wide COVID 19 pandemic, the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan and a massive hurricane hitting the US half way around the world, when asked what I did over the weekend………


thanks for the belly laugh Jerry!!

How much water was used in “old fashioned farming” depended I think on what crop and region in which it was raised. I recall spending a great deal of time at my grandfather’s rice farm when I was a child. In that region at least, they used an awful lot of water.

Generally, I think you are right about the mega-agricultural corporations and developers, and small farmers have certainly been squeezed out by the greedhead corporations. They continue to suffer entirely unfair, unethical economic and social pressures which are driving so many out of business. Love may be blind, but greed is far blinder.

Although there is a movement here in the US that has been partially successful in returning land to prairie and preserving wetlands, for the present, allowing land to revert back to forest and wilderness is minimal. But I believe this will change in the next two decades.

Unfortunately, the wildfires, flooding, excessive heat and drought, and our current pandemic are only the beginning. I fully expect much more, plus some quite nasty wars (some of which over water). Demographers predict a serious worldwide decline in the birthrate between now and 2100. That, plus the aforementioned will dramatically reduce the world population, which in turn will reduce the amount of land we use for agriculture and other purposes.

BTW, as I see it you are quite fortunate to live in New Zealand. NZ IMO is and will continue to be the best, and safest haven during the long period of political, environmental, and climatological troubles to come. I think this might be particularly true for your south Island. I also think it possible one of your principle problems might become dealing with the climate refugees from Australia. Have any of your politicians, social scientists, and administrators considered this possibility?

Eliseo, you’re absolutely right about rice – it hadn’t occurred to me because no rice is grown here.
I guess my comments should be modified to say crops grown in areas should be in keeping with the inherent natural resources/plant origins of the region. e.g. rice in naturally rainy or swampy/delta flood plain areas only.

Despite the close ties between aus & nz, I dont think that climate refugee potential is a practical solution because of our size, ‘spare’ land availability, or sentiment of nz’ers being welcoming to a mass influx from elsewhere. We also have our own issues regarding future climate to deal with regarding possible sea level rise – the furthest distance from the ocean in nz is only around 74 miles.
And thats even before the tongue in cheek references to character differences that, “nz was settled by missionaries and oz was settled by convicts.” LOL

Andre: On your August 28 post about Biden and revenge: in war, it isn’t revenge that counts – it’s effectiveness. I am so happy he nailed those planners. We don’t have exact information as to their plans but somehow thank god we had information enough to take them out. As has been said, ISIS is a Johnny Come Lately to this, and wants to make a splash as if they are more than they are….. Perhaps they are riding on a shoe string and the principles were in the vehicle that was taken out. There was not a follow up attack, so … Biden taking them out may or may not have had an element of revenge, but it was a necessity..

Murderers who are intent on murder of innocents are dehumanized to me. Even though I look at the Taliban fighters who are mainly in their twenties, and who don’t know much and don’t see much.. they are desensitized for the purpose of being killing machines. They are young ones and stulted in their growth. They are capable of inhuman acts, as are their tribe mates ISIS.

So are they really going to feel that much when they are killed? They are insulated.

I say this because I have to NOT LOOK at what is going to happen now to the Afghans who are left behind.

Looking at them through the camera lens …..They don’t look like they are desensitized or insulated.

They look like us……..

I am not a fan of Mars square Pluto….Biden. Most cannot handle that energy. Of course we all have the possibility of getting better with age…….

Gandhi had Mars in Scorpio in opposition to Pluto in Taurus.

It took me years to own (I was going to say fully own but really I am not sure that I have FULLY owned) my Mars in conjunction of Saturn in conjunction of Pluto.
I say to myself Thank god this stellium is softly aspected by the Moon in Aries, Neptune in Libra, and Uranus in Gemini.
As one who has always observed conditions that lead to extremes, I have been captured by the conditions of extremes of human nature in real time – that lead to extreme situations.
However Hahahahaha! I appear normal.

Like, I want to. I am Pisces with maybe Libra on the Ascendant which would put Neptune on the Ascendant, making me sort of a double Pisces.

So all my life I have had to understand that my Moon in Aries could get me into trouble.

When I hear that Uranus is of course going into Gemini, and eventually Pluto is going into Pisces then Aries I think I am going to die in the middle of this….and I won’t get to see the rest…..

Well, like maybe a lot of us on this forum we have a feeling that we just go on and on – in what form we don’t know, but it’s going to be all right –

“Not here for a long time but here for a good time”

However, with the deep fear and terror of our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan….. how can we understand that and put it in its place… ?

Principals, not principles… riding in the vehicles

Regarding your “eye for an eye” post of 2028. I’m also not entirely comfortable with an American president speaking openly about revenge. Did he actually use that word, revenge? I did not hear or see him making his comments.

Over time, consistent with my experience with felons, mental patients, and “normal” people, I’ve come to understand what Dr. Lawrence Kohlberg demonstrated in his ed/psych research. We humans function at least at six different and distinct levels of consciousness. People do not comprehend and usually misinterpret the ethics and behavior of levels higher than their own.
High minded 5th and/or 6th level thought and the forgiving and compassionate behavior associated therewith will be misinterpreted as weakness by those at lower levels, especially levels 1, 2, and 3, thereby inviting more victimizing violence.

Through experience, applying what we’ve learned from game theory and research, against foes at lower levels of ethical maturity, measured reprisal seems to work best at reducing and preventing more violence. Our side must be careful not to overplay nor underplay the reprisal. It has to be enough to be a deterrent, but not so much to inspire maniacal response.

Mr. Biden’s Mars in the 12th square Pluto in the 10th may be exactly what we need now and in the future. But I don’t want him talking openly of revenge. I think in matters of state, our friend Theodore Roosevelt had it right when he suggested we “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” Can you imagine how badly we would fare with Mr. Trump in charge? … the antithesis of TR, a man who speaks very loudly and loosely, but will use a “stick” much too small, or much too large, or none at all in furious confusion.

“crops grown in areas should be in keeping with the inherent natural resources/plant origins of the region. e.g. rice in naturally rainy or swampy/delta flood plain areas only.”

Certainly right about that. My grandfather’s 800 acre farm was in SW Louisiana, an area drained and reclaimed from what had originally been swampland. Much of Louisiana is like that. The farming community there in association with the government maintained a large and very long canal from which they drew for irrigation. My grandfather frequently took us fishing at that canal. We caught mostly catfish, but just before night on its high banks, in fascination we caught fireflies in jars, but soon let them go.

Hot off the press: The Afghan Papers
“There was no campaign plan.”
“There was no coherent long-term strategy.”
“We didn’t have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking.”

Eliseo, Biden’s exact words regarding the attackers were: “we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay”

Considering the theo-ideology and level of consciousness of the attackers, those were exactly the words they needed to hear.

We need to be realistic. Religious fascism, is nevertheless fascism. Fascists eventually start wars against non-fascists. They have to be approached with the same toughness, determination, and dexterity we marshalled within ourselves to fight against the German, Italian, and Japanese fascists of WWII.

If we hunted them down and took them out that meant there were less of them to take us out.

Even as Biden said “we will ….make you pay”….which could have sounded like a deterrent…. he must have known that these people who largely could not read or write, had not developed into thinking human beings, let alone critical thinkers….could not receive his statement – but – the rest of the world might receive Biden’s proclamation as…. coming from a place of spirit and strength.

These people who would go on suicide missions ad infinitum ……

Yeah I agree with what you just said Eliseo

My first thought about his his words: they are very biblical/koran ‘old testament’ – totally in sync with a tribal society level of understanding.

Kiwi, & Sunstars,
“they are very biblical/koran ‘old testament’ – totally in sync with a tribal society level of understanding.”

Yes! Precisely.
Another example of the same principle:
In 79-81, telling the Iranians we would not meet their demands as they were against international law was totally ineffective. Had President Carter used the word immoral instead, would have been understandable to the hostage takers, and gained their respect. To them, immoral was biblical and koranic. Ethical and unethical, legal and illegal, especially attached to the word international were words regarded as best as silly, phony, western and transparently unreal. In their thinking, all TRUE LAW is preexistent in the mind of Allah. It was and is the duty of the Imams, Mullahs, and Ayatollahs in prayer to DISCOVER the thoughts/laws of Allah. International law to them at worst was Satanic and arrogant because it ignored the will of the Almighty.
Had we used the word immoral, they might have been willing to talk and negotiate. Our entreaties were ignored because we used the wrong language, … and because Reagan made a backdoor deal with them before the election, but that’s a whole other story in itself.

The Duke

Starring Helen Merrin
and Jim Broadbent

A charming, heart-warming true story. If only we had a leader brazen and motivated enough to pull something like this off, our country would be in a much more interesting and different place ….


In 1961, Kempton Bunton, a 60 year old taxi driver, stole Goya’s portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. He sent ransom notes saying that he would return the painting on condition that the government invested more in care for the elderly. What happened next became the stuff of legend. An uplifting true story about a good man who set out to change the world and managed to save his marriage.

Theatrical Trailer: 2 min 39 sec


If interested in seeing the film, you can download the movie from this link…….


The download link expires in 7 days (Sept 6th)

Biden just said the airlift in Afghanistan was the biggest evacuation in history. The British would beg to differ. Their Navy took away more than 300,000 troops, some of them French, at the battle of Dunkirk in 1940. It may however be the biggest airlift of refugees if that’s what he meant.


Andre, he did say “largest airlift in US history”

America in the pesky covid pandemic

Kiwi, Andre, et.al.
Our presidents at best tend to be bright but not brilliant. OK, there are exceptions; GWB and DJT come immediately to mind. (We also have some in Congress and our state legislatures and governors who are dumber than a box of rocks, and I may be insulting all the rocks on earth who would prefer not to be associated with such unintelligent, self serving riff raff.) Running a pest control business does not mean you are qualified for congress.

Granted Andre, Mr. Biden said “largest AIRLIFT in UNITED STATES history” and the Dunkirk evacuation was largely on water in the European theatre of operations, but your point is well taken. In any case, presidents often say inaccurate things, even the brighter ones, and I wish they would stop that.

In 1993 I was mildly shocked when President Clinton in his inaugural address, said the US was the oldest democracy on Earth. Nope. Not by a long shot. The Icelanders have been doing democracy for over a thousand years. They established the Althing, their parliament in the summer of 930 AD. Why would Bill not know that?


It seems presidential staff would catch such inaccuracies, particularly in a president’s prepared remarks. But they often don’t. I think maybe their staff are all specialists, highly educated, trained, and experienced in their specific field, but perhaps lacking in general knowledge.

I find it irritating when presidents and our other elected leaders say such nonsense, but perhaps that’s my Mercury/Venus conjunction in Virgo at work.

Eliseo, I agree presidential statement accuracies are in large part due to the level of staff competence/knowledge/research, and whether staff focus is more directed on pr spin vs fact. Some Clinton era staff perhaps bordered on an incompetent or casual attitude – many in NZ had a good laugh when it was reported that his visit confidential travel arrangements had been faxed to a farmer instead of the proper person. Fortunately no harm done, but the story got out.
I have been impressed with Jen Psaki, how she manages to impart some degree of civic education, touching on the complexity of what efficient government management involves.

Eliseo, with all due respect, Biden is human. He can’t be perfect but to some of us, his imperfections make him the perfect one to lead now. His leaving Afghanistan is so much more than a defeat. It is the end of our endless war. The grifters who profited from the Cold War needed a new focus so they began the war on terror and now Biden is announcing an end to that folly. My worry is that those same grifters will now launch the war on the climate where we spend money fighting mother nature in places we ultimately will need to abandon but first, these grifters will flush out tons of cash from the Treasury. Biden might be the one to tell the people the truth about global warming.

Eliseo, have you heard how Sharon fared thru Ida?

The transiting Mars opposition to transiting Neptune is affecting the Sibly chart Mars square Neptune. This is reflective in the attacks on President’s Biden’s decision to end the war in Afghanistan, increased attacks against centers providing vaccinations to combat the COVID 19 virus, and the most serious attack against Roe v Wade.

An alarming new Supreme Court case could unravel Roe v. Wade as soon as Tuesday night
By Ian Millhiser Aug 31, 2021, 3:00pm EDT


“In May, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a state law that effectively bans abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy — sooner than many people learn they are pregnant. This law violates the ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), which protects “the right of the woman to choose to have an abortion before viability and to obtain it without undue interference from the state.” But it will nonetheless take effect on Wednesday unless a court blocks it.”

It might have taken effect at midnight August 31 – September 1 if U.S. Supreme Court did not grant an injunction to block it.

Please don’t misunderstand. I agree with you 100%. I really like Biden quite a lot. I’m more impressed with the man than any previous Dem president in my lifetime. I believe he is the perfect guy for this time, and possibly for a 2nd term. I see in him a wisdom lacking in our previous presidents from 1968 through the present. His empathy and basic goodness remind me of my late father.

I’ve been a union supporting progressive new dealer social democrat all of my life. Having been involved with several Leftish organizations over the decades, I note that many are impractical, overly ideological and theoretical. I much prefer a pragmatic progressive like Biden who looks and sounds moderate, but actually leads us all cautiously and carefully through an increasingly progressive Leftward agenda. Like most, he also is somewhat blinded by his ideology, but more capable I believe of seeing his own folly and changing course when necessary.

Technically, what Biden said was correct, BTW. Key words were “airlift” and “US history.” I expect some errors, but like you said nobody’s perfect. I’m quite pleased he is ending our involvement in endless wars. He also may indeed be the one to tell the people the truth about global warming. Previous presidents have either minimized, denied, or sugar coated it. It is so much worse than what the average citizen understands.

Please don’t misunderstand. I agree with you 100%. I really like Biden quite a lot. I’m more impressed with the man than any previous Dem president in my lifetime. I believe he is the perfect guy for this time, and possibly for a 2nd term. I see in him a wisdom lacking in our previous presidents from 1968 through the present. His empathy and basic goodness remind me of my late father.

I’ve been a union supporting progressive new dealer social democrat all of my life. Having been involved with several Leftish organizations over the decades, I note that many are impractical, overly ideological and theoretical. I much prefer a pragmatic progressive like Biden who looks and sounds moderate, but actually leads us all cautiously and carefully through an increasingly progressive Leftward agenda. Like most, he also is somewhat blinded by his ideology, but more capable I believe of seeing his own folly and changing course when necessary.

Technically, what Biden said was correct, BTW. Key words were “airlift” and “US history.” I expect some errors, but like you said nobody’s perfect. I’m quite pleased he is ending our involvement in endless wars. He also may indeed be the one to tell the people the truth about global warming. Previous presidents have either minimized, denied, or sugar coated it. It is so much worse than what the average citizen understands.

When I hear from Sharon, I’ll let you know. She told me before Ida made landfall that they were far better prepared than most to endure it. They even have a large battery back-up system for power.

reflected not reflective in my post.


You suggest Biden’s mission to end the “endless war” has been successful. The jury is still out on that. Geopolitically, we are still in a quagmire. The region is a hyper breeding ground for terrorism aimed against US interests. It can raise its ugly head at anytime. We have relinquished our intelligence gathering capabilities in the country and left behind a huge cache of sophisticated weaponry with our hasty departure. ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and its affiliates filled the vacuum and are the beneficiaries. Due to poor planning our vital enemies have hit the jackpot. I’m sure the US military commanders are extremely uncomfortable about this new arrangement. We are in partnership with and reliant on a crude, barbaric medieval terrorist organization for their cooperation. An organization that admitted they have no control over their soldiers on the ground. We are back at square one pre-9/11.

The confidence, prestige and moral obligation to stand by our allies has suffered irreparable damage. There’s no going back now. We had the option of leaving behind a 2,500 contingency force to oversee the running of the Afghan govt. but we decided to fully pull the plug (refer to the former Senator Joe Lieberman Op Ed I posted on Aug 26th – 1:17 pm entitled “There Was No Need To Withdraw From Afghanistan”, a small excerpt of which I will reproduce here…….

“……President Trump’s policy and President Biden’s decision were not required by any facts on the ground. The United States and Afghanistan had achieved a strategic balance. The number of American soldiers there had been brought down to less than 3,000 from a wartime high over 150,000, and not one of our troops had been killed in battle for more than a year.

That is because they and we were no longer at war in Afghanistan. Our mission there was to counter terrorists who want to kill Americans and to give backup support to the Afghan government and military, which were building and defending their nation.” – End of Quote –

I would strongly urge all to read the article in full. Here’s the URL link:


Most likely the decision to completely pull out was a political one. Presumably the Biden administration wants to divert the money we were spending to preserve the Afghan government and re-direct it back into the US economy. A legitimate but ill-conceived action, for it has placed us in a morally indefensible position. Our conscience will ultimately be the barometer of whether we did the right thing or not. Here’s why our departure is not a resolved and finished action. It might be more aptly described as and contributing to something along the lines of Holocaust 2.0…….

Although it is being reported by Fox News, there’s no reason to disbelieve the veracity of the reporting and/or of its content…….

Taliban Commit ‘House-To-House Executions’ In Kabul After US Exit As Chilling Audio Demonstrates Afghans’ Fear

Afghan man who helped the US on the ground: ‘I have no idea how to leave’


The astrological factors in play could be tied to the August 19th Uranus retrograde station (14 ’47 Taurus) in dual quincunx to the US Saturn (14 ’48 Libra) and the Afghan Pluto (15 ’41 Sag).

Sharon won’t be posting for a a bit, but she
reports she & family are OK. They had some tree limb damage, but nothing serious. Their main problem, like the rest of New Orleans, is lack of electrical power.

Jerry, I think neocons like Lieberman will continue to push us to get involved in nation-building. Hopefully, we will stop listening to those folks. What is happening in Afghanistan is horrible but as Biden said, it was always going to end that way.


The points raised in Lieberman’s op ed are radical? I think that is what you are inferring. To maintain a symbiotic, working relationship with the Afghan government and not fully withdrawing would have been the most rational, prudent thing we could have done. Once the perception set in that international support was no longer forthcoming and that a full withdrawal was imminent, confidence in the system inevitably undermined everything. All the sacrifices and gains thrown off to the wayside. What’s wrong with nation building any way? The Marshal plan went into effect immediately following the second world war. Germany and Japan’s infrastructure was in total ruin. They are now thriving modern societies. As far as Afghanistan goes, what we now have is an isolated failed state, a breeding ground for Islamic extremists to resume their uncompromising terrorist agenda against the west. It’s not a reasonable alternative.

But we were paying the entire Afghan govt. bill. Now you have the Taliban and two other entities – Hamid Karzai and his connections to the Putin crime family of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Russia who want the poppy trade and you have the Chinese who want to mine the precious metals in the hills of Afghanistan.

And we have bigger issues at play domestically. Politico was bought today by Alex Springer the conservative German media company and a few weeks back, Nexstar bought The Hill. Our media are being bought up by wealthy ultra-conservative barrons who are more intent on propaganda than news. We are under attack against reason, science, and justice.

And the Stop the Steal crazies have taken the Dominion voting software and are pushing it out on the dark web – the entire software stack. That means that every crazy coder will have their shot at upsetting elections from the local to the national.

Jerry, the difference between post war germany and japan was the inherent structure of their society pre-war – for the most part obedient to a single leader. Afghanistan on the other hand has always been a rag tag bunch of tribes with corruption and payoffs to tribe leaders playing a heavy role. Anyone who thought a western style democracy was possible was dreaming.
More to the point I think, Biden seems to be pulling the plug on the war profiteers and they are all screaming bloody murder. As Eisenhower is reported to have said “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothes.”
Perhaps germany and japan did so well economically post war because they did not have a big military to feed.

Excellent post kiwi. Straight forward and on point on all counts.

I hope it gets referenced far and wide. May I share it with others?

Will Supreme Court justices see it like Bradley Whitford?

His post on Twitter:

“Bradley Whitford
Women don’t inseminate themselves. If you want to take away their right to control their own bodies without insuring that the inseminator takes full legal responsibility for the child at the moment of inception, you’re not “pro-life”. You just hate women. You want to punish them.”

thanks Bob – go for it. Just note I made a typo with the Eisenhower quote – should be clothed not clothes.

Thank you kiwi.

I made the spelling change you noted and starred out Jerry’s name. Even with the changes will enclose the piece in quotation marks if I share it.

Biden must act to change the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court. Then we voters must change the Congress.

U.S.SC Sep 1 2021

Chief Justice
John Roberts, seated September 29, 2005
DOB Jan 27 1955

Stephen Breyer, seated August 3, 1994
DOB August 15 1938

Clarence Thomas, seated October 23, 1991
DOB June 23 1948

Samuel Alito, seated January 31, 2006
DOB April 1 1950

Sonia Sotomayor, seated August 8, 2009
DOB June 25 1954

Elena Kagan, seated August 7, 2010
DOB April 28 1960

Brett Kavanaugh, seated October 6, 2018
DOB February 12 1965

Neil Gorsuch, seated April 10, 2017
DOB August 29 1967

Amy Coney Barrett, seated October 27 2020
DOB January 28 1972

interesting Bob that the 3 remaining liberal justices were all seated in august under a leo sun


Re: Afghanistan

You wrote: “Anyone who thought a western style democracy was possible was dreaming.”

Reminder: The Afghans did it for 20 years with American and international assistance. Contrary to your assertion, it was and is possible. It was we (the Americans) who decided to pull the plug. It was done without consideration to their general welfare and the immense help they had given us. It was done because it was the expedient, political thing to do.

Corruption was there, but like in all democratic countries in its infancy, especially in Asia, there are vulnerabilities. Who’s to say they would not benefit and outgrow those difficulties with time and experience. Anyone with any sense of sense of human dignity and moral compass would recognize that a complete withdrawal would be the death knell for many and cause much untold suffering for thousands upon thousands of Afghans who helped in the transition. Do we not have a heart? These are people after all. Just like you and I. You speak of them as if they were some alien culture that have no understanding of the basic rights of human liberties.

Those who pride themselves in the precious values of democratic principles would do well to listen to the wise, inspiring words of a very young Afghan Pulitzer Prize winner……

The Incomparable Malala Yousafzai

Video: 8 min 9 sec


I was going to begin looking at the justice’s charts kiwi but have used up my energy for now.

I did find one thing to follow up on. Transiting Neptune is going to station on the SC natal Saturn on and around December 1 this year. Because it is Neptune the station will be within a conjunction for an extended period of time. It will be within 1 degree from Nov 12 through Dec 21 this year.

That is 1 degree of right ascension (true body positions in space).

CORRECTION: Read instead: “a very young PAKISTANI Pulitzer Prize winner…”

Bob thanks for putting forth your comments re. “In May, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a state law that effectively bans abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy — sooner than many people learn they are pregnant.” etc.

Imo, this development in Texas is going to backfire big time. Not because they can’t pass the law, or won’t uphold it under pressure. Undoubtedly they will do everything they can to do just that.

What will happen is the same thing as happened in the 50’s & 60’s, when after WWII, women got used to the idea that they had a say in what happens in these situations. Women had worked in the war effort and abortions had become a fairly common thing – the war didn’t stop sex, but the difficulties of having women not available for the work force caused problems and it it was easier to look the other way, although many abortions were done in dreadful conditions with regard to the health of the mother. Common sense and the pill eventually led to much greater freedom of choice for the majority of women, even though many of them chose not to exercise the choice.

This time around, going back into the dark ages for women, is not as much about economics and keeping women working, as the opposite. It’s about preserving jobs and power for men (pretty obvious), but it is more importantly about making sure the white population does not decline in numbers. Population trends have have recently shown that the % of Latinos and Blacks and other minorities is increasing especially in some areas of the south, while the % of Whites has steadily declined.

Women being 1/2 of the breeding stock of any nation and Whites being a population under pressure means that the forces of conservative society are pushing to have more White women have more babies (or at least fewer abortions).

At the same time, Texas is restricting health care for people who cannot afford to pay (mostly minorities, but not all). That keeps minority populations working as much as possible and as long as possible, hence they may have fewer babies. If they want to avoid pregnancy, that’s another issue, but if they want abortions, they will have to cross state lines or do it illegally.

Just saying that this crazy situation has to make sense somehow. That’s the way I interpret what’s happening with the ultra right White male population in Texas. Keep those women home, barefoot and in the kitchen. Back to the past……

Jerry, small pockets of possibilities, yes. But Afghani tribes on the whole are an independent lot and no foreign empire’s culture is going to successfully co-opt their entire society in just one generation. Just ask Alexander, Mongols, various versions of Persia, Sikhs, Britain, Russia, and now the US.


Parts of the US northeast under a state of emergency due to record rainfall and flash flooding; remnants of Hurricane Ida.

The September 2nd Mars-Neptune opposition activating the US Mars-Neptune square could very well create conditions that trigger flooding (Neptune)

just saw a facebook graphic “when do we start airlifting women and children out of texas?”


What we are discussing here is a grass roots movement; a rallying cry for basic human rights to be honored and recognized, It has no direct bearing on past or current governments (refer to the Malala Yousafzai video I had posted). It will take a while for conditions to improve, but the spark is there. In essence, we are free. Our true nature goes beyond the artificial barriers of borders. It is all a gradual process, but eventually we will get there.

Fashion Photographer: ‘The World Doesn’t See This Part of Afghanistan’ – BBC News

Video: 3 min


Beowulfie, I think the male population of the world is considerably less than that of women because of deadly conflicts and my belief (perhaps wrong) that women of the world pay more attention to their health than men.

And the ladies haven’t slowed down in working for advances they want. They have made great advances in this country in it’s short life during my 8 decades. Rearing children has been one of the greatest responsibilities they have to deal with since the beginning of recorded time. That will change when they develop the pill that causes the sperm to collect an egg and plant it in the male. Will probably need medical procedures instead of evolution to carry that out.

Now that I have completely worn myself out thinking about that I am going to bed. No dreams tonight I hope.

Jerry, if a spark remains there still, it will indeed continue to grow quietly from within. But it cannot be forced from without.
I think with the level of corruption perpetuated by some that were protected within the US Military establishment, (contractors like Prince, certain drug conduits, etc) US combat forces are far better out. I believe Afghanistan will succeed better in the long term with leverage and tools available thru diplomatic means and outreach by those from the wider global community. The US has its own version of Taliban these days with the far right repressive guns and god crowd. Nobody said it would be easy.


We are looking at a potential humanitarian disaster on a massive scale. Indications are; wholesale murder and revenge will be unleashed on its inhabitants because of their connection to the previous government. I suppose one can look at it academically and throw a blind eye to the implications. But any feeling individual cannot ignore the realities. Whether the Biden administration admits to it or not, the Americans have blood on their hands. We have abandoned our friends and allies in need. Where is the American spirit in all this?

I have a certain affinity for the Afghan plight as I live in this part of the world. In my hippie days I have traveled those northern regions rather extensively. On the whole they are a very kind, warm generous people.

I married into a Punjabi family who have roots in Rawalpindi (previously part of British India but now officially part of Pakistan). The family relocated to central India before the partition in 1947. They share a similar language and culture. I can relate to the horrors the Afghans are presently facing in a very tangible way. You are applying a purely academic understanding of things to what is essentially a humanitarian problem. The Biden administration’s approach was not altruistic. They dismissed the inherent dangers in store for the Afghan civilian population without any back-up plan.

‘trump raging in early september’ from astrology alert

From a humanitarian perspective, I don’t disagree with you Jerry .
The flaw in the thinking is that America and its military is the only thing that can always fix everything.


No one is suggesting direct military involvement i.e. placing our forces in the middle of a civil war. Joe Lieberman’s contention is that continuing on with a minimum military presence would go a long way in preserving stability and establishing much needed support. It is a deterrent in the same way that US forces are currently stationed in Germany, Japan and along the Korean DMZ. We have nearly 30,000 US troops presently stationed in Korea. Peace on the Korean peninsula has endured for nearly 70 years. It’s a good will gesture of support to the South Korean government and strategically it is in our best interest. Compare that to a small token force of only 2,500 troops required in Afghanistan. BIG difference and ultimately quite affordable especially in light of preventing another 9/11 type event.

Jerry, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
Sadly, it wouldnt have been ‘just’ 2500 troops, it would also have meant more US taxpayer dollars, also desperately needed by those same taxpayers, as well as more miltary lives.


As you say, there are no easy answers. There will always be a cost, though in this case, from what I can gather, quite minimal by most calculations.

The point I was making is that our priorities are a bit askew. We are placing more importance on financial cost and political expediency rather than relying on our moral integrity to follow through on promises made to our supportive allies. If we cannot engender trust in our words and actions, we then have lost our rightful place in the world as leader. We used to be an example, a beacon of light to others. We were supposed to stand for something. Instead we got lost in a labyrinth of hollow words and empty ideals.

A very good astrological analysis of the Taliban regime…..

ASTROLOGY & TAROT: Taliban Ruled Afghanistan Now & In Future by Revealing Light

Video: 41 min 57 sec


The charts for Texas, the Supreme Court and for many of its Justices show the negative side of Aquarius.


Jerry, kiwi, Afghanistan would need more than 2500 troops to stabilize the country. There were 10,000 NATO troops in the country until last week. The US provided no more than a third. Most were allied, including Canadians, British, French,German and many others.

Also, no US troops were killed in the last 18 months only because Trump promised to leave.

Finally, the same argument for US troops could be made for Yemen and Somalia. Their situation is basically identical.

Biden made the right strategic call, although it pains me to see him abandon the Afghan people. The world is a harsh place and the West needs to turn towards greater foes. The preliminaries of WWIII are already under way, and it will not be fought in Afghanistan.

Hi Andre,

President Biden’s decision to follow through and implement Trump’s withdrawal agreement made with the Taliban came in April of this year. The die was cast. NATO’s decision to withdraw its troops was based on that understanding. The issue you raised is a moot point. Senator Lieberman’s op ed was not about canceling the agreement, since it had already gone into effect at the time of writing, but calling for a thorough congressional review of the decision making process. Here is a partial summary of what Lieberman was outlining…….

“There is an urgent need for President Biden to initiate a review of the decision-making process of his White House and administration in this matter, including the advice he received from his top aides, as well as the planning for the evacuation, which was clearly and outrageously inadequate.

There are tough questions President Biden must ask, including:

Why and how did he make the decisions he did? Did he ask for, and listen to, the opinions of people who were critical of his long-held desire to withdraw from Afghanistan?

Was he well-served by those in his administration who advised him and implemented his decision? If not, should they be removed?

Answers to these questions would advance the national-security interests of our country in the 3 ½ years of the Biden presidency ahead and restore the credibility of the president and his administration at home and abroad.”

Afghanistan was always going to be a boondoggle. We never should have been there in the first place. The US progressed retrograde Mars is strongly indicative of this outcome.

The opposite of this is the Powell Doctrine–go in with overwhelming force to do what needs to be done, and then get out. Perhaps no coincidence, former Gen. Colin Powell authored this when the U.S. progressed Mars was still direct.

I think this event, plus more to come during and after the U.S. Pluto Return will show us just how ineffectual and outmoded the concept of this country playing “world cop” is.

Interesting that Marjorie Orr cites Aquarius in the Texas+SCOTUS attack on Roe v. Wade. There’s definitely an ideological piece in all of this, and Aquarius can be stubbornly and notoriously idealistic.

To me, though, this all reeks much more of Capricorn/Saturn+Pluto. Think the wicked old father (Saturn) who behaves tyrannically and abusively towards his children.

Nothing idealistic about blocking abortion–the old white men in Texas and in the Republican Party are desperate to protect and reimpose the patriarchy at any cost. This isn’t going to end in The Handmaid’s Tale, though.

Everything I see says that not only have they overplayed their one bad hand, they’re not even playing the right game. These fools are obsessed with abortion. What they don’t see coming ’round the bend for them is unchecked climate change. Abortion/domination of women must very soon be the least of their priorities, or else they can expect to be swept away by the tides of the real agenda.

“when do we start airlifting women and children out of texas?”
right on, kiwi!

I grew up in SE Texas, the part that is culturally very Southern. After I finished my first degree, I chose to live elsewhere but have followed Texas politics for the past several decades. To borrow an old Texas saying, as long as I can remember, our Texas legislators have been “all hat and no cattle.”

In the late 90’s the Texas legislature decided the state needed a state religion. They were willing to pass a law stating that whatever religion was then in the majority would be the state religion from that moment forward. They were proudly convinced their particular church (Southern Baptist) would be it – until social scientists pointed out a slight majority of Texans were – gulp – … Roman Catholic. Oops! They promptly dropped their state religion aspirations.

Regarding abortion, I knew this day would eventually come, but as much as the predominantly Southern Baptist Texas legislsture would like to see it transpire, BuckeyeShadow is right. Texas will not become a real life example of the Handsmaid’s Tale. Though Texas legislators are blind to it, they will very soon have much bigger fish to fry. Overwhelmingly huge fish for which they have no adequately sized frying pan.

As far as the world cop role, if there is none there will be world crime. The allies agreed the US should play that role at Bretton Woods, Connecticut in July of 1944. On the whole I think the Pax Americana succeeded in its primary objectives, but Vietnam, the second Iraq war, and Afghanistan were boondoggle fool’s errands from the beginning. As far the latter two, I see the fingerprints of the progressed US retrograde Mars all over those quagmires.

BuckeyeShadow and Andre are IMO very much on target. Unchecked climate change is here. The preliminaries of WWIII are certainly under way, “and it will not be fought in Afghanistan.” What is coming will transform our world far more than did WWII.

Mr. Biden is astute enough to see what is coming, and sufficiently circumspect to quietly plan for it without alarming the public.
As deeply painful as it was to leave the Afghans to the “mercies” of the Taliban, in the context of the above, Biden made the right call for the survival of the US and Westen Civilization.

Let us recall, FDR made equally painful, wrenching, harmful but necessary decisions in the lead up to WWII.

What will happen in texas if hospitals/doctors try to save near death women, due to them previously ‘self aborting’?

I wonder how they could prove that a heartbeat could be heard?

Wow Everybody! In light of what just happened to Roe V Wade Pls watch Jerry September 1 11:43 pm

click on his YouTube link

about The Incomparable Malala Yousafzai

There are no words I have to emotionally describe how I feel what depriving half the population of the world of human rights would do to all of us.

Haha! Describing the Taliban as toxic Masculinity IS comedic but words cannot adequately describe the damage to humanity……… There are no words right now….. after some time, some of us on this blog or in the sane world, may, after being so stunned, offer a more apt description and offer some remedies.

Their bizarre, extreme and homicidal sexism is a given, but with all due respect, describing the Taliban as toxic masculinity is I believe inaccurate, lame, and much too tame. The Taliban operates under a fascist theocratic political ideology run amuck. Religious fascism is still fascism.

Just as Christian fundamentalists are profoundly and deeply uncomfortable with the directions in which the world is changing, thereby retreating into their mythological fantasies, so too do many Muslims do likewise. But there are many factors beyond our control which mitigate their radicalization into something far more virulent that what our so called Christian brethren can imagine.

Thank you Eliseo for that.

Onward and upward ……… 🙂

We are, after all in North America

We still have strength



Birth Death and Rebirth

and with the current transiting Mars-Neptune opposition to the natal US Mars-Neptune square…….

With all of us who are unselfish and who really care about the Greater Good… we can make it through this trying time. The hard aspects are INTENSE but they get things done.

There are more of US than of THEM because it is in our interest to look out for the greater good……

Just like in traffic…. there is adherence to traffic laws because it is in our self-interest.

What SCOTUS did last night is the modern Dred Scott case which many believe was the case that propelled us to civil war. The religious right was never concerned about abortion but was their safe way of talking about segregation and they are willing to go to war for it. They will enact (or try to) something similar in the 18 states they can.


Afghanistan does not have traffic lights…..

I LOVE Planned Parenthood. As a young female who moved to the US at age 21, who was full of her own convictions – who found herself alone in the situations described up thread – I took the logical step of availing myself of the services of Planned Parenthood. I was too proud to tell my parents, my family in Canada what was really going on with me.

Planned Parenthood was a blessing.

Does anyone remember the book and the organization out of Boston called:

“Our Bodies, Our Selves” ?

Thank god for all that. I can’t believe it’s all being taken away.

I believe it will be back more solidly than ever…….

But our Babies and their Babies are going to suffer to be an example of what happens with horrible blind sociopaths living the pleasures of inequality before we are set on the right path again.

I hope that the public outcry will be significant and Biden is gifted enough to undue this dreadful decision in a way that heads off war and diffuse the situation to a point of real change and understanding.

Fundamentalist Christianity is doomed. A religion so sick and twisted that it becomes singularly obsessed with maintaining a very specific code of expectations that are both highly objectionable and impossible to meet, cannot help but break apart when challenged by that which it cannot anticipate.

They literally have nothing left. What else will they do? Kill the people who won’t follow their goddamn laws?

F— their beliefs. And f— them too. They are asking for hell. It’s about time everyone else give it to them.

There was an ancient tribe I read of who were a particularly nasty and cowardly bunch. They would go around raping and killing the women and children of other tribes.

The other tribesmen eventually grew tired of this group’s wickedness, teamed up and ganged up on them. They ambushed and killed all of the men, cut off their penises, and shoved them down their throats.

Maybe the Republicans and Christian Fundamentalists driving the country into the ground over their idiot ideas of patriarchy and racial superiority deserve the figurative modern version of this response? As their own bible says, “he who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”

Sometimes, the only thing people who cause problems for others can ever understand is the harshest, most extreme and crippling forms of retribution being dealt unto themselves.

I noticed Roe v Wade’s natal chart has a close Jupiter-Uranus square at 22 Capricorn – 23 Libra. The recent 1/2020 Saturn/Pluto conj. would certainly stir things up a bit. Here’s the Roe v Wade chart………


Excerpt from an article published in the Voice of America………

What’s in the Texas law?

The Texas law is one of several “heartbeat” laws enacted in states where the Republican Party has a majority. At least 12 other states, including Idaho, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Mississippi, have passed laws that place restrictions on abortions this year.

The legislation is considered part of an effort to overturn Roe v. Wade. That is the 1973 Supreme Court decision that established a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion.

