9th Jan, 2021

Explosive Denouement

At this point, I am only shocked that anyone is shocked. We have been on a steady trajectory for the events of the past few days ever since Donald Trump bullied his way into the Oval Office, and maybe even before that.  He has been fueling and forgiving the far-right extremist fringe and their addled conspiracy theories since the beginning. And now that the deranged and paranoid Trump is wounded and backed into a corner, he has crossed the last in a series of previously uncrossable boundaries. Again, why is anyone surprised? Of course his rabid ranting and his unhinged demagoguery has incited the mob to violence. Where did we think this miasma of fury-filled grievance would inexorably lead us?

As mentioned in a previous post, the US is now under a progressed aspect that brings sorrow, loss, and profound stress to the American population: progressed Moon square to progressed Saturn (2Scorpio56), from mid-December 2020 to mid-January 2021. This is currently being intensely exacerbated by the transit of Saturn (2Aquarius56) from January 2 to January 11, and then will be further inflamed by the transit of Mars (2 Taurus56) from January 10 to January 12.

It is clear from this configuration that the drama unfolding before our eyes is not yet over.  Ignited and encouraged by the storming of the Capital, further right-wing aggression is being planned in many parts of the country. The House of Representatives is about to push through a second impeachment of the president.  The FBI is searching far and wide for the culprits of January 6 and no doubt will encounter armed resistance in its quest. Expect the upsets and the stress to continue to build through January 15.

Meanwhile, a strong police and national guard response will be increasingly on the scene to counter “Trump’s army” of seditious, violent, rampaging hordes. From January 13 to January 17, we will have transiting Jupiter square to transiting Uranus, and then from January 17 through January 20, we will have transiting Mars square to transiting Uranus. Both of these combinations suggest sudden and powerful events and forceful intensity. It seems likely from this we will witness a lot of violent clashes between Trump’s militias and government forces right though Inauguration Day and perhaps into the following morning. After January 15, it seems quite likely the tide will turn very much toward law enforcement, as the progressed Moon/progressed Saturn begins to wane and the American public begins to feel its strength returning with the dawn of a new administration that actually can be counted upon to serve justice and the people’s needs.


Excellent, Nancy. Just 6 more days until the 16th. I don’t want to see violence or bloodshed (just the video of the young cop being crushed in a door, crying out in pain was traumatic enough), but I do want to see this rebellion firmly put down.

You made a great point, Marija, about changing the wording and names of progressive social programs. A rose by any other name…!


You wrote: “Trump definitely needs to be impeached and removed (we were SO CLOSE one year ago!!!).

Evon Davis brings up this issue in her latest video. The upcoming January 13th New Moon/ Pluto conjunction will be activating the same degrees that occurred during the first impeachment period – the Jan 2020 solar eclipse/ Saturn/Pluto conjunction (opposite Trump’s natal Saturn). Evon seems to feel this second impeachment attempt will mark closure to the whole affair and will be successful. She bases this on several observations……..


Video: 13 min 58 sec


If the above assessment seems a bit over-optimistic, think again. There are several factors in play now that weren’t there before. Republican support is dramatically waning in the wake of Trump’s deranged attempt to lay siege to the Capitol building. McConnell, Lindsey Graham and other key Republicans are markedly distancing themselves from Trump. Even VP Pence and Trump are no longer on speaking terms. Trump is being systematically isolated. Clearly Trump’s mental state is placing America’s security at risk and in grave danger. The two thirds majority required in the Senate to remove the president from office is not as difficult as it seems as Rachel Maddow explains. Hopefully this simple procedure will come into effect next week……

For Republican Senators, Impeaching Trump May Be As Simple As Not Showing Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Video: 1 min 7 sec



I’m loving the proverbial “light” you see at the end of this dark night of the national soul. I cannot imagine how much scarier it must be for you and your family living so close to D.C.

It is as if we are living a life of absurdity seen through the eyes of Ionesco.

Thank you for your update.

Andre and BarbK or maybe Starlight, could you tell us what you see for Joe Biden during that same time period, pls.

Powerful post, Nancy! Captures the tone!

Thank you, Jerry! Both youtube posts are hopeful! Maybe there will be justice? He must be impeached & convicted so he can never run for an office again, not even a condo board! If Pence had a shred of decency, he would have proceeded with the 25th amendment, and just look at those cowards in the cabinet flee from responsibility — buh bye Elaine & Betsy. Pluto conjunct New Moon just may trigger T’s demise. As Rachel Maddow indicated — please Rethugs, stay home!!

In 2016, we KNEW a tRump administration would be a horror show, but it was much worse than any of us could have imagined.

Thank you for the new, hopeful post… once we can get past most of the month. I do hope things calm down before my birthday on 2/4! I’d like to feel light-hearted and have a bit of fun again — as I hit that Medicare age of 65!! I guess I have now fully evolved to Crone. AND I have a wicked cackle! (LOL)

I’m going to let myself be cautiously optimistic. We had issues on the 6th just up the block from me (we’re almost on the front gate of the Ft. LV) They were battened down, with everyone who can working from home, thank goodness. But I hold no illusions – this is the land of McVeigh. Anything can happen, even in a sleepy town like this.

Has anyone taken a look at Biden’s electoral college certification chart? I used 3:44 am, the time Pence’s gavel came down. Ascendant at 26 Scorpio, MC 9 Virgo, Moon at 29 degrees 54 minutes of Libra opposite Mars/Uranus conjunction squaring a couple planets intercepted in the second house, including Mercury … Cancer intercepted in the 8th. My warning lights went on ?
Any insights … I’m still an intermediate student.

Thanks Nancy. Best wishes for the new year. Stay safe and be well.

another wrinkle in the drama – trump still has not physically signed the covid relief/stimulus bill

oops my bad, old news clip with wrong date.

Thank you Nancy for another excellent post.

What is most concerning here is that this coup has deep roots and goes well beyond what we saw in DC this week.

There was a robocall from the state GOP AG’s – the highest law enforcement official in that state – encouraging people to march on the Capital and now they pretend they don’t know anything about it. Watch as others pretend they did not know or could not comprehend what would happen. They are all complicit in this attempted coup.


I have no mercy or sympathy for Trump and his family, or their sympathizers. For all its flaws, I will take my country over them any day of the week.

The time for forgiveness is over.

Taking his twitter account from him is not enough.

Impeachment is not enough.

Removal from office is not enough.

Take all of his holdings and money from him.

Bankrupt his family.

And cast the whole lot of them to the wolves.

Or better still, dump them on Uncle Vlad’s front porch, and let him deal with them.

cash peters has a new video up

I watched the Cash Peters video, kiwi. Unusual and interesting way of channeling people and situations. He is so bubbly of course I sat there thinking about his sun sign & ascendant: Libra? Aries? Sag? Gemini? Leo. Turns out he’s 6/6/56 & has done a lot of writing of all types, of successful TV shows – humorous, travel series, etc. His recent stuff seems more spiritual. Thank you for sharing.

Great post!
I haven’t weighed in here for maybe five years but just had to ‘second the motion’ of Buckeye Shadow. Yes, the Trump
family and Jared Kushner all need to be held fully accountable, along with Stephen Miller, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, and countless others…

While listening to the Peter’s video, I noticed Dr. Whimsy Anderson (Oracle of Whimsy) had put out a video today that combined a remote reading of the extremists’ and Trump cultists’ mindset with separate tarot readings on Trump and his children….quite interesting.


I’m with you Nancy, why is anyone surprised at this point? Still, it’s never been done in the 20th or 21st centuries; a mass of people assaulting the Capital, so it was unexpected (Uranus) by the majority of us.

A viewer of MSNBC noted that Congress might pass gun control laws now that they know how it feels to be under attack. That’s one way of getting it done!

In fact, the Full Moon before the attack on the Capital which was at 8+ Cancer, was trine the asteroid Hidalgo (the Protector) at 8+ Scorpio and both were trine the US natal Ceres (the Nurturer) at 8+ Pisces, a grand trine.

At that moment of the Full Moon trans. Uranus (unexpected) at 6+ Taurus (+ Black Moon Lilith at 7+ Taurus) was opposite Hildago, which turned the grand trine into a Kite pattern. This meant that Hildago was the focal point of the grand trine in the Full Moon chart.

Perhaps Trump will get credit for getting gun laws passed where the rest of us failed!

Thank You Nancy for your insights!

I agree it was a big duh..of course this was going to happen. It was not surprising to anyone paying attention. The Epiphany day insurrection was shocking in the sense of astonishing, but in no way surprising.

Please forgive my doubts, but I feel the relief we receive from the waning of the progressed Moon/progressed Saturn is not likely to ameliorate the effect of the inauguration day conjunction of Uranus and Mars.

I hope I am wrong, but I suspect we will have sporadic outbursts of far right and alt-right violence for the next 2 or 3 years, and possibly throughout Mr. Biden’s term. I would prefer the Biden DOJ and FBI be tough and assiduous in their pursuit of these seditionists and insurrectionists. But in the end I somehow think it will only end as their self destructive energies implode their political movement into little but ash and dust.

As much as I am honored to be alive at this historic time, I realize that the next 20 years will be challenging, based on the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will include the US natal Pluto Return, a conjunction between transiting Pluto and US Pluto, which we are already in orb of the exact start of.

Like the last Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000, this new cycle has Uranus square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, although it is a 6 degree orb this time, whereas the 2000 cycle was a tight 2 degree orb. So, Uranus being about breakthroughs that are sudden and unexpected, I think it won’t be as drastic to the people as another aspect in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart could be. That aspect is the Pluto at 23+ Capricorn square the Mars-Eris conjunction at 23+ Aries.

Because the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer opposes that Pluto and squares that Mars-Eris, it promises to be a battle of propaganda vs. truth and it will be ugly, as we’ve already seen on full display. This Jupiter-Saturn cycle is, for the US, working with the US Pluto Return; pushing to the surface all the buried grievances of bigotry and inequality that the Civil War did not end.

Instead of being buried under the surface for another century or two, the US Pluto Return will expose this sordid truth and this time it will die out in the open, for all the world to see.

There are aspects in this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart that provide help in this process. Primary among them is the Jupiter-Saturn (society) at 0+ Aquarius which is sextile the Juno (defends the disenfranchised) at 0+ Sagittarius and they form a Yod with the US natal Venus (symbolizes values) at 3+ Cancer, who is forced to adjust our values.

US Venus opposes the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Sun (Consciousness) at 0+ Cap and Mercury (communication/thinking) at 1+ Cap and Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 3+ Cap. This turns the Yod in the above paragraph into a Boomerang pattern that eventually directs all the energy of the Yod-turned-Boomerang up to the Sun-Mercury-Pholus conjunction.

That Sun-Mercury-Pholus in Capricorn in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart sextiles the US progressed retrograde Saturn in Scorpio, and when transiting Uranus reaches Gemini in 2025, and more so in 2026 (after going retrograde back into Taurus for a while) it (Uranus) will complete a Yod with the above sextile (Sun-Mercury-Pholus in the Jupiter-Saturn chart and the US prog. Saturn) and changes will be seen and heard (Gemini) almost overnight (Uranus is abrupt!)

So, in 6 years from now, this brand new 20 year cycle between Jupiter and Saturn will have passed their 1st square and be approaching their 1st trine, which will activate the US natal chart’s square between the Sun and Saturn, just as transiting Uranus trines transiting Pluto who sextiles transiting Neptune who sextiles transiting Uranus. I know!! Can you believe it?

Kiwi, thanks for the Cash Peters video link. Great lessons in the first part.

An interesting analysis and interpretation!

“So, Uranus being about breakthroughs that are sudden and unexpected, I think it won’t be as drastic to the people as another aspect in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart could be.”

“…it promises to be a battle of propaganda vs. truth and it will be ugly, as we’ve already seen on full display. This Jupiter-Saturn cycle is, for the US, working with the US Pluto Return; pushing to the surface all the buried grievances of bigotry and inequality that the Civil War did not end.”

Barb, I think much of that propaganda is old and time worn. It is a dying ethos, from which phoenix like we rise epiphany after epiphany in strong renewal of committment to the dignity, liberty, and equality of opportunity of all individuals regardless of gender, age, race, etc. I think it will be a fulfillment of ideals long held, whose time has come.

Concomitantly, many of the “new” technologies and cultural changes to emerge and become normal and mainstream have been envisioned for quite some time. We already know what many of them will be. Many exist now but are in process of perfection. This is why I think, they won’t “be as drastic” in the sense of stressful. Though they will be extraordinarily dramatic, more so than anything we’ve done for the past 12,000 years, they will feel “natural.”

interesting – from Marjorie

Marjorie further writes this in the comments section:

“I have a slight impression that this latest incident on top of all the previous is finally dragging the bottom of the sewers into public view. Which may be Pluto doing its thing. The USA is being forced to take off its rose coloured glasses and have a good look at itself (hopefully – ever the optimist) and only after that, presumably the Pluto Return will there start to be a less hysterical mood. 2022 has got rid of the hyper- Pluto opposition the USA Mercury. I think 2021 will bring a pervading sense of failure – which is A GOOD THING. It gets the country out of its old ego-centric mindset. Humility is a great teacher. But changing mindsets is no easy matter – it takes a revolution and a good many full wash, rinse and spins with a scary phase in the middle. of which more anon tomorrow.”

Apparently another on-the-scene capitol police officer has died off duty. Word is it was suicide. Does this smell of complicity I wonder?

Yeah, me too Eliseo, dead as in Pluto Return. Thank you for saying it so poetically.

kiwi, what Marjorie says in the comment section too!
The old Patriarchy is in its death throes.

Quintile, in answer to your question in the last thread, most Canadians are social democrats. We strongly believe, unlike conservative Americans, that social and economic rights are fundamental human rights. That is one thing Canadians from coast to coast fundamentally agree on, although European social democracy has been more influential in Quebec. Justin Trudeau is now promising universal child care and prescription drugs insurance across the country, but we have had that in Quebec for 20 years. I can only wish the same to the US one day since such measures are cures for profound inequality. More than that, they are an expression of civic love and compassion that is one of the strongest components of healthy and positive citizenship.

I wrote a long post about the spiritual power of Neptune in Pisces in these trying times as expressed through the Afro-American community. Just writing these words elevates my consciousness. Somehow, it got lost in space but I will try again this week.

On January 10, 2020 (not 2021), 2 days before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, there was a lunar eclipse in Cancer (eclipse of the Moon) that had a grand trine between Uranus (unexpected) and Pholus (small cause, big EFFECT) and Transpluto (process of becoming whole).

This grand trine was also in the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I believe the Pholus part of the grand trine in the lunar eclipse on Jan. 10, 2020, was expressed as last Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol.

It was the lunar eclipse at 20+ Cancer opposite the transiting Sun at 20+ Capricorn that was in a grand cross with the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries that opposes the US natal Juno at 20+ Libra that brought the grand trine between Pholus, Uranus and Transpluto to the USA.

At that time (January 2020) the North Node was at 8+ Cancer, the same degree where the Full Moon was on December 29, 2020; the same degree as Trump’s natal Mercury. Can’t make this stuff up.

Thank you Andre for your clarification.

With regard to Neptune in Pisces and the afro-american community, I have written many times on this blog about the premise that 400 years of slavery is the smouldering embers beneath the fire that flares.

The trouble is, what to do about it. Perhaps it is a slow cultural shift over many many decades.

I know our Truth and Reconciliation Commission dealing with indigenous rights and reparation, ultimately made very little impact on the problem. And realistically this type of process is counter to the culture that exists in the USA.

Nevertheless, before healing can begin one must at least acknowledge there is a wound. With K. Harris being not only the first woman but the first woman of colour to be VP, the healing might speed up.

Georgia’s elections are also a testament of change, with an Afro-American and Jew being elected senators in what has been for a very long time, a very racist state.

There is astrological chatter about the Uranus station mid-week square the US Nodes. Uranus will be almost at 7 Taurus, and the USNN is at 7 Leo. Some see a sudden twist of fate in the making. I consider Uranus in Taurus the placement of the far right with its unpredictable surges of activity. Fated does not necessarily mean tragic, but it could.

the trump brand is toast – PGA just pulled their 2022 championship tournament away from Bedminster (scheduled since 2014!) Thats got to decimate the ego as well as the pocketbook.

Confirmation from Washington Post tonight that confirms DOD involvement in the coup:

The D.C. contingent was flabbergasted to hear a top Army official say that he could not recommend that his boss, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, approve the request [for the Guard in the middle of the riot]


I am thrilled to learn Joe Biden is FOR DC statehood!

Also, Dem Rep. Jim Cilburn very confidently and relaxedly said the House can impeach DJT now, but might wait to send the results to the senate until after JB has had his first 100 days…in other words, after investigations have uncovered more evidence on 45, and Chuck Schumer has become majority leader.

The service that processes credit card payments on Trump’s campaign site for donations and purchases of merchandise — cut him off, too.

He was also dropped by the company he used to send out all his emails begging for donations and spreading lies.

Fun part — I’ve used these services for years for my readers. People sign up for your mailing list on the mailing service’s site automatically. I never see them unless I go in and look. The whole list of email addresses is stored there. I only have the list if I download it, which I only do when I’m switching providers, maybe every couple of years.

Anybody think Trump has staff careful and diligent enough to periodically download a copy of his mailing list? I don’t. I think he may have just lost his mailing list, which is huge. It’s the most direct path you have to deliver your message. So valuable when you’re switching careers and need to tell your people how to find you and keep begging them for money.

I think he lost it.

Great news on the Trump wheels falling off the bus!

What will he do now? No tweeting, no one to process the lies and collect money. He will continue on the downward spiral.

I worry about Nancy P. She doesn’t deserve this. How does she cope? She’s not young anymore and those of us who are not 80, hope she hangs in there. It can’t be easy.

Umm maybe it’s to late for me to write. At night. Ok Are you kidding me about Nancy Pelosi being able to cope? She’s an Aries with a Scorpio Moon! and maybe a Leo Ascendant. AND being born in the year of the Dragon!

Excuse me but for someone to say She’s not young anymore…. What do THEY know? They are obviously younger than her and do not know as much as her, and don’t have the experience she does….. so they are speaking from INEXPERIENCE. And commenting on something they know nothing of.

