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I know I have been totally absent. I am sorry. I blame it on the dispositor of my whole chart, Uranus, and my progressed Sun, both in Taurus at the moment. It makes it very hard to even think of astrology. I went through something similar when Uranus was in Capricorn. The earth signs just snip my wings.

No sweat, starlight. It’s just great to hear from you, is all.

Eliseo, starlight has our e-mails. I am quite willing to share my phone number with her, with you or anyone else here who might care to have it.

Jerry, I underscore that May 26th eclipse. It is interesting all the more to me because my SR is January 11. My chart has certainly been activated in the last 18 months.

A newly discovered subatomic particle is disobeying the laws of physics as scientists thought they knew them. I believe there will be many more such discoveries, and some of them will eventually validate astrology. Do not despair, Muggle science will eventually catch up to us some day.


Taiwan says it will fight to the end if attacked by China. My wife told me recently she never thought she would live to see a pandemic. I answered there are two things that were inconceivable to our generation : a pandemic and war, and I believe we will see both in this decade.



Ha! “A newly discovered subatomic particle is disobeying the laws of physics as scientists thought they knew them.”

Your use of the verb “disobeying” re: subatomic particles – made me belly-laugh – those tiny, little rebels!

((( Nancy/Starlight ))) Take it easy, no pressure to post. It is enough that you provide this very special forum for us and wonderful articles.


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I have to decided to trust that Barb is all right wherever she is and that she feels our love and light and healing vibes as we feel her’s (speaking of consciousness). There…..I feel a bit lighter already.

Eliseo, your idea sounds like a good one but there would be things to work out. People would have to want to share their phone #s as well as have someone who would want to keep them. Nancy does have our email addresses and would pass on an email, I would think, but if someone doesn’t want to participate, or cannot, email may not help (and possibly neither would phoning), but there is always the possibility that it could be a very positive thing to reach out so that they feel the love.

I’m taking the liberty of sharing Jerry’s last post since it came at the end of the prior thread. I’m not going to listen to the youtube posted but am also wondering what the intense aspects might be in mid-June (when I’m probably traveling)? I noticed that venus in cancer is opp pluto in cap (sq Lilith, I believe, in Taurus), and Mars in Leo is opp Uranus in Taurus at the end of the month/early July. Are those the aspects that are being referred to?

Charts for China and Taipei City, Taiwan if anyone should want to take a look (and I can just hear Alex saying: “Why don’t you take a look, Sharon :-))


Chart for Taipei City, Taiwan


I find it hard to believe that this will come down to war nor that the world will let that happen. At least China did not just go in as Russia did in the Ukraine.

Forgot to include Jerry’s last post:

FROM JERRY (not me):


Regarding the astrological aspects leading up to mid June. . . .

I am particularly intrigued by the dynamics of the May 26th 2021 lunar eclipse. I did a search on Google and found a video entitled “Channeled Message for The Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021!” Here’s the link……..


Not mentioned in the video (although it shares lots of fascinating impressions about the eclipse) is that this eclipse has tr Mars (20 Cancer) in precise conjunction to the January 10, 2020 lunar eclipse (in opposition to a nearly exact Sat/Pluto conj at 22 Capr.). The 5/26/21 Mars (20 Cancer) is also in simultaneous sesqui-square to the 5/26/21 lunar eclipse (5 Sagittarius). A perfect symmetrical event. Here is the January 10th, 2020 lunar eclipse for quick reference:


It has been said that it was this January 2020 Lunar Eclipse-Pluto/Saturn opposition that spawned the COVID 19 pandemic. And the March 20th, 2020 Mars/Jupiter conjunction (22 Capr.) which followed that resulted in a dramatic world-wide lock-down which continues in varying degrees to this day.

For better or worse, might the May 26th, 2021 lunar eclipse prove to be a culmination to the events triggered by COVID 19 back in January 2020? The mid June 2021 aspects you speak of are equally intense.”

By: Jerry on April 7th, 2021
at 8:02 am

Sharon K, I mentioned in the last thread that in mid-June Mars will oppose Pluto, Saturn will square Uranus and there will be a solar eclipse, all around Trump’s solar return, which I anticipate will be the time for his indictment.

I see what you mean, Andre, about saturn squaring uranus in mid-June. Mars opposes pluto in early June, though, as mars enters leo on or about June 12 so they are not happening at the same time (unless I’m mistaken) — but I see where Trump will still be affected adversely.

Hi Sharon,

Re The Channeled Mess. video If you can sit through and/or disregard the rather odd choice of background music and occasional giggling (I find it distracting) the astrologer offers some interesting insights and intuitive impressions of the May 26th lunar eclipse.

I have heard several intuitives express that Kamala Harris may rise to pre-eminince in the first term of the Biden administration. The prevailing opinion is that Joe Biden may bow out due to health concerns and designate Harris as his successor. The June 5th Mars-Pluto opposition (26 ’28 Cancer-Capricorn) will be activating Biden’s natal Jupiter (25 ’08 Cancer – transition?) and a grand cross square to Kamala Harris’s Sun-Moon opposition (27 Libra-Aries). Whether that indicates a change of leadership or not, some dramatic movement in the administration may be expected.

Sharon K,
I sincerely hope you are right about Barb, and that there will be no war between Taiwan and China. I will definitely take a long look at those charts for China and Taipei with the hope I might be led to different conclusions.

But with all due respect, I presently believe on the basis of the evidence, a war between Taiwan and China is probably inevitable and may well lead the world into WWIII. Both the PRC and the ROC claim to be the sole legitimate government of China. Although Taiwan maintains their claim, they have moved on, and function like the independent island nation they really are. The PRC has not. They remain livid, and find the fact the Taiwanese do not accept their authority deeply humiliating. Their civil war has not actually ended. What they have really is a defacto, uneasy cease fire.

The world cannot prevent such a war because the world has little control over either nation. The emotions of their history overwhelm them leading them away from more reasonsble behavior. The Taiwanese will never willingly submit. Nor will the PRC submit to Taipei, or relent from their claim of ownership. As soon as the PRC comes to believe the US is too busy or unable to respond adequately, they will attack. The two caveats I see are:
(A) Were Taiwan to obtain nuclear weapons. That might actually prevent armed conflict between them.
(B) Were the Chinese financial bubble to burst, their economy to collapse. That would probably lead to China splitting into several nations on the basis of linguistic geography. The Chinese share a written language, but not a spoken one, though Mandarin is being imposed as much as possible upon the other Chinese ethnicities. But the chances of either of these scenarios are remote.

The Russia analogy does not hold. Before the 1950’s Crimea was part of Russia, not Ukraine. To this day, over 65% of the Crimean population are ethnically Russian and speak Russian as their first language. The rest are about 15% Ukrainians, + Crimean Tatars,
Belarusians, Armenians, Pontic Greeks, Krymchak, Crimean Karaites, Ashkenazi Jews
Germans, and Italians.

In 1954, Nikita Khrushchev, himself a Ukranian, “gave” Crimea to Ukraine in honor and gratitude for their immense sacrifices in WWII. As Russia and Ukraine were both part of the USSR, it was more of a symbolic gesture. The USSR navy as per normal continued use of Crimean ports. The ports there are the only warm water ports to which the USSR had access, absolutely vital to their military and economic security. Same is true today for Russia. Without Crimean ports, their economic and/or naval goose is cooked!

A youtuber accurately said Russian history can be summed up in five words: “And then things got worse!” Still true. Russia has some of the worst geography on planet earth. They were invaded west to east across the Great European Plain 7 times by 4 nations, Poland, Sweden, France (Napoleon) and Germany (Hitler). Each time they suffered enormous loss of life. The worst was WWII in which they lost 20% (i.e. 20 million) of their population, mostly male. Because of WWII, if you were a male born in the USSR in 1923, you had only about a 20% chance of surviving to age 23! No wonder at end of WWII the Soviets insisted on holding on to Eastern Europe as a buffer zone between them and the nations they feared.

When the Soviet Union fell, Bill Clinton made several promises to Boris Yeltsin, one of which was NOT to expand NATO. Bill broke every one of those promises plus more, as did subsequent presidents. NATO forces are now less than 100 miles from St. Petersburg. The Russians feel betrayed and humiliated and they absolutely hate us. Had we developed and enacted a Marshall plan for Russia and the former Soviet states, … but we didn’t.

Russian birth rates are precipitously and dangerously declining. The good, Soviet established technical schools and colleges to train engineers are gone. Their well trained Soviet era engineers and military offcers are either retired or dead. In 2014, if Putin was going to use military force he felt as though he had to do it right then, or he would not have had the personell to accomplish his goal. To survive, Russia needed those warm water Crimean ports. He felt there was no time to do it nicely through democratic process or treaty, and besides that would risk losing the game, which he believed would lead to the death of his nation. He believed he had to act immediately, before it was too late. So, in machiavellian style Russia brutally invaded and annexed (reacquired) Crimea.

Putin is definitely a thug. The Russians have never been saintly, and they have evolved into a fascist, criminal state. But they took Crimea out of desperation, believing their survival depended on it.

In contrast, the Chinese are patient. They are playing a long game. They too feel humiliated and shamed by the west through a predatory, imperialist process beginning in the 1750’s. From 1840-1940 China went from being a leading civilization to a poor, broken, and subjugated country. Now ascending from their deep shame, they are waiting for the right moment to seize Taiwan and punish the Taiwanese as evil seditionists.

Pew polls show the Chinese people really hate us. They are happy to sell us their goods. But they absolutely hate especially the British, the Japanese, and Americans. They overlay their tradition with a “Marxist with Chinese characteristics” face, but per their historically Confucianist ethos, they believe theirs is the divine right to oversee and command the world. Chinese college students often proclaim how happy they are their country is becoming so wealthy, so they can use their wealth to establish an unbeatable military with which to “crush” the Japanese and Americans, to end the American derived and dominated world system, to subjugate and economically enslave us all.

Hopefully, we will have extremely smart and wise advisors and leaders to shepherd us away from the several WWIII scenarios that I believe probable, and into a lasting and productive peace. If we succeed in that endeavor, what is most probable IMO is an extremely long, perhaps centuries long, cold war between two political/economic blocs, a democratic alliance led by the US, the other led by China.

For a really good, but not too long analysis, I suggest John Nylanders’ recently published book, The Epic Split – Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style.

You need not feel sorry. You need not apologize. Speaking for myself, but I’m sure many others feel the same, I always look forward to your consistently insightful and illuminating essays. You are our national treasure! But most of all, I am grateful for this blog you maintain.

Most all here are true seekers with spiritual orientation, a place where I feel most comfortable. Upon return to work, hopefully soon, I plan to donate to your cause, something I’ve long wanted to do but was unable. The move to Washington state, and the pandemic have rendered me a near pauper!

I’m sure you have much to do during this extraordinarily sad and stressful era. As a therapist, I suspect you might be overwhelmed. Blessings to you and your family. May love and light be with you.

“Fine weapons are implements of ill omen:
people may despise them,
so those with the Way do not dwell with them.
Therefore the place of honor for the cultured is on the left,
while the honored place for the martialist is on the right.
Weapons, being instruments of ill omen,
are not the tools of the cultured,
who use them only when unavoidable.
They consider it best to be aloof;
they win without beautifying it.
Those who beautify it
enjoy killing people.
Those who enjoy killing
cannot get their will of the world.
The left is favored for auspicious things,
the right for things of ill omen:
so the subordinate general is on the left,
the top general on the right.
That means when you are in ascendency of power
you handle it as you would a mourning.
When you have killed many people,
you weep for them in sorrow.
When you win a war,
you celebrate by mourning.”
– Thomas Cleary

“Weapons are the tools of violence; all decent men detest them. Weapons are the tools of fear; a decent man will avoid them. except in the direst necessity. and, if compelled, will use them. only with the utmost restraint. Peace is his highest value.”

Tao Te Ching – Fresh 31

Acupuncture by someone experienced is a good tool and therapy to restore adrenals and energy levels. It can be expensive but worth it. Some insurances are paying for it.

I need to go back also. Helped with a sciatica issue I was going through. No longer have it, thank God and his/her healers.

Thank you, Eliseo, for sharing your considerable knowledge and understanding of the China-U.S., Russia-U.S. dynamics. China and Russia are always trying to ally and, with Iran too, due to their oil and military power I imagine, and common dislike of us.

But the U.S. is no slouch either, as long as we do not become weakened economically.

I imagine most of what will continue to happen is cyber-war (which is also dangerous, as well as anything affecting power grids). For one thing, doesn’t China depend on us as a trade partner whether made in China is a thing or not?

It is definitely frightening to know about the animosity towards the U.S. I know both Russia and China want to triumph over us, individually or collectively, but can they really do it? I don’t know much but it is just hard to believe that a free country like ours can be dominated by two countries that traffic in oppression.

Also, unfortunately, each country has and will continue to have its own economic problems (which I imagine they feel war could remedy), but what about climate-change related problems. These cannot easily be controlled.

I can see China wanting to make their move toward Taiwan but, like you implied, the U.S. is in the way.

Our best bet is staying economically strong, healthy, innovative and advanced. (And, obviously, I am just feeling my way here.)

May the Universe reward you richly for your intellectual and creative gifts. May what is yours come to you, as well as to all here, and may we all be blessed with great health and vigor! It seems to work together.

Angellight, thank you for what you have shared about weapons, and acupuncture.

Sharon K,
You are such an intelligent woman! Your husband, Myron is a lucky man! All the points you made are excellent. You understand the sad and dangerous situation well.

The U.S. is indeed no slouch! Our present leaders may be misguided on some issues, but are not idiots! They are often more aware than they want the world to know.

Despite our capitalist pretentions, the strongest and most efficient aspect of our nation is a large socialist institution. It is the United States military. Our troops are not only the best equipped, but are the most educated on planet earth. Our military officers and rank & file soldiers, sailors, airmen & airwomen are the best trained, and educated, frequently possessing degrees from some of our best colleges and universities. That’s what investing in your people can accomplish! Alas! Were it so for the rest of us!

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is the guiding light for the Russians. He is an in your face, overt true believer, proud nationalistic fascist who wrote what has become the Russian bible for political success and dominance. I suggest you take a good look at the wikipedia article on his book, The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia. It is a real eye opener! Step by step, Mr. Putin is following Dugin’s dark and dangerous prescriptive outline as to how to destroy the United States and eventually dominate the world.

Neither the Chinese, nor Russians, nor anyone else can possibly win a conflict with the US through direct military means. As odd as it historically may seem, were all the other nations on earth to ally against the US in a world war, the US would still win.

The Russians, Chinese, Iranians know this, and it infuriates them. You are right. Their only way of countering us is assymetrically, to
continue with cyber-war, messing with our power grids, and most of all, messing with our minds.

Their goal is to confuse, to supply us with a plethora of conspiracy theories, to support extremist groups of the right and left, to foment disinformation, misinformation, Black and White racism, sexism, and chaos, and getting as many of as possible screaming and yelling and shooting at one another. Our enemies were elated when Trump was elected and inaugurated, and when his followers attacked the capitol building on January 6th. Were our culture wars to morph into any sort of civil war, they would experience multiple, mental orgasms.

Too many of our “weaker minded” citizens are prone to find the absurdist, crazy, “facts” they propagate as plausible, like the idea Hillary and the Dems are running a Satanic, pedophile cult in the basement of a pizza parlor. Rember the paranoid 2015 Jade Helm conspiracy meme? That was a Russian invention.

Our greatest challenge is to find a way to counter their dirty, jedi mind tricks.


“May the Universe reward you richly for your intellectual and creative gifts. May what is yours come to you, as well as to all here, and may we all be blessed with great health and vigor! It seems to work together.”


Thanks, Eliseo and Will. Sometimes I get it right 🙂 I will look into Dugin, Eliseo. It’s scary stuff even if the U.S. is largely on top of things. It’s really a shame that these nefarious players are having any success at all weakening us from within, by poisoning the minds of our confused and resentful citizens. On the other hand, the Democrats/Left doesn’t have all the answers and we need healthy input and solutions from the moderates and reasonable Conservatives as well.

I’m still reading the Sacks book: “Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times”, and he seems to be saying that we are too self-concerned – all of us, not just the Right or the Left, and not thinking of “the other(s)” among us, an example of which would be the O’Henry story where she sells her hair to buy him a watch chain and he sells his watch to buy her combs for her hair.

Well, maybe that would be an example. It could be enough to come up with a win/win solution that considers others in some manner and comes up with fairer solutions.

Sharon K,
A point I forgot to mention:
The nations that seek to destroy us seem not to take into consideration the effect of climate change on their plans.
A good example: In the effort to assert dominance and outright ownership over the South China sea, the PRC has been establishing artificial islands and also claiming other disputed islands. Sea level rise will quite literally wash away those ambitious efforts.

And Russia has been establishing a military base in the Artic (?) – what happens when the glaciers melt up there? I believe at least China and maybe Russia have an outer space strategy. I’m sure we do too.

Sharon K, when Mars squared Pluto on December 23 Trump was planning martial law and the nefarious events of January 6 in the Oval Office with the deluded Michael Flynn and Sydney Powell. Similarly, I believe he will do something when Mars opposes Pluto on June 5 which will lead to his indictment or arrest in mid-June. I read today that You Tube and Facebook are about to give him back access to social media. The onslaught on democratic values shall soon return. His silence was golden, wasn’t it?

Sharon K,
That’s what is most worrisome. As I’ve said before in previous posts: Militarily speaking, whomever controls the moon, controls the earth. Together, the earth and moon are a gravity well with the earth at bottom. At 1/6 gravity you can catapult boulders toward the earth with devastating effect equal to nuclear weapons. The moon is essentially “high ground.” With the right equipment, from the moon it would be an easy task to completely destroy any nation you choose.

Russia and China have agreed to building a joint orbiting space station, and a joint moon base, both for their use only. They want to exclude the US, and the other democratic nations. It is obvious they intend to militarize space.

Per Bretton Woods agreement, July 1944, the US controls, patrols, and polices the 7 international seas. The US Navy protects all shipping from piracy and other problems, rescues and gives aid to all in need. “Freedom of the seas” allows all to conduct legitimate business and do whatever scientific reseaech required. The same in principle should be true of space.

Presently, the US has difficulty keeping the oil and mining companies from misbehavior in the arctic area. Canada asserts control over much of the arctic waters, especially the northwest passage sealanes, but without US backing, as the ice thaws and melts, Canadians will be unable to prevent the Russians and Chinese from engaging in environmental and corporate crime, and/or violations of sovereignty.

Furthermore, the Russians claim the north pole is exclusively theirs. They actually planted a Russian flag under water at ocean bottom at the geographic north pole! Meanwhile, Argentina has for decades claimed the entire antarctic continent is theirs.

As climate change proceeds, won’t the future be fun !?!?


Since you mentioned the current Russia-Ukraine crisis, do you have any thoughts on the astrological dimensions of the conflict, especially since Biden is now considering sending warships to the region? The June 10th eclipse (19 Gemini) closely conjoins both Russia’s Sun (DOB June 12, 1990 1:45 pm Moscow) and the US Mars (21 Gemini). Putin is becoming increasingly brazen in his military tactics. Very dangerous! See related articles for a more in-depth analysis ….

Russian Troops Mass near Ukraine’s Border, Raising Threat of Wider War


US Considering Sending Warships To Black Sea Amid Russia-Ukraine Tensions


From my phone:
Many thanks for the heads-up on the eclipse and the links you provided. The monitor on my computer with my astrology program died, (I hope to replace it in the next few weeks) but offhand I would interpret the danger involved as dangerous for both the US and Russia, but more so for the US diplomatically, more so for the Russians militarily, (being.)

You are absolutely right. Putin IS now more brazen in his military tactics. But much depends on whether Turkey chooses to favor the US, their purported NATO ally, or Russia. The Turks control the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus. In past decades as a NATO ally they would have allowed US warships access to the Black sea. No question. Nowadays, maybe yes, maybe no. The Turks have been increasingly less cooperative with the US and other NATO allies, even going so far as making deals with the Russians which are against NATO rules. To my knowledge, they’ve even bought Russian military equipment!

I believe they will eventually jump into bed with the Russians, the question is when. Do we have a reliable chart for Turkey? For Erdogan? They’ll do it if, and as soon as they perceive it advantageous to their desire to restore their hegemony, their quest to reinstate the Ottoman empire.

Furthermore, Russian paranoia of the US is rising, as their patience with us is diminishing. Their orange colored inside man and mole is no longer in charge. Were US ships to enter the Black sea, they would certainly take it as a provocation; it would also for them be a test of Biden’s mettle. Bluffing, or will his commanders have permission to give the order to fire? If they fire, what might be their target? Actual Russian assets? Adjacent territory? Warning shots “across the bow?”

I think you may have identified a supremely important astrological aspect which is likely to have long standing, pregnant consequences. I think Putin is in a mood to push as far as he can get away with. I believe he is more willing to risk direct confrontation with the US than any of his predecessors.

As uncomfortable as it is for those of us who love democracy and human rights, it is important to know the Russians believe “ownership” of Ukraine is vital and strategically necessary for their survival. Geographically speaking, they may be right. Nevertheless, Ukranians have not forgotten how heavy was the hand of their former Soviet oppressors.

As distasteful as it is, it may be more to our advantage to stay out of this one. It’s Biden’s call. Before he issues the command, he needs to know whether the Turks will cooperate with us, whether they’ll allow us entry into the Black sea or not, and what if any further assistance they might provide.

Biden’s a smart and competent man. His reading of Putin, how he might act and react, needs to be spot on. I don’t want to overread the astrological aspects or the actual situation but this one looks at least a bit ominous.

My experience with the interpretation of such aspects is surely not as broad or deep as is yours. How does it compare, as one example with the Cuban missile crisis? …Or with the downing of Korean flight 007 on September 1, 1983, or with the Soviet entry into Afghanistan? Or during the Iran hostage crisis when our rescue helicopters crashed in the dust and sands of the Iranian desert?

Thank You again for such a good question. I’m sorry I cannot answer at this time more definitively, and without posing more questions. Blessings.

ADDENDUM to the above

About 18 years ago Astrology Weekly published an interesting analysis on the US Black Moon Lilith placement (19 ’35 Virgo). The main premise is that this sensitive degree when impacted by transits sometimes contributed to war. The astrologer cites a number of key examples in this study.

It had occurred to me that the June 10th, 2021 solar eclipse (19 ’47 Gemini) could be a major factor in this eclipse. Here is the article…..

America’s Pretexts for War

“Most of the great results of history are brought about by discreditable means.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson – Considerations by the Way)


Judging history from an objective viewpoint is an impossible task. This article is a collection of astrological observations and historical considerations, from my limited perspective. No offense intended, whatsoever. Feel free to accept the ideas and conclusions presented herein or reject them.

The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

This article explores historical events related to USA wars using the astrology. The reason for doing this was the observation that the ways the USA is involved in wars is tightly correlated with the aspects of Mars in USA natal chart, that is, the square with the Black Moon Lilith and Neptune.

In particular, when it comes to finding war pretexts, Lilith’s natal position in US natal charts seems extremely sensitive to transits, progressions or solar arcs and stands for media manipulation, lies and different dirty tricks, such as inflicting self-damage and then blaming it on the enemy, as a way to wage war. Or, as Ralph Waldo Emerson has put it :”Most of the great results of history are brought about by discreditable means.”

US natal chart data used (Sibly chart): July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia PA



Hi Eliseo,

Just noticed your reply after posting mine.

You wrote: “Biden’s a smart and competent man. His reading of Putin, how he might act and react, needs to be spot on. I don’t want to overread the astrological aspects or the actual situation but this one looks at least a bit ominous.”

Evaluating the June 10th eclipse aspects more closely, I was surprised to discover that the Mars-Uranus midpoint (21 ’06 Gemini) is right on the US Mars/Russian Sun and Solar Eclipse degrees. Here’s the 6/10/21 Solar Eclipse chart for reference:


One astrologer describes the Uranus-Mars midpoint in this way:

Planets activating the Mars/Uranus midpoint

Principle: Sudden and unexpected actions. To find one’s own independent and unique way of doing things. To be assertively rebellious. Accidents, which are a manifestation of pent-up energy that need to be released. To be impulsive in one’s actions, and/or to act erratically. Inspired action.

I think the June 10th eclipse energy appears to reflect a sudden, unexpected and perhaps even violent event. Eclipse energy tends to release restrictions, a departure from the norm. Also to be noted; tr. Mars is in near exact opposition to the 2021 US Inaugural Sun (0 Aquarius).

Here’s an article I found helpful in understanding the Mars-Uranus energy. . . . . . .


Mars-Uranus is the aspect of the impatient, the short fuse, accelerating and accidents. Mars in aspect with Uranus is frequent in the charts of terrorists.



Very Interesting! ThankYou!

My rising sign begins at about 27 degrees of Geminii. In my personal experience, I’ve noticed when transiting Mars conjuncts my natal Uranus in Cancer in my first house, I have to watch my red headed temper more assidously. I’ll also now look at the mars/uranus midpoint in my natal and progressed charts as soon as I can get my computer going again.

Note also the comment from Andre:
He stated that in “mid-June Mars will oppose Pluto, Saturn will square Uranus and there will be a solar eclipse, all around Trump’s solar return, which I anticipate will be the time for his indictment.”

Presuming Andre’s interpretation is correct,
I’m thinking that when trump is indicted, the trumpers might act out violently. It could be big enough to keep us quite preoccupied. That’s precisely when I’d expect Russia or China to make whatever geopolitical or military move they believe would ordinarily be obstructed, prevented, or impeded by the US.

Look’s like June may be a pretty exciting month. Also, with a bit of luck, presuming I’m hired, I hope at that time to be teaching again at one of our local community colleges or universities.

I expect the world energies at that time might be pretty intense..

One quick follow up if I may. Perhaps a confirmation of what we are discussing. . . . .

One astrologer thought it important to note down the date when Mars in Gemini conjoins the June 10, 2021 eclipse degree (it is exact April 6th). She felt it may offer a clue as to what we can expect at the time of the June eclipse. I believe consultations among cabinet members in the Biden administration in sending warships to the region might have occurred around that time?

Here are the astrologer’s comments in a recent video:

Mars In Gemini Conjunct June 10 Solar Eclipse

Video: 4 min 27 sec


And here is an article dated April 6th….

Russia-Ukraine Border Crisis: World War Will Begin In A Month, Warns Military Analyst

April 6, 2021

The analysis comes after President Vladimir Putin deployed up to 4,000 Russian soldiers along with tanks and other armoured vehicles to the disputed border with its neighbour

The crisis on the Russia-Ukraine border has Europe on high alert, with a defence analyst warning the situation could descend into a “world war” within weeks if tensions aren’t stemmed.

Continued. . . . .


Elseo: I believe you stated you are Gemini rising. Here info you might be interested in:

Live Your Best Life Now
A live, online workshop hosted by Yasmin Boland


I am also Gemini rising. I think the cost is $25; not sure if I will attend webinar or not.

We must incline ourselves to Meditate with Peace and Good Will as our intention. Worrying only wastes our energy and makes us sick.

We are seeing amazingly good things beginning to take root after almost losing our Democracy.
Remember where we were a year ago.

We can choose to transmit positive and healing vibrations in each moment.

Thank You. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. But as of present, I can’t afford the $25. What degree are you of Gemini rising?

So right you are. Realistic optimism mixed with a goodly amount of meditation works well.

BTW, We have much to look forward to. Advances are accelerating in the medical and biotech fields. It is probable in the next 5 years we will have a vaccine to prevent, and a cure for most varieties of cancer. We are also edging closer to the ability to grow DNA compatible replacement organs, AND the reversal of aging through regeneration of our telomeres. And much more!

On April 11th, 2021 we have a New Moon at 22+° Aries. The New Moon is very “Aries”, featuring 5 planets (Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus) conjunct recently unveiled Dwarf planet Eris, planet of Discord. Eris the activist and warrior Goddess implores us to take a stand and get involved in projects that define the truth of who we have evolved to be. Eris encourages us to start being brave about everything. We are to drive out darkness and be the light and spread the Light. We are to overcome our weaknesses and be the one God wants us to be. The New Moon calls warriors and warrioresses of peace to arise and fight for what is good, true and beautiful, and set the world on fire!

Warriors & Warrioresses for Peace Arise! – Cosmos Total Health


Re: The pros and cons of taking the Corona Virus vaccine.

Although off-topic (non astrological), since this is a concern for many, I wonder if we can get a discussion going on this.

Here in India, my wife and I are still considering all the options, but as yet have not come to a firm decision. There are so many unknowables, AND to complicate matters, we are now heading into a full blown second lockdown with no clear endgame in sight.

A close friend of mine posted the following remarks in Facebook today which I am reproducing below. Any thoughts/ feedback would be most appreciated……..

“I had a long conversation today with a very close friend who lives in the Bay Area, but who’s parents live in France. She talks to them a lot and they told her that in France the media is reporting all sides of the Pandemic issue and their is a huge open and contentious debate with a large % of the population who are opting not to get vaccinated until more of this fiasco has played out. Her parents who are close to my age decided not to get vaccinated until more long term safety data is available. The point is that in the United States of Amnesia, there is almost total censorship of opposing points of view and the issue has now become totally polarized and political. Instead of a healthy debate and real information, Americans are being herded into mass vaccination through the force of fear and political correctness. Real Science is no where to be seen. Now they are coming for our children and grandchildren. I am shocked at how few of my friends and family have any idea what is really going on with this Pandemic and worse still, they don’t want to know! There is really no excuse for this since we all have had plenty of time to do our homework on this issue. This much I can say with conviction and certainty, this will not end well. The purpose of vaccinations was to achieve herd immunity, but these vaccines are so flawed (they don’t protect against infection and reinfection and transmission) and they are not capable of initiating herd immunity, because the virus is mutating around the vaccine induced specific antibodies. This will likely become more and more obvious within a few months at the latest, as the VOCS (Variants of Concern) continue to evolve into more and more dangerous strains. What is driving all this? Misguided human intervention in a natural pandemic is driving the viral evolution of the virus and this includes continual lock-down’s and re-openings, combined with the vaccination program itself, which is pressuring the virus to mutate and escape the immune system at a rapid rate. I will be very surprised if we don’t see full scale vaccine resistance from the virus within the very near future. Where is all this heading? The point is, human intervention in the Covid-19 Pandemic has been so ill-conceived and ill-advised so far, that we have caused a fairly benign original viral strain to mutate and become more and more dangerous, more and more virulent, more transmissible, more infectious and more deadly, with no end in sight. The weapons developed to fight this enemy are the wrong weapons for the war we are in. There was a strategy that would have worked had cooler more wise experts been able to be heard at the beginning of the Pandemic. Now it is too late, because we are no longer dealing with a ‘natural pandemic’ we are dealing with a potential endless series of brand new Pandemics dominated by more and more virulent strains (VOC’s) of the virus. This is a man-made disaster of epic proportions.

Jerry, is this person a scientist? Where is his proof? Yes, the virus has mutated but what makes your friend think we cannot deal with the mutations and they will be endless?

Jerry thank you for posting your 10:38 post. It illustrates yet another of the major problems the human race finds itself in. The inability (learned ignorance) and laziness to ask critical questions, to look for reason and debate point of view. Eliseo has posted about this several times. At the moment it appears this has all the airmarks of the dark side of the coming of the age of Aquarius (or maybe it is already here). My lonley heart has trouble holding the light, especially when my eyes, ears and Pisces mind peeks out into the world.