Abortion laws are often enforced by state and local officials. But the Texas law permits private citizens to bring legal actions in state court against anyone involved in an abortion, other than the pregnant woman.

Actions could be brought against doctors, office workers and others involved in helping with abortions. That could include anyone who drives a woman to a clinic to get an abortion. Under the law, anyone who successfully brings legal action against another person would receive at least $10,000.

Harold Krent is a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. He told Reuters, “It is a little bit like the Wild West.” Krent compared it to an earlier time in U.S. history when private citizens enforced laws when the government was limited and there was little organized law enforcement.


BuckeyeShadow, totally with you and totally fed up with them. Surprised there aren’t massive protests like there were when Prop 8 passed in California. I’ve been feeling like they’re steamrolling us and I want to see a mass movement fighting back.

Unfortunately, this controversy was not unexpected. It was one of Trump’s primary campaign promises when he was running for office in 2016……

Trump: I’ll Appoint Supreme Court Justices To Overturn Roe v. Wade Abortion Case

October 16, 2016

Donald Trump said the overturning of the landmark Supreme Court decision giving women the right to abortion “will happen, automatically,” if he is elected president and gets to appoint justices to the high court.

“I am pro-life,” Trump said during Wednesday night’s presidential debate when asked whether he wanted that decision, Roe v. Wade, reversed by the Supreme Court.

Trump said that if the ruling were to be reversed, laws on the legality or illegality of abortion would “go back to the individual states” to decide, which was the case prior to Roe v. Wade.



Apparently the shortened URL link form doesn’t work in this blog, so here is a separate link for the Roe v Wade astrological chart…….


My head is spinning over this Handmaid’s Tale society we are living in. And I’m re-sickened over the travesty that Obama wasn’t allowed to replace Scalia, but tRump was able to immediately replace RBG. UGH!!!!!!!

Hmmm……….if all women in Texas of child-bearing age just stopped having sex……….but there are way too many right-wing women in Texas so this idea won’t work.

Republicans love the fetus, but once a child is born, they don’t want anything to do with them.

Forbes article about how the abortion ban will progress to other states. (We know Ron DeSantis in Florida is salivating at the idea, and South Carolina ready to pounce.)

“Texas’ near-total abortion ban is likely to start a national trend after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the law, as Florida state lawmakers became the first in an expected string of Republican state legislators Thursday to signal they intend to pass their own anti-abortion legislation that copies Texas and lets private citizens, rather than the government, enforce the law.”

With so many priorities — climate change, pandemic, gun epidemic, inflation, lack of infrastructure, etc., etc., these states are focusing on abortion?? This is insane!!

Yes. I have my old copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves. I was saving it, hoping to give to a daughter, but one of my greater failures was never having any children.

To us this was a Dred Scott decision. But I’ve often heard anti-abortionists describe Roe V. Wade as the modern Dred Scott moment.

If you believe a zygote is a human being, then of course abortion is murder. If you take the traditional Jewish view, and until mid 20th century the view of Protestants as well that you don’t have a human being until the birthed infant takes its first breath, then of course it is NOT murder.

To most Progressives, the notion a zygote is a full fledged human being is absurd on the face of it, but I think many on the religious right are genuinely concerned about abortion. But you are right, this issue now has a much higher probability of propelling us into a type of civil war.

Those eighteen states don’t need to secede. All they have to do is defy federal law, or refuse to enforce it if it is not to their liking.

When the issue was racial civil rights, Eisenhower federalized the National Guard and sent troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce federal law. Imagine what a colossal headache it would be were multiple incidents to occur in each of those eighteen states simultaneously. Sending troops to one or two states is do-able. Hundreds of cases within eighteen different states is entirely too many. That’s what I believe we are coming up to – that and a modern version of the much abused Mann Act of 1913. If you are transporting a girl or woman to a state where abortion is legal, you better stay there and not return. I believe we can eventually expect protests and riots. Both sides will be furiously enflamed.

You are so right! Fundamentalist Christianity IS doomed, but so are all forms of fundamentalism. In the context of modern knowledge the fundamentalist worldview and theology are unsustainable. This is why they are so desperate to impose their thinking and purported behavior on the rest of us. It is their bid for survival.

We don’t need to cut off their penises. Their most important form of reproduction is mental, maintaining the absurd memes their younger generations are rejecting. We will unfortunately be dealing with their poison for a while; it will continue to escalate the further division of the country as did the issue of slavery. But in the end their ideas will be as dust in their mouth, choking them into oblivion. They will fail. Such are the social dynamics. But in the meantime they will cause profound strife and suffering.

“the Texas law permits private citizens to bring legal actions in state court against anyone involved in an abortion, other than the pregnant woman.’

This reminds me of the Nuremburg laws, turning German citizens against one another, and especially against the Jews. A US Supreme Court that sanctions such laws has no sense of culture or history.

Many of the religious right privately but genuinely believe “GOD” is punishing America because we allow abortion. This is why for them it is the #1 issue. And you are right, that IS insane!

Another comment on the abortion issue and further to mine above, per reporting by Reuters –

“The Republican president of Florida’s state Senate, Wilton Simpson, told local station WFLY-TV on Thursday that he planned to follow Texas’ lead and bring up a similar abortion ban in the chamber’s next session.

“This law will begin saving the lives of tens of thousands of Texas babies and we look forward to the day that babies’ lives will be spared across America,” said Carol Tobias, president of the anti-abortion National Right to Life Committee”……etc.

It’s not like they aren’t counting the babies already.

Here’s the link:


Silcominc, thanks for posting the link on the background to abortion politics and tax exemption of religious institutions, both of which are deeply tied to racial discrimination, which is not just a US issue – other countries protect conservative segments of their societies under the umbrella of religion as well.

The tax status of the general population vs. the exemption status of privileged groups is fraught with complex issues and has been used to direct money and power for eons. Think again about the Supreme Court and Citizens United and how ‘free speech’ was became suppression of free speech by individuals by putting them up against impenetrable organizations. Sound familiar?


Taxes are money that big organizations don’t want to pay. Money is power. Any smokescreen that hides the real game helps those who work for power above all. I’m not a conspiracy minded person, but let’s face it, it’s all about power and one little lady whose body is being pushed around by Texas or whomever, is just a pawn in the game.

Here is Silcominc’s link again – well worth a read!


It all comes down to politics. The Republicans who fervently cater to the Christian right in the interest of garnering as many votes as they can, are missing the bigger picture. I know I’m preaching to the choir on this, but it deserves mention.

Pro life is a loaded concept. What does it mean really? Does it extend to animals and other wild-life? If not, why not? The Trump family’s well publicized safaris into Africa killing defenseless tigers, giraffes, elephants and water buffalo for sport, why does that not fall into the same category of Pro Life?

Aside from the health dangers of not having access to an abortion clinic in times of an emergency, this notion that aborting a fetus may be equivalent to murder may need some deeper soul searching and honest reflection. Is it the individual we are terminating, or is it the fetus?

There have been exhaustive studies done on this, albeit from unconventional sources which many in the scientific community may reject outright, but it’s worth serious consideration….

Richard Martini Author, of “Flipside: Hacking the Afterlife”

Question: When does the soul enter a women’s fetus during pregnancy?

According to Dr. Helen Wambach, who had 2000 cases of people under hypnosis claiming to witness the process, she never had any account of a soul entering the womb prior to six months.

According to Michael Newton,who over 40 years had 7000 accounts talking about the same thing, he claimed he never had a client say that they had entered the womb until the 4th month. And that is a standard question done by someone trained by the Newton Institute in between life hypnotherapy.

I’ve filmed 45 sessions, and again, no one claimed to enter the womb prior to four months. “There’s nothing to do – it’s like merging with a fish.” “I showed up around the 9th month – most of the time I was visiting my friends while still connected to my mom.” “I was there for the conception – but I didn’t enter her womb until just prior to birth. I just don’t like being confined in there, so I waited.”

These are not theories or opinions about what month people enter the womb – these are statistics from thousands of cases. They claim consistently that no one shows up until after the 4th month and most often after the six month. However, they also claim that we “choose” our lifetime, that we choose to come here knowing roughly what the outcome will be. They claim that if a pregnancy terminates for any reason, they will go “back in line” to wait for an opportunity to return. Sometimes they return via a relative, or someone else so that they can live out what their plan was. In some cases, they claim that the birth process didn’t take and yet they found a way to get into that parent’s life because of adoption.

What I’m saying is that while this information may seem contrary to the religious concepts or the moral issues regarding birth and choice – but also to say that every life is indeed sacred, and if a person comes to the planet in some other manner, it may be so that they can connect at a later time with someone they’re supposed to be with. The only way to know the answer to “so why are you here?” is to ask them directly (or speak to someone in their soul group who may know the answer.)

But in answer to the question – consciousness, the energy of who we are, enters roughly after the fourth month (according to these thousands of reports.)

a sometimes somber, but sadly accurate speech on how we got here (45min) by Arundhati Roy in 2002

After decades of thought and investigation of the matter I came to the conclusion the word “choice” is misleading in the context of rebirth. It is not a rational process. I don’t feel we’ve developed the right vocabulary because we don’t understand it well enough. Nor do I believe we “know” in any conventional sense roughly what the outcome of that life will be.

Nevertheless, the past life and inbetween states you’ve described are fascinating. Well worth thinking about. Thank you!

Has anyone noticed that post election Fox News, day by day becomes increasingly more strident and extreme with their propaganda headlines and content? It is as if they are gradually building up to something, some kind of climax.

Eliseo, The main point being, Roe v Wade has become politicized. The government was originally conceived and intended to serve the interests of the people; certainly not to benefit the selfish gains of elected officials. The term public servant has lost a lot of its meaning.

NBC Demographic breakdown of Americans who have and who have not taken the vaccine.

All adults: 69 percent
Men: 67 percent
Women: 71 percent
18-34: 63 percent
35-49: 58 percent
50-64: 71 percent
65+: 86 percent
Whites: 66 percent
Blacks: 76 percent
Latinos: 71 percent
Urban residents: 79 percent
Suburban residents: 67 percent
Rural residents: 52 percent
White evangelicals: 59 percent
Democrats: 88 percent
Independents: 60 percent
Republicans: 55 percent
Republicans who support Trump more than party: 46 percent
Republicans who support party more than Trump: 62 percent
Democratic Sanders-Warren voters: 88 percent
Democratic Biden voters: 87 percent
Biden voters in 2020 general election: 91 percent
Trump voters in 2020 general election: 50 percent
White non-college grads: 60 percent
White college grads: 80 percent

More Numbers compiled by NBC

9: The number of women now serving as governor, tying a record.

Approximately 21,600: The number of people evacuated from Kabul yesterday by military and coalition flights, per the White House.

23: The number of congressional districts where House Majority Forward is airing TV and digital ads to promote the Democrats’ work on Covid relief, infrastructure and climate legislation.

92 inches: The height (7’8’’) of the tallest man in the U.S., Igor Vovkovinskiy, who passed away on Friday.

38,057,336: The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States, per the most recent data from NBC News and health officials. (That’s 258,472 since yesterday morning.)

633,455: The number of deaths in the United States from the virus so far, per the most recent data from NBC News. (That’s 1,417 since yesterday morning).

363,267,789: The number of vaccine doses administered in the U.S., per the CDC. (That’s 610,018 since yesterday morning.)

51.5 percent: The share of all Americans who are fully vaccinated, per the CDC.

62.5 percent: The share of all American adults at least 18 years of age who are fully vaccinated, per CDC.

Eliso does your NBC demographic post reflect your trust in the report and the C-19 tests accuracy?

Laura Willow,
I must presume NBC has confidence in the numbers as they have their reputation to uphold. At their website they state they are “tracking administered doses in each state by surveying health departments and examining daily reports.”

But the numbers I posted come from a Meet the Press story from Aug. 24 which refers to an “NBC poll.” Whether the data was collected by NBC reporters, professional researchers with backgrounds in statistics, sociology, or demographics, I do not know.

The full story is entitled:
NBC News poll shows demographic breakdown of the vaccinated in the U.S.


Update on Sharon

Electrical power has been restored to the New Orleans neighborhood where Sharon K. lives. She & family are OK and recovering from the storm. As far as I know there has been no major damage to their house.

thanks for that info Eliseo!


For Congress, September Will Be the Cruelest Month

Between budget reconciliation, infrastructure, and the debt ceiling, lawmakers have their work cut out for them.

New Republic
August 25, 2021


September 2021 Forecast/ Steve Judd

Video: 13 min 56 sec


Jerry offers a nice segue for me to intrude on the discussion. September may truly be a critical month for Congress and the world.
It has been some years since I commented here but check on the discussion from time to time. If you all will indulge me I wish to offer a prophetic twist to current events starting with Nostradamus’ Century 8 Quatrain 20 as translated by Edgar Leoni in 1961;

The false message about the sham election,
To run through the city peace broken stopped:
Voice bought, chapel stained with blood,
And to another one the empire contracted.

The first 2 lines are an uncannily accurate description of the insurrection on Jan 6. Line 3 Leoni interprets as “voice” but the French word “voix’ also means “votes’, which I believe is the the correct meaning.
The point here is that not only is the legislative agenda of the democrats walking a narrow path but that control of the House of Representatives can also switch with less than half dozen Dems switching party! Why would they do so? Nostradamus (if I am rightly interpreting him – a far from certain proposition lol) seems to imply they are simply bought off. Why I believe this applies to the House and not simply “voices” similar to FOX News propagandists I will elaborate on in another comment to keep the length manageable.

Edgar Leoni’s translation of section of Nostradamus’ Letter to Henry II, the preface to his second book of quatrains with my interpretation in parentheses. Part 1;

At the eve of another desolation (WW3), when she (USA, Lady Liberty or Columbia) is atop her most high and sublime dignity (foremost world power), some potentates and warlords will confront her (military- industrial complex), and take away her two swords (her two nationally elected leaders), and leave her only the insignia, whose curvature attracts them (facade of democracy). The people will make him (successor to the 2 swords) go to the right and will not wish to submit themselves to those of the opposite extreme with the hand in acute position (the political left, hand in acute position is the fist), who touch the ground, and want to drive spurs into them.

So the political right takes power after a coup and persecutes the political left. Part 1 is very general and could be applied almost universally. Part 2 contains what I think are sure clues that USA is subject.

Letter to Henry II part 2;

And here it is that there is born of a branch long sterile one who will deliver the people of the world ( here Leoni offers a footnote that “people of the world” is his interpretation from the literal translation of “universal people”, what is America if not the nation of a universal people?) from this benevolent slavery to which they had voluntarily submitted (materialism? commercialism? Perhaps something else?). He will put himself under the protection of Mars, stripping Jupiter of all his honors and dignities (the military will side with the leader throwing out the conservative extreme, punishing Jupiter in the guise of the potentates and plutocrats), and establish himself in the free city in another scant Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia means between two rivers – Washington DC is situated between the Potomac and Anacosta Rivers and would surely be considered scant in size! And free city goes without question and reinforces that the city in Century 8 Quatrain 20 is the same city here). The chief and governor will be cast out from the middle and hung up (it seems to me from other quatrains that Nostradamus is referring to the middle or center of the world, again meaning Washington since especially since he previously labeled the toppled leader as a right wing extremist), ignorant of the conspiracy of one of the conspirators with the second Thrasibulus (here is the final clue within the paragraph that we are talking about modern USA, Thrasibulus was the hero of Athenian democracy. When Sparta defeated Athens they threw out the democratic government and installed a govt known as the Thirty Tyrants which Thrasibulus in turn overthrew and reinstalled democracy).

That’s to many coincidences for me to ignore, but of course doesn’t mean I’m correct.

Century 4 Quatrain 16
The free city of liberty made servile:
Made the asylum of profligate and dreamers.
The King changed by them not so violent:
From one hundred become more than a thousand.

This quatrain repeats several things from the snippet of Letter to Henry II. The free city of liberty is Washington DC. The city is enslaved to a benevolent slavery and if “liberty” is interpreted as Lady Liberty as I think it should, then the enslavement encompasses the entire nation.
Profligates being those without moral or scruple. Line 3 indicates it will be a non-violent movement that tosses out the conservative extremist. I assume the military being faced with firing on the people will stand down.
The last line is Thrasibulus again! The story is that one hundred men gathered around Thrasibulus before he became threatening enough for the 30 Tyrants to send a force to obliterate him. A blizzard intervened saving him. When his forces reached a thousand he retook Athens.

I seem to have “taped over” my 2 comments between these two! So naturally my points are not as clear as I would like. What is missing is 2 paragraphs from Nostradamus’ preface to his 2nd book of quatrains entitled Letter to Henry II. I will add my interpretations in parentheses. First paragraph;

At the eve of another desolation (WW3), when she (Lady Liberty – USA) is atop her most high and sublime dignity (foremost in the world), some potentates and warlords will confront her ( military-industrial complex?), and take away her two swords (2 nationally elected leaders), and leave her only the insignia, whose curvature attracts them (facade of democracy). The people will make him (successor to the 2 swords) go to the right and will not wish to submit themselves to those of the opposite extreme (obviously the political left) with the hand in acute position (a fist – appropriate symbol for the left), who touch the ground, and want to drive spurs into them.

So the right takes power and persecutes the left and the phrase “drive spurs into them” indicates some violent suppression. Paragraph 2 is where the connections to America become more than coincidental for me.

Well, my two missing posts have reappeared making my last one redundant hahaha. Glad to see my Uranus square Ascendant is still working its magic.

Let me try to wrap this up. Most of the quatrains are tied together by repeated words such as “free city” or the same events differently described such as “this benevolent slavery” and simply “enslaved” into a remarkably coherent if astonishing narrative.
The last quatrain noted the arrival of profligates and dreamers into the free city. Let’s take the dreamer from Century 6 Quatrain 86
The great prelate one day after his dream,
Interpreted opposite to its meaning:
From Gascony a monk will come unexpectedly,
One who will cause the great one to be elected prelate of the Sens.

The important point here is that the main dreamer is called a prelate. This appellation is symbolic and I believe an anagram with hidden meaning. Century 8 Quatrain 93
Seventh month, no more he will obtain the prelacy,
Through ones death a great schism will arise:
Seven months another will hold the governorship,
Near Venice peace, union to arise again.

The French for seven is sept which is also an abbreviation of Septembre. The seventh month could have been July but it has come and gone without event. But why does this prelate’s actions have to be this “sept”?
Because his actions are intertwined with world stability. Back to Letter to Henry II.

In the spring there will be omens, and thereafter extreme changes, reversals of realms and mighty earthquakes. These will be accompanied by the procreation of the new Babylon, miserable daughter enlarged by the abomination of the first Holocaust. It will last for only seventy-three years and seven months.

This new Babylon of Nostradamus I believe to be Israel. Remember in the Revelation of John Jerusalem is call a spiritual Sodom and Egypt. Anyway that means Israel will cease to exist in December 2021. Well if anyone is interested ask me questions and please question my veracity because I know nothing!!!

Dear I Know Nothing (love that name),

For purposes of clarity, can you condense what you are seeing in your own words? For example, what astrological aspects are there in September that would suggest some type of “event”?

Personally (in my humble opinion), I’m inclined to think there will be a general increase of intensity all through the month of September and could reach a crisis point with the October 6th New Moon because of its conjunction to Mars (13 Libra) within one degree of the US natal Saturn in square to the US natal Sun (13 Cancer) and quincunx to transiting Uranus (13 Taurus). There are other factors coming into play on that same day such as Pluto’s direct station (24 Capr.) in square to the US Mercury, which I have explored in earlier posts. Here’s the October 6th chart for quick reference: https://cafeastrology.com/events/new-moon-on-october-6-2021/

Generally speaking early to mid October looks unusually active, perhaps even ominous. The health of our economy could be in jeopardy. What do you think?

Jerry there were I my opinion several analysis up thread, including yourself that points to a rough September mostly concerning transits. I myself after reading books by John Wilmer agree with him that progressions to individual charts within 4 minutes of exact are what initiate major events on a personal and political level with declinations an important part of the astrological equation. Such aspects are currently within 4minutes in Biden’s chart as well as the inaugural and USA charts. I’m a little groggy and not clear headed enough to list those aspects but I’ll do so soon. Do remember that inaugural progressed moon is conjuncting natal Mars and Uranus this month. Biden and USA charts are going through adverse Mars/Pluto progressions – very explosive.
In my own words about Nostradamus watch the House of Representatives, if Republicans gain control in a week or two they will not stop there!

Gain control in a week or two? What is happening in a week or two?

Astrology, among other things, is the study of cycles, Right?

When I read a chart for someone, into the near future and also into the years ahead, I always end on an up cycle.

I tell them when the events are going to occur, and the nature of the events…… when to take advantage of circumstances, and what to watch out for when.

I take them to a place in the future where everything evens out – where they can move ahead, have greater understanding, and where they can find peace if that’s what they want.

I give them a timeline…. and I always end the reading on an upcycle… where they have worked through the intense times and have found solutions.

We need that hope. We need that inspiration. We need direction and goal orientation.

Hi Sharon – so glad to see you surfacing! Hope things have not been too bad for you. xxx

Nice to see you back, Sharon K!:)

Halfway through reading about Nostradamus I was re-thinking my plan to live to 121 to see how things were turning out LOL!!

How are things in your neighborhood Sharon?


Mazel Tov on your safety and survival! You are blessed.

I know nothing, could it be that what you are referencing is from the past? When I read the two deaths, I think of Bobby and Jack Kennedy. Many believe that they were both killed because they opposed an expansion of the military-industrial complex.

I’m still waiting on some test results but a new rheumatologist is positive I have fibromyalgia and *maybe* lupus (dependent on the blood test). The med he’s put me on has helped, but I can’t quantify HOW it’s helped, only that I “feel” different. It does seem to be helping me sleep better, that much is certain. This med is known to make people lose weight as a side effect, and he’s warned me to watch it carefully, as I’m holding at about 94 lbs right now. I’m also down to 4’9″. I shrink anymore, you’ll lose sight of me! (hehe)

Beyond that, I finally got caught up (more or less) with the message here. I think it was good I waited until now to post anything, tho. Wednesday had me too emotional to post here. The abortion law hit me hard. Not that it affected me, of course, but being now in KS, my daughter will no doubt be smack in the middle of danger soon. KS is notorious for anti-choice action. Lots of murder at clinics around here. Pro-life, my butt! I can see states now trying to out-do Texas as to which can be the most cruel, the most medieval. I am not nearly as cavalier as some of what I seemed to have picked up in some messages here, but again, this is something I’ve fought all my life for; I’ve vested in Roe v Wade since I was 16 and marching. I just never thought at 65 I’d be having to do it all over again! I remember too well what happened in those days before Roe. I started out as a twin, for example. My twin didn’t make it. Mom went in for a D&E(?) which today would be considered an abortion in Texas. If the twin had not been aborted and removed, neither one of us may have made it into this world alive… nor my brother 3 years later, nor my sister 8 years later. Mom’s fertility wouldn’t have been reason enough to do the procedure under TX rules.

And no exception for rape or incest? So the woman lives with PTSD for the rest of her life whenever she looks in the face of the child. And no child should be made to birth a child; it’s too dangerous. We had made great strides in maternal mortality rates until 2000, when we started to go backwards. Now, we’re back to third world mortality rates again. With this law, even 3rd world may have better rates than the southern US.

Most of all, tho, it makes us 2nd class citizens. We’re not even counted adult enough to be sued under this law, if you notice! It takes all bodily autonomy away from us; all agency. And if it can do this, how long before we can no longer enter into contracts by ourselves; by a house; get a credit card; take out a loan; have our own credit rating? I remember when these things were denied to us as women. The 1970’s and 80’s weren’t that long ago!!

I also remember when our career prospects were severely limited because whatever we did couldn’t “hurt the fetus” or a prospective future pregnancy… at least, that was the excuse they gave. And because of that, they paid us less money.

Texas is already coming for the abortion pills, and I have no doubt for the morning after pill. Next, they’ll come after contraceptives. Because “abortion” is NOT the issue. Controlling WOMEN is the issue!!! This is the last gasp of a male patriarchy determined to make women subservient to them once again and keep them that way. And it’s the first breath of religious fascism in the US. And once they see how easy this was, they are NOT going to stop.

Like you guys, I think Fundamentalism will eventually be run out of the country on rails. But it’s gonna do a LOT of damage before that day comes. And if you’re female, disabled, a POC, or not of their religious strain, you’re directly in their crosshairs. The Dominionists have been trying to get here for decades now; slowly working behind the scenes; making plans within plans, because to them, all is fair as long as “it’s for God.” That includes lying, cheating, stealing, and even murder.

If you can’t tell, this is one thing I’m totally passionate to the Nth degree over. Luckily for me, my hubby is just as passionate as I am. If we all were younger, we’d be taking my daughter and moving to a civilized country. My hope is eventually countries like Canada, Australia, or NZ might take pity on us and grant us asylum, being women AND Democrats and NOT Fundamentalists.

sunstars: I still have my old copy (now much battered and used) of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” on my bookshelf now. It’s also one of the first books I bought my daughter when she achieved her first menses.

Eliseo: You talked about calling folks living in the S and SW as living in the biblical catastrophe belt instead of the bible belt. Why don’t we just cut it down to size and call it the “Rapture Belt?”

Also… the RWNJ may be sincerely concerned abortion is murder because they don’t know their own Bible! Incidents akin to abortion are mentioned several times throughout the Old Testament, and the unborn is always viewed as property; and not very valuable property, at that. Besides, God, himself, was the biggest killer of children, born and unborn! And Jesus mentioned abortion about as often as mentioned homosexuality — like, never!

Like I said… I’m an Aquarian with a Scorpio Moon. I’m nothing if not passionate!!!

(((slightkc))) for your health. Dont let the neanderthals overtax your adrenalin! Im convinced, they’ll get their just reward.

Slightkc, I hear you on Texas and the abortion legislation! It’s such a profound shock. How can a state (any state) in a big, industrious, advanced nation like the US take such a medieval position on women’s health? It looks like the country is no better in principle (and soon, in action) than the Taliban. And don’t be so sure Canada is safe from this kind of thinking either!

I still have an old copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” too. I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out. I can’t believe this has happened in the ‘land of the free’ after all the stuff women have gone through since the 60’s. Yes, women had the vote, but people don’t realize that up to the 70’s, women didn’t really have agency over their own lives. Generally they couldn’t borrow money, or finance an education, or obtain health care, never mind legal birth control, without a man’s permission in some way. In the US, the pill didn’t arrive legally until 1965 when the Supreme Court ruled on Griswold v. Connecticut. So, until then, it didn’t matter their race or age or culture – women were ALL second class citizens.

I personally know women who had multiple pregnancies they didn’t want in marriage or outside of it, who had abortions in horrible conditions, or who became sterile after a botched one, who had babies they gave up for adoption, who never spoke to their upset parents again once they got pregnant without a husband, and young girls who were too dumb to know the could even get pregnant and then mysteriously ‘disappeared’ from grade 9 in high school and got moved to another town. And so on and so on. Reproductive rights meant something to all of us, even if the lucky ones didn’t have to pay a price directly.

Who knew states can duck out of the Constitution and the Supreme Court plays tricks at midnight? It’s hard to picture what a Catholic US President can do in such a complex and contentious situation. I believe Biden is sincere, but in his conscience, does he go with the Pope or the US Constitution? Will he weaken in the face of the media and the politics between now and 2022 in Congress (which will undoubtedly be crazy)? Well, at least he has already answered in favor of the Constitution, but he’s far from the only player in the game. I can’t imagine what will transpire by the time the Mississippi court case is handed down by the Supreme Court. Then what happens in the midterms? It’s all too heartbreaking. It will certainly not unite the country!

I hate to say it, but I think the bigger danger to the country in the texas law is the nazi/mafia style, neighbor snitching on neighbor for a bounty, precedent.

Wow wow wow wow wow!

My People! ! Been there done that

Thank you for posting………..

Yeah about the credit cards in the ’70’s

And the multiple pregnancies we didn’t want

I could go on but this is a blog open to the world

Maybe later….

Thank you to all the “people” who spoke up who are seasoned and experienced in our US experience as it happened and is happeningl

slight kc thank you for your work. Sincerely.

I too am shocked at what has just happened in Texas. It is odd or weird how it affects me emotionally. It REALLY DOES.

I am IMPACTED. It is not “once removed”.

I am HIT. It is not intellectual. I am THERE.

God help us all my Girl Friends.

And Men because they need us too.

After the chauvinist first husband I had, I thank the goddess everyday for my ex-hippie hubby. 36 years we’ve been married now. Through thick and thin… mostly very thin (money-wise) years. But he’ll be the first one behind women’s rights every time.

We’re looking for where the women’s march is gonna be held in Oct around here. We’ll be marching. Not sure if I’m gonna take a walker, cane, or staff. But for sure I’m taking him and I’ll make one heck of a poster. Will probably have a couple of my sister students with me, as well. They’re definitely impacted; little 23 yr olds! I shelter them like they’re my daughters. At some point, Texas is going to be sorry they screwed with us. Women CAN be their own worst enemies. But we Sisters can be our own Best Friends, too. Too well I remember my first credit card in my own name. I was already OUT of the Air Force!!! A bottle of Royal Chambord was my first purchase on the card.

I also remember the Treasury clerk here in KS, when we moved up here, telling me I had to get a notarized letter from my husband in order to license MY car in the state!! I threw such a hissy fit, I DID walk out of that office with a properly licensed car. Husband be damned.

I was one of the lucky ones when it came to getting my tubes tied. Did it at the SA Free Clinic, and although doc tried to talk me out of it, all he had to do was look at the pregnancy and birth records and ob’s recommendation of no more kids and he shut up and tied my tubes.

Every woman in TX capable of having a child should really think long and hard as to whether she actually WANTS to be a mother. Or, if she is one already, if she wants anymore kids. After doing some deep thought, if the decision is “no,” then get sterilized and grab that same freedom the men want all for themselves! Do it before they strip that right from us, as well.

And no matter what they try to do to intimidate or dissuade you, VOTE! Remember Liz Warren “Yet she Persisted?” Let that be OUR motto, too!!!

We both know you’re right and they are totally wrong. The OT penalty for intentionally and maliciously ending a woman’s pregnancy was the same as for theft, NOT considered murder. As I’ve often said, the Hebraic/Jewish belief WAS and IS you DO NOT have a human being until the infant is born and takes its own independent breath (nephesh). Many believe that’s when the “soul” enters the body. That’s the point from which we calculate their birth chart, not at conception! Like you said, they’ve either never read their bible, or read only the parts they like, or maybe just don’t understand, or as I believe, they really DON’T WANT to understand what the scriptures actually say.

IMO, reason, truth and biblical tradition have nothing to do with the issue, or their motivation. They are seeking to satisfy a deep emotional need. Please bear with me for a bit.

It is absolutely correct to say the religious right wants to control women, but there is an even deeper, unrecognized and unacknowledged issue. Modern thought, knowledge, and science greatly weakens their dying worldview. They won’t admit that consciously, but it gnaws at them daily. You can’t walk down the street, listen to your radio, drive your car, watch television, take the medicine or receive the surgery you need, use the internet, or a 1000 other things without knowing all these things are the product of modern technology, and therefore the modern understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The world we now inhabit constantly assaults their mythological narrative of reality, which in turn inspires profound fear, which turns to anger, which turns to rage.

As they cannot admit to what is really bothering them, they need a way to fully demonize the Left, the Humanists, the Feminists, Scientists, Witches, New Agers, etc. in order to justify and explain to themselves their inner rage. Abortion is the perfect issue for that. Focusing on how evil we Dems and the Left are distracts them from their cognitive dissonance, and helps them maintain their outdated worldview a bit longer. They are deeply afraid of losing the mythos which gives them their sense of meaning and purpose, without which they fear they will fall into the existential abyss. Their need to hate us is so strong, intense, and pervasive, some are eager to believe we Dems are pedophiles and cannibals eating babies and Kentucky Fried Foetus, all personally in sevice to Satan himself!

Red states are now emboldened. More now will pass draconian, anti-female, anti-neoteric, anti-21st century laws, which in turn will create, intensify and deepen much unnecessary suffering and chaos, not just for women, but for us all. We are in for some truly dark times.

I believe these far right, radical laws may be the beginning of their eventual end. They’ve moved the pendulum so far right, when it naturally swings back, I believe it will hit them pretty hard in the head. My sister-in-law grew up Roman Catholic. Although she is anti-abortion, she is shocked as to how extreme is the new Texas law. She lives in Texas. She is furious the governor and legislature have passed what she calls such a “crazy” law. I suspect there are many more like her.

Prohibition in the US began January 17, 1920 and ended December 5, 1933. It took a while for anti-alcohol enthusiasts to realize how egregious, and misguided was the law they had so passionately supported. Let us hope this prohibition period is far shorter.

sunstars – you wrote: And Men because they need us too.

I’m convinced most men would starve to death in dirty clothes if it weren’t for us women!

My first husband just got married for the 5th time. Other than his 1st wife and me, all the others have died on him. He married much older women cause he didn’t really want a wife — he wanted a mother! ARGH!

Eliseo – one thing I remember my abnormal psych prof saying was you cannot speak rationally to an irrational individual.

Unfortunately, we’re surrounded my irrational individuals! I REALLY want to move them all down South, let them set up their own govt and country, help them build a wall and let them do their own thing while we be free to do our own thing. Problem is, in no time flat, people would be broke, starving, and in so much calamity due to the climate change they insist is a hoax that they’d invade us. “People” say this is what Putin wants – to divide the country so much that there is no chance of unifying the people. I think Bush’s War started that, no help needed from Putin. And, at this point, I really don’t care. I just want these crazy people in their own space someplace.

I Know Nothing,

You wrote: “…… if Republicans gain control in a week or two they will not stop there!”

Are you referring to a Republican effort to block or hinder the passage of the 3.5 trillion dollar budget agreement and refusing to raise the debt ceiling limit at the end of the month thereby precipitating a government shutdown? That is certainly a possibility.

Regarding Biden’s 2021 Inaugural progressed Moon conjunct the Inaugural Mars/Uranus degree in September (6 ’44 Taurus), I think it may be equally applicable in October when Saturn stations direct at 6 ’53 Taurus on October 10th within a 9 minute orb of the natal conjunction. Inaugural progressed Moon will still be in close proximity at 7 ’33 Taurus. IN FACT, it will precisely square progressed Jupiter (no orb) at 7 ’33 Aquarius. Progressed Mars at 7 ’02 Taurus and Progressed Uranus at 6 ’45 Taurus also playing a part in contributing to possible agitation and upheaval. The semi- square to tr. Neptune (21 ’05 Pisces) activating the US Mars-Neptune square may add uncertainty and volatility into the mix. All of the aspects mentioned above, to me at least, suggests a potential major “event” that you were alluding to. The second week in October is fraught with much danger for the Biden administration.

Here is a dual chart displaying the 2021 Inaugural chart plus progressions for October 10th.


“I’m convinced most men would starve to death in dirty clothes if it weren’t for us women!”

I am rolling on the floor, laughing effusively, exburently, and ebulliently! Yeah…I’m probably one of those guys. Still laughing. Can hardly stop.

What a wonderful and delicious utterance! If you don’t mind I’d like to put those words into the mouth of a fictional character at some point. You have inspired me. I can just see a gal your size in a play moving forward aggressively against big burly men, speaking truth to power, telling them off as they falter, and walk backwards until they are off stage.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Your experience with the Treasury clerk telling you, you had to get a notarized letter from your husband in order to license your car reminds me of the 1995 film, Dolores Claiborne, with Kathy Bates in the title role. Wonderful film. Great performances. It was originally a Stephen King story.

About speaking rationally to irrational people. That’s what I believe we’ve been doing too much of. Of course, it doesn’t work, and we end up scratching our heads wondering why they don’t get it, wondering if they are stupid or what. On this abortion issue and many others, WE MUST WIN! To do so, we need to rethink our strategies, and what words, phrases and concepts we use. Count me as on board.

“I hate to say it, but I think the bigger danger to the country in the texas law is the nazi/mafia style, neighbor snitching on neighbor for a bounty, precedent.”

What fun!?! Texas style Nuremburg laws. WOW! Vigilantes! That just might mean Texas could be like the Olde West again! WOW! Maybe those fools will actually get to use their guns! Won’t that be great!?!?!

President Biden’s transiting Saturn to progressed Pluto aspects still to come. Periods of major difficulties. None corrected for precession.

BIDEN WH – Natal Relocated
Nov 20 1942, 8:22 am, EWT +4:00
White House DC, 38°N53’50”, 077°W02’13”

Natal Pluto 07°14′ Leo in longitude, 131°00′ in right ascension

In longitude:
Transit Saturn opposite natal Pluto Sep 20 2021 and Oct 31 2021

Opposite progressed Pluto in right ascension on September 29 2021
Today (September 5 2021) transiting Saturn is less than 1° from an exact opposition to his progressed Pluto heading for the exactness on September 29. It can be considered to be exact now.
Opposite natal Pluto in right ascension November 22 2021

If we are going to move the crazies down south, let’s go all the way. How about Antarctica!

I Know Nothing,

One quick follow up if I may. Something I had omitted in my previous post. It has to do with the synchronicity of tr. Neptune conjunct the US South Node (6 Aquarius) during the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan. We will be coming full circle, a completion if you will with those events of twenty years ago in early October with Saturn’s station on that degree. Please refer to my August 13th post (6:02 am) regarding the significance of tr. Saturn on the US South Node.

The last transiting Pluto aspect to tRump’s natal Saturn and to Putin’s progressed Saturn and Neptune in December might herald their failure to upend the 2020 election. I do not think they will have the backing of the Republican party as they campaign in 2022. Expect an all out, do or die, effort by tRump and his followers between now and the end of the year and expect it to be white hot starting now.

Those are my thoughts on transiting Saturn’s opposition to President Biden’s natal and progressed Pluto’s before the end of the year and before campaigning begins for the midterm elections.


