23rd May, 2021

Another Discussion Thread

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The shock of the looming decline in world population in mid-century.


Jerry, this one’s for you. After 30 years, it is now legal again to practice yoga in Alabama’s public schools, but you still can’t say Namaste.


It sure did! Andre’s here with his usual interesting items, so it’s all good. And the Sun moved into Gemini a few days ago, so that must be a partial relief, or so one hopes.

It sure did! Andre’s here with his usual interesting items, so it’s all good. And the Sun moved into Gemini a few days ago, so that must be a partial relief, or so one hopes.


Too bad. They’re missing out. Namaste Y’all t shirts is a lucrative business. I have a friend who owns a string of Indian restaurants in the Atlanta Ga and Asheville NC area called Chaipani. It specializes in Indian street food. All the wait staff wear that t shirt with the Namaste Y’all logo emblazoned on the back. It is a popular item.

PS Forgot to mention…… Namaste lis a greeting that literally means “I greet the God within you”. A very quaint reminder of our roots.

“Namaste Y’all”
Delightfully Hilarious! As originally from Texas, can hardly stop laughing.

Heads Up! Some significant dates for prospective astrology charts.
Supreme Court to hear Mississippi abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade

The top court announced in an order that it will hear the dispute, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, 19-1392. The court will hear the case in its term beginning in October and a decision is likely to come by June of 2022.


Hi Eliseo,

“Namaste Y’all” Ha ha. Yes. Rather endearing isn’t it? AND with a touch of humor as well.

On a different note…..

The June 10th Lunar Eclipse (19 Sag) definitely is impacting the former president 45. His Nodes/Sun Moon axis and progressed Uranus are all on target for some kind of upheaval. Throw the NY AG Letitia James’ natal Saturn (21 Sag) into the mix and you have a recipe for a possible Trump indictment. This is closely followed by the explosive June 14th Uranus-Saturn square. A very volatile period indeed.

On further analysis, I think these events could take a couple of weeks to play itself out – from mid June to early July. I suspect major activity will occur as a result of Mr. Trump’s pending arrest during the time of the July 1st Mars-Saturn opposition and the July 3rd Mars-Uranus square. It is essentially a Mars-Uranus-Saturn t square………

Saturn Square Uranus: 2021’s Wake-Up Call by Molly Gauthier

What does Saturn square Uranus mean?

Saturn square Uranus is a 90° angle between the planets Saturn and Uranus, viewed from Earth. It is a temporary planetary contact that repeats three times in 2021. It reflects the societal and personal change, instability, and even violence that we’re seeing at the beginning of 2021. Astrology also gives us a timeframe: the scenarios forming now will intensify through the Summer months and play out at the end of the year.

The planet Mars activated the Saturn-Uranus square in January 2021, around the time of the Capitol insurrection and the inauguration of President Biden. Mars will move through this volatile space again in early July, and again in November.

Continued. . . . . .


“Mars will move through this volatile space again in early July, and again in November.”

Yes. I do not believe we are done with insurrection. I certainly hope I am wrong, but I see no shame, no guilt, no repentance, no serious submission to the rule of law from the Jan.6th insurrectionists and their like minded ilk. I do see a great deal of self righteous defiance.

On MSNBC satellite radio today I heard one Jan.6 insurrectionist proclaim that day was his “Rosa Parks moment.” A commentator said she could not believe he was serious, that he surely knew how absurd and ironic was his statement. Wishful thinking on her part I believe. I interpret his statement as deadly serious.

Fortunately, my family of origin did not partake of such madness, but many in the area of Texas/Louisiana in which I grew up sincerely and deeply regretted having lost the Civil War over a 100 years previous. For them, that loss was the tragedy they could not let go of. Supportive, decades ago of George Wallace, and David Duke, they and their progeny support Trump today.

When Trump is indicted, and/or arrested, and/or convicted, they will regard it as their patriotic duty to rebel in all ways possible against the “deep state” and most likely this time, far better armed.

The spiritual poison in our culture is still with us. Planted long ago when plantation owners from the West Indies expanded into what later became the American South, it grew in “Paranoid Style” (historian Richard J. Hofstadter) waning and waxing cyclically, festering, partially healing, festering again, never really resolving, erupting violently through our uncivil war, discharging time and again unto the present day. It manifests through toxic religious sects, our politics, work, school, and our personal lives. It thrives on ignorance, fear, hatred, and belief in an anthropomorphic vengeful god.

It will not be expiated easily or without pain. But I suspect the present and these coming years through 2030 may be its time of reckoning. Pluto, Pluto, Pluto, and his propensity to force us into the deeper spiritual lessons. In our never ending culture war, both sides IMO are terribly flawed; I do not believe either party will achieve 100% victory or dominance. But as Pluto moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, I envision our far right insurrectionist brethren WILL be eventually subdued, and as Uranus returns to 9 degrees 47 minutes of Gemini unexpected events and conditions will serve to transform our consciousness and our nation into a more perfect union.

Meanwhile, the rising seas may force us into greater maturity, and wash away at least some of our continuing sins.

OOPS! I mistyped/mispelled your name. I apologize.


There could be an economic component to the Uranus-Saturn squares of 2021. Here’s an interesting read….

2021: The Search For Stability And A New Normal
by Nina Gryphon/ Dec. 2020

Upheavals continue in 2021 as Saturn and Uranus square off, triggering change and instability around the world.

After the turbulent astrological weather of 2020 we expect 2021 to be more subdued. For how could we go through another similarly intense year? In one sense, 2021 is less busy, because there are fewer astrological events in 2021 compared to the parade of horribles that was 2020. However, if 2020 saw the stone thrown into the pond, 2021 reflects rather substantial ripples, and we need to stay flexible this year before a “new normal” solidifies.

Solidification is the sphere of Saturn, the planet of boundaries, the Earth, and all that comes from it. In 2021 Saturn will continue moving through his own fixed, masculine sign, Aquarius. Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, Saturn will direct us to build something new and give form to our long-term vision. All that was destroyed in early-2020 will require us to imagine a new shape into which we integrate the rubble of the past.



Interesting. Thank You.
I suspect we will not truly begin to form a “new normal” until late 2024 or early 2025.
I am of the opinion the world of 2035 will be so profoundly different as to be almost unrecognizable. I believe this will occur whether we arrive there through collapse and rebirth, or merely through continual ascent.

One serious possibility:
I believe China will continue on its self reinforcing path of belligerance and bullying, eventually taking a misstep which will transform them into a pariah in the eyes of the rest of the world. Economic withdrawal from China by investors and businesses has already begun in ernest, but will drastically accelerate when they do take that misstep. No one will want to to do business with them anymore. As they’ve become so integrated with the world economy, this will bollix up manufacturing , likely causing a long recession.

Possibility # 2.
Karma unfolds. One of our several political hotspots grows into a massive regional war which disrupts the world economy.

Possibility # 3.
A series of climate catastrophes plague humankind, making normal business and trade impossible.

Many futurists beleve the next two decades will bring dramatic technological, medical, and biological advances, as well as new unexpected knowledge breakthroughs. The changes rendered will be as consequential as what we experienced 12,000 years ago. Our “normal” patterns of today will fade into the past. The second half of this century will they believe, be the beginning of an entirely different experience for humanity.

What fresh hell is this?

uring the final weeks of the Trump Administration, a senior official on the National Security Council sat at his desk in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, across from the West Wing, on the White House grounds. It was mid-November, and he had recently returned from a work trip abroad. At the end of the day, he left the building and headed toward his car, which was parked a few hundred yards away, along the Ellipse, between the White House and the Washington Monument. As he walked, he began to hear a ringing in his ears. His body went numb, and he had trouble controlling the movement of his legs and his fingers. Trying to speak to a passerby, he had difficulty forming words. “It came on very suddenly,” the official recalled later, while describing the experience to a colleague. “In a matter of about seven minutes, I went from feeling completely fine to thinking, Oh, something’s not right, to being very, very worried and actually thinking I was going to die.”

He fell to the ground before he reached his car, and realized that he was in no condition to drive. Instead, he made his way to Constitution Avenue, where he hoped to hail a taxi. He managed to open the Lyft app on his phone, and ordered a driver, who took him to the hospital. When he arrived at the emergency room, the official thought, I’m probably not walking out of here.

He approached the reception desk. “Are you on drugs?” a doctor asked him.

The official shook his head. He was led to an examination room. Hospital staff found his White House identification card in his pocket, and three cell phones, one of which they used to call his wife. They thought he might be having a stroke, but an MRI ruled it out. Blood tests also turned up nothing unusual. The official, who was in his mid-thirties, had no preëxisting conditions. The doctors were at a loss, but told him they suspected that he had suffered a “massive migraine with aura.”

It took about two hours for his speech to begin to return. When he checked out of the hospital, the next day, he still had a pounding headache, but was soon able to go back to work. Several days later, a colleague called him to discuss suspected cases of the Havana Syndrome, a mysterious ailment that had first affected dozens of U.S. officials in Cuba, and which now appeared to be spreading. The N.S.C. official didn’t think that he was suffering from the Havana Syndrome; it seemed outlandish that someone would be struck while on the grounds of the White House. But, as his colleague described some of the more severe cases that had been reported, it occurred to the official that this might be his problem. “Look, this is probably nothing,” he told his colleague, “but what you described sounds kind of like what happened to me.”

Three years ago, my colleague Jon Lee Anderson and I published a piece in The New Yorker about the first Havana Syndrome incidents among C.I.A. and State Department employees. Beginning in December, 2016, officials described being bombarded by waves of pressure in their heads. Some said they heard sounds resembling an immense swarm of cicadas, following them from room to room—but when they opened a door to the outside the sounds abruptly stopped. A few reported feeling as if they were standing in an invisible beam of energy. The aftereffects ranged: debilitating headaches; tinnitus; loss of vision and hearing; vertigo; brain fog; loss of balance and muscle control. For some, the symptoms went away quickly; for others, they have persisted. The experiences have varied to such an extent that government doctors have struggled to form a coherent diagnosis, and many of the patients have been met with skepticism both inside and outside the government.

One of the most convincing early cases involved a senior C.I.A. officer who had flown to Cuba, in secret, to meet with colleagues there. In her room at the Hotel Nacional, in August, 2017, the officer awoke with a start to a low humming noise and a feeling of intense pressure in her head. She asked a colleague who came to her room if he heard anything, but he did not. A few days later, after she returned to C.I.A. headquarters, she began to have trouble with her eyesight and her balance, making it impossible to read or to drive. At the time, the officer was the highest-ranking member of the C.I.A. to become ill with the syndrome. The incident persuaded Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director, to shut down the agency’s station in Havana, and Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, followed suit, pulling U.S. diplomats out of the country. Some government employees, who were uninjured and invested in their assignments, considered the withdrawal an overreaction. The result was confusion, division, and anger.

After the events in Cuba, there were a few potentially related incidents that the C.I.A. tried to handle internally; one of these involved an intelligence officer who, in late 2017, woke up in a hotel room in Moscow with severe vertigo. (A C.I.A. doctor told him, “This isn’t it,” referring to the Havana Syndrome.) It wasn’t until the summer of 2020, more than a year after two White House staff members reported Havana Syndrome-like episodes, that their bosses decided to conduct a government-wide analysis, essentially reopening a cold case.

They have discovered that what began with several dozen spies and diplomats in Havana now encompasses more than a hundred and thirty possible cases, from Colombia to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to Austria, in addition to the United States and other countries. At least four of the cases involve Trump White House officials, two of whom say they had episodes on the Ellipse. The C.I.A. accounts for some fifty cases. The rest are mostly U.S. military and State Department personnel and their family members.

Top officials in both the Trump and the Biden Administrations privately suspect that Russia is responsible for the Havana Syndrome. Their working hypothesis is that agents of the G.R.U., the Russian military’s intelligence service, have been aiming microwave-radiation devices at U.S. officials to collect intelligence from their computers and cell phones, and that these devices can cause serious harm to the people they target. Yet during the past four years U.S. intelligence agencies have been unable to find any evidence to back up this theory, let alone sufficient proof to publicly accuse Russia. “Intelligence is an imperfect science,” a U.S. intelligence official told me. “It’s what you know, and it can change in a blink of an eye.” There is still disagreement about how to refer to the incidents. Privately, officials characterize them as “attacks.” Publicly, they refer to them as “anomalous health incidents.”

In late May, 2019, a large group of White House officials checked into an InterContinental Hotel in London, where they prepared for President Donald Trump’s state visit. Before dawn on the day of Trump’s arrival, Sandra Adams, a mid-level White House staffer, collected a sheaf of documents that had arrived overnight for her team, and had a quick breakfast in the hotel dining room. When she returned to her room, overlooking Green Park, she pulled open the curtains and settled into a chair to read. Suddenly, a ringing sound, annoying at first, then distinctly painful, seemed to envelop her. When she left the room, her ears continued ringing.


Looking Back at Alcoholism and Family

Later in the trip, she invited a more junior White House staff member, Adrian Banks, to hang out with her in her hotel room before the two went to dinner. (The names Sandra Adams and Adrian Banks are pseudonyms.) As they chatted on the couch, Adams again heard the sound, and felt an acute pressure in her head, as did Banks. They rushed out of the room and into the hallway, where the sound and the pressure subsided. But for the rest of the trip both officials suffered migraines.

When the delegation returned to Washington, Adams described the incident to a special White House office responsible for tracking security threats. She was told that what had happened to Banks and her was classified, which meant that they were not supposed to tell anyone, including their doctors, about their experience in London. They visited doctors at the White House Medical Unit, who thought that Adams and Banks were suffering from ordinary headaches and sinus infections that had potentially been brought on by stress. The doctors suggested that they take ibuprofen and decongestants and get some rest. As the weeks passed, Adams’s ears and lymph nodes became more swollen, her migraines grew worse, and she felt as if she had strep throat. Banks continued to have headaches, too. Their symptoms persisted despite repeated visits to private physicians and urgent-care clinics. Adams told a colleague, “No one seemed to take it seriously.”

In the cramped warrens of the West Wing, Adams and Banks would often cross paths with Charles Kupperman, the deputy national-security adviser and a veteran of the Reagan White House. In 1978, Kupperman, a hard-liner in Russian affairs, wrote an article cautioning Americans that “the ability of the U.S. to defend itself is in doubt” because of the “size, sophistication and rate of growth of Soviet military power.” When the Soviet Union collapsed, in 1991, he was the president of Xsirius Superconductivity, a company working on the use of microwave technology to allow helicopters to detect radiation from air-defense radar systems.

Kupperman joined the N.S.C. staff in April, 2018, as a top policy aide to John Bolton, Trump’s national-security adviser. Early in his tenure, Kupperman told Bolton that he wanted to take on the Havana Syndrome and “drive it into the ground.” He had no proof, but he was convinced that the Russians were behind the attacks, and that they were using technology that the K.G.B. had devised during the Cold War. “The Russians have a very good capability in microwave weaponry,” Kupperman told me.

The victims in Cuba had been spies and diplomats, so the Havana Syndrome investigation was being led by the C.I.A. and the State Department. In the spring of 2018, both agencies were in a period of transition; Trump fired Tillerson and nominated Pompeo to replace him as Secretary of State, and Gina Haspel succeeded Pompeo as the director of the C.I.A. She and her deputy, Vaughn Bishop, visited the White House for meetings, and Kupperman would pull them aside to discuss the Havana Syndrome, with which he had become obsessed. He pressed them for information, but they repeatedly told him that they didn’t have “anything new.” The intelligence agencies, Kupperman said, “didn’t really make it a priority to use all of their resources and accesses to figure this out as quickly as they could.” He added, of Haspel, “She was skeptical that it was real, and, once she was, the rest of that organization took its cue.”

Haspel wasn’t the only one who seemed unconvinced. After the initial incidents in Havana, the F.B.I. sent a team of agents to the city to try to figure out what might be causing the illnesses. They found no dispositive evidence of any attacks, although by the time they arrived the theoretical perpetrators would have had ample opportunity to conceal any evidence of wrongdoing. In addition, profilers with the F.B.I.’s Behavioral Analysis Unit conducted assessments of the victims. The unit presented its findings to State Department officials, including John Sullivan, a Deputy Secretary and the head of a task force that the department had set up to look into the syndrome. The profilers’ assessment was that the victims were suffering from a mass psychogenic illness, a condition in which a group of people, often thinking that they have been exposed to something dangerous, begin to feel sick at the same time.

But, when a State Department official asked how many victims the profilers had interviewed, the unit explained that it hadn’t spoken to any of them directly. The unit’s conclusions were based on transcripts of previous interviews that the F.B.I. had done with the patients, and on “patient histories” compiled by the victims’ doctors, including neuropsychologists and other specialists, who had already ruled out the idea of a mass psychogenic illness: many of the victims didn’t know about the other people who were sick, and their bodies couldn’t have feigned some of the symptoms they were exhibiting.

Bolton, like Kupperman, believed that the Havana Syndrome was real, and he initially thought that either Russia or China was responsible. By the summer of 2018, he’d landed on Russia; more possible cases were reported by U.S. diplomats at the consulate in Guangzhou, and Bolton didn’t think that the Chinese would take such action on their home turf. Bolton told me that Pompeo said, “I’ve looked at this since the Administration started. Nobody can figure out what’s going on.” Bolton then met with officials from the C.I.A. “They couldn’t reach agreement on who did it,” Bolton told me. “In fact, they couldn’t reach agreement on whether it was real.” He went on, “I told them, ‘Look, as far as I am concerned, the fact that we had this happen not just in Cuba—though that was the biggest collection of cases—but in China, it seems to me this ought to be a high priority.’ And they said, ‘We’re still working on it.’ ”

Kupperman was promoted to deputy national-security adviser in January, 2019, at which point he received access to the government’s most sensitive intelligence programs. He told his C.I.A. briefer to show him any new intelligence regarding the Havana Syndrome, but he was given few updates. As far as he could tell, the C.I.A. had found very little since he joined the Administration.

Then, in June, Sandra Adams and Adrian Banks told Kupperman about what had happened to them in London. He had no doubt they were telling the truth. Kupperman told Bolton and officials at the C.I.A., hoping that they would reassess the threat now that there appeared to be two White House victims. William Happer, a former N.S.C. official and an expert on radiation propagation, who was involved in the discussions, said that his C.I.A. colleagues didn’t know what to make of the new cases. “There was only anecdotal, fuzzy information,” Happer told me. “The problem was the lack of really good data. We didn’t have very much.”

Kings horseman makes announcement about the king acknowledging his privilege.
“Hear ye, hear ye! His Majesty is about to acknowledge his privilege!”
Cartoon by Liana Finck
There was one tangible result. When Bolton and his delegation returned to London, they stayed at a Marriott.

Often, when a person suffers a concussion or another form of head trauma, biomarkers indicating damaged brain tissue are detectable in the blood soon after the initial injury. When the first set of C.I.A. victims cropped up in Cuba, medical personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Havana drew their blood and placed the samples in a refrigerator. Researchers planned to check the samples for blood biomarkers. But in September, 2017, when Hurricane Irma hit Cuba, the Embassy lost power, and the refrigerated samples were spoiled.

The opportunity to do blood tests was lost, but specialists at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Brain Injury and Repair have been able to use MRIs to study the brains of forty Havana Syndrome patients. They found no signs of physical impact to the victims’ skulls—it was as if the victims had “a concussion without a concussion,” one specialist told me—but the team found signs consistent with damage to the patients’ brains: the volume of white matter was smaller than in a similar group of healthy adults, which indicated that something structural in the brain had been affected.

At the White House, Adams and Banks continued to experience symptoms. Kupperman lobbied to have them evaluated by State Department doctors who had examined other suspected victims of the Havana Syndrome in Cuba and in China. A few months after the incident in London, the doctors checked Banks’s and Adams’s vision, balance, hearing, and cognitive skills, in a series of tests known as the Havana Protocol. Adams listed the symptoms that had persisted: migraines, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat. A doctor told her, referring to the Havana victims, “Whatever you heard, those are not the same symptoms as the rest of the cohort.” Adams left with the distinct impression that the doctor wanted her to believe that she had “imagined the experience” in London.

Banks saw a different doctor at the State Department. After the tests for balance and cognition, the doctor said, “You passed.” Banks tried to explain that some days were better than others, and that on bad days the pain was more severe. “I was having a good day,” Banks told a colleague. But the doctor was skeptical. Adams and Banks reported back to Kupperman. “They said, ‘We know our bodies and we know these symptoms and it’s not normal,’ ” he recalled. “Nobody did any serious medical diagnostics, which is just appalling.” Bolton was frustrated, too. “But, after a while, there really wasn’t much more I could do,” he told me. “You can say to somebody only so many times, ‘What’s the cause?,’ and then have them reply, ‘I don’t know.’ ” His takeaway was that C.I.A. officials believed the Havana Syndrome was an incoherent collection of psychosomatic reports, groupthink, and “disparate mental conditions.” He told me, “They just weren’t going to pursue it.”



