28th Oct, 2020

New Discussion Thread

Go for it!


Thanks Nancy!

In line with those calming thoughts – saw this posted on facebook

Happiness is the new rich
Inner peace is the new success
Health is the new wealth
Kindness is the new cool

HUGE what you said –

“Minorityrule: Republicans have nominated 15 of the last 19 justices, despite having lost the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections.”

Why is this not front and center in every front page in every paper in the U.S. in this election?

OMG. That simple statement says so much. Starting point. I remember a few years ago but can’t remember where or attest to its accuracy – Obama said as his terms were up – that his main dedication onward was to get rid of the electoral college.

This minority rule we have is not DEMOCRACY of course.

You have begun to define our problem clearly. Then what is the next step?

It IS so clear but for such an important statement to get lost now …….

When all else fails, Repetition is Everything.

Diana, I agree with you about Aunt Lydia, aka Amy Barrett! Buzz Burbank twitted the best statement about it. He said…”I will not be using Justice Barrett’s middle name, nor her initials in my coverage henceforth. That’s an honor reserved for those who earn it, as was the case with RBG; Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Barrett, or just Barrett etc..”
Personally, I like “The Handmaiden”!

Could/would one of you tell me what is it in Joe Biden’s chart that makes him so likable, pls. I know he’s a late Scorpio. Some of his empathy i’m Guessing comes from life experience but not all of it. Thank you.

Banks, Biden has Sun conjunct Venus sitting right above his Ascendant in his natal chart. That configuration is at 27/28 Scorpio (assuming correct birth time). I think Scorpio gets a bad rap for being too seductive, but in any case, the sign may add depth and an insightful element to the optimism of the Sun and the charm of Venus. That is his outward personality, given that it’s in such a prominent position at the Ascendant.

His Moon is also in Taurus, which adds even more warmth. On the other hand, it may also indicate problems that have been implied in relation to women. There are a few claims of situations where he got too close for comfort for some women. Not making any excuses, but he is a product of his times and his gender and grew up in the 50’s when the world wasn’t exactly equal between men and women. But, nobody has made a case that even comes close to the sort of behavior that Trump is known for.

So, yes, he’s very warm and can be very charming too. He also has Mercury widely conjunct Mars just above the Sun/Venus, which kind of puts a hitch into the communication side though. Mercury with Mars can be awkward and Biden has not been able to control his words/temper as consistently as most smooth talking politicians would want. His charm isn’t always reliable in that way.

None of this, of course, requires a birth chart. All the bios of him give much the same impression and there’s plenty of them on the web.

Oh, I forgot to add that his Jupiter (generosity) is also in a comfortable trine to all 4 of those planets, Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury – which certainly makes him good hearted, even if he is rather complex. And Jupiter, though retrograde natally, is in caring Cancer to boot. All those things put together would make just about anybody a caring, outgoing sort of person.

But, don’t cross Joe, despite all that. He’s got Mars square Pluto and Pluto square Moon. That’s a T-square that spells he never forgets, and he can bide his time (sorry bad pun)!

Sag rising, too, which adds that Jupiter charm.

By the way, a hurricane has passed through NOLA today. We have lost power but have a battery back up system for the fridge, a few lights & to keep our batteries charged. I don’t know the extent of damage & am about to check the online news.

Thanks, Beowulfie. Very interesting and informative.

Sharon K, I’m sending you Light. I hope you get your power back ASAP.

my thoughts are with you Sharon. If only power out, thats good news.

Banks, add to all the above, that Joe’s natal Neptune is conjunct the US natal Sibly birth chart at 1+ Libra. We, the world, see him as compassion personified.

Sharon, I knew you would weather the storm, if anyone did! Take care and hope the electricity comes back soon.

The air, otherwise, in the rest of the country, is rife with Neptune energy, i.e. lots of drama, including the Anonymous guy, aka Miles Taylor, who has come out with more details on Trump.

The coming Halloween Full Moon that will conjunct transiting Uranus, just as transiting Pluto (22+ Cap) trines US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), . .

. . and the transiting retrograde Neptune in Pisces which has been (1) sextile the degree where it started its cycle with Uranus in 1993 (19+ Cap) – where transiting Jupiter has been for 2 weeks now – and (2) oh so close to opposing the degree where Uranus and Pluto started their cycle in 1965; a time when Neptune was at 18+ Scorpio, trine where transiting Neptune is right now, is setting the stage for some real drama.

In fact, all 3 outer planets are strategically placed, activating their cycles and whatnot, as is transiting Chiron square US natal Jupiter, in order to make the greatest impact on human beings in the US at this deciding moment.

