20th Dec, 2020

The Long-Awaited End of 2020

Only a few days left in this horrible, very bad year. Clearly, 2020 is a year that will go down in infamy. The New Year chart of 2020 showed us, using tertiary progressions, a waxing Saturn/Pluto conjunction that intensified throughout the year and was further energized by tertiary Sun conjunct natal Saturn during November then tertiary Sun conjunct tertiary Saturn and natal Pluto for all of December. This translates into a year filled with a building struggle for survival on multiple levels, with a cloud of hopelessness and stress pervading everything: the pandemic increasingly is overwhelming us; the economy is beyond stressed except for those at the top; and people are losing their homes, their incomes, and their access to food. At this point, the huge and pervasively threatening Russian hack of multiple federal agencies is merely icing on a very noxious cake. Truly, this year cannot end fast enough.

The good news, of course, is that the 2021 chart is nowhere near as horrid. There is some difficulty suggested in that goals will be impeded and need a great deal of compromise and forethought to be accomplished, due to tertiary Mars square to natal Saturn and then tertiary Saturn, from August through December. But there will also be tertiary Jupiter opposite the Moon during the same period, suggesting that people feel some sense of contentment and optimism. Again, there is nothing close to the dreadful, ongoing stress we found in 2020.

According to Joe Biden’s chart, December is also an incredibly stressful time for him. From December 18 to 26, transiting Saturn is square to his natal Moon. Moreover, his progressed Moon is square to natal Saturn from December 5 to January 2. The recently announced investigation into his son Hunter, compounded by threats of a special counsel looking into Hunter as a revenge tactic from the outgoing slimeball, is clearly weighing on and upsetting Biden. In addition, the Christmas holidays without son Beau must also be stressful.  Moreover, with his understanding of foreign policy, Biden understands the huge challenge of the Russian hack and the tremendous difficulty in fixing the damage it created and responding appropriately. And of course, the spreading pandemic with its accelerating death rate will fall on his shoulders even with the hope that the new vaccines now bring. The Moon/Saturn combination is one of grief, loss, deep stress and anxiety. The good news here is that it will diminish after early January.

Despite the shift in energy implied in the coming 2021 New Year chart, we can still expect the end of December and the first half of January to be emotionally very upsetting in the US, likely at least in part due to the pandemic’s heavy toll, although natural disasters and Trump’s dark impulses cannot be ruled out as causative. The progressed US Moon is now square to progressed US Saturn from December 19 through January 15. In addition, from January 2 through January 11, transiting Saturn will be conjunct US progressed Moon and square to progressed Saturn. Again, the Moon/Saturn combination suggests intensified grief and struggle, and in the US chart it points directly to those within the US population. It should be noted that Hurricane Sandy and its immediate aftermath came during the transit of Saturn to progressed US Saturn in late October and early November 2012.

These are clearly very fraught days in the US. The waning days of a deranged and narcissistic ruler, with little to restrain him, is clearly a huge danger that should not be dismissed. Moreover, the burgeoning pandemic and the horrifying death rate show no sign of abating in the immediate future. For now, we can hold onto the reality that a new administration will be coming on January 20, and a massive cleanup following Hurricane Donald will commence, though it will take a great deal of time, patience, and strength to find our way through.


No words, except gratitude for those of us still healthy and prayers for those who aren’t. Looking forward to contest and defeat the greedy, self centered policies and politicians who brought us to this point in our history, and the beginning of enlightened leadership in our future.

Well said, Fe. Amen.

ThankYou Nancy. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you Nancy and Fe.
Just 30 more days.

Starlight, you said:

“There is some difficulty suggested in that goals will be impeded and need a great deal of compromise and forethought to be accomplished…”

This sounds like the Senate may stay Republican? Do you see that, or whether we will take the Senate?

I’m like everyone here, anxious to put 2020 behind us, for the historians to annotate and analyze.

I watched the Solstice sunrise come thru the passage at New Grange early this morning. How awesome it was!

Blessed Solstice to everyone! May the year be filled with light, love, hope, and new beginnings for us all!

Wow, what a treat. Another Starlight post.

Amen to Nancy and Fe.

Thank you, Nancy, for a realistic description of what comes next. It helps us get ready and stay ready even if we are challenged and disheartened by certain aspects of the situation.

Barb, it would be a really interesting book and well received by astrologers and students of astrology alike.

Fe, you have clearly and succinctly bottom-lined what matters. Thank you.

Thank you to Frank, also, for your final comment on the last thread. It is very true that old hippies and radicals have seeded the Aquarian age, and that so much that was expressed & innovated in those days has made it’s way through society and persisted (so, in spite of what we have all gone through, and the sometimes over-idealism, there are some very viable values there). But it led to a power struggle in those days that seems to again be coming to a head, reminding me of Eliseo’s dream (I’m so glad the Border Collie was saved – that is a very hopeful and positive outcome – and I love Les’s interpretation).

This also reminds me of two things that have crossed my path recently. One is a book called “Recalled by Life” by Anthony J. Sattilaro, M.D., the head of Methodist Hospital in Philly in the ’80s, who, upon finding himself with metastasized cancer, was guided to a macrobiotic diet that he took a chance on, in spite of everything he was taught and where medicine was in those days, in order to bring his system back into balance.

The second is a series on Netflix called “Manhunt: Deadly Games” about the search for the terrorist who planted a bomb in Centennial Park in Atlanta during the ’96 Olympics which was found by a security guard, Richard Jewell, who the media and FBI immediately painted as the bomb planter/rescuer — and a man who felt like a loser and needed attention. At the same time serial bombing of abortion clinics and other areas in Atlanta were taking place, and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms agent tied it to the Centennial Park Bomb, but no one in authority would listen because, as law enforcement is wont to do, they had found their scapegoat, satisfied their superiors and the public. The FBI tracked the serial bomber to Murphy, NC in the Natahala forest area, where they were confronted by an armed & trained militia group, the Regulators, who rightly resented the constant check points and intrusions. Meanwhile, the abortion clinic bomber played both side, trying to egg them on into a violent confrontation, presenting himself to the militia and town residents as a member of The Army of God, protecting unborn children when he had no such motive.

Of course this brought to mind Trump and similar Republicans who use a religious agenda to serve their selfish interests.

The way it is resolved is something we can only hope, wish and pray happens in this country. It also again makes me think of the need for a balanced viewpoint that not only does not come with an us and them approach, but only is arrived at when both sides are presented with knowledge in such a way that they have no choice but to open their eyes to it. they can then work together, through consensus to overcome oppression and lift each other up, which may start with a grudging respect for the truth and each other.

(Sorry if this is over long.)

slightkc: That is certainly one reading of the Mars/Saturn square in the New Year chart, but I am not at all sure how Georgia will go. I haven’t looked at our candidates’ charts yet or fully studied the coming Inaugural chart to get more of a sense of things.

But do remember that the New Year chart and its progressions impact the whole world. This pandemic is ravaging the whole world which is why I see the Saturn/Pluto in the NY chart as the most significant indication of covid.


“For now, we can hold onto the reality that a new administration will be coming on January 20, and a massive cleanup following Hurricane Donald will commence, though it will take a great deal of time, patience, and strength to find our way through.”

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for helping us take out the sacks of 2020 trash. Its been a vicious battle to hang on to a shred of truth, decency and honor. I felt terrified for most of this year. God knows our collective adrenal glands need a rest. May we all rekindle the faith and courage required to heal our nation and our world from what has been a very dark time.

By golly, the treats just keep coming today; thank you Nancy . .and Fe, glad you are back, and Sharon, I too thank Frank and you as well for your thought provoking comment.

Nancy, does the move of the US progressed Moon from Capricorn into Aquarius skew the populace away from being over concerned for the bottom line, and more toward humanitarian issues, and could you tell us when that change of sign took place?

What a great day it’s been; thanks everyone!

Thank you for the realism, Starlight. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a beacon of hope which indicates a turn for the better, but things will still be tough for a couple of years until after the mid-terms.

“There is some difficulty suggested in that goals will be impeded and need a great deal of compromise and forethought to be accomplished…”

I wonder if this portends not so much that the crazies are still in control, but the effort and time required for thoughtful input and balancing between dem centrists and progressives to ensure steady legislative and constitutional ‘safety’ going into the future.

You’re very welcome, Barb. I just want to reiterate that people who can access Netflix, should watch Man Hunt: Deadly Games as you may come away with a different perspective on people who have conservative, religious values, and who are protecting their homes and families, and often with good reason. They are suspicious of the “Left” and we are suspicious of them, and we both generalize about each other. Possibly by watching (10 episodes about 45″ ea), you’ll get a feeling that we can find common ground and find a way to mutually demystify some of the myths while still standing firm in our values. It will not be by trying to change each other or by insulting each other in frustration but by talking to each other sincerely. This is not to say that there aren’t also people who are deluded into following someone amoral like Trump, but it also comes from their longtime fear as well as disrespect for the beliefs of the Left, the hippies, the Democrats, etc. We desperately have to find ways to bridge this gap.


I’m going to hope the snakes are desperate and attacking each other in hopes of seizing power in what’s left of the Republican Party than attacking the puppy. The puppy is just a bystander caught up in it all. It emerges from the mess and survives.

And what wonderful energy that is — a puppy. Playful, fast-moving, limitless energy, tons of love and growing rapidly. What great symbolism. Everybody is happy around a new puppy.

You make an excellent point Sharon, we can’t change each other by insulting each other.

In fact, that’s what I believe the US natal Jupiter Return chart was constructing; a “learning (Jupiter) period in preparation for something ahead” (from Dec, 17th comment), along with the lessons from the coming US Pluto Return, plus the coming US Chiron Return in 2024, all of which will make things abundantly clear.

Somehow the Universe will bridge the gap between Left and Right and, torturous as it may be for a while, we will get to the other side.

Transiting Uranus will station direct on Jan. 14, right after the Capricorn New Moon that conjuncts Transiting Pluto and opposes US natal Mercury. Trans. Uranus will sextile US natal Jupiter within one degree of exact, while trans Venus trines trans.Uranus and opposes US natal Jupiter. This should be fun.

Merry. Merry. To everyone here. No matter what is going on around us, I feel blessed to be part of this group. Looking forward to a better year for us all. Thanks and good wishes to all.
P.S. this showed up in my FB feed and it sums up all my feelings about 2020 and it made me laugh.

Be aware it is full of a lot of profanity (f**k’s). Don’t want to offend anyone.


Henri – ha ha. I wont take the ‘FU NZ’ personally – LOL

Blessings to all xxx. Cheers to a better and brighter future!

Thank you, Nancy, for your uplifting words. We need ’em.

Getting to December 21 the grand conjunction is a big deal and we’re there. Just think, it’s going to get better (but be patient).

Happy Christmas (if you can manage it with isolation and Covid), and may the new year, 2021, be good and kind to everyone on this blog, and everywhere!

Teresa Hill,
Yes, puppies are and have delightful energy. I think it significant the puppy was a border collie, the breed considered the very smartest of all dogs. The dog’s youth and intelligence seem to be a good omen.

In our culture many tend to vote for the person they can most clearly understand. For average IQ’ed folks that often translates as a person slightly below their level of intelligence. That may be partially why we get so many frankly … dumb politicians in office. (I’m not saying they’re ALL dumber than a box of rocks, but it seems way too many are.) Also, money, and/or ideology, Left or Right, can seriously atrophy one’s critical thinking skills. (I’m looking at you, Louie Gohmert.)

What is presently startling however is the number of truly brilliant, articulate, younger rising stars within the Dem party. That’s not to say they all are wise. Intelligent people can be foolish, misguided, naive, and anything but wise. But truly intelligent politicians at least tend to learn from their mistakes, thereby gradually gaining some modicum of wisdom.

So, I think maybe you and Les are right. The puppy, whom appeared unscathed by the struggle with the snakes, probably symbolizes all those extremely articulate, intelligent, rising newbies in the Dem party.

The beginning of the ability to breathe again you mentioned:
Congress is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow on the solstice, the 21st.

Congress reaches deal on $900 billion Covid-19 relief package

“Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: From Earth to Air – The Great Mutation

December 21, 2020 marks the beginning of a new era that could change the course of humanity. This extended video presents my thoughts about and analysis of The Great Mutation.”

https://youtu.be/cMVpubCXifE via

The chart for the World Wide Web has Pluto in Scorpio exactly on the Ascendant. No wonder the Dark Web exists and no wonder we have cyberwarfare.

Also, the WWW is in its first Saturn return. No wonder it is being challenged and must be better managed and protected.


Marjorie Orr:


From Lorna Bevan:

2021 is not a shift into a New Earth leaving the ruins and trauma of 2020 in the dust – that’s just magical thinking. Polarities and tensions will be great and build all year with huge resistance from those who fear losing wealth, power and control. But as the Aquarius frequency deepens, the New will start to replace the Old in the natural Universal Law of Balance.

Know that, as a creative, change agent and path paver ahead of the bell curve, you were made for these times. Prepare for a once in 20 years Personal Re-Set. Together, Jupiter and Saturn will inspire you to progress, evolve and up level your sense of social purpose and direction, your quest for concrete and meaningful achievements in the world. This all about making a difference by turning dreams, plans and blueprints into reality in a different way – deliberately going off the mainstream path and beyond the old norms of selling and marketing.


Good ole Mitch, always come through in a pinch, don’t he? Thanks Eliseo!

Thank you too ja for Marjorie’s and Lorna’s latest.

Happy Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn blast off everyone; peace and love to all.

Barb – By my calculation, the US Moon moved into Aquarius around 10/29/20. To me this moves us more into diversity and equality and away from ambition and anxiety. Definitely more humanitarian and globalist. But it s a very general thing. It is also a move more from reminiscing about the past to envisioning the future.

New COVID strain in UK may be more contagious, officials say. Here’s what to know

“Word of a more contagious coronavirus strain circulating overseas has reached the U.S. after officials in the United Kingdom announced on Sunday new travel restrictions and lockdown measures.

The new variant appears to spread more easily between people and may be up to 70% more transmissible than other existing coronavirus strains, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a Saturday press conference, according to CNN.”


Thank you Nancy, the US progressed Moon moving into 0 degree of Aquarius almost simultaneously with the big shift of the Jupiter-Saturn cycles out of the Earth signs and into the Air signs, starting at ZERO AQUARIUS, is obviously a message of impressive coordination on some level I am bound to respect.

Combine this with the US progressed Mars (retro) at 17+ Libra (conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter that trines his natal Uranus!) opposite US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries (that opposes Trump’s Jupiter) speaks volumes about the times we are living in, as well as the importance of progressed planets in an astrology chart.

Very grateful for all you know and share.

Thank you, Barbk.

Today is the culmination (December 21, 2020) of the ancient Australian Aboriginal Uluru prophesy. Here’s one site about this, although there are certainly more:

Have to love the symbolism. I wanted to consciously go through things I want to release today at the conjunction and things I wanted to welcome into my life.

Did load of laundry. Clothes still sopping wet after spin cycle. I spent 45 minutes on my hands and knees slowly draining water in the filter/trap/relief valve thingee at the very bottom of washer, where you can’t get any kind of container under it to catch the water. You have to let it slowly drain out, sop it up with hand towels, squeeze water out in sink,then sop up some more.

Do you think I have some clogged up emotions I need to let go of? 🙂 The perfection of the symbolism cracked me up.

Ran another load of laundry. Came out fine.

Barbk, add to this that the foundational Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891 is now by Solar Arc at 17 Libra.

I believe this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction really is about the elevation of mass consciousness for those with minds and hearts open to this possibility. This conjunction is also conjunct my natal Mercury and two degrees from natal Chiron at 28 Capricorn. My mind is unusually clear and has found quite naturally a high level of acceptance, serenity and optimism. Even for those without such placements, the conjunction can create over time wonderful opportunities to live according to one’s humanitarian vision and on a higher creative plane. No need for psychedelic drugs, but I understand they will be making a comeback for psychotherapy and healing.

In the short term, the news are still awful and that will be often be the case in a time of great change, which spells confusion and anger for many. Not only is there a pandemic going on, but major economic disruption should appear in January all through next year. And tomorrow and particularly Wednesday, the Moon will activate a Mars-Pluto square, which will bring some kind of violent shock to the political system.

Still, the beacon of hope now burns more brightly and will not be extinguished. Social progress and personal transformation will intensify despite conservative resistance.

The next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2040 will be in Libra, which will be even more idealistic. In 2040, the majority of the US population is projected to be non-white for the first time. A fascinating discussion on MSNBC this morning concluded that right-wing pathology was all about race and the increasing economic opportunities for educated persons of color. No wonder the 2040s could see another upsurge of an attempt at authoritarian rule that is doomed to fail.

Actually, the majority of the US population was non-white at the time of the US Revolution, but it was not allowed to vote.

One of the Centaurs circling around the Sun is Nessus, and he, Nessus, is associared with abuse of power; the use of it and controlling it and experiencing it, depending on the circumstances. We all have Nessus somewhere in our birth charts.

Trump’s natal Nessus is at 9+ Taurus in his natal chart’s 9th house. In June, 2020, transiting Uranus reached 9+ Taurus. Trump’s natal Nessus is square Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo, and in August, 2020, transiting Uranus stationed retrograde at 10+ Taurus, squaring Trump’s natal Pluto. This is probably when Trump’s “King George madness” took hold.

Retro Uranus was conjunct Trump’s natal Nessus in late September and most of October, just befire the election.

Transiting Uranus, still retrograde, will station direct, intensifying his power to shock, at 6+ Taurus on January 14. Transiting Uranus will move ahead and reach Trump’s natal Nessus at the end of March and move closer to another square with Trump’s natal Pluto.

I believe it is possible Trump fears impending death (Pluto in 12th house) and transiting Uranus is exacerbating that fear, hence his madness such as claiming he won the election.

Today’s TRANSITING Nessus at 10+ Pisces in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart is quincunx Trump’s natal Pluto in Leo and in orb of a sextile with his NATAL Nessus at 9+ Taurus, and trans. Nessus opposes the US Constitution chart’s Mercury at 11+ Virgo. Look for changes in the Constitution that will control the abuse of power in the future.

Wow Andre, thanks for the news that the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (that was conjunct US natal Uranus) is now conjunct US progressed Mars (and Trump’s Jupiter and US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn) by solar arc. That is awesome!

Ditto on the elevation of mass consciousness thing too.


“Actually, the majority of the US population was non-white at the time of the US Revolution, but it was not allowed to vote.”

Fascinating idea – the source of that census?

Will, I read somewhere there were at least eight Afro-Americans for each white person in the South at the time of the Revolution. I believe the Constitution initially had a provision that reflected this for census purposes. Add to that other non-whites such as Native Americans who were proportionately more numerous than today. It also depends on whether you consider only the initial 13 states or the entire territory of present-day US with its Hispanic population in California and the South-west.

Trump replaced personnel at the Pentagon and on the Dept of Defense advisory board with loyalists, and Barr is leaving on 12/23 to be temporarily replaced by the Asst. Maybe Trump will appoint a loyalist for the next month? Who knows what he has up his sleeve?

Dr. Anthony Fauci is having his own natal Saturn & Jupiter returns as we speak! He deserves to be honored for all the sh*t he’s been put through yet he never blinked!



The US Right Wing essentially sealed their fate when they chose to back Trump, of all people. They would have fared far better to find someone who was actually shrewd, cunning, and charismatic from their camp. (Thankfully for us, they didn’t.) Instead, they settled for one of the three, and truthfully, he’s more a self-serving opportunist than a true believer in their cause.

As a result, they have been exposed.

We now know who they are, and where they are. We also know what they are, and what they are not.

Proud Boys, stand by indeed. These male chauvinist, jingoist, racist pigs are going to have a very hard way going for the rest of this century. Toting assault rifles and playing video games in your mothers’ basements like murderous punk Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t going to get you laid, or much else. Theirs is the path to their own extinction, and perhaps the eventual weeding out of such arrogance and idiocy among our people. Time for them to get spiritual and stop thinking that someone else’s gain is their loss. The time for these zero-sum games and lines of thinking is at an end.

Also, our police and military will eventually be purged of Hitler/Nazi sympathizers and will be reformed. Germany is coming to realize this now, seven decades after they thought they had exorcised ol’ Adolf’s ghost from the land. We are going to see much deeper scrutiny of policing and policemen in the coming years. Policing in general will probably look very different 15 years from now.

Some wise folks from the WWII era said it best: The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.

I believe in peace and love and brotherhood to all humanity, but there are some limits, and some people won’t learn it even when the lesson comes for them at the cost of their own squandered lives.

Maybe there is more hope for many of our apparently extremely gullible brothers and sisters? The jury is still out on that question, but we have to have hope.

Within the last hour I received really bad news. My younger brother tested positive for covid. I spoke with him by phone a few minutes ago. He’s pretty sick, but so far doesn’t seem to be on death’s door.


How old is your brother?
Does he have underlying risk conditions
Is he in a hospital bed?

Eliseo, I know of someone who got an infusion of monoclona l antibodies fairly early on in their symptoms & it helped. He may be a candidate for this treatment.

Will, Sharon,
ThankYou for your kind concern.
He will be 66 Dec.24. He is diabetic. An infusion of monoclona l antibodies, or any of the better treatments is not available in the area where he lives. He’s not in the hospital, but at home in a small town in E. Texas. He retired a year ago and has been busy moving his possessions to the house he bought a month or so ago in S. central Texas, 300 miles westward from his present location. He and wife hope to sell the house they are presently in.

His wife is also diabetic. They wanted to get her tested at one of the drive through facilities, but it costs $100.00 for the 5 day test and $150 for the 1 day test. I was pretty surprised to hear that, as here in WA state the test is free. Somebody is making a pretty profit off of the locals’ fear and suffering.

I spoke with him by phone this evening. He said he had fever for a couple of days but it has passed. He said he is now dealing with aches and pains and extreme exhaustion. He did not on the phone sound as though he was having difficulty breathing. I’ll hopefully be back in touch with him tomorrow, the 22nd.

If this can happen in Salem, Oregon it can happen in any of our 50 states. We are definitely not “out of the woods yet.”

Tensions rise inside and outside of Oregon’s Capitol
State police declared an unlawful assembly at Oregon’s Capitol building as protesters attempted to force their way in during a special legislative session, with some demonstrators toting guns and others attacking authorities with bear spray.


Biden also just took the vaccine, so the stress that he’s feeling might be physical stress from the side effects combined with pain from when he messed up his foot.

Isn’t Saturn associated with foot injuries? I seem to remember that from somewhere but google isn’t throwing up any confirmation.

Solstice greetings to All. Eliseo–sending sustaining and healing energy to your brother and to you.
I will not be posting a lot due to serious fatigue and more serious health issues than I can keep up with. I Send you All my love and best energy for the season and the coming year! And a special Thank You to Nancy for being the sustaining Angel of our “safe Haven”.

Thank you for the holiday greetings wydancer. I wish you the gift of deep, restorative rest and vibrant health.

Eliseo, my best wishes and intentions for your brother and his wife for their speedy recovery.

Nina, I am fairly certain that astrological lore has the knees governed by Saturn.

Andre, your reference to the population of people of color exceeding white people during the American Revolution grabbed my attention. I haven’t been able to find much other than the first census recorded somewhere around 3.5 million. I am wondering if you were referring to the census around the time of the American Civil War when the South had become much more populated and the slave trade flourished there. The Revolution took place in the original 12 colonies which were rife with European Caucasian people.

I’ll be interested if/when you recall where you read about the census around the Revolution.

I pray the Christmas Star showers the planet with magical, like-giving and healing vibrations to all of the embattled people of this planet Earth.

For one of the first times in my life, I wish I wasn’t working in my field today; there is so much pain and loss to witness. I’ve never been closer to burn-out. Its been a long, difficult road. I pin my hopes on the days now actually becoming longer from today forward.

Let their be Light! May we dance and rejoice in the streets at this time next year.

Gratitude to all of your wise and interesting people who share at Starlightnews. I am particularly grateful to Nancy who has provided this veritable light-house to navigate the crazed zeitgeist for the past 20 years.

Thank you so very much, Nancy.

Will, the slave trade began in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1609, long before the Revolution. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson lived surrounded by slaves on their plantations. Jefferson has black descendants to this day. About half of the original thirteen colonies were slave-owning. Slavery also existed in NYC and elsewhere in the North although not as widespread because slaves were not needed in the Northern economy as they were in the South. (There were even slaves in Canada, where I live, under both French and British rule.)

As part of the terms of victory, Washington requested from the British that they find for him his runaway slaves. I believe the Constitution originally had a provision that slaves were to be counted as 3/5 of a white man for census purposes. All this has been documented. I am sure many good history books mention it.

Slavery was one of the foundations of the United States until the Civil War, and it was so widespread that racism continues to permeate the country on a large scale. Much of Trump’s appeal since his birther conspiracy against Obama has been based on racism. Apparently, almost half of Americans who voted for him share this view.

A poll last weekend showed that 42% of Americans thought that Trump was the worst President ever, and 8% that he is below average. That leaves another 50% who think that he is just fine. That presumably would include 50% of the armed forces, who are part of public opinion. Although 40% of the armed forces are colored. Maybe it is the loyalty of black soldiers to the Constitution who will ultimately save the Republic. And maybe Biden’s most reassuring nomination is a black general for Secretary of Defence.

Will, Eliseo, wyndancer, my heart goes out to you and to all Americans who suffer from deep anxiety at this painful and horrible time. We are privileged in Canada but cannot remain indifferent to the injustice, madness and cruelty we see south of our common border. I pray for your country and for our planet, for your health and security and for those you love.


Current Mars square to Pluto.

What an interesting solstice chart!! The Ascendant in DC is exactly conjunct Biden’s Sun/Venus conjunction. So his presence is directly tied into the new beginnings of this chart with its Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at zero Aquarius (again a new beginning). Also lots of planning with the sun/Mercury conjunction. Interestingly the Mars/Pluto square which brings lots of energy and potential violence is softened by the sextile of Pluto to the Moon.

Andre, one of the reasons the Sibly chart rings true for me is that the US natal Pluto in the house of “property” is semi-square (inflexibility) to the ascendant, and that fits the divide between acceptance of slavery and non-acceptance of slavery in this country that was there from the git-go.

Nancy, that’s amazing; Biden’s Sun-Venus conjunction and the Ascendant of the solstice chart are one in the same. Very reassuring, as is the Moon-Pluto sextile! Thanks for noting it.

Noting the picture of her, was that link something from Hillary?

Barb, on DU (democratic underground), posters can use any photo or symbol as their profile photo, and they usually keep them consistently and don’t vary them. This poster (“riversedge”) has chosen that photo of Hillary to represent her because she is a big fan/supporter of her undoubtedly.

Barbk, one of the reasons I find Wolfstar’s Scorpio rising for the US chart convincing is that Scorpio is often about dark forms of power, of which slavery is a prime example. I also find Sagittarius rising in the Sibly chart is a form of over-optimism and denial of the dark chapters of American history which Scorpio rising forces us to confront. Scorpio rising makes Pluto the ruling planet in the US chart, which makes the Pluto return even more significant and makes that confrontation even more necessary.

However, I am still open to debate on this point. The consensus among astrologers until the Sixties was that the US had Gemini rising, which made some sense because Uranus and Mars were then both in the first house. The latter-day consensus has been Sagittarius rising, but I am doubtful. It makes more sense to me to have the US Cancer planets in the 9th house rather than the 8th. And Jupiter in the 9th goes a long way to explain anything Sag rising might. I don’t think there will be another consensus before the end of this decade.

We have much the same debate among Canadian astrologers about our own country. Our initial Constitution was actually a British law creating an autonomous federation and passed by the British Parliament at Westminster. There is much debate about whether it went into effect July 1, 1867 at midnight or noon Ottawa time. The same thing could be said for another British Act of Parliament, the Statute of Westminster, which granted Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other countries their independence on 11 December 1931. Not only did local times vary, but Australia and others waited until after World War II to put that law into effect. Canada used it to emphasize its independence by declaring war to Germany two days after the UK in September 1939, but in WWI it did not have its own declaration of war because it was a subservient part of the British Empire and the British government decided for the colonies.

Much light and healing to your brother, Eliseo. I wish him safe passage through this awful illness, and a full recovery.

I wish him the same, Eliseo.

Andre, with the archer being half man/half beast, I can see Sagittarius associate with a slave owner mentality. I find them to be enlighted but also entrenched in their positions and in being right as well as arrogant or overconfident at times — depends on the person and the chart.


I never knew that. Thought around the Revolution, the labor force came mostly from indentured servants. One of my ancestors came to America from Scotland that way around 1760.


I hope you’re trying to take care of yourself while trying to help others.


If he has trouble with congestion or breathing, cypress essential oil is really good for clearing the lungs. I’ve recommended it to a couple of people lately who’ve said it helped.

Thanks Sharon!

Many Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers, and suggestions on behalf of my brother and his wife.

Today is a milestone relative to the covid pandemic. 36 people at an antarctic research station have tested positive. It’s on every continent now.


Sharon K, one clue to a Scorpio rising US chart is the fact that Pluto was in Taurus, the 7th house of partners and open enemies, during the Civil War. Pluto in the 7th could mean a war with the South and also conflict with another major power, the UK. The British supported the South during the Civil War and Montreal was a major center for British spying in North America at that time.

Similarly, transiting Uranus is currently also in the US 7th, which brings extreme polarization and a near-civil war. The last time Uranus was in Taurus in the late 30s US public opinion was also deeply divided over support for the UK and American entry into the Second World War.

Canada inherited Pluto in Taurus in its natal chart because it was created just after the Civil War and in response to it following British concerns Lincoln might launch a punitive expedition north of the border to retaliate for the British position. Canada’s Pluto is trine the US Pluto which makes a friendly relationship, but Canada’s Pluto in the US 7th signifies it is willing and able to stand up to foreign pressure. Justin Trudeau has never been more popular in his own country than when he stood up to Trump. Canada did not join the US in Vietnam or Iraq. Although less powerful, it simply does not fear its southern neighbor and has proven a stalwart nation in both world wars. One former US Secretary of Defence said:”Canadian soldiers are professional and well-trained, but there aren’t enough of them.” It is also said some of the most effective and knowledgeable lobbyists in Washington are found at the Canadian Embassy. That may be why Canada holds its own in often unjustified trade conflicts usually initiated by the US. All this is what you would expect from Canada’s Pluto in Taurus (agriculture and natural resources) in the US 7th house. In many ways, our economies complete each other’s.

When Pluto enters Aquarius, it will t-square Canada’s Pluto-Saturn opposition, which means my country will enter a critical time. This usually happens in varying ways each time the US has a Uranus return. The fact that Pluto will not be in Taurus perhaps means the US will avoid another civil war during its next Uranus return of 2027-28. But if Scorpio rising is correct, Pluto will be in the 4th house joining the US Moon. The Moon rules the US Cancer planets. That will also be a critical transit for your country.

In addition, most Americans, even politicians and journalists who should know better, often forget Canada is the US’s number one trading partner and has been for a very long time, as you would once again expect from Canada’s Pluto in the US 7th.

You’re welcome, Barb…Thanks, Andre for the further explanation.

Eliseo, strong prayers and thoughts of Light and Love to your brother and his wife. Tea tree oil and peppermint oil are also good and they can even just put it in boiling water with a towel over the pot and breathe it in I would think. There is also a Chinese tea for lung decongestion that was highly recommended that can be ordered on Amazon and I can help you with that. Please keep us informed on their symptoms.

Will, you are on the front lines then in dealing with all the suffering, both economically and emotionally, because many are experiencing some degree of isolation and/or in fear (at lease the careful ones, and I’m in that club).

It was strange to read that Trump probably won’t sign the stimulus/relief bill unless the public gets a $2000 check — another try on his part to get support to overturn the election. The ironic part is that the Democrats are all for it, as Pelosi was quick to point out (she’s so cool), and the Republicans didn’t want to give out that much.

Tea tree oil can be toxic so has to be used carefully. It does kill germs and such though.

Many thanks to Sharon K, Eliseo, Theresa and Andre. I appreciate your support and understanding.

The two bankers at Deutsche Bank who were Trump’s financial lifeline for years have resigned.


