23rd Jan, 2021

Dawn of a New Era

Already on the eve before the Inauguration, majestic hints of the coming dawn were streaking the darkness of our four-year national nightmare. The memorial service led by the incoming President Biden was the first moment of unclenching and calm we had had since the Trumpian era began. In embracing the reality of our collective pain and loss, we at last commenced our collective healing.

The following morning, three hours before the festivities began, as Air Force One left the DC area with a departing Trump, the fetid stench of four years of corruption and deceit began to lift. By mid-day, as the Inauguration events began to unfold and, most especially, during the galvanizing speech given by the newly sworn-in President Joe Biden, the nation felt itself settling into the clean, crisp, and calm freshness that follows a dark, cataclysmic, and treacherous thunderstorm. The magnificence of the new day could not be overstated.

Every four years, as the nation embarks on a new presidential term, the swearing-in moment signifies the birth of the next four-year cycle.  Thus, the Inaugural chart is repeatedly born anew into a differing pattern for each presidential term. In the January 20, 2021, Inaugural Chart, drawn for 11:49 AM, we find the energy signature for the new Biden administration clearly described.

The most notable and the tightest planetary configuration is the Mars/Uranus conjunction (6Taurus40 and 6Taurus44) square to Jupiter (7Aquarius23). This combination signifies an enormous amount of energy, perhaps best described in the words of Martin Luther King as marshaling the “fierce urgency of now.” This somewhat agitated and impatient imperative to get things done is consuming and expansive.  It describes an intense mobilization of force against an enemy, whether that be the pernicious and ubiquitous corona virus or the upsurge of domestic terrorism.

The Mars/Uranus/Jupiter combination remains extraordinarily strong from January 20, 2021 all the way through August 2023 due to Inaugural progressed Mars moving to perfect its square with natal and then progressed Jupiter, implying a significant amount of purposeful accomplishment by the Biden administration. This will be further strengthened by tertiary progressed Uranus perfecting the square to Jupiter for the entire first three years of the Biden administration, adding an innovative and creative flavor to the multitude of problem solving.

Difficulties and frustrations may thwart or at least restrain progress, however, when transiting Saturn is square to Mars/Uranus during 2021. We may also see an intensifying of the government’s need to quell violence at that time. The first transiting Saturn square is from February 5 to February 13.  Moreover, from roughly February 6 to February 8, Inaugural Mars/Uranus will be particularly agitated by the crossing of the tertiary progressed Moon. Given that these few days are those leading into the Impeachment trial of former President Trump and also happen during the Saturn transit square to Mars/Uranus, it is quite possible we will see an increase in potentially violent protest from February 6 to 8 that demands a forceful and ongoing response (Saturn) through February 13.

We note that transiting Saturn will also be conjunct the US South Node (6Aquarius36) from February 4 to February 12, a configuration that suggests the restraining (Saturn) of a distorted or misguided urge to unbridled freedom (South Node in Aquarius) at that time. This is yet another indication of a confrontation between the military, police and/or national guard and a Trumpian mob both before and during the Impeachment trial.

The second period to watch for a hyper stimulation of the Mars/Uranus conjunction comes when the progressed Inaugural Moon will conjunct Mars/Uranus and then progressed Mars from August 20 through September 23, 2021. Again, we are likely to have a time of tremendous energy in the Biden administration and an aggressive agenda that will either be somewhat thwarted or restrained by the exigencies of reality in the form of a Saturn transit square Mars/Uranus from September 8 to October 12 (8 minutes shy of exact). An alternative possibility is that there will be a potentially violent confrontation between protesters and government forces during this time.

A similar pattern emerges earlier in the summer when tertiary progressed Mars crosses the Inaugural Ascendant (10Taurus19) from June 25 to August 26, again suggesting a very active and aggressive Biden agenda that may agitate and inflame a violent response. Transiting Saturn will square Inaugural Ascendant from July 18 through July 31, again pointing to some kind of restraint and frustration of this forward momentum and/or a need to quell violence.

Thus, the most significant aspect in the Inaugural chart points to sustained, aggressive action against a determined and vehement foe, whether it be the virus, the far-right extremists, environmental degradation, or some foreign adversary. Most likely, it will be all of the above, especially into mid-2023. Significant restraint on the Biden agenda, however, may begin during 2023 when the progressed Inaugural Sun moves to conjunct natal Saturn (3Aquarius56) and progressed Saturn building from February 2023 through June 2024. This progression will highlight the Sun/Saturn conjunction in the Inaugural chart which points to slow, steady, well-thought-out and disciplined action. It is also possible it indicates a somewhat exhausted Biden or the loss of one or both Houses of Congress during the next mid-term election. It is, therefore, all the more reason for Biden and his crew to focus on the fierce urgency of now, as they are clearly doing at present, during his most likely two most effective years as president.



We need to keep working so President Biden has the wind at his back. The US Pluto Return will be exact 2023-24 and that’s when we become our future. What future is it that we want?

Does anyone know the Sabian symbols for 9 degrees Leo, where the moon will be on the January 28 full moon, and 9 degrees Aquarious, where the sun will be?

Thank you Nancy! I’m truly grateful to still be alive and kicking during this incredibly amazing transformational time, and I’m so so very relieved and grateful Biden and Harris are leading our nation!

It occurred to me that the Moon at 28.57 Aries is conjunct where Mars was when the Trumpian seditionists attacked our nation’s capital. It seems clear that incident will have recurring ramifications and that in spite of the American short memory, this will not be forgotten anytime soon.

I’m also noticing the 11H which is Congress, is framed at the beginning of the house with Mercury 18 Aquarius and towards the end of the house with Neptune at 18 Pisces. Both Mercury and Neptune have contacts with Venus which may (hopefully!) add some harmony to Congress but may also hint at the Senate keeping the filibuster. Their mid-point is 3 Pisces which is semi-sextile the 11H Saturn ruler at almost 4 Aquarius which may reflect a hard-working and determined Democratic agenda.

Thank you so much, Starlight. I am very much heartened that the straight arrow Biden administration will keep sailing at a steady clip through the storms ahead. It is a harrowing journey for all the administration and for all of us, but there is so much positive energy that has coalesced in this regard, and so much impetus and motivation.

I also want to point out the last group of posts made today before this new article went up. There were some good things said that shouldn’t be overlooked, particularly Andre’s further elaboration on the positive effects of Neptune through recent history and today.

I also wrote something that was a little too lengthy so will summarize it briefly. Eliseo, I would like to understand better what you said about the earth/planet relationship that causes the template of signs to persist as they are in spite of precession (which apparently has been going on the entire time and not just in the recent decades).

Second, as I’ve said here before, I think Biden has to raise taxes on the wealthy – above a certain limit, etc. and make other similar reforms, then focus on creating jobs. I felt Obama should have done a jobs bill in his first two years probably related to the infrastructure repairs needed. If something of substance along this line can occur in Biden’s first two years, the Democrats should be looked upon favorably. You know that the debt increase will ultimately be used in the Republican message against us as will immigration. Biden is going to create a path to citizenship for qualified people who are not here legally. This is a sensitive issue because it may create more competition for jobs. After the hurricanes here in LA, many came from other countries and worked for lower wages in construction and hurricane recovery efforts.

What do you all think about buying stock in the mercury retrograde shadow period which we are in now? Mercury doesn’t actually go retro until Jan. 30. I haven’t purchased stock in years and wished I had hung on to the shares of Disney I bought in the 90s when I was working f/t. When Netflix split about 5 years ago, I asked a stock broker friend whether to buy some and he said you never know what could happen to it. I already knew it was great but figured a lot of competition was coming. There has been some but that hasn’t hurt it in the least and I could have made some money. I have some savings and am now thinking Johnson & Johnson could go up even more as their vaccine needs only 1 shot and it’s easier to store. It should be released soon. Any opinions?

Whew, I was determined to read your new post before the end of this day Nancy, and it is so appreciated by all; your interpretation of the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the Inaugural chart makes perfect sense. We need to remember too that Uranus is about breaking through “glass ceilings” and Pres. Biden’s choices for his Cabinet could be symbolized by this conjunction and its square to Jupiter.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs;
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love;
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe,
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.”

Max Ehrmann, Desiderata

Starlight: Wow, hope & despair is what I feel from your recent writing. Thank you.

Yes, it is very much the energy of the urgency of Now. And we too, must fight the good fight/battle with the energy of truth. Truth matters now. They must not be allowed to continue to get away with their lies, deceit and sowing seeds of separation without giving a dime to address our real needs and help the people.

In line what Starlight is conveying herein:

“Friends, 2020 has been a very tough year and 2021 is shaping up similarly. Just because Jupiter and Saturn have gone into Aquarius and the US government has changed, does not mean that this year will be any less onerous. We will all be challenged to raise our game, pluck up courage and take a stand against some overwhelming controls and dictates.

Because of these creeping encroachments, some are saying “I cannot do this”, or “What am I here for?” Those kind of statements are a luxury few can afford, there is no time for fretting or worrying about the future, or wasting time on frivolous distractions – but to keep building the emerging Aquarian paradigm that will replace the old Piscean model – gradually crumbling away.

Individually we might feel powerless, but in the spirit of Aquarius, collectively we are far more empowered – to find our voices, well beyond the sum total of our parts. Collectives of resistance and like-minded groups can be joined or organized – according to personal predispositions and where we think we can contribute and make a difference. 2021 is a make or break year – when you look back upon it, will you be able to say that you “strained every sinew” and bought all you could to bear – to bring about change within yourself, your group and your community?

Esoteric Astrologer Phillip Lindsay

I maintain that we are in a battle over values.

Those of us who support the values of freedom and equality for all (until you do something bad and have to go to jail) and those who don’t, have drawn a line in the sand. It’s not that simple of course but it’s at the core of the divide in the people of the United States.

Venus symbolizes VALUES, and in the Inauguration chart Venus at 15+ Cap is opposite US NATAL Sun (consciousness) and square US NATAL Saturn (structure).

The Moon symbolizes the PEOPLE and in the Inauguration chart the Moon at 28-29 Aries squares the Sun at 0+ Aquarius.

On March 16, 2015, the last of 7 squares took place between Uranus and Pluto, and Pluto was at 15+ Cap where Venus was on Biden’s Inauguration, and Venus on 3/16/15 was at 29+ Aries where the Moon was on Biden’s Inauguration.

Also in the chart for the last square between Uranus and Pluto, Chiron was at 17+ Pisces rx, one degree from where Neptune (+ Ceres) was at Biden’s Inauguration, which was T-square the nodes (move forward or retreat to the past) and Trump’s Uranus.

I believe this war between the US People (Moon) re: Values (Venus) stems from what the Uranus-Pluto squares, particularly their last square in 2015, stirred up, most likely by Trump’s announcement he would run for Presidency just 3 months after the last Uranus-Pluto square.

In turn, the conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto in the ’60’s, a decade when 4 assasinations took place in the US (JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, Malcom X) is what the Uranus-Pluto squares stem from.

The fact is that the divide goes back to when, in 1891, transiting Neptune and Pluto started an extremely long cycle at the same degree where the US natal Uranus is, 8+ Gemini, and Venus at that moment was at 27+ Cancer square Uranus at 27+ Libra, and the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, soon to exact a Pluto Return, completed a T-square.

It will likely be that US Pluto Return which brings about the end of the divide between the US People (US Moon trines Uranus in the Neptune-Pluto chart of 1891). First we must grow (evolve) and then we unite. Peace comes at a price but a country must heal in order to survive, and we are now in a healing process that started on January 20, 2021.

Barb, the problem is that both sides, believe it or not, think they are standing up for freedom and equality. It is usually when people have to face a common foe, a la WWII, that they unite. Maybe in this case it will be the economy as it will take another while, I think, for climate change to motivate enough people, but that should kick in, too.

Angellight, I have always fallen back on Desiderata. It offers such perfect and calming life advice. And Phillip Lindsay’s comments telling us to not be complacent but to keep working hard are as sobering as Starlight’s article. Maybe having Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius won’t make our job a piece of cake this year, but it may give us a basis on which to unite, and I’m hoping for more dialogue, more town halls. It is discouraging to see the back and forth when each party takes turn governing and undoing what the other has just done and neither has seemed to get very far (and thank God Trump hasn’t but we have to look at what he was trying to accomplish and why so many supported him, and try to fulfill their needs in another, more inclusive, more constructive way).

As a follow-up to my two posts on Neptune in Pisces and the Afro-American community in the last thread, I have noted that George W Bush told Rep. James Clyburn at the Inauguration that he was the savior of the country because he ensured the nomination of the only man who could defeat Trump. Visionaries, saviors and martyrs are all about Neptune.

Neptune must be very active in the State of Georgia’s chart. That is where MLK preached and John Lewis lived. And that state not only gave Biden a tight Senate majority, it elected its first black Senator who also happened to be MLK’s successor at his church in Atlanta. I hope Stacy Abrams becomes Governor in 2022.


“Already on the eve before the Inauguration, majestic hints of the coming dawn were streaking the darkness of our four-year national nightmare. The memorial service led by the incoming President Biden was the first moment of unclenching and calm we had had since the Trumpian era began. In embracing the reality of our collective pain and loss, we at last commenced our collective healing.”


Sharon K, about precession we should widen our view of astrology. It has flourished all over the planet in many different cultures since Antiquity. It is a coded way of looking at the cosmos and our own psyche. Mayan, Chinese, Arab, Indian astrological systems are quite different from our own but they all seem to be meaningful for countless people. I have a book on ancient Celtic astrology which divides signs into 10-day periods and works surprisingly well for me. Even within modern Western astrology, there are numerous schools of thought and ways of calculating basic things such as houses. The best answer to your skeptical astronomer friend is probably to say the constellations in astrology are not astronomical facts but an astrological convention, a metaphor for a meaningful sky. He should know that mathematics are full of them, beginning with Pi. Such conventions are always a bit mysterious and hard to explain, but they happen to work most of the time for most people because they appear to connect with the collective unconscious. They are much more about psychology than astronomy, which does not make them less useful or valuable.

Beautiful and inspiring post, Nancy. Thank you for sharing your insights and inspiring hope for the future under Biden’s Administration.

I don’t have time in this moment to share all of my thoughts. I will say immigration reform is an important step forward towards diversifying and integrating the country. I have zero sympathy for the stingy reactionary right-wing white men who continue to bitch and moan incessantly about the jobs–working on farms, and in custodial, catering, and other service industry roles–they don’t want to work anyway and see as beneath them!

Also hoping that the Dems can retain the House and Senate in 2023. Traditionally, the incumbent President’s party does seem to lose seats during Midterms though. I feel like the Republicans will have plenty of their own problems with Trump or his successors’ push towards a far-right split/MAGA/Patriot Party.

However, the Democrats may be dealing with their own troubles from Progressives, Social Democrats, and other far-left groups likely to be dissatisfied that Biden’s agenda is not progressive and radical enough from their perspective. This may be what undermines the Dems’ midterm campaign.

Thank You for your fine exposition!
It is certainly true with President Joe’s
speech we all felt great relief, as you described it, a “crisp, and calm freshness that follows a dark, cataclysmic, and treacherous thunderstorm.” For me personally, the joy and relief I felt was tempered by deep sadness, my younger brother having been killed by that thunderstorm some 8 or 9 hours previous.

For us all I think, as we inevitably look ahead, (that’s what all of us on this blog do) the planetary energies you noted in further paragraphs are also consistent with what I believe many of us are feeling. These next years look and feel tenebrous.

Nevertheless, on many levels, the heartbreak and anxiety of the quadruwar we are now engaged in, is mollified by the steady, empathic hands and heart of our new captain. For that we can be truly grateful.

We here, are also I believe, grateful to you for your insights.


“The best answer to your skeptical astronomer friend is probably to say the constellations in astrology are not astronomical facts but an astrological convention, a metaphor for a meaningful sky. He should know that mathematics are full of them, beginning with Pi. Such conventions are always a bit mysterious and hard to explain, but they happen to work most of the time for most people because they appear to connect with the collective unconscious. They are much more about psychology than astronomy, which does not make them less useful or valuable.”


Starlight, thank you for your precious reading of the Inauguration chart. When the Sun reached 0 Aquarius on Tuesday conjunct the Great Conjunction of December 21, on the eve of the Inauguration, a new better era began with the impressive ceremony for the 400,000 lives lost to the pandemic. This signaled the Sun’s (the President’s) acknowledgement of great hardship (Saturn) and simultaneously bringing more hope and good fortune because he faces reality (Jupiter).

I have however a slightly more pessimistic reading because of the Mars-Uranus square to Saturn, which usually indicates unexpected and possibly violent difficulties in attaining major objectives. I note you raise the possibility of the Democrats losing one or both houses in 2022. I share this concern. I believe Quintile wrote that Biden will have good Venus transits in 2022. That is not IMHO decisive. Obama lost both houses in the 2010 mid-terms but remained highly popular with his base, perhaps more so, after having passed Obamacare, whcih the American people at large did not fully appreciate. Trump had good Venus transits but lost the House and then the election and Senate. A good Venus can mean someone loves you madly even if others think you are doing poorly.

We both arrive at the prediction the Biden Administration will encounter renewed turmoil this summer, but by different paths. I see Pluto’s transit of 24 Capricorn as critical. It opposes both Trump’s Saturn and the US Mercury, indicating dark measures on his part that backfire while public opinion is extremely agitated and polarized. Pluto was at 24 Capricorn for the three weeks in January leading to the Inauguration. When it reaches 25 Capricorn as it does now, it becomes fortunate because it opposes Biden’s Jupiter which is conjunct the Constitution Uranus. Biden should enjoy a mini-honeymoon until the end of February while there are also spectacular constitutional developments brought by Uranus, i.e. the second Trump impeachment which should hold a few dramatic surprises.

Unfortunately, this pattern repeats throughout the year. Pluto stations at 26 Cap in April, then retrogrades to 25 in July, which should be another good month for Biden. But then it will linger at the terrible degree of 24 Cap from mid-August to the end of November and station there in early October. There is no way to avoid saying that is heavily bad news. There will then be a return of the psychotic far-right and hysterical and irrational polarization, perhaps fanned by the economic disturbance caused by the repeated squares of Saturn to Uranus and perhaps by more problems with the pandemic. There is a fated quality to the Biden Administration because of the squares to the US nodes in the Inauguration chart. Despite its high competence and integrity, it will encounter much bad faith and may not have the ruthlessness and the will to crush it. Still, Biden will be loved and admired to the end of his days. If only the Republicans listened to him, they could avoid much grief at the hands of the 2024 President, who will, I believe, be much tougher and more aggressive towards them, having learned that Biden’s worthy and wise calls for unity have fallen on deaf ears.


Your insights resonate with me. I very much have felt that Biden is far better than the Republicans, particularly McConnell and his ilk, deserve. He is perhaps too kind.

A good man, though.

I believe people will look back on his tenure down the road and see him as the President that we needed, and an example of what leadership looks like. I do fear that his time may be shorter than what would truly benefit us. Were he younger, he could truly have a revolutionary impact on par with FDR.

I’m also with Eliseo. This right wing craziness needs to be purged from this country. Trials, imprisonment, even capital punishment for the most violent and destructive of offenders if that’s what it takes.


Article that makes some good points about why it’s wrong to conflate Trump and Hitler, and call Trump a fascist. Trump promotes self-interest; Hitler wanted a strong state. By mislabeling Trump, we run the risk of not recognizing it when a real fascist attempts to take over our government.

Plus we alienate potential allies through our use of distortion (as do they) which leads to more digging in, more over-reaction, more extremism.

We cannot be weak but we need to be accurate. The internet seems to oppose accuracy and promote distortion and lies. Several people make an accusation and before long, it sounds right, it sounds good, and we are all repeating it.

Sharon K,
The following is my incomplete understanding of what I believe might be the basis of astrological causal relationship.

(1) As presently understood, the four primary forces of the universe, gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force interact, affect one another in an intricate dance, yet to be fully understood.
(2) Our sun, the earth, and some of our planets each generate their own magnetosphere.
(3) As objects, especially those with significant gravity orbit the sun, they subtly affect the electromagnetic output of the sun.
(4) Which affects the electromagnetic field strength and activity of the planets. It is a never ending, looped dance between sun and partners.
(5) All living things on earth, including humans are essentially electromagnetic beings in biochemical clothing.
(6) Each section of earth’s spatial orbit about the sun differs in distance, angle, etc. from the sun, therefore having a different effect upon the earth’s magnetic activity. Analogously, it might be like moving through ocean, some waters colder, some warmer, some more dense, etc.
(7) At the moment we are born, we emerge into this cosmic soup, into the “ocean” of earth’s magnetism, imprinting on the very particular configuration of the field as determined by the geographic and space/time position and relationship between the objects in the “weather” system we call our solar system.

I suspect that ALL astrological effects, pluto effect, mars effect, neptune, squares, trines, conjunctions, etc. are affecting us through affecting the sun which is affecting the earth which is affecting us, our personal bioelectromagnetic field.

I doubt any of this would be acceptable to your scientific minded friend. Nor would Andre’s beautiful, more psychological explanation likely suffice.

Most scientists are entirely unacquainted with the philosophy of science. They’ve usually not studied epistemology, having had to budget their time for the study of the particulars of their discipline and the math required for same. Scientific method, useful as it is, remains inadequate for many questions.

We all tend tend to err when we proceed from false assumptions, or ask the wrong questions. No matter how good is our logic, if the assumptions upon which it is based are faulty, we have less than we thought. Many also tend to fall into the trap of argumentum ex silento, taking the absence of evidence – as evidence of absence.

Generally, most scientists tend to harbor profoundly false assumptions as to what astrologers actually believe and are doing with astrology. This is a problem not likely to be resolved soon. None of this is likely persuasive to your friend, but hopefully is helpful to you personally.

After looking up Phillip Lindsay, after reading Angellight’s quote from his newsletter; I discovered he regards Covid as propaganda and regards BLM and Antifa as the instigators of the capital insurrection. I was reminded of a Uranian Astrologer, Susan Herskowitz, whose web site is filled with Q-Anon conspiracies and who believes Trump will lead us into a new age.

So what is going on? I looked up “right wing new age” and I’m stunned and disturbed to find that apparently its a thing. If your interested, here are 2 links to articles that talk about this:



Oh, God. I knew that the Capitol insurrection vaguely reminded me of Woodstock and the student protests in the late 60s, such as the one that put Columbia on kockdown. Bizzaro World.

Sent me by a Canadian friend:


Sharon K,
Addendum. My suppositions therefore are in harmony with the notion the constellations are merely tags for areas of orbital space, accurate for their time centuries ago when the system we’ve inherited was codified. I’ve often felt we need to update and “modernize” our 12 zodiacal archetypes using the same monthly dates, but with more accessible symbolism. Perhaps we might use historical or legendary persons rather than animals for our archetypes?

Two authors helpful for the issues you’ve raised are Michel Gauquelin, a statistician and psychologist who set out to prove astrology was bunk but achieved opposite results, and Percy Seymour, a South African/British astrophysicist who concluded his fellow scientists were wrong about astrology.

Seymour’s area of expertise was magnetic fields in the Milky Way. Michel Gauquelin is famous for his work on the mars effect on athletes. Although Gauquelin’s work is more clear in French, both authors books are available in English at Amz and other outlets.

Angellight – thank you so much for posting Desiderata. I used to have this decoupaged on a beautiful piece of wood, but it met with a fire accident and no amount of my trying brought it back. I’d had that particular piece for over 20 years, having inherited it from my grandma, who kept it in her shop (where I worked each day after school).

I just wish I could “Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.” I’m 11 days shy of 65, and surrendering the things of my youth is becoming harder and harder. I always looked forward to growing older; I truly thought I’d be one who handled it gracefully. Instead, I fight myself raging, raging, raging against the dying of the light! P’raps I need to add a little more age in order to grow into a bit of wisdom! (LOL)

BuckeyeShadow, much has been said about the possibility of Trump invoking martial law. Martial law could also be brought in by a President who wants to preserve democratic institutions threatened by a widespread insurrection. Lincoln proclaimed martial law during the Civil War. Biden would never do that, but if something happens to him I think Kamala’s Saturn on the US Moon would, with the help of the new Secretary of Defense. I have not looked at General Austin’s chart so far, but he may save his country through the work of transiting Neptune’s coming square to US Mars opposite US Neptune.

Eliseo and Andre, thank you. You have given me a lot to think about and research further. Godspeed to all.

Slightkc, you have a lot on your plate in dealing with your family’s welfare and your own health and not feeling well can be very unsettling, very disheartening.

Don’t surrender the things of youth that make you essentially you — love, innocence, creativity, playfulness, but love your whole self.

I turn 70 this month and am having surgery on my parathyroid glands to remove the hyperactive ones (it may be just one; we only need 1 out of the 4 that exist) in 2 days. I’ve had this for 3 years and have been living with the symptoms – uncomfortable but tolerable much if not most of the time, and I’ve been happy. I hope for the surgery to go smoothly as it is not major surgery.

It is not an easy thing to let go or surrender any part of our self or our identity, or to live with an illness or handicap. It’s sad but but that’s how God made it. Our older years (and it’s different for everyone) is a time when we slow down, let go, surrender, fade out, and leave. Those who retain good health are very blessed but we are not our bodies. I think what is left in our later years could be the most refined, brightest, and purest part of us. Knowing all of that is wisdom, isn’t it? (Hope I’m not babbling.)

Mazel tov on your surgery Sharon. You are turning 70 this month; why did always think you were a solarian Pisces?

Hopefully you are having surgery before Mercury goes retrograde next month?

Frank: I was very surprised Lindsay felt like that abt BLM and told him so on FB in his newsletter that BLM and Antifa had nothing to do with the storming on the capitol. I don’t know what happened to him and some others who are and were excellent teachers on light, love and goodwill. Trump has made a mockery out of a few. I will not be posting him again here or anywhere. I am disappointed in the information he is giving out these days or disinformation.

Slightkc, Sharon K: You are welcome re: Desiderata.

It is the body that grows old, but we, the souls within, are eternally young and it is a bit disconcerting to be hampered by pains and the decaying of bones and flesh. And as much as we can, we must try to keep it healthy and pain free through diet and movement. And yet for me, with getting older there has been a sense of freedom and being oneself which has been liberating. As long as there is breath in the body there is much to learn, give and experience.

Sharon K: Woodstock was based on a different energy then that which occurred on January 6th. Woodstock was noble, Jan 6th was not and was intended to end democracy not support it.

“The steps toward a new order are built on the truth which the Soul perceives and knows. Down through the ages, humankind has learned to bring order out of chaos – as best we knew how at any point in the gradual unfolding of human realisation. However, until our sense of order embraces all dimensions of being, it is incomplete and distorted by whatever dimension rules human minds. For a long time the dimensions of the manifest world have dominated our understanding, so order has been understood in terms of material possessions, with power held by the wealthiest.

Until a majority are sensitive to soul-being, our systems of ordering and organising our interrelationships will continue to adjust as we stumble towards that “perfect union” we deeply sense is possible and ultimately inevitable. This is the oneness that the Soul experiences and is the magnetic light that resides in the human heart. We see the qualities of the Soul shining here and there as more hearts open to let that inner light shine in service to the world.”


Angelllight. Beautiful stuff. Thank you. The soul is everything. Re Woodstock, I was being facetious, and agree with what you said but I did see something of the primitive glee there, particularly in “the shaman”. Will, thank you so much. You are right, I misspoke. My BD is on Feb 20. I’m a 1 degree sun-in-Pisces.

Angellight, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of aging; you said “with getting older, there has been a sense of freedom and being oneself which has been liberating”, and I’ve wondered if it has anything to do with transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn in one’s mid ’70’s, or maybe transiting Uranus reaches a strategic point in one’s birth chart, or is it completely unique for everyone.

For me, getting away from the herd mentality that working for a large company produces took a few years but what a pleasant experience it was to do what suited me, rather than what was “expected”.

Thursday’s Full Moon is at 9+ Leo opposite Sun-Jupiter in Aquarius and they are T-squared by Mars in Taurus, still in orb of a conjunction with Uranus, is indeed the dominant aspect in the Full Moon chart, . . .