Thanks, Will for posting the New Yorker story. It is terrifying.

The exact May 29th Mercury/Venus conj. (24 ’42 Gemini) occurs just a few hours before Mercury turns stationary retrograde transforming this not so exceptional aspect into a powerful agent for change. This Merc/Ven conj. closely conjoins Donald Trump’s natal Sun (22 ’55 Gemini) AND it in square to tr. Neptune (22 ’59 Pisces). It will also be activating last December’s total solar eclipse that happened to coincide on the same day of the critical Presidential electoral college – a fait accompli in formalizing the Nov 2020 Presidential election outcome. Does that indicate another bombshell revelation emerging in the Trump financial/ tax investigation? Just how sensitive and significant these degrees are can be gleaned from the following article (written in Sept of last year)

Trump’s Second Term & the December 2020 Eclipse? by Terry MacKinnell

President Trump will experience his most powerful eclipse in December 2020 that will occur only two degrees away from his natal moon, and almost exactly opposite his natal sun as displayed below:

Any eclipse directly associated with the natal sun is going to be a very powerful eclipse for anyone, and this eclipse not only directly affects Trump’s sun, but with Leo rising, the sun is Trump’s ruling entity. It is virtually impossible for Trump to escape such an astrological event. In days of old, kings and leaders were terrified of such eclipses, regardless of where the eclipses were located in the zodiac, as the darkening of the sun allegorically represented the darkening of the king – which often resulted in their untimely death by any means whatsoever. However, we now know much more about eclipses, and though eclipses can presage death, it is not the normal result.

On 14 December 1982 Trump experienced a similar but weaker partial solar eclipse that mimics the December 2020 solar eclipse inasmuch it was the natal sun that had the closest aspect to the eclipsed sun and not the natal moon. In 1982, Trump was listed on the initial Forbes list of wealthy individuals as having a share of his family’s estimated $200 million net worth. Journalist Jonathan Greenberg later wrote that Forbes had vastly overestimated Trump’s wealth and wrongly included him on the Forbes 400 rankings of 1982, 1983, and 1984.[1] Trump initially got away with this wealth deception, and because track record is important, this supports Trump improperly attempting to win the 2020 presidential elections as a similar eclipse environment exists and deception shows up strongly in his horoscope.

The 1982 solar eclipse was only a partial solar eclipse, whereas the December 14 2020 solar eclipse is a full solar eclipse.



Mercury Retrograde May 29, 2021 – Lies and Deception by Astrology King

Mercury retrograde is generally associated with communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. Mercury retrograde May 2021 is square Neptune which means you cannot trust what you hear or read. It brings lies, deception, confusion, fraud, conspiracy theories, and propaganda.



‘Trifecta Of Trouble For Trump’: 3 Witnesses Drop ‘Significant Criminal Exposure’ Bomb

Video: 12 min 21 sec


The Mercury/Venus conjunction entry I posted above contains a few grammatical errors. It happens occasionally during the editing process. I should probably be more thorough before posting. Hopefully the reader will overlook the mistakes.

Trump White House Counsel McGahn Set To Testify Next Week

NBC News
May 25, 2021

The House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena in April 2019 as part of its investigation into possible obstruction into the Russia investigation.



“I should probably be more thorough before posting. Hopefully the reader will overlook the mistakes.”

You are wearing our patience! For God’s sake, be more attentive!


“According to court documents filed earlier this month when the committee announced an agreement had been reached, the interview’s scope appeared limited to information attributed to McGahn in publicly available parts of the Mueller report, and in events that involved him.”

Such slick parsing! Aye, the Devil’s in the details.

Vance has convened Grand Jury

Has anyone a chart for the
HR1 For the People Act?
The House of Representatives passed it in January, but cannot pass in the Senate unless they either abolish or reform the filibuster. As all know, Joe Manchin is the key to filibuster reform.

Also as we all know, R’s in 47 states are assiduously working to pass voter suppression laws. Several have R governors who will undoubtedly sign such bills as soon as they hit their desk, and in 30 out of those 47 states, R’s control both house & senate.

It appears to me if HR1 For the People Act does not become law, severe voter restrictions will become reality in the aforementioned R controlled 30 states. The 2022 and 2024 elections, and beyond would then be rigged in favor of the R’s.

Am I seeing this situation accurately? If so, maybe we are much too focused on DJT & company going to jail? Considering how the R’s grow a bit more nutty, delusional, and authoritarian with each passing minute, if they retake the House, Senate, or Presidency due to voter suppression, it will not matter if DJT goes to jail. The great American experiment would then be ended, our democratic republic finished.

Am I not seeing an alleviating fact, or growing, potentially positive scenario? Surely, if our astrological prognostications are correct, extraordinary, unforeseen events may change our direction, for better or for worse.

With our 1860’s Uranus return, the threat we faced was internal. The Uranus return threat we faced in June and July of 1944 was external. Could it be our next Uranus return involves both internal and external threats? Looking at circumstances “on the ground” as opposed to in the sky, it certainly appears as events are trending that way.

It seems to me we are fighting 3 different wars simultaneously. Our war against nature, war with fellow Americans, and the war betwern liberal democracy and illiberal autocracy and dictatorship. Our war against nature is as hot as our California and Australian wildfires. Our other 2 are mostly cold wars, but with hot, fiery eruptions, as on January 6th, and likely to become more frequent. The pandemic we face is I believe a manifestation of all 3 wars.

The US has not faced a Pluto return before. As a Pluto return manifests differently relative to each nation’s cultural personality we only have our astrological symbols with which to preconceive, plus our national self knowledge. But we do have expetience with Uranus returns. The difference is our world today is boundlessly more complex and dangerous than that of the 1860’s or 1944.

Vienne, thank you. This one’s for you.

Saturn square Uranus on Trump’s birthday indeed. Though I agree with Jerry we may have to wait until early July for things to play themselves out. June 1 to July 5 is awesomely bad for 45.


“You are wearing our patience! For God’s sake, be more attentive!”

I have the attention span of a goldfish. Can’t help it. It’s in my genes.

And yes. I noticed that. McGahn’s testimony is limited in scope. But – and this is a BIG caveat, the focus is primarily on Russia’s interference into the 2016 US presidential election. Presumably that covers a wide area. Remember that Trumpian slogan repeated ad nauseum “there is no collusion” ?


Laughing here. You are absolved.

Hey, the proverbial shit is hitting the fan
The Deeply Troubled House of Trump. I’m sure you’ve seen all of the latest. I am actually beginning to believe that we might finally harpoon this abomination of a person.

National Security
Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence, weigh potential charges
Shayna Jacobs
David A. Fahrenthold

May 25, 2021 at 7:52 p.m. CDT

NEW YORK — Manhattan’s district attorney has convened the grand jury that is expected to decide whether to indict former president Donald Trump, other executives at his company or the business itself, should prosecutors present the panel with criminal charges, according to two people familiar with the development.

The panel was convened recently and will sit three days a week for six months. It is likely to hear several matters — not just the Trump case ­— during its term, which is longer than a traditional New York state grand-jury assignment, these people said. Like others, they spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. Generally, special grand juries such as this are convened to participate in long-term matters rather than to hear evidence of crimes charged routinely.

The move indicates that District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.’s investigation of the former president and his business has reached an advanced stage after more than two years. It suggests, too, that Vance thinks he has found evidence of a crime — if not by Trump, by someone potentially close to him or by his company.

Vance’s investigation is expansive, according to people familiar with the probe and public disclosures made during related litigation. His investigators are scrutinizing Trump’s business practices before he was president, including whether the value of specific properties in the Trump Organization’s real estate portfolio were manipulated in a way that defrauded banks and insurance companies, and if any tax benefits were obtained illegally through unscrupulous asset valuation.

The district attorney also is examining the compensation provided to top Trump Organization executives, people familiar with the matter have said.

In a statement issued Tuesday evening, Trump called the seating of the grand jury “a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in American history.”

“This is purely political, and an affront to the almost 75 million voters who supported me in the Presidential Election, and it’s being driven by highly partisan Democrat prosecutors,” Trump said. “Our Country is broken, our elections are rigged, corrupt, and stolen, our prosecutors are politicized, and I will just have to keep on fighting like I have been for the last five years!”

A spokesman for Vance (D) declined to comment.

Seven questions about New York’s investigations of Trump

Investigation of Trump Organization now explores possible criminal conduct
In May 2021, The Post’s David Fahrenthold told us what is known — and what isn’t — about two New York state investigations of the Trump organization. (Luis Velarde/The Washington Post)
Although grand juries with extended terms can hear cases out of order and to varying levels of completion, it is likely that Trump-related testimony in the secret proceeding has already begun, said one of the people familiar with the matter.

Adam S. Miller, who served as deputy bureau chief of the Major Economic Crimes Bureau in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office before entering private practice in 2011, said such a “special grand jury” is “certainly not an uncommon thing to do with a large, technical and complicated investigation.”

“It’s really for very complicated cases that have a lot of information for a grand jury to digest,” Miller said, noting that a special grand jury’s term can be extended with a judge’s approval.

It is unclear whether prosecutors working under Vance intend to go through the entirety of their grand-jury presentation at once or if the proceeding may be interrupted for the panel to review other cases between hearing from witnesses about the Trump Organization and its business dealings.

It is also unclear when or even whether the grand jury will be asked to consider returning any indictments. Prosecutors handling cases such as this one can choose to present charges for the grand jury to consider — or not. A prosecutor’s grand-jury strategy is often a closely kept secret and can be subject to change.

Rebecca Roiphe, a former assistant district attorney in Manhattan who is now a professor at New York Law School, said that such investigations are always formally overseen by grand juries. In the early stages, prosecutors may use a grand jury’s power just to subpoena documents without offering charges for consideration.

Roiphe said the recent step of seating a long-term panel shows that Vance’s investigation has progressed to the point that prosecutors will visit the grand jury, present evidence and witnesses, and potentially ask that charges be considered. Prosecutors were unlikely to take that step without believing they had evidence to show there was probable cause to believe someone had committed a crime, she said.

“The prosecutors are convinced they have a case. That’s at least how I read it,” Roiphe added.

Investigation of Trump Organization now exploring possible criminal conduct, N.Y. attorney general’s office says

Trump is facing two investigations of his business practices in New York. Both appear to have begun with the same man: Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime lawyer and attack dog, who turned on Trump after pleading guilty to making hush-money payoffs on Trump’s behalf and lying to Congress.

Vance’s criminal investigation began in 2018, after Cohen pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the hush-money payoffs, made in the last days of the 2016 campaign to women who said they had affairs with Trump years earlier — allegations the former president denies. Vance’s investigation soon expanded, as the district attorney sought to examine millions of pages of Trump’s tax records.

Separately, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) began a civil investigation of the Trump Organization in 2019 prompted by Cohen’s testimony to Congress, where he said Trump had misled lenders and tax authorities with manipulated valuations of his assets. Asset values were inflated at times when the company was seeking favorable loan interest rates and were deflated to reduce tax liability, Cohen has alleged. He has been interviewed extensively by Vance’s team, which has added a decorated former federal prosecutor, Mark F. Pomerantz, to help with the Trump case.

In recent months, the two investigations have appeared to converge. Both sets of investigators have sought documents related to a Trump estate in suburban New York, according to court records and people familiar with the efforts, where the then-future president obtained a $21?million tax break by agreeing to give up development rights, and a tower in Chicago where Trump’s lenders forgave $100?million of debt.

Another sign of convergence: James’s office said last week that its long-running civil probe had also spawned a criminal investigation, now being run in coordination with Vance.

The state attorney general’s office did not explain what inspired the criminal inquiry, but veterans of the office said such shifts often are triggered by evidence that indicates a defendant intended to break the law.

Trump has attacked both investigations, pointing to comments by James during her 2018 election campaign in which she called him an “illegitimate president” and promised to investigate his family business. Trump has never been criminally charged. No former U.S. president has ever been charged with a crime.

The Washington Post previously reported that Vance’s office has been trying to pressure the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, into cooperating against his boss, a person familiar with the strategy confirmed. Weisselberg is said to know the ins and outs of every business transaction at the company over the course of his decades in employment there.

A lawyer for Weisselberg declined to comment when reached Tuesday.

Fahrenthold reported from Washington. Jonathan O’Connell in Washington contributed to this report.

perhaps with all this legal action going on, it will keep donny’s attention away from his direct and active political mischief

I’m wondering why nothing has been mentioned about DJT’s organization laundering Russian money from 70’s up until recent time.

Also curious as to why Merrick Garland is uncomfortable revealing the details of the DOJ coverup of Trump’s relationship with the Russians. Maybe he’s afraid the information will stoke a “nuclear war” between Democrats and Republicans?

AND…What is the motivation for Texas Gov. Abbott and the Texas legislature to pass a law permitting ALL citizens of age and with zero training, to openly carry any firearm they might choose when most Texas gun owners are opposed to that? Maybe it’s literally because he wants potential insurrectionists to be legally well armed, if he feels the need to (like Trump) call on them to invade the state capitol, or anywhere else in Texas he feels they might be needed?


I’m with Eliseo on this. Given the astrological evidence of an impending Trump indictment (possibly June 10th?) and a subsequent Weisselberg indictment (the June 14th Saturn Uranus t square to Weisselberg’s Saturn/Pluto conj.) I think it’s all but certain Trump will sound the call to arms for his supporters to launch an all out nation-wide insurrection. It’s the only power he has left. A desperate man with his back against the wall will resort to desperate measures. Violence in the streets may prove to be the Donald’s ultimate distraction. That’s the way Donald Trump’s mind is programmed.. . . .

The Saturn-Uranus Square 17th February, June 14th, December 24th 2021. A Seismic Shift.

By Empower Astrology

The Saturn-Uranus square is perhaps the most important astrological aspect of 2021 that will peak three times throughout the year, the first will take place on the 17th of February, then again June 14th and December 24th. However the effects of this aspect will be active all year.

Saturn and Uranus can be likened to tectonic plates beneath the earth’s crust slowly moving towards each other, causing a steady build-up of pressure that releases as they come into contact with each other, resulting in a seismic shift and major eruption.

The resulting waves of seismic energy will propagate through our lives and society, changing our world as we know it.

Together Saturn and Uranus are causing revolutionary change that first began with the Jupiter- Saturn conjunction on the 21st of December 2020, heralding in a new Aquarian age based on a more progressive, fairer and more humanitarian society.

Uranus in the fixed sign of Taurus is Shaking up the unshakeable and removing the unmovable.

Continued. . . . .


The Saturn Uranus Square: Freedom Or Slavery – Time To Choose by Astro Journal

………Saturn Uranus alignments represent periods of radical change and disruption to the status quo. They’re good times to break out of old habits and patterns that have become too restrictive and limiting. Any structures in your life that no longer serve a useful or creative purpose can be dismantled and reformed – and you might not have much choice in the matter.

Uranus is disruptive but also creative. It stops life from becoming too static and stagnant by awakening new ideas and possibilities. When he aligns with Saturn, it triggers a crisis in consciousness that shatters your previous perspective and forces you to find a new way forward.

The hard alignments are periods of forced growth and change – resistance is futile! – but that doesn’t mean all change is good. When you embrace change for its own sake it often means nothing really changes because it’s too superficial. The old order remains unaffected, storing up problems for next time.

It’s also important to recognise the difference between old structures that are good and useful and necessary, and those that are repressive or worn out. If you don’t, you could end up getting rid of things you need – like civil liberties, for example.

Ultimately, these alignments are about freedom, but that doesn’t mean doing whatever you want.

For life, and civilization, to function well you need a balance between freedom and structure – Uranus and Saturn. Without good boundaries and limits, freedom can be taken too far and it becomes destructive. Equally, with too much control, life can’t flourish because creativity is stifled.



“I think it’s all but certain Trump will sound the call to arms for his supporters to launch an all out nation-wide insurrection. It’s the only power he has left. A desperate man with his back against the wall will resort to desperate measures. Violence in the streets may prove to be the Donald’s ultimate distraction. That’s the way Donald Trump’s mind is programmed.. . . .”

Yep. He did it once. Considering his desperation, why would he not do it again? Hope we are both wrong, but I anticipate the drop of the next shoe of the insurrectional centipede will coincide with the Saturn/Uranus squares of June and December, likely precisely as you described.

For a while after the election I felt as though we had dodged a large high caliber bullet, that maybe we would get through this crazy time without too much violence, without actually shooting at one another. I felt gratified and relieved that we of moderate and leftward persuasion would not need to form a secret, covert, armed resistance against a Trumpist style fascist government.

Had Trump somehow “won” the election, I have no doubt he and his minions would have bullied us into a system similar to that of Francisco Franco’s fascist Spain.

Sadly, passive resistance is of no avail against such gangsters. Had India been ruled by German Nazis rather than conscience laden British, we would never have heard of Mohandas Kamarachand Gandhi. He would have been dispatched into the dustbin of history, a bullet in the back of his head early along in his career.

Then came the insurrectional terrorist attack on Jan. 6th. My gratitude was mollified; still present, but weakened. If a resistance movement were to manifest, it would be theirs, not ours. Our side would be seen by the world as legitimate. Our military personnell and FBI would have the onerous responsibility of quelling the far right, not amateurs like us.

It has been almost 6 months since Jan. 6th, but so far only a few have been charged, but none tried. The correct remedy would have been swift justice to discourage any further insurrectional or seditious attempts. But it hasn’t gone that way. The far right is surely encouraged.

My late younger brother was in a medically induced coma on Jan. 6th. He would not have been surprised by that days events. A proud Democrat and IBEW Union man, he worked along side Trump followers every day. He had their proverbial “number.” He knew what they were capable of. He died in the early morning hours of Jan. 20th, about a month after exposure to the virus.

As of recent years I was impressed by the accuracy of his intuitions re: domestic and world affairs. Time and again I saw him read people and circumstances, correctly predicting behavior and events. In the last 2 years in particular, sensing the fury and fanaticism of the far right activists, he came to believe that nothing would stop them but death. He believed that not even imprisonment would stop them. “They won’t surrender,” he said. “They’re true believers.” He saw the future as a domestic, internal American WWII.

“True Believers” – Neptune? Saturn/Uranus squares, and relationships – disruptions, more insurrection? Looks probable, but I pray not. Lord, let this cup pass us by.


I would imagine the more we can perceive the higher purpose in all this, the less there is to fear. I’m an optimist at heart. I see the silver lining. There is the potential for a great awakening here. The following is another article by Jessica Davidson. Same theme but from a different angle…….

The Saturn Uranus Cycle: Archetypes and History – by Astro Journal

……..Uranus pushes for freedom and revolution, stirring up chaos and uncertainty, while Saturn seeks to maintain stability through order and control. This can produce extreme tension and crisis within the individual and society. How this plays out depends on which planet has the upper hand: Saturn can bring stability and order, as well as oppression and limitation; and Uranus can disrupt, as well as awaken and liberate.

Saturn Uranus alignments coincide with periods of revolution and political upheaval. There may be sudden breakthroughs and/or breakdowns that lead to the reform of society. Long-term problems are revealed, sometimes through the sudden collapse of systems that need reform and structural change. New structures can be found for revolutionary ideas, and technological innovation brings the potential for progress and the disruption of the status quo.



The Man Who Could Determine Trump’s Fate

May 26, 2021

Every so often history brings us a hero accountant. In the 1930s it was Frank Wilson, who helped put away Al Capone and became a main character in Hollywood’s The Untouchables. More recently David G. Friehling flipped and proved essential to cracking the Madoff Ponzi scheme. Could it now be Allen Weisselberg’s turn?

Weisselberg, chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, has become a central figure in New York prosecutors’ drive to unravel the rat’s nest that is Donald Trump’s financial records to determine whether or not there was criminal activity there. The pressure was raised on Weisselberg recently as his own tax returns became a subject of investigation. This development could make him the man Trump fears most in the world. The former president released a statement calling the probe corrupt, and adding “There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is in desperate search of a crime. But, make no mistake, that is exactly what is happening here.”



“I would imagine the more we can perceive the higher purpose in all this, the less there is to fear.” ….”There is the potential for a great awakening here.”

I agree. I also see the world that comes after the storm, and it does indeed look better than the one we have now.


I truly believe that the far-right collective is psychotic and actually wants death to everything and everyone—themselves included. They deeply hate the emerging world and its playing field-leveling Aquarian vibes of equality for all, and feel the existing “spiky” Capricornian one where so much was under their control and where so much seemed like such a certainty to them, fast slipping away like quicksand under their feet.

Simply put, if they can’t live in a world that operates on their terms, one in which white straight Anglo Protestant men rightly ruled over all, they’ll take it ALL down—and all of us down with them.

The Dems, Biden, and so many others still believe that these folks can be reasoned with, but they are whistling past the graveyard.