Ralfee Finn:

“Trump isn’t going lightly—he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve—but he will eventually be gone. History will see him and his minions as the worst of their kind; a fitting legacy for their callous disregard of the planet and all of its inhabitants. I’m certain that a multitude of lawyers are currently considering how Trump and his gang of miscreants can be sued for their egregious behavior.”


I learned this morning that the Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus conjunction of 1940 was square Mars and Pluto in Leo, a dire chart which was mainly about physical survival. This was fitting for WWII and also the entire 20-year span of that chart. The war ended with atomic bombs, and was followed by the beginning of the nuclear arms race, the Korean War and the most extreme phase of the Cold War. The conjunction was the backdrop for that entire period.

The last conjunction in 2000 was also in Taurus, but not so dramatic. It was square Uranus in Aquarius. Among other things, it emphasized the evolution of capitalism and symbolized the disruptive appearance of major innovative companies based on social networking, such as Apple, Facebook and Google. These corporations became financial behemoths and overturned the stock markets where oil companies, the giants of the past, increasingly became dinosaurs. This was one of the most significant social trends of the last twenty years.

This week’s conjunction turns the last conjunction on its head. It was in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Whereas innovation allowed capitalism to renew itself since 2000, egalitarian and humanitarian impulses will now take precedence over materialistic concerns. Greed will recede as a result and will be less dominant in social and political interactions. However, conservative forces will continue to lash out and to resist change by using technology to nefarious ends such as a pathological use of Twitter. Also, material security concerns such as the state of the environment, the economy or the quality of the food supply will raise major concerns in unexpected ways.

The fact the conjunction took place on the winter sosltice, the weakest light of the year, but also the day things turn around towards a slow increase of the light in the northern hemisphere, means IMHO that materialism and overconsumption have brought spirituality to a new low but that will now gradually change over the next 20 years as society moves away from the destruction of nature and the worship of the bank account.

The good news is the pandemic does not figure in this conjunction, which means it will be short-lasting. Although the fact that a Mars-Pluto square occurs at the same time means that the numerous shocks of the troubled beginning of this new decade will have long-lasting effects.

A wonderfully scathing review of Trump’s “Toadies”

“On Wednesday, Mr. Barr will slouch out of the cabinet with his ethical compass shattered, his reputation soiled and his dignity in flames. For fans of democracy, his departure should be met with rejoicing.

Back in the Bush days, Mr. Barr held that the attorney general’s “ultimate allegiance must be to the rule of law” rather than to “the president who appointed him,” as he said in a 1992 speech. This time around, his tenure seemed aimed at assuring Mr. Trump that he’d been kidding about all that. Whether misrepresenting the Mueller report to cover the president’s backside, ordering federal law enforcement to remove peaceful demonstrators from in front of the White House or eroding public confidence in the electoral process, Mr. Barr has repeatedly made clear where his true loyalties lie. Hint: not with the American people.”


Eliseo, you brother’s symptoms sound like how it manifested in my daughter. May his recovery go as well as hers. She still fights fatigue and some aches, but it hasn’t been debilitating for her.

I’ve been fighting depression and effects this constant changing warm/cold weather has on my lupus. I lost my dog… who was as close to a “helper” animal as I’d ever had, 2 years ago this Christmas… and I’m feeling his loss keenly this year. I know it’s probably because Lupus has been really hard on me this year, and because I’ve been internalizing somehow “failing” Mom for admitting I couldn’t take care of her, and putting her in a LTCF. But I’ve given up trying to connect dots, and we’ve just decided Xmas is going to have to wait until next year when hopefully there’s a little more light and life in our lives. Luckily, Xmas never was one of hubby’s holidays, or I’d have made it different. Next year, we’ll celebrate Yule done right with our group, and we’ll hopefully be able to have Mom home for the holidays, as well as my daughter, and do Xmas up right. This year, it just feels like an accomplishment to get thru each day.

Sorry for being a downer… I do wish everyone here happy holidays and best hopes for a glorious new year. May our days of deep anxiety and worry give way to hope and light and love…

slightkc, I think what you are experiencing is what we all are experiencing; we are all at a crossroads where old patterns, customs, traditions and habits are being forced to change. One sign of this is that trans. Neptune is in a T-square with the transiting North and South nodes now and that means we must choose between the past and the future, and it is not easy for many reasons.

Neptune is often associated with a melancholy feeling as is often experienced during the Christmas period. So is exhaustion. Add in the last 4 years of enduring Trump and the US people, many of them, have developed a sense of loss and defeat.

This may have a positive result, this melancholy spirit. It slows down the mind and we might look beyond “now” and see what might be coming in the future.

The US natal chart has its Moon, symbol of the US people just 30 degrees away from the US natal Pluto, symbol of transformation, and that is a semi-sextile aspect. It can be an uncomfortable relationship when planets are so close, and the Moon so close to Pluto can feel dragged down, especially if that Pluto is so close to a Pluto Return.

Still, if you can see beyond the fears of change, and imagine the wonders of change, it could help get you past the “downer” phase.

Use that Neptune that is square the transiting North and South nodes to envision a country, cleaned up from all the corruption, a country that defeats the Covid and a new understanding between races, and equality between them and between the male and female genders . . stuff like that. Imagine no more wars with atom bombs being dropped on people – ever again!

We all need to do that in order for the good side of the Pluto Return to succeed. What’s that saying . . . make america great, something like that.

Eliseo, prayers for you and yours.

And prayers too for others who are struggling during this spiral in time. Go within, connect with spirit, find the lesson, and just know there is a bigger purpose and that we will soon emerge with a more honed sense of authenticity.

IMO It’s ok to feel down as long as we do things to make it better. Our ups and downs are impermanent, like all things. Maybe it is helpful to remember that?

As for your mother: You’ve described well how difficult she is, on this blog and to me in person when I visited you in September of 2019. Consider this – In the times before our generation was born, most people across the world lived in large extended families. EF’s were far better at caring for our elders. Responsibility was spread out more. There were more of us available to do the job, and in those days it was far less expensive. As most were living on farms, there was always something helpful even addled and befuddled grandma could do, thereby making her feel useful.

By living in nuclear families we’ve gained some individual freedom, but put ourselves in the position of relying on one person alone, our spouse, to meet our adult emotional needs rather than the several adults in an EF. We’ve also made many ordinary things more difficult for ourselves, including caring for elders.

Friend, it’s not your fault. Considering (A) There were only two of you to take care of her, (B) You are physically limited by your own maladies, (C) You have limited resources, and (D) Your mother is especially burdensome and irksome, more so than most, maybe it wasn’t ever realistic to assume you and hubby could do the job all by yourselves in the first place. I doubt you know any couple at same economic level as yourselves who could have done the job better than you’ve done. It’s just the way we’ve lived through the 20th and now the 21’st century.

As for Yule and Christmas, All of us are in these extraordinarily weird circumstances together. Yule will come again in a year, hopefully under kinder conditions of less exigency. We can start planning for a good Yule for 2021 with our respective circles, NOW!

Personally, I’ve always liked Día de Reyes, Three Kings Day, i.e. Epiphany for gift giving and receiving. Most years in my family we were unable to get together until after Christmas anyway. Some years, I haven’t begun Christmas shopping until Dec. 26th when the prices were lower. There’s no rule Christmas absolutely has to be on the 25th. Orthodox Christmas this year is on Jan.7th! And besides, Día de Reyes more properly should be thought of as Dia de astrólogos/astrólogas, a day to celebrate astrologers!

As you said, “May our days of deep anxiety and worry give way to hope and light and love.” We’ll get through this.

Just checking in here. I’ve spent the last few days in medical appointments (CAT scan, MRI, carotid ultrasound) after having a couple of TIAs, which scared my partner a lot more than they did me. On another note, I found out my ex-wife died last week, which is sad, because even though her exit from our marriage was pretty scorched earth, she struggled with mental health issues for a long time. This whole time is strange, and I’m pretty worn out from four years of this idiot dictator wannabe. Anyway, here’s wishing all of you a peaceful winter holiday period.

slightkc, I’m sorry for your struggle. Here is an inspiring video from Dr. Victoria Scerbo on the Astrology for December 23-24. I hope this helps.


The Mars-Pluto square has thankfully come and gone without the political violence I feared. There was an invasion of the Oregon state capitol by armed right-wingers a few days ago as the square neared. Otherwise, the shock came from Trump’s assault on the political system: his veto of a defence bill that would rename military bases named in honor of Confederate generals, his threat to veto the Covid relief bill, his abusive pardons of crooks and criminals including three convicted former GOP Congressmen and American war criminals who killed innocent Iraqi civilians, and now pardons for Manafort and Stone. It is all disgusting but not unexpected.

It remains to be seen how much further damage he can do before he is forced out. Domestic terrorism has not appeared so far but may when he leaves the White House. The Biden Administration’s chart certainly predicts cyberwarfare but also possible internal unrest.

At least no one was killed. Perhaps the square was softened by the Great Conjunction the previous day.

Trump has also pardoned Jared Kushner’s father. It remains to be seen whether he will pardon himself or his children.


Deep prayers for good and strong health for everyone here…as well as their loved ones, such as Eliseo’s brother & sister-in-law. Take care of yourselves and tune into the true spirit of Christmas — love, peace, rest, softness, sharing, Be good to yourselves and love yourselves.

Jackson, sending love & light to you. Take care of your brain – don’t overuse it (my husband also had a TIA and within a year, had a brief seizure and the neurologist has him on Keppra ever since).

slightkc, sending love & light to you, too, and prayers for permanent relief from pain and lupus symptoms. I, too, had to find a long-term care facility for my mother. It was a decent one with mostly lovely nurses and aides, but it still hurts, almost 20 years later.

Thinking of all of you this Christmas which is the most beautiful of all of the holidays.

Sharon K your Christmas blessing is priceless. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.


Grief Man, so glad you survived the TIAs – usually a warning to get some good old Western medicine up into you. I hope you will take care of yourself and follow up with good physicians/practitioners. So much can be done today to avoid a CVA.

Every other month or so I get this weird thing that causes my vision to blur for a few moments. I take my glasses off and turn away from the computer screen for several minutes and it passes – but it feels very creepy. I’m hoping its just because of the inordinate amount of time I spend documenting on EMR software.

Good cheer to all here.

As John and Paul sang,

“I admit it’s getting better (Better)
A little better all the time (It can’t get no worse)
Yes I admit it’s getting better (Better)
It’s getting better since you’ve been mine
Getting so much better all the time
It’s getting better all the time
Better, better, better
It’s getting better all the time
Better, better, better
Getting so much better all the time”

Nancy told us that the astrology in the chart for New Year 2020 “translates into a year filled with a building struggle for survival on multiple levels, with a cloud of hopelessness and stress pervading everything.” And so it ends not a moment too soon.

In the brand new Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart I see a glimmer of hope I’d not considered as such until now. Earlier I wrote that the US natal Sibly chart’s Moon was semisextile the US natal Pluto, and that sometimes that can be difficult for the US People (US Moon). However, the Moon in the new Jupiter-Saturn chart is sextile US natal Pluto, a much more comfortable arrangement than a semisextile.

I am hoping this Moon in the 20 year long Jupiter-Saturn cycle, at 27+ Pisces will ease much of the difficulties that US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) will encounter as US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn) goes through its changes for the next 2 years or so. Kind of a buffer zone for US Moon in Aquarius.

Personally, I’ll take whatever help I can get.

Sharon K,
I agree with Will. Your Christmas blessing really is full of your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank You!

My former boss used to get our group together for Festivus (from Seinfeld, “a Festivus for the rest of us!”) which featured, among other traditions, the Airing of Grievances. This year that would have taken hours! Anyway, wishing you all a peaceful, safe and happy holiday season. May next year’s Airing of Grievances be very short indeed.

Sharon K, thank you for a sensitive, compassionate and beautifully Piscean message.

Pluto is about to enter for the final time the 24th degree of Capricorn and will stay there until the Inauguration. Whatever Trump tries now is doomed to fail. Pluto at this degree opposite his Saturn dashed his reelection chances and ensures a humiliating exit.


“……The Mars-Pluto square has thankfully come and gone without the political violence I feared.”

The ability of Donald Trump to wreak havoc on our nations infrastructure in the next 28 days that remains in this administration’s tenure cannot be underestimated. The stimulus package is inextricably tied up with the funding of the government. That funding deadline which if breached, could trigger a government shutdown is scheduled to expire Monday evening December 28th. Expect the unexpected……..

One Way Trump Could Block The Stimulus Bill: A Pocket Veto

If Trump used a pocket veto on the stimulus bill, Congress wouldn’t be able to override it.

December 23, 2020


Some aspects coming up in January that bears watching.

The January 6th late evening waxing Mars-Moon opposition at 0 Taurus-Scorpio will t square the Dec 21st ’20 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 Aquarius). A simultaneous Neptune-Nodes t square at 18 ’35 Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius will activate Donald Trump’s natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini). Could this be a turning point?

What I’m watching with intense interest is the Jan 13th New Moon/ Pluto conjunction (23’13/ 24 ’35 Capr.). This will activate the Dec 23rd Mars-Pluto square in t square to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 ’48 Cancer).

What Happens When A Narcissist Loses? Expect “Rage” And “Terror,” Psychologists Warn

“A truly significant loss… may trigger not only a reign of terror but destruction without limit,” one expert says

Oct 28, 2020


And finally the Jan 20th Mars/Uranus-Jupiter square at 6 ’44 Taurus-7 ’24 Aquarius. This will form a semi-square/ sesqui-square to Trump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition

In light of the news that Trump is refusing to sign the covid relief package, with the end of relief for millions, the potential for evictions now coming, and the possiblity of a government shutdown, I am quoting from my above article:

Despite the shift in energy implied in the coming 2021 New Year chart, we can still expect the end of December and the first half of January to be emotionally very upsetting in the US, likely at least in part due to the pandemic’s heavy toll, although natural disasters and Trump’s dark impulses cannot be ruled out as causative. The progressed US Moon is now square to progressed US Saturn from December 19 through January 15. In addition, from January 2 through January 11, transiting Saturn will be conjunct US progressed Moon and square to progressed Saturn. Again, the Moon/Saturn combination suggests intensified grief and struggle, and in the US chart it points directly to those within the US population

In addition, transiting Saturn is now square to US pr Venus from 12/16 to 12/29, and Biden’s chart shows severe strain, as mentioned in the above article as well, from 12/15 to 12/22 and in a larger context from 12/5 to 1/2. If this blockage of relief continues, it is easy to connect it with all of the suffering described by this confluence of Moon/Saturn and Saturn/Venus aspects hitting Americans.

I feel the universal weariness blanketing everyone as this awful year comes to an end. Sure that celebrating Christmas is the last thing many of us want to do.

But we’re mere days from the end of this trial known as 2029, and despite finding Scarlet O’Hara annoying and stupid for not appreciating Rhett Butler, I hope we can all find a little of Scarlet in us, the defiant one who, looking like she’d been through an horrific journey that included coming through literal fire, vowed to survive.

We don’t even need to stand and raise our fists. We can crawl on our hands and knees, drag ourselves if necessary, over the line into 2021, and we will never another year as awful as 2020 again.

Come on. We’re all going to make it.

“Forewarned is forearmed”; thank you Nancy and Jerry. Good one Teresa, really, really good one.

“As God is my witness, they’re not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this, and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again.”

Theresa, I’m with you on everything you stated above, especially for not appreciating Rhett.

Jerry, point well taken. The potential for violence and even illegal orders to the military remains.

Starlight, I had noticed you were right on as usual. Clearly, a malignant narcissist enjoys adding to the suffering of millions. Your guidance is most precious at this historic time. We are extremely fortunate to have you and this space. My very best wishes to you and your family.

Theresa, where can I buy an I SURVIVED 2020 t-shirt? Somebody will make millions with that idea.

I think “I’ll think about it tomorrow”.

Creepier and creepier…https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/24/politics/trump-pence-electoral-college/index.html

Trump is asking Pence to refuse to ratify the electoral votes on 1/6 right out in broad daylight.

I don’t have t-shirts, but I was inspired to put my sentiments on a Facebook post, which you’re all welcome to share or put on t-shirts.

I think the woman illustrates my feelings perfectly. If we could all be together, I would happily crawl across the finish line with you. Feels like we’ve crawled this far virtually together.


A black doctor dies of Covid after alleging she was denied treatment because of racism and had to beg for it.


Sharon K,
Not just creepy, but goofy. Reports are he’s “confused” as to why Pence can’t just unilaterally overturn the results.
CONFUSED ?!?!? C-O-N-F-U-S-E-D ? ! ? ! ?
What!? Do we need to begin requiring presidential wannabes to take the basic citizenship test immigrants have to take in the process of naturalization?

Can he pass the tic-tac-toe test? I’m wondering.

Trump needs to be beaten upside his thick head with a stick.


Insightful analysis about the now current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 0 Aquarius vs the now former Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000 at 22 Taurus, and the involvement of the square from Uranus in each. One note that may be supportive in this current cycle is the fact that the square this time is about 4 degrees wider. It was about 2 degrees apart in 2000, so much tighter then, and the influence of the tech companies and social media (Uranus in Aquarius) was very strongly experienced as disruptive during the past 20 years. The wider orb this time around gives me hope that the reactionary right wing presence will not be as strong or as disruptive. Uranus is also fallen in Taurus, so the overall expression of such energy is likely to be much weaker than what it might otherwise be.

Buckeye and Andre, if I may add my 2 cents on the Saturn-Uranus square: I think its interesting they both rule Aquarius and I think, but not certain, that Saturn disposes Uranus… I think the square’s dynamics could bring tension but with it, a descent prognosis for some kind of synthesis.

I’d like to add to Nancy and all the other starlighters, that I deeply appreciate this special community! Blessings of all the best to each of you!

BuckeyeShadow, Frank, those are great and convincing comments. I think the square will be disruptive in the near term (2021 and a bit more), at least economically, but you both should be right in a longer period.

Happy Christmas Morning to all!

Andre and Frank,

I neglected to mention also that Uranus is also dignified and very much at home in Aquarius, vs it’s current transit of Taurus, making it super strong during the 2000 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Not to belabor the already established point, of course.

If the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (societies) in earth sign Taurus (material values) squared Uranus (breakthroughs) in air sign Aquarius (Internet, smart phones, TV, social media), what does it mean to reverse the elements for the next 20 years?

Now the new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (societies) in air sign Aquarius (Internet. smart phones, TV, social media) is squared by Uranus (breakthroughs) in earth sign Taurus (material values), and that might mean a breakthrough in awareness (consciousness) of the dire straits the Earth is in.

The loss of trees through fires and over logging forests for example, could be a subject for societies to focus on for the next 20 years. The over mining of resources of the earth would be a good place to begin a consciousness awakening too.

The new US natal Ceres (Mother Earth) Return that began one day before the Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius cycle began, upon completing the 3rd and final conjunction (in 2020) between transiting Ceres and US natal Ceres. also had a Uranus in Taurus square a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius.

The major difference in the 2 charts, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the transiting Ceres conjunct US natal Ceres, is that the Moon was conjunct Neptune in the Ceres chart and opposite Vesta (what is invested in) forming a grand cross with the transiting nodes.

On the other hand, the Moon (people) in the Jupiter-Saturn chart was opposite Pandora (unleashed multiple problems) that formed a grand cross with Chaos (chaos) opposite the Galactic Center (higher consciousness). It would appear that the People (symbolized by the Moon in these 2 charts) in the US will be torn between 2 different influences for the next 4+years (length of Ceres Return chart influence).

What a difference a day makes. Will! Happy Christmas morning to you too!

Happy Christmas to you, Will–and thank you and all Starlighters–just for being!

Hope everyone has a happy, regenerating holiday season. Blessings to all.

I have not finished watching this yet (3+hrs) but just came across them for the first time and thought some of you may be interested “the astrology podcast” 2021. Looking at patterns; has some interesting graphics.

Happy Christmas morning to all. I believe this online community is an instance of the Aquarian age in action and will become even more precious in 2021 and beyond under the Aquarian planets.

Barbk, thank you for the thoughtful post this morning. That one will stay with me.

I received season’s greetings from a righteously conservative and privileged Catholic cousin who has a strong faith. She earned her comfort by hard work and good investments and expects others to do the same. She has little compassion beyond her immediate family. She sees the pandemic not as hardship but as a test. Her masculine God is harder than my compassionate Goddess. My initial impulse was not to respond and to throw away her e-mail. But the Christmas spirit took over and I wished her the best.

My favorite Quebec singer has a new album for a realistic Christmas. He sings that we always return to our family for Christmas even if it sometimes disgusts us. He calls that the real magic of Christmas that comes from a loving heart.

The Queen’s Christmas message for 2020


Starlight — cannot thank you enough for this outstanding and brilliant blog, your insights, and the opportunity to learn and discuss issues with like-minded individuals.

Greetings to everyone and I wish you all the best for your lives. Everyone’s had such challenges this year that won’t go away immediately, but a new year and a new opportunity to refresh. Love and peace to all!!!

Thank you, everyone, for the beautiful wishes and comments — sending the same back to all of you!

My brother was just admitted into hospital.

I’m praying for him, Eliseo, and visualizing him as smiling and well. I’m praying for you and your family, too.

Eliseo, sending healing energy to your brother. Thank you, Nancy and Andre, and all the other great astrologers for all the wonderful insights these past few years. It has been a hell of a ride.

Yes, Happy Christmas to all!
And Thank You, Nancy, for your dedication to this imformative blog!

Jude Cowell on the horrific antics of the Orange Puke are interesting:

“Meanwhile, the House, to be called briefly back into session by Speaker Pelosi on Monday (12/28/20), will vote in an override attempt to bypass Trump’s massive objection and if that effort is successful, the Senate could vote to override Mr. Whimsical’s bulky recalcitrance on Tuesday (12/29/20), the day of a Full Moon @8Can53 (10:28 pm est; see horoscope in linked post, above). Now as you know, Full Moons signify a culmination stage of activities, perhaps a fulfillment of plans seeded at the previous New Moon (or before) and in this case, that would be the New Moon @23Sag08 – in other words, the difficult 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 (which hit Inauguration 2017’s 8th house Saturn, karmic planet of authority and accountability). So we find that 4 South themes (‘strong emotions over money and/or relationships; an urge to suddenly end relationships’ – Brady) are intimately involved in Trump’s balking posture which may be appreciated via the 4 South Eclipse conjuncting his natal Sun-NN opposing Moon-SN across the mutable, changeable Gemini-Sagittarius polarity where truth and ethics matter.

Add to this the fact that December 14, 2020 was the day of the Electoral College Vote which didn’t go his way and so We The People are being made to suffer under a cluster of cosmic and earthly factors now burrowing under the vengeful skin of his royal Balkiness, with his natal Leo Mars always opposing US natal Moon in Aquarius.

Significantly, all the year-end financial fuss is rather closely timed by the December 29th Full Moon which, as the Cosmos would have it, shines its bright rays revealingly upon the natal Mercury of Donald Trump (@8Can51 – only a two-minute orb!). And where his natal Mercury goes, along must trail his fantasy-spinning, error-prone Mercury-Neptune square.

Now as you know, astrological Mercury’s many roles in the realms of Commerce include trading, negotiating, and making deals, and who can forget that Mr. Trump is well known for considering himself an expert in the making of them. However, in our time of crisis, we find that Despite His Boasts, Trump Again Is No Deal-Maker as Congress Seeks Pandemic Relief Bill yet the “brooding lame duck” seems to pride himself on his late-comer status in the year-end legislative process as he throws his typical monkey wrench into the works from the sandtraps of his luxurious Florida golf course.”

Happy Holidays to all here. Wishing you increased joy, peace & blessings.

Lamis B Faris, I didn’t realize before reading your last post that Trump’s Sun and Uranus are square US Neptune and his natal Mercury is closely square his Neptune. This man was born for fraud and to deceive an entire country.

The last three Pluto transits of Capricorn have been about the abuse of excessive power in the English-speaking world. In the 18th century, George III and his British government were the cause of the American Revolution. The time before that, Henry VIII in the early 16th century broke from the Catholic Church, which had itself abused its power, and executed many religious dissidents and political opponents. I have no doubt Trump would have done the same if he could.

There are political crises elsewhere. The former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, who was once hailed as a hero for defending democracy, has fled his country under suspicion of having received massive corrupt payments from Saudi Arabia. He has found refuge in another wealthy Arab country. His son, the current King, disavowed him in his Christmas message by stating that ethical values are more important than family ties. That is an important statement for our troubled times.

Nashville, TN has natal chart Uranus (unexpected) at 23+ Libra and transiting Pluto at 23+ Capricorn squares it.

Transiting Mars and Eris on Dec.23 were exactly square transiting Pluto and were opposite Nashville’s natal Uranus.

Yesterday’s bombing in Nashville is also reflected in the transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces opposite Nashville’s natal Sun at 18+ Virgo, and the transiting North Node at 19+ Gemini opposite the transiting South Node at 19+ Sagittarius complete a Grand Cross. Nasty business those grand crosses.

Nashville’s natal Uranus at 23+ Libra is where the Sun and Moon (a New Moon) were on October 16, which was opposite transiting Eris (24+ Aries) and trans. Mars (20+ Aries), both retrograde, while T-square trans. Pluto (22+ Cap) and Saturn (25+ Cap). T-squares aren’t quite as bad as grand crosses. Mars stationed direct on Nov. 14 and joined Eris at 23 Aries 29 on Dec. 22.

However, the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer (as well as Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn, and Biden’s natal Jupiter) was opposite that transiting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn at the New Moon on October 16. Now that completes a grand cross.

Also, transiting Venus at 16+ Virgo and Nashville’s natal Sun at 18+ Virgo were opposite Neptune at 18+ Pisces on that day of the Oct. 16 New Moon; a New Moon that squared Saturn and Pluto (opposite US Mercury) and opposed Eris and Mars. Could this be when the bomb plot was hatched? If so was it for revenge (Eris) of some kind?

US natal Vesta (investment) at 19+ Taurus trines Nashville’s Virgo Sun and the Virgo Venus in the Oct. 16 New Moon chart that was trine Pallas (strategy) at 16 + Capricorn in that New Moon chart, making a grand trine, a super conductor of earth sign energy.

Neptune was opposite that Venus remember, making Venus the focus of the grand trine, which makes money the possible motivation of the grand trine energy. Complicated, I know.

Bottom line, is this astrology makes me suspect the Nashville bombing plot was contrived in October and possibly motivated by money.


“This man was born for fraud and to deceive an entire country.”

Hilarious conclusion!


Thank you so much the informative astrological clip. I learned a bunch from the commercial preceding it about the importance of the progressed moon. Treasure!


What is your brother’s first name that I might invoke it in healing intentions?

Sadly, a whopping 35 members of my family (one brother, sister-in-law and nephew as well as several aunts, uncles and cousins who (still!) are Faux TV/Trumpistas are sick with the pandemic. Four are hospitalized – three comorbid with pneumonia. I had a masked visit with my 92 year old parents on Christmas Eve; we celebrated the birthday of my long-gone maternal grandfather (my name’s sake); I happened to bless my grandfather and included a blessing for Anthony Fauci who shares the birthday at which point both of my parents sarcastically spat, “Oh Saint Anthony, the big hero!” It took every fiber of my being to conceal my disbelief and just let it go.

How do we deal with such willful, recalcitrant ignorance?

Starlight, your calculations and interpretations remain exceptional!

Jackson, I am very sorry about your former wife passing. Keep on truckin’, brother. Hoping you make peace with the medicine you need to manage your new challenge.

Will, your story about your family brings to mind my favorite line ever in the movies. It’s from a French movie made in the Seventies: “It’s crazy how ignorance keeps making progress.”

And Faux News says it all. There’s nothing a dash of French can’t do!

China’s economy is now expected to overake the US economy in 2028, five years sooner than expected because of the pandemic. India will be third. It is interesting that 2028 is the year of the US Uranus return.

There are however two caveats. One is astrological. According to Marjorie Orr, China will enter a period of severe political instability in 2022. The other is demographic. China is also expected to suffer a precipitous decline in its population by 2050, as will Russia and Japan. This decline could be more severe than Japan’s, which is expected to lose a third of its population (from 120 million to 80 million). India will be the most populous country in 30 years.


His name is Charles.

I’m sorry so many of your family members are sick with the virus, as well as sick with much ignorance. I sorrow also you have to endure their ignorance. I know how painful, lonely, and alienating that is. My prayers are with you.

I know what it is to lose a spouse, even though she was your ex. My prayers are with you also.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind, supportive words. I don’t often get down as bad as I was the other night, and it really is a tribute to Starlight and her blog that we are all so close to each other that I could even feel comfortable enough to pour out my soul. Believe me, as an Aquarian, those kind of personal emanations are not normal for me! (gryn)

We were able, after MUCH difficulty to have a zoom meeting with Mom. Could NOT get my phone to cooperate. I all but threw the phone across the room in frustration. I always HAVE hated phones! The worst job in the world, AFAIC, is receptionist! But within 5 minutes on my laptop, I had everything connected and working as it should. My daughter was able to join in on zoom, so we made it a 3 gen Xmas gathering that way. Kinda blew hubby’s mind with the tech. Remember the Jetson’s and video phones? Who’d have guessed when we were kids… (LOL)

Despite slow cooking the ham to the point of shoe leather, hubby praised the supper (bless him). And despite my insistence to forgo Xmas this year, my sis gave me a bunch of aromatherapy stuff in a large basket, which the cats immediately claimed and made total fools of themselves over.

And BBC has conspired to lift my spirits… with a Dr. Who takeover thru New Years. Small things, you know?

Strength, beauty and love, to all here. And Eliseo, I’ll be lighting candles and sending energy your way for your brother. Just found out on Xmas that my great-nephew has come down with Covid. He’s around 8, so he probably should be okay. He doesn’t seem to exhibiting many symptoms yet. His father learned his tech skills sitting on the kitchen table as I took computers apart, put them back together, and made them work. Their little family has always been so precious to me. Their daughter and my cat are even nicknamed the same – Cami! and we didn’t even collude!

Eliseo, please keep us informed on how Charles is doing. The fact that he has diabetes is concerning.

slightkc, you write very well. You have a gift. Be well and yours also.

Thank you very much for sharing Andre; very interesting information about the size of economies of major countries in the near future. This line interests me most as I’m a person of ignorance re: economics:

“But the average Chinese person will remain far poorer in financial terms than the average American even after China becomes the world’s biggest economy, given that China’s population is 4 times bigger.”

Does this mean that the “above” average person – in wealth I assume – won’t be as wealthy (as they are now) when China becomes the world’s biggest economy? Is there a down side for a country becoming the 2nd or 3rd or 4th biggest economy?

I ask because the only investment I have (besides my home) is savings bonds so I am naive in these matters.

Might this drop in world economy leadership suggest a shift in priorities for the US as a whole, and, if so, would that not be a good thing?

Sharon K,
Hospital staff are monitoring my brother’s oxygen levels. He’s currently using a ventilator and I’m told his condition is improving. My understanding is that on Sunday or Monday they plan to administer the infusion of monoclonal antibodies.

Many Thanks for your prayers Sharon, and the prayers/spells from all of you here. This really is a great and good, nurturing group. Blessings to you all.

