29th Nov, 2020

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Seven more weeks of lunacy! We are in the countdown.


Thank you Nancy.

What do you make of this?

It’s Gone!

As mysteriously as it arrived, a metal monolith that was discovered last week by Utah public safety workers is now gone, officials said on Saturday.

The three-sided metal structure was removed on Friday evening “by an unknown party” from the public land it was found on, the federal Bureau of Land Management’s Utah office said in a statement.

The bureau said it had not removed the monolith, which it considers “private property.”

The Utah Department of Public Safety said on Monday that it had found the object while surveying for bighorn sheep.

Another certifiable nut case!


Ja, Here is one theory as to why the “monolith” was there. That general area has been used as a set for many films or series, many with Sci Fi themes.


A metaphor for Pluto.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell wrote, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Wow, Andre… maybe it was the monolith story above your message, or maybe it was Star Trek which I have on TV right now, but reading your message on Campbell made me immediately see Luke crawling into the “cave” during his “study” with Yoda!

Either that, or life lately is too much like living in a Hollywood drama, if not SciFi, itself!

Has anyone given any thought to how losing sec 203 of Communications act would effect message bases like this and others — those that are not part of the larger “social media” empire like Twitter and Facebook?

I admit I took down my active message base on my site quite a while ago, mainly because of being held accountable as well as some of what was written to me and others on the site from the religious nuts. Having lived thru the satanic panic and moved into an area where even card reading was outlawed at the time, I’m primed to worry about what these nuts will do to nature religion worshippers should they get more power. And nothing they’ve done so far have dissuaded me from those decisions.

slighykc, tomorrow’s Gemini Full Moon lunar eclipse at 8 Gemini 38, conjuncts US natal Uranus at 8 Gemini 55, and is semisquare (45 deg) US natal Mercury at 24 Cancer 11 rx, which is opposite transiting Pluto at 23 Capricorn 15, which is sesquiquadrate (135 deg) the Gemini Full Moon eclipse and the US natal Uranus.

Because of this, I would guess that Section 230 could very well be eliminated in the near future and what we say and quote and avail links to could possibly be scrutinized in the future.

“I’m primed to worry about what these nuts will do to nature religion worshippers should they get more power. And nothing they’ve done so far have dissuaded me from those decisions.”

This is a very, very serious concern of mine as well.
Beto O’Rourke hopes to make Internet companies liable for not being proactive in taking down “hate speech”.
Joe Biden has also called for Section 203 protections to be weakened or otherwise “revoked” for “big tech.” Such Dems mean well, but their policy proposals might do as much inadvertant harm as the good they intend.

The problem I see is in part a matter of definitions, especially as seen by radical far right, so called “Christian” judges, and justices. This applies to local yokel small town judges, US supreme court justices and all inbetween.

Justice Antonin Scalia believed in a literal Devil, having often stated he believed most of the problems the US faces are spawned by Satan. How would our newest supreme justice, Amy Coney Barrett define and interpret content on the internet? I’m pretty sure her views would not be favorable to Pagans, Wiccans, Heretics, Native American religionists, or anyone else she might regard as an enemy of “God.”

I too remember well the “Satanic Panic,” and the damage it did to individuals, families, and in some cases entire communities.

During that period I worked in mental health facilities where we often encountered patients and families traumatized by events and actions stemming from such paranoia.

Because of the Satanic Panic, court cases in Wenatchee, WA were severely skewed, bringing extraordinary harm to many innocent people, some of whom remain in jail.

A UU minister in Texas, close friend of mine went to jail for allowing a pagan group to circle on the wooded land behind his church. It was a really crazy period back then.

And now again comes the craziness. In this environment, no telling how broadly courts might define or interpret the language in any revision of section 203. If someone praised the horned god, on an internet site, would some fanatical pseudo-Christian fundamentalist or evangelical misinterpret it as praising Satan? …Or as anti-christian hate speech?

As nuts as we might perceive it, such a scenario is not implausible. An individual or small group running the website might be compelled to remove the comment as they would not be able to afford the legal costs involved in contesting the decision.

We are certainly fortunate to have a Dem House, and Dem president and VP, but we are not done yet. At best, we’ll have a near even Dem/R senate, and literally 100’s of extreme far right federal judges and other officials appointed by Bush, and Trump to contend with. And that’s not to mention the nut case sheriffs, police officers, or anyone else in local power and how they will react on the net, and in person. 74 million Americans voted for the degenerate, debauched, delusional saboteur presently in the White House. It may be a matter of degree, but for many, depending on location, openly espousing any variety of cultural “heresy” especially nature religion worship, in person, or on the net, may become perilous until such time as we can sufficiently tame, ameliorate, or deprogram the insanity afflicting so many in the US, and across the globe.

Andre, Thank you for responding! In two weeks the electoral college will meet and vote while a solar eclipse occurs. Might the electors defy the popular will? I think they will dethrone the Mad King. Thank you, Professor Bertonasco


I was never a fan of Antonin Scalia at all – but I also believe in Satan – I have felt and heard and seen his/her/it in people and it sent shivers up my spine – there is no question in my mind that Satan is alive and operating in this world through a number of “human” hosts: Trump, McConnell, Matt Goetz, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Steve Hilton, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and my new favorite slut-bucket-from-hell Trump enabler, Maria Bartiromo. My blood boils when I see them/hear them. I watch them on Fox to challenge any “bias” but have yet to find any of them redeemable.

One of these days when I can get past the outrage, maybe I will make some room for insight about how/why people can take such dark turn.

So Joe Biden twisted his ankle and fractured his foot playing with his dog. sigh. Maybe that’s Neptune sweeping his feet (Pisces) from under him (IC)? Or Uranus (sudden breaks) squaring his Pluto and opposing his Mars. At any rate I guess this will put a damper on his spirits over the next few weeks and then picking up the transiting Saturn square his Moon in mid-December. Good to know he’ll be in better spirits come January!

Biden receives his first intel briefing today.
What might the full moon eclipse reveal to our President-elect?

From Lorna Bevan:

Stay mindful that we haven’t yet reached the very end of the rickety bridge between worlds that is 2020. Tempting as it is to engage in comforting magic thinking about the approaching Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction at the December 21st Solstice, we are now being tumbled in an eclipse wormhole through time that extends right to the Plutonic Capricorn New Moon on January 13 2021.

Between now and then, two cosmic wild card eclipses activate the Gemini/Sagittarius Axis of Truth. This intense photonic light creates a geophysical shock window that extends from 28th November – 3rd December then from the 7th – 21st December (!). Expect emotional and literal high tides, storm surges and sudden shifts in your energy field. Use all the grounding tools you have to stay centered.


peter, good question. One possibility might be something about the eclipse chart’s Mercury (intelligence briefing) at 27+ Scorpio (hush hush, shared resources) being sextile US natal Pluto (power) at 27+ Capricorn (government) in the US natal chart 2nd house (property, $$, what is most valued) is putting pressure (in the form of a Yod) on the US Constitution chart’s Juno (symbolizes partners and also inequality) at 27+ Gemini.

That US Constitution chart Juno is trine US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius, which the Eclipse chart’s Mercury squares.

The US Pluto is joined by the eclipse chart’s Pallas (warrior goddess known for strategic prowess) at 27+ Cap and is joined by trans. Jupiter at 26 Cap and trans. Saturn at 28+ Cap.

Since the lunar eclipse conjuncts the US natal Uranus (breakthrough), which squares US Ceres (nature, nurture) I think this is about the Covid vaccine, and how many people can get vaccinated, and how soon, and in what order.

I suspect the vaccinations for US People will be delayed after government people get theirs, then the front liners, then the regular citizens last. Just a guess.

Thanks ja; but, grounding tools? There are grounding tools?

Kamela Harris Birthchart:

Sorry, everyone. My site will not let me hotlink directly to the chart. So I did a page instead:


If you might be experiencing PTSD here is a website to look at thanks to Kim at Intuitview.



This link was hotlinked . . .what does that mean?

Sorry, everyone for the bad link. Post and page:


Hotlinked means a file is directly linked from the site without a page. My site won’t let me do that, so you couldn’t see the chart directly. it is in the page linked below along with an interpretation, though.


Yesterday’s eclipsed Full Moon that was conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini was opposite Kamala Harris’ natal Juno and the transiting Sun (consciousness) at 8+ Sagittarius, so what does that mean?

First consider that the Neptune-Pluto cycle began at 8+ Gemini, so yesterday’s eclipsed FM has also activated that cycle, and in the Neptune-Pluto chart the Uranus at 27+ Libra is conjunct Kamala’s natal Sun at 27+ Libra. That Uranus in the Neptune-Pluto chart was square Venus in the same chart at 27+ Cancer.

Yesterday’s lunar eclipse chart had Pallas (the strategist) at 27+ Capricorn, conjunct US natal Pluto, that opposed the Venus in the Neptune-Pluto chart that Camilla’s natal Sun and the Uranus in the Neptune-Pluto chart T-squares.

In the Neptune-Pluto chart, Juno was at 28+ Aquarius which conjuncts Kamala’s natal Saturn at 28+ Aquarius which conjuncts US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

This thorny T-square that involves (1) a lunar eclipse that conjuncts (2) US Uranus and the (3) long running Neptune-Pluto cycle that started conjunct US Uranus, and (4) the VP elect Harris, will likely tell us (US Moon) the problem – when exposed – which will shock us (US Uranus) because it has been going on for so long, and it all will be exposed by the new VP, and could involve money or other things of value (Venus), and it will provide a breakthrough (Uranus) in government skulduggery.

That’s how I see it anyway.

The way I see it, yesterday’s eclipse was pivotal in many ways. It brought home the burdens of office to a greater degree for the President and VP-elect with their first intelligence briefing: the eclipse was on Biden’s Saturn in the 7th house. It emphasized concerns about his health with his sudden fracture to this foot. It brought great numbers of travellers for Thanksgiving who will worsen the pandemic in coming weeks which will be a major concern for Biden.

The lunar eclipse also brought civil war between parts of the GOP as all states have now certified the election. Trump has attacked Republican governors and basically told them to break the law. On the other hand, the eclipse brings in competent and honest members of the new Administration. But, more unsettling, it has also brought threats to the outgoing director of cybersecurity in DHS from a Trump lawyer, which I perceive as an invitation to domestic terrorism.

So, a mixed and not entirely reassuring bag which will lead us to the December 14 solar eclipse, which will see the Electoral College confirm the result of the election. That will in effect be the end of his Presidency.

Sharing Thom Hartmann’s Nov. 30 very interesting article, as the Electoral College occurs December 14, Solar Eclipse, conjunct Mercury, same day the electors do their thing. I wouldn’t put anything past the horrible R’s — possibly why so many are supporting tRump’s non-concession. I fear we are not done with this nightmare, and there are more Rethug-led states.

“Fascists and oligarchs within the Republican Party are already beginning preparations to steal the 2024 presidential election. Trump, it turns out, was just a dry run for them.

Their allies in the media are coming together, too. This weekend a Fox & Friends host suggested that Trump shouldn’t have to go through the courts to stay President; Republicans in swing state legislatures should simply award their state’s electors to him.

Fascists often seem, in the beginning, like nice guys who just want to change the world for the better. They just think that things need to be more orderly and tidy, and that a small number of very smart, very wealthy people need to be in charge to ensure social and political stability. And it always ends the same way: in tragedy.

When Biden won, Republicans in the Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona legislatures refused to direct their electors to vote for Trump. They could have given him four more years; the Constitution is clear on this. But they chose to put America above the GOP. Country over party.

Many are now facing 2022 primary challenges from Trumpy Republicans who were willing to ignore the election results and keep Trump in the White House. Presumably, they will do the same for any Republican with similar fascist tendencies.

In 60 years, the GOP has gone from an electoral strategy of embracing white racists (Nixon), to a strategy of suppressing Democratic votes (Florida 2000), to now a strategy of simply ignoring the results of elections and using legislative power to appoint a president via the Electoral College.

And it’s not as if we weren’t warned. Back in March, a conservative friend in DC told me Republicans were discussing this option if Trump lost the popular vote in the election. I wrote an OpEd about it that was widely circulated, and I discussed it on my program with Tom Perez and elected Democratic legislators.

Now, even hosts on Fox are openly and enthusiastically embracing the idea of Republicans state legislators simply overruling the votes of their people. Again, this is totally legal and would almost certainly be upheld by the Supreme Court.

It’s in the Constitution.

That Constitutional loophole could give the next authoritarian Republicans try to put in the White House the absolute power to ignore the will of the people and take this country down the road so well traveled in the past by Germany, Japan, Italy and Spain.

Today, authoritarian leaders of previously democratic nations have given the next Republican president a more modern blueprint for flipping America into oligarchy and neofascism. From Hungary to The Philippines, Poland, India, and Brazil, democracy is under attack and neofascists have seized power.

When the electoral college was put in the constitution, it could take a week for news to travel from one end of the country to the other. The idea was that electors would go to DC and meet the candidates, and have the discretion to weed out people of “low moral character.”

In the Federalist papers, Alexander Hamilton justified the electoral college by writing: “The process of election [by the electoral college],” Hamilton wrote, “affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

Indeed, while a knave or rogue or traitor may fool enough people to even ascend to the office of mayor of a city or governor of a state, Hamilton believed the Electoral College would ferret out such an incompetent or traitor.

Hamilton wrote, “Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence” of the men in the Electoral College who would put “the whole Union…” first.

It took 240 years, but Hamilton’s optimism and hope for America has nearly been defeated. It took 50 years and the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars by a massive rightwing Billionaire donor and media network, but they are on the edge of success.

Every American who cares about our democratic republican form of government must push to end the Electoral College before 2024. Weather by constitutional amendment, by law, or by the National Popular Vote interstate compact, this is vital.

Similarly, Americans who care about the ideals of our nation must also fight the election of those pro-oligarchy Republicans who are today plotting to take over swing state legislatures, and pass federal election law updates to make it harder for rightwing billionaires to buy their seats for them.”

Marija, it is clear the crisis of the American political system will continue. Trumpism will survive Trump and will still be a major force in the 2022 mid-terms. But that is likely to be its last stand. There are clear astrological signs there will be a positive new beginning in 2024. I have written for over a year that this election would not resolve underlying issues. Initially, I thought Trump would be reelected. Thankfully, he was not, but the new Administration still has a tough chart which means it will face powerful headwinds.

The eclipse on December 14 and the final passage of Pluto at 24 Capricorn this month will not only bring the end of Trump. More notably, it will also mean Pluto’s final passage in opposition to US Mercury at 24 Cancer, which has poisoned political discourse in the country . There are other major negative aspects to overcome in the next four years, but this is clearly one of them. Polarization should begin to decline in January.

The lessons of Trump’s nearly successful coup will have to be taught to future generations who will some day face a similar challenge, although it is clear that the combination of Uranus square US Pluto, a Pluto return opposite the US Sun, Pluto square Eris, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction and a Neptune semi-return will not return for a very long time. The only equivalent in US history was Mad King George III at the Revolution, a reality he denied until he died.

The next inordinately stressful times in US history will be the Uranus return of 2027-28, which points to a historic crisis of unknown origin, internal or external, and the Uranus-Pluto opposition on the US Moon in the mid-2040s, which if anything points to a revolutionary challenge from the left. In the short term, we will have to survive an economic crash, courtesy of the Saturn-Uranus square in 2021.

Another connection to yesterday’s eclipsed Full Moon and the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini was the Winter Solstice chart on December 21, 2012, thought by many to also be the End of the Mayan Long Count calendar. In other words, an uncharted leap forward.

This chart’s Jupiter was at 8+ Gemini which was at the apex of a Yod with the chart’s sextile between Pluto at 8+ Capricorn and Saturn at 8+ Scorpio. This meant that the 2012 Winter Solstice Jupiter was not comfortable being conjunct US natal Uranus or being quincunx both the chart’s Pluto and Saturn. Understandable.

Perhaps it had something to do with the 2nd term of US Pres. Obama and VP Biden that would begin January the following year. This Jupiter, on Dec. 21, 2012, was almost 12 years into its cycle with Saturn that started in May, 2000, a cycle that will be ending in 21 days, but on that day in 2012, Jupiter was quincunx Saturn who was sextile Pluto, who also was quincunx Jupiter, and the pressure to “adjust” was on Jupiter. Something to do with expansion or foreign interests perhaps. Something to do with 9-11 in 2001?

Anyway, that day on the Winter Solstice of 2012, Jupiter was also one degree from Joe Biden’s natal Saturn at 9+ Gemini, as Andre pointed out, and likely Joe’s Saturn was feeling the pressure of that sextile between trans. Saturn and Pluto too.

In some way, I feel this placement of transiting Jupiter in the “2012 Winter solstice /end of Mayan calendar” chart plays a role in yesterday’s eclipsed Moon-conjunct-US Uranus. The 2012 chart’s Mars at 26+ Capricorn conjuncts yesterday’s eclipsed FM Pallas at 27+ Capricorn and the US natal Pluto, not to mention transiting Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn too.

That 2012 chart’s Mars in Cap was sextile the 2012 chart’s Pallas (strategy) at 25+ Pisces and both were quincunx Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo, so this Yod was pushing Trump to adjust too, back in 2012.

Could be that yesterday’s eclipsed Full Moon that was conjunct US natal Uranus, and conjunct the Neptune-Pluto cycle start degree, and the Jupiter in the 2012 Winter Solstice, a solstice that was pushing both Biden and Trump to adjust (due to Yod pressures) . . .

. . is about something in the distant past of our country and Biden’s and Trump’s too.

In the Inauguration chart for January 20, 2021, I just noticed that transiting Saturn (7+ Aquarius) and Jupiter (3+ Aquarius) are on either side of the US natal South Node (out with the old) and natal Pholus (small cause, big effect), both at 6+ Aquarius, and all are square the chart’s Mars-Uranus conjunction at 6+ Taurus.

The new Jupiter-Mercury 1 year cycle that starts on January 11th at 5+ Aquarius will also conjunct the US natal South Node + Pholus, and square trans. Uranus at 6+ Taurus rx as trans Saturn (2+ Aquarius) squares trans. Mars (2+ Taurus). However, the transiting Moon-Venus in Capricorn will be trine trans. Mars.

Uranus stations direct on the 14th. The Biden gang will hit the decks running.

Andre — thank you for the optimism! I’m hoping the electors have a conscience, but after the repugnant and dishonest 4 years we just lived though, nothing surprises me. Looking to a more evolved time and that positive new beginning in 2024.

For years I’ve been hearing and reading about the U.S. Pluto return, and to expect CHANGE and REFORMS. I’m anticipating “much-needed” changes, and believe the past 4 years, as dreadful as they were, shed light on so many needed changes so we can move forward in a positive way. The electoral college, healthcare, court term limits — just a few examples.

Marija, don’t forget the basic truth about a Pluto return is that is is a near-death experience. Anyone who has seen Pluto cross his or her Sun, as I have recently, will know what I am talking about. It takes that experience to deeply and truly let go of the outworn and dangerous past. After that comes the rebirth which makes everything worthwhile.

opinion from nyt’s:

One encouraging sign of this president’s inept scheme to abolish democracy was his own AG’s assertion today that absolutely no fraud was a factor in the late presidential election that ousted him from power. The president does have his party and enablers on Capitol Hill who avoid acknowledging Joe Biden as President-elect as if were a curse word to be avoided at all costs.

The president personally lobbied officials of the six major sawing states to do his bidding to overturn the election results. He excoriated Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey for not doing his bidding and showing proper loyalty.

The right to vote is sacred to every American and for a sitting president to claim that voting adds up to a misdemeanor shows how unfit he was to hold the office he now refuses to leave peacefully or gracefully.


Ja, it is interesting that Susan Rice’s op/ed is titled American Democracy’s near-death experience. Fitting words for the US Pluto return.

Details may not be perfect, but the new tone set by Biden seems to be starting, thankfully, to catch on.

Interesting that although Biden is a Scorpio and Obama is a Leo, they get along well. Biden’s Sun at 27+ Scorpio and his Venus at 28+ Scorpio conjunct Obama’s MC at 28+ Scorpio.

Obama’s Moon at 3+ Gemini conjuncts Biden’s Uranus at 2+ Gemini and his 7th house cusp at 3+ Gemini, while Biden’s MC at 19+ Virgo is just 3 degrees from Obama’s Mars at 22+ Virgo and the US natal Neptune also at 22+ Virgo.

They have their differences though; Biden’s natal Jupiter at 25+ Cancer opposes Obama’s natal Saturn at 25+ Capricorn and Obama’s Moon at 1+ Cancer squares Biden’s Neptune at 1+ Libra and the US Sibly chart MC at 1+ Libra, but Obama’s Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius trines them, although it squares Biden’s Moon at 0+ Taurus. Nice balance all in all.

“I think we’ll look back on this as one of the most historic months of the last hundred years… It was the month where American democracy was poisoned intentionally, deliberately with lies” –


Presidential pardons, however, do not provide protection against state or local crimes. Thank Heaven!

Trump Has Discussed With Advisers Pardons for His 3 Eldest Children and Giuliani
Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is promoting baseless claims of widespread election fraud, talked about a pardon with President Trump as recently as last week.


Another hallmark of the imminent planetary ingresses into Aquarius:

The race to acquire “supercold” freezers for the vaccine.


Aquarius quite often is on the chilly side of things.

Ja, the fact that pardons are even being discussed indicates that everyone knows all concerned are, without a doubt, guilty of criminal behavior.
What honest person has ‘presidential pardon’ at the forefront of mind?

Pardons are not only ineffective against state crimes, they also cannot protect you against unspecified crimes. If Trump pardoned Ivanka, for example, he would have to say what for. Pardons are always an admission of guilt. They can’t protect you against hidden or unknown crimes.

Also, they can’t protect you against future crimes.

And they can’t protect you from a corruption charge if you took money or some other favor in exchange for the pardon.

This is not an unqualified get-out-of-jail card.

The Supreme Court may well be called upon to define such limits to the pardon power.

Trump might well try to steal the show on Inauguration Day by announcing his 2024 candidacy in a speech in the Rose Garden just before his term expires at noon.

This would fit with the Mars-Uranus conjunction on that day, which will make it dramatic and unusual. Trump is a Mars-Uranus person. His natal Mars in Leo is conjunct his Ascendant, and his Sun is conjunct Uranus, in his case a very harmful mix.

It would also fit the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th in the Biden Administration chart. Trump will remain a destabilizing force and a major irritant as long as that chart is in operation. Trump may not be the only explanation for that aspect, but he may increasingly encourage political violence and remain a constant thorn in Biden’s side. The effects of this chart, and the Mars-Uranus conjunction in it, would cease before the end of Biden’s term if he were to leave office for whatever reason before 2024.

That is my understanding as well. Were Trump to pardon himself, (a dubious and probably unconstitutional act in itself) I don’t think he would specify particular crimes, certainly not while adamantly maintaining his general innocence. Were he to resign in expectation Pence would pardon him, again the pardon would likely be lacking in specificity.

Furthermore, a pardon would not only NOT protect him from state crimes, but would further motivate the SDNY prosecuters to more assiduously pursue him. AND, he might well be prosecuted for money laundering previous to his presidency, plus revealing classified information to his Russian buddies while in office, a violation covered by the espionage act of 1917. A reasonable case for sedition could also be made against him.

In any case, Trump’s best bet would be to (A) make sure all his money is ensconced securely in Swiss banks, and (B) immediately relocate to a country with no extradition treaty with the US.

I suspect he is too delusional and muddle headed to do either of those.. Sticking around to announce his 2024 candicacy minutes before the Biden inauguration sounds about right.

Trump is also a Mars-Uranus person because his Mars in Leo is sextile his Uranus in Gemini, which is in turn conjunct US Mars.

From Ralfee Finn:

there is good astral news at the end of this arduous year. On the solstice, which occurs on December 21at 5:02 AM EST, another wheel-turning astral event takes place. While it’s not unlike the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in its intensity, this is a constructive, positive, and hopeful signature. At 1:20 PM EST—six hours after the winter solstice signals the return of the light—an exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs at 0° Aquarius 29′. Ancient astrologers, who were also astronomers, called Jupiter and Saturn the “Great Chronocrators”; both planets were (and still are) visible to the naked eye and both move more slowly (Saturn especially) in their orbits around the Sun than the other planets and thus were more closely associated with the passage of time. Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct every twenty years, and our ancestral sky watchers believed those conjunctions to be indicators of a new cycle.


ja, thanks for the Ralphee Finn link; she’s always good.

As she noted, the Winter Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction are just 8 hours apart (by my count) but the US is also having it’s 3rd in a series of 3 Ceres Returns, just 14 hours before the Winter Solstice.

This means 3 cycles begin between 12/20/20 at 2:55 PM and 12/21/20 at 1:22 PM, all at Washington DC time, in less than a span of 24 hours.

All 3 charts show Saturn and Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius;

all 3 charts have Neptune at 18+ Pisces T-square the Nodes at 19+ Gemini and Sagittarius;

all 3 charts have Uranus at 6+ Taurus (rx) T-square the US natal nodes at 6+ Leo and Aquarius;

all 3 charts have Eris (+ Mars) at 23+ Aries square Pluto at 23+ Capricorn.

Each of these cycles have identical “plans” but the US Ceres is for just 4 years, the Winter Solstice is just for 3 months, and Jupiter-Saturn is for 20 years.

Sounds to me like the Solstice is reinforcing the startup of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle for the whole world, while the Ceres Return is reinforcing the Jupiter-Saturn cycle – for the US only – for the next 4 years, and all 3 cycles are emphasing outer planet influenced decision making, and all 3 are challenging.

Weird – Weirder – Weirdest!
(1) The faction of R’s who are claiming fraud, are loudly, vociferously, and quite animatedly demanding the video footage of the voting AND of the vote counting from the TCF center, as they claim Trump won Wisconsin. Problem is the TCF center is in Detroit, MI.

(2) They also are demanding R’s NOT vote for the 2 Georgia senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, as
(A) they have not earned Georgia votes as they’ve not signed on fully to the Communist – Hugo Chavez – Venezuela – Cuba – China – Soros – Clinton – Obama – Biden
Steal the election from Trump conspiracy theory,
AND (B) voters would be throwing their votes away to China.

(3) They are demanding Georgia voters should en masse surround the governor’s house, demanding he (A) declare the GA election invalid, and (B) call for a special legislative session.

(4) So that the GA legislature can choose Trump electors.

(5) They are also demanding the Georgia Republican governor, the R lieutenant governor & their R secretary of state be thrown into jail for life immediately!

Were any of us here to submit such a plot to any Hollywood producer, I feel certain they would laugh us right out of their office for insulting them with such an implausible scenario, and our reputations as writers would be forever sullied.