For so many of these folks, Trump became the avatar of all of their hopes, and the crusader to rage against all of their most dread fears. That they chose to rally that particularly stupid idiot really speaks to their madness and desperation, as well as how little remains to restrain their worst impulses and desires. Trump personifies the depths of their spiritual, intellectual and emotional poverty in every way imaginable.

Death indeed is likely the only thing that will stop them in the end. I mean, seriously. How many of these fools didn’t give a damn about wearing a mask to save themselves and stop the spread of COVID?

They want to die, and they don’t care how many other people they take down with them. The only question that remains is how many will suffer before we say “no more” and put a definitive stop to them?

Even if you are not a NYT subscriber, the title of this column by Gail Collins should make you smile. It is : “Witch hunt, meet Grand Jury”.


The progressive left needs to be taking every serious step possible to bring a swift and decisive end to the reactionary right. The time for debate is over.

Raise an army and be ready to give these nihilistic psychotic reactionary bastards exactly what they want, General Sherman style. Break their spirits and send them crawling back under the rocks from whence they came—and stomp the rocks on top of their heads repeatedly until they are firmly entombed into the ground.

Basically, we start off by swatting Trump with the full force of Constitutional principle and law. If we can’t muster the fortitude to do that, howling reactionary monkeys be damned, we might as well use it for toilet paper.


“I truly believe that the far-right collective is psychotic and actually wants death to everything and everyone—themselves included. They deeply hate the emerging world and its playing field-leveling Aquarian vibes of equality for all, and feel the existing “spiky” Capricornian one where so much was under their control and where so much seemed like such a certainty to them, fast slipping away like quicksand under their feet.

Simply put, if they can’t live in a world that operates on their terms, one in which white straight Anglo Protestant men rightly ruled over all, they’ll take it ALL down—and all of us down with them.”

Yeah Baby! You’ve got game!

“Raise an army and be ready to give these nihilistic psychotic reactionary bastards exactly what they want, General Sherman style. Break their spirits and send them crawling back under the rocks from whence they came—and stomp the rocks on top of their heads repeatedly until they are firmly entombed into the ground.”

Hear, hear!


Re: Trump’s grand-jury – joyeux! C’est un sarcasme méchant-bon mélangé à l’humour de potence; un merveilleux petit-déjeuner.


As individuals, I don’t believe the far right is psychotic, but as a collective entity, perhaps so. But otherwise, I agree with you 100%.

“The Dems, Biden, and so many others still believe that these folks can be reasoned with, but they are whistling past the graveyard.”

That’s not the only thing about which the Dems are ludicrously naive, but it is the issue which disturbs me most. Dems continue in the role of Neville Chamberlain returning from his meeting with A. Hitler, waving the signed papers proclaiming peace at hand.

Were that it were so. But the current version of R’s have no honor, no intention of negotiation in good faith, no intention of fulfilling their oaths of office. Like you said, they appear to be suicide bound; if they can’t have power, perfectly willing to kill off the country in the name of supposedly saving it.

The R’s in Congress that refused to certify the election results should have been denied their seats. My understanding is with majority support, Madame Speaker has that power. I suppose Dems want to avoid conflict, but I believe are merely postponing it.

Consider the R senators and representatives who are carrying firearms into the capitol building, who refuse to go through the normal security checks BECAUSE they are carrying concealed weapons. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the only one; there are several others. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but might it be only a matter of time before they are shooting down their Dem colleagues?

The armed R’s issue in Congress was reported by major news in January, but since then the story was dropped. Why? Is that not as potentially important as the events of Jan. 6th? Considering R bullying, belligerent attitudes, denial of the potential here is nuts. What are people thinking? This is not a movie. Shootouts are not fun adventure time. I know this from personal experience. I do NOT understand why the R’s we know to be carrying as they enter the capitol building are not immediately arrested and divested of their weapons by capitol police.

IMHO, we are being entirely too nice to these crazies…on multiple levels.

Shell, Exxon and Chevron…right after the Lunar Eclipse, it feels more like Saturn in Aquarius, but I’m just a dabbler here…finally, a major breakthrough!

What I find odd is that in the case of Exxon and Chevron, it was investors who led the way toward better behavior, electing board members advocating reduction of carbon emissions. Shell will appeal the Dutch court’s ruling, but the legal environment is not looking friendly toward anti-social, anti-earth policy and behavior.

Eliseo, the times they are a’ hanging. Amazing developments

Will, Frank, Buckeye, Eliseo,

About psychotic behavior. I posted this on Facebook sometime ago. Very pertinent. I think you will enjoy it…….

The Confessions And Ramblings of A Mad Seeker


Your “ramblings” were interesting. You, evidently are as weird a person as am I. But I think I’m a bit more risk averse. Similarly to your experience, although very involved in the counterculture and spiritual seeking, I too chose to avoid all drugs, experimenting instead with varieties of meditation.
Thank You for the link to your autobiographical “ramblings”!

Baba Jerry,

The account you shared was positively gripping and had the brinkmanship of a tight-rope walker I laughed out loud with this passage:

“I was embarrassed. After all, I had been pestering their office for the past five days. They were non-plussed and truly annoyed . And the assistant was equally perplexed. Why would you cancel the ticket that is being offered? He felt he had unnecessarily went to such great trouble because he felt I was in dire need. In hindsight, all of it was true. I had to reassure him that I felt it was divine providence.

You have led a remarkable life – a rare individual with tremendous faith and determination. Your writing is richly descriptive and engaging. Thank you for sharing this passage.

Since you brought up the subject, what pray tell is your birthday?

Will, Eliseo,

Delighted to hear how much you enjoyed the narrative. Believe it or not, it’s the first time I made the attempt to put all this down on paper (or in this case – on computer). None of it is exaggerated. It was exactly how it happened. What is largely missing is the impressions and rich experiences of my seven month stay at Meherabad. It was a rather unique period: spending quality time with Baba’s close disciples. There were so few visitors at the time, not unlike the period immediately following the death of Jesus. Everything was so fresh and poignant.


I know it sounds odd, but I very rarely review my personal chart and its corresponding transits, preferring instead to focus on geopolitical affairs and how the astrological influences come into play in that. That facet has always fascinated me. Nevertheless, I’m more than happy to oblige. Here’s the birth info: May 13, 1949 Los Angeles, Ca. 9 pm PST

The Prime Minister of New Zealand states that she believes her country will become a republic in her lifetime.


Thank you Jerry! What an exciting time for you…and what persistence! I don’t know much about Meher Baba, my path took me on a winding road elsewhere. Terrific photo, too!

The independent commission to investigate 1/6 failed in the Senate today due to R opposition. In a Washington Post article it said Joe Manchin lost his temper with the Rs, saying there is no excuse to not support the commission.

I’m an astrology dabbler with an inconsistent intuition, so grains of salt are advised, lol. My intuition has been drawn to Manchin and from his transits I’m going to guess he will budge on the filibuster by March, next year.

Joe Manchin: birth time unknown, born 8/24/1947 Farmington, WV
Sun 0 Virgo, Sag Moon and a Saturn-Pluto conj at 13-14+ Leo that is currently under great stress right now.

Hi transits:
Saturn at 13 Aquarius oppos his Pluto exact now and Jan 15
Saturn oppos his Saturn now and exact Jan 26
Uranus at 12 Taurus square forming to his Pluto-Saturn forming 1.3 degrees apart exact June 23, Oct and April12
Mercury and Venus are both conjunct his Uranus now
Jupiter oppos his Sun, was exact May 20, again July21, Jan 1

The Saturn-Uranus square makes a T-square with his Saturn-Pluto conjunction and I think his old ways and beliefs in bipartisanship and in the filibuster is being clobbered by R opposition to the independent commission. The fact that he lost his temper over it say a lot about how he feels about what happened 1/6 and how important the independent commission is to him. Uranus is involved so there is an awakening of sorts. I hope and pray that he will come around.


I would never have pegged you as a solarian Taurus. Your Sagittarian moon and ascendant with Jupiter ruling your chart says it all; a globe-trotting seeker of spiritual truth and philosophical wisdom and lover of distant lands and people and a generous dollop of good fortune! Your 5th house house is amazing with that wonderful 0-degree Gemini (your amazing command of the pen and communicating) and that determined Mars in Taurus with the whole house ruled by Venus – such talent! I like Neptune on your MC too. Your fifth house with transiting Uranus for a while is going to be a wild ride – enjoy!

Thank you for “showing me yours.” I return with mine. March 20, 1953 Chicago, IL 6:25PM.


Moon Ascendant in Sagittarius
3 planets in Gemini including Uranus in the 7th house

Born in the year of the OX!

With Mars and Sun in stable Taurus (echoing the Ox) in the 5th house of adventure and gambling
… those Taurus planets in hard aspect to Pluto and Saturn respectively…. so intrepid but careful.

Right? for starters

Your personal relationships could be best with sort of a “foreign correspondents” flavor – both flying around the world as adventurers…..
But in it for the long haul, meeting each other between “assignments” whatever those assignments mean to you and any long term close friends or lovers…..

OK I assume a lot! But those Year of the OX guys have a lot of guts. And a steady hand to get through all the hair raising predicaments their Sagittarius – Gemini placements get them into….

Hmm. Wonder what the Saturn-Uranus square stimulating your Mars in Taurus is stimulating you to do?

Of course you live on the edge fearlessly at times partly because you do not expect life to be easy…with Mars Pluto square

But wonder what this new cycle is bringing up in you…. You were harkening back to a time where maybe the energies are stimulating memories ….? to move forward? to reaffirm direction…..?

Yup I assume…… apologize in advance if this gives offense.

But then I have no boundaries ATM… Haha! Tr. Neptune is currently conjunct my Sun.

Yikes and progressed Venus is square progressed Neptune.

Holy Crow. Maybe if I get spiritual I will survive the Saturn-Uranus square to my three Leo planets.

Kundalini yoga has been re-suggested to me but not feelin’ it.


When I was looking at your chart, and read your facebook… Somehow I was reminded of Michael A. Singer who wrote The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment.

He’s born May 6 1947 no time. So Moon either in Scorpio or Sagittarius.

A combination of full speed ahead with Mars and Venus in Aries in trine to Pluto in Leo, and tow the line Saturn square Mercury respectively in the fixed signs of Leo and Taurus.

Whew! read both books and it was a chronicle and adventure but after thinking it over I couldn’t live that kind of life myself.

However I envy what you did years ago. Wish I would have had the chutzpa – (what’s a better word?) to do it. I DID have the desire to join the Peace Corps though. Didn’t work out.

My Moon in Aries likes adventurers… not to mention my Sun in exact square to Uranus in Gemini….. I like my friends “To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before” Never did watch Star Trek much but that resonates……. 🙂

I need some of that self starting energy for myself now and not sure how I’m gonna get it

To be honest I didn’t really want to read those books mentioned above but my best friend who is 10 years younger kinda pushed them on me. The concepts may have been new to her but not so much to me. Think I have read better books on the subject for me that is….but lost in the dust now – or mixed in with my soul

According to MSNBC 28% of R’s believe violence is necessary to save the country.


“According to MSNBC 28% of R’s believe violence is necessary to save the country.”

That’s approximately one-sixth of the voters. Pretty good odds of goodness overtaking evil.


You wrote: “You, evidently are as weird a person as I am .” Ha ha. I’m glad we share that in common. Toss it up to youth and indiscretion. You will be pleased to know, over time, I was able to get a grip on those wild horses. I became much more level-headed and settled in life with age and hopefully some maturity. Of course I kept up the routine of annual pilgrimages to India, but in the more traditional method of air travel and would often stop over in Europe en route and have a “normal vacation”. I alluded to it in one of my previous Facebook posts. I think I shared it here. If not, and you have some time, here it is…….



About that Taurus Sun – Sagittarius Moon/Ascendant dichotomy in my chart. Very insightful of you. Quite right. I’ve always had those wild untamed tendencies (the Sag influence). But as you noted, it is tempered with Taurean sensibilities. My parents were like that. It comes with the genes. They were both professional artists. They met in 1947 at The Art Students League of New York, a prestigious art school at the time. They then moved out to California (where I was born). Two years later we moved to Guadalajara, Mexico for a number of years. There was an enclave of American/ European expatriates living there; a haunting ground for artists, poets, writers and the spiritually inclined. You could say they were part of the Bohemian culture. Established but on the outer fringes of society. Let me introduce you to my mom (photo taken about 1959). . . .


That link was inactive. Try this one…..


Taking license again Jerry: “There was an enclave of American/European expatriates living there; a haunting ground for artists, poets, writers and the spiritually inclined. You could say they were part of the Bohemian culture.”

This, along with the picture of your mom, puts me in mind of Leonard Cohen and his muse, Marianne, somewhere in Greece around the same time period. What I would have given to be there….. SO beautiful

I actually had a friend who WAS in that area at that time who, after returning to Canada, all she could think of was getting back… she was so cool. In my young years, my late teenage years, I knew her experiences were well beyond my own, and that I wished but in futility that I could know what she knew about her experience in Greece.


Your Mother looks beautiful. I am very familiar with the much vaunted Arts Student League of New York.
Your parents were truly adventurous and bold individuals; it is quite evident that the die was cast.

Is the Caucasian fellow with the full beard you in the Confessions and Ramblings of a Mad Seeker?

Hi Will,

Yes. That’s me. The photo was taken Feb 25, 1971. It was an annual festival commemorating Baba’s birthday. A rather large and elaborate affair. We were perched on top of a caravan of bullock carts, meandering through the streets of Ahmednagar. A number of marching bands accompanied us playing an array of discordant sounds. Very lively and amusing. Here’s a more recent photo taken in 2005. Baba’s tomb (resting place) can be seen in the background. I’m the fellow on the extreme right wearing grey trousers and dark purple shirt….


Jerry, thank you for your life story. It is inspiring.


I’ve never been to Greece, but from all the photos and films I’ve seen, it appears strikingly similar in terrain and culture to that of southern Italy. Quite beautiful. One of my favorite films…. Under The Tuscan Sun. Here’s the trailer:


Despite the election of Joe Biden, democracy in the US still appears to be dying. That is because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of last December is not powerful enough on its own to counteract the US Pluto return. Only Pluto’s entry into Aquarius over the degree of the conjunction in November 2024, at the time of the next presidential election, will be able to do that. Only then will the authoritarian menace be repelled for this decade.

It is interesting that Elizabeth Warren’s chart indicates she should be more than happy with the result in 2024.


As M. Orr wrote, she might be happy because she supported JB who won a 2nd term.
But to me, she still has a definite FDRish vibe to her. Then again, perhaps her 2024 happiness might come from the knowledge her ideas and policies will be enacted into law.

RE: the December Jupiter-Saturn conjunction vs the Pluto return & November 2024 Pluto in Aquarius.

From my pov, most New Deal policies should have remained in place and modified as necessary relative to social and technological change. Had we sufficient political and moral sense, the New Deal IMO should have been the foundation, merely the beginning of social democracy for the US.

It appears to me Mr. Biden is attempting to restore the 1930’s New Deal, which for the past several decades has piece by piece been gradually diminished and partially removed by efforts of R’s. The best I believe we might can expect until Jan.2025 is partial success of that restoration.

Perhaps the Pluto in Aquarius era will bring true and more complete and equitable social democracy to us. Perhaps those energies will enable the US to finally join the developed, western community of social democracies.

Yes love to read that prognostication 🙂

Some time ago I pointed out the risks of the June 20th Jupiter station (2 ’11 Pisces). It will square Pres Biden’s Uranus/descendant degrees (2 ’46/ 3 ’11 Gemini). I suggested this might signify a major change in leadership (Uranus – sudden/ Jupiter – transition). With Jupiter right on Kamala Harris’ mid heaven (2 ’24 Pisces), is that an indication that VP Harris will replace Biden? Will she assume the office of President due to unexpected events in late June? Admittedly, it is all speculatory AND realistically speaking, I have no way of knowing what would be the cause of this drastic change if it were to happen. Could it be health related? Anyway, Joni Patry just released a new video and she nails it. Reminder, Joni uses sidereal astrology in her analysis. The aspects and interpretations are the same as in Tropical astrology but there is a 23 degree difference in calculations……

June 2021: Sudden Changes Will Shock The World by Joni Patry

Video: 22 min 10 sec


Baba Jerry,

I watched Patry’s clip. Once again, I found her to be promoting a thinly-veiled version of basic Trumpian paranoia and insanity. She’s also an unvarnished patriarchist. Although I acknowledge that the transits are fairly potent, I think it is wishful thinking on her part that Biden drops out due to health issues. She’s also a big proponent of Kyrpto-currencies. Deep down, I think she’s a hard-line Republican-Texan good old gal. She’s also quite tin-hatty regarding the media as the big bad wolf. I don’t doubt her experience with Vedic astrology. I do not however, support about 90 percent of her interpretations. In so many words, she predicted that Trump would replace Biden before the inauguration last January. As I listened to her rant last December, I wondered what was going through her peroxided big hair. She way cray-cray in my book, Baba Jerry. Just my two cents.

Who knows, maybe the person out of power will be Kamala Harris – and that might put Pelosi as VP. Pure speculation on my part.

I am feeling considerable relief from the full blood moon last week. I underwent abdominal surgery on May 21st and the past week of recovery was quite challenging. Never have I been more acutely aware of how just how essentially “core” the abdominal muscles figure into functions like clearing one’s throat or sneezing. I nearly passed out a few times when I coughed. Thanks be to God for deep sleep and a lot of naps and rest. I’m feeling about 80% back in the proverbial saddle.

Dear Will,

My, my. I was totally oblivious to her hardine Texas/Trumpian Republican connections. How funny. She seems sincere and convincing enough. Shows you how naive and gullible I am. I will have to be more discerning in the future. Thanks for the heads up. As you say, the transits coming up in late June/ early July are formidable regardless of her findings.

PS So sorry to hear about your physical condition and surgery. Are you expected to reach full recovery? Sending love and light to you dear fellow.

I concur with your take on Joni Patry. The transits she references do look strong, but I suspect the folks most “surprised” by whatever they bring will be Trump supporters. I suspect devastating, ironclad, conclusive evidence/proof will emerge of evil doings of Mr. DJT & Co. It might even be proof of “collusion” with the Russians, tantamount to treason.

Glad you are “back in the saddle.” May your healing continue. May you have glowing, feel good health.

I don’t usually read or take seriously much of anything from Fox News, or the NY Post. But this story is compelling and plausible. It remains to be seen whether the scientists referenced are correct in their conclusions.

Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID
British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen wrote they’ve had primary evidence ‘of retro-engineering in China’
By Eileen AJ Connelly | New York Post

“It was during their COVID-19 vaccine research that the pair came across “unique fingerprints” indicating the virus didn’t come from nature, they said.  The telltale clue: a rare finding in the COVID-carrying virus of a row of four amino acids, which give off a positive charge and bond to negative human cells.”

“The laws of physics mean that you cannot have four positively charged amino acids in a row,” Dalgleish told the Daily Mail. “The only way you can get this is if you artificially manufacture it.”


Hi Will,

I looked through some of Joni Patry’s previous videos and articles, specifically regarding her thoughts on the recent 2020 US election, trying to determine whether Joni indeed has pronounced political leanings (pro Trump). I couldn’t find any. Is it possible you took exception to some past remarks and interpreted it as Republican and biased? Could you be specific? Let’s discuss this.

Along with other astrologers, she felt that the Mars/Uranus conjunction (6 Taurus) square Jupiter (7 Aquarius) embedded in the Jan 20, 2021 US Inauguration chart would be fraught with potential violence. She took it one step further in speculating that whichever administration would take office the occupants wouldn’t last long. Is that what you are referring to?

Here’s the video…….

Who Will Be the Next U.S. President?

Video: 28 min 21 sec


It’s interesting to note, tr. Mars will form its first square to the Inaugural Jan 20th Mars/Uranus conj. on June 22nd augmenting the intense Jupiter station that is occurring at the same time.

Here’s one analysis on the Inauguration chart…….

Chart for the Inauguration of the US President, 01/20/2021 by Philip Young

…………Mars Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

The most powerful astrological event on the day of the inauguration was the conjunction of Mars, ruler of desire and action, and Uranus, ruler of revolution and the unexpected in the sign of Taurus, which represents traditions, foundations, and security. The swearing-in of the first female Vice-President is very much in line as an example of this energy manifesting in the real world. What it will mean for the country going forward will be most interesting to watch. The merging of Mars and Uranus will make this next presidency anything but conventional. Some greater stability than what we experienced in 2020 will unfold, but that bar for what is normal is pretty much off the scale. Even new stability will be “unstable” compared to 2019, before the virus arrived.





Her take on Inauguration Day. Listen closely also to her comments about how Donald Trump is here to ‘expose scandals and profound deception” in our government and how the media is manipulating and deceiving all of us.

