22nd Feb, 2021

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Keep the discussion going on here. What a world we live in!



From DU (none of these are my comments)

“This is a really bad morning for Trump. He just lost 3 cases. Taxes and 2 election cases, WI & PA.
A NY Grand Jury will see Trump’s Taxes right away. NBC’s Pete Williams, ‘This is it. This is the end of
the line for Trump’s lawyers.’

Supreme Court DENIES Trump request to review Wisconsin post-election recount case.

Supreme Court won’t take up challenge to Pennsylvania presidential election results

Although this does not bring back any of the 500,000 dead Americans.”

My comment is: Gloat, gloat, gloat away, my fellow Americans! I’m sure this fits in with some of the astrological scenarios painted by Nancy, Barb, Jerry, Beowulfie, Banks, etc.

An exciting video on the Mars landing.


The Martian rover is called Perseverance, an apt correlation for Mars in Taurus. The landing took place as Saturn in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, the sign of space exploration, and the planet of breakthroughs. Saturn and Taurus relate to land. The square is a preview of Pluto in Aquarius, as are the fading and weakening of Trump and the implosion of the GOP.

In my book, the Aquarian Age began on July 4 1776 and was confirmed in 1781 by two simultaneous events: the discovery of Uranus and the battle of Yorktown which brought a decisive end to the American Revolution. It intensified with two other major events a few years later: the French Revolution and when Washington took office and left it peacefully. It was gradually strengthened by the abolition of slavery in most countries, universal suffrage, women’s right to vote, civil rights, the rise of social democracy and gay marriage. Major Uranus aspects, such as the conjunction with Pluto in the 1960s, pushed it forward.

The recent Uranus square to Pluto was a major testing time and a reactionary period, but it is now all over but the shouting and only the clean-up remains. Pluto in Aquarius will be an entirely new, powerful and different set of advancements for major social progress. The next major test will be Uranus opposite Pluto in the 2040s but that too will be powerfully overcome. Nothing will stop the increasingly manifest and dynamic onset of social evolution in the Aquarian Age.

Thanks for the new thread Nancy, and thanks for keeping this site available to all of us to vent, to question and to grieve. Right now the Biden tribute to those 500,000+ people we have lost to Covid is happening and it reminds us of what we have been through, as Americans, and as people who have been traumatised by 4 years of Trump.

In a matter of 4 years we have evolved through an experience of the trashing of our values as a country, a pandemic that has killed thousands and keeps on killing, an assault on our country’s revered Capitol building and on the people we elected to govern this country, and we have leaned on each other – and you – to express our shock and grief, and most of all, our anger over all that’s happened.

I speak for everyone I’m sure, when I say this blog is the therapy that keeps us within the borderline of sanity, and of hope that we will make the devastation we, as a whole, have been through into a learning experience, and not a breakdown of stability and dependability; and I’m not even counting the insane snow experience, the worst of which hit the poor Texans! I got to drive my car for the 1st time in 9 days today, which I could not even get to due to all the ice (broken water pipes, etc.) between me and her (I call her Carla).

So, hip – hip – hooray for Nancy, her astrology, and her service to humanity!

I completely concur with your last February 22, 2021 posting.
Thank You Barb. Thank You Nancy.


What barbk said except that I lost my mind a long time ago. Its not as bad as one might imagine.

Grazie mille!

This is SO GREAT!


“Florida official tells offices to disregard DeSantis order to lower flags in Limbaugh’s honor” – Apparently, she does not have to answer to him!

Sharon K,

It is indeed SO GREAT!

And to add to the stinger in DeSantis’ ass and Limbaugh’s turning in his grave, Nikki Fried is a nice, Democratic Doctor of the the Law and nice Jewish woman no-less! Schadenfreude baby! Can’t beat it with a stick! We gottcher’ Passover right here DeSantis!

A few things…

Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon K!

And also,

Natal Charts for Mars Rovers… on Mars — Including Perseverance!


How’s this for extra-terrestrial astrology? These charts are actually cast for the landings ON Mars. No Mars in the chart per se, but Earth is, and also Phobos and Deimos.

A new type of astrology is being born as we move further into space exploration and eventual colonization.

Finally, Andre, I love your posts on the 2060s and your forward view on time and humanity. I will share my own thoughts when I have the opportunity.

Thanks, BuckeyeShadow 🙂

Love your description of what happened, Will.

barbk, excellent post at 7:08pm and I couldn’t agree more — thank you Starlight and everyone for such interesting and insightful posts which have definitely been therapeutic over the past few years.

Thanks to Nikki Fried and now other Florida officials speaking out against moRON DeSantis wanting flags lowered for that horrible Limbaugh. This from the mayor of Oakland Park:
“By compelling Florida cities to honor the man who made a career of sowing political division through bigoted and racist statements, Gov. DeSantis is turning our flag into a decoration for his own political theater,” Bolin said.

Can’t remember where I heard this so I can’t take credit, but when someone passes it’s nice to say “May their memory be a blessing” but in Rush’s case, perhaps it’s more appropriate to say “May his memory be erased”!

I would imagine Limbaugh has gotten a deplorably poor life review by the Akashic recorders. When the Unmentionable One placed the Medal of Freedom around Limbaugh’s neck, I just about had an aneurysm. Insanity!

Andre, on Feb 20 (prior post), you commented, “The earth sciences, including geology, geophysics and geography, are surely research priorities for the government of Canada.”

Sorry, I beg to differ. My understanding is that Canada is deeply beholden to industrial interests in all the resource industries, and that pure research is the farthest thing from its ‘mind’. Yes, there is pure, independent research, but not enough of it and Canada (imo) is falling into the pit of lobbyist influence peddling just like many other supposedly forward looking countries.

However, you won’t find that printed in the MSM or press in the US or Canada. To get the picture, you would need to read far more widely and deeply, with some expertise in the industries to boot. Hard to find what’s hidden in plain sight.

It’s a long time past the days when Canada was an industry innovator and had control over its own agenda. The US industries (like oil and gas speak) loudest in Canada, which has joined the cohort of countries that talk the talk, but don’t spend (or have) government money to independently walk the talk. It can be seen in the financial fine print in lengthy reports, but not in plain language in the open, and certainly not in a form that ordinary folks understand.

Just my rant about the penetration of industrial interests into all facets of many nations’ (read the people’s) affairs. Health care among them.

Treason, Sedition, and Insurrection: What’s the Difference?

Contrawise: Fantasies Are Not Theories

This author makes the point bizarre political fantasies should not be elevated to the status of “theory.”

Beowulfie, one does not exclude the other. Canada is in many ways an oil state and the decline of the fossil fuel industry will have critical effects on this country, particularly in the West and the Atlantic province of Newfoundland, which has many off-shore rigs and has come to depend on oil revenues as much as Alberta. Both provinces have been as highly mismanaged as Texas. Newfoundland is relying on Ottawa and all Canadian taxpayers to avoid bankruptcy, and I suspect so will Alberta. The impacts on Toronto’s stock exchange and financial services industry will also be severe.

At the same time, Canada has undeniable expertise in the earth sciences and has made them a priority in government funding of university research. This funding is quite extensive and aligned with federal interest. My point in response to Eliseo’s musings on geophysics is that Canadian research in this field is extensive partly because the magnetic pole, while mobile, is often in Canadian waters.

Barbk, I also fully agree with your 7.08pm post.

The plan to rename 44 public schools in San Francisco has been put on hold. It is fascinating that it got this far.


Trump made 1.6 billion$ while President.


Andre, as to Canada, I sometimes look at the chart for the day Queen Victoria signed the charter that legally brought Canada into existence. This was after the BNA Act was passed on March 29, 1867 by the British parliament, when she actually signed it and proclaimed it into law. The signature is known to have been done on the afternoon of May 22, 1867, so that date may be used as the ‘correct’ birthday, although Victoria ordered the Dominion of Canada to take effect on July 1, 1867 (the birth date celebrated by the public).

Unfortunately, no exact time is known for Victoria’s signature. There is only an entry in the day book for Windsor Castle on May 22, 1867. The handwritten notation reads: “After luncheon saw the Duke of Marlborough, before holding a Council for the declaration of the N. American Province under the new name of Canada.”

So, Victoria signed the British North America Act on May 22, 1867, most likely in the early afternoon. Very British to get business done after lunch with one of the highest lords in the land, before tea time!

When you run a chart for approximately 2:30pm (best guess) on May 22, 1867, the result is much different than Canada’s ‘public’ chart for July 1, 1867.

For one thing, Canada’s Venus is at 28 Aries and rules the Ascendant (4 Libra). Venus is located in the 7th house of opponents/enemies, right on the cusp of the 8th house (the 8th being mostly Taurus, an earth sign).

Venus is the planet that rules beauty and financial resources, but in Canada’s chart the remarkable thing is that it almost completely lacks aspects. Venus’ sole aspect is an inconjunct (150 degrees) to Ceres, which is located at 28 Scorpio in the 2nd house of finance (conjunct Saturn, the planet of business, also in the 2nd, at 20 Scorpio). In addition, the separation between Venus and Ceres is extreme – the difference is 0 degrees, 01 seconds!

This close relationship heightens the importance of Ceres, but Venus has the disadvantage of having no other associates (positive or negative) to offset or balance it in the chart. Ceres, being conjunct Saturn, too, is set up to be “mined” in Scorpio, from the house of wealth, while Scorpio is the natural sign of the 8th, the house of the underground. Pluto is the natural ruler of Scorpio and it is a planet that means ‘business’ in every way.

There’s no doubt that Canada is known for its natural beauty, but on the financial side, not so much for the benefit of the people or the earth, for that matter. The Venus/Ceres relationship is particularly uncomfortable because the inconjunct generally represents separation, not cooperation.

And there’s no doubt that Canada is being systematically mined and separated, bit by bit, from its natural resources, abundant as they are.


In short, it appears that Canada is true to its chart and its history to date. It was set up for colonial exploitation and is being exploited to this day. In fact, Canada is widely known as one of the ultimate nations for resources, like the Congo. Canada is not appreciated internationally these days for her prior roles in supporting Britain during WW1 & 2, or for her prior peace keeping role (UN, Lester Pearson etc.) However, this is not meant to denigrate Venus or Ceres and their links to the arts and to sensible living standards!

Having Venus with no aspects except one is a remarkable thing in a nation’s chart. Geographically, all you have to do is peek at a map and it’s obvious that Canada’s population hangs along the 49th parallel, intimately connected to everything that goes on in the US. Meanwhile the US and other nations look toward Canada’s water and natural resources, and the exploitation thereof. That’s where the business side of Venus comes in. Ceres gets what’s left.

Furthermore, allowing for the inaccuracy of the birth time of the May 22, 1867 chart, Canada’s Moon in Capricorn in the 4th house (homeland) opposes Uranus in Cancer (sign ruled by the Moon) in the 10th house of executive rulership.

So, Canada’s Moon is opposed by Uranus, which rules technology. How likely is Uranus to ‘help’ Canada? As an air planet, Uranus is not super happy in a water sign, so a lot of what goes on is “underwater” where folks don’t know what’s really going on. It is interesting to note that historically the government of Canada, like the UK, functions a great deal behind closed doors. Make no mistake, this is a much different country than the US, which hangs out its linen for all the world to see (both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness).

Canada is a fine country, and there’s more to it than water, mountains, prairies and rocky coastlines. But the chart (imo) says the beauty and tourist brochures obscure what is really happening in her coal mines, oil and gas fields, forests and the soils of Mother Earth, Ceres. Enough said.

Boewulfie, most interesting analysis and chart for Canada. I am grateful. I will save your post for future reference.

Beowulfie, I have a question. The 1867 chart for Canada is for a self-governing British colony. The independence chart is the Statute of Westminster passed by the British Parliament on 11 December 1931. Typically, this law doesn’t even mention independence; it simply is an abdication of Westminster’s legislative jurisdiction over Canada and a half-dozen other countries. I have no time for its activation in Canada, but I know it only went into effect after WWII in Australia and NZ. It also applied to Ireland before it unilaterally became a Republic in 1937 and to South Africa, and even Newfoundland which never activated it but chose to become a Canadian province in 1949 after remaining a British colony during the war. India and Pakistan were excluded and became independent in 1947.

Canada dates its independence to 1931 but still its national holiday is July 1, when the 1867 Act came into effect. What is interesting about the 1931 chart is a tight Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-square. To me, the strong presence of Uranus in both charts is the Quebec factor, which has provided much excitement, innovation and drama to the Canadian federation.

Another major chart would be 17 April 1982 when the Queen signed a new Constitution without Quebec’s consent, which is a historical grievance to this day. These very important constitutional amendments included the Charter of Rights, similar to the US Bill of Rights but with add-ons related to language and minority rights, including rights of native peoples, and patriation of the amending procedure, which was the only power retained by the British parliament after 1931, which could only be used at the request of the Canadian government and was used for the last time in 1982. The only constitutional link remaining with the UK is the monarchy and I’m working on that publicly.

The 1982 chart includes a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. This re-birthing of Canada’s Constitution was then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’ lifework; he was Justin’s father and had a late Libra Sun directly impacted by the conjunction. Justin is the guardian of his father’s constitutional legacy, which is likely to soon be challenged. Last year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn activated the 1982 and 1931 charts as well as the July 1 1867 chart’s MC. I will look at your 22 May 1867 chart closely. My question is what time would you use for the 1931 chart?

Beowulfie, Queen Elizabeth II signed the 1982 Constitution Act, which was the last British law applying to Canada, in Ottawa (shortly after noon, I believe).

When transiting Mars was conjunct transiting Pluto last year starting a new 2-year cycle, both were opposite US natal Mercury. Mars symbolizes action, and Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth, and Mercury symbolizes communication.

At that time the transiting Moon at 20+ Pisces, where today’s transiting Neptune is right now, was sextile transiting Venus at 19+ Taurus. Moon symbolizes the People and Venus symbolizes what is valued, and a sextile symbolizes a harmonious relationship and cooperation.

From this we can assume that the People and their values were compatible at the time Mars was conjunct Pluto, however, the Mars-Pluto opposition to US natal Mercury suggested that harmony was not going to last, which brings me to transiting Neptune which is now where the transiting Moon was at the time trans. Mars and Pluto were conjunct last year on March 23, 2020. Neptune can really confuse things.

Back then, the trans. Moon and trans. Venus were forming a Yod with the US natal Juno and she, Juno, opposes the US natal Chiron, so today’s transiting Neptune (where the Moon was on March 23, 2020) is activating that Moon sextile Venus in the Mars-Pluto cycle that began almost a year ago, and that Moon (+ trans. Neptune)-Venus is activating their Yod with US Juno which opposes US natal Chiron, and altogether, that is what’s called a Boomerang.

What is happening in the Senate hearing re: the attack on the Capitol Bldg. is affected by that Mars-Pluto cycle – a conjunction that opposed US natal Mercury (communicating), a cycle that had a Moon sextile Venus that formed a Yod with US Juno that opposes US Chiron.

Transiting Neptune, the Great Confuser (sometimes expressed as lies) is distorting the Moon (the People) that was sextile Venus, that formed a Yod with US Juno that became a Boomerang with the addition of US natal Chiron last year.

Truths are being distorted thanks to transiting Neptune, but I believe it is part of the process of the Mars-Pluto cycle, which is part of a bigger process that involves several cycles between pairs of transiting planets that will play out over the next couple of years, leading us through the US Pluto Return. Expect to hear distortions of the truth and know that it serves a purpose we can’t see right now. We are meant to be confused for some reason. Don’t let it get you down.


Again, your posts on the 2060s have been on my mind quite a bit. I have long seen this time as a transition point for humanity. Really, the whole period is something like 2040 to 2080, beginning Mid-Century and finally reaching some new equilibrium. Well, for a few decades anyway.

The keynote transit of the 2040s is the Uranus-Pluto Opposition, Uranus in Virgo to Pluto in Pisces, basically the “Full Moon” of the 1965-66 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction in Virgo, and the next hard aspect after the recent Uranus-Pluto Square of 2012-15.

In addition to Uranus returning to Virgo for the first time since the 1960s, and Pluto moving into Pisces for the first time since the late 1790s, Eris will finally make her ingress into Taurus for a period of years starting in 2044 after spending more than 120 years in Aries.

You noted the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of 2053, in Pisces.

The Neptune-Pluto Square–Gemini to Pisces–takes place in 2061-64. Neptune also returns to Gemini for the first time since the 1880s-90s. Such is the span of this cycle that the first quarter square happens only after 170 years.

Pluto enters Aries in 2068, starting a whole new cycle of its own.

And then the closing Uranus-Pluto Square–Capricorn to Aries this time (a reverse of the previous square) from 2072-75.

That’s a ton of energy packed into a couple of decades, to say the least. (And I know I’m leaving off some of the Saturn-Pluto, Eris, and Uranus-Neptune transits.)

Mass-migrations for sure due to climate change, coastal flooding–all of that Pisces energy around mid-century, and yet some places won’t have nearly enough H2O. The U.S. Southwest really comes to mind. Some areas will simply be too hot and dry, and some are likely to just burn, burn, burn.

I believe we will see government collapse, entire cities abandoned, and some states and countries as well, particularly in arid regions towards the equator where temperatures exceed safe wet-bulb thresholds for human beings. I don’t see how Phoenix, Tuscon, and Las Vegas remain habitable under these conditions where higher 100 F+ temperatures will increasingly be the norm. And all the bullshit and bravado of Texas won’t save it from future crises anymore than was the case during the recent polar vortex.

Coastal cities as well will suffer, though, and much could be lost to rising tides. What happens to DC, NYC, Philly, etc. not to mention Florida?

You mentioned the madness that the Neptune-Pluto Square would bring, Andre. I don’t doubt it one bit. Literally, Neptune in Gemini in square to Pluto.

Lots of northward migration. The big irony in the US is how many hundreds of billions of dollars we have sank into building out infrastructure and population in the the South and West regions of the country, emptying out the Northeast to some extent, and the Midwest far more so. In 20-50 years, the often maligned and neglected cities of the north, particularly Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Milwaukee and others around the Great Lakes Basin will likely experience a resurgence in significance if not a full-on renaissance if for no other reason than the masses of people moving northward to flee the more extreme effects of climate chaos.

And for greater irony, imagine Americans being refugees into Canada, which many millions will no doubt seek to be.

Andre, I don’t have any better a time for the 1931 chart than you do, and it’s even hard to get a precise time for the 1982 chart, which event was broadcast to the public on TV. I’ve looked but still have not found the exact time (no time stamps then on TV maybe?). All the same, the original birth time still stands alongside the others. First out of the chute and all that.

Buckeye Shadow – good point about the irony of Americans heading north. Quite probably it will happen – they own half the industries in Canada via public companies headquartered in NY already. You don’t need astrology for that. How can migrations be avoided if the climate pressure is intense enough? Of course people would go north, especially if Canada doesn’t get any more clout than it has now to keep Americans out — although I suspect Canadians won’t be very pleased to be inundated by masses of displaced people.

The really interesting thing would be to see the transformation in the political scene with major migrations. Will it develop more of the present Canadian parliamentary model, or will it be displaced with an American one?. Depends on how long it takes, I suppose.

Edgar Cayce had things to say about climate and earth changes – I don’t recall if he said anything about political changes. I’ll dig out the books and refresh my faded memory of what he said.

Haven’t been able to be on recently, hope everyone’s doing ok. My birthday is Saturday, I think someone here might have a birthday then too, I do believe it’s s a full moon. I have been going through so much , wow, intense, my birthdate is 02/27/1967 at about 900 am. I believe I am a Taurus rising. Pisces sun. Libra moon.


Hopefully the Canadian model of government prevails. The US model is clearly in dire need of an overhaul. The Republican Party in a healthy and functional multi-party system would be a fringe extremist party at best with maybe only a few seats filled by people like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene as a pressure valve for the nutjobs, and also to serve as a reminder for the rest of us of what crazy looks like. It would not be entrenched as it is now, in so many states and within striking distance of Congressional control, with the ability even sans that majority to cause great harm and undermine the country over its rancid tribalism, totally bonkers Conservative ideology, and enthrallment to a raving lunatic. Who would ever knowingly adopt such a system today that produces these godawful results?

Honestly, the time to start thinking about moving further north is now. I’m actually looking into it, ever so casually. I’m already in Ohio, but if you have followed any of our politics here, then you know the GOP is firmly in the drivers seat in this state politically, and seems very much hell-bent on driving the whole thing over the cliff into the abyss because it thinks that’s the path to Heaven. Oh, and passing ever more Draconian restrictions on abortion as if there were a reward for doing so. I wish I were joking. Relatively speaking, Canada looks like an enlightenment paradise just across Lake Erie.

I have told people for years that they can have at places like Phoenix, Texas, and Florida to their heart’s desire, but don’t expect them to be viable places to live in by mid-century, if not by the late 2030s-early 2040s.

My guess is the masses gradually start catching on in terms of conscious awareness regarding the ramifications of climate change about 5-10 years from now. What just happened in Texas is an early preview of how such challenges may happen, and also the utter embarrassment of Conservative Republicans and the ideology of rugged cowboy individualism that toxically pervades so much of US masculine identity.

Neptune at the nadir of the US chart, then reaching and transiting the IC into the US fourth house mid-decade, followed by the third US Uranus Return is going to challenge and dissolve a lot of our established understandings about home, including our state boundaries and what America truly is and truly isn’t.

Barring some radical breakthroughs and mainstreaming in life extension technology, I don’t expect to see the worst of what’s ahead in my current incarnation, though I’ve always said I would love to live long enough to see Pluto make it back into Aries and ignite a new cycle of transformation. Well, maybe, or maybe not. Regardless, I’m curious what that next cycle generation of firey initiators and pioneers will be taking on the emerging world of that time. It could be a warlike period amidst climate change and mass dislocation of hundreds of millions of people, with people and nations staking land claims in the extreme latitudes–Northern Canada, Siberia, Alaska, and the Norwegian nations, as well as Antartica.

A more ideal version of this, of course, would be going into space and establishing human civilization off world. I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that Star Trek’s Zephram Cochrane, the creator of warp drive, successfully conducts his test run of it in 2061, during the Neptune-Pluto Square.

One of the most important and profound transits of the 22nd century is the Neptune-Pluto Opposition from 2137-2141. Pluto then will have returned to Gemini, while Neptune will be in Sagittarius. At a glance, it appears to be an epic clash of the ages, where factual knowledge and matters of faith face off during a decisive period of conflict, which may counterintuitively lead to understanding and integration, and the true spiritual awakening for humanity that Andre has spoken of. This period will also mark the full moon “zenith” phase of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891-92 in Gemini, the seed that gave birth to our modern civilization. This makes the Neptune-Pluto opening square of 2061-64 all the more significant as a decisive checkpoint in our development progress, or perhaps lack thereof.

It’s fascinating to me in that it is very early to envision such a world and time nearly a maximum human life span later, so far removed from our current one and our lives; few if any children born today will be alive then to experience it, and even then they will be of very advanced age, in their 100-teens, if not 120s. Yet we can see the pattern and the movement of spirit, even if we can’t fully know and comprehend its temporal form.

On Election Day, 2020, transiting Pluto was at 22+ Capricorn trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Last week when all the power outages were happening in Texas transiting Mars was at 21-22 Taurus, making a grand trine with the Election Pluto and US natal Neptune.

Do you suppose there is a connection between Texas and the Election and the US Neptune going on and it is telling us something? Maybe Texas should vote for Democrats and get on the grid?

Repubs are holding on to the trump lie, undoubtedly due to the Mercer Millions, and Millions, and Millions.
Best case scenario for taxing the uber wealthy.

“I have told people for years that they can have at places like Phoenix, Texas, and Florida to their heart’s desire, but don’t expect them to be viable places to live in by mid-century, if not by the late 2030s-early 2040s.”

Me too. Although I grew up in Texas, in part because of what I perceived coming climatologically, and politically I moved to WA State in 1988. I’ve long expected an eventual diaspora of Am. Southerners and Southwesterners moving northward precisely for the reasons you’ve also anticipated, and likely in the same time frame if not sooner.

The “canary in the coal mine” will be the insurance companies. They’ve been knowingly and gradually raising their fees, but will eventually abandon entirely the southern third of the contiguous 48.

I temporarily went back to Texas to finish some graduate work, and take care of my very ill mother, and after she died, her estate. Upon finishing that process I returned home to the PNW, and am grateful to be here every day.

Another reason I chose the PNW is because I felt that any project, society, or family I create here will not have to relocate decades from now. That’s a burden I felt unnecesssry to leave to those who might inherit what I might establish or found.

Twenty to twenty-two percent of the world’s fresh water is in the Great Lakes. Although it is presently lacking economically and politically, eventually, the Great Lakes area will be one of the better places to live and work in N. Am. It will also be warmer.

I don’t think it necessary or desirable for the US to adopt the Westminster parliamentary system. It would be far easier, and avoidant of constitutional trauma were we to adopt one or more forms of proportional representation. When the time comes, amendments will be adopted in the name of modernization, and citizens will be eager to get them done. With the unfolding implosion into madness of the R’s, more and more are seeing the folly of only Dems and R’s. There will eventually be broad agreement we must absolutely rid ourselves of our two party system.

It is possible we may need to evolve our government into a semi-presidential system utilizing the president-parliamentary subtype. However the system needs to evolve, may well depend on how we integrate artificial intelligence into our political, economic, and personal lives.

Such a change might be concomitant with the establishment of a new capital city and states arrangement. With much of DC under water, as well as significantly altered coastlines, I expect many might then be ready for such changes. By then, we’ll all have a pretty different geography.

I don’t see us full-on adopting a Westminster-style parliamentary system either, Eliseo. But multi-member legislative districts, ranked choice voting, and abolishing the electoral college are all substantial pro-democratic reforms, and don’t even require a serious reworking of our constitution to put them into place.

As for relocating the US capital, I feel like that will only happen after some very serious attempts at flooding mitigation for both Washington and New York in particular. Before that, I suspect we will see more decentralization of administration functions, particularly to Great Lakes cities like Chicago, Cleveland and Minneapolis. Washington could very well continue to function, but as more of a ceremonial seat of government than an actual one.

One nice thing about the PNW is that, although far north, it doesn’t snow much and doesn’t get all that cold.

BuckeyeShadow, thank you for the fascinating posts. There is much there to think about.

About systems of government, I guess the neighbor’s grass is always greener. A few Canadian provinces have toyed with the idea of proportional representation to no avail. A referendum in British Columba failed although the idea got significant support. It also failed in the UK as I recall. Here in Quebec, we are supposed to vote on a mild and mixed form of regional PR next year but it is not expected to pass. Most voters are wary of losing their local Member of Parliament and having Members selected in a manner they do not understand even if they are told it would be more democratic.

In addition, the Supreme Court of Canada has decided about 30 years ago that the British parliamentary system is implicitly tied into the constitutional monarchy, which means foreign innovations such as wholesale PR or an American-style separation of powers with executive presidents and governors would have to be accepted by all 10 provinces and the federal Parliament, which is impossible. The parliamentary model is locked in as long as there is a King or Queen of Canada, which may not be forever but will remain a few more years.

One thing strikes me about the Uranus-Pluto opposition bringing the conjunction to fruition in the 2040s. The Quebec independence movement is a product of the conjunction in the Sixties, having been based on the Algerian war of independence against France that ended successfully in 1962. The goal of independence might be achieved at the opposition. So far, the movement has been sensitive to Uranus-Pluto aspects as well as pivotal aspects to Canada’s Saturn-Pluto opposition. The coming Uranus and Pluto aspects this decade to that opposition will likely bring greater autonomy for Quebec, but full independence may have to wait the millions of Americans at the gates who will be climate refugees.

Quebec has long accused Canada of trying to dilute its culture and identity in one of the world’s highest immigration rates. Proportionately, both Quebec and the rest of Canada receive a higher proportion of immigrants than the US or anywhere else in the Western world.

RE: your 8:19 pm post.
All, very good points. I concur entirely. Your thinking on these matters is lucid, and prescient. BTW, I consistently find your astrological analyses and insights fascinating and illuminating.

“Breaking NBC: The Biden admin will release an intelligence report Thursday that concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”


It appears the US “friendship” with Saudia Arabia is about to end, and/or radically change in some way. I’ve been expecting this. I’m wondering how quickly this will proceed.

Eliseo: LOL; Soon, very soon. As long as there are tyrants and murderers, there can be no friendship.

Lawyers have found parents of 105 separated migrant kids in past month

https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/lawyers-have-found-parents-105-separated-migrant-children-past-month-n1258791 via @nbcnews

I believe the tensions between Dems and R’s will probably intensify. The 139 Republicans in Congress who voted to reverse the election results need to be expelled. If they are not expelled, they will push their madness far further, making their mandatory departure even more essential.

Meanwhile, Dems need to use their majority to outlaw the voter suppression efforts various state legislatures will soon enact.

I hope I am wrong, but I believe these radical Trumper R’s will not stop pushing their anti-democratic laws and actions until they themselves are either dead or behind bars.

Unfortunately, it takes a 2/3 vote to expell a member of Congress. There is no way that will happen for those 139.

Well, this is interesting . . the Full Moon on Saturday morning at 8+ Virgo will square the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, but trine the TRANSITING Uranus at 7+ Taurus.

Transiting Chiron at 7+ Aries will be in a sextile with transiting Saturn at 8+ Aquarius and together they form a Yod with the Virgo Full Moon which will have to adjust to some uncomfortable situation; something to do with healthcare (Virgo) perhaps.

Meanwhile, the US natal Uranus in Gemini will be trine the transiting Saturn in Aquarius and also sextile the transiting Chiron in Aries. Perhaps a source of more vaccine from friendly countries?

Then there is the transiting Jupiter (foreign countries) at 16+ Aquarius in this Full Moon chart that is trine the transiting North Node at 16+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini) and all will form a grand trine with the US progressed retrograde Mars at 17+ Libra.

US prog. Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn don’t forget.

the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) in a T-square with transiting Sun, symbol of consciousness. at 8+ Pisces and the Full Moon at 8+ Virgo is going to be a thorn in the side for something or someone, but, perhaps even more importantly, it will activate the Neptune-Pluto cycle which began at 8+ Gemini, conjunct US natal Uranus, 130 years ago.

The chart for that cycle had Venus at 27+ Cancer (opposite US natal Pluto) square Uranus at 27+ Libra (square US natal Pluto).

