22nd Feb, 2021

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Keep the discussion going on here. What a world we live in!



From DU (none of these are my comments)

“This is a really bad morning for Trump. He just lost 3 cases. Taxes and 2 election cases, WI & PA.
A NY Grand Jury will see Trump’s Taxes right away. NBC’s Pete Williams, ‘This is it. This is the end of
the line for Trump’s lawyers.’

Supreme Court DENIES Trump request to review Wisconsin post-election recount case.

Supreme Court won’t take up challenge to Pennsylvania presidential election results

Although this does not bring back any of the 500,000 dead Americans.”

My comment is: Gloat, gloat, gloat away, my fellow Americans! I’m sure this fits in with some of the astrological scenarios painted by Nancy, Barb, Jerry, Beowulfie, Banks, etc.

An exciting video on the Mars landing.


The Martian rover is called Perseverance, an apt correlation for Mars in Taurus. The landing took place as Saturn in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, the sign of space exploration, and the planet of breakthroughs. Saturn and Taurus relate to land. The square is a preview of Pluto in Aquarius, as are the fading and weakening of Trump and the implosion of the GOP.

In my book, the Aquarian Age began on July 4 1776 and was confirmed in 1781 by two simultaneous events: the discovery of Uranus and the battle of Yorktown which brought a decisive end to the American Revolution. It intensified with two other major events a few years later: the French Revolution and when Washington took office and left it peacefully. It was gradually strengthened by the abolition of slavery in most countries, universal suffrage, women’s right to vote, civil rights, the rise of social democracy and gay marriage. Major Uranus aspects, such as the conjunction with Pluto in the 1960s, pushed it forward.

The recent Uranus square to Pluto was a major testing time and a reactionary period, but it is now all over but the shouting and only the clean-up remains. Pluto in Aquarius will be an entirely new, powerful and different set of advancements for major social progress. The next major test will be Uranus opposite Pluto in the 2040s but that too will be powerfully overcome. Nothing will stop the increasingly manifest and dynamic onset of social evolution in the Aquarian Age.

Thanks for the new thread Nancy, and thanks for keeping this site available to all of us to vent, to question and to grieve. Right now the Biden tribute to those 500,000+ people we have lost to Covid is happening and it reminds us of what we have been through, as Americans, and as people who have been traumatised by 4 years of Trump.

In a matter of 4 years we have evolved through an experience of the trashing of our values as a country, a pandemic that has killed thousands and keeps on killing, an assault on our country’s revered Capitol building and on the people we elected to govern this country, and we have leaned on each other – and you – to express our shock and grief, and most of all, our anger over all that’s happened.

I speak for everyone I’m sure, when I say this blog is the therapy that keeps us within the borderline of sanity, and of hope that we will make the devastation we, as a whole, have been through into a learning experience, and not a breakdown of stability and dependability; and I’m not even counting the insane snow experience, the worst of which hit the poor Texans! I got to drive my car for the 1st time in 9 days today, which I could not even get to due to all the ice (broken water pipes, etc.) between me and her (I call her Carla).

So, hip – hip – hooray for Nancy, her astrology, and her service to humanity!

I completely concur with your last February 22, 2021 posting.
Thank You Barb. Thank You Nancy.


What barbk said except that I lost my mind a long time ago. Its not as bad as one might imagine.

Grazie mille!

This is SO GREAT!


“Florida official tells offices to disregard DeSantis order to lower flags in Limbaugh’s honor” – Apparently, she does not have to answer to him!

Sharon K,

It is indeed SO GREAT!

And to add to the stinger in DeSantis’ ass and Limbaugh’s turning in his grave, Nikki Fried is a nice, Democratic Doctor of the the Law and nice Jewish woman no-less! Schadenfreude baby! Can’t beat it with a stick! We gottcher’ Passover right here DeSantis!

A few things…

Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon K!

And also,

Natal Charts for Mars Rovers… on Mars — Including Perseverance!


How’s this for extra-terrestrial astrology? These charts are actually cast for the landings ON Mars. No Mars in the chart per se, but Earth is, and also Phobos and Deimos.

A new type of astrology is being born as we move further into space exploration and eventual colonization.

Finally, Andre, I love your posts on the 2060s and your forward view on time and humanity. I will share my own thoughts when I have the opportunity.

Thanks, BuckeyeShadow 🙂

Love your description of what happened, Will.

barbk, excellent post at 7:08pm and I couldn’t agree more — thank you Starlight and everyone for such interesting and insightful posts which have definitely been therapeutic over the past few years.

Thanks to Nikki Fried and now other Florida officials speaking out against moRON DeSantis wanting flags lowered for that horrible Limbaugh. This from the mayor of Oakland Park:
“By compelling Florida cities to honor the man who made a career of sowing political division through bigoted and racist statements, Gov. DeSantis is turning our flag into a decoration for his own political theater,” Bolin said.

Can’t remember where I heard this so I can’t take credit, but when someone passes it’s nice to say “May their memory be a blessing” but in Rush’s case, perhaps it’s more appropriate to say “May his memory be erased”!

I would imagine Limbaugh has gotten a deplorably poor life review by the Akashic recorders. When the Unmentionable One placed the Medal of Freedom around Limbaugh’s neck, I just about had an aneurysm. Insanity!

Andre, on Feb 20 (prior post), you commented, “The earth sciences, including geology, geophysics and geography, are surely research priorities for the government of Canada.”

Sorry, I beg to differ. My understanding is that Canada is deeply beholden to industrial interests in all the resource industries, and that pure research is the farthest thing from its ‘mind’. Yes, there is pure, independent research, but not enough of it and Canada (imo) is falling into the pit of lobbyist influence peddling just like many other supposedly forward looking countries.

However, you won’t find that printed in the MSM or press in the US or Canada. To get the picture, you would need to read far more widely and deeply, with some expertise in the industries to boot. Hard to find what’s hidden in plain sight.

It’s a long time past the days when Canada was an industry innovator and had control over its own agenda. The US industries (like oil and gas speak) loudest in Canada, which has joined the cohort of countries that talk the talk, but don’t spend (or have) government money to independently walk the talk. It can be seen in the financial fine print in lengthy reports, but not in plain language in the open, and certainly not in a form that ordinary folks understand.

Just my rant about the penetration of industrial interests into all facets of many nations’ (read the people’s) affairs. Health care among them.

Treason, Sedition, and Insurrection: What’s the Difference?

Contrawise: Fantasies Are Not Theories

This author makes the point bizarre political fantasies should not be elevated to the status of “theory.”

Beowulfie, one does not exclude the other. Canada is in many ways an oil state and the decline of the fossil fuel industry will have critical effects on this country, particularly in the West and the Atlantic province of Newfoundland, which has many off-shore rigs and has come to depend on oil revenues as much as Alberta. Both provinces have been as highly mismanaged as Texas. Newfoundland is relying on Ottawa and all Canadian taxpayers to avoid bankruptcy, and I suspect so will Alberta. The impacts on Toronto’s stock exchange and financial services industry will also be severe.

At the same time, Canada has undeniable expertise in the earth sciences and has made them a priority in government funding of university research. This funding is quite extensive and aligned with federal interest. My point in response to Eliseo’s musings on geophysics is that Canadian research in this field is extensive partly because the magnetic pole, while mobile, is often in Canadian waters.

Barbk, I also fully agree with your 7.08pm post.

The plan to rename 44 public schools in San Francisco has been put on hold. It is fascinating that it got this far.


Trump made 1.6 billion$ while President.


Andre, as to Canada, I sometimes look at the chart for the day Queen Victoria signed the charter that legally brought Canada into existence. This was after the BNA Act was passed on March 29, 1867 by the British parliament, when she actually signed it and proclaimed it into law. The signature is known to have been done on the afternoon of May 22, 1867, so that date may be used as the ‘correct’ birthday, although Victoria ordered the Dominion of Canada to take effect on July 1, 1867 (the birth date celebrated by the public).

Unfortunately, no exact time is known for Victoria’s signature. There is only an entry in the day book for Windsor Castle on May 22, 1867. The handwritten notation reads: “After luncheon saw the Duke of Marlborough, before holding a Council for the declaration of the N. American Province under the new name of Canada.”

So, Victoria signed the British North America Act on May 22, 1867, most likely in the early afternoon. Very British to get business done after lunch with one of the highest lords in the land, before tea time!

When you run a chart for approximately 2:30pm (best guess) on May 22, 1867, the result is much different than Canada’s ‘public’ chart for July 1, 1867.

For one thing, Canada’s Venus is at 28 Aries and rules the Ascendant (4 Libra). Venus is located in the 7th house of opponents/enemies, right on the cusp of the 8th house (the 8th being mostly Taurus, an earth sign).

Venus is the planet that rules beauty and financial resources, but in Canada’s chart the remarkable thing is that it almost completely lacks aspects. Venus’ sole aspect is an inconjunct (150 degrees) to Ceres, which is located at 28 Scorpio in the 2nd house of finance (conjunct Saturn, the planet of business, also in the 2nd, at 20 Scorpio). In addition, the separation between Venus and Ceres is extreme – the difference is 0 degrees, 01 seconds!

This close relationship heightens the importance of Ceres, but Venus has the disadvantage of having no other associates (positive or negative) to offset or balance it in the chart. Ceres, being conjunct Saturn, too, is set up to be “mined” in Scorpio, from the house of wealth, while Scorpio is the natural sign of the 8th, the house of the underground. Pluto is the natural ruler of Scorpio and it is a planet that means ‘business’ in every way.

There’s no doubt that Canada is known for its natural beauty, but on the financial side, not so much for the benefit of the people or the earth, for that matter. The Venus/Ceres relationship is particularly uncomfortable because the inconjunct generally represents separation, not cooperation.

And there’s no doubt that Canada is being systematically mined and separated, bit by bit, from its natural resources, abundant as they are.


In short, it appears that Canada is true to its chart and its history to date. It was set up for colonial exploitation and is being exploited to this day. In fact, Canada is widely known as one of the ultimate nations for resources, like the Congo. Canada is not appreciated internationally these days for her prior roles in supporting Britain during WW1 & 2, or for her prior peace keeping role (UN, Lester Pearson etc.) However, this is not meant to denigrate Venus or Ceres and their links to the arts and to sensible living standards!

Having Venus with no aspects except one is a remarkable thing in a nation’s chart. Geographically, all you have to do is peek at a map and it’s obvious that Canada’s population hangs along the 49th parallel, intimately connected to everything that goes on in the US. Meanwhile the US and other nations look toward Canada’s water and natural resources, and the exploitation thereof. That’s where the business side of Venus comes in. Ceres gets what’s left.

Furthermore, allowing for the inaccuracy of the birth time of the May 22, 1867 chart, Canada’s Moon in Capricorn in the 4th house (homeland) opposes Uranus in Cancer (sign ruled by the Moon) in the 10th house of executive rulership.

So, Canada’s Moon is opposed by Uranus, which rules technology. How likely is Uranus to ‘help’ Canada? As an air planet, Uranus is not super happy in a water sign, so a lot of what goes on is “underwater” where folks don’t know what’s really going on. It is interesting to note that historically the government of Canada, like the UK, functions a great deal behind closed doors. Make no mistake, this is a much different country than the US, which hangs out its linen for all the world to see (both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness).

Canada is a fine country, and there’s more to it than water, mountains, prairies and rocky coastlines. But the chart (imo) says the beauty and tourist brochures obscure what is really happening in her coal mines, oil and gas fields, forests and the soils of Mother Earth, Ceres. Enough said.

Boewulfie, most interesting analysis and chart for Canada. I am grateful. I will save your post for future reference.

