2nd Nov, 2020

Some Final Thoughts Before the Election

  1. We are now in the zone of the Mercury station square to Saturn. This will be in effect through November 6. It is bringing a sense of ongoing tension and strain, a feeling of protracted and tense waiting, with no real conclusion until at least late on the 6th.
  2. We are also at the beginning of a Mars station, from November 1 through around November 16, with a big trigger on the 6th and 7th with the transiting Sun. This is bringing heightened tensions, anger, impulsiveness, and violence. Protests could get violent, while “Trump Trains” are becoming a danger to voters and protesters. Be careful out there.
  3. Trump will have Jupiter in quincunx to his Sun from November 5 to early on the 13th, activating the Pluto quincunx and the Uranus semisquare also to his Sun. This is a time when he will act with reckless abandon to get his way.
  4. Around November 11 to December 20, Pluto moves back into a one-degree orb and waxing opposition to Trump’s Saturn, suggesting that around the11th or perhaps a bit after (maybe by the 13th given the Jupiter transit mentioned above) Trump may finally accept defeat (even if some of his lawsuits continue).
  5. Biden’s indicators all look promising except for a patch from mid-December to January 2. While transiting Saturn will be square his natal Moon, progressed Moon will be square his Saturn. This looks like a significant feeling of personal grief, perhaps over the holidays and remembering his lost son, Beau, or perhaps from the illness or passing of someone close. Or possibly, it will just be his discovery of how truly wretched a state the country is in after four years of the Monster in charge.
  6. The rest of January is very strong for Biden, clearly suggesting he will be inaugurated on the 20th.


Wishing everyone lots of courage and feelings of success over the coming days. Let us all hope this is the end of a horrible era for this country.


Thank you for your insights, Nancy. The tension is palpable. So much so that you could cut it with a knife.

Two times worth celebrating and bidding Orange Mussolini good riddance.

The first when he loses.

The second, when he breathes his last.

May his memory and legacy be forever cursed.

Starlight, thank you. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. But we’ve waited this long to get rid of the monster living in the People’s House, I can hold on until Nov. 11th or 13th for him to accept his fate. I’lll
Be so glad to never hear his voice again.

I hope Joe Biden’s rough patch is just missing Beau and not being able to share with him and seek his guidance. I think Beau will be with him more than he realizes.

Thank you Nancy.

Someone asked in the last thread about Trafalgar Gp and their polling. They along with Insider Advantage are two groups that add more to trump’s numbers as they believe trump has support among those who will not admit it. The closet racists. Not sure if that is the case but that is their rationale and that is why they show trump winning.

What is interesting is Rasmussen which over samples republicans and they are showing Biden ahead which could mean that many republicans have abandoned Trump and are voting for Biden which is something the MSM has been reporting.

Thank you Nancy.

Dear Nancy, thank you for your insights these ghastly four years. This site and all the wonderful posters got me through to this day. I am very grateful.

Thank you, Nancy, for these final thoughts. The scenario you describe somehow feels right. Trump will not give in immediately but he won’t be able to hang on too long.

And, from what I’ve been seeing on MSNBC (in fact they are talking about Trafalgar right now), there are also shy and closet Biden voters (suburban housewives for example).

And there seems to be many Republicans voting for Biden! Less of them would have voted for Bernie or Elizabeth I believe.

538 shows Democrats winning the Senate — I sure hope so.

Elisabeth Grace:

November 19 — Sun sextiles Saturn, suggesting cooperative communication involving leaders and judges. Venus squares Saturn, suggesting harsh — but effective — advances in Venusian concerns. Mercury will be at 11 Scorpio, where it was when it turned Retrograde on October 13th. Finally we move forward in communication, information & transportation. 11 Scorpio is significant in Joe Biden‘s horoscope, if you ask me — so I am watching this day. Today is Biden’s 2020 solar return, though he officially celebrates his birthday on November 20. Another pattern that may bode well for Biden: Jupiter is about where it was at this time in 2008, when he and Obama were first elected to the Executive Branch.


Well, guys, we made it to election eve! It feels like it’s been forever, like we’d never get here, but we did. Much love and gratitude to you all. I don’t think I would have stayed has as sane as I did without you all.

Now — where do we stand? More than 97 million votes cast. Perspective — in 2916, Trump got 63 million, Hillary, 66 million. My favorite stats guys are predicting between 155 and 160 million total votes, which will be a record.

Polls of people who say they’ve already voted and asked to ID themselves by party, compared to the 93 million (last night, whenI calculated this) show Biden going into Election Day with a big lead of 20-25 million votes. Please let that be true.

Which means, depending on how many people vote, that Trump needs 65-70% of the vote election day, which isn’t out of line with previous polls asking whether Dems, Reps or Indies plan to vote early or on Election Day.

Still, it’s a steep hill to climb. Lots of things can and do go wrong on election day. But it seems Trump’s voter intimidation goon squads will be interfering with more of his own voters than Biden’s.

I know everyone’s worried about lawsuits. The thing is, they’ve been ongoing for a couple of months, and while we haven’t won them all, we’ve won a lot. Many about which votes will count and how far after election day they can arrive if postmarked by ED have already been resolved.

Doesn’t mean Republicans won’t try, just that without new evidence, courts don’t like to retry settler issues. The Supreme Court has ruled on a number and have tended to follow state law or state decisions, which is good.

I’ve looked at the newest polling data, along with predictions about when states will be done counting and even what they’ll count first, and I still believe Trump will never have an electoral college lead, which is the best we can hope for. It weakens any argument he makes.

The simplest graphic to understand which states Trump is expect to or has to win is here: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/

Scroll down to the Winding Path to Victory. States are blue that favor Biden, Red for Trump, the lighter the colors, and closer to where the colors change, the closer the race.

See the 270 line in the middle? Notice several light blue states on the Trump side of the line? That means Trump has to win all those states where Biden’s favored to cross the 270 mark and win. Biden can lose a lot of states where he’s leading and still win. So, you can check them off as results come in.

I’m an official poll watcher for the Dems tomorrow until about 7:30 pm, because I hope it will keep me from obsessing too much. I hope you find some distractions, too.

Have heard of two outlandish lawsuits Republicans are trying — one already filed to throw out 130,000 votes from people who asked for assistance by being able to vote curbside from their cars in a Dem area in Texas. Just because. Sounds pretty desperate to me. Issue of curbside voting has already been through the courts and ruled legal, so this is a Hail Mary.

Another that Republicans videotaped voters dropping ballots in drop boxes in some Dem areas of Philly and plan to challenge every one of those votes. (States have laws about who’s allowed to drop off individual’s ballots.) So, they’re asking people to come in and prove it was their ballot or that they were authorized to deliver it. Again, seems like an overreach and overly vague, and I wouldn’t think it would succeed, that it’s just noise, hopefully typical of the noise we can expect after the election.

If you have friends and family, reach out and ask them to vote. If you’re in Dem areas, not a bad idea to wear red, if you fear voter intimidation. If you know someone who voted absentee, all but three states have online sites where you can check to see if your ballot has need received and accepted. Ask everyone who voted absentee by mail to check the links.

Many states allow you to vote in person, even if by provisional ballot, on Election Day if your absentee ballot is lost.

Urge patience in people demanding a result quickly. Point out that each state has laws about how many days they have to certify their election results, a week, ten days, maybe more, that they give themselves plenty of time to count and resolve issues with ballots. It’s nothing new.

The results we get on election night are never final. They’re predictions or projections only. State results are only official after being certified by individual states. The electoral college doesn’t meet until Dec 14 to officially vote for president, and the results aren’t final until formally presented to and accepted by a vote of the House of Representatives the first week of January. Again, nothing new. It’s always been this way.

Last thing — a candidate’s concession has no legal bearing on an election. It’s merely a polite gesture common to our elections. Trump can cry all he wants about winning or stolen elections. Doesn’t matter. Voters decide. The EC decides. The House of Representatives decide.

Good luck to everyone with your emotional state tomorrow. May it all be over soon.

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 15 near Biden’s solar return should clearly make him the President-elect in the eyes of most people, even if 45 and his fanatical supporters continue to deny reality and fight desperately on in the courts or on the streets.

Starlight said that mid-December Biden would be grieving. Dec. 18 is the anniversary of the accident that killed Biden’s first wife and daughter. Combined with the end of the election, it probably also triggers grief over Beau. Biden wanted his son to run for president.

It has indeed been an intense period for our country, “a horrible era” as Nancy said. And yet, we are still here, we still care and we still maintain hope for a healing of the deep wounds we have suffered as a whole.

Right now, transiting Jupiter is only 10 days away from its 3rd and final conjunction with transiting Pluto this year, in the same degree where transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn were conjunct in January, and both of these sets of conjunctions at 22+ Capricorn were trine the sensitive US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

Even an outer planet can only endure so much activity and our natal US Neptune has already been under intense receptivity toward the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000, what with its conjunction at 22+ Taurus trine US Neptune. With less than 2 months to go, this cycle will release the US natal Neptune’s shoulder it’s been crying on since 9-11 and before.

This year has been emotionally draining for US Neptune, what with the January Saturn-Pluto cycle pressure on its other shoulder, and yet what a year of consciousness growth has taken place; all filtered through our country’s natal Neptune in the fix it-heal it sign of Virgo. We have watched the boundaries – aka rules and traditions and habits – dissolve, which has disoriented us. All the better to prepare us/US for new ideas, new rules and new attitudes.

I say We Done Good fellow countrymen-women;
we the People (Moon) have been shocked (Uranus) and angered (Mars) and fearful (Pluto/Ceres), and mentally challenged (Mercury) and somehow we’ve gotten wiser (Jupiter) and firmer in our convictions (Saturn) and values (Venus), and now we are more conscious (Sun) and ready to demand change. Funny how that all worked out, thanks to our US Neptune.

Thank you Nancy! Any idea why Trump is putting up another wall around the Whitehouse the day before the election?

VERY good, Barb….thank you!

Christ Romero, thanks for your comment on Trafalgar polling – I didn’t mean I have any conviction that they are correct, or better than others, but it is interesting that their approach is apparently quite different – an outlier. Also, if the election turns out to be close, lots of people will be parsing the data for what happened. The more insights the better. We will soon know what’s up!

Further to the above, I just noticed that the NYT has an article on Trafalgar & Robert Cahaly, and NYT is supporting the reports that Cahaly was accurate in 2016 when most others were not.

If so, that adds even more tension to this already horribly tense situation. But it doesn’t matter to me – Biden will be inaugurated, imo.

What the process will be to get there, I have no idea because it looks like it’s going to be very, very messy. Nonetheless, if the stars mean anything, then Biden’s the one. If I’m wrong, I’ll be in good company with countless other hopefuls, which isn’t a bad place to wind up. Then I’ll have to own up and start studying astrology from the ground up all over again, or give it up for good. That’s my last word until the last vote counted is in the record books!

Oops, forgot the link to NYT, per above:


Thanks, Nancy. I’ll just be so glad when all this is over. I hate to see it going into Dec before Trump finally accepts defeat, but I fear his minions more… who’d have ever thought we’d see an election period more like that of Somalia here in the U.S. How far we’ve fallen in four years, and how long will it take us to find the new “normal.” (sigh)

Hi Nancy,

Thanks much for your update which confirms the schpilkas I’m feeling in my gut – nothing feels like it will be settled too soon.

Breathing through every moment. Breathing for me, breathing for you all. May the voting results reflect the highest good of all concerned in our beloved homeland.

Good luck American friends. It’s bad enough watching on from afar, knowing of Trump’s adverse affect on the world I can only imagine the sheer horror his fellow citizens must have contemplating his effect on his home country if he has another 4 years.
I am glad the astrology is promising.

Well the final day symbolic indicators are looking good. Yesterday a giant American flag collapsed at a Trump rally and was replaced by caution tape, while two bald eagles soared over a Biden rally. And early this morning Biden swept all 5 votes in Dixville Notch, the first candidate to sweep it since Nixon.

Symbols can move people, maybe this will tip enough more into the right side that we can bypass a little of the violence.

Kazza, thank you; and thank you too Nina, those symbols moved me 🙂

19 Cap 34 is the degree where Uranus and Neptune began their cycle in 1993 and today Jupiter is 2 degrees past that degree while today’s Neptune is one degree past that degree, so today’s sextile between Jupiter and Neptune are close enough to activate the chart for the start of the present Uranus-Neptune cycle.

In that chart the Sun, Moon and Jupiter were in a grand trine in the air signs and voting is an air sign function, therefore Uranus (freedom) and Neptune (faith) have us covered, as do transiting Jupiter (expansive) and transiting Neptune.

The Uranus-Neptune conjunction T-squared the US natal chart opposition between Chiron and Juno, so equality and healthcare are motivating many voters. All part of the plan.

Transiting Neptune is right now just 1 degree away from the exact sextile of the degree where Uranus and Neptune were conjunct . . just to be clear.


Regarding the December 14th final electoral college vote tally, I think you touched on something there well worth noting. You wrote:

“…… The Full Moon eclipse on 30 November conjunct US Gemini is not reassuring, but the eclipse on December 14 conjunct Trump’s Sun-Moon axis should bring his downfall.”

That makes absolute sense not only from an astrological standpoint, but from his own statements. Trump has telegraphed his intentions. He will try to drag this out in the courts until all options have been exhausted. It appears he will not concede under any circumstances. It’s not in his DNA. Will his obstinacy endure even beyond that December 14th deadline?
A quick look at the congressional calendar and we find that January 6th, 2021 is the official final date when the joint session of Congress meets and counts the electoral votes. This is the date when the Electoral College vote passes into law. Is there still some wiggle room there for Mr. Trump to extricate himself from the unpleasant situation of losing come January 6th 2021?

Based on all the hypotheticals, and contrary to my previous admittedly wild supposition that November 11th could be Trump’s day of reckoning (on deeper reflection Nov 11th may prove to be the day when the outcome of the election becomes clearer), the much discussed December 21st Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is on the horizon and fast closing in. In the event Trump refuses to concede beyond the December 14th date, Congress has the discretion and will likely have no choice but to act. Under the astute leadership of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, who is third in line to the presidency, she has the legal and moral authority to re-institute the natural order of things according to our constitution. This Dec 21st Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius is in precise t square to Nancy’s natal Saturn-Pluto position (0 Taurus-Leo). How remarkable and amazing is that? And as a reminder, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction also conjoins the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (think current leadership) at 0 Aquarius. What lends credence to the change in leadership scenario at this juncture is that we have an exact Mars-Pluto square (23 Aries-Capricorn) in t square to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Libra) on Dec 23rd, a scant two days later. Trump’s political demise? Will he be forcibly removed from office?

The 2020 Great Conjunction: Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

by Gray Crawford

Known as “the great conjunction,” the cyclical conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that occurs every twenty years has been the preeminent method of demarcating historical eras in traditional astrology. When Jupiter and Saturn come together there is both the intensity of old forms dying as well as the fertility of new growth beginning to take shape. In the past century, their cycle has aligned with the transition in between decades, with the conjunctions and oppositions between Jupiter and Saturn marking the start of each decade. For example, there was a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in 1980, an opposition in 1990, a conjunction in 2000, and an opposition in 2010. Jupiter and Saturn will form their next conjunction on December 21 of 2020 in the first degree of Aquarius, and so most of 2020 will take place during the end of their cycle. There will be an atmosphere of anticipation building during the year of being on the precipice of a new era, while simultaneously old issues will resurface in need of resolution.



Special U.S Election ZOOM meeting

Tuesday 3NOV at 3.30pm GMT/UT


10:30 A.M. EST

Re: Trafalgar

Don’t put any stock in it. They are highly partisan and haven’t revealed their methodology. Most pollsters have made significant adjustments for bias since 2016. If anything, there’s likely to be a built in “benefit of the doubt” metric for Trump in most polls now, and Biden still comes out ahead.

Finally, even a broken clock is right twice a day, but 2020 is not 2016.

There’s scant evidence heading into today that suggests there’s some kind of “silent majority” that is lying to pollsters and secretly pulling for a Trump victory because of a desire for something different. It’s been 4 years, and we now know what his ugly version of different is.

Trump is behaving like he’s already lost. The fact that he’s plotting all kinds of ways to throw a wrench in the results, create chaos, and claim victory basically says everything we need to know.

He’s finished. All that’s left is the coup de grâce.

Jerry, thank you. I missed a word in that quote. It should read “conjunct US Uranus in Gemini”.

The whole world will be watching this evening and in coming days. And the vast majority of Canadians are hoping Biden wins. My thoughts are with you all.

Trump’s creditors are tired of him. After the election, they will be offloading him from their books.

Exclusive: Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank wants out but sees no good options

Source: Reuters

NEW YORK/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Deutsche Bank AG DBKGn.DE is looking for ways to end its relationship with President Donald Trump after the U.S. elections, as it tires of the negative publicity stemming from the ties, according to three senior bank officials with direct knowledge of the matter.

Deutsche Bank has about $340 million in loans outstanding to the Trump Organization, the president’s umbrella group that is currently overseen by his two sons, according to filings made by Trump to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics in July and a senior source within the bank. The three loans, which are against Trump properties and start coming due in two years, are current on payments and personally guaranteed by the president, according to two bank officials.

In meetings in recent months, a Deutsche Bank management committee that oversees reputational and other risks for the lender in the Americas region has discussed ways in which it could rid the bank of these last vestiges of the relationship, two of the three bank officials said. The bank has over the years lent Trump more than $2 billion, one of the officials said.

One idea that has come up in the meetings: sell the loans in the secondary market, two of the bank officials said. But one of the officials said that idea has not gained traction, in part because it is not clear who would want to buy the loans and the attendant problems that come with it.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-election-deutsche-bank-exclusive/exclusive-tired-of-trump-deutsche-bank-wants-out-but-sees-no-good-options-sources-idUSKBN27J0H1

woke up this morning to see a surprise warning from Bank of NZ regarding “possible significant volatility in FX markets due to usa election.” “please consider deferring international payments or foreign currency transactions until later this week”

Blessings to all

Thank you Nancy I am a huge fan of yours.

I posted a question in the last thread.

Does anybody here know anything about Uranian Astrology?

There is an astrologer Susan Herskowitz, she has a website “The Uranian Astrologer”

Patience and peace to everyone today. See you tomorrow…

A comment from a woman in Atlanta says exactly how I feel today:

“I’ve spent this morning drinking coffee and thinking about how I felt four years ago today and the day after.
Four years ago today I was so excited and happy, finally I would see a woman President in my lifetime!
The day after I was wondering how we all would survive the next four years.
I believe Biden will win, and I want to pay my respects to Hillary Clinton for being a superb lifetime public servant who would have been a superb President.
It’s funny how so many people called her “arrogant” (ambitious) and saying she felt “entitled” (after paying her dues in years of public service.)
She’s done women a favor by illustrating how many outdated views of women still exist, the proof was the enormous “Women’s March” on Inauguration Day.
She’ll be honored long after Trump becomes Inmate #45.”


Aglo, I didn’t know about Uranian astrology. I looked up her video. Thank you. There are many interesting forms of astrology out there.

Great comment about Hillary from the NYT, Ja. Thank you.

Some of the folks here have talked about November 6 or 11 but if GA or TX goes Dem., it seems to me that its game over.

Yep I checked it out when you originally posted.
Stopped halfway thru – it was long.
Saw the rest today.
Interesting you posted it twice.
I have always thought the planets carried more weight than the asteroids; however I am open to learning more. Bringing in all the asteroids can certainly be the background of a story.
Susan seems to think that Trump is capable of growth, that through the next couple of months he will have major expansion, major successes. She says he is gaining experience, he’s serious, he’s focused. He will have solid, stable, enduring changes. He’s working with his intuition. He’ll have great success.
He’s motivated by the deprivation of the people and motivated to help the people.
Susan says Trump is totally tapped into shared ideas, shared cultural objectives.

Does that about cover it?

Second post on Susan and Uranian astrology.

Just in case we didn’t get it the first time.

And just in time for election day!

As they say…… Thanks for sharing, Algo!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself …..


Enquiring minds want to know

THAT’S for sure!

At least I do.

Today transiting Mercury stationed direct and on Friday at 4:12 AM in Washington DC, Mercury at 26+ Libra will exactly square trans. Saturn at 26+ Capricorn that conjuncts US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

At the same time the Moon at 18+ Cancer (conjunct the MC at 16+ Cancer that conjuncts US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer) will trine the trans. Neptune at 18+ Pisces (conjunct the US prog. Sun at 16+ Pisces) and both Moon and Neptune are trine the transiting Sun at 14+ Scorpio.

The trans. Moon and MC in Cancer will square Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn) at 17+ Libra.

Since November 1st, trans Jupiter and Pluto (21-22 Cap) have been sextile Biden’s natal Mercury (21+ Scorpio) and this sextile has formed a Yod with Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) and US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) while they, trans. Jupiter and Pluto have been trine US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), and of course they are still trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus, which opposes (seeks balance) Biden’s Mercury.

All of that will have been in effect for a week (since the Halloween Full Moon + Uranus) when trans. Mercury, now direct, squares trans. Saturn on Friday.

The 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Pluto at 11+ Sagittarius was opposite the chart’s Sun at 7+ Gemini (and US Uranus at 8+ Gemini and Biden’s Saturn at 9+ Gemini) and on Friday, when Mercury squares Saturn, trans. Venus (about values) at 11+ Libra (ruled by Venus) will sextile the Pluto in the Jupiter-Saturn chart that is still in effect until December 21.

The South Node (what has to go) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart at 25+ Cap is where the cluster fxxx of trans. Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter and US natal Pluto are located. There’s much more but pointless to go into at this moment. Suffice it to say that the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart spells out the last 4 years, but who would have known in 2000?

What I think the Friday Mercury-square-Saturn is saying is that the US voters (Moon) have rejected Trump/Putin/Covid, etc. in favor of Biden. I think the Full Moon + Uranus might be the overwhelming support of Biden and the rejection of Trump.

Here is Kim to calm anyone’s nerves:


Someone, much brighter than me said the closet racists will vote Trump back in. This rung a bell in harmony with my stated sentiments on this blog. Even if the dems win, the margin is not great enough to make them effective and the battle will continue as many have said, for at least 4 more years.

It is still jaw dropping that anyone would vote for Trump given his lies and the total incompetence of his administration, but the votes at this moment demonstrate that many, many Americans hold their deeply conservative values close to their chest and DJT is truly representative of what they see as important, i.e. the Christian religion, free enterprise, anti-government, white supremacy, and suspicion of anything that threatens those principles.

It’s not over yet, quintile.

Although it’s evident that a large swath of this country has a death wish.

It’s tight as many people expected. Trump will be smiling as long as the Moon is in Gemini until late afternoon tomorrow. After that, it should go Scorpio Joe’s way. The vote in Pennsylvania won’t come out for two or three days while the Moon is in Cancer. Biden should win there in the end according to MSNBC and that should put him over the top.

This is getting really tight and really scary. I don’t know what I would do if Trump won again. How I could live in a country that has lost its soul. I know a Trump win will change a lot of people who believed in the American dream. I still think foreign malware is a big culprit.

I CANNOT believe the way this night is going. I am so disappointed and heartbroken so far. This should not be a close race

Andre, I surely hope you are correct.

I agree with Diana, who in their right mind would cast a vote for Trump?

I was anticipating a landslide tonight.

Well, we could look at it this way; if Biden, at this early stage of vote counting (recall it was mostly Dems who voted by mail and most of that has not been counted) is behind and therefore Trump is not reacting badly, and therefore his crazy followers are not torching buildings yet.

Right now transiting Venus is at the apex of a Yod with transiting Uranus and US natal Ceres, causing her, Venus, to make a difficult adjustment. You could even say she’s between a rock and a hard place. All the better to throw the wolves off her scent. That trans. Venus is trine the US natal Uranus and Biden’s natal Saturn; patience.

Also the transiting Moon in Gemini (unable to see the Big Picture) is conjunct Trump’s natal Sun + US Mars right now, and all 3 square US Neptune that trines transiting Pluto who is wearing his invisibility cloak. Do not be deceived.

“It’s not over yet, quintile.

Although it’s evident that a large swath of this country has a death wish.”

Amen BuckeyeShadow.


“I CANNOT believe the way this night is going. I am so disappointed and heartbroken so far. This should not be a close race”

The level of willful ignorance and denial among our Trump supporting fellow citizens is brain-melting. It is hard for me to not have contempt for them. Really hard.

I agree WILL it’s hard for me too, what i realise from living in Florida is a few things, that the disinformation campaigns really work, Trump is trending favorable with Latinos now, really? I also see that people here who may not like him think he is better on their pocketbooks and fall for the socialist thing. Also, many young people voted this time which we might think would be for Dems but not necessarily, many of my sons’ friends voted for the first time and for Trump, its almost like he really is expanding his base, people are ignorant to his constant corruption and chaos and they see rappers and such endorsing him and they think he’s funny and they feel their life is not bad so why not vote for him? He’s becoming accepted. So sad , but true !

Once again, we have all been thinking it might be a landslide, a reckoning, etc. yet even if Biden wins, will Dems get the house, how much governing will happen?

This was just as much a referendum on the American people imo as on Trump and no matter the outcome, they have collectively FAILED!

I cant believe we are where we are at now ! let’s just hope Biden pulls it off


I don’t know why, but I had you in New York. Have you lived in Florida for a long time?

I am disgusted with “the deplorables.”

I wonder if there are more closet Republicans than we might want to think about?

Let’s hope things turn for Biden and the Dems/Progressives.

Its all so gross. So gross.

We are witnessing something greater than a US Presidential election, and that is the end of an era, fondly referred to by many as the Patriachy, and which Trump is an exaggerated, if not a comical example of. Era’s do not usually leave quietly and this one, with all its chest thumping, is no exception.

Unconsciously, for the most part, many people sense the changes coming that will disrupt their lifetime routines and beliefs, and they resist. I know I think of them as ignorant . . and some are, or they are selfish because they don’t relish equality and they put their hard earned financial footing above all.

This is fear in its worst manifestation. People fear that their position as being a superior because of their sex, or race, or religion, or financial standing, or because of their education is being threatened, and that is not something they support with open arms. They will fight it to the death.

As the Patriarchy exits stage left, as it will, a new level of consciousness is increasing, largely via the young generation which has little to defend yet. They mostly welcome the new changes and fear if changes don’t come the planet we live on won’t survive.

I wonder if the Covid pandemic that seems to target the seniors the hardest isn’t part and parcel of this new level of consciousness; reducing the resistance to change.

I still think Biden will win and help this transition by stilling much of the fear of change among those who continue to think that chest thumping is a virtue. Keeping Trump would only make it harder to transition and keep the illusions front and center. He’s done his job and we are the better for his performance. Scorpio is about rising from the ashes and no one knows how that feels better than Joe.

Wow, what Trump has now done with his speech is unprecedented. This night gets worse by the minute, he’s literally calling to disenfranchise voters….. the only hope we have is that these remaining swing states are thankfully run by Dems.

Will.. i am in Orlando, I really had hoped that Latinos would have taken the state to the Blue but not so.

I am very scared right now, it’s all surreal! Seems like once again, everyone was so sure that Biden would win..

There has been no discussion at all in the lead up to this election about manipulation in the machines that are counting the votes. Did they ever get fixed?
Could that be what’s going on?

Watching the election coverage: at 2:22 am Eastern standard time at the White House, Donald Trump held a press conference and called out the vote counting process. His comments ended about 2:30 am.

Essentially, he said he’s going to the Supreme Court to stop all the voting. He complained that “we won all these states” when in fact most of them have not finished counting their votes and several, Pennsylvania among them, will not have accurate counts until tomorrow or even much later. He said that “they” couldn’t win, so let’s go to court. I’m sure the video will be everywhere in the morning.

Several commentators immediately made it plain that votes can be contested under state laws, but there is no direct right of appeal to the Supreme Court. However, there are numerous cases on the mail in votes from several states that the SC will be considering very soon.

This is totally crazy as far as the existing laws are concerned, but Trump obviously wants to take it to the wall any way he can. The ‘really big show’ on this election starts now and won’t conclude until this voting business is sorted out. Let’s hope all those precautions that the states with likely contested elections will hold up. No wonder they put an even stronger fence around the White House.

Biden was good in his earlier remarks – he probably knew what was coming. It’s good that he made his case for counting all the votes first.

What a mess!

It is a mess but a mess we saw coming. Who leads him (trump)? He had to begin planning this whole thing as soon as the epidemic began and he is not that bright.

In March they replaced the upper echelon of the USPS. Slow down the USPS and knowing Dems would use the mail and then their GOP legislatures will not allow ballots in blue-leaning states to count before the election but only after? And then Kavanaugh adds a footnote in last week’s decision alerting the trump judges to disallow any late-arriving mail-in votes?

My concern is if a trump judge issues a stay Wed. AM to stop the counts. If that happens, we really need to think about taking action. I just don’t know what a bunch of old farts like us can do. But our collective yawn in 2000, enabled them to do all this voter suppression.

When I complained about the fanaticism of Trump supporters who risk sickness and death just to join his packed rallies, my husband equated Trump’s power with Hitler’s. Both diverted the masses from their problems by offering up scapegoats. If Trump’s flock can believe in him and hate Dems, minorites, women, etc. the power boost the Trumpers feel can divert them from their own vulnerablity in a troubled world. Barb, I think this is what you called patriarchy, at its worst.

Memory sticks used to program Philly’s voting machines stolen from elections warehouse

https://post-gazette.com/news/politics-nation/2020/10/01/Memory-sticks-stolen-Philadelphia-elections-warehouse-voting-machines/stories/202010010111 v

If the Republicans hold the Senate, McConnell becomes the poster child for obstructionist and deeply corrupt Pluto in Capricorn, as well as the mythological Saturn: Old, decrepit, mad, and gleefully devouring his young.

I know some of you hoped for a Democratic landslide, but it was never in the stars. Many of us have pointed out over the last few months this would be a tough slog and that the astrology of November was terrible. Also, that even if Biden wins, Trumpism would still continue to poison the US until 2023. And that the Biden Administation will have a very difficult term. There is no surprise in this election.

As I have written over and over in order to stave off disappointment, the real renewal will be 2024.

Barbk: Very eloquent and insightful explanation of Trump’s role in your country’s evolution, but I fear it is the beginning of the end of an era, and four more years may be necessary. The vote count is too close for the Dems to have any meaningful influence. Combine that with a shrinking economy in crisis, climate catastrophes, Qanon, rampant racism and I hope the Trump administration ends up having to deal with it all. After all, Trump will never stop talking either way and having him inside the tent may just be better than ……well you know the flip side of that one!

Will Covid Ballots save the day for Biden?

Ivanka Trump brought voting machines from China b/c Trump knows machines can be rigged. That is why he fought so hard to discredit the mail-in ballots, they can’t be changed or tampered with, but one can tamper with the voting machines. That is why Trump always says the process is rigged. He should know.

Once we move to write in and mail in ballots for picking our politicians, the polls will be right.

Biden may not even need Pennsylvania to win. He is slowly pulling ahead in Michigan and Wisconsin. If he holds on to Arizona and Nevada, that should be enough. And Georgia, surprisingly, is still in play at this hour.

The problem is not that Biden may lose, but that Trump and his far too numerous supporters will never accept the result. They will lose court challenges because they are unfounded. What will they do then?

The Moon enters Cancer around 5PM EST. The next two days will be very intense and emotional but Biden will come out on top. A violent reaction by some is to be expected.

Nancy, Andre and barbk, I commend you for using your expertise in astrology for calling this election pretty much the way it’s shaking out.

Yes, it does not speak well for us as Americans that so many of us–of all ethnicities–are swayed by the cult of personality–fears of “socialism,” and downright disinformation. DT may not be much of a president, but he plays one on TV.

Biden may very well win this if and when all the votes are counted. That said, I think the Democrats are going to have to take a hard look at the Black and Hispanic votes that DT managed to peel away and try to win them back if they can. Democrats cannot afford to take for granted that the continuing long-term shift in demographics is going to favor them. Otherwise, the president we’re waiting for to lead us in 2024 may be a Republican.

Yeah, it’s absolutely true that conservative/Republican governance is ugly and is not helping Americans dig out of poverty. Covid is already changing our lives. It has changed mine, for sure. Unfortunately, this type of governance is familiar to most of us and has been for the last four decades. How we’re going to get around this to make Americans’ lives better is going to be the biggest challenge a Biden administration will have to face, as it will be for all progressives. That, and the disinformation society that dogs us, and will continue to bedevil us, until we figure out how to beat it. Biden winning may be a step in the right direction, but until they can win and get things done (things like restoring the Fairness Doctrine, for starters), we won’t know for sure.

That said, I continue to read this blog, because your ability to interpret planetary placements and aspects makes sense. I get a better idea of where things are headed from reading this blog. In so many words, thank you!

Get ready. The Moon in Cancer’s aspects in the 24-hour period from Thursday evening to Friday evening will be highly dramatic and volatile. Mars will square Saturn for the third time during that night as the Moon-t-squares both. The Moon will square Mars Thursday evening, then oppose Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto during the day Friday and finally square Mercury Friday evening. This a three-alarm fire AND A RED ALERT.

This Moon in Cancer will be favorable to Biden because it will trine his Sun and other Scorpio planets. It will be unfavorable to Trump because it will be conjunct his Saturn in opposition to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. It will also be conjunct Trump’s Venus, which means his blind and adoring base will believe everything he says and follow him no matter what.

Friday is likely to be the time Biden reaches 270 and his base reacts negatively. The full fury of Trump will be unleashed when the Moon reaches Leo this weekend. But the Moon will also be in Biden’s 10th which is when he will begin to be considered the President-elect and he will be called to take on a very heavy burden.

There will be countless recounts and court challenges, and for many the result will remain in doubt but the result achieved on Friday will not change. It will slowly be reinforced next week and beyond until the Electoral College meets on December 14 to confirm it. The winter solstice on December 21 with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be a time of hope for the future but great anxiety will remain until the Inauguration.

The above post should read “Mercury will square Saturn for the third time”.

“Real scandal is @USPS sabotage and non-compliance in sweeping offices of undelivered mail-in ballots. Likely hundreds of thousands of legally-cast mail ballots still outstanding. This isn’t a partisan issue.

Watch Noon EST hearing with U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan.”


Here is Marjorie Orr today:


We are not as divided of a country as some would have us to believe. Polls are not wrong. For years now, GOP have been hacking and changing vote totals to win. The one thing these Covid ballots will teach us is that this will be the correct way to vote in future elections.

Elisabeth Grace:

“WEDNESDAY: Gemini Moon goes void on a harmony with Mercury at 8:49 AM ET. OK, we think we know what’s going on. Moon will be void until 4:45 PM ET, suggesting that nothing initiated during this period will be of consequence. Roll with the twists and flakes; stick to routine concerns. Remember that crises which crop up during voids are usually much ado about nothing. Chill!!! When the Moon enters Cancer, the focus shifts to our need for emotional and home/homeland security. Nourish your body and soul with the comforts of home — and a home-cooked meal (unless you’re a lousy cook).
THURSDAY: Moon’s harmony with Uranus at 9:18 AM ET suggests cooperative efforts, possibly among previously opposing factions. A square to Venus at 1:22 PM ET suggests a clash in matters of fairness and balance vs. matters of homeland security. It irons out by 8:07 PM ET, when the Cancer Moon harmonizes with the Scorpio Sun. The next 24 hours are potentially volatile, starting around 11:08 PM ET, when the security-seeking Moon clashes with retrograde Mars in Aries.
FRIDAY: Mercury squares Saturn at 4:12 AM ET. A repeat of Sunday’s blocks and controls — but also an opportunity for a responsible adult to weigh in. Note your dreams, as Neptune harmonizes with the Moon at 4:14 AM ET. Choppy waters kick in around 11:01 AM ET, as the Moon opposes Jupiter (think big!), then Pluto at 12:41 AM ET (think power!) and Saturn at 7:52 PM ET (think heavy!). At 8:27 PM ET, Mercury squares Moon, suggesting conflicts in communication. Moon then goes void until…
SATURDAY: at 2:18 AM ET, when it enters rip roarin’ Leo.”


Actually, there isn’t much new to report on the demographic front. Black and Hispanic voters were never monolithic groups. Remember that most Hispanic voters in South Florida/Miami are Cuban ex-pats who revile the Castro bros. and Communism. Not surprisingly, many of these folks find their home on the right wing of the political spectrum. They were always more receptive to the pro-capitalism/anti-socialism appeals made by Trump, and any allusion to socialism/communism typically provokes a visceral response from them. The lesson here for the Democrats is to go on the offensive early and push back hard on any Republican smears.

In other states, like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and increasingly, Texas, it’s quite a bit of a different story. Many Hispanics in these states are immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American nations, or the first generation descendants of immigrants from these places. Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric and ham-fisted “Build a Wall” screeches have been major turn offs for these folks, for obvious reasons.

There have been some bones made about how certain Black men find Trump’s “machismo” and “hustler/big money” persona appealing, in spite of his racism. These men make up a very small minority within a minority. While I would not dismiss them as totally insignificant, I suspect their interest in Trump may have more to do with these qualities and his prior celebrity status, which is likely very candidate specific, rather than some new trend of Black people siding with the GOP. There have always been Black Republicans, but rather than courting more minorities, the party has decided to double-down on being the party of Mitch McConnell, conniving old white racist men.

I too am grateful for all of Nancy’s readers responses to what is taking place in the US, and frankly in the entire world at the moment, as well as the future. We have a lot to learn and fix and by now it has begun to sink in to many of us just how daunting the work will be and how long it will take.

If Trump has done nothing else, he has exposed the depth of ignorance and corruption that has existed within the systems and the populace of the USA. Already our consciences are grappling with the enormity of what has been exposed by the US Pluto Return in its early throes.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden appears to be equipped to start the process. He has been challenged by death and its aftermath and understands what is happening to our beloved country. Many others will be with him to face the enormity of rebirthing this nation. What is needed more than anything now is compassion for those who have lost so much and he has proved his mettle in that task.

Like others who comment here on Starlight News, I think Friday’s Mercury-square-Saturn, along with its accompanying aspects, will signal the start of moving Trump out of the White House which, hopefully will be completed by the end of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle on December 21, 2020.

Astrology is such a wonderful tool to guide people through such challenges, i.e. the way through the morass of near total destruction of a way of life.

BuckeyeShadow, the trump/russia data program focused on pulling off black and Hispanic voters. That was their plan and they did it.

As for the machines, look at what has happened. Karl Rove and his minion that own the voting machines along with Russian data scientists have been able to chop up our electorate and this will likely continue if McConnell rules the senate and blocks any meaningful legislative changes to social media and voting technolgy.

Trumps support comes from the woefully uninformed fox “news” viewers. Pablum for the masses. How can you fix willful ignorance?


Biden won’t be without tools to use against McConnell. One of the brightest spots in his administration will be a functioning Department of Justice that can put McConnell under a microscope.

Slimy old turtle man isn’t going to be able to continue to enjoy the unfettered run that he has had during the Trump years.

Susan Collins has held onto her seat in Maine. This means the GOP will keep its majority in the Senate by one or two seats. McConnell rules again. The House will remain Democrat but it will be a narrower victory than expected.