. . but be aware that Ceres at 21+ Pisces (and still in orb of a conjunction with Neptune) opposes Vesta (invested in) at 21+ Virgo (and conjunct US natal Neptune), and this opposition is T-squared by US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (and Trump’s natal Sun that opposes his natal Moon in Sagittarius, which I read as his adoring fans) is more concerning for the US and its new President.

Transiting Uranus – the unexpected – at 6+ Taurus remains T-squared with the US North and South nodes, demanding we choose to move forward (North) or hang on to what holds us back (South), like fear for example.

Lots of decisions to make (T-squares); decisions, decisions.

Just happened to take a gander at VP Harris’ chart and saw that Pluto is moving into an exact square with her Sun 27 Libra and Moon 27 Aries axis at the exact time when our nation reaches its Pluto return at 27 Cap. Her 5H Sun and 11H Moon will be squared by Pluto from the 9H.

Our nation’s Pluto return will play out in our nation’s 2H. I’m wondering if it will impact our nation’s corporate and financial institutions and possibly impact VP Harris from our nation’s multinational institutions, but I’m grasping at straws here and hoping those of you with more experience can make better sense of it.

Whoops, the square from Pluto will come from her 8th H which makes the whole thing a lot more financial. On March 1, the first exact hit of the square from Pluto at 27 Cap is also coming from a Mars/Venus conjunction at 26 Cap and conjunct our nation’s Pluto return.

That would be March 1, 2022. On that day, the Pluto return conjunct Mars-Venus will be opposite Joe Biden’s Jupiter at 25 Cancer in his 8th H. This echoes the financial impacts but I’m thinking that with Jupiter there in Biden’s chart, that he may be exactly the one to guide us through it.

Frank, since VP Harris has been in a challenging position with the US natal Pluto from birth it would seem to me that what hurts the US (via US Pluto), hurts her even more in some way.

However, her natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius rx is conjunct the US natal Moon (People) at 27+ Aquarius and it trines her natal Sun and sextiles her Moon, and in my view that looks like she will be a steadying force throughout the Pluto Return years for all of us.

BarbK, thank you! I’m gonna cling to that!

Will, I forget to address your question about surgery during mercury retrograde. I think tomorrow will be about 3 days into the shadow period but Mercury doesn’t go retrograde per se until 1/30. I spoke to an astrologer I know about it and it was still the best day in terms of the available choices, as well as the soonest they could get me in. I’ve been cancelled twice already – the first time because I had a cold in 2018 and the second time at the end of April 2020 when they cancelled me due to Covid being so high where I am and needing all resources. I cannot wait any longer as it is a progressive situation and I am feeling it. Other than mercury not being retrograde, I waited during the long period of time when mars was retrograde and until it got out of shadow, made sure there was no hard sun/moon aspects, that the moon wouldn’t cause bleeding, or be voc, or be in a sign or it’s opposite that ruled the area of surgery (as advised)…and I had to work with the surgeon’s schedule as well. By that time, a few days into mercury retro’s shadow seemed not too bad all things considered. Thanks for asking.

I’m going to come back and read all the posts since I last commented in a short while.

God love and be with you Sharon, I too believe your schedule is good and you will be fine. So sorry you had ro wait so long though. Hugs, kisses and prayers coming atcha.

Awww, thank you Barb. The same back at you.

Pitifully Amazing! The senate R’s are refusing to relinquish chairmanships of the committees, despite having lost their majority.

Chuck Schumer is a Sadge, born on Nov. 23, 1950, at 11 AM in NY, NY, and his ascendant is 26 Cap 55, conjunct US natal Pluto at 27 Cap 33 rx, and he replaces Mitch.

His Saturn (structure) at 0+ Libra conjuncts Biden’s Neptune (dream) at 1+ Libra which conjuncts the US Sibly MC (reputation) at 1+ Libra. Lookin’ good Chuck!

I believe McConnel just caved.

I believe McConnel just caved.

Sharon K-
It sounds like you have picked the best date possible. I had the same surgery under similar aspects, and it went really, really well. I immediately felt better! I also used colloidal silver on the wound as soon as I could and was also able to avoid any kind of a scar.
Good luck, I do believe all will be well.

Wow, thank you Henri! That makes me feel that much better. I will buy some colloidal silver in the next few days. I am looking forward to feeling better and I have heard that from quite a few people and the parathyroid.com website. I will check in here as soon as I can — hopefully tomorrow, and let everyone know how relieved I am that it’s finally taken place. I wish all of you well, good health, good spirits, love & optimism. May God touch all of our lives and fill the world with Blessings.

Good news about McConnell, Banks!

I have a suspicion. It occurs to me, at some point major leaders in the R party might realize DJT would be more valuable to them as a martyr than in any other capacity. He may then have a very unfortunate accident, or succumb to a sudden and unexpected fatal illness.

The R dirty tricksters remain active, no longer confined to the shadows, some of them holding office in state and federal government. I sincerely hope I am wrong, that they are not as depraved as I think they might be. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we know fanatical trumpheads are planning more insurrectional mischief. They’ve planned to “protest” while armed, at all 50 state capitals.

2020 continues through 2021. Although we are in the last week of January, the year without breathing rolls on.

Sharon K: I also had hyperthyroidism and did not have to have an operation but was given some kind of radiation pill which killed it and now take the Synthroid every day.

“Perhaps one reason that conflict is a spiritual necessity is that the principle of conflict is said to be latent in every atom of substance, generating a cycle which progresses from conflict, to renunciation, and finally to emancipation. The evolution of every atom of substance on Earth must follow this progression in its development. Why then should humanity expect to evade it?

A positive aspect of conflict is that it seems to be closely aligned with the process of achieving mental clarity. Specifically, we can see evidence of this in the remarkable achievement of scientists in the rapid creation of vaccinations to render the virus ineffective. On a more abstract level, mental clarity is achieved through conflict because it fosters recognition of the pairs of opposites. Through the experience of conflict, cleavages become clearly delineated, presenting choices which awaken the intellectual faculty of discrimination. In the confrontation between conflicting values and ideas, the mind develops the power to discern and then to choose, and to do so on increasingly more subtle levels—between greater and lesser principles, better and best values.”


It seems likely to me that the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction are working in concert and they are connected by transiting Neptune which was at 16+ Pisces at the time of the Jan. 12, 2020, conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, and opposite the Oct. 9, 1965 conjunction of Uranus and Pluto at 17+ Virgo.

On 1/12/2020 Neptune was at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between the Moon (People) in Leo and Juno (less than equal) in Libra in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that was the start of a 30+ year cycle. Neptune would have to make adjustments due to its position in the Yod.

At the same time, the 1/12/2020 Neptune was opposed to the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, a conjunction that began a cycle that is quite alive in 2021. Also, the Neptune in that 1965 chart was in Scorpio and trines the Neptune in Pisces in the Saturn-Pluto chart of 2020. That trine between the 1965 chart’s Neptune in Scorpio and the 2020-21 transiting Neptune in Pisces was EXACT for the 3rd time on January 3, 2021, three days before the assault on the Washington Capitol.

Also, Neptune in the Jan. 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart at 16+ Pisces conjuncts the US PROGRESSED Sun at 16+ Pisces, so there’s that to explain the chaos and crazyness. More study needed.

The planetary transits and configurations are activating and energizing violent protests and riots not just in the US, but in a number of countries. Russia, Tunisia, India, and the Netherlands to just name a few, are all seeing trouble and havoc. There have been riots in 19 cities in the Netherlands!

Yes Eliseo, I have heard about some of those countries in trouble, although I don’t know the details. Are they Neptune related as well?

It is the Covid chaos and the Trumpsters and Trump himself, that display the negative Neptunian quality so starkly that made the two cycles; Saturn-Pluto in 2020 and Uranus-Pluto in 1965, being joined at the hip by their Neptunes that made me gasp at the revelation.

Obviously, the world is in chaos, a true sign of Neptune’s presence, but ultimately it is all 3 of the outer planets; Uranus breaking through barriers and Neptune providing mirages (and medicines/drugs), and Pluto laying waste to Saturnian structures (like the US government and social norms), along with Saturn who brings it down to our consciousness level, demanding that Humanity clean up its act or the show is over, curtains close.

It would seem to be a matter of survival; join hands, make peace or go down with the Mother ship Earth; it’s our choice.

“Are they Neptune related as well?”

I believe the problems in the Nethetlands are Uranian and Neptunian. They are rioting in rebellion against the covid related curfews and shutdowns.

I’m not sure about the others. In India it is the farmers who are rioting.

Sharon K,
What day and time are you receiving your surgery?

Angellight, thank you for your 6.26 am post. Conflict does indeed help to achieve clarity of purpose in this lower world. That is the purpose of suffering as well. Great technological progress was achieved during the world wars and the Cold War. Much of it could be derived and applied to peaceful purposes. It is said the Internet was first invented for the Pentagon.

I believe that good and evil cannot be separated in this dimension because they are closely intertwined and interdependent. When they are in more visible and dramatic conflict, it means a relative good has to die for a greater good to appear. Evil, much like vultures or other scavengers in nature, exists to destroy a relative good that has weakened and served its time.

The American Revolution, the Civil War, the two world wars and the Cold War all made humanity advance to a better place. It will be so with the US Pluto and Uranus returns in this decade. I realize this is not a consolation to the afflicted and victims of warfare or injustice. But I believe that somehow and somewhere they will find peace and happiness.

My surgery was about 10 a.
m. this morning and it mostly went well BUT they didn’t get it all. Mercury shadow period? Tell you all a little more later. Gotta sleep. GN to all. Godspeed!

I agree humanity has advanced culturally and technologically relative to the events you listed, and that it is no consolation to the victims…And so it has been through history.

My concern now is the staggering number of R legislators who are perfectly comfortable undermining and flaunting democratic process, particularly after the 6 Jan. riot in the Capitol building.

Considering how many R’s voted to overturn the election on the 6th, the 45 senators who voted today to discontinue the impeachment trial, and the growing number of death and torture threats, I’m now convinced there is a very low probability we will avoid civil war.

Sentiment is now leaning towards acquittal among senate Republicans even before the Trump impeachment trial begins. However, I suspect a lot more damning evidence will emerge in the next month or so that could reverse public opinion and obstinate minds, especially if Letitia James and Cy Vance come on board with wide ranging indictments, now that Trump is out of office.

The February 11th New Moon at 23 Aquarius will quincunx Trump’s natal Saturn while tr. Pluto is in exact opposition to Trump’s natal Venus (revelations of money laundering and Trump’s financial ties to Russia?). The new moon takes place two days after the hearings begin suggesting intense scrutiny.

A tipping point could occur around the time of the Feb 17th Saturn-Uranus square. One quick look at the chart and it becomes obvious this is no ordinary event. The Moon forms a precise conjunction to Saturn (no orb) in exact square to Uranus (7 ’13 Aquarius-Taurus). Generally speaking the moon often serves as a trigger point with these kind of squares. How amazing is that? And as I wrote earlier: mid February is a very dynamic period. February 17th has Saturn (7 ’13 Aquarius) square Uranus (7 ’13 Taurus) with Saturn conjunct the US south node in semi-square/ sesquiquadrate to the US Mars-Neptune square and Trump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition. Here’s the chart for quick reference……


The concern I have and this is shared by a number of others…… if Trump feels his back is up against the wall (mid to late February), out of desperation, will he summon his fanatical die-hard supporters to rise up and foment chaos? Major economic volatility in the offing?

February/June/December: A Rare Saturn-Uranus Square by Elle.com

Here’s where things start to get really interesting. According to Fox, the months of February, June and December are all set to have a rare Saturn-Uranus square. A square is when two planets are 90 degrees apart, and it essentially causes something of a cosmic ‘power struggle’ as they face off. In the case of Saturn and Uranus, their squaring up last occurred in 1999-2000, and in 2021, this particular square is especially significant for global politics.

“Each time [in February, June and December], Saturn in Aquarius urges us to stick with what we know, while Uranus in Taurus demands full-scale structural change,” Fox explains.

“Geopolitically, as well as personally, events in February, June and December are likely to reverberate for longer than we will be able to foresee at the time.”

Generally, when squares occur, we are prone to working ourselves into a tizzy, fluctuating between extremes and struggling to reconcile two very different mindsets (i.e. Saturn wanting to stick with the tried and true, while Taurus wants to tear it all down). Broadly speaking, it’s not a great time to make major, life-altering decisions, but sometimes, when the planets lock horns in this way, it can force a major breakthrough.

So if you notice a sense of déjà vu in February, June and December… Saturn and Uranus might have something to do with it!


FRONTLINE traces President Trump’s siege on his enemies, the media and even the leaders of his own party, who for years ignored the warning signs of what was to come. “Trump’s American Carnage” starts NOW on @pbs

. https://to.pbs.org/3iJ2Yqw #frontlinepbs

Andre: You are welcome.

Sharon K: Glad you are ok.

@ Andre,

In 2010, Democrats only lost control of the US House of Representatives – they till maintained control of the US Senate (though they did lose a few seats) until 2014.

In 2012, when President Obama was reelected, Democrats expanded their majorty in the US Senate to 56 seats…while the Republicans kept control of the US House.

It was in 2014 that Democrats lost the Senate and the House.

Hi Nancy / Starlight,

I know I don’t comment very often, but I just wanted to say I’ve been following your political astrology blog since 2015 when it was suggested to me by a friend.

I enjoy reading your very detailed posts and the blog conversations that follow.

My Mother is also an astrologer and I describe myself as an “astrology student” (since I’m still taking classes and learning it).

I recommend your blog to my Mother and she enjoys reading your posts as much as I do.

Sharon K, I hope you are well. My thoughts are with you this morning.

Chris Romero, thank you fpr the precise information. There is a real possibility the Democrats will lose one or both houses in 2022. I call it Trumpism’s last stand. Trump will be gone in some fashion by 2023 when the Pluto return culminates. Marjorie Orr also predicted recently Putin may lose power that year.

Good Morning Chris Romero, It’s nice to meet you.

Thank you, Angellight. Glad you & Henri came through your operations well.

My situation concerns the parathyroid not the thyroid. It regulates the calcium in the body & can cause a lot of problems if it’s out of wack (or hyper, as mine are); there are 4 & they are located on the thyroid gland & are the size of grains of rice. There are 4 of them but the doc couldn’t find the 4th one. We are going to monitor it. The parathyroid levels initially dropped 50%, as was hoped, but they then went up again so he knew there was another enlarged one but he could not find it. We are going to check the level again today. Otherwise, all seems well (other than my spinal stenosis acting up which affects my legs. We’ll see if the surgery helped. I usually swim but they shut down the big pool & we have an 8″ inflatable that I can at least lie on my back & kick in, which helos.) The hospital experience has been very nice though. Great caring people. I am not Covid paranoid here. I tested negative yesterday & everyone wears masks but I stopped because breathing would be difficult.

Catch you all later.

From Ralfee Finn this morning at aquariumage.com:

“More importantly, we can’t go back to what was. We must create a more perfect union, one that includes all of us—every sentient being—and our work will be expansive and demanding because we have to change hearts and minds. But the work is necessary and there are more fellow travelers willing to change and grow than there are those who cling to the past. As always, make compassion a constant companion; we need kindness more than ever. Compassion and kindness are our elven-earth and they will help us restore truth and beauty.”

Wow, that was Great, Andre!

Andre, I strongly resonated with your take on the dynamics of good and evil, thank you!

In the US, it’s socialism for the wealthy only, and capitalism for the rest.


Fascinating Jerry, the Saturn-square-Uranus and Moon on Feb. 17th will also engage the US PROGRESSED Uranus at 7+ GEMINI that trines transiting Saturn at 7+ Aquarius, as does the US NATAL Uranus at 8+ Gemini for that matter.

In fact, it engages the whole darn cycle of Neptune and Pluto that began their cycle at 8+ Gemini in 1891. That’s the cycle whose chart had Uranus at 27+ Libra square Venus at 27+ Cancer opposite the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, and on Feb. 17th transiting Pluto at 25+ Capricorn is a breath away from US natal Pluto. What do we have here?

It looks to me like the transiting Moon (the People) will set off a chain reaction that’s part of a plan devised by the gods and goddesses to jump start a new growth cycle that’s waited for centuries to begin.

Also worth considering is the Saturn-Uranus cycle itself which this Feb. 17 square highlights, a cycle with its chart’s Mars at 23+ Sagittarius conjunct Trump’s Moon (his fans?) and his South Node, opposite US natal Mars in Gemini + Trump’s Sun + his North Node – all square US natal Neptune (deception?) in Virgo.

That Mars in Sagittarius in the Saturn-Uranus conjunction chart of Feb. 12, 1988 was T-square the chart’s North Node at 23+ Pisces opposite the South Node at 23+ Virgo and the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Trans. Neptune will reach 23+ Pisces for the first time at the end of this May.

Oh the tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

2nd Officer Who Responded To U.S. Capitol Insurrection Dies By Suicide, Chief Says

“A second Washington law enforcement officer who responded to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has died by suicide, according to the Metropolitan Police Department’s acting chief.

Officer Jeffery Smith, a 12-year department veteran, killed himself on Jan. 15, acting Chief Robert J. Contee III told the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday, The Washington Post first reported.”


@ Andre,

Yes, it is a possibility that Democrats could lose one or both chambers in 2022 – if historical patterns hold.

However, if I were to make a guess (right now), I would predict Democrats are probably more favored to keeping control of the U.S. Senate (maybe even picking up another seat or two) in 2022…while the U.S. House looks less certain.

I say this because there are a number of incumbent Republicans who are retiring in the next year…and there will be a number of open seats in pivotal swing states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

There will be more Republicans defending their Senate seats next year too.

The most vulnerable Democrats in the Senate in 2022 will be Mark Kelly from Arizona and Raphael Warnock of Georgia since they won special elections this year and will have to run for reelection next year. Both Kelly and Warnock are very popular in their states…and the data analysts have both Arizona and Georgia as “leaning Democrat”

So, I’m a little more confident about Democrats keeping (and possibly gaining) in the U.S. Senate.

I’m not as sure about the U.S. House though. Redistricting is coming up again (which is every 10 years after the U.S. Census) and most states have Republican controlled state legislatures and/or governors. They’re expecting a number of congressional districts to be redrawn in states like Ohio, Indiana, here in Florida, etc.

Anyway, I’m hoping Democrats hang on to all 3 branches, but if Democrats do lose one branch next year, I’d rather it be the House than the Senate.

Right-Wing Christianity florished under Trump. Now it’s the religious left’s turn.
For decades, conservatives controlled American religious discourse. But a progressive coalition is on the rise.


My commentary:
What historians and theologians refer to as the Judeo-Christian “prophetic tradition” has nothing to do with prophecy. It’s about social justice. With all their great faults, the Abrahamic religions have nevertheless been far more attuned to the need for social justice than have the Eastern religions with their more contemplative emphasis.

The primary advocates, movers and shakers of the abolitionist, women’s voting rights, and the civil rights movements were from the religious left. The RL also strongly supported the New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society, the Vietnam anti-war movement and environmentalist efforts to address climate change.

See link above: Considering that through Am history every successful major progressive advance was backed by the RL, the NBC story is heartening.

Chris Romero,
To be precise, 20 R senators will be up for reelection in 2022.

Today at 11AM, the Dept of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin https://www.dhs.gov/ntas/advisory/national-terrorism-advisory-system-bulletin-january-27-2021
Drawing up a chart for DC today at 11AM places the Moon at 24 Cancer at the IC (the homeland) with oppositions from the Pluto-Venus conjunction. Eris at 23 Aries squares the opposition in a T-square from the 12H of secret enemies.
The Moon at 24 Cancer conjuncts the Inaugural Chart’s IC. In the Sibley Chart, the Moon is conjunct exactly with the USA Mercury, reflecting the USA Mercury-Pluto opposition.

Yet another convincing example of the accuracy of the Ebenezer Sibly US birth chart.


You are rocking the Saturn/Uranus squares for 2021, you Wizard you!


I was enjoying Chinese food tonight when suddenly I sensed an unusual texture in my rice; lo and behold, it was your missing parathyroid. Its in a dry-ice parcel on its way to you now.

Chris Romero,

“So, I’m a little more confident about Democrats keeping (and possibly gaining) in the U.S. Senate.”

Hear, hear!


“I believe that good and evil cannot be separated in this dimension because they are closely intertwined and interdependent. When they are in more visible and dramatic conflict, it means a relative good has to die for a greater good to appear.”


Trump has created an army of armed and dangerous zombies, Trump terrorists, who feel emboldened after he called them very fine people. They also became emboldened when they watched Trump’s lawlessness and disrespect for democracy They heard him say from the beginning, he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue. They saw his lawlessness when Trump tried to destroy the postal service, the one you and I depend on because he knew that mail in ballots cannot be tampered with unlike machines which can be hacked and totals changed. This must be dealt with by the law and with law.

“Bringing a man to justice for inciting an insurrection Isn’t dividing our country. Inciting an insurrection is dividing our country.”

“The Constitution and precedent are clear: Impeachment after a president leaves office is valid. And when a president incited an insurrection to thwart the transfer of power at the end of his term, It’s required. The Senate must uphold its oath to defend our democracy.” Rep. Adam Schiff

“One Capitol officer was murdered. Another is going to lose his eye. Another was stabbed with a metal fence stake. Congress & staff were terrorized, fearing for their lives. Five people in all died.”

We cannot just turn a blind eye. The stakes are too high.


Dane Rudhyar’ on the Uranus/Pluto 3 Conjunctions of 1965-1966.

Uranus/Pluto Conjunctions and World Crisis 1965-1966

I don’t know if you’re familiar with his work on them?



Were all your quotes from Adam Schiff?

What about the paragraph beginning with, “Trump has created an army of armed and dangerous zombies, …” Were those your words or someone elses?

I especially found that paragraph interesting as it leads my mind to an important and basic realization. Trump and/or Trumpism cannot and will not succeed as they do not have the support of the US military.

From Julius Caesar to the present, in times past when autocrats came to power, though the majority might oppose them, they gained their dictatorial powers in great part because they either had support of the military, or of key military leaders.

DJT rallied an armed mob of fanatical followers dedicated to him personally as he did not have the support of National Guardsman, or of any of our military branches. Though there are some individuals serving in military capacity, and some serving in quasi-militaries, i.e. law officers, who support DJT, the divided and compettive structure of our military establishment as a whole militates against any one person becoming a dominus.

For the past 232 years our military personnel have taken an oath to the US Constitution, NOT to any particular person. This is a deeply ingrained feature of the American military ethos.

Mitt Romney is also having none of the Republican charges of Dems being divisive: “I say, first of all, have you gone out publicly and said that there was not widespread voter fraud and that Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States? If you said that, then I’m happy to listen to you talk about other things that might inflame anger and divisiveness,” Romney said. “But if you haven’t said that, that’s really what’s at the source of the anger right now.”

I’m worried that in our two-party system, having one party anti-democratic or even fascist is quite dangerous. The majority of Republican voters are still Trumpists and the moderate wing of the party does not seem to be winning at this point. There’s hope that if the Biden administration can do some real good in improving life for most Americans – getting the virus under control, getting economic relief to people who are suffering, more jobs, etc. – that that will lower the temperature on the anger. The administration is also staying out of it and doing their best to starve the fire while focusing on doing things popular with all Americans. The Senate trial will bring things to the fore, though – as Nancy points out, the first half of February in particular looks fraught, and improvements that the Biden administration wants to make will take time and meet headwinds.

According to an impeccable source, the San Francisco school board has voted to remove the names of Washington, Lincoln and Diane Feinstein from the names of public schools. A most unwise decision at this highly delicate time.


Thank you, Will. That was very lucky and I’ll look forward to receiving it. (And I really appreciate the humor at this time.)


As I watch the Biden administration move with dispatch to take over agencies and departments and move quickly to oust Trump-related people and policies, I cannot help but think of the incredible energy in the Inaugural Mars/Uranus square to Jupiter. Although the Saturn square is also in the mix, it is not as tight an aspect. Nonetheless, we will see it with the GOP push back and the difficulty in dealing with the virus.

As I recall, the story about the San Francisco school board removing Washington, Lincoln and Feinstein from the names of public schools was published firstly a few months ago, but later debunked. I think maybe The Guardian may have erred in repeating it.

At least I hope so. I hope the SF school board has not succumbed to such goofiness. It is odd Lincoln would be on the list, as he certainly never owned slaves.

Sharon K,
Holding you in healing light. We do love you!

The quality of your humor is improving. Bravo!

Wolf moon will be 100% full today at 2:16 pm est., 11:16 am pst.

Izzy, Izzy, Izzy, thank you so much for the Rudhyer link. He’s my all-time favorite astrologer and I have many of his books, but I was not aware of this piece on the Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

I’m still plowing through all this info – hard to do because of other demands, like 3+ inches of snow on my car that must be cleaned off . . . BUT, I realized, from his chart for that conjunction, that the Sun (consciousness) on Oct. 9, 1965, was at 17+ Libra! It’s where US progressed Mars is and where US Constitution Neptune is and where Trump’s Jupiter is and where Putin’s Saturn is . . . and this was back in 1965!

I will indeed get back to my reading but wanted to let you know that it was a Breakthrough (Uranus) moment finding that Sun at 17+ Libra and just KNOWING THAT TRUMP (and Putin!) WAS A NECESSARY EVIL TO OUR CONSCIOUSNESS BREAKTHROUGH! So grateful to you.

Eliseo, speaking of quotes: Heard a great one this morning – ‘these days republicans are out to lunch, half are cynical as hell and the rest are dumber than doodoo’

Sharon, best wishes for rapid and successful healing

Thank you, Eliseo & Kiwi. I love all of you guys here, too.

Calls for ‘Q-cumber’ Marjorie Taylor Greene to resign from House intensify after new video surfaces.
Walter Einenkel
Daily Kos Staff

I agree with the headline but, even more, I heartily support calling them Q-cumbers!

First Cloris Leachman; now Cicely Tyson (one of my favorites). I guess they have some planets related to the current full moon and t-square.

Eliseo, the San Francisco story is also in the New York Times. It is awful, but appears to be true.


Too bad. Nuts is Nuts, whether from the Left or Right. What I’m seeing is an inordinate number of people unable to contextualize.

Andre, Eliseo, the story is true. I live in San Francisco and many of us are rolling our eyes and shaking our heads. Every now and then we seem to need to re-assert our leftist cred. We still cant seem to fix the potholes in our streets, though which should be kinda easy. Maybe we should start naming those potholes after our Supervisors and school board members.

“EXCLUSIVE: Explosive new book claims the KGB began grooming ‘young and vain’ Donald Trump 40 years ago by saving him from financial ruin and turned him into a Russian asset who gave Putin ‘everything he wanted’ as president.”


“Some followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory are turning to online support groups and even therapy to help them move on, now that it’s clear Trump’s presidency is over. Former adherents interviewed by the AP say the process of leaving QAnon is akin to kicking a drug habit, and urge Americans to show empathy to those who fell for the hoax, which suggested that Trump was fighting a secretive war against a sprawling conspiracy of powerful Satanic pedophiles. Yet while some QAnon supporters are leaving the movement, others are concocting ever more elaborate explanations to keep their faith alive, David Klepper reports.”


Eliseo: LOL, the zombie words were mine. Should have made it clearer. No only one paragraph belongs to Rep. Schiff.

You are so correct and clear here: “DJT rallied an armed mob of fanatical followers dedicated to him personally as he did not have the support of National Guardsman, or of any of our military branches. Though there are some individuals serving in military capacity, and some serving in quasi-militaries, i.e. law officers, who support DJT, the divided and compettive structure of our military establishment as a whole militates against any one person becoming a dominus.

For the past 232 years our military personnel have taken an oath to the US Constitution, NOT to any particular person. This is a deeply ingrained feature of the American military ethos.”


“Here’s video of Marjorie Taylor Greene at the White House in late Dec 2020 saying she had a “great planning session for our January 6th objection. We aren’t going to let this election be stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats. President Trump won by a landslide.” Expel Greene now.”