Joni Patry December 2020 Prediction




Can you make it easier for me and pinpoint or mark the timings where those references appear? I made it through half of the first one, but need to turn in for the night. We will be waking up early and driving into town for our second vaccination.

If someone can contact Nancy would they please let her know Todd emailed and is in urgent need of assistance. I am dealing with a serious health crisis and I need my friends now.




Ok. Finally had some time to view both videos. As far as I can determine, Joni’s attitude towards Trump is non political. She does refer to Trump’s North Node return conjunct Sun trine Jupiter in the Jan 20, 2021 Inaugural chart as an indication that Trump will be a formidable force to deal with in the coming weeks and months. His persona will serve as a catalyst in exposing corruption and other social maladies, but I wouldn’t interpret those remarks as being aligned with the far right or that she is a Trumpian sympathiser.


Perhaps someone in the group can guide you in the right direction. Are you in need of medical attention?

Hi Todd
I’m in BC Canada but OMG want to help
Yikes transiting Moon is just past conjunction of Tr Saturn, both of which is oppose my natal Pluto in Leo

So reaching out to other members of the group altho this is a streetch …..

The opposition CAN be positive…. and in my chart it’s from the 5th (Aquarius) to the 11th (Pluto in Leo) – groups and collective plans and future plans

What do you say, Group?

Thinking of you Todd for the mere fact that you identify as being part of this group.

When I was young, before the age of twenty, I thought the oppositions were POSITIVE – one person reaching out to the other to know more….

Yes, and later I knew it meant Cooperation or Separation.

NOW I need it to be positive…. as I face these oppositions in real time.

We shall see……

PS: I’ve never liked Joni Patry 🙂

Umm How’s THAT for an opposition?

As a French Canadian ex-lover once said to me: “I’m only human” LOL! Hahaha

(1) Do you need immediate medical attention?
(2) Where are you located?
Perhaps someone who follows this blog lives relatively near you, who might be able to help you. That is my hope.

Thank you Eliseo

The June Solar Eclipse at 19 Gemini falls exactly on Biden’s Inaugural North Node…what does that imply?


Biden’s Inaugural chart’s North Node is at 17 Gemini – not quite exact, but close. On the other hand, Trump’s Sun-Moon axis, progressed Uranus and nodes are all being heavily impacted with this eclipse. Some major development pertaining to the Trump investigation?

I posted the following in early April. Perhaps it might interest you…….

About 18 years ago Astrology Weekly published an interesting analysis on the US Black Moon Lilith placement (19 ’35 Virgo). The main premise is that this sensitive degree when impacted by transits sometimes contributed to war. The astrologer cites a number of key examples in this study.

It had occurred to me that the June 10th, 2021 solar eclipse (19 ’47 Gemini) could be a major factor because because of its square to the US Black Moon Lillith. Here is the article…..

America’s Pretexts for War

“Most of the great results of history are brought about by discreditable means.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson – Considerations by the Way)


Judging history from an objective viewpoint is an impossible task. This article is a collection of astrological observations and historical considerations, from my limited perspective. No offense intended, whatsoever. Feel free to accept the ideas and conclusions presented herein or reject them.

The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

This article explores historical events related to USA wars using the astrology. The reason for doing this was the observation that the ways the USA is involved in wars is tightly correlated with the aspects of Mars in USA natal chart, that is, the square with the Black Moon Lilith and Neptune.

In particular, when it comes to finding war pretexts, Lilith’s natal position in US natal charts seems extremely sensitive to transits, progressions or solar arcs and stands for media manipulation, lies and different dirty tricks, such as inflicting self-damage and then blaming it on the enemy, as a way to wage war. Or, as Ralph Waldo Emerson has put it :”Most of the great results of history are brought about by discreditable means.”

US natal chart data used (Sibly chart): July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia PA



Thanks Jerry. I have 2 Biden Inaugural charts, the noon time which is the time cited by the US Constitution has the NN at 17 Gem. The actual time of Biden’s swearing in, 11:48, has the NN at 19 Gem. Both charts have the NN in the second House. I think the Eclipse on Trump’s NN may be another issue that may be separate from Biden’s inaugural chart because most of Trump’s legal problems (that we hear of) is not coming from the Justice Dept. Aside from those details do you know how a solar eclipse on a NN may be interpreted? I can’t find anything on it in my good gel searches. What you cite re: BML is very interesting and may be related to some of the lies by our government to support past wars: Vietnam and Iraq.


Re: The Biden administration and its predecessor; Trump & Company.

I’m not so sure they are mutually exclusive of each other. Biden inherited a mess left over from the nefarious misdeeds of his predecessor. Whether desirable or not, they are inextricably entwined. Biden’s task is to move forward. The past has to be brought to light in order for the underlying issues to be resolved. In any case, regarding your relevant question concerning the eclipse on the North Node, I found this on the net…….

North Node Solar Eclipse:

The Moon is conjunct the North Node and therefore provides an opportunity for higher intuitive faculties to be integrated into the personality. This requires an adjustment to new circumstances or acceptance of current conditions. The Sun is “overpowered” by the Moon conjunct the North or South Node (in total eclipses) and reiterates the Moon’s instinctive powers of reaction and persuasion. The Moon absorbs the Sun’s power during this eclipse which accentuates issues that need to be examined: ego, dependency needs, selfishness, and emotional deprivation. A North Node Solar Eclipse focuses us on areas of our lives where we are compulsive, enchained to habits and rituals, and to somatic disorders which arise from stress.



A quick follow-up….. an equally interesting transit involving the North Node can be applied to Biden’s personal chart.

June 18th has transiting North Node (9 ’57 Gemini) conjunct Biden’s natal Saturn. Could we interpret that as his life’s purpose arriving at completion? It forms a close sesqui-quadrate to tr. Pluto (26 ’14 Capricorn) – an ending of sorts? Combine that with Jupiter’s simultaneous retrograde station right on Biden’s Uranus/ Ascendant degrees, this could suggest dramatic events occurring mid to late June concerning Biden’s health or political position.

Eliseo, Will, et al.
I have been following the matter closely and am concerned that when Trump is arrested (July?), and while the uprising is being dealt with, that Texas may try to secede and welcome Russia to its new nation. This would, of course, give them a home within the USA itself. Wondering what are your thoughts on the matter.

Jerry, thank you so much for your fabulous sleuthing and for noting Biden’s transit of Saturn on his NN. I think the 2 transits; to his Saturn and to the solar eclipse to his NN point in the same direction. I wonder if it points to the filibuster as blocking his agenda combined with all the voter suppression or if it suggests a health issue?? If its about the filibuster I do think there is a good chance Manchin will budge on this given the transits to his Saturn-Pluto conjunction which will be under great stress again in January. I wonder if Kamala Harris’ chart points to something paralleling Biden’s transits this month?

Being torn apart by cancer. Go to https://twitter.com/PapaLovesKitty and look on my profile if you want to help. To answer an earlier thought I have been a part of this group a long long time. Thanks,


Hi Frank.

You asked “I wonder if Kamala Harris’ chart points to something paralleling Biden’s transits this month?”

Yes. I mentioned it a few days ago. The June 20th Jupiter station is right on her mid heaven (2 ’24 Pisces) in trine to her natal Mercury (1 ’27 Scorpio).

For some time now I’ve’ been pondering the approaching June 5th Mars-Pluto opposition (26 ’27 Cancer-Capricorn) as it appears to be activating Trump’s natal Venus (25 ’44 Cancer – money matters?), Biden’s natal Jupiter (25 ’08 Cancer) and Ivanka Trump’s Nodes (25 ’47 Cancer-Capricorn). Would that suggest an Ivanka Trump indictment? So I googled it and came up with Jessica Adams blog, a noted psychic astrologer. Here’s what she has to say (written two years ago). . . .

Trump Family Crisis April-June 2021

So where is this all going to end up for the Republicans? Is this the end for the GOP? What you read – here – on March 27th, 2019:

“Between April and June 2021, the Democrats and Republicans will be at a critical crossroads which affects every American voter and between June 4th and 8th the nation has a serious choice to make.”

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Predicted almost two years ago here:

“It seems very likely that June 4th to 8th, 2021. is about the Trump children – Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, young Barron Trump…..”

She attributes her assessments to a totally different factor than the one I arrived at. She writes:

“The transiting North Node is at 11 Gemini. The transiting South Node is at 11 Sagittarius. Saturn is at 11 Aquarius. Uranus is at 11 Taurus. Chiron is at 11 Aries. Watch Ceres move across 10 and 11 degrees June 4th-8th 2021. What takes place in April-June 2021 nods to the January 31st 2018 (* Lunar Eclipse – 11 ’37 Leo).”

Extracted from Psychic Predictions – Trump 2021 by Jessica Adams


Here’s another read by Jude Cowell of Stars Over Washington

June 5, 2021: Mars and Pluto in an Opposition of Power/ A ‘Full Moon’ phase for the Mars-Pluto Cycle

May 24, 2021 Monday: Previously we looked at a DC Horoscope of the May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse @5Sag25 (chart shown) and noted the soon-coming Mars-Pluto opposition – exact on June 5, 2021 (26Can27/26Cap27). Obviously, with transit Pluto within orb of US natal Pluto (27Cap33, in 1776 2nd house of our Sag rising charts = National Treasury, Values including Currency, and Possessions), this simultaneously spotlights a Mars opposition to US natal Pluto and this indicates potentials for: a contest of wills, attempts at manipulation, confronting hostile forces, interference in or disruption of the status quo, and/or efforts to gain control. However, Mars in Cancer can be moody, angry, impulsive, and exhibit a lack of perseverance so that sustained follow-through may be difficult. And as you know, the sign of Cancer is tribal, nationalistic, and patriotic but the patriotism may be only superficial.

Yet during periods influenced by Mars-Pluto, emotions run high, brutality remains a method intended to spark fear among the populace, issues of rape may be addressed, concerns over militarism are on the table, plus, forceful seizures and unscrupulous procedures continue to be used.

Continued. . . . .


Thank you Jerry, this all reminds me to take deep breaths! I think it was you who posted something from Denise Siegel sometime back. I’ve been tuning in to her work since, I like her and if it was you who posted her, thanks. Here’s her latest on Biden and China and she touches on the Saturn transit to Biden’s North Node that you mentioned:

The delusion persists. The scam continues.
Trump is telling supporters he’ll be reinstated as president in August.


I’ve watched quite a few of Patry’s monthly youtube casts. Without going too far this.rabbit hole, It remains my impression that although her knowledge of Sideral Astrology is formidable, she has made several overtures to Trump’s astrology chart over the years which impressed upon me that she was a Trumpista.
I could be wrong but I don’t also do t have the time nor the inclination to split hairs on this. She is certainly entitled to her posture. I also believe that sidereal astrology squares much better with ancient Asian cultures but often misses the mark when interpreting America’s chart and progressions.
Thank you for the trove of other enlightening pasts.

TODD – I am holding you in the Light and keeping you in my prayers, and will donate to your Go Fund Me. I feel for you for what you’ve had to go through.

I read an amazing book this year about an M.D. who healed their cancer through a macrobiotic lifestyle https://www.amazon.com/Recalled-Life-Anthony-J-Sattilaro/dp/038065573X

I can send you a copy.

Keep the faith ((( Todd )))

Thank you Sharon! If you could let some of the members that might remember know, or share my link that would be great too. I am tired. I am spending my remaining time in my career (life?) launching my newsletter to try to make a positive difference and leave something for my wife, who is not healthy herself.

HI Will,

I know. The combination of Joni’s elaborate coiffed hair, heavy make up and distinct verbal delivery makes one wonder. She states that she is an intuitive. I have no reason to disbelieve her. I think it is safe not to take one source as THE definitive statement on any given matter. Often in these cases, I find it is better to suspend judgment and keep an open mind. At least that is my take on Joni Patry.


Sharon offered an excellent resource. Our thoughts are with you. If you would like to tackle this from a spiritual angle, I find Byron Katie’s The Work most helpful. It encompasses every area of ones life including life threatening illnesses such as cancer. . . .

Cancer The Unimaginable—The Work of Byron Katie

Video 6 min 5 sec


I grew up in Texas. Perhaps you did as well? Do you live there now?

Whether you live in Texas or not, I understand your concern. But I don’t think the scenario you’ve envisioned will unfold as you suggest. It is true some Texans regret ever having joined the US and/or having been defeated in the Civil War…but they are a very, very tiny, albeit sometimes loud minority. Most Texans regard them as NUTS.

Speaking of kooks and nuts, no matter how crazy Gov. Abbott, or his even crazier lieutenant governor, or the legislature get, no matter what they say in public, or how loudly they say it, secession is really not a viable or plausible option. Their pointed little heads, and misshapen hearts may lead them there, but if they actually go that route, they might as well hang up their political spurs.

Colleagues in the business department of Texas A&M U. inform me the Texas business community as a whole pretty universally regards the notion of secession as both crazy and inimical to their bottom line. Although conservative, they do not favor politicians who would endanger their profits or otherwise institute policies they believe bad for business. Nor is the Texas business community pleased with the governor and legislature’s efforts to curb voting rights, another project they see as bad for business. Texas Republicans are “cruisin’ for a brusin'” risking defunding of their campaigns for the next election cycle.

IMO, and in the opinion of many others, the craziest, most immediate and most dangerous problem we face from the Texas legislature is their new gun law, permitting all adult citizens, be they blind, deaf, stupid, crazy, or ideologically addled, to walk about the public streets of Texas plainly carrying whichever long firearm they choose, also with whatever pistol or revolver they might strap to their hip outside their pants.

You might be surprised to learn, that although not monolithic, most gun owners in Texas are not pleased with this particular legislative development. Most concur the former system which required actual, serious training, plus a background check to earn a photo ID license for concealed carry was far better. They really don’t want untrained folks walking about armed willy nilly.

So why might the governor and the R. (Trumphead) legislature be so enthusiastic to pass a law which most Texas gun owners are against? Well,…..consider this. Austin, the capital, has long been the San Francisco of Texas. Although they might be wearing cowboy hats and boots, it is nevertheless a cultural oasis, a bastion of intellectuals, various counter culture radicals, bare breasted mothers brazenly nursing their newborns, and skinnydippin’ hippies down at the lake.

Speculation is, maybe the predominantly southern baptist legislature and the governor might be a tad intimidated. Should a massive protest of their policies manifest, they might feel the need to do as Mr. Trump did last Jan. 6th. They might want to rally a large number of their confederates, this time LEGALLY ARMED to overwhelm any opposition in the capital, or anywhere else necessary in the state.

So,…IMO, secession itself is unlikely. But the transgressive shenanigans of the governor and legislature may nevertheless result in serious oppression and fascistic misbehavior.

There are two charts used for Texas. One is the chart for the establishment of the Texas Republic. The other is for admission as a US state. Have you examined either of these?

All the best to you. If you reside in Texas, try not to worry so much, but do all necessary to be prepared. The worst that we imagine may or may not come into being.

Eliseo, wyndancer;

Looking at the problem in its larger context, there is reason to be concerned. . . . . . .

MAGA World Still Thinks Trump Will Be Reinstated As President (in August)

Video: 4 min 22 sec


We are nearing the second Saturn – Uranus square in mid June. As Rick Levine likes to call it – ACT TWO (Act One triggered the Jan 6th insurrection). . . .

June 2021 Forecast w/ Astrologer Rick Levine

Video: 1 hour 26 min 29 sec


PS Although later retracted, the following violent sentiments are gaining traction in the extreme right factions of the Republican Party. . . .

At Pro-Trump Conference, Michael Flynn Calls for Military Coup Against U.S.

Democracy Now
June 1, 2021

Ex-President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, called Sunday for a military coup d’état to overthrow the U.S. government — similar to the February coup in Burma that killed hundreds of people. Flynn is a former Army general who was pardoned by Trump for lying to the FBI. He was speaking at a weekend conference in Dallas convened by QAnon conspiracy theorists and other Trump supporters.

Continued. . . . .


I very much agree we have serious reason to be concerned. The fact many in the MAGA world believes DJT will be reinstated as president in August indicates a coup is in the planning to precede sometime shortly BEFORE August.

That Michael Flynn, called for a military coup d’état to overthrow our government does not surprise me. It is my understanding his pardon does not cover future actions, only those of the past. Publically calling for a coup is itself illegal. The man needs to be arrested.

I have friends in Texas, all Dem moderates and progressives, many of whom are armed , and have concealed carry permits. They are preparing for the worst.

Eliseo, Jerry–Thank you. I feel somewhat better but still quite concerned, as are we all. Eliseo, I am Pennsylvania born and bred; spent 76 years in mid-Atlantic and New England states, was transplanted to Indiana 3 years ago. Been fighting for equal rights for all since the 60s–and still am, but limited by injury now.
As a student of Humanity, I remain in the fight. Behaviors now are so primal and unthinking, that it it hard to understand the wheels within wheels. The thoughtful comments here are grounding and helpful, and I thank you. (I was formerly known as emma.)

Thank you for the in-depth info on Texas. I have long believed that Texas would be unable to survive independent of the rest of the US, particularly economically. I do not really understand the puzzling mental workings of the “Texan”. Some I have met seemed delightfully normal; others were definitely “different”. (I am trying not to say offensive things in my ignorance.) So, hearing your information is most helpful.

Don’t I have your email address? If so, I will send you a personal message in the next few days. I recall you worked in the past with brain damaged patients. Is that correct? Do I have you placed in my mind correctly? Or am I confused?

“Been fighting for equal rights for all since the 60s–and still am, but limited by injury now.”

Yeah, me too. My first physical injuries were from the 60’s as a young and naive adolescent engaged in the civil rights movement. Silly me. I had no idea I would be seen as a “race traitor,” or accused of being a communist, and much worse. More injuries through the years were accrued. When you become expert at de-escalating violent people, you get to do it again and again. Eventuality, you will get hurt.

Hopefully in Indiana you will be safe, certainly safer than many in Texas. But there are Trumpheads everywhere who might cause trouble. They are present even here in very blue WA state. Although the area where I live is overwhelmingly true blue, a family of Trumpheads resides across the street. They have a pick up truck with a Jesus decal on the left side of the back window, and another decal on the opposite side of a gun pointed at you. Go figure.

Like yourself, I am pretty concerned with what is happening in Texas. My brother died of the dread virus, infected by Trumpheads who were purposefully flaunting the health guidelines. I have relatives and friends in San Antonio, and SE Texas, all Dems. Will they be safe when and if a Trumpborn political frenzy ensues?

No way of knowing until we get there, but I have very little doubt, probably like before on Jan. 6th, on his command, the Trumpheads will again insurrect. We don’t know precise locations, or times, or how extensive will be their efforts, but my guess is the National Guard will be busy in multiple locations.

wyndancer: I think I HAVE read you as emma. I like that you have been fighting for equal rights for all since the 60s. And you describe yourself as a student of Humanity. I can relate.

I can see and feel also the elitists of Americans as I married into a privileged family in Arizona. It was a confusing time for me, my 20’s and early 30’s, as I came from Canada and then was surrounded by passionate Republicans.

I was the only one who wanted George McGovern, except that I couldn’t vote. So that’s where I came from.

Life moved on, and I had plenty of experiences, and understood more and more the importance of equality and democracy.

I appreciate this blog, and the intelligence brought by the bloggers. You say that you are trying not to say offensive things in your ignorance. I understand that to be out of respect for the tenor or the culture of this blog.

I too appreciate the civility of the people on this blog. However, I do take short cuts in expressing myself and indulge in directness. I think it is refreshing. On this blog I think we are all among friends.

There are a number of astrologers who often refer to the US Constitution chart (Sept 17, 1787) for a sense of direction the US is taking. Since the very foundations of our system of laws and government is being systematically undermined and challenged, with cries of election fraud and the expressed desire from the extreme right to overthrow the government, I thought it would be useful to look at this chart.

At first glance what is most striking is that natal Pluto stands at 14 ’12 Aquarius. This will be in the cross hairs of the approaching Saturn- Uranus square. In fact tr. Uranus actually hits an exact square to the US Constitution Pluto in mid July. That can only suggest one thing. With the Mars t square to Saturn and Uranus in early July we can expect a mighty storm in the halls of American politics in the weeks to come.

Here’s one article that analyses the US Constitution chart in relation to current events…….

Can the US Constitution Handle Today’s Problems?

Someone Has a Ready-Made Answer to This Disturbing Question

by Jude Cowell/ Stars Over Washington

In an article first published in The Nation, the US Constitution is deemed “incapable” of meeting the crises we now face. In American Democracy Was Never Supposed To Work we can read about Founding Fathers purposefully kneecapping democracy in order to protect wealthy plutocrats such as themselves, an idea heard often enough in recent years. It’s a plan that continues to work against the common good to this day. Even so, amending the Constitution is a scary thought for who can be trusted to tinker once again under its venerable hood?