Being a Baby Boomer I well remember the phrase Don’t Trust Anyone over Thirty.

We, the Baby Boomers, have all had time to reflect on that phrase. NOW, we have to suffer the younger ones saying the same thing to us while we have grown and reflected on our lives…..

“When You”re Young, You’re Dumb.” That is one of my favorite sayings in my realizations of the past 30 or 40 years.

I mean, it’s not totally accurate, but it comforts me for all the mistakes in judgement I’ve made over the past years.

I could go on and probably will, but seeing as how it is 1:04 am where I live:) I think I will quit while I”m ahead…… 🙂

Parler might just be a Russian op


Capitol Police Officer Who Responded to Pro-Trump Riot Dies by Suicide

https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/01/capitol-police-officer-who-responded-to-riot-dies-by-suicide.html?utm_source=tw via @intelligencer

People who broke into the Capitol Wednesday are now learning they are on No-Fly lists pending the full investigation. They are not happy about this.


JPMorgan and Citigroup are halting all PAC donations, while Blue Cross and Marriott are pausing funding to Republicans who objected to Electoral College results

https://www.wsj.com/articles/capitol-riot-prompts-some-big-banks-and-companies-to-pause-political-funding-11610315288?reflink=desktopwebshare_twitter via @WSJ

Unbelievable! Extraordinarily pitiful!
Republicans sent a letter to Biden asking him to request his fellow Democrats cease their quest for accountability, including efforts to impeach Trump again. They ask all this and more on behalf of the “unity” of the country. They say such actions will only sow more division.

My personal face to face answer:
We’re divided because you purposefully divided us. You’re request for “unity” is no more than a request for capitulation to a seditionist, a man who has betrayed our constitution and the American people, a man profoundly, deeply, intensely, insidiously, and dangerously evil. That makes you either stupider than anyone imagined, and/or a traitor, and/or evil yourself!

So, you tell me, which is it?

Should read ” My personal face to face answer to any Republican lawmaker spouting such cynical nonsense.

Eliseo – I in no way think the violence will abate after the 15th, only that it might be met with a more concerted effort by police and national guard. I think there is likely to be a great deal of violence during the Mars/Uranus conjunction: 1/17 through 1/20 and maybe into the following morning with a Moon activation.


I am currently working on crunching all of the numbers for the next four years. With Pluto conjunct Inaugural Sun and the US Pluto return, it may well be a battle for the Soul of America. Pluto is all about power struggle, paranoia, and conspiracy theories. More later when I have sorted through it all.

Eliseo, those repubs are behaving like domestic abusers – after beating someone to a pulp, they make nice, bring them flowers, and promise never to do it again. Then they kill.

Nancy, I hope the astro influences also give the ability to summon courage. We are all going to need some spine strengthening help.

Starlight, isn’t Pluto also about rising from the ashes?
I’m a Scorpio with Sun square Pluto. When that configuration took place again when I was 41 I thought it was hell on earth but I survived and would like to think that I arose like the Phoenix and am a very different person now. Can’t that also be the case for the US?

perhaps its time for a push to change the national anthem to ‘america the beautiful.’ Those thugs singing the star spangled banner while broaching the capitol made me want to throw up. It has been tarnished forever.

As you all may know, the FBI has informed us of a march on DC and all state capitols, and 20,000 Natl Guard are expected to be in DC by this Sat. the 16th. May the peace be kept with no incidents, injuries or deaths. I have also read that if the 25th amendment had been used, the organizers stated there would be even more resistance on their side. I think that Trump does have to be impeached this time and never be allowed to run for office again. What he has done is that destructive…

Here is one of three links that the above information was gleaned from.


Eliseo, still praying for your brother. I hope he is stable and improving!

another reason for upper echelon instigators to be punished https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2021/01/11/public-authority-trump-mob-capitol/

Biden has natal Pluto in Leo in the 8th house. It is square natal Mars at 12 Scorpio. Natal Pluto is conjunct US North Node at 7 Leo. It is also conjunct USMC if you use Michael Wolfstars’s suggested ASC for the US at 8 Scorpio as I do. The Uranus station this week at 7 Taurus will square Biden’s natal Pluto and the US nodes. It will oppose Biden’s natal Mars. All this in addition to the coming Mars-Uranus conjunciton on the 20th.

Starlight (Nancy), what do you make of this? I do not dare interpret.

Someone online is suggesting that Trump will vacate the White House a day or two before the Inauguration but on his way out, invite his followers to come to the People’s House and visit and take mementos. In essence, totally trashing the White house and making it unoccupiable for Biden. Seems like something trump would do.

Sharon K,
They have my brother on his stomach for better breathing purpose, sedated so he won’t change position. They have him on a feeding tube, and for the first time in his life are administering insulin. The past 2 or 3 days there has been no significant change except for the rise in blood sugar level, for which the insulin.

I’ll be hearing more from my sister-in-law later today.

kiwi, I can’t read the WA Post due to the paywall and I don’t want to subscribe. Do you think you could cut and paste that article as it looks really interesting?

In looking at a photo just now of the guy in the viking hat with horns and painted body, and a barbarian expression of victory on his face (in that particular photo), what came to mind just now was the novel,
“Lord of the Flies”. It’s a story many of you may know where proper English school boys who were stranded on an island went wild and reverted back to primitive ways that included killing the class nerd (“Piggy”?) It was one of my favorite novels – well written and shocking in its depiction of the gradual decline of social mores….but, although I’ve read about mob violence, I have had few chances to see it enacted in reality.

I am still chilled to the bone over this, and crying for our country (although we knew it was brewing, so it’s probably for the best that it came out in the open).

I too tend to think the US has a Scorpio Asc. It fits in with my personal experiences of the US and its citizens.

Andre’s analysis of Biden’s natal chart with the transits approaching and at the Inauguration…..
Yes we need another voice on this.

Why, I am wondering, hasn’t another astrologer seen this? I mean it’s a little late in the game to pick up something like this.

Of course, it’s like the last week – we collectively saw the aspects but did not imagine the events to be as they unfolded. OMG

I wanted to apologize to LG for my careless writing re: Nancy Pelosi. I realize LG had nothing but care for Nancy when LG was worried about how much more could she take, being 80 years old. I think if we don’t have Alzheimer’s or dementia, OR a personality disorder, many of us mature in a very good way, and are able to pass on our experiences.
Then it’s the body that gives out. Sometimes. I am fighting my body giving out. Two months ago I was congratulating myself on how strong I felt, and how good my endurance was – then out of nowhere my knee and inner pelvis started to hurt, due partly to overuse. I’ve gone through How could this happen to me? And Why? After all I have done with Dr. Gundry’s recommended foods, books and supplements, and keeping fit?
So Saturn and Jupiter are square my Venus in the 8th Venus? Maybe I am missing something,
Ever the optimist – I am isolating a problem and will find a solution. Don’t wanna go back to hot yoga as I am out of the habit……
I am very sensitive to Ageism. I don’t want it to be over for me because I feel I am behind my schedule of accomplishments – behind in the timeline of reaching my goals as it is! LOL! And I know how that looks….. but what the heck! It’s how I feel…….
Maybe that, too, has to change.

In re-reading the above I realize in the world in general, and in my environment, I don’t want to lose relevance.
I am sure there are people reading this who understand what I mean. OK, that’s an assumption. Right? But still taking the risk.

Eliseo, fingers crossed and praying

sharon, the article is about the need to hold the instigators to account because ‘trump told me to do it” has precedence as a defense strategy.

the article ends with

To take another example, in 2007, 12 residents of Sacramento and Fresno, Calif., were accused of plotting to overthrow the communist government of Laos. The U.S. attorney’s office dropped the charges after one of us, Mark Reichel, representing the defendants, pointed to evidence that they were lured into the conspiracy by an undercover federal agent posing as a CIA officer. The defendants reasonably believed they were acting at the urging of the American government and therefore wouldn’t be found guilty of entering a criminal conspiracy.

The Capitol riot shouldn’t have surprised us. Trump forecast it for five years.

The public authority defense doesn’t necessarily mean the rioters are off the hook: They can still be arrested, charged and brought to trial. But depending on the circumstances, a defense like this one can mitigate or even eliminate their culpability or lessen their punishment.

The availability of this defense also makes it more likely that the instigators — including Trump — will face prosecution. After all, how would it look to a jury if the people who incited the failed insurrection go free, while the victims of lies and disinformation pay the price? Such an outcome is offensive to the idea of fairness and equal justice for all.

The lies maliciously and deliberately spread by Republican leaders were a direct cause of the riots. They told people that there was widespread fraud in the election, although they knew this was not true. Their victims may not have understood that judges were throwing these cases out of court because there was no evidence, but the lawyers representing the president and someone like Hawley — a graduate of Yale Law School — certainly did.

Many of the instigators of the riot — and many who spread the lies that sparked it — are now issuing carefully worded statements condemning the violence. This kind of doublespeak (instigate a riot and then disavow the resulting violence) may work in right-wing media outlets, but it should not work in a court of law, where facts still matter.

Given how tenaciously some Republicans are still clinging to their right to spread lies — even now, many Republican leaders are insisting that fraud in the 2020 election was widespread — it is perhaps too much to hope that the shocking example of how these lies led to the desecration and defilement of the Capitol Building will stop them. What it may take to stop them — and deter others from spreading lies — will be seeing their names dragged into a criminal trial as part of a defense, which in turn, shines the spotlight on them. Maybe they don’t care that their lies have deadly consequences. But they probably will care about their own criminal liability.

Sunstars…I was just talking to my friend, both of us being baby boomers, and we are both thinking along those lines. I am disappointed as my health was always pretty good, I did all the right things, & I feel, look & think pretty young…but issues have surfaced. Ageism is real but so is self-esteem & confidence. There are qualities we gain that are very valuable as we age & some traits of youth that are waning & are missed. I’m pretty much of the mind that I should keep on trucking & being very resourceful, creative, optimistic but also adjust, gracefully if possible and, at times, maybe being dragged out, kicking & resisting. Worrying about Nancy’s resilience is not an insult to her or others at her life stage.. Everyone has their stress & health cut off pts. I think your post was kind, considerate & gracious. I know people who cannot look at themselves objectively & take responsibility for what they say, including myself at times. It’s not easy. Wishing you ease, resilience & success in implementing your solutions.

🙂 Thank you, Sharon K

Kiwi, thanks. I sense that what happened this time went too far for many. The very government of our country, as designed in our constitution, was attacked and the hallowed premises desicrated with feces, urine, destruction, people died and lives were threatened including the line of succession. This is personal. I cannot see it forgiven by many in this country.

Something that still blows my mind: tRump said to his fans “We’ll go to the Capitol. I’ll march with you.” And then he didn’t.
On Thursday he said “I’m shocked by the events of yesterday,” but the whole world had seen in Wednesday’s video that he wasn’t shocked at all.
I mean, the whole world has seen evidence that he lies.
Time to start believing everyone who’s accused him of something where tRump says they lie.

Last night 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl interviewed Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Stahl made claims that Pelosi was culpable for not compromising during December when the stimulus check legislation was bing decided upn. Stahl suggested that at age 80, Pelosi was too old to be the speaker of the House; this was ironic because Lelie Stahl is 79years of age. Stahl also pressed Pelosi, alleging that she unnecessarily had stalled the Covid 19 pandemic relief money to which Pelosi vehemently denied. Stahl pressed Pelosi to admit this was true to which she finally replied, “That is how the Republicans have characterized me – but I am not the reason for the delay of the check.

For the first time I was quite disappointed with Stahl’s determination to cast shade at Speaker Pelosi as the culprit behind the delay of the pandemic relief checks. I believe Stahl took a wholly-unfounded shot at Pelosi who became defensive and guarded from that point forward. I felt it was a cheap shot on Stahl’s part. Just my take.

Nancy, with great hope and continued forbearance we will navigate through the harrowing days leading up through the inauguration to January 22.

From what I read, the Capitol police officer’s head was broken apart by one of the terrorist’s using a fire-extinguishing tank. That even more violence is being threatened via social media is incredulous.


“With Pluto conjunct Inaugural Sun and the US Pluto return, it may well be a battle for the Soul of America. Pluto is all about power struggle, paranoia, and conspiracy theories.”

Although hardly a “feel-good” forecast, it certainly cues with the astrological lore assigned to Pluto. I would wager we will become a bit more acclimated to the conjunction after swimming in its torrents and turbulence recently, now and through the next several years. Hopefully we will enjoy a modicum of relief once we get a handle on overcoming the Covid 19 pandemic.


Indeed, there is violent chatter and voice-recorded threats toward Democratic leadership via social media. With the levels of stress I am experiencing through my patients as well as personally at this time, I cannot imagine mustering the energy to cause mayhem. I’m exhausted!

Teresa Hill,

From your keyboard to God’s ears t-Rump and family have lost all of their email lists.


I feel you, Bubbalah. I feel you. Its shredding me too (natal Mercury in Pisces). I thank all Enlightened Beings that I practice meditation and prayer every day without fail – otherwise I would be in a constant state of decompensation.


“Starlight (Nancy), what do you make of this? I do not dare interpret.”

I caught that! It made me belly laugh out loud. No hard feelings about my screed a few days ago. Truly. It is very painful, acutely stressful and deeply depressing to be an American right now.

Ayez pitié de nous; Pray for us!

Andre, Sunstars & all: Re: “…Andre’s analysis of Biden’s natal chart with the transits approaching and at the Inauguration….. Yes we need another voice on this…Why, I am wondering, hasn’t another astrologer seen this? I mean it’s a little late in the game to pick up something like this.”

If I may, I’d like to comment on this as an amateur (not professional) astrologer of many years. It’s not that “other” astrologers haven’t seen this. It’s that every chart is open to interpretation and also that there are many charts to choose from. And then there’s the fact that a lot of people get highly offended when someone puts forth a “dark” interpretation, which I’ve done a few times myself. People don’t usually WANT to consider bad news. They don’t even want to hear it in the first place, never mind actually consider it carefully. Besides, amateur or not, it’s easy to get it wrong and either miss it entirely, understate it, or overstate it. Humans have a preference for “good” news, even though they are much more fascinated by “bad” news. It’s all news, but we’re just not all that objective.

Lastly, there’s the fear factor. Nobody wants to raise the fears, the true fears of disorder and pain and suffering. Many times people will soft pedal when they see tough times ahead so as not to scare people or cause hysteria. Fear and hysteria – we avoid ’em like the plague and so we are not ready. Donald Trump is a case in point – how much ink we’ve spilled on this blog alone! Most of it was not good news, and anybody who has been capable of assessing the situation coldly and objectively could see this was going to end in trouble. But the specifics are hard (or impossible) to anticipate and then there’s that nagging anxiety that one could still be wrong. There’s no getting around making up one’s own mind!

The final thing I’d like to comment on is silence. Astrologers have an ethical dilemma – they know that death and destruction can happen, and most probably feel a ‘duty’ to warn – but NOT when the warning goes out to people who didn’t even ask (or pay) for it. So, when they look at a political situation they are commenting on and find it’s thin ice, silence is the best option. Being a Cassandra is no fun – you can send out the message, but if nobody wants it, all you end up with is a rep for being negative and a bad taste in your own mouth.

So, taking all that in, even astrologers who take a hard view of life, are wise to play it safe, in my opinion. They speak in generalities or keep their dark thoughts to themselves. Besides, who in government, etc. (except Nancy Reagan) actually lives their lives BY astrology? It’s fine to check charts now and then, but living by astrology alone would be dumb. There’s more to life than that.

Some of the finest astrologers, like R. Hand for example, have not directly warned anybody (to my knowledge) about this situation in the US, although it’s written all over many charts. People who really, really want to know and see ALL the possibilities just have to learn astrology for themselves. That’s the only way to know where the aspects are coming from and going to and to judge for oneself.

Anyway, to sum up, I’ve noticed that you can pretty much tell there’s trouble ahead when the pro astrologers start saying nothing.


Your post is spot on. Thank you for your thoughtfulness on the topic.

I feel that Nancy/Starlight always give us plenty to chew on in the way of realistic possibilities facing us and she gets as specific as all the forces that are at play within the context of astrological energies, free will, the beings in the other planes, and God allow. (My computer screen is turned sideways, perpendicular to my keyboard, so typing & thinking is a strange experience right now, so I hope that came out coherently.)

Thanks, Will. I love your use of Yiddish. It’s quite a humorous and fun language.

Oy vey iz meer!

For one thing people, generalities in astrology are honest. No astrological symbol means just one thing; they all have positive and negative ways of expressing because we are in a positive-negative world of duality. Most aspects are both in that they start out positive and end up negative or vice-versa. For example, the US natal Pluto Return.

Dark and scary to start with but transforming and healing later.

It comes down to how the astro info is delivered then. If one is blunt in reporting negative views alone, the recipient of the info is defensive or perhaps frightened, or if only the positive side of an aspect is examined, the recipient is vulnerable and unprepared. If both sides are noted the recipient is aware and prepared which is, IMO, better than unaware and unprepared.

How many times have you had something terrible happen only to look back and realize what you learned or gained from the experience was invaluable? Or maybe that perfect job (or marriage partner) turned into the horror of all horrors!

Life is an experiment for human beings and astrology can teach us what can be learned from our experiences. These days of group experience will not only teach us as a group and as individuals, it will educate those that follow us, especially those like Nancy Pelosi, and she probably doesn’t even know where her natal Moon is!

Well said, BarbK.

Of course it would be nice if the universe were to give out precise instructions, but no such luck. As DT says, ‘it is what it is’ (agg, did I give him credit for that much?)!

On Feb. 2, 1993, Uranus and Neptune were exactly conjunct at 19 Capricorn 34. That was where transiting Pluto was in 2018.

That day Feb. 2, 1993, the Sun was at 13+ Aquarius and the Moon was at 13+ Gemini and Jupiter was at 14+ Libra rx and conjunct US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra, which squares US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

That grand trine between Sun (consciousness) and Moon (People) and Jupiter (expansion) was the start of a cycle that would expand the minds of People, and it would do so through the establishments (Saturn) of the USA that would be under pressure (US Saturn square US Sun) especially at that time.