Are we ready to become more conscious than we were 4 years ago? Has the experience of Trump in charge, and Covid the killer virus taught us collectively what we value above all? ALL signs point to YES WE HAVE.

Sharon K,
Glad to know you & Myron are ok.
And Trump asked whether he could just nuke hurricanes…Sheesh.

Got my assignment for poll watching Election Day. A 1:30-7:30 shift, could be later w/glitches or long lines.

Normally, I’d be glued to the computer & TV waiting for results, but I decided this would be better for me this year.

Although, I will have my phone, which I can use as a hotspot for my iPad, which I’ll also have because I may need to look up things for voters. People go to the wrong precinct and need directions to the right one. They hear they’re not registered, that sort of thing.

Really. That’s why I’ll need to get on the internet that day.

Went a little manic with texting voters today. Did 5,000. We have so many volunteers texting, we run out of texts to send fast, so I was grabbing them left and right today.

Biden’s team is up to 50,000. The texts are gone in an hour or two each day. If we need to reach voters, we can do it. We are doing it.

But there are still a lot of absentee ballots out. No way of telling how many are in transit or sitting in county election offices, not scanned in yet.

Almost 76 million votes cast so far.

Thanks, guys, for the caring thoughts. Thank God it passed quickly (and Light is just what we needed, Banks). It’s funny…we got notified by email that a delivery was made to us of something small we ordered on e-bay…with the neighborhood completely dark. Of course it wasn’t there…retro mercury strikes again.

Well, two voting wins today in PA & NC. Are the Supremes trying to appear fair, like they really care if everyone gets a chance to vote so when it comes down to it, they can pull for Trump? ACB even recused herself for not having a chance to review the material.

I just watched the 60 Minutes interviews with J. Biden and K. Harris. Ridiculous! Norah O’Donnell’s questions were grounded in false assumptions and false choices. Can we not get past the absurd, insidious, and paranoid assertions and accusations of Trump and Pence toward Biden, Harris, and Dems generally?

Nancy’s last article was heartening. Based on the turnout figures, particularly in Texas, it’s likely to be a blowout. As of 10/27, turnout is 48%, 5 points above the full turnout figure for 2016, and 12 points agove 2012. Polling factors in turnout estimates but in cases like this, presidentions can be very skewed. That doesn’t change the likelihood, as Nancy pointed out, of ridiculous challenges to every form of balloting and voting in states where Trump comes even close. The legal absurdities and possible violent acts by the fringe elements will cause the unrest.

Certain Supreme Court justices are showing their true colors, enough so that President Biden will have a full justification to add more justices:) Take care all.

Loved this line from Steve Schmidt:

#SteveSchmidt on #Pence:

“He is a titanic….fraud.” “We’ve never seen such slobbering servility by a high government official in this country…he acts like he’s the house butler at Mar-a-Lago.”

“In a piece published today on Medium, Taylor noted that an unprecedented number of former officials of the Trump administration are speaking out against the president, and he urged ordinary Americans to join the chorus. Taylor warned that, if he is reelected” Heather Cox Richardson

Statement by Miles Taylor “Trump unbound will mean a nation undone, a continued downward slide into social acrimony, with the U.S. fading into the background of a world stage it once commanded, to say nothing of the damage to our democratic institutions.”


“News services today reported that Russians are secretly developing illegal chemical weapons. If true, this puts pressure on Trump to respond. So far, he has resisted pushing back on Putin’s treaty violations, including the recent poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, although Britain and the European Union acted.” Heather Cox Richardson

“Russian labs are caught making illegal chemical weapons. Will Trump finally respond?”


Biden to propose task force to reunite migrant children with their parents

https://nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/live-blog/election-2020-live-updates-trump-biden-hold-dueling-florida-rallies-n1245174/ncrd1245249 via

“With news of the smear campaign against Dr. Fauci. It is long past due that we acknowledge Trump is deliberately spreading the virus. Many might ask why. One word: money. I will discuss 3 instances of attempted/successful profiting in this thread”


“Trump/the US gov bought up almost the world’s supply of perhaps the most effective drug on the market. This is similar to his moves with hydoxy but he now has a proven effective drug. Again, why buy so much supply? Answer: because demand will be high. If he keeps hospitalizations and infections high, remdesivir demand will stay high. And if he owns the supply in the US, he could likely use GOP linked companies to distribute to hospitals and get his kickbacks. In this case as in PPE, there is no incentive to fight the pandemic. Notice the sky high prices tag on remdesivir. 3200 for 6 doses. Seems as though the US government set the price here. So maybe there isn’t a need for a middle man here. The Trump admin has directly done the price gouging again. Regardless, the fact remains is that there is a financial incentive to keep hospitals full due to covid, to keep patients treated with remdesivir (and in some cases still with hydroxy) and for drs and nurses to burn thru restricted supplies of PPE such as N95 masks”


I have been following this blog for about a decade. What I love the most is how everyone gets along so nicely and it is just a meeting spot for kind spirits. I have a friend who reads a lot about astrology who text me something that an astrologer had written about Melania. She stated that the Halloween full moon will deeply affect her as she is a Chiron in Aries and the 31st brings a Sun-Uranos opposition which will affect her Chiron by semi-sextile and quincunx. Her natal chart is found in Astrodatabank has her full chart, I believe. What ya’ll think about this? I wonder if this will be impactful in some way. I’m not versed in astrology but love to read astrology blogs. This blog is like on my “speed dial”.