Hi Sharon,

Excellent question. This friend obviously has strong opinions on the subject. He is not a scientist, but by virtue of owning a flourishing multi million dollar business specializing in Blue Green Algae and other vitamin health products I think he has a certain underlying grasp of the issues. I can’t say that I disagree with him. There is a general perception among some health experts that due to the overwhelming urgency of the situation, politically and economically. the trial period for vaccine research which normally takes years was rushed through under a year without regard to normal safeguards and proper vetting procedures. Just a perception mind you, but there it is. The question whether the research data has been prematurely compromised due to big business/ corporate interests (Bill Gates and company etc, etc) is a concern. We may be flying by the seat of our pants (if I can use that expression). No matter what is presented, reasons for or against the vaccine, there is still an uneasy lack of clarity to all this. We are presently waiting for a more definitive answer to these questions.

In the mean time, loading up on vitamin C, D, zinc, immunity boosters and all the other protective measures one can think of is the middle way we have chosen for now. That can change in a few weeks time. I’d like to see more re-assuring data.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for stirring the pot of discourse and debate.

“The point is that in the United States of Amnesia, there is almost total censorship of opposing points of view and the issue has now become totally polarized and political. Instead of a healthy debate and real information, Americans are being herded into mass vaccination through the force of fear and political correctness. Real Science is no where to be seen.”

I disagree with this statement – your friend brushes with broad and careless strokes. I actually sense he may be rather paranoid and prone toward taking conspiracy-theories to heart.

I would error on the side of caution at this time; I am fully vaccinated and I feel good about this. We must not forget that for all of the bashing of Big Pharma (not withstanding the obscene greed and lack of ethics) we homo-sapiens are living long, productive and active lives largely due to helpful modern medicine.

I think your friend might do well to place a bit more faith in good science and good medicine.

Laura Willow,

” It illustrates yet another of the major problems the human race finds itself in. The inability (learned ignorance) and laziness to ask critical questions, to look for reason and debate point of view.”


I am of the persuasion that there is a very fine line between willful ignorance and evil.

Seems a bit emptier here without Barbk’s steady presence, grace and wisdom, although everyone seems to be doing a great job at adding to the space in her apparent absence.

Barbk, I hope you are well. I worry as others have expressed that you may have indeed “transcended your transits” but know that you are still sharing your energy and insights with us wherever your current whereabouts may be.

Have been thinking of you in India Jerry – NZ has just halted flights from there because of the large number of more virulent cases now showing up in our quarantine facilities.

Re the vaccine – although the time frame for covid 2 was relatively short, work on the foundational building block work for the mrna antibody process has been in development for 10-20 years. It developed quickly because a)they weren’t starting from scratch, and b) everyone in the world was working on it.
For those who may be interested, here is a link to another blog where members have documented their side effects

Blessings to all.

There is a website called Planet Waves.net it is run by Eric Francis Coppolino, and investigative reporter and astrologer, he also has a background on toxicology, he has a brilliant mind.

He has a podcast every Friday and for the past year he has compiled a comprehensive report on Covid-19, with interviews with world class scientists.

Love to all

Angellight, thank you for your early-morning post on the New Moon in Aries. I agree authentic spiritual warriors are more than ever needed at this time.

BuckeyeShadow, barbk has helped us to get through the night of the Trump years. For that I shall be always be grateful. She done good.

Jerry, I believe there is now enough scientific evidence to say that vaccines protect us from infection and transmission. Current uncertainties as I understand them are: how long do they protect us, and do they protect us from variants? I fear a variant that will be stronger than current vaccines, but believe we will eventually overcome all variants even if we have to get a new shot every year as some do for the flu. I trust science and reason, even though I think that ultimately super-rational knowledge like intuition, faith, hope, love and astrology are superior. Finally, I am immensely proud of my French heritage and often partial to it, but often the French can be as blind and irrational as Americans or any other nation. I don’t trust them on vaccines.

Kiwi, Jerry,
“the foundational building block work for the mrna antibody process has been in development for 10-20 years. It developed quickly because a)they weren’t starting from scratch, and b) everyone in the world was working on it.”

Yes, Kiwi. I’m glad you mentioned that. I’ve been telling people the same thing for months. Covid-19 is a variant or strain of the SARS virus which first appeared in humans in 2002. Ever since then labs all over the world have been studying the virus, and developing vaccines and strategies to control it. When covid-19 manifested, we already had a 19 year head start on vaccine development.

There are two principle reasons why further mutations are developing quickly.
(1) Too many of us are unable to properly manage our desires and emotions, therefore tending to risky behaviors, which of course further spreads the virus and increases potential for mutation.
(2) Too many governments consist of short sighted greedheads who value $$$$ over human life, especially if that life is of a lower social class, the wrong race, etc. They are part of a class of folks who maintain and perpetuate a self-serving, refuted, consistently disproven and false ideology that they may justify and clothe their consistently predatory economic behavior in a patina of false virtue.

In most countries, these are the only folks who can afford to run for office!

Looking ahead to the off year 2021 Elections how does the astrology look for Joe Biden and the Democrats?

To Will, Kiwi, Eliseo and Andre,

All points noted. Very well expressed. Thank you for the feedback. May the voice of reason (and good faith) prevail.

My wife is a teacher. Her employer is gently persuading her to take the vaccine. More than likely we will be following through with the suggestion by the end of the month.

Eliseo, the scientists in NZ have been doing a stellar job since the very beginning with the dna mutation sequencing – it has enabled them to tell who caught it from whom, investigating also when and how, which in turn has enabled them to ring fence any outbreaks emanating from the border and quarantine facilities. Its really rather remarkable. They have been willingly sharing learned info with others in the world for over a year now. Fortunately our scientists were allowed to lead the politicians; NZers complied willingly with our initial 6wk ultra strict lockdown because they explained the science so well in a common sense manner. The govt supplemented earnings; paying 80% wages for people to stay home, and the cabinet took a 20% pay cut, to set an example of ‘shared pain’! The initial govt spending has actually paid off with higher gdp being generated much sooner than expected.

Hi Laura Willow,

Yes. I share your thoughts on this. As you pointed out we are in the midst of great challenges, but I’m confident it is all for the best. We will emerge from all this with a much better perspective in the end.

“The govt supplemented earnings; paying 80% wages for people to stay home, and the cabinet took a 20% pay cut, to set an example of ‘shared pain’!”

Can you see our Trump-loving R’s ever doing something that smart? I’m not even sure we could get our Dems to do that!

I think you NZ’s have a political culture morally superior to what we have here in the states.

“The initial govt spending has actually paid off with higher gdp being generated much sooner than expected.”

Of course! That’s rational, human centered economics at work. It requires long term thinking, something many here in the US are either incapable of, or are unwilling to do.

Might we borrow your parliament, PM, and her cabinet for a while to run our government and economy?


“Re the vaccine – although the time frame for covid 2 was relatively short, work on the foundational building block work for the mrna antibody process has been in development for 10-20 years. It developed quickly because a)they weren’t starting from scratch, and b) everyone in the world was working on it.”

True dat! I have a sense the antibodies will not last as long as we might hope – although I can’t back this up with any facts, I have these flashes that suggest to me that we will probably need at least yearly boosters. But now that the soul of our beleaguered nation has been snatched from the jaws of Satan and reason itself is finally eclipsing madness, hopefully we will be much better rehearsed and prepared.

Hi aglo – yes, Eric Francis has made quite a contribution to the field of astrology. Very creative man.

barbk, I hope you are recovering – I get a sense you have chosen to not beam-up but are probably in a state of repose for the time being. Healing, encouragement and strength to you.

Thank you so much, all of you.

Gratitude is always good, and You are welcome, but what are you thanking everyone for?

VERY interesting and inspiring article of the humble scientist, Katalin Kariko, who came to the U.S. from Hungry with her family and was terribly challenged in obtaining any kind of support for her ideas, except for a few lucky breaks when her higher-ups believed in her. With the help of a view of them, together they persisted in pursuing her ideas that ended up with the discovery of the messenger RNA that is the foundation of the current vaccine. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it is thought that it can be adapted to any new strains (I have not spent the time trying to understand it any more than I have gone beyond a certain level of astrology – but I believe my explanation is on the right track).


Thanks, kiwi, for your explanations and for updating us on what NZ did right. It would be interesting to do a comparison of our two governments to figure out if we could ever function in that matter. Our 2-party system where the ball goes back and forth and when each party is in control, they shape the government the way they want, in addition to the horrid propaganda put out by various “evil” players, including Russia, that is responsible for this stupid manipulation and mind control, just seems uncontrollable and unable to appeal to real intelligence and common sense.

Thinking of Barb and sending love to her wherever she is, and receiving hers back. Rest assured she is with us in spirit and soul.

I think the keys reasons for NZ covid success has been 1) small size and remote location; 2)strong voting mandate for labour govt in power, main opposition party (trumpish) in disarray; 3) excellent and consistent messaging to the public by PM, Director General of Health, & their surrogates; 5) national health system 6) PM’s insistence that good examples be set by leaders e.g. former Health Minister got demoted because he flouted initial lockdown rules.

Sharon, regardless of Trump, I dont think it would have worked in USA because of country size with so many moving parts, and the horse had already bolted so to speak. We closed border within 20 days of 1st case and went into full 6wk lockdown 3 days later. With Biden it probably would not have been as bad though – I understand he spoke with our PM re how we were handling covid

Is your NZ national health system more akin to the Canadian single payer (socialized health insurance) or the UK National Health Service (socialized medicine)?

On April 8 you posted:
“On the other hand, the Democrats/Left doesn’t have all the answers and we need healthy input and solutions from the moderates and reasonable Conservatives as well.”

On April 11 you posted:
“Our 2-party system where the ball goes back and forth and when each party is in control, they shape the government the way they want,”…

IMO, way too many of our Dem & R politicians are blindly committed, more to their ideology than to reality. Ideology is an imperfect map, not the actual territory.

This is why, although all my life I’ve been much further Leftward than most Dems, I’ve nevertheless tended to support the more moderate Dems.

In what we’ve experienced as “normal times,” a moderate Dem could be persuaded a legislative idea was a good one, whether or not it sprung from Left or Right. What irks and frustrates me is how much our public discourse has been poisoned, the toxins derived from a variety of sources, rendering these times in which we live experentially, very abnormal. Our mental political ocean has become quite a cesspool.

The level of honesty, and devotion to country over party has gone up and down for the past 232 years (from advent of our constitution) in concert with astrological cycles. But I pray that within our lifetime, we can reassert and reestablish a higher standard of virtue as a new normal.

On the one hand, I’m glad we’ve ousted the orange ogre from the White House, and hopefully in time we’ll rid the congress, the judiciary, and our state legislatures of his parasitic apostles and devotees. On the other, I’m exhausted by the narcissistic nihilism of the R’s and the narrow naivete of the Dems.

Eliseo, NZ has a mix of public and private. Practically speaking, the public system is centrally funded from tax dollars, but implemented by regionally run hospital boards.

This from wiki
“In the mid 19th century New Zealand’s first public hospitals created by Governor George Grey and were available for those who could not afford a private doctor.The Public Health Act 1872 introduced local authority health boards. These were funded primarily by the local ratepayers and subsidised by the national government. There was still a large reliance on private charity to make up any shortfall. From 1909 poorer districts were given disproportionately more funding from the national government.In 1938, the Social Security Act from the First Labour Government attempted to provide government funded healthcare to all. A free health system, with hospital and other health services universally available to all New Zealanders was the vision behind the Social Security Act 1938. This was never fully realised due to ongoing disputes between the medical profession and the Government. Health services evolved as a dual system of public and private health care subsidised through a series of arrangements known as the General Medical Service (GMS) benefits established in 1941.
This is the situation now, which is currently undergoing a nationwide review, post covid. https://www.health.govt.nz/new-zealand-health-system

Thanks, kiwi, for your clear explanation. Well done.

And you, of course, are correct, Eliseo. Ideology, not reality… I saw a guy being interviewed about why he moved his family to Tx today. Apparently, it’s a thing. People in CA are moving to TX for the freedoms. I could empathize when he spoke. Freedom is a good thing, especially for children that need school and play. I guess each side has its points. It’s when they become too extreme and they can’t see the other side’s needs it becomes the problem that we now have (and it’s the same when it’s between 2 individuals or small groups).

Isn’t it in TX where many froze to death b/c no govt mandate on fixing aging equipment. They carry guns in TX and yet have had a fatal gun shooting every year.

The proposed military budget is $753 billion.

The proposed education budget is $102 billion.

See the problem?


Addendum to my statements above re: Russia, China, Crimea, Turkey, etc.

The Turks allowed US warships into the Black Sea. The increase of Russian soldiers on the border of and within eastern Ukraine may be merely a military training exercise, OR the prelude to a coordinated attack. US & NATO top brass are watching closely.

Demographic trend: Russian citizens are moving westward out of Siberia, past the Ural mountains to the larger cities where jobs, healtcare, and goods and services are available and cheaper. Their numbers increase with every year.

Simultaneously, the number of Chinese in Siberia grows each year. As Russian Siberia gradually warms from climate change, Chinese agribusiness leaders lease more and more land for commercial farming, where they also employ more and more Chinese workers. The Russians are increasingly becoming dependent on the Chinese farmers for their groceries.

The future of the Asian portion of Russia looks Chinese. By the time eastern China succumbs to sea level rise and the other effects of climate change, they will take refuge northward into Siberia. The Russian government will probably be helpless to prevent 1/2 to 2/3 of their territory becoming the “new China.”

For 4000 years, China was #1. The Chinese call the era of 1839 through 1949 their “century of humiliation.” But they’ve gone through more than a century of traumatic degredation. As I posted above, the imperialist process over China began in the 1750’s. “From 1840-1940 China went from being a leading civilization to a poor, broken, and subjugated country.” It is easy to comprehend why they are angry, and distrust the West. They want revenge. They want their glory back.

Humiliated nations like 1930’s post WWI Germany, or present day Russia, China, or Iran eventually go to war to reassert their sense of dominance and importance.

Sharon Deep on Face Book
55m ·
12 April 2021
“Looking Up! ~ in Whirled Service”
In the wake of energies from an Aries New Moon, a “TIME OUT!” is called from 8am to 2pm ET for us to recollect ourselves
It is a good time to use our creative imaginations to visualize new initiatives occurring
When our Moon shifts into Taurus at 2pm ET, we feel a need to anchor, in some small way, the seed of our new initiative
In Aries: we ‘get’ the seed
— as our One Soul whispers the esoteric keynote of Aries:
“I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule”
While in Taurus: we plant the seed, anchoring it
And in Gemini: we give it love, letting it flourish
So, today, it is as if we are sitting on the bench, ‘Time Out’, contemplating the seeds of new ideas being impressed upon us
And after, when our Moon shifts into Taurus at 2pm ET … it is a free day for us to take small steps toward anchoring our seeds
What will we initiate?
A new attitude?
A new quality of being?
A new practice/discipline?
A new orientation?
A new awareness?
A new identification?
If anyone ‘gets’ the seed to explore astrology with me, private message me on facebook.
We can take a few small steps together in planting the seed
And we can give it love … as something new comes forth
Have a good day everyone!
And may our efforts in using our creative imaginations to visualize new initiatives occurring serve as a blessing, bringing forth a clearer channel in the divine circulatory flow of energies … with a Love to all and for all”

It has been reported the Duante Wright – police incident/killing occurred “mid afternoon” of the 11th. This would have placed it approx. 6 hours before the powerful 22 Aries New Moon. Tr. Mars at the time (22 Gemini) was in close sextile to the waxing New Moon. As a result, racial tensions are running high with protests spreading to a number of other cities including New York City for a second night in a row. This, in addition to the George Floyd trial currently underway brings front and center the simmering distrust between law enforcement and minority relations. It seems Leo Tallarico got it right. In case you missed it, here is a partial review of the April 11th New Moon that was posted last week……

Getting Ready for Spring by Leo Knight Tallarico

“……. This Spring Equinox is a time to wake up out of winter rest. But the true time of New Beginnings and Awakening is when the Moon catches up to the Sun in Aries for a New Moon in Aries.

That happens this year on April 11. And this Aries New Moon is more powerful than usual as it is makes a close square to Pluto in Capricorn at the same 22 degrees of cardinal signs that happened at the most powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. That aspect helped bring on the Covid Virus.

This New Moon in Aries will also be making close sextile formations with both Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. And that Mars will have just returned to its natal USA chart position of 21+ degrees of Gemini.

And to top it all off, the American Civil War began on April 12 1861 with shots fired at Fort Sumner that day. The Sun was at the same 22+ degrees of Aries that it is on April 11 2021.

We are obviously in a modern day Culture War, not that dissimilar to issues that brought on the American Civil War. The January 6 invasion of the USA Capitol is proof of such a notion.

That Aries New Moon on April 11 could bring focus on the USA Culture War at this time.

Eclipse Season starts a month or 6 weeks later. This will be a most important Eclipse Season.

Right now enjoy the soul travels of Pisces, keeping in mind it is a good time for healing, crying, sadness while grieving and releasing old memories of times gone by.

Let it all go without judgment, and get your self ready for the Equinox on March 20, which is an appetizer for the April New Moon in Aries on April 11.”



Sea levels will rise by at least 20 feet. Say goodbye to South Florida and New Orleans.



“Two to three feet of sea level rise may not sound like much, but it will transform human societies the world over. In south Florida, where I live, residents will lose access to fresh water. Sewage treatment plants will fail, large areas will persistently flood, and Miami Beach and other barrier islands will be largely abandoned. In China, India, Egypt and other countries with major river deltas, two to three feet of sea level rise will force the evacuation of tens of millions of people and the loss of vast agricultural lands.”

Aye, there’s the rub. Whenever I come upon aerial views of Manhattan NY, Chicago, Florida, Louisiana and coastal Texas, it becomes painfully evident that the shores of those places are already on the threshold of being swallowed by the surrounding bodies of water. I think to myself, “It won’t be long before we begin seeing much more dramatically-destructive consequences of our collective willful suspension of disbelief regarding man-made climate imbalance. What is encouraging is perceptible incremental awakening to the highly probable devastation from flooding. The diluvian comingling of lethal toxic chemical and industrial substances in addition to raw sewage with the Mother Nature’s great waters due to future negligence will take Katrina’s terrors to unimaginable dimensions.
If each one of us (thank you Andre) help to raise awareness and contribute solutions to mitigate such calamity, there is hope for a net positive effect. The greatly engineered seawalls and pump-assisted dikes of Netherlands come to mind as temporary means of managing the advancing rise of sea waters due to thermal pollution.



New Orleans has a pretty good levee, flood gate and pumping system that will suffice for a while but I don’t know how long. Most levels were raised after Katrina, and good sea walls were added, reinforced, etc. The Netherlands was consulted at the time.

Myron, my husband, has a good template that he came up with for an electricity rate design where the power companies would incentivize customers for using appliances at night when it’ supplied by wind power; hence, cheaper. The savings could help finance storage batteries so people who have solar, etc. could have a good supply when the sun is not out or when there are electrical outages. Investments could also be made in more energy efficient appliances and in community solar farms that allow people the use of solar generated power without having to place panels on their roofs. The City of New Orleans has been considering it and put out a proposal to attract competing designs; however, Covid came along and there have been other priorities. Of course, Entergy, our power company, has been fighting this the entire time, and even managed to get the regulators to approve a new peaking power plant, which everyone had been fighting, because there are better methods of dealing with periods when energy use is peaking (as mentioned).

If this rate design was widely adopted, it could lower emissions on a broad scale.

By the way, our city council are responsible for regulating power and telling Entergy what to do, thanks to the work of Myron and a colleague and a group of like-minded citizens about 35 years ago by organizing two referenda that the city voted on (the first one failed; the second one passed). We are one of the only (maybe only) cities in the country that have this control.

Of course, as the article Andre posted stated (and I posted the article on FB btw), trapping carbon in the sky and, especially, in the ocean are also very big deals.

There is large agricultural movement to replenish dry lands all over the world by planting certain grasses, as documented on documentary, “Kiss the Ground” (playing on Netflix) to trap carbon. Democratic Underground recently had information on a grass that’s informally called “eelgrass” that has more protein than rice and that stores carbon faster than a rainforest. https://www.democraticunderground.com/1016291495

Andre, Will, Sharon K,
The statement the author makes that that the climate crisis IS larger than anyone realizes is a profound understatement. I began reading climate science in the late 1960’s. As the 80’s came around, I noticed two peculiar trends.

One was the use of all the “A” words at end of reports and articles, as in astonished, amazed, astounded, etc. as scientists kept getting very uexpected results from their measurements; greenhouse gases and glacial melt were proceeding far faster than they had predicted.

Secondly, the estimates as to when these changes would coalesce and accumulate into serious problems for civilization had to be repeatedly revised. They at first thought it would get serious in about 500 years. As new and better data came in, potential castrophe loomed sooner and sooner until where we are now.


“These models assume that sea level rise unfolds gradually, but the geological record shows that in fact it can occur in rapid pulses.”

That’s very true. The geological record shows, as an example the inundation of what we call the former subcontinent of sundaland, which was larger than all India, was done in three sudden and successive floods, 14, 000 years ago, again 11, 500, and 8000 years ago. What was left were the higher points, what are now Sumatra, Java, Borneo, SE Asia, etc.

I personally suspect, as did Buckminster Fuller, and later Stephen Oppenheimer, (1999, Eden in the East) there was an advanced civilization in sunda at last glacial maximum, 21,500 years ago. Oppenheimer is one of our top 5 living geneticists. His work is
scholarly non fiction with good scientific basis.

But back on track here: IMHO, even the best political plans and proposals we’ve devised to counter climate change are too little, too late. They are all too timid. Achieve X by such & such date. None of those dates are soon enough! IMO, we have the technology to do what is necessary to seriously mitigate the problem and prevent the worst possible consequences.

I believe that if we do not act more radically within the next 10 years, those consequences will manifest far sooner, far faster than anyone wants to believe. Meanwhile, we are busy setting the stage for WWIII, which is likely to be ended not by treaty, but by those aforementioned and sudden climate catastrophes. We are a species of fools!

What we need to focus upon to solve the issue is to generate specific solutions that can reverse the much feared dystopian nightmare

Its never too late to improve. Quantum advances can and do occur over relatively short passages of time. To wit, recall the extraordinary plunge of air pollution and environmental contaminants we saw just a month or so after automobile and jet travel came to a relative stand-still and industrial waste from manufacturing ground to what seemed was almost retrograde movement. For me this was one silver-lining of the infection.

It comes down to what kind of energy we choose to channel in any particular day, hour, minute or second. Joni Mitchell was/is right;

Bad news comes knocking
At your garden gate
Knocking for you
Constant stranger
You’re a brute, you’re an angel
You can crawl, you can fly too
It’s down to you
It all comes down to you

Astrology Forecast April 11-17
By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Active week ahead; movement forward; potential conflicts; “ready or not here it comes”

This week begins with a strong fiery New Moon in Aries Sunday April 11 at 10:31 PM EDT. When the first sliver of lighted Moon shows in the sky, which will be April 12/13, then the fire will begin its burn. That fire will be stoked by its close connections to Jupiter and Mars. That Mars is closely conjunct the USA natal Mars. This New Moon is closely sextile that same USA natal Mars.

Conflict with and/or within USA has either begun or is being threatened this lunar cycle.

A Venus in Aries square Pluto happens close to the same time Sunday: 11:20 PM EDT

………. China and the far east in general are poised to increase their power in the world. Taiwan is a hot spot now and the Western World will soon be involved in conflict there.

Russia right now is poised to invade Ukraine and make their own challenge with the Western World. This could very well explode now or during the next few months.

The USA Culture War also is triggered now, as the American Civil War, which began on April 12, 1861, has its Sun in Aries at 22 degrees- same as this New Moon in Aries on April 11 2021. That Civil War began 161 years ago.

These events are likely to begin soon, some within this Aries Lunar Cycle which lasts until the New Moon in Taurus on May 11. Eclipse Season begins then and will unleash more exciting energies with eclipses on May 26 and June 10.

Remember that the Uranus/Saturn square this year is about the interplay between Chaos and Order. And that square is exact again on June 14.

A Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on June 10 makes conjunction with the USA natal Mars in Gemini (21 degrees Gemini).

The New Moon in Aries on April 11/12 will at the least begin to get you motivated to look forward, to make plans, to speak out, to tell the truth, to be brave, to stand up for what you believe.

Venus square Pluto on Sunday the 11th/12th will tend to push out into the open relationship patterns that need to be confronted and transformed. Sunday/Monday could be intense.



A climate research station off Cape Cod has been abandoned because of the rising sea. This will continue to happen until Pluto reaches Pisces and we must face critical change with respect to the world’s coastlines.


Saturn Square Uranus 2021 by Donnaz Page

It is Saturn in one corner versus Uranus in the other.

The strength of Saturn is very strong in the sigh of Aquarius yet Uranus is the maverick, ready to invent and use moves not seen before.

The story of Saturn and Uranus began back in October 1988 when they were conjunct in the Sign of Sagittarius. The defining event that epitomizes what Saturn and Uranus do together was the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The first quarter square of Saturn and Uranus in 1999 corresponded with the dot com bubble. Between November 2008 and July 2010 Saturn and Uranus had 5 oppositions to each other during the time of the great recession. The early oppositions were between Virgo and Pisces and final opposition was with Aries and Libra.

In 2021 there will be 3 last quarter squares between the two pressuring once again the economy, and the fundamental beliefs and principles of the structure of the best use of government for the benefit of the people. If the past points towards the future then 2021 will also see a financial hardship in some sectors. This isn’t much of a stretch since the global pandemic has virtually closed the doors on many sectors of commerce, such as the travel industry, hotels, restaurants, music venues and many small businesses such as yoga studios and coffee shops.

Saturn is the old way of doing things, even though Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius which is bringing a fresh look at the old pattern. Saturn’s gift is the principle of hard work and diligently overcoming obstacles with measured patience and perseverance. Saturn archetype is the tough older individual who experienced the school of hard knocks and made his way in life not by luck but determination. Saturn deals with limitations in the material world and is quick to point out problems. Saturn can rule with fear, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of losing what one has if taking a risk.

Uranus is the master of chaos and change. Uranus is known as the awakener; the one to create circumstances to uplift consciousness and reveal utterly new dimensions and shifts in perceptions. The archetype of Uranus is fine with chucking it all out and stepping into the unknown to see what else is possible. Uranus has no problem with pulling the rug out from under the life of humans and seeing how they will respond. Uranus believes that sudden change is the precursor for great awakening



I had uranus go through all of my Pisces placements ranging from 0 to about 25 degrees from 2003 through 2008 and I did not experience chaos, but did have change. However, they lifted me up and gave me a chance to grow and shine (10th house), and appeared as organic changes that were progressive and gave me a chance to process them (most of the time with just a few exceptions). A few years before that it went through my placements at about 18 Aquarius/Leo placements that involved mercury opp moon/pluto at one particular period (and, possibly retrograde periods) at which time I had major trouble with a friendship — anything else appeared to be part of life. I have largely had a favorable relationship with my uranus transits. Now, Neptune is at the last of my Pisces placements at around 22 and 24 Pisces in the 10th. I’ve been tracking it and I believe it’s heightened my empathy (and there was one experience when it transited my sun sign where I expected to win but that backfired; instead, I found another pathway to use). Now, there are some thorny medical issues that are hard to separate from each other or pin down causes of. I can see where a type of formlessness is involved and I have had to fight discouragement and sadness somewhat but there are still windows of light and beauty — so far. I am apprehensive about Pluto affecting all of us in the family with Leo, Aquarius and other fixed designations. I do not recall having much experience with Pluto and I certainly feel a little wary. On the other hand, I may feel powerful — who knows?

I guess my point is that I take exception at the dramatic description of Uranus involving chaos as that hasn’t been my experience at all, even though I know mundane expresses differently than individual astrology. However, I would hope the astrologer is being accurate and not just dramatic or taking poetic license with her writing.


I like the closing statement to the article which reads as follows…..

“….. Saturn is about the essentials and preparing yet Uranus is about being in the moment and responding to what shows up. Honoring both concepts is the key. And knowing what is essential, and how to dance with the changes will come deep from within as your intuitive higher self innately knows the path to walk.”

Speaking of which, I just noticed – the upcoming June 14th Saturn-Uranus square (13 Aquarius-Taurus) will form a t square to India’s natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction (13 Leo). Yikes!!!

Did you know that the worlds first electrical power plant station went into operation in the Fall of 1882 (in NYC and Wisconsin) at the time of a waxing Saturn-Uranus trine (exact Nov 15, 1882 at 22 Taurus-Pisces)?

Scorsese’s film The Current War depicts the fierce competition between Tesla, Westinghouse and Edison in the rush to radicalize the world with electrical power underlying the fact that not all change/ innovative technological discoveries are free from obstacles and difficulties. Here’s a theatrical trailer to the film:


I like the closing statement, too, Jerry, and thanks for the info about “The Current War” – it’s something my husband would really like and I will enjoy it too.

One added thought to the above. As you can see, I am a great admirer of the arts and the big screen. Another film comes to mind that may put this in perspective. Sometimes what appears on the surface to be chaotic and is often resisted because it throws us into a place that is unfamiliar and unknown, if we choose to embrace it, that conscious choice may actually turn out to our benefit. The film I am speaking of is “A Little Chaos” starring Kate Winslet. Here is the trailer…..



You might enjoy reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. Used to see her at Tea Garden in Los Angeles in the mid-2000s. I like just about anything she writes.


Hi Will,

Yes. Thank you. I have come across some of Pem Chedron’s material before. A lot of wisdom there. I like the way she sums up self-awareness in the following three minute video…..

Pema Chödrön: What to Do When You Lose It Completely


Saudi Arabia’s water supply is collapsing. They could go the way of the Garamantes, an ancient people that lived a thousand years in the central Sahara desert until the water ran out.


It feels to me as though by end of year our world will have descended into WWIII. I certainly hope I am wrong. Sometimes it is difficult to sort out the difference between our intuitions, fears, and what seem to be rational conclusions.

Authoritarian countries are more likely to start wars when they feel or believe they’ve been humiliated, which is certainly the case with Iran, Russia, and China. Presently, the Ukraine and Taiwan situations both look fairly bad. But in the case of Taiwan it is not militarily practical to invade except in April, May, or October.

Conversely, we might be facing scenarios more like the Soviet invasions of Hungary in 1956, or Czechoslovakia in 1968. In both cases, the western world complained vociferously, but we did not go to war.

Has anyone looked closely at the charts for the countries or leaders which might be involved?

It is interesting that this is happening now, during Biden’s presidency and not during Trump’s. Why would that be? Are they trying to imply that Trump was the stronger president and they would not invade other countries during his watch? Of course he was not the stronger president but was in cahoots with at least Putin. There was some mutuality going on there, as in we wash each others’ backs. So, how will Biden stand up to these countries who are obviously testing us, without getting us into a war? A lot of food for thought.

I read today, if I remember correctly, that the Ukraine is asking for troops from NATO.

Sharon K,
A heavy amount of propoganda has appeared on the net, especially youtube, talking about how much more dangerous the world is because Biden is predident. Often the piece looks ostensibly like legitimate news; but perhaps a quarter to half way through you realize it’s just more twisted, toxic disinformation. The irony, IMO is the world really has become more dangerous in great part because stumblebumdum DJT was president for 4 years!

I think it would be a mistake for NATO to put troops in Ukraine. In the long run, I do not believe the country is defensible. Were NATO troops to station there, they would need to be in extremely large numbers and remain indefinitely. Geography is on Russia’s side, and they know it. They are permanently next door!