The story is entitled
Partisan Gerrymandering Enables Hard Right Turn in Texas
but it also references the possiblity Governor Abbott may be vying to obtain the R presidential nomination for the 2024 election.
This is the first news reference I’ve seen expressing that thought.

“The extremism in Texas is being led by Greg Abbott, the state’s Republican governor, who faces a Republican challenge from the right in his primary election next year. Though Abbott, considered a potential presidential contender in 2024, is still overwhelmingly favored in the race, observers say he has used the legislative session to burnish his conservative bona fides.”


FWIW – a calming sunday ‘sermon’ from Linda G

Thank you Eliseo, Bob, Will, kiwi, sunstars, for your caring love and support.

I am scanning the posts here when I get a chance, using my cell phone as we’ve had power for about a week, thank God (& Goddess).

Slight kc, it’s always good to hear from your thoughts. You are an excellent communicator among many others here.

I, too, had a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves for much of my life – as well as Living on the Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel. Please let us know your diagnosis; I am sending prayers for your health. (I feel like I have something similar in the way of autoimmune disorders, but am not sure.)

Jerry, silcominc, Beowulfie, Buckeyeshadow, Marija, Laura Willow, I know nothing (hmmm….who could you be? Someone we have known by another moniker? :-), and all others…. I am enjoying the unified voice and your passion. I, too, believe, from what I’ve heard for many years, that the soul enters later than conception – but either way, choosing abortion is never ever easy.

I/we are really, really busy with our family property issues (including my departed sister-in-law’s, which we did not inherit but have to protect). Everyday brings one or more “new” problem to troubleshoot – we are jugging it all, so I don’t have patience to read much here in detail — but I’ll be scanning and reading and checking in – and praying for all those suffering from the storms (and I hope Ida was the last of them), the wildfires, the Republican rulings, in Afghanistan, and otherwise. It is heart-rending.

I am very grateful that we did not have the kinds of catastrophes that I observe that others are having –

Love to you all (and, of course, Nancy and David)

Germany’s parliamentary election will take place Sept. 26.

I wonder how much US wars, particularly over the past 20 yrs, has added to the current level of violence in the US. Warrior mentality and PTSD, the untold costs of war in an otherwise civil society.

I want to make everyone aware of something and I hope you will spread the word about it. I have listed an AP story (below to confirm what I am about to tell you).

In mid-August, a Republican election supervisor took the entire code base for Dominion Voting Equipment including the central processor machine that tabulates votes. She then took that entire code base to the pillow guy’s cyber conference and dispersed it to everyone. Now every crazy has the entire operating system for these machines. If your state has these machines, I recommend you contact your elected officials and sound the alarm. In NY, we have local elections and ballot initiatives this November and many of our counties are using these machines. We are recommending that states utilize a risk-limiting audit of the entire election to ensure that there was no intrusion. There is a deep concern that they are targeting the gubernatorial recall election in CA.



The October 10th Saturn station in opposition to Biden’s natal Pluto is fairly exact. Only a 20 minute orb.

Other aspects in mid October include tr. Uranus (13 Taurus) within one degree of opposition to Biden’s natal Mars (12 Scorpio) triggered by the October 6th New Moon/ Mars conj. (13 Libra). Tr, North Node (3 Gemini) within one degree of conjunction to Biden’s natal Uranus (2 Gemini). And the October 6th Pluto station (24 Capricorn) opposite natal Jupiter (25 Cancer). The possibility of Biden leaving office during that period (due to health concerns?) cannot be ruled out.

There are many early Aquarians who are prominent in the news because they are empowered by Jupiter and Saturn in that sign his year. They include Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Amy Comey Barrett and Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy’s chart, however, shows he is prone to scandal.


In Canada, we have the leader of the Conservative party, Erin O’Toole, who is now favored to defeat Justin Trudeau on September 20. He was born 22 January 1973. He is a former military officer who will likely lead the charge for a boycott of the Winter Olympics by Western allies after the 1000 days of captivity of two Canadian hostages in China that were commemorated this weekend in various Canadian cities, in NYC and even in Singapore.

All of the above are conservatives. All could be even more empowered in some way when Pluto conjuncts their Sun later this decade. Left-leaning astrologers who have idealized the Aquarian Age have overlooked the conservative side of this fixed sign.


Sorry for delayed response. As l said before I adhere to John Wilner’s method that he called “spiritual birth astrology” based on his study of Edgar Cauce’s readings on astrology. Web site sbastro.com follows this method and I am using their rectified Biden chart with 27 Libra ascendant and US chart with 21 Sagittarius asc.
The inaugural chart has the progressed Moon within 4 minutes of conjunction as the US chart has progress Pluto in contra-parallel to both natal Mars and Venus within 4 minutes.
It is Biden’s rectified chart and it’s aspects within 4 minutes within the same time period that alarm me – of course with my interpretation of Nostradamus.
Biden has progressed Venus sesquisquare natal Pluto about 3 minutes. Progressed Mercury opposition natal Jupiter within 4 minutes. Progressed Saturn contra-parallel natal Sun at 3 minutes. Wilmer wrote that death of an individual is ALWAYS indicated by progressions involving the 1st, 4th, and 8th houses by planet placement or ruler ship.
Biden’s rectified chart has Venus ruling both 1st house Libra and 8th house Taurus. I do not find a 4 minute progressed aspect involving 4th house – but there is one within 6 minutes, a parallel of progressed Saturn (prog. and natal Saturn in the 8th house) to 4th house, with its traditional “end of life” connotations. There is also the dangerous progressed Mars contr-parallel natal Pluto within 6 minutes of exact and progressed Uranus parallel natal Saturn – both in the natal 8th house – at 7 min. 11 seconds. Wilmer stated that his 4minute guideline is arbitrary and aspects might operate outside 4 minutes.
And I agree with you Jerry that most all of these progressions apply in October. It’s that damned “sept” month of Nostradamus’ that has me bothered.


As to any quatrain having already been fulfilled that’s is a possibility but I believe most are meant for this century and deal specifically with the end of days period spoken of biblically. Nostradamus tells us what century his quatrains are most applicable in Century 3 Quatrain 94:
For five hundred years more one will keep count of him
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

Nostradamus does seem a little full of himself. Irregardless he lived from 1503-1565 which puts the 500 years squarely in the 21st century (but maybe not now). As far keeping count of him, the only book that has been in continuous publication longer is the Bible.

I said Biden’s progressed Venus was sesquisquare natal Pluto, actually it’s inconjunct.

Trying not to be tedious I did not finish my explanation of what I considered the importance of the “prelate” who succeeds the two swords. A prelate is a high church official; cardinal or bishop etc.
Here I believe an anagram is in use. One of the “rules” Edgar Leoni writes of in his 1961 book is how Nostradamus allows the changing of one letter in creating the new word. For example Nostradamus writes “Hister” several times so we change the s to l, rearrange the letters to get Hitler. Leoni also says silent and double letters can be dropped completely.
Either method can be used to make “prelat” (French for prelate) into “Parle” or “Parlee” which is “to speak” in English. Now I ask if the “two swords that are taken away” are America’s two national elected leaders who would succeed them? The Speaker of the House. The very capable and formidable Nancy Pelosi – no worries there.
Except for Century 8 Quatrain 68
The old Cardinal deceived by the young one,
He will find himself out of his dignity disarmed:

I will only show lines 1 and 2 because the interpreting tricks for last 2 lines would take up too much time for explanation. First thing to note is that all cardinals are prelates. Second, this prelate is replaced by another in a deceptive but non- violent manner.
In the second line Leoni has made a mistake. The pronouns “sa” are feminine (I am no French speaker so feel free to correct me) but he made them masculine changing the she and herself into he and himself. Why? Simple, there was and is not now a female Cardinal or prelate in the Catholic Church. But I do not believe he is writing about church affairs at all but uses Cardinal and prelate has high officials in whatever milieu they operate in. When Nostradamus talks of kings he is saying they are the national leader whether president, prime minister, etc.
Since Nostradamus refers to the displaced Cardinal/prelate as female it rules out a typo. The chairs of the appropriations subcommittees have been called the college of cardinals for almost 100 years I think, but it seems a small leap of imagination to apply Cardinal to Pelosi!!

This is the scenario that worries me. If through bribery the House becomes Republican then I fear for the two swords. I hope this is a paranoids fear, but I hope for a swift September. Actually from other quatrains we just need to hold things together until the autumn equinox and my mad musings will fade away.

Looking at the length of that last comment I do know something. Declinations are important because only my Mercury parallel Ascendant can explain my droning on like that!! LOL


And I my imagined scenario McCarthy is not the man picked to replace Pelosi for the reasons you bring up. He’s controllable but too tainted. EC from VA is who my fervid imagination sees in the quatrains.

The June 10 solar eclipse marked Sharon for protection when it landed on her New Orleans, LA Asc with it’s Jupiter on her New Orleans MC.

I post the charts with her permission.


I know nothing..

When you mentioned the autumn equinox I thought of the “cardinal” being the Goddess of Justice via the cardinal point/autumn equinox in Libra yet seeing her deceived is highly unlikely if not impossible….oh, well. lol!

I am fascinated by your interpretations on Nostradamus along with your astrological abilities in relation to the current timeline.

Thank You!

These comments add to earlier ones, above, on the abortion issue. There is shock and dismay among free-choice women everywhere at the legislation in Texas to essentially deny abortions entirely. Please note, I personally don’t believe in abortion as merely a ‘convenient’ form of birth control, but there are many difficult circumstances in women’s lives even in the best of circumstances, never mind dire poverty, rape and incest! Women fought long and hard for the right to obtain legal abortions and although abortion was never (truly) available freely, at least the laws of the US didn’t criminalize it outright after 1973.

The current scenario in Texas is too strange and extreme (Uranus), so it is unlikely to remain without adjustments even in Texas, but meanwhile the health and rights of women and girls are at risk in practice, and in principle of law. I have been anxious to understand the transit chart for the release of the Supreme Court’s “non-decision”. I’ve now spent days looking at the chart and find it is apt, but full of delay and conflict, and (imo) it indicates there will be no direct solution soon.

The SC communication was released at 23:58pm (Washington DC) September 1, 2021 (as reported by the LA Times): “…..The justices did not overturn the right to abortion in the order they released at 11:58 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday on the Texas case, and they might not formally overrule Roe vs. Wade later this year when they take up a case from Mississippi.“

It’s not a simple chart because it’s not a simple situation. It also brings religion to the fore and the outcome in the US may impact other countries in future, especially any that are poised to strengthen conservative attitudes or in which religion plays a big role. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_law

Keeping in mind that an event chart for the Supreme Court’s ‘non-decision’ is only one in many, the chart may be read similar to a horary chart – that is, a snap-shot of the overall situation.


2….Here we go:

• The Ascendant at 14’53” Gemini is fitting for a Supreme Court avoiding to make a decision.
• The Ascendant is in a mutable sign, ruled by Mercury in Libra, ruled by Venus.
• Both Gemini and Libra are air signs that look both ways, like to talk, have trouble making up their minds without a push, and may deflect or lie to get out of a tight spot.
• Uranus, the planet of surprises and rebellion is at 14’43” retrograde in Taurus, a fixed earth sign whose downfall is greed and self-interest, especially in the secret 12th house. This fits the Supreme Court’s release of a sudden communication just before midnight.
• Uranus is semi-sextile (30 degrees) from the Ascendant, and therefore going along with whatever Gemini/Libra and Mercury/Venus do.
• The Moon, Venus and Saturn are all strong in the signs they rule (Cancer, Libra, Aquarius).
• Venus and Saturn are in air signs (less practical, more theoretical).
• The Moon in Cancer is in its own watery element and will act, being in a cardinal sign.
• The Moon and Cancer are associated with women, and most women are valuing their female bodies (2nd house) and reacting to their rights very strongly.
• Venus, the planet of desire, money and rewards, is in Libra in the 5th house of children and the future, along with Mercury (the media).
• Saturn is in Aquarius, a fixed sign, retrograde (backward looking). Saturn rules government and signifies a country’s executive. Being in the 9th house, Saturn is concerned with the rule of law, but being retrograde it is in no hurry to resolve anything.
• In Aquarius (co-ruled by Uranus), Saturn may be cranky, picky, less traditional or outright unpredictable when it comes to the law (9th house).
• Mercury, the ruler of the chart, the planet of media and communications, is in Libra, also associated with communications, in the 5th house of children and the future.
• Mercury, here, fits the indecision of the Supreme Court about issues re. children, but Mercury has no immediate aspects to other planets, so it’s all hat and no cattle.
• Also, Mercury is ruled by Venus – looking for an easy out (avoidance).
• But Mercury means well as it is applying to trine both Saturn at 8 Aquarius in the 9th house of courts and religion (naturally ruled by Jupiter), and Ceres rising at 8 Gemini in the 12 house of imprisonment and large anonymous institutions like churches.
• It appears Mercury and the Supreme Court are trying to find a compromise (trines), but Saturn and Ceres are like oil and water (or male and female). It’s tough.
• Ceres is in Gemini, a mutable sign, direct. Ceres strongly signifies women and is rising, but in the 12th it is subject to secrecy and others’ agendas. Not a placement helpful to freedom of action.


• The trines from Mercury to Ceres and Saturn are unlikely to work as Saturn is in a fixed sign, reluctant to compromise, especially until Saturn’s retrograde reverses.
• Saturn goes direct on October 11, but isn’t out of the retrograde shadow until January 2022 (13 Aquarius).
• Moon is in Cancer, the sign it rules, at 11 degrees, in the 2nd house of personal resources.
• Moon is square Chiron (difficulties with no easy solution) at 11 Aries, in the sign of battles.
• Venus in Libra is busy with a square to the Moon, inconjunct Neptune, and square Pluto – no ease there.
• Venus , the planet of benefits, is applying to trine Jupiter Rx (the greater planet of benefits), which may help resolve things – but later (Rx).
• Jupiter is associated with religion and the law, but in Aquarius retrograde it could be radical in an unexpected direction (sign ruled by Uranus).
• Pluto (the planet of power and no compromise) is retrograde in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) in the 8th of birth, death and taxes (very appropriate for Texas’ state of mind).
• Mars (conflict) in Virgo is on the cusp between the 4th house (the people/land) and the 5th (children/future). Virgo is a sign associated with women and healthcare.
• Mars rules the 6th house of health (cusp 5’58” Scorpio). It also rules surgery and blood. While abortions are not exactly surgery for the mother (usually) they fit the finality of Scorpio for the unborn child.
• The only planet actually sitting inside the 6th house of health is asteroid Juno (wives and marriage), conjunct the South Node (the past, old habits, regression).
• Mars opposes Neptune in the 11th of assemblies (Congress).
• Mars in the 4th opposite Neptune indicates anger and confusion in the land vs. deception or dissolving confusion in government.
• Mars in Virgo (domestic matters) is further not in harmony with the administration (10th) as it is inconjunct (no common ground) with Jupiter in the 10th house, the traditional planet of the law.
• Jupiter is in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus, same as Saturn) in the house of executive decisions (the President).
• Somehow, this could end up in Biden’s lap even though it is a matter for the court. It would be a fate he’s certain to dread, being a devout Catholic, but with Aquarius on the Midheaven he might get radical and change the court?

I won’t go on. It’s bleak. It can’t get more difficult. The Supreme Court may not make a ruling until spring, maybe later. All the major planets are retrograde – every single one. The retrogrades do not reverse until early February 2022, by which time the US will be consumed by midterm fever. Also, other states will be piling on for abortion cases in the court.

The Moon’s last 2 aspects before this chart is done are an exact opposition to Pluto Rx at 24 Cancer/Capricorn (potentially 13 months from now) and an inconjunct to Jupiter Rx at 25 Aquarius (potentially 14 months). That is the end of October/early November 2022 and the midterms. Is it possible the Supreme Court could hold off on Texas/Mississippi and the other states’ questions until AFTER the midterms? No way to know the outcome, but this (one) chart indicates there is no quick resolution.

“Left-leaning astrologers who have idealized the Aquarian Age have overlooked the conservative side of this fixed sign.”

Interesting point. Might we interpret Aquarius as politically dual as it has the co-rulers, Saturn and Uranus? Saturn was thought to rule the sign, before Uranus was discovered. Saturn = conservative, status quo, authoritarianism.
Uranus = forward thinking and change. 

Might we see positive conservatism as efforts to preserve/conserve the environment, establish national parks and set aside wilderness areas, to maintaun pure, clean water, soil, and air? Might we see it as conserving the best of our values and heritage?

We think of Aquarius as humanitarian. But I think you are right. That doesn’t automatically mean Liberal. I would think true humanitarianism would transcend and reach beyond the limiting concepts of Liberal and Conservative. Would you agree?

I Know Nothing,

So…… September or October. The long awaited season for the Great Awakening may be upon us. And if we are wrong, we can always fall back on our appropriate adopted names. You see both of us share similar alias’s. My adopted e mail address name is babajani, a pseudonym in the Hindi language which means only God knows. In the Indian vernacular it suggests “I know nothing”. Really speaking, if we can abide in that state of not knowingness (living in the moment) we will have then captured something. Like The Lost Leanardo painting, speculation can be elusive (see trailer to the film The Lost Leanardo:


Congress Braces For Spending Fights Amid Threat of Government Shutdown

The Hill
September 5, 2021

Lawmakers are bracing for budget battles later this month when they return to Washington, where they’ll be racing against the clock to pass trillions of dollars in spending while the threat of a government shutdown looms.

Before October, the House is aiming to pass two major pieces of legislation: a roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a forthcoming $3.5 trillion spending package backed by Democrats that would advance key parts of President Biden’s economic agenda. They’ll also need to pass government funding legislation to avoid a shutdown on Oct. 1.

House leadership has set a Sept. 27 deadline to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill as committee chairs rush to finish drafting their portions of the larger spending package by Sept. 15 to hold a floor vote shortly thereafter. Progressives have threatened to block the bipartisan bill if it comes to the floor before the Democratic-only measure that focuses on issues such as health care, climate change and education.

The party also faces a tough challenge sticking together on the reconciliation package in the Senate, where it can’t afford any defections. This past week, Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) urged fellow Democrats to hit “pause” on the spending bill and warned in a strongly worded op-ed that he wouldn’t back the proposed level of spending “without greater clarity about why Congress chooses to ignore the serious effects inflation and debt have on existing government programs.”

The intra-party squabbling has set the stage for what could be a bruising couple of weeks ahead for the Democratic Party.

There is also the Sept. 30 deadline to avoid a government shutdown.



Sharon k
I missed answering your question about what happens in a week or two that would allow the Republicans to take over the House. I was speculating using Nostradamus that September offers them an opportunity to do so.

You are too kind. I have already used up my entire knowledge of astrology and will lean on my Nostradamus strong suit. Gaining insight by being wrong 1000 times before every amazing correct guess.

Synchronicity indeed and using your post to enter the conversation was pure happenstance -if that were possible. The name came from the ether as I was moved to post myself. I hope the fact that I had a mental image of Sgt Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes in my mind take away from the spirituality of it LOL. Miracles are going on all around us if we just look.

Now I want to go into more quatrains that suggest September over October.

Before that I want to show a couple of straightforward quatrains that have a remarkable relevance to modern American politics.

Nostradamus made his real money in yearly almanacs where he published a prediction for each month. Here’s the presage as they call it for August 1563 as interpreted by Leoni in 1961:
The colored ones, the discontented Holy Ones,
Then suddenly through the gay Hermaphrodites:
Of the greater part to see, the time not come,
Several amongst them will make their soups weak.

It’s those first two lines that knock me for a loop. Who could imagine a group made up of “colored ones” – Hispanics and Blacks. “Discontented Holy Ones” – us, though I prefer spiritual in place of Holy Leoni’s translation is correct. And the gay Hermaphrodites!! I think perhaps Leoni should have stayed with Androgynes as Nostradamus wrote it. Anyway is this not the modern Democratic Party? Only women in general are left out and that may be because of the nature of the protest may involve violence that keep most women away. I cannot make much of line 3 but line 4 can be read as agents provocateurs goading this group into extreme acts that redound to their discredit. This would be the first visceral reaction to a Republican coup and be put down violently.

I know nothing: Interesting comments you are making on Nostradamus, but isn’t it also possible that he was speaking more currently about the mid-1500’s and later when the Reformation and executions and burnings were happening all over Europe and in England?

The colored/holy ones could be the Pope and Bishops in their vestments (e.g. red in Italy for Cardinals, etc). Celibacy also became a hot topic because the Protestants/Lutherans (not the same groups by the way) opposed celibacy because of abuses in the churches (as has recently become a big topic in our era). I don’t know enough church history to take it further, but it seems plausible that the discontented holy ones could be the Protestants/Lutherans.

9/11: A 2002 documentary currently being aired by CNN on the twentieth anniversary of the NYC September 11th attacks.


On September 11, 2001, filmmaker James Hanlon and Jules and Gedeon Naudet were filming a documentary on a rookie New York City firefighter when they noticed a plane overhead. That plane would hit the World Trade Center. They rushed immediately to the scene. James Hanlon and the Naudets filmed throughout Sept. 11 and the days afterward from the firemen’s perspective, as it became clear to them that this was the only known footage from inside the Twin Towers that day.

The documentary is available on youtube. Although not as clear as the original, the quality setting can be re-adjusted up to 720 p.

Video: 1 hour 57 min



Nice interpretation and maybe the correct one but the addition of the Androgynous doesn’t seem to fit in with that era’s struggles. I find that so often in Nostradamus where every detail but one seem to point to a certain event. There is one other Androgynous quatrain but it leads to other tangents. Maybe I should have not introduced that one but I thought it remarkable.

Back to the story, Century 6 Quatrain 13:
A doubtful one will not come far from the realm,
The greater part will want to uphold him:
A Capitol will not want him to reign at all,
He will be unable to bear his great burden.

I stated earlier that the man I believe is the usurping prelate is from VA – Virginia, not far from the realm. The monk from Gascony mentioned earlier I believe to be our hero Thrasibulus the second. I found that Gascon is used to imply someone is a braggart and boaster in French perhaps akin to our calling someone a hillbilly. So my take is that Thrasibulus comes from a solid red Trump state. To much speculation on too little info so back to the Capitol.
Going back to the Letter to Henry we are told Thrasibulus will make a stand in the free city of liberty in a scant Mesopotamia. I think that is the Capitol mentioned here. If there was a series of events that suddenly left the Republicans in control of the White House after all we’ve been through the reaction in DC will be anything but tame. But notice that the rest of the country will rally around the new president as Americans are won’t to do when we are seemingly attacked from outside.
The prelate is called the doubtful one and I don’t know why. Thinking it an anagram for dubious or duplicitous just doesn’t quite work so we’ll stick with doubtful. The last line would lead us to believe Trump was coming back but alas the modern Republican Party has produced a stable of non-thinking demi-gods from which to choose.

I have filled you guys with enough quatrains so that you can see how they seemingly are connected by descriptions and names.
Century 1 Quatrain 37
Shortly before the Sun sets,
Battle is given a great people in doubt:
Profligates, the marine port makes no reply,
Pont and sepulcher in two foreign places.

For the first time I have not quoted Leoni’s translation verbatim to save time. Battle is given before sunset I think is before the autumn equinox. The thinking here is that on the astrological clock spring equinox equals sunrise, summer solstice equates to noon and winter solstice to midnight. I just can’t see Nostradamus waisting words on bland details unless the detail is important and we don’t know it may turn out to be.
The great people of course I assign to the Americans. In fact it seems that he uses the word “people” almost exclusively with Americans with different adjectives; universal; great; and the very telling “new people” – people of the new world!
I put “profligates” in place of “ruined” which is how Leoni translated the French “ profligates”. I used the original French “pont” where Leoni translates bridge which is correct as far as it goes. I believe that like sept is an abbreviation of septembre, so pont is an abbreviation of pontiff (Pope) or pontificate (papacy).
Here is more confirmation that Washington is our subject. The profligates make an asylum of the free city. I believe the marine port is that same city with expanding details.

So this quatrain contains elements of a Possible September dating; mentions the profligates with a marine port which DC is (albeit not an important port); mentions the great people and that word doubtful – is he really referring to the people as doubtful or their new usurping prelate as doubtful. I think in typical Nostradamus fashion it is both. Remember the connections: profligates and dreamers make an asylum of the free city; the prelate is a dreamer; a prelate/ cardinal usurps power; the doubtful one who I see as the prelate but haven’t established that connection firmly yet but both the doubtful and dreamer are connected to the criminal profligates.

See people!!! This is why you don’t feed the bears in Yosemite. All blame for further posts lies with Izzy’s kind comments LOL .
I want to stray away again to quatrains that are fascinating on their own. Remember the snippet from Henry’s letter which I thought applied to Israel lasting only until December 2021? This quatrain helps explain why there is no help. C9 Q37
Pont and mills overturned in December,
The Garonne will rise to a very high place:
Walls, edifices, Toulouse overturned,
So that none will know his place like a “matrone”.

I have used the original pont again still thinking it is the Pope. He will not only be driven out of Italy but captured and taken to a foreign land as indicated in the other “pont” quatrain. Nostradamus says in several other quatrains the Pope will be captured at sea – apparently in December.
Toulouse is the home by December of the French government in exile, driven out earlier by an Islamic uprising. This is reinforced by an allusion to the present leader of France. The last line ends with what appears to be another non-important filler “like a matrone”. Using the “rules” we drop the silent e and change the t to c and without having to rearrange the letters we get Macron – president of France!!

Why does Islam rise? C2 Q21
The ambassador sent for Biremes,
Halfway repelled by unknown ones:
Reinforced with salt four trireme will come,
Negrepont bound in ropes and chains.

This is the quatrain in 2005 opened my research into taking a narrative approach to Nostradamus. It was then that John Negroponte became the first American ambassador to the new govt in Iraq. He replaced Bremmer.
Most dismiss the capital B in biremes as a simple typo but l saw it as a clue to an anagram for Bremmer. In about half the books on Nostradamus it is also misspelled making it difficult to know how to work it but the makings of an anagram for Bremmer state is in the face. Here is the pretext for the prelates war. But on whom?

Ending the filibuster with C10 Q58
In the time of mourning the feline monarch
Will make war upon the young AEmathien:
Gaul to shake, the bark to be in jeopardy,
Marseilles to be tried in the West a talk.

So the ex-prelate now monarch will act almost immediately sending Negroponte to Middle East where he is abducted – possibly displayed and still within the mourning period for his predecessor attacks the AEmathien.
Take the t and change it to k. The double capitals is a clue. Rearrange and you get A Khamenei!!!!!!! The prelate attacks Iran almost immediately after taking office. What better way to distract a people suffering from shock and awe?
But Ali Khamenei is not young by anyone’s reckoning being in his eighties.
I think the A stands for Ayatollah and is Ali’s designated heir (surely not without a power struggle) as any ruler of Iran’s Islamic govt would acquire the title of Ayatollah.
This attack I believe is the one described earlier as occurring before sunset or the autumn equinox.
Gaul to shake is of course the uprising of Islam by the millions already living there. Uprisings in Italy endanger the Pope. So why would an American bombing of Iran (carried out by the four trireme/aircraft carriers) cause such a backlash in Europe?

Because Iran sinks the carriers!!!! C6 Q44
At night the rainbow will appear for Nantes,
By marine arts they will stir up rain:
In the Gulf of Arabia (Persian Gulf) a great fleet will plunge to the bottom,
In Saxony a monster will be born of a bear and a sow.

The third line is the reason so many islamists rise up. The other lines seem like Nostradamus gibberish but would take too long for this tired soul to deal with. Weather warfare, alliances, climate change. All this if we lose control of the Congress in the coming days?

Dang I had one more quatrain I wanted to show as a witness for September. Will have to wait on my revivication. Getting a little sloppy in texting I’m afraid.

Dear “I Know Nothing”,

Ok. Fair enough. Something BIG will happen in September (I think you are suggesting world war three). So then what? What are your options? Have you thought it through? Stay in place? Run for the hills? Are your emergency back up supplies in order? More importantly, are you psychologically prepared?

I Don’t Know by Paul McCartney

Music Video: 4 min 27 sec


I enjoyed McCartney thoroughly! That was so appropriate to the occasion.

As to what to do, we all have to seek our on way don’t we. It just occurred to me that my gushing forth as I have done is probably more of a catharsis for me as much as sharing info with you all. Not exactly subject to small talk.

Without inundating everyone with quatrains there is a very special event between the loss of the two swords. A solar flare will score a direct hit on Venus and the planet will burn as a second sun for seven days. That is what Nostradamus was alluding to with seeing the rainbow at night.

This event I believe to be the biblical sign of the coming of the son of man and is both a warning and a promise. All I have written is intended only to help guide us a little better none of it may be what happens to us.

I know nothing,
I’m a tad confused by your statement about Venus receiving a direct solar flare and burning as a second sun for seven days.

Our Sun is a well mannered G-type main sequence star. Therefore solar flares are very localized to the Sun itself. They don’t travel very far and would not hit Venus. I presume you meant a coronal mass ejection?

Coronal mass ejections [CME’s] do indeed travel further out hitting planets. Our Earth is protected by its magnetosphere. Venus has a much weaker magnetosphere which unlike Earth’s is not internally generated. But it does at least have some magnetospheric protection.

On December 23, 2006 Venus did receive a strong CME which caused it to bleed off a chunk of its atmosphere. To my knowledge however, from the vantage point of Earth it did not appear to be all that spectacular. I don’t think it was any kind of “light show.”

But I’m no expert on our Sun’s heliosphere or or how CME’s affect Venus’s weaker magnetosphere or its atmosphere. I might be missing something, here. Is it really possible a CME that hit Venus could make it appear as though it were burning as a second sun for seven days?

I Know Nothing,

Based on your response, I have the impression you are more enamored to the intrigues of 500 year old prophecies rather than the realities of the moment. The implications of a total collapse in the social order, if that were to happen, doesn’t seem to phase you. But as you say, how each person responds to the challenge is solely up to the individual.

I hope you don’t mind a frank discussion since you alluded to it in your opening remarks. So here are my thoughts. You think of Nostradamus’s quatrains as pertinent, but to others, your long explanations and “discoveries” could be misconstrued as vague, disconnected and inconsequential; or perhaps worse – a product of a mind racing ahead of itself, in overdrive. That’s not to say there isn’t a grain of truth to any of it, but ultimately, in my view, it is the quality and integrity of ones life in the world that truly matters, the only thing that would make a difference. With that being said, we are all trying. Some constructive criticism and feedback can be helpful. I hope you can regard my words in that spirit.


I yield to your greater knowledge concerning CMEs and their possibilities. I am not smart enough to say but if you want to see how I came to that conclusion I can show you 3 or 4 more quatrains and a quote from a book on the 2012 Mayan colander that led me to that conclusion.


I welcome all inquiry and criticism. I think your analysis of my being enamored of the prophecies more than the exigencies of the moment is accurate. It is obvious that I have been wrestling with them for decades and though I have stuck to the outline in Henry’s Letter the timing and added details have proven elusive. I have expected the fulfillment of Henry’s Letter since the election of 2010 and it has even now with so many of the factors seemingly in place holds within me a place of unreality. I mention the sense of catharsis in writing of it because I am trying to convince myself as well as you – I think an unconscious need to prove to oneself that one is not an idiot for having spent so much time on the subject LOL.

I agree one hundred percent that it is the individuals integrity and taking personal responsibility that matters most. And your criticism are fair. Your judgement is after all the same conclusion that the vast majority of the world holds about Nostradamus himself and as I said I struggle with it also.

No doubt because they are my “discoveries” there is a lot of ego involved. More than should be involved in this kind of spiritual endeavor I’m afraid to admit. But as in most human projects it is a mixed blessing and curse. Had the ego not been there I would have set the work aside long long ago. I hope there is something of value in it but realize there may not be.

I deliberately chose the tail end of this blog to limit the audience of these alarming conjectures because I may be living a beautiful mind scenario LOL and wish you all to play along.

I honored you guys by trusting you with it as you have honored me by treating it seriously yet critically. If I may quote Izzy:
Thank you

I Know Nothing,

Your willingness to self-reflect is notable, refreshing and heart-warming. Very good. Thank you for your candor. We are now on the same page.

In the words of the great American publisher, author, inventor, scientist, diplomat and one of the esteemed Founding Fathers……

“A right Heart exceeds all.”

……..The authors name is Benjamin Franklin.


I’ve gone back to checking Donald Trump’s chart now and then. He’s trucking right along doing his nefarious thing as always, nothing too remarkable. However, son Don Jr. may have stuff cooking. He has a lot of exact aspects coming into play around October 10th.

On that day Don Jr. has progressed Mars at 24 Cancer in the 1st house opposed by transiting Pluto at 24 Capricorn 19. His progressed Sun is also at 24 Aquarius in the 8th. Having an opposition by Pluto is not a pleasant prospect for him. Pressure.

Also on October 10, Don Jr. will have a precise conjunction from transiting Mars to his natal Pluto at 16 Libra in the 4th of home/real estate.

He has other planets around 15/16 degrees in the 4th, 5th and 6th, too, notably progressed Uranus and progressed Neptune, which relate to surprises and uncertainty.

Transiting Neptune at 21 Pisces will be opposing Jr’s natal Moon at 21 Virgo and squaring his natal Mercury at 21 Sagittarius in the 6th of health and domestic matters. The transiting Neptune makes a T-square with his natal Moon and Mercury.

In turn, the 21 degree aspects tie into father Donald’s natal Moon at 21 Sagittarius, especially the conjunction to Jr’s Mercury (news, communications).

Donald’s natal Moon at 21 Sag. is opposite US natal Mars at 21 Gemini (US Scorpio rising chart). Furthermore, Donald’s progressed Uranus at 21 Gemini is conjunct the US natal Mars. Somehow this seems to involve more than Jr. by himself.

So, maybe interesting stuff is about to be revealed as Neptune passes through Don Jr’s 9th house of travel and legal matters. His progressed Venus is at 0 Pisces on the cusp of the 9th as well, in opposition to his natal Saturn at 0 Virgo on the cusp of the 3rd house of siblings and neighbors.

It doesn’t look like Donald will be too directly affected himself, except perhaps via Jr. but the Donald’s progressed Uranus conjunction to US Mars may suggest the military. That might link things to Jr’s Mercury/Moon square and Mercury always has potential for news.

There’s more, but lastly, transiting Chiron at 10 Aries 21Rx is exactly conjunct Don Jr’s South Node in the 10th. Perhaps something to do with his career and resources. His progressed Midheaven (career) is opposing natal Uranus (surprises). His natal Mars rules Aries and sits on the cusp of his 2nd (personal money) house.

To sum up, there seems to be an unusual number of close aspects for Don Jr. all at once……we’ll see what develops soon enough, if anything.


Sounds very interesting. I have been coming up with a slightly different scenario. A little bit earlier than what you are projecting. I think the upcoming September 27th Mercury retrograde station could play a prominent role in this.

Note: The Mercury station (25 Libra) conjoins NY Attorney General Letitia James Sun (24 Libra) in t square to Trump’s natal Venus (25 Cancer) and tr. Pluto (24 Capricorn). Don jrs. progressed Mars as you had mentioned is equally affected by this transit. Since natal Venus represents all things financial, it’s entirely possible Letitia will lower the hammer on Trump org and family on money laundering and ties to the Russian oligarchs. Just a hunch.

Here’s the dual charts for Donald Trump and Letitia James……


And here are some relevant details to the Sept. 27th Mercury station by Jamie Partridge of Astrology King……..

Mercury Stationary Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday, September 27, 2021 at 25 ’28 Libra. As the chart below shows, Mercury makes a positive trine aspect to Jupiter and a testing square aspect to Pluto. Jupiter semisextile Pluto makes this an overall positive configuration.

Mercury trine Jupiter brings optimism, generosity, good luck, and good news. Good instincts, future-oriented and positive thinking make this an excellent time for socializing, research, study, and making plans. Open-mindedness and a progressive outlook enable you to increase your general knowledge and expand your horizons. Particular areas of interest include religion, law, language, and philosophy.

This is also a good time for setting off on a journey, especially long-distance travel. Making friends comes easy and mutually beneficial partnerships can prove profitable in the future. Business dealings should go well and this is the ideal time for entering into negotiations and for signing contracts. However, the fixed stars conjunct Mercury suggests caution is needed with legal matters.

Mercury square Pluto is a more challenging influence that brings deep thinking and intense interactions with others. This is a good influence for research and investigations, but extremism or and conspiracy theories should be avoided. The more extreme your idea, or the more force you use to convince others, the more criticism, arguments, and conflict you will meet.

You may become defensive but it is important not to let your fighting spirit back you into a corner and complicate matters. Mercury trine Jupiter helps you keep an open mind instead of arguing for the sake of it. This can lead to a positive transformation of your intellect and communication style.

Jupiter semisextile Pluto helps you to transform the intense and dark thinking of Mercury square Pluto into a more positive outlook with Mercury trine Jupiter. Powerful forces are working behind the scenes to promote you to a higher level. Increased power and influence, spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation, and professional advancement are possible.



My natal chart has Saturn at 25 Libra and Neptune at 23 Libra conjunct in the first house which form a yod aimed at the 7th House conjunction of Venus at 1 Taurus and Mars at 0-Taurus. If Mercury retro has some auspicious effect when it hits Spica conj Arcturus between the 1st house Sat/Nep conjunct,
I’ll be singing those praises herein.

“More specifically, Mercury aligns with Alpha Virginis and Alpha Boötis, the two most fortunate fixed stars used in astrology.
24?08 – ? Virginis, Spica
24?08 – ? Boötis, Arcturus
25?28 – Mercury Retrograde
Mercury conjunct fixed star Arcturus: Sober, industrious, popular, inclined to be religious, somewhat extravagant but well-off, help through friends, holds position of trust in large company or corporation, or receives promotion under direction, favorable for health and domestic affairs. [1]

In general, Arcturus gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination, and prosperity by navigation and voyages. [1]

This star has a reputation for achieving justice through power. It, therefore, makes the native belligerent and quarrelsome. An enterprising spirit is here the rule. Lasting success is promised if further good aspects are present (yes, trine Jupiter). If critically aspected (also yes, square Pluto), the good influence will be hampered or made into a real handicap. If involved in legal action, such a native may lose all. [2]

Mercury conjunct fixed star Spica: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position. [1]

In general, Spica gives success, renown, riches, honors, fame, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness, and injustice to innocence. [1]

Spica also gives androgynous, spiritual, and religious qualities, with above-average psychic awareness. It is of marked good fortune for scientists, writers, artists, painters, sculptors and musicians.”