Also in the chart for the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in ’93 was a conjunction between Mercury (communication) and Saturn (form) at 20+ Aquarius. That would also be where Uranus was at the time of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which Uranus would square, and 20+ Aquarius is also where the US progressed Mercury was for the last 4 years of Trumpdom and many years before that too.

That Mercury-Saturn conjunction (cycle) symbolized the Internet (among other things) and all the sites that have sprung up there, good and bad.

The true North Node at that time, Feb 2, 1993, was at 20+ Sagittarius and conjunct Trump’s South Node that conjuncts his Moon, aka his family and followers.

It’s where the transiting South Node (release) was through late October and most of November, including the 2020 Election period.

Therefore it would seem that destiny is not just using Trump as a tool but using the whole da’yam country as a learning experience for human beings, and that would seem to suggest that the US is a symbol of what humanity can sink to and what humanity can rise to if it is ready, and I believe we are ready, by God! Thank you Neptune and Uranus!

This cycle between Uranus and Neptune has been activated numerous times in 2019-2020, when Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the other personal planets tripped over 19+ Capricorn, and now transiting Neptune is sextile it, exact last Spring and again at the end of this month and most of February. This feels very bad, I know, but we are at a turning point, after which it will feel very, very good fellow humans.

Hey Beowulfie, he didn’t originate it, he stole it from J.E. Lawrence in 1949!

BarbK, I couldn’t think what you meant about J.E. Lawrence, so I looked it up. Bingo! There’s a full article on it. Thanks for the history lesson. I guess we’re just used to Trump saying it now.


I just saw headshot photos of bidens cabinet – 12 men, 12 women, 1/3 white. Remarkable!

“Trump Reportedly Blames Antifa for Capitol Attack in Call to Rep. McCarthy, Who Shoots Down Conspiracy Theory: ‘It’s MAGA. I Know. I Was There.’

Strong Trump supporter, Rep. Kevin “McCarthy would have none of it, telling the president: It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA. I know. I was there,” Swan reported, citing a White House official. “The White House official said the call was tense and aggressive at times, with Trump ranting about election fraud and an exasperated McCarthy cutting in to say, ‘Stop it. It’s over. The election is over.’”


Hi Andre. I have Joe Bide’s Pluto located in his 9th House and the square to his Mars is a wide one of 5 degrees. In looking at the info you described I noticed Joe’s Pluto is conjunct the USA Sibley North Node which I think has destiny and new direction written on it and which I think echoes the 2021 Inaugural Chart’s Pluto at the mid-heaven. The Uranus station conjunct Mars will square the Sibley nodes and Biden’s Pluto which makes sense given the violence and our awakening to the deep threat to the USA from right wing domestic terrorism.

Sheldon Adelson dead at 87.

He was a major ally of Trump, and one of the worst of the prominent monied elites as far as backing regressive conservative Republican politics and bad, bad ideas.

Definitely not a good week for Trump.

I recall most people on this blog thought Hiliary would win the election.

But let’s get real, 2021 could not be anything but fraught with problems. Just the pandemic alone is devastating, let alone the divisive politics and tanking economy.

I still say Biden’s chart looks good for 2022. So either things are much better, or he has shrugged off his mortal coil!

I am a columnist on Canadian constitutional issues in French-language media in Quebec. Once or twice a year, I google my own name to see what comes up. I was recently surprised to find a translation of one of my columns from 2017 for English-language readers. It’s about Canada’s national day of July 1 for its 150th anniversary in 2017 in relation to other countries such as the US. I can’t yet mention astrology in my legal or political writing, but I’m hoping Pluto in Aquarius will change that. Here it is:


One of my roles in life has been to teach college students how to write research papers. In my experience, I observe, philosophers and scientists tend to err when they build upon false or incomplete data, false assumptions, or simply ask the wrong questions.

Speaking of “dark interpretations,” the brilliant philosopher/astrologer, Eric Alan Meece, in his classic work, Horoscope for the New Millennium, published in 1997, was specific about the US Pluto return. Comparing the aspects to 1776 and 1860’s, he stated he believed a new civil war was likely, but unlike before, the US would probably break up into two or more nations.

He apparently was assuming a political geography much like what obtained in the 1860’s in which the like minded states were contiguous. I believe he thought the Southern plus Southwestern states would secede similarly as before.

Clearly, his demographic assumptions were seriously skewed. No city, county, or state of the US is 100% purely johnny reb red, or union blue. Furthermore, the “red” states receive more monies from the federal government than they contribute. Without the assistance of the “blue” states who contribute more, the red states would not be econimically viable alone, or in red confederation.

If shooting and bombing starts, and I believe it probably will soon, it will be asymmetrical. Unlike before where there were organized regional uniformed armies squaring off on battlefields, this conflict would manifest as guerilla conflict in practically every area of the country.

I don’t think the armed far right Trumpheads have any intention of backing down. Last word was their plan to violently disrupt the business of WA-DC, and each and every state capital. What we don’t know is how successful they might be against National Guard and local police and Sheriff’s departments. We also don’t know how long such rebellion might continue before quashed.

When it comes to astrology, like you I am merely an amateur for many years. If my interpretation of the Uranus/Mars conjunction on Inauguration Day is remotely correct, I sorrow ithe insurrectional violence might last for the duration of Biden’s term.

Meece was apparenrly both right and wrong in his dark interpretation, which perhaps illustrates your point. In light of recent and present news reports, we can reasonably expect a great deal of chaos. What Meece did not foresee was the almost universal condemnation and loathing for the attempted putsch of January 6th. Moderates, Liberals, and true Conservatives stand together in horror at the behavior of the Trumpheads.

The majority, 57% and growing, of Americans want Trump removed from office immediately. Major corporations are removing funding for the R’s who objected to the certification of the electoral count. Calls for the resignations of Senators Cruz and Hawley are growing louder and more extensive. Things may well change, but if this trajectory continues, although we will have a time of insurrectional chaos, an actual US breakup as Meece anticipated, is highly unlikely.

So much for his “dark interpretation!”

A number of Congresspersons believe the text below bars Mr. Trump from continuing in office, and is also ground from which to expel some of their members.

14th Amendment, Section 3. 
No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Frank, you make excellent points regarding Joe Biden’s birth chart. Thanks for sharing with us.

I agree, Eliseo, that these people are very serious, are not playing, and mean business. I have a bad feeling about what may materialize. At the same time, I feel our military and intelligence can be formidable in searching them out and destroying their operations, hopefully without bloodshed. We have the most advanced intelligence, drones, and mechanisms that the public has no knowledge of. Mano a mano will pose a problem but surely we have superior ways to stop them. I understand that some of them have “infiltrated” these organizations but I would think that we still have the law on our side. Very strange stuff — as someone said, more like a movie than anything we would have expected to face in real life.

Some astrology thoughts about Uranus-Mars conjunction from this dabbler.
In addition to more expected insurrectionist violence, I think it could reflect the feud within the Republican Party that is intensifying as the conjunction reaches its apex in several days. I’ve been reading everything I can about the state of the Republican Party and they themselves seem to be polarizing now and as more Trumpian violence is wrought, that division may likely break the Party.
Taurus is known as being conservative. It’s not a radical sign. Taurus values deliberation, traditional values which it seeks to protect. With Uranus transiting through Taurus, that conservatism is being disrupted. Taurus is also known for its anger, but it is not an impulsive anger but rather a slow mount to anger, and after 4 years of Trump we are starting to see that. I’m thinking the conservatives in the Republican Party will coalesce and become a force that rejects Trumpism and that the end of the Uranian transit through Taurus the Republican Party will be transformed, I pray, for the better. Once the Mars-Uranus conjunction has passed, we will have a good inkling as to the values and choices of many Republicans.

We are in a period where the 10 major planets (counting the Moon as a planet) are tightly placed within 1/3rd of the chart’s space, except when the Moon escapes those boundary lines.

This pattern called a Bundle produces an intense focus within the world and in this case it is ln the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries (although none of the major planets are in Aries right now, Chiron is there) and Taurus.

Marc Edmund Jones, in his book The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation, says this about the Bundle pattern, that it has “an outstanding capacity for making much of little, or for building small beginnings into great and often unanticipated final results”.

The Inauguration chart for Joe Biden’s term as US President is just such a chart, with Venus at 15+ Capricorn through Uranus at 6+ Taurus containing the 10 major planets of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

I find that a fascinating observation of the next 4 years – that the US President and his team could keep this country so focused on it’s start point and end up with something great.

The Germans are especially concerned about the state of democracy in the US. They believe that without American democracy, there is no European democracy. They are suggesting a democracy Marshall fund for the US.

Civil war within the Republican party.

Anti-Trump group pledges $50 million effort to defend Republican impeachment supporters

The effort is led by Defending Democracy Together, an umbrella organization that includes Republicans for the Rule of Law and Republican Voters Against Trump.


Frank, Barb, Eliseo, all of the above is good news.

My hope is that sane people everywhere, and many of them are Republicans, now see what Trump is capable of, and this has made them capable of turning against him and listening to those in their party who are reasonable and want to protect the Constitution. Of course, money to publicize this message is necessary and I think it will be there, per Eliseo’s post.

So many businesses have severed ties with Trump and Bill Belichek, coach of the Patriots, has refused to accept the medal of honor (why him in the first place?)….this gives me hope.

What I am worried about is the zealous, underground, so-called “patriots” who have been training for years and waiting for this. Additionally, there are many lost, disinfranchized youth without good jobs who join this type of movement as they did with radicalized Islam or criminal gangs — it gives them acceptance and a feeling of belonging to a group/family/tribe. (The same thing goes for those who are religious and join religious groups, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. – it gives them a group identity and support). We also have those who are disgruntled, resentful or just misguided ex-military and law enforcement (who were fired?) and those who are still active and employed – who, for some reason, are ultra-conservative and see their ideals realized in Trump, who, as an excellent con-man, showman, builds on this.

THIS is what I’M worried about — not so much the Republican Party, although that’s a concern, of course.

Rep Liz Cheney will vote to impeach. I’m reminded of the many predictions by astrologers here and elsewhere that Trump will not complete his term. I’m thinking that may yet happen.

SharonK, totally agree with you about the radicalizing effect on many young people, some who are raised in Trumpian families, and others who feel alienated.

I have a thought that keeps coming up about the crazy and wondering how much of it is fueled by drugs like meth and maybe even cannabis.

This evening, McConnell supposedly saying he thinks Trump committed impeachable offenses and happy Democrats are going forward with impeachment.

One of those sources said McConnell said things, but also might be McConnell warning Trump it’s his last chance to resign.

Not sure if you guys saw this yesterday, but Trump supposedly is pissed he won’t get a pardon, so he’s refusing to pardon anybody else. (That would be hilarious if those rats who thought he’d save them won’t get pardons.)

I assume he will leave for Florida this week and resign on the way out so Pence can pardon him but I do not believe insurrection is a pardonable offense.

If you are glued to the news as I am and have been please take care of yourself. Stretch, hydrate, get out into the fresh air and breathe deeply. Take care.

Good advice Frank, I’ve felt nauseous all day, but things are happening so fast I can’t turn off the TV for more than an hour at a time. I know it’s just tension but I can’t sleep. Maybe a hot shower will help.

It’s unbelievable what Fox and other Pub channels are feeding their audiences!

In a few hours the Moon will conjunct the Sun and they will be one degree away from Pluto, and all 3 will oppose the US natal Mercury and all 4 will be T-square Eris, goddess of war.

At the same time Venus will oppose US natal Jupiter and both will be T-squared by Chiron which opposes Trump’s Mercury. Chiron will also sextile Jupiter and Jupiter is 2 degrees away from Mercury on one side and 2 degrees away from Saturn on the other side. Jupiter trines Trump’s Neptune and therefore Saturn and Mercury trine Trump’s Neptune too. Neptune symbolizes illusions.

Oh, and Mars is conjunct US PROGRESSED Venus (who sextiles US Venus) and both square Saturn too (who is quincunx US Venus), and Mars + US PROG. Venus also oppose US PROGRESSED Saturn which squares Saturn and trines US Venus, and Uranus is stationing direct. Breakthrough!

This is a potent New Moon. It has a lot to do with “values” what Venus symbolizes, and a lot to do with “communicating”, what Mercury symbolizes.

It’s showdown time.

Oh, and Venus is trine Uranus too!


Fine Canadian article. Andre; proof of how very little I know about our nation to the North. I sense there is still a great deal of tension between France and Great Britain regarding the culture and history of Canada. Passions run deep.

Thank you.

So, here are some charts for Canada that might be interesting for perusal.

What caught my eye was the planetary placements in the 12th house as well as Aries on the ascendant.


Powerful new moon, the energy is severe. Persephone came to mind and she is opposite Trump’s Venus-Saturn. I think She’s come to collect.

Turns out the New Moon tonight exactly quintiles my Black Moon Lilith, lol, its no wonder I feel Her so powerfully.

It’s a rare very clear night in San Francisco and Mars caught my attention. It occurred to me that as he conjunct Uranus in Taurus we are being initiated into warrior-ship for those values we hold dear.

This new moon will be full in 2 weeks. Imagine what can be in 2 weeks time!

Interesting times, indeed.

I wonder if this period will mark a longer-term shift for Conservative politics as they have been in the US? We now see the danger of victimhood and grievance pursed to its farthest ends—near insurrection and the threat of destabilization of our government and society.

Definitely, right wing rage will not be quelled overnight. Not when talk radio and TV have been stoking it for more than three decades. It was bound to explode eventually. And now, here we are.

The FBI and other government agencies will have to remove the kid gloves and actually go after right wing extremists with the same urgency that they have pursued BLM, Antifa, and other leftist groups.

Imagine that. Even-handed treatment by the law. It’s the one thing the white, right wing terrorists are truly terrified of—loss of privilege and being forced to conform to the fact that their skin color does not make them superior to anyone. I guess they’ll have to stake out their identity on something of real value?

I found a mistake above – surprise! Chiron opposes Trump’s Neptune, not his Mercury. Sorry about that error on my part.

Also, the Mercury in the New Moon chart is trine the US PROGRESSED Uranus AND the US natal Uranus (and Biden’s Saturn), but New Moon Mercury is opposite Biden’s natal Pluto! Not surprised by that surprisingly.

Amazing what a few hours of sleep can do for one’s mind! Happy New Moon everyone, it is the start of a month of breakthroughs. That Full Moon in 2 weeks that Frank spoke of has Venus conjunct Pluto; a transformation of Values. Buckle your seat belts the road ahead looks bumpy.

TRUMP VISITED ALAMO TEXAS TUESDAY. The famous Battle of Alamo 1836 was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution., called ALAMO’S LAST STAND! IS THIS SOME KIND OF CODE TRUMP IS CONVEYING?

“Trump Takes A Last Look At His Border Wall As Congress Considers Impeachment”



“There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.

Much more will become clear in coming days and weeks, but what we know now is enough,” her statement reads. “The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”


Breaking News: The leaders of Britain, France, Germany, and Canada have offered to send troops to protect the US capitol.


Racist Trump misinterprets and completely misunderstands the “Texas Revolution.” He sees it as a victory of White people over Brown people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The “Texas Revolution” was part of a larger rebellion called the Mexican Federalist War. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana unilaterally abrogated the Mexican Constitution, which was mostly a copy of the US constitution. Consequently, several Mexican states, Yucatan, Zacatecas, Coahuila, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas, and Texas rebelled against the dictator. The war sparked in Texas when Mexican soldiers tried to disarm all the citizens of Gonzales, Texas. Unfortunately for those states listed above, Santa Ana quelled their secession, subduing all of them except Texas.

Slaves, Free Blacks, Hispanics, White Americans, and folks of French and German extraction fought and died against Santa Ana at the Alamo, and throughout the revolution.

When the war was over, the Texas Constitution, as well as all Texas government documents were printed and distributed in German, Spanish, and English, the three predominant Texican languages.

Several counties and cities in Texas are named after the heroes of the revolution, many of whom were Hispanic.

RE: offers of Britain, France, Germany, and Canada to send troops to protect the US capitol.

Hopefully, we won’t need them, but God/Goddess bless them all for their support. They are clearly willing, but as our allies who’ve received support from us, they surely feel obligated as well. I have no doubt they are acutely aware of the evil we face in Trump and his far right cultists. As I slowly read Der Spiegel, it is obvious the Germans especially identify with our challenge, and admire American democracy.

Alamo, Texas is actually a 3 1/2 hour drive from The Alamo, which is in San Antonio. It’s another Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Never thought a Cheney would sound like a patriot and ally.

Circumstances do make for strange bedfellows, don’t they?


“He’s a busted flush.”

You and I know better, Eliseo. And we also know that Trump will totally play on his own followers’ ignorance to suit his own purposes.

What was that biblical adage? About the blind leading the blind into a ditch?

How about the raging ignorant leading the raging ignorant.

As for our foreign allies’ offer for support, we are too proud as a country to admit that we need the help, but it would be the trial of our Pluto Return to recognize a need for humility and that we are no longer as strong as we once were. It all comes full circle–or half a circle anyway.

Pluto in Cancer saw America’s ascent to global empire. And now with Pluto in Capricorn comes the fall.

this was a question for Marjorie on her webpage, and it strikes me as being somehow important or symbolic.
Any thoughts?

“Hello Marjorie – today’s new Moon in Capricorn looks like a powerful lunation.
A huge mafia trial opens in Calabria, Italy today – it took three hours to read out the names of all the defendants. The founding chart for Italy, 10th June 1946, is just four days away from Donald Trump’s natal chart, so shares the 23 Cancer Saturn that opposes this Moon. Italy 1861 has it’s Nodes at 22 Capricorn/Cancer, plus Pluto and Mars in Taurus square Venus in Aquarius being transited by Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter. I’d be interested to know what you think about this.

Here is the NYT link to the story

I am inclined to see these days as an “offering up” to our ancestors, may they rest in peace. It seems we are meant to finish the work they began regarding equality for all.