Beowulfie, I have a question. The 1867 chart for Canada is for a self-governing British colony. The independence chart is the Statute of Westminster passed by the British Parliament on 11 December 1931. Typically, this law doesn’t even mention independence; it simply is an abdication of Westminster’s legislative jurisdiction over Canada and a half-dozen other countries. I have no time for its activation in Canada, but I know it only went into effect after WWII in Australia and NZ. It also applied to Ireland before it unilaterally became a Republic in 1937 and to South Africa, and even Newfoundland which never activated it but chose to become a Canadian province in 1949 after remaining a British colony during the war. India and Pakistan were excluded and became independent in 1947.

Canada dates its independence to 1931 but still its national holiday is July 1, when the 1867 Act came into effect. What is interesting about the 1931 chart is a tight Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-square. To me, the strong presence of Uranus in both charts is the Quebec factor, which has provided much excitement, innovation and drama to the Canadian federation.

Another major chart would be 17 April 1982 when the Queen signed a new Constitution without Quebec’s consent, which is a historical grievance to this day. These very important constitutional amendments included the Charter of Rights, similar to the US Bill of Rights but with add-ons related to language and minority rights, including rights of native peoples, and patriation of the amending procedure, which was the only power retained by the British parliament after 1931, which could only be used at the request of the Canadian government and was used for the last time in 1982. The only constitutional link remaining with the UK is the monarchy and I’m working on that publicly.

The 1982 chart includes a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. This re-birthing of Canada’s Constitution was then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’ lifework; he was Justin’s father and had a late Libra Sun directly impacted by the conjunction. Justin is the guardian of his father’s constitutional legacy, which is likely to soon be challenged. Last year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn activated the 1982 and 1931 charts as well as the July 1 1867 chart’s MC. I will look at your 22 May 1867 chart closely. My question is what time would you use for the 1931 chart?

Beowulfie, Queen Elizabeth II signed the 1982 Constitution Act, which was the last British law applying to Canada, in Ottawa (shortly after noon, I believe).

When transiting Mars was conjunct transiting Pluto last year starting a new 2-year cycle, both were opposite US natal Mercury. Mars symbolizes action, and Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth, and Mercury symbolizes communication.

At that time the transiting Moon at 20+ Pisces, where today’s transiting Neptune is right now, was sextile transiting Venus at 19+ Taurus. Moon symbolizes the People and Venus symbolizes what is valued, and a sextile symbolizes a harmonious relationship and cooperation.

From this we can assume that the People and their values were compatible at the time Mars was conjunct Pluto, however, the Mars-Pluto opposition to US natal Mercury suggested that harmony was not going to last, which brings me to transiting Neptune which is now where the transiting Moon was at the time trans. Mars and Pluto were conjunct last year on March 23, 2020. Neptune can really confuse things.

Back then, the trans. Moon and trans. Venus were forming a Yod with the US natal Juno and she, Juno, opposes the US natal Chiron, so today’s transiting Neptune (where the Moon was on March 23, 2020) is activating that Moon sextile Venus in the Mars-Pluto cycle that began almost a year ago, and that Moon (+ trans. Neptune)-Venus is activating their Yod with US Juno which opposes US natal Chiron, and altogether, that is what’s called a Boomerang.

What is happening in the Senate hearing re: the attack on the Capitol Bldg. is affected by that Mars-Pluto cycle – a conjunction that opposed US natal Mercury (communicating), a cycle that had a Moon sextile Venus that formed a Yod with US Juno that opposes US Chiron.

Transiting Neptune, the Great Confuser (sometimes expressed as lies) is distorting the Moon (the People) that was sextile Venus, that formed a Yod with US Juno that became a Boomerang with the addition of US natal Chiron last year.

Truths are being distorted thanks to transiting Neptune, but I believe it is part of the process of the Mars-Pluto cycle, which is part of a bigger process that involves several cycles between pairs of transiting planets that will play out over the next couple of years, leading us through the US Pluto Return. Expect to hear distortions of the truth and know that it serves a purpose we can’t see right now. We are meant to be confused for some reason. Don’t let it get you down.


Again, your posts on the 2060s have been on my mind quite a bit. I have long seen this time as a transition point for humanity. Really, the whole period is something like 2040 to 2080, beginning Mid-Century and finally reaching some new equilibrium. Well, for a few decades anyway.

The keynote transit of the 2040s is the Uranus-Pluto Opposition, Uranus in Virgo to Pluto in Pisces, basically the “Full Moon” of the 1965-66 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction in Virgo, and the next hard aspect after the recent Uranus-Pluto Square of 2012-15.

In addition to Uranus returning to Virgo for the first time since the 1960s, and Pluto moving into Pisces for the first time since the late 1790s, Eris will finally make her ingress into Taurus for a period of years starting in 2044 after spending more than 120 years in Aries.

You noted the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of 2053, in Pisces.

The Neptune-Pluto Square–Gemini to Pisces–takes place in 2061-64. Neptune also returns to Gemini for the first time since the 1880s-90s. Such is the span of this cycle that the first quarter square happens only after 170 years.

Pluto enters Aries in 2068, starting a whole new cycle of its own.

And then the closing Uranus-Pluto Square–Capricorn to Aries this time (a reverse of the previous square) from 2072-75.

That’s a ton of energy packed into a couple of decades, to say the least. (And I know I’m leaving off some of the Saturn-Pluto, Eris, and Uranus-Neptune transits.)

Mass-migrations for sure due to climate change, coastal flooding–all of that Pisces energy around mid-century, and yet some places won’t have nearly enough H2O. The U.S. Southwest really comes to mind. Some areas will simply be too hot and dry, and some are likely to just burn, burn, burn.

I believe we will see government collapse, entire cities abandoned, and some states and countries as well, particularly in arid regions towards the equator where temperatures exceed safe wet-bulb thresholds for human beings. I don’t see how Phoenix, Tuscon, and Las Vegas remain habitable under these conditions where higher 100 F+ temperatures will increasingly be the norm. And all the bullshit and bravado of Texas won’t save it from future crises anymore than was the case during the recent polar vortex.

Coastal cities as well will suffer, though, and much could be lost to rising tides. What happens to DC, NYC, Philly, etc. not to mention Florida?

You mentioned the madness that the Neptune-Pluto Square would bring, Andre. I don’t doubt it one bit. Literally, Neptune in Gemini in square to Pluto.

Lots of northward migration. The big irony in the US is how many hundreds of billions of dollars we have sank into building out infrastructure and population in the the South and West regions of the country, emptying out the Northeast to some extent, and the Midwest far more so. In 20-50 years, the often maligned and neglected cities of the north, particularly Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Milwaukee and others around the Great Lakes Basin will likely experience a resurgence in significance if not a full-on renaissance if for no other reason than the masses of people moving northward to flee the more extreme effects of climate chaos.

And for greater irony, imagine Americans being refugees into Canada, which many millions will no doubt seek to be.

Andre, I don’t have any better a time for the 1931 chart than you do, and it’s even hard to get a precise time for the 1982 chart, which event was broadcast to the public on TV. I’ve looked but still have not found the exact time (no time stamps then on TV maybe?). All the same, the original birth time still stands alongside the others. First out of the chute and all that.

Buckeye Shadow – good point about the irony of Americans heading north. Quite probably it will happen – they own half the industries in Canada via public companies headquartered in NY already. You don’t need astrology for that. How can migrations be avoided if the climate pressure is intense enough? Of course people would go north, especially if Canada doesn’t get any more clout than it has now to keep Americans out — although I suspect Canadians won’t be very pleased to be inundated by masses of displaced people.

The really interesting thing would be to see the transformation in the political scene with major migrations. Will it develop more of the present Canadian parliamentary model, or will it be displaced with an American one?. Depends on how long it takes, I suppose.

Edgar Cayce had things to say about climate and earth changes – I don’t recall if he said anything about political changes. I’ll dig out the books and refresh my faded memory of what he said.

Haven’t been able to be on recently, hope everyone’s doing ok. My birthday is Saturday, I think someone here might have a birthday then too, I do believe it’s s a full moon. I have been going through so much , wow, intense, my birthdate is 02/27/1967 at about 900 am. I believe I am a Taurus rising. Pisces sun. Libra moon.


Hopefully the Canadian model of government prevails. The US model is clearly in dire need of an overhaul. The Republican Party in a healthy and functional multi-party system would be a fringe extremist party at best with maybe only a few seats filled by people like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene as a pressure valve for the nutjobs, and also to serve as a reminder for the rest of us of what crazy looks like. It would not be entrenched as it is now, in so many states and within striking distance of Congressional control, with the ability even sans that majority to cause great harm and undermine the country over its rancid tribalism, totally bonkers Conservative ideology, and enthrallment to a raving lunatic. Who would ever knowingly adopt such a system today that produces these godawful results?

Honestly, the time to start thinking about moving further north is now. I’m actually looking into it, ever so casually. I’m already in Ohio, but if you have followed any of our politics here, then you know the GOP is firmly in the drivers seat in this state politically, and seems very much hell-bent on driving the whole thing over the cliff into the abyss because it thinks that’s the path to Heaven. Oh, and passing ever more Draconian restrictions on abortion as if there were a reward for doing so. I wish I were joking. Relatively speaking, Canada looks like an enlightenment paradise just across Lake Erie.

I have told people for years that they can have at places like Phoenix, Texas, and Florida to their heart’s desire, but don’t expect them to be viable places to live in by mid-century, if not by the late 2030s-early 2040s.

My guess is the masses gradually start catching on in terms of conscious awareness regarding the ramifications of climate change about 5-10 years from now. What just happened in Texas is an early preview of how such challenges may happen, and also the utter embarrassment of Conservative Republicans and the ideology of rugged cowboy individualism that toxically pervades so much of US masculine identity.

Neptune at the nadir of the US chart, then reaching and transiting the IC into the US fourth house mid-decade, followed by the third US Uranus Return is going to challenge and dissolve a lot of our established understandings about home, including our state boundaries and what America truly is and truly isn’t.

Barring some radical breakthroughs and mainstreaming in life extension technology, I don’t expect to see the worst of what’s ahead in my current incarnation, though I’ve always said I would love to live long enough to see Pluto make it back into Aries and ignite a new cycle of transformation. Well, maybe, or maybe not. Regardless, I’m curious what that next cycle generation of firey initiators and pioneers will be taking on the emerging world of that time. It could be a warlike period amidst climate change and mass dislocation of hundreds of millions of people, with people and nations staking land claims in the extreme latitudes–Northern Canada, Siberia, Alaska, and the Norwegian nations, as well as Antartica.

A more ideal version of this, of course, would be going into space and establishing human civilization off world. I don’t think it’s mere coincidence that Star Trek’s Zephram Cochrane, the creator of warp drive, successfully conducts his test run of it in 2061, during the Neptune-Pluto Square.

One of the most important and profound transits of the 22nd century is the Neptune-Pluto Opposition from 2137-2141. Pluto then will have returned to Gemini, while Neptune will be in Sagittarius. At a glance, it appears to be an epic clash of the ages, where factual knowledge and matters of faith face off during a decisive period of conflict, which may counterintuitively lead to understanding and integration, and the true spiritual awakening for humanity that Andre has spoken of. This period will also mark the full moon “zenith” phase of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891-92 in Gemini, the seed that gave birth to our modern civilization. This makes the Neptune-Pluto opening square of 2061-64 all the more significant as a decisive checkpoint in our development progress, or perhaps lack thereof.

It’s fascinating to me in that it is very early to envision such a world and time nearly a maximum human life span later, so far removed from our current one and our lives; few if any children born today will be alive then to experience it, and even then they will be of very advanced age, in their 100-teens, if not 120s. Yet we can see the pattern and the movement of spirit, even if we can’t fully know and comprehend its temporal form.

On Election Day, 2020, transiting Pluto was at 22+ Capricorn trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Last week when all the power outages were happening in Texas transiting Mars was at 21-22 Taurus, making a grand trine with the Election Pluto and US natal Neptune.

Do you suppose there is a connection between Texas and the Election and the US Neptune going on and it is telling us something? Maybe Texas should vote for Democrats and get on the grid?