This confirms that the Biden Administration will be too weak for major reforms: it will have its hands full contending with the pandemic, the coming economic crisis under the Saturn-Uranus square next year and civil unrest. Not much will be accomplished on the environment or health care. No major legislation will be passed. Four more years will be needed.

Trump’s grip on his base will remain until his passing or his imprisonment in 2023. It is derived from Mars on his Ascendant tightly opposed to the US Moon in Aquarius. The Moon represents the people as well as the collective unconscious. The more unconscious one is, the more one is likely to be hypnotized and gripped by his superman macho image, even if that fascination is unhealthy and self-destructive.

The mid-terms in 2022 will also be quite dramatic. But things will turn around soon after.

If things hold up for Biden, he can use the Executive Order much loved by Trump.

Agreed, Andre.

Even so, there’s an opportunity for the Dems to stick it to McConnell and make him the face of the country’s political dysfunction as the top ranking elected Republican in the federal government. He may relish such a distinction, but it will likely only get him so far, and Trump won’t be in a position to grant him cover. Also, we still have Nancy Pelosi in the House.

It may not be the change that we want, but it could become the prelude to it. We may not be able to fix the courts immediately, but Biden will still be able to get many things done without the Senate in our hands.

Also worth noting, if McConnell should die in office, the Democratic governor of Kentucky can nominate a Democratic senator to replace him. That would immediately flip control of the Senate to the Democrats. Just a thought.

If it’s a one seat majority, that is.

Trump has asked for a recount in Wisconsin and filed suit in Michigan to stop the ballot count there and “examine” the ballots. I haven’t seen a response yet from Biden. US district judge Emmet Sullivan will conduct a hearing as USPS failed to deliver a large number of mail ballots all over the country. This was a failure to follow his court order.

Denise Seigel

It seems Bannon has his fingerprints on the USPS makeover. I do hope that a real Justice Dept will prosecute those responsible.

Andre, if we are able to take back the Senate in 2022, it seems many bold initiatives could begin. And there are some senate seats that are in purple states such as WI, NC, and Ohio that are up. Do you see that astrologically?

From the New York Post:

Philadelphia 33.7% of those ballots

Atlanta 17.9%

Detroit 21.1%

Greensboro 21.7%
These are all cities with large Democratic populations.

Silcominc, at this point I only see dramatic changes in the mid-terms. I can’t say which way until I look at it more closely.

My immediate concern is that the Moon is not quite in Cancer yet but there are already reports of protesters storming into a counting hall in Detroit and the police have been called. Expect more of this over the next 48 hours as tension heightens.

The popular vote is surprisingly even between Biden and Trump… i have a lot of disturbing feelings about that and I know I’m not alone on that. the question that arises for me is, how do we now coexist? From my perspective as an old white queer, Republicans in collusion with conservative Catholics, evangelicals and Mormons have bashed me and my queer tribe all my life, until recently; and when we were dying of AIDS they continued to bash us. As a Scorpio rising I frankly will never forgive them for that, nor do I trust them or like them. Even so, I know now from this election that if we do not coexist and try to solve our big challenges our nation will grind to a halt. From my perspective, if Republicans remain an intolerant and militant political party then we can not coexist and our disregard for each other will only deepen.

It looks like it might well end up with 270 electoral votes for Biden and 269 for Trump. I don’t know how much more divided you can get. I don’t think this has happened before.

According to CNN, Biden now has 253. If you add Arizona, which Fox has already given Biden, and Nevada, where he is ahead, you get to 270 exactly. Trump is leading in every other state.

No wonder the next 48 hours will be emotional, and no wonder the Electoral College vote on December 14 will be more than ever the turning point.

Trump is leading in the other states, Andre, like GA & PA BUT the mail-in ballots favor Dems so he could potentially lose those states!

Wow – Alaska Dem Senate nominee says he expects to win the race. If he is right and if we can win GA Senate, we take back the senate.

Frank, I see that side of things and understand your concerns….but, it may be that the time has come, per the astrology we’ve read about here, that people on both sides will finally be disgusted with this power struggle in favor of party, and approach governance with good will and the desire to compromise. It doesn’t mean we should trust and not verify, and do everything we can to fight for our positions but we also need to create a climate for good governance — as well as learn from the Republicans how to promote ourselves and our message. Trump is somehow so good at it but he is not the only one.

NBC has called MI for Biden and that gives him 264., When they call NV, it will be 270. But I believe he will also win PA and GA.

I don’t understand how the polls were so wrong, especially since they weren’t asking what voters intended to do. They were asking how 100 million of them had already done.

But anyway, I think we can see how this will drag out until the 12th – 14th. Recounts, which Trump asked for in Wisconsin, maybe in Michigan, Georgia if they stay as close.

Different rules in different states, but in Wisconsin he has the right to ask for and get a recount if vote difference is less than 1% and he’s willing to pay for it. Looks like vote will stay w/in 1% there. That could easily take us to next Thursday or Friday.

Sober thoughts by a Dem voter in Texas:

HOUSTON — Carey Georgas is a proud, outnumbered Democrat in Republican-dominated East Texas. By Wednesday, he knew his county and his state had not voted his way. But it was the fact that the country remained so close that was causing him the most anxiety a day after Election Day………etc.


Stop the count – this brief video clip off Twitter says it all.

What’s wrong with these people? Apparently it’s ok with them to have no democracy? I don’t know, but it doesn’t feel good to me.


This, at least, is inspirational:


Ja, Kiwi, Sharon K and BarbK, if you want to feel good, check out Kim at Intuitiview’s video put out earlier today.

New Kim video out earlier today that will make you smile

Sorry, first one didn’t go through for awhile. But it’s worth saying twice.

Hey Folks.
I’ve purposefully avoided the blog and most political news for the last few days, just to keep my sanity.

Teresa Hill,
“I don’t understand how the polls were so wrong…”

Maybe the polls were correct. Maybe the machines have been tampered with? Maybe also there have been far more nefarious shenanigans with the mail in vote than we currently know? Let us recall our R dominated senate refused to address the Russian electoral meddling problem. And we know the Russians have improved and upgraded their cyberwar capacities since 2016.

SharonK, thank you; I so hope so!

Here’s a question and a thought:
If Biden wins Georgia and the 2 senate races there go into a run off, if by any chance we were to win both, would that flip the senate?
That Georgia senate race would happen in January, weeks after the Great Conjunction.

A quick look at how the Great Conjunction will impact McConnell on Jan 3:
Saturn-Jupiter will oppose his natal Pluto while squaring his natal Moon.

Here is Ralfee:


Only for you would I do this Frank. Talk of Senate races is talk about voting and that’s a form of communication. Mercury rules Communication and when Mercury and Jupiter are joined to start a new cycle, which lasts about a year, it deals with communication.

On January 11, 2021, Mercury and Jupiter start a new cycle at 5+ Aquarius (conjunct the US natal North Node at 6+ Aquarius, aka “the Path Forward”) and they sextile transiting Chiron at 5+ Aries.

That sextile between trans. Jupiter-Mercury in Aquarius and transiting Chiron in Aries will form a Yod with the US natal Astraea at 5+ Virgo which will need to adjust to something during the coming year.

Astraea was the goddess of justice and she and other gods, it is said, lived among humans on earth long ago. Astraea was the last of the gods to abandon humans, because she cared about them so much.

So, at the time of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on January 11, the US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer (and US natal Venus at 3+ Cancer) will be square transiting Chiron in Aries. and quincunx trans. Jupiter-Mercury in Aquarius, and sextile the US natal Astraea, which will be in the uncomfortable position at the apex of that aforesaid Yod.

Meanwhile, the US natal sextile between Jupiter and Astraea will, in turn, form a Yod to the transiting conjunction between Jupiter and Mercury on January 11, 2021, which will sextile trans. Chiron which will square US Jupiter.

You can see how this could get sticky.

Then there is transiting Uranus at 6+ Taurus on January 11 which will square trans. Jupiter-Mercury in Aquarius while also trine the US Astraea in Virgo and sextile the US natal Jupiter (+ US natal Venus) in Cancer.

One way to look at this is that transiting Uranus (breakthrough) is supporting US natal Astraea (justice) and US natal Jupiter (justice system) which could possibly result in 2 Democrat senators from Georgia winning US Senate seats in January.

Other things to consider are the US Astraea Return (trans. Astraea conjunct US Astraea starting a new cycle) which took place shortly before the US Solar Return in July 2020, as well as the grand trine in the 2020 US Solar Return chart between Moon at 9+ Capricorn and Uranus at 9+ Taurus and the chart’s MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo, which was 2 degrees from trans. Astraea at 6+ Virgo, which was one degree from US natal Astraea at 5+ Virgo, whose slogan is “I will never leave you”.

Has anyone noticed the solar Eclipse next month? How it affects Trump and that it falls on the day that the electoral college votes?

Eliseo: “Maybe the polls were correct. Maybe the machines have been tampered with? Maybe also there have been far more nefarious shenanigans with the mail in vote than we currently know? Let us recall our R dominated senate refused to address the Russian electoral meddling problem. And we know the Russians have improved and upgraded their cyberwar capacities since 2016.”

My thoughts exactly! When will reporters and politicians address this problem they know is happening? We cannot have a true representation of the will of the people until this real problem and threat is addressed.

Eliseo amd Angellight and Eberyone, have you read the Bill Herbst piece called Election Day 2020? You should, I think you would appreciate it. I hope this link will get you to it.


or this maybe:


Arizona election updates: Joe Biden’s lead tightens in updated results

https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/11/04/arizona-election-live-updates-2020-presidential-election/6093637002/ via @azcentral

When the Jupiter-Saturn great conjunction opposes McConnell’s 6th House natal Pluto it will also be squaring his Moon and I’m wondering if it will affect his standing as senate majority leader or if it will affect his health? Any thoughts?

And thank you BarbK for those insights.

Copied text from a NYT article from this morning about the senate race in Georgia:

Democrats’ sputtering hopes of reclaiming the Senate are on the edge of getting a boost, as David Perdue, the Republican incumbent in Georgia, could be forced into a runoff with his Democratic challenger if his vote share falls any lower as the state’s final votes are counted.

As of 9:30 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, with an estimated 95 percent of the votes counted, Mr. Perdue had 50.04 percent of the vote against Jon Ossoff, who had 47.63 percent. Under Georgia law, if Mr. Perdue falls below 50 percent, he’ll face Mr. Ossoff in a one-on-one vote in January.

There will already be one runoff election in Georgia: Senator Kelly Loeffler, a Republican, will face the Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat.

If Democrats were able to win both seats, and if Joseph R. Biden, Jr. wins the presidency, they would have the 50 senators needed to usher through judicial and cabinet appointments, and enact a Democratic agenda. If Republicans maintain control, they could exert their power to block the priorities of a Biden administration.

If President Trump prevails, the Democrats would need to achieve the enormously difficult feat of winning both Georgia seats and the North Carolina seat held by Senator Thom Tillis, who is nearly two percentage points ahead of his Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham, with 94 percent of the votes tallied. The extra seat would be required because the vice president casts the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. Mr. Tillis has already declared victory.

Though Democrats flipped Republican-held seats in Colorado and Arizona, they lost one in Alabama and failed to capture seats in several other states in which they invested enormous sums of money.

But a second Georgia runoff would extend their hopes through January, and focus the nation’s attention squarely on the Peach State. Georgia election officials are expected to release additional vote totals Thursday morning.

Clearly I’m obsessed and excited about looming possibilities for flipping the senate. Here’s another thought: When the Great Conjunction moves into opposition to McConnell’s 6th House Pluto and squares his Moon, if his health is impacted and he needs to step down, Kentucky has a Dem governor who would appoint his new replacement.

Starlight: Your current writing is so right on:

“We are now in the zone of the Mercury station square to Saturn. This will be in effect through November 6. It is bringing a sense of ongoing tension and strain, a feeling of protracted and tense waiting, with no real conclusion until at least late on the 6th.”

I am hoping that by the 6th, we will get some kind of conclusion that Biden has won.

barbk: Thank you for the Bill Herbst link.

Emma, it has been written before that the solar eclipse on December 14 should bring Trump’s downfall, but the suspense and uncertainty surrounding the election could well last until then.

The dam is about to break. The country has been in suspended animation for three days. Election results have been at a standstill since Mercury turned direct on Election Day. This will end starting this evening whn the Moon opposes Mars, Mercury squares Satrun in the early hours tomorrow and then the Moon makes a series of aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury. Tomorrow is a heavy-laden and dramatic turning point.

Biden should claim victory by the time the Moon is conjunct his Jupiter at 25 Cancer. At or near the same time, the Moon will oppose Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction bringing a setback but also an upsurge in the deluded adulation of his base. It is highly unlikely he will concede.

Tomorrow is the day when serious civil unrest could appear. It could increase when Trump’s followers realize his court challenenges will go nowhere. I think vote counters and state government officials in battleground states should all have police protection.

The worst case was the reelection of Trump. We are now in the second-worst case: a razor-thin win for Biden without a Senate majority and a reduced majority in the House. There will be uncertainty until December 14 because of the possibility of faithless electors who might take it upon themselves to change history, or the possibility of competing slates of Grand Electors.

It should legally be over for Trump after December 14, which is why the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the winter solstice will bring celebration and optimism for the left. However, the possibility of significant violence will remain until the inauguration with the Mars-Pluto square on December 23 (the last one brought us the arrests for a plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer of Michigan), the Mars-Saturn square in mid-January and the Mars-Uranus conjunction on January 20 itself.

If Trump were reelected, which is unlikely but still a small possibility, I would say that Mars-Uranus conjunction could bring a massive display of military or police authoritarianism on Inauguration Day, which would bring an era of fascism to the country.

If it is Biden’s Inauguration, as I expect, it could bring an act of domestic terrorism. That Mars-Uranus conjunction will be in the 12th house of the next Administration’s chart and will be worrisome throughout Biden’s term. Despite his good intetions, he and his AG may have to fight domestic terrorism on an unprecedented scale.

See new Tweets

Hillary Clinton
Please share with friends and family in Georgia:

If you voted absentee in Georgia, please check the status of your ballot now.

If it was rejected, you have until 5pm on Friday, November 6, to fix it and make sure your vote counts.


Has anyone considered the possibility Trump might establish an Avignon Presidency at Mar A Lago?


That assumes he’s competent enough to orchestrate such a thing.

For a man whose mind is the functional equivalent of 6 fireflies blinking randomly in a jar, that’s very likely about as many bridges too far for him to contemplate.

That, and his legal and financial woes are all about to catch up to him and royally kick his behind. I don’t expect Biden’s DoJ to go after him, but New York City and State are sharpening and polishing up their swords now. He’s going to be too desperate to save his hide to have any amount of time or energy to stage an insurgency against Biden.

Oh, and go ahead and laugh at JR. and whatever fantasies he has about taking up the mantle and winning in 2024. That ship not only has sailed, it was never in his port to begin with.

The eclipse energy is already apparent on Trump as he has already been taken down several pegs to lame duck status. All of his bluster and bravado are suddenly falling on deaf ears. The Republicans got what they wanted from him, and are already moving on without him. So much for his reign.

This is the moment when I am glad that the generals are not fans of Trump. In some other countries, it would be time for a coup.

Eliseo wrote: “Has anyone considered the possibility Trump might establish an Avignon Presidency at Mar A Lago?”

Sounds like it would make a great reality show! 🙂


It’s my hope, too, that he quickly has to turn to trying to save himself and it takes all his time and energy.

I believe you read more into my question than I actually meant. I wasn’t suggesting DJT might set up any actual alternative government. I was thinking he will claim to be the rightful president, i.e. a metaphorical “president in exile.”

Regardless of his various legal and financial woes, I suspect as long as he is alive, he will maintain the election was stolen from him, sowing as much chaos as possible, urging his followers to continue “taking the country back.” Continuing to use the seal of the presidency, and other various symbols, I can easily see him putting out videos and podcasts from Mar A Lago. Speaking as “your true and rightful president” calling his cult members to domestic violence and insurrection, he would become a considerable pain in the nether region of the body politic.

I still have the feeling that the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inauguration day has to do with Covid and with technology, based on their square with Jupiter that day, January 20.

When Uranus and Jupiter began their cycle at 0+ Aries (world point) on June 8, 2010, trans. Neptune at 28+ Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius) was sextile transiting Moon (People) at 27+ Aries. That sextile between trans. Neptune (+ US Moon) and trans. Moon formed a Yod with transiting Saturn (government/control) at 27+ Virgo (health/service). In hindsight I now see that as a message about the future pandemic of Covid-19.

That Saturn in Virgo, which was in the apex of a Yod (forced adjustment) with Neptune and Moon, was also in a grand trine with transiting Mercury (27+ Taurus) and US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn).

To complicate matters, Neptune at 28+ Aquarius (+ US Moon) was square Mercury at 27+ Taurus which now, 10 years later, smacks of disinformation, via Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc.

The Mercury-Saturn-US Pluto grand trine was a sign of a force of energy that would transform (US Pluto) the processes (Saturn) of US life (US Moon) through the spread of disinformation (Mercury). Think of how gossip can ruin a person’s reputation and multiply that a million times and that’s where we are now, 10 years later.

The Sun, symbol of consciousness, in this Jupiter-Uranus cycle chart at 17+ Gemini was conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus. Need I say more?

The much shorter cycle between trans. Mars and Jupiter began on March 20, 2020, at the height of the pandemic and the Dem. party’s primaries.

Their conjunction at 22+ Capricorn – the same degree as where the Saturn-Pluto cycle began – carried some heavy vibes. The Sun in that chart was at 0+ Aries, the same degree where the Jupiter-Uranus cycle began in 2000, also known as the World Point.

The Moon in that Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart was at 17+ Aquarius and was conjunct Ceres at 18+ Aquarius, which I read as the Covid effect. This completed a grand trine with Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Jupiter + US prog. Mars at 17+ Libra. Again, the force of a grand trine’s energy would affect the US during this 2 year cycle ending in late May, 2022.

Because both Uranus and Mars will square Jupiter on Inauguration Day, and because Jupiter will be conjunct the US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus, there could be a lot of pent up energies released – some positive and some negative no doubt.

I think much (not all) of it will be through the new technologies of our phones and computers and the Internet, as well as live television. I suspect Mars in Taurus will more likely prefer to eat or build something, or talk on their phone rather than street fight.


Your predictions and observations are bang on! Or as Trump would say T R E M E N D O U S……repeat!!!

Quintile, thank you. Much appreciated.

I was actually relieved by Trump’s remarks this evening. He was flailing and bitter and shameful but the bark was far worse than the bite. Other than court cases he will lose, there was no substance.

This should not be surprising as the Moon was trining the Scorpio Sun and was clearly favoring Biden’s chart. Things could get more complicated late tonight as the Moon opposes Mars.

Tomorrow will be an eventful day.

as the Moon square Mars

John King on CNN just said that, out of the undeclared states, if Biden only got GA – which has gone his way all day- and Trump gets everything else, they will both have 269 EVs and the election then goes to the House. I think Andre or someone else may have pointed that out already. But what happens then?

If it goes to the House, each state gets 1 vote but the GOP has more states than Dems. I do not think that will happen. Biden is poised to win PA,GA,AZ and NV.

What worries me is what trump will do after the MSM calls it for Biden either later tonight or tomorrow.

Sharon K, that would be another nightmare. Even if the Democrats hold the House, the Constitution says the vote is not by individual members but by a majority of members within each state delegation. The majority of state delegations within the House membership are Republican.

So, heaven forbid, Trump would be constitutionally elected by the House under Nancy Pelosi. I don’t think that will happen, but it shows how close this election really is.

Andre, I agree with Quintile. You are good!

Thank you, Andre, and thank you from me too regarding your astrological predictions, which feel right and correlate with Nancy’s and Barb’s (and Beowulfie’s)

Ha ha, I know this is kind of just frivolous , and I am not into sports so forgive me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it a couple years ago that the Philadelphia eagles won, and we talked about the symbolism of that, the eagle and all, and maybe it was a sign? And now Philly might bring it home for us, just something to think about LOL

Yes, Diana, the Eagles did win the Super Bowl and there was talk of the symbolism, etc. What’s even more interesting is that it was Philadelphia that delivered the election to JFK.

Barbk, here’s a thought. The deadlock in this election is the product of the tug-of-war beween the two great conjunctions of 2020. The conservative Saturn-Pluto conjunciton favors the GOP, and the forward-looking Jupiter-Saturn conjunction favors the Democrats.

Jupiter and Saturn now still put on the brakes and resist change while they are still in Capricorn for a few short weeks more. But they initiate a great leap forward at the solstice on December 21, which becomes profoundly irreversible and of much greater magnitude when Pluto reaches 0 Aquarius in 2023.

Andre – on November 5th at 1:30 pm, you wrote:

“If it is Biden’s Inauguration, as I expect, it could bring an act of domestic terrorism.”

Seeing the mobs at the vote counting centers, the same thing went thru my mind. Actually, my thought was this might be the first time we see a new president elected and taking the oath standing within a bulletproof box. I had horrors of semi-automatic weapons fire taking out everyone involved (or close to) the inauguration. It’s horrible to think this way; that I don’t trust a third to half of the American population. But they’ve drunk way too much koolaid and the guns they carry are military grade with only one use — to kill as many as possible as fast as possible.

I’m not going to feel comfortable until Trump and his crime family are out of the White House, the Biden’s have moved in, and we’re into the first 100 days…


Thank you for the Bill Herbst election piece. Gads, I’ve never seen him write with such passion, disgust, outrage and use of any profanity. Another indication of just how corrosive the Abomination-in-Chief’s influence has been.

I might be myopic but I don’t see any problem with getting Donny Darko out of the White House; its not like its actually needed for Biden to take the oath of office. We might have to have social services and the D.C. police and a paddy-wagon and ambulance show up at 1600 and escort the madman and his wench out of the residence. It might come down to yet another national embarrassment wherein world-wide footage of him being escorted out by authorities. Worse case scenario is that the Bidens will work out of a federal office or Camp David until Drumpf and Natasha are duly evicted and 1600 can undergo a steam-cleaning and delousing.

The possibility of a slate of rival grand electors in Pennsylvania who would disregard the popular vote has apparently been raised this evening on Fox by Hannity and the newly relected Senator Graham. A commentator on MSNBC says this would violate both state and federal law. I am sure we will hear more of this.

Andre, fortunately the Republican Speaker of the Pennsylvania General Assembly is on the record, multiple times, saying that is not going to happen.

“The Pennsylvania General Assembly does not have and will not have a hand in choosing the state’s presidential electors or in deciding the outcome of the presidential election.”

Read more here: https://www.centredaily.com/opinion/article246527648.html#storylink=cpy

Ive been surprised at Eric’s frenetic media rantings of ‘election fraud’
Must be that he-who-is-supposed-not-to-be-involved in politics, but is instead formally tasked with heading Trump Inc., is only too aware that their prime cash flow cow is about to dry up.

Thank you Andre. Another very good astrologer I read says that and goes a bit further suggesting the stress and panic over his election loss and imminent indictments could cause a relapse, a stoke or even suicidal tendencies.

Has anyone cast a chart for the inauguration yet? It looks somewhat difficult to say the least.

Many Thanks for suggesting the Bill Herbst 
In regard to your more positive interpretation the Inauguration day Mars-Uranus conjunction day has to do with Covid and technology, based on their square with Jupiter:
I certainly hope you are correct, but in my personal experience, whenever transiting Mars conjuncts my 1st house Uranus, I have to pay far more attention to controlling my red head temper. Andre’s interpretaion RE: having to contend with domestic terrorism seems more plausible to me, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility you are both right.

In any and either case, although astrology has long fascinated me, it is not one of my areas of expertise, as it is for you. In that context, I defer to you both.

not only that, but Eric recently had a day in court and probably knows all too well how close the jailers are breathing down their necks!

I’m in shock. I suppose this has happened to many of us, but I just learned an old friend of mine is a fanatical Trump supporter. I remember her as a fairly progressive person. So when did she go morally blind?

No matter how conservative one might be, I fail to understand how anyone in their right mind could possibly support Donald Trump. But perhaps that’s the key, “right mind.”

I had not watched FoxNews in ages; decided to tune in. I was shocked at what I watched and heard. They R very dangerous and should not be allowed to lie to the public and incite dangerous rhetoric the way they do. This is and should be against the public trust. We should not have pretend news like this to distort the minds and emotions of a trusting public. They are very much the part of the problem of division in America. They are a platform pretending to be legitimate news when they are not. Something should be done about this cancer.

At this moment (12:40 AM PST) Trump is ahead of Biden in Georgia only by 665 votes. With each new count Biden/Harris gain as DJT seems to have reached his limit. Georgia may be the state that puts Biden over the top.

Many of us commenters have opined on the 2021 Inauguration chart all year; sorry you have missed that Emma.

Assuming you are referring to the Inauguration chart’s Mars-Uranus in Taurus square Jupiter in Aquarius, that conjuncts US South Node + US Pholus, that opposes the US North Node in Leo, . . . .
. . the interpretations vary from violence from citizens for Trump, to Trump starts a war, to what I wrote last night, seeing it as a war of words, primarily online.

To which I would note that the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction this past January, at 7+ Capricorn, that was square the Moon at 6+ Aries; and while Mercury and Jupiter cycles are about getting the word out, the Moon is about the people or the masses. In this chart, the Mercury-Jupiter cycle chart, the People/Masses are in conflict with getting the word out.

Also in this chart, Chiron (wounds that won’t heal) was at 1+ Aries (conjunct US natal chart’s IC, the roots of the chart, aka the People and their ancestry), so this Chiron was trine Mars at 29+ Scorpio.

This same Chiron in the Mercury-Jupiter cycle chart was also semi-sextile Uranus at 2+ Taurus which was trine Transpluto (process of becoming whole) at 2+ Virgo, and Pholus at 2+ Cap which squared Chiron, so for the US, this cycle allowed the wounds of the US ancestors plenty of room to vent their spleen.

This cycle will be over on March 5, 2021 when Jupiter and Mercury meet at 17+ Aquarius, when the transiting Sun at 15+ Pisces will be conjunct the US progressed Sun and trine the US progressed Jupiter in Cancer. Things should simmer down by then.

Trump’s and Fox News’ violent, deceitful rhetoric is going to get someone seriously hurt or killed. Please people of color be careful of your surroundings when you travel among Trump supporters. They are being programmed to shoot and kill by this deranged mad man and his sounding horn, Fox News.

Looks more and more like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada electoral votes will go to Biden/Harris, which will give them a total of 306. Alaska and North Carolina are still leaning toward Trump.

Secret Service plans to ramp up protection of Biden in anticipation of his possible win


Just Now: Biden gained the lead in Georgia!

Biden gained the lead in Georgia when the votes came in from John Lewis’ old district, if anyone is looking at symbolism.

Combine that with people saying that the ghost of McCain gave Arizona to Biden.

I am disgusted and upset by Trump’s racist attacks on the voting in Detroit and Philadelphia. Senator Graham has continued to spread hatred last night on Fox by saying Philadelphia voting is corrupt. This lays the groundwork for domestic violence.

In my view, the Mars-Uranus conjunction will be square the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the next Administration chart for the entire term. It is not merely a square to Jupiter, which, standing alone, could be more innocuous. That is the cause of my concern.

Check out Marjorie Orr’s website star4cast.com
“ Out of the White House, he loses immunity from trial on criminal charges. A Manhattan grand jury is looking into suspected bank, insurance, tax and other fraud; and the New York state attorney general’s civil investigation has dropped legal hints that it is building a case against Trump, some of his children and The Trump Organisation for allegedly running a racketeering enterprise. Indictment on racketeering charges would allow prosecutors to immediately seize his assets, including Trump Tower, his golf courses and Mar-a-Lago, as the fruits of criminal enterprise. On top of this, a handful of women are suing Trump for sexual assault, slander and other civil offences. And he has an estimated $900 million in loans due in the next four years.”

CBS reports Biden now ahead in vote count in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

Today is November 6. Yes, it’s early, but the aspects and transits that Nancy mentioned are starting to resolve pretty much as promised. Congratulations, Nancy, and everyone else on this blog. You called it!

These past four years have been hard on us all, and as foretold, there are challenges to come (Coronavirus, for one). Yet for those of you who are well-versed in astrology, you have risen to the occasion. You have kept right on studying. And we are all the better for it.

Thank you for helping me get through these last four years, and for helping me to have a better understanding of these times we’re living in.

Great article Nancy and great comments, especially Andre and Barbk.

We live in interesting times. While Biden lost Texas, he carried Dallas and Tarrant counties. It’s a small progress but for Texas it is big.

Glad you are all still here.


His house of cards is collapsing. And there’s a tsunami of accountability that’s coming for him. This has been such a long time coming.

His niece, Mary Trump on MSNBC last night said that he had never had to deal with loss before. We are likely going to see him become even more unhinged, angry, and desperate in the coming days.

Absolutely, BuckeyeShadow! Also, as Nancy et al. predicted, Ezra Klein just tweeted:

“We’re about to get a very vivid lesson in why having a long lame-duck period in politics, where a defeated president still wields full presidential power, is dangerous.”

It may take a constitutional amendment to fix this, and with a closely divided Congress, it’s unlikely; but this is one more challenge we’re living through.

Some badly needed humor from the Police Department of Bangor, Maine, for those Americans thinking of fleeing to Canada. They sure know a thing or two about their northern neighbor.


Gypsi, Yes! Hooray for those Texas counties. Similarity, Florida went bad. But here in Jacksonville, Duval county, where the threat of RNC convention raged, we rose up and voted for Biden!

Gina, when FDR was elected in November 1932 to deal urgently with the Depression, Hoover’s lame-duck Administration lasted until March as had always been the case until then. When FDR was reelected in 1936, he brought up the Inauguration to January 20. I am not sure a constitutional amendment was needed.

Thank God and FDR for that change and for many others.

The Moon will reach 24-25 Cancer in the late afternoon. That is likely to be when the networks put Biden at 270 electoral votes or more. Biden is likely to make a statement as president-elect in prime time about 6 PM.

This evening, when the Moon squares Mercury, watch for a nasty reaction from Trump, the soon-to-be former President.

Maybe he will pardon himself before he goes, or ask Pence to do it as he leaves him the White House for a month in order to avoid the transition.

Andre, you are right on target with how it’s shaking out. I’ll definitely be looking for those placements.

Yes, there was a constitutional amendment needed to change the date to inaugurate the president. It was the 20th Amendment, the one between the one giving women the right to vote and the one that ended Prohibition. It was actually first proposed under Hoover in 1932, then ratified early in 1933. FDR was first inaugurated March 4, 1933, but his next term, and every presidential term since, began on January 20.

The Congress is still sworn in January 3.

To make matters more difficult for the Biden Administration, the Moon (the People) in the Inauguration chart at 29 Aries 03 (conjunct Biden’s Moon at 0 Taurus 59 and Pelosi’s Saturn at 0 Taurus 45) will square the Inauguration Sun (consciousness) at 0 Aquarius 51, which conjuncts the December 21, 2020, Jupiter-Saturn (societal movement) cycle start degree of 0 Aquarius 29.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle represents a 20 year influence on societies and, like the now ending Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the 2020 cycle will be challenged (aka squared) by the Inauguration chart Uranus at 6 Taurus 58 conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 6 Taurus 50, which will also be T-square the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6 Leo 36 and the US natal South Node (what no longer serves growth) at 6 Aquarius 36, as well as US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6 Aquarius 59 rx, which conjuncts Inauguration chart Jupiter at 7 Aquarius 22.

As Andre noted, the Inauguration chart’s Saturn at 3 Aquarius 55 and Sun at 0 Aquarius 51 are within orb of a conjunction with Inauguration Jupiter at 7 Aquarius 22, so they too are square the Inauguration chart’s Mars-Uranus conjunction + Moon.

Therefore we can say that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in January, 2020, as well as the US natal North and South nodes, and the US natal Pholus are all in play as challenging this new President, whose Moon at 0 Taurus 59 is conjunct the Inauguration Moon which conjuncts the Mars-Uranus in the Inauguration chart . . .

. . and Biden’s natal Moon will square the Inauguration Sun and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, both at 0+ Aquarius. Nobody thought it would be easy, but he will have a lot of help.

Just to be clear, it is the US natal SOUTH Node at 6 Aquarius 36 and the US natal Pholus at 6 Aquarius 59 that conjuncts the 2021 Inauguration Jupiter at 7 Aquarius 22, that squares the Inauguration chart’s conjunction of Uranus and Mars at 6+ Taurus that conjuncts the same chart’s Moon at 29+ Aquarius that conjuncts Biden’s natal Moon at 0+ Taurus.

Easy to get mixed up.

Lorna Bevan:

Waving Goodbye to the Age of Entitlement
On November 12th, the third
and final conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn will deliver the truth of
what we’ve learnt or failed to learn from the Saturn/Pluto lockdown and the preceding years of
entitlement and consumerism.
From now on in, it’s going to be crucial to understand the reality gap between 3D outer events and the
cries to return to “normal” and the Truth of our trajectory which is hidden in plain sight in 2020’s huge
cycles of transformation: this is the permanent, irrevocable, no holds barred Re-Set we said we wanted
but have resisted all the way.
The repeating triple mergers of the Great Eliminator and the Expansionist on April 5, June 30 and
November 12 offer hard won opportunity through facing the reality of permanent transformation. They
also spell the downfall – through hubris – of any person, group or organisation abusing power. The rapidly
approaching end of an entire epoch, a permanent shift in the Zeitgeist, puts the current political dramas
into their correct perspective as nothing more than frantically moving the deckchairs on the Titanic. The
key players will appear and disappear lit by the flickering light of publicity and social media but the coming
social transformation between 2021-43 is going to be so much more powerful than any party or person.

http://WWW.Harein the Moon Astrology.co.uk

We will survive this folks! Thank you for your input, astrologically, on all the madness in DC.
DT’s lies debunked here…

I’ve been wondering this myself. (Sis in FL is one of them.) https://www.dcreport.org/2020/11/05/what-is-wrong-with-68-million-americans/

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney:

“As for ongoing signs that the President could lose the election, “I think what the President needs to do is frankly put his big boy pants on.”

Does he own any?


I would like to slightly revise my reading of the Moon’s placements later this evening. I now think the significant action will take place when the Moon t-squares this morning’s Mercury-Saturn square. That will take place a little later tonight than I initially expected.

I note that Nevada will provide an update at 9 PM. That state alone will not bring Biden to 270, but there may be other developments as well around taht time.

Even if he does not reach 270 today, Biden should be right on the edge of doing so and the inevitability will be more apparent to everyone.

Next week’s Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, Mars station direct and New Moon in Scorpio will definitely make him the president-elect, as I initially wrote, if that does not happen this evening.

It occurs to me that this whole messed up election actually serves as an awesome civics lesson as to how the process works.
For those who choose to learn, surely this bodes well for more informed future participation in the process. Even today, in Nevada, detailed explanations of the counting system process, is being patiently explained to the public.


Soon, it appears, the worst president in modern American history will resume private life.

Gone from the White House will be an administration whose gaslighting operation was matched only by its hostility and deadly incompetence. Gone will be the necessity for, and our stupid hope in, saviors: Robert Mueller, state attorneys general, Anonymous, “concerned” Senators Susan Collins and Mitt Romney. Gone will be the Muslim bans, the human-rights violations at the southern border, the photo-op Bible shaken like a martini after federal police gassed nonviolent protesters. The parade of disheveled presidential associates under indictment, the Jared and Ivanka leaks, MSNBC’s nightly seminars on Russian oligarchs, the presidential retweets of literal white supremacists — gone.


Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, Donnie.

You know how long I’ve been waiting to say that?


Raye Robertson on what’s been happening and when things will begin to get better.

“It’s hard to say how we should take the “interesting timing” of Jupiter’s comings and goings—to my eye, it looks similar to not quite being able to celebrate a new day with a new president (Jupiter-Pluto reflects a lot about executive power), a situation that could perhaps be remedied when Jupiter catches back up with Pluto on November 12th, and then even better, emerges from its post-retrograde shadow period on December 6. So hopefully by that time we will start feeling that long overdue “joy” that this heavy, divisive election year has made so difficult to embrace.

“The fact is, we’re living through the deeply waning times of all the Jupiter cycles—Jupiter-Uranus is the only one shown in the table above that has a number higher than negative 300. This perhaps only adds to the “heavy” feel of our times, especially with Jupiter in the home sign of Saturn. Patience everyone (we’re hearing a lot about that today), better times are coming as the Jupiter cycles all begin anew and transition into waxing status over the coming four years! More on that ahead.”


Has anyone heard anything about how mail-in vote counts might be affecting house and senate candidates, such as Ossoff etc?

Fox and AP have already called Arizona for Biden two days ago, but CNN and MSNBC have not. Fox therefore currently gives Biden 264 electoral votes, and CNN 253. If they all call Nevada’s six electoral votes this evening, Fox and AP would reach 270 but CNN and MSNBC would not.

Maybe that explains the conflicting signals I am reading.

To add to the uncertainty, Fox has apparently instructed its anchors not to use the words president-elect even if their electoral desk gives Biden 270.

An important statement from Leon Panetta:


The bit about the Russians spreading false news / propaganda, means Putin is afraid of similar things to happen in Russia. As dictator #1, Putin, in disguise as an ‘elected’ leader, is hammering the US results. He’s getting scared. It may take generations yet, but it’s possible that Russians, too, will eventually come around to doing democracy in a full and effective way. What a thought that is!

It’s a bit early to anticipate, but keep an eye on what Mitch McConnell does next. Remember, even more than Trump, McConnell does not want to be on the wrong side of history. He’ll change his tune if he has to.

McConnell’s response will determine how smoothly (or not), the transition to Biden’s presidency is going to go. Despite all the disruption Trump will cause, it’s Mitch that will set the tone for the transfer of power. That doesn’t mean he won’t be the same obstacle to progress that he’s always been after the inauguration is over, but the timing of calming things down may change.

Mitch will ditch Trump as soon as there’s no leverage left in DT to advance the Repub agenda (which won’t change). But, in my opinion, if there’s an advantage to Mitch in backing wider public protest, he won’t hesitate.



Pelosi press conference – trump’s furniture smashing has apparently begun

Earlier today I wrote that “the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in January 2020” when I should have written that it began in December 2020. I’m blaming a lack of sleep!

Trump’s presidency is a great way to understand the end of the Earth sign based cycles of Jupiter-Saturn for a long time. The material world mattered to Trump in a garish exaggerated way, such as his gold plated toilets. All that kind of display will seem repulsive to people, if it isn’t already. Instead, the Air sign cycle (this one in Aquarius) trend will lean toward group formation and discussion on ways to use less of nature’s resources in wasteful ways.

I guess the end of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Taurus, that coincides with the start of the Jupiter-
Saturn cycle in Aquarius, wanted to make an obvious point by showing Trump as an object of repulsion; hopefully the world will get the message loud and clear.

With 98% of the ballots counted, kiwi, the Republican candidate against Ossoff, Purdue, is just below 50% at 49.8%. As soon as he went below 50%, it dictated that a run-off would take place. If this sticks for the rest of the ballots, the runoff will be in early Jan….giving us 2 Senate runoffs in GA!

thanks Sharon. Interesting!

