2nd Oct, 2020

October and Beyond

September brought a strange combination of positive and negative stories for Donald Trump. Under strong Jupiter aspects (square natal Jupiter and quincunx natal Uranus), he fostered successful agreements between Bahrain and the UAE with Israel. He also delighted in the opportunity to choose a third Supreme Court nominee.

Despite these uplifting events for the president, the Saturn station opposite his Venus and the progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct natal Inaugural Saturn signaled the solidifying of his losing poll numbers both nationally and in several battleground states. Moreover, by late month, we learned that he has paid hardly any taxes in the last 15 years while living in the lap of extravagance and luxury. Even worse, he is $421 million dollars in debt, making him ripe for severe exploitation by various malignant foreign actors and putting our national security in peril. It seems likely, given our foreign policy of the past four years, that this process is well under way.

Now that we are in October, there are no ameliorating Jupiter transits to offset the barrage of stress, strain, and difficulty signaled by multiple planetary indicators in Trump’s chart.  After months of a cavalier response to the coronavirus and flouting the mask requirements in the White House, at rallies, and at fundraisers, the president and the first lady have contracted the disease. Moreover, while knowing he had been exposed by an infected staff member, Trump went to a fundraiser in Bedminster, potentially endangering several of his wealthy donors. We have yet to hear the fallout from that event or how widespread the infection may go in the White House and Congress given the lack of preventative measures that have been the norm in GOP circles since this nightmare began. We also do not know, as of this time, how serious Trump’s infection will be.  But as I have said repeatedly over the years, eventually self-serving delusion will crash hard into the painful wall of reality and a price for avoidance and denial and dishonesty will be paid.

The transit of Saturn opposite Trump’s Venus will continue through October 22, suggesting an emotionally painful time. As of October 1, just as Trump learned he had the virus, his progressed Moon moved into a semisquare with progressed Saturn/progressed MC (3Leo10). This significant intensification of the difficult, emotionally stressful and frustrating progressed MC conjunct progressed Saturn will continue through October 27. Progressed Saturn/progressed MC is also being strengthened by a protracted station of Neptune in a sesquiquadrate aspect from September 25 through December 5. This significantly strengthened Saturn/MC combination suggests increasingly difficult circumstances in the reality-based world (Saturn) forced upon Trump from September 25 through December 5 and shrinking his power and reputation (MC) in the process. The progressed Moon involvement in October may be the specific indicator of his struggle with the virus.

My take on the election itself is as follows:

the Mercury/Saturn square, with Mercury stationary, goes from October 30 through November 5, pointing to delays, confusion, upset, and frustration during the time of the election and just after for a few days;

the Jupiter transit conjunct Pluto, with both quincunx Trump’s Sun from November 7 to November 13 points to Trump’s attempts to create chaos and override the election results in some fashion;

increasingly, from November 12 and beyond, Trump’s attempts to steal the election fail due to transiting Saturn quincunx his Mars from October 22 through November 20, transiting Pluto opposite his Saturn from November 11 through December 23, and transiting Saturn square to his progressed Ascendant from November 12 through November 26. The Mars station through mid-November does, however, suggest some violence and civil unrest.

As for Joe Biden, the key progression for him is the progressed Venus quincunx his natal Pluto (7Leo13) that began in late September 2020 and continues through July 2021.  Pluto is the ruler of Biden’s four Scorpio planets and the ultimate dispositor of the whole chart, signifying that aspects to it are especially important. Venus here warms natal Pluto and adds an attractiveness and popularity. This Venus/Pluto aspect is further energized by Biden’s progressed Moon quincunx natal Pluto from October 1 through October 23. This adds an element of emotional intensity and a sense of being scrutinized and criticized as well as an increased personal magnetism. In addition, tertiary progressed Venus will be square to natal Pluto from October 25 to December 1, further adding to the charm, popularity, and energy of the secondary progressed Venus/Pluto aspect. And finally, transiting Uranus will be square to natal Pluto (quincunx progressed Venus) and opposite tertiary Venus from November 10 to December 8, perhaps solidifying the election results and Biden’s sudden change of status at that time.

December brings some serious and painful difficulties to Biden, whether from his or a loved one’s illness or just from the incredibly stressful process of transition during a pandemic with a resistant incumbent who is leaving behind a disastrous mess. Biden’s progressed Moon will be square to natal Saturn (9Gemini57) from December 5 through January 2, while transiting Saturn will be square to his Moon (00Taurus59) from December 18 to 26.

But noteworthy and nonetheless suggestive of a presidential win are the following: tertiary progressed Jupiter will be conjunct Biden’s MC (19Virgo54) from December 20, 2020 through December 2021. In addition, transiting Pluto will oppose Biden’s Jupiter (25Cancer08) during all of January 2021, while transiting Jupiter will oppose his Pluto (January 14 to 20) and transiting Uranus will square his Pluto from January 13 to February 19. Taken altogether, these aspects point to an expansion (Jupiter) of power (Pluto) at this time.


Thank you, Starlight. Spot on, as usual.

Transits until mid-November are a major concern. Perhaps we should speak this year of October surprises, plural.

I had posted this right after Nancy posted the new article…

They are now saying that the Barrett event on Saturday was or may have been the super spreader event that caused it.

Whether he (trump) is sick or not, let us keep our focus on what the GOP is doing in battleground states where they are attempting to aggressively push back on voting rights in PA, NC, MI, FL, and WI (among others). I am still deeply worried that the GOP is attempting a coup over the next few months and we need to stay focused on that.


I’ll toast to your election call. Extraordinary developments in less than 24 hours – “you can’t make this stuff up.”

Thank you Nancy, how right you were.

“But as I have said repeatedly over the years, eventually self-serving delusion will crash hard into the painful wall of reality and a price for avoidance and denial and dishonesty will be paid.”

Never was certain if we would experience this.

Thank You Nancy.
Such a strange time we are living in! 

So grateful for your interpretation of Trump’s and Biden’s coming aspects Nancy. I’ve learned much from you about the importance of progressed planets and from other folks here as well, and now realize Trump’s progressed MC and progressed Saturn in Leo have been square the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio for the last 4 years.

This helps to understand why his continuous dismantling of government structures enrages (Scorpio) so many of us. I don’t think we will ever-ever forget this period, and will have a greater appreciation of how easily we can lose it all if we aren’t vigilant. Thank you for your Starlight News, it has been a refuge for many storms but none as bad as this one. We love you!

Lots of Reporters trying to figure out when someone w/in Trump’s circle got sick/ or tested positive.

They noted at an event in the Rose Garden Monday, Trump and Pence were at individual podiums placed far apart, when they usually stood together at one podium.

So it may be that Saturday during the big reception on the lawn for Ames Comey Barrett, someone either was sick or soon after started showing symptoms and tested positive. Or maybe a test popped up negative on Sunday.

That would fit w/ Trump showing symptoms on Wednesday, when he cut his rally to half its usual time. Drs say on average, symptoms show up 2-4 days after exposure.

Then, on average, 7 days after start of symptoms to know if someone will need to be hospitalized, three days after that whether they’ll end up in ICU.

So, using averages,

Trump symptomatic — Wednesday, Sept. 30th
Trump if hospitalized — Wed. Oct. 7
If critical — Saturday, Oct. 10th
If he makes it out of ICU — Oct. 17-24, w/ release from hospital Oct. 24-31.

Once you end up in the ICU, you have a 50%-65% chance of dying, on average. Trump’s odds,
I’d think, would be worse.

So, there you go, a timeline of averages to watch.

Now we have a release from his doctor that says Trump received 8g of an antibody cocktail today (heard MSNBC doctor speculate earlier it might be one of the experimental treatments used on Trump, but this seems soon) and other doctors noting that’s a very high dose.

Okay, followed link to study released Tuesday on 2000 patients. They used two doses, and 8g is the higher dose.

I can’t read a lot of this, but I see they’re mostly testing much younger patients, Ave age 44. Tested high dose only in six patients in 65-84 age group.

Seems reckless to start at such a high dose for Trump.

Antibodies tested to help reduce time of symptoms, dr visits, time in hospital.


Trump to stay at walter reed ‘for a few days’


As of 5:30 pm today, it has been reported that Donald Trump is being taken to Walter Reed hospital.

For those of you who doubted the report of Trump having “mild” symptoms – you were right. I am wondering how the markets will take this on Monday, both here in the United States and globally. I see a bad day in the stock market come Monday.

Now they’re saying Trump has been taken to Walter Reed “as a precaution”. Uh huh.

He’s been taken now to Walter Reed. I think this is far more serious than they are letting on.

Talk about breaking news!


Remember what happened to Herman Cain, after he attended the Tulsa rally? Yikes!

Right now, Trump must be going through some bad progressions on his chart, with Saturn-Mars, and maybe this Saturn-Pluto going on. I bet you his progressed planets may not be in such a good spot right now on his natal chart. Double yikes!

Barb K., Nancy, Andre et al: According to Marjorie Orr, Pence looks happy on Election Day and Inauguration Day. Please comment. Thanks, Prof. Bertonasco

Barb K., Nancy, Andre, et al: According to Marjorie Orr, Pence looks happy on Election Day and Inauguration Day. Please comment. Thanks, Prof. Bertonasco

As Andre posted a few hours ago:

[By: Andre on October 2nd, 2020
at 1:19 pm:]

“There could be worse news later today as the Full Moon squares stationing Saturn and stationing Pluto. Perhaps Trump will be hospitalized.

Things will definitely be more somber next week as Mars squares Pluto on the 9th. The somber mood is likely to have an impact on the vice-presidential debate and to derail the Supreme Court hearings.

Pluto has returned to the degree of its conjunction in January. The full meaning of the conjunction is now more clear. We thought in January it was about Trump’s impeachment. What the impeachment by the House could not do, the virus may well accomplish. Of course it is coming back to Trump.

The accumulation of hits to Trump’s chart will bring him to a pitiful end even if he survives the virus. His transiting nodal return is the final straw.”

Trump entered hospital as the Full Moon neared its square to Pluto. Later tonight, it will be conjunct Mars and square Saturn. There could be more bad news.

Next Friday, one week from now, Mars squares stationing Pluto as the Moon in Cancer enters a T-square with both, opposes Saturn, and squares the Sun. The Moon in Cancer will also be conjunct Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction. His condition may worsen at that time and he may enter intensive care.

Okay, I really did think this was a hoax by the Trump campaign. Especially with Melania in the mix and after she said “F” Christmas. But with a little salt and pepper I will eat my words.

Nancy, your analysis (and those of the other adept astrologers) is fascinating.

I am going to have a look at Pence’s chart. Not that I will do it the justice it deserves, and therefore look to others for the smart projections.

I appreciate all the effort many of you make to do this pains-taking analysis.

Professor Bertonasco, Marjorie Orr has often written that a politician’s personal chart can be misleading upon taking or leaving power. Sometimes it will show stress when he or she wins simply because the responsiblities dawn upon that person. Similarly, the chart may show relief or happiness when one is discharged from the burden of office. In and of itself, the personal chart is insufficient.

Maybe Pence looks happy on January 20th because he’s finally done with the shit show of being Trump’s VP. Or maybe he’ll have been acting President for a while, and is very, very glad that’s over.

I hope so.

Nancy, thank you for the latest analysis of the orange bully. Amazing work as always!
My take away from what you have is that by the end of November the final count and violence will be over and Donny will lose steam. [Could lose Hope figuratively and literally?] Since having covid19 will weaken him (surely), maybe he will decide to leave early December? Possibly sneak away after putting Pence in charge so he can get a pardon and exit to a safer country? Say he’s going on vacation/spa in a country without extradition?? Melania’s chart, re Ms Orr, makes me think NY with Barron, her parents and a divorce lawyer!!
Gosh, I’m thinking there’s a light at the end of the tunnel after all!

2020: The year we all realized we were living the old curse – “May you live in interesting times.”

Any asteroids coming at us prior to the one just before election day?

Kellyanne Conway has tested positive. It seems the event presenting Judge Barrett in the Rose Garden has spread the virus.

How karmic — a reception to celebrate the nomination of a judge who’d take away health care for millions of Americans turns into a spread of a disease that may rob many of those celebrating her of their own health.

Feels like the universe is pretty spooky right now.

Very curious how some of those now fervently praying and asking for prayers for Trump are rationalizing in their own minds the mocking of people wearing masks and saying this was all a hoax to ruin Trump’s presidency.

Andre, as much as I dislike Trump, when I read your prediction forTrump for next Friday, it felt like truth and I felt sorry for him. It has to be scary. And he’s not brave. And to think he brought this all upon himself.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has tested positive for coronavirus.
Logically, we would conclude there will be more such announcements.

Trump’s campaign manager has tested positive. The campaign is falling apart.

Also, two of the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are infected. Senators have to vote in person. The Committee, without those two senators, is now tied 10-10. This will almost certainly delay the Barrett hearings.

Andre, I believe under Senate rules, if the Dems boycott the hearings, I don’t think they will have a quorum and therefore cannot hold hearings.

New statement a few minutes ago from Trump’s dr. That he’s doing great, isn’t needing supplemental oxygen and … oh, they just gave him a dose of Remdesivir, which people claiming to be drs and nurses on Twitter are saying is given if you’re seriously ill to try to keep the virus from spreading through your body.

Also, they seem surprised that he’d get two trial treatments so closely together.

Professor Marc, I did not see anything about Pence in her post dtd Oct, 2nd, but perhaps he just feels relieved its over. What I DID see were the birth charts + progressions for Trump and Melania and found something of interest to me.

Trump’s prog. ascendant (29+ Libra) and Melania’s prog. South Node (28+ Libra) opposite Trump’s prog. descendant (29+ Aries) and Melania’s prog. North Node (28+ Aries) form a T-square with the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

With the transiting Pluto within a reasonable orb of being conjunct the US natal Pluto, and trans. Saturn even closer to a conjunction to US Pluto, the pandemic – a result of a conjunction between Saturn, Pluto and Ceres – is IMO, close kin to the US Pluto Return, and does find a safe harbor in the charts of the Trump’s.

They both symbolize what the US Pluto Return intends to accomplish: abolish all non-productive entities in order to create productive entities in the coming years. What a well marched couple those two are.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

I’m waiting for it to come out that Hope Hicks is Trump’s lover.

I mean, if he’s not sleeping with his wife, someone with his ego has to get sex from somewhere.

Despite the rosey forecasts from Trump’s medical personnel, I have a bad feeling about his disease.

I hope I am wrong, as I’d rather see him fail at stealing the election, defeated by a landslide, arrested upon leaving office, prosecuted and convicted, and serving his sentences in prison where he dies.

Unfortunately, I think it probable he won’t last until inauguration day. They say he has a 5%-11% chance of dying from the virus. I suspect the odds are much higher. He’ll likely not serve a day in prison, dying in the next few weeks or months, thereby escaping any meaningful justice. In other words, he gets away with it all, AGAIN!

Conversely, if he lives, his pseudo-Christian followers will say it was a miracle, and that he is truly a man who walks with God.

Saw this is online tonight, and it made me smile:


RBG just argued her first case to the Lord. RBG won.

I also heard where all those rich donors are freaking out because they ignored the social distancing at the fundraiser on Thursday, and are now calling and texting each other, “Are you sick yet?” I think it serves ’em right.. or at least teaches them a lesson, maybe? Money doesn’t buy everything; sometimes it just takes common sense!

RE: “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

Had an author decades ago, written a fictional story of all these events in a future time with a Trump like person as president and main character, her work would have been rejected out of hand by any and all publishers as absurdly improbable and implausible.

We indeed cannot make this stuff up because if we did, no publisher, nor any one else would find any of it remotely a possible 99or believable.

I agree, Eliseo.

If he dies, then he escapes the scrutiny and punishment he truly deserves.

If he lives, there’s a very real possibility that he does indeed face the music, and later dies bankrupt, or in prison, or both.

In either case, his campaign and re-election hopes would seem to be in shambles. The chickens have finally come home to roost.

I do feel like there’s much that they’re not telling us about his condition. Of course, they want everyone to think that he’s wonderful and will be just fine. His campaign hopes–and hopes of evading prosecution and staying out of prison–to the extent that either remain possible, rest on his backers and mindless supporters believing and seeing that he makes a full recovery and can pick up in a few days right where he left off.

We know that Presidents receive some of the best care possible in the world. In this particular case, it’s certainly better than the current POTUS deserves, given his reckless attitude about the whole thing.

Even so, moving him to Walter Reed is itself quite suspect. The experimental drugs and dosages are also suspect. Why would any of these be necessary, even “precautionary” measures if he weren’t worse off than anyone is willing to let on?

I think he has some preconditions we’ve not been informed of.

He probably had at least one transient ischemic attack last November 16th, 2019, not quite a year ago. It was odd and revealing that out of the blue he tweeted he did not have “a series of mini-strokes” when no one had asked or assumed he had had such an experience.

It’s like when police officers interview a witness that inadvertently shows knowledge of a crime or facts they should be unaware of. “Pardon me mam, but how did you know she was dead”

Considering his diet, weight, age, extremely sedentary lifestyle, and temperament, it would be unusual if he did NOT have hypertension, with his blood pressure controlled by various drugs. It is also rumored he abuses adderall.

I am struck by your statement, “The chickens have finally come home to roost.” A few days ago I dreamed Trump was on trial, with Steven Colbert as presiding judge, and a cage full of chickens as his jury. Not sure what it means.

And one health problem I did not mention which I’m not sure is relevant in context, but as I’ve previously posted, I suspect he is in the early stage of frontotemporal lobe dementia. However, I’m not sure that would affect his immune system.

Thom Tillis, senator from North Carolina also on the Judiciary Committee and in a tight race, has also tested positive. The committee met a few days ago, most in the same room (some Democrats remote), most of the Republicans maskless and shouting for much of the time.

The committee is 12R-10D. 2 R’s have tested positive and gone into 10 day isolation. The first hearing is in 11 days.

“Kellyanne Conway tests positive for COVID-19 – “Conway on Saturday attended a ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House where Trump officially nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. Other attendees — including Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), and Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins — all announced Friday that they tested positive for the virus.”


Teresa Hill: I was thinking the same thing about the so-called ceremony of the new potential Supreme Court Justice. More like karmic justice

“Four people sat surrounding Mike Pence at the ACB event: Kellyanne Conway, Mike Lee, Melania Trump, and his wife.

3 of 4 are now positive for coronavirus.”


“Attorney General Bill Barr tested negative for the virus on Friday, but people are noting that he was in close conversation with Kellyanne Conway at last week’s Rose Garden event. Conway announced on Friday that she tested positive for COVID-19”


Thanks for the new writing Nancy. I guess it looks like he’s going to come through his Covid episode, and will still be able to try to steal the election. Sigh

Astrologer Malvin Artley writes:

“A year and a half ago I did a blog post on this election and saw the health problems for Trump, starting in mid to late September and then more serious issues this month, more than likely health-related. The midpoints told the story. The astrology confirms the chart most of us are using for him, with the last degree of Leo rising. What shows in general is an ‘act of God’. And now he is in Walter Reed hospital. He was likely infected around Friday (Sep 25), so the symptoms are starting to show now. This week will be telling, because the course of this disease generally shows the worst case at around the 2 – 3 week mark if it is to go that way. Biden has tested negative. He played it smart and took precautions. Trump may have picked this up from the Netanyahu-Arab delegation that was there recently. It’s going to be an interesting month, now with our ‘October surprise’.


Andre – Thank you for pointing out the Moon square to Pluto yesterday. Trump is currently under the transit of Pluto quincunx his Sun, which combination always brings a feeling of a power struggle for survival. This crossing is the final one and runs from 7/12 to 11/13. Thus we should watch the crossings of other planets for triggers, such as yesterday’s Moon. The Mars/Pluto square likely points to his most intense struggle with the virus and is most potent from 10/4 to 10/9.

Regarding Pence, he most certainly does not look happy around Inauguration day. Tr Saturn square Neptune from 1/17 to 1/25 which really represents disappointment and a puncturing of the delusional bubble; tr Saturn opposite Mars from 1/12 to 1/20; and tr Neptune sesquiquadrate Neptune from 1/6 to 2/11 which represents disappointment and confusion when coupled with the Saturn transits.

I also want to point out again the progressed Inaugural Moon, natally semisquare Saturn, moving into the conjunction and creating a real cascade of disaster for the administration. We saw this in September and October of 2008, and we are seeing it now, especially if we include the pr Moon conjunct pr Saturn. Hope Hicks, Potus and Flotus, Kelly Anne, Mike Lee, Bill Stepian, Ron Johnson, Tom Tilis, Rona Mc? GOP Chair, reminds me of the domino effect of banks failing in 2008.

And finally, the superspreader event at the Rose Garden for Barrett!! The Universe does have a macabre sense of irony.

If Trump does recover and try to say the virus is no big deal, expect a huge outcry that he got all the best and most expensive treatments, while most of the rest of us, do not. That one dose of experimental drug would cost $30,000 to $50,000 a dose for a normal person if it were even an option. And most people don’t get hospitalized or Remdesevir in the early stages. They get it when they are really sick.

On Twitter, they are calling it: #Rose Garden Massacre.

Yes someone wrote this in Twitter. I like it :

My theory now: RBG died on 9/28 in Rosh Hashanah. She’s a tzadeikes, a person of great righteousness.They didn’t respect her will on selecting new SCOTUS by the next president & was decided the same day. The superspreader event was the SCOTUS nomination on Saturday. This is God.

And this from Warren

Two Senate Judiciary Committee members tested positive for COVID-19 today. We don’t know when we’ll know just how many people have been infected. The Senate cannot safely proceed on the Supreme Court nomination. We must focus on containing this virus to protect members and staff.

Two Senate Judiciary Committee members tested positive for COVID-19 today. We don’t know when we’ll know just how many people have been infected. The Senate cannot safely proceed on the Supreme Court nomination. We must focus on containing this virus to protect members and staff.

I’m a longtime lurker here. Just uncloaking to mention I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a decumbiture (the time you take to your bed ill) chart for Trump posted at the Astrodienst forum. It’s gone today. But it was for the time he got on the helicopter — about 6:20 p.m. — , and looked grim. I’m sorry I didn’t save it. If anyone wants to reproduce it…

Two more Republican senators test positive – Ron Johnson and Rick Scott.

They have set up the Senate so that Senators can zoom in for committee meetings, but for an actual vote they must be physically present. So with 4 Republican Senators in isolation, the Senate has a Democratic floor majority for the next 10 days.

A 3rd senator, Ron Johnson, just tested positive. He didn’t attend the Rose Garden event and has tested negative I think it said twice before. This might also affect the timeline for the vote to confirm Barrettt.

Here is a Headline for the Archives:


Chris Christie tests positive for Covid-19


Evidently Trump’s behavior at the “debate” shifted voters in Pennsylvania & Florida against him and for Biden.

Poll Finds Voters in Two Crucial States Repelled by Trump’s Debate Behavior

Rick Scott diagnosed with Co-vid 19. Hopefully, he won’t be able to spoil the recount in Florida like he did in 2018.

Trump received supplemental oxygen before going to hospital.

A pattern is emerging. Reports as to how serious is his condition are contradictory. A news blurb from a reliable source reports something very concerning, after of which a WH official denies it, and presents a rosier scenario.

Joe Biden: A Diurnal


And here is another twitter gem:

“A group of people ignore a beloved woman’s dying wish and rush to take advantage of her death. They hold an event to announce their corrupt plan… …and then one by one they start falling ill. Gotta admit, it’s all very Stephen King.”


The GOP’s great depression
“Driving the news: Some top GOP operatives, privy to data from swing states, tell me that this week’s chaotic presidential debate had a calamitous effect on Republican chances in tight Senate races.”

“The bottom is falling out everywhere,”said a longtime Republican insider.

This insider said the debate didn’t faze hardcore Trumpers. But he said it turned off “open to Trump” swing voters, especially women in suburbs.

“Everyone knew Trump was capable of this kind of behavior,” the insider said. “But these voters had never had 90 straight minutes of that behavior thrust in their faces.”


From Eliseo: “Trump received supplemental oxygen before going to hospital.

“A pattern is emerging. Reports as to how serious is his condition are contradictory. A news blurb from a reliable source reports something very concerning, after of which a WH official denies it, and presents a rosier scenario.”

It’s almost like the so-called news the western world gets from the DPRK (aka North Korea) when the latest Kim-family dictator takes ill.

Eliseo, Jackson: I immediately thought of all the talk of Kim Jong Un being dead a little while back. Count us as one more brick down autocratic road, I guess. THIS is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Just another reason for the butterflies in my stomach to keep on flapping their wings! (lol)

I just reminded David of the 2 popes scenario, and brought up how we could end up with a similar situation as far as “temporary” presidents go. I absolutely cannot see the Repubs letting Nancy anywhere near the WH. I CAN see them taking it to SCOTUS, arguing FOR Mike Pompeo (gods help us!) as Prez. And Pompeo wants the presidency so bad he’s been dancing a jig.

As one of Brownback’s KS crew, Pompeo might actually be able to out-trump Trump. He definitely would finish off our economy, not to mention our safety net.

We’re still trying to dig out from the damage they did here in KS… and you can see it reflected in the backlash of the people voting Democrats into office. I have high hopes for Barbara Bollier, btw, and I love Sharice Davids.

Supplemental oxygen, eh? So that’s how he managed to walk to Marine One without keeling over.

I know Bill Barr has so far tested negative, but I think that was a false negative. If they continue to test him daily, I think he’ll be showing positive in another day or two. I believe Mike Lee was hugging him in ecstatic bliss at the ACB nomination.

Rick Scott said he misspoke & he really rested negative, not positive. https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/florida-senator-rick-scott-coronavirus-misspoke/67-f93a15fb-a957-4f13-bb34-ec075bf84a7f

On the evening of the Trump-Biden debate, September 29th, transiting Mars (25 Aries 20 rx) made an exact square to transiting Saturn (25 Capricorn 20), and trans. Saturn was opposite Trump’s natal Venus (25 Cancer 44) that rules his natal chart’s 24+ Taurus MC (reputation). Mars was square (challenge) Trump’s Venus (Trump’s values).

We studied that Sept 29 data because of that debate and what I now realize is that the exact square between transiting Mars retrograde and transiting Saturn was to also set off the Uranus-Pluto cycle energy that began with their conjunction on October 9, 1965, 55 years ago.

But it wasn’t so much the actual Mars-Saturn square itself that set it off, it was more about the transiting Neptune at 19+ Pisces (conjunct the Moon at 15+ Pisces) on Sept. 29 at 5:49 PM in Washington DC, that was:

*opposite the Oct. 9, 1965 conjunction between Uranus and Pluto at 18+ Virgo . .

*that was sextile the 1965 Neptune at that time, at 19+ Scorpio . . .

*which the Sept. 29, 2020 Neptune in Pisces was trine.

*The Sept 29 Neptune was sextile the Sept. 29 Jupiter too.

Not only that but the Sun in the Oct 9 ’65 chart at 17+ Libra was conjunct Trump’s Jupiter at 17+ Libra and the US Constitution Neptune at 17+ Libra, and Putin’s Saturn at 17+ Libra, AND the present US PROG. Mars at 17+ Libra,

. . and the 1965 chart Sun at 17+ Libra was square (challenge) the Sept. 29, 2020 Jupiter at 17+ Capricorn (that was sextile Neptune + Moon in Pisces at the time). Sun symbolizes consciousness and Jupiter symbolizes understanding and the Big Picture.

How does that relate to the debate between Trump and Biden? Well, for one thing, I’m thinking Virgo, where the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction took place, has to do with facts and with nature.

All 3 of the outer planets (which operate at a higher consciousness level than mere mortals) in October 1965, were in a harmonious relationship with each other, and all 3 of of them were in a tight harmonious aspect with Jupiter (understand the Big Picture) in the Sept. 29. 2020, Mars-Saturn square chart.

The 1965 Uranus-Pluto in Virgo (facts) was opposite the Sept. 29. 2020 Neptune + Moon in Pisces (illusions), and to me that looks like one of the debaters that night was dealing in illusions and the other debater was dealing in facts.

On the other hand, the Libra Sun in the 1965 chart was trying (square) to make the Capricorn Jupiter (understanding) in the 2020 chart aware that the US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn + Trump’s Jupiter were all connected.

It was good that Trump did not get sick until after that one debate with Joe Biden. The People in the US and around the world needed to see that Joe could stand up to Trump, despite Trump’s bullying tactics and therefore stand up to other bullies in the world. Joe keeps his cool when in the midst of chaos. Voters like that.

No doubt God and the Universe are trying to let us human beings figure this out on our own as much as possible, but will also throw in a pandemic or other such ploy to break through our thick skulls from time to time, just to let us know how important this “time” (a 3rd dimension measuring tool) is in the grand scheme of things. It’s only fair I think. After, all it’s their plan and they ARE in charge.

I am so angry with Cal Cunningham, the Democratic Senate candidate who, although today he polled +12 over his Republican opponent, it also came out today that he had sexted with a female veteran over the past few months (one of them said he was nervous about the next 100 days) about meeting her illicitly so it has probably happened by now. He has taken responsibility and apologized to his wife, etc., but to do this now when the Democrats need to win the Senate so badly. I am extremely angry and have no respect for him. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/03/politics/cal-cunningham-texts-north-carolina/index.html

It has been trending on twitter and elsewhere today that Melania and Donnie both tested positive on Tuesday afternoon and they went to the debate KNOWING they were positive. It is based in large part on the fact that the trump entourage arrived too late for the Cleveland Clinic to test them so they relied on the White House test and Melania wore a mask the whole time but took it off when she went to see donald on stage after the debate. That is very different than her normal behavior. If true, then he did all those events (including the debate) knowing he was sick.

Also of note is that trump is a germaphobe and has total phobia of hospitals – the fact that they admitted him is HUGE.

It is also a bit surreal that RBG died September 18 late afternoon/early evening and two weeks to the day and time trump is airlifted to the hospital.

Could it be that the delay around the election is caused by trump either passing, or resigning due to health? If that happened, could republicans contest the election? Since early voting has already started, what happens when one of the nominees is no longer able to serve? Or, God forbid, both of them? We are going to see the ultimate in craziness over the next couple months. Hang on folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Trump’s batty dr told the press around noon that Trump was doing great, no problems, slipped and said he’d tested positive three days ago, so mid-day Wed? Or maybe that was the 2nd, confirmation test. But he’s in great shape. Doesn’t even need oxygen.

Then moments later, Trump’s chief of staff briefed reporters off the record and said Trump’s vitals in the last 24 hours had been “very concerning” and the next 48 hours are critical.

Someone on Twitter said the whole formal press briefing was to reassure Trump, which … Sure, I can see him believing something on TV.

The Rose Garden ceremony was Sat., Sept. 26. Someone there was super contagious. Could have been Trump.

Would love to see how frantic Mitch McConnell is right now.

Started wondering last night — did Linda G ever figure out who the dark-haired woman who brings Trump down is?

Looks like it’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I guess we could argue it’s Amy Comey Barrett, but it isn’t her actions that triggered this. It’s RBG dying and triggering all this Republican greed to replace her with insane speed, moving forward even before she was buried.

Thanks for your latest writing Nancy!

It occurs to me that perhaps Pence is testing negative because he has minimal interaction with donny and his inner circle, despite prior statements?

Seems like there’s always that one individual in the modern Democratic Party who steals defeat out of the jaws of victory, Sharon.

And let’s hope enough works out with or without NC that the Dems retake the Senate anyway.

Hope so, Buckeye Shadow. Your mouth to God’s ears.

As far fetched as this might seem, I’m wondering if these clowns would say he was fine and “resting peacefully” if he died!

I know. I know that sounds crazy, but president Willson’s wife 100 years ago successfully hid the fact he was suffering from the “Spanish” flu, and had a stroke.

Sharon K & BuckeyeShadow,
Hasn’t voting by mail already begun in NC? The sexting by C. Cunningham may or may not be sufficiently significant to alter the race depending on how many have already voted.

From Anne Ortelee:

“It’s been said on Facebook, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg won her first argument in heaven ~ notice Venus in Leo aspecting the Part of Private Enemies in the 12th house and on Mr. Trump’s Mars Trine to Justice Ginburg’s Uranus. An upset indeed. Beautifully argued!”

And this about the Rose Garden ceremony:

“The short nomination included the Arabic Parts of Neptune and Moon to Treachery and Eris to death among others as well as those tough configurations in the heavens. When Ms Barrett accepted, Venus was aspecting Private Enemies and Mars was aspecting Death.”


More than 1.2 million in NC have requested absentee ballots, with Dems holding a huge lead in requests. Can’t remember last count I saw of returned ballots there.

And Cunningham’s opponent is one of the Senators who just tested positive.

Just have to hope anti Trump sentiment drives up the vote and people go ahead and vote all Dems.

Teresa Hill,
Thanks for the info and update. 1.2 million is about 16% of the NC electorate. Let’s hope both Carolinas go blue, or at least purple.

Wow, pictures from the Rose Garden event show Kellyann, Mike Lee, and trump talking very near to everyone there! Including Barr and Pence! I’ll be amazed if they all don’t have it!

Will DJT live or die?

The median time it takes from the first symptoms of COVID-19 to death is 18.5 days.

People who survive COVID-19 tend to begin improving after about 10-12 days.

I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but if the virus is fatal for Mr. Trump, I’m hoping he lasts until at least shortly after election day. Presuming he loses the election, my hope is no one will say it was unfair or stolen because he died before Nov. 3.

Conversely, if he recovers I’m hoping what Starlight speculatively inferred is correct, electoral resentment on the basis of social class. A loud outcry that he received the best and most expensive treatment while most of the rest of us are obliged to die for lack of funds and status could increase votes for Dems and bring us closer to some version of universal Medicare.

Sheila: re. the decumbiture – for those who do not know, this is a traditional chart done for the time a person lies down on his or her sickbed, either to recover from the illness or not. The reason for doing such a chart is to see if the person will live or die. This is BEYOND the scope of ethical astrology.

Sure, there are plenty of astrologers, both professional and amateur who will take a look at the chart for the time that Trump stepped into Marine One. Curiosity is like that. But it won’t answer the question. Because it’s a question the chart can’t reliably answer, and imo, shouldn’t answer.

There is a big caution here – nobody can predict, and no chart can predict, precisely the time or moment a person will die. We all die some time, but there are many moments in a person’s life when he or she COULD die, but doesn’t. The fact that the person DOESN’T die doesn’t show up in the chart. Neither does the moment that the person actually dies. You can see planetary pressures applying to a chart in a car accident, for example, but then the person may live anyway. The point is, how do you tell the difference? You can’t be SURE.

So, let’s not, on this blog, speculate whether Trump will die of Covid or not, or whether he won’t because his stars are one way or another. Stars just plain can’t predict death, or we’d all know years beforehand when our own passing will come.

Death is a transaction between each of us and another universe entirely — by definition, that is a universe (or God) we cannot know until we go there. Meanwhile, we live in THIS universe, the material cosmos, which is the one we leave when we die. So charts made for this one don’t work for going to the other one – wherever or whatever it is.

Just my opinion and enough said.

Beowulfie, well said.

Experts say the worse usually comes 7 to 10 days after infection, when patients who seemed to be doing well suddenly fall off a cliff.


I am not predicting death, but this timeline is consistent with the Mars-Pluto square next Friday which will bring a darker outlook on this or some other matter. Trump may recover like Boris Johnson did, but he also may go through a tough time.

Some people die very quickly from Covid, others take much longer. Herman Cain was in the hospital four weeks before he died.

That’s not any attempt at predicting anything about Trump’s course with the disease, just an observation.

All good thoughts, Eliseo, Beowulfie, Andre, Duchess.

Personally, the only thing that truly matters to me here is that he loses the election. Whether that happens by default (death) or by Biden defeating him outright, the desired outcome is that his wretched presidency is summarily ended with all due urgency, and he no longer continues onward in a position for which he has proven himself to be uniquely and catastrophically ill-suited, at a particularly grave and brutal cost to this nation and the better angels of its people.

I care nothing for the continuance of his life or his soul, except to the extent that he can be made to experience very deep pain and punishment in direct retribution for what he has so maliciously and gleefully wrought upon so many people, and for the losses that I have experienced personally within my own life.

He has earned a rare level of cold indifference from me; I cannot hate someone I care nothing for.

Can’t post pics on here, but there were some i wish i could. I feel hope hicks and trump might well be having an affair!

Just my gut

Diana, not surprising. Trump has never been faithful in any of his marriages, and it looks like a marriage of convenience for Melania. So he knows he has a wife who would look the other way for money and some security. As long as Hope doesn’t threaten that, she may simply look the other way.

But an ethical use of a decumbriture may well be to predict the general course of illness, and maybe to get some insight into what the illness is.

I was neither predicting or suggesting anyone else do any prediction as to Trump’s survival or demise. And I certainly agree with you such a prediction would be impossible. We can only see stress points wherein either beneficial or maleficent energies are at play. I was questioning in my mind what might be best for the nation in our now peculiar context.

My concern is what are the possible political, social, and economic reactions were he to recover, or to die relative to the timing of the election. What will be, will be. Little or nothing we do can change that.

My actual hope is that he recovers, but again, timing is an important issue for us all.

CarolDuhart2, re. your comment “But an ethical use of a decumbriture may well be to predict the general course of illness, and maybe to get some insight into what the illness is” – – there is no “ethical” use of a decumbriture by any of us. Also, such a chart can’t and never could give “insight” into what the illness is. You can look at the birth chart for illness etc. in many ways, but that is not a decumbriture either.

An experienced astrologer would be very averse to running such a chart, and risking his or her reputation by doing it and getting it wrong. One would only do so in an extreme situation ONLY IF the astrologer were personally and directly asked by the ill person him or herself, or by a person close to him, whose objective is to care for the ill person.

The decumbiture chart was used in the era of the famous astrologer, William Lilly. But nobody has ever seen his record of hits and misses – especially the misses. He only published to illustrate astrological principles. We can take his word for it and test his principles on actual charts today (which are excellent guides), but we have to admit that he didn’t publish his mistakes. So, there aren’t many astrologers running around these days doing decumbiture charts for people they have never met. Maybe that’s all the advertising such charts deserve.

Furthermore, a decumbiture chart is essentially a horary chart. There are very strict rules about horary charts.

While the general population is undoubtedly deeply concerned for the welfare of the country when Trump is ill, it does not give citizens any entitlement to know his time of death in advance. Doctors do a reasonable job of it sometimes, but they are not saying.

Doing a decumbiture chart for someone you don’t know doesn’t meet the first, basic principle of horary, which is only the querent (i.e. Donald Trump himself), or someone with a direct, personal connection to him, is entitled to ask the horary question. And Donald and Melania haven’t asked.

Asking the universe to answer about a public person’s death in advance can only produce invalid charts, which are more likely to cause embarrassment for the astrologer than anything else. Because, as much as the world wants to know, Trump’s death, whenever it occurs, is none of our business. But if, and when it happens, THEN it’s a different matter. At which time, you don’t need a decumbiture because the results will show in every political chart that has meaning for the country.

So, go ahead and run all the charts you like for the moment Trump stepped on the plane, but that’s not a decumbiture. You might as well toss a coin.

Lastly, good luck ever finding out if or when he reclined in bed in hospital, or any place else.

Eliseo, gotcha. I agree, it’s fine to consider the consequences; political, economic and otherwise. That’s fair game, but not running the numbers on one person’s death, yes or no. Consequences apply to the whole country, as well as the world. That’s what political astrologers do, alongside many other forms of enquiry and media.

Typo – sorry, it’s decumbiture,not decumbriture. Don’t know how I spelled it both right and wrong in the same post….

Trump Predictions Coming True! EVON DAVIS Psychic Astrology Reading

Video: 16 min 40 sec



Video: 23 min 27 sec


October is due to be a unique month that will not be easy for any of us. The planets will be in a frenzy, the likes of which I have rarely seen. If you feel you’ve seen enough surprises this year, I am sorry to report that there will be a slew of them in October. Warrior Mars is one of the prime instigators, but surprise-a-minute Uranus will play a leading part, too. Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury will stir the pot as well and add to the turmoil.



The doctors are saying now he could be discharged as early as Monday, despite intermittent spells of low oxygen.

Seems a bit too early to me, but who knows what else they’ve been doping him up with?

Also guessing that he hasn’t gained one shred of awareness or insight from this infection, and is all too eager to get back out on the campaign trail and brag incessantly about how he beat the virus and didn’t need a mask to do it.

Interview with the man who ghostwrote The Art of the Deal with tRump back in ’87.
“Emperor has no clothes” was called Dr Frankenstein in the past. He watched Trump’s political rise with horror.
– –
“tRump doesn’t have the constraint of love for other people or shame at a particular behaviour that 99% or 98% of the population has at least some measure of. And in a world in which he simply wants to dominate, that gives him an enormous advantage. That’s what’s so terrifying about his re-election and that’s why democracy is so clearly at risk in the United States.”