Repubs are holding on to the trump lie, undoubtedly due to the Mercer Millions, and Millions, and Millions.
Best case scenario for taxing the uber wealthy.

“I have told people for years that they can have at places like Phoenix, Texas, and Florida to their heart’s desire, but don’t expect them to be viable places to live in by mid-century, if not by the late 2030s-early 2040s.”

Me too. Although I grew up in Texas, in part because of what I perceived coming climatologically, and politically I moved to WA State in 1988. I’ve long expected an eventual diaspora of Am. Southerners and Southwesterners moving northward precisely for the reasons you’ve also anticipated, and likely in the same time frame if not sooner.

The “canary in the coal mine” will be the insurance companies. They’ve been knowingly and gradually raising their fees, but will eventually abandon entirely the southern third of the contiguous 48.

I temporarily went back to Texas to finish some graduate work, and take care of my very ill mother, and after she died, her estate. Upon finishing that process I returned home to the PNW, and am grateful to be here every day.

Another reason I chose the PNW is because I felt that any project, society, or family I create here will not have to relocate decades from now. That’s a burden I felt unnecesssry to leave to those who might inherit what I might establish or found.

Twenty to twenty-two percent of the world’s fresh water is in the Great Lakes. Although it is presently lacking economically and politically, eventually, the Great Lakes area will be one of the better places to live and work in N. Am. It will also be warmer.

I don’t think it necessary or desirable for the US to adopt the Westminster parliamentary system. It would be far easier, and avoidant of constitutional trauma were we to adopt one or more forms of proportional representation. When the time comes, amendments will be adopted in the name of modernization, and citizens will be eager to get them done. With the unfolding implosion into madness of the R’s, more and more are seeing the folly of only Dems and R’s. There will eventually be broad agreement we must absolutely rid ourselves of our two party system.

It is possible we may need to evolve our government into a semi-presidential system utilizing the president-parliamentary subtype. However the system needs to evolve, may well depend on how we integrate artificial intelligence into our political, economic, and personal lives.

Such a change might be concomitant with the establishment of a new capital city and states arrangement. With much of DC under water, as well as significantly altered coastlines, I expect many might then be ready for such changes. By then, we’ll all have a pretty different geography.

I don’t see us full-on adopting a Westminster-style parliamentary system either, Eliseo. But multi-member legislative districts, ranked choice voting, and abolishing the electoral college are all substantial pro-democratic reforms, and don’t even require a serious reworking of our constitution to put them into place.

As for relocating the US capital, I feel like that will only happen after some very serious attempts at flooding mitigation for both Washington and New York in particular. Before that, I suspect we will see more decentralization of administration functions, particularly to Great Lakes cities like Chicago, Cleveland and Minneapolis. Washington could very well continue to function, but as more of a ceremonial seat of government than an actual one.

One nice thing about the PNW is that, although far north, it doesn’t snow much and doesn’t get all that cold.

BuckeyeShadow, thank you for the fascinating posts. There is much there to think about.

About systems of government, I guess the neighbor’s grass is always greener. A few Canadian provinces have toyed with the idea of proportional representation to no avail. A referendum in British Columba failed although the idea got significant support. It also failed in the UK as I recall. Here in Quebec, we are supposed to vote on a mild and mixed form of regional PR next year but it is not expected to pass. Most voters are wary of losing their local Member of Parliament and having Members selected in a manner they do not understand even if they are told it would be more democratic.

In addition, the Supreme Court of Canada has decided about 30 years ago that the British parliamentary system is implicitly tied into the constitutional monarchy, which means foreign innovations such as wholesale PR or an American-style separation of powers with executive presidents and governors would have to be accepted by all 10 provinces and the federal Parliament, which is impossible. The parliamentary model is locked in as long as there is a King or Queen of Canada, which may not be forever but will remain a few more years.

One thing strikes me about the Uranus-Pluto opposition bringing the conjunction to fruition in the 2040s. The Quebec independence movement is a product of the conjunction in the Sixties, having been based on the Algerian war of independence against France that ended successfully in 1962. The goal of independence might be achieved at the opposition. So far, the movement has been sensitive to Uranus-Pluto aspects as well as pivotal aspects to Canada’s Saturn-Pluto opposition. The coming Uranus and Pluto aspects this decade to that opposition will likely bring greater autonomy for Quebec, but full independence may have to wait the millions of Americans at the gates who will be climate refugees.

Quebec has long accused Canada of trying to dilute its culture and identity in one of the world’s highest immigration rates. Proportionately, both Quebec and the rest of Canada receive a higher proportion of immigrants than the US or anywhere else in the Western world.

RE: your 8:19 pm post.
All, very good points. I concur entirely. Your thinking on these matters is lucid, and prescient. BTW, I consistently find your astrological analyses and insights fascinating and illuminating.

“Breaking NBC: The Biden admin will release an intelligence report Thursday that concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”


It appears the US “friendship” with Saudia Arabia is about to end, and/or radically change in some way. I’ve been expecting this. I’m wondering how quickly this will proceed.

Eliseo: LOL; Soon, very soon. As long as there are tyrants and murderers, there can be no friendship.

Lawyers have found parents of 105 separated migrant kids in past month

https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/lawyers-have-found-parents-105-separated-migrant-children-past-month-n1258791 via @nbcnews

I believe the tensions between Dems and R’s will probably intensify. The 139 Republicans in Congress who voted to reverse the election results need to be expelled. If they are not expelled, they will push their madness far further, making their mandatory departure even more essential.

Meanwhile, Dems need to use their majority to outlaw the voter suppression efforts various state legislatures will soon enact.

I hope I am wrong, but I believe these radical Trumper R’s will not stop pushing their anti-democratic laws and actions until they themselves are either dead or behind bars.

Unfortunately, it takes a 2/3 vote to expell a member of Congress. There is no way that will happen for those 139.

Well, this is interesting . . the Full Moon on Saturday morning at 8+ Virgo will square the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, but trine the TRANSITING Uranus at 7+ Taurus.

Transiting Chiron at 7+ Aries will be in a sextile with transiting Saturn at 8+ Aquarius and together they form a Yod with the Virgo Full Moon which will have to adjust to some uncomfortable situation; something to do with healthcare (Virgo) perhaps.

Meanwhile, the US natal Uranus in Gemini will be trine the transiting Saturn in Aquarius and also sextile the transiting Chiron in Aries. Perhaps a source of more vaccine from friendly countries?

Then there is the transiting Jupiter (foreign countries) at 16+ Aquarius in this Full Moon chart that is trine the transiting North Node at 16+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini) and all will form a grand trine with the US progressed retrograde Mars at 17+ Libra.

US prog. Mars conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn don’t forget.

the US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) in a T-square with transiting Sun, symbol of consciousness. at 8+ Pisces and the Full Moon at 8+ Virgo is going to be a thorn in the side for something or someone, but, perhaps even more importantly, it will activate the Neptune-Pluto cycle which began at 8+ Gemini, conjunct US natal Uranus, 130 years ago.

The chart for that cycle had Venus at 27+ Cancer (opposite US natal Pluto) square Uranus at 27+ Libra (square US natal Pluto).

At the Full Moon on Saturday morning, transiting Pluto at 25 Capricorn 59 will be a hairbreadth away from the US natal Pluto, and therefore . .

. . the 130 year old square between Venus and Uranus that completed a T-square with US natal Pluto, at the time trans. Neptune and Pluto were conjunct US natal Uranus in Gemini (that will T-square Saturday morning’s Sun-Moon opposition) is a really big deal and a long time coming. I will be holding my breath for this one.


The animalistic level of violence exhibited in the January 6 attack on the Capitol Bldg. reveals the Plutonian origins of that violence and the level of the motivation of that group. Transiting Mercury (mentality) at 27+ Capricorn was conjunct the US natal Pluto (basic instinct) at the time of that attack.

The ascendant of the Attack chart was at 16+ Taurus, trine the transiting Sun (consciousness) at 16+ Capricorn and the US natal Panacea (a remedy for all ills) at 16+ Virgo. What we witnessed was the basest of the base of US mentality, the coursest of the course, where transformation must begin.

Those people saw their problems being solved by trashing the papers of the Congress and even more gross acts, and by hanging the VP. This was our wakeup call; it was the lowest level of the low acting out, and therefore it must be a Plutonian effort that purges the disease that runs deep in the country. Not a job for the weak.

Perhaps that’s why we have lost so many of the elderly and the weak to Covid. This is a job that requires great strength.

barbk, tomorrow is the beginning of CPAC and instead of ultra-right-wing policy, it is all about the stolen election culminating in trump addressing the group Sunday. I fear we are about to enter a new dimension of the twilight zone.

Here is a picture of the Golden Trump/Golden Calf statute to be on display at CPAC.


many comments on this on Twitter under golden calf as the search.

An anti-inflammatory drug could provide another option for Covid-19 patients who don’t get better on standard therapies, doctors say.

https://www.wsj.com/articles/rheumatoid-arthritis-drug-shows-promise-in-fighting-covid-19-11614029399?reflink=desktopwebshare_twitter via @WSJ

The Republican Party continues to demonstrate how bankrupt it is. They have no ideas, no policy, no faith in America. All they have is Trump.

What will they do when he dies?


“Journalist Tim O’Brien, who’s seen Trump’s taxes, thinks Trump’s accountant will now flip in D.A. inquiry”

…reason being that all involved committed criminal acts, including the accountant – such as inflating building worth, etc.

Climate change: the impact of the weakening of the Atlantic currents on the next century.


I fear you are right silcominc, the twilight hour, er zone, is upon us and we must prepare ourselves to witness the ignorance (if not the evil) that lies at the belly of the beast. By that I mean the Trump party, formerly the Republican party. All part of the purging process.

My apology for mispelling coarse, but hopefully readers knew what I meant.

Younger people despise Trump and are blaming the Republican Party for circling its wagons around him.


I’m not a fan of inter-generational warfare. Plenty of people of all ages see Trump for the troublemaker he is and are glad he is out of power.

But it does not bode well for the Republican Party that it is increasingly a mob of aging, violently stupid, racist, and bitter white people that also not only isn’t moving on from him, but now seems to be betting the bank on his triumphant return in 2024, because he apparently was the absolute best thing ever to happen to them by far, as they inexplicably see him.

Youth and the incoming Aquarius energies will topple the GOP and what passes for American Conservatism at the denouement of the Pluto in Capricorn era in such a profound way that neither of them are likely to recover for a very long time, if ever.

I am very eager to see the the guts spilled out of DJT’s shadowy finances for all to see. I don’t think even that will deter his crazed followers at this point, but it could finally blast open the door to true criminal justice for the rotten egg.

CPAC stage is in the shape of the Odal rune, used by Nazi SS and adopted by the neo-nazi National Socialist Movement.


Your comments are so frequently on target, dead center.

My late brother in the summer of 2016, said he had a nagging but strong intuition that whomever won the 2016 election would be the ruination of their party. Trump is certainly fulfilling that role.

I find it amazing the R’s are so eagerly headed into such a suicidal direction. The fact they believe DJT is the best person to ever happen to them, or to the country, is bizarre and as you stated, “inexplicable.”

19th and 20th century “Conservatism” has run its course. Elements of that philosophy were noble and made sense in the context of their time. But today, in our very different social, cultural, and technological context, the best and most sensible way to run a modern state in which individuals and organized groups can thrive with maximum freedom and opportunity is through social democracy. Coming new technologies, especiallly robotics and artificial intelligence will and are strengthening and hardening this simple fact.

Personally, and as a whole society we face the consequences of the strange, illogical, unpragmatic, often absurd and bizarre political attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, the deathroes of what is apparently a dying party. Strategies as to how to defeat them then in 2022 and 2024 are essential, but the more important question is how long does that party have to live.