See Brian Tyler Cohen youtube video
Top Trump lawyer sinks his OWN party with bombshell announcement

Planets Will Align Causing Rare ‘Christmas Star’ to Appear in the Sky This December

“Saturn and Jupiter will align into a beautiful bright star on 21 December. This will be the first time they align like this since the Middle Ages.

HISTORY OF THE CHRISTMAS STAR – The Star of Bethlehem has puzzled scholars for centuries. Some have skeptically dismissed the phenomenon as a myth, a mere literary device to call attention to the importance of the Nativity. Others have argued that the star was miraculously placed there to guide the Magi and is, therefore, beyond all natural explanations. According to Forbes, the two planets will look like a “double planet” and provide an extraordinary amount of light. The last time these two planets aligned like this was on March 4, 1226, according to astronomer Patrick Hartigan at Rice University. “Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare because of how close the planets will appear to be to one another. You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky,” Hartigan said in a statement.

The spectacular sighting will be viewable from anywhere on earth. “The planets will appear low in the western sky for about an hour after sunset as viewed from the northern hemisphere, and though they’ll be closest on December 21, you can look each evening that week. Although the sight will be sinking towards the horizon, it will be bright enough to be viewed in at twilight. All you need is an unobstructed view to the southwest, and to look to the southwest from about 45 minutes after sunset where you are,” Forbes states.”


Yesterday evening, Trump’s disgraced former National Security Advisor, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn– whom Trump recently pardoned after he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with then-Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak before Trump took office– retweeted a news release from a right-wing Ohio group called “We the People Convention.” That release contained a petition asking Trump to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, silence the media, and have the military “oversee a national re-vote.”


Angellight, for those who might wonder if the year 1226 had any significance, that was the year the Magna Carta reached its final form and definitively became part of English law. That document is generally seen as the ancestor for the Bill of Rights and the first constitutional limit on the abuse of power in history. The year 1215 is usually mentioned as the date of its first adoption. But it was revised, abolished and revived a few times until it became settled law in 1226. To celebrate the Magna Carta in these times is appropriate. The nobles who forced King John to sign the Magna Carta were excommunicated by the Pope at the King’s request, so there was a major power struggle going on, but conservatives lost then and they will lose again.

This opens the door to domestic terrorism once the Electoral College confirms Biden’s win on December 14. The Mars-Pluto square on December 23 is a concern.


Oh the price we pay for free speech Andre.

Mercury will be square Chiron too on December 23, but at least the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle will have kicked in, taking the onus off of the Earth element and onto the Air element. Maybe a war of words will be less disasterous than a war of bricks and bullets. Talk is cheap.

We in the US must choose to go forward (US North Node in Leo) or retreat (US South Node in Aquarius), thanks to transiting Uranus which T-squares them.

With the Jupiter-Saturn cycle just started so close to the US South Node in Aquarius, we are in for a lot of rhetoric. However, sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.

Since Neptune in Pisces in the Jupiter-Saturn chart (and in the Winter solstice chart, and the US Ceres Return chart) is T-square the transiting South Node in Sagittarius and the transiting North Node in Gemini, while opposing transiting Vesta (focus) in Virgo (so close to US natal Neptune), there will much chaos and confusion as we sort out our values.

Venus rules values and in the new Jupiter-Saturn 20 year cycle chart that starts on December 21, she opposes US NATAL Uranus which just got hit by a lunar eclipse the other day.

Perhaps this lunar eclipse conjunct our US Uranus (breakthrough) in Gemini (yadda yadda) which squares our US Ceres (nurturing) in Virgo (healing), is therapeutic; you know, get it all out there – your reasoning, your ideas, your grievances . . .

Might just be part of the process.

Eliseo, Angellight, and Andre, the extremism you have posted about is very concerning, as well as the challenges that barbk notes, but I must say that I’m excited about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that is producing a Christmas Star, not seen since the year 800. Peace & love to all.

Sharon K, that hope will overcome all obstacles, including the pandemic, political divisiveness and economic problems. I merely wish to point them out along the way where they exist.

Good to stop by and have a read. Blessings and health,

Apparently, the “Christmas Star” hasn’t been seen since 1226 or about 800 years ago, not the YEAR 800! (but who’s counting?)

Well here we are in Southern California about to lock down again. Our Governor, Gavin Newsom will be enforcing new orders similar to last spring except for the fact that things are much worse. The two hospitals in our community are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. The new restrictions will certainly last until after the holidays.

Can we at least enjoy hanukkah, Christmas, New Year and the Inauguration vs posting tons of astrological-fear and horror for the U.S? Maybe a little celebration about winning the election and the vaccine for the pandemic coming imminently might be be more helpful?

OK, Will. You remind me of something from JFK:

“We are not here to curse the darkness, we are here to light a candle.”

Atta boy Andre.

There have been 700 attempts to fix or abolish the Electoral College. One nearly succeeded in 1969.


Will, here is some good news for you from Heather Cox Richardson:

“There are, though, signs that change is in the wind. For all his drama, Trump is losing relevance. Today Congress finalized its draft of the defense authorization bill, and in it members of both parties pushed back on Trump’s demands. They refused to reduce the number of troops in Germany and South Korea, as he announced he would do in what appeared to be an attempt to weaken U.S. ties to Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), our military alliance there. Congress also ignored Trump’s demands to strip technology companies of liability protections (apparently he is angry when insulting names for him trend on Twitter) and his insistence that he would veto any measure that called for renaming military bases currently named for Confederate generals, a plan endorsed by members of both parties.

The measure also more directly rebukes Trump for things he either has already done or hasn’t done and should have. It orders the Secretary of Defense to report on Russian bounties offered to Taliban-linked fighters in Afghanistan for killing U.S. troops, limits how much military funding the president can move to domestic projects—as Trump tried to do for his border wall—and requires that federal law enforcement officers “visibly display” their names and the names of their agency when engaged in public responses. This summer, the officers dispatched to the streets of Washington, D.C., and other cities could not be identified. In another rebuke to the summer’s police violence, the measure also prohibits the Pentagon from handing off bayonets, certain combat vehicles, and weaponized drones to state and local law enforcement.”

Very good news, Ja. Thank you! I’m sorry for the situation in CA and I especially feel for those in this country and around the world who are suffering financially and who are suffering from the virus or losing family members – either directly from the virus or through collateral causes (I just read about a local young adult of 27 who took his life after suffering for 10 yrs with bi-polar disease).

But help and reason for optimism is on the way. In addition to the vaccines coming, and in addition to the relief and bittersweet joy I feel that we are slowly returning to normalcy, I also read some very good news put out by GA State U. yesterday. They say they have a drug that suppress the virus completely! The return to optimism of the Christmas Star, as Andre said!


I was trying to get more insight on the symbolism of Eris, the dwarf planet discovered on January 5, 2005, and her discovery (aka birth) chart reveals that she was discovered at 19+ Aries, one degree from the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries. That alone suggests that “discord”, what Eris is most well known for, began to foment in the US in 2005. It was the year Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and, alas, the year Johnny Carson died.

Eris’ birth chart also has Saturn at 24+ Cancer, conjunct the US natal Mercury, which suggests some sort of restriction on communication, or maybe some form of communication would take place that would cause discord. Facebook began on Feb. 4, 2004.

Chiron at 25+ Capricorn was opposite Saturn in the Eris chart and the US natal Mercury. Transiting Saturn and Jupiter have both recently been conjunct the Eris chart’s Chiron (wound that won’t heal) and soon trans. Pluto will do likewise.

Jupiter on Jan. 5, 2005, the discovery of Eris, was at 17+ Libra, conjunct the US progressed Mars and the US Constitution chart Neptune, and conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn, so the Eris influence would expand (Eris chart Jupiter) the impact of the US prog. Mars, the US Constitution Neptune, the expansion of Trumpism and the Putin attempt to control the US.

Last but not least, the Eris discovery chart’s Pluto at 22+ Sagittarius was square the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and opposite US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini and conjunct Trump’s natal Moon at 21+ Sagittarius.

Then, on June 8, 2016 (election year), transiting Uranus was conjunct transiting Eris at 23+ Aries, square US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, just as transiting Saturn was conjunct the US Sibly chart ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius (and square trans. Neptune at 12+ Pisces), and transiting Venus (what is valued) and Sun (consciousness) at 18+ Gemini were right between Trump’s natal Uranus and Sun. This is a cycle that bears watching.

Eris! Quite the bitch. She has taught us well.


Today’s clown show came in with what is delicately referred to an audible sound!
It was needed comic relief from Mr magoo, and trump lawyer desperate to prove fraud, but passed hot air –
farted while delivering his report to officials on Wednesday. (hope the link works)

some ‘feel good’ news in the new normal

This is from an Astrodienst Newsletter. Dec. 14 is the date the Electoral College votes. Ughhhhhh!

(Of course, it’s followed one week later by the Jup-Sat conj in 0 Aquarius on 12/21.)


Image: Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Before that, however, a solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius will occur on December 14, which allows us to revisit some of the themes and events of the past months.

The Sun, together with Mercury, forms a square with Neptune and a sesqui-square with Uranus, which is in Taurus together with Lilith. Jupiter and Saturn are almost conjunct in the last degrees of Capricorn, and Mars in Aries makes its last square to Pluto in Capricorn. At this time, deception and trickery may be employed to try to create a fait accompli in order to block the change that many long for. Now, not only common sense is needed, but also the willingness to stand up with all clarity for an open and humane future.

Sorry, Will….I know this kind of stuff bums you out. It really struck me, though, as something to be aware of. I can’t imagine the Republicans succeeding even if they do pull a fait accompli.

But then there’s this –

Here is something to make you rejoice!

‘Judge Orders Government to Fully Reinstate DACA Program’

Up to 300,000 additional undocumented immigrants could be allowed to apply for protection from deportation under a new court ruling. President Trump had sought to cancel the program.

A federal judge on Friday ordered the Trump administration to fully restore an Obama-era program designed to shield young, undocumented immigrants from deportation, dealing what could be a final blow to President Trump’s long-fought effort to end the protections.

The program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was created by President Barack Obama in 2012. Over the years, it has protected more than 800,000 individuals, known as “dreamers,” who met a series of strict requirements for eligibility.

But those protections have been under legal and political siege from Republicans for years, leaving the immigrants who were enrolled in DACA uncertain whether the threat of deportation from the United States could quickly return with a single court order or presidential memorandum.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis of the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn directed the administration on Friday to allow newly eligible immigrants to file new applications for protection under the program, reversing a memorandum issued in the summer by Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, which restricted the program to people who were already enrolled. As many as 300,000 new applicants could now be eligible, according to the lawyers who pushed for the reinstatement.


Nancy or other prescient folks — any astrology on what is likely to happen in Georgia?

Michael C, when I checked the charts (no birth times) a couple of weeks ago, it looked to me that Warnock will win. He has stronger aspects, imo. As for Ossoff, not so much. Perdue looks stronger on the 5th and it appears there might be some tricks going on. Hard to tell. The charts are presently in line with the polls, though heaven knows, polls are worse than useless when it comes to tight races. Sorry, that’s not much help!

Further to the above, I don’t think folks should panic about the Senate, despite Georgia. For one thing, Covid is not done yet. There may be more complications but also more compromises. People might even wake up and face the reality that they have to cooperate, like it or not.

I don’t know what complications might arise on January 5th or later, but the ‘Great Compromise’ chart (July 16, 1787, Philadelphia) for the Senate has a progressed aspect that is notably disruptive. As if there isn’t enough disruption already.

Progressed Uranus, the planet of surprises and upsets, is at the apex of a T-square to progressed Venus and progressed Neptune, which oppose each other. Using very crude symbolism, Venus is money and Neptune is beliefs/religion. Could this be an Amy Coney Barrett moment or just an unexpected sweep by one party? Right now, people may be expecting (as opposed to hoping) that the runoff will go 1 for the Dems and 1 for the GOP, but if both were to go to only one party, that would be a surprise, right? At the same time, the progressed Uranus is inconjunct (150) the natal Moon.

A T-square is highly stressful and an inconjunct to the Moon (the people) by Uranus could be an unexpected development, too. Trouble is, with the country so divided, which side is more affected? No way to know without the ‘surprise’ happening first.

Also, the progressed North Node of the Senate ‘Great Compromise’ chart, at 23 Sagittarius is inconjunct both natal Sun at 23 Cancer and natal Mars at 23 Taurus. That is a Yod, which could mean a decision by the Senate will have to be taken.

However, the Georgia election isn’t a “decision” the Senate ordinarily is expected to make (because all the Senate needs is the result). But, if a decision becomes necessary for some reason, and it involves the North Node (a karmic point), what could it be? Sun/Mars is certainly interesting as these planets represent a leader and an attacker – in other words, a contest, like a election. But, what is different than usual?

Not being familiar with the legal procedures of the Senate, I couldn’t even guess what decision it could be. We only know the Senate will be anxiously awaiting the election results. What surprising development might come of it, apart from a simple declaration of who wins and will control the Senate, is beyond me. Perhaps I’m reading in too much here.

Finally, progressed Pluto at 16 Aquarius is exactly trine natal Neptune at 16 Libra, while transiting Venus is at 16 Scorpio. Venus is square progressed Pluto. That seems to indicate a power and money move. The natal/progressed aspect,
being a trine, does not indicate a struggle, but the square to Pluto does. This picture with a trine contradicts the conflict indicated in the T-square and the Yod.

There are no significant transits or progressions to natal Saturn, but the chart’s natal Venus at 29 Gemini is receiving an inconjunct from transiting Saturn at almost 29 Capricorn. Perhaps this is a reaction by the stock market.

Unfortunately, with no precise ‘birth’ time for this chart, the aspects can’t be linked to the angles or houses.

“1787: On July 16 , Framers of the Constitution created a bicameral legislature in which the Senate represents all states equally, while the House represents states in proportion to their respective populations.”


Kiwi, thanks so much for the feel good message about the doctor/musician orchestra. I look forward to your posts – – they are always thoughtful and interesting!!

Michael Colllins, I wrote about two weeks ago that the week of January 5 would bring good news for Biden and Kamala. This could be from the Georgia run-off or from the fact that the Electoral College result is formally registered in Congress on the 6th, bringing to a close the presidential election cycle. I predicted at least one win for the Democrats. Even if that would not give them a majority in a 51-49 Senate, it would give Biden’s reforms a better fighting chance.

We must also take into account the Mars-Saturn square on January 9. Both Mars and Saturn will have changed signs by then. This aspect will lead into the Saturn-Uranus square that will take up most of 2021. The Mars-Saturn square, which will figure in the Biden Administration chart as it did in the Trump Administration chart, is a difficult aspect. Mars in Taurus, the sign of captialism and money, square Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of the people, probably means the beginning of serious economic problems for most of the population which will overshadow even the pandemic once the vaccines go into effect.

Finally, the unusual Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inuguration Day is beginning to reveal its meaning. Not only could Trump try to upstage the event by announcing his 2024 candidacy that day, it is now certain most of the ceremony will take place online for obvious reasons.

Despite all this, there still will be cause for increasing hope, wonder and celebration in coming weeks, months and years thanks to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Those planets were the outer planets in ancient times. They are still the limit of consciousness for most people most of the time. When they meet, they set the tone for 20 years while the outer planets are usually in the background unless they happen to enter into an aspect with one of them. Chiron, which is located in the vicinity of Jupiter and Saturn, is also an important intermediary in this way. All three bring into focus and translate into human terms the message of the powerful outer gods. To many of us, the Jupiter and Saturn cycles are the most important of our daily lives. They take us beyond the superficial and introduce us to cosmic meaning.

The fact that this 20-year cycle beginning on December 21 will be square Uranus means there will be accelerated change, some of it unwanted, along the way. The challenge will be to integrate the fast pace of change into a more humane society. It also means technology could bring major startling surprises of benefit to humanity.

Nothing I have seen astrologically supports Trump getting anywhere near the White House again in 2024. It’s a dawning new era by then, with its own agenda and challenges, to be sure. Trump is old business that will be outgoing with much of the agenda of privileged white male 1%ers, like Koch, Murdoch, etc with the end of the Pluto in Capricorn era.

I am genuinely unconcerned about Trump after 12:01 pm on January 20, 2021.

He can do himself—and everyone else—a big favor and just go somewhere to die already.

I’m inclined to agree with you Buckeye; Trump has done his job. He has brought to our (the USA) attention (consciousness) what we like and don’t like in a leader, what we value as a nation and what we abhor. He has made what is important in our Constitution quite clear and what parts of it that need to be shored up.

As to the new year, the first New Moon at 23 Cap 13 will conjunct transiting Pluto at 24 Cap 35 that will be opposite US natal Mercury at 24 Cancer 11 rx, all of which will be T-squared by transiting Eris at 23 Aries 27, telling us there will be egregious challenges even before Biden moves into the White House.

In that New Moon chart, Jupiter at 5 Aquarius 36, fresh off its new cycle with Mercury who will be at 7 Aquarius 39, and both of them will square Uranus at 6 Taurus 43 rx in this chart. Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Juno (matters of equality) at 7 Sagittarius 59 which will be quincunx (a non cooperative aspect) the transiting Uranus in Taurus.

The Jupiter-Mercury sextile Juno will be making a Yod (Finger of Fate) aspect with the US natal Jupiter at 5 Cancer 56 (which is conjunct US natal Venus/values at 3 Cancer 06). But it doesn’t stop there.

US Jupiter (+ US Venus) in Cancer will sextile the New Moon chart’s Uranus in Taurus and their sextile forms a Yod with the New Moon chart Juno in Sagittarius, that sextiles New Moon Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius, that will be square the New Moon Uranus in Taurus. As Daffy Duck (or Wm. Bendix) might say “what a revoltin’ development this is!”

Nevertheless, the New Moon chart on January 12-13 will trine the chart’s Vesta (investment) at 21 Virgo 14 which is conjunct US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25, and, oddly enough, Bernie Sanders natal North Node at 22 Virgo 54.

Bottom line is I think this brouhaha will be about Covid and the Obamacare coverage, and here we go again.

The Obamacare chart’s Moon (the People) is at 5 Cancer 31 that conjuncts the US natal Jupiter (expand) at 5 Cancer 56 that will sextile Uranus (breakthrough) at 6 Taurus 43 rx, which squares Mercury and Jupiter in the chart for the New Moon in January that conjuncts Pluto that opposes US NATAL Mercury.

Remember too the Obamacare chart (March 23, 2010) Venus at 20 Aries 02 and Eris at 21 Aries 22 were conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20 Aries 08.

Something else that I had not remembered about the Obamacare chart is that Black Moon Lilith was conjunct Nessus (abuse of power), both at 19+ Aquarius which conjuncts the US progressed Mercury which conjuncts the Uranus in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart (that ends this month) at 20+ Aquarius, that was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus, that was trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, very close to where transiting Vesta (what is invested in) will station retrograde in late January.

She, Vesta, what’s invested in, will exactly conjunct US natal Neptune on June 30, 2021, and maybe then we can start work on Medicare for all.

BuckeyeShadow, Trump’s children will fade away as well.

75 Pennsylvania Republican state legislators have disavowed their own election and asked their congressional delegation to overturn the results of the election in their state.


Andre, I see where they are requesting the overturning of the results of the PA presidential election but what do you mean by “disavowed their own election”?

SharonK, they were elected by the same ballots. If they disqualify votes for Biden, they do the same for their own. It’s all or nothing.

I mean that many people who voted for Biden also voted Republican down the ballot.

Andre, that is amazing if true! However, Newsweek reported some of the people listed on the letter say they didn’t sign it. Is it another ‘hoax’? I guess we’ll soon find out.


I think it’s not a hoax, Beowulfie, but a few said their signatures were not supposed to be included so they will be pulled. This is what Politico has to say about this and also the fact attempts like these, to get their senators and congress folks to block election results, won’t succeed – but can only delay – https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/04/pennsylvania-republicans-biden-challenge-442972

re: disavowing your own state election win:

Ye Gods! If this ain’t a cult, I don’t know what is!

To my mind, I’m already like, “Trump? What’s a Trump?” He’s toast. Not even worth energizing the Universe any more with any information about him. Why dwell on his negativity and promulgate the ugliness he persists in hawking to distort the truth?

If we are doing this then we are the problem, not him.

Moving fucking forward!

You heard the man! Why dwell on his negativity? He’s toast.

You remember that total solar eclipse in 2017 that was at 28+ Leo that was right between “his” Mars and ascendant? The chart for that 2017 total solar eclipse, when set in Washington, DC, has the MC opposite the IC forming a grand cross with “his” natal North and South Nodes!

On Friday transiting Mars at 17+ Aries was opposite “his” natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra and in the 2017 total (Great American) eclipse chart the Neptune at 17+ Capricorn was opposite the eclipse chart’s Ceres at 17+ Cancer (think pandemic). Altogether that makes a grand cross which is the ultimate in challenges.

The Monday before that (11/30) was a lunar eclipse (still in effect) that was conjunct the US natal Uranus (breakthrough) that squares the US NATAL Ceres, and in that chart Pluto at 23+ Cap was opposite “his” natal Saturn at 23+ Cancer, and the lunar eclipse chart Eris at 23+ Aries was T-square that opposition, and like I said, she can be a bitch.

The next Full Moon on December 29 will conjunct “his” natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer. It follows the NEW Jupiter-Saturn cycle that begins at 0+ Aquarius. Like the man says, “he’s toast”.

. . . . and the Mars-Pluto cycle that started on March 23 at 24+ Capricorn was opposite “his” Saturn at 23 Cancer too. In that cycle’s chart the Moon (people) at 21+ Sagittarius was conjunct “his” Moon and they were opposite that chart’s Pandora at 23+ Gemini and the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and “his” Sun at 22+ Gemini.

That Mars-Pluto cycle’s chart had the North Node (path forward) at 3+ Cancer conjunct US natal Venus (values) and that’s a good sign. This cycle ends on March 3, 2022.

fauci gives kudos to nz
“The US is now considering adopting a more active, co-ordinated strategy of virus suppression, perhaps somewhat more similar to New Zealand’s approach than the chaotic mix of policies that now exist in the US.”

guilliani’s got the ‘rona’

Hey, Check this!

Biden Picks Xavier Becerra to Lead Health and Human Services
The selection of Mr. Becerra, the California attorney general, is a surprise. If confirmed, he will face a daunting challenge in leading the department at a critical moment in the pandemic.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has selected Xavier Becerra, a former congressman who is now the Democratic attorney general of California, as his nominee for secretary of health and human services, ending a politically delicate search that brought complaints from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus about a lack of Latinos in the incoming cabinet.

Mr. Becerra became Mr. Biden’s clear choice only over the last few days, according to people familiar with the transition’s deliberations, and was a surprise. He has carved out a profile more on the issues of criminal justice, immigration and tax policy, and he was long thought to be a candidate for attorney general.

But as attorney general in California, he led legal efforts on health care, including seeking to protect the Affordable Care Act from being dismantled by Republican attorneys general. He has also been a leading voice in the Democratic Party for women’s health.


Thank you so much Beowulfie and Andre. Erudite and engaging material. The astrology of the 1/5 elections is way beyond my pay grade but I can see a path to great mischief by the Senate. As noted, it would be a big surprise if one party won both seats. Let’s say that happens with Warnock winning by 4-5 points and Ossoff in front by Biden’s margin. Purdue could raise a ruckus triggering the Senate to actually refuse to seat an elected Senator (a constitutional right the Senate has but has very rarely used). The Republicans would cry election fraud and expect the other Republicans to follow in lock step.

So two surprises (Uranian?) – 1) one party sweeps the Senate elections and it’s the Democrats and 2) the Senate acts completely out of tradition and attempts to refuse seating Ossoff. Maybe there’s a surprise #3 – the Senate tries to deny Ossoff his rightful admission but fails.

‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?’ WE DO, we’re living it;)

Again, thanks to both of you.

The is the link to how the Senate describes handling “contested elections”. https://www.senate.gov/about/origins-foundations/electing-appointing-senators/contested-senate-elections/procedures_contested_elections.htm

These articles give interesting information on what happens if a US Senator dies or becomes temporarily incapacitated. The information is relevant considering the increase in Covid cases among elected representatives. Please note, however, this is NOT predicting anybody will pass away, but in these uncertain times such an event could happen.



Here is a current list of appointments to the US Senate (i.e. to fill vacancies):


lorna Bevan:

The Great Attractor is a huge mysterious gravitational force at 14°-17° Sagittarius – the most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe, it bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. It has a resonance to the Creator’s Voice and is the seat of the Universal Source and cosmic balance.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

channel enhanced psychic perception/intuition

perceive previously hidden or undisclosed information and patterns

recognize your unique gifts and soulful energy signature

The challenge is to become a Free Agent paradoxically more integrated than ever into the great Web – the theme for 2021.


Thanks ja, appreciate Lorna’s explanation of the power of the GA.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of the attack on US Navy by Japan on Dec. 7, 1941.

At that moment the Moon was at 28+ Cancer, sextile transiting Neptune at 29+ Virgo and sextile transiting Uranus retrograde at 27+ Taurus, and that Moon in Cancer was also opposite the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

This is how the outer planets operate; trans. Neptune and Pluto in 1941 in a grand trine with US natal Pluto, while transiting Moon opposing US natal Pluto created a Kite formation, putting US Pluto as the focal point of the grand trine. This in turn led to the first atomic bombs that the US dropped on Japan.

The sextile between transiting Moon and Neptune on Pearl Harbor Day in 1941 – both quincunx US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, making a Yod, and transiting Uranus that day was square the US natal Moon too.

Even though Trump wasn’t born yet, the US natal Moon opposes his Mars/ascendant in Leo, which turns the 1941 Pearl Harbor Day Yod between transiting Moon and Neptune and US Moon into a Boomerang. Could this election loss for Trump be a bounce-back from that Pearl Harbor Day in ’41?

A bounce-back from the conjunction between the now transiting Sun conjunct the Great Attractor that bends both space and time? A bounce-back preceding the US Pluto Return?

Wolfstar underlines today the effects of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction by noting it will be uniquely conjunct the US progressed Moon. This means that although a conjunction between those two planets occurs every 20 years, this one will have an exceptional and historic impact on the emotions and psychology of the American people. It is likely to bring a rededication to American ideals much like the Gettysburg Address. As Wolfstar writes, the US has never come closer to a coup d’etat. This near-disaster could have brought another civil war. And there will be aftershocks for some years, but the hope and optimism of stout hearts will once again prevail.



It is positive for me and all of us. Thank you!


“As Wolfstar writes, the US has never come closer to a coup d’etat. This near-disaster could have brought another civil war. And there will be aftershocks for some years, but the hope and optimism of stout hearts will once again prevail.”



“guilliani’s got the ‘rona’”

May he suffer greatly with it if it will soften his heart and cultivate a modicum of empathy for the suffering of others.