Stars and fingers crossed here.


To your point. re: the Mercury station conjunct your natal Saturn square Pluto. Mercury of course may be applicable to information being released. In retrograde motion, I would surmise it relates to the past. This aspect seems to perfectly resonate with Trump’s chart. It suggests to me an indictment.

I’m not familiar with your chart, but a Mercury station conjunct natal Saturn……. how would you interpret that? Good news coming your way?

Getting back to Trumpyhead; Beowulfie might be right on target in his assessment for October 10th. Jude Cowell analyzes the October 6th Pluto station and subsequent October 10th Saturn station regarding its impact on Trump’s chart (see article below). Trump’s ability to foment violence among his disgruntled supporters, ESPECIALLY in the event of an indictment cannot be underestimated.

Here is the article……..

DC Horoscopes Oct 2021: Saturn and Pluto turn Direct by Jude Cowell

Below is a dual image of the exact moments that two karmic planets Station and turn Direct in October 2021: Pluto @24Cap18:51 on October 6th, then Saturn @6AQ52:43 on October 10th.



September’s Best Celestial Events (for example, tonight, 9/9, there’s a moon/venus conjunction that can be seen in the sky)


Jerry &Will: Thanks for your added comments on the Trumps, etc. My post wasn’t meant to exclude other events or points of view or be definitive. Nothing I post is ever definitive – merely speculative. I’m not into ‘making predictions’, but trying to see and understand conditions around a given subject.

For that reason, I don’t go for in for general ‘astro climate’ prognostications like the one on Astrology King. I prefer astrology that starts with a person’s birth chart and ties into an event I can pinpoint, preferably at least as accurately as the LA times will allow (LOL) – like the SC justices’ decision not to make a decision at all. That’s pretty strange. Also if something odd shows up in a politician’s chart, like a cluster of heavy planets getting ticked off by a Mars transit in Junior’s chart. Apart from looking at those kinds of situations, the work of doing charts isn’t much fun.

Anyway, astrology is so nebulous and open to every possible kind of interpretation that it becomes virtually meaningless if it isn’t tied down to particulars. It needs (imo) to be anchored to specific person(s), time and place to be useful or interesting enough to bother.

Sure, looking at the ‘whole sky’ at a particular moment in time gives all sorts of insight into the tone of events. Writers like Richard Tarnas and others do an eloquent job of explaining the grander implications to less learned pseudo-astrologers like me. But there’s not enough time in the years I have left to read more books on astrology even though I read a lot. For me, it comes down to understanding the “YOU” in the picture, whoever that may be. The person, place and time needs to be defined – otherwise, anybody can defend anything. What’s the use of that?

For one thing, as to your responses, I totally agree the upcoming September 27th Mercury retrograde station can play a prominent role. And if Mercury retro has an auspicious effect when it hits Spica conjunct Arcturus, I would like to know WHO might get the effect (apart from hopefully you, Will!).

Remembering that Pluto works 2 ways, to brings power or take it away, it worries me that a chart for Junior might actually propel him further and deeper into the US political scene than he already is. What if he’s really getting set to be the heir to DJT? However, personally, I think Mercury Rx is a risky bet for public figures. Whenever the news is under Mercury Rx, a famous person whose chart is triggered is likely to get the backside of it, not the benefit.

In September/October, it turns out that the Mercury Rx and other aspects tie into Donald Trump Sr’s chart. He has Mars at 26 Leo on the Ascendant and his progressed Jupiter is at 24 Libra 46. Transiting Mercury will contact his P. Jupiter’s degree on Sep23 (D), Oct 1(Rx) and Nov 2 (D). So, Mercury Rx will be conjunct his Jupiter on September 27 and inconjunct (150) to his Midheaven at 24 Taurus, conjunct Algol.

As we well know, anything that triggers DT’s MC is unlikely to bring great happiness to Democrats, and unfortunately, since it involves his progressed Jupiter, he won’t suffer himself, but the country will.

On October 10th Mercury Rx will be at 16 Libra and the Sun and Mars will be nearby 16 Libra too – all 3 at the same degree on the same day. Junior has natal Pluto at 16 Libra and Uranus at 15 Scorpio and Neptune at 16 Sagittarius in the 4th, 5th and 6th houses respectively. Country/home, children and health.

In October, transiting Pluto, at 24 Capricorn in Junior’s 7th of partners and enemies, will oppose his progressed MarsRx at 24 Cancer Rx in the 1st house. This seems important, given that Pluto will have gone direct a few days prior, on Oct. 6. Will Pluto give him a boost (money, prominence) or banish him to the dark outer reaches?

With progressed Venus at the cusp of the 8th (birth & death) in Pisces opposite Junior’s natal Saturn in the 2nd of money, what’s the chance that he’ll climb onto the abortion bandwagon?

That’s a pretty heavy duty cluster of outer planet influences for Junior triggered by transiting Mars at 16 Libra. The trouble is, Junior like his dad, has trines offsetting the hard aspects. He has progressed Sun/Venus trine natal Jupiter and progressed Moon trine natal Sun. Teflon Don Sr and Teflon Don Jr at the same time? OMG – the mind boggles. I just noticed this!

My point being that the lead up to this point in Junior’s life includes all the transits and progressions, both prior and concurrent, within a short span of a week or two. But right now in the news there is nothing – silence.

What could bring on a change big enough for us to notice? Who knows?

Of course, the whole thing could turn out to be a big bust for the larger political picture. I mean, Junior’s favorite dog could choke on a bone at home and be fine, and nobody would be the wiser.

Well, that’s the fun of the game – anticipation.


A minor omission. I left out the most important factor in Mercury stationing on your natal Saturn. It is the TRINE to tr. JUPITER. The article characterizes that aspect in this way: “Mercury trine Jupiter brings optimism, generosity, good luck, and good news.”

Correction – sorry, the above should say more precisely:

With progressed Venus at the cusp of the 9th (legal/courts) but still in the 8th (birth & death) in Pisces opposite Junior’s natal Saturn in the 2nd of money (on the cusp of the 3rd of siblings and lawyers), what’s the chance that he’ll climb onto the abortion bandwagon?

Will, thanks for posting the link to Stars over Washington above! Missed it.

I jumped when I read “Saturn at “7AQ” = “A Child Born of an Eggshell” which I’ve often used to suggest the Oval Office and its inhabitant,”. Cool.

Maybe could fit Junior too? My heart sinks.

Sorry – thanks, Jerry, for the link!


Agreed. Astrology can delineate trends and influences, but pinpointing actual events can be difficult and open to interpretation.

My personal take on Don jr. is that he suffers from substance abuse and that tends to fog ones purpose and vision a bit. I don”t think anyone takes him seriously, at least not politically.

Jerry: True, nobody takes Don Jr. seriously now, but that might change. He definitely has an audience and superb name recognition.


Your thoughts about Don jr. presupposes that he has had no involvement or linkage to the criminal charges levied against Trump org. Personally, I think the chances that Don jr will escape criminal prosecution are highly unlikely.

This may or may not be meaningful, but worth following.

World’s top 3 Christian leaders call for ‘meaningful sacrifices’ to combat climate change
(Pope Francis – Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby & Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, head of Eastern Orthodoxy)

The leaders of the three largest Christian churches issued a joint statement Tuesday calling on the world to address the growing threat of climate change. 

The first-ever joint address by Pope Francis, the archbishop of Canterbury and the spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church asked fellow Christians to pray in the run-up to November’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, that world leaders will reach significant agreements to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow the rate of global warming.

“We call on everyone, whatever their belief or world view, to endeavor to listen to the cry of the earth and of people who are poor, examining their behavior and pledging meaningful sacrifices for the sake of the earth which God has given us,” said Francis, Archbishop Justin Welby of the Anglican Communion and Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I. 

7 paragraphs skipped.
Last paragraph:
The Vatican plans to host its own gathering of religious leaders and scientists in early October to direct more pressure on world leaders ahead of Glasgow. 


Jerry – I think you may be presuming that I’m saying something good (for him) will come of Don Jr’s planets. If so, that is an incorrect assumption. Yes, I think something may be going on that might impact him and the country, but maybe not. Either way, it does not mean I approve or disapprove. I’m only pointing out the activity in the chart. A judgment whether it’s good or bad is not for me to say because I simply don’t know. And the planets, as far as I can tell, could care 2 hoots about what we humans do.

Another story to follow.
Kim Jung Un continues to lose weight.
It is not known whether the weight loss is from illness or disease, or might be intentional. But it is apparently substantial, and continues to engender speculation about N. Korea leadership.


Beowulfie: In September/October, it turns out that the Mercury Rx and other aspects tie into Donald Trump Sr’s chart

The former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, also a former top aide to former first lady Melania Trump, will release a memoir in October.

The website Axios broke news of I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House, which will be published on 5 October by Harper Collins. Citing a “publishing source”, Axios said the book would reveal “surprising new scandals”.

Not sure what to expect from a memoir by Stephanie Grisham. She was born somewhere in Colorado, July 23, 1976, but the record does not state where in Colorado. I wonder if that was intentional. How can we do a remotely accurate natal chart on this lady without both birth place and birth time?

She told a substantial number of lies in a Sept. 5, 2019, Washington Examiner op-ed, entitled “The Washington Post’s lost summer.” She claimed the WA-Post did not cover or publish several stories of DJT’s “great accomplishments,” but actually they DID write up and publish those stories.

In response to criticism of DJT by former chief of staff Gen. Kelly she said: “I worked with John Kelly, and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our President.”

She claimed Obama staff & officials left “you will fail” notes in Jan. 2017 for Trump & his officials, but had to retract that particular lie.

In Dec. 2019, she defended DJT’s implication former congressman John Dingell was in hell.

She has had problems with alcohol and drugs. Between 2013 and 2016 she was arrested a few times for driving without a license, driving recklessly, driving while intoxicated, and driving under the influence, and at least once for violating her probation.

Earlier in her career she was fired a few times for plagiarism, cheating on her expense accounts, etc. On a number of occasions she’s been caught in some fairly stupid and mildly outrageous lies, but nevertheless worked as the spokesperson for the R caucus of the Arizona House of Representatives.
Anderson Cooper devoted two prime-time shows focused on her hypocrisy and questioning whether taxpayers should continue to pay her $183,000 salary.

She seems like a real cuckoo bird to me. I am puzzled anyone would ever want to employ her, but her memoir might nevertheless reveal some true scandals and surprises. I note she did resign from her position Jan. 6, 2021 at 7 PM after the coup attempt. But we don’t know why. Might she have had some involvement in the planning of the insurrection? Maybe she was shocked and ashamed by the events of that day? Perhaps after the incident she wanted to immediately as possible distance herself from it?

Thanks for the heads up on her upcoming publication!

Hi Beowulfie,

Perhaps I misunderstood. You wrote:

“Remembering that Pluto works 2 ways, to bring power or take it away, it worries me that a chart for Junior might actually propel him further and deeper into the US political scene than he already is. What if he’s really getting set to be the heir to DJT?”

From all outward appearances, the Trumpian mystique appears to be eroding with each passing day. It’s old and stale. No longer relevant. However, I could be wrong. Do you still see the Trump family as a serious political threat?

Kimberly Guilfoyle (Don jr’s significant other)“The Best is Yet to Come” Cocaine Convention Speech

Video: 11 sec


I think Don Jr. is a washed-up never-was. Not even a has-been.

He has none of the charisma of his father, and the Trump name alone, as audacious and brash as it is, doesn’t have the kind of multi-generational legacy about it that the Kennedy name does, or even the Bush name for that matter.

Trump Sr. is like the Sun, albeit our Future Sun in its terminal Red Giant stage in about 5 billion years. Bloated and all consuming, and bringing a firey death to anything and anyone around it, including its planetary “children.”

Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Jared, etc. are all basically fried. Stick a fork in them. They are done.

The coming economic crisis will be brought near you by Pluto in Aquarius.


BuckeyeShadow, Beowulfie,

Re: All things Trump

Good news for all concerned. It’s official. After many years in the entertainment business, and then taking a startling detour into politics and failing miserably at it (note the countless law-suits and criminal investigations hanging over his head after leaving office), finally and I dare say finally Trump found his true calling in life – fighting.

Remember his cameo appearance at a Wrestling Mania match some years back wherein he beat the living daylights out of one of the contestants to the roar of approval from the crowd?

Watch Donald Trump Take Down WWE’s Vince McMahon Back in 2007

Video: 2 min 25 sec


Well, he’s back at it again. IN FACT, his son Don jr will be joining join him in this new, exciting venture which all goes to prove; making money and fighting are one of Trump’s two favorite occupations…..

Donald Trump Boasts About ‘Obscene’ Payday From Surprise New Commentary Gig

September 10, 2021

Donald Trump is pretty happy about the sizeable windfall coming his way.

TMZ reports the former US President is boasting to friends about making an “obscene” amount of money from a surprise new gig this weekend.

Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr, will act as boxing commentators for Evander Holyfield’s fight against Vitor Belfort in Florida on Sunday (AEST).

Triller Fight Club is promoting the event and said Trump will “host and commentate” on the night.

“I love great fighters and great fights,” Trump said in a press release. “I look forward to seeing both this Saturday night and sharing my thoughts ringside. You won’t want to miss this special event.”



Andre: The two different charts for Canada – Hmmm.

One at Midnight, and then one at 12:05 pm. I also looked up the chart for Statute of Westminster.

I will say this: The packed 9th house of the 12:05 one looks pretty descriptive of our country, given that we have two cultures and two languages, plus we have a lot of immigrants. The policy of multiculturalism (with which I do not agree – I want the melting pot) also fits the packed 9th house.

No matter which of the 1867 charts, the Saturn (government, hierarchy,) in opposition to Pluto (power, transformation) is also descriptive of Canada breaking away from Britain……As is Mars in opposition to Jupiter – couldn’t be more descriptive.

The opposition is perfect – “cooperation or separation”.

Interesting…..The Statute of Westminster Chart for Canada of December 11, 1931 ALSO has a Saturn opposition to Pluto aspect.

Andre: Just to say again – I love the French. We could have just as well been a French country if things had turned out a little differently – LOL!

And if French Canada separates from Canada….. Well, we will still have you on the Continent!

Should mention that I clicked on star4cast.com for which Andre provided the link, and he in commenting there brought up the charts for Canada.

Roderick, Jerry, BuckeyeShadow: Thanks for adding perspective to my Don Jr. speculations – always good to round out the picture, pro and con. I think I should state my assumptions or position more clearly at the outset.

Let’s start with I’m an observer, not anyone who makes things happen in the enormous world of US politics. As the saying goes, I don’t have a dog in this fight, so it’s important to remember a blog like this one is populated by Dems and liberal thinking people. Pretty much everything we say and think on this blog is going to be anti-Donald and his son, but that doesn’t mean the other 50% of the population, the Repub/ Fox/ Conservative side doesn’t exist on the playing field. In fact, that’s all the more reason to consider the playing field from both sides. We can’t understand what’s happening or speculate on what might happen in future if we don’t allow for the folks who totally disagree.

Approx. 50% of 300+ million people in the US voted for DT. That is a LOT of disagreement with Dem/Liberal values. The Texas abortion law, gun law and inherent racism etc. are just the latest show of the divide.

Conservatives/Repubs undoubtedly have reasons for being who they are. They may be wrong, stupid or ‘losers’, but no Dem/Liberal can afford to ignore them. Ranting into the wind doesn’t count.

Only a deeper understanding of what this values fight really means could (maybe) make a difference. I’m not religious, but JC had a point in his suggestion to turn the other cheek – not to give in, but to at least recognize what the other side is up to.

I’m not defending Donald or Don Jr. but it’s obvious that they have a BIG following. They may get involved again in an equally big way and Don Jr. is the leading, popular ‘non-candidate’ of the moment. Even court cases may not prevent them from f’ing things up in the midterms or in 2024.

So, DJT & Jr. are a formidable enemy, especially if DJT allows Jr. to take the lead. The old saying truly applies to him – hold your friends close, but your enemies closer. DJT suprised everybody once – he & Jr. could suprise everybody again. Forbid the thought, but like it or not, Repubs may be counting on it.


Besides, as I said above, the planets could care less. In mythology, the Greek gods messed with human lives for their own amusement. like picking the wings off flies, and it’s not for nothing that ordinary people feared the gods’ unpredictable ways – because WE, not they, were (are) the pawns in the Greek gods’ games. If astrology shows anything at all, it shows every planet has 2 sides. Not necessarily “good” and “bad”, but different.

Ok, enough already, the lecture ends here!

Apropos of nothing more than what it reveals about her, does anyone remember that Don Jr’s main squeeze used to be Mrs Gavin Newsom?


This gets back to my original point. Once the indictments start rolling in against Trump, his family and associates, the political influence and appeal they once enjoyed and exertted over the GOP will quickly evaporate. The political liability will become untenable. The Newsweek article you cited doesn’t take any of that into consideration.

The immediate concern is this; the more increasingly irrelevant the Trumpian supporters feel in not having their voices heard, the more they might feel compelled to resort to violence to do so, especially if their Dear Leader encourages it, which will assuredly happen if he is arrested. That will be the red line, a clarion call for all the crazies to come out and vent their rage.

“Trump ‘acts like a mafioso’: Why NY’s AG may treat the Trump Organization like a mob racket in its criminal inquiry, according to legal experts

Tyler Sonnemaker and Jacob Shamsian
May 21, 2021, 1:05 PM


From Donald Bradley’s “Solar and Lunar Returns”.

“A foreground Pluto promises a lively period, for that planet may be relied upon to establish precedents, dramatically bring to end eras in the life, and just as dramatically draw back the curtain on new.”

I believe the same is true for aspects made by transiting or progressed Pluto.

Transiting Pluto stations at 296°32′ in right ascension on October 6, 2021. It will make tight aspects to the tRump family/group charts then. I believe all will be adverse in application. To aspect so many charts from a common group could the RICO laws be the reason?

tRump’s natal Saturn is at 115°43?.
0°49′ from exact opposition.

Melania’s prog natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint 113°43?.
2°49′ from exact opposition.

Jr.’s natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint 204°16?.
2°16′ from exact square.

Ivanka prog Saturn/Pluto midpoint 204°47′.
1°45′ from exact square.

Kushner’s natal Sun/Mercury midpoint 295°38?.
0°54′ from exact conjunction.

Eric’s natal Mars 206°19′.
0°13′ from exact square.

Weisselberg’s natal Mars/Pluto midpoint (noon chart) at 114°33?.
1°59′ from exact opposition.

His natal Mars/Saturn midpoint at 113°50?.
1°42′ from exact opposition.

Point well taken, Beowulfie. I do try to temper my interpretations and biases with a healthy dose of reality.

And also, the Republicans seem hell-bent on denying and even subverting the laws of physics to suit their own pathological deep-seated fears and desires.

But just like Looney Tunes’ Wile E. Coyote, at some point they will face the reality that they have ran straight off the cliff into thin air—and have a long fall into the ravine below them.

I can believe all I want that I can breathe in space. Dream about it! Fantasize, recite mantras, etc. And If I take off my helmet and depressurize my suit, I will most certainly die. I am not Superman, unfortunately.

Reality trumps ideology. Conservatives very well may not like that the ground is shifting beneath their feet and so they are working feverishly—very, very much so, to the point of madness—to try and control and stop change from happening.

Well, too f—ing bad for them! I lost some things and people I deeply cared for too these past few years, and 2020 sucked for me. Grow the f— up, people! It’s called LIFE. Nothing is guaranteed, things change, and nobody gains or gets to keep everything they want all of the time.

This moment, crazy as it is, will also pass. The Conservative Reactionary nutjobs who are grabbing are attention and sucking all the oxygen out of the room will eventually succumb to something or another, or they will simply run out of steam and wither, and perhaps even die.

Increasingly, FWIW, that moment appears to be due to arrive when Pluto departs Capricorn for Aquarius. A lot of this ridiculous Conservative Reactionaryism is going to run out of steam and collapse inward upon itself around that time. The unspoken rules of the game will then shift, of course.

Aquarius isn’t necessarily liberal, but it certainly doesn’t much like centralized authority. Any power grabs already under way by authoritarian forces seeking to maintain the status quo at any cost are going to be met with a very rude awakening from 2023 onward.

Notice how so many of our leaders are aging politicians like Biden, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, and yes, Trump. Also old billionaires like Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, etc. Pluto in Capricorn is literally propping up and empowering these folks right now.

What happens when Pluto leaves the sign of the establishment, centralized authority, formality and the old ways of doing things? Look for a lot of these folks to fade and pass from the scene. This also includes the far-right political groups, parties, and moments, which are essentially radicalized agents in favor of reclaiming and maintaining the status quo at at cost. Pluto in Capricorn is written all over them.

Pluto in Aquarius will shift the whole zeitgeist and leave them like fish out of water, though perhaps some will shift to a secessionist approach, seeking to break away to establish and create their own idealistic society, which could very well be ultra racist and xenophobic. Of course, nothing guarantees that any such attempt will be successful or endure. But Pluto in Aquarius certainly speaks to decentralized power structures and an overall leveling out of power and privilege.

Democracy will come roaring back with a vengeance. And of course, remember that Pluto is involved. Let’s remember Robespierre and the bloody French Revolution, which was anything but a utopian liberal kumbaya fest.

The good news for us in this go round is that the Uranus-Pluto opposition isn’t exact until Pluto is in Pisces, and Uranus returns to Virgo. As noted, we also have some smoother aspects early on during Pluto’s sojourn in Aquarius such as Uranus in Gemini forming a trine to Pluto, and also a sextile from Neptune in Aries.

This doesn’t speak to a heavy conflict energy in and of itself, but rather forward movement and advancement, particularly around technology, communications, education, spiritual concepts and ideals, etc. Anticipate major developments in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, space travel, nuclear fusion, and virtual reality.

I think Uranus in Gemini, among other things, will bring significant breakthroughs in learning and information, including challenges to many of the audacious and absurd beliefs that have plagued our current moment.

Science will come roaring back into prominence and respected authority, at least for a time. Perhaps we will even see scientists, doctors, teachers and researchers emerge as leaders, replacing billionaires and aging, old politicians.

Wonder who we might see emerge from among the medical staff and practitioners who currently find themselves at their wits end as they provide care for so many raging anti-vaxxers whose suffering and deaths could have been avoided with less Conservative politicizing and a heaping dose of humility?

Jeez BuckeyeShadow

How old are you? Have some respect.

There are good guys, and there are bad guys. Try to conceive of all the cycles these guys you mention have gone through….

Yup. The bad guys… Murdoch and Charles Koch to name just a few……

However Nancy Pelosi knows more than you (or I do…) about clean and good politics. I am sure of that.

No disrespect intended, sunstars.

And her number is about up—which she herself realizes, hence why this is her last term as Speaker.

Old age happens. I actually give her credit for realizing this and understanding that at some point, we all get to pass along the torch to someone else.

Unless you are a curmudgeon like McConnell or Koch, in which case someone is likely to be prying that proverbial torch out of their cold, stiff hands.

The British monarchy will be abolished by 2036. I hope Australia, New Zealand and Canada do do so before then. I believe that at the same time the UK will be humiliated enough by the decline in its standard of living brought by Brexit that it will rejoin the EU cap in hand. But by then, no monarchies will be allowed entry, because the EU will be a united federal republic with its own President and army.


BuckeyeShadow, what do you make of the fact that just before the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 2047-48, Uranus will oppose the US Moon and Pluto will be conjunct?


I’m curious too. Pluto did pass over the US Natal Moon at 27 Aquarius back in 1796, which was the year John Adams and Thomas Jefferson ran for who would succeed Washington to become the 2nd President, with Adams winning. Among other things, that year seemed to crystalize the American two-party structure, albeit with Federalists and Democratic-Republicans (vs. Today’s Democrats and Republicans).

Pluto returns to that degree in 2041-42, so perhaps it is at that time we see some kind of shift enacted in terms of the party system/structure, and also regarding the fundamentals of how we elect our presidents? Perhaps even a shift in the two-party structure itself, or in whatever may succeed it during the coming two decades?

Whatever the case, the U.S. public may be feeling particularly empowered that year to be engaged in the democratic process, or to make it much more of one if it is lacking in some way at that time.

Saturn transiting Leo during the late 2030s and opposing the US Moon could also very well be setting the stage at that time for some kind of soon-following rebellion against authority and/or a king-like figure claiming such. By the early 2040s, the people won’t be having any of it.

How funny are the cycles? Currently, it seems we have a bunch of would-be kings, like Trump and other politicos and billionaires making power grabs, heavily supported by Pluto in Cap (elites, wealthy, privileged).

Watch these folk fade away and kick-off–several likely will with uncanny timing–as Pluto moves into Aquarius for the duration, much as the in-your-face religious ideologues did as Pluto exited Sag in 2007-08.

Oh sure, we are still dealing with religion-related issues such as the Conservative obsession with abortion (they did mostly relent on marriage equality, thanks in part to Corporations) but that is much less driven by the churches now, and is much more driven by the STRUCTURE (Cap) of Conservative/Republican politics here in the U.S.

In any case, under Pluto in Aquarius, empowered leaders and leadership is far more likely to take the form of common individuals and social activist groups, geniuses, radicals, scientists, maybe a few astrologers even(?!) people from offbeat and unusual sectors of society. And yes, probably someone will want to give AI computers a say in things as well.

We will also see the rise in influence and empowerment of non-binary, transgender, and gender-fluid individuals.

Since Pluto governs the sexual zeitgeist of the time, I expect that the more conservative, mature, and “earthy” emphases will give way to airy thinking and ideals. Aquarius speaks heavily into androgeny. Also, anticipate more “virtual” sex and sex/relationships between people and AI/robots. We will also see public nudism rise and become far more accepted.

Further on the political front, anticipate that Citizens United and other structures that empowered billionaire elites like the Kochs and corporations during the Pluto in Cap era to be struck down, overturned, or otherwise rendered irrelevant in some manner or another.

Public funding of campaigns and hard limits–that prevent people like the Kochs from having undue influence–will likely gain serious interest, traction, and take hold.

I suspect larger changes in all of the above areas and in my previous post will also stem out of the Pluto Return of the U.S. Constitution at 14 Aquarius, in 2031-32, based upon the Sept 17, 1787 chart when it officially became the law of the land. Probably, we will either see a major overhaul (v2.0), a series of new amendments passed, or both, around this time.

All of course coming on the heels of the first U.S. Pluto Return and the third U.S. Uranus Return in 2028.

Hold on to your hats and buckle-up, folks. The next 30 years at least are going to be quite a ride!


I have the impression most of us readers here in this blog are babyboomers, in the twilight years of their lives (60’s and 70’s). In 30 years time, most of us will be dead, languishing in our graves.

Mark your calendar. I think by mid October, we will have a fairly good idea where we are heading. We won’t have to wait thirty years. In fact, I woild venture to guess we will not have time to contemplate anything. We will be consumedwith rapid unfolding events with hardly a moment to catch our breath. There’s a perfect storm brewing that not many fully understand or appreciate.

The September 27th Mercury retrograde station coincides with the deadline Pelosi has given to enact the infrastructure bill. Failure to act could have a cascading effect with catastrophic results, possibly derailing the 3.5 trillion dollar budget deal, the raising of the debt ceiling and throwing the US government into partial shutdown. There is a real risk of a US default which which conceivably could throw the markets into a tail-spin……..

‘A Train Wreck’: Congress Faces A Daunting September As Deadlines Pile Up

Democrats are grappling with how to avert a government shutdown while advancing infrastructure and budget bills at the heart of President Joe Biden’s agenda.

NBC News
September 6, 2021

WASHINGTON — The Democratic-controlled Congress is preparing to address a packed to-do list this month with tangible and self-imposed deadlines that carry high stakes for President Joe Biden.

The government will have to be funded by Sept. 30 to prevent a shutdown. The debt limit will have to be extended this fall to prevent a global economic collapse. Flood insurance and surface transportation measures expire at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has set a Sept. 27 deadline to vote on the $550 billion infrastructure bill. Progressives have said they will vote down the bill if the $3.5 trillion budget measure to expand the safety net isn’t ready by then, putting pressure on party leaders to write it quickly.

And with both chambers still on recess this week, legislative days are in short supply.

“The margin for error is razor-thin, the stakes are high, and Republicans have made clear they’ll be of no help,” said Democratic consultant Matt House, a former aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “That’s been true throughout the Biden administration, but September requires tackling the toughest issues yet, more of them, and with real deadlines attached.”



Jerry, BuckeyeShadow et al, re: “We won’t have to wait thirty years. In fact, I woild venture to guess we will not have time to contemplate anything. We will be consumed with rapid unfolding events with hardly a moment to catch our breath. There’s a perfect storm brewing that not many fully understand or appreciate.” – I totally agree.

However, it’s not obvious why exactly – where’s the spark? The major factors seem to be in place. The pressure is too much and still building. To mix my metaphors, the headache in the psyche of the US is not going for a slow slide to home plate.

Who knows what it will look like come 2022/beginning of 2023 when the next congress is sworn in? There’s more than a year to go. It certainly ‘feels’ unstable. While there is a steady hand in Biden, the Repubs are volatile, the States are even more divided, Congress is hopeless and all Fox’d up, and ready to go – where? Who knows where? For the Trump Repubs January 6th was not enough and the more sensible Repubs are not in control.

So the pressure is all internal. With Covid continuing (probably for a long time), debt and many other issues, it’s liable to hit a boil for no good reason at all – unless some outside nation pulls a fast one (which seems unlikely, again no proof one way or other, just that they are all fighting their own turf wars).

In case you haven’t checked, the current transit chart seems to have gone on pause for a moment. Kind of a calm before a storm?

The Moon is in Scorpio applying to square Jupiter Rx in Aquarius, the Sun is applying to conjunct Mars in Virgo, and Venus is applying to square Saturn Rx in Aquarius. Otherwise, the entire planetarium out to Mars is silent. Nada.

The houses of course vary depending on the time and location but Moon is in its detriment and Venus is in its fall. All the heavies except Mars are still Rx. The first Rx to go direct is Pluto on Wednesday, October 6, but before that Mercury goes Rx on September 27 – Nancy Pelosi’s deadline for the infrastructure vote. If that doesn’t go well, then Jupiter/Venus and the financial world in general will likely take a noser. If she pulls it off, she will deserve a Nobel prize – no, a Sainthood. Go Nancy!

first written in 2019, this astro.com article on pluto returns with the broader historical sense in mind, is worth a (re?)read


Back to the question of the viability of a Donald Trump jr candidacy for 2024 (since you didn’t offer any solid reply, I am assuming you still think it is a distinct possibility). Here’s what I’m seeing……

On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks Saturday, President Joe Biden visited all three crash sites in New York City, Pennsylvania and Arlington, Virginia to honour the nearly 3,000 people killed. Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama visited the 9/11 memorials in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and New York City respectively. Former President Donald Trump and his son Don jr hosted a “mega event” on what was being billed as the greatest heavyweight boxing match of the year. Here is Don jrs Friday night tweet on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks……

Donald Trump jr

“The biggest fight of the year this Saturday. My Dad – President Trump- & I, are commentating and we’re going to have some fun. I’ll finally pushing him on the burning question. Are aliens real and what’s up with Area 51? Shoot me some other questions here! Text “Alien” to 75303. Here’s the actual tweet:


So Beowulfie, politically speaking, should we be concerned about a possible Don jr bid for the White House in 2024?

Today, (Saturday 11 September) I and two others shared a genuinely odd and interesting experience. Two physically strong younger folks, one male & one female assisted me in transporting about 3/4 (between 8000 & 9000 books) of my personal research library from a storage facility into my basement. (I have another 2-3000 left to deal with later.) What was truly odd was how naturally and deeply compatible we three were. Despite the vast age difference, I’m old enough to be these kids grandfather; we all felt a great sense of harmony between us. Our sense of timing and rhythm was in alignment but we were also very much in sync emotionally and ideationally. We conversed quite a bit while we were working, genuinely enjoying one another’s company.

I’ve not felt such harmony with anyone in several decades. My late broadcast comedy partner, who died in January of 2006 and I shared such a relationship. Whether we were on stage, or in the studio, writing or performing, we were always effortlessly in sync, with flawless, consistently perfect timing. Never in any writing or performance venue have I felt such a deep connection as that, since he died, …… until today.

I don’t know the birth data for the male of this pair. I intend to find out, but the gal mentioned in passing her birthday was March 11th. Later it occurred to me, Duh! Her Sun conjuncts my Moon, and As far as I know transiting Neptune is there as well.

I am reminded yout Sun also conjuncts my Moon. WOW! Perhaps it is because in part Neptune is there also, but I find these sun/moon conjunctions with others quite powerful.

what a lovely story Eliseo – made me smile to think of you with new friends and all those books. Also, my dads birthday was march 11th.

Yes, a very nice story, Eliseo! It’s a wonderful thing to find compatibility with others where the conversation flows and a connection is spontaneously felt. I have always felt that it’s either there or it’s not. I think air signs can really help. I have mercury in Aquarius and really love the easy flow that I can find with those who have planets in air signs.

And I hope that this library of yours comes to good use and is valued — as books now have a special niche as contrasted with all of our electronic communication outlets.


For some reason I’ve always gotten along unusually well with college age and young adult folks, 18 – into early 30’s. I’m not sure why that is, but I’m sure there must be an astrological explanation.

When I was 14, I was “adopted” as it were by college students some of whom became very close friends. In some cases, their parents were a bit weirded out, wondering why their 20 something young adult progeny wanted to hang out, talk on the phone, go places, and do things with a 14 year old !?!? (especially true of the girls) They were eventually reassured when they realized there was nothing illegal, exploitive, or kinky going on, that we really were all friends with mutual interests.

When I was in high school, my chronological peers thought me odd and did not want me around. Conversely, I was constantly and frequently invited to the social gatherings and parties of the local college students with whom I was very popular.

More recently, when I was teaching at a university, 2012 – 2018, a similar circumstance emerged. The students again wanted me there at their social gatherings. I gratefully accepted their invitations; for some reason they really liked having their “grandpa” aged friend around. These kids were usually not the freshmen attending my classes, but the sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students.

We are in the middle of a pandemic. Yet here again I suspect a similar situation seems to be naturally evolving. Why – I can only conjecture. I hope to one day understand what might be the astrological explanation.

Jerry – Thank you for your question: “So Beowulfie, politically speaking, should we be concerned about a possible Don jr bid for the White House in 2024?”

The short answer is (gasp) yes. I’m trying to be very objective here – yes, we should be concerned and yes, it is possible – maybe even probable – that Don Trump Jr. will be the Republican 2024 candidate. He is the “heir” after all.

However, there’s a long way to go and these are not predictable times. Honest, before you asked, I hadn’t really looked at Don Jr.’s charts too deeply and couldn’t answer. Your question prompted me to do some homework.

What I find is that the RNC appears likely to welcome Don Jr. warmly if Sr. steps out of the way (July 6, 1854 noon chart, Jackson Michigan). Also, it seems Don Jr. isn’t entirely the idiot he appears to be, in fact much less of an idiot than his father. He must hide his serious side behind Mercury in Sagittarius (a natural clown). It’s a defense. But one thing Don Jr. has undoubtedly learned from his Dad by now is how to be a populist and use the media to his advantage. He does it daily on his Twitter feed. He has a sense of humor and even makes fun of himself (Sr. would be horrified), so the US public, especially right leaning independents, might warm up to him. It depends on what happens in the next 3 years.

Don Jr. has a 0 degree Saturn Rx in Virgo – odd combination – controlling (Virgo), work oriented (Saturn), but retrograde makes it not too obvious and slow-acting or later in life (it’s about time he should grow up anyway) and 0 degrees makes it extra important. He’s still got an element of show-off Leo in there at 0 degrees. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of media, business and day to day matters in the 6th. His Midheaven (career) is 1 Aries, ruled by Mars at 9 Leo Rx, inconjunct (~150) Venus and Sun in Capricorn. I take the inconjunct to mean his aggressive Mars instincts are somewhat tempered by practical limits, so despite his idiotic, mouthy behavior in public, he is privately capable and focused on wealth (Venus) and he values his business reputation and power (Sun in Capricorn). He also has both Pluto and Neptune at 16 degrees which will be inconjunct transiting Uranus at 16 Taurus Rx in November 2022 (a Yod, surprise). His Moon at 21 Virgo in the 3rd house of business/lawyers, is trine his Mercury at 21 Sagittarius – he’s able to connect with people emotionally (Moon) and project an optimistic, but business like image (Sagittarius is nearly always optimistic). He must be quite different in private from his wild public persona. America loves its bad boys.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m trying to be objective. I’m not pro-Don Jr. If elected he would be very conservative, but people need to know who he is because he is Donald Trump’s son and he really could become the next Republican presidential candidate.

Americans are OK with all sorts of personalities – it’s one of the best characteristics Americans have – they can take a joke and make one in return, they like variety. So, they could forgive Don Jr. all his stupid comments and his dumb behavior and disrespect of authority IF, and only IF, he is not indicted for crimes and he transforms himself into a serious politician (with a sense of humor like Reagan). He could communicate policies that would make Americans feel better about the economy and the future. That’s what every politician in the country wants to do. Don Jr.’s current popularity indicates he will be very active during the midterms and thereafter. The Repubs would truly be nuts if they didn’t take advantage of that.

continued 2……




One thing Junior is not is Don Sr.’s clone. More than likely he admires Reagan and has his ear to the ground. Which is very different than Sr. who only admires himself and could care less unless he is at the center of it all. Right now, Don Jr. is likely playing a ridiculous media role to play to the hungry base and boost his name recognition (it’s business). He already has huge recognition with the public, so, if he doesn’t end up indicted, it wouldn’t be surprising if his more respectable, serious (but gun-toting) side will show itself soon. That could be wrong as he may have problems legally up to the midterms, but by 2024 he has trines to the Nov. 5 chart and transiting Jupiter Rx in Gemini will aspect both his Moon at 21 Virgo and his Mercury at 21 Sagittarius. What his exact role is uncertain, but it looks like he’ll definitely BE there.