Aside from the threats to US democracy, we have on the other side Biden’s press secretary holding regular daily briefings, which is good for democracy. I was curious about Jen Psaki’s birth chart and though there’s no birth time it’s astonishingly appropriate to her job! Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Sagittarius, the sign of mass communications, and with Jupiter trine her Sun to boot! Her Moon is either Sag or Capricorn. A Virgo Saturn square her Sun keeps her hard working. She had various communications roles in the Obama administration, so she’s certainly experienced. It is refreshing to see very qualified people in administration roles again. They have much hard work to do to repair damage and fight the ongoing efforts to damage our democracy.

Your zombie words were very accurate and appropriate.

I don’t know a great deal about Craig Unger, but as I google his name it appears he is a well respected journalist. I find it extremely peculiar his revelations are not taken more seriously considering their gravity. Kompramat is not his first work on Trump’s Russian connections.

The Daily Mail piece was repetitive and poorly written, though extremely important informationally. The WA Post also published a review of his book: “Piling up incriminating information about Trump’s Russian connections” but I can’t access WA Post or NYTimes. But so far, nary a word from Unger or about his latest book on MSNBC, or the other news networks. Youtube videos on his work are all from 2 years ago.

It seems to me considering Nancy Pelosi pointed directly to Trump a few months ago in a meeting, saying “Russia! Russia! Russia! and many others have long believed DJT is a Russian asset, Ungers’ disclosures within the new book should be shouted to the rooftops, but I don’t see that.

Why is it Mr. Trump’s plainly seen Russia connections remain nevertheless in the shadows, hidden by such dense clouds? I’m hoping the Russia information, along with his many other criminal activities come to bear during his impeachment trial.

I just read an illuminating article in the NYT on One Woman’s Journey out of QAnon. The article describes an obsessive, driven quality in her online conspiracy theory hunting, to the point of ignoring her children’s needs. It struck me a very Plutonian in that obsession and Neptunian in its delusion; and then a light went on for me. There is a long generational sextile between Neptune and Pluto, could this be the astrological signature for obsessions with conspiracy theories? Here’s the text of the article:

WASHINGTON — In the summer of 2017, Lenka Perron was spending hours every day after work online, poring over fevered theories about shadowy people in power. She had mostly stopped cooking, and no longer took her daily walk. She was less attentive to her children, 11, 15 and 19, who were seeing a lot of the side of her face, staring down into her phone. It would all be worth it, she told herself. She was saving the country and they would benefit.

But one day while she was scrolling, something caught her eye. People claiming to be sources inside the government had posted on Facebook that John Podesta, a former White House chief of staff, was about to be indicted. And yet on her phone she was watching a video that showed him chatting casually in front of an audience. Around the same time she saw Hillary Clinton, another supposed target for an indictment, walking in Hawaii, looking relaxed and holding a coffee cup.

“She just wasn’t behaving like someone who was about to get arrested,” she said.

It was the first nagging feeling that something did not add up. Five months and many more inconsistencies later, Ms. Perron, a consultant in the insurance industry in suburban Detroit, finally called it quits.

“At some point I realized, ‘Oh, there’s a reason this doesn’t fit,’” she said. “We are being manipulated. Someone is having fun at our expense.”

Her journey out of that world could be instructive: As the country begins to sort through the political fallout from four years of Donald J. Trump, one looming question is what will happen with the followers of QAnon and other anti-establishment conspiracy theories that have been bending Americans’ perceptions of reality.

There are signs that some have lost faith: Mr. Trump left Washington last week, blowing a hole through a key QAnon belief — that Mr. Trump, not President Biden, was the one who would be inaugurated on Jan. 20. But others are doubling down, and experts believe that some form of the QAnon conspiracy theory will remain deeply embedded in the nation’s culture by simply morphing to incorporate the new developments, as it has before.

QAnon believers are part of a broader swath of Americans who are immersed in conspiracy theories. Once on the far-right fringes, these theories now hold people from across the political spectrum in their thrall, from anti-lockdown libertarians to left-wing wellness types and “Stop the Steal” Trumpists.

The theories can be malevolent, causing real-life damage to people who end up in their cross hairs: the parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting who have been harassed by conspiracists, or a Washington pizza restaurant shot up by a man who had come to take down a child trafficking ring he believed was housed inside. Q sweatshirts dotted the crowd that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

But while much has been said about how people descend into this world, little is known about how they get out. Those who do leave are often filled with shame. Sometimes their addiction was so severe that they have become estranged from family and friends.

The theories seem crazy to Ms. Perron now, but looking back, she understands how they drew her in. They were comforting, a way to get her bearings in a chaotic world that felt increasingly unequal and rigged against middle-class people like her. These stories offered agency: Evil cabals could be defeated. A diffuse sense that things were out of her control could not.

The theories were fiction, but they hooked into an emotional vulnerability that sprang from something real. For Ms. Perron, it was a feeling that the Democratic Party had betrayed her after a lifetime of trusting it deeply.

Her immigrant family, from the former Yugoslavia, were union Democrats in working-class Detroit who had seen their middle-class lifestyle decline after the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement. As an inspector for the insurance industry, she spent decades in factories seeing union jobs wither. Still, she stayed with the party because she believed it was fighting for her. When Bernie Sanders became a presidential candidate she found him electrifying.

“He put into words what I couldn’t figure out but I was seeing around me,” said Ms. Perron, who is now 55. “The middle class was shrinking. The 1 percent and corporations having more control and taking more of the money.”

She felt sure the Democratic establishment would back him, and she began volunteering for his campaign, meeting many new friends in the movement. But she felt that the news media was barely covering him. Then he lost the 2016 primary. When she began reading through leaked emails that fall, it looked to her like the party establishment had conspired to block him.

She spent weeks combing through the emails, hacked from Mr. Podesta, the Democratic National Committee and Mrs. Clinton. Her stunned discovery enraged her and put her on the path to conspiracy theories and, eventually, QAnon.

“There was no hint of conversation about the working class,” she said about the emails. Instead, she said, it was “expensive dinner parties, exclusive get-togethers.”

The emails were Ms. Perron’s doorway to the conspiracy world, and she found others there too. She was no longer a lonely victim of a force she did not understand, but part of a bigger community of people seeking the truth. She loved the feeling of common purpose. They were learning together how to research, looking up important people in the emails and figuring out how to trace them back to big donors.

“There was this excitement,” Ms. Perron said. “We were joining forces to finally clean house. To finally find something to explain why we were suffering.”

A man holding a “Q,” to represent the QAnon conspiracy theory, at a 2018 rally for former President Donald J. Trump.
A man holding a “Q,” to represent the QAnon conspiracy theory, at a 2018 rally for former President Donald J. Trump.Credit…Al Drago for The New York Times
The community was growing, and also going to darker places. Ms. Perron remembers watching and sharing videos appearing to link a Washington pizza parlor to Mr. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton and a child sex trafficking ring. The dots were hazy, but she and her newfound friends on Facebook and Reddit drew bright lines connecting them. It sounds crazy now, she said, but at the time it felt so real and disturbing that sometimes she felt physically ill.

“It was all of us,” she said of the early months of her immersion. “It was these puzzle pieces that we all got to play around with. We were all sort of authoring this.”

If the early months were a build-your-own-adventure designed by different groups, all the theories were snapped together into one giant “deep state” explanation after Q, the anonymous person or people at the center of QAnon, first posted in late 2017, she said. Q’s information drops had an addictive effect, drawing her in again after she had started to have doubts.

“Q managed to make us feel special, that we were being given very critical information that basically was going to save all that is good in the world and the United States,” she said. “We felt we were coming from a place of moral superiority. We were part of a special club.”

Meanwhile, her family was eating takeout all the time since she had stopped cooking and her stress levels had shot up, causing her blood pressure medication to stop working. Her doctor, worried, doubled her dose.

People who tried to talk her out of the conspiracy theories by sending her factual information only made it worse.

“Facts are not facts anymore,” Ms. Perron said. “They are highly powerful, nefarious people putting out messaging to keep us as docile as sheep.”

As the months went on, the claims she was seeing grew more outlandish. There were slickly produced videos of cannibalism and Satanism within the Democratic Party.

“The people I got to know on social media, they started to look stranger and act stranger and I didn’t want to be like that,” she said.

Mr. Trump himself was a source of doubt. Q presented him as a brilliant mastermind, and for a while she accepted that. But it became harder to reconcile that persona with what she observed in real life.

Another twinge of self-consciousness came during a phone conversation with a childhood friend. “I remember calling my best friend and getting all into the number of pedophiles in government and that they’ve taken over the whole government system,” she said. “I felt a part of her saying, ‘This is not the friend I recognize.’ It never came out in words, it was just a sense that I had.”

When she first left QAnon, she felt a lot of shame and guilt. It was also humbling: Ms. Perron, who has a master’s degree, had looked down on Scientologists as people who believed crazy things. But there she was.

But she has come to appreciate the experience. She has talked to her children about what she went through, and has learned to identify conspiracy dependence in others. She agreed to speak for this article to help others who are still in the throes of QAnon.

There are many. Ms. Perron volunteers as a life coach, and recently was working with a 40-year-old man who had lost his marriage and was falling asleep at work. At some point, he began texting her Q links. She realized he was staying up all night consuming conspiracy theories.

“I was watching his life fall apart,” she said. “I had no way to penetrate it. I could not even make a dent.”

She said she was no longer working with him.

Mr. Trump may be gone from government, but Ms. Perron believes that the ground is still fertile for conspiracy theories because many of the underlying conditions are the same: widespread distrust of authority, anger at powerful figures in politics and in the news media, and growing income inequality.

Unless there are major changes, Ms. Perron said, the craving will continue.

“Trump just used us and our fear,” she said. “When you are no longer living in fear, you are no longer prone to believe this stuff. I don’t think we are anywhere near that yet.”

Sabrina Tavernise is a national correspondent covering demographics and is the lead writer for The Times on the Census. She started at The Times in 2000, spending her first 10 years as a foreign correspondent.

I’m on my way to the grocery to stock up for the next snow storm, BUT your comment above Frank (which I will read in its entirety later) made me think about something that happened about 12 years ago that affected the US people. It could be a part of why there are people like the woman in your comment.

Transiting Jupiter and transiting Neptune and transiting Chiron were traveling in lock step in Aquarius and each at some point made a conjunction to the US natal Moon.

Don’t have a chart handy for when they did that but I do have a chart for when Jupiter and Neptune made an exact conjunction with each other at 26 Aquarius 28, with transiting Chiron at 26 Aquarius 13 and US natal Pallas (strategy) at 26 Aquarius 32 and US natal Moon at 27 Aquarius 10.

It was on May 27, 2009, at 4:11 PM in DC, and the transiting Moon at 22 Cancer 58 was conjunct the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer and transiting Mercury at 23+ Taurus rx was trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo as well as sextile transiting Moon (+ US Mercury) which is sextile US natal Neptune.

This triple conjunction (transiting Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron) to the US natal Moon (US People) saturated the US People with info via the Internet (was Twitter around in 2009?) and Facebook BS. I’m convinced that this was when the mis-information avalanche began. I feel pretty sure Russia was involved.

There’s much more of interest in that chart but the conjunction itself is a shining example of how to make a population get crazy ideas and try to overthrow their government.

From the Guardian:
Donald Trump
‘The perfect target’: Russia cultivated Trump as asset for 40 years – ex-KGB spy
David Smith
Fri 29 Jan 2021 03.00 EST
Donald Trump was cultivated as a Russian asset over 40 years and proved so willing to parrot anti-western propaganda that there were celebrations in Moscow, a former KGB spy has told the Guardian.

Yuri Shvets, posted to Washington by the Soviet Union in the 1980s, compares the former US president to “the Cambridge five”, the British spy ring that passed secrets to Moscow during the second world war and early cold war.

Now 67, Shvets is a key source for American Kompromat, a new book by journalist Craig Unger, whose previous works include House of Trump, House of Putin. The book also explores the former president’s relationship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.


WA Post Review RE: Craig Unger’s new book, “American Kompromat” 
Piling up incriminating information about Trump’s Russian connections


Watching this thing with Marjorie Taylor Greene play out feels like watching a very bad movie all over again.

It’s not actually any better than it was the first time, though, because you already know what’s going to happen.

This batshit crazy bitch WILL incite another riot on the Capitol and cause harm or murder to someone. Count on it. It’s not a matter of if, as long as she remains in Congress.

The Republicans got the 2×4 upside their heads on January 6, and they have largely failed as a party to heed the warning that was intended for them. They continue to play with fire, and next time it may very well burn the whole house down.

Interesting quote from Gen. James Mattis:

“Today’s violent assault on our Capitol, an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule, was fomented by Mr. Trump,” Mattis wrote. “His use of the Presidency to destroy trust in our election and to poison our respect for fellow citizens has been enabled by pseudo political leaders whose names will live in infamy as profiles in cowardice.”

“Our Constitution and our Republic will overcome this stain and We the People will come together again in our never-ending effort to form a more perfect Union, while Mr. Trump will deservedly be left a man without a country,” he continued.


A hopeful sign that the Republican party may split from Trump this Spring, in an update to Marjorie’s post on Schumer, Pelosi and McConnell — addition on McCarthy: “The opportunistic ties that bind him to Trump will start to loosen from mid March onwards. And the same goes for the Republican Party whose relations with their erstwhile leader will take a turn for the worse from March onwards as well, worsening in 2022, perhaps when Trump”s personal woes become more apparent – debts, criminal case etc etc etc.”


Im wondering if there might be any era resonance from the Qanon etal conspiracy nutters to the Salem witch ‘mass hysteria’? Dont know the dates for salem except that I read the ‘interrogation began march 1 1692’

RE: resonance from the Qanon etal conspiracy nutters to the Salem witch ‘mass hysteria era.
My wife had the same flash of intuition last night! She said she had not worked out precise details, or specific people, but felt there was a strong, maybe karmic resonance.

The trials ran from February 1692 through May 1693. Historian, George Lincoln Burr wrote, “the Salem witchcraft was the rock on which the theocracy shattered.” Let us hope likewise through its current excessive manifestations Trumpist, racist, pseudo-christian, fundamentalist fascism is killed off permanently with a stake through its vampiristic heart and body shattered into a zillion indistinguishable atoms dispersed into an alternate cosmos to be burned up by a distant star!

This may have been noted by someone before. but the Republican Party chart (using March 20, 1854, 6:30 PM, Ripon Wisconson) has Jupiter at 22+ Capricorn and Chiron at 20+ Capricorn. On January 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct at 22+ Capricorn, along with Ceres at 22+ Capricorn, and Sun at 21+ Cap and Mercury at 23+ Cap, and all were square Eris (discord) at 23+ ARIES, the sign ruled by Mars. The Repub chart has Mars trine Pluto by the way.

At that time, Jan. 2020, the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle was still active and it had started at 22+ Taurus and was trine the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Capricorn. That 2000 Jupiter-Saturn (a cycle about societies) conjunction was the last of such cycles in Earth signs for a long while. Its chart’s Neptune (halluci-nations) at 6+ Aquarius was conjunct the US natal South Node (services no longer required) and the US natal Pholus, symbol of a crisis that can lead to mass deaths.

I believe it is the Republican birth chart’s natal Jupiter that conjuncts the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction that was trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, whose chart had Neptune (not in reality) conjunct US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus, and that’s the brouhaha we are witnessing.

It is the dying earth cycle (Saturn-Jupiter 2000 – 2020) going out with a defiant rebellion of anti-America behaviour; the last of the patriarchy falling on its sword. It is also the death of the Republican party. America will survive and move on.

This country is bigger than any one person and any one party.

The Republican Party deserves to die. Kicking and screaming if it must, but it’s time has come.

The root platform of the republican party was liberal and opposed “chattel slavery”. It is the cancer within the body, that perhaps began around the Taft era, that needs to be killed. Having said that, the cancer may well have metastasized so far that death is the only way forward.

old colbert interview – WOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls31TkGSQGA

Eliseo: “Why is it Mr. Trump’s plainly seen Russia connections remain nevertheless in the shadows, hidden by such dense clouds? I’m hoping the Russia information, along with his many other criminal activities come to bear during his impeachment trial.”

Amen to this..,

Astrologer Bill Attride Radio Show –

The New Year – Neptune and US History

“the importance of Neptune generally, and more especially in the USA chart is quite telling. Neptune, one of the three Avatars of the Divine Triad of Spirit, holds the truth of the Energy-Form behind the whole of Creation. That Energy-Form is the Love of the One in every Monad; it is the “One in one and all” and it is most purely experienced by us as Unconditional Love.”


Will Mitch McConnell put country over party and impeach Donald Trump?


Chilling to Watch & Hear – Short Video of Trump’s Words on January 6th inciting the crowd.

“President Trump has proven he is a clear and present danger to our American democracy. He must be impeached and removed from office.”


I believe I wrote here in 2019 that American democracy would be in peril after the 2020 election and that the losing side would not accept the result. I added I would be grieving from my Montreal living room. So it has come to pass.

The main astrological culprits are Pluto and Uranus. Uranus in Taurus is prolonging the dying earth cycle. Turmoil will continue to increase because the US Pluto return still has two years to run and Uranus will not leave Taurus until 2025.

Once again the 1930s are instructive. There was a Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square in 1930-31. Saturn was in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer. This brought a worldwide depression and the rise of Nazism in Germany. The US was shielded from the worst political shocks because Pluto was conjunct its Cancer stellium and there was a US Neptune return in Virgo. The power of the US became a spiritual beacon for most of humanity.

Now Pluto and Neptune have reversed their positions, making the US vulnerable to internal disruption. The active agent was once again Uranus when it squared Pluto and conjoined Eris in the last decade. Saturn once again made things worse when it conjoined Pluto.

But in the late 30s and early 40s the very worst came when Uranus entered Taurus. That is when the disruption caused by Uranus in Aries became entrenched, stubborn and aggressive. Uranus in Taurus brought World War II and was associated with Hitler’s early triumphs in 1940 and 1941. A conjunction to transiting Saturn made things worse. The tide of the war changed only when Saturn and Uranus entered Gemini in mid-1942.

Similarly, Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 while Uranus was in the early degrees of its transit in Gemini had been preceded by 7 years of a period of growing racist Southern intransigence under Uranus in Taurus.

Thankfully, this time Saturn will not be conjunct Uranus in Taurus. But we are seeing the entrenched resistance and increasingly violent boldness of the far-right all the same. The sad part is that, so far, Uranus in Gemini has been unable to rescue the US and the world from the noxious effects of its transits in Aries and Taurus without a major armed conflict.

There is no reason to think the bad guys will win. But it will be scary and violent for most of the 2020s. And there is no telling how many lives will be lost.

Fortunately, the US has a very good President. His Mars in Scorpio makes him resourceful in a crisis, just like Mario Cuomo who has the same placement. His Mars is square Pluto in the 8th, which makes him acquainted with personal tragedy and a leader for tragic times. His chart shows great resilience and character, as well as compassion and empathy.

But the economy is about to cave, and the mutating strains of the virus may render vaccines less effective. There are great difficulties ahead. Biden’s worst challenge this year will be when Pluto returns to 24 Capricorn opposite US Mercury for an extended period from mid-August to late November. That is when the collective madness of the far right and the GOP will reach new unimaginable heights. It will end well when Pluto reaches 25 Cap in December to conjoin once again Biden’s Jupiter, but it will be another horrifying and, to many, traumatic ride.

Forewarned is forearmed.


It was my pleasure and your discovery of the Sun’s degree in Libra had me smiling.

I began to study astrology in 1975 and in all these years I never looked at the US Solar Return (birthday chart) for 2001, the year the US was attacked by foreign pilots willing to die for their cause.

Today I did a chart for the US Solar Return in 2001 and learned something. There are 3 things about that US Solar Return chart for 2001 I want to share:

1. NEPTUNE was on the MC (outcome) at 8+ Aquarius rx and trine Saturn at 9+ Gemini which was conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (as well as the Neptune-Pluto cycle starting degree)

2. URANUS at 24+ Aquarius was trine Mercury at 23+ Gemini which was conjunct US NATAL Mars at 21+ Gemini and square US NATAL Neptune at 22+ Virgo

3. PLUTO was conjunct the Great Attractor both at 13+ Sagittarius and they were quincunx (adjustment) the US Natal Sun in Cancer and sextile US Natal Saturn in Libra

However I would be remiss if I did note that transiting Eris at 20 Aries 09 was conjunct US natal Chiron at 20 Aries 08 in this US Solar Return chart that took place 2 months before 9-11.

What I learned is how powerful Eris and Chiron are, despite the fact that they are not major planets. I know that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto symbolize dramatic changes when they aspect a chart’s (including one’s natal chart) planets, but I have greater respect for Eris and Chiron now.

Right now transiting Chiron is square the US natal Jupiter and transiting Eris is square US natal Mercury, and both Jupiter and Mercury deal with communication and thought. What this says to me is that the Internet, Facebook, Google, Cable TV, are under assault.

For the last 10 years, at least, the films shown on TV are excessively violent, and those films are at least 10 years old when they get to the TV audience. So the US Solar Return in 2001, with its enormous outer planet influence on the US natal chart planets, was telling us the world is very violent and apparently, there are a lot of folks (probably young folks) who drink it in via films on TV.

What we saw on January 6 is garden variety violence compared to what is seen in films on our televisions. Televisions are a form of communication and trans. Chiron and Eris are molding what is seen on them.

Back attcha Izzy!

Here’s another tidbit gleaned from the US Solar Return chart from 2001.

Chiron was at 24+ Sagittarius rx and sextile Uranus at 24+ Aquarius and they formed a Yod with the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

Now transiting Pluto at 25+ Capricorn is opposite US natal Mercury (again), as were Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in 2020, each making a Boomerang pattern, where the combined energies of the Yod were passed onto the Boomerang planet, currently transiting Pluto.

There is a link to what happened to the US in 2001 and what is happening to the US now, and it is about the US becoming more conscious of what’s happening beyond our borders as far out as the cosmos. We must attend to our natal Mercury; things like grade school and books and how we travel short distances like across state borders, and what we watch on TV and read on line and hear from our friends and neighbors. Where to begin?

Pluto in Capricorn represents conservatism — concepts of privilege, elites and the established order — at its demonic worst.

The concept of whiteness and its superiority upon which this country was built, is up for review. Nearly 250 years of structure (Capricorn) is being challenged here in the US with our imminent Pluto Return. This involves people–particularly many white men–who have staked their very identity and all that it entails upon this concept.

It’s actually pretty damn stupid when you think about it. People’s attachment to a group identity that requires domination over others to feel secure, and reacts with fury and rage when it feels threatened by something as simple as equal rights and treatment under the law.

Whatever violence may come, it’s time to put an end to this nonsense that has caused so much misery for so many, including the so-called privileged.


Another stirring, disquieting yet fair prognosis.
May I move in with you and your family for then next three years?


You would LOVE Montreal.

However, if you stayed long I have the feeling Andre would make you learn French.


Thank you for the encouragement.

I love learning languages.

Will, tu seras toujours le bienvenu, mon ami.

Re; The alt right uprising

In my little corner of Canada, the local municipality proposed and passed the altering of street names to include local native language. Price tag is $250,000.00 dollars.

This is nothing new here, and it is meant to remind us that we are uninvited guests on native land in the opinion of any given tribe.

Do I resent this? I think I do and can find lots of reasons why it is a waste of money and poor timing with tight budgets and Covid.

Would I likely resent it as much if I actually met some of the local natives and got to know them and their story. Or if we truly behaved as neighbours instead of uninvited guests. Probably much less. At least I wouldn’t look at it as expensive tokenism.

Does it relieve any of my colonial guilt? Nope.

Somehow the Biden administration must make the “deplorables” feel important again without sacrificing the truly oppressed. They are going to have to annex them in some way towards a common goal. It will be tough, but Biden might just be the one to get the ball rolling.

Around the time of this year’s US solar return the Mars-Saturn conjunction that began last year at 0+ Aquarius will be at the half-way mark of their 2 year+ cycle, and they will be T-squared by Uranus (breakthroughs).

On January 13th, one week after the attack on the Capitol, they made the 3rd of their first quarter squares in this cycle, due to Mars’ long retrograde period, and it obviously relates to the Mars (assault)-Saturn (government) atmosphere that lingers in Washington today.

I looked at the chart for that Mars-Saturn square on January 13, something I seldom due (a chart for a 1st quarter square in a two-year cycle? are you kidding?) and there were 7 out of the 10 major planets in the first house. I read this as a PRIORITY of the Mars-Saturn cycle – a cycle that began at 0+ Aquarius on March 31, 2020. A cycle that compounds the meaning of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started in December, 2020, at 0+ Aquarius.

It’s like there weren’t enough planets in the sky to explain (to astrologers) what would cover the events of the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s 20 year run.

The Venus, Sun, Pluto, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury in the 1st house of the 3rd (of 3) 1st quarter square between Mars and Saturn in their 2 year cycle left out Neptune and Ceres (T-square the Nodes) in the 2nd house, and Mars just 3 degrees from Uranus in the 4th house (square Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury) of the major planets, and Chiron in the 3rd house and sextile Jupiter.

The Mars-Saturn cycle does not just affect the US of course, it pertains to the whole world and this particular cycle is in sync with a greater cycle; the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle, so for the remainder of the Mars-Saturn cycle that ends on April 5, 2022, expect world wide uprisings to proliferate.


Merci beaucoup monsieur. I am kidding somewhat on the square; ce que vous prévoyez astrologiquement semble très dangereux. Je crois que je deviens trop vieux pour cette merde. Maybe I will feel revitalized once we are out of the proverbial woods with our vaccination process.

I wrote a few weeks ago that the Biden Administration would meet three severe challenges: horrendous circumstances piling up as the US approaches its Pluto return in 2023, fanatical right-wing intransigence brought to you by Uranus in Taurus, and what I called the refusal to share power with the left wing of the Democratic party, which could translate in the refusal to take part in the mid-terms by disappointed progressives, particularly students in colleges and universities. Of those three challenges, only the last is within Democratic control. While it was understandable that the President would not want to weaken paper-thin congressional majorities by naming Senators Sanders or Warren to his Cabinet, and stayed away from AOC who has become a lightning rod for the hysterical right, this signaled ungratefulness to the loyal left.

The Biden Administration has shown in recent days that it is aware of this problem and has gone to great lengths to show that while the leaders of the left are not in major positions in government, the policies of the government are clearly more to the left than in the more centrist Obama and Clinton Administrations. There is not much for the left to criticize in Biden’s policies so far. The 46th President has definitely shown already that he is as much a disciple of FDR as LBJ. And he has shown a willingness to fight if his calls to unity are misunderstood by saying his major legislative proposals should go through with or without Republican support. Wimpy Democrats appear to be no more.

A fascinating example of this approach is the compelling interview given by Senator Chuck Schumer to Rachel Maddow mid-week. Schumer wanted to convince viewers he still had the fighting spirit and reminded them of his progressive credentials going back to his modest upbringing and his volunteer work for Senator Eugene McCarthy, the most left-wing and anti-war candidate for the Democratic nomination in 1968. Bobby Kennedy became a strong contender for that nomination when he won the California primary the night he was killed, but he would have needed McCarthy’s support on his left in order to win. As it turned out, LBJ’s VP Hubert Humphrey, a progressive closely tied to organized labor but an uninspiring figure, was nominated. This opened the door to Richard Nixon’s vicious and devious Southern strategy to take the racist vote from the Democrats after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. That is when the Republican Party turned its back to Abraham Lincoln.

Biden and Schumer, who are said to be close and who have long and shared political memories, have clearly learned from this. They have no wish to turn into Hubert Humphrey and be seen as have-beens by a new generation of Democrats. In order to achieve their goals, they know they must not only avoid disastrous and self-defeating policies such as the Vietnam war. They must also pass at all costs all planned major legislation in the first two years in order to muster and retain the enthusiasm of their base.

This smart attitude should be helpful in the mid-terms. As things now stand, I think losing both houses is unlikely. Schumer’s transits are excellent for Election day 2022. I now expect Democrats to consolidate their majority in the Senate by picking up a few seats.