Lorna Bevan:

The Molotov cocktail of Pluto/Eris/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus/Mars is fueling an Engine of Revolution. It
might feel like a reprise of 2020’s brutal astrology – complete with polarization, government control, shocks
and extremes – but this time, it’s a catalyst for real change. Real change as in transformation and
transmutation – completely different from tinkering at the edges or hedging your bets.
The time-lines of this Revelation Wave have switched us all on to the high frequency Aquarian Ray 5 – the
old game has been played, the results are in and the outcomes are final.
The tension really kicks off during the second week of January when Mercury in Aquarius squares Mars at
1° Taurus, conjuncts Saturn at 3° Aquarius, Jupiter at 5° Aquarius and squares Uranus at 7° Taurus. Then
Mars squares Saturn on January 12th
, with the effect lasting about 2 weeks.
On January 14th
, Uranus – the ruler of Aquarius – turns Direct kicking up a storm. Uranus is the ruler of
Aquarius – so this is a double whammy of electricity. In Earth sign Taurus, the Great Awakener is shaking
the unshakeable, shaking things we thought were immovable. Zoom meetings anyone? Working from
home anyone? Vegan diet anyone? The housing market anyone? Travel industry? Cryptocurrencies? Food
supply disruption?
In the US, Inauguration Day is Jan 20, 2021. On that volatile day, Mars is conjunct Uranus at 7° Taurus, with
both square Jupiter and Saturn at 8° and 4° Aquarius respectively. That night and all next day the Moon
conjuncts both Mars and Uranus at 7° Taurus, with all exactly square Jupiter at 8° Aquarius. This will see the
eruption of equally determined forces in dynamic conflict.
Other key days are: January 28th and 30th when the month ends with Trickster Mercury turning


That is really good news, Eliseo! I specifically came here this morning to see if you had anything to report. May Charles get over this hump, and have full and complete recovery!

slightkc, I am glad your mood lifted and your had nice holidays after all. May your health remain stable and your spirits high.

Together we can help each other face our challenges. God is good and our departed loved ones are often with us and around us, helping us out too (Just heard that from Blair Robertson.)

Sending love to all of my/our dear friends here.

PS: Reading a book by Anthony Sattilaro, M.D. who cured his cancer with a macrobiotic diet. The principle is that our yin/yang forces are balanced if we eat 60% whole grains, 25-30 percent vegetables, etc. The idea is to eliminate the toxins from our system. It’s very interesting. I am not sure I could do a total macrobiotic diet but am experimenting with it.

Barbk, apart from the fact that China’s economic dominance may be short-lived or never fully materialize, you have nothing to fear from the US sliding to no. 2. Your savings will not be worth less, and, as you note, the average American will still be wealthier than the average Chinese. Despite being governed by a Communist dictatorship, distribution of wealth in China is in fact probably as unequal as in the US. And yes, perhaps that will bring the US to more humane and just decisions with respect to the well-being ot its own people. Canada and most European countries have never been number one and a lot of them are doing just fine with high levels of individual contentment.

Eliseo, I am concentrating on your brother’s health.

Sharon K, I have long felt the presence of departed loved ones. At first, I wasn’t sure, so I went to see a medium. She told me: “You ARE a medium, sir.” Now I know.

My heartfelt appreciation to all who post here. It is where I go for solice, knowledge, insight and in the spirit of the Aquarian Age, connection.

And just think, on January 1st, 2021, we will truly have 20/20 hindsight!

My apologies for pun. Stay safe.

AOC wants to challenge Senate Minority Leader Schumer in the Democratic primaries in 2022. Those mid-terms will be dramatic. The progressive and conservative wings of the Democratic Party will fight it out after uniting to defeat Trump. The progressives feel Biden is shutting them out of his Administration and they surely will challenge Kamala for the nomination.


Very clever quintile!

Thanks for ‘splainin that economic business Andre; I say nothing wrong with being #1 in some other field, like for example, education or clean energy.

In Philip Sedgwick’s newsletter, Sky Scraping, Dec. 26, he asks if you have a plan for 2021 and gives suggestions on how to use the transits from Mercury square Mars on Jan. 8th through Sun square Mars on Jan. 31.

I’m not good with posting links but hope this works:


or this

or this

Since 2020 is almost over, it didn’t seem necessary to add more to the discussion before 2021 arrives. But, the latest is over the top even for Trump and I read this segment on Jude Cowell’s Stars Over Washington blog. It really hit the mark.


There have been many comments about the influence of the fixed star Algol, and I’ve put up a few myself. However, until now, I’ve taken it with a grain of salt since it is based on mythology, asking is the effect exaggerated, too hyped up when Algol is on an angle? Well, I’m convinced now.

It’s true there are other effects from the way Algol expresses and one should not forget that some good may come from this star too. In some charts, extremes can be useful and a good many famous achievers have prominent Algol.

Specifically in Donald Trump’s chart, there’s a difference. He has Algol on the Midheaven and the royal star on the Ascendant. He climbs the heights with Regulus and falls into the pit with Algol. There’s always a mixture in what he does – he WILL express both sides of his nature. He is the epitome of self, of ego.

So, it’s been bad enough that he acts like a spoiled brat in general, and got cranked up about losing the election, but now he’s gone to a true Algol extreme in taking revenge on the whole country. There is no good reason whatsoever for his refusal to sign the bill in Congress other than pure evil. Cowell is certainly right about the extreme part.

Trump’s behavior is vicious because he COULD act in a positive way – he has the power. He CHOOSES not to. What part of his actions remotely resemble “get thee behind me, Satan”? None of it. His niece’s book is right – he will go to any length.

Withholding assistance to so many people in distress is despicable. He has set his star with leaders like Saddam Hussein, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, Hitler and Stalin. People are being impoverished, evicted, and sickened because of his actions, or lack thereof. It’s too little to say that Trump shows no compassion, but that’s how it is for his ruthless class of people. It’s all a game.

January 20th cannot come soon enough.

Andre, with regard to AOC and her desire to challenge Schumer…progressives in NY challenged Governor Cuomo in 2018 with the actress Cynthia Nixon. Cuomo beat her two to one in a primary. I would think AOC would have a similar fate. The progressive wing of the party represents about 30% of the Dem party.

The stakes could not be higher – it’s beyond hard ball. This article in the Washington Post is worth a read:


“………..Compounding the anxiety of Capitol Hill is a quirk of timing: Because the current Congress will come to an end on Jan. 3 and because the bill was not sent to Trump until Thursday, he can veto the bill by simply refusing to sign it, leaving Congress unable to vote on an override. In that case, the new Congress would have to pass the bill anew. Biden doesn’t take office until Jan. 20, creating a big gap when things could be unresolved…..”

Thank you Quintile for saying in essence what I feel about this group and the gratitude I have for this blog. And thank you Beowulfie for your breakdown of the last few days with Trump. And Thank You Andre!

I am a Canadian who lived in the US in my young adult forming years.

I talked to a Chinese female over a year ago, who had emigrated to Canada. She asked me sincerely What was Democracy? Really I don’t think she understood it. I said: One person, one vote. That was the end of our short conversation as we both were busy and couldn’t have a full conversation.

I wish I had said: It’s about Equality. And in my mind, Economic Equality is especially important because if that happens, then we are truly on equal grounds.

First there was Marx, then there was Lenin. And soon thereafter a good sentiment was totally corrupted. Communism is easily corrupted.

So we have to make a society or government as incorruptible as possible.

Which after Trump and 2020 is on many people’s minds, front and center.

However, for the segment of the population that wants a Dear Leader, who wants Daddy to take care of them so they don’t have to think, so they can live in fantasy forever until they in fact drink they Kool Aid, they will and are corrupting democracy to the extent they can.

It has secretly hidden the inequality for years. I did not see it the years I lived in Phoenix mainly in the ’70’s. That’s because I lived in north Phoenix and most of the Blacks lived in South Phoenix. I rarely saw a black person.

It seems that inequality has taken its toll on all of us. It may have been David Jolly who verbalized what I and many others have come to know that education and civics was deprived in large part to people of color.

I also read that of the Trumpists who demonstrated in the desert with their desert vehicles, and their costumes and their flags, actually had a good living income, but upon analysis, these demonstrators were – in their groups – the top earners of their groups… their middle class or upper middle class groups. So their “peers” had incomes below them so perhaps they thought of themselves as the Leaders of their groups. Maybe there was ego attached to their “positions”.

So perhaps these people had the pleasure of identifying with Trump, and had similar characteristics.

The secret inequality of the US has brought the US to this point. Thank god it is less secret than before.

Perdue and Loeffler are the most recent examples of the bald face total corruption of democracy in America today.

So in identifying the problem, next we find a solution.

Besides upholding and strengthening the Checks and Balances, and all that entails, we have to heal. Little by little. The Constitution has to be amended to make some of the norms into law.

We have some wonderful people who I think will eventually prevail: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Katie Porter, and so many more I am missing out.

AOC doesn’t NEED to replace and outdo Schumer. He is wonderful. She’s just the next strong step who will lead us into the future.

I was educated in grade school in BC and Alberta in the ’60’s. At the time we heard that our education and curriculum was second to none in the North American continent. I had no experience in comparison of course to other curriculums in North America.

Our social studies teacher commented on the Viet Nam war and said, yes it had actually started but would be over soon.

As children, we couldn’t actually wrap our minds around it. And we sure could not understand the necessity for the Draft.

All this leads me back to the necessity of the population understanding what is needed for leadership.

And that understanding can only come from education and critical thinking – which itself can only come from economic equality.

I think the words economic equality and equality itself – those two are interchangeable.

So equality, and critical thinking, are interdependent.

A point I want to make is under the heading of Critical Thinking.

We must know who we are voting for.

I don’t know how this is going to be instituted; but it must be.

We cannot have Malignant Narcissists, Sociopaths, or Psychopaths holding public office.

We must be able to identify them and disable them.

That’s why I feel this book, “Political Ponerology” is a book for our times. I blogged about it a few weeks ago.

Ok – checking back in the book is the receipt – purchase date was in 2013. It was $22.95 CAD
– Though the Red Pill Press – haha!

Now, my brother in law told me that today – or this month – the price of the book soft cover is $94 plus including tax.

There could be several reasons for the difference in price…. but it’s interesting.

So we have to garner critical thinking skills – the whole nation does…. So we are starting.

I feel good about the future …….

How do you all see it?

A postscript to my comments on Trump & his Midheaven conjunct Medusa, above – here is a link to an article on Skyscript about the myth and the interpretation:


There is an interesting comment in the article saying women are not affected (blinded) by Medusa’s terrors. I haven’t read that before (would need to confirm the myth reads that way).

Pelosi has Mars conjunct Algol; McConnell has Uranus conjunct Algol. Melania has Venus within 2 degrees of Algol. Kamala Harris has Jupiter also within 2 degrees. Perhaps one of the women will check Trump. It’s quite a thought!

“……….In the constellation of Perseus, at twenty-six degrees of Taurus, there twinkles the binary star Algol, the ‘Gorgon’s head’. Homer’s Iliad alluded to, “the Gorgon’s monstrous head, that rippling dragon horror” – a severed head which turned to stone those who beheld it. It was only men, plus a few animals, who met this dire fate, not women….”

Sunstars, great post. Of course I entirely agree.

Beowulfie, I remember a discussion on this blog last year or the year before about Trump’s midheaven on Algol. He puts the malignant in malignant narcissist. Unfortunately, it was all too predictable. He could not get away from inflicting pain on millions of people. His own must be very bad.

Silcominc, if the Dems don’t better accommodate their progressive wing, they will lose badly in the mid-terms. That may be why the astrology of November 2022 looks so high-strung.

Beowulfie and Andre, it is interesting that transiting Sedna has been back and forth in the degrees of 26-28 Taurus for at least the last 4 years.

The part of her myth that’s always the same in all versions is that she was thrown overboard (betrayed) by her father (family); rejected.

From that event of being tossed overboard she sank to the bottom of the sea and henceforth ruled over all sea life. Those from her former village had to plead with her for food (fish) to feed their families.

Could that mean Republicans will have to beg Trump to provide sustenance for a while? Sedna DID remain underwater, and will, til the end of time. She is a symbol, not a mortal.

Barbk, you are saying Sedna, the ruler of sea life, is now and for some years conjunct Algol, the star of murder and destruction. Transits to Algol can bring great negative energy. Since Sedna was named among the heavens, we have seen pollution of the oceans and the appearance of dead zones in the seas without any oxygen, and the rising seas in response to climate change. And of course Trump’s MC contributes to this death of the environment.

We are feeling Sedna’s destructive wrath in alliance with Algol, which in Arabic means the ghoul, the devil, or the evil spirit. Why am I not surprised?

Trump is deeply hurt, has been since infancy and he can only hurt in return. He is the psychopathic President.

I have mixed feelings about the progressive wing of the Democratic party as you all already know. I don’t know what it would mean to accommodate them, Andre. As you might remember, in the 2010 midterms, 2 yrs after Obama and the Dems won all 3 branches, we Dems lost badly because of the ACA being passed during the early part of the 2008 recession recovery and people believing that the budget deficit was unsustainable. Of course it was mostly Republicans who felt this way. The ACA was not single-payor or Medicare for all but it structured in health care for many who would not have otherwise had it. I can’t imagine that we can go too progressive too fast under these economic conditions.

Sunstars, Political Ponerology sounds very interesting. It’s around $30 on Amazon (used starting at $20) and $10 for Kindle.


The Washington Post & other media have now reported that Trump signed the stimulus bill into law late this afternoon. About time. It’s not nice to play chicken with over 300 million people!

Trump finally signed the Covid relief bill. But it’s still ponerology that animates him.


Sharon K, the Democrats simply cannot do without 30% of their party. The progressives often include the most committed organizers and volunteers. Accommodating them would simply mean doing for them what has been done for Afro-Americans and Latinos, by including them in the Cabinet with one or two positions. Give the Labor Department to Bernie who obviously wants it. If he fails to be confirmed, well at least you’ve tried and he won’t turn against you. It’s just good politics. Hostility against AOC will get the Democrats nowhere. Her appeal is needed in the big tent. This, I believe, will be the painful lesson of 2022.

Thank you Sharon K.

You are very welcome, sunstars.

So you are saying Biden needs to give appointments to Bernie and AOC, Andre? Which other progressives should he be looking out. These people cannot be too far left but need to be team players. It is a matter of position, not race, ethnicity or gender.

looking at, I meant to write.

Marianne Williamson discusses the Great Conjunction of 2020.


Sharon K., I agree with you. I see the party moving to the left but it must be done in a way that brings the rest of the country with it. Maybe these next four years will be a reeducation of the country about where we are and where we want to be. Otherwise, we loose everything.

silcominc & Sharon K,
I too am ambivalent about Progressive Dems, despite the fact I’ve politically been to the Left of ALL Dems all of my life. At age 12 I began calling myself a Democratic Socialist and continued with that appellation until the past couple or 3 years. I no longer use that designation, as most people automatically assume one is a collectivist when I’m really more of a cooperativist – (but that’s another ideological story.)

Having labored in the vineyards of the Left for so many decades I’ve learned a few lessons, all of which lead me to agree entirely with your point. On many issues, for the sake of general survival, we absolutely must move much further Leftward, but must do so in a way that brings the rest of the country with us. To do otherwise is beating our heads against the wall, accomplishing little but making ourselves feel good for our self-assumed, arrogant sense of superiority, heroes in our own minds, but losers in the arena of real politics.

A bit of humility would serve us well. We tend to an overly optimistic view of human nature, whereas the Right tends to the opposite, a more pessimistic view. Both views are partially true and partially false. We have an irksome tendency to oversimplify, often succumbing to the fallacy of monocausation. In our passion for justice, freedom, equal rights, equal opportunity, pluralism, and solidarity, we often lose ourselves in ideological idolatry. The Right does that also, but we need to be more concerned with OUR delusions, not theirs.

Over the last several decades many of us on the Left have been IMO a bit to cocky, thinking and spouting too much ideological vocabulary unknown and confusing to most people, insufficiently pragmatic in our approach. In the context of understanding and empathizing with their fears, and acutely aware of the ferocity of our affluent opposition, I believe we nevertheless need to think and act in terms of nurturing our mutual and shared evolution as opposed to fomenting revolution. It’s a very different mindset, largely untried.

Eliseo, such good news that your brother will be getting antibody treatment. Prayers for continued progress toward recovery.

Regarding the discussion on the push leftward: since civics knowledge seems to be lacking in so many, perhaps for successful implementation it needs to start with baby steps in a greater number of local areas/levels, to gain acceptance of what the reality of proposed programs might look like. Like, for instance, the stockton mayor testing what universal basic income might look like …….

Thanks for your prayers! We really appreciate them.

“…since civics knowledge seems to be lacking in so many, perhaps for successful implementation it needs to start with baby steps…”

I agree about those baby steps; we’re going to have to do the educating gently, but unfortunately we will also need to do it quickly. I’m convinced climate change, disruptive technological progress, and coming domestic and world events will make the political and economic reforms we need that much more urgent.

Since 1957, federal and state monies alloted to public schools and universities for teaching civics, the social aciences and humanities have been reduced year after year. That money went instead to teaching the stem subjects. More money for the stem subjects is fine unto itself, but less for the other subjects renders us a well trained but poorly educated population.

Democracy doesn’t work well unless the voting citizens are well informed with a good basic knowledge of the social sciences and humanities. And how to think, critical thinking skills need be taught as well. What is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning? What is scientific method and how does it work? Those things need to be taught to children as early as they can understand it.

If you ask the average American what the difference is between epistemology and episiotomy they’ll likely be stumped. Some of the ladies might know what an episiotomy is, having birthed children, but the men are likely to know neither term. Just a tad bit of philosophy and basic medical knowledge could go a long way as small parts of our corpus of general knowledge, a foundation which in itself leads us to insight and transformation for our individual selves and for society.

Most puzzling of all to me is how we will re-educate all those “certainity addicted” right wing so called “Christians” who just don’t want to be re-educated. Toxic, dogmatic, unhealthy varieties of religion added to our corporations desire to have highly trained but poorly educated workers is in itelf a noxious and pernicious brew. Corporations much prefer workers who have extensive skills and knowledge, but only in their very narrow field. Truly, broadly educated workers might ask uncomfortable questions and harbor ethical doubts and concerns.

I’m not certain how we will get ourselves to the “emerald city.” We are all like Dorothy and friends, asleep in the poppy fields, self-medicated with our electronic drugs, “reality” shows, and video games. “The Pursuit of Loneliness,” a 1970 book by the great sociologist, Philip E. Slater, was one of the earliest and most brilliant expositions of the problem. He was right in his assertion we are far too busy seeking gratification from things and processes, rather than from each other, from our relationships.

As dark and deadly as is Covid-19, perhaps it is the painful, hard kick in the pants we need to propel us into an alternate direction. I note the astrology indicates we will shift into a more positive and healthy direction. It will be interesting to see if the virus is truly the trouble making agent and instigator of that change.

American politics will definitely turn to the left once Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. Some of what is progressive now and unacceptable to the majority of Democrats will become mainstream. The dying dominant conservative culture will have one last hurrah in the mid-terms of 2022. The party in the White House almost always loses the mid-terms. This may be because the progresssives will sit out the mid-terms in protest against their exclusion from power. They have been loyal so far because they understood the need to evict Trump. But they will only be patient for so long. This is likely to prompt a mini-crisis within the Democratic Party, who will need to be more inclusive with their progressive wing to win in the future. I am confident they will do so by 2024, but 2022 is likely to be a step back.

Marjorie Orr:

“2021 won’t be a perfect year by any means or completely seamless but in comparison to what went before it should have its walk-in-the-park times.”

I’ve had a strong intuitive feeling for the last few years the R party would eventually go out of business, and the Dems would split into two distinct parties. In a new leftward national political realignment the Dem moderates would come to be perceived as the more conservative group, and the progressive Dems would continue in the more liberal role. That’s not to say the moderates would adopt current conservative views, but that what we think of as liberal and conservative would change in context to new circumstances.

It is interesting the Lincoln Project R’s are gradually becoming more moderate in their views, while some of them have declared they are now Dems. I expect that trend will gradually continue, making a Dem split more probable, a process likely to take a few years.

I see the Trump R’s as ultimately self destructive. I feel they are in the long run on a suicidal path. I think in the near future they’ll accelerate and continue to cause trouble, but in the long run will be gone. I just don’t see their brand of fascism ever becoming a permanent feature of the US, or of North American culture. It’s just not our karma.

I think we have all agreed the theme of this decade is Aquarian in nature. So rather than Dems. vs. Reps., perhaps it is the collective vs. individual.

The U.S. more than any other country lauds individualism as symbolized by the motto life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Socialism is antithetic to this concept.

Canada’s motto (sort of) is Peace, Order and Good Government….and we fancy ourselves as peaceful, orderly and “trying hard not to screw up”.

As Brexit becomes finalized, any movement or word from the NZ side as to CANZUK? I expect from Jan.1 of 2021 we’ll probably hear louder voices advocating it. It’s the post-brexit smart move.

Geopolitical analyst, Peter Zeihan and other well respected analysts also foresee the probability of the UK becoming integrated into NAFTA/USMCA, with Australia and New Zealand to eventually follow.

In theory, I don’t see any insurmountable conflict between a CANZUK arrangement and a USMCA+UK+Aus+NZ trade union agreement. It would be like two somewhat overlapping circles expanding trade opportunities, and greater economic and military security for all involved.

I don’t see the above arrangements as inevitable, but becoming more probable and profitable as we see coming unusual military, economic, and climate events transpire.

On Linda G’s “Sunday with Sterling” show yesterday he said the Nashville bombing was setup by offshore country (Russia?) and money went to the guy’s family who did it. He, Sterling, said there will be more. Infrastructure is/will be the target(s). Will re-examine the October 16 New Moon chart again . .especially the retro Mars.

Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner’s DOB is 1/17/57. No birth time.

Nashville is such an odd spot for a bombing. Tennessee is a staunchly Republican state. I read that the bomber was freaked out about the 5G network and it seems his target was the ATT switch center. It did disrupt communications in a half dozen states. Not sure if it’s been restored yet.

That included the 911 system and hospitals, so a more widely widespread attack could clearly be dangerous and disruptive.

Jusr a short note here:

Norway does not identify as a Socialist country. It is a democracy…..

Bernie Sanders says he is a Democratic Socialist when in fact by definition he is a Social Democrat. I don’t know WHY he lists himself as a Socialist when in reality, the fact that he is a Social Democrat would get him more votes and more support.

As an aside, I tried to join the Democratic Socialist Party of Bernie Sanders about 18 months or more ago. They replied that they had been stampeded with applications and were not ready to process them all.

Plus, I would have to have an American address LOL!! to process my application, and I could not send the money, say, from Canada! Haha! Some people are so picky.

My former husband resides in Arizona and my daughter tells me he voted for Trump so I decided not to go there for a try on my American address! Hahaha!

However I have stated this before that Bernie Sanders at the time on his website said he was modelling his presentations after the “Nordic Model” which I respect immensely.

Viking Economics by George Lakey is wonderfully descriptive of the history of, and the success of, the Nordic Model.

This model looks like the way the US is headed….

It is NOT socialist. It is a democracy. A very humane democracy.

I can’t wait to see the next couple of years… or say, 2024, or the next decade or couple of decades. It seems we might be on the right path. 🙂

When I heard AOC speak for the first time, lights and ping! ping! went off in my head.

I revere Pelosi and Chuck Schumer…. It’s gonna take a while, and a gradual blending over – they are the base created as best they could be for this time. If it hadn’t been for them we wouldn’t have their “children”….. AOC and Katie Porter……etc. It’s all gonna work out.

I think.

Forgot to mention Elizabeth Warren…

I adore Maxine Waters. She speaks the truth……
Leo born in the year of the Tiger.

Eliseo, if you are interested, here is a link to the official NZ govt page re trade deals currently under negotiation

The US progressed Venus (values) in Taurus (ruled by Venus) opposes US progressed Saturn (status quo) in Scorpio (shared resources), and the new transiting Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius makes it a T-square.

This new Jupiter-Saturn cycle will force this US progressed opposition between values and the status quo (regarding shared resources), out into mainstream conversation. I believe tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer will make that abundantly clear.

The Full Moon at 8+ Cancer conjuncts Trump’s natal Mercury (tweets, tax returns, etc.). In that Full Moon chart there is a T-square between Neptune (illusions) in Pisces opposite Vesta (investment) in Virgo and they are T-squared by Venus (values) in Sagittarius, conjunct the South Node that is one degree from Trump’s natal South Node that conjuncts his natal Moon (emotion), that opposes his natal Sun, North Node and Uranus in Gemini.

The FM chart’s Neptune in Pisces, which stationed direct a month ago and has been bearing down on Trump’s Uranus (unpredictable) in Gemini in a challenging square, and in this month’s Full Moon (conjunct Trump’s Mercury) chart, that very Neptune has engaged transiting Vesta, she who focuses like a laser, to also bear down on Trump’s natal Uranus, possibly signalling investigations into his assets (his Venus is being opposed by trans. Pluto) are closing in on him.

If so, Neptune (unfocused) opposite Vesta (focused) in a T-square with Trump’s Uranus will force him to reach for help, probably through his natal chart trine between Uranus and Jupiter (a Jupiter which conjuncts US progressed Mars, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Putin’s natal Saturn). We have entered a new but charted territory, this Saturn-Jupiter cycle, but we must expect the unexpected anyway.

Right now transiting Chiron (wound that won’t heal) at 5+ Aries opposes Trump’s natal Neptune (become invisible) at 5+ Libra and this creates a T-square with US natal Jupiter (justice) at 5+ Cancer. This Full Moon is just 3 degrees away at 8+ Cancer. It is just the beginning.

You are wonderful!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Several times on this blog and in other circumstances as well, I too have stated that Bernie S. is a Social Democrat, NOT a Democratic Socialist! He tends to use other terminologies inaccurately and therefore misleadingly as well. I find his use of wrong phraseology irritating. Although I admire the man’s courage, passion, and noble sentiments, I’ve often wondered why he continues to be so imprecise.

I agree with you also he might receive more votes and support were he to self describe as a Social Democrat. Better still, to describe himself as a FDR Democrat, as most Americans have no idea what “Social Democrat” means.

Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, was really a Social Democrat; he enacted a number of important reforms, although he came to many of his SD convictions after he left the presidency. When he later ran under the Progressive (Bull Moose) banner the platform was full of SD ideas and proposed programs.

FDR is pretty universally respected, admired, and revered in the US, even by many who would have disagreed with his policies. On 11 January 1944 he proposed his “Second (economic) Bill of Rights” which he hoped to enact when the war was over. After his death in spring of ’45, Truman was unsuccessful in getting those SD proposals into legislation. Truman was especially enthusiastic for socialized medicine.

BTW, I was a DSA member for a few years. They are a motley crew of idealists, a broad spectrum of socialists and social democrats, collectivists and cooperativists. Some are Marxist; some favor other points of view, Fabians, etc. IMO they tend to overuse specialized jargon no one but SD and socialist scholars understand, and venture much too much into other policy areas having nothing to do with socialism or social democracy. They also sometimes support other groups abroad who use the name socialist without knowing what they are about, without adequate justification.

this seems to me to be a most welcome renewed focus for a grass roots return to the notion of “a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy” and moving away from modern big media story gatekeepers stranglehold on a manipulatively focused narrative

Speaking of Bernie, this was a very savvy move by him, methinks.


“This week on the Senate floor Mitch McConnell wants to vote to override Trump’s veto of the $740 billion defense funding bill and then head home for the New Year.

I’m going to object until we get a vote on legislation to provide a $2,000 direct payment to the working class.”



Hunger is spreading in Kentucky while its US Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul oppose federal aid to the state and local governments.



“Hunger is spreading in Kentucky while its US Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul oppose federal aid to the state and local governments.”

And Kentuckian’s will vote them both back in again because we all know that this is Hillary’s fault.

So I just learned the Defence authorization legislation contains corporate transparency provisions. “requires a report be filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) that identifies each beneficial owner of an applicant forming a reporting company”

I wonder if this had anything to do with trumps inexplicable refusal to sign said bill? Might upset his money-laundering cohorts?

As I understand it, in the next 10-20 years we are likely to experience more disruptive, albeit positive change than we’ve experienced in a very long time. It will be analagous I believe, to our transition from hunter-gatherers to farms, villages, and cities 12,000 years ago.

Dramatic changes in energy usage and production, transportation, food production, diet, family structure, marriage, our sex lives, child rearing, and education will be as extraordinary as anything we’ve seen in history, much of it fueled by exponential advances in artificial intelligence and biotechnology, plus inevitable changes in climate.

IMO, Canada will probably be the nation to benefit the most, and suffer the least from these developments. I believe in 20 years the US will continue to be different from the rest of the English speaking world, but nevertheless will be far more like Canada or the Scandinavian democracies in most respects. In that sense I feel your perceptions the US is headed in the direction of social democracy are quite on target.

In the US as I alluded upstream, we’ve had a few social democrats in Congress, in some state legislatures, and some of our presidents, like LBJ, FDR, and TR. But so far, we’ve never had a successful and sustainable social democratic party. Elements within the modern Dem party are social democrats, but not the party as a whole. That will change if as I anticipate, the R’s go out of business and the Dems split into two parties. The present Progressive Democrats I suspect will be that party, but they have some growing up to do between now and then.

It is both a curse and a blessing to live in such unusual and interesting times, but we might as well enjoy it as much as possible. Yes?
BTW, I assume you have dual citizenship?

Many Thanks for those links!

Will, American public acceptance of Republican cruelty to the poor and the sick never ceases to amaze me. It is as if Christianity was turned on its head, which was a characteristic of Hitler and Stalin’s regimes.

I found your recent posting re: China very interesting. What you posted about China’s future troubles jives with other news. Also, they are facing an extremely serious demographic problem. Their population numbers are diminishing and will likely accelerate a great deal more by 2022. This is partly why they’ve become so aggressive. They feel they need to establish control NOW while they’ve got the personnel to do the job.

As they’ve become more aggressive, they’ve alienated their neighbors as well as the western style democracies. I believe this will continue and culminate as severe economic consequence for them. Were major portions of their economy to collapse, it would depress the world economy as a whole.


Pushback on Xi’s Vision for China Spreads Beyond U.S.

2020 was a Year 4 in numerology, which is often a time of increased suffering and hardship which can only be avoided through effort and discipline. The last year certainly lived up to that billing. The Year 4 can also bring greater resilience, which is also a by-product of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

2021 is a Year 5, which is a time of transition from 4 to the more easy-going and relieved Year 6. There is no greater contrast in a year than between the beginning and the end of a Year 5. While the first quarter of 2021 basically should be an extension of 2020, hope will continue to rise throughout the year and conditions will gradually improve. By December, the pandemic may not be entirely over, but the end will be in sight. The challenge will be landing on a new normal with respect to public health in 2022 while the political and economic crises continue until 2024, which will be a Year 8 promising breakthroughs and success.

Christianity WAS turned on its head, but the event and process began around 1530-1564.

As I’m sure you know, compassion was not viewed as a virtue, but a serious vice in the Greco-Roman world 2000 years ago. The Romans in particular, thought of compassion as a kind of perverse, sick weakness. In the Western world of that time, only the Isis religion, Judaism, and early Christianity valued and taught compassion as a virtue.

The real and most magnificent accomplishment of Christianity was the very slow, gradual transformation of compassion from a vice into a virtue in the context of the western mind. However, … during the Protestant Reformation Jean Calvin, AKA Jehan Cauvin, and his followers managed to reverse that process, extending permission to some but not all varieties of Protestants to hate rather than love those who are suffering, or poor, or who have met misfortune.

In a real sense, he revived the superstition that if tragedy or misfortune has befallen you, it must be because the gods or God are angry with you. Better to NOT assist or help those who suffer for fear God might then become angry with YOU for interfering with his wrath!

In Calvinism, the surest sign of the favor of God is prosperity. Therefore, the surest sign of the disfavor of God would logically be poverty. Such notions, particularly combined with the doctrine of predestination, poisoned several varieties of Christianity, arresting the growing march of compassion as a virtue, and inculcating fear, anger, and hatred of those who suffer, especially the poor.

Such notions greatly affected certain varieties of Protestant Christianity, especially in Scotland, the Republic of South Africa, and the US. This is one of the main reasons Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christianity in the US, can be so extremely toxic and dangerous.

The core message of the rabbi from Nazareth was compassion. Some Buddhists see him as equivalent to Avalokitesvara, AKA Chenresig to the Tibetans, Kwan Yin in feminine form for the Chinese, i.e. in all cases the bodhisattva of compassion.

As the primary substance and essence of Christ-ness is compassion, the reverse of that would be anti-Christ-ness. In other words, if I may use a mythological metaphor, Calvinism is Satanic.

Eliseo, I am reminded that the Dalai Lama said that his religion was kindness.