Putting NATO troops in Ukraine would be like Russia putting troops in Mexico. It would be seen as a prelude to an attempt to conquer all or major portions of the USA. But time, geography, and culture would be on the American side. Hispanic culture is closer to ours socially and psychologically, whereas Russian culture would be very foreign to Mexicans.

The relationship is complex, but Ukraine & Russia have shared closely related cultures and histories for centuries. Prince Oleg of Novgorod, AKA Oleg the Prophet, moved the Rus capital from Novgorod to Kiev in 882 CE ! Russia has for centuries thought of Ukraine as their own. In terms of national security they regard it as essential to their safety and survival. If the Russian government decides to take ALL of Ukraine by force, they will succeed, no matter what anyone else does. Unfortunately, if I am reading him right, Putin is in a mood wherein he is far less afraid of direct confrontation with Western nations than his Russian and USSR predecessors.

I hope I am wrong, but sadly, as I see it there is no way in the long run Ukraine can remain an independent democracy without Russia’s permission. Unless something extraordinarily unusual arises, this is a losing game for the West.

The New Yorker has an update on A. Navalny in Russia.



“Yet Navalny, who was fifteen years old when the Soviet Union collapsed, understands that Putinism will not last forever.”

Putin’s recent push to ensure himself as Russia’s President for as long as he wants rieks of fear and cowardice – “Pride goeth before the fall.”


You are right; the US does not have an advantageous strategic placement re: the Ukraine. Nonetheless, there are all of the Western and Eastern European nations that are most likely hardly likely to allow Russia to oppress and terrorize them again. Moreover, the pandemic is still quite problematic across the pond and in other parts of the world. I’m not so sure any nation is interested in firing up a war any time soon.


You alluded to a nasty T-square up-thread. What fresh hell do you see in Mother India’s transits this year?

Hi Will,

Just being mindful of the trends. In spite of the valiant world wide effort to get their citizens vaccinated and get this thing under control, COVID 19 cases are spiraling dramatically upwards. In India alone, a record high of 200,000 COVID 19 cases have been reported yesterday AND we just launched into a partial second lock-down with no clear cut solution in sight. People are beginning to become weary of all this seemingly endless struggle of being in survival mode, hence there is a tendency to flagrantly disregard the rules of wearing masks, social distancing etc. I think it’s the same in the US as well? Which makes one wonder, how long can this be endured before the strains of the economic infrastructure begin to crack? The economy has been artificially held up by sleight of hand – these are just temporary measures that are in place. Once the financial markets begin to show signs of instability and a severe contraction in the economy takes hold. I would expect these regional conflicts such as what is taking place on the Indian-Pakistan subcontinent, the Russia-Ukrainian situation, Taiwan vs China, race relations in the US etc, etc this could all start unraveling. I don’t mean to suggest that we should be pessimistic. On the contrary I do see the potential for a spiritual renaissance blossoming in the near future. It’s just a sign of the times. We are in a transitional period.

Quick follow up to the above…….

BBC Report: A Coronavirus Tsunami We Had Never Seen Before

Video: 7 min 56 sec


Eliseo, the US won’t send troops to Ukraine, but they can provide advanced weapons, satellite intelligence and logistical support. The French and the Germans could do more. I don’t think they would allow the entire Ukraine to fall into Russian hands, but I may be wrong. It would send a message of weakness they will avoid. But you’re right. Things will get worse for the next few years until the US Uranus return. I think the West can do more to weaken Russia economically.

the new saga – justice dept going after Stone for $32mil of tax evasion

oops – that should be $2mil


Oh please let’s make it 32M!

He’s nothing short of goddamned Batman villain; he needs a mighty trouncing and thrashing – a waste of human life.

I think you are right, things will get worse until the US Uranus return. We can extend advanced weapons, satellite intelligence and logistical support, as you suggested, and France, Germany, and possibly the EU as a whole might be of help as well. It would be very much like the assistance FDR gave to the Brits in the early days of WWII. But it could easily be of no avail.

As far as western nations not allowing the Russians to take Ukraine, I sadly must disagree. If the Russians decide to confiscate the entirety of Ukraine, I dont’t believe anyone can stop them. Any and all efforts the EU or any of its constitutent nations exercised to prevent the Russian takeover would IMO probably merely make them look foolish.

What I think most probable is this:
When they believe it is the right time and circumstances, the Russians will take Ukraine, ALL of it. They may take it in stages, but will eventually take the entire country. They will strike when they believe they will experience the least loss of life and elicit the fewest negative sanctions and consequences. They may coordinate their invasion with a simultaneous Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Like with the Hungarian and Czechoslovakian
suppressions of 1956 and 1968, the Western democracies will loudly complain and condemn the predators at the UN and in several other venues and contexts, but largely to no avail.

In both cases, (Ukraine & Taiwan) heavy casualties on both sides are very probable; during the years following, there are liable to be active resistance groups. I think there is a good posdibility they may regret their actions, but will never admit it.

The world will divide into 3 sectors, Russia and its allies, China and allies, and the western style democracies, which will include India, and S. Africa.

Russia and China will have an off and on romance. That may end when sea level rise takes away mainland China’s eastern seaboard. Chinese companies, accompanied by multitudinous Chinese farmworkers, in growing numbers are leasing farmland in Siberia. Simultaneously, there is a steady and accelerating exodous of Siberian Russians to west of the Ural mountains. When the eastern Chinese population is displaced due to climate catastrophe, (for topographical reasons there is zero doubt this will occur) they will immigrate in mass to Siberia. We can reasonably expect war, especially over the use and possession of Lake Baikal.

The democratic nations will of necessity be military allies, somewhat like NATO, and
will trade in one economic common market, doing business with one another ONLY. They may finally fulfill Immanuel Kant’s dream of a united league of free and democratic nations!

The Chinese and Russians will do businees with one another, and with their vassal states, but not with the free nations.

The 3 blocs will compete for influence and dominance over various African nations, middle eastern, central Asian, and western pacific island nations. But quite a number of these will become ungovernable, uninhabitable, depopulated, and disappear.

IMO, what is most likely will be: Climate change catastrophes and expanding tropical diseases will eventually end this 21st century “cold war.” In the end, our microbial enemies will become far more important than our political and economic foes.

Newly developed and extraordinary technologies, plus geography, and how well each bloc handles the epidemics, pandemics, and climate catastrophes will determine which one prevails and comes eventually to govern the planet.

In the “end” the survivors will be genetically enhanced cyborgs living indefinitely long lives in a post scarcity world. The planetary environmental and climatic restoration will take a few centuries, concurrent with the exploration of our solar system. An era of human history unlike all others previous will have commenced.

I’ve outlined what I believe is the most probable chain of events into the beginnings of the next century. The caveats are what may or may not occur in the next two decades. If Putin as one example, were to be replaced with a true democratic reformer, we might have a very different world story. The same goes for the Chinese leadership. Conversely, enough mistakes might lead us into WWIII, and/or other means of self-destruction, and possible extinction.

But I am more optimistic. In the very, very long run, if they “play their cards right,” The area which is now Canada and Russia will benefit the most from climate change. Canada will probably experience massive immigration and may even be the prime superpower of the late 21st century and beyond.


“But I am more optimistic.”

Whew! Thank goodness there is a flicker of candlelight after your abysmally-dark dystopian vision. Your imagery radiates a world-weariness old boy. You must be exhausted from such melancholic haunting. Been there – done that and sometimes still “go there” but getting better at gently redirecting my cognitions toward healing and hope.

In all due respect, Will, I feel drawn to say that we do not know what will happen and pray and hope that healing and good solutions intervene, but Eliseo obviously has a lot of information on this situation. It appears to be one of his interests, he has done his homework, and this allows him to look at it realistically.

Sharon k,

It appears you are taking undue offense to a reply I posted to Eliseo’s post – not yours. Please don’t do that. It feels meddlesome and not very respectful toward either Eliseo or myself. I’m confident Eliseo is perfectly capable of responding in his own way and in his own wonderful words in his own time. Moreover, I am entitled to to have my own view as well.

Thank you.

Will, to the contrary…I am not taking offense nor I am defending Eliseo for the sake of defending him (although it may have come out like that). I was just expressing my opinion that I was impressed at the knowledge he shared in an area that I, for one, am pretty ignorant about, and don’t usually hear anyone talk knowledgeably about. It sounded like he has some facts at his disposal.

As far as whether he’s correct, I was assuming much of it was, but don’t really know. And, of course, I’m hoping that he’s wrong, but I often wonder where this course that Russia and China are taking will lead. Those in power seem to have such a firm grip upon it.


“With all due respect,” I believe you’ve missed my point.”

Hey Will,
What is dystopian or utopian is a matter of personal, subjective and culturally shaped interpretation. I have no doubt most western society adults from 1890 would have regarded our hectic, technology-driven lifestyles as pretty dystopic, a virtual hell on earth. And think of the cultural changes we regard as progressive, more moral. Women can vote. We are gradually moving toward gender equality. Gay people marry. We’ve in great part separated sex from reproduction, and are therefore far more sexually active. A person can even change their gender through surgery! Our lives are dominated by machines with which most of us are relatively comfortable, cars, computers, cell phones, etc. And I’m only portraying a very small slice of the more obvious differences between 1890 & 2021 which would horrify and deeply disturb our forebears.

There’s no way any of us can know with certainty what future events will befall. I don’t see my hopefully prudent prognostications as dystopic, just a realistic assessment on the basics of of the facts as I understand them, in harmony with my intuitions, and reading of the emotions, beliefs, prejudices, and attitudes of the cultures involved, and of their leaders. Just as I don’t deny our anthropic role in climate change, neither do I deny our fears, ignorance, predatory propensities, nor our capacity for compassion and self transcendance.

I’m not sure which portions of my posting you regard as “dark,” perhaps my assessment of the probabilities for Taiwan and Ukraine? I certainly hope I’m wrong, but unless there are some dramatic and major unforseen positive changes in Russia and China, I don’t see them changing their behavior. Criminals will be criminals, and none of our diplomatic or economic efforts have had much effect. Wild tigers do not change their stripes. The only thing keeping them presently at bay is US military might, and circumstances beyond our control are liable to change that equation.

Yes, it is true sometimes individuals experience epiphanies leading them to genuine self-transformation. I’ve seen this sort of rare event with convicted felons. But we’re focusing on cultures, civilizations with very long histories. They don’t turn on a dime.

Perhaps the tri-polar cold war I described is what you find so dark? A cold war is better than a nuclear hot WWIII! Is it not!?!?

I also forsee in the next few decades we will develop vaccines to prevent cancer, and understanding telomeres far more clearly, will be reversing aging and extending lifespans markedly. That would be both good and bad. Longevity is essential to becoming a spacefaring species, but it also requires us to do a complete redesign of our economy.

As I look forward, I see a mixed future, just as the history that came before us. In the long run I see our humanitarian ethos prevailing, but that might just be my personal prejudice and desire. Surely, as in the past, there will be suffering and injustice along the way. It is the way of things.

Hi Eliseo,

I think being “realistic” or “optimistic” are also largely open to subjective interpretation. My take on your post was that it was riddled with hopelessness, loathing and a sense of fatalistic surrender.

What you wrote at 10:17PM was much more balanced and nuanced than your post at 3:54AM.

I believe it is important for us to avoid collapsing into feelings of defeat, despair and hopelessness because we run the risk of attracting negative energy when we do so. I’ve seen your rhetoric trending in a depressing direction lately and I feel compelled to discuss it and/or challenge it. Ultimately you have the right to feel and think whatever you wish. I also maintain my right to give feedback even if it is at times uncomfortable. I’m not looking to win any popularity contest or be accepted by everyone on this site. I do enjoy lively discourse even if feathers (both mine and those of others) get ruffled now and then.

Understanding the Shadow

https://youtu.be/t4saOQaZeN4 via @YouTube


This is a wonderful presentation. I watched parts of it twice.

I cannot understand what the human motivation may have been some 4000 to 5000 years ago when the human mind chose to separate itself from Nature. I have never quite understood how the Feminine principal was virtually annihilated – that women played a part in this – and how much suffering man has brought about because of the separation from spirit. I wonder what this “original wounding” was and why and by whom.

I was a bit confused about her reference to “cancel culture” as the term has been co-opted by far-right wing blowhards as a “dis” toward anyone who is democratic or progressive in their orientation.

I was also a bit puzzled when she drew attention to the transexual/trans-gendered movement. On the whole however, I very much enjoyed listening to this speaker – she was compelling and transcendent.

Thank you for positing this presentation. Inspiring

Will: Your very welcome. She has many great, informative videos and well researched. She has been at this work for many years and mostly knows what she is talking about. I listen to her a lot for wisdom and long suppressed wisdom. She also has some books.


“…and long suppressed wisdom.”

Tripping on that phrase.

Thanks be to God for Justice.

@Will, Amen. This has been so stressful.

Hackers used to be humans. Soon AI will hack other AI and also humanity.


Dear Nancy,

I’ve been quite interested and occasionally impressed with your analyses and this group’s comments. I am inspired to learn astrology. I do want to call for some deeper social and geopolitical awareness here, however.

I find comments about Russia that seem to indicate that the writer(s) have no awareness of the independence of the Donbas (Novorussya) region. Russian troops are on the east of that enclave, and not “on the border with Ukraine.” Donbas and Luhansk would rather deal with Russia than Kiev and Nato and the US, and isn’t that properly their choice?

Likewise, whereas the Russians bullied the population, there really was a majority of Crimeans that wanted to rejoin Moscow; that’s where they got their paychecks, via the Black Sea Fleet, and via associated economic/logistic activity.

And, closer to home– I see comments like “you can change your gender via surgery!” I have, like many transgender people, had surgery to correct my body, but my gender has always been female. Gender’s in the mind. Here’s a thought-experiment to prove that point: What would your gender be if you were accidentally given such surgery?

Right, you’d still be a woman! Transgender people are a gift to a society that still needs to respect women as equals. It’s not a case of “the society becoming too liberal to prevent excessive whims.”

You need not print my words, but I hope you will consider them. There was a time when a born androgyne, such as myself, would be considered a shaman.

Hi Therese,

One of the most heart -rending, sad but deeply moving films I’ve seen in a very long time in India is the 2015 Marathi language film called Runh. It focuses in on the Hijra community (the eunuchs, intersex, transgender people). They have a place in Indian society, but there is a pronounced taboo if one crosses the gender lines. Based on a true story, this film is about a young male student who unsuspectingly falls in love with someone who he believes is a woman and the confusion that ensues when he discovers the “woman’s” true identity.

Here’s a brief glimpse of the film. . . .

Video: 4 min 15 sec


And here’s a synopsis:

Runh: The Debt (2015)


{{{{{{Theresa Mitchell}}}}}}


Thank you so much for the video.


Re: The Russian military buildup near the Ukraine border.

I wasn’t quite understanding the premise of your contention. Could you be a little more specific? Are you saying both the Russian takeover of Crimea in 2014 and Russia’s present military intentions in the Donbas and Luhansk regions are justified because the majority of it’s people want be under direct Russian rule?

Typo. Read instead “want TO be”

Thank You for your concern, but I’m not collapsing into feelings of defeat, despair or hopelessness, nor am I succumbing to any feelings of loathing or sense of fatalistic surrender. I’m simply evaluating what I believe is most probable on the basis of the information we presently possess.

There are a couple of caveats I did not mention which are nevertheless important. (1) Our knowledge of the internal struggles of the Chinese Communist Party are very limited.
(2) Likewise, the political machinations within Putin’s Russian oligarchy are complex and darkly ambiguous.

We also know the state of public health both in China and Russia are far worse than they report. Alcoholism in Russia is extremely severe, as only one of many examples. The Chinese routinely under report their number of deaths and disease related to smoking. In both countries, public health is also undermined by excessive pollution of their soil, water, and air. Some say some of the Chinese rivers contain as much benzine as water!

Both countries have serious and growing demographic problems. Neither country is birthing at replacement rate. That’s very unhealthy for their economies. Both countries male/female ratio is way out of whack. China has too many males, Russia too many females.

My point here is neither country may be as stable as they would like us to believe. This is important to consider when we try to discern what their respective natal, progressed, and transit charts may intimate.

The Russians believe it is vital for their national security to possess and control Crimea and Ukraine. They also perceive they are running out of time. Their dilemma is analagous as to how we would have felt during the cold war had Mexico decided to join the Warsaw pact. They feel very threatened, and no one is doing anything to diminish that feeling.

The Chinese are more patient. I believe their recent bullying, rhetorical and military bellicosity is part of a strategy of intimidation into acquiescence, but unlikely to succeed. They are also buying time until they believe they will be the military equal of the US. Many experts believe they will attempt a blitzkrieg into Taiwan in about 5 to 7 years. That may coincide with the US Uranus return.

Although I think it highly probable the Russians will forcibly confiscate Ukraine, possibly sooner rather than later, and the Chinese to take Taiwan, there is much we do not know. As inferred in the caveats I mentioned above, both countries are less stable than they present, and unexpected internal struggles might delay or prevent their respective intrusions into the territories they desire. Although it appears very unlikely, either or both countries could collapse in the next few years before they get to the point of any invasion.


I am pleased to know you are in fine form.

I am savouring the hard-won victory our nation achieved yesterday in the Derek Chauvin triple conviction yesterday. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I am surprised by almost “hearing crickets” about this historical feat here on Starlightnews from our more frequent fellow bloggers. Democracy just happened in a big way and it appears that this movement is gaining momentum.

I look forward to others sharing their reaction about this amazing development.

I too am very relieved and pleased with the Chauvin triple conviction. On the one hand it is an extraordinary victory in the light of our ugly history of lynchings, and after so many other cases in which officers who literally murdered Black victims were acquitted. But I
feel it is only a beginning. We’ve a long way to go yet before we reach the promised land of racial justice.

In the latter 1960’s I was involved in the Civil Rights Movement. As an adolescent, I was exposed to the intensity of our racism, but did not truly fathom the depth of it. I have sometimes felt bewildered and frustrated that these many decades later this insanity continues.

I am somewhat irked with the general public’s lack of realization these type of cases are frequently as much a matter of social class as they are of race. These terrible tragedies usually do not occur with upper class or well off Blacks. This variety of violence usually and far more commonly afflicts poor, lower class Black, White, Brown and Red people, particularly males. I think Americans are slowly getting better at facing the racism in our history and culture, but we remain awfully poor at seeing the damage we do in context of social class.


“I think Americans are slowly getting better at facing the racism in our history and culture”

Indeed. Slowly but getting better. I have a sense this court decision is going to crack the whip through many police departments across the country. For the love of God, there are other ways to deal with simple traffic citations without taking an African-American’s life. We don’t need “peace officers” (whose population generally has a high valence for giving into impulsivity and aggression) carrying around hair-trigger lethal weapons encountering other citizens. It is said that there is a fine line separating a saint from a demon; so it goes for the line separating a constable-on-patrol from a criminal.



With 312,731 new infections, India recorded the highest daily coronavirus case count in a single country since the pandemic began more than a year ago.
Thursday, April 22, 2021 12:13 AM EST

India’s total eclipsed the previous single-day high of recorded 300,669 cases, set in the United States on Jan. 8, according to a New York Times database.

Hi Will,

Yes. I know. The situation is rather tense and difficult. Starting from tomorrow we will be launching into total lockdown. Maharashtra district where I live (which includes Mumbai) has been hardest hit.

Got my first vaccination a few days ago.

“I have a sense this court decision is going to crack the whip through many police departments across the country.”

Yes, I think so as well. It feels like a change of tides, an energy shift, something astrologers pay atrention to. I know they will at first resent it, but I’m really hoping this leads to a deep and broad rethink of philosophy and procedure in our police departments.

In the UK police officers are trained to interact more maturely, to not take it personally if someone disrespects or disobeys them. I believe they video every encounter, therefore if a suspect behaves uncooperatively or runs away, they need not expend so much energy and adrenaline chasing them down. They have a good, current photograph which they distribute widely, confident they will soon apprehend the person down the line.

We do not have well developed, truly reliable non-lethal weaponry as of yet. We don’t have any star trek phasers to set to stun. But as a former criminal investigator, and as a Zen target shooter, I am of the opinion our law enforcement officers are carrying the wrong firearm as their first line of defense.

Most are carrying 9mm or 40 caliber high capacity semi-auto pistols, usually Glocks with no safety (ordinarily a flip switch for those unfamiliar). In a tense situation it is too easy to quickly fire off a deluge of bullets, way more than necessary. Furthermore, they are now trained to fire directly into point of mass. All of which is appropriate IF they are dealing with armed, hardened criminals, or are in a gunfight.

But IMO this is overkill for most scenarios. I believe in most situations their semi-auto weapon should be secondary to a more appropriate alternative firearm.

In past decades, officers carried 38 cal revolvers, and if it was necessary to shoot, were trained to wound, not to kill, by shooting the suspect in the leg. This was considered humane, less lethal policing for most of the 20th century. That ended after a series of major, infamous and intense gunfights in which several officers were outgunned and killed.

I have no doubt many officers would disagree with me, but many older officers would concur with me in my belief the higher capacity double action revolvers which swat teams usually carry would be far safer and a more appropriate firearm for most policing situations. That would be either an 8 round 9mm Smith & Wesson 929, or a S&W 8 round M327-TRR8 in 38/357.

From personal experience, I know how stressful, draining, and dispiriting it is to deal with so many unsavory and possibly dangerous characters day after day after day. I understand the officers’ fear when they believe the suspect has a gun or knife, when they believe their lives are in danger. But we’ve seen too many cases in which overly fearful, overly aggressive, officers have overreacted resulting in too many unnecessary deaths.

I am grateful the jury rendered a triple conviction for Mr. Chauvin. The video showed the plain and obvious truth of the crime. All across our nation a purge of racist officers should concur with the hiring and training of young men and women with better attitudes.

Wrong firearms, wrong training, wrong techniques, inadequate education, wrong psychological attitudes engendered by the wrong police culture. I’m glad the public is demanding long overdue change. But IMO it will take a while to get the transformation we need. Perhaps that will occur concomitant with a winding down of our insane, abysmally stupid culture war. Let us hope.

Not to initiate a major discussion but, on light of the recent discussion on the Russia – Ukraine situation, I thought you all might find this article interesting. What I got out of it is that Russia has declared its “military exercise” over and is withdrawing — but will not be all that far away (should an opportunity arise?). Ukraine has expressed appreciation to its allies for their help (the U.S. applied sanctions for one thing) as well as appreciation for the de escalation, saying that they seek peace. To be continued…


Sharon K,

I have a sense that Putin is beginning to feel real heat from Russia’s citizens. He is also feeling the change Biden and his administration have set into motion to keep Putin’s aggression and meddling in check.

It won’t be long before Putin is swallowed whole by his own monstrous doings.

We can only hope so and that more democracy and fairness ensues and not a replacement who is along the lines of Putin.

It certainly must be true as you suggested, that Putin must adjust and adapt to the changes the Biden administration has set forth to keep Russian aggression and meddling in check. Let us hope those measures are effective.

I also hope you are right about Putin feeling heat from Russia’s citizens. From what we know so far, he remains pretty popular. A further hope would be that if he is deposed, a reformer will replace him who will purge Russian society and government of corruption, establish true democracy, and rejoin the community of nations which adhere to the rule of law.

Both Dem and R US administrations erred greviously in not crafting and implementing a Marshall plan for the former Soviet states at the time of the USSR collapse. They still need one, badly! And it would be the best way to integrate them into the world system.

Although I disagree with almost everything Mr. DJTraitor said and did, I believe he inadvertantly was right that in the long run, the Russians are not our natural enemies.

Hi Sharon,

If the Russian State news report you posted turns out to be accurate, it may only be a temporary reprieve.

The repercussions of Russian opposition leader Alexia Navalny dying in a Russian jail cell may be far reaching, domestically and internationally (see related article:

What Happens If Alexei Navalny Dies?


Alexei is having a rare once in a lifetime Uranus transit/ natal South Node conjunction (12 ’05 Taurus) sometime in May depending on which astrological chart one relies on. Astro..com displays his south node at 12 ’05 Taurus which would place the exact conjunction on May 26th. Here’s the chart:


Notice this aspect takes place in his 8th house which doubly emphasizes the south node/Uranus signature of sudden endings in the house of endings AND it is quincunx natal Neptune at 12 ’34 Sagittarius which depicts a period of adjustment and dissolution.

Would Navalny’s death cause Putin to ramp up tensions in the Ukraine as a political distraction? As mentioned earlier, the June 10th solar eclipse at 19 Gemini is very close to the Uranus/Mars midpoint, the US Mars and Russian Sun (all at 21 Gemini) AND this will form an opposition to Putin’s progressed Sun (22 Sag). The signs may be there. Putin could launch a power grab in mid June.

Navalny announced he is ending his hunger strike today, Jerry. He is a valuable leader. And the Russians have practiced their military action & have gathered a lot of info about their ability to invade. They returned to their bases which I read are not that far from the Ukraine. They accomplished their mission for now.

Hi Sharon,

I don’t wish to minimize what you just said. It is after all a fluid situation that keeps fluctuating from week to week. Nevertheless, the June 10th astrological aspects outlined in my previous entry involving Russia and the US is compelling. Physically, whether Navalny ends his hunger strike today or not I’m not sure that would make much of a difference. Damage to his heart from what I have read is irreversible.

I’ve said repeatedly that Putin’s fall would be swift. I have long had the sense that someone will “off” him, and that he would not see it coming. He will not make it far into the coming Aquarian years as an authoritarian leader.

Justice Sotomayor says Justice Kavanaugh is lying in
a Supreme Court decision. Republicans lie on the bench.


Sorry to hear he had damage to his heart, Jerry. He is quite a brave and committed man. I hadn’t looked at the charts you posted, but will. Thanks.


You’ve shared some very poignant astrological insights re Navalny’s transits. Thank you for doing the work!

I concur about your sense of “damage already done” to Navalny’s heart from being poisoned by Putin’s operatives.

Andrew Kramer of NYT hit the mark squarely regarding the false imprisonment of the opposition activist and lawyer:

“Members of Mr. Navalny’s political organization have called the withholding of care a slow-motion assassination attempt by the Russian government.”

If Navalny’s death is imminent, it seems his heroism is already enshrined by his supporters. His Geminian works and deeds have tapped into the heart of the Russian people and galvanized a growing opposition to Putin’s reign of murderous terror. My hope is that he lives to see Russia liberated into the hands of noble leadership.


May Putin’s end come swiftly, however it must. Like all despots, he appears to be making his last desperate grasp to hold on to power.

Pride goeth before the fall.


So enjoyed your Daily Kos post re Kavanaugh. Thank you!

The GOP is getting worse and waiting for another authoritarian leader.


And Hawley is the only senator to have voted against a hate crime bill. He is waiting for his time. (Dare I say Biden his time?) Things deteriorated for many years, domestically and internationally, before the last US Uranus return. And the Pluto return is making that process much worse.

Thanks for the considered responses, Jerry!

Regarding the Crimea etc., I don’t think the Russians are ‘justified’–it’s all geopolitical maneuvering in my book, and Moscow is just as guilty as anyone else. But I don’t think the Western press is framing the situation accurately; too much is omitted. So, astrological analyses might benefit from that broader perspective. Has anyone done a chart for Novorusya?

Hi Therese,

Novorusiyia from what I can gather is a contentious disputed area not officially recognized by the United Nations as an official state. I’m not sure if one can glean anything from it, at least not in astrological terms. Looking at some other related charts, it’s interesting to note both NATO and Ukraine share the same birthday (1 Virgo – NATO August 24, 1949/ Ukraine August 24, 1991). Jupiter will be conjoining that 1 Virgo degree just at the same time as the May 26, 2021 lunar eclipse (5 Sagittarius) forms a close square to it (a 4 degree orb). That suggests to me NATO and the west in general may be ramping up its military support to Ukraine at that time. Looking at the Russia/US composite chart – Pluto at 21 Sag sits at the far midpoint of the June 10th eclipse and the Mars/Uranus midpoint. Very combustible mix.

CORRECTION: That wasn’t worded properly. It would be more accurate to say “The June 10th solar eclipse forms a tight opposition to the Russia/US composite chart Pluto (21 Sag).”

Sorry. Late May…….. Jupiter will be at 1 PISCES in opposition to the NATO. Ukraine Sun.

1 Pisces is my natal sun. In fact, it should be affecting Starlight soon. I hope it’s bringing blessings & good things, Nancy. Sometimes its just very quiet but this time it will retro relatively soon afterward so there will be 3 passes. Should be interesting.

We must particularly pray for India at this tragic time ? ?. I pray that the U.S. and other countries are sending oxygen.

Those question marks were praying hands and a tear dripping down a face emojis that did not translate.


I don’t believe Starlight is 1 degree Pisces. I believe Nancy has an Aquarian sun. Unless you are referring to a separate natal chart for the birth of this Website.

The images of Mother India and her thousands of pop-up crematoriums is horrifying. Blessings and millions of vaccines and masks to her.

Judges are not allowing accused insurrectionists out on bail before trial for fear they’ll do it all again at the behest of DJTraitor. Our nightmare will IMO continue until that man is dead, and possibly beyond.

Trump supporters could be incited to future violence by his continued promotion of 2020 election lies, DOJ and judges say

Will, when I said Jupiter should be affecting Starlight’s sun soon, I was referring to her sun being in late Aquarius (about Feb 17?). Astro Dienst (astr.com) has Jupiter at 27 27′ Aquarius today. It’s probably affecting her now. When it affects me I always find myself with a great appetite for food.

Hi Sharon,

In his latest video, Cash Peters does a fascinating reading on the COVID 19 situation in India. It starts at the 10 min 14 sec mark…..

Tucker Carlson – what’s that about? Plus Chauvin, Kevin Spacey, India, Narendra Modi, and Jesus.


Cash Peters’ perception on the vast disparity between the rich and the poor resonates with my impressions. The government is doing all it can to alleviate the problem, but its grip on containing the spread appears to be slipping. I was impressed on how well organized the vaccination program has evolved, but there is only so much one can do with a population of over one billion people. My heart goes out to all those affected. I personally know two people who have died from the virus just in the past one week alone. The looming Saturn-Uranus square in mid June (13 Aquarius-Taurus) in t square to India’s Saturn Pluto conjunction (13 Leo) could be a defining moment (a rebirth?).

Here is an observation about that placement written by Adrian Duncan

India and Pakistan came into existence as separate states under this conjunction, which was precisely at 13 degrees Leo in August 1947 when they gained independence. The conjunction was still dominant as China struggled to establish itself as a Communist state in a period of civil war after World War II. The essence of this planetary combination is to eliminate outdated political structures – like colonial India for example – and replace them with new, which are born after great struggles. One to two million people died under the India-Pakistan partition and many more millions died in the Chinese civil war.


Thank You for reintroducing me to Adrian Duncan! I had literally forgotten about him, not having entered his website for quite a long time.

The link you posted also lists a number of other links to his various essays. I especially liked his commentary, “Two Scientists and Astrology,” about the respective differences in the thought of skeptic, Richard Dawkins, and that of theoretical physicist/philosopher,
David Bohm, which he believes harmonizes well with astrological theory.

David Bohm’s thought regarding the Implicate order, a state from which everything unfolds both on a macrocosmic and microcosmic level embracing both relativity and quantum mechanics, i.e. unity within duality, and the Explicate order, observable phenomena where there is a subject and an object, a self and the other, as described by AD was extremely interesting!