Schwartz expected Trump to lose in 2016 and took his daughter to Hillary Clinton’s election night party at the Javits Center in New York, a celebration that rapidly turned into a wake for tearful supporters. He went home around 9am and took a sleeping pill because he could not bear to watch.
– –
“Is the choice you’re making consistent with that person you want to be? Had I had the maturity or the courage to do that, I would not have written that book.”

Remembering we were talking about Chiron the other day, here’s a quote from Maggie Haberman (via Heather Cox Richardson)

“According to Haberman, Trump “is very, very reluctant to have information about his health out there…. Any perception of weakness for him is some kind of psychic wound.” She explained how the upcoming election makes this sentiment particularly powerful right now. “This is his worst nightmare. Not just getting sick with this, but any scenario where he is out of sight and being tended to and Joe Biden is out campaigning.” ”

So health is his soul-wound, but hopefully by having this health crisis will he or nil he, other people will take the disease seriously and be healed.


“Personally, the only thing that truly matters to me here is that he loses the election.”

Hear, hear!

“For reasons of security, the president has been moved to a new underground suite, but he is resting comfortably.”

Wonder what bargain he is making with the Devil this time?


You would NOT dexamethasone, if your condition was mild. This indicates that Trump is having some pretty big problems with his lungs.

Here is some information on this drug:


Neerav B Trivedi

That is correct. There is a significant chance that he will get very, very sick. There is no way he can continue to campaign in this condition.

On another note, I wonder if Mitch McConnell has syphilis of the eyeballs.

Just a reminder, it is we, the tax payers, not Trump the non tax paper, that are paying for his health care.

Trumps health care plan: private helicopter lands on your lawn and swiftly flies you to hospital where a team of 6 doctors attend to you and give you free access to the latest drugs that aren’t available to everyone.

Seen on Facebook

It now appears to me that the nightmare, Phase 1, will end when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends on December 21, 2020, and a new one starts. By that I mean the Trump Era ends.

Something I’ve not noted about the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart is that the ascendant at 28+ Leo (conjunct Trump’s asc./Mars) is sextile the chart’s Mercury (communicate) at 27+ Gemini, and this sextile forms a Yod with the chart’s South Node (what is meant to be released) at 25+ Capricorn, where transiting Saturn is right now, at this very minute, having stationed direct on September 28th, LAST MONDAY as it squared transiting Mars at 25+ Aries.

Opposite that chart’s South Node is the chart’s North Node (opportunity) at 25+ Cancer (also squared by transiting Mars last Monday) that conjuncts US matal Mercury and Trump’s Venus which rules his MC, and that’s a Boomerang, and where all the combined energy ends up, i.e. the North Node in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart and Trump’s Venus at 25 Cancer (+ Joe’s Jupiter) and US Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

Interestingly, that North Node + Trump’s Venus at 25+ Cancer, etc., is sextile the same chart’s Ceres (aka nature, aka Covid-19) in Virgo, and this sextile forms a Yod to the US natal Pallas (strategy) at 26+ Aquarius which is conjunct the US Moon (the US People) at 27+ Aquarius, which has to adjust.

In addition, US Moon-Pallas also (1) trines the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart’s Mercury (communicate by vote) at 27+ Gemini where this pattern all began, and (2) opposes the same chart’s ASC + Trump’s natal Mars.

Please note that the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Ceres (26+ Virgo) also squares the same chart’s Mercury at 27+ Gemini, further complicating (disguising?) the motivation of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ending in 11 weeks from now.

If can just hang in there for 11 weeks . . . . . .

Hey folks,

You know, it occurred to me….given the recent astrological predictions about Trump’s condition getting worse, as well as actual anecdotal evidence as such, it would make sense that Trump invoke the 25th Amendment and grant all power and authority to Vice-President Mike Pence, in order to ensure the continued operation of our government at the national level, which is assuring to the American people.

Barb – just above you said, “that North Node + Trump’s Venus at 25+ Cancer, etc., is sextile the same chart’s Ceres (aka nature, aka Covid-19) in Virgo, and this sextile forms a Yod to the US natal Pallas (strategy) at 26+ Aquarius which is conjunct the US Moon (the US People) at 27+ Aquarius, which has to adjust.”

In this, you see Ceres as Nature (Covid-19). I usually see Ceres as pertaining to crops, being from what used to be the “Breadbasket of the World.”

Just yesterday I saw a video on one of the weather channels discussing the weird weather we could be in for this winter – bitter cold spells, interspersed with relatively warm spells, with snowpack undetermined (but thought to be below normal). The reason I bring this up is due to Winter Wheat. Without snowpack to protect the winter wheat crop we could find ourselves in need of, or priced out of, this main food ingredient. And this would be especially true if T* (the great “dealmaker” who’s missed each time in the last 4 years) has made trade deals assuming we’d have a surplus.

Could this scenario also match your placements? Or am I missing something – with Astrology not being my native skill, I’m perfecting willing to admit that! (gryn)

Neerav, you’re nicely assuming donald the conman is human and a good citizen. You need to think like a batshit crazy, crook to figure what they are up to. All Pence would be doing is being a place holder for trumpy and give him a pardon. Brave, heroic Melania will no doubt shove him into a wheel chair and pass him off to the NY lawyers in exchange for a easy divorce.
My concern is what or who is really running the government? The idiot adult children, the criminals, and the cult members are all in a committee figuring out what to do?? NOT! How will Nancy Pelosi(or whoever?) know it’s time to raid the insane asylum and set things right! And it must be done legally and the sooner the better so we can end this nightmare!

Beowulfie, as a retired journalist, to me ethical use of data lies in its interpretation, not in the gathering of it. There is no forbidden information.

Whether it’s accurate or predictive is a whole other ball of wax.

Like much of the rest of astrology. We can know the forces but not exactly how they will play out in our lives.

Nevertheless, I like these weird decumbiture moments, and our attempts to see if they prove out. It’s all about learning what can be known and predicted.

okay… crazy thought follows.

Does T* have Covid-19 or not? Stuff like this makes me think this could be a grifter’s campaign stunt:

The White House Gift Shop is selling a “Donald J. Trump defeats Covid” commemorative coin. You can pre-order it now for $100.


Now it looks like a hurricane is coming at New Orleans and the LA Gulf Coast later this week. Wed. night? Thursday? Friday? Can’t tell from the various graphics – Gotta go watch the weather channel.

Sheila, thanks for your further comment – mine is not that it’s ‘forbidden’, but that charts like decumbitures don’t work – as astrology for the general public’s knowledge they are useless.

Of course, a chart can be used for other purposes, like propaganda – or more accurately misused. We the public, under the rules of astrology, have no business doing a decumbiture chart because it won’t be valid. Simple as that. As I said, you might as well toss a coin as do the chart – that’s gambling, not astrology.

slightkc, yes, all symbols have multiple interpretations, so anything that grows or dwells in the ground, or blows in the wind, or lives in water relates to Ceres, aka Mother Nature.

Ceres could mean what I said about a virus or what you said about Winter Wheat or what Sharon said about hurricanes . . or even an earth quake; or even all of the above at the same time.

She also symbolizes distraught parents such as the migrants who lost their children at the southern border. In her myth, Ceres lost her daughter to Pluto who stole her away from Ceres.

Ceres sextle the North Node in the chart for the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, both quincunx the US Moon, will probably, in some way, continue to require the US people to adjust, in some way, between now and Dec. 21, 2020, like we have for 20 years now.

After that it’s a whole new ball game, with a brand new cycle between Jupiter and Saturn.

Slightkc, I think that ‘offer’ of a commemorative coin is a scan – there is no such thing on the WH gift shop website (though I wouldn’t put it past the admin to do one if and when he does recover!). 🙂



Yes, the commemorative coin seems to be real. If you simply go to the home page of the White House Gift shop it’s not on the home page. If you click on Products towards the top of the page, then on Coins Historic Moments in Trump, which is in the left column of the list that comes up, and then go to the second page of the commemorative coins. Which shows what slightkc put a link to.

‘Trump Tests Positive While Running a Campaign of Denial’


Barbk, more on Ceres from Newscope:

For those who look at the 6th house for health considerations, it too is indeed involved. Trump’s 6th house holds the asteroid Ceres, and one of the tightest astro-events now is his Ceres at 13º Aquarius being squared by his progressed Part of Fortune at 13º Scorpio. Transiting Ceres is exactly opposite his Ascendant, which affects his physical body. And Uranus, the ruler of his 6th house, is squaring his 12th house Pluto, leading to some enforced isolation. He won’t like that.

So who is profiting off the white house “gifts” ? trump, gop, or taxpayers? Has this ever been done by any other president or is it just another crass trump marketing con?

Hi Jill,

You are correct, but what if Trump suddenly gets worse and has to be rehospitalized? He won’t be able to hand over power to VP Pence. That would mean more chaos, which, oddly enough, Trump likes, so I agree, since he remarked last year or a year before that how the White House is a “well oiled machine”. As we can CLEARLY see, that has been proven to be wrong COUNTLESS times…….more times than me, you, Barb K, Andre, Beowulf, Buckeye Shadow or even Nancy herself can count on all the fingers and toes COMBINED!

But that works to OUR advantage, in that it show how incompetent Trump is as President, and why we should vote for Biden as the next President of the United States come November 3rd!!!

I read somewhere that there will be some bad news come this Friday for Trump. Anyone…..Barb K, Andre, Buckeye Shadow, etc… want to chime in on that? Thanks.

– Neerav

To all astrologers: How is Joe Biden’s health for the month of October? Thanks, Prof. Bertonasco

Lorna Bevan:

From Sunday, as Pluto turns forward on the Master Degree of 22 Capricorn, we enter a time of pure karma and pure possibility as the old, the atrophied and the akashic dross is eliminated, when the Universal Law of Gravity makes itself felt. An old life is going dark. These are new magnetics and new encodements.

Amplifying the stationary storm, retrograde Mars in Aries makes a 2nd conjunction to Disruptor Eris and squares the Great Eliminator while Mercury slows to station in Scorpio opposite Uranus ahead of his retrograde on October 13th. To quote Nietzsche: “That which is falling, deserves to be pushed!”


Thanks ja, as always!

I will see if it looks good for Joe Prof. Marc but health astrology is not my strong suit.

Dan Rather hit the nail on the head; 6:30 PM is when the networks have their news programs. Trump is leaving the hospital at 6:30 PM.

Don Jr. Thinks Trump Is Acting Crazy”: The President’s COVID Joyride Has the Family Divided

https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/10/don-jr-thinks-trump-is-acting-crazy-presidents-covid-joyride-has-family-divided?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=onsite-share&utm_brand=vanity-fair&utm_social-type=earned via @VanityFair

Neerav, Trump handing power over to Pence is not the only provision of the 25th amendment.

This could also happen: Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

It is official, we are under the rule of a madman!

Silcominc, I think he basically his goose has been cooked.

RE: Don Jr. Thinks Trump Is Acting Crazy

The author wrote:
Trump has been prescribed drugs that medical experts say can seriously impair his cognitive function. Last night the New York Times reported that steroids, which Trump is reportedly taking, specifically dexamethasone, are known to “affect mood, causing euphoria or a general happiness.”

As if he he needed to further his already impaired thinking and judgement! What next? Drugs which enable you to purposefully lower your IQ?


Orange Sickman is directing his care, and he seems to be short of breath here, look close.

Linda G. says his Tarot cards
do not look good.

Dumpster Fire has earned us the National Embarrassment award.

His wife and her fake smile is also annoying, such low lifes!

Beowulfie, after 50 years of poking at astrology, I’m still not sure what works. Hindsight works, when we know which aspects did prevail and which didn’t. So I’m willing to look at a decumbiture now and see later if it “worked.”

I wasn’t suggesting chicanery, but the difficulty of prediction, of which Trump v. Clinton is a case in point.

Bring it all on and maybe we’ll see more clearly what foretells what sort of outcome.

What EarlG said at DU seems to hit the nail on the head in this moment:

He’s scared out of his mind and thinks that the power of positive thinking will get him out of this. He’s pumped full of drugs — some experimental — that have all kinds of nasty side effects. He thinks that being in the hospital is making him look weak.

So he’s going back to the White House against medical advice (despite what the spin doctors will say this afternoon, they are NOT advising he leave the hospital). Why? Nobody else is there because they’re all quarantining.

And he says that COVID is nothing to be scared of, and that he feels BETTER now than he did 20 years ago.

This doesn’t make him look “in charge,” it makes him look insane. But nobody can stop him now, his lizard brain is running the show.

I guess all we can do is sit back and watch this unravel.


I watched some close-up footage of Trump appearing at the top of some stairs – I believe it was the White House. I saw him struggling to breathe – breathing heavily and deliberately – through his mouth. I believe he is very sick. I believe he is flirting with death.

Just want to point out that he has struggled to breathe for quite a while, due to heart issues and obesity.

I listened to the Linda G/Sterling video, or a good part of it (located next to her most current video) and he got that if Trump has the virus he does not have a bad version but is milking it for what its worth because he wants to make a deal to get pardoned! Linda G then spoke of a vision she had where after the debate, Trump went to Pence and Biden and implied he wanted to cut a deal, and he told Biden that he could make his life miserable if he didn’t get a favorable deal (this wasn’t a prediction but more of a dream/metaphor)


Kurt “Mask Up, Vote Early” Eichenwald
Showed Trump’s crazy all-caps morning tweets to a doctor who hasnt been keeping up on Trump’s treatment. Pause, then doctor says, “Did they put him on dexamethasone?”

I said yes. Doc says, “My god. We dont let people sign documents if they’re on that, much less run the country,.

I don’t understand how the dr.s could have allowed this.
From L.A. Times:
His departure came just three days after he was hospitalized for COVID-19. During that time, he received supplemental oxygen, remdesevir and dexamethasone, medicines typically reserved for the sickest of patients. That Trump was given these treatments so soon after his positive test result was announced raised questions about when the president actually fell sick, when he was first diagnosed, and how serious his symptoms were. Those questions remain unanswered.


The doctors are doing exactly what they are told to do. That’s how it works. They serve at the pleasure of the president. Its all a shit show.

Sharon, I actually saw him struggling to breathe in closeups today – struggling – and he wasn’t doing anything – just standing there faking strength and resilience.

Watching the expression he was trying not to make as he was breathing in those clips, I don’t think that part is an act at all. He’s genuinely in pain. But he’s also got the “tough guy” image to maintain, and desperately doesn’t want to appear weak, so there’s that. He’s doing all he can to conceal how bad off he is. Saying that he’s never felt better in 20 years. Yeah, right. The steroids they’ve given him are probably the one thing propping him up.

Also, it’s come out from Claudia Conway–Kellyanne & George Conway’s daughter that the docs basically just stabilized him. He’s not doing well. Check the first tweet (Twitter hid it as “sensitive” material).


Think about that. A 15 year old teenage daughter of two political operatives has more credibility on the topic of Trump’s health than his doctors.

Lots of medical people on Twitter saying watching him struggle to breathe and saying he won’t be out of the hospital long, maybe hours, maybe a few days.

Joe Biden sprinting up the stairs to his plane.


I just viewed video of Trump posing for the cameras, trying to look strong, in charge, and his peculiar notion of what is masculine. My god, he looked terrible, breathing with great difficulty.

What was in his eyes,…He seemed to me a little boy, trying hard to be brave, hoping no one notices how scared he really is. He knows he’s losing the election. He feels deeply unloved, and betrayed by Providence. And now…so unfair! So Unfair!! SO UNFAIR!!! This disease.

Attorney General William Barr has tested positive, according to some Twitter people.

Trump’s biggest fixer and protector, and right before the election.

We’re all so understandably focused on our political dilemma, we may have missed other important events. This one will probably have significant long term consequences, not just for Roman Catholics, but for us all.

The Pope has written an encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti” circulated to ALL RC bishops on planet earth. If you don’t know, such encyclicals are a pretty big deal. This one is essentially instructional, for all bishops, priests, deacons, nuns, and parishioners as to what political values and causes to support and defend in one’s respective nation. It represents a big “Left Turn” from the policies of Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict.

Pope Francis echoed Warren Buffett in blaming unfettered capitalism for rising inequality in a letter to the Catholic Church’s bishops titled “Fratelli Tutti” over the weekend.

“The marketplace, by itself, cannot resolve every problem, however much we are asked to believe this dogma of neoliberal faith,” the pope said.

“Neoliberalism simply reproduces itself by resorting to the magic theories of ‘spillover’ or ‘trickle’ — without using the name — as the only solution to societal problems,” he continued, referring to “trickle-down economics,” or the idea that as the rich accumulate wealth, money will automatically flow into the pockets of poor people.

The pope pointed to the pandemic’s fallout, including massive unemployment spikes around the world, as evidence that “not everything can be resolved by market freedom.”

Watch this interview with 2 doctors on PBS Newshour! Click on the segment called:
2 doctors weigh in on Trump’s release from Walter Reed (10 min.)


I find it most interesting that we have seen neither hide nor hair of Pence since the “Garden Party”

Now he is insisting on sitting at the debate. Why? https://www.democraticunderground.com/100214225087 (sry, it will not turn blue 😉

From Michael Moore’s FB Page

“After watching that disgustingly staged return to the White House, complete with staircase ascension to the Mussolini balcony, mask removed in disdain, ready to infect again, Trump the Killer. And then came the Biden Town Hall. And we realized, take nothing, nothing for granted.

The doctors aren’t telling the truth. Trump is playing us. No one in the majority is falling for it. He thinks he’ll get away with it. He has before. But we are the wall he cannot climb.
I leave you with my translation of Trump’s return statement as filmed for his new campaign video with “Avengers” music in background:


Source says Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin asked Speaker Pelosi if he could come to the Hill Friday for stimulus talks & she said no. She said she can’t trust anyone in the WH on Covid. “The way they treat people – I don’t want them here.”

Kristin Wilson on Twitter

“Today we learned that another person who attended the Rose Garden event, Pastor Greg Laurie of the Harvest Christian Fellowship megachurches in California and Hawaii, has tested positive for coronavirus. In addition, thirteen workers who helped to cater a private Trump fundraiser last Thursday in Minnesota are all quarantining.”

Heather Cox Richardson

Great posts all! I’m wondering if Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s RBG-antithetical nominee, was respossible for the recent outbreak. She tested positive earlier in the summer, which was only a few days before her Rose Garden event. And here husband and kids were there too! https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-virus-spread-white-house/2020/10/02/38c5b354-04cc-11eb-b7ed-141dd88560ea_story.html?fbclid=IwAR1WxYw_QVbsdSoTXWLUt-SX0gUnZ4bHY4zgLt-xS_O0oZ70E7Xs7T01CLQ

Ugh, sorry for the typos: responsible and her…

Barr Plans to Return to Justice Dept. After Negative Coronavirus Test Results
A spokeswoman said the attorney general was considered an essential worker exempt from guidelines on quarantining after potential exposure.


Go Letitiia!

After months of delays, President Trump’s son Eric was questioned under oath on Monday as part of a civil investigation by New York’s attorney general into whether the Trump family’s real estate company committed fraud.

The deposition came less than a month before the presidential election. And while the interview was not made public, the mere fact that it happened before Election Day was a victory for the attorney general, Letitia James, whose inquiry is one of several legal actions the president and his company, the Trump Organization, are facing.


Hi Nancy!

Prof. Marc, Joe Biden will likely be pushing himself hard by the 1st part of February when transiting Mars at 12+ Taurus reaches his 6th house of health and fixing things, at the same time it opposes his natal Mars at 12+ Scorpio, soon followed by transiting Jupiter at 12+ Aquarius, which squares both Joe’s natal Mars and transiting Mars.

By the 1st of March, transiting Mars in Joe’s 6th house at 28+ Taurus will oppose Joe’s natal Venus at 28+ Scorpio, which is the ruler of his 6th house. Transiting Mars will also square Joe’s Chiron (the healer and the wounder) in Leo. This could result in exhaustion (or not!) which could make him vulnerable to something serious.

In April and May transiting Jupiter at 28 Aquarius will square Joe’s 6th house ruler Venus in Scorpio and oppose his natal Chiron at 28+ Leo, while Jupiter has been conjunct the US natal Moon. This may or may not affect his health but it will probably be stressful; possibly court proceedings re: Trump that agitates his “base” which could be troublesome.

By the time transiting Uranus gets into Joe’s 6th house in June, it will square transiting Saturn in Aquarius (conjunct his natal Pallas and Vesta) on the 14th which might affect his health, and it follows an eclipse season where the lunar eclipse is close to his ascendant and the solar eclipse is in his 7th house of partners (or open enemies).

Joe knows this will be tough and will be on guard for his health and his family’s health, so after the White House has been sterilized and searched for hidden bombs he should be safe.

Later we can check the 2nd half of 2021. In the meantime, maybe others will check his chart for any health challenges. So much going on it is difficult to keep up with everything, but astrology always comes first!

If DJT is still alive on the 19th day of infection (where patients either start to get better or to die) is the soonest we will hear about successors. [About the 14th if he caught it on 9-26.] The cabinet members have the power to invoke the 25th amendment and oust him, but those sycophants don’t have the spines to carry that out.
Knowing “the donald” he could make anyone from his cabinet his “designated successor” like he did in 2018 when he made Sonny Perdue it for a day.
The potential chaos of the next 3 weeks is shocking.
How covid 19 progresses, day-to-day. https://www.wftv.com/news/trending/coronavirus-how-covid-19-progresses-day-by-day-breakdown-symptoms/YRC3CCK2NFD2THIYJHT35447AU/
Successors by law explained here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_Succession_Act#Designated_successor

Sorry, guess I was wrong about Barr. Apparently Rudy Giuliani said on TV that Barr was positive, but no one else has.

Jill G,
“Knowing “the donald” he could make anyone from his cabinet his “designated successor” ”

This is in reference to situations where those who are in the official line of succession (VP, Speaker of the House, Cabinet members) are all gathered in the same place as they are when the President is give the State of the union speech.

Trump has now crossed the line that separates a lying con man from a homicidal madman. The 25th Amendment may have to be used soon to protect the country as he goes berserk.

Something bad will happen this Friday or Saturday, Friday evening in particular, as Mars squares a stationing Pluto and the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Mars conjunct Eris.

Jill G., I do not believe the successor law gives Trump the right to choose a successor. That rule only applies to events such as the State of the Union where the entire cabinet attends. If Trump is unable to carry out his duties, the VP becomes President.

Barbk, when you outline the first few months for a Biden administration – is there any indications of a massive sweep of new legislation – FDR had his 100 days. Feel like Biden needs to do so much so soon.

sorry Peter, just saw your earlier answer – need to refresh more often.

Andre & all – I’ve done the same thing – checked various charts for Trump. In particular, I note that around October 20/21, according to his birth chart (which is assumed to be accurate as to his MC and Ascendant), he may be having a tough time, at least politically, if not physically.

It should be emphasized again (imo), that he has an extraordinarily resilient natal chart on the political side, with natal Jupiter, in the 2nd of personal resources in Libra, trine to his natal Uranus in Gemini in the 10th, and Mars on the Ascendant for a big dose of vitality.

Transiting Saturn will exactly oppose his Venus, which rules his 10th house of career, on October 20/21. His progressed Moon at 17 Virgo will T-square his progressed Nodes and contact his natal Jupiter and Uranus at 17 Libra/ Gemini at the same time. His progressed Ascendant is on the verge of going into a new sign, from Libra into Scorpio. Also, transiting Neptune in Pisces (currently retrograde) and transiting Mars in Aries are in aspect to his progressed Mercury in the 12th (inconjunct for Neptune and trine for Mars). With those two in aspect to progressed Mercury, it’s no wonder he’s trying to hide what’s going on when the 12th rules hospitals. On the other hand, there is the perpetual balancing act that goes on in his chart between favorable and unfavorable aspects – note the inconjunct versus the trine!

Anyway, he’s in for a slog, no matter what BS his propaganda machine puts out. Because of his strong chart, I’ve thought all along that he will escape the worst of Covid himself (sorry). Now that he’s got it, he may suffer, but I expect he’ll get over it and certainly the team of doctors behind him will do everything humanly possible to get him well. Nonetheless, he may find that his physical constitution will take a hit along with the US constitution. He may find it hard to recover, together with his declining political/popularity, the health situation may become debilitating.

Lastly, his progressed Midheaven (MC) at 5 Leo is in minor aspect to his natal Neptune at 5 LibraRx – that would be a signal that his position is (at the least) eroding, if not entirely dissolving (since Neptune is retrograde, it’s going to take quite a while for any dissolving to take place!). I suspect the battles will continue on all sides – it ain’t over until it’s over.

Hang on, folks. This too shall pass. Life will go on.

He announced on Twitter that he ordered Republicans to quit negotiating on another stimulus package. Says if we went it, we’ll have to vote for him.

People calling it stunningly stupid right before an election. If you can put money in people’s pockets, you do it.

Read Susan Miller’s October forecast. She says something big and unexpected on the 31st as an October surprise. Are we going to have a dozen or so in 2020?

Two new polls have Biden up 16 points nationally. Early voters turning out in droves. Millions of absentee ballots requested. I don’t think these are Trump voters. Trump said people chest with mail in voting, but they heard real voters vote on Election Day only. We’ll go into ED with a huge lead.

Teresa, could you please post that link? I went to her website and read “A Note from Susan Miller October 2020” and did not see anything about October 31.

Also, Singh said something like if Biden increased his lead to 15 pts, his win was just about guaranteed.

By the way, if you haven’t yet heard, Stephen Miller tested positive.

silcominc, let’s start with Joe’s natal Sun at 27+ Scorpio sextile the US natal Pluto (transformation) at 27+ Capricorn. That sextile forms a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Jupiter, aka expansion (25+ Gemini) and Juno, aka inequality (27+ Gemini).

This tells us that the US Constitution is going to make some adjustments in the next 3 or 4 years, especially as transiting Pluto conjuncts US Pluto, and I think it will begin on the first day of Joe Biden’s term.

The Uranus-Mars conjunction at 6+ Taurus in the Inauguration chart will T-square the US natal chart’s North Node at 6+ Leo + Joe’s natal Pluto at 7+ Leo, opposite its South Node (+ Pholus) at 6+ Aquarius, plus the US Constitution chart’s Pallas (strategy) at 6+ Aquarius.

This opposition between the US natal Nodes that will be T-squared by Uranus and Mars in the Inauguration chart suggests breakthroughs and action from the git-go in the Biden term. Joe’s reputation for gaining cooperation across the aisle will be put to the test immediately since transiting Jupiter at 7+ Aquarius on Inauguration Day will square the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus and oppose Joe’s Pluto!

And there are NO major planets retrograde on Inauguration Day.

Trump had a calling – to sow chaos and discord in US government structures. Biden has a calling to recreate new and better structures from the chaos Trump leaves behind. What a team.

Peter and Silcominc, thanks for pointing out the legal reasons trump did what he did in 2018, but, he is a cheat and conman in charge of the USA and now has Barr to back up any inappropriate BS he can think of and thanks to the steroids he’s on he’s feeling super and untouchable!

Teresa, hmmm, something big on “the Day of the Dead” with the next day being “All Saints Day”! Does sound ominous. You know, in the year 2000 I didn’t believe any of that y2k stuff. Now though, there’s too much in the stars encouraging my nervousness.

Thanks Barbk. Most agree that there is so much that Trump has destroyed in his four years and Joe will have his hands full – very full.

Joe is my man!

“Joe Biden has vowed to be a president for all Americans, even those who do not support him. In previous elections, such a promise might have sounded trite or treacly. Today, the idea that the president should have the entire nation’s interests at heart feels almost revolutionary.

Mr. Biden has also vowed to “restore the soul of America.” It is a painful reminder that the country is weaker, angrier, less hopeful and more divided than it was four years ago. With this promise, Mr. Biden is assuring the public that he recognizes the magnitude of what the next president is being called upon to do. Thankfully, he is well suited to the challenge — perhaps particularly so.”


Trump likes the ‘roids, one can tell that easily. He loves the way they make him feel… like he’s invincible!

BUT… I’ve read where he’s already talking about doing his hate-rallies as soon as possible again. Which brings me to a question:

With as much energy as is raised at these rallies of his, albeit it negative but very enthusiastic, is it possible he could drop dead at one of them?

I’m thinking the steroids on top of “recovering from Covid” on top of his always pushing the boundaries of voice, etc., would be too much stress on his system (not that I’m worried about HIM, understand).

Don’t steroids have a bad habit of taking down the user in stressful situations? And we have no idea what the side effects of the other drug cocktails he was given. And I doubt he’s given up his Adderall now that he’s back with his secret stash. He never listens to anyone with expertise. If they tell him “no, don’t do that” you -know- that’s exactly what he’s gonna do. He checked himself out of WR, and you know he was directing the doctors on the drugs to give him… over and over and over until he got what he wanted.

He reminds me of my Mom a lot in this way…

Sharon K,

I guess she only wrote about it in the horoscopes for all the signs. I read mine together with her note and must have put them all together.

She says Oct. 31 will be the hardest time in October, shocking, emotional, explosive. She’s even telling people not to go out trick or treating with their kids.

Okay, I’m not crazy. Here it is at the end of the Taurus forecast, but sounds like it plays out somehow for everybody.

“News reporters speak of the October surprise that seems to come up every year during this month. There will be one, right on time, on October 31, ironically Halloween. The Sun and Uranus will be in a tug of war—you will see it play out in your own life and on TV in world events.”

The rest is for Taurus, no specifics for politics.

Read more: https://www.astrologyzone.com/forecasts/taurus-horoscope-for-october-2020/9/#ixzz6a92vYcwA

Andre and all,

In Evon Davis’ Oct 5 video she identifies Oct 7, 9, and 13 a critical days for Trump.

Well, Trump made the stock market fall quite a lot today by cutting off stimulus talks with Dems, & Lawrence O’Donnell just said he is already tweeting to reverse this decision.

Thanks, Teresa, for the explanation. My cousin is getting married in a Zoomed block party with costumes (a small, suburban block for neighboring families with a few more friends & family) on 10/31. I sure hope to see the good side of full moon Taurus conj. uranus that night! Weird costumes, maybe? I know they are wearing masks.

Teresa Hill, Marjorie Orr wrote about Bill Barr in a comment on a long Trump thread: “But the one I’m looking out for is William Barr since he has poleaxing influences now to late January – which may of course not be the bug, just a realisation he’s at risk of losing his saviour from a position of high power at least. He’s in a panic.” (5th October 5:38 pm) Post was on October 2, Trump and Melania.

Barr is such a sleaze he won’t tell if he has COVID, and would try to hide it even if he has to go to the hospital. Although I’d never believe Rudy Giuliani otherwise, his statement that Barr is positive might be something an accurate leak by his loose lips.

I have a friend whose health and energy was about as robust as Trump’s. Probably much more so. I thought—and he probably thought so too—that he was damn near indestructible and would live to be 100. He died a few years ago of cancer, under a hard Neptune aspect. His robust health and vitality dissolved to zilch on chemo, and he never recovered. That was about the only thing that could stop him.

Trump has no right to survive COVID-19, for as much death and destruction as he has brought to so many. Of course, that’s entirely my opinion, and I am not God or the universe, and I’m sure that it/he/she knows better than I. Maybe he lives so he can be brought to justice in an enfeebled state.

I have recently come to respect semisextiles as being as influential as quincunxes, depending of course on the planets which form the semisextile. For example, the Full Moon on OCT. 1 was semisextile transiting Uranus and we were appropriately shocked that Trump had caught the virus.

The Halloween Full Moon that conjuncts transiting Uranus will be semisextile the US natal Uranus AND the Halloween Full Moon will sextile the US natal Ceres that squares US natal Uranus. I suppose that could be a good surprise, but generally, I just don’t like surprises. It being a Taurus FM, it might be we get a stimulus package after all. That would surprise me!

At the height of the AIDS contagion, victims who knowingly, and/or purposefully infected others were arrested for reckless endangerment. I recall some officials wanted to prosecute such people when the person they infected died. I do not recall if anyone was actually charged with murder.

Knowing he tested positive, Mr. Trump recklessly endangered many, at least one or possibly some of which may die. It’s not likely to happen, but it would be a appropriate were he arrested and charged.

It does not portend well that our commander-in-chief is seriously and possibly gravely I’ll, and out of his head, while simultaneously ALL of our joint chiefs are now quarintining. Such a scenario is to our enemies an overt and tempting invitation.

It should not surprise us that we see in our astrology some very near term dark, and maleific probabilities.

BarbK & all – Buzzfeed news published a piece that mentioned the time the first news of Hope Hick’s infection was published, as follows:


“8:09 p.m. Multiple news outlets began reporting that Trumps’ top aide Hope Hicks, who traveled with him in the past week, had tested positive for the coronavirus.”

The post above includes a link to a tweet by a Bloomberg journalist —-I checked it for times and this is the earliest tweet I found on the Jacobs thread:


“BREAKING: One of Trump’s closest aides has tested positive for coronavirus, sources tell me. There was no indication that the president has contracted the virus, though the aide has traveled with Trump this week.
Story by @Jordanfabian and me posted shortly. 8:07 PM · Oct 1, 2020”

Run that chart against Trump’s natal chart and just about everything connects within one degree. Amazing!

Eliseo: I was thinking the same thing, seems dangerous to me .

“It does not portend well that our commander-in-chief is seriously and possibly gravely I’ll, and out of his head, while simultaneously ALL of our joint chiefs are now quarintining. Such a scenario is to our enemies an overt and tempting invitation.”

“Today we are engaged once again in a battle for the soul of the nation, After all that America has accomplished, after all the years we have stood as a beacon of light to the world, it cannot be that here and now, in 2020, we will allow government of the people, by the people, and for the people to perish from this earth. You and I are part of a great covenant, a common story of divisions overcome and of hope renewed,” he said. “If we do our part, if we stand together, if we keep faith with the past and with each other, then the divisions of our time can give way to the dreams of a brighter, better, future.”

~ Joe Biden in Gettysburg, Pa. Oct. 6, 2020


I viewed that speech on YouTube. IMHO, it was the best speech I’ve ever seen from him, possibly the best he’s ever done.

From Ralfee Finn:

“I’m standing by last week’s assessment that change is in the air, but the astrology for the next couple of weeks remains grim, making it all the more necessary to do whatever it is you do to strengthen your connection to the broadest possible perspective. Here’s the skinny on the grim astral picture:”


All Kamala has to do at tonight’s debate is remind people that Pence is the head of the covid task force that got his boss sick.

Andre have you seen this article about Kamala’s schooling in Montreal, Canada?


NZ company gets US grant to develop covid rapid testing machine – 16 samples in 40 min, results sent to cellphone. https://www.msn.com/en-nz/money/other/auckland-company-wins-us-grant-to-develop-rapid-covid-test-machine/ar-BB19M63G?li=BBqdg4K

Eliseo, I thought so too. Now, Trump is back in the Oval Office against the wishes of his aides and possibly infecting others because of his massive ego. I try not too hate.

“BREAKING: President Trump breaks the covid quarantine that all Americans are required to follow if they test positive with coronavirus – to return to the Oval Office & show how tough he is.
As a result, many other people now won’t bother to quarantine & others will die.”


DJT brings out the worst in all of us, even in the best of us. He makes it very difficult not to hate.

Should he survive covid-19, I believe he should amongst other charges, be charged with 2nd degree murder, i.e. depraved indifference, and receive a life sentence with no chance of parole.

Poor baby, he needs comforting surroundings to make him feel better, without Hope, Kellyanne and others to stroke his ego. I guess he doesnt rate highly spending time with a sick Melania.

I cannot think of any president in our history but Hoover who has inspired as much contempt as has DJT.

Driving along, listening to MSNBC on the radio. Did I hear correctly? Did I hear Nicole Wallace say absentee voting has increased this year by 632 percent?

Ja, thank you for the Kamala Harris article. I subscribe to the NYT, but somehow I had missed it. Kamala is not my preferred poltician, but she will be an able VP. I hope she enjoyed her time in Montreal and that it was good for her. I was proud to walk past that high school last year because I’m a huge Leonard Cohen fan.

Henri, thank you for the amusing videos.

Things you might want to know about before you watch the debate.

1. Tonight’s trans. Jupiter is at 18+ Capricorn and is sextile trans. Neptune at 18+ Pisces retrograde.

2. Kamala’s natal Venus is at 17+ Virgo and it is conjunct her Pluto-Uranus at 15-13 Virgo. So, transiting Jupiter (greater understanding) is trine Kamala’s Venus, Pluto, Uranus and transiting Neptune is opposite them tonight.

3. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction on Oct. 9, 1965 at 18+ Virgo was:

*sextile Neptune at 19+ Scorpio (trine trans. Neptune in Pisces tonight) which will be sextile Kamala’s Venus, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo tonight

*opposite the 1965 Chiron at 19+ Pisces (where trans. Neptune is tonight, and is opposite Kamala’s Venus, Pluto, Uranus in Virgo, as well as the 1965 Pluto-Uranus cycle start point.

The 1965 Chiron in Pisces, as well as tonight’s Neptune in Pisces opposite Kamala’s Venus/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, is going to be about Covid-19 and could also be about Trump’s drug therapy, and probably just lies in general.

Take copious notes.

However, the power of the Uranus-Pluto cycle is alive and well tonight and is, in great part, about healing in general.

The Sun (symbol of consciousness) in the 1965 Uranus-Pluto cycle chart is at 17+ Libra which is where the US progressed Mars is, and where Trump’s Jupiter is, and where the US Constitution Neptune is, and where Putin’s Saturn is. We just might hear something related to these topics tonight.

Transiting Sun will reach 17+ Libra late Friday so watch for a late Friday news dump about something relating to the debate that was held back from tomorrow’s headlines.

Thank you, Henri. We need to smile.

Many Thanks for those videos!

I felt that Leonard Cohen, was far more deserving than Bob Dylan for the Nobel prize in Literature. When Dylan received the award I was teaching in a university English department wherein several of my colleagues felt likewise.

I agree Leonard Cohen was also deserving of the honor. However, so is Joni Mitchell. In fact some feel she is more deserving than Dylan. I would personally also add Tom Waits and John Pine.
Songwriters are some our most emotional and cultural change markers and amazing poets…

Agreed, but to me Leonard Cohen stands far above these other excellent singer songwriter/poets. I pay attention to this, as I am also a singer songwriter/poet.

Denise Siegel reads the aura portraits of Pence and Kamala for tonight’s debate.


Ja, she doesn’t need to bother. The fly that landed on Pence’s hair said it all! A sign? Unbelievable!

Beowulfie, I saw the fly! What a perfect metaphor.
Where is my fly swatter?

Kamala did an excellent job.

Ja, the universe has a sense of humor!

You Tube already has a clip of it that’s titled, ‘The Buzz of the Debate’. Unreal.


Here you go , Ja:


(yes it’s real)

Although I sometimes find her surprisingly disappointing on substance, Kamala clearly won the debate tonight in my view. She was confident, controlled and poised and basically that’s all she needed. She didn’t hurt Biden and set herself well for 2024.

I must say, after looking again at her chart, she has strong aspects coming. Her Saturn return beginning in December for over two years will be a challenge but Saturn at 28 Aquarius is very near her MC at 2 Pisces and conjunct the US Moon. Close contact with the US Moon is a prerequisite for the Presidency. Also, her Mars is in Leo, which many Presidents have shared (including Trump), opposite Saturn.

She will clearly be a workhorse for Joe Biden who is likely to put her in charge of fighting the pandemic and perhaps environmental issues. Biden will almost certainly give her the opportunity to gain significant international experience. The economy could be her weak point.

Saturn on US Moon means to me she would be a President for tough times capable of asking for and obtaining sacrifice and discipline from the people to get through a pandemic, an economic crisis, even a major war. Also, Saturn in Aries will be conjunct Neptune in her 10th in 2026. If she isn’t President by then, she could well be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Saturn crosses her MC in 2023 when the US Pluto return is completed. She could become the 47th President at that time if Biden doesn’t finish his term. Whatever happens, she will continue to rise.

The CNN post-debate discussion team kept saying that Kamala didn’t want to come on too strong like “the angry woman”, and referred to the fact that she was a black woman more than once. I was disappointed that she did not have more facts and figures at her disposal and call the Trump administration out even more than she did. I agree with Andre that she is low on substance, which isn’t to say that she couldn’t have done her homework and have even more facts to counter Pence with, but she doesn’t seem to spend her time being a policy wonk or preparing herself with enough science and economic facts (she did have some very good responses though). I would have liked to see her faster on her feet like a good prosecutor would be…..I wasn’t a big Elizabeth Warren fan but, at a time like this, she would have come armed with the facts. I am just a little frustrated that Kamala did not do even better.

Oh my goodness, the fly made the NYT’s!