The outlook is more cloudy for the House. Redistricting will be to the GOP’s advantage because they still control most state legislatures. Many legislatures are about to pass laws to restrict mail-in voting and to suppress the vote further. The Supreme Court has made clear it would not step in, contrary to the Supreme Court of Canada which has made gerrymandering unconstitutional.

So it is likely Speaker Pelosi will retire in 2022 and be replaced by the dismal and unprincipled Speaker McCarthy. But this will only be a temporary setback. I foresee that the Democrats will come roaring back in 2024 with a triple win in both houses of Congress and the White House. According to the charts of both Chief Justice Roberts and newly minted Justice Barrett, it is likely Democrats will take control of the Supreme Court as well by 2028, which means it is unlikely they will seek to pack the court before then.

One premise I have used is that Biden will not be the Democratic nominee in 2024. This premise is not based on decisive astrological factors. It is based on concerns for his age, health and safety. The three Great Presidents have all appeared when Uranus was in Gemini, as it will be beginning in 2025. But Washington’s Uranus in Gemini came when he was the general of the American Revolution. Uranus had moved on when he became President. Lincoln was the only one of the three whose entire Presidency took place under Uranus in Gemini. FDR was a very good President until he became a great one when Uranus entered Gemini in 1942 for the last three years of his life and his Presidency. Similarly, it cannot be excluded that Biden could graduate from being a very good President now to a Great One after 2024. One thing is certain: the chart for the 2024 President is stunningly positive.

Some thoughts:
I share your deep frustration with obtuse people, but I think it helpful to understand why they are so obtuse. I remember the boys and girls I attended high school with, and their emotional difficulties. Some had harsh, severe parents. Some of those parents were strict fundamentalist science deniers. Some parents were Klan members. Their children, my peers were not exposed to, and shielded from the ideas and values you and I hold dear. I have no doubt when they became parents, despite the cultural revolution we lived through, they raised their children much like their forebears did.

I was far more fortunate. My father, though not well educated, was an exceedingly kind and gentle man, a proud union man, a democratic socialist, a man well loved and well liked, with an almost magical demeanor that led animals, be they domesticated or wild, to trust him implicitly. It was relatively easy for me to learn and internalize an egalitarian ethos.

Perhaps many of us here on this blog have likewise had someone significant in our lives who showed us, who led us to the egalitarian values we share.

I agree it is stupid, (relative to the modern general knowledge we’ve accumulated) that “attachment to a group identity that requires domination over others to feel secure, and reacts with fury and rage when it feels threatened by something as simple as equal rights and treatment under the law.”

Such people have been with us from the beginning. For thousands of years we’ve lived under the domination and protection of such people. Most have believed it was the natural way of things for eons.

Nevertheless, almost one pluto cycle ago some British colonists had several significant moments of social insight. Having acted upon their collective insight they set us on a socio-spiritual quest, the political trajectory we now follow. We all know this. We all also know we ain’t near finished with the process.

A very hard thing for folks like us, is to have compassion for our obtuse adversaries. It sometimes feels as though we are trying to persuade people without eyes to see. But they do have eyes. They see in black and white what we see in color. Some will learn to see and value the colors, the nuance we see. Some will not.

I do not mean to imply we need to be Neville Chamberlain nice to the “nazis” among us. The exercise of compassion does not require us to relinquish our tenacity or toughness. If they “shoot,” we better “shoot back” for the sake of self preservation. Consequences and accountability are necessary. But I think in Lincolnesque manner, it wise and helpful to be aware of their spiritual journey.

Not all of them will come to see the light. But eventually enough will, enabling us to continue moving forward in the quest our Founders set us upon. At least that’s what I read in the stars.

Love what you wrote, Andre, but can’t help but feel a bit of a small grudge against those on the “far left” who don’t vote because they didn’t get what they wanted…yet. That is what sabotages the Democrat’s platform. It has to move forward in steps and people have to trust it will happen. Looking forward to seeing the presidential candidates for 2024 and speculating whom the president might be. I would be shocked if it were Biden. I checked and Reagan finished his 2 terms at age 78 and he wasn’t doing so great by then. Biden will be 80 at the end of his first term. Maybe he will (or is) taking some sort of youth hormone. His attitude appears to be great.

It is the job of Pluto to root out the poison that inhabits a body, be it animal, or societal. It is usually seen as something destructive rather than something healing by the non astrologically inclined, and sometimes the body inhabited by something poisonous does succumb in spite of the plutonian intervention. One can’t help but wonder if it is worth it to keep the body in question alive, what with the pain and suffering that goes with the plutonian process.

It seems to me that Joe Biden is one who believes it is worth it. That’s why I believe the US can be healed from this centuries old poison within its body. Joe Biden believes the US is worth saving.

Be that as it may, it will be an arduous task to eliminate the toxin that lives within our country’s body, but for people like Buckeye Shadow, it is well worth it and I hope for many other US citizens too.

It will be an enormous undertaking for our new President, as Andre makes clear, and it will require compassion for our short-sighted (or blind) countrymen and women as Eliseo explains. It will be a test for us all regarding what we value most.

I say to all that if we keep the faith we can cleanse our country AND the planet and still enjoy life on Earth if we respect some common rules. I believe that Mother Nature has brought on the Covid partly in order to diminish the number of human beings; there are more than she can support at this time.

Nature has a way of getting a message through to humanity and we must all respect this. It seems to me that the US was conceived to work with other countries (7th house Sun) to make the world a better place, but somewhere along the way,we lost sight of our calling and the poison took over.

All is not lost however, but first we must heal ourselves and as we do that the Earth and many other countries will follow suit. It is why we must up our consciousness levels and see the big picture. We can be better than this I know.

Sharon K, we were all a bit more impatient in our youth.

Eliseo, I believe the difference between conservatives and liberals is partly biological. I seem to recall there is some scientific evidence to that effect in brain research.

Barbk, you have mentioned the elephant in the room. Nature is telling us we need to reduce the number of humans to allow more space for other forms of life, animal, plant, bacterial or even viral. or

Without looking for a link, I will tell you from memory that Conservatives have more activity in the “lizard brain” apparatus — the part that relates to fear, survival, possible fight or flight, etc.

Sharon K: I tried to look for that link too, but my tongue kept rolling over my eyeballs and I couldn’t see!

I too have read the scientific literature showing the differences between conservatives and liberals are partly biological. I don’t however regard the current iteration of R’s as conservative. They are dogmatic, autocratic reactionaries.

I have no problem per se with true conservatives. I might even occasionally agree with them on a few issues. I have long believed the liberal and conservative mindsets are complimentary. We need creative liberal minds to recognize problems and craft solutions. Those solutions might be practical and do-able or not. We also need conservative minds to ask how we might pay for those solutions, and whether anyone else has applied them successfully. When healthy minded conservatives and healthy minded liberals compromise, we get good government, i.e. pragmatic progress.

The R party has gradually morphed from reasonable conservatism into something quite warped, twisted, and pathological. Rachel Maddow once said to a British audience she was a “liberal, meaning I am a 1950’s Eisenhower era conservative.” Her audience laughed. How far off the mark the R party has veered from the ideas of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and D. Eisenhower is truly amazing.

Quintile – hahahaha!

Eliseo – good CNN doc on right now called “The Divided States of America” tracing this all the way back to Gingrich and his successful manipulations (I’m sort of half watching, plus I don’t love the style).

They also made the point that of all the many red counties in this country that voted for Trump (and there were many; much of the real estate), they are responsible for only 29% of the GDP, and Trump painted the blue counties who are responsible for 71% as elites and riled up the resentment towards those particular people – the Liberals. However, this has been going on long before Trump. (“the latte-drinking, Volvo-driving elite” – like John Kerry & Howard Dean). They are also talking about fear, the fear of not having a way to make a good living and of having to give up everything that makes the U.S. what it’s always has been. Identity politics. Republicans now live with R and Ds with Ds — and the polarization keeps building! The newscaster is suggesting a program of national service to get us to serve others side-by-side and speak to each other.

Fareed Zakaria, a brilliant CNN commentator said that last part. I don’t know if he narrated much of this but I didn’t like the style of most of it, but I did like his piece at the end.

I believe it was James Lovelock who said he believed at the current level of technology the earth has a carrying capacity of one or was it two billion humans. We are at about 7.8 billion as of now. Although our earthborne technology is improving, I expect in the next few decades and centuries we’ll begin to move many into other venues within the solar system, while limiting how many can live here on earth.

Sharon K,
Yes! I’ve long believed national service is necessary to knit us back together. Biden took a page out of FDR’s notebook when he spoke of a new CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps.

For some time I have been thinking that it would be great if Biden admin could develop a sort of domestic peace corp volunteerism and combine it with reduced or free cost for college education.
For example – NZ nurses used to be trained in hospitals instead of university – we lived on-site and got paid for 40hrs wk, regardless of whether we were scheduled to work in the wards or attend classes – pretty much minimum wage plus housing and meals, but extra wage rate was paid for nights or holiday work. Result – cheap smart labor for the health department, and great, free education for us. Sadly they changed that system here and started to introduce elements of the US model more closely, sometime around 1980s – IMO not for the better.

Hi Kiwi,

Thought you might get a big kick out of this taped interview. It’s tv host Stephen Colbert trying to politely cajole the New Zealand Prime Minister into granting him a top leading role in New Zealand politics. It’s quite funny and endearing…….

Stephen Colbert: The Newest Zealander Visits PM Jacinda Ardern


thanks Jerry – I had seen it, but most fun to see again. It has a bit of a personal connection too – Jacinda bought their house from my cousin, so I have sat in that very room.

The Trump White House was behind the decision to have a march to the Capitol: NYTimes report


“Breaking: Trump’s acting secretary of defense Christopher Miller ordered DC National guard not to interfere with rioters on January 6 —in advance. Evidence of intent, conspiracy, and coordination to enable the riots—from within (then President Trump’s) federal government.”


Here ye. here ye! When Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus on Feb. 17th (Ash Wednesday) the Moon (people) will be conjunct Uranus (unexpected). Saturn being restriction of some kind could mean a possible spontaneous (Uranus) demonstration or maybe a market slide?


Stacey Abrams nominated for the Nobel Peach Prize for her work to promote non-violent change (and voting equality, no doubt) via the ballot box!

Sharon K,

“Nobel Peach Prize” is pitch-perfect for Stacey Abrams
She is such a Peach of a person. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won the Presidency one day. She has a non-threatening, friendly and magnetic personality. One very good egg.

Get ready for a Pluto in Aquarius world. Decentralization and remote work—the opposite of the centralization and urban revival movement we have experienced during the Pluto in Capricorn years—will become the new normal. Well, at least until Pluto enters Pisces.

Good read on what’s happening now from The Atlantic. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Saturn in Aquarius are bringing about major social shifts.


Kushner was nominated too. He appears to have helped Israel but not the Palestinian peoples.

I sure hope Stacey wins, Will. She has accomplished so much. She took the sour lemons left after she lost the governorship to Kemp and made lots of lemonaide!

Decided to drop the K from my pen name here. Just Sharon is so much friendlier. If there turns out to be 2 of us, we’ll figure it out then.

I don’t think we’ll see sprawl in quite the same way it happened during Pluto in Sagittarius—the hinterlands of cities becoming new housing developments and strip plazas. Some of that will likely take off again, but with the incoming Aquarius energy, it seems like the Plutonian “spotlight” will be on a more general spreading-out of society and community, with some benefit to smaller towns and urban centers that have been abandoned in previous years due to industrial collapse and the growth of automated agribusiness/decline of family farms.

Cities won’t lapse into full-on decline again either though. What will actually result from this energy shift will be an overall more level and equal society across diverse forms of community and living arrangements.


Kushner deserves to be locked in prison for life. He does not deserve a Nobel prize. We don’t need to give the former Trump regime any legitimacy or cover for its actions.

Yes, you do have a point, Buckeye Shadow.

Another person suggested on DU is Chef Jose Andres — another great humanitarian!

What we need to remember about the Saturn-Uranus cycle, whose transiting square happens on Feb. 17, is that it is associated with revealing weak and obsolite parts of structures.

Their cycle began on Feb 12, 1988, and the chart for that conjunction, when set in Washington DC, had Mars on the IC (base, home, family) at 23+ Sagittarius opposite Chiron on the MC (outcome) at 23+ Gemini rx, which is conjunct the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini that squares the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Also worthy of note was that Pluto in the 2/12/88 chart of the Saturn-Uranus conjunction was at 12+ Scorpio and was trine the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. Seems fitting that the transiting square between Saturn and Uranus on Palm Sunday might possibly nudge forward some Plutonian exposure of undesired material that we the people will become conscious (symbolized by the Sun) of.

Also that chart’s Mars at at 23+ Sagittarius was sextile the chart’s Sun (consciousness) at 23+ Aquarius which formed a Yod with the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, forcing it to make some adjustments. Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus would have to do likewise.

The transiting Sun (consciousness) on Feb. 17, Palm Sunday, on the other hand, will be at 29+ Aquarius, just past the US natal Moon (US People) and opposite Trump’s ascendant and Mars. Could be a teaching moment, this transiting Saturn-Uranus square.

“President Trump’s legacy of corruption, four years and 3,700 conflicts of interest later

After campaigning on the promise that he wouldn’t have time to leave the White House or play golf, President Trump visited his properties 547 times while in office, paying 145 visits to Mar-a-Lago, 328 visits to his golf courses, and 33 visits to the Trump hotel in Washington. He often brought other senior government officials along, sending a message to his administration and those who would like to curry favor with it that his properties are open to their business.”


You know, we’ve talked about this for years and Nancy and barbk have addressed the Neptunian smokescreen & fog aspects of the issue.

When GW Bush was president for 8 long years, he was virtually able to do whatever he wanted — he and Cheney and the Republicans — and nothing stopped him because no one read alternative news to Fox, Rush, Beck, Hannity & Combs (was it?) … UNTIL, that is, the Recession that befell us in 2008. So — Neptune in Aquarius passed us by and I figured the American people’s eyes were open but obviously that was the last thing that happened. They ELECTED Donald Trump and are still sticking up for him, all over social media, embracing narratives by Qanon or extreme-right Christianity or Judaism. When will it ever end?? And I’m sure THAT’S been addressed here too and I am loathe to say that I remember Nancy, and probably barbk, saying it would go on for a while!


Read the above link. It looks like proof to me that the Trump WH was behind this horrible stain on our nation’s history.

“??This terrifying piece of the House impeachment memo, based on@AndrewFeinberg’s reporting, could lead to direct evidence of Trump’s awareness of specific plans to *find and kill* members of Congress.”

Trump’s natal Saturn is in the same degree as the IC (base) of the Biden Inauguration chart, 23+ Cancer, and the base of any thing determines what fruit grows from that thing. Saturn gives form and Trump’s Saturn in Cancer suggests a profound rigidity of the nurturing quality and a resistance to show any sign of feeling.

The US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer is also conjunct the IC of Biden’s Inauguration chart and it too has an effect on what grows from the base of this Inauguration, as does Biden’s natal Jupiter (generous) at 25+ Cancer.

The assault on the US Capitol happened 2 weeks before the Biden Inauguration and Mars at that time was at 29+ Aries, the same degree where the Moon was in Joe Biden Inauguration chart, and it was square the Sun at 0+ Aquarius, which conjuncts the new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that took place one month before Joe’s Inauguration.

The connections between these 3 events that happened in a month’s time will become clearer, and suggests to me a kind of process is happening in which the US plays a major role.

Pluto in the Jupiter-Saturn chart on December 21, 2020, was at 23 Capricorn 52, and on January 6, 2021, it was at 24 Capricorn 22, and on Inauguration day it was at 24 Capricorn 50, and each time it was opposite US natal Mercury at 24 Cancer 11 rx.

Each of those Pluto’s was squared by Eris (discord) at 23+ Aries and Mars was conjunct her at the time of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction.

The US natal Mercury in each of the 3 charts, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the US Capitol assault and the Biden Inauguration, completed a T-square with Pluto and Eris, along with Trump’s Saturn and Biden’s Jupiter that conjunct US Mercury.

The US Mercury in the Sibly birth chart’s 8th house of shared resources must play a key role in how this intransigence between the things the former President Trump says and thinks and what the new President Biden says and thinks. A 3rd of the country believes what Trump says and more than half choose to believe what Biden says.

Over time I think the Trump believers, many of them, will begin to see that they were hoodwinked by Trump and get on board the Biden bandwagon. The rest of them, those who have resentments like the white supremacists, will have to recognize that this country is ending the tolerance of that mindset (US Mercury).

Barb K, I sure hope that you are correct. That would be wonderful. Thank you.

Whenever you treat any fellow human being as less than yourself, that is when you turn from the path of Spirit. For hundreds of years, the US slave population was treated as a thing, to be used by their owners to produce wealth and power, and their human value was stolen by trespassing upon the sacred center of each and every slave. After the Civil War, in a very few years, Reconstruction was challenged, eroded, and finally broken, and the former slave population was re-enslaved through peonage, segregation, and terror for almost 100 more years. For over 400 years, fully or partially, control, manipulation, domination, and terror of one people over another created the USA’s karmic calamity of racism and caste in America.

Harm to all
Make no mistake, this hurt continues to harm every American of every creed and ethnic origin; we diminish and reduce the self-fulfillment of every one of us when we treat others as less than ourselves. We can only meet our self-realization through and by one another; if we limit the self-fulfillment of one or some, we hurt all of us. If we are to meet the promise of our dreams, we must forge the reality where each and every person is able to realize the fullness of their potential here and now. This is the spiritual crisis we are facing; and that is why what is happening is so meaningful and challenging.”


Astrologer, Bill Attride

Angellight, so glad you posted the link to this site. I found the explanation of the astrological 2nd house of a chart quite exceptional. Also, Pluto = alchemy = transformation. Brilliant.

“We are destroying the web of life on which our own human lives depend.”


Canada puts the Proud Boys on its terrorism list.


Stars in the news: NZ Prime Minister today announced that “Matariki’ will be considered as a national holiday from 2022. I see this perhaps as symbolic of a broader global (aquarian?) ‘shift’.
“Matariki is the M?ori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in NZ midwinter and for many M?ori, it heralds the start of a new year.”

Eliseo, and everyone who was talking about the biological differences in Cons and R’s…

It’s the amygdala. The farther down the rabbit hole of Republican fear-mongering and negativity one goes, the larger the amygdala. The larger the amygdala, the more cautious a person is. That can be a neutral trait, but it’s taken to extreme in those with overgrown amygdala’s.

Progressives and Dems have smaller amygdales with reference to the Con’s. We’re more open to new experiences and look forward with excitement to them; while the conservatives are not as open and even when they entertain the thought, it’s not with any degree of excitement, but with trepidation.

What I’ve often wondered, tho, was if a Conservative could learn to be more open-minded and free-spirited, would the amygdala then shrink?

Of course, experiments like that would be unethical, but I did give it some thought when trying to figure out how to deal with all these millions of deluded cultists.

Also known as “the lizard brain”, slightkc, and it doesn’t sound like it that type of experiment is necessarily unethical. There might be ways around it.

kiwi, how wonderful about the Mayori New Year being recognized & linked to the Pleiades, where a group of extra-planetary space people are supposed to be from.

RE: “The outlook is more cloudy for the House. Redistricting will be to the GOP’s advantage because they still control most state legislatures. Many legislatures are about to pass laws to restrict mail-in voting and to suppress the vote further.”

Your tentative prediction is certainly logical. Nevertheless, if R’s continue on their present path, if they continue to support MT Greene, placate their Qanon constituency, and do not convict Trump in the senate, they will have sabatoged their 2022 prospects.

I think if Dems pass a good portion of their agenda while R’s continue to self-sabatoge, we are more likely to hold the House of Representatives. But of course, we cannot fully anticipate future events. It is early in the cycle. In any case, I enjoy your musings.


barbk: You are so welcome. Yes, Bill Attride is a brilliant astrologer and has a great radio show.

What to Know About Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial

How long will it take? (extracted from a Washington Post article)…….

……. No one knows, but it likely will be shorter than Trump’s first impeachment trial, which lasted three weeks. Democrats, who are driving the impeachment effort but are also newly empowered in the Senate and White House, have indicated they want a speedy trial in part because they have so much other urgent work to attend to. Also, their case relies in large part on events of public record and what lawmakers themselves experienced that day. It’s also not clear how much time Trump will want to take up in his defense.

February 9th: Impeachment Trial Begins

Astrologer Evon Davis explores the various dates of significance on the upcoming trial. She seems to feel March 3rd could mark a milestone or even the conclusion to this trial. This is due to tr. Saturn’s conjunction to the January 13th Mercury position, the date and time the congressional vote for impeachment took place (8 ’48 Aquarius). Other factors come into play, but this is the primary one. She bolsters her argument by citing Maria DeSimone’s observations regarding critical degrees in the zodiac……

“….For the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), the critical degrees are 0, 13 and 26. For the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), they are 8-9 degrees and 21-22 degrees. For the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), they are 4 and 17 degrees.”

Will Trump be acquitted as many fear due to Republican cowardice? Ultimately it may not matter. The overwhelming damning evidence flooding the news media will be the Republican’s undoing. Rick Levine in his latest February astrological forecast (will post the video in a separate entry) characterizes the approaching Saturn Uranus square as a classic battle between the old and the new which Nancy captures in a phrase in the title to this thread: The Dawn Of A New Era.

Evon goes on to say that a culmination to the whole affair might come to pass with tr. Saturn’s exact opposition to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Aquarius) on March 16th give or take a few days on either side.


Video 28 minutes


If I may add my own thoughts here, I wonder if the March 13th New Moon could be a pre-cursor for the long awaited high profile indictments to come. Here’s the chart: https://tinyurl.com/yxsttu79

The 3/13/21 New Moon at 23 ’04 Pisces stands at the midpoint of the dynamic, though waning Uranus-Saturn square (8 ’06 Taurus -9 ’44 Aquarius). Remarkably Letitia James has natal Jupiter at 8 Scorpio in t square to the Uranus Saturn square. Heads are going to roll mid March?

Rick Levine’s Astrology Forecast for February 2021

Video: 1 hour



Thank you for sharing Rick Levine’s presentation for February. Very interesting!

non astro and off topic, But,
Last night a thought occurred to me while wondering why the strong repub backing for MTGreene – she must have a Huge connection somewhere – powerful influences and/or money.
Then after learning that she was associated with a georgia crossfit gym ownership, a few more thoughts/questions started to settle: the controversial culture and racist statements of the originator of that company; possible connection/support from the McMahon wrestling empire; perhaps illicit steroid trade etc; crossfit gym use by a lot of excessively ‘macho’ law enforcement throughout the country.
I may be way off base, but something tells me there is way more beneath the surface of that chick’s agenda.

There’s clearly more there than what meets the eye, just not sure exactly what. Speaking of conspiracies and suspicion, no one knows who or what is the origin of the Qanon narrative. I keep wondering if it is a creation of the Russian FSB or SVR, (Federal Security Service or Foreign Intelligence Service.)

Eliseo, just found this – links Mrs McMahon to trump ‘rally’ dark money funding
Ive always suspected a mob mentality/link to that family and their enterprises

The House just voted to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

In case my sarcasm got lost in the text, I think she’s horrible and needs to be kicked out of Congress entirely. She’s actually no better than Trump, and her violent, hateful rhetoric will sooner or later cause a repeat of January 6, or perhaps something even worse.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is such a nut, I could see her even being the source of such violence against other members of Congress. She’s a threat to all of them, and most of the Republicans still don’t seem to have learned their lesson from playing with fire.

Thanks for the link!

I think that, of the Republicans who are supporting MTG, most are doing it because the voters do and they will be primaried out of a job if they vote against her in any way, shape or fashion.

I’m also reading about the militia in GA and otherwise, a comparison made by one leader to the very extreme and violent IRA and Sinn Fein in Ireland. They want GA to succeed from the union and/or “The American Experiment” to fail.

Ugggh. All of this makes me ill.

Got my first shot about 4-5 hrs ago today and doing pretty well. My arm is minimally sore.

Ironically, people like MTG and other Q supporters may cause more moderate Democrats and those of other persuasions to actually embrace the far Left. AOC looks pretty good next to her.

Sharon K,
I presuming you are referring to the covid vaccine? Glad you got it! May we all receive it soon.

The R’s are behaving like addicts. Power is perhaps the most powerful intoxicant. I don’t see them backing off QAnon fantasies, various other conspiracy theories, white supremacism, or their autocratic leanings anytime soon. As they gradually implode their party, simultaneous with ongong demographic shifts, progressive dems and social democrats will look better and better.
Consistent with what we see astrologically, the R’s are setting us up for a long progressive era.

Eliseo, from your mouth to God’s ears (on both counts: both everyone getting the vaccine and a long progressive era)!

My oh my, Marjorie T. Greene is a Gemini with a Sun trine Pluto in Libra; who would have guessed.

Her Leo Moon sextiles her Uranus at 24+ Libra, which transiting Pluto in Capricorn squares and so does the US natal Mercury in Cancer. That Moon-Uranus also forms a Yod to the US natal Neptune in Virgo, forcing an adjustment; probably through trans. Pluto which it trines or trans. Neptune it opposes, OR through US Mars it squares. Maybe all 3!

Her natal Venus at 25+ Aries completes a grand cross with her natal Uranus in Libra and trans. Pluto in Cap and US Mercury in Cancer. Perfect.

I think the transiting Eris in the Inauguration chart and in the Capitol Assault chart at 23+ Aries symbolizes our dear Marjorie and those of her ilk.

Her natal Neptune at 8+ Sagittarius opposes the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (and the Neptune-Pluto cycle start point) and squares the US natal Ceres (nurture) at 8+ Pisces. She was born to irritate us.

Her Pluto at 4+ Libra also squares the US natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer and her own Saturn. This woman would cut off her own nose to spite her face!

May 27, 1974, Milledgeville, GA

By the way, Venus (what is valued) at 27+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Core) in the Capitol Assault chart was trine Mars at 29+ Aries (the degree where the Moon was in the Biden Inauguration chart) in the Capitol Assault chart, and both were trine Trump’s natal Mars (26+ Leo) and ascendant (29+ Leo).

This grand trine in fire signs is pure divine inspiration (IMO) to hang Trump from the nearest tree, or at least impeach the bastard.

“Yale University professor Jason Stanley analyzes the film shown on 1/6 to Trump supporters shortly before the #CapitolRiots

There is a name for fascist movements that target a Jewish global elite. It’s Nazism. There is an extreme anti-Semitism problem in today’s GOP. Here, by analyzing the video shown after Giuliani’s speech at the 1/6 rally, I break down the crisis we face.”



“Downfall: The last days of President Trump

On Monday, Four Corners delivers a gripping account of the insurrection as it unfolded, told by those who were there.

“I thought there was actually somebody dead next to me. So I called for a medic and I waited for the people to resuscitate him, and then I made my way up to the balcony level and that’s when I saw what was going on inside. But I could hear the screaming, the fighting, I saw pepper spray everywhere and I saw shields coming out.” Photographer

Eyewitnesses in vantage points around the Capitol building describe how the riot gathered pace and how close the mob came to reaching the politicians trapped inside. ”


My bad . . . Marjorie’s natal Moon in Leo sextile her natal Uranus in Libra forms a Yod with TRANSITING Neptune in Pisces (not the US natal Neptune in Virgo as I wrote this AM) which OPPOSES US natal Neptune in Virgo.

So, the US Neptune doesn’t have to do any adjustments, the transiting Neptune will do the adjusting.

The US Neptune is the Boomerang planet (by being opposite TRANSITING Neptune) so the energies that the Marjorie Uranus and the Marjorie Moon and trans. Neptune (making the Yod) create are then forwarded to the US Neptune.

Look for that to happen when the Feb. 11 New Moon at 23+ Aquarius activates Marjorie’s natal Uranus-Venus opposition, and also opposes her Moon in Leo as transiting Neptune (unclear) at 19+ Pisces (unfocused) opposes transiting Vesta (focus) at 19+ Virgo (very clear) which will be 3 degrees away from a conjunction with US Neptune. I presume this will happen at the time of the Impeachment trial.