Friends of mine, (now long gone) whom I knew in my late teens, who themselves were friends of A. Einstein, told me of Einstein’s reading Einstein’s reading of the works of H.P.Blavatsky. But I did not know his friend and colleague, David Bohm was so impressed with the thought of J. Krishnamurti. No doubt DB read even deeper Buddhist and Hindu work, as his Implicate/Explicate math evidently well reflected such thought.

AD’s last paragraph from, Two Scientists and Astrology” was especially delicious!

“Dawkins and other skeptics are like blind watchmakers, who examine a digital watch and – finding no cogs, springs or flywheels – declare that it cannot possibly tell the time. Their statistical ideas resemble trying to find plankton with a shark net – when they examine the net, nothing is there, so plankton cannot exist. Theirs is a world full of mathematical certainties, but centrall to quantum mechanics is the uncertainty principle, and uncertainty lies at the core of astrological interpretation too. Who can tell what ripples and storms the butterfly wing of a moment in time can cause in our lives? By mediating between the explicate and implicate world, astrology comes as close as is possible.”

Hi Eliseo,

I didn’t know David Bohm was a close protege of Albert Einstein. How interesting. I have listened to a number of discussions David has had with J Krishnamurti on some very deep, thought provoking subjects. Quite illuminating.

https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/25/politics/india-covid-response-defense-department-support/index.html. U.S. Defense Dept directed to use every resource at its disposal to help India.

Heads Up!
The Chinese Communist Party is planning a big celebration to commemorate its 100 year anniversary, this coming July. Officially, the 100th anniversary is July 23, 2021, but apparently Mao and the other founders weren’t sure as to precise date. In the 1930’s they decided for July 23, 1921, but China will begin celebrations with parades, mass weddings, etc. this coming July 1st, which confusedly, they also list as the anniversary.


In France, 20 ex-generals have warned last week of a civil war on racial lines as an Islamist extremist assassinated another police officer.


Perhaps one may be aware or maybe not; but in the aftermath of last November’s presidential election a number of psychics had predicted that due to ill health Joe Biden will at some point have to step down from his responsibilities as President and allow Kamala Harris to take over. Here’s one such article……

Rise of Kamala Harris, Another Pandemic: Psychic Predicts Shocking Events For 2021

The psychic believes that Joe Biden could face an unexpected illness that could pave the way for Kamala Harris to the US presidential chair


Astrologically that scenario might be plausible. According to one analysis three out of the last four US presidential inaugurations that took place under a void of course moon aspect had resulted in the President prematurely vacating the office (FDR, JFK and Nixon) – See related article below:

What Astrology Tells Us to Expect From the Biden-Harris Inauguration


We also have the infamous Tecumsehs curse that ostensibly occurs every 20 years coinciding with the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction cycle. Historical records show, every 20 years since 1840 when the superstition and/or phenomenon first came to be known, with the exception of Reagan and George W, all US presidents have left office before the completion of their full term.

With that being said, has anyone noticed? Mid June has Mars (2 Leo) quincunxing Jupiter just as Jupiter goes stationary retrograde (2 ’10 Pisces) AND Jupiter is within a 14 min orb of conjunction to VP Kamala Harris’s mid heaven (2 ’24 Pisces). Quincunxes usually denote adjustments. From a different angle, Biden’s natal Uranus at 2 ’46 Gemini will be squared by Jupiter and sextiled by Mars. At relatively the same time, the Uranus-Saturn square (13 ’07 Aquarius-Taurus) will form a t square to Biden’s natal Mars (12 ’35 Scorpio). The May 26th lunar eclipse at 5 ’26 Sagittarius will be t squaring Biden’s progressed Saturn (5 ’35 Gemini) and progressed Venus (6 ’58 Pisces) so it’s entirely possible Biden’s health may be suffering a noticeable decline beginning in late May.

Needless to say, Joe Biden is a good representation of what is needed in our country at this time; honesty, integrity, transparency, decades of leadership experience etc, essentially all the attributes that were sorely missing in the Trump administration. What may be lacking however and critical to morale is the injection of vibrancy, youth and confidence in order to rally this country into a successful post pandemic world.

If events suggest a Harris presidency in the near future, the rather bizarre Trump campaign scare tactic in the run up to last years November elections that if Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden were to win the election, his running mate “Communist” Kamala Harris will take over as president in a month’s time, may be off by about 6 months.

Any thoughts out there?

Hi, guys… I’m still alive, if anyone missed me! (LOL) Things have been busy here, and I had to step back from politics or lose my mind.

Good things: I rescued a Heinz 57 dog. All 77 pounds of him. Come to find out, he’s still a “puppy.” We named her Lexy and she’s an absolute goof. She doesn’t know how to play with toys, and she’s been abused by males in her past, but has put her trust in hubby 100% and bonded well with him.

Two weeks ago we took her on a walk to the park half a block away. A motorized bike went whizzing by us and Lexy decided it looked much more exciting than walking with this old lady (gryn). She took off and I (who was holding her lead) literally went flying thru the air. When I landed, I’d broken my right leg in 2 places. So Lexy is now known as: This is Lexy — she who broke my leg!

I’m hobbling around on crutches but have made it to the point where I’m not falling so much because of them. First week, my average was 3 falls a day. I’ve made sure I land on my butt… seems to be the best part to land on and not breaking bones.

My 101 classes are going strong and we’ve offered up our old house to a young couple who are trying to get on their feet. We told ’em sweat equity and you pay utilities. If you decide you want the house for good, rather than as a stepping stone, we’ll take it all into consideration and the four of us come up with an agreeable price. I wish someone had done this for us when we were trying to move up here to take care of Mom. So, I just considered it a “pay it forward” moment for these kids. They’re good kids with their heads screwed on straight. This is just not a good time around here for jobs, etc.

Meanwhile, despite a week of snow and freezing temps, things are blooming in my yard and I’m ecstatic. I set up my backyard bird station, and they (and the squirrels) have been happy with my offerings. I have a Northern Flicker who has taken up residence, plus a pair of mated Cardinals. And a mourning dove nest in the northern eaves.
Others come and go. These I can count on seeing every day. I love the Spring.

I know I’ve been gone quite a while. I just wanted to apologize for my absence. The repugs not slithering away and constantly bombasting us and Biden was more than I could take. Had to back away, which gave me more time to spend with my students. But I’ve missed the conversations around here, and those I count as “friends” here… even tho we’ve never met yet. Peace to everyone. And Beltaine blessings (a little early!) to everyone!!


Glad you are on the mend and that you have a new member of your family. Maybe you had a Uranian trigger in your chart for your mishap?

Be well!

Welcome back slightkc

Just finished watching The Father with Anthony Hopkins. (Hopkins just earned an oscar for his role).

What an amazing film with so many poignant nuances and brilliant performances. The primary theme running throughout the film; trying to decipher between what is real and what is unreal in every day life (various degrees of dementia) is a kind of microcosmic reflection of what we sometimes experience in our own lives (that occasional indulgence with an imagination run wild).

It brings to mind Byron Katie’s stunning realization she came to some 35 years ago wherein she writes “I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional.”

For those who have already seen the film, I found this particular analysis intriguing……..

The Father Explained | Movie and Ending Explained

Video: 9 min 52 sec


Hi kc…sorry about your leg but happy to hear that so much is blooming in your life. Heal well. Lexy sounds like a character. We have one like that.

Many people have seemed to be taking sabbaticals around here and they are missed. I can only pray that all is going well for everyone.

May you heal thoroughly and well….sending you prayers and healing vibes….Love, Sharon


Thank you for recommending “The Father.” Hopkins’ winning the oscar was quite the upset at the Academy Awards as was Francis McDormand’s.

On suffering – I think we can accept it as part of life but we can hardly avoid it or hope to avoid it entirely. But we can certainly enjoy the good and easy times life serves up at all – its not all suffering.

Biden’s health could be an issue or it could surprise us all and not be an issue. As much as I like Kamala Harris, I think she is up to her elbows in work and learning on a curve she might not have fully anticipated. I do not think she is nearly experienced enough to take the presidency. In three years, it will be a different story. Joe’s got a strong chart. I wouldn’t be surprised if he surprised us all with his stamina and reserves of energy.

I hope you and your wife and loved ones are vaccinated Jerry – and that India gets relief post haste.

I agree with you, Will, about Kamala, and she will too easily be labeled a “socialist”. I hope that Joe’s health holds up. As someone with several planets in Scorpio, he should definitely have reserves and stamina but, yes, his age is an issue.

Andre, re your 5.42 post: Marjorie has a new post up on France

Kiwi, I know, I commented.

The Pluto station yesterday brought mixed feelings. Pluto will now slowly retrograde while facing the critical degrees of 24 and 25 Cancer. It is now at 26, almost 27, Capricorn, clearly within orb of the US Pluto return. It will return to 25 Cancer in June and July. 25 Cancer has proven very bad for Trump, where his Saturn is, and very good for Biden where his Jupiter is located. There are a few other very negative indicators for Trump in June. This would appear to be the time for his criminal indictment. This, or something else, will increase Biden’s popularity.

When Pluto returns to 24 Cancer in August and stays there until November after it stations direct, things will be much more ominous. That is the degree where Pluto opposes US Mercury and brings collective madness. That was the degree of January 6. We will return to hell for four months. Fortunately, Pluto once again passes 25 degrees by the end of the year which will be once more beneficial for the 46th President.

After listening to President Biden tonight, I really do hope Democrats do well in 2022 and 2024.

The data analysts seem to be pessimistic about Democrats chances in 2022 and 2024. So, I have to ask: has anyone looked at the astrology for both the 2022 and 2024 elections?

I’m not the best when it comes to political astrology- my bias tends to get in the way and I often find myself overlooking aspects that should have been obvious from the start.

Anyway, I know it’s early….however, if anyone has looked ahead (on the political astrology front) please share your thoughts and findings. I would love to read them.

Thanks in advance

I’d be especially interested in the 2022 forecast, especially with the issues we’ve got with redistricting already raising their ugly heads!

2024 – Trump is already making noises about running. Talk about taking the wind out of some repug sails! I figure he’ll be too far down the dementia road to run, but propped up by the radical right, who knows? I worry, tho, he would win if he ran. Between outright cheating and voter suppression, we Democrats are going to be caught in a bind, I’m afraid.

Thanks for the healing wishes, everyone! I will admit I make a *horrible* patient. I’m already wanting to throw these crutches away and get on with life. They get in my way!

Lexy and the cats have settled down into a somewhat even keel. Lexy just can’t understand why they won’t play with her! Poor, silly beastie!

Uranian triggers – I’m an Aquarian, so it would not surprise me if I have more than a few Uranus triggers. But I’m discovering I also have a lot of friends and coven sibs who are worth their weight in pure gold.


A Trump indictment sometime in June sounds about right. Perhaps around the June 4th/5th time period? That’s when tr. Mars at 25 Cancer conjoins Trump’s natal Venus (financial dealings?) as it rapidly forms an exact opposition to Pluto (26 Capricorn). True to character Trump may may very well voice strong opposition and even promote a call to arms among his followers in order to avoid prosecution. According to the following article violence is a strong possibility……

This article, published by Business Insider requires a subscription. For the benefit of those who don’t have access to the full article I took the liberty of posting it here. I hope Nancy allows this as an exception. It is exceptionally long,….

What Would Putting Trump On Trial Even Look Like?

Lawyers and government officials described a true media circus, competing protests, and heightened security

Business Insider
April 28, 2021

Court proceedings and a trial involving Trump would be unprecedented in US history.

Local officials are worried a trial of that magnitude would draw big crowds and clashing protesters.

A courthouse would need serious security and coordination with local, state, and federal officials.

Former President Donald Trump is facing legal jeopardy in three major East Coast cities where a criminal indictment would create unprecedented logistical and security concerns testing the capacities of government on the local, state, and federal levels.

The three cities — Atlanta, New York, and Washington, DC — are no strangers to big events that draw big crowds, media hordes, and police squads, to keep the peace.

But court proceedings and trials involving Trump would be unlike anything in US history. No president has ever been criminally charged while in or out of office, much less one who publicly stoked a deadly riot at the US Capitol in a bid to hold on to power.

Local government leaders acknowledge that Trump being hauled into court is a very real possibility, Insider found in a survey of officials from the three cities. Current and former officials also said they recognized a Trump trial would bring organizational and security challenges, including a massive media presence and the threat of violent protests.

Some of the elected officials willing to engage on the topic described a sense of alarm at the combustible combination ahead given recent public maneuvers and statements from investigators examining Trump’s behavior. They worry about a toxic political environment where protesters clash over a controversial former president who’s defending himself in court against the prospect of a conviction and prison time.

“With the current voter suppression laws that we are experiencing and the different things that are happening regarding this past election, I definitely think that feelings are intensified, and we will probably need to be prepared for that,” Carmalitha Gumbs, a councilwoman from South Fulton, Georgia, which is near the center of one possible Trump court case, told Insider.

“Security would become a serious issue, and there would need to be precautions that are taken, precisely because of Trump’s continuing policy of having no enemies on his right,” added Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat of Maryland and former House impeachment manager from Trump’s Senate trial earlier this year. His district encompasses the suburban Washington, DC, area.

Making matters more challenging for government officials and law-enforcement jurisdictions is that any Trump proceedings could take place in multiple locations and over the course of weeks or months. There’d be arraignments and preliminary hearings before any trial took place, setting the stage for an event where the lead defendant would have Secret Service protection and a love-him-or-hate-him persona that draws in onlookers and passionate advocates looking for the spotlight.

“Obviously, it would be a media circus,” Donna Rotunno, the defense attorney who represented Harvey Weinstein in his New York case, told Insider. “I think it would probably be a larger group of media than we’ve ever seen in any case ever.”

“A potential case against Trump would be a logistical nightmare,” added Daniel R. Alonso, a former second-in-command for Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney who has been investigating the finances of both the former president and his namesake company, the Trump Organization.

The challenges wouldn’t just be about Trump on trial. Others in the ex-president’s immediate orbit could create some of the same chaos on the streets if they end up in the legal crosshairs. That fact got driven home on Wednesday when the FBI executed search warrants at the New York home and office of Rudy Giuliani, a personal attorney for Trump who has been under investigation since 2019 for his dealings with the Ukraine.

“A trial against Trump, or even one of his companies or executives, particularly a member of his family, would be unprecedented in a courthouse that has seen many, many high-profile cases over the decades,” Alonso said. “That’s a function both of his having been president of the United States and because he is an unusually combative litigant.”

Yes, Trump would have to show up in court

One big reason for concerns around Trump is just the presence of the man himself in a courthouse. A case (or cases) of this magnitude would likely draw out big crowds.

That would mean extra work for local law enforcement and the Secret Service, which provides protection to all former presidents no matter where they reside.

“Because of the attention he will draw and because of the interest that people have in him, both pro and con, the Secret Service is going to work hand in glove with the local law enforcement and other federal agencies to protect him,” Bill Pickle, a former deputy assistant director of the Secret Service, told Insider.

While Trump relishes in flouting norms and calling investigations against him part of a “witch hunt,” legal experts said he couldn’t simply cross his arms and refuse to budge from his private clubs in South Florida and New Jersey, which now serve as his post-White House seasonal residences.

Should Trump get indicted — in Atlanta on local charges, in New York on state charges, or in Washington on federal charges — he would have to personally appear in court. There’s precedent for that with Spiro Agnew, who was under a federal bribery investigation while serving as vice president under President Richard Nixon. Agnew appeared for an October 1973 hearing to plead no contest on a felony charge of income-tax evasion on the same day he officially resigned his office.

“He would have to submit to the jurisdiction of the court,” Alonso, now a partner at Buckley LLP, said of Trump. “He has no choice there.”

Like defendants nationwide, Trump could get some relief if he ended up facing legal proceedings during the COVID-19 era. Courts have been more flexible during the pandemic, but the decision there on what flies in court would be up to the judge presiding in the case.

Judges typically allow more routine court proceedings to happen without the defendant present, or over Zoom, but those decisions are still made at the judge’s discretion.

If Trump is charged, and his case goes to trial, he will almost certainly be present in the courtroom the entire time, Alonso said. Defendants technically have a right to waive their presence at trial, but it’s extremely rare for anyone to take that step.

“That’s virtually never done unless the defendant does it by absconding,” Alonso said.

By now, Trump’s legal troubles are multifold and well-documented.

In New York, the New York attorney general’s office and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office are running parallel investigations into whether Trump and his NYC-based company broke tax laws by keeping two sets of books. Vance appears to be in the final stages of his investigation, and many believe he will announce charges against Trump before his term as district attorney expires at the end of the year. Vance has already secured the US Supreme Court’s approval to subpoena reams of the former president’s financial documents and is now looking for cooperators who can guide his investigators through them.

Fulton County prosecutors in Georgia impaneled a grand jury to determine if any state election laws were broken during Trump’s January 2 phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Publicly released transcripts of the call show Trump pressuring Raffensperger to “find” votes to overturn President Joe Biden’s presidential win.

CNN recently reported that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office was planning on issuing subpoenas as soon as May that would force Raffensperger’s staff members to testify and share information on Trump’s efforts to sway the election results because of the lack of cooperation from the Georgia secretary of state’s office.

In Washington, Trump faces the possibility of a federal investigation turning into criminal charges related to evidence that he tried to stymie the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators who were examining Russian election interference in 2016 and his role in inciting the deadly rioting at the Capitol on January 6.

For now, the Justice Department under Biden appears to be hanging back and letting local jurisdictions handle Trump, Insider reported last week. That’s in part because a federal prosecution of the former president stemming from the Capitol breach is seen as highly improbable barring the discovery of any “smoking-gun” evidence linking Trump to the coordination of the insurrectionists on the seat of American democracy.

Since January 6, Trump has made few public appearances, and several groups that support him have come under investigation or otherwise gone underground. But the former president’s supporters say that forcing him to show up in a courthouse would likely breed more resentment among his most fervent base.

“If it was at a court building, wherever they would have it, I think that there would definitely be as many people as possible out there,” said Robert Burck, the Trump supporter known as “The Naked Cowboy” who said in an interview he’d expect pro-Trump New Yorkers to turn out in droves.

New York officials said they would be ready for Trump if he was brought back to his home state to stand trial.

The Empire State has a history of convening and handling high-profile cases, and the 4,000 court officers assigned to the state system receive similar training as the New York Police Department and state police officers, Lucian Chalfen, the director of public information for the New York state court system, said.

Chalfen cited the trial for Weinstein, the Hollywood producer now serving 23 years in prison after his February 2020 conviction on first-degree criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape. That’s the closest recent example, he said, of a criminal proceeding that approaches the one New York would have to deal with in Trump’s case.

“They have a long history of handling high-profile cases and work in conjunction with local, state, and federal law enforcement when necessary,” Chalfen said.

The Weinstein trial received considerable attention: Barriers were erected around the courthouse in lower Manhattan, and reporters had to stand in line in freezing weather hours before the building opened if they wanted to get a seat in the courtroom. Ken Auletta, a New Yorker reporter covering the case, even paid a graduate-school student to stand in line for him so that he could make it in the room.

Rotunno, who represented Weinstein during his rape trial, said the court officers made sure everything operated like clockwork, ensuring she, Weinstein, and the rest of the legal team could get through the building safely.

“The first time I appeared there on a status date, they took us aside. They introduced themselves. They told us what their roles were going to be,” Rotunno said. “They had elevators ready to go the minute we checked in.”

Rotunno said she “never felt unsafe” with the court officers leading the security effort, even though she got death threats every day for defending Weinstein.

“They paid attention to things,” she said. “I had to share bathrooms with the same people who were on the opposite side, and they paid attention to all that. They paid attention to the chatter in the gallery.”

Alonso said prosecutors could always charge Trump’s company or other executives rather than the ex-president himself. But if Trump was hauled into court, a trial would be different from anything New York has seen before, Alonso said.

“Harvey Weinstein is a notorious sex criminal,” Alonso said. “As bad as that is, Donald Trump is a different order of magnitude because he was the president of the United States. It’s just two totally different things.”

The Fulton County courthouse just a few blocks from the Georgia State Capitol revamped its security protocols and put more safety measures in place after a 2005 shooting at the building left three people dead, including a county judge.

Local court security will be on full display during another high-profile case involving an Atlanta police officer who shot and killed 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot. It’s unclear when the trial is expected to begin.

Willis has asked for the case to be transferred to another prosecutor, citing concerns about conflicts because of how her predecessor, Paul Howard, handled the case when he was in office.

Bill Raftery, a senior knowledge and information-services analyst at the nonprofit National Center for State Courts, told Insider it would take weeks or months for the courthouse to prepare for a Trump trial if it took place in Fulton County.

He added that it would be crucial for any courthouse in the country that handled a Trump trial to also have up-to-date cybersecurity and technology infrastructure in place.

“There’s no one piece that’s going to be more or less important than the other. They’re all critical,” he said.

A courthouse would have to coordinate with local, state, and federal government officials to ensure it would have enough law-enforcement personnel to stay for weeks or months, Raftery said.

“It’s not just the judge or the court staff,” he said. “It has to be across the board. It has to be all three branches of government.”

Rafiq Ahmad, the president of the Georgia chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, expressed confidence that law enforcement would be prepared to handle large crowds of people outside any Trump trial in the Fulton County area.

“The Atlanta law-enforcement community has become extremely cohesive and works together to share information and to respond,” he told Insider. “I’m very confident in working with the law-enforcement partners in Atlanta, that they have learned from the last protest and are now better prepared for anything that comes next.”

The office of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms declined to comment when asked whether the mayor had begun having conversations about security preparations for a Trump trial.

Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis told Insider discussions around security preparations with the mayor would be “premature” at this point.

But the Republican commissioner added that courthouse security was always “a high priority” for the county.

“I have no doubt our sheriff’s office, who handles such, would have an appropriate plan to address such a situation, and that would be supported by the Board of Commissioners,” Ellis said.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to Insiders request for comment on if it had begun to make preparations for a Trump trial.

After Trump’s second impeachment trial, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said legal risks still awaited the former president.

“President Trump is still liable for everything he did while in office,” McConnell said after voting to acquit Trump. “He didn’t get away with anything yet. We have a criminal-justice system in this country. We have civil litigation.”

That’s where Washington could come into play. The federal courthouse in Washington has experience handling high-profile cases after hosting trials and court proceedings involving several Trump associates, including Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn. Stone’s trial in 2019 attracted news cameras and crowds of supporters and protesters, and various procedural court proceedings for Flynn and Manafort drew similar attention as they faced charges stemming from the Russia investigation.

But a Trump trial would raise the stakes considerably and bring a new level of intensity and public interest to a federal courthouse that is only a few city blocks from the US Capitol.

For now, it appears unlikely that Trump will face prosecution in Washington, whether it be for his conduct tied to the Capitol rioting or his actions while president, according to legal observers and people familiar with the Justice Department.

Several local Washington officials did not respond to requests for comment about plans to prepare for the prospect of Trump returning to face criminal charges.

As McConnell forecast in February, civil lawsuits have accused Trump of inciting the mob that overtook the Capitol. A group of 10 Democrats in early April joined a lawsuit filed by Mississippi Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson that alleged Trump violated the Ku Klux Klan Act, a Reconstruction-era law that includes protections against violent conspiracies meant to prevent Congress from carrying out its constitutional duties.

On the heels of a presidency filled with high-profile litigation, the lawsuit ensures Trump’s name will still linger prominently for months ahead in Washington’s federal courthouse — even if he manages to avoid facing any criminal charges.



It was grand of you to share the Business Insider piece. I have one solution: disallow any of the court proceedings to be seen on live TV – all closed court. The Fame-Whore-no-longer-in-Chief would have no media orgy.

This might be a solution to avoid logistical nightmares.

Jerry, may yours and Andre’s sense about 45’s legal demise reaching points of critical mass come June become reality.

Thank you, Jerry and Andre and slightkc and kiwi and Sharonk

From my phone:
I am very happy to see your posts here again! I often think about you, David, your many cats, and I’ve been increasingly concerned due to your abscence. Really sorry about your leg. May your healing go well and quickly.

Like you, I have had to take a couple of large steps back from politics or lose my freaking mind. Sometimes I’ve felt pretty disheartened. The hateful anti-Dem, anti-Biden propaganda has not abated, and evidently is increasing quanitatively, in volume and intensity. Voter suppression efforts in almost every state, more and more Trumpist & right wing garbage on youtube and the net. Uggh! I’ve really cut back on tv & radio news, and on reading or viewing news stories on the net. (I don’t have access to my computer now, anyway. Hope to get that fixed soon.) When driving, I more and more rarely listen to CNN or MSNBC, instead tuning into the Beatles channel, the Tom Petty channel or to classical music.

I’m still pretty angry with Trump, his supporters, and the right wingers generally, be they political or religious. We’re getting closer needlessly every day to the Civil War era number of deaths from covid, my brother included, as well as having edged much too closely to losing our democracy. All because of the tyranny of the minority, a cohort of arrogant, ignorant, kooks deftly manipulated by rich, racist, sexist plutocrats. I agree with our health experts; 90 to 95% of our covid deaths could have been avoided had the issue not been politicized, had we dealt with the issue rationally.

I’m so tired of EVERYTHING becoming a hot, political issue! Diet, bathroom usage, masks, and even pronouns! This is silly, and beyond stupid. Maybe I’ve hung out too long with similarly minded intellectuals, mensans, academics, and spiritual, metaphysical types to realize how many spiritually sick people are part of our society. I’ve always known it was bad, but not THIS bad! It just absolutely blows my mind we could have this many authority loving, purposefully ignorant, punishing personality types as a sigificant proportion of our population…actively working (or voting) to subvert our American experiment.

I guess it’s time to take a few deep breaths, renew our resolve, pray a lot, and work our tails off to leave this place better than we found it. At least, we’ve temporarily gotten rid of Traitor Trump, hoping to make it permanent, and elected a truly decent, caring man to our highest office. It’s not a bad beginning for the work we’ve got ahead.

Intuitively, it feels like our political and religious right wing will in great part only begin to melt away, coinciding with the death of Mr. Trump, whenever that might be, and/or a series of climate catastrophes. I just find it sad so many of us are so dense and obtuse it takes such major adverse events to awaken us.

Many Thanks for the Business Insider piece. I realize there will be many who will remain in denial about Mr. T for the rest of their delusional lives. But I’m hoping nevertheless that incontrovertible evidence & proof of his severe, sociopathic criminal deeds and treason will be articulately, dramatically, and thunderously exposed in one or more courts of law. I believe the collective American psyche (and the world) needs such, that we might be enabled to move beyond the spiritual-political madness we presently endure.

Eliseo, Will,

Sadly, the ghost of Donald Trump is still haunting us even after his departure. Take a look. . . .

Exit 45

Video: 48 sec


Umm Eliseo A few weeks ago I thanked you and the people on this blog for what was recently said…. and I think you asked me to describe the thank you more specifically… But the dynamics of the moment were special and belonged to the inter-related moments.
Right now I see and appreciate your intellect – and – what they are attributing to Biden tonight – your empathy. I have heard it said that we learn through our emotions, not through our intellect. So I think that first you feel, and then you – Eliseo – describe what you feel through your intellect.

Anyways……. hahaha 🙂 don’t we all on this blog

I know I presumed ..

katy couric new interview with hillary

Some time back when I asked for specificity, I was just confused a bit as to what you were thanking us for. In any case, you are very welcome.

As far as feeling and then describing what I feel through intellect, I’m not sure about that. Maybe so. I’ll have to think about it. My natal ascendant is in late gemini, a bit more than 27 degrees, with a Leo sun, and full moon in pisces at the top of my chart. My venus and mercury are conjunct in virgo. Some have speculated that might be why all my life I’ve found intelligent women so attractive? In any case, I think the conjunction has helped me as a communicator.

I recall you have posted some very thoughtful paragraphs to this blog, so perhaps we should all thank you for your sensitive contributions. Most of all, I am thankful and grateful to Nancy for maintaining this space where we may share our ideas and thoughts. I’m living under very stressful, crazy making circumstances, as probably are many here. This blog helps me stay same.

I’ll be specific. Thank you for your sensitivity. I might be wrong in my assessment, but from what you’ve posted here in past, I conclude you listen well. You pay close attention. You see cues and clues others miss. Yours is a quiet discernment, I suspect.

Whoops! That should read sane, not same.

“If Russian disinformation is indeed involved in the Big Lie, it might well be revealed: nine regional military commanders last year asked the intelligence community to declassify information about the ways in which Russia and China are undermining U.S. national security by shaping public opinion. Yesterday, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines announced that the administration will establish a new center to coordinate intelligence about foreign interference in U.S. politics. Haines noted that “[E]fforts by U.S. adversaries seek to exacerbate divisions and undermine confidence in our democratic institutions.”

Lawyers from the Justice Department have been arguing in court lately that Trump’s continued lying about the election, along with the amplification of those lies by right-wing media,”
https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/april-27-2021-tuesday?r=3kukk&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email&utm_source=copyremains an ongoing threat.

It’s been ages since i posted and frankly, have pulled back from reading comments here, I left FB and just had to pull back from all social media. I would like to join with the others who’ve expressed interest in someone analyzing the 2022 and 2024 elections because we are up against an assault by red states on voting and i know, like many of you, are concerned about their efforts and SCOTUS and their likely right wing supporting rulings.

I was very impressed with Biden’s speech but noticed it was during a Moon VOC, so wondering how much that will blunt his message, specifically his message about our challenge: autocracy v democracy. I’m guessing this challenge will be a core one as we get more into the USA Pluto return. I find myself flipping between hope and worry, its exhausting!

Here’s a link to Heather Cox Richardson’s post on Biden’s speech and she talks at length about the challenge of autocracy v democracy:



“Biden nailed it. The struggle to preserve democracy is precisely what the story of this moment is—although it started long ago in the U.S., at least—and historians are already writing about it that way.”

I so concur. I felt this point was the most poignant one raised during his speech – it haunted me.

I have never heard of Heather Cox Richardson before today. I read the links Angellight and Frank posted and subscribed.

She gave us 3 options for subscribing. At this time I took the free option.

Jerry, thank you for the Business Insider article. I think it is prescient. I believe that is precisely what the Pluto return’s peak intensity in 2022 will be about.

The likely chronology IMHO will be this: Trump is indicted for major crimes in June; his supporters go bananas while preliminary procedures take place in the fall (Pluto opposite US Mercury); the most dramatic trial in US history takes place in 2022; he is convicted in 2023 and goes to prison or dies.

To Frank: the moon was in Sagitarrius during the speech and it was not void according to my Luna app. The void yesterday was 8.31 am to 11.42 am EST.

That’s good news, Katpdx, AND, I’m also really happy and heartened to see people interacting and the pace picking up. Frankly, not to bum you guys out, but I still think of barb and feel sad and my heart hurts…but she did do a lot of detailed astrological analyses of cycles, etc., so maybe she needed a good break. Namaste.

Thanks everyone for keeping the pace up with your writings and interactions with one another. My addh brain understands it all, but articulating it like you is not something I am capable of. So thank you all and I still am hopeful that one day Barb will be back with us.

Sharon K,
Like you, I remain very concerned about barb K. Nor have I heard from our other mutual friend.

As a different matter:
On the one hand, I was and am very pleased with Joseph Robinette Biden Jr,.’s presidential address. His vision leads us to a 21st century new, and better New Deal, one if our astrology is correct, which will complete and go beyond the unfulfilled dreams of FDR & H.S.Truman. Mr. B perceives and understands something so many of our Dem and R politicians have missed. The US cannot credibly continue to lead the free world unless and until we join the rest of the freeworld democracies in establishing ourselves as a serious social democracy.