We’re approaching, developing into a very different sort of world, one in which I expect Dems, in present philosophy, may be eventually seen as the new “Conservatives.” It WILL be interesting!

“Democrats in Congress are trying to pass a law, called the For the People Act, to stop partisan gerrymandering, limit money in politics, and expand voting access. The For the People Act, numbered in Congress as H.R. 1 and S. 1, would provide for automatic voter registration across the country and would require paper ballots. It would require that early voting be made available, and would expand mail-in voting. It would authorize $1 billion for upgrades to state voting systems.”

Heather Cox Richardson

Well said, Eliseo. In many ways, the current Democratic Party is indeed already more of a traditional Conservative party than it is a progressive/liberal party. In Europe, it would actually sit on the center right of the political spectrum. The Republicans meanwhile have staked out their territory on the far-right Reactionary extremist end.

We actually don’t have political representation for a true left in the United States given the accumulated structural limitations of our two-party system.

In a US multi-party system, there would easily be a Progressive Party on the left, likely to be led by Elizabeth Warren, and possibly a Democratic Socialist Party further beyond it led by Bernie Sanders. Perhaps a even a small Green Party as well on the far-left.

If such a restructuring happened today, I think the remainder of our current Democratic Party will continue to hover around the center, with Biden as its standard bearer. I think the biggest question would be if something less extreme stakes out the moderate right-wing space between a centrist Democratic Party and a far-right reactionary Trumplican Party. Are there enough traditional Republican Conservatives still around who haven’t sold their souls to the orange devil?

Given the severe impoverishment of Conservative thought that has been in recent years been boiled down to taking hard pro-gun and anti-abortion stances with no taxes whatsoever for the rich, it’s difficult to see how any such group would differentiate itself in such space. Best I could see is some kind of principled conservatism group emerging whose differences on these and other issues keep them ideologically separate from the Dems, but who also want to draw a hard line between themselves and the Trump-worshipping, racist, homophobic, QAnon nut job crazies on the extreme far right. Maybe on some level what the Lincoln Project seemed to be aiming for.

It’s clear to me that Pluto in Capricorn has been about exposing, among other things, the ugly rot at the heart of Conservative-patriarchal politics and ideas. Everywhere we look, the famed “rugged individualism” and absurdist “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” nostrum are being exposed as folly. Look at Texas, admitted to the US under a Capricorn Sun no less.

Even the heart of the Republican Party’s full-on descent into madness over Trump is, in essence, a Daddy issue. How toxic is our collective relationship with our own fathers and with adult maleness in general in the US that a good number in our society have become so enthralled to this most toxic and unmanly of individuals even among men-children?

Well, Mars square Neptune
Saturn square Sun
in the United States natal chart. Have to turn those squares into trines 🙂

Not to mention those nut job crazies were trying to force their visions, thoughts, points of view down our throats when transiting Pluto was opposite the US natal Mercury in early January… activating the natal Pluto-Mercury opposition.

The opposition, I think, is meant for us to learn and be enriched from other people’s points of view, thereby making us all wiser than we have previously been. It can almost double our experience.

Since nobody has ever experienced a Pluto Return, there is a good chance that most of what we in the US are all experiencing these days is linked to this unfamiliar event. All the supports found in a normal society are being demolished; things we have had all our lives are no longer dependable and the result is chaos.

Chaos is in fact what creativity springs from. We are being forced to be creative; to start something from scratch. Many, if not most of us, fear chaos, and look for a leader that can bring about stability. Others look for someone who appears to be confident and they follow that person. To me, Trump is/was someone who others see/saw as having the confidence to challenge chaos; someone whom they could follow, like small children follow a parent.

Small children aren’t expected to reason what is right and wrong or what is good or bad or what is safe or unsafe. They usually just trust that parent to make everything all right.

Unfortunately, too many grownups have abdicated that responsibility for whatever reason and are behaving like little children themselves. Therefore, someone like Trump takes advantage of their naivety and, since he is incapable of being a good parent, he leads those child-like people astray.

Little kids cry and behave badly when things don’t go their way; Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, or Donald Trump.

When there are no real adults in a room full of little kids then bedlam ensues. I believe we were there before the election. The grownups have now arrived and they are dealing with the chaos, but it will take a while to restore some order.

A Pluto Return, I’m guessing, needs to reduce everything to chaos in order to to do its magic. It probably requires chaos, perhaps even hopelessness to bring forth transformation.

This morning’s full Moon seems to me to be the presence of a grown up arriving to assess the damage, and being a Virgo Full Moon it has a critical eye. It is quincunx transiting Saturn in Aquarius making it difficult to achieve harmony, BUT . . .

. . transiting Saturn at 8+ Aquarius is trine the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and that can only mean that in the next 2 weeks (before the upcoming New Moon in Pisces that will trine the US natal Mercury in Cancer) something unexpected will take place and bring about some much needed stability.

We are going through a growing period which means change and that means instability, which means we can’t get too comfortable, but we can be aware that change is for the good of us all. Hang in there everyone.

The Founding Fathers gave us the wonderful nation of the United States. I revere them, and the United States Constitution. They did the best they could, and covered all their bases ……
However, there was a slip up. Obviously if they owned property like black people, the property couldn’t really be considered human beings.

This is the ugly rot that BuckeyeShadow is talking about…… Yay for Pluto in Capricorn! Gotta set things right.

Yes and the Conservative-patriarchal politics and ideas too.

My parents were of the Greatest Generation and I heard a lot about pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps. This partly because they were coming out of the depression, not to mention WWII.

Not so much Rugged Individualism…. I learned more about that by marrying an American Viet Nam Vet and moving to Arizona.

By that time I had read all of Ayn Rand’s books and was a little confused by what I saw with people just trying to live.

Not only that, but I couldn’t put it together about the need for Civil Rights and what the Founding Fathers had given all the people who basked under the shelter of the United States.

So I read books like Black Like Me, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin to have a better understanding of the situation.

My parents subscribed to Maclean’s Magazine here in Canada, and also The Saturday Evening Post.

Norman Rockwell depicted the United States in a way that made one’s heart swell.

However, thinking back on it now, I don’t recall seeing a black person in his paintings.

All I saw was the love and cooperation, values and idealism of the average family in the US.

Gradually since then, greed and corruption has taken over. Pluto is working its way now to expose the rot. Rugged Individualism has covered for these traits. Under this mantle, Capitalism has gone to the extremes of the 1% and the rest of us.
Americans have elected Psychopaths and Sociopaths to the most powerful offices. However, once again, thanks to Pluto, Americans have been shaken to their core, shaken into consciousness and elected Joe Biden.

Not all Americans, tho. There are still the diseased ones……the Qanons etc.

My theory is that when American society became unbalanced, because of pure Capitalism, equality began to slide. Not only did Black Americans NOT have equality – ever – middle class and poor White Americans were on the descent too.

I know there were other things that highlighted inequality, but at the moment as I write, to me the biggest thing was the lack of education this sector of Americans had. Lack of good education, and critical thinking skills.

Ergo – Qanon.

Also morally criminal is the minimum wage. Criminal. Is it called Indentured Slavery?

Economic inequality. Just when we need the entire population of the US to stand up and fight the greed and insanity of the few who would keep them there, we have the Qanons embracing fantasy with their current Jim Jones.

Yes, there is no use engaging with them. They just have to fall. Which may at least begin in the next several months when they lose their leader.

A couple of years ago here in Canada I had the opportunity to talk with a Chinese woman recently from China. I tried to understand her indoctrination over there. She asked me – what was democracy? At first I didn’t think it was a serious question and then I realized she really didn’t understand democracy. I told her – one person – one vote. The conversation ended and later I wished I had said that democracy and equality were the same……

We have to MAKE it so. Thank god Pluto is coming around again so that the Founding Fathers’ slip up is being brought to our consciousness, and ultimately healed…. so that millions of suffering people can be healed and brought into the light… so that the world of Norman Rockwell is there for everyone … And for us to create even a better world than Norman Rockwell – If anyone has any bright ideas… haha! – step up…this rebirth will support them.

Rick Levine says we are not into the Age of Aquarius yet and won’t be for at least decades.

However this is a reasonable facsimile and I know millions of people will take it. I believe, as do many astrologers on here, that the Pluto return is a gateway into a new life for this country. Yes, it may take decades to fully take hold but it’s happening. And the United States is the leader of the free world….. so the free world is rooting for us. And Alexey Navalny is the spirit of the Russian people…. his supporters actually think the US is going to support them. Think about THAT, people! 🙂

Sunstars, thanks for the comments & fyi, Norman Rockwell did depict some black people in a respectful and kindly way (not many, but at least they were there in a few of his paintings). See:


great comments all.
I have come to the conclusion that civil society and democracy is impossible where lies are so freely embraced and tolerated. I guess the ‘god fearing’ trumpites forgot about the eighth commandment. Democracy requires truthful and honest debate to arrive at the optimum consensus for the most beneficial outcome. Can our society and its leaders ever regain a truthful center?
Its no wonder crises abound.

On another note, I wonder whether the heads of cultish evangelicals would explode if transgenders etc were to declare themselves to be a religion and therefore must not be condemned by the likes of Hawley, Greene, etal? LOL

Thank you Beowuflie.

Yes, it all makes sense given what shines through Norman Rockwell’s paintings.

Great depiction by Louis Henry Mitchell of his experience……SO relatable.

…given the time he grew up, and the time you grew up, as did many of us on this blog …. to know he was provoked to respond in the spirit of Norman Rockwell – the natural civilized way he would have – in June 2020.

“Best I could see is some kind of principled conservatism group emerging whose differences on these and other issues keep them ideologically separate from the Dems, but who also want to draw a hard line between themselves and the Trump-worshipping, racist, homophobic, QAnon nut job crazies on the extreme far right.”

The current American Libertarians might represent such a principled group. They are pretty extreme in their tendency to elevate their “principles” over reality. Marxists and Libertarians seem to live more in their heads than anyone else in politics.

You identified the core issues, actually fallacies of the “conservative” movement without specifically naming them per se. We might categorize them in descending order as Classism, Racism, Male Dominance, and Genderism.

I usually find it absurd when folks of our ilk criticize our overlords as the “patriarchy.” The “maleness” issue is as you identified, extremely important, but “Male Dominance” itself is the weakest of the several male “conservative” issues which plague us. Maleness itself is in crisis. Boys are increasingly at a loss as to what it means, or
how to be a “real man.” Many women don’t really mature into adult attitudes and perspectives until they either reach 30, or go through their first divorce, whereas most men IMHO never really grow up at all. Attitudinally, many men remain as boys emotionally throughout their entire lives.

Furthermore, though our sexism is rife, there are always a goodly number of adult males who are never admitted into that “patriarchy.” There are more men never allowed into the clubhouse than we like to perceive, many of whom pretend to be part of that elite from a place of deep, deep hurt. Ironically, severely disempowered men are often the loudest proclaimers of male dominance.

Classism is IMO the broadest, strongest, most fundamental, and often least visible component of “conservative” thought and practice. White women, and men of color are sometimes allowed in the club, but ONLY IF they are sufficiently monied and exhibit the “right” social class attitudes and behaviors.
Marx got a number of things wrong IMO, but was absolutely correct in identifying class struggle as the heart and soul of what is wrong in the way we organize and maintain society.

As you stated, Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the rot, in all its ugliness, of our dominant and domineering elites and their self preservational policies. Perhaps those attitudes come from zero sum assumptions. I’ve always found it odd when a billionaire feels inadequate, feels as though they don’t have enough, and are willing to work so hard to ensure you and I have barely enough to get by.

I always find your commentaries and analyses very interesting, and often fascinating!

I like that.

That is so good.

(Eliseo) Hahaha! got carried away didn’t direct my comment to you

(Eliseo) Hahaha! got carried away didn’t direct my comment to you

I’m sure you know slavery wasn’t the only “slip up.” At that time, only White men with property could vote. Blacks, Native Americans, Women and White men without property had no say.