“No pain, no gain.”

Will, I was actually thinking of you when I wrote that.

One of the first effects of the Uranus square to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is that for the first time the vaccine will not inject the virus into the body, only its main genetic code.

Jupiter-Saturn will bring beneficial restrictions to the people (Aquarius) and a need for greater discipline for the good of the community. Uranus rules scientific innovation.



Randomly came across this and I think it was very interesting, what do the astrologers here say?



It’s been almost a year since Saturn and Pluto made their conjunction starting their multi-decade cycle, so I am re-visiting that chart in a kind of hind-sight attempt to make sense of this past 11 months. The 1st thing that hit me was that Uranus was on the Taurus ascendant for the chart when set in Washington DC.

This happened before I had heard the words Corona or Covid in the news as the conjunction took place on January 12, so I associated Uranus on the ascendant with some kind of breakthrough in technology or maybe something Trump would do that would shock us. I remember being excited that Uranus (at 2+ Taurus) was trine the centaur Pholus (at 2+ Capricorn) who was trine the hypothetical Transpluto (2+ Virgo).

If Uranus is Breakthrough, and Pholus is a Brouhaha and Transpluto is the process of Becoming Whole, maybe it meant the US would experience something that would overcome the divide among US citizens. I DID NOT think it would be a pandemic, but why not a pandemic?

A pandemic is the great equalizer isn’t it? Covid is known to not care what race or color or religion or age or whether one is male or female, rich or poor; one just have to be alive for it to infect you.

I also note the Moon, symbol of the People, in the Saturn-Pluto chart is in the 5th house of creativity (when set in DC) in the proud sign of Leo at 17+ degrees. It is at the apex point of a Yod (Finger of God) with the sextile between Neptune at 16+ Pisces in the 12th house of confinement, and the chart’s MC (outcome) 18+ Capricorn.

This sextile between the chart’s MC and Neptune would, in the coming months and years and decades, put pressure on the Moon to shift its position, in a manner of speaking.

There is also a sextile between this chart’s Moon and Juno (dealing with inequality issues) at 19+ Libra, which conjuncts US natal Juno at 20+ Libra which opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Libra. This chart’s sextile between Moon and Juno forms a Yod with the chart’s Neptune in Pisces,which has little problem shifting; in fact it is ALWAYS shifting! I will be watching for transits or lunations occurring on or near 16-17 Pisces to trigger this shift.

Then there was Venus (symbol of values) conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius which was sextile the Galactic Core and Pallas (symbol of planning) in Sagittarius in the Pluto-Saturn conjunction chart. They formed a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Uranus in Cancer which would be pressured to shift in some way during the course of the Pluto-Saturn cycle.

So, in less than a year, we can get the drift of what this Pluto-Saturn cycle’s agenda (plan) for the US is about. Uranus on the ascendant is about changing the US, shocking us into a better understanding, and appreciation for what we have (Taurus) and other things. This is just the beginning.

January 21st can’t arrive soon enough for me.

From Joe Biden:

“As all of you know, I know that out of our collective pain we’re going to find collective purpose. To control the pandemic, to save lives, and to heal as a nation,” Biden said. “Today, I’m pleased to announce a team who’s going to do just that. It’s a team of world-class experts at the top of their fields, crisis tested, defined by a deep sense of duty, honor and patriotism.”

Xavier Becerra, California’s attorney general, as his nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services. Becerra would be the first Latino to lead HHS if confirmed by the United States Senate.
Dr. Vivek Murthy, who was US surgeon general in the Obama administration, as his nominee for surgeon general. Murthy will also require Senate confirmation.
Dr. Anthony Fauci will serve as chief medical adviser to the President on coronavirus and will also continue in his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Jeff Zients, Biden transition co-chair and former Obama administration official, will serve as coordinator of the Covid-19 response and counselor to the President.
Natalie Quillian, another Obama administration veteran, will serve as deputy coordinator of the Covid-19 response.
Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the chief of the infectious diseases division at Massachusetts General Hospital, as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, a co-chair of Biden’s transition team, as the chair of his Covid-19 equity task force.
Fauci, Zients and Quillian will not require Senate confirmation to serve in their posts. Walensky and Nunez-Smith will also not require Senate confirmation.

denise seigel thinks dems will win georgia senate runoff based on astro for the day

The judge in Michael Flynn’s case formally dismissed it today with some revealing comments. He quoted the Supreme Court to say that a pardon is an admission of guilt. He also implied the courts would push back on future unspecific pardons, especially if they are preemptive. Following this, it is almost certain that Trump’s pardons of himself or his family will end up before the Supreme Court.


In its first decision on the election, the Supreme Court denied an appeal requesting that the results in Pennsylvania be overturned. It was a one-sentence decision with no dissents.


Texas is suing four battleground states to upend the election. When a state sues another in this rarely used procedure, the matter goes directly to the Suprme Court. This too shall fail.


The GOP death cult has the Arizona Republican Party quoting Rambo and asking people to die for the sitting President. The Pennsylvania LG calls this extremely dangerous. These aftershocks of the election could get someone hurt, particularly after the Electoral College meets and Trump feels humiliated.


Is anyone else feeling the big shift in energy over the last two or three days? For me, it felt like everything suddenly feels easier and more hopeful.

Started last Thursday, a day I expected to be awful, then wasn’t. Got really intense for me on Sunday. I have writer friends who felt it, too. Such a huge relief.

Sunday and Monday, I slept so long and so deeply, plus had naps both days. It felt like I hadn’t slept that well in ages, like I woke up thinking great sleep was the most amazing thing ever.

My dog had three seizure in five days, making us feel bleak, and the week before Thanksgiving, my daughter hit her husband with a plate and left him with a black eye and a gash on his forehead that bled like crazy. I fear her violence is getting worse.

But Thursday, we got the dog to the vet. She started anti-seizure meds and warned it may take a while to get it right without making the dog dopey. But it seems to be working perfectly. No seizures. No dopey dog.

Same day, someone mentioned to me that we have ketamine clinics, where doctors are using it off-label to treat depression, also showing promise with addiction and maybe other psychological disorders. I had no idea.

Had read research on it in clinical trials helping people quickly go from suicidal to not suicidal within a day or two. Also showing promise in PTSD. FDA approved it as a mist you inhale for depression, but as I said, doctors are using it off-label, infusing through an IV. There are three clinics in Asheville alone doing it.

It’s the first thing that’s made me genuinely hopeful for my daughter in a long time. Ketamine is used as a street drug to get you high and hallucinate. I think it may be used as one of the date-rape drugs, too. And my daughter will try any street drug there is. I think the fact that it’s also used as a street drug will make it appeal to her. I’m going to pitch the idea to her.

It’s expensive and no covered by insurance, about $2400 for the first month of intense treatments, then maybe $400 a month or every two months. No one really knows how long it lasts.

Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I feel hopeful. And I’m with Will — enough with Trump. He’s irrelevant now. Ignore him. He’ll hate that. His coup failed, and he looks more ridiculous every day.

Theresa Hill, I totally agree with you. This past week I have slept through the night. Not a single anxiety attack. So restive and restorative.
I only want to hear how I can best assist in healing our country and the planet.

Where is Banks?

interesting you talk of an energy shift – Fwiw, I just finished watching this from pam gregory

We Had the Vaccine the Whole Time!

You may be surprised to learn that of the trio of long-awaited coronavirus vaccines, the most promising, Moderna’s mRNA-1273, which reported a 94.5 percent efficacy rate on November 16, had been designed by January 13. This was just two days after the genetic sequence had been made public in an act of scientific and humanitarian generosity that resulted in China’s Yong-Zhen Zhang’s being temporarily forced out of his lab. In Massachusetts, the Moderna vaccine design took all of one weekend. It was completed before China had even acknowledged that the disease could be transmitted from human to human, more than a week before the first confirmed coronavirus case in the United States. By the time the first American death was announced a month later, the vaccine had already been manufactured and shipped to the National Institutes of Health for the beginning of its Phase I clinical trial. This is — as the country and the world are rightly celebrating — the fastest timeline of development in the history of vaccines. It also means that for the entire span of the pandemic in this country, which has already killed more than 250,000 Americans, we had the tools we needed to prevent it .

To be clear, I don’t want to suggest that Moderna should have been allowed to roll out its vaccine in February or even in May, when interim results from its Phase I trial demonstrated its basic safety. “That would be like saying we put a man on the moon and then asking the very same day, ‘What about going to Mars?’?” says Nicholas Christakis, who directs Yale’s Human Nature Lab and whose new book, Apollo’s Arrow, sketches the way COVID-19 may shape our near-term future. Moderna’s speed was “astonishing,” Christakis says, though the design of other vaccines was nearly as fast: BioNTech with Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca.


Georgia Republicans outline a plan to restrict mail voting and roll back the election laws that contributed to the state’s record-high turnout in the presidential election — unwinding rules the party itself put in place.


There is definitely an energy shift going on as we approach the Jupiter-Saturn conunction on the winter solstice. This will amplify considerably once we get past the eclipse on Monday, the day the members of the Electoral College meet in state capitols.

Meanwhile, over on Earth 2, watch for increasingly negative reactions from those who have chosen not to enter the Aquarian Age. State capitols in states such as Michigan should be secured on Monday.

What the outgoing occupant of the White House is doing is not a coup, not even an attempted coup. It is a ham-handed attempt to besmirch the result of the election.


Thank you Angellight.

Here is Ralfee today:

As the week unfolds and we move closer to the solstice and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing “this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” instead of the normal seasonal favorites. We could all use some “mystic crystal revelations” and most importantly, “the mind’s true liberation.”


Thanks for the link to Ralphee ja, I’m glad she emphasized the importance of this Jupiter-Saturn cycle, one more indication of this extraordinary period in the history of mankind.

re the 1226 aquarius conjunction – that was the year Francis of Asissi died, declared a saint 2yrs later.

cash peters takes a look at Kamala’s handwriting

Hunter Biden’s taxes are under investigation in Delaware


Are we really surprised that Trump and his associates would try one more time to punch below the belt at Joe?

Maybe this is the grief that Nancy portended for him during the second half of December? It won’t derail his Presidency, but clearly it’s the latest attempt by Trump to cast a shadow of doubt over Biden’s legitimacy, while trying to save his own ass.

I just hope Trump himself suffers 10x over for all that he has done to divide and cause such harm to so many.

The end for this despicable, miserable, loathsome individual cannot seem to arrive soon enough.

Long time lurker and fan of Nancy.
Andre your comment about Texas and the embarrassment that is going on:
Ken Paxton our AG is a crook and con. He’s been indicted before and has other issues pending.
He’s basically raising his hands up in the air to on the Trump’s “pay for pardon” train somehow.
This will go down faster than the burning of the Alamo and his legacy will be “Remember the con”
I enjoy all y’alls comments so much. It’s kept me sane during this insanity. I am anxiously awaiting Aquarius!

*get on the trump train….

17 GOP controlled states have just filed a brief in support of the Texas AG’s lawsuit before the Supreme Court to overturn the election results. To put it another way, 17 states are calling for a coup.


Thank you kiwi.

How cool is this? More on the Monoliths. Here is one from the Isle of Wright.


“They are a tool for the incoming light influxes which will expand human consciousness. Humanity is awakening! Be of an open heart and mind. Nothing to fear. Do your own research.”

Ja, i’m here. Still following Kim at Intuitiview which calms me and so happy to read today that Melania is tagging their personal things for what goes to NYC and what goes to Mar-o-Lago. Baron will be going to school in FL next semester. This nightmare called Trump will soon be over. Some of the Repubs in the Senate have to be the next to go. We just have to get thru this month.

I, too, have had a few, not every, nights of very welcome sound sleep. Something good is coming.

Nice that you missed me, Ja.

Emmyrose, thank you. I think Texas and the supporting states don’t even have standing to sue another state for the elections it holds on its own turf. This case is unlikely to ever be argued. Trump and Cruz are in for a shock, and they will have lost many times over. The question is: how does their base react when their cherished Supreme Court turns against them? They will think McConnell’s work amounts to nothing when it counts.

The increased insanity of the people who believe the election was stolen from Trump is reflected in the transiting Sun (consciousness) in Sagittarius (understanding the big picture) conjunct the transiting South Node (what does not serve growth) and square (challenged by) the transiting Neptune (unreality) in Pisces (end of cycle). This too shall pass.

silcominc – I was so embarrassed and ashamed (tho not surprised) to see that Kansas had signed onto Texas’ lawsuit. I thought we might actually have been making some progress around here.

This makes no sense from a legal point of view, IMO. Every state is responsible for it’s own election rules and processes, including how and when to start reading the mail-in ballots. How does TX realistically think it has the authority to tell these swing states “You did it wrong, according to OUR rules and intentions!” Talk about aristocratic!

It only makes sense in Paxton wanting a preemptive pardon from Trump.

I, personally, perceive it as a new front in the American Civil War. The South never gave up, and damn it! They’re gonna win this fight or die trying… again.

With all the threats on Republican election workers and government officials, how long before another Timothy McVeigh decides to become a martyr? I think we’ll see soon, once they lose this case that Trump tweets out in all caps… THIS IS THE ONE! It may actually push the less reality-grounded of the Trumpers completely over the edge (as if any are reality-grounded at all!). Hope I’m wrong, but I have a *feeling.”

I’m just gonna go on raking my leaves and feeling good about the leaf-less places in my lawn I finally see. I’m sure the ground is grateful to be able to breathe free again, too.. It looks like no one did yard work while this place was empty, so I figure at least 2-3 seasons worth of a leaves laid down a blanket over everything underneath that wanted to grow, but couldn’t! Gee… that could be a metaphor for this time period…!


I don’t think Biden is too worried about Bernie’s impatience. Sanders needs to take a few deep breaths until we get through the Georgian Senate run-off, the inauguration, beat back the pandemic and hopefully avoid a civil war.

Precisely slightkc, “I, personally, perceice it as a New Front in the American Civil War. The South never gave up . . .”

That’s the purpose of a Pluto Return; to get it all out of the system – to purge the (in this case) US of all the stagnant resentment that was left over in the South after the US Civil War. Transiting Pluto, now opposite US Mercury (mental activity), is forcing all the backed up anger in the descendants of the South into the open. Only then can the in-depth healing take place.

Nessus is the centaur associated with abuse of power and transiting Nessus has been in the process of a US Nessus Return for some time now, and has been square transiting Uranus, the great revealer that promotes breakthroughs. I think this is part of the Great Awakening we are experiencing at this time.

Nessus is also associated with generational issues; things that have carried over into the future from our great-great grand parents, but no longer have relevance.

When transiting Saturn and transiting Neptune started their present cycle back in March, 1989, transiting Nessus was conjunct the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Last January, transiting Saturn and Pluto started their new cycle at 22+ Capricorn that was trine US natal Neptune which enabled the Nessus in the present Saturn-Neptune cycle; a cycle that will end in September. 2026.

I think we ARE actually making progress – getting it out in the open, and good for you; giving the ground some breathing space!

slightKC, barbK, et. al.
Post civil war, White Southerners preserved their cultural identity by blending Christian rhetoric and symbols with the rhetoric and imagery of Confederate tradition. It is a “civil religion” which sociologists and historians call the Religion of the Lost Cause.

May it die soon.

slightkc , why do you think your state’s AG signed on? I agree about Paxton and the absurdity of the case. But why your AG and 15 more? They are AG’s they know the law.

I assume trump is counting on SCOTUS and his five conservatives. But more importantly, the highest legal officer of 17 states just asked that we toss millions of American’s ballots. This makes Jim Crow look like a walk in the park. How in God’s name do we come back from that?

I read somewhere that the real effect of the flurry of lawsuits will be to desensitize us to someone trying the same thing when the results are closer. The cultists see the volume of lawsuits and are convinced that the judges are corrupt, which has the additional effect of turning them even further away from the rule of law and belief in the system.

The system must hold, but some things must change. Election law nationwide needs more clarity and consistency so that trust in the system can build.

Twenty years ago IT professionals on the left started asking questions about the security of paperless electronic ballot machines, it was only a matter of time before the right seized on it. Modern electronics are all well and good, but you need something solid and reliable and old fashioned to back it up.

Another great pick for his cabinet, Biden chooses Susan Rice for Domestic Policy position.


More on what barbk said earlier:

“2020 is the year of the exaltation of the Warrior Goddess- in men and women- waking up and/or elevating the leaders our world so desperately needs. Pluto/Eris is a stand off between the shadow of the patriarchy and the awakening of the Solar Feminine/Warrior Goddess archetype. Pay attention today to the shadow getting exposed personally and collectively, to the warrior women and men taking a stand, and to the old paradigm that is dying and creating space for a new one to be birthed! These are powerful times!!!! Eris is a very significant player in the astrology unfolding in this intense year of 2020 and understanding her energy is key to navigating not just the year and decade we are in but also the entire century ahead.”


The Republican majority leader in the Pennsylvania Senate fears her house will be bombed if she opposes Trump. A civil war has begun within the Republican Party.


So, we are talking about rampant paranoia regarding the voting system in the US?

I say it’s one and done. Change the requirements to be a candidate to include a psychological exam/test and spare the general public from another crazy president.

When transiting Saturn (reality) was conjunct the US natal Neptune (nonreality), at the same time transiting Jupiter (expand), Chiron (wound that won’t heal) and Neptune (nonreality) were about to conjunct the US natal Moon (US masses) in 2009, all at the same time, there was some fluctuation in the stability of this country. We as a country were about to get unreal for many people who were not prepared for major changes.

On the day transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct the US natal Neptune, August 27, 2009, two major multiple aspects (involving 3 or more planets) were taking place.

1. A T-square between trans. Pluto in Capricorn opposite trans. Mars in Cancer, and a trans. Mercury that was conjunct the US Sibly chart MC at 1+ Libra + the Super Galactic Center + Biden’s natal Neptune.

2. A Yod between the sextile of Jupiter + Chiron + Neptune in Aquarius, and Eris in Aries, all retrograde, and all quincunx the Saturn that was exactly conjunct the US natal Neptune in Virgo.

The transiting Saturn was about to break through the illusions many Americans had about their country, and his name was Obama, President Barack Obama.

The transiting Pluto opposite transiting Mars were all set to fire up the reputation (MC) of the US as seen (trans. Mercury) by the rest of the world when trans. Saturn made the exact conjunction with the US natal Neptune in 2009.

There was a 3rd aspect in this trans. Saturn conj. US Neptune chart that would cause a meltdown of US Constituents who had voted in the previous November for the Republican candidate. Transiting Uranus in Pisces, also retrograde, was opposite transiting Saturn (NOT retrograde) in Virgo, conjunct US natal Neptune and square US natal Mars in Gemini. Soon the shit would hit the fan.

The flame that took the form of Donald Trump (whose Sun is conjunct US Mars and square US Neptune . . a US Neptune which was starting a new cycle with transiting Saturn, a conjunction that was opposed by transiting Uranus) is the backlash of all those retrograde planets in the chart for the transiting Saturn-conjunct-US natal Neptune in the Fall of 2009.

I would also note that this was 9 years into the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began at 22+ Taurus in 2000, and transiting Jupiter (+ Chiron + Neptune) in 2009 would soon conjunct the US natal Moon (symbol of US People), while trans. Saturn in 2009 was conjunct US Neptune and square US natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun . . .

. . and in this chart for trans. Saturn conjunct US Neptune, trans. Jupiter was quincunx trans. Saturn; not a comfortable position for them in their 30 year journey.

Even so, when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle began in 2000 at 22+ Taurus, they were trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. See? it was always part of the plan for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle to support the US natal Neptune.

Then along comes 2020 and a new cycle between Saturn and PLUTO starts at 22+ Capricorn.

It was a brand new cycle that was trine the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, as well as the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in 2000 at 22+ Taurus; a super-duper grand (Earth, aka reality) trine that could not be stopped . . until the end of 2020 when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends and a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins. Then we, the US, are on our own. It has all been part of the same plan; not the WHOLE plan mind you, but a BIG part of the plan.

Transiting Saturn won’t conjunct US natal Neptune again until October 2038, when it will also quincunx transiting Pluto in Aquarius; more adjustment. Trans. Saturn will then move forward until January, 2039, quinxunx transiting Neptune in Aries and then station retrograde.

It will again conjunct US natal Neptune in May, 2039, sit there for 7 weeks during which it will station direct, and after that we, the USA, will enter a new phase of reality. Baby steps.

Barbk, that is very interesting. I would add that Saturn conjunct Neptune in 2009 provided an inspiring President, which is the positive side of Neptune. Saturn brings Neptune down to earth within established social structures such as government. Or Neptune dissolves governments and states that have outlived their time, a famous example being the dissolution of the USSR in 1990 at the time of the last Saturn-Neptune conjunction. The next such conjunction in 2026 should bring more political inspiration. Perhaps that will be Medicare for all.

On another note, we are fortunate the US Pluto and Uranus returns did not occur simulataneoulsy. That could have been fatal to the Republic. They will happen less than five years apart, which is toally unprecedented in US history.

It is bad enough that the Pluto return takes place at the same time as a Neptune semi-return and a Chiron return, and closely follows a Uranus-Pluto square, Pluto opposite the US Cancer planets, a Pluto-Eris square and a Saturn-Pluto conjunction opposite US Mercury. The latter aspect was sure to foul up all forms of political discourse and social communication. Fortunately, its intensity will decrease after the Inauguration.

It is impossible at this point to foresee if there is a link between the Pluto and Uranus returns of 2022-23 and 2027-28. Both of them will be critical. Either those crises are unrelated or one is a follow-up to the other.

It seems I can’t spell simultaneously.



Just had a thought that if Georgia flips the senate, the senate can then grant DC and Puerto Rico (if Puerto Rico wants it) statehood, adding 4 more senators, very likely Dems. That could insure a Dem senate from now on.

In last two referendums, Puerto Ricans voted for statehood, but Mitch McConnell refused to move forward on the issue. Joe Biden is for statehood, as well as Governor-elect of Puerto Rico, Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia.

Most, but not all senate R’s are against PR statehood. Marco Rubio is pro-statehood. If we get our two Georgia Dem senators, the likelihood of statehood for Puerto Rico is strong.

If we in the US get our politics straightened out, there may be additional states admitted in addition to WA-DC and PR; perhaps Guam, Virgin Islands, etc.

Decades ago, there were statehood movements and parties in other countries, but most are no longer active. There was a strong statehood movement/party in the Phillippines until 1965. Upon becoming president/dictator, Ferdinand Marcos had ALL of the statehood politicians put in prison where most eventually died.

I’ve personally known Filipinos who are angry their country never became a US state. But in reality, American agricultural interests, i.e. the sugar industry and racists like Sen. Huey Long were adamantly opposed.

In the 1980’s there was a statehood movement in of all places, New Caledonia. But of course, France was not amused.

Eliseo, France has allowed New Caledonia to hold a referendum on independence last year. It failed because foreign-born residents who were French citizens were opposed. France has now announced it will allow a second vote under a different set of rules. The statehood movement may be revived once New Caledonia becomes independent.

Very Interesting! I had no idea the French government would again risk such a referendum. Perhaps they are thinking of themselves more as Europeans than as French? Perhaps they think of New Caledonia as of little value to them? To me, allowing such a referndum seems foolish, but I am not there.

Presuming the US is rebirthed into a good and healthy organism through our Pluto and Uranus returns, territories in the western Pacific may become more useful and strategically desirable as events unfold in Asia, especially to counter revanchist China. Obama certainly recognized this.

The best move for the Brits once brexit is finished will be to join up with NAFTA/USMCA. Meanwhile, I understand the CANZUK movement is growing. Although the CANZUK nations lack geographic proximity, the internet era and post-Covid renewed air travel will make it no longer the insurmountable barrier it once was. CANZUK in context of modern technology would be eminently practical and economically and militarily beneficial.

We live in interesting times, and it is most probable the conflicts therein will continue to fascinate and mesmerize us.

Eliseo, the French appear to be ready to let New Caledonia go because there was political violence and police repression there a few years ago which was much criticized. French public opinion is still traumatized by the lost colonial wars in Algeria and Vietnam. The basic attitude nowadays appears to be: ”we try to treat them better than in the old days, but if they want to go, let them.”

French colonies in the Caribbean and South America appear more content so far. France has a rocket pad in French Guyana where they launch satellites for the European Union. I saw a French quiz today where they asked: ‘Which country has the longest border with France?” The answer: Brazil. They consider Guyana part of the homeland because of its strategic value. This part of South America is part of the European Union and its currency is the euro.

Wake me up when it’s January 21st, please.

‘Denis McDonough, Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, was nominated secretary of veterans affairs.’

“Mr. McDonough’s selection was unexpected, former colleagues said he took an intense interest in military families during the Obama administration, as well as the notorious case backlog at the sprawling department that manages health care and other benefits for veterans. He also traveled regularly to combat zones, and often visited with wounded soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Mr. McDonough’s wife, Kari, is the co-founder and president of an organization that assists veterans reintegrating into their communities.

“If you know Denis McDonough, there is nothing at all surprising about the idea that the V.A. would literally be the guy’s dream government position,” said Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser in the Obama White House. “He’s animated by veterans’ issues in a way that he’s not animated by anything else, including national security issues.”

Mr. Rhodes recalled many instances when he would “round a turn in the West Wing at like 9 p.m. on a Tuesday and the guy was giving a tour to 10 wounded warriors.”


Texas may be redeemed
Today! FBI came a’knockin at Paxton’s door….


I knew French Guyana was considered part of France, but I thought New Caledonia and the other French possesions were as well. My mistake.

106 House Republicans support the ridiculous Texas lawsuit. The Pennsylvania AG calls it seditious abuse of the judicial process.


Eliseo, France distinguishes between overseas territories (called TOMs) from overseas departments (DOMs). The latter are part of the homeland, which is itself divided in departments since Napoleon. There are currently 99 departments, including 5 overseas.

France describes itself as a transcontinental country with more time zones than any other. One curious fact is that Paris was in the same time zone as London before the last war, but is now in the same as Berlin since the German Occupation. Its former colonial empire gives the European Union worldwide jurisdiction.

Also, there is a French law that prohibits naming a pig Napoleon.

Thank You for the clarification.
RE: the pig. LOL! That is High Comedy and High-Larious!

Time magazine has named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020’s Person of the Year.

The two made history on November 7 when they beat Donald Trump in a bitter election that put him in a small club of presidents who served only one term. Harris on that day became the country’s first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president-elect.
“For changing the American story, for showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are TIME’s 2020 Person of the Year,” wrote Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal.

Andre, thank you for the French lesson! You learn new stuff everyday, and I love the information about the naming of pigs!

silcominc – don’t forget this is Sam Brownback country. Anything to help the Republican cause – which is completely NOT Old School Conservative. Instead, it’s Ayn Randian Libertarianism, melded with autocracy. And, I did see today; I was correct… Lincoln Project named names, and there was our Republican AG, big as an elephant stuck in mud.