At the Full Moon on Saturday morning, transiting Pluto at 25 Capricorn 59 will be a hairbreadth away from the US natal Pluto, and therefore . .

. . the 130 year old square between Venus and Uranus that completed a T-square with US natal Pluto, at the time trans. Neptune and Pluto were conjunct US natal Uranus in Gemini (that will T-square Saturday morning’s Sun-Moon opposition) is a really big deal and a long time coming. I will be holding my breath for this one.


The animalistic level of violence exhibited in the January 6 attack on the Capitol Bldg. reveals the Plutonian origins of that violence and the level of the motivation of that group. Transiting Mercury (mentality) at 27+ Capricorn was conjunct the US natal Pluto (basic instinct) at the time of that attack.

The ascendant of the Attack chart was at 16+ Taurus, trine the transiting Sun (consciousness) at 16+ Capricorn and the US natal Panacea (a remedy for all ills) at 16+ Virgo. What we witnessed was the basest of the base of US mentality, the coursest of the course, where transformation must begin.

Those people saw their problems being solved by trashing the papers of the Congress and even more gross acts, and by hanging the VP. This was our wakeup call; it was the lowest level of the low acting out, and therefore it must be a Plutonian effort that purges the disease that runs deep in the country. Not a job for the weak.

Perhaps that’s why we have lost so many of the elderly and the weak to Covid. This is a job that requires great strength.

barbk, tomorrow is the beginning of CPAC and instead of ultra-right-wing policy, it is all about the stolen election culminating in trump addressing the group Sunday. I fear we are about to enter a new dimension of the twilight zone.

Here is a picture of the Golden Trump/Golden Calf statute to be on display at CPAC.


many comments on this on Twitter under golden calf as the search.

An anti-inflammatory drug could provide another option for Covid-19 patients who don’t get better on standard therapies, doctors say.

https://www.wsj.com/articles/rheumatoid-arthritis-drug-shows-promise-in-fighting-covid-19-11614029399?reflink=desktopwebshare_twitter via @WSJ

The Republican Party continues to demonstrate how bankrupt it is. They have no ideas, no policy, no faith in America. All they have is Trump.

What will they do when he dies?


“Journalist Tim O’Brien, who’s seen Trump’s taxes, thinks Trump’s accountant will now flip in D.A. inquiry”

…reason being that all involved committed criminal acts, including the accountant – such as inflating building worth, etc.

Climate change: the impact of the weakening of the Atlantic currents on the next century.


I fear you are right silcominc, the twilight hour, er zone, is upon us and we must prepare ourselves to witness the ignorance (if not the evil) that lies at the belly of the beast. By that I mean the Trump party, formerly the Republican party. All part of the purging process.

My apology for mispelling coarse, but hopefully readers knew what I meant.

Younger people despise Trump and are blaming the Republican Party for circling its wagons around him.


I’m not a fan of inter-generational warfare. Plenty of people of all ages see Trump for the troublemaker he is and are glad he is out of power.

But it does not bode well for the Republican Party that it is increasingly a mob of aging, violently stupid, racist, and bitter white people that also not only isn’t moving on from him, but now seems to be betting the bank on his triumphant return in 2024, because he apparently was the absolute best thing ever to happen to them by far, as they inexplicably see him.

Youth and the incoming Aquarius energies will topple the GOP and what passes for American Conservatism at the denouement of the Pluto in Capricorn era in such a profound way that neither of them are likely to recover for a very long time, if ever.

I am very eager to see the the guts spilled out of DJT’s shadowy finances for all to see. I don’t think even that will deter his crazed followers at this point, but it could finally blast open the door to true criminal justice for the rotten egg.

CPAC stage is in the shape of the Odal rune, used by Nazi SS and adopted by the neo-nazi National Socialist Movement.


Your comments are so frequently on target, dead center.

My late brother in the summer of 2016, said he had a nagging but strong intuition that whomever won the 2016 election would be the ruination of their party. Trump is certainly fulfilling that role.

I find it amazing the R’s are so eagerly headed into such a suicidal direction. The fact they believe DJT is the best person to ever happen to them, or to the country, is bizarre and as you stated, “inexplicable.”

19th and 20th century “Conservatism” has run its course. Elements of that philosophy were noble and made sense in the context of their time. But today, in our very different social, cultural, and technological context, the best and most sensible way to run a modern state in which individuals and organized groups can thrive with maximum freedom and opportunity is through social democracy. Coming new technologies, especiallly robotics and artificial intelligence will and are strengthening and hardening this simple fact.

Personally, and as a whole society we face the consequences of the strange, illogical, unpragmatic, often absurd and bizarre political attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, the deathroes of what is apparently a dying party. Strategies as to how to defeat them then in 2022 and 2024 are essential, but the more important question is how long does that party have to live.

We’re approaching, developing into a very different sort of world, one in which I expect Dems, in present philosophy, may be eventually seen as the new “Conservatives.” It WILL be interesting!

“Democrats in Congress are trying to pass a law, called the For the People Act, to stop partisan gerrymandering, limit money in politics, and expand voting access. The For the People Act, numbered in Congress as H.R. 1 and S. 1, would provide for automatic voter registration across the country and would require paper ballots. It would require that early voting be made available, and would expand mail-in voting. It would authorize $1 billion for upgrades to state voting systems.”

Heather Cox Richardson

Well said, Eliseo. In many ways, the current Democratic Party is indeed already more of a traditional Conservative party than it is a progressive/liberal party. In Europe, it would actually sit on the center right of the political spectrum. The Republicans meanwhile have staked out their territory on the far-right Reactionary extremist end.

We actually don’t have political representation for a true left in the United States given the accumulated structural limitations of our two-party system.

In a US multi-party system, there would easily be a Progressive Party on the left, likely to be led by Elizabeth Warren, and possibly a Democratic Socialist Party further beyond it led by Bernie Sanders. Perhaps a even a small Green Party as well on the far-left.

If such a restructuring happened today, I think the remainder of our current Democratic Party will continue to hover around the center, with Biden as its standard bearer. I think the biggest question would be if something less extreme stakes out the moderate right-wing space between a centrist Democratic Party and a far-right reactionary Trumplican Party. Are there enough traditional Republican Conservatives still around who haven’t sold their souls to the orange devil?

Given the severe impoverishment of Conservative thought that has been in recent years been boiled down to taking hard pro-gun and anti-abortion stances with no taxes whatsoever for the rich, it’s difficult to see how any such group would differentiate itself in such space. Best I could see is some kind of principled conservatism group emerging whose differences on these and other issues keep them ideologically separate from the Dems, but who also want to draw a hard line between themselves and the Trump-worshipping, racist, homophobic, QAnon nut job crazies on the extreme far right. Maybe on some level what the Lincoln Project seemed to be aiming for.

It’s clear to me that Pluto in Capricorn has been about exposing, among other things, the ugly rot at the heart of Conservative-patriarchal politics and ideas. Everywhere we look, the famed “rugged individualism” and absurdist “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” nostrum are being exposed as folly. Look at Texas, admitted to the US under a Capricorn Sun no less.

Even the heart of the Republican Party’s full-on descent into madness over Trump is, in essence, a Daddy issue. How toxic is our collective relationship with our own fathers and with adult maleness in general in the US that a good number in our society have become so enthralled to this most toxic and unmanly of individuals even among men-children?

Well, Mars square Neptune
Saturn square Sun
in the United States natal chart. Have to turn those squares into trines 🙂

Not to mention those nut job crazies were trying to force their visions, thoughts, points of view down our throats when transiting Pluto was opposite the US natal Mercury in early January… activating the natal Pluto-Mercury opposition.

The opposition, I think, is meant for us to learn and be enriched from other people’s points of view, thereby making us all wiser than we have previously been. It can almost double our experience.

Since nobody has ever experienced a Pluto Return, there is a good chance that most of what we in the US are all experiencing these days is linked to this unfamiliar event. All the supports found in a normal society are being demolished; things we have had all our lives are no longer dependable and the result is chaos.

Chaos is in fact what creativity springs from. We are being forced to be creative; to start something from scratch. Many, if not most of us, fear chaos, and look for a leader that can bring about stability. Others look for someone who appears to be confident and they follow that person. To me, Trump is/was someone who others see/saw as having the confidence to challenge chaos; someone whom they could follow, like small children follow a parent.

Small children aren’t expected to reason what is right and wrong or what is good or bad or what is safe or unsafe. They usually just trust that parent to make everything all right.

Unfortunately, too many grownups have abdicated that responsibility for whatever reason and are behaving like little children themselves. Therefore, someone like Trump takes advantage of their naivety and, since he is incapable of being a good parent, he leads those child-like people astray.

Little kids cry and behave badly when things don’t go their way; Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, or Donald Trump.

When there are no real adults in a room full of little kids then bedlam ensues. I believe we were there before the election. The grownups have now arrived and they are dealing with the chaos, but it will take a while to restore some order.

A Pluto Return, I’m guessing, needs to reduce everything to chaos in order to to do its magic. It probably requires chaos, perhaps even hopelessness to bring forth transformation.

This morning’s full Moon seems to me to be the presence of a grown up arriving to assess the damage, and being a Virgo Full Moon it has a critical eye. It is quincunx transiting Saturn in Aquarius making it difficult to achieve harmony, BUT . . .

. . transiting Saturn at 8+ Aquarius is trine the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and that can only mean that in the next 2 weeks (before the upcoming New Moon in Pisces that will trine the US natal Mercury in Cancer) something unexpected will take place and bring about some much needed stability.

We are going through a growing period which means change and that means instability, which means we can’t get too comfortable, but we can be aware that change is for the good of us all. Hang in there everyone.

The Founding Fathers gave us the wonderful nation of the United States. I revere them, and the United States Constitution. They did the best they could, and covered all their bases ……
However, there was a slip up. Obviously if they owned property like black people, the property couldn’t really be considered human beings.

This is the ugly rot that BuckeyeShadow is talking about…… Yay for Pluto in Capricorn! Gotta set things right.

Yes and the Conservative-patriarchal politics and ideas too.

My parents were of the Greatest Generation and I heard a lot about pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps. This partly because they were coming out of the depression, not to mention WWII.

Not so much Rugged Individualism…. I learned more about that by marrying an American Viet Nam Vet and moving to Arizona.

By that time I had read all of Ayn Rand’s books and was a little confused by what I saw with people just trying to live.

Not only that, but I couldn’t put it together about the need for Civil Rights and what the Founding Fathers had given all the people who basked under the shelter of the United States.

So I read books like Black Like Me, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin to have a better understanding of the situation.

My parents subscribed to Maclean’s Magazine here in Canada, and also The Saturday Evening Post.

Norman Rockwell depicted the United States in a way that made one’s heart swell.

However, thinking back on it now, I don’t recall seeing a black person in his paintings.

All I saw was the love and cooperation, values and idealism of the average family in the US.

Gradually since then, greed and corruption has taken over. Pluto is working its way now to expose the rot. Rugged Individualism has covered for these traits. Under this mantle, Capitalism has gone to the extremes of the 1% and the rest of us.
Americans have elected Psychopaths and Sociopaths to the most powerful offices. However, once again, thanks to Pluto, Americans have been shaken to their core, shaken into consciousness and elected Joe Biden.

Not all Americans, tho. There are still the diseased ones……the Qanons etc.

My theory is that when American society became unbalanced, because of pure Capitalism, equality began to slide. Not only did Black Americans NOT have equality – ever – middle class and poor White Americans were on the descent too.

I know there were other things that highlighted inequality, but at the moment as I write, to me the biggest thing was the lack of education this sector of Americans had. Lack of good education, and critical thinking skills.

Ergo – Qanon.

Also morally criminal is the minimum wage. Criminal. Is it called Indentured Slavery?

Economic inequality. Just when we need the entire population of the US to stand up and fight the greed and insanity of the few who would keep them there, we have the Qanons embracing fantasy with their current Jim Jones.

Yes, there is no use engaging with them. They just have to fall. Which may at least begin in the next several months when they lose their leader.

A couple of years ago here in Canada I had the opportunity to talk with a Chinese woman recently from China. I tried to understand her indoctrination over there. She asked me – what was democracy? At first I didn’t think it was a serious question and then I realized she really didn’t understand democracy. I told her – one person – one vote. The conversation ended and later I wished I had said that democracy and equality were the same……

We have to MAKE it so. Thank god Pluto is coming around again so that the Founding Fathers’ slip up is being brought to our consciousness, and ultimately healed…. so that millions of suffering people can be healed and brought into the light… so that the world of Norman Rockwell is there for everyone … And for us to create even a better world than Norman Rockwell – If anyone has any bright ideas… haha! – step up…this rebirth will support them.

Rick Levine says we are not into the Age of Aquarius yet and won’t be for at least decades.

However this is a reasonable facsimile and I know millions of people will take it. I believe, as do many astrologers on here, that the Pluto return is a gateway into a new life for this country. Yes, it may take decades to fully take hold but it’s happening. And the United States is the leader of the free world….. so the free world is rooting for us. And Alexey Navalny is the spirit of the Russian people…. his supporters actually think the US is going to support them. Think about THAT, people! 🙂

Sunstars, thanks for the comments & fyi, Norman Rockwell did depict some black people in a respectful and kindly way (not many, but at least they were there in a few of his paintings). See:


great comments all.
I have come to the conclusion that civil society and democracy is impossible where lies are so freely embraced and tolerated. I guess the ‘god fearing’ trumpites forgot about the eighth commandment. Democracy requires truthful and honest debate to arrive at the optimum consensus for the most beneficial outcome. Can our society and its leaders ever regain a truthful center?
Its no wonder crises abound.

On another note, I wonder whether the heads of cultish evangelicals would explode if transgenders etc were to declare themselves to be a religion and therefore must not be condemned by the likes of Hawley, Greene, etal? LOL

Thank you Beowuflie.

Yes, it all makes sense given what shines through Norman Rockwell’s paintings.

Great depiction by Louis Henry Mitchell of his experience……SO relatable.

…given the time he grew up, and the time you grew up, as did many of us on this blog …. to know he was provoked to respond in the spirit of Norman Rockwell – the natural civilized way he would have – in June 2020.

“Best I could see is some kind of principled conservatism group emerging whose differences on these and other issues keep them ideologically separate from the Dems, but who also want to draw a hard line between themselves and the Trump-worshipping, racist, homophobic, QAnon nut job crazies on the extreme far right.”

The current American Libertarians might represent such a principled group. They are pretty extreme in their tendency to elevate their “principles” over reality. Marxists and Libertarians seem to live more in their heads than anyone else in politics.

You identified the core issues, actually fallacies of the “conservative” movement without specifically naming them per se. We might categorize them in descending order as Classism, Racism, Male Dominance, and Genderism.

I usually find it absurd when folks of our ilk criticize our overlords as the “patriarchy.” The “maleness” issue is as you identified, extremely important, but “Male Dominance” itself is the weakest of the several male “conservative” issues which plague us. Maleness itself is in crisis. Boys are increasingly at a loss as to what it means, or
how to be a “real man.” Many women don’t really mature into adult attitudes and perspectives until they either reach 30, or go through their first divorce, whereas most men IMHO never really grow up at all. Attitudinally, many men remain as boys emotionally throughout their entire lives.

Furthermore, though our sexism is rife, there are always a goodly number of adult males who are never admitted into that “patriarchy.” There are more men never allowed into the clubhouse than we like to perceive, many of whom pretend to be part of that elite from a place of deep, deep hurt. Ironically, severely disempowered men are often the loudest proclaimers of male dominance.

Classism is IMO the broadest, strongest, most fundamental, and often least visible component of “conservative” thought and practice. White women, and men of color are sometimes allowed in the club, but ONLY IF they are sufficiently monied and exhibit the “right” social class attitudes and behaviors.
Marx got a number of things wrong IMO, but was absolutely correct in identifying class struggle as the heart and soul of what is wrong in the way we organize and maintain society.

As you stated, Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the rot, in all its ugliness, of our dominant and domineering elites and their self preservational policies. Perhaps those attitudes come from zero sum assumptions. I’ve always found it odd when a billionaire feels inadequate, feels as though they don’t have enough, and are willing to work so hard to ensure you and I have barely enough to get by.

I always find your commentaries and analyses very interesting, and often fascinating!

I like that.

That is so good.

(Eliseo) Hahaha! got carried away didn’t direct my comment to you

(Eliseo) Hahaha! got carried away didn’t direct my comment to you

I’m sure you know slavery wasn’t the only “slip up.” At that time, only White men with property could vote. Blacks, Native Americans, Women and White men without property had no say.

Gradually the franchise was extended, but our 19th amendment, granting the vote to women was finally adopted August 18, 1920. New Zealand was first to grant voting rights to women, September 19, 1893. Canadian women gained that right May 24, 1918.

I’m sure we are all aware, but astrologically and emotionally it is worth reminding ourselves that we have made at least a bit of progress.

Sunstars, the Pluto-Mercury opposition will come back with greater intensity from August through November. Heads up.

Eliseo, in 1949 Albert Einstein published a booklet titled Why socialism? He noted that while Americans venerate liberty and freedom of choice, their economic system chains them to jobs or relationships that make them unhappy because they are afraid to lose access to health care. He considered this mutilation of individuals to be the worst effect of capitalism. He was convinced the economic anarchy of capitalist society weakened basic human freedoms which could be restored if Americans adopted certain aspects of socialism. I read this in an excellent book by Kristen Ghodsee, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, with a striking title: Why women have better sex under socialism, published in 2018. She argues that the economic independence and social services provided by the former state socialist countries in Eastern Europe and social democratic countries of Scandinavia make women happier in their private lives. She notes that the women of East Germany and other countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain, while deploring other aspects of state socialism, miss the equality and independence of their former lives. The author argues that a mix of socialism with the guarantee of personal liberties is the best social system.

Thank You for reminding me of A. Einstein’s views. He of course was right.

In his essays, MLK referred to himself not as a Social Democrat, but as a Democratic Socialist. Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, and Dem Socialist wrote the Am. Pledge of allegiance. Every time we say the pledge, or celebrate MLK Day, I feel the irony.

Kristen Ghodsee’s argument certainly makes sense. I’ll have to see if the book remains available.

I’m puzzled.
Recently, John Neely Kennedy, senator from Louisiana, said Biden’s relief pack was a “left of Lenin, neo-socialist wish list. I mean it’s just … it is chock full of spending porn.” he said. He also stated Biden’s advisors all had “opium habits.”
What puzzles me is why no one has challenged senator Kennedy, asking him if he really believes what he said. His answer won’t matter. Whether he answers yes, no, equivocates, or doesn’ answer at all, he will look foolish. Why do we not hold such “leaders” feet to the fire?


Eliseo, I have long considered Kennedy a moron & a blight & stain upon the state, as well as a party sucker-upper & kowtower (sp?) I so wish he would be challenged but when you look at the presenters in general at this CPAC thing & their leader, I realize that Kennedy is just one of many. It is really painful. Bobby Jindal was a forerunner of this type of LA Repub & Scalese is right there with them. Cassidy is definitely several cuts above.


“I find it amazing the R’s are so eagerly headed into such a suicidal direction. The fact they believe DJT is the best person to ever happen to them, or to the country, is bizarre and as you stated, “inexplicable.”

Oh but I do like their suicidal direction.

I crossed swords with a rabid Right Trumpista on Twitter (which I barely ever use). My response to this guy with brains like poop on fire was simply;

“Do your country a favor; stop breathing!”

I had my Twitter account temporarily suspended until I clicked that I had acknowledged their admonishment for “suggesting that another Twitter account holder commit suicide.”

It made me smile. Color me sadistic.


“Even the heart of the Republican Party’s full-on descent into madness over Trump is, in essence, a Daddy issue. How toxic is our collective relationship with our own fathers and with adult maleness in general in the US that a good number in our society have become so enthralled to this most toxic and unmanly of individuals even among men-children?”

Yes, and let us not forget the complicity of their enthusiastically empowering and enabling wives and daughters.

Eliseo, no matter what Dems do or don’t do, we’ll *always* be left of Lenin as far as the Repugs are concerned. The tired old refrain of “most liberal xxx in the Democratic party” has even lost a lot of its punch. And what Biden is delivering, even over 65+% of individual Repugs are backing. It’s only their representatives that are fighting against it.

R’s truly want to bring the workforce in the this country down to where *everyone* is a slave working for them. Two classes — rich and everyone else, working to live. I read a few days ago one of them (can’t remember who) even wanted to do away with “weekends”. And several have nodded appreciatively of the idea of child labor. If they don’t implode soon, I may! (LOL)

I am concerned a bit with this chatter about blowing up Congress during an all-hands session for SOTU or whatever you would want to call it. Frankly, with COVID still a major player, I say call it in via Zoom! Don’t put our entire gov’t in one place. Someone said that was the plot of Designated Survivor. I never watched that show. Now I’m glad I didn’t!

Good news around here is that some of the Nursing Homes are starting in-person meets with family members finally. We’re hoping to spend some time with Mom soon, now that (at least, after next week) we’ll all have had our two rounds of vaccine shots.

Thanks Eliseo. And very good points as well. Classism as much as racism plays heavily into the picture with Republicans as well, and even Americans in general.

We are very, very much in denial of class as a country. Our collective–and occasionally collectivist–Aquarian Moon may have much to do with that. Most Democracies have people who are very clear about which class they are in, that it is the same class they are most likely going to spend their entire lives in, and what the nature of their relationship is within this class to those in other classes. I believe it was John Steinbeck who was quoted as saying (the actual quote is in dispute) that socialism never took root in America because most Americans see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

Think about how many people want to be rich like Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, the Kardashians, or Donald Trump, at least as the lattermost of the three portrays himself as being. Another one of our much-vaunted myths is that anyone can make it big, and jump from rags to riches if you a) wake up at 4 am each day and work very, very hard, and/or are b) blessed and highly favored enough by God Himself. Most of us will never come remotely close to the actual likes of a Gates or Warren Buffett, but it doesn’t stop people from buying those Powerball Jackpot tickets.

Eliseo: “I’ve always found it odd when a billionaire feels inadequate, feels as though they don’t have enough, and are willing to work so hard to ensure you and I have barely enough to get by.”

I’ve never seen a more spot-on description of Charles Koch or Robert Mercer, two men for whom all the money one could ever want in the world still isn’t enough. No, they had to stick their hands into politics and rig the system even more into their favor–and against ours.

Material excess and spiritual poverty definitely factor heavily into this picture also.

Eliseo, I also believe the US Sun in Cancer and natal Sun-Saturn square heavily speaks into the troubled masculinity and daddy issues we have going on as a country.

Cancer energy in general is not a “great” placement for men. I know of few actual Sun Cancer men who aren’t in some serious effort to overcompensate for the natural feminine nuances and softness of the energy, typically through excessive bodybuilding or other extreme displays of what we interpret as masculine behavior. And I’m not equating feminine with being “womanly” here. Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies naturally. But as a starting point, extended to the population of American men, and given the images and expectations that we traditionally put upon our boys, Cancer energy is a lot to work through, and so many don’t do well with it.

Incidentally, this is how we get real f-ed up unaccountable criminal cases on our hands, like Cancer Sun and former Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte.

And, I mean, as with all signs, people can rise above the inherent challenges of a particular placement, but we aren’t collectively attuned to a path or means to support with that in this case. So, we have a country where many men are essentially like the Cancerian child that lacks true emotional awareness or intelligence. And as you mention, Eliseo, many of them remain in this stunted state of development throughout their adult lives.

I am familiar with a few teachings that suggest the authentic remedy for this is actually a cultural rite of passage for our men, much like indigenous tribes once conducted–and what’s been lost to our modern society. We have no real emotional marker anymore for what it means to be a man, to step into true adulthood and responsibility, or even to be a part of a real brotherhood of men. Many believe this is graduation from high school, or heading off to college and joining a fraternity, but neither remotely constitute the same thing as a serious trial in the traditional sense that formally delineates boy from man.

Perhaps at one point joining or being drafted into the military as a young man to fight in a major war might have constituted such a turning point–and indeed it did for many men who survived and returned from battle. Even without physical scars, they were never the same. The boyish innocence was forever lost to them.

So, today, we functionally end up with a stunted boyhood that extends for many adult men well into adult life, even after college graduation or starting one’s career. Or Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg may well be the avatar of his generation for man-boyhood. Reckless, unethical and irresponsible.

I’m not arguing for war as a rite of passage, of course. But clearly there’s some emotionally maturing, learning-teaching trial experience that we are not creating for the boys/men in our society. And so, through such a lens, and the lens of all of our other unprocessed psycho-emotional-spiritual issues as a society, maybe its easier to see how so many could come to identify with and elevate the ultimate man-child of our time, Donald J. Trump.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

It’s actually a paraphrased piece from Steinbeck, but yes, it is certainly in harmony with his spirit. When I was in Texas, I kept it on my refrigerator door.

Within a few months of the end of our current pandemic a close friend and I hope to establish an Earth-Centered, overtly pantheistic, pansophic society expressing a body-positive spirituality in harmony with natural lunar/solar cycles and seasons. Obviously, we will need to develop appropriate rites of passage workable and relatable for the present and future.

Wiccan folk have done a pretty good job of developing meaningful rites of passage for girls, but not so much for boys. In our Western cultures, Judaism probably has the best rites for boys, but I question whether they are or will be enough for coming times.

There are at least two informational trends which are changing our perceptions and concepts of what it means to be human.
(A) Our knowledge of animal intelligence and animal consciousness is growing and deepening, therefore shortening and thinning the artificial line between ourselves and the other animals.
(B) We are beginning to merge with our machines, a process we expect to accelerate. Many now function with pace makers, or artificial limbs. Many wear glasses. Our military researchers and inventors are developing mechanical metal “suits” which render our soldiers taller, stronger, faster, more lethal, etc. Some believe by end of century we will all be cyborgs.

Sci-Fi writers often produce stories in which we humans are dependent on our AI assistants. Sometimes they are external, like computers, robots, or devices we wear, but also sometimes entirely internal as in chips placed in our brains, nervous systems or other parts of our bodies.

In Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” artificial wombs birth humans. Would not an artificial womb be a type of machine? What would it mean then to be human? What does it mean to be male or female in a world in which we can undergo hormonal manipulation and surgery to change gender? What is gender in a society in which we are free to share sex with any other consenting adult regardless of whether they are same or different sex? I muse that perhaps these developments might underlie the fears many on the far right have; perhaps this is why they so adamantly and angrily insist there are only two genders.

Nevertheless, I believe we will continue to need meaningful rites of passage, not just for boys into manhood, or girls into womanhood, but also for various stages we’ve not yet contemplated. It won’t be too long before we are living for centuries, not merely decades.

But for the present, confusion reigns. Thank You Pluto in Capricorn moving toward Aquarius. Thank You Pluto return.

Sharon K,
It really is too bad your good husband lost the 2010 election to Steve Scalise. Sadly, that’s Louisiana politics. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it likely the state won’t turn blue until it is too late. By then much of the state will be under water.

“R’s truly want to bring the workforce in the this country down to where *everyone* is a slave working for them. Two classes — rich and everyone else, working to live.”

You got it babe! That’s the true goal of the R’s. You’ve got the gift of good moral sense.

Glad to hear the news about the nursing home and your mother. I know how difficult she is. I’ll get back to you soon by text, phone, and/or eMail. Please say hello to David.

Key to understanding the Trump fans is their need to escape reality. Long before Trump was a presidential candidate he was an entertainer, playing the role of a “successful” corporate chief, who could fire contestants, based on their business skills. (I never saw the show, so I might not have described it accurately.) This TV show lasted for over a decade so it must have been popular with viewers.

Many people fail to distinguish that a TV show produced in a studio and based on a script is theater. I remember getting caught up in the Dallas series 30+ years ago, and J.R.was a real villian to many of its viewers. That is the influence that Neptune can have on people; it seems so real.

The US Neptune has had a hold on TV viewers perceptions since at least September 11, 2001, when we all watched planes crash into buildings and knew that it was absolutely real.

At that 9/11 moment transiting Neptune at 6+ Aquarius was conjunct the US natal chart’s South Node (something needs to end), and transiting Mercury (the Messenger) at 14+ Libra was on the chart ascendant at that moment, and it was conjunct the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra and Trump’s natal Chiron at 14+ Libra, which was trine the TRANSITING Saturn (reality) at 14+ Gemini, which opposes the mysterious Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius.

I mention that Great Attractor because it’s source of energy pulls us all toward it like a vacuum cleaner, and on that day it seems to have had designs on the US specifically.

I suppose if I had to guess what that “design” was I would say the Universe has a plan for humankind, specifically for the country we call the USA, and it seems likely that the Founding Fathers were under the spell of that Great Attractor when they concocted the idea of a United States, and its been a work-in-progress ever since.

So, you might have guessed that I believe that Trump (and his followers) also have a role in that “design”; that work-in-progress that began before were born. The purpose of those followers is their power to give life to the Donald’s aspirations; the applause machine he so desperately needs. That life in turn keeps us wary of what Trump might do, which keeps us focused on holding our country together and moving us forward.

I’m saying the Universe is manipilating us, or perhaps I should I say the Universe is guiding us like a pony is guided by an apple hung on a long stick.

We as citizens need to be motivated to keep moving forward; to keep growing and become more conscious (as a whole) of what is happening, or what could happen; hence the Covid pandemic. What Climate Change nudged us toward, Covid lit a fire under our butts to get moving forward.

Same with Trump; he and his supporters keep us moving forward to find answers.

A year before 9/11 happened a cycle between Saturn and Jupiter began on a degree that trined the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo and US Neptune was active throughout that cycle until it ended in December, 2020. Before it ended another cycle between Saturn and Pluto began on a degree that trined the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and it will last over 30 years.

It’s said you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, but an apple tied to a stick can get a pony to cover some distance before he quits moving forward, and I’m betting the power of Neptune might get us human beings to jump through hoops before long.

Eliseo, I can’t realistically picture Myron as a Congressman or myself as a congressional wife – for quite a few reasons – but I am proud of Myron’s determination, leadership, goal setting and attainment, and much improved communication style (he always had the potential to be a good communicator, but needed a lot of practice to finesse the best, most professional ways to communicate, which he is gradually getting stronger in). When in such a public leadership role, it is so important to know what to say and how to say it. It takes a lot of shrewdness and saavy. It also takes good control, physical health, stamina, and discipline.