Conversely, I am profoundly and deeply saddened my late father and brother, both proud IBEW union members did not live to hear the speech, nor to see Biden’s pro-union agenda become reality, as we hope and believe it will.

Indicted in June – tried in 2022 – convicted in 2023 ? I certainly hope your sequence is correct, but if he is indicted this June, your reckoning describes an awfully slow process, even by the slow standards we expect with most high profile felony cases.

It is hard to imagine a trial lasting as long as, or longer than a year. I would think indictments in June of 2021 would result in a trial beginning before the end of the year, conviction, sentencing, and imprisonment to occur in the first half of 2022. Might we be looking at a series of trials?

When does it ever end?
The US withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is predicated on the promise the Taliban made to us they would not re-partner with Al-Queda. Some experts believe that is a sham, a convenient lie, that they fully intend to work again with Al-Queda.

Al Qaeda promises ‘war on all fronts’ against America as Biden pulls out of Afghanistan


Thank you Katpdx for correcting correcting me, glad to be wrong about the Moon being void during Biden’s speech

Eliseo, a series of trials, appeals, or various preliminary proceedings that may themselves be appealed. Either way, it ends painfully for him.

Of course. Makes sense. But as law is your profession, I’m really glad for your clarification. In every single legal case Trump has been involved in, he has purposefully delayed and obstructed the process through various appeals and legal ploys. AND… the number of crimes he can be charged with are legion. One trial alone would be woefully insufficient.

Conservative attorney, George Conway, and husband of Trump’s advisor, Kellyanne Conway, perhaps more clearly than anyone else, strongly predicted that lawless presidents WILL victimize the US if Trump isn’t held accountable. If minimal justice were served, one would think fomenting the Jan. 6 violent putsch at the Capitol building alone would get him a prison sentence for the rest of his life. Furthermore, I honestly don’t see how any nation could trust or take seriously US leadership were we to just let Trump’s abuses and crimes pass as though nothing happened.

Conway has an interesting, worthwhile, and lengthy opinion piece on the matter at the link below. He is strongly of the opinion what is required is not merely one, but several special prosecuters, as Trump has apparently committed such a plethhora of crimes, (before and during his presidency) as to be overwhelming to any single prosecuter and team.


This chart reading for the Biden Administration sees major obstacles in 2022-23.


ABOUT Marjorie….. she is not always accurate. Besides Solar Arc, there’s secondary progressed and all of the transiting aspects to the natal chart. And a conjunction of Pluto to the term Aquarius Sun can mean power.

Around 2012 I was following Putin’s chart. He had some very heavy aspects. I thought he was going to get it. Instead, he did it to other people. They suffered; he didn’t. He got his way by being ruthless.

Eliseo, Andre, All,

As flawed and slowly as the wheels of our Justice system grind (including the embarrassment of “retrograde” hindrances and hiccups) If we can temper out need for instant gratification and keep the long-game in mind, things will turn for better than we could have hoped. Movements that ultimately erupt to the point of critical mass usually take place only after a considerable amount of accumulated energy, momentum and time have passed. Sometimes it takes as long to remove a screw from a plank as it does to drive it inward. In the meantime, why not enjoy and encourage the surprisingly-progressive policies that are being set into motion now?

The elitist, pig-headed Republican Party needs to shake off its hateful bitterness about its lost election and get with what the majority of the American people are calling for now. Beyond rebuilding the nation’s physical infrastructure, the Biden Presidency is also robustly advocating for the long-needed overhaul for our psycho-social infrastructure. This administration understands how badly we need to mend the very connective tissue of our society.

To your point Eliseo, we must continue to beat-back the Trump backlash and persist in burying the horrid buggar until he lies rotting in the earth.

To any orthodox contributors,
Christos anesti. Alithos anesti!

Ok I’m facing some outer planet aspects that get my attention. To my natal chart.
However they are outer planets( transiting planets) to my natal planets….
Like transiting Saturn, Jupiter, then Pluto (in opposition) to my own Pluto then Saturn then Mars (which isn’t exactly an outer Planet (haha)
By now you have discerned approximately my date of birth…..
I am looking for a book which will assist me to use the hard aspects to my advantage. I can and will look over my Robert Hand and other good authors which will review for me the good and the challenging aspects of these hard aspects. Has anyone authored a book specifically for the use of positively using the “hard” aspects to gain forward movement in one’s life?
I keep in mind that mainly these outer aspects to my chart are outer aspects to outer aspects (except in my case Mars) 🙂

I notice some online astrologers take transiting outer planet aspects to natal outer planet aspects fairly seriously. Umm I’m not so sure they should unless of course the natal planets and their aspects do make a difference……

What do you think? 🙂

Hi Sunstars,

You raised an interesting question. How to use the transits to ones advantage? If you are referring to personal, spiritual growth, then that line of questioning may not be applicable. The reason? I don’t believe outer planet influences are an inexorable movement external to ourselves. It is a reflection of our inward state. We attract circumstances according to our inward psychological needs and demands. To be concerned about real life choices is natural. However, if one places too much emphasis on that aspect of our lives, we lose touch with our deeper, intuitive resources so crucial to making appropriate choices. Being thoughtful is always advisable, but not to the point of risking spontaneity and the Joie de vivre (joy of living). At least that is my feeling.

Here’s an excellent article to read…..

Spiritual Astrology: Does Astrology Matter On A Spiritual Journey?

Spiritual matters and astrology are sometimes discussed together and to the person in the street may seem connected. Astrology is concerned with understanding the connection between the movement of celestial bodies and events on Earth. Understandably then some say that astrology is one of the seven keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Therefore it is reasonable to ask “does astrology play a role in my spiritual development?“

Continued. . . .


I know I shouldn’t write this late. Some writer said today that Biden is good because he is old.
Well as a female I am happy to say I am not as old as him. 🙂 🙂 However for the few years between us I wish I had his experience. I totally value his experience because I know what it is.

Because this blog allows us to be loosey goosey I am going to slip away and continue writing a li’l later. I am so happy for this blog; I really am. Have a good day …………. 🙂

Thank you all who are my compatriots…..Actually I am privileged to be in the company of such learned individuals. 🙂

And thank you Jerry… I’ve had quite a day or I would write more….. 🙂

In my horoscope i have an exact Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer at 27 degrees which has been in opposition with tr Pluto and is in opposition to the USA Pluto. The Ur-Ju conj in Cancer is a generational aspect, marking many Baby Boomers; and I’m sure many of you on this blog also have some version of this generational aspect. This conj is also conjunct the USA Mercury and our generation was marked by huge and numerous marches and protests in the cause of equality and justice. Those of us in the USA with this aspect have a sense of compassion and social justice along with a future looking orientation that is in direct opposition to the USA Pluto which represents oligarchy and reflects our sense of injustice at the financial inequality up against our need for economic stability and security of home and homeland (Cancer). It’s almost kismet that our nation’s economic inequality is reaching fervor pitch as we move more decidedly into our nation’s Pluto return. I believe many of us with this conjunction are here to help usher in social and political changes that reflect the Aquarian energies of true democracy and equality. I see Biden’s American Job Plan as a critical blueprint as we move through our nation’s Pluto return. I unfortunately am not nearly skilled enough to look at the astrology of Biden’s plan. My burning question is how the plan’s horoscope interacts with the USA Pluto and the USA horoscope in general. If anyone has more info on this or more thoughts on this I would love to read your comments. I just want to add that I so miss BarbK and her insights, and BarbK wherever you are I send you caring and affectionate energies.

The third most powerful Republican in congress; Representative Liz Cheney, one of the very few key moderates in her party (in tandem with Mitt Romney), had broken ranks with the majority of their party in denouncing the main GOP talking point that the 2020 election was stolen. House Minority Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is spearheading a campaign to oust Cheney from office as soon as congress reconvenes on May 12th. The timing couldn’t be worse and doesn’t bode well for Ms. Cheney. Liz will experience an exact Mars return that day in square to transiting Chiron (DOB July 28, 1966 12 pm Madison, Wisconsin). Sadly, if the astrological tea leaves prove to be correct, Liz’s ouster is all but a foregone conclusion.

Allies of GOP leader Vow To Oust Liz Cheney

The Hill
May 3, 2021


The disembowelment of the Republican party in favor of the Trump circus as baffling as that may seem in light of past criminal behavior, probably will be short-lived however. According to astrologer Denise Segal, a Trump indictment could come as early as late May or early June. She attributes this to Jupiter conjoining Trump’s Solar Arc’s South Node. In her video “Pluto Return & Rudy Giuliani” her remarks and observations can be viewed at the 25 minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2BSlfwo2_k

How ironic is it that Liz Cheney, one of the few stoic lone voices of the Republican party’s conscience is about to be stifled, especially considering that she is none other than the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. A huge cosmic blunder? Or perhaps karmic forces desperately trying to re-balance itself? As a refresher, much has been written about Dick Cheney’s autocratic tendencies, but the following two video clips encapsules it in stark terms……

Continued From Above…….

Dick Cheney Takes Over

Video: 6 min 52 sec

W. movie ,, the “Why Iraq?” scene

Video: 5 min 29 sec


Do I recall correctly you stated in a previous post you thought we might have a recession in a couple of years, or was that another astrologer? With the success so far of Biden’s agenda, the growing optimism of the public, and the growing Dem support, a recession seems counterintuitive.

Nevertheless, a close friend who teaches business communications is concerned coming breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence will sabatoge the Dem economic plan. Your thoughts?

Eliseo, Saturn square Uranus is often associated with economic difficulties. This aspect will be in effect this year and next. Marjorie Orr has looked at the charts of many countries and their national banks. She believes a severe economic crisis is in the making and will be apparent next year. This in turn may have an effect on the Biden Administration’s political fortunes.

Frank, we all miss Barb K’s insights and daily presence. This blog feels unbalanced without her.

I also have the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 1955. Mine is at 25 Cancer. We should not forget it was also square Neptune, which makes our generation very socially engaged and inspired, although sometimes overly idealistic and deluded.

Will, I’m afraid this is the easy part of Biden’s term. I believe the going gets rough in the fall and 2022. Redistricting and voting restrictions with a complacent Supreme Court are likely to bring the loss of the House for two years, as will the souring of the economy. And Senator Munchin, although nominally a Democrat, seems to be bent on blocking major reforms.

The upside is that Biden’s legacy, even if he can’t pull off himself the vision he plans, will in my view be realized by a stronger President elected in 2024. I initially thought that person would be Elizabeth Warren, but Pluto in Aquarius will turn us away from the elderly politicians brought by the Capricorn era. I am now wagering on Pete Buttigieg, who will have an empowering Pluto transit on his Sun in 2023-24, but it is too early to know for sure. Buttigieg has the unusual life story one would expect in an Aquarian period. I do not believe the 2024 Democratic nominee will be Kamala Harris, who may be perceived by then as too conservative at a time most voters will move to the left and wish to pursue Biden’s vision.


Re: Biden Presidency
“I believe the going gets rough in the fall and 2022.”

Well as one who is so looking forward to savouring the “easy part” I’m thinking America has a nice year and some months before another shit-storm. Why not enjoy this and meet the turbulence in its own time.

I do not believe the Dems or Progressives perceive Kamala Harris being as too conservative. Conversely, the GOP and Faux News relentlessly brand her as a radical socialist. There was the issue with her record on convicting drug offenses which affected people of color much more – but she has pulled back from this posture considerably since the decriminalization of cannabis. My own sense of her firm and fair.

Moreover, we really haven’t seen any seriously damaging court decisions on Trump et al just yet. If you and Jerry are reading the astrological tea leaves correctly, my sense is that once 45 is severely wounded and legally-paralyzed, we might hope for a considerably-less potent GOP without their despotic figurehead.

We shall see, oui?

Some random thoughts about the square:
The last time we had a square with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus was in 1522-23. For many it was a pretty frustrating time with rising tensions and sudden uncomfortable changes. Martin Luther published his German language New Testament, and later the Pentateuch, both extremely controversial events which led to riotous, violent repercussions. The publication was an extraordinary innovation (Uranus) which directly challenged the status quo, (Saturn.) In the long run, it had the unintended effect of standardizing the German language and uniting them as a people.

During that period huge earthquakes killed many, especially in Spain, and the conflict between Lutherans and Roman Catholics killed a goodly number as well. In the context of the history of western civilization the L’s & RC’s were the two major European political parties, so if history is any guide I would expect analagous conflict between Dems & R’s to remain intense. As Saturn rules over boundaries, I speculate we may have more conflict between Dems & R’s regarding our southern border, and voting rights, i.e. a different set of borders and rules. If the Dems are successful in passing a national voting rights bill, I think we might see certain states and locales refusing to abide by the law. If unsuccessful, I’m not sure how the issue can be rectified or will play out.

Questions have already been raised as to what limitations (Saturn) of the freedoms (Uranus) we have gained through technology might be appropriate. (Social media in particular and perhaps technologies which take away jobs?) I’m thinking those questions might come to the fore more acutely during or as a result of this square.

Another thought: This square portends conflict between progress and tradition, innovation and new technology opposed to older ways and rules. Yet, IMO Mr. Biden seems to embody both sides. He is a progressive yet very traditional, Catholic, old fashioned guy.

Also, I haven’t looked at his chart, but I believe I read somewhere Vladimir Putin was born with Saturn square Uranus.

Respectfully, I must agree with Andre. Personally, Kamala Harris, though very competent, “feels” to me as too conservative. But like you said, we shall see. Were she president, she would be infinitely better than anyone the R’s have to offer.

“once 45 is severely wounded and legally-paralyzed, we might hope for a considerably-less potent GOP without their despotic figurehead.”
Yes. It appears they’ve poured so much of their devotional energies into Trump, they would be lost without him. As some of my rural, farm bred relatives would say, chaotically floundering about “like a chicken with it’s head cut off.” But once they’ve stopped floundering, and perhaps returned to their old principles, I believe they’ll find their efforts too little and too late.

Hi Will, Eliseo,

Astrologer Jessica Adams wrote an insightful article a couple of years ago outlining the reasons she saw a deep crisis gripping the Republican Party from April to June of 2021. She uses an obscure Republican Party chart I’ve never seen before. Nevertheless, what she outlines makes perfect sense, a blueprint for what is to come. Mind you this was written two years ago. Here is the article. . . . .

The Republican Party Astrology Chart
Jessica Adams
March 24, 2019
The Astrology Blog

The Crisis Ahead For the Republican Party – Astrology 2021 Predictions

….. There is a perfect storm in the Republican horoscope between April 11th, 2021, and May 7th, 2021. The lightning strikes continue in May and June 2021. There will be one shock after another and the party will change radically.

In April, May and June 2021 the Republican party is in serious trouble.

The transiting North Node is at 11, 12 Gemini. The transiting South Node is at 11, 12 Sagittarius. Saturn is at 11, 12 Aquarius. Uranus is at 11, 12 Taurus. Chiron is at 11, 12 Aries.

This triggers that old chart set for October 12th, 1853, in a powerful way.

Remember, the Grand Old Party was born with Uranus at 11 Taurus, Neptune at 11 Pisces, the North Node at 12 Gemini, the South Node at 12 Sagittarius and Mars at 11 Leo.



Joni Patry, a well known vedic astrologer (she uses the sidereal method for calculations) essentially focuses in on the same aspects in her commentary for May 2021. She refers to the May 10th-12th yod formation of Mars (11 Cancer) Uranus (11 Taurus) South Node (12 Sagittarius) and Mercury (11 Gemini) as “a major event and turning point for the world”. She feels it will increase in intensity towards the latter part of May and June when the impact of the eclipses are felt. This seems to fit in with the imminent departure of Liz Cheney and the subsequent radicalization of the Republican Party. Here is Joni”s video…..

May 2021 Predictions: The Shocking Truth Is Finally Revealed!

Video: 32 min 17 sec



Thank you for all of the interesting reading. On another note, please tell us you are completely vaccinated.


“This is a shock. Nobody has ever seen a line-up like this in their lifetime.

The clincher is Saturn, the horoscope symbol of difficulty, hard karma and tough learning experiences and life lessons. Saturn’s heavy position in the astrological chart of the Republicans in April-June 2021 will be a big load to carry for them.

The Trump Children and Donald’s Heirs

The storm of April-June 2021 will involve the Trump children and young relatives, because the transit of Uranus at 11 Taurus will square Mars at 11 Leo in the Republican chart. Leo rules ‘the King and his heirs’ and in the case of the U.S.A. the President and his sons and daughters. So – if you want to look for the original cover-up about the young Trump dynasty, you’ll find it on Wednesday 31st January 2018.

Why? Because on that day, America experienced a Full Moon and Eclipse, with the Sun at 11 Aquarius and the Moon at 11 Leo. An eclipse is always a cover-up and that one fell exactly on the Mars 11 Leo position of the Republican birth chart.”

This reads like pornography – really good pornography. Merci beaucoup!


What was being offered back in February and March was Covishield, a derivative of the controversial Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. We were told it had a low 53 per cent efficacy rate and additionally some questions had emerged whether it was responsible for blood clots. We decided to wait. We received the first vaccination on April 19th. It’s an Indian manufactured product called Covaxin. It has a much higher 83 percent efficacy rate and purportedly has a good track record in fighting the new variants. Second dose is due mid to late May, although, it’s being reported we are presently in a vaccine shortage. There could be a delay.

Many Thanks for the Jessica Adams link. Her insights re: the R party were pretty interesting.

I’m usualy pretty averse to watching youtube videos over 12 minutes long, but I did watch the Joni Patry video in entirety. I consistently have found her delivery pretty annoying. She provides useful information, but comes off like a slightly retarded valley girl while simultaneously talking down to her viewers. Ugh! To me, she is pretty difficult to listen to.

Her interpretation of various transits on specific dates for the rest of 2021 jives well with the interpretations of other astrologers who nevertheless are using western systems.
The difference is her interpretations are more severe. Whereas other astrologers are using the word recession, JP uses the words depression, and war.

If my understanding of the markets, and our various economies are correct, it is difficult to imagine a depression commencing soon, unless predicated by a nation blundering into a war which might lead us there. If world war begins relatively soon, I think it might be very much like what Barbara Tuchman described so well in her pulitzer prize work, “The Guns of August”.

As a trend, many nations are becoming wary of doing business with China. Many companies are leaving her. If she chooses war, as example with Taiwan, economic collapse could quickly follow, as we’ve become so dependant on her for so many products, goods and services.

I’m glad you’ve received the first vaccine shot. Let us hope the second one goes smoothly, and occurs on time.


Thanks for the well wishes. As far as content goes, Joni Patry has some interesting things to say, but I think you’re right. She can be a bit dramatic in her delivery sometimes.

Trump has been shut out of facebook for at least another 6 months.

Republicans’ Pessimistic Views On The Economy Have Little To Do With The Economy


According to 538 perception of how well the economy is functioning has more to do with ideological bias than reality, especially for Republicans. Hmmm. Nothing new. We’ve known for years the R’s are the party of delusion. Now we have good math proving so; not that that will make any difference. WHAT? Do we have to force them to take psychedelic drugs before they see reality?

Andrew M. Yang was born January 13, 1975 (age 46) in Schenectady, New York.
Does anyone have a reasonably accurate birth time for him?

Will, the turbulence in June and the lengthy transit of Pluto opposite US Mercury from August to November (where it was on January 6) will bring back the America national nightmare in spades and 2022 will be worse. I will say I told you so.

Eliseo, the most interesting thing about 1522-23 is that Pluto was also in Capricorn. The analogy with European religious wars at that time is apt.

Australia is already beating the drums of war with China over Taiwan. If the Winter Olympic Games are boycotted in 2002 by the West over the Uighur genocide, economic war and a severe recession could follow as globalization unwinds.


boycotted in 2022

Although they are taking a somewhat softer stance than Australia, New Zealand also is hardening a bit against China.

New Zealand, China Values Becoming ‘Harder to Reconcile,’ Ardern Says

As China and Russia become more belligerent, (N. Korea and Iran are always so) they inadvertantly push western nations closer, including the CANZUK initiative.

Meanwhile, Taiwan continues its journey deeper into democracyland, thereby alerting the CCP that Taiwan will NEVER of its own free will rejoin the mainland as long as the present Chinese autocracy prevails. The CCP has to either accept this and live with the humiliation, (losing face) or invade when they think the rest of the world isn’t looking. Of course, as economically powerful as they’ve become, there will be no point at which the world is not watching.

Their humiliation is derived from Taiwan’s success, which dramatically demonstrates the CCP way of governing is not the only way China can progress. My guess is the CCP will conclude it is better to invade sooner rather than later, before Taiwan grows stronger militarily and psychologically. Also, due to local sea conditions, they are most likely to invade in April, May, or June.

The new attitude of the Aussies, and to a lesser extent the NZ’S is I think a reflection of their awakening to real and probable possibilities. Whether actual war ensues or not, our political and economic world will be a quite different place by 2028.

RE: Joni Patry

While I watch Joni P and think she shares wonderful knowledge of the vedic system, I also know that she is a MAGA supporter, and I respect that. That being said, when she speaks of all the truth coming out, etc…she’s refering to the ” TRUTH” of the stolen election, that will come out after the AZ “recount” and the like. She is very covert in her ideology, as to not lose support on either side. Make no mistake where she stands on the issues of the day, tho…that also may explain why some, just don’t connect to her, without knowing exactly why. I only offer this info because I haven’t really seen any MAGA astrologer’s here and thought those supporting her work, should at least know where she’s coming from, she’s also not very empathetic to the COVID calamity, she’s pretty much a spiritually inclined Ayn Rand, if you will. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and buckle up butter cup! Anywho, wish her and all beings well!


“Trump has been shut out of facebook for at least another 6 months.”

Delicious! Just the break we all need. Dieu merci!

Jerry – so glad you have the first dose up in you. Hope the second one comes on time.


“Will, the turbulence in June and the lengthy transit of Pluto opposite US Mercury from August to November (where it was on January 6) will bring back the America national nightmare in spades and 2022 will be worse. I will say I told you so.

Well old boy, even though your prediction may unfurl, I for one plan to enjoy the brief reprieve for the month of July.

Let me introduce

Allow me to introduce a refreshing response to some thoughts on the human tendency to be pessimistic and foreboding.

The upshot for me is that everything is cyclical and in a constant state of flux and creativity and problem solving has always co-existed and pressed on in spite of fear and loathing. Some of my most productive, breakthrough moments in life occured when I was severely restricted with extremely spartan resources.


In previous post I said it was not feasible for China to invade Taiwan unless it was in April or May or June. That should have read April, May or October.

Liz Cheney: The GOP Is At A Turning Point. History Is Watching Us.

Washington Post Opinion Editorial by Liz Cheney
(full text accessible only by subscription)

May 6, 2021

In public statements again this week, former president Donald Trump has repeated his claims that the 2020 election was a fraud and was stolen. His message: I am still the rightful president, and President Biden is illegitimate. Trump repeats these words now with full knowledge that exactly this type of language provoked violence on Jan. 6. And, as the Justice Department and multiple federal judges have suggested, there is good reason to believe that Trump’s language can provoke violence again. Trump is seeking to unravel critical elements of our constitutional structure that make democracy work — confidence in the result of elections and the rule of law. No other American president has ever done this.

The Republican Party is at a turning point, and Republicans must decide whether we are going to choose truth and fidelity to the Constitution. In the immediate wake of the violence of Jan. 6, almost all of us knew the gravity and the cause of what had just happened — we had witnessed it firsthand.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) left no doubt in his public remarks. On the floor of the House on Jan. 13, McCarthy said: “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding.” Now, McCarthy has changed his story.

I am a conservative Republican, and the most conservative of conservative values is reverence for the rule of law. Each of us swears an oath before God to uphold our Constitution. The electoral college has spoken. More than 60 state and federal courts, including multiple Trump-appointed judges, have rejected the former president’s arguments, and refused to overturn election results. That is the rule of law; that is our constitutional system for resolving claims of election fraud.

The question before us now is whether we will join Trump’s crusade to delegitimize and undo the legal outcome of the 2020 election, with all the consequences that might have. I have worked overseas in nations where changes in leadership come only with violence, where democracy takes hold only until the next violent upheaval. America is exceptional because our constitutional system guards against that. At the heart of our republic is a commitment to the peaceful transfer of power among political rivals in accordance with law. President Ronald Reagan described this as our American “miracle.”

While embracing or ignoring Trump’s statements might seem attractive to some for fundraising and political purposes, that approach will do profound long-term damage to our party and our country. Trump has never expressed remorse or regret for the attack of Jan. 6 and now suggests that our elections, and our legal and constitutional system, cannot be trusted to do the will of the people. This is immensely harmful, especially as we now compete on the world stage against Communist China and its claims that democracy is a failed system.

For Republicans, the path forward is clear.

First, support the ongoing Justice Department criminal investigations of the Jan. 6 attack. Those investigations must be comprehensive and objective; neither the White House nor any member of Congress should interfere.

Second, we must support a parallel bipartisan review by a commission with subpoena power to seek and find facts; it will describe for all Americans what happened. This is critical to defeat the misinformation and nonsense circulating in the press and on social media. No currently serving member of Congress — with an eye to the upcoming election cycle — should participate. We should appoint former officials, members of the judiciary and other prominent Americans who can be objective, just as we did after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The commission should be focused on the Jan. 6 attacks. The Black Lives Matter and antifa violence of last summer was illegal and reprehensible, but it is a different problem with a different solution.

Finally, we Republicans need to stand for genuinely conservative principles, and steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality. In our hearts, we are devoted to the American miracle. We believe in the rule of law, in limited government, in a strong national defense, and in prosperity and opportunity brought by low taxes and fiscally conservative policies.

There is much at stake now, including the ridiculous wokeness of our political rivals, the irrational policies at the border and runaway spending that threatens a return to the catastrophic inflation of the 1970s. Reagan formed a broad coalition from across the political spectrum to return America to sanity, and we need to do the same now. We know how. But this will not happen if Republicans choose to abandon the rule of law and join Trump’s crusade to undermine the foundation of our democracy and reverse the legal outcome of the last election.

History is watching. Our children are watching. We must be brave enough to defend the basic principles that underpin and protect our freedom and our democratic process. I am committed to doing that, no matter what the short-term political consequences might be.


Thank You for posting the entire LC op-ed. As I can’t access WA-Post links, and several other publications, I very much appreciate it when I can read the entire article.

Pundits are saying Liz Cheney will lose her leadership position, replaced by Elise Stefanik. , but deeply disagree with most of her political positions.

The R’s are in the middle of a very lopsided civil war. As DJT supporters outnumber the anti-MAGA-otts 20 to 1, (according to politico), it appears to be a foregone conclusion the Trumpers will retain control over party apparatus. But for how long?

If Jessica Adams’ astrological analysis is correct, the deep “trouble” the R’s are in under current transits, IMO probably involve fateful decisions they are currently making, like ousting L. Cheney from leadership, and doubling down on their fealty and loyalty to Mr. T. Presently, they ARE binding themselves more tightly to the great orange ego.

Yet, revelations of more Trump criminality are expected through the next several months, and if Andre is right, indictments as well. It will be interesting to see how the R party reacts, continuing in their abusive marriage, or finally seeking divorce.

In either case, when JA spoke of probable financial and donational problems for the party, she was evidently on the right track. A growing number of major corporations, traditional donors to the party, are withdrawing from the R’s on the basis of the new jim crow voter suppression laws the R’s are pushing.

One Uranus cycle after the GOP founding, (1936) they were soundly and overwhelmingly defeated, having to remain in their self created dungeon from 1932 to 1952. They nevertheless recovered and we’re now at their second Uranus return.

When J. Adams stated they would go through great change, I’m wondering if she understood how deep that might become, or that the process begun decades ago. From Nixon to present they’ve gradually transformed into autocrats similiar to the Italian and Spanish fascists of WWII era. I’m wondering if they will continue rightward, make a left turn, or like the Whigs, go completely out of business.

In any case, Ms. J. Adams apparently is very prescient, having understood and interpreted the transits pretty near as perfectly as can be done.

The Republican leadership have apparently determined their fortunes lie with Trump, because of the support he still garners. I have heard that the FB decision yesterday riled them up even more and maybe he gained new ones. If Trump is indicted, some may see the light but the young and/or disgrunted & rebellious voters, who are very anti-Dem and -progressive as well (I see them as mostly whitie-male but not only) as many die-hard older Republicans who feel the same way (I know two), will probably stick to Trump. They will feel he is being treated unfairly or being brought up on (sorry) “Trumped-up” charges. Sorry, Will, I am not optimistic about this one but I really hope I’m wrong.

“riled them up” and “new ones” refers to supporters…also I screwed up the parens

The thing is, Sharon and will, those who have been fully invested in that so-appropriately named man can’t leave the pack because that would require admitting a fairly gross error in backing an actor for a job that was above his abilities.

Unless you count his talent for being a front, which is what he is. Trump followers, like their hero, admit to no errors. The hard-core wants to destroy everything just on warped principles anyway, so they’ll use whatever tool they can find.

The ones he fronts for want him around because he’s a distraction and entertainment for the Republican base, such as it is now.

The Party as it is doesn’t care about the effect they’re having on the world because they know that “owning the libs” makes the base feel better about their own pathetic lives – which they blame on the liberals. They themselves describe their lives as unhappy now because they’re being required to share their toys with others.

Re-election is their primary goal and the Grasping Old Party will do anything to get into the electoral pants of their resentful base. And the base is always ripe for the taking.

Its all about corrupted influences that value money and the power it can bring for their ego, above all else.

“they’ve gradually transformed into autocrats similiar to the Italian and Spanish fascists of WWII era” …. and sadly, many eras beforehand.

Until a majority of people can value truth, kindness, courage, and altruism as their prime directive, Im afraid the world is in for a bumpy ride in the short term.

However, having said that, I am hopeful that this approaching new shift in the broader planetary age will give an opportunity for just that to happen in the long term. Call me a realistic optimist.


“Call me a realistic optimist.”

I like it!

Sharon, I don’t find anything to cheer about re the GOP. Liz Cheney essentially “ousted” by Trumpisatas is a nasty turn; the McCarthy rethugs may have won this battle but they will lose the war. We can hope that one of the countless law suits against 45 will be the proverbial stone in David’s sling that will finally fell this abomination of a billionaire thief.


Its always a delight to see your posts. Welcome back!


Thank you for sharing LC’s NYT editorial I do not believe this is the end of Liz Cheney at all. I think if she plays the long-game, she will be a major force in the GOP.


Great thoughts re: the Uranian astrology re: the GOP. Fascinating!

Heads Up!
Voting just concluded in Scotland that could set the stage for another independence referendum. Results are expected Saturday.


Scotland May Once Again Try To Break Away From The United Kingdom

I invite any one of you to do us all a favor. I can’t do it now because my computer with my old astrology program isn’t working, and I can’t see my small phone screen well enough.

Here’s my suggestion. Using the Noon, October 12, 1853 – Exeter, New Hampshire chart for the R party, -Let’s look at their two Uranus return charts, 1936 & 2020. I believe therein we may find astrological gold.

Eliseo, on that chart I get natal Uranus at 11.24 taur. That would put this coming conj exact on may 13-14 2021. Then Dec 12 retro; then feb 24-25 2022 final.
For the previous return I get June 2 1937; then retro Nov 11, then direct mar 24 1938

Hey, will. Thanks.

This biblical quote keeps knocking on my brain lately “the last shall be first, and the first shall be last”
I wonder if that ‘intuitive thought’ has anything to do with the awful ‘american first’ crowd?