Any comments on the astrology of the run-off date?

Kiwi, I’m holding to my previous comment about the run off date Jan 5, my focus was on Mitch McConnell. The Great Conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter will move into an opposition to McConnell’s Pluto while also squaring his Moon. McConnell’s Pluto is in 6th H and the conjunction from Saturn-Jupiter will be coming from his 12th H. I’m just a dabbler but it seems to me that his power will be checked, and my hope is he will lose his leadership position in the Senate. Or, because his Pluto is in his 6th H, it may affect his health. If it affects his health and he has to step down, Kentucky has a Dem governor and I’m assuming he will be able to appoint Kentucky’s replacement senator and I’m guessing he would pick a Dem.

Dear All,

After a good bit of confusion, on my part, this morning, I learned that I share a name with a new member. Welcome Emma!

You can tell us apart by noticing her Emma vs. my emma. Should this become a problem, mention it. I will be glad to choose another moniker.

Thank creation we have a President-Elect Biden. I am trying to be patient while the Senate works out

thanks Frank!

Just as a sidenote – following our election last month, NZ mail-in ballots (mostly from citizens living overseas) were tallied and announced just yesterday, 20 days after the election, resulting in less right wing and more left wing seats.
Lets hope that trend continues for the US.

Sharon and kiwi (and Frank):

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction that conjuncts US natal South Node in Aquarius on January 11 (which I mistakenly told Frank was conjunct the US North Node, so sorry Frank!) which opposes US natal North Node in Leo, will be t-square’d by transiting Uranus in Taurus, which will also be sextile the US natal Jupiter in Cancer.

At the same time on January 11, transiting Mars (action) at 2+ Taurus will trine transiting Moon (People) and Venus (values) in Capricorn which are trine transiting Transpluto (process of becoming whole) at 3+ Virgo, should bode well for runoff elections on the day of a new Jupiter-Mercury cycle start, a cycle that is effective for one year.

This cycle that’s about communicating and educating, which begins conjunct the US natal South Node, will be about eliminating what no longer serves the growth of the US. The US natal Pholus that conjuncts the US natal South Node and the January 11 conjunction of transiting Mercury and Jupiter, suggests a release from negative situations that lead to radical change. Perfect for a runoff election I would think.

It has been suggested Trump might retreat to Mar A Lago for the Thanksgiving holiday and remain there beyond inauguration day.

An ex-FBI attorney pal and lifelong friend of mine speculated Trump might issue a flurry of pardons, including for the various malefactors he’s been associated with. My friend further speculates Trump might resign a week before the inauguration in expectation of President Pence granting him a pardon.

Let us hope by the 2024 election neither Trump nor his sycophantic enablers will be factors in the process, that they will have been swept into the dustbin of history. Let us also hope circumstances, events, and our achievements will have moved his followers into healthier and more positive fellings, into a better mindset.

The Moon’s T-square to the Mercury-Saturn square last night brought the certainty of a Biden Presidency despite the reticence of the networks to acknowledge that reality. It has also brought news of the infection of the White House of Chief of Staff and four of his assistants. The country has begun to move on from this benighted and afflicted Administration. The Secret Service has sent additional personnel to the one it now considers the President-elect.

Arizona may be called this weekend by CNN and MSNBC as it has already by Fox, but that alone would not bring Biden to 270 electoral votes. It would bring him tantalizingly close at 264.

The next astrological window for officially crossing the threshold would appear to be Tuesday when the Moon joins Biden’s MC at 19 Virgo, and more importantly Jupiter joins Pluto for the third time this year. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions have proven very fortunate for Biden although simultaneously they increase the severity of the pandemic. Jupiter is always a magnifier for good or bad.

My initial explanation for this in Biden’s case was that he is a Sag rising with a Scorpio Sun. Jovian optimism rules his chart and deep and dark Pluto his Sun. A closer look at his chart provides fuller information. Natally, he has Jupiter and Pluto 12 degrees apart in the 8th house although in different signs. The 8th is Pluto’s natural house and is most powerful there. Jupiter, once again, is his ruling planet. The 8th house is mysterious and profound. It has great impact on social psychology and anyone with strong planets there could have a profound and positive emotional influence on the collective thinking of his time, more so than the average President. It often involves the capacity to overcome great personal tragedy and to lead by example in a sorrowful and painful time.

Jupiter is exactly trine his Sun, which makes him a man of hope despite the suffering within him and around him. It is fascinating to find his Chiron at 28 Leo directly opposite the US Moon. Trump’s Mars is at 26 Leo; his impact was to inflame and irritate the people. Biden’s Chiron will have the opposite effect. It will soothe and heal the national psyche.

Biden is definitely the man for this moment in history. In addition, he has a Saturn-Uranus conjunction on his Descendant, which is nearly conjunct the US Uranus. This has brought the sudden and tragic loss of his first wife. Like FDR’s polio, he has turned this loss, as well as the death of his son, into a possibility of greatness and redemption.

The Saturn-Uranus conjunction would also bring him an unusually strong partner. I suspect Jill Biden will surprise us and will become a force for good in her own way, much like Michelle Obama. Finally, that conjunction has given him a strong and unusual VP, who seeems to have a connection with the coming US Uranus return, much as he appears to be uniquely suited for the current Pluto return.

Andre, thanks. May it be so.

Rachel Maddow self-quarantining after COVID-19 scare


Tuesday is when North Carolina is supposed to release a large tranche of numbers based on mail-in ballots, so that fits. Trump is currently up in NC by what seems to be a commanding margin, but we don’t really know how many outstanding ballots were still to be counted. It would be funny if, after all this angst about PA GA AZ NV, another state actually delivered the death blow.

Matt Gaetz has tested positive for coronavirus


Thank you Andre, I have always believed Biden was going to get us headed in the right direction. I have no doubt that Jill Biden will be a very powerful force for good.

emma, I take it that you are the first person with that name and the newer one is Emma? That COULD get really confusing. Maybe you can add something else to your name and still keep “emma”?

Eliseo, well he can’t pardon himself from the NY State charges and there are no federal charges. The Senate is still Republican so there can’t be a new impeachment trial as the Senate wouldn’t convict him (?) I am sure he will make a speech some time soon about the recounts and try to imply fraud. He has to show people he is going to fight for his rightful place and he is very attached his role. There is the fact that he did get over 47% of the country’s vote and he knows he has support. The question for me is will he spend this next amount of time strategizing and fighting or will the Republicans gradually convince him to concede. Obviously, it will take some time for him to adjust to doing that and he would have to, for the first time, do something for the good of the country that requires self-sacrifice.

It has just been announced that Biden Wins the Whitehouse!

As predicted, once the stressful, torturously slow Mercury/Saturn square began to separate, the race was called. Today, Venus is square to US Sun through 7 PM EST. That is the same aspect we had when Obama announced Osama bin Laden had been killed by Seal Team 6. We will have the same celebration today and the same celebrating of America. Woo woo!! We did it!!! Congratulations to us all!!

You’re fired! Donald,
Now go home!

God bless and protect President Elect Joe Biden!

And thanks to Starlight and all here as we held each other up through this trying time.

Biden Wins Presidency, Ending Four Tumultuous Years Under Trump
Joseph R. Biden Jr. achieved victory offering a message of healing and unity. He will return to Washington facing a daunting set of crises.


Thank you Nancy. I got through this with your and the rest of astrolgers guidance. So relieved!

Victory for Joe Biden, at Last
Kamala Harris to make history as first female vice president.

By The Editorial Board

Nov. 7, 2020

Having peered into the abyss of autocratic nationalism, the American people have chosen to step back from the brink. The ballot counting will continue for a few days yet, but the math is what it is: Joe Biden will have the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, and likely many more. President Trump’s four-year assault on our democratic institutions and values will soon end.


Thanks, Starlight, and thanks to you all.
This last week I’ve hardly opened a news site, just waiting for the stress to pass until Nov 6 when Biden would look better for sure, and tRump would diminish. I couldn’t deal with the ups and downs that probably happened, but that I’ve been unaware of. Perhaps a newsless week once in a while is an idea to continue…
But for now, wow, congratulations to everybody here, especially to Nancy. You were right once again!

“Woo woo!! We did it!!! Congratulations to us all!!”

Praise the Lord
Amen, rock our souls!

This is what my brother in Barbados just texted me , i think we can all relate to these sentiments

‘It’s really strange. When i think about it i do feel very emotionally mentally exhausted from his presidency. As though you don’t realise the toll it’s taking on you until it stops . like horrible background noise. And when you get silence for a moment it’s like magic. He has occupied way too much of my attention, i am So glad the noise will likely stop, it was grinding me down . I was very concerned about having to deal with it for four more years’

This presidency has affected people all over the world

Boy i am so relieved. Wow. Let’s celebrate this day. Happy for all the beautiful people and friends on here. And thank you Nancy !

The sheer uplifting of my soul and spirit knows no bounds. Now the work to unite all of America begins.

Biden may be sworn in as the 47th president.

This day’s date (as written in Europe and some other parts of the world) is *7/11*, considered a very lucky number indeed.
Congrats to Democracy and for the love of humanity worldwide?.

This day’s date (as written in Europe and some other parts of the world) is *7/11*, considered a very lucky number indeed.
Congrats to Democracy and for the love of humanity worldwide?.

The country is ecstatic with dancing in the streets; so far the Trumpsters are not seen to be showing their faces, at least where all the TV cameras are. Like Trump and other bullies, they have lost their bravado. God bless the USA!

Note: Biden was in actuality the 47th VICE president of the United States. So it would be very interesting that if he also becomes the 47th president as well, that could denote an 11’11, Considered a very powerful number.

Transiting Jupiter is conjunct transiting Pluto at 22+ Capricorn and they trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus. It is written in the stars as they say.

Happy holidays! The children on my block were cheering! San Francisco is in celebration mode. Tomorrow, lets do all we can to support Warnock and Osoff and flip the Senate!

America to Trump:

You’re fired!

Even though there is much work to be done, I cannot help but hear the hopeful statement that MLK once so famously and and prophetically declared:

“Free at last, free at last… Thank God almighty, we are free at last!”

Thank you Nancy for helping us all through these last few years.

Andre and barbk, I think the square of Uranus Mars, and Moon in the 12th to Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun in the 10th, along with Mercury trine the node in the inauguration chart signifies that half of the country is being told mistruths. I think this chart is all about cyber. We need to get control of our social media and put an end to our allowing people to broadcast lies and falsehoods. I don’t know how we do that, but that needs to be done, and likely will be under this chart.

I also assume this chart signifies that our military under Biden will build out our cyberwar capability as well. This is the new battlefield both at home and abroad and I think this chart shows that Biden will be focused on that.

Congratulations to America & Biden for clearing the first hurdle!

Now for the next hurdle, the Electoral College. Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution describes the Electoral College which actually elects the President and Vice President of the United States. Note that Article II says absolutely nothing about popular votes.

https://constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/interpretation/article-ii/clauses/350 (check the tabs under ‘Matters of Debate’)


Today’s chart shows the situation clearly, per the first Biden win announcement by CNN, 11:24 a.m. The public acknowledgement chart for Biden as President-to-be has a close grand square. Grand squares indicate formidable obstacles to be overcome and a 50/50 split in the biggest election turnout in US history is certainly formidable. Fortunately, the Moon has passed the exactness point to its opposition to Saturn, so things are moving ahead, but with difficulty. Eventually, it will get resolved, but how?


The transiting Sun (leader) in the CNN announcement chart is at 15 Scorpio, in the 10th house of leadership, opposite Uranus (upheaval/ disruption) at 8 Taurus. Uranus is on the cusp of the 4th house (the natural house of the people) – Uranus is presently retrograde and won’t go direct until mid January 2021, shortly before the inauguration. Change won’t happen until then. The announcement chart’s 4th house is in Taurus, which is a sign that matches the nation’s focus on money and wealth. Transiting Mars at 15 Aries in the 3rd house (business/ personal lawyers) is exactly inconjunct (150) the Sun, which shows a very awkward aspect between combatants.

On the personal side, at this time, Biden’s (natal) progressed Midheaven (MC /career) is at 9 Sagittarius in the natal 1st house (new start). His prog. MC is conjunct his natal Juno (loyal supporters/wife). His prog. MC is opposite his natal Saturn (authority) at 9 Gemini in the 7th house of partners and open enemies. It’s a nice fit. Biden’s chief supporter is his wife, Jill, and he has been in authority for decades, in debate among both partners and enemies, as a senator. His message (Saturn in Gemini, ruled by Mercury / natal MC in Virgo, ruled by Mercury) is being heard. His natal Mercury in the 12th house in Scorpio (hidden power) sits between Mars in Scorpio the 11th house of associates (he’s in government/ a senator) and natal Sun/Venus conjunct in the 12th as well. He is a gifted back room negotiator in the Senate, with the charm of Sun/Venus. He may have had a somewhat low profile for many years, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t acquire contacts and personal power (which the election has just brought to light).

At the same time, Biden’s progressed Mars is now in the 2nd house of money and personal resources, at 2 minutes off 8 Capricorn. He is unquestionably obligated to the financial people who have supported him through his 3rd (and finally successful) run at the presidency. His progressed Moon is at 8 Aries, conjunct Venus, in the 3rd house of neighbors and personal lawyers. He has great contacts with his people, whose support is unconditional (Venus) at this time.

However, Biden’s progressed Mars and Moon make a yod to his natal Pluto at 7 Leo 14 in the 8th house of death, taxes and other people’s money. That’s a pretty good fit for Covid, the tax fight he’s going to have in Congress, and the economy. The sign of Cancer, for the people’s money, is on his natal 8th house cusp. There’s no doubt the potential for Biden’s Pluto power has been realized with his election win, but he will have an ongoing choice to make between the money interests that support him and the people (Moon) who voted for him and need the taxes he could collect on their behalf. His progressed Ceres is also in his natal 4th, the natural house of the people, the women who put him over the top, and Covid. Ceres is associated with Covid because of its connection with health and nature.


Going back to the CNN announcement (transit) chart, the opponents represented by Mars at 15 Aries are not going to give up the fight. There is a severe disconnect between Mars opposite Venus (nearing 13 Libra), and inconjunct (150 degrees) the chart’s Sun at 15 Scorpio in the 10th house of leadership. The Mars people are far from reconciled to the Sun people they oppose.

At this time, the grand square sets the tone. Uranus (upheaval) at 8 Taurus is in the 4th house (land/nation), square the Moon at 4 Leo in the 7th house (highly visible: Leo, open enemies: 7th). The Moon is square Mercury at 27 Libra (news) in the 9th (legal matters). Mercury is square the chart’s Ascendant at 17 Capricorn, and the big stellium of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn at 22 to 26 Capricorn (law, power and rulership). They, in turn are square Mars. There is a bit of a gap between the square to Mars and up to Uranus. Both are retrograde now, but eventually Mars will reach Uranus, exact on the day of the inauguration, January 20, 2021.

In the Capricorn stellium, Jupiter represents Justice, exactly conjunct Pluto, representing the power /money at 22 Capricorn. Saturn at 26 Cap represents the establishment / tradition. The “person” represented at the Ascendant (the subject of the chart) has to be Biden, whose moment of victory this is. The entire chart is the landscape that he faces. It’s a victory, but it’s not a pretty picture for the land.

The grand square is completed by the aforementioned stellium and by Mars at 15 Aries retrograde. Mars will be retrograde to November 14. Then it will reverse direction (retreat rx, to attack, direct). Mars will start catching up to the stellium. So the big battle is yet to come. Mars, as I see it, is Trump and his supporters and the stellium represents the various elements of the long established administration in a diverse country like the US. Mars reaches 22 degrees on December 19th. The exact Jupiter / Saturn conjunction follows on December 21st. Only after that will the country start to exhale, and it may take longer.

Andre, I believe the above fits your prior comment, “There will be uncertainty until December 14 because of the possibility of faithless electors who might take it upon themselves to change history, or the possibility of competing slates of Grand Electors”. Even that promise of (some) certainty by December 14 is dicey because that is the day of the solar eclipse.


The Sun and Moon eclipse on December 14 will be at 22 – 23 degrees Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the natural sign for the 9th house of court cases and, presently, the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in that stellium, conjunct Pluto and Saturn. It’s not like Jupiter is free as a bird to dispense justice and judgments without regarding the dark power of Pluto and the rigid rules of Saturn. Jupiter will need to fight for justice. It remains to be seen what effect the appointment of Amy Coney Barratt may have on the outcome of the election.

See BarbK’s and others’ many prior posts on the 22 (+/- 2) degree thing, but here’s a summary. Biden’s CNN announcement chart has Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 22 Capricorn. The US has slippery natal Neptune at 22 Virgo in the 9th house of legal matters. Neptune rules the natural sign of Pisces (the fishes going 2 ways), and the obscure 12th house. Neptune’s true affairs are typically hidden, but the effects are pervasive (e.g. Covid, drugs, religion, hospitals).

Donald Trump has Sun at 22 Gemini in his career (10th) house. His Moon is opposite, in the 4th, at 21 Sagittarius, which is square to US Neptune at 22 Virgo. Additionally, Donald Trump’s 2nd /8th house cusp (personal resources/ money and taxes/ banking) is at 22 Virgo/Pisces. Joe Biden’s natal Mercury (communications) is at 21 Scorpio, sextile (60) to US Neptune at 22 Virgo. Also, Joe’s MC at 20 Virgo (his career) is conjunct US Neptune at 22 Virgo and his progressed Ascendant is at 23 Aquarius now. Mike Pence has Mercury a few minutes shy of 22 Gemini. Lastly, Kamala Harris has natal Mars at 21 Leo, while Amy Coney Barrett’s Mars is trine Kamala’s, at 21 Aries. It’s going to be a busy time for aspects in that crowd!

Finally, the solar eclipse of December 14th will be at 22 Sagittarius. A solar eclipse does its eclipse number on the whole world, albeit focused on the part that touches the eclipse path (in this case, South America). Still, we will all be “eclipsed” somehow for a while. Eclipses mean things are hidden, events happen mysteriously. I take this to mean we won’t know what deals will be made or how things will turn out until the eclipse elements pass, or move into the open afterwards.

Thus, limbo is to be expected until December 14, at least, but more likely up to and beyond January 5th, when Georgia has its runoffs. Plus, various court cases will be decided. The story isn’t finished, but at least Biden’s vote hurdle is over.


I’ve heard others speculate that Trump may resign early to enable Pence to pardon him. But you can’t be pardoned if you haven’t been charged with a crime.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how little ugly protests we’ve seen so far. Trump seems stunned and ineffective at firing up his base. Twitter has slapped warnings on just about everything he’s tweeted in the last couple of days, effectively neutering him. Coming back from his golf outing today, he had to drive through huge crowds of people celebrating his defeat, ignoring his insistence that he hasn’t lost and the election isn’t over.

He must be seething tonight.

And his big news conference with his crack legal team ended up not at the Four Seasons hotel, but a landscaping company named Four Seasons with a sex shop next door and a crematorium across the street. Rudy was speaking when the news broke that w/ Pennsylvania called, Biden was president-elected.

Could anyone write a stupider ending to Trump’s presidency?

How can you not be embarrassed by him? Senators and Congressmen certainly aren’t standing up and loudly supporting his voter fraud claim. They were on the same ballot he was. If his loss is a fraud, isn’t their victory,too?

All those people around him in the White House are going to be out of jobs in two months. They’ll start thinking of their own futures and just trying to keep him in check. He’s gone 0 – 9 in lawsuits since Election Day. Courts aren’t going to save him. He can’t even say anything except there were legal votes and illegal votes. No evidence. No specifics. He’s done.

The eclipse is already grinding him down. So much sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Let’s not take our eye off the ball here – trump fired three Federal administrators the other night. Don’t worry about his mood. Worry about his actions.


Mitch McConnell and other top Republican leaders refuse to congratulate Biden. They say the election isn’t over.


Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight.


I bet Mitch is secretly happy to have Trump gone – as this makes him the most powerful Republican – in 2021

Next up is the Affordable Care Act – the Supreme Court starts on the case Tuesday, November 10th. Good article on the issues in Washington Post:


interesting video from Denise Seigel about the sometimes difficult process of interpreting psychic input

Andre, the control of the Senate will be decided with the two runoffs in GA. The polls close there at 7 PM on January 5. Any thoughts on the astrology?

I don’t want to hog all the space on this blog (sorry!), but there’s one other comment I’d like to make about the Biden President-elect announcement today.

There’s a parallel to a US chart I check from time to time, the surrender of the British forces to General Washington on October 19, 1781, 11am local time, at Yorktown Virginia. I think it relates to the present US situation, as an echo of history, because a surrender by one national leader to another is at issue.

See the Yorktown chart here: https://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nation:_USA_No.14

The CNN announcement chart for Biden ( Nov 7, 11:24 am EST) is discussed in the posts above.
The notable contacts between the 2 charts are (Yorktown first/ ‘CNN’ announcement second):

Y. Saturn at 16 Sag. at the Ascendant / trine CNN Mars at 15 Aries.
Y. Saturn / sextile CNN Sun, 15 Scorpio.
Y. Saturn / sextile CNN Venus, 12 Libra and MC, 14 Libra.
Y. Pluto 4 Aquarius 24’ in the 2nd, /exact opposition CNN Moon, 4 Leo 54 (in Y. 8th).
Y. Mars 8 Aquarius, square Y. Chiron /Y. Chiron conjunct CNN UranusRx, 8 Taurus.
Y. Neptune 6 Libra / opposition CNN Chiron, 5 Aries.
Y. Sun 26 Libra 39’ / exact square CNN Saturn (in Cap. stellium), 26 Cap.36’.

The list shows a mixture of hard and easy aspects, which indicates a path (or a siege) to compromise (or capitulation) may be reached between Trump administrators and Biden’s camp with effort. The transiting Saturn in hard aspect to the Y. Sun, and the Uranus aspects to Y. Mars and Y. Chiron, say Trump is unlikely to yield quietly. Neptune in the Y. chart is in the 9th house of legal matters and is triggered until February 2021 by transiting Chiron. Uranus/Mars always brings fireworks.

It is a good thing Biden’s natal chart has a strong contact to the Yorktown chart. His natal Sun/Venus at 28/28 Scorpio are closely conjunct the Y. chart’s Moon/Jupiter, both at 29 Scorpio in Y. 11th house. Trump’s natal chart ties in with his Ascendant at 29 Leo, which is exactly square Y. Moon/Jupiter. The close contacts indicate Biden ought to be able to take the ‘surrender’ of Trump well in hand, but the square says Trump won’t go easily.

By the inauguration, transiting ‘CNN’ Saturn will have moved from the current square to Y. Sun to an exact sextile (60 / easy) to the Yorktown chart’s Moon/Jupiter. This sextile from Saturn (organization/ executive power) indicates that a successful transfer of power should take place on January 20.

Historical note: it makes you wonder what happened behind closed doors at Yorktown when Jupiter/Moon at 29 Scorpio was in the 12th house! Washington must have driven a mighty hard bargain with Saturn on the Y. Ascendant. Cornwallis didn’t attend the surrender ceremony. What are the chances that Trump won’t attend Biden’s inauguration?

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siege_of_Yorktown_(1781)

Silcominc, Frank wrote earlier that it looks like McConnell’s power will be checked on January 5. I agree. Venus will be inconjunct Biden’s Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be trine and both will harmoniously aspect Biden’s Chiron and the US Moon. Mars will also be conjunct his own Moon over the two following days.

It appears to be a favorable day for the President-elect which will give him the opportunity to play a healing role that pleases the American people. I would say the Democrats should pick up at least one seat in Georgia and put Biden in a position to deal more fruitfully with the Senate.

Kamala’s Sun will also be very harmoniously aspected, which could come from becoming the President of the Senate and tie-breaking vote if both parties are at 50 Senators.

Sharon K, Thank you. There is a name I may be transitioning to. Thinkin’ on it.

And thank ALL of us, especially Starlight, for getting us through this very difficult time. Having experienced the caring and the help, I trust we will get thru whatever comes via the same process!

This is my celebration music, once I stopped crying in relief:


Thank you Andre. If we take back the senate, it does not mean radical change but incremental change, given who Biden is. And that could set the stage for massive change later. As I wrote earlier I think the inauguration chart shows a focus on social media, disinformation, and cyber. Half the country believes an alt. reality We need to address that before we can move ahead.

Stacey Abrams is one of the real heroes of this election cycle. It was awful seeing her lose the governorship to a right wing Trump-yes man clown like Brian Kemp, but she seems to have taken it all in stride and rebounded… with a vengeance.

A “Blue” Georgia is the likely result in this year’s election, and she’ll do everything possible to make sure that Georgia’s Senate delegation come January is blue, too.

It’s really nice to see such shrewd progressive leaders emerge among women of all colors, and Black women in particular recently. They are giving those old regressive reactionary white men like McConnell and Graham a real run for their money. And it’s only going to continue.

Buckeye, to paraphrase Ginger Rogers, these awesome, smart women like Stacy, Kamala, Elizabeth, etal “do everything he did, but backwards and in high heels.”
So heartening to see – Keep it coming girls!

Donald Trump’s Favorite Voting Machines

“BMDs had their critics, like Marilyn Marks, the president of the Coalition for Good Governance, and Richard DeMillo, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech. Marks, DeMillo, and a few others had waged a relatively lonely battle in Georgia, arguing, often in court filings, that BMDs have software-related security risks, that the paper ballots aren’t truly verifiable, and that it would be cheaper and less risky to have Georgia voters simply mark their ballots with a pen or a number 2 pencil like voters in most of America—with a voting machine or two reserved at each polling place for people with disabilities and others who might prefer to use them. Raffensperger’s office dismissed such concerns as “remote, unfounded speculation.”


THANK YOU Starlight for continuing to provide this site and your valuable insights! Don’t know what I would have done without you all, and I learn so much from everyone.

We all know the results should not have been so close against a madman who cannot even be considered a “gentleman,” (or even human) it makes no sense at all. And to watch the R’s acting worse than 2-year-olds is so discouraging. They will do what they can to obstruct Joe every step of the way.

Can’t help but think that tRump will resign to avoid being considered a loser, and Pence will pardon him and his merry little band of crooks.

We have a long way to go! Peace and love to everyone!

The Final Gasp of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Trump, “the man has been defined by and obsessed with largeness. His presidency is ending small. This person, who speaks to the president often — or, more accurately, who listens and says uh-huh as the president speaks — said that Trump is not just done for, but done. “He wants to lose. He’s out of money. He worries about being arrested. He worried about being assassinated,” they said. “It hasn’t been a great experience for him. He likes showing people around the White House, but the actual day-to-day business of being president? It’s been pretty unpleasant for him.”

https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/11/donald-trump-presidency-election-week.html?utm_source=tw via @intelligencer

Biden Could Roll Back Trump Agenda With Blitz of Executive Actions
For Joseph R. Biden Jr., who won the election in a deeply divided nation, the early signals he sends as the country’s new leader will be critical.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is poised to unleash a series of executive actions on his first day in the Oval Office, prompting what is likely to be a years long effort to unwind President Trump’s domestic agenda and immediately signal a wholesale shift in the United States’ place in the world.

In the first hours after he takes the oath of office on the West Front of the Capitol at noon on Jan. 20, Mr. Biden has said, he will send a letter to the United Nations indicating that the country will rejoin the global effort to combat climate change, reversing Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord with more than 174 countries.

Mr. Biden’s afternoon will be a busy one.


Thanks ja, Biden’s reversal of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord is a good place to start for us who place saving the planet at the top of the list of priorities.

Planet Earth in any chart is always exactly opposite the Sun so, in the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starting December 21, 2020, the Earth is at 0 Cancer 21, opposite Sun in that chart at 0 Capricorn 21. Interestingly, Elizabeth Warren’s Sun-Uranus is also at 0+ Cancer.

The Jupiter-Saturn (societal changes) conjunction itself at 0 Aquarius 29 will be sextile Juno (inequality) at 0 Sagittarius 59, and this sextile forms a Yod with Planet Earth at 0 Cancer 21, which becomes a Boomerang when the Sun at 0 Capricorn 21 (+ transiting Mercury) is added into the picture.

All in all a very powerful pattern within the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Aquarius, itself the start of a very long cycle of influence in air signs of future Jupiter and Saturn cycles.

Just hours before the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts, the transiting Ceres (Mother Nature) will make its 3rd and final conjunction to the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, finalizing the US Ceres Return which happens about every 4 years and this time coinciding with the end of the Trump era. (This present cycle began on Feb. 18, 2016.) US Ceres is square US Uranus, don’t forget.

Basically, the US Ceres Return chart and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart are identical, both having the Earth at the apex of a Yod-turned Boomerang which requires Earth to adjust, aka shift its position, in a manner of speaking.

So, if you feel the Earth move under your feet and feel the sky tumbling down, you will know why.

I was listening to Washington Post Columnist, Paul Waldman, discuss this election morning on C-SPAN. He makes the point that there are issues that cannot be easily bridged between Republicans & Democrats, such as taxes, health care, climate change (I think that was the third one he mentioned). Then, after reading the article I’m posting, it affirms to me that it is going to be hard for Biden to get significant things done – and especially with AOC coming out today and just about threatening that the progressive issues need to be emphasized or he will lose their support… I think that if anyone can create consensus and compromise, he can (although I don’t know that for sure), but it is true there is a lot of Trumperism in the country. Many counties in many states that Biden took, are still red and the state legislatures still control the “gerrymandering”. The run offs in GA are a big deal and just how are people going to get to the polls? Surely, Republicans will create obstacles and it will come down to mail in ballots again. This is going to be tough.


Nancy (Starlight) was once again right on when she said that the result would not be known before Friday evening at the earliest. She emphasized that this would happen when Friday morning’s Mercury-Saturn square would begin to separate.
I tried to provide additional precision but it’s tough to pinpoint accurately.

In moments of uncertainty, I should have followed my own advice and used numerology as a supplemental tool. Friday was a Day 7 for Biden, which usually means isolation and reflection. Saturday was Day 8, which means professional success. Monday will be Day 1, whcih means he gets down to business. Today is Day 9, time to relax.

As in astrology, numbers have a positive and negative side. Trump is in a Month 8, which in his case does not mean success but an unescapable final outcome. Biden has a Year 8 in 2020, which brought him the White House, but a Year 9 next year, whcih could mean he is already nearing an exit. His life will change in 2022.

Kamala will be having a Year 8 in 2021. She may effectively be co-President.

I’m sorry to have to announce that Omar Campo Najjar lost a very close race here in CA. to the lounge lizard, Darrell Issa, who basically purchased his seat in Congress by self-funding his campaign with over 7.7 million dollars.

Dear All,
Still just me (emma), but I like this better.

Andre, 1-20-2021 = 8. Does this mean 8 will apply to the president’s term, or just that day?

“Universal mail-in states

Nevada passed a bill earlier this year to become a universal mail-in state. (BIDEN WON NEVADA)
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy issued an order in August making New Jersey a universal mail-in election state. (BIDEN WON NEW JERSY)
California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an order in May making California a universal mail-in election state and later passed legislation codifying the plan. (BIDEN WON CA.)
Colorado has had universal mail-in elections since 2013. (BIDEN WON COLORADO)
Oregon was the first state in the country to move to universal mail-in elections 20 years ago (BIDEN WON OREGON)
Utah allows counties to opt-in to universal mail-in elections, and every one will do so in 2020 (BIDEN WON UTAH)
Washington State moved to its current universal mail-in election system in 2011 (BIDEN WON WASHINGTON)
Hawaii in 2019 passed a bill to hold universal mail-in elections. (BIDEN WON HAWAII)”


Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory was especially sweet for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who served as a national co-chair of his campaign and was on Mr. Biden’s short list for vice president. Four years after voting for Donald Trump, her state gave Mr. Biden a win. With most of the votes counted on Sunday, the president-elect had a lead of more than 145,000.

“Joe Biden is a very experienced leader. He has worked with people on both sides of the aisle. He understands the challenge ahead of us in terms of Covid-19 and our economy, the climate crisis, the health care crisis, so he is the perfect person at this moment in American history. I believe that they will be able to get some very important things done because of the experience he brings to the table.”

I just wish we could flip Ohio next. Lots of Buckeyes here drank the orange kool-aid. Trump couldn’t have cared less about them, but that didn’t stop them from loving him anyway and buying his BS.

Sharon K, I don’t do it that way. I can’t tell. It is interesting that 1-20-2017 adds up to a 4, which brings great difficulties to the President and also for the country, but also to 22, which can bring almost supernatural features, good or evil, and a tragic fate.

You may be on to something. I will study it more closely. Many thanks.

8 seems like it would be positive for the economy anyway. Thanks, Andre.

(used to be emma)
– Tweet of the day, from Congressman Eric Swalwell: “ I am so happy for our country. Last night my three-year-old son banged pots and pans with our neighbors. I hope to God he remembers this. America is worth believing in and fighting for.”

“Six in White House, Including Trump’s Chief of Staff, Have the Coronavirus

Mark Meadows aided President Trump’s efforts to play down the virus throughout the summer. A Trump campaign adviser and four other White House aides also tested positive.”


“Some Trump aides are frustrated that chief of staff Mark Meadows didn’t issue a statement after he tested positive for coronavirus, instead informing only a close circle of advisers”

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-07/trump-s-chief-of-staff-mark-meadows-infected-by-coronavirus via @bpolitics

“Palmer Report

One day after Trump’s loss, Utah’s Republican Governor Herbert is issuing a mask mandate. Trump is still getting a lip service from Republican politicians, but the reality is that a lot of them can’t wait to be rid of his dead weight and are already moving on from him.”

1:31 AM · Nov 9, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Scoop: President Trump plans to brandish obituaries of people who supposedly voted but are dead — plus hold campaign-style rallies — in an effort to prolong his fight against apparent insurmountable election results, four Trump advisers tell me


Well, here’s one possible court case coming up, but it would be Biden’s group taking Trump to court instead of the other way around:


Just had to post this for some levity:
I had heard about the adult bookstore and the crematorium adjacent to Guiliani’s press event, but who knew it was also just up the road from prison! LOL – Perfect scripting.

“When news broke Saturday that Donald Trump’s reign was ending, the president was on a golf course that he owns in Virginia, playing his last round as a non-loser. In Washington, about 125 of his worshipful supporters gathered on the stoop of the Supreme Court to “stop the steal,” then circumnavigated the U.S. Capitol seven times, because that’s how the Israelites conquered Jericho, according to the Book of Joshua. And a pair of Trump’s most loyal surrogates made a defiant stand on the gravelly backside of a landscaping business in an industrial stretch of Northeast Philadelphia, near a crematorium and an adult-video store called Fantasy Island, along State Road, which leads — as being associated with Trump sometimes does — to a prison.

This morning Pfizer announces that their vaccine appears to be over 90% effective. They still need to observe the early recipients for 3 more weeks before they can authorize wider use, and they have not yet published full safety data. They say they will only have 50 million doses available by the end of the year, but can produce billions in 2021.

BREAKING: Joe Biden names Rick Bright to his Coronavirus task force. Rick Bright is the whistleblower who blew the whistle on the Trump administration ignoring the early warnings of the pandemic. He was then fired by Trump.

Karma is amazing!


Biden didn’t win Utah. Not this year.

Because of the politicization of Covid by the Republicans, Democrats were more likely to vote by mail this year if given the chance. Which is one reason why we’re seeing the late surge in Biden’s vote in PA–besides that the Republican legislature didn’t allow the state to count the votes before election day.

Here’s a good article that analyzes 3 Trump supporters–among the insights, one Trump voter acknowledges that DT “may be racist”, but that’s not an issue to him.

Speaking of taxes, here’s an interesting tweet from George Takei, about the tax law from 2017:

The Trump tax plan contained a hidden bomb for the middle class. Beginning in 2021, that plan starts to hike taxes on everyone but the upper most earners, effectively raising middle class taxes over time but disguising it as a tax cut to start. People aren’t really aware of this.

“GOP Computer Vote Fraud Failed, Overwhelmed by Unexpected Massive Mail Balloting

Biden got over three quarters of mail ballots but machine votes were only forty percent. There is, in fact, no explanation for this other than massive vote fraud by the GOP, as with 2016 and other years, the Karl Rove, Mike Connell, Dibold, Federalist Society and Mossad well proven and totally exposed many times…effort.”


The above link I posted says it might be dangerous. The site is Veterans Today by Gordon Duff. I go there periodically b/c he gets some truth out, truth powers to be don’t want out. I like them better than Benjamin Fulford.

“If you want the best side of Rudy, read what his daughter says, from Vanity Fair:

My father is Rudy Giuliani. We are multiverses apart, politically and otherwise. To anyone who feels overwhelmed or apathetic about this election, there is nothing I relate to more than desperation to escape corrosive political discourse. As a child, I saw firsthand the kind of cruel, selfish politics that Donald Trump has now inflicted on our country. It made me want to run as far away from them as possible. But trust me when I tell you: Running away does not solve the problem. We have to stand and fight. The only way to end this nightmare is to vote. There is hope on the horizon, but we’ll only grasp it if we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


The very nasty truth about Rudy

Why do you think he spends so much time in Ukraine where sex with children is a normal commodity. Remember, it’s Giuliani who has spent years there, not Hunter Biden. Biden’s a young man, not an overaged reptile. Veterans Today

From Wikipedia:
Sexual exploitation of children in Ukraine
Main articles: Child prostitution in Ukraine and Street children in Ukraine
The Ukraine along with Moldova and Portugal reportedly became a European center of child sex tourism.[citation needed] An involvement of adolescent boys into prostitution has risen a number of special concerns.[12]

Lorna Bevan:

As predicted, these End Days through to January 2021 are presenting every single one of us with a critical Rite of Passage to navigate. This post-election week is going to be a doozy for everyone, not just those in the US who are seeing their karmic Pluto return playing out in front of their eyes. Mars turn direct in Aries kicking up a Mars Max storm, the 3rd Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn takes everything to extremes, intensified by a seismic Super New Moon in Scorpio which opens the November 30th eclipse rabbit hole.

Expect break outs, bust ups, burn outs and breakthroughs”


If Trump does not campaign in Georgia for the R senate race that could very well depress the R vote. If the Obamas and Biden and Harris campaign in Georgia for the D senate race, plus with Stacy Abrams and her get out the vote infrastructure; we could very well flip the Senate. I posted about how the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will impact McConnell in Jan by opposing his Pluto. I erred though when I said it will also square his moon and that his Pluto is in his 6th H which could affect his health. I used a sunrise chart so I really dont know the degree of his Moon, nor do I know which house his Pluto is in. However, his Pluto will be under tremendous stress as Saturn and Jupiter move into its opposition.

I hope you are right, Frank. I don’t see how Trump & other Republicans will not campaign in GA. It’s so important to both parties to win the GA Senate seats. But, I do hope you are right.

Sounds like a plan Frank! I don’t think Trump gives a damn about other Pubs and won’t campaign for them. In is “mind” they did not do enuf for him.