As far as the A1 and machine-like elements that will be part of our “brave new (Aquarian) world”, Myron’s son, who attained his PhD in philosophy last year, is starting to specialize in medical ethics. This field will be huge and, yes, I agree with you that this is what religious people fear – all of these somewhat fuzzy and ambiguous new areas that do not have clear-cut rules on how to behave or even think about.

The best ethics and morality come from within but that take reflection, growth, responsibility — in short, maturity, as reflected by the Kohlberg, and Gilligan, theories of moral development that you are so fond of referencing.

I am currently reading a book by a very highly esteemed and intellectual British rabbi who recently passed in November, Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, called “Morality – Restoring the Common Good in Modern Times”. It may become more challenging than ever to create a morality that accommodates this brave new world. I believe that Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the NIH and the Genome Mapping project (and a close colleague of a man I worked for who headed the Genetics program at the U. of Miami in FL), has a handle on this. He has written a book called “The Language of God” – embracing the framework that God works through science. However, we also need a moral framework for atheists and agnostics.

Barb, you are right about many things, as usual. Using psychology to create positive change, which is tied into innate appetites or desires, is probably on the best ways to do it.

In the Kohlberg theory of morality, in the first few stages of life, it is instilled externally, using rewards like not getting punished or the approval of authority and other external rewards. Those that achieve a mature morality are the people who internalize good ethical and moral practices because they feel right, because it feels lousy to behave any other way – they want to do the right thing and understand it may not be strictly tied into what our authorities and religions tell us to do or better yet, understand the right reasons they were instituted (doing good) and not the wrong ones (greed, power through exploiting and hurting others).

Along that line, those males who have attained an authentic morality are the ones who can model true manhood, personhood, adulthood and not the toxic version.

…Meant to write: “one of the best ways to do it.”

I also stated the title of Jonathan Sack’s book erroneously. It should be “Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times”.

For whatever it’s worth, Sen Cassidy of LA at least has some sense and reasonableness and is not a sucker-upper like Steve Scalise and John Kennedy (and many others). He is not a Trump lover.

“If we idolize one person, we will lose”

Even Rick Scott of FL had the courage to address the PAC audience and state that the GOP is the “voters’ party” not Trump’s party.

I sense schisms.

Sharon K,
Regarding R. schisms:
“CPAC should remind saner conservative leaders: You don’t have the luxury of ignoring the large part of your movement–including its most prominent figures–who are liars & conspiracy-mongers. There is a cancer on American conservatism. If you ignore it, it will continue to grow.”

Bill Kristol, Former Chief of Staff to US Vice President Dan Quayle on twitter a few minutes ago.
Friday evening, on MSNBC, BK said his job now, and he hoped other sane R’s and former R’s was to help Joe Biden become a successful president.

Thanks to the rightward drift from Nixon to present, and the Trump takeover, the R’s are doing a great job of gradually destroying themselves. I honestly think within a few years the R’s will be as historical as the Whigs, and mainstream Dems will be perceived as the more conservative party. Until then we’ll have to endure the chaos rendered by their politically suicidal behavior.

I can only pray and hope fervidly that you are right, Eliseo. Could we get that lucky? The far-left is trying to pull Biden left while the far right will never accept Democrats. Yet, to date, Biden seems to have been kind of graceful and facile, yet strong in finding the line in between. He hasn’t tripped up yet but will at some point, I imagine. In the meantime, he’s in the honeymoon stage.


“Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, called “Morality – Restoring the Common Good in Modern Times”.

He’s got a big beautiful mind.

Brava you!

Sharon K, Biden’s honeymoon will last as long as Pluto hovers around the opposition to his Jupiter at 25 Cancer, until mid-August and again at the end of the year. The fall will bring a catastrophic return of Pluto opposite US Mercury at 24 Cancer, which will probably be when Trump makes his first court appearances after a major indictment in June when a second eclipse hits his chart hard. The first eclipse was when the Electoral College met last December. I expect more domestic terrorism from August through November as Trump’s cult goes mad once more.

My own natal Jupiter is at 25 Cancer conjunct Uranus. In February, a lifelong project has skyrocketed.


Jordan Peterson talks about the Crisis of Masculinity on YouTube. In particular, the benefits of men in “gangs” and the importance of this interaction as a right of passage.


“In February, a lifelong project has skyrocketed.”


Andre, what will said . . Mazel tov!

The transiting Mercury-Jupiter cycle that began on January 11 will restart on March 4, due to the Mercury retrograde that began on Jan 30 and ended on Feb 20.

It will happen at 17+ Aquarius and will trine the US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra.

It will also sextile US prog. Chiron at 17+ Aries that opposes US prog. Mars + Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra. Yes, US progressed Chiron opposes US progressed Mars, US Constitution Neptune, Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn.

This particular Mercury-Jupiter cycle seems to be throwing a bone to US prog. Chiron, what with transiting Saturn trine US Uranus this week and transiting Neptune in a T-square with US natal Mars and US natal Neptune.

In a few days transiting Mercury will conjunct the US progressed Mercury, and by mid-March transiting Jupiter will conjunct the US progressed Mercury, about the same time transiting Mars conjuncts US natal Uranus and the sensitive degree where Neptune and Pluto began their present cycle.

Transiting Sun will conjunct transiting Neptune on March 10 and that will light up the square between US Mars and US Neptune, so this Mercury-Jupiter cycle should be edifying if not shocking.

Beware the Ides of March, right?

Your above post re: the Mercury/Jupiter cycle in Aquarius is interesting. I particularly note it trines the US Constitution Neptune.
Two questions:
(A) Would not this configuration be about communication, possibly fantasy?
(B) How long will this new Mercury/Jupiter cycle last?

Addendum: I would also interpret the trine to our Constitution’s Neptune being about high ideals. Would that be correct?

This is very interesting!
A French court sentenced former President Nicolas Sarkozy to three years in prison for corruption and influence peddling, but suspended two years of his sentence.
He was found guilty of trying to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about an ongoing investigation into his campaign finances.

To my knowledge, Sarkozy is the first, (maybe only) former president to have been sentenced to jail in French history.

If it can happen in France, can it happen here in the USA?

Eliseo, two former Presidents of South Korea have also been jailed. In France, another former President was given a suspended sentence for corruption while he was mayor of Paris.

Not only can it happen in the US, it probably will. I expect a major indictment of Trump, either federal or by the state of New York, in June.

Interesting development indeed, Eliseo and Andre.

I wonder how much of this is also the “accountability” factor of Pluto In Capricorn arriving at last for the elites and wannabe despots like Trump, at long last after so much of the corruption and abuse of power has been placed in stark relief for all to see.

Funny thing that Pluto does as it nears the final degrees of a particular sign. “Truth and Consequences” might be an understatement regarding what’s ahead.

He may or may not die in prison, but I believe he will almost certainly die impoverished, leaving a name not worth so much as a pile of dung to his kids, though I do wish all the best to his level-headed niece, Mary.

“I wonder how much of this is also the “accountability” factor of Pluto In Capricorn arriving at last for the elites and wannabe despots like Trump,…”

I was wondering precisely the same thought, with Pluto entering the final degrees of Capricorn.

If justice be served, DJT will indeed become impoverished, and/or die in jail. It may be, like Al Capone, he’ll go down not for his worst crimes, but for tax violations. I’m hoping he goes down for his most egregious crimes. It’s plain he is guilty of sedition and insurrection, and were we to stretch our definition of treason a bit, possibly that too.

I believe he is guilty of, and am hoping clear, unrefutable proof surfaces, of his fealty to Putin and Russian oligarchs, electoral collusion, and of his role as a Russian asset or agent. If this be true as I believe it is, his name deserves the darkest opprobrium. Perhaps, (hopefully) such revelation will serve to open the eyes of at least a few of his fervent supporters.

I am also furious with our various state and national politicians in denial and playing their nefarious, machiavellian games resulting in so many thousands of unnecessary deaths from covid-19, including my brother. From my perspective, our Texas governor, lieutenant governor, R legislators, R senators and congressional representatives are guilty of negligent homicide, i.e. depraved indifference and should receive appropriate consequences. And Texas is certainly not the only state where such criminals preside and legislate. They are evil, plain and simple.

If I’m not mistaken, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is also in trouble for corruption.

I’ve got recommends for a couple of books you might want to check out for your Rites of Passage rituals.

Life Ritualized: A Witch’s Guide to Honoring Life’s Important Moments by Phoenix LeFae

They go as deep (or as shallow?) as a ritual of passage for getting a driver’s license! They really do cover all the big stages you can find on most good Pagan sites online, but also deep into the “little things” that happen to and by people all the time… buying a house, the driver’s license, getting divorced, etc. They also give you the basics and help in structuring your own rites of passage – what would be included or excluded, tools, etc.

While I don’t have the book in my own library (yet), it probably will be added soon, especially since it’s not too expensive. I’ve been on a book buying binge lately!

This second book has come recommended TO me by several people I know when I lamented not having any male coming of age rituals for the modern day. I wrote my daughter’s, but that came easy for me. A male? AIYEE! (gryn)

Sacred Paths for Modern Men: A Wake Up Call from Your 12 Archetypes by Dagonet Dewr. (I’m assuming here that at least some of it would be based in Jungian psychology.)

I’ll probably add this to my library in the near future, as well. I have actually had 3 guys sign up for my classes, so I think I’m being led further from my Dianic roots into recognition and action regarding the contiuum of sexuality and gender where students are concerned. Many are non-conforming in so many ways.

Both of these are over-sized paperbacks, and are around $12-$15 each on Amazon. They’re published by Llewellyn, of course.

peter – you spoke of the Odal rune. I was so disgusted at seeing of the Elder Futhark runes bastardized like this, even if they borrowed it from the original Nazi. Like other cultures, our symbols are being misappropriated and used for hate. The rune of Othala is a rune of spirituality, of family and community. IOW, of cooperation with one another. And these groups use it as a divisive symbol of hatred, aggression, and cruelty.

Will, I misstated the title: the actual title is “Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times”

Very apropos. I’m looking forward to reading it. It is known to be a very special and spiritual human being.

Sorry, he (Jonathan Sacks) is know, not it….multitasking as usual

slightkc, thanks for the rite of passage suggestions. You’ve got me thinking of some ideas that I may explore.

Eliseo, I feel you about Texas. Ohio has more than its fair share of criminal, corrupt and sociopath Republicans too, and unfortunately, they have nearly unchecked control of our State General Assembly. We could desperately use our own version of Stacey Abrams here who can rebuild and unite the Democratic Party statewide and put the Ohio GOP on notice. I’m hopeful that something may be shifting with Sen. Sherrod Brown’s choice for party chair being selected for that position. He’s been the only Dem who has been consistent in winning statewide elections, even beating our current R governor for his senate seat, the infamously no-spine Mike DeWine.

The Dems must run a 50 state strategy, every time, all the time. Howard Dean knew this, and his efforts as national chair set the stage for the Dems to retake the HoR and for Pelosi to become our first-ever female Speaker. Unfortunately, Rahm Emmanuel gave him the boot when Obama won and went back to the party’s all too well-worn strategy of relying on focus groups and playing it safe, hence the Republicans’ gains in so many statehouses and reapportionments after the 2010 midterms. Hopefully, the party has learned its lesson from those years and will adopt the model that Abrams has successfully implemented in Georgia.

Eliseo, I am very discombobulated right now; too much TV news, missing astrocharts, etc, etc, so will get back to you later, if I don’t jump off a bridge first!

I agree about Howard Dean and his approach. I supported him in 2004, hoped to be a Dean delegate until he dropped out. At the time I thought nominating John Kerry was a mistake. I was horrified at JK’s shallow, absurd perfomance at the 2004 Dem convention. I feel he is a fine person and generally a good Dem, but it was obvious to me when he delivered his acceptance speech, he would lose. His sense of theater and presentation was terrible. I believe Howard Dean might have had a better chance of winning.

We are fortunate here in WA state. Sensible Dems far outnumber the R’s. at state & national level. Furthermore, 9 out of our 10 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including two R’s voted to impeach DJT. The one NO vote was the remaining R. 7 Dems + 2 R’s out of 10 total ain’t bad!

I was a BIG Dean fan and have a photo of he and I from when I was working at his campaign office in NOLA. When he announced his candidacy for president, they televised it at one of our museums so people could come and watch his speech as a group. When he started talking about his strong opposition to the Iraq war and what was really happening, something reporters had lost their jobs for reporting honestly on (because our government basically at that time was lying as much as Donald Trump does, only not quite as blatantly but more slyly), I started crying. Someone was finally, finally, unabashedly telling the truth!

Good job!


“With Democrats navigating battles over labor rights and wage policy, the two have back-channeled, applauded each other, and crafted carefully worded statements designed to project peace and the aura of collaboration,” Politico reports.

“It is, in part, a recognition that each side needs the other in order to be successful. It’s also driven by a desire to avoid the problems of the past.”

Not sure if anyone here follows Greg Olear, but he and Lincoln’s Bible have been doing a bang-up job in putting together a five-part expose of Brett Kavanaugh and the back story of how he landed on the Supreme Court. Here’s Part 4 of their series, which includes information at the end on what’s at stake. I also recommend Olear’s look at Federalist Society head Leonard Leo.


Report: “Washington on high alert as QAnon theory marks tomorrow | Why March 4 is significant | Capitol Police increases security, obtained evidence of a ‘possible plot’ | Threats to lawmakers nearly doubled” The Hill

Trump supposed to be reinstated tomorrow according to QAnon


Always a pleasure when you happen to check in. Thank you for the intriguing link re: Kavanaugh.


I had an intuition that because the March 4th high alert via QAnon has been so widely-announced, it might be used as a tactical diversion with another iunknown location/event. Why show up at a place that will be secured to-the-hilt when an entirely unprotected place is much more vulnerable and viable – a kind of false-flag fake-out, if you will.

“Setting up big for big events and flagging that something big is going to happen, and then nothing happens, is a years-long QAnon tradition.” 
Travis View
a QAnon watcher/researcher

I continue to be fascinated with a Yod made up of US progressed Neptune (approx 26 Virgo) and US progressed North Node (approx 26 Cancer) that forms a Yod with US natal Pallas (26 Aquarius) and Moon (27 Aquarius), inferring a change in the People’s plans.

The recent Virgo Full Moon (square the US natal Uranus in Gemini which trines transiting Saturn at 8+ Aquarius) might be saying that time is near.

Eliseo, the new Mercury-Jupiter cycle will end Nov. 10, 2021. It is a short cycle and all about communication and a certain amount of fantasy always should be expected. I’m still trying to get grounded; more later!

Barb, Are you ok?

As far as the big Q event, I agree. Why stage it when & where expected? On the other hand, many are probably under heavy surveillance & it will stay that way.

Sharon, I hope you’re right about the heavy surveillance. We’ve got too many military (including LE) in that mix for any kind of comfort or passivity, IMNSHO.

Eliseo – you said “Howard Dean might have had a better chance of winning.”

Of COURSE Dean could have, probably WOULD have won the election. That’s why the R’s made such a big deal out of the “scream.” They can’t fight on policy, cause they’ve got none and they only want to rule, not govern, anyway. So, the only way they saw to take Dean out was by making him a laughingstock. Keep pounding on it and let the media follow suit. Didn’t help he was to the left of the Democratic “center,” either.

It would be nice if our progressives had the support of ALL our democratic congress. We either hang together or we hang separately. The R’s know this. Look at how they bow to their golden idol. Oh, that Franken or Dean could have had a tenth of that support. We kill our own.

Jackson – thanks for the link to Olear. I’m interested in both subjects, so have these marked for major reads tomorrow.

I assume you’ve heard by now Jim Jordon is going to have senate staff read the entire Covid Relief Bill, on top of the 20 hours debate, and then whatever else he can come up with to drag it on out forever. I’m not a constituent of his, but does that really matter anymore? They solicit money from everyone and their brother (national AND international). We give our money to whomever we wish to support… especially those we see as important, even if they don’t live in our state. But Jordon being the a$$hole he is, he’d just blow it off. Heck, I don’t even know what state he’s suppose to be supporting!

I’m REALLY getting tired of anything that comes down to help us — the backbone of the U.S.– is seen as a handout that we’re just not worthy of. ARGH! This WILL change eventually, right?!

The more I think about it, the more I’m of the belief nothing is going to happen tomorrow.

However, I can see the Oath Keepers or the 3%’ers, especially, working with someone in Congress like Hawley to plant bombs to go off when Congress comes back on Monday or Tuesday. They’d have plenty of time to plan it out strategically, and plenty of help from the 139 traitors in the House. What do the alignments look like over the next week?

Sharon, sigh, I’m okay (alive) but not in control of the chaos that surrounds me; nothing serious, just more than what I want to tackle at any one time!

RE: Dean
You are an insightful lady!


We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For — HOPI WISDOM


Will: I think you are right!

We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For — HOPI WISDOM!



Jordan is in my neck of the woods here, though he’s blessedly not my congressman. He’s a real shitbag, excuse my language. I don’t know if anyone who doesn’t have a strong negative opinion of him. He probably belongs in a prison cell, or at some point will do something that should put him in one.

I like your description BuckeyeShadow. I think he is too.
As a matter of fact I know a person who is a day away from Jim Jordan’s birthday and HE fits your description too! haha
Something about that particular combination of Capricorn and Aquarius planets.
Rush Limbaugh had very similar placements.
Don’t get me wrong… I love Aquarians and adore Capricorns ….but the placements in the the signs and planets together….. yikes

The pacific ‘ring of fire’ fault zones seem to be activating. There have been a bunch of big earthquakes in this neck of the woods over the last day (latest, 8.1 off the Kermadec Islands, about an hour ago in deep ocean) I only mention this because I have noticed before, when one part of the pacific plate adjusts, sometimes the opposite end does too not too long after – and that means the US west coast. Not to scare you, but to advise.

Thanks for the update. Earlier today I read a tsunami alert in your area was cancelled. I pray you are in a safe place.

On the west coast here, and here in the PNW we’ve long expected our own “big one” apart from the “big one” they expect down in S. California. Please keep us appraised.

Kiwi, I just read what the Ring of Fire was in an article about the many earthquakes taking place in Iceland these days. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/03/03/world/iceland-volcano-eruption-keilir-intl-latam/index.html
More and more earthquakes, and though the quakes themselves aren’t very strong, they think there will be an eruption.
Iceland is not on the Ring of Fire, but funny coincidence anyway. Perhaps not funny.

Oop just re-checked. My prejudice against Jim Jordan…he doesn’t have any Capricorn planets. Eek
THAT was careless…. the other individual was a month away and did. I should not trust my memory so much.

I live 2 blocks from the ocean in Victoria BC. You can see the lights of Port Angeles across the water…. If there were an earthquake or a tsunami in the vicinity it would get interesting fast.

kiwi, I just read about the 8.1 & came here immediately. Glad you are ok. May all beings be safe.

I got my 2nd Moderna vac about 4 hrs ago. I came home & was able to remain active. I’m now resting. So far so good, I’m not big on aspirin or other over-the-counter pain killers but have some Xtra strength acetometaphine (generic Tylenol) nearby just in case.

You are fortunate to live in one of the truly beautiful areas of N. America. As the crow flies you are 181 km, (112 miles) from me. Here in Olympia at the southern end of Puget Sound, we are somewhat protected from tsunamis by topography. But earthquakes are a real hazard. Some day we will endure the “big one.” I do wish modern science and/or astrology could accurately predict such events!

Be safe. You and yours are precious.

Sharon K,
A nurse told me she was very ill with flu like symptoms for about a day and a half as reaction to the vaccine. But many have little or no reaction at all.

I recall you are on a small island? NE of New Zealand’s North Island? Is sufficiently high ground available?

Aww Thank you Eliseo! We could talk…. and probably someday will have more conversation about the PNW and Vancouver Island

Hi all. The 8.1 earthquake, plus others in the current cluster, were about 300 miles NE of me, in the Kermadec Trench, a deep ocean fault line that travels from NZ east cape towards Tonga and Samoa. In the past couple of days there have also been a cluster of noteworthy earthquakes in that same trench but closer to east cape, which is about 450 miles south of me.
Tsunami alert has now been lifted. There was a bit of tidal current movement recorded but nothing disastrous.


Just read about this online tonight and thought of your safety immediately. That is one whale of a quake! Tsunamis are odd phenomenon – seem to dip and dive and then swell up. Hopefully no harm will come to anyone. Wondering what astrological signature may have prompted such a riotous reaction? I see a fleeting Moon square Merc and a loose Mars trine Pluto. Scorpio moon is always rather uncomfortable. At cursory glance, I don’t see anything else that stands in much relief.

BuckEyeShadow – isn’t Jordon the one caught up in an athlete pedophile case? Seems to be he should already BE in prison!

Seems on a one-day sleep in, up for 1 and a half days schedule of late. Glad today was the Scorpio moon… those always hit me hard!

The first thing I saw when I got up today was about the tsunami warning. Glad nothing happened with that! The Ring of Fire has always interested me. Reminds me of a pendulum when so many volcanoes go off on one side or the other… it’s like there’s got to be an opposite reaction from the other side to equalize the balance.

Had the Moderna shot yesterday, my husband and I. Fortunately, no reaction except a sore arm when I sleep.

“The state of #Georgia passed a law this week, #HB531, that outlaws handing out pizza slices and water to voters waiting for hours to vote. ”


FBI: Trump-appointed State Department aide arrested in connection with Capitol riot



Jordan has Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, all of which I take as a reminder that Aquarius isn’t all progress, futurism, and friendship. Some of them are just f-ing nuts, but then, every sign has some of those.

I agree—he should be in prison. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but George Clooney is supposedly working on creating a documentary that will put him and his shenanigans at Ohio State under a microscope.

Good for George Clooney – he’ll do a great job.

Glad you & your husband didn’t have side affects, Angellight. I had a few last night and into this morning (in addition to the sore arm, I was moderately achy in a way that I usually am not, and pretty cold so maybe had mild fever, but they left by late morning except for a need to take it easier and rest).

Yes, Aquarius is a fixed sign – and too much rigidity or determination in the wrong direction can be unhealthy. Also, Aquarius has a thing about personal freedom and that can apply to the Left or Right and, particularly, Libertarianism.

Jupiter may be helping Jordan now and/or causing him to be over-confident but Sat. in Aquarius for 3 years might bring him his comeuppance.

Sharon K: Was just told today that many people are having some kind of reaction with the 2nd shot. Not sure if I want to get the 2nd Moderna shot. Glad you are ok and it was not too serious.

Angellight, I did hear that a strong reaction shows a strong immune system. And, as I said, I stay hydrated these days by drinking about 1/2 gallon of water daily (my doctor told me it would help with the too-high calcium level in my blood and I think it might be working) and I took Xtra Strength Tylenol a little before the symptoms came on (I had no way to know; just guesswork) and I think they both helped. I got the shot about 10:45 a.m. yesterday and didn’t feel symptoms until bedtime about 10:30 p.m., and had this morning which tapered off until about 12 noon. I vote for you getting the second shot for maximum immunity.

Here’s a good, very short article about the state of the vaccines:

And this is just for fun:

From Facebook –
David Tex Willis
December 28, 2020 ·
Charles, a new retiree-greeter at Wal-Mart, just couldn’t seem to get to work on time. Every day he was 5, 10, 15 minutes late. But he was a good worker, really tidy, clean-shaven, sharp-minded and a real credit to the company and obviously demonstrating their “Older Person Friendly” policies.
One day the boss called him into the office for a talk. “Charles, I have to tell you, I like your work ethic, you do a bang-up job when you finally get here, but your being late so often is quite bothersome.”
“Yes sir, I know, and I am working on it.”
“Well good, you are a team player. That’s what I like to hear.”
“Yes sir, I understand your concern and I’ll try harder.”
Seeming puzzled, the manager went on to comment, “It’s odd though you’re coming in late. I know you’re retired from the Armed Forces. What did they say to you there if you showed up in the morning so late and so often?”
The old man looked down at the floor, then smiled. He chuckled quietly, then said with a grin,
“They usually saluted and said:
“Good morning General, can I get your coffee sir?”

“…and had some this morning which tapered off…”

I received the 1st Pfizer vaccine shot 75 minutes ago. So far, I feel fine. I’m scheduled to get the next one 3 weeks from today.
May we all get the vaccine asap!

WOW! Something’s up with Mother Earth!

A “swarm” of over 20,000 earthquakes has rocked Iceland in the past 10 days — and it could spark a volcanic eruption

Eliseo, I think someone made a typo?? – just checked the usgs website. Since Feb 13th they have had 20.

WOW! Yep, big difference between 20 and 20,000. That’s would be a whopper of a typo!
I notice at top of page it says 20 of 1940 earthquakes. Maybe the real figure was 1960 earthquakes? I don’t know.

Eliseo, the search parameters I selected of total earthquakes over 2.5 magnitude global, for the past 30 days, is the 1940 number. The 20 refers to the map display option selected to show only those for the iceland area. If you scroll out to see a wider map area, that 20 number will change.

Eliseo, you can change selection parameters on the right side of the screen – for instance, I just asked for over 4.5 magnitude in our neck of the woods for the past 7 days and the numbers change to 125 out of 220. But the numbers change constantly due to automatic updates.

Eliseo, more thoughts on that 20K number: If that includes minor (less than 2.5 magnitude) earth tremors such as those only detectable from volcano sensitivity monitors designed to indicate subterranean magna movement, the number could indeed be much higher than twenty.

from a facebook post – sadly too true, especially with those who want to maintain power.

“The Lie said to the Truth, “Let’s take a bath together, the well water is very nice. The Truth, still suspicious, tested the water and found out it really was nice. So they got naked and bathed. But suddenly, the Lie leapt out of the water and fled, wearing the clothes of the Truth.
The Truth, furious, climbed out of the well to get her clothes back. But the World, upon seeing the naked Truth, looked away, with anger and contempt. Poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared forever, hiding her shame. Since then, the Lie runs around the world, dressed as the Truth, and society is very happy…
Because the world has no desire to know the naked Truth.”

There is reason to believe Tuesday March 23, 2021 could a mark significant development in the January 6th insurrection investigation. One Tarot reader has singled out this day as a possible pivotal point wherein indictments will be handed down, most likely singling out prominent Republican congressman who may have been inextricably involved in the planning and financing of the botched Washington DC Capitol coup attempt).

Astrologically, Rick Levine in his March Report, highlights March 23rd as a potentially BIG event with Mars-Mercury square (11 Gemini-Pisces) in sesquiquadrate/ semi-square to Pluto (26 Capricorn). His remarks appear at the 40 minute mark…….

Rick Levine’s Astrology Forecast for March 2021

Video 58 min 36 sec


What reinforces the above astrological opinion is that the March 23rd Pluto degree conjoins the January 6th charts Mercury position (26 Capricorn – information divulged?). The January 6th Pluto degree at the time of the Wash. DC Capitol attack was at 24 Capricorn.

Although published five years ago, here are some interesting observations on the Mercury/Pluto conjunction phenomenon…….

It’s Back: Mercury Pluto Conjunct

January 22, 2016/ by Mystic Medusa Astrology

Mercury Pluto conjunct is back. T’is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. And not to smoke, obviously.

Mercury in orb of Pluto since mid-December and until early February has been a light into much of our darkness. It has illuminated dysfunctional thinking and shadowy areas of our psyche. They are shadowy for a reason you might think, with a surge of irritation. But with the Messenger God aligned to Under Worldly Pluto for so long, you’ll want to talk to your Shadow Selves.

Mercury usually goes over Pluto once – it takes a day. This is a much longer haunting/exorcism.

So the first exact hit was December 20, and the next one is in just a few hours from now (as i type this), and then there is another hit on the 30th. It is a process.

Think about what suddenly flared up within you mid-December; the sudden and drastic decisions that felt fantastic. You shone your torch/candle (a.k.a. consciousness) into some dark, dank corner and whatever lurked there scuttled away.

The motif of the person going back into the haunted house to get something or for one last confrontation with the forces of darkness is a cliche of suspense thrillers. But after Mercury moves off Pluto for the third time in late Jan, you are done. No looking back. No detour down to the ghostly well at the bottom of the graveyard.

More details in the Horoscopes of course. But regardless of your sign/personal chart, going with this process and clearing out your possessed basement or whatever will feel SO good when it’s done. You will be immune to energy thieves and Energy Vampires for a start. And, no more Shadow Selves trying to subliminally dictate your process.

Those blasts of “fuq it” in mid-December are vital to this banishment and reset process. So how are you doing with this?


Not that it matters very much, just a minor oversight. Typo: Read instead: “could mark A significant development”

Sharon K: Thanks for info about the vaccines and positive coaching.

You are so very welcome, Angellight.

Kiwi, oh that is so sad but true. There has to be a positive follow up. Truth can’t be gone forever. Let’s hope that it’s a Scorpio and will rise as the Phoenix from the well in brand new, beautiful clothes. The stolen clothes that Lie is wearing shred and disintegrate and there he stands totally bare for all to see. He’s s a big fat lie….really ugly.

Banks, the other option is, be unafraid of the bullies and be proud of your naked glory?

Kiwi, i’m With you on being unafraid of bullies but at my age just the words naked and glory seem like oxymorons to me.

Speaking personally as a devout Naturist since 1963, Naturism “glorifies,” (places in a better, healthier, “glow” or light, purposefully deshaming, redignifying, and deobjectifying the nude physical body, (old and young), having the side effect of rendering eros far less predatory, more nurturant, much less visual, and far more holistic.

And so it is with truth. Truth liberates and elevates, even when it hurts.

banks, ha ha ha ha – at this stage of age decline I can relate!

Eliseo, Amen!

BBC is reporting it really was 20,000 quakes in Iceland. I’m presuming the count probably includes tremors and mini-quakes.

Iceland and New Zealand, from the early 70’s to present, have long been at the top of my short list of countries to visit. Both are in seismically active areas, but so is the PNW where I live. Maybe I’m drawn to areas with earthquakes and volcanoes?

Eliseo, I loved living on the Big Island of Hawaii for 30yrs. Sometimes if there was a new eruption with fountaining, (especially at night) we would drive 1.5hrs to Volcano Park to experience the awesome magnificence. Volcanic Fun! An old hawaiian lady said to me one time, the hula was invented to sway with all the earthquakes LOL
If you haven’t been, put it on your bucket list.
When I lived there, the number of astronomers, geologists & volcanologists, and marine biologists, meant there were more scientists per capita than most other places.