Meanwhile, we know that weaknesses in our political system make it necessary to institute more corrective measures than just removing a kicking-and-screaming Trump from the White House. However, certain operatives and saboteurs in and against the US have for years worked to undermine We The People’s trust in government to such an extent that the Biden administration must find ways to regain such trust. No one thinks it will be easy. Everyone knows it’s an imperative.

So now that years of undermining America have brought us to this chaotic pass, with a Constitution few have faith in and some are disloyal to, the Hegelian Dialectic scam – create a problem so you can offer the solution you were determined to implement all along – seems ready to be further foisted upon us as Americans are marched into a ‘New Order’ – well-timed by the Great Conjunction-Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn at Winter Solstice 2020, a ‘new order’ of major reforms and restrictions that the world is supposed to clamor for because nation-states can’t handle such massive problems. However, it’s the path to global authoritarianism so don’t look too closely!

And so for your consideration, or re-consideration, here is the Horoscope of the US Constitution from a previous post (which is why the chart doesn’t have the most current transits around it) and as you see, the current Capricorn heavyweights, plus, Saturn now moved into Aquarius as of December 17, 2020 (and Jupiter about to do so) are all in the behind-the-scenes 12th house of karma, self-undoing, and secret enemies. And Large Institutions such as the US Congress:



Constitutional reforms? Yes.

While Pluto is in Capricorn? Unlikely, and not even desirable.

It’s more and more evident that our Pluto Return involves the fascist-corporatist elites who have been hell-bent on exerting dominion over all in service to their own wealth and authority since the country’s early days.

Part and parcel to them and their efforts are the masses of people who would rather flagellate themselves than see themselves on equal footing with blacks and other nonwhite racial and ethnic minorities.

Trump is an avatar for the id of both groups. The perfect, ugly intersection and personification of so much raw unbridled greed, ignorance, hatred and self-destructiveness.

We’ve got to deal with all of this, and maybe that means the US going into a full on breakdown in order to reckon with it. I don’t believe we are necessarily in for another civil war in 1860s fashion, but we are increasingly in for a showdown it looks like that will nonetheless shake this country to its roots. Perhaps what comes after will be a time of reconstruction and renewal, but we’re not there quite yet. Probably not even close.

I truly admire and respect the clarity and quality of your thought, and the way you express it. Your postings from May 27 & of today, June 2, are quite noteworthy.

Your thoughts as expressed in each paragraph, are structured very effectively as components of a well done holistic puzzle.

If I may, I suggest a slight modification of your insightful sentence, “Trump is an avatar for the id of both groups.”
Avatar of the Id: The Trump Years, would be a great title for a biography, or a history of the time we now inhabit.


I send you strength, energy and hope. There is nothing worse than feeling sick and tired and lousy. I hope you have healthcare. If you don’t and you are diagnosed with a life-threatening, cancer, your county must provide you with Medicaid and Medicare. I hope you and your partner will find ever-deeper levels of connection, empathy and mutual support


I don’t care how much peroxide and mascara Joni Petry uses – not offensive to me at all. Its her rhetoric and her ‘”intentions” that I hear and feel Not a Joni hater at all. I think her family has owned and operated a French restaurant in her part of Texas.

Jerry, thank you so very much for your amazing sleuthing and resource-sharing. I always learn something new from you.

I have no words for the Big Lie Rethug Perpetrators. The Texan and Floridian governors have gone to the dark side.

Emma, glad to see your posts. I fucking swear and use foul verse often. I find those taboo words hit the right pitch so often.

Summer is soon upon us and with it, heat. It will no-doubt be a long, hot summer. I wish I had the legal mind needed to perhaps understand the slow grind of the courts. It seems damn near impossible that L’ Enfant Terrible and his minions are not behind bars. I’ve long suspected that Donald and Ivanka got very close with the Russian mob in New York. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Awful Man sells highly-privileged top secret information to Russian operatives. Flynn is an abomination. If the slow pace of the courts promises us indictments and guilty verdicts, I will remain as goddamn fucking patient as I can be.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the Awful Man sells highly-privileged top secret information to Russian operatives.”
Yep! My suspicion as well.

Maybe better yet,
American Avatar of the Id: The Trump Years.
Still sounds like a biography or history.  


Yes. Thanks. We all benefit in the exchange. I learn equally as much.

So………. you use colorful language when appropriate. I can only imagine what expletives spewed out of your mouth election night 2016 when Trump seemingly came out of nowhere and snatched the election.

Relive the Trump’s Stunning Win In Under 2 Minutes

Video: 1 min 42 sec


Oh gosh, but I have missed you all! I had to take a time away because of “political stress”. I followed information but had to stay away from any discussion.

Eliseo, yes, I am she. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jerry, Sunstars, Will– thanks for your comments. I am not reluctant to use some colorful language, but I have a 4-planet + sun (including a retrograde Merc) stellium in 6th house Libra with Aries rising and a Scorpio moon. My first verbal reaction is that moon and Mercury makes things hard; I have to be careful how I speak lol.

Indiana is a red state. I am in the NW which has a bit of blue. Just learned that this area was heavy KKK in the past and much of the feeling remains. I had a black med tech tell me that she wished there were more people with my POV. (There must be, but I can see why she has not met them.) My son cautioned me, during the move, never to mention politics here, so I do not.

Will, You are so right; when there is enough pain and frustration and fatigue, only blue words will help to release it! My vocabulary is not large, but the heartfelt expression does the work, no?

A little humor thrown in on the potential misfortunes of a former president. . . . . .

Trump’s June 2021 Is Looking Pretty Grim

Video: 4 min 2 sec


More From Astrology Alert

Trump Set me Off Today…..

Video: 2 min 55 sec


Kevin McCarthy in May 2021 Eclipse

Video: 3 min 17 sec


By the end of this month the DOD is required to submit an unclassified report to the US senate on unidentified aerial phenomena. (UFO’s) For a while now the pentagon (and former president Obama) have admitted such objects exist, but they cannot explain them and are puzzled as to what they are. They show up on navy and air force radar, infrared cameras, and optical cameras.

Presuming the report is delivered on time, I suspect this is part of the surprise information to come out portended in our astrology.

Floridian Paul Hodgkins will probably be the first Jan. 6th insurrectionist to be sentenced for his crime. His sentencing is scheduled for mid-July. Expectation is the other cases will follow the the patterned lead of the Hodgkin case.

Again, another looming event consistent with what we see astrologically.


A ray of inspiration – from Texas. If you wish, you can skip the intros and start at 4:30


I JUST finished watching Brian Williams of last night
(6/2/21) this morning (6/3/21).

I wz gonna write in this box

Because words failed me. Then I realize I had to write some context to respect the readers of the blog.

Pondering this, I saw the silcominc addition of
June 3 2021 at 1:37 pm for Paxton Smith.


How many more of us are out there?!

I would love to tell you my story but I am constrained by …. what is conventional, what is acceptable here and now in this public forum.

I would very much like to hear your story. There may be others here who share my feeling about the matter. However, If you feel it would be inappropriate for the blog, I understand that. Later today I will email Nancy authorizing her to share my email address with you. I don’t publish that in a public forum.

🙂 Ok

TRUMP’S BATTLE FOR POWER/ Psychic Astrology Readimg

Video: 10 min 16 sec


Hi !

Joni & Trump?

iirc: It was Jerry’s first video he posted of Joni where she said they’d be “election fraud.

This was before the 2020 election, that tells me that she had her ear to Trump’s mouth.

This video on Trump is from Feb 2020 and @ 18:00 mins she begins gearing up to giving Trump a bigly pass on being not even partially responsible for the hate and division happening in the US.


It’s our fault and not his, and only when we change can he as the leader change, and this applies to leaders around the world.

She also told Tomi Lahren when she was still with Glen Becks “The Blaze” that Trump is one of the best presidents we ever had.

I saw the very short interview awhile back and I don’t know if it was just a snip
To me giving Tomi Lahren even the time of day speaks volumes.

Was she trying to wiggle her way to Fox and get Trump’s attention and be sneaked into the WH or Mar-a Largo as his personal astrologer? LOL!

imo: She’s a self-serving astrologer who jumped/jumps through astrological hoops trying to hide her support for Trump by making him the victim while holding the US ‘s chart and the populous responsible for what she actually called “Civil War”.


It’s a 21 min video and if anyone listens I would love their input, especially because I am not an astrologer and just going with my personal take on her.

Joni Patry with Lahren on “The Blaze”

Trump “auspicious”



Patry said that based on the astrology she sees Trump as being one of the best presidents we ever had.

Not as I wrote that “he is one of the best president we ever had.

The interview was before the 2017 Inauguration.

Hi Izzy,

Glad that you noted the difference. I was going to bring that to your attention, but then happened to notice your correction (posted 8:54 am). I think we are on the same page. Joni has pointed out this curious, interesting phenomenon over the years;’ stating that Trump and the US charts are so uniquely aligned in certain respects that karmically he is what is required at this point in time. I don’t fault her for making that observation.

President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel abroad in mid June. Although security arrangements for an American President are always at their highest level of alert during periods of foreign travel due to the exposure to foreign and unknown threats, there is always that additional risk.

President Biden is expected to attend the 47th G7 summit in Cornwall, England June 11-13. Biden will also meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. From June 14 -15 President Biden is scheduled to attend the 31st NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium. He will also participate in the U.S.–EU summit. Finally, Biden will attend a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 16th in Geneva, Switzerland before returning back to Washington.

I realize this is a bit controversial, but the thought comes up every so often. To what lengths would Trump’s fanatical supporters go to fulfill their “righteous” agenda in re-instating their sacred leader back into the White House? The June 14th Mars-Neptune quincunx is of special note here with Neptune in simultaneous square to Biden’s natal Uranus. Factor in the exact Saturn-Uranus square (13 ’07 Aquarius-Taurus) on the same day in t square to Biden’s natal Mars (12 ’35 Scorpio) and there is every reason to be concerned.

Do Trump supporters interpret everything Trump says literally? The prospect of having Kamala Harris (a black woman) in control of the White House in the event of some untoward incident, the very scenario Trump had warned his followers about in a Trump rally last year (see article below); might prove to be too much of a concept for Trump supporters to handle. In astrocartography, Biden’s Saturn line runs right through Brussels. The June 1968 shooting of Democratic presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy comes to mind. In Kennedy’s case, there was a nearly exact Mars-Pluto square (19 ’11 Gemini – 20 ’10 Virgo) at the time of the shooting impacting RFK’s natal Mercury (19 ’49 Sag) Uranus (21 ’36 Pisces) degrees. Incidentally, they both share the same birthday – November 20th………..

Trump Draws Outrage After Joking About What Will Happen After ‘Joe Is Shot’ 3 Weeks Into Office

Second Nexus
October 28, 2020

During the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump drew outrage for suggesting that the “Second Amendment people” could do something if then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won that cycle’s presidential election.

Many saw it as a veiled call for his supporters to unleash violence on the former Secretary of State.

Four years later, Trump is drawing similar outrage for his questionable word choice regarding 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at a rally in Michigan.

Trump was repeating the campaign’s oft-deployed talking point that Biden’s candidacy is really a plot to get his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), installed as President.

Trump suggested that Biden would be “shot” within three weeks of taking office, setting the stage for Harris, whom Trump falsely claims is the most liberal person in the United States Senate.


Why Astrologers Are Calling The Saturn-Uranus Square The Defining Aspect Of 2021 by Elizabeth Gulino

We’re not even through the first quarter of 2021, but we’re already about to experience a life-altering planetary aspect: On February 17, a square will form between Saturn and Uranus, an event that happens only once every 22 years. Astrological “squares” are known for creating tension between two points — and with this one involving Saturn, the Planet of Rules and Boundaries, and Uranus, the Planet of Freedom and Rebellion, you can bet that things are about to get pretty intense.



Thank you Izzy for posting your opinion about Joni Patry. I have seen what you have seen about this particular astrologer.

To repeat what I have posted earlier: I have never liked Joni Patry. That is a bold statement, yes. It is easy to be bold when you, Izzy have had the backup of the facts at the time you posted – I just couldn’t draw them up at the moment I responded but would have been prepared for research of specificities if challenged…. 🙂

So what might be the astrological signature for militant stupidity? This one is certainly beyond my level of understanding. Might this be the political equivalent of “Oh, yeah! Well, your mother wears army shoes!” Or perhaps merely old fashioned red neck racism?
Anyone have a clue on this?

North Carolina county bans Coke machines over company’s criticism of Georgia voting law



“Was she trying to wiggle her way to Fox and get Trump’s attention and be sneaked into the WH or Mar-a Largo as his personal astrologer? LOL!

A very clever insight!

imo: She’s a self-serving astrologer who jumped/jumps through astrological hoops trying to hide her support for Trump by making him the victim while holding the US ‘s chart and the populous responsible for what she actually called “Civil War”.

Yeah, she’s way over the rainbow with that comment.

On a meta-karmic level, I also believe that Trump is an outward projection of the U.S. collective shadow. For almost half of America’s voters to double-down and try to re-elect this abomination speaks to a very deep malignant metastatic lesion that continues to ravage the soul of this nation.

Our democracy remains in great peril until we can snap the very spine of the GOP.

So my newsletter is active. I don’t know how much longer I can stave off cancer, but it is my best effort to leave something to my family. I invite you to sign up for it, it is a great deal, and there will be random fun and giveaways as well!



Hahahahaha! I really DID laugh out loud!


(((((HUG!))))) 🙂

Sunstars, I second that…and will subscribe to Todd’s newsletter. Apparently Todd’S writing has been published on Daily Kos.

Meanwhile, sadly, it’s only June 4 & it’s starting…I certainly don’t want a repeat of last summer because 1) rioting & looting is destructive and 2) it hurts the Dems (uranus saturn square?)


The mental winds are shifting!
Two recent events are of note.
(1) Misbehaving muons!
RE: The muon g-2 experiment.
“In a landmark experiment, scientists have found fresh evidence that a subatomic particle is disobeying one of science’s most watertight theories, the Standard Model of particle physics. The gap between the model’s predictions and the particle’s newly measured behavior hints that the universe may contain unseen particles and forces beyond our current grasp.”


(2) I suppose we’ve all heard about the US government’s sudden transparency, conceding the reality of unidentified aerial phenomena. Puzzlement remains as to what the objects are, but it is an extraordinary step
for the government to admit their existence.

From my perspective, these are very pregnant developments, and probably
a harbinger of things to come. I believe it was Leonard Cohen who wrote, “there’s a crack in the world, that’s where the light gets in.”

Scientism is the science equivlent of dogmatic fundamentlism. Self-referentially incoherent, and extraordinarily pervasive culturally and intellectually, it has become the default epistemology of most thinking people. It is at base the view that the hard sciences, like chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, etc. provide the only genuine knowledge of reality. Ironically, scientism is not only bad philosophy, it is bad science as well! And of course, when scientists express their hostility, often quite intensely, saying astrology is fallacious fantasy, harmful, etc. they are engaging in fundamentalist scientism, not science.

I suggest Uranus is shaking the foundations of the standard scientific edifice. In so doing I suspect we are entering an era in which more minds will open, that the arcane, esoteric disciplines, astrology and others will gain more acceptance through these cycles.

The saying, “Abscence of evidence is not evidence of abscence” pertains to astrology in the context of our ignorance of any possible causal relationship between events and celestial phenomena. Particularly in light of current research on the poorly understood relationship between consciousness and magnetism, and the rethinking of the “standrd model,” I think we may in the next few years develop deeper understanding of many things we now misnomer as “supernatural,” and perhaps even discover how and why astrology works.

I believe light has begun to pour forth through the crack in the world of science. I am going to enjoy watching this process. So may we all.

May Divine Light fill you, envelop and surround you, protect and defend you, and guide you through your journey of healing. May Divine Love saturate and permeate you, body, soul, and spirit. May you and your family prosper in good health, sharing the love that comes from the heart of the universe.
So mote it be! & Amein!

BREAKING: Trump Org Senior Official Set To Testify Before Grand Jury

Video: 6 min 55 sec


Top 5 Reasons Don McGahn’s Congressional Testimony about Trump’s Obstruction of Justice is Important

Video: 8 min 48 sec


Todd, I send you and your family Love, light and healing. And I hold you in my heart.

Leonard Cohen: There is a crack, a crack in everything…That’s how the light gets in, that’s how the light gets in….

Sun Virgo
Moon Pisces
Asc Virgo with
Sun on the Asc. So a Leo like Ascendant

Thank You for the more correct quote.
Leonard Cohen is my favorite singer/songwriter. He influenced me greatly from the 1960’s unto today; so much so, that my poetry and songs are sometimes compared to his, and to those of Robert W. Service. I still love Tennyson and Gary Snyder, but in my youth read Leonard Cohen first.

I did not begrudge the 2016 Nobel Prize being awarded to Bob Dylan, but felt Leonard Cohen was far more deserving of the award.

Robert W. Service:

Sun Capricorn
Moon either Sagittarius or Capricorn
Venus Mercury in Capricorn

Read by my big brother the Capricorn
at my Mother’s memorial
The Cremation of Sam McGee

“Please close that door….Since I left Plumtree Down in Tennessee… It’s the first time I’ve been warm.”

Denise Siegel takes a look at the August 2021 aspects in light of Trump’s recent announcement that he would be re-instated as President in August….

Trump, August; Biden, Harris

Video: 46 min 19 sec


Quite frankly, I think the aspects are much more relevant from mid June to early July. If nothing significant occurs during Biden’s European visit in mid June, I suspect the President could be in danger on or around July 2nd. The July 2nd transits has Mars at 12 ’35 Leo forming a Grand Cross Fixed Square to Saturn (12 ’19 Aquarius) Uranus ((13 ’50 Taurus) and Biden’s natal Mars (12 ’35 Scorpio). Here’s Biden’s composite chart with the July 2nd transits…….


Whenever we perceive danger in the transits for a president, I think it might also be valuable to look at a chart for the Secret Service for that same time period. Do we have a chart for the Secret Service?


Excellent idea. I consulted the Wikipedia on that and discovered a most extraordinary fact. . . . .

“……. On April 14, 1865, the day he was assassinated, Lincoln signed legislation that created the Secret Service. The Secret Service was later established on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency.”

So, the Lincoln assassination chart (the conception of the Secret Service) has Pluto at 12 ’20 Taurus) Refer to chart:


Using the ephemeris, the July 5, 1865 chart that allegedly is the date of the establishment of the US Secret Service has Pluto at 13 ’57 Taurus. The July 2nd, 2021 date I had drawn up has Uranus within a few minutes orb of conjunction to the US Secret Service natal Pluto in harsh squares to tr. Mars, Saturn and Joe Biden’s n. Mars.

We may be tangentially way off on this one, but it is interesting. Good suggestion.

A fool’s errand: bipartisan compromise at a Pluto return.


I know she has some good aspects to the US chart, but I cannot see Harris running for the nomination in 2024. Has anyone else noticed how she has totally screwed up everything in her portfolio? She was tasked with getting HR 1 through and Manchin today said no way. She has failed to get the immigration situation under control and so far, she has not had any success with anything she was tasked with.

Ummm Seriously

These are huge problems that have long history.

She’s just one person even though she is vice president and it has been just a few months.

There are a lot of people and passions involved….

Picked this up from comments in the Washington Post:

You may contact Democratic Senator Joe Manchin at https://www.manchin.senate.gov/contact-joe/email-joe – select “Share Your Opinion on Legislation” and under Message Topic choose General / Other (or Civil Rights, or Constitution as these are all being destroyed by the Republicans).

Talking points to Joe:
= What is the purpose of placing yourself into this pivotal position?
= Where is the editorial in the Wall Street Journal / Fox News / other berating the block of Republicans for their non-partisan position? That is, why spend your time speaking to Democrats when it is the other party you need to be convincing? 
= Do you understand that your stance to not work with Democrats encourages Republicans?
= Where are these 10 theoretical Republicans Joe?
= Do you plan to run for re-election? Under which party, and why?

And this is what I sent to him:
Dear Senator, I believe you realize how much our nation’s voting integrity is under assault by Trump supporters who still believe the election was stolen from Trump. It was the integrity of just a few state Republicans and our then Vice President who secured the vote. Those few state Republicans have since been stripped of their power and in their place are Trump loyalists who will subvert the will of the people if the next vote doesn’t go their way. But you know this! I’m scared, as are millions of other Americans who see our democracy slowly collapsing under the assault of an authoritarian movement. Even IF Democrats put forth a voting rights bill that you favor, we still will not be able to get a 60 vote majority to pass it. We couldn’t even pass a bipartisan bill to investigate the assault on our nation’s capital! You literally have the power to save our democracy from authoritarian take over and you won’t. I truly despair for my country and for the consequences that will rain down on any of us who don’t kowtow to the Trumpian dystopia.