Banks, Nancy writes about Joe’s personality and popularity in this month’s post.

Ja, thanks. I had totally forgotten about that. I’m also a Scorpio but much earlier than Biden and a year older. I was trying to see what I might learn about myself but a year makes a big difference. My chart (and personality I’m afraid) is more akin to Bernie Sanders.

Given the current atmosphere, I would like to leave you with one thought:

All that can be destroyed by the truth, will be.

Banks, I wrote to Kim at Intuitview and asked her if she would take a look at what part Obama might play in the new administration and she responded that she would. Kim also answered several of the questions I asked her in her current video.

Is this Baraka from NZ?

Baraka, encouraging words; it leaves little doubt about Trump’s future and about the illusions his followers cling to.

Bernie does have Scorpio rising Banks!

Angellight, re: Taylor’s remark about “Trump unbound” aptly describes what goes on in the first half of a country’s Pluto Return, much like when the flowers die in Fall, they return in Spring. The US will be reborn, only better than before.

Ja, today is Kim’s birthday. We share it.
Good question about Barack. She’s answered some of my questions, too.

BarbK, Bernie shares same placement of outer placements as I do, too. We are both very intense, say what we think and are loved by some and by some not so much:)

Very cool! Oct 25 video of people on horseback on parade for Biden vote – Newsweek & others have covered it in articles as well.


Happy Birthday, Banks! All good wishes to you!

Banks. your Sun conjuncts my North Node . . and we love you. Happy Birthday!

small note:
Addition to trans. Neptune’s triggering effect as noted at 10:51 last night is its conjunction to Chiron and Ceres in the Uranus-Pluto 1965 conjunction chart. Astonishing.

Some good thoughts from Robert Wilkinson at the Aquarius Papers.

Sending Birthday love, light & blessings to you, dear Banks! (& to Kim as well; loved her last video!)

With tonight’s Circuit Court decision in MN, we need to be prepared as I think there is a real possibility that SCOTUS will rule that ALL mail-in ballots are to be tossed. Please be ready – we must insist that ALL VOTES ARE COUNTED.

Thank you Ja, BarbK and Sharon K. Its wonderful to receive loving wishes from people I’be never met in this life.

Hurricane remnants swept North from the gulf through GA, SC, NC, leaving 2 million w/out power, including 60k in my county alone. We’re out, maybe for days,and last night, fitting of current aspects, I had sparks flying out of streetlight behind my house as storm approached.

Called 911 around midnight, had firemen there,but all they could do is call power company. Then overnight,storm got 60k of us.

Looking at days w/out, disrupted early voting in solid Lindsey Graham territory, so may be silver lining

I joked about wishing I could be sedated until election day. Mostly in news blackout almost the same thing.

I may have brought this whole thing on. 🙂 Sorry Southeast.


“Months before the NY Post story, a document passed around far-right websites detailed a vast Hunter Biden conspiracy. The document’s creator, Martin Aspen, claimed to be a Swiss intel professional. But Aspen’s face was created by AI. He doesn’t exist. ”


Banks: Happy Birthday! All the Best..,

barbk: I certainly hope so, US rebounding better than before.

“A recent endorsement of the president was damning. The publisher of the Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington, urged people to vote for Trump only because he claimed Biden’s policies would “strike at the economic well-being of the country.” As for Trump himself, the editorial acknowledged, he “is a bully and a bigot…. He panders to racists and prevents sensible immigration reform in a nation built on immigrant labor and intellect. He tweets conspiracy theories. He’s cavalier about Covid-19 and has led poorly through the pandemic. He seeks to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without proposing a replacement. He denies climate change.”


Trump’s Business Partners Allegedly Involved In Human Trafficking, Mafia Matters, Probable Money Laundering


https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/10/30/1990956/-Equity-firm-forgave-100-000-000-Trump-loan-in-exchange-for-LNG-rail-cars-up-the-SE-Coast-of-Florida#comment_79108628president was damning.
Letitia James, NY AG is investigating whether Pres. Trump was forgiven 130M loan for allowing