Nonetheless, the next election is impossible to address. There is no way to know who the candidates will be on either side before the DNC and RNC actually nominate them. It’s a big hurdle. If neither Trump nor Biden runs again due to age, health, political or legal bungles, scandals, wars, immigration, natural disasters, climate change, or lack of popularity because young voters have moved on to other issues, we know many other people can step up besides Don Jr. All or most of them will be much younger than either Biden or Trump.

Personally, I think Trump will never run again because he hates having been a ‘loser’ – and because he lost once, there’s a risk he might lose again. Donald Sr. only bets when he’s been able to rig the game. Losing again would be crushing. Also, his health isn’t good (6th house). All the more reason for him to step aside, play more golf and push the heir apparent to take over.

On the Democratic side, Biden looks fine now, but add 3 more years of pressure and abuse and the presidency is going to cost him physically. Everybody knows that and they’re holding their collective breath hoping he’s going to be OK, but 78 + 3 = 81 .

A big question is Kamala Harris – thus far, she isn’t making a big impression, and she is not getting opportunities to improve her image either. According to the LA Times, “As of Sept. 7, 42% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 50% had an unfavorable opinion — a net rating of -8 percentage points….”

Harris really hasn’t done anything “wrong”, so what’s the problem? Her ‘we love you’ department is not working, which the 2nd term may be awkward.She is obviously highly qualified on a professional basis, but she sure could use an image makeover. In this era of Twitter instant everything, politics is about image first. Despite being brilliant and accomplished, could she please look her age? (Get a mature haircut and occasionally wear an outfit that says she likes being female?) It says a lot that at 56 years old, Harris still has long curls and wears nothing but pant suits like a female executive who hasn’t the courage to make her own fashion statement in an all male board room. Doesn’t she have a media consultant? (….shades of Michelle…!) Well, that’s too catty, but really, doesn’t she know about Margaret Thatcher?


Whatever. The way things look, it doesn’t seem Harris will have a big enough lead as the next Dem candidate to be sure of a 2nd term win over the Trump machine. After all, there was only a difference of 81,139 votes that separated Biden from Trump. See:


There are just no comfortable guarantees for Dems. 2022 will be very tough and 2024 – who knows? If Don Jr. announces after the midterms, there will be more to say, but this is all for now.


Reality Check

You are presuming Don jr possesses charisma and great leadership abilities. Did you miss that 9/11 Don jr tweet I posted? You don’t think he’s a bit out of touch? Like father like son. It was a solemn occasion. The sheer insensitivity, insanity and lack of respect to the thousands who lost their lives and the immeasurable trauma the country went through….. It’s hard to comprehend that kind of behavior.. He is a known substance abuser which might explain the distortion in perception. Not exactly the kind of political figure that inspires confidence. Is that really what the majority of the Republican party wants at this time in the middle of a crushing pandemic and an uncertain economic future? Anyway, most likely he will be arrested along with his dad and a host of others within the next couple of months and that will put an end to Don jr’s ambitious, illustrious political career. After all, you can’t govern a nation from a prison cell.

Jerry, I agree with Beowulfie. Donnie could be a contender. I say it in part because his partner, Kimberly Guilfoyle is a driver. For years, she was with Newsom and now, her new vehicle is little Donnie.

I pray every day that Biden lives and runs for a second term (and wins). If he does, I think he will take a different running mate unless Harris suddenly transforms. He has given her so many chances and she just does not connect with the citizens – she is more than capable but capable is not enough.

Jerry, No problem – I do get it. I’m not saying I like Don Jr. I’m not presuming anything (how can I, the only things I know about him are from reading various publications, so I guess you could criticize my reading for not sticking to the left side of the debate? I don’t think that is very useful. For sure, I’m not saying Don Jr. is a noble hero!

What I’m saying is about 50 % of the US population think he’s just fine. They LIKE his stupid Twitter feed and they send money! They don’t care about his history as a substance abuser (which is an argument that doesn’t hold water because there are substance abusers everywhere – hell, alcohol is substance abuse).

I certainly don’t know if Don Jr. is likely to be arrested or not. Does anybody know except the Justice Dept?

So far he’s been protected by the slow process of investigation and the presumption of innocence of the courts. He may even turn out not to have committed any crimes – though it seems a stretch. He’s also protected by secondly by a room full of lawyers and heaps of money that he and his family have accumulated dishonestly or otherwise.

Why hasn’t the IRS busted him? I can’t get too upset about that as a grave injustice because as a lowly financial worker in my past working life I saw plenty of good, upstanding citizens do all sorts of illegal, nasty stuff and get away with it scott-free.

Inspiring confidence is not what Don Jr. is about in a moral sense – politics is about power. Period. He has learned to play the game and the Republican party will use him to the hilt. Just like the Democratic party will use anything they can get their hands on.

I don’t think it’s wise to assume Don Jr. couldn’t or won’t be the candidate because he’s insensitive and ambitious. The only thing in politics is getting elected.

As for the 9/11 tweet, it was posted on Sept 10, the day before – I totally agree, it’s tasteless and awful, but nobody is going to cancel him for doing it. It’s a free speech country and everybody appreciates that. Imo, that is the harsh reality — which is why ‘know thy enemy’ is so important.

I tend to agree with Jerry….. 🙂

…..we shall see…..


The boxing match that Don jr was aggressively advertising was for September 11th. As Sunstars suggested, we shall see.


Jerry, I agree – it’s gross.


The entire Trumpian edict is based on authoritarianism, lies, hatred, intolerance and self-deception. To your point that they are a viable political force to be reckoned with, all I can say is; haven’t we learned anything in these past four years?

PS I forgot to add the most important adjective that aptly describes the Trump administration. Corruption throughout the government. Among the most egregious, they tried to overturn a legitimate election with violence. A coup detat. They were reducing America to banana republic status.

The powerful case for Scorpio rising in the US chart.


Jerry, silcominc, I think the worst time when the nihilistic Trumpian movement peaks is now through 2022 when the Pluto return becomes exact. It will slowly decline after. I do not believe Trump will still be among us in 2024. If he is alive, he might be in jail. If he is not in jail, he will be beset by health, legal or financial woes.

There could be a Trumpian GOP presidential candidate in 2024, De Santis for example. He will be crushed and the GOP will likely finally change IMHO. However, the memory of Trump will remain a dismal inspiration for decades for all the crazies who will wait for their next opportunity. I believe that opportunity will come in the 2040 election when whites cease to be a majority in the country but are still a plurality, and when climate change forces draconian relocations which will be seen by many as unacceptable infringements of personal liberty. I fear a dictator, who might be named Hawley, will be elected at that time with as little as a third of the vote and will become a real dictator beyond Trump’s dreams. His party may not be the GOP but some mad offshoot called something like the Patriot Party.

Jerry, as someone once said, never underestimate how low and dumb the American electorate can be.

Andre, I too worry about Hawley and a few of the others who are as bad as trump but are more capable and eviler than even he has been.

Wasn’t the Am. Constitution and Bill of Rights written, ratified, and enacted while Pluto was in Aquarius? It is my hope during the 20+ years Pluto will again be in Aquarius we can abolish the electoral college, diminish the role of money in our elections, and ratify other amendments which will serve to prevent the dark scenarios you envision. From my perspective, and that of many political scientists, such reforms are both necessary and overdue.

Democracy becomes mob-ocracy without educated voters. There has been much ado about the need for universal health care, which I of course am for. But I believe universally requiring and providing a reasonable level of education, with no opportunity to opt out on religious grounds is also necessary to maintain a modern democracy.

The same is true for our legislators and judges. Many are well trained in their narrow discipline usually, law or business, but are not necessarily broadly or truly educated. The requirements one must meet to run for office, per our Constitution are pretty minimal. Those standards need to be raised. Having successfully run a pest control business, by itself does not qualify one to be a congressman or congresswoman!

True education alone for our voters and candidates won’t prevent another Trump or a slicker version of same from obtaining high office. But I believe it will make it far less likely. IMO, this must be an essential part of our quest while Pluto journey’s through Aquarius.

An often ignored fact in understanding why we Americans have a constitution in the first
place, and why it embodies its particular principles, is to know the conflict between the religious right and the rest of us has been going on since the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Harbor.

Two types of idealists were originally involved in the American experiment, theocrats and democrats. The authoritarian stream in American life has always, as Sinclair Lewis purportedly said, been wrapped in the American flag while carrying the cross. It is not taught well in our history classes; the struggle between theocracy and democracy has been with us from the beginning. But on 21 June 1788 the theocrats suffered their greatest loss. The Constitution was not just a counter to the British monarchy, but also against the theocrats.

The religious right is the true backbone and nervous system of the far right in this country. Most of what we think of as “conservatism” in the US is really Calvinism dressed up in political clothing. Neither Trump, nor Josh Hawley, nor any other far right winger can ascend to high office without their support.

For a deeper perspective, I recommend, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy, by Frederick Clarkson. The tome is somewhat dated, but FC tells the story better than other writers.

Well said Eliseo!

The withdrawal from Afghanistan will refocus American strategic vision and will actually reassure Taiwan.


Eliseo, you are right but this time it’s different. The US did adopt its Constitution and its Bill of Rights during the last transit of Pluto in Aquarius. That was a soft and easy transit if you compare with the French Revolution which took place at the same time. France was hit hard by the Uranus-Pluto opposition which also happened then.

This time the Uranus-Pluto opposition will take place just after these planets have changed signs into Pluto in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo. But first they will both hit the US Moon at 25 Aquarius before they go. That will be some train wreck. Expect events in the US to be closer to France in 1789 by 2047-48. And the people will be impassioned even more than now. The good news is that under such an opposition the Left wins against some sort of major blockage from the Right. That was the monarchy in France in the 18th century. It could be a dictatorship in the US in the 21st.

Andre, thank you for posting the link to Michael O’Reilly’s Newscope on a US Scorpio rising birth chart! I ran several charts for the Supreme Court ‘non-decision’ (ref. Sep 6, 9:22 pm) but I didn’t post comparisons as I’d rattled on too long already. However, as you have brought up the birth charts, here are additional comments comparing the main* US charts to the time published in the LA Times for the SC non-decision.

*Gemini, Sagittarius (Sibly), Scorpio rising and Yorktown charts.

No surprise, the SC non-decision has direct contacts to all 4 of the US charts given the significance of the event, but the Scorpio rising and York Town charts are the strongest.

Naturally, all 3 US birth charts have the same 8 degree positions for Uranus square Ceres because they are for the same day, July 4, 1776, but the Ascendants and Midheavens differ. The angles are the key thing, especially the Ascendants.

The Gemini rising chart has an 8 degree Ascendant like the Scorpio rising one, so they are a bit like the same chart flipped in different directions, hooked to the 8th degree.

The 2 signs are inconjunct, 150 degrees apart, so they are not exact opposites, but not in sync either. They really represent different views of the country, which reflect the political relations between the 2 parties – always at odds.

In this case the natal Ascendants should link to transiting Saturn and Ceres. which happened to be at 8 degrees too.

Both the Gemini and Scorpio charts work for the SC decision chart’s situation, but in the Gemini chart Saturn is TRINE the Ascendant, whereas in the Scorpio chart Saturn is SQUARE. Given the difficult nature of the Texas/SC conflicts and the fact that abortion involves birth and death, the Scorpio chart looks like a better match.

The Sibly chart is the odd man out in this because neither of the angles gets a direct hit from Saturn or Ceres. The SC decision’s Ascendant at 14 Gemini opposes the Sibly Ascendant at 12 Sag, and is trine US natal Saturn at 14 Libra. So there’s a connection, but compared to the exact contacts in the other 3 charts, the Sibly one does not work as well.

The Scorpio rising chart is most remarkable relative to the SC chart. The birth chart has Ascendant at 8 Scorpio, Uranus at 8 Gemini in the 7th and Ceres at 4 Pisces in the 4th. At the time of the SC non-decision, transiting Ceres was at 8 Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus (upheaval relating to women) and square to Ceres’ own natal place at 8 Pisces.

Transiting Saturn was at 8 Aquarius, in trine to transiting Ceres. So Saturn in the 3rd was square the Scorpio chart’s natal Ascendant at 8 Scorpio and semisextile (30) to natal Ceres, which relates to women and motherhood, in the 4th house of home and family (an angular house), and trine natal Uranus (upheaval) in the 8th (which in turn is conjunct transiting Ceres).

You can’t get much more appropriate than that! The other 2 birth charts have good contacts, but they don’t seem as apt for the life and death SC situation compared to the Scorpio rising chart.

The other chart that fits well is the Yorktown chart. It has natal Mars at 8 Aquarius in the 2nd of resources, in square to Chiron at 8 Taurus in the 4th of homeland, on the cusp of the 5th house of children and the future.

Quite appropriately for a war chart, the fight between the British and the revolutionaries was about money and one’s own resources (2nd house) and the ownership/control of the land and one’s own future (including children).

A significant current event chart involving women and children (Ceres) and social controls (Saturn) ought to have contacts to those planets and also contacts to the angles.

The Yorktown chart delivers nicely as transiting Saturn at 8 Aquarius is conjunct natal Mars and square natal Chiron. Furthermore, the transiting Moon at 25 Cancer is T-square to Yorktown’s Nodes.

Transiting Ceres at 8 Gemini (in the 6th of health) is trine the Yorktown Mars and semisextile (30) natal Chiron.

Also, the SC event chart’s Midheaven is conjunct the Yorktown 4th house cusp (14 Aries) and transiting Uranus is at 14 Taurus. So, the Yorktown chart corresponds well to the seriousness and significance of the situation too.

Apologies for error re. Yorktown – it is incorrect that “the transiting Moon at 25 Cancer is T-square to Yorktown’s Nodes.” I looked at a wrong chart for the Moon.

The correct transiting Moon was at 11 Cancer, trine to transiting Chiron at 11/12 Aries, but there is no exact link to those degrees in the Yorktown natal chart (October 19, 1781, approx. 11:00 am, Yorktown Virginia).

Further to above, the time of the Supreme Court ‘non-decision’ as first published by the LA Times was 11:58 pm DST (23:58), September 1, 2021, Washington DC.

I believe this event is highly significant to the future. It illustrates the deep divide between philosophies and politics of US conservatives/Repubs and US liberals/Dems.

Darn, I can’t get this right! The Moon was SQUARE Chiron!

Re. the Supreme Court on abortion, the Washington Post has this today on the Mississippi case:


The above WaPo article has a particularly interesting sentence, “Besides, the clinic argues, Casey and Roe protect any woman who wants an abortion. It argues constitutional rights, such as owning a gun or the speech rights of those who want to make campaign contributions, do not depend upon the number of individuals who want to exercise them.”

Would that mean the SC decision re. states’ rights to legislate things like abortion could also impact guns – and ‘speech’ – and thereby Citizens United? This seems waaaay bigger than what’s obvious.

That’s an interesting analysis. In this particular case I would think the transits to chart for the Constitutuion itself would be equally important.

I think a great deal depends on how hard the Dem community is willing to come down on the present day insurrectionists, terrorist groups, and the far right R’s who have aided and abetted them. They need be dealt with harshly. If not, they will interpret the Left and Moderates as weak, and eventually come on stronger.

Several hundred, possibly thousands of these yahoos need to be tried, convicted, and given life sentences. Amongst their accomplices in Congress, many of whom carried concealed firearms onto the House & Senate floors, the refusal to certify the election results should alone have gotten many expelled from Congress permanently. If the Dems don’t get tough in these matters, the dark possibilities you suggested will be more probable.

We need to get rid of the Filibuster.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius.


Transits to the Constitution chart would definitely be relevant.

Thanks for the NYTimes Op-Ed. It looks interesting, but I can’t access it.

RE: the Constitution chart. Which date, time, and place would you use?

On 17 September 1787, the Constitution was finally accepted by the delegates, but at that point it did not contain the Bill of Rights.

On 7 December 1787, Delaware was the first state to ratify, it. New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify on 21 June 1788, which officially ended the Articles of Confederation and put the Constitution into effect. But It wasn’t until 29 May 1790, that Rhode Island finally came in last and ratified the document.
The Bill of Rights went into effect
15 December 1791.

I’m guessing the 21 June 1788 date would be the most logical choice, but where? Would that be at Concord, New Hampshire as it was the 9th state to ratify and therefore effectuate it?

Sorry… to break away… but I wanna say the more I do or observe astrology aspects in a chart, the less I know. Years ago it was simple: hard aspects BAD, easy aspects GOOD. However in the very beginning of my looks at astrology charts, I viewed, say, the opposition as GOOD.

This is because in school in Alberta we were successfully taught critical thinking. For the most part. If we respected our peers, and generally trusted them, then we could consider the possibility that even with careful consideration of the facts we might have missed something that THE OTHER could bring to light….for further consideration.

America has morphed into something different. The elements were there all along but I didn’t see it. It was a mystery to me, 5 years ago, how Trump could have happened. In my horror I couldn’t look away. I was obsessed with the reasons that led to this “happening”.

Now I see that despite the Constitution, INEQUALITY was manufactured by nefarious individuals and groups.

I don’t care if you are White and afraid of losing your “place”. If you are uncomfortable, then look deep and hard at your discomfort and find a reasonable solution WITHIN THE CONSTITUTION that those magnificent people back in those precious days so masterfully wrote.

The Constitution is all about values. We can look at one another and the trust will be there if we all know for sure we have the same values. The Constitution gives us this opportunity.

The writers of the Constitution were the best of us, forged under stress and coming together with a cause that met our moment.

Turns out the values of the Constitution are presently only an opportunity as those of lower mind, and those who are spiritually lazy, slip and forego the wonderfulness of the Constitution.

In a great paradox, some of the writers of the Constitution were slave owners. So even then there was the possibility of blindness. As a young girl looking at this I thought “You have to take the big picture in the evolution of the human being on Planet Earth.” Why were the Black people brought over from Africa to mix and mingle with the White people from mainly Europe in North America? The contrast was striking in presentation.

Ego and power and selfishness and even more negative motives reared their ugly heads as people advanced in America, despite the Constitution.

As Andre said way up thread the myth of the American Cowboy as in John Wayne masked and gaslit the violence at the heart of it all….as in the US chart’s Mars square Neptune.

We have to become increasingly aware and fight our lower nature.

Those who have fostered inequality as a shortcut to their “self esteem” have done such harm.

If the US had fostered equality for all in the beginning we wouldn’t be having these problems. But it is what it is.

People whose skin colors vary in North America would be looked upon as SLIGHT variations that had their own slightly nuanced meanings.

The major thing is that enough people in power in America reached for the easy way out…..and in the spirit of rabid competition instead of cooperation, USED other people…..identifiably so…black people who came from a very different culture in Africa.

Instead of honoring them and seeking to understand where they were coming from, the opposite happened.

OK – we all found ourselves together in North America in this mishmash. And our only true way out was the magnificent Constitution.

To the extent we have strayed from the Constitution is the extent of the corruption and pain in the country.

The Constitution is pretty much a guarantee of equality.

If we had equality, there would not be the stark poverty and ignorance that there is now.

Blacks would not be marginalized and disenfranchised.

Blacks and Asians and Latinos would have every opportunity for education.

Whites would not be fearful of the fact of losing the majority, because the “pecking order” would not be based on skin color.

Systemic planned poverty leading to lack of education in my opinion is the greatest of the ills of America today.

Getting people out of poverty so that they can be educated is the key to America’s success.

In that way Global Warming can be addressed.

We have to do it fast. The Democrats MUST succeed.

The key to America’s success lies in the riddance of FILIBUSTER. We must get rid of the filibuster or none of this happens. It’s a simple as that.

Ok and another thing. Haha!

The Supreme Court. Everybody here knows what I am talking about.

Would somebody here take another look at Amy Coney Barrett’s chart? I can’t stand to look after my first perusal when she was nominated.

I can’t stand to look at her; that’s how bad it is. But I realize she’s only part of the machinery.

The McConnell court exists.

What are we gonna do about it?

OK Hawley. People are worried about Hawley on this blog.

Educated Yale and Stanford. From Arkansas. The heart of White Supremacy. One of the many prominent Capricorns in the past 5 years or so.

He’s a one off and a pervert. He has perverted his education to the end of the ego of his family and his background.

It’s the numbers game. We have to make sure that there are more of us than of them. We have to make sure that there is proper representation of the people in government.

We have to make sure we realize the machinations of the Republicans to keep themselves in minority rule, and do whatever it takes! (within the Constitution)

Harvard, Yale, Stanford… They are wonderful and to be venerated and respected. But of course they can be used, and are, part of the Good Ole Boys club. It all depends on how they are used.

By the way I love Capricorns. Not withstanding the unbelievable amount of baddies in government these past years. That, and the Geminis disproportionately represented. I could list….. Newt Gingrich’s reach has continued to this present day.

My best friend is a Gemini; my first born is a Gemini.

Alexei Navalny who I adore is a Gemini. The media who have so much to pay attention to in this year have turned their attention away from him but I have not forgotten and think of him….. born in the year of the Dragon. god help him and god help the Russian people.

Sunstars – if we get rid of the filibuster, could it not also work against us should the Republicans regain power? There must be something I don’t understand about this process.

Also, in my own thoughts all of these years about mankind’s evolution, I keep coming face to face with the “two wolves” of human nature theory as well as the Tao, or the yin and yang. It just does not seem to be that easy or simple to triumph over our lower nature (speaking in general and not of any one individual). Thus, one of my thoughts has always been that we are here on the earth plane to learn soul lessons but not necessarily lift up mankind permanently to the next level as much as I’d like to see the world cleansed of all of it’s “evil”. What do you all think about that?

The way I interpret aspects sunstars is according to the nature of the planet or planets involved, not the aspect. Without the planets there are no aspects. A planet does not change it’s core determination because of a spatial relationship. A square by Jupiter will prove to be beneficial, a trine by Saturn will attend difficult times.

I don’t truly know if Hawley himself is a future American fuhrer in the making, but there will likely always be people like him around, waiting for the right moment to seize power and authority for ill-purposes.

From Star Trek TNG Episode “The Drumhead”

Lieutenant Worf : [referring to Admiral Satie] I believed her. I, I helped her. I did not see what she was.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard : Mister Worf, villains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.

Lieutenant Worf : I think… after yesterday, people will not be so ready to trust her.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard : Maybe. But she, or someone like her, will always be with us, waiting for the right climate in which to flourish, spreading fear in the name of righteousness.

Vigilance, Mister Worf – that is the price we have to continually pay.

Umm Sharon K 🙂 “….should the Republicans regain power?”

These next three years are crucial to democracy. The Republicans MAY come to power illegitimately. If they do, then democracy is truly in danger of being lost. The crisis real. It is upon us.

The VOTE is the most important thing right now. It is of immediate importance in all of the history of the US.

The Constitution started without the filibuster.

If we don’t have the VOTE, we don’t have bills for climate change, or women’s rights, or for Biden’s bids for equality.

We have Tucker Carlson visiting Orban in Hungary, and other Trumpists doing the same recently…..

Stephen Miller, the White Nationalist is still successfully in the news. Republicans in California are sucking our energy due to this totally bogus recall of Newsom. How much energy have we got?

Before Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, etc. came out to support Newsom we were in danger of having that crazy Larry Elder transform the largest state in the Union into one that would take away the rights of women and do further likely irreparable damage in every arena of fair governance in that most important state.

The crisis is upon us. Democrats can not stand on ceremony.

We cannot afford to lose voting rights. It is the very essence, the very breath of Democracy.

If it is lost, in this moment, then all else is.

We can from a position of greater strength wonder about the pros and cons of the filibuster.

None of us are Free (if) one of us is Chained, None of us are Free – Solomon Burke – song on YouTube.

That’s what I am so afraid of – that if in the immediate future we lose to the Fascist Republicans – we surely will be chained to Fascism. We will have lost our Democracy.

The crisis is here and now. It is not some time in the future.

If we keep the Filibuster now, we WILL be lost.

If anybody sees it differently, let me know.

And Sharon K… you could be right about we are all here to do the best we can on this Earthly plane and not lift Mankind permanently up to the next level. But we gotta go up….. Upward and Onward….

Bob, thanks for reminding me that the PLANETS are the essence, not the aspect. Yes, I know that the squares say to Jupiter can be good, and the trines to Saturn can be bad…. It takes a very seasoned astrologer to look at a chart and figure out what is the most likely occurrence as the result of these squares and trines to the most prominent planets …… and even then of course we can only predict a range of possible occurrences. In most cases.

A girl came to me who was very pregnant. She was planning on breaking up with her boyfriend. She seemed very determined. She had a transiting hard Pluto to Sun aspect. I told her yes, it seemed likely that there would be a permanent removal of her boyfriend from her life.

The next day, her father, who was a Leo, to whom she was very attached, died. Heart attack with no indication beforehand. And she did permanently remove herself from her relationship.

So, a range of possible occurrences, and it is hard to say ……

BuckeyeShadow: Yup.

Apparently we have a new term now for Conservatism run amok in this moment: Chaos Conservatism.

Opinion: Can America survive Chaos Conservatism?

Seems quite fitting for the Pluto in Capricorn (Destructive Conservatism) Square to Eris in Aries (Chaotic Individualism) transit currently underway.

And, of course, Eris isn’t actually remotely done with the US. It’s been squaring the natal U.S. Mercury at 24’11 Cancer since mid 2019, and won’t make its last pass until early 2024.

It seems the very emotionally-mental-freakout over irrational things is going to continue in the U.S. at least for a bit longer.

Not to mention that Eris is still creeping up on the natal U.S. Pluto. That square will be exact for the first time in 2033 and will persist throughout mid-decade. Roughly around the time that the U.S. Constitution will be experiencing its own Pluto Return in mid-Aquarius.

I suspect the freakout then however may well be about the amount of oppression people feel under a government that has become virtually impervious to change. Hard to believe that things will remain entirely intact for another 15 years, given the sheer amount of other heavy transits that abound between now and then, but who knows?

Maybe this is just the prelude to a more dramatic series of acts that eventually inspire real change. Of course, I could also be overly optimistic, and probably am.

From Axios today:

“Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, took secret action Jan. 8 to prevent President Trump from potentially ordering a military strike or launching nuclear weapons, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa report in their closely held book “Peril,” out next Tuesday.
• A CNN preview quotes the authors as writing that Milley was certain Trump had gone into a serious mental decline since the election, “with Trump now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.”
The book reports this stunning conversation about Trump, between Milley and Speaker Pelosi (via CNN):
• Pelosi: “[I]f they couldn’t even stop him from an assault on the Capitol, who even knows what else he may do? And is there anybody in charge at the White House who was doing anything but kissing his fat butt all over this? … You know he’s crazy. He’s been crazy for a long time.”
• Milley: “Madam Speaker, I agree with you on everything.”

BuckeyeShadow: Makes sense…”Pluto in Capricorn (Destructive Conservatism) Square to Eris in Aries (Chaotic Individualism)”…

Ok. Apt depiction that some of us are freaking out.

Hey thank you for that Andre.

The WA-Post Op-Ed on Chaos Conservatism was quite on target. CC is the perfect phrase to describe this odd and anti-american political style. As the author notes at the end, such a contrast with the sane, sober, consistent, and cautious form of conservatism we had decades ago. …Also consistent with your comments about Eris square the natal U.S. Mercury.

It all reminds me of the child who throws temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Do the R’s think they will wear us all down so much as to acquiesce like defeated, exasperated parents? I wonder. I suspect the R’s believe we Dems are innately weak, and if they just keep chaos-sing they will get what they want.

I also wonder how in the name of G we can or should address these incessant tirades, how we might return to some semblance of democratic sanity. I often feel we should temporarily go to martial law to correct and reorient our direction. But perhaps I’m as deluded as the crazies of Jan. 6th.

SharonK, what you’re missing about the filibuster is that it isn’t Frank Capra’s romanticized version of going against corruption.

What it is, however, is something that has been used to thwart attempts to extend civil rights to black people. Southern senators have killed a number of bills in the past and McConnell has kept the tradition going. Forget Jimmy Stewart and think Theodore Bilbo.

You could look it up…

Bob & all, I agree totally that you’re right about the nature of the planet being foremost and aspects being secondary. And aspects are triggers and influencers too, of course.

The thing about the nature of planets that makes it so difficult is everything in ‘nature’ is dual. The light and the dark and so on.

Everyone agrees in astrology, as in living day to day, that it’s wise to consider both sides at the same time. But for humans it is hard to do because we polarize and take sides as naturally as breathing. The eternal dilemma – how to see the big picture, objectively.

Objectivity is rational and humans are emotional. We’d have never got ourselves into this climate mess if rationality was the leading thing.

We’re only on the cusp of becoming rational – which current events prove every day. Emotionality is what rules us – what we WANT, not what we know we should do. Hence the application of ‘free will’ – that little thought or impulse to ‘decide’ consciously to do good or evil – has a tough go. Free will can go either way and between ‘good and bad’ it’s the 3rd fluctuating element. Funnily enough, free will as a concept doesn’t get discussed much because it involves responsibility! That’s just too Saturnian and judgmental.

I think societies have largely given up on making conscious decisions these days and are going on raw instinct. Instinct is more Pluto than Saturn. It’s not just the US, it’s everywhere. Witness the brutality in many nations that are retreating from any variation of democracy.

In both nature and society, we know where instinct comes from: the fight for survival. All the basic stuff – food, water, shelter, wars, birth, life and death. The dangerous ‘outsiders’ vs. the safe ‘insiders’ and the detested traitors to each faction within them. That’s triangles (trines) for you – they are not always ‘beneficial in outcomes either! Beneficial aspects have 2 sides, as well as signs and planets. Jupiter can be justice but it can also be unconstrained expansion.

I can see this social, political and environmental dilemma of opposites and squares is going to take at least a generation to sort out. That is at least one round by Saturn. The consequences of the next 30 years are as yet unimaginable, but it doesn’t look good unless a younger generation (Saturn again) with energy and vision gets a chance to take over and survive themselves!

Years ago, when computers were first becoming a ‘thing’ in the early 80’s, I recall taking a seminar on introducing computer analysis in business. The presenter was a young man who was working with paper-based businesses to start the inevitable conversion to a whole different way of running things and he said the resistance to change despite the obvious advantages was hard and deep. I remember he said people in management “are going to have to DIE” before change will be accepted. In many ways, he was right – the managers of the day were mostly in their 50’s to 60’s and it did take about 30 years from the early 80’s to the early 2000’s to make computers universal in modern business. I expect that any quest for real change in addressing the environment and political craziness will take 30 years to work its way through. I’ll probably be long gone by 2051, but I sure hope Millenials and onwards will get a handle on what to do by then.

Good old Saturn teaches its lessons in its 29-1/2 year round whether we like it or not.

On December 4, 2017 the Supreme Court allowed Trump’s travel ban on 6 Muslim countries, a sign of things to come during his presidency and an early salvo towards the R’s autocratic governance in general. That held until March 2020 when Covid took over the news and Dems were sorting out presidential candidates and primaries for the coming election.

Saturn went to stay in Capricorn, the sign it rules, in December 2017, backed up by Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn entered Aquarius to stay in December 2020, just as Trump got the boot.

Recall that Pluto doesn’t go to stay in Aquarius until October of 2025, but the next US election is in November 2024. Pluto dips its toe back into Capricorn several times. It only tries out Aquarius for shorter periods from March 2023, January 2024 and November 2024, before it makes the final commitment to Aquarius in 2025.

That is a lot of back and forth. There’s no guarantee of a breakthrough or “freedom” for either side until 2025 at the earliest.

Saturn is the timer, for sure, but until Pluto says ‘what lives and what dies’ it isn’t over. The Repubs are not going to ‘die’ until AFTER the 2024 election.

Today’s (Sep 14 2021) Deadline White House program presented the most damning revelation of Donald tR I have seen so far. I think my charts for the next 90 days may indicate the collapse of tRump’s political career and tRumpism.


Andre, re. the Constitution, see:


On This Day: March 4, 1789

Following ratification of the United States Constitution in 1788, the new federal government began operating on March 4, 1789. The Senate convened for the first time on that date, but only 8 of the 12 members necessary to form a quorum appeared in the new chamber at New York City’s Federal Hall. Consequently, the Senate reconvened periodically until April 6, when the 12th member presented his credentials. With a quorum established, the Senate turned to its first order of business—certifying the election of President George Washington and preparing for the nation’s first presidential inauguration.


Birthname Signing of the Constitution
17 September 1787 at 11:29 (= 11:29 AM )
Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 39n57, 75w10
Timezone LMT m75w09 (is local mean time)
Data source Dirty data, conflicting times
Rodden Rating DD

That’s about as good as it gets………


Are you certain Pluto isn’t fully in Aquarius until 2025? My ephemeris says November 19, 2024 is the date it makes its final ingress into Aquarius for the duration–just a few weeks after the 2024 General Election. Its retrograde cycle in 2025 never goes back further than 1°22 Aquarius. Just curious. And maybe what I’m about to say just drags on for a few more months if yours is indeed the case of where we are heading.

Based upon what I’m seeing, with Pluto already moving forward out of Capricorn during the time of 2024 elections, treading over anaretic 29° Cap at that for the fifth time, it seems very much like the hyper-powered Conservatism of our time will be in the final stages of its death throes, heading towards full-on and IRREVERSIBLE collapse, and likely already crumbling, dramatically weakened, and impotent.

I see a feeble old man in a hospice bed. He has literally billions of dollars sitting in multiple bank accounts somewhere, and mere moments left to breathe before he passes from this existence. He was once fearsome and powerful, but now he is dying, and none of his material wealth and former influence can keep him here.

Like seriously, what was the point of it all?

This is Pluto at the final degree of Capricorn.

It’s likely that several key figures and advocates will be taken down at this time, due to corruption, old age/decline/death, even outright bankruptcy. Another market crash, or some other fated event, could also very well decimate the fortunes and influence of many of the current key players.

Bob, thanks for putting up the chart and pointing to the item on MSNBC.

I found the link to a video for that – select the clip on the book “Wildland”:


Buckeyeshadow – technically you are entirely correct. Pluto IS in Aquarius, but it goes retrograde back to 1 degree 22′ to October 14, 2025. 1 degree is too close for comfort. It is within orb for any kind of aspect, so it still bridges the divide between Capricorn and Aquarius. After Oct 14/25, Pluto does not get close to Capricorn again.

CNN Exclusive/ More details on the upcoming Bob Woodward book Peril. Candid, behind the scenes discussions in a desperate effort to contain Trump during the last days of the administration….

Worried Trump Could ‘Go Rogue,’ Milley Took Secret Action To Protect Nuclear Weapons


Yet More Evidence Donald Trump Is Running A Shadow Presidency

CNN Sept 14, 2021

Former President Donald Trump continues to give his commentary on other U.S. presidents’ handling of affairs, despite a longstanding tradition of keeping presidential criticism out of the public sphere. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how Donald Trump’s post-presidency will forever be known as a shadow presidency.

Video: 5 min 57 sec


Makes sense, Beowulfie. I agree, 2025 will likely seem like a transition year, and in more ways than one, with Uranus and Neptune also changing signs in short order.

Does anyone have a birth time for Dem congresswoman Katie Porter? She was born January 3, 1974 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

I’m looking at various possible candidates for VP should Biden run for a 2nd term, and Kamala Harris doesn’t run. Alternatively, such candidates might be vying for the Dem presidential nomination should Biden not run in 2024.

Eliseo: GOOD choice! I like her lineup of planets too.

Had temporarily for gotten about Katie Porter. What a gem! But with all the chaos going on, it was out of sight, out of mind.

At least we’ve got her….

Nothing steadier than a Capricorn Ox with Moon in Taurus. And a student of Elizabeth Warren to boot!
Yes, and we have Elizabeth Warren too.

And Bernie Sanders is alive and well and helping Biden to form our infrastructure.

That wonderful Elizabeth Warren is a Cancer born in the Year of the Ox with Moon in Taurus too.

Yes. I see Katie Porter as a younger version of Elizabeth Warren. EW was my choice for the 2020 nomination, but I now see her as more appropriate for a more overtly progressive era. But by the time we get to 2024, EW will be 75. So maybe her protege, KP?

Most importantly, I see an innate, deep and judicious toughness in KP which I do not see in many other Dems. That, – combined with her obvious compassion and piercing intelligence, (I admit it. I go crazy. My heart jumps right out of my body over brilliant women.) I believe she has the potential to be a truly excellent and effective VP, and/or an extraordinary and great president.

But right now, I’m thinking about her diamond sharp tenacity. I believe strong and sure evidence of widespread Republican duplicity, treachery, and criminal malfeasance will continue to grow and clarify over the next several months and years. We need Dems to be as tough, and prosecutorial as necessary in zealous investigation, pursuit, conviction and incarceration of the American quislings in our midst. In addition to addressing climate change, inequality, all the other issues, etc. we absolutely must shut down the neofascism for which Donald Trump has been chief avatar.

For that enterprise, in addition to an aggressive attorney general, we will need as president someone as sharp, and wickedly competent and compelling as a Katie Porter,
A Teddy Roosevelt for the 21st century.

Perhaps it will be her, perhaps someone else, hopefully with similar qualities. This is why I want to take a long look at her natal chart, transits, and synastry with our July 4th, Constitution, and Dem party charts. Yes. A capricorn with a Taurus moon, but I’m hoping to discover her ascendant as well. I hope to do more than a noon or rectification chart.

And YES! I agree. What an excellent team at work, Biden assisted with competence and passion by E. Warren, B. Sanders, and many others.