For the most part, it is the chart for when transiting Saturn joined the US natal Neptune that convinced me of the necessity that the USA would require a sacrifice from us all. That Saturn conjunct US Neptune was in August, 2009.

Early this AM or late last night the New Moon at 23+ Cap was conjunct the transiting Pluto at 24+ Cap and they were trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, which seemed the likely time for such an offering up, based on the astrology I noted last night + a correction this AM.

In the August 27, 2009 chart for when transiting Saturn (reality) was conjunct US Neptune (illusions) at 22+ Virgo there was a sextile between trans. Eris at 21+ Aries who was sextile trans. Jupiter, Chiron Neptune in Aquarius (20-24 deg.) on their way to a conjunction with the US Moon and US Pallas (26-27 Aquarius).

That sextile between Eris in Aries and Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius in 2009 formed a Yod (Finger of God) with US Neptune and transiting Saturn in Virgo, the fixit sign. Soon enough transiting Neptune, now in Pisces, will complete a Boomerang pattern when it opposes US Neptune later this year and into 2022. What goes ’round comes ’round.

That means US Neptune will have to make an adjustment (which means illusions must give way to reality for many of us).

Also in the chart for when trans. Saturn conjoined US Neptune in 2009 was an opposition between Pluto (transform) at 0+ Capricorn rx and Mars (rebel, as in rise up against authority) at 1+ Cancer, 2 degrees from US Venus (values), which the US Sibly chart MC at 1+ Libra (+ the Mercury in the 2009 chart) and its IC at 1+ Aries complete a grand cross. Today the Dems and Pubs are duking it out verbally (Mercury on the MC).

The 2009 chart’s Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 8+ Sagittarius and the Moon at 10+ Sagittarius were opposite US Uranus at 8+ Gemini and square US Ceres at 8+ Pisces. Nothing was going to be easy, but there would be a breakthrough, perhaps when the now transiting North Node reaches 8+ Gemini and the South Node reaches 8+ Sagittarius in late July this year?

Trump was impeached for the second time at

4:22 pm EST when 217 yea votes were reached.


Nancy Pelosi signed the order (?) at 6:07 pm EST

For those interested, Kim @Intuitiview.com has a very good new video out today.

According to a poster on DailyKos, in response to Trump’s very real mounting financial woes:

“For the first time in his life, this asshole is finally interested in reading a book.

He’s reading Chapter 7 and Chapter 11.”

The conjunction between transiting Saturn and US Neptune was less than one year after Obama was elected US president. This is about white supremacy . . a last hurrah of the patriarchy.

Transiting Mars entered Aries, the sign he rules, last June 27, when Jupiter was conjunct Pluto at 24+ Capricorn (leadership), where Pluto is now. This Mars activated the 2009 Saturn conjunct US natal Neptune chart’s Pluto-Mars opposition.

That Mars-Pluto opposition was T-square Mercury in the same chart which was conjunct the US Sibly chart MC (outcome) and Biden’s Neptune, all 3 at 1+ Libra that opposed the US Sibly IC, where transiting Mars was late last June. Mercury is about speeches and voting and news reporting and tweeting. Mars is about inciting violence.

This activation of the Saturn-US Neptune cycle by trans. Mars was, I believe, when the Trump following began to coalesce; a following that descended on the US Capitol with the intent to stop the Biden presidency, by killing the VP Pence if necessary.

This Trump following is made up in part of white supremacists and other racist individuals; a characteristic that is not admirable in the new world order.


““For the first time in his life, this asshole is finally interested in reading a book.

He’s reading Chapter 7 and Chapter 11.”


Tres diabolique!

My brother-in-law is a Benedictine monk and abbot at the Saint Procopius in suburban Chicago.He’s a really smart guy (St. John’s, Princeton, Harvard) He delivered a fiery homily last Sunday in which he spoke out forcefully about how some far-Right Wing priests and bishops have been inflaming their congregations with hard-line pro-Trump propaganda. He is one of the few “voices in the wilderness” who truly practices his faith. His homily was based upon the following piece:

How Catholic Leaders Helped Give Rise to Violence at the U.S. Capitol


Unbelievable the people on this Blog

Here is the homily by my Benedictine abbot.

Posted by Becketmonk in Baptism of the Lord and tagged with Baptism of the Lord, Benedictine Monks, divinity, Jesus, Jesus Christ, monasticism, Monks, Rule of St. Benedict, St. Benedict, St. Procopius, St. Procopius AbbeyJanuary 10, 2021
Why do we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus when he did not need baptism? The sacrament of Baptism is a release from sin and a membership into the Church of Christ. Jesus needs none of them. The Gospels are clear: Jesus goes into the water to set an example for us. And when we go into the water with him, he encourages us to embrace his divinity.

This is divinity…not crying out or shouting as a loud mouth in the street. Divinity does not break people who struggle and especially does not quench the Spirit. Instead, divinity brings forth justice when needed. When Divinity sees blindness to the Truth, Divinity sets it straight. When Divinity encounters confinement of opinions and prejudices, Divinity unchains them. When encountering dungeons, Divinity calls people forth from their darkness. This is how we act like Christ, and, this is exactly what we American Catholics must do if we are going to be a credible and believable Church.

Last Wednesday, January 6, how many of the terrorists that raided the Capitol name themselves as Christians, or better put, practicing Christians? How many Catholics joined in the crowd and yelled “fraudulence,” and then marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to break into government property? Are we still speaking about Divinity now? The day after this event, the National Catholic Reporter wrote an editorial, “Catholics need to confess their complicity in the failed coup.”[1] Sure, a lot of us did not go to Washington on that day…at least I hope not. But are we less complicit than the terrorists? Right wing Catholic media have shaped much of our American Church, the worst among them being EWTN. We swallowed all those misinformation pills and jumped into believable beds with white nationalists whom the FBI lists as domestic terrorists. Some people say that this is not who we are as a nation. Yes, it is….this is whom we are becoming because many of us, including US Catholics, are complicit in the violence that caused the deaths of six people.

Baptism, brothers and sisters, means “immersion.” What-have-we-immersed-ourselves-into? Complicity or Divinity? Baptism means we go around doing good and healing society like Christ. Baptism does not mean cavorting with racism or terrorism.

Maybe we need to be “re-baptized,” washed free again of our original sin of white supremacy. We forget that the sacrament of Baptism is an indelible mark on our souls leading us into the Divinity of Christ. May we not darken this sacred sign by complicity with criminals believing God will grant us the gift of Supreme Court justices, subsidies for Catholic Schools and yes, even religious liberty. In the words of the psalmist, “The Lord will bless his people with peace.”

Fr. Becket, O.S.B.

The Baptism of the Lord


That was really great, Will…just fantastic. His fearless, uncompromising honesty is cleansing.

I wonder if those 10 brave Republicans in the House are going to have targets on their head? I surely hope not. I cannot wait until these A-holes are all apprehended. I read a humorous entry on DU where women in the DC area, who were using dating apps and identified as Conservative, were contacted by men who participated in the Capitol breech, who shared photos of themselves inside the Capitol. One woman sent them on to the FBI.


Indeed it is.

On another note, please remember my friend
Barry Goldberg who passed suddenly and completely unexpectedly of a massive cardiac yesterday at age 64. He leaves behind his wife, children and sister.

“Death cometh like a thief in the night.”

Will, thanks for sharing!

Sadly, IMO, the catholic church has, throughout history, had a dark element seeking wealth and political power within their ranks. I think Ive mentioned it here before, but the book “In Gods Name” by David Yallop (1984) was an eye opener for me with Mafia and USA political connections. I recommend it. I think many republican catholics of this era walk on the dark side.

Thankfully they are countered by many wise and truly spiritual among their ranks. I do fear for this pope – he and your brotherinlaw seem to be firmly walking in light. May their light be amplified to shine in dark places.

A brief note about the start of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle’s chart (4/4/20 at 10:43 PM, Washington DC) as it relates to the Mars enters Aries chart on June 27th:

Mars was at 3+ Aquarius and conjunct Saturn at 0+ Aquarius. They were at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between the Moon at 3+ Virgo on the MC and the North Node at 2+ Cancer conjunct US Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer. This meant that, figuratively speaking, Mars and Saturn would have to “adjust” during the course of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, a 12+ year long cycle.

Mars and Saturn in Aquarius were also square Uranus in Taurus and trine Venus in Gemini.


WILL! Now both you AND your brother are my heroes.

sadly it looks like the USA covid death toll will surpass 400K in just another couple of days – another 4K+today. And 9.2 million active cases, at least 29K critical, per WHO. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries

What a mess confronting uncle Joe and his team.

OMG looney tunes. This bimbo said she will file impeachment against biden january 21st.

January 6th Remarks of Trump at the ‘Save America Rally’ in Washington, clearly incites the crowd to attack the Capitol

https://youtu.be/ht20eDYmLXU via @YouTube

Eliseo: Wasn’t the Alamo Custer’s last stand? I see it as a code for Trump.

marjorie taylor green – may 17 1974. milledgeville, georgia

Admiral Pulls Plug on Fox News
As the commander of military forces in E Africa, I asked the American Forces Network (TV) to replace Fox news during meal hours. Why? Because they were inimical to America’s outreach overseas. Put troops in jeopardy. Made my job harder. And they now have accomplices. Without Fox, Trump would be a bungling celebrity who foolishly/laughably ran for president. Real-time reckoning of lies need real-time litigation. There is such a thing as gross distortions of fact and purveyors of such must pay a debilitating price.”

https://democraticunderground.com/100214914380 via @demunderground

Thanks for posting your abbot’s homily, will. The part about confessing and admitting complicity (“Catholics need to confess their complicity in the failed coup.”) resonated with me as I’ve been saying that all the Republicans’ calls for unity are for naught if they won’t fess up to being wrong, for lying about voting fraud, for siding with Trump against the truth, and proclaiming firmly that Biden won fair and square. Confession before absolution, admission of guilt or being wrong and then working for restitution. Maybe it’s having grown up Catholic that instilled that idea firmly in my consciousness, but other traditions also adhere to that, for example, South Africa’s Truth and Justice Commission after the end of apartheid. East Germany after reunification.

Marjorie Taylor Green is QAnon. She’s Georgia’s equivalent of Jim “Gym” Jordan here in Ohio. Total nutjob.

Biden won’t be impeached. She’ll get herself censured at the very least, and maybe even arrested if she acts on her stupid mouth-breathing ideas.

Greene likely had a hand in the insurrection on Jan 6 like Lauren Boebert did.


Birthday for Greene is May 27, 1974, not May 17.

Gemini Sun.

And also, what is it with all these Geminis these days?

Will, I was moved by that homily. It is worth noting that Biden will be the second Catholic President. It is said he goes to Mass every Sunday and has a deep faith, unlike the current President. The first Catholic President was of course JFK.

The nefarious links between the Church and power are a regular feature since Constantine became the first Catholic Roman Emperor on his deathbed way back in the 4th century. That is when Catholic intolerance and persecution immediately began.

The prime recent example of this evil within the Church was the ambiguous relationship between Pius XII and Hitler during the war. Pius had been the Vatican’s Nuncio (ambassador) to Germany before the war and greatly admired Hitler’s stand against Communism, which was to him the primary source of wickedness. He never denounced or excommunicated Hitler for the Holocaust or the war, as described in a famous book titled Hitler’s Pope.

When Charles de Gaulle became Prime Minister of France after D-Day in 1944, he immediately asked Pius for the removal of the Cardinal of Paris and the Nuncio to France, who had both supported the Nazi occupation and had not said a word against the deportation of Jews. Pius replaced the Nuncio with the future Pope John XXIII, who saved Jewish lives while he was Nuncio in Istanbul. Later, when De Gaulle became President of France and Cardinal Roncalli Pope John, they were close allies. I suspect Biden may develop a similar relationship with Pope Francis and this may have an impact on Catholics worldwide.

For my part, I believe in Jesus Christ in spite of, and against, the Catholic Church of my childhood.

Custer died at the battle of Little Bighorn, in present day Montana. Whether the Alamo, or Custer’s last stand, we have the use of suicidal metaphors. Perhaps that’s part of Trump’s pathology?

Alamo, Texas is near the Texas/Mexico border, which therefore gives him an opportunity to speechify lies and delusions about the wall and the “restoration” of American soverignty. No doubt however, Trump confuses, Alamo, Texas with
THE Alamo in San Antonio, about 240 miles further north. He evidently expects his followers to die for him as did the defenders at that old citadel.

I think maybe “Texas History for Dummies” is a text too far above his present capacity. Someone needs to read to him a simpler text at bedtime, a short book with a lot of pictures.

I should have added that the Republicans calling for “unity” are being disingenuous to say the least – “The Democrats are dividing the country!” It’s gaslighting. As satirist Andy Borowitz said, “Republicans Call Defending the Constitution Harmfully Divisive.”

Speaking of crazy Geminis…

Trump has told staff not to pay Rudy Giuliani over irritation at being impeached again


I’m sure this isn’t going to end well.

Thank You for your brother-in-law’s homily!

Having labored in the vineyard for over 31 years, I am presently retired from the episcopacy. My BOTL theology is somewhat different from your brother-in-law’s; I advocated gradually elevating BOTL, hoping to ultimately make it one of the two highest holy days in the liturgical calendar. May we all be immersed in the light!

It is clear your brother-in-law is in harmony with JC in his efforts to progress us all into the deeper practice and experience of self-transcendance and compassion. May the monk’s efforts be truly blessed.

Frank, I use Astrodienst’s chart for Biden, which places both Pluto and his ruling planet Jupiter in the 8th house. Beowulfie’s post at 8.55 pm on January 11 (my SR) says it all. I have read it twice closely and will govern myself accordingly. I have deep concern for Biden’s safety and destiny, but will refrain from predictions on this matter for ethical reasons, also because I could never be entirely sure of my prediction, and finally because, as Will says, the stakes are too high since, even if it were accurate, the prediction would only add to the distress of already anxious readers, particularly Americans.

I care deeply about Biden because he is a good man with an impossible burden, and I will pray for him each day as long as he is President and probably beyond.

I also care for him because of the deep links between our charts. We both have Sag rising at an almost identical degree; his ASC is at 3 Sag and mine at 9. My natal Venus is at 4 Sag. I love this man.

The ruling planet we share is exactly at 25 Cancer in each of our charts. His Jupiter placement is closely trine his Sun (while my Sun directly opposes a Jupiter-Uranus exact conjunction) and is extremely fortunate with respect to both the US chart and the US Constitution chart. Whatever happens to him or however his Administration turns out, he is undoubtedly the right President for the US Pluto return.

We both have Jupiter and Pluto in the 8th house. Finally, his Mars squares his Pluto. My Mars at 27 Pisces is inconjunct my Pluto at 26 Leo and Moon in the 9th at 28 Leo. While I admire many past American Presidents, this is the one to whom I feel a personal connection, and through him to the American people at this most eventful and historic turning point.

I have asked for spiritual guidance before writing this.

Interesting! Trump has no plans to resign because he doesn’t trust Pence to pardon him. Also, as he is in a deeply angry mood, word is he does not want to pardon anyone else. In his view, Congress, the R’s, his staff, cabinet, the voters, and his followers who stormed the Capitol building have ALL failed him, betrayed him, cheated him, etc.

I’m guessing he will pardon himself, and no one else, maybe except for family members.


thanks buckeye for catching that – I thought I typed 27 but 17 resulted – my damned hand! and I didnt go back to read

the behind the scenes stories are starting to surface

Ivanka wouldnt let secret service detail use any of their bathrooms so taxpayers paid $3k month for a nearby basement facility.

kiwi- Not that I have any issues with calling out Ivanka (more please), not sure this is correct. I lived across the street from George W.Bush and family when his dad was president. The SS rented an over the garage apt a few doors down. I also never saw them go inside. I think this is the way the SS always does things. And honestly we used to watch them, teenagers… what can I say can I say. 🙂

The real conspiracy (it ain’t the Dems molesting children):

Exclusive: Large bitcoin payments to right-wing activists a month before Capitol riot linked to foreign account


Real bad stuff in the shadows

RE: bitcoin story.
Very interesting! Thank You!

I now share the concern Mr. Biden feels about his first 100 days.

I’m wondering perhaps if Machiavellian Mitch is “pleased” Dems have impeached DJT, as it gives R’s great opportunity to use the impeachment trial as a means of obstructing Biden’s agenda during those vital first 100 days while seeming to fulfill their constitutional duty.

Pluto remains on the move through Capricorn. GDamn the plutocrats! From my perspective, 2023-2024 can’t come quickly enough!

Ever since I heard Bannon was pushing bitcoin I have sensed its use for and by nefarious entities

Eliseo, actually I am not so concerned about Mitch as I would have been a month ago. I think the country will be in such dire straights that non-nutjob repubs will realize the boat is sinking and it needs all hands on deck. I am encouraged by a few younger smart ones, like Jason Crow, speaking up saying they are actively working behind the scenes looking at economic strategies with bernie and aoc for common sense solutions.
I think the bigger challenge is overcoming the far right wing loudmouth media blowhorns.

Interesting, NY Leticia James has filed suit against NYPD for abuses. Maybe this is designed to leverage needed cleanup within the ranks since the city seems to be helpless against their powerful union and culture.


I so concur with you re: loving teachings of Christ vs. blindly following much of the fossilized and often heartless dogma of Rome.
As some quip, “Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.”

May the Peace of Christ be upon you and all of us, dear man.

I am so exhausted at the recent turn of events since last Wednesday , and yet how many still either support the ‘patriots’ that attempted a coup, don’t believe it was that bad or that it was Antifa, I just am so disillusioned right now .

My husband had three conversations with some back in Trinidad, his staunchly Opus Dei cousin who said Trump was a man of God, a seventh day Adventist who says it’s all about abortions so he supports Trump and another who believes the election was a fraud. Actually they all believe the election was a fraud. FOX news is very prevalent in Trinidad even though there are also other news like CNN and MSNBC

I just am my wits end, advice needed, don’t even let me get started at my mother and her brainwashing from Fox, I am seriously feeling down about it all

Diana, I don’t have any particularly good advice except to stay away from them, avoid discussing politics, bide your time (Biden your time?) and be neutral as positive things can and will happen, so think positively about this. I haven’t listened to Kim’s latest Intuiview but in some recent past ones, she’s said that Trump supporters will come around in time (at least some-to-many of them I imagine). I am going to listen to her latest one soon.