A fly sat atop Mike Pence’s head for two minutes during the V.P. debate.

President Trump’s handling of the country was the elephant in the room during Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate, but it was a fly, taking a brief break from flying, that couldn’t be ignored by viewers watching the event from home.

Vice President Mike Pence, his hair perfectly coiffed, never reacted to the fly’s appearance on the right side of his head. It stood out against his bright white hair, standing still for the most part but moving around slightly before, well, flying away.

A local TV news reporter from California clocked the fly’s screen time on Mr. Pence’s head at 2 minutes, 3 seconds.

While Mr. Pence spent most of the 90-minute debate avoiding direct questions posed by the moderator, Susan Page of USA Today, the fly brought up a slew of questions of its own.

I arrived home from work after the debate was done, and watched it in entirety on YouTube. I found it very, very disappointing, and difficult to watch. About half an hour in, I seriously considered turning it off.

I felt KH “won” but that’s not saying much, and maybe just reflects my bias against Pence, Trump, and the R’s. I thought they both did quite poorly, rarely answering the moderator’s direct questions, just going on, and on, and on spewing their respective sets of propaganda.

KH was at least more honest and realistic compared to Pence’s consistent lies, but presented her boring truth in tired, ideological hues.

Pence is a deluded and fanatical hypocrite. KH is not. Unlike him, she is not infected with a mythology which excludes reality so as to avoid cognitive dissonance.

But at least tonight, she was a mediocre public speaker, and an uninspiring leader. I believe she will be a competent and qualified VP, but not the FDR we’ve been hoping for in 2024 or 2028 with Pluto in Aquarius.

“Per source, Trump was told on Friday he could go to Walter Reed voluntarily, but he would be taken no matter what when his condition worsened. Doctors told Trump if he waited he could lose ability to walk to Marine One (optics of a wheelchair or stretcher obvs would be terrible)

Conversations w Republicans close to WH over last 12 hours indicate it’s been far more dire than WH has said. Before being taken to Walter Reed, Trump kept asking aides, “Am I going out like Stan Chera? Am I?” (Chera was Trump’s NYC friend who died of Covid in April)”


Kamala is the product of the 60’s; of the violent deaths of Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, of Woodstock and Hippies and the Beatles. She is the iteration of a time when Uranus and Pluto and Neptune were telling the world that change was being birthed.

In the 2012 Winter Solstice chart, also known as the end of the Mayan long count calendar, there was a Yod between Saturn at 8+ Scorpio and Pluto at 8+ Capricorn and both were quincunx Jupiter at 8+ Gemini, which is where the Neptune-Pluto cycle began and where the US natal Uranus sits.

Kamala’s natal Juno at 8+ Sagittarius is opposed that Jupiter in the apex of the Yod in the 2012 Winter Solstice, completing a Boomerang pattern, wherin her Juno (lesser partner, aka VP) gets the combined energy of the above mentioned 2012 Winter Solstice/end of Mayan calendar Yod.

Also of note, Mars in that 2012 chart at 26+ Capricorn, one degree from US natal Pluto, was sextile the same chart’s Pallas (strategist) at 25+ Pisces and that sextile forms a Yod with Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo. Transiting Chiron reached 25+ Pisces in January 2018 (think midterm election that year) and transiting Neptune reaches 25+ Pisces in May 2022.

That Yod then becomes a Boomerang when the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius and Kamala’s natal Saturn at 28+ Aquarius is added to the pattern.

In the chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle that ends this December, the South Node (what needs to end) at 25+ Capricorn (conjunct Mars in the 2012 Solstice chart and the US natal Pluto) is at the apex (must adjust) of a Yod with the sextile between that chart’s Mercury at 27+ Gemini and the ascendant at 28+ Leo (that, by the way, conjuncts Trump’s ascendant that opposes the US natal Moon and Kamala’s natal Saturn). Another Boomerang.

It is by way of explaining the movement of history that I list these patterns in these two charts, the 2012 Winter Solstice and the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which shows the influence Trump has had in that movement of history. How the end of his influence is also suggested in the Yod-turns into-Boomerang patterns in both charts, and how Kamala is part of that ending.

I believe that is her purpose then; to put the breaks on Trump’s demolition of US structures (US Pluto Return in Capricorn) and provide breakthroughs (US Uranus in Gemini) for new ideas and inventions. As new cycles begin when old cycles end they leave clues as to how and when changes will take place in their chart’s symbolism, and sometimes those clues don’t show up for decades.

“Trump this morning calling on his attorney general to arrest his political opponents ought to be major and historic news. This is what authoritarians do. But…it’s just Thursday.”


Considering transiting Saturn is square to Kamala’s Aries moon for the third pass, she appeared better than I thought she would given the moon represents your public image.

She walked a tight-rope last night, careful not to give the opposition anything to use against Biden. And, of course she is very careful not to come across as the finger-waving female that reminds most people of the disapproving mother!

She did display moments of righteous indignation, but did not go overboard. If KH had done what Pence did and interrupt, hog time, lie, throw her religion in your face, she would be condemned for being too emotional. And goodness knows what they would say if she had that fly on her.

Remember what Trump said about Megyn Kelly and the blood coming out of her eyes! It doesn’t take much.

The only one with “bloody eyes” this time around is Trump. The day he decided to run for president will prove to be the day that he set foot on the path towards his final descent and ultimate undoing.

On a non-political note, I watched yesterday a very good film on the life of Johannes Kepler, a German genius of the 17th century. Carl Sagan called him the first astrophysicist and the last scientific astrologer. This 2012 French movie is called The Astronomer’s Eye.

Kepler rose from modest beginnings to the position of astronomer of the Austrian Emperor. He contributed major advances in mathematics, optics and astronomy. He invented the word satellite. Galileo sent him one of the first telescopes. Kepler theorized that the solar system was held together by a unifying force emanating from the Sun. From this, Newton deduced the law of gravity.

Kepler was deeply religious. He believed he was merely discovering the thoughts of God. He believed God slowly revealed himself through science.

There is a constant tension in the film beween scientific discovery and ignorant conspiracy theories revolving around witchcraft. Kepler spent six years defending his mother against sworn accusations she was a witch. She had been raised by an aunt who was burned at the stake and narrowly escaped such a fate herself. The French have a saying: the more things change, the more they remain the same.

The film is respectful of astrology. At the time, the first task of the Emperor’s astrologer was to provide astrological charts and to make predictions based upon them. While critical of the popular astrology of his day, Kepler was noted for the quality of his charts and the accuracy of his predictions.

The French and English versions of Wikipedia provide different and serious explanations of his astrological pursuits. In the film, the actor who portrays him says about astrology that everything that comes from the heavens is good, but we make our own misery. On French Wikipedia, he is quoted as saying his first marriage took place under calamitous aspects, and his parents were born under difficult stars.

Kepler left three major works on astrology. He was the first to tie astrology to the physical nature of the universe. He was the inventor of the quintile, the 72 degree aspect.

I strongly believe Kepler’s link between astrology and astrophysics, as well as Jung’s link between astrology and psychology, will be central elements of the scientific knowledge of the Aquarian Age. Kepler, Copernic and Galileo picked up from Ancient Greeks the idea that the Earth could revolve around the Sun instead of the opposite which was widely believed for over a thousand years. Galileo, an Italian, had to retract his scientific opinion upon the threat of torture by the Church. Some day, a future scientific genius will develop Kepler’s ideas and will similarly dispel the ignorance of our times.

Yesterday Trump proclaimed he was cured of covid, he called Kamala Harris a monster and a communist, and he instructed Barr to indict Joe Biden.

I checked the transits to his chart because he sounds insanely unhinged. what stood out for me is a Chiron opp to his natal Neptune and a building square from Neptune to his natal lunar nodes and to his natal Moon, Uranus and Sun. At the same time the pressure from transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto on his Venus-Saturn is unrelenting.

I think he is cracking up, for real, and dangerous.

Frank, I agree. What is most worrisome is that the entire military leadership is in quarantine and trump’s political appointees at the Pentagon are running free.

Also, the GOP controls the state legislatures in many swing states and for the most part, those states will not begin counting absentee ballots until election night. There is a real concern that they will send their own electors to the electoral college and push the whole election into Congress. If you look at the Real Clear politics map, you will see that if that were to happen trump could come up with 279 electoral votes. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/2020_elections_electoral_college_map.html

I don’t know, silcominc. The military leaders may be in quarantine but I think they are keeping up with all of this and can communicate if necessary electronically. As far as the GOP scenario with faithless electors, I cannot see how that could work. It may be allowed but it is blatant sedation and fraud, especially if Biden gets anywhere near the landslide we think he will get. At the same time, I’m glad you are bringing this all up (as Eliseo did) as we must stay aware and diligent, especially those who will bring legal proceedings around it. Trump has always been into shock value (“I could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and get away with it”). He may be mentally unhinged, or he may just being Trump, seeing what he can get away with in the land of free speech.

Sharon K, the law in most states allows the state legislature to choose the electors. It is usually the will of the people but in many of these states, it is not illegal to push a different slate of electors. In Florida in 2000, as they were counting ballots, the state legislators, under GOP control, was preparing to send their own slate of electors. That became moot when SCOTUS stopped the recount and declared Bush the winner. I am not saying they will but last night, Pence refused to say he or trump would accept the election outcome. With that in mind, we need to be vigilant as to what they might try.

In response to Eliseo’s comment, I think Harris can do better than she did.

The analysts said she was trying to not project any negativity. She apparently had some planetary challenges and few strengthening aspects last night. Other than that, I’m not sure why she was not quicker or more prepared with info. My husband stopped liking her when during one of the primary debates she showed ignorance about climate change.

Her mercury is 1 Scorpio, with no important natal aspects (not including asteroids), which doesn’t indicate quick thinking to me (not necessarily a negative except under certain situations, like an impromptu debate). Nevertheless, some of her answers were very good last night and connected to the public.

Conversely, Pence has 3 planets in Gemini – sun, moon, mercury, and yesterday’s moon was transiting his 21.46 Gemini mercury yesterday (which natally conjuncts his sun & moon). There was no way his mind would not be sharp and his communication fluid. He presented as good a case as he could under the circumstances (and with a fly on his head for a few minutes). (I find him somewhat fake but sincere enough to appear convincing.)

I don’t think this debate changed much but it did probably buoy up the Trump admin for those afraid of socialism and who want to believe that Trump & Pence stand for law and order and economic health, and ignore the prodigious mistakes made on many fronts but particularly with virus control.

We thought Friday would be a big day, right?

Nancy Pelosi, in her press conference today, threw out at the end, “And tomorrow, we’re going to talk about the 25th.” Then walked away.

No idea what she is planning to say. Maybe she’s just trying to provoke Trump into exploding, but she’s know for choosing her words and strategy carefully.

Trump called into Fox News this morning for an hour, and you can see the horror on Maria Bartolommeo’s face as she tries to rush him off the air as he starts yelling about needing to lock Hillary up over her emails. He said a lot of crazy stuff.

Now he’s released a new video where he talks about he’s a senior, nobody knew that, but he is, but seniors will be fine because he too that new medicine and it’s a cure, and he’s going to make sure everyone has it for free.

Mail in ballots — about half the states, maybe more, allow processing of absentee ballots early, a month, two weeks, a week, all the way up to the point where they’re loaded onto the counting machines. Everything but turning the machine on. Some even allow counting, before Election Day. He won’t be able to stop the count in many states. It will be done Election Day.

The FBI reports a plot by a Michigan Militia group to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. They also plotted to start a civil war. The FBI arrested some of these men, but there may be more arrests. It is reported one of their objections was that the Gov. closed down the gyms because of covid. As I don’t have a subscription to NYTimes, I could only read the first couple of paragraphs. Apparently, they think covid 19 is a hoax/conspiracy?


No matter who wins or loses our various elections this Nov. I expect we’ll see more of this kind of craziness for a while.

I can’t stop to read the article, Eliseo, but I think it was CNN or DU that said Trump was complicit in his remarks to “Liberate Michigan”.

Nancy Pelosi’s press conference is Friday, 10:15 am. She says she’ll announce efforts to create a commission on presidential accountability, to deal with what happens when the president can’t discharge the duties of his office, 25th language.

Not sure if she’s trying to trigger Trump outburst or get reporters asking vulnerable Republicans about whether they think Trump’s sane or actually try to sideline Trump.

Either way, I like it.

Pence is returning to Washington and canceled all travel for tomorrow. No reasons given.

The House should adopt a resolution declaring the President is officially mad, that his acts are from this day considered null and void, and asking that the 25th Amendment be invoked to replace him immediately. Most clear-thinking Americans would probably agree.

Something heavy happens tomorrow. A foretaste of thomorrow’s Mars-Pluto square was given today by the FBI’S arrest of suspects who plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan in order to start a civil war. There will be more of this in coming weeks. Toxic masculinity is screaming as it dies.

Nailed it, Andre! You nailed it!

Indeed you did nail it Andre, toxic masculinity screaming bloody murder!

Today, Dr. Conley said Trump can make a safe return to public events on Saturday.


Silcominc, where did you see that information regarding Pence?

It seems a lot of speculation on Pence having tested positive for flying back but I wonder if they are going to exercise the 25th Amendment and that is why he is flying back. I wonder as Trump goes off the deep end, they (the GOP) have decided to replace the madman with Pence and try to save their hold on the senate?

Teresa, it’s not “accountability”, it’s a commission on presidential capacity! I think you will like that even better – but it’s kind of scary for all the obvious reasons (1) Extremists will be riled up because Dems coming after the poor little president yet again because we hates him, not because of anything he did or does); (2) It’s getting real!

Press Conference at 10:15 ET tomorrow morning.




Sorry. I was trying to copy and paste the announcement, but it just wouldn’t copy.

Capacity is better.

I’ve read buzz about the conference tomorrow that it’s possibly laying the groundwork for another impeachment hearing, as they probably can’t get any R’s to agree to anything.

I take this with a grain of salt. I think Pelosi is serious, as she sees the dangers we see, but she is so over-cautious with impeachment. And, as it’s so close to the election, I just can’t see her starting that again.

Beginning an impeachment now probably wouldn’t be over until after the election, but it would serve to kick back the timing of the evangelical Amy Barrett confirmation until after the election – where we hopefully have a chance to NOT sit her on the court.

No problem, Teresa. I was trying to sound like a little child thinking of his or herself as a victim, as in the poor widdle pwesident….just a total victim of Democratic venom for no good reason at all, other than the fact that we are sore losers.

This press conference sounds like the gauntlet is being thrown down — the day after 10 men are arrested for a plot to kidnap and “try” the governor of MI at a kangaroo court. Whew!

Could this be why Pence is cancelling everything & flying home? There is conjecture that he has the virus. I feel he may be coming back to provide moral support to Trump.


No problem.

I have no idea if this person knows anything, but there was an NBC story this morning about Trump demanding all the doctors treating him sign an NDA or not work on his case, and that two doctors refused. Not sure if two refused last weekend or during that mysterious visit last year.

And that doctors have a duty to break medical privacy laws if they know something that puts public safety at risk.

Anyway, there’s a bit of talk on Twitter that one of the doctors warned about Trump’s use of amphetamines or something like that and Nancy knows.

No idea if that’s true. I think Nancy might be messing with him or wanting Republicans up for election stuck with either defending him or renouncing him.

Mitch McConnell said today he hadn’t been to the White House in weeks because he didn’t like their COVID-19 safety protocols, but he was refusing Amy McGraths demand that Mitch take a COVID test before debating him.

Lindsey Graham’s refusing to take one before his next debate, too, so it may be a tactic to get more Senators to have to quarantine and not be in the Senate for .Amy Comey Barrett’s confirmation hearing.

At bottom of this post I pose an astrological mystery. Here is the context:

One of my coworkers stated this evening he believed Nancy Pelosi is a “greedy, power hungry, b***h who wants to be president. He also said that socialism is what has destroyed the American middle class.

In the last 4 years I’ve also heard it said by Trump supporters that as Trump was and is a very wealthy and successful businessman, he did not really need to run for president, but did so out of the kindness of his patriotic heart, that America might be saved.

I’ve been carefully observing and listening to such people, particularly since Trump’s unlikely, freak win of the electoral vote in 2016. I’ve come to the conclusion their deficit is not so much a matter of intellectual intelligence, (though generally level, breadth, and depth of education is a factor) but more a lack of social and emotional intelligence. What I’m seeing consistently is an inability to adequately read people, or assess personal character correctly.

To a degree, I know archetypal, astrological symbolism, but have not the expertise to determine whether there is any consistent astrological signature to this sort of deficit.

Does anyone here concur with my tentative hypothesis? Have any of you seen any kind of astrological signature denoting the emotional/social inability I’m describing, the inability to correctly read people or assess character correctly?

Teresa Hill,
It’s long been known a gnat has a longer attention span than DJT. It’s plausible he might have ADHD, and possibly dyslexia, both of which he would be hiding.

Also plausible, and speculated upon by many, is the possibility he is dependent on some medication which may explain why he seems never to sleep. Amphetamines? Maybe, but his obesity would contradict that speculation.

In any case, some Walter Reed Docs may well adhere to duty to disclose to public vital information re: the president’s health which would prevent him from fulfilling his duties. (Not that he has ever fulfilled his presidential responsibilities.) That Madam Speaker NP would feel duty bound to act on such information would make perfect sense.

There’s a picture of Trump from 2016 or 2017 where you can see the inside of his desk drawer where there’s 3 boxes of Sudafed. But it’s not the American Sudafed, it’s the UK version which has a lot more pseudoephedrine. So it’s possible that that’s his drug of choice.

Re: Pence cancelling travel and returning to White House.

I wonder if he is not well. Covid? He looked tired at the debate. Also, he has 3 planets in Gemini, mercury and his sun and his moon. Mutable signs, particularly Geminis are prone to lung problems. Breathing and thinking (mercury) are tied together and if there are afflictions, there can be problems with the lungs.

But then look at Trump. Covid didn’t do much damage….or…. did he even have it??

Eliseo, fascinating question re: Astro signatures indicating emotional and/or social intelligence. Dabbler here, but thinking aspects to Venus and or the Moon, maybe from Mercury (intelligence), Uranus (insight), maybe Pluto (seeing beneath the surface). Also Libra (social consciousness), Pisces (empathy), Cancer (sensitivity), Scorpio (penetrating insight) located at ASC or Desc. I would Chiron (wounded healer) because many of us gain empathy through our own pain. Really interested in what others may have to say! Terrific question!

Eliseo, also I think any of the signs I mention on the 3rd house cusp. A well aspected Neptune could also lend empathy.

Trump will undergo a televised medical evaluation on Fox News this evening, and coughed his way through an interview last night.


This is the first time I don’t want to miss Tucker Carlson.

Eliseo, I’m not sure astrology can reflect emotional intelligence or a person’s level of consciousness.

To me, a person’s chart is like the set of cards you get in a game of poker or bridge. Some hands are weaker than others but a lot depends on how you play them and how you react to others. Different players can get very different results from the same hand.

A medical exam of Trump live on Fox “News”?

Total BS.

He is grasping desperately at anything now to convince people that he is still capable of being POTUS (if he ever truly was) when he hasn’t even recovered from COVID.

Why waste time watching it? You know the Fox-paid Doc is going to pronounce him in “satisfactory” health despite all evidence to the contrary. It shouldn’t alleviate anyone’s concerns about his fitness for the job due to his reckless and malevolent behavior.


Link to report on white supremacy in the police force dated 9/29/20. In second paragraph is a 2 hour civil rights sub committee hearing on it (which i havent yet listened to in full).

I don’t think I’ve seen anything on here yet about Mike Lee’s repudiation of Democracy, and how his “opinion” explains the republican plan for the United States.

Hint – if you haven’t read it, it sounds a lot more like Ayn Rand than the Constitution, IMO. For those who want to read it and more exposition on it, here’s a link:


I’m curious how you guys read this. Like I said, I think it goes to R’s wanting the country to go back to where only high-born, landed males can vote and control the country. IOW, the 1950’s are far enough back; let’s go back to the 1700’s… those were the glory days!

Many Thanks for the speculation! All good points to consider.

One of my earliest astrology teachers, (1970) believed (perhaps wrongly?) the further Mercury was ahead of the Sun in a chart, the more intelligent was the subject. Haven’t examined her concepts for quite a long time; it now occurs to me she was distinguishing only concrete vs. abstract intelligence, what she would have called lower and higher mind.

My graduate school education courses referred to about 17 different varieties or kinds of intelligence, which I thought then, and think now is mostly politically correct nonsense.

But I do note some have much DEPTH of intelligence, and some don’t. In my own experience, I’ve certainly known purportedly brilliant people who nevertheless were less than an inch deep, shallower than a puddle on a hot summer day. Occasionally we get faculty members like that in university departments.

There is still so very much we do not know, and much that we likely misunderstand about intelligence. I think we’ve likely not yet discerned what are the “right” questions, and won’t until we know and understand more about interspecies communication.

IQ tests are useful, but not in the way most think. They do not measure depth of intelligence, only the amount. Knowing, and understanding are not at all the same thing.

Yet….I have a tendency to look at astrology charts in search of clues to the subject’s intelligence. Perhaps I too, am asking the wrong questions.

BuckeyeShadow, I would watch it for a laugh much as I sometimes watch Republican debates. But maybe I’ll settle for CNN or MSNBC’s take on it, as usual.

Eliseo, I would suspect Mercury in an air sign could give intelligence, but it wouldn’t be a reliable guide nor would it provide wisdom or emotional intelligence. I am a Capricorn who is every day grateful for his Mercury at 0 Aquarius. But my son has Mercury in Capricorn and he has a strong and independent mind. My daughter has Mercury in Gemini conjunct her MC; her emotional intellignece comes from her Pisces Moon; she is completing a doctorate in psychology and will probably end up a university professor.

Now that I think of it, we do all three have Mercury far ahead of the Sun. I had never heard of that theory before.

Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan provided us with good scientific evidence we humans do indeed exist at differing levels of consciousness, or what they refer to as ethical maturity. However, IMO, their work is only a beginning, as they were dealing with only one aspect of consciousness. (Sharon K and I have discussed this a few times.)

The narratively oriented tests they invented seem to work pretty well, but of course no one has paired any of their work with astrology. Unfortunately, due to prevailing suppositions, especially “argumentum ex silento”, if one did, one would be laughed right out of the academic community. Nevertheless, the archetypes presented in their narrative tests resonate IMO with the symbolism we find both in tarot systems and in astrology.

This is not to disagree with your analogy of a set of cards in a game of poker or bridge. I’m merely setting forth the gnostic premise we may in future have the tools with which to discern a great deal more in a chart re: both intelligence and consciousness.

Timothy Egan on Pence:

“As we saw in Wednesday night’s debate, Pence is not just the great enabler of Trump’s awfulness, but the man who puts a godly sheen on it. In that sense, he’s more dangerous, and arguably more evil, than Trump.”


Here is a heads up for next week’s highlight aspects:

On Monday the 12th Jupiter exacts a sextile with Neptune, possibly illusions/fake news reaches a peak since Mercury will also sextile Venus.

On Tuesday the 13th Mercury stations retrograde an hour and a half after the Sun opposes Mars (still conjunct US Chiron) just after Sun conjuncts US Juno which opposes US Chiron.

The next morning on Wednesday the 14th the Libra Sun trines Trump’s Gemini Sun.

On Thursday the 15th, Sun squares Pluto (which is trine the US Neptune) which is at the degree where the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction started their cycle in January, which is when the Covid business started.

The next day on Friday the 16th there is a New Moon in Libra that opposes Mars (+ US Chiron) and Eris in Aries and squares Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn and squares US Mercury + Trump’s Venus-Saturn + Biden’s Jupiter in Cancer.

What could go wrong?

Well, here’s an idea, BarbK, what could go wrong: it may not be with Trump, himself, as he seems to be holding his own in his selfish way, but perhaps with people who are close to him. Such as Christie, Jared & Ivanka, & Barr. Where are they? There’s been no news on them for several days. There are probably others.

I’m wondering if they may be self-isolating, or in Christie’s case not doing well in hospital. I don’t will ill or illness to anyone, but radio silence on Jared and Barr seem particularly strange given the headlines.

Sometimes silence speaks louder. Maybe all the fuss Trump is putting up about debates etc. is partly cover for other stuff not reported? (Although not reporting what’s really going on in the WH is a given…)

Correction: I don’t wish illness….

It was the accessory that stole the evening.

Not the discreet strand of pearls and matching earrings worn by Senator Kamala Harris or the glowing Reagan red tie of Vice President Mike Pence, but rather the fly that landed on Mr. Pence’s pure white helmet of hair midway through the vice-presidential debate on Wednesday night, and appeared to hang out for a while: a black spot amid the snowy expanse of his coif that was impossible to ignore.

And it kind of undermined his ability to answer the great unspoken question that hung over the event: Does this person look like someone who could be president?


Very interesting Beowulfie, I suppose Trump’s kids could have caught the virus as I have not heard any news on them, or anything about Christie’s latest
health update either. You’d think there’d be SOMETHING!

No debate this week which I was looking forward to (not), but a shindig at the White House tomoirrow and a rally in Florida on Monday should make up for it.

I see that the transiting North Node (22+ Gemini) is conjunct Trump’s natal Sun (+ US natal Mars) which squares the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and that made me think of when Saturn, now at 25+ Capricorn, was conjunct US Neptune back in 2009.

Both trans. Saturn and US Neptune at that time were in a Yod, at the apex where adjustment is required, with the transiting sextile between Jupiter, Chiron, Pandora and Neptune in Aquarius, and Eris (+ US natal Chiron) + the now transiting Mars in Aries.

The now transiting North Node is activating that cycle between trans. Saturn and US Neptune (as well as Trump’s natal Sun and US natal Mars), and so does the South Node at 22+ Sagittarius, and they contribute, if not instigate the chaos (Trump of course but also the attempted kidnapping of the Michigan govenor) we are witnessing now.

Gretchen Whitmer’s natal Sun and Venus in Leo conjunct Trump’s Mars and Ascendant, and her natal Jupiter in Scorpio squares them all. Her natal Mercury at 5+ Virgo square her natal Saturn at 5+ Gemini which the Sun (in the trans. Saturn -conjunct – US Neptune chart), at 4 Virgo 50, T-squares.

There was also this in the transiting Saturn conjunct US Neptune chart of August 27, 2009;

Pluto (0+ Capricorn rx) opposite Mars (1+ Cancer) t-squared by Mercury (1+ Libra) that was conjunct US natal (Sibly) chart’s MC, that conjuncts Joe Biden’s natal Neptune. I suspect we will hear from Joe on this, as will Gretchen.

Sorry, I meant the Sun in the Saturn-US Neptune chart conjuncts (not T-square’s) Whitmer’s Mercury and squares her Saturn.

There is serious concern several states dominated by R. legislatures will not select or send electors actually reflective of that states majority vote. As one example, Pennsylvania R’s have mused about sending electors loyal to Trump, regardless of how their population votes.

If enough R dominated legislatures in red states adopt the same tactic, Joe Biden could win the popular vote, earn the electoral vote rightfully, but lose the electoral vote as the slates were chosen contrary to the public’s wishes.

On December 14th the electors will meet and cast their votes. But they are not all in the same locale. They are voting in their respective states and WADC, and evidently not simultaneously.

So here’s something I’m puzzled about: We know the date, but not the time or place as the electors are in 50 different states and several time zones. How would we construct a chart for the event?

Dear Ja:

Your description of the The Fly! Very funny. I laughed out loud.

From the nyt’s today:

‘The Swamp That Trump Built’

A businessman-president transplanted favor-seeking in Washington to his family’s hotels and resorts — and earned millions as a gatekeeper to his own administration.

President Trump vowed to “drain the swamp.” Instead, Mr. Trump built a system of direct presidential influence-peddling unrivaled in modern American politics.
Over 200 companies, special-interest groups and foreign governments that patronized his properties have also reaped benefits from his administration.


Fly: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning:

The fly is a sign that things around you are starting to change. If you greet these changes positively, they can help you achieve some type of rebirth or renewal in your life. You may not think that you need a change in your life, but it will benefit you in many ways. Be willing to accept these changes and adapt—you will be surprised by how much change can help improve your life.


An opinion on CNN says, George W should endorse Biden. That would be the strongest sign for doubting Republicans to vote for Biden and get rid of tRump, which is what he’s supposed to wish.
What do we know about GWB’s stars? Is he going to step in the spotlight in the next 4 weeks?


Better late than never margriet! GWB has Mars at 9+ Virgo trine transiting Uranus at 9+ Taurus, but his natal Mercury at 9+ Leo that conjuncts his natal Pluto at 10+ Leo squares transiting Uranus. Does he have the nerve?

What price glory, eh? His Sun is conjunct US natal Sun and his natal Moon-Chiron conjunction conjuncts US natal Saturn. The transiting North Node will conjunct his natal (true) node on October 30. We shall see.

Transiting Sun will conjunct his natal Jupiter in just a few hours . . .go for it George!

It’s great you looked that up so fast, barbk!
Yes, Uranus square Merc/Pluto and trine his Mars… it could be the moment he fatefully influenced US politics and earned something to be remembered for in a positive way – after the Irak war…
well, I’ll just be sending him positive vibes now, come on George..
I hope Michele is giving him a call.

As far as I know they’ve not said who they would be voting for but…

When asked, didn’t GW and Laura Bush say a couple of months ago they would NOT be voting for Trump?

Russell Brand gives a very interesting insight into Donny’s simple rhetoric

Many think the scenario described “ridiculous” and unlikely, even claiming the Atlantic story is false. But I don’t think we can actually trust the R’s to behave honestly, or honorably. How many times have we naively
thought they surely “would not do thaaat” but they did it anyway.

Could Republicans ignore the popular vote and choose their own pro-Trump electors?

…but Republicans anonymously told the Atlantic the campaign has discussed the possibility of using delays in the vote count as a basis to ask Republican-controlled legislatures to appoint their own electors, regardless of the final vote tally.

“The state legislatures will say, ‘All right, we’ve been given this constitutional power. We don’t think the results of our own state are accurate, so here’s our slate of electors that we think properly reflect the results of our state,’?” a Trump campaign legal adviser told the Atlantic.

kiwi, “turns complexity into simple explanations”, or words to that effect, is what Russell says Trump does, and he is right isn’t he?

Trump was needed to expose the corruption that has built up over decades in the established order of US government, and he has done it well. Now we can start over; a re-birth. What I would add is that Trump exposed the huge number of US citizens who can only understand the simplest of explanations, whether the explanations are true or not.

Not that all Trump supporters are simple-minded; some are rascists, some care about their investments more than anything, and some love TV celebrities far more than regular potiticians. However a large number of US citizens apparently ARE simple minded and that does not disqualify them from voting. Now that we know that we can do something about that.

Think about the majority of TV commercials; they are simple minded and apparently work because they keep on coming. Sad but true.

‘Trump Has Called His Supporters ‘Disgusting.’ Do They Care?’

“The people Trump despises most love him the most,” Howard Stern has said. But that may be beginning to change.

He has been, to say the least, careless about placing his most devoted people at risk. These include his own top White House and campaign aides, residence staff members, Secret Service agents, Republican senators and campaign advisers, and possibly donors at a fund-raising luncheon in New Jersey and rallygoers in Minnesota (depending on when he first thought he might be contagious).


You wrote, “Not that all Trump supporters are simple-minded;”
True: Many of them ARE simple minded, but you are right. Not all of them are.
The fellow I knew in Texas who said, (and I paraphrase)
“Trump is a very wealthy and successful businessman. He did not need to run for president, but did so out of the kindness of his patriotic heart, that America might be saved.”
The fellow who said that was a very brilliant aeronautical engineer, and helicopter pilot. He undoubtedly was a racist, but that was not immediately apparent. I believe he also fell prey to the propaganda spewed forth by the investors and his bosses in the oil business. As smart as he was, he wasn’t very bright emotionally and socially. When he sincerely uttered those words I was stunned into silence at the colossal gullibility required for him to believe that.

“However a large number of US citizens apparently ARE simple minded and that does not disqualify them from voting.”
Socrates asserted that democracy without educated voters is merely a mob. He eventually was the victim of that mob when acting as a jury they narrowly voted to award him the death penalty for “corrupting their youth” i.e. teaching young people to think for themselves.
Now we collectively are learning the lesson. Our failure to properly educate our citizens in the humanities and social sciences gets us very bad government, and eventually such men as Trump.

I’m hoping under Pluto in Aquarius we will reinvent and reinvigorate our education system, making it far more universal and equitable.

Let’s hope the author of this article in the NYT is right and all the fuss over the election will have been a waste of time when it’s over!


Amy Thorn, the registered nurse from West Virginia who recently spoke at the Republican National Convention to defend Donald Trump’s response to the COVID crisis, has been arrested for shooting a woman in the stomach during an argument: (for shooting another woman over the drug dealer with whom they’re both sleeping #OnlyTheBestPeople)


The Mars-Pluto square on Friday morning brought us the attempted kidnapping of the governor of Michigan. This showed how serious the problem with militias is in that state, but also that so far law enforcement is responding well to that threat. Another Mars-Pluto square occurs on December 23. I thought the square this time might have even worse effects, and am relieved it did not.

Eliseo, you wrote about state legislatures attempting to thwart the will of the people by selecting slates of Electoral College electors who would go against voting results. This could only happen if a few conditions were met. The first obviously is that the state legislature must be controlled by the GOP. The second is that results in the state are in doubt and the votes can’t be counted before December 14, the day the Electoral College meets. The third is that court challenges go the way of the Republicans. The fourth is that the result in that state would have an overall impact on the election, depriving Biden of a win or bringing Trump over the threshold of 270 Electoral votes. I suspect there will be few cases where all these conditions are met, particularly the last.

Also, most states have laws requiring that electors be chosen according to voting results. The Supreme Court validated those laws earlier this year.

The worst-case scenario is that the election were thrown to the House in January. That now appears very unlikely. In the event, the next House could have a majority of state delegations for the Democrats.

Andre, I look forward to your posts. Thank you.

Well Eliseo, the fellow you knew in Texas was smart enough to not admit to his racism which I’m guessing he knew was wrong. Trump has allowed closet racists legitimacy to appear naive in their vote for US president. So he, Trump, has exposed those among us who are literally ignorant (lack of education or just simple minded) and those who are closet racists. That is the work of Pluto; exposure of impurities.

I found something in the chart for the Nov. 8, 2016 Election Day I had not noticed at the time. It sheds some light on what was happening that day. We all knew transiting Pluto in Capricorn was opposite the US natal Sun in Cancer and square the US natal Saturn, right?

What I did not catch at the time was the transiting Pholus (small cause, big effect) was conjunct transiting Venus (values) in Sagittarius and conjunct the Galactic Core (divine wisdom), all of which were trine transiting Ceres (nurture) and Eris (discord) and Uranus (shock, breakthrough) in Aries, all of which were trine Trump’s natal 12th house Mars and his ascendant in Leo, which, when combined, constitutes a grand trine of fire energy, the likes of which can move mountains.

I believe this grand trine unleashed the smouldering anger suppressed in many US closet racists who voted their feelings, not their brains, assuming they have brains, on election day in 2016.

The point is that Trump has exposed that anger, as any proper Pluto in a T-square with Sun and Saturn aspect would. Fitting that we are finally forced to deal with it head on at the onslaught of the US natal Pluto Return.

Thank you. I’m aware of the conditions considered necessary. According to The Atlantic reporters, in some states where the legislature is Trump red, (Pennsylvania) the legislators plan to ignore all those conditions and select their own slate of electors anyway. Report was they plan to claim fraud, that the election was tampered with and their slate reflects the “true” will of the people.

No doubt their actions would be challenged in the court, but they evidently want to sow as much chaos and bitterness as possible.

Eliseo, I do not wish to minimize the problems. I acknowledge Pennsylvania, and perhaps one or two other states, may be a problem. Let us hope voter intimidation will be contained. There will be clearly lessons to be learned from this election. I am still hopeful the foul play will not be enough to put the result at risk. We shall soon find out.

There is more tension in the stars this week with the Sun opposite Mars and a difficult New Moon. Mercury retrograde could slow the confirmation hearings. Mercury will turn direct on Election Day while it squares Saturn. Great restraint will be needed until the situation clears.

Lindsey Graham appears to be in serious trouble in South Carolina. The Senate seems to be leaning Democrat. I salute election workers everywhere.

Eliseo and Andre, trump and his legion are taking a scorched earth approach. I think some of the GOP are waking to the reality that there may be life after trump but there are some who truly believe that if it is not their way, then they will destroy everything.

I think we are seeing a huge shift in the psyche of the nation right now away from trump as his true colors shine through – but I have thought this before only to see his followers flock back to him and we have three weeks till the election.

Back in the early 70’s my primary spiritual mentor, who was also a political scientist who served under Harry Truman, had me study several national constitutions. Looks like it is time to do that again.

that if it is not their way, then they will destroy everything.

Reminds of the Nazis at the end of WWII.

I’ve said this so many times and I know you are sick of it but you Debbie Downers just don’t stop. Eliseo, you seem to have studied just about everything but the law of energy following thought. Just try seeing the glass half full from now until the election. Look at the astrology the way BarbK does , I.e., that this is part of a shift in consciousness. It is chaotic right now but the outcome will be positive and it would help if you try thinking that way.

Eek ! Mars square Pluto still within orb … 🙂

Banks, I think we are all hopeful that the outcome will be fine but we need to be vigilant and be ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. When we did not respond in 2000, after SCOTUS stole the Presidency and they made up fiction about the race being so very close (it was not), they felt it gave them a free rein and that eventually led to trump and the voter suppression we see today.

Banks, do you ever watch Pam Gregory? She is an amazing astrologer and very profound. Check out what she says about the coming new moon on October 16.


Oh, Ja, thank you so much for that link. How reassuring. You are a very wise person to sense that that’s just what I needed to hear. Since I have Mercury, her explanation of that explained to me why i dig so sometimes for info.
Barbk, since Pam refers to the cycles you love, and her focus on increased vibrations I would think you would enjoy listening to the link Ja posted above.

Should say Mercury in Scorpio.

ja, thanks so much for the link to Pam Gregory – and if you could remind us again around the end of the month I’d love to hear what she says about the Halloween Full Moon that conjuncts Uranus too!

I would add 2 things to watch for to her list and both are to the Friday Libra New Moon. The T-square she spoke of (Sun/Moon opposite Mars/Eris T-squared by Pluto + Saturn + Jupiter) becomes a grand cross for US because of the US Mercury opposite trans. Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter. That is intense and very hard to resolve conflict.

The other aspect to note in the Libra New Moon is Neptune in Pisces opposite Venus in Virgo, both of which make non-challenging, but supportive aspects with Jupiter (which conjuncts Pallas and Pluto and Saturn) in an effort to decrease the friction of the T-square (grand cross for US) above. A kind of escape route.

So there’s that; a bit of escape from the angry conflict. Also note (for safety reasons) that Mars will be conjunct the US natal Chiron in Friday’s New Moon.

And Banks, that shift of consciousness you referred to is a once in a million years event and we are here to witness it, unlike our great grand parents who no doubt had some rare experiences to witness and recall; but a shift in consciousness will be awesome to experience and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

I think this may have been posted already. It’s harrowing –



Michigan Governor Targeted in Kidnapping Plot


Banks and Barbk,

I’m glad you enjoyed the link.

I am quite aware of and have studied several versions of the principles and doctrines involved in the “law of energy following thought.”

I’ve long been convinced barbK’s vision has the most probability of being largely correct. Nevertheless, I follow what I was taught, that it is wise to consider all contingencies, no matter how small the probability of their becoming manifest.

As of late, we’ve witnessed 100’s of highly improbable, and absurdly unlikely events, most all of which have been extremely deleterious to many. These “black swans” keep coming with unimaginable frequency, and continue to manifest in great intensity. They regularly exhaust us. So much more, now the need to consider ALL possibilities, be they beneficial or detrimental.

I assert there are two varieties of positive thinking, each one well exemplified by a former UK prime minister. One is healthy and practical. The other is not.

The unhealthy, foolish sort is well represented by Neville Chamberlain. Although his variety was creative, definitely thinking “outside the box” it was nevertheless self deceptive. Had his way prevailed, our world would surely not be what we desire.

The other variety is exemplified by Winston Churchill. Through his energetic, highly focused positive thinking, he led the UK into triumph over the Nazis. In great clarity of mind he knew Herr Hitler and the Nazis could not be trusted. Unlike Chamberlain, he knew “You do not negotiate with the tiger while your head is in its mouth!”

Our latter day American fascists appear to be a softer sort than the Nazis of WWII. But we don’t know that for sure. I trust the Republicans about as far as I can throw a rattlesnake. And guess what? I don’t pick up rattlesnakes. We should not expect them to do the “right” thing, nor to act rationally in their own long term interest.