I want HR 1. Who doesn’t on this site? Manchin doesn’t want to see the forest for the trees. To my mind, this is a person who has become less intelligent with less integrity since he has felt the feel good vibes of being sought after.

At the moment Jupiter is oppose his Sun so he can be super indulgent if he wants to be.

And McConnell is a criminal pig of the highest order. He has stacked the deck against the people without limit or impunity these last many years. He is a traitor to the constitution and to the American people.

Yes, the system is rigged.

That is where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris come in.

So we need to support them, not tear them down.

The rich one percent have been corrupted….. too much money and too much power for them to handle.

We need, with all our might, to get back to equality and democracy. It can’t be done overnight but it can be done.

We need to recognize the psychopaths before we vote for them. That is a major thing.

Excuse me in advance:

Did you notice the people in the pictures out of Tulsa before the massacre in 1921? They were vibrant, bustling, stylish, active, and SLENDER.

Also the same in the days of John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr. For whatever reason.

Now, with the corruption by the corporations that produce our food, we have very little nutrition and a lot of things that make us fat. Because of the greed and corruption of these corporations.

Betsy DeVos was just the latest in the long line of bad people devolving education in the United States.

And here we have people struggling with inequality who should not be struggling with inequality given the Constitution.

However, corruption is rampant.

I am White. I am also Canadian with 2 American children and a former husband who is an American Viet Nam Vet. I feel as American as I do as Canadian. I also feel Norwegian as my Mother is.

I also feel Guilty as Charged in a forum such as this for the fact of saying I am White.

Unless we all see what has happened in our history and do our level best to right it, we are not doing right by the very democracy/democracies that we love. This has fallen to me, and to you, in the moment – to set right. This is our job, our kharma, our destiny.

I know I am speaking to the right people ……


Leonard Cohen: A Montreal boy.

OK. Not much action here. Must be Sunday.

Back in BC where I live of course there is the Kamloops Residential School which the whole of the Western world has heard of recently.

I live specifically on Vancouver Island where there is the St. Anne’s Residential School.

In January of 2006 I had the circumstance of a splendid French Canadian visiting me. He lived in Whitehorse Yukon. He was born in eastern Manitoba as a lot of French Canadians are. He stayed a week and as is my wont, I took him all over the Island.

When we happened upon St. Anne’s Academy, his face darkened, his shoulders hunched and his whole demeanor changed.

He said: “A lot of bad things happened here.” He repeated that in a couple of different ways before we left. He said he thought he could qualify for Metis status….

I have never forgotten that. We also explored the remains of a beautiful stone church nearby.

Soooo….. inequality.

Oop Not St. Anne’s Academy (which is in Victoria) But St. Anne’s Residential School

Many Thanks for the info on how to contact Sen. Joe Manchin. I am contemplating what might be most persuasive to say to him. I’m honestly not sure what that might be. I need to give it thought before I write him. Thanks again!

The cartoon addresses the very issue my brother frequently harped on before he got sick and died. If I’m reading the R’s right, mass arrests and serious, brutal violence are what’s coming if they retake power. If the supposedly “woke” liberal/progressive community doesn’t wake up and respond appropriately, this is where we are headed.

Clearly you are right. McConnell and all the Trumphead R’s in congress really are “traitors to the constitution and to the American people,” but also to western civilization generally and the rule of law. As far as being “criminal pigs,” well, criminals yes, but I’m sure no pig in his right mind would want to be associated with folks so deeply mired in their own moral muck. I’m sure sus scrofa domesticus probably feels insulted, and would assert they are far cleaner than our quisling R’s.

But seriously, it seems so unfathomable we could come to this. The notion both sides have become extreme is a ludricrous, fallacious propaganda ploy used to convince liberals of unwarranted self-guilt, a tactic designed to weaken our resolve.

Thank you about the pigs

But it’s true! The Dems should give up and be hardline. Everyone would understand.

TRUMP IN ISOLATION: Psychic Astrology Reading by Evon Davis

Video: 10 min 15 sec


June 10, 2021, Annular Solar Eclipse 19 degrees Gemini/ Chaos Coming In – USA Highlights Predictions

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Before I begin let me say I am an extremely upbeat, positive person. I do encase myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit to protect me & guide me. Once I have completed a very difficult blog post, I then cleanse myself as well as my office. I do not relish stating what I see in Mundane astrology, (unless it’s positive) I keep to what the planets in motion are telling me. With that said, here is what the energies are bringing in.



I agree the Dems need to be more hardline, albeit carefully so. As a minimum, most of the R’s in Congress have violated their oath of office, their other arsonistic shenanigans notwithstanding.

I know Mr. Biden & the Dems don’t want our politics to look like what has obtained in other legislstive bodies serving under dictatorships, like when the head of state has opposition leaders arrested for treason, and summarily executed. (Remember Sadam Hussein?) But in our case, many R’s in Congress have certainly betrayed the US, though not having technically committed treason itself by the narrow definition in the Constitution. Under the Constitution, treason refers to activities during time of war. The Founders had no concept of “cold war.” But that’s where we are at, in the midst of a nationwide, internal cold civil war.

In the 1950’s, during our cold war with the Soviets, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were convicted and executed NOT for treason, but for espionage, because technically and literally we were not at hot war with the Soviets.

Obvious to folks like us, a very large number of R’s have fallen deeply into a very peculiar, anti-American, anti-democratic, fascistic ethos. Personally, I’d like to see most of them arrested, but Dems are understandably reticent to take such action on the basis of ambiguous legality, and they are afraid it will be seen as politically motivated. (Evidently, the R’s no longer care about such niceties.)

Conversely, if we discover some of the congressional members escorted, or colluded or conspired with the Jan. 6th insurrectionists, we will have solid legal ground upon which to have them arrested and charged.

You said, “Everyone would understand.” Well, for sure, most everyone we know would understand; 98% of all Dems would understand. But most Trump R’s would not, and it should not surprise us if in delusional righteous indignation they would riot in their communities across the nation.

As unsavory as it is, the R’s would do us all a favor if a goodly number of state level legislators, + members of Congress, in concert with their radical Jan.6th style bretheren, were to clearly stage another coup attempt of some kind, an internal Pearl Harbor sort of event.

Unfortunately, I believe when and if they do so, they will likely be far better armed than on Jan. 6th, consequently with far more casualties. But maybe that’s what needs to happen, such that we all wake up to the necessity to crack down, to politically, legally, and militarily come down on these folks as hard as required to preserve our democratic republic.

By Pearl Harbor event, I mean something violent, not arcane or abstruse legislative action which only attorneys and political scientists understand. In other words, something overt and obvious that the dumbest dullard on earth can recognize and say, “Hey, That’s Wrong!” I’m hoping they do something that clearly and obviously justifies the president declaring martial law in certain areas. As I’m sure certain governors, judges, and legislators would rebel, we could then arrest them.

In Texas the predominantly R legislature and governor are self-righteously involved in an enormous amount of anti-social, (should be unconstitutional if not already) legislative maneuvers. But it’s mostly all done in the hallowed halls of the state capitol building.

The Nazis in Germany passed all sorts of nefarious and racist laws to justify their later behaviors. That’s what Texas and several other states appear to be currently about.

I’m hoping they slip up. I’m hoping in arrogance and sublime stupidity they do something obviously and blatantly criminal, BEFORE they start enforcing the immoral laws they are passing. In so doing, they would justify the use of force against them, ensuring their political demise. In the civil rights era, both Eisenhower and JFK had to use national guard troops to enforce federal law against rebellious state governors. This would be similar but as they say, “on steriods.” I believe such measures are probably the only way to begin resolution and demise of the delusional, authoritarian threat we now face. However, if the universe has a better, more just, and less brutal solution which preserves our democracy, I’m all for it.

I’m glad for you, you are in BC. May you be safe from the probably inevitable madness we will likely see here in the US.

The Perfect Storm (a second January 6th insurrection in the works?)

According to reliable sources Donald J Trump is planning a series of rallies in June and one around the July 4th holiday weekend. I believe one of those Trump rallies scheduled for June has already happened (see article below).

If Trump were indicted sometime during the month of June as could very well happen, would the nations July 4th birthday celebrations serve as a rallying cry for the politically disenfranchised Trumpian base? Violence in the streets, aimed in bringing down the Biden administration can not be ruled out especially with that nasty Mars-Uranus-Saturn t square in early July.

Trump To Restart Rallies Next Month As He Plays Coy About 2024 Run

New York Post
May 13, 2021

Former President Donald Trump will resume holding his signature rallies next month, The Post has confirmed.

Dates and locations have not yet been announced, but a source said the president’s team is in the process of selecting venues for a pair of events in June. A third rally is expected to take place around the July 4 holiday.

Trump has sat for occasional interviews since leaving office in January, but has not addressed a campaign-style rally since Jan. 6. Hours after he spoke, some of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, attacking police officers and disrupting the congressional count of electoral votes from the previous year’s election.

The subsequent riot led to the deaths of five people and Trump’s impeachment by the House of Representatives.



RE: Bree’s Spiritual Design Astrology.
Are you aware of her extreme right wing bias?
She says if you want objective, non partial news, go to Newsmax or One America News Network. Those guys make Fox News look like flaming liberals!


Quite right. I’m glad you caught that. I was thrown off by the expression she used: “non-partial” (instead of impartial). Here’s the sentence in context:

“If you are wanting to know what is taking place in America go to Newsmax or One America News Network (OANN). I find them non-partial.”

I honestly thought she was being sarcastic. The double negative in this case was a bit confusing. I stand corrected. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.


Good grief. And yet, here we still are. The courts are closing in on Trumpasaurus Rex. His tenth house transits could also mean INFAMY. There are so many moving parts to all of this. How many times have we all thought it over – we’re done? But we’re still here.


I too was gobsmacked about Bree’s endorsement of NewsMax – she pretty much shit the bed re: being objective. The second I saw her picture and combined it with her astrological interpretations, I thought, ” Bree is most likely conservative and a Trumpista and has more than a little wishful thinking flavoring her forecast.

I don’t see Trump ever stepping foot in the WH again. He just collapsed his own social media venue due to an abysmal response. FB has shut him down for another two years.

Deep meditations and cultivating kind and loving intentions will turn the tide on all of this rot.

Nancy, I’m sending you support and energy with a view to inspiring you to weigh in on what your astrological insights might be in the months to come.

Jerry, thank you for the compelling reading and resources. Hope you and family got your second vaccines.

Energy follows thought. What are we choosing to energize?

Yes. Another tip off for me was she seemed to make the interpretation DJT was soon to be greatly empowered. From the aspects, it is clear he’ll be going through enormous changes, and when he is indicted, supporters will likely rally in his support. But I don’t see him regaining the presidency in August as he himself has predicted.

I believe we can find a balance by looking at the charts, transits, progressions, etc. but also the evolving situation on the ground. To do political astrology, it is surely helpful to also know psychology, sociology, history, economics, and political science itself.

I find there are very few astrologers who know astrology in depth + the aforementioned subjects. Fortunately, Nancy evidently is well grounded in all above, especially psychology and social psychology.

AND, in the West, academics are discouraged from “dabbling” in astrology. In my own case, when teaching at university in the past, I dare not even mention it, nary a word of it. I dare not reveal how fascinated I am with astrological cycles correlating with historical, economic, and spiritual cycles. In academia the best you can do is express an interest in archeoastronomy. Anything beyond that can (depending on what department you are teaching in or doing research) get you ridiculed and fired.

I don’t know if it is considered acceptable in academia in India.


About the DJT phenomenon. Nothing happens in a vacuum. All the inequities, corruption and hatred have been festering just underneath the surface. All it requires is just the right amount of tension and the right circumstances to bring these things to light and thereby find resolution. Like a boil about to burst. The June 10th solar eclipse conjunct Mercury right on Trump’s nodes and nearby Sun Moon opposition leads some to believe that the circumstances are ripe for some major revelations perhaps within the next month or so. That’s the nature of eclipses, It allows what was otherwise hidden into the arena of consciousness.

The ransomware attacks on American companies providing basic goods are clearly a manifestation of the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th house of the Biden term chart. Since the FBI attributes them to Russia, they will undoubtedly come up at the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva, which will take place at the Gemini New Moon eclipse this week.


“This is one fraught, fascinating vice-presidency.”

Kamala Harris Can’t Win
June 5, 2021

By Frank Bruni
Opinion Columnist, New York Times

For a while there, Kamala Harris went missing.

There was so much else going on: the excruciating limbo between Election Day and the declaration of a winner, the sitting president’s refusal to accept that result, his tantrums, the lawsuits, the insurrection, the impeachment.

For the first time, a woman had been elected vice president of the United States. A woman of color at that. But while that was certainly noted — there were the requisite headlines, the expected tweets — it wasn’t trumpeted as triumphantly as it could and should have been, because Donald Trump once again sucked up all the oxygen.

On top of which: The pandemic. America was masked, and Harris was muffled.

No more. Lately she has been drawing all kinds of attention, including overwrought attacks from Republican politicians and the conservative media, who seem to be taking the antipathy they once lavished on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and heaping it on her. Best to nip this trailblazer in the bud.

No time to waste! The prospect of Joe Biden, 78, exiting the presidency after one term is hardly the craziest scenario, and she’s his heir apparent. The road to Republican restoration runs right over her.

That’s why Nikki Haley, so covetous of the White House herself, denounced Harris for a tweet last Saturday in which Harris encouraged Americans to “enjoy the long weekend.”

“Unprofessional and unfit,” Haley labeled it, because … nobody goes to the beach on Memorial Day? Nobody barbecues? It was as if Harris had done something truly damaging, like abetting a despot intent on subverting American democracy. Harris may have failed, in that one terse tweet, to mention the uniformed men and women who had died in service to the country, but she honored them in other contexts. As for Haley, well, there’s a musty saying that comes to mind. It concerns glass houses.

Harris has many stones being thrown at her, from multiple directions. Fox News harangues her daily, in articles on its website and in tweets, about her supposed failure to hold a news conference — as if vice-presidential news conferences are a big thing. News flash: They’re not, and if she made them so, her detractors would change tacks and say that she was arrogantly showing Biden up.

In National Review, Charles Cooke recently wrote a takedown of her under the headline: “The Democrats Have a Kamala Harris Problem.” The New York Post editorial board panned her commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy, calling it “Naval gazing.” Clever. Also gratuitous — and a sign of how deeply under her opponents’ skin she gets.

Those attacks coincide with the upsizing of the tasks that Biden has assigned her. Having asked her last March to work on stemming migration across the southern border, he identified her on Tuesday as the administration’s lead on voting rights. That’s huge. The issue is a defining one for many Democrats, a top legislative priority for the party and a furiously argued point of contention between them and Republicans.

“It’s going to take a hell of a lot of work,” Biden said when he made the announcement about her newest responsibility in Tulsa, Okla., on Tuesday.

Success is iffy, but acrimony is certain.

“If I was Vice President Harris and President Biden kept giving me the toughest assignments, I’d be like, ‘What’s up, dude?’” David Chalian, CNN’s political director, said on the CNN Political Briefing podcast on Wednesday. “Add this now to her plate with immigration and she’s got some truly tough political battles ahead.”

“She’s now in charge of overseeing the passage of the For the People Act,” Chalian added, referring to the voting-rights bill that passed the House but looks to be doomed in the Senate. “Not even all the Democrats are on board.” Even if she gets them there, they’d need to junk the filibuster and she’d have to cast a tiebreaking vote in order to put the legislation on Biden’s desk. Republicans’ demonization of her would be boundless.

And yet she asked for the voting-rights lead, according to an article in The Times on Thursday by Katie Rogers and Nicholas Fandos. That’s gutsy. It’s also a bold retort to the narrative that she has been tiptoeing through the vice presidency.

“She continues to retreat behind talking points and platitudes in public,” Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote in an assessment of her in The Atlantic last month. He noted that her critics “see her vice presidency so far as a collection of unconnected set pieces. Harris arrives somewhere with the plane and the motorcade and the Secret Service agents, makes a few mostly bland statements, then tells whomever she’s meeting with about how she’s going to bring their stories back to Washington. Then she’s quickly out of sight again.”

But what, exactly, is she supposed to do? She confronts the confines in which a vice president has to operate on top of the similar confines in which Black people and women in positions of power are often expected to operate. It’s a Goldilocks double or even triple whammy. Too strong a voice and you’re stepping outside of your place. Too soft a voice and you’re timidly failing to rise to the occasion.

Harris can’t win. I mean in general, but I also know many Democrats who think that she can’t win in 2024 or 2028, not because Republicans will relentlessly savage her — though they’ll indeed do that — but because she has never established sufficient popularity with voters nationally, faces the taller hurdles and extra pushback that minorities typically do and hasn’t always been the most dexterous political operator. So while she’s trying not to make any false steps, she really does have something to prove.

How sensitive to that is Biden, and how supportive? I don’t detect any carry-over of the tension between him and Harris in the Democratic presidential primary, but it’s important to remember that Biden’s model for the relationship between a vice president and a president is his with Barack Obama, and Obama didn’t nurture Biden’s political ambitions or set him up for a promotion. He did that for Hillary Clinton instead.

This is one fraught, fascinating vice presidency. Harris has (and has already used) that tiebreaking vote, on account of a 50-50 Senate, which makes her even more of a lightning rod.

Additionally, Biden’s approach to governing has not been to tug the spotlight toward him — rather to lie low in public as he tends to business behind the scenes — and he has proved difficult for Republicans to tear down. That intensifies their scrutiny of Harris.

I doubt that any of this is a shock to her.

“She’s very aware that her being in this position is a threat to many people,” Valerie Jarrett, who was a senior adviser to Obama during his presidency, told me. “They’re terrified of seeing a woman of color in this kind of position of authority and responsibility. But with every position she’s ever had in her career in public service, she’s dealt with the same reaction. So she’s used to this, and part of what will make her successful is her ability to ignore the noise.”

It’s only going to get louder from here.

Andre, it seems to me that the only way to deal with cyber attacks is to regulate cryptocurrency. And I wonder if that is what Biden will be doing with the G7 this week. That would be a blow to the Putin crime syndicate.

Eliseo, let us not forget that Manchin’s daughter is the one who ruined so many lives with her raising Epi-pen cost 500%. They are a despicable family.


Yikes! Good to know, silcominc!

Just checked – Epi-pen is available over-the-counter in Canada for between $110-150.
In the US, it requires a prescription and of course is much more expensive.

Thank You! I had no idea. Until you informed us I had little knowledge re: Manchin, and none re: his daughter. 

Thank you for posting this Silcomic I, too, had no idea of the family connection. Maybe someone in the mainstream media will remind the public and the Dems what we are dealing with whe it comes to Manchin’s family and what they are about, it appears to be Greed.

Unfortunately, Manchin is just one of the many grifters who hold high office. Here is a look at the big windfall many are getting for their opposition to HR1.


Is there any possibility astrologically, that Biden would / could run for reelection in 2024 and that is when he gets enough Senators to push through everything? This is from today’s Politico newsletter …

Democrats in and around the White House, however, are increasingly convinced that barring some huge shift, Biden is going to run again, despite the fact he’d be 86 years old at the end of a second term.

Personally, I have no problem with Biden running for a 2nd term, IF … he is healthy enough, AND his running mate is sufficiently charismatic and capable. If he lives all the way through a 2nd term while doing a good job, well great! Were he to die in office or need to resign for health reasons, let us hope it is only one day past the two year mark. Constitutionally, that might get the next president one day short of two years, + two terms elected on their own, totalling 10 years.
If his VP is a Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt, our course would be captained well through that 10 years.

If I recall correctly, there were at least two astrologers who post here, who after examining her chart, felt Kamala Harris was not likely to become president. I believe she is quite competent, but doesn’t appear to have the charisma and/or FDRish quality many desire, or we will surely need at that time.

Every astrologer I’ve read or recall, who has looked at our Pluto return chart, and our Uranus return chart ; they all see serious turbulence during those times. If not Biden, my hope is that whomever is president during 2028 is also elected or re-elected in Nov. 2028, giving us consistency as we navigate through the Uranian turbulence.

I just realized in one of my sentences I wasn’t as clear as I intended. What I meant was, if Biden runs for a 2nd term, and his next VP is a Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt, (which I believe we will need) and becomes president shortly after Biden’s 6th year, our course could be captained extremely well through the next 10 years by that former VP become president. It would not be like FDR’s four terms, but it would give us as much time with that president as constitutionally allowed.

Eliseo, maybe Biden is an FDR? His story is so Shakespearean. I can see him becoming the grandfather who saved democracy.

That’s occurred to me as well.
FDR was a moderate pragmatist who turned leftward politically because he came to see that was what would work best, but he did not get there through ideology. Biden seems quite similar to me.

Also like FDR, he had to overcome a handicap, his stuttering. It is amazing to me that every day Biden calls on the phone several boys and girls he has met along the way who have stuttering problems. He calls and encourages them, giving them emotional support, and advice gleaned from his personal struggle with the issue. He began doing this years ago, before he became Obama’s VP.