I might have already written about this but the Virgo Full Moon on Saturday, Feb 27 at 8+ Virgo opposite the Sun at 8+ Pisces, and they were T-squared by the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Transiting Saturn was at 8+ Aquarius (trine US Uranus) at the time giving the stimulus bill a good chance of success, despite the Full moon opposition.

Bernie Sanders said about the stimulus “the American Rescue Plan is the most significant piece of legislation to benefit working people in the modern history of this country” and he would know. I say thank you transiting Saturn and US natal Uranus, you done good!

“Bernie Sanders said about the stimulus “the American Rescue Plan is the most significant piece of legislation to benefit working people in the modern history of this country.”


I remember lying in the field as a child on my grandfather’s farm in southern Louisiana gazing at the stars. Earlier in the evening when we left our fishing pier, we were often innundated with fireflies, (we also called them lightning bugs!)

Fireflies, the stars on clear nights, fountaining volcanoes at safe distance, meditations in deep green forest: Too many tend to view nature as something ONLY to be used, not something about which to feel reverential awe. I do not see such opposing views as mutually exclusive, but ideally complimentary.

May Gaia/Erda be praised!

Eliseo: 🙂

Eliseo, you would love the big island. It has almost all of the climate zones in the world – desert, tropical rainforest, tropical coast, alpine, temperate
hope you can access these photos – possible to experience all within a 100 mile radius

should be 50 mile radius – island is 100 miles wide & long

Are you referring to the Big Island?

Eliseo, yes, but the comment was in response to some pix links, but they have since disappeared.

“Biden will sign executive order to expand voter access and election information on Selma anniversary

On Sunday, President Biden is expected to sign an executive order to direct federal agencies to expand voter registration and promote access to election information in the US. The order comes on the 56th anniversary of the march, also known as Bloody Sunday, from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, where civil rights protesters were beaten by police.”


Angellight, et. al.
A few hours ago I read R’s in 43 states had proposed or were attempting voter suppression legislation. They may or may not get such legislation passed, depending on which state they are in, but they are obviously serious in their efforts.

It’s not difficult to see conflict ahead, perhaps even violent confrontation over state level voter suppression laws in conflict with federal law and executive orders.

Conversely, it IS difficult to think of anything they could do, short of executions, which would more deeply or permanently alienate minority and/or youthful voters. It won’t be long before such voters are the majority!

Such is the power of their fear, anger, hatred, their addictive, delusional, idelogical idolatry, they evidently can’t help themselves but to compulsively rush headlong over their self made precipice like lemmings to their collective death.

I don’t think we’ve seen such deep pathology, such insanity since secession and our civil war. They are now not merely the seditionist party, but of proud suicide as well.

I’ve not studied other nation’s Pluto returns, but ours certainly is weird.

Eliseo, the GOP has stated out loud that they cannot win without suppression. And they stated that in front of SCOTUS. If the court upholds Arizona’s GOP in this case, it will be the new Dred Scott decision and (IMHO) lead to a national outcry to reform the court.


I certainly agree.
Conservative intellectuals (most of whom have left the gop) maintain the R’s are suffering from a lack of imagination and creativity. They suggest R’s should craft ideas and policies which would appeal to and help minorities in order to get their votes.

Of course, there are at least two blatant fallacies in such thinking.
(1) R’s have no interest in helping anyone except themselves and their already wealthy donors and friends.
(2) Their philosophy has run its course. Very little of the Conservative ethos is any longer. pragmatically or practically applicable to modern economies and nations. Their philosophy assumes contexts which no longer exist.

Their choices are limited. They can die with dignity, or translate the best of their ideas into something new, a process they evidently find abhorent.

Or resort to cheating and voter suppression, which is clearly the option they’ve chosen. But ultimately, that will lead to their self-destruction, as in revolt and revenge the people will destroy them. …no matter what the supremes decide.

Lindsey Graham Warns Donald Trump Could ‘Destroy’ GOP After Combative CPAC Speech



May we discover our true roles upon this Earth: to heal, to nourish and to know we are part of the God head, co-equal, yet different, united in the One. Our gentleness is our strength. Let the Great Mother of the Universe teach us her ways & may we be worthy.

Eliseo: You are so right, “ultimately, that will lead to their self-destruction, as in revolt and revenge the people will destroy them. …no matter what the supremes decide.”

“Russian intelligence agencies have mounted a campaign to undermine confidence in Western vaccines, using online publications as fronts to amplify false and misleading claims, The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription).

Why it matters: “The foreign efforts to sow doubts about the vaccine exploit deep-seated anxieties… already prevalent in some communities.”


Poor Lindsay – he changes his mind more often than he changes his underwear. Its his Frankenstein.

Eliseo, France’s Pluto return in 1821 occurred on the exact day Napoleon died. That, and the period leading up to it, was also weird.

The title of my weekly column in Montreal French-language media was easy this morning: The Family of Canada’s Head of State is Racist. I reminded my readers the British monarchy is the greatest symbol of white supremacy there ever was and Canada was founded on that idea. So it’s only fitting allegations of racism would hasten its decline. It has only survived this long by adapting to the times but now it clearly has not. Pluto in Capricorn in full glory.

Umm … in what Montreal French-language media is your column because I want to follow it…. Not that I can read French but maybe there is a google translate. But if there isn’t I am inspired to read the French anyway to the best of my ability.

Many years ago I took History of Women at University of Alberta just as part of my first year…

Napoleon promised women that if they fought along side the men in the revolution that they would have equal rights in every way after the revolution was won. So they waited til the dust settled… 10 years after the dust settled….. asked to wait even 10 years more after everything was restructured – that would have been 20 years… then their expectations faded. The promises made during the revolutions were forgotten, and it seems the women of France accepted their place, and their fate.

However the women of France have a special place because of their allure and attractiveness. I don’t know what to make of this.

It is a good topic to bring up on International Women’s Day.

Another thing under the topic of “I don’t know what to make of this” –
Although I am fine with Canada being bilingual of course – because of our history which is SO valid and unique… well not totally unique cz there are so many examples in the world of cultures co-settling regions…
I have NEVER been a fan of multiculturalism. Think the word gained popularity under Pierre Trudeau. Excuse me Mr. Trudeau. I am a fan of everything else you have done but multiculturalism is a bridge too far.
Multiculturalism is divisive. Many countries in the last 10 or so years have dropped such policies as being harmful to their national identities and more.
Canada seems to be hanging on…..
I am SO not into this divisiveness.
As a child in school we were taught of the wonderfulness of the melting pot.
I am into that. My father was say about 4th generation Irish Scottish Canadian. My mother’s family was fresh from Norway by way of the US.
Actually I heard that Mom’s family did not want her to marry Dad because he was…. well.. not Norwegian.
But all that has faded because we are Canadian. Our background gives us color and greater depth. However up to a few decades ago this melting pot has really worked for me.
Also what started for me a few decades ago is the disturbance that our values of equality and democracy were going to be threatened by… say… sharia law…ideas of inequality of women as evidenced by hiding of their hair…. etc. etc. – Ok. Give us a couple generations and we all will become Canadian with Canadian values. But on the way to that we have fathers murdering their daughters because they did not tow the line for their dads.
Democracy has to be protected. That’s what I have been hearing especially in US publications. I now understand and appreciate this as never before.
Democracy means equality. One person, one vote. I always took this for granted growing up. I did not know that it is a dynamic action verb. I actually want it to be a fait accompli but it isn’t is it? Not yet. When can we get it to be a fait accompli?
Help me out here guys 🙂

Ok and then I think of Andre. Andre is a Separatist. Yes I am for your Cause Andre but it hurts. You will be able to preserve and amplify, and glorify your culture which is so beautiful to me…. we all in what is left of Canada will be able to partake by crossing that boundary….we will be able to experience the French culture so near to us by crossing the road. But what of the Acadian French who also settled parts of Louisiana? How is that going to go?
Ok maybe this isn’t the forum I haven’t researched it. But you are doing all the work… It’s your thing. I think that if you are successful you are going to catch the rest of Canada by surprise and we are going to be left hanging out there………OMG Yikes I am sure you have thought of this….. I mean have some compassion for the rest of us 🙂 No offense meant.

Ok and then I think of Andre. Andre is a Separatist. Yes I am for your Cause Andre but it hurts. You will be able to preserve and amplify, and glorify your culture which is so beautiful to me…. we all in what is left of Canada will be able to partake by crossing that boundary….we will be able to experience the French culture so near to us by crossing the road. But what of the Acadian French who also settled parts of Louisiana? How is that going to go?
Ok maybe this isn’t the forum I haven’t researched it. But you are doing all the work… It’s your thing. I think that if you are successful you are going to catch the rest of Canada by surprise and we are going to be left hanging out there………OMG Yikes I am sure you have thought of this….. I mean have some compassion for the rest of us 🙂 No offense meant.

Excuse me Andre. It’s not your job. It’s our job to pull ourselves together should we all separate. And in envisioning it, it could be quite wonderful. We could look at Manitoba for what it is…. a mixture of Indigenous and French and other settlers in our prairie provinces… hooked together with the common wheat growing history of Saskatchewan and Alberta.. yet take a look at the lakes and forests north of them.. Then in the west of Alberta the terrain changes into the mountains – Banff and Jasper – then Beautiful BC.

We would be all right.

I would get to know the Atlantic Provinces, where I have never been…..

Our regional identities and our histories would be… yes, glorified – but at the same time – democratic and respectful and totally supportive of equality. That’s what we came to Canada for.
It could warm us. And widen our horizons and perspectives…. And contribute to the whole. And we would all be the richer for it. What we all have in common is that we want to respect one another and we all believe in democracy and equality.

On this International Women’s Day we believe in gender equality in Canada and in all of the countries in the world we support gender equality.

History of Women sounds like a really good course!…a course which should be taught at all universities. It was certainly absent at the last university at which I taught. Too bad!

Also really interesting about Napoleon’s promise to women, but unfortunately typical; it’s not uncommon for a leader to make a promise which the followers are uncomfortable with. An intelligent supposition might be (I’m speculating) French men of that time likely thought of women as their property, and were unwilling to relinquish their real and imagined power over them. (Too many within all language groups still feel this way.)

As for the purported allure and attractiveness of French women : Language shapes culture. Culture shapes language. Historically, (I again speculate) perhaps French women are more comfortable feeling and behaving seductively? …at least more so than we English speakers. Just a speculation, though there may also be a halo effect at work in our minds here. Obviously, I am NOT the most qualified person on this blog to enjoin such a speculative observation. Certain British English accents also have their halo effects to the hearing of North Americans.

There’s also the issue of the different sort of physical vibrations different languages produce. French has great musicality. When I speak what little French I know, it feels more like singing than speaking. If I speak German, it feels a bit like shouting. The breathing and cadence is very different. Listening to the sounds of French is like listening to deep throated songbirds. Who with any musical sense would not be seduced?

Also, perhaps French women have their own astrological signature? Is that possible?


Oh la la! Mon dieu, vous avez mis en branle une rhétorique potentiellement passionnée. J’admire votre courage. Épicé!

🙂 thank you Will



Marjorie’s musings on astrological predictions

Sunstars, this is my column this week in French on the monarchy. It’s in an influential progressive online newspaper.


On the subject of women you have raised, I make a big distinction between Quebec women and women from France. Quebec women are more self-assured and indpenedent-minded. Quebec has been in many ways a matriarchal society. Today’s women are much more egalitarian than the women of France who use seduction as a powerful weapon in a deeply sexist society that is alien to Quebec in this regard. I agree the ideals of the French Revolution have not been fulfilled with respect to women. French feminism has grown in strength but is still weak in the eyes of Quebec. Quebec women may have been influenced by the free spirit of native culture. I am of the opinion that Quebec feminism is a driving force for social democracy only equalled by Scandinavia, including within the independence movement. And secular women who have immigrated from Muslim countries are a driving force here against Islamic sexism and conservatism.

The wife of a leading Saudi dissident who has been imprisoned for years has taken refuge in Quebec with her children. She announced last week she would be running for the separatist party in the next federal election. Despite her faulty French, she should be elected easily. She says Quebec is her home and wants to make it her country.

Good news, Andre.

I think women (and men) are still trying to find the right balance of qualities and traits that allow them to be authentic and true to themselves, and independent and honest communicators, without comprising some delightful and admirable aspects of femininity (and masculinity), and still retain respect for others appropriately. Some women (and men) prefer to be more independent than others, and more expressive of ideas, opinions, emotions than others. I have heard younger males state that women love to be independent but still want their male mate to be more powerful, successful, and to “take care of them” (to at least a certain extent).

compromising, not comprising 🙂

kiwi, thank you for post this — it was great. I really enjoyed reading it. Marjorie puts into words what most of us generally know but she does it fairly comprehensively, with examples, and very articulately. In line with her signature style, it was also relatively short and easy to read.

Marjorie’s musings on astrological predictions

Andre: Wow.

You have given me my answer or as near to an answer as I am going to get for the time being. I am going to have to re-read your writing a few more times to let it sink in. But for now I feel I can trust your words…… and thank you.

The Admiral commanding American forces in the Pacific says China could invade Taiwan within six years. This would bring such an invasion at the time of the next US Uranus return, which always so far has brought a major deadly conflict. Taiwan to me is Poland in 1939. A Chinese invasion would trigger a major war.



The first question that popped in my noodle after reading your post of 11:35 was,

Why would China not invade Taiwan now?

Then I found this little bit:


You may also find it interesting that the military might of Taiwan is essentially on par with that of Canada, Poland; Who knew?

Thank You for the admiral’s “heads up”. As I recall the US Uranus return was almost precise on D-Day 1944, I believe at 9 + degrees of Gemini.

Your analogy, Taiwan to 1939 Poland, is I believe apt. I’ve long believed the PRC military will eventually invade Taiwan. From October 1, 1949 to present there have been two national Chinese governments, each one representing itself as the sole legitimate government. The Taiwanese have accepted the situation and moved on. The PRC CP has not, and never will. The very presence of the Taipei government is a living breathing affirmation the PRC government is not legitimate, which is intolerable for them psychologically.

In the back story of one of my novels, the plot of which I constructed well over a decade ago, and the story taking place over a 100 years from now, the PRC took over Taiwan while the US was embroiled in severe domestic troubles, a guerilla style, assymetrical, civil war. I’m not sure any diplomatic, political, economic, or military action we of the West might take can prevent the strongly potential Chinese scenario we both see.

I note with each Uranus event we’ve undergone a change in identity and role. At the time of the revolution we transitioned from British colonies into united American states, united as an alliance and confederation. The articles of confederation having worked poorly, and with the Constitution now in force, the Am. Civil War transformed us from “these” (plural) United States into “the” (singular) United States.” On D-Day the USA was well into the transition into the “Leader of the Free World.” A month later at Bretton Woods, Connecticut, the allies, consisting of over 40 nations, unanimously agreed the US should play that role.

I’ve looked at those Uranus return charts so very many times for some many years, especially the one for 2028. I’ve long been convinced the events and election of that year would either bring the election or re-election of one of our greatest presidents. I’ve long believed that time period, with its accompanying and possibly horrible struggles would lead us into a new world order, one far better than what we’ve crafted so far.

March 9, 2021 (Tuesday)
The only big thing I see today is that Bob Smietana of the Religion News Service broke the story that evangelical Beth Moore, a hugely popular leader, has left the Southern Baptist Church. A survivor of sexual assault, Moore objected to her denomination’s support for Trump in light of the Access Hollywood tapes in which he boasted of sexual assault. She has increasingly parted ways with church leaders and now has announced that she is leaving the denomination. Her departure could lead a number of women out of that church.

The departure of a leader from the Southern Baptist Church sparked by opposition to Trump and church support for him indicates the growing split in the Republican Party. Trump today continued his attempt to undercut the Republican National Committee by hamstringing its fundraising. He issued a statement saying that while he “fully” supports the Republican Party, “I do not support RINOS [Republicans in Name Only] and fools, and it is not their right to use my likeness or image to raise funds.” He urged people to donate to his own political action committee to help the America First movement. “We will WIN, and we will WIN BIG!” he wrote. “Our Country is being destroyed by the Democrats!”


“I am begging America and the media to pay attention to this. Right now we are facing an avalanche of voter suppression that we have not seen before, at least not since Jim Crow. In state after state—it’s not just Iowa; it’s not just Georgia; it’s not just Arizona… It’s also Montana. It’s also Missouri. It’s also Florida. It’s also Texas. The list goes on and on. Donald Trump told a Big Lie that led to an assault on democracy in the Capitol on January 6. The assaults we’re seeing going on now in state capitols with the legislatures may be less deadly, and be less violent, but they are every bit as damaging to our democracy.”


You always seem to post interesting links…but from your timing I can’t figure whether you are a very early riser posting from the East coast, or someone up late posting from Hawaii or the Aleutian islands!

In either case, Blessings to you, Angel-Soul.

Eliseo: LOL, very early riser from the east coast. Lately, my sleeping schedule has been changed from my inner compass.

“The Great Man of the United States was born on July 4th, 1776, at the time when it cut the umbilical cord which connected it to the mother country. At the time of signing the Declaration of Independence. the 19th degree of the Sign of Aquarius was rising. Therefore the’ United States Man is an Aquarian. He pours the water of life-a stream of stars from his great water urn. It is significant that at the dawn of the Aquarian Age
the United States should be an Aquarian – the sign of a coming race and a coming age. Aquarius, while a water bearer, is an air sign. So this nation will conquer the air with its airplanes, its radios, its engines, and similar inventions. The Sign ‘of Aquarius contributes to the United States its love of independence, its selfsufficiency, and its unconventionality. The present generation is Aquarian in its lack of dignity, lack of sense of propriety, and its ridicule of ancient and accepted standards. The’ result is that every day the number of the older and conventionalized generation becomes fewer. They do not die of old age; they are frightened or mortified to death by the habits and temperaments of the generation rising up about them. Aquarius is always in a hurry; speed is its motto. The Aquarian man, both human and national, is controlled by Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected things. Uranus is a nervous, mystical, excitable’ sign, and those controlled by it are seldom self-controlling. It is this nervous haste, this bohemian temperament, that marks the present generation in America. The United States Man is coming into his majority, demonstrating beyond doubt the influence of the celestial bodies which culminated at his nativity! The land surface of the United States is under three great constellations-Gemini. Cancer and Leo. Gemini covers the eastern coast with its .intellectual and cultural
temperaments; Cancer, the middle west with its fecundity, grain and crops; and Leo, the western states with their pioneering and aspiring temperaments. These three signs control, to a certain degree, those diseases fr0111 which the American people suffer the most: Gemini contributes the tendency toward nervousness and tuberculosis; Cancer, the tendency towards stomach trouble; and Leo, the tendency towards heart trouble. In spite of several distressing aspects, the coming year promises an improvement in financial conditions throughout the country, with a release of currency and circulation of money. The trend of progress in America is westward; therefore the west continues to suffer from “growing pains.” The population will increase’ faster than the industries can support it, thus resulting in considerable sorrow for the less monied classes. There is promise, however, of considerable increase in industries’ in the west the coming year. The problem of the ingress from the East is a difficult one to solve. It ‘will take many years to thoroughly adjust conditions. There’ will be many difficulties in the political world, including serious factional clashes. It will be a difficult year for sc qr.c n _ :nv ~~ :L, Bu t ne lew a A’d great invention will be added to the already long list of achievements. The inve’ntion will be of an entertaining rather than of an essential nature. Literature, the theatre, and the arts will not have a particularly prosperous year; nor will the 111otion picture industry. America’s art sense is still but partly matured; the finer sentiments come with age and the United States is still a young country, Occultism and philosophy will have a steady, but slow, growth during the year, They will suffer considerable adversity. Freemasonry will be very active , Orthodox religion will have a good year; as a result of broadening out its platform and taking up affairs of world interest, it will stage a “comeback.” The evolutionists are likely to have an unpleasant :year, with a blow to their fondest hopes. There will be a steady advance along sociological lines. Severe storms will occur in the Eastern states and out upon the Atlantic. These will probably cause the sinking of two or three large vessels in the Atlantic. There is a likelihood of severe’ storms off the coast of Southern California.”

Manly P. Hall THE ALL-SEEING EYE December 8, 1926


Yup. Obviously written by a man.

🙂 Excuse me….. written when tr Moon conjunct tr Jupiter was in hard aspect to my Mars

🙂 sorry guys

Will, that link to the Military Review is fascinating. Many thanks. I think China’s best opportunity to invade was while Trump was President, but they were too busy with Hong Kong. Taiwan has 25 million people who would fight for freedom and who are technologically advanced. The US has recently beefed up the Quad, a new military alliance in the Pacific with Japan, India and Australia in order to face down China’s aggression. Invading Taiwan would not be a cakewalk.

Eliseo, I have often wondered if the next Uranus return would bring another civil war or a major external conflict. The worst case scenario would be both simultaneously. China could see internal strife in the US as the right time to attack Taiwan. The complicating astrological factor in this Uranus return is the progressed US Mars retrograde, which has been effect since the Fifties and will last many more decades. That is the reason the US hasn’t won a war since 1945. The same aspect brought Germany to its knees in two world wars. So a war of aggression would be disastrous for the US. However, a purely defensive war in support of allies is a different proposition. China could be allied to Russia and Iran. China and Russia have just announced they will build together a space station on the Moon. I believe India will emerge as the big winner of such a conflict and will be the superpower in Asia until the end of the century. Russia and China will decline and Tibet may at last be free. Japan may once again pay a heavy price and I fear for Australia. China is already building a huge military base in New Guinea just north of Australia. The ultimate factor is demographic. China is expected to lose half of its population after 2050. So it may feel the need to act sooner than later.


Thank you for posting Marjorie’s Musings; interesting.

Angellight, that post from 1926 reminds me the US Ascendant has been variously considered over the years to be Aquarius, Gemini, now Sagittarius and increasingly Scorpio. We have a similar debate here with Canada’s chart.

No offense taken.
As a Canadian, you may be interested to know Manly Palmer Hall wasn’t just any man, but was himself Canadian, born in Peterborough, Ontario March 18, 1901. He had quite a career as one of the more important 20th century astrologers, and researcher/writers of the ancient wisdom. He was famous for his classic work, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

I think we all understand your justifiable feminist misgivings. MPH was a man of his times, and we today have not yet entirely found our way in the use of our male and female pronouns.

Will, we must first thank kiwi who posted Marjorie’s musings on how think about astrological predictions. I thought it was a fascinating piece and reposted it to call attention to it but also thanked her.

Pisces new moon at 24 degrees this Saturday, March 13, which also will be very close to the sun, will be right smack dab on my natal venus in my 10th and more or less conjunct my natal mars. I expect to experience some very flowing, loving, spiritual feelings.

Sharon K,
Thanks for the heads up about Saturday’s pisces new moon. It will conjunct my natal full moon in my 10th house.

I am consistently amazed how simiarly we analyze historical, social science, and astrological data, and how we perceive future possibilities and probabalities.

I too was surprised the Chinese government did not take the opportunity to invade Taiwan while Trump was President. But you are surely right; they were too busy with Hong Kong. Bullies that they are, I understand their psychological need to assert their authority, but killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, (Hong Kong) is in my view pretty stupid for the long run.

Taiwan, of course is another golden goose. The crack down on Hong Kong IMO is the beginning of a new cycle for the PRC, a cycle in which they gradually come to be perceived as a deceitful, disingenuous and dangerous pariah. In the long run, their autocratic bullying will diminish their businesses and badly hurt their economy.

I am especially concerned about the plans for a joint Russian/Chinese lunar base. Regardless of claims to the contrary, I have no doubt it would be covertly military in nature. Together, our earth and moon constitute a gravity well, with earth at the bottom. Whomever controls the moon, controls the earth. You wouldn’t need missiles for war; at 1/6 gravity a catapult or trebuchet would work quite finely, and our moon has some very large rocks!

I believe your premonitions about India are on target as well. Many companies are already phasing out labor in China in favor of cheaper labor in more ideologically friendly countries, notably India, Mexico, and SE Asian nations, as well as back to the US and Canada. That economic trend is acclerating.

Putin chose aggression because he had to. The Russians absolutely require a warm water port, (Crimea) to survive politically and economically. The timing was no accident. With a diminishing population, and the demise of the Soviet era technical colleges, they had to use their military while they still had enough soldiers and engineers to do the job. No warm water port, i.e. access to Crimea, and they are flat out of business.

I believe the Chinese will behave similarly for similar reasons. As soon as they perceive we are “not looking” (busy with our own serious problems,) they will attempt to take Taiwan by force. They will execute elected Taiwanese officials, and spark WWIII.

The PRC will be further hurt by various climate change catastrophes and their lack of environmental regulation and enforcement. Some of their rivers have more flowing benzine than water. Furthermore, their southern and eastern coasts, where most Chinese live, are some of the most vulnerable areas on earth to sea level rise. The heat waves they will experience will be real killers.

Presuming the PRC gets their “day in the sun,” as the world hegemon they aspire to be, it is likely to be a fairly short “day.”

Another issue: The Russian population is diminishing severely. They also are leaving Siberia in droves, all moving westward to the European, urbanized areas of their country. Simultaneously, Chinese are moving northward, gradually taking over the warming Siberian plains and steppe. It is conceivable this might develop into actual war.

Unfortunately, the 21st century like the preceding 20th, is quite liable to be interesting for both very good, and very bad reasons.

Sorry guys but I have to vent. Ive gone right off Meghan! Apparently she knows nothing about royal history or protocols, and IMO is becoming little more than a drama queen seeking media attention. The subject of who gets what title is pretty complex and her playing the race card and whining that ‘Archie is not allowed to be a prince’ because he has black genes is just bollocks! Seems she should have studied more about how titles are bestowed before she married if that was her goal! Only offspring of the current monarch in direct line of succession get to use prince/princess titles. For instance, the children of the queens sister, Princess Margaret, were titled Lady and Viscount; Prince Harry (son of 1st in line Charles, Prince of Wales) was given the title Duke of Sussex when he married, and his offspring will be cousins to a future Monarch. Harry when married was 6th in line, and his son Archie is now 7th, behind his cousins – children of a future monarch, who are 3rd, 4th & 5th before him in the pecking order. The Queens son, Prince Andrew Duke of York, was 2nd in line to the throne at the time chose to accept his girls princess titles. Princesses at the time had no right of succession as long as there was a male heir. The ever practical Princess Anne chose not to accept any titles for her children; neither do her grandchildren have titles. The youngest of the queen’s kids, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, had Lady and Viscount titles bestowed on their kids.
The chances of Harry ever inheriting the throne are pretty slim, now sitting at 6th in line. Meghan has no right to expect that her child should be given a Prince title, regardless of race. Had they not bowed out of being a working Royal, Im sure some other sort of title would have been bestowed. Slim chance of any reconcilliation now!
The Royal protocols and English Culture shock for her seems to have been entirely too much to cope with, which is probably why William counseled Harry to wait a while before marrying. On top of her perhaps having had post partum depression, I think she may have latched on the the BLM race meme movement as a way to project her view of the unfairness of it all; that she wasn’t ultra important in the pecking order. I see an echo with the Duchess of Windsor saga. I wonder if there are any similarities in their charts?


Thank you for Marjorie’s Musings.

Love your honest and spirited rebuke of Meaghan Markel. I had a different take mostly due to the due-diligence required by my vocation regarding anyone who claims to be struggling with depression, hopelessness and suicidal ideation. Should it come to light that Merkel’s and Harry’s clams were nothing more than the function of a high-paying publicity stunt, I’d wager they will suffer much more in the court of public opinion.

I would find it quite exceptional if Prince Harry had not dutifully informed his spouse of the machinations of royal protocol and how and to whom titles and peerages are bestowed. Otherwise, why would Harry allow his wife to embarrass herself on the world stage?

Oprah appeared quite officious and full of herself. I can only imagine the ratings she got for that interview. Nonetheless, I felt empathy for both Meghan and Harry regarding him being stripped of any security detail; after witnessing how the paparazzi savaged and endangered the Duchess and Princes of Windsor while he was but a young lad, I find the Royal decision to deprive Harry and his wife and child of any security detail to be inexcusably callous and draconian. The possibility of Meghan falling into a post-partem depression occurred to me as well. For now I will suspend any conclusion about her playing the race card because this is a bombshell of a claim and wonder if we have heard the entire story just yet. I defer to you on the protocol of Great Brittan’s royalty because I admit knowing zilch on the subject.

If they were bull-sh-tting, to the Towers and off with their heads!

Hi Will, I have no doubt that Meghan suffered depression, and that she struggled with adjusting to an overwhelming set of ‘rules’ that connect with the history of Britain, (eg, part of the pageantry of the coronation ceremony goes back to the 11th century – I like history) as well as the customary British ‘stiff-upper-lip’ thing. And for that I really, really feel for her. Adjusting to American culture was hard for me initially, and not having any family there to talk to was certainly challenging at first.
But, the Duchess wanted to create a different life for themselves, fair enough and good on them. What grates on me is this interview, after saying they want to be out of the spotlight, out of the role as a Working Royal, and to make their own way in life. Complaints now about Archie not being a given the title of Prince, and they were forced to rely on the money that Harry’s mother left him, is just too much of wanting your cake and eating it too. Why should the British Taxpayer pay for any security if they have chosen to live a private life in a different country? Harry’s cousin Zara and her family receive no publicly funded protection, and other minor royals only when/if they are performing official functions.
I’d lay odds that the attitude of friend and neighbor Oprah, is likely due to Meghan crying on her shoulder for months.
To clarify – Charles, heir to the throne, is the Prince of Wales, thus Diana, his wife, became the Princess of Wales, and it was that disastrous relationship -he said/she said, separation and divorce via press – that created the paparazzi drama. The Duke of Windsor was the Queen’s Uncle, who abdicated to marry American socialite Wallace Simpson, who was given the title of Duchess of Windsor when they married.


I love your passion about this. Thank you for correcting me about the Princess of Wales vs Princess of Windsor. I am out of my element here. You are very principled and do not suffers fools lightly. I am by nature an easy mark; quite gullible. I will gladly be shepherded through this whole ordeal by you!

“Adjusting to American culture was hard for me initially, and not having any family there to talk to was certainly challenging at first.”