I believe we will prevail over these fascists, reestablish justice, and remake and rebuild our society within a stronger, more egalitarian ethos. Barring a huge asteroid, or an alien invasion from the planet erehwon, I expect Mr. Biden to be inaugurated on 20 January.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have trouble intentionally sparked, and/or led by the current R party and their alt-right allies. Thinking positive in our current context requires us to keep our antennae highly polished, to anticipate various nefarious acts on the part of the R’s, and maintain the confidence to plan and counter those acts as necessary.

Considering and discussing darker possibilities on this blog, particularly in light of astrology is NOT an act of viewing the glass as half empty as opposed to half full. It is a wise and prudent use of our knowledge, intuition, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

We must win this battle. As Winston Churchil put it, “Our backs are against the wall.” We won’t win because we are more noble, or more moral or spiritual. We will win because we used our positive critical thinking skills and intuition to ascertain our opponents strategies and behaviors, and confidently plan and counter them with our own words and actions.

Wow. Thank you Eliseo.

“In several phone calls last weekend from the presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Mr. Trump shared an idea he was considering: When he left the hospital, he wanted to appear frail at first when people saw him, according to people with knowledge of the conversations. But underneath his button-down dress shirt, he would wear a Superman T-shirt, which he would reveal as a symbol of strength when he ripped open the top layer. He ultimately did not go ahead with the stunt.”


This is a long thread, and I haven’t searched it so I apologize in advance, but has anyone discussed how Mercury Retrograde will impact ACB’s confirmation hearings?

Well said, Eliseo.

I see Barrett as a stark reminder that the higher possibilities of the incoming Aquarius energies are not guaranteed. For every FDR and Lincoln, for every Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks, there is a Sarah Palin, a Dick Cheney, a Kim Jong-Il. Rebels who change the world, and others who challenge it in disturbing and unpleasant ways.

More from Newscope:

“Adding to the importance of these astro-events is transiting Mercury opposite Uranus, which in itself can bring scatter-brained craziness. This aspect squares Trump’s 12th house Pluto, making October 18 to 20 the effective dates to watch for unbalanced mental issues to erupt.”


To all Astrologers: I hope somebody does a chart on the Barrett hearings. Thanks, Prof. Bertonasco

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), diagnosed with COVID-19 just 10 days ago, ignored guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and attended Monday’s Senate hearing on Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination without a face mask


“If you want to understand Trump’s sinking poll numbers scroll the feed of @RVAT2020 They are posting videos sent by Trump voters explaining why they’re now against him. 400+ submitted Includes this from a pastor in Arizona (which could now turn blue)”


We were warned about Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.
We were warned about Donald Trump.


(This is Brilliant)

Most WordPress blogs have a simple subscription link so that people can receive notice when a new blog is posted.

I hope you will consider adding such a subscription link, Nancy, so it is easier to keep up with you and your insight.

Thank you for all the good work you do. Best wishes, Steven

The Vote the Common Good video was indeed brilliant!

sunstars, BuckeyeShadow,

That was priceless Angellight, thanks for sharing!

I just realized that the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts at 0+ Aquarius will be trine the MC of the Sibly US natal chart at 1+ Libra which conjuncts Joe Biden’s Neptune at 1+ Libra which is where the Super Galactic Center (SGC), a super massive black hole with a voracious appetite to excel, is.

In astrology it is seen as a point where energy, specifically karmic energy from suffering can be transformed into healing energy. The new Jupiter-Saturn cycle then – being trine the SGC – will be associated with healing wounds of societies,and I would say especially the US wounds.

Wounds we need to heal are the slavery issue, the abuse of Mother Earth, and allowing inequality to continue for way too long, for starters. Joe Biden’s Neptune (compassion) will symbolize the path we take toward that healing of US wounds, and hopefully his own wounds too.

Wouldn’t we love to read headlines that say all the children that were separated from their parents in the Trump years have been reunited with their natural families? It could happen.

“According to The Atlantic reporters, in some states where the legislature is Trump red, (Pennsylvania) the legislators plan to ignore all those conditions and select their own slate of electors anyway. Report was they plan to claim fraud, that the election was tampered with and their slate reflects the “true” will of the people.”

No doubt their actions would be challenged in the court, but they evidently want to sow as much chaos and bitterness as possible.

Eliseo, thank you for this information. I agree with silcominc that we must be very vigilant. I am sure that the legal entities are gearing up now to fight these types of outrageous attempt to co-opt the election! State by state, new rulings are coming up about ballots and ballot boxes on a daily basis. We must do everything we can, including mentally focusing on right action.

Mean to put the quotes around the whole passage that I quoted from Eliseo’s post, which ends with “sow as much chaos and bitterness as possible. The last paragraph is my comment.

found this significant tidbit just now: https://the-immoral-minority.com/the-covid-19-brain-fog-can-significantly-undermine-cognitive-abilities/

From Lorna Bevan:

The Super Stealth New Moon on Friday October 16th at 23° Libra in the Via Combusta aka the Fiery Way is going to be a doozy! The seismic window is wide open between 13-18th, bringing geo-physical disturbance, high tides, super storms or earth movements. The Super Moon is conjunct Haumea – the bringer of epochal events – in a cardinal T-square to Mars/Eris/Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter and Mars /Eris.


It is not widely known that Nixon tried to overturn the election results in 1960 but failed.


Seems like Nixon and Trump are bookends, reflecting one another. Although Goldwater planted the seeds of the “Southern strategy” Nixon was the first president to employ it, and did so effectively. Let us hope Trump will be the last one.

The part about Nixon’s aides really resonates.
It was a trick he employed several times, publicly distancing himself from their activities, while having personally directed them in detail to perform specific dirty tricks. Contrary to popular memory however, Watergate wasn’t the dirtiest trick.

In ’68 Nixon sent his aides to Vietnam to talk with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese government. Their purpose was to stall and sabotage the Paris Peace Talks, thereby increasing the probability of Nixon’s election.

LBJ called Nixon on the phone, pretending he was unaware Nixon was personally behind the ploy. He told him he needed to “get his boys under control.” But the aides continued their dirty work.

Unfortunately, the ploy worked. The ostensible failure of the talks did indeed help get Nixon elected. It was treason, as the Constitution defines it, treating with the enemy during a war.

Sadly, when the American part of the war ended 5 years later, it was under precisely the same terms as LBJ’s representatives had negotiated in 1968. Meanwhile 37,794 more Americans had died, not to mention the many 1000’s of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Australians, New Zealanders, and others.

Nixon sent his aides to Paris, not Vietnam.

Eliseo, I appreciate your thoughts greatly.
Kim (Intuitiview) had some extremely interesting comments this evening re: this time surrounding the election. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcZ1G42ziws, as did David Johnson re: Barrett’s hearing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGa5qP0D8qc&list=UUG2I2xi5Emf7Lny859X9QXA&index=1

“Name one astrologer who has got anything right. Jessica Adams, for a start. She not only predicted that 2020 would be the year of the virus, but also that there would be an “October surprise” that would bring down Donald Trump. The US president was diagnosed with Covid-19 this month.”

Tried to post link but it would not take on this blog. The name of the article by Jessica Adams if you like to google is

How October 2020 Brings Donald Down

Fascinating Angellight, Jupiter and Pluto in the same sign ends any power abuse! And this: US natal Moon in Gemini conjunct US natal Uranus? US natal Sun in Capricorn conjunct US natal MC? That will take some getting used to, but thank you very much for the Jessica Adams piece.

Another interesting tidbit about civil rights, MLK, JFK & Nixon, Eliseo, that you & may already know, came out in a CNN documentary.

As I remember it, at the time, Nixon & the Republicans (like Donald Segretti who went on to mentor Karl Rove) were promoting those types of dirty tricks. Also, separately, Nixon apparently had an established relationship with MLK in regard to advancing civil rights and, at a point where MLK got put in jail, JFK had the connections to get him out. This began a new affiliation between MLK & Democrats in working towards civil rights, which paid off greatly, especially during the LBJ years. I guess that at the same time, the Republicans were working on a “Southern Strategy” to win over the southern states. That seems to have paid off, too, especially when it came to conservative social and religious issues.

Unfortunately, African Americans have not yet climbed out of the hole of poverty and bigotry and gang ware fare, drugs, crime have not helped them. Only climbing out of poverty and improved education and job opportunities will continue to help, as will as more police sensitivity and training, and community involvement. Studies show that just having 1 committed and consistent adult in a young person’s life, whether a relative, teacher, community or church member, can do wonders to get them on the right path. Son of a Saint is one very successful organization we have here in NOLA that matches a kid with a mentor who stays in their life from grade school through college (ideally). I was just reading about someone running for DA here in NOLA (Arthur Hunter) who, while he went to law school, became a cop and was on an “Urban Squad” to improve community relations with the police. I believe this was over 20 yrs ago. It is needed now more than before. Cries of “defund the police” are understandable but counter-productive.

Lots of good things have been happening in the background that I’ve shared before but will mention again. My friend makes wonderful art about bridging gaps between groups (diversityarts.com) and is planning an interactive theatre and dialoguing process. Also, there are VERY successful initiatives like Harlem Children’s Zone and Purpose Built Communities that are changing the world.

In social work school a few years back, I remember reading that the huge influx of Hispanic and Asian people (legally) was going to make People of Color the majority demographic and we are seeing the backlash. The 2008 recession created that much more job insecurity for a certain segment of the unemployed white population. Here in NOLA, after Katrina, we rec’d a huge influx of Central Americans, probably not all legal, who jumped at the opportunity, worked hard at lower salaries and helped rebuild NOLA over the succeeding years. These are all roots of the problem. It is not a simple situation.

correction:…that you & others may already know…

Biden has a 17-point lead according to this poll out today:


This is the widest margin since Reagan’s second win in 1984.

Also, the NYT writes today that Biden would win even if the polls were mistaken to the same degree as 2016.

When Senator Feinstein asked Amy Coney Barrett whether Trump or any president can unilaterally delay the election, she danced all around it and obfuscated the question, refusing to say. The very simple and correct answer is NO, he can’t.

When William Barr was asked whether it was legal for North Carolinians to vote twice, he also obfuscated the question refusing to answer.

What is up with these purportedly highly educated lawyers/judges who can’t give a simple, straightforward and obviously clear and correct answer to questions which our Constitution provides very direct, simple answers?

Are they so desirous of the job, and so afraid of DJT they dare not answer, thereby making themselves look incompetent and/or contemptuous of the Constitution?

IMHO, such evasion and duplicity particularly in these cases, denotes persons bereft of any integrity, who really do hold the Constitution in contempt. They evidently hold their religio-fascist ideals higher than their oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will…etc.” because they ARE enemies of the Constitution!

thanks Eliseo, it is interesting – wish more people in Trump world thought so. Our election is this weekend – I pray the trumpie, evangelical, corporate greed, types dont gain any ground. They seem to be popping up here too.

barbk: Welcome. She is new to me also and I really like her analyses.

Claire McCaskill, @clairecmc writes:

“Oh come on. She wrote a legal article THE MONTH TRUMP TOOK OFFICE saying that Roberts’ upholding of the ACA was flawed. She was sending the signal to the Federalist Society and Trump….pick me. She knew what they wanted and she reassured them.”


Eliseo, Barrett is a strict originalist, meaning she only applies what the Constitution meant in the 18th century. Again, shades of Salem and the Handmaid’s Tale. There was no Obamacare in 1787. Perhaps we should revert to the primitive medical science of that time to fight Covid-19. This woman will unflinchingly inflict pain and suffering on millions of women and the poor in the name of God.

On the positive side, if the Democrats hold the White House for at least the next three consecutive terms as I believe, she will be in the frustrated minority by 2025 and remain there for a long time as she helplessly sees her work rejected and dismantled. I have a deep-felt aversion for religious ideologues masquerading as moderate persons.

I wonder how the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 2026, which may well bring universal and public health care to the US, affects her chart. That is probably when a progressive majority in the Supreme Court will be achieved, perhaps with the nomination of Chief Justice Kamala by President Warren.

I was aware of that…just venting a bit. These people are very frustrating.

“I have a deep-felt aversion for religious ideologues masquerading as moderate persons.”
Yeah, me too.

“perhaps with the nomination of Chief Justice Kamala by President Warren.”
That would be delicious!

Court packing already happens at the state level and it’s mostly done by Republicans.


Andre and Eliseo, I do not think we can wait until 2025. Today, McConnel’s army of right-wing judges shut down voting expansion in several states and SCOTUS just ended the census.

McConnel focused on the Supreme Court and the Circuit courts and he has been able to place his extremist judges on all of them. And don’t think Roberts is any kind of swing – he authored the Shelby decision that gutted voting rights and anything to do with political power, he always goes to the right.

If anyone has time, here is an excellent summary of McConnel’s dark money and the justice it has bought from today’s hearings…


And the result from the Shelby decision is on display these days in GA where democrats are waiting up to 11 hours to cast their vote while republicans don’t seem to have much of a wait at all.

Silcominc, court packing may be the answer, but Biden says he does not support it. His government may disappoint by being too moderate in some ways in order to avoid antagonizing the right.

That is why I believe an effective progressive government will have to wait until 2024, and I think the astrology supports this. The Biden Administration will be about surviving the pandemic, the ensuing economic crisis and civil unrest. Kamala Harris may be effectively co-President or even President during this period, but that may not make her very popular. I think she will not be the Democrat nominee in 2024, because by then the country should be ready for a more forceful candidate from the left with Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023 right on Elizabeth Warren’s Jupiter. I see Harris ending her career on the Supreme Court and leading a majority of reform-minded Justices who will favor single-payer public health care and gradually repair the years of damage of the current courts.

F— Barrett, and f— her God.

Pious people like her are why I left Christianity and never looked back.

And truthfully, we are not going into a new period of Conservative Christian domination. If anything, Barrett could very well represent the last gasp of such a politically organized strain of organized religion, immediately before it is overthrown and marginalized by a newly emergent, non-religious majority.

This current period, including Barrett’s nomination to Ginsburg’s seat, definitely feels like an increasingly extreme push by the Conservative establishment that is so desperate to hold onto power and “what was,” winning at any cost (Pluto in Capricorn). And, we are nearing the end of the Capricorn energies. Whatever victories they do manage to eke out will likely prove to be far shorter lived than they think.

Picture a retired and feeble McConnell a few years from now, barely lucid enough to observe his proud and nihilistic legacy of right-wing courts being undone by a series of democratic reforms that result in term limits for sitting judges/justices, and an overall depoliticized process.

We are going to see much of what the Republican Party has stood for over 5 decades undone in relatively short order, and not simply because the Dems are going to win for the next 20 years. We’re actually in a planetary emergency that none of us are going to be able to put our heads in the sand and ignore for another 50 years just because a rich entitled bastard like Charles Koch doesn’t think it’s convenient to do so.

Also, we are heading into Aquarius energies, not Sagittarius. Religion isn’t going to be in anyone’s face in the coming years. If anything, we are going to see humanism and atheism come to the fore as never before. People like Amy Barrett are going to rapidly find themselves a disempowered and mostly dismissed minority.


Andre, because of your remark “There was no Obamacare in 1787”, I looked up the Obamacare birth chart (March 23, 2010) and was amazed.

The Obamacare chart has Venus at 20+ Aries and Eris at 21+ Aries conjunct US Chiron, Neptune at 27+ Aquarius conjunct US Moon, and Saturn at 1+ Libra conjunct US Sibly chart’s MC + Biden’s Neptune + the Super Galactic Center, to name a few amazing coincidences.

Obamacare came into being 7 months after transiting Saturn was conjunct US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 on August 27, 2009.

At that time trans. Saturn and US Neptune were caught in the apex of a Yod between trans. Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius (and soon to conjunct US Moon) that were sextile trans. Eris in Aries (conjunct US Chiron), notifying all of us there would be adjustments required due to the conjunction of US Neptune+trans. Saturn, a cycle that would produce the coming Obamacare program.

If not for you I might never have learned that! I now look forward to universal and public healthcare in 2026.

Well said Buckeye!

Here’s Amy C B’s chart if anyone wants to compare it to the Obamacare chart.


buckeye – go ahead and tell us what you really think LOL!
ps I agree

The period between 2020 and 2024 will be a transition from Capricorn to Aquarius energies. Much as I appreciate the qualities of my Capricorn Sun, the transit of Pluto in Capricorn was wrecked and poisoned by its squares to Uranus and Eris. Good government was actually provided by Obama at the beginning of the transit and will be hopefully by Biden at its end, but in the US a political crisis like no other was inevitable due to the Pluto return.

The worst will be over when Saturn leaves Capricorn in December, but there still will be after-shocks in the Supreme Court and elsewhere until Pluto reaches Aquarius in 2023. We will all have a whiff of fresh air at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21. But major obstacles will remain for a while longer.

Ja, Kiwi, Kim Carey at Intuitiview has a very good new reading out today. One of her best I think. Starts around 11 minutes in.

ok, I expect just about anything from not-the-president, but this is most definitely a three year-old speaking: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/10/trump-begs-suburban-women-to-stop-loathing-him-will-you-please-like-me/

Can someone please explain to me what exactly is going on with the Census?

And does it piss anyone else off that amongst so many other things, once Trump and Melania tested positive, that there was no more talk on Trump’s taxes or MelaniA’S awful tapes, not a word!

We don’t even hear about Melania’s health…

The SC put a stay on the census decision, Diana, until the lower court decides but it’s as good as dead because (I read), it’s will be hard to restart it (some offices started dismantling already) and there is a deadline of late Dec. when the counts have to be in by. There won’t be much time left to extend it, even if the lower court makes a fairly quick decision.

In response to Garry’s question that he threw out to us above about how mercury retro might affect ACB’s hearings, I think it was either Whimsey (the naturopath & Tarot reader) or Linda G who said she might withdraw. I watched the hearings today and she state mention that some might say that the process she is being put through was torturous (tongue in cheek but truthful). She has 7 children, 2 of them are adopted and from Haiti, and she mentioned that they have been subjected to hurtful racism (her husband, all of her children and like 5 or 6 of her adult siblings were sitting near her in a special section, in folding chairs and I think some of the kids might have playing on the carpet). The thought crossed my mind that this may prove to be a little too much for her and her family….especially when these very controversial decisions come up. I see withdrawing as a possibility. We’ll see…

Yes, Kim’s reading, called “The Chaotic Final Days Before the Election”, was very good, very authentic, positive, yet very sober. She was not exuding joy and excitement but a type of seriousness and gravitas about what has happened and the fact that we really need to learn from it. As Banks advised, I went to the 11 minute mark where it really begins (after her announcements). The reading seemed to take a lot out of her. She also said she will be back later this week and talk about the SC hearings, but she is not really worried about them for some reason.

I do have to say that I also got a good feeling, in the midst of feeling worried, about ACB. I am not sure if it’s because she will withdraw or if it’s because she will be confirmed but not be a conservative puppet, but more like Roberts, which may cause the SC to be able to preserve the ACA and Roe v. Wade. I would like to see Citizens Untd overturned somehow whether through the SC or legislation.


Here’s the link to her reading.

I’m with you in your fury against the toxic sort of religiosity Ms. Barret practices. It is, I believe innately evil. I’ve been working for its eradication for decades.

I submit however, that not all religion is so poisoned and poisonous. Religion can be healthy or unhealthy. I’ll not go deep here into my historical or sociological understanding of how we’ve arrived at this juncture in which crazy, toxic religiosity has become so powerful. But here are just a few off the cuff brief thoughts.

Our western anthropomophized god concept is essentially an archetypal synthesis of Father Zeus and the early concepts of YHWH. The idea of god evolved in the Judeo Christian tradition from primitive henotheism (our god is better than yours, though we know yours also exists) through monotheism, to the universalism of Isaiah. But not everyone has evolved in harmony with that development. Different folks are at different stages of understanding.

Hardly anyone does true worship, which of its nature requires altered consciousness. Hardly anyone recognizes their religious focus is not directed to the Divine, but to their god concept, which in great part is a projection from within their unconscious self.
Many misidentify, mistake their god concept for the real thing, as “the “true god.” They just dont make the distinction.

Religion, per se is not IMHO the problem. Nor is it a problem that it is organized. The problem I believe is dogmatism. Not “organized religion,” but “dogmatic religion.” In any discipline doctrine can evolve and change. Dogma is rigid. It strangles the soul. This is true in the arts, the sciences, and in all our organized human endeavors.

Barrett lives and exudes a very unhealthy, rigid, dogmatism. I find no spirituality in her religiosity. You might say her god IS evil in the sense it is a projection of and reaction to her deep fears and emotional need to control. Such people are dangerous, whether they are atheists, OR “believers.” Remember the communists? The Barretts of the world will use whatever available ideology or theology necessary that they might dominate and control others.

Such irony! These so called Christians claim to follow the rabbi from Nazareth, a spiritual genius, a proto-socialist who advocated a loving god concept, as well as forgiveness, social justice, and compassion. He would never have approved of anyone worshipping him as a deity.

My personal hope, as we move into more Aquarian influences, is that we merge into a healthier, more aquarian religiosity, less anthropomorphic, undogmatic, and more cosmic in its breadth and depth.

I would hope we would have more pantheists, as opposed to atheists, people who know our separateness is an illusion, people who with reverence and awe feel the divine within themselves and see it in others and in all things. Such attitudes I believe are actually closer to reality, and foment happiness and social harmony.

I’m not an enumerator, but I do work for the Census Bureau. There is much I am not at liberty presently to say, but know this. The census Bureau works 365 days a year, every year gathering data important and vital to business and government. Many are of the opinion Mr. Trump and his appointees don’t like the data reported. They want “different data, different numbers.” Many have resigned.
Several are also of the opinion, the 2020 census will be ordered redone, at least partially, by the new Congress sometime in 2021.

For days now I have been seeing Coney Barret’s face. I have read in the media as much as easily available about who she is.
I appreciate on this site her description as being evil. To myself I say how can I describe her as being “evil”? I mean, how will it be accepted? This very feeling I have as her being evil?
This woman who has been raised in privilege…. who has a sense of her own righteousness, unchallenged in her academic environment, who as my father (as a world war II veteran) used to say, satisfied her own nerve endings in her sanctimonious opinions…
She is separated from the people she would represent. She in fact is not representing them numerically. Like Trump, it is about her. Her “opinions” in this day and age are about her and her obscure stances.
She doesn’t think things through. It seems to me that she does not want to include the real life experiences of other people into her stances. It is theoretical rather than experienced. And that’s all right with her. Keep it simple. As simple as her answers at the enquiry today. She may think this looks strong and righteous.
Except for the answers asked about her knowledge of the Constitution today (which we all know she obfuscated) she answered many of the important questions with evasiveness.
So I think she is detached. An academic in a negative way.
From wise people today she was repeatedly asked if she was aware how her decisions as a justice would affect people in real time.
She repeatedly demonstrated that she did not.
We are in a confusing time.
I am not sure how this nomination will end. However I live in the hope that the next year will bring about the circumstances to make the Supreme Court the entity the Founding Fathers wanted it to be.

Covid brain fog is getting increasing attention.
This link is to one of many articles on the subject.
“Michael Zandi, a consultant at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology in London, told The Guardian that studies done so far put the proportion of COVID-19 survivors who experience cognitive symptoms at up to 20 percent. Meanwhile, a French study on 120 COVID patients who’d been hospitalized found that 34 percent experienced memory loss and 27 percent experienced concentration issues months after recovery.”

The disease seems to be not just an I can’t breathe issue, but I can’t think, and I can’t remember, as well.
A Saturn/Mercury issue?

Well said! From the heart. Thank You.
Whether ACB is confirmed or not, we’ll soon need to start the processes which will culminate in the passing of several constitutional amendments to secure the rights the R”s have been trying to take away. We will also need to pass amendments and laws to prevent another DJT from ever becoming president or entering into any other elective office ever again.

“Premiering THIS FRIDAY. Watch #TheWayISeeIt a new film offering a behind-the-scenes look at the (Barack Obama) presidency commercial-free on @MSNBC, Friday, 10/16 at 10pm ET.”


“Twitter has uncovered networks of bots pretending to be black Trump supporters. In some cases within days of signing up, the account has 20k+ followers. Researchers found traces of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet in online records of the accounts” You see them on @Twitter as Black veterans, police officers, steelworkers, businessmen and Christians who support Trump. But in reality, they’re Russian bots in digital blackface.”


RE: Russian bots pretending to be black Trump supporters.
Interesting story. Thanks! I’m wondering if it would be wise after the 2020 election cycle is over to announce a policy that all future foreign meddling or interference in any US election shall be construed as an act of war.

Eliseo, yes would be wise but can we get the Senate GOP to agree if they are still in the majority? I think now.

“The confessions of a white female suburban 2016 trump voter

We had a very nice lunch on our deck yesterday with a female friend of ours of 20y+ years. In 20 yrs, we have always avoided any political discussions with her and her husband as they are staunch republicans of the “upper middleclass”. So the discussion went like this.

me: So it looks like trump is going to lose this election big time
her: “Don;t get me going about trump, I have NEVER voted for any democrat for president in my 50 years of voting until I voted for Biden last week”
me: “I hear that alot from former trump voters”
her: ” I didn;t like trump but voted for him in 2016 as I hated Hillary.”
me: “thats big turn around then
her: “The guy is a criminal along with all his kids and wives” They need to go away to prison? With what he and GOP have done, I will NEVER vote for another republican.”
me: “A lot people feel this way”

This gal went on and on for 10 more minutes and al the while I was sitting back and smiling. There are millions of republican voters just like her and that number will be all the more obvious come election day. This election will not be close under any reality”

https://democraticunderground.com/100214283571 via @demunderground


“….satisfied her own nerve endings in her sanctimonious opinions…”


Eliseo, please accept my deep gratitude for your 2.10 am post.

Over & over Judge Amy Barrett gives the answers that she cannot give an opinion on a legal matter that is hypothetical. This is a mockery and a sham. No respect for this judicial process.

And most disturbing she acts as if he is already Trump’s lawyer.

Eliseo re your 9.49 post. I think it was Bob Gates that said several years back, he thought the next war would be a cyber one. I think we are in the midst of war already, except there are no clearly defined national borders or citizenship allegiance.

Eliseo, I also love your 2.10am post

Long lines of voters in the US are bringing reactions of astonishment in many countries. One Canadian voter says we wait longer for the bus in Canada than we do to vote (I agree). Another man in India declares that his country has no such lines despite having millions more voters. The state of American democracy is a sad thing to see.


Andre, our US voting is a lot like everything else in the US. If you are white and rich you do not have to wait very long to vote and if you are rich and white, you likely have access to great healthcare.

This is the GOP goal which over forty years, they have achieved – a two-tiered nation – the 1% and everyone else.

I wish the MSM would show the affluent white GOP areas in GA and show that there are no wait times as opposed to the poor minority precincts where there are very few machines that work.

sheldon whitehouse – shining a light on the cockroaches in hiding

Some on this site have written about delays and disruptions of ACB confirmation. Having watched some of these hearings today and yesterday, I am amazed at her answers. She does not have any and it’s not just a matter of avoiding the questions – when asked about the five freedoms in the First Amendment, she could not answer. And this was not an isolated response.

What does the astrology look like for her? Though it felt like a done deal, maybe it’s not…

Kiwi, that open letter to Judge Barrett from her former colleagues at Notre Dame should lead her to withdraw her nomination, if she truly has a Catholic conscience. I wonder what she thinks of the current Pope, who is probably too progressive for her taste.

“She’s been groomed for this moment.” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/20/amy-coney-barrett-supreme-court-419219

Andre, that letter, together with the almost shocked look on her face during the presentation from Whitehouse, about the corrupt dark monied hidden agenda, (link above), tells me if she is truly a woman of honest faith who cares about an honest judiciary, she will think long and hard about her potential role going forward from this moment in time.

Thanks for the post of Sheldon Whitehouse. He really inspired me, but I loved most of the others Democratic senators as well. Lindsay Graham put it succintly, “How wonderful to have a prolife justice.” Of course, Graham only believes a Black man can win the SC senate race if they are conservative.

How conservative is Amy Coney Barrett?


“This is the GOP goal which over forty years, they have achieved – a two-tiered nation – the 1% and everyone else.”

The R’s are perfectly happy to sacrifice our lives, our health, our freedom, and our happiness when it benefits them. Their class warfare has gradually darkened over the decades. With each success, they are emboldened to punish us further for not being them.

Let’s hope they dont decide to turn us into livestock any time soon. Being eaten is not my thing.

Thank you for the video of Sheldon Whitehouse.
It’s difficult to understand how Amy can sit there with a straight face or even sit there at all.

Call Your Senators: NO VOTE on ANY Nominee Before Inauguration Day
Call 1-855-977-0032 or use the form on this page.
Justice Ginsburg was a fierce defender of our right to control our bodies, our lives, and our destinies. To honor her legacy, we must all rise to protect our reproductive freedom. That means making clear to our Senators that there should be NO vote on any Supreme Court nominee before inauguration day. If we don’t act now, Amy Coney Barrett may get a lifetime seat on the Court and — alongside the Trump administration’s two other justices — put Justice Ginsburg’s life’s work at even greater risk. Access to reproductive health care and affordable health care as we know it may vanish.

Call your Senator: tell them there should be NO vote on any Trump Supreme Court nominee before January.


this is the second part of whitehouse in the Barrett hearing – missed posting this link with the 1st part

Thanks Kiwi for posting the Sheldon Whitehouse session from yesterday. Fascinating. I just don’t understand why Rachel Maddox or Lawrence O’Donnell didn’t latch on to that last night. In normal times I would think that DOJ would follow through on this. All of that work and nothing comes of it?

Observations on the Amy Coney Barret (ACB) birth chart:

1. The ACB Mercury at 24+ Cap (conjunct trans. Pluto Feb. thru Aug. 2020 and again in Dec. thru Jan. 2021) opposes US natal Mercury (communicate) at 24+ Cancer.

2. The ACB Pluto at 1+ Libra conjunct US natal MC + Joe’s Neptune + Super Galactic Center.

3. The ACB Mars at 21+ Aries conjunct US natal Chiron + trans Mars square the Pluto-Saturn conjunction.

4. The ACB Uranus at 18+ Libra conjunct US prog. Mars + Trump Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin Saturn.

5. The ACB Jupiter at 28+ Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Core AND sextile US Moon.

She is activating the Saturn-Pluto cycle, the natal and progressed US charts, and Trump’s natal chart and the US Consitution, so she serves the purpose of making us aware of activity that links these various charts. She serves the purpose of making us conscious.

Her natal North Node at 5+ Aquarius is sextile her natal Neptune at 4+ Sagittarius and that sextile forms a Yod with US natal Jupiter (Big Picture) and Venus (values) which causes the US Venus-Jupiter to be uncomfortable and that causes a shifting in how we view the Big Picture and our basic values.

This in turn causes us to communicate and think (US Mercury opposite her Mercury that conjuncts trans. Pluto) that activates a bunch of pistons in our brains that forces us to think about the Big Picture and what the hell we actually Value.

ACB is a cog in the machinery that produces a higher form of consciousness than what we have used for all of our lives, and that can be scary if we don’t understand that that is what must come from the Covid experience and ACB experience and the Trump experience.

ACB’s natal Mercury is also conjunct the South Node (what must end and no longer serves growth) in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that ends in late December. I think this means her services will no longer be needed by the Universe come January.

Barb K- What a comforting thought.

Thanks barbk. Given her links to the US chart, she certainly has a role to play on the canvas of our lives.

“She serves the purpose of making us conscious.”
It is obvious this is true whether she is confirmed or not. If she doesn’t become one of the supremes, the attempt to get her on the bench exposes the rank hypocrisy of the GOP nevertheless.

If she is confirmed and sworn in, the event will further radicalize more citizens, especially if due to her presence the court votes to end Obamacare, and/or roe v wade, and/or marriage equality.

Such an enormous lack of insight! The R’s, in their fervent ideological idolatry may believe they are doing the “right” thing in packing the courts, but I believe the long run effect will be the opposite of what they intend.

If Obamacare is overturned, Medicare for all will be the eventual result. And so it goes with most all of the programs and laws the R’s seek to reverse.

The more DJT and the R’s misbehave, the more they alienate more and more voters. The white female suburbanites of Angelight’s post, who voted for Trump in 2016, but who now are voting, or will vote for Biden, according to various polls are increasing in number.

Whatever happens with ACB, she foments the trend.

It would certainly be great if her services were no longer needed come Jan., Barb! Thanks for interpreting ACB’s chart for us.

Did any of you watch Kamala questioning her today? I happened to tune in on the radio while driving and was so glad I did. She got Amy to say that she couldn’t comment on whether climate was real or not, and whether it was a threat to our air and water – because the topic was just too politically controversial! LOL. She actually used the word “controversial”.


“We watched a master at the top of her game today.”

Her other lines of questioning were pretty damn good too. Goooo Kamala!

whether climate “change” was real or not, that is…..

Sharon K,
The R’s seem to have not understood that
“”He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind.”

Indeed Eliseo, what changes one’s consciousness is not the same for everyone; we do have certain values that are more important to us than others, and the loss of one value might upset us more than what upsets our neighbor or our grandpa or our boss.

This woman might be the one thing that awakens certain individuals to what’s at stake for them and their values, more than Trump himself, or the Black Lives Matter movement or getting sick from Covid or burning up our homes.

We in this country have a myriad of motivating reasons to get us to care about what is happening to our country, and to vote our feelings (US Mercury IS in Cancer!), and become involved, i.e. become more conscious. We should not underestimate the lengths the Universe will go to to bring up the level of Humanity’s awareness at this moment in history.

The outer planets symbolize a parting from normalcy; Neptune causes us to escape it and Uranus shatters it and Pluto kills it only to resurrect it better than before. It is indeed enlightening for those who survive it all.

Sharon: I loved Kamala’s cross exam of ACB. Kamala was able to crack ACB’s portrayal of neutrality because ACB cannot refute Trump. Below is an article about the history of the court. I hope the Pluto return is at least partially about the courts, as well as our “correctional” system.

Making the Supreme Court Safe for Democracy: Samuel Moyn on Reforming an Undemocratic Institution


The Heartlessness of Amy Coney Barrett’s Originalism
(I don’t think all originalists are heartless.)

Eliseo – I’ve read that beyond the brain fog, long Covid sufferers complain also of enervating fatigue, aches and pain in joints and muscles, and no stamina.

When I read that, it was like reading the list of symptoms of Lupus SLE. This is what I go thru each time I have a flare… the degree is only what changes, depending on how quick I catch and get on top of it (which I’m not good at yet!).

Also, after my daughter “recovered” from Covid, the doc diagnosed her with Lupus.

This makes me wonder if Covid-19 is turning on the gene mutation for Lupus – especially in those who are experiencing symptoms weeks and months after “recovering” from Covid. Since it’s an autoimmune disease, it could also explain why we’re seeing organ degeneration in some people, as the immune system begins attacking the body’s organs, etc.

Just a guess… which is what we’re all doing at this point. It just seems so coincidental to me.

Marjorie Orr:


I’ve only glanced at a few short articles or film clips of ACB’s hearing. The day the hearing began, I think I cried most of the day. Pro-Choice is so much more than just abortion rights.

If women do not have the right to body autonomy, we are infantilized in a never-ending patriarchy. I remember when women were locked out of career opportunities because it might “hurt” their chances of carrying or having a baby – and/or the company could be held liable. Women who’ve joined the military and are in forward line camps, active front line troops, could have those careers ripped away from them. All these careers that have been stereotypically considered “male-oriented” could be shut off from women once again. This means not only taking away her freedom of choice of having a child, but also of fulfilling her life as something beyond or other than as a mother. And, I fear, if the economy crashes once again, we could see women laid off because… as in the Great Depression… too many men don’t have jobs.

This is just one knock-on effect of ripping body autonomy from women. We’ve never yet been able to achieve parity in pay while working… and thus, our Social Security checks are usually much less than men’s, especially as we tend to live longer. Women of all ages will be forced back into abusive and/or violent relationships with no resources to leave; the poverty wages we accepted and made do with back when I was 18 will be here once again… only this time, men won’t reap pay and benefits that will support families on their own, and women will be restricted as to what they can do in the job market.

I’m retired, but not crazy enough not to know the Repubs want my monthly SS check, as small as it is. I also remembered once I moved here to KS, I had to have my husband either come with me to the courthouse to get our car plates changed, or he had to give me power of attorney to do it on my own. That clerk got one hell of a piece of my mind at that time. And I can see those days happening all too soon.

Also, the whole scenario… from reproductive rights (including IVF) to having our own credit ratings and our own credit/debit cards is based around this entire extreme Xtian religious sect. Our laws and policies are not suppose to be predicated on any religious test. The Talibangelicals are intent to see us hew their line of beliefs or die for our own. But this could be one “awakening” that will backfire on them, as well…

People don’t like it when you tell them what they can and cannot do… or think… or believe. They could find their tax exemptions ripped away from them at the very least, and their churches empty as Millenials and younger turn away from the hate-filled authoritative religion. ACB may have found it comforting to live within that strictly defined structure, but those with smaller amygdala’s tend to want to explore and seek Truth on their own… not within the mold of some old white male standing in front of a pulpit.

ARGH… sorry for venting. This just hits me hard. I protested for women’s rights starting when I was in my teens. At 64 now and disabled, I shouldn’t have to be trying to do the same thing all over again! I thought my daughter and my little niece would have a better, more fulfilling, and more dignified life that what we saw waiting for us when I was a teen. It’s SO disheartening. I’m so tired of seeing us win battle after battle, only to constantly lose the war!

Ja, I saw that Marjorie Orr post. Depressing. Anyone with a more optimistic rebuttal? Barbk?


Well, there definitely are a lot of conservative white males in power at the moment, but we (the good guys) may win the Senate, House & Presidency, there are a lot of young people voting in droves more than ever before, creating their future, as some of current people in power die out, and Biden can expand the number of SC justices under the right circumstances. And, just maybe, something will upend ACB’s nomination, although it seems unlikely. Judging by what was revealed in MI about the militia in this country and their training camps, they will continue to be a problem.

new film just released – Totally under Control


I empathize with your pain. It is amazing how people scream about their rights to not wear a mask, but have no problem denying women the right to choose.

ACB seems very concerned about individual rights to own a gun. Maybe she sees abortion the same way. I jest of course.

Speaking of IVF, it seems the religious right find this process okay. Okay to produce multiple embryos and have only one of them actual result in a baby. Why, because it isn’t in a woman, and she is not pregnant.

Literally millions of embryos are destroyed or given to research labs. All okeedokey. The lack of logic and blind adherence to religious nonsense is very disheartening.

ACB’s nomination may go through, but she may also ultimately wind up with far less influence on the court than we fear she will have as things currently stand.

Biden and a Democratic Senate majority can pack the court and push her voice to the marginal fringe where it may merely serve to be symbolic of those with similar backwards views.

I have no problem with the marginal fringes having marginal representation. What’s necessary is to really expand upon this principle though electoral reforms that grant broader and competitive representation to a multitude of views beyond the two parties. The Republican Party in its current form will not survive a more democratic system.

Les, take heart! MO leans way negative, esp. re: US.

I have no idea where she got the US Constitution chart as it is not even the right year. What she is right about is “letting go the old traditional way won’t be easy”, which is a given. Bear in mind that no astrologer thinks a Pluto Return is a piece of cake.

What I find encouraging is the US natal chart’s South Node at 6+ Aquarius is conjunct ACB’s natal North Node at 5+ Aquarius, and a south node symbolize what must be relinquished because it no longer serves growth, and in fact holds back growth. It is indeed time to dump the old ways and seek the new path (North Node at 6+ Leo).

It will take decades to rebuild a new government system, I don’t doubt that for a moment. However, there was NO government when this country was first conceived; you know, back in the days of Benjamin Franklin?

It is very hard to imagine living in a home that has to be totally renovated, but we do it by dismantling one room at a time. Noisy, inconvenient and expensive, but oh how proud we will be when we can say We Did It!

And let’s not forget, Barb, that, for whatever it’s worth…mercury and mars will both be retrograde during the vote for ACB – and, if we are extra lucky, the full Senate will vote under a voc moon (am I right), as the Judiciary committee votes on 10/22 and there won’t be a voc moon on that date https://cffbe971-dcb0-4224-81b6-297e7bb047b2.filesusr.com/ugd/3d510d_2547fea2bddc4fa1a0d988eb0a140dc6.pdf

Just read this post by someone named Yavin4 on DU and I think it’s well put:
“The lesson for Democrats to learn from the Barret nomination is this.

We’re in much a different political world. The Republican party knows that it cannot continue as it is given the massive demographic changes on the horizon. They have abandoned appealing to groups who do not historically support them. So, they’re trying to hang on to power by rigging our entire government to minimize the political power of the emerging demographic class.