Biden has fired Secretary of Defense Esper. Frankly, I am surprised this has not happened earlier. The writing has been on the wall since June when Esper refused to send troops to quell the demonstrations that were taking place in Washington and elsewhere. Trump has been angry at Esper since then. He wanted carnage.

It is now said that others are on the chopping block, including FBI Director Wray, the CIA Director and even the Attorney General. The implications are troubling. Not only is Trump refusing to concede, he may be laying the groundwork for something far more sinister.

I wrote last week that Saturn’s final conjunction to US Pluto would bring chilling developments between now and the end of the month. We have now entered that phase. Starlight wrote that Trump would be reckless this week but by the 13th may accept the results. I am more pessimistic on this point. I do not believe he will ever accept the results of the election.

I think Trump has realized by now his lawsuits are futile and he can never win the election. I believe his nefarious mind is contemplating a coup as I mentioned last week. The question is whether the Republican Senate and the military will let him proceed in that direction. I believe a concerted and strong pushback is probable and is likely to avert a catastrophe, but the nightmare is real.

Trump is determined to go out with a bang and not a whimper. In theory, as I suggested last week, the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inauguration Day could see tanks roll out on Pennsylvania Avenue to inaugurate a fascist era instead of the Biden Administration. I am not saying this will happen. I am saying this is what Trump has in mind.

Democracy is still in great peril in the United States. Reality may be brutal in coming days. I still think Biden will be President, but he may inaugurated outside Washington.

The bright side is this greatly increases the chances of two Democratic Senators from Georgia in January.

Prior to this firing, Esper was going to resign


I recognize your concerns, Andre. At the same time, I don’t think anyone is going to stand for Trump locking himself up in the White House and appointing himself dictator because he is too immature and fearful of facing the music for all of the wrong he has done.

He can no longer run from it, and while it sucks for him I’m sure, there’s nothing he can do but move forward. His number is up.

He’s lost the narrative, and people are moving on to anticipate Biden’s Administration.

thanks for your calm, Buckeye Shadow.
For years I’ve feared he would call in some militias on to his own people. Perhaps it’s time I face my fears and try to neutralize the world situation that way.

Hang on you all

Could have seen this coming! McConnell won’t concede either…..


Esper says the next guy will be a real yes man “and then God help us.”


It was the virus. Duh.


If Trump attempts any kind of coup it would probably be while Jupiter is quincunx to his Sun, i.e. in the next four days. Having failed, he would have overtly committed sedition and insurrection, therefore more likely to spend the rest of his life in prison attired in his favorite color.

McConnell is a nasty and stubborn old bastard. But even he won’t have a choice but to concede if Georgia swings the Senate in our favor–and Stacey Abrams is already on it.

How Georgia’s Senate runoffs could finally hand Stacey Abrams her victory

She’s confident, tenacious, and young, and is working hard to bring along and inspire a whole new generation of leaders, and those of us of all generations who have been fighting the good fight all along.

Abrams represents the inevitable movement towards change and transformation that McConnell and his ilk have long feared and done everything possible to obstruct and even reverse. Trump was their great white hope that McConnell’s Republicans reluctantly adopted and then bet the farm on.

Now Trump is done, and McConnell’s Republicans have got nothing to show for it. Well the courts, yes, but only for now.

The reality is, they have no ideas or vision for the future. Only an existential fear of losing control and power, and being swept aside by history and a world that is rapidly passing them by–and won’t look back.

And they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The future always favors those with ideas, vision, and the courage to pursue them. A closed, conservative mindset actually only guarantees one thing over the long haul: extinction.

Andre, I am worried too. Barr today announced that Justice will look into widespread fraud – is this just a show of loyalty to trump or something far more sinister?

And in GA, there seems to be a civil war among the GOP with the Gov and SofS going up against the two GOP Senate candidates.

I was just beginning to relax and now I am again very stressed (as I assume many of you are too).

An Arkansas police chief has been forced to resign after calling for the execution of Democrats.


Andre, et al –

I wrote to Lorrie, who used to post here regularly (many of you will remember her), and who is knowledgeable in numerology, to find out the answer to my question about whether the number 8 colors Biden’s entire term. Here is her answer:

“I would say yes, that the #8 of the Inauguration Date would color the entire term of the presidency/administration. The 2016 inauguration date was a #3, which always makes me think of scattered, expressive and flitting around like a butterfly. The #8 is the number for success, administrative competence and stewardship (same as Obama).

Also, 2021 is a #5 year for the country and planet–a year of dynamic change and freedom, people-oriented. (2020 was a #4–building a foundation for the future.) 2022 will be a #6–harmony, focus on home and family, healing, people coming together to improve their communities. 2023 #7–a time for introspection, faith tested, spiritual healing. Since many predict Biden may not finish his term, this would be the year that could indicate mourning a loss, I know it has been for me in a #7 year.

Joe Biden is currently going to be in a #8 year (success) on his birthday on Nov. 20th, which has been coloring this year, especially past three months. Next year will be tinged with the #9 (endings), again coming in stronger three months prior to his birthday, so we’ll have to see what might pass from his life around next fall. 2022 will be tinged with #1 (new beginnings–new congress?) followed by 2023 tinged with the #2 (harmony with others, working together). His Life Destiny is a #2, so he is sensitive to others and is able to work to bring people together, as he’s proven over time, plus he is working with the spiritual energy and intuition of the #7 in this last phase of his life.

Kamala Harris (10-20-1964) is a #5–likes people, change, freedom, travel. Fits well on the world stage. She started a #7 year on her birthday last month, and next year will be tinged with the #8 (success) especially around next summer. 2022 will be tinged with the #9 (endings) and 2023 with the #1 (new beginnings).

To explain this a little better, the new energy of our birthday starts to come in strong about three months prior to the birthday, while the leaving energy culminates about three months after the new birthday, so there is always an overlapping of energies. However, that new energy starts to tinge the entire year in a less pronounced way at the beginning of the New Year. (I hope that makes sense to you.)


In addition, Celestial Timings newsletter said the following: Biden has a Mars Return 10/13/20-12/7/22, a powerful time when he gets in touch with who he is and has the passion and energy to go for it. May not finish term if he becomes president. The stars are aligning for Kamala Harris.”

Sharon K, that is most interesting. My thanks to you and Lorrie. The last Inauguration was in 2017 so I still think that was an Administration under the number 4 and the master number 22. I agree with everything else Lorrie wrote.

However, the number 8 for the Biden Administration does not exclude tough times, but should bring the ability to overcome major problems, keeping in mind every number has a dark side. Trump is in an 8 month now and again in January. He will be throwing his weight around and he will be hard to stop.

The directors of the FBI and the CIA are on the way out.


A joke on the Internet today.

Ivanka asks her father: “Daddy, are we going to jail?”

He answers: “No, princess, only you and your brothers. I’m going to Russia.”


Trump’s refusal to concede as you had suggested leaves Trump to resort to nefarious God knows what mischief. Mary Trump, Trump’s niece seems to feel that as well…….

Mary Trump: ‘If He Thinks He’s Going Down, He’s Going To Try To Take The Rest Of Us Down With Him.’

Video 8 min 5 sec



Defence Secretary Mark Esper’s firing was expected, but the prospect of Trump going off on a rampage possibly dismissing Attorney General William Barr and others for refusing to launch investigations against Trumps perceived enemies and failing to protect him in securing his re-election bid seems reckless and self defeating since it would create cracks in his legal firewall, but there you have it.

I noticed tr. Chiron at 5 Aries is presently conjoining Barr’s natal North Node. It is opposite Trump’s natal Neptune (5 Libra). Would that signify dissolution? Nov 15th has tr. Mercury at 5 Scorpio forming a quincunx to Barr’s N.Node/ tr. Chiron position. Will Trump make an announcement at that time? “Let the healing begin” as the saying goes……..

Chiron Conjunct Natal North Node by Tom Janks

“…..Chiron conjunct your NN indicates that you have not been taught in many lifetimes how to honor your own or others’ vulnerabilities and insecurities. You may have some ungrounded fears of dealing with – processing – difficult emotions in others while often entirely missing the truth that you have them, too.”

Why The Firing Of Mark Esper Is Just The Start Of A Very Wild 72 Days

Nov 9, 2020

“……….. The point here is simple: Pandora’s box is open. The genie is out of the bottle. Pick whatever cliche you like but they all add up to the same thing: A President who has always seen his office as a way to reward friends and punish enemies will now have a 10-week period that will be increasingly consequence-free for him as the realization that he will not win a second term sets in. (The only thing potentially tying Trump’s hands somewhat is his interest in running again in 2024. But his most loyal supporters would likely see any actions taken by Trump in his final days as a fitting kiss-off for the establishment in both parties.)

Donald Trump in a good mood — and somewhat reined in by his advisers and future political concerns — is a scary thing. An irate Trump with lots of power and no compunction about how he uses it? That’s downright terrifying.”


On Youtube:
A Last Word on the 2020 Election | Robert Reich

Perfectly encapsulates your vision of the (inadvertant) role of DJT.

WHY is the @GOP Accepting the results of the Senate and Congressional races. But Refuting the results of the Presidential election? Weren’t they in the same ballot? I’ll wait….


An adviser for President Donald Trump’s campaign, David Bossie, trumps legal advisor for his election lawsuits, doesn’t have a law degree. Or even a bachelor’s degree has tested positive for coronavirus only days after he was tapped to oversee the campaign’s legal challenges contesting the outcome of the election.

From Wikipedia: “Subsequently Bossie had a falling out with the Trump campaign and administration in May 2019 after Axios reported that Bossie had been accused by the Internal Revenue Service of defrauding political donors by funneling their donations to himself through consultants and book sales.[4] In January 2020 he returned to prominent association with the Trump administration as a strategic ally to help contest the impeachment of Donald Trump based on his past familiarity with impeachment battles.[5]”

Activist Previously Accused of Scamming President’s Elderly Supporters Will Lead Trump Campaign’s Ballot Challenges

https://lawandcrime.com/2020-election/activist-previously-accused-of-scamming-presidents-elderly-supporters-will-lead-trump-campaigns-ballot-battle/ via @lawcrimenews

“Jim Comey issues statement to DOJ officials after a big resignation in protest: ‘Please hang in there until January 20’ –


DOJ folks: please hang in there until January 20. Never forget that (as Supreme Ct. once said) you are “the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all.”

Thanks Eliseo, found it, watched it, RR is my hero – again!

I love this blog!

Angellight – why? Maybe because they have a lot of shredding to do? Just a thought.

Hold on; transiting Venus in Libra is about to conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter which is still in orb of opposing transiting retrograde Mars in Aries. Could this mean a softening of the Orange Man’s view on life, a bribe maybe?

Recall that Trump’s Jupiter is where US progressed Mars is, and where the US Constitution chart’s Neptune is, and where Putin’s natal Saturn is, all at 17+ Libra. All are trine Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini, which might result in an unexpected idea (natal Uranus trine natal Jupiter in air signs) that suggest a tweet or a short trip that restores his hope for the future, perhaps even something or someone from abroad (Jupiter) offers hope.

Bear in mind that transiting North Node conjuncts Trump’s natal North Node almost all of November and will conjunct his natal Uranus at 17+
Gemini and trine his natal Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars) in mid February for about 5 days.

Transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces – almost stationary – will end its retrograde period 2 degrees away from making a conjunction with the US progressed Sun, on Nov. 28, which is 2 days before the Lunar eclipse that conjuncts US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, which squares US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces (who will complete her Ceres Return less than a month after the lunar eclipse).

Is it something to do with Covid or weather? Today trans Neptune is trine trans. Sun (consciousness) and we learn of a vaccine with a possible 90% effectiveness.

Does Trump know something nobody else knows?

Denise Siegel had a good video post yesterday. She says it will be very rocky over the next couple of months with Trump up to no good, but as of January Biden and Harris will be sworn in and things will be better. Biden may have domestic terrorism to deal with in the coming year, but if Trump disappears (eg, leaves the country) things would be much better. As much as people want to see him prosecuted, that would just keep him in the public eye and keep his cult followers stoked. Would be better if he were gone.


One explanation for the firing of Secretary of Defense Esper may be that 45 wants to accelerate and complete his withdrawal of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and perhaps Germany, to please his handler Putin to the utmost before he leaves office. This will create more instability and chaos in the world, which would be a fitting legacy. And it may be the price for seeking asylum in Moscow.

If he fires the directors of the FBI and the CIA as well, something else is going on. It may be spite and vindictiveness, it may be far worse. One clue might be he has named Devin Nunes’ former assistant as general counsel for the NSA. This doesn’t look to me as someone who is planning to leave in January.

The firing of Esper, the possibility of the firing of Wray and Haspil, the attempt to block certification of ballots in Pa, other baseless legal suits, etc., all of this is coming while Jupiter/Pluto is quincunx Trump’s Sun. This will peak on Thursday (12th) but have some triggers through the weekend. This aspect can be summed up as a reckless and overconfident expansion of power. This energy will be increasingly offset after the 12th (tr Pluto opp natal Saturn; tr Saturn square pr Ascendant; tr Saturn quincunx natal Mars.)

I also think we should be careful of ever attributing any strategy to Trump beyond winning at all cost and crushing those who oppose his will. His ID is always on steroids. There is never a reason for exercising his will or winning, besides voracious self gratification.

Expect total scorched earth policies, generated by spite. Here is another example:


Just like you said barbk.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s national security team is likely to be largely staffed by former Obama Situation Room regulars prepared to restore foreign policy principles discarded by President Trump.

An Obama redux would be a source of enormous relief to establishment insiders, who are desperate to see seasoned hands regain control of national security. But that likelihood is also causing disquiet among some younger, more liberal Democrats impatient with their party’s pre-Trump national security instincts, which they consider badly outdated.


Thank you, Starlight. That is reassuring. But the continuing transit of Saturn to US Pluto is not. McConnell is now talking of extending the uncertainty at least until the Electoral College meets in December. His strategy is to maintain it to keep the base happy until Georgia votes on January 5. He has his eye on his own main prize, which is Senate leadership. I know this has little to do with Trump, who may not even campaign in Georgia, but they are all playing with fire.

In the end, I am confident that Pluto opposite Trump’s Saturn, and the December 14 eclipse, will do him in. The Mars-Uranus conjunction on January 20 guarantees an unusual and dramatic Inauguration, but this may be for other reasons.

Please, please send what you can to help Stacy Abrams marshall Georgians to flip the senate by electing Jon Osoff and Raphael Warnock through grass roots mobilization to turn out the vote.

In hindsight, if I were allowed just one aspect that would have convinced me that Biden would become the next US President (and who in their right mind would depend on just one aspect to determine an outcome?) it would be Biden’s Mercury in Scorpio that opposed the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree in Taurus, that trines the US natal Neptune in Virgo that trines the 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle start degree in Capricorn.

Biden’s Mercury turned the powerful grand trine of (1) US Neptune (2) the Jupiter/Saturn cycle (3) the Saturn/Pluto cycle into a Kite pattern putting the onus of that grand trine energy regarding the 2020 Presidential decision into the hands of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle that will end in 6 weeks.

I’m gonna miss looking at the chart for that cycle that stretched over 20 years of my life, and yours, and the US life, so fraught with change. The 9-11 event, the Obama years, the myriad mass shootings and of course the Trump presidency, to name a few. Time flies when you’re havin’ fun.

Thank you ja, I really appreciate reading that!

Thanks Nancy, “reckless and overconfident expansion of power” and “scorched earth policies generated by spite”, pretty much sums up how Trump will go down in history. Brief and to the point – ‘nuf said.

Pompeo promises a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration.


two possible unintended consequences of the anticipated trump rampage – a) if ‘norms’ are broken, Biden is more likely to be able to “build back better” with more stringent legal barriers to stop it ever happening again, starting with ensuring any future potential presidential candidate must pass security clearance first before they can be on the ballot; and b) if national security is outrageously broken, perhaps more repubs will be more willing to get behind the fixes.

Also want to note that transiting asteroid Ophelia is conjunct Trump’s natal Sun. Ophelia was the love of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She’s best remembered for going mad.

I think its good that Biden is looking to seasoned hands initially. Institutional knowledge will be sorely needed at this point in time with a rocky transition period pending – not the time for on-the-job training. And for the progressives, the analogy is, its not wise to stage a mutiny in the height of a hurricane. Important issues can be addressed once the danger has passed.

Mary Trump says her uncle is attempting a coup and everybody should be vigilant.


Stuck in the bubble: 70% of Republicans don’t think the election was free and fair.



BarbK, good point! Ophelia = Melania?

Ophelia was the character in the play whose sad fate was to literally drown her sorrow at being rejected by Hamlet by drowning herself. Her fate points to the terrible lack of principle in Hamlet, the so-called hero.

Hamlet couldn’t make up his mind to remove (kill) his murderous, incestuous uncle Claudius, to become rightful heir to the throne. Nobody has ever figured out why when the answer is so obvious (but then we wouldn’t have a great play). Hamlet just couldn’t make himself do the right thing, like concede the election, maybe?

Hamlet has been “an endless source of interpretation for 400 years of actors and scholars. Was he insane? Did he merely act that way? Was his famed indecision part of his personality or a contrived creation?” Sounds a lot like Trump……


Anyway, Melania is probably going pretty crazy right about now, but she’s not stupid enough to commit suicide like Ophelia did.

After 4 years of separation from the good life, Melania is more likely to grab her prenup and head over to her lovely apartment in New York and get on with her life, with Barron and her practical, unsensational, European parents in tow.

Trump can follow her if he wants, but one thing is certain, when Melania leaves the White House Trump’s presidency is OVER.

Trump could have done the right things in his presidency, but he didn’t. At the end, he could still do the right thing, but he won’t.

He ‘could have been a contender’ – but he’s not.

Great movie, Brando in On the Waterfront….the things that might have been and the trouble that follows from unprincipled actions…


A new form of therapy: Hugs for Thugs, for the soon-to-be-unemployed in the outgoing Administration.


Alternative reality: Trump orders federal agencies to prepare next budget to begin his second term.


DJT is a severe national security risk. This has been the case throughout his presidency, but is now far more acute and existential.

Mary Trump stated that “If He Thinks He’s Going Down, He’s Going To Try To Take The Rest Of Us Down With Him.”

It is an old pattern, demonstrated many times through history. In August of 1944, when Adolf History realized he would lose France, he demanded his officers burn Paris to the ground. Fortunately, they did not comply.

So now, having lost the election, what will Trump reveal to our enemies? Who or what might he intentionally destroy domestically and/or beyond our borders? What might he do or reveal after he has left office?

He is very much alive, therefore able to talk, to communicate whatever information he wishes to whomever he wishes. Likewise, as he is not in custody at a high security prison, he is unconstrained, free to write or say anything he wishes, again to whomever he wishes.

What could possibly go wrong? ! ?!?

Adolf Hitler, NOT Adolf History. My phone is infuriating. Though I turned off auto correct, it continues to “correct” — just not as much as previously. My apologies to you all.

I totally agree with what you said above kiwi. There will be plenty of time to bring in new talent later when things become more stable. Think what an education this will be for the ‘younger more liberal talent”

OR, maybe if we believe what Nancy wrote that sometime around the13th he’ll realize that the gig is up and move on to creating his next reality and focus on moving to Saudi Arabia after a vacation in Mar-a-Lago. He can say that the election was a fraud but he never liked the job anyway, the WH is a crummy place to live. Yes, he’ll break some china on the way out, Fire some more people but he’ll go.

Top levels of the Defense Department are being gutted in what are called “dictator moves”.


I wonder if Biden will seek to ‘chat’ with any of these newly axed defense and other admin officials?

Is Trump getting ready for riots and to use the Dept of Defense to crack-down on them? What made me think of this is the fact that Esper refused to use the army during the protests (something like that).

What does it say that nearly half the voting public chose this man over sanity?

some have speculated that these electorate lawsuits are a way for trump to con donation money from the public because he is broke. Also speculated, to prime a ready made audience for his new post presidency media show.

Also, maybe he wants “loyalists” in the Pentagon who will refuse to escort him out.

Trump’s crack legal team has filed 12 emergency orders about ballot counting or validity since Election Day and has either had all of them turned down by judges or withdrawn by Trump’s own lawyers.

The legal fight is a scam, and his site begging for money for lawsuits notes in the fine print that up to 60% of the money may go to his campaign debt.

Counties are certifying their vote totals every day, and he’s not making any headway.

He is calling for citizens to take to the streets on the 14th. From forecasts here, I’m thinking (hoping) those fizzle out badly.

Good point, Sharon K. It is a fantasy on his part that he can remain president. He is likely surrounding himself with loyalists also to assist him in maintaining that fantasy, whether he is escorted out, or leaves of his own accord.

I still think he might persuade a trumpist federal judge to swear him in on 20 January, but at Mar-A-Lago, simultaneous to Biden’s inauguration in WA DC. As ridiculous as it may seem to us, it would be a good marketing ploy, enabling him to claim to be our truly and duly elected president as he travels about conducting rallies, post-inauguration, and sends out his tweets and youtube videos.

I suspect as long as he has breath in him he will continue to cause trouble. As I stated above, he is a grave security risk. We will not be safe until he is irrelevant. He will not be irrelevant until either his death, or most probably until his loud, obstreperous diatribes can only be heard by his jailers.

I believe the only thing 45 understands is the cold hard boot of the law – and he’ll keep pushing and rebelling like a petulant ass until he has his ass handed to him by the courts. I don’t think he is going to get anything in front of the SCOTUS and I think other so-called “loyalists” are going to jump the ship that is so going down. Cowards be cowards.

I had a vision in the early morning over the weekend and saw 45 being physically escorted out of the WH by a couple of big guys in white hospital uniforms. Was this a deep wish that percolated up from my subconscious or was it some kind of precognitive insight?

And what is this uber-fear that Trump is going to continue to be a formidable force in the Republican Party in the years to come? I don’t get that AT ALL. I think he is going to drown in law suits and harsh legal sanctions.

I’m too tired to do the research but does Biden’s inauguration even require Trump conceding? Does anybody know what the actual laws are about how the transfer of power takes place?

At the end of the day, Donny needs solid beating. If I was in proximity, I’d do it myself. Violence is never the answer – I know that in the deepest parts of my soul – but I’d still love to kick his meansprited pompous ass.


Concession is nothing but a political nicety. Trump can whine forever that he won. Doesn’t matter.

I love that Joe Biden laughed at him and Pompeo today. Perfect dismissal sure to infuriate Trump. Supposedly Don Jr and his demonic looking girlfriend want to take over the RNC, I’m sure just to milk it for as much money as possible.

LOL! You may be 100% right! You are IMO at least partially right. It is certainly correct DJT only understands “the cold hard boot of the law. ” He is a fascist, after all, and fascists keep pushing and testing until stopped physically. I agree he’ll get nowhere with the
SCOTUS, and the “loyalists” in office will indeed jump ship as soon as it is no longer efficacious for them politically. These cowards be not only cowards, but also egregious hypocrites! But I believe his many everyday citizen, hero worshipping followers may maintain the cult for some time. Cults be cults!

I agree it is unlikely Trump will continue as a formidable force in the Republican Party, but he may become a force outside the party. Whatever sway he might maintain will hopefully be ameliorated by the fact that he
WILL in all likelihood drown in a plethora of law suits and harsh legal sanctions. Unfortunately, if and when he goes to trial he’ll likely use the media again as platform for his paranoid, banal babblings. Hopefully, our wised up media will ignore him, but he’s not likely to be silenced, but by death or jail.

More importantly, Trumpism, i.e. his angry, toxic, intensely resentful, xenophobic political style may be with us for quite a while. Trump’s followers feel abandoned and humiliated, have felt that way for years, and will continue feeling that way for at least a couple more election cycles. Pompeo the pompous is vying for their support, hoping to run for fuhrer in 2024.

I empathize with and find your vision hilarious. You are not alone. How many millions have felt the same feelings and envisioned similar scenarios? You are also among august company in your desire to beat the living daylights out of the man. Nevertheless, like you, I choose restraint and self control.

I appreciate your sentiment that “Violence is never the answer.” But frankly, sometimes it is the answer. Remember Kohlberg’s scale of ethical maturity from your psych training? We exist at different stages of consciousness. Especially true of fascists, some at lower levels will absolutely not behave without the threat of harm. IMO, 9 out of 10 of our various wars were absurd and unnecessary, but occasionally we are forced into justifiable defense, as in WWII.

Although IMO he deserves it, overt violence will hopefully not be necessary with Mr. T, but it is always implied in the context of the rule of law. Most people will not enter jail or endure incarceration voluntarily. Most will not admit to their crime, or make restitution unless there is at least the threat of force. And we all know Mr. T is about as unashamedly boorish, cruel, and defiantly lawless as a fellow can be.

BTW, Biden’s inauguration DOES NOT require Trump conceding. Concession is not in the Constitution. It is merely a polite and traditional custom. Per our Constitution, Joe Biden WILL be invested with the powers of the presidency at noon EST, 20 January 2021.

Guys, it is Neptune; Neptune rules fantasy and Eliseo spoke about Trump’s “fantasy” and Will shared his “vision” which is also ruled by Neptune. We all “dream” and many Americans dream of what a perfect country would be like and, sad to say, some dream of an all white nation while others dream of becoming millionaires, and many of those people voted for Trump who specializes in fantasy.

Others dream of a more perfect Union, where everyone gets a fair shake, and those folks voted for Biden. It is the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo that rules the dreams of our nation and it is trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle at 22+ Taurus, and it is trine the 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle at 22+ Capricorn.

I believe it is time to see the reality (Saturn) of who we are, and we are a divided nation. Half of us don’t relish equality for everyone, simple as. Those folks, many of them, must insist that the white people have the edge over people of color and Trump supports that delusion.

There are those among us who vote and know NOTHING about politics and politicians, but DO know the people they watch on TV shows and we can’t stop that. There are people who grew up poor but have accrued some wealth and fear losing it, and resent a government that gives money to people who don’t earn it, despite their circumstances. Trump supports these attitudes.

It seems that the US natal Neptune has brought these truths about we-the-people to the forefront for a purpose and the answer to that I suspect is to be found in the Saturn-Pluto chart, and the charts for the US Pluto Return which is all about death and rebirth.

It is the present grand trine energy between US Neptune and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the Saturn-Pluto cycle that has – for a brief moment – exposed the US to truths in the starkest manner (US Uranus/shock square US Ceres/Covid) through the Covid pandemic that cares not what your color or religion or political party is.

Covid and the US Presidential Election and 4 years of Trump have wiped the fog from our collective eyes and given us a chance to awake and evolve, just in time before the US Pluto Return. It gave us a head start and we took it and elected Biden.

Your last post is delicious wisdom!

Currently the government is operating under a continuing resolution, scheduled to run out on December 11.

Do any of you see that as a decision point? Is that one of the things Trump is going to break on the way out, out of spite? Putting a ton more people out of work just before Christmas, during a pandemic.

U.S. Republicans hint at limited time for Trump to make his post-election case

Top Republicans in the U.S. Congress for now are supporting President Donald Trump’s attempt to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, but some senior aides said Trump must soon produce significant evidence or exit the stage.



Nearly 80% of Americans say Biden won White House, ignoring Trump’s refusal to concede: Reuters/Ipsos poll


“Good morning everyone, Happy Tuesday, I heard from some Kentucky voters that they suspect Moscow Mitch did not win this election fair and square, they are convinced that Moscow Mitch cheated, they are crying for help to get a recount, can we all help to spread the words.”


“Official who called Obama ‘terrorist leader’ in charge of Pentagon policy

Anthony Tata, a controversial Trump loyalist, has been appointed to the Defense Department‘s top policy job

A Pentagon official who called former President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader” is now running the Defense Department’s policy, despite being previously rejected for the job by the U.S. Senate in July.

Anthony Tata has been appointed to the top policy job at the Pentagon following the Tuesday resignation of acting policy chief James Anderson, Politico reports. Anderson was expected to be asked by the White House to leave the post in the next few days.”


will, long awaited slam of this
He does need a swift kick where the sun don’t shine, but more disgusting are the old dinos in the senate who are egging him on. Mid- west farmers said they voted for him even though the tariffs he imposed lost them thousands of dollars, but got government bailouts –yet they said they voted for him because they were concerned about socialism from the Biden team??? what are subsidies, bailouts?
You can’t make this stuff up.

McConnell is another one that will only understand harsh retribution, Will and Eliseo. I wish it for him also, and perhaps Georgia’s special election in January that could split control of the Senate and check his power will suffice. I echo both of your sentiments, and as always, I appreciate your wisdom, Barbk.

Will, I can confirm there is no legal requirement for a concession by a losing candidate. A refusal to concede has no impact on the result of the election or the Inauguration of the next President. The only practical effect is that Biden has been denied a budget (a few million) and office space to manage the transition, but he says he can do without them. Also, his staff cannot contact public officials and he does not yet receive daily intelligence briefings, as the president-elect should. He might learn something in these briefings that Trump does not want him to see.

Barbk, to me them most significant Neptune transit is the Neptune semi-return in the US chart. The fact that Biden’s Sun is closely sextile US Neptune as well as US Pluto makes him uniquely suited IMO to deal with that semi-return and the US Pluto return. Both aspects peak in 2022-2023.

The current polarization in American politics and public opinion will however begin to weaken sooner, thankfully, once Pluto finally passes its opposition to US Mercury by the Inauguration.

You make some good points Andre, thank you. I am intrigued that Biden’s natal Chiron at 28 Leo 52 conjunct his natal true North Node at 0 Virgo 08 is trine his own natal Moon at 0 Taurus 59, but squares his own natal Sun at 27+ Scorpio and natal Venus at 28+ Scorpio.

I believe it is his natal Chiron in Leo that trines the Galactic Core (GC) at 27+ Sagittarius (which is sextile the US Sibly chart’s Moon at 27+ Aquarius) that has won him much support from more than half of the US voters a week ago, despite his Chiron opposition to the US natal Aquarius Moon, and his Scorpio Sun/Venus square US Aquarius Moon. That and his natal Neptune conjunct the Sibly MC, which speaks volumes!

Do you suppose the 29+ Leo ascendant and 26+ Leo Mars in Trump’s birth chart, which also trine the GC (understood to be a cosmic source of knowledge) at 27+ Sagittarius (that sextiles US Moon in Aquarius) is how he has won just under half of US voters in this election? They can’t ALL be as crazy as he is, can they?

The GC is symbolic of consciousness evolution and perhaps it took both of these men to embody what our choices are; either the high road or the low road, and the GC sextiles the US Sibly Moon, symbol of the US People.

Their sextile forms a Yod to the US natal Mercury in Cancer that is also conjunct Biden’s Jupiter and Trump’s Saturn/Venus, all of which oppose US natal Pluto in Capricorn + transiting Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas the Strategist. It is called a Boomerang pattern. I wonder why?

I can hardly wait for this:

Former second lady Jill Biden is expected to contribute to the historic nature of the Biden administration as incoming first lady, redefining the role of the president’s spouse.


Barbk, your interpretation is wonderful. Biden truly is a Chironian figure. He was born to heal through his own pain. Neptune makes him even more compassionate and caring. He is the positive father figure we all need right now.

There will be a lot of action in the next few days. The Moon has now entered Libra. It will join Mars tomorrow as Jupiter makes its final conjunction tp Pluto, which should be very favorable for Biden. (I erroneously wrote earlier this conjunction would take place last Tuesday.)

Mars will then go direct on Friday and move very slowly for the rest of the month. We will slowly move out of this mess. Finally, there is a new Moon in Scorpio this weekend. That is when Trump retreats and Biden takes charge, even though some uncertainty and anxiety will linger for the rest of the year.

“Pro-Trump Pastor Robert Jeffress Throws in the Towel, Acknowledges Biden is President-Elect: A ‘Bitter Pill,’ But It’s Reality”

https://mediaite.com/a/vmcre via @mediaite

Ralfee Finn:


A truly excellent article in NYT on Trump’s refusal to concede. The ultimate refusal to concede was the Civil War but the election of 1800, when Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams, came close. Virginia and Pennsylvania called out their National Guard to make sure Jefferson was inaugurated.

One scholar isn’t worried. He thinks what Trump is doing is a a parody of a coup. He is probably right, but we can’t be sure yet.


Biden World fears “weird shit” at the Inauguration. I would say that is a certainty, if only because of the pandemic. A computer model predicts 400,000 deaths in the US by then.


Because of the close election results, Warren and Sanders are about to be frozen out of the Biden Cabinet. Watch for the consequences in 2024 when Warren and Kamala fight it out for the nomination.


I like these from the Ralfee Finn article Ja posted –

“Yes, too many of our fellow travelers voted for Mr. Trump—far too many to ignore—and yes, again, there is a lot of work to do. That work will only be effective if each of us can find a way to open our hearts to what we don’t understand. Compassion isn’t about agreement or permission. Racism is never the right thing, but hating the hater isn’t the solution. So in the midst of your joy, spend some time contemplating how you can find a higher love that includes everyone because we are all, like it or not, in this together.”

Retired General Barry McCafferty sees what Trump is doing as a slow moving coup – https://twitter.com/mccaffreyr3/status/1326582432682766336

And, from Senator Chris Murphy, speaking to the Senate:


“There’s an epidemic of delusion that is spreading out from the WH & infecting the entire Republican Party in the wake of this election, & it presents a real threat to this country. Trump didn’t win the election. Every single one of my colleagues knows this.”

Murphy: “He’s not conceding b/c he believes there’s a chance he can remain as POTUS without having won the election, so long as Republicans are willing to stick w/him step by step- & so far there’s no evidence that congressional Republicans are ever going to step away from Trump”

Murphy: “This may sort of seem like a side show now to the inevitability of a transfer of power, but what’s next? What if President Trump asks Republicans here to contest the selection of electors?… will you do it?”

Murphy: “The secretary of state was asked today if he thought there’d be a smooth transition of power to the winner of the election … he said ‘there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.’ Listen — these guys aren’t playing.”

Murphy: “I’ve watched as Republicans have engaged in a withering assault on the public sector. The whole idea from Republicans has been that govt is illegitimate by its very nature & can’t do anything to help you or solve your problems… don’t assume democracy can survive this.”

Murphy: “The president is delusional. There was no voter fraud. He lost. The American people, by a large margin, chose Joe Biden as President of the United States. And this delusion is not a quaint side show. It’s an assault on our democracy.”

On the effect of Biden not being recognized as prez-elect I read an almost-throw-away line which mentioned without GSA’s assent, he and his transition team can’t read classified information, nor are they allowed a SCIF.

Sounds to me like there may be a LOT more stuff that’s been classified and kept from us in these 4 years than T and others want Biden (or us) to know.

Even acknowledging this, I am SO tired of the lump of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. I still worry about assassination attempt(s) on Inauguration Day. I’m also concerned about Inauguration turing into some great MAGA rally come public shoot out. That these are too horrible to contemplate does me no good. Truth is, I don’t trust the MAGAites not to follow the leader and do the worst thing imaginable to decent folks. (shrug)

General Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star general, says he’s been shot at, almost killed, and doesn’t get alarmed easily. But he says he is alarmed now by what is going on at the Pentagon. He thinks the White House is playing with the idea of a coup and of Trump staying on after January 20 through the use of force. He says at least one of the Trump loyalists in charge of the Defense Department is a dangerous man. However, he says the armed forces will not do anything unconstitutional. He is more worried about the AG and DHS federalizing the National Guard and using police forces.

Fortunately, a poll came out today concluding that 80% of the peple believe Biden won the elction, 13% that the result is uncertain and 3% that Trump actually won. That last result is within the margin of error. But can we rely on polls after last week’s election returns?

The McCAffrey interview was just a few minutes ago on MSNBC.

barbk, if my calculations are correct, Neptune is today exactly opposite of the pluto in the Kennedy assassination chart (Nov.22,1965 at 12:30 PM Dallas). I have found in my limited experience that pluto and Neptune are a transformative pair. I think of the Kennedy assassination and the ushering in of LBJ and his Great Society as being indicative of where we are now. I think trump has been as shocking to the American psyche as the Kennedy assassination was. Thoughts?

Good Insight! It had not occurred to me, but I believe you are right in comparing the Kennedy assassination to DJT’s presidency. Both shocked the world. Both have been traumatizing, but IMHO, DJT has been worse.

I note you stated 1965 as the year JFK was assassinated. I’m sure you know it was 1963, and that was most likely a typo.

I don’t think what Trump is doing is a coup but a cover up. He is stalling to keep Biden from obtaining Intelligence briefing. He never thought he would lose so he’s now scrambling to hide all the bodies. And he doesn’t have much time.

Another problem with a coup is how will leaders around the world going to react? The obvious reaction would be sanctions against the US. How is that good for Trump, his supporters or the GOP?

Eliseo, sorry it is 1963 – that is a typo and the chart I was referring to is Nov 22, 1963. Agreed that DT is worse but the shock and loss of innocence are similar.

Silcominc, I think transiting Neptune at 15 Scorpio was an important factor in JFK’s assassination. I had never looked at his chart.

He had five planets in the 8th house, the house of death, in quite difficult aspects. This includes his ruling planet Venus, which explains his rampant sexuality since sex life is also ruled by the 8th. Uranus in the 4th in Aquarius, square his Mars-Mercury-Jupiter triple conjunction in Taurus in the 8th, exposed him to a sudden end. Princess Diana had a similarly afflicted 8th house.

He had a Saturn-Neptune conjunction near his MC, which made him fit to govern and to inspire at the same time, despite his flaws. Amazingly, his Saturn at 27 Cancer was in exact opposition to US Pluto, the planet of death, which no doubt brought him powerful enemies. I simply cannot believe Oswald acted alone.

On 22 November 1963, transiting Pluto was nearing a conjunction to his Moon at 17 Virgo, itself in a square to natal Venus and to his Sun, and in near-conjunction to US Neptune, a recipe for national tragedy and sorrow. In addition, transiting Uranus was in a closer square his Sun.

Transiting Neptune at 15 Scorpio, the sign of death, activated the square between natal Uranus and his Taurus planets. A T-square between Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus in the 8th is definitely lethal.

The coming Pluto return opposite his Saturn and Uranus conjunction to his Mars at 18 Taurus square natal Uranus might well provide further revelations on the circumstances of his killing.

Sometimes the most profound insights are startling in their simplicity. The more I think about it, the more I believe your analogy between the JFK assassination and the DJT presidency is in that category. Yes! Both involve a very painful loss of innocence.

Intellectuals, especially historians and sociologists have long been aware the US has never been in danger of a communist takeover, but was and is far more likely to experience a far right wing appropriation.

Sinclair Lewis knew it in 1935 when his dystopian political novel, It Can’t Happen Here was published. Richard Hofstadter knew it in 1963 when he published Anti-intellectualism in American Life, and in 1964 when his essays collected in The Paranoid Style in American Politics were published.

What DJT has done was to demonstrate how on target S. Lewis and R. Hofstadter were. Though most have never heard of either author, a very large swath of Americans now know it CAN Happen Here.

It is a indeed a very painful lesson robbing us of our naivete, teaching us how easily a far right takeover could actually occur here, and how necessary is our vigilance in maintaining our democratic republic. We will never be the same.