Thank you Sharon, that was very heartening I know you are right, but sometimes I feel that’s it’s so many around us that there’s barely anything to talk about or anyone to talk to. I like Kim very much, will listen to her latest in a bit

I just am stunned at what people can believe, I also feel so sorry with what Biden has already and will have to go through, I hope he ends up being a great POTUS, I just believe with everything that has gone on he is the man for THIS moment, a return to integrity and decency, yet I know he will be vilified from day one !

lawrence odonnell (msnbc) interviewed a former google ethicist tonight. He spoke of, everyone has now watched ‘different movies of reality’; the tech companies dont know how to unplug their frankenstein; they have created a sort of cyborg democracy where everyone has received different implants and believes their own movie. That what is needed to sort out this reality mess is a sort of constitutional convention for digital world, putting in place codes of conduct and rules.

Diana, I’m very grateful I live in a blue bubble in San Francisco, yet like you I have Trumpian family members. If I had to live in a Trumpian household I know I would be a wreck. I hope you are able to carve out time and space to nurture, pleasure and strengthen yourself.

I scour the news for those articles on people waking up: evangelicals repenting their past allegiance to Trump and conservatives stunned into awakeness. It’s proof to me that change is happening. It is extraordinarily difficult to shift your beliefs that are fed to you and supported by your leaders and your media, your peers and community, and your very identity. Many who manage to risk scorn, being shunned or “canceled” by their church, friends, community, even other family members. Many report death threats.

When I say there are some people who may seem to be more open or reasonable to waking up than others, I think you may know what I mean, some who in time we hope will come around. Some though, I believe can’t, because its too much to realize you’ve actually been the evil you accused others to be, that you’ve been misled and all you’ve held dear, a lie. Others, the one’s who profit from it socially, financially and whose egos are deeply invested in it, have an even harder time and that’s if they even want to wake up.

I dont believe trying to change their thinking will work and it would just give them someone to pit themselves against while they strengthen their false claims further. I take to heart what JFK said,”Dont curse the darkness, instead light a candle in the darkness.” I try to strengthen my faith: in the power of grace, in our humanity’s evolution of consciousness, and in the rising energy of the Aquarian Age. I also try to come more from my heart, take better care of my body, commune with spirit regularly, and do what I can to bless and support the positive changes I see that “move” me. I dont know if any of this is helpful, I hope it is, I know it is for me.

Uranus is in Taurus shaking up the conservative mindset. It’s a stubborn mindset but Uranus is the Great Awakener. People are doing their best to cope with tremendous upheaval as an old paradigm dissolves and a new one is evolving and taking root.

Program On Extremism, @gwupoe

Today, The Program has launched a project to create a central database of federal court records related to the events of January 6, 2021. This page will be updated as additional individuals are charged w/ criminal activities & new records are introduced


DIANA! And I thought I had it bad with just a brother, sister-in-law and niece in the Trump camp – and they are in a different state hundreds of miles away from me!

Thank you Sharon and Frank for your supportive words to Diana and all the rest of us, this will take time and courage but I believe with all my heart we were born to be here at this time to help the human race grow in consciousness and in heart, and I believe that Nancy is a pillar of support in these times of transformation, like Biden is a beacon of light for our countrymen and the rest of the world.

As Lyndon Johnson said in 1965, “We shall overcome”.


Re you pointing out the bundle chart of the Biden Inauguration – very true. AND the Venus of that chart trines the ascendant: Venus at 15 Cap trine Asc at 14 Taurus. Venus in the 9th- law, the courts, laws about money, etc.

Added gravy: That Venus squares the Orange Blob’s Chiron, Juno and Chiron in his natal second house, part of which Libra. I say this bodes well for discovering all the Blob’s misuse of funds and depriving him of income for eternity.

I forgot to add the Neptune which sits at 17 Libra. All will be revealed. His lies, his pumped up image, his deceptive financial practices.

I have to laugh now that he says he’s not going to pay Rudy G for all the “legal work” Rudy did for him.

I wonder if this adds to the probability that Rudy will reveal the whole scoop to the Feds. Fingers crossed.

Man who sprained his ankle and got lost in the Alps led back to safety by a mysterious cat


Eliseo: Thank you for info.

Diana, I’m right there with you… I have one brother and very little dealings with him because of his attitude and R leanings. For him, it’s not abortion, but guns. Seems like it’s always some one-trick pony.

I swear, many of us could rightfully claim PTSD after these last four years. I’m SO hoping the R party is so at war with itself after the Inauguration that they’re impotent for the next four years. I’d look forward to my blood pressure going back to normal and getting off these pills!

Angellight, I loved the story about the cat! Sounds to me like she was drumming up business for her owners! (LOL) What a cool story for days of news like we’ve had lately. Thank you!!

Eliseo – how is your brother doing? Has there been any improvement? Been keeping you guys close in mind and heart…

Lamis, thanks for pointing out that Venus trines the ascendant in the INAUGURATION chart. To me that speaks to harmony and values being the themes guiding this presidency, despite the obstacles and challenges.

re: Kim’s video and Trump’s people “not knowing who they are” without him is about the people not willing to see that what they cling to is the PAST.

Those people whose values are handed down from their ancestors, and who refuse to lay down the beliefs and values that were wrong even then, such as slavery, and that women don’t have a right to decide what happens to their own bodies, have to choose to move forward or be left behind.

That has been key to Trump’s popularity; he has allowed them to cling to old values that have long been renounced. He himself has been a wall between the past and the future. Just like the Berlin wall came down, so too the US of the past has given way to the US of the future.


Oh yay! Having cable and internet problems here!

I thought I would pass on the info that on Election Day transiting Ceres would be at 18 Pisces 28 and transiting Neptune would be at 18 Pisces 55 and they would be semisquare transiting Saturn at 3 Aquarius 55.

We know that Ceres can symbolize a grieving parent, or just grieving in general, and Neptune symbolizes a serious lack of reality. We know that on Election Day Neptune and Ceres in Pisces will square Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini and the transiting North Node at 19+ Gemini, and that Trump’s Uranus is trine Trump’s natal Jupiter and US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra (+ US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn).

The Trump Jupiter + US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra are sextile the South Node (what’s not appropriate anymore) that day at 19+ Sagittarius, which is square transiting Neptune and Ceres in Pisces, BUT the South Node (what you should stop doing) is sextile transiting Mercury at 17+ Aquarius which is in a grand trine with Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini (+ transiting North Node) and Trump’s natal Jupiter + US prog. Mars in Libra.

The mind boggles at what this could mean since transiting Mars and Uranus are square transiting Jupiter already on that day, but in hindsight, it might help us figure out why whatever happens, happens. Just sayin’.

Not to be the harbinger of death, but we may have a new problem on our hands: COVID-21.

Essentially, it’s in the wild now, as the virus continues to mutate. And we are allowing it to happen as long as we drag our feet on vaccinations, and empower right wing blowhard buffoons like Trump and Bolsonaro in Brazil.

BREAKING – Capitol Building CCTV feeds showed Rep Louie Gohmert GOP-TX, Rep Jim Jordan GOP-OH, Rep Matt Gaetz GOP-FL, Rep Lauren Boebert GOP-CO, Marjorie Taylor Greene GOP-GA, Paul Gosar GOP-AZ, Andy Biggs GOP-AZ were involved in giving ‘reconnaissance’ tours to groups 1/5.


NRA files for bankruptcy – looks like the purpose is to evade NY lawsuit. Says they will reorganize and re-register in Texas. Does that mean a new chart for them? I wonder when that paperwork will be completed and what a new chart might look like?

Sharon K,
I read a great deal of news earlier today. I don’t recall which news source it was, but one of them reported Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas communicated by twitter with the insurrectionists. He took the tweet down after the attack, but Rep. Eric Swallell took a screen shot of it. It was pretty damning.

A caution: that tweet about surveillance footage showing lawmakers giving tours to rioters has been going around for a couple of days now, and so far, no credible source for the info. Just non news people continuing to retweet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true, but we don’t know that yet.


In your above analysis of Neptune, Ceres square Trump’s natal Uranus, do you think the most recent Solar Eclipse of Dec. 14th, 2020 at 23 Sag would have any impact on outcomes? That would involve the 8th and 2nd houses of the Inauguration Chart.

Good article in The Atlantic about the bioethical dilemma facing hospitals today when it comes to which Corona virus patient is going to be saved.


Lamis, yes!

The Dec. 14 solar eclipse had a sextile between Ceres and Uranus that formed a Yod with Makemake, a dwarf planet named for a god worshipped by the inhabitants of Easter Island. This name broke the tradition of naming planets from Greek and Roman myths.

That naming also was during the period when Pluto was demoted from planet to dwarf planet. These 2 occurrences caused a rebellion among astrologers, two changes that felt like a loss of authority for some who clung to Pluto as a planet, and some who clung to European myths as the source of names for newly discovered bodies that circled the Sun. Change isn’t easy if it isn’t what you want.

The backlash by some people that caused the Jan. 6 debacle was due to the resentment they feel over the rejection of Trump as US President and his symbolism of the dying Patriarchy.

Makemake’s position in the Dec. 14 Solar Eclipse symbolizes a need to shift, like Makemake, due to pressure, like society is pressuring some US people to change from the old ways.

This is the primary aspect I saw in the Eclipse chart and there is more we could examine after the Inauguration (NOT the Election as I wrote above).

Does it feel like time is moving with agonizing slowness? Like it’s been a year since the election, and it will seem like five months instead of days until we make it to Inauguration Day, and he’s finally gone?

I’m trying to hold on, but I lost a dear friend, and I haven’t even been able to find out how or why she died. If it was COVID, I will be even more livid.

She was 67, had just moved back from California a couple of months ago. All her family is there, and I can’t get in touch with them. None of her friends here know what happened. I’ve even tracked down and talked to neighbors, just know she was found in her house dead.

And our collie, who’s about 10, our sweet, ultra zen dog, has been slow to get up on her back legs for a while, but one day last week, she couldn’t get up at all for a few hours. Just couldn’t. We have a vet appointment next week.

Last thing — I feel sick about this. I have someone in the family, immediate family, caught up in Trump lies, and I can’t bring myself to ask if he still believes after the capitol riot. I’m scared he’ll say yes, and I really can’t deal with that. He’s like a different person this last year.

And I really need for these last five days to be done over and Trump gone!

Teresa Hill, my heart goes up to you! How really awful about your friend.

I have 2 brothers, I love them both and feel loved by them both, one is lost in maga-verse and we rarely talk and can never about politics. the other may have retained some sense and reason, in part because his wife whom he loves and respects is anti-trump, but i dont ask because right now I’d really rather not know if he is still a maga-man.

All the very best wishes for you and loving healing thoughts for your collie.


“On Jan 12, Secy of Health & Human Services Alex Azar announced the govt would no longer hold back second doses of the vaccine, expecting that pharmaceutical companies could keep pace & produce enough vaccines for the second dose as it was needed. The popular understanding was that they had held back half the available doses for that second necessary shot. But today we learned that when Azar made that announcement, there was no reserve; the available vaccines had already been distributed. State health officials are outraged that vaccines they had counted on are not available, another sign of just how chaotic the vaccine rollout has been. Chicago Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady told Washington Post reporters Isaac Stanley-Becker and Lena H. Sun, “I have stopped paying a whole lot of attention to what is being said verbally at the federal level right now.”


“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that she has asked retired Lieutenant Russel Honore to lead a review of the security arrangements for last week, and warned that if lawmakers are found to have aided the insurgents, they will face consequences in Congress and also in court. While several agencies are investigating what led to last week’s crisis and why the Capitol Police were left unsupported for hours, Pelosi’s public statement was the first to acknowledge the swirling rumors that the insurgents might have had inside help.” Taken from FB Heather Cox Richardson

Pelosi tasks retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré with leading review of Capitol security


Something else about the Inauguration chart . . . it’s relationship to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction last January in 2020.

That Saturn-Pluto cycle chart’s MC (outcome) at 17+ Cap will sextile the Inauguration chart’s Neptune-Ceres conjunction at 18+ Pisces and together, the Saturn-Pluto chart’s MC and the Inauguration chart’s Neptune-Ceres forms a Yod with the Saturn-Pluto chart’s Moon at 17+ Leo.

It is the Moon (the People), once again being forced to “adjust” to changes, and this could go on for the next 30 years; the length of the Saturn-Pluto cycle. Transformation will come in baby steps, one of which is the awakening awareness that people are equal under the US law. The 4 year Biden-Harris administration will exemplify that through communication.

The Inauguration chart’s Mercury at 18+ Aquarius opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s Moon at 17+ Leo, and that turns the Yod pattern into a Boomerang pattern.

In a Boomerang it is the planet opposite the planet in the apex of the Yod (the apex planet being Moon in Saturn-Pluto chart, and Mercury in the Inauguration chart opposes her) that gets the accumulated power of the Yod. In other words, it is a lesson (Mercury) for us (in the US), compliments of the New Saturn-Pluto cycle.

How that lesson will be taught depends on Joe and Kamala, but their Inauguration chart’s North Node (path forward) at 19+ Gemini is trine that same chart’s Mercury that is in the Boomerang sweet spot. Mercury = grade school, Twitter, Nancy’s blog, MSNBC, Time magazine, etc., etc.

We must learn some bitter truths about ourselves, as a whole, before any real growth can happen. This Covid pandemic and the Trump disease is the 1st step in uncovering those truths.

Adding complexity to the picture, the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus squares the Inauguration chart’s Mercury that opposes the Moon in the Saturn-Pluto chart, so financing the “lesson” in the Biden years will be challenging.

In this very troubled time, I share this teaching by a great Native Canadian spiritual leader. William Commanda was respectfully called grandfather because he was widely considered a wise man. He was a member of the Algonquin nation, which has recently reclaimed its original name of Anishnabe. This nation is a mother nation, meaning it is very ancient and many other native nations in North America are derived from it. It lives in western Quebec, northern Ontario and elsewhere. The Canadian capital of Ottawa and the city of Montreal are parts of its traditional lands.

I had the great privilege of a brief but unforgettable one-on-one meeting with grandfather Commanda before he passed at almost the age of 100. We spoke French when we met, but I then learned about the experience of mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication far beyond words. I have his picture by my computer and look up to it as I write.

Here is his teaching for our time:

“Elder’s Meditation of the Day – January 15

It’s all spirit and it’s all connected.”
— Grandfather William Commanda, ALGONQUIN

If everything is connected, we cannot disconnect. To disconnect is not a real
choice. This is why we are always spiritual no matter what we do. Every
alcoholic is spiritual. All our brothers and sisters are spiritual. We may not be
behaving correctly, but nevertheless, we are spiritual. Our choice is to live out
of harmony with spiritual ways or in harmony with spiritual ways. Everything
is spiritual.

Great Spirit, give me the knowledge to be in harmony with the spirit today.”

In astrology, these are words that speak of the redeeming power of Neptune, of which more tomorrow.

Thank you Andre !!!

SO precious ….. not the right descriptive word but the closest I can come to in the moment. It really touched me, affected me ….
Anishnabe – mother nation … ancient … North America … western Quebec … northern Ontario … Ottawa, Montreal
grandfather Commanda … We spoke French
…It’s all spirit and it’s all connected.”
Great Spirit, give me the knowledge to be in harmony with the spirit today.”

As a Canadian, as a North American and a citizen of the world I thank you for these words today.

Just realized that transiting Neptune was conjunct the US PROGRESSED Sun off and on in 2017-2019.

🙂 So… David Frum and Ali Velshi are Canadians. Joe Biden’s first wife’s parents were Canadians. My Norwegian grandparents first came to the States and then moved up to Canada (Alberta) from the Dakotas. The French, the Acadians, moved back and forth from Louisiana to Canada.

I guess I am a little sensitive to a blogger here that suggested we from Canada, since we didn’t live in the States, or pay taxes in the States, had less relevance. When I attended University of Alberta 60% of my profs at the time were from the States. My children are dual citizens.

I came to think of myself as a North American. Three of the four houses I owned sequentially were in the States.

What can I say?

I love the States and have always been attracted to all things American.

But- whew! At the moment I am so glad to be located on Vancouver Island!! Please forgive my LOL!! 🙂 But…. truly….. I can’t wait to travel back to the US, which I love. I miss the States.

“If it wasn’t my job I would do it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection,” he said. “And we’ll do it as many times as it takes.”

–Daniel Hodges, the officer who was shown being crushed in a doorway by the Nazis who stormed the Capitol. Turns out he’s fine and considers it an honor that he was in a place to serve!


Good man. And good to know there are people like him and others in the ranks of law enforcement. We need more like him.

Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump

Source: Washington Post

Online misinformation about election fraud plunged 73 percent after several social media sites suspended President Trump and key allies last week, research firm Zignal Labs has found, underscoring the power of tech companies to limit the falsehoods poisoning public debate when they act aggressively.

The new research by the San Francisco-based analytics firm reported that conversations about election fraud dropped from 2.5 million mentions to 688,000 mentions across several social media sites in the week after Trump was banned from Twitter.

Election disinformation had for months been a major subject of online misinformation, beginning even before the Nov. 3 election and pushed heavily by Trump and his allies.

Disinformation researchers consistently have found that relatively few accounts acted as “superspreaders” during the election, with their tweets and posts generating a disproportionate share of the falsehoods and misleading narratives that spread about election fraud, mail-in ballots and other topics related to the vote.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/01/16/misinformation-trump-twitter/

Imagine that. And also, what could have been possible if someone made that fool to STFU years ago. We might have a handle on COVID and so many other things right now.

Good riddance to Trump. He can’t be booted out of the White House and locked up in prison quickly enough for me.

I feel fused with the States. I LOVE the States. At the moment I do not live there but my heart is in the States and remains in Vancouver Island, and in Kelowna BC and rural Alberta and all those places Andre spoke of. Altho I haven’t been to those Eastern places.