I’ve given up trying to understand why people vote against their own interests. I now believe it’s all tribal. Thanks to the Republicans harping on Democrats being the core of all evil and the Democrats never fighting back, the words have taken on a life of their own. As of this year, I have no use for them. They are seditionists and treasonous, AFAIC, and I’d like the whole of them tried for such and exiled.

I guess you noticed my “nice guy” attitude has taken a real hit these past four years! (LOL) But I’ve truly had enough. I don’t know where we go from here. And I don’t think it’s all coming out yet, as Barb mentioned above. Everyone always concentrates on the poor Rebs. Well, there was a bunch of stuff that went down in the 60’s and 70’s against those of us who were only trying to make the Earth a better, more peaceful place, and yet, even now, climate action still gets shoved to the back of profits, not to mention the 2nd New Deal and the People’s Bill of Rights. I’m actually ready for a righteous fight. They want an autocratic ruler? Let them go found a country of their own. Obviously, I don’t think people like me are going to be any help as far as peacemaker goes. I find it sad, sometimes, but I’m tired of being treated like a 2nd or 3rd class person.

ja – loved your message on the Warrior women (and men). I started learning the Craft as a Dianic witch, what you said strikes a real chord in me. Synchronicity is funny, tho. I just had the daughter of a friend ask me today to teach her the Craft, and it was because I was so focus on female spirituality and empowerment. You truly may be onto something. This young one was the third since Hallows to ask me to teach them. All three were young women. Each of them are strong women in their own rights. One is an Aquarian, like me.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asking the Universe where I fit and what I should do now that I’m retired. I think the Universe is answering my call. Gives me shivers when that happens!

RE: the 106 House Republicans and all other R’s supporting the fraud/stolen election theory.
IMO the Pennsylvania AG, Josh Shapiro, was very precise and accurate in his choice of words, “seditious abuse of the judicial process.” That’s a very good description.

The phrase “seditious conspiracy,” is covered under federal statute 18 U.S.C.A. § 2384 (2000). But under past interpretation, the phrase appears to have refered to the use of actual violence, which seems to me more accurately as insurrection. But then, I’m not an attorney, merely someone who loves precise language.

Too bad, constitutionally we can’t banish these kooks. And turning them out of office seems entirely to weak a measure. I wonder if their respective bsr associations will take action.

Whoops! Typo. bar…NOT bsr.


Is Andrew Yang Running for Mayor? All Signs Point to Yes
The former Democratic presidential candidate is meeting with New York City power brokers and telling them he intends to enter the race to succeed Bill de Blasio.


I’m serious. The nutty election case will be thrown out by the Supreme Court shortly and the Electoral College will confirm Biden’s victory on Monday. There will then be no path to overturn the election legally. After that, we will enter a dangerous period of potential political violence. Please be careful around the Mars-Pluto square on December 23.



Andrew Yang for President in 224. He should at least be VP. Biden’s picks do not open the door to a new generation of leaders, but the next election will.

2024. I need a new pair of glasses.


Another quirk of the French Constitution is that, unbelievably, three kings rule under the French Republic. They are located in French Polynesia north of New Zealand. Two of them are joint monarchs of a set of islands.

French Polynesia is apparently a holiday destination for the wealthy. Two years ago, I published a book in French called The End of the Monarchy in Quebec. I sent it to an Australian professor of constitutional law who is deemed the current foremost legal authority on the monarchy in the British Commonwealth. She responded that she would read it using her high school French during her Christmas vacation in the French islands in the Western Pacific.

Andre, don’t mean to rush ahead, but I feel very strongly that Kamala will be our next President in 2024.

Ja, I think she will be President before then, no later than 2023. However, the political landscape will change entirely the following year. All bets are off for the Democratic nomination after the 2022 mid-terms, which will be dramatic and may impact her approval ratings.


“After that, we will enter a dangerous period of potential political violence. Please be careful around the Mars-Pluto square on December 23.”

That’s the day before Christmas Eve; nobody messes with the Baby Jesus’ Birthday!

Andre, what !?!?! the 2022 midterms are going to be dramatic!?! and not good for Dems, OMG I cant take too much more of this, I really cant!

The Supreme Court has rejected the fruitcake Texas case.


Diana, the Pluto return is in 2023. Things will only slowly improve until then. I have written many times the Biden Administation’s chart will be very difficult and that the real renewal comes in 2024.

Will, the Proud Boys and other such violent groups are barbaric and heathen. And the GOP has abandoned Christian ethics.

Sooner or later, astrology students will be taught about how the Covid epidemic and the “near coup de’ tat of the USA” came about, by studying the US birth chart.

For example, the US natal chart’s Neptune in Virgo is sextile the US natal Mercury in Cancer which was opposed by transiting Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Ceres and Pallas, etc., in Capricorn this year, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone and once, at the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, in a threesome, when Ceres joined them in the same degree.

All these planets and asteroids in Capricorn were trine US natal Neptune in Virgo, as well as opposing US natal Mercury in Cancer, when, in 2020, they made those aspects; the year of the pandemic and the attempted coup.

It is US natal Neptune then, closely aligned with human emotions, that has been the driving power on how the mass of energy (transiting planets) in Capricorn, when opposite US natal Mercury (thought, teaching, communicating), prevailed in 2020.

It is human emotion, a powerful force in and of itself, that can move mountains, or at least manipulate legislators when pushed to extremes. (thanks Diana, thanks will for expressing yourselves.)

Astrology students in the future will learn how the energy represented by Uranus, when combined with the energy of Pluto and Neptune, as it was in the ’60’s when Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo were sextile Neptune in Scorpio, and they formed a Yod to US natal Chiron in Aries which is opposite US natal Juno in Libra.

That pattern between transiting Uranus-Pluto-Neptune + US Chiron-Juno is called a Boomerang, and it has been activated by transiting Mars since late July, 2020, to right now. That ’60’s Uranus-Pluto cycle energy has also been activated by transiting Neptune in Pisces the whole dang year. Is it any wonder we’ve been angry and distraught and can’t sleep?

I guess we are too close to the action to be dispassionate, so unconsciously, it gets to us no matter how clearly we see the facts. Maybe the Universe in all its wisdom, is using our less disciplined emotions to bring consciousness to the disparities in our government and society.

Maybe the “shift” in consciousness can only work when both sides of the brain are simultaneously are engaged. Astrology students will have figured that out by 2100, surely!

Andre, Will,
RE: “the GOP has abandoned Christian ethics.”
They’ve not only abandoned Judeo-Christian ethics, they have gone beyond the ethical boundaries set forth by Machiavelli in “The Prince.” Who would have “thunk” that possible?

George W. Bush, a man who refers to himself as a recovering alcoholic, stated “Power can be very addictive, and it can be corrosive,…”
I believe he correctly diagnosed what was happening to his party. Completely apart from the Trump effect, The R party has been gradually descending into autocratic madness since the Nixon era.

Perhaps the best, (but not only) viable explanation for the descent of the R party into madness in the face of diminishing demographics, is the context of addiction. Political and/or economic power, like gambling, falls into the category of process addiction.

The question is: What is the best intervention to end this craziness? AND.. How much further might this go? High level R’s are now publically suggesting like minded (red trumpist) states band together in some sort of pact (confederacy?) opposed to the rest of us. The Texas GOP chairman is now openly talking of secession. We are facing a loose knit number of militant groups who may initiate a period in which the US could for a while resemble N. Ireland during their “troubles” era.

The good news is our supreme court unanimously rejected Texas AG Paxton’s
lawsuit, a viable vaccine has been approved, and JB and KH will be inaugurated 20 January.
The culture “war” is not over and done with, but at least the coup has failed.

Can the 126 faithless repugs cause havoc and bad trouble when Congress convenes to accept the electoral college votes? That’s my last worry point (beyond attempted assassination) during inauguration.

One thing Trump has shown with his endless lawsuits, is just how far from a real democracy we are! I’m pretty politically astute, and even I never realized there was so many steps to get from the first Tues in Nov to the Inauguration!

I do have a bottle of Moet and Chandon on chill to share with hubby, in celebration and relief 39 days from now! I love seeing my little ticker tick down the days on my desktop. Helps keep me sane!

Many times you’ve asserted Trump’s “divine or cosmic purpose” albeit unknown to him, is to expose the weaknesses and loopholes in our system, to show us what we need to fix. I’ve enjoyed your astrological analyses of his role, largely agreeing with you on this point. I remain convinced you are correct, but it occurs to me an element of that which we’ve all known is now becoming even more glaringly obvious.

The R party has long pretended to be something it is not, a group of honorable, principled, philosophically conservative guardians and advocates of our constitutional democratic republic. Many of us have long known that is not the case, that the R party is racist, sexist, and anti-poor people, but there is a subtle and profound difference between merely knowing vs. truly real-izing it.

Through the last four years of Trump, Republican acquiescence has been a puzzle. Were/are Republicans truly supportive of DJT, of his cruelty, incompetence and his chaotic penchant for autocracy? Or did they go along with him out of fear, or to achieve conservative policy goals while privately loathing the man and cringing at his excesses and vulgarity?

We have our answers now. DJT gave the R’s permission to be and show their true selves.
The 106 congressional R’s and the 18 state AG’s who went along with the latest Trump inspired scam demonstrate well what we’ve known, but many have not internally realized.

Many moderates, Independents, and true conservatives see it now, and we are all feeling it in our gut. Thanks to Mr. Trump’s “leadership” and how eagerly so many R’s followed him, many now see the R party for what it truly is, an anti-democratic, fascist, criminal organization dedicated only to enriching themselves and their wealthy donors at the expense of the health, well being, and liberty of American citizens.

Although many of us knew that intuitively and intellectually, it is now so much more in our face and gut punching real. And so it is also for many moderates, Independents, and true conservatives, people for whom it was more difficult to see. It was easier to see clearly for Liberals, Progressives, Democratic Socialists, and Social Democrats, but now all but the dedicated Trump cultists see it as well.

Were it not for Trump, too many Americans would have continued to rest in the delusion of Republican honor. We are awakened now to the necessity of democratic vigilance. The R’s have revealed themselves in the darkness of their passionate sedition.

Reports are the Biden team is hyper-aware, on guard for any mischief relative to the electoral vote, the Georgia vote, the swearing in of congressmen and congresswomen in early January, and the inauguration itself.
They’ve arranged protection for the electors in all 50 states, created alternate routes to confuse any demonstrators or terrorists, and continue to prepare for any and all possible disruptions or terrorism. The Biden team has also taken great pains to insure all is done safely in context of covid 19.

But, another issue thst concerns me: All in all, I question the advisability of admitting congressional members who signed on to the Texas AG’s lawsuit. They’ve violated their oath of office. What value is there in their being sworn in again in January?

I love that you question the advisability of admitting congressional members who signed on to the Texas AG’s lawsuit. It is reassuring that you have recognized, and have re-stated for us, that they’ve violated their oath of office. Too bad the time is too short to January…

The Constitution has an answer for seditious members of Congress
Ryan Cooper

“The logical endgame of the rapidly-accelerating Republican attempt to destroy democracy while the country burns would be civil war — if it weren’t for the high probability that Democratic leaders would be too cowardly to fight.”

“But it’s worth thinking about what a party seriously committed to preserving democracy would do when faced with a seditious opposition party — namely, cut them out of power and forcethem to behave. Democrats could declare all traitors ineligible to serve in national office, convene a Patriot Congress composed solely of people who have not committed insurrection against the American government, and use that power to re-entrench democracy.”
“In other words, this lawsuit, even though it didn’t succeed, is a flagrant attempt to overturn the constitutional system and impose through authoritarian means the rule of a corrupt criminal whose doltish incompetence has gotten hundreds of thousands of Americans killed. It is a “seditious abuse of the judicial process,” as the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin jointly wrote in their response to Texas trying to steal their elections.”
(The Am. Constitution)
…stipulates that insurrectionists who violate their oath are not allowed to serve in Congress.
…Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, written to exclude Confederate Civil War traitors, says that “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress … who … having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress … to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same[.]” How the Supreme Court ruled, or whether Republicans actually believe their lunatic claims, is irrelevant. It’s still insurrection even if it doesn’t work out.”

“Democrats would have every right, both under the Constitution and under the principle of popular sovereignty outlined in the Declaration of Independence, to convene a traitor-free Congress (also including similar acts committed by Republican senators like Lindsey Graham, David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler, and others), and pass such laws as would be necessary to preserve the American republic.”

Eliseo, there were actually 126 signatories from the House GOP. Twenty more were added before the Supreme Court decision, including GOP House Leader McCarthy, who said it was a mistake not to include him initially. These people are craven and would sacrifice democracy and the rule of law on the altar of Trump.

The Mars-Uranus square in the 12th house of the Biden Administration chart means in my view that this extremism will remain a thorn in its side for all its time in office because of the lack of firm measures you describe.

The mid-terms of 2022 will be Trumpism’s last stand. He will be prosecuted by then, but his case may still be on appeal and he may not actually land in jail or meet his Maker before the Pluto return is over in 2023. He will no longer be a factor in 2024.

Eliseo, I agree about not seating these critters. I doubt anything will be done, which is what disappoints me about centrist Democrats. Too often, it’s take the high road and the repugs push the line a little bit further.

No accountability leads to more mischief, and they’ve pushed that line WAY too far towards dictatorship, IMNSHO. I always tried to teach my daughter that there were consequences for her actions. These repugs need to have a huge refresher course!

Maybe, instead of seating them at the start of the congressional year, Nancy should send them all to some sort of “class” consisting of “semesters” reinforcing civics, law, and government.

Would be kinda like when the judge sentenced kris kobach to attend remedial law classes…

I have a dumb, non-political, astrological question for all the astrologers here…

We’re leaving the age of Pisces to enter the Age of Aquarius. How? Why? Pisces comes -after- Aquarius in the zodiac. I know it has to do with the procession of the equinoxes, I just don’t understand the mechanics of it.


Eliseo, thanks for your comments above and I will have to re-read yours and Andre’s again after I get some chores done , , BUT . . .

Here is a quote from Jessica Murray written in 2008 for Daykeeper Journal:

“Meanwhile, the Sun-Saturn square in the US chart helps us understand why, despite their penchant for bad boy underdogs in the movies, actual Americans tend to slump into obeisance in the presence of uniformed agents.”

That very US natal Sun-Saturn square and the fact that the US PROGRESSED Mars (war) is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter seems to me to scream out that the US is at war with itself.

The fact that Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno are conjunct US natal Saturn, and, US Saturn and Trump’s Jupiter, and US progressed Mars are all in Libra, separated by just 3 degrees, and Libra is a sign that seeks balance above all else, tells me Trump is a father figure (Saturn = authority = father figure), unconsciously, to many, TOO many, US voting citizens, and we, as a body needed to become conscience of that. NOW!

As to the Republican Party, and what it stands for now, is a deep subject. The point is that it has lost its legitimacy and it too is at war with itself. We must explore these things about ourselves (the US people) and therefore the crisis; call it Covid or the Trump era, is in-our-face. We must deal with our values, such as life over wealth.

Murray also says this about the US natal chart: “The classic Sagittarius Rising sees itself as a fiesty rebel”, to which I would add that transiting Uranus (unrestrained) has sextiled the US Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) during 2019 and 2020, during the time of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

All this comes before the long anticipated US Pluto Return and what I like to think of as an ascenscion of consciousness for humanity. Baby steps.


Note that Monday’s Solar Eclipse at 23 Sagittarius 08 is opposite Trump’s natal Sun and conjunct his natal Moon and square US natal Neptune.

In the Sibly version of the US natal birth chart this solar eclipse falls in the 1st house of self, so something about ourself (the US) will be revealed at some point. The eclipse opposes the US Mercury too.

Because Mars will exactly conjunct US Chiron in Aries and oppose US Juno in Libra, it suggests some hidden wound will be exposed.

Al Gore:

“This weekend marks two anniversaries that, for me, point a way forward through the accumulated wreckage of the past year.

The first is personal. Twenty years ago, I ended my presidential campaign after the Supreme Court abruptly decided the 2000 election. As the incumbent vice president, my duty then turned to presiding over the tallying of Electoral College votes in Congress to elect my opponent. This process will unfold again on Monday as the college’s electors ratify America’s choice of Joe Biden as the next president, ending a long and fraught campaign and reaffirming the continuity of our democracy.

The second anniversary is universal and hopeful. This weekend also marks the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Paris Agreement. One of President Trump’s first orders of business nearly four years ago was to pull the United States out of the accord, signed by 194 other nations to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases threatening the planet. With Mr. Trump heading for the exit, President-elect Biden plans to rejoin the agreement on his Inauguration Day, Jan. 20.”


Ja, I love Al Gore and i’m happy to see him optimistic about Climate Change.
Remember the good old days when these were the issues in the news and what we talked about?

Slightkc, my understanding is the precession of the equinoxes has to do with the shifting of the galaxies in the background of the sky visible from Earth over thousands of years. The names of the galaxies go back to the ancient Greeks. The movement of the galaxies is backwards.

Barbk, the eclipse on Monday is opposite US Mars, another indication of possible political violence.

Ooops! Thanks for catching my mistake Andre; the eclipse opposes US Mars, not US Mercury.

Gad, this is so amazing! See the video – access is free, I believe. No wonder Covid is everywhere whenever there are big crowds. 3 months is a long wait for most to get the vaccine – and it could be 6 months or more. As though there isn’t enough in life to worry about!


Andre, thank you for your answer! I knew it was backwards, I just didn’t know why. At one point I’d convinced myself that where the equinoxes landed was like the ball in a game of craps (I think that’s the right game!) Like I said… twas a little over my head!

Beowulfie, thank you for posting that video.

Having been compelled to take a 2nd look at the Monday total solar eclipse, (thanks again Andre) I realize this eclipse will considerably impact the US Constitution chart (Sept. 17, 1787) too.

The Saturn (28+ Cap) and Jupiter (27+ Cap) conjunction at the time of the Solar Eclipse (23 Sagittarius 08) will sextile the conjunction between Venus and Juno (28+ Scorpio) and that sextile will make a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Jupiter at 25+ Gemini that conjuncts the Constitution chart’s Juno at 27+ Gemini, meaning that the Constitution chart’s Jupiter + Juno will be forced to make some adjustments. We can see that already what with the Texas secession talk.

Furthermore, the US Constitution Jupiter-Juno conjunction in Gemini opposes the solar eclipse in Sagittarius itself, and that makes it become a Boomerang pattern of 8 bodies; Sun/Moon, Jupiter/Saturn, Venus/Juno in the eclipse chart on the 14th, and Jupiter/Juno in the Constitution chart.

This looks complicated as well as duplicitous, and although the marriage between Jupiter and Juno was supposedly made in Heaven, it was not without its problems. This will be interesting to watch the development of this eclipse energy through 2021.

The solar eclipse has a sextile between Ceres and Uranus that forms a Yod with Makemake (Birdman) which could mean a shift in attitude/action regarding global warming or climate change. Just sayin’.

For anyone who needs to know for astrological purposes:

The elected House representatives and senators are sworn in, take their oath of office at noon, January 6. A joint session of Congress, presided over by the VP meets at 1:00 PM to count the electoral vote.

If any Representative objects to the concluded count, and one Senator agrees, the Congress retires to their respective chambers. The Senate then votes simultaneous to the House voting on whether to accept the vote count.

At least two R. Reps. have stated they will challenge the vote count, and two senators (one is Rand Paul, I don’t recall who the other one is) have stated they will support that challenge.

Congressman Bill Pascrell, from New Jersey appears to be the only Dem who has his head straight on the expulsion issue, per Amendment 14, Section 3. He wrote the letter to the House leadership demanding the 126 R’s should not be seated. Also, Esquire magazine refers to the 126 as having signed the “seditious covenant.”


Here is Marjorie Orr today:


Eliseo, more drama! And Jan 6 is the day after the GA senate election — which may not even be decided by then.

Thanks for posting that information though.

I thought the Jan. 6 vote sounded ominous, but I read that both the House and Senate would have to vote to overturn a challenged state’s electors, and the House isn’t likely to do that. I can imagine the Republicans challenging state after state, though, which would eat up a lot of time and accomplish nothing.

slightkc, acually my answer was faulty and I thought it over. It was at best roughly correct but also wrong.

I wrote that the precession of the equinoxes was about the movement of the galaxies since ancient times. Of course, intergalactic space was unknown back then. We are really talking here about the movement of constellations within our own galaxy, the Milky Way, which was as far as a sharp eye could see without a telescope back then.

We were taught traditionally that stars are immovable. They do move very slowly over thousands of years and parts of our galaxy move in relation to our solar system. I am not sure if some of this movement is only apparent like a Mercury retrograde or if it is all real. I do not know why the cycle of a change of constellations in the background of the night sky is about 24,000 years, or when and how someone came up with that number, and I don’t know why the movement is backwards, but there we are.

The most illuminated and striking night sky I saw in my lifetime was on the island of Crete in Greece in 1977. I can only imagine what an observant shepherd or sailor must have felt thousands of years ago. I also had the privilege of seeing with wonder the northern lights near the Arctic circle in northern Quebec. These are a reflection of solar flares striking our planet’s atmosphere. I’ll be an astronomer when I grow up.

I am glad people are commenting on this eclipse. It will be quite dramatic since it echos the eclipses of 2001. It is indeed affecting the Us Sibley and strongly affects Trump’s chart.

So Danger. Tomorrow is the total eclipse of the Sun at 23′ 08″ Sagittarius. It is not only a strong phenomena on its own, it directly affects Donald Trump’s natal chart dramatically and not for the better. It conjuncts his 4th house natal Moon and South Node, opposes his 10th house natal Sun by 13″ AND his North Node, inconjuncts his 11th house natal Venus/Saturn by 40″ and trines his 12th house Mars. To make it worse transiting Mercury conjuncts the eclipse, Neptune squares it from his western hemisphere while his Progressed Moon squares it from his Eastern. The frosting is transiting Mars which will trine that eclipse while squaring off to his Venus/Saturn. What does all that mean? Pretty close to a psychotic breakdown triggered by the electoral college vote. This could precipitate some dark actions or a health crisis. His actions over the next several weeks/months could be frenetic and desperate, and he could consciously try to wreck as much damage as possible. With Rahu/Ketu involved, this is all karmic and degenerative. He will smash everything in sight figuratively and literally, wreck vengeance where he can, lash out, and most likely suffer another physical manifestation like a relapse, stroke or digestive episode, or even some self harm.

Since the eclipse also affects The US chart, I expect that he will drag the country through another manic several weeks. In 2021 he will suffer 3 transiting T squares and his Progressed Moon squaring his natal Moon so he could very well be off his rocker for awhile.

I was particularly surprised to see this from Michael Conneely from his youtube and Starwheel sites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkuEe4VTsIE&t=310s

and this reading yesterday from Ellie in Australia who has been pretty accurate in her Tarot readings all along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yttZ7vv9ck&t=5s

Emma, you should post here more often. The eclipse will clearly be life-shattering for Trump.

Eliseo, that other Senator who is contemplating shenanigans in Congress when the Electoral College vote is registered on January 6 is Ron Johnson, another particularly toxic Trumpian.

It is worth remembering that similar tactics were attempted by Democrat Representatives after Bush v. Gore in January 2001. The special session of Congress was presided by VP Gore himself, who quickly put an end to that. In January 2017, VP Biden shut down similar attempts after Trump’s calamitous victory.

It will be interesting to see how VP Pence, as the presiding officer, behaves on January 6 in the face of similar manoeuvres. He can only delay the inevitable for a few hours, but if he caves in too quickly he may have to kiss his own ambitions goodbye.

Yes, it appears VP Pence is in the position of damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

What a bunch of ‘schmucks’!

“Trump Allies Eye Long-Shot Election Reversal in Congress, Testing Pence
Some House Republicans plan to try to use Congress’s tallying of electoral results on Jan. 6 to tip the election to President Trump. The attempt will put Republicans in a pinch.”


Sharon K, thank you for that NYT link. I had not read it when I last posted. This is a comment to that article by a fellow Canadian. She accurately describes living in Canada at this time as living in the apartment above the meth lab. The last sentence is powerful.

“Janie K
Ontario, Canada
8h ago
Times Pick
I’m listening to Obama’s “A Promised Land” as this insanity goes on. And it is so striking to hear him speak about all the work he and his team did in advance of January 20th to ensure they could get on top of the financial crisis and hit the ground running. The Biden administration needs the same opportunity to get on top of the Covid crisis, but they are being blocked by the entire GOP. It’s insanity. In Obama’s words, the Bush team were more than helpful during the transition, and together, both administrations put the welfare of US citizens first.

The US is again in crisis, and yet Trump and the GOP choose to put the health and welfare of Americans last and poison the political water at the same time. Now if they truly believe that Trump will lead the next administration, they are only shooting themselves in the foot.

January 20th can’t come soon enough. But nothing will surprise me if the GOP continue to fight this long into the summer and beyond. The damage being done to the US’s standing in the world is incalculable, yet the GOP really doesn’t care. As someone living in the apartment above the meth lab, I fear for my own safety in the future as the US continues to decline into unresolvable chaos.”

Jupiter-Saturn as the Christmas Star

For the next six weeks or so, Mars is putting many in a fighting mood. In mid-November Mars turned direct in its own sign, Aries, and is now charging ahead, strengthened by hard aspects to the outer planets. First up is the square to Pluto which is in effect now and lasting through December 23 when it’s exact. This one is particularly important due to Pluto’s influence over the information bubbles that Americans live in.

On a more mythological note, the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is being referred to in some quarters as “the Christmas Star” since it will be exact only four days before Christmas. The Christmas Star evokes “The Star of Bethlehem”, which was the mysterious light in the sky that led the Three Wise Men to the new world teacher, the baby Jesus. Religious and scientific observers have debated what exactly was this Star ever since, but we can make an educated guess if we begin with the assumption that the three Wise Men were actually astrologers.


Sharon K,
Except for those who’ve left the party, Republicans have revealed themselves not as honest, prudent “conservatives” but textbook defined fascists. Fascists don’t mind breaking or bending any and all rules, regulations, or norms. They don’t care about them, unless they can use them to their advantage.

With no respect or adherence to morality, they push, prod, prevaricate, provoke, and then push some more until they get what they want. They may pause temporarily when it is to their advantage, but generally don’t truly stop until they are dead, or in prison.

I don’t expect these R’s are any different from what we’ve seen historically. They have no problem with violence, nor pushing the US into civil war. They trust and count on Liberals to always be nice, interpreting our niceness, and tendency to comply with the rules as weakness, what they see as depraved, pathological weakness, which they of course despise. From their point of view, we are “snowflakes,” especially those of us on the west coast.