So kiwi, are you British born and raised? I can only imagine how isolated you probably felt. Clearly you grew and got strong as you appear to be quite the global citizen.

Will – no, born and raised in NZ, (of mostly strong Scottish stock LOL). But NZ was initially a British colony, then considered a Dominion from 1907 until 1947, so relatively close ties legislatively. Culturally too, although probably as much Scottish as English. Before 1947, laws passed here had to be sent to England, scrutinized and approved by ‘Royal Assent’. That’s one of the reasons I bristle at the Royal racist charge – The Maori Representation Act was passed in 1867. I believe NZ was the first country ensure a specific minimum number of parliament seats for their indigenous people. Also Britain abolished slavery in 1807, and made it easier for people of all colors to immigrate to Britain from their former colonies.

“Today was a big day for the United States of America. The House of Representatives passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. This bill marks a sea change in our government. The bill, which President Biden is expected to sign Friday, is a landmark piece of legislation, reversing the trend of American government since Ronald Reagan’s 1981 tax cut. Rather than funneling money upward in the belief that those at the top will invest in the economy and thus create jobs for poorer Americans, the Democrats are returning to the idea that using the government to put money into the hands of ordinary Americans will rebuild the economy from the bottom up. This was the argument for the very first expansion of the American government—during Abraham Lincoln’s administration—and it was the belief on which President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the New Deal. ”


Kiwi: I agree with you 100 percent and want to post your opinion on my FB page. It is very well thought out.

I, too, wonder at Harry and Meghan doing the big Oprah interview after stating they wanted to be out of the spotlight. On the other hand, I do believe that the “Royals” are totally capable of racism, subtle or blatant, as most people are – why wouldn’t the Royals be? But what were Harry and Meghan’s motive in revealing their experience in this way?

Eliseo, I entirely agree with your assessment of Russia’s decline. I didn’t realize you could shoot at Earth from the Moon. I have no doubt Pluto in Aquarius will bring the first war in space or from space. Also, the first electronic war which could severely damage utilities and communications of all kinds by destroying vital satellites and hacking infrastructure. For example, our own major utility here, Hydro-Quebec, will soon provide electricity for NYC and most of New England. I suppose its own security is vital to the US.

Kiwi, I know you are right about royal titles and Meghan’s contradictions. However, I believe the accusation of racism will stick in the age of BLM and contribute to the decline of the British monarchy. Also, the reign of Charles III will likely be disastrous because he can’t keep his mouth shut like his mother but will consistently put his foot in it like his father Philip.

Angellight – Im happy for you to repost anything you wish
Andre, I agree. I also feel the racism charge likely stems as much or more from the ingrained English class divisions and behavioral expections, than race per se. I wouldn’t be surprised if the press dramas surrounding Meghans father and sister in the lead up to the wedding, which would be considered very ‘low class’ by some, didnt play a part. The photos Ive seen of dear Archie look pretty ‘white’ to me!

This is what Marjorie has written on the latest Royal brouhaha

Just one more comment on royals and race:
Queen Victoria was so entranced by a Maori baby, she became his godmother. The story of Queen Victoria’s contact with her Maori godson comes from Elizabeth Colenso’s diary:
“On Monday, November the 30th, 1863, when the baby was four months old, the Queen’s christening gift was received. It was a silver-gilt cup, with a golden knife, fork and spoon, as well as a gift of £25 for Hariata. The same inscription was round the top of the cup and on the knife: “Albert Victor Pomare, from his godmother Queen Victoria, November 1863”. She had also arranged for his baptism at a London Church, St Paul’s at Tottenham, and requested that Mrs Colenso with the baby and his parents should attend an audience at Windsor Castle on December 4th, the following day.
After the baptism the New Zealanders met the Queen and four of her daughters at Windsor Castle. The Queen kissed the baby and admired his healthy appearance.”

In reconsidering what I wrote, I believe I understand why Harry & Megan would want to tell their story. It is part of what needs to happen to bring awareness to this very important matter that is still so toxic. What Queen Victoria is positive but, overall, racism is still too much a part of our world and is still hurting people. Here’s a story from Democratic Understand that helped me understand it more, even though it comes from someone’s experience of probably 50 years ago.
“Solly Mack (82,020 posts)

When I was a child…
People would sometimes come up to my mother and ask her if she was the “Nanny” of her own children. While young, we were all towheaded and had a much lighter skin hue. I’ve spoken of this before on DU.

My mother was darker than Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Later, when I was engaged, my future husband’s mother – a manipulative perpetual victim – wondered what our kids would look like. Even bothered by the fact any children could have brown eyes.

My own eyes are so dark brown they look black. A co-worker once asked to touch my hair. I gave her a look – because, seriously? I let her though. I was curious about her reaction. She said it was soft. Said she was surprised because it looked all wiry and coarse. Figures. My skin is white.

As a couple, we have chosen to live around and connect primarily with my family. For obvious reasons. My husband and I have managed to limit our contact with his family. His decision as well as mine.

I fully believe there was speculation from within the royal family about the skin hue of Harry and Meghan’s children.

I know it happens.

It cuts deeper than a lot of people can realize. It’s racism, yes – but saying it is doesn’t really tell the story.

That speculation is a sign of rejection. Not just of you but any future children, grandchildren, etc.. It hits all the discordant notes that form white supremacy. And they are all discordant notes.

That you’re less, inferior, and not even really human. As everything known about humans is only applied to white people under the white supremacy ideology. Same with white privilege – everything (socially/culturally/economically/even medicine) based on white skin means how things shape/affect those without white skin are ignored. That you aren’t even a consideration if you don’t have white skin.

That white is better than you and always will be. That acceptance only comes, and even then given only provisionally, based on the color of your skin. Even still, you know you’ll be mocked and scorned behind your back. Never good enough. Never equal. Never really “one of them”. You know your children will be treated differently.

And this kills you inside. Not the lack of the inclusion so much as to the reasons why. It’s soul crushing.

I hated the people who asked my mother if she was my Nanny. They treated a woman I worshiped as less. They smiled glowingly at me – at first. They looked at me differently once my mother told them in no uncertain terms that she was not the Nanny and gave them the – fuck you for entertaining the thought – look she did so well. Then they saw me as less as well. You could see the change play across their face.

I am who I am today because of my mother. For good or for ill, she was my primary influence, shaping how I see the world – and people. I didn’t always agree with her, and still don’t, but her voice is always there.

Meghan Markle chose to protect her children. To protect herself and her children. Her husband has done the same. To protect his family.

Because that’s what you do when someone wonders what “color” your children will be. Because if it matters to them they will make for damn sure it becomes an issue for your children. They have let you know exactly what they think of you and exactly how they will treat your children.

This isn’t really about the monarchy. The UK monarchy can die out or not, I don’t care.

It’s about the damage racism causes. It’s about the harm and the pain it causes. It’s about understanding precisely why you would keep your children away from such a toxic environment.

Thanks for listening.”

Sorry about my every present typos. “What Queen Victoria did is positive…” and “Here is story from Democratic Underground…” The story starts at “Solly Mack” and is her post in its entirety, down to the end.

interesting new article by astrologer Jessica Adams on Meghan, Harry & Oprah
-(its all about the Benjamins?)

Marjorie looks the similarities between the Duke&Duchess of Windsor, and the Duke&Duchess of Sussex


I honor your high regard for the Royals. Nonetheless, they appear to have been far more lenient upon aboriginals of NZ than the dark brown people of India and their Mahatma Gandhi. I’d wager there was more than a little racism “shade” cast about by the Monarchal Viceroy. m


Re Marjorie’s interpretation of the Duke of Windsor’s chart – does the following sentence in quotes make sense or am I well on the way to enfeeblement?

“He had Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto in Gemini and a Pisces Sun with his Cancer Sun stoked up by a hard Mars aspect. (details in an older post below). She was detached Air sign while he was an overly emotional (and delusional) Water type.”


Re Marjorie’s interpretation of the Duke of Windsor’s chart – does the following sentence in quotes make sense or am I well on the way to enfeeblement?

“He had Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto in Gemini and a Pisces Sun with his Cancer Sun stoked up by a hard Mars aspect. (details in an older post below). She was detached Air sign while he was an overly emotional (and delusional) Water type.”

Will, I think the prime difference between India, and indeed Australia as it pertains to the aboriginals, probably boils down to size of country and the number of English Govt Civil Servants sent to ‘run’ the country. NZ is smaller and was much more self governed by immigrants from England and Scotland. The Scots highly value their independence! Many of those sent to india were lower level English civil servants and were ‘wannabes’, carrying “airs and graces above their station”. Some of them ended up in NZ after India achieved independence. Some, but not all, brought with them a definitely ‘snobby’ and downright racist point of view. There are A**holes in every crowd – painting with a broad brush always has flaws.

Regarding DofWindsor, I guess Marjorie means his water sun&moon were in sync; but his fire mars was in hard aspect? His air jup,nep,pluto, were in sync with her planets though?

Does anyone have a precise tima when J. Biden signed the relief bill?

I am a very dark-skinned women. I have never felt inferior to a white skinned person or even wanted to or thought of wanting to be white. I grew up in a small mostly white town and if I was subject to discrimination, I never noticed it. Most likely b/c I did not feel inferior or that someone was better than me b/c of the color of their skin. Yes, I know there is discrimination but I do believe Black people have to stop feeling inferior and valuing who they are. I know that is just a small part and thank God for those slaves who knew their value and were part of the underground railroad so many years ago. I believe one of my ancestors was part of that process as we were born up north. That is what we were told. No matter what, you have to know your value and realize no one is better than you and you are not better than others. Not on the inside anyway. Your actions are what makes you more or less good or subordinate.

“FYI: Tucked into the stimulus bill Biden just signed: 3 tax hikes (on the wealthy) worth $60B. No wonder Repubs opposed”

From a FB posting

In my posting above this, value also means self-esteem. It was very early when posted.

Angellight, your comment about knowing your value called to mind the ongoing uproar at Smith College, my alma mater, where a Black student on campus during the summer of 2018 was lounging in a place she wasn’t supposed to be and campus security was called by someone on staff as it wasn’t clear who she was. Security left after identifying her as a student, but then she ended up going to the media about being targeted. Long story about all that happened after that, with ongoing recrimination all around (recent NYT article revived it). I have a tough time reading the alumnae FB posts about it.

When I was a student in the late ’70s, I felt an atmosphere of empowerment, we could do and be anything in the world, important to me as my parents weren’t educated. My senior class president of ~800 students was Black and one of the most self-assured women I’ve ever met. These days on campus are so different. I applaud the focus on fighting injustice. But I wonder if so much focus on injustice leads to too much sense of victimhood instead of strength in re-asserting one’s value, and community for all rather than righting injustice through divisiveness. Social media certainly exacerbates things as people do get attacked and often viciously on social media. Maybe we’ll get to a better place eventually with Aquarian cool heads and more of an Aquarian sense of community?

“I applaud the focus on fighting injustice. But I wonder if so much focus on injustice leads to too much sense of victimhood instead of strength”
I SO agree!

There’s certainly a fine line and there are a lot of extremely successful African Americans; however, there is also institutional racism to contend with that puts an unfair burden of feeling inferior on those who aren’t white, especially when young, and especially if poor and black. Not everyone, especially the young, is capable of shaking off the attitudes of discrimination or prejudice that they sense coming from others. This past summer, and in recent years, observing the black individuals who were wrongly killed by police where whites might not be in the same circumstances — leading black kids, as well as their parents, to be fearful of their even being stopped by police….I don’t think this is victimhood. This is a reality they have to content with.

contend, not content! And I was so sure I proofread this!

The focus on injustice is because there is injustice-we are all living out the consequences of both slavery and the end of fighting the end of the institution and the massive indoctrination of white people into thinking everyone is inferior to them regardless of accomplishment. And that indoctrination leads to cruelty, resentment and a feeling of lost prestige as other white people shake off the hateful attitudes and criticize the bigots instead of joining in.

Cycles repeat and rhyme. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, there was the challenge to monarchy, feudal economics, and notions of natural superiority. And the beginnings of the world-wide Empire that subjugated millions.

The remaining monarchies are being challenged now and a new more humane economics are rising. And the race-based notions of superiority are being challenged now.

As an Black Woman, it is not the feelings of inferiority we are dealing with-but the concerted efforts by so many to push us back into a subjugation that makes them comfortable by not being challenged. It is the mediocrities that stormed the Capitol, angry that we are no longer in the box politically, and that the rest of the world will no longer give them a pass. Donald Trump certainly fits this, and was able to win narrowly and was angry that he lost. He too is a mediocrity and a failure as well.

But the real angry is at the white people who have chosen to be peers instead of joining them in racial subjugation of us and other non-white, non-conventional groups.


Thank you for indulging my my lack of Anglophile history and nuance. You are so well-informed? Are you a professor or an author?
You are always a wealth of wisdom. Thank you, kiwi!

The time of the American Rescue Chart was 2:08 pm. EST. I was watching tv when it was signed.

Earthlight, a novel by Arthur C. Clarke, published in 1955 was a sci-fi espionage story in which the Lunar colonists and Earthers warred. The Lunar folk took advantage of dwelling at the top of the gravity well by catapulting big rocks to Earth. Each explosion on Earth was as powerful as a nuclear bomb, but of course with no radiation. It wasn’t long before the Earth government had to acquiesce. Through the story, Clarke illustrated a basic space war reality. The hard, military fact is whomever controls the Moon controls the Earth. PERIOD !!!

This is why, as a matter of security it is extraordinarily foolish to allow ANY anti-democratic nation access to our moon, or a number of other locales in space.

As the moon symbolizes our emotions, my interpretation is when we “master” the moon, we will have matured as a species, having gained better control of our emotional minds and desires. When we “master” Mars, we will have gained control of and learned to rechannel our aggressive propensities into healthier, more positive pursuits. We will have by that time, “beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they (have learned) war any more.”

My mistake! I conflated two different stories!

The more clear example of the military use of the moon/earth gravity well is in Robert Heinlein’s, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, (1966) a story about a lunar colony’s revolt against “Federated Earth.” The colonists use an electromagnetic catapult or mass driver to bombard the earth with boulders.

In Clarke’s story the colonists launch jets of hot liquid steel, not huge boulders, but with similar effect.

Many Thanks for the time of the signing. I really appreciate it!

Wow! Do I have a lot of reading to do to catch up!!! Between my online class, and writing my own classes for a group of (now) 11, I’ve been wonderfully busy lately.

Best news — I’ve now had -both- shots of Moderna! I’m just about ready to get together with some girlfriends and go do something, anything!, just so we can be together again! It’s like this breath of fresh air… a feeling of freedom. I don’t have to hide away anymore! Of course, we’ll still be careful, but still… this is SO much better!

No doubt, more later.

“THE work of humanity is toward one ‘ human family. Nature ‘ insists upon it. Everything which exists as separateness, separation, segregation, or barrier, receives a terrific battering. Nature is determined at all costs to unite the scheme of the Universe and break down segregation. As long as violent racial ideology exists, as long as race consciousness remains, there will be for and against. The karma of the individual is built up around his own ego. The sense of I, the desire for I to dominate, to be the center of life and the world, for me and ‘mine to rule, is that false ego which sees small things first and large things not ‘at all, and is the enemy. Karma is breaking down this race consciousness to make room for human consciousness, in the only right we have-to recognize one humanity, one life under the sun. Each of us in this life is working out karma of some kind.

The individual who is race conscious, nation conscious, or conscious of any segregationally grouping, must finally go down. Humanity, is essentially one life, one race, one purpose, and one destiny. Anything that tries to break that up, will be broken itself. World wars and the distress of nations may destroy progress for ten, ‘fifteen, or twenty-five years. But it will have no effect upon permanent values, upon the motion of nations. The normal condition is for a coordinated social order to function together, in perfect harmony. Numerous races working together, but only one life. ”

Manly P. Hall

slightkc: All the best.

Eliseo, what if someone were born on the Moon or Mars? How would the Earth appear in their chart? And what would it mean?

You should be aware that this morning’s New Moon at 23+ Pisces is trine US Mercury in Cancer, and square US Mars in Gemini and opposite US Neptune in Virgo. Confusion abounds for the next month. Don’t believe everything you hear – even from me; this is hitting my chart big time!

Oh, goody. The New Moon completes a grand trine with my Cancer Jupiter/Uranus and Scorpio Saturn trine. Not feeling confused, but waking up was tough this morning.

I love Ellie’s dream ‘Message 4 for USA’


I would think a Mars born person would have a sun sign, a rising sign and an earth/moon sign. Earth and Moon from far away would count as one unit, as they are really a double planet system. The same holds true for Pluto; the influence there is really Pluto + Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra. Charon in particular is very close to Pluto, as the crow flies, only about the distance from London to Sydney.

The earth/moon symbolism IMO would be about transcendance, origins, karma, and the deep past. As Earth is covered by so much water, it would be logical to classify it likewise, though from the lunar or martian perspective I’m not sure what constellation it might be aligned with.

The caveat I would offer however, is this: I’m not sure astrology would or could be as accurate or useful as on Earth. Mars and our moon have very low to no magnetic field strength. I see a strong possibility, perhaps even probability immersion of an individual in a magnetosphere is essential to astrology having accuracy and efficacy.

IMO, astrology works through physical forces, some of which are unknown and/or poorly misunderstood. From 1916 to present we’ve had Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and from 1925 quantum physics. Nevertheless, most people and most scientists perceive and think of reality through the lens of the Cartesian/Newtonian paradigm.

The second error scientists and other intellectuals make is in false assumptions.
(A) They assume astrology is the sun sign sort of entertainment you find in newspapers.
(B) They assume they know and understand what astrologers believe and why they believe that. They don’t! No matter how good and tight one’s logic is, if it is based on false assumptions and premises it is essentially useless.

Lastly, but not leastly, folks trained in the sciences, but NOT in philosophy tend to err about astrology as they engage deeply in a major logical fallacy. Argumentum ex silento, i.e. an argument from silence consists of
taking the absence of evidence as evidence of absence. As a causal relationship has not been discovered as to how or why astrology could possibly work, it is considered an absurd and silly superstition.

So what might be the unknown, undiscovered causal relationship? AND…How could we possibly discover that if we can’t even properly define or determine exactly what consciousness itself is?

The Greeks thought of us as somatikos, psychikos, and pneumatikos, body, soul and spirit. (Soul and spirit are not the same.) The Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs developed a more complex anthropology, but that would be for another discussion.

Using the simpler Greco-Christian triune formula of self, how might we understand or translate that into something more modern? I’ve posted the thought here before that we might truly be electromagnetic beings in “biochemical clothing.” We do know for sure that “body and soul,”each of us exists as individuals as a biochemical, bioelectromagnetic matrix.

There is increasing evidence we are influenced emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally by electromagnetic fields and pulses. It is my contention that magnetism is either the “carrier” of consciousness, or possibly consciousness itself.

We also know gravity affects magnetic fields. As planets move through their cycles they are subtly affecting one another and the magnetosphere of the sun, which in turn affects the earth’s magnetosphere, which affects each of our personal magnetospheres, i.e. each of our unique bioelectromagnetic “souls.”

The moon has no magnetosphere of its own, but for part of its cycle it does pass through the earth’s magnetosphere. Mars is believed to have an extremely weak and sporadic magnetosphere. If my musings as to astrology’s causal relations are correct, it is possible astrology might be ineffective on the moon or mars.

As one who knows from experience how accurate and helpful astrology can be, I welcome any and all alternate hypotheses as to possible causal relationships.

Eliseo, thank you for your most interesting thoughts, as usual. Astrology to me is not a belief but a basic intuition on the workings of the cosmos based on awe and wonder. Science will take millennia to fully understand it, although as you say it is partly already there but is blocked by the hubris of the rational Cartesian mind, which actually goes back to Aristotle. A female spirituality would be more open to astrology, as are Indian and Buddhist cultures. Someone wrote me this week: “As Aristotle said, I love Plato but I prefer the truth.” I answered that his definition of reality is much too narrow for my taste. He has no idea I am a mystical astrologer, he only sees in me a somewhat offbeat and slightly bewildering and irritating constitutional lawyer. I call such people Muggles.

LOL !!!

“But the real angry is at the white people who have chosen to be peers instead of joining them in racial subjugation of us and other non-white, non-conventional groups.”

So correct, in my experience. The wrath White Supremacists direct toward “race traitors” is especially hot. I know. I’ve experienced it. I was there. I’m not sure which is worse, the emotional or the physical damage. The scars are still with me. I was so idealistic as a young man, and so very naive.

Today, and every day, I remain appalled and astonished…how and why so many need to feel racially superior, at the continuing rage, the willingness to use violence to punish, manipulate, to desecrate their own souls and memories, at their stubborn refusal to accept non-whites, and their persistent targeting of Blacks, Browns, and racially liberal Whites who work for equality. It’s all difficult for me to understand.

Holy crow haha!!!! On this site I can’t say Holy anything else!

About 40 years ago up to pretty much present time when anyone asked me about the validity of Astrology I said it came true in practical application.

I’m really gonna have to go back to what you said and study it….. I always wanted to know what you know but I’m over my head as probably almost everybody on this site is…… OMG
Like go for it Andre!! 🙂
I’m glad to be on the same site as you all Eliseo and Andre …… 🙂

My last comment was about your post of 11:37 pm. All of these posts today have been very deep… and I appreciate the one including a quote from Manly P. Hall by Angellight.
Plus what Andre said at 12:35 am, and Eliseo said at 1:49 am.
Maybe it’s because the Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune and conjunct Venus is conjunct my solar return…. 🙂 loosely speaking …. To lose some of my anonymity… which I do like to fly under the radar generally

Andre and Eliseo,

A few people out there are already casting legit charts for Mars, based upon the rover landing times, now also including Perseverance:


And truly mind blowing, there’s one on the site for the Huygens probe on Titan!

Key to consider will be the symbolism of Mars’s moons, or those of another world such as Saturn, as well as the Earth in such a chart. Would the Greco-Roman mythology apply in these cases? My guess would be yes.

Also, I suspect that we will see people born on Mars and also the Moon and other worlds in the future who are distinctly different from those born on Earth. Perhaps Martians will be more quick-tempered and impulsive? It could come from the experience of living in such a harsh environment, but I suspect the planet will leave a magnetic-spiritual imprint within each person that will make them distinct from Earthlings.

it’s too much for me although I don’t want it to be… I always want to find a solution. I have wanted to live a long time to find out what happens on earth to our efforts now…..
I have seen people pass away into the whatever realms. I know I am going there although with me it is still theoretical
So now that we have to consider our fellow humans being born on Mars, say… and maybe having Martian characteristics…
Can’t we reframe Mars characteristics to the more positive ones? I mean does anyone here really know what that would look like? Maybe I am like my sister who used to worry too much and take on responsibility for the people or the masses.
OK. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.
I have never watched Star Trek but have seen a few flashes of it recently. Maybe watching it would give me a better perspective. I should know who those writers are and – believe me I value them from the little snippets I’ve seen.
Meanwhile I’ll try to confine myself to Earth – Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men. 🙂


And now for something completely different:
Astrology helps when trying to lose weight!
Last week a friend told me about having taken a week’s juice cure that she was happy about, and right away I thought, that’s it! After a corona winter with too much eating and not moving enough, I was getting too heavy. I thought, now is the time, we have one week left to the New Moon. Last quarter is about letting go.
So for a week I made delicious ‘juices’ using a blender, of kale, kiwi, mandarins, spinach, banana, carrot, apple and what not, and now I’m seven pounds lighter. The only moment I felt ‘hunger’ was in the first morning, and it never felt like I was doing without something, like “I’m not eating”. I feel better than before, no wonder after getting so many vitamins.
The moon cycle is such a basic part of life!

Eliseo, Andre and Sunstars. thanks to you guys, I just may write a book about what it feels like to have transiting Saturn conjunct one’s natal Moon, and trans. Neptune opposite one’s natal Neptune. and trans. Uranus square one’s natal Moon that is conjunct trans. Saturn . . all 3 at the same time, . . assuming I survive the experience and regain my sanity. I suspect it feels like living on the Moon (or maybe Mars) when everyone else is on planet Earth!

Don’t forget to change your clocks!

See this French drawing on Megan and the Queen. Charlie Hebdo thrives on outrageous satire and that is why Islamic terrorists shot them up a few years ago.


PS It’s Friday the 13th!

Sorriy that was yesterday, explains a lot.

Sunstars, you are another beautifully sensitive and compassionate Pisces like Sharon K. My favorite sign.

Transiting Neptune is now exactly sextile my Sun at 20 Cap. On my FB page, I now dare to talk about spirituality more and more (but not yet astrology, I guess that will have to wait Pluto over my Mercury at 0 Aquarius). This week, I quoted Vivekananda, the greatest modern Indian spiritual master who, around 1900 and the Neptune-Pluto conjunction, was the first to bring Hinduism to the West. He also inspired the Indian independence movement. Even Trump felt compelled to mention his name, although he couldn’t pronounce it, in a brief visit to India. I wrote on my blog I loved this mix of spirituality and inspired political action. Other examples are Gandhi, who achieved independence, and of course MLK. If it does become independent, I believe Quebec would be an intense and creative center for the Aquarian Age.

I also wrote that Quebec, having thoroughly and widely rejected its Roman Catholic heritage because of its strong affirmation of feminism, is in need of a new public form of spirituality, which could be derived from native traditions, particularly the teaching of the Circle of Life which sees death as a positive and wise part of the natural cycle. Tibetans say death is not the opposite of life, it is the opposite of birth and both are part of life. This healthy view is of course unknown in Western culture. Even the Dalai Lama thinks the future of humanity will see spirituality without today’s institutional religions, Tibetan Buddhism included. People will still be able to practice them as long as they choose, but they will slowly fade away as our descendants move into outer space. What will replace them is unknown.

BuckeyeShadow, I hope future Martians will not be too agressive or military. I note China and Russia will share a base on the Moon. I hope they don’t do the same on Mars, or if they do, they become democracies first.


“Astrology to me is not a belief but a basic intuition on the workings of the cosmos based on awe and wonder. Science will take millennia to fully understand it, although as you say it is partly already there but is blocked by the hubris of the rational Cartesian mind, which actually goes back to Aristotle.”

Magnifiquement poétique!

Andre, thank you. I love Pisceans myself (I see something to enjoy and appreciate in every sign but have a few other favorites).

Will, I agree but we need both to balance all sides and, even then, it is not easy to pin things down as life is always in flux and there are many conflicting and cooperating factors that we are not clear about or even aware of! We can only do the best analysis possible, and come to a conclusion, using both science and intuition/art/theory. I guess life is supposed to be uncertain and surprising to some extent, although it feels so good to be certain and have nailed down answers (to me, anyway).

Sharon K,

Did you mean to respond to me or to someone else? I’m not sure I understand your address to me as I only contributed two words.

You are right, Will. It’s kind of funny really that I missed the quotation marks. You were validating what Andre said so I’m now addressing it to both of you.

Andre, I get the cartoon and irreverence toward the queen, if as a representation of her role as current head of the protestant Church of England. But as to the implication of her personal racism, if that were true, she never would have given Royal Assent for Harry to marry Meghan in the first place.

Kiwi, I do not believe for a minute the Queen is personally racist, but I believe some elements of her family may well be, and the institution of the monarchy has been the greatest symbol of white supremacy in history. I take the cartoon as irreverence towards the institution. I am not trying to justify it, only to say that it’s out there.

Sharon K, there is no scientific explanation for astrology but, as they say in many contexts, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Astrology to me means we are at home in the entire universe, which includes the human heart. Science will always be immature in my view until it gets there. Einstein was said to be mystical. Jung used astrology for his patients and called it the future of psychology as well as its past. But most scientists are trapped in the conditioning of the materialist mind. Many of them still believe the spirit is a by-product of the brain. I believe, like Hindu philosophers, that we are a spirit who takes a body for a limited time like we put on clothes. We are still living in a primitive time and human consciousness is not fully formed.

“I believe, like Hindu philosophers, that we are a spirit who takes a body for a limited time like we put on clothes.”

In some distant future, scientists will likely discover “spirit” but will invent a new name for it, classify it as another form of matter/energy, give no credit to religionists, and take ALL credit for its discovery.

“We are still living in a primitive time and human consciousness is not fully formed.”
Couldn’t agree with you more! We have major
alternative paths to pursue”


“Sharon K, there is no scientific explanation for astrology but, as they say in many contexts, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Astrology to me means we are at home in the entire universe, which includes the human heart. Science will always be immature in my view until it gets there. Einstein was said to be mystical. Jung used astrology for his patients and called it the future of psychology as well as its past.”

Très joliment écrit et sur le point!

I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud at the sharply painful humor this originally Chicagoan Pulitzer -Prize winning LA Times writer who penned his impressions of the Grammy Awards last night.


To my eyes and ears, Dua Lipa and Billy Eilish were classiest acts. Trevor Noah was not at his best but he gets a pass for it being his first award show.

My two cents.


“The Language of God provides the best argument for the integration of faith and logic since C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity.”

I have a signed copy of this book. Francis Collins, its author, is the head of the NIH and the Human Genome Mapping project. He was a colleague of one of my bosses, Herbert Lubs, who discovered the fragile x gene (and received NIH support to catalogue its many expressions) which is responsible for developmental delays in males. Hopefully there will be more scientists and religious individuals who can marry the two. The scientific method is done on a material level but its diligence and persistence seems to accomplish miracles.

The following article documents the highly coordinated work of bringing together the right materials (at every level) to produce and get the vaccine to us. Very intricate & rigorous scientific efforts are combined with orchestrating the logistics of using many vendors and quite a few locations for each company involved (Pfizer is used as the example). Everything has to go right.
Obviously man and God, science and religion, are working in concert to make this happen. Hopefully more humans will realize this as time goes on.


For the record, I, too, “believe like Hindu philosophers, that we are a spirit who takes a body for a limited time like we put on clothes.”

I tend to agree with Chris Erskine, Will. There are still good books and good films to be found but it’s not reliable. Lots of energy, sex, violence. The head of the NOLA Art Institute says that the ’60s with its emphasis on freedom did all this. Yes, we had to break-out of our stultifying roles in the pre-’60s but his hypothesis is that we largely threw classical training in the arts out the window and the self-discipline that goes along with mastering an art. Now that I’m reading Jonathan Sack’s book on morality, I’m seeing the same hypothesis about the end result of freedom — a breakdown in community and morality (the good kind; the kind that causes you to consider others).