The Dalai Lama is regarded by Tibetans as an emanation of Chenresig. When I met him several years ago, the first thing I noticed was you could feel his presence from far away. From 2 or more physical miles away you (or at least I) could feel the “Force” of his presence, an overwhelming sensation of compassion. As he came closer, the sensation strengthened and deepened. It was strongest of all when he was 2-3 feet away from me. He was and is a living Christ, IMO.

Ironically, I hear that one of the messages the Republicans in GA are broadcasting is –

“Vote Christian”

…knowing full well that Ossoff is Jewish, but, apparently, Pastor Warnock doesn’t qualify either.

I guess this is also code for vote for those who are anti-abortion and, probably, against any gender choice but heterosexual.

The Calvinism you refer to above, Eliseo, probably relates to white notions of Christianity more than that of other races and ethnicities.

What a world.

May Warnock and Ossoff win in GA on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams sister, Judge Leslie Abrams, has halted voter purging on the basis of suspected address changes – but we already know there will lawsuits claiming voter fraud if either Dem candidate wins. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/28/georgia-voter-rolls-senate-451820

— and, McConnell has sidestepped considering the $2000 stimulus check for now — probably to try to placate Trump, stating he will consider a larger stimulus tied to protections against voter fraud legal protections for technology companies.

Will this help the Democratic candidates in GA?

Next Tues & Wed, 1/5 & 6, are big days indeed.

Apparently, there are Repub senators (Rubio, Purdue, Loeffler) supporting the $2000 — an easy position for them, knowing McConnell will act as the bad cop — what does McConnell have to lose? He was just re-elected. (Suckers!)

Has anyone looked at McC’s chart recently? I don’t understand how he keeps getting re-elected.

Eliseo, how is Charles doing? What about your relatives, Will, and slightkc, how are you and the rest of your family.

There are questions as to whether McConnell actually was re-elected, or whether he was installed via election-machine shenanigans. One of the tells can be found in the allegations the GOP has been making about Dominion voting machines; that strategy of moving votes from one candidate to another could be applied to the ES&S machines used by Kentucky and other states where the GOP has prevailed against what pre-election polls have indicated.


As Eliseo says, “It is both a curse and a blessing to live in such interesting times . . ” which is a perfect way to seperate the adventurous from the non-adventurous among us. Indeed, it is not likely to see a pandemic as anything but negative, especially if it involves you or your loved ones getting ill or dying.

It isn’t anything but bad to lose your income or not have food to feed your family; where’s the blessing in that? Watching as institutions like the Post Office that has been dependable all your life fall apart in a couple of months is downright infuriating. What the hell is happening to our country? Our world?

From the perspective of us here on ground level it is chaos with a capital C. From a higher perspective it is the stage between an old obsolete order giving way to a new and grand order; one that will feature equality for all, among other grand things. Really really hard to see that from ground level.

One requires a lot of faith to believe something wonderful will result from all this grief, but then that depends on how much you like adventure. It’s not for everybody that’s for sure.

Even so, enough people believe we are on the cusp of new discoveries; new drugs to cure dreadful diseases, new roads and bridges to make driving safer and speedier, and decent wages for everyone who works . . and more new jobs for those who can’t even find a job.

Here in Kentucky we think of Daniel Boone as an adventurer. He was a Scorpio with a natal Neptune in Gemini trine Pluto in Libra, and for what it’s worth, his natal Jupiter at 12+ Sagittarius conjuncts the US Sibly chart ascendant.

Sagittarius is known for taking chances, despite obstacles. Joe Biden has Sagittarius rising and he’s going into the maelstrom of Covid, Climate Change and the Trump Tornado devastation. For those of us who have birthed a baby, we know that you have to suffer through the delivery process before you see the precious reward of that baby. That’s what we are going through; the birthing of a new era.

Keep the faith; you’ll be glad you did. This won’t last forever.

Just read this interesting article in the Guardian, about the need to learn from what other countries have done right in response to the pandemic, including choosing long-term good over immediate gratification (shut down early versus needing costly stimulus later), and respecting scientific expertise. Maybe Aquarius will help with the science part, and more future orientation, especially with Jupiter there.


Just found out that while George Floyd was suffocating on May 25, the trans. Mars (aggression) was conjunct the US natal Ceres (nurture) at 8+ Pisces and square the US natal Uranus (unexpected) at 8+ Gemini and sextile transiting Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Taurus.

Also, the transiting Moon (People) in Cancer (feelings) was conjunct the US natal Sun (consciousness) and trans. retrograde Jupiter (Big Picture) at 27+ Capricorn was conjunct the US natal Pluto (death/rebirth), as trans. Pluto opposed US natal Mercury.

Abilene, Mitch stole the election. It will all come out soon. I heard from one of the psychics that even Rand Paul is in close with Russia. That shocked me.
What Mitch did today is unconscionable, but it will definitely help the Dems.

‘McConnell Blocks Immediate Vote on $2,000 Stimulus Checks, While Tacking On Demands’


Author Marianne Williamson wrote, “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

Will Pence do the right thing on January 6 like Gore did in 2000 and even Nixon in 1960? The sitting VP has not conceded defeat so far.



I hope so because he needs to go.

I’ve heard in Kentucky at the time of the election, McConnell had a 17% approval rate. If it is true, it is hard to see how he could have possibly won the election against McGrath, a superbly qualified and good candidate. Have you any knowledge of R “funny business” with the election? Is that 17% figure correct?

Sharon K,
Oddly, Charles’ wife shows zero symptoms several days after having tested positive. Charles took a turn for the worse yesterday, was on a respirator, but must have improved as they are in process of moving him to a regular room today. I’m given to understand covid patients go up & down, back & forth quite a bit during the course of their disease. We are waiting to hear further word today.

As for Calvinism and race: Yes, it is a White people’s theology. Relative to what I posted upstream as to the Calvinistic take on poverty; once you arrive at [“Why should we help poor people? God doesn’t like them and they are going to Hell anyway!”] you can apply the attitude to any one different from yourself.

“Poor” can mean poor in the sense of attributes other than money or material things. Just fill in the blank space with anyone you don’t like, fear, or feel superior to. Poor in the sense of wrong color, social class, gender, age, wrong beliefs, etc. can all apply. One can be “under-privileged” in a wide variety of ways.

These beliefs and attitudes engendered by Calvinist theology are the antithesis of what the illumined rabbi taught. He would not be happy with these folks.

Those foolish, alienated people who celebrate arcane rituals in worship of Satan are silly, incompetent rebels, rebelling against something they don’t understand. The ” REAL” Satanists are in church. Their theological forebears unconsciously recostumed “the Devil” in the clothing of God and Jesus.

I’m NOT suggesting ALL Christians are in this category, merely a subset. There are many good and noble Christians of good heart who take seriously the ideas and message of the enlightened and compassionate Galilean rabbi.

Nor am I postulating a real, anthropomorphic, literal mythological being with horns and a tail. I’m merely using the archetype to illustrate how far afield certain varieties of Christianity have veered in belief and practice. Having reversed the message of the man they purportedly worship, they sabotage, but do not entirely impede or thwart our collective spiritual evolution and progression.

We see the dark results in our history and politics.

Eliseo, may he continue to get better and stronger. May his wife stay asymptomatic. I am still confused as I thought even asymptomatic people eventually get symptoms but others have told me that it’s not so.

On another note, it’s nice to see the House Democrats acting in concert. Watching Bernie now on MSNBC and he is in his element right now!

On a related note to the discuss — Harry Truman, controversial though he was for dropping the bombs, was a good president in many ways, and my mother’s favorite. Here’s a great tweet/image of Harry’s unabashed stand on helping people via financial support/programs.


“Give ’em hell, Harry!”

“Give ’em hell, Bernie!”
“…during the 1948 Presidential election campaign. In Bremerton, Washington, Truman delivered a speech attacking the Republicans. During the speech, a supporter yelled out, “Give ’em Hell, Harry!” Truman replied, “I don’t give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them, and they think it’s Hell.” Subsequently, “Give ’em Hell, Harry!” became a lifetime slogan for Truman supporters.


Sharon K,
My primary spiritual mentor was also an expert in public finance. When he worked for the Treasury Dept. as a young man it was his responsibility to personally hand deliver a type written economic report to president Truman extremely early every morning. He stood in the oval office silently while the president read the report. After reading the report, Truman would occasionally ask questions to which my friend delivered brief answers. But usually, it was “Thank you son. You’re dismissed.”

Very nice association, Eliseo. I don’t know too much about Harry but do know he was very blunt, honest, assertive.

Anyway, this is news to me. I wonder when they were planning to tell us?


A male nurse tested positive for the vaccine, with symptoms & all, 6 days AFTER getting vaccinated. Patients don’t immediately develop COVID-19 protection after being vaccinated.

“We know from the vaccine clinical trials that it’s going to take about 10 to 14 days for you to start to develop protection from the vaccine,” Ramers said.

Oh, I see my error. I missed the fact that the first stage of the Pfizer-BioTech & Moderna vacs only bring you to 50% protection. It’s only after you get the 2nd shot, 10-14 days later, that you have 95% protection.

Glad your brother is in care.

Trump is probably the closest thing to the “anti-Christ” in the US if ever there was one. The sad part of it is, he’s not actually smart or even that great at what he does. Really, he’s not. I just think we have a lot of very, very gullible people willing to follow after stupid, and stupid personified caught the crest of a perfect wave in 2016 and rode it straight on into the White House.

It should give us all pause to think about what a truly shrewd and competent person might have gotten away with. Imagine someone with charisma on a scale like Trump’s, but actually intelligent and calculating like a Ted Cruz. That’s what we need to guard against.

Also agreed, Andre, about the overall progressive political shift to come once Pluto moves into Aquarius. Pluto in Capricorn energizes all things conservative. So similar to how Sagittarian themes of religion, sports, higher education, immigration, foreign travel, and expansion without limits were in the spotlight from 1995 to 2008 while Pluto was in Sagittarius and then faded into the background shortly thereafter, we will see the social and political conservatism of the 2008-2024 period of Pluto in Capricorn also fade from relevancy. This should also affect other empowered Capricorn things, such as very old men and women holding positions of power (e.g. McConnell, Pelosi, Biden, Trump, etc.), extremely wealthy 1%er elites like Rupert Murdoch, Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson and Rebekah Mercer, large banks and multinational corporations, and centralized administration in government and organizations in general.

Pluto in Aquarius doesn’t guarantee that our politics will be progressive, because there are certainly plenty of right-wing Aquarians around, including Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney, and Amy Barrett. What it does do is empower energies of decentralization, anti-authoritarianism, and libertarianism (not specifically the conservative Libertarian Party). It’s far more likely that we will see people, groups, and even countries and governments split and go their separate ways during this period to come, rather than fight to control each other.

It was almost inevitable I think that this would happen to someone in Congress.
Congressman elect, Luke Letlow, a 41 year old Republican, has died from the virus. He was to be sworn in in January. He leaves behind a wife and small children.

How many more congresspersons need to die from this plague before the majority of R’s
recognize what a serious threat it is, and mandate the proper precautions and procedures? I think future historians might say the collective mental virus many were afflicted with was as bad or worse than the physical one. Just my opinion.


I agree, Eliseo, about the mental affliction in play here. Remember the Rapture when people all though they would be ascending to Heaven, or Y2K at the end of 2012? There is something about humans that embraces myths and stories as truth. I guess you could say that about religion but there has to be a higher intelligence because of the complex but synchronized way creation functions and how beautiful it is — at least that’s what makes sense to me.

I was just reading about Luke Letlow (and posted about him on FB). He was the Chief of Staff of the Rep that had retired from the Alexandria/Monroe area of LA (northeast part of the state) and he won the special election that was called. Texted positive 12/18, admitted 12/23, and now he has died. It makes you realize that it really doesn’t matter what party he was in; he seemed to be a good man — with a family. Very sad.

Eliseo — I totally forgot about your brother until after I posted that. May God watch over him and keep him safe and healthy.

Sharon K,
“It makes you realize that it really doesn’t matter what party he was in; he seemed to be a good man — with a family. Very sad.”

Yes, I agree. And 41 is too young to die. He left behind a wife and small children.

A few R’s and a few Dems are what we call evil, sociopaths and psychopaths who care for no one but themselves. They are a very small minority.

Most R’s and some Dems in my opinion are merely misguided. And… we’ve all been misguided about something or other within our lifetimes. We’ve all made mistakes. I’ve certainly made them. Some of the mistakes I’ve made were such that I did not realize they were mistakes until decades later. I think that is true of all of us who live long enough.

Not all have the gift of self-transcendance. And we sometimes do harmful and crazy things for reasons and motivations we ourselves do not understand. Sometimes it is out of wounds and hurts buried deep within our hearts beyond the reach of memory.
But I think the sign of a truly good person is the wiilingness to make amends when awareness and circumstances make it possible, and to grow and change with each personal epiphany.

By conventional thinking we are near the end of 2020. But January 1st is an artificial new beginning. It would make more sense to ring in the new year at one of the solstices or equinoxes.

I think we are all suffering from Trump/Covid rendered PTSD. For most us on this site, we won’t feel it is a new year until noon on 20 January, if then.

I pay attention to what the academic futurists foresee, mostly philosophers, historians, social scientists, and technologists. Their knowledge and expertise is not to be undervalued, but neither is what we see within the ocean of stars in which we are physically immersed.

I’m certainly not as expert as many on this blog. But the astrology I see for the next several decades astounds me, very much in sync with what our professional futurists foresee. If our perceptions are correct, our rate of change is about to accelerate intractably.

I think the emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulty many will have over the next several decades is letting go of the many inherited myths, suppositions, assumptions, theories, beliefs, conclusions and methods rendered obsolete and erroneous by new discoveries and developments.

I see the probability of more pandemics, the most important and likely unpreventable of which will be deep and traumatic culture shock. It’s pretty difficult emotionally to realize what you learned from your parents and previous generations was mostly wrong. I think it might be very much like when a hunter gatherer tribe having never seen anything but jungle, desert, and wilderness stumbles into a modern city. I think we need be prepared that an extraordinary number of us will feel lost, lonely, and unmoored.

The times will be a profound political and spiritual management challenge. May we all have the courage, perseverance, wisdom, and compassion to nurture and reassure one another as we adapt in the coming era of lightning fast, disruptive, creative, and deep rooted social transformation.

Sharon K,
I just received a text message from my brother. I’m really glad he felt good enough to send me the message! Please excuse his typos.

“… now that im moved to the 5th floor i feel better. The 5th floor people are human and tréat you with respect. The er i a knazi experiment gone wroung. A lab rat is treated better. Its better known on the 5th finally getting better. Im tired. Later. Love y’all”

I think the “er i a knazi” was intended to be [the “ER (emergency room) is a Nazi” experiment gone wrong.] Tomorrow we hope the staff will do the infusion procedure.

Many Thanks for your and everyone else’s kind prayers and thought energies. Here’s hoping all of you and yours are well and getting better.

I heard the same thing Eliseo, but if it’s true it never made the headlines. What makes me think he’s survived for the last 20 years is his natal Saturn-Mars in Taurus conjunct the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (cycle) that is now over. It protected him.

Also in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000, Ceres (nurture, protect) at 26+ Virgo was trine his natal Uranus at 26+ Taurus which conjuncts fixed star Algol at 26+ Taurus, and all were in a grand trine with the South Node at 25+ Capricorn in that 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart.

Transiting Saturn and Jupiter DID reached 25+ Cap before the 2020 election, however, now that the 2000 cycle has ended, and that chart’s Ceres is no longer participating in any grand trine energy that would benefit him, it leaves his natal Uranus somewhat vulnerable.

Although the Jupiter-Saturn cycle of 2000 is over and no longer conjunct his natal Mars-Saturn, they are still trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo and now the new Saturn-Pluto cycle in Capricorn. He’s still in the game.

However, his natal Moon is somewhere in the first 6 degrees of Taurus (or late Aries if born in early, early AM), so transiting Uranus is gonna expose something about him soon and it won’t be pretty.

Eliseo, you posted a good article about FDR. I love this quote:

“Better the occasional faults of a government that lives in a spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of indifference.”

There is infighting within the Kennedy family about the coronavirus vaccines.


Glad you appreciated it. The article recognizes though it is not his most famous speech, “Rendezvous with Destiny” is probably his greatest and most important one.

At some point in the last few years I stopped referring to myself as a Democratic Socialist, having eventually realized my socialistic positions were for me less a matter of ideology, and more a matter of my pragmatic sensibilities. I gradually realized true socialists take those positions for reasons quite different from mine. I realized on my own the truths FDR so passionately and eloquently articulated in “Rendezvous with Destiny.”

You’ve probably noticed my occasional use of the phrase, “ideological idolatry.” Early in life I saw the fallacies innate to rigid capitalism, how hypnotic and self serving was that ideology, and how those beliefs served to blind and shelter its devotees from reality.
Call me a hardhead for having come to understand so much later how true that was for socialism as well.

Theory is fine unto itself. At best it is a mental map. But we should never misinterpret the map as the actual territory. FDR expressed it so much better than can I. I do wish our Dem politicians would read the speech, and come to understand how we entrap ourselves through language and rhetoric.

But of course, though some are very bright and knowledgeable, politicians are rarely wise.

Marjorie Orr:

“A shell-shocked USA, battered by rancour over Trump’s presidency and his chaotic, vengeful exit, never mind the pandemic, could be forgiven a sigh of relief at the hope of quieter times ahead. With no mid degree Fixed signs on the USA 1776 chart the disruptions of the prevailing 2021 tr Uranus in Taurus square tr Saturn in Aquarius won’t have much direct impact.”


Ralfee Finn:

COVID-19 revealed the depth of our social, economic, and political hypocrisy. 2021 continues to focus on all those issues, in part because we still need solutions and also because 2021 moves us into the next level of the United States Pluto Return and the American Revolution 2.0. More about that over the coming weeks and months.


Eliseo, I rebelled against ideology in the Seventies when I was confronted with Marxism while a very naive political science student in Ottawa. At first, I was as foolish as many others. I bought Chairman Mao’s little Red Book and went to sign my condolences when he died at the Chinese Embassy a few blocks from my family home. Then my eyes slowly opened. I tried to read Marx, but I saw immediately a fundamental contradiction. He denied the existence or value of universal ethics, so I asked Marxist graduate students in what name he was rebelling and judging the capitalist system. Seeing they could not answer, I returned to Plato and my individual spiritual quest. Many years later, I read Solzhenitsyn and was not surpised at the lack of an ethical foundation for Communism in practice, as is obvious in China today. Socialism isn’t quite so bad, but social democracy in the Scandinavian sense is the best model for humanity so far. And socialism does exist in the US. Only it’s exclusively for the banks and the 1% through tax laws, selective subsidies and bailouts.

Ja, Marjorie Orr’s main message today is that there are ominous astrological signs of an ineffective Biden Administration. This will IMHO lead to Republican gains in the mid-terms. Real renewal comes in November 2024, which will be the precise moment Pluto enters Aquarius for good.

Having read Marx as a teenager, I saw serious flaws in his thought by the time I was a young adult. Although I considered myself a Socialist for many years, I was never a Marxist.

FDR was essentially a Social Democrat not from an ideological perspective, but out of his humanitarian pragmatism. He was willing to experiment, to try just about anything and everything that might possibly work to fix the economy and alleviate suffering. His social democratic ploys are simply what worked best, empirically speaking.

From childhood to present, I’ve felt his policies should have been continued and expanded, not discontinued. My father felt the same way. A good Union man, in the late 1950’s my Dad frequently said 4 things:
(1) Abortion should be legal.
(2) “Victimless crimes” should be legal but carefully regulated.
(3) We should have equal rights for women.
(4) We should have Socialized medicine.
He never went into much detail on the matter, but I think he preferred we have a National Health System like in the UK, as opposed to socialized health insurance as obtains in Canada.

As a White teenager in the Deep South, I quite naturally found myself working with our Methodist pastor on behalf of the Civil Rights Movement. Our pastor at the time was a friend of Dr. MLK Jr. Although by age 12, I no longer was a Christian, I was nevertheless inspired by the politics and ethics of the great rabbi from Nazareth.

As a Civil Rights advocate in Jr. High and High School, I therefore was friendly with our Black students. A number of our White peers were Wallace supporters. I saw first hand the link between Fundamentalism and White Supremacism. Recognizing how potentially dangerous they were, and how dedicated and serious they were, I easily came to believe they would one day have one of their own as president, and control several state legislatures. …And here we are today. To me, it was just a matter of time and the odds.

Dawn Wells, the gal who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, has died from Covid-19 complications. She was 82. She was well known for her humanitarian activism.

It feels like we are in a time warp merging with the plague years of medieval Europe.

I see two logical reasons why the Biden administration might be ineffective.
(1) I hope I am wrong, but I suspect Georgia will elect only one, not both of the Dem canidates for senate.
(2) The Biden administration will be too busy dealing with domestic terrorism to implement necessary reforms.

I hope to be wrong on both counts.

Thank you, Andre.

Eliseo, I guess it was directly correlated to a 2-term black president who was very popular and considered a great or at least a very good president. Let’s hope we are seeing the last vestiges of a dying breed: chauvinists, nationalists, and supremacists (or supremists), white or otherwise. Let’s hope Andre and Barb and others are right.

I think Biden’s biggest challenge will be the economy….and accusations of raising the national debt, as happened to Obama & Biden. They did build up the economy but only to the point that the Republicans could complain about too slow growth. They then stepped in and initially made it spurt. I’d love to know what would have happened to the Trump/Republican economy if the pandemic hadn’t reared it’s ugly head.

Biden will have his struggles during the next four years to be sure.

There’s also still a rabid right-wing and Republican Party hell bent on cutting off their noses to spite their own faces, as evidenced in Moscow Mitch McConnell’s refusal to allow the stimulus checks to be increased to $2000.

Seriously. McConnell rightfully deserves to face the fiery wrath of the people for his indolence and selfishness. If only he would.

McConnell is literally the personification of old man Saturn at his very worst. Miserly, bitter, and stubborn–except where it benefits his own selfish desires.

This particular twisted old fool probably masturbates to the mere thought of so many people having to wait on him to decide whether or not they will be able to put food on the table AND keep their lights on. Sick bastard.

The very least we can do is return the Senate to Democratic control in January, and finally put a hard stop to the old pervert.

I feel like the Dems do wrest control of the Senate from the Republicans next week, but could lose both houses in 2022 because of the clash between Moderates and Progressives, and Democratic voters staying home, while the latest Trumpian/Tea Party/QAnon conspiracy fires up Republicans to vote in the Congressional races.

The end result will be more dysfunctional gridlock in Congress, only with more truly mouth-breathing buffoons leading the charge, like Jim Jordan out of Cincinnati and Marjorie Taylor Green in Georgia. They’ll probably even try to impeach Biden on some absurd basis with a proposal attached to re-install their dear idol Trump into the White House. You know it really will be something so ludicrous coming from these fools.

Perhaps Pluto moving into Aquarius will coincide with a critical mass of people standing up and declaring “enough” to these childish reactionary shenanigans?

Maybe we can at least wait until Biden/Harris get inaugurated before entertaining failures in their administration. I don’t see how negative forecasting about the new Presidency can be helpful or productive at this time.

I second what Will said.

I agree with Will – no negativity please

Will, to say that Biden might be ineffective does not mean he will be weak or incompetent. It means what the astrology clearly says, i.e. that the Pluto return will not be over until 2023 and Pluto will not enter Aquarius until November 2024.

After all these years, we still underestimate Republican evil and the lengths these monsters will go. They are now suing their own Vice-President and planning chaos on Capitol Hill next week. This extremism will not magically disappear on January 20, which will be a very tense and dramatic day. Resilience, not fear or over-optimism, is the best answer for our tough times.

I wish to correct a statement I made a few weeks ago. I wrote that Pluto would make its final opposition to US Mercury at 24 Cancer in January. I was wrong. It will return to that degree next summer. This aspect is the primary reflection in the heavens of the intense and irrational polarization of American politics. The good news is that Trump’s Saturn is also at 24 Cancer, which means this negative energy will be self-destructive for him and his followers.

The better news is that Biden’s Jupiter is at 25 Cancer, the following degree, which means that the fallout from this untenable polarization will turn out well for him. Perhaps GOP Senators will split into two groups and the moderates will join the Democrats in compromise. However, madness will return in 2022 as the Pluto return peaks.

Lost in all this is Biden’s crucial choice of an Attorney General. He is prudently waiting until after the Georgia vote and his Presidency is definitively confirmed by Congress to announce this decision, which will be momentous and controversial no matter who is chosen.

I see no negativity in the above comments. I see rational processing of possibilities both deleterious and beneficial, that we may be prepated regardless of outcomes. There are 360 degrees in a circle. Each degree is pregnant with a plethora of beneficial, neutral, and harmful possibilities. It is the way of wisdom to consider them all.


“..Marjorie Orr’s main message today is that there are ominous astrological signs of an ineffective Biden Administration. This will IMHO lead to Republican gains in the mid-terms.”

“It means what the astrology clearly says, i.e. that the Pluto return will not be over until 2023 and Pluto will not enter Aquarius until November 2024.”

I didn’t get that at all from your post. I do not believe astrology predicts anything very clearly. I believe it is a fascinating language of symbols and hunches based on lore and can suggest certain electromagnetic cosmic weather conditions – a kind of poetic form of astronomy. Astrology cannot consistently or accurately predict anything. I love astrology and find it fascinating. If it was a clear, cause-and-effect predictable science, you wouldn’t be writing here – you’d be a billionaire consultant. Some of your predictions simply don’t pan out. The same is true for every astrologer or pundit who posts herein. I don’t think you are a bad person or a lousy astrologer. I do think you are quite forceful and a bit overly-confident about your predictive skills. You have a very strong mind and you wield the pen very well like others here – but it does not make your word or prophesies absolute.

With respect and fondness, maybe your touch can be a bit lighter?

I respectfully align with Andre and Eliseo, Will, Barbk, and Chrys.

I always believe “forewarned is forearmed.” This—and my post above—isn’t intended to be negative, and things usually play out differently than what we can try to predict. At the same time, as Andre suggests, we can’t underestimate the depths of madness and the destructive streak that are still very much alive and present in the Republican Party.

Biden’s defeat of Trump just bought us a reprieve from a badly needed reckoning with Republican reactionary recklessness. It didn’t stop it dead in its tracks. Until that happens, we are going to face this beast again in some form or another. It won’t look like Trump next time, but it will rear itself again with a new ugly head, and likely sooner than we want to be ready to face it.

Believe me, I’m ready to put this sorry chapter in our history behind us, but I don’t think the last page of it has been written yet. There may be several more pages yet.


I don’t believe this is about picking a team or aligning with this contributor or that one. Nor do I believe I am attempting to delude myself with wishful thinking.

I do feel one should be cautious and fair with one’s rhetoric – especially against the background of this excruciatingly painful and exhausting zeitgeist. Maybe I shouldn’t check in here so often?

BuckeyeShadow was being facetious as well as diplomatic, I think, by aligning with everyone lol! Did I miss something? Anyway we look at it, the next year will be tough. I hope and pray we get the 2 Senate seats in GA, the virus is subdued rapidly, and the economy improves steadily! As the saying goes, hope for the best, plan for less than the best.

Sharon K,
“I hope and pray we get the 2 Senate seats in GA, the virus is subdued rapidly, and the economy improves steadily! As the saying goes, hope for the best, plan for less than the best.”

Sharon, I think we all pray that prayer. You are a wise woman!

I agree with you astrology is a matter of cosmic weather. If our weather satellite reveals a hard rain is coming, we can reasonably assume a probability there will be fewer than usual people playing and working outside.

But probability is not inevitability. For all we know, someone might have infused our water system with a drug that causes us all to simultaneously rip off all our clothes, and go about joyously dancing in the streets as the rain tumbles down upon our naked bodies! …But, I wouldn’t bet on it.

I know that’s an extreme example, but you likely get my point. Again, probability does not equal inevitability. Furthermore any calculation of probability in all cases depends on having complete data with which to do our math. …And we rarely have complete data.

Knowledge of our local solar system is limited and incomplete. Is planet X influencing us? Although the math infers its existence, we don”t even know for sure whether planet X actually exists! And as of yet we’ve not determined the physical – causal relationships which cause astrology to have the validity we believe it possesses.

“we can’t underestimate the depths of madness and the destructive streak that are still very much alive and present in the Republican Party.”


“Biden’s defeat of Trump just bought us a reprieve from a badly needed reckoning with Republican reactionary recklessness. It didn’t stop it dead in its tracks. Until that happens, we are going to face this beast again in some form or another. It won’t look like Trump next time, but it will rear itself again with a new ugly head, and likely sooner than we want to be ready to face it.”


“I don’t think the last page of it has been written yet. There may be several more pages yet.”

I agree with all of the above. Although we can be righteously and justifiably happy our guys won, we are definitely NOT out of the woods yet. We now have two major national parties, one pro-democracy and one anti-democracy.

The R’s have morphed into a uniquely American fascist, criminal organization. As long as there is one Trumpist Republican congressperson “serving”, or one Trumpist Republican senator we are in grave and serious trouble. ALL of them have to be expelled! …and I do mean ALL OF THEM!

An excellent piece at Business Insider from October on the current R party is:

The Republican Party has embraced American fascism, by Linette Lopez
Oct 11, 2020, 8:27 AM

ja, I wanted to thank you for the link to Marjorie Orr’s article with its “natal chart of the USA 1st President”, on April 30, 1789, not to be confused with George Washington’s natal birth chart on Feb. 22, 1732.

It probably was the day George accepted the role of being the 1st US President and I never would have known that on April 30, 1789, there was a grand trine between Neptune in Libra (conjunct US natal Juno and opposite US natal Chiron) and Pluto in Aquarius (1 degree from US prog. Mercury) and Chiron in Gemini (1 degree from Trump’s Uranus).

I bet that’s why we, the USA, have survived as a country through so many challenges and come out on top.

There was also the asteroid Pandora at 27+ Aquarius that day conjunct the US Sibly chart’s Moon, but nobody would have known it then, but we do now, and maybe that explains the reason why the US people (US Moon) are so mucked up these days.

Whatever, I am grateful to know that there was such a chart and how it has affected our Presidents as they do their thing.

I think everybody on here is having fun bringing the aspects to life.

I take what Andre says about Marjorie Orr to mean…following this train of thought, or following this line of reasoning – the line of reasoning MARJORIE has put on the intense aspects – then Andre conjectures that this LEADS – in his humble opinion – to Republican gains in the midterms.

Well, I don’t want that to happen. And I prefer to think it won’t. The premise here, is what MARJORIE thinks. She’s quite a story teller herself although I learn a lot from what she has to say. Keep in mind that with her treatment of midpoints, anything can happen.

The intense aspects bring up all kinds of possibilities. If I am communicating someone’s chart to them, I explain that with an intense aspect to their natal chart, usually one of 3 major things could happen, and often all 3. And myriad other events too, that we haven’t even thought up.

So here on this blog, we are looking at the possibilities…. We bring them to life. I took it that everyone else on this blog took it that we were only depicting possibilities….

I LIKE the colorful way people describe the possibilities of the aspects. They are being done within the scope of the possibilities of the aspects. They provoke scenarios that we can watch out for. They widen our perspective. They make us wiser.
Forewarned is forearmed…… for sure.

If we make pronouncements, we are putting ourselves on the line. We are saying: Ok, this is a
GREAT possibility. Wanna bet it will happen? 🙂 Let’s see.

I LIKE that kind of heart.

So, come on with the predictions!

from NZ – Happy 2021 Everyone!

Two well respected astrologers are placing a lot of interest and attention on the upcoming January 20th Mars/Uranus conjunction (in close square to Jupiter), the day of the US Inauguration. What they have to say is nothing less than extraordinary. Have a look……

January 2021 Predictions: Expect the Unexpected, Events that Rock the World! by Joni Patry


January 2021 by Steve Judd


Here in India we are less than 5 hours to go before the New Year kicks in.

Wishing all ..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ a Very.:¦:-……………………
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* bright happy New Year.