Who knows? Maybe he really is the grandfather we need right now. Time will tell, as I believe we will soon face extraordinary challenges unlike anything we’ve faced before.

One thing is for certain. Biden is the antithesis of DJT.

Speaking of Joe Manchin,
Many, including me, do not believe he is a Democrat at all. Cash Peters believes he is involved with Dark Money and (my words) deeply in thrall to Koch Industries people. That would explain the idiotic dance he does. I had not thought of that, but it makes much sense. Sooooo, there is no way to talk to him that I can think of.

I would be ok with leaving the filibuster but changing how it is done: The person filibustering, must personally STAND and Speak On Topic, without repeating himself and explaining why he is against the bill, for the length of the filibuster. An up or down vote would them be taken on the bill. Period.

As if overnight, there appears to be a tsunami of deeply-disturbed people in the Republican party who are re-energized and emboldened. I am heart-sick at what I am hearing and seeing play out in the body politic

Undoubtedly Biden/Harris inaugural honeymoon is over and the gloves are off. I feel we must prepare for a long, hard slog ahead of us if only to avoid seeing our democratic government dismantled and subverted.

Over the last week, hallmark indications of building civil war seems to be rekindled and fomenting. There is only so much character anemia, willful ignorance and bald-faced deception the voters can bear without swelling to a point of critical mass. I hope the violence, gun-battles and skull-crackings that are showing up in my dreams are a function of my own delusional thinking and/or a really challenging Mercury retrograde. This is deeply painful and anguishing to witness.

I’m well-aware that my post bears any unique or prescient perspective.

I personally continue to intend peace, cooperation and progress. I continue to lean toward the Light.

According to Jesse Dollermore’s latest video on youtube, Ken Paxton, attorney general of Texas, stated on Steve Bannon’s show, War Room (Friday I think) that had he not engaged in voter suppression in Harris County, (that’s where Houston is) Trump would have lost Texas in the 2020 election. JD played the tape in which Paxton said this. If Paxton is correct, Texas would have been in Biden’s blue column had the vote and vote count been done straight.

I apologize for not listing the youtube address. Unfortunately, this device won’t allow me to do that. For those of you unfamiliar, Jesse Dollermore is an intelligent, red headed, ex-republican turned progressive democrat. I belive his youtube show is called the Dollermore Daily.


“I personally continue to intend peace, cooperation and progress. I continue to lean toward the Light.”

Aha. Do I hear the voice of reason and sanity amidst the din of political frustration and finger-pointing? The Republican’s have been undergoing their Uranus return as of late. An indication that all of their under-handed shenanigans will prove to be their undoing and eventual demise. So no need to despair. We have to go beyond the absurdity of political posturing and find the heart and soul of our nation from within (as your poignant reminder so eloquently expresses).

“My hope is that the tides will turn. But that does require each of us to understand that this experiment in democracy is not self-executing. It doesn’t happen just automatically.”

An excerpt extracted from a recent Barack Obama interview with CNN. . . . .

Barack Obama Warns Republicans Will Kill US Democracy In ‘Series of Steps’

The Guardian
June 8, 2021


As there is no drug which convey’s instant enlightenment, spiritually or politically, and as the R’s are unlikely to float up into the sky either through the “rapture” or through alien abduction, we are faced with the unpleasant conundrum of what to do with the contumacious, wanna-be tyrants in our midst.

As they have corrupted, perverted, and poisoned our body politic with their hatred and consistent self serving lies, in so doing having rigged our system mercilessly, we cannot defeat them through normal, honest, democratic political process, though we are very much in the majority.

They will not change. They will not acquiesce, but through force. While we have the power, tenuous though it may be, I am coming to the conclusion we must subdue them now or never. I’m not sure what precise legal grounds we might use, some version of crimes against democracy and/or humanity?

Were we to arrest and detain them, I’m sure they would resist, and the shooting would begin. Or conversely, sympathetic R-fascist judges would set them free. If we wait too long, I have no doubt, they will eventually be arresting us. They’ve made that very clear, and not just in their chants of “lock her/him up!” I hope I am wrong, but presently, I do not see see a way out of this mess through our legal system, or by any other normal peaceful procedure.

Does anyone here see it differently? Does our astrology protend a rosier, more optimistic assessment?


Watched the Obama interview; it was sad to see the real fear and disgust he has for the present political miasma. I am grateful to have enjoyed a respite over the last four months. Now we have to go back into fight mode and once and for all snap the spine of the cowardly and enfeebled GOP. It is difficult not to feel disgust and degradation as the Big Lie continues to be reasserted as truth by its adherents.

RE: “Now we have to go back into fight mode and once and for all snap the spine of the cowardly and enfeebled GOP.”
I agree. But what does that really mean? What is their spine? Is it their funding? Their constitutents? How do we break it? Maybe it is time for our highest level Dems to meet privately wherein they discreetly discuss what strategies might be most useful, and how we might actually and truly destroy the R party. Ulysses S. Grant, where are you now when we need you so desperately?


About going “back into fight mode and once and for all snap the spine of the cowardly and enfeebled GOP.”

No doubt, a new innovative approach is needed.

A quote from Newsweek magazine defines it in this way….

Congressman Jamaal Bowman of New York compared Manchin to McConnell on Monday.

“Mitch McConnell during Obama’s presidency said he would do everything in his power to stop Obama. He’s also repeated that now during the Biden presidency by saying he would do everything in his power to stop President Biden. And now Joe Manchin is doing everything in his power to stop democracy and to stop our work for the people, the work that the people sent us here to do,” Bowman told CNN’s John Berman.” – End of Quote –

The US government appears to be slowly sliding into dysfunctional paralysis.

I just noticed another challenging period coming up for President Joe Biden. It has to do with the 1/20/2021 US Inaugural Mars/Uranus conjunction.

June 22-23 has tr. Mars (6 Leo) conjunct Joe Biden’s natal Pluto (7 Leo) in t square to the Inaug. Uranus/Mars conj. – Jupiter square (6 Taurus-7 Aquarius). This in turn will be forming a close sesqui-quadrate to stationary Neptune (23 Pisces).

Inauguration Day January 20, 2021 by Astrology King

The Inauguration Day astrology is explosive because of Mars conjunct Uranus. This combination causes impulsiveness, recklessness, violence, protest, rioting, rebellion, revolution, and explosions. The police, military, and militias will unpredictable, and volatile, and even uncontrollable.



Will, Eliseo, I am in total accord with what you wrote. I feel helpless to do anything beyond the occasional donation or letter. I feel sad as i watch Republicans destroy our democracy, and i feel frightened over the the dystopia they will create and for the lives of the myself and the people i care about. I’ve been talking with my husband about moving to another country, wanting us to get out before the authoritarians take over and they start taking people away.

Last night i watched Rachel Madow focus on the feckless AG we have in Garland. I feel like we are de-fanged by our own people who dont know how to fight or how to wield power. Like you and millions of other Boomers who fought for and made social advances, we are all watching in horror, too old to march in the streets anymore.

How do we fight and maybe more importantly, how do we win, and where are our leaders who can mobilize us?

Denise Siegel mentioned in a recent video many ominous looking transits of the nodes (which she sees as evil influences, not just past/future karma, so it depends on your interpretation of nodes) for Joe Biden particularly in August, a few to Kamela Harris as well, and transits/progressions in the US Constitution signing chart. She thinks there’s likely violence coming around that time and that they shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the extra security around the Capital. Continuing bumpy ride ahead, although the outlook for Trump himself is not good.

As I recall, Jerry, in spite of the “inauguration day astrology” – there was little if any violence (?), so….these things don’t always play out as thought.

I do think, though, that there will be repeat protests and riots this summer in some way, shape or form.

Anyway, in the midst of all of this surrealism that appear to be antithical to U.S. values, our friend, France, is sending us another Statue of Liberty, bronze (so it won’t turn blue like the copper one), 9 ft. tall and, best of all, to be displayed right ON Ellis Island on Independence Day.


Frank, do you really think Garland is weak? If so, why did the Dems think so much of him. I hope that’s not the case.

I don’t think Garland is weak. I’ve always been aware of his chart in the last year. Mars square Neptune and Saturn….. Sun sextile Mars … Mars in wide opposition to Uranus.

I don’t see a time of birth. It’s a good thing he was brought up well.

His wife seems to have supported him to be his authentic self. He wouldn’t have it any other way of course. And that was the plight of women born in that generation for the most part.

He seems to have backbone and idealism. Look at those family pictures!

That opposition of Mars to Uranus could make him a bit dashing, and a renegade too – even if it IS a bit wide.

The question to me is: What is Merrick Garland thinking? – at any given time.

That’s what I’m going to try to do…. decipher what the general trend of thought is with that man. He IS a judge so adheres to a line of thinking that is in his mind, just.

Anyone with that amount of power… well it is good to know what he aligns himself with. I am curious. We are just beginning to know.

Everything that happens around this time seems to be crucial because our democracy is endangered.

I read in Vanity Fair that Garland seems to be an institutionalist, that he is protecting the institution of the DOJ above all else. If that is so, he really IS bending over backwards.

Ok, maybe something good will come of this. His next moves are the ones to watch.

We shall see……

Really good read from the Atlantic:


People in the United States no longer agree on the nation’s purpose, values, history, or meaning. Is reconciliation possible?

By George Packer


In a word (from me): No. At least not under the current two-party system. Some other approach that supports coalitions and coalition-building may be the only thing that can save this country. However, even that may be a long shot given the Trumplicans’ open defiance of reason and the rule of law in favor of authoritarianism and rule by a strongman. This group is the biggest threat to the future of the US, and the one we will collectively likely have to fight and bring to heel if we want to save it.


The suggestion is that the potential exists. These aspects are not necessarily active on the actual day of alignment but rather lie dormant until such time the conditions are ripe for it to be triggered by Mars or some other such planet. I can”t recall who exactly, but one of the tarot readers felt that June 23rd would be a turning point of sorts for this administration. For better or worse, that is the day Neptune turns stationary retrograde.

Eliseo, Jerry, Frank,

I’ve had some time to think about what the best strategy might be moving forward with the Big Lie, The Big Liar and the Unholy Minions.

Trump must be crushed. He continues to lord over the Republican Party. “Fish rots from the head down.” The head of the serpent must be severed. Lighting a match under Garland is the right thing to do. He’s pretty much shitting the bed so far with respect to getting any traction regarding Trump. We need to bury Cesar Disgustus post haste. Once his power/influence is legally in serious check, the cowards in the GOP will no longer feel so utterly owned by him.


Re: nodal nastiness. I’ve been gripped by state of frustration and gloom. I gave my natal chart a good going over and I’m thinking this pall that hangs over me is a function of Saturn conjunct my North Node.

I also have Pluto squaring my first house natal Saturn and Neptune all the way through January 2022.
Fun times.

CORRECTION: Neptune turns stationary retrograde Friday June 25th.


I fully understand the feelings. But sorry, I have to disagree with you there. We need Trump and all his minions. The more craziness the better. If not, all will go stale. A non inquisitive; dull complacency will set in otherwise. The more intensity, the more there is a willingness to go beyond ones comfort zone and question previously held iron-clad beliefs. All great strides in society have come through struggle. The quest for freedom needs to be unbridled and unconditional. The Vietnam war of the ’60’s that spawned the anti-war movement and the attendant counter culture life-style in questioning authority is a great example of this. I say – may great blessings fall on Trump, his family and his supporters, for they are the catalyst in driving us towards freedom. Predictably, if you reply “give me a break” then I would ask that you reconsider your statement: “I personally continue to intend peace, cooperation and progress. I continue to lean toward the Light.”. Dig a little deeper my friend. Trust me. There’s a silver lining in all this.

RE: “No. At least not under the current two-party system.”

You’ve been right about this for as long as I can remember. Many times before, you’ve posted here what I think might work far better. A multi-party system in which coalitions are necessary to actually govern is probably the best we might do.

IMO, over time our two-party system rendered both parties into rigidly arrogant entities, blind to the virtues of opinions not their own. For much of our history both sides have been convinced of the complete bankruptcy of their adversary’s ideas, opinions, theories, etc. as well as the abundance and correctness of their own. It would be nice to see some humility in our politicians and office holders, but I believe our rigid two party system engenders the arrogance I mentioned.

I support the Dems because their heart is in the right place, not because I believe their proposed solutions to problems might actually work. Some will. Some won’t. The Dems are not immune to their own pet “false facts” and counter productive “solutions.” They are just far less prone to them and entertain far fewer ones than the R’s who seem to be wallowing in them, drowning the nation in their ocean of lies. The R’s have successfully brainwashed themselves by about 100%, whereas the Dems are only in the very beginnings of their chosen dementia.

I find both parties frustrating, much too shallow, far too dependent on moneyed experts, and more ignorant than they want us to believe. Perhaps with more competition (parties & ideas) we would have more creative, resourceful, pragmatic, and intelligent representatives crafting better, more rational, intelligent legislation.

But of course, how do we get there? I’m not sure, but I would think proportional representation must surely be part of the deal. Meanwhile, the R’s, believing Dems will NEVER take up arms in their own defense, or to preserve democracy, steamroll their way over our constitution and over us all, thereby, sadly, probably insuring the necessity of the actions they believe we dare not contemplate. I pray unforeseen events will drastically alter the equation, but have no faith in divine intervention.

Will, Jerry,
I too believe we need Mr. Disgustingly Orange, at least for a while longer for the reasons you cited, Jerry. DJT really IS the Avatar of the American Id. Were he absent, the people of the Id would still be there. The Donald is rude, crude, lewd and stupid. For the moment, I’d rather have him leading the far right than someone more intelligent, suave, and sophisticated. Trump may be the principal tool through which the far right is dramatically discredited and permanently defeated.


Quite right. If we regard the nation as an entity with many multi-faceted personality traits, some in conflict with the larger whole, some not, what we’re aiming at is full integration. That kind of healing comes with time and maturity. The country has been at it for nearly two and a half centuries. Still a relatively new country.


Those are very lofty thoughts re: Trump as an Avatar
for a-moral f
Paradoxically, in spite of his profound spiritual power and wisdom, His Holiness the Dali Lama was driven out of his ancient digs in Tibet by Communist China. Not to be outdone, Christ got slaughtered and crucified in order to fulfill the scriptural prophesies and play carry out his part in the great drama of the Passion.

Yes I do indeed equivocate between cultivating and encouraging others toward the evolved spiritual “see the bigger picture” posture vs going paleolithic , pick up a jawbone of an ass and slaying the modern-day Philistines

One thing I believe I know for certain: I don’t think humanity, nobility or goodness enter into Trump’s or the rabid-Rights conscience.

There is the notion that God/Goddess/the Universe, and the Higher Power uses all of us for good. Thus my little brain box navigates the slog between these deep conflicts. If this post doesn’t make sense,I’m flying on narcotic pain meds after a three-hour dental procedure.

I would submit the US is a “relatively new or young culture,” but as nations go, one of the oldest countries. San Marino has the distinction of being the earth’s oldest nation, their constitution dating to 1600. The UK is second oldest, with the USA coming in third with those of longest continuing constitutional government.

Iceland has been a democracy for over 1000 years, but their constitutional form has changed a few times. Switzerland has also had continuing democracy for longer than the rest of us but again, they’ve changed constitutional form two or three times. In essence they are old cultures but newish nations.

The same is especially true for the PRC. The Chinese have a very, very old culture, but are a new and young nation, having been established in 1949. Jewish culture is also very old, but Israel was only established on 14 May 1948.

To understand ourselves and other peoples I think it helpful sociologically, historically, and astrologically to distinguish between culture and nationhood. Our American culture is older than our nationhood. At times our culture and nationhood are in conflict, and I’ve been told this is oft reflected in a nation’s natal chart and progressions.

I’ve not looked, but I suspect we would see this in our best available charts for Canada and the US. To a great degree we share a culture (at least the Anglophone culture) but each have distinctive subcultures. Why are we so alike, and yet so different?

Canada and the US were both settled mostly by Europeans and Africans moving ever westward displacing the aboriginal tribes, however… in quite opposite ways. Those who
settled Canada were generally more patient, waiting until law enforcement, i.e. the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had pacified and prepared an area before actually moving there. Those who settled what became the US had no such patience, thus our tales of the wild, wild west. This is also why Americans generally are far more comfortable with guns than the folks of other nations. Our omnivorous ancestors used firearms not merely to put protein on the table, but equally or more importantly, with no or very little law enforcement personnel available, to defend themselves from hostile natives, and/or any peers of criminal persuasion.

Again, I have not specifically looked for the astrological signatures of these characteristics, but I have no doubt they are there.

God/Goddess bless you! May your pain subside and the healing you need quickly manifest.

RE: “One thing I believe I know for certain: I don’t think humanity, nobility or goodness enter into Trump’s or the rabid-Rights conscience.”

Mostly true, Will. Certainly true for Trump himself and the R leaders. However a few Trump supporters do have some principles, often derived from their misinformed, literalist misunderstanding of their bibles and/or the constitution.

I have a cousin in Louisiana, an intelligent woman, but nevertheless exponentially dumb when it comes to religion, politics, science, and history. She sincerely tries to be a good person, but her childish notions about God, etc. handicap her judgement. She refuses to read or study the aforementioned subjects because she doesn’t want such knowledge to take her away “from the Lord,” in other words undermine her worldview and meaning system. She’d rather be a hick who goes to heaven than a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city slicker who goes to hell.

We have way too many fearful, purposefully ignorant people in our body politic who are easily huckstered by Trump type con men. Too many of them mean well, believing they are righteous in their political choices. It’s not the first time in history when well meaning folks did or caused evil.


Nothing lofty about it. To draw an analogy, if we were little ants running around with some vague notion of the need to feed ourselves and in its wider context, belonging to a large community of ants building an ant hill in order to biologically procreate and therefore continue on with our species – your ideas might apply.

I am of the opinion based on an intuitive sense of things, and from what I have read from spiritual sources, that unlike the life of ants, we are not separate beings. Our consciousness are of the same substance. The sense of separateness is a false premise. We have convinced ourselves that there is no deeper purpose but to procreate, make money, have the few pleasurable experiences life has to offer and then die. Truth or pure awareness bereft of limited thoughts and conditioning is what we are all unconsciously aspiring for. According to Meher Baba, this pure awareness is in fact who we are in reality. Pure awareness cannot be achieved, for it is not something that one can accumulate from without, but rather it is an unfolding from within. This notion that we must overcome “evil” (getting rid of all the Trump’s in the world) is patently false. According to Baba, it is only when the mind steps aside and the heart becomes more predominant can we perceive the oneness behind everything.

Were we to completely rid this world of all things we regard as evil, we would soon be recategorizing and recalibrating. We would soon be labeling other things as evil that previously carried no such appellation.

Eliseo, this reminds me of the I Ching hexagram 2: “The earth in its devotion carries all things, good and evil, without exception. In the same way the superior man gives to his character breadth, purity, and sustaining power, so that he is able both to support and to bear with people and things.” It is certainly not easy to bear with many people and things these days.

Jerry, Eliseo, Les,

If we develop a malignant growth or infection, do we clean and debride the tumor or wound in order to stop the advance of the destructive virus? Do we not take a prescribed antibiotic or anti-viral? I think we would all agree that this would be the best approach. We can say that just like Trump et al, ‘the tumor and/or infection is created by the Universe just like healthy tissue is made.’ So, does this mean that using surgery and chemo and radiation and microcrobiotic nutrition to destroy the pathological tissues and stop its advance – or do we just placate ourselves by rationalizing that the diseased tissue needs to grow freely and robustly because the phenomenon has a higher purpose for ourselves, our bodies and our loved ones. I say get me a nice jaw of an ass and get into cleaning out that wound and ridding ourselves of the corrupted growths.

My life experiences have convinced me beyond a doubt that evil and darkness are very much alive in the hearts of many. My intuitions tell me that I know right from wrong and that the best way to turn the tide on the Tasmanian Tan Man is to confine him, restrict him and punish him for purposely and defiantly attempting to dismantle our democratic process.

I am not one to give way to black/white rigid thinking – except when my heart and soul requires me to identify and describe those individuals/groups who are intent upon undermining our democratic process. I for one believe strongly that this nation’s very soul is in the grips of a vicious struggle between good and evil.


Thank you for the lovely good wishes for my healing. I had a three-hour session with my dentist yesterday while under local anesthesia. As the numbing wore off later into the evening, I developed pain in my jaw and mouth that was hands-down the most excruciating of my entire life.
I wound not wish this kind of pain on anyone!

Dear Will,

I read that last entry of mine (posted 5:36 am) a second time through and felt my off-hand comment (first paragraph) could have been interpreted as a personal slight. So sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I do value your thoughts and opinions. I was trying to convey a point. I’m afraid it came off badly.