Elizabeth Warren is low-key because her network is now highly influential within the federal government. The Biden Administration may be the beginning of the Warren Era.


Sharon K, I will read that book on The Language of God. I am grateful.

We are living in the Mind of the Goddess and astrology is a password for access to Her neural pathways.

Will, I discovered my favorite name for a group while watching the Grammys.

The Time Jumpers. And they play country music in Nashville!

Also, I loved the first black female country music singer at the Grammys who sang that for her the US is not free because she’s black.Take that, Trumpians.

Nevertheless, Andre, as you, Eliseo, I think Will and others agreed, too many scientists, and doctors, seem very material and don’t see the spiritual, sacred, Godly side of things. They may understand energy but don’t see the energetic world. Maybe some physicists or those who study the quantum theories do. My husband is a little more open to astrology than he would have been had he not known me. His close friend, a retired university physicist, totally discounts it.

“Warren has become the center of gravity for people who think the economy has gotten out of whack and that better governance could set things right.”

Many Thanks for the politico Elizabeth Warren link. I absolutely love that gal! Although I see her as misguided and misinformed as to foreign policy and energy policy, IMO on almost all else the woman is a genius. She has great moral sense, and extraordinary acumen as to how and why to run and maintain a holistic economy which maximizes prosperity, justice, and happiness for ALL citizens.

I’m also very impressed with EW’s California protege, Katie Porter. WOW! What a true talent!

What I find interesting and admirable about EW in her role as professor is that she trains her students how to use their analytical intelligence, intuition, empathy, and creativity very properly, i.e. in the context of very caring, humanistic values. May she have a long, productive life!

Sharon K,
RE: “the spiritual, sacred, Godly side of things. They may understand energy but don’t see the energetic world. ”

Well said! To put it more colloquially, they can’t see the forest (the gestalt) for the trees.

Right now all the major planets are squeezed into just over a third of the space they are alotted; is this cozy or is this cramped?

Sharon, Andre, Eliseo,

I read a book that was on the syllabus for my first university philosophy class; the author managed to address the Divine Magic that is the basis of modern scientific thought. The book is titled:

The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science.


It may interest you should you give it a glance.


Oui! Le chanteur de country noir était magnifiquement puissant!

An aid to developing Christ consciousness is “to learn to expand our conception of ourselves beyond the confines of the earth by developing a sense that the cosmos that surrounds us is not just dead matter, but full of soul. And the more we are able to do this—the more we are able to connect with the “world soul” or anima mundi as it used to be called—the more will we be able to reconnect again with our own cosmic nature.” This cosmos envelopes all that lives and breathes and has its being. Therefore this exercise enables us to sense the oneness with our fellowmen and all that lives. We learn to love.

I don’t think anyone responded to your post about all the concurrent challenging transits you are having right now. I sympathize.

All last year, I had Saturn and Pluto square Moon, Mercury & Sun (Pluto not quite on the Sun yet). It surely strengthened me, but I’m relieved it’s over.

Anyway, here’s hoping for you beneficial results from your challenging time.

Thanks, Eliseo and thank you for book recommendation, Will (“The Metaphysical Foundation of Modern Science”). It looks very interesting and I will try to scan it.

That’s a really beautiful spiritual exercise Angellight.

Sending love, light, strength, and support to barbk and anyone else who needs it.


Interesting theory on magnetic fields and astrology. It certainly would be educational to test it out on other planets, and we may actually start to see this happen within our lifetimes if we manage to put people on the Moon and Mars for a sustained period of time.

One question I have: Does someone create a new “birth” chart for themselves the moment they land on another planet that is relevant to their stay on that world? Given that their are charts for the NASA landings on Mars and Saturn’s moon, Titan, this would seem to be the case in theory. Also, would their Earth chart continue to be relevant on another world? Could it be “relocated” to another planet?

I do have a strong sense that we will find that astrology is quite universal in design and influence, as fundamental as the periodic table of elements and other basic concepts that frame our understanding of the universe. How fascinating would it be to create charts for human beings someday on the Moon, Mars, Titan, or even Pluto?

Marylou, I am grateful for your response . . more than you will ever know!

Transiting Neptune opposes one’s natal Neptune once every 80 years and I still have 4 or 5 days to go before he is finished with me; I hope I survive!

Heads up to all who plan to live 80+ years, or more, if you think it is tough to keep sane in this world now, wait until Neptune is opposite your Neptune; it will take you down no matter who you vote for, whatever planet you choose to live on, or how smart you are right now, I promise!

Ask Marylou if the outer planets spare us when they teach life’s lessons!! Not even a little.

Barb, I miss your posts and hope your optimistic/spiritual outlook and messages take us and you an evem deeper level. Hang in there and know that you have a support team (even if we haven’t met) holding sacred space for you.

All very good and interesting questions. Until relatively modern times magnetism was a mostly woo woo subject. Aristotle and Thales thought perhaps it was the working of a soul within the stone. In the middle ages most people were deep into a kind of superstitious awe and fear about it. (I like to distinguish between reverential awe and the fearful, superstitious variety.)

IMO, and I borrow at least some of my thought from the UK/South African scientist Percy Seymour, we are “imprinted,” as it were at the moment, the time and place of our birth. I think relocation to another planetary body would not change that original earthly birth imprint, but the astrological transit influences would of course be quite different. Then again, with a weak or with no planetary magnetic field surrounding the astronaut, those transits might be meaningless.

I think we’ll see a number of surprising results, some of them pretty shocking to the prevailing scientific paradigm as we go about our research and exploration of the solar system. I believe we’ll find our current understanding of circadian rhythms and cycles, electromagnetism, and our relationship with and within those fields and cycles will need be severely revamped.

I suspect sometime in the next 100 years scientists will create their own version of astrology, albeit one entirely disconnected from the mythological symbolism we of today’s astrological community normally employ. …AND OF COURSE, they WON’T call it astrology! Just as today we distinguish between alchemy and chemistry, scientists of the future will probably label it as a component or subset of astrobiology.

“as fundamental as the periodic table of elements and other basic concepts that frame our understanding of the universe.”

YES! Absolutely.

Wow . .glad I came back! Love you Laura AND Marylou, and all of Nancy’s readers still hanging around.

On March 28, there will be a Full Moon (exposed) at 8+ Libra which will trine (be good for) the US natal Uranus (shocking?) at 8+ Gemini, which squares (be hard for) US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, which will oppose transiting Vesta (what’s invested in) at 8+ Virgo . . . that sextiles Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, which the Full Moon in Libra will square.

Hmmm . . any ideas? Something about vaccines maybe?

Hoping you are well. And I hope, in your words, you’ve “regained” your sanity, not that I actually believe you lost it! However, I appreciate you’ve felt frazzled.

Despite the (apparent) departure of Mr. T, we remain haunted by his presence, and his devoted minions. I’m hoping the social and political progress we are now making is not merely an interlude before a long era of American autocracy. Our progressed retrograde Mars has long disturbed me as to its potentially detrimental effects for the US and the world.

When Mr. JRB was inaugurated we felt a breath of fresh air. Speaking for myself, I am confident he is doing all he can to repair and heal the damage done not just by Mr. T & Company, but also the last 40 years, Reagan forward through Trump, of selfish and often depraved misgovernment.

Blessings to you! Here’s hoping your feeling of frazzlement and insanity has passed. You are an uplifting presence on this blog.

25 March Biden will have 1st public news conference.


Eliseo & all – I haven’t posted for a while due to family health issues, but enjoy reading the discussions here. Thank you.

Speaking of understanding the universe, I chanced across this excellent article by BBC on the search for Planet X.


Also, on philosophy, mythology, etc., I finally got around to reading Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero with a 1000 Faces’ – it is almost as ‘far out’ as Planet X. Very enjoyable and highly recommended to stretch the mind. So much of it ties into astrology, although the book is not on that subject. It is on mythology that underlies much the same concepts. We are living in a time for exploration of all kinds.

Good BBC article on planet 9. ThankYou!
A few days ago, I read another article on the subject which also suggested it could be a “baby” black hole. It suggested the way to find it was to look for “Hawking” radiation around the edges.

The article you posted, suggested, were it a black hole rather than a planet, that it might be the size of an orange. The article I read a few days ago suggested it might be the size of a bowling ball.

In either case, the mystery for those of us of this community would be whether it might or might not have any astrological significance.

Sharon K, those materialistic scientists are Muggles who will die out. They are like those who could not accept the Earth revolves around the Sun or the theory of evolution. We must let them be as the world moves beyond them.

Will, thank you for the book reference. It’s right up my metaphysical alley.

Barbk, I’m glad you’re back. I’ll remember about the Neptune opposition if I get there. Think that the US is in a Neptune opposition now in addition to a Pluto return and a Mars retrograde and soon a Uranus return! Holy Moly, that’s a lot of stuff!

Cancel culture can also come from the right. In the UK, scholars of color who dare to raise Churchill’s racism are viciously attacked. In 1911, Churchill banned interracial boxing because he didn’t want to see white boxers lose.


Beowulfie, thanks for reminding me of Joseph Campbell and mythology. I remember the interviews he did with Bill Moyers back in the 80’s and they were wonderful.

Andre, yes, there is a 2 degree seperation between the US natal Neptune and my natal Neptune so the possibility of transiting Neptune in opposition is likely to fog some memories for a couple of weeks and that could be dangerous!

Andre, thank you for your well-wishes. Indeed, my memory is restored and I did not “lose my mind’ after all. Still, it can be a creepy experience if you aren’t prepaired!

Ooops, sorry, I meant thank you Eliseo and Andre, not two Andre’s. Still foggy I guess.


I didn’t realize you were not feeling well. You seem to be as good as ever.


Heureux que le livre vous corresponde!

I appreciate how you feel. Clarity of mind is more precious than good, clean water. I think the older we get, we value our cognitive processes that much more. The possibility of losing a portion, or all of our minds, our memories, our creativity, our abilities to intuit, analyze, etc…all pretty frightening.

May you always have mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity through this life and beyond.

barbk, sorry to hear you have not been feeling up to par. Thanks to you and Beowulfie about reminding me about Moyers interviewing Campbell. I loved it so much I bought that set of videos as a pbs fundraiser, but in NZ Im unable to watch again. However, for those that may be interested, I did just find someone has put the series on Utube – havent watched all yet

Today the House passed a resolution to remove the deadline to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Unfortunately, only 4 R’s voted for it.

In the Senate R. Lisa Murkowski and Ben Cardin, D-Md. introduced a companion joint resolution with the same purpose as the House version. My understanding is it will take at least 10 Republicans to join with all 50 Dems to pass it unless they reform or get rid of the filibuster.

We’ve all heard the arguments for and against the ERA. It’s difficult for me to understand why any fair minded person would be against it. Let us hope it finally is passed soon. It is long overdue.


In the Senate a 2/3 majority is necessary to pass an amendment, but I don’t know if 2/3 is necessary to pass a resolution to extend the deadline. IMO there should be no deadline. The 27th amendment, introduced by James Madison, was passed 203 years later.

Kiwi, thank you for posting the link to the Joseph Campbell series! I’ll watch it again with pleasure.

And Eliseo, the Planet X mystery will undoubtedly continue until somebody finds it or solves the puzzle mathematically at least. If it is a little condensed dark ball of matter in the outer, outer regions of space of a black hole sort, that would be cool indeed (literally as well as conceptually!).

I would think a baby black hole would be marked in astrological charts in the same way as fixed stars, perhaps with greater ‘dark, mysterious’ influence.

Reading ‘Hero with a 1000 Faces’ in the later chapters that consider cosmology ought to get any reader into the head ‘space’ for black holes or X type planets. There’s nothing (a pun) like pondering the vastness of creation. LOL

more thoughts from Marjorie on chart interpretations

Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity


The number of reproductively toxic hormone disrupting chemicals accumulating in our environment has been iincreasing for decades. Sperm counts, according to one major body of research, have dropped 60% since 1973 and by 2045 may be down to zero.
The reproductive capacity for women has dropped sharply in many countries as well.

Does anyone know what might be the astrological signature for this worldwide phenomena? This may be our most serious environmental/ecological problem.

Eliseo, eons ago I read about male/female birth ratios being affected by things like wars …….
an example:

perhaps in this age it is is also a hidden ‘natural’ effect due to more people on the planet than ever in history??

But remember Thomas Malthus’s theories on war, famine, disease controlling overpopulation. Maybe these are natural corrections?


Kiwi & Sharon K,
With all due respect, dear friends, overpopulation is not the proximate cause of the problem. It is however, an important indirect factor.

More people generaliy, even when the percentage of bad actors is very low, means more people in our morally retarded environment are doing bad, irresponsible, criminal, harmful things. In our mostly unregulated capitalistic society blind greed trumps public safety. The evidence for various “unnatural and/or new” plastics and chemicals proliferating through our environment, directly causing hormonal disruption for both sexes is overwhelming.

Why do we allow these 1000’s of substances to be manufactured and proliferated? Because shortsighted politicians, and greedhead businesspeople rarely pay attention to such bothersome details as public safety or the continuation of our species as long as they continue to make money doing business as is.

Our system foments narrowly focused addictive behaviors. Many only see the shiny, glittering gold. They either don’t care, or fail to see the angel of death holding or guarding that gold.

With such as these in power, we underregulate the makers of products, and
underfund and drastically underman the government agencies responsible for ensuring what we breathe, drink, eat, use or otherwise consume does not harm us.

Wars, plagues, and natural catastrophes take their toll, but usually do not depress the birthrate. They may however delay it a bit, and have other unusual and odd effects.

One interesting example I recall from a documentary years ago: German women who conceived during WWII, heavily stressed by the war, birthed a higher percentage of boys born with female brains. Physical, anatomical gender is determined at the moment of conception. Later in development the foetus receives hormones from the mother which determine the wiring and orientation of the brain and nervous system. Severe stress was determined to be the cause, but it did not directly affect birth rate or reproductive capacity.

Sometimes I think we are just a more intelligent version of lemmings.


Lots of interesting thoughts to digest from your post
at 10:05PM last night. I am wondering however if the following statement is factual:

“Physical, anatomical gender is determined at the moment of conception.”

I am no expert on this subject but have been under the impression that our gender at the moment of conception up until close to the end of the fist trimester is female – only to change by an embryonic flux close to the end of that trimester. Maybe there are new data to the contrary?

I see your point, Eliseo. Perhaps with declining population, we will be able to better concentrate on decreasing toxicity in some way shape or form which may be causing the lower birthrate…but, what I was thinking was, as Alvin Toffler said in “Future Shock” in the 70s, overpopulation and competition for resources creates extreme stress, poor nutrition, etc., which could also be factors in anatomical/biological atrophy and shrinking birthrates.

Hi Eliseo, my post was not meant to negate the effects of environmental toxicity, which I agree is a huge problem, but to add another possible mysterious dimension, beyond astrology even, to the story?

Sharon K & Kiwi,
All good points. It IS a complex issue.

You might be right on when anatomical gender is determined. It’s been a while since I read reproductive biology. For a pretty long time I’ve been more interested in neurobiology as it relates to consciousness. I will definitely have to check on the issue. As I understand it, you are still working in psych, i.e. closer to the medical field. I left psych quite a long time ago, so your data is probably more advanced than mine. It will be fun to check on this.

A very interesting dream interpretation by Ellie-dreams-down-under, on politics vs activism – message for the dems


We’re vibrating on a similar bandwidth – I’ve been reading neuro-endocrinologist Robert Sopolsky (Stanford) for the last few nights – he’s brilliant.

When climate change and population growth are mastered sometime in the 22nd century, I believe science and human consciousness will grow by leaps and bounds, but there will be many ethical and spiritual crossroads.

This reminds me of a song written by a Quebec songwriter in the Fifties that became a classic in the French-speaking world. He recently died of Covid at 92. The song goes like this:

When humanity lives in love
There will be no more misery
But we will be dead, my friend
In the great chain of life
We had to be
But we didn’t get the best part

this caught my eye – part of build-back-better/post pluto return??

Thanks for link. Interesting that what some of us have advocated for decades looks now to begin to come to fruition.

On the other hand:

Some are moving backwards.
Turkey has been moving further and further away from the EU, and from western egalitarian values. There 1990’s request to join the EU has effectively been in abeyance for quite a while, the process halted in response to their social and political regression. I keep wondering when or if Erdogan will withdraw from NATO.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. on his 8th visit to the DA last Friday prompted a few legal analysts to speculate whether NY prosecutors may be on the verge of issuing indictments soon. The March 28th Full Moon (8 Libra) in opposition to the Venus/Chiron conjunction at 8 Aries (hidden financial activity?) forms a t square to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 Cancer). Could those aspects finally stir the justice dept. into taking action regarding those unanswered questions surrounding Trump’s taxes?

Trump’s natal Mercury-Neptune square has generated a great deal of interest over the years. Astrologer Michael Thurman briefly sums it up with the following astrological observations along with a quote borrowed from the Astrology King website…..

Trump’s Mercury square Neptune – “If I only had a brain”

Mercury in the chart can reveal a lot about a person’s intelligence, how they think and the
style in which they express themselves. The more aspects or connections Mercury has to the other planets, usually the easier it is for that person to develop their intellectual potential.

Donald Trump’s Mercury has only one aspect. Just one. His Mercury is squared by Neptune, the planet of illusion and deception.

From the Astrology King website: “Mercury square Neptune in the natal chart can have a strange effect on your mind. You see and sense the world through a different lens than anyone else, not the real or factual world.

You may need professional advice when signing contracts or dealing with government and legal matters. These would include becoming involved in lies, fraud or scandals.”

Who else had Mercury square Neptune? Jim Bakker and President Herbert Hoover. Enough said. Excuse me while I look for my ruby slippers.

“Mercury square Neptune in the natal chart can have a strange effect on your mind. You see and sense the world through a different lens than anyone else, not the real or factual world.” and “If I only had a brain”

Interesting, Jerry. It immediately made me think of the statement the former *president issued yesterday continuing with the whole I-won-the-election-was-rigged theme. Josh Marshall shared a snip of it on Twitter with the comment, “is he experiencing some kind of aphasia. seriously read this.”

Jerry and Les, it would be interesting to see if similar Mercury-isolation aspect shows up in other charts in the family or inner circle. Kind of the nature/nurture question in terms of how they all deal with the outside world.

Fascinating! Thank You!

Looked it up. Raymond Levesque …. much loved….

He was thinking ahead. Wish we could be there in the 22nd century when climate change and population growth are mastered

Sunstars, thank you for your interest. You are a good Canadian. You have identified the singer correctly. Most successful Quebec singers are better known in France than in Canada outside Quebec. The same is true the other way. They call it two solitudes.

There are many renditions of the song on Youtube from Quebec, France and Belgium. It is called Quand les hommes vivront d’amour (When humanity will live in love). It has been voted the song of the 20th century in Quebec. One interpretation on video is by a young and pretty Celine Dion, who sang only in French at the beginning of her career and became a superstar in Paris before moving to Las Vegas. She’s not my favorite, but her success in both languages is remarkable.

One other Quebec artist who could transcend both cultures was Leonard Cohen. Although he sang only in English, with the exception of one memorable song about French Resistance fighters in WWII, he had many friends and admirers across the cultural divide. His celebrated song Suzanne is about a French-Canadian girl in the Old Port of Montreal. There are two murals of Cohen in Montreal and one of Celine Dion. Cohen’s parents, although devout and living in the wealthy English-speaking enclave of Westmount, were far-thinking. They taught him about the importance of learning French in Quebec at a time most English families did not. His first concert at the age of 12 was to see the most famous Quebec singer-songwriter of the Fifties and the first Quebec star in France, who sang alone with his guitar and had a style similar to what would be his own. When asked in an interview what he thought of Quebec independence, Cohen responded: “I’m for it every other day”, which was highly unusual for a member of the traditional Jewish community although more recently established French-speaking Jews do support it.

Another cultural icon with Quebec roots was Jack Kerouac. He was born in Massachussetts but his parents were immigrants from Quebec. He gave a fascinating interview in broken French on Quebec TV in 1968 just before his death. The name Kerouac is from Brittany in northwest France.

Jerry, Les, Baraka: You nailed it there, regarding Trump’s Neptune/Mercury! People ignore Mercury often, because it moves fast and has so many ‘astrological stereotypes’ associated with it, like being quick witted etc. The thing about Mercury is that it takes on the tone of whatever it is associated with – when it is ONLY associated with Neptune by major aspect, that just has to be trouble.

But, there’s more. Trump’s Mercury is semisquare (45 degrees – how appropriate…) to Mars, which sits above his Ascendant, as well as his Midheaven (career). It’s all tied together in the most difficult, awkward way for other people to deal with. He’s aggressive, untruthful and deceitful – with direction. He is a snake in a golden suite, who got to ruin the country in 4 years.

Dissolution and damage. That’s Trump’s legacy that the US will be contending with for years. Biden may be a good, constructive legislator and an old hand, but he doesn’t have Trump’s snakey ‘magic’ at all. It’s a long slog ahead for Joe. Thanks to Neptune, the planet of ideals and delusions, religion and mania, etc.

Neptune is the most ‘dual’ of the gods, all of whom are two-faced in expression – good/evil, etc. Neptune is the god of the sea and the unconscious (Poseidon in Greek myths) – you don’t even know what it’s doing until you see the damage afterwards.

Water and fire are the most powerful moving elements (not to denigrate earth and air). The corresponding parts of the human psyche are just as hard to understand.

Under water is where the US is at the moment, beneath a roiling sea of discontent. Which doesn’t begin to address how racism, economic horrors and pandemics are supposed to be “controlled”. The whole point being that the unconscious can’t be controlled and, for sure, it is the unconscious of the country that is ‘coming out’ for all to see in a troubled way, bigly.

We wonder why Trump unleashed such tremendous forces, but it’s not over. There will be another wave in 2022 at the midterms, and another in 2024. I feel only then might the Tsunami abate. Pray Joe and the Dems steer the ship well!


” Biden may be a good, constructive legislator and an old hand, but he doesn’t have Trump’s snakey ‘magic’ at all. It’s a long slog ahead for Joe.

Snakey-Schnakey, Old Hand won over Drumpf by 7 million votes.

“Under water is where the US is at the moment, beneath a roiling sea of discontent.”

I kind of feel things are much, much better and getting better every day. Or am I under some Neptunian spell myself?

I agree, compared to governance under Trump, and how much worse things would have surely gotten had he continued as fuhrer, things are indeed much better, and slowly getting better every day.

Lamentably, our 2021 election was only a battle, not the entire war. That seems consistent with the transits and aspects many on this blog see for the next 4 or more years. Perhaps Andre is right, the next progressive period begins in 2024-2025? Meanwhile, after 40 years of darkly advancing “conservatism”, I do feel the tide has finally turned.

But like you, I ask myself, “Or am I under some Neptunian spell myself?”

Will, Eliseo: Please don’t mistake my comments to be anything but total support for Biden. Yes, he fought and won the election and things ARE better now that he is President. Things will improve even more over the next 4 years, but elections are coming again. The underhanded actions of the Trump Repubs are far from done. Look at the controversy about the filibuster – are the general public paying attention to that, or have they gone to sleep because things are a bit more quiet (who knows for how long?). The money after citizens united is playing out a desperate game for long term power and supremacy – long term, not 4 years. The entire war is certainly far from over!

Regarding the Mercury-Neptune square phenomenon, it might be of interest to some that two days after the March 28th Full Moon there is an exact Mercury/Neptune conjunction at 21 Pisces. It forms a t square to Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition. Could this be a prelude to the major event I had alluded to earlier, the April 9th Mars-Neptune square (21 Gemini-Pisces)? The 4/9 Mars-Neptune square marks the US Mars Return as well as Neptune’s opposition to the US Neptune. This will be quickly followed by the April 11th New Moon (22 Aries) in square to Trump’s natal Saturn and the Jan 12th, 2020 Jupiter/Saturn conj. The obvious effects on Trump’s natal chart is noted, but additionally, a number of astrologers are suggesting this particular Mars-Neptune square could have enormous negative financial repercussions on the US economy, especially since Mars will be Out of Bounds at this point in time. You can refer back to my February 7th posting in this blog entitled:

The Republican Party Uranus Return/ It’s All About April by Zeebling Monroe

Here are two additional sources to read through……

The Stock Market Crash of October 2008 & Beyond

This article focuses in on the September 15th, 2008 Full Moon/Uranus conjunction (21 Pisces) and how events leading up to that day contributed to a near collapse of our financial institutions.


Mundane Astrology Chat with Donny & Viktor – t. Neptune Square USA n.Mars 2021-2023 Implications

Video: 52 min 29 sec


Wolfstar has an important post this morning on the chart of the Chinese Communist Party. His reading has the Moon, meaning the people, in that chart at 8 Taurus exactly square Black Moon Lilith, meaning suppression by dark forces in my view. That Moon is now conjoined by transiting Uranus and is directly opposite what Wolfstar believes is the US Ascendant at 8 Scorpio. This Moon-Uranus opposition to the US Ascendant is stoking hostility between the two nations and indirectly anti-Asian racism in the US. He does not mention that transiting Saturn is in a T-square with Moon-Uranus and US ASC. This manifests in the Uighur genocide being revealed and the probable boycott of the Winter Olympics next year. I wrote to him to ask what will happen when transiting Pluto is itself in the same T-square under the next US Uranus return? The astrology is increasingly ominous in this regard.


On Trump, this year and next will see two steps forward and one step back. He is likely to be indicted under the eclipse near his SR in June. This will provoke the fury of his base in the fall, when Pluto stations for a lengthy opposition to US Mercury. The fall is also when he is scheduled to put into place his own alternative to current social networks. And Biden’s immigration problems will provide a political opening to the rabid Right.

The midterms look good for the Dems in the Senate but not so good in the House as Pelosi retires and more uncertain leadership follows. 2022 will be the year of the momentous and highly dramatic Trump trial. The US will be freed of his evil embrace in 2023 when he is either convicted, goes bankrupt or dies. Marjorie Orr thinks that will be the worst year of his life.

Biden is better than expected, but he is still a foretaste of the real new beginning in 2024, when the Chiron and Pluto returns and the Neptune semi-return are completed, and Pluto enters Aquarius for good in November of that year on time for the following Uranus return in 2027. Too early to say who that President will be but I note Buttigieg will have transiting Pluto on his Sun in 2023-2024, making him more powerful and prominent. The major infrastructure bill that is said to be coming, and that is also an environmental bill since it will promote public transportation and train travel including in Texas, should put this Secretary of Transport in a favorable light.

Biden is preparing a new 3 trillion$ spending proposal to boost the economy, which includes a giant infrastructure plan.


It’s hard not to love Pete Buttigieg, Andre. He is so refreshing and intelligent.

Also, Amazon’s “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” claims to reveal a lot of confidential government knowledge of alien existence in something like the last 50 yrs which began to be disclosed to the public in the last few years. I started watching it last week and may go back to it.

No need to clarify, but thanks anyway. As for me, I did not intepret your words to be anything less than supportive of Mr. Biden.

This is interesting:


RE: Mercury.

“The ancient Babylonians called the planet Napu, after a god in their mythology. The ancient Greeks actually thought that Mercury was two planets, and they called it Apollo when it was visible in the morning sky, and Hermes when it was seen after sunset. But in the 4th century BCE, ancient astronomers realized that the two objects were one and the same, and stuck with Hermes; becoming Mercury with the Romans.”

Getting Ready for Spring by Leo Knight Tallarico

“……. This Spring Equinox is a time to wake up out of winter rest. But the true time of New Beginnings and Awakening is when the Moon catches up to the Sun in Aries for a New Moon in Aries.

That happens this year on April 11. And this Aries New Moon is more powerful than usual as it is makes a close square to Pluto in Capricorn at the same 22 degrees of cardinal signs that happened at the most powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. That aspect helped bring on the Covid Virus.

This New Moon in Aries will also be making close sextile formations with both Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. And that Mars will have just returned to its natal USA chart position of 21+ degrees of Gemini.

And to top it all off, the American Civil War began on April 12 1861 with shots fired at Fort Sumner that day. The Sun was at the same 22+ degrees of Aries that it is on April 11 2021.

We are obviously in a modern day Culture War, not that dissimilar to issues that brought on the American Civil War. The January 6 invasion of the USA Capitol is proof of such a notion.

That Aries New Moon on April 11 could bring focus on the USA Culture War at this time.

Eclipse Season starts a month or 6 weeks later. This will be a most important Eclipse Season.

Right now enjoy the soul travels of Pisces, keeping in mind it is a good time for healing, crying, sadness while grieving and releasing old memories of times gone by.

Let it all go without judgment, and get your self ready for the Equinox on March 20, which is an appetizer for the April New Moon in Aries on April 11.”



Spring has Sprung and Astrology Forecast March 21-27

“…… Mars is an important planet to watch this Spring as it returns to its natal placement in the USA chart from July 4 1776. April 8 has the Mars Return, just a few days before the powerful new beginnings promised at the Aries New Moon on April 11.

And on June 10 there is a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon at almost 20 degrees of Gemini. It is conjunct the USA natal Mars at 21 degrees of Gemini. So conflict may be on the rise this Spring 2021.

To add to the notion of renewed energies for USA Aquarian principles of Diversity within Unity, Liberation and Freedom, and greater Equality; Jupiter makes its first of 3 passes conjunct the USA Natal Moon in Aquarius on April 23.

That could also mean some event (s) bringing more energies of patriotism to the country.

Spring 2021 looks like it could be quite powerful.”



Interesting take on Pluto in Aquarius and other influences in the mundane world over the next few years by Australian astrologer Michelle Finey posted on Astro.com. https://www.astro.com/astrology/ivccn_article210323_e.htm

Eliseo, your 4.02 am post suggests the source for Gemini, the sign Mercury rules, being the sign of twins.

You read my mind! That was my inference. Another interesting duality was Venus/Ishtar/Aphrodite. As I recall, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks thought Venus was also two separate bodies, the Morning Star and the Evening Star, i.e. Vesper and Lucifer. (I think they also used the name Phosper.) Later of course, in Hellenistic times, they figured out she was only one object.

I just lookrd it up.
Phosphorus and Heosphorus were the Greek names for the morning star. Lucifer was the Latin name. The Greeks called the evening star Hesperus, rhe Romans Vesper.