Gradually the franchise was extended, but our 19th amendment, granting the vote to women was finally adopted August 18, 1920. New Zealand was first to grant voting rights to women, September 19, 1893. Canadian women gained that right May 24, 1918.

I’m sure we are all aware, but astrologically and emotionally it is worth reminding ourselves that we have made at least a bit of progress.

Sunstars, the Pluto-Mercury opposition will come back with greater intensity from August through November. Heads up.

Eliseo, in 1949 Albert Einstein published a booklet titled Why socialism? He noted that while Americans venerate liberty and freedom of choice, their economic system chains them to jobs or relationships that make them unhappy because they are afraid to lose access to health care. He considered this mutilation of individuals to be the worst effect of capitalism. He was convinced the economic anarchy of capitalist society weakened basic human freedoms which could be restored if Americans adopted certain aspects of socialism. I read this in an excellent book by Kristen Ghodsee, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, with a striking title: Why women have better sex under socialism, published in 2018. She argues that the economic independence and social services provided by the former state socialist countries in Eastern Europe and social democratic countries of Scandinavia make women happier in their private lives. She notes that the women of East Germany and other countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain, while deploring other aspects of state socialism, miss the equality and independence of their former lives. The author argues that a mix of socialism with the guarantee of personal liberties is the best social system.

Thank You for reminding me of A. Einstein’s views. He of course was right.

In his essays, MLK referred to himself not as a Social Democrat, but as a Democratic Socialist. Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, and Dem Socialist wrote the Am. Pledge of allegiance. Every time we say the pledge, or celebrate MLK Day, I feel the irony.

Kristen Ghodsee’s argument certainly makes sense. I’ll have to see if the book remains available.

I’m puzzled.
Recently, John Neely Kennedy, senator from Louisiana, said Biden’s relief pack was a “left of Lenin, neo-socialist wish list. I mean it’s just … it is chock full of spending porn.” he said. He also stated Biden’s advisors all had “opium habits.”
What puzzles me is why no one has challenged senator Kennedy, asking him if he really believes what he said. His answer won’t matter. Whether he answers yes, no, equivocates, or doesn’ answer at all, he will look foolish. Why do we not hold such “leaders” feet to the fire?


Eliseo, I have long considered Kennedy a moron & a blight & stain upon the state, as well as a party sucker-upper & kowtower (sp?) I so wish he would be challenged but when you look at the presenters in general at this CPAC thing & their leader, I realize that Kennedy is just one of many. It is really painful. Bobby Jindal was a forerunner of this type of LA Repub & Scalese is right there with them. Cassidy is definitely several cuts above.


“I find it amazing the R’s are so eagerly headed into such a suicidal direction. The fact they believe DJT is the best person to ever happen to them, or to the country, is bizarre and as you stated, “inexplicable.”

Oh but I do like their suicidal direction.

I crossed swords with a rabid Right Trumpista on Twitter (which I barely ever use). My response to this guy with brains like poop on fire was simply;

“Do your country a favor; stop breathing!”

I had my Twitter account temporarily suspended until I clicked that I had acknowledged their admonishment for “suggesting that another Twitter account holder commit suicide.”

It made me smile. Color me sadistic.


“Even the heart of the Republican Party’s full-on descent into madness over Trump is, in essence, a Daddy issue. How toxic is our collective relationship with our own fathers and with adult maleness in general in the US that a good number in our society have become so enthralled to this most toxic and unmanly of individuals even among men-children?”

Yes, and let us not forget the complicity of their enthusiastically empowering and enabling wives and daughters.

Eliseo, no matter what Dems do or don’t do, we’ll *always* be left of Lenin as far as the Repugs are concerned. The tired old refrain of “most liberal xxx in the Democratic party” has even lost a lot of its punch. And what Biden is delivering, even over 65+% of individual Repugs are backing. It’s only their representatives that are fighting against it.

R’s truly want to bring the workforce in the this country down to where *everyone* is a slave working for them. Two classes — rich and everyone else, working to live. I read a few days ago one of them (can’t remember who) even wanted to do away with “weekends”. And several have nodded appreciatively of the idea of child labor. If they don’t implode soon, I may! (LOL)

I am concerned a bit with this chatter about blowing up Congress during an all-hands session for SOTU or whatever you would want to call it. Frankly, with COVID still a major player, I say call it in via Zoom! Don’t put our entire gov’t in one place. Someone said that was the plot of Designated Survivor. I never watched that show. Now I’m glad I didn’t!

Good news around here is that some of the Nursing Homes are starting in-person meets with family members finally. We’re hoping to spend some time with Mom soon, now that (at least, after next week) we’ll all have had our two rounds of vaccine shots.

Thanks Eliseo. And very good points as well. Classism as much as racism plays heavily into the picture with Republicans as well, and even Americans in general.

We are very, very much in denial of class as a country. Our collective–and occasionally collectivist–Aquarian Moon may have much to do with that. Most Democracies have people who are very clear about which class they are in, that it is the same class they are most likely going to spend their entire lives in, and what the nature of their relationship is within this class to those in other classes. I believe it was John Steinbeck who was quoted as saying (the actual quote is in dispute) that socialism never took root in America because most Americans see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

Think about how many people want to be rich like Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, the Kardashians, or Donald Trump, at least as the lattermost of the three portrays himself as being. Another one of our much-vaunted myths is that anyone can make it big, and jump from rags to riches if you a) wake up at 4 am each day and work very, very hard, and/or are b) blessed and highly favored enough by God Himself. Most of us will never come remotely close to the actual likes of a Gates or Warren Buffett, but it doesn’t stop people from buying those Powerball Jackpot tickets.

Eliseo: “I’ve always found it odd when a billionaire feels inadequate, feels as though they don’t have enough, and are willing to work so hard to ensure you and I have barely enough to get by.”

I’ve never seen a more spot-on description of Charles Koch or Robert Mercer, two men for whom all the money one could ever want in the world still isn’t enough. No, they had to stick their hands into politics and rig the system even more into their favor–and against ours.

Material excess and spiritual poverty definitely factor heavily into this picture also.

Eliseo, I also believe the US Sun in Cancer and natal Sun-Saturn square heavily speaks into the troubled masculinity and daddy issues we have going on as a country.

Cancer energy in general is not a “great” placement for men. I know of few actual Sun Cancer men who aren’t in some serious effort to overcompensate for the natural feminine nuances and softness of the energy, typically through excessive bodybuilding or other extreme displays of what we interpret as masculine behavior. And I’m not equating feminine with being “womanly” here. Both men and women have masculine and feminine energies naturally. But as a starting point, extended to the population of American men, and given the images and expectations that we traditionally put upon our boys, Cancer energy is a lot to work through, and so many don’t do well with it.

Incidentally, this is how we get real f-ed up unaccountable criminal cases on our hands, like Cancer Sun and former Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte.

And, I mean, as with all signs, people can rise above the inherent challenges of a particular placement, but we aren’t collectively attuned to a path or means to support with that in this case. So, we have a country where many men are essentially like the Cancerian child that lacks true emotional awareness or intelligence. And as you mention, Eliseo, many of them remain in this stunted state of development throughout their adult lives.

I am familiar with a few teachings that suggest the authentic remedy for this is actually a cultural rite of passage for our men, much like indigenous tribes once conducted–and what’s been lost to our modern society. We have no real emotional marker anymore for what it means to be a man, to step into true adulthood and responsibility, or even to be a part of a real brotherhood of men. Many believe this is graduation from high school, or heading off to college and joining a fraternity, but neither remotely constitute the same thing as a serious trial in the traditional sense that formally delineates boy from man.

Perhaps at one point joining or being drafted into the military as a young man to fight in a major war might have constituted such a turning point–and indeed it did for many men who survived and returned from battle. Even without physical scars, they were never the same. The boyish innocence was forever lost to them.

So, today, we functionally end up with a stunted boyhood that extends for many adult men well into adult life, even after college graduation or starting one’s career. Or Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg may well be the avatar of his generation for man-boyhood. Reckless, unethical and irresponsible.

I’m not arguing for war as a rite of passage, of course. But clearly there’s some emotionally maturing, learning-teaching trial experience that we are not creating for the boys/men in our society. And so, through such a lens, and the lens of all of our other unprocessed psycho-emotional-spiritual issues as a society, maybe its easier to see how so many could come to identify with and elevate the ultimate man-child of our time, Donald J. Trump.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

It’s actually a paraphrased piece from Steinbeck, but yes, it is certainly in harmony with his spirit. When I was in Texas, I kept it on my refrigerator door.

Within a few months of the end of our current pandemic a close friend and I hope to establish an Earth-Centered, overtly pantheistic, pansophic society expressing a body-positive spirituality in harmony with natural lunar/solar cycles and seasons. Obviously, we will need to develop appropriate rites of passage workable and relatable for the present and future.

Wiccan folk have done a pretty good job of developing meaningful rites of passage for girls, but not so much for boys. In our Western cultures, Judaism probably has the best rites for boys, but I question whether they are or will be enough for coming times.

There are at least two informational trends which are changing our perceptions and concepts of what it means to be human.
(A) Our knowledge of animal intelligence and animal consciousness is growing and deepening, therefore shortening and thinning the artificial line between ourselves and the other animals.
(B) We are beginning to merge with our machines, a process we expect to accelerate. Many now function with pace makers, or artificial limbs. Many wear glasses. Our military researchers and inventors are developing mechanical metal “suits” which render our soldiers taller, stronger, faster, more lethal, etc. Some believe by end of century we will all be cyborgs.

Sci-Fi writers often produce stories in which we humans are dependent on our AI assistants. Sometimes they are external, like computers, robots, or devices we wear, but also sometimes entirely internal as in chips placed in our brains, nervous systems or other parts of our bodies.

In Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” artificial wombs birth humans. Would not an artificial womb be a type of machine? What would it mean then to be human? What does it mean to be male or female in a world in which we can undergo hormonal manipulation and surgery to change gender? What is gender in a society in which we are free to share sex with any other consenting adult regardless of whether they are same or different sex? I muse that perhaps these developments might underlie the fears many on the far right have; perhaps this is why they so adamantly and angrily insist there are only two genders.

Nevertheless, I believe we will continue to need meaningful rites of passage, not just for boys into manhood, or girls into womanhood, but also for various stages we’ve not yet contemplated. It won’t be too long before we are living for centuries, not merely decades.

But for the present, confusion reigns. Thank You Pluto in Capricorn moving toward Aquarius. Thank You Pluto return.

Sharon K,
It really is too bad your good husband lost the 2010 election to Steve Scalise. Sadly, that’s Louisiana politics. I hope I’m wrong, but I think it likely the state won’t turn blue until it is too late. By then much of the state will be under water.

“R’s truly want to bring the workforce in the this country down to where *everyone* is a slave working for them. Two classes — rich and everyone else, working to live.”

You got it babe! That’s the true goal of the R’s. You’ve got the gift of good moral sense.

Glad to hear the news about the nursing home and your mother. I know how difficult she is. I’ll get back to you soon by text, phone, and/or eMail. Please say hello to David.

Key to understanding the Trump fans is their need to escape reality. Long before Trump was a presidential candidate he was an entertainer, playing the role of a “successful” corporate chief, who could fire contestants, based on their business skills. (I never saw the show, so I might not have described it accurately.) This TV show lasted for over a decade so it must have been popular with viewers.

Many people fail to distinguish that a TV show produced in a studio and based on a script is theater. I remember getting caught up in the Dallas series 30+ years ago, and J.R.was a real villian to many of its viewers. That is the influence that Neptune can have on people; it seems so real.

The US Neptune has had a hold on TV viewers perceptions since at least September 11, 2001, when we all watched planes crash into buildings and knew that it was absolutely real.