Will, with great admiration, respect and fondness I stand by my writing. No one is forced to read it. I am the first to admit my interpretations don’t always pan out but, as Sunstars says, they are serious possibilities put forward by other more competent astrologers. It is in our collective interest that they be unflinchingly contemplated. Better that than bitter disappointment, disillusion and despair.

The Republican Party Has Embraced Fascism
Linette Lopez – Business Insider


Sharon K,
“I hope and pray we get the 2 Senate seats in GA, the virus is subdued rapidly, and the economy improves steadily! As the saying goes, hope for the best, plan for less than the best.”

I think we all pray that prayer. You are a wise woman!

I agree with you astrology is a matter of cosmic weather. If our weather satellite reveals a hard rain is coming, we can reasonably assume a probability there will be fewer than usual people playing and working outside.

But probability is not inevitability. For all we know, someone might have infused our water system with a drug that causes us all to simultaneously rip off all our clothes, and go about joyously dancing in the streets as the rain tumbles down upon our naked bodies! …But, I wouldn’t bet on it.

I know that’s an extreme example, but you likely get my point. Again, probability does not equal inevitability. Furthermore, for accuracy, any calculation of probability in all cases depends on having complete data with which to do our math. …And we rarely have complete data.

Knowledge of our local solar system is limited and incomplete. Is planet X influencing us? Although the math infers its existence, we don”t even know for sure whether planet X actually exists! And as of yet we’ve not determined the physical – causal relationships which cause astrology to have the efficacy we find in it.

“we can’t underestimate the depths of madness and the destructive streak that are still very much alive and present in the Republican Party.”
“Biden’s defeat of Trump just bought us a reprieve from a badly needed reckoning with Republican reactionary recklessness. It didn’t stop it dead in its tracks. Until that happens, we are going to face this beast again in some form or another. It won’t look like Trump next time, but it will rear itself again with a new ugly head, and likely sooner than we want to be ready to face it.”
I don’t think the last page of it has been written yet. There may be several more pages yet.”

I agree with all of the above. Although we can be righteously and justifiably happy our guys won, we are definitely NOT out of the woods yet. We now have two major national parties, one pro-democracy and one anti-democracy.

The R’s have morphed into a uniquely American fascist, criminal organization. The R party is now the sedition party. As long as there is one Trumpist Republican congressperson “serving”, or one Trumpist Republican senator we are in grave and serious trouble. ALL Trump enablers and sympathizers must be expelled! …and I do mean ALL OF THEM!

An excellent piece at Business Insider from October on the current R party. See Above.

Minnesota State Republican Sen. Jerry Relph has died due to complications from COVID-19. He became infected at a Republicans Caucus meeting.

I truly wonder as these deaths mount up whether the R’s will awaken to
(A) the reality of the virus, i.e. NOT a hoax. and the harm done in not taking it seriously.
(B) realize how dangerously stupid was Ronald Reagan’s quip, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”

Jerry, I DO hope we finally get to see the aliens, up close in personal. Been waiting so long!

Sorry – incomplete sentence above.
To clarify: ALL Trump enabler and sympathizer congresspersons must be expelled! …

Elizabeth Warren plays the long game and recalibrates smartly.


“Joe Biden clearly is the right person for dealing with what lies ahead”

‘My Joe Biden Story’


The Republicans are in between a rock and hard place because they are afraid of the crazy extremists who believe masks don’t help, and their death threats and being voted out. They were afraid to contradict Trump from the beginning and they are still afraid to contradict him now.

Jan. 6 should be interesting.

Will, I, personally, hope that you do not stop in less often as I value your input here a great deal.

I value everyone’s input. This is a very special place that exudes a huge amount of Light, Love & Intelligence.

Praying for good health for all and a year where truth, justice, and love reign, where we are good to ourselves and to each other.

A writer does not write to not be read. A blog is by its format a platform for expression and reaction. And it is said that our critics can be our best friends. If you have disdain for bitterness, disappointment, delusion and despair then what better antidote than eliminating those tonalities in your posts? That is precisely the point.

It’ll be hard to rid ourselves of the nutters – ‘wisconsin hospital employee destroys 500 vaccine doses’

As the day comes first to NZ, here’s wishing you a Happy New Year first!

I copied this from a NYT article posted today on the coronavirus mutation and its transmissibility. Please everyone, stay strong and stay safe. I know this is way tiresome but frankly, it seems like it is getting worse and many of us wont have access to the vaccines for months, yet.

Infection with the new variant may increase the amount of virus in the body.

Some preliminary evidence from Britain suggests that people infected with the new variant tend to carry greater amounts of the virus in their noses and throats than those infected with previous versions.

“We’re talking in the range between 10-fold greater and 10,000-fold greater,” said Michael Kidd, a clinical virologist at Public Health England and a clinical adviser to the British government who has studied the phenomenon.

There are other explanations for the finding — Dr. Kidd and his colleagues did not have access to information about when in their illness people were tested, for example, which could affect their so-called viral loads.

Still, the finding does offer one possible explanation for why the new variant spreads more easily. The more virus that infected people harbor in their noses and throats, the more they expel into the air and onto surfaces when they breathe, talk, sing, cough or sneeze.

As a result, situations that expose people to the virus carry a greater chance of seeding new infections. Some new data indicate that people infected with the new variant spread the virus to more of their contacts.

With previous versions of the virus, contact tracing suggested that about 10 percent of people who have close contact with an infected person — within six feet for at least 15 minutes — inhaled enough virus to become infected.

“With the variant, we might expect 15 percent of those,” Dr. Bedford said. “Currently risky activities become more risky.”

I have to share what our PM Jacinda said about this year’s New Year celebration LOL
“I think the 31st is going to be less of a celebration of 2021 and more of a middle finger to 2020”

Mitch McConnell has nothing on the younger generation. He’s getting hit up on Venmo and PayPal with request for $2,000 stimulus check. Whenever I feel despair about our democracy, these kids find away to give me hope.


Frank, my community in San Diego has become one of the first in the nation to detect the B.1.1.7.

According to Dr. Eric McDonald, medical director of the county’s epidemiology department, the San Diego resident reported no overseas travel before getting sick and neither has one of the two Colorado cases.

It would appear that those with confirmed infections picked up the virus in their communities, strongly suggesting that the UK strain is more widespread in the community than people realize.

Incredible.these nutcases are. There are so many of them.

Thank you for the very important information.

Thank you and to you as well. I.wish all here at Starlight everything that is good and right and solid and hopeful. We, each one of us deserve some relief and to commit to.a.brighter tomorrow.

Nancy, thank you for.creating and maintaining this bandwidth of comeraderie and sanity in a nation that has lost its collective mind. You are a.blessing.

A number of Tarot readers are picking up on the date of January 2nd. It is felt some dramatic action is about to take place amid reports that both Trump and VP Pence cut short their vacation to return to Washington DC. Rumor has it some sinister plot is in the offing in an effort to influence the Georgia run-offs. Possible military intervention in Iran? See related article……..

US Defense Officials Divided Over Potential For Iranian Attack On Eve of Grim Anniversary

Dec 31, 2020

The US flew nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the Middle East Wednesday in the latest show of force meant to deter Iran, as defense officials remain divided over the risk posed by the regime and the Iraq-based militias it supports.
Pentagon officials say the military muscle-flexing is meant to warn Tehran off attacking American interests or personnel in the days surrounding the January 3 anniversary of the Trump administration’s assassination of the powerful Iranian leader Gen. Qasem Soleimani.



Late Friday evening at 9:22 pm EST we have Venus at 21 ’47 Sagittarius conjunct Trump’s natal Moon sesquiquadrate Uranus at 6 ’47 Taurus. Will there be an attempt to pre-empt Iran’s military? The tarot readers seem to think it will be an unsuccessful ploy and could backfire.

Hi Ja, I live in San Francisco and assume B117 is here, too. It was confirmed in Colorado and just today, in Florida, as well as being found in your town of San Diego. I think we would do well to assume its everywhere and act accordingly. There are people, mainly Trumpians as well as some young people who are going to not follow the guidelines. I don’t have any more caring in me for avowed virus deniers. I just want people I care about to be informed and to support support them to stay safe, even though we are all so very weary of it all. Blessings!

Kiwi – I love your PM’s description of the old year going out and the new year coming in, and how to salute correctly the situation! Perfect!! (LOL)

Eliseo, were I 40 years younger, I’d definitely be out there dancing with sheer abandon in the falling rain!… and probably falling flat on my butt, if you remember I so easily do! I -never- was coordinated!

Andre, I believe it was you who said we’d probably lose seats next mid-term. Logically, I agree with you. In my heart, I hope we’re wrong.

Starlight, Will, Sharon, BuckeyeShadow, Andre, and everyone else here: I count you as dear friends, enjoying your company, learning from each of you, and taking solace in your words. You’ve become my safe haven in this storm that was 2020, even knowing the next two years are likely fraught with ups and downs – 2 steps forward and one step back, no doubt.

But new beginnings… and so…

Happy New Year! To all my friends here on our blog!!

Personally, I’m going to be bringing it in with a glass of Moet and Chandon relaxing in the hot tub. What better place, when we’re expecting 6 inches of snow! 😉

Again I say, . . what Will says.

There is one thing in the chart for the brand new 20 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn that just got started from Zero Aquarius which makes me believe that the US is meant to survive and thrive, and that is the chart’s Moon, symbol of the People, at 27+ Pisces, which is sextile the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. It means that the People are supported by the power of the transformation of the USA.

In fact, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was itself just 3 degrees away from the US natal Pluto, and the PROGRESSED US Pluto at 29+ Capricorn is just one degree away from the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree of 0+ Aquarius.

Therefore the Moon in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle is well within orb of a sextile to that conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the US progressed Pluto. This 20 year cycle is meant to transform the world and it will begin with the USA people.

Don’t let anyone convince you that the US is over and done with; it is just the beginning of a better and remodeled US that will lead the way to a healthier planet’s people, animals, trees and plants, air, waters and land. I intend to live long enough to see it to its completion and hope you all will join me in that. Peace and love to all.

Beautifully & honestly put, slightkc. I second that feeling of this being a safe haven to come to that will continue to see us through, and that is reassuring. Wishing everyone peace, love, healing & service to each other in 2021.

My Dad had a saying he used every Dec 31st and in early January. He’s been gone now 11 years, so It’s now my responsibility to say it for him.

To All of You:
May you “Have a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year, ALL YEAR LONG!

And to you Nancy, goes the most sincere gratitude, acknowledgment and thanksgiving for providing this space, this oasis, this blessed’ isle where warmhearted, nurturing souls may convey their salutary magic. The words we exchange here are balm to our psyches, having kept us sane through this terrible year without breathing, and all the years before.

Thank you slightkc – I hope the New Year brings you much relief.

Jerry – synchronicity in the card could possibly portend something. On that note, I was doing readings for a few of the more evolved and receptive clients in my practice last December; some clients like to do a session with the card for the new year. Much to my distress, again and again and again I pulled the Death and Tower cards. I could not discern why. In effort to get some cross-checking clarity, I consulted the I-Ching. Another extraordinarily consistent occurence emerged; again and again the coins were presenting Hexagram 3 “Difficulty at the Beginning.” What could this be signaling? I became very alarmed and for a short while decided to park my cards and the coins in their velour satchels. I needed to “let it be” because I was beginning to obsess about it; something was very off. A couple of weeks later white-wrapped bodies started rolling out by the hundreds in Italy- and then New York; That’s when it came together – Death coupled with “Difficulty at the Beginning” of the new year.

Jerry, whatever happens on January 2, let’s hope its a really good thing.

Group Hug!

Begone 2020!
A year of banishments .
The UK banished from the EU.
DJT soon to be banished from the WH.
And So Very Many banished for the time being from this life.
2020 – may she be banished not from memory, but from our hearts.

Hi Will,

Trump’s exit is not without its humor. Take a look….


Not to minimize the situation however, both Steve Judd and Joni Patry seem to think mid to late January will be very intense. I posted those videos in an earlier entry (Dec 31st 8:34 am)

BarbK, i’m Joining you. I believe it will happen. I, too, would like to live to see it happen as long as i’m In good health.

Love and Light to all.

Thanks for those youtube links.
I get the impression Joni Patry is a Trump supporter and conspiracy theory believer.
Steve Judd seems more objective and level headed.

The Mars/Uranus conjunction square so many other planets is certainly concerning. In my own case, whenever transiting Mars conjuncts my natal Uranus I must watch that I do not lose my temper. It’s always a difficult cycle for me.

Good point Eliseo, Mars and Uranus combines the good and bad elements of those symbols and since both symbols represent the “unexpected”, among other things, it is a volatile mix of energy and it is best to be aware, very aware.

The actual cycle between them begins at 3:37 PM on the 20th in Washington DC, and the IC (bottom, root, base, 4th house cusp) of that chart is the same degree as the US natal Neptune (dreams, illusion), at 22+ Virgo (fixes things), and it squares the US natal Mars (force) at 21+ Gemini (communicate, thought, duality).

Not only will the transiting Moon (People, emotion) at 0+ Taurus (material values) join them at 6+ Taurus, the transiting Sun (consciousness) at 2+ Aquarius (group think) joins Saturn (control, responsibility) at 3+ Aquarius and Jupiter (the big pix) at 7+ Aquarius, while the US progressed Saturn (Biden?) at 2+ Scorpio (shared resources) completes a volatile T-square, while the “open leg of a grand cross” in Leo (creativity) is being supplied by the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ degrees.

This means that where the Sun and Saturn and Jupiter are is where the US natal South Node (6+ Aquarius) is, and the South Node symbolizes behaviour and thinking that no longer serves growth for the entity, in this case the US, but it can be given away. Hmmm.

The MC (outcome) of the chart for this Uranus/Mars cycle conjunction is at 22 Pisces, where transiting Neptune will arrive in mid April, 2021, shortly after a New Moon at 23+ Pisces on March 13, 2021, when whatever evolves from whatever happens on January 20 as a result of the Mars-Uranus square Jupiter, etc., is resolved. Chart reading 101.

Good News & Bad News
My brother, Charles is slowly getting better. However, he will need to remain in the hospital for a while longer. His wife still has no symptoms.

Unfortunately, my nephew and his wife now have the virus, but are recuperating at home. Their two small children do not have the virus.

Thank You for your comments on that Mars/Uranus conjunction. I’m not sure the fact the cycle starts at 3:37 pm should reduce our apprehension. I have not your astrological expertise, but if I’m reading the the R personalities right, (I see a pretty good chance that having failed in the courts and through other legal means, they’ll try something violent around the 6th or 20th. If the politicians themselves don’t do it, the Proud Boys, or other R-Fascist assets will.
I hope I am wrong.

barbk, you have said many times on this blog that Biden was meant to be our President now, after trump, to heal our nation. I was never sure but then I was reading some of the comments on Linda Greenhouse’s NYT story on Biden and this stood out to me:

“As VP he attended a memorial ceremony at the State Department for the Benghazi fallen. I do not have the words to adequately describe what I experienced when Joe’s eyes fell on the children who had lost a parent, when he bent down to comfort them. No one else in the room existed for Joe in that moment. I was nearby and heard everything he said [Biden]. It was a superhuman display of emotional competence, empathy, and connection with another human being. I’ve never seen anything like it. I will never forget it.”

You nailed it.

Hey Jerry,

Unfortunately, the link for the video you provided above has been blocked.

Happiest of New Year to you and your family!

Bless you Silcominc for sharing that!

Eliseo, the time of the exact conjunction between Mars and Uranus is necessary to create a chart and a chart is necessary to get the gist of what their cycle will be about. It doesn’t mean that their combined energy won’t be felt hours, even days before they appear to be exactly conjunct from our viewpoint on Earth. My point was that this combined energy between Mars and Uranus will be active for 2+ years.

You and I and all who come here know that there will be a backlash from Trump via his supporters and perhaps paid thugs, but know that Biden knows that too, and so do the police and the FBI. We, or rather the Biden entourage will be prepared for such backlash starting yesterday and through the next 2 years and beyond.

Much of what Trump will concoct will be theater – Neptune at the MC (outcome) of the 3:37 PM chart is T-square the nodes – meant to make headlines.

Remember too that Uranus and Mars also have a positive side, perhaps the Covid vaccines rapid development could be seen as such, or some warning of an impending storm or earthquake (trans. Ceres will be conjunct trans. Neptune and the MC of the Mars-Uranus chart).

We are all wired these days, especially you being already concerned for your brother and family, and that just adds to anticipating the worst possible outcome. Understandable that we don’t want anything to happen to Joe and Kamala and their families, but they are not going to be sitting ducks, and cities all over this nation are gearing up for trouble from Proud Boys and their ilk.

There are other cycles going on beside the Mars-Uranus thing, lots of them, and they are all geared toward transformation, which is destablizing to human beings, if not Earth herself. It is a time of awakening which can appear to be threatening to people who don’t desire change. It is the price we pay for growth.

Many Thanks for those words. You are very kind to take the time to elucidate as you have done. I’ve been around astrologers through enough decades to realize the influence of the conjunction begins and ends as long as they are within just a few degrees of one another, but wasn’t sure why you were focused on the precise point of their closest time together. What you explained makes perfect sense, now.

Also, thankyou for referencing the positive side of the conjunction. My bias was showing through there. Although I am, and all my life have been a pretty even tempered guy, known for fairness, I really do have to be aware and careful I don’t transition from being Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde when transiting Mars conjuncts my natal Uranus in Cancer. During those times, I truly do need exercise greater effort to maintain my temper, especially with right wingers, religious zealots who want to convert me, climate change deniers, and people who choose to be willfully and/or purposefully ignorant.

Such personal experience, about every 687 days has disposed me to take a jaundiced view of that particular conjunction, without realizing it. Thank you.

BarbK, thanks for your look at the mars-Uranus conjunction for DC. If there are crowds in DC for the Inauguration, it will likely be Trumpsters protesting without masks or social distancing in time with the spread of the more contagious covid variant. As I read your post the Sibley Neptune at the IC square the Sibley Mars in Gemini screamed to me of a super spreader event as part of the dynamics of what you’re seeing. Transiting Neptune hitting that chart’s MC as the fulfillment of the outcome is stunning, symbolizing disease and delusion. In addition to Trumpian mischief and its potential for violence,I think the chart describes the spread of the covid variant (Neptune) among many Trumpsters who are deluded (Neptune) about the need to wear masks and socially distance will get sick (Neptune) and spread it in their communities. My hope is that under Biden the vaccine roll out will ramp up and help tamp the effects of the Trumpster super spreader to other people, but for those who gather to protest without masks the vaccine will come too late.

I’ve assumed, as have many others, we are probably in store for violence from Trump forces or supporters in conjunction with and following Jan.6th and 20th. But maybe that Mars/Uranus conjunction might be about one or more external threats?

Trump, others linked to Soleimani killing ‘will not be safe on Earth,’ Iran official warns


Of course Frank; all you said and Jupiter, the Super Spreader, square Uranus and Mars + Moon . . . and trans. Ceres conjunct trans. Neptune and the chart’s MC; and Dr. Fauci telling us that January, going forward will be another, greater wave of Covid, . . thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Ceres-Neptune cycle that begins the next day (at 10:39 PM) at 18+ Pisces will be in their chart’s 6th house of health; . . will also sextile the Moon (16+ Taurus) forming a Yod with the US prog. Mars (17+ Libra) + Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution chart Neptune + Putin’s Saturn, which square the chart’s Venus (values) at 16+ Capricorn that trines the chart Moon . . and Pluto opposite US Mercury!

Sigh, I totally understand Eliseo, I have no patience with those people (right wingers, etc. etc.) either. We must pace ourselves in the weeks ahead.

Seems to me that the current crop of republicans and their mass madness fit perfectly with Ayn Rand’s book ‘The Virtue of Selfishness’. Looked up the publication date – Jan 1 1964.
Barbk etal, do you see any resonance of that date with the current era?


Apparently, the Proud boys are going to dress all in black so people will think they are antifa.

Well kiwi, it was just over one month after the murder of JFK, Nov. 22, 1963, and less than 2 years before the start of the Uranus-Pluto cycle on Oct. 9, 1965, for starters.

On that day, Jan. 1, 1964, transiting Venus ($$$) in Aquarius was sextile transiting Jupiter (excess) in Aries and they were formimg a Yod with Uranus (breakthrough) in Virgo which was pressuring Uranus to “adjust”.

Not having read that book, but assuming the title sums it up, I would guess the lessons of greed would greatly impact the approaching Uranus-Pluto cycle, a cycle which is now influencing our world via the recent Uranus-Pluto squares.

The Sun (consciousness) that day was conjunct the South Node (NOT the path forward) in Capricorn, very close to where the Sun is now, and it was trine Uranus in Virgo but square Jupiter in Aries, so “consciousness” in general, was conflicted without a doubt.

Right now somebody is likely writing a book about the way we got to where we are now, and why we must go through these trials and tribulations in order to heal decades (if not centuries) of the wounds of inequality.

How long has transiting Eris (revenge) been within a few degrees of US Chiron (wound that won’t heal)? More than 2 decades. How many transiting planets has transiting Eris (and US Chiron) squared in the last year? Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and all the personal planets, Mars Venus Mercury and Moon.

Greed is not good any way you look at it, and certainly not for a nation that prides itself for equal rights. Thanks for connecting the dots kiwi.

thanks Barbk. According to wiki, she first considered an alternate name for the publication – ‘The Fascist New Frontier’, but was asked by random house to choose a different title.

Kiwi, BarbK, just a comment on yours about Ayn Rand’s book – I read it first many years ago, along with Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (well, only part of that one, it was so boring and long). I was only in my twenties then and even with no literary or political education at the time, I recognized that it was a load of crap. A monumental lie, the whole thing. Apart from the relatively mild sex scenes, there really was nothing remotely real or interesting. It just goes to show you how much we are sucked in by all the ‘lies and jest! (Apologies to Paul Simon).

Even dyed in the wool believer and not-so-genius genius, Alan Greenspan, the ex Chair of the US Fed, admits that it was a mistake to “believe” Ayn Rand. (Per his autobiography, The Age of Turbulence).

Well, it takes a while to catch up to reality. So, it’s not over, Eris and all.

Speaking of Paul Simon, might be a fine thing to listen to ‘The Boxer’. Puts a person in a different philosophical frame of mind regarding the hard times people experience before they grasp reality. It’s a tune that hasn’t aged much.


thanks for sharing Beo – I love that song

Hi Will,

Sorry about that. I tried uploading the video from Facebook to my youtube account but apparently there are copyright restrictions. I found the original 1 minute video on Twitter. It should work. Here it is….

Donald Trump’s Last Day In Office


Rep. Louie Gohmert is advocating “violence in the streets.” i.e. sedition. A number of newspapers and news outlets are reporting the story.


Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is leader of 12 senators who plan to block certification of the electoral vote unless an audit is done of the state votes. They want a commission set up like that of 1877 to decide who shall be president. For those who do not know, in 1876 voters elected Samuel Tilden as president, but crooked dealing gave the electoral vote to Rutherford B. Hayes.


Two excellent analysis on the January 2021 aspects.

January 2021 Forecast by Rick Levine

Video: 1 hour 2 min 57 sec


JANUARY 2021 POWER POLITICS: Psychic Astrology Reading by Evon Davis

Video: 25 min 10 sec


PS Neither Rick Levine nor Evon Davis mentions the fact that the January 28th Leo Full Moon-Jupiter opposition (a culmination of the Jan 12th New Moon/Pluto conjunction’s energies) is also t squaring Mars (within one and a half degrees) and Uranus (within three degrees). Rick discusses the simultaneous Pluto/Venus conjunction in the 1/28/21 chart rendering this to be a very powerful and important Full Moon. Here’s the chart….


Jerry, I have not done event charts such as the full moon on January 28, so I defer to others, but looking at that chart for NY, I would say a stimulus for states was passed in the first days of a Biden Administration (all the 8th house).

A contributer to our hard times in the US can be seen in the chart for the last US Jupiter Return, where the Moon was at 25 Capricorn 39 (opposite Biden’s Jupiter at 25+ Cancer), where transiting Pluto will be on February 15.

However, the Jupiter Return chart had Mercury at 13+ Cancer, conjunct the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, which was trine the North Node (path forward) at 13+ Scorpio, which was trine Chiron (wounding, healing, a bridge to higher consciousness) at 13+ Pisces rx., which is where transiting Ceres will be in a few arc minutes.

This grand trine in water signs does its magic on an emotional level, where we all have been for most of 2020. For whatever purpose, the US Jupiter was assigned to activate this level of human nature during this particular US Jupiter Return cycle that began in 2013 and will end in July, 2025, at the same time as the US Solar Return. This is uncanny.

In this same Jupiter Return chart Jupiter at 5+ Cancer was trine Saturn at 4+ Scorpio and Neptune at 4+ Pisces . . yet another grand trine in the water signs!

Silcominc quotes from a reader’s comment on an article in the NYT by Linda Greenhouse (sounds so healthy) regarding Joe Biden’s compassion for some children who had lost their parents that . . “it was a superhuman display of competence, empathy, and connection with another human being”. I believe this is a good example of the US Jupiter Return juice with its 2 grand trines in the water signs.

Jupiter at the time of the Jupiter Return was conjunct Mars at 6+ Cancer which the now transiting Uranus at 6+ Taurus sextiles. Our emotions have been stretched or exercised for a purpose; to make us compassionate (and emotionally limber) beyond our normal response level; all the better to prime us for what lies ahead, but before July 2025.

I am gobsmacked!
Most children behave better than this.

According to Daily Mail, last month two maga cap wearing adult gals boarded a Frontier Airlines plane scheduled to fly from Seattle to Denver. As they refused to wear masks and refused to leave the plane, the pilot asked all passengers to leave the plane. Law Officers then boarded and took the women away amidst cheers from the other passengers, while the two gals screamed the N word.

Meanwhile, 140 R. Congresspersons in the House plan to object to the electoral count on Jan. 6, encouraged by 12 senators led by Ted Cruz. This, after the seditious amicus brief to the SC supported by 17 or 18 state AG’s, and Louie Gohmert’s ludricrous suit against VP Pence were summarily dismissed.

Intellectually, I have at least a partial understanding of the astrological influences, but I’m really having a hard time truly comprehending all the ubiquitous, ultimately self-destructive defiance now taking place in our society. It’s as if someone introduced a chemical or mind-altering drug of some kind into our water systems affecting many, but not all within our population.

The Founders surely never anticipated 30 to 45% of our voting population could simultaneously go absolutely nuts. Our allies are surely shaking their heads in bewilderment, while our enemies scratch their heads in glee.

In this life I’ve known more odd and eccentric people than most encounter in 10 lifetimes, and have had way more than my share of highly unusual experiences, including several of the “paranormal” i.e. cryptonatural kind. But truly, I am shaken to the core in awareness, by how weird, weird, weird is the behavior of so many of our fellow citizens. My B.S. training in sociology, my graduate work in psychology, history, education, and literature are of very little help. As a child I studied philosophy and anthropology, but I’m almost totally confused! We never studied anything quite like this on such a large scale.
I understand how a small fringe group could go this way in the context of Richard Hofstadter’s work, but more generally, the disciplines I’ve studied are of little assistance in understanding the enormous breadth and depth, the sheer number of folks who’ve abandoned reason and morality.

I asume no monocausality, and I’m well aware we have a number of highly intelligent posters here who are also extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Does anyone here understand what is happening to us, why and how such universal madness?

We are all aware of our near imminent pluto return, our 2028 uranus return, and a plethora of other peculiar astrological influences, but these are of little balm.
I am truly humbled by my own confusion and lack of understanding. Are the rest of you feeling similar angst, confusion, frustration and bewilderment?


Eliseo, what you wrote is absolutely true for me, too. In addition to feeling angst, confusion, frustration and bewilderment; I feel anger at the Trumpian political leaders who continue to attack our country and horror at the widespread embrace of insanity.

Eliseo, a happy new year to you and everyone here .

‘angst, confusion, frustration and bewilderment’ describes EXACTLY how I feel at the behavior of those in this world , i am just flabbergasted by it all truly!

Why does every day feel like some kind of alternate reality is happening, i remember when my kids were young SpongeBob would talk about ‘opposite’ day, well, it feels like every day nearly is now opposite day.. I would love if people can share their insights on reactions to your excellent post.

On another note, I keep thinking about how frail some of our systems are, how norms have been broken and how it is obvious that the system politically has not been designed to withstand the onslaught it has from Trump and now his enablers. An honor system can’t work if those in it have no honor. How do we stop this from happening again, and will we as a society hold those who have behaved so wrongly and broken norms and laws accountable, or will we just say let’s move on?

Honestly, what would happen if The Republicans did control the House on Wednesday. I shudder to think but it seems that maybe they could pull off this coup. I hope I am wrong.

And on a totally different note, I would love if some of the astrologers and others could chime in about the rise of cryptocurrency which seem to be going mainstream with institutional investors and the average Joe now also embracing them, they are so darn confusing, I don’t think many even understand them, has anyone here invested in them? Is This all part of the Uranus in Taurus cycle we are in?

I woild say, bottom line, it is fear Eliseo; fear of change of the status quo. It is unmistakable even to those who don’t dabble in politics, that societies norms have been ebbing away. It’s what many of us have loosely referred to as the end of the patriarchy. It’s an “I feel the earth move under my feet” moment for those who feel threatened by such things as equality.

I would say, bottom line, it is fear Eliseo, fear of change of the status quo. It is unmistakable, even to those who don’t dabble in politics, that societies norms have been ebbing away. It’s what many of us have loosely referred to as the end of the patriachy. It’s an “I feel the earth move under my feet” moment for those who feel threatened by such things as equality.

Steve Schmidt Says January 6 Will Start Destructive ‘Civil War’ in the GOP

A “civil war” inside the Republican Party will commence on January 6, according to Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist who co-founded the Lincoln Project.

In lengthy thread on Twitter Sunday, Schmidt said the Republican Party will divide into “irreconcilable factions” when Congress meets on Wednesday to certify Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 election.

A growing number of Republican lawmakers have announced their intention to oppose the Electoral College certification, backing President Donald Trump’s ongoing effort to overturn the election result.

Trump has continued to allege his defeat was due to widespread voter fraud, despite election officials concluding there were no irregularities that would have affected the outcome of the vote.

Trump and the GOP lawmakers’ efforts are expected to do little to stop Biden from being inaugurated on January 20—but Schmidt believes their actions will have a catastrophic impact on the Republican Party going forward.

“The die is cast for the Republican Party. It will be destroyed on January 6th in much the same way the Whig party was destroyed by the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854,” he tweeted.

“The act unraveled the Missouri compromise and allowed for the westward expansion of slavery. The party could not survive its factionalism. There could be no more accommodation, compromise and partnership between pro-slavery and anti-slavery Whigs.”

Schmidt explained that as a result, a “new political party was born, the Republican Party” and “that party will divide into irreconcilable factions on January 6th.”

That date “will commence a political civil war inside the GOP,” he continued.

“The autocratic side will roll over the pro-democracy remnant of the GOP like the Wehrmacht did the Belgian Army in 1940. The ’22 GOP primary season will be a blood letting. The 6th will be a loyalty test. The purge will follow.”

Schmidt went on: “The poisonous fruit from four years of collaboration and complicity with Trumps insanity, illiberalism and incompetence are ready for harvest. It will kill the GOP because it’s Pro Democracy faction and Autocratic factions can no more exist together then [sic] could the Whig Party hold together the abolitionist with the Slave master. It won’t happen over night but the destination is clear. The Conservative party in America is dead. It may continue to bear the name “Republican” but it will be no such thing.”

Schmidt’s tweets became more ominous as he continued.

“Fascism has indeed come to America and as was once predicted it is wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. This movement must be defeated. It cannot be appeased, accommodated or negotiated with. It must be recognized for what it is and we must all recognize the new age of American politics it has wrought,” he wrote.

“There are only two sides in American politics now. There is the American side and the Autocratic side. May God help us all if we falter, flag or fail in defense of American democracy.”


Eliseo, Diana, barbk, & all – I have been thinking on this subject myself for days and this morning found this statement by Mitt Romney that gave me heart. He is the only Republican who voted for impeachment and now he is again taking a strong stand. I realize he may be setting himself up to run in 2024 and I really don’t give a damn if that’s his motive. To me he is a man of God, a McCain type of Republican and thank God for that.