RE: the San Francisco school renaming debate.
I expect within a few hundred years all humanity, having become vegetarian and feeling quite superior, will look back upon their flesh eating ancestors with horror and disgust. Viewing their ancestors as outrageously cruel and vulgar, perhaps someone amongst them will loudly and vociferously cry foul, selfrighteously insisting all things named after the eminent luminaries of the previous age of barbarism be changed to fit their hyper-moral sensibilities.

But of course, such a scenario presumes we continue as governed by politicians and administrators, entirely and ridiculously incapable of perceiving, much less understanding historical, social, cultural, or personal context.

Are we dumb, or what ? ! ? !

This is a good explanation of how Qanon and conspiracy theories work on people. Why it so hard to break them out of them.


“A side by side of #Trump 2020 video and #Hitler 1934 video.”


Angellight, shocking to see those two videos next to each other.

This was the week the Republican Party entered the psychotic ward. It was already the party of lies, corruption and government disfunction. It is now the party of Q-Anon, Jewish space lasers and authoritarian gun-toting members of Congress who support an insurrection against democracy.

I had warned against domestic terrorism after the election and pointed to the December 23 Mars-Pluto square. It turns out the most unhinged discussions in the Oval Office took place at that time. General Flynn was basically calling for tanks on Pennsylvania Avenue as I suspected.

It now looks that Republicans have entered into self-destruction mode, and for some this relieves their worries about the mid-terms. It is way too soon to reach that conclusion. Trump will be emboldened once more after his second acquittal and will soon reappear on the national stage through right-wing media and speaking tours with the irrational adulation of his supporters. He will whip up their frenzy to ever more violent extremes until he is finally stopped in two years. They will take little notice of the competent and serious federal government they now have. That government will serve them despite themselves.

Astrologically, this year we will all be a tennis ball alternating between the good government provided by the Biden Administration in times when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is well supported by transits from the Sun and various planets, such as now while the Sun is in Aquarius, and the violent reaction from Trump and the far-right when Pluto and Uranus are aspected. This lurching tug-of-war is symbolized by the squares from Saturn to Uranus through 2021, the first of which is coming on February 17, which guarantees further high-wire developments probably related to the impeachment trial.

As I mentioned last weekend, it is likely economic troubles will soon begin to mount and thre will be more complications with vaccines and the pandemic. This will come to be blamed on Biden. The Pluto to US Mercury months-long opposition from late summer to the end of the fall will be another harrowing collective experience and will once again open the gates of horror. I predict Trump will truly be hell-bent at that time, particularly if he has been indicted by federal or state prosecutors. The too-long awaited confirmation of Merrick Garland as Attorney General will bring in another violent period based on fear, ignorance and mass hysteria.

But truth and justice will prevail.


I am exhausted. What with the Trump presidency experiment awaiting a final verdict there is still some anxiety but there is precious little energy to spare for anticipation of it. It is a done deal for most of us and the daily dread of Trump tweets has faded away.

I suppose it is too soon to view that and possibly the Covid pandemic as positives, but the astrology suggests these 2 events were meant to bring about a path forward; one that would make the world a better place.

For example, the US Solar (birthday) Return chart for 2016, 4 months before Trump was elected, had a grand trine between Mars at 23+ Scorpio trine Venus at 21+ Cancer (and US Mercury at 24+ Cancer) and trine Chiron at 25+ Pisces, and I never would have thought that Mars, which was conjunct Trump’s natal IC (base of chart) at 24+ Scorpio, would bring the government to its knees. But it did.

That Mars in Scorpio was quincunx (forcing adjustment) Uranus at 24+ Aries (square US natal Mercury) and Uranus was trine Pholus (a small cause begets a big effect) at 25+ Sagittarius. Uranus was also conjunct Eris (conflict) but (sigh)I wasn’t using Eris and did not have a clue.

Even so, now that we have survived the Trump bomb, we can see that the US Mercury (thinking) has learned (trine Chiron the teacher) a lesson regarding values (conjunct Venus), albeit through shock and awe (square Uranus). We have become aware of the deep anger (Mars in Scorpio) within some of our countrymen and women, and in the long run, we are better off knowing.

Perhaps, maybe after the US Pluto Return, we will be able to see how we were able to not only save our democracy but bring about a much needed purge of ignorance, hate and inequality that would have eventually destroyed us. Time heals all wounds they say.

The Aquarius New Moon on Feb. 11 is sextile Eris and that chart also has a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus, but the most interesting aspect(s) is/are Saturn’s square with Uranus and Saturn’s sextile with Chiron. No surprise, Uranus at 7 Taurus 04 is semi-sextile Chiron at 6 Aries 22, an aspect they have remained in most of the last 10 years and beyond.

As in this new moon chart, when a planet squares Uranus it either sextiles Chiron or trines Chiron. They – Chiron and Uranus – are a Team for this not so brief period of time.

When Uranus was discovered in 1781, Chiron was at 3+ Taurus and when Chiron was discovered in 1977, it was at 3+ Taurus again. There is something going on between these two. Uranus spent a lot of time at 3+ Taurus between May 2019 and March 2020.

On December 1, 1898, Uranus and Chiron were conjunct at 4 Sagittarius 10 and in their new cycle chart, when set in Washington DC, Pluto, at 14+ Gemini, was conjunct the ascendant, and Saturn, at 14+ Sagittarius, was conjunct the descendant and this might be their story. Saturn vs. Pluto.

The Midheaven (MC) of that Uranus-Chiron chart is 21+ Aquarius and the MC symbolizes the outcome. In the Feb. 11 New Moon the Sun-Moon will be at 23+ Aquarius, along with Pallas (the Planner) at 21+ Aquarius.

I wonder if Chiron and Uranus, each in aspect with the New Moon’s Saturn, one in a sextile and one in a square, don’t have their own agenda; something to do with the opposition between Pluto and Saturn in their own cycle’s chart that began 122 years ago. Uranus = breakthroughs and Chiron = healing through wounding.

I feel the “tennis ball” energies now, which is also typical of the hard Saturn-Uranus aspects, notably the square we are currently dealing with all year. The push-pull dynamic between the old and the new.

Biden’s energy seems almost Uranian in that it represents a breath of fresh air and a sudden departure from what we have been dealing with these past four years. Yet it could also be “higher” Saturn as well, doing what needs to be done with committed action.

In contrast, the Republicans seem stuck and mired in lower Saturn, throwing up obstacles to forward and just movement seemingly for the sake of doing so. Perhaps they are also Uranian in some sense as well–the shocking wannabe Trump antics of Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example.

Yes, it is indeed too early to say how the midterms will go for the Dems at this point. One thing they always seem to be guilty of is taking for granted their chances of holding onto office once they have earned it, while the Republicans approach and fight for every election as if their lives depend on it.

Personally, I would never write them off, even with Greene as their face. For sure, I would tie the entire Republican Party to her since they have stood by her. I would beat them senseless for it and make it clear that her and their shared idiocy is the gravest threat imaginable to the country. They would know no semblance of peace until they cut her loose.

As for Trump, he needs to be aggressively investigated, exposed and destroyed. Leave no stone unturned, whatever the outcome of the impeachment trial. Grind that bastard down to dust and crush him like a bug. And then run an education campaign about all of his malfeasance that further undermines and drives people out from the QAnon cult.

“As for Trump, he needs to be aggressively investigated, exposed and destroyed. Leave no stone unturned, whatever the outcome of the impeachment trial.”

Just my intuition and logic, but in all probability, I believe that is precisely what will happen. Things could change, but unless they vote by secret ballot, I suspect 55 to possibly as many as 60 senators will vote to convict, but it won’t be 2/3. Meanwhile various lawsuits, criminal cases, and the NY prosecuters will proceed against Mr. T. As increasingly damning information is revealed, the R senators who voted to acquit will look more and more absurd and cowardly.

Pope appoints first woman Under-Secretary with right to vote in Synod of Bishops


Henri: Great article on Alternate Reality games.

“Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), LARPs. Stories and games that can start on a computer, and finish in the real world. Fictions designed to feel as real as possible. Games that teach you. Puzzles that come to life all around the players. Games where the deeper you dig, the more you find. Games with rabbit holes that invite you into wonderland and entice you through the looking glass. When I saw QAnon, I knew exactly what it was and what it was doing. I had seen it before. I had almost built it before. It was gaming’s evil twin. A game that plays people.”

A wow moment!

A Black woman will be the world’s top trade official for the first time!


Further evidence of the rise of women, taking their rightful place in society.


“And then run an education campaign about all of his malfeasance that further undermines and drives people out from the QAnon cult.”

In the long run, this may be more important than any trial of Trump.

Although the exact Republican Party Uranus Return (10 ’12 Taurus) doesn’t hit until April 22nd, the Saturn square makes a direct hit on March 17th.

Republican Party: Uranus Returns 2020-2021/ Will There Still Be a Republican Party?

by Jude Cowell

As you know, the Republican Party recently experienced its Neptune Return/s (5x) while its name morphed into “Conspiracy Party” and other such Neptunian labels (by pundits and others, not just by yours truly). Many people questioned the Party’s viability under the Trump regime and we may well continue to wonder into 2021.Will There

Meanwhile, with this post it’s equal time for the Party’s Uranus in Taurus, I say, so below is a dual image of the third of three Uranus Returns of the Republican Party…….



The Republican Party Uranus Return

by Zeebling Monroe

I wanted to peek into where the capital riot of January 6th and Biden’s inauguration left the Trump clique and Republican devoted so I looked at the Republican party chart (1854), Trump’s, and his most devoted Republican party acolytes to discover what most of us already know – the Republican party is in for the crisis of its life.

It’s All About April

With Trump still being the Sun to which Republican players rotate, his transits at a time of crisis in the party are worth noting. For much of the madness of 2020, Pluto was conjunct the Republican party Jupiter, now as it starts to move on, it hits Trump’s desperate to be loved Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer which moved into opposition only a couple days after inauguration. Although I genuinely think Pluto will have him feeling quite unloved, Pluto in Capricorn opposite his Venus-Saturn conjunction sounds very much like a fear of being investigated for financial fraud or could it be the many many sexual assault allegations finally catching up with him now that he no longer has the presidential shield of protection?



Very interesting Jerry, thanks for the links, and I especially appreciate the heads up re: trans. Neptune square US natal Mars.

Many thanks for the jude cowell links! The Uranus return analyses were fascinating. The Neptune & Saturn relationships Zeebling Monroe referred to were equally intereresting.

Capricorn is a feminine sign and with Pluto there it’s an obvious source of all the women coming forward to kick corrupt male butts to show the truth. Any planets relating to Pluto are the fuel for angry women to shout out about what they’ve seen and heard for years. It feels to me like a volcano of female resentments is erupting under our feet. This month is going to be exciting watching the Hammer of Justice slamming down on Donny the worst offender of all!
Here’s Randi Rhodes free Friday show with the weeks news and corruption wrap up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLEPkLULOpk&t=1s

Meanwhile, the British newspaper The Guardian reveals today that the Queen has successfully lobbied the British government for an exemption to the law in order to hide the extent of her personal wealth.


Pluto in Capricorn is also about the British, Canadian, Australian and NZ monarchy. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, that monarchy lost jurisdiction over the US.

This week, I announced in French-language media in Montreal that I have founded a political movement calling for the abolition of the monarchy and a Republic of Quebec either within or outside Canada. It is called the Coalition for the Republic of Quebec (COREQ). Its slogan is End the monarchy! This follows my book on the subject published in 2018 (in French) titled The End of the Monarchy in Quebec.

At the same time, a poll came out saying that 75% of the people of Quebec want a republic. That is hardly surprising. What is surprising is that it also says 44% of Canadians outside Quebec also support this move, making about an even split across the country. There has been an unmistakable rise for republicanism outside Quebec in the last 20 years. Multiculturalism is turning against the monarchy because immigrants are not fans of the Crown, neither the television series nor the institution.

Australia, where the idea of a republic now has 60% support, is expected to make the change when the Queen, who is more respected than her heirs, either abdicates or dies. Unless kiwi says otherwise, I think NZ will follow suit. That would leave Canada as the only developed country with the British King or Queen as its head of state beside the UK. Less than a third of the member states of the British Commonwealth, called the Realms, now share the only multinational monarchy in the world. This number has steadily declined since Elizabeth II began her reign in 1952. In 2020, the Bahamas have become a republic and Jamaica has said it will soon follow.

For those who can read French, or only wish to see what I look like, click below for my announcement in the most widely read daily in Quebec. I also have the recording of a radio interview, also in French, for anyone interested.



“He will whip up their frenzy to ever more violent extremes until he is finally stopped in two years. They will take little notice of the competent and serious federal government they now have. That government will serve them despite themselves.”

What gives you this ultimately hopeful perspective?


Mercie beaucoup! Votre article est bien rédigé et clair en français. Vous avez un visage très honnête, gentil et agréable ….. très présent et engageant.


Biden has said he will serve all Americans. They will receive stimulus checks even if they wear Maga hats. And Trumpism will die when Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2023-24.

Je suis très reconnaissant pour tes commentaires.

Chuck Schumer is trying to fend off AOC.


Andre, the anti royalist republic movement in Oz has for decades been driven by Murdoch and his ilk. I think NZers have a far more affectionate feeling toward QE2, particularly in the area where I live, which is where the treaty of waitangi was signed in 1840 between northern Maori Chiefs and Q Victoria’s representatives (about 3miles from my house). QE2 and Charles have visited here several times. The Treaty is considered the founding document of the country and the signing is celebrated annually. Coincidentally, her father died on Waitangi day making her queen. Not sure about the feelings of the younger generation and more recent immigrants towards the royals, but the royals have quietly provided funding towards various conservation and other projects in recent years and thus maintain a fair bit of support within this small country.

barbk and all

re: Marjorie T. Greene, May 27, 1974, Milledgeville, GA; no birth time given

What are the chances of the total lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 being a major aspect of Greene’s solar return? And the potential impact?

Kiwi, I remember a former NZ PM said that New Zealand would quickly imitate Australia if that country became a republic. Not sure what Jacinda thinks though.

Andre, which former PM? Right wing John Key did a major push to change our flag before jacinda was elected. Though not said, I always felt his prime motivation was to enhance corporate sales branding and to distance from the commonwealth. After spending lots of taxpayer $$ on the initiative, the measure was soundly defeated at the ballot box. He was pretty cozy with aussie right wingers at the time.

A little tidbit from our corner of the world – NZ has ranked 4th on this years global democracy index. US is placed 25th and is now defined as a ‘flawed democracy’

Andre, PS – Canada is right behind NZ in 5th place

Wow peter, you are way ahead of me! I will need to study this, but here’s a little info to get us started.

No doubt the transiting Pluto right now is causing her grief at 25+ Capricorn as it forms a T-square with her natal Venus at 25+ Aries opposite her natal Uranus at 24+ Libra. Add in the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer you have a full-throated grand cross. That can’t be fun. Where to turn?

The lunar eclipse on May 26 does oppose her natal Sun at 5+ Gemini on her birthday which trines her Pluto at 4+ Libra which squares her Saturn at 4+ Cancer which is right between US Venus (Values) at 3+ Cancer and US Jupiter (Understanding) at 5+ Cancer. She could virtually be between a rock and a hard place by then. Trans. Pluto retrograde will on his way back to T-square her Uranus and Venus and will station direct there in early October.

However, the solar eclipse (2 weeks after the May 26 lunar eclipse) on June 10th at 19 Gemini 47 will conjunct her natal South Node likely causing her to stifle her big mouth in some way. That will be just a few days before the 2nd Saturn-Uranus square. Let’s see what happens.

How far to the right are your NZ right wingers? What are their issues? It’s hard to imagine any Aussie or NZ right wingers that might be as crazy and kookie as ours in the US. The only sort of right wingers I know of “down under” are the corporatists like Murdoch.

As far as democracy ratings, the US will remain behind until we modernize our system through passing a number of amendments to our constitution, AND concomitantly implement a life long education system for all citizens. As BuckeyeShadow observed, many also need to be subjected to an education campaign about all of Trump’s malfeasance.

Eliseo, yes you are right, most of the right are business/global murdoch types, but in recent times the US kook types are trying to become more vocal too.
The MMP system that was adopted here in 1993 (Mixed Member Proportional) has prevented governing by winner-take-all policies by either of the 2 major parties, as it used to be. With MMP, voters get 2 votes: 1 for their district candidate; 1 for party representation. The only thing I dont like is that if someone gets voted out of their district, they can still be a representative if they are high enough in the ranking list within their party. But with broader representation, the crazies on either end of the spectrum cant hold the others hostage so much.
Currently there are 5 parties with parliament seats although there were 18 parties on the ballot for the last election. Over the years there have been many parties of all stripes – from far left Legalize Cannabis Party to far right Vision NZ which is fashioned after corrupt US right wing evangelicals.
The five current parties in govt are: Labor – center left, 65 seats; National – center right, 33 seats; Green – left, 10 seats; Act – right/libertarian, 10 seats; Maori – center left, 2 seats.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in court as corruption trial resumes

The prime minister was indicted last year for fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes in three separate cases.


Well, well, both Netanyahu and Trump have corruption court cases at the same time.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu in court as corruption trial resumes

The prime minister was indicted last year for fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes in three separate cases.


Well, well, both Netanyahu and Trump have corruption court cases at the same time.

Rep. Ron Wright Dies After Battling COVID-19, Cancer

The Texas Republican is the first member of Congress to die after being diagnosed with the coronavirus.


Sipping my coffee while perusing the recent writings/speech of the various politicos, I remain incredulous of the profound lack of courage, morality or basic decency of the vast majority of the members of Republican Party. Their misguided, cowardly and tacit support of the criminal and unconstitutional behaviour of the former whore of the White House speaks to the collectively-recalcitrant malignancy of what remains of their souls. What is even more disheartening is that in spite of an unprecedented second impeachment trial, our efforts to lawfully and legally rid ourselves of the murderous modern-day Un-Citizen Cain is proving to be a forgone fool’s errand. This is not the proper function of a nation of people whose history has been founded upon a code of laws and principles. We should never know the outcome of a trial that has not even commenced. I am feeling a national brokenness that appears to have no known remedy. This prevents us as a nation and people to move forward without righting these many injustices of our leadership. I have only a cursory understanding of constitutional law yet know that we are long-overdue for at very least, several curative amendments regarding the Executive and Legislative branches. There must be constitutional reformation of to circumvent another rupture that leads to the systemic sepsis we are currently battling.

At this time, I lack inspiration/imagination to come up with a fix. We appear to be unmoored upon a fierce sea of corruption with no vision of safe harbor in the near future.

Am I not a ray of sunshine this morning?

Yeah!! What Will said.

You made ME feel better…. L’il ray of sunshine

From what I have been reading on here we will get those several curative amendments.

Alas, you have nailed the prevailing social/political landscape will. And yet, . . and yet, it is always darkest just before dawn. Sometimes it takes “the very worst” to move a community, or a governing body to pull out all the stops it has available to it. We are living at such a time.

We are also very fortunate, and I mean this, to have a country with such a flair for the dramatic. Hooray for Hollywood, as the old saying goes. There is now and will continue to be a lot of drama in and around the DC theater; all the better to get many, many people paying attention to what’s going on there. Everybody needs to be involved emotionally and psychologically for this coup de gras to be as successfull as possible. It is history-making time.

I know, you Arians are not known for your patience but you do admire “firsts” and we are seeing “firsts” . . firsts from Presidents, firsts from Black Americans, firsts from women candidates, and yes, firsts from political parties.

Transformation is usually not overnight, at least not for a society, as in Rome Was Not Built In A Day terms. However, the bricks ARE being layed, as someone once said. Your observations will be duly noted, and they are very good ones, and the powers that be thank you for your concern. Would that everyone cared as much as you do.

I know there has been discussion in regards to the 2022 elections. Any astrological insight to the november 2021 elections for jersey and virginia?

Trump’s “Second Inauguration” is scheduled for March 4. Trump Hotel in Washington is tripling its rates for that night just as it did for January 6.


The US progressed Neptune (faith and love) is at approx. 26 Virgo retrograde

The US progressed North Node (the path forward) is at approx. 26 Cancer retrograde

The US natal Pallas (strategy) at 26+ Aquarius and the US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius are at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between US progressed Neptune (hooray for Hollywood) and the US progressed North Node (path to success), and this sextile forms a Yod, screaming for adjustment from and by the US natal Moon/People and its strategizer.

I don’t make this stuff up.

Kiwi, it was former PM Key.

Will, that is the whole point of a national Pluto return: a collective near death experience, expurging the rot in the political system symbolized by the sign of Capricorn, and a rebirth once it is past. I have just had a Pluto conjunction to my Sun. No fun in the years leading up to it when I thought severe reversals would make me lose my mind. But now long-lost life goals have come back from the dead and major accomplishments seem once again within reach. It will be the same for the US in November 2024 with an exciting preview in 2023.

This is particularly hard for Arians not only because they are the most impatient (I should know, my wife of 35 years has Mars in Aries in a tight square to Uranus and she is a force of her own), but Pluto’s square has deconstructed their careers. Better times ahoy, mate!

In addition, transiting Pluto is opposite US Mercury, which is making half the media, half the political world and half the voters completely mad.

The US has the experience of 3 Uranus returns which have been extremely dramatic and violent, but ultimately greatly positive. It has no experience of a Pluto return because it is still a relatively young country compared to many others. The combination of both in the same decade will completely rewrite the history books. I suspect they will be herstory books once we know who will be the 2024 Great President.

The US is addicted to drama, the need to lead and showmanship in all fields (e.g. Tom Brady) because of its NN in Leo, which is conjunct Biden’s Pluto. It is also conjunct the USMC if you believe in the US ASC at 8 Scorpio. Black Moon Lilith was exactly opposite that ASC on January 6 and conjunct transiting Uranus.

That is why the US has so many Mars in Leo Presidents. Kamala has Mars in Leo. Hmm.

RE: your 12:09 pm posting.
You expressed it well. I’ve been feeling/thinking the same thing, especially for the past week or so. I imagine all who post here feel much the same.

When I was a boy in the early 1960’s I memorized JFK’s inaugural address. I also read his book, Profiles In Courage. Such a tome today would be entitled, Profiles In Cowardice. What chicken-hearted craven wimpiness!?!? I too am utterly amazed at the depth and breadth of the moral cowardice which has taken root and flowered within the R party. It is truly astonishing, and supremely ironic for a party purportedly dedicated to “high conservative principles.”

Barb K, and Andre have it right I think. If there ever was a strong inference for the validity of astrology, this is it! It truly is a collective near death experience we’re experiencing, one the whole world is watching. We are all holding our breath in these years without breathing.

Barb is right. It IS darkest just before the dawn. It often really does take “the very worst” experience to move a community, or a governing body forward. We might note, after every major plague of history was over, conditions dramatically improved for the survivors, especially the lower and middle classes. That too is consistent in what we see in the coming transits and progressions.

RE: the dailykos link you posted.
To quote Barb, You just can’t make this stuff up!” Were a script writer to submit such a scenario it would be rejected as entirely too implausible. I believe excerpts from the dailykos piece are appropriate here.

“Business Insider
QAnon’s most dedicated followers still believe that former President Donald Trump, who lost the 2020 presidential election, is yet to be sworn in.

March 4, 2021 is a day they have marked in their diaries, insisting that is the date when Trump will be inaugurated in Washington, DC, and, ultimately, return to power.

Coincidentally, Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC is hiking up the prices of suites around that period. The hotel, just blocks away from the White House, has almost tripled the rates for some rooms on the nights of March 3 and 4, according to Forbes.”

On second thought, maybe such a script might indeed be accepted,….

…..if you were Rod Serling. Let us recall his many Twilight Zone stories and most importantly his script for the classic Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster movie, “Seven Days In May.”

It’s all consistent with Trump not allowing anyone to call him “the former president.” He continues to use the presidential seal, and his followers refer to him as “the 45th president.”
Avignon presidency, here we come!


“You made ME feel better…. L’il ray of sunshine”

Howlingly funny!


” and yet, it is always darkest just before dawn. Sometimes it takes “the very worst” to move a community, or a governing body to pull out all the stops it has available to it. We are living at such a time.”



I recall your treatise on your Pluto-Sun conjunction; although that must have been profoundly harrowing, the Pluto-Capricorn square to my Aries Sun just about erased my name from the book of life. It was the toughest slog of my life. I felt close to death in a few instances. So, your reminder of the US Pluto return is well-timed.


Grazie mille!


Will, another point of a successful Pluto transit is that, however bad it may have been, once it is over you feel you are better off than if it hadn’t happened, because you have a refreshed sense of purpose and much greater strength, depth, fortitude and insight. You basically turn into a purer and better version of yourself but also much more excruciatingly aware of your own failings, darkness and mortality. Each day becomes precious because you are more aware you have much to do and there is limited time. The same applies to close relationships which you want to make happier and more fulfilling for all concerned. And opportunities and blessings return to a degree unimaginable before.

I remember seeing, but not actually reading, a book called Flourishing by a noted University of Pennsylvania psychologist. He had decided to study happy, creative people for a change. I thought in my despair that would be nice, but it seemed unattainable. Now it seems to be taking place.

Believe it or not, and I well understand that at this point you cannot, some of this will happen to your entire country in less than five years.


I notice you did not get an answer to your question about Sabian Symbols. FYI, I follow astrologer Lyn Birckbeck, who works with them. You can go to his website and sign up for his newsletter, which always has New and Full Moon info. http://www.lynbirkbeck.com

Here is the info from the email I received on Jan 13.