Utah police arrest man driving 130 mph claiming he was going to kill former Missouri senator Claire McCaskill


Oklahoma GOP Sen. James Lankford says he’ll intervene if Trump administration has not allowed President-elect Joe Biden access to presidential daily intelligence briefings by the end of the week: “There is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that”


Wow, Andre and Eliseo, I am so grateful for both of you shedding so much light on these points – JFK’s chart and the impact of his death on the nation.

For a lot of us on this site, we lived through the Kennedy Assassination and seeing how it shattered the nation’s psyche, I have a felt that we are experiencing a two-part Kennedy Assassination – first, the Black Lives Matter movement which awoken much of the nation and now, the right’s total loss as their leader melts down (assuming he gets indicted and the Biden Admins. cracks down on the fake news and disinformation which I think they are given the inaugural chart) – the nation is and will be in need of healing.

NEW: A military veteran Democrat, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania, says she is alarmed by chatter about a last-ditch effort by Trump loyalists installed in the 11th hour at the Pentagon trying to declassifying Russia secrets —

https://washex.am/2GT0ck5 — for @dcexaminer

Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when our nation really needs him?

Posts here today reminded me of writings from Eric Francis of Planet Waves on JFK’s chart:



silcominc, sorry I’m so late to the party but I appreciate your analogy of the Kennedy assination effect to the Trump presidency effect on the American psyche, and thanks to Eliseo and Andre too for expounding on it.

Both events have felt like an attack on our country without the actual bombs exploding our buildings. Even so, both events left us shaken and unsure. Tragedies that were necessary to encourage awareness of the world outside our bubble I suppose.

All 3 of the outer planets symbolize transformation in different ways, always with the goal of increased consciousness in the masses of Humanity, although the experience usually feels like punishment, as in what on Earth did we do to deserve this?

As we have or will soon gain awareness as a whole from these experiences, the hope is the divide among us will lessen. What is it the kid shoveling shit in the barn said? There’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere!

There you go again Barb, spouting wisdom. There is indeed a pony in there. Our experience with Mr.T will in the long run net us many truly progressive and necessary reforms. Those reforms will set us on much firmer ground, a foundation from which we will gain a greater amount of moral sensitivity simultaneous with new, revolutionary technologies.

I wish I had an astrology program that would allow me to look at charts for about 12,000 years ago. I believe we are on the precipice of social/technological change as dramatic as our transition from hunter-gatherer troops and tribes to urban civilization. I feel sure our skies today likely are similiar in configuration and portent to that which we experienced about the time of the burial of Gobekli Tepe.


“Cults be cults!”

You make a strong point!

LG – Right on with your sentiments.

As I live and breathe I am astonished how Mitch McConnell – a pustule not a person, has managed to
avoid being set on fire. It seems that those who wear cloaks of evil manage to summon up a Satanic field of protection while the good manage to get slaughtered so simply and directly by lone mad men or unknown malcontents: JFK, MLK, RFK, Gandhi.

Andre and Teresa, thank you for being so quick on the draw with the laws re: Trump concession not required for Biden’s inauguration. You guys are good!


Your astrology is banging!

“Doesn’t it seem odd that in Ballard County Kentucky the State Board of Elections shows 2285 registered REPUBLICAN voters as of Oct 2020 yet 3155 people voted for Mitch McConnell? Ballard County also has 3966 registered Dems but Amy McGrath only got 936 votes? In Bath County Kentucky with 2478 registered REPUBLICAN voters McConnell got 3537 votes? And with 6730 registered Dems in Bath McGrath only got 1827 votes? What are the chances that 1000+ registered Dems voted for Mitch & almost 5000 Dems didn’t vote for Amy? And theres more..

The GOP seem to have used ‘a bag of tricks’ to mess with the results. It’s a combination of things that includes
Somehow getting more Republican votes then there are Republican voters
Significant absentee votes not being counted
Suppressing the Vote in key Democrat counties
For the sources of the numbers I’ve quoted I got the data directly from the Registration Statistics & Election results published on the Commonwealth of Kentucky State Board of Elections site.”



Hey @FoxNews

When are you going to mention that GOP donors have been caught PAYING a man $130,000 to LIE and say he witnessed voter fraud?


The president has, though, begun a major purge at the Pentagon, another unusual move in the last two months of his presidency. No one is quite sure what this purge means, but people are worried. General Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star general, told MSNBC he was “alarmed” at the shake-up.

There are, though, some obvious reasons for the change in personnel. It might simply be a flexing of his muscles. It might be a way for him to permit loyalists to pad their resumes before they have to leave. It might be a way to try to release selective bits of intelligence about the Russia investigation to bolster his story about the contacts between his 2016 campaign and Russia—both Michael Ellis, who became general counsel of the National Security Agency, and Kashyap Patel, who replaced Stewart, are close associates of Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) who has worked hard to discredit the Russia investigation.

Or it could be that Trump wants to draw U.S. troops out of Afghanistan before the Pentagon says it’s safe. Military experts think that a U.S. presence is important for keeping the Taliban from regaining power there, where it could quietly back international terrorists, leaving us vulnerable to a terrorist attack during Biden’s administration. A former Trump official told Politico reporters Lara Seligman and Natasha Bertrand, “There is a lot of concern among military and former civilian Pentagon people that this shift was because [Trump] intends to take some kind of controversial military action and wanted junior political people that would greenlight it.”


For those of you interested, Kim @Intuitiview put a new video out yesterday. Made me feel better. Basically, she said that tRump is creating a new story deflecting blame on someone other than himself for the loss. Its his MO.

I once had to delay moving in to an apartment that I had signed a lease for because the previous tenant, who was being evicted, decided to take a sledgehammer to anything he could in the apartment. I had to wait while they replaced sink, toilet, stove etc. I am wondering how tRump will leave the WH. I know it is traditional for the new president to move in immediately after inauguration, however at the very least given Covid, the place should be thoroughly disinfected.
And in terms of ridding the evil that occurred there over the last four years, I hope they burn lots of sage before moving anything in.

I’d like to start a petition here like the one in Australia.

” Rupert Murdoch is not only earning the ire of the Trump camp because of Fox news USA calling Arizona first for the opposing team, he’s also in the crosshairs of an Australian petition with a record 500,000 signatures complaining about Murdoch media dominance.”


But, at least Fox called AZ and gave Biden the election, as compared to the very biased sites the Right is now moving towards, like Parler and The Epoch Times, with Trump set to start his own streaming site. And, with most Republicans still siding with them, it’s going to take constant persistence and vigilance (and I hope the numbers in KY are challenged – I’d be surprised if they are not). So, I’m not sure how much credit we should give Fox for being somewhat fair & rational but maybe they should receive at least some credit.

This is a photo of how the Epoch Times sees the presidential count right now after factoring in the recounts, the unfinished counts and the states challenged legally: Trump: 232, Biden: 227.
The false narrative will be continued to be pushed. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10221165545201931&set=a.1394266070382

Barb, et al re Biden and Pluto

Pluto is huge in Biden’s natal chart. It has negative aspects and positive aspects, regardless it is poignant with the negative aspects providing opportunities to build character.

If the birth time is right, Biden shows Pluto in his eight house.

Here is what Isabel Hickey says about Pluto in the 8th house. I am paraphrasing:

“This is the true house of education for it is concerned with progress of every kind, moral, mental and spiritual. This house is always important in charts of those strongly interested in movements of progress and reform. Its gloomy title as the “house of death”is appropriate only because death is the greatest step forward known to us at our present stage of evolution. ……This house represents the entrance to the next dimension.”

Whistleblower, Surgeon General Fired by Trump Headline Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force


BREAKING: Senator Lindsey Graham just called for the Trump administration to allow the Biden transition to begin.

Trump knows he’s losing the GOP, and it’s glorious


How Vote By Mail Saved Democracy and Defeated Trump

Then came the coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly, in a matter of weeks, a consensus developed that vote by mail was the best and perhaps only way to save the 2020 elections, given the health risks of voting in person. That consensus would not have formed so rapidly without the spadework we did. But it also freaked out Donald Trump, who famously tweeted in May that vote by mail would “LEAD TO THE END OF OUR GREAT REPUBLICAN PARTY.”
His fear became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Republican voters, who once used mail-in balloting disproportionately, abandoned the practice. Democratic voters, meanwhile, embraced it.


The 3rd and final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto today, the chart details of which I won’t go into unless under extreme pressure to do so, leads me to believe that Trump and family will take to broadcasting (a Jupiter thing) on radio, TV, Twitter, Netflex, whatever, to continue their brainwashing of almost half of the US population.

Subject matter likely to focus on dividing the country, stoking fear of non-whites in the white population, and fear of financial ruin at the hands of the Dems. They, the Trumps, will depend on technology (Uranus) to spread hate and fear to arouse rebellion (Mars).

Therefore I see the Uranus (technology)-Mars (action) conjunction in Taurus (material world values) in the Inauguration chart that squares (challenges) Jupiter (broascasting) in Aquarius (group think), with support from Sun (consciousness) and Saturn (form/time), all 3 within a 7 degree spread, as symbolizing Donald Trump’s revenge.

I could be wrong, but for now that’s what I think


I wonder how long such a venture would last, given that every thing else he touches, dies?

Does this country really need two right wing TV networks filling our airwaves with ultra conservative victimhood and garbage?

Hopefully his prosecution by New York puts all of that on ice.

Barbk, your interpretation of the Inaugural chart makes sense. I”m sure we will refer to it often.

This Russian-born professor at the University of Connecticut applies mathematical models to history. Ten years ago, he predicted serious social unrest in the US to begin this year and extending at least two or three years, possibly through the decade. He does not exclude civil war. He sounds like an astrologer.


The Atlantic article you provided the link for was fascinating. ThankYou!

Dr. Turchin really DOES think like an astrologer. Astrologers look at events as well as our subjective, personal experiences in the context of cycles.

Placing events and experience in such a context forces us to step outside of ourselves.

Stepping outside of ourselves, a kind of transcendance, in itself is bound to provide us with insights we would otherwise not ascertain, even were our astrological assumptions and assertions all wrong.


Means a lot to me to see that about vote by mail. I worked really hard for this election, most all of it texting voters. The site where I did the most texting kept track of our work and sent me an email saying I sent 96,127 texts to voters. Would have hit the 100k if we hadn’t had a 60-hour power outage in the last weekend before the election.

I’m bragging because I’m proud, because I’ve never put in this many hours on an election, but mostly because I doubt most people realize how many people spent so many hours volunteering to help elect Joe Biden. The Biden campaign text team alone, last count I heard, had over 50k members! We’d go look for texting assignments each day, and for the last week so, they’d all be gone within an hour and a half! People would be signed on, ready to work, but no texts left to send.

And that was only one of four sites where I texted, and the 96k ones I did was a platform for a dozen or so different groups. Tons of organizations were texting. The other thing was, in texting those voters, so many would tell me they were happily volunteering with X group to make calls or canvassing or helping raise money. So many people working so hard. It was a real political awakening that I don’t think many people realize happened.

People just said we have to do something, not just a collective kind of we, but me personally as part of that we, and they went to work.

About vote by mail — the group I texted with more often than any other was called Vote From Home. We did campaigns in a dozen or so swing states, starting early, sending people links to register, then encouraging them to request absentee ballots with links, back again to see if they got their ballots, links to check status of ballots online if they hadn’t, later links to find places to drop off their ballots instead of mail, links to check and make sure their ballots had been received.

It just felt like the most productive thing because we made it easy to vote and it meant paper ballots and not risking voter intimidation at the polls. I thought that was the safest thing we could encourage, but even as we were doing it, a lot of experts were urging voters to vote in person because they were afraid of relying on the mail and mail ballots being rejected or Trump getting an early lead as it took longer to count mail ballots.

So I was sweating it — whether we were doing the right thing by encouraging mail voting and early in person voting.

Incredibly relieved to find out it was the right thing to do. Each individual voter texting back that they’d already voted felt so great. Seeing the early vote totals grow day by day until some states exceeded their 2016 total votes before Election Day and so many others got into the 90th or 80th percent ranges — it just felt so great and like a huge group effort. A powerful group effort.

I think we’ve seen a real change in voting, in campaigning and in public involvement in elections.

I meant to say the voter participation rate in the U.S. was pretty impressive. At least there was no apathy. Good work!

Turchin’s article about the elites versus the poor is kind of depressing being an ongoing struggle is kind of depressing though. What really bothers me is the lies that will continue being propagated via electronic media and websites that people will believe. Maybe that will change when Neptune leaves Pisces?

In the possibility that you haven’t seen this video, I recommend watching. So reassuring to know he will be running our country very soon.


The 50 year cycle Turchin speaks of coincides with the 50 year cycle Chiron makes to return to any given degree in a chart.

Sorry for my lack of editing above as I’m not feeling my best (not the virus, thank God) but I guess I made my point.

In normal times, this is how the moves out of and into the White House work. The outgoing President, First Lady, and any other family members, wake up to everything being exactly as it has been. They go off to the Inaugural, and when that’s over head off to wherever they will be living next.

As soon as they walk out the front door, teams of packers and movers pack up everything and get it all on a moving van. Then the incoming President’s things all arrive, are unpacked, put in place, and it’s all done by late afternoon, after the Inaugural Parade. The incoming President and family walk into the White House set up as if they’ve been there for a month.

That’s in normal times, with reasonably normal Presidents, not bat-shit crazy ones.

Teresa, thats awesome! Congratulations on your contribution to democracy! You go girl!

On April 13th, 1861, Fort Sumter fell to The Confederacy, beginning our Civil War. On that same date Neptune began its journey through Aries.

Beginning in 2025-2026, Neptune will again be under the influence of Arian energies. But of course there are differences between the 1861 transits aspecting our national chart and those coming in our 21st century.

I note from the Atlantic piece about the work of Dr. Turchin referenced by Andre, the professor does not rule out the possibility of another civil war. We all, with the exception of BoogalooBoyz types, hope such an event does not occur, and we know there will also be a number of more “positive” aspects influencing us during that coming period, from 2025 through 2039. Yet, I find it both interesting and concerning our Pluto return occurs shortly before Neptunian ingress into Aries, and our Uranus return during its celestial journey.

Has anyone here contemplated the possible and/or probable effects of Neptune’s coming entry into and journey through Aries?

Teresa Hill,
I echo Kiwi’s sentiments regarding your electoral work. ThankYou! Your intelligence has long been evident, but your nobility of heart is inspiring.

Thank you for doing what many wish they were able to do.
your work is greatly appreciated!

We all contribute what we can;
the energy of this group is amazing and all deserve many thanks. Now we enter a new phase; hold the focus.

Anyone have insight of the 2022 Elections based on Joe Bidens chart?

At this time transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces retrograde and transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus retrograde are 50 degrees apart. There is a minor aspect called a septile and it happens when two planets are 51+ degrees apart. Astrologer Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers) calls this aspect “a fork in the road of destiny”, where we choose a path forward.

The chart for when the present cycle between Neptune and Uranus started on Feb. 2, 1993, at 19+ Capricorn had a grand trine between Sun at 13+ Aquarius and Moon at 15+ Gemini and Jupiter at 14+ Libra which was conjunct US natal Saturn also at 14+ Libra.

I believe it is this transiting Neptune-Uranus septile aspect, activating their own cycle’s grand trine that has brought on this “fork in the road” decision the USA is in the throes of making. Most of us see it as having been made, others, including Trump himself, say it has yet to be decided.

Astrologers seem to agree that the septile aspect cannot be understood rationally; that the meaning must be understood intuitively or spiritually. I believe that’s what voters for Biden did. They depended on their intuition less than logic, but few would likely admit it.

Ironically, the North Node at the time of the Neptune-Uranus conjunction was at 20+ Sagittarius, where the South Node is today, while the South Node on Feb. 2, 1993, was at 20+ Gemini, where the North Node is today. Go figure. Either way the transiting Neptune today is T-square those 2 sets of Nodes!

“Because we have entered the post-election period, which may be even more dangerous for democracy than the period leading up to the election, we will hold a daily Vigil-Meditation of about 20 – 25 minutes. Its usual time will be 8:00 pm GMT (3 PM EST) except on weekends when it will be 10:00 pm GMT (5PM EST). Let us continue in Full Strength. Light, Love and Power, Tuija and Michael
PS: Although it cannot be indicated here, the work will continue into January towards Inauguration Day, and perhaps up to Inauguration Day. It will continue at least until the Jupiter-Indigo candidates (Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris) are officially confirmed as president elect and vice-president elect.

We continue at 8:00 pm GMT weekdays and 10:00 pm GMT weekends at the following REVISED LINK (to address some technical issues):


Teresa Hill: It warms my heart in regards to your dedication to this very impt election.

I certainly hope you are right when you say, “I think we’ve seen a real change in voting, in campaigning and in public involvement in elections.”

I believe that they will be unable to cheat and steal elections in the way they have been the last 10 or 12 years. Let me know of any organization you b/c involved in that will be advocation for mail and write in ballots.

I think we have to also consider the future changing of the planets as we move from the dark age, Satya yuga age, I think it is called, to that of the Aquarian age or the golden age. This has long been prophesized and will usher in more humanitarian and spiritual energies.

Eliseo, the US Uranus return always happens when Neptune is in either Aries or Libra. In 1776, Uranus was in early Gemini and Neptune was in late Virgo, and entered Libra while Uranus was still in Gemini. This means that Uranus returns take place either when the US reaches a peak of self-confidence, inspiration and spiritual power at the same time as a Neptune return (the War of Independence, World War II), or emerges from a period of self-doubt and self-destruction at the time of a Neptune semi-return or very soon after (Civil War and unfortunately 2027-2028). This next spiritual low point is worsened by the simultaneous Pluto return.

To take examples from the field I know best, which is constitutional law, the Canadian Constitution adopted in 1867, in the wake of the Civil War, contains to this day features which were drawn in deliberate contradiction to the US Constitution, which was then held in low regard in the British Empire because it had led to a disastrous conflict. On the other hand, jurists from the victorious US contributed greatly to the new constitutions of defeated Germany and Japan, which are held up as modern-day successes. The Marshall Plan inspired the world just as the birth of the USA did, but of course the Civil War did not.

We now appear to be headed toward what I call a regressive Uranus return which would tend to be turned inward. This is emphasized not only by the Pluto return and Neptune semi-return, but also by the fact that progressed US Mars is retrograde for almost a century for the first time in history.

The good news is this should not be about World War III, but I can’t be sure. The bad news is a possibility of internal conflict.

The best news is that the three greatest US Presidents (Washington, Lincoln, FDR) have all appeared during US Uranus returns. The only President elected in the last degrees of transiting Neptune in Pisces, a time of compassion and self-sacrifice, was Abraham Lincoln. This transit occurs for only the second time in US history for the election of 2024. We, Americans and non-Americans alike, are fortunate to have Biden as President before that. Lincoln had before him James Buchanan, one of the worst Presidents.

Biden is there to avoid the worst but will have major challenges. The country will also experience a Chiron return through his term. It will be painful but can be positive nonetheless. If he were younger, he could also have been the great 2024 President who I believe will lead the US and the world upwards through a dangerous and tragic time.

Why are US Uranus returns always violent? I think the key aspect here is when transiting Uranus in Gemini is conjunct US Mars square Neptune in Virgo. This could mean spiritual warfare, a military conflict between good and evil, which was certainly the case during WWII and the Civil War. I have not yet figured out astrologically why such conflicts would bring out great and miraculous political leadership.

Music to my ears.

After Jan. 20, Mr. Trump, who has refused to concede and is fighting to hold onto his office, will be more vulnerable than ever to a pending grand jury investigation by the Manhattan district attorney into the president’s family business and its practices, as well as his taxes.

The two-year inquiry, the only known active criminal investigation of Mr. Trump, has been stalled since last fall, when the president sued to block a subpoena for his tax returns and other records, a bitter dispute that for the second time is before the U.S. Supreme Court. A ruling is expected soon.



Asymmetrical conflict this time, if there is any. This right-left political thing gets to be resolved somehow this decade, and it’s not at all geographically clear cut this time around as it was during the Civil War, with the North vs. South fighting each other over slavery.

I think we really need to start looking at voter reforms that will take the edge off this conflict, and maybe even subvert and channel the energy into constructive change.

The FairVote group (https://www.fairvote.org/) has been pressing for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and Proportional Multi-Member Districts, two reforms that we have discussed here on Nancy/Starlight’s blog.

These reforms, as well as abolishing the Electoral College, would be very strong steps forward towards revitalizing our democracy during the “death and rebirth” period indicated by our Pluto and Uranus returns, and our semi-Return of Neptune during the next decade.

The way I see it, the more we can do to empower a diversity of ideas and platforms in our politics, the more leverage we have to put a decisive end to the Republican Party and its anti-democratic power-hoarding that has so much to answer for with regards to our current debacle.

A wonderful and uplifting story about the NYC police officer who helped save Martin Luther King’s life after he was stabbed in Harlem in 1958 by a demented black woman. The former officer has died at the age of 93 from Covid.


BuckeyeShadow, hopefully the US progressed Mars retrograde will lessen the violence of previous Uranus returns.

Why is no one In the media questioning how Mitch was re-elected with a 13% approval rating ?
Or how Lindsey Graham has a million dollars to donate to the Georgia senate candidates when he was just begging for money?


I am astounded that Biden won both Arizona and Georgia. The spirits of John Lewis and John McCain are truly strong.

Thank you for your hard work, Teresa! I will look into some of these sites to see how I can help support the 2 Democratic Senate candidates in GA, as well as send money.

I hope Trump is asked about this at his 4 PM press conference.


CBS News has some nice picture gallery features that I enjoyed immensely: Jill Biden through the years, and Joe Biden through the years.

Yet they had one that troubled me — it detailed the percentage in each state that identified as liberal or conservative (don’t know if it was based on voter registration or not). Short of New England, most states seem to have a conservative majority. In some cases, it’s only a few points, 5 or so, but it’s consistent. I think we are going to have to find what is good in the conservative mindset (as these are the people Trump was most likely thinking about when he said there are fine people on both sides) and find a way to appeal to many of them. I think we have to separate out the extremists and those who are very close-minded and find those conservatives who are reasonable, and reach out and diffuse the situation. One good way may be to not talk about politics very much until there is trust. I imagine that right now may not be the best time, and I am hoping that Biden does not go too progressive too fast but sticks to the economy & the virus (as Tony Blair said to Christine Amanpour last night on either NPR or C-SPAN -brilliant interview).




Sorry, https:www.cbsnews.com/pictures/jill-biden/

NANCY, your timing is scary, BRAVA!!!

Sharon K,

The current prevalence of political Conservatism (or what passes for it) has a great deal to do with Pluto in Capricorn.

Let’s see what happens when Pluto moves into Aquarius. Also, over the next few years, as Pluto moves through the final degrees of Capricorn, we are going to see Conservatism spill over into its excesses, to the point that a lot of people will be very tired of it, and ready for something new. Enter Aquarius.

This is also where the importance of having choices and an exchange of ideas in politics comes in. There are much more rational strains of Conservatism out there, but they have been pushed to the margins by the current power brokers in the GOP, and people like Mitch McConnell, whom equate Conservatism with a permanent hold on the reigns of power.

Sharon K, this conservative mindset will be dominant until 2023 but the spirit of the age, the zeitgeist as the Germans call it, will definitely change once Pluto enters Aquarius as BuckeyeShadow mentions it. This will take place in 2023 with a preview in 2022.

There will be a cathartic event in 2023, which I suspect will be either the physical passing, the imprisonment or the financial wipeout of the former President.

A major step toward the new era will be taken at, or soon after, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, which ushers in a new Administration one month later.

The Capricorn and Aquarius eras will coexist and collide in 2021 and 2022. The best of Capricorn is to provide wise leadership. This was provided by Obama when Pluto entered Capricorn, before it opposed the US Sun and squared transiting Uranus and Eris, and then reached a conjunction with Saturn, disastrous aspects which brought an afflicted and shameful President.

Biden will provide the best of wise leadership as well. Yesterday’s third and last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn this year, while it simultaneously amplifies the pandemic that led to Trump’s downfall, brings an elderly Scorpio statesman with a Sagittarius Ascendant to the fore. Jupiter and Pluto are the ruling planets of his chart, and Capricorn, when rightly aspected, favors old age, moderate and dignified conservatism and experienced leaders. It also favors a more profound understanding of the cycles of time and the value of incremental change, which is often the path to lasting reform against strong resistance.

The Inauguration on January 2020 will be the forerunner of an Aquarian era, but we are not quite there yet.

Susan Rice:

“Instead of acting in the national interest to orchestrate a responsible, democratic transition, Mr. Trump and many Republicans are spending time sowing false doubts about the legitimacy of Mr. Biden’s election.

Tragically, but not surprisingly, Mr. Trump appears determined to take a final wrecking ball to our democracy and U.S. national security on his inevitable way out the door.”

Trump will never concede, but today the election is done. The final result in electoral votes is 306-232. This will not change. It is the mirror image of the 2016 result, which Trump considered a landslide at the time.

Mars will finally turn direct this evening. This may release pent-up anger and frustration on both sides. Watch the pro-Trump demonstrations tomorrow. By Sunday, the New Moon in Scorpio will put Biden in a stronger position whatever Trump does or says. Time, of course, is on his side. The positive side of Mars direct is things which had been stalled will slowly be moving forward, but very slowly until the end of the month.

There will be more chilling developments in government in the next two weeks as Saturn is now reaching its last conjunction with US Pluto at 27 Capricorn. As I have written before, the eclipse on November 30 conjunct US Uranus is volatile and not reassuring. That is when all the states have to certify the results. Trump may continue to defy increasing pressure and refuse to cooperate with Biden until the Electoral College meets on December 14, which will bring much needed closure.

After that, the problem may not be Trump at all, but the domestic terrorism of his more extreme followers.

Trump baselessly attacked Mario Cuomo during his press conference, but did not mention Biden. The reason for this is that the Governor of New York is his greatest mortal enemy. Trump cannot pardon himself or have Pence pardon him for state crimes. He is being sued by Cuomo’s AG and his DA in Manhattan. These court cases will bring Trump to his knees. They will lead either to his imprisonment, his personal bankruptcy or the breakdown of his physical and mental health by 2023.

Cuomo’s Mars in Scorpio makes him great and resourceful in a crisis and not a person you want to cross in a dark alley. He and his female black AG, whose name escapes me just now, will be the real Trump dragon-slayers.

Andre, I think the focus for Biden’s administration beyond the pandemic and the economy and global warming will be cyber. The Uranus and Mars in the twelfth house of the inaugural chart indicate to me it is about information and cyber which, if he is able to focus on, can set the stage in America (and the world) to deal with misinformation and disinformation. We need to figure out ways to combat this before any real change can happen. People need to have a shared reality in order to change it.

Silcominc, agreed. The Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th may have different shades of meaning, one of which would undoubtedly be cyberwarfare and the fight against disinformation.


Letitia James is the NY AG.

Trump should be scared. They will grind him down to nothing. As he deserves to be for all the trouble he has caused this country and the world.

I have little sympathy for Trump but also have a hard time dealing with those who used him as an excuse for violence (white nationalists and supremists as well as evangelicals and others who excused him so they create a theocracy) and those who were all too ready to accept delusions about his role (Q-Anon). I try not to feel disgust for these people, but I do.

Sharon Katz,

“I try not to feel disgust for these people, but I do.”

That is my also my greatest challenge.

For the first time in four years I’m enjoying reading the headlines.

‘There Is a Real Opportunity Here That I Think Biden Is Capturing’

The president-elect is making the climate a top priority.


Andre, Lorrie appreciates your catching her error and pointing out that it was a 4 year after the 2017 inauguration, not a 3 year, which a lot of sense.

She also pointed out separately (and it may have been mentioned here) that the Navajo Nation gave us AZ — that they had been hit hard by Covid and refused to have their vote disenfranchized, so they rode on horseback for several miles to get to the voting stations.

SharonK, I didn’t know about the Navajo, but are they enough to make the winning margin? I know it was close in Arizona.

Many Thanks for your explanation re: Neptune in Aries. Had I been a bit more clear headed, I would have realized the obvious, and been considerably less alarmed. Of course, our US Uranus return always happens when Neptune is in either Aries or Libra. And each time so far it has been during a major war, our Revolutionary War for Independence, the Civil War, and very slightly before D-Day, 1944.

I apologize for my muddle headed question. I’m now getting over a sinus/ear infection. But that should not be an excuse for my having been so naively obtuse.

Let us hope whatever sort of conflict we are involved in in 2028 serves as a renewed committment to higher ideals, as did our previous Uranus returns.

The Yale professor who writes about tyranny has good advice for the transition.


The US Constitution chart (Sept. 17, 1787) has a T-square of Sun 24+ Virgo opposite Nessus 24+ Pisces, T-squared by Jupiter 25+ Gemini, which will be triggered by the New Moon at 23+ Scorpio at 12:07 AM on Sunday, Nov. 15, in Washington DC.

The New Moon in Scorpio trines the US natal chart Mercury at 24+ Cancer that trines US Constitution Nessus (abuse of power) at 24+ Pisces. This grand trine is expressed by the deluge of disinformation on social media mostly coming from Trump.

The Scorpio New Moon is sextile transiting Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn in Capricorn. and these Capricorn planets form a grand trine with the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (the start point of their cycle that ends on Dec. 23) in Taurus and the US natal Neptune and the US Constitution Sun in Virgo.

The US Mercury in Cancer that opposes the transiting planets in Capricorn turns the grand trine between those Cap planets and US Neptune + US Constitution Sun in Virgo and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s start degree in Taurus, into a Kite pattern that puts the Cap planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Pallas) in charge of this massive grand trine energy.

The Cap planets opposite US Mercury in Cancer put Mercury in charge of the grand trine in water signs.

These two grand trines, one in water signs and one in earth signs, will dominate the next 4 weeks. It will affect our communication and our thoughts and our emotions. The 2 grand trines are joined at the hip by the US Mercury who is famous for doing 2 things at the same time. He is also famous for deception and speed.

With the New Moon in Scorpio much will be dug up and exposed to the light of day. Something else US Mercury does at this New Moon is to T-square transiting Venus (values) in Libra opposite Eris (conflict) in Aries. Believe it or not this might be healthy for the US in the long run. You know, the way barfing into the toilet can make you feel better if you are sick to the stomach with something? Get it all out!

Charles Koch regrets his partisanship: ‘Boy, did we screw up!’

GOP mega-donor Charles Koch, who donated more than $2.8 million to Republicans in the 2020 election cycle, said he regrets his decades of partisanship and now wants to focus on bridging the political divide. After years of funding conservative causes, the billionaire said he is turning his attention to issues like poverty, addiction, gang violence and homelessness.


Here is a video of a reading with Dr. Victoria Scerbo regarding the current state of affairs that I enjoyed watching. It’s 29 minutes.


per MSNBC, 55% of white women voted for Trump, 2% more than in 2016.

I guess that means 45% of white women voted for Biden? What has this world come to?

Koch has Uranus opposing his Scorpio Sun, and just cleared his Uranus Return. Maybe he’s coming around? I can’t say that I trust him, given the sheer amount of damage that he has done to our democracy and environment. He has a lot to answer for. But maybe losing his brother shook him up enough to see what is really important.

Maybe. I still don’t buy it though.

Sharon K, the Navajo did make a difference. That makes my day. Thank you.

I did not know there were seven faithless electors when the Electoral College met in 2016. Two were supposed to vote for Trump and five for Hillary. They obviously did not change the outcome. Since then, the Supreme Court has decided that states could validly tie the electors to the popular vote. Most states have done so, I believe, either before or after that decision.


Buckeye, I think David was decidedly the more actively political of the two brothers – 1980 Libertarian candidate for president. Ive always thought elder brother Charles was a bit more moderate, perhaps more as going along with funding as a way to help his brother. Twin brother Bill fell out with brothers and was active with funding for americas cup sailing, sea scouts etc. Eldest brother Fred, who died earlier this year, and sided with Bill during their long legal dispute, was a philanthropist targeted toward historic properties and the arts.

I’m not sure if this was posted….it’s a useful state-by-state chart of laws regarding faithless electors.


Sharon K, that chart is useful. It will be interesting to see if there are any faithless electors this year. If there were 37, according to my math, the result would be a 269-269 tie and the election would be thrown to the House. The chances of that happening are next to zero, but I will still breathe a sigh of relief once we are past December 14.

What is clear in the astrology of the election is that the result would be a shock to the losing side, which would have a hard time accepting it. This is of course because of the Uranus factor, which manifested in two ways. First, the Full Moon in Taurus three days before the election was conjunct transiting Uranus. Second, for those who subsribe to the view the US Ascendant is at 8 Scorpio, like Wolfstar, transiting Uranus is now directly opposite at 8 Taurus.

The next Full Moon on November 30, which will be an eclipse, will be conjunct the US Uranus in Gemini. There will also be a significant surprise then. The same thing goes for the mid-terms two years from now, which promise more drama. More on that later.

Just got news last night that my mom, 83, in residence at a healthcare home, has Covid. So far, mildly symptomatic (mostly a small fever that comes and goes).

We’re in KS, in the midst a huge surge around here. This home has been excellent up to now… Sis and I thought we really hit the jackpot with them as far as Covid was concerned.

As of Friday, 20 residents and 4 staff were Covid positive. I’m worried, of course… but not only cause of Mom’s age and attitudes, but also because she has really bad asthma. They are further from a hospital than if I’d kept her here. Then again, most hospitals around here are full and taking people to KC – the “big city.” Keep a thought for us, if you can.

I think I’m headed for my first Covid test, myself. While I know we’ve got huge gusty South winds right now (tripping my Cedar fever), I feel lousy with headache, runny nose, etc. I figure it’s just my allergies but with Mom down with this stuff now, it makes one concerned, anyway…

That’s 2 in my family, my daughter and my mother. How LONG does this have to go ON?


Yes, ((((slightkc)))) Sending you love & light….praying you are negative and that you mom’s mild version stays that way and she recovers quickly.


“I guess that means 45% of white women voted for Biden? What has this world come to?”

It was white women who voted for Trump and against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

I say these women are a product of mass Stockholm Syndrome; identifying with their oppressors.

I had five patients in practice cancel in-person sessions this week due to pandemic infection either in self or a family member. I use a major avenue through the middle of my town that is also the main access to a large local hospital and trauma center. All week long I saw dozens and dozens of ambulances headed toward that hospital as the infection rate in Illinois breaks former records. Scary.

Progressives are encouraged by signs Biden intends to more tightly regulate Wall Street. Banks are not.


Biden has to walk a thin line in everything he does: be firm but create unity and find a reason for people to re-elect Democrats, not just please Progressives, but he also has to create unity within the Democratic Party. I’ll never forget how the Tea Party members in Congress obstructed things for the Republicans which made me happy but I can see this happening to Democrats. Hopefully, there will be compromise. I’ve heard that Bernie wants to be the Secretary of Labor. That seems to be a non-starter because we need all the Senators we can get.

Also, Mitch McConnell has said he will block left-wing Cabinet nominations.

Well, we have to know what he means by left-wing. Maybe he is referring to AOC-left-wing as opposed to Amy Kobachar.

I want to apologize for an error yesterday when I said that US Mercury T-squares today’s New Moon Venus opposite Eris, when I should have said the New Moon’s MERCURY opposite New Moon’s Eris, hence these blathering idiots out in the streets supporting Trump.

Oops, scratch the above apology; I was looking at the wrong chart. It WAS Venus (values) opposite Eris, NOT Mercury opposite Eris in this morning’s New Moon. I just need to get some sleep, that’s all.

I am amazed at how much fear and pant-shitting AOC seems to elicit from the radical Right and Faux News. Mother of God, what are all of those messed up Rethugs (male and female) so afraid of? Such demonization and paranoia. If it wasn’t so deranged and bizarre it might be humorous.

slightkc: Prayers and healing energy blessings for you, your mom and family.

Thank you for hugs and light, everyone. We’re just in wait mode right now…

Sharon K, I think the Mitch specifically referred to the possibility of a Bernie Sanders nomination for Secretary of Labor. He would probably try to block Senator Warren as well at Treasury, but that does not seem to be a part of Biden’s plans.

Trump finally tweeted this morning that Biden won, but only because the election was rigged. That will be his mantra for the rest of his life.

I think it is telling that the most important statement last week came from top general Milley, who said the armed forces swear an oath to the Constitution, not the President. Hitler’s SS troops made a personal oath to himself. Milley’s statement is reassuring because he has clearly positioned himself on the side of democracy. He has stared down the President. But it is sad that it would come to this.

Wishing the best to you and your family, slightkc.

As for the derangement and paranoia on the right, I think it’s the steady diet of conspiracy theories, lies and distortions they consume. We just watched the documentary The Social Dilemma last night and it’s pretty eye opening, even if you already know that people are in their social media bubbles. The powerful AI algorithms are primed to deliver a steady stream of disinformation and outrage, and then it’s very easy for fascist-leaning politicians to take advantage of the polarization that results and undermine democracy. I’ll leave the astrology of it to those more adept but I wonder if Saturn and Pluto moving in Aquarius (technology) worsens things or improves things, but I suppose it can go either way.

Meanwhile, we have McConnell blocking any bills to help the American people even before this pandemic crisis, which doesn’t bode well unless we get the two GA Senate seats. Historian Heather Cox Richardson (I get her daily newsletters and she’s also on FB), noted: “Excerpts from a new book by former President Barack Obama, due out next week, reveal McConnell’s response to a plea from then-Vice President Biden to pass a worthwhile bill. McConnell answered: “You must be under the mistaken impression that I care.””

Editorial from NYT’s:

‘America is entering a difficult period. But the outcome is not foregone.’

There are clear reasons to be hopeful. Doctors and scientists know much more about how this coronavirus spreads, and about how to treat the disease it causes. Drugs and long-heralded vaccines are coming through the pipeline, and in two months the nation will have a new president — one who campaigned on a promise not to squander the sacrifices that have been made and instead prioritize fighting the pandemic. President-elect Joe Biden has already put forth a plan, chock-full of evidence-based initiatives. He has also assembled a team of professionals who possess the experience and expertise that could help clean up this mess.

If Americans want to get the current surge under control through this long, dark winter, they need to skip indoor gatherings, including for the holidays. They need to avoid nonessential travel. They must wear face masks in all public places. They all need to practice social distancing. They need to quarantine when they think they’ve been exposed to the virus and isolate if they get a positive test result, even if no symptoms emerge.


Okay, I’m better now; a while ago I was listening to a panel on CNN discuss why Trump fans are turning away from FOX News, toward a couple of news channels that provide the illusion they crave that Trump is the real winner of the US presidency in 2020 (a view which Fox has abandoned).

Looking back to a chart for the start of the Chiron-Saturn cycle (April 12, 1966) Mercury was at 26+ Pisces trine the South Node (what no longer serves purpose) at 25+ Scorpio and both were trine the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

This grand trine becomes a Kite pattern due to the chart’s North Node at 25+ Taurus, which puts the grand trine’s energy focus on its South Node in Scorpio, i.e. getting rid of what no longer serves a purpose.