They take pleasure in taking advantage of our niceness, and our love for the rule of law. They believe they can beat us by attrition, by wearing us down into exhaustion. Counting on our aforementioned “niceness” and preference for peace, they believe that if they push us to the brink of civil war, we will simply surrender.

In the context of the amicus brief rejected by the Supremes last Friday, 126 – R congressmen and congresswomen, at least a few R senators, and 18 state AG’s enthusiastically abused our judicial system with purpose of sedition, not to mention the previous absurd legal actions for same purpose. Over 70 million Americans voted for DJT, many of whom would willingly follow those aforementioned office holders into sedition and possibly insurrection were they to lead us there.

Were our culture war to devolve into a civil war, in which Dems and Liberals DID NOT surrender, it would be unlike the 1860’s regionally defined conflict; it would be a guerilla war embroiling every state, county, city, village, hamlet, farm and ranch. It would be a very personal, neighbor against neighbor, and intra-family affliction.(Intuitively) Knowing 64% of R households possess firearms, but only 31% of Dem households have them, R’s feel supremely confident they would win.

Our primary caveat is a Dem president and commander-in-chief would command the largest most efficient military force on the planet. But in any case, it would be a horrible, bloody mess.

“Schmucks”? With all due respect, considering what these folks are willing to risk, that appellation is much too dignified. IMHO, not even the word fascist is strong enough. These people are darkly bedazzling. Frankly, it strains my cognitive abilities to find an appropriate designation.

RE: “As someone living in the apartment above the meth lab, I fear for my own safety in the future as the US continues to decline into unresolvable chaos.”

Oh, how I wish you Canadians could have voted in our US election!

When I heard this, I did not believe it. It sounds like some farce published in The Onion. But looking it up, I notice several reputable news orgs are running the story. However, I’m listing only one link. If true, it surely must be sanctioned by Putin himself.
Evidently, The Daily Beast ran it first. The link at bottom is from Business Insider.

Russian state media are calling for Trump — or ‘Trumpusha’ — to get asylum in their country when he leaves the White House so he can save himself from prosecution

“Olga Skabeeva, who hosts the “60 Minutes” show on the state-owned Russia-1 network, said on December 3 that Trump’s predicament was “very serious” and that he should consider asylum in Russia.”

“Igor Korotchenko, a Russian military expert who sits on the Defense Ministry’s public council, said on the same show that “Russia can offer political asylum to the persecuted former president of the United States, Donald Trump,” according to The Daily Beast.”

“But let him not simply arrive to Rostov or elsewhere, but also transfer his capital here and finally build his famous Trump City somewhere in our New Moscow,” he added.”

“Trump is popular in Russia and is often referred to by state media as “our Donald,” “Trumpusha,” and “Comrade Trump,” according to The Daily Beast.”

“Dmitry Kiselyov, one of Russia’s most prominent Kremlin-aligned TV hosts, said on Sunday that to survive, Trump must pardon himself.”

“It’s not entirely clear whether the Russian media outlets are serious about their calls for Trump to seek asylum in Russia, but The Daily Beast described the outlets as “a reliable barometer of the mood at the Kremlin.”

“Should we get another apartment in Rostov ready?” Vladimir Soloviev, a prominent host on Russia-1, asked in a December 2019 episode of his show, alluding to Russia’s rehoming of the Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, according to The Daily Beast.”


I was watching “the guys” (Astrologers, Readers, Seers) tonight. I believe it was Linda G who shared that many of our present friendly, local neighborhood Fascists are reincarnated from their last appearance in the 30s, sadly, having learned nothing.

One theory that’s gone around as long as I recall is soldiers and others killed by the actions of the opposing nation’s bullets, bombs, etc. reincarnate in their enemy nation. Germans, Italians, Japanese, etc. killed by Americans would rebirth as Americans, and vice versa. Brits, French, Aussies, Canadians, New Zealanders, etc. killed by Germans in WWII would rebirth as Germans.

Lesson: Be careful whom you kill. People you dislike might be born in your culture or nation. If it is true, it surely must only be a generalization.

The eclipse must be hitting Google today, they’re having global outages on their authentication servers.

By that logic, Eliseo, there’s a whole lot of Republicans who should be reincarnating as racial and ethnic minorities, GLBTQ, muslims, and women who pursue doctorates. Or better still, the “libs” they so desperately want to “own” lol.

Talk about irony.

I wonder what Trump would reincarnate as? If it were up to me, I’d bring him back as a particularly annoying buzzing fly who gets swatted and killed over about 100,000 lifetimes or so because he cannot just shut the f— up.

One of my primary spiritual teachers, a WWII veteran was a very masculine gay man. He believed his immediately previous life, which he vividly remembered, was as a macho male hunter who despised all homosexuals. In this life he was vegetarian.

RE: Trump as a buzzing fly. LOL!
The Western Mystery Tradition understanding of rebirth differs from the Hindu-Buddhist-Jain concepts. It distinguishes between transmigration and reincarnation. Belief in transmigration includes the possibility of birth of a discarnate human as an animal. Reincarnation excludes that possibility, allowing humans rebirth as another human only, or in theory a higher form were one to earn that possibility and were such a form available.

One of my mentors speculated that perhaps
A. Hitler might have been reborn as a sickly Israeli girl in a wheelchair. In any case according to him, AH would have probably earned himself several successive lives as a Jew and/or African.

My father, who survived really bad third degree burns to his face twice in his life, once at age 5, and again at age 18, was very grateful for the free plastic surgery, care and kindness he received after the second burn. Although a very devout Methodist, he privately believed in reincarnation but very rarely talked about it. He hoped to be reborn to become a dermatologist MD that he might help others to heal from the trauma. He was the kindest, most decent, honorable and honest man I’ve ever known. He passed in 2009. Perhaps he will get his wish.

The world would certainly be a better place for his reincarnation as such, Eliseo.

When I was really young, I had an inexplicable aversion to identifying in any way as a solider, and even viscerally reacted to seeing them portrayed on TV. My parents thought it was the strangest thing–how could I even know enough about something then to react to it in such a way?

I have always believed that I had indeed been a soldier during a previous lifetime who knowingly and reluctantly died in battle, and swore that I’d never do it again. On my current go round, I have had zero desire to be a part of the military, and in fact have participated in several anti-war protests.

Lorna Bevan:

The December 14 2020 Total Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius anchors a shock window that extends from the 7th – 21st December (!) along with signature extreme seismic disturbance. Everything feels different. Remind yourself that this deep space eclipse wave is not head stuff – it’s somatic, physical, integrative. You may experience a cocktail of tension, anxiety, bliss, exhaustion, clearing, freedom … side effects of Embodiment as the old time-lines are dissolved and permanently deleted.

If you have planets or points between 20-26 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo these will be shaken awake. That area of your life will experience change out of the blue caused by events beyond your control.

This Total Solar Eclipse in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius between the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre is a direct line to Source conjunct the karmic South Node of Fate, revealing what has to be left behind in the dustbin of history so that you can move forward in 2021.


Found this over on DU and thought it was great!

On this Electoral College day…I like to reflect on ‘the serious answer’…

‘An anguished question from a Trump supporter: “Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?”

The serious answer: Here’s what we really think about Trump supporters – the rich, the poor, the malignant and the innocently well-meaning, the ones who think and the ones who don’t…
That when you saw a man who had owned a fraudulent University, intent on scamming poor people, you thought “Fine.” That when you saw a man who had made it his business practice to stiff his creditors, you said, “Okay.” That when you heard him proudly brag about his own history of sexual abuse, you said, “No problem.” That when he made up stories about seeing muslim-Americans in the thousands cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center, you said, “Not an issue.” That when you saw him brag that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and you wouldn’t care, you chirped, “He sure knows me.”

That when you heard him illustrate his own character by telling that cute story about the elderly guest bleeding on the floor at his country club, the story about how he turned his back and how it was all an imposition on him, you said, “That’s cool!” That when you saw him mock the disabled, you thought it was the funniest thing you ever saw. That when you heard him brag that he doesn’t read books, you said, “Well, who has time?” That when the Central Park Five were compensated as innocent men convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, and he angrily said that they should still be in prison, you said, “That makes sense.” That when you heard him tell his supporters to beat up protesters and that he would hire attorneys, you thought, “Yes!”

That when you heard him tell one rally to confiscate a man’s coat before throwing him out into the freezing cold, you said, “What a great guy!” That you have watched the parade of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with whom he curries favor, while refusing to condemn outright Nazis, and you have said, “Thumbs up!” That you hear him unable to talk to foreign dignitaries without insulting their countries and demanding that they praise his electoral win, you said, “That’s the way I want my President to be.” That you have watched him remove expertise from all layers of government in favor of people who make money off of eliminating protections in the industries they’re supposed to be regulating and you have said, “What a genius!” That you have heard him continue to profit from his businesses, in part by leveraging his position as President, to the point of overcharging the Secret Service for space in the properties he owns, and you have said, “That’s smart!”

That you have heard him say that it was difficult to help Puerto Rico because it was the middle of water and you have said, “That makes sense.” That you have seen him start fights with every country from Canada to New Zealand while praising Russia and quote, “falling in love” with the dictator of North Korea, and you have said, “That’s statesmanship!” That Trump separated children from their families and put them in cages, managed to lose track of 1500 kids. has opened a tent city incarceration camp in the desert in Texas – he explains that they’re just “animals” – and you say, “well, ok then.”

That you have witnessed all the thousand and one other manifestations of corruption and low moral character and outright animalistic rudeness and contempt for you, the working American voter, and you still show up grinning and wearing your MAGA hats and threatening to beat up anybody who says otherwise. What you don’t get, Trump supporters in 2019, is that succumbing to frustration and thinking of you as stupid may be wrong and unhelpful, but it’s also…hear me…charitable.
Because if you’re NOT stupid, we must turn to other explanations, and most of them are less flattering.’

File this under: “It Figures”

Just spoke with
regarding SCOTUS’ decision not to take up the Kansas case. Will update soon.

One tidbit: He revealed to me that he advised Texas on its lawsuit seeking to overturn the election

Some of these people never learn and never leave. Kris Kobach is so hated around here, even the Repugs didn’t want him on the ballot! They ran their own “favorite” and spent money on HIS candidacy, instead.

“Trump as a buzzing fly. LOL!” LOL LOL
I just had the image of Mussolini as the fly landing on Pence’s head LOL

What would we do without you ja? Thank you for the many interesting links; my favorite of course is Lorna Beven and in this latest she does such a great job of explaining the South Node as “the dustbin of fate”. Good one!

What I don’t understand though is that in her chart for today’s eclipse she left out Ceres but included Sedna, Varuna, Orcus, Vesta, Makemake, Haumea, Ixion and Quaoar! I assume that was an accident.

I reiterate that transiting Ceres at 7+ Pisces is sextile transiting Uranus at 7+ Taurus in this eclipse chart today, and that their sextile forms a Yod to transiting Makemake (in Lorna’s chart) at 7+ Libra, and because both Makemake and Ceres are linked to earth matters and Uranus is linked to shocking breakthroughs, including technology, . .

. . something new re: climate change might be revealed in the offing; Makemake is in the apex of the Yod with Uranus and Ceres in this solar eclipse moment and that means Makemake must alter his position.

Makemake’s symbolism includes an ability to access information about, and understanding of what’s beyond our normal level of consciousness. He represents equality and ecology among other things.

So, this eclipse holds a possible breakthrough of new understanding re: the climate of Earth and the effect human activity has on it. That’s even better than the end of Trumpistory – for me anyway.

The Yod between Ceres-Uranus-Makemake will still be within orb on December 20, 2020, when the US Ceres Return takes place (a 4 year cycle), and on 12/21/20, when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (a 20 year cycle) takes place too. This eclipse ain’t all bad, evolutionary yes, but not all bad.

. . . sorry “dustbin of HISTORY”, not fate.

the odious stephen miller is pushing for a ‘slate of alternate electors” – cant imagine that will hold except in the eyes of their equally odious cult.

Eliseo, I know a lot of loyal Republicans but don’t think they would support violence and there are sane & balanced Republican leaders who they would follow instead. That being said, the Newt (Gingrich) has surfaced again and was given an appt. as a defense department advisor, along with several other Trump loyalists. Apparently Albright and Kissinger were removed recently. The article below states that Biden will not keep these new appointees.

I mention Newt because, apparently, he was the leader of the power at any cost movement in the Republican party but we all know that those who advised Nixon, like Donald Segretti, also pushed for this immoral approach. I guess under Gingrich, it became a huge movement and we have to credit Bill Clinton for calling their bluff several times and accomplishing good things, albeit centrist (how else do you get things done when you have that kind of far-right opposition controlling both houses?)

My take on it is that the Republicans believe all is fair in love and profit-making and some (not all) successful businesses, especially the past model used, are also ruthless, and lie, cheat and steal. Therefore, they make natural bedfellows with the Republicans.

The Dems ARE more ethical and nicer but when we rise up, we are very strong, as evidenced by the protests of this summer (which made the Dems unfairly appear as the violent ones due to some of the looting and burning, etc., some of which was right-wing instigated).

As far as someone like Gingrich and his ilk, who we find today in both Houses, I did not consider them as supporters of Fascism until I saw what happened this week. For some reason, they are deluding themselves because their desire to hold onto power is so strong. There’s a fine line there somewhere between being power-hungry and fascist. Trump and certain others seem to have no compunction in crossing it, but I think we will see a good segment of Republicans resist their naked immorality. (I hope all of the above was clear and made sense.)


Re: the DU Post on Republicans and Trump

Maya Angelou said it best.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Most of us didn’t need 4 years of Trump to see who he was, and to know what he would do and wouldn’t do as President. He proved to be every bit as catastrophically awful as WE KNEW he would be as President, because that’s WHO HE IS and always has been, crystal clear and plain as day.

Still, many Republicans said: “Let Trump be Trump” and “Give him a chance.”

Indeed, how many chances were they willing to give him?

At what point was enough, enough?

Apparently not this election. Not even after international embarrassment, surging domestic terrorism, rampant and self-serving cronyism and corruption, a flagging economy, and 300,000 Americans dead because of a virus. Nearly half of the voting public said “we want more.”

If Republicans are sincerely asking questions about why non-Trump voters think they are stupid, they need to begin with looking themselves in the mirror and asking themselves why they are such damned gullible chumps for a con artist whose criminal racket has been hiding in plain sight for his entire adult life.

Donald J. Trump is one mighty sore loser. From now on, it will be the Democrats v. the Autocrats.

Benjamin Franklin was asked what the Constitution was like when it was adopted. He answered: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Republican neo-fascists can’t.

Thank you barbk, what would we do without your succinct astrological explanations?

You can write to lorna with the Ceres question. She will respond within 24hrs coming from the UK.


Done deal. Woo hoo!

no surprise here!

William Barr Is Out as Attorney General
Mr. Barr was one of the most powerful members of President Trump’s cabinet and faced widespread criticism over his willingness to advance Mr. Trump’s political agenda.


Well, ok then ja; thanks again!

Bill Barr is a Gemini. You cannot pin down a Gemini. I guess he had enough. The man is not an idiot.

Barr’s Mars is at 24+ Virgo, square the solar eclipse at 23+ Sagittarius. He’s not going down with the ship after all.

These various bits and pieces of breakdown are all part of the bigger picture which I refer to as the Patriarchy; a long-time, world-wide form of society that has run its course. It’s not that the world has gone mad, it’s the world waking up. Trump is a burlesque version of the worst of patriarchy; it is laughable which people in other countries can freely do.

Once again, the US is providing the world a show of shows; a parody of what this life style represents and what it values. Even the Covid was not taken seriously by many. Now the show is over and the curtain is dropping and we hasten to change the set for the next scene about the future. The show must go on, right? Places everyone!

I suggest that others take a look at Stephen Miller’s chart. My gut is telling me he has something up his sleeve. August 23, 1985, in Santa Monica, California @ 4:53 PM. The Pluto energies are about to erupt here and I have a feeling about it.

It did sound like he had something up his sleeve, Emma. So far it has something to do with “alternate electors” for the Jan. 6 tally that Pence does and objections are made. I hope it fails big time.

Emma, marjorie orr wrote on him some time back. She said “Miller’s own chart looks dismayed and disappointed in the aftermath of the 2021 Inauguration”

Mars is conjunct US Chiron today, underlining a grievous injury tothe Republic. Biden did not extend an olive branch in his speech this evening to the 126 odious Republican Congressmen and 17 AGs who tried to overturn the election. This wound will not be healed until the Chiron return is completed in 2024, perhaps when the GOP nominates an honorable conservative for the next presidential election or, alternatively, an unrepentant GOP self-destructs.

Emma, Stephen Miller’s chart is predictably sinister. His Venus at 25 Cancer will be opposed by transiting Pluto over the Inauguration which will make him feel distinctly unpopular. He just got married. He may need to rely on a stronger partner for a while.

This man is only 35. I thought he was a 200-year-old vampire. My concern would be the possibility of a comeback for more nefarious deeds when he is in his sixties. At that time, his Solar Arc Sun will be conjunct natal Pluto and then cross his MC in Scorpio. That would be 25 years from now when there will be a very troubling transit of Uranus conjunct his Mars and square his Saturn and opposite the US Moon. Uranus in 2045 will also be conjunct Trump’s Mars and Ascendant. Of course, Trump will be gone then but could someone pick up his mantle with a vengeance in his name and with Miller’s help just like some people waited decades for another Nixon? What a nightmare.

Miller will nurse his grievances for decades biding his time.

Please God, no. I don’t want to see this.

As an add-on to the previous post, the aforementioned Uranus transit opposite the US Moon will be closely followed by a Uranus-Pluto opposition in 2047-48, signifying a revolutionary time brought on by the Left. This may be provoked by a fascist leader supported by Miller who once again fails, but this time the consequences will be much more explosive. It seems today’s lessons will have to be learned again sooner than we expect. I truly hope I’m wrong about Miller, but I think he is the future Roger Stone, conniving for many years.

Andre, I wouldn’t worry about it. Between climate change and other global issues, we will have more to worry about. I never say never but I think he’s probably used up the power and the opportunity that was given to him. Perhaps now Miller’s karma will now haunt him and prevent him from doing more harm.

Exactam eam!

Ut ex sus turpis!


“This man is only 35. I thought he was a 200-year-old vampire.”

C’est hilarant! Miller est moins que de la merde!

Will, ton français est excellent. Je n’arrête pas d’imaginer Miller avec un costume SS.

Sharon K, something bad will happen in 2045, and I maintain if Miller is around he will be involved in it. Pluto on the US Moon will be a much stronger indication of fascism than in recent years. Pluto in Aquarius could bring authoritarianism from space or a space entrepreneur with nice innovations like killer robots or biologically enhanced soldiers. The next mad leader won’t be a ham-handed clown like Trump. When the Uranus opposition to Pluto hits, Uranus will be on Miller’s Sun. It would likely end very badly for him, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

The distance between now and 2045 is the same as now and 1995. That’s yesterday for me.

But for now, Russia is hacking the US government, and we also have China using slave labor in cotton fields to supply the global fashion industry. What a lovely world.



Ne soyez pas trop impressionné; une partie de mon français provient d’un programme de traduction. Néanmoins, j’aspire à apprendre quand j’en ai le temps. Vous êtes le candidat idéal pour y travailler.

BarbK, re. your comment, “the Patriarchy; a long-time, world-wide form of society that has run its course,” I wish I could agree with you, but it’s hardly run its course.

Yes, there is a new/old patriarchy with Biden on the horizon, which is wonderful. A functioning government will surely be welcome, but Covid is still climbing. Once Trump is gone, people will be able to recover psychologically, but this is far from over. Biden getting into office is only a welcome breather. It’s not winning any wars. Much is uncertain about the way things could unfold. It’s an evolving scene and Trump has weeks to go.

Andre, your comment that “Biden did not extend an olive branch” is only too true. He may do it later (though he’s dealing with a den of snakes, imo, and what good is that?). However, snakes are all he’s got to build a bridge over to right now. What a nasty scene. The silver lining is that some (not all) people on the GOP side will be ready to make it work after the whupping they’ve got.

For the GOP majority, the true Trumpers will line up behind somebody like Miller to nurse their grudges and take their sweet time. They won’t be crossing over to Biden ever.

Your comment about 2047 is scary. That’ll be our grandkids’ era. We should leave them a better planet to live on than it is now. For that, we must do the good that we can do.

Beowulfie, I agree that we must do the good that we can do for our grandkids, and that includes instilling in them the real history of this country… both the good and the bad. There’s lots of both, and it should be taught in schools again! Our schools are so geared toward turning out little workers (not thinkers), that I wonder if we’ll get Civics, Am Hist, Am Problems, and Religious History of the world. These were courses I took thru high school. Had some excellent teachers who helped me understand critical thinking. I want that for my grandkids! Until then, it’s up to us to instill in them the deep desire and drive for equality and democracy, then let them go forth and conquer. And I feel they will… we’ve got some really good kids growing up these days — strong, committed, take-no-nonsense. They truly are our future.


“Biden did not extend an olive branch in his speech this evening to the 126 odious Republican Congressmen and 17 AGs who tried to overturn the election.”

I’m thinking its not the time to extend an olive branch; unfortunately, doing so with most rethugs is perceived to be an act of weakness – they not only don’t respect it, they have contempt for peacemakers. I say we kvell a bit in our hard fought victory. When Democrats extend an olive branch to the rabid Right, it is never trusted and is usually perceived with contempt and as a gesture of weakness – they have devolved into a party of perversity.

Will, Beowulfie, Biden didn’t extend an olive branch because the odious Rethugs crossed a line and he won’t forget nor forgive. He is signalling he will not be a patsy and will fight for the Constitution. He is the right man for the Pluto return.

Meanwhile, this is what gives me hope in humanity:


I agree Beowulfie, it won’t be done overnight, or even in 4 years. I do believe it is on the downslide and will dissolve over years of change. SlightKC says “it’s up to us” to instill in our kids the “drive for equality and democracy” because they are our future. But, just knowing the back of the Patriarchy is irreparably damaged is heartening for many of us and I remain positive.

Andre, about “something bad will happen” – I believe it is more complicated that it looks at first glance.

I live on the west coast and as everybody here knows, the ‘something bad’ isn’t necessarily going to be an evil empire, but mother nature, herself. I’ve read and researched over the years on the possibilities and likelihoods of an earthquake or volcano disaster event, and there’s climate too. Any number of scientific sites lay out the dangers on a daily basis. But people and corporations don’t want to change. They want to make money.

Some future natural disaster, perhaps in the 2040’s, may trigger a period of authoritarian rule. The authoritarian part of it is a logical extension when there are difficult circumstances on many levels – physical, economic and political.

Most ordinary people on the coast know all about the earthquake risk, but have their heads deep in the sand of denial. It might raise their taxes! The risk needs to be addressed in a highly organized and planned way – but that’s “socialism”!

There’s the rub: the intensely confrontational and individualistic nature of American society on both sides of the political aisle makes broad based rule-making and organizing (and funding) for the good of all extremely difficult.

Thus far, it appears very unlikely the US is ready to become an egalitarian society that is willing to pay for a safety net any time soon (even the most basic medical coverage for all). Becoming truly ready for a nation wide physical /natural disaster (like in Japan) is unlikely to happen within the next 50 years at the rate things are going (imo).

Americans are risk takers par excellence. But, if the timing doesn’t work out, and the luck (which is all that’s holding it back) turns against the coast, the ‘big one’ could happen any time. Given the size of the economy in California alone, having an authoritarian government crop up may be the least of our worries.

So, Miller and crew may be around then, ready to take advantage, but doesn’t have to be him. There are lots of people like him who would be ready to step up and do it. Any old ‘strong man’ or dictator personality can be a candidate to step into the breach. Let’s just hope it won’t be a complete idiot like Trump.

The only insurance against disaster otherwise, is an organized, honest and functional bureaucracy, and a true spirit of cooperation. Seen any of that lately? To my knowledge, the only notable instance in all of history was during WWII and even then it happened despite substantial resistance.

We are simply not ready for a widespread natural disaster scenario at all. It’s become like an urban myth – people talk about it all the time, but don’t really believe it can happen to them. The scientists do ‘know’ such things are going to happen, just like it did with the Covid virus. How has that worked out so far? How is it working out for climate change?

We all know we have to work on “it” when it gets here, because we have to, but that’s not planning. I really hope Biden and the Dems will put both money and effort into it and DO the planning and mitigation – but Congress must agree.

As for the west coast earthquake risk, I admire the individual states who are doing the research and upgrading building standards, etc. in their own backyards. It’s an uphill battle. There’s always a cry that it gets in the way of development, costs too much money, and so the program gets delayed, cut, or reduced.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but I’m not expecting things to change very much. Hope is fine to keep one’s spirits up, but it takes work and money to get it done. There’s a long, long road ahead.

Havent known much about Ossoff, but I sure like him after watching this interview with katie couric. I pray he is successful!! Pass it on

Good comments on Miller and his potential future but I suggest concentrating on the period from January 7th through January 19th. I suggest he could stage an event to justify martial law.

emma, based on Marjorie’s take, (dismayed and disappointed) I think whatever he may try during that time, ultimately it will be unsuccessful

Thank you for sharing your father!

I am hoping to grow into his goal, but atm I have no wish to reincarnate ever.

RE: “When Democrats extend an olive branch to the rabid Right, it is never trusted and is usually perceived with contempt and as a gesture of weakness – they have devolved into a party of perversity.”

YES! You are so absolutely on target!
They have little but contempt for peacemakers. I’m hoping Biden understands from his eight years as VP the true nature of this current crowd of R’s. Every time Obama extended that proverbial olive branch, they took a bite out of his hand.

You are hoping/working toward becoming a dermatologist?

Are you calculating the Chiron return on the basis of when it was discovered? Wouldn’t that be 2027?

Sharon K,
I realize there are loyal Republicans who don’t support violence, but apparently most of the truly ethical ones have left the party. I really don’t see how an ethical senator could have acquitted Trump at the impeachment trial. Only one R. Voted to convict.

Newt Gingrich receiving an appt. as a defense department advisor, with other Trump loyalists, while simultaneously Albright and Kissinger are removed? That sounds ominous, as though Mr. T. is planning some kind of “adventure.”

RE: Your inexplicable aversion.
As of present, I am not a pacifist, but “I” certainly was in my Irish life, 1867-1935, and again in the first 20 years of this incarnation.

Why? The experience of being a sensitive, idealistic drummer boy witnessing the horrors of the Am. Civil War and dying a painful death would turn just about anyone against war and militarism.

Nor was it fun as an Irish pacifist and journalist working for Irish independence living through the Easter Rising, the Irish war of Independence, and the Irish Civil War, 1916-1922.