2. New and Full Moons for January/February 2020

The New Moon
This falls today on January 13th at 05.01 GMT on the 24th degree of Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for it is “A Woman Entering A Convent” (Sun & Moon). The New Moon sets the tone until the Full Moon a fortnight later – and beyond – which can be seen as the ‘result’ of how we all expressed the promise or potential of the New. Here is an interpretation of this Symbol from The Sabian Symbols – An Astrological Oracle, but, as ever, please endeavour to read what this Sabian Symbol is saying to you personally, perhaps using my interpretation as a prompt to your own intuition if it is not directly applying to your current situation or question, or to the world at large…

“A Woman Entering A Convent” (Sun & Moon).
Retreat or Escape
Indicated here is a need to immerse oneself in a situation that focuses one’s senses upon some more meaningful reason for being, be it in a religious, artistic, scientific or some other specific field of endeavour. This Symbol can sometimes mean that you have been trying too hard to get the answer you want, and that it is now best that you withdraw from it for a while. Keep focused on your sense of fate or destiny that guides you and which ignores everything but your inner calling. Take time out somewhere quiet or sacred for long enough for matters to return to normal, or to get the ‘call’. But watch out for an ostensibly worthy course of action (or non-action) which is really an escape from facing life. Also, perhaps a need to be mindful of hiding away (your) female (or male) sexuality, because of a mistaken sense of shame. Karmically speaking, it is worth considering that historically the most common lives that have some drama to them are those of soldier, prostitute, slave or nun/monk. This Symbol is obviously referring to the last of these and how such a reclusive period is now affecting how you live now. Then again, it could simply be saying that it is a good time to go on some sort of spiritual retreat. With regard to these note how it affects one being out of circulation for some time. And what caused or is causing you to retreat or escape from the world. If it is or was purely for the positive purpose of getting closer to God or your inner being, then well and good, but if it was or is merely to escape what you could not or cannot handle, then beware of negative or judgmental feelings about life, for they are rooted in what you fear or feared.
“Many people believe that they are attracted by God or by Nature, when they are only repelled by man” (Dean Inge)

The coming Full Moon
This falls on January 28th at 19.17 GMT on the 10th degree of Leo, with the Sun on the opposite 10th degree of Aquarius for which the Sabian Symbols are respectively: “Early Morning Dew” Moon) and “A Popularity that Proves Ephemeral” (Sun). Bear in mind that a Full Moon is making us aware of something, as the Sun or consciousness is illuminating the Moon or what is unconscious. It is also that ‘result’ of the New Moon described above. The following interpretations are taken from The Sabian Symbols – The Astrological Oracle, helping you to read what these Sabian Symbols are saying to you about your own situation and/or that of the world…

“Early Morning Dew” (Moon)
Starting Afresh
Here, or soon to come, is the freshness that accompanies the beginning of a new phase or chapter of experience, reminding us that life blesses – often unexpectedly – those that trust in its ever-renewing cycles of growth and change. Employ or develop your talent for perceiving the best in people and situations, thereby attracting the saving graces needed when setting off into the unknown. Starting this time or each new day with some refreshing thought or ritual. Remember that after a time of doubt and darkness – or of rest and withdrawal – a clearer and fresher outlook will spontaneously arise. Avoid leaving things eternally at the potential or idea stage, so that no material result ever confirms or invalidates them. Here on offer is the sparkle and freshness that is a natural part of the process of renewal, the very making of which occurs during the darkest and most unpleasant phase of that renewal. ‘En ma fin git mon commencement’ (Mary Queen of Scots) – In my end is my beginning. With any pain and discomfort, focus on it while at the same time letting go of it; this is the surest way to healing, renewal and enlightenment both. The flush of new beginnings does not last forever; it is there to get you going and through to the activities of a new day. Keep in touch with your feelings so you may process them, while releasing old emotions and anxieties, otherwise you could assailed by them when caught off guard and because they have not been processed and got rid of earlier. “Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new” (Milton)

“A Popularity that Proves Ephemeral” (Sun)
A Need for Self-Approval
You are in the process of discovering what has lasting value or appeal – probably through discovering what has not. But whether it is the fickleness of the general public or of one’s peer group, it is your inner sense of genuine feeling, and therefore self-worth, that counts in the end. Endeavour to make it clear to yourself what really matters in the long run – then it’ll become clear to others too. Make a point of doing things for yourself, rather than seeking the approval of those you do not, if you think about it, even respect that much, or whose approval is not really worth anything. Avoid and resist shallow opportunism that comes to nothing, or playing to the gallery rather than coming from a set of your own inner values. Also be aware of longings or fears that are ill-founded. Karmically speaking, this Symbol suggests a pattern of ‘backing the wrong horse’, that is, attracting or being attracted to someone or something – or trying to live in a style – that has no real value in relation to your true path. Seek out and develop any quality, feeling, place or person that has an ennobling effect upon you, that touches you deeply, that uplifts your soul – even though, or possibly because, there is some pain and effort involved. Nurture your own motivations and experiences – maintain enthusiasm for your goal. Discover what you like about your own body. Watch out for situations or people that do not have any spiritual content or principles, or that lead you a dance, do not keep promises, indulge in gossip, or create needless anxiety. Avoid people with whom you cannot be yourself, or worse still, actively prevent you from being yourself by playing upon your fears or weaknesses. “To thine own self be true” (Shakespeare

“NEW: ALAN DERSHOWITZ helped craft & push proposals for GEORGE NADER to be released from a 10-year sentence (for child pornography/sex trafficking) & returned to the U.A.E. (on an Emirate jet) so he could play a role in backchannel Middle East peace talks.” WASHINGTON — By the time George Nader pleaded guilty last year to possessing child pornography and sex trafficking a minor, his once strong alliances in President Donald J. Trump’s inner circle had been eroded by his cooperation with the special counsel’s investigation into Mr. Trump’s team and its connections to Russia. So as Mr. Nader sought to fight the charges and reduce his potential prison time, he turned to a lawyer with a deep reservoir of good will with the president and a penchant for taking unpopular, headline-grabbing cases: Alan M. Dershowitz.”


Can A Divided America Heal?


2016 Ted Talk by Jonathan Haidt
Researcher of Psychiatry & Psychology

Democrats have a back-up plan in case the Senate doesn’t convict Trump on impeachment


Always appreciate your insights, Andre.

I look forward to some kind of resolution of this mess with Trump and his fool followers, and I realize that this may not fully come about until the other side of our Pluto Return and Pluto’s departure from Capricorn for good.

Our state legislature here in Ohio seems to want to make this state into some kind of haven for these far-right delusional people with ever more absurd laws regulating gun restrictions and abortion. They’ve even proposal to make June 14–Trump’s Birthday–as a statewide holiday honoring him.

It’s time for the Republican Party to be investigated and busted up like the mob racket that it is for stupid and disturbed people. They are unworthy of holding office. Our entire political system needs to be reformed in such a way that it promotes and empowers the conservatives in the party, and others at various points along the political spectrum, who actually do have rational ideas and policy, over those who just want to prostrate themselves to a madman and extremist conspiracies.

Thursday’s Aquarius New Moon chart has a sextile between Neptune and Mars that becomes a Yod with the US progressed Mars, and the US Constitution’s Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn.

Whatever is at the apex of a Yod is compelled to make an adjustment; it is quite uncomfortable to be in a quincunx from 2 planets in 2 different places at the same time. Therefore the US progressed Mars is stressed, as is the US Constitution Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter and probably Putin’s Saturn.

Thursday’s Aquarius New Moon chart’s North Node (path forward) at 17+ Gemini is trine the US progressed Mars and US Constitution Neptune and Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra, so logic says Words Matter, as in Gemini = words, and this North Node provides an easy way out of an uncomfortable situation for US prog. Mars, etc.

The South Node at 17+ Sagittarius in this chart opposes that North Node and it sextiles US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn, so the South Node also provides some cover from the discomfort of the Yod for US prog. Mars, etc., etc., but not as much as the trine with the North Node does.

Squaring the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius in the Feb. 11 New Moon chart is the US Constitution chart’s Venus (values) at 16+ Virgo which trines the Feb 11 New Moon chart’s Mars at 18+ Taurus and opposes its Neptune at 19+ Pisces.

Also in the Feb 11 New Moon chart is Vesta (what is invested in) at 19+ Virgo which conjuncts US Constitution Venus at 16+ Virgo and US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, opposite the Feb 11 NM chart’s Neptune at 19+ Pisces.

US natal Neptune is also trine transiting Pluto at 25+ Capricorn in the Feb. 22 chart and that Pluto opposes the US natal Mercury (words) at 24+ Cancer, that sextiles US Neptune in Virgo AND the New Moon chart’s Vesta and she, the NM Vesta, opposes the same chart’s Neptune which creates a grand cross with the North and South Nodes in same chart; those same nodes which provide cover for US progressed Mars + US Constitution’s Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn.

Of course it is complicated. It is about saving the US Democracy. There are twists and turns in this New Moon chart that takes place in just 2 days. It is a very, very compact chart (called a Bundle) with the 10 major planets within the space of a trine (90 degrees) providing extraordinary focus.

Vesta also symbolizes “focus” as well as “what is invested in”, and Vesta in this NM chart opposes the transiting Neptune while it conjuncts the US natal Neptune and the Constitution Venus while also squaring both the New Moon’s North and South Node.

For now I believe it is Vesta in Virgo at 19+ degrees in the Feb. 11 New Moon chart, trine the same chart’s Mars in Taurus at 18+ degrees that carries the burden of the outcome of the Impeachment Trial dealing with reality (earth signs Virgo and Taurus). The Aquarius NM chart, when set in Washingtin DC, has 20+ Pisces on the MC, the outcome.

This puts the NM Vesta on the New Moon chart’s IC (Base, home) and NM Neptune on the MC (outcome) of that chart, and the New Moon chart’s nodes form a grand cross with them. Mars in Taurus trines Vesta and sextiles Neptune.

The outcome (MC) of this New Moon may be nebulous (Neptune), BUT, at the base of this New Moon is Vesta, the sacred flame, what we invest in, and in the case of the US regarding the Impeachment of Trump, it is our Constitution’s values (Venus), and Vesta in this New Moon chart on February 11 is conjunct that Venus. There are decisions to be made. Do we go forward (North Node) or do we continue to linger in the past (South Node) and its mistakes?


“Will, another point of a successful Pluto transit is that, however bad it may have been, once it is over you feel you are better off than if it hadn’t happened, because you have a refreshed sense of purpose and much greater strength, depth, fortitude and insight. You basically turn into a purer and better version of yourself but also much more excruciatingly aware of your own failings, darkness and mortality. Each day becomes precious because you are more aware you have much to do and there is limited time. The same applies to close relationships which you want to make happier and more fulfilling for all concerned. And opportunities and blessings return to a degree unimaginable before.”

It is as if you were right there with me during the harrowing slog. Brilliantly described! And yes, the great blessings finally did arrive after approximately 7 years of unimaginable pain and suffering. I trust the same has unfurled for you in the aftermath of your Sun/Pluto conjunction.

Mille grazie for the exquisite description of the Pluto transits. Exceptional!

Thank you for the extensive answer to my question about Sabian symbols!
You have given me plenty to chew on and contemplate. I am grateful.


Reporter: Watching the trial?

Pres. Biden: “I am not … I have a job … We’ve already lost over 450,000 people. We’re going to lose a whole lot more if we don’t act … Children are going to bed hungry. A lot of families are food insecure. They’re in trouble. That’s my job.”

– – –

And this is just amazing. People are in this narrow little people and know nothing of the real world! Really disgusts you –


Mark, I know your response was for Sassy Grace and I want to add my appreciation to yours for her thoughtfulness. The people here are generous with sharing their knowledge and Sassy was quite thorough and I am sure many were grateful, including me.

I apologize for missing your request for the info on the Sabian symbols myself and am delighted that you too are interested in them. There are so many ways to get a grasp on a birth chart of a person or an event, or even a country, and those symbols can be very revealing. So, thank you and Sassy Grace too!

As of right now: the sun, the moon, mercury, venus, jupiter and saturn are in Aquarius, with mercury exactly trine the NN in Gemini.

What could be bad?!

Let divine justice prevail whether or not he is convicted which, as we all know, is unlikely.

Representative Jamie Raskin’s powerful emotionally-charged plea at the Impeachment trial today.


I meant to write: “narrow little bubble” above

Will, thank you for posting that. I did not watch the hearings today but we just watched Jamie Raskin’s speech about what 1/6/20 was like for him, having his 24 y.o. daughter there and another daughter’s husband, trapped in the Capitol the day after they had buried their son and brother. His speech was raw and devastating.



I heard a very strange phrase today on Bloomberg radio, “President Biden today.”

The past 4 years of DJT as #45th feels like 40. I think we all have ptsd.

I agree, Eliseo. It still feels very surreal.

Yes, surreal. DJT’s 4 years were an ongoing traumatic process. We’ve had traumatic and shocking national events in our last 100 years, Pearl Harbor, the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations, the shuttle disasters, the
9-11-01 attacks. But DJT’s years as president were like living through a war in which our side lost significant battles every day. The metaphor became physicalized with the covid virus daily increasing death numbers.

sharon, in response to your 9.28 post clip with the trump supporter meltdown
– these people have been so brainwashed – watch this from a former Q victim

Jacinda Ardern was elected prime minister of New Zealand in October 2017.

Ardern is her country’s youngest leader since 1856 and became the world’s youngest female head of government when she took office at the age of 37. Ardern, who formerly worked in the Cabinet Office in London, was nominated on a pledge to increase the minimum wage, write child poverty reduction targets into law and build affordable homes. Here are some of her quotes.

On racism
“Even the ugliest of viruses can exist in places they are not welcome. Racism exists, but it is not welcome here. Because we are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other. We never have been. But we can be the nation that discovers the cure.”

On compassion
“It takes courage and strength to be empathetic, and I’m very proudly an empathetic and compassionate leader. I am trying to chart a different path, and that will attract criticism but I can only be true to myself and the form of leadership I believe in.”


Following up on the Zeebling Monroe article posted earlier “The Republican Party Uranus Return”, the author explores the April 2021 time period. He seems to feel this period will mark a culmination to current political and financial trends. Not mentioned in the article however is the April 26th Super Full Moon (7 ’05 Scorpio). This Scorpio Full Moon falls within 3 degrees of opposition to tr. Uranus (10 Taurus) and in grand cross fixed square to the US nodes (7 Leo-Aquarius). In addition, the Full Moon forms a semi-square/sesqui-quadrate to the US natal Neptune (22 Virgo) and tr. Neptune (22 Pisces). Remarkably, within a few hours of the Full Moon there is a Pluto retrograde station (26 ’48 Capricorn) within one degree of conjunction to the US Pluto (27 ’33 Capricorn). It is said a planets station is exponentially more powerful than a normal transit and covers a wider orb of influence. Can we surmise therefore that this nearly exact Pluto Return aspect will be tangibly felt on profound levels? Any thoughts out there? Adding to the dynamic aspect, the US progressed South Node at 26 ’08 Capricorn, the same degree as the Pluto station. Here are two brief descriptions found on the net….

“…..The Pluto/South Node conjunction can flag up where it’s time to let go, move on, give in. It reveals what’s not working out or where you have no control. All you can do is navigate your way forwards as best you can keeping in step with the changes taking place, wherever they lead you.”

“…..Pluto conjunct South Node reveals injustice, all maneuvers from politicians, businesses and bankers to keep people dependent. This conjunction requires from those in power to change the laws that rule the country. It requires from every one, including the people, to be genuine and authentic.”

Here is the April 27th Scorpio Full Moon chart for quick reference……


Jerry, your 5.02 am post was important. Pluto will station in April one degree or so away from its exact return on the US chart. It will reach the return in 2022 and begin to move beyond it in 2023. This is still a highly critical time both for the Republican Party, which has been eaten alive by the Trump virus, and the country as a whole. The extent of the moral corruption and mindlessness within the Senate GOP is there for all to see this week. This is where great inequality and lack of campaign finance oversight lead.

The Scorpio Full Moon will be a turning point. Unfortunately, it does not man this awful page in US history will be turned at this time. Much will depend on how Trump is acquitted and how he behaves afterwards. He is certain to pour oil on the fire. The civil war within the Republican Party is bound to worsen. There will be more domestic turmoil, perhaps political violence.

But the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, followed by the Sun’s transit through Aquarius since the Inauguration, are showing the future. The grossly materialistic and nihilistic Earth-element era, signified by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions of the past 200 years at 20-year intervals, is dying. It will be gone when Pluto leaves Capricorn and Uranus leaves Taurus mid-decade.

The near future is most definitely progressive.

Mark, I also missed your question about Sabian symbols. I probably would not have answered anyway because I am not entirely comfortable with them. I will simply add this which may be of interest.

Years ago (this would be in the 90s and early 2000s), before I found this blog, I used to read daily an alternative astrology site hosted by Stephanie Azaria called the Cosmic Path. This site is still active and can be easily found. Her approach to astrology is absolutely non-political, rarely concerned with current events and tuned to spiritual awareness. It can be seen as idiosyncratic but I found it helpful for a long time. I remember she did predict the loss of countless lives in world upheavals destined to raise spiritual consciouness.

She also had as a guest then (I don’t know if he is still there, I tried to find him recently but couldn’t) a young astrologer from California with an entirely different and inspired reading of Sabian symbols. I found his interpretations much more telling than those most often used. It is because I can no longer access them that I do not now use Sabian symbols because they do not speak to me as they did when I read what he had to say. Perhaps someone can help me find that astrologer again. I do not recall his name.


Although intense, embedded in the April 26th Full Moon chart, it’s encouraging to see Jupiter’s simultaneous conjunction to the US natal Moon (27 Aquarius). It appears we’re heading in the right direction……

“….The transit of Jupiter conjunct your natal Moon is a very positive transit. You feel safe and in touch with your most intimate needs and with your feelings, and this helps you to express yourself more sincerely and openly with others. You feel generous, and can give yourself to someone more freely than at other times.”

– Astro Library . com

Full Moon in April 2021 Scorpio 7°05′

Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into your feelings as deep as possible. You desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any other time even if it is not easy and you are forced to change many things. Shallow relationships do not satisfy you, because they are not purifying enough.

– Astro Seek

The March 4 conspiracy theory when Q-Anon expects Trump to become President.


Lest we see the earth signs as pure evil I remind myself that all signs and all elements have their pluses and minuses, and with the earth element, reality is king. During the last Jupiter-Saturn cycle that ended December 21, 2020, things like money and big houses and expensive cars were in the last throes of being all that mattered.

It was the ending of the material, aka earth element that had been prized and cultivated over many, many decades. Physical comfort and pleasure dominated over mental harmony and peace, and now we start a new cycle where we will learn to revere our freedom to speak and think with like-minded people, and education will become the most prized and cultivated achievement of the masses, but it won’t happen over night.

It will happen in 20 year increments, the next one being in 2040 when Jupiter and Saturn meet on Halloween, 2040, in Libra, ironically at 17+ Libra, the degree of Trump’s natal Jupiter and where the US progressed Mars is now, and where the US Constitution chart’s Neptune is and where Putin’s natal Saturn is too. The North Node at that time will conjunct Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus and square Pluto at 24+ Aquarius. How ’bout them apples?

SABIAN SYMBOL for 17+ Libra (LIBRA 18):


Keynote: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society and the expectable result.

The Trump virus isn’t the only one of course – the Covid virus is still with us augmented by the new, more infectious variants. The CDC has just issued this notice on double masking as an effective deterrent for picking up the virus.

Also worth noting is that as of yesterday there is a double yod in the noon transit chart (using PST), with one leg applying to Mars in the 5th. Might affect younger people more? Time will tell, but be careful out there, folks.


https://www.wsj.com/livecoverage/covid-2021-02-10/card/aJXNzIW8OJ5G0R6bQFTm?mod=e2tw ……Wall St. Journal article

The Trump virus isn’t the only one of course – the Covid virus is still with us augmented by the new, more infectious variants. The CDC has just issued this notice on double masking as an effective deterrent for picking up the virus.

Also worth noting is that as of yesterday there is a double yod in the noon transit chart (using PST), with one leg applying to Mars in the 5th. Might affect younger people more? Time will tell, but be careful out there, folks.


https://www.wsj.com/livecoverage/covid-2021-02-10/card/aJXNzIW8OJ5G0R6bQFTm?mod=e2tw ……Wall St. Journal article

Sorry, my mistake posting the above 2x.

Here’s one from the Washington Post on the effectiveness of double masking, as well:


Andrew Yang holds a strong lead in the NY mayoralty race. Maybe he’ll introduce guaranteed annual income.


Is it possible that QAnon is a Russian Intelligence operation??


Having seen enough of the Impeachment coverage today to be awed by the Dem presentation, I am understanding the transiting Saturn (suppress) on the US natal South Node (the old ways that don’t work anymore) both at 6+ Aquarius, is a big boost for the US north node at 6+ Leo, enabling it to pull out all the dramatic stops.

Not even commercials were allowed to impede that presentation so the Dems had everyone under their spell for hours. Also transiting Chiron at 6+ Aries was trine the US natal Leo north node, ensuring that the pain was put to good use in making it clear that Trump was guilty of causing insurrection.

The story has been told to the whole day’am world now and it was a breathtaking spectacle. No other sign but Leo could have pulled it off as well. And there’s the rub; we are a country that instinctively knows how to capture the attention of an audience; we have that north node in Leo. Can we keep it up?

I believe our north node is why Trump came to be the US President in these transformative times; his audacious remarks, behaviour and attitudes are known all over the world, and that means the world is watching how the US will recover from this disaster.

We are creating a drama about how a society overcomes a pandemic and a power-hungry president, all at the same time – seemingly with our hands tied – and setting an example of how a democracy should work.

Hell no we are not perfect, but the American Experiment continues to be a riviting show to watch, with US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries opposite US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra along with Trump’s Jupiter and US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn, you gotta expect a little pain in the growing process.

Don’t write us off yet, there’s a lot of drama to come and you don’t want to miss a minute of it!

The impeachment chart:

Surprising how many trines there are….

In addition to the Yod in the New Moon chart (today at 2:05 PM in DC) between Neptune sextile Mars and both quincunx US progressed Mars (see comment on 2/9 at 4:02 pm), the Sun-Moon at 23 Aquarius 16 is also at the apex of another Yod with the sextile between US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer).

The extraordinary amount of shifting required over the coming month is no doubt due to the Impeachment process and also because transiting Neptune and US natal Neptune are each involved in one of the 2 Yods, and the 2 Neptune’s are opposite each other.

The transiting Mars and the US progressed Mars are both in the same Yod so, Mars energy and Neptune energy are extremely involved in what’s going on during this New Moon, as it relates to the US.

Mars speaks to action, often aggressive action, and Neptune speaks to a suspension of reality, such as seeing something in video or film. The Impeachment process has both in spades.

Also, the New Moon in Aquarius is trine the US natal Mars in Gemini, and the New Moon chart’s Mercury in Aquarius trines the the US progressed Mars in Libra. Some of this shifting, due to the 2 Yod’s involved, suggests to me that maybe some Republican senators might surprise us and vote to impeach Trump.

Also, today Pluto in Cap and Ceres in Pisces form a Yod with Trump’s natal Mars in Leo and he is squirming like a fish on a hook! His Mars opposes the US Moon in Aquarius making a Boomerang and the Moon receives the energies of the Yod, and US Moon is the US People!

Humor break. Will Ferrell and Norway’s response to a Super Bowl ad.


Happy chinese New Year – year of the Ox
keywords – hardwork, positivity, honesty.
lets hope

Progressives in California make liberals across the US uneasy.


I’m impressed with the way the impeachment managers present their case. (following the Guardian’s blog). But they crossed over the New Moon, which happened two hours ago.
With a New Moon, I always feel like everything that happened just before it, in the last days of the ‘Old Moon’ seems like a long time ago, much more so than with ‘regular previous days’, you know what I mean?
Anyway, I just hope that the senators won’t forget everything that was presented this week and that they will answer in the only just way…. hope hope…

Margriet, I agree that when a New Moon happens there is a shift in the energy; something ends and something new begins, and what ended today was the New Moon cycle that began on January 12-13 at 23+ Capricorn that was conjunct Pluto that was square Eris in Aries, and opposite the US natal Mercury in Cancer.

The pressure from that intense T-square ceased and changed focus, although Eris in Aries still squares Pluto in Cap and squares US natal Mercury in Cancer, the focus of the old New Moon that created the intensity moved to Aquarius where the new New Moon is.

Now we can see that the old New Moon in Capricorn that was conjunct Pluto had as its goal (one of them anyway) to expose (a Pluto thing) the construction (a Capricorn thing) of how Trump incited the riot on January 6. That was revealed BEFORE the changing cycle moved into the Aquarius position, a more airy energy that expresses itself in a lighter way than the earthy Capricorn New Moon conjunct Pluto. Timing is everything they say!

What we have, thanks to the impeachment managers, is a record of what Trump created and that record will live on long after Trump has left the earthly plane. It will aid the US government in making changes in the Constitution so that it can’t happen again. I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to those brilliant impeachment managers.

I believe their video will be used in classrooms all over the country to teach young people how politicians manipulate voters in order to destroy our democracy. Trump will get his fame but it won’t be the kind he wanted.


Yesterday’s question asked by Rep. David Cicilline flawlessly sums up Trump’s guilt.

“Does anyone honestly believe but for the conduct of President Trump would the attack on the capital have occurred?”

Thanks barbk, for putting it in that perspective.
Let’s hope the best!

Coach Tuberville blew the whistle on Donald Trump

“The question is, when did Trump know of Pence’s personal predicament? Because of what Tuberville told reporters yesterday, now we know. Trump, intending to call Tuberville to ask him to delay the vote count further, called the phone of Utah Republican Mike Lee instead. We know this was in the first 15 minutes after 2 p.m. Lee gave the phone to Tuberville. Lee already had confirmed that at some point, Tuberville had to end the conversation quickly. We also know that Pence was taken from the Senate chamber at 2:14. What Tuberville added yesterday, though, was telling. “I said, ‘Mr. President, they just took the vice president out. I’ve got to go,’” Tuberville told reporters on Wednesday. So, around 2:15, Tuberville told Trump that security forces had whisked Pence away from the chamber. By 2:20, all members of Congress were being removed from both chambers. Four minutes after that, nine minutes after Trump’s call with Tuberville, Trump tweeted his new attack on Pence. Pence and his family were still in the building. Two minutes after Trump’s tweet, security evacuated the vice president entirely — less than a single minute before the mob reached the room where the Pences had been held.”


Mounting evidence suggests Trump knew of danger to Pence when he attacked him as lacking ‘courage’ amid Capitol siege


Here’s an interesting twist. According to most estimates Trump impeachment deliberations are expected to wrap up either Saturday or Sunday…..

If the process spills over into Sunday, the Sunday Feb 14th Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 13 Aquarius forms a quincunx to the US natal Sun (13 Cancer). Because Mercury is in retrograde motion would that suggest the Democrats will introduce new information (Mercury) that would necessitate the calling of pertinent witnesses and would that change the dynamic especially with the rapidly approaching Feb 17th Saturn-Uranus square?

Here is some astrological background on why the February 14th Mercury/Jupiter conjunction could be a gamechanger……….

117th Congress Scheduled To Open January 3, 2021 by Jude Cowell

117th Congress: January 3, 2021 midday est Capitol Hill exhibits 19Aries04 rising, the exaltation of the Sun diploma. Naturally, the Sun (management) @13Cap32 conjuncts the midday Midheaven (‘MC’) whereas opposing US natal Sun (July 4, 1776) suggesting a interval when authorities objectives and goals ought to be reassessed and, if crucial, a change of course could also be taken. This is due to the truth that yearly, January third (or 4th) is the Executive Branch’s “un-birthday.” So with Mars-ruled Aries rising, Mars is chart-ruler (@28Ari32 and rising in 1st home) and makes three making use of Ptolemaic points within the chart: 1. sq. Saturn inflicting difficulties, delays, stalling, lack of preparation or planning, frustration, challenges to authority, and with a possible for anger


BREAKING NEWS…. Just announced over the air waves – a major Republican figure (Nikki Haley?) has declared her opinion of Trump’s guilt that could exert some influence among Republicans in favor of conviction. The sands of public opinion are shifting.

Pluto in Capricorn. A prominent British columnist asks for the abolition of the monarchy. She says Elizabeth II should be Elizabeth the Last. The monarchy has 67% support in England, but only 57% in Scotland. Its support is declining among young people.

According to a very long-lasting Saros eclipse cycle, the British monarchy will end in 2036 a few short years rom now. Another astrological indication is that the chart for Prince George, Kate and William’s eldest son, shows great personal wealth but none of the traditional planetary signatures of the monarchy. It is to be expected that the British government would buy off members of the royal family by allowing them to retain their fabulous assets when the monarchy goes.

Abolition may be 15 years away in the UK, but is likely to take place earlier in Australia and Canada, where the groundwork is being laid now. A poll came out this week indicating that for the first time there are pluralities for a Canadian Republic in Ontario and Alberta. The political movement I have created for a Republic of Quebec scored its first win on Wednesday when a special debate on the monarchy was held in the National Assembly of Quebec. The response of the provincial government was : “Yes, when the time is right.” The next opportunity will be in the fall when Alberta says it will hold a vote on reopening the Canadian Constitution. The Canadian Supreme Court has created in 1998 a legal obligation to renegotiate the terms of the Constitution whenever a province asks formally to do so. The Supreme Court accepted my own submission when it did so. It was the only one of many in that case which called for such an obligation, which Quebec has never used to my great frustration, but Alberta has decided to explicitly to use it at this time.

Canada’s chart indicates protracted and profound constitutional reform beginning in 2022.

Well, Andre. I don’t know what to say. As a Western Canadian I have had many FEELINGS about this over the years. I adore French Canadians. My dad, however, complained to the local supermarket manager that he had the French side out on the labels, and did he see any French Canadians around here? Haha! This was in the ’60’s. I was in the States when Pierre Trudeau declared martial law because La Porte, minister of… I have forgotten for sure – was murdered.
My dad was Social Credit until the Reform Party in the west came along, and then he was ready to leave Canada and annex with Washington State etc. We thought he was crazy!!
I have always been captivated with the French culture and style. Even when in the west we saw none of it up close and personal. Think there was a town out of Edmonton that was Fr. Canadian tho.
I learned that the French settled Canada more than the English but the English made Canada predominantly English because when it came down to a war in Canada, the French in France did not support the French in Canada! I always thought that was a raw deal after I learned it.