On my Dad’s side of the family they spoke of the Ottawa Valley. THEY were, they went there; but I have never been. Does it get in to the DNA?

The 4th house is our Ancestral Heritage. I always think of that. It is SO fascinating and interesting. So much to be said, and so enriching……….

Thanks to Izzy (Jan 13, 4:58pm) for posting the times for Trump’s second impeachment – the majority vote on January 13 and Pelosi’s signature at 18:07 pm.

I don’t recall ever seeing charts that say so clearly “it’s over” as those two. Only the Moon changes a bit and the angles end up at 6 Leo 43′ Leo and 25 Aries 12. When Pelosi signs, the Moon is conjunct within a few minutes (3 Aquarius 40′) to Saturn (3 Aquarius 08′). There’s nothing like a hard ending, right?

Every single element in the signature chart is closely aspecting some other point in the chart. Uranus at 6 Taurus 43′ Rx on the Midheaven is precisely, to the minute, square the Ascendant at 6 Leo 43′. Mars at 3 Taurus is conjunct Uranus, and closing in on a precise square to the Moon/Saturn conjunction. And Neptune in the 8th house is semisquare (45) to the Moon and Saturn. That is amazing by itself and there’s more, but that should suffice. IT’s OVER. Done.

Trump will never be President again – whether he is acquitted in the Senate later is irrelevant. At the time of Pelosi’s signature, his natal Neptune in the 2nd of money and personal resources has 5 significant transiting aspects:

-Square Venus
-Trine Saturn/Moon/Jupiter
-Opposite Chiron
-Inconjunct (150) Uranus/Mars
-Sextile the signing chart’s Ascendant

Also, transiting Sun and Pluto are conjunct and they oppose Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus conjunction.

However (there’s always a however..), Uranus has been stationary retrograde at 6 Taurus 43′ since January 10th, and went direct on January 14. It won’t go past 6 degrees 43′ until January 20th.

There’s one further caution, as well – the signature chart in comparison to Trump’s natal chart has a mixture of negative and positive aspects. The positive ones (trine, sextile) indicate (imo) that Trump is going to get a relatively easy exit in spite of his crimes. There are over 80 million voters who are not happy to see him go and the aspects probably say the end result will be a compromise of some sort. (Sorry)

Here’s an article from the NY Times that sums it up well. Trump has made his bed and now he’s going to lie in it. At least he’s finally met with a limitation he can’t wiggle past, but what a terrible price the country is paying to get there!


Thank you BuckeyeShadow. I believe that officer represents how we should feel about being US citizens at this awful time in history. It’s an honor.

Thanks Beowulfie and Izzy for the charts for the 2nd Impeachment; it IS amazing!

NT Times: Finally, after January 6th Trump went below a 30% approval rating. It took Covid AND the insurrection to do it.

Imagine where things would stand today without those 2 things (not to say it’s good that those 2 things happened). It’s just a mind blower – he’s been like a huge suction cup on the rock of the country – very hard to pry off.

“Mr. Trump is set to depart office on Wednesday with an approval rating of 29 percent, the lowest of his presidency, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

About 75 percent of the public said Mr. Trump bore some responsibility for the violence and destruction of Jan. 6, which put the lives of the vice president and members of Congress at risk and resulted in five deaths, according to the survey….”


Jude Cowell of Stars Over Washington blog has done a good post on the timing of the mob attack, as she terms it, on January 6th.



“I guess I am a little sensitive to a blogger here that suggested we from Canada, since we didn’t live in the States, or pay taxes in the States, had less relevance.”

Firstly, its okay to use my name, sunstars – its “will.”

I think you have misunderstood or are mischaracterizing my my comment up-thread.

Let me put it a different way; I am not a Canadian citizen and as such cannot vote in Canada. So, wouldn’t my political proclivities be considerably less valid than if I was a citizen and did vote in Canadian elections?

Secondly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more beautiful city as Vancouver. I love your country and have gone on fishing and canoeing trips in the lakes and rivers of your Ontario and Manitoba. But I don’t have the right to vote on policies that govern your territories. I’m okay with that. My next trip over your border will be to Montreal in Quebec. I have a touring sedan and plan on making the drive once the pandemic has been significantly reduced by vaccine or self-resolve.

Please, don’t feel less relevant as a person.

had to share – New meaning for MAGA – my ass got arrested

Love it, kiwi!


Agreed. Hodges is a true patriot. He gets it.


I’m okay with DJT being impeached twice by the House and hopefully convicted by the Senate. The Federal govt. doesn’t have to take him down. They’ll start it, the states–NY and also NYC in particular–will finish him off.

Beowulfie, thanks for the Jude Cowell piece on the Jan 6th Capitol event.

I saw (could not read her charts so did my own) the Uranus-Pluto #1 conjunction chart and the Jan 6th chart (used 2:15 pm time of the attack) had Neptunes trine each other (Pisces and Scorpio) and Suns square (Capricorn and Libra) each other. I am intrigued and will study some more!

We are still living in the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto square, exacerbated by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. We have been experiencing in the last four years the effects of a pathological relationship between the dark sides of Uranus and Pluto. We are about to be saved by the third and least mentioned outer planet, Neptune.

Most astrologers emphasize the negative side of Neptune: deception, confusion, dissolution, despair, addiction, fraud. They often neglect its positive side, which is love and compassion. Neptune is about the soul, individual and collective. Many astrologers are uncomfortable with this because, like most human beings, they are uncomfortable with spirituality in general.

Neptune, like its sign of Pisces, represents victims, outcasts, the weak, the poor, the sick, the mentally ill, the dispossessed, prisoners, addicts of all kinds, marginalized classes of people, women, the LGBTQ, so-called inferior races such as the African-American people. Neptune represents visionaries of all kinds, from poets to statesmen or stateswomen, generals and businessmen. It is strong in the charts of mathematicians who think on a higher plane. It is about creative intuition.

The much maligned Piscean Age embedded compassion in the human psyche. “Love thy neighbor” is quintessential Neptune. So is the following quote from the Dalai Lama:

“Love and compassion are not luxuries. They are necessities. Without them, humanity will not survive.”

Neptune’s undefinable power of inspiration often comes through great suffering which elevates some minds while it demeans others. Neptune in Pisces is now at its most powerful in its home sign.The Afro-American community, which has suffered unimaginably, has given Joe Biden the Democratic nomination and the US Presidency to lead us with vision and compassion through the hell of our times. This community, which contributes so much to American and world culture, is truly inspired by Neptune, despite its ongoing social ills and issues with the negative side of that planet, drug addiction and incarceration. All addicts are at bottom spiritual seekers.

The US has been here once before. This is the second time Neptune has been in Pisces since the Revolution. The first time was in the 1850s. It so happens that when Neptune is in Pisces, it opposes US natal Neptune in Virgo and squares US natal planets in Gemini, Uranus and Mars. Neptune is now dissolving Trump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition, the core of his professional life and identity. It is also dissolving Trump’s Sun-Uranus conjunction, bringing to naught his capacity to shock endlessly and ignore social norms. Neptune is taking us out of the Trump nightmare.

Neptune in Virgo is weak because it opposes Neptune’s natural sign. It is afflicted by squares to US Mars and Uranus, which mixes violence, racism and collective madness with religion in the US. Neptune brings madness to those it finds wanting and would destroy. But Neptune in Virgo supports the stellium of fortunate and wonderful Cancer planets in the US chart. A healthy faith is the mainstay of the homeland and the support of the people.

During the Neptune return in the Thirties, the US elected a President who shared his deep faith and inspired millions. He put social programs in place that were social democratic and the civic expression of solidarity, love and compassion. During the Neptune opposition or semi-return, love and compassion have been replaced by greed and selfishness.

Similarly, in the 1850s while Neptune was in Pisces opposed to natal Neptune in Virgo, the US experienced a moral and spiritual crisis. The White House, Senate and Supreme Court were dominated by racism. One Senator was almost killed by another on the Senate floor when he called for the end of slavery. Then as now, the moral beacon came from outside the mainstream of the conservative religious establishment. The abolitionist movement was that beacon. And ultimately, when it was in the final degrees of its own sign and therefore at its highest degree of power, it provided the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, the President who ended slavery during a terrible civil war fought over it. Neptune will again reach the final degree of its passage in Pisces in November 2024 while Pluto enters Aquarius.

There have been African-American leaders with great moral authority: Frederick Douglass, MLK, John Lewis, the Obamas. Mandela did the same for his country and his continent. Now the Afro-American community as a whole has played a great moral role in American history. Help is on the way with Joe Biden. More help is coming in 2024.

The midpoint of the Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (communicate) in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart is 20+ Libra, and the Moon (People, emotion) in the Capitol attack chart is 21+ Libra and the US natal Juno (not equal) is at 20+ Libra, and all 3 oppose the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

The chart for the Uranus-Pluto conjunction (17+ Virgo) has them sextile Neptune (18+ Scorpio) and they were forming a Yod with the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries). This means US Chiron will be forced to adjust under pressure, due to the Jan. 6th fiasco.

US natal Chiron opposes US natal Juno (20+ Libra) which I associate with the many examples of inequality in the US. That turns the Yod into a Boomerang and US Juno inherits all the power of the Yod.

Since both the Uranus-Pluto chart and the Capitol Attack chart have a connection to the US Juno, who symbolizes inequality and a penchant for revenge, and because US Juno opposes US Chiron who was a teacher, and because he, Chiron, endured a wound that would not heal (perhaps a referral to the US slavery issue) . . .

. . this violence perpetrated by white supremacy believers is likely what the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and the January 6 upheaval have in common.

That seems to be what Jude Cowell was driving at.

To me, Neptune, the collective, the unconscious is very well explained by Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance. We are connected by our DNA and we evolve through morphic resonance.

Fascinating stuff regardless of its validity.

The weirdest Trump scandal: His Russian counter-intelligence investigation was secretly blocked

“Ok here is where the scandal arose. When Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was appointed, he was supposed to take over both aspects of the FBI’s dual investigations. Except, we subsequently learned, Deputy AG Rosentein told Mueller to limit his investigation to a criminal investigation only, and then deliberately concealed that instruction from the FBI. The result was that Mueller thought that the FBI was conducting the counter-intelligence investigation, and the FBI thought that Mueller was conducting the counter-intelligence investigation. Thus, as intended by Rosenstein, no one conducted a counter-intelligence investigation into Trump’s connections or misconduct with Russia.”


And we thought Rosenstein was a good guy! I really wanted him to be a good guy because at the time we really needed one….. And Capricorns are known for law and order…. or …. with their proclivities towards boundaries…. having their concerns end with themselves.

I thought he was one of the good guys, too. This is more than just weird. It undermined everything and caused people to state the Russia interference was a nothing burger. Grrrrr


Now, what is this about!!? Something else to screw the Biden administration encouraged by Roger Stone.

RE: your 6:23 am January 17th, 2021posting.
Thank You. Your words are full of quiet strength, of insight and clarity. It was a beautifully expressed explication.

As you write so well in English, I look forward to reading your work in French.

BAAD Capricorns: Jeff Sessions (kids in cages) and Wilbur Ross

Actually there are many more… at that time with the three Capricorn planets they were “over represented”.. or naturally represented……
Wonderful Capricorns remaining as icons…. Martin Luther King… you all can add more…. 🙂

🙂 Andre of course is a Capricorn 🙂

Sunstars, indeed I am.

Will, if you come to Montreal, we have to meet. You are welcome here at any time.

Eliseo, thank you. I was told just last week by an editorial writer in a major Montreal newspaper that my writing in French was clear. My former constitutional law professor, who is still a guiding light to me in his eighties, told me recently one of my columns was clear as usual. But it is more satisfying to be considered clear in English because it is my second language. I know you were an English teacher, which makes your comment even more valuable. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was exactly on my natal Mercury at 0 Aquarius. Natal Chiron is two degrees away at 28 Cap. Pluto is approaching both. My writing is freer and deeper than before.


Your disquisition on the nobler influences of Neptune is exquisite. I’ve got the planet sitting in my first house conjunct Saturn; it helps tethers me to Spirit

Will, the Saturn-Neptune conjunction at 0 Aries in February 2026 should be a high water mark for you. Don’t you have your Sun at 0 Aries? Stay safe and make it there.

Never would have guessed that English is your second language. Your insights are deep and well-conveyed.

Getting ready for the indoguration –


Interesting. In interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace, Karl Rove said he believed there was a good chance more than 17 R senators would vote to convict DJT in the impeachment trial.

He based his opinion in part on statements by Mitch McConnell, and on the weakness of Guilani’s proposed defense. Guilani intends to assert the president’s words and actions, as well as those of the insurrectionists were justified as the election really was rigged and fraudlent.

Apparently, Trump intends to go with Guilani as no one else is willing to take the case.

Trump is supposed to issue something like 100 pardons/commutations on Tues. Those pardoned have paid a lot of money to Trump’s allies. This was in the NYT.


I’d be glad to meet you in Montreal, Andre. Thank you for your hospitality.

Re: February 2026 0-Aries conjunct Saturn/Neptune high water mark – from your proverbial lips to God’s ears. How could a high water mark be bad?


Re: Karl Rove on Chris Wallace:
Wow! That would be Schadenfreude on steroids and meth!

I’m wondering – if he was convicted of the article of Impeachment in the Senate, would that render his presidential pardons null and void?

Just read that Giuliani said he will be unable to represent Trump in the Senate or in court.


“I’m wondering – if he was convicted of the article of Impeachment in the Senate, would that render his presidential pardons null and void?”

Sadly, as far as I know, it would not. The only pardon he might issue which might be invalid would be if he pardoned himself. Legal scholars have said that would be as if you were your own judge in a trial. Not allowed.

Secondly, legal scholars say it would be gramatically odd. As a verb, you can only “grant” something to someone else. You don’t “grant” something to yourself. You either have it already, or you don’t. If you don’t have it, you might buy it or steal it, but you don’t grant something to yourself. As president, if you already had a pardon, you in effect would be above the law.

I’m sure Andre could confirm and/or elaborate on this, especially if I am wrong.

FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack

U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.

The massive undertaking reflects the extraordinary security concerns that have gripped Washington following the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters. And it underscores fears that some of the very people assigned to protect the city over the next several days could present a threat to the incoming president and other VIPs in attendance.


Records: Trump allies behind rally that ignited Capitol riot

“A pro-Trump nonprofit group called Women for America First hosted the “Save America Rally” on Jan. 6 at the Ellipse, an oval-shaped, federally owned patch of land near the White House. But an attachment to the National Park Service public gathering permit granted to the group lists more than half a dozen people in staff positions for the event who just weeks earlier had been paid thousands of dollars by Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. Other staff scheduled to be “on site” during the demonstration have close ties to the White House.
At least one was working for the Trump campaign this month. Megan Powers was listed as one of two operations managers for the Jan. 6 event, and her LinkedIn profile says she was the Trump campaign’s director of operations into January 2021. She did not respond to a message seeking comment. The AP’s review found at least three of the Trump campaign aides named on the permit rushed to obscure their connections to the demonstration. They deactivated or locked down their social media profiles, removed tweets that referenced the rally and blocked a reporter who asked questions. Caroline Wren, a veteran GOP fundraiser, is named as a “VIP Advisor” on an attachment to the permit that Women for America First provided to the agency. Between mid-March and mid-November, Donald J. Trump for President Inc. paid Wren $20,000 a month, according to Federal Election Commission records. During the campaign, she was a national finance consultant for Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee between the president’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee.”


“Fox Settled a Lawsuit Over Its Lies. But It Insisted on One Unusual Condition — that an agreement with the family of a murdered young man remain undisclosed until after the election?”


Andre, thank you for your lovely comment on Neptune that salutes its positive expression and admits to its negative expression.

Neptune rules my natal chart and I’ve been experiencing the positive and the negative expressions of Neptune all my life, and agree that most of what we read in blogs or articles about the times we live in explores the negative results that Neptune expresses, and not so much the positive.

There is a fine book by Liz Greene called Neptune and the Quest for Redemption that everyone who studies astrology should own or at least read to understand the symbolism of this planet. There are also good articles on Neptune’s influence on humanity that look at positive and negative influences, but articles that focus on societies can’t help but point out Neptune’s involvement with drugs and craziness and lies.

Despite the fact that Neptune plays a role in all the major cycles going on in this period of civilization, it, like Pluto and Uranus, seems to accent the negative rather than the positive, all the better so we, the People, can see what needs to change, don’t you think?

With Joe Biden’s natal Neptune at 1+ Libra conjunct the US natal Sibly chart’s MC (how the world sees the US) and trine the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s conjunction at 0+ Aquarius, it offers hope, charity and faith in the future of this country for all to witness. I mean, how much gooder can it get?

People will compare the days of Trump with the days of Biden and marvel at the difference between them; one man shallow and weak and the other man brave and kind, each contibuting to bring about transformation in this country.

While Trump’s natal Chiron (wounding/healing) conjuncts the US natal Saturn (government structures) it is Biden’s Neptune (“love and compassion”) that will change forever how the land of the free and the home of the brave is seen.

Barbk: Andre, et al love your stuff on Neptune.

Greene’s book on Neptune is my favourite astrology book. The case studies are fascinating if you enjoy psychology as well.

Below is a excerpt from this book on Neptune in the National Horoscope, page 309 which relates back to my post on morphic resonance.

Such a theory as this assumes that all the members of a nation share a common fund of thoughts which have been acquired in and transmitted through, history, and a common will to continue living together as a nation in the future. Therefore, when a nation organizes itself into a state it is expressing the current stage of development of that collective fund of thoughts, memories, hopes fears and wishes–that is, the collective unconscious.

All of the enemies that Trump has made are sharpening their legal swords and getting ready to pounce.

Attorney Roberta Kaplan is about to make Trump’s life extremely difficult

Trump is about to meet his worst nightmare and the sum of all his fears the moment his term ends at noon on Wednesday. It’s why he has fought so desperately to cling to the White House as both a platform for his ego and a shield for the myriad legal liabilities he has caused for himself personally and his financial interests. But the gig is up and the game is over. The day of reckoning has arrived that he has dodged and evaded his entire adult life.