Instead of reaching across the aisle, Democrats need to maximize their political and economic power to ensure that our power is not minimized. This entails strategies like early voting to overcome vote suppression. Ending the filibuster. Possible expansion of the SCOTUS. Statehood for DC and PR.

Republicans are not your colleagues. They’re your adversaries. Deal with them like it.”

The Senate will vote on Mrs. Barrett’s confirmation on October 22. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/521148-judiciary-committee-to-vote-on-barretts-supreme-court-nomination-next-week

Barbk is correct. The Constitution was adopted by Congress in 1787. The exact date was 9/17/1787. I’m not sure of the time. Ratification was completed, by 9 of the 13 states on 6/21/1788, so I don’t know where Marjorie Orr got the March date from. Was it supposed to be when George Washington’s first term was to begin? That’s the only guess I have.

True, it doesn’t take an astrologer to know that we’re in a heap of trouble, and we’re not getting out of it anytime soon. That said, I don’t see how MO’s article is helpful.

At this point, it’s up to us to figure out how we’re going to deal with the Religious Right hypocrites who want to rule over us. I get to vote against them this weekend. From there, it’s anybody’s guess. Just vote. That’s all.

I have had similar thoughts about COVID and diffuse Scleroderma, which I have. Not only the way it attacks the body, but the ‘supplements’ I use are the same.

Scleroderma is considered in the auto immune family with Lupus and RA, it also has a big vascular component. When it was first discovered it was thought to be triggered by an untreated virus… It is also considered a ‘orphan disease’ for the lack of research.

I have hopes that just maybe, for the sake of all the research now being done, that they are all connected. Now wouldn’t that be amazing.

marjorie must have got her date here – us senate website

Amen, Gina. Amen. Does anyone ever track MO to see how often she is accurate when it comes to the US.?

Henry, re the possible link to autoimmune problems and virus trigger possibilities: I was diagnosed with parkinsons last year and did a lot of reading on, among other things, triggers. There was a small study that suggested that shingles, herpes virus, may be one of the possible triggers. I very much think there is something to that theory because I started noticing small muscle twitch symptoms just over 1 year after a really bad bout of shingles.

Denise Seigel shows different perspective of the astrology looking forward

Thanks for the more optimistic thoughts. Yes, the young people are voting in much greater numbers than in recent years, apparently shaken out of their apathy. And same for many others. Trump has really turned off seniors who traditionally vote more conservatively as a rule.

Also, I like the analogy to living in a house under renovation (anyone watching Last Tango in Halifax this season?!). Much is being shaken up and the ugly underbelly of our politics and economic system has been exposed, so there’s lots to rebuild that will take a long time and a lot of pain the process.

I started paying attention to MO after she rightly predicted Trump’s winning the presidency. She hasn’t predicted that this year or Biden for that matter. But her outlook is definitely dark. And we are in a dark place right now, but nothing is cast in stone. There are optimists around. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are optimists. And Nancy Pelosi.

RE: Marjorie Orr.
I’ve been reading professional astrologers for decades.

Concomitantly, I’ve noticed many in Europe and the UK seem at least partially blind to the diversity we share here in the US and N. America. Although the populations in the UK and European nations are more diverse than in the past, they nevertheless are far more homogeneous than what obtains here in the US. They tend to underestimate our heterogeneity, and consequently misunderstand and misinterpret us. This I think has been particularly true in the last few decades in which we’ve been captive to the political tyranny of the minority.

And the above is of course context. The Brits and others in English speaking countries tend to understand Americans, and our political and economic system better than others.

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed over the decades, there always are at least a few well known UK astrologers who tend to look down their noses at Americans, and our political system. At least part of the time, Marjorie Moore tends to be one of those astrologers.

Whoops, autocorrect on my phone misbehaving again . Marjorie Orr, not Moore.

I think with Marjories comments, if you look at her date being not the constitution chart, but perhaps as a chart for the senate? that might explain the disfunction?

Eliseo, I think brits, and even nzers etc, dont so much look down their noses at americans, but are coming more from a stance of ‘just too much drama’ – We’re more of the ‘keep calm and carry on’ persona.

Rudy Giulani’s daughter supports Biden.


Voted today. Feels Good.

I did too, yesterday actually. We dropped our ballots off at the Office of Voting Registrar.

Tuned into both town halls tonight. Biden started out a bit hyper but calmed down and gave better and better answers. He will genuinely be a very good president. He is honest, has plans, and is excited about his plans. I think the hyper thing comes from the fact that the man has so many ideas, so much experience and knowledge, and has so much to say to us. It can be frustrating when you’ve had so much experience yet are still expected to prove yourself when campaigning. He had a lot of facts and figures at his fingertips that he was spouting….and I LOVED it when he said he would let his AG be his AG and not expect him to be his personal lawyer!

They are saying he stayed an extra half hour when it was over to answer more questions.

Trump was a jerk – talking over the moderator who confronted him but let him take charge. He was contentious, argumentative and lying (thousands of ballots were found in dumpsters from voters who had voted for him, doncha know!)

In reaction to your 11:27 posting:
This is absolutely the weirdest period so far in American history.

A Federal Judge has finally said what all of these lawsuits (there have been 300 in the lead up to this election) are really about….

In a scathing dissent Karen Moore, a Federal Judge in the 6th Circuit today said (in her dissent):

Make no mistake: today’s majority opinion is yet another chapter in the concentrated effort to restrict the vote.


Here is an article from BuzzFeed tonight about the above decision.


This is particularly painful to share: Texas social workers can now refuse to work with LGBTQ and disabled clients.

I had not experienced Ableism until I moved, and now this rears its ugly head in our country.

KC– At 78, I too have had way too much of patriarchal nonsense (by the time I was a young child). Fortunately girls were allowed to ride bicycles and to ride horses astride by then, but so much was forbidden us or we were shamed or castigated for wanting or daring to do and cheated out of the income we deserved and educational and job opportunities. I refuse to allow anyone to permit this to happen to our daughters or to our LGBTQ sons and daughters. We stood in the muck so they could stand on our shoulders, not in the muck also!

Presidential historian, Michael Beschloss, on All In with Chris Hayes a few days ago:
“Trump is so terrible,he makes Hoover look like Gandhi.”

I saw excerpts from the debate between Lt. Col. McGrath and Mitch McConnell. She presented herself very well. Opinion of pundits seems to be she won. Has there been any improvement for her in the polls there in Kentucky? Last I heard she was 8 points behind MM.

off topic, but this ‘keep going on song’ brought a smile to my face – hope it brings one to yours

Sadly no Eliseo.

Just when you thought the beast couldn’t get any uglier. Or more desperate.

The GOP starts forging a new alliance with QAnon

The QAnon world is no longer simply a social media community trafficking in conspiracy theories. It’s increasingly a new constituency for the GOP — one that’s fired up like the rest of the MAGA movement, warring with tech giants and ready to battle through Election Day on behalf of a struggling president.

Just this month, President Donald Trump has retweeted and highlighted several accounts with a history of posting QAnon content. He’s stoked conspiracy theories that originated in the QAnon world, even to the detriment of his own supporters. And along with other Republicans, he’s increasingly allowed into the arms of his MAGA movement a group that had been dismissed as fringe nonsense.

While both groups started from very different places, both MAGA and QAnon supporters share the belief that Trump is fighting conspiracies emanating from inside the Deep State — a notion Trump himself has invoked. “MAGA world kind of sees Trump as this epic hero, and QAnon does the same exact thing,” said Kristen Doerer, managing editor of Right Wing Watch, a nonprofit that tracks far-right groups.

The QAnon movement suffered another blow on Thursday when YouTube became the latest platform to block some content from QAnon believers. Facebook in August announced a ban on QAnon groups with “discussions of potential violence,” expanding it to a blanket ban on QAnon-affiliated groups and pages in early October. Twitter’s approach was narrower, simply banning nearly 7,000 accounts back in July. The Facebook and Twitter moves came in response to reports that QAnon pages had been spreading pandemic-related misinformation, as well as inspiring acts of violence nationwide.

But QAnon has already found other ways to survive. Parts of the GOP are falling into an uneasy relationship with the QAnon conspiracy theory, which alleges in part that a cabal of demon-worshipping, pedophile elites live in Washington and will stop at nothing to maintain their power.

At a NBC News town hall on Thursday night, Trump himself refused to denounce QAnon when asked about the movement. “I know nothing about QAnon. I know very little,” the president said. “I do know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it very hard.”

As tech platforms battle with QAnon conspiracy theorists, some Republicans are opening the door to the fringe group.


And then there’s this:

Fascism: As polling turns against him, Trump lays groundwork for mass violence

Rattled by poor polling numbers in his reelection bid, the alleged president of the United States is encouraging domestic terrorism. That’s where we’re at, and everyone from top national security experts to local emergency officials are all crystal clear on that. The New York Times reports from a bunch of ’em in a piece that can both contain remarkable factual phrases like “Mr. Trump has descended into rants about perceived enemies” and still somehow soft sell the underlying message:

The nation is preparing for violence on and after Election Day because Donald J. Trump, a fascist, is goading his supporters into that violence with rally claims that any loss on his part will be proof that his enemies cheated.

There is no possible chance that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. His tweeted calls to “LIBERATE” states from governors who imposed widespread pandemic measures resulted in a Michigan militia attempting to do exactly that. Trump is back at it even today, claiming their primary target, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, “wants to be a dictator.” He is attaching the legitimacy of the state to calls for mob action—only to repeat those calls when it looks like the first versions are beginning to bear fruit.

The only reason he is not being treated as a radical, dangerous figure who has irreparably violated his own oath of office, necessitating removal, is because Republican Party leadership and lawmakers have themselves embraced and defended those violations. It is self-radicalizing; the farther Trump goes into overtly authoritarian behavior, the more pressure the party feels to defend and normalize their own support for him. The more Trump’s circle has succeeded in isolating and excising state and local functionaries who express alarm at his grotesqueries, the more the party has become a homogenized group of anti-democracy, authoritarian-molded radicals themselves.

Trump has clearly been unfit for office in every respect; the impeachment investigation identified his corruption, the pandemic proved his apathetic incompetence, and his continued calls for mob justice against targeted enemies have proven (as have similar quotes repeated through the last five years) that he is not just indifferent to extralegal punishments of his enemies, but publicly fantasizes about them. If Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Attorney General William Barr, Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, Rep. Mark Meadows, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Ted Cruz, and the entire rest of the party had not all decided to ally with him for their own ideological and policy ends, he would have been removed in bipartisan fashion long ago, reduced to a historical footnote.

They didn’t, and now local law enforcement officials around the country are preparing for radicals among what Trump has proudly designated his “Army” intent on disrupting Election Day, sabotaging ballot-counting measures, and committing acts of coordinated terrorism targeting his opponents. It’s now expected.

Once again we’re in a position where the fate of democracy rests on not just beating anti-democratic forces, but doing so in such a convincing fashion that sabotage can’t alter the outcome. But now it comes with the near certainty of violence. This is Mitch McConnell’s fault: Remember that. This is Lindsey Graham’s fault. Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, William Barr. Trump’s suggestions to “liberate” parts of America from small-d democratic governance would be intolerable if they believed them to be intolerable. Everything Trump does and will do has happened because they allowed it.


A little heavy on the content above, and these are two articles that illustrate the depth of what we are up against.

Defeating Trump is only a start. We will likely be dealing with open violence and stupidity—acts of terrorism—from his insane followers in the aftermath.

Count on him to incite violence against Democrats, liberals, anyone who he feels is out to get him and will be responsible for his defeat. He could even cause a civil war just to lash out at the country because of his wounded pride and ego at being rejected.

Trump is scum and must be muzzled, tried, convicted of treason, and thrown in prison for the good of all, but getting him there amidst mayhem and chaos will be the real challenge.

Silcominc: Thank you for posting the dissent of the appeals court judge. It is difficult to keep pace with the vote counting legal disputes, but Majorie’s Orr’s chart for the supreme court, assuming it is accurate, offers me some hope. Uranus square natal Uranus is an aspect for the court in late Nov. and Dec. I think this suggests the revolutionary conservatives of the court might be constrained by changing social circumstances. Despite relatively small Biden leads in battleground states, is there no repeat of Bush V. Gore?? Biden is smart to be vague about Supreme Court reform.

How gerrymandering was abolished in Canada.


From the Editorial Board of the NYT’s:

‘End Our National Crisis’

“Donald Trump’s re-election campaign poses the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II.

Mr. Trump’s ruinous tenure already has gravely damaged the United States at home and around the world. He has abused the power of his office and denied the legitimacy of his political opponents, shattering the norms that have bound the nation together for generations. He has subsumed the public interest to the profitability of his business and political interests. He has shown a breathtaking disregard for the lives and liberties of Americans. He is a man unworthy of the office he holds.”


As far as I know, MO is the only astrologer who considers trines to be negative for country charts. Does anyone know what could be the basis for this?

One comment on her site says that the US Civil War’s first shot was fired on the day Neptune entered Aries. Neptune will reenter Aries in 2025-2026 for the first time since the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was elected while Neptune was in the last degrees of Pisces, and certainly fits the Neptunian and Piscean profile of compassion and self-sacrifice.

The US Uranus return always begins while Neptune is in either Virgo or Pisces and ends when Neptune has shifted to Aries or Libra. This relationship between Uranus and Neptune, also involving US Mars in Gemini, needs further study as those aspects will be repeated during the current decade.

One theory might be that Neptune in Virgo square Mars in Gemini in the US chart brings a major international conflict when Uranus returns to Gemini (the Revolutionary War, World War II), and an internal conflict when Neptune in Pisces is involved (the Civil War). Also, Neptune in Virgo and early Libra appears to be the high point of the American spirit when the US inspires the world, but Neptune in Pisces is a spiritual low point (the 1850s and now) that saddens and disappoints humanity until the country finds a way upward during Neptune in Aries. So far, these major changes have occurred through massive violence.

Mars in Gemini square Neptune natally also means internal violence will always be a recurring problem in conflict with American ideals, due in particular to the lethal combination of racism and gun laws.

There are still insufficient data to verify these theories. More data will arrive in a few short years.

Canada’s chart may offer additional insight. Dated July 1, 1867, it has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer in the 4th house square Neptune in Aries in the first. Canada was brought into being in the wake of the American Civil War and as a response to it. It was a British colony; the UK favored the South and feared American reprisals in Canada from the Union government after the Civil War ended. Some clauses of the Canadian Constitution were framed in exact contradiction to the US Constitution which was then held in low esteem in the British Empire since it had failed to prevent civil war. The British Empire, including Canada, had fought the US fifity years before the Civil War in the war of 1812.

Canada was therefore born under the shadow of military conflict involving the US: first, the wars between England and France while the US was itself a British colony, then the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, and the US Civil War. Furthermore, Canadian national identity was significantly enhanced by the Canadian armed forces’success in both world wars on the side of US troops.

Canada shares with the US a Cancer Sun which gives priority to the homeland and security but also abundance and humane generosity. Its natal Neptune in Aries means that military conflict, always involving the US in some way, is a defining feature of its history in spite of its peaceful intentions. Canada’s natal Moon is in Gemini, which certainly emphasizes the importance of internal debates and communications, and also makes it sensitive to US Gemini placements.

The Uranus conjunction is the Quebec factor. Many young men in Quebec refused to serve in both world wars because they did not wish to die for a British King. Many joined the Revolutionary Army and the Union Army. An alliance of Quebec militia, British soldiers and native guerillas stopped the American Army near Montreal in 1812; the commander of this alliance was a French-Canadian career officer in the British Army. You never know how Uranus will play out.

All this will come to light once more when Canada soon experiences its first Neptune return square Sun-Uranus concurrent to the US Uranus return.

There is a T-square in today’s New Moon chart that includes 6 of the 10 major planets, and the US Mercury (+ Trump’s Venus/Saturn + Biden’s Jupiter) turns it into a grand cross.

One of the 6 major planets is Jupiter, ruler of Justice, and it is trine Venus, ruler of Values and sextile Neptune, ruler of Escapism, creating a pattern that includes 8 of the 10 major planets.

The other 2 planets of the 10 major planets, Uranus and Mercury, are opposite one another.

The overall message, especially for the US (due to the US Mercury involvement) is challenge. It is the trine between Venus and Jupiter and the sextile between Neptune and Jupiter that allows this New Moon in Libra an opportunity to rise above the ensuing month’s friction.

Transiting Jupiter (part of the stellium in Capricorn) is trine the US natal chart’s Vesta (what is focused on and what is invested in) in Taurus and she, US Vesta, also trines the New Moon chart’s Venus (ruler of Taurus) in Virgo, and this grand trine suggests that an investment (Vesta) in values (Venus) will support justice (Jupiter) and perhaps equanimity. And no, I don’t know for sure that this is about ACB.

The US natal Vesta in Taurus also is sextile the New Moon chart’s Neptune in Pisces, and their sextile forms a Yod with the US natal Juno (about partnership) in Libra (about partnership), just 3 degrees away from the New Moon (Sun + Moon). This could help US Juno to adjust to some difficult situation brought on by her position at the apex of the aforementioned Yod between US Vesta and NM Neptune.

Two things to note about US Juno in Libra:
(1) she sextiles the New Moon Venus which opposes the New Moon Neptune that is part of the Yod that is putting pressure on poor US Juno, and

(2) US Juno in Libra is opposite US Chiron which is exactly where the New Moon Mars (one of the 6 major planets that make up the T-square in this Full Moon chart).

Without digging too deep, it would seem that cooperation is key to getting through the next 4 weeks, and the Universe has rather delicately provided a path to attain such cooperation. Watch your step.

Chris Christie on ABC:

“No matter what you’re doing, you should have a mask on and you should try to remain socially distant from folks. I did it for seven months and I stayed healthy. I didn’t do it for four days and I wound up in the ICU.”

“The Trump administration will announce a deal with CVS and Walgreens to administer a future coronavirus vaccine to seniors and staff in long-term care facilities FREE OF CHARGE”


Andre, re. your comment, “As far as I know, MO is the only astrologer who considers trines to be negative for country charts. Does anyone know what could be the basis for this?” – my own interpretation of trines depends on which planets are involved, as well as the houses, so trines are no ‘better’ than any other aspect. A trine can be a failure politically. It can be appeasement or ideally, it can be a best solution for all. But that is very hard to achieve (Saturn).

Trines are context specific. It’s just as dangerous to generalize about trines as it is about squares. Trines make an outcome ‘easier’, which can mean taking the low road because it’s less effort, confirms old biases, etc. OR it can mean all the dominoes have carefully been put in a row and the result looks effortless, but actually took planning and determination. Energy goes in either way. It only seems easy.

But, trines are not quite the same as luck, imo. Trines are inherently about a lack of resistance, but the truth is, there’s always resistance somewhere.

The question is, where is the resistance, or where WAS the resistance in the past?
This is especially telling in situations when there SHOULD be resistance! That’s the lazy way, when nobody puts up a fight – then it’s an easy win for somebody, but not necessarily a win-win with some balance.

My opinion of the way astrology works is heading more and more toward an essential need for balance. You look for the lack of balance in the chart. If there is little or no balance between the constricting forces and the expanding forces, the yielding forces and the attacking forces, then the outcome somehow will have unwanted consequences. In the mix, somebody is likely to have a trine-type outcome, an easy win, but what about the rest?

I started out years ago studying the I Ching, and while I didn’t get very far with it, I learned a few things about balance, which is the essence of nature and also essential for people (who are part of nature) to thrive. There is no long term success until there is balance.

Clearly, in current politics in many countries, not only in the US, there is a lot that is out of balance, out of whack. Consequences, therefore, will follow to find balance. Maybe Marjorie’s attitude toward trines comes from similar thinking.

It is possible an effective vaccine may never be developed. There are indications this virus has some unusual features we are yet to understand. Evidently, some who’ve been infected and recovered DID NOT develop immunity, i.e. the type of antibodies necessary to fight off the disease. Furthermore, other serious problems developed in some who’ve recovered, especially of the autoimmune variety.

regarding covid: One of the things NZ has been doing is extensive genome sequencing in conjunction with testing. Our scientists have tracked strains introduced from the different areas of the world. Since the virus readily mutuates, it has enabled separate cluster tracing to be linked to sources of infection more effectively. I also imagine this mutation characteristic would make the vaccination development more challenging.

When donald said he had no idea where he caught covid, it became apparent to me that he is either lying (no surprise) or the US govt is failing to do any genomic sequencing in order to ring fence infectious sources.

There have only been 5 confirmed reinfections out of how many millions of cases? So it’s possible but not likely, and most people will be able to mount an adequate immune response. We won’t know how long that immune response lasts until the first vaccinated people have been vaccinated for a while.

The Brits are starting challenge trials soon – where healthy vaccinated people are exposed to large doses of the disease on purpose to see whether they get sick and how sick they get.

Nina, with Trump getting antibody therapy, there is a lot of thought in the medical community that trump may not have enough natural antibodies and there is a higher chance he could be reinfected.

Quite a number of news sources are reporting Trump is openly musing about leaving the country. Some of us on this blog months ago suggested he might do precisely that. I’ve personally thought he might flee to a country with no extradition treaty with the USA.

Some have suggested Russia. But Russia seems to me a bad choice, as he owes too much money to Russian oligarchs. Then again, perhaps all would be forgiven were he to spill all his intelligence beans to Mr. Putin.

If he leaves before election day it might qualify as the craziest, worst political scandal in the history of democracy. AND, …Could anything be more embarrassing and possibly damaging to the US than our head of state fleeing the country and revealing all our secrets to our enemies?

The link below is from Business Insider.

Trump says ‘maybe I’ll have to leave the country’ if he loses the 2020 election to Joe Biden

Marjorie Orr:



Just Call It The Trump Swamp

For anyone attempting to understand Donald Trump’s presidency — to really grasp its essence — the place to look isn’t the White House or the federal agencies or even the Supreme Court, with its expanded conservative majority. The lurid heart of Trumpist Washington lies within the grand, Romanesque-revival building at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street, Northwest: the Trump International Hotel.

Built at the close of the 19th century, the structure originally served as the city’s main post office, a towering tribute to public service. Under Mr. Trump, it now stands as both a monument to and a tool for advancing the endless spectacle of self-dealing and corruption that has come to define this president, his family and much of his administration.


Goodbye civil rights and voting rights, hello gun rights. Amy Coney Barrett has worked for the nation’s largest anti-LGBTQ organization. She definitely gives Christianity a bad name.

Dr. Victoria Scerbo:

Tarot reading for the New Moon in Libra


21 minutes

WOW! That was great ja; thank you! Dr. Scerbo was laid back which was refreshing, and unique in her way of blending astrology and card reading.

We both agree that this Libra New Moon is going to be challenging and will require working together, aka partnership, and where I used the US natal chart to narrow down some specifics, she used cards to narrow down how those challenges express in life.

Delighted to meet her and hope to get her take on that Halloween Full Moon conjunct transiting Uranus – a full moon that sextiles US natal Ceres that squares US natal Uranus. Talk about explosive!!! It could be weather or it could be Covid or it could be Trump.

(Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer will trine the transiting Sun at 8+ Scorpio that trines US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces; a grand trine, and that Full Moon herself + transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus turns the grand trine into a Kite pattern) Trick or treat indeed.

Henri, on October 15th at 4:48 pm you wrote: I have hopes that just maybe, for the sake of all the research now being done, that they are all connected. Now wouldn’t that be amazing.

Yes, it would be amazing… but I think it’s entirely possible. Like you, I was taken back by the supplements and drugs they were using for CoVid, and how they tracked with what I’m taking (altho I stayed far away from Hydroxychloroquine because of side effects).

Scientists have come up with different ideas about lupus and other Auto-immune diseases, but not an effective treatment regimen for the harder diseases, like your scleroderma and my lupus SLE. It would be nice to see that change. I’ve lost some close friends to lupus, and have one friend’s daughter (an “adopted” niece) with RA and another with MS. My daughter’s now been diagnosed with lupus and she also has hashimoto’s thyroid. I remember back in the 80’s when all these autoimmune diseases started popping up around me. Just so weird…

kiwi – interesting you found shingles as a possible trigger for autoimmune. I read one scientific paper that traced lupus SLE to having hip replacement surgery. What struck me was I was diagnosed less than a year after hip surgery! What in the world would one have to do with the other?

Eliseo – congrats on getting your vote on! We tried last Thursday, but I wanted to transfer the title to Mom’s car from her to me at the same time and had a heck of a time getting our printer to print out the new insurance forms on it. So, we decided to go on Friday. Unfortunately, that’s when the latest batch of poison ivy decided to really kick me in the butt, so I called doc for more prednisone and we’re trying for Monday now. I’ve figured out I’ve gotten more sensitive to poison ivy as I’ve gotten older.

emma – while I don’t agree with the refusal to work with LGBTQ, I at least know what pigeon hole to fit them into with it. But why, oh why, the disabled??? What was the reasoning behind that thought? Is it now against their religion to help the disabled, as well as the poor, sick, hungry, and needy? Lazarus must be turning over in his grave! Death is the great disabler!

BuckeyeShadow, on October 16th, at 7:57 am you wrote “Fascism: As polling turns against him, Trump lays groundwork for mass violence”

Don’t know if you’ve read Born to Run the Numbers yet or not, but they hypothesize that everything Trump is doing is going to lead to him contesting just enough close states that “matter” to take it the Supreme Court. However, they don’t believe he’s going to put all his eggs in that basket, since they have prior ruled against him on some important points. They believe connecting all the dots, that Trump will so as much confusion and ill-will as possible, even turning lose his “Trump Army” of locked and loaded misfits to help. Then he’ll propose a “deal” by which he’ll leave the white house, stop the violence from his militias, and avoid criminal and civil trials.

I hope to goddess they don’t do this. We HAVE to see Trump in court, in a fair trial, and convicted of his various crimes against the State. Too much has been done over these past 4 years to see THIS one walk away free and untouched. If that happens, I don’t care who’s president.. we no longer have the “rule of law” in this country.

ja, thanks for posting the link about NZs election. Jacinda’s style of leadership won the day – that of projecting kindness and clarity without political doublespeak games. I see her as trying to implement the concept of “us” versus ‘us verus them’. Her last budget was named a “wellbeing budget” which took into consideration more factors than just money. She has managed to skillfully deflect media attempts to fan controversy and blame and has intsead worked on building consensus. Even my 92yr old mother, who has a lifetime of voting for “national” (the center right party), was totally turned off by their blame game, flame throwing rhetoric, and internal disarrayed back-biting. My hope is that NZ will portend and set the example of of a political style to come globally, in a similar vein that women’s suffrage did.

Slightkc and Henri, I admire your strength in dealing with your maladies and want to thank you for your discussion on treatments, symptoms and what you have learned from your expriences. What you said about “all the research” made me wonder how much of that research was/is done in the US.

One of the reasons I firmly believe the US natal chart’s ascendant is Sagittarius is because this country has, from the beginning, pushed the boundaries on many frontiers seeking new lands, new ideas and new methods and ways of doing things better.

I hope for you both, and all the people waiting for a cure for whatever disease problem that has not yet been solved, that soon those answers will be found. Peace and Love.

Here is another link for you, kiwi.

‘Jacinda Ardern, Hero to Liberals Abroad, Is Validated at Home’
New Zealand’s prime minister and her party are coasting to victory in national elections, though it is unclear how far she will push her progressive promises.


forgive me for sharing this, but I really think Jacindas speech is inspiring – ‘build back better’

Kiwi, her speech was heartening. You are fortunate to have her. She reminds us of what is possible elsewhere. New Zealand shows the way.

A great article on the tension between democracy and the Supreme Court since the beginning of the American Republic.


Kiwi, Andre,
“New Zealand shows the way.”
Not the first time NZ has led the world.
It was the first nation to extend the vote to women, and has been first in many other ways as well.

IMHO, New Zealand and Iceland are the two most underestimated nations on the planet.

a footnote comment re NZ politics: routine now in public speaking is that the greeting is frequently spoken in the maori language before english, as a sign of respect to the first people of the land as equal partners, as is displayed in NZs coat-of-arms.

Federal minimum wage:

2009: $7.25 2014: $7.25
2010: $7.25 2015 $7.25
2011: $7.25 2016: $7.25
2012: $7.25 2017: $7.25
2013: $7.25 2018: $7.25
2019: $7.25 2020: $7.25
Wealth of 400 richest Americans: 2009: $1,270,000,000,000
2020: $3,200,000,000,000


Andre Thank you for the Ron Brownstein article in the Atlantic.

The disputes over deadlines for mail-in ballots and the errors in completion of mail-in ballots are likely to continue past election day, according to CNN and NY Times. They will be settled by appeals courts and/or Supreme Court. However, according to prominent pollster Charlie Cook, Democrats have 290 electoral votes in the Solid, Likely and Lean categories. Republicans have 163 electoral votes in the Solid, Likely and Lean categories and would need 85 (100%) electoral votes from the Toss Up column plus 22 votes from the Lean Democrat column. Toss-up states include: North Carolina (15 electoral votes), Florida (29 electoral votes) and Georgia (16 electoral votes).

Trump owes at least a billion, more than twice the debt he has so far admitted.


I’m not sure if anyone posted about it yet, but my friend & a few others really loved “The Way I See It” – which will be re-broadcast tonight on MSNBC at 10 ET. He was a WH photographer who captured beautiful stuff of past presidents like Obama & Reagan. She said it made her cry for the U.S. and others agreed.

Meanwhile, my BIL just saw Social Dilemma and got off FB immediately.

Sorry – editing omission again. I’m a terrible proof reader of casual posts. “He” refers to Pete Souza, a long-time WH photographer.

Finally, an honest answer. Amy Coney Barrett slips and says she will approach every case with an open wine.


I love a case of open wine.

It was a grand show indeed Sharon, kind of a tear jerker for me, but quite beautiful.

Looking at the planets for Thursday’s debate the transiting Moon will be right in between transiting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and trine transiting Venus in Virgo that’s conjunct US natal Neptune. The People (Moon) will hear support for their values (Venus) tinged with some, if not a lot, of idealism (US Neptune).

As the 2000 Saturn-Jupiter cycle still has 2 months left and, in effect, completes a grand trine with transiting Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo on Debate night, having had its start degree in Taurus, it will carry a lot of weight in this last hurrah of the campaign.

That 2000 chart’s South Node (what’s no longer of service) at 25+ Cap is where trans. Saturn is at Debate time. That same South Node was trine Ceres at 26+ Virgo in the 2000 chart which can be seen as symbolizing part of the Covid event as well as the rampent fires in the west, not to mention the missing children of people seeking asylum at our southern border.

Ceres in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart was also sextile the North Node (path forward) in Cancer which conjuncts US natal Mercury + Joe Biden’s Jupiter + Trump’s Saturn-Venus.

This sextile put US natal Vesta (investment) and Moon (People) in Aquarius (+ the descendent of the 2000 chart) at the apex of a Yod which would mean having to make an adjustment, and in opposition to Trump’s ascendant-Mars in Leo (+ the 2000 chart’s ascendant) it turned the whole damn thing into a boomerang pattern where all that combined energy landed. On Trump’s Mars.

Remember, the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus was squared by Uranus (shock) in Aquarius at the same degree in Aquarius as the US progressed Mercury, so this whole fiasco was part of a plan to awaken (Uranus) our minds (US prog. Mercury). This election is the test as to whether or not it worked.

I could write a thesis on the relationship between the Jupiter-Saturn cycle of 2000-2020 and the US, but suffice it to say that yet another goddess, this time transiting Vesta (investment) at 0+ Virgo on the night of this last debate, will sextile transiting Sun (consciousness) at 0+ Scorpio, and their sextile forms a Yod with the US natal chart’s IC (roots) at 1+ Aries, which will be uncomfortable unless it makes an adjustment.

That Yod becomes a Boomerang, when the US MC and Joe Biden’s natal Neptune at 1+ Libra is added to the pattern, and that’s where the combined energy will wind up.

Good work Jupiter-Saturn cycle; mission accomplished (good Lord willin’).

It affected me that way, too, Barb, and several others I know, but it also brought back those marvelous days of President Obama and the thrill of his presidency–the excitement, joy and comfort we all felt. I want that again! I sense that we can have a continuation in a new way with Biden, someone who is not the polished communicator Obama was but a leader who can lead with compassion, determination and do the hard work to move forward, in spite of the challenges. Someone on DU was saying that he has watched Joe change during these months of contemplation in his basement, before he resumed campaigning, and move towards being a new incarnation of FDR (I may have mentioned this already) as I think Eliseo has spoken about. I want to see Joe continue to do well at the debate Thursday as we know Trump will be out for blood in a sense. He will give it his last hurrah, and needle Biden in a more prepared way, as he probably learned that his undisciplined approach will not work well, so maybe he’ll resort back to jabs and insults, etc. He may even come prepared with some policy plans! I noticed that black moon lillith moves onto Joe’s moon in 0 Taurus that day and I hope it does not affect him emotionally in a challenging way.


‘ Fox News on the Right of America’s Split Screen’


By the way, after tonight, I’m not sure there are too many ways to watch, “The Way I See It” for the time being, so Google it if you want to see it. There are ways. It’s been in some theatres and coming to others but not with a broad release. One way to view it is on Hulu. If you don’t have a paid subscription, you can take out the free 7-day trial and watch it during that time. The filmmakers should really have made it more accessible. Souza does have 2 books out – one about the Obama presidency and one called “Throwing Shade” (at Trump). and he can also be accessed on Instagram, apparently, where he posts specific portraits he took during the Obama presidency as a direct contrast to Trump, with captions like: “This is what respect looks like.”

interesting quote from within one of our media’s articles today
“A huge reason that our politics is not so extremely polarised and so far out there is because we no longer have Murdoch-owned press in New Zealand”

for those that like Kim, she has a new video out – a bit different and thought provoking

Sharon K,
I agree JB has gone through some kind of self transformation, or reawakening, though I think he always had it in him. Considering his working class experience and the tragic events he has personally endured, it’s no surprise he easily and effortlessly identifies with the suffering of those who’ve lost loved ones, and those enduring economic hard times. The pandemic, and the contrast with Trump’s horrible behavior have just made his empathy more conspicuous.

I think he even has compassion for Donald Trump! At worst, Trump inspires intense hatred, and at best righteous indignation. We’ve never before had such an overtly avaricious, incompetent, puerile criminal in the White House. The man is openly guilty of
sedition in encouraging insurrection in Democratic governed cities and states. Liberate Michigan indeed! Yet…Joe measures his indignation well, tempering it with his knowledge the man is deeply sick.

Because of my and others astrological interpretation, I thought maybe whomever JB chose as his running mate would become our new FDR. It appears to me now, I was wrong. Its becoming obvious Biden himself may be growing into becoming our new FDR.

Sharon K,
In particular, when and if the Supremes nix ObamaCare, Joe or whomever is president, will have no choice but to pursue a single payer, Medicare for all solution, possibly through amendment rather than legislation. This is more likely if Barrett is confirmed.

Sedition: noun 
1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.

Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison. I believe a strong case could be made that DJT is guilty of sedition. He incites discontent and rebellion, and has advocated for the overthrow of various duly elected city and state governments including Michigan. He is threatening a coup against the United States if he does not win the election.

Treason is the only crime actually defined in the U.S. Constitution. Article three, Section three states the following.
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

We need to know if DJT knew of Russia’s payment of bounties to Islamic extremists in Afghanistan to kill U.S. soldiers. No response , i.e. doing nothing while an adversary targeted the killing of our soldiers on the battlefield would be a classic example of “giving aid and comfort to our enemies.” Also damning would be advocating on behalf of Russia’s reinstatement into the G-7 while they are paying bounties for the killing of our soldiers.

It is possible as former Governor Weld strongly believes, DJT is also guilty of treason.

And then… in addition to the accusation of rape, are the several financial crimes he is being investigated for by the attorney general of NY state, and by prosecutors in the Southern District of NY state.

Forbes magazine states the notion Trunp is in debt to the tune of 421 million dollars is a serious underestimate. They believe he owes more than 1 billion, but has assets worth about 3.66 billion.


Sharon K, I, too, watched “As I See It” and loved it.
Talk about a feel-good movie. The nostalgia I felt for a loving, normal family in The White House. The Biden’s will bring that back to us, I believe.

I just hate it when I make a mistake, but when I do I try to correct it. Last night I wrote about the US Moon being in a Yod, together with US Vesta, when I should have written US Pallas; equally important goddesses (asteroids) but different in meaning. Instead of the Moon (the People) and their investment (Vesta) being in the apex of a Yod it should have been the Moon and Plans (Pallas) in that position of having to adjust.

The sextile that the US Moon and US Pallas were in a Yod with was the Ceres in Virgo and the North Node in Cancer in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart. That North Node was conjunct US natal Mercury + Joe Biden’s natal Jupiter and Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn.

Now we see that the US People (US Moon) have been adjusting due to Covid (Ceres in Jupiter-Saturn 2000 chart)and to Biden and Trump dissimilarities (North Node in Jupiter-Saturn 2000 chart + Trump’s Venus/Saturn + Biden’s Jupiter + US natal Mercury).

So the people’s plan (US Pallas conjunct US Moon) to vote Republican Party has (IMO) changed (adjusted) to voting Democratic Party, as foretold by the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began in the year 2000 and which will end in December, 2020.

Sorry for my error last night.

BREAKING: The Trump campaign has just sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, begging them not to ask questions about COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security or Leadership. They only want question on Foreign Policy.


Angellight, I can understand why Trump would want to narrow the debate field but geesh! He doesn’t even have any foreign policy chops to brag on… unless he wants to brag on that fake “peace pact”.. or maybe helping MBS with a certain reporter?

Biden will wipe the floor with him inre foreign policy. All Trump has is dissing our allies and cozying up to our enemies!

Covid and its destruction of our economy is the main thing on voter’s minds… at least beyond getting Trump out of office. Period.

What a dumb thing for Trump to do. Frankly, I don’t think there ought to be another debate. We have no idea when he first tested positive for CoVid, nor the last time he tested negative. I’m cynical… I wouldn’t put it past him to try to infect Joe on purpose!

He probably wants to talk about Bidens and Russia, the Ukraine, China or some other stupid ass thing, Angellight and slightkc. Other than that, I’m sure they will make up some fairy tale about how China respects us now, and the trade situation is more fair to us, etc. I don’t see why the debate commission should give in. He will find a way to talk about what he wants to anyway, just as Pence did. (I would have liked to have seen Kamala answer the questions asked of her more succinctly, too, and then add the other stuff.)

Barb, what you are saying makes a lot of sense. Do you think black moon lillith on Biden’s moon will stir things up for him emotionally?

Eliseo, may God give JB the strength and clarity to do what is good for our country. I know he will have a great team, including the ear of the Obamas who he might get to head some task force. Medicare for all is a large undertaking and it might roll out better in stages over a few years. I remember when, under the younger Bush, there were some adjustments to Medicare. I worked for a medical school and it took quite a while to get the kinks out. Also, the medical profession does not get reimbursed very well under Medicare, and there has to be a supplemental plan to help the payee, for those who can afford one. It has to be planned carefully or its critics will make the Dems look bad again as they did with the ACA. I’m not saying it’s not possible to do it right but when it comes to bureaucracy, I’m sure the Peter principle applies (and that will empower those who want small government). I know Biden has a public/private HC plan but I haven’t read anything about it yet.

Trump is grandstanding (surprise, surprise), and of course he is also increasingly delusional, paranoid and desperate. The debate commission won’t change anything. The topics, time, place, duration, format, and mod are set. That’s that. And even if they would seriously consider doing so, why would they after he essentially bailed on debate #2?

My guess is he’s probably going to come out in debate #3 on Thursday swinging at Biden over the Hunter non-story. He’ll be super aggressive and nasty and try to sling as much mud as possible at Biden to try and damage him on the eve of the election. And just like in #1, he’ll way overplay his small hand and just reinforce why he’s unfit for office.

He’s scared, folks. And he should be. He’s going to go down as a loser on November 3, the one thing he fears being most.

It truly feels like the perfect storm is converging on him. He might have more or less dodged a bullet with his COVID-19 infection, and it did nothing to humble him as it would have for most people. But Trump is not going to escape the consequences of the endless stream of bullsh!t, corruption and immorality he has strewn about throughout his public life as an adult. Not this time. Running for POTUS will prove in hindsight to have been the most fateful and catastrophic decision of his life, and in the lives of his children.

Watching Trump Jr. whine about how his daddy is going to disband the FBI is more like a desperate cry for help wrapped in bravado than anything. When his dad is charged, tried, and convicted as a felon, Jr’s life in politics and high society is essentially over. We will read about him being discovered under a bridge as a homeless person. Or maybe he will turn up OD’ed on opiates. Capricorn boy is about to take a tumble off his BS mountain. It’s a long way down.

Early this evening, we crossed the line of 30 million votes cast! That’s very close to half the votes a candidate needed to be elected president in 2016, and we have 15 voting days left.