Therefore, Lucifer was originally female and another name for Venus. Typical of Christianity to turn a female symbol of love and sex into a symbol of evil. They just couldn’t handle that form of energy.

Actually, no. But I can see why you would come to that conclusion. Lucifer, a male figure carrying a torch, was considered a son of Aurora (the Dawn).

According to the Wikipedia article on Lucifer,
“Lucifer’s mother Aurora is cognate to the Vedic goddess Ushas, Lithuanian goddess Aušrin?, and Greek Eos, all three of whom are also goddesses of the dawn. All four are considered derivatives of the Proto-Indo-European stem *h?ews?s (later *Aus?s), “dawn”, a stem that also gave rise to Proto-Germanic *Austr?, Old Germanic *?stara and Old English ?ostre / ?astre. This agreement leads to the reconstruction of a Proto-Indo-European dawn goddess.”

You may be interested in what happened to the feminine in Christianity. It was originally pretty strong. As one example, the phrase “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Breath” (Aramaic – Rook-Da-Kood-Sha, and Hebrew – Ruach-Ha-Kodesh) was originally a feminine noun with intimations of maternity or pregnancy.

During the first 4 centuries of our common era there were at least 5 major schools or forms of Christianity, most of which were quite comfortable with the Divine Feminine, and evidently had many female deaconesses, priests, and bishops. Scholars say the verses of Galatians 3:28 are a paraphrased quote from one of the earliest and most popular Christian hymns. They sang, ” We are no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female, for we are all one in Christ Jesus. The hymn reflected what was then the majority view, stemming from the radically egalitarian philosophy of the rabbi from Nazareth.

Unfortunately, IMO, the church established in Rome, took a view of the feminine completely antithetical to the views of the crucified founder, AND… they were ultimately the most successful of all the major and/or minor Christian schools. As they prevailed, they also eventually imposed their more male oriented practices and theologies on all the rest.

Why were they more successful? Was it because their views were superior, or perhaps because they were guided by the Holy Spirit? NO! Not at all! They were more successful for 3 mundane reasons.
(#1) As Rome was the capital of the empire, there were more former bureaucrats, administrators, and experienced
business–MEN available who knew how to run the organization efficiently and shrewedly.
(#2) Concomitantly, there was more money in their coffers! Rome was wealthy.
(#3) They used their funds wisely. They often took their money to the slave market, bought as many slaves as possible, brought them into their church service, whereupon they granted them their freedom. It should be no surprise grateful former slaves opted to join up! In this way the Roman church gained far more numbers than their competitor churches.

It is true under heavy Roman cultural domination the church evolved perversely to become a very male-ist organization. But the mythological Lucifer of pre-christian lore was male. And it took a few centuries of bad translation and misunderstanding to transform Lucifer into the fallen angel known as Satan.

The evolution of Satan is quite a long, crazy story unto itself. Did you know he was originally conceived of as blue, not red?


Namaste. Thank you for the juicy Spring Equinox piece by Leo Tallarico. The New Moon in Aries on the April 11 feels so much better than this passing equinox on the 20th. I’m leaving a group practice I’ve been with for over three years and have no desire to open up my own private practice and/or be part of a group practice again at this time – nothing seems to have any traction which is also oddly fine with me. Thank you for this piece Jerry-it confirmed a good piece of what I am feeling at this time. I hope you and family and Mother India are holding you safely and kindly.

Just finished final book by Richard Alpert Ph.D aka Ram Dass last Friday night. He revealed a great deal of authenticity in this final tome before he transitioned to the Great One. You might find it interesting; he makes mention of Meher Baba and a lot of the other Babas of his universe as well as his relationship with his fellow clinical psychologist and Space Cowboy Timothy Leary.

Hi Will,

Thank you for the lovely greeting and message. It was a pleasant surprise. Namaste.

April should prove to be a very interesting month.

On the other point, it may interest you to know Dr. Richard Alpert (later to be known as Baba Ram Dass) had quite a number of lengthy exchanges of correspondence with Meher Baba back in 1964/65. It related to Baba’s statements on the inherent dangers of ingesting hallucinogenic drugs that had become popular among the youth of America at the time. Many spiritual seekers were experimenting with these mind altering drugs as a means of hoping to attain “enlightenment”. Baba set the record straight on this controversial subject to the sincere but misinformed. At Baba’s request. a body of literature had been compiled based on these letters and other material, later to be incorporated into a pamphlet entitled “God In A Pill?”. My first introduction to Baba came through this pamphlet (in 1967). I look back on those days with great nostalgia. The sixties was a unique, transformative time to be alive. I was right in the midst of it, living in Greenwich Village NYC (in my mid to late teens – 1965 to 1969).

If interested, here is a background account of Baba’s work and message that was being disseminated among the youth of America during that period which includes some very relevant points and intriguing questions put to Baba by Richard Alpert ……






Yes, I read about Baba’s message to Ram Dass in Being Ram Dass:

“Meher Baba said to tell you that he knows everything – He knows LSD is different from the opium derivatives and although you will see from the body of this letter that Meher Baba does NOT countenance drug-taking for spiritual experiences, he says that you can, if you want to, take LSD three more times and then you should stop taking it completely.”

I found it more than curious that MB allowed Ram Dass to ingest LSD three more times. Such is the mind of an Enlightened Being.

Eliseo, I love reading your posts.

Thank You, Andre. I always enjoy your posts as well. You are one of our several stellar, (pun intended) astrologers on this blog, never failing to fascinate.


Venturing a little further into the month of April, I’ve been wondering for some time now, the significance of tr. Mars’ conjunction to last years June 21, 2020 solar eclipse degree (0 Cancer) on April 23rd. Is this a trigger event? The 6/21/20 solar eclipse was exactly quincunx Saturn (0 Aquarius), the degree of the US Inaugural Sun. It will also be activating the Federal Reserve’s natal Pluto-Sun opposition (0 Cancer – 1 Capricorn).
Some kind of financial crisis and/or aggression confronting the Biden administration? A similar pattern was in place at the time of the 9/11 attacks some twenty years ago, wherein a Moon-Mars opposition activated the June 21, 2001 solar eclipse (0 Cancer). Mars was out of bounds at that time as well, at extreme south declination – which can generate wild, uncontrollable aggressive events. What immediately comes to mind is that of North Korea’s situation. It has natal Uranus at 0 Cancer in semisquare to natal Pluto (15 Leo). The political status quo over there is unstable. The death of No. Korean leader Kim Jong Un for example could precipitate an outbreak of hostilities on the Korean peninsula. See chart for No. Korea


Another geopolitical hotspot is India with her natal Mars at 0 Cancer in close semisquare to Saturn, Pluto and Venus at 13/15 Leo respectively, See related chart:


Reverting back to the previous topic, Baba’s enigmatic directive to Dr Richard Alpert “that although Meher Baba does NOT countenance drug-taking for spiritual experiences, he says that you can, if you want to, take LSD three more times and then you should stop taking it completely.”…….

It was a long noted characteristic of Baba to give instructions to a person primarily for their spiritual requirements. Often times not, but there were incidents when Baba would direct a person to carry out certain instructions that would appear at odds to rational thought. Underneath however, there was a general feeling of intention behind it, a power that cannot be explained. It has been said that a person always derives immense benefit when faithfully carrying out the instructions of a God realized being. At least this is what I have gathered.

“The human aura is not only a good index to the vitality and health of the physical body, but it is a real protection and a good influence for the body. Usually when we speak of the human aura we speak of that which is visible because of its intensity and its color, but we must not forget that the aura of the human body, even that of a child, exists far beyond the limits of color and vitality. What I wanted to speak mostly about is the effect of this large aura that surrounds each person in regard to the health of each individual. It is not only true that the more harmonious one is attuned with the Cosmic the larger and stronger will be the aura, but it is also true that the larger and stronger the aura is the more it protects each individual from any vibrations that might be harmful or injurious to the physical body. In other words, the large aura that surrounds a healthy person acts as a neutralizing aura against any incoming vibrations of a destructive nature.
I am not talking now of those vibrations from the mind of any evil person, for you know that the cosmic ether will not carry such vibrations, but I am speaking of physical, mundane vibrations of a chemical, electrical, and magnetic nature. There are many such vibrations in the universe being radiated by climatic conditions, by decaying matter, and by other physical sources which often reach persons whose aura is weak or small and affect them temporarily or to a serious degree.”

H. Spencer Lewis

New Approaches to Cancer – What You Can Eat

So, it is YES to:

NATURAL FOODS – there are up to 3,000 additives used in Britain, half of them unnecessary, and their combined effects so far unknown.

ORGANIC FOOD IN SEASON – even supermarkets now offer this option. They accept that food grown in artificially- saturated soil is a mounting health hazard.

PULSES – an excellent source of protein.

SPROUTING GRAINS AND SEEDS – these are a rich source of vitamin C and active enzymes.

VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS – they have become necessary in these days of nutritionally deficient food. They should be taken, on advice, as part of a routine diet.

SELENIUM – a recognised aid. Can be taken in tablet form and is found naturally in poultry, whole grains and seaweed.

ZINC, POTASSIUM AND COPPER – these protect the immune system.



RED MEAT – especially that injected with hormones. Make sure your butcher knows his sources. SATURATED ANIMAL FATS, SALT, SUGAR AND HIGHLY SPICED OR HIGHLY FLAVOURED FOODS AND DRINKS such as curry and coffee.


ALCOHOL – especially spirits.

This is the outline principle.

next>> Feeding the spirit and the mind


Thanks for the good tips, Angellight, but please be aware that Selenium is highly, highly toxic – the amount you need for health is very very small. Don’t overdo this one!

On Selenium toxicity, check out this scientific article:

“Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral required for good health. It is obtained from food, and the recommended dietary allowance is 55 ?g/d for persons 14 years or older, with a tolerable upper intake limit of 400 ?g/d. The amount of selenium available in a diverse diet with meat, grains, vegetables, and nuts is typically sufficient to negate the necessity for supplementation. Selenium toxicity can occur with acute or chronic ingestion of excess selenium. Symptoms of selenium toxicity include nausea; vomiting; nail discoloration, brittleness, and loss; hair loss; fatigue; irritability; and foul breath odor (often described as “garlic breath”).

Selenium is found in the environment in soil. Soils of certain areas in the Great Plains and western United States as well as other parts of the world have high concentrations of selenium, which are taken up by plants. For example, chronic selenium toxicity was endemic in parts of China until recently. Outbreaks of acute selenium poisoning are rare, but have been reported.”


The intake limits should read:

55 ?g/d for persons 14 years or older, with a tolerable upper intake limit of 400 ?g/d – – – for which the (missing ?) proper symbol means micrograms per day.

Per a note I looked up on the internet,

1,000 micrograms (mcg) = 1 milligram (mg) = LESS than a grain of Salt

That is less than ONE grain of salt.

Hi Jerry,

Swamped at clinic today but at cursory glance you have raised some possibly very turbulent and transformational dates/points/tansits. Will explore more when I have time.

Yes, I am sure Baba had only the best intentions for Ram Dass.


Enjoyed your post on auras; especially about the vibrational radiation that is not visible to the eye but still has a presence/essence. I have not been able to train myself to see auras with anything close to consistency; I would like to learn to do this. Do you have any resources about this?

On another note, drinking three to five cups of coffee is actually quite beneficial. it is linked to being helpful in staving off Parkinson’s Disease, is good for weight control, reduces the incidence of developing type 2 diabetes, increases attentiveness and cognitive clarity, is associated with reducing occurrence of prostate cancer and delivers a trove of anti-oxidants which protect cellular structure. Yes, it can raise blood pressure in some instances if used in excess. It is also a wonder in helping to alleviate migraine headaches.

Drinking it black and filtered is ideal.

I drink cold pressed coffee, Will, to eliminate some of the acid. The “Medical Medium” on FB, though, says that we should avoid caffeine entirely for the reason that it leads to osteoporosis due to leaching calcium from our bones. I tend to like a half-cup of cold pressed daily. It works great. It’s hard for me to live without any coffee. I suppose it depends on our own personal risks and what we do to counter-balance them.

Could someone please tell me what is happening now astrologically? It’s been a week of bad news…..mass shootings, tornadoes, nuts passing racist law in Georgia. BarbK or Starlight do you have some insight?

Mitt Romney has been awarded the JFK Profiles in Courage award for his lone R vote of conscience to convict DJT in the first impeachment trial.

I nevertheless find it ironic, a man who strives for, and believes in his own righteousness, is unable to see the insidious sort of immorality, the savage violence done to so many through his former company, Bain Capital.



Although never a supporter of Mitt Romney, I was quite impressed with his stance regarding the first impeachment trial vs. DT. In spite of his alleged corporate profiteering, I believe the result of Mitt’s lone-rebel profile as a Republican had a net positive effect and helped rather than hindered getting Trump defeated in the election. I don’t mind Mitt getting the award even though his refusal to buckle under Trump’s thugs and the others in the Republican party was clearly the only decent thing to do. He stood alone. I think that counts for something.


Re: The health benefits of coffee.

Fascinating. My wife and I are in the habit of having a cup of coffee with breakfast every morning. Ginger tea at around 11 am. And then 4 o’clock; another round of coffee. The obscure notion that drinking coffee was a rather nasty habit, made me consider cutting back on my consumption from time to time. Your post was liberating. Thanks for the info. I can now rest in good conscience.


With Merrick Garland’s confirmed nomination as Attorney General a little over two weeks ago, I suspect we are going to see a revving up of activity on the legal front soon. Indictments against Trump and his co conspirators could be imminent. And with that legal action taking place, a violent backlash among the conservative right wingers may be in the offing as well. Whether the violence can be contained or not remains to be seen. Whatever the circumstances, astrologically we may be heading into turbulent times as outlined in my recent postings. How soon might that be? AG Garland’s chart speaks for itself. The April 11th New Moon at 22 Aries will be opposing Garland’s natal Neptune/Saturn degrees (21/22 Libra) and squaring his natal Mars (23 Capricorn). Garland’s natal Mars interestingly enough is in direct opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer). To all outward appearances, it looks like justice and karma will soon be rattling Trump’s cage BIG time. Here is Garland’s chart for quick reference:


See related article:

Garland Is the Last, Best Chance to Uncover Trump’s Role on January 6th

The ongoing federal criminal inquiry is the most promising route to the truth.

The New Yorker
March 21, 2021


Jerry, thanks so much for the link to the New Yorker article on Merrick Garland and the astrology info. I just finished listening to Kim at Intuitiview and she also talked about the importance of MerrickGarland’s role if Trump is to be brought to justice for January 6th.


You may be feeling the rumble of the Gibbous moon which is waxing to full tomorrow in another cardinal sign (Libra) opposing the Aries sun. It was in Leo a day ago or so and that usually stirs up all kinds of drama in my world.

Bear in mind also we are probably all feeling the drain of Pandemic Fatigue and the grief it as brought so many on so many levels which we have hardly begun to metabolize. The lost holiday celebrations, the unattended wakes and funerals, the elders we have not been able to visit, the graduation parties that weren’t, the birthday parties and weddings and christenings we have had to forgo or have greatly restricted with lack of joy and spontaneity. And then there is the anguishing slog we most of us experienced as 45 attempted to destroy our democracy. So glad we got him out of office, but now we are contending with sweeping up after the obscene orgy he spawned.

Speaking for myself, I’ve never been more exhausted and in need of a break. Make no mistake, this has been a hell of a stretch and we still have a few rows to hoe. But it is getting better with every passing day. We will get through this. This is where our faith must come in. We must visualize brighter and better days ahead. We must be patient with healing and grieving because it happens in its own time and on a zig-zag trajectory.

We are getting through this.

Thanks for sharing, Will.

Will, as a mental health therapist, it is totally understandable that you would be exhausted, especially when adding that to tolls of the last year for this world. Thank you for helping so many cope, as I am sure that you do.

Just checking my usual news sites have been difficult these days, especially noting the Republicans goal of gaining the upper hand no matter how toxic their actions are (but also what is going on with the Russia/China/Iran alliance and China’s military actions.

We also just watched Seaspiracy on Netfix, a young documentarian’s honest exploration of all of the exploitation and toxic actions that are poisoning our oceans and killing our marine wildlife. He and others have arrived at the consensus that we should not eat fish (and farmed fish are not much better). Painful to watch…

My cousin, a Johnson & Johnson drug trial supervisor in Europe right from the onset, is having trouble getting vaccinated. Europe does not have the necessary supply which will also hurt its tourism industry. The distrust of AstraZeneca does not help, but she’s been waiting for the J & J one.

One bright note: directors, like James Mangold, who is directing the new Indiana Jones film, is moving away from GA and the MLB All Star game organizers are doing the same.

I think we are all feeling very much the way you’ve expressed here, drained, grieving, exhausted and in need of a break.

“And then there is the anguishing slog we most of us experienced as 45 attempted to destroy our democracy. So glad we got him out of office, but now we are contending with sweeping up after the obscene orgy he spawned.”

Yes, but considering the broad and deep damage done, cleaning up post “obscene orgy” may take quite a while. A very close friend observed recently we’ve replaced the old Soviet/American cold war with our own internal American cold war, rural/urban, Republican/Democrat, an authoritarian, corporatist one-party state vs. a Democratic Republic.

We call it a culture war, but I think my friend’s insight is on target. We have intensely competing ideological propaganda/news “machines, as we did for about 5 decades with the Soviets, highlighting our ideological incompatibility.

The old cold war was interspersed with hot little wars. Our present internal social, cultural, political cold war has been ponctuated by the attempted insurrection of Jan. 6th. We all hope that was the end of it, but the inferences are that behavior will continue. I don’t see the radical trumpist style R’s “seeing and accepting the light” anytime soon, though I sincerely hope I am wrong. I wonder how long this conflicrt will last.

Sharon K,

Thank you for your kind and supportive words.


“….we’ve replaced the old Soviet/American cold war with our own internal American cold war, rural/urban, Republican/Democrat, an authoritarian, corporatist one-party state vs. a Democratic Republic.”

Terrific insight! Hits the mark.

Thank you, but the credit should go to a colleague, who is also my closest friend of many years.

Again, I hope I am wrong, but with our seemingly unresolvable internal cold war raging, and the 21st century Iran/Russia/China axis now operational, I see a probable assymetrical civil war, and a new world war as well. I am however grateful Mr. DJT is no longer in charge, and our government is in competent hands, … at least for now.


As twisted and as undesirable as war with another nation is, maybe it would serve as a rallying point to unify and galvanize our deeply-divided nation – the old, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Hardly anything revolutionary or evolutionary or anything that would speak to fundamental transformation. And of course, wouldn’t the military industrial complex be in its glory to rise to the occasion and provide the machinery. I suppose we are waxing somewhat masochistically to ponder such nightmarish scenarios in the future when we really hardly know what tomorrow will bring. Idle intellectualization however, also has its place in the scheme of human endeavor.

Happy Passover and a blessed Holy Week to all.

Happy Paschal Moon as well

Here’s an astrology twister:

Why The Spring Equinox Is So Early this Year

(and why it will come even earlier in the fuiture)


Has anyone heard from Barbk?

Quiet here ….

Such intellectualization is neither idle nor masochistic. It is always good to use our intuitive and rational skills in harmony with the best available evidence to espy possible futures and consequences. As far as we know, other animals do not engage in such cognitive behaviors, nor do any of them use astrology for that purpose. Such intellectualization is what differentiates us from other species.

In the context of your thoughts above, it is noted the deep post civil war animosities between North and South only began to abate through the experience of WWI. They remain today, but greatly diminished from the breadth and intensity of March 1917.

Dark scenarios usually have silver linings, perhaps as you described, perhaps in some other form. It is good to see them before they arrive. The darker possibilities we’ve considered in these posts will hopefully alert us to the necessity of a more unified, cohesive structure for our world’s democracies. Not to abandon the UN, I’ve long believed a “league of democracies” is necessary. A lone island of democracy is not likely to survive within a roiling ocean of tyranny.

Henri & Sunstars,
It is disturbingly quiet here. I too am very concerned as to what is going on with barbK.

Hi all, have been away from my computer for a bit. A rejuvenating family holiday. I think everyone is trying to recover from continual republican bullying ptsd.
The latest from Marjorie on voting rights, with comments.


You’re right – not masochistic and not idle intellectualism. Decartes certainly nailed the important difference of our cognitive drive.

Jerry and Sharon,

I have to lighten up on the acidity of the coffee I drink. I found Folger’s Simply Smooth Mild Roast “Easy on the Stomach” claim to be true. There are other more gourmet brands which are also low acid/mild but they are pricier.

I took a drive down to Lake Michigan shore in Evanston and Wilmette Il today – it was inspiring to see so many people jogging in the park and along the shores – spring has sprung. Really nice to see almost everyone in the parks and those running wearing masks. Go evolved humanity!

Aren’t you in the Chicago area? Perhaps near Wheaton, Illinois?


I have a sister and brother-in-law in Wheaton. I’m about 30 east of Wheaton.

I’m given to understand the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library, at the National Theosophical Society Headquartes in Wheaton has a very impressive astrology library. It is temporarily closed for this pandemic era, but I believe it is also available online.

I might be wrong, but I believe the two largest, most extensive astrology libraries in the USA are each part of the Manly P. Hall library in Los Angeles, and the astrology section.

Whoops! Last paragraph sentences were unfinished. “and the astrology section” at the Olcott library.

There will be a cluster of major aspects in mid-June which signal the next turning point. Mars will be opposite Pluto, Saturn will square Uranus and there will be an eclipse, all around The Last Guy’s solar return. I expect at least one major indictment will come down on him, from Georgia, from New York State and/or from DOJ in Washington. This will be a political earthquake leading into a very agitated fall as Pluto once more opposes US Mercury at length and the culmination of the Pluto return in 2022.

Another prediction that the US will have a fascist President within 20 years or so, in time for the Uranus-Pluto opposition of 2047. This column refers to Babylon Berlin, one of the best TV series I have ever seen, which is set in 1920s Berlin as the Nazis begin to rise. This brings to mind the image of Josh Hawley, who put his feet up in the Senate gallery, looking down mockingly during the last impeachment hearings. A man of history.


I thought this was extremely interesting…….

How a Supermoon Helped Free the Giant Container Ship From the Suez Canal

Stronger tidal effect made it easier to partially float the Ever Given but also gave engineers a hard deadline

Wall St. Journal
Match 30, 2021

SUEZ, Egypt—To get the giant container ship blocking the Suez Canal unstuck, engineers needed the stars to align. Actually, the sun, Earth and moon.

After several days trying to dislodge the Ever Given cargo ship, which had veered off course and embedded itself in the side of the canal, the salvage team pinned their hopes on this week’s full moon, when, beginning Sunday, water levels were set to rise a foot-and-a-half higher than normal high tides. That would make it easier to pull the 1,300-foot vessel out from the side of the canal without unloading a large number of the 18,000 or so containers it was carrying.

The engineers would have to work fast to make the most of this narrow window. The effect would only last a few days. But it would be their best shot at freeing up the canal—and with it, billions of dollars’ worth of global trade flows in the process.



Prayers for Alexei Navalny, who is in prison in Russia, c/o Putin. His aspects right now are terrible. There are a few positive ones, but not very strong. He’s going to need all the strength he’s got. It would be nice if some democratic leaders were to supply some political support. Only heaven knows what’s going on behind the scenes – in any case, it’s not great for political freedom anywhere.

His birth data is on Astro.com:

To All:
Quite a number here have had decades of experience with astrology. I’m seeking your opinions.

Years ago, an astrologer friend stated she felt the 4th house had more to do with family of origin, and the 5th and 7th with the family one forms or creates. Would anyone here concur with that opinion?

One of the least experienced astrology “students” here, I can see where that applies on a very basic level. I have always heard that the 4th = mother (10th, the father) as well as family of origin & one’s foundations…and one of main meaning of the 5th is children, something we ideally create with the partner we’ve allied with intimately (7th = partners) so that makes sense, Eliseo.

By the way I emailed Barbara yesterday but did not hear back. I trust she is busy with pressing matters, and, hopefully, well, and maybe just taking some time for herself.


” it is noted the deep post civil war animosities between North and South only began to abate through the experience of WWI.”

I did not know this – but it makes some sense as per our prior discussions. Thank you.

Some astrologers now use the 10th for the mother, for instance if she was a single parent or the strongest and most influential one. Also in particular if the Moon is in the 10th, which would make a public career influenced by the mother.


Yes, the Theosophical Society does indeed have a fine library in Wheaton – have not been there yet. I have shopped in the Los Angeles Theosophical Society (Manly Hall Library); it is in the charming “Old Hollywood” neighborhood in Los Feliz where I lived for a few years and enjoyed frequent visits. We also had a glorious Bodhi Tree Bookstore metaphysical book on Melrose in West Hollywood that was a fantastic nerve-center for the alternative spiritual community for years. It was a beloved landmark and is greatly missed.

If you are ever in the Ojai California area, you must visit Krotona Institute or Theosophy which is a charming old Spanish Misson home that houses the extensive library; it is nestled in the foothills of the Topa-Topa Mountains. Ojai has long been attributed with radiating a powerful healing energetic vortex. You’ll find a wealth of the works of Madame Helena Blatavsky, a Russian born luminary of the Theosophical movement. You will also find a large piece of land that was purchased by Dr. Annie Besant who was an ardent British-born Theosophist, Socialist and proponent of liberating India and Ireland from British tyranny. It is called Meditation Mount and extends invitations to group Lunar Meditations in Ojai.

Krotona Institute of Theosophy – A Theosophical Center Since …https://www.krotonainstitute.org

Another beautiful place to visit is the Lake Shrine for the Self Realization Fellowship founded by the late great Indian Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda; it is located close to the Pacific Ocean end of Sunset Blvd in Malibu. A portion of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes are enshrined there. There is another Self-Realization Fellowship Shrine at the opposite end of Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.


The cluster of difficult transits for L’ Orange Enfant Terrible in mid June hold the promise of being truly delicious!

“Some astrologers now use the 10th for the mother, for instance if she was a single parent or the strongest and most influential one. Also in particular if the Moon is in the 10th, which would make a public career influenced by the mother.”

Yes, I have read/been advised the same as far back as 1981 with a marvelously gifted old astrologer in Hollywood.


Your piece about the Super Moon and its tides aiding in the liberation of the Ever Given is entirely plausible.

I am disapointed Biden is shelving E. Warren’s 2% wealth tax, but I understand the reasoning. I find it absurd anyone would interpret it as unconstitutional, but Trump appointed a huge number of judges who deem it so, and would undoubtedly strike it down.



I looked up some of Nuwalny’s transits – he has a cluster of wonderful Jupiter transits in play now and for some time.

What is alarming you? Is it his progressed sun conjunct his natal Saturn and his progressed moon squaring his natal Saturn that is causing you concern?

Will, he has progressed Moon at about 26 Aries in a T-square with progressed Sun and transiting Pluto. He has transiting Chiron opposite natal Pluto and transiting Uranus inconjunct natal Pluto. Progressed MC is is conjunct natal Mars and progressed Mars is gaining on an inconjunct to natal Pluto. Progressed Mars is coming to 8 degrees to make close aspects to transiting Uranus and Chiron, too. It’s serious, imo. There are a few things to offset it, but that gives the idea.

Sorry, make that prog. Mars inconjunct transiting Pluto.


Do you find progressed transits equal to or more powerful than transits to the natal chart?

I sense you are a person of noble heart. Your desire to assist Alexei Navalny is more than commendable.

You are not the first to suggest I visit all those places, but I thank you for your kind and encouraging thoughts. I do indeed hope to visit and “hobknob” with my fellow wizards in the places you mentioned.

Will, WaPo has a headline today that Navalny has gone on a hunger strike.


It doesn’t make any decent human being happy to see someone set on a drastic path like that.

When I look at charts I generally don’t give much credence to any sole aspect unless it is echoed in others that say the same sort of thing. If there are things going on in both transits (current sky aspects) and secondary progressions then it says something is cooking (imo). Only then. There is no way to know necessarily what the exact nature of the influence or event might be, but there’s pressure. This is so, especially when it involves the outer planets along with Mars and the angles. That’s pretty basic stuff, but it seems to work – strength in numbers and all that.

It’s the idea that the story is not so much repeated as echoed or bolstered by other aspects in the chart(s) that are happening at the same time, relative to the natal chart. Usually if it is really important, it shows plainly in both the transits and the progressions. Progressions move so slowly, though, that it has to be exact – 1 degree orb or less for progressions especially. It is very simple to start with to just spot all the aspects that are within 1 degree of each other and start from there.

Eliseo, thanks for the thought, but ‘noble’ I ain’t! It would just be nice, for once, to see the ‘good thing’ happen. I’m sure it does now and then, but somehow it feels like the universe is in such a god awful mess right now.

Going to have a strong coffee now! Focus on what one CAN do. Mustn’t get swamped by apocalyptic thinking, most of which imho is BS anyway – great for selling movies and books – not so much for real life.

Maybe Navalny’s Jupiter transits will bring him good public support. Putin will eventually force nutrition into him, though, to try to put a stop to it. Navalny is one strong, brave fighter. He did not have to return to Russia but he said for him not returning wasn’t even a choice. He did not leave of his own accord but was sent to Germany to save his life.

Eliseo, a few posts back you asked, “Years ago, an astrologer friend stated she felt the 4th house had more to do with family of origin, and the 5th and 7th with the family one forms or creates. Would anyone here concur with that opinion?”

I have played around with the 4/10 axis numerous times when doing charts for friends,or political ones. First, there’s no point going there unless the birth chart is accurate within minutes – too much depends on the degrees of the Asc & MC. Given that the birth time is fairly close, then I have found the 4/10 attribution to mother/father to depend entirely on what is actually known about the personality/situation of the said parent. Often, mother is well placed in 10, but for some no other house works but 4. If the subject of the chart knows the personalities of the parent, it is usually short work to figure out which cusp fits, and that’s what I go by.

As to other houses for family, I assume the cusp of the 4th gives the base house for the person’s childhood environment, which is why the parental axis goes through 4 and 10. So, the Asc/1st house is the birth and body of the person who is the subject of the chart, the 2nd is the material circumstance he/she is born into and the 3rd is the immediate world he/she occupies with the other members of the family (siblings, sometimes extended family as well).