“The egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some, but dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic.”

At the same time, people like Lisa Murkowski and, yes, even McConnell have enough integrity, smarts, conscience, to condemn this ridiculous “Tea Party”/Libertarian uprising.

This next article was written on 12/16/20, so probably there are a few more than 25 now, but it really is significant.


As to why? Well, we know that human nature has 2 sides, 2 wolves, if you will, and I have watched us since the 60s become more spiritual and ethical in many ways and think that we have people like us, as well as many more Democrats than Republicans, to thank for it.

But — if you think about the past, how barbarian and primitive we have been, how warlike (all’s fair in love and war, you know), how anti-civil rights and peace, as well as the fact that politicians were always known for corruption – Democrats (particularly, Chicago Democrats), as well as Republicans, it is not surprising to see this streak arise again, couched cleverly in some kind of strategy that proports to advocate free and truthful elections, religious freedom, and a rebellion against government corruption – never mind the fact that 50+ court cases have decided there was no real evidence of massive election fraud.

Laurence Tribe tweeted today that those who are supporting this coup are promoting “the big lie” and references Benghazi and Hillary’s email as a prior example.

The Q-anon narrative was obviously concocted for this very reason — to sow distrust of the establishment, of the government and reward someone who was anti-government. It doesn’t matter that he is completely unprincipled and a lying, cheating, stealing, evil human being (and I do not call someone evil lightly). As a matter of fact the WA Post released a recording today of Trump’s conversation with the GA AG, where he is trying to pressure him into overturning the election (I did not listen to it).

A large part of our inner life is to choose to have faith and believe in thought forms that we cannot see and those who have the abilities to choose the good ones and separate them from the horrid, corrupt ones need to stand firm in their values and do whatever we can to cause the truth shine. It is our sacred trust and duty.

(Sorry for the rant but these last comments dovetailed with what I have bubbling up inside of me this morning).

I agree fear, especially of change is a major element in the core of the problem, but there are also I believe other major components of the emotional/mental substrate. I also agree with what I believe you are getting at when you refer to patriarchy, though I regard it as an extremely narrow and inaccurate term and description of what we are up against. It is far broader and multifaceted.

There are many men who’ve been denied access to that elite club. We are dealing with a plutocratic, class based system, elements of which include age, income, race, ethnicity, gender, gender orientation, religion, and personal appearance. These and other elements are emphasized differently in each society.


So, it happened on January 3; close enough:



Actually, the recording appears to have been made January 2 afterall.

“You would be respected if this thing could be straightened out before [Tuesday’s Senate runoff elections],” President Trump urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, a fellow Republican, in a remarkable phone call Saturday.

kiwi, here is a story for you.

‘A Beltway school of journalism wants to get back to just-the-facts-ma’am reporting. But how do you cover this Republican Party?’

“an ambitious political news start-up hoping to tell the central story of Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s years is, a bit like Mr. Biden himself, less concerned with those big questions. The publication is called Punchbowl, after the Secret Service’s moniker for the U.S. Capitol, and it promises a scoop-driven, just-the-facts-ma’am operation founded by three defectors from the Washington publication Politico.”


“At the end of a long hard year, its okay to have a few harsh blunt words with God”


Mellow out the year.


Hi Will,

Yes. January 2nd. Right on target. As you quipped several days ago “whatever happens on January 2, let’s hope its a really good thing.”

Indeed, the sheer audacity of the President arm twisting methods as heard in that audio tape could discourage some Republican voters from getting out and voting in Tuesday’s Georgia run-off election. T’is a good thing!!!!


Hurray for the Tarot readers!

How is the pandemic in India?

pardon me while I throw up – trump to give Nunes medal of freedom.
“who’s your buddy, who’s your pal?”
there just has to be dirt somewhere on nunes, yet to be discovered

Just watched CNN’s great show on Jimmy Carter, one of my all-time 3 favorite modern-history Presidential heroes. I hope if you did not get to see it tonight you will get a chance soon.

Beowulfie – re: your post of Jan2 at 4:58.

You said you’d read Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I read them in my mid teens and realized even then what a load of crap they were. Unfortunately, they are what the “conservative” conservative party (re: libertarians) are based around. Notice how the R sphere of influence adopted Rand’s attitude… from Corporatocracy to even the “Church” with its “Prosperity Gospel” and even Trump’s “pastor” Norman Vincent Peale with his Power of Positive Thinking. Ah… but don’t ever tell them that acting “as if” something HAS happened will bring it to you is actually old hedge witchcraft!

BTW… I never made it thru Atlas Shrugged, either. BORING! And it was one of the few books I’ve ever read which offended my sense of ethics so bad I threw it in the trash after ripping several pages out of the book. Usually that’s a cardinal sin for me… Books are too precious. But look how much damage has been sown by that one woman’s thoughts put down on paper. An entire country is now teetering into fascism!

I personally find that most of Simon and Garfunkels music has as much to say to us today as they did on they day they were released. I love the Boxer, Sounds of Silence, and Scarborough Faire, and Bridge over Troubled Water the best. Transforms me and sends me to a completely different place when I play them. Thank you for reminding me… These days, that Bridge over Troubled Water speaks so eloquently to today.

barbk – on January 3rd at 3:17 am you wrote: “Our emotions have been stretched or exercised for a purpose; to make us compassionate (and emotionally limber) beyond our normal response level;”

Okay.. enough stretching. I cry TOO much at the ASPCA ads now, and I don’t have the money to rejoin that group as a contributing member, as I did back in the “good old days.” I think this is why I’ve homed with me, so many homeless (both 2 leggeds and 4 leggeds) who couldn’t be placed.(LOL)

Eliseo, did you see how quickly Gohmert tried to walk back his words? Too late. They’re archived forever on twitter! (LOL) Now, if we could only get some people in charge to actually DO something. Like, indictments for sedition (sealed or not). Today took the cake, tho. I understand Biden wants to be a Uniter. But there are some times when you have to realize before you can unite you must tear down the walls blocking it. Trump and his nazi mafia are the walls. After today’s most excellent phone call between Trump and GA SOS, I’m screaming SOMEONE insitute a sealed indictment against Trump, actionable on Dec 20… or at the very freaking least, impeach the idiot again. Make him a 2-time loser and shift his attention to THAT fine kettle of fish! I’m sorry.. my hair’s on fire right now! (LOL)

InRe your message on Jan 3, 11:46 – I’ve often wondered what my Sociology prof would have said about everything going on today. My Social Psychology of Small Groups didn’t come anywhere near helping me understand this. On a purely intellectual level, I blame the socially distancing measures and the dumbing down of humanity of the Internet and TV; while our schools, which were a fulcrum against the blandness and egocentricity, back in our day, have been all but ruined by the R’s and their emphasis on “training” not “learning and understanding” (i.e., critical thinking). While I was working on Post at the College, you would not believe how many soldiers — officers — had to go back thru the lessons on Critical Thinking over and over again. It’s a completely alien concept in today’s world. Without being able to think critically, one can’t separate fact from fiction. And the online forums such as Parler are the equivalents to the old day’s “opium dens” IMO. In one way, I almost wish they’d given Trump is 230 rewrite. It would have forced some of the social media companies to just throw in the towel against all the lawsuits they’d have engendered! I actually think that might have been a good thing, had it happened. Free Speech is great – I applaud it. But free speech with no conditions leads to yelling fire in a crowded theater. That’s what we’re seeing now. Psychological abnormality feeds upon itself, and draws those with similar abnormalities to it. I remember one Prof saying in class “You can’t deal rationally with an irrational person.” To me, today, that means stop trying to deal rationally with these people and making nice. It’s not going to work. You gotta tear them down before you can rebuild them into something that passes as civilized once again.

Frankly, I think we might want to say something about Reagan destroying most of the mental hospitals back in the 80’s. They had a plan, and they were working on it then. Not only for the U.S. — but DO go back and look at what Douglas Feith and others tried to do after the invasion of Iraq. They tore that society completely apart (except for guarding the oil). They wanted to make it to be a shining example of “their” libertarian paradise. Of course it didn’t work, and we’re still mired there and elsewhere, because they can’t accept the entire premise is wrong and stupid! They think it can’t fail; it can only BE failed. These people are still in government today. They haven’t gone away, and they play all ends against each other.

Did you ever read or see the old Dune? I sense plans within plans. That’s the modern R party, and they’re working every hour on it, and using Trump for all they can get out of him right now, as well as his stupid, idiot, mean minions. They are not now nor were they ever for equality, Lincoln be damned. When the minorities and the women are all saying “No More” the backlash begins and “they will not go gentle into that good night.”

IMO, I DO believe they WILL go, eventually, tho. Whether or not we’ll still be around to celebrate, that I don’t know. (sigh) These days, I wish I were younger and more able-bodied. Granted, I’d probably be beaten up and in jail. But then, my great-grandfather would be watching and nodding approvingly, as he did the exact same thing against the Koch brothers’ father. Oh, how I wish I’d known him better; he died when I was but 3 years old. Everyone in the family tells me HE’S the one I take after, which is why I’ve always felt like the black sheep of the family. I’m the only one who did. It’s that Amer-Indian blood rising, saying “Not Again… not EVER again!”

RE: Trump’s hour long phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State.

“I’m calling my banker tomorrow. I want him to find me $11,780 by Wednesday. It’s not fair that I don’t have it and he needs to recalculate my account.”

Hi Will,

The COVID 19 situation in India is still quite serious just like anywhere else (India has one of the highest rates of Corona Virus contagion in the world – second only to the US) but people for the most part are adjusting. Indians are an amazingly resilient lot. They tend to adapt much more easily than their western counterparts. Check out the following 25 second video taken by a passing westerner on the highway, amused to no end by the sight of …….

6 People, 2 Dogs And Lots of Luggage On A Motorcycle


Eliseo & all – re. Trump’s phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State – I just listened to parts and also the NYT and WaPo have posted a full transcript. It all adds up to proof the man is nuts.

After this call, I don’t think anybody could honestly certify the man is sane enough to be tried in a court of law. Insanity is a plea after all.

I’m not saying he’d be acting this way deliberately to get out of being charged with some offence. I’m sure he’ll get charged with something, at least by the banks. But I’ll bet there are a bunch of lawyers right now thinking they could get him off just about any charge, based on the fact that he doesn’t actually grasp reality.

As for the others who are following him, maybe not so much. They have their own agendas, though how they can expect to end up in a better position after this debacle is beyond imagination.


As we have been seeing, since the subtle assault launched by R. Reagan in 1981 that literally replaced Government of for and by the People with Government of for and by privately owned Corporations, or as he sophistically named it, Business, any real progress towards the Common Good, or Equality, or Life, Liberty, and Justice for All practically vanished. Prior to Reagan’s sophistic attack, efforts to make true advances were viciously dealt with: The murder of JFK in 1963, and MLK on April 4th 1968, Bobby K on June 6th 1968.

In 2010 by a 5 to 4 decision the Supreme Court legalized Citizens United. “In the court’s opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that limiting “independent political spending” from corporations and other groups violates the First Amendment right to free speech. The justices who voted with the majority assumed that independent spending cannot be corrupt and that the spending would be transparent, but both assumptions have proven to be incorrect.”




Katie Porter, (Katherine Moore Porter) was born January 3, 1974 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Does anyone have a birth time for her?

IMO, she is one of the most interesting rising stars within the Dem party. She very much reminds me of her primary mentor, Elizabeth Warren. Her daughter, “Betsy” is named after professor/senator Warren.

Corporate plutocrats and Trumpists hate her as she tends to eviscerate their arrogance, ignorance, and pomposity with her light saber mind and tongue, the video of which tends to go viral. She accomplishes the task so easily as to fascinate all, making her corporate and R questionees look like very foolish monkeys in the wrong arena.

To me, she has that very appealing “girl next door” (albeit an extremely brilliant girl) quality which I think lends her a great deal of electibility. She seems so non-threatening, but (if you will pardon the old phrase) “Katie bar the door” if you are a plutocrat or trumphead cheating, scamming, or otherwise defrauding American citizens. She WILL expose you as the stumble-bum crook and fool you are.

I see Ms. Porter as a possible future president. IMO she’s definitely got what it takes for the job. All she needs per qualifications is more experience as the Dem Representative in Congress from the CA 45th district.

To me, she is a very appealing and exciting gal with the potential to be a great president. Does anyone here think likewise?

My brother called yesterday, the one who checks in on the 1st Sunday of the month, who is married to the Trump slave, and he asked me if there was anything Trump had done that was good, and did astrology know all this was going to happen. I told him Trump had upended the government exposing the rot, something nobody else would willingly do.

Had he been willing to listen, I would have told him that what astrology showed was layer upon layer of transformation, at the base of which was transiting Pluto 3 degrees away from US natal Pluto.

I might have noted that transiting Neptune (illusion) was T-square the transiting Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius, the signs of mental activity, and transiting Uranus (breakthroughs) was T-square the US Natal Nodes demanding us to choose to go forward or cling to the past . . but I didn’t.

I might even have tried to explain to him, were he really interested in it, how the layers of change showed up in the cycles between pairs of planets that had been operating for decades such as the Uranus-Pluto one, and brand new cycles between pairs of planets such as the Saturn-Pluto or the Mars-Uranus (with Mercury trine North Node trine US Juno opposite US Chiron) ones, but I knew it was pointless.

My brother is a good man but likely would not be reassured to know that what we are going though, like Covid and demonstrations, was a growth spurt, the likes of which we Americans and everyone else on the planet had ever experienced. I did tell him that in the end the planet and our country and humanity would benefit from all of this, but made the mistake of telling him that ET’s would help us move forward through new technologies and such.

We did, however, enjoy a laugh over the latest episode of Schitt’s Creek on the Comedy channel.


Your “My Brother” post is brilliant and entertaining ….oh ya and dead on! Loved it.

Your excellent posting re: your conversation with your brother is one I feel we can all empathize with. We all know someone, frequently a family member, of his mindset..

I especially appreciated, “what astrology showed was layer upon layer of transformation…” So true.

Bless you for your patience.

Addendum: Following each plague of history there has been an economic, political, and cultural renewal primarily benefiting the common folk, an increase of freedom, prosperity, and creativity.

It is true “in the end the planet and our country and humanity will benefit from all of this.” Nevertheless, it is in no way reassuring as we sequester ourselves, and our friends, and loved ones die alone.

Wow barbk, your brother is lucky to have such a wise and fun sister.

Let’s all send Mr. Raffensperger, GA Secretary of State protective energy. Trump and his crazies are willing to do anything and Mr. Raffensperger has had the courage to stand up for what is right. IMHO he needs all the protection and luminous light energy we can send.

House Republicans rush to Trump’s defense over Georgia call as Democrats prep censure resolution
By Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb, CNN

I can only conclude after reading the report above, we have a large number of R’s in Congress who are morally retarded.

Interesting — airport in Scotland nearest Trump’s golf course told to expect arrival of US military plane (the kind the VP and 1st lady normally use for travel) to arrive day before Inauguration Day.

” Airport sources said surveillance planes (already on the ground in Scotland) appeared to lay the groundwork for Trump’s arrival in November. An MC-12W Liberty – a US Air Force version of the King Air 350ER, which is modified for the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) role – landed at Prestwick on November 12. It made a number of flights over Trump Turnberry.”


Please, just let him leave. We’ll catch him and lock him up later.

Barb, I admire your ability to find the humor in dealing with your brother.

Teresa Hill,
If he leaves and does not return to the US, it will be a defacto admission of guilt.

I hope it’s enough to convince his crazy supporters that he’s guilty or they at least are furious he abandoned the fight.

Interesting question:

Will the Scots want him? Does this possibility impact Scottish politics (of course!)? What do Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and the Scottish permanent secretary Leslie Evans, and the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, and even the Queen, have to say about this? What about UK security – how are they going to deal with an ex-US president living there? And, finally, everybody knows the British press is even more brutal than the US press!

So, there’s much more to come of the possibility of DT going to Scotland just before the inauguration. Having a golf course there doesn’t mean he gets to live there for any length of time. Security alone would be a big problem and Covid isn’t over – and who pays for the security – surely, it won’t be Scotland.

But any day without Trump on the scene will make a lot of people sigh in relief, even if it is only temporary. Grateful for small mercies.



“…If Trump does fly to Scotland he could be in breach of coronavirus restrictions. Trump Turnberry is effectively closed until February 5 due to Tier 4 rules, according to the resort’s website. ….”

In the final days the military is standing behind the US constitution.

When it comes down to it, might still makes right – even when the ‘might’ is not going to be used, it’s there in the background. At least this unique opinion article in the Washington Post says so, without saying so:


Who knew that subtext would be so vital to the 2021 transition?


Loved the video clip of family and pet on motorcycle in India – amazing joy.


Although Trump had no noble intention in doing so, this line of your explanation was elegant.

” I told him Trump had upended the government exposing the rot, something nobody else would willingly do.”

Katy Couric just interviewed Neal Katyal regarding georgia phone call – he made an interesting point about impeachment – can be done even after leaving office to prevent person from holding any future public office.

anything astro insights on the 2022 midterm elections?

Each day it all gets nastier!
In Georgia, Trump Says ‘They’re Not Taking This White House’

Teresa Hill & Beowulfie,
Scotland might only be where they plan to refuel before journeying on to Moscow or Riyadh.

Mars conjunct Uranus on Inauguration Day, yes?

It’s really just time to put the screws to Trump and treat him like the traitor to the Constitution, brute criminal and enemy of the people he is.

This act is beyond tiresome, and the price has really been too high to suffer this bastard.

Truly, I say enough of this. Give him a trial and the gallows treatment, and let’s be done with him already.


“Mars conjunct Uranus on Inauguration Day, yes?”

Yes. A very poignant moment. Also important to consider, the conjunction is within a half degree of squaring Jupiter.

Here’s a full analysis……

Mars conjunction Uranus: January 20, 2021

by Astrology For Aquarius/ Published November 29, 2020

On January 20, 2021 at 8.36am GMT Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus and it’s an extremely dangerous – red alert moment – here on Earth. The strife, conflict, unrest and violence that’s inclined to happen will erupt with cataclysmic suddenness.

These in-sky Mars-Uranus conjunctions occur around every two years and while they up the level of hazard and herald earth-shaking situations the world keeps turning. That said… their conjunction on January 20, 2021 is particularly risky and perilous. Here’s why…

Mars and Uranus are conjunction Moon, square (obstacle-conflict) Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn and semisquare (friction) Neptune.

So, the strife, conflict and unrest that Mars and Uranus sign for involves and influences governments and world leaders (Sun), the common people (Moon), finances, law matters and religion (Jupiter), the coronavirus pandemic, business and security (Saturn), and oil and the aviation sector (Neptune). The Moon conjunction Mars and Uranus indicates that the everyday people and civilian population are playing a lead role in events as they unfold.



Personally, I feel the man certainly deserves “the gallows treatment.” Unfortunately, with charismaticly evil creatures such as these we are often damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Were we to imprison him we would likely have endless protests, and riots. Were he executed, he becomes a martyr, and again protests, anger, riots, insurrection.

I’m honestly hoping he leaves the country, flying to exile, therefore defacto admitting guilt. Meanwhile, we can put him on trial in absentia, bit by bit revealing his many crimes before and during his presidency.

Perhaps some of his followers will awaken to whom and what is the REAL Donald through that process. It was amazing years later to see how many denied ever having voted for Nixon in 72 after it finally sunk into their thick heads what a criminal he was. Perhaps at least a few Trumpheads might do likewise with Trump in a foreign country, avoiding extradition, our criminal justice system having laid out his many crimes in minute detail.

Convicted and sentenced to prison, though abroad, perhaps the world court might also convict him, rendering him persona non grata for the remainder of his life, dishonored forever unto history. Let him die in permanent exile, his name to become a synonym for quisling.

Those 140 congresspersons, various senators and attorneys general contesting the electoral certification have betrayed their oaths of office and the American people. I would love to see them refused seating in congress, disbarred, and disallowed from any public office. But that’s not likely. Were that to happen, I’m sure they would form an alternative congress, meet elsewhere and declare the congress in WA-DC illegitimate, creating another passel of problems.

No easy solutions here. I beleve it is obvious to all us here on this blog, that although there are a number of differences between then and now, we haven’t been in such serious trouble since the 1860’s.

I nevertheless share barbK’s views and optimism. I see all of this as the necessary stimulus for our transformation into a “more perfect union.”

Scotland’s First Minister today: “We are not allowing people to come into Scotland without an essential purpose right now. Coming to play golf is not what I consider an essential purpose.”

That was the speculation — that from Scotland, Trump would travel on to Russia or somewhere in the Middle East. Maybe he stashed money or something there to help him in his new life. Or maybe it was somewhere he could go and make it look like a normal trip to one of his properties.

Excellent summary article by Canada’s CBC News on the situation re. Trump’s state of mind (or lack thereof):


dems need to start pushing the meme that ‘trump’s covid cognitive decline’ has become too obvious to ignore.

Earlier today, the New York Times reported that the Georgia runoff results ought to be ready approx. 1:00 am Wednesday, January 6, so I used that time to check out the charts.

The charts for the 4 contestants (imo) look like Warnock comes out a clear winner, for which the result may be known by tomorrow, No point saying more, except if Warnock loses, then the stars are a bunch of BS.

However, Perdue and Ossoff are another matter. They may go into a more protracted battle. It looks possible that the courts (Georgia’s 9th house) will become involved. The two charts are near equals in strength and Georgia’s Mars (contest) is ruler of the 9th of courts, as well as the 2nd house of money, both of which have been big influences in the whole election cycle.

Georgia’s state birth chart is January 2, 1788, 10:15 am, Augusta Georgia. Traditionally, Saturn rules the Dems (oldest party) and Jupiter rules the Republicans.

Georgia’s natal 8th house of other people’s money (taxes, inheritances, banking) is ruled by Venus and Mars. Georgia’s natal Moon (the people) is at 8 Scorpio in the 8th house. There’s no doubt that Georgia has a history of voter suppression (Scorpio is an ‘underwater’ sign, much given to secrets).

The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars (along with Pluto). Georgia’s natal Saturn is at 25 Aquarius, and right now, progressed Saturn is at 8 Pisces 06’Rx, right above Georgia’s 8 Pisces 26’ Ascendant. Pisces is the sign that rules slavery and Georgia is still contending with this history. Sitting on the Ascendant gives Saturn (rule of law) an advantage, though being retrograde, it is not fully in control.

Georgia’s natal Jupiter is at 18 Gemini 53’Rx in the 4th house of the home land. Jupiter is presently conjunct the transiting Moon’s Nodes, and being at the Moon’s nodes is fateful. Georgia’s progressed Neptune (illusion, deception) at 19 Libra is on the cusp of the 8th and square transiting Neptune at 18 Pisces in the 1st house of identity. Having those Neptune contacts fits well with the identity crisis the state is experiencing.

Also, progressed Jupiter, now at 20 Cancer in the 5th house, is just past conjunction with Georgia’s natal Mars at 19 Cancer 22’Rx. The fact that the progressed Jupiter is past conjunction indicates its expanding influence (luck) is waning somewhat.

Aspects to the degrees of Mars and Saturn, however, are the key. Georgia’s natal Mars is at 19 Cancer and Saturn is at 25 Aquarius. Both of those degrees connect to Perdue’s and Ossoff’s charts. In particular, Perdue has natal Saturn at 19 Virgo and Ossoff has it at 19 Sagittarius – they are square.

Also, Perdue has natal Mars at 23 Virgo and Mercury at 28 Sagittarius, while Ossoff has natal Uranus at 25 Sagittarius, Sun at 27 Aquarius and Mars at 27 Aries. Furthermore, Ossoff’s Uranus is sextile (60 degrees, an easy aspect) to Georgia’s natal Saturn at 25 Aquarius – advantage to Ossoff. He might surprise everyone and win, but not for sure (Uranus).

Both candidates have additional resources, too. Perdue has progressed Venus (benefits) at 3 Aquarius Rx, conjunct natal Venus. Ossoff has progressed Moon (connection with people) at 0 Capricorn (a critical degree), square his natal Moon at 0 Libra.

All that stuff means it’s too close to call. The 2 contestants are quite equal in strength, so the outcome may take time. Given the circumstances, the Repubs will probably go to court again.


All the possible resolutions that I can see point to MORE democracy being the outcome of this period, not less so. The reactionary authoritarian impulse doesn’t survive well into the Aquarius energies, if it even gets that far.

My feeling is increasingly that Trump and his apparent run of the GOP ends rather abruptly, much as the energies do that were “propped up” by Pluto in its previous sign when it ingresses into a new one, albeit after an “overripe” period during the last 2-3 degrees of the previous sign, in which there can be a brief period of extreme overreach and recklessness that begs for a new approach. Picture a “Wile E. Coyote” moment, only with Trump or his specter briefly hanging in mid-air before plummeting into the figurative ravine below. I acknowledge that I might be throwing in some of my own bias here, but I have long felt that the “avatar of the authoritarian impulse” isn’t propped up long after Pluto leaves Capricorn.

My guess is that Trump might actually die around the time that Pluto officially begins moving into Aquarius, but straddles the early Aquarian degrees and late Capricorn ones, between 2023-24. During the same period, his cult of personality also falls into disarray and disperses as no one remotely as charismatic is able to capture and enthrall his followers in quite the same way is able to take his place.

Around the same time, we see powerful new people-driven groups emerge that are driven to reform the country’s government and restore democratic functionality to it–the Aquarian democratic impulse. These could actually supplant the “Trumpist-MAGA surge” in a fairly sudden and surprising way.

Some of the seeds for these new movements are actually being planted now, actually, with Saturn in early Aquarius. Perhaps we see Black Lives Matter and other progressive activist groups serve as the catalyst for what’s next? If not these actual groups themselves, I believe people associated with or inspired by them will emerge as leaders during the period to come. And they will demand major democratic reforms to promote greater social equity and equality. The individuals and entities that seem to wield so much power currently–CEOs like Charles Koch, corporations in general, rich white 1%er elites, and Trump himself–will find their power and influence staggeringly diminished by the end of 2024 when Pluto enters Aquarius for good.

Beowulfie, Good analysis and good call. What you’ve laid out looks like it’s going to be the case. Hope Ossoff wins in the final analysis. As someone said on DU, who would have thought that a black man & a Jewish man would become GA senators. I had to watch Fox earlier and saw Tucker Carlston ranting. What a slime ball he is, totally spewing propaganda against the Democrats.

If Ossoff wins, that is…hope so. Warnock does look like a clear winner.

I think they both will win. Ossoff is more of a nail-biter, of course. I always felt that Warnock would be a clearer victor over Loeffler, who couldn’t even pretend to act like she wasn’t directly profiteering off insider knowledge. Typical lower-type foot-in-mouth Sag she is.

Give it up for Stacy Abrams, though! Pretty certain she’s got Brian Kemp in her sights next for a rematch, and rightfully so.

God I wish we here on this group had a live chat, I don’t want to breathe too soon but I think Dems may taken the Senate because of Georgia, and if so, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

Warnock speech right now, I SEE YOU!! Is not that what this whole world needs right now?

I feel this is so auspicious for Martin Luther King and John Lewis

It’s dark right now but morning comes he quotes

With the fizzle out of what has happened with BLM this year, I feel this is so wonderful if this happens beyond everything else, this is EVERYTHING

love you all and Happy New Year

Buckeye we are crossing paths lol

I must reiterate Sharon’s thoughts. Excellent and interesting!

My feelings jive with yours. Like you, I also feel Trump may die in the time frame you suggested. It could be from natural causes, but I would not be surprised if the Russians poisoned him to prevent him from spilling any of THRIR eans.

errrrr. Sorry for the typos.
Should read, “from spilling any of their beans.”

1:55 AM, Jan. 6th. Ossoff just overtook Perdue’s vote count by about 3560 votes!

Earlier, Warnock was declared the projected winner over Loeffler by NBC. 40,000 some odd votes ahead of Loeffler.

Can’t stop cryin’ – partly becuz they towed away my car to the car doctor and partly becuz we look to have won BOTH Georgia seats! Whatta day, whatta night, whatta country, whatta year this is gonna be!

Georgia, Sweet Georgia!

Sorry. That should have read:

to prevent him from spilling any of THEIR beans.

Stacy Abrams will be the “go to” Dem hero for her superb organizing and getting out the votes strategies. Her strategies and methods will now he seen as the template as to how Dems can win back southern states.

I’ve heard some R’s say that if either Perdue or Loeffler lost, Trump would rightfully get the blame. If Republican professional politicians are universally furious with Trump, that might explain in part why he might leave the country quickly.

I read in the Wash Post that georgia absentee overseas military ballots have till Friday to be delivered as long as postmarked by today. Only 4K of 28K ballots have been returned so far. How might that affect your astro calculations per your 9.48 post Beowulfie?

From USA Today – About 4:00 AM EST.
Georgia’s Senate runoffs: Ossoff surges ahead as Warnock makes history with runoff victory

“Trailing much of the night, Ossoff surged ahead of Perdue by more than 8,500 votes after batches of votes from Democrat-heavy DeKalb County were released. Most uncounted votes remain in Democratic strongholds in the metro Atlanta area.”

“When all the votes are counted we fully expect that Jon Ossoff will have won this election to represent Georgia in the United States Senate,” Ossoff campaign manager Ellen Foster said in a statement. “The outstanding vote is squarely in parts of the state where Jon’s performance has been dominant.”


This is interesting. Wiser heads in the GOP think Wednesday’s shenanigans to reject certification of the electoral vote will further the effort to rid the nation of the electoral college entirely!

GOP fears Electoral College challenge will ‘come back to haunt’ it
The episode may make a powerful argument for abandoning the institution that makes Republicans competitive in presidential elections in the first place.


Kiwi, the additional ballot counting doesn’t change anything as far as the chart goes – it is what it is. There’s no documented proof of the time, and even if it was accurate, another person could interpret it differently (preferably somebody who knows a whole lot more than me). The ‘birth’ time for Georgia is one given in the software, along with the calculations, which I can’t do as it would take forever (even if I knew how). Also, back in 1788, I doubt anybody wrote down an exact time the state was born!

Ratification of Georgia entering the union:



As for the time of day, I just used the time given by the astrology software – I couldn’t find a source for it.

Georgia law says that there’s an automatic recount if the vote is within .5%. Out of roughly 5 million votes cast, that would mean 25,000 votes. Right now Ossoff is 16,000 votes ahead with 98% reporting.

So it’s possible Ossoff will be recounted, but he’s still in a strong position and likely to win.

The 2 Georgia seats mean that the swing vote in the Senate is now West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

I’ve seen some strategists calling for Biden to offer PA Republican senator Pat Toomey a harmless Cabinet post or prestigious ambassadorship so that the Democratic PA governor can name his replacement and put the Democrats squarely in the majority. Wouldn’t that be fun?

And bonus points if the PA governor chose his Lt. Gov as the replacement senator, because the guy is a star on the rise and an absolute giant.

Crossing paths indeed, lol

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is no joke. He’s had quite an interesting path through life, and gets inequity in this country as few other elected officials truly do. He’s the type of guy who can cut through the barrage of bullshit spewed by the likes of Trump and connect with people in a way that actually moves them from a place of truth and authenticity.

Definitely someone to watch in the emerging period of Aquarius energies for sure.

Ahead currently by over 17,000 votes, Mr. Ossoff declared victory at 8 am est.

The Great Conjunction clobbered McConnell’s Pluto which is at 4 degrees Leo. Thank you Solstice Star!!

Was he worth it, Republicans?

That’s the question I would pose point blank to them right now.

IMO, Stacy Abrams is leading a new Democratic “Southern Strategy” to counter the old Nixonian “Southern Strategy.” Having succeded in electing two Dem senators + Biden/Harris, it will be interesting to see how this new SS plays out in 2022 and 2024.

Breeeeeeeeeeeeathe in Joy
Exhaaaaaaaaaaaaale Joy!

Biden just nominated Merrick Garland for AG

Mitch McConnell is speaking now and is saying the right thing without evening attempting to be diplomatic or accommodate the rebels. I’m touched.