Even if he opts to pardon himself, which is dubious in its legal validity at best, won’t protect him from the tsunami of non-federal lawsuits and probes that are coming for him.

He has made many, many powerful and relentless enemies. Most of them will not rest until they have extracted from him the comeuppance he richly deserves. Even when he is dead and gone, they will go after his estate and pick it down to the brittle bones.

His kids will ultimately inherit nothing more from him than the weight of a surname that will be ever after remembered in ignominy.

He’s a horrible, disgusting, despicable person, and I don’t feel sympathy for him in the least for the karmic wages he has earned.

I’ve got very bad personal news. I just got a call from my sister-in-law. The doctors say my brother’s lungs have completely failed. They are preparing to turn off the machines that are keeping him alive. They say they can do nothing more for him.

I and my while family are devastated. I am deeply sad and profoundly angry. Bad government killed my brother. A bad president, an evil Republican party, a bad Texas governor, lieutenant governor, and bad Texas legislature, all for ideological and political reasons reasons failing to properly address this diease in a realistic, or competent manner.

I have no words.

So very very sorry Eliseo

Quintile and Andre, the awareness you have shared here regarding the power and motivation brought on by the energy that is symbolized by Neptune is implicit during the period when transiting Neptune was traveling with transiting Jupiter and Chiron in 2009, and they were all conjunct the US natal Moon, symbol of the US people.

For example the exact conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter at 26 Aquarius 28 (Neptune was retrograde then) while Chiron was at 26 Aquarius 13. The US Moon at 27 Aquarius 10 (in the Sibly chart) and US Pallas (goddess of war strategy) at 26 Aquarius 31 rx were absorbing this transiting energy (via the Internet? Of course!) from the 3 transiting planets.

At this particular exact conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter (May 27, 2009) the transiting Mercury (reading etc) at 23+ Taurus (conjunct the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus) was trine US NATAL Neptune at 22+ Virgo and both were sextile the transiting Moon (the People) at 22+ Cancer on 5/27/09.

22+ Cancer is opposite where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the Jupiter-Pluto#3 conjunction took place in 2020. Moon = People and Pluto = transformation while Jupiter and Saturn = social structure or government.

The point is those 2 cycles, the Pluto-Saturn and the Pluto-Jupiter at 22+ Capricorn, during 2020 were opposite the transiting Moon at 22+ Cancer in the Neptune-Jupiter cycle chart that began in 2009.

That trans. Neptune and Jupiter (+ Chiron) in 2009
could be described as expanding (Jupiter) illusions (Neptune), and being conjunct the US Moon it was impacting the US People (US Moon).

I will spare everyone the Boomerang pattern that is created by this combination, but what happened astrologically in 2020 is activating what began for the US people in 2009, i.e. widespread confusion or illusions, thanks to the involvement of the US natal Neptune in 2009 AND in 2020.

Bringing these illusions and delusions to the surface of our group consciousness (thanks to Trump) is how we are able to deal with them. It will take time but I think it will happen.

My heart goes out to you and your family Eliseo.

I’m so very sorry, Eliseo.

Eliseo, I am saddened by the news.

Quintile, the collective unconscious is a concept formulated by Carl Jung, in my view the greatest psychiatrist. He famously said astrology was psychology’s past and its future. He used natal charts in the treatment of his patients.

Eliseo, Will,

I believe the case can be made that any pardon granted by an impeached President is void if he is subsequently convicted. This has never been argued before the courts, so nobody knows.

There is less uncertainty about a self-pardon. It is highly unlikely it would be upheld by the courts because an ancient and strong rule of English law, which was perhaps of Roman origin and has been transmitted to the US, Canadian, Australian and NZ common law is that no man can be a judge in his own case.

((((Eliseo & Family)))) Just terrible news. Deep condolences in this sorrowful time. May God hold your brother and all of you with great tenderness in the palm of his hand. May Karma get back those responsible for this careless, inept, neglectful, greedy handling of this illness and inability to stop its spread.
Sending prayers, Sharon

On a more hopeful note, this appears positive but who knows?


My sincere condolences Eliseo.

Eliseo, I share your anger and your sorrow. I am so very sorry for you and your family. My love and thoughts surround you all; may the gods of justice give some healing, tho the pain still lingers after. May the Lady touch your heart with the love and friendship that surrounds you from here and elsewhere, so you know you’re never alone in your grief. We all love and hold you close in this minute and those that follow.

an inspiring young lady to watch as we journey into the future – 22yr old Amanda Gorman


I am deeply sorry for your very difficult and painful situation. Via con Dios. Pax Christi on your brother’s soul.


“I believe the case can be made that any pardon granted by an impeached President is void if he is subsequently convicted. This has never been argued before the courts, so nobody knows.”

May it all be done!

Eliseo- I am so sorry, this is devastating. I know how hard, perhaps impossible to find peace in this terrible reality, yet I am wishing it for you and sending you peace and comfort.

I’m so sorry, Eliseo. I’m also mad at how this terrible conservative government has killed so many, including your brother. Otherwise, I have no words, except for heartfelt condolences.

Eliseo, a very sad story. So sorry for your devastating loss.

Andre, yes Jung was truly a pioneering genius and is often referenced by Liz Greene in her book on Neptune.

Eliseo, I am so sorry for the pain you and your family are in. I hold you and your family in my heart and ask the Grandmothers and Grandfathers to guide you through this journey.

Eliseo, I just read your sad news. My sincere sympathy for your loss. Words are inadequate, but wishing your brother peace, and comfort to you and your family.

Looks like the Internet might be the Uranus part of the Mars-Uranus conjunction. QAnon members have discussed posing as National Guard, exchanging maps and pictures of DC via the Internet and cell phones.

Eliseo, so very sorry to hear the news.

46mRobert Reich@RBReich·

Here’s the difference, folks. When Colin Kaepernick speaks out against racial injustice, no team will sign him. When Josh Hawley gets dropped for helping incite an insurrection, he lands another book deal in less than 2 weeks. This is what white privilege looks like.

Eliseo: Sorry for you loss. I hope in time you will no longer feel angry; then they win. May God heal your heart and grief be replaced with love.

Off the rails: Inside Trump’s aborted plan to control the CIA Off the rails: Inside Trump’s aborted plan to control the CIA

In his final weeks in office, after losing the election to Joe Biden, President Donald Trump embarked on a vengeful exit strategy that included a hasty and ill-thought-out plan to jam up CIA Director Gina Haspel by firing her top deputy and replacing him with a protege of Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.


Eliseo, I am so sorry for your and your family’s loss. Joining with the others here to offer my heartfelt condolences at this sad time Wishing you all peace and light.

Eliseo, I’d like to add my condolences to our little group’s sorrow for you loss. Wishing you the peace and health to pass through this sad time.

The following notice has been making the rounds of the Twitter feed recently……..

NY Attorney General Letitia James Has 67 Indictments On Trump Ready To Be Unsealed On January 21, 2021.

So…… Even if Trump has the temerity to pardon himself, he is subject to those pending 67 indictments upon his departure.

Letitia James DOB October 18, 1958 Brooklyn, NY 12 pm (time unknown). Natal Saturn – 21 Sagittarius conjunct Trump’s natal Moon opposite Trump’s natal Sun.

January 21, 2021 4 am Washington DC Moon/Mars/Uranus conjunction at 6 Taurus square Jupiter 7 Aquarius – semi-square/ sesqui-quadrate Trump’s natal Moon-Sun opposition and Let. James natal Saturn (21 Sag).

To add insult to injury, not only will Trump be evicted from the White House on the 20th, but there is a distinct possibility he will be arrested the following day by a black woman. Stranger things have happened.


“To add insult to injury, not only will Trump be evicted from the White House on the 20th, but there is a distinct possibility he will be arrested the following day by a black woman. Stranger things have happened.”

Delightful scenario!


Twelve Nat’l Guard members removed from inauguration duty after vetting them for ties to militia & extremist groups (or social networking posts showing support)!

Everyone, let’s continue to pray for Eliseo, his brother, and his family during this trying time. Namaste.

Eliseo — very sorry for what your family is going through. Sending comforting thoughts to you and your family during this difficult time.

To All:
I firstly want to sincerely thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers, and emotional support for my covid afflicted brother, and our family.

Here’s an update.
Yesterday we were told there was essentially no hope, there were no cognitive functions, (which we interpreted as brain death) and that my brother would be dead within a few hours.

Today, we hear a different and shocking story!
He is evidently NOT brain dead, but in a coma between life and death. He is in extremely serious and dire condition; he may yet die, but there is a small chance he might live, but with damaged lungs and needing oxygen. The medical staff continue in their efforts to save him.

Meanwhile, my brother’s wife, my sister-in-law has a brother who is extremely ill with covid, as well as his 3 children. The man’s wife was in a serious car accident when she had a panic attack!

I’m in WA state; my brother and family are in Texas. My sister-in-law, at a gas station in east Texas observed several men, each with pick-up trucks with trump signs and rifles racked on the back window, as they filled up huge tanks and drums with gasoline. She overheard their conversation, as they laughingly spoke of how obviously stupid were Biden supporters, how obviously fraudulent was the election, as they knew absolutely NO ONE who voted for Biden.

She considered going up to them, shaking their hands, introducing herself, revealing to them they’ve now met a Biden voter, and that there were many more Biden voters they probably knew, but surely chose not to talk with them about it as they preferred more intelligent conversation. Considering that these fellows were armed, and she wasn’t, she wisely decided against her imagined course of action.

With all their weaponry and gasolne, she figured they were headed to Austin, (the Texas capital) so she wrote down their license plate numbers, and made a few phone calls.

Wow Good AMERICAN woman!!!!!!

Only in America Hahaha

Yes, a very good American woman, a real loving sweetheart, and great cook.
ALL of my Texas relatives are very fine people. My brother, 3 & 1/2 years younger than myself, sick and dying with covid, inherited our father’s deep kindness.

Eliseo, I think our fathers (from that generation) were affected deeply by not only WWII, but also the Great Depression. I know my father couldn’t stand to see anyone hungry or in need. He’d literally give you the last shirt off his back if you needed it. And no animal went hungry anywhere around my childhood home. He even bought pounds of peanuts for the squirrels each winter (drove our dog bonkers!). But there was a deep abiding caring you could feel from him that was authentic, genuine. My grandmother was the same way, as was my great-grandpa (who idolized and finally met Woody Guthrie and sung with him. He also hated “old man Koch” with a passion!) I hope and pray we come out of our Covid Depression with the same caring and empathy as our parents and grandparents held after the Great Depression.

Thoughts and energies your way… may your brother’s healthcare workers be given the ability to work miracles everyday, including for your brother.

BTW, did you see where CA now has it’s own Mutation of Coronavirus? It’s called (I think) CA-20. David says it’s going thru it’s own evolution, and hopefully will become less deadly with time.


May Charles be spared from perishing. Sending hope, strength and prayers for his deliverance.

My best wishes for your brother, Eliseo.


If you haven’t seen it yet, Biden’s address to Delaware before his departure to DC for the inauguration is well worth watching.

Make sure you have a box of tissues close…


on a lighter note – Bette Midler

My brother, Charles passed over around
2 am cst, the 20th of January, 2021.
He evidently contracted the virus from an irresponsible couple who refused to wear masks or get tested. From my perspective, it was negligent homicide.
Again, thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Eliseo: I pray God keep you and your family strong as you go through this passing of your dear brother and the illness of your sister in law and children, whom I hope will get completely well from this virus. All the best for you and your family. Blessings and love.

RE: My brother
Thank you for your blessing!
My sister-in-law is fine, physically.
It is her brother and his children who are ill. I’ve never met them. But thank you anyway. So, so many needing healing prayers. When will this pandemic end?!?!!?

In just 3 hours a new cycle will begin for the US, a cycle which the 2021 Inauguration chart supplies clues for what the next 4 years this cycle has in store for us/the US. I thank Nancy and other contribitors here for showing me what a valuable tool an Inauguration chart is.

This one, 12 Noon on January 20 in Washington DC, has a dominant aspect; Mars conjunct Uranus square Jupiter (+ Saturn + Sun) and we have speculated what all that could mean for many months, fearing the worst.

This Mars-Uranus conjunction also T-squares the US NATAL chart’s North and South Nodes, suggesting that the US is at a crossroad; to move forward or to not move forward. I would point out the Chiron in this Inauguration chart trines the US North Node (path forward) and sextiles the US South Node (deters growth).

In either case Chiron tells us to expect wounding through moving ahead or clinging to the past, however moving ahead (US North Node in Leo) with creative plans will be easier.

This Inauguration chart’s Sun, Saturn, Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts the US South Node which suggests to me that, in the BEGINNING of this 4 year cycle, it is about maintaining what we have built in the preceding years that will guide us, rather than forging ahead with the Leo North Node creative ideas right away.

This most likely means healthcare, jobs, support for small established businesses, etc., etc. Still, the Mars-Uranus energy is not going to let up the pressure for more radical changes.

The Sun (symbol of consciousness) at 0+ Aquarius conjuncts the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree with its thrust toward thinking and groups and the future, and the dual rulership between Saturn and Uranus of Aquarius compounds the need to choose between the past or the future. We are in a period of fluctuation, perhaps a 2 steps forward, 1 step back kind of thing.

I am intrigued by the role of Ceres in this Inauguration chart, she conjuncts Neptune. In the new Saturn-Pluto 30+ year cycle start a year ago she was in the same degree with them. The US natal Ceres started her new “Return” just hours before the new Jupiter-Saturn 20 year cycle started last month. It seems to me that Ceres is a dominant force demanding recognition at this time and that means Nature and Nurturing will require some respect from the People and their government.

Change in how the laws are enforced could easily be affected by Ceres’ presence in the Inauguration chart as she and Neptune in Pisces are T-square the Inauguration chart Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. Ironically, Mercury in this chart, in Aquarius, trines the Inauguration chart North Node in Gemini and sextiles the South Node in Sagittarius. Baby steps forward seems likely.

11:48 a.m. — does that change anything?

Jackson, yes it does! It brings the Mars-Uranus conjunction out of the 12H where that energy may be turned against the self into the 1stH, integrating that energy into the personality. Biden’s term will be expressing that energy rather than being the target of that energy.

Jackson, so sorry. The time at 11;48 does not change the chart. Mars-Uranus conjunct remain in 12H.

was the moon void of course during the swearing in?

By my reckoning the Mppn was within 2 minutes of an exact square with the Sun

Moon, not Mppn, bad light.

Wonderful inaugural address. Some of the lines were very memorable. I like this passage: “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts. If we show a little tolerance and humility, and if we’re willing to stand in the other person’s shoes, as my mom would say, just for a moment, stand in their shoes. Because here’s the thing about life. There’s no accounting for what fate will deal you. Some days, when you need a hand. There are other days when we’re called to lend a hand. That’s how it has to be. That’s what we do for one another. And if we are this way, our country will be stronger, more prosperous, more ready for the future. And we can still disagree.”

Lady Gaga was so wonderful and so was J-Lo (both are born in raised in NYC) but the really special icing on the cake and cherry on top was the young poet, Amanda Gorman.


It truly feels like a few rays of light have come out here, even if the sky is still filled with storm clouds.

Make no mistake–Biden’s path and the country’s path forward will not be easy, but we are already so much better off with him and Harris in the Executive Branch, a vast improvement in leadership over the now departed man-child.

BuckeyeShadow: “It truly feels like a few rays of light have come out here, even if the sky is still filled with storm clouds.”

Quite literally:

I even noted a lightness in my steps from the kitchen to the family room a few minutes ago. Kinda like a huge weight off my shoulders…

I will say I held my breath a couple of times during the inauguration, tho. Out of the beast and walking to the White House, even tho a short distance, could have been dangerous. All in all, tho, I think the planners did an excellent job.

And that drumline from Howard University! Excellent!

Eliseo, my deepest condolences on your loss. May the kids heal quickly, and draw strength from each other in their grief.

Kamala was sworn in 7 minutes before Joe – should we look at that chart too due to her historic milestone?

I loved the image of the few light snowflakes – almost like angelic cleansing whispers

Eliseo, my deepest heart-felt condolences. May your brother’s spirit inspire you always. May you feel him with you for the rest of your days until you meet again.

According to the Constitution, Biden’s term began at noon. The time of his oath does not change that. I think the chart for noon is the right one.


Andre expressed my sentiments regarding your brother’s passing. My thoughts of support and healing are with you.

slightkc: I too was nervous, apprehensive, especially when they got out the beast until I remembered the drones, like protective angels, hovering in the air, watching and guarding.

“The Hill We Climb.” Amanda Gorman

“We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace.

We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it, Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy. And this effort very nearly succeeded. But while democracy can be periodically delayed, it can never be permanently defeated. In this truth, in this faith we trust. For while we have our eyes on the future, History has its eyes on us. ––”

“For there is always light
if only we’re brave enough to see it,
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

-Amanda Gorman

How remarkable is it that Joe Biden’s natal Neptune in Libra is at the MC of the US natal birth chart, and the US natal Neptune in Virgo is at the MC of the Joe Biden birth chart? Uncanny.

Okay, I counted up 100 days starting with January 21 and including Sundays and holidays, and the one hundredth day of Biden’s term is April 30th, and guess what? The transiting Sun that day will be conjunct transiting Uranus at 10+ Taurus!

Also, transiting Venus (values) at 19+ Taurus will be conjunct the US natal Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Taurus which is trine Biden’s natal chart’s MC (his reputation) at 19+ Virgo; how ’bout that?

Also . . the transiting North Node at 11+ Gemini (conjunct Joe’s natal Saturn at 9+ Gemini) which is sextile trans. Chiron at 10+ Aries, could mean good news re: Covid. Looks promising for his first 100 days.

Many Thanks to ALL of YOU for your kind and gracious thoughts, prayers, and condolences on behalf of and in regards to the untimely and unexpected death of my brother, Charles from the coronavirus.

When transiting Saturn made a conjunction to US natal Neptune there was also a t-square going on between trans. Mercury at 1+ Libra (conjunct US Sibly chart MC and Biden’s Neptune) T-squaring trans. Pluto at 0+ Capricorn rx opposite trans. Mars at 1+ Cancer in the chart for that conjunction on August 27, 2009.