My parents of this life thought my various strong aversions, and inclinations, plus the knowledge I logically should not have had was pretty weird too.

“in Heather Cox Richardson‘s latest post, she notes that two female evangelical leaders have publicly expressed regret for their Republican votes down ballot this year. They are horrified by the 126 U.S. Congresspersons who signed on to the Texas lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn the November 3rd election. One wonders if it’s occurred to those 126 seditious persons that the votes they received in the last election would have to be tossed out, too. Here are their names.

Here Are The Names Of 126 Members Of The House Who Refuse To Accept That Biden Won


Andre, I rather doubt the precession of the equinoxes has anything to do with the shifting of the galaxies. Only about three galaxies outside of Milky Way, our own galaxy, are visible to us here on planet Earth. Not sure what you are referencing when you say the names of the galaxies go back to the ancient Greeks. The three galaxies visible from Earth are Andromeda, the Large and the Small Magellanic Clouds, which are only visible from the Southern Hemisphere. And it’s only in the 20th century that astronomers understood that galaxies outside our own even existed.

Duchess of Gadsden, I corrected my first message on this subject to say the precession refers to the apparent (or partly real) movement of the constellations within our own galaxy, the Milky Way. I maintain the names of these constellations go back to the Ancient Greeks.

Eliseo, transiting Chiron will be at 20 Aries in 2024 and will conjoin US Chiron in the Sibley chart. The last time this happened, the US was coming out of Watergate with the election of Jimmy Carter.

Possible Timeline On Mr Trump’s Political Career (ending soon one way or the other)

Expect a mass exodus of Republican support for Trump over the next couple weeks following Senator Mitch McConnell’s capitulation today when acknowledging and congratulating President Elect Biden as the next President. Yesterday’s solar eclipse at 23 Sag conjoined the 2017 US Inaugural chart’s Saturn in square to natal Mars – semi square natal Moon. In addition, the eclipse straddled Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition. A reversal of fortune after yesterday’s Electoral College vote.

I suspect Trump in a fit of anger and defiance will veto the budget bill due Friday Dec 18th throwing the government into shutdown. The consequence of a US government shutdown in the midst of a pandemic and dire economic conditions could see the financial markets go into a tailspin when world stock markets re-open Monday December 21st, the day of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction. The much talked about conjunction at 0 Aquarius will quincunx the Federal Reserve’s natal Pluto (0 Cancer) with a simultaneous opposition from the 0 Capricorn winter solstice.

The US attorney General William Barr’s resignation happens to go into effect December 23rd the day of the Pluto-Mars square. This square will t square Trump’s natal Saturn. Could Bill Barr’s departure embolden Nancy Pelosi to step in and cut short Trump’s destructive reign of destruction? Could that indicate Trump’s arrest? Will he be taken into custody and whisked away never to be seen again? Wishful thinking of course, but wouldn’t that scenario be a fitting and just end to a rogue president?

Emma, I’m with kiwi, as I often am. Miller may indeed try something in the short term, including fomenting domestic terrorism, but he will fail.

Beowulfie, I hear you. A natural disaster might be the cause of the political horrors of the 2040s. At first I only saw a revolution from the Left at that time. Now I believe it will be justified by the pressing need to overthrow a fascist dictatorship. There was a Pluto in Aquarius transit and a Uranus opposition to Pluto in the 1780s, which had a benign influence in the US but had devastating effects in France. It brought a left-wing revolution in that country which led to various dictatorships from the left and eventually Napoleon. The difference in the 2040s will be that the US Moon, meaning the people, will be in the direct line of fire of these catastrophic aspects.

I am also saying Miller will fail in the future, but even more spectacularly. Roger Stone started as an intern for Nixon during Watergate almost half a century ago, had Nixon’s image tattoed on his back, was Trump’s buddy for many years, took part in innumerable Republican dirty tricks across the country including the 2000 recount, and waited for the next evil President, whom he is still trying to help at this very moment. Stone colluded with Wikileaks and Russia. This chain began with Roy Cohn, who served Joe McCarthy and taught Trump how to subvert the rule of law.

Also, Bush 41’s father and 43’s grandfather was a US Senator who narrowly avoided jail for trading with the Nazis during World War II. There have long been traitors within the Republican Party. It is naive to think this evil line will disappear.

What makes Miller worse than all of the above is his chart shows he has a unique capacity to inflict pain on the American people and to stain American honor, as he has shown with his concentration camps for refugees and his separation of immigrant families. He will wait 25 years for the next and worse President. He could inflict far more pain and suffering if he ever returns to the White House. His karma is no more exhausted than Roger Stone’s was in 1974. I wonder on which body part he has a Trump tattoo.

Roy Cohn inoculated Trump with the rabid spirit of McCarthy and Stone gave him the Nixon virus. Miller could well infect another President.

Putin acknowledged Biden’s win in the Electoral College and belatedly sent him his congratulations. That was the signal Moscow Mitch was waiting for.

Buttigieg got a “gig”

Exclusive: Biden taps former rival Buttigieg for U.S. Transportation secretary


Glad people are looking. I looked at his chart with those energies in play, then looking at Biden’s with that troublesome transiting Uranus led me to wonder whether some attempt at actual harm could happen. I would not put it pass Miller to try to attempt engineering an event which would cause pandemonium.

Eliseo, you wrote:

“Sharon K,
I realize there are loyal Republicans who don’t support violence, but apparently most of the truly ethical ones have left the party. I really don’t see how an ethical senator could have acquitted Trump at the impeachment trial. Only one R. Voted to convict.”

I was actually not thinking of the Republicans in positions of political power but the average Republican voter. They are staunch and loyal, and many were receptive to the propaganda the Republicans used related to this summer’s riots re socialism and violence but they have also agreed with me, that they are against violence from either side and have done so more readily when I conceded that the Left has also had it’s violent actors. Kim from Intuitview stated in a recent reading that many Trump supporters will come around to positive aspects of the new situation without Trump and with Biden at the helm. Of course, the negative propaganda will continue but some things speak for themselves, especially a good economy.

I appreciate the astrological musings here by those who have the insight and astrological expertise but the fact remains that we really never know what will happen – there is such much room in the world of maya or drama for the specifics to change – although it is thrilling when the astrology nails it.

For some reason we are all here now (and many some out of choice) to learn and grow. Life in this plane is not for the faint of heart. I have been told that the main lesson is to let go of the attachments — to just let go… In many ways, life here is wonderful – the beauty, the heart center, but like Wyndancer, I, too, am beginning to wonder if I would want to re-incarnate and come back here.

I meant to write, of course, “so much room,” not “such much room” – although the latter version seems less linear and more creative – lol.

Breaking News: Russians hack into US government email accounts = transiting Pluto opposite US natal Mercury

Solar eclipse in Sagittarius (symbol of networks and foreign countries) square US natal Neptune (deception) in Virgo (details) in the US Sibly chart’s 9th house (foreign countries and people, networking) which squares US natal Mars (attack) in Gemini (duplicity) in the Sibly 7th house (open enemies)

Jerry, I don’t think Pelosi would step in to shorten Trump’s reign of terror. It’s too close to the inauguration and highly likely to backfire with the ordinary people of the nation, who (imo) are willing to tough it out now to Jan. 20. Messing any further with the transition than Trump has already done could bring worse things for the Biden administration from the start. She wouldn’t want that.

All around, it’s thin ice on the road to June, or thereabouts, when the vaccine will barely have begun to reach significant coverage of the 300 million people beyond the health care sector. Just getting used to the idea of a new era takes time. Also, the financial side will be teetering. Sooner rather than later, there will be tremendous, immediate pressure to kick the economy into gear once Covid starts receding in the rear view mirror. That is going to take some doing for Yellen and the administration.

This is also about that Yod made up of the sextile between Ceres and Uranus and their dual quincunx to Makemake (ability to access info) so . . not about climate change after all.

On the general theme of ‘there’s a long way to go’, and to mark his belated acceptance today of Biden’s forthcoming presidency, this is about Mitch McConnell (February 20, 1942, Sheffield Alabama, noon/no exact time).

First, to be fair, his ‘Moscow Mitch’ moniker is probably undeserved. He is unlikely to have had any direct connection with Trump’s Moscow contacts. And he doesn’t need Trump, or Moscow, for that matter. He’s doing just fine on his own, after all. Whichever way the January 5th Georgia runoffs turn out, it looks like he will carry on making life miserable for Dems whatever happens.

McConnell’s chart and life are extraordinarily fixed, both in his personality and his position in the Senate. Partly it may be because his natal Uranus at 26 Taurus 29’ is very close to the spot in the sky currently occupied by the fixed star Algol, which is the most unpleasant piece of astrological real estate a chart can touch. Nonetheless, Mitch is not done. In fact, he has made good use of his Uranus/Algol point over his career and his progressed Moon, now at approx. 25 Pisces, will sextile (60 degrees) Algol before 2021 is out. Believe it or not, that ought to give him a temporary bump in the polls next year. Why, I have no idea, but a sextile is a plus.

McConnell’s (approx.) 25 Pisces progressed Moon is approaching an opposition to his progressed Neptune at 27 Virgo, which are both square progressed Jupiter at 23 Gemini. Progressed Jupiter at the crux of a T-square is still protective, but an opposition from Neptune to the Moon will be undermining. From now on, he’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

McConnell’s progressed Mars at 8 Cancer (not comfortable) is square progressed Venus (there won’t be much love), but it will continue the dance. Also, his progressed Saturn at 0 Gemini (responsibility, executive action) is at a critical degree, and recently passed a conjunction to his progressed Uranus at 29 Taurus. Saturn, the planet that most wants a firm foundation, is teetering at 0 Gemini, the sign that changes direction whichever way the wind blows. It is not easy spot to be in, and such a transition for a man with 11 planets and asteroids in fixed signs, including Chiron, has got to be very annoying indeed. (Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.)

Moving the planet of executive power (Saturn) into a sign like Gemini, which emphasizes communication and zigzags constantly for advantage, will be hard. Being in opposition in the Senate is going to hurt, but it won’t stop McConnell from trying (many fixed planets). His progressed Jupiter at 23 Gemini is also hanging in, protecting his efforts as it slowly moves to a semi-sextile to his natal Uranus, too. That will be his final flourish before he heads into retirement around the midterms of 2026. Only then will his power wane, but because he is so entrenched, it may come as a surprise (Uranus) to him and everybody else.

Mitch’s reign continues despite all obstacles because transiting Pluto is only at 23 Capricorn and it has a way to go before it gets into Aquarius for some years. Pluto won’t even reach its first trine aspect to Mitch’s natal Uranus at 26 Taurus 29 (and Algol) until mid-March of 2021.

There are three periods when Pluto in Capricorn will go back to trine 26 Taurus: March -June 2021, January –February 2022, August – December 2022. To top it off, the true North Node will conjunct Algol in February 2022. Mitch plays the long game and his target will be the 2022 midterms.

Also, transiting Uranus, the planet of surprises, will conjunct Algol in a 3-part series in the second half of 2024 and the first quarter of 2025: July –August 2024, September –October 2024, April –May 2025. That will be the period of the future 2024 presidential election, and (possibly) a transition to a younger president. Don’t think for a moment that Mitch won’t be right there to see it through.

Meanwhile, back here in 2020, the transiting Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto stellium at 23-29 Capricorn is gradually finishing up its trine to Mitch’s progressed Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. It has been a good run for him as leader, enabled by the trine to the sign of wealth (Taurus) and another trine to natal and progressed Neptune in Virgo, the sign of ‘housekeeping’. How appropriate for a Senate leader with a firm grip on Congress. This configuration helped him to carry out his pro-corporate, anti-democratic agenda, but now he’s faced with 6 years of opposition.

It’s going to be a disheartening slog for Mitch, himself, once 2021 begins. But the hardest part is that the country will not get its balance until transiting Pluto is well into Aquarius. That doesn’t happen until early 2025, when transiting Uranus will also conjunct Mitch’s natal Uranus exactly, on May 5th. Without a birth time for the houses, one can’t speculate further, but, imo, the spring of 2025 is the soonest Mitch might retire. I know, it isn’t gratifying, but that’s the way it looks.


Who among us actually knows about the world in 25 years? I say that as someone who has long anticipated the dramatic mid-century period beginning in the 2040s, and also that powerful Uranus-Pluto Opposition, which I hope I am here and very much alive to experience. I’d love to see the Neptune-Pluto square in the 2060s, and Pluto’s ingress into Aries in 2067 also, but we’ll see. Maybe it will be a bonus. Or we’ll be the beneficiary of life-extending nanites and CRISPR hacks. Or reincarnation, but then I’d just have to be curious and maybe stumble upon some archived posts from here and perhaps marvel at the conversations that such an insightful group of folks had as they made educated guesses about the future then looming just beyond the horizon.

In any case, a lot will soon be different. Stephen Miller and all other Trump lackeys may very well end up as “road kill” on the way there, figuratively, if not literally. Powerful “empowering” transits don’t mean nearly as much if you aren’t physically present or at least in decent health to experience them in an influential way.

Or maybe Miller does experience them, but he’s lord of his own demons inside of a mental ward?

Roger Stone is another story. He’s also currently 68 years old, and won’t be pardoned a second time.

We also don’t yet know the full implications of NY state and city’s investigation into Trump’s finances and all that turning over a few stones will reveal. Trump is beyond terrified.

And just for good measure, we’re also on the doorstep of our own national Pluto Return.

To be clear, the US will undergo many changes during the next 20 years. We are at a transition point where many longtime political players are going to disappear from the stage, either outright due to aging and death, or else simply because of the changing energies that no longer support them. We have three outer planets that will be changing signs during the next 3 to 6 years, in relative short order. Meanwhile, new players will emerge, seemingly from the shadows. Or perhaps they will have been hiding in plain sight all along, waiting for their time to arrive.

All this would be true even without the major returns that the US faces. With them, we are going to see a massive overhaul of power and who wields it (Pluto), government and how it is structured (Pluto in Cap), our concept of freedom and unique individuality (Uranus), and what we envision this country to be vs what actually is (Neptune).

Maybe Miller will somehow endure through it all and rise up as a menace to be dealt with in the future? Personally, I’d just toss his ball into the lottery with so many others, although most of them will likely be marked for some kind of worldwide climate change/global environmental change-threat that’s already building to a head in the background, due for its worldwide premiere around the time that Pluto enters Pisces.

There is going to be a total eclipse of the sun on August 12, 2045, on a path that crosses the United States from coast to coast, somewhat similar to the one in 2017. This time, totality will last at least five full minutes along the much of the centerline of the path of totality. I wonder if that should be looked at by the astrologers here. And here’s a link to a very good map of that eclipse: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/map/2045-august-12

Beowulfie, I was being flippant about Moscow Mitch. It struck me that Putin recognized the President-elect a few hours before the Senate majority leader. I agree McConnelle will be around for a while, and so will the Supreme Court conservative majority that is his greatest legacy, because there isn’t much Biden can do about it as long as Pluto is in Capricorn.

BuckeyeShadow, if we had been able to closely follow the careers of Roy Cohn and Roger Stone over a thirty-year period, their dark deeds would be appalling to us. No one could have predicted they would last so long and do so many bad things. At least once a year for the rest of my life, I will ask myself: “I wonder what Stephen Miller is doing.” He is a living political virus.

Duchess of Gadsden, thank you for the 2045 eclipse information. I am sure it will be significant and we should come back to it. My point is that the Aquarian Age will not bring an end to evil in politics. We are being too naive about that.

I remember seeing a play in my now distant youth written by a German genius, Bertolt Brecht, about Hitler’s rise and fall. It was called The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. In the end, an actor turned to the audience and said something like: “The Beast is dead. But it will come again in a new form.” The Beast of our time is Trump, but it will come back. There was McCarthy, there was Nixon, there was Trump who will soon be gone. There will be another. And Stephen Miller reminds me of Heydrich or Himmler or Goebbels, the lesser demons who made a great evil possible. I always think of him in a black SS uniform.

But right now we have more pressing matters.

To me, the 2045 eclipse looks like cutting off much of the Southwest as an uninhabitable zone because of excessive heat and too little rain.

Looked more closely — it cuts out all of Florida and the very low-lying gulf coast areas, too, for sea level rise and monster hurricanes.


Admittedly I was being a bit over the top on that one. I understand your premise. Nancy Pelosi and Congress will most likely err on the side of caution, to do otherwise would be politically self-defeating. I was envisaging another scenario however. Coming on the heels of the irrevocable Dec 14th Electoral Vote loss, what would happen if it is perceived Trump is hell-bent on wholesale destruction that would put everything into jeopardy including the health of the economy. Would Congress then have no choice but to act?

Here are two factors that underscore that concern…..

Lawmakers Face A Make-Or-Break Week For Stimulus Negotiations With Another Shutdown Deadline Looming

Business Insider
December 14, 2020


What Happens When A Narcissist Loses? Expect “Rage” And “Terror,” Psychologists Warn

“A truly significant loss… may trigger not only a reign of terror but destruction without limit,” one expert says

October 28, 2020

There is agreement among psychologists — and, for that matter, anyone who has been abused by narcissistic personalities — that President Donald Trump fits the psychological profile of a narcissist. What does that mean for the upcoming election, particularly if Trump loses, as polls suggest? Psychologists tell Salon that pathological narcissists who do not get their way tend to react abusively — which could lead to one of several devastating political scenarios for the nation in the election’s aftermath.



MacKenzie Scott Announces $4.2 Billion More in Charitable Giving
“She’s disrupting the norms around billionaire philanthropy by moving quickly,” an expert on charities said.

Ms. Scott, an author who was once married to Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon, announced in a Medium post on Tuesday that she had given nearly $4.2 billion to 384 organizations in just the last four months. Many of the groups are focused on basic needs, including food banks and Meals on Wheels, in a trying year for millions of people.

“This pandemic has been a wrecking ball in the lives of Americans already struggling,” Ms. Scott wrote. “Economic losses and health outcomes alike have been worse for women, for people of color, and for people living in poverty. Meanwhile, it has substantially increased the wealth of billionaires.”

Mainstays like the N.A.A.C.P., Easterseals, Goodwill and the United Way made the list. So did more than 100 separate Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. organizations nationwide, which like many nonprofits have lost enormous amounts of revenue, even as demand for their services has increased.


Jerry, I think Trump has too many people in his life, such as his family, who will help retrain him from doing anything really destruction, in the hopes that he will preserve what is left of their business and fortunes as well what’s left of his own viable political capital to influence those who support him as well as his policies. The articles state that he has been successfully fund-raising for his PAC so he has an economic foundation there.

Teresa, could you clarify what you are saying about the 2045 eclipse’s path across the country through the upper SW and straight over FL. Will it intensify those areas that by then will be besieged with negative climate effects?

restrain, lol, not retrain — but maybe that too (the difference 1 letter makes! My brain moves a little faster than my somewhat clumbsy fingers most of the time)

Andre, I meant to say that the really ironic thing about Miller is that he is Jewish on both his parent’s sides and Wikipedia states that his mother’s parents came here as poor immigrants. Some people are just made to be narrow-minded and selfish (and many of them are Republicans sorry to say).


I’m not an astrologer, just a political junkie and a little intuitive. It just seemed obvious to me the moment I saw the path that it’s about climate change.

Not saying it changes or intensifies anything. Maybe it’s a face reality time for the US. That we have to give up on those areas of the US. Although I can’t see us giving up cities like LA, San Diego, Phoenix without major earthquakes and a lack of water.

Still, you have to know that without almost miraculous technological advances and an all-out effort politically (which is very difficult to imagine as divided as we are as a country) we’ll have to make some hard decisions in the future about which areas we’re going to try to keep as habitable and which we’ll have to let go of. We won’t have the resources to try to hold back Mother Nature and keep rebuilding in those areas.

We’ll have to prioritize keeping the most easily maintained areas habitable.

So little time left to talk about Trump, sigh.

Still, the cycle between Eris and Uranus that began with their conjunction on June 8, 2016, so clearly had designs on him, what with its Mars conjunct his natal chart’s IC and its Mercury conjunct his MC, and its Sun-Venus conjunction firmly planted between Trump’s natal Uranus and natal Sun.

Even so, this cycle will still be going long after many of us have shed our mortal coil, so since we now seem to have our eyes on the fairly distant future, this Eris-Uranus cycle chart does have Saturn at 12+ Sagittarius conjunct the US Sibly ascendant which is squared by the Eris-Uranus chart’s Neptune at 12+Pisces opposite Jupiter at 14+ Virgo.

Worth mentioning is this chart’s Moon at 11+ Leo trines its Saturn at 12+ Sagittarius that conjuncts the Sibly chart ascendant, which bodes well for the US staying its course during this very long cycle between Uranus and Eris.

And this, Chiron in the Uranus-Eris chart at 25+ Pisces trines the chart’s Mars (25+ Scorpio) and Trump’s IC (and Obama’s MC), which trines the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, so a Trump element will likely linger here for several decades to come.

So which areas are going to be the most habitable in your opinion, Teresa, if you have any intuitions about it? I know Eliseo has some opinions on this as he’s mentioned it in the past, including such places as the PNW and Parts of Canada, like British Columbia (although eastern WA state has some land instability and serious faults), and the Great Lakes areas.

Emma, thanks for the birth data for Miller. I took a look and he may be ready to jump the Trump ship before it sinks entirely. He probably feels he’s busted his ass for the boss and isn’t going to get credit for anything anyhow (which is a reasonable assessment). For sure, there won’t be many thank you’s.

Anyway, he’s ready to move on. He has natal Sun at 0 Virgo and Neptune at 0 Capricorn Rx, which are both at critical degrees, now being aspected by progressed Neptune at 0 Capricorn, which has turned direct. Chiron has retrograded to its birth degree as well, so he’ll get a new start, but he’ll be asking himself a lot of questions (Chiron Rx).

He has natal Chiron at 14 Gemini 12, which went retrograde by progression and is now back to its birth degree, 14 Gemini 38Rx. When birth Chiron and progressed Chiron join up, it is likely to trigger a reassessment. The Chiron aspect alone indicates there must be some deep pain in his life, given that natal Chiron is opposed by Uranus at 13 Sag. and sextile natal Mercury at 13 Leo – both radical and communication oriented.

But, looking at the good possibilities, the wounded healer could indeed become a healer. Miller may have ambitions to be a writer and get his story out. Maybe he’ll do a tell-all book, with his natal Mercury of communications in attention hungry Leo. Repubs might even learn a few uncomfortable truths* since Miller would not spare their feelings. He has natal Mercury conjunct Mars, the ruler of weapons. This man is not a diplomat.

Transiting Uranus at 7 Taurus in the 4th is square Miller’s progressed Jupiter at 7 Aquarius. His progressed Venus is also at 7 degrees Virgo in the 8th, while the progressed Sun is 2 days away from hitting 7 degrees Libra in his 9th house of legal matters and foreign travel. Whatever he does, it looks to me that the positive Jupiter and Venus aspects will see him waltz through his own transition.

Maybe he’ll go to a communications firm that is ready to make use of his uniquely extreme talents, which are definitely ideologically based since he has a natal trine between Neptune (beliefs) and Sun (ego, accomplishments). Right now, his progressed Mercury is also trine natal Jupiter so he won’t lack opportunities.

However, transiting Neptune at 18 Pisces is about to inconjunct (150) his natal Mars in Leo, which can take the wind out of a person’s sails for a while. Maybe he won’t be so eager to drink the kool aid in future – or trust ‘friends’ like Bannon and Trump. At age 35, he’s had time to learn some lessons, but he may not do as much damage in future as people (here) fear.

Lastly, Miller’s natal Pluto at 2 Scorpio is prominent in the 10th house of leadership, but there is nothing nearby in his natal chart for it to contact as it progresses as he gets older. Also, his progressed Saturn, which has been sextile to the Capricorn stellium, is moving into his 11th house of professional associates, rather than the 10th of leadership. Really, his Pluto is kind of a loner.

He’ll probably want to get away from his pariah reputation and he may be done with politics. Carrying water for Trump hasn’t exactly been good for his reputation (transiting Chiron opposite progressed Sun). So, he may go on to make a pile of money instead. His progressed Ascendant has recently gone into the 2nd house of personal wealth at 21 Aquarius, which fits. Certainly, his extreme ideas on immigration etc. during the Trump administration are unlikely to attract a big following in future (we hope).

* “The wounded healer is a concept of an archetypal dynamic coined by Carl G. Jung to describe a phenomenon that may take place between the analyst and the analyzed. In one of his later works, “Fundamental Questions of Psychotherapy” (1951), Jung suggested that sometimes a disease was the best training for a physician. Therefore, only a wounded physician could treat effectively…..”


BarbK: “So little time left to talk about Trump, sigh.”


Final thoughts – maybe Miller will be alone, in jail? That could be the foreign land aspect since jail is definitely far to go. But the positive aspects make that outcome seem unlikely. The question is, how much was criminal and is any of it going to stick to Miller? How much did Trump order? And has Miller got it documented to give himself cover? Maybe that’s all wrong…..I don’t know.

Final thoughts #2 (really, the last): I found this article in the New York Times on Stephen Miller’s actions, and Trump’s. It is a terrible condemnation. This issue is going to stick. It will take a long time to work through. Not much else is certain – yet.


Teresa Hill & Sharon K,
The information you provided about the 2045 eclipse, and your intuition it is about climate change, matches up with what the science is telling us, plus what I’ve intuited for several decades. Your discovery is fascinating! I’ll have to research the coming event myself.

In association with Yale U.:
“The sea at the southern end of the Florida Peninsula has risen a foot since the 1900s, and almost 5 inches since 1993. … Some scientists say that another 6 inches of sea level rise could very well arrive by 2030, and infrastructure planners are bracing for 2 feet by 2060.”


Collectively, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties presently have a population of about 6 million people. Furthermore, they
are all atop the Biscayne Aquifer, a highly porous layer of surface-level limestone encompassing about 4,000 square miles. As of today, many neighborhoods in the area are innundated at each high tide as the water seeps through the limestone.

The most populated areas of Florida, the Gulf coast, and our east coast are most in jeopardy from sea level rise, some of which in my opinion will be catastrophically sudden. Unfortunately, S. Florida cannot and will not be saved.

Even were we to muster our heroically best efforts, beginning immediately, sudden sea level rise, and serious desertification of our SW are (if you’ll pardon the pun) already “baked in” by our previous activities.

The west coast is more fortunate topographically, with sudden elevation rising up from near the shore. That means seawalls and dikes are plausible and viable for several areas. Not so on the east and Gulf coast where we have gently sloping continental shelf.

The part of Texas where I grew up will surely be under water, including the largest and most important oil refineries and chemical plants on planet earth. That means severe toxic catastrophe.