You have Dan Quayle to thank for the survival of American democracy on January 6. Yes, THAT Dan Quayle. The VP who couldn’t spell. Sometimes, not often, ignorance is not only bliss, it is also greatness.


Sunstars, Andre:
DJT has never been popular here in the PNW.
In the 2020 Dem primary the majority in the counties clustered around Puget Sound voted for Bernie Sanders.
In the November election:
Thurston county went 58% for Biden.
Pierce county, 54% and King conty 75% for Biden.

No surprise then I saw a fellow recently with a T-shirt that said:
Clinton made me want to be faithful.
Bush made me want to be smart.
Obama made me want to be better.
Trump made me want to be Canadian.

Sunstars & Andre,
Hmm. In a more serious vein… Come to think of it, it might be an accurate metaphor to refer to the Am. PNW as the “Canadian” part of the US.


From 1818 through 1838 the US and UK by agreement, jointly occupied and administered the Oregon territory. The present border at the 49th parallel only went into effect on 15 June 1846 as result of the Oregon treaty. I’m not entirely clear as to the astrological significance, but in addition to the respective July 1st and July 4th birth charts,
I suspect the 15 June 1846 date might explain much about the Canada/US relationship. I
certainly see the historical and sociological effect of the joint occupation of the area. The population, especially in western Oregon and western Washington IMO is more akin psychologically and spiritually to western Canadians than to the citizens in several of the other US states.

What a massive Red Herring.

This is exactly the wrong issue that people should be getting worked up and obsessed about.

Another idiotic contribution of Reactionary Chaos Conservatism.

I wonder if Bob or Andre or anyone else can weigh in on Governor Hochul, our new Dem governor of NY. Born on August 27, 1958. She has Sun and Pluto conjunct and if she was born in the late morning (around 11), she has progressed Pluto on her Sun exact right now. I can see her becoming a much bigger player in our political landscape in the coming months and years ahead.

Yes I noticed that too silcominc. Saw her on Lawrence O’Donnell.

It was like – WOW!

Isn’t she like the first NY Gov from Buffalo in like 100 years? Interesting indeed.

Wonder if maybe there’s also some subtle message about the growing importance of the Great Lakes?

Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell, who once unabashedly declared that his only clear political objective as Senate leader is to see the democrats demonstrably fail and fail miserably, seems to be fully prepared to torpedo current congressional negotiations on the debt crisis.

Based on a NY Times article (posted below), McConnell’s uncompromising position; his refusal to cooperate in raising the debt limit and passing the 3.5 billion dollar budget deal still hasn’t wavered, thus setting the stage for a bitter fight at the end of the month. If congress can’t resolve its differences, the US government is set to shut down October 1st and a possible default on its loans becomes increasingly likely. The consequences of that happening in the middle of a pandemic would be disastrous.

The September 27th Mercury retrograde station makes a precise square to the near stationary Pluto on October 1st. The Pluto station (24 Capricorn) within a few minutes orb of conjunction to the 117th US Congress Pluto forms a trine to McConnell’s Mars/Saturn/Uranus stellium midpoint (24 Taurus) lending credibility to the belief that Mr.McConnell’s risky strategy of chicken could wreak havoc on the markets. I’m looking at October 6th for a possible full blown market meltdown. More to come later. Here’s McConnell’s chart:


Because The New York Times requires subscription for access to their articles I’m providing a text to the full article below…….

As G.O.P. Digs In on Debt Ceiling, Democrats Try Shaming McConnell

*Senator Mitch McConnell says Republicans will not support raising the federal borrowing limit. Weeks before a potential default, Democrats do not appear to have a strategy for doing so.

*Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is adamant that if Democrats insist on spending trillions of dollars on their priorities, then they are responsible for raising the borrowing limit without Republican votes.

The New York Times
Sept. 15, 2021

WASHINGTON — With the government’s full faith and credit on the line, the Democratic leadership’s strategy for raising the federal borrowing limit seems to be this: Try to shame the impervious Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, into capitulating.

They unsuccessfully tried this strategy in 2016, when Mr. McConnell blockaded the nomination of Judge Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court, maintaining that voters should decide who would name the next justice when they picked a president that November. They tried and failed again late last year, weeks before a presidential election, when the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg opened a Supreme Court seat for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill, no matter what voters had to say a month and a half later.

Now, with a potential government default weeks away, Democrats are again demanding that Mr. McConnell back down — this time from his vow to lead Republicans in opposition to raising the statutory limit on the Treasury Department’s authority to borrow.

“Let’s be clear,” Mr. McConnell wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. “With a Democratic president, a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate, Democrats have every tool they need to raise the debt limit. It is their sole responsibility. Republicans will not facilitate another reckless, partisan taxing and spending spree.”

While Democratic attention is largely focused on passing a sprawling, 10-year, $3.5 trillion social policy bill, a potentially more consequential deadline is rapidly approaching: Sometime in October, Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen has told Congress, her ability to shuffle money from government account to government account will be exhausted. The Treasury will no longer be able to pay all the nation’s creditors, unless Congress raises or suspends the limit on issuing debt.

A default would be unprecedented, and it could lead to a far-reaching financial crisis — or at least a crisis in confidence for the governments, banks and other creditors that keep the federal government afloat by purchasing its bonds and notes.

But Mr. McConnell is adamant that if Democrats insist on spending trillions of dollars on infrastructure, climate change and social welfare, they must bear exclusive responsibility for raising the borrowing limit. A purely Democratic vote to raise the debt ceiling, of course, would fortify Republican political attacks on what they characterize as an out-of-control, “socialist” party.
Understand the Infrastructure Bill

One trillion dollar package passed. The Senate passed a sweeping bipartisan infrastructure package on Aug. 10, capping weeks of intense negotiations and debate over the largest federal investment in the nation’s aging public works system in more than a decade.

The final vote. The final tally in the Senate was 69 in favor to 30 against. The legislation, which still must pass the House, would touch nearly every facet of the American economy and fortify the nation’s response to the warming of the planet.

Main areas of spending. Overall, the bipartisan plan focuses spending on transportation, utilities and pollution cleanup.

Transportation. About $110 billion would go to roads, bridges and other transportation projects; $25 billion for airports; and $66 billion for railways, giving Amtrak the most funding it has received since it was founded in 1971.

Utilities. Senators have also included $65 billion meant to connect hard-to-reach rural communities to high-speed internet and help sign up low-income city dwellers who cannot afford it, and $8 billion for Western water infrastructure.

Pollution cleanup: Roughly $21 billion would go to cleaning up abandoned wells and mines, and Superfund sites.

“Mitch McConnell is the most scrutable leader; he’s not a bluffer,” said Scott Jennings, a former McConnell aide and political strategist in Kentucky. “All you have to do is listen to what he’s saying. He is not going to budge.”

There are two problems with Mr. McConnell’s argument. First, the reason the government is crashing into its debt limit is the tax cutting and free spending of the Trump years. As Democrats note, raising the limit is equivalent to paying the nation’s credit card bill for past actions, not future spending.

The last time the issue surfaced, in August 2019, Congress and President Donald J. Trump suspended the debt limit through July 31 of this year. On Aug. 2, Treasury reset the debt limit to $28.4 trillion, and the government crashed through it days later, less than seven months into President Biden’s term.

Second, a debt ceiling increase will almost certainly need at least the acquiescence of Senate Republicans to overcome a filibuster and move to a vote. Mr. McConnell would like Democrats to add a debt ceiling increase to the social policy bill, which is being drafted under budget rules that would allow it to pass with 51 Senate votes.

But Democrats said weeks ago that they would not do that. Given the difficulty in reaching near-unanimous Democratic agreement on the measure — and a series of procedural obstacles they would have to clear — it would most likely be impossible to get it to the House and Senate floors in time to avoid a default.

Democrats say that they helped Mr. Trump and Republican leaders deal with the debt limit, and that fairness dictates bipartisanship now, especially on such a consequential matter. Hence, the shame campaign.

“If Senator McConnell and Senate Republicans choose to default to avoid paying debts they helped rack up under President Trump, it will devastate the economy and irreparably discredit our country’s financial standing, their party and themselves,” Justin Goodman, a spokesman for Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, said on Wednesday. “Senator McConnell will go down as the first person in history to force a default, and every single American will know the Senate Republicans are to blame.”

Mr. McConnell is not the Democrats’ only target; they say other Senate Republicans, such as Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, understand what is at stake. Democratic leaders are likely to attach a debt ceiling increase to an emergency spending bill that includes funding for Hurricane Ida reconstruction, wildfire management and Afghan refugee resettlement; they will then dare Republican senators from Louisiana, Idaho and Montana and other interested lawmakers to vote no later than this month.

Biden’s 2022 Budget

The 2022 fiscal year for the federal government begins on October 1, and President Biden has revealed what he’d like to spend, starting then. But any spending requires approval from both chambers of Congress. Here’s what the plan includes:

Ambitious total spending: President Biden would like the federal government to spend $6 trillion in the 2022 fiscal year, and for total spending to rise to $8.2 trillion by 2031. That would take the United States to its highest sustained levels of federal spending since World War II, while running deficits above $1.3 trillion through the next decade.

Infrastructure plan: The budget outlines the president’s desired first year of investment in his American Jobs Plan, which seeks to fund improvements to roads, bridges, public transit and more with a total of $2.3 trillion over eight years.

Families plan: The budget also addresses the other major spending proposal Biden has already rolled out, his American Families Plan, aimed at bolstering the United States’ social safety net by expanding access to education, reducing the cost of child care and supporting women in the work force.

Mandatory programs: As usual, mandatory spending on programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare make up a significant portion of the proposed budget. They are growing as America’s population ages.

Discretionary spending: Funding for the individual budgets of the agencies and programs under the executive branch would reach around $1.5 trillion in 2022, a 16 percent increase from the previous budget.
How Biden would pay for it: The president would largely fund his agenda by raising taxes on corporations and high earners, which would begin to shrink budget deficits in the 2030s. Administration officials have said tax increases would fully offset the jobs and families plans over the course of 15 years, which the budget request backs up. In the meantime, the budget deficit would remain above $1.3 trillion each year.

Reputation aside, Mr. McConnell has lost before. In 2015, the Senate voted over his adamant opposition to curtail the federal government’s post-Sept. 11 surveillance of U.S. phone records. He vowed this year to oppose a Senate organizing resolution to give Democrats control of the chamber unless the new majority promised to protect the legislative filibuster. Then he blinked.

“I don’t think anyone believes he will say, ‘They nailed me for being hypocritical — I give up,’” Senator Brian Schatz, Democrat of Hawaii, said of Mr. McConnell. “But it is possible, in fact it’s imperative, that we demonstrate that the modern Republican Party is just too dangerous for the American economy and for American democracy.”

The attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 was “exhibit A,” Mr. Schatz added. “This is exhibit B.”

Some Republicans clearly are queasy with the brinkmanship. While they are angry that Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion pandemic rescue bill over united Republican opposition — and are now doing the same with their social policy bill — they know the stakes of a government default.

“The Democrats have added enormous amounts of debt, including the $1.9 trillion package, now $3.5 trillion on top of that, so they bear the responsibility for increasing the debt limit,” Ms. Collins said. “I don’t, however, want to see our country default, so we’ll have to see what happens.”

Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the top Republican on the Appropriations Committee, told reporters this week: “After stops and starts, we will pass a debt limit of some kind. Because otherwise the alternative is not good, not good either way.”

But Antonia Ferrier, a former spokeswoman for Mr. McConnell, said he would not be this adamant if he were not reflecting the will of the Senate Republican conference.

“The left trying to move Senator McConnell with shame or pressure is like trying to move Mount Everest with a light breeze,” she said.


CORRECTION: Change that to “3.5 TRILLION dollar budget deal”. A small typo, but a big number!!

Opinion: Mitch McConnell’s Debt Limit Game-Playing Is Lunacy, And We Should Say So

Washington Post
September 16, 2021

The current position held by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and most Republican senators is that this fall they will vote in favor of the United States defaulting on its debts, leading to economic Armageddon.

You don’t hear their position described this way in many press accounts, to be sure. But that is functionally their position: They are threatening to withhold all GOP support when Congress votes to suspend the debt limit, probably sometime in October.

If the debt limit is not suspended or raised, the United States will default, with horrible consequences, and Republicans are threatening to vote no.



The Daily Punch Editorial

As far as we can tell, the Democrats’ strategy when it comes to lifting the debt limit is this — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his GOP colleagues will fold and help President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer extend the government’s borrowing authority.

On its face, it seems to us like a really risky bet. Why? Because typically when McConnell takes a public position, he stands firm and ignores all public pressure to flip — and he brings his conference along with him. See Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch.

So we decided to talk to McConnell Tuesday afternoon to get a sense as to where he stands and to test the Democrats’ position for ourselves. After our interview, it seems safe to say that McConnell is intent on holding all Republicans against lifting the debt limit.



Apple and Google just caved to the Putin crime syndicate and killed democracy in a large part of the world and there is NO outrage.

I am outraged. Yes, where do we go from here?

Guess I’ll Google it tomorrow haha and see if anything is happening OMG

Yes silcominc OMG OMG How sad

Thank you for posting. This is more than HUGE.

I thought of boycotting Google…….. but how in the world would THAT be effective?

The Russian people are not Putin. Navalny and others are sacrificing their vcry lives and this is what the RICH in America do to them?

The Americans who run Google do not care about the democracy the Russian people are trying to create?

They are more than disgusting. The system within the system that allows individuals to become so unjustly rich and powerful must be dismantled.

When Google and Apple depart from the principles of democracy, and from supporting democracy in other countries when they can, we have to review how Google and Apple got there.

There have to be other people more learned… that will know how we got here, and will know how to apply a remedy….. at least that’s a start.

Heartbreaking. I can’t get over it. Kinda like – did we get all of those interpreters out of Afghanistan?

Sort of like … the Russian people hold Americans up for their example of democracy and then… have the
rug pulled out from under them. It’s like a betrayal.

Sort of like Tiananmen Square. There was nothing we could do then, but those young people believed in democracy, believed in the United States. The US could not help them but they believed so fervently.

I watched their faces as one by one they were sentenced to death.

Google and Apple had the power. The US did not have the power in the days of Tiananmen Square, but Google and Apple, private entities in the US made possible through democracy, were selfish enough to deny the hope for democracy in Russia.

Those people have suffered so long….

And selfish Americans at the head of Google and Apple have denied an entire people, an entire country, the possibility of freedom. of democracy.

How can this be?

The above question I think does not fall into the category of being a rhetorical question.

It is a big ask. There have to be some brains out there who can begin to have a solution……

How do we begin to rein in what unbridled Capitalism and the current US government has created……

Great writing on the Civil War and this moment in American history.



You asked: “………How do we begin to rein in what unbridled Capitalism and the current US government has created……”

Answer: Crash the economy and start over again. It’s a natural phenomenon that occurs periodically. Economists call it the boom and bust cycle. Here’s one definition of that term: “The boom and bust cycle is a process of economic expansion and contraction that occurs repeatedly. The boom and bust cycle is a key characteristic of capitalist economies and is sometimes synonymous with the business cycle”

As mentioned, whether by design or sheer recklessness and stupidity, Mitch McConnell’s proposed strategy is about to take a very dangerous turn in little less than two weeks.

It’s called BRINKMANSHIP: the policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster.

The wielding of power has a curious fascination and allure for some. It’s astonishing how one person can exert so much influence over the health of our economy………

Why Mitch McConnell Is Threatening To Hurt The Economy On Purpose

A full decade after the nation’s first ever debt ceiling crisis, Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans are gearing up for a dangerous sequel

September 16, 2021

In most legislative fights, Democrats and Republicans operate in competing versions of reality. From health care to taxes, climate to immigration, the major parties often can’t agree what to do because they can’t agree on what’s real. But the debt ceiling is qualitatively different.

Both parties are well aware of the fact that raising the debt ceiling allows the United States government to meet its fiscal obligations. Both parties fully understand that if the country fails to raise the debt ceiling, and our government defaults on its obligations, the results would be disastrous.



The following is an interesting character study of McConnell written four years ago…..

Mitch McConnell’s Entire Career Has Been About Gaining Power. What Happens Now That He Has It?

January 2, 2017

A few things are curiously missing from the Mitch McConnell–Elaine Chao Archives at the University of Louisville. At an exhibit designed to celebrate the Senate majority leader and his wife, there’s almost no mention of any bills McConnell has authored in his 32 years in the Senate. There’s virtually nothing about the people he’s helped, nothing to highlight courageous speeches made on the Senate floor.

Instead, McConnell’s exhibit almost entirely pays homage to the elections he’s won — for high school student government; for Louisville county executive; for his first election to the Kentucky Senate; for his reelection bids to the US Senate.

“All the things he chooses to present to the people who come there are about his races,” says Alec MacGillis, a ProPublica reporter and author of a 2014 McConnell biography, The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell, in an interview. “And that’s all it is. There’s almost nothing in those rooms about what he’s actually accomplished in all of the decades he’s been in office.”

This is, MacGillis thinks, the key to understanding the inscrutable Kentucky senator. On January 20, McConnell, 74, will become one of the most powerful men in America and one of the few potential checks on Donald Trump’s power.




I think there is something to McConnell’s ever-crooked machinations that is indeed tied into Pluto going stationary direct–and making its way towards an exact conjunction with the US natal Pluto.

CONSERVATIVE POWER, Capricorn Pluto, literally, is literally DESTROYING itself.

Completely bereft of rational ideas, and absolutely terrified of a future it cannot control, and in which it has become totally irrelevant, Conservative Power has descended onto a suicidal and scorched earth path of madness.

Unfortunately, it threatens to take all of us down with it.

Whatever happens these next few months, I suspect that the obstinance of Republicans like McConnell — as well as that of so many more extreme Trump-like idiots in that party, and even the Neville Chamberlin-like idiocy of Sens. Manchin and Sinema in the Democratic party — are going to backfire tremendously.

They are all going to come to sorely regret that they played stupid games with power and the economy. The resulting crash and collapse will have deep consequences that they will not be spared from.

Japan is preparing for war with China. This is leading into the US Pluto and Uranus returns.


Jerry and BuckeyeShadow:

Thanks for the answers.

sunstars, this NY Times article makes clear that Russia threatened to arrest Google and Apple employees in Russia unless the companies complied. Rather than show leadership, the two companies both acquiesced to Russia’s demand. I think the writing has been on the wall for some time now that Cook at Apple and the leadership at Google are more concerned with profitability than democracy.


silcominc – thanks for the further information and the link.

Andre, thanks for the link re. Japan, but let’s keep in mind that the Japan/China relationship has always been fraught with tension – it’s not news, except that Japan has lately become (again) much more cognizant of its own defense, given the instability in the US for one thing. Also, the Sun publication is known for doing some pretty aggressive journalism – hardly a balanced view. Not to say that drastic things could not happen, but alarmism isn’t really constructive. Personally, I’m sick and tired of every media outlet climbing on to the Oh Woe Is Me band wagon, the Chicken Little faction. History is way too complex a guide for all this, but usually it does take quite a lot for the great powers to get around to actually shooting eachother. I prefef to espouse the lower temperature view until we can see the whites of their eyes sort of thing. Alright, that’s enough mixed metaphors for one day! LOL


Pisces Full Moon- Autumn Equinox

Market Snapshot

“Dow futures skid 500 points as China property fears grow”



Dow futures losses extend to 600 points

7:38 AM · Sep 20, 2021·MarketWatch


Re: China vs Japan

Whatever dormant tensions exist, economic uncertainty could well play into this. As pointed out earlier, the October 6th New Moon/Mars conjunction quincinx Uranus (13 Libra – 13 Taurus), is explosive. It hits various sensitive points in the US, China natal charts and its respective currencies. I believe the impact will be economic. See related articles…..

‘China’s Lehman Crisis’ Beijing Facing Financial Crash With Collapsing Property Market

A MASSIVE economic crash is looming in China that could reverberate across the globe after $300 billion real estate debt and Beijing’s efforts to suffocate the nation’s tech sector.

The world’s stock exchanges are getting nervous and fear a chain reaction across the globe. Financial analysts from Hong Kong said: “It could become China’s Lehman crisis.” The real estate giant Evergrande is in financial difficulties and warns the global public of “unprecedented problems”



“Black Swan Astrologer” Predicts Currency War in 2021

Horoscope of the Decade reveals epic Bitcoin showdown with China and the U.S. Dollar

Dec 08, 2020,

Astrologer Matthew Swann of Astrostyle.com—known as the “black swan astrologer”—has discovered a stunning astrological chart that forecasts the impending future of money.

In October 2019, months before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Swann predicted that January 2020 would bring “a black swan event” that would disrupt the world economy.

The AstroTwins’ 2021 Horoscope is an in-depth guide to the whole year for every zodiac sign. It also contains big-picture financial, political and societal trends based on the planetary alignments of the year.

This prophecy appeared in The AstroTwins’ 2020 Horoscope, an internationally renowned annual astrology guide. In the book’s 2021 edition, Mr. Swann makes even more provocative predictions. His chapter, “The Aquarian Technocalypse” (a portmanteau that pairs “technology” and “apocalypse”) spells out the massive disruptions to the global economy from the arrival of digital money, foreshadowed by the new decade’s planetary alignments.

Most notably: This horoscope contains a rare configuration called a “Grand Cross” appears when the founding dates of Bitcoin, the USA, the US Dollar and China/the Yuan are placed on an astrological chart:

*13 degree Sun Cancer: Founding of The United States of America (7/4/1776)

*13 degree Sun Aries: Creation of U.S. Dollar (4/2/1792)

*13 degree Sun Capricorn: Minting of Bitcoin’s genesis block (1/3/2009)

*13 degree Mercury, 14 degree Neptune, 7 degree Sun conjunction in Libra: Founding of The People’s Republic of China & Renminbi (Yuan) (10/1/1949)

In astrology, the Grand Cross is a harbinger of massive cyclical change and turning points, from war to geopolitical upheaval.



Today we vote in Canada. We had a number of advanced voting days in the past week but I missed them so I will be standing in line today at our local elementary school.

Great way – sort of -! to get to know your neighbors.

Standing in line is the great equalizer – Haha!

Or not….. One is not sure of the protocol of conversation in a situation such as this……

Yes…One does not want to start a fight waiting in line to vote ….. That would be untoward.

Those of us who DO stand in line to vote I think essentially want to be good citizens.

The trial of the Trump Organization and of its CFO will take place next summer in the run-up to the mid-terms. That was to be expected in the year of the Pluto return. I expect Trump will be personally indicted as well for January 6.


Sorry, this is the correct link. The other one is interesting as well.


Jerry, thanks for the links – interesting and worrisome!

Jerry, I find your comments and links on the currency war very interesting. I’ve noticed the past couple weeks that it’s difficult to use or obtain cash because of a ‘cash shortage’. It’s stuck me as an odd issue, and now I wonder even more if there aren’t other issues brewing.

And, when you take the information about China’s monetary issues, combined with a possible/probable default by the US on it’s loans, we are in a very dicey situation money wise. My retirement may have just gone down the tubes so to speak.

Congratulations Andre & Sunstars on Canada re electing a Liberal gov.

🙂 Thank you Sharon K!!

Andre: You were right THE FIRST TIME

Star4cast didn’t have it .

The Globe and Mail piece on the extreme rising of rents in Berlin is interesting. IMO, allowing corporations to own 3,000 or more units, and as the article described on more than one continent gives them an inordinate and indecent amount of power. Transfering rental units to public ownership, particularly if that ownership is local, seems superficially like a better way. The September 26 results of the Berlin referendum will be interesting, whichever way it turns out. The proposal seems to me a more Pluto in Aquarius idea rather than in Capricorn, and feels like a Teddy Roosevelt kind of thing to do.

Andre: Wow just read your comment on Justin Trudeau on star4cast – read it slightly late in the game lol

Sunstars, Andre,
I notice that although Mr. Trudeau’s party won their election, they did not win the majority they desired. The election appears to have been for continuation of the same ongoing policies led by the Liberal minority government. I understand the New Dem party will hold the balance amongst the six parties in your Parliament.

I was surprised to learn the anti-vaxxers have been harassing Mr. Trudeau at every rally. I was under the evidently false notion anti-vaxxers were a primarily US American phenomenon, but not in Canada.

Justin has Moon in Aries opposite Uranus – and a Mars-Pluto opposition – YIKES!!

No wonder he stood up to Trump…… Yay!!

He looks soft… maybe it is that Neptune you are talking about.

I just read all of the comments on star4cast about “Justin Trudeau – a shape shifter”

It is getting me interested in the politics of my own country again.

Andre – we could talk – and probably will.

It may be that Justin allows for change in his understanding due to new information.

Andre: Just re-reading your post of September 13 2021 at 5:32 pm.

It’s hard to wrap my head around that we could go BACK to what happened in the French Revolution.
No matter what the current aspects are in those years to come. Don’t you think we will retain accumulated knowledge?

Can you imagine the Guillotine in the 2040’s or any equivalent thereof?

In 2012 R. Senator Santorum while running for the R. presidential nomination, in a fiery, intense speech warned that if Obama was re-elected, the Dems would bring out their guillotines with which to apply to R’s. Unfortunately, he wasn’t speaking metaphorically. He meant guillotines, literally.
At the time, I was struck by the pure insanity, the paranoia, and psychological projection in his remarks.

The German Nazis used the guillotine through the end of WWII, particularly on the university students involved in the non-violent White Rose resistance movement.
In France, the last person guillotined was
Hamida Djandoubi, AKA the “pimp killer ” a young man who kidnapped, tortured and murdered his victims. That was in 1977, only 44 years ago.

I don’t think that particular machine will be used again anywhere in the Western world. But I do not doubt under the right circumstances, such murderous anger could reappear, resulting in public executions of those blamed for some dark circumstance or catastrophe.

I’ve been pretty angry with Governor Abbott and the R. Kooks in the Texas legislature whom I hold partially responsible for my brother’s recent death. I’m a (hopefully) rational person who tries to live an ethical, moral life while doing no harm. But in our current widespread madness, I can easily imagine someone less stable who might have lost someone they loved deciding to take revenge on the leadership in Texas, or maybe Florida or Mississippi.

Most importantly, if we allow Fox News and/or the other peddlers of hate to continue poisoning our minds through the airwaves and internet, I can easily see that eventually cumulating in some kind of French Revolution.

Within 2 or 3 decades AI and robotics will have taken 100’s of millions of jobs, worldwide. Simultaneously, on massive scale we will be experiencing stresses from climate change we’ve not had since about 12,000 years ago, including climate migration at unimaginably prodigious scale. If we don’t plan for, and restructure our economy and society to humanely account for the coming changes, I can certainly see the many hungry, tired, overheated, homeless, lost souls robbed of their sense of meaning and purpose, raging with whatever might become our 21st century version of pitchforks, searching for heads to impale upon their pikes.

I know far more history and sociology than I do astrology. You know far more astrology than do I. Any sociologist would in context forecast the same probabilities I’ve outlined here for the same time period. I leave it to you, and your formidable knowledge of astrology and its symbolism to see the correlations between the elementary sociological projections and the Uranus-Pluto opposition of the 2040’s.

Eliseo – yes you DO know far more history and sociology than perhaps all of us on this blog…. and I appreciate it.

Ever since you talked about climate change for say Phoenix I have paid attention to the Colorado river drying up and the possibility of mass migration out of Phoenix and perhaps Las Vegas.. think you mentioned San Diego….. then Palm Springs would be included on the list…..

Hard to conceive of now….OMG. Those places have special memories for me.

Back in the ’70’s when I was too young to have some things in perspective, the long time residents of Phoenix were complaining about people from Chicago and Los Angeles moving into Phoenix and diluting their culture. I understood and agreed. “These people” would come and wear silver and turquoise jewelry, and otherwise hijack the native Phoenician’s culture. And after I left, the people I knew there told me I would be disappointed… that Phoenix was not the same…. that it was turning into a big metropolis and it was losing its original charm.
So then I heard of the mass migration into Phoenix in the subsequent years…

It makes sense what you said… now the likely mass migration OUT of Phoenix unless something good happens to the Colorado river…

We could stand the heat – even notched up a couple degrees as long as we had air conditioning.
Heck my daughter was born when it was 123 degrees at the airport at one in the morning. But without air conditioning no can do. Without the Colorado river no air conditioning.

Weird – with all our knowledge this could happen to us…..

All the possibilities you describe seem very real.
And yet surreal and unreal. That this could happen to us who have advanced so much say in technology and apparently otherwise.. But we are witnessing climate change that we as a people, as a population did not foresee…. I know the experts saw it but could not convince us.

With the internet we can talk to one another. Maybe we can talk and communicate ourselves out of this one. But your depiction of mass migration out of Phoenix, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, seems like a very real outcome of our miscalculation.

My mother said back in 1986 that if the Americans needed our water they would just come and get it. They would overrun us. I actually did not believe it would happen in our lifetime. Or ever. I thought she was a little off the wall on this one. But my mother was my most admired human being I have ever known in person……

All roads lead to the 2040s, it seems, Eliseo. Not that such time is necessarily good or bad in outcome, yet the planets and stars, being the cosmic clock that they are, suggest to us the timing of events, and also the tenor of such times and events. They also suggest to us how we might want to go about managing our own time, energy and intentions.

The 2040s represent the “Full Moon” Autumn/HARVEST phase of the current Uranus-Pluto Cycle which began with the Conjunction “New Moon” or Spring/PLANTING phase in the 1960s. We recently just crossed over into the First Quarter Summer/GROWTH phase during the Uranus-Pluto Square of the 2010s. Just as there is a time during the seasons and cycles for planting new seeds, there is a time for nurturing and growth, a time for harvest, and a time for INTEGRATION and reflection before starting anew. We might go against the grain during any part of a natural cycle, but the results aren’t likely to be as fruitful. And in fact, such ill-timing of efforts could very well prove futile in some domains (e.g. farming), with dire consequences.

From Palden Jenkins, The Nature of Our Times:

In 2046-8, Uranus (Virgo) opposes Pluto (Pisces), bringing to a climax the issues seeded in the 1960s: this is a time for facing up to the full implications of the 1960s burst of awareness, and a time of crisis.

Shifting realities could bring either a new ‘dispensation’ or a tremendous historic downfall. If the innovations and understandings of the 1960s and subsequent decades do not work by now, much, if not all, will be lost. This could be a disastrous or a triumphant time. Maximum ingenuity will be called for, and much shifting of positions and perspectives will take place. A time of innovation and awakening – or a time of resignation and disaster. It could be something of both.

The 2040s will see a test of faith, and a squaring with reality. Whether we like it or not, crucial changes will take place. Much that we now know will be gone, and new realities will have taken their place. Some things will have got worse, and some things better – and our perception of ‘better’ and ‘worse’ will also have changed.

Whether this involves breakdown or whether we can build structures and a consensus to carry us through such intense change is the big question here. Much depends on what has been sorted out from the 1990s onward.

If we have not, by the 2040s, acted committedly on what we know we must do, it will be too late. We will possibly be unable to keep the majority of humanity alive and sustained – unless we have learned from previous decades and acted on it. Some sort of revolution is likely, be it social, technological or psycho-spiritual, or all of them.

Thus, the Uranus-Pluto hemicycle, from 1965-2048, is the most valid longer-term timeframe in which to see our current times. It is a major chapter of history. If our international, corporate and social institutions develop informed perspectives to plan realistically for such a period, we might be in a position to positively create future history – and redeem past history – rather than survive by crisis-management.

In the 1960s we received news of how things were likely to pan out, and by the late 2040s, we will see the results. If we have not by then dealt with fundamental human psycho-social needs, we will experience fundamental world schism. If we have not allowed new grass-roots world forces to act, the older authoritarian world forces will not solve things.

Between the 1960s and the 2040s we are in a watershed period – ‘crossing the great water’. We shall emerge from it much changed. In the 2060s, with the Neptune-Pluto square, we will either have succeeded or failed – and we’ll see the symptoms. The global civilisation seeded in the 1890s will then be a reality or a missed opportunity. The 2040s-60s in particular will possibly be looked back on as the deciding-period of human history. However, the truth is likely to be that this period needed to take place in the 20th century, by an act of voluntary wisdom on the part of humanity and its leaderships.


CONJUNCTION = Spring Equinox; Seeding/Planting, new growth, green shoots, youthful thrust of new energy.

SQUARE (Opening) = Summer Solstice; Maturing growth, peak of vitality and power; energy.

OPPOSITION = Fall Equinox; Harvest Time, maturity achieved, fruits of labors revealed, culmination of growth, a turning point.

SQUARE (Closing) = Winter Solstice; Integration, reflection, dormancy, lessons learned, anticipation of new cycle.

Palden Jenkins is one of my very favorite astrological writers. Thank You! And I agree… If we do the right stuff now & very soon & into the 40’s, that decade might well be wonderful! I note there are new technologies developing now which have the potential for enabling and empowering us all to be more humane. May it be so!

I believe we will see some quite profound political developments in the next several decades. The primary driver will be climate change, but there are other forces as well. As we approach the Uranus-Pluto opposition of the 2040’s, the possibilities I mentioned are only probabilities because of CURRENT INACTION. I think most of us on this blog expect that to change, action becoming serious progressive reforms while Pluto journeys through Aquarius. Necessity is the mother of invention! There are several ideas which in past have seemed “far out” which are gradually becoming mainstream. The better ideas of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are only the beginning!

Stage One of climate migration has commenced. Ex. Many left New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. About 600,000 never returned. Many of those moved to Dallas or Austin.
Stage Two will involve Dallas and Austin becoming like Phoenix and Tucson.
In Stage Three we will see Dallas and Austin become like Death Valley.

Many survivors from Central America and Mexico will move into the US. Many US citizens will move into our northern states and Canada. But by then the US will be a very different place culturally, and politically. I believe Canada will change less.

The US and Canada will need one another more than ever, politically, economically, and militarily. As one example, Canada will need American help in maintaining the integrity of their northern borders and resources. Many in the US will need the more temperate Canadian temperatures. I believe an amicable and fruitful marriage of some kind will take place, beneficial to all. It could be an economic union developed out of NAFTA/USMCA.

Peter Zeihan, one of the more prescient, articulate, and interesting geopolitical futurists, predicts the UK will eventually be integrated into what is now the USMCA. He and other analysts foresee surviving nations trading primarily with others with like minded cultural affinities, and less so with those with distinctively different cultures. He and other analysts also maintain North America is and will be far more self sufficient than other areas.

The Great Lakes alone comprise a tad more than 20% of the world’s fresh water. The US and Canada have more arable land than the rest of the world combined. The future is both dark and bright, but we in N. Am are perhaps the luckiest people on Earth.

Eliseo, I believe Quebec will become independent to avoid being overwhelmed by closer integration between Canada and the US due to climate change. The Republic of Quebec will be the first country to be a member of both NAFTA and the EU.

I have published four books in the last 12 months in French on Canadian constitutional issues. Two of them are collections of my weekly columns on these issues. My next book will be written in English. It will be titled Goodbye Canada, to be published in early 2023. I already have an English-language editor. I will be appearing as a constitutional expert before the National Assembly of Quebec on Thursday on a major proposed law on the protection of the French language in Quebec. The provincial government seeks to amend unilaterally the Constitution of Canada to introduce the concept of a nation of Quebec. I will be saying they have the wrong constitution in mind. The right vehicle would be the Constitution of Quebec, which would be legal under Canadian law just as all American states have their own constitutions. But the constitution of Quebec would also be the basic law for a distinct nation.

And if I were Justin Trudeau’s astrologer, I would tell him it’s downhill from here. He just made it yesterday to another weakened term in Parliament. Canada’s chart indicates it will be under increasing strain, foreign and domestic, for the rest of the decade much like the US.


“I believe Quebec will become independent to avoid being overwhelmed by closer integration between Canada and the US due to climate change. The Republic of Quebec will be the first country to be a member of both NAFTA and the EU.”

I foresee precisely the same. Quebec as a member of NAFTA and the EU would put the new republic in a very unique and economically advantageous position.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe current EU rules do not allow a nation to be a member of both. But from my perspective, the EU has too many unreasonable rules.

I also agree with your constitutional strategy. If Quebec is to eventually be independent, yours is the smarter path. If Quebec fails to achieve independence, you nevertheless would have greater flexibility within the federal system.

As for Mr. Trudeau: Unfortunately for him and his party he has achieved nothing from winning the early election. His goal was to garner a majority in Parliament, but the numbers I last heard only changed by one member. His minority government IMHO will not be able to achieve their legislative goals. He and the Liberals would have been better off had they waited two more years until the mandatory date for national election.

The Liberals also benefitted from the newness of the Conservative leader, Mr. O’Toole. That’s not likely to be the case next election. Furthermore, until next election no perceivable progress by the Liberals undermines public confidence.

I posted a few days ago about Apple and Google killing democracy in Russia with their shutting down the only way that pro-democracy groups could get their message out for the election. This guaranteed Putin would win. Here is a more American effect of their action. Russian hackers attack our food supply.


Maybe I have been reading too much news but we are in a war over democracy and we may lose. It is not just the Klan and the Birchers(as it was in the past) – they are joined by the Russian crime syndicate (which includes the Saudi’s, UAE, Turkey, and many others) along with China and they are all pushing our nation apart using our own technology to do it. In the last few months, it is becoming clear that many in Corp. America are lining up with these Fascists. We can fight back but I don’t see us doing much.

In terms of voting, we can demand our states begin instituting risk-limiting audits in all elections. It’s the only way to know if an election was hacked and goes a long way to instill confidence in our elections.

We can also boycott Facebook whose very platform is built to tear us apart. Just leave it and tell others to do the same.

Sorry for the rant but we ALL need to step up or it will be too late.

I read German and Greek, albeit very slowly. But sometime in the next six weeks I intend to begin my study of French. I would really like to be able to speak, converse, sing, read and write in French as well as I do in English. Mastering French is a process I’ve desired for some years now, and soon will have a good opportunity to begin that journey.