I fell in love with a French Canadian (but alas he was not faithful) and visited Montreal and Quebec City for two weeks. Saw the Plains of Abraham.
His family was divided. Half of them were separatists and half were I guess Ideologically with the rest of Canada. It was a real divide. Never seen anything like it. They spoke English to me although all of them spoke French among themselves. After 3 days they said I had to try to speak French with them and no longer spoke English to me. THAT was a complete shock. I already was impressed and feeling intimidated and completely out of my element. Anyway, made it through that experience.
When Quebec was thinking of separating some years ago and almost did (as you have mentioned) – that concept was really disorienting to me and probably for most of the people in the west. I didn’t know what to think, and what would become of us all. To lose Quebec, and all of the ramifications boggled our collective mind. We weren’t ready for it. Think I can speak for most people out here because we didn’t know what was going on. So there was a fear factor there. Fear of the unknown. And what our collective, national identity would be.
We hadn’t meant to be offensive to our Quebec neighbors. It was like we were in a marriage and one of the parties was perfectly happy and the other party said: “I’m leaving!” OMG. A lot of confusion and heartbreak and once again the question of Who Am I Without This Relationship- and What Did I Do?

So now with all the changes in the US, and the crises upon us, shaking us all up anyway – perhaps more understanding will happen, and more acceptance of whatever really happens in the next few years will occur.

As Rachel Maddow says: “Watch this Space!”

Jerry, Niki Haley announces now that she shouldn’t have followed Trump and she is disgusted with his treatment of Pence BUT Haley is also grooming herself for a presidential run — that’s what it’s all about.

I would love to be wrong but I entirely expect Trump to be acquitted today. First, his conviction is a blot on the entire party and, second, there are too many who may be gone after next for their aiding and abetting. If nothing else, they would possibly be censured (Cruz, Hawley, Graham, etc. – the whole rotten bunch).

Hopefully, we can rely on the Fulton Cnty, GA DA (who appeared on Rachel’s show last night) and/or the NY AG to convict Trump for his election tampering and other crimes. Whether or not he escapes criminal accountability, the Republicans as a whole will never support his candidacy again. They are moving on.

Jerry, Niki Haley announces now that she shouldn’t have followed Trump and she is disgusted with his treatment of Pence BUT Haley is also grooming herself for a presidential run — that’s what it’s all about.

I would love to be wrong but I entirely expect Trump to be acquitted today. First, his conviction is a blot on the entire party and, second, there are too many who may be gone after next for their aiding and abetting. If nothing else, they would possibly be censured (Cruz, Hawley, Graham, etc. – the whole rotten bunch).

Hopefully, we can rely on the Fulton Cnty, GA DA (who appeared on Rachel’s show last night) and/or the NY AG to convict Trump for his election tampering and other crimes. Whether or not he escapes criminal accountability, the Republicans as a whole will never support his candidacy again. They are moving on.

Sorry about the double post — usually the software guards against that happening.

Sharon K: You are so right, “his conviction is a blot on the entire party” however, I still hold out hope b/c that mob could have killed both Rs and Ds. And, this could happen again. No one is safe from this mob. They must realize they or their families are not safe. This should give them pause, I would think.

I want to throw a shoe at the TV, watching this lawyer for Trump. I know a lawyer can’t knowingly lie in a court trial; I guess the same doesn’t apply to the political process of impeachment. I’ve never seen such false equivocation, hypocrisy, and red herrings in one speech.

I really don’t understand why they’re doing it, anyway, the Senate is just going to acquit, anyway. (sigh)

They’re doing it to make as clear as possible to the world what Trump’s character and mental health status really is and how despotism has to be stood up against and rejected. Many more are now aware. He will unfortunately remain an influencer but will gradually grown less and less relevant, I believe. If he is convicted on other criminal charges, that will also be a blot on himself and the party. As we talked about, the RP is being destroyed and a new one will emerge from the molted skin, or the ashes. Perhaps, people like Bill Cassidy, of my state, will be part of it (the NY Times called them the “pragmatic” Republicans who need to work with Democrats to at least have something rather than nothing, as McConnell often chose). They may have no choice but to work with the Dems, but probably will remain wolves in sheeps’ clothing to an extent, at least many of them.

The joys of living in a democracy…

Per CNN, the expected time the Senate will vote tomorrow, Saturday, 2/13/21, but not definite yet:

“The vote to acquit or convict: A final vote will be around 3 p.m. ET. This is not locked in yet and can change, but that’s the expectation at the moment. Conviction requires two-thirds of senators present to offer “guilty” votes. Normally, two-thirds is 67 senators, which would require 17 Republican votes.”

Just got my car dug out of 4 days of ice, sleet and snow and broke my ice scraper into 3 pieces, but my car is free! Too tired to go to grocery now and it is the only day the weather is decent enuf to drive in for several days.

New plan. Cleaning out my freezer and storage cabinet of food stuff that was mostly “in case of emergency” stuff, probably out of date, but who gives a crap; my cabinet and freezer will now be ready for new supplies and I won’t be left to starve during the next 4 days. One more reason I will never forget the years of 2020-2021 and all the fun we had.

Wow, Barb, it sounds challenging and harrowing. Sounds like a good plan, though. You are one self sufficient, resourceful person. Hope the bad weather clears up soon. We expect some cold weather here in NOLA, with a low of 28 on Monday night (yes, in New Orleans) — some snow is possible but unlikely. The humidity here makes the cold feel colder and the hot weather hotter though.

Praying for us all.

Well Albertans. Albertans are a pain. At least this last generation. THEY are individuating, thinking of leaving? I was born in Calgary USA as we called it….moved to beautiful BC (where I now reside) and then moved back to Calgary and then Edmonton. Graduated high school in Edmonton and in between Phoenix and Colorado went to U of Alberta. Not to be confused with U of Arizona.
II am so happy that the education standards in the ’60’s and ’70’s was among the highest in the world.
I went to my 50th high school graduation a l’il while ago and stayed with one of my best friends who had a log HOUSE on the river. It’s a long story…and I know her story and was part of it.
Subsequent to that, we had a conversation that turned to the pipelines. Me being from BC and not wanting the pipelines, and she being from Alberta and much to my surprise WANTING the pipelines.. we reached an impasse in our conversation. We, after almost 2 years, resumed our contact. Never mentioned the oil industry.

So Biden has declined the pipelines from US to Canada.

Yes, Pluto in Capricorn with the US Pluto return is going to change things. Renewable energy in a foreseeable amount of time.

Capitalism and crooked greedy corporations will be tamed.

The social democracy that Bernie Sanders espouses, the Nordic Model, will make the US be the place everyone wants to come to – again.

I think this is the only place we are to go. Even though Pluto in Aquarius is not perfect, I have faith it will show its better side.

“The social democracy that Bernie Sanders espouses, the Nordic Model, will make the US be the place everyone wants to come to – again.”

I pray you are right, and that it will be established soon. I’ve been working all my life toward those Nordic goals.

BTW, from what you’ve described, I believe I’m about 200 miles south of you.

Sunstars, I love reading what you have to say. Keep it up. It’s important to me.

Astrologically, Pluto will soon square the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that brought Canada a new Constitution in 1982 without Quebec’s consent. So that Constitution may be reopened by Alberta’s planned referendum next fall but this will bring back to the surface Quebec’s old wounds and also native First Nations, who have major claims of their own.

Uranus in Taurus will conjoin natal Pluto opposite Saturn next year in Canada’s chart. When Pluto conjoined Saturn opposite natal Pluto in the 90s, Canada very nearly broke apart.

Finally, Pluto in in Aquarius will be in a T-square with both natal Pluto and Saturn. This is perhaps the most ominous aspect of all.

When you add it all up, I think both Canada and the US will undergo major constitutional change in this decade for very different reasons.

The Dems are conducting the impeachment trial as a matter of honor. In my view, they are taking seriously their oath of office in accordance with the Constitution. Knowing the chances of a 2/3 conviction are slim, they nevertheless are working to accomplish that goal, if not with the R senators, certainly with the American public and the world. They are
Intentionally creating a record for history, a record which demonstrates the righteousness of their cause, the depravity of the former president, and the corruption of the R senators.

I am reminded of Atticus Finch, the fictional hero of To Kill a Mockingbird. Knowing the racist jury would convict his client, Tom Robinson, Atticus nevertheless defended him with great passion, adroitly demonstrating the man’s innocence.

“If you shouldn’t be defendin’ him, then why are you doin’ it?”

“For a number of reasons,” said Atticus. “The main one is, if I didn’t I couldn’t hold up my head in town, I couldn’t represent this county in the legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again…Scout, simply by the nature of the work, every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally. This one’s mine, I guess.”

Eliseo – brought tears to my eyes. That is the epitome of integrity.

Andre and Barbk too- thank you for your kind responses!

A whole bunch of after-hours reports on McCarthy/Trump, Tuberville/Trump conversations which prove that Trump had no intention of calling off assault on Capitol. Here is one such report from CNN


There is more: Pence’s staff has verified that Pence never heard from Trump. Five days went by until first contact.

Impeachment Managers might pause to call witnesses. In any case the Senate is now aware of these details.

Hoping that this will change the course of voting.

If you google
“ex republicans form center right party”
You will get links to about a dozen news outlets, each with the story of a few hundred high ranking ex-republicans from reagan, bush I, bush II, & trump administrations, all anti-trumpers who recently conducted a zoom call about forming a third party. They want to call it the “Center-Right” party. These folks are well connected politically and financially. They have donors with deep pockets.

Ironically, (from an international perspective) we already have a center right party. They are called Democrats. These former R’s however are serious about moving the conservative movement back toward what they perceive as the center.

The center right sthick might actually work as most Americans are abysmally ignorant politically. IF the new CR party has any success, the Dems may have to move Leftward to distinguish themselves clearly from the CR’s. This may be part of the on the ground, behind the scenes process by which we move into a more progressive, social democratic era as we see it reflected in our astrology.

The primary problem I see with any new CR party is their philosophy. Their rationale for solving problems will be too little, too late. Enormous problems require collective, big government efforts. Small government is almost useless against worldwide depressions and world wars, as we learned from events of the 20th century.

The problems we face now, and will continue to encounter for the next 100+ years are and will be so much larger than those of the 20th century, more pervasive, so deeply permeating all societies as to not merely require “big government” but to require more intergovernmental cooperation and coordination than has ever occurred in human history. Climate change alone would mitigate toward such a scenario, and there are many other huge juggernauts awaiting us.

From my perspective, this mirrors exactly what we see in our coming transits and progressions. It looks to me, epistocratic, progressive, social democracy is likely to become our norm as we move through the tragedies and triumphs of fast and profound social and technological change.

Do the rest of you see it as I do?

Yes, Lamis, they should call McCarthy as a witness. If they take themselves serious they should. This is historic. It’s now or never.

As always, your vision is clear, concise and IMO, accurate. I wish I could say more, but am not able at this time. Thank you for sharing.

Lawyers inside the Washington, DC, attorney general’s office are working to determine if it is legally viable to use district statutes to charge former President Donald Trump for his alleged role in the insurrection


Breaking: Whitehouse calls for trial to be suspended, wants to depose McCarthy and Tuberville.


And they wanted to put them in the tunnels and lock in down then turn on the gas. Thats sounds like a familiar ww2 tactic..


Yes. The quote of a rioter saying “lock them in and turn on the gas” is something I’ll never forget hearing.

This whole presentation is horrifying. Stun gun. “Nancyyy. Nancyyyy.” “I texted my wife that I love you and babies.” “Turn on the gas and lock them in.”




I agree and well said. The pandemic has exposed which governments at all levels have it together and which are run by puppet morons. Hard to believe, but it was just what we needed when we needed it.


Lindsey Graham requests that his vote be changed after role call is made. Amazing

Yods = shifts

Found another Yod. . . .transiting South Node (17+ Sagittarius) sextile US progressed Mars (17+ Libra) + Trump’s Jupiter, etc. etc., form a Yod with transiting Mars exactly conjunct US natal Vesta (what we have invested in) both at 19+ Taurus.

This plus the 2 Yods that stem from Friday’s Aquarius New Moon chart symbolizes a plethora of shifting. That plus all that Neptune and all that Mars connected to the New Moon chart – not to mention all that Aquarius – AND Saturn square Uranus, destablizes everything to say the least.

Witness = witness statement! They punked. Trump delighted. No true clarity. Shameful.

Angellight, I think Dems may have made a calculated decision that to draw this out 2 more weeks or more would dilute their powerful presentation. In other words, it may not have helped bring about a conviction.

Meanwhile, Jamie Raskin is delivering a fantastic closing argument. His mind is a wonder and he does his late son proud. He even tied this to Monday being President’s Day and the long line of presidential decorum and dignity (and of course, yesterday was Lincoln’s BD). Not everyone will have heard this or will hear it in the future, but it will be widely publicized. More is coming, and it will be powerful.

I am interested in seeing how many Republicans end up voting for conviction. Maybe not 17 but my feeling is that it will be more than 5 or 6, 7 or 8.

He most likely won’t be convicted but I will have trust and faith that NY or GA will get him for his crimes.

Also, it’s likely it wouldn’t move enough Republicans to convict but it would delay Biden’s agenda for the Covid relief package and to get Garland confirmed as AG (I’ve been reading on DU)….and it could dilute the effects of the House Mgr’s powerful presentation this week.

Jamie Raskin for President 2024!

What do you all think?

Separately, the parallel that has with Biden — that both are inextricably linked in their current missions with the loss of their sons and inspired by the love for their sons and who they were as human beings — provides an elevated spiritual dimension.

2:34 CT/3:34 ET – Schumer announces the Senate will now vote on articles of Impeachment.

jupiter/merc/venus appear to be conjunct in 13/14/15 Aquarius

neptune and the moon are conjunct in 19 Pisces.

There is so much they had to bring to the table to show American public and Trump supporters what a real sleaze bag he is. Now they will still hold him up as some king of wronged God b/c the truth of this matter was not shown. They are not going to see it on Fox news, that’s for sure. They had a chance to bring truth and clarity to this matter and they punked out for some reason. Which is a shame.

I heard Schumer cut a deal with Graham & McConnell, as they threatened to block every Biden nominee & appointee. They are lawless thugs.

Maybe Schumer knew what he is doing. We got 7 Republicans, among them an LA senator. This is not the end for Donald Trump and his cult. Success by the Democrats will be the best revenge. Schumer had a great speech prepared.

We should not be surprised Garry, this is how our government has worked for years and years. We should be grateful, sad to say, that Schumer and Graham-McConnell found a compromise. In the long run, Trump will go down in infamy, and the US populace has been exposed to the truth (except for Fox viewers perhaps), and we all have learned something. Baby steps.

Raskin announced in the press conference at the end that Republicans were latching on to legal arguments such as the one McConnell clung to, that it was unconstitutional to impeach an ex-president. He felt that any evidence they came up with would fail to move them and might just drag things out.

Trump’s acquittal can actually be a positive development as it frees up the nomination process for Merrick Garland’s approval for Attorney General currently on schedule for a Feb 22 – 23 hearing and final vote March 1st. Could be poetic justice if Merrick’s confirmation goes through as it was Mitch McConnell who blocked Garland’s seating on the Supreme Court four years ago.

Now the tables have turned. Garland, if approved, will have the full power of the DOJ to pursue unhindered the Trump administrations misdeeds.

As mentioned, the March 13th New Moon at 23 ’04 Pisces stands at the midpoint of the dynamic, though waning Uranus-Saturn square (8 ’06 Taurus – 9 ’44 Aquarius). Letitia James has natal Jupiter at 8 Scorpio in t square to the Uranus Saturn square so perhaps we may be seeing a lot of indictments handed down at this point in time. Here’s the chart: https:tinyurl.com/yxsttu79

The mid March period also coincides with Saturn’s exact opposition to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Aquarius) on March 16th, that could suggest Trump will be under intense legal scrutiny.


“They are
intentionally creating a record for history, a record which demonstrates the righteousness of their cause, the depravity of the former president, and the corruption of the R senators.”


latest from Marjorie Orr
“The Trump impeachment proceedings are almost certain to end with a not guilty verdict despite horrifying video footage of the Capital invasion. But there is nothing indicating cheer on his chart ahead, quite the reverse.”
She also mentions cruz, lee, graham, hawley

wow – Mitch seems to be giving the go-ahead for criminal followup

NY times reports this: “Notably, he argued that it was up to the criminal justice system to hold former presidents to account for their conduct in office. Mr. Trump, he said, “didn’t get away with anything yet.”

Saw this post on DU, and it about sums up the predictable debacle today–FYI: crudeness ahead-apologies in advance:

Now we see the difference between Trump and Clinton.

Clinton got a blow job and they called it an impeachable offense. Trump committed an impeachable offense and he just got 43 blow jobs.

Couldn’t have expressed it better, BuckeyeShadow!

The first slaves Lincoln freed were 20 years before he became President.


Pluto in Capricorn will bring increasingly gigantic political events as it nears the US Pluto return. PLuto will station at 26 Cap in late April only one degree away from the return. It will crisscross 27 Cap in 2022 which will be of course the peak year for Trumpism. The US Pluto return should not be confused with Pluto’s entry in Aquarius three degrees later. This will be previewed in 2023 and will happen for good in November 2024. At that time, which coincides with the Chiron return and the Neptune semi-return, the Pluto-Eris square will end and this mega-political crisis will be over.

But the crisis will continue to mount this year and next. Predictable turning points will be the three exact and high-voltage Saturn-Uranus squares: now, in June and December. Also, as I have mentioned, the extended Pluto opposition to US Mercury from mid-August to late November. which will bring back the madness for another turn. Finally, the Gemini eclipse in June on Trump’s Sun-Moon axis will complete the work of a corresponding eclipse last December 14. The latter brought the Electoral College count which ended his Presidency. The next will probably bring a major criminal indictment, possibly from the federal DOJ. That is likely to be why his supporters will go berserk in the fall.

Okay, so remember last year when Saturn and Pluto started their brand new 30+ year cycle and Ceres was in the same degree with them; 22+ Capricorn? And transiting Ceres seems to be on a tear recently in her role as Mother Nature, what with all the recent snow storms (we are expecting 2 back-to-back storms starting tonight and I parked half a block away under cover so I wouldn’t need to clean off 6″ of snow and ice again!)

Well, the Republican party’s birth chart (March 20, 1854) has natal Jupiter at 22+ Capricorn, same as where Saturn and Pluto and Ceres were on January 12, 2020, and wondered if Ceres has anything to do with the Pubs being under water these days, or is it just a Saturn-Pluto thing.

Right now transiting Ceres is at 27+ Pisces and square the Galactic Center (or Core) at 27+ Sagittarius, as if to clue in the Earth that it (the Earth) and all life on the planet is going through some big changes we need to be prepared for. Including Republicans.

The Republican birth chart has its Saturn at 27+ Taurus that trines the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn but squares the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, where transiting Sun is about to be (oh and happy birthday Nancy!) and quincunx (adjustment) the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius.

Because Ceres was conjunct Saturn and Pluto in their new cycle and all 3 were conjunct the Pub chart’s Jupiter, and because transiting Chiron recently was conjunct the Pub chart’s Mercury at 5+ Aries while square US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer, and because the Pub chart’s Saturn squares the US natal chart’s Moon (the People) and is quincunx the GC, it could be the end of the Republican party as we know it.

Besides that, Mars in Taurus was sextile Neptune in Pisces yesterday and they formed a Yod with US natal Juno (she who gets even) in Libra which opposes US natal Chiron in Aries (Yod becomes Boomerang), which squares the Pub chart’s Chiron in Capricorn, and BOOM!

I guess Ceres can’t be blamed for that.

I will be watching the CNN special on Lincoln at 10 PM EST in a while; sounds interesting.

Wolfstar at Neptune Cafe has this today:

“The unseen but deeply felt rage simmering under the surface has its analog in the progressed chart: progressed Lilith and Mars are conjunct in the 12th house. This is a long-term influence, and one Trump tapped into to win the 2016 election. His actions in office have always been about inciting his base to anger, stoking the flames of discontent.

Progressed Mars is retrograde at 17º Libra while progressed Lilith is advancing from her position at 16º Libra. They’re getting closer to each other and will be exactly conjunct in January 2023. This indicates that the hidden rage (Lilith-Mars in 12th) intensifies between now and then before it begins to wane.

This past January 6, the transiting Sun was at 16º40’ Capricorn when the mob entered the capitol, and only 0º06’ from squaring progressed Lilith. Also, transiting Neptune opposed natal Lilith, adding the misinformation that inspired the attack. The progressed Midheaven (representing the nation’s standing, its honor or dishonor) was at 19º Aries and closely quincunx natal Lilith.

Astrologers who don’t use Black Moon Lilith are missing out on one of the premier emerging archetypes of the 21st century.”

Well-written and informative article on a pandemic that killed millions in the Roman Empire at its height.


From The Conversation:
7.5 Billion and Counting: How Many Humans Can the Earth Support?

We currently have almost 7.6 billion people on Earth

The Earth can support at most one fifth of the present population, 1.5 billion people, at an American standard of living.

So I’m reading The Fate of Rome – a Book Review by Jaspreet Singh Boparai – because I am not subscribed to the New York Times.

Wow! It sure is interesting and the parallels are fascinating.

However I am still hoping that our collective level of consciousness will lift us out of the eventualities that Rome back then faced.

Now I resume my reading of that review…..
My first reaction to this review is OMG I’ve got to buy this book!

But then I bought Capitalism in the Twenty First Century and boy is it thick! I own it but have I read the entire thing? No……. but I have it. lol

Excuse me it was Capital in the Twenty First Century

sunstars, that makes me wonder if the Covid virus will be contained before February 2, 2054, when the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place. At that time Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct at 13+ Pisces (endings) and trine the US natal Sun (consciousness) at 13+ Cancer.

When Saturn and Pluto were conjunct on January 12, 2020, Mars at 6+ Sagittarius was semisquare the Sun at 21+ Capricorn, which was conjunct Ceres at 22+ Capricorn, which was conjunct Pluto and Saturn at 22+ Capricorn, which were conjunct Mercury at 23+ Capricorn, which was opposite US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, and both Mercury’s were square Eris at 23+ Aries (new beginning), who was quincunx (discomfort) the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (health), which was trine the Sun (consciousness) and Ceres (nature) and Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (process and procedure) and Mercury (learning), all conjunct each other in Capricorn (self control), and all square Eris (lack of harmony).

It suggests (to me) that Covid might be a solution to the over-population of planet Earth (Ceres), especially since it seems the Young are less susceptible to Covid’s worst symptoms and the Old are much more so.

I’m not suscribed to the New York Times either.

I don’t dispute your astrological analysis, but with all due respect, for covid to function as an adequate solution to over-population, it would need to kill off about 6 billion people.  

Those who would be left would endure deep and profound economic and mental depression. ALL economic systems depend on an increasing population in order to function properly.

Yeah Eliseo, nobody says Mother Nature is fair and just to humanity when she fights to keep this planet alive, nor that she does it all by herself. She sure as hell doesn’t care if I get my car out of the driveway, due to deep snow and ice, by the end of the week which will provide a lot of depression and hunger on my part . . but thank you for not disputing my “astrological analysis”; what I would call an astrological theory.

Let’s see, 6 billion (by your count) divided by 34 years would unlikely be enough time to kill off enough of us to bring about balance among the species, you’re right, but it would be a lot more comfortable would it not? Perhaps I should have said is “Covid could be one of many solutions to over population” rather than “Covid might be a solution to the over population”. I’m perfectly willing to be reasonable.

Hahaha! I AM laughing

Barbk, that last post really was funny.

The latest count I’ve seen is that world population will peak just shy of 10 billion around 2060. It should decline sharply after that. This decline has already begun in some countries. Italy, Spain and China are expected to lose half their population. India will overtake China. Japan will lose one third: from 120 million to 80 million. There are already ghost towns in northern Spain where wolves and bears roam the streets. Surprisingly, Spain has far more forest cover than a century ago and the same thing is occurring in France as fields are abandoned.

The last parts of the world where population is increasing exponentially are South Asia and Africa. French-speaking Africa alone will have 500 million people in 50 years. It has long been said the last French speaker would be African.

There is no doubt, as Eliseo says, such declines will be traumatic economically and many other ways. I believe that will be what the Pluto-Neptune square of the 2060s will be about. That and climate change as the oceans rise. Neptune and Pisces hold a double water emphasis. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2054 in Pisces will lead in to that major square. It could bring a worse pandemic brought by an ocean virus. It is said the oceans are teeming with life-threatening viruses. Nature is fighting back to make sure we know who’s boss. Even Texas is now finding out.

The Neptune-Pluto square will literally drive millions mad.That is hardly surprising. Only a very strong spirituality will allow that generation to survive. The Aquarian world community will be born in grief and pain despite the resistance and confusion of much of humanity. In numerology, the 21st century is the number 3 when that community is born. Just in time for the truly great, difficult and unbelievably profound 22nd.

Happy Birthday Nancy! Best wishes for your new year!

Is is that time again? I swear time is speeding up now.
Happy Birthday, Dear Nancy. May your fondest wishes come true!

Happy Birthday, Nancy! Looks like an interesting solar year for you! May it find you and yours in good health and good spirits.

barbK & Andre,
I have long seen the future very similarly to your vision, Andre. Having studied demography and climate science in college, + astrology, it has been easier perhaps to see the mixed, very dark & simultaneously light filled era we are merging into.

James Lovelock, now 101, who first proposed the Gaia hypothesis, wrote the earth had a carrying capavity of about 1.5 billion humans at modern level. I’ve long assumed we’ll lose about 2 billion from climate change, “new” diseases, and water wars, more so in Africa and Asia than anywhere else, although all continents will be affected.

But I also expect we’ll eventually top out at roughly 12 billion as we spread out through the solar system and gradually become a spacefarinng species.

Happy Birthday, Nancy!
May you have many, many more happy ones for the next several years. So shall we all.

Wishing you ongoing Birthday Blessings, Nancy, of Love, Good Health, Happiness, Accomplishment, Fulfillment & Prosperity!

Happy Solar Return, Nancy. Your work is much appreciated. I hope Pluto in Aquarius will make it far better known.

Thank you, Everyone, for the kind birthday wishes!! This past year has really flown by so quickly despite the pandemic. Seems really counterintuitive!

A wonderful birthday to you, Nancy. All the best!

Happy birthday, Nancy. Thank you so much for everything!

Happy Solar Return, Nancy! Best wishes to you during this new year!

Back in 1975 the US natal Chiron started a Return cycle (trans. Chiron conjunct US natal Chiron) the one it is in now, and the chart for that cycle, when set in Washington DC, had Saturn at 14+ Cancer retrograde conjunct US natal Sun and square US natal Saturn.

The chart’s Pluto was conjunct the chart’s MC (outcome) at 9+ Libra, trine the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and the chart’s Sun at 29+ Capricorn was one degree from where Jupiter and Saturn started their new cycle (0+ Aquarius) last December and 2 degrees from US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn).

Chiron is referred to as a bridge; getting us from one point to the next point = a kind of jump from where we are to where we want to go. I believe this present US natal Chiron cycle is taking us on this joy ride (Trump, Covid) to get us (US) to a higher level of consciousness, bridging the space between US natal Pluto and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Aquarius.

The next US Chiron Return cycle starts in April, 2024, and in the chart for that US Chiron Return the Moon (US people) will be at 0+ Libra (conjunct the MC = outcome of the chart) and trine Pluto in Aquarius and trine the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn new cycle start point, by then 3+ years into their journey.

This I find reassuring; that the hell we as a country have endured is part of a divine plan to advance our species and not to destroy us, well maybe the Pub party but not Humanity as a whole.

I didn’t know this about Mitt Romney’s father…


one thing I find curious and wonder why none of the journalists have picked up on?
Why were parts of the MAGA mob also chanting “destroy the GOP”?

Happy Birthday Nancy….It MAY be just under the wire though
🙂 from the west
Yes, thank you for all you do.

Happy birthday to my birthday twin Nancy … best wishes and thank you for all you do..

Starlight, Happy Birthday and all the best going forward in this new solar year.

Trump in Scorching Attack on McMconnell asks GOP to replace him!


Happy, Blessed Birthday to you, too, KathyS!

Rush Limbaugh dead at 70.


Hateful, bigoted, ugly. A sad, sorry excuse for a human being.

I’m not at all sorry that he’s finally gone. I am sorry that his poisonous legacy will long outlive him.

Good f—ing riddance.