Re: America First. Trump’s movement is based on hate and bigotry. Those were the words that crossed my mind when I read your comment. So, I entered that phrase into the Google search engine and came up with the following post election 11/5/20 article that ends on a rather prophetic note. . .

“….. Trump’s presidency will end, and there will be a rush to pretend we are back to normal. The horrifying truth, however, is that religious violence is historically the United States’ normal. And when he goes, it won’t disappear with him.”

Election 2020

Trump’s Language of Hate Has Deep Roots in American Religious Bigotry

Catholics were the first scapegoats of the new republic, but others followed.

Foreign Policy
Nov 5, 2021

November 5, 2020, 3:46 PM

U.S. President Donald Trump’s influence on U.S. politics and society will last far longer than his tenure as president. Trumpism is not a coherent doctrine; there’s no grand strategy holding it together. Instead it is a combination of ideologies: judicial appointments to renew the culture wars and preserve Trump’s power; deep-seated corruption to benefit the Trump family and their allies monetarily; standard Republican ideas about taxes; and, most crucially, systems of violence, ideological and physical, against groups the administration defines as the Other. That’s an idea that goes back a long way in the United States, and which hasn’t entirely escaped its religious roots.



Many Thanks for those dates! I hope soon to plumb the Republican Uranus return issue more deeply.

“religious violence is historically the United States’ normal.”
So sadly correct! More specifically, it comes out if our calvinistic ethos. Calvinism, a deep part of our national DNA, is IMO both a poison and a stimulant within and to our culture, politics, and economy. “Conservative” economic theory is really calvinism in secular, economic, rationalized, arithmetized garb.

The ancient Romans believed compassion was a vice, a sick perversity. The Judeo-Christian ethos slowly, gradually reversed that attitude, transforming compassion into a virtue over the centuries until the advent of calvinism during the protestant reformation. (Not all protestants are calvinist. Many are definitely not.) Calvinism gave people permission to fear, hate, and persecute again.

In Calvinism, “the surest sign of the favor of God is prosperity.” Were that true, the never spoken logical corollary would be “the surest sign of the disfavor of God” would be what?
Poverty, of course! Therefore the unspoken dictum, “those poor people are not like us! Why should we help them? God doesn’t like them and they are going to hell anyway! Besides, it would be a sin against our God to help them.”

American classism, racism, and sexism all have much of their root and justification in the insidious and ironically anti-Christian, protestant Christian theology left to us by the Swiss Francophone theologian whose name we anglicize as John Calvin.
(Jehan Cauvin; 10 July 1509 – 27 May 1564) 

“Republicans seem eager to take credit for the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which passed Congress in March without a single Republican vote. The plan is popular—77% of Americans backed it—and Republicans are touting the help it’s bringing to their constituents without noting that they opposed it. The Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which supports restaurants hurt by the pandemic, is especially popular.

But while Republican lawmakers are willing to embrace the popular American Rescue Plan now that it’s law, they oppose the American Jobs Plan, saying that higher taxes would hurt the economy. “I’m going to fight them every step of the way,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said last week. Yesterday, he said, “100 percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration.”



Amazing what came up on Google with that phrase. Amazing! Great piece. Thank you for sharing. Is your second vaccination happening?

really really cool katy couric interview with michael lewis. topic is on govt, covid and ‘intuitive’ planning

Hi Will,

Re: Second vaccination. The situation remains unclear. I won’t fully know until the end of the month. I’m not overly concerned. We are taking all the necessary precautions.

As you may know, from the dawn of time, India has had a myriad of Gods and deities that continue to inspire people even to this day. The symbol of a Corona Virus deity is no exception. The following is a street advertisement urging people to take COVID 19 vaccinations (life from an Indian perspective)…..



That’s phantastic!

I cannot imagine the horror in the streets of India with the wildfires of infection spreading.

I happened upon this chilling article:

India’s Massive COVID Surge Puzzles Scientists


Jerry, thanks for the update on india and how you are personally faring. May you continue to be healthy

Hi Will,

Thanks for the article. Yes. The situation is baffling. The US and Europe seem to be on the mend, returning back to a sense of normalcy. India on the other hand appears to be heading in the opposite direction. Complacency may be the culprit. I don’t know why, but what keeps coming to mind is the title to the Merchant Ivory film “Before The Rains”. Monsoon season here traditionally begins in mid June. The solar eclipse and Saturn-Uranus square will hit at that time. One wonders how severely India will be impacted. Here’s the theatrical trailer:

Before The Rains

Video: 2 min 32 sec


This an interesting perspective on China’s recent aggressiveness at Foreign Policy magazine. It is relatively short, but worthwhile.

China Is Losing Influence—and That Makes It Dangerous
The best thing Biden can do is lighten up on China and let gravity take its toll.
By Salvatore Babones, an adjunct scholar at the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney.


Hi Kiwi, Thank you for your kind thoughts.

I don’t think any of us need to tell you to be careful and take all necessary precautions. I’m sure you are already doing that. Nevertheless, speaking for myself, and I suspect many others on this blog, our prayers are with you and all India.

I like what you wrote about Calvinism. It explains the Evangelists. I have thought of them as being self aggrandizing, egotistical and selfish. And blind to the suffering of their brothers and sisters.

My mother was born in Canada of Norwegian parents. She was a funny combination of being strict, stiff upper lip, and compassionate. As I tried to understand her, the nearest I came was the history of Norway from the late 1800’s to present through George Lakey in his book Viking Economics.

When I read what you said about the basis of American Exceptionalism through Calvin and others, I stretched back to what I had learned in school and tried to pull it together.

Mom was Lutheran of course. But that seemed to be her religion in name only. Because of dad, I guess, and convenience, we went to the United Church in Canada.

Now I know what this sounds like but I am stating what issued from my dear mother. She said that the reason we in North America and in the Northern European Countries were able to advance to the extent we had, is simply because it was cold and it snowed. We had to stay alive. She said that the people in the warmer climes did not have the same urgency to save their lives so they were relaxed and lived without too much stress, which caused them to stay within a certain level of “achievement?” – don’t know how else to put it.

However, that doesn’t account for the Indigenous people in Northern Europe, or North America who followed the reindeer herds or the buffalo. It was plenty cold there. Hmm. So just trying to understand…. just like my mother. 🙂 And it’s going to Mother’s Day soon.

Come to think of it …I should have asked my mother how did Rome and Greece and the area around there figure in? It didn’t snow there! hehehe!

The New Republic website has it that John Calvin was born on July 8 1509. However I would go for your source, Eliseo.

But that makes it that Calvin would have an Aries or a Taurus Moon. Being a Cancer. And he was born in the year of the Snake. They are supposed to be wise. But they sure are stubborn or at least quietly strong – they strike without warning after surveying the situation…. And with all his Cancer planets – Sun, Venus, Mars – self protective. And with Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius – quite philosophical. Then again Moon in Aries would seem to have more energy to promote his “philosophical” ideas…….:)

John Calvin had Mars in Cancer square Uranus in Aries. Now I am making this up of course but if he had Moon in Aries in conjunction of Uranus in Aries, with also then the MOON square Mars, that could account for his personality and his philosophy and his mark on the world.

For Eliseo – John Calvin:
Sun – Cancer 24*
Mercury – Leo 1*
Venus – Cancer 24*
Mars – Cancer 7*
Jupiter – Sagittarius 10*
Saturn – Virgo 21*
Uranus – Aries 6*
Neptune – Aquarius 6*
Pluto – Sagittarius 14*
If Calvin was born at noon on July 10 his Moon would be 14* Taurus
If on July 8 at noon, 19* Aries.
If July 9 at noon, 1* Taurus.

In Noyon, France

So I am reminded that Cancer-Taurus need not be complacent. The ones I have known have been interested in history, or interested in the security of their country, or community or group.

Elizabeth Warren and Meryl Streep were born on the same exact day and are powerhouses in their own way. But part of that is because they were born with Uranus in conjunction of their Sun.

Andre: I think – forgive me if i’m wrong – that you wrote that you didn’t think Warren would be president and that you thought an …. Aquarian type might be the next president… I thought you might be having a li’l lapse because of course Elizabeth Warren is a Uranian/Aquarian with Uranus in conjunction of her Sun…. and I think you like her.

However Warren is making her mark right now with the free hand Biden is giving her to influence policies….

Who knows who will be president next. Some people on this site have really liked Yang and he is an Aquarian. He is a progressive… There are so many good picks for president… Keisha Lance Bottoms may have her Moon in Aquarius…. not that she has president in mind, but she can be part of the next government.

I do not understand why more people aren’t talking about this but Trump is gonna go away. He will be indicted for one thing or another, and his base likely will over the next few years largely disintegrate. OK if I’m wrong about his base disintegrating – OMG. But I don’t think I am. Hahaha! I AM laughing at myself.

I meant that I wonder why more people in the MEDIA aren’t talking about the fact that Trump will be indicted for one thing or another… here on this site people are aware this will happen… Then we will see what happens to his base.

Oops – Calvin had Venus at 18*, not 24*

Andre: Just read your June 10 2020 at Marjorie Orr and saw that you recognized Elizabeth Warren’s Sun Uranus conjunction. I also think I remember it from here too…. 🙂 So anyway…. haha

Interesting you mention G. Lakey’s Viking Economics. I have it on my list, but haven’t read it yet.

Glad to be of assistance in your understanding of evangelical and fundamentalist thought and behavior. I still often struggle in my efforts to understand these people.

in Calvinistic theology God is a stingy, picky sort of fellow. It’s not his will for everyone to be “saved” but only a small minority. By default, in accord with their dogma of predestination, that means long before he created us, he selected the vast majority of humans to be disposed of, i.e. bound for that cosmic incinerator presided over by a certain fallen angel. That sort of masochistic mythology robs God of the attribute of compassion, which according to the historical Jesus was the central core of his philosophy!

It’s almost as if God was a rancher raising livestock, most of which he intended to torture, kill and barbecue, but before creation decided to save, to set aside a few, perhaps to reproduce some more later, and/or maybe to have some to sonourously offer him adoration and praises.

I find it oddly, psychologically consistent. As Calvinists also believe in the “total depravity of man” their god concept is pretty depraved himself. It stands to reason, if one follows, focuses upon, and worships such a depraved deity, one is far more likely to behave as HE does. But they also maintain he LOVES us, so at best maybe he’s just bi-polar but frequently forgets to take his meds?

When we strip it of its theology-ese it becomes easier to see how strange and incompatible such thought is with the teachings of the Galilean rabbi from Nazareth. It is a spiritually regressive doctrine which enables adherents to administer economic and/or literal violence upon anyone perceived as OTHER, as not us, but the unsaved ones. ….All, of course quite self-righteously in the name of God.

Of course, not all protestants are Calvinists. Calvinism represents a 180 degree historical reversal of the slowly ascending trajectory of wisdom, compassion, kindness, and social justice as core values of the Western heart. The protestant reformation also birthed some varieties which extended those values and surely improved upon what went before, enhancing our capacity to love one another.

There are many who’ve expressed the sort of monocausal explanation your mother espoused. The truth is multicausal and far more complex. To understand why some societies developed culturally and technologically and others did not, I suggest Jared Diamond’s book, Guns, Germs, and Steel.

Also consider, cultures and civilizations rise and fall, die, sometimes to be reborn, sometimes to meld into others. As one example, a 1000 years ago Islamic civilization was culturally, scientifically, and technologically superior to all others of their time. Proudly realizing this, the Ulema, the collective body of Islamic clerics made a conscious decision to freeze their civilization in place so as to remain “right with god.” They shut down their creativity and innovation, only recently having awakened from their sleepy self-righteousness. It is one of history’s many cautionary parables of the perils of hubris.

Hope this helps.

Many Thanks for the John Calvin astrological info. Interesting! Of course, none of his several biogaphers have considered his horoscope, at least not publically.


“Short of a world war, there is no way for anyone outside China to dislodge Chinese Communist Party leadership from its headquarters in central Beijing. A more sensible goal for the United States and its allies would be to see China return to the slow liberalization trajectory it was arguably following before President Xi Jinping took power as the party’s leader at the end of 2012. And that’s a goal that China must be convinced to choose for itself.”


Food for thought –
dont know why I didnt see it before . . . . . .
the numerology for FOX is 666
and not to forget Jared’s 666 property
. . . . no wonder the upside down religious fundies are nuts – they’re all dutifully following ‘the sign of the beast’

Glad you found the FP op-ed useful.
There are some youtube videos which are complimentary to the FP op-ed, all pretty informative as to what is really happening with China and which you are likely to find interesting:
China’s Reckoning: Demographic Crisis
China’s Reckoning: Housing Crisis
China’s Reckoning: Water Crisis

Also Johan Nylander’s book, The Epic Split – Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style
If you want an even deeper perspective.

There are a zillion youtube videos suggesting China will invade Taiwan within this decade. However, there is one very intelligent, common sensical outlier that argues to the contrary.
Is China Actually Going to Invade Taiwan?

The author on that one concludes in the end China will behave rationally and in their own interest by NOT invading. His facts and reasoning are pretty darn good. Let us hope he is right.

It is possible, thinking with their angry heart rather than their head, the CCP might foolishly blunder by invading Taiwan. They are already in the process of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, (Hong Kong.) But were they to invade Taiwan, it would clearly be a disaster for them. There is no doubt they overwhelmingly CAN, but it would at best be a temporary victory of enormous cost, as well as disastrous for the rest of the world.

I strongly believe if Trump had served an additional term, he would have very probably led the world into WWIII on multiple fronts. He would have pushed China into desperate action similarly as we did to Japan in the 1930’s. We now have the opportunity to avoid such a scenario.

IF all or most actors behave reaonably enough, (India, and the various SE Asian nations) and if there IS war with China, I see it as more likely with Russia at least a decade from now, but more likely much later, perhaps 2050 or 2060 when sea level rises sufficiently.

As of now, a third of Chinese territory is uninhabitable. Been that way for centuries. Another third is somewhat habitable but not particularly useful. Very few live there. The densely populated and more prosperous eastern third is one of the more vulnerable places on earth to climate change. The area is very low lying. Sea level will drown their most populous, richest cities. They’ll have way too much sea water, but not enough for drinking. A 100 million is a conserative estimate of how many will eventually be displaced. So, where will they go?

They are already moving into Russian Siberia, while Russians are moving far westward back to the European part of Russia. Chinese climate refugees won’t go south, they’ll go north. I expect two things.
(1) If there is a functioning Russian government (they’ve got their own serious problems) they won’t appreciate the Chinese incursion. We might see some classic mass shootouts on a scale never before seen.
(2) Lake Baikal will be a major focus, but out of sheer numbers will become part of the new China.

When we combine all our intelligence on Russia & China, it appears as though at least for the time being, it is better to follow the direction of the FP author/analyst, to allow the Chinese Pseudo-Communist Party to hang themselves with their own rope. They’re weaving a pretty good one, as well as having established a nice, tall platform for the event.

They’ll either continue down the same self-destructive path, or wake up enough to follow a Gorbachev style slow liberalization trajectory. I don’t believe that pre-Xi Jinping they were remotely sincere in any liberalization process. Hopefully, they’ll experience enough pragmatic epiphany to see the better path.

It will be especially interesting to see how Pluto’s move into Aquarius will affect their outlook, inlook and behavior.

Demon est Deus Inversus!
Nothing is more Anti-Christic than to reinterpret the words and teaching of the great Nazarene rabbi, to have the opposite meaning of what he cleatly intended.
It is really interesting. Fundies and evangelicals do not see how very satanic is their god concept.


FOX = 666 is a terrific find. Of course the fundies and evangelists will say numerology is a satanic practice like astrology and psychics. I’ll have to think about how a good answer to this before I torment all of my Rabid Right Trumpista family members with the “mark of the beast.”


There’s a lot going on there that may require a more thorough analysis. Suffice to say for the moment; the May 11th New Moon (21 Taurus) will be opposing Israel’s natal Chiron (21 Scorpio) while in close conjunction to its Sun (23 Taurus) AND square to progressed Saturn (23 Leo). This period happens to coincide with the ending of the muslim holy month of Ramadan (May 12th). Tempers are flaring at fever pitch. Violence could escalate dramatically especially as we approach mid June with the Uranus-Saturn square (13 Aquarius-Taurus) that forms an incendiary Grand Cross fixed square to Israel’s natal Pluto (12 Leo) and Nodes (13 Aquarius-Leo). Iran may be in Israel’s cross-hairs. The Islamic Republic of Iran (DOB April 1, 1979 12:01 am Tehran) has natal Neptune (oil?) at 20 Sagittarius opposed by the June 10th solar eclipse (19 Gemini). Conceivably, if threatened, Iran could shut down the strait of Hormuz cutting of the worlds major oil supply. See related articles below. . . . .

Jerusalem: Many Injured On Second Night Of Clashes

BBC News
May 9, 2021

Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police broke out for a second night in Jerusalem on Saturday.

Protesters hurled stones at the police and lit fires at Damascus Gate in the Old City, and officers responded by firing stun grenades and water cannon.

Palestinian medics said 90 Palestinians were wounded. Israeli police said at least one officer was hurt.

It follows days of simmering unrest over possible evictions of Palestinians from land claimed by Jewish settlers.

On Friday, more than 200 Palestinians and at least 17 Israeli police were wounded in skirmishes near Al-Aqsa mosque, emergency workers and police said.

Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque complex is one of Islam’s most revered sites, but its location is also the holiest site in Judaism, known as the Temple Mount. The complex is a frequent flashpoint for violence, but Friday’s was among the worst in years.



The Countdown to an Israeli War With Iran Has Begun

If Biden returns to the Iran nuclear deal, don’t be surprised if Israel takes matters into its own hands

Foreign Policy
May 6, 2021

(limited accessibility – requires a subscription)

A small army of top Israeli national security officials descended on Washington last week for their first in-person consultations with the Biden administration over its intention to return to the Iran nuclear deal. Israel is adamantly opposed to the agreement, arguing that in exchange for a pause in Tehran’s nuclear program, it virtually guarantees that Iran can become a nuclear-weapons threshold state by the time the deal expires in 2030, while immediately funneling billions of dollars to a revolutionary regime single-mindedly focused not just on sowing aggression and terrorism across the Middle East but on the destruction of the Jewish state itself.

That’s not a risk that the Israelis are prepared to take lying down, as they’ve repeatedly made clear. If Washington’s strategy leaves Israel convinced that it faces a choice between fighting a much weakened Iran now or a much stronger Iran on a glide path to nuclear weapons a few years from now, no one should be surprised if Israel chooses the former. Though last week’s talks got almost no attention in the U.S. press, my impression from people familiar with the discussions is that the they may well mark the moment that the countdown to a new war in the Middle East began.

The Israeli delegation included Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s national security advisor, Meir Ben-Shabbat; the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen; the chief intelligence officer of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Gen. Tamir Hayman; and the air force general in charge of Israel’s Iran strategy, Tal Kelman. Together and separately, they held meetings with U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, CIA Director Bill Burns, and other senior U.S. officials. President Joe Biden himself dropped by Cohen’s White House meeting for an hourlong discussion.

The Israelis’ overriding mission was clear: to look their U.S. counterparts in the eye and gauge if their worst fears about Washington’s plans were in fact true. Was Biden really committed to a straight-up return to the nuclear deal negotiated by then-President Barack Obama in 2015? Was the administration really determined to grant the Iranian regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief without first securing fundamental changes to the nuclear deal’s major flaws—including a series of sunset clauses that start lifting constraints on Iran’s ballistic missile program in 2023 and its advanced centrifuge program in 2024, as well as its lack of an ironclad verification regime? Were the Biden officials in fact impervious to Israel’s warning that a return to the agreement would disastrously heighten the threat posed to Israel’s security?

The answers the Israelis got? Yes, yes, and yes. Based on their own intelligence about the indirect talks being held in Vienna to bring the United States and Iran back into compliance with the nuclear deal, the Israelis arrived in Washington with low expectations. These expectations were met. Israel’s bleak assessment about the administration’s determination to resurrect the Iran deal without significant modifications was confirmed in full.

The Israelis are contemptuous of Biden’s claims that once the United States lifts its most powerful sanctions, the mere threat of reimposing them will be sufficient leverage on Tehran.

Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, had messaged as much even before the delegation arrived. Asked if anything the Israelis might say would alter the administration’s position on returning to the Iran deal, Psaki was unambiguous: “No.” While Biden’s team was more diplomatic in their meetings, their bottom line was no less blunt, according to people knowledgeable about the talks.

The Israelis are deeply skeptical of the administration’s assurances that restoring the 2015 deal is only a first step that will be quickly followed by subsequent negotiations to improve the agreement—by extending and strengthening its restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program while also imposing constraints on Iran’s most dangerous nonnuclear activities, including its ballistic missile arsenal and support for regional militias. The Israelis are contemptuous of the Biden administration’s claims that once the United States lifts its most powerful sanctions on Iran’s financial transactions and oil exports, the mere threat of reimposing them will somehow be sufficient leverage to compel Tehran to make additional concessions in the future.

Nor do the Israelis deem credible the suggestion that Biden would be prepared to snap back sanctions on Iran should it refuse to negotiate a follow-on deal. Once the nuclear deal is restored, the Israelis fully expect the Iranians to comply with its terms, patiently waiting for one sunset clause after another to expire and the deal’s most important remaining restrictions to disappear in 2030 in order to stockpile as much weapons-grade uranium as they desire. Under circumstances where Iran is scrupulously observing the agreement’s restrictions, just how likely is it, the Israelis ask, that Biden would be prepared to lower the boom by invoking snap back? After all, they point out, didn’t every senior administration official from Biden on down excoriate then-President Donald Trump in 2018 for reimposing sanctions at a time when Iran was judged by international inspectors to be fully complying with the deal? Are the Israelis really now supposed to take seriously the idea that Biden would be ready to follow in Trump’s footsteps and trigger an international crisis in the face of regular reports that Iran is abiding by its commitments?


CORRECTION: Israel’s Nodes – 13 Taurus- Scorpio.

So……… where exactly are we in the US-Iranian nuclear negotiations?

This will bring the reader up to speed. . . . .

Iran And Israel’s Shadow War Takes A Dangerous Turn

BBC News
April 13, 2021

The long-running and undeclared shadow war between two of the Middle East’s most implacable foes, Iran and Israel, appears to be heating up.

Iran has blamed Israel for a mysterious explosion at the weekend that knocked out power at its uranium enrichment facility at Natanz.

Israel has not publicly said it was behind what Iran calls “an act of sabotage” but US and Israeli media reports are quoting officials as saying it was carried out by Israel’s overseas intelligence agency, Mossad. Iran has vowed to take revenge “at a time of its choosing”.

This is not an isolated incident. It follows a gradually accelerating pattern of hostile, tit-for-tat actions by both countries as they step up their covert war while being careful – so far – to avoid an all-out conflict which would be hugely destructive for both nations. So, what are the risks here and how is this likely to end?

This “shadow war” can be broadly divided into three distinct fronts.

Iran’s Nuclear Programme

Israel does not believe Iran’s repeated assertions that its nuclear programme is a purely peaceful civil one. Israel is convinced that Iran is secretly working towards developing a nuclear warhead and the means to deliver it with a ballistic missile.



Wow Jerry Thanks

Going back for a more thorough read

Yeah of course probably everyone believes Iran is secretly working towards a nuclear warhead etc. That is complicated from an international say US – Iran agreement in the present time. A lot can happen between now and 2030…..

Hmm reread it for a third time. Well, Trump by re-imposing sanctions did make a tactical blunder. However of course I really believe Iran is just biding its time. Trump, if believing this too, (or his advisors and generals) was really clumsy. Horribly so. Did not help the situation. OMG

We have good intelligence in the US that can corroborate your justifiable and correct fears… right? As Biden has turned the corner on respecting the Intelligence in the US, do you not think he is up to snuff on exactly what you see and fear? After all he is an intelligent guy… who gets the best people and believes those best people…. to repeat.. there’s a lot of time between now and 2030.

But I totally get your fears that the administration is gonna miss out on this one. Huge mistake if they would. Huge issue. For the entire world. But then again – do we trust they are gonna be on top of this? Yes you need more proof…..


Just some observations. No fear involved. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s long term ambition and game strategy has always been to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program. American political influence has restrained him from doing so till now. Will he break out of the restraints if some “contrived” incident in the Persian Gulf compelled him to do so? Not very hard to do if it suits his political interests. Israeli jet fighters bombed the USS Liberty during the 1967 six day war resulting in the death of 9 American serviceman and 60 wounded. Israel feigned ignorance when confronted with the evidence. They got away with it because of the “special relationship”

Netanyahu’s Sun at 27 ’33 Libra precisely squares the US Pluto (27 ’33 Capricorn). The June 5th Mars-Pluto opposition (26 ’28 Cancer-Capricorn) t squares those degrees (conflict of interest?). The following day tr. Mars moves on to square those natal aspects. Some unexpected incident? Mind you Prime Minister Netanyahu is still currently on trial for corruption. He faces potential criminal prosecution. His motives could be suspect if he decides to take action. Are we looking at a possible Wag The Dog scenario?

Whether or not you are right about Netanyahu, Jerry, & I believe he is not able to form a government whatever that means for this situation, Iran has long threatened the destruction of Israel, is no fan of the U.S. either, and is considered by the U.S. to be one of the world’s most active if not the most active sponsors of state terrorism. A war in the mid-east, if allowed by the world’s powers, would be very limited I think. I don’t know if a new agreement with Iran would protect the world from Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. I tend to think Iran does have a secret nuclear program & have read there is proof. Nevertheless, I trust that the U.S. has full awareness & knows what it is doing.

Hi Sharon,

Most likely cooler heads will prevail. Yes. Under normal circumstances I would have to agree. I’m just looking at the aspects.

The April 11th Israeli cyber attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear research plant is being described as the opening salvo of a possible Iran-Israeli conflict. It occurred at the time of the April 11th New Moon (22 Aries), possibly activating the Jan 10-12, 2020 Solar Eclipse/Saturn/Pluto conj. degrees (20/ 22 Capricorn). The April 11th New Moon formed a close quincunx to Iran’s natal Uranus (20 Scorpio) hence it was an unexpected event.

I suspect we might see more activity in this region around the May 26th lunar eclipse (5 Sagittarius) because of its perfect sesqui-square angle to tr. Mars (20 Cancer). The May 26th lunar eclipse could offer some clues as to what to expect in June.


Re: The April 11th New Moon

I posted the following about a month and a half ago.

Getting Ready for Spring by Leo Knight Tallarico

“……. This Spring Equinox is a time to wake up out of winter rest. But the true time of New Beginnings and Awakening is when the Moon catches up to the Sun in Aries for a New Moon in Aries.

That happens this year on April 11. And this Aries New Moon is more powerful than usual as it is makes a close square to Pluto in Capricorn at the same 22 degrees of cardinal signs that happened at the most powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. That aspect helped bring on the Covid Virus.

This New Moon in Aries will also be making close sextile formations with both Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. And that Mars will have just returned to its natal USA chart position of 21+ degrees of Gemini.

And to top it all off, the American Civil War began on April 12 1861 with shots fired at Fort Sumner that day. The Sun was at the same 22+ degrees of Aries that it is on April 11 2021.

We are obviously in a modern day Culture War, not that dissimilar to issues that brought on the American Civil War. The January 6 invasion of the USA Capitol is proof of such a notion.

That Aries New Moon on April 11 could bring focus on the USA Culture War at this time.

Eclipse Season starts a month or 6 weeks later. This will be a most important Eclipse Season.

Right now enjoy the soul travels of Pisces, keeping in mind it is a good time for healing, crying, sadness while grieving and releasing old memories of times gone by.

Let it all go without judgment, and get your self ready for the Equinox on March 20, which is an appetizer for the April New Moon in Aries on April 11.”


https://spiritualtherapy.wpcomstaging.com/2021/03/13/getting-ready-for-spring-and-astrology-forecast-march-14-20/ . .

Baba Jerry,

Exquisite astrological research you’ve contributed re: the Iran/Israel nuclear conflict. I cannot imagine how Israelis can live with a seemingly constant and unrelenting fear of imminent annihilation. I recall Nancy mentioning something about Israel’s natal chart reflecting a chronic sense of hyper-vigilance about its very right to exist.

Time will tell.


I have some Israeli friends who live in Tel Aviv. They are spiritually inclined and a bit “sensitive”. They admittedly find life there rather uncomfortably tense at times. But they have learned to live with it. Personally, I couldn’t do it. But there you have it. It must be their karmic destiny.

The ironic thing is that Israel is the one with nuclear weapons. I PRAY that the situation with the Palestinians can be settled one day soon. This new Israeli threat to evict Palestinians, in Eastern Jerusalem I believe it is, so that Jewish settlers can be housed (not sure if I have it right), appears unnecessary to me, although I don’t really know the accurate story. If Israel and Palestine can find a way to have a 2-country solution and both feel they are getting a good part of what they want, that could defuse Iran’s goal and threats.

Liz Cheney Secretly Organized Key Move To Block Trump From Using Military To Overturn Election: Report

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was the organizer of an open letter by all living former Defense Secretaries against the military intervening in election disputes.

Raw Story
May 6, 2021

The revelation was made to Susan Glasser of The New Yorker by Eric Edelman, a friend of Cheney’s who served as an advisor to her father.

“Cheney’s rupture with the House Republican Conference has become all but final in recent days, but it has been months in the making. Edelman revealed that Cheney herself secretly orchestrated an unprecedented op-ed in the Washington Post by all ten living former Defense Secretaries, including her father, warning against Trump’s efforts to politicize the military,” Glasser reported.

“The congresswoman not only recruited her father but personally asked others, including Trump’s first Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, to participate. ‘She was the one who generated it, because she was so worried about what Trump might do,’ Edelman said. ‘It speaks to the degree that she was concerned about the threat to our democracy that Trump represented.’ The Post op-ed appeared on January 3rd, just three days before the insurrection at the Capitol,” she reported.



“This week news broke that Republican members had killed the
@FEC’s hush-money case against former president Donald Trump with barely any explanation.”



Liz Cheney did the right thing. She might have lost the battle but she will win the war. It took a lot of guts to do what she did. She knew she would lose her leadership position but was willing to make the sacrifice. Who knew we would ever owe a debt of gratitude to the daughter of a lying conman like her father?

You Can Heal Yourself Using The Chi Energy of Trees According to Taoist Masters – I Believe In Mother Nature


Sharon, I was told the evictions are due to a covid related moratorium that either expired or was lifted and that was the cause for the demonstrations that then turned violent.

The Case For The Birth of The Palestine State/ November 15, 1988

The 11/15/1988 Palestinian Declaration of Independence chart appears to be the most widely accepted date for the inception of the Palestinian state. See related article…..

Palestine Horoscope by Astrology King


If this is the case, there are several striking features about this chart that may explain the current escalation of violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

1) Todays New Moon (21 Taurus) is opposing the Palestinian Sun (22 Scorpio) whilest conjunct Israel’s Sun (23 Taurus) in square to Israel’s progressed Saturn (23 Leo)

2) Tr. Jupiter is slowing down to make an exact square to the Palestinian charts natal Jupiter (2 Gemini) in mid June.

3) Most explosive of all, the June 14th Uranus-Saturn square (13 Aquarius-Taurus) will be making a t square to the Palestine charts Pluto/Mercury conjunction (12/13 Scorpio) and Israel’s natal Pluto (12 Leo) Nodes (13 Taurus-Scorpio).

Does this indicate a full blown regional war with devastating consequences for the worlds economy come mid June?