There definitely are some responsible republicans. I’m not under any illusion about their policies but at least they are trying to maintain our democracy.

Sharon K,
See my 5:50 am post.
MM knows the rebellion of the radicals will eventually backfire and further damage the R party. The effort focuses everyone on the electoral college, and increases support for its dissolution. He knows no more electoral college means no more R presidents and eventual R party death.

Trump people are walking through statuary hall in the capitol. Are y’all watching this? Scary.

Are they armed?

I mean the crazy protestors.
Where are the police?
Senate being evacuated.
Police have lost control of it. Where is the Dc National guard?

I mean the crazy protestors.
Where are the police?
Senate being evacuated.
Police have lost control of it. Where is national guard?

Reporters haven’t said if they are armed. They don’t know. I’m just watching on msnbc

Reporters haven’t said if they are armed. They don’t know. I’m just watching on msnbc.

The ones I saw walking thru statuary hall just were wearing flags etc. Just walking thru, big as life.
DC mayor called national guard but there is some hang up.

interesting research into origins of proud boys in the first part of this tarot reading

Some are armed per CNN

Beofullwie, usually noon is used for these charts because few people think that real business was conducted during the night or late in the afternoon.

The FBI needs to nail the “Proud Boys” and other fascist groups behind the events of today, and take them down like the crime families of old.

As for Trump, I’ll repeat what I said earlier: Put him on trial for inciting insurrection and violence, and send him to the gallows as an enemy of the people, including those who don’t know better. We have suffered the bastard far longer than he ever deserved.

You don’t get to run your mouth irresponsibly and tear down what took years and years to build because you didn’t get to crown yourself king of something you didn’t want in the first place.

It’s time to bring him down with the 25th. This is why the rule of law matters. A president who doesn’t respect that does not get to be president any longer.

Don’t know when this started but do know the FULL MOON on Dec 29 was conjunct Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer . . Mars was at 26+ ARIES which was sextile US MOON and square US PLUTO . . .

Joe Biden is admirable . . . stepping in to do what Trump should be doing.

Full Moon conjunct Trump Mercury at 8+ Cancer was trine (facilitates) US Ceres 8+ Pisces and Ceres nurtures. US Ceres squares US Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and Uranus shocks and breaks through glass ceilings and, apparently glass windows.

Today it is breaking through the belief this would never happen in the US.

“It’s time to bring him down with the 25th.”

I’m so tired of pundits and politicians saying it “borders” on sedition, insurrection, etc. We’ve already had too many instances, not just today. IT IS sedition and insurrection! I’m tired of the timid language.

I keep hearing politicians, D & R saying DJT needs to speak up, that he is the only one who can stop this, that he should tell his followers to stand down, it’s over, go home, etc. He won’t do it. Even Ivanka and other family members are urging him to get on national TV and do it. I don’t think he will. This is what he wants. I believe he loves it, is enjoying it, and hopes for more. In his mind, they are doing this for him. In his mind, why should they stop?

Eliseo, I think you’re right about that. He hears then tell him the reasons why he should say these things, but more rioting is really what he wants.

Ossoff DID win, by the way.

Eliseo I know you know by now he did – BUT – he did it on tape – not live, the cowerd!

There’s a guy I’ve been following on Twitter who has a Ph.D in data science, worked his ass off during the election, who says these assholes getting into the capitol is a nightmare for national security.

Putin or people like him send people in among the crowd to plant bugs, pop flash drives into computers to download data, to upload programs to capture the data in the future and transmit them to foreign governments.

He said the entire capitol has to be swept for bugs, right down to every electrical outlet, entire computer systems replaced from scratch.

There are photos of rioters sitting at computers left on and unlocked in the capitol, because it was evacuated so quickly.

If you have any doubts Trump wants this to continue, this is great motivation to let those rioters take their time.

These guys are disgusting. Daily Kos has video of POLICE laughing right alongside these terrorists and traitors!

What good are you as a cop if you are LAUGHING and joking right alongside the very people you should have blocked from ever entering the Capitol?

And we know they would have gone full riot gear on BLM and other liberal/minority groups.

But a bunch of Confederate flag waving rednecks and white proud boys are a-ok.

Every single Capitol cop responsible should be fired, criminally prosecuted and banned from ever working in law enforcement ever again.

Teresa Hill, you raise a big concern – that this whole insurrection was or could have been, in part, a smokescreen for getting Putin’s spies into the secure locations in the Capital and compromising all those facilities. This is such a nightmare.

BuckeyeShadow, I saw video online of a Capital police officer opening gates to allow trumpers into the capital complex. They planned this.

Transiting Mars now at 0 Taurus, squares trans. Saturn at 2+ Aquarius and, importantly, exctly square to the Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius conjunction 16 days ago, when the Sun was at 0+ Capricorn. That trine could explain how (or why) this was allowed to happen.

Mercury on that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart was conjunct the Sun, hence the news coverage on every single news channel.

The North Node at 19 Gemini (path forward) opposite the South Node at 19+ Sagittarius was and still is T-squared by trans. Neptune (ignores barriers) at 18+ Pisces, so this is a message (Mercury) of our vulnerability, a heads up if you will.

Scarey as it is, what’s happening is a good thing – a message (Mercury conjunct Sun, aka consciousness) to be prepared for the real thing. The next time the people at the gate will be armed and there will violence – if we don’t heed today’s message.

This crazy-people show stems from the time when transiting Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron were all conjunct the US natal Moon in 2006. Crazy (Neptune) excess (Jupiter) of wounded/wounding (Chiron) people (US Moon) have had 11 years to build up to this point, thanks to Trump, so now we know and will be ready the next time it happens.

Sorry, make that 2009, not 2006 when the triple conjunction to the US Moon took place.

Right now trans. Venus (values) at 27+ Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Center (higher consciousnrss) which opposes the US Constitution chart’s Juno (Inequality) at 27+ Gemini conjunct Jupiter (big pix) at 25+ Gemini, further confirmation that we must address issues of inequality, real or supposed.

This helps to understand today’s events.


Nancy Badass Pelosi says House will reconvene tonight at 8 pm to certify Biden/Harris win.

You gotta love her. Don’t mess with Nancy. I hope she can get enough of Congress back for a quorum. I woulda have wanted to stay in DC or go back into the capitol today.

Interestingly, here’s what she said about the decision to reconvene: in consultation with House Leadership, “the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the Vice President” the Congress will continue tonight with the certification of the vote.”

President out of the loop. He also didn’t call in the National Guard today. Pence did. Not sure that’s legal if Trump is still president.

Steven Sund is head of capitol police, sworn in as head June 2019, after joining the branch in 2017. The fact the police were ‘unprepared’ and the capitol was allowed to be breached almost makes one think he had orders from his boss to allow it to happen.

kiwi, Eliseo – hubby has been saying all day that at least some of the capitol police were in on this insurrection. I agreed… and there’s so much wrong if T* is not marched out of the White House by midnight tonight. At the very least, he’s proven himself to be a National Security problem. 25th him now; impeach and convict him to keep him from -ever- allowing a chance he gets back into gov’t office again.

And, personally, I think all the sturm and drag from Ivanka today is just because she can see all the gov’t contracts going up in smoke before her eyes, and she sees daddy doesn’t care.

slightkc – also, word is that there was a request for national guard resource standby in preparation for today, but that someone denied request.

kiwi, which is probably why the request that was acted upon came from Pence.

meanwhile, highest covid daily stats to date: new cases, just shy of 261K; deaths, 4100.

I think that I read that the Pentagon denied the Nat’l Guard request. I am not sure the police expected this breach to happen today, and I don’t think Trump expected it either. He actually thought a peaceful protest would happen at the Capitol. Either way, I am watching the debate and it is actually somewhat bipartisan with people withdrawing their objections and disparage what happened today, so it appears to have backfired.

On a separate note, I am reading that cabinet members are meeting to consider implementing the 25th amendment. I had mixed feelings about whether this was a good idea as I wouldn’t want to see it further inflame the insurrection. I was talked out of that by people on a FB page (called Friendless in a Red State) who felt that Trump remaining in office would be far more damaging. This was further confirmed by a Republican source who said he speaks to Trump regularly and he that “he is out of mind”. https://crooksandliars.com/2021/01/jim-acosta-reports-gop-source-tells-him

Wow – The National Association of Manufacturers have called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Donald Trump from office to “preserve democracy.”

Sharon, I forcefully disagree that he didnt anticipate chaos. Appeasement will not work. It didnt work with Hitler, and Mary Trump thinks that appeasement of her uncle by republicans thus far has led to today. From a psycological perspective, she feels removing him immediately is imperative

Sharon K,
Respectfully, dear friend I must agree with Kiwi. Mr. T loves chaos and I think he knew the possible and probable outcome when he exhorted his followers this morning to march on the capitol building and to “fight!”

Mr.T has been appeased for too long. Too many have been in denial about him, also for too long. I don’t think there is time for an impeashment. The 25th needs to be declared iimmediately.

Eliseo, Neal Kayal feels that both 25th removal and impeachment can and should happen as quickly as tomorrow. Just 21st will allow him to run again, but Impeachment process can still continue after he is out of office and will prevent him from ever holding office in the future

Guys, I wasn’t saying he should be appeased. I guess it didn’t come out clearly. I am not sure he knew the breach would happen but that is because he is nuts, deluded. If he did want it to happen, that also confirms he is cukoo. Just the fact that he thinks Pence let him down by not reversing the election proves that. I was initially concerned as to whether removing him from office would provoke an even more violent response from his followers but was convinced by others that it’s necessary. People are starting to resign and leave the WH and I think it will continue tomorrow. No one knows what he will do next. In fact, MSNBC showed a shot of the WH tonight and it was pitch black except for the flagpole. I actually think he will be removed in the next few days – either via the 25th amendment or impeachment. From what I remember of impeachment though – it has too long of a timeline. I do hope it doesn’t incite his followers even more but still fear it will. A van was found filled with explosives and weapons across from the RNC/DNC bldg near the metro (something like that). People on FB (and even one of the Congressman speaking tonight) are saying that the insurrectionists today were infiltrated by Antifa and BLM pretending to be Trump supporters. We already know about the mars/uranus square on 1/20. Gulp.

Sharon K – There is (so far) no proof that anyone from the left infiltrated this seditious mob. That is just a way to try and defer their own responsibilities for their behavior.


This has truly been one of the saddest day I have ever lived through.

I’m worried no one is coordinating or leading security response for tomorrow. Lot of those Trump rioters still in town.

If they wake up and hear Biden certified winner overnight, what are they going to do? Can’t trust Capitol Police. I don’t even know who has authority to direct DC Police, plus National Guard, plus hundreds of State Troopers sent there tonight.

Trump can not be allowed to encourage more rioting tomorrow. Sure his cabinet knows that. I hope they do. I hope someone is bringing in law enforcement with riot gear for tomorrow.

Henri, I didn’t believe that for a minute but Trump’s cult seems to. In thinking it over, I don’t think Pence has the balls to invoke the 25th Amendment but, since the Dems have all 3 houses (or will shortly), they may impeach him quickly. Of course, he will be painted as a victim and if it backfired against the Dems, it would be truly unfortunate.

I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be better prepared tomorrow, Teresa. Maybe the streets will be blocked off around the Capitol and other bldgs. I hope Twitter keeps Trump off. It is pretty concerning though.


“The fact the police were ‘unprepared’ and the capitol was allowed to be breached almost makes one think he had orders from his boss to allow it to happen.”

I think that is a fair speculation; if nothing else, the capitol police were woefully under-prepared for the fresh hell that hatched today. It is unforgivable that the capitol police and other law enforcement serving the D.C. area didn’t foresee that there would at least be heightened tension during the Electoral College vote count; kind of a no-brainer huh?


You and your husband may be on to something re:some of the capitol police ‘allowing’ things to get out of control and/or the pathetic response.


“It’s time to bring him down with the 25th.”
Oh, to dream. Nothing could make me kvell more.
I thought I had suffered a psychotic fugue when I was seeing a patient via telehealth and he shared the screen with me on his computer to alert me to the insanity.

The symbolic violence with which the raider who pillaged Speaker Pelosi’s office and desecrated her desk behaved like a mysogynistic rapist. No telling what he would have done had she been in her office. That he should be hanged by his scrotum (if he even has one).

It’s done.

3:32 AM, Biden reached 270 electoral votes.

I hope Trump was watching.

I wouldn’t worry about their scrotums. Besides, I noticed on the videos, perhaps a quarter to a third of these folks are female, and dog-gone-it, their scrotums are damned difficult to find!

No, come to think of it, I believe we are under utilizing our volcanoes. I mean, my gosh! We have 169 of them here. Not only could we use the heat geothermally to produce electricity, but they are excellent places to detain seditionists, insurrectionists, and various sundry traitors. We have the appropriate aircrafts and airships. I’m pretty sure Constitutional apostates can be dropped from extreme heights into the seething, churning, red hot lava below, very likely at little public expense. It’s the perfect venue for them!

Of course, the main reason I’m suggesting volcanic incarceration is because it just takes too darned long to get them down to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench!

Something else sheds light on all this, something in astrology.

The US solar return chart (July, 2020) has a connection to the December 29 Full Moon at 8+ Cancer (and Trump’s Mercury) . . . the US solar return chart’s Mercury at 7+ Cancer (retrograde and 1 degree from the FM on 12/29) was opposite the US solar return Moon (People) at 9+ Cap and they were in a grand cross with the US solar return chart’s Chiron at 9+ Aries opposite Juno at 9+ Libra. Grand cross’s are extremely challenging.

That solar return (SR) Moon at 9+ Cap was also trine the SR Uranus at 9+ Taurus and trine the SR MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo, that opposes the SR IC (aka the roots of the chart) at 8+ Pisces which conjuncts the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces which just had its “Ceres Return”, one day before the new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

These 2 events, the US Ceres Return and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start have nearly identical charts, so Ceres is in the same place in both.

Therefore, the CERES RETURN on Dec. 20 at 8+ Pisces triggered the US solar return chart’s IC (roots) at 8+ Pisces which opposes the US solar return MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo which was in a grand trine with the Moon (people) in Cap and Uranus (shock, breakthrough) in Taurus, while the Dec. 29 full moon at 8+ Cancer triggered the US solar return grand trine and grand cross I described in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs above.

The important thing to remember is that when the US natal Ceres is triggered so is the US natal Uranus that squares her.

So, the US solar return chart’s IC last July triggered her, and the US Ceres Return on 12/20 triggered her, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on 12/21 triggered her, while the Dec. 29 Full Moon triggered the Mercury in the US solar return chart; the IC of which triggered US Ceres and she triggered the US natal Uranus.

This is a wakeup call; no more Mr. Nice Guy tactics will do. We must bite the bullet with Trump and impeach him or do something equally fatal to his reign of terror. It won’t be pretty but the path to healing will be clear and our future generations will be the better for it.

Sharon K,
Sorry, I misunderstood you. Barb is right. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

The event has suddenly reversed attitudes for many. The day before the riot General McCaffrey was against a 2nd impeachment. He now believes it is essential to our survival.

Sharon K,
Sorry, I misunderstood you. Barb is right. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

The event has suddenly reversed attitudes for many. The day before the riot General McCaffrey was against a 2nd impeachment. He now believes it is essential to our survival.

It occurs to me the capitol riot is an apt symbolic encapsulation of the entire trump era –

Interesting shift for the Republicans–well except Hawley and Cruz anyhow. But those two fools have no place else to go. They bet it all on Trump, and just lost big time.

Even Trump’s BFF Lindsey Graham seems to have woken up to the fact that yesterday’s events represent the crossing of a line that should never have been danced with in the first place.

Curious indeed how Republicans sober up when their lives are literally on the line. We’ll see how long this new face lasts. Talk about unmasking their cynicism though.

To be certain, yesterday was a very bad day for them, and there will be many more bad days to come, but it will be far worse for Trump and his loyalists, including the QAnoners in Congress.

You can stick a fork in the Trump name in politics. The gig is up for his kids and their absurd grifter political ambitions, too.

In spite of the Capitol chaos, I feel so blessed that Warnock and Ossoff won (and both are out of mandatory recount territory). I feel so grateful that my husband and I were able to support their elections. Now the Biden administration will be able to organize and speed up vaccinations. By the way, I noticed that one of my senators was among those who objected to the electoral results. I plan to work just as hard to rid my state of him.

Eliseo–“underutilizing our volcanoes”–ha ha!

Watching the mob roaming about Congress was emotional for me–shock, sadness, and outrage. But now many Republicans seem to see where their enabling and appeasement have led. It’s sea change in attitudes toward Trump and his cult. I’m grateful for the wins by Ossoff and Warnock. Being from Georgia and living there until age 22, I still cannot believe Georgia went blue. Wish my mom was alive to see it.

My Trumper sister-in-law, when asked if she had changed her mind about Trump, said “Certainly not. Now we have their attention.” But I think now they will get the kind of attention they deserve.

This also helps to understand current events from an astrological point of view.



Republicans played with fire.

Yesterday, they got burned.

They had it coming to them for awhile.

And even now, not all of them seem to have learned their lesson–Cruz and Hawley, and likely others too. I’m curious if some of these seditious fools got their picture taken with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Yesterday was bad.

The fire next time–and the damage it causes–will be far more grievous.


“I wouldn’t worry about their scrotums. Besides, I noticed on the videos, perhaps a quarter to a third of these folks are female, and dog-gone-it, their scrotums are damned difficult to find!”

Howling here! I needed the belly laugh.

Teresa Hill on January 7th, 2021 at 3:36 am: “It’s done”

I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who was determined to see the certification through to the end. I will admit when the guy stood up and objected to Wisconsin I was ready to throw a shoe at the TV! (LOL) BTW, did you notice how he just kind of slinked back down to his seat when Pence asked if his objection was signed by a senator?

I’m disheartened today, tho not surprised, at what I’m seeing coming out of R mouths today. The spin coming from them is so preposterous. I don’t think we’ll see any accountability for yesterday where they are concerned, and it seems only social media is willing to hold Trump to accountability.

Between that, and all the resignations, if I were one of our country’s enemies, I’d be moving up attack plans. We have a completely hollowed out, non-functioning government at the moment, which will only become worse over the next two weeks. What a perfect opportunity for malfeasance.

I don’t like Pence; I don’t trust Pence. He’s a Xtianist who moved from a respected sect to Dominionism for the chance at power in the new theocracy he hopes to build. But I will give him credit where it’s due — he acquitted himself well last night as they were finishing up the certifications.

“if I were one of our country’s enemies, I’d be moving up attack plans. We have a completely hollowed out, non-functioning government at the moment, which will only become worse over the next two weeks. What a perfect opportunity for malfeasance.”

I’ve had this concern ever since Biden/Harris won. The Donald has everyone focused on him. Meanwhile, look what’s happening in Hong Kong, — but no one pays attention. Is Taiwan next? Same with Russia, Iran, and other nations with predatory ambitions.

If Stumble-Bum is not a Russian asset or agent, he does a spot on imitation of one. Inciting an assault, albeit a very amateur one on our capitol building is a great way to distract us all. God/Goddess knows what dark deeds are transpiring behind our backs.

The degenerate, depraved, poisonous serpent in the WH must be removed asap, hopefully before 20 January. The longer he is there, the more time our enemies have to harm us or our democratic allies.

I believe You & David are surely correct there was collusion between some of the Capitol Police and yesterday’s insurrectionists. I also suspect there may have been a few Russian operatives amongst the crowd. No telling what information they may have gleaned as they sat at the senators and representatives computers.

Yesterday, 6 January we saw an insurrectional assault on the capitol building, a spiritual test for us all, and in the western liturgical calendar the feast day of Epiphany.

Yesterday WAS also a genuine political epiphany for many. It will be interesting to see for how many R’s in Congress it was an Aha moment upon which they can or will act appropriately, holding all accountable who were involved.

Eliseo. you are right about Russia. This from Buzzfeed:

Someone who only speaks Russian and has a Russian interpreter is currently being arraigned for unlawful entry and curfew violation, same as the other rioters, though she said that she doesn’t understand b/c she “didn’t enter anything.” I did not catch her name but she lives in OR


It gets worse — Rep. Swalwell on MSNBC’s is suggesting the attack on the Capital may have had inside help. Gohmert, Hawley, Cruz are names being mentioned.

This coup attempt seems to go deep into our government.

Also, I doubt that they will do the 25th. I wonder if that is why the Secretary of Transportation is stepping down. Maybe she tried to get the others to act and no one would do it.

It’s even worse than that, silcominc:

New: Acosta says insiders report Trump is “unstable, ranting, raving”–worried over nuclear codes


He’s gone full-blown psychotic. His ego is collapsing. He cannot handle that he is losing everything. He simply does not lose.

and then there is this….they stole classified documents when they were inside….this is a very large conspiracy and it seems to have a Russian connection. Russia and the rightwing militias have been very tight for several years now.


He must be removed, as there’s no telling what else he will try to do during these final days.

Yesterday was awful and proof enough. Do we need any more evidence that Trump is completely unhinged and a threat to every person on Earth in his position?

I think maybe Chao resigned to keep from being fired by Trump in revenge for Mitch not doing what Trump wanted, and especially for his speech in Congress last night.

I wish they would get Trump out immediately, but not sure they can pull off the 25th amendment option. And they could do impeachment but it probably couldn’t happen before the 20th.

Our Capitol building is a maze with multiple floors and over 535 offices. Yet somehow, insurrectionists knew how to find Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office easily and quickly. I find that very curious.

Reports are VP Pence is not interested and has no intention of invoking the 25th amendment. Were the 25th invoked and enacted, we would have a crazy but more functional kook as president. Mr. Pence IS a Dominionist nut with political views similar to Mr. Trump’s. We might be better off in the sense that Mr. P would probably not nuke anybody, but otherwise I’m not sure how much better off beyond that we would be.

A new untried president might make us as well as our allies equally vulnerable as under Mr. Trump to the predations of foreign enemies.

We are extremely lucky the armed mob was an amateur one with no clear focus. Imagine what a well trained, better organized militia might have accomplished. A more professional group would have likely either killed or taken as hostages senators and congresspersons. If we don’t enact tough measures of accountability and do it quickly we will probably not be so lucky next time.

I strongly believe we should loudly expect Republicans to start impeachment and not Dems. They will leave us holding our bag of righteousness alone, again. We know who he is and how much he needs to be gone, now and prevented from ever holding any office again. And we also know who the Republicans are and how only a very few current members of congress will vote for impeachment along with the scores of FORMER political leaders. No. We should not ever fall into that trap again, no matter how true and righteous the cause. Republicans need to stand up and take responsibility and do the heavy lifting on this impeachment. If he pulls other seditious acts, let it be on the Republicans who support him.

I worked for a hospital for 30 years before retiring and held 4 different positions, none of them associated directly with patient care. I could not handle a job like that. Yet I did once video a surgery from atop a ladder with my camera pointed at a gapping hole in a man’s stomach. I never did that again.

Watching, or worse yet, performing surgery is a ghastly experience to go through for someone like me with a low tolerence for the sight of blood and innards, but even worse is being the patient whose life depends on that surgery. The US is being prepped for surgery and it ain’t fun, but this surgery can and will save its life.

We must steel ourselves for the sight of blood and guts over the next few years, because we love the patient, our homeland, and because we would not survive ourself without it. If I can do it, anyone can do it, but it takes courage, and a great deal of love for our county.

Five days from now the New Moon (23+ Capricorn) conjuncts transiting Pluto (24+ Capricorn) that opposes the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) + the US progressed North Node (26+ Cancer) sextiled by the US progressed Neptune (26-25 Virgo).

This New Moon + Pluto opposite US Mercury + US prog. North Node is T-squared by trans, Eris (23+ Aries) – just 3 degrees from US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) which is sextile US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini. This is going to be a surgical process, one of many, that will be required to heal our patient and the patient will require the support of all of us. Mask up everybody and breathe deep.

Eliseo, I had the thought today that perhaps the Michigan capitol takeover attempt was a trial run for yesterday for some of the militia involved. The ends were, ostensibly the same — kidnap, kangaroo trials, execution… or lock the doors and burn the whole thing down.

Someone above mentioned Pelosi’s office. Evidently, even -harder- to find is the Parliamentarians office. You have to go thru a maze of hallways to get to it. It’s not a simple left/right off the rotunda, according to Pelosi’s daughter. And it looks like they destroyed it worse than even Pelosi’s office.

We’re in trouble, because it doesn’t seem like the people who -could- do anything about this are interested in following up. Pence won’t do 25th; I think because by osmosis he’s too involved in knowing what happened. Other than 1 R, there’s no Repubs with their hair on fire and have actually begun trying to spin it to the leftists fault! There’s been some blowback, but it’s from like MSNBC and larger corporations. Not sure how the latter is gonna help, except maybe the only way to get thru to these idiot R’s is thru their PACs.

Biden is already infuriating me; saying he has no stomach for impeachment of Trump. If he can’t get the cajones to impeach a threat to National Security, how are we to trust he’ll be able to stand up to Russia or China? Who knows what was grabbed from the Capitol. Markey’s laptop was taken, I read… and something about some equity documents (I’m dumb… don’t know what those are) but that’s just what they know about -at the moment- what a mess! Putin must be SO thrilled. He sure got his money’s worth out of Trump.

I just got word from my sister-in-law. My brother developed breathing problems, was transferred to ICU, and is now on a feeding tube. We are all pretty worried.

Regarding whether the Michigan capitol takeover attempt might have been a trial run:
I don’t think these guys are all that strategic in their thinking, but who knows?  


“I think maybe Chao resigned to keep from being fired by Trump in revenge for Mitch not doing what Trump wanted, and especially for his speech in Congress last night.”

A very plausible insight.


Prayers and hopes for your brother’s speedy recovery.

Thank You, Will.
I very much appreciate your kindness.
As the crow flies, I’m about 2000 miles away from my brother in SE Texas. Due to serious travel restrictions (rational covid precautions) it is not practical for me to drive or travel down to Texas to help my sister-in-law, and besides she tested positive but with zero symptoms. What with the risk involved with catching the disease from her, and/or the traveling, and the expense and quarantine requirements, etc. it makes no sense to make the journey.

What a bizarre situation! Due to the pandemic, I’m unemployed. As I’m unemployed, I have the time to assist. But again due to the pandemic it is not practical to travel. Therefore, any direct help I would be like to give can’t happen right now.

Frustrating…very frustrating.

Heated discussions on impeachment and/or invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president from office have many wondering whether that approach will prove to be too little, too late. The argument goes, it is impractical, Far too time consuming given that Trump has only twelve days left in office. Left to his own devices however, the damage Trump can inflict on our country, leaving the security of the nation in serious jeopardy, vulnerable to outside foreign attacks is of extreme concern. That’s the dilemma lawmakers are presently facing. I have reason to believe Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues are contemplating something much more comprehensive, sweeping and thorough. The odds are, at the right opportunity, Trump and his many minions will be rapidly taken into custody and charged with sedition and other numerous charges.


As written earlier, astrologically the most logical time frame this could happen would have to be the period between the January 13th New Moon and the Jan 17th Jupiter-Uranus square. This New Moon closely conjoins Pluto in precise opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn. It will also activate last January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction. This New Moon conjoins the Republican Party’s natal Jupiter (23 ’00 Capricorn) – denoting transition? Simultaneously, the Jan 13th New Moon has an explosive Mars-Saturn square (3 ’04 Aquarius-Taurus) forming harsh semisquare/ sesquiquadrate angles to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 ’53 Gemini). EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Here’s the January 13th New Moon chart for quick reference………


Here’s a run-down on the aspects coming up in the near term, extracted from the Forever Conscious website……..

January 6 – Mars Enters Taurus

Mars has been touring Aries since June 2020, but it now enters the sign of Taurus. Mars normally moves through each sign of the zodiac with speed making its extra-long stay in Aries unusual. We have had a lot to learn while Mars has been in Aries, as Mars also went retrograde in this sign too, but now it’s time to move on. We may feel a shift of energy as Mars exits Aries for Taurus, we may also find that any delays or conflicts that were active in mid to late 2020 now come to a close.

January 12/13 – Capricorn New Moon

This New Moon has some interesting energy. It falls at 23 degrees of Capricorn, which was around the same degree that the Saturn Pluto conjunction took place back in January of 2020. Some old wounds from this time may be triggered, we may even receive new information or insights in regards to the pandemic or government restrictions. While this New Moon may reactivate some of this energy, it may also refresh it too. We may start to see things in a new light, or perhaps some new information filters through that guides us to view things in a new way. This New Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn, making it highly ambitious and a good time to get some hard or challenging tasks out of the way. While it does carry some heavy energy, there is also the opportunity here to channel this into fuel for our own rebirth. After all, it’s the first New Moon of the year, making it a good time to get to work on those new year goals.

January 13 – Mars Square Saturn

This is the final in a series we have been working with for the last few months. Mars Square Saturn can bring some heightened tensions and may trigger old wounds that we saw unfolding in mid-2020. This energy can also bring a clash between establishments and the people. While it is a tense alignment, it is also a good time to find any strength or motivation that is needed. As this is the final of three alignments, we may also receive some closure at this time.

January 14 – Uranus goes Direct

Uranus has been retrograde since August 2020, but it is now turning direct. This direct motion of Uranus gives us no major planets in retrograde. We haven’t experienced this for a long time! While this is great forward-moving energy, Mercury has also just entered its shadow period as it prepares to go retrograde at the end of the month. Things will start slowing down in the weeks to come so act sooner rather than later if it feels right.

January 17 – Jupiter Square Uranus

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and Uranus is the planet of change. This combination could bring some rebellious or combative energy. It can also bring some new information or insights to the surface that require swift change. On deeper levels, this energy is amazing for awakenings and choosing to see things from a new vantage point. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.



How deep does this coup go?


On May 22, 1856 in Washington DC, South Carolina Congressman Preston Brooks beat Massachusetts abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner bloody, black and blue with his cane on the senate floor, after Sumner delivered an anti-slavery speech. Sumner came very near to death from the incident, but survived and after a years long recovery served as senator for 18 more years.

The event is never listed as one of the causes of the Am. Civil War, but it had a profoundly polarizing and poisoning psychological effect on both Southern and Northern legislators at the federal and state levels. It served to harden attitudes and hearts. Brooks and Sumner were each regarded as heroes to their respective regions.

Early in the morning of January 7th, 2021, hours after the Epiphany day assault and during the resumed electoral count, Dem Congressman Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania, in a fiery speech confronted the PA R’s who objected to the count, on their hypocrisy and lying. He noted the voting method rules the R’s were objecting to were put into legislative being by those selfsame R objectors! He overtly asserted that Republican lies had “inspired” Wednesday’s rioting at the Capitol.

The PA R’s went ballistic, yelling and screaming, moving toward the Congressman with obvious intent to beat the bejesus out of him. Fortunately, the brawl was quelled quickly, before it could even start by plain clothes capitol police. The obstreperous R’s never got near Congressman Lamb, went back to their seats while Speaker Pelosi restored order.

The historical parallels are both similar and different. The first event involves two individuals who each represent opposing factions in a deep and profound culture war. The latter event involves a group against an individual, but again each represents opposing factions in a culture war.

In both cases we have one side comfortable with and eager to use violence to silence a truth teller, the other courageous enough to drop all pretense in presenting the truth. In both cases the incident occurred with legislators in Congress, in the Capitol building itself. Both cases involve an angry, seditious, lie loving cabal vs a truth loving, righteous man. Fortunately, Mr. Lamb was not beaten mercilessly. Senator Sumner was not so lucky.

May 22, 1856 vs. January 7th, 2021.
A 165 year difference. These two events are surely connected spiritually, and karmically. I’ll leave the specific astrology to those of you who are interested and have greater skills than mine.

The Business Insider story was fascinating! Very dark, but fascinating!
Mucho Gracias!
Many Thanks!
Merci Beaucoup!

The thrust of it is what I too suspected. Back in the 90’s I worked in the criminal justice system, often in concert with local police officers and sheriff’s deputies. I’m no expert, but I know basic police procedures. But I don’t believe one needs any particular expertise to see that ordinary practice was not executed.