We could blame Ceres, aka Mother Nature, for the awful situation in Texas; people with no electricity and no heat and some with no water in this unexpected cold weather snap. US natal Ceres in Pisces squares US natal Uranus in Gemini and it is Uranus that shocks and surprises, so the 2 of them must symbolize what’s behind this tragic event.

However, I believe it is the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began less than 24 hours after the 3rd of 3 US Ceres Returns in 2020, that is fueling the chaos right now.

At the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the start of a 20 year cycle, and the 3rd of 3 conjunctions between US natal Ceres and transiting Ceres (a US Ceres Return, a cycle that lasts about 4 years), the transiting Mars and transiting Eris (discord) at 23+ Aries (in both charts) were square transiting Pluto (transformation) at 23+ Capricorn opposite US natal Mercury (communication, get the message please) at 24+ Cancer.

To make matters worse the Moon in the Ceres Return chart was conjunct Neptune (I don’t remember this ever happening before) in Pisces and they were opposite Vesta (what is invested in) in Virgo, and they formed a grand cross (very challenging) with the transiting nodes (a decisive moment).

On the other hand, the Moon in the Jupiter-Saturn chart was opposite transiting Pandora (all hell breaks loose) with the US natal Pluto (soon to have its own Return in a year) in a sextile with transiting Moon (the People) in Pisces and a trine with transiting Pandora in Virgo (services like electricity) thus pushing for dramatic change (US Pluto) in services for the People.

From what I heard on TV, the lack of heat in Texas was due to the providers of heat not expecting (US Uranus square US Ceres) this cold snap in Texas.

What it leads to is investing (Vesta) in the possibility of unexpected (Uranus) cold weather snaps (Ceres) that could lead to the People (Moon) having tragic illness and death (Mars/Eris square Pluto).

Hopefully the message has gotten through to the powers that be in Texas and other parts of the country. No more short cuts to save money!

Texas was trying to avoid government regulation so they didn’t associate their main utility to the cooperative that functions as a marketplace for buying and selling energy. They also didn’t weatherize their grid. A small part of the picture was that their power is from 25% renewable wind energy sources and the turbines froze. There is a solution for that but it hasn’t reached TX. Nevertheless, it’s a terribly tragic situation for TX and for the rest of the country. Keep praying.

PS: my solar return is coming up on Sat. 2/20.

Sharon K,
I’ve read Texas gets a maximum of about 18% of its energy from wind. Nevertheless, the right wing pundits are angrily blaming liberal policies for the Texas weather catastrophe. They are also spreading the meme that windmills don’t work in winter. Tucker Carlson calls windmills liberal “fashion accessories.” I guess they’ve never been to American midwest states, or the Netherlands where windmills work fine in the bitterest of winters.

Of course they’re right, you now. ALL problems on earth are caused by Liberals, and maybe throughout the entire universe. This terrible, cold, snowey, icey winter was caused by Liberals. Are we all lividly angry now?

NASA’s Perseverance will land on Mars tomorrow afternoon! It is expected about 3:55 pm est. Perseverance will probably determine whether or not ancient life ever developed on Mars, or if it now exists buried under the soil. Such discoveries could become the genesis of a new paradigm which further challenges fundamentalist mindsets.

I can’t wait to see the Martian chart for Perseverance’s landing, Eliseo.


I’m so fascinated by these. A new form of astrology is opening up.

“The first two mass vaccination sites run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) opened Tuesday in California, part of the Biden administration’s effort to ramp up the federal government’s role getting vaccines in arms.”


Where the sites are located: At the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum and California State University Los Angeles


The Legacy of Limbaugh: By turning conservative angst and anger into a national movement, Rush Limbaugh helped lay the foundation for Fox News and the presidency of Donald Trump >>


Barbk, the US Chiron return in 1975 was the year the Vietnam War ended. Also, Ford pardoned Nixon and turned the page on Watergate a few months before. It was a time of release from national pain. It will happen again in 2023-24.

Feb 17, 2021
Saturn square Uranus
Rush Limbaugh dies

Cash Peters does his “pictures” on Limbaugh’s passing on his new YouTube channel, Soul Crossings.

Saturn square Uranus in a nutshell.


Thanks Andre, that would explain the transiting Pluto trine the US natal Uranus IMO. Appreciate that!


“Good f—ing riddance.”

Amen! One more monster disappeared.

Personally, I’m glad Rush Limbaugh is gone, but we’ll live with the damage for quite a long while. As one of the pioneers of modern hate radio, he paved the way for Fox News, which paved the way for Mr. DJT.

Hopefully, events will eclipse his legacy as was the case with the hate filled, anti-semitic nazi sympathizer and radio star, Father Coughlin, (Charles Edward Coughlin, 1891 – 1979. During WWII FDR succeeded in getting him off the air.

But I suspect a hard core of “conservative” anti-modernists, unable to adjust, will continue to react, some violently, as our culture and technology change and develop more dramatically and quickly than all of written history combined. I can’t blame them for being uncomfortable, as with each year the rate of change will precipitously increase, leaving many behind conceptually and emotionally. It’s going to be interesting.

One week ago, on Feb. 11, there was a New Moon in Aquarius, 2 days after the snow began in my hometown, which is still falling, and although no where near the disaster that Texas has experienced, it has created a hardship for many of us. I turned to the chart for that Aquarius New Moon, recalling that Aquarius is associated with Groups, Friends and Friendship, something vitally needed in the past week.

Two things stood out; the New Moon (and Sun) at 23+ Aquarius was at the apex of a Yod, with the sextile between US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) and US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), putting the New Moon in Aquarius in an awkward and uncomfortable situation, requiring adjustment, which we have seen most vividly in Texas. Delayed vaccinations due to the snow storms have also resulted, and getting help with food shortages has been difficult too.

The other thing I noticed in the New Moon chart was that Saturn at 6+ Aquarius was conjunct the US natal South Node (practices no longer helpful) and US natal Pholus (a big effect caused by something small) also at 6+ Aquarius. All 3 were sextile transiting Chiron in Aries and square transiting Uranus in Taurus.

I believe this Feb. 11 Aquarius New Moon is a wakeup call for Texas, of course, but also the rest of the country regarding the Covid invasion and how we end it.

Transiting Ceres (Mother Nature) in the Aquarius New Moon chart at 26+ Pisces was sextile the US NATAL Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, 2 degrees from TRANSITING Pluto at 25+ Capricorn (and the US progressed South Node) and this echoes Ceres’ conjunction with the Pluto-Saturn conjunction last year. They are teaming up to force change, call it transformation, in the way the US government and other US institutions operate, especially under emergency situations.

There was another sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Taurus in the Feb. 11 New Moon chart. That one formed a Yod with the US progressed Mars in Libra that conjuncts US Constitution Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn, but I have not been paying attention to that stuff, so there is probably some squirming to get out of an uncomfortable situation regarding those entities.

The New Moon chart’s Neptune in Pisces T-squares the same New Moon chart’s north and south nodes, while US prog. Mars and Trump’s Jupiter and US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn, all in Libra TRINE the New Moon chart’s North Node in Gemini. Hmmm.

There’s also the obvious link between the New Moon chart’s Saturn conjunct US South Node + Pholus at 6+ Aquarius and its square with the New Moon chart’s Uranus at 7+ Taurus that screams “get with the program Texas”, but there may be more to it than that.

The Virgo Full Moon coming on Feb. 27 will oppose the Sun + US natal Ceres in Pisces and square US NATAL Uranus in Gemini, which will be trine the Full Moon chart’s transiting Saturn in Aquarius, which will be sextile transiting Chiron in Aries (forming a Yod to the Full Moon in Virgo) and square transiting Uranus in Taurus. What surprises do you suppose it will reveal?

Perseverance landed intact in Jezero crater, Mars, reportedly on time at 3:55 PM est.

Claims for traces of ancient life on Earth are usually contested, per normal scientific process. (Scientific method requires rigorous proof.) If (hopefully when) Perseverance discovers bio-signatures, the evidence will also be contested back & forth until multiple thorough analyses make determinations leading to scientific consensus.

When and if the evidence shows former (or current) life in any form, it will be huge scientific news, precipitating a change in our thinking, in our collective self concept, at least as important and extraordinary as was the Copernican revolution.

I think it will be a very Aquarian, possibly Uranian event as it will change how we think of all life on earth as one multiplex, heterogeneous entity, and how we think of our place in time, space, and the universe.

Although Fundamentalist Christians, and Fundamentalists of other religions, etc. may exercise their capacity for denial, perhaps claiming it a hoax, or some kind of conspiracy, such a discovery is bound to profoundly weaken their position. It will be one more nail in the coffin of that peculiar, albeit widespread form of religiosity, and therefore also weaken the kind of politics it engenders.

The moment NASA scientists announce the discovery of ancient and/or current life on Mars, (there might be microorganisms living a meter or more beneath the surface) will be one of the most extraordinary events of scientific and cultural history.

That moment will definitely be worth constructing an astrological chart! The robotic tools with which to make such a discovery are now in place.

I’m amazed!
Years ago I hypothesized the Laschamps Excursion 42,000 years ago, when the earth’s magnetosphere temporarily collapsed and flipped poles, may have had a profound effect on human consciousness and development, the mythological record of which manifests in worldwide stories like the “losing of the third eye” and the biblical “fall of man.”

Scientists are now looking at the excursion, a period lasting about 800 years, as a time in which we experienced profound climate change, conditions contributing to the demise of the Neanderthals and megafauna.

There are now a plethora of science stories on the new Laschamp research; I’ve seen at least 12 so far. Below are links to 2 of them.



Eliseo, that Kauri log was found a couple of years ago about 30 miles from where I live, during sitework for a new geothermal power station. The science is fascinating.

Yes, I read the kauri trees were buried in a bog in northern NZ.

There are strong inferences of a link between magnetism and consciousness. I’ve long suspected electromagnetism is either the carrier of, or perhaps consciousness itself. Experiments at Manchester University, in the UK, and at Laurentian University in Canada, and others have also established magnetic pulses can induce spiritual experience, and magnetic fields can alter ethical decision making.

We know several species have magnetoreceptive abilities they use in navigation and communication. I’ve long suspected we humans somehow lost magnetoreceptive abilities during the Laschamp excursion. Our spirituality, and “psychic” experiences may be weak manifestations of what remains of our lost magnetoreceptive sbilities

I also believe that usually, (not always) when people see what they assume are ghosts, they are probably viewing natural holographic video recordings in our omnipresent magnetosphere. I think the earth functions in part as a giant video recorder. There are other phenomena which I believe can be better understood in the context of magnetospheric activity.

I really agree with this – its way past time to get rid of the trade school stigma


March 4 has been suggested as the date another march on the Capitol is planned (& something about the real inauguration – Trumps!) Anyway want to take a look at that date?

Sharon K,
RE: the QAnon belief, “theUnited States has not been a country since the gold standard was unpegged in 1933 under Franklin D Roosevelt, while no president has been legitimate since a certain law was passed in 1871 under Ulysses S. Grant.

I’m wondering which 1871 law they believe somehow renders ALL presidents thereafter illegitimate. AND, wouldn’t that also include Trump?

Come to think of it LOL!!

Eliseo, the articles you referenced on the inversion of magnetic poles are astounding. I strongly believe we are in a period leading to another inversion, as Edgar Cayce predicted. It makes me regret I did not read “A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” in the very open-minded and stimulating 70s. I was more into Castaneda’s Don Juan series and Capra’s Tao of Physics. And the Whole Earth Catalogue.

Sharon K, March 4 was selected because it was the date of the Inauguration before FDR. Of course, Q-Anon hates everything FDR ever did. They want to roll back time and live in Groundhog Day. March 4 created a perfect water grand trine with July 4 and the date of the election, proving once again the Founding Fathers had more than passing knowledge of astrology.

The Texas deep freeze occurred exactly as Saturn in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. Uranus rules electricity. Taurus is about material resources that provide stability but we often take for granted such as a power grid. Saturn in Aquarius is about difficulties in social networks. I notice Facebook, another such network, is having unprecedented difficulties in Australia. The second chapter of this square will take place in June and the third and final one in December.

Hi Sharon, on March 4 the 1-year cycle between Mercury and Jupiter starts at 17+ Aquarius and is in a grand trine with Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini and Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra plus US progressed Mars, so yes indeed, that might happen. Personally, I think it is mostly just talk.

Saturn that day at 8+ Aquarius will T-square the Mercury-Jupiter chart’s ascendant at 8+ Scorpio (which trines Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer), and its descendant (8+ Taurus) + Uranus at 7+ Taurus.

That same Saturn will also trine the US NATAL Uranus (8+ Gemini), suggesting a breakthrough.

In turn, that Saturn also squares the US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces) which will be trine the chart’s ascendant in Scorpio (about a “stolen” election?) and Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer, and she will sextile the chart’s descendant (the partner) + Uranus in Taurus (partner with $$ or something of value?). Saturn in this case would symbolize the government control factors I would think.

Anyone would think that advertising a “march on the Capitol” would defy the logic of a surprise attack, so my guess is there will be a different date for such a march. However, trans. Moon will oppose trans. Mars that day.

This could be a problem for the whole year that this Mercury-Jupiter cycle is active.

Andre, the brouhaa with facebook and google regarding fees-for-news standoff in Australia was brought about by – wait for it – new legislation by the scott morrison govt after being lobbied by his handler, Rupert Murdoch. Rupert the manipulator is not rich enough, he wants more.

Thanks Eliseo, Andre & Barb. I hope these groups can be kept at bay. Washington DC is being encouraged to keep the barbed wire up through Sept.

Btw, tomorrow is my 70th solar return – the big 7-0. But it’s not a big deal for me when placed in the perspective of everything else going on, particularly in Texas and many other states devastated by this weather, which the elderly, the low-income residents (largely people of color), children, and the animals are most affected by.

Just heart-breaking…particularly in cases where domesticated animals have been left outdoors and abandoned, some froze to death.

AOC raised $1 mil to help out Texas, and Beto’s efforts targeted the elderly who desperately needed help.

The NY Times has an article about where to donate in TX, OK, LA and here’s a link to AOC charities of choice.

Of course, the SPCA associations in Texas and other animal rescue societies can also use help right now.

As my mother used to say – “if everyone gave $1….there would be enough to help out those who need it,” i.e. any amount that we can spare helps, whether $1 or $5.



Dear Sharon, hope your solar return tomorrow is magical. And may your next year bring you many blessings.

Thank you, kiwi <3

I too believe it is probable “we are in a period leading to another inversion, as Edgar Cayce predicted..”

I remain dismayed. Too few people in our government, and/or the other governments on this planet have much of any sense of history, much less prehistory. I would rate the
Toba eruption, 75,000 years ago, and the Laschamp excursion, 42,000 years ago as the two most significant catastrophes and events of our prehistory.

Without exception, all of the worlds mythologies tell an origins story, each using somewhat different metaphors, but all thematically consistent. They are all about profound loss. They all preserve memory of a time in which humanity was in touch with the Divine, but somehow lost that connection.

In the Sumerian/Babylonian/Hebrew tradition, Adam & Eve “walked with God” in the Garden, and then lost that relationship. In Hindu/Buddhist/Jain mythology, we have the story of the losing of the third eye. Most scholars correlate these and other similar myths with the transition from the hunter gatherer lifestyle to the agricultural revolution. I suspect older, deeper origins associated with the Laschamp geomagnetic excursion, 42,000 years ago.

I see inferences we humans, like many other species, once possessed an innate capacity of magnetoreception, now mostly dormant amongst most people. I’m sure you know many species use magnetoreception for navigation, but I also strongly suspect it is the root of our evolved capacity for spirituality. Additionally, synesthesia may have been far more normal thousands of years ago.

As magnetoreception would have been essentially useless during the Laschamp event, I think survival during that 800 or so years required development of other cognitive faculties at the expense of our (M) abilities. Such abilities would have seemed magical, mystical, and sacred to our stone age ancestors. Thus we have our mythologies of loss, vague memories of when we quite naturally and truly were in touch with the Divine within ourselves and all creation.

We appear to be again approaching another magnetic excursion, or possibly a successful north/south magnetic flip. Despite our scientific knowledge, we are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for such an event, one surely as traumatic and devastating as the last one. Our technology, our civilization is increasingly dependent on electromagnetism to function.

Our most imperative and momentous challenge is now climate change. Presuming we successfully cleave that gordian knot, will our next challenge be a deeper and more intimate comprehension and preservation of our magnetosphere?

Until we face this looming possibility, as I wrote above, I am dismayed.

Ok I’m gonna look up magnetoreception,
Toba eruption 75,000 years ago
Laschamp geomagnetic excursion 42,000 years ago

I’m missing out. As Janis Joplin once sang: ….. “I must make amends”…….

However I have the suspicion that this little research project isn’t going to be of the one and done kind OMG

“Biden noted that “the past few years have strained and tested our transatlantic relationship, but the United States is determined… to reengage with Europe, to consult with you, to earn back our position of trusted leadership.” He said we must work together to address the coronavirus pandemic, the global economic crisis, and the climate crisis.

Then he cut to the core of what is at stake.

Democracy is under assault around the world, he said. “We are in the midst of a fundamental debate about the future and direction of our world. We’re at an inflection point between those who argue that, given all the challenges we face — from the fourth industrial revolution to a global pandemic — that autocracy is the best way forward, they argue, and those who understand that democracy is essential — essential to meeting those challenges.”

“… [D]emocracy will and must prevail. We must demonstrate that democracies can still deliver for our people in this changed world. That, in my view, is our galvanizing mission.”


I never met Janis, but I knew her family, especially her younger brother. When she died, her mother offered to give me and my roommate her dog. I recall it was either an Irish or Russian wolfhound. But we decided not to take the dog.

I suggest you follow the links I provided above at the Feb.18 posting I began with the phrase I’m amazed. There’s also scientific literature available on the effect of zapping the temporal lobe with a magnetic pulse. You might look up the phrase “god helmet” and the work of Dr. Michael Persinger, of Laurentian University. I believe he died in 2018. I hope this helps in your quest.

Steve Bannon believed Trump had dementia and plotted to remove him as president, according to new book


Eliso, I am beginning to think you are the Forest Gump of this blog. You always seem to “show” up in the most historic places.

Kiwi, Marjorie Orr on FB and Australia.


Laura W, my thoughts! 🙂

Eliseo, I learned new word: synesthesia, and looked it up. I will not forget its meaning.

I wrote a few days ago about the Neptune-Pluto square in the 2060s and then said that the 22nd century would be incredibly profound. Sometimes, my writing is just intuitive and I don’t know what I’m talking about. Now I know.

I believe the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2054 will lead in to the massive environmental crisis of the Neptune-Pluto square. This will bring profound economic, social and political change but, more importantly, a complete rewiring of the human spiritual impulse. Traditional religions will fall by the wayside as their followers enter a profound crisis which will lead many of them to psychosis as the world becomes one. The white race will decline everywhere. The future, is black, brown, copper and yellow and all shades in between. My problem with Star Trek always was that white people were still dominant in the 24th century. That always struck me as being totally unrealistic. Whites will go the way of the albinos.

I believe the human race will solve the environmental crisis by the end of this century, and the Neptune-Pluto square will be the turning point. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Pisces is likely to bring a catastrophic crisis (probably a worse pandemic) that will overcome all resistance to much-needed to wider and profound change.

After that, the 22nd century will be centered on magnetic reception in the human brain and the inversion of the magnetic poles. Human consciousness will grow by leaps and bounds as we collectively reconnect with our mystical nature. In the short term, Pluto in Aquarius will bring increasing and unsettling disturbances from outer space as the inversion begins to make itself felt. My vision is that the the Neptune-Pluto square will be overwhelming to a great many because they will confuse the environmental crisis with the crisis from outer space. But the first must be resolved before the other, and will.

A famous French writer, André Malraux, who was Charles De Gaulle’s Culture Minister, said more than a half-century ago: “The 21st century will be spiritual or it will not be.” I believe this is even more true of the 22nd.

Meanwhile, back in the present, happy birthday Sharon, and thank you for your ever present thoughtfulness for mankind. Today we live in trying times and our coping skills are rusty, so any sensitivity to human frailties is seen as an act of something greater or higher than present-day human behaviour.

The 3 known and named outer planets symbolize this kind of behaviour, not typical of what is considered normal or “average”. There is Neptune, what our Sharon expresses, and there is Uranus, what Andre and Eliseo and some others often exhibit, and there is Pluto, what mobs express when they smear feces on the walls of the Capitol building; the depth of depravity.

We are in a time when humanity is being pushed to break free of the “norms”, and that is good for us. Scary as hell but good in the long run, and by goddess if we can watch it on TV, we can cope with some boundry jumping, so hang in there my fellow human beings and see it all as an adventure of a lifetime. We are becoming grownups!

Sharon K,
Happy solar return, my dear friend! May beautiful music always inspire you.
Please say hello to Myron. You two are frequently in my prayerful thoughts.

Synesthesia is a condition only present in as many as 2%–4% of the population, but some say 1 in 300, or 1 in 2000. Unfortunately, many scientists who study brain and perception seem to (at least unconsciously) view it as almost a disease. Writer, Vladimir Nabokov purportedly was a synesthete, as were composer Olivier Messiaen, and physicist Richard Feynman.

Atheist, thanatist academics often privately assume the shamans of our prehistoric past were all delusional schizophrenics. I think it more reasonable they were synesthetes who also had strong magnetoreceptive abilities.

BTW, I can’t help but notice Canadians, (University of Waterloo, Laurentian University) appear to be far more amenable and open in their interpretations of brain, sensory, and perceptual data. German, French, British, and American researchers are of course all involved, but it seems Canadians are ahead in these fields, and develop stronger hypotheses. I wonder why this is. Does the Canadian government provide more funding for such research?

Interesting you should characterize Andre and myself as Uranian in expression. Although I have late Geminii as ascendant, I do have Uranus in Cancer in my first house.

Happy solar return, Sharon K. You are a credit to your Sun sign. You exhibit its best qualities of sensitivity and compassion.

Barbk, my Sun is opposite a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Eliseo, I can only conjecture that Canada is heavily invested in the Arctic, including the North and magnetic poles. The earth sciences, including geology, geophysics and geography, are surely research priorities for the government of Canada.

Laura Willow, Margriet,
Forest Gump!?!?

Eliseo and Andre,

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and birthday wishes. Truly appreciated, dear friends Eliseo, Barb, Andre, kiwi and all. You know, I have heard that it’s written in the Talmud that every year over 70 is a gift from God. Of course, every moment is a gift from God but to live to an older age is also an honor and privilege. We are all in this together supporting each other in one big connected network of individual hearts and souls.

Just read that AOC raised $3.2 million for Texas!

On the day the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction starts a brand new cycle the US natal Chiron Return takes place. Except for the Moon, ascendant and midheaven degrees, their charts are the same and the 2 events are less than an hour apart.

The Chiron Return cycle is in effect for 50 years and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is a 13 year cycle. During those 13 years there will be a concentrated cooperation between Chiron and Jupiter and Uranus on certain projects.

For example, both charts have Mars at 22+ Pisces sextile Jupiter and Uranus at 21+ Taurus and that sextile forms a Yod with the US natal Juno (symbol of less than equal) at 20+ Libra who opposes US natal Chiron (and its brand new 50 year cycle) at 20+ Aries. I believe this has to do with equality issues and events such as the Breonna Taylor murder by police.

Another aspect in both charts is Pluto at 2+ Aquarius square Sun at 1+ Taurus, with the Moon trine Pluto, which looks to me like the Public (Moon) will support transformation (Pluto) which will be challenged (square) by the Sun in Taurus (values), although the Sun symbolizes a growing consciousness. The fixity of a Taurus Sun in these 2 charts suggests several years of fighting changes that will eventually become law.

Both events take place on April 20, 2024, less than an hour apart.


May you have a lovely birthday!

Sharon: Happy Birthday, all the best!

Mary L Trump:
Years of deregulation and the failure of leaders to care about the needs of their constituents made Texas a failed state not because gov’t doesn’t work for the people but because republicans refuse to govern for the people. The same is true for almost every republican led state.


Thanks for that link. I especially liked:
“6 months ago Texans were joyfully running Biden campaign buses off the road.
Now they need him to save their lives.”

Barb K, I am circling 20 April 2024 on my calendar. My chart is sensitive to both Chiron and Jupiter-Uranus aspects.

In the 1930s, Uranus in Taurus brought the Dust Bowl. Now, it may be about power grid blackouts from coast to coast. Both transits are about extreme weather events and their impacts on natural or man-made infrastructure.



Regarding your earlier post about the magnetic excursion and climate change. What if the changing climate is partly caused by the magnetic excursion? There are definitely electric components to weather, perhaps there are magnetic components as well. It may be that dealing with one will require dealing with the other. Just a thought.

Good point about the power grid Andre. At the time of the Chiron Return and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, trans. Pluto at 2+ Aquarius will be square the US progressed Saturn, still at 2+ Scorpio, as well as square the trans. Sun in Taurus that opposes US prog. Saturn.

I will put a note on the last page of my 2021 calendar to put a note on the last page of my 2022 calendar, to put a note on the last page of my 2023 calendar to stock up on batteries and candles ASAP.

Barb, good idea. Leave it to you.

AOC’s fund raising for TX is up to $4 million. I hope it’s supervised correctly and goes to those who need it the most. With her involved, I feel it will be.

Will & Angellight, thank you for the birthday wishes.

Sending love to all – namaste

Yes, magnetic excursions would certainly have effects on the climate. We may be in the stages which precede a geomagnetic excursion, or possibly an actual flip.

Some of the writers of the several recent news articles on the subject misused terminology. An excursion is when the earth attempts a magnetic polar flip, but does not succeed. A flip is when magnetic north becomes south and south becomes north. Both nevertheless bring with them a number of problems and dangers.

Our magnetic field is certainly behaving peculiarly, but we do not know why. As one example, strange things ARE happening in the south Atlantic! So much so, we command our satellites to avoid passing over that area. It is possible we humans may be fomenting the anomalies through our electrical use, but most scientists do not consider this plausible.

Geomagnetic activity may indeed be contributing to current climate change, but we honestly don’t know. We are however absolutely certain we humans are major contributors to the ongoing climate change process.

Were we to positively enter an excursive phase, OR an actual flip process, it would be very obvious. As a near absent magnetic field would cease filtering out cosmic rays, and solar radiation, imagine hotter days and the northern lights covering all the earth most all of the time.

Our cave paintings, coincidentally from 42,000 years ago, may be there in part because for survival humans had to spend most of their time in caves. A net increase of solar UV radiation would have also caused a great deal of skin cancers for many species.

I’m wondering if any evidence infers hunting shifted to night time.

Something else intrigues me about the day when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 21 Taurus 49 and the Moon will be at 29 Virgo 40, and just an hour later the transiting Chiron conjuncts the US natal Chiron at 20 Aries 08, and the Moon will then be at 0 Libra 08, just one degree from Joe Biden’s Neptune, and the US natal Sibly chart’s MC (reputation) and the Great Attractor, a black hole best known for its magnetic power to draw everything toward it. Irresistible you might say.

That day, April 20, 2024, will be about 6 months before the next US Presidential Election, and I wondered if it could mean that Joe Biden and/or the US Reputation (the MC of the US Sibly chart), or both would, in some way, become irrestible to something or someone, associated with the US natal Chiron having its Return, just as the Moon was about to conjunct Biden’s natal Neptune and the Sibly MC and the Great Attractor.

That Moon at 0+ Libra will also trine transiting Pluto at 2+ Aquarius at the time, as well as the start point of the current Jupiter-Saturn cycle (0+ Aquarius), the chart of which which may hold some volatile occurrence unsuspected right now. Like the chart’s Pluto square Mars-Eris for example, or the Sun in that chart at 0+ Capricorn which this US Chiron Return chart’s Moon will square.

Just something else to keep me awake tonight.

Oops, it is the Super Galactic Center which is at 2+ Libra; the Great Attractor is at 14+ Sagittarius. The SGC is about the healing of one’s soul. the GA draws matter to it. My bad. Soul healing is good though.


Trump Loses Supreme Court Appeal On Personal, Corporate Tax Returns

Video 4 min 27 sec


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