Yes, the SW – US will be much drier, and far more arid. Much of it will be essentially uninhabitable, especially the SW states bordering Mexico. The population there is likely to be extremely low to nonexistent, possibly forcing them to retrocede into territories rather than states.

New technologies may eventually enable us to reclaim desertified areas NOT under water, literally cooling, irrigating, and repopulating them. Also, if California remains a wealthy state, that new technology may be applied in S. Cal. first. San Diego and other bases in Cal. are vitally important to the US military. Economically important and culturally strong cities and areas like LA would be near the top of the list for adaptation and preservation. Dikes, seawalls and previously referenced new technologies would be liberally applied.

Yes Sharon, you remembered correctly. IMO, the areas of the US least vulnerable to climate change, and most likely to thrive economically are and will be the Pacific NW, the Great Lakes area, and the NE corner of the nation, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, etc.

The east and gulf coast of N. and S. America will fare worse than the west coast. The Gulf and SE coasts of the US will suffer the effects more so than the rest of the country.

Although they will experience serious harm, Canada and Russia will benefit more so than are damaged. They will gain more than they lose.

Ocean water tends to collect more at the equator than at the poles. In the context of sea level, the further in latitude one is away from the equator, the better off and safer one will be.

Eastern China and SE Asia are likely to suffer horribly more than anyone else. The PR of China will perhaps have their day in the sun as a world hegemon, but it shan’t last that long. They are likely to experience the worst and greatest losses of all. Climate change will eclipse their ambitions, a darkness from which they are not likely to recover.

My, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I bought this book. But if it were, Trump would be included as one of the prime examples. It was bought in 2013.
The book is:
“Political Ponerology”
“A Science On The Nature Of Evil Adjusted For Political Purposes”
Andrew M. Lobaczewski

“Ponerology” is a new word. It means the study of evil.
The editor of this book references Robert Hare, Martha Stout, Hervey Cleckley.
The editor says “The high incidence of sociopathy in human society has a profound effect on the rest of us who must live on this planet too…….. The individuals who constitute this 4 percent drain our relationships, our bank accounts, our accomplishments, our self esteem, our very peace on earth.
Yet surprisingly, many people know nothing about this disorder.”
On the cover of this book are images of many recent world leaders such as Hitler and Stalin. The author of the book was born in 1921 and having graduated as a psychiatrist in Europe, along with three friends and colleagues, then studied the monsters behind the holocaust and the other similar horrors of this age, and all the outstanding monsters of our recorded history.
A book like this should be required reading in every classroom.

The purpose of this book is to educate us all on the subject of psychopathy so that we can identify them….so that we don’t vote for them, or even interact with them if we can avoid it.

Ralfee Finn:

As we move toward the final two weeks of 2020, it’s important to acknowledge the depth of change that has taken place this year and to allow that depth perception to take hold and facilitate the understanding that whatever our brave new world might be, it will never be as it was before. While the chaos of a world turned upside down and inside out is hard to bear, we are making it through, and with a little help from our friends—visible and invisible—we will continue to make the necessary adjustments. So whether you celebrate the new year on the winter solstice or on January 1, 2021—or both—contemplate what you want to create going forward.


“In the coming days, Mr. Biden intends to name prominent leaders in the climate and clean-energy world to two senior positions: Gina McCarthy, a former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will be his senior adviser on climate change, and Jennifer M. Granholm, a former governor of Michigan, will lead the Department of Energy.

Mr. Biden on Tuesday named Pete Buttigieg, the former Democratic presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend., Ind., to be his secretary of the Department of Transportation, a job that is expected to become climate-centric in the next administration as Mr. Biden pushes policies to promote electric vehicles and climate-resilient infrastructure.”


To me, the worst effects of climate change will come at the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Pisces (rising seas) in 2054 and the Neptune-Pluto square in the 2060s. Neptune of course rules oceans and Pluto will still be in Pisces. There could be a pandemic related to the oceans. Neptune will be in Gemini conjunct the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891, which is the basis of modern civilization. That foundation, which mainly involves the US, will be severely tested at that time. Neptune will also be conjunct the US Gemini planets, Uranus and warlike Mars. The last time Neptune was in Gemini, the US engaged in naval warfare during the Spanish-American War of 1898, which brought the independence of Cuba and the conquest of Porto Rico and the Philippines. Also, Teddy Roosevelt sent the US fleet around the world for the first time to signal the emergence of a new naval superpower. The Neptune-Pluto square might redefine maritime borders and the law of the sea.

Sunstars, that 2013 book is fascinating. To me, the worst leaders are a function of Uranus-Pluto aspects. Trump is a product of the 2015 Uranus-Pluto square. Nixon came out of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the Sixties. The Uranus-Pluto square of the Thirties gave us Hitler, Stalin and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, while the Nazis filled Madison Square Garden. The US was shielded then by Pluto transiting its Cancer planets, which gave us FDR who saved freedom, democracy and ultimately the world. Pluto in the opposite sign of Capricorn gave us the opposite President who threatened all of the above. Trump is a gigantic and historic civics lesson.

That is why I am most concerned about the authoritarian impulse that may well seize a groundswell of popular support for a few years when the Uranus-Pluto opposition is centered on the US Moon in 2045. I am confident such an effort would fail once the opposition is over in 2047-48. But we must warn our children and grandchildren. I certainly will.

This is not to say the Aquarian Age is an illusion. There will be tremendous social progress in coming years. But you can never eliminate negativity entirely and there will be troubling times when evil comes roaring back for a limited period. That is the main point of Star Wars and science fiction. There will be murders on the Moon and pollution on Mars. It’s simply human nature and so far, as a species, we have spiritually and morally evolved only slowly despite great technological progress. Some of us can choose to evolve more rapidly.

2045 is also the year futurist/inventor Ray Kurzweil predicts as the result of artificial intelligence we will reach singularity, the time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable, irreversible, and predominant over humans with unforeseen consequences for society. You probably know he is the author of The Age of Spiritual Machines, and The Singularity is Near.

Pluto in Pisces, 2044-2067 = Suggest powerful life vs. death transformational experiences involving water–having way too much of it or not enough, chemicals, worldwide-scale challenges, crisis of spirit/spirituality, delusions and the thin line between realities.

When opposed by Uranus in Virgo, exact from 2046-2048, it will bring to a head the revelations, revolutions and awareness that first began during the conjunction, also in Virgo, during the 1960s.

Accompanying the social equality movements that exploded in the 1960s came an emerging awareness of fossil fuel depletion and use that would severely damage our environment & biosphere, perhaps even rendering it uninhabitable, if it continued unabated. It’s not a coincidence that Saturn in Pisces was in opposition to this conjunction, suggesting a necessary spiritual awakening to our material limits.

Of course, the establishment scoffed at such notions, but it took them and their advocates as serious enough… threats… that they doubled down in every possible way to protect their empires built atop oil, gas, and coal extraction.

The Uranus(Aries)-Pluto(Capricorn) Square of 2012-2015 and the period following has been a marked period of upward-ratcheting tensions between an increasingly Reactionary-Conservative establishment (Capricorn) hell-bent on keeping a tight grip on its power while suppressing any challenges to it (Pluto), and a nascent (Aries) wave of new challengers and ideas intent on breaking through(Uranus).

And now, here we are in the present.

The pattern of this Uranus-Pluto cycle always suggested an epically powerful struggle for awareness and progressive action vs. containment and suppression between those who would embrace and pursue transformational change, and those who would stop at nothing to maintain the status quo, even if it ultimately means their own undoing in the process. The old, Conservative forces will not actually triumph under any circumstances, for a “win” for them is actually the destruction of us all. But it still seems to be an open question in this moment as to whether progressive grass-roots movements and widespread spiritual awareness will be strong enough and influential enough to carry us across the bridge during the immense period of transition, trial, and transformation spanning the 2040s, 2050s, and 2060s (and arguably the 2070s as well, with the closing Uranus-Pluto Square taking place then).

FWIW, the United States’ 2 1/2+ centuries worth of unbridled expansion and empire building South and West of the original 13 colonies will prove to have been mostly shortsighted.

In particular, I don’t see much of a future for SW inland desert cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, where water is extremely rare. Even a Manhattan Project-style program of ocean desalination to supply these places with water would come to naught as the temperature in these areas begins to exceed on a regular basis, the upper limits (130°+ F) of what human beings can tolerate. These places should have never become the megalopolises that they are today. American arrogance built these cities of millions in places that properly should never have been populated by more than several hundred at best.

The problem is a little different in Southern cities. Some do struggle now from water limitations, like Atlanta and Nashville. The greater problem will emerge through intensifying storms, flooding, and hurricanes, however, which will repeatedly batter gulf and coastal cities, as well as the entire state of Florida. Inland cities may fare somewhat better, but a ceaseless barrage of tropical storms and flooding will ultimately bankrupt these states and force millions coastal dwellers in these places to become refugees. Similar flooding challenges will also eventually confront all US coastal cities, including Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

So then, where will be the best places to live? The Great Lakes basin, including Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Cleveland, Buffalo, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Milwaukee. To a lesser extent, “midlands” Midwest cities too, such as Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, etc., although I suspect Pluto in Pisces will demand that people in these regions reckon with the legacy of fracking and the tremendous damage it has caused to their groundwater, all for a few more meager years of oil use and profits for shortsighted and greedy bastards like the now-deceased Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake.

I expect that we will also increasingly see people move north into Canada as the upper latitudes continue to warm up due to climate change.

RE: Your 1:00 pm & 1:06 pm postings.
My Best Regards!
You write intelligently and knowledgeably, and are always well informed. I also very much appreciate your astrological analyses and insights. To reverse paraphrase Forest Gump: Wisdom is as wisdom does.

Buckeyeshadow, I join my friend Eliseo in congratulating you on the quality of your writing. I always enjoy your posts and learn from them.

In Montreal, we are enjoying longer summers and less severe winters. Some are predicting six-month summers by 2050, which will greatly expand our agricultural base northwards. And we might actually have a serious wine industry, just like British wine is now appearing while European vineyards are increasingly burnt out by the sun in Spain and Southern France. A downside is that we are having for the first time various tropical diseases in Canada. And our shoreline in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence is eroding.

On a very different note, authorities in San Francisco, home of the woke, will rename Lincoln High School because Honest Abe was simply not up to 21st century standards.

Also, Dianne Feinstein High School will be renamed because she allowed the raising of a Confederate flag in the city while she was mayor.

Mitch McConnell should send these people a lifetime membership of the GOP for their immense contribution to the Republican vote.


Perhaps the ultimate symbolism of transiting Pluto et al. opposite US natal Mercury (+ Biden’s Jupiter + Trump’s Venus/Saturn) is Trump’s own news channel (24/7) for the next 4 years.

While watching MSNBC someone suggested he would compete with Biden, on air, keeping the Trump base stoked

Great posts all: Starlight, Barb, Eliseo, Andre, Buckeyeshadow, Beowulfie (your name always amuses me & would love to know what’s behind it that relates to the Olde English poem), Jerry, kiwi, Banks, Will, Henri, Jackson, Diana, Gypsy, Emma, Dutchess, Sunstars. Forgive me if I’ve left out anyone due to my senior brain.

Does anyone know anything about Bob, by the way?

Andre, you answered my next question. I had noticed extreme winters occurring lately in addition to extreme summers, so I was wondering how winters in the southern areas of Canada were. I grew up in NJ but have lived in FL & SE LA the last 45 yrs and am not eager to move to a cold climate at this stage. Probably, in all self-honesty, I’ll finish up here in LA but there is property in the family and I’d like my husband’s son to re-invest in safe and nice areas. I am going to actually copy and save the discussion we had here about the most livable areas down the road.

I also want to mention that I’ve been a student of the Lori Toye’s “I am America” prophecies and maps, possibly hard to get now, and her prediction of the establishment of something like 7 land areas, in the U.S. alone, where what she calls the “Golden Cities” will be located, probably after large swatches become uninhabitable. These will house new bodies of water and land/mtns. These are very interesting. I do have at least one of the books.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago neighbors are livid he plans to move back there.
See morning joe video


It’s an aspect of the man we’ve not imagined.
Apparently, wherever Trump lives he gets into legal wrangles with his neighbors, as he doesn’t care to abide by local laws, rules, and regulations. This causes the locals to absolutely hate the man. He must be the rich neighbor from hell to which no body wants to live next door.

Sharon K, July is now so hot in Montreal you can barely survive without AC. Many homes for the aged had none, and many of their residents died a few years ago. All that has changed.

It is estimated Montreal will have Washington, D.C.’s weather by 2050.

This is the last full day of Saturn in Capricorn. Tomorrow it moves into Aquarius. Jupiter will do the same on Saturday. Monday, they will be conjunct on the winter solstice.

The times, they are a-changin’.

Eliseo, Andre, Sharon K, thanks. Believe me, it gives me no pleasure to write of these things. But forewarned is forearmed.

And also, I mean, we’ve got a not insignificant segment of the US already kicking and screaming nuts because a multiracial man was President, women have the audacity to aspire to be something other than being barefoot and pregnant, and same sex couples can openly marry and love each other. They can’t even handle such things as givens, and are so deluded as to think of Donald J. Trump, of all people(!) as their lord and savior!

They can’t even wear damn masks because they think it would make liberals happy, and would rather “own” them instead.

How the f— are these folks and their heirs gonna handle it when someone has to break the news to them that half of the country (the South, interesting enough) is going to become increasingly unlivable during the next 50 years?

Here’s hoping that something really deep and profound occurs to shift this toxic dynamic. At times, I am more hopeful than others. Four years of Trump have me in this moment not wanting to take anything for granted. Conservatives violently snuffed out progressive change before. I would never say that they won’t try again, though maybe they lose their “fangs” quite a bit after Pluto leaves Capricorn.

I am also curious as to what Pluto in Aries, and a brand new Pluto cycle will bring to the world in the late 2060s through the end of this century. Traditionally, Pluto in Aries marks a time of pioneering, expansion, and conflict, as people push into new territory and domains. There isn’t a whole lot of untouched space left on Earth at this time, so during a period of extreme climate change and the loss of old familiar domains to raging elements, it could oversee a massive land grab for land in the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Essentially, Northern Canada, Siberia, the Norwegian countries, Alaska, and Antarctica could become desirable new places to live as coastal and equatorial lands become uninhabitable due to devastating storms, rising sea levels, and excessively high temperatures that exceed the wet bulb threshold and human ability to survive.

Of course, we might literally launch off into space as well. The “final frontier” as Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek proclaimed it to be.


I have seen those same map. It’s why the eclipse map seemed to me to obviously be about climate change.

Makes me remember the first time I saw the path of the 2017 eclipse that cut America in two. I wondered how American could could possibly be that divided, how it could be that bad.

Well, here we are, that divided. I hope I’m wrong about the 2045 eclipse and how bad it might be.

The Jupiter Return for the US began on July 22, 2013, when transiting Jupiter was conjunct US natal Jupiter and also conjunct transiting Mars in Cancer.

All 3 were trine transiting Neptune in Pisces and transiting Saturn in Scorpio. One might conclude that Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune would make for a harmonious relationship for the US for the following 12 years.

It was also a harmoneous point in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle which began in 2000, as they were trine each other and also in a grand trine with transiting Neptune.

Grand trines ARE harmonious energies, but Neptune is, by nature, not a left brain function. It does not deal well with logic or even reality. Neptune deals with dreams, drugs and art and confusion and even mistruths, or untruths as they are referred to these days.

The Moon in these kinds of charts refers to People and this US Jupiter Return chart’s Moon at 25+ Cap is where transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn and transiting Jupiter have been traveling all year.

The People referred to in the US Jupiter Return chart have been bombarded by reality this year, while the free-flowing grand trine in the US Jupiter Return chart has easily spread illusion and Covid (Neptune) + anger (Mars) regarding US government institutions (Saturn and Jupiter).

Like Mercury, Jupiter deals with mental functions and whereas Mercury is about the short view perspective, Jupiter is about long range perspectives.

Jupiter is also about expansion and greater understanding and about religion and about
philosophy and about foreign countries and people and about networking, so it has been in a tsunami (grand trine) of confusion and hacking (Neptune) and anger (Mars), along with Saturn (stability) for sometime now.

We should think of this period, this 12 years of the US Jupiter cycle, as a learning (Jupiter) period, in preparation for something ahead. I suspect that would be the US Pluto Return.

There was another grand trine in the US Jupiter Return chart, this one between Mercury in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Scorpio, and Mercury was conjunct the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, so US Sun is also in a tsunami of energy, but absent any Neptunian confusion. This too is a teaching aspect in preparation for the coming US Pluto Return.

However this Mercury and US natal Sun were squared by the US Jupiter Return chart’s Uranus at
12+ Aries rx, so breakthroughs via shocking events and discoveries would take a toll on the status quo.

This cycle ends in July, 2025, right after the US Solar Return. Also after the US Pluto Return and the US Chiron Return and the Neptune opposite US Neptune, but before the US Uranus Return.

Knowing this makes it more understandable and a bit less scary. There is apparently method in the madness.

Trump considers refusing to leave the White House on Inauguration Day. I shouldn’t smile because the man is obviously ill.


The sorest loser ever in US history, he is, Andre.

After 12:01 pm on January 20, he is trespassing and can be escorted out by federal marshals. His supporters might cheer him on dragging his feet, but he doesn’t realize and obviously doesn’t care what an epic embarrassment it will make him to everyone else.

As 2020 comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to wish Nancy and everyone here at Starlight health and prosperity in the new year, and to thank you for the information, inspiration and discussion that have kept me sane and hopeful this past year. I look forward with anticipation to what 2021 will bring.

Mike Pence will preside over Biden’s final victory. ‘Then he’ll likely skip town.’


Although not finalized, Pence’s plan to leave immediately after declaring Biden/Harris victory, per his official duty may be to escape wrath of DJT. Reports are he’s planning on running for prez in 2024. If we are lucky, maybe he’ll stay abroad and not return to US.

What he (or she?) said. . . and ja, I’ll settle for just health in 2021. Really! What a year it has been; not sure I’m sane, but could not have survived without Nancy’s astrological wisdom and generosity, and all you guys keeping it real. Peace and love.

yes ja, I echo your well said words wholeheartedly.

I echo your sentiments as well, but with one caveat. For me the new year doesn’t truly begin until Jan. 20. Feels like we are all holding our breath until then.

From my perspective:
2020 was the year without breath. We held our breath as the impeachment process unfolded for a man for whom it is often said, “He sucks all the oxygen out of the room.” In honor of George Floyd, and tens of thousands of other victims of color through our history, we marched with signs saying, “I can’t breathe.” Meanwhile over 300,000 of us, with many more expected, have died for lack of breath, as we hold our breath again until January 20th, 2021 at noon eastern time. With a new president and vaccines, hopefully we can return to breathing.

Wow, Eliseo.
Your comment captures the essence of 2020.

Three and a half days until the Jupiter-Saturn 20 year cycle starts at 0+ Aquarius. This should provide us enough air to make it to the finish line Eliseo, hang in there.

Hindsight is 2020.

The massive Russian hack of the US government clearly foreshadows the Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th house of the Biden Administration. A cyberwar will take place during the entire term.

Senator Durbin called it almost an act of war. Thre is no response from the Putin stooge. The current President of the United Staes is clearly treasonous.


ThankYou, Barb. I’m hanging in there. Looking forward to Dec. 21st Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. On that day my new ENT will finally remove a tiny green tube from my ear which has caused me a number of ear infections for several years. And of course a month later we get our new president and VP.

Although I’ve long hoped to see federal marshals escort the Putin stooge into prison, I half hope he actually accepts the invitation to relocate to Russia. Of course that would be a security issue. What intelligence beans might he spill to his masters? But it might go a long way to discredit, disgrace, and dishonor him in the eyes of his present supporters.

I was wondering how Donald Trump will actually choose to leave the White House. Then I had the thought that maybe there is something about that in one of his favorite movies. Bingo, paydirt. If you are having trouble letting go of the Donald (this is a joke), have a look at this article from Politico.

Then watch his most favorite movie, Citizen Kane, to get him right out of your system. He saw it all coming, back in 2016 – perhaps the man has known himself better than anybody else after all!

Rosebuds all around……


Andre. so glad you noted the Russian hack and have linked it to the Mars-Uranus conjunction. Was begininning to think maybe it was a non-threat in some eyes.

I noted it in the December 14 Eclipse chart in the Sagittarius eclipse square US Virgo Neptune, etc. etc. See comments on Dec. 15 at 4:32 PM and 5:57 PM.

Also heard Brian Williams (MSNBC) just say it is now believed this attack began as far back as March, when Saturn first entered Aquarius, and when Mars was conjunct, first Jupiter and then Pluto, both conjunctions starting 2 year cycles. Most disturbing.


What peter said. Your 2020 recap nailed it!

I agree with Peter, Eliseo. You captured the blocking,
stulifying qualities of the saturn, pluto, and jupiter transiting a cardinal earth sign during the last few yrs. With a new Aquarian cycle upon us, as Barb said, that should provide some freeing fresh air, honesty, and true individuality.

Peter, Will, Sharon K,
Thank You for your kind words.

I normally don’t watch television, but a while ago I did watch some recent youtube video interviews of Joe & Dr. Jill Biden by Stephen Colbert. I was really struck by the empathy, the kindness, caring, and humanity of these folks. If you want to feel good, I recommend you look them up and watch. Such a contrast with the grifters we have in the White House. Such a treat!

One curious sideshow of current events is the feud between Justin Trudeau and the Prime Minister of India, Modi. Trudeau has voiced support for the huge protests of farmers in India who fear the impact of new government measures on their income. It so happens many of these farmers are Sikhs who live in one of the most prosperous agricultural areas in India. India has a problem with the Sikh independence movement in that region. The Indian government conflates Canadian support for the farmers with support for Sikh independence. It views with suspicion the fact that Canada’s Defence Minister is a Sikh who wears the turban of that religion. The Sikh independence movement has been successfully fund-raising in Toronto, where the Sikh vote is important to Trudeau’s re-election prospects. In 1983, an Air India plane leaving Vancouver blew up over the Atlantic killing hundreds after a Sikh terrorist put in a bomb. Trudeau’s official visit to India with his Defence Minister a few years ago was very awkward.

In response, the government of India has expressed support for Quebec’s independence movement, just as Saudi Arabia did in 2019 after its own spat with Ottawa. A talk show in India last week was dedicated to the possibility of Quebec’s independence. And there is talk in India of inviting the leader of Quebec’s independence party for a few days as a retaliation against Canada. The irony is that party is dying and most people in Quebec find this kind of foreign intervention rather odd.

Any resurgence of the Quebec independence movement, which to me is astrologically likely, would probably come from the current nationalist and populist centre-right government of Quebec, whose official policy is that it has no such intention, but is led by a former separatist who has shown he will follow the tides of public opinion. Those tides will probably change when Trudeau is predictably relected for his performance during the pandemic and then turns against his home province of Quebec’s aspirations for greater autonomy just like his father did with disastrous results, which very nearly led to the break-up of the country 25 years ago. I was very much involved in those events. They will be the subject of my next book coming out in French in the new year.


Andre, or anyone interested in this cyber attack, do you think Trump has been aware of it all along?

barb, I absolutely think Trump has been aware of the cyberattack, if he didn’t help facilitate it, himself. He’s too dumb to know what the cyberattack actually was, IMNSHO… but wouldn’t really care about the consequences, anyway.

I think his need to CYA for both him and Putin’s tracks is the reason for his edict for the Pentagon to stop giving Transition briefings to Biden’s team. One of his flunkies has probably pointed out to him some of the ways it can be traced back to him and/or Putin, as well as probably being a lot of “paper” needing to be shredded concerning it.

I will always believe Trump was a plant by the Russian gov’t to bring America to its knees, if not destroy it altogether, as a vital force in the world. IMO, we now have no secrets from Russia any longer. But even more worrisome is what they’ve learned about, and how much control they might have, over our infrastructure.

I hope you guys can see these photos I reposted on my page. A friend in upstate New York woke up to a beautiful double halo around the sun this morning.

It made me think of the coming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, like an announcement it’s coming and a big deal, to pay attention.

Friend is a writer, intuitive and Wiccan High Priestess. She sees it as a symbol the everything is going to be okay.


Teresa Hill, what a wonderful photograph. It is a beautifully positive sign despite everything.

Barbk, slightkc, at the very least Putin knew that if he couldn’t get Trump elected as in 2016, now was the time to go all out to inflict maximum damage on the US government. He also knew Trump was too dependent on him financially to react, just like he didn’t react to the bounty placed by Russia on the heads of American troops. I am sure there will be shocking revelations on Trump’s relationship with Putin after he leaves office. A criminal indictment for treason may well be inescapable in spite of Biden’s reluctance to fan the flames of polarization. A self-pardon by Trump will not hold under such circumstances. It remains to be seen whether Pence would be willing to pardon him at the last minute on January 20. I believe a spectacular court case against Trump is what the 2022-23 Pluto return will be about.

The outstanding astrological question is whether this is the link between the Pluto and Uranus returns. The Pluto return in Capricorn is about deconstruction and restructuring of the American State. Clearly, the destructive part of this process has been achieved by the combined efforts of Trump and Putin. We will be spared Trump’s second term which would have brought the exit of the US from NATO, the weakening of judicial independence and other potentially fatal developments.

As noted, cyberwarfare, most of it hidden from view, will be a prominent feature of the Biden Administration. Biden has already stated he will hit back as a normal President should. The Pluto return can mostly play out as an internal matter although Russia will be perceived as a dangerous aggressor and the Cold War will return. The last Uranus return was about America’s triumph in World War II. Perhaps cyberwarfare leads to all-out conflict in 2027-28 with the first war in space as would befit Pluto in Aquarius. The problem is that China would not be a bystander and as in World War II the US and others would have to fight two mortal enemies at the same time. That is what the Great President of 2024 will have been born to face.

Does anyone have a birth time for Steve Schmidt? He was born September 28, 1970 in
North Plainfield, New Jersey, but now lives in Park City, Utah.

Why am I asking? One of the primary founders of the Lincoln Project, the former R operative joined the Dem party a few days ago. IMHO, he and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
are the two most articulate and interesing persons in American politics, both of whom have not yet risen to the destiny that awaits them.

A goodly number of major R “Never Trumpers” voted not just for Biden/Harris, but also for Dems down ballot. Some of them continue to identify as Conservative, but I detect in many of them a profound, ongoing psychological change.

As Trump has been defeated, the primary mission of the Lincoln Project has become the defeat and eradication of Trump-ism, particularly now the defeat of all office holding R Trump enablers.

Apart from the rise of Trumpism, recent times have brought us two fascinating, new political developments. One is the emergence, acceptance, and election of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who identify themselves as Democratic Socialists, (more accurately they are really Social Democrats). The second is the deep Republican split, and consequent founding of the Lincoln Project.