The US Sibly chart’s IC (roots, ancestory, family) at 1+ Aries completed a grand cross with transiting Mercury, Mars and Pluto. I believe this grand cross posturing as a T-square in the trans. Saturn conjunct US Neptune cycle chart was activated when trans. Chiron reached 22+ Pisces, opposite US natal Neptune in late March, 2016.

US Neptune and transiting Saturn at 22+ Virgo were in the apex of a Yod with transiting Jupiter at 20+ Aquarius rx and transiting Eris at 21+ Aries rx.

This meant that US natal Neptune, courtesy of transiting Saturn, would have to adjust during the 30 years of this cycle. Neptune is notorius for not facing reality, and the time had come for the US to recognize this and do something. I believe the process began in 2016 when transiting Chiron opposed US natal Neptune.

With Trump as the Republican nominee for President, the white supremacist groups came out in the open and the veil began to lift It is this failing of the US, this unacknowledged inequality that has survived since the Civil War that will be as challenging as the Covid war, perhaps even more so for Pres. Biden, but he’s the man to do it.

That’s because his Neptune conjuncts the US Sibly MC that conjuncts Mercury in the trans. Saturn-conjunct-US Neptune chart.

It’s that Mercury that opposes the US Sibly chart’s IC (ancestory) that is in a grand cross with Mars opposite Pluto in the trans. Saturn-US Neptune chart.

Maybe Trump is conscious of all this, or maybe he isn’t, but I think that’s why Kamala is VP and why he has a bust of MLK in the Oval office. God love him.

barbk wrote, “How remarkable is it that Joe Biden’s natal Neptune in Libra is at the MC of the US natal birth chart, and the US natal Neptune in Virgo is at the MC of the Joe Biden birth chart? Uncanny.”

What does that mean? Is this a good thing? Does this mean that Biden’s destiny is intertwined with that of the country?

Thank you BarbK! You’re a trooper. Me, I’ve got to take a break. It’s been intense, dontcha think? Be well. May be back when the weather starts feeling more springlike. Thanks to Joe and Kamala, everybody gets a great new start!

NEW: Healthcare prosecutors were aghast when TRUMP granted clemency to Medicare fraudster PHILIP ESFORMES, explaining he was in “declining health.”

A week later, ESFORMES went for a shirtless run with his son, & danced at his daughter’s black-tie wedding. https://nytimes.com/2021/01/21/us/politics/trump-pardons-medicare-fraud.html

“Now In The Minority, McConnell Fights For Tools To Block Biden’s Bills”



Trump couldn’t have incited sedition without the help of Fox News!


“The UK doesn’t have its own version of Fox, because it has a regulator that metes out hefty fines to broadcasters that violate standards of impartiality & accuracy. The US hasn’t had that since
@FCC stopped enforcing the fairness doctrine in the 1980s. “@MaxBoot https://t.co/gf4lMXAqgU?amp=1

Thank YOU Beowulfie, and Angellight too; I was feeling like the Lone Ranger! I do understand the need for a break; it’s been a wild ride.

I do want to apologize for writing “Trump” in the last paragraph above instead of “Biden”, old habits are hard to break!

Wondering if the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the Inauguration chart’s 12th house is something being kept behind closed doors for now.

“NEW: @propublica has just launched one of the most ambitious projects we have ever undertaken: What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol https://projects.propublica.org/parler-capitol-videos/ Scroll through more than 500 videos organized by time and location.

As supporters of President Donald Trump took part in a violent riot at the Capitol, users of the social media service Parler posted videos of themselves and others joining the fray. ProPublica reviewed thousands of videos uploaded publicly to the service that were archived by a programmer before Parler was taken offline by its web host. Below is a collection of more than 500 videos that ProPublica determined were taken during the events of Jan. 6 and were relevant and newsworthy. Taken together, they provide one of the most comprehensive records of a dark event in American history through the eyes of those who took part. Read more: Why We Published Hundreds of Videos Taken by Parler Users of the Capitol Riots | Inside the Capitol Riot: What the Parler Videos Reveal”


barbk: The battle is not over and we cannot get complacent yet. We can breathe a little bit better but they are just getting started to block Biden’s agenda and continue to blame immigrants for the woes of America when its the GOP who are at fault.

The date of JANUARY 28TH, the day of the Leo Full Moon stands out astrologically (aspects noted below). It also happens to mark the beginning of the Timeline Mitch McConnell just proposed on the upcoming Trump impeachment trial…………..

Republican McConnell Proposes Trump Get Two Weeks To Prepare For Senate Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday proposed a timeline that would delay the start of the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump until mid-February.

In a statement, McConnell said he had sent his proposal to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer. In it, McConnell proposed that the House of Representatives send the impeachment charge against Trump to the Senate on Jan. 28, and that the former president be given two weeks after that to prepare his pre-trial brief, before the Senate trial begins.


Here’s the January 28th Leo Full Moon chart…….


The Jan 28th Full Moon at 9 ’06 Leo conjoins Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo) opposite tr. Jupiter (9 ’18 Aquarius) will form a t square to tr. Mars (10 ’51 Taurus). In play at wider orbs is tr. Saturn (4 ’54 Aquarius) and tr. Uranus (6 ’49 Taurus). This Full Moon will be the culmination of the January 13th New Moon two weeks prior (23 Capricorn opposite Trump’s natal Saturn), the day that the House of Representatives impeached Trump. Given the Jan 28th Full Moon’s powerful configuration, I would anticipate compelling new information to emerge on Trumps’ involvement in the January 6th insurrection of the Washington DC capital building

Schumer scheduled impeachment trial to begin 2/9/20

There is a Trans-Neptunian object orbiting the Sun named Sila-Nunam; 2 seperate bodies, almost equal in size, one named for the sky and one named for the earth, and they are co-dependent on one another for balance. The US natal Sila-Nunam is at 17+ Libra.

For the last 5 years or so the US progressed Mars has been at 17+ Libra and opposite the US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries, and that opposition is shining a light on an imbalance in relationship in the US; between the rich and poor, between races, between the educated and the under-educated.

Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra conjuncts the US natal Sila-Nunam, and for the last 5 years, the US progressed Mars (+ the US Constitution Neptune) has been conjunct them both, and the US progressed Chiron has opposed all 3 (4) of them.

Isn’t that what progressed planets are supposed to do? Make us progress?

It is eerie how Trump has brought that imbalance to the country’s consciousness, and now we are addressing it in all its anger (Mars) and pain (Chiron). We as a nation have finally reached a point where we can finally deal with these issues of inequality. Growing pains.

The timeline for the commencement of the impeachment hearings have now come into focus. The Senate will be receiving the articles of impeachment Monday January 25th. And as Sharon pointed out, the hearings itself are expected to commence February 8th.

Astrologically, mid February is a very dynamic period. February 17th has Saturn (7 ’14 Aquarius) square Uranus (7 ’14 Taurus) with Saturn conjunct the US south node in semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the US Mars- Neptune square and Trump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition.

Revolution, Explosive Events Lead to Freedom: Saturn Square Uranus in Astrology by Joni Patry

Video: 13 min 39 sec


This could also be a volatile period in the financial markets……

Saturn Square Uranus In The Sky 2021-2022

Astrology For Aquarius . com

Saturn square Uranus in the sky is a high-discord astrological energy-event that history reveals replicates here on Earth as a scarcity of work, economic hardship and high unemployment.


oops – 2/9/21

On a different, can someone tell me why the precession of the signs, which has moved the zodiac, supposedly, into the next sign (so we are now in Pisces and not Aquarius, or something like that), is ignored by astrologers?


“NYT: Trump wanted to oust Acting AG and force Georgia to overturn results”

These next items are pretty unbelievable and could be part the compelling new information that Barb said would emerge. Caldwell is the head of The Oath Keepers that was just arrested. Click on the text in the tweet for it to expand:



This article above states arguments as well as the trial begins Feb 9.

Whereas, the Wa Post states that the trial begins on Feb 8.


I imagine it will be clearer soon which date is considered the start date.

Sharon K,
If I’m understanding your question correctly, you are referring to the fact the constellations associated with the signs are now about 30 degrees off from the time from when they were codified.

My assumption has always been the constellations were merely tags for sections of space as the earth proceeds through its orbit around the sun. In other words, each of the 12 sections denotes a mathematically different orbital relationship, i.e. angle and distance between the earth and the sun.

Sun signs therefore, are IMO about the earth/sun relationship, not about the constellations which anciently came to symbolize and define each of the 12 orbital sections of space.

This is merely my untestable hypothesis. Perhaps wiser, more knowledgeable folks who blog here may have a different explanation or opinion. If anyone here has a better observation I will be happy and fascinated to hear it.

Good grief Jerry, another full moon? This one conjuncts the US Constitution chart’s Ceres at 9+ Leo.

AGAIN it is Ceres sharing the spotlight just like she did in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020. In the Inauguration chart she conjuncts Neptune and T-squares the nodes. Her US Ceres Return chart is almost identical with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction’s chart!!

Now, in this January 28th Full Moon chart Ceres at 21+ Pisces opposes Vesta (investment, focus) at 21+ Virgo (conjunct US Neptune) while she (Ceres) is still in orb of a conjunction with trans. Neptune, and this opposition of the Neptunes is T-square the US natal Mars that conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun that opposes his Moon!

It’s like following the yellow brick road; we’re off to see the wizard, because, because, because!

Hey folks, just a warning that this is focused on a few transits for DJT, so please feel free to skip this over if you’ve had your fill of that twisted human tragedy.

March 4, Jupiter and Mercury at 17 Aquarius will trine DJT’s natal Jupiter and his natal Uranus forming a grand air trine. Pluto will also trine his MH. My amature’s interpretation is that he will not be convicted in the Senate and with the Pluto trine to his MH, there may be some movement on his creating his Patriot Party. Interesting though is that Saturn will be moving into an opposition to his natal 12H Pluto which will be exact in December. Additionally, Neptune will be moving into a square with his Sun and his Moon. Could this be the timing of a mental and or physical breakdown?

I looked to the mid-terms and its very interesting to me that Saturn at 17 Aquarius will be in the exact location that Jupiter will be on March 4, forming a trine with his natal Jupiter and his natal Uranus, forming a grand air trine. That makes me think he will have an impact on the mid-terms and raises the possibility in my mind of his Patriot Party.

Interesting. Thank you! If Trump is acquitted in the senate trial, it will in the long run cement the observation in many liberal, moderate, and (true) conservative minds the R party is so corrupt as to be unredeemable.

If DJT forms a “Patriot’s” party and runs canidates in 2022, and perhaps Trump himself in 2024, it will split R’s and right wingers, probably sinking forever the R party into the abyss, within the sea we call ignominy.

Yet….I have difficulty with such a vision. Trump appears to be in poor health, is facing an enormous plethora of criminal and civil lawsuits and charges which he is unlikely to overcome. It seems more likely to me he’ll end his life wearing his favorite color while confined within state or federal prison, or possibly die sometime before incarceration from the stress of the legal process.

As for the Trumpist R’s, I am more and more convinced my late brother was likely correct in his assessment that many will need to serve very long jail sentences, and some will need be dispatched for the sake of the safety of the nation and the world.

Thanks for posting Ezra Klein’s informative article. He brings to light several issues I’ve been thinking about, but unable to articulate. We can never let our guard down. McConnell & the gang are already coming out swinging, and will obstruct everything Biden tries to do.

Barbk, you give so much detailed information it’s hard to keep up. I love your positive and optimistic take.

Sharon K, I agree with Eliseo’s response to your question about precession of the constellations. I would add that collective thinking makes it so. If enough people deeply share a cosmic or world view, it has real-world consequences. Astrology is extremely flexible and is greatly influenced by group psychology as it deepens and evolves.

Jerry, you are so right about Saturn square Uranus. One senior Biden economic advisor said this week the economy risks falling into the void. A major economic crisis is looming and it is likely to outlast the pandemic, contributing to the challenge of the mid-terms for Democrats.

Eliseo, i believe your late brother was correct and that your assessment of what would happen in the case of an acquittal is spot on! I also think you’re onto something about DJT’s health, financial and legal problems and given the transit of Saturn opposition his 12H Pluto and transiting Neptune squaring his Sun and Moon; both peaking at the end of this year could very well be the timing for the final kabosh.

New post up.


There is a great deal more in the Inaugural and the other charts, but I thought these were the most salient points to make starting out.

I wrote a long post last Sunday about the effects of transiting Neptune in Pisces as expressed by the Afro-American community. I failed to mention at that time the excellence of the political leadership provided by Afro-American mayors, particularly female, in such cities as Washington, Chicago and Atlanta. I also failed to mention the inspiration and powerful social impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Neither did I mention the powerful energy of colored Congresswomen such as AOC, who is from another traditionally denigrated minority that is now strengthened by Neptune.

Last weekend, I did not know that Jennifer Lopez, who emerged from the Porto Rican community like AOC, would utter the first words in Spanish at an Inaugural ceremony, nor that Amanda Gorman, the young African-American poet, would pronounce such an unforgettable poem for future generations across the world. Neptune in Pisces is hard at work, trying to dispel the current negative effects of Uranus and Pluto.

The best is yet to come. Neptune will reach the final degrees of Pisces at the November 2024 election just as the US Uranus return begins to happen. The only astrological precedent for this in US history was the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln. The three US Uranus returns have brought the three greatest American Presidents to face a mortal challenge for their country: George Washington for the American Revolution and the first Presidency at the time of the French Revolution, Lincoln for the Civil War and FDR for the Great Depression and World War II. Each of these Presidents had singular personal characteristics which set them apart from regular politicians: Washington was deemed an exceptional and wise man far above partisan politics, Lincoln was a country lawyer and FDR was handicapped. Their personal stories gave them exceptional vision and lasting inspiration for the generations that followed. But the combination of Neptune in Pisces with the Uranus return made Lincoln unique. It tied him closely to the fate of the Afro-American community, and made him the only President to face a civil war over slavery.

All this says many things to me for 2024: A. the 2024 President will be the the fourth Great American President; B. this Great President will be a Democrat, and could emerge from the left wing of that party; C. the 2024 President will be strongly tied to the Astro-American community, because he or she is part of that community or chosen by it; D. the 2024 President will have an unprecedented or singular life story or personal characteristics; E. the 2024 President may have to face a second Civil War.

That would fit the first woman or gay President. Kamala Harris comes to mind, but it could also be Stacy Abrams or someone else.

Biden is the right President for the Pluto return. The 2024 President will be the right person for the Uranus return. Biden is already clearly a very good President. The 2024 President will be a great one. These successive presidencies will save the United Staes and freedom and democracy for all of humanity becaue of the choices made by the awesome spiritual power of the US Afro-American community.

Not only has this community selected the 46th President and ensured his election, it has also given him a Senate majority. Neptune in Pisces is very powerful indeed.

Another expression of the awesome power of Neptune this week was that on the very day Henry (Hank) Aaaron passed, the highly intelligent and socially conscious black man who went beyond Babe Ruth in America’s national pastime, the very first black Secretary of Defense was confirmed. This may prove to be even more significant than the first black President. A cultural and sports icon passes the torch to an Afro-American at the height of military power.

I have a sudden flash of insight. General Austin could be so popular he could well be the 2024 President.

I feel Trump will not be indicted except possibly by the State of NY unless something more incriminating is released. The Biden admin is “weighing” turning over his taxes to the House. Let’s see what else happens. Yes, he should be held accountable but I’d really hate to give his supporters another thing to motivate them and increase in numbers.

Eliseo, When you stated: “Sun signs, therefore, are IMO about the earth/sun relationship, not about the constellations which anciently came to symbolize and define each of the 12 orbital sections of space,” can you elaborate on how that dictates that astrology placements are consistent and persistent (whether involving the sun or the other planets) over time in spite of “precession”. Or, Andre and anyone else…

I find that astrology works. Period. It’s open to interpretation and is not always accurate – due to the many influences in flux that we both perceive and do not perceive, but it works. I once attended a small social gathering and was able to intuit the sun signs accurately of the other 6 people in the room who were new to me (I knew the other 3 already). But, we all probably have many examples, at the level of knowledge we are at. Thus, I really dislike it when people dis astrology, although it has been in use for hundreds of years and Carl Jung agreed that it had much validity. My husband is a mathematician and scientist and his close friend is a retired physics professor with a special interest in astronomy. His friend keeps pointing to the new location of the constellations and using it as just another way to discredit astrology and laugh at it. I found an older newspaper article in the “Baltimore Sun” that discussions precession and how it has been going on for years so that no one is born anywhere close to the sun sign that they are now assigned.

I somewhat understand your hypothesis, Eliseo, but I guess I am looking for a scientific explanation to take to the bank — something with substance. No offense to what’s already been said. I do believe in group think, Andre.

Getting back to Dems and the Ezra Klein article from the NYT posted above by Andre, I haven’t finished the article, but I do believe we have to carefully walk the line and concentrate on helping people who are now under duress, while creating jobs in the 2 years we have. I feel Obama possibly should have done that in the 2 he had. If we go too “progressive” too soon in other ways, it will hurt us. Trump raised our debt by lowering the taxes. The pandemic and economic disaster have increased it more. But, if Biden can build jobs back into the economy and people become employed, I believe it will restore faith in the Democrats in spite of the debt. However, will he get his chance? Roosevelt was given 12 years.

I also feel we have to be careful with immigration. For example, Biden has announced he is going to create a path to citizenship for many who are here in this country illegally. As equitable and decent as that is, it will create competition for jobs, and many white man already complain and are upset about the fact that their work has been taken by illegal immigrants who will work for lower wages (at least here in LA in the post-hurricane rebuilding periods).

Andre, you really have a good feel for the United States and its history. I enjoyed very much your last post (after Nancy’s heads-up of a new thread) about the best US presidents. Have you ever lived in the US? You would be an asset to this country.

Barbk, many thanks. I have never lived in the US but have visited a number of times and have family there. I play a similar but public role in Montreal as a columnist in French on political and constitutional issues, minus the astrology. Both our countries will be deeply transformed during this decade, and they are profoundly interrelated.

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