At that 9/11 moment transiting Neptune at 6+ Aquarius was conjunct the US natal chart’s South Node (something needs to end), and transiting Mercury (the Messenger) at 14+ Libra was on the chart ascendant at that moment, and it was conjunct the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra and Trump’s natal Chiron at 14+ Libra, which was trine the TRANSITING Saturn (reality) at 14+ Gemini, which opposes the mysterious Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius.

I mention that Great Attractor because it’s source of energy pulls us all toward it like a vacuum cleaner, and on that day it seems to have had designs on the US specifically.

I suppose if I had to guess what that “design” was I would say the Universe has a plan for humankind, specifically for the country we call the USA, and it seems likely that the Founding Fathers were under the spell of that Great Attractor when they concocted the idea of a United States, and its been a work-in-progress ever since.

So, you might have guessed that I believe that Trump (and his followers) also have a role in that “design”; that work-in-progress that began before were born. The purpose of those followers is their power to give life to the Donald’s aspirations; the applause machine he so desperately needs. That life in turn keeps us wary of what Trump might do, which keeps us focused on holding our country together and moving us forward.

I’m saying the Universe is manipilating us, or perhaps I should I say the Universe is guiding us like a pony is guided by an apple hung on a long stick.

We as citizens need to be motivated to keep moving forward; to keep growing and become more conscious (as a whole) of what is happening, or what could happen; hence the Covid pandemic. What Climate Change nudged us toward, Covid lit a fire under our butts to get moving forward.

Same with Trump; he and his supporters keep us moving forward to find answers.

A year before 9/11 happened a cycle between Saturn and Jupiter began on a degree that trined the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo and US Neptune was active throughout that cycle until it ended in December, 2020. Before it ended another cycle between Saturn and Pluto began on a degree that trined the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and it will last over 30 years.

It’s said you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, but an apple tied to a stick can get a pony to cover some distance before he quits moving forward, and I’m betting the power of Neptune might get us human beings to jump through hoops before long.

Eliseo, I can’t realistically picture Myron as a Congressman or myself as a congressional wife – for quite a few reasons – but I am proud of Myron’s determination, leadership, goal setting and attainment, and much improved communication style (he always had the potential to be a good communicator, but needed a lot of practice to finesse the best, most professional ways to communicate, which he is gradually getting stronger in). When in such a public leadership role, it is so important to know what to say and how to say it. It takes a lot of shrewdness and saavy. It also takes good control, physical health, stamina, and discipline.

As far as the A1 and machine-like elements that will be part of our “brave new (Aquarian) world”, Myron’s son, who attained his PhD in philosophy last year, is starting to specialize in medical ethics. This field will be huge and, yes, I agree with you that this is what religious people fear – all of these somewhat fuzzy and ambiguous new areas that do not have clear-cut rules on how to behave or even think about.

The best ethics and morality come from within but that take reflection, growth, responsibility — in short, maturity, as reflected by the Kohlberg, and Gilligan, theories of moral development that you are so fond of referencing.

I am currently reading a book by a very highly esteemed and intellectual British rabbi who recently passed in November, Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, called “Morality – Restoring the Common Good in Modern Times”. It may become more challenging than ever to create a morality that accommodates this brave new world. I believe that Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the NIH and the Genome Mapping project (and a close colleague of a man I worked for who headed the Genetics program at the U. of Miami in FL), has a handle on this. He has written a book called “The Language of God” – embracing the framework that God works through science. However, we also need a moral framework for atheists and agnostics.

Barb, you are right about many things, as usual. Using psychology to create positive change, which is tied into innate appetites or desires, is probably on the best ways to do it.

In the Kohlberg theory of morality, in the first few stages of life, it is instilled externally, using rewards like not getting punished or the approval of authority and other external rewards. Those that achieve a mature morality are the people who internalize good ethical and moral practices because they feel right, because it feels lousy to behave any other way – they want to do the right thing and understand it may not be strictly tied into what our authorities and religions tell us to do or better yet, understand the right reasons they were instituted (doing good) and not the wrong ones (greed, power through exploiting and hurting others).

Along that line, those males who have attained an authentic morality are the ones who can model true manhood, personhood, adulthood and not the toxic version.

…Meant to write: “one of the best ways to do it.”

I also stated the title of Jonathan Sack’s book erroneously. It should be “Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times”.

For whatever it’s worth, Sen Cassidy of LA at least has some sense and reasonableness and is not a sucker-upper like Steve Scalise and John Kennedy (and many others). He is not a Trump lover.

“If we idolize one person, we will lose”

Even Rick Scott of FL had the courage to address the PAC audience and state that the GOP is the “voters’ party” not Trump’s party.

I sense schisms.

Sharon K,
Regarding R. schisms:
“CPAC should remind saner conservative leaders: You don’t have the luxury of ignoring the large part of your movement–including its most prominent figures–who are liars & conspiracy-mongers. There is a cancer on American conservatism. If you ignore it, it will continue to grow.”

Bill Kristol, Former Chief of Staff to US Vice President Dan Quayle on twitter a few minutes ago.
Friday evening, on MSNBC, BK said his job now, and he hoped other sane R’s and former R’s was to help Joe Biden become a successful president.

Thanks to the rightward drift from Nixon to present, and the Trump takeover, the R’s are doing a great job of gradually destroying themselves. I honestly think within a few years the R’s will be as historical as the Whigs, and mainstream Dems will be perceived as the more conservative party. Until then we’ll have to endure the chaos rendered by their politically suicidal behavior.

I can only pray and hope fervidly that you are right, Eliseo. Could we get that lucky? The far-left is trying to pull Biden left while the far right will never accept Democrats. Yet, to date, Biden seems to have been kind of graceful and facile, yet strong in finding the line in between. He hasn’t tripped up yet but will at some point, I imagine. In the meantime, he’s in the honeymoon stage.


“Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, called “Morality – Restoring the Common Good in Modern Times”.

He’s got a big beautiful mind.

Brava you!

Sharon K, Biden’s honeymoon will last as long as Pluto hovers around the opposition to his Jupiter at 25 Cancer, until mid-August and again at the end of the year. The fall will bring a catastrophic return of Pluto opposite US Mercury at 24 Cancer, which will probably be when Trump makes his first court appearances after a major indictment in June when a second eclipse hits his chart hard. The first eclipse was when the Electoral College met last December. I expect more domestic terrorism from August through November as Trump’s cult goes mad once more.

My own natal Jupiter is at 25 Cancer conjunct Uranus. In February, a lifelong project has skyrocketed.


Jordan Peterson talks about the Crisis of Masculinity on YouTube. In particular, the benefits of men in “gangs” and the importance of this interaction as a right of passage.


“In February, a lifelong project has skyrocketed.”


Andre, what will said . . Mazel tov!

The transiting Mercury-Jupiter cycle that began on January 11 will restart on March 4, due to the Mercury retrograde that began on Jan 30 and ended on Feb 20.

It will happen at 17+ Aquarius and will trine the US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra.

It will also sextile US prog. Chiron at 17+ Aries that opposes US prog. Mars + Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra. Yes, US progressed Chiron opposes US progressed Mars, US Constitution Neptune, Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn.

This particular Mercury-Jupiter cycle seems to be throwing a bone to US prog. Chiron, what with transiting Saturn trine US Uranus this week and transiting Neptune in a T-square with US natal Mars and US natal Neptune.

In a few days transiting Mercury will conjunct the US progressed Mercury, and by mid-March transiting Jupiter will conjunct the US progressed Mercury, about the same time transiting Mars conjuncts US natal Uranus and the sensitive degree where Neptune and Pluto began their present cycle.

Transiting Sun will conjunct transiting Neptune on March 10 and that will light up the square between US Mars and US Neptune, so this Mercury-Jupiter cycle should be edifying if not shocking.

Beware the Ides of March, right?

Your above post re: the Mercury/Jupiter cycle in Aquarius is interesting. I particularly note it trines the US Constitution Neptune.
Two questions:
(A) Would not this configuration be about communication, possibly fantasy?
(B) How long will this new Mercury/Jupiter cycle last?

Addendum: I would also interpret the trine to our Constitution’s Neptune being about high ideals. Would that be correct?

This is very interesting!
A French court sentenced former President Nicolas Sarkozy to three years in prison for corruption and influence peddling, but suspended two years of his sentence.
He was found guilty of trying to illegally obtain information from a senior magistrate in 2014 about an ongoing investigation into his campaign finances.

To my knowledge, Sarkozy is the first, (maybe only) former president to have been sentenced to jail in French history.

If it can happen in France, can it happen here in the USA?

Eliseo, two former Presidents of South Korea have also been jailed. In France, another former President was given a suspended sentence for corruption while he was mayor of Paris.

Not only can it happen in the US, it probably will. I expect a major indictment of Trump, either federal or by the state of New York, in June.

Interesting development indeed, Eliseo and Andre.

I wonder how much of this is also the “accountability” factor of Pluto In Capricorn arriving at last for the elites and wannabe despots like Trump, at long last after so much of the corruption and abuse of power has been placed in stark relief for all to see.

Funny thing that Pluto does as it nears the final degrees of a particular sign. “Truth and Consequences” might be an understatement regarding what’s ahead.

He may or may not die in prison, but I believe he will almost certainly die impoverished, leaving a name not worth so much as a pile of dung to his kids, though I do wish all the best to his level-headed niece, Mary.

“I wonder how much of this is also the “accountability” factor of Pluto In Capricorn arriving at last for the elites and wannabe despots like Trump,…”

I was wondering precisely the same thought, with Pluto entering the final degrees of Capricorn.

If justice be served, DJT will indeed become impoverished, and/or die in jail. It may be, like Al Capone, he’ll go down not for his worst crimes, but for tax violations. I’m hoping he goes down for his most egregious crimes. It’s plain he is guilty of sedition and insurrection, and were we to stretch our definition of treason a bit, possibly that too.

I believe he is guilty of, and am hoping clear, unrefutable proof surfaces, of his fealty to Putin and Russian oligarchs, electoral collusion, and of his role as a Russian asset or agent. If this be true as I believe it is, his name deserves the darkest opprobrium. Perhaps, (hopefully) such revelation will serve to open the eyes of at least a few of his fervent supporters.

I am also furious with our various state and national politicians in denial and playing their nefarious, machiavellian games resulting in so many thousands of unnecessary deaths from covid-19, including my brother. From my perspective, our Texas governor, lieutenant governor, R legislators, R senators and congressional representatives are guilty of negligent homicide, i.e. depraved indifference and should receive appropriate consequences. And Texas is certainly not the only state where such criminals preside and legislate. They are evil, plain and simple.

If I’m not mistaken, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is also in trouble for corruption.

I’ve got recommends for a couple of books you might want to check out for your Rites of Passage rituals.

Life Ritualized: A Witch’s Guide to Honoring Life’s Important Moments by Phoenix LeFae

They go as deep (or as shallow?) as a ritual of passage for getting a driver’s license! They really do cover all the big stages you can find on most good Pagan sites online, but also deep into the “little things” that happen to and by people all the time… buying a house, the driver’s license, getting divorced, etc. They also give you the basics and help in structuring your own rites of passage – what would be included or excluded, tools, etc.

While I don’t have the book in my own library (yet), it probably will be added soon, especially since it’s not too expensive. I’ve been on a book buying binge lately!

This second book has come recommended TO me by several people I know when I lamented not having any male coming of age rituals for the modern day. I wrote my daughter’s, but that came easy for me. A male? AIYEE! (gryn)

Sacred Paths for Modern Men: A Wake Up Call from Your 12 Archetypes by Dagonet Dewr. (I’m assuming here that at least some of it would be based in Jungian psychology.)

I’ll probably add this to my library in the near future, as well. I have actually had 3 guys sign up for my classes, so I think I’m being led further from my Dianic roots into recognition and action regarding the contiuum of sexuality and gender where students are concerned. Many are non-conforming in so many ways.