Texas, remarkably, is leading in percentage of 2016 votes cast at 45.3% (except for Vermont, but it’s all vote by mail, not a fair comparison) Also, Texas has very restrictive absentee voting rules, so it’s almost all in person voting.

Second place goes to Georgia. It seems the way to make voters determined to come out is to try hard to keep them from voting.

Sharon, I think transiting Black Moon Lilith conjunct Joe Biden’s Moon probably means he will speak out in defense of Gretchen Whitmer and/or Nancy Pelosi against something Trump says about them, or maybe he will get a question about the Equal Rights Amendment or about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, since BML is associated with anger about the inequality of women in the age of patriarchy.

I’m enjoying these posts A LOT. Barb, that sounds good – I’ll look for it. Teresa – great news! BuckeyeShadow, I agree.

Here’s a lovely, encouraging story:

Some good news for mail-in ballot voters, finally:

And this particular tidbid from DU – well – I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but it is VERY tantalizing!

Rule of Claw (464 posts)
My Twitter “Earthquake is Coming” Chatter Is Off The Charts
My sources are good, as they were with the NYT tax story. Thing is not being told as to what except that it does involve a major Trump scandal. Only thing I am told is that when it breaks, by comparison, you will ask, “what taxes?” Other words being used are “historical, unprecedented, discombobulating, and “will politically end the GOP.” Take it as you will.

I don’t see my post for some reason (probably the links I included) so I’ll just keep this short and say, thanks, Barb, that sounds good & I’ll watch for it. Great news, Teresa, especially since it’s TX & GA that we’re talking about, and I agree that DT is scared, BuckeyeShadow. As far as Trump Jr., in Michael Cohen’s book it comes out that Trump was a deplorable father and he was particularly hard on his sons, especially Jr., who he seems to have routinely called a loser. Terribly hurtful situation. I wouldn’t say that Baron is a happy, healthy kid, either, especially after viewing “The Way I See It” – the film about Pete Souza’s photo coverage of the Reagans and Obamas. Next to the Obamas (and the Reagans as well, the Trump family is remarkable like The Adams Family (I’m sure I read that here) — which is no surprise, knowing the family history on DT’s side.

Folks, great discussion, but I beg to differ on the ultimate ‘punishment’ Trump will incur once he loses the election and Biden is inaugurated. It will take a bit of time to wind down, but Dems will be plenty busy with urgent matters in the new administration. Chasing Trump will get put on the back burner, imo. I don’t think anybody is going to pardon him for anything, but it is a government’s choice who they actually go after, and even horrible dictators in the past have just quietly faded out, to live out their days in obscurity. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump will be seen standing next to all the other living presidents in some official photo or other quite soon.

The way I see it, Trump will definitely suffer financial consequences for his taxes and possibly for other money matters, but he will not go to jail or come even close. He will walk out the door after the election fuss is over and that will be that. Other than throwing a hail Mary pass at the election, which he will lose because of Covid and more Covid, Trump’s game is to generate enough stink to give him a bargaining position for his exit.

Once Biden wins and the inauguration is done, the new powers will survey the destroyed political landscape. They will see that it’s to everyone’s benefit to take a breather, let things go, and get on with the job. They will let the the SD of NY and other legal districts nail Trump with all the financial fraud they can handle, which has little or nothing to do with his having been President.

The new powers will, above all, want to preserve the presidency and revive its reputation as an honorable institution. To do that, they have to go easy on Trump AS president because they want future presidents to have freedom of action, as presidents before Trump had when nobody noticed or cared. That freedom of action will surely be needed in coming years and it is worth preserving instead of cramping down a bunch of new rules because Trump broke all the unwritten ones. The powers have to take the long view.

Unless there is something (which they have been unable to find, or prove, thus far) that firmly and unquestionably nails Trump with crimes in his OFFICIAL capacity as President, they will HAVE to let it go or the country will be in paralysis for years more to come. That is just plain reality politics.

Also, tough financial times are coming soon and the political earthquakes aren’t finished either. Trump’s not the only problem person who needs to be dealt with. What the Dems need is a year of peace, a year to collect the country together in some way, which in itself will be impossible to achieve, but they have to try.

The last thing they need is an endless series of headlines about the horrible things Trump got away with for 4 years. If they go on and on about Trump, what’s going to happen at the midterm elections? Will people then be saying Biden hasn’t got anything done and suddenly it’s back to a stalemate all around? Dems have to make changes and talking about Trump is NOT change.

The Dems won’t want to rake over the coals of the Trump administration for very long. They have to deal with it in the short run, but the sooner they get on with their new agenda, the easier it will be to get through the coming financial crisis, as well as the health crisis, as well as the racial, ethic, social class divides.

Exactly how do you heal a fractured country? It won’t be easy. Dems in power will have a hell of a time just managing day to day for the first 100 days, never mind fending off 50,000 hot interviews and scandal headlines in the media that just repeat Trump’s scandals. Although the media, of course, would be delighted to carry on in the same way. Their ratings are spectacular and the thought that there won’t be a Donald Trump to kick around anymore is probably giving them a hernia this minute.

All I’m saying is that the health of the nation, both bodily re. Covid (which will go on for at least another full year before it’s done) and politically, will depend on Biden and Harris & co. tamping down the crazies and cooling down the rhetoric as fast and firmly as possible.

Trump will whine and cry until he makes his deal – but a deal there will be. Trust me, that’s the truth about politics. The pols will leave it to historians to sort out the right and wrong. For living politicians like Biden in the here and now, economic survival and control of inflamed public passions is the No. 1 priority, as soon as Covid simmers down after wave 3.

Once Saturn finally goes into Aquarius for good after Christmas*, things will take on a whole different tone. And let’s hope for everyone’s sake that it doesn’t involve very much of Donald Trump.

*Saturn hits 3 degrees Aquarius just before the inauguration, which is when it will finally be ‘seated’ in the new sign.

You usually make a deal great deal of sense. You did so again. SDNY will, as you say probably charge DJT with a number of NY state crimes, none of them having to do with his presidency. No matter how angry we may be with him, it will probably be wise strategy for Dem leaders to remain silent and aloof as SDNY does its job.

Although he is clearly and obviously guilty of a number of federal crimes, and crimes against the American people, the Earth, and many abroad, it will be historians, not Dem politicians who will have the job of plumbing the depths of his depravity, as they expose and document his many moral and legal transgressions.

I suspect he will be obliged, possibly forced to undergo a psych and neurological evaluation when and if the SDNY charges him with NY state crimes. In that context, IMO we’ll likely discover he is in an early stage of dementia, and possibly has a frontal lobe problem. Those diagnoses are in addition to probable dyslexia, ADHD, and of course his sociopathy and malignant narcissism. Such diagnoses may change the equation dramatically.

The caveat for all of this depends on how he behaves post-election, and post-presidency. All bets are off if he continues to spread dangerous conspiracy theories, or another birther type controversy.

Perhaps the more serious problem will be his many devoted followers.

I do not mean to minimize that IMO, Mr. Trump is guilty of both sedition and treason. I just suspect that if he is convicted of anything at all, it would more likely be the NY state charges.

Beowulfie, any reason you picked 3 degrees of Aquarius for Saturn to be ‘seated’, other than the inauguration?

I ask because the chart for the US Ceres cycle that recently ended had Venus at 3+ Aquarius and it was square US progressed Saturn at 3+ Scorpio.

The chart for new US Ceres Cycle that started on May 28th is trine Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer which is where Hades is in the new US Ceres Return chart. I wondered if 3 Aquarius might be where Trump had a progressed something.

These back-to-back US Ceres cycles seem to be connected, beyond their activation of US natal Uranus that squares US natal Ceres.

China reportedly increases military in preparation for invasion of Taiwan


Does anyone have a chart for Taiwan? Or know what we might consider an accurate birthdate or time? It is unique as its political status is purposefully ambiguous.

I’m wondering if the PRC is planning invasion during the period after our US election and before the Biden inauguration. Politically, that might be uniquely ideal while the US is distracted, and weak and lame duckling Trump is screaming and yelling how our election was rigged as he incites his followers to enact local vengeance.

• Xinhai Revolution 1 January 1912
• Took control of Taiwan 25 October 1945
• Constitution adopted 25 December 1947
• Government moved to Taipei 7 December 1949
• Status defined by law. 16 July 1992 &
passed on 31 July 1992.

Marjorie Orr:


Cancer is in the news today, what with James Redford, an award-winning documentary film maker & Robert’s son, dying of bile duct cancer after coping with liver disease & 2 transplants throughout his life; Jeff Bridge’s announcement that he has treatable lymphoma; and Limbaugh’s news that he is in the terminal phase of lung cancer.

A local friend passed last week after 6 years of treatment, often winning.

My intuitive counselor was re-affirming to me the other day that we are not our bodies — we are our Spirits, here for a relatively short time. Nothing is an accident — there is reason and purpose for everything that happens to us, individually and collectively (as Barb is so good at demonstrating astrologically).

In Conversations With God (possibly volume 2), God tells Neal Walsh that the day we die is the happiest day of our lives — we are free again. I told that to my aunt who was under treatment about 20 years ago, and she unexpectedly died the next day.

My counselor also told me that I should think of myself as the most precious baby, cradled in the arms of the most incredibly loving mother/nurturer, surrounded by golden light — as a way to love myself and others.

I share this in the hopes it will benefit all.

(Aquarius is my 8th house, by the way, and I have mercury there opposing a moon/pluto conjunction.)

Sharon K: Beautiful. We are indeed spirits experiencing life on Earth in this physical vehicle, which is not ourselves.

I am seeing Joe Biden’s natal Neptune (no boundary lines) at the top of the US natal Sibly chart, the MC that symbolizes how the world sees the US. I automatically have used the keyword of compassion for Joe’s influence, due to his reputation and history of family loss.

Now I am seeing him as dissolving what divides us; disappearing those boundary lines between Dems and Pubs primarily. That’s what Neptune does best. That and healing. Compassion is quite desirable too.

Transiting Pluto is parked at 22+ Capricorn where Pluto and Saturn started their new cycle last January, and at that time transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus and transiting Pholus at 2+ Capricorn and transiting Transpluto at 2+ Virgo were creating a grand trine.

Transiting Pluto then is activating that cycle with transiting Saturn and the grand trine within it, as seen in the early and mail-in voting and the collapse of Trump the person and the myth.

Uranus is about shock and surprise, Pholus is about some small thing starting a big effect (turnout the votes) and Transpluto is about the process of becoming whole.

That includes people who never vote, elderly and young voters, and disillusioned Pubs as well as dependable Dem voters. WE are all one.

Donnie Deutch on MSNBC gave an interesting answer to why Trump is saying the horrible lies at his rallies and continuing spewing the hateful rhoteric everywhere. Deutch’s reasoning is that Trump is expecting to lose the vote and is setting himself up for his TV channel. This makes sense to me and I am wondering how the success of that looks in the varies Trump family charts for the coming years.


I have a visualization I call the Mother God that always comforts me when I’m at my lowest. I imagine God is the kindest, most loving mother, and when we need to, we can go sit at her feet, lean our head onto her lap, tell her all our troubles and cry if we need to, while she strokes our hair and sympathizes with our problems, then tells us everything is going to be okay.

Limbaugh’s apparent fate should surprise no one, himself included. How many years has this man blasted the airwaves with his smug sense of entitlement, victimhood, and reactionaryism? All the hate, bile, and toxicity he has spewed for years was bound to show up in his body eventually. He definitely has personified the truly ugly side of Capricorn more than most.

‘Fauci: No Quick End to Pandemic’

In a sobering message to physicians and their patients, the United States’ top infectious disease official suggests the rampaging SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is going to be with us for a while.

“We are now in the middle of an explosive pandemic of historic proportions, the likes of which we have not experienced in the last 102 years with over a million deaths worldwide and 38 million cases – and the end is not in sight,” Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said as keynote speaker at the virtual annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians.


Thanks, Angellight, and, Teresa, I love it. I imagine many picture Mother Mary that way. I had a neighbor under treatment for 2 years and for a long while I pictured Mother Mary and her ladies up on his roof, dancing to a Motown song and exuding deep brilliant blue healing energy into the house. I don’t know why that image came to me but it did.

I have a few physical things I’m dealing with, not as challenging as what others have shared here, but still challenging. I think my counselor was trying to impress on me that a) the spirit and mind are so much more powerful than the flesh and can feel love, joy & help others no matter what else is happening; b) helping others strengthens the spirit even more; c) feeling we are a very loved, perfect and precious baby is healing and maybe can even heal our physical issues.

BarbK, the reason I picked 3 degrees of Aquarius for Saturn to be ‘seated’ is only according to the usual guide for horary charts, where any planet over 27 degrees or before 3 degrees is either too late or too early to allow a judgment (except in some unusual cases that involve the querant’s natal chart as well).

Keeping in mind that 29 & 0 are recognized ‘critical’ degrees with extra power, the 2 degrees on either side of them are also considered to be in a zone of uncertainty or a state of change.

The concept can apply to a blend of influences in both signs and houses, but mostly people seem to mention it with regard to signs. I think just about every classic text has some kind of mention of it. The idea being that once it’s past 27 degrees it’s almost in the next sign/house and until it’s past 3 degrees, the transition isn’t complete.


Your New York Post re: China invading Taiwan rattled me. I’ve combed over many of the big U.S. papers and have not seen any other mention of this development. Isn’t the NYP prone to high drama and controversial headlines? I wouldn’t be surprised if team Trumpf created the story to signal threats of war which would likely benefit the sitting president. Just a thought.

Sharon and Theresa, beautiful images of Quan Yin, aka Blessed Mother aka Compassionate Mother

I like your image of how Neptune influences Joe Biden’s chart.

Laura Willow,
Your post re: Donny Deutche’s take on the strategy for Trumpfs current aggressive publicity stunts seems quite cogent.


Hands-down one of the most nauseating events I witnessed this past year was Trump putting the Medal of Freedom around Limbaugh’s fire-breathing gullet. It was beyond obscene and perverse.


I’d have to concur with the instability you speak of re: the 29 to 3-degreen planetary placements in a chart; I have three of them in my natal chart (0-Aries sun, 0- Venus in Taurus, 1-degree Mars in Taurus. I can affirm that it has been and continues to be a wild ride living through my chart.


Very Interesting!
My ascendant is at 27 degrees of Gemini, and my Mars is at zero degrees of Leo.

I knew Cindy McCain endorsed Biden, but absolute WOW! Michael Steele and Cindy McCain have each aired ads stating they’ve voted for Biden and encouraging other Republicans to do likewise.

Laura Willow,
The notion of a Trump radio, internet, or TV channel spewing his bilious propaganda post-election is a pretty horrifying thought!

Perhaps I overeacted to the NY Post article re: China invading Taiwan. It rattled me too. I likewise have combed over several news sources without having seen further confirmation. The paper presented a narrative that resonated well with my deep misgivings and wariness of the communist party of the PRC.

I apologize for having put you through any emotional turmoil. I sincerely hope you are correct it is made up propaganda. I’m just wary of what our enemies, knowing how weak DJT really is, knowing he has gutted our state dept., our diplomatic corp, ignores good intelligence, etc. might do during his lame duck days before he leaves office. I also think it quite rational to be on the lookout for possible post-election acts of vengeance by Trump, as well as encouragement of his followers to various bad behaviors.

Trump walked out early of his 60 Minutes Interview with Leslie Stahl and later posted a picture of her without a mask (she had taken it off for a brief time while gathering her things, she said & had not put it back on yet) and said they were going to release early footage of the interview (the WH was taping it for their archives, they said) to show how fake it was. Also, apparently someone whispered something in his ear just before he left (I read this gossip on DU). People are speculating it may have to do with the story on the secret Chinese bank account, or with the fact that Maxwell’s depo is going to be released Thursday (I doubt that it will implicate him). We shall see.

Let’s see: isn’t the Senate judiciary committee supposed to vote on ACB on 10/22 + Maxwell’s depo will be released + the debate….so it sounds like a big day. I think there’s a mars/jup square that day

Eliseo and will, there has been a lot of media attention outside the us on a possible invasion. Here is one such story but it’s hard to know if this is China posturing or actually planning an invasion.


For decades I’ve thought our China policy insane and profoundly naive. Many business people since the 70’s have expressed the view a near capitalist marketing system would enrich the Chinese people, transforming their nation into a democracy similar to ours. That kind of genuinely stupid horse hockey can only be the result of complete and profound ignorance of Chinese history and culture seasoned with a copius portion of Republican greed!

You are right it’s hard to know if that is China posturing or actually planning an invasion. Like Will suggested, it is also hard to know if such reports are real or propaganda. But taking Taiwan while the US is out of the game, i.e. during a lame duck Trump to Biden transition might well be the perfect time to make such a move and get away with it.

The strategic caveat the PRC communist party would need consider involves the realization such an act would ruin the trust of all other nations along with all future business opportunities and deals. Foreign companies operating in China would soon be pulling out assets, equipment, personnel, etc. unless the Red army militantly blocked and prevented them from leaving.

OK. Now I’m seeing other news sources reporting on a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. I won’t list the links, as there are too many, but here are the titles.

Here’s What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan – Bloomberg. Oct 7, 2020

Should Prepare Against Possible Chinese Invasion, White House Official Says
By Voice Of America News
October 16, 2020 07:42 PM

Could China invade Taiwan under President Xi Jinping, and would they win?
ABC News (Australia)
By Bang Xiao and Michael Walsh
Posted Fri 9 Oct 2020 at 8:04pm

China might be preparing for military invasion of Taiwan: What war could look like
Times Now Digital
Updated Oct 19, 2020 | 14:02 IST

To stop a Chinese invasion, Taiwan needs a stronger army
Los Angeles Times
OCT. 6, 2020 updated Oct.8.

China Keeps Inching Closer to Taiwan
The United States Needs to Get Serious About Defending Taiwan From Chinese Aggression. Here’s How.
Foreign Policy.com
1 day ago — If China invaded Taiwan 

Trump’s Chinese bank account – the latest October surprise. Unbelievable. What a hypocrite.


Will, Eliseo – the -3/+3 degrees either side of 0 degrees isn’t always ‘instability’. That’s a possibility, but I think the interpretation of a given degree or aspect in a chart is part of the entire chart picture. Not to focus too much on one thing when it’s really a complex mix.

Just because a person has a 29/0/1 degree point (like Trump’s 29 Leo Ascendant, or Pence’s Venus at 0 Leo), doesn’t mean the person is psychologically unstable in some way. The early/late degree may only indicate an unusual characteristic or a blend that makes the person unique in some way, and contributes to the overall personality (or event).

The sign change that has ‘just happened’ at 1 degree, or has built up to maximum at 29 (but with nowhere else to go but down from the mountaintop), or is about to tip into the a whole new world at 0, is interpreted within the whole set of personal circumstances. It’s not always drastic.

For example, a 29 Leo person (like Trump) may have privileges that allow him a huge playing field to express his ‘kingly’ impulses. But one aspect isn’t enough. To get exceptional privileges like Trump’s, the trend should be reinforced in other places in the chart (like Trump’s Sun Gemini in the 10th, etc.). The other aspects can reinforce the early or late degree to give it fuller meaning.

On the other hand, another person with 29 Leo may be a poor man with a healthy Leo ego, but no chance of getting a big audience. He may sing successfully at a Karaoke bar on Friday nights for the admiration that Leo likes to get.

Also, the sign’s mode makes a difference. 0 degrees cardinal can be quite different in expression than 0 degrees of a fixed or a mutable sign.

For example, does 0 to 1 of a cardinal sign make a person more likely to act first and think later? Or does he hesitate to act confidently? The answer is ‘it depends’ – the person may even do both at different times. The person may be able to switch approaches more easily than other people can. It might be a disadvantage (can’t decide) or a talent (flexibility/a broader viewpoint).

So, ‘instability’ is only one word in a whole range of behaviors that may fit the chart. There is no ‘rule’ about late or early degrees, except to understand they are degrees of transition, or bridges between phases, and so on. The transition from ‘what to what’ depends on the individual and the rest of the chart.

Trump paid $188,000 in taxes to China while paying $750 in federal taxes to USA. This sounds… patriotic.. And do remember, Trump did this while President.


This idiot just effectively put out a call to arms for Trump supporters to camp out in front of Biden’s house. @secretservice, I hope you are prepared for this.

Hannity Stalks Biden’s Home: ‘If You’re Still Awake… Walk Outside’


source=twitter&via=desktop via


Three quarters of Americans fear post-election violence.


A word about Pluto returns. A comparison with France’s last Pluto return is illuminating. The chart most commonly used for France is the chart for the first republican Constitution which abolished the monarchy in 1792. France is now under the Fifth Republic since 1958, meaning the fifth republican constitution after various attempts to restore the monarchy and Napoleon’s efforts to impose a new line of emperors for himself and his family in the 19th century.

Many countries have more than one chart. In the US, in addition to the Sibley chart which is most commonly used despite disagreements on its timing, astrologers refer to the Constitution chart of 1787 and the First President chart of 1789. For much older countries like France or the UK, much older charts can be used going back to the foundation of the unified State under kingly rule.

In France’s case, this original chart goes all the way back to 853 AD, when the French monarchy was instituted. Surprisingly, these ancient charts for France and England are still reliable. Marjorie Or, for example, uses them regularly.

The 853 chart had Pluto in the last degrees of Pisces. France had a Pluto return under that chart in 1821 on the very day Napoleon died. France will experience another Pluto return while Pluto is in Aquarius under its 1792 chart, which is also operative.

What is perhaps relevant for the US Pluto return is that Napoleon had definitively lost his throne six years earlier at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. That was perhaps the most acute phase of the period leading up to the Pluto return. France remained under great tension during those six years; it was occupied by foreign troops, Louis XVI’s brother was put back on the throne, and the country feared a comeback by Napoleon who was a prisoner of the British and was probably poisoned by them, but only after he had managed to dictate his memoirs, which had a great impact. Thirty years later, Napoleon’s nephew was elected President of France under the Second Republic, but then made a coup against himself and proclaimed himself Emperor under the name of Napoleon III. (He left the title of Napoleon II to Napoleon’s son, who had died at a young age). His reign lasted for about 20 years until a humiliating military defeat made him a prisoner of the Germans in 1870 and brought the Third Republic.

There are many lessons here for the US. The first is that as long as a tyrant is alive, he may be a cause of social tension or political instability even if he has lost power. The second is that a second tyrant may pick up the mantle of the first decades later. The third is that the tyrant and those who would imitate him always bring disasters to the nation. The fourth is that it takes many years to recover from a Pluto return, and there may be significant aftershocks from what is always a major earthquake of the poltical system.

Similarly, Spain had a Pluto return in the mid-1970s roughly when Franco, its dictator who ruled for forty years after winning a very bloody civil war, died. There are still aftershocks of that Pluto return currently despite the pandemic. Franco’s remains were moved to a more modest location last year amid much controversy. It is said the only countries with more mass graves than Spain are Cambodia and Iraq. They are still being discovered.

In the UK, the last Pluto return, one of many, occurred in the mid-Fifties. While not associated with a dictatorship, it was the time of the Suez crisis, when British, French and Israeli troops attempted to seize the Suez canal from Egypt. They were told off by Eisenhower and the Soviets and were forced to retreat. This downsizing is seen in the UK as the historical moment when the country lost the superpower status it had enjoyed for centuries. This closely followed the loss of most of its colonies, notably India and Pakistan in 1947. The current Brexit process can be seen as an unrealistic attempt to recover the glory of the past which may cause great economic damage during the worst of the pandemic. Again, a Pluto return that took place more than 60 years ago still seems to have long-lasting destabilizing effects on the international political system.

Eliseo and Will, FYI:
In 1976, Rupert Murdoch bought the Post for US$30.5 million. Since 1993, the Post has been owned by News Corporation and its successor, News Corp, which had owned it previously from 1976 to 1988.


Beowulfie, I read your message yesterday inre: Trump and “punishment”… and stopped myself from responding. But I’ve not been able to get it out of my head and heart since reading it.

You’re eloquent, intelligent, and damn… you really just make a hell of a lot of sense. But it *bothers* me deeply. The only thing I can pin that down to is the sense of injustice and betrayal of a supposedly U.S. foundational rule of law.

We’ve let these crooks into office at least twice before, and each pushes the edges of criminality, and yet there is never accountability. Meanwhile, “little” people without power are held to the letter of the law and/or worse. Maybe I just spent too many years under the “No justice; No peace” banner, but it -bothers- me.

I see the intelligence in what you say; the efficacy of it. But would allowing evil to walk away freely with all that’s been done – just be setting us up for another, probably worse, example of Trump in the future? Transitions are such iffy times, and we’ve got multiple transitions in both heavenly and mundane worlds coming at us. Trump with a “media empire” (ha!) constantly disparaging a new admin and constantly harping on his “perfect” administration and how set upon he was will keep his… dang, I almost wrote “Neanderthals” but Science has blown open the myths surrounding them. So, for lack of a better word, I’m going to call T*’s minions devils and demons. He’ll keep these devils riled, and army ever ready. If he were bankrupted into the poor house, they’d still be on his side, claiming democratic hoax. Worse, what of the National Security Risk he imposes as a private citizen with the knowledge he’s learned from the presidency? He’s already shown he’s a man without loyalty to anything, let alone a country.

I believe in karma, I really do… and I believe it works probably best without our interference. But as above, so below. I just can’t give the man… or the party… a free pass. At some point, these sociopaths have to learn there is a price that must be paid; an accountability to the people they’ve hurt, bankrupted, and killed.

I honestly don’t have an answer. Like I said, I just couldn’t get your message out of my head and heart last night. Then today, seeing similar talk from pundits of “deals being made” to guarantee a peaceful transition. Is there never to be a time when I can walk the streets without fear of some idiot with a gun taking exception to my pentacle or a CoExist sticker on my car?

What does that teach our kids? Crime doesn’t pay — unless it’s above a certain level? And then you can get away with anything here?

Like I said, you wrote so eloquently and with such intelligence and heart, I can’t totally disagree with you. It just worries me for what it will forebodes for the future, and the message it sends to those who may have a less than solid grip on right/wrong; good/bad; have/have not. IOW – what does it mean for the very concept of Justice, Nationally, globally, and now astronomically with the militarization and first steps of commercialization of space.

If the debate scheduled for Thusday takes place it is worthy to note that transiting Saturn at 25+ Capricorn will conjunct the present Saturn-Jupiter cycle chart’s South Node (the past that no longer serves growth) at 25+ Capricorn.

That said, the North Node in the Saturn-Jupiter chart at 25+ Cancer conjuncts the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer as well as Trump’s natal Venus-Saturn and Biden’s natal Jupiter.

As well, the chart for the present cycle between Saturn and Jupiter had Neptune at 6+ Aquarius, the same degree where the US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus reside. You do recall that Pholus symbolizes a kerfuffle that gets way out of hand, and that Neptune symbolizes the effect that wine has on people, and that opening the sacred wine is what got Pholus inro deep dodo.

This makes me wonder if the story that Angellight linked above, about Fox News stalking Biden’s house, will come up during the questioning. Hmmm.

The present Jupiter-Saturn cycle has only 2 more months before it expires and it would seem likely that it will go out with a bang. Some observations about the chart for this Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began on May 28, 2000 are:

1. Uranus in Aquarius (+ US progressed Mercury) was square Jupiter and Saturn (symbolizing societies in general) in Taurus

2. Sun in Gemini was conjunct US natal Uranus (and Biden’s natal Saturn)

3. North Node in Cancer (+ US Mercury) was sextile Ceres (Nature and nurture) in Virgo and that sextile formed a Yod with the Descendant (7th house cusp) in Aquarius that was conjunct US natal Moon (which would have to adjust to something)

4. Ceres in Virgo (+ Nancy Pelosi’s Neptune) was trine the South Node in Cap and trine the MC (outcome) in Taurus (+ Trump’s MC + Nancy Pelosi’s Mars) creating a grand trine in Earth signs

5. Ceres in Virgo was square Mercury in Gemini

6. Chiron in Sagittarius was conjunct the Great Attractor and 2 degrees away from the US Sibly chart ascendant and opposite its descendent

7. Mars in Gemini conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun and the Leo ascendant conjuncts Trump’s natal ascendant + natal Mars

8. The Moon in Aries was sextile the chart’s Venus in Gemini but square the US natal Venus in Cancer

Over the last 20 years we have seen these aspects play out and I bet we will see them in spades on Thursday if there is a debate.

Sharon K-
Thank you so much for yesterday’s post, I needed to hear that. Today is the sixth anniversary of my husbands death. A day that always depends on one’s point-of-view.

More corruption from a GOP Senator.


Teresa, Thank you too… today I need all this remembering.

Henri, as kiwi would write:


I’m so sorry for your loss. Your loved one wants you to heal but grieving and remembering is also part of healing. That’s why in Judaism we have special morning periods. Lighting a candle always helps me. Sending you Love & Light & Peace.

May his Spirit be close to you on this significant day, surrounding you with great love and bringing you comfort.

Slightkc, I hear you and most certainly sympathize with your concerns! I’m as enraged by what’s going on as you are, but all the stuff I wrote is common sense, imo. That’s the way the world is built.

Justice is something people have to keep working at DESPITE the impact of darker forces. ‘Darker’ means we don’t understand it and can’t control it. Which planet rules power? Pluto. In mythology, Pluto rules the underworld where it’s dark forever!

All planets have some power, but most significantly, raw power is exercised in mythology (and astrology) by Pluto. Think of it as the power of life and death translated into the earth environment. Pluto doesn’t much care about justice. Pluto is a portal (is that why it’s now classed as a dwarf planet – because portals don’t have to be big?).

Anyway, keep in mind that Pluto symbolizes forces that are far outside the sphere of day to day, human-scale concerns and influences. That is particularly true when you consider Pluto in a political (mass) context. No wonder people fear that kind of power, because they have little to defend against it.

Politics is all about power, staying in power, and exercising power. Pluto is agnostic – its only ‘religion’ is power.

I haven’t read any mythology that says Pluto is good about negotiations. The only thing that works for and against Pluto (Hades) is more force against force, as Ceres (Demeter) found out when Pluto captured her daughter, Persephone, and took her to the underworld. Ceres and Pluto made a deal so Persephone got to come back to into sunshine, above ground, for half the year. That’s the myth of the seasons.

So, not much about Pluto is very “human” or forgiving, and he’s a force humans can’t ignore. Which is a reality we simple folks find very hard to accept! And all we’ve got to fight that dark power is democracy and “human rights”! The great fight of the light against the dark.

Going back to astrology, Pluto rules Scorpio, which is a subterranean/water sign. Pluto is the natural ruler of the 8th house, the house of birth and death. And nothing about Pluto has anything to do with justice!

Justice is what people do among themselves when they want to manage a civil society. Justice is how civilized people even their scores in the human world in a humane way (we hope). Justice, when it works well, utilizes Pluto’s power, but it can never beat Pluto out of existence. (The inner planets can’t control the outer planets).

Jupiter (Jove / Zeus) rules Justice. Jupiter and Justice even come from the same root word in Latin, which means “sky father”. How’s that for being human? Pluto isn’t anybody’s father!


“As the sky-god, he (Jupiter) was a divine witness to oaths, the sacred trust on which justice and good government depend.”

Slightkc, I hope this helps to put it in a different perspective psychologically. I have found studying mythology to be quite comforting in a rather far out way. I’m not saying it fixes the injustices in the world, but it helps to stay sane by thinking of the realms of Pluto and Jupiter as two separate things that *fortunately* don’t cross paths too often in most people’s lives.

Andre, thanks for your comments about Pluto returns. Very educational!

I’d like to add a bit about my view of the 8th house. Although Mars was the ‘old ruler, Pluto is usually given as the new, natural ruler of the 8th house, which includes birth, death and other people’s money. As mentioned above, Pluto is about transitions between worlds. This fits the astrological picture where the first 7 houses are about ‘normal’ personal concerns, including relationships and open (known) enemies (who are just relationships with problems).

The place of transition, or the bridge, between the personal and greater spheres of life is the 8th house. It is the place where personal concerns move into mass concerns.

The most notable medium for mass concerns in human affairs is money – like they say, money makes the world go round. The power of money is vast and Pluto is a very appropriate ruler for it, as well as power politics.

Politics the human sphere where Pluto’s power plays out in spades (another Pluto symbol). Pluto rules the place where personal power and collective power intersect. The ‘show’ being put on right now in the US election is a spectacular illustration of this intersection.

Beyond the 8th house lie the realms of legal bodies and the institutions that administer justice to the masses (9th house), the rulership and exercise of power over groups and the masses (10th house), the associations and groups such as government bodies and political parties that support the ruler (11th house), and lastly, the places of hidden separation or isolation such as hospitals, prisons and monasteries (12th house), where individuals have little control over their lives once they surrender or are absorbed into greater entities. Then the wheel turns again toward the individual sphere (1st house). It’s quite a beautiful system, imo.

The 8th house is the transition point from the personal areas of life to the mass/collective areas of life, along with the traditional interpretation as the place of life and death. So, the 8th isn’t always an evil place (which is often its image) – it is quite natural, but it’s can be alien territory on a personal level.

The dangerous philosophy of Amy Coney Barrett: originalism leads to resegregation.


No wonder she was raised in New Orleans.


I can’t even begin to tell you how touched I am with what you wrote, how much it resonated with me, wow soul connection right there!

Wow, our Nancy gets a shout-out from Jessica Murray in her new blog! See Notes (#2) at bottom of blog


Maybe this will work


Diana, it’s Beowolfie’s eloquence hitting the deep spaces within us. Glad to know I’m not alone in fighting this. I think we’re all just plain exhausted, and still fearful of the “power over us” that still pokes at us thru SCOTUS.

I may take to reading more of my mythology anthologies, and set aside Stephen King for a while. Maybe it’ll help. I think this is something I’m going to struggle with for a long while. It feels like it cuts too deep.

Thank you for the kind words…

Tonight, without any justification, SCOTUS ruled that Alabama cannot have curbside voting. Sotomayor wrote a scathing rebuttal but there are more than fifty cases that the GOP has appealed to SCOTUS and so far, SCOTUS seems to be backing the GOP voter suppression.

In terms of pluto, I think what we are seeing in real-time is the perversion of justice. For many of us, we grew up in the ’50s, ’60s and 70’s when the Courts were at the forefront of social change. We are now seeing the inverse of that.

But I am hopeful. It is what Obama said about the ACA…once you have it, you cannot imagine a world without it. I think that applies to our courts and we are seeing what a world without justice is but the fact is that its always been the case for the poor and marginalized. Maybe Pluto is showing us what has always been there but not enough saw it to effect change. Now we can. I am hopeful but not stupid…we have some hard roads ahead to get through this.

Despite my mail-in ballot being lost in the mail someplace (like my cat tarot cards I ordered!), I got to vote today with a replacement ballot. Because I was still lupus flaring, the Election Clerk, herself, brought my ballot to me in the parking lot, let me have time alone to mark it, and then made sure everything was kosher on the front envelope before taking it up for me. I was SO grateful for the consideration and the help… and for not making me vote “provisional”.

So… I voted!!!!! On to Hallows’ for me, now! After that I get to start trying to understand Medicare.

I do have a question for any here who are ahead of me: My birthday isn’t til Feb. Do I just go 2 months without insurance? Medicare won’t kick in until I’m actually 65, right?


Re: Tonight’s Debate

To add to your observations on tr. Saturn in opposition to Trump’s natal Venus (and nearby n. Saturn) and Biden’s n. Jupiter, there is an extra caveat. Tonight’s moon (9 pm EST – the time the debate begins) positions itself at 24 Capricorn triggering those aspects. There’s a prevailing expectation, Trump will come out swinging possibly focusing in on the alleged Hunter Biden scandal (Biden’s son). If he does, it can only reinforce the impression of his being “unpresidential”, not a good tactic.

Here’s a brief astrological analysis for tonight’s debate…….

Another Rough Week for Trump

Video: 3 min 52 sec


BarbK, re. your note, “I wondered if 3 Aquarius might be where Trump had a progressed something,” – you’re right, only it’s not at 3 Aq, it’s at 3 Leo. Trump’s 2ndary progression shows Saturn at 3 Leo 08′ in the natal 12th house. And, depending on where you live, transiting Moon is around that degree at present (the time I looked up was for noon, GMT). Also, yesterday, his progressed Sun would have been at 3 virgo in the 1st house. Good catch!

BarbK, as a matter of curiosity, Trump’s progressed Venus has just passed its exact conjunction to progressed Chiron at 19 Libra 49. That would have been a short time ago as progressed Venus is now at 19 Libra 54 (didn’t look up the exact date).

The conjunction is in the 2nd house of his financial resources, but very soon going into his 3rd house of personal lawyers. 20 degrees is the degree of Trump’s natal nodes, too.

Also, his progressed Moon at 17 Virgo 56 has just passed an exact square to his natal Uranus at 17 Gemini 54.

As Nancy said, things are tough for Trump in October.

RE: “as long as a tyrant is alive, he may be a cause of social tension or political instability even if he has lost power. The second is that a second tyrant may pick up the mantle of the first decades later. The third is that the tyrant and those who would imitate him always bring disasters to the nation.”

I’ve often made all of the very same points, but not on this blog.

As you well know, after Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba, he escaped, formed a new army and got more than 100,000 more killed before his defeat and subsequent re-exile to St. Helena. The European powers of that time were very nervous of setting any kind of precedent with a regicide, therefore the re-exile. And yes, we suspect he was slowly poisoned at St. Helena.

In a Bavarian court, Adolf Hitler was convicted of treason, and received a 5 year sentence. His served his “prison time” in a very comfortable suite of rooms with his fellow Nazis from the Munich Putsch. He served only about 9 months of his sentence, using that time to write Mein Kampf.

Had he been executed for treason as was frequently the case at that time, history would have been quite different.

In present context, people may draw their own conclusions.

Whoa, thank you Jerry and thank you Beowulfie, I appreciate the info!

And Beowulfie, the US natal Juno at 20+ Libra opposes the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, a very vulnerable aspect in the US chart that Trump’s prog. Chiron has and will give impetus to; something good will surely come from all this, right?

Joe Biden’s Fixed Stars:

try this link for jessica murray

JUST POSTED: Facing the prospect that President Trump could lose his re-election bid, his cabinet is scrambling to enact regulatory changes affecting millions of Americans in a blitz so rushed it may leave some changes vulnerable to court challenges


It’s worth listening to this speech, and watching Obama play the crowd!

The audience reaction came from people in cars, due to Covid, of all things.

The speech gets better as he goes on – brilliant delivery, which appears to have been off the cuff. Not many can speech givers can do that, though Bill Clinton was no slouch, and after him, Reagan, then back to JFK and so on. Don’t want to get too breathless about this, but Roosevelt and Churchill gave famous speeches with energy like this.

Joe Biden will benefit from Obama’s effort, no question.


“This process is the most rushed, the most illegitimate, the most hypocritical process of any Supreme Court nominee we have ever, ever seen.” -Senator Schumer on Democrats boycotting the Senate Judiciary Committee vote to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination



Astrologer Evon Davis elaborates more fully on that Moon/Saturn conjunction in the Oct. 22nd Pres. Debate chart. Her analysis begins at the 24 min 55 sec mark…..

Trump’s Final Flop



I have no doubt that the energy of the U.S. Pluto return will be with us for awhile. We actually have several Pluto Returns occurring in short order, including for the U.S. Military itself, which actually existed prior to the Declaration of Independence (June 14, 1775) and the ratification of the Constitution on June 21, 1788.

What I don’t think will be with us for very long is Trump. I don’t think he will even get a chance to cause many problems for us in the aftermath of his rancid reign of rage and stupidity in January 2021, either due to the rapid decline of his mental and physical health, the New York prosecutors blowing the lid off his corruption and putting the legal screws to him, his companies, and his family, or some combination of the two. He’s going to very soon be too preoccupied with other things to be our concern.

What I do think our Pluto Return is going to involve is our insanely dysfunctional political, social and economic structures, as well as our absurdly outsized military allocation. We literally spend trillions on garrisoning the world, yet our infrastructure, our roads, bridges, water lines and electrical grid, is crumbling here at home. Our mass transit system is a joke, and our health care system is a crime against humanity.

We allow a handful of smug, enormously selfish, and extremely narrow minded very old men like Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and Rupert Murdoch control our laws and policies through enormous lobbying operations and misinformation campaigns that obfuscate the real issues of our times and confuse our citizenry. These men will likely all be dead and gone within 5 years, yet we will have lost precious time needed to address pressing problems that will only grow more daunting and critically urgent during the next three decades; their legacy may well be a second civil war fought asymmetrically between right and left, conservative and liberal, republican and democrat–false dichotomies–rather than the inspired readiness and resiliency that this moment demands in order for us to collectively face up to and take on the challenges of our time.