I would very much like to read your books.
I’ll be in touch with you soon about them.

Humanity’s Hearts and Minds

More from Palden Jenkins — less astrology, though you can see its underlying influence in his awareness and perspective:

The extent of underlying world need for apocalypse, for a global, soul-educational breakthrough, changes with every moment. We are regularly making historically-impacting decisions, some of which are deeply decisive and some of which crucially affect underlying trends, and the trajectory of history changes thereby. Humanity has demonstrated in some instances a mysterious capacity to make last-minute redemptive decisions: it’s called ‘forgive and forget’, and ‘let’s get on with it’. Even the urge for ‘business as usual’ can occasionally be redemptive – it helps us make new sense of rapidly-changing situations. It can even stop otherwise-unstoppable wars.

However, the steady pattern visible across recent centuries is one of refusal to embrace fundamental change. We have had much technological, economic and cultural change, yet these have consistently led to an increasing spiritual impoverishment. Changes we have seen in the 19th and 20th centuries have mainly consisted of approximate extrapolations of the same unfolding logic of civilisation – based on materialism, acquisitiveness, exploitation and short-sight.

Major historic changes we have made in the last century do not guarantee human survival – the UN Charter of Human Rights, the invention of the microchip or even the Earth Summit have been laudable attempts, though these do not constitute fundamental shifts of agenda, only refinements of the previous agenda’s rougher edges. Our resistance to fundamental change is such that we refuse to make changes even when we know we need to.

Our window of opportunity for planning an orderly world transition opened in the 1960s. However, in recent decades we have invested ever-increasingly in avoiding ‘the Big One’ – we bought into the glitz of the free-trade, economic growth-based lottery show, and many now quietly regret it. Thus, excepting possible surprises, we are heading for a full-scale whammy of an apocalypse. In our unconscious behaviour as a planetary race, we are asking for it. “Give us the Big One, so that we may learn – since we cannot learn ourselves”. It’s an obsessive-compulsive suicidal transformation-urge.

The ‘Big One’ could imply a single crux-moment, or it could imply a period of perhaps decades in which the symptoms of apocalypse unfold though a series of waves of intensity. Whichever, we are talking not of an ordered, planned change of direction for the human race, but rather of a change in the nature of order itself.

However, such a new reality would still need to be integrated: if our perception is changed, this sets us on a new learning-path, learning how to work in the context of that reality. A suddenly-obsolete gun is still there to be dealt with, and while manufactured foods might suddenly taste less interesting, food still does need growing. Even if food is grown in newly-miraculous ways, we will need to learn how to work with the practical issues surrounding miracles!

Whatever is the case, a likely scenario is this. Collective enlightenment could be either instantaneous or rapid. Even if it takes five or twenty years, that’s fast, historically speaking. Such enlightenment would be driven onwards by a need to respond to raw global bottom-line facts. Such a change of consciousness would not obliterate the realities of our situation – toxic wastes, risks of famine, geological catastrophe or social disorder – yet it would change our capacity to deal with them if or when they arose.


We would certainly possess expanded possibilities – perhaps a serious new capacity to deal with nuclear waste through the psychic manipulation of matter, or perhaps a genius for intense earth-healing which might restore more regularised climatic patterns. However, we would not be instantaneously adept in such possibilities – like a boy with a computer, there’s a lot to learn and master.

This would tip us into a period of perhaps decades of change in which the implications of such intense change would need to be worked out – psycho-spiritually, socially, agriculturally and in every other department of life. If this led to a speedy alleviation of the major problems we face, we would nevertheless be embarking on a process of assimilating change, of rebuilding our world, conducting and coordinating new activities – and we would need to maintain production and organisation of the daily needs of life too. In other words, while apocalypse might last but a short time, its implications, even if dealt with rapidly, would be likely to take many decades or even a whole century to work through before a new stable equilibrium were reached.

Historically, this would be exceptionally rapid progress. In principle, we would by necessity have resolved all of the core issues of human history, in one fell swoop. If we had not, we probably wouldn’t survive.

A moderate view of apocalypse would encompass a period of several decades. This would begin with a worldwide, psycho-spiritual turn-around – primarily a collective inner experience which then would generate corrective action. There would follow a longish period of hard work and large-scale change. There would likely be a critical point where things came to a crunch, a show-down with actuality.

This would constitute the real transformation and redemption of our history and our 21st century situation. This might be followed by a time when the hump has been crossed, the danger is over, and a truly new future has emerged. My own guesstimates would put this period of into a time-frame of approximately 2000-2065 – though the beginning of the transitional process depends on our choices.

continued —

An approximate hypothetical timetable of phases in this period of intense transition might look like this:

2000-2010: an ongoing barrage of critical situations in which escalating circumstances force waves of radical structural, economic and social changes, often people- or circumstance-driven – a juggling act being maintained by adapting old methods and institutions and engaging and experimenting with utterly new ones;

2010s: extreme tests threatening breakdown and offering breakthrough, particularly around 2012-14 – very difficult times, or an ongoing state of emergency, making acute necessity the driving force behind innovation; this might need exceptional mobilisation of human resources together with major institutional and infrastructural change; what form this takes depends on how we deal with it – this period could involve anything from disaster and breakdown to exceptionally rapid transition; by the end of this decade, humanity could be in a state of ‘shell-shock’ – or first-level breakthrough;

2020s: in some respects, this could be a decade of stymied or uphill progress (akin to the 1940s), though much effort might be expended and much might be achieved; this might involve struggling to keep pace with the problems arising at the time; later in the decade, however, there could be a lightening atmosphere, with ideas-rich innovations, cultural interchange, social effort, rapid progress and changes becoming easier as a result of greater willingness amongst new generations to rise to the situation, and as a result of previous efforts beginning to bear fruit;

2030s: this might be a decade of emphasis on the consequences and results of changes made so far, with a large-scale period of adaptation to them and further progress leading out of them. A new level of challenges and solutions would arise on these foundations – changes will by now have been immense. Many issues of the past could have been resolved, yet further work would also be piling up – the solution of one issue would likely lead to the uncovering of further matters for attention. This might still be a decade where we are dealing with the past and its consequences, though light would be appearing at the end of the tunnel, with a foreboding that the biggest transition is yet to come. This might be a cliff-hanger decade with much rapid reorientation and many ongoing crises, yet a momentum of change could also be well under way

2040s: disruption, instability, restlessness. This could be the most thorny decade of the century. A struggle between polarised and contradictory issues and parties, and an enormous crunch-point (2046-48) in which the urgency of the moment tests humanity’s priorities and capacities. This decade is likely to see both tragedy and triumph, with varying measures of both, yet pay-offs would be emerging, and there would be a potential for humanity to achieve ‘lift-off’. Large-scale problems would be matched with large-scale effort and progress. This decade could signify a crucial turning-point in human history where both the problems and the solutions which became visible in the 1960s-90s become very real and immediate; this could be the decisive decade of the 21st century;

2050s: a growing sense either of being beaten by or of mastering the critical world situation. This depends on how things have gone so far. Yet an entirely new reality-context can have arisen as a result of the developments of the 2040s – either an ascendancy of humanity toward a new future or a sense of finality and tough assimilation of hard facts which will by then have presented themselves. There is a risk of change-shock and chaos debilitating humanity, or there could be a sense of mobilisation and growing human unity in the face of difficult times. Much of the past will have been swept away – the children of the late 20th century will by this time be ageing, and the generation in charge will have been born in the early 2000s. The stakes will be high and few precedents will now be available – the inherent wisdom and cooperation (or lack of them) in humanity will likely be a decisive factor;

2060s: a time of gradual emergence into a new chapter of history. By now the dust will be settling and the critical period will have been passed – with whatever consequences that brings. A new civilisation and reality will be germinating. The success or failure of all that has developed since 1900 will by now be clear – the 20th century will now be long past and the agenda of the 21st century will be manifest too. This could be either a time of immense tribulation and disheartened survival for humanity, or a time for tremendous revitalisation, reconstruction and reintegration in a very different world. If there is to be a new civilisation, it will probably have laid down its roots by now, though its unfoldment would concern future decades and centuries;

2070s-80s-90s: a gradual relative normalisation and assimilation of our new reality, and an establishment of a new relative stability – however things have gone. The future is likely to be more important than the past – since the past will have been wiped clean. This opens up new possibilities for making the best of what is by this time our accepted reality. It could be a time of great light and joy where human potential rises toward new creative peaks. The past is over and the future wide open, for better or for worse. The issue at this time will be our longterm strategy, our goal for the coming civilisation and era of history – an era which might conceivably unfold over the following 300 years.

This is a hypothetical scenario, yet it might turn out to serve as a valid perspective and timetable with the effect of creating a sense of historical process and longterm evolution. This scenario has been constructed with use of an understanding of longterm astrological cycles combined with a sense of historical process.

A more radical view of apocalypse implies a short intensive period of time in which we are thoroughly overwhelmed by an utterly whirlwind transformation, taking place in days, months or a few years. For such a scenario to succeed, we would need to be wiped clean, ‘re-booted’. This would ram us through a short, sharp, shocking period of utter change, needing to start again from first principles. However, such a scenario, if religious and metaphysical prognosticators (such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or some Ascensionists) are right, would either destroy most of us or it would involve a spiritual dispensation so immense that the laws of reality as we know them become thoroughly changed, overnight.

The moderate, more gradual view outlined above would probably involve a warping and intensification of time and events – already perceptible in the 1990s. Much would be happening, relentlessly. But the radical view would probably imply our suddenly careering into a virtually timeless, razor-sharp breakthrough awareness – of the kind which takes over when we are told we’ve just won a million, or when a baby is being born or a dear friend is dying. In this scenario, time becomes insignificant – aeons can pass in the course of but seconds or days. The dawning of true reality is a total consciousness-changer: everything we thought we knew turns out not to be the case. Everything turns upside-down. Even up and down become indistinct.

Whether rapid or more drawn-out, this is the dawning of an order of a different kind. This order has something to do with the way the world and the universe actually operate. It has something to do with the intelligence by which the universe arranges its parts and gets them to work together with the whole. For us, it means and outbreak of collective genius and also emulation – a restructuring of everything according to quintessential lessons we learn from life itself. To quote Viktor Schauberger, one of the greater technology geniuses of the 20th century: “Comprehend and copy nature!”

We live today in a massive and crucial planetary laboratory experiment. The task is to find out whether we’re going to ‘make it’ or not. We are faced with three choices: we may keep our heads buried in the sand, we may feel doomed to disaster, or we may feel trust that we shall somehow make it through. Predicting the outcome of the experiment is a mug’s game, more a question of belief, of hope or fear, than of reality. Even God doesn’t exactly know what is going to happen.

Nevertheless, it is realistic to contribute actively to bringing about certain chosen world outcomes. There is good reason to act in faith that there is a meaning and purpose to human life. This is a choice of the deepest import. It involves encountering a personal apocalypse or an ongoing series of them. A growth-process.

Even when we think we know the answers, raw revelations come pouring in to change these answers as well as our way of knowing. The more that people experience personal apocalypse, the more that experience is gained, and the more that the human race as a whole will master global apocalypse. There’s a gradual buildup of skills and momentum which, when this wave breaks, can only contribute and help.

We could be in for times of great tribulation. It could be that the times of tribulation have been with us in the 20th century and that a Great Relief might settle upon us in the 21st. We do not yet know. Yet, judging by the unsettling events of our time, it seems we are now entering, or perhaps have already entered, the critical time when humanity makes its Big Decision.

The gridlock is moving into place. The showdown is on. We will only know what happens next by looking back at it retrospectively from the future.


I know this was a lot — and he’s written so much more which seems quite relevant to our discussion and current events. It seems his thinking evolved into looking at possible branches that humanity might take in order to deal with (or not deal with) the underlying crisis of the 21st century.

The turning point is always in the late 2040s in his view–and heavily supported by the astrology, with the forthcoming Uranus-Pluto Opposition (Full Moon and HARVEST phase of the cycle) on the Virgo-Pisces axis. Notably, this is followed by the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Pisces in the early 2050s, and not long after by the Neptune-Pluto Square in the early 2060s, with Neptune returning to the degree of Gemini during this period where it made its civilizational cycle conjunction with Pluto in the early 1890s.

Uranus will also make it’s own return to the degree of its conjunction with Pluto in the mid 1960s. So there’s definitely a reinforced theme of “re-visitation and outcomes” that shows up strongly during this period, very much with a “final exam, what have we learned, no retakes” quality about it. Successful passage could open up doors to new levels and possibilities unimaginable now, whereas failure could literally be a show stopper for modern civilization. (Some kind of Mad Max scenario comes to mind on that side of the scale, and even that might be fanciful.)

So yes, mid-21st Century is very much a Big Deal. It will not be a calm or easy period, to say the least. Even just googling 2040s, 2050s, or 2060s already turns up some pretty wild trends that already seem to be converging into a massive crisis set to hit its peak on all fronts in approximately 20-30 years.

I do appreciate Jenkins’ spiritual take though. Maybe there is an argument to be made that we’ve been here before, and probably gotten it wrong on another planet or plane of existence. Perhaps several times across time, space, and lifetimes. Maybe this time is the time we get it right. Or maybe it’s a one-shot and we will blow it on account of human arrogance, irresponsibility, and ego, not to mention intense fear and loathing about changing our ways. There’s no shortage of irony in the fact that we can’t bring ourselves to align to the most basic of strategies proven to control and even eliminate COVID, for example, or that every issue has become a dire bloodsport brawl around a deeply divided yet very narrow political lens.

The takeaway seems to be that people would rather die being right, rather than work through and successfully resolve our problems to create something better. It suggests a profound fear of change, and loss of control over circumstances that are already rapidly crumbling, or that have indeed done so, as well as a lack of vision and hope for a future that can be better than what exists now.

In any case, this is the one moment, the one chance we know we’ve got. What will we do with it?

BuckeyeShadow wrote: It suggests a profound fear of change, and loss of control over circumstances that are already rapidly crumbling, or that have indeed done so, as well as a lack of vision and hope for a future that can be better than what exists now.

I think you summed it up pretty well – the fossil fuel and corporatists refused to yield any of their power or money even if it means their own demise. As I said in my rant above – these are the darkest of times.

This is both interesting and frightening. BuckeyeShadow, in a September 18th post suggested these so called “conseratives” are setting themselves up for a backlash. I hope that is the case. What they intend and propose is so “over the top” and “beyond the pale” of what the majority of citizens believe is just or right, it is hard to believe they will prevail in the end.

The tide goes in. The tide goes out. The cycles continue. As scary as these folks are, I cannot help but think such laws as described below are “last gasp” expressions of their desire to hold on to an idealized mythical past in which women, girls, and people of color were obedient, and sexual minorities were persecuted.

“Former Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell, who designed Texas’ restrictive abortion law, evidently is not satisfied with the U.S. Supreme Court’s near-certain termination of Roe v. Wade, he’s coming for Lawrence v. Texas, the 2003 decision in which the Supreme Court ruled that laws that criminalize sodomy are unconstitutional, and Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 ruling in which the court concluded that the Constitution protects the rights of same-sex couples to marry.”

Mr. Mitchell says he intends to take a “machete” to abortion rights and same sex marriage rights which he refers to as “judicial concoctions.”



I need to reread then reread again all that Paldin wrote.
Thank you for introducing him to me.

To simplify it right now I’ve believed that both will take place, there is no “or”.

“would either destroy most of us or it would involve a spiritual dispensation so immense that the laws of reality as we know them become thoroughly changed, overnight.


“Maybe I have been reading too much news but we are in a war over democracy and we may lose.”

Our basic nature is freedom. so no need to worry. Apparent setbacks are temporary, a stepping stone towards that discovery. We just need the indomitable courage and persistence to overcome the obstacles.

Winston Churchill’s soul stirring remarks following the aftermath of the mass evacuation at Dunkirk during world war two captures the spirit. A very brief excerpt can be heard in the closing scene of the 2017 film of the same name. The way it was interspersed into the film was brilliant….

Dunkirk (closing scene)

Video: 4 min 35 sec


Silcominc, BuckeyeShadow,
“…the fossil fuel and corporatists refused to yield any of their power or money even if it means their own demise.”

I’ve been thinking about the emotional basis of present day Republican & Corporatist policy, particularly as it has evolved since Obama’s election in 2008. Theirs has been a collective attitude hard to fathom, much less put into accurate or appropriate words. But I believe I’ve found a phrase which describes their pathology well.

I am reminded of the fellow who kills his girlfriend or wife on the basis of, “If I can’t have you, no one will.” That attitude was applied politically and militarily, by Adolf Hitler in his August 1944 order to burn Paris to the ground, and again months later in 1945 with his “Nero Decree” as the German historians call it, i.e. the order given to Albert Speer to utterly burn and destroy Berlin.

I believe the most appropriate description of what R’s are feeling would be “incendiary jealousy.” The R attitude toward Dems seems to be “If we can’t have power, you can’t either, and if you don’t surrender, we will destroy democracy, and burn down the republic.” They are seriously willing, to borrow another metaphor, to sink the “ship of state” if they don’t get their way.

Drifting in such a direction for several years beforehand, along came the Donald, a pied piper, and avatar of the American Id, a wealthy version of Archie Bunker on steroids, who accelerated their journey into the vindictive, vengeful, nihilistic abyss in which they now find themselves.

I’m not sure there is a way out for them. Political Conservatism made absolute perfect sense in the 19th century. Communication and transportation were slow in the 1800’s. There was no infrastructure or sufficient data to, as an example create and maintain a social safety net. Small government with low taxes was about the best we could do in that century.

That changed in the 20th century. The world wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, Mega-Corporations more powerful than most nations, and globalization required “big government.” As we face global climate change our present context continues to require big government and extensive bureaucracy even more so than in the recent past. Context has made classical conservatism as obsolete as horse and buggy.

But rather than adjust their thinking, R’s cling more adamantly to the old ways. Their toxic nostalgia and belligerent obstructionism have now contributed their part in killing too many of us through the pandemic, and through various climate catastrophes.

For me, it is difficult to understand why R’s have so much difficulty adjusting their thinking and worldview. They seem unable to self-transcend, but I suppose we all have such difficulty adjusting to new environments. Meanwhile, their incendiary jealously burns brightly and voluminously.

This is a quick note to a new friend who goes by the name of “Ree”. You got in touch with me a few months ago via Nancy and we exchanged emails.

In regard to your original request, I have since gotten some new information/recommendations that I’d like to share with you if you are still interested, but cannot seem to locate your email address. If you still have mine, please write to me again

All the best to you –
Sharon K

We have the numbers to change things; we don’t have the will to use them … yet.

In the face of proven numbers showing deaths of those who want care after refusing to get vaccinated let a national policy of scheduling them for care after all others have been cared for – not refusing care, just prioritizing. In the face of a worldwide crisis all must do what they can to overcome it.

Republicans, if you are not with us, you are against us. We will give you care with the same urgency you give yourselves.


Good thoughts. I’m increasingly of the mind that Conservatism–or what passes for it today–is going to completely annihilate itself, if it doesn’t die trying. Pluto transitioning out of Capricorn for Aquarius between 2023-25 will basically pull the rug off from under it, and also the folks who are literally dying to be right, both ideologically and politically.

Since Pluto is in the late degrees of Capricorn now, you could say that we are into the part of the sign and its energy that is overripe, in which overreach and excess has become plainly visible and evident. Pluto pushes to extremes in the name of survival, but there is always a cost or tradeoff. In particular, any gains that come from a lack of integrity invariably expose the darkness and decay at the foundations that such gains were established upon, or even created from.

One of the essential traits of Capricorn is AMBITION. With grit and determination, the Sea Goat relentlessly climbs (or swims) to the top of the mountain. Particularly during the past couple of years, we have seen the relentless push, particularly by extremist far-right Reactionary Conservatives, to keep the economy going at any cost, violently fighting against more sensible and humane considerations in the face of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s the end result of this dogged determination to cling to an increasingly untennable status quo? Employee turnover and burnout, tons of vacancies in nearly EVERY field, and the buckling of our supply lines and infrastructure, including hospitals and schools.

But hey, it’s all about “owning the libs” and proving a point, right?

By the end of 2024, everything Conservatives believe to be non-negotiable and worthy of fighting to the death in order to maintain will be in ruins, figurative and perhaps even literal in many cases. Rotted out from the inside, much like what happens when termites feast unchecked upon a house’s foundation. Nearly everything they want to preserve will be collapsing, and they themselves will be too reduced in power and stature by that point to do anything about it.

Along with the economy, also include the patriarchy and racial as well as sexual hierarchy. These things are crumbling, too.

Great, just great. New Florida bill replicates Texas’ abortion ban.
“TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — An abortion bill similar to one signed into law in Texas was filed in Florida on Wednesday that would ban most abortions in the state and would allow lawsuits against doctors who violate it.”

And, also read that another TX lawmaker is attempting to make abortion punishable by death penalty. Hey — that’s so loving and “Christian” and pro-life! WOW!!!

OK, so at 71 years of age, I don’t think I’ll be getting pregnant anytime soon. But we all know this is about power and control, and just the beginning of losing many more rights. Since McConnell was instrumental in placing right-wing judges, this is just the beginning.

Is there hope in a hopeless society? The upcoming astrological shifts will be very telling.

Starlight — sending you love and good energies.

Yours are good and prescient thoughts as well. I’ve always admired your ability to combine your analytical and intuitive insights.

Your notion conservatism will self-annihilate coinciding with Pluto transitioning into Aquarius, especially considering Capicornian symbology of course makes perfect sense.

I’m reminded of the Shakers, although frankly I perceive them as far more benevolent than modern day “conservatives.” Despite their kind proclivity to adopt orphans, they did not believe in reproduction. Well, DUH! Their celibacy rendered them extinct.

Pretty obviously people who value being “right” ideologically and politically over their own survival, and are willing to die to prove their loyalty and fealty to their cause are not liable to have long and prosperous futures.

What amazes me is how their belligerence blinds them to the reality of their suicidality.
It is often said “love is blind.” But so is greed, anger, and bellicosity.

As I see it, through the next several decades our technological, cultural, political, economic and spiritual context will be so dramatically altered as to render old designations like liberal and conservative fairly meaningless. We will still have people who are innately cautious, and others who are eager to try out whatever is new. But I believe those inborn brain styles and traits will manifest pretty differently from what we might imagine.

Agree fully with everyone who posted above about conservatives wanting to be “right” at this time, no matter the cost. Seems Pluto nearing the end of Capricorn means holding on at all costs. BuckeyeShadow — I sure love your words and hope “Pluto transitioning out of Capricorn for Aquarius between 2023-25 will basically pull the rug off from under it.”. I know many former liberals who have transitioned to the “dark side” of tRumpism and so-called conservative values over the past few years, and just do not understand it, very discouraging to say the least.

Something we discussed in Astrology seminars over the years was that toward the end of the Piscean age, the religious fundamentalists would get stronger and stronger to try to hold on, and here we are.

Eliseo posted about Jonathan Mitchell going after abortion rights, and then I saw that GOP lawmakers in Texas are now attempting to make abortion punishable by death penalty.

Also, found this gem: “TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — An abortion bill similar to one signed into law in Texas was filed in Florida on Wednesday that would ban most abortions in the state and would allow lawsuits against doctors who violate it.”

OK, so at 71 I’m not planning to get pregnant anytime soon, but it’s all about power and control, so they will strip away many many more rights.


More evidence right-wingers are disproportionately killing themselves off inadvertantly by not taking the vaccine.

Counties With Greater Shares of White Evangelical Protestants Have Lower Vaccination Rates

“Those counties with the highest rates of religiously unaffiliated Americans, white Catholics and greater religious diversity saw the highest vaccination rates, according to the report, while some of the least vaccinated counties are those with the largest shares of white evangelical Protestants.”

“White evangelical Protestants, who make up 14.5% of the U.S. population, were the least likely religious group to report getting a vaccine, according to the institute, with nearly a quarter saying they will not get vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

Other studies tell us most white evangelical Protestants are also Trump supporters.

Steve Schmidt on the Rachel Maddow Show says the opposite of appeasement is confrontation.

We are not taking the Republicans seriously enough in their bid to take down Democracy. That is what Steve Schmidt and Rachel Maddow say.

We have been in the APPEASEMENT stage to try to meet the Republicans so we can get things done for the American people. The Republican Party has no interest in getting things done for the American people. They are interested in a small group of people directing the large group of people to do things that benefit their small group of people. Rachel asked Steve Schmidt to elaborate.

Steve Schmidt says the opposite of appeasement is confrontation.

In general, the American People are not taking the threat of the Fascist element seriously. That’s what happens in every Fascist country that once was a democracy.

So get radical: For god’s sake – get rid of the FILIBUSTER!!!!!!!


What – Are we going to save the Filibuster for later when a few years in the future we might need it against the Republicans?

When our Democracy is gone?

Well said, sunstars.

Manchin and Sinema are like Neville Chamberlain, the British PM who infamously trusted Hitler to not overreach in his land and power conquest, and who returned to Britain after meeting with him and proclaimed that “we have peace for our time.”

The Dems need to channel some real Winston Churchill right now. Churchill saw Hitler for who and what he was, and was ready to fight him at every turn.

Yes BuckeyeShadow.

Sunstars & BuckeyeShadow,
Well and succinctly said on both your parts!
Other than our war of independence, I cannot think of a time in our history which was as scary or dangerous than the present.

During and before our Civil War passions were as high and extreme as they are today. In that conflict about as many Americans were killed in combat as will have died from coronavirus by end of this year. But the Republic itself was not in danger of becoming a repressive dictatorship.

The South’s desire was to secede, NOT to conquer the North. Had the South won, the fate of our slave population would have been generally the same as before, same old bad news. But the North would have continued as the constitutional, democratic republic the Founders intended, probably extending westward and gradually broadening the franchise in a social democratic direction.

Several Progressive movements were already active, particularly in the North. In 1848 – 300 men and women rallied to the cause of equality for women at the Seneca Falls Convention in New York. Women in the northern US might have gained the right to vote decades earlier had the South NOT have been involved.

Democracy, at least in the North was not in danger of evaporation or morphing into a variety of fascism. The status of Black and White in the South would have remained essentially the same as before. No loss and no gain.

The potential danger we face now is very personal for us all. I am reminded of the remarks made by the German Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemöller (1892–1984).
First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

You think perhaps I am overreacting, exaggerating the danger? Think again. Now they go after women who need abortions and their doctors. They’ve already stated their next target is gay marriage. The desire of fascists to blame, shame, and persecute an out group is always insatiable. How long would it be before astrologers were on their list? …and so many groups inbetween? And let us not underestimate the danger to our neighbors, Canada and Mexico, and the entire world should these “Republican” fascists take control of the country.

Enough with Dems impersonating Neville Chamberlain! Is Steve Schmidt, or perhaps another Lincoln Project leader our Winston Churchill? So far, I see no Churchills in our Dem party.

RE: national post article on Trudeau.
“The Conservative Party won the popular vote but lost in seat count for the second consecutive election…”

How is this possible? To my knowledge, Canada has no electoral college. My understanding has long been the House of Commons is somewhat analagous to the US House of Representatives. I’ve not studied the newest Canadian Constitution, but was under the impression such anomalies were near impossible, especially after 1982.

I reviewed your post from 21 September. My understanding is the individual provinces operate without a state constitution. If that is correct, your proposal to write or supervise the writing of an constitution for Quebec, were you (plural) seems fairly innane.

Whoops! My last few sentences above got pretty screwed up by autocorrect, plus I was falling asleep at the time. The latter part of my senselesss sentences should read,

My understanding is the individual provinces operate without state constitutions. If that is correct, your proposal to write or supervise the writing of a constitution for Quebec, would in its own way be a radical innovation. Would Quebec then be the only province with a constitution? Am I misinformed?

Eliseo, you are correct. Canadian provinces and the UK have no written constitutions. The Constitution of Canada is only partly written. An unwritten constitution is a strange concept for the Americans and the French, because both these republics have entirely written constitutions. The American Constitution of 1787 was based on the ideas of French philosophers of the Enlightenment. They were then the most influential philosophers in the world. Their ideas also led to the French Revolution of 1789 and the first republican constitution of that country of 1792. The Declaration of the Rights of Man passed by the new French National Assembly directly influenced the American Bill of Rights. Jefferson and Franklin were both ambassadors to France and brought back French ideas. The French say revolutions are born in polite after-dinner conversation. French military support was crucial to George Washington in winning the Revolutionary War; French intellectual influence on the constitution of the US was very clear at the time but tends to be forgotten today.

Canadian provinces have the constitutional right under the Constitution of Canada to write their own constitutions just like every state in the US. In a lively exchange before the Quebec National Assembly on Thursday, I suggested that Quebec do just that. I think I got all four political parties thinking. I emphasized that the Constitution of Quebec would be the only provincial constitution that would also be a national constitution, which would make its contents quite different from other provinces. The Constitution of Canada in my view is the constitution of the Canadian nation which has been imposed on the Quebec and native nations. The latter can write their own constitutions as well. Canada is a multinational state and each component nation has the right of self-determination.

I am no stranger to political controversy in Quebec, but I have gained confidence because in the past I have been proven right on other hot topics. I am a rebel at heart because my Sun at 20 Cap is opposite a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer currently activated by transiting Pluto. This has also given me a lucky marriage and a strong-minded long-term partner. Pluto is now headed to my Chiron-Mercury conjunction (Chiron at 28 Cap and Mercury at 0 Aquarius also opposite Jupiter-Uranus and sextile Mars at 27 Pisces in the 3rd). Chiron is square Neptune in the 10th at 28 Libra. I could see these heady times coming for years in my chart, but with Pluto’s deconstruction as it made its way to my Sun during my second Saturn return, I thought I would die first of major depression.

An ancient Chinese curse says: “May you live in interesting times.” Now that Pluto is past my Sun and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place two degrees away, I say: “Bring them on.” Once Pluto reaches my Mercury at 0 Aquarius, I will even write publicly about political astrology, so that Nancy’s work and others may become mainstream. Muggles have to grow up and become more conscious.

The Republic of Quebec will appear in the next transit of Pluto in Aquarius. It will pleasantly surprise the world. It will be progressive and dynamic, more so than Canada which may or not survive without Quebec, and will contribute to resolving many issues facing humanity.

Add-on. Eliseo, the Canadian Prime Minister isn’t even mentioned in Canada’s Constitution because its most basic rules remain unwritten.

By the way, this is unheard of. Justin Trudeau was just reelected but a majority of the country want him to resign because they believe the country is more fragmented than ever. His chart shows great confusion at this time. He can still remain in power for two or three years and do good things but his term will be increasingly difficult and his chart shows a complete meltdown mid-decade. The US should stay in one piece after its Pluto and Uranus returns although it will be a close call. I’m not so sure about Canada.


National Post is owned by Chatham Asset Management which is owned by Anthony Melchiorre – American.

It seems Melchiorre is not ideological… His only ideology is money – how much can he make.

The journalist, Jesse Snyder, is employed by National Post because he too has leanings toward the pipelines in Canada and how much money they can make for their investors, and the impediments toward that goal, such as the Indigenous People getting in the way….

Yes, Justin Trudeau had to balance the pipeline against opposing forces. I would not have liked to be him.

However, he has had some policies akin to Bernie Sanders. I liked the way he came out every day in the beginning of Covid 19. He also took care of Canadians whose income was interrupted by Covid 19.

For a person with Mars oppose Pluto with Sun at the apex of that T-square and Uranus oppose Moon, he handles himself quite well.

Mars in Pisces, just short of Mars in Aries. Who Knows what goes on behind the scenes. I have heard that Sophie (wife) live separately on the same property…..

Yes, with all of that in one chart of course it is easy to see there will be confusion, chaos and a meltdown at some time in his life – more than just once…..

Thank You for your informative and lengthy reply. I deeply appreciate your explanations and am fascinated by these processes, principles, history and astrology of it all. In my younger days I had ambitions of becoming a constitutional scholar, but the opportunities I desired did not manifest.

I was under the impression Canada put together a new constitution in 1982 to replace and supercede the British North America Acts. I recall, when it was published, reading the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which I interpreted as part one of a larger document, an actual single, written down on paper, instrument.

I don’t mean to offend, but respectfully, it seems quite screwball to me the provinces do not each have their own constitution, as you have confirmed. I also did not know Quebec never accepted or ratified the 1982 agreenents!

I knew the UK has no written constitution. (Winston Churchill actually thought that better and more flexible.) But to borrow an old phrase, it absolutely “blows my mind” that Canada has no SINGLE written constitution! You apparently have a collection of several official acts which serve as your constitution? Is that right?

Though the information you provided is interesting, my original question remains unanswered. The national post reported, “The Conservative Party won the popular vote but lost in seat count for the second consecutive election…”

How is that possible? To me, that seems as odd and antiquated as our American electoral college, and frankly quite unjust.

You may be a little more optimistic than me about the US remaining intact beyond the 2020s returns, Andre. I’m not sure if it can–or even if it should at this point. And I hope we do pull through, with major constructive reforms.

Any breakup, however, during the current period wouldn’t necessarily be a “clean” one given the asymmetrical political divisions that cut through states now–as opposed to between states during the Civil War period.

What worries me is the nasty and destructive nature of the Republican Party, which really seems hell-bent on tanking the country if it can’t maintain an iron grip on power. They are completely bereft of new ideas, and are in total denial of the threat climate change poses to the nation and the world, but they desperately want to maintain an increasingly dysfunctional and destructive status quo.

The Republicans represent the epitome of rot and corruption in our government, and truly personify Pluto in Capricorn, both in terms of the transit, as well as the natal US placement.

While it seems that our Pluto Return will ultimately cut them down–the folly of recalcitrant conservatism, after all, is that it is ultimately shattered and broken by inevitable forces of change–the fact that they are doubling-down and going for broke on so much idiocy and ignorance for its own sake–“freeDUMB” as Bill Herbst called it in one of his recent articles–will make their downfall that much more brutal for them, and everyone else around them that has been affected or influenced by their abject ignorance and raging stupidity in the face of factual realities.

I don’t think Trump comes close to running for office again in 2024–he will be buried in legal troubles (or perhaps literally so, in the “blessedly mortal” sense), but the fact that they are even seriously entertaining the possibility to placate him and his idiot followers is not at all a good thing. Rational heads should have been allowed to speak up and retake the reigns of the party, but they are in short supply, and the few that do exist (e.g. Cheney) have been marginalized by cynicism (McConnell) and batsh– foaming-at-the-mouth stupid (MTG).

Meanwhile, the Democrats seem to be on-track to “self-own” themselves. What should have been a no-brainer–shoring up a series of major policy wins on infrastructure, benefits, etc., that would have further exposed and isolated Trump and his supporters as clowns, and his four years in office as an aberration, has instead descended into internal bickering and finger-pointing. If the Dems blow this one, they will basically be handing the keys to the car back to the drunk-on-stupid nutjobs in the GOP.

Ummm Andre: About your book “Goodbye Canada”. Could we change the title?

I mean I know it is catchy and descriptive…..but it hurts…..

Hahaha! Loved what you said BuckeyeShadow….

Can’t always read and then reply as I want to cz of my schedule… but it is so fun to be able to do so as I can…I’ve gotta re-read what Andre said about our elections and about the set up between our provincial and federal stuff because I VOTED in our last election last week …..and because we support each other on this blog I can confess I do not really understand the the differences between provinces and the federal government… help me out here Andre…. I’m gonna go back and carefully read what, you, Andre said.

Sunstars, the subtitle will be even more provocative. The idea is to sell books while speaking some uncomfortable truths. That said, that book project may be postponed because I have so my much on my plate. But it will come some day.

Eliseo, the unfortunate but inescapable truth about climate change is that as we live through a silent mass extinction of plant and animal species, and much of the world becomes uninhabitable including the southern US, human population will decline drastically. The onslaught of climate refugees at the border with Mexico will be orders of magnitude higher than now. I expect the Earth’s human population to decline by at least half within the next hundred years. This issue has not yet been raised publicly but it will. This trend will become clear as the prospect of a great human die-off in the latter half of this century when Neptune squares Pluto comes into view. That is why I expect a dictatorship in the US in the 2040s as panic sets in.

After writing the post above, I heard on the radio in Montreal that social chaos due to climate change will take hold by 2035. At that time, Montreal will have 40 days a year above 40 degrees Celsius, which is about 110 Fahrenheit. How hot will it be in California?

I will advise my children to buy property north of this city if they can. Montreal is way inland but it is an island that will not be immune to the rising seas. Eastern Canada is already feeling the effects of erosion on its shores. Vancouver and Halifax at both ends of the country are more exposed.

Can you imagine the US South going into a full-on nervous breakdown? Too many fools there still can’t grasp the wrongness of enslaving Africans, and truly believe they are entitled to lord over and dominate others, because “God” told them so. They simply will not be able to cope with wave after wave of disasters, from flooding and hurricanes, to drought and famine, all caused by climate change.

Maybe they simply don’t survive? There’s no divine prominence that guarantees the survival of nations, or even the human species.

Perhaps some emotional and ideological foundations are the equivalent of evolutionary dead ends. And if something better somehow emerges from the ashes of abject raging ignorance and stupidity, perhaps it is all the better.

Providence not prominence. But perhaps I repeat myself.

very interesting interview regarding historical astrology with medical perspective

Help break the ridiculous and irrational logger jam with the Senate vote on the Appropriations bill. Please take a moment to email the two Senators who persist with their cheap publicity stunt with their ongoing faux obstruction.

Contact Kyrstenhttps://www.sinema.senate.gov

Contact Joe Manchin:

You are of course right about climate change, climate migration, and severe population decline. I’ve been sporadically informing everyone of same for almost 40 years. The most prominent climate scientist who also developed the Gaia hypothesis, Dr. James Lovelock, now 102, wrote long ago he believed the maximum carrying capacity of the Earth was two billion humans.

In addition to the fires, the heat, the drought, the floods, pandemics, and super hurricanes, I expect several very brutal local, and regional wars will kill off many. Under such circumstances, as several nations fail and cease to exist, it is certainly probable dictators will arise in places we might not otherwise expect. I give us a 50% possibility of a world war as well.