Current trends do not look promising……..

Israel Strikes Gaza, Hamas Fires Rockets After Hundreds of Palestinians Wounded In Clashes

CBS News
May 10, 2021

Israel’s army on Monday said it launched airstrikes on Gaza in response to rockets fired by Hamas militants after hundreds of Palestinians were hurt in clashes with Israeli police at a religious site in Jerusalem.



A sobering assessment. . . .

Fareed Zakaria: A Second Lockdown In India Is Impossible

Video: 8 min 22 sec


DISCLAIMER: After posting I felt I should add my personal feelings here. To be clear, I don’t pretend to know the intricacies of the situation, nor am I against any of the present policies. In fact I fully support the governments initiatives. I am merely saddened by the whole thing. We have been in a second lock-down since mid April and there is reason to believe this will be extended till the end of the month and perhaps beyond that. There is financial hardship that goes along with these decisions. I do hope we find a healthy balance. The Indian people are very resilient. It is a very caring, compassionate culture (re: Mahatma Gandhi’s non violent movement for change) so no doubt we will find our way.

My heart is with you and all India.

When I was 15, soon after my first mystical experience, I began my journey through comparative religion, a journey I continue today. The very first text I read was Christopher Isherwood’s translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, a mentor paperback edition I found new for 75 cents. In the next 3 years I read the scriptures of all the world’s religions, but those of Mother India affected me the most deeply.

We all owe so, so much to the theologians, philosophers, yogis, the various holy men and women, past and present, and of the people of India for their immense and deep contributions to our spiritual and intellectual culture. We all need India. Most, IMO in the West are unaware of how important she has been, or how important she will be in our collective future. It is my sincere hope she continues to rise to her former greatness and beyond. The world will be safer, and far more balanced when she plateaus at the apogee of her destiny.

As you can see, I have good reason for my emotional and spiritual attachment to the land in which you reside, and her people. I have naught but my inadequate solace for the pain and suffering about you.

I do hope you and yours receive the second vaccination on time, and the raging typhoon of contagion and suffering abates soon. My meager but deep and heartfelt prayers are with you.

It seems to be an unrelenting feature of modern alienation, even in countries with strict gun laws.

Shooting in Russia kills 7 kids, 1 teacher; suspect arrested

The school shooting took place in Kazan, about 430 miles east of Moscow. The shooter was a former student. 21 have been hospitalized with wounds, including 18 children, six of whom are in “severely grave condition.” 8 in total so far have died.

China’s looming demographic crisis.


I can’t access the NYTimes piece, but I’ve read enough demographic data to know we expect the PRC population to peak in 2029. If the CCP chooses to go for what they want through military means, they are more likely to do so before 2030 while they have the “manpower.” (Please excuse the gender specific noun.) It would be a matter of get rich and steal what you want before you get too old.

In past centuries when China was powerful and dominant, they were extraordinarily arrogant in their foreign policy. All their neighbors hated them. We have no reason to believe they would behave more humanely were they the primary hegemon of Asia.

Control of Tibet allows them to keep for themselves, and control the water supply for India. Their long range plan is to intimidate India into submission as a vassal state, or starve to death from lack of water. Ironically, that won’t come anywhere near alleviating their growing water crisis, and is more likely to precipitate war with India.

Simultaneously, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Chinese agricultural entrepeneurs are graduallly taking over Siberia, employing only Chinese workers. The Russian/Chinese rapproachment will not last forever.

The population of Russia has already peaked, and is now in decline. China’s population will peak in 2029-2030. India’s population will continue growing, eclipsing China’s in 2050 with 1.7 billion people.

It’s not difficult to see how through miscalculation sometime before 2030, by any of the three mentioned, a war of staggering proportions could ensue. In the same time period, water shortage in the Middle East could lead those countries into war as well.

I cannot help but wonder if these potential conflicts might somehow involve the US at the time of our Uranus return.

Brilliant speech. . . . .

Liz Cheney Strikes Defiant Tone In Floor Speech On Eve Of Her Expected Ousting From House GOP Leadership

May 12, 2021



Jesus Christ man, you are in for an intense challenge.

Imagine living in such exceptionally-close-quarters with hundreds of thousands of people who are infected with the Indian variant of COVID.

Breathtaking horror. Take good care of you and yours, Jerry.

Hi Will,

Actually, we live in a semi-rural area with a minimum of contact with the locals, so we’re quite fortunate in that respect. Plus, I’m retired. We live a rather privileged life-style comparatively speaking (a spacious home and other amenities). The concern is for others less fortunate than ourselves.

China won’t have time to reach its goals of domination before its population ages and declines. But it could still attack Taiwan.


Andre: Thanks for that. 🙂

OK full disclosure. Which I didn’t want to to do but knew I must to go on blogging in this amazing blog. I am an early 1948’er. I know what Eliseo is talking about in the quest for ongoing research into comparative religions, which I have not done in any great depth but have had respect for those that have done, and curiosity for what they have discovered.

Eliseo: 2 things.

Here in North America it has been documented that the caste system is alive and well in certain quarters.

Also I used to do Bikram’s Yoga, – hot yoga – in which it is also well documented that Bikram used his position to exploit females and in doing so ruined his own family, not to mention his “empire”.

There was an interview this morning on msnbc with princeton professor of history about the history and fragility of constitutions.
With the usa declaration chart about to feel the full force of its pluto return and the apparent associated current chaos, it occurs to me we should start looking at the constitution’s aspects more closely going forward to its pluto return. The constitution date I got from Sally McDonald years ago was 17 sept 1787, 11.29 Philadelphia.

Ulysses S Grant quote
““If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon’s but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.”


Glad to know you are somewhat insulated from the horror.


The Ulysses S. Grant quote rocks it completely!


With the massive amount of Chinese investment in the Americas, I’m thinking China wouldn’t want to cause us so much harm. I’m much more suspicious of Putin’s Russia.

The Nogoodniks are at it again.


Mysterious episodes that caused brain injuries in U.S. personnel overseas affected more than 130 people, more than previously known, officials said.
Wednesday, May 12, 2021 5:53 PM EST

The Biden administration has begun more aggressively investigating the episodes, which injured spies, diplomats, soldiers and others.

By Julian E. Barnes, Edward Wong and Eric Schmitt

May 12, 2021
WASHINGTON — Mysterious episodes that caused brain injuries in spies, diplomats, soldiers and other U.S. personnel overseas starting five years ago now number more than 130 people, far more than previously known, according to current and former officials.

The number of cases within the C.I.A., the State Department, the Defense Department and elsewhere spurred broad concern in the Biden administration. The initial publicly confirmed cases were concentrated in China and Cuba and numbered about 60, not including a group of injured C.I.A. officers whose total is not public.

The new total adds cases from Europe and elsewhere in Asia and reflects efforts by the administration to more thoroughly review other incidents amid concern over a spate of them in recent months.

Since December, at least three C.I.A. officers have reported serious health effects from episodes overseas. One occurred within the past two weeks, and all have required the officers to undergo outpatient treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center or other facilities.

And in one case in 2019 that has not previously been reported, a military officer serving overseas pulled his vehicle into an intersection, then was overcome by nausea and headaches, according to four current and former officials briefed on the events. His 2-year-old son, sitting in the back seat, began crying. After the officer pulled away from the intersection, his nausea stopped, and the child stopped crying.

Both received medical attention from the government, though it is not clear whether they suffered long-term debilitating effects. Officials suspect the officer may have been targeted. The episode upset officials in both the Trump and Biden administrations, prompting them to investigate further.

The Biden administration has not determined who or what is responsible for the episodes or whether they constitute attacks. Though some Pentagon officials believe Russia’s military intelligence agency, the G.R.U., is most likely behind the case of the 2-year-old, and evidence has emerged that points to Russia in other cases, the intelligence agencies have not concluded any cause or whether a foreign power is involved.

“As of now, we have no definitive information about the cause of these incidents, and it is premature and irresponsible to speculate,” said Amanda J. Schoch, the spokeswoman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement.

While no military personnel have been injured in combat zones, several were hurt in Europe and Asia, according to former officials.

Some suffered long-term brain injuries including debilitating headaches. The episodes, according to the National Security Council, involve personnel experiencing “sensory phenomena,” such as sound, pressure or heat, along with or followed by physical symptoms, such as sudden-onset vertigo, nausea, and head or neck pain.

This article is based on interviews with 20 current and former officials across multiple government agencies who have worked on the issue or have been briefed on the episodes, many of which remain classified.

The Biden administration is trying to strike a careful balance between showing officials that they are taking the issue seriously and trying to keep panic from spreading, either inside the government or among the public. The National Security Council has begun an intelligence review, aimed at discovering whether additional unreported incidents fit the pattern, a spokeswoman said.

“We are bringing the U.S. government’s resources to bear to get to the bottom of this,” said Emily J. Horne, a spokeswoman for the council.

The C.I.A. has formed a new targeting cell to try to gather information about the episodes, how they occurred and who is responsible. The cell aims to operate with a similar rigor and intensity to the group expanded by the agency sometime after the Sept. 11 attacks to hunt Osama bin Laden. The White House has also worked to standardize reporting of incidents and improve medical treatment for victims.

In a report released in December, the National Academy of Sciences said a microwave weapon probably caused the injuries. Some officials believe a microwave or directed-energy device is the most likely cause.

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The severity of the brain injuries has ranged widely. But some victims have chronic, potentially irreversible symptoms and pain, suggesting potentially permanent brain injury. Physicians at Walter Reed have warned government officials that some victims are at risk for suicide.

The United States has investigated episodes both in the country and overseas, but the vast majority have been overseas, according to the National Security Council, and some reported domestically are likely to be aftershocks caused by earlier incidents overseas, according to current and former officials.

But at least two episodes involving White House staff members, one in 2020 that affected a National Security Council official near the Ellipse south of the White House and another in 2019 involving a woman walking her dog in Northern Virginia, have no known connection to an earlier overseas event. While many officials expressed skepticism that Russia or another power would conduct an attack in the United States, agencies are investigating.

Congress has demanded more from the C.I.A. In a closed-door meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, senators accused the C.I.A. of doing too little to investigate the mysterious episodes and until recently showing skepticism about them, according to people briefed on the meeting.

During the Trump administration, some in the agency said there was little intelligence showing a foreign power was responsible and argued that it made little sense analytically for Russia or another foreign intelligence service to make unprovoked attacks on Americans. Others doubted the cause of the brain injuries.

The new C.I.A. director, William J. Burns, has tried to move aggressively to improve the agency’s response, current and former officials said. Mr. Burns has met with victims, visited doctors who have treated injured agency officers and briefed lawmakers.

He has also assigned his deputy, David Cohen, to oversee the investigation and the health care response. Mr. Cohen will meet monthly with victims and will lead regular briefings for Congress. The agency has also doubled the number of medical personnel conducting treatment and managing cases of injured officers.

In addition, the chief medical officer, who had been criticized by some former officers as too skeptical of the incidents and dismissive of some symptoms, announced his retirement. He was replaced with another doctor seen inside the C.I.A. as more focused on patient care.

The C.I.A. has also cut the average wait time for injured officers at Walter Reed. It was up to eight weeks at the end of last year and is now less than two.

Displayed in Walter Reed is a painting by a C.I.A. officer injured in one of the overseas episodes. The painting is a black canvas, with a red splatter. C.I.A. personnel being treated at Walter Reed have called it “The Gunshot.”

“It signified his feeling that we all wished we had been shot, a visible injury, so that our colleagues would more readily believe us,” said Marc Polymeropoulos, a former C.I.A. officer who was hurt in Moscow in 2017.

The mystery first drew attention when diplomats and C.I.A. officers working in Havana in 2016 were sickened and reported feeling vertigo, nausea and headaches. Similar episodes began occurring the next year in Guangzhou, China. And last October, The New York Times reported that as early as 2017, another cohort of C.I.A. officers traveling in a variety of countries, including Russia, had said they were the likely victims of attacks and reported similar symptoms.

Lawmakers and the Trump administration’s National Security Council grew increasingly frustrated last year with State Department’s and the C.I.A.’s handling of the incidents.

Robert C. O’Brien, President Donald J. Trump’s last national security adviser, and Matthew Pottinger, his deputy, had already begun working in early 2020 to redouble efforts by their aides to understand the mysterious episodes and to get the Pentagon more involved.

But their staff members ran into frustration getting the C.I.A., the State Department and other agencies to share details about injured personnel, in part because of federal protections on health data. White House officials thought the investigation, in which the C.I.A. had been the lead agency, had run into a dead end.

The frustration culminated in a tense conversation Mr. Pottinger had with Vaughn Bishop, then the deputy C.I.A. director, and other officials in November. Mr. Pottinger urged the intelligence community to do more to cooperate with the Pentagon and other agencies. The next month, the National Security Council convened a deputy-level meeting across agencies to again push for further action and a broader investigation.

Mr. Pottinger declined to comment.

The Biden administration has tried to further improve coordination, including directing agencies to each name a coordinator to work on both identifying the cause of the episodes and improving health care for the injured personnel. Even some Democrats who have been briefed on the incidents called on the administration to be more aggressive.

“I don’t believe that we as a government, in general, have acted quickly enough,” said Representative Ruben Gallego, an Arizona Democrat and former Marine who heads the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations. “We really need to fully understand where this is coming from, what the targeting methods are and what we can do to stop them.”

C.I.A. to Expand Inquiry Into Mysterious Health Episodes Overseas
March 4, 2021

Report Points to Microwave ‘Attack’ as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies
Dec. 5, 2020

U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration Over Suspected Attacks
Oct. 19, 2020
Julian E. Barnes is a national security reporter based in Washington, covering the intelligence agencies. Before joining The Times in 2018, he wrote about security matters for The Wall Street Journal. @julianbarnes • Facebook

Edward Wong is a diplomatic and international correspondent who has reported for The Times for more than 20 years, 13 from Iraq and China. He received a Livingston Award and was on a team of Pulitzer Prize finalists for Iraq War coverage. He has been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard and a Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton. @ewong

Eric Schmitt is a senior writer who has traveled the world covering terrorism and national security. He was also the Pentagon correspondent. A member of the Times staff since 1983, he has shared three Pulitzer Prizes. @EricSchmittNYT

A version of this article appears in print on May 13, 2021, Section A, Page 10 of the New York edition with the headline: Mysterious Ailments Appear More Widespread Among U.S. Personnel. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe


thinking outloud:
Over the past generation, or more, there has been a push from the dominionist thinking religious right to groom their kids thru their religious universities to be positioned as washington interns and staffer types.
Since some of the repub reps seem to be more craven salespeople rather than deep thinking scholars, I wonder how much influence these groomed kids have had/are having, in dutifully feeding bogus or distorted info to their rightwing bosses? There is no way some of those gadflys can themselves read the volumes of material needed without help from possible loony staffers. It would be interesting for someone in the news media to do background reporting on the backgrounds of aides to current repub congresspeople.

I’ve long felt we need to do precisely what you suggest, look at our constitution’s astrological aspects more closely as we approach our pluto return. When I had an astrology program going years ago, I sporadically looked at the transits associated with our Uranus and Pluto returns for the Declaration and the Constitution.

During and after the Am. Civil War we passed the 13th, 14th, & 15th amendments, the “reconstruction amendments, all concerned with integrating four million newly emancipated African Americans into our political life, and the gradual readmission of the former rebellious states.

In addition to passing the equal rights amendment, we need another 2 or 3 dealing with electoral reform. Get money out of politics, (nix citizens united) abolish the electoral college, and gerrymandering, create a differnt districting system, institute ranked choice voting, require all candidates to disclose their tax documents, and undergo regular psychiatric exams. No more sociopaths, psychopaths, or malignant narcissists please!

Later in the century, climate change will have robbed us of part or all of 15 to 20 southern and southwestern states. Some will be partially under water. Others will be so hot, and/or severely desertified or burned out as to be uninhabitable. We have no constitutional provision for the dissolution of, or devolution of states into territories. WA DC itself may be partially under water, and much too vulnerable to summer heat, hurricanes, and storm surge to remain as our capital.

All of the above will need to be addressed constitutionally, legislatively, or both.

If there had been no vote or if the required majority had never been reached the Constitution would be nothing more than ink on paper lost in the dustbin of history. It needed to pass by agreed upon vote terms to have meaning.

Moderator your hate is overcoming what is right. History is on my side. Hate is on yours.

There are a zillion news articles and youtube videos which essentially predict China will invade Taiwan. For an interesting commonsensical alternative view, I recommend:
Is China Actually Going to Attack Taiwan?
It lasts about 14 minutes.

After having read a few books and scholarly articles, and viewed a number of videos on the subject, I conclude that if China invades Taiwan they may succeed – initially – but at such great cost the CCP would lose power.

Presuming no one, including the US comes to assist in defense, the Taiwanese are remarkably able to defend themselves on their own, even against an overwhelmingly large mainland Chinese force. Like Israel, they’ve heavily invested in the most modern military technology and tactics available. They’ve resolutely and vigorously trained and continue to train their military personell, a significantly large percent of their population. Out of 23.57 million people, their active armed forces are a bit more than 300,000, with 3,870,000 highly trained reserves which would be immediately armed and activated were the CCP military forces to invade. 

Furthermore, the natural military logistics for a Taiwan invasion are extraordinarily and unusually difficult. The Taiwan Strait is an exceptionally choppy, turbulent and difficult body of water to cross, only navigable by a large force in April, May, and October. The topography and geography of Taiwan would be very difficult to surmount. I would not want to be the general in charge of the invasion plan or invading force.

Mainland China is a very patriarchial and patrilineal society. They place great value on their sons carrying on the family name and lineage. But for decades each family has usually had only one child. Were the PRC to invade Taiwan, the effort would be a bloody and long nightmare in which they would lose an enormous number of those precious sons. The death toll would undoubtedly number in the millions.

AND FOR WHAT !!???!!
Except for Russia, N. Korea, and Iran, the rest of the world would cease business with them immediately. Investments would no longer be forthcoming. No one would sell them anything or buy anything from them for a very long and forseeable future.

After a very long and difficult war, presuming they won, the PRC comissars governing Taiwan would face a decades long armed, determined, intractable resistance movement efficiently killing off more and more and more of those very precious sons.

All to save face. All to fulfill a promise the CCP made to their people in 1949 to reclaim and unite all Chinese territories. But all ultimately for naught.

The Chinese people tolerate the constant surveillance, the 1984 style oppression in return for their present growing prosperity and comfort. A China/Taiwan war would end that bargain. Their sons dead, the people would want the heads of their CCP leaders. The ensuing chaos would not be pretty.

Taiwan infuriates the CCP leadership. The island nation conclusively proves there are other more pleasant and efficient paths to prosperity and happiness for the Chinese people. The CCP way is neither the only way or true way.

Having long ago rejected their former Confucianist/Buddhist ethos, the PRC leadership may indeed succumb to their hurt and humiliated pride by invading Taiwan. It would be better for them, for all, were they to enjoin the emotionally intelligent merhods of their forbears, entering into a certain equanimity.

Too bad about Bikram. I had no idea.

In North America we certainly have class struggle. We have serious racism, but IMO much of what we think is racism is often more akin to classism. As a generalization, no matter your color, race, or ethnicity, you are far more likely to suffer prejudice, harassment, and police violence if you are poor. Wealthy, upperclass folks of any color don’t receive much mistreatment.

I’m a bit confused as to your statement about a caste system. Please, what do you mean by caste, and what certain quarters are you referring to?

Bob, Nice to see you!

Welcome back, Bob!
Glad to see you posting again.

I don’t know how to transfer over but please read this:

Caste arrives in Silicon Valley
October 14 2020

Thank you for making me aware. I had no idea this was a growing problem among Indian Americans. I’m not sure how we might achieve social justice relative to this problem. Caste is not race.

I only posted to provide the real data for the Constitution as the data that had been provided produced a chart for it that had no legal standing. To that end I posted the following from my files:

“My 2nd choice after Sibly. The Constitution was nothing but an idea until it was ratified.
Congress notified July 2nd?

United States Constitution approved

21 June 1788
~1:00 pm LAT
Old North Meeting House
Near corner of Church Street and Bouton Street
Concord, NH 03301
N 43°12′ 52″ W 71°32′ 29”
eqt ~1.3 minutes = 1:01 pm LMT

Source: Birth of the Federal Constitution, by Joseph Burbeen Walker, 1888, page 54. http://books.google.com/books?id=Z1E0AAAAIAAJ

The Constitution was to become law with the approval of nine of the states, and New Hampshire was that state.



That post was put in moderation, then deleted, so I followed with:

“I posted this earlier to insure that readers here did not expend time and energy working with a chart that without ratification was nothing more than ink on paper and of no consequence in America’s history. That vote was and is a turning point in American history.

A moderator deleted my post which referenced the carefully recorded ratification vote necessary for the document to become binding on the nation. Without that vote that document was merely ideas that had no binding expression in the ways of the leaders of the country.

The ideas put to paper became binding when that vote was concluded. That was agreed to by the country’s leaders.”

That also was deleted. Knowing that I had no way to prevent tRumpian behavior I posted the 2 you see above and was surprised when they have not been deleted also.

To make it clear my purpose for posting was to save those who would work on a chart from using incorrect data, a chart that had no legal standing.

Thankfully all here are safe from the virus.

Bob – If you post more than two links in your post it will automatically go to moderation and wait there until I come back online to check in. Nothing was “deleted”.

kiwi, the point you raised earlier – about those staff members who graduated the religious schools like Liberty is a big and unreported issue. They are indoctrinated and then sent to be staff at Congressional offices and think tanks. It is a big problem.

Wow Thank you for your extremely informative post of 5:15 am about the pros and cons of China invading Taiwan.

Hahaha! Actually there aren’t too many pros are there?

As I write the Moon is at 15* Gemini. Good for me.

For months, even years I have been pondering how best to use the transiting Saturn Aquarius in opposition to my Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Leo to best advantage.

Not to mention the coming Pluto in Aquarius opposition to my Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Leo which are in the teens.

I know we can use the hard aspects to our advantage. Especially the opposition – dealing with “the other” can be enlightening and adventurous.

When Pluto was in Scorpio squaring my Leo planets, and Saturn in Capricorn doing a number on my Moon, I lost A LOT. I know, I know it is celestial education. I’m still in the middle of “appreciating” it.

If anyone out there can help me, has any advice as to how to turn the oppositions to a positive

As you all know Uranus in Taurus is pretty simultaneously going to be SQUARING my three Leo planets at the same time Saturn in Aquarius is opposing them.

Then of course Pluto in Aquarius is going to do the same thing in coming years.

May I say EEK!

The hard aspects are energy. I know that.

How do I change my attitude, my perspective, to always keep this in mind as I choose to respond to the energies?

🙂 Anyone?

Oh by the way Neptune is conjunct my Sun right now.

Thanks for the explanation Nancy.

I suggest a single word explanation to describe the reason for the moderation (language, misinformation, links, …) be included with that message.

Sunstars, thank you for bringing this matter up.

I also have planets in Pisces (right now neptune is conjuncting my approx 23/24 mars/venus in the 10th & it’s not fun, and retro mercury is going to be squaring), as well as Leo and Aquarius (Leo moon conj pluto opp mercury Aquarius in the 2nd and 8th houses, all around 17-18 degrees). I have the same concerns you have. Yes, and uranus is getting into the mix (and when it goes into gemini, it will be squaring all of my Pisces planets).

When neptune transited my 1 degree Pisces sun maybe 5-6 yrs back, I was totally overconfident about achieving a goal that went on to fall through…BUT, it was also not too difficult to create another opportunity for myself. I also found myself more empathetic, and compassionate, and feeling emotions more deeply as I do now. But now, I’m also dealing with an unusual, neptunian physical condition that isn’t fun. I am looking for the positive side and will find it!


Coincidentally, purely in geopolitical terms, I had been looking at the May 29th Mercury station/ Venus conjunction (24 Gemini). It is conjunct the Israeli Uranus AND in square to Iran’s natal Mars (25 Pisces). I had been wondering if that is an indication Iran may become more visibly involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Well I know it’s up to me. I have to draw on my own self discipline, my own self control. I have to re-read maybe buddha like philosophies… the power of now etc. etc. etc. However – is there a Masterclass for this? Hahaha! Is there an easy way out? LOL! Ok if there isn’t I’ve got my work cut out for me or bear the consequences. And really the consequences of not using critical thinking skills, and applying them is too great. Maybe tr. Neptune conjunct my Sun is leading me to magical thinking – or a solution! I was gonna say Magical Solution but we know how that sounds…
I know I’m not the only one who has been in this situation…….

Me…. I have read stories of the people who were in the death camps in the Holocaust. As a child, for some reason I have read stories of people in interminal horrible situations that had to call on strength from within themselves…. remember I was born in early 1948. Mars Saturn Pluto conjunct. Rwanda – I have a friend from there at that time. And Romeo Dallaire – I hope he is increasingly finding peace at night.

But right now I am not feelin’ it. I DON’T want the discipline it takes to get myself out of possible hard work it takes to extricate myself. Instead I think if it gets too hard I just want to exit….. but then maybe I can ace it anyway due to my experience and maturity. Could that be tr. Neptune conjunct my Sun?

And wonder what Barbk went through. She objectified all those analysis…. on this site she did not personalize it. She did not put herself through the analysis she used for other situations.

Just recently I was close to the death of a person I liked and respected. She was brave. I could not help her the way I wanted as she walked through the valley of the shadow of death; I don’t know if she feared no evil, or if she did – how much.

I remember the testimony in the trial about George Floyd where the 17 year old girl who steadfastly filmed the murder with her phone.. probably at the time of her testimony – 18 years old. She cried and said she apologized and apologized to George Floyd over and over again for not intervening and trying to save his life….

I’m at that spot in a way trying to get the energy up in case I need it to save my own life or quality of life if I need it.

I just don’t have that cutting edge…. that I should have.


This is pretty intimate but heck haven’t a lot of us been in similar spaces ……

Sharon K and Jerry – just read what you had to say after I posted that long post. Thank you.

I know Israel was founded in 1948. Had to look up the exact date: May 14.

However, it does not seem fair what has happened to Palestine although I don’t know the details.

With all that happened to Jewish people the world over it seems they would be aware and not want to be a part of hurt to say, Palestine. However, just as I write this I am thinking there is history from biblical times……….that I don’t remember. Even though in the 10th grade we took a social studies course called The Ancient and Midieval World in which the Syrians were a strong subject.

Neptune is presently conjunct my moon, and I am going crazy with anxiety. All my old wounds, emotional and physical are now wide awake and screaming at me. In this last year I’ve also gradually gone through some major but subtle personality changes.

As Neptune is conjuncting my moon and your sun, I conclude your sun conjuncts my moon and vice versa

My understanding of the American Jewish culture has been informed by the book “Marjorie Morningstar” by Herman Wouk. …. Marjorie Morgenstern ..

And if there were a Jewish version of the movie “Moonstruck” with Cher and Nicolas Cage, that would be it too.

Eliseo: Hahahahaha! Just read this.

Sunstars, my husband was born in late March 1948 and has that mars, saturn, pluto conjunction in Leo going on, too (12th & 1st houses) Did you see the movie of Marjorie Morningstar with Natalie Wood? I cried & cried.

Sharon K: No, I read the book.

Al Gore was born in late 1948.

Also Mazie Hirono was born with Mars Saturn Pluto in Leo altho in November 1947.

Betty Broderick who murdered her former husband and his new wife was also born November 7 1947, a few days after Mazie. I really could identify with all of those people.

Well, Al Gore not so much cz he’s male but I get his values totally including the choice not to fight over who won the presidency altho he probably did win the presidency. But he cared about protecting peace in the country. He protected the country. What a gentleman.

Al Gore: late March 1948. March 31 1948

Eliseo – about anxiety. That is a deep subject. We should talk lol!!!! And we will. Or I will. I’m pooped right now…..

I don’t know my ascendant for sure. It is either Libra or Scorpio. I want it to be Libra so there’s that. Early Libra fills the gap for my closest relationships for which there is no other explanation.

Plus my Gemini first born has Neptune on the Ascendant. He has no other Pisces planets to echo his mother, so I think his having that configuration which – if I have Neptune in Libra on the Ascendant as I suspect I do… is appropriate.

Later for adventures in dealing with anxiety. 🙂

Israel, Palestine… sigh and cry.
When we discussed their charts here in 2008-09, during a former crisis there, I remember Nancy saying both charts showed this basic fear of being destroyed by a hard to define “enemy”. Since both countries were born so close to each other in time, they both have that element, it was something inherent. So no matter what happened, they would perpetually feel they had to fight others because they otherwise would be killed. Not a peaceful feeling at all. I forgot the technical astrological details of it.

I remember saying the best thing to do was to end both states and fuse into a new state with a better birth date and a better horoscope. Nancy called it a sympathetic idea which unfortunately would never happen.

More than ten years later, the situation has only worsened.

How Israel can live under threat from Iran? That question fades next to the question how Israel can treat Palestinians the way they do after what happened in the Second World War.
Sending the military into a mosque, into the third most holy Islam place of worship…
It saddens me and I try hard to not let it anger me.

Sharon K’s praying “that the situation with the Palestinians can be settled one day soon” is a motivation to do the same. It’s all I can do.

Friends in Tel Aviv are reporting horrific scenes of Israeli-Palestinian mobs fighting each other in the streets of the city. A vigilante type mentality is taking hold amidst the intermittent sounds of sirens, a rush to the bomb shelters and the periodic bombardment of Hamas rockets reining down on the populace. A true nightmare. It sounds like they are slowly descending into a state of civil war.

Israel Intensifies Attacks In Gaza As Conflict Enters Fifth Day

BBC News
May 14, 2021


Bob, thanks for the constitution update!

Bob- Thanks for the info. I truly appreciate it.

Saturday tomorrow at 1 pm here in Olympia, I’ll be signing some legal real estate documents under duress. I’d rather not, but I have to do it to protect my terminally ill wife.

Just read this and want to acknowledge that I saw it. It (to me and some others) is called bearing witness.

Thank You Sunstars.

The social psychological shift is interesting. Although pluto doesn’t move into Aquarius until 2024, the pandemic has certainly damaged the classist/racist myth of lazy, indolent, undeserving Brown and/or Black people mooching off of goverment programs.

Too many have directly seen the courage, grit, and tenacity of Black & Brown essential workers at personal risk dutifully serving in their posts while so many others are working from home. That shatters the mythical stereotype! I observe a new, far more positive and heroic image is emerging. The “welfare queen” (and/or king) is now the angel who stays on the job, risking their life to provide the various services we all need, delivering the food to our door, etc.

The death of the old mythical image, replaced by the newer, more heroic one opens hearts, opens the door psychogically for the US to evolve into a true social democracy, in harmony with the working policies of our sister & brother more developed nations.

Biden Just Dethroned the Welfare Queen


Bob, regarding your comment “If there had been no vote or if the required majority had never been reached the Constitution would be nothing more than ink on paper lost in the dustbin of history. It needed to pass by agreed upon vote terms to have meaning”

By that same logic, it seems to me the sibley chart should not be used as the prime usa chart because the declaration was also “ink on paper” until the war was won when the british surrendered 5 years later.
So is it possible that both origination and ratification dates for the constitution could have some validity?

One more post.

Use whichever chart you prefer for the Unite States kiwi. The Sibly (his spelling) chart is the first horoscope for the United States that I know of. It performs extremely well for the country’s [and the world’s] first manned landing on the Moon.