A conjunction between Chiron and Saturn suggests to me a healing/wounding of structures and/or institutions (such as the Post Office) type of energy.

Noteworthy of this chart on April 12, 1966, was that both Pluto and Uranus were at 16+ Virgo, their 1st exact conjunction taking place in October, 1965. From this, it would seem that both the Chiron-Saturn cycle and the Pluto-Uranus cycle are working in tandem.

The Uranus-Pluto conjunction at 17+ Virgo was sextile Neptune (what looks real but isn’t) at 18+ Scorpio. Transiting Mars was at 16-19 Aries in late July, 2020 through early August, creating a Yod with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that was sextile that chart’s Neptune, making it necessary for transiting Mars to adjust.

Trans. Mars stationed retrograde back in September, reached 19+ Aries again (conjunct US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries) in October, backtracking through to 15+ Aries, then stationing direct at 15+ Aries this past Friday the 13th of November, still in orb of the apex of a Yod with the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction that was sextile Neptune at the time (while working in tandem with the Chiron-Saturn cycle).

Very slowly transiting Mars, still today at 15+ Aries (the sign he rules) will remain in the apex of the Yod with that sextile between the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Scorpio) through early December. Mars will conjunct US natal Chiron December 12 through 15.

It is classic Neptune to confuse people, and when operating with Uranus (shock) and Pluto (death/rebirth) it can be an overwhelming experience for people who are already confused like Trump supporters.

So then, we have the Chiron-Saturn cycle chart of 1966 with its South Node in Scorpio trine its Mercury in Pisces that forms a grand trine with US natal Mercury in Cancer (which the now transiting Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn oppose, making it a 2nd Kite pattern that puts the onus of the grand trine energy on US Mercury aka thinking and communicating!) . . .

. . while also the Uranus-Pluto cycle has the transiting Mars in the crosshairs of the Yod it makes with Neptune in its 1965 cycle start, both of these cycles heavy on aspects with presently transiting planets, Mercury and Mars, it’s no wonder we all are confused, esp. Trumpsters!

I say it is part of the process; the upgrading of human consciousness, along with the saving of Planet Earth plan. There is a method to this madness.

McConnell is the worst. I wish something or someone would swat him down into submission and humility. He’s truly a heartless, soulless bastard.

I should note that transiting Mercury stationed direct on Election Day at 25+ Libra, the same degree where Mercury was in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart in October, 1965.

Trump rally “Coming for Blacks” sign draws pause from Fox News host during broadcast

A Fox News anchor was taken aback and briefly paused Saturday’s broadcast as live footage showed one of President Donald Trump’s supporters holding a sign at the ‘Million Maga March’ that apparently targeted Blacks and Native Americans.

Fox News’ Eric Shawn interjected during an interview with Axios co-founder Mike Allen as a handwritten poster board sign was held up. “We just saw a very disturbing sign, it said, ‘Coming for Blacks and Indians first, welcome to the New World Order,'” Shawn remarked. Shawn called out the sign as Allen discussed how he believes Republicans can cajole Trump out of the White House before President-elect Joe Biden is set to take office on January 20, 2021. Social media users immediately expressed similar concern over the message of the Washington D.C. demonstrators.


I’ll take every bit of good news that I can find.

I was very happy to read this judge’s ruling very early this morning in regard to a mega-church in Baton Rouge that sued the LA governor for restrictions on large assemblies. It’s only common sense, not religious oppression. Speaking of common sense, something I was brought up on, there are people right now in medical facilities being treated for the illness, who insist it cannot be Covid-19 as that particular illness is not real — it’s a hoax. This massive delusion (related to the virus, to the election and to some types of religious attitudes) is pervasive but my feeling is that we cannot come at it like bull’s in a china closet or bluntly let the air out of their balloons – yet still have to exercise a iron fist in a velvet glove and not let ourselves be dominated or bullied. I think we have to find a way to be sensitive and inclusive, in a way that works.


“The Supreme Court has always recognized that religious freedom does not act as an absolute shield against generally applicable laws,” U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson of the federal court in Baton Rouge ruled. “To the extent that Plaintiffs argue that any restrictions on their right to gather violate the U.S. Constitution, they are clearly incorrect….The overwhelming consensus of courts throughout the United States reveals that reasonable restrictions on religious gatherings comply with Constitutional standards.”


“This massive delusion (related to the virus, to the election and to some types of religious attitudes) is pervasive but my feeling is that we cannot come at it like bull’s in a china closet or bluntly let the air out of their balloons – yet still have to exercise a iron fist in a velvet glove and not let ourselves be dominated or bullied. I think we have to find a way to be sensitive and inclusive, in a way that works.”

Aye Sharon, there’s the rub. I find I have less and less patience for the wall of willful ignorance. The rabid right are particularly virulent form of this mind virus. I am exhausted from practicing restraint and patience with the Unconscionable Ones. Sometimes I think its time to crack some fucking skulls – sometimes I wonder if these cretins are actually even of human origin. I visualize smashing their heads together and it gets me through the day. Color me burned out and fed up.

Lessons from literature on how to get rid of an extreme narcissist.


Thanks for the link, Andre! Funny & true.

Will, it’s totally understandable. We’ll have to see what the best approach is. Maybe as the extremists get even more extreme & stubborn, the others will move away from them. There are 2 news networks now, Newsmax & One America News, that are farther right than Fox and are claiming that Trump won.

These numbers re. the US Senate are infuriating:


I just had a thought that literally made me catch my breath. I hope I am wrong.

Nancy said “Biden’s indicators all look promising except for a patch from mid-December to January 2.” The continuing resolution funding the government expires on December 11th. McConnell is just twisted enough to refuse to pass another one with the existing lame-duck congress. He would take great pleasure in shutting it all down and recessing for the holidays.

Not only would that leave the American people in dire straights, it would add another challenge for Biden’s team. Even if by some miracle the transition talks start before mid-December, shutting the government down sends everyone home and stops them again.

I just can’t wrap my head around people who take pleasure in the suffering of others and try to figure out ways to make it worse. I just can’t.

I pray I am wrong, but in case I’m not, stock up, hunker down, and be sure your ducks are in a row.

thanks for sharing sharon. Ive often wondered about substance abuse with these hate groups

Sharon, thanks for the link on How To Tackle Hate, from which I read a quote from Chris Buckley, “I believe the cure for hate is education and healing from one’s own issues and trauma.”

Education = Jupiter
Healing = Chiron

In 2009 transiting Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius were traveling together and the exact conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron at 26 Aquarius 12 (with Neptune at 26 Aquarius 24) on May 23, 2009, began their present cycle. They (all 3) were conjunct the US natal Pallas (the warrior stratagist) at 26 Aquarius 32 rx and the US Moon (US people) at 27 Aquarius 10.

So the Jupiter-Chiron (+ Neptune) cycle is about educating and healing the US People (and other things for other countries) and right now trans. Jupiter at 23+ Cap is conjunct trans. Pluto (3rd and final exact conjunction was on Nov. 12).

Transiting Chiron at 5+ Aries is in a quintile aspect with transiting Jupiter at 23+ Capricorn, 72 degrees apart. Quintiles are associated with creativity. So with Jupiter conjunct Pluto and both quintile Chiron we have an opportunity to heal the hate through education (along with a little compassion aka Neptune) and have a rebirth (Pluto).

Sounds to me like a project for Elizabeth Warren who has a direct link to the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle at 0+ Aquarius starting in December.


McConnell is a sociopath who literally LAUGHS at the suffering of other people. https://youtu.be/OGiVnjmJGok

His record is well-documented, yet he has largely been able to escape accountability. I mean, Kentucky just returned him to the Senate for the seventh time.
For a man who has suffered from his own health ailments—he’s actually a polio survivor—you’d think he would be at least a little humble and compassionate instead of a total a—hole. Our best hope right now is that Georgia votes in both of its Democratic candidates for Senate in the January 5 run-off election, which would give the Dems tie-breaker control of the Senate by virtue of VP Kamala Harris.

In case you missed this, here is Obama’s full interview on 60 Minutes.


Lorna Bevan:

Expect a week and more of witnessing the necessary outworkings and consequences of old power bases crumbling to dust whilst new ones are not yet established.

As the week opens, we tumble down November 30th’s eclipse rabbit hole in the active seismic window of Sunday’s Super New Moon in Scorpio when endings, completions and the true scale of the 2020 emotional wreckage become apparent. With Venus aligning with Jupiter, Saturn and Eris before entering Scorpio, there will be some old scores to settle and much to come to terms with, personally and collectively. On Tuesday 17th as Mercury opposes Awakener Uranus there may be one last shock or surprising new information to take on board.

The final conjunction of Jupiter /Pluto in Capricorn is going to overshadow the whole of November and beyond, bringing extremes such as another spike in the pandemic or in the erratic financial markets.


Thanks for sharing Lorna ja, her remark about “Awakener Uranus” reminded me of the Halloween Taurus Full Moon that was conjunct trans. Uranus, both at 8+ Taurus with Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer making a sextile with that Full Moon + Uranus.

What intrigues me is that in between the Halloween FM and Trump’s Mercury is the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini which is opposed by Biden’s Juno at 9+ Sagittarius and Kamala’s natal Juno at 8+ Sagittarius, and their Juno’s completed a Yod with the Full Moon + Uranus in Taurus that was sextile Trump’s Mercury in Cancer. We saw that the Biden/Harris Juno’s did what was expected, they shifted their positions to adapt to the pressure coming from the FM + Uranus and Trump’s Mercury.

What follows is the pair of Juno’s opposite the US natal Uranus (altogether with Trump’s Mercury and the FM+ Uranus) makes a Boomerang pattern and it is the US Uranus at 8+ Gemini that holds all the cards.

What a surprise we should get at the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 15 (in Washingtin DC) because Trump’s Mercury is still at 8+ Cancer and transiting Uranus is still at 8+ Taurus, and US natal Uranus is still at 8+ Gemini and Kamala’s and Joe’s natal Junoes are still at 8 and 9 Sagittarius, . . .and the Scorpio Full Moon chart’s Mercury (information) at 5+ Scorpio opposes the transiting Uranus (exact on the 17th), while FM Mercury is quincunx transiting Chiron at 5+ Aries but is trine US natal Jupiter in Cancer.

It is a complex chart indeed, that Scorpio New Moon, at least for the US, what with the Full Moon at 23+ Scorpio trine the US Constitution Nessus (abuse of power) at 24+ Pisces and trine the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Then there is trans. Mars at 15+ Aries opposite US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra (+ Trump’s Chiron and Juno) and all square US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

How delightful then will the Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 30 (that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) will be when it is revealed what Joe and Kamala have accomplished in spite of Trump’s interference. The Sun will conjunct the 2 Juno’s.

I think it has to do with Covid; resources, vaccines, stimulus checks, you name it.

Barbk, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris addressed just these topics today.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. warned that a “very dark winter” is ahead and called on Congress to pass an economic stimulus package immediately to help workers struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

In his first economic address since winning the election this month, Mr. Biden said he supported a national mask mandate to help curb the rise of the virus and he called on Congress to provide trillions of dollars in fiscal support to workers, businesses and state and local governments.

“For millions of Americans who’ve lost hours and wages or have lost jobs, we can deliver immediate relief and it needs be done quickly,” Mr. Biden said. “Congress should come together and pass a Covid relief package” along the lines of the $3 trillion bill that House Democrats passed earlier this year.

Ahead of the remarks, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris spoke with business and union leaders to discuss the recovery, including Mary Barra, the chief executive of General Motors; Sonia Syngal, the chief executive of Gap; and Satya Nadella, the head of Microsoft. The union leaders will include Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO and Rory Gamble, president of the United Auto Workers.


Ja, Kim’s new video out today echoes Lorna Bevan’s message about the next two weeks being particularly difficult as far as the pandemic and the number of deaths is concerned. The video is worth listening to.

Banks, thank you. I watched it earlier today. We have a lot to endure these coming months. It’s is quite overwhelming what we have been through, are going through and what’s ahead.

interesting perspective – conversation with steve judd ‘navigating the new decade’

Barb, on November 15th, 2:18 pm you wrote:

“This grand trine becomes a Kite pattern due to the chart’s North Node at 25+ Taurus, which puts the grand trine’s energy focus on its South Node in Scorpio, i.e. getting rid of what no longer serves a purpose.”

Any purpose? Or something that has proven itself to be destructive to “civilized” society? I’m (hoping) it means we might see a turning away, or diminution of Fox TV, Limbaugh, radical shockjocks, etc. Otherwise, I’m at a loss to see how a bridge can ever be made between the Magats and the rest of us.

BuckeyeShadow, on November 15 at 2:27 you wrote:

“McConnell is the worst. I wish something or someone would swat him down into submission and humility. He’s truly a heartless, soulless bastard.”

Gods, I agree 110%. He’s been in government so long, I have no idea what he was like prior, but I figure he married into money, his wife and her family control everything, and so… he had to control *somebody* to feel like a “man.” The more he feels like he can control and hurt, the more macho his ego becomes. But my abnormal psyche was a couple of decades ago… (shrug)

Sharon, some of those Christians who bring lawsuits against common sense realities might be amazed to discover HOW far that bit of law you quoted actually goes.

“The Supreme Court has always recognized that religious freedom does not act as an absolute shield against generally applicable laws,” U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson of the federal court in Baton Rouge ruled.

There are a WHOLE lot of common sense laws that they seem to think offend their religious sensibilities. With enough time, I do hope we disabuse them of that kind of thinking.

Will, you’re not alone in your feelings about these rabid religionists. IMO, they are no different from the Taliban and Al Qaeda – they just haven’t started bombing us yet — they’re leaving that up to their militias to carry out. And hopefully the DOJ will start getting serious about cracking down on these terrorist groups immediately after being reconfigured as part of the Biden administration. It was unconscionable that Bush/Cheney made them hide the militia danger information for 8 years. We might have saved a few people from mass shootings if they had actually done something about it then. I guess they knew way back in 2000 that the MAGAts were ripe for picking…


Slightkc, here is an article that talks about how religious authoritarianism is here to stay. I really dislike it and feel that it will over time lose traction. I don’t know what we’ll do about the SC though.

“Iran’s uranium stockpile is now 12 times bigger than it would have been permitted to be under the Iran nuclear deal that Trump dumped in 2018, according to the New York Times, last Wednesday. Last Thursday, Trump asked his advisers whether he could do something about Iran’s main nuclear site, but appears to have been talked out of military action as they warned a military strike could escalate into a bigger conflict.”

“Trump has, though, given the order to the Pentagon to begin to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, bringing the number down to 2500 each by January 15, five days before Trump is set to leave office. Defense Secretary Mark Esper objected to this drawdown; Trump fired him a week ago and began to stock political positions in the Defense Department with loyalists. Military experts concerns are that the removal of US troops will permit Taliban fighters to take control of the country, permitting terrorists to use it as a base.”


“Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, said in an interview that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked Raffensperger if he could throw out all the ballots from counties that had a high percentage of non-matching signatures. This would mean throwing out legally cast mail-in ballots, an illegal request that Raffensperger said stunned him. Graham called Raffensperger’s characterization of the conversation “ridiculous.” Heather Cox Richardson

“What business does Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have trying to allegedly drive Georgia Secy of State to discard ballots of eligible voters? Ethics inquiry must be opened immediately. DOJ/Barr should investigate asap. Chairmanship should be suspended pending outcome.”
Kristen Clarke 866-OUR-VOTE – @KristenClarkeJD
Pres. & Exec Dir., Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

“What is a politics of love? When people are hungry you feed them. When people are uneducated & sick you educate & heal them. When children are abused you protect them. When the earth is harmed you repair it. When people are denied justice, you don’t sleep until justice is done.” Marianne Williamson


People are dying of the coronavirus while still denying that it is real.



I never thought of McConnell as “macho” as you say, but it does make sense, in a very nerdy sort of way. Kinda like “revenge of the nerds” in a sense. A very old, decrepit, grumpy old nerd sense.

Actually, come to think of it, McConnell shows up very much like negative Saturn as well. Old, obstinate, cruel and heartless for its own sake.

Thanks for reading my Sunday post slightkc. The conjunctions between planets, such as Chiron and Saturn that I wrote about at that time, always tell a story that has an agenda they follow during the course of their cycle which runs until their next conjunction, and so the South Node symbol would cover the time their cycle started back in the ’60’s to now and until their new cycled begins.

A south node in general will apply to whatever the chart subject is, be it a person or a country, and so in the case of this chart it was the Chiron-Saturn cycle as it pertains to the United States.

The South Node in the Chiron-Saturn cycle chart was trine Mercury in that same chart and both were trine US natal Mercury, so the thrust of that grand trine was (it seemed to me) about the thinking and communicating patterns of that time (the 60’s) right through to now and into the time when Saturn meets Chiron again.

Because the emphasis of that grand trine (at that time) in the Chiron-Saturn chart was the South Node, it would appear that the thinking in the 60’s and the mode of communicating it were about to change.

There were no computers in homes in the 60’s as I recall and no widespread cell phones, and certainly no smart phones and no Internet and no widespread cable TV.

Safe to say that the grand trine between the chart Mercury and the US Mercury and the chart South Node in the Chiron-Saturn cycle chart had a plan to release (South Node function) some obsolete forms of communication and perhaps obsolete thinking too.

This was a component of the master plan for the Chiron-Saturn agenda; a new method of learning stuff and communicating stuff. Along come the many cable TV channels in the 70’s and communication really started to change. By the 2000’s Fox News was widespread in America and perhaps already delivering a message of hate and fear, I don’t know b/c I never watched it.

There was much more to that Chiron-Saturn conjunction chart in 1966; for one thing, Jupiter (educate and expand) at 26+ Gemini was sextile Mars (action) at 26+ Aries that formed a Yod to the South Node at 25+ Scorpio, that became a Boomerang when adding the North Node at 25+ Taurus.

It seems that sometime during the Chiron-Saturn cycle, the South Node (release what serves no good purpose) at 25+ Scorpio would have to adjust (perhaps now with Trump’s IC at 24+ Scorpio and Biden’s Sun at 28+ Scorpio?) and all the Yod energy would flow to the North Node at 25+ Taurus (with Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus and Kamala’s Jupiter at 24+ Taurus), symbol of the path forward, likely to do with values of a material nature, i.e. food, jobs, healthcare, etc.

It could be construed that the Chiron-Saturn cycle (in concert with the Uranus-Pluto cycle) would work on educating (Chiron was a teacher you know, and he also symbolizes a bridge to higher consciousness) the masses on what is fact and what is fiction, and how to tell them apart. We shall see.

The times have changed since 1966 and now people have access to an extraordinary amount of jibber-jabber, with little to restrain its content. Saturn restrains. That may be key (another symbol of Chiron) to the agenda of the Chiron-Saturn cycle. Their new cycle will begin in 2028 in the sign of Taurus.

Another grand trine of interest in these times was in the chart for the Great American Eclipse in August, 2017, at 28 Leo 53 that opposed US natal Moon (US People) at 27+ Aquarius. It also was conjunct Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo. Eclipses have a long shelf life.

Venus at that 2017 solar eclipse was conjunct the US natal Mercury in Cancer, while solar eclipse Jupiter was conjunct US natal Juno in Libra (both of which oppose US natal Chiron), again a theme of communication and education appears relevant. Venus and Jupiter are the 2 Benefics of astrology.

The 2017 Leo total solar eclipse chart’s Jupiter in Libra was sextile the chart’s Mars in Leo that formed a Yod to the chart’s IC (roots) at 19+ Pisces (and Joe Biden’s natal IC and natal Ceres) making a Yod which became a Boomerang when the chart’s MC (outcome) and Joe’s natal chart MC at 19+ Virgo (fixes things) are included.

All that energy of the 2017 Leo Solar Eclipse chart’s Yod was sent to the chart’s MC, which is also Joe Biden’s natal chart MC, which should make us think.

The grand trine in the Great American Solar Eclipse chart was between the Sun/Moon in Leo and Uranus in Aries and the Galactic Core (source of Universal wisdom) in Sagittatius.

There was also a trine between Mars in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius in the eclipse chart that formed a grand trine with US natal Chiron in Aries, which was opposite the solar eclipse chart’s Jupiter in Libra that was conjunct the US natal Juno.

Once again a grand trine becomes a Kite, putting the focus this time on the solar eclipse chart’s Jupiter (think wisdom, education, luck, justice, expansion, foreign countries and foreign people) and US natal Juno (think inequality).

The eclipse chart’s Mars (aggressive) in Leo trine the eclipse chart’s Saturn (rule of law) in Sagittarius trine the US natal Chiron (wound that won’t heal) in Aries, is likely about Black Lives Matter (George Floyd and Breonna Taylor) demonstrations and the US history of slavery.

This is the grand trine energy that is passed on to the eclipse chart Jupiter and US natal Juno in Libra that sextiles the eclipse chart Mars in Leo that forms a Yod to Joe Biden’s IC + Ceres in Pisces which must adjust (price paid for anything in the apex of a Yod).

It is at Joe’s MC opposite his IC + Ceres that the Yod energy becomes a Boomerang and where the power of the Yod finally lands. Joe’s MC symbolizes Joe’s reputation.

And so this update on the 2017 Great American Eclipse continues to edify us as we stumble forward toward transformation.

Biden does not wish to investigate Trump because it would be too divisive, but he will let his Justice Department work independently and make its own decisions.


I just realized that Starlight’s prediction that Biden might experience grief from mid-December to early January coincides with the heightened risk of domestic terrorism I see around the Mars-Pluto square of December 23. I sure hope I’m wrong.

Andre, could it be the many deaths from the pandemic that could have been prevented?

Ah, geesh… this is perhaps the most depressing thing I’ve read today:


Note: Slate wants you to sign up. Right click on the link and tell Chrome or Firefox to go InCognito, and you can read the whole article (with ads, of course).

The following is the last paragraph, but read the whole thing, it’s not real long. And it’s from someone who’s done photojournalism at T*’s rallies and militia gatherings.

“Jan. 20 is when I think some of them will move on, or at least go back to caring more about local politics than the presidency. But we still have three months. Trump is still tweeting. Whether or not he moves on to Newsmax and turns it into Trump TV, you’re going to still keep having these Trump rallies. And even if Trump fades away, they’ll have other people they will cling to. Maybe not as much as Trump, but it can very quickly and easily become worse. And if the local police forces keep looking the other way, I don’t know how to solve this. I know that’s a depressing answer, but it’s one of the most disheartening things about what we cover. Maybe in 2016 there was something we could have done. But they are organizing among college-aged kids, you know? This is generational.”

The other depressing, disheartening thing I read today was Biden’s admin putting feelers out there about “moving on” and not pushing or getting involved in investigating or adjudicating stuff T* has done while in office.

I know Biden’s inheriting a disaster, but NOT holding Repugs to account has led to this point. Will the Centrist Democrats never learn that point? How did they raise their children? When their children misbehaved badly, did they pat them on the hand and say, “there, there… go and do better next time?”

Look, I’m a child of the 60’s. I also majored in Psychology a million years ago. And, to a point, I DID try to raise my child in accordance with alternative pov’s… but when a line was crossed, the kid realized she *doesn’t* do that again!

Repugs have pushed getting away with more and more crap that we’re going to see the Repugs strip away all shreds of our Democracy if we’re not careful. Surely Nancy knows this… and Biden, after being with Obama and all they put HIM through, should understand you have to say “enough is enough” at some point.. and then PUSH that point, or else see it all disappear under Autocratic Republicanism.

Hubby’s out raking leaves; went out to cheer him on and heard a statement on his radio from NPR that the Republicans (and NOT just politicos) are stressing we do NOT have a Democracy… we have a Republic. Supposedly, that nullifies US and should empower the Repugs for single party rule.

Gods… someone get these maniacs off the state and into a courtroom someplace, please! Or I’m gonna be like my hubby and start wishing great evil (which he describes to anyone who’ll listen, and I don’t).

Sharon, the American Taliban worry me most because anyone crusading under the banner of “God” will not compromise; to do so would be blasphemy.

However, I DO think Christianity, as an institution, is going to diminish in importance… at least until the “quivverfuls” grow up. I believe religious tolerance is gonna be one of those things that are going to change in the age of Aquarius. We’re searchers and seekers, and I see THAT becoming more important than institutionalized religion.

Of course, I could be wrong… and, as a grey-haired old witch, I may not be around to see it happen… but I hope I am. It would be SO wonderful to wear MY religious jewelry and not be shunned (or worse)!

BuckeyeShadow, I loved how you described McTurtle!
“revenge of the nerds” in a sense. A very old, decrepit, grumpy old nerd sense. I’m saving that one down for hubby… he’ll appreciate it!

I think you hit on the negative Saturn, tho… especially when you consider Saturn wants to teach us life lessons, most often thru pain and sorrow. Of course, for McTurtle, it’s life lesson for thee and thine and none for me and mine!

barbk… interesting… thank you for the information! You know, if you stop and think back, we may not have had computers, internet, etc… but ways of communicating were changing.

One thing that immediately leapt to my mind was music and, specifically, lyrics. Not counting American Folk Music, which was always about hard-tumble, rough times and anti everything we’re STILL anti about today, the music changed immensely from the 50’s to the 60’s and into the 70’s. I specifically “got into” The Moody Blues because of the lyrics to their music… it was also pretty neat to listen to out under the stars (gryn). We were already, then, trying to raise the consciousness of civilization, IMNSHO. Even the whole drug culture was seeking for a higher consciousness a good portion of the time.

Also, FM band really took off in the 60’s, when investors really started seeing $$$ in it. I see that as allowing the proliferation of “hate radio.”

So, new forms of communication… yes. Bringing us together? Meh, not so much. I think it might have been the start of the polarization we see today. The Young Republicans couldn’t understand us, hated us, and Nixon passed laws against everything that made life worth living back then.
We were the complete antithesis to everything they stood for – we were ethereal, spiritual, humanitarian, communitarian. They were materialistic, selfish, and cruel.

And thus, it continues unto today.

Slightkc, I believe Biden has many more important priorities than focusing on Trump. He will leave that to the Justice Dept.

(once it’s back to actually pursuing Justice)

Ja, the last Mars-Pluto square was clearly an attempt at domestic terrorism. That is when arrests were made following a plot to kidnap, judge and perhaps execute Governor Whitmer of Michigan. A similar plot was apparently considered for the governor of Virginia.

The next Mars-Pluto square on December 23 will come on the heels of the December 14 solar eclipse which is when the Electoral College meets and which will bring a definitive end to the Trump Presidency. Much of the people may be dancing on the streets again at the winter solstice which coincides with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

It is at least plausible there will be a violent reaction from the lunatic fringe once it realizes Trump is really going, all legal avennues have been exhausted and the Democrats are celebrating in their face.

Biden’s grief could be over the severity of the pandemic, but that will remain through much of his term. Something more sinister could happen over the holidays, and that possibility should not be taken lightly.

The final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction 5 days ago has signaled the launch of this 12+ year cycle with no turning back. It will end in Feb. 2023, when they will next conjunct in Aquarius as Neptune in Aries sextiles the both of them.

When trans. Jupiter and Pluto made that final conjunction, the transiting Moon at 18+ Libra had transiting Venus on one side at 19+ Libra and the US progressed Mars on the other side at 17+ Libra (as well as Trump’s natal Jupiter and US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn also at 17+ Libra), which I see as the present conflict of the US People (Moon) as exemplified by the election results divide.

The US natal Saturn (+ Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno) at 14+ Libra is just 3 degrees from US progressed Mars (+ Trump’s Jupiter, etc.) at 17+ Libra, and just 4 degrees from the Moon in this final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction chart, and of course, US Saturn squares US Sun at 13+ Cancer.

Transiting Mars in the Jupiter-Pluto chart was stationing (appearing to not move) to go direct at 15+ Aries, opposite US natal Saturn (+ US progressed Mars + Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn + transiting Moon + transiting Venus) + Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno, all in 14 to 19 Libra, all T-squared by US natal Sun in Cancer.

To me this seems to sum up the problem that Joe Biden, and the Dems that will surround him, face in trying to move ahead next year, aside from Covid, which shows up in the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction chart of January 12, 2020.

The Sun in that Jupiter-Pluto chart conjuncts Joe’s natal Mercury in Scorpio and the Jupiter-Pluto chart’s Neptune in Pisces trines them as it conjuncts his natal IC (family roots) and natal Ceres. I believe the Force is with him.

Slightkc, I am with you that they need to be held accountable. If we are not a nation of laws then we are nothing. Those who broke the law must be held accountable. As for hate radio, it began with Reagan eliminating the Fairness Doctrine in the 1980s. That led to talk radio which soon became hate radio.

Thanks you guys, but honestly, I put in all those hours volunteering/texting because the closer the election got, the more anxious I was. Texting kept my mind busy, as did hearing from voters who were voting for Biden. It was really good for me.

Sorry for disappearing. One of our dogs had a seizure out of the blue. Never seen that in a human or an animal, and it really shook me up. Vet said it may be a one-time thing, which seems really odd but hopeful, and if it’s epilepsy, it’s usually easily controlled with meds in dogs.

Now, I’m just trying to calm down. I’m really over the whole out-of-the-blue plunge into deep, trauma/fear. It just happens too often with the daughter and her mental health and addiction issues (and she seems fine … well, no new trauma-inducing stuff, and we’re not seeing or talking to her, which I always thought would be awful and scary, but it’s mostly a relief).

Anyway, seeing the dog seize, I suppose, took me back to the time she was freaked out of her mind, shouting nonsense like she was possessed and foaming at the mouth, like something out of a horror movie, in our house and we thought she was dying in front of us. Turned out to be a bad reaction to some synthetic marijuana, which I later found out can kill people. She snapped out of it, a few minutes after the paramedics arrived.

But watching our sweet dog seize took me back to that. I just realized typing this the exact reason I found the dog thing so traumatizing. I was thinking daughter stuff in general, but now I see it was that exact incident.

Or maybe I’m just getting older and the trauma stuff seems cumulative and now harder to come back from.

The dog seems good. Now out of the 24-hour window when the vet said, if she had a second seizure, that would be a big danger sign.

((((Teresa)))) Thank God your (((dog))) is ok and may God watch over your (((daughter))), keep her safe, and help her fully heal.

Slightkc, how are you & your mom doing? Hoping no news is good news — sending love & light & prayers to you guys.

I think Biden is wise to do all that he can to not keep Trump in the spotlight so we can move on. At the same time, karma is gonna get him, McConnell & Graham and all the other liars who try to project their own misdeeds onto others.

Yikes – Trump fired Krebs who oversaw cybersecurity and the local GOP failed to certify the vote from Detroit. This is getting very dicey.


Wayne County will now be certified. This is theCounty where Detroit is.

Can the rule of law be restored in the US without prosecuting Trump? A historic dilemma.


I agree with you, ja, that Biden has many more things to focus on than Trump. I also agree with you, silcominc, that the rule of law must be upheld, and that there must be accountability when it is challenged in such a serious way.

What’s the solution? We know that Trump will likely pardon his co-conspirators as well as himself. Whether or not a self-pardon legally holds up remains to be seen, but it could buy him some time on the federal level, should Biden’s DoJ quietly begin to look into his wrongdoings.

What Trump cannot do is shield himself from STATE crimes. New York’s prosecutors have been sharpening their stakes to nail him to the wall for some time now.

In the end, whether he is tried, convicted, and imprisoned for treason or tax evasion, he still gets branded for all time as a convicted felon and gets sent to prison. There’s something to be said for that.

I think Biden is wise in his approach. He doesn’t have to handle this all by himself. There are plenty of other ways and actors who can deliver a well deserved comeuppance unto Trump without us having to take our eyes of the prize while sinking even more time and energy into that desperate and sad shell of a person.

Hugs, Teresa… if he’s gone without a 2nd seizure, I’d say you’re out of the woods. Just keep a close eye on him. I speak from experience. One of the first dogs who found me in KC was a part cocker who scared the crap out of me with the same thing. But he DID have a lot of medical issues, thanks to some unmentionable “human” dumping him and him being on his own for so long. But even with all his issues, he never had another seizure. Still, as pet parents, it’s scary as hell to go through. Hugs to you and the pup…

Hi, Sharon… thanks for your thoughts. I actually got to talk to Mom briefly today for the first time since early October. She sounded pretty good… just exceptionally tired. When I quizzed the nurse earlier in the day, she said Mom’s temp was holding steady and her oxynization was at 95%. I think that’s actually better than when she was living with me. Clearly, the clean, fresh country air does her good.

The nurse said she’s hopeful at this point that she’s going to be one of the asymptomatic ones. She’s in charge of others that are so much sicker. This is how the disease manifested with my daughter, too… low grade fever and heavy fatigue. Unfortunately, the fatigue and “fog” brain is still an issue this long after she’d been diagnosed. In fact, she quit her job today because she couldn’t handle it any longer.

Mom will be different inre “brain fog”… being on the senile dementia scale, it’s gonna be hard to know what’s causing what, ya know? But I wonder about her ability to come back from the debilitating fatigue.

Still, we know we’re SO much better off than too many families all over the world. Mom will probably have lingering effects, as will my daughter. But both are making it thru this and are still here with us. For that, I am forever grateful. And the care Mom is getting is top notch for such a small town in the middle of nowhere! Even when she’s “testy” (as the nurse so delicately put it!)

Daughter is thinking of moving up here and into the house we bought originally and haven’t sold. We told her we’d give it to her. I’m worried about her taking on too much, and she worries about her ol’ Mom… and again, I’m grateful for the way our relationship has grown as we both have grown older and hopeful she will make the move (without trying to stick my nose in too far where it doesn’t belong, yet still be supportive.

Again, thank you for thinking of us. I really appreciate it. Some days, it all gets me down. That’s when I close the browser, or come over here to Starlight’s blog or Medium.com and draw strength from ya’ll to face the next day.

64 days to go. I’ve got a countdown clock on my desktop to Biden’s Inauguration. Wish I remembered the Latin phrase for “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” I think it ought to plastered across the skies these days for all of us!

((Hugs and Light))

silcominc, I absolutely agree one of the turning points in the US was losing the Fairness Doctrine.

I also blame Fox “News,” but especially because they took a case all the way to the SC that sided with them that said Hannity, et. al, were not “news” people, but rather “entertainers” and couldn’t be held to the same standards of journalism.

On that I called bulls&it then, and still do!

Andre – the million dollar question. My opinion, which no one asked nor cares about, is NO! Trump HAS to be investigated, charged, and tried on his crimes against the People and the State. To do otherwise is to open the door wide for a dictator to march right in and finish subjugating us. That there are millions of people in this country with overgrown amygdalas that are trying to control the majority of this country is scary enough. Knowing they’d welcome a dictator, ala Putin, Bolsanaro, or Duerte is a scary enough burden to live under all on it’s own.


What concerns me, as well, is IF the Centrists get their “look forward, not backward” they’re gonna schism the party. I’m a fire-breathing liberal in the FDR mold and proud of it. And I can tell ya I’m tired of all the years of getting it first from the Repugs and then from my own Party. Just because I put humanity, the Earth and all Her critters above money and materialism doesn’t make me a wuss pacifist. And I can tell ya, I’m about -this close- to losing heart over our party. The way they treat us progressive like we’re far fringers and the way they treat and talk about AOC drives me nuts. She’s even talking about leaving politics, which I think would hurt us deeply. We can’t lose the creative thinkers, the deep hearts, the standard bearers of the old Democratic Party who did so much for the People. If that happens, what will separate the Dem party from the centrist Repugs? Sure, we might tilt more on the side of humanity, but only so much that it doesn’t cross the line of “X” amount of money.

That’s where I’m hoping the next jump into the new cycle will cement Progressives as strong voices who are finally heard and taken to heart by our party. It gets depressing at times, I tell ya… to always feel out of step – even with your own “party.” I said 3 years ago eventually politics is going to see at least four different political parties… the right wing fringe nuts, the less-than-nuts-but-still-cruel repub wing, the New Wave Democrat (or old Centrist) party, and the Progressive party. Our ideas are not “out there” and poll great. But gods, do we have lousy PR!!!!

Jesus Guys,

This thread sounds like a complaint desk in Treblinka. How about accentuating some of the good stuff? We just wrestled the nation from the jaws of a sick fuck wanna-be dictator and won the popular and electoral vote in a big way. Now we actually have a decent crack at winning the Senate in the Georgian runoff and controlling the Senate. Maybe we can place some confidence in the President Elect and the new administration that will come into office in about 60 days? How about some optimism and gratitude about the promising vaccine rolling out by December?

Gratitude for what we won and the brighter days ahead might do wonders for our serotonin and dopamine levels.

Will . . is that you? Are you okay?

Unless another will has come aboard, yes, it is me.

Am I okay? Am I okay? After reading this thread tonight I think I’d have more fun running a warm bath and opening my veins.

“National political reporter Robert Costa says he keeps hearing from people around Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani that they are challenging the results of the election not because they think there is any chance for Trump to catch up to Biden in actual votes, but in order to try to prevent key states from certifying their votes. This would throw the election into the House of Representatives, where each state gets one vote. This, they believe, would give Trump a win.”


It’s a terribly long shot, and it doesn’t appear to be working. So far, Trump’s lawyers have already lost 25 of the campaign’s lawsuits. They won one, on procedure, not on evidence.”

What I’m hearing from what Biden is saying is that he has no plans to pursue Trump himself and he will not push for the Justice Department to do so, which is TOTALLY appropriate.

What I’m hearing is that he will allow the lawyers in Justice to pursue crimes where they find them and leave the politics out of it. De-politicize Justice. Re-normalize Justice.

Personally, I suspect that Justice has no end of evidence of actual crimes by the Trump Crime Cartel, and once the political capos are pulled out of office the professionals will happily start any number of prosecutions.

I don’t think that Trump will get away in the end. I do think that any prosecutions will be done seamlessly and that neither Biden or Harris will ever meet with the lawyers who are doing it.

Thank you for making me laugh out loud Will; my Gawd I needed that!

In total agreement with Will. I went to bed last night feeling very depressed and worried after reading some of the comments on this blog. I won’t do that again.

If you can bear with me, there is a chart for the cycle between transiting Saturn (leadership, government, institutions, structures) and US natal Neptune (non reality and compassion) that can shed light on what is happening to us (US) now. By that I mean Trump and Covid.

The conjunction of transiting Saturn (stability) to the US natal Neptune happened in the same year, 2009, that transiting Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron were conjunct each other and the US natal Moon in Aquarius.

It was then, when trans. Saturn made a conjunction to US NATAL Neptune (22 Virgo 25) that the transiting Moon (People) at 10+ Sagittarius was sextile transiting Ceres (Nature/germs) at 10+ Libra, and now, this year of 2020, transiting Uranus (unexpected) was at 10+ Taurus most of July, all of August and most of September.

This combination of Moon sextile Ceres in the 2009 chart for when Saturn was conjunct US natal Neptune, became a Yod when in 2020 transiting Uranus was quincunx both the Moon and the Ceres in that 2009 chart. It was a time, July through September, of nominating a Democrat to run against Trump in the November 2020 election, and a time of Covid running rampant.