What we have is unsustainable, but it is not inherently unresolvable. How we come through this period, and what we look like on the other side of it, remains in question.


I put the table on a page for permanent accessibility. While I don’t blog that often (need to improve that), eventually a post will disappear into archives. Pages don’t.

The United States chart has been brought forward from my wiki for better access. Yes, I have a wiki (a separate blog I keep for people to use as a reference resource)

In case you missed Jessica Murray here is a piece I’m cutting and pasting to tempt you from kiwi’s link above:

“And Glen Greenwald, who has long warned us against seeing Trump as the singular evil. If any good has come from this despicable man, it’s that

…he has made people understand that this model of the American presidency – this omnipotence, this lack of checks and balances — is so dangerous. But the problem is they’re being told that the danger is endemic to Trump, and not to this broader systemic abuse that’s been created.

Once he’s gone, maybe we’ll be able to turn our attention to the rot beneath the floorboards. Let’s make the most of having been born into a remarkable historical moment.

No need to wait to see who wins the election. Let’s start now.”

‘Deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell, Charged in Epstein Case, Is Revealed’

Ms. Maxwell, who fought to keep the deposition secret, repeatedly denied that she helped Jeffrey Epstein recruit, groom and sexually abuse teenage girls.


Eliseo, BuckeyeShadow, I don’t expect Trump to be around for very long either, but his legacy will live on in some fashion.

MO wrote that 2023 would be the worst year of his life. This could be interpreted in different ways, of course. One possible parallel with France’s Pluto return in 1821 is the death of a tyrant or a would-be dictator who has upset his country and the world. Napoleon died on the exact day of the Pluto return. The US Pluto return is exact in 2023. There is profound renewal in the US chart in 2024.

I keep reading these articles here about “everyday people” who come across as extremely ill-informed, and it’s a wonder how we will pull through sometimes. One woman in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio works as a chauffeur for wealthy clients, is in an interracial relationship, and voted for Trump in 2016. She plans to again this year citing the overtures he has made about fighting drugs, among other things.

Maybe we are collectively too stupid to keep our republic, as Benjamin Franklin once cautioned.

I have one friend in his 60s a Jehovah Witness who is voting for the first time in his life. Another friend , 59, from rural upstate NY who said she has never voted in her life is voting for the 1st time in her life. The Jehovah witness friend whose children has never voted, one of his children will vote for the 1st time. That to me is a very good sign. All voting for Biden. Said Trump gotta go.

Having been raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and being basically disowned when I left, this has to be the strangest thing I have heard this or really any other election season.
Good for them! It truly appears as if the energy at hand is solidly working a change.

So Beowulfie, Trump’s prog. Saturn at 3+ Leo squares US prog. Saturn at 3+ Scorpio, right? That I can believe.

Jerry, thank you for the clip and that’s fascinating about tonight’s Moon. Will watch it again in a few minutes.

kiwi, thanks so much for getting the right link to Jessica Murray . . . I was so excited that she referred her readers to Nancy and this blog Starlight News; probably get some new people here soon.

Buckeye, it is a matter of values (Venus); too many of us don’t value our rights because we have never had to give them up. We must teach people what it is like to not have the freedom to come and go as we like (Covid) or to be openly threatened like Gretchen Whitmer was for trying to protect citizens. Many of us ARE too stupid and that must change.

Buckeye, that thought has crossed my mind more than once.
It occurs to me that no matter what political system is embraced, no doctrine can stand in the presence of lies and deception. Past lies are why so many are disgusted in their leaders.
The 8th commandment seems to be one that so called followers of the Abrahamic religions find so easy to ignore. I would say, Truth and Honesty is what needs fixing; all else will follow. I keep getting the image of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah if it isnt fixed soon.

As I understand the way Medicare works, you are eligible to get Medicare on the first day of your birthday month. When you sign up depends on whether you are receiving Social Security. If you are. Medicare kicks in automatically the first day of your birthday month. If not, you’ll need to sign up for Medicare by contacting the Social Security Administration 3 months before you turn 65. This is directly from the official Medicare handbook of 2021. I hope this helps you.

Chief Justice Roberts was born 27 January 1955. His Sun is at 7 Aquarius. Amy Coney Barrett was born 28 January 1972. Her Sun is at 8 Aquarius. Pluto will be at 7-8 Aquarius in 2028.

Having recently lived through transiting Pluto conjunct my 20 Capricorn Sun, I can attest this aspect is a turning point in one’s life. One has to let go what might have worked in the past, but is now timeworn. Resistance is futile and self-destructive. Renewal will only come after grief.

I can easily see that 2028 might be the time Chief Justice Roberts, for health reasons or otherwise, may have to relinquish his high office and end his career. He is 65 now, and will be 73 then.

Amy Comey Barrett is only 48. She will be 56 then. Since I do not have her chart, I cannot tell how she will be affected. Pluto can mean empowerment, but only if one accepts fundamental change. 2028 may be the time both of them realize they will be in the minority for the rest of their lives.

I hope the right-wing majority in the Supreme Court doesn’t last until 2028. This seems to be unlikely if we consider other major aspects in the US chart.

As evidenced by those two Justices, Aquarians can be deeply conservative. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius this December will be near their Suns. It will affect all Aquarians, whatever their political persuasion, or those with strong Aquarian placements. The Aquarian Age will be high-tech and innovative. It won’t necessarily be left-wing or progressive, but it should be most of the time.

RE: Your Jehovah’s Witness & other friends voting for Biden.
A friend of mine of several decades in N. California has voted Libertarian since some time back in the 70’s. This time he’s voting for Biden/Harris. I keep hearing of similar scenarios.

RE: “Maybe we are collectively too stupid to keep our republic, as Benjamin Franklin once cautioned.”

We’re living in an information paradox. An overwhelming amount of knowledge and information has become exponentially more easily available, with each decade, particularly since the end of WWII. Beginning about 1957, post-sputnik, our tax monies have gone more and more to promote the stem subjects, and less and less for the humanities, social sciences, and arts, i.e. the subjects which assist us in understanding ourselves, our society, and developing wise social, economic, and governmental policies. Understanding math, engineering, and technical subjects is great, but of little assistance in becoming psychologically healthy and well functioning citizens capable of wise political decisions.
Furthermore, our corporations much prefer well trained workers as opposed to educated, thinking ones as the former are far more “pliable” and “manageable.”

Concomitantly with the sputnik scare, was the proliferation of commercialized television, which began the process of atrophying our attention spans. Unfortunately, there are many important things which can only be understood in depth through long periods of focus. It’s getting harder for educators to hold students’ attention at all levels. Those of us who are more successful are frankly, more entertaining in our presentations.

All of this and more is in the context of an anti-intellectual culture wherein about a third of our US population is involved in toxic, dogmatic forms of religion, which when combined with all our new information afflicts adherents with serious cognitive dissonance. The easiest way to avoid the cognitive dissonance is to avoid or reject the information or knowledge.

We’re in a real pickle. And neither of our two major political parties even come near to addressing it, nor do any of our various alternative, “third parties.”

I’m hoping we address these issues and more we’ve ignored for too long, as Pluto moves into Aquarius, and we go through our respective Pluto and Uranus returns and beyond.

It is my opinion we are enduring and headed toward a number of environmental and techno-social problems more serious cumulatively than anything we’ve encounterd for the last 70,000 years, (Toba.) Franklin was certainly right democracy requires well informed voters who actually understand the information they’ve received. But IMHO our crisis of democracy pales against the broader problem. We are living through a planet wide extinction level period we created, having put 1000’s of species in jeopardy, including ourselves. Surviving it requires us to act far more wisely, and more knowledgeably than we’ve ever done before.

It is a matter of collective self-transcendance.
Some spiritually minded folks might refer to it as a cosmic initiation.

Apologies for linking to a gossip site – but there’s some sort of deal with Mitch McConnell’s hands.


Lots of bandages, bruising, perhaps hemorrhaged blood. Is there a medical issue indicated in his chart?


At 56 then, Barrett will be near the threshold of her second Saturn Return about 2 years hence. If she is still on the court then, she could find herself increasingly isolated and out of step with the times and the major shifts that will undoubtedly be underway within America later by that time. She could change radically to meet or even look beyond them, or perhaps she will dig in her heels and take on the mantle of being an increasingly anachronistic contrarian, a relic from the bygone, far-right authoritarian effort that saw her as the pinnacle of its work. Then again, maybe we have term limits for justices by then, and her term is about to expire.

Mandatory and retroactively effective non-renewable lifetime term limits set at 7 or 10 years for all federal judges would effectively rectify the mess that Trump has made of the judiciary by the end of this decade, if not sooner.

40 years of ultra-Conservative efforts to corrupt and take over our government in the name of their warped values and stupid ideology could be overturned relatively quickly, and with little recourse for their dying movement and soon to be dead leaders. Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch and the DeVos-Prince family don’t have another 40 years to plot another authoritarian takeover. The jig is about up.

As a sage once said, “nobody wins for long.”


McConnell is really Palpatine/Darth Sidious in disguise. I guess his makeup is finally wearing off?

I mean, he did get what he wanted done with Barrett, and he is a man who long ago seems to have sold off his soul to the proverbial devil for seemingly limitless power and the ability to get away with causing great harm and evil to his own delight. Even that kind of power and its abuse lasts only but for a time.

Could it be the start of his time to pay the piper, with interest due?

McConnell didn’t just have terribly bruised hands. he had bruises on his face, too, that he couldn’t cover.

There were some medical people online speculating about possible causes. Most popular opinion was that he’s on anticoagulants, which causes you to bruise easily.

Andre, on October 22nd,at 6:50 pm you wrote:

The Aquarian Age will be high-tech and innovative. It won’t necessarily be left-wing or progressive, but it should be most of the time.

I agree with the gist of what you say, but one of the main keywords I’ve grown up with as an Aquarian is “aloof.” We need to ensure the human connection we’re missing so much at this moment is continually promoted as a balance to the possible dehumanism of technology.

Also, I wonder how much of Barrett’s conservatism (which I abhor) is a function of the Idealistic seeker aspect of Aquarius, especially as she’s part of a sect of official Catholicism. She didn’t just immerse herself in the Catholic faith; she had to go further. While her route is certainly not mine, and is downright scary to me, I also did a Seeker’s path before settling (so far) on Paganism. I’m interested in knowing if she has any other indications towards Spiritual Seeking, in general, or is she just stuck in the Fixed attitude of “This is right, and I’ll convince you, one way or another.”


“I apologize for having put you through any emotional turmoil.”

Not at all necessary – I was pretty much relieved after cross-checking and not finding any thing else. It didn’t hurt me to check things out. All good.

Did you guys hear anything about this Tony Bobulinski guy who was Hunter Biden’s “partner”. He held a press conference in Nashville (where the debate was held) tonight, and who said he met with Joe & Joe’s brother about some large business deal with China in which Joe would have a share — even though Joe said he never discussed business with his son. He is going to have an “informal” conversation with the Senate tomorrow.

Gosh darn….I wonder where this is going to go?

The Biden campaign’s answer to the above:

I did not warch the debate and opted to take a shower followed by a nap, but what I’ve gathered from the ensuing coverage is that last night’s transiting Moon, in between the conjunction of transiting Pluto and transiting Saturn in Capricorn, was about the debate discussion regarding the migrant children separated from their parents (Moon) and thosr children put in cages (Saturn), never to see their families again (Pluto).

That triple conjunction last night of trans Pluto-Moon-Saturn in Cap which was opposite US natal Mercury, + Trump’s Venus-Saturn and Biden’s Jupiter, and trine transiting Venus (values) in Virgo (healing), just past US natal Neptune, could be a factor in how undecided voters will vote.

The transiting Saturn and Pluto started a cycle with their conjunction, along with transiting Ceres, at 22+ Cap in January. This conjunction was trine US natal Neptune (compassion) in Virgo (healing) and both were trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn (societies) conjunction, still in effect for 2 more months, in Taurus (what is valued).

In the Saturn-Pluto chart for their conjunction on January 12, 2020, the start of a 30 year cycle, the Moon at 17+ Leo was at the apex of a Yod (Finger if God) aspect with the chart’s Neptune at 16+ Pisces sextile the chart’s MC (outcome) at 17+ Capricorn.

It is the Moon (the People) in this configuration that is forced to adjust. Seems like a pretty good matchup with the discussion last night.

I thought Joe Biden looked rattled last night. Now I know why b/c Trump brought this Tony Bobulinski who is supposed to have some dirt on Joe. He did this too Hillary also when he brought Bill Clinton accusers to the last debate. This man has no bottom. So let’s see how truthful Bobulinski’s so called knowledge will be.

WSJ Newsroom Found No Joe Biden Role in Hunter Deals After Reviewing Bobulinski’s Records


One non-scandal for Biden, while Trump has literally thousands of scandals, not the least of them being his taxes and ties to Putin. And his epically criminal mishandling of the coronavirus on a scale that should land him in The Hague.

Don’t let Trump deflect the spotlight from his treasonous, racist, sexist, sociopathic and thoroughly corrupt sick joke of a presidency.

Trump’s sideshow fizzles out

“Bobulinski allegations seem like bubkes. At 10:47, minutes after the debate ended, the Wall Street Journal, part of the same media empire as Fox News and the Post, reported, “Text messages and emails related to the venture that were provided to the Journal by Mr. Bobulinski, mainly from the spring and summer of 2017, don’t show either Hunter Biden or James Biden” — the former vice president’s brother — “discussing a role for Joe Biden in the venture.” Even if Bobulinski is telling the truth, that Joe Biden knew about the China enterprise, it’s not clear what the scandal is — he was a private citizen at the time and not yet running for president. Trump has elevated an unsubstantiated assertion that Biden had knowledge about his son’s legal and failed business venture to a “crime” for which he “should be in jail.” To put in context how absurd this allegation is, one of the first things George W. Bush did after he left the White House was deliver a paid speech in China. Somehow he remains at large.”

https://politi.co/3kotbLf via @politico

Slightkc, I read somewhere that Amy Coney Barrett’s sect, which is what it is, has a complicated relationship with the Catholic Church. I am not surprised since she is miles from the current Pope Francis, who has been described as the anti-Trump. Also, it appears that ex-members have tales of trauma and psychological abuse like any other cult.

She will carry on Trump’s destructive legacy for years if she is left unchecked. Her legal work is based on an inversion of Christianity which is typical of the Deep South’s negative religious traditions, as can be found in the literary works of Flannery O’Connor, who was a Catholic appalled by the forms of Protestantism she found in the South. Barrett’s Catholic faith makes her even worse.

Biden has said he would create a commission of constitutional scholars to advise him on changes to the Supreme Court. Those who object to Democratic court-packing should explain what McConnell has been doing the past few years. I understand the argument that adding to the number of Justices could be done in the future by any President, good or bad, and it would be bad precedent.

The best advice came from Reagan’s Solicitor General, who wrote recently that Biden should wait for the right-wing Court to overplay its hand and make some outrageous decision, which would give him more public support for Supreme Court reform, including the support of moderate conservatives and independent voters.

The US Constitution does not mandate a Supreme Court of nine judges, unlike Canada. Also, in Canada our judges must retire at the age of 75. While subject to criticism as well, our Supreme Court nomination process is much less based on partisan politics.

One comment on Barrett’s chidren. No one can doubt her deep love for them, but they appear to be living so far a sheltered existence. At the same time, she used them as props during the Senate hearings, which exposed them to unpleasant realities. One of her sons was so upset by the criticism he heard he walked out and sat in the car. At least one of her two adopted black chidren seems to have been shocked by the George Floyd murder. I wonder if, as these children grow older and more aware in a Washington environment where they soon must move, one or more of them will become critical of his or her mother’s work and ideas. This has happened to McConnell’s daughters, Giulani’s daughter, and of course Trump’s niece. I look forward to an almost inevitable book by one of her children some day.

We don’t have a time of birth for her. I bet her 5th house is interesting and will come under some kind of strain in coming years. Also, her 7th should show the influence of her husband, a right-wing lawyer who is also her spiritual guide under the rules of her Catholic cult. I wish I knew more about her MC as well.

I have now looked more closely at Amy Coney Barrett’s DOB chart, even though we don’t have a TOB. Unsurprisingly, she has Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius, where Jupiter is at its most powerful in the last degree of its own sign and can be intransigent in matters of law and religion. I will wager that Jupiter sits on or near her MC.

I have predicted that a great President will be elected in 2024, probably a Democrat and likely a woman, and that this female President (who may be the second if Kamala Harris finishes Biden’s term but ends up losing the nomination to another female candidate) will put in place single-payer health care by the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of February 2026. If this happens, such major events should show up in Barrett’s DOB chart, since the issue of health care is likely to be central to her judicial career and the reforms of 2026 could be in response to her fateful decisions, which may bring totally immoral and needless suffering to millions of the poor and the sick, in complete contradiction to Catholic teachings. Medicare for all may become a reality in a major political backlash to the work of Justice Barrett. She may be what is needed in a negative way to bring it about.

What is utterly fascinating is that Neptune in Pisces, the spiritual planet in its own compassionate sign, will be exactly square her religious and judicial Jupiter in 2025-26. The last time Neptune was in the last degrees of Pisces, Abraham Lincoln was elected President. His work of compassion was the abolition of slavery. The 2024 President’s legacy of compassion will be definitive and profound health care reform.

Also, transiting Uranus will be conjunct Barrett’s Saturn at 28 Taurus in 2025, upsetting her conservative values. This will be two or three years before Pluto is conjunct her Sun. I can speak from personal experience that two or three years before that conjunction is a time of great inner turmoil and personal crisis.

Barrett will go down in infamy as one of American history’s most negative Justices, much like the Supreme Court in 1857 in the Dred Scott decision by Justices named by racist Presidents in the lead-up to the Civil War. That decision denied legal standing to a runaway slave and shocked the conscience of decent public opinion. I believe she will shock the nation in a similar fashion, and will suffer the consequences by seeing her views utterly and very publicly rejected after she has created massive social conflict as a Trumpian nightmarish judge.

A book titled Rethinking Humanity explains the coming technological advances which will end livestock farming and produce meat through the cultivation of animal cells. Farming will be only fruit and veg production, which will have a greatly positive ecological impact and end the mass extermination of life on Earth.


I have seen no better scientific explanation for the coming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, the sign that rules agriculture and land-based wealth creation.

For those who can’t wait:


WHOA: “Three Simultaneous Lightning Strikes on the Trump Hotel Chicago at 2:14am on Thursday.” Thanks to @BarryButlerPhotography for sharing the incredible shot. (Pictures of Lightning striking Trump Hotel)


“How many more signs do we need to see, people, before the message is received? High voltage sign”


Along the same lines as Rethinking Humanity is a documentary which is being shown on Netflix now (and which can be rented for $1 on Vimeo) called “Kiss the Ground”. It’s about regenerative agriculture through healing the soil, and is beautifully done. It’s narrated by Woody Harrelson.


Separately, I also highly recommend “The Trial of the Chicago Seven”, also on Netflix and Hollywood at its best. We loved it — it will definitely win awards.


Meant to add: I’m so glad the Bobulinski thing is a bust – thanks for posting about that Angellight.

Sharon K: You are certainly welcome. I was worried too.

I usually burn a 7 day White candle weekly for peace and protection. Today I lit the candle for continued democracy in America and for Joe Biden/Harris ticket. I hope others here will join me and light candles for Biden/Harris and democracy until Nov. 3rd. Thank you,

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says “no concerns” after reporters asked about what appeared to be bruises and bandages on his hands in recent days



“If this happens, such major events should show up in Barrett’s DOB chart, since the issue of health care is likely to be central to her judicial career and the reforms of 2026 could be in response to her fateful decisions, which may bring totally immoral and needless suffering to millions of the poor and the sick, in complete contradiction to Catholic teachings.”

Voila! Aye, there’s the rub! There has emerged a dark dogmatic far-rabid-right wing of Catholicism which is filled with hatred, fear and self-righteousness. Pope Francis is HATED by the rabid right and many of what I call Unholy Catholics.

Elisabeth Grace:

“The Pisces Moon makes one contact on Monday — a sextile with Uranus at 10:44 AM ET. This facilitates innovation and unconventional alliances, including efforts to recklessly ram through people and things that defy convention (courtesy of retrograde Mars in Aries). It also facilitates NASA’s Big Announcement About The Moon, happening at 12 PM ET.

I’m prepared for a shocking twist and/or backfire as we approach Halloween, as the Full Moon in Taurus that morning is strongly engaged with the disruptive potential of Uranus. October — surprise!


Will, another major aspect to ACB’s chart in 2026, when public health care for all should become a reality, is the Saturn-Neptune conjunction’s tight opposition to her natal Pluto at 1 Libra. That year will clearly be a tough turning point for her.

On the ballot this year, Biden said, are “Decency, honor, respect, treating people with dignity, making sure that everyone has an even chance, and I’m going to make sure you get that.”

Instant polls gave the debate to Biden by the same margins showing in the polls in general. CNN had Biden at 53% and Trump at 39%; Data Progress had Biden at 52% and Trump at 41%; US Politics had Biden at 52% and Trump at 39%.


Thank you for posting Elizabeth Grace, Ja. Unfortunately, it sounds like Amy’s nomination will slide through on Monday. Wondering what the 2 retrogrades mean (that we have a new SC justice with retrograde thinking?) for this appointment. I’m sure hoping that the October shock-surprise as we get closer to the full moon of All Hallow’s Een means. Wish it would mean her appointment falls through!

Talking about retrograde thinking, Will & all, I remember the time period when Scalia died suddenly. Not long before he died he had come to New Orleans to speak at one of our many Catholic Schools (I’m not critiquing them negatively — I don’t know enough and they have good reputations for offering good education — probably for mostly white Catholics). Anyway, I was shocked to hear that the topic of his talk was that African Americans are not really well prepared to go to college so we shouldn’t put them in such an uncomfortable position (something like that!). Shortly thereafter, when I heard about his demise on TV, I stood there jumping up and down, shouting “Yay” over and over (I’m basically non-violent but some people…) I had thought this would herald in a good time for fairness, social justice, economic equity, etc. But — not yet. I look forward to seeing what’s around this next curve, and thank you, Andre, for your analysis of ACB’s tenure on the court. We just cannot allow this retrograde thinking to persist. I have always like Pope Francis a great deal and that has only increased. As RBG said, she was more of a moderate but was forced to shift Left as the others shifted Right. Same goes for the Pope I think.

“The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court ruled Friday that ballots in the state cannot be rejected because of signature comparisons, backing up guidance issued by the state’s chief elections officer heading into Pennsylvania’s first presidential election with no-excuse mail voting.

The ruling is a defeat for President Donald Trump’s campaign and other Republicans, who had challenged the decision by Pennsylvania election officials, arguing that efforts to match signatures on ballots to signatures on voter rolls were necessary to prevent fraud.”


Angellight, I will light a candle in Canada for freedom and democracy in the US.

Barrett won’t triumph long term. The Conservative authoritarian project is doomed to unravel and ultimately fail as Pluto concludes its journey through Capricorn these next few years.

What seems like a victory now may prove to be rather pyrrhic and empty over the long haul as her ideology is increasingly marginalized and becomes irrelevant.

The world is after all filled with relics and artifacts of the past. Her fate may well be to serve for a time as one of the living ones.



Angellight, the PA ruling – there is a rumor among election lawyers that SCOTUS is waiting for ACB to join, and then they will have enough to reject many of the pro election decisions at the last minute and throw the election into yet more disarray.

Heard on MSNBC: Reality tends to have a built-in liberal bias.


Fascinating stuff on ACB. I think she has mother issues and family skeletons in the closet…or maybe they are walking around, not sure.

I also think she has Taurus rising, putting Pluto in her 5th house and Neptune in her 7th…..as well as Sun/N.Node on her M/C. It explains a lot and seems to complement what you say.

Quintile, makes sense. Neptune in the 7th sounds right.

Election cases have been winding their way through the courts for a couple of months. The Supreme Court has ruled on a number of them already.

A lot of the counting rules to limit ballots Republicans have tried to put in place have been struck down.

Cases are being given expedited hearings because they cover issues about voting and voting is already taking place.

The Supreme Court isn’t sitting on cases to rule later or only when it wants.

We likely will see new cases filed and heard on an expedited basis over issues that arise from Election Day and the counting that follows. And I’m sure some of those will come before the Supreme Court.

But I expect Trump’s position to be greatly weakened because he loses tremendously by election night. He’ll take many long-serving Republicans with him, and they’re going to be pissed. I think his support from his party will crumble, and that quickly, he’ll have to turn his attention to trying to keep himself out of jail.


“I was shocked to hear that the topic of his talk was that African Americans are not really well prepared to go to college so we shouldn’t put them in such an uncomfortable position (something like that!). Shortly thereafter, when I heard about his demise on TV, I stood there jumping up and down, shouting “Yay” over and over (I’m basically non-violent but some people…”

What an outrageous story!

I never liked that little asshole – so self-righteous and full of himself. I could never understand why anyone thought he was such the great legal mind; so oppressive and elitist. I don’t miss him at all. I wouldn’t mind the Angel of Death making a few more passes over the present SCOTUS.

Yeah, I wrote that and I meant it.


“Will, another major aspect to ACB’s chart in 2026, when public health care for all should become a reality, is the Saturn-Neptune conjunction’s tight opposition to her natal Pluto at 1 Libra. That year will clearly be a tough turning point for her.”


OCTOBER SURPRISE! Psychic Astrology Reading by Evon Davis

Video: 31 min 11 sec


Although Evon Davis explores the aspects of the October 31st Full Moon/Uranus conjunction in excellent detail, she glossed over the fact that it is within one and a half degree square to Trump’s natal Pluto. A game changer? Here’s an excerpt from one of my September postings…..

“….. A number of Tarot card readers are seeing rapid fire high profile indictments of those in the administration including the detention of Donald J Trump prior to the election that will force the election to be postponed. It has been suggested irrefutable evidence will be produced and shared with the public that will put to rest any doubts that Russia was behind the 2016 election results thus rendering the Trump presidency null and void.. The only question is when will the eradication of the Trump presidency occur? If I were to hazard a guess, my attention is drawn to the October 31st Uranus/Full Moon conjunction (8 ’38 Taurus). It closely aligns with the 2017 US Inaugural Moon (9 ’21 Scorpio) semi-square Inaugural natal Saturn and Mars (23 Sag-24 Pisces). The 10/31/2020 Full Moon also squares Trump and Biden’s natal Pluto (7/10 Leo) and forms a Grand Cross square to Russia’s nodes (8 Leo-Aquarius) thus possibly revealing Russia’s involvement. Uranus often shakes up the status quo. Could this be the “October surprise” some people are hoping for?

Dianne of Dianne’s Tarot has an Indian astrologer as a guest. He is explaining the election from the perspective of Vedic astrology–fascinating.

Jerry, will get back after I’ve had some sleep re: your comment and video; THANKS! For one thing she has a birth time for McConnell I’ve not ever seen. That itself could be a game changer. Otherwise, your remarks and what she said about Russia’s nodes are breathtaking, . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . .

I now realize the Pluto conjunction on the Suns of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Barrett in 2028 may well take place as the Democrats hold the White House for a third consecutive term. It is also when the US will go through its next Uranus return. Those will again be critical times. I pray they won’t bring another civil war.

The governor of North Dakota actually said fighting the pandemic is not the business of government. Other governments the world over beg to differ. There is a GOP plan for the pandemic: herd immunity by letting over a million Americans die. And if Biden cannot control the virus, they will blame it on him.

Could the adoption of health care under the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 2026 and Neptune’s entry into Aries for the first time since the Civil War bring another internal armed conflict because Trumpians will rebel against the inevitably higher taxes to pay for it? Even after Trump has lost the Presidency, and even if he leaves this earthly plane in 2023 on the Pluto return like Napoleon did in 1821, violent and racist Trumpians will remain and fight on. And the GOP could remain the Trumped-up party.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Chinese. It is said they saw the US as a declining power before Trump. Now they see it as declining faster.

I think the terrible truth is a return to normality will not happen this decade.

This is the final message of the campaign. Please watch and pass it along.


That video is a masterpiece, Starlight. I passed it along to family and friends. Where is the love?

Two things brought home once again the tragedy of the pandemic to me this morning: first, the tears of Chicago’s chief medical officer; second, the announcement by the government of Belgium they will soon run out of doctors, teachers and policemen because too many are ill in that country.

Here in Quebec, hospitals in Quebec City are close to being overwhelmed. Every day, I get crackpot e-mails from a home-grown conspiracy theorist (they are one in 5 here). And 500 businessmen have come out against the public health measures of the provincial government.

It is clear the worst is yet to come. But at least Trump will no longer be President.

Does anyone feel like McConnell might not make it to Election Day? Just a thought that popped into my head. It would we a shocking surprise, the logjam architect gone.

I finally figured out who the woman is who is going to take Trump down, it’s his Mother!

Hea, BuckeyeShadow – you wrote about McConnell: Could it be the start of his time to pay the piper, with interest due?

I read that and immediately thought of Crowley’s 10-year contract (Supernatural) with the Hellhounds nipping at his butt! (LOL)

Teresa Hill and slightkc,

When I wrote my comment above, I had the thought that “his work is done.” If you think about it, installing Barrett on the SCOTUS is likely McConnell’s crowning achievement, a windfall of RBG’s passing, but a windfall nonetheless.

What’s left for him at this point? If he kicks the bucket now, his legacy, however dark, despicable and ugly it is, is set, and he’ll never be chased down and prosecuted for all the trouble he has caused.

I’d rather see him live long enough to face the music for what he has done, but I certainly won’t shed a tear if he shoves off tomorrow.

I have this hunch that ACB is going to take down more than her own “good” name and cult. I feel like this is going to do lasting damage to the Dominionist 7-Hills doctrine and the Evangelical sects as a whole. In fact, it will be interesting to see which sects of Xtianity, as a whole, remain intact. The evangelicals may find themselves as they started – itinerant preachers on a trodden road, moving from town to town in tent revivals (and those were bad enough!).

I also feel like a lot of bad damage is going to be done before she brings the roof down, and many if not most Americans are going to be in bad trouble of many different kinds and their will be blood on SCOTUS’ hands before things change.

I do like what I heard Biden say about the Court. Usually I don’t like “commissions” cause it usually means its pushing a problem off onto someone else. But I didn’t get that feeling listening to him talk. He came up with 3 or 4 good possible alternatives off the top of his head.

After living with worry and anxiety for four years I’m exhausted and wish the election night would show a massive tidal wave of Biden electors; that within the first 100 days all of the worst of the evils could be “magically” waved away with EO’s. I also know it’s a dream… at this point, I’m just waiting to exhale and feel a little bit of release!

To get to this point and know there’s more work and waiting to be done… it all just feels so… heavy.

About McConnell, I found this to be encouraging:


Barbk, if quintile is right about ACB’s Taurus rising sign, and I believe she is, the Full Moon conjunct Uranus this weekend could be in her first house. Her sudden and swift elevation has a Uranian feel and obviously brings a whirlwind of change in her life. Also, Uranus is opposite her natal Neptune in the 7th. Her spiritual image and her relationship with her husband who is both a lawyer and her religious guide will be challenged by the family’s move to D.C. This weekend may be when all these changes sink in.

Bernie Sanders, on his front page a few years ago said he fashioned his politics after “The Nordic Model”. One of the best books I have ever read is “Viking Economics” by George Lakey. He is an American who married a Norwegian and went to live in Norway. He studied their history and the development of their government. One page 162 he recounts talking with a learned IRS man who said of the higher Norwegian taxes “in Norway you get what you paid for.” George Lakey says the basic attitude among Norwegians about their very high taxation rates: “To get a lot, we pay a lot.”

After the basics are met to ensure the dignity and safety of all, people are free to become entrepreneurs. Wiggo Dalmo started out as an apprentice to an industrial mechanic, and ended up eventually started his own company, Momek, and after a decade he had a $44 million company with 150 employees.

He pays nearly 50% of his income to the government plus additional tax, payroll tax and sales tax. What’s Dalmo’s attitude toward all that?

“The tax system is good – it’s fair. WHAT WE ARE DOING WHEN WE ARE PAYING TAXES IS BUYING A PRODUCT. So the question isn’t how much you pay for the product; IT’S THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT.”

The income tax system is…highly transparent, which guards against corruption and tax cheating.

The higher level of equality in governments correlates with the higher levels of TRUST people have in their governments.

Each state in the United States has a level of trust that correlates with their level of equality or inequality.

Long story short, the U.S.’s 400 wealthiest families found a way to pay so much less than was intended.

This kind of behavior undermines trust, and eventually leads to disaster. The issue of so many large companies paying so little “was pretty well in the shadows for the past 50 years.”

I also own, but have not read in its entirely “CAPITAL in the 21st CENTURY” by Thomas Piketty, the French Economist, who proves that pure Capitalism leads to the 1% and the rest of us who eventually fall into poverty.

The Nordic Model CAN show us the way. Economic equality is the only way for us.

Our task is to bring about basic changes in that direction and it is my hope that bringing to light the correlating trust of the U.S. states experiencing economic equality will then be infectious and spread to the other states, lifting them out of their grief and pain.

Yes, it’s a long haul but it may not be THAT long. If the Proud Boys experience a relief to their own distress they may be too lazy and content to muster the energy needed to fight.

On the other hand, I have seen on the internet that the Trump supporters who have the income to ride around in the desert in their special vehicles, and pay for the flags and the costumes – are in their own environment sometimes the top earners in their peer groups. So we have the element of super selfishness bordering on personality disorders that reflect the extreme personality disorders of their leader, Donald J. Trump.

So there’s that. Another element to be tackled. Even Ayn Rand wasn’t so crazy.

Well, one foot in front of the other.


Sometimes winning is the absolutely worst thing that can happen to you. Barrett’s apparent triumph and that of the movement behind her has also exposed them to the public. Let’s not forget that Christianity in any form, much less right-wing Christianity, is in decline here in the US. The younger generations have been extremely turned off by Christian righteousness and the moral hypocrisy of evangelicals and other conservative sects like Barrett’s that have embraced Trump. A SCOTUS in the hands of right-wing Catholics who foist their ideology on the general population through its decisions is not going to be long tolerated.

Sunstars, I agree the Nordic model is the best. We are half way between the US and Norway in Canada (except Alberta, our oil-producing province which prides itself on being the Texas of the North), but we could use some improvement.

Astrologically in the US, the needs of the people (Moon in Aquarius) are not met by the wealth of Pluto in Capricorn which lies in uneasy tension with the egalitarian and creative ideals of the US Constitution (Constitution Uranus in Cancer). This situation could be corrected as Pluto slowly moves from Capricorn into Aquarius and reaches the US Moon in opposition to transiting Uranus about 25 years from now in a time of great reforming or revolutionary intensity. In this decade, Uranus in Taurus will increase hardship and the crisis of capitalism when it squares the US Moon. The last time that happened, there was the Depression and the Dust Bowl but also innovative scientific farming, new forms of social security and internal migration. There will also be great social change when Neptune reaches the last degrees of Pisces and Saturn is conjunct Neptune mid-decade. After that comes the Uranus return which will clearly be a historic turning point. 2020 is only the first of many years of profound transformation for the US and our shared planet.

New Post from Gurmeet Singh:
“We will know the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in the month of November this year, most probably between November 3 and November 18, 2020. Former Vice President Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump by a landslide in electoral college and popular votes. My guess is Biden will win by 8 to 12 million popular votes. This time it is not the economy stupid, it is the coronavirus stupid, that is why Donald Trump will lose the presidential election. Joe Biden will win but Donald Trump will not concede. Most likely Trump will try to cling to power. At this point Trump will accuse the Democrats of fraud and claim that he won. Donald Trump does not care about the Constitution and the laws of the country. Donald Trump wants courts not the American people to decide the presidential election. Trump is thinking the race will be close enough so they can sue their way to the victory. At, this point we will know what exit strategy Donald Trump will follow. There will be another major astrology update at this point. It ain’t over until it’s over.”
posted Oct 22, 2020

Jerry re: your September posting about the Halloween Full Moon conjunct transiting Uranus in Taurus being opposite the Scorpio Moon in the 2017 Inaugural chart and T-square Russia’s nodes was brilliant. Eradication of the Trump presidency is surely near and I am breathlessly awaiting that news!

The birthchart for M, McConnell that Evon Davis used in her video, Feb 20, 1942, 4:20 PM Sheffield AL, puts MM’s natal Pluto at 4+ Leo on his ascendant (!!) and opposite his natal Venus at 5+ Aquarius in his 7th house of partners and conjunct US natal South Node + US natal Pholus at 6+ Aquarius. This too jeopardizes his “good standing”.

While his natal Mars-Saturn-Uranus in Taurus are trine transiting Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, his natal chart MC at 24+ Aries is square them, and that can’t be fun for him. Trans. Mars returns to his MC on Christmas Eve.

It is his 10th house Moon at 6+ Taurus, T-square his Venus-Pluto opposition, and where transiting retrograde Uranus will be on December 20, and where it will be in the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle, that will hang him high.

Wish I knew where Evon got that birth time!

Thank you Nancy, that was beautiful.

Hope so Andre.

Good work sunstars, thank you very much.

Forgot to add that the birthchart for Russia has the Moon at 5+ Aquarius and conjunct McConnell’s Venus.

Re-visiting my recollection of Justice Scalia’s comments (Will & all), he did speak at a Catholic HS in Metairie, LA in 2016, but he did not make those particular racist comments there. I confused that event with the shocking and biased remarks he made in 2015 about a case heard by the SC about the U. of TX’s admission policy where he suggested that maybe African Americans don’t belong at “elite” universities and do better on the “slow track”.


What he spoke about at the Metairie event had to do with criticizing other members of the SC and their understanding of religious freedom as relates to the separation of church and state


What a narrow-minded guy — much too narrow-minded for the position he held. How disappointing that he had so much influence on the U.S. He couldn’t have been all bad, though, especially if RBG and he were friends.

Since we now know that ACB clerked for him in the late 90s and that she comes from Metairie, LA (one town over from NOLA), that fact might have had something to do with his attendance at that particular HS as part of Religious Freedom Day (although ACB attended a different Catholic all-girls HS).

Here it comes: Trump, Biden lawyer up, brace for White House legal battle


Sharon K,
I recall Scalia stating he believed one of the more primary causes of our troubles was Satan. He believed in a literal devil. I don’t recall the context or event in which he revealed those thoughts.


re: where Evon got McConnell’s birth time

In Evon’s Sept 26, 2020 video “Justice for McConnell?” she states the the birth time is an “intuitive rectification.” She had a sense that Leo was his first house.

Makes me incensed that this isn’t being written up on front pages everywhere. I mean, come on… he swore last Thursday he had no business with China. Looked us all square in the eyes thru the camera and lied thru his teeth.

I really hate what these last four years have done to me as a person. I guess I got a whole lot of atoning to do… I’ve saved my patience and love for the critters being left out in the cold, waiting for people who never come back for them. These are the most deserving, AFAIC.

Forbes Estimates China Paid Trump At Least $5.4 Million Since He Took Office, Via Mysterious Trump Tower Lease


BuckeyeShadow, I agree with ya. Pride goeth before a fall. Well, they’ve got a hell of a lot of pride!

There’s more than just us women who are not going to go back to life in the 1890’s. I think they’re nuts, but if some women want to live like that, and think they’re so low as to be the Devil’s spawn, controllable and allowed entrance to “heaven” only thru the graces of their menfolk, I say “go for it.” Just leave the rest of us to our own beliefs, thank you very much. And in MY religion, abortion is not a sin. I’ve also got news for them, it’s not a sin in -their- religion, either… not in the Old Testament, nor in the New. But then, I don’t think they actually READ their good book; they just wait for some old white guy who’s supposedly got a hotline to god to explain it to them.

And while I’m talking about an old white guy, Kudos to the Pope. I may not agree with everything he says, or where he’s coming from on some of it, but I salute him in his going as far as civil unions for gay couples. Love really is the most important law – on that we can agree.

I love how the “Vatican” said it doesn’t carry magisterial weight. Ok, I’m obviously not Catholic, but I thought the Pope WAS the embodiment of the Magisterium! I’m gonna have to talk to my sis about this… 😉

You made me smile peter! Thank you for that revelation about Mitch’s birth time and I admire her intuitive abilities; it’s almost TOO good to be true, as they say.

I live in Louisville, and my brother, same age as Mitch, went to school with him. Hard to imagine Mitch as a kid playing basketball but it is true, he really did! Maybe he does have Leo rising 🙂

That would put transiting Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in his 6th house of health; hmmm . .

I really wish that one of my astrology friends would tell me what they think of the Vedic astrology take on the election.