Both of these are over-sized paperbacks, and are around $12-$15 each on Amazon. They’re published by Llewellyn, of course.

peter – you spoke of the Odal rune. I was so disgusted at seeing of the Elder Futhark runes bastardized like this, even if they borrowed it from the original Nazi. Like other cultures, our symbols are being misappropriated and used for hate. The rune of Othala is a rune of spirituality, of family and community. IOW, of cooperation with one another. And these groups use it as a divisive symbol of hatred, aggression, and cruelty.

Will, I misstated the title: the actual title is “Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times”

Very apropos. I’m looking forward to reading it. It is known to be a very special and spiritual human being.

Sorry, he (Jonathan Sacks) is know, not it….multitasking as usual

slightkc, thanks for the rite of passage suggestions. You’ve got me thinking of some ideas that I may explore.

Eliseo, I feel you about Texas. Ohio has more than its fair share of criminal, corrupt and sociopath Republicans too, and unfortunately, they have nearly unchecked control of our State General Assembly. We could desperately use our own version of Stacey Abrams here who can rebuild and unite the Democratic Party statewide and put the Ohio GOP on notice. I’m hopeful that something may be shifting with Sen. Sherrod Brown’s choice for party chair being selected for that position. He’s been the only Dem who has been consistent in winning statewide elections, even beating our current R governor for his senate seat, the infamously no-spine Mike DeWine.

The Dems must run a 50 state strategy, every time, all the time. Howard Dean knew this, and his efforts as national chair set the stage for the Dems to retake the HoR and for Pelosi to become our first-ever female Speaker. Unfortunately, Rahm Emmanuel gave him the boot when Obama won and went back to the party’s all too well-worn strategy of relying on focus groups and playing it safe, hence the Republicans’ gains in so many statehouses and reapportionments after the 2010 midterms. Hopefully, the party has learned its lesson from those years and will adopt the model that Abrams has successfully implemented in Georgia.

Eliseo, I am very discombobulated right now; too much TV news, missing astrocharts, etc, etc, so will get back to you later, if I don’t jump off a bridge first!

I agree about Howard Dean and his approach. I supported him in 2004, hoped to be a Dean delegate until he dropped out. At the time I thought nominating John Kerry was a mistake. I was horrified at JK’s shallow, absurd perfomance at the 2004 Dem convention. I feel he is a fine person and generally a good Dem, but it was obvious to me when he delivered his acceptance speech, he would lose. His sense of theater and presentation was terrible. I believe Howard Dean might have had a better chance of winning.

We are fortunate here in WA state. Sensible Dems far outnumber the R’s. at state & national level. Furthermore, 9 out of our 10 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, including two R’s voted to impeach DJT. The one NO vote was the remaining R. 7 Dems + 2 R’s out of 10 total ain’t bad!

I was a BIG Dean fan and have a photo of he and I from when I was working at his campaign office in NOLA. When he announced his candidacy for president, they televised it at one of our museums so people could come and watch his speech as a group. When he started talking about his strong opposition to the Iraq war and what was really happening, something reporters had lost their jobs for reporting honestly on (because our government basically at that time was lying as much as Donald Trump does, only not quite as blatantly but more slyly), I started crying. Someone was finally, finally, unabashedly telling the truth!

Good job!


“With Democrats navigating battles over labor rights and wage policy, the two have back-channeled, applauded each other, and crafted carefully worded statements designed to project peace and the aura of collaboration,” Politico reports.

“It is, in part, a recognition that each side needs the other in order to be successful. It’s also driven by a desire to avoid the problems of the past.”

Not sure if anyone here follows Greg Olear, but he and Lincoln’s Bible have been doing a bang-up job in putting together a five-part expose of Brett Kavanaugh and the back story of how he landed on the Supreme Court. Here’s Part 4 of their series, which includes information at the end on what’s at stake. I also recommend Olear’s look at Federalist Society head Leonard Leo.


Report: “Washington on high alert as QAnon theory marks tomorrow | Why March 4 is significant | Capitol Police increases security, obtained evidence of a ‘possible plot’ | Threats to lawmakers nearly doubled” The Hill

Trump supposed to be reinstated tomorrow according to QAnon


Always a pleasure when you happen to check in. Thank you for the intriguing link re: Kavanaugh.


I had an intuition that because the March 4th high alert via QAnon has been so widely-announced, it might be used as a tactical diversion with another iunknown location/event. Why show up at a place that will be secured to-the-hilt when an entirely unprotected place is much more vulnerable and viable – a kind of false-flag fake-out, if you will.

“Setting up big for big events and flagging that something big is going to happen, and then nothing happens, is a years-long QAnon tradition.” 
Travis View
a QAnon watcher/researcher

I continue to be fascinated with a Yod made up of US progressed Neptune (approx 26 Virgo) and US progressed North Node (approx 26 Cancer) that forms a Yod with US natal Pallas (26 Aquarius) and Moon (27 Aquarius), inferring a change in the People’s plans.

The recent Virgo Full Moon (square the US natal Uranus in Gemini which trines transiting Saturn at 8+ Aquarius) might be saying that time is near.

Eliseo, the new Mercury-Jupiter cycle will end Nov. 10, 2021. It is a short cycle and all about communication and a certain amount of fantasy always should be expected. I’m still trying to get grounded; more later!

Barb, Are you ok?

As far as the big Q event, I agree. Why stage it when & where expected? On the other hand, many are probably under heavy surveillance & it will stay that way.

Sharon, I hope you’re right about the heavy surveillance. We’ve got too many military (including LE) in that mix for any kind of comfort or passivity, IMNSHO.

Eliseo – you said “Howard Dean might have had a better chance of winning.”

Of COURSE Dean could have, probably WOULD have won the election. That’s why the R’s made such a big deal out of the “scream.” They can’t fight on policy, cause they’ve got none and they only want to rule, not govern, anyway. So, the only way they saw to take Dean out was by making him a laughingstock. Keep pounding on it and let the media follow suit. Didn’t help he was to the left of the Democratic “center,” either.

It would be nice if our progressives had the support of ALL our democratic congress. We either hang together or we hang separately. The R’s know this. Look at how they bow to their golden idol. Oh, that Franken or Dean could have had a tenth of that support. We kill our own.

Jackson – thanks for the link to Olear. I’m interested in both subjects, so have these marked for major reads tomorrow.

I assume you’ve heard by now Jim Jordon is going to have senate staff read the entire Covid Relief Bill, on top of the 20 hours debate, and then whatever else he can come up with to drag it on out forever. I’m not a constituent of his, but does that really matter anymore? They solicit money from everyone and their brother (national AND international). We give our money to whomever we wish to support… especially those we see as important, even if they don’t live in our state. But Jordon being the a$$hole he is, he’d just blow it off. Heck, I don’t even know what state he’s suppose to be supporting!

I’m REALLY getting tired of anything that comes down to help us — the backbone of the U.S.– is seen as a handout that we’re just not worthy of. ARGH! This WILL change eventually, right?!

The more I think about it, the more I’m of the belief nothing is going to happen tomorrow.

However, I can see the Oath Keepers or the 3%’ers, especially, working with someone in Congress like Hawley to plant bombs to go off when Congress comes back on Monday or Tuesday. They’d have plenty of time to plan it out strategically, and plenty of help from the 139 traitors in the House. What do the alignments look like over the next week?

Sharon, sigh, I’m okay (alive) but not in control of the chaos that surrounds me; nothing serious, just more than what I want to tackle at any one time!

RE: Dean
You are an insightful lady!


We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For — HOPI WISDOM


Will: I think you are right!

We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For — HOPI WISDOM!



Jordan is in my neck of the woods here, though he’s blessedly not my congressman. He’s a real shitbag, excuse my language. I don’t know if anyone who doesn’t have a strong negative opinion of him. He probably belongs in a prison cell, or at some point will do something that should put him in one.

I like your description BuckeyeShadow. I think he is too.
As a matter of fact I know a person who is a day away from Jim Jordan’s birthday and HE fits your description too! haha
Something about that particular combination of Capricorn and Aquarius planets.
Rush Limbaugh had very similar placements.
Don’t get me wrong… I love Aquarians and adore Capricorns ….but the placements in the the signs and planets together….. yikes

The pacific ‘ring of fire’ fault zones seem to be activating. There have been a bunch of big earthquakes in this neck of the woods over the last day (latest, 8.1 off the Kermadec Islands, about an hour ago in deep ocean) I only mention this because I have noticed before, when one part of the pacific plate adjusts, sometimes the opposite end does too not too long after – and that means the US west coast. Not to scare you, but to advise.

Thanks for the update. Earlier today I read a tsunami alert in your area was cancelled. I pray you are in a safe place.

On the west coast here, and here in the PNW we’ve long expected our own “big one” apart from the “big one” they expect down in S. California. Please keep us appraised.

Kiwi, I just read what the Ring of Fire was in an article about the many earthquakes taking place in Iceland these days. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/03/03/world/iceland-volcano-eruption-keilir-intl-latam/index.html
More and more earthquakes, and though the quakes themselves aren’t very strong, they think there will be an eruption.
Iceland is not on the Ring of Fire, but funny coincidence anyway. Perhaps not funny.

Oop just re-checked. My prejudice against Jim Jordan…he doesn’t have any Capricorn planets. Eek
THAT was careless…. the other individual was a month away and did. I should not trust my memory so much.

I live 2 blocks from the ocean in Victoria BC. You can see the lights of Port Angeles across the water…. If there were an earthquake or a tsunami in the vicinity it would get interesting fast.

kiwi, I just read about the 8.1 & came here immediately. Glad you are ok. May all beings be safe.

I got my 2nd Moderna vac about 4 hrs ago. I came home & was able to remain active. I’m now resting. So far so good, I’m not big on aspirin or other over-the-counter pain killers but have some Xtra strength acetometaphine (generic Tylenol) nearby just in case.

You are fortunate to live in one of the truly beautiful areas of N. America. As the crow flies you are 181 km, (112 miles) from me. Here in Olympia at the southern end of Puget Sound, we are somewhat protected from tsunamis by topography. But earthquakes are a real hazard. Some day we will endure the “big one.” I do wish modern science and/or astrology could accurately predict such events!

Be safe. You and yours are precious.

Sharon K,
A nurse told me she was very ill with flu like symptoms for about a day and a half as reaction to the vaccine. But many have little or no reaction at all.

I recall you are on a small island? NE of New Zealand’s North Island? Is sufficiently high ground available?

Aww Thank you Eliseo! We could talk…. and probably someday will have more conversation about the PNW and Vancouver Island

Hi all. The 8.1 earthquake, plus others in the current cluster, were about 300 miles NE of me, in the Kermadec Trench, a deep ocean fault line that travels from NZ east cape towards Tonga and Samoa. In the past couple of days there have also been a cluster of noteworthy earthquakes in that same trench but closer to east cape, which is about 450 miles south of me.
Tsunami alert has now been lifted. There was a bit of tidal current movement recorded but nothing disastrous.


Just read about this online tonight and thought of your safety immediately. That is one whale of a quake! Tsunamis are odd phenomenon – seem to dip and dive and then swell up. Hopefully no harm will come to anyone. Wondering what astrological signature may have prompted such a riotous reaction? I see a fleeting Moon square Merc and a loose Mars trine Pluto. Scorpio moon is always rather uncomfortable. At cursory glance, I don’t see anything else that stands in much relief.

BuckEyeShadow – isn’t Jordon the one caught up in an athlete pedophile case? Seems to be he should already BE in prison!

Seems on a one-day sleep in, up for 1 and a half days schedule of late. Glad today was the Scorpio moon… those always hit me hard!

The first thing I saw when I got up today was about the tsunami warning. Glad nothing happened with that! The Ring of Fire has always interested me. Reminds me of a pendulum when so many volcanoes go off on one side or the other… it’s like there’s got to be an opposite reaction from the other side to equalize the balance.