This meant that transiting Uranus (symbol of unrestrained freedom and shocking results), at the apex of a Yod with the 2009 sextile between Moon (people) and Ceres (germs) in the trans. Saturn (leadership) conjunct US Neptune (call me crazy) chart; that Uranus would have to adjust to uncomfortable circumstances (i.e. being at the apex of a Yod).

Uranus being Uranus, many of the US people did not bend to the advice of wearing masks and social distancing (following the example of Trump leadership) and because of that, thousands of deaths have occurred.

In another chart dated May 27, 2009, the exact conjunction between transiting Jupiter (excess) and Neptune (illusion) at 26 Aquarius 28 (+ trans. Chiron at 26 Aquarius 13), were conjunct US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) and US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius).

Three new cycles to the US Moon (the US People) were about to start. One promoting excess-understanding, one promoting illusion-compassion, and one promoting wounding-healing.

In that chart for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction the transiting Sun (consciousness) at 6+ Gemini (duality) was square (challenge) the transiting Ceres (germs and forest fires) at 6+ Virgo (service). The US natal SOLAR RETURN (birthday) for 2020 had Venus (what is valued) at 6+ Gemini which was conjunct the Sun (consciousness) in the Jupiter-Neptune (+ Chiron) conjunction that was conjunct the US natal Moon.

I read that as the US people were to get (learn) a lesson regarding values through death and suffering during the year between July 2020 and June 2021.

Also in the 2020 US Solar Return chart there is a grand trine between the Moon (9+ Capricorn) and Uranus (9+ Taurus) and the MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo, and the Full Moon on February 27, 2021, is at 8+ Virgo and will trine transiting Uranus at 7+ Taurus. Should be interesting.

Ralfee Finn:

“The good news is that we can make it through this mess, but to do that we have to be committed to clarity of mind, the ability to reason, and the wisdom of common sense. We also must unplug from the incessant siren’s song of social media


Ralfee Finn:

“The good news is that we can make it through this mess, but to do that we have to be committed to clarity of mind, the ability to reason, and the wisdom of common sense. We also must unplug from the incessant siren’s song of social media


Will, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Will, ja, Banks, you appear to be disappointed because the 2020 election did not resolve fundamental issues, although of course the Biden Administration will be a major step forward. The Pluto return, Neptune semi-return and Chiron return in the US chart are still years away.

I am far from the only one to have written repeatedly over the last year that a fresh start will only take place at the next election. As has often been said, it will be tough until then and the Biden Administration will have a difficult term. This is the time to accept such a hard truth and to maintain clear-minded resolve.

To piggyback on Will’s post, has anyone looked at Moscow Mitch’s chart? He’s obstructing our forward progress as a nation, as well as any semblance of justice by blocking all attempts against DT & his cohorts. I sure will be glad to see him asminority leader and/or ousted/censured…

Its a beautiful day. I hope everybody and their loved ones are feeling a bit more healed and stronger.

Barbk, happy to be of service.

I too want Justice to prevail. Never have I had such a desire to see a whole lot of hurt and suffering on him and his cowardly fan club, God forgive my soul. I believe when his plug is pulled from Presidential powers on January 20, 45 will be knee-deep in legal hell. A single stone hurled skillfully enough from a lawyer’s sling will be all that’s needed to fell the great Philistininian ass-pig. I’m already relieved not having to see his horrid self barking through that ugly face hole 24/7.


Not exactly. I’m well aware that its not going to be a cake-walk to undo the mess in 45’s wake. It was the pessimism and negativity expressed in several of last night’s posts that put the poop on my election-win party.


Thank You! Needed some good energy today; it’s been in short supply for too long.

How about a giggle? https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017620499

This is from Jude Cowell STARS OVER WASHINGTON

Interesting on the coming eclipses regarding Trump’s Chart:

Will Trump’s ‘Glory’ End During a Lame Duck Season?

by Jude Cowell

Whether you believe that Donald Trump lost or won the 2020 Election, it cannot be denied that the (apparent) lame duck in the White House enters a significant ‘eclipse season’ with the Lunar Eclipse of November 30, 2020 (8Gem38) and proceeds on to the Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 (23Sag03). Concerning the turmoil of the November Election, it seems that the season, (‘duck season’?), has already begun since eclipses are disruptively Uranian in nature and thus may influence conditions early, late, or never. Considering current events and, so far, his inability to accept defeat, it’s doubtful that ‘never’ applies to Mr. Trump’s situation. Plus, eclipses’ habit of revealing secrets and triggering scandals is well known.

Of course, I refer to the fact that the November 30th Lunar Eclipse (8Gem38) ‘eclipses’ Trump’s Prenatal Solar Eclipse (8Gem48; May 30, 1946 2 Old North) and the December 14th Solar Eclipse (23Sag03) ‘eclipses’ Trump’s natal Lunar Eclipse (23Sag04; June 14, 1946–his day of birth, an ‘eclipse baby’ = an eventful life). That the two eclipses of November and December 2020 are ‘personalized’ for Donald Trump seems obvious to me, if not to you, and the usual qualities of Mercury-ruled Gemini and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius are naturally involved (truth vs lies, logic, reasoning ability, mental fluency; moral and ethical issues, real or fanciful religious convictions, ideology). Additionally, the potential themes of all 2 Old North Solar Eclipses are currently activated: ‘unfortunate news concerning relationships or friendships; separations or endings of unions; things initially look glum but fast action can bring positive results’ (paraphrasing Brady, Predictive Astrology). Perhaps he’ll conclude that scurrying out of the line of fire is his best chance of survival!

Neptune, which is presently retrograde, goes direct on November 29 at 18 degrees Pisces 09’. Neptune indicates confusion, illusion and deception. On that day, it will change direction to forward motion and the confusion may finally start clearing up. The whole story will take a week to unfold while the planet is stationary.

On the same day, Trump has the following key transits to his chart, mostly within one degree:

Transiting Mercury (news) will be at 26 Scorpio in trine to Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer in the 11th house of associates (which house I take to be Congress and the Republican party) and square natal Mars at 26 Leo, above the Ascendant, in the 12th house of secrets.

Transiting Saturn (authority) is strong in its own sign at 28 Capricorn and will be inconjunct (150) Trump’s Ascendant (ego) at 29 Leo.

Transiting Jupiter (legal) will be at 25 Capricorn, exactly opposite Trump’s Venus at 25 Cancer in the 11th.

Transiting Pluto will be at 23 Capricorn, closely opposite Trump’s natal Saturn at 23 Cancer in the 11th. Pluto is also doing a 150 degree ‘cut off’ aspect to Trump’s Sun at 22 Gemini in the 10th.

Transiting Mars at 16 Aries in the 8th house of debt and taxes is sextile Trump’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini in the 10th of leadership, and opposite his natal Jupiter at 17 Libra in the 2nd of personal wealth.

Also on that day, numerous precise transits will impact Chief Justice John Roberts’ chart. To be brief, I’ll only outline them here. They are a remarkable lineup.

The transits are the same ones that will be acting on Trump’s chart around November 29th from the Capricorn stellium. They will closely aspect Roberts’ natal Neptune, natal Ceres, progressed Moon, natal Jupiter, progressed Uranus, natal Mercury, natal Uranus, natal Pluto, progressed Mars and progressed Mercury.

Furthermore, Roberts’ natal Saturn at 20 Scorpio was direct at birth, but went retrograde by progression at age 33. His progressed Saturn has now returned to its exact natal degree, to the minute. This is surely significant for his career (Saturn being the natural ruler of the 10th house), but with no exact birth time, it’s not possible to say more.

November 29 may be a day when the Roberts court rules on Trump’s presidency in some important way, but right now, it’s unclear what issue would be critical enough to go to the Supreme Court at all. It isn’t even clear who might need to go there. It could be Trump himself, or it could be the 25th amendment (perhaps Biden will need to do it?), or someone in the Senate, the electoral college, or even a stop-the-steal issue. There’s nothing specific on the horizon, but something must be up, if only because Roberts’ chart is so active at the end of November.

Whatever happens, it’s clear Trump’s exit will be a disaster to the end. Covid and the political split will give his exit a mixed reception. Mercury trine and aspects from Jupiter are usually positive for the person experiencing the transit, so he may get off easy. On the other hand, having Pluto opposite Saturn isn’t pleasant, and it should signal the final end of Trump’s craziness in office. If he makes a backroom deal and gets off easy, it won’t be the humiliation people want, but perhaps, it may be beneficial for the people overall. The office of the presidency has to be preserved too, for the long run. Time will tell.

Pennsylvania judge has heard enough from Rudy Giuliani — and cancels scheduled evidentiary hearing
Published 16 hours ago on November 18, 2020By Brad Reed


Trump appoints speechwriter fired for attending conference with white nationalists to commission that preserves Holocaust memorials

https://news.yahoo.com/trump-appoints-speechwriter-fired-for-attending-conference-with-white-nationalists-211254619.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw&tsrc=twtr via @YahooNews

Good to hear from you Lamis, and WOW! I did not realize that Trump’s prenatal Solar Eclipse at 8+ Gemini was conjunct US natal Uranus! That eclipse on May 30, 1946, not only had the Sun and Moon conjunct US natal Uranus, but transiting Mercury was also at 8+ Gemini.

The Mercury Jupiter conjunction that began their present cycle on January 2, 2020, at 7 Cap 03 was conjunct the transiting South Node at 8+ Capricorn, opposite the North Node at 8+ Cancer conjunct Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer. Coincidence?

On September 17, 2020, when trans. Mercury made its last square to trans. Jupiter in their new cycle it was at 17+ Libra, conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter + US progressed Mars + US Constitution chart’s Neptune + Putin’s natal Saturn, also at 17+ Libra. Coincidence?

It was also at the New Moon at 25+ Virgo (ruled by Mercury) which was trine trans. retrograde Saturn at 25+ Capricorn that was trine Trump’s MC (his reputation) at 24+ Taurus. (The 1st Mercury-Jupiter square on April 26 was when the trans. Sun was conjunct trans. Uranus, both at 6+ Taurus, where Uranus will be at the December 21 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction). Coincidence?

This + what Jude Cowell says, which you shared here, and what Beowulfie writes (great work Beowulfie!) about trans. Neptune stationing direct on Nov. 29, the day preceding the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 30 that conjuncts US natal Uranus (like it did in 1946), . . .

. . and when Mercury will be sextile Jupiter, looks like – to me – the Mercury-Jupiter cycle that began Jan. 2, 2020, and which ends on Jan. 11, 2021, is exposing a path which leads to the end of the saga of Trump’s eneptitude and self glorification that will, eventually, transform the US governing structure and lead to higher consciousness for the US People who survive it all.

We must never sell little Mercury short, just because he is light on his feet and is inclined to deceive us on occasion. This time it appears there is a method to his madness.

i always enjoy coming here to get your views, because they are always so interesting and come from such diversity.
I rarely post, but i thought i would add my 2cents on Biden going after trump. It appears that Biden is merely reinstating the traditional separation between the Executive and DOJ. It has always been up to DOJ to initiate prosecutions based on its review of the facts. Trump wildly violated this and gave him much of the leverage he needed to flex his dictator muscles. Biden is resetting. If, say, Sally Yates becomes AG and she appoints, say, Preet Bharara as Special Counsel, we would not need Biden to do one thing!!

StarDust brings to mind the old political saying that personnel is policy. You can read that in the Biden transition teams – he hasn’t named a cabinet but he has panels for every department in the executive branch, and some of those names tell a full story.

My little subsidiary branch has a panel of five people, headed by the former up-from-the-ranks head of our branch who was nominated by Obama but never confirmed by Mitch. She is aided by the head of our HQ union. There is well over 100 years of in-the-field experience in that short list of names. These are people who know how to make the system work, and who probably have some good ideas on how to make the system better.

This is both distressing and encouraging. It helped finally get some kind of a grip on what and why trumps are who they are.

Top GOP Michigan Lawmakers to Meet with Trump

https://politicalwire.com/2020/11/19/top-gop-michigan-lawmakers-to-meet-with-trump/ via @politicalwire

Wayne County Republican who asked to ‘rescind’ her vote certifying election results says Trump called her

Monica Palmer confirmed to The Washington Post that Trump called her on Tuesday night after she and William Hartmann balked at approving the election results. The two eventually relented and certified the results, but on Wednesday both Palmer and Hartmann sought to rescind their certification.

Palmer, who did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Hill, told the Post that Trump called “to make sure I was safe.”

“His concern was about my safety and that was really touching. He is a really busy guy and to have his concern about my safety was appreciated,” she told the news outlet.

Palmer denied that she felt pressured by Trump to reverse course after g to certify the vote. She indicated the two discussed the results in different states, but “we really didn’t discuss the details of the certification.”

Still, Trump’s intervention is the latest red flag in his attempts to undo the results of an election that he lost to Biden. He has spent the two weeks since Election Day sowing doubt about the reliability of the vote, attacking election workers and insisting that he won states that he did not win.


Henri, thanks – that is a GREAT article!

“……..All previous republics, it noted, had been “overthrown by rich men” and this could happen too in America, where the tycoons were “deriding the constitution, unrebuked by the executive or by public opinion.” If they had their way “it would be the end of the American dream.” This—and not a woolly appeal to its benign power—is the sense in which the term should resonate now. The American republic has come close to being overthrown by a discontented multimillionaire…….”

StarDust, I think Trump’s fate before the courts will be one of the three burning issues of the Biden Presidency, the other being the pandemic and the economy, and may well turn out to be number one in historical terms, whether he is sued by the federal AG or the NYAG, the Manhattan DA or a Special Prosecutor, or a combination of them. I agree all these actors will act independently of the President, as they can and should.

I also have written before that the cathartic turning point that will be the US Pluto return in 2022 or no later than 2023 may well reflect his imprisonment, personal bankruptcy, mental breakdown, physical impairment or his passing.

Henri – THANKS for the article. It has settled in me the necessity of Trump being prosecuted after he leaves office.

And Andre – Thanks for your observations that the US Pluto return of 2022 – 2023 “may well reflect his imprisonment, personal bankruptcy, mental breakdown, physical impairment or his passing.”

Better that than the horror story depicted of the passing of our “Great Experiment”.

I talked to a wise, experienced older man this morning who said “The Jews voted for Mussolini. They didn’t know he was going to kill them.”

In addition to the above, I’d like to add a bit on the Yorktown chart (see my post, Nov.8) – it too has a close contact to November 29 & thereabouts. I check the Yorktown chart because it relates to the military and is quite appropriate for these divided times.

On Nov. 29, the progressed chart shows an exact, to the minute, conjunction of progressed Pluto (overwhelming force) to the Yorktown natal Mars at 8 Aquarius 07 in the 2nd house of the nation’s resources.

The Yorktown chart has natal Mars conjunct natal Pluto at 4 Aquarius 24. So, progressed Pluto, now at 8 Aquarius 07 Rx, is heading backwards toward both natal Mars and Pluto at the same time as transiting Uranus, now at 07 Taurus 34 Rx, is conjuncting Yorktown’s natal Chiron at 08 Taurus 50 Rx. This may be the double whammy of national division along with Covid. In any case it certainly is difficult.

Transiting Pluto, as Andre notes, is heading toward the US Pluto return from its present perch at 23 Capricorn. Thank goodness it won’t coincide with the progressed Pluto now heading to the same place, but retrograde. (But, I’m going to check on the progressed Pluto as to when it goes direct…).

Meanwhile, transiting Mars will be at 16 degrees 19 in Aries in the US 4th house on November 28th, exactly trine the Yorktown natal Saturn at 16 Sagittarius 19, above the Y. Ascendant. This smells like potential military action, which daily seems more a possibility with Trump’s behavior in firing Esper. More of his ‘coup’ mentality, possibly.

It isn’t comforting at all. But, still, I stick to what charts say about Biden – he will be inaugurated, whatever dirty tricks Trump tries to pull in the interim. Remember (and I’m not religious), the dollar says ‘In God We Trust’. So…the money, too, and the forces of the universe far beyond us, will have their say before it’s all over. In the end, the economy is god, king, and the people all in one, in America. There’s hope that some reason and sanity will get into the mix.

Re: holding Trump accountable, Demise Siegel’s video today also alluded to the idea that if he’s not held to account then he or someone smarter will take over after Biden’s interlude. It’s dangerous to let what Trump has done and is doing trying to stage a coup go unpunished. It just encourages him and his enablers and like-minded aspirants to believe they can get away with it.


Yes, that is what worries me. Yet with the possibility of an very competent AG, perhaps this will never come to pass. I am certain writing my Senators and Congress people in Congress to expose to the full extent of the law the extreme malfeasance of DT…

This Michigan thing has really, really upset me!

I found this quote on social media and it resonated with me; paraphrased:

We’ve got to start thinking like we’re blessed
Talking like we’re blessed
And acting like we are blessed;

That’s how we activate our blessings.

Then there’s this question….


I got a good laugh at the sight of defeated Prez.Trump’s last hope of overturning the presidential election , at the once respected mafia lawyer, Rudy Ghouliani’s, press conference. It was a disturbing metaphor to the 4 years of the failed administration — there it was, hair dye melting down Rudy’s face or was it face paint?; the last hope with each defeat in the courts, the once refuge for his scoundrel client == dripping down his face like the veneer of respectability once held for the office of the presidency exposed.
The country will not recover soon enough.

Did the president’s fans see the streams of embarrassment this side show has made of democracy? Or as distressing as I did? sad

If there is one thing the US has been famous for, for more than a century, it is show biz, and one form that was very popular in its time was vaudeville. This type of theater was heavy on caricature of well known people which would make the audience laugh. Trump, and of course Rudy Giuliani, are laughable impersonations of real politicians.

Unfortunately, they are really trying to fool us, and because they are so dangerous we don’t dare laugh. Too bad, because they really are clowns.

As we approach our Pluto return, I thought
especially synchronous the pronouncement below from Sidney Powell, one of the attorney’s representing Trump who spoke today after Giuliani at the hair dye event. As evidently crazy as she is, and clearly on the wrong side of history, she might unconsciously be sensitive to the astrological cycles we are living through.
See last statement in quotes.

But first, some context from Vanity Fair:
“Incredibly, the award for the most batshit-crazy portion of the presser didn’t even go to Giuliani. Instead, it was clinched by attorney Sidney Powell.Taking over from the former mayor, Powell, who previously represented disgraced National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, told reporters she was here to talk about “Massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China and the interference with our elections here in the United States.”

After saying some really crazy stuff about the late Hugo Chavez having enginerred the plan to steal the election from Trump with the help of of George Soros, the Clintons, and Antifa, she told reporters,

“this is the 1775 of our generation and beyond”



Rainbow Randy rocks the campy mini-musicals. Always a fun kick in the head.

Les: Denis Siegel’s is so right — that if he’s not held to account then he or someone smarter will take over after Biden’s interlude. It’s dangerous to let what Trump has done and is doing trying to stage a coup go unpunished. It just encourages him and his enablers and like-minded aspirants to believe they can get away with it.”

He must and all concerned be held accountable.

Republican senators have been slow to call out the Trump legal teams shenanigans, but the lawyer’s performances were enough to get Joni Ernst to speak up.

https://politicususa.com/2020/11/19/gop-senator-joni-ernst-says-sidney-powells-election-claims-were-outrageous-and-offensive.html via

Yesterday, I was riding in the car listening to Fox radio and heard Mayor Rudy and two women ranting incoherently about voting machines, Germany, Venezula, fraud, and Trump campaign lawyers fearing for their lives. That evening I saw picture of Mayor Rudy with hair dye running down his sweaty face framed by that Fox & Friends blonde look-alike who apparently runs the campaign berating the press, calling them liars and fakes.

Nothing I have seen so far regarding Trump can compare with this fiasco. It was so cringe worthy. I was going to look at Rudy’s chart to see what kind of character traits prompts this behaviour, but I was afraid I might go blind!

“Chris Krebs, the senior cybersecurity official who countered several of Mr. Trump’s false claims about the election and was subsequently fired by the president, tweeted Thursday that Mr. Giuliani’s conference was “the most dangerous 1hr 45 minutes of television in American history. And possibly the craziest.”

“If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky,” Mr. Krebs added.”


Seven months after the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle started, a new year started, and on January 1st, 2001, transiting Pluto was conjunct the Great Attractor (the Creator’s voice) which at that time was at 13+ Sagittarius, one degree past the US Sibly chart’s ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius.

By the end of February, 2001, the transiting true North Node (path forward) would be conjunct the US natal Sun (consciousness) at 13+ Cancer which was quincunx the Great Attractor and trans. Pluto in Sagittarius which was conjunct the US Sibly chart ascendant. Six months later on September 11, 2001, airplanes took down the Twin Towers in NYC.

Much has happened to the US since that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (that was trine the US natal Neptune) after that first 16 months of their 20 year cycle. The chart for their conjunction itself had several other links to the US birth chart in addition to its trine to US Neptune, like it’s own Neptune conjunct the US natal South Node (delete what doesn’t serve growth) and natal Pholus (brouhaha), all at 6+ Aquarius. Neptune dissolves.

Jupiter-Saturn chart Mercury at 27+ Gemini was trine US natal Moon-Pallas at 26-27 Aquarius, but squared the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Ceres (nature/nurture) at 26+ Virgo.

That Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Ceres in Virgo was sextile the same chart’s North Node at 25+ Cancer which was conjunct the US NATAL Mercury at 24+ Cancer. That sextile then formed a Yod to US natal Moon-Pallas at 26-27 Aquarius.

This Yod aspect seems to represent the Covid epidemic, and the problem some of the US people (US Moon) have had in believing the advice (US Mercury + Jupiter-Saturn chart NN sextile Ceres) from the doctors about the spread of the virus (Ceres). The People MUST adjust (the rules of a Yod).

There was also Mars (action) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart at 17+Gemini (+ Trump’s natal Uranus) opposite Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Klotho (spinner of new thread of life) at 17+ Sagittarius that foretold coming change. That Klotho in Sagittarius was sextile Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn) at 17+ Libra.

Klotho (new thread of life) in the Jupiter-Saturn chart that sextiled US prog. Mars (+ Trump’s Jupiter) is what we are experiencing now, along with the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Chaos at 28+ Taurus (where the now trans. Sedna has been for a long time; think drowning) that squared (challenged) the US natal Aquarius Moon.

Transiting Chaos is now at 27+ Gemini, where Mercury was in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart, and trine US natal Moon in Aquarius. Chaos means chaos, from which comes creativity.

That may not look or feel like progress, but it IS progress. The 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle has brought us to the doorstep of the new 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle, and the 2 cycles joined for the year 2020 to get us over the hump, aka the learning curve of becoming more conscious; a higher consciousness level we must reach in order to improve the country (Democracy) that was born on the 4th of July in 1776.

Trump has trashed the US government system, something that needed to be done, but nobody in their right mind would ever do.

We needed the orange blob to (unconsciously of course) provide a clean slate for the reimagined government (Constitution, etc.) to take form; to eliminate the ancient patterns that allowed inequality to thrive; inequality for people and the planet too. The best years will come but we have hurdles to overcome before that happens. Keep the faith.

Astronomy news from phys.org re: the coming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

“Just after sunset on the evening of Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer together in Earth’s night sky than they have been since the Middle Ages, to one another,” said Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan.”…

….”You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky.”


Good one, Quintile!

I just caught up on the posts. I totally missed the Giuliani & Sydney Powell press conference, and to have Trumps lawyers mistake districts in MN for MI… How long does this embarrassment have to go on? When even Joni Ernst starts complaining about impropriety, something has to give. And, the apoleptic (sp?) photo of G’s hair dye dripping down his face!

Trump strips US Fed of emergency credit powers in latest scorched-earth move

The Trump Administration is to shut down the emergency lending powers of the US Federal Reserve, taking extraordinary action to block reserve funds for the incoming Biden Treasury and prevent a Democrat bail-out of state and local governments.

The pre-emptive strike marks a breakdown in the normal co-operation between the US Treasury and the Fed, and comes just as the winter wave of Covid-19 reaches a crescendo. The services sector is already spiralling back into contraction, with a cliff-edge approaching for jobless support.

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/trump-strips-us-fed-emergency-132252537.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw&tsrc=twtr via @Yahoo

Angellight, what Treasury did is devastating. Behind the scenes, the Federal Reserve has been buying corporate bonds to keep a lot of large corporations solvent. This action has the likely effect of cratering the economy and making the first quarter of 2021 a fiscal nightmare. It is like Sherman’s march to the sea – trump and company destroying everything in its path and I assume burning the evidence in the process. I just hope the career officials are keeping back-ups of everything.

Mnuchin’s Inglorious Endgame

The Trump administration’s abrupt decision to curtail the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending programs is a gamble with no upside.

“What we are seeing from Mnuchin, Pompeo, Christopher Miller, Wolf, GSA administrator Murphy, Barr, the entire Trump team is a scorched-earth plan to destroy the Biden administration before it even takes office. And in so doing, they destroy America and its people. There is nothing even subtle about what they are doing: their mission is to do as much damage as humanly possible in the next 60 days.

When an employee is fired from a company, it is standard practice that he is told to pack his personal things under the watchful eye of a security guard, who then takes his keys and escorts him out of the building. The old timeline of a nearly three-month transition was intended for parties on both sides who were mature, professional, ethical and patriotic. None of those characteristics applies to the Trump administration. No transition would have been less damaging than what we are seeing now, the wholesale dismantling of government and the destruction of trust in democratic society.”


This article has some insight into what’s holding up the transition to the incoming Biden administration – perhaps there will be a supreme court case about this (just guessing):


Another one on the delay by CSA’s Emily Murphy to certify the election so that transition can go ahead – this is very strange indeed:


Sorry, typo – GSA

You had it right the first time.
CSA = Confederate States of America.
Emily Murphy is evidently loyal to our 2nd and hopefully last Confederate president, Donald John Trump.

Eliseo – LOL! Silly me, I didn’t catch the connection.

Also, for those interested in the legality (or non) of Trump’s attempted coup, this article is a good one — to ponder the arguments therein:


Asteroid KARMA now sits on The Orange Blob’s Ascendant. It will linger there until about the 30th of Nov., then proceed to the Blob’s Progressed Ascendant at 1 Virgo, then retrogrades back to the Blob’s natal Ascendant on Jan. 20th 2021. You can’t make this stuff up!

Can’t sleep. Might as well chase asteroids around the galaxy.

Great article in Verdict, Beowulfie. Thanks for posting that. And Lamis, oh to see KARMA on his Ascendant! If anyone is in need a giant smackdown of karma it’s him.

As for the articles on Emily Murphy, I see that some are defending her on her recalcitrance but as a Smith alum I’m pretty disgusted. My alumnae FB group is full of posts on how to email or call her. The NYT even reported on the pressure she’s getting from Smith alumnae, and I just saw that a Smith College spokesperson released a statement that while they did not want to “influence the professional actions of any alumna, we hope that a peaceful transition of power takes place in alignment with the core values of democracy.”

Yet another cycle influencing our present period is the Chiron-Saturn cycle that began around the same time when the Uranus-Pluto cycle began in the ’60’s. Chiron and Saturn were conjunct at 23 Pisces 51 opposite US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 on April 13, 1966.

Transiting Uranus and Pluto were at 16+ Virgo that day, but what caught my eye this morning was that Ceres on that day, April 13, 1966, at 2+ Taurus, was at the same degree where transiting Uranus was on January 10, 2020, when the Eclipsed Moon at 20 Cancer, was opposite the Sun at 20 Capricorn.

That eclipsed Moon opposite transiting Sun last January 10 created a grand cross with the US NATAL Chiron (wound/heal) at 20+ Aries that opposes the US natal Juno (inequality) at 20+ Libra.

January was when the Covid-19 virus came to America.

Transiting Neptune will reach 23 Pisces at the end of May, 2021 (activating the Chiron-Saturn cycle), after a 6 week long exact degree opposition to US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Something to do with the vaccine I suppose.

PS – The new Mercury-Jupiter cycle that begins on January 11, 2021, has Mars at 2+ Taurus (where Uranus was in January 2020) which will square Saturn at 2+ Aquarius but trine the Moon at 2+ Capricorn. This cycle is about information and education and communication, and probably about vacination too.

Ray Merriman, the financial astrologer, has annoyed me with his seeming support for Trump from a business standpoint, but his latest column is interesting.

““Do you think Trump will end up overturning the election?” No.
“Do you think he will continue his control over the Republican Party?” No. Not anymore. I believe it is over for him.
“Are you a Democrat?” No. “Are you a Republican?” No. “Are you biased?” Everyone is. It is unavoidable. And in the end, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is how everyone adjusts to reality. And that is where the problem comes in with transiting Neptune because Neptune doesn’t know or doesn’t want to accept what reality is saying. Neptune is now making a very challenging T-square to President Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus opposite Moon. As stated in this column recently and in the last two Forecast Books, this would be a period where the President will find it very difficult to see things as they really are. He will be challenged to keep himself connected to reality. And the reality is not pleasant (he probably loses after all the recounts are completed, or I will be very surprised). Why? Because at this same time, Pluto is in opposition to his natal Venus/Saturn. Under Pluto’s transits, no one escapes unscathed. In opposition to Saturn, one’s duties — one’s role — are often terminated. His duties, as President, are likely to be terminated, regardless of how much he resists.”

He also notes that Trump’s progressed Ascendant changes from Libra (with Jupiter there) to Scorpio meaning “he’s finished in politics.”


SLIGHTKC – The phrase you’re looking for is Illigitimi Non Carborundum.

I had a little paperweight on my office desk when I was a paralegal that had this on it, so it’s deeply engraved in my brain. First saw it on a Kliban card, I think – late 70s?

New disturbing details from the Whitmer kidnapping plot that was stopped on the last Mars-Pluto square. They planned to execute her and other politicians on live television before burning down the state capitol. Charming.


The next Mars-Pluto square is December 23. I hope they don’t spoil the holidays (Holy Days, Holy Daze).

Andre, I for one didn’t need that info. What can I do about it? Get fearful? Pls. No more of that. It’s a difficult time right now. Try not to make it worse. Thank you.

Many Thanks for the info on the Whitmer  kidnapping plot. I find it interesting it was foiled at the last Mars-Pluto square. 

Speaking as one who formerly worked in the criminal justice system, it is important we all be cognizant of the true nature, plans and intentions of these various insurrectional groups, both from a factual, and astrological point of view. With correct information and good strategy, we will subdue, and defeat them.

Confronting such evil is sometimes necessary to awaken us spiritually from our somnambulant torpor. It is my opinion, as example, fighting the WWII Nazis and other racist fascists seeded us psychospiritually for the Civil Rights Movement, for seeing our own racism, and the painful transcendance yet unfinished.

On Friday the 20th, transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct the US natal Pluto, to the minute. It wasn’t the first time this year though.

The first trans. Saturn conjunct US natal Pluto was on Feb. 23 when trans. Jupiter (big picture) in Cap was square trans. Venus (values) in Aries but still in orb of a sextile with trans. Neptune (compassion) in Pisces.

Mercury retrograde was at 9+ Pisces at the time of the 1st trans. Saturn conjunction to US natal Pluto (27 Cap 33 08) and at that moment transiting Moon was at 7+ Pisces, and in between transiting Mercury and Moon was US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces; she who squares US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, ruled by Mercury.

US natal Mercury is and was being opposed by trans. Jupiter (excess) and Pluto (death/rebirth), now and on Friday the 20th.

When transiting Saturn re-activated its cycle with US natal Pluto on Friday – a cycle that began last February – that cycle’s sensitive Moon-Mercury in Pisces, which conjuncts US natal Ceres, which squares US natal Uranus in Gemini, activated the US natal square between Ceres in Pisces and Uranus in Gemini.

I believe the US people have been affected by this transit of Saturn to US Pluto – a transit that stimulated the cycle between them that began in February, a cycle in which that chart’s Moon-Mercury in Pisces was conjunct the US natal Ceres, which squares US Uranus in Gemini – that has increased the US people’s feelings of protectiveness for the vulnerable among us.

That increased sense of protectiveness (Ceres) could trigger a shocking reaction (Uranus) that might result in a verbal or written or recorded reaction (US Uranus in Gemini + the trans. Saturn conjunct US Pluto chart’s Mercury-Moon conjunct US natal Ceres that squares US Uranus).

It could happen to me, it could happen to you too.

Chris Christie: “Tears Into Trump’s Legal Team: ‘A National Embarrassment’ I have been a supporter of the president’s. I voted for him twice. But elections have consequences & we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen.” He says an unwillingness to present evidence “must mean the evidence doesn’t exist. “As much as I’m a strong Republican and I love my party, it’s the country that has to come first.”


“Looks like Rick Scott gave COVID to Kelly Loeffler, who in turn may have exposed David Perdue and Mike Pence. These republicans are all refusing to wear a mask because they might hurt Donald Trump’s feelings, and now they’re gambling with their lives.”

“Today marks the 57th anniversary of the JFK assassination. In 1976.

John F. Kennedy would end most of his stump speeches in 1960 with a quote from a poem by Robert Frost: “But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” and I think that fits JFK’s life very well.”


There is one cycle that has supportive energy for these times and that’s the Uranus-Neptune cycle that started on Feb. 2, 1993, at 19 Capricorn 34.

Although they were square the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, the transiting Chiron that day was at 20+ Leo, trine US Chiron at 20+ Aries, and furthermore, transiting North Node that day was at 20+ Sagittarius, where today’s South Node is!

This grand trine provided by the Uranus (breakthrough) – Neptune (illusion) cycle seems to be helping the US reach a level of equality (US Chiron opposes US Juno, symbol of inequality) sometime during its long cycle.

But this is the clincher; at the time of the Feb. 2, 1993, conjunction between Uranus and Neptune, the Sun at 13+ Aquarius that was conjunct the chart’s ascendant (set for Washington, DC), was trine the Moon at 13+ Gemini, AND the Jupiter at 14+ Libra, which conjuncts US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra . . .and Trump’s natal Chiron at 14+ Libra . . .and his natal Juno (partners) also at 14+ Libra.

There’s more but let that sink in.

BarbK, I politely disagree that anything good can come of the Uranus – Neptune cycle in these crazy times – not before, or after. Uranus/Neptune are just the ultimate in crazy at any time they are in sync, which unquestionably they are now.

You are totally correct in that the outer planets support each other, but not always in a good way. We can’t attribute human motives to them.

All of the sources on astrology that I’ve read and studied say the 3 outer planets (i.e. the planets beyond the visible inner planets which are encircled by Saturn, the great physical limiter) tend to go to extremes. In combination they do so even more. For us puny humans, that means uncontrollable situations and events, with long lasting consequences can happen and the stars will merrily go on, whether we exist or not.

I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but let’s face it, astrology stands right beside economics as the “dismal science”. We individual little folks who occupy the earth for short lives, don’t have a whole lot to say about the way things unfold for “the masses”. And Neptune and Uranus are unquestionably about the masses. I view anything to do with either of them with great respect – never mind even considering ruthless Pluto.

It isn’t about helping the US reach equality – which I most certainly hope the US does (don’t get me wrong). It isn’t going to come because the planets are HELPING any of us. It’s going to come because we help ourselves, DESPITE the outer planets. They ain’t necessarily on “our side”!

Imo, what it says is that we puny humans had better wake up and get responsible for ourselves, and take care of humanity in common. The old golden rule. Which is very, very hard for greedy, self-centered humans to buy into.

The stars are indifferent – Neptune and his outer buddies are going make existence extremely difficult for our children and grandchildren if WE don’t grow up.

Beowulfie, you raise important philosophical and ultimately spiritual questions about the nature and meaning of astrology. I was taught that outer planets are about major social change and outer planet persons are those most directly or consciously involved in bringing it about. Outer planet persons are capable of bringing major outer planet transits home to their more personal aspects by bridging the enormous distance between them. They therefore translate the spirit of the times as evidenced by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto into concrete applied action. This usually is a result of a higher level of consicusness.

I share Barbk’s more optimistic view of the evolution of human consciousness, although I agree with you that so far most people don’t have a clue and are unconscious victims of the enormous changes forced upon them by the outer planets.

Eliseo, most Democrats and well-meaning people who support them still understate the Darkness facing them. I believe Biden has the capacity to face it and Kamala may be effective in dealing with it, but it may take a different leader in 2024 to go beyond it.

And I’m just pleased you read my comment Beowulfie, and would not dream of trying to persuede you to be less pessimistic about astrology (the dismal science?) and esp. the outer planets.

The language of astrology exists to help we 3rd dimension creatures to understand; why things happen (the energy patterns) and how to use what happens to become more conscious.

I assume you don’t put much stock in the concept of karma so I won’t waste space in writing much about how the outer planets symbolize opportunities for the masses to move beyond their present level of consciousness. There is still time for you to expand your perceptions, despite our “short lives”, so keep reading and studying, and keep commenting here on Starlight News, I admire your work.

Andre, I love what you said about the outer planets, and outer planet persons. I also share Beowulfie’s and your observation that most people don’t have a clue!

Georgia will conduct another presidential election results recount following a Trump campaign request on Saturday.

Why it matters: State election officials and Gov. Brian Kemp (R) on Friday certified Georgia’s election results that show President-elect Joe Biden officially won the state by just over 12,600 votes.
But Georgia officials had said earlier that the Trump campaign had until Tuesday to request a recount since the margin was within 0.5%.

Details: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) asked his deputy in a written message to “officially notify county election directors to prepare for the recount and to notify political parties so they could muster observers at the respective sites,” which he said would be “highly scrutinized,” AP reports


RE: GEORGIA “While Raffensperger reports absolute certainty in the election results, Kemp shared concerns about voter fraud in his certification speech. “He deemed the discovery of hundreds of previously uncounted ballots during the statewide audit as “unacceptable,” before calling on the secretary of state to encourage stronger signature verifications and introduce photo ID requirements for mail-in and absentee ballots.”


A former French President goes on trial today for corruption. Perhaps this will soon happen in the US as well.


Next Monday November 30 has an eclipse at 8 Gemini on US Uranus and Biden’s Saturn in his 7th house. Almost all states will have certified their results by then. There will be no longer any excuse for the GSA Administrator to refuse to ascertain the result in favor of the apparent winner, as the law requires, even if the legal winner is only determined on December 14.

Perhaps she will surprise us by doing the right thing voluntarily as she should. Otherwise, Biden will then have every reason to ask a federal judge to order her to do so. The eclipse on his Saturn probably means Biden becomes the officially recognized President-elect, if not by the sitting President.

For the first time in four years I can open the paper and look at the front page without Trump’s name. I can breath again.

Biden Chooses Antony Blinken, Defender of Global Alliances, as Secretary of State

The president-elect is also expected to name Jake Sullivan, another close aide of his, as national security adviser, and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a 35-year Foreign Service veteran, as his ambassador to the U.N.


Interesting Vanity Fair article, Eliseo. amusing. & snarky.
Comments from lawyers related to the Rudy G Presser say he expressed good lawyer skills but was clueless arguing Constitutional Law, which helped toss the Penn. Filing with prejudice, meaning get your sweaty self outta my court & don’t come back. Rudy showed flashes of greatness but like a firefly in the night quickly went out.