Necessary conditions were decided on for the document to become the governing Constitution. When they were met the document became effective. The chart for the recorded vote in Concord has the Sibly chart Sun on it’s MC squared by Sibly chart Saturn on the East Point (an exact square to the MC).

As if India needs more difficulties:
Cyclone Tauktae is expected to make landfall early Tuesday in Gujarat. I’m sure you knew this already. I don’t know where in India you are located, but please stay safe. Our thoughts are with you.

Bob, would you say that’s when the Constitution took its first breath, so to speak?

The Mogul in search of a Kinder Gentler Capitalism.
“A self-made multimillionaire who married into a revered European banking dynasty, Lynn Forester de Rothschild now spends her time calling for higher taxes on the wealthy, stricter regulation of big business and a wholesale reordering of the capitalist system that has delivered her such privilege.”

When our PM Jacinda became PM in 2017 her first Budget was called a Wellbeing Budget, and her constant phrase, especially during covid has been “be kind”.
I notice Binden has been talking about ‘kindness’ more lately too.
I wonder if a broader meaningful shift is beginning bubble up?

My post above, relative to “Biden Just Dethroned the Welfare Queen” essentially asks the same question, but in a different way. Are we seeing a social psychological shift toward kindness?

I think we are both observing the same thing. It appears, at least superficially, we are seeing the end of one archetypal paradigm, and the beginning of a healthier one. Presuming our observations are correct, let us hope this continues. Presently the signs are subtle.

“I don’t normally QT things like this, but this is important. @Reuters just partnered with TASS Russian News Agency. TASS is straight Russian propaganda. Now you see Reuters praising Putin? I hope the money was worth decimating all credibility.”


Hi Eliseo,

Yes. Thank you for your concern. I live approximately 150 miles inland; east of Mumbai (on the west coast. We were experiencing moderate winds (about 60 mph), occasional rain and consequently power outages over the past few days. Nothing too serious though. Just an inconvenience.

Bye bye Reuters. One less news source we can trust. Wonder which individuals within Reuters sold out to Russia. Hope they can be identified and exposed for who and what they are. Hopefully someone will report on Reuters, and continue to send it out loud and clear that now they are the enemy. So that they have no time to trick people by masquerading as real news, when in fact they are an extremely toxic and harmful Russian deception. Sad we have lost it.

Thank you Angellight

According to NPR, in 2020 TV was the main source of news for 73% of Russian citizens, compared to 94% in 2009. Russian TV news broadcasts only what the Kremlin tells them to. But a slowly increasing number of Russians are now relying on the internet to get news. This seems to me a gradual change of political consciousness taking place.

I’m curious. Do we have any Russians, or Russian speakers who follow this blog? Also, have any of you more experienced astrologers looked at Putin’s transits, or those for Russia lately?

The Russian Federation was established the night of December 25, 1991, (don’t know what precise time) which is interesting, as St Nicholas is Russia’s patron saint. Synchronicity?

Anticipating Pluto’s move into Aquarius by 2024, I am wondering how it will affect Russia and Russian/American relations. Surely, the pluto/aquarian portent of progressivism will affect all nations, albeit differently. Yes?

More and more I am automatically separating the Russian people from the Russian Government.

God help Navalny. The Russian people are right to love him.

Pictures I see of the countryside and of the wilderness of Russia and the surrounding areas are beautiful and peaceful…. I could really feel at home in that environment because those particular pictures look like British Columbia where I live.

The people there want the same things we do……

We have to identify the psychopaths BEFORE they wrest control and power……

I really believe a society of social democracy is coming…..

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

We can look to the Nordic countries to show us the way. Once we are ALL educated then our critical thinking skills will protect us.

There IS hope. The Norwegians saved themselves from the traitor Quisling. The Americans can save themselves from Trump and his ilk. Yes it is harder because the US has so much inequality, and Norway had far less at the time of Quisling.

Inequality, not immigration, is a reason for all the turmoil in the US.

However, in my opinion, if we have immigrants who solidly believe in inequality, and practice it – as in gender inequality and in the caste system – my fear is that our efforts to equality will be overwhelmed. Maybe not permanently.

Because of technology now…. we are talking and communicating with each other. That in itself lends to equality. However our wonderful tools of communication can be manipulated by bad actors. like Russia etc.

Equality and critical thinking skills will make us safe.

As for the demented part of the GOP, there’s more of US than of THEM. 🙂

The Clemente Project is worth looking up.

Clemente Project….> Very Interesting! Right up my alley as a humanities professor.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
I was unaware of it until you mentioned it.

I too have seen the Quisling parallel with Trump. I’ve often said trump as a noun and as a verb will change meaning akin to the quisling appellation once the dust from our kerfuffle has settled.

“Inequality, not immigration, is a reason for all the turmoil in the US.”
Yes! And also AI, automation & roboticization.

“However, in my opinion, if we have immigrants who solidly believe in inequality, and practice it – as in gender inequality and in the caste system – my fear is that our efforts to equality will be overwhelmed.”

Yes again! This has bern a consistent problem at Microsoft Redmond. All employees must go through anti-Harassment training, based on race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age-related, and of course sexual harassment. But many foreign born employees just go through the motions of it, particularly those from very culturally conservative, sexist nations, and/or religions. For a time, my wife had a Pakistani boss who believed women did not belong in the work place. It was horrible for her. It was much of the reason she left that job for another..

I wonder if the timing of the current Israeli escalation has anything at all to do with: a) Bibi’s pally relationship with kushner/trump and ?other corrupt forces, and is designed to make Biden look bad; b) distraction because of his own political woes; c) distraction and designed to scuttle new US talks around Iran nuclear issues
I am reminded of the mentality associated with the brute forces that trump enjoyed during the BLM, (anti corrupt police) protests last summer.

I am not sympathetic to the israeli war apparatus that seem ever increasingly to covet the homeland of another people, resulting in little more than endless generations of middle eastern children growing up with ptsd.

Re: Reuters joining Tass; i had to look it up because it just seemed inconceivable to me given all the disinformation campaigns that come from Russia. The dates to the articles i found are from June 1, 2020, when the orange pig face was still President which adds so much more to the story, imo.

That news plus the news that the Dem sponsored voting rights protections legislation is dead is ominous. I’m straining for hope that the midterms will see a blue tidal wave in spite of voting suppression and gerrymandering that will repudiate Trumpism.

Total SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius – May 26th – Extreme Intensity by Barbara Goldsmith

Video: 10 min 20 sec


Barbara sets the tone in this video by describing the exciting prospect of the TRUTH emerging because this eclipse is located in the sign of Sag (truth) squared by Jupiter (it’s ruling sign). Not mentioned, but equally important is the eclipses precise’ sesqui-quadrate (square and a half) to Mars (20 Cancer). Mars in turn forms an exact opposition to the January 10th, 2020 solar eclipse. So you see, there’s lots of explosive energy pent up in this eclipse. The question is, can we pinpoint how it will manifest?

Various reports in the news media are speculating that the New York DA’s office may be gearing up for some kind of legal move against Trump. Is an arrest warrant close at hand?

Trump Locked In Mar-A-Lago As Indictment Is Imminent

Video: 3 min 40 sec


An interesting discovery I made today. . . . . Trump’s Black Moon Lillith sits at 4 ’28 Sag. It’s within a degree of this May 26th lunar eclipse. Although written 9 years ago, the following article is relevant in so far as describing this aspect…..

The Lunar Illumination of Black Moon Lilith by Julia/ Sacred Familiar

NOV 27, 2012

Very early on Thursday morning (1.56am) we will experience a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and she is conjunct with Black Moon Lilith. Black Moon Lilith – our Dark Sister is often where we carry our wounds and fears around the Divine Feminine. Our Shadow is calling to be healed, embraced and understood. Yes this is a week of challenge and tests – do you dare look into the cave of your own heart? What fears keep you from looking, from healing – we are so afraid that we don’t dare step too close, we turn our face away. But to meet our fears with love and courage creates such a transformation that the light we carry with us into the cave allows us to see that our deepest fears are often our greatest teachers, often our brightest jewels.

Israel – needing a judgement of solomon
“Savage ironies are writ large in the intractable, never-ending Dante’s Inferno of the Israel/Palestine saga”

So disheartening and sad.

I’m praying for a cease-fire followed by peace negotiations and a 2-state solution. The U.S. and Europe need to take an active role!

Just saw a clip of netanyahu saying there was ‘a price for hamas aggression’ together with what looked like a half grin.
Like trump, he appeared to be delighted with the chaos.

Interesting development. An analysis on what is behind the New York AG’s announcement released today that the investigation into the Trump Organization has now been elevated from civil to criminal. . . .

Trump In Trouble? NY Trump Organization Investigation Is Now Criminal

Video: 5 min 30 sec


Trump is now in New Jersey for the next few months at his Bedminster resort. If he’s indicted during his NJ stay the Dem NJ governor, unlike Florida gov, Ron DeSantis, won’t make any effort to shield him from extradition.

I’m wondering what’s going on in his head. Indictment is not only possible, but highly probable in 3 different states. Is he so delusional as to believe he is immune?

Has anyone heard from Fe? To my knowledge, she has not posted here for a year or more.


Re: Trump taking up residence in his New Jersey resort for the summer.

From what I have gathered, Trump cannot be shielded from State extradition laws. It is a fanciful argument but ultimately it would not be a viable option because it would not stand up in a court of law. I think Trump prefers to be in the New Jersey area for fund-raising purposes. At least that is what I have read.

Yes, that’s what I’ve heard as well.
Although Florida has a law which allows the governor some discretion, i.e. to postpone an extradition for purpose of evaluation, one would think that unconstitutional if the request from another us state.

But knowing how obtuse and bellicose red, southern states can be, it would not surprise were DeSantis to refuse. It would not be the first time a governor or a state defied federal law, or the Constitution. It would also precipitate the kind of drama DJT dearly loves, giving him the opportunity to bellow, quite ironically, that his extradition was … unconstitutional.

In the long run I don’t see such a ploy being successful. Fed law “trumps” state law, and our DOJ under Merrick Garland will do whatever is necessary to enforce fed law.

Regardless, perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I think it most likely, whatever happens, Trump will spend his remaining days either in exile, or in jail.

For those interested in Richard Tarnas, i just found this video made in Feb and in it, towards the end he mentions a trine between Uranus and Pluto and a grand trine between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter towards the later years of the 2020 decade which gave me a renewed sense of hope. He didn’t talk much about it beyond mentioning it. I know its a ways off which makes sense if you consider that we are now in the crucible of transformation and we will need time for those transformational energies to work through us enough for us to reach a harmonious conclusion. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/lh_Iowub–0

Frank, a similar trine was in effect during WWII around D-Day, also when the US had a Uranus return. Both will take place simultaneously once again in the late 2020s. It means great progress but not without a historic upheaval.

Eliseo, it is likely Trump will be indicted in June under the combined effect of Mars opposite Pluto, Saturn square Uranus and the solar eclipse at or near his solar return. It is also probable that he will use delaying tactics until the Mars-Pluto conjunction in early 2022 when his trial should begin. Finally, he will try to whip his crowd into an even more unhinged frenzy when Pluto opposes US Mercury from mid-August to late November.

Joe Manchin, born August 24, 1947, Farmington, West Virginia. His Sun is 0 Virgo and he has a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo at 13-14+ degrees, likely trine his Sag Moon. Currently having a Jupiter transit exactly opp his Sun and in a powerful Saturn opp to his Sa-Pl conj now and again in Jan. I’m thinking this is affecting how he thinks about his career as a conservative and his affinity with bipartisanship and to the filibuster. I’m making a guess (and a prayer), that he is finally going to come to terms with Republican obstructionism v his idealism for bipartisanship and that by March of next year we will see movement on the filibuster from him. I think that he is beginning to wake up as he witnesses what has transpired in the House on the commission to investigate the insurrection on our Capital and McConnell’s recent hint at openness to the commission and now his opposition to it. For those of you who believe in sending light please consider sending him light to see more clearly and to strengthen him to do the right thing for our country. I believe he is in a critical period right now as he confronts his own beliefs as a conservative who values bipartisanship with the actual words and deeds of the Republicans.

Andre, historic upheaval leading to great progress…absolutely!

Does anyone have a good intuitive counselor, channeler, or “psychic” whose contact information they can share with me. I have used someone for over 30 years and she has been the best I’ve found, not always right about things but right often enough, as well as having given me great insights. I am now (thanks to the neptune transit of my mars/venus conjunction in the 10th house, no doubt), dealing with a very unusual, mysterious, hard to diagnose health situation that combines several diagnoses and realties over the years, now coming to a head in a sort of perfect storm. If you do have someone to recommend, Nancy has my email address and can forward your referral to me. Thank you so much, Sharon


Hope you get a great intuit/psychic lead and speedy recovery from your maladies.

Thanks, Will. Let me know if you think of anyone or, possibly, a friend might know. Hope all is well with you.

Wish I could help Sharon! I hope you find the solution and healing that you seek.
I have found the work and meditations of Joe Dispenza to be rather helpful, working at the cellular energetic level. Some of his lectures/workshops can be found at gaia.com
Sending blessings and wishing you all the very best.

Thank you so very much, kiwi xo. I will take a look at his stuff.

Frank, a historic upheaval could cost many lives.

Some thoughts about math, astrology, and reality:

As I sat in my car late this afternoon, I observed the effect of the wind through two quite large trees across the street from where I was parked. Hundreds of thousands of deep green leaves moved synchronously as the wind rushed through their branches.

Thinking mathematically, I observed we could hypothetically construct an equation, or series of equations for the movement of the leaves as a whole, but also for each and every individual leaf. It then suddenly occurred to me that math is a way of using numbers to oversimplify reality. But when we do so, we are also distorting reality. We tend to misinterpret our oversimplification as the “real” reality.

As far as we know, unlike other living creatures, we human beings consciously and/or unconsciously quantify what we perceive. It is a constant process which enables us to compare and contrast, to see opposites and the synthesis of those opposites.

In Ecclesiastes 1, in the KJV we read all is vanity, in the NIV, all is meaningless, but in some translations the phrase reads as all is vapor. I suspect the true and original message of Ecclesiastes 1 was NOT that all is meaningless, but that all our perceptions are distorted, i.e. what in eastern religion we would call maya. Perhaps some of you with better knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic, and possibly Greek might understand this more clearly than do I.

Of course, astrology is very mathematical, but unlike the scientistic (And No, I Don’t Mean Scientific) worldview, its oversimplifications are not usually interpreted dogmatically. We are always seeing new relationships and possibilities we had not seen before in the chart. The symbolism stimulates our intuituve imagination, enabling us to see relationships, events, and situations in unanticipated patterns.

I don’t think astrology enables us to see reality as it really is. We may by our nature be innately unable to do that, as the complexity and dimensional depth would be so overwhelming as to be disabling. But I observe it does lead us into our more intuitive capacities of and for perception.

I am curious. Anyone elses thoughts?


Regarding the power of intuitive perception (silent observation) I find J Krishnamurti’s writings quite profound and illuminating especially in his descriptions of nature. There is a book called The Notebook which can be downloaded for free in the PDF file format. I think you might enjoy it. Here’s the link. . . . . . . . .


Andre, i hope you’re not thinking that i am looking forward to upheaval, frankly, I’ve had enough of the upheaval from the last several years; and already, too many people have already died from the upheaval due to covid, and now due to the Israeli-Palestinian upheaval. I do clamor with all my being to be through all this upheaval and be alive (and healthy) with my husband to see the progress this is all leading to. I am noticing though that in the face of upheaval, there is cooperation and good will across humanity as we join together to mitigate the most awful aspects of upheaval, and i rejoice in that. Of course, there are those who refuse to cooperate and who even work to enhance upheaval, like those who refused to wear a mask out of stubbornness and I hope they finally grow up and join the rest of us.

Thank You for the suggestion and the link.
I read The First and Last Freedom in 1970, while in California and personally knew some of J.K’s associates from Ojai. Frankly, through the 70’s I seriously examined “the teachings” as he called them, as presented in books available, but came to disagree with much of his thinking.

I am currently re-examining the thought of a number of writers, including J.K. A very close personal friend and some former TS colleagues are moving through the thought of Gary Lachman, especially his tome, Lost Knowledge of the Imagination. My thinking partner and I are thinking through
Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, and the aforementioned G. Lachman tome in the context of one another’s thought. The two books are complimentary, and may possibly share some correlation and analagous thought with that of J.K. We shall see.

Through the past year my thinking, has evolved into unexpected avenues as part of a process of self transformation I only partially understand. Even my taste buds are changing! Foods I formerly liked have become distasteful to me, and vice versa. It will be interesting to see if I remain in disagreement, or not with J.K’s philosophy.


You wrote: that over time you “Came to disagree with much of his thinking”. Not to argue the fine points but perhaps that might be where the problem lies. When there is what JK terms “choiceless awareness” there is no cherry picking with ideas. There is only silence. Total silence. No thoughts. Personally, I’ve always delighted in reading his descriptions of nature. His narrative is often in the third person that conveys a certain detached observation. There”s so much beauty in it.


The Krishnamurthy notebook is a wonder. Thank you for sharing the link – I recognized the beach on its cover immediately – Montecito/Santa Barbara. Used to do silent retreats up there at what used to be the Jesuit property and walking along that stretch of beach was always refreshing- especially watching the visiting priests and nuns on retreats when they encountered the legendary nude bathers on that particular stretch. Always fun to see the reactions.


“Total SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius – May 26th – Extreme Intensity by Barbara Goldsmith”

The pull of the upcoming event you posted about is particularly palpable and troubling. May we all love ourselves and each other through it.


My, my, my. You have a very sharp eye my friend. The beach you described is quite feasible since Krishnamurti’s place of residence and foundation is in Ojai; very close to Santa Barbara.

Re: The May 26th Lunar Eclipse

This may be wishful thinking, but I wonder if this eclipse will be exacerbating Trump’s legal troubles with the eclipse’s t square to Trump’s progressed Sun (4 ’38 Virgo). Now what does that portend – indictment?

Wishful thinking? You’re ON it! Trump’s progressed Sun at 4″38….. 🙂

…Virgo..of course


If not May 26th, mid June certainly resonates. Based on various legal opinion; the Trump Organization’s CEO Allen Weisselberg is the pivotal key. If he flips (which his daughter in law insists he will), the game is over.

Marjorie Orr wrote a brief astrological piece on Weisselberg several years ago. The charts she provides is illuminating. Born August 15, 1947, Weisselberg’s natal Saturn/Pluto conj. at 13 Leo will be heavily impacted by the June 14th Saturn-Uranus square (13 Aq-Taurus). The Trump/Weisselberg composite chart’s Uranus at 21 Gemini will be conjoined by the June 10th solar eclipse (19 Gemini). Based on those two astrological events alone one can only surmise that we can expect fireworks in Trump world from late May to mid June. . . .

Allen Weisselberg – Trump’s Money Man Cuts A Deal/ 24th August 2018 by Marjorie Orr


Trump Cornered? Feds Trying To Flip Trump Org. Exec In Criminal Probe

May 21, 2021

Video 9 min 42 sec


According to Daniel Ellsberg, the US came closer to war with China over Taiwan in 1958 than was known at the time.


Jerry, June 14 is the Donald’s solar return.

Jerry, Eliseo, spiritual intuition is to me the highest form of knowledge. We all have it potentially, but most of us need to develop it through techniques such as long and regular stays in nature, yoga or meditation. It may take years to attain a spontaneous understanding of deeper levels of underlying reality, but it can be done. I believe that is what Krishnamurti was talking about, but I also think his writing was not the most helpful in my own journey.

In astrological terms, all outer planet transits can be seen as spiritual wake up calls destined to raise spiritual awareness and sent by a benevolent universe, possibly over many lifetimes.

Oh, and walking on a California beach while shocked by nude bathers should definitely help. Compassionate humor is highly spiritual.

Will, somewhere in Paradise Lost I remember a passage about the power of spiritual intuition over Satan. I hope I find it again some day.


“My, my, my. You have a very sharp eye my friend.”

Yes – it is spooky-accurate most of the time. It does not rise to photographic, but usually can bring up wicked-accurate visual recognition.

Andre – I’ve not read Paradise Lost. On my list now.


Re: Spiritual intuition.

You wrote: “We all have it potentially, but most of us need to develop it through techniques such as long and regular stays in nature, yoga or meditation.”

Yes. Quite right. Sometimes we can veer too far off into the theoretical side of things and inadvertently lose touch with ourselves and nature. Some grounding force is needed to put us on a feeling level. Being out in nature is always healing. Pets and/or animals are also a wonderful healing source in that regard. Their affection, being unconditional, helps to take us out of our head and into our immediate surroundings. Clearing out the mental debris in our heads that allows us to be “more in touch” is one of the most problematic challenges we ever have to face. But it is necessary if we are to become whole human beings. The Ho’oponopono prayer deals with this succinctly and beautifully:

Ho´oponopono/ Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len

Video: 5 min 52 sec


A lovely passage from Elizabeth Gilbert”s book Eat Pray Love comes to mind describing her determined, valiant efforts in this way.

“Every morning I walked the circumference of the island at sunrise, and walked it again at sunset. The rest of the time, I just sat and watched. Watched my thoughts, watched my emotions, watched the fishermen. The Yogic sages say that all the pain of a human life is caused by words, as is all the joy. We create words to define our experience and those words bring attendant emotions that jerk us around like dogs on a leash. We get seduced by our own mantras (I’m a failure . . . I’m lonely . . . I’m a failure . . . I’m lonely . . .) and we become monuments to them. To stop talking for a while, then, is to attempt to strip away the power of words, to stop choking ourselves with words, to liberate ourselves from our suffocating mantras. It took me a while to drop into true silence. Even after I’d stopped talking, I found that I was still humming with language. My organs and muscles of speech—brain, throat, chest, back of the neck—vibrated with the residual effects of talking long after I’d stopped making sounds. My head shimmied in a reverb of words, the way an indoor swimming pool seems to echo interminably with sounds and shouts, even after the kindergartners have left for the day. It took a surprisingly long time for all this pulsation of speech to fall away, for the whirling noises to settle. Maybe it took about three days. Then everything started coming up. In that state of silence, there was room now for everything hateful, everything fearful, to run across my empty mind. I felt like a junkie in detox, convulsing with the poison of what emerged. I cried a lot. I prayed a lot. It was difficult and it was terrifying, but this much I knew—I never didn’t want to be there, and I never wished that anyone were there with me. I knew that I needed to do this and that I needed to do it alone.

………….. . .On my ninth day of silence, I went into meditation one evening on the beach as the sun was going down and I didn’t stand up again until after midnight. I remember thinking, “This is it, Liz.” I said to my mind, “This is your chance. Show me everything that is causing you sorrow. Let me see all of it. Don’t hold anything back.” One by one, the thoughts and memories of sadness raised their hands, stood up to identify themselves. I looked at each thought, at each unit of sorrow, and I acknowledged its existence and felt (without trying to protect myself from it) its horrible pain. And then I would tell that sorrow, “It’s OK. I love you. I accept you. Come into my heart now. It’s over.” I would actually feel the sorrow (as if it were a living thing) enter my heart (as if it were an actual room). Then I would say, “Next?” and the next bit of grief would surface. I would regard it, experience it, bless it, and invite it into my heart, too. I did this with every sorrowful thought I’d ever had—reaching back into years of memory—until nothing was left. Then I said to my mind, “Show me your anger now.” One by one, my life’s every incident of anger rose and made itself known. Every injustice, every betrayal, every loss, every rage. I saw them all, one by one, and I acknowledged their existence. I felt each piece of anger completely, as if it were happening for the first now. You can rest there. It’s safe now. It’s over. I love you.” This went on for hours, and I swung between these mighty poles of opposite feelings—experiencing the anger thoroughly for one bone-rattling moment, and then experiencing a total coolness, as the anger entered my heart as if through a door, laid itself down, curled up against its brothers and gave up fighting. Then came the most difficult part. “Show me your shame,” I asked my mind. Dear God, the horrors that I saw then. A pitiful parade of all my failings, my lies, my selfishness, jealousy, arrogance. I didn’t blink from any of it, though. “Show me your worst,” I said. When I tried to invite these units of shame into my heart, they each hesitated at the door, saying, “No—you don’t want me in there . . . don’t you know what I did?” and I would say, “I do want you. Even you. I do. Even you are welcome here. It’s OK. You are forgiven. You are part of me. You can rest now. It’s over.” When all this was finished, I was empty. Nothing was fighting in my mind anymore. I looked into my heart, at my own goodness, and I saw its capacity. I saw that my heart was not even nearly full, not even after having taken in and tended to all those calamitous urchins of sorrow and anger and shame; my heart could easily have received and forgiven even more. Its love was infinite. I knew then that this is how God loves us all and receives us all, and that there is no such thing in this universe as hell, except maybe in our own terrified minds. Because if even one broken and limited human being could experience even one such episode of absolute forgiveness and acceptance of her own self, then imagine—just imagine!—what God, in all His eternal compassion, can forgive and accept.”

A free PDF file copy of her book Eat Pray Love can be accessed here……..


So sorry. I accidentally copied and pasted the URL Link of Ho’oponopono that begins at the 4 min 50 sec mark. Here’s the link that starts at the very beginning…..

Ho’oponopono new cleaning video Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len


Hi Jerry, thanks for posting Ho’oponopono! Here is another version, my favorite . . .

Hi Kiwi,

Thank you. Hope you don’t mind my saying so, but the version you shared struck me as similar to that of a Broadway musical. Nothing wrong with it mind you. The theme is all there. I just thought it amusing. To me it was a little bit of a distraction from the words. But the main thing is the intent. Most people will understand and “get it”

Jerry, I love Broadway ha ha ha ha


Saturn stations retrograde this morning at 13 ’31 Aquarius in close square to Uranus (11 ’57 Taurus). Significantly, it is precisely square Allen Weisselberg’s natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint (13 ’29 Leo) which may indicate a dramatic turning point of sorts. To me this suggests an unmistakeable “flip”. The outer manifestation may not be obvious until the exact Saturn Uranus square hits in mid June…….

Legal Intrigue Swirls Over Ex-Trump Exec Weisselberg: Five Key Points

The Hill
May 23, 2021

Why Are Investigators Looking At Weisselberg?

In a word: Trump. Prosecutors reportedly aim to “flip” Weisselberg, meaning gain his cooperation as a witness against the former president and his company, who are being looked at for an array of potential financial misconduct including criminal fraud.

As a top Trump executive for four decades, Weisselberg could prove an invaluable source of information.

According to Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law Jennifer Weisselberg, Trump and his financial chief were virtually inseparable when they worked down the hall from each other on the 26th floor of Trump Tower. She believes her former father-in-law’s testimony would be damning if he cooperates with investigators.

“You walk down the hall, it’s Allen-Donald, Allen-Donald — they don’t do anything separately,” she told The New Yorker. “Allen would know everything.”

Legal experts say a witness like Weisselberg could be crucial in any future prosecution of Trump or his company, particularly given how difficult it can be to secure a guilty verdict in tax-related cases.




Yes. Very cute. The film Chicago (starring Richard Gere) had a great tap dancing scene in it during the prosecution of a case. Very riveting. I think that is a good example of what you are saying. To be sure, Ho’oponopono carries a timeless message regardless of how it is presented..

Did you watch the Ho’oponopono video I posted?

Lest we forget, the June 5th Mars-Pluto opposition (26 Cancer-Capricorn) is rattling the cage of Trump’s natal Venus (25 Cancer). Translate that into tax revelations.

TRUMP’S LEGAL JEOPARDY: Psychic Astrology Reading by Evon Davis

Video: 10 min 25 sec


Jerry, yes to watching your Ho’oponopono video, and yes to loving Gere’s tap number! I used to tap myself LOL

Continued From Above

. . . . Before we get to that point however, that May 26th Lunar Eclipse offers some intriguing possibilities especially in light of that recent New York DA announcement to elevate their investigation to criminal.


Allegations of Trump tax evasion has brought Ivanka Trump under heavy scrutiny for some time now. Ivanka’s natal Mars at 5 Virgo semi-square natal Mercury (19 Libra) is in vulnerable square to the May 26th lunar eclipse (5 Sag) Mars semi-square (20 Cancer). See Ivanka’s natal chart and related article below:


Ivanka Trump May Be Pressured To Cross To Other Side

(Op-ed) Bill Blum
26th November 2020

If you’re a fan of TV crime procedurals, you’ve no doubt seen shows where detectives interrogate two suspects detained in separate and austere holding rooms. The object is to get one of the perps to snitch on his accomplice and “turn state’s evidence” in return for leniency.

The dramas may feature different actors and different crimes, but the essential script components are the same: The cops offer immunity, witness protection or some other kind of favorable treatment in exchange for a confession. The arrestees, however, remain defiant, and hang tough. Some sit stone-faced and silent. Others smirk and laugh. Still others hurl back insults, accusing the cops of incompetence and a rush to judgment.

Then, slowly, just before a big commercial break, the fear of doing hard time sets in. One of the suspects reconsiders the possibility that his confederate will cash in on the promise of a deal, leaving him alone to take the rap. The perp’s rough exterior cracks. Before you can say “case closed,” Miranda rights are waived, and the truth emerges.

In real life, the drill rarely concludes as quickly. And while some suspects invoke the Fifth Amendment and never agree to talk, others do. Just ask Rick Gates why he decided to testify against his former business partner Paul Manafort. Faced with the prospect of a lengthy prison term, Gates opted to save his own skin.

As Donald Trump’s desperate plot to subvert the election fails and the end of his presidency approaches, Ivanka Trump could face her own “state’s evidence” moment as a result of her role in her father’s sketchy business enterprises in New York.

According to the New York Times, both state attorney general Letitia James and Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. are investigating income-tax-avoidance schemes undertaken by the Trump Organization that involve questionable deductions claimed for “consulting fees” paid to Ivanka and other individuals and businesses.

Vance’s investigation is criminal in nature, while James’ inquiry is civil. The probes, per the New York Times, are being conducted independently, but they overlap. New subpoenas have been issued in each, seeking information about the consulting payments.

The subpoenas come on the heels of a blockbuster story published by the New York Times in late September that revealed Trump paid a mere $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency, and that he paid no income taxes in 10 of the 15 years prior to that.

Documents obtained by the New York Times also indicate that between 2010 and 2018, Trump wrote off “$26 million in unexplained ‘consulting fees'” as business expenses on his tax returns. The $26 million included $747,622 paid to an unidentified individual. That amount, it turns out, exactly matches income Ivanka listed as consulting fees on the 2017 financial disclosure forms she filed when she joined the White House staff.

As former New York City prosecutor Elura Nanos wrote in a recent column for the Law & Crime website, “This could be a problem, as Ms. Trump was an executive officer both of the company making the payment and the company doing the consulting. When a key person is on both sides of such a transaction, tax deductions could be illegal if the payments were inflated.”

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig, who worked for eight years as an assistant U.S. attorney prosecuting white-collar crimes, described Ivanka’s predicament more bluntly in a November 20 on-air interview, remarking:

“I used to do Mafia cases. This is exactly what they would do. If they wanted to take money out of a company and put it in the pocket of an individual, they would say, ‘We’ll just call it a consulting fee.’ That does not make it okay on its own. The question is did Ivanka Trump actually give consulting services worth $747,000? I mean, think about that.”

Ivanka reacted to news of the consulting-fee subpoenas in true Trump fashion, rage-tweeting:

“This is harassment pure and simple. This ‘inquiry’ by NYC democrats is 100% motivated by politics, publicity and rage. They know very well that there’s nothing here and that there was no tax benefit whatsoever. These politicians are simply ruthless.”



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