The crickets do not say much…

“I really hate what these last four years have done to me as a person.” Ditto! I honestly feel I’m not as good a person as I was pre-Trump. Trump is so extraordinarily toxic to everyone and everything he touches. His supporters, AND we, his foes are all far more angry and hateful than before.

I laughed when you wrote, “There’s more than just us women who are not going to go back to life in the 1890’s. I think they’re nuts, but if some women want to live like that,…”
Maybe it is just the type of guys I’ve long associated with, but I think most men don’t want to go back to the gender roles of the 1890’s either. I think most men, were they to really think about it, don’t want to go back to conforming to what was considered masculine in the 1890’s either.

Silcomic: Heard that too.

It suddenly occurred to me that our voting machines most likely can be hacked and altered


They can not alter the millions of ballots flooding into election county offices and that this is most likely the safest way to vote, and that is why Trump is so frightened.

The Uranus-Pluto conjunction that started their present cycle began in 1965 at 17+ Virgo which was sqiare Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini.

At the time the Sun (consciousness) was at 16+ Libra, one degree from Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn) at 17+ Libra.

Uranus and Pluto were sextile Neptune at 18+ Scorpio at the time.

Today transiting Mars retrograde is at 18+ Aries completing a Yod with the 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo that was sextile Neptune in Scorpio.

Today’s transiting Mars is also opposite the Sun in Libra at that time of the start of the Uranus-Pluto cycle, and that makes a Boomerang, and that combined energy is sent to the Sun in Libra in the 1965 chart WHICH WAS ONE DEGREE AWAY from Trump’s Jupiter + US progressed retro Mars, + US Constitution chart’s Neptune + Putin’s Saturn.

That could be expressed as anger and/or violence and/or destruction, and since Mars is retrograde, this would have been activated when Mars was direct in late July and early August. It means that the anger Trump expresses is fomented by the energy of the Uranus-Pluto cycle; essentially doing the work of the Uranus-Pluto cycle. He is the tool of the Universe.

It is not so much the transiting Pluto and Uranus direct energy, but more the energy of their cycle start that was so linked to Trump’s birth astrology that is now affecting us all. Such is the price of evolution. Trans. Mars will return to this spot in late Nov. and early Dec.

slightkc :

Love your rendition of who talks to God! The Bible is one of the most sexist texts ever written. The two main female characters being a Virgin and a Prostitute. Says it all, doesn’t it?

It is why I judge (too harshly) the ACB’s of the world. But wait…..she may find out all too soon that she has been hoodwinked. Love that word!

Soon, she will go through the change and slowly the rose coloured estrogen glasses will slide off to reveal a world with shades of grey to rival a paint chip display. Decisions have been easy for her with her dogma as her throne. But her transits and progressions (progressed Sun moves from Pisces to Aries) indicate she will question her faith, her role as a wife and mother and with her natal Moon square Mars and Uranus, …..it might just be a rough ride for her near and dear, not to mention her colleagues!

Judgements come easy when the parameters are narrow and you believe you are on the right side of God. But once those glasses come off, things will not be so clear and the laws made by men that she must consider will appear much more flawed and far less inspired.

Trump is in a bubbled world of his own.
Newsweek reports DJT believes the R’s will lose the senate, but regain the House of representatives.


Emma, I listened to parts of the Vedic reading but didn’t want to listen to the entire hour. The astrologer is good and it’s a very interesting analysis.

This lack of empathy he points out in Trump (and now I think I know what Ja meant by the woman taking him down is his mother — Ja, did you get it from that reading and Trump’s dysfunctional nurturing from his mother?) is a big one and kind of dovetails with what is called “toxic masculinity” as well as certain individualist, competitive, self-interest motives of a capitalist society. I think that more collectivist societies do better in some ways – such as happened with the pandemic.

Mr. Singh also uses Vedic and he said that in the last week of Sept. Trump’s transits would bring him a very bad time personally, which we see happening, although Trump is trying hard to make everything work for him. He feels the only way Trump will win is by stealing the election (which confuses me because it’s either a bad time or it isn’t!) Did the guy you posted make any election predictions as I may have missed them?

Yep! You are mostly correct RE: “not in the Old Testament, nor in the New”
As you know, I’ve taught innumerable courses in comparative world religions, and a few biblical classes as well. In the OT, purposefully injuring a woman causing her to have a miscarriage carried the same penalty as theft. Neither was abortion considered murder. The tradition in Judaism established centuries ago was the soul enters the body at the first breath immediately following birth. It was the soul which made a body a human being.

In Christianity, most protestant sects and denominations have followed the rabbinical, Jewish beliefs and customs regarding miscarriages and abortion, therefore neither a zygote or foetus is considered a human person per se. It was only in recent decades some ultra-conservative protestant groups switched, adopting Roman Catholic notions about these things.

It was only about 500 years ago, the RC Church decided the soul enters the body at conception, making a zygote a full human being. They nevertheless are inconsistent in their logic and consequent behavior. They do not conduct a funeral or memorial service when a woman has had a miscarriage.

I sincerely and deeply hope I am wrong, but I have long believed there is a very high probability we will eventually lose Roe v Wade. Why? Because we’ve framed it wrongly. Although I strongly agree with and support “a woman’s right to choose,” the way we hear that phrase is not how our opponents hear it. We hear it as a positive and slightly inspiring affirmation of equal rights, and the sovereignty of women over their own bodies. To us, that phrase is “preaching to the choir.”

The phrase is heard as absurd and arrogantly provocative by anti-abortionists, as they interpret it as the right of women to commit murder. Every time they hear it their anger deepens in intensity, motivating them further. It is true some far right Christians want to perpetuate the subjugation of all women, but not all of them. For them all, the issue is murder, and they adamantly believe they hold the moral high ground.

Untill and unless the RC’s and the ultra-conservative protestant groups undergo a major rethink of their theology regarding the body and soul, their position and ours will remain irredeemably irreconcilable, holding the potential to serve, as did slavery, to divide us interminably.

A number of years ago I discussed these issues with Bill Clinton, suggesting we reframe the issue as one of religious freedom. He agreed, and subsequently has explained and spoken of it that way, but this was quite some time after he had left the presidency. Unfortunately, he has not championed the issue any further.

About 2/3 of Americans support abortion rights. I’m hoping we can find a way to secure it as a right for us all that supercedes and transcends Roe v Wade. Meanwhile, the far right “Christians” will not desist. They continue to share their poison on this and many other issues quite liberally.

Quintile, good point you make about ACBarrett’s future ‘evolution’ in thinking. Like most here, looking over her chart, I agree her attitudes may change in unexpected directions, but it won’t happen overnight. If she’s going to be on the court for over 30 years (assuming life time appointments continue), then it’s inevitable her attitudes will shift as she ages. That’s no consolation in the short run though!

Eliseo, thanks for your comments re. religion and abortion. Your post got me to look up the separation of church and state.


I wonder if the Roe vs. Wade issue will finally be settled (some day) on the basis of the civil state also being separate from influences of religion and framed in that way, precisely.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, once famously said that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.

In the US, to my knowledge, except for the 1st amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, etc., there is no formal definition of either the ‘state’ or the ‘church’ (I may be mistaken – if so, please advise).

So, the continual battle over Roe vs. Wade seems to be one of definitions. Do you have further comments to expand on this concept and the way Roe fits into the whole picture of church vs. state?

P.S., not only definitions, but boundaries!

In astrological terms, boundaries and the lack thereof would involve: Jupiter (the law), Saturn (restraints, limits), Neptune (lack of boundaries or limits), Pluto (power to impose limits, like it or not) and Uranus (power to overturn limits).

Lastly, Eliseo, re your comment, “The tradition in Judaism established centuries ago was the soul enters the body at the first breath immediately following birth. It was the soul which made a body a human being” — I doubt anybody, anywhere is going to be able to determine the truth of that statement either way (true or not true) since none of us humans are in a position to monitor or prove either the existence of the soul OR when it enters the body, if ever. Who says if and when it “enters”? Not possible to determine. So in human terms, the operation of the soul can’t be used in civil law, right?

I’ll have to do a bit of digging, but as i recall the founders were more explicit on separation between church and state in the Federalist Papers. Also, Thomas Jefferson wrote on the subject, independently. In both cases they were pretty adamant in their desire for the “wall” between church and state to be pretty high and wide.

The founders knew their recent history well. Remembering the European wars of religion, one of their more deeply felt desires was for our nation to avoid such folly. Modern day fundamentalists and right wing authoritarian R. Catholics minimize the issue, claiming the founders did not really mean it when they insisted on such separation.

There are few assertions as absurd and historically inaccurate as the claims the aforementioned make regarding the founders. They revere the founders as “devout god fearing christians” when in actuality, most of them were Deists. Thomas Paine was an atheist, (curiously, some believe his next incarnation was as Abe Lincoln.) But most believed in a creator god, just not necessarily the one in the bible!

Most people unto this day do not realize the “god of philosophy” is not at all the same as the “god of theology,” anybody’s theology. Most of the founders were pretty aware and well versed in the philosophy of their day, as well as medieval and ancient philosophy.

I’ll do a bit of research to see what specific 18th century church & state literature is extant, but it is a solid fact the founders had very strict ideas on the subject.

Meanwhile, Frederick Clarkson’s book,
Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy, although a bit dated, Is one of the best books on the separation of church & state and the history of the religious right. But I must warn you, unless you have pretty good suspenders and a strong belt, the information therein will scare your pants right off! I strongly recommend the book, but I suggest you have faith we will eventually defeat these folks in relative permanence. The sociology as well as good astrology supports their eventual defeat.

Linda G has one of her better videos out today.

“the operation of the soul can’t be used in civil law, right?”
Yes. Right. No one can prove the existence of a soul. But such is the hidden thought infusing the arguments on both sides. What is and is not a human? There is no universally accepted objective criteria.

barbk, when you reference 1965, I am reminded that the Voting Rights Act was signed on August 6, 1965, and since the 1980s, the GOP has done everything it can to undermine and destroy that law.

Putin now has started distancing himself from Trump. The writing is on the wall.

Putin rejects Donald Trump’s criticism of Biden family business

Whew, thanks Banks, I needed that.

Well there you go silcominc, I wondered why I noticed the Mars thing and now I know. Bless you!

quintile, you’ve given me a new phrase for the ages! “Rose colored estrogen glasses” I LOVE it! Will pass it along (appropriately of course) where necessary (or not!).

We boomer chicks are not going down without a fight. It’s not in our nature. And, all kidding aside, once those rose colored estrogen glasses come off and reveal oh, so many, shades of grey, suddenly things that looked so clear before look a bit foggy now.

After watching my sister (and now my daughter) approach or go thru peri-menopause, I stand back and wonder how I made it this far without killing someone first! (LOL) Yes, ACB’s “minders” are in for as much of a surprise as she. All hail women of a “certain” age! Sisterhood has never felt so good.

BTW.. appropo of nothing political, I will soon be teaching a third generation of women. Taught her grandparent, and her parent, and now will be teaching her the Craft. Amazing to think this young un I knew when first born is now 21. Talk about feeling as old as Methuselah’s Mother! But also feeling very honored to be asked.

The ACG confirmation is the culmination of decades of what can only be described as the American Counter-Revolution. This Counter-Revolution is dedicated to the maintenance of inequality, which is seen as ordained by God through social Darwinism, and to class warfare through the dominance of corporate power over the state and the people. The modern counter-revolutionary movement began at the death of FDR and was dedicated to the rollback and undoing of his work, which saw the beginning of social reforms that were seen as a threat to conservative values: desegregation, social security, Medicare, as well as the emerging values of the cultural revolution of the 1960s. The Counter-Revolution means that health care cannot be recognized as a basic human right as in most other Western democracies. It also means your health or that of your loved ones is unconstitutional if it requires the support of the government or your fellow taxpayers.

The first counter-revolutionary reform was the adoption of the two-term limit for Presidents, which was clearly aimed retroactively at FDR’s lengthy presence in the White House with the overwhelming support of the people. This was presented as a reasonable democratic advance, while in reality it was aimed at preventing such a strong and progressive Presidency in the future. The two-term limit has served the GOP well: without it, Clinton and Obama would have been elected to a third term. It was actually a limit on the sovereignty of the people, who should be free to select its leader for as long as it wants. Justin Trudeau’s father was in power for 15 years. While his opponents were certainly tired of him, no one disputed the right of the Canadian people to reelect him for as many terms as he could get fairly and democratically. There are still no term limits in Canada and no one who advocates them. There are no term limits in any country based on the British parliamentary system. Term limits are a quaint American idea that was never contemplated by the Founders and is itself a sign of the decline of American democracy. This decline is dedicated to the proposition that there should never be a second FDR who dares to fight successfully the American plutocracy in defense of the needs of the people. Astrologically, FDR was President while Pluto was in Cancer, strengthening Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in the US chart, as well as the Constitution Uranus at 25 Cancer, in their never-ending and often losing struggle against US Pluto at 27 Capricorn.

The next step in the Counter-Revolution was to select a moderate and popular hero, Eisenhower, as the Republican nominee, while imposing upon him a quintessential counter-revolutionary, Nixon, as his VP. Nixon, whom Ike distrusted and disliked, came within a hair’s breadth from winning the presidency in 1960 on Eisenhower’s coattails. If he had won, the Counter-Revolution would have come sooner and would have had a huge impact on that time. The Counter-Revolution under JFK and LBJ gritted its teeth and dug in its heels. Its next torchbearer, Goldwater, while losing spectacularly the presidential campaign of 1964, is credited as the father of the neo-conservative movement which moved the GOP further to the right and eventually spelled doom for moderate Republicans. Under the genteel appearances of country-club Republicanism, racism and a hatred of democracy reared their ugly heads.

Nixon eventually reached the White House, but he never controlled the Senate, where the Democratic majority, another of FDR’s legacies, lasted from 1932 until Reagan. Nixon did try to change the Supreme Court. He named four Justices, which did him no good in Watergate, and in the short term did not stem the tide of judicial progressive activism, which continued for years in such cases as Roe v. Wade. The reason for that is that judicial conservatives were still dominated by moderate Republicans. Only in the 80s did Goldwater’s hard right ideas reach the White House and federal courts. Justice Scalia was named by Reagan.

The terrible Capricorn planets of the 2010s and 2020 did the rest. Capricorn is not inherently more a negative sign than any other. Its higher purpose is to provide good government. Clearly, something went wrong in the heavy array of Capricorn planets in recent years. An afflicted Capricorn sky brings misrule and a malign political system. The combination of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn brought a populist President who was more than willing to complete the counter-revolutionary cycle founded on the reversal of what FDR stood for and the continued dismantling of his achievements, including the upsetting of the international system and the international institutions he helped to bring into being even before the end of WW II, such as the World Health Organization. Pluto square Eris brought an era of political chaos thriving on conflict. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction brought the failure of the institutional safeguard of democracy that is impeachment. Constitutional originalists should have been the first to protect the country from a would-be dictator and a traitor who occupied the Oval Office, and who was clearly the personification of a foremost concern of the Founders. Instead, they chose to support the abasement of the Constitution in order to attain their own counter-revolutionary objectives. The Counter-Revolution has now reached its high point. It no longer needs Trump and believes it can last without him. It has found a woman to achieve its ultimate constitutional goals based on an inversion of Christian values. This inversion was exemplified by a powerful symbol: Trump’s upside-down Bible in front of the traditional place of worship of Presidents, a boarded-up church emptied by a pandemic reminiscent of a Biblical plague brought by a wrathful God upon a wicked and impious humanity. The history of the United States has a spiritual dimension even if its mainstream religious worship goes very wrong.

The Counter-Revolution will continue triumphant beyond Trump until the Neptune semi-return in 2022 and the Pluto return in 2023. Democratic reforms until then could be ineffective. The rise from the ashes of despair begins in earnest in 2024. The testing of the American spirit and ideals, which were never lost but greatly weakened, will soon run its course as new challenges arise. The downward cyle of the last 75 years will soon end. Trump, the anti-FDR, will still be succeeded by an admirer of FDR, whose own chart indicates he can successfully initiate the delicate transition away from an unhealthy period toward the restoration of the best fundamental American values based on kindness, fairness, decency, a willingness to be a positive influence on the world and justice for all. Much work remains.

ACB , not ACG

Please let’s just call her the Barrett judge, she is not worthy of being called ACB, the way RBG and AOC are. no no no, she is judge Barrett!

And she WILL be confirmed this week!

Hypocrisy at its HIGHEST!

Or i should say she is Judge Barett. That’s it’s !

Or i should say she is Judge Barrett. That’s it’s , she’s judge Barrett!

RBG was nicknamed that because of notorious BIG, anyway.. she , as in Amym doesn’t deserve to be called ACB and the fact that days after the wonderful Ruth’s death Trumps campaign was selling Notorious ‘ACB’ shorts just pissed me off sooooo much SO NO!

Imagine that Chief Justice Roberts steps down after Biden is inaugurated. He has had a few incidents as I recall of seizures and I Wonder if he wants his legacy to be presiding over a lopsided SCOYUS. I’ve heard somewhere that Clarence Thomas has serious health problems (this could be wishful thinking) but that would give Biden two spots to fill. Poor Amy could have some serious problems if my thoughts became energy:)

“I really hate what these last four years have done to me as a person.” Ditto! I honestly feel I’m not as good a person as I was pre-Trump. Trump is so extraordinarily toxic to everyone and everything he touches. His supporters, AND we, his foes are all far more angry and hateful than before.”

Me, too. I hate it. Wish I could say I think it might change sometime soon. I don’t.

I’m so weary, as I know all of us are. People are counting down the days until the election. We’re at nine now. I want it to come so badly, but it feels like everything is twisting tighter and tighter.

I’m so glad so many people have voted already and how many will have by Election Day. The less people voting on Election Day, the less chance of chaos.

I know people are worried about getting votes counted. I live in the biggest county in
SC. We’re expecting about 250,000 voters. Our state doesn’t allow processing of absentee ballots until the day before Election Day, which means opening envelopes, checking signature matches, etc., and for counting to begin at 8 am on Election Day. Our county election chairman says he thinks he can get all our absentee votes counted on election night. I hope that means counting will go faster everywhere than we expect.

Most states allowing processing and some counting long before SC does.

We’re just shy of 60 million votes in Sunday evening. Trump won with 63 million. Latest projections from 538.com on total voted this year is 154 million. Lots of new voters and younger voters showing up already, which is good for Democrats. I would think this week of early voting would be the biggest. About 32 million voted last week, so let’s say another 40 million vote this week. That would mean 100 million votes in before Election Day. Another 55 or so for the actual day.

I think we should be in good shape with that many votes in early. Surveys have shown only 17-25% of Dems plan to wait until Election Day. Let Trump voters cause chaos for Trump voters.

And Linda G is also totally convinced Kavanagh is going to be removed, Banks (not leave for health reasons). I’m not sure at all how that would come about but she has talked about it for quite a while.

Sharon K,
Thank you for your kindness.
I went thru the video again to try to be more specific. Hogarth Brown has a lot to say, particularly about why Trump’s presidency is what it is and what Biden’s presidency will bring and how both Trump and Kamala ‘fated’ to become president.

Using the Kelleher Constitutional chart of 7-5-1776 @ 6:30 pm, he says that when there is a democratic race, the person who has the chart that is the closest fit to the chart of the nation, normally will win.

Trump is a good fit in a negative way. Biden is also a good bit in a positive way. Harris will make a sensational fit to the USA chart.

The strongest combination a leader can have with the nation’s chart is with the nodes of the moon. Trump was born on a lunar eclipse; he is like a walking eclipse (Eclipses are the Kingmakers) and made it thru the election albeit with thieves and cheats. Harris has a nodal inversion; she is a karmic ‘Warrior Queen’. The curse may not apply to her because the S node reduces things –and also, she is a woman and curse was set on men.

There is more, but my hands can’t type any more nd it is late.

“NEW: The New Hampshire Union Leader, a conservative-leaning newspaper based in Manchester, has endorsed Joe Biden for president. It’s the first time it has backed a Democrat in over 100 years.”


Thanks for that historical overview, Andre. I agree that this period we are in is the zenith of the counter-revolution. There indeed seems to be such a powerful relationship between nPluto and tPluto. When Pluto was in Cancer, opposing the US natal Pluto, we saw the US challenged by many things, not the least of them being the overt racism of the Ku Klux Klan and the Great Depression, the latter of which was at its peak during FDR’s presidency and just before the start of WWII. Hard times indeed, yet there was a strong push ignited then for the country to aspire to its highest ideals and possibilities that endured for several decades.

Pluto in Libra squaring the US natal Pluto saw the “Regan Revolution” and movement conservatism take hold of our government and really begin to push back hard against FDR’s legacy to overturn it, although its seeds were actually planted after the Pluto-Pluto opposition in the late 30s. This was also just before Pluto entered authoritarian Leo, the Pluto placement of the Boomers who would manifest the counter-revolution when they came of age and claimed power in government and business.

The US Pluto Return, or tPluto conjunct nPluto should indeed represent the culmination of the counter-revolution, but also it’s unraveling, which perhaps Trump embodies better than anyone else could through his despicable behavior, as much as also through his own mental and physical decline.

Saturn in Aquarius has also begun for the Conservative Pluto in Leo Boomers (and a handful of Pluto in Cancers) what Pluto in Aquarius will finish off—the process of senescence and death.

The future belongs not to Old Man Saturn/Plutocrats like Scorpio Sun Charles Koch, who has long funded think tanks and other means to influence public opinion in favor of his own self-serving ultra-conservative capitalist ideology. Pluto in Capricorn has bestowed an unusual amount of power and influence upon such old men during what would traditionally be their twilight years, and a time for mentoring the younger generations. When Pluto moves into Aquarius and is no longer propping them up, expect to see many of them decline and kick the bucket in short order.

The mid to late 20s will see the end of the influential lives of Koch, Murdoch, Adelson, and many other Conservative old men who have been propped up by Pluto in Capricorn, just as the same renewal of progressive ideals and spirit takes hold with the birth of the Pluto in Aquarius generation.

Eliseo, it is my hope that the US Pluto return will eventually bring down the so-called “pro-life” movement, which I see as falling under the weight of its glaring inconsistencies.

For the life of me (no pun intended?), I don’t understand why the pre-born are more important than those of us who are born and walking on this planet: the lives of the 225,000 who have been lost from Covid-19, or the thousands who are lost each year to gun violence. The notion that Black Lives Matter is a response to the so-called pro-life movement, but those who call themselves pro-life are conveniently refusing to see it.

I sure don’t see how this administration’s giving up on containing this virus is in any way pro-life. I believe it was Barney Frank who said, that for these religious righties, “Life begins at conception, and ends at birth.”

I too hope for the decline and fall of the so-called “pro-life” movement. And yes, they are logically inconsistent, but are not all monolithic in their views on other issues.

I don’t foresee the Pluto return portending their demise, however. I believe that will take a decade or two. Some will die off; the others will need to be approached obliquely. Direct confrontation will merely stiffen and foment their resistance. The change is more likely to be concomitant with a paradigm shift in religion generally. Religious ideologies are also meaning systems. The trick is to assist those clinging to dogmatic meaning systems in letting go of the old that they may enter into better, healthier life affirming thoughts and feelings from which they derive a deeper and more secure sense of meaning and purpose.

Meanwhile, I believe as much as possible we need to educate our boys and girls into healthy values regarding their bodies, gender equality, sex & reproductive rights and responsibilities, and generally into a more nurturant and emotionally balanced ethos.

I just don’t get this hatred/fear of women. The Right is busy, busy, busy, demonizing Kamala Harris. I find it exceedingly difficult to understand this particular psychology. They are really hung up on her “witchy” laugh.


Beth Owl’s Daughter:

“We have to really not be afraid of feeling pain for our world– that we recognize that the anguish we feel for what is happening to our world is inevitable and normal and even healthy because how are we going to do the huge about-face, psychologically and socially, that we need to do to create, out of the present disarray, an exquisite life-sustaining, life-respecting society unless we are ready to just galvanize everything?

So pain is very useful. Just don’t be afraid of it.

And recognize that the anguish, the horror even, that we can feel over the devastation that we read about or see or experience, that it’s okay to feel that.

We’re tough.”


It is interesting to see that the road to autocracy is similar in each place it’s happening. They use the same playbook – take away a woman’s right, ban gay and lesbian relationships, centralize the wealth…and Putin seems to be at its core.

In Poland, they just made abortion nearly illegal in a court decision (which may be a precursor to the USA).


Well, as Jack Nickelson said in Terms of Endearment – “Inches away from a clean getaway…” and then Aurora stopped him. We were days away, so to speak (from 11/1), but it looks like this time we here in NOLA will not escape Zeta – which should be at least a Cat 1 – on Wednesday! Damn! And how will this affect the mail in ballots in the sections of the SE that the storm passes through?

Authoritarians are pretty consistent through history. Fascists in particular compulsively need to suppress women and women’s rights. I nevertheless find it extremely and utterly weird. I suppose it is time to read Hannah Arendt.

Hi Eliseo, what I believe the demonizing of Kamala Harris is, is the end of the Patriarchy fighting, kicking and screaming in its death throes. A system of life is ending for those who have benefitted from it at the expense of others, plain and simple.

Of course Kamala Harris is in no way demomic, especially when compared to Donald Trump who is truly demonic. The world is changing in spite of those who have held power over women; women smarter and more competent then those with such power.

It is fear that drives such people; people who sense that they are losing that power, who stoop to the level of those who commented in the article you posted. They won’t go down without a fight, much like white supremacists who rear their ugly heads when anything that smacks of equality gets attention. Alas, we are beasts underneath our facade of civilized behavior.

Kim at Intuitiview has another informative and uplifting video today. Covers McConnell’s health, Trump after the election and Rush Limbaugh.

Thanks, Banks. I’m watching, Kim, and I’m really enjoying this reading. I’m at the part where she is seeing that this is the end of this kind of Republican – the angry white guy who hates Liberals….and how the pandemic is going to motivate so much change.

She really is saying some beautiful things about our future. I highly advice listening to this particular channeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAgwuEqRUV4


any thoughts as to why Barrett was sworn in by Thomas and not Chief Justice Roberts? Seems rather unusual to me.

BuckeyeShadow, I do hope my aging leaves me hanging around long enough to see a revival of the Progressive way of life we envisioned and fought for in the 60’s.

I’m one of those Pluto in Leo, although for me it’s Leo (R). Could that be the reason I always seemed out of step with so many in my generation, and fighting against authoritarianism – not in only in a personal way, but also as against it as a way of life for so many.

Gine, to me the pro-life movement isn’t really about pro-life. It’s about control – power over women. We, who tempted Adam with the apple and led him down and of the garden path. As far as these men are concerned, we’re not Eve, we’re actually Lillith. And each of us is just trying to take down a man. Their women are so brainwashed as to go along with it. A few may, mistakenly see it as protecting “life” but when presented with a picture of a zygote or a an adult woman, they will pick the zygote as being more worthy (its innocence, I guess). Also, a bad interpretation of their Book.

It’s like rape. Rape isn’t about sex; rape is about violence and power over a women. So is Pro-Life.

Barret sworn in my Thomas? I’ll be Thomas’ wife had some say-so on that. They’re birds of the same Dominionist feather.

Well, there goes the neighborhood! Give me cacles and other witchy laughter anyday!!! May Hecate show her what “Justice” really means.

Eliseo, I despair thinking change will come to RW religionists after a deep rethink of their beliefs and reasons for them. These people can’t seem to critically think their way into a mask to save their life; how can they critically think their way to save their souls?

Roe v Wade WILL fall, for the reason you stated, as well as those that have nothing to do with law. But I don’t see it falling for long. There maybe some backward states, like my Kansas, who will dogtail the backend, but I think Congress (if we sweep the election), will somehow codify it until we can get a constitutional amendment passed.

I don’t see that amendment being about abortion, either, but some sort of equality that will wraparound the argument of body autonomy, reproductive issues, and even, perhaps, privacy issues… particularly as they pertain to online life.

Some will see this as a diminution of our “rights”… but they’ll be the same ones arguing to go maskless in the middle of a pandemic that’s killed a quarter of a million people. IME, they’ll just have to get used to it, or die on their principles.

Dominionism, like Sharia Law, will be rejected by the United States. The religionists may have the day for a while (like the Tea Totallers) but like prohibition, it’ll fall. People are too diverse in their spirituality, and it, not religion, is on the upswing. Youth and others are actively rejecting organized religion, with its hypocrisy, mean-spiritedness, and empty promises. One look at one of these mega-preachers’ eyes and they can see the emptiness. Youth, especially are turned off by these death cults, and unfortunately for those who actually try to practice Christianity as Christ taught, they’ve been defined by those who have defiled the religion, instead. I just wish we didn’t have to go thru all the transition periods. I, for one, don’t look forward to more pain and heartache on the way to a better world.

slightkc ” for me it’s Leo (R). Could that be the reason I always seemed out of step with so many….. ”
Me too! LOL

Amy’s swearing in, per the time stamp on CNN, was 9:17 pm Eastern. Quite the chart.

Linda G. “I Had This Vision”


I sincerely doubt most of them will go through any kind of rethink. Their children might, or possibly just leave their faith entirely. No, I think it more likely they and their point of view will simply die with them as other meaning systems supercede their dysfunctional one.

Here it comes! Trump argues against counting all the votes: ‘Must have final total on November 3rd’


‘He doesn’t care’: Kentucky residents bury McConnell for jamming through Barrett while millions suffer


Trump campaign asks Supreme Court to halt North Carolina absentee ballot plan


British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I’ve Read

March 8, 2020

Someone on the question-and-answer website Quora asked “Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?” Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England wrote the following response:

A few things spring to mind.

Trump lacks certain qualities which the British traditionally esteem.
For instance, he has no class, no charm, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour and no grace – all qualities, funnily enough, with which his predecessor Mr. Obama was generously blessed.
So for us, the stark contrast does rather throw Trump’s limitations into embarrassingly sharp relief.

Plus, we like a laugh. And while Trump may be laughable, he has never once said anything wry, witty or even faintly amusing – not once, ever.
I don’t say that rhetorically, I mean it quite literally: not once, not ever. And that fact is particularly disturbing to the British sensibility – for us, to lack humour is almost inhuman.

But with Trump, it’s a fact. He doesn’t even seem to understand what a joke is – his idea of a joke is a crass comment, an illiterate insult, a casual act of cruelty.

Trump is a troll. And like all trolls, he is never funny and he never laughs; he only crows or jeers.



Lincoln Project:

FairyTale – One Day A Disease Came Upon the Land!


MO’s post on Twitter: “Amy Coney Barratt’s Supreme Court appointment chart hints at rolling crises ahead; with a divisive and at times dithering approach. It’ll be muddle and mayhem with Kamala Harris up in arms, and Trump dismayed by her decisions involving him in 2022/23.”

It’s not quite the same as what she posted on her website.


Heather Cox Richardson:

So what we have tonight is the Republican Party under Trump ramming through a third Supreme Court justice who is far out of sync with the vast majority of the American people, an authoritarian ceremony for an election ad, and a sign that partisans are working to steal the upcoming election.

This is not a sign of strength—it is a sign of weakness. Trump’s Republicans have gotten a reliable majority on the Supreme Court—for now—but they have delegitimized the Senate and the Supreme Court. It is the desperate act of a party that is so far out of favor with the American people it has given up winning elections fairly and is resorting to the tactics of strongmen. That McConnell pushed this confirmation through right before the election, rather than holding the seat open to fire up evangelicals as he did in 2016, suggests he thinks that even evangelicals cannot save the White House this time around.


I don’t believe in hell. But I do believe in cosmic retribution that can even extend across lifetimes.

I look at Mitch McConnell, and I wonder about him.

What will it take to humble him of his glee at the suffering of others?

What if he were to experience such excruciating pain… and there were no relief, no mercy for him?

What if he were to cry out for help, but no one would answer him?

For all the world, I wish that he might just find out.

NEW: Previously un-released documents show the government has paid $2.5 million to
@realdonaldtrump’s businesses. Far more than we knew. Trump Org charged $7,700 for a dinner, $6,000 for floral arrangements…and $3 for POTUS’s own glass of water.


From Astrologer Elisabeth Grace

“And now, the news.

I feel like we should be hearing from George W. Bush this week. His conflict-avoidant Libra Moon is currently opposed by Mars, ruler of his Midheaven. This is provocative potential and is exact on Thursday.”


Trump said at Rally today

“Three weeks in, Joe is shot, let’s go Kamala, are you ready?”


To: @FBI -Trump just threatened Biden by predicting that his followers will shoot Biden in the third week of his presidency. How do you protect Biden from suggestions such as this one? Should Trump & his more violent supporters be on a watch list for plotting an assassination?” @BBopTop

I don’t think Trump should say anything about anyone getting shot, but what he’s talking about is one of the more popular conspiracy theories.

That the deep state or Black Lives Matter or someone already plans to take out Biden and make Harris president, and then … You know. Crazy, radical, liberal whatever agenda.

Satire: Kavanaugh favors a cut-off time for voting but not for drinking:


One of the primary things that the centaur Nessus represents is betrayal.

Trump’s natal Nessus is at 9+ Taurus, where transiting Uranus (breakthrough) was in June and July before it stationed retrograde in August. Late September through October 23, 4 days ago, trans. Uranus retrograde was back to 9+ Taurus. Does Trump feel betrayed or is he the betrayer or is it both? Neither?

Transiting Uranus will station direct in January and reach 9+ Taurus again on April 1st (April Fools Day). With transiting Uranus conjunct the Full Moon on Halloween and a Full Moon on Nov. 30 conjunct the US NATAL Uranus, and trans. Uranus conjunct Trump’s Nessus and now this . . .

The US NATAL Nessus at 9+ Pisces sextiles Trump’s natal Nessus at 9+ Taurus and on November 4-5 transiting Venus will be at 9+ Libra completing a Yod (need to adjust) with the Trump and US natal Nessuses.

PLUS . . Kamala Harris has natal Eris (discord) at 10+ Aries opposing transiting Venus on Nov. 5-6, and it turns the Yod into a Boomerang with Trump’s natal Nessus and the US natal Nessus and the transiting Venus.

Don’t look at me, I don’t know, UNLESS . . transiting Venus at 9+ Libra on Nov. 4, which will also trine US natal Uranus at 8 Gemini 55 (which happens to square US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces and US natal Nessus at 9+ Pisces) that trines US natal South Node + US natal Pholus, aka small cause, big effect, at 6+ Aquarius, now has this grand trine going for her, and . .

. . with transiting Venus opposite Kamala’s natal Eris in Aries, making the grand trine into a Kite pattern, giving focus to the grand trine which would be trans. Venus, aka “values”, meaning the US has voted its values.

Transiting Venus then is part of a grand trine AND part of a Yod, and the Yod becomes a Boomerang while the Grand Trine becomes a Kite, thanks to Kamala’s natal Eris. My guess would be that Trump, who betrayed the US, will feel betrayed by the US on and around Nov.4-6.

It doesn’t surprise me that Trump would say what he said.

I just ask the question that I have been asking all along in response to every thing that this coward says and does: How long are we going to let him get away with it?

I would stop it right now if I could, BuckeyeShadow, and hubby is nearly apoplectic most of the time with the feeling he should do -something -… I know several of us who feel this way, but other than voting and trying to talk sense into Trumpers, we feel powerless to hold him to account. It’s causing a lot of negative emotions in us due to frustration.

I just don’t want to hear the words “Look forward; not backward” this time around. I swear, you’ll hear me screaming halfway across the country if I hear those words!

Wow, Angellight, that comment Trump made in Lansing Michigan is awful – and also confusing! I checked the source you gave and another one I found online by googling (see below). What Trump said is “Joe’s shot”, not Joe is shot, or get’s shot. I had to look it up to be sure what he said.

In any case, there are two implications – either he means Joe is washed up (as in not effective any more) or he is sending some kind of shorthand message to hate groups about actual violence, or both. That is beyond horrid!

It’s unforgivable, inconceivable, for a presidential race. Who would ever have thought a candidate would be so blatant, especially given the terrible events of the 60’s, JFK and all. There is no word to describe it.

https://www.rev.com/transcript-editor/shared/K8zW826ufChF7ZUkAoOhABF9vm29eC3q02pwGvz3h0hFjmG_dRLQnvDK3Kzu1s5UU_EVfNdpSVwW6ZhnApKymUdSlAo?loadFrom=PastedDeeplink&ts=728.92 with clip


Medical researchers are getting weird results with covid 19. In some cases patients who’ve recovered have fewer antibodies, NOT More as we would normally expect. Others who’ve recovered have antibodies which attack their internal organs. There are a growing number of news sources reporting these weird phenomenas. Two links are below. Time will tell, but it makes you wonder if conspiracy theories were correct that the virus is an experimental Chinese bioweapon which got lose.

Number of People With COVID-19 Antibodies Is Falling Rapidly, British Study Shows

Some Covid Survivors Have Antibodies That Attack the Body, not Virus

Correction – I found a video of the whole Lansing, Michigan rally online on Trump’s site – I listened several times to his comments – the exact ‘Joe’ comment is at approximately 11 minutes, 44 seconds. To catch most of the newsworthy stuff, watch at 10 to 14 minutes.

In the entire context of Trump’s rambling comments, I don’t think he actually meant physical harm to Joe.

However, I couldn’t help but notice the guy behind him who was wearing an NRA cap and kept holding up a black jacket with a crest that said bikers for Trump. So sad.


Medical researchers are getting weird results with covid 19. In some cases patients who’ve recovered have fewer antibodies, NOT More as we would normally expect. Others who’ve recovered have antibodies which attack their internal organs. There are a growing number of news sources reporting these weird phenomenas. Two links are below. Time will tell, but it makes you wonder if conspiracy theories were correct that the virus is an experimental Chinese bioweapon which got loose.

Number of People With COVID-19 Antibodies Is Falling Rapidly, British Study Shows

Some Covid Survivors Have Antibodies That Attack the Body, not Virus

Hearing about others stress and feeling my own, I thought of a visualization I sometimes use and thought it might help some of you.

I imagine myself floating on perfectly calm water. I hear the wind at the beach as this whooshing white noise that insulates from all other sound. I feel the sun warm on my body and the water cool at my back, and it feels so good.

And when I think of anything stressful coming at me — a little weird but it works for me — I imagine I let myself sink down into the water, just under the surface, and the stressful thing can’t get to me. The water, like the wind, surrounds me and protects me so nothing can get to me. I sink down into that safe place, and the stressful things pass right over me and keep on going.

I watch them pass and move on into the distance, just letting them go. And when I’m ready and safe, I float back to the surface.

That’s it. If you haven’t done visualizations before, the key is to paint such a vivid picture in your head that you’re there. Try to use all five senses as you fill in all the details and feel each part of it. And breathe. Keep breathing nice and slowly and deeply.

Minorityrule: Republicans have nominated 15 of the last 19 justices, despite having lost the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections.

what a beautiful visual and sensory image Teresa!

Dear All,
I read that so many of you are driving yourself nutz over things over which you have NO CONTROL…

Please, allow me to share with you what my dear Native American mentor (who kept me alive after a brutal accident took everything in my life from me) spent years teaching me:

Focus your attention on that on which you can have some effect! (Otherwise you will go mad and accomplish nothing!)


I think it’s not surprising that antibodies to the SARS-COV2 virus diminish over time as the coronaviruses that cause colds do, too. But vaccines are expected to produce more antibodies and people can be re-vaccinated as with flu virus.

I follow Dear Pandemic on FB, which is written in a fun and informative way by a bunch of women medical experts (“nerdy girls”). As a medical writer myself (pharma industry) I love their posts. They also have a website:

Thanks for the suggestions for calming, Teresa and emma. Much needed these days – and in the coming ones.

I took a week off work last month and took the time to relax and go for walks, etc. I also minimized my online time and news watching – almost no social media, no “doom scrolling” or parsing all the mundane astrology writings for clues. I did write some get out the vote postcards and I certainly didn’t miss any major news. It was great, and restorative. Remember when our lives weren’t all consumed by this s&^t-show that is the tRump administration? I’ll take Sleepy Joe any day.

Emma, than you so much for that pearl of wisdom. Its so true and we forget it so quickly.

Ralfee Finn:

The week’s intensity only increases over the course of the next several days; not only is our collective breath held waiting to see what happens with the election, but even if you’re somehow managing to avoid election anxiety, the dual retrogrades of Mercury and Mars makes unencumbered forward motion nearly impossible. So keep your patience pills handy, and also do whatever you can to keep your spirit buoyed. Seek out positive interactions and positive messages. And remember to love—love transforms revolution into evolution. It’s so important to remember that there are more people who love than who hate, and that we are actually stronger because we love.

If you haven’t seen this video, allow it to inspire your efforts to hold the light: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk7LPpY8pXM


New discussion thread up.


In line with those calming thoughts – saw this posted on facebook

Happiness is the new rich
Inner peace is the new success
Health is the new wealth
Kindness is the new cool

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