PS Didn’t realize how serious your condition was. Wishing you well and a quick recovery.

No worries, Jerry. No worries.

Will, yes, with the I Ching Book of Changes there are times of being receptive and bearing all and times of taking action to right wrongs. While the Biden administration has certainly taken some steps in overturning many bad decisions of the previous administration, I’m not seeing enough effort (needed by Congress probably, and alas) to institute laws that fix the norm-breaking problems we saw in the past 4 years. The fact that Trump was able to break those norms without consequences is a major problem that has not been addressed and I haven’t seen any moves towards that at all.

I agree the malignant tumor in our culture and body politic needs to be removed. The questions are twofold. How? & When? We don’t have a willing patient. The tumor has driven the patient crazy. She is running amok doing crazy things, mostly to herself. How to get her sufficiently sedated to undergo the surgery is a real conundrum. And where is the surgeon? On vacation? Drunk? It appears the patient will have to do the surgery herself!

Also, apart from the metaphors, we’re talking about millions of citizens. We are not Soviets or Nazis. We can’t just take them out and shoot them. Hopefully, there will be no shooting at all. But this could well devolve into Weimar Republic style violence.

In the 1860’s it took a terrible civil war to remove the malignancy. But the “surgery” was only partially successful, and left us with painful scars and lesions which continue to plague us.

Presently, President Biden and the Democrats in Congress are applying age old remedies, hoping they will work, but seeing them fail before our very eyes. Time to think outside the box, but who is the thinker, and how might we apply whatever “new” remedies we might find or discover?

I wish I, or someone had the answers. I don’t have a magic wand I can wave over my Louisiana relatives. Neither do any of us.

TRUMP’S KARMA EXPLODES: Psychic Astrology Reading by Evon Davis

Video 10 min 15 sec


A very worthwhile analysis.
Not very long.
China’s Arrogance Is Uniting Its Rivals
Authoritarian states have a history of underestimating democracies, becoming more dangerous after realizing their mistake.
By Hal Brands. April 8, 2021

Hal Brands’ opinion piece expresses what I’ve been thinking for some time. Just as Germany and Japan severly underestimated the US & the Western world decades ago, the Chinese Communist Party is doing likewise, and for many of the same reasons associated with authoritarian psychology.

However, I will go one step further. All nation states and empires are capable of sufficiently egregious mistakes which eventually self-cause their demise. But authoritarian states tend do it more easily and quickly. So will it be with China.

On this blog, I believe in the previous thread, I explained details of the extraordinary strategic difficulties involved were China to invade Taiwan. It would be an exceptionally stupid move. But will it happen anyway? Probably, yes.

As they are coming to realize Taiwan will never voluntarily submit, that “unification” will only occur through force, the PRC will likely invade sometime in the next decade.
They watch the US closely, ever discerning how we might react. When they perceive the United States is just too bogged down with internal problems to respond adequately or at all, they will probably launch their attack. That likely IMO will be when the US Pluto return is strongest, or at Uranus return in 2028.

The CCP has entrapped itself. In 1949 they pledged to “reunite” ALL of China. Taiwan’s economic success as a democratic nation is humiliating to the CCP as it contrasts with the failures of CCP policies, and dramatically demonstrates economic prosperity and happiness for the Chinese people does not require the universal surveillance and oppression the CCP employs to stay in power.

The invasion and occupation will be dreadfully costly for the PRC, so much so that it will be the beginning of their downfall. (See details in previous thread) What is likely, IMO will be a universal boycott of all Chinese business.

The world is already turning against them attitudinally. The process acclerates gradually as nations disentangle themselves bit by bit economically from the PRC, and more and more foreign businesses withdraw investments and labor, relocating to Mexico, India, other Asian nations, or back to their home country. They are doing this because Chinese labor has become too expensive, they are tired of China stealing their intellectual property and patents, and are increasingly wary of Chinese authoritarianism and belligerence.

A hot world war with China will probably be unnecessary. The Taiwanese will rebel against their occupiers. Their resistance movement will be intense and effective, and way too many PRC sons from one child families will be dying. Simultaneously, most all nations will unite to bring down the Chinese economy. Nations and businesses are already pretty upset with what the CCP is doing to Hong Kong. The PRC has broken all the agreements they made for admission to the WTO. They are no longer trusted. When they invade Taiwan, they will be ringing their own political death knell.

There can be no guarantees, and there are always unforeseen events But I am pretty convinced this is how events will unfold, so much so it is part of the back story for a novel I’ve been working on. I strongly suspect this is one of the things we will be facing as our Pluto and Uranus returns become direct. Our internal, domestic mess will serve as an invitation to various predatory nations to aggress as they see fit. But as Pluto slowly moves through Aquarius, I also feel such aggressions will eventually result in the demise of several authoritarian states, and of the disparate far right elements within our own society.

Meanwhile, all these autocrats remain a source of major headaches and anxieties for such sensitive souls as ourselves.


It was such a pleasure and relief to read your summarization ….. Looks like it will play out like that 🙂

I am trying to dig myself out with my business but it is borrowing energy I can’t easily pay back. If anyone is interested in a real hard hitting progressive newsletter go to https://theclawnews.com

Proceeds go to saving and rebuilding my life. Thanks much!


Sunstars, Epipen in Quebec used to be about 100$. Now it’s about 10$. Quebec is the only province with prescription drug public insurance.

Todd, may you be very successful in your efforts.

“Attorney General Merrick B. Garland laid out a detailed plan on Friday for protecting voting rights, announcing that the Justice Department would double enforcement staff on the issue, scrutinize new laws that seek to curb voter access and act if it sees a violation of federal law.”


Thank you Andre! I think I remember years ago it was about that price (for a while) in the West…..of Canada of course.
I’ve gotta look up prescription drug public insurance and see just what it is and how do we get it because I’m unfamiliar …! So glad Quebec has it.

I mean for a short time in the beginning I believe Epipen when first introduced was around $10…. It seems that profiteers soon recognized how they could profit….. Our health care should never be privatized.

In 2016 a set of 2 epipens in Britain were $69

It’s being described as much more damaging and scandalous than Watergate. The New York Times revelation that Trump used his DOJ to go after his political enemies, a gross misuse of presidential power, came out on the day of the June 10th solar eclipse. The eclipse/ Mercury conjunction fell right on Trump’s Nodes, Sun-Moon opposition and progressed Uranus, so no wonder there.

This eclipse moon cycle will come to full maturation on June 24th. The Full Moon at 3 ’27 Capricorn will oppose Bill Barr’s natal Uranus (3 ’11 Cancer) in t square to his nodes (5 ’38 Aries-Libra) and trine to his Jupiter (5 ’37 Pisces). I wonder if the first batch of indictments, with Mr. Barr being the main protagonist will roll out on the 24th…………..

Barr Distances Himself From Trump-era Subpoenas of Democratic Lawmakers

The comments come as Democratic congressional leaders demand the former attorney general testify about the leak probes.

June 11, 2021

Former Attorney General William Barr on Friday distanced himself from reports that the Trump Justice Department seized communications records belonging to two prominent Democratic lawmakers who were spearheading investigations into then-President Donald Trump.

In a phone interview, Barr said he didn’t recall getting briefed on the moves.



More (some legal analysts are stating this may be just the tip of the iceberg)……..

New Trump Scandal Shows The Depth of His Assault On America’s Democratic Foundations

June 11, 2021

New revelations suggesting that the Trump administration abused Justice Department powers to target his political enemies underscore just how far the ex-President went to destroy cherished principles of American republican government.
They show that the true extent of assaults on democracy by Donald Trump are still coming to light and are probably even now not fully known.
But this is not just a drama about the alleged misbehavior of a former President. Taken together with the Republican Party’s refusal to hold Trump — who remains the GOP’s dominant figure — to account for the Capitol insurrection and its nationwide efforts to restrict voting, the new allegations also indicate that the freedoms and core values that have underpinned American life for two-and-a-half centuries remain in almost unprecedented peril.

In some of the most chilling exposés yet of Trump’s autocratic tendencies, The New York Times late Thursday unveiled a secret scheme by prosecutors against members of Congress conducting presidential oversight.



Many thanks for the CNN link.
“The current leak storm is yet another Trump abuse of power that appears to have been motivated by a desire to cover up what remain mysterious links between the former President’s orbit and Moscow, which meddled in the election five years ago in an attempt to help Trump win.”

“mysterious links between the former President’s orbit and Moscow”

Moscow! Moscow! Moscow!
Eclipse effects ARE interesting!
I am reminded of Adalai Stevenson’s persistent, accusatory questioning of the Soviet ambassador at the UN regarding the misslles in Cuba (1962.) It apppears highly probable now the Russian collusion connection will surface. Perhaps another scene like that of 1962 at the UN?

This won’t go away. I’m curious as to how Trumpers will react when their hero is revealed as having committed actions tantamount to treason. I’m sure some will vehemently deny the charges, but maybe, maybe some others will see the dark truth, and cease and desist.


“But this is not just a drama about the alleged misbehavior of a former President. Taken together with the Republican Party’s refusal to hold Trump — who remains the GOP’s dominant figure — to account for the Capitol insurrection and its nationwide efforts to restrict voting, the new allegations also indicate that the freedoms and core values that have underpinned American life for two-and-a-half centuries remain in almost unprecedented peril.”

Indeed, harrowing new facts about viciousness involved in this skullduggery is emerging.


“This won’t go away. I’m curious as to how Trumpers will react when their hero is revealed as having committed actions tantamount to treason. I’m sure some will vehemently deny the charges, but maybe, maybe some others will see the dark truth, and cease and desist.”

Aye, and there’s the rub. As you mentioned in your post upthread, TRUMP has become the chosen avatar for millions of American voters. That so many “citizens” would project their values and hopes on Trump is breathtakingly horrifying.

This is not front page news, but somehow I have a feeling it is far more significant than is generally understood.

France Is Sending a Second Statue of Liberty to the US.



Merrick Garland is taking on voting rights. I am going to try to decipher if the federal gov’t has jurisdiction over the individual states if any of the examined states are in error…. Do not know that yet. Do not know if each state has carte blanche on when and how the people can vote….

“That so many “citizens” would project their values and hopes on Trump is breathtakingly horrifying.”

Horrifying it is. But they’ve been with us for a very long time. Decades ago, pre-civil rights era, pre-women’s liberation, before earth day was invented, etc. the willful ignorance, the many fears, hatred’s, and resentments embodied by Mr. T were common and normal amongst many where I grew up. For 100 years at least, people were generally open about such thoughts and feelings, which sporadically were expressed violently.

I was in high school at the time of the cusp of the cultural changes which rendered such attitudes and behaviors unacceptable, (60’s).
Through the 70’s things seemed to get better, but by the time Reagan was elected, fear and her siblings were again ascending to the throne.

Thinking out loud, now: DJT gave people permission and encouragement to act out all those fears and hatreds, but as horrible as he is, I suspect he is merely the spearhead of the old Confederacy’s last stand, their last hurrah. Their final era may last longer than we desire, but surely when Pluto becomes firmly ensconced in Aquarius we will see a very different and better emotional and mental environment.

Maybe we just need to keep our antennae highly polished, be ready to act as it becomes necessary, and pray for patience. I know. Easier said than done.

“That so many “citizens” would project their values and hopes on Trump is breathtakingly horrifying.”

NOW I see what Merrick Garland is getting at.

Democracy is EQUALITY. Democracy is one person, one vote.

Voting rights may be the most important thing in the US today.

If everyone is freely allowed to vote, we will have equality.

All the citizens hurt by inequality will be heard. The natural law will take place.

The willful ignorances, fears, hatreds, and resentments will no longer stand. Too bad.

Back in the day Eliseo is talking about, I discovered a difference between my Canadian upbringing and my young husband’s American upbringing. He made a few statements that had me understand that he believed in certain instances that Might is Right!!!! He came from a cultured, upper middle class family. He looked like a younger brother of say the Beach Boys.
I was in disbelief.

Now I understand more about the spiritually and intellectually lazy fearful but feeling entitled individuals who want Trump. THEY have the work to do after the voters – ALL the voters – have spoken.

When all the voters have spoken, we will be on our way to economic equality. As that is happening, our education system will be there for all…..

American may be a new America. It may be truly equal.

And I think that is why Merrick Garland is letting nothing get in the way of VOTING RIGHTS.

Equality makes everything easier.

Ummm gonna take a risk of speaking off the cuff

So many times I have tried to better understand the young privileged school boy suddenly propelled into Viet Nam.

My Arizona boy had an older brother at USC. However this younger brother for whatever reason was a party boy and did not have the grades to make it into USC.

So he was vulnerable to the draft. So the air force was full…he barely made it into the navy when his draft card into the army came within a week of his birthday July 1949.

He was an Arizona State Champion in weight lifting and won a fitness contest in that state. So two things: He organized a morale building weight lifting structure on his ship; and he then also shipped over to the gun boats, twice. The third time he was denied. Maybe they wanted to keep him alive for the morale building.

He comes home; he is not respected. Jane Fonda got there before him.

So what is the fractured state of mind of this young individual?

Enter me. The Canadian. Not fully putting this together til later.

In re-reading this I am laughing out loud.

Sooo.. I think of Dan Crenshaw born March 14 1984. Afghanistan …. Navy.
Moon Leo, Mars Scorpio – Pluto in Scorpio generation. And he is a Texas congressman. Who exactly do we have for a representative there?

Those are passionate signatures. Passion without critical thinking…. what is that?

Haha! One of my favorite sayings is: “When you’re young, You’re dumb.”

I know, because I’ve been there. Truly….

However, some young people have it and they never lose it. Look at AOC Hopefully forever……
The first time I listened to her I was hooked. Marjorie Orr said she is experiencing and will experience a few couple maybe difficult years. If she is, she’s doing it gracefully.

I myself wanna be grace under pressure. Can we get people like that? …. I want role models…….
To remind me……Maybe I’m gonna have to read up and figure out myself how to do this; how to be my own role model.

BUT I need to contact my friends, really to do this.

“I get by with a little help from my friends….” Thank you Mr. Paul McCartney the wonderful Gemini


“Passion without critical thinking…. what is that?”

Since ancient times the longing of the heart has been emphasized. It is the perennial theme amongst all the great mystics and poets. The heart engenders a feeling of oneness. It is the only solution for humanities ills.

This song conveys a sense of it. The words go deep and are profound……..



Lyrics to the song can be read here…….


So Jerry:

I saw the song and read the lyrics hours ago. Still trying to fit it into my understanding.

It is a song of pain….. of being left out. Of having the love of one’s life reject you. OR of being unable to connect with what you envision is the love of your life. There is a gap. And an aloneness.

Passion? Yes. Intelligence? a l’il low on that scale.

All I know is that I realized the need for therapy on my part. So I went for it. I needed more information. Therapy slowly slowly gave it to me. More information – and putting it all together is another way of saying intelligence.

Yes, we meet in the heart. Oneness. However as a favorite astrologer of mine said: “Your greatest protection is your own pure motive.” How can we know what our true motives are without introspection? Introspection takes both the heart and the mind……. right?

When I said Intelligence, guess I meant Emotional Intelligence which seems to possibly include “Passion”.

So when you are talking about how passion is a requirement for Oneness….. I am saying passion is emotion, and an element of emotion is emotional intelligence…..

Passion doesn’t need to be blind passion, does it?


I have been reading what you have been writing especially some cornerstone writings from 2015.

Very interesting.

Andre again:

I bought this book, years ago… not sure when… maybe 6 years ago…or more

“The Trade” by Fred Stenson

It’s about The Hudson’s Bay Company starting in 1822. I think I’m gonna read it again.

I stopped reading it when they apparently boiled one of the protagonists alive in a boiling pot.

It seems to have a lot of valuable information……

I may know more about the times you have been writing about after that… but from the perspective of the Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company…… 🙂 Then we can talk. 🙂

Not to mention a chunk of info on the Indigenous People back in the day given that it has been brought to light the Kamloops Residential School graves of 215 children found on the property……

Found HIDDEN on the property…….

Consciousness of guilt

Hi sunstars,

A little clarification might be helpful. It’s the combination of the words and the music that resonate. If one is too analytical about this, the essence I.e. the grandeur and richness of what is being expressed is lost. For what touches the heart is not in the words themselves but in the feeling that it conveys.

About the contradiction of separation and love; Meher Baba expresses it in this way…..

“Beloved and lover implies separation. And separation creates longing; and longing causes search. And the wider and the more intense the search, the greater the separation and the more terrible the longing. When longing is at it’s most intense, separation is complete, and the purpose of separation, which was that love might experience itself as lover and beloved, is fulfilled; and union follows. And when union is attained, the lover knows that he himself was all along the beloved, whom he loved and desired union with; and that all the impossible situations that he overcame were obstacles which he himself had placed in the path to himself. To attain union is so impossibly difficult because it is impossible to become what you already are! Union is nothing other than knowledge of oneself as the only one.”

About the subtleties of love, Rumi, the famous 13th century Persian poet puts it rather bluntly…..


And one of my favorite passages on love from Khalil Gibran’s magnificent work The Prophet….


Ok this probably gonna get me knocked out of your good books.

Wasn’t Khalil Gibran a Pisces? I am too but a very different Pisces. I first read him, had his book in my teens.

I don’t like being talked down to. I first recognized that only in recent years. I don’t like the great teacher.

In 1996 – the last great love of my life said: “I’m the boss.” With a certain amount of indulgence and humor I said: “You’re the boss.” I thought with the energy with which he pursued me he had only my best interests at heart. Ok he could tell me how to hang the towels etc but with anything REALLY important I would weigh in.

Come to find out I had a live one. Took me years to know for sure. A personality disorder.

The energy with which he pursued me? Love Bombing. In the parlance.

So I am not open to mysticism in which I am told that I do not understand… and need the help of a mystic who knows more than me…… and I should just hold my analysis due to not being smart enough or mystical enough or experienced enough.

Please forgive me in advance….

PLUS as I have stated before, India has the Caste system which is alive and well in Silicon Valley, and India has Gender Inequality which appears to be more extreme than North America…..

Plus here in British Columbia the last Premier of the province who had relatives in East India profited greatly as we suffered financially and in which we also suffered in combating climate change.

I actually did that individual’s horoscope in person before they held that office….. and was thinking OMG as it happened. Scorpio with a Capricorn Moon with the personal planets remarkably afflicted…. Sometimes so-called afflicted planets can lead to self control and a very advanced individual as in the case of Mahatma Gandhi or Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

So…. gotta think things over when one sees hard aspects in a natal chart……..


It depends on where your interest lies. It stands to reason that if you desire resolution, clarity, then it is imperative to let go of all the old behavior and thinking and start afresh. Reacting to authority unintentionally develops into another form of authority (your own). It’s the same old repetition but packaged under a different label.

I love how J Krishnamurti addresses this conundrum……

Silent Observation

“…. How anxious we are to find an answer to our problems! We are so eager to find an answer that we cannot study the problem; it prevents our silent observation of the problem. The problem is the important thing, and not the answer. If we look for an answer, we will find it; but the problem will persist, for the answer is irrelevant to the problem. Our search is for an escape from the problem, and the solution is a superficial remedy, so there is no understanding of the problem. All problems arise from one source, and without understanding the source, any attempt to solve the problems will only lead to further confusion and misery. One must first be very clear that one’s intention to understand the problem is serious, that one sees the necessity of being free of all problems; for only then can the maker of problems be approached. Without freedom from problems, there can be no tranquillity; and tranquillity is essential for happiness, which is not an end in itself. As the pool is still when the breezes stop, so the mind is still with the cessation of problems. But the mind cannot be made still; if it is, it is dead, it is a stagnant pool. When this is clear, then the maker of problems can be observed. The observation must be silent and not according to any predetermined plan based on pleasure and pain.”



Sunstars, basically with prescription drug public insurance in Quebec most people pay a small fraction of the usual cost at the pharmacy. It can be less than 10%. You pay some of it back on your income tax if you have high income. It’s a real equalizer that saves lives. I appreciate it more and more as I grow older and need medication.

Also, thank you for your interest for my writings on this blog over the years, but I don’t remember most of it.

Jerry: I just re-read your post of 8:38 pm June 13 2021
Wow! before FULLY reading it I was gonna say Got It! But had to read it fully to the end.

So gonna read the next. It’s written at 1:58am on June 14 2021.

Maybe everyone else is asleep…. LOLOL!!!

Ummm Andre – what are you doing up in the middle of the night? Same as me……. haha

Ummm Andre – what are you doing up in the middle of the night? Same as me……. haha

Altho as you are in Quebec and I am in BC it might be early morning where you are

Not everyone is diurnal.

Hi sunstars,

Ok. Very good. If as you say you understood the import of my earlier post after a second reading, the subsequent 1:58 am June 14th post may no longer be applicable. You can just ignore it.

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