The 4th/IC is 90 degrees (square) to the Asc. and is at the base of the chart (the first ‘outside environment’ the child lives within as a child. Home is both the security of the early environment (or lack thereof) and the first challenge of the outside world the child faces from the vantage point of the childhood home. The 4th is the house that corresponds with the sign of Cancer, the sign of nourishment.

The 5th is 120 degrees (trine) and the 7th is 180 (opposite) to the Asc. So, the 5th fits well with its traditional ‘positive’ image as the house of sex, children, and all kinds of investments in the subject person’s future, as well as the products there from. So it fits the source of the family (reproduction) and the dynamic of coupling in an attractive way (trine). That seems to apply quite well in most charts unless you define ‘family’ in some very untraditional way.

However, the 7th, is opposite to the Asc, which is challenging. It is more of a projection of the subject person toward the exterior world – it’s an emanation FROM the subject person, which is why it fits the role of the spouse (the ‘other’). That’s how the 7th (imo) gets to be allocated to partners and ‘open’ enemies. In short, I don’t see the 7th as necessarily conjoined with the family that results (i.e) the children. As in many broken homes, the subject’s spouse may or may not be part of the “family”. So the spouse/partner is a separate element and you have to look to all the relationship elements in the chart to tell if the 7th house person is actually a “parent” to the children born via the 5th.

In short, I don’t think there really is one particular house that makes up an image of the nuclear family and also widens it to include siblings, spouse, aunts and uncles etc. (never mind adoptive parents and so on). But restricting the participants to only the trilogy of the child and the parents, the Asc/4/10 framework does seem to capture the nuclear dynamic quite well. Which parent is 4 and which is 10 is a matter for interpretation based on the known facts.

Furthermore, traditionally, the subject person’s first child (offspring) is counted from the 5th. That is very different than seeing another child in the family as a sibling (3rd house), where the entire household is portrayed by the 3rd.

This line of thinking is based on the traditional rules, which horary astrology employs in the strictest fashion. Not too much room to maneuver there, but the psychological schools add a lot more depth to the interpretation and are well established. I’m sure there are other ways to look at it, but this works pretty well in most cases.

Fyi, I’ve never done a chart for a person who is an outright orphan or adoptee, one who knows nothing about his or her biological parents. Even more extreme would be a person who was homeless from early childhood on – there are lots of people who ‘experience’ homelessness at some period in their lives, but who don’t GROW UP homeless. Most of us have some kind of home until we are at least 10 or we wouldn’t survive at all. So, I suspect that the ROLES of the mother and father would be represented by 4 and 10 and there would be important persons, if only for fairly short periods, who fulfill the 4/10 roles. Lastly, there are many families where one parent does all the parenting – in those cases, there may be a stronger, greater emphasis on the active role parent and the absent parent would still be there, but perhaps in some more ‘imagined, projected’ state. The missing parent role is very important too.

This is far too complex to fit into a cookbook method and also, there are undoubtedly methods used in different systems. Some are likely very technical or just unfamiliar (like Vedic astrology, which works fine, but needs different training). My own ‘education’ in astrology is too basic to go beyond the Western approach.

Sharon K, excellent points all! You are probably right that Putin would force feed Navalny to avoid making a martyr out of him (if he is that much at risk). Maybe Navalny himself has a sense of destiny that leads him to self sacrifice. Who knows? On the other hand, all that is contradicted by the obvious attempts at murdering him outright.

It’s interesting to compare a chart like Biden’s, which seems quite secure (we do HOPE!), to a chart like Navalny’s which seems anything BUT secure. And then there’s DT, who is secure, but willing to be the complete idiot who throws history to the winds. It looks like DT will never be in a photo of all the ‘retired’ US presidents?

Oops, trilogy….trinity….LOL

MANY THANKS for your very generous and fascinating treatment of the family/spouse/children, etc. issues!

I’ve been contemplating what we mean in various contexts by the word “family.” Your reasoning and interpretation are very helpful. I am grateful.

When my brother died January 20th, I became the lone survivor of my family of origin, a family about which I’ve long been ambivalent. From very early childhood I felt the severe mismatch. All my life I’ve deeply felt, and continue to feel/know I was born to the wrong family. From very young adulthood to this day I am haunted by a reoccurring dream in which I am traveling on a bus, but left at the wrong location, left in a large field with no house or landmarks, no road signs, and no idea as to what direction or distance lies the nearest town.

For a number of years I was part of a group of close friends for whom we used the appellation “the family;” it was our family of choice as opposed to family of birth, and we thought and behaved very much like sisters and brothers. As of December 2, 2017, I am the lone survivor of that group as well.

And so, long ago having concluded the more or less conventional +/-, bookkeeping, accounting model of karma is vastly oversimplified and plainly wrong, I frequently contemplate what might be its true nature. Intuitively, I feel it is probably a spiralling process, but other than that, I’m not convinced anyone I’ve read, or spoken with truly understands it.

At least through astrology we can see the what, but not the why.

Again, I thank you for your insightful observations and interpretations. I always enjoy reading your posts. Blessings!


“Progressions move so slowly, though, that it has to be exact – 1 degree orb or less for progressions especially. It is very simple to start with to just spot all the aspects that are within 1 degree of each other and start from there.”

Absolute gold! Thank you for teaching me about this – I’m not nearly as skilled as probably 80% of those who regularly contribute here. You write with beautiful clarity and honesty.

I will indeed put Navlny in my meditation and intentions that he may be strengthened and supported by Higher Powers.

Then, I will cast a voodoo curse on Putin – that he should vomit and have diarrhea and intense abdominal distress for eternity.

The End.

Will, LOL! Since you probably are not a voodoo witch doctor or anything close to it, your curse isn’t likely to be effective ammo against Putin – but it’s the thought that counts. Besides, he doesn’t need your curse – he’s doing a fine job of making his own bed in hell. He don’t need no help from the likes of us!

Eliseo – the ‘bookkeeping, accounting model of karma’ – what a great way to put it! Totally agree, the accounting model is way too simple.

The laughing Buddha must be laughing and our stern old testament Christian God (c/o Paul, Romans 12:19) must be muttering under His breath, ‘vengeance is mine, saith the Lord’.

Anyway, it’s beyond us to do the bookkeeping in our short lifetimes!

I agree. I don’t think we understand karma very well at all.

Lately, now that I am “of an age”, when I experience something difficult that I remember others in my life must have experienced, and when I, pretty much out of naivete (but what could also be construed as lack of awareness, self-centeredness or selfishness), must have contributed to, I think to myself — Ah, now this is karma.

Of course, it is more complex than that — and likely involves many previous lives for those that believe in reincarnation — but this is coming from my direct experience and seems to lead to deeper understanding; it is far more than a cerebral understanding.

The insight and accompanying feeling do not relate to retribution or the sense that I have to pay for causing suffering, but more of a sense of “so this is how it felt for them”.


“The great question for those who are dedicated to helping humanity through this crucial time of choice is how to change the values that currently govern the world, how to offer a higher vision of our presence and role on this planet.

For the last four thousand years, we have been on the wrong path. During these millennia, the warrior leaders of different civilizations have followed the path of conquest, the path of dominance, power and glory. They are still following it. Until very recently people had no choice but to acquiesce in this pattern and to suffer its consequences.

The time has come when, if we are to survive as a species, we have to change our relationship with the planet; change it from exploitation and dominance to care and service. This pandemic is a supreme opportunity to recognize the harm we have done to it, to create a new kind of civilization based on entirely different values and beliefs. This involves an alchemical transformation of what we are into what we are capable of becoming.”


Will, you may be interested to know there was an Inuit shaman in the Canadian Arctic during WWII noted for his reputed out-of-boy experiences and astral travel. When told about Hitler and the evil he brought into the world, he was said to have answered: “Oh, I can handle that.” He went into a trance and Hitler died days later. We could use him now to save Navalny.

Sharon K, to me karma is merely, no more no less, the illustration of the law of cause and effect. Every effect has a cause. Every cause produces an effect. Time and space are irrelevant.

Out-of-body experiences. I wish I was more patient.

You can’t make this up. An asteroid called Psyche, located between Mars and Jupiter, is worth an estimated 10 quintillion$, because it is entirely made of nickel and ore, which could make it one of a kind. NASA is preparing a satellite that will land on it in 2026. What happens to the human psyche when we land on Psyche? What if the Chinese get there first? Will Psyche be the cause of the first space war? So many questions, so few answers.



“Besides, he doesn’t need your curse – he’s doing a fine job of making his own bed in hell.”

Its true; difficult to accept there are such evil operators such as Bad Vlad.


Oh, to find that Inuit Arctic Shaman and put him to work on the GOP!

On another note, as an attorney, what would you think of penning a deed that would declare us exclusive owners of the whole asteroid, Psyche?
Hey, we could sell tons of shares on Robin Hood Stocks!


“Out-of-body experiences. I wish I was more patient.”



The pain you shared about being the sole survivor of your family-of-origin yet feeling you never belonged is palpably devastating. I am not ashamed to disclose that I share the same feeling of not belonging at all to my family-of-origin – yet most of them are still on the planet.

There are some enlightened masters who believe that our family-of-origin can be the most effective crucible in which to work off karmic liabilities and forge spiritual evolution. In this regard I agree whole-heartedly. No pain no gain. And God knows there are tranches of pain for many of us as we grind our relationships with mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. There’s nothing more piercing and hurtful than a barb hurled by a family member.

I often wonder about how you are handling the grief from your brother’s recent passing; I lost a brother one year younger than myself 26 years ago and it was and remains a pain like none other. My hope is that you have a trusted few friends and/or extended family from whom you can feel support. I am deeply sorry for your pain.

I am recovering from a night of wild dreams; I’m spinning with wonder and curiosity as I attempt to make sense of it. If I’my words are not making much sense, it wouldn’t surprise me.

May peace be with you, Eliseo.

Thanks to you folks who have brought up this family of origin issue – it’s a head bender.

So, right now, it feels right for Venus conjunct Ceres (values, motherhood) in Aries (new start) being at the midpoint between Saturn (tradition, old values) which is in its higher expression in Aquarius (new directions on a social level), and Mars (innovation, more new directions) in Gemini (communications). Those are the current transits anyway.

As to the family being such an uncomfortable thing, it’s good to think of the world as it is represented in a birth chart. The WHOLE chart is the WHOLE world of the person who is born. Time for the person begins at the Ascendant but it encompasses the entire circle.

The centre of the chart is the silent “all” of the person’s world in astrology and the centre is not expressed directly, but through the little wedges or signs and houses that make up the parts. The centre is silent but it is the pivot (traditionally taken as the earth itself, the place of incarnation).

When you picture the family initially in the triad of child/mother/father or in the 1/4/10 houses (not necessarily in that order), it’s plain that 3 houses or signs can’t cover all the possible expressions of the person’s life “path”. If one looks to the family of origin for a sense of completeness, that is the wrong place to find it because, inevitably, the family of origin is going to be lacking. Family is not intended to fill the bill.

The whole chart is the whole mandala, along with the unknown that brought the mandala into being, which is beyond expressing. So, how can any 3 signs or houses be but a few chunks of the complete person the birth chart represents?

It’s no wonder the family of origin always falls short and the child/adult feels bereft, orphaned etc. That’s the way it’s built! Western philosophy is not very stoic about it, but life is like a dozen cans of beer with a bunch of empties. Feels like a rip off.

Lucky are they who get a warm, welcoming family that allows them to grow too! Some warm fuzzy families are quite stifling. That’s not to say family pain isn’t real, intense and long lasting, but family is only where we start from, not where we end up. We have to detach from everything in the end. The journey is unavoidable. That’s why we’re here.

(Or so I tell myself when I get pissed off….sometimes it even helps.)

According to this writer in the Scientific American, Elon Musk is right and we are indeed living in a simulation. “So here we are generating this product called consciousness that we apparently don’t have a use for, that is an experience and hence must serve as an experience. The only logical next step is to surmise that this product serves someone else.”


BarbK, I hope you are okay and that you will have a very pleasant Easter.

Starlight, I miss getting astrological insights from you. I hope you are well and will enjoy this Easter holiday.

Andre, I can’t tell if you posted that article tongue in cheek or in all seriousness, but oh come on!

People are getting way too far from “reality” here, whatever it is. Lets worry about simulations after fixing millions of kids in the world who are going without food and shelter and education. What a crock.

Certainly Elon Musk doesn’t care.

The Laughing Buddha is laughing again, methinks.

The author, IMO is one of many who like to imagine scenarios which either undermine or contradict the predominant religious/cultural origins mythology. The author’s innovative and ingenious story is a sophisticated way of arrogantly expressing enmity toward literalist, mythological orthodoxy, in other words, “See what fools you believers are! I am obviously your intellectual superior!”

Many, if not most scientists today are very poorly trained, if at all in the philosophy of science. Many have never studied any philosophy at all, and by default use scientific method as the only true epistemology.

The author assumes an understanding of consciousness we actually do not possess. Although the assumption the body produces consciousness, is common in materialistic science, it is (A) unproven, and (B) an extension of the mechanistic view of the universe, a view superceded by the many emerging discoveries in quantum physics.

Those discoveries are often profoundly counter intuitive, colored by paradox. Therefore, many accept them intellectually, but very shallowly, as they are incapable of integrating thought which contradicts their basic assumptions. The default mentally is to continue to function, unconsciously with the same old comfortable, mechanistic, materialist worldview.

Slowly, we are moving from thinking in terms of gods, goddesses, and demons, to understanding the world and ourselves in terms of fields and forces. Ironically, the author’s story wears scientific clothing, but is really another form of anthropomorphism bathing in a mechanistic, materialist version of maya.

The author’s hypothesis is IMO presently unprovable. But the innate, inferred anthropomorphism in mechanistic context renders the thought experiment suspect.

“My hope is that you have a trusted few friends and/or extended family from whom you can feel support.”

Unfortunately, not so. But thank you for the empathy and kind thoughts. We appear to have experienced similar emotional pain in our lives. Peace be with you also.

the maria butina intrigue continues, with her confrontational visit to Navalny in his prison. For a supposed russian ‘innocent’ she certainly must have close connections in high places !!!!

Eliseo, Beowufie, as a mystic I believe we are living in the mind of God. That is no simulation to me.

IMHO, the difference between an atheist, a believer and a mystic is that the atheist thinks he exists but God does not, the believer thinks both he and God exist, and the mystic thinks only God has existence.

If you want to understand the Russian plan, i.e. why Putin pursues the course he’s followed, see
“The Insane Russian Plan to Conquer the World,” a worthwhile youtube video, about 10 minutes long. It is based on
The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia, by Aleksandr Dugin, published in 1997. Also helpful is the Wikipedia article on the book. To my understanding the Russians do not want the book translated into English, or other languages. Putin has followed its plan to the letter.

I am more or less in agreement with you.
I was 15 when I had my first mystical experience, an experience which transformed me into a pantheist. I have long believed that “god” “goddess” the universe, omniverse, that thing in which we live, move, and have our being, whatever we may call it, is much like a womb. It is I think, a conscious being, though not a person in any conventional sense.

Barb, you are greatly missed here. You are our touchstone an our beacon of light. Thinking of you with love this Good Friday/Easter weekend.


Maria Butina = a modern-day Natasha of “Boris and Natasha” from The Bullwinkle and Rocky Show; essentially fiendish whore of Satan.



Fifteen for your first mystical experience – that is an extraordinarily young age for such an event. Did you understand what you were experiencing? Did you see many different gods? What was it like?

First of all, I need to say I’ve never taken any drugs. I’ve known people who had similar experiences through psychedelics, but I’ve purposefully stayed away from them. My
experience at 15 was preceded by at least 5 years of serious philosophical inquiry.

Secondly, the following explanation is necessarily brief. A fuller, more detailed, better contextualized, more meaningful telling would be too many paragraphs for this forum. If you are truly interested, I can email to you the sweeter, fuller, more detailed description, as well as my understanding of why that particular experience at that particular time.

It was a complex experience with several components. It proceded from the sincere but naive question, “Does God exist?” continued through a flash of linguistic, logical, and psychological insight, and culminated in the pantheistic experience of the universe/deity in essentially female/womb form. The illusion of separateness was dissolved, and I knew/experienced the oneness. I was one with all things, the oak tree nearby, the universe, etc. That’s my vastly oversimplified and not very specific version at least.

Truthfully, though it all lasted merely a moment, it seemed an eternity. Language fails here. During that “time,” time did not exist. The experience was deep and profound and profoundly changed my mental and spiritual direction. Previously, I mostly read the hard sciences, philosophy, anthropology, and science fiction. But from age 15-18 I read in english translation, the scriptures of the 11 major religions. The only two I was unaware of were the Baha’is and Sufis.

Within days after the experience, I first read the Christopher Isherwood translation of the Bhagavad Gita. Previously believing there was no life after death, I had not before thought about reincarnation. Upon reading the Gita, I went, Oh! I forgot! I was Irish, a poet, a journalist! (Later, as I clarified the memory, I realized that life was from 1867-1935.) For decades after the experience, comparative religion was my true passion, but in SE Texas, especially during my teen years, I had to hide my interest to avoid trouble. In the 1960’s the local fundamentalists felt free to bully and beat up boys whom they perceived as “pagan.” I had already been assaulted for my support and involvement in the civil rights movement.

There is so much more to that specific mystical pantheistic realization under the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, and the fuller context in which it occurred. So many elements. Perhaps more on this later.

Michio Kaku is a physicist who has contributed to string theory, the theory of everything based on quantum physics (I initially wrote psychics). He says the universe is a chess game we are on the verge of figuring out. He thinks we will soon contact aliens, but should be cautious because we could go the way of Montezuma. Reaching out may not be such a good idea.



Thank you for fleshing your experience out. You were an exceptionally curious teenager. Mine came when I had received the sacrament of reconciliation followed by attending Mass and receiving Holy Eucharist; it had been almost 16 years since I had done so. When I returned to my pew, I sensed a shaft of powerful, vibrating light that seem to enter into my crown chakra and through the tail of my spine. I began to shake as if I had been electrocuted. Tears flowed from my eyes and I felt a warmth and comfort I had never experienced. I felt I had in some manner returned home after having been very upset with the Church for changing out its Latin liturgy to every-day English and turning the whole mysterious celebration mass from the Extraordinary Rite into the more pedestrian version we see today with the altar and the celebrant turned toward the congregation and the addition of folk guitar music. I felt I had lost my mooring as a devout altar boy and had been sold out by Mother Church. Now here I was, some half a Saturn cycle later, near- convulsing after communion. I knew I was being blessed and reconsecrated in that moment. I was like a home-coming.

Many more events have followed since then. I am grateful for every such moment. My faith in the Higher Power was instantly reconstituted and remains strong today.

Andre, you remind me of a scene from a 1972 film, The Ruling Class where Lady Gurney asked the Earl of Gurney how do you know you are God? Simple, he says., When I pray to Him, I find I am talking to myself. Be well.

Silcominc, that would be solipsism. I am more into panpsychism.


Actually, that was only the bare bones of the experience, not truly “fleshed out.” My description above was more the effects, and less so the actual experience. It would take a couple of pages to really do that first one justice.

Many years later in my late 20’s I had an experience extremely similar to the one you described, with very similar feelings and physical reactions.

In my own case, I’ve had a number of cases that are a bit more difficult to classify. Were they mystical OR psychic? OR both? When I met the Dalai Lama in Seattle, I had one of those difficult to classify inner experiences. I could feel the man’s presence and compassion from quite a distance, when he was a couple of miles away. But it was especially intense when we were about 3 feet apart.

Another, curiously repeated throughout my life, beginning when I was an atheist at age 12. On several occassions, I saw two, for lack of a better word, angels? At least that’s what I’ve often called them. They were like twins, or brothers, not identical, but always “dressed” the same. They were always garbed either as soldiers, sometimes ancient, sometimes modern, or as Franciscan looking monks.

Years ago, early in the relationship with my wife, one night I could not sleep. I rose, went over to my personal altar and began a meditation. Almost immediately they were there again, one on my left, the other on my right, this time as monks. After about half an hour I returned to bed.

My wife said, “I had an unusual dream. I dreamed you were over by your altar, and there were two very tall monks, one on either side of you.” I said, “yes, they were there, and I was too.” “What!” she said, “There were two men in the house!?” “Darling, don’t worry,” I said. “They were angels.” “ANGELS!” she exclaimed questionally. It took a few minutes for her to calm down, and needless to say, I had some explaining to do.

To this day, I’m not sure how to interpret or classify my several experiences with those two “guardians?” Were they hallucinations? If so, why/how did my wife perceive them as well? They’ve never bothered to explain themselves.

Thank you, Andre. Good video.


Panpsychism espouses that the “energy” in all matter essentially equates with “consciousness?”

Panpsychism is the idea that consciousness or mind is innate to the universe, even if in some cases extremely rudimentary. It is a very old idea, held by several of the ancient Greek philosophers, as well as several modern ones. It fell out of favor during the 20th century but is now gaining in popularity, especially among philosophers who work the “hard problem of consciousnes.” Philosophers like David Chalmers have made it far more acceptable and plausible.

barbK, I dedicate this Easter Sunday to you. I know you would not have stopped posting here voluntarily. Last time you wrote, you mentioned health issues which you attributed to the Neptune semi-return. We exchanged views on the fact it was also the semi-return for the US. Perhaps you can read this even if you can’t type, or someone can read it to you. Or perhaps my thoughts can reach you in some other way. I am grateful for your many hopeful and inspiring posts during the last terrible years. You made my own journey through that time easier. As you sometimes said, you done good, girl. Bless you.

Will, I was influenced by the French Catholic philosopher Teilhard de Chardin. He was a priest with a scientific background who made a notable contribution to paleontology in China. The Church unsuccessfully attempted to suppress his writings and prevented him from teaching at universities where he was highly respected. He humbly obeyed but suffered greatly. He died in 1955 in NYC while living in a Jesuit residence.

I would call him a spiritual Darwinist. He attempted to reconcile the theory of evolution with his faith. For him, the universe is evolving from Alpha (the Big Bang, which he saw as a divine spark of energy) to Omega, the point where humanity’s consciousness rises to meet the divine collectively. The Omega point is divine love he calls Christ Consciousness. Human consciousness, which he calls the noosphere, evolves through technology. This evolution is accelerated by mass communication. I am sure you and Eliseo know all about him.

This reminds me of the physicist who works on string theory I mentioned earlier on this thread. I will read his book called The God Equation (great title). He came from a Protestant family with a Japanese origin. He believes space travel will bring a unified religion (I hope perhaps a unified astrology as well), and that Buddhism and Christianity will merge. I have always thought Buddha and Christ were brothers and their teachings converged. He also says there are Big Bangs occurring constantly in our multiverse. He asks what is on the other side of a dark hole. Will wonders ever cease? I hope not.

I am a practicing Buddhist who will be devoutly in church today in a Catholic shrine in Montreal with a wonderful name: Mary Queen of Hearts.


We are still so very Catholic! I too use the Church as a place to meditate – the only mass I find meaningful is one during the week in the morning in an essentially empty church.

Your summation of Chardin is elegant -his work is incomparable.

Beate paschae frater.

Barb where ever you are I continue to hold space for all of us who are sending you love and light in your healing journey. You are missed on this blog and we all look forward to your return. May health and repair be available to you when you need and desire its companionship.

Blessings upon you all today.

Facebook pledged to suspend political donations, then quietly funneled $50,000 to GOP group pushing voter suppression laws


Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

I happened upon this rather marvelous award-winning documentary on Amazon Prime. It is a wonderful validation for most of us who blog herein and
dare to tread where angels tread” with our sensitivities to the vibrational power of rhetoric, intention, visualizations and auras. Unless I am missing something, the para-psychology, physicists, psychologists and other experts who give testimonials throughout the presentation are credible and authentic.


Looks really interesting, Will.

“AK governor vetoes anti-trans health care bill”!

Yes, you read that right!

Arkansas’ Republican governor on Monday vetoed an anti-transgender health care bill that would’ve prohibited physicians in the state from providing gender-affirming “procedures” for trans people under age 18.

“Gov. Asa Hutchinson told reporters that he killed HB 1570 because the bill ‘would be and is a vast government overreach’ and because it would’ve created ‘new standards of legislative interference with physicians and parents as they deal with some of the most complex and sensitive matters involving young people.’ “

Karma’s is a beeeyach!

Suck on it McConnell and Gross Old Party

BREAKING|Apr 5, 2021,07:19pm EDT|669 views
Democrats Can Bypass GOP On Multiple Infrastructure Bills, Parliamentarian Says

In a statement, a spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the parliamentarian advised “that a revised budget resolution may contain budget reconciliation instructions,” suggesting Democrats can now pass at least two more bills through reconciliation this year.

The ruling, Schumer’s spokesperson stated, “confirms the Leader’s interpretation of the Budget Act” and “allows Democrats additional tools to improve the lives of Americans if Republican obstruction continues.”



bark k,

You are getting better, yes? Or are you having too much fun in that Neptunian effect you were experiencing last week?

Or, did you transition to a alternate bandwidth entirely?

My hope is for your highest good.


Thank you very much for your elaboration on the notion of panpsychism. Very clear to me now.


“For him, the universe is evolving from Alpha (the Big Bang, which he saw as a divine spark of energy) to Omega, the point where humanity’s consciousness rises to meet the divine collectively. The Omega point is divine love he calls Christ Consciousness.”


I am reminded of when Einstein quipped;

“I am not interested in this phenomenon or that phenomenon,” Einstein had said earlier in his life. “I want to know God’s thoughts – the rest are mere details.”


Have you heard Homelie by Claude Sigouin of Sanctuaire Marie Reine-des-Coeurs? He presents as the the quintessential French speaking priest. Lovely guy.

Praying for Barb. Hope you are well, Barb. May God Bless you with health, strength, safety, peace, prosperity, happiness and all the good stuff. An essential spark is missing without your presence here. I sense that is why we are subdued.

Will, I agree the best time to meditate in church while listening to Scripture is in an early morning weekday mass.

I love this quote from a comment below the teaser for that Amazon Prime documentary you mentioned:

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” – Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning physicist.

Will, Sanctuaire Marie-Reine-des-Cœurs in Montreal is indeed where I pray and meditate. I asked for a more robust faith on Easter Sunday when I was there. So far, I have had three answers. The first was a movie about Paul, the apostle, I watched this evening, and following that the sense I should read the New Testament once more. And then, thanks to you, I learned about Father Sigouin’s videos. I had never heard of them.

Religious humor about the difference between Catholics and Protestants.


A gambler was at the horse races playing the ponies and all but losing his shirt.

He noticed a Priest step out onto the track and blessed the forehead of
one of the horses lining up for the 4th race.
Lo and behold, that horse – a very long shot – won the race.

Next race, as the horses lined up, the Priest stepped onto the track. Sure enough, he blessed one of the horses. The gambler made a beeline for a betting window and placed a small bet on the horse. Again, even though it was another long shot, the horse won the race. He collected his winnings, and anxiously waited to see which horse the Priest would bless next. He bet big on it, and it won. As the races continued the Priest kept blessing long shots, and each one ended up winning. The gambler was elated.

He made a quick dash to the ATM, withdrew all his savings, and awaited for the Priest’s blessing that would tell him which horse to bet on. True to his pattern, the Priest stepped onto the track for the last race and blessed the forehead of an old nag that was the longest shot of the day. This time the priest blessed the eyes, ears, and hooves of the old nag. The gambler knew he had a winner and bet every cent he owned on the old nag.

He watched dumbfounded as the old nag came in last. In a state of shock, he went to the track area where the Priest was. Confronting him, he demanded, ‘Father! What happened? All day long you blessed horses and they all won. Then in the last race, the horse you blessed lost by a mile. Now, thanks to you I’ve lost every cent of my savings!’.

The Priest nodded wisely and with sympathy, ‘My Son,’ he said, ‘that’s the problem with you Protestants, you can’t tell the difference between a simple blessing and last rites.’


“‘My Son,’ he said, ‘that’s the problem with you Protestants, you can’t tell the difference between a simple blessing and last rites.”


“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”

That is a powerful excerpt. Christ performing so many healings and transforming of the water at the wedding at Canna into wine comes to mind
comes to mind.

You blessed to sustain your faith and live in such a lovely place.


Barb’s absence remains mysterious – but I don’t think she’d want the discourse here to cease.

Thanks – great story Andre! LOL

Hey Everyone,
I eMailed barbK, quite a number of days ago but have received no response. As each day passes without her postings I am further concerned. Does anyone know an alternate way to communicate with her? Perhaps a phone number, or snail mail address?

I recall when Alex suddenly stopped posting quite a few years ago. I don’t believe we ever found out what became of her. I believe she was in her late 80’s or early 90’s when last she posted.

There are a number of sensitive, caring people who post here. Some of us are in contact by email and occasionally talk by phone. Perhaps for those of us who post here pretty regularly, it would be a good idea to leave phone numbers and/or an emergency number and address NOT on the blog, but with those with whom we are in eMail contact.

What do you folks think?
Meanwhile, light and loved filled prayers for Barb, wherever she is, and whatever she is enduring.


Regarding the astrological aspects leading up to mid June. . . .

I am particularly intrigued by the dynamics of the May 26th 2021 lunar eclipse. I did a search on Google and found a video entitled “Channeled Message for The Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021!” Here’s the link……..


Not mentioned in the video (although it shares lots of fascinating impressions about the eclipse) is that this eclipse has tr Mars (20 Cancer) in precise conjunction to the January 10, 2020 lunar eclipse (in opposition to a nearly exact Sat/Pluto conj at 22 Capr.). The 5/26/21 Mars (20 Cancer) is also in simultaneous sesqui-square to the 5/26/21 lunar eclipse (5 Sagittarius). A perfect symmetrical event. Here is the January 10th, 2020 lunar eclipse for quick reference:


It has been said that it was this January 2020 Lunar Eclipse-Pluto/Saturn opposition that spawned the COVID 19 pandemic. And the March 20th, 2020 Mars/Jupiter conjunction (22 Capr.) which followed that resulted in a dramatic world-wide lock-down which continues in varying degrees to this day.

For better or worse, might the May 26th, 2021 lunar eclipse prove to be a culmination to the events triggered by COVID 19 back in January 2020? The mid June 2021 aspects you speak of are equally intense.

New discussion thread:


Eliseo, Starlight has our e-mails. I am quite willing to share my phone number with her, with you or anyone else here who might care to have it.

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