By the 2040’s I’ve long expected the US and several other nations to have been so dramatically transformed, (good & bad) as to be unrecognizable. I expect a “new” political entity will replace the US as we know it, consonant with the establishment of a new capital city, possibly west of Lake Superior. I expect it will be based on the original nation, but with some differences. This is a small part of the back story for one of the two novels I’ve been sporadically writing, which I’ve discussed with you a bit in the past.

Considering the circumstances, I cannot dismiss the possibility of a US dictatorship in the 2040’s, though I hope that will not transpire. But what do I know? Perhaps martial law will be necessary at that time, with fundamentalists disappointed they’ve not yet floated in the rapture up into the sky, and mob violence and street fighting far below.

You are wise to advise your adult children to buy property further north. I’ve been advising the same for friends, acquaintances, and family since the 1980’s. In addition to latitude, I’ve also advised them to pay attention to elevation, proximity to and availability of water, and local culture. Unfortunately, only one person, an acquaintance took my advice in the early 90’s. She moved to Seattle. Another friend, is planning to sell her property in SE Texas soon, and move somewhere near the Canadian border. My wife and I purposefully moved much further northward to the Pacific Northwest in 1988.

Sadly, my efforts to persuade family members have been an utter failure. My sister-in-law, my late brother’s wife, likes to contradict me on the issue. She frequently points out the population of Texas is growing. I keep telling her that is a temporary trend which will eventually reverse.

Around 600,000 people moved from New Orleans and did not return after hurricane Katrina. Many moved to Dallas and Austin. Many Californians are moving to various suburbs and small towns close to Austin. But
eventually Austinites and Dallasites will find their cities resemble Phoenix, AZ in climate, and Phoenix will have become like Death Valley.

“Perhaps some emotional and ideological foundations are the equivalent of evolutionary dead ends. And if something better somehow emerges from the ashes of abject raging ignorance and stupidity, perhaps it is all the better.”

Well said! True, but nevertheless frustrating.

You are of course right about climate change, climate migration, and severe population decline. I’ve been sporadically informing everyone of same for almost 40 years. The most prominent climate scientist who 
scientist who also developed the Gaia hypothesis, Dr. James Lovelock, now 102, wrote long ago he believed the maximum carrying capacity of the Earth was two billion humans.

In addition to the fires, the heat, the drought, the floods, pandemics, and super hurricanes, I expect several very brutal local, and regional wars will kill off many. Under such circumstances, as several nations fail and cease to exist, it is certainly probable dictators will arise in places we might not otherwise expect. I give us a 50% possibility of a world war as well.

By the 2040’s I’ve long expected the US and several other nations to have been so dramatically transformed, (good & bad) as to be unrecognizable. I expect a “new” political entity will replace the US as we know it, consonant with the establishment of a new capital city, possibly west of Lake Superior. I expect it will be based on the original nation, but with some differences. This is a small part of the back story for one of the two novels I’ve been sporadically writing, which I’ve discussed with you a bit in the past.

Considering the circumstances, I cannot dismiss the possibility of a US dictatorship in the 2040’s, though I hope that will not transpire. But what do I know? Perhaps martial law will be necessary at that time, with fundamentalists disappointed they’ve not yet floated in the rapture up into the sky, and mob violence and street fighting far below.

You are wise to advise your adult children to buy property further north. I’ve been advising the same for friends, acquaintances, and family since the 1980’s. In addition to latitude, I’ve also advised them to pay attention to elevation, proximity to and availability of water, and local culture. Unfortunately, only one person, an acquaintance took my advice in the early 90’s. She moved to Seattle. Another friend, is planning to sell her property in SE Texas soon, and move somewhere near the Canadian border. My wife and I purposefully moved much
further northward to the Pacific Northwest in 1988.

Sadly, my efforts to persuade family members have been an utter failure. My sister-in-law, my late brother’s wife, likes to contradict me on the issue. She frequently points out the population of Texas is growing. I keep telling her that is a temporary trend which will eventually reverse.

Around 600,000 people moved from New Orleans and did not return after hurricane Katrina. Many moved to Dallas and Austin. Many Californians are moving to various suburbs and small towns close to Austin. But
eventually Austinites and Dallasites will find their cities resemble Phoenix, AZ in climate, and Phoenix will have become like Death Valley.

“Perhaps some emotional and ideological foundations are the equivalent of evolutionary dead ends. And if something better somehow emerges from the ashes of abject raging ignorance and stupidity, perhaps it is all the better.”

Well said! True, but nevertheless frustrating

China is planning unprecedented restrictions and a high level of control for athletes and visitors at the Winter Olympic Games in February. They will be in a bubble. That should not happen. Western countries won’t go, which China will take very badly. The Games will take place at the first of three exact occurrences of the US Pluto return. A Western boycott could have severe impacts on globalization and could send the world economy into a tailspin under the continued influence of the Saturn-Uranus square, which is often associated with unexpected economic crisis.


Justin Trudeau’s government loses a big court case involving indigenous children.


Read this piece and thought of you, Eliseo. It’s really too big to post in its entirety, so I’ve included a few key excerpts:


The 2060s | End of the World

Global political and economic systems are in a period of immense transition

As the final decades of the 21st century unfold, humanity faces a crisis unparalleled in its history. Where previously had been resource scarcity, climate change has taken centre stage as the most immediate threat to world peace.* Natural and human systems alike face the prospect of permanent collapse.

Of the nine planetary boundaries, three – biodiversity, climate change and nitrogen levels – had already been passed by the year 2000.* Now humanity has shot past its limit on land use, freshwater and ocean acidification, as well.* Population, having reached a peak in the 2050s, is now going into decline as millions perish due to war, starvation and environmental disasters. New and terrifying threats have also emerged, such as nanotechnology terrorism.**

The global economy, already undergoing rapid change, has entered a period of intense disruption, with traditional free market capitalism beset with problems it is structurally incapable of addressing.* Corporations which have operated for many decades seem to disappear overnight, unable to adapt. So too will governments have to change, as increasingly angry and frightened citizens pile pressure on world leaders to either adjust or step down. Every organisation and institution survives or falls according to its response to this crisis.

By 2100, the world will be unrecognisable compared to its earlier status. Political, economic, social, technological and environmental change will have hit so swiftly that these four decades will appear unlike any other period in history.

While geopolitics has evolved immensely, political practice is undergoing its own revolution. The children and grandchildren of the Baby Boomers are now entirely in control of the political and economic systems, and it is obvious that neither system is functional. Being born in a rapidly degrading world, most of these new world leaders are openly acknowledging the failure of older methods, and are actively seeking a new path forward.

The traditional growth economy – still clung to in the 2050s – is finally abandoned during this period, though the transition is long and difficult.**

The emergence of the new regional powers to the north – for now seemingly immune to the worst effects of climate change – is creating a more cooperative international community in this part of the world.

For the remainder of this century, the world enters into a vast mobilisation of green technology and geo-engineering in the face of disastrous climate change. In terms of scale and effort, it is greater than the industrial output seen during the World Wars, and involves an unprecedented degree of government intervention, in ways that would have been politically impossible in the past.* As the World Wars had proved, resistance to such action quickly evaporates in a life or death situation.

Humanity from the 2060s onward is in survival mode.

Basically, overlay this with what we know of the astrology — major outer planet aspects — from around mid-century onward.

The way I see it is this:

Pluto in Cap (now till end of 2024). The final fierce gasp of the status quo as we knew it. Conservatism in all forms and manifestations has become demonic and destructive. For many, their fierce clinging to outmoded ideologies and frames is actually proving fatal, or will eventually lead to their undoing. I don’t see a version of anything under the Republican Party banner right now that carries water 10 years from now, much less 50, although I’m certain some idiot like Hawley, as Andre suggests, will try and make some kind of stand at least a couple of times for a uniquely American brand of fascism in some form or another.

Pluto in Aquarius (2023-2044) – Get ready for the Human Race. Seriously. This isn’t going to be dress rehearsal or a 90s, Pluto in Sag-era reality TV show. Humanity will legit be on trial during this period. And we are not guaranteed to be spared of the executioner’s figurative axe by the end of it. Basically, we soiled our own nest. What can we do, if anything, to clean it up, or otherwise adapt to our emerging new circumstances? All of our highest qualities and possibilities will be required of us at this time, including nothing less than the ingenuity and vision of the human spirit.

I foresee many technological breakthroughs and an overall progressive spirit taking hold during this period in counter to the reactionary, retrograde-gazing zeitgeist of Pluto in Capricorn. Change, will in fact become not a distant aspiration, but the order of the day, and really the next two decades.

The dark side of Pluto in Aquarius, however, will feature strongly in the fact that we look to technology to solve all of our problems. But that tech can cause its own problems and headaches, including in terms of its reliability. And also, with AI in the mix, what if it goes rogue? Then what?

Politically, we will see the return of democracy, and the playing field will be leveled in such a way that new parties and individuals without gobs of money will be able to compete in many systems, including within some kind of reformed US system. The Republicans and Democrats will either adapt to this new reality, or else they may very well perish, which would not be a bad thing.

Pluto in Pisces (2044-2067). This era includes the Uranus-Pluto Opposition, as well as the next Saturn-Pluto Square in the 2050s, and the Neptune-Pluto Square of the 2060s. This is the period where everything comes to a head that we have known about now for some time, particularly around weather and climate, as well as our abuse and misuse of oil and other chemicals. Problems will be global in scope, and a high level of spirituality will be needed in order to cope with and navigate through these times. However, many people might just check-out instead by way of drugs, virtual reality, suicide, or some combination of these things. After Pluto leaves Aquarius, humanity having been pushed to its limits might experience some manner of stress-induced crash, resulting in a mass-depression regarding our circumstances. I read this period as an extremely challenging one, yet it will be those with a strong spiritual base, and the most humble and humbled among us who may very well fare the best of all during this time.

2070s-2100 – This period includes the closing Uranus (this time in Capricorn) and Pluto (this time in Aries) Square in the early 2070s, and culminates with a single conjunction between Uranus and Pluto in Taurus in 2104. I read this period as mass adaptation to the manifest new reality of the world, one that will be very different than anything we know now. It will also not be an easy period, and Pluto in Aries suggests a new thrust of some kind in some direction. If not into space, it could mark a period of war and conflict between surviving nations for remaining resources.

As Pluto returns to Taurus late in the century and is soon after joined by Uranus, a new relative stability settles into being. It will mark a permanent new reality for the world and for humanity. It’s possible that no human being is around to experience it. I feel hopeful, in spite of everything, that somehow we do come out the other side of this century and into our adulthood as a species.

I can’t imagine I will be here then, much as I am curious about it! But I hope that I can at least pass some kind of a torch onward for those who will be.

Aren’t we getting a little nearer to Bernie Sander’s Nordic Model with Biden’s two infrastructure deals?

“So too will governments have to change, as increasingly angry and frightened citizens pile pressure on world leaders to either adjust or step down.”

Case in point: Kyrsten Sinema

So maybe it’s starting now……

Kyrsten Sinema born July 12 1976 in Tucson AZ

Moon in Aquarius at 6* Squared by Uranus in Scorpio and opposed by Saturn in Leo

These natal aspects have been activated by transiting Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Leo.

Pretty awful to watch. Very scary. She could tank the agendas that are very popular in the US, without which the US will be in a bad place going into the future.

We need to address the terrible inequality that has been created by such schisms as slavery in the face of a wonderful Constitution.

We do not have reliable records for many non-European areas, but from about 1350 through early 1700’s epidemics and continental pandemics of the plague occurred on average about every five years in Europe. 

Some of the world’s great literature from Daniel Dafoe to Boccacio was created in plague that plague ridden context. As well documented by that literature, in all cases through history, the safest place to be during a plague was in a rural area, away from the populated cities.
But now that social dynamic is reversed.

Covid is killing rural Americans at twice the rate of people in urban areas
The pandemic is devastating rural America, where lower vaccination rates are compounding the already limited medical care.

I find it curious that none, zero of our evangelical and/or fundamentalist leaders have said God was punishing rural folks because of their sins. But how quick they were during the early stages of the pandemic to say Dems, who tend to live in the cities, were being punished by God, and the purported incompetence of Dem mayors and governors.

Many Thanks for the link to the futurist timeline! When I have time, I will peruse it more deeply.

“Too many fools there still can’t grasp the wrongness of enslaving Africans, and truly believe they are entitled to lord over and dominate others, because “God” told them so.”
It’s not just Africans, (though in my childhood I occasionally heard conservative backwoods religious folks declare that black skin was the “mark of Cain.”) In Texas and much of the South, millions of all colors are employed at the lowest minimum wage in the country, which is just slavery by a different name.

“…will try and make some kind of stand at least a couple of times for a uniquely American brand of fascism in some form or another.”
It Can’t Happen Here – Sinclair Lewis – 1935

“The emergence of the new regional powers to the north – for now seemingly immune to the worst effects of climate change – is creating a more cooperative international community in this part of the world.”
I’ve long seen a definite possibility the Arctic Council, now consisting of eight nations, Canada, Denmark; Finland; Iceland; Norway; Russia; Sweden; and the United States will evolve by necessity into a major governing body with jurisdiction over most of the habitable world.

The main problem I see with our projections is it does not and cannot provide for accidental conflicts and wars born of misunderstanding, misreading, and miscalculation. We always assume (foolishly) nations will behave in what WE PERCEIVE as their best interests.

As I see it today, the Chinese Communist Party, as one example, is not only blinded by their ideology, but handicapped in reasoning process by their emotions, in particular perceived insults and abuse by western nations over the centuries. Since 1949, their students are taught about their “century of humiliation” (actually 110 years, 1839 – 1949) by the western powers. No wonder they’ve recently embarked upon their “wolf warrior diplomacy.” Their aggressive, cascading errors in diplomacy and foreign policy will undoubetedly lead them (and the world) into dark situations best avoided. The caveat here
Is whether Xi remains in power, or is deposed. I see at least a 50% chance of major war, China stumbles the world into backwards. Such a scenario would speed up the darker processes about which we are concerned.

From my interviews with and observations of Muslims, I see many of them function with a deep, unconscious sense, the feeling they’ve been betrayed by God. They are trained to believe in their spiritual superiority over the rest of us. They are perplexed the infidels, i.e. western civilization has become so rich, and developed in the sciences and technology while they’ve been left behind. Their anger is as deep as the ocean.

As Pluto moves into Aquarius, I see a definite possibility fundamentalist and evangelical Christians will also feel betrayed by, and disappointed in God. I speculate during that period of rapid evolving progessive change, in a world to them incomprehensible and increasingly “ungodly” they will become more actively violent, similarly to how radical Muslims reacted to western cultural and technological domination of the world. As many of them are located (at least in the USA) in the South, this may be compounded by the South experiencing a greater share of climate catastrophes.

About slightKC:
For those of you who know and love slightKC, I conversed with her today for quite a while.
I am happy to report she is feeling much better than she has in a very long time, having received some really good medical care.
She has not posted here lately, merely because she has for the last month been extraordinarily busy.

Thank you Eliseo.

Hi Nancy
What’s the political forecast in astrology these days?

Marjorie Orr writes today about the legendary French astrologer Andre Barbault.


BuckeyeShadow —
Just read your interesting post on future Pluto cycles.
I see Pluto in Aquarius bring crazy technological advances, but being fixed energy may be problematic politically.

Of course, I won’t make it through Pluto in Aquarius, but interesting to read and understand (and if I reincarnate, I’ll be forewarned, LOL).

Thanks again for all of your posts, helping me get through these days which are way too challenging for me both politically and personally.

Starlight — love and good energies to you!

AP just reported that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett will be sworn-in on October 1st – delayed by nearly a year because of the pandemic.

Mercury is Retrograde right now; so, I wonder if her being sworn-in in a Merc Retro will have an effect on her reign, even though she was confirmed by the Senate, just before the 2020 Presidential election?

Mercury is Retrograde right now; so, I wonder if her being sworn-in in a Merc Retro will have an effect on her reign, even though she was confirmed by the Senate, just before the 2020 Presidential election?

Dean: one can hope!

I don’t know what this might portend astrologically, but I find it especially interesting it will “brush the orbit of Saturn.” I suppose that could be anywhere within Saturn’s orbit. It therfore might trine, square, conjunct, etc. Saturn. We won’t know until it gets here. It’s due in 2031. The article is from Newsweek.

Largest Comet Ever Is Approaching Our Sun. 

A near 100 mile-wide comet from the outer edges of the solar system is headed toward the sun and the inner solar system where Earth dwells.

At an estimated 93 miles wide, the Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet is believed to be the largest comet ever discovered. It will make a close approach to Saturn’s orbit in a decade.

The comet, officially designated C/2014 UN271, has been labeled the first mega comet and it’s estimated to be around seven times as large as Mars’ moon Phobos.

The average diameter of comets is around six miles, and the largest comet discovered before the Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet, Hale-Bopp, had a diameter of around 37 miles. That means the Bernardinelli-Bernstein Comet could be as much as 17 times larger than an average comet, and just under three times the size of Hale Bopp.

The comet is five and a half times as long as the solar system’s tallest mountain, Olympus Mons, found on the surface of Mars.

The Mega comet seems to be so large that when it was initially spotted astronomers believed it was a dwarf planet.

Its closest approach to the sun and the inner planets will occur 10 years from now, in 2031, with it brushing the orbit of Saturn. 

For entire article go to:

I wonder if this is due to more of DeJoy’s shenannigans – USPS has just announced they are stopping mail to certain countries, New Zealand is included. They cite unavailable flight routes – but cargo planes are still flying.

It is nice to reconnect with you all again. FB is becoming useless, tho I have many dear friends there, from all over. Don’t want to lose them, so I put up with the too many ads and confrontational attitude.


Re: Joe Biden and the current US Congress gridlock

Although the Pluto-Mercury square (24 Capricorn – 24 Libra) in t square to Biden’s natal Jupiter (25 Cancer) at the beginning of the month was and is fraught with challenges, Astrology Alert seems to think it’s only a temporary setback. The logic is the recalcitrant few in the halls of congress will eventually fall in line. Failure to do so would create a political backlash. Some compromises may have to be made. I noticed Mercury stations direct opposite Chiron on October 18th, the same day US Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen estimates the US debt ceiling will be breached. I think the Republicans will come to their senses and not allow the government to default, however the maddening brinkmanship could conceivably lower the US credit rating and thus the US economic outlook could weaken as a result as it did in the 2011 stand-off. What Astrology Alert finds to be more problematic is tr.Saturn’s present opposition to Biden’s natal Pluto in effect for the next couple of months……..
Joe Biden October 2021 Astrology

Video: 5 min 23 sec


If I were to imagine a a scenario here, I would pay particular attention to the upcoming November 4th Scorpio New Moon (12 ’40 Scorpio). Within a 5 minute orb of conjoining Joe Biden’s natal Mars it is in perfect opposition to tr Uranus (12 ’47 Taurus) and in t square to Trump’s progressed Pluto (12 ‘7 Leo). Here’s the Scorpio New Moon chart:


Would this signal a Trump indictment? And if so, would Trump incite his die-hard followers for a call to arms?


Continued from above……

Trump Supporters Could Be Incited To Future Violence By His Continued Promotion of 2020 Election Lies, DOJ And Judges Say

April 24, 2021


Crunch Time

Hypothetically speaking, if Trump deliberately directs all his anger at the Biden administration as a self defense tactic, is there a danger Pres Biden will come into bodily harm? The November 10th chart is startling. The Moon/Saturn conj. at 7 Aquarius square the Mercury/Mars conj at 7 Scorpio, this forms a t square to Biden’s natal Pluto at 7 Leo. These aspects will be activating the 2021 Inaugural chart Mars/Uranus-Jupiter square degrees. Here’s the 11/10/2021 chart for quick reference….


I never expected to be quoted on Quebec’s French-language law in the business section of Canada’s leading English-language newspaper, but there it was this morning.


Andre: I want to read this article but I don’t want them to have my information. I am purposefully not on social media of any kind.

I DID subscribe to the Washington Post last year but they wanted me to renew my permission on Jan. 1 2021…. they could have just continued to take it out of my bank acct. With the request for permission once again I declined.

I looked for other ways to read that article including looking up the journalist Nicolas Van Praet but did not find a way in……..

so nice to see your name again Pat!

Hi Pat!!!!

(Everyone, Pat is a really talented artist with a huge body of beautiful work!)

If you have a sense of increasing chaos and fear this week, even more than usual, that is normal. Pluto is squaring Eris for the third and last time on Saturday. This too shall pass.

The PRC is escalating their aerial harassment and intimidation of Taiwan. In the last four days China has illegally flown over 150 aircraft through Taiwanese airspace, some of which were fighters, and some bombers with nuclear bomb capacity. It is believed the PRC is doing this as a warning in anticipation of Taiwan’s National Day (October 10) and to create a sense of inevitability of Taiwan/China reunification. For the last 72 years the CCP has made no bones about it; they insist Taiwan will submit, either voluntarily or by force. Xi has vowed it will occur before he leaves office.

The concern is that with so many aerial sorties, someone statistically speaking, is more likely to make a mistake, thereby propelling both nations into war. That concern is perhaps more acute in context of mercury retrograde through October 18th.

Many are watching the interplay between these nations pretty assiduously. Has anyone looked at how retrograde mercury might potentially affect China, Taiwan, and their relarionship?

for those interested, according to Astrology Zone, in 2022 Mercury will retrograde Jan. 14 – Feb. 3, from May 10 through June 2, Sept. 9 through Oct. 2., and finally Dec. 29 2022 through Jan. 18, 2023.

Welcome back, Pat!


“This too shall pass.”


Félicitations pour la référence à votre essai au Québec.

Ok Andre. I can’t read the Globe and Mail thing but I AM reading Louis Cornelleir’s column of August 14 2021.

I remember Rene Levesque’s name from the early “70’s …. by that time I was in California then Arizona. However I was curious and wanted to be well informed about my country.

My family sent me subscriptions to MacLean’s Magazine, and to the Alberta Report. This to my address in Phoenix. All through the ’70’s.
So with my obsession of American politics, and still wanting to understand what was going on in Canada, I did my best to understand what was going on in Quebec. Suffice to say, I read the words but I did not understand. I was a Western Canadian once removed.

So now I am trying to understand. I am grateful to have access to your point of view, however limited is the information I can easily access…….It sure is interesting….. But I still do not agree with Multiculturalism. I think you don’t agree with it either but I guess I’ll have to continue to read your stuff to see if that is accurate…… sorry if I am mistaken. Guess I’ll just have to keep on reading.

I re-read Louis Cornelleir of August 14 2021. It is overwhelming – also read the comments. I’m in over my head.

I’ve had the desire to understand the beginnings of Canada….. read most of “The Trade” by Fred Stenson about 10 years ago. This was about the origins of The Hudson’s Bay company through the trapping and fur trade from Hudson’s Bay East into Alberta into the Rockies…. with the French, the English, and the Aboriginals. There was a horrible scene depicted after which I stopped reading… have been meaning to pick it up and finish it. I have kept the book mentally in a place of honor in my mind.

I’ve got to go way back back back…. to my concept of the charming Pierre Trudeau (Libra with a Leo Moon but Venus, Mars, Saturn in Virgo – ergo Margaret Sinclair born Virgo in 1948). Then understanding that he was not a Separatist…. But Rene Levesque was.

Actually without knowing all the facts, I am sentimentally and emotionally a Separatist because I do not want to lose the French culture in Canada. That’s why I said upthread that even if Quebec separated we would still have you guys on the continent.

However, what about New Brunswick, also largely French? And then Eastern Canada as in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland? I mean, thus so physically separated from the rest of Canada, would they be hung out to dry? Lol!

The process through which the attorneys (who designed, planned and implemented the coup attempt on behalf of Donald J. Trump) may be disbarred has begun.

The Legal Architects of Trump’s Failed Coup May Finally Face Real Consequences
OCT 05, 20214:36 PM
The intellectual ringleaders of Donald Trump’s failed coup are finally facing the threat of serious consequences for their integral roles in the legal plot to overturn the 2020 election.

No lawyers did more than John Eastman and Jeffrey Bossert Clark to try to hand Trump an unearned second term. Eastman developed and promoted the theory that Vice President Mike Pence could reject Joe Biden’s victory, then endorsed it at the Jan. 6 rally that fomented the insurrection. Clark urged his Justice Department superiors to pressure several legislatures into awarding their electoral votes to Trump even though Biden carried their states. Both men remain practicing attorneys.

Now, however, their ability to practice law is under threat. On Monday, a bipartisan group of lawyers, including two former federal judges, asked the California bar to investigate Eastman. One day later, a different bipartisan group of lawyers, including two top-ranking Justice Department officials under George H.W. Bush, asked the D.C. Court of Appeals’ disciplinary panel to investigate Clark.

These requests could lead to the revocation of Eastman’s and Clark’s license to practice law, a critical first step toward stigmatizing the malignant theories both men pushed for months. Given that the conservative legal movement has refused to criticize their work as out of bounds, the complaints also provide a new opportunity for the mainstream legal establishment to confirm that a lawyer who tries to overthrow an election has proved himself unfit to practice law.

For the rest of the story, go to:

Pluto just went direct. It now has the Natal Pluto position of the 1776 US Dec of Independence chart in its sights.

Look out power structures. The wrecking ball is coming.

Lots of “Conservative” things in this country are also about to be knocked off their foundations, from rancid old ideological tenets (e.g. racism and the patriarchy), to corporations and people themselves.

A hard economic crash and the collapse of some big corporations and players due to scandal and corruption, or simply ineptitude and old age are in the offing.

Big things are coming that will shake the country to its foundations. Perhaps as well it must be in order for real progress and change to have a chance to occur.

Remove paywalls, interference with reading an article here. There motto is: Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder.

BuckeyeShadow is right on as usual.

On another front, the real World Covid is not 4.8 million, the official number, but closer to 16 million.


Speaking of power structures, a wrecking ball, and Lots of “Conservative” things in this country about to be knocked off their foundations, the agreement reported below is a far bigger deal than CNBC is suggesting.

CNBC reports the international agreement as a “once in a generation” event. That is an extraordinary understatement. To my understanding, this agreement is the first ever in all economic history. For the past century and a half, most historians, sociologists, economists, and political scientists thought such an agreement only possible were we to first establish a world government. The global corporate tax rate described below is at least as important as the July 1944 Bretton Woods agreement, if not more so.

I am puzzled as to why the CNBC writer did not appear to understand the true significance of the accord. Ignorance of economic history? Conservative bias?

World leaders reach landmark deal on a global corporate tax rate

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on Friday announced a major breakthrough on corporate tax rates, after years of disagreement.

The group of developed nations agreed to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%. This marks a huge shift for smaller economies, such as the Republic of Ireland, which have attracted international firms — to a large extent — via a lower tax rate.
Rest of story at:

astro outlook for Nancy Pelosi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOXA4vrYJX8

Thanks for the link! That was a very reassuring astrological forecast, both for Nancy Pelosi and the Dem party in the 2022 election.

BTW, who is that astrologer with the slightly (eastern European?) accent? Whomever it was, is very good at alliteratively, descriptively, and clearly expressing analysis succinctly. No words were wasted or irrelevant. All very well done!

Population decline in Italy brings many one-dollar homes in medieval, picturesque and well-located towns.


eliseo, I only know that his first name is Andre. Linda G did an interview with him a little while ago

That Andre on Linda G. is really good!

Must be something in the name…..

astrology alert website

Kiwi, Sunstars,
According to the about me section of his website, his name is Andre Kahr.

🙂 Thank you Eliseo

October 9, 1981
40 years ago the death penalty was abolished in France.

Macron calls for worldwide end to death penalty on 40th anniversary of French abolition

It is IMHO a noble sentiment, but ignores the fact we humans exist and function at least at six levels of consciousness. So it is also with nations.

Kiwi — thanks for posting LindaG with Andre! Finally had time to watch, and worth it.

Eliseo, the man who was the French Justice minister who abolished the death penalty under President Mitterrand said last week he regretted that France was the last European country to do so (the guillotine at that, from Dr. Guillotin who invented it during the French Revolution as a more humane way to die than being drawn and quartered or burned at the stake or decapitated with an axe after several attempts).

But he also said that he was pleased that a majority of countries in the world have now done so as well (109).

Michael Wolfstar on Neptune Cafe this morning:

“Another reader writes: “I have been a lifelong Democrat – but the party has skewed too far left for me. Most Democrats are Moderates (about 140), but the 100 Progressives seem to have taken the party hostage…. The parallels to Germany in the 30’s are VERY uncomfortable – the rise of Socialism as opposed to Authoritarianism.” First, let’s get some clarity on terms. Authoritarian socialism is a form of socialism “from above”, as it was expressed in the Soviet bloc, Nazi Germany, and fascist Italy. Socialism “from below” derives from its popular roots, and manifests in Western bloc countries like Britain, France, and Sweden. Over there, they like to call these countries social democracies.

We are currently in the midst of the US Pluto Return, with transiting Pluto now opposing natal Mercury and heading for the first of three conjunctions with natal Pluto on February 20, 2022. With Pluto being the nation’s ruling planet (with a Scorpio Ascendant), political differences tend to become intensely polarized. That’s especially true during this Pluto Return which, if you expand the orb to ten degrees, has been in effect since Trump was elected in 2016.”

There is more.

I am always amazed at how the word ‘socialism’ is bandied about as the rotten cause of everything. Driven no doubt as longstanding propaganda by the american haves against the have-nots. The truth is that any governmental ‘ism’ whether communism, socialism, or capitalism, refers to the way a financial system is set up. Any ‘ism’ can be taken over by an authoritarian and corrupt dictator type versus fair democratic consensus and honest leadership. Take your pick – trump capitalism, or stalin capitalism, or mussolin fascism, or hitler ‘socialism?’ – the result is not the pros and cons of their financial management ‘ism’, but the implementation of heavy handed and corrupt dictator tactics by and for the benefit of the few rather than broad consensus by the many. It was after all the french revolution that ushered in the first ‘socialists’. The bigger problem is that the many must be prepared to claim their democratic rule by actively working to bridge different opinions and come to civil compromise, consensus and cooperation. Which is where we come back to if there is to be a healthy, functioning democratic socialistic-capitalism over dictatorship.

I meant to say “stalin communism”

Many months ago I posted on this blog that I bought the book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Piketty, a French economist. It is one thick book and I did not read it in it’s entirety.

The author looked over the last 300 years, using available information from Britain and France, and some from the US…about how Capitalism fared over that time.

He laid it out that after a number of years, or generations, that Capitalism increasingly devolved into the 1% rich, and the rest of us.

Then I read “Viking Economics” by George Lakey, an American who married a Norwegian. He settled in Norway, and studied their recent history from the late 1800’s to present day…. or until about 2016 or 17.

This was an easily approachable book. I studied it – don’t remember it all but was left with the general impression.

The Norwegians had to learn to co-operate with one another as the topical nature of their country separated their communities so much, due to the fiords, and the hills, not to mention the weather.

They were hardy sorts, having truly descended from the Vikings. But now, in their own country they wanted to turn their strengths to dealing fairly with one another, and sharing in ways that would release their possible bondage to the highs and lows of their agriculture and industries in the different landscapes of their country and thus their communities.

Long story short, they developed a way of securing the economic safety of them all, BASICALLY.

Then after the basics were secured, they allowed
Capitalism to flourish…. with provisions for fair taxation….. in that after a certain amount of earned income, taxation would increase for the rich and very rich. By the accounts in that book, even the very rich do not mind the taxation set up.

The people in Norway AGREE with taxation, because unlike the United States – in Norway you get what you pay for.

There is complete disclosure about taxation and where the tax dollars go. There is no super bureaucracy, and reams and reams of paperwork say in medicare, as in the US with all the different insurances.

Now that is why Bernie Sanders wants the Nordic Model, and why at this time of great inequality in the US, that Biden is introducing Bernie Sanders understanding of economics.

The United States has always been unequal, but now it is very visible. It is stunningly visible.

The US Constitution is a thing of beauty.

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

True equality in the United States is the best insurance against a dictatorship arising. When we have true equality, people will have the money for higher education and for specialization. With higher education we will have critical thinking skills. With critical thinking skills we will see that a person such as Trump is a sick and damaged human. There will not be that sector of the American Public that wants to believe in such a fantasy to lift themselves out of where they are. They will immediately see Trump like figures for what they are….. sociopaths and psychopaths.

well said sunstars. I also bought piketty’s book – heavy read.
My dad once worked for and became good friends with a very very wealthy man who said, (paraphrase) I make more than I could ever possibly spend in a day, and, I dont mind paying more taxes because it means I am making more money. He was the most generous man I ever knew, but he didn’t suffer fools or the dishonest.

Well said. When higher education is universally available, the probability of a greater percentage of the population having developed critical thinking skills rises. That would render our democracy more epistocratic. Should not we all be for a government run by citizens with actual political knowledge? But R’s are against that for obvious reasons. More political/social acumen = the R party going out of business.

Higher education for all would also improve the nation’s mental health. Educated people are more likely to recognize symptoms and manifestations of physical and mental illness in themselves and others. We would hope it would also reduce the probability of any mass, shared delusions, conspiracy fantasies, etc.

Isaac Asimov is sometimes quoted as having said, “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

The cult of ignorance he refers to has long been especially strong in the Old South, i.e. red states. After the Civil War, many White Southerners moved west to new states, to a great extent bringing their religion and culture with them. (more red states)

Universally available higher education, (not merely training) is the only thing I can think of which might gradually weaken and dissipate our ignorance cult, and IMO it has to be done. We now see the fruit of it. Willful ignorance, as Asimov noted, has always been with us, but in context has become so poisonous as to greatly endanger our existence as a democratic republic.

Eliseo, I first visited the US when I was 12, then ended up permanently in Hawaii at 20. Even at that young age I was struck by a) how many thought the US was the end all/be all and nowhere else mattered, and b)how little many people knew about the rest of the world, and they were content with their ignorance.

linda G just did another session with andre today

These need to be studied as they are part of America’s Pluto return. Article has maps.

“Are You Ready For North America’s ‘Triple Eclipse?’ Countdown Begins To 3 Solar Eclipses In 4 Years”




“In fact, in the wake of the “Great American Eclipse” of August 21, 2017, North America gets four central solar eclipses in just seven years.

Here’s what’s going to happen, when, and where: …”

I began noticing the same when I was 12, but only gradually through the next few years did I also begin to see the depth and breadth of it. It still baffles me. Endemic though it is, I’m hoping the Trump period and our current unfolding crisis awakens and motivates us to a better attitude and set of behaviors.

I believe Americans were more aware during WWII, but postwar retreated inward. Does it take world war to wake us all up?

The number of fools always increases in peacetime.

War does sometimes wake people up (see Europe after two massive wars), although I don’t know that there is a “bottom” for the US.

I think this country would tear itself apart from the inside out if left to its own devices, and probably would also take down the whole world with it.

I think the mentality in the US South needed to be completely broken and annihilated after the Civil War. The Union did not go far enough to eviscerate them. And now it has come back to exact vengeance upon the whole country, if not the whole planet.

“I think the mentality in the US South needed to be completely broken and annihilated after the Civil War. The Union did not go far enough to eviscerate them.”

Yes, absolutely. For the past several decades my interpretation has been the same as yours. Unfortunately, Lincoln pocket vetoed the Wade–Davis Bill of 1864 (H.R. 244) which was passed by both houses of Congress. From my perspective, that particular veto was the worst mistake of his political career.

The Wade–Davis Bill stipulated the majority of citizens in a state had to swear the “ironclad” oath and also swear they had never supported the Confederacy, in order for their state to be readmitted to the union. In other words, the process would have been far slower, taking 2 or 3 generations, possibly as much as 50 years, with former Confederate soldiers and office holders having died off. Wade-Davis would have by default prevented any former Confederate military officers from running for elected office. Instead, Lincoln’s 10% plan went into effect. A good number of former Confederate officers were elected to their state assemblies and even a few governors. They were thus able to impose the “jim crow” apartheid system for the next 100 years.

Had Wade-Davis been enacted in concert with a good industrial economic plan for the South, our history and mentality would be far different.

Personally, I would have stipulated the former Confederate states revert to organized territories, and when readmitted for the state boundaries to be redrawn, creating different new states with different names. Southern identity needed to be broken and reassembled into something more healthy. Now it appears within the next 100 years climate change may force that needed transformation.

Incidentally, I spoke with a young Black fellow about a month ago who had just graduated from high school in Alabama. Their history schoolbooks still call the conflict, “The War of Northern Aggression.”

One thing I must say – the dems need to stop pussy footing around with their current language and get some plain talking soundbites going to halt the damage to the country that the trumpsters are pulling. This can be in a respectful manner but the waffling ‘gentlemanly’ talk has got to go! Is anyone thinking outside the box how to stop the nonsense? If not stopped pronto, the Lies and Cheating will kill the country.

On a similar note, does anyone else think trump or fox news has the ability to hypnotise? If yes, how can that be nullified?

Technology is being trialed in NZ to detect earthquakes. A 4.8 happened near wellington today, and msg was received by people in the trial 30sec ahead of quake being felt. Amazing!

“New Zealand is among the first countries in the world to get access to technology that turns Android smartphones into a network of earthquake detectors. The Google trial will have phones detect seismic waves that indicate an earthquake may be happening using their built-in accelerometers and send a signal, including a rough location, to a central server.
The server then uses other phones to figure out if an earthquake is actually happening, where it is and its magnitude.”


Yes Eliseo I wish we had done that. Habit however is so strong. We had the physical outline of the States and in the chaos that was being brought to bear in the aftermath of the civil war I can see how tempting it was to have some semblance of “normalcy” in bringing some organization to the United States again.

Eliseo – on a completely human note – I don’t know how you know all this –

The “Wade-Davis Bill of 1864” which was passed by both houses of Congress but vetoed by “Lincoln pocket” – not exactly sure what Lincoln pocket means but it is obviously very important as it changed the entire trajectory of the United States