Had the Moderna shot yesterday, my husband and I. Fortunately, no reaction except a sore arm when I sleep.

“The state of #Georgia passed a law this week, #HB531, that outlaws handing out pizza slices and water to voters waiting for hours to vote. ”


FBI: Trump-appointed State Department aide arrested in connection with Capitol riot



Jordan has Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, all of which I take as a reminder that Aquarius isn’t all progress, futurism, and friendship. Some of them are just f-ing nuts, but then, every sign has some of those.

I agree—he should be in prison. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but George Clooney is supposedly working on creating a documentary that will put him and his shenanigans at Ohio State under a microscope.

Good for George Clooney – he’ll do a great job.

Glad you & your husband didn’t have side affects, Angellight. I had a few last night and into this morning (in addition to the sore arm, I was moderately achy in a way that I usually am not, and pretty cold so maybe had mild fever, but they left by late morning except for a need to take it easier and rest).

Yes, Aquarius is a fixed sign – and too much rigidity or determination in the wrong direction can be unhealthy. Also, Aquarius has a thing about personal freedom and that can apply to the Left or Right and, particularly, Libertarianism.

Jupiter may be helping Jordan now and/or causing him to be over-confident but Sat. in Aquarius for 3 years might bring him his comeuppance.

Sharon K: Was just told today that many people are having some kind of reaction with the 2nd shot. Not sure if I want to get the 2nd Moderna shot. Glad you are ok and it was not too serious.

Angellight, I did hear that a strong reaction shows a strong immune system. And, as I said, I stay hydrated these days by drinking about 1/2 gallon of water daily (my doctor told me it would help with the too-high calcium level in my blood and I think it might be working) and I took Xtra Strength Tylenol a little before the symptoms came on (I had no way to know; just guesswork) and I think they both helped. I got the shot about 10:45 a.m. yesterday and didn’t feel symptoms until bedtime about 10:30 p.m., and had this morning which tapered off until about 12 noon. I vote for you getting the second shot for maximum immunity.

Here’s a good, very short article about the state of the vaccines:

And this is just for fun:

From Facebook –
David Tex Willis
December 28, 2020 ·
Charles, a new retiree-greeter at Wal-Mart, just couldn’t seem to get to work on time. Every day he was 5, 10, 15 minutes late. But he was a good worker, really tidy, clean-shaven, sharp-minded and a real credit to the company and obviously demonstrating their “Older Person Friendly” policies.
One day the boss called him into the office for a talk. “Charles, I have to tell you, I like your work ethic, you do a bang-up job when you finally get here, but your being late so often is quite bothersome.”
“Yes sir, I know, and I am working on it.”
“Well good, you are a team player. That’s what I like to hear.”
“Yes sir, I understand your concern and I’ll try harder.”
Seeming puzzled, the manager went on to comment, “It’s odd though you’re coming in late. I know you’re retired from the Armed Forces. What did they say to you there if you showed up in the morning so late and so often?”
The old man looked down at the floor, then smiled. He chuckled quietly, then said with a grin,
“They usually saluted and said:
“Good morning General, can I get your coffee sir?”

“…and had some this morning which tapered off…”

I received the 1st Pfizer vaccine shot 75 minutes ago. So far, I feel fine. I’m scheduled to get the next one 3 weeks from today.
May we all get the vaccine asap!

WOW! Something’s up with Mother Earth!

A “swarm” of over 20,000 earthquakes has rocked Iceland in the past 10 days — and it could spark a volcanic eruption

Eliseo, I think someone made a typo?? – just checked the usgs website. Since Feb 13th they have had 20.

WOW! Yep, big difference between 20 and 20,000. That’s would be a whopper of a typo!
I notice at top of page it says 20 of 1940 earthquakes. Maybe the real figure was 1960 earthquakes? I don’t know.

Eliseo, the search parameters I selected of total earthquakes over 2.5 magnitude global, for the past 30 days, is the 1940 number. The 20 refers to the map display option selected to show only those for the iceland area. If you scroll out to see a wider map area, that 20 number will change.

Eliseo, you can change selection parameters on the right side of the screen – for instance, I just asked for over 4.5 magnitude in our neck of the woods for the past 7 days and the numbers change to 125 out of 220. But the numbers change constantly due to automatic updates.

Eliseo, more thoughts on that 20K number: If that includes minor (less than 2.5 magnitude) earth tremors such as those only detectable from volcano sensitivity monitors designed to indicate subterranean magna movement, the number could indeed be much higher than twenty.

from a facebook post – sadly too true, especially with those who want to maintain power.

“The Lie said to the Truth, “Let’s take a bath together, the well water is very nice. The Truth, still suspicious, tested the water and found out it really was nice. So they got naked and bathed. But suddenly, the Lie leapt out of the water and fled, wearing the clothes of the Truth.
The Truth, furious, climbed out of the well to get her clothes back. But the World, upon seeing the naked Truth, looked away, with anger and contempt. Poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared forever, hiding her shame. Since then, the Lie runs around the world, dressed as the Truth, and society is very happy…
Because the world has no desire to know the naked Truth.”

There is reason to believe Tuesday March 23, 2021 could a mark significant development in the January 6th insurrection investigation. One Tarot reader has singled out this day as a possible pivotal point wherein indictments will be handed down, most likely singling out prominent Republican congressman who may have been inextricably involved in the planning and financing of the botched Washington DC Capitol coup attempt).

Astrologically, Rick Levine in his March Report, highlights March 23rd as a potentially BIG event with Mars-Mercury square (11 Gemini-Pisces) in sesquiquadrate/ semi-square to Pluto (26 Capricorn). His remarks appear at the 40 minute mark…….

Rick Levine’s Astrology Forecast for March 2021

Video 58 min 36 sec


What reinforces the above astrological opinion is that the March 23rd Pluto degree conjoins the January 6th charts Mercury position (26 Capricorn – information divulged?). The January 6th Pluto degree at the time of the Wash. DC Capitol attack was at 24 Capricorn.

Although published five years ago, here are some interesting observations on the Mercury/Pluto conjunction phenomenon…….

It’s Back: Mercury Pluto Conjunct

January 22, 2016/ by Mystic Medusa Astrology

Mercury Pluto conjunct is back. T’is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. And not to smoke, obviously.

Mercury in orb of Pluto since mid-December and until early February has been a light into much of our darkness. It has illuminated dysfunctional thinking and shadowy areas of our psyche. They are shadowy for a reason you might think, with a surge of irritation. But with the Messenger God aligned to Under Worldly Pluto for so long, you’ll want to talk to your Shadow Selves.

Mercury usually goes over Pluto once – it takes a day. This is a much longer haunting/exorcism.

So the first exact hit was December 20, and the next one is in just a few hours from now (as i type this), and then there is another hit on the 30th. It is a process.

Think about what suddenly flared up within you mid-December; the sudden and drastic decisions that felt fantastic. You shone your torch/candle (a.k.a. consciousness) into some dark, dank corner and whatever lurked there scuttled away.

The motif of the person going back into the haunted house to get something or for one last confrontation with the forces of darkness is a cliche of suspense thrillers. But after Mercury moves off Pluto for the third time in late Jan, you are done. No looking back. No detour down to the ghostly well at the bottom of the graveyard.

More details in the Horoscopes of course. But regardless of your sign/personal chart, going with this process and clearing out your possessed basement or whatever will feel SO good when it’s done. You will be immune to energy thieves and Energy Vampires for a start. And, no more Shadow Selves trying to subliminally dictate your process.

Those blasts of “fuq it” in mid-December are vital to this banishment and reset process. So how are you doing with this?


Not that it matters very much, just a minor oversight. Typo: Read instead: “could mark A significant development”

Sharon K: Thanks for info about the vaccines and positive coaching.

You are so very welcome, Angellight.

Kiwi, oh that is so sad but true. There has to be a positive follow up. Truth can’t be gone forever. Let’s hope that it’s a Scorpio and will rise as the Phoenix from the well in brand new, beautiful clothes. The stolen clothes that Lie is wearing shred and disintegrate and there he stands totally bare for all to see. He’s s a big fat lie….really ugly.

Banks, the other option is, be unafraid of the bullies and be proud of your naked glory?

Kiwi, i’m With you on being unafraid of bullies but at my age just the words naked and glory seem like oxymorons to me.

Speaking personally as a devout Naturist since 1963, Naturism “glorifies,” (places in a better, healthier, “glow” or light, purposefully deshaming, redignifying, and deobjectifying the nude physical body, (old and young), having the side effect of rendering eros far less predatory, more nurturant, much less visual, and far more holistic.

And so it is with truth. Truth liberates and elevates, even when it hurts.

banks, ha ha ha ha – at this stage of age decline I can relate!

Eliseo, Amen!

BBC is reporting it really was 20,000 quakes in Iceland. I’m presuming the count probably includes tremors and mini-quakes.

Iceland and New Zealand, from the early 70’s to present, have long been at the top of my short list of countries to visit. Both are in seismically active areas, but so is the PNW where I live. Maybe I’m drawn to areas with earthquakes and volcanoes?

Eliseo, I loved living on the Big Island of Hawaii for 30yrs. Sometimes if there was a new eruption with fountaining, (especially at night) we would drive 1.5hrs to Volcano Park to experience the awesome magnificence. Volcanic Fun! An old hawaiian lady said to me one time, the hula was invented to sway with all the earthquakes LOL
If you haven’t been, put it on your bucket list.
When I lived there, the number of astronomers, geologists & volcanologists, and marine biologists, meant there were more scientists per capita than most other places.

I might have already written about this but the Virgo Full Moon on Saturday, Feb 27 at 8+ Virgo opposite the Sun at 8+ Pisces, and they were T-squared by the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Transiting Saturn was at 8+ Aquarius (trine US Uranus) at the time giving the stimulus bill a good chance of success, despite the Full moon opposition.

Bernie Sanders said about the stimulus “the American Rescue Plan is the most significant piece of legislation to benefit working people in the modern history of this country” and he would know. I say thank you transiting Saturn and US natal Uranus, you done good!

I remember lying in the field as a child on my grandfather’s farm in southern Louisiana gazing at the stars. Earlier in the evening when we left our fishing pier, we were often innundated with fireflies, (we also called them lightning bugs!)

Fireflies, the stars on clear nights, fountaining volcanoes at safe distance, meditations in deep green forest: Too many tend to view nature as something ONLY to be used, not something about which to feel reverential awe. I do not see such opposing views as mutually exclusive, but ideally complimentary.

May Gaia/Erda be praised!

Eliseo: 🙂

should be 50 mile radius – island is 100 miles wide & long

Are you referring to the Big Island?

Eliseo, yes, but the comment was in response to some pix links, but they have since disappeared.

“Biden will sign executive order to expand voter access and election information on Selma anniversary

On Sunday, President Biden is expected to sign an executive order to direct federal agencies to expand voter registration and promote access to election information in the US. The order comes on the 56th anniversary of the march, also known as Bloody Sunday, from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, where civil rights protesters were beaten by police.”


Angellight, et. al.
A few hours ago I read R’s in 43 states had proposed or were attempting voter suppression legislation. They may or may not get such legislation passed, depending on which state they are in, but they are obviously serious in their efforts.

It’s not difficult to see conflict ahead, perhaps even violent confrontation over state level voter suppression laws in conflict with federal law and executive orders.

Conversely, it IS difficult to think of anything they could do, short of executions, which would more deeply or permanently alienate minority and/or youthful voters. It won’t be long before such voters are the majority!

Such is the power of their fear, anger, hatred, their addictive, delusional, idelogical idolatry, they evidently can’t help themselves but to compulsively rush headlong over their self made precipice like lemmings to their collective death.

I don’t think we’ve seen such deep pathology, such insanity since secession and our civil war. They are now not merely the seditionist party, but of proud suicide as well.

I’ve not studied other nation’s Pluto returns, but ours certainly is weird.

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