Dec. 8 is the deadline for certifying all electoral votes. I hope and pray that the period Nancy saw of grief for Biden from mid-Dec. to Jan 2 is “only” personal grief and not a reaction to Trump’s ongoing shenanigans that keep us anxiously on the edge of our seat, still waiting for Biden to be declared president!

We can be grateful this Thanksgiving with Biden’s choices of competent, diversified, intelligent, socially and environmentally aware, professional, ethical and most importantly EXPERIENCED members of his cabinet.

“The emerging team reunites a group of former senior officials from the Obama administration, most of whom worked closely together at the State Department and the White House and in several cases have close ties to Mr. Biden dating back years. They are well known to foreign diplomats around the world and share a belief in the core principles of the Democratic foreign policy establishment — international cooperation, strong U.S. alliances and leadership but a wariness of foreign interventions after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”



“For the first time in four years I can open the paper and look at the front page without Trump’s name. I can breath again.”

I share your sense of relief.

Sharon K: I share your concerns.

Michigan representative is saying he or she will not certify. GA has a recount with the machines, which I have no faith in. More legal briefs filed by Trump & Co. and when will it end?

2 hours ago
“Washington, D.C: More than 100 chief executives are urging the General Services Administration to declare Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the 2020 general election winners. These CEOs include George H. Walker of Neuberger Berman and Jon Gray of Blackstone. Their strongly-worded letter reads, “Every day that an orderly presidential transition process is delayed, our democracy grows weaker in the eyes of our own citizens and the nation’s stature on the global stage is diminished.” Emily W. Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, is resisting traditional transition planning, including granting funding and resources to the incoming administration.”


oops! I mean breathe again. It’s too exciting for words.

Here from WP,

“America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is,” Kerry said. “I’m proud to partner with the President-elect, our allies, and the young leaders of the climate movement to take on this crisis as the President’s Climate Envoy.”

ja, YES! Grateful this Thanksgiving to know we will have a real President, and a real VP, and a real Cabinet, and YES, I can breathe again too
(Kerry who?)

John Kerry, barbk, who was named as the Special Climate Envoy! Hooray! He is great at whatever he does and would have made a wonderful president.

I can hardly wait till tomorrow when Biden announces his AG.

One piece of the puzzle does not seem to be falling into place: just who is going to take whom to the Supreme Court. I’m becoming more convinced that the Dems will have to take Emily & co. to court to get Biden access to GSA and transition. It may take longer yet. The eclipse might have something to say about it?

Maybe that’s wrong, but this is really getting ridiculous. I can’t come up with a planet or a planetary combination that equals “Ridiculous”! Any ideas?

Good post on Neptune Cafe:


Beowulfie, apparently the transition has been signed off on by the GSA now.

Hearing that the GSA signed off on Biden’s transition and seeing this photo of Joe with what looks like his aura around him makes me all teary-eyed and really get me in my heart. And knowing, as Ja & others said, that we are going to get a normal and competent government again…! It’s getting real & I have the feeling that Joe is going to be great.


Joe will forgive and forget, I’m sure.

If it were me, Ms. Murphy would be prosecuted. We don’t need Trump stooges like her holding up progress.

Thanks Sharon, I hoped it was that Kerry!

Suddenly (Uranus), “the bombs seem to have stopped falling”, so to speak, and it appears the troops have beat the bastards back, and it’s safe to come out of our bunkers. Does that mean the war is over? Hell no.

Still, it’s something to cheer about; all the plans look good, even great, and Biden looked great with that halo, didn’t he?

Oddly enough, in the Uranus-Neptune cycle’s chart there was an additional conjunction, that one between Saturn (structures) and Mercury (thought) at 20+ Aquarius (that is conjunct the US progressed Mercury, and also the Uranus in the soon-to-end Jupiter-conjunct-Saturn cycle, a conjunction which squared that Uranus at 20+ Aquarius) . . .

. . that was also trine US natal Juno (partners) at 20+ Libra that trines today’s North Node (20+ Gemini) that conjuncts US natal Mars (21+ Gemini), that conjuncts Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini). It could be helping to pave the way to surrender of the enemy and a return to peace and rebuilding what’s been torn asunder.

Ah yes, next month there is indeed a square in the chart for the NEW conjunction between ‘Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius’ and ‘Uranus in Taurus’, as well; same signs but in reverse! No telling how much upheaval THAT cycle will bring, but think of all the glass ceilings that will be broken. Biden is just getting a head start.

Andre, I can see why you thought 2024 for the big stuff. Biden has picked great people but it seems they are old hands that will be leading and training the next generation to take the reins in 2024. But this group of experienced octogenarians is needed to right the ship.

Baraka – thank you so much for the latin! The head of the Library where I worked had that written engraved on a brass plaque on her desk… as I was one of the very few females in IT at the time, she pointed me to it often! (LOL)

build back better!!
up and running – with an air of competence, finally.
Love it

The R’s cultivated and coddled a snake, and the snake bit them. Seems like an Aesop’s fable, but this one is more than merely a moral tale. See report below from AlterNet. The Daily Beast site has problems at the moment.

Roger Stone-allied super PAC threatens to torpedo Senate GOP in Georgia if they don’t save Trump


A super PAC allied with infamous right-wing dirty trickster and convicted felon Roger Stone is threatening to torpedo Republicans’ Senate majority if they don’t help President Donald Trump steal the 2020 presidential election.

The Daily Beast reports that Stone-allied Committee for American Sovereignty is encouraging its supporters in Georgia to write Trump’s name in place of voting for Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) in January’s senate run-off elections.

The goal of doing this, the group argues, is to somehow force Republicans to not recognize the results of the 2020 election and keep Trump in power.

“If we can do this, we have a real chance at getting these RINO senators to act on the illegitimate and corrupt election presided over by a Democrat party that is invested in the Communist takeover of Our Great Nation,” the group explains on its website. “We will not stop fighting for you, the American Patriot, against the evils of Socialism and inferior Religions.”

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich tells The Daily Beast that he’s worried about GOP voters turning out in the Peach State after watching Trump narrowly lose the state to President-elect Joe Biden.

“The anger over the secretary of state’s incompetence and the governor’s failure to lead could mean that Republicans just stay home,” he said. “I think there’s a very big problem with getting Republicans to turn out.”

Barb K., Andre, et al. : Would you please respond to Wolfstar? (Monday’s post) Prof. Bertonasco

Silcominc, I slept better last night than I have in years. The US and the world are by no means out of the woods, but the worst is clearly behind. A mortal threat to freedom and democracy has been averted.

To me, the astrology of 2024 is clear. That is when the US takes off in a progressive new direction. I am not the first to say this. Michael Lutin wrote it way back in 1996 in a column he had then in Vanity Fair.

But Biden, who I maintain will have his hands full in a difficult term, will lay the groundwork for that more progressive future by prudent and sound governance. The Left will be disappointed that Elizabeth Warren did not get Treasury or Bernie will probably not become Secretary of Labor. I know I am. But it is possible to accept this at this time because they would have been lightning rods for the still-rabid GOP and a Senate that may be controlled by McConnell. I believe Trump won’t be around to arouse his base in 2024, or at least he will no longer be a significant and polarizing political figure, and no one will follow him in this role to that degree in the foreseeable future. I also think we can be hopeful about the 2022 mid-terms, which look bad for Senate Republicans.


Saturn’s final pass over US Pluto did bring ultimate resistance from Trump and his band of criminal fools, but ultimately it did what it was designed to do: provide wise, honest and good government, which always tends to be unspectacular and boring. When things work as they should, they are rarely dramatic. Perhaps it took the support of Jupiter, less than three degrees behind Saturn, to finally overcome the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction square Eris and the earlier Uranus-Pluto square. We are at last out of Capricorn’s dark side and into its positive effect on society, which is quality statesmanship that is perceived as a humble service to humanity.

On a personal note as a Canadian citizen, I am now more keenly aware that my family’s freedom, and democracy in my country, ultimately depend on the President of the United States’ willingness and capacity to defend them from hostile actors, internal or external. He truly is the leader of the free world, and if he is a bad person, the cause of freedom suffers worldwide. Barbk was right all along in saying that the Trump horror show was destined to revitalize American ideals and the best of universal human aspirations to freedom, justice and equality for all.

Thank you, Andre, and, yes, Barb was right when she emphasized the role Trump was playing to take us into a better future, as was Nancy (and others) about the course things would take.

A lesson to all of us should be to be vigilant, on our toes, and commit to “never again” allowing this to happen. Maybe we were complacent after 8 years of good governance by President Obama & Vice President Biden. We were caught with our pants down when Trump appealed to a certain segment and gave them a voice (and the years of anti-Hillary propaganda took their toll as did voter obstruction and possible fraud), and they took a big chance on someone like him, believing that he was different than so-called career politicians. They so wanted to go back to the way things were and stop the diversity and political correctness. They so wanted the narrative to be true that they refused and many still refuse to see the truth about him. He was and still is a dangerous demagogue (“a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument” – from Dictionary . com)

As Andre said: “…wise, honest and good government…always tends to be unspectacular and boring. When things work as they should, they are rarely dramatic.”

Never again.

Wow, thanks Andre and Sharon, hope this makes some sense of why Biden is the man we need now.

Joe Biden’s MC, the pinnacle of any chart, is at 19+ Virgo, the sign associated with fixing and healing and sorting out details into catagories. How appropriate for the times.

The MC of a chart for a person or event or a country is also associated with how things turn out, or how the world views the entity; you know, its reputation. Joe Biden will, in the future if not now, be seen as the Fixer and the Healer and the Sorter of Details.

On May 27, 2009, transiting Jupiter and Neptune started their present cycle at 26 Aquarius 28, along side transiting Chiron (wounding, healing) at 26 Aquarius 13. All 3 were conjunct the US natal Pallas (warrior goddess known for her strategic ability) at 26 Aquarius 31.

The US natal Pallas is – of course – conjunct the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, suggesting that the US People (symbolized by the US Moon) are somewhat defensive and pretty darn smart, as a whole.

The 2009 Neptune-Jupiter cycle chart had the asteroid goddess Juno, symbol of unequal partnership (i.e. she was the wife of Jupiter/Zeus) at 19+ Pisces which conjuncts Joe Biden’s IC (roots) opposite his natal MC in Virgo. She was known to often resort to revenge.

Also in that 2009 Jupiter-Neptune chart, Vesta (symbol for what is focused on and what is invested in) at 20+ Gemini was square Juno at 19+ Pisces and therefore Joe Biden’s IC which is opposite his MC at 19+ Virgo. This cycle that began when Joe was VP created a bit of a T-square for him.

The Jupiter-Neptune (+ Chiron) cycle began 4 months after Obama became US President along with his VP, Joe Biden. I would venture to say that the Jupiter-Neptune cycle, and the Jupiter-Chiron cycle, and the Neptune-Chiron cycle have some bearing on the situation which the US People are in today.

As I said, the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune cycle chart had Vesta (investment and focus) at 20+ Gemini, which conjuncts US natal Mars (anger) at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s North Node at 20+ Gemini and Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini, and all of that is square the same 2009 chart’s Juno at 19+ Pisces + Joe’s IC at 19+ Pisces that opposes his MC at 19+ Virgo, which is how the world sees him; the Fixer.

Joe’s MC in Virgo turns the 2009 chart’s square into a T-square and with the presently transiting South Node at 20+ Sagittarius (conjunct Trump’s natal South Node+ Moon) it becomes a full blown grand cross. This is a nasty knot of difficulty; grand crosses always are, but South Nodes are clearly symbolic of what must end.

In the Lunar Eclipse on November 30, 2020, that conjuncts the US natal Uranus – both at 8+ Gemini, the transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces (which stations direct on the 28th, 4 days from now) will conjunct Biden’s IC at 19+ Pisces (and his natal Ceres at 20+ Pisces), and also Juno in the chart for the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune cycle (a cycle which was also conjunct transiting Chiron don’t forget), a cycle that was joined at the hip with the US natal Moon-Pallas too – all in Aquarius.

So that means the Nov. 30, 2020 lunar eclipse will be activating that 2009 Jupiter-Neptune cycle’s energy, (thanks trans. Neptune!) and the US natal Uranus will guarantee it will be shocking in some way – hopefully a breakthrough too.

The beauty of this lunar eclipse that conjuncts the US natal Uranus is that trans. Juno at 23+ Scorpio will be sextile trans. Pluto at 23+ Capricorn and this sextile forms a Yod (make ’em squirm) with Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini which has to make an adjustustment of some kind.

That said, Trump’s Moon (emotions) in SAGITTARIUS opposes his Sun in GEMINI that conjuncts US natal Mars that also conjuncts the Gemini Vesta (investment) in the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune chart . . . and she (2009 Vesta) squares that chart’s Juno (partner) in PISCES which conjuncts Joe’s IC and the now transiting Neptune, both of which oppose his VIRGO MC (just 3 degrees from the US natal Neptune) thus creating a mingled (mangled?) grand cross.

This sounds bad, but wait, the now transiting Pluto at 23+ Cap trines the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo and the still active Saturn-Jupiter cycle start at 22+ Taurus – a grand trine of earth energy – which is an escape path from the above grand cross.

In the soon to end Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart the North Node at 25+ Cancer conjuncts Joe Biden’s Jupiter at 25+ Cancer (+ Trump’s Saturn) that trines his natal Sun at 27+ Scorpio that conjuncts his natal Venus at 28+ Scorpio, both of which conjunct the lunar eclipse chart’s Mercury (communicate, data) at 27+ Scorpio, which is sextile that chart’s Jupiter-Pallas-Saturn conjunction at 26-28 Capricorn that is conjunct the US natal Pluto.

It appears that Joe will be supported by the waning Jupiter-Saturn cycle by virtue of his natal Sun trine Jupiter; as well as pushing the US transformation forward. Don’t overthink it; it ain’t over ’til its over.

Andre, just a note about Elizabeth Warren — she needs to stay in the Senate as if she left she would likely have been replaced with a Republican as the Massachusetts governor is a Republican (however moderate and not a Trump fan).

Sharon, yes never again. I’m hoping the work continues. So many new young voters registered this year! They’re more diverse and more focused on climate change issues as it’s their futures on the line. All the people who voted who usually stay home or had never voted before, young and old – hopefully having exercised their voting muscles and seen they can make a difference they’ll be more engaged. Plus there was a drive to get young people out to work the polling places so as not to put the usual older poll workers at risk during the pandemic. Hopefully they’ll also feel more engaged having been involved this time.

Les, I reluctantly agree with you about Warren. I hope she runs in 2024.

Trump pardoned turkeys today. He forgot one: himself.

Here is a very interesting astrological reading from Denise Siegel who believes Trump faces criminal jeopardy next spring initiated by the families of Covid victims.


Prof. Bertonasco, I am not sure what you would like me to respond to in Wolfstar’s post this week. I generally agree with him and find him persuasive. He, like Starlight, has astrological knowledge far above my own.

I agree Biden may encounter health issues which may prevent him from completing his term. Wolfstar refers to a void-of-course Moon at the Inauguration and to the asteroid Hygea. I am simply thinking of his age during a pandemic and of the wear-and-tear of high office. I am also thinking of his term chart, particularly of the Mars-Uranus in the 12th square the US Sun, signifying the President. Finally, Saturn will be in his first quadrant over the next four years, which is usually a time to retire into the background.

I also agree that the next few years will bring a long-lasting and severe recession, as usually happens with a Saturn-Uranus square, and as last did happen in 2000 with the dotcom crash. This recession may not be as severe as the Great Recession of 2008 but it will outlast the pandemic. The fact that the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in December will be simultaneous with a Mars-Pluto square while Pluto is conjunct Eris guarantees major social unrest for some years as the Left’s aspirations are met with strong resistance.

The cathartic events of 2022-2023, when Pluto finally completes its return and other milestones are reached, may see Trump and Biden leave the political scene at roughly the same time. The time for elderly politicians will soon be over as a new era begins with a very different presidential campaign in 2024 based on more forward-looking ideas, once democracy and sanity have been restored.

Correction: the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December

As I was meditating last night, what occurred to me is that Trump won’t give concession speech until he is done negotiating a deal for himself to not get charged or convicted with anything he did in office.

To my mind, it doesn’t matter what deal he makes because he’s got so many lawyers gunning for him in the Southern District of New York alone that he’s going to be knee-deep in alligators when he is out of office.

This was just a thought that occured to me – nothing more.

Thank You for referencing the James Arbib, Tony Seba book, Rethinking Humanity. I just concluded the little tome. I believe the authors are corrrect in their basic thesis, particularly and especially with their general projections and time frame, but only about half right in their specifics. They sometimes build impeccable logic on false assumptions.

The disruptive economic, technological, and lifestyle projections they offer, 2020-2030, and 2030-2035 are I believe mostly correct, though I see some false assumptions in their political and energy production scenarios.

I find it ironic they decry Left, Right, and Center political ideolgies as increasingly obsolete (I believe they are right about that) but without seeing their own Right Wing Libertarian bias.

Nevertheless, the information is useful to me for the episodic sci-fi novel I’m currently working on.

As I too have seen much of the future they see, and agree the changes we are about to make will be as dramatic and consequential as was our transition from hunter gatherers to agrarian based civilizations, 12,000 years ago, I do wish I had a good astrology program with which to look at and ponder aspects and charts from that long ago as compared to the present. It would be interesting! Again, Thank You.

Wednesday, “Trump is expected to join Giuliani at Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers’ voter fraud event. The Trump campaign and Pennsylvania Senate Republicans announced plans for the Gettysburg event, a meeting of the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee, on Tuesday — casting it as an effort to expose “irregularities” in the 2020 election. The meeting is being organized by the Pennsylvania state Senate GOP, which is holding it at a hotel — not at the state capitol.”


will . .thank goodness for thoughts! It would be a crying shame if we had to go through experiences such as what we have been living through, without it inspiring some thought. I’m sure you’re correct; Trump will give nothing without getting something in return. Personally, I wonder why it matters if the bastard concedes, just get him outta here.

I was listening to Madeline Albright on Morning Joe (MSNBC) a few minutes ago talking about how important our allies are to the US and thought, of course; the US natal Sun is in the US birth chart’s 7th house of partners. We are nothing without them.

Ralfee Finn:

“On a different note… we can be deeply grateful that Trump is almost out and Biden is almost in, and even though the world is not going to settle down for some time, 2021 offers opportunities to start repairing the damage done and addressing what needs to change for all of us to survive a brave new world.”


Lorna Bevan:

To those of us who see ourselves as exiles, edge-dwellers, mavericks, outliers, empaths, sensitives and path
pavers, the Aquarian Paradigm is a Homecoming ….it means coming out of the shadows and being who you
are, in essence and in practice. As forerunners, our right brain creativity complemented with left-directed
thinking, is going to become increasingly valued because we’re entering a Conceptual Age, where meaning
and harmony, design and purpose are going to be more significant to the world than formulaic thinking
and activities which can be outsourced or done by AI.
The qualities that people will increasingly pay for in the Aquarian Era are authenticity, individuality,
inventiveness, uniqueness and meaning. For years, we have gone through relentless transformation after
transformation, we have worked on ourselves clearing, opening, integrating and creating – now we have
the unconventional heart-based answers others need. No more waiting to be asked, no more
apprenticeships, no more asking for approval. Those who recognize your truth and are ready will find you –
they will sense the new template. Welcome home!

Hare in The Moon 5D Astrology

Will, Biden has said that he wouldn’t use the Justice Department as a political weapon but would let his AG independently decide what to do about Trump. We still don’t know who that person will be, but indications are it will be an honorable moderate such as former Senator Doug Jones of Alabama or Sally Yates, former deputy AG under Obama. My personal choice would be Preet Bharara, who might be more proactive with respect to Trump.

My thought is that, whoever is selected and confirmed, there will be awful new revelations about 45 and his family that may well force the AG’s hand and leave him or her little choice other than prosecution. In any event, Pluto’s continued march to its return in the US chart means inescapable major issues remain unresolved by the election. I believe this means there is likely to be no way to avoid the spectacular and historic trial of Donald J. Trump.

Political satire from The New Yorker

Putin concedes and warns the US will be run by Americans


It seems that Donald Trump, the biggest LOSER has a death wish. File this one under “be careful what you wish for”

Trump Trying to Reinstate Executive by Firing Squad Before He Leaves Offices Says Report by ProPublica


Perhaps there is an angel whispering in Joe’s ear
Happy Thanksgiving


Trump Pardons Flynn, Ending Case His Justice Dept. Sought to Shut Down
Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, twice pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. about conversations with a Russian diplomat.
The pardon appeared to bring to an end the long legal saga of Mr. Flynn, the only White House official to be convicted as part of the Trump-Russia inquiry.


There are some exceptions, (Utah) but traditionally, execution by firing squad has been considered a more honorable way to die, especially for a soldier. Hanging is regarded as a very dishonorable way to die.

Claus von Stauffenberg was given the “privilege” of execution by firing squad as opposed to guillotine, or hanging. The convicted Nazis at Nuremburg requested death by firing squad, but their entreaties were rejected. Our government thought it more appropriate they be hung.

I’m not sure what DJT might be thinking. I’ll bet he is unaware of the historical ramifications of these methods of execution. IMO he certainly “deserves” hanging, as opposed to a firing squad, but I doubt he is capable or willing to learn any positive karmic lessons from conviction for his crimes, from execution, or from a jail sentence.

As guilty as he surely is, sadly, either a jail sentence, execution, or any other sort of consequence would likely inflame his supporters to acts we would rather not see.

That being said, I do hope the attorneys general of SDNY prosecute and convict him to the 10th power. NO ONE including presidents in our system are above the law. If he is not held accountable, our system is rendered a pointless sham.

20+ Aquarius is where the US progressed Mercury stationed direct about 5 years ago, where it was during the Trump years, and where it stayed until recently. (It may still be there, I am going by my ephemeris book) It is where Uranus was in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000 and which will end in 25 days.

20+ Libra is where Venus was on Friday the 13th, November 2020 (World Kindness Day), when it trined the transiting North Node at 20+ Gemini and was conjunct US natal Juno at 20+ Libra and opposed US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

20+ Gemini is where the transiting North Node has been all this month and where Trump’s natal North Node is too.

There is something about this Grand Trine (US prog. Mercury, US natal Juno, transiting NN) that has helped us over a hurdle; a boost of mental (air signs) energy that has buoyed our spirits and will get us through the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you, Barb, and the same to you & all who pass through here. May your Thanksgiving day be filled with peace, relaxation, and gratitude, for the many gifts we have received from the Creator, not least of which is the gift of life. God works in mysterious ways.


“Let Our Name Be Amen” by Omkara & Gotama, lyrics from the ‘Mala of God’ prayer book, by Mooji. Song available on the album ‘Rise Up – to the Most High Awakening’ (Vol. 1)



Donald Trump Retweets Call to Pardon Himself


On this day of thanking, I thank each of you for being in my life. You are a great blessing–every day.
I send you love and joy, today and always.

Wyndancer, Angellight, SharonK, barbk, a Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all.

Our Thanksgiving is the first Monday of October in Canada. In the US, the last Thursday of November was decreed by Lincoln as a Thanksgiving for the victories of the Civil War, which seems appropriate this year.

Amy Coney Barrett strikes the first blow. In a 5-4 decision in which she cast the deciding vote, the Supreme Court strikes down restrictions on places of worship put in place by Governor Cuomo of New York to limit attendace at 10 or 25 people during the most severe phases of the pandemic. This is a victory for Roman Catholics, of whom Justice Barrett is a fervently practicing member, and Orthodox Jews, who had joined forces before the court.

This will allow many faithful to reach their version of heaven more quickly because they now have the constitutional right to gather and to spread the virus to each other.


More illuminating (but not enlightened) Supreme Court theocratic decisions to come.

Amy Coney Barrett strikes a first blow. Religious freedom is now more important than fighting the pandemic because of her deciding vote. Theocracy is here and will remain after Trump.


too bad amy didnt read this from the leader of her faith

“With some exceptions, governments have made great efforts to put the well-being of their people first, acting decisively to protect health and to save lives. The exceptions have been some governments that shrugged off the painful evidence of mounting deaths, with inevitable, grievous consequences. But most governments acted responsibly, imposing strict measures to contain the outbreak.

Yet some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions — as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom! Looking to the common good is much more than the sum of what is good for individuals. It means having a regard for all citizens and seeking to respond effectively to the needs of the least fortunate.”

On June 8, 2016, at a stroke before midnight, Uranus was conjunct Eris at 23 deg. 30 min 10 seconds of Aries, starting a new cycle between them, and it was square (challenge) US natal Mercury, Trump’s Saturn + Venus, and Biden’s Jupiter in Cancer, 23 to 25+ degrees.

At the time of the 2016 Uranus-Eris conjunction, transiting retrograde Mars at 25+ Scorpio was opposite transiting Mercury at 25+ Taurus.

Transiting retro Mars was also quincunx the Uranus-Eris conjunction, not a comfortable aspect. However, transiting retro Mars in Scorpio was trine US natal Mercury + Trump’s Saturn-Venus and Biden’s natal Jupiter in Cancer.

The 2016 Uranus-Eris conjunction took place one year after Trump announced he would run for US President, on June 16, 2015.

The Uranus-Eris conjunction happened 6 days before Trump’s birthday on June 14. Because their conjunction was sextile Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini, it formed a Yod with transiting retro Mars in Scorpio.

That Yod became a Boomerang when transiting Mercury in Taurus was added. Transiting Mercury was conjunct Trump’s MC and transiting Mars was conjunct his IC.

This makes me believe what’s been said, that when Trump made his announcement in 2015 he did not think he would be chosen and was not that serious about it.

After the Uranus-Eris conjunction though, when the Boomerang (Uranus-Eris sextile Trump’s Sun make a Yod with trans. Mars opposite trans. Mercury + Trump MC ) happened, he thought it was possible. The Republican Party 2016 primary was one month after the Uranus-Eris conjunction.

The Saturn in the Uranus-Eris chart at 12+ Sagittarius (conjunct the US natal Sibly chart ascendant) was square the Uranus-Eris chart Neptune at 12+ Pisces, which was opposite that chart’s Jupiter at 14+ Virgo.

The US Sibly chart Descendant at 12+ Gemini completed a grand cross to the above T-square between the Uranus-Eris chart’s Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn+US Sibly ascendant.

The Moon (People) in the Uranus-Eris chart at 11+ Leo was conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo, furthering Trump’s belief he was Destiny’s child.

Perhaps it is the Uranus (breakthrough) conjunct Eris (discord) cycle that destiny prevailed upon to bring the not-so-buried discord in the US between the black-white, rich-poor, Dem-Pub, male-female extremes out in the open.

All cycles have a mission, so to speak, a challenge to humanity to overcome some flaw. The outer planets aim big to make strides in the evolution of mortals into something akin to the gods they symbolize, perhaps even greater than those flawed gods and goddesses.

If so, they picked a perfect symbol of a flawed human, and we got the message, at least 60%
of us so far. You never know how good you had it until it’s gone, but you can always build back better, right?

Very interesting, Barb, and I like your theory about religious people getting to Heaven faster now, Barb, but they are breaking the commandment, “thou shall not kill” if they ignore the safety protocols.

I have been deliberating on what #4 from Nancy’s list above could mean.

“4. Biden’s indicators all look promising except for a patch from mid-December to January 2. While transiting Saturn will be square his natal Moon, progressed Moon will be square his Saturn. This looks like a significant feeling of personal grief, perhaps over the holidays and remembering his lost son, Beau, or perhaps from the illness or passing of someone close. Or possibly, it will just be his discovery of how truly wretched a state the country is in after four years of the Monster in charge.”

Of course it could mean anything from a financial setback (I just read that Disney is laying off 32,000 employees) to something related to a war that Trump tries to trigger. Then, today, just before exiting my car to go into the house, I heard on an NPR interview with a woman who lost her mother to Covid (symptoms on Sunday, dead on Thursday), and she mentioned an Atlantic writer who forecast that, as a result of unprotected gatherings today, people would take sick by the middle of Dec. and be dead by Christmas (the exact words were “be in the morgue”)…and it clicked in that maybe this would be the cause of Biden’s grief.

We attended a gathering of 6 family members who seem to be pretty careful, the doors and windows were open, we wore masks when we weren’t eating, we pretty much social distanced — and yet, I probably took an unnecessary risk.

It was Andre’s theory about religious people getting to Heaven faster now…not Barb’s.

Sharon, the 1st time transiting Saturn was square Joe’s’s Moon was late in March through early April. Do we know of any problem he was having then? Transiting Saturn in his 2nd house, natal Moon in his 5th – anything to do with property, finances, home, family, children?

If so, it could be a repeat of that. His Moon rules his 8th house too, so there’s that.

Joe’s natal Saturn in Gemini is in his 7th house of partner and the Full Moon on Monday that conjuncts US Uranus will also conjunct Joe’s Saturn. It could be a Trump created distraction, if not disaster, that Joe has to contain (Saturn).

The FM chart’s Mercury conjuncts his natal Sun and they sextile US Pluto + trans. Pallas, Saturn and Jupiter, which sounds work-related, although his Sun trines his natal Jupiter which is opposite transiting Jupiter. Could be overwhelming.

Sharon, I mentioned this several weeks ago to Andre that Biden’s grief could be the increase in the death rate from Covid. I agree with you,

“Or possibly, it will just be his discovery of how truly wretched a state the country is in after four years of the Monster in charge.”

I really feel for President-Elect Biden during the next month.

Ja, I agree with you. God bless Joe Biden. I hope he gets help from the other side. It’s incredible that Republicans leave such a mess behind their terms in office and yet people keep voting for them.


Amy Coney Barrett is exactly what we knew she would be. Packing the court to correct this problem seems to be off the table for now, so we may very well be stuck with a reactionary court for the time being that pleases suicidal religious Christian Conservatives—to the detriment of the rest of us.

The upshot, as I have said before, is that Barrett’s arrogance will accelerate the decline of Christianity in the US. It was already heading in that direction, but bad actors like her will turn off many who don’t want rulings on the law to be grounded in reactionary religious dogma.

Before Trump announced his run for the presidency on June 16, 2015, there was a lunar eclipse conjunct the US natal Saturn on April 4, 2015, eighteen days after the last of 7 squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto.

The eclipsed Moon at 14 Libra 24 that was conjunct US Saturn at 14 Libra 48, was also conjunct Trump’s natal Chiron at 14 Libra 54 and his natal Juno at 14 Libra 48.

The eclipsed Moon + US Saturn was square transiting Pluto at 15+ Capricorn and opposite transiting Uranus at 16+ Aries which was conjunct the trans. Sun. Uranus is the Awakener and Sun is Consciousness. No wonder Trump felt compelled to run for the office.

The Uranus-Pluto squares were about awakening Humanity to the corruption in governments and big business, and Pluto would have to go to the very roots of the corruption, and for the US it took Trump, the Grand Destructor.

In the April 4, 2015 eclipsed Moon conjunct US Saturn chart, Neptune was at 8 Pisces 36 and conjunct US natal Ceres and square US natal Uranus in Gemini, and trine Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer. I believe it was the Eclipse chart’s Neptune conjunct US natal Ceres (nurturer) and trine Trump’s natal Mercury, that made so many US voters see Trump as a parent if you will. Someone to be respected.

Also the Eclipse chart’s Sun + Uranus in Aries was trine Jupiter at 12+ Leo and all were trine the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius, sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Vacuum Cleaner because of its powerful magnatism. The GA was sextile the Full Moon in Libra and Trump’s Chiron and US natal Saturn.

PS: Trump’s natal Arachne (famous for spinning superior webs after she was turned into a spider) is at 14+ Aries, where the Sun – that was conjunct Uranus – was in the lunar eclipse that was conjunct US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron/Juno. The power of grand trines can move mountains.

With its new member, SCOTUS becomes anti-science.


I can’t help but fear that Trump was behind this assassination in Iran. It’s fishy that Pompeo was just in Israel two weeks ago.


We all would lile a return to “normal.” But how can that take place as long as such a large swath of our population is so prone to disinformation, misinformation, and bizarre conspiracy theories? We all have our biases, and dare I say, we all have something about which we are mistaken, or possibly even deluded. But rarely have so many of us been so paranoid as to be bereft of any “common sense” in regards to whom should govern, how we should be governed, or what might be the basic ideas and principles through which our economy and society should function.

Before Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris are inaugurated, they are already subject to the widespread notion their election was illegitimate, and now “The Great Reset,” a conspiracy theory promulgated by many right wingers, including some on the Fox “News” channel.

Does this madness ever end?!?!?!

Another good explanation of “The Great Reset”.

The coronavirus pandemic ‘Great Reset’ theory and a false vaccine claim debunked

First paragraph:
“We start with the revival of the baseless conspiracy theory, known as the ‘Great Reset’, which claims a group of world leaders orchestrated the pandemic to take control of the global economy.”


Has this thread maxed out yet?

Eliseo – I figure it’s not gonna end until we figure out how to deprogram 74+ million people. And I have no clue how to do that!

Especially with T* now seemingly to plan on launching his 2024 presidency bid ON Biden’s Inauguration Day. Any Astro projections if he does stick to that time schedule? Of course, he’ll plan a big rally while the Biden’s will either ensure social distancing and masks or a virtual inauguration.

On a bright note, tho… The Bidens are going to adopt a shelter kitty to accompany Champ and Major to the White House. I would love to see one of the dogs bring the swearing in bible to Joe!

Is there any better way to ensure the Trumps leave post-haste?! I like to envision kitty claws hanging off T*’s big butt, with the German Shepherds nipping at his heels all the way out the door, with Melania’s undecorated tree weeping branches everywhere as they go! (LOL)

Donald Trump has natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn, where Today, transiting Pluto at 23+ Cap and transiting Jupiter at 25+ Cap seem to accompany his Pholus to some destination.

Pholus is associated with a particular myth that started with the uncorking of a bottle of wine. That wine was not his alone, but he was assigned by the other centaurs to protect it. The story goes that this presumption of Pholus to open that wine bottle without permission from the other centaurs, created a free-for-all in which many centaurs, including Pholus were killed.

Thus the “small cause (bottle of wine), big effect (mayhem)” expression is linked to centaur Pholus by astrologers. Donald Trump’s natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn opposes the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, which Trump’s Saturn and Venus, and Joe Biden’s Jupiter conjunct.

US Mercury in Cancer, which symbolizes thinking and communication generally in the US, being in opposition to Trump’s Pholus (just 3 degrees from the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, and 4 degrees from today’s trans. Saturn at 28+ Capricorn), understandably has lost any sense of continuity it might have had about 5 years ago.

One could imagine Trump as part of a process to fragment the thinking and communicating functions of the US so as to redefine those functions. That sounds like a job for Pluto to me; tear down and rebuild.

The Scorpio New Moon (ruled by Pluto) 2 weeks ago at 23+ Scorpio was trine the US Constitution chart’s Nessus (another centaur, this one associated with abuse of power) at 24+ Pisces, which opposes the US Constitution chart’s Sun (consciousness) at 24+ Virgo. The US Mercury at 24+ Cancer forms a grand trine with that Scorpio New Moon 2 weeks ago and the US Constitution Nessus in Pisces.

Since the US Constitution chart Sun in Virgo (so close to US natal Neptune!) opposes the Constitution Nessus, it (Constitution Nessus), appears to be the designated driver of the grand trine it shares with US Mercury and the Nov. 14th Scorpio New Moon.

But wait; Trump’s Pholus in Cap opposes US natal Mercury who is in the grand trine with the Scorpio New Moon and the Constiution Nessus, so should the designated driver of the Grand Trine be US Mercury?

When a 4th planet is added to a grand trine and opposes one of the 3 participants in that grand trine, it is called a Kite pattern. It’s job is to single out which of the 3 participating in the grand trine is the focus of the energy of said grand trine.

So in this case, is it the US Mercury in Cancer (opposite Trump’s Pholus in Cap), or is it the Constitution Nessus in Pisces (opposite Constitution Sun in Virgo) that is the focal point?

Or, is it a Trump Pholus in Cap (opposite US Mercury) trine Constitution Sun in Virgo (opposite Constitution Nessus), both of which trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began at 22+ Taurus (opposite Nov. 14 New Moon), pulling just one more rabbit out of its 20 year old hat before bowing out in 4 weeks?

Aha! Maybe that’s the eclipsed Full Moon that conjuncts US natal Uranus in 2 days has up its sleeve.

In that Full Moon chart the South Node (what needs to be taken out) at 25+ Capricorn, conjuncts Trump’s natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn. Well, that does indeed sound like a job for Pluto.

Wow, I have no idea what chart I was looking at when I wrote that the South Node in the Full Moon on Nov. 30 was at 25+ Capricorn. Please disregard.

BarbK, It’s hard to follow the complexity of that Pholus/ SN/ Full Moon/ Nessus/ Pluto and whoever loop, but it sure sounds like it fits in with this picture in the Washington Post! The mechanics of the actual transition to come are a mind bender for sure.

All one can wish for is that the Georgia situation will be a clear win for both Dems and then things could get a clear go-ahead. Reading that article, it seems like a lot to wish for. Too many asteroids, and not enough bulldozers (is that politically in-correct?). 🙂


“Trump continues to maintain that he won the 2020 election. Wedded to this alternative reality, his supporters are circulating articles wondering how Biden–who was ahead by significant numbers in all pre-election polls– could possibly have won the election… against a president who, for the first time since modern polling began, never cracked a 50% approval rating. Many of Trump’s supporters believe him when he downplays coronavirus, which just passed the landmark of causing at least 200,000 cases in a single day. Today NBC reporter Dasha Burns echoed the words of South Dakota nurse Jodi Doering two weeks ago, saying that three days in Appalachian hospitals had revealed a world in which “hard-hit communities still don’t believe COVID is real. Misinformation is rampant.” Burns told of patients who, according to nurses, “don’t believe they have COVID until they’re in critical condition.”
Burns goes on to say: “Ultimately, politicization and misinformation around COVID are having tragic real-world consequences.” Health care workers “are watching neighbors die because they were told by leaders they trust that this virus is a hoax.”
Trump’s vision is destroying faith in our electoral system and spreading death. It is destabilizing our democracy, an outcome that helps those who are eager to see America’s influence in the world decline.

In contrast, Biden is trying to will into existence a country in which we can accomplish anything, saving ourselves from the ravages of coronavirus, rebuilding the economy, and joining those countries eager to defend equality before the law.”


Could not agree more Beowulfie, even eliminating the SN and the Full Moon tomorrow which I mistakenly thought it was in (duh!), there are 5 charts that story path meanders through. However, the puzzle pieces of why we have had to endure this man for 4 years finally makes sense to me.

Simple version is Trump’s Pholus, surrounded by trans. Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto + US Pluto, opposes US Mercury (and Trump’s own Venus/Saturn + Biden’s Jupiter), and (I left this out last night) is T-squared by trans. Eris in Aries, and for a while by trans. Mars (and again in late December).

This set off a reaction in the Nov. 14 NM chart and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart ending in late December. Call it the Trump stall tactic.

The Scorpio NM on Nov. 14 that was trine US Mercury, which trines US Constitution Nessus, has created a vortex of energy that has been impenetrable. All that should end by mid to late December.

Wish I could read your Washington Post article but I don’t do financial transactions on line.

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