From their beginning the R party supported the expansion of federal power, whereas the Dems of that time were opposed to “big government.” Those positions gradually changed between 1900 and 1932, eventually becoming the reversal of attitude and policy we see today.

We’ve seen a 21st century return of old fashioned 1850’s racist-nativist know nothing-ism and the startling and alarming rise of genuine American neo-fascism. As dangerous as these folks are, I’m getting the feeling they may melt away in the context of coming events which will overshadow them into oblivion. That’s what happened to the nativists of 170 years ago. By 1860 we heard nary a peep of them. They had become irrelevant against the truer, larger issues of their time.

Observing the Trumpist R’s pursuing what in the long run is a suicidal path, and connecting all the above dots and more, I’m wondering if we are experiencing another ideological flip. I’m thinking the new FDR we are all hoping for may possibly not be a Democrat.

Your opinions and observations?

Eliseo, I don’t think there is time for a new winning party by 2024, which is when I see the next great President. This person is likely already known, but may still be a surprise.

The GOP has not been humbled by the 2020 election. It will continue to be defiant and obstructive at least untill the mid-terms in 2022 and until Trump’s fate is sealed, which is likely to happen in 2023. The 2024 election will take place in an entirely different context.

In 2024, the Republicans, or what’s left of them, may field an honorable candidate such as Romney. The action however is likely to be in the contest for the Democratic nomination. I expect that by 2023 the sitting President will be Kamala Harris. I think she and Biden will each have two-year terms, and Biden will retire after the midterms because of age or health reasons. He will be 80 by then.

Kamala will certainly run, but she has a complicated relationship with the US Moon. A favorable connection with that Moon at 27 Aquarius is a prerequisite for office in modern times. It reflects the need for an emotional or psychological bond with the American people.

Trump has Mars on his Ascendant directly opposite the US Moon, which reflects an aggressive and
abusive relationship with the people that arouses contradictory emotions. Bill Clinton also had Mars in Leo (so does Giuliani), and so did a surprising and statistically improbable number of former Presidents. Obama had the Sun in early Leo conjunct the US North Node, which is where healthy and positive leadership would be. I don’t recall Biden’s chart in detail, but I remember he has another connection with the US Moon.

The problem with Kamala is her Saturn is conjunct the US Moon. This would make her a person who is respected in tough times, perhaps admired, but who asks for sacrifice and discipline. This may not make her popular in the polls. By the time 2024 rolls around, people may be looking for a change and a more inspiring figure. I would expect a strong challenge to her in the primaries even if she is in the White House.

My early favorite for 2024 was Elizabeth Warren. I note the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be very favorable to her because it is conjunct her natal Jupiter. I was disappointed she was not selected for Treasury although I accept the reasons given. If the Democrats win both seats in Georgia, Kamala as VP will cast the deciding votes in the Senate, but Warren should be prominent and perhaps chair a powerful committee.

I now think the nomination in 2024 will go to a younger person, perhaps Buttigieg, who will be surprisingly strong and effective in office. The passing of the Capricorn planets should bring a new generation to power.

If the Democrats win only one seat in Georgia, the deciding vote in the Senate will be Romney, which could make him a formidable opponent in 2024. I do not exclude entirely that he might win. He might defeat Kamala if she is unpopular. If he did, he would be middle-of-the-road much like Biden and sometimes even progressive as he was when governor of Massachussetts.

The only thing certain is that Trump will be gone to jail or exile and may be dead by then. He will never be a presidential candidate again.

I now recall Biden’s Jupiter is inconjunct the US Moon: a difficult but fortunate relationship. His Jupiter, which rules his chart, is also conjunct the Constitution Uranus and opposite US Pluto at the time of the Pluto return. It is also trine his Sun. He is the upbeat and beneficial President we need right now.

OMG, 2020 will certainly be known in history as the year of infamy for the United States. I guess we should be grateful we (US) are still in one piece at the end of this year.

I trust astrology to provide explanations for events and even answers to problems, but I’m convinced this is not the result from just one aspect or one cycle. Rather, it is several aspects and cycles rolled into one lifetime jolt into a new and higher level of consciousness for this nation, and it will take a while to figure it all out.

The cyberwar Andre has suggested is a great place to start putting the pieces together. Because it is a ruse by its very nature, I see Neptune involved. Because its about technology, Uranus must be involved, so the Neptune-Uranus cycle chart is where I choose to look first, and that began on Feb. 2, 1993, at 7:18 AM, Washington DC time.

Their conjunction at 19 Capricorn 34 has had enormous traffic this year, including the 3 conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto and the one Saturn-Pluto conjunction within 5 degrees of the Neptune-Uranus conjunction in 1993.

In that chart for the Neptune-Uranus cycle start the Sun at 13+ Aquarius was trine the Moon at 13+ Gemini and both were trine Jupiter at 14+ Libra, which conjuncts US natal Saturn (integrity) and Trump’s natal Chiron (wounding) and Juno (partner).

Also, Saturn and Mercury were conjunct at 20+ Aquarius in the Neptune-Uranus chart and trine the chart’s South Node at 20+ Gemini (need to release) that conjuncts Trump’s North Node (path to follow) and they were trine US natal Juno (partner) at 20+ Libra which opposes US Chiron at 20+ Aries.

This Uranus-Neptune cycle then initiated 2 separate grand trines that would affect the US natal chart with a driving energy. US natal Juno and natal Saturn were off to the races in 1993.

Those 2 grand trines also kick-started Trump’s birth chart North Node (+ South Node + Moon) and his natal Chiron and Juno. It was destiny that Trump would one day be lured to the power of US President.

I must see where this leads.

Thank You for your observations.
I agree there is insufficient time for a new winning party by 2024. I was actually thinking of 2028 and 2032.

Romney concerns me. He thinks of himself as righteous and honorable, and compared to the Trumpers, he is. But from my point of view, Bain Capital, of which he was CEO 1984-1999, was an essentially immoral entity which did more harm than good. A Romney administration would likely not be corrupt, but he would strongly oppose most all of the moral and legal reforms we desperately need.

I think Kamala Harris will be a perfectly fine and competent VP, but I find her terribly unexciting, not someone about which I can be enthused. As a prosecuter she is truly gifted, but to me she just doesn’t have the kind of FDR energy buzzing about her that I see in Stacy Abrams or Elizabeth Warren.

Politicians in the US tend to be low normal to bright in intelligence, but rarely brilliant. However I see notable exceptions; Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Steve Schmidt, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are all good examples from the younger generation of pols. They are both brilliant and creative!

I agree the GOP has not been humbled by the 2020 election. If anything, they’ve been encouraged by their success in hoodwinking over 74 million to vote for the crook in the WH, and actually increased their share of the minority vote.

The Whigs folded after having split into two irreconcilable factions, and new issues superceded their old, increasingly
irrelevant ones. We may live through a similar experience.

I foresee a scenario unfolding over the next 15 years similar to that which the RethinkX group envisions. I see technological, economic, and cultural change ahead comparable only in scale to what we experienced 10,000 – 12,000 years ago when we transitioned from hunter gatherers into farms, villages, and cities. Our concepts of self, morality, humanity, divinity, and biosphere will all deepen and undergo profound transformation.

With each plague of history the end of it preceded very positive opportunities and happy change for common people. The plague we experience now is unique in several ways, chief of which it is occurring simultaneously throughout the world. An extraordinary renaissance is coming, but until then are the birth pangs. This newborn will be of much greater size than that of any child previous.

Eliseo, right now Trump doesn’t really have anywhere to go. His neighbors object to his relocating to Mar-A-Lago referring to his 1993 agreement to make it into a clubhouse. Trump Tower is in New York under the jurisdiction of the New York Attorney General. Ivanka and Jared just bought property, but there’s no house on it yet, and the kind of mansion they may want takes a little bit. A “temporary” housing arrangement with Russia may be appealing for a lot of reasons.

A second chance for Trump Tower Moscow. Immunity from extradition. Privacy. All are appealing to someone who needs at least a little distance from his legal and financial troubles.

I see it pretty much the same way as do you.

Maybe our Pluto Return is truly indeed all about holding our elected leaders accountable? Who woulda guessed?

Trump could have unwittingly set himself up to be the ultimate case study and example.

All good observations, Andre, Eliseo and Barbk.

We are definitely heading for a broader political realignment, and very likely a multi-party political system or its approximation. The factions and fault lines are far more pronounced than they have been in a very long time, and the complex world of the 21st century isn’t going to continue to tolerate such an immature, narrowly banded model as the traditional US two-party system. The Democrats won’t be able to contain their more Progressive and Democratic Socialist factions indefinitely, and I suspect that the Lincoln Project ex-Republicans are also here to stay in some form or another as well.

I also agree that a transition to a more representative politics isn’t likely isn’t going to happen quickly or smoothly.

The Lincoln Project group did declare that their job after defeating Trump would be to go after and banish Trumpers from the Republican Party, and I expect that they will do so, though that battle may not be an easy one while they work from exile themselves. This group also said that it was very open to working with President Biden, so there’s that. I wonder if maybe they ultimately form a new centrist bloc with moderate Democrats (Biden included)? It is interesting, however, that Schmidt even expressed a willingness to come to the table with Ocasio-Cortez.

My sense is that the Lincoln Project group puts country over politics, and is very much interested in working with others who do the same, like Biden. Essentially, we can agree to disagree on specific political and policy items, but the country must come first. This is a respectable position. Perhaps they will play an influential role during the times of transition ahead.

This week’s post by Elisabeth Grace has a lot in it. Of course the Russian hack would become known when Saturn enters Aquarius, the sign of networking and new technology. Saturn brings serious restraints or problems as always. And the hack began when Saturn first dipped into Aquarius in March.

Also, Pluto will be on Buttigieg’s Sun in 2023-24. My money is now on him.


We are definitely due for a new generation of leaders to emerge during the next five years, which is roughly about the time between now and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune each moving into new signs. In particular, Pluto moving back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn during 2023-2024 will make this evident.

Pluto in Capricorn has marked a time of empowerment for much older men (and a few women) in their 70s and 80s who are often socially and politically Conservative. This is also the time of 1%er elites, megacorps, and billionaire CEOs at the zenith of their influence and authority. Think Rupert Murdoch, Charles and David Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and Robert and Rebekah Mercer.

Business types in general have also been sought out for leadership roles in decidedly non-business fields such as education and medicine.

The end of the Pluto in Capricorn era will see most of these people retiring from their roles, or perhaps outright dying if they resist the energetic “nudge” from the universe to step aside. Already, Nancy Pelosi has voluntarily declared that this will be her final term as Speaker and in Congress, ending with the 2022 midterms. We will likely see advanced age and/or circumstance force Mitch McConnell’s stubborn hand around this time also.

I can also see a case for Biden either voluntarily or being forced to step aside after the Midterms due to age/health reasons, though I’m not necessarily in the camp that thinks he won’t serve out his first term. I just think he won’t run for a second one, but will clear a path early on after the midterms for Harris to do so in his place.

What will Pluto in Aquarius bring? I anticipate a trend towards youth in leadership. Also, brilliance, genius, and contradictory “rebel” types will also emerge. People who stand out and go against accepted narratives and norms. Youth, however, doesn’t necessarily preclude someone like Elizabeth Warren, who seems younger than her physical years, from thriving during this period. I can also see as potentially emerging leaders Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Stacy Adams, Cory Booker, Nikki Haley (yes, there will be some Conservatives who will thrive too), and others whom we can’t necessarily see right now. Along with racial and ethnic diversity, Pluto in Aquarius will increasingly see people of non-binary gender in positions of leadership and influence.

Wall Street, Big Business, and established political and government structures will no longer be in the spotlight as Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius. Instead, we will see attention shift towards emergent and perhaps temporary collectives and associations of individuals, grass roots organizing, mass equity and equality, the decentralization of power and functionality, and of course technology and technological breakthroughs which will likely include robotics, nuclear fusion, artificial intelligence, and space travel, and almost assuredly a few things that we don’t now know about, but will likely prove to be world-changing in some way.

(Elon Musk is the type of CEO who will likely to continue to thrive during this period, even as Murdoch, Koch and other much older, more Conservative businessmen finally retire and die due to age, the lower energies they embrace, and the physical limits of their bodies. Musk at least does bring something fresh and off-the-wall to the table, which is what Aquarius & Uranus really tend to favor in the “actors” they support.)

I also see local co-ops taking off and challenging national chains and corporations, particularly in areas like farming and retail. New forms of unions and guilds could emerge. Larger corporations will find that they must become far more participatory in nature and invest a great deal more power into their workers if they are to survive. Issuing directives from sprawling but removed central office towers and executive C-suites is going to be a quaint relic of a bygone era. In fact, CEOs and other executives may increasingly serve at the pleasure of workers, who democratically vote to hire, retain, or fire them, rather than the other way around.

After decades of privatization, public ownership and concern for the public good and democratic values in society will come raging back. Expect to see more interest in metropolitan-regional government (Aquarius does like the “big picture” after all), as well as more activism and involvement at the community level, as an increasing number of people realize that the power is actually within their own hands, rather than in the hands of those who supposedly represent them from city hall. Also, public utilities as well as spaces such as parks and town squares/commons areas may make a huge comeback. If they don’t currently exist in some neighborhoods and communities, they will likely be built.

As Joni Mitchell’s song said,
“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”
It certainly makes sense that after a sustained and deadly serious attempt to murder our democracy, we would come to value democratic values more deeply and broadly. The attempt to destroy it is likely to continue as Andre suggested, for at least a couple or more years. The longer it continues, the longer and deeper will be the impulse to restore and broaden the egalitarian, democratic ethos.

As a lifetime advocate of economic democracy, cooperatives, employee ownership, and workplace democracy, I for one will stand up and cheer when the conditions you described become reality.

I’ll loudly applaud when younger, creative thinkers take up leadership roles in business, government, labor, and education. But I also hope you are right about ancient elders like myself thriving during the coming period. I’ve not had success yet in this life. I hope to taste it soon.

GOP inches toward an unprecedented attempt to overturn the 2020 election


Some of you might be interested to know that late on April 12, 1966, transiting Saturn was making an exact conjunction to transiting Chiron, at the same time Uranus was conjunct Pluto for the 2nd of 3 conjunctions, which was exact on April 5th.

What caught my eye was that at the moment the Saturn-Chiron conjunction was exact, the Moon at 27 Capricorn 35 was conjunct the US Sibly chart Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33.

Some of what we credit the Uranus-Pluto cycle with might instead be due to the Saturn-Chiron conjunction with its Moon exactly conjunct US natal Pluto.

* On March 31, 1966, 200,000 anti-war protesters marched in NYC.

* On April 12, 1966, the 1st B-52 bombing on North Vietnam took place.

* The “Black Power” slogan was indorsed by the Congress of Racial Equality but rejected by the NAACP Convention in 1966.

These are examples of the effect of a Moon conjunct Pluto.

Right now the transiting Saturn is approaching the final sextile to transiting Chiron in their cycle that began in 1966, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct and the transiting Moon was conjunct US natal Pluto. That sextile will take place on Feb. 9, 2021.

I have gratefully read Andre’s comments these last hours and as I read the last comments by BuckeyeShadow and Eliseo I felt SO good! I immediately checked my SolarFire and Jupiter had moved into 0*00″ Aquarius – haha!

But of course.

BuckeyeShadow, don’t forget Steve Schmidt. I love the way he talks and hope he has more of a say in the future.
I was disappointed that Biden did not pick Elizabeth Warren as his running mate but totally understand why now as he needed a winning combination. However, in my eyes she is somehow related to AOC and the others you all have mentioned…. We have a powerful coalition of people coming up that will really make the United States We The People.

And, don’t forget Katie Porter. Holy crow, what a Capricorn!
We need them all and it seems we will get them.
There’s a lot to be happy about.

You know, the way you describe the decentralization of power and the power going to the people under these Aquarian influences, Buckeyeshadow, it almost sounds like (gasp!) socialism, making me think that that there will be opposition to this. Let’s see how it goes.

Andre – re your post 12/16. As a CA native and a Bay Area resident all my life, I would like to see my home area represented accurately.

While I have little respect for Feinstein, and agree that she’s done so much for the GOP, your source is incorrect on both scores.

Lincoln High School (no name change) has seen protests from indigenous groups because he approved the largest hanging in US history – some 38 Plains tribe members.

There is no San Francisco school named after our senior US Senator, Feinstein. Generally, living people are not considered for the honor of a public building of any sort being named for them.

Snopes is always a good place to check before posting extreme information; cross-checking to validate the reliability of a source also doesn’t hurt.

Sunstar, I wrote a nice message to CA Gov. Newsom asking him to appoint Katie Porter to Kamala’s soon to be vacant Senate seat. She is a potent force for good, and has been wonderful at holding GOPs’ feet to the fire whenever she’s been on a committee hearing them testify! Go Katie!

Baraka, I’m glad and relieved that source was incorrect. I could not believe the Left was that loony, but sometimes it is just as crazy as the Right, only in different ways. Will check my sources more closely.

Baraka, I didn’t find the original post that Andre wrote, but as someone who lives and teaches in San Francisco, your information regarding Feinstein is not correct.
Diane Feinstein Elementary School is on 25th Avenue. It’s been there for upwards of ten or fifteen years. I have freinds who teach there.
The name changes suggested by the School Board committee, which included Lincoln High School, were suggestions. They made 44 suggestions, apparently. It will be taken up in January. I’m guessing there will be a lot of fighting over many of them, Lincoln most of all.

Thank You for reminding me of Katie Porter. She too is on my list of exceptions to the rule. I stated in post above, elected officials tend to be low normal to bright, but rarely brilliant. Katie Porter is obviously brilliant, amazingly so. Elizabeth Warren was one of her professors, and I think maybe her principal mentor.

Sharon K,
As you know, there are various styles and types of socialism, but when most hear the word “socialism” they think of collectivism, especially the dumb kind of forced collectivism the Soviets practiced. It is an inaccurate assumption, but unfortunately quite predominant.

What BuckeyeShadow described sounds more like “economic democracy” which is also referred to as “cooperative capitalism” and “market socialism.”

I think the old arguments of capitalism vs socialism will be seen as increasingly irrelevant in the next economy. Our circumstances will soon be so radically different from anything humanity has experienced before, as to necessitate quite different paradigms and economic theory and practice. By soon, I mean within 10-15 yesrs. Climate change, overpopulation, radical new technologies of food production, of transportation, energy production and usage, and artificial intelligence will require an economics quite different from what we conceived in the 19th and 20th centuries.

I agree there will be opposition, but it is likely to be more practical than ideological. When
automobiles replaced horses, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, stable owners, and wagon and buggy makers, all lost their jobs. We then needed garages, gas stations, and mechanics instead. I believe we’ll be in a comparable situation as the biological revolution combines with artificial intelligence, computer and information advances, and an exponential growth of automation.

In such context, ideas like universal basic income, as one example may not seem so radical. But as you said, we’ll see.

Tomorrow, Dec. 20, transiting Ceres will conjunct the US natal Ceres at 8 Pisces 41; a US Ceres Return. It is actually the last of 3 conjunctions between transiting and US natal Ceres this year, the 1st on May 28th the 2nd on Aug. 14th. This will complete the cycle start; a kind of refresher of energy for the country’s Ceres influence, having to do with nature.

Ceres relates to grief associated with loss of a child such as what the parents of those children taken at the Mexican border feel. Ceres is also seen as the goddess of the Environment, or Mother Nature for simplicity.

As of tomorrow, the US natal Ceres, aka Mother Nature, completes the beginning of a new cycle for the US regarding this aspect of life; nature and our love for, and grief over our lost children. It is a 4 year and 7 months long cycle, and in this case it is tied to the 4 year US Presidential cycle.

US Ceres is square the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and Joe Biden’s natal Saturn at 9+ Gemini.

The new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that begins the day after tomorrow will have in its chart a Ceres that conjuncts the US natal chart, which will affect not just the US, but the whole planet Earth. How this plays out could be the control and/or spread of the Covid virus, and/or agriculture and food supplies, and/or weather anomalies, and/or the loss of loved ones.

In the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, Venus (symolizes values; what we love) at 7+ Sagittarius will square the same chart’s Ceres and the US Ceres, both at 8+ Pisces, and that Venus also opposes US Uranus and Biden’s Saturn. It is a 20 year cycle. I think it is in large part about saving the planet Earth from extinction.

Denise Seigel shares some interesting observations/speculations on the Russia front


You definitely show up to me as a very high-minded and forward-looking person, much as Elizabeth Warren does. I’m pretty sure you both can do well and be quite influential in the coming times, in spite of other energies that will be afoot and would otherwise challenge you both a major way.

To be clear, Pluto in Aquarius will invoke the beginning of a generational and existential transition for the Pluto in Leo boomers. And also, I mean, let’s be real here. Such would be the eventual fate of all Pluto generations, save for those for whom the tPluto-nPluto opposition exceeds their natural lifetimes (e.g. Pluto in Sag through Pluto in Taurus).

Many members of the Pluto in Leo generation of fixed fire have long wanted to amass and hold onto power for its own sake, and for their own SELF aggrandizement. And who better to serve as a lower-type avatar of this ME energy than Trump himself?

Now enter the WE energy of Aquarius that values the collective WE above the individual ME. Already, we can see where this is going.

Individuals who are married to their idea of ME FIRST are really going to struggle during this period. I mean, Saturn in Aquarius is merely the messenger for Pluto in Aquarius right now, and a lot of the Leo ME folks can’t even be bothered with wearing masks to stop a damned deadly disease. They are going to want to throw an epic tantrum or die when ideological collectivism really comes to power with Pluto’s ingress into fixed Air.

Factor in the Jupiter-Saturn Mutation into Air as well, and Aquarius at that during this conjunction.

Democracy and the Democratic Socialism of Bernie Sanders is indeed here to stay, and is just getting warmed up. Universal health care, universal income, and debt forgiveness are going to really push the buttons of some stodgy old earth types who think people just need to work harder, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, etc. What I say to them is… too f—ing bad!!! That was Earth and this is Air.

Forget about your precious property values and keeping people under your thumb to grow your own fortune on their backs. That was the Earth paradigm. Air is far more about the value of ideas and collective relationships.

Don’t be surprised if there’s another dot-com boom or the equivalent thereof.

I also anticipate that we will see more “group homes” as well as co-op communities and groups of people choosing to co-habitate under the same roof who aren’t family by blood, but rather by their shared humanity.

Humanism, too, will also see a major revival and expansion these next few years.

I hope we all find a way to celebrate the winter solstice this year. With the great conjunction ushering us into an Aquarian Age, it really will be a day of light. We have read many great posts raising our sights for what is to come. What a wonderful time to be alive even if suffering is all around us. Stay safe, everyone.

We are living a transition until Pluto leaves Capricorn. In 2023, the new era takes off and accelerates.

Eliseo, I’m basically speaking of how the situation will probably be painted by the right. Hopefully Zoom is just the beginning of this onset of collectivism and it will grow in a natural, organic way into a situation of health care, good education and jobs for all.

Buckeyeshadow, many of us pluto-in-Leo baby boomer were hippies and embrace things Aquarian. I even have my moon conj pluto in Leo opp mercury in Aquarius. I am a little wary of pluto’s entry into Aquarius for that reason (although my placements won’t be affected immediately). What will be the effect on all of us older boomers?

This year seems like a book with chapters that relate to one story line but have unique story lines of their own. In January we had the Saturn-Pluto cycle start which produced the Covid story line, then 3 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions; the 1st in early April, the 2nd one at the end of June and the 3rd one in mid November.

All 4 conjunctions took place within a 5 degree radius of each other, and all 4 were opposite the US natal Mercury in Cancer. The year ends with Jupiter and Saturn moving beyond Pluto, each having their marching orders from Pluto, and both prepared to start a new cycle together in a new sign and a new element.

Pluto dug deep into the societal guts of all countries in 2020, and exposed what was contaminated in them from a structural point, clearing the way to a new and healthy cycle between Jupiter and Saturn that begins on Dec. 21.

We in the US are limp from the experience and many of us have become wiser for it. The Saturnian walls that separate a structure into rooms used for different purposes are beginning to take shape (Biden’s cabinet) and soon we will explore the new horizons (Jupiter stuff) that await us, to see what’s left after Pluto’s exorcism of Trump and the Covid’s purge.

If I were to write a book; not likely, but if I were to, it would be about the remarkable astrology of this past year and the many cycles between planets that contributed to the process that has brought us to this point in our development. The gods and goddesses of astrology also work in mysterious ways it seems.

Has anyone else other than mysef been experiencing unusual dreams? I’ve often been dreaming of snakes, furiously writhing in ugly, bloody battle, trying to kill one another. In one deram they were fighting with a puppy. We rescued the puppy just in time to save his life. He was a Border Collie.

I find it peculiar as neither Neptune or the Moon are aspecting my natal chart in any significant way right now.

I’m wondering if the snakes represent the current civil war within the R party.

Eliseo, the first thing I think of with snakes is shedding skin. But your dream seems to reflect what’s going on in the US in general as we fight to shed ourselves of the old world (which Trump, Republicans, corporatists, etc are desperately trying to hold onto) and move to a new world (puppy, the young) guided by more faithful and caring spirit (border collie). On the other hand, the Republics do seem to be a nest of vipers.

hold onto power, that is

Absolute WOW! Knew this was probably coming, but it is still a shocker!
This ocurred Friday.

Trump raised the idea of imposing martial law to overturn the election in a White House meeting, …


ThankYou! That makes sense!

New post up:


Sharon K, we, the old hippies and old radicals are the ones who seeded the Aquarian Age. We started the liberation movements: Black liberation, women’s liberation and gay liberation. We started experimenting with psychedelics which expanded our minds and led to the consciousness and transpersonal movements and we delved into Eastern spiritual practices and yoga and meditation. We popularized astrology and other occult practices. We created communes and co-ops and intentional communities. We started the back to nature movement and popularized environmentalism. We encouraged ourselves and each other to “do your own thing just as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody” while seeing ourselves as a part of a greater whole.

The drug addictions and abuse of the 70’s were deeply disappointing to me as I watched friends and groups fall apart. The 80’s were despairing to me with Regan and then with AIDS as I watched friends and co-workers die horribly. The only bright spot in the collective for me was Obama’s election and that was tainted for me by the passage of Prop 8 in California. And yet, I always felt the embers of the hope I had from my hippie days of a new age… and here we finally are, with one foot crossing that threshold with the other foot to cross fully over that threshold with the Pluto ingress into Aquarius!

I have an Aquarian Moon at 11 degrees at my IC and like you, concerned about what Pluto will do. My prayer has always been to live to see the establishment of the new age and I’m now believing I just may.

Wishing the most grooviest Solstice blessings to all you old hippies and radicals and others who helped seed the Aquarian Age!

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