I love the metaphor Steve Schmidt used a couple of months ago. He said, “Donald Trump was our second president of the confederacy.” I pray he goes down for sedition and insurrection, along with all of his enablers and compadres. Orange suits for them all, 20 years, heavy fines, and no probation.

Very Interesting material! Thank You!
I do hope you are correct in your surmisal Nancy Pelosi and company are planning swift, broad, comprehensive action. Evidence emerging supports the need for that.
See the Business Insider story silcominc refernces above.


165 years = Neptune Return

Buckeye Shadow

Do you remember your reply to me about the possible fall of Trump regarding Regulus conj his ascendant @ 29 Leo?

I did and revisited it yesterday.

I don’t know if any astrologers are focusing on Regulus playing a role as we see Trump’s dramatic fall day by day.

Thanks again.


“Izzy, as for Regulus and Trump’s Ascendant, that is correct. Any star on an angle of the chart is considered significant in a natal chart, bringing the star’s influence into prominence. That is even more so for Regulus, which is supposed to bring recognition and power, both socially and in terms of wealth and office. Which fits DT’s story pretty well.

The other side of it that people don’t mention, is what happens to a king who misuses power – usually he gets the boot in a disgraceful way or survives only because he becomes a dictator. The problem for kings (or presidents, or dictators) is that they are AT the top of the heap once they get there and afterwards they have nowhere to go but down.

Which brings up the fascinating fact that DT’s chart also happens to have Caput Algol, the very star for losing your head on his Midheaven (it’s also known as the Medusa’s head – check out the Greek myth). It’s a revengeful star. DT’s MC is at 24 Taurus 18, and Algol was 1 degree off that point at the time he was born.

It is interesting that we even know this about DT’s chart because most leaders’ and kings’ exact birth times are not known or published – if so, it is most often just the date, but not the precise time of birth, which ‘sets’ the Ascendant and Midheaven.

DT’s published birth certificate happens to give the time to the minute (it doesn’t mean, however, that it was very precisely recorded, but it could have been – no way to know).

So, which star is going to win out in the end, or will it be both? Will he “lose his head” or get the boot first? Most would say he’s lost his head already!

You know the old saying, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. It’s hard to make a graceful exit when your time is up as the regent. Kings often don’t enjoy retirement much or very long (and in England and other countries the expectation is that once crowned, the monarch rules until death).

I suppose that is a good reason for clinging to power so desperately, as many kings and dictators have done in history.

Most people never think of the tough spot that a king puts himself in (or herself, nowadays) when the crown plops on his noggin. In the past, it really was a life sentence.

Shakespeare wrote a few really good plays on this dilemma, which kings almost inevitably face. It is one of the main reasons the founders decided that the US should became a republic instead of a new kingdom (though the royalists tried). The idea was that the transition to power was going to be a whole lot smoother and less people would get hurt if nobody was ENTITLED to be a king for life – hence, term limits.

Smart people like Obama carried off this transition from president back to ordinary (well, not very ordinary) citizen beautifully. That is thanks to the US constitution. Leaders in many other countries with democratic governments see their leaders live long, productive lives, too, after their tour of duty is done – no need to lose your head at all.

With DT, having already ‘lost his mind’ at least, it remains to be seen what will happen. It doesn’t seem that he’s headed for a very peaceful retirement, but maybe Mar a Lago won’t be so bad, if he can get there. We surely do hope that he gets ‘elected’ to permanent retire”


This happens this weekend.

Eliseo deep prayers for your brother Charles’s lungs and breathing ability. May he make a strong recovery.

This week’s events were the first clear manifestation of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Uranus rules Aquarius and is in a conservative and materialistic sign. The schocking extremism of the dark side of Uranus will counter the progressive effects of the conjunction with sudden and violent action. Uranus will bring to the far right its capacity to innovate and surprise. Being the ruler of Aquarius, its negative contribution will bring out the worst of that sign as well: bitterly alienated communities and feral groupthink.

Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol by an unorganized mob encouraged by Republican politicians may be only the prologue to a troubled Biden term. It took place the day Mars, the agressive firebrand, entered Taurus, the sign of stubborn and fixed intransigence, on its way to a conjunction with Uranus on January 20, the day of the Inauguration. Coming days will be increasingly dramatic. Whatever he says now, Trump will not go quietly.

All this is emotionally upsetting to Biden, because his Moon at 0 Taurus is in the direct line of fire of the Jupiter-Saturn square to Uranus, an aspect which will have major effects for many years well beyond his term. His term chart will basically repeat that aspect and include the Sun in it, meaning the President. This is not a world he can easily recognize. His appeals to moderation, traditional dignity and unity are likely to fall on deaf ears on both sides of the aisle.

The 46th President may over time increasingly be seen to be ineffective for three reasons: horrendous circumstances on multiple levels he may at times find overwhelming, the fanatical intransigence of the far right led more and more by a new generation of emboldened leaders who have succumbed to the authoritarian impulse such as Josh Hawley, and Biden’s own mistake in refusing to share power with the progressive wing of his own party, which may be more resolute in fighting right-wing nihilism and is likely to capture the Democratic nomination in 2024 if his Administration fails to fight it effectively.


With the death of a fifth person, a Capitol Washington DC police officer who succumbed to his injuries from the ill-fated attempted coup at the Capitol building, the situation has become increasingly serious and taken on new urgency. Impeachment proceedings might take place as early as the middle of next week according to the following article (posted at the bottom of this page).

Mid week curiously enough is Wednesday January 13th. Possible scenario? Nancy Pelosi with Congressional backing will pull out all the stops and furnish devastating, irrefutable evidence of criminal activity (including possible complicity in the planning of the siege at the Capitol building – perhaps paying off security guard officials to not resist the onslaught?).

CRUNCH TIME: The January 17th Jupiter-Uranus square (6 ’44 Aquarius-Taurus) will semisquare/ sesquiquadrate Trump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition (21 – 22 Gemini-Sagittarius). Mind you, Uranus is still standing stationary at this point in time adding power to the configuration. Will Mitch McConnell and other Republican senators come to the conclusion that Trump’s position is no longer tenable, that all Republican support has evaporated? Time for Trump to leave? Federal officials will step in and make their arrests en masse. I fear however this doesn’t bode well for the Jan 20th Inauguration. Trump supporters will predictably launch violent protests in the aftermath. Looks like a fairly dangerous period for all concerned.

Trump Impeachment Vote Could Come as Early as Middle of Next Week, House Dems Say

The Daily Beast
January 8, 2021

House Democrats will press ahead with an impeachment vote on President Trump as soon as the middle of next week, according to Assistant House Speaker Katherine Clark (D-MA). “Donald Trump needs to be removed from office and we are going to proceed with every tool that we have to make sure that happens to protect our democracy,” she told CNN’s New Day on Friday morning. “If reports are correct, and Mike Pence is not going to uphold his oath of office and remove the president and help protect our democracy, then we will move forward with impeachment to do just that.” Pressed further on the timing, Clark said she’s aware there is “limited time” to impeach the outgoing president, but there are “procedural tools” they can use to get articles of impeachment to the floor “as fast as possible.” Pressed again, she said that could be “as early as mid next week.”


Andre: Eloquently said as always.

I looked ahead at Biden’s transits and in 2022 he has Pluto, the ruler of his chart, trine his Sun and Venus. The tail end of Neptune trine his Mercury and sprinkled among these longer transits are a few nice Jupiter aspects, and some minimal negative Saturn aspects.

Perhaps 2022 will be a better year for him?

A little something from Randy Rainbow for your viewing pleasure:

Biden has so much to do to get covid under control as well as the mess that Trump is leaving. As far as a rift with the progressives, his cabinet looks like Obama’s third term. Biden can’t appoint Warren and Bernie to the cabinet. Both represent states with Republican governors who might feel obligated to appoint Republicans in their places. Also, Biden’s Democratic majority is very recent. He was emotional after the capitol riot but so was I. I see a rift in the Republican Party and if House Republicans, Josh Hawley, or Cruz continue to play up to the Maga crowd, I see Republican losses. The Maga crowd appears to prefer more crazy than craven.

Biden has been speaking for quite a while now. He is announcing the commerce, labor and SBA picks and laying part of what he wants to see happen in these areas.

He and Bernie discussed it and decided that although Bernie would have been a wonderful choice for labor secretary, that Bernie is needed in the Senate right now and it was Bernie’s preference to stay there.

Great to see be able to visualize what is coming down the pike instead of dwelling on this Trump horror story. Trump could have left gracefully and maintained something of a legacy but he did us a favor yesterday. Now so many more see the truth about him and I do believe that the Democrats are somewhat vindicated.

This is what I just posted on FB — I think what happened was almost inevitable and it was needed to show the country the true picture of what Trump had and continued to create. Not everyone wants to see the truth and they will continue to fight it, but many will come to their senses. I am sorry for those who died. I have also heard that laptops were stolen and possible security documents. Very unsafe security situation. There are actually people in police forces who are siding with those who stormed the Capitol yesterday — many of whom are extremists and have been looking for a way to re-create 1776 for many years. They were anti-government before Trump came into the picture, as seen with the underground militias who stock piled weapons for many years, and then the Tea Party and all this 2nd amendment stuff, promoting the lie that the Democrats were going to take their guns away. They fancy themselves the true Patriots but most people in the country know that our government was set up to function well and it will continue to, whether we have Republicans or Democrats in control, as long as our leaders are sane. Trump is not mentally healthy, and the fact that he pushed the election fraud narrative, after 60 courts did not support it, is proof. The Republicans pretended not to see it and some were afraid of his tweets and ability to sway voters.

PS: I could have written it a little better but I think it’s clear enough.

Quintile, I would consider Jupiter to be the ruler of Biden’s chart since his ASC is SAG. Biden’s Jupiter placement is excellent for his country as it is conjunct the Constitution Uranus, nearly conjunct US Mercury and opposes US Pluto while the Pluto return is happening. But Pluto rules his Scorpio Sun and is therefore significant as well.

I haven’t looked closely yet at his chart for 2022. However, Pluto in Aquarius will be square his Moon in November 2024 at the next presidential election.
This would indicate a very difficult time for him. There are different ways to consider this, and we’ll have to wait a while to find out which is most likely. One possible interpretation is he has to relinquish power and to ensure a transition to someone he doesn’t like. That person may come out of his own party.

I think the greater point here is that when Pluto enters Aquarius, the standoff between Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius and Uranus in the Great Conjunction chart of last December 21 will be resolved in favor of the former. I see this as meaning that progressive social change should accelerate because of a more forceful policy towards the far right by a new President.

In addition, the Biden Administration chart has a Mars-Uranus conjunction square Saturn. The Trump Administration also had a Mars-Saturn square, which is generally a recipe for frustration and underachievement. The TA, while they had their proud moments and a limited number of mostly regrettable achievenments, certainly lived up to that. If the same thing happens to the BA, it will obviously be for very different reasons. The presence of Uranus will only compoiund that problem. There is currently a transiting Mars-Saturn square exact next week which may be clue of things to come.

Finally, Nancy Pelosi had Saturn at 0 Taurus at birth exactly square Pluto at 0 Leo. Both are hit by the Grand Conjunction on the winter solstice square Uranus. She will clearly have another intense two-year term as Speaker. And her Saturn is on Biden’s Moon, which does not make an easy-going relationship. Some difficulties may emerge there. Already, it is clear he is no fan of her second impeachment. And I’m not sure he is happy that she called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff because in his view she may be adding needless drama to a volatile situation.

Andre, Just a little interjection…

Having watched Biden speak today, I want to say that he very warmly referred to Bernie as “my friend, Bernie” in a way that sounded like truth, not a platitude. I believe the Sanders & Warren want Biden to succeed, both for the country and for the Democrats ability to govern successfully. I would venture to say that people like AOC and Omar also would feel this way and put country first (as well as the coherence of the party, being that there is so much outside opposition & interference).

Yes, there will be stress for Biden and I hope his health is intact through it all. I see him as a calm, measured anchor for the country who will hold things together through the storm. He speaks in a calm, measured way (maybe he meditates) and I think that he has a great deal of inner strength. Who knows but the uranus transits might even help. Uranus has a way of cutting through the crap and the static.

The only thing that cowers Trump and bullies is the show of ‘strength’ – IMO if impeachment is not forcefully followed thru on, it will only reinforce repubs mantra that ‘dems are weak’.

I concur. Fascists/Nazis/Autocrats/Bullies like Trump won’t and don’t stop on their own. They only cease and desist when forced to. They manipulate, threat, cajole, etc in the expectation their victims will appease and placate them.

I truly like Joe Biden. My perception of him is of one who likes ro compromise and make mutually beneficial deals. He believes that approach unifies. Under normal circumstances that works. But these are not normal people and we are not living in normal times. I pray he can self transcend enough so as to be sufficiently tough minded with our domestic and foreign enemies.

One other thing I want to say – the prime thought I had on the day was akin to – ‘this is like storming of the bastille’. A bunch of poor people sucked into trying to overthrow what they consider to be the oppressors – except that their perception is upside down because of the lies they have been told. How do we counter/diffuse the lies? How does deprograming work?


“The 46th President may over time increasingly be seen to be ineffective for three reasons: horrendous circumstances on multiple levels he may at times find overwhelming, the fanatical intransigence of the far right led more and more by a new generation of emboldened leaders who have succumbed to the authoritarian impulse such as Josh Hawley, and Biden’s own mistake in refusing to share power with the progressive wing of his own party, which may be more resolute in fighting right-wing nihilism and is likely to capture the Democratic nomination in 2024 if his Administration fails to fight it effectively.”

Balderdash, albeit eloquently written. More hyperbolic negative fortune-telling, fear-mongering and unwarranted criticism of the President Elect. This is precisely the kind of hyper-ventilating hysteria and “circular firing squad” rhetoric that turns the liberal and progressive elements of our electorate on itself and shatters it into dysfunctional incoherence.

Once again, Andre, you seem to be getting carried away with forcefully putting forth not just your personal astrological interpretations, but your own intentions for U.S. governance which does not queue with the heart of the nation. I have to be forthright – there is a sadistic feel to the negative forcefulness of some of your posts. We don’t need more pain right now. For the love of God, ease up will you? I appeal to your higher angels to tone your rhetoric down. You are not shaping policy in this country – the voters are. We have spoken. Biden won handily. We love a lot about Bernie but he didn’t get nominated or elected because he’s not so effective with practice the compromising give-and-take that is essential to the democratic process; rather, he is known to be an overbearing ideologue; think the Bernie Bros violence as the counterpart to Proud Boys. We didn’t like them either.

Its time for this nation to come to the middle. The middle is livable and functional and is in keeping with Wisdom. The Buddha spoke frequently about the Wisdom of the middle path. We are not a socialist country because we have seen socialism prove to be disastrous. We are a democratic republic with a smattering of tailored socialistic elements that have proven helpful and popular.

You can count on me to comment rigorously on your genuinely eloquent but oft inaccurate and manic prognostications. I am not in possession of your well-honed writing chops you have but I’ll manage to get my points across with some efficacy. En garde mon frere!

Will, en garde indeed. You seem to be under the mistaken notion that you have a proprietary relationship with this blog. I totally, profoundly and strongly dispute that view. You are not the thought police. You are not an ideological enforcer. You are not the negative side of Saturn in Aquarius.

The person who will deprive me of critical thinking, freedom of expression and an independent mind is not even born. That person is definitely not you nor anyone else on this blog.

If my writing is too strong or potent for your sensibilities, skip it or shove it.

Twitter has permanently suspended Trump’s twitter account. 4 years too late… but finally…
I seldom post but been reading Nancy’s valuable blog for many many years… Happy New Year to all you wonderful astrologers


There have been retweets of some postings online about Jan. 17th being the next day for Trumpers to storm Washington.

Videos of some rioters show them walking out of the capitol past police and saying that they’d be back and more heavily armed the next time.


I remember people here saying Biden seemed especially stressed at this time, the weight of the task in front of him becoming more evident.

He certainly has that now. We are putting a huge burden on him.

I’m okay with him sounding conciliatory and focusing on the future, as long as he has other people concentrating on rooting out every awful thing Trump and his enablers did and seeing them punished. We need both, but Biden doesn’t have to do both.

Ok, ok, ok….no bickering please.

We do have to impeach. I agree, even though it will inflame and maybe even increase the rebels.

I see Biden as calm and steady but he has all that Scorpio and Taurus – fixed signs. When has Scorpio ever, ever been weak? He has a lot of strength but he has learned to temper it in his communication and, we’ve been told, he has a temper, too (who doesn’t?). He will hold this together.

I don’t trust Trump though and feel impeachment is necessary. I am worried about 1/20/21 though. I worry there will be armed clashes and explosives with the mars/uranus square (?)

You are both way too intelligent & are among our best, most intelligent posters. I for one believe that Biden will use his Scorpio powers of the eagle, scorpion & phoenix to manage these challenging situations.

Eliseo, Doris Kearns Goodwin just told your story on CNN about Charles Schumer (sp?) being beaten in 1856.

I agree with much of Rick Wilson’s opinion

Kiwi, he’s about to be on Brian Williams.

Aw shucks Sharon, I was enjoying a little bickering between the boys . .you know, boys will be boys, and the nerves of our nation have been pushed to the max, so letting off steam with words is a legit outlet IMO; ain’t it?

I say blow it all out boys, until Nancy closes down our play house, and she just might!

I do agree with you Sharon, they “are among our best most intelligent posters”, not that that is required, is it? Oh, and will, I kinda like your writing chops just fine . . . you know, sticks and stones and all that jazz?


It is not your thoughts, its your rhetoric. You are posting on a blog that is made up almost entirely of Americans who have been born here, lived here, been baptized here, loved here, struggled here, been sick here, worked here, paid their taxes here, buried their dead here and it is Americans who vote here.

You have not. Mind your manners.

Mon Dieu, of course you can write whatever you wish. I wouldn’t dream of skipping over your opulent word-smithing and take on astrology. Not only will I read your posts, I will offer scorching commentary upon them if I deem it necessary.

Lets get nice and comfy now, shall we?


Thank you!


What barbk says.


Yes. I noticed that an hour after posting…….

“…Twitter says users discussing second attack on U.S. Capitol on Jan. 17: “Plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off-Twitter, including a proposed secondary attack on the US Capitol and state capitol buildings on January 17, 2021,” the company said in a post explaining why it permanently suspended President Trump.”

The rationale for January 17th to be the date of Trump’s departure can be explained as follows – Jupiter denoting transition – Uranus signifying a sudden event. Because the Jan 17th Jupiter-Uranus square forms harsh angles to Trump’s natal Sun-Moon opposition, it’s not unreasonable to assume a major breakthrough could happen here, but to Trump’s detriment. Could this date also indicate an escalation in the Trump supporters angry effort to launch an insurrection against the govt.? Could be.

Here is Astrology King’s definition of that astrological aspect….

Jupiter Square Uranus Transit

Jupiter square Uranus transit can indicate a sudden change in life direction or sudden change in fortunes. Big opportunities could be close at hand. However, impatience and a strong urge to break free of restrictions could lead to unwanted disruption and unexpected events. So the key with this transit is to proceed with caution, choosing which opportunities to follow and risks to take with some moderation.

Extravagance and erratic behavior could lead to losses, so do not seek change just for the sake of change. The strong need to explore the unorthodox side of life can lead to more personal freedom, excitement, and flashes of insight. But again, caution is required because you are more suggestible to all kinds of weird and even dangerous ideas and schemes.”

On a lighter note, the permanent ban on Trump’s Twitter account and Trump’s subsequent attempt to use the POTUS Twitter account (which was also taken down), spawned a series of very humorous posts depicting Trump’s failed efforts. Here’s one…….


Key to what might be significant to the symbolism of the Inauguration chart is the MERCURY (18+ Aquarius) trine the North Node (19+ Gemini) that form a GRAND TRINE with the US progressed Mars at 17+ Libra + US Constitution Neptune, both of which are conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn at 17+ Libra.

This Inauguration chart’s North Node is still within orb of being conjunct the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini that squares the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction last January was trine US Neptune.

This Inauguration chart’s Moon at 29+ Aries will conjunct the Mars at 29+ Aries at the time of the assault in Washington on Wednesday, JAN. 6 at 2:15 PM.

The ascendant for the chart of this assault was 8+ Gemini, the same degree as the US natal Uranus, so there is resonance between the US natal and the Inauguration charts.

There is also resonance between the Moon in the Saturn-Pluto chart at 17+ Leo that opposes the Inauguration chart’s Mercury at 18+ Aquarius. This pits the People (Moon) against the speeches, the rhetoric, the thinking (Mercury) of Jan. 20.

That Moon at 17+ Leo in the Saturn-Pluto chart is sextile the US progressed MARS + Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn at 17+ Libra and this sextile forms a Yod, aka Finger of God, with transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces doing the pointing.

Something’s gotta give. Biden’s natal chart’s MC is at 19+ Virgo, opposite transiting Neptune, and my guess is that’s what’s going to give. (this is a Boomerang pattern)

I see that as a good thing. It gives the power to Biden and I think it is about impeachment and something found in the Constitution.

Ditto to Sharon K’s comments, and tRump definitely needs to be impeached and removed (we were SO CLOSE one year ago!!!). Andre and Will —you are both wise and profound posters on this blog.

To reiterate Nancy’s amazingly accurate last paragraph initially posted:

“These are clearly very fraught days in the US. The waning days of a deranged and narcissistic ruler, with little to restrain him, is clearly a huge danger that should not be dismissed. Moreover, the burgeoning pandemic and the horrifying death rate show no sign of abating in the immediate future. For now, we can hold onto the reality that a new administration will be coming on January 20, and a massive cleanup following Hurricane Donald will commence, though it will take a great deal of time, patience, and strength to find our way through.”

I don’t find that Andre’s comments have a “sadistic feel to the negative forcefulness of his posts.”. He seems to call it as he sees it, and I believe that Biden will be spending the majority of his time attempting to “clean up” after “Hurricane Donald” rather than go forward and transform anything, which may make him seem ineffective. My fear is his tendency to hold onto the past and not move more progressive may hurt him. At a time when Saturn will square Uranus (clash between old energy and breakdown energy), next year’s US Pluto return & a short few years after that with US Uranus return, the US is screaming for change. And if the Dems don’t deliver change, we will hand 2022 or 2024 to the other side. Yes, Biden won handily in November, but I remember the Dem coup during the primaries that “chose” Biden, making back-door deals forcing candidates to drop out of the primaries. By the time my state got to vote, I was unable to weigh in with my primary candidate choice — this shouldn’t happen in a “democracy.”

None of my employers offered pension plans, so I’m struggling to live on social security, and don’t know what the heck I would have done without this social safety net, and I worked very very hard for way too many years. Education in the US is down the tubes because it’s unaffordable. And the healthcare system is out of control, only for big pharma and insurance company profits. Seems the wording and messaging needs to change from “socialism” to something else more appropriate — humanism, or person-centered programs, or plain common sense — certainly there are other terms out there!!


Jeez Louise!!

New post up:



You wrote: “Trump definitely needs to be impeached and removed (we were SO CLOSE one year ago!!!).

Evon Davis brings up this issue in her latest video. The upcoming January 13th New Moon/ Pluto conjunction will be activating the same degrees that occurred during the first impeachment period – the Jan 2020 solar eclipse/ Saturn/Pluto conjunction (opposite Trump’s natal Saturn). Evon seems to feel this second impeachment attempt will mark closure to the whole affair and will be successful. She bases this on several observations……..


Video: 13 min 58 sec


If the above assessment seems a bit over-optimistic, think again. There are several factors in play now that weren’t there before. Republican support is dramatically waning in the wake of Trump’s deranged attempt to lay siege to the Capitol building. McConnell, Lindsey Graham and other key Republicans are markedly distancing themselves from Trump. Even VP Pence and Trump are no longer on speaking terms. Trump is being systematically isolated. Clearly Trump’s mental state is placing America’s security at risk and in grave danger. The two thirds majority required in the Senate to remove the president from office is not as difficult as it seems as Rachel Maddow explains. Hopefully this simple procedure will come into effect next week……

For Republican Senators, Impeaching Trump May Be As Simple As Not Showing Up | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Video: 1 min 7 sec


Andre: I must have Biden’s time of birth wrong as I thought his rising sign was Scorpio. But his cheery good nature and the fact he jogs everywhere is testament to his Sagie outlook!

Another question. As I am a Canadian, does that mean I am a socialist?

Here is a definition I Googled:
Socialism is an economic and political system. It is an economic theory of social organization. It states that the means of making, moving, and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers.

Given the vast majority of citizens are workers, isn’t socialism the right choice for the people.?

My father was a union leader…..also Irish and a drunk, but I remember he said to me if you think you are a capitalist, tell me where you hide all your capital! He was a funny guy too.


I am sorry it is difficult for you. In March I will be 68. I’ve worked since I was 6. I understand. I am tired, worn and weary. I pray you have auspicious conditions open up soon.

Marija, which Democratic or other candidate were you hoping to be the nominee? While true that lots of back-room-deals and horse-trading are the norm for the U.S. political system (and probably most other nations who hold legitimate voting) I am wondering if you feel someone was pushed-out or over-looked in the Democratic lineup? Who do you believe would have been a better candidate?


Are you a socialist? I don’t know enough about Canadian government. What I do know is that I’ve sat at tables of billionaires in Vancouver – all Canadian billionaires. I also know that lots of Canadians come to the U.S. and get very, very rich.

I’ve always been a pro-union person. I also believe in worker-owned businesses – I think it does wonders for the moral and “all boats rise.” I think the American equivalent of that is stock offerings as part of a worker’s compensation. I’ve known quite a few people who have worked labor-jobs for most of their lives at big corporations like AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, etc. who are now multi-millionaires due to their ownership of company stock.


Re: Jeez Louise!

Yes, I understand.


“Andre and Will —you are both wise and profound posters on this blog.”

Thank you Marija. I hope my bluster doesn’t scare you. Sometimes it surprises me too!


I truly like you and enjoy reading your posts. Sometimes your comments raise my hackles. I’m normally not afraid of negativity or anticipating difficulty ahead; but we are not living through normal times at all and my PTSD is being triggered something awful.


How is Charles faring?


You are erudite and eloquent. All I can say about billionaires anywhere is I am grateful they like making lots and lots of money and in Canada, I want them to pay lots and lots of taxes so our beloved governments can spread that around to the rest of us who could not cash in on the stock market!

But in Canada, I have “free” health care. I also worked for the federal and provincial governments for 37 years and have 3 government pensions and my partner, who owned a small business has 2 government pensions.

My personal government pension is generous after 37 years in management and is indexed at the rate of inflation. So we feel like billionaires….we want for nothing. I can afford what I need, I can be generous when I want and never had to risk our money in the stock market.

But none of this would have happened without a focus on workers rights, fair taxation and without a commitment to a stable suitable social safety net.

Good government, well funded and with the understanding they are responsible for the life, health and safety of every citizens can create a society of opportunity and prosperity for every individual without threatening their so-called freedom. True freedom comes when an individual does not have to worry every minute if they will have enough to eat or where they will live.

The U.S. is the richest country in the world and should be providing free health care, good education up to and including undergraduate degrees and a livable minimum wage. Moving forward, likely guaranteed income for all. This is exactly what Trump supporters need to be free…..SOCIALISM, they just don’t know it yet.

Eliseo, I’m keeping your brother close in my thoughts and heart.

I’ve wanted to get on the blog since the insurrection, but found I had to distance myself as I felt my blood pressure rising precipitously. How anyone who has served this country could be involved in such seditious, murderous, insurrectionist behaviors makes my blood boil. Even at my age and infirmity, all I want to do is go knock heads together! It’s all so frustrating to see there’s just no way to cure “stupid.”

To those who posted the aspects for the 13-17, having seen the calls for more violence in DC and in all 50 state capitols over more than 3 of those dates, the aspects sure didn’t surprise me. Guess we all couldn’t move that polar vortex down a bit and bury the country in 3+ feet of snow, could we? I HATE snow and cold, but I’m betting these trumpers would just as soon not be doing their war dances in it, either… especially if the Feds shut down, as usual!

I’m FOR Impeachment, 25-ing 45, or just plain charging him with inciting an insurrection and conspiracy to overthrow the government and quickly pitch him into the darkest corner of a jail.

I have a hunch there’s a lot more to come out that we don’t know yet, and we’re going to be mortified when we find out how close things came. Pelosi doesn’t like the theatrics… she’d rather “look forward.” The fact her hair is on fire to get T out of office, and there are 4-star generals screaming the same thing, gives one a LONG pause to consider what they know and we don’t.

Will, Andre… I luv ya both. You both make good points. Reading one and then the other is always an exercise in critical thinking… thank you!

But I gotta tell ya, will… I’m hoping to live long enough to see Alexandria Ocasia Cortez become president! I’m as far over on the social democratic side of the graph as one could probably get. And at my age, I ain’t changing! The middle has its use at times, but when the pendulum has swung wildly in one direction, it’s got to swing back in the other direction before it can come back to that still, quiet middle. We’ve lived for too many decades with the rest of the world going where we should have gone in economics, healthcare, etc. While I don’t agree with any pundit who says the problem with T’s people is poverty-oriented, I do believe bringing back the middle class, and configuring our economics on some theory other than Ayn Rand’s such that even those of us at the poverty line can enjoy a step or two above survival instincts on Maslow’s hierarchy. Even Greenspan said he got it all wrong, but everyone just ignored him. Personally, I’m tired of being trickled down on!(gryn) But I’m also trying to get my own pendulum of emotions to stop swinging wildly from one day to the next. Focusing on finishing a website for a theater group has helped. At some point, I guess, you really do just have to step away. Peace!


I have no problem with your politics or your comments. I think OAC is young and bright and fiery and has a lot of class and toughness. I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for her in the years to come if she should continue her career path.

I know what you mean about feeling tired and about the ridiculously slow evolution of our body politic in the U.S. It is excruciating to have to wait for the passage of time and the enlightening of minds.

I think Andre is brilliant. His rhetoric just pushes my buttons and I am pushing back.

May we all be held in the loving and tenderly hand of our Higher Being – whomever, whatever that may be. We must continue to move on with life no matter what. Sometimes just showing up for it is enough.


You are blessed to be in such a comfortable way and I am glad you are. If you believe yourself to be a socialist that is fine with me. I have no personal problem with the term. I’ve also always been a pro-union person and God knows I yearn to see a fine public health system like every other advanced post-industrial democratic nation.

Unfortunately, the very word “socialism” has been branded so resolutely with evil and horrid references by the RNC, my sense is that it is almost stupid and self-defeating for any U.S. politician to use it in connection with the planks of their platform and/or their political orientation. The word has become synonymous with everything bad and awful and even “communistic.” I have no problem with understanding the meaning behind the word at all ,ie: Social Security, Medicare, etc – but the term has been been so vilified by the far right that a politician is pretty much dead in the water here if they connect to their brand/campaign. We just need to use other words and inferences to get the point across that it is a good thing for everybody in a nation to have healthcare, education and a basic right to exist.

Personally, I believe there is probably no greater violence than poverty. I have had some long stretches of time wherein I was barely hanging on -so tough that I won’t even divulge how bad. I remember feeling as my name was being erased from the Book of Life – and the deep shame and self-reprobation I felt in comparison to others who had resources. Although I came roaring back after we finally got an edge (during Obama’s restoration) on the Great Recession and have now managed to accumulate a modicum of financial resources, I am still haunted by the pain and disenfranchisement I felt during the bad times. And my relative poverty was not a result of anything other than a dreadful job market and my given field at the time when tens of millions of Americans lost their health insurance because they lost their jobs. As recently as November of 2011, the front page of the WSJ listed ten of the worst professions to be in during the Recession. “Clinical Psychologist” was #1. Art Consultants was around the 3rd worse which had been my other work for almost 25 years. I was so broke I couldn’t pay attention. Anyway, not to wring my hanky out too much, I do don’t mind paying more taxes for the greater good of my fellow man.

Apologies for typos/etc. I’ve been writing this in-between sessions at my office.

May better days come soon!

Will, sorry to hear of your trials, but happy to know you are doing better now. Stay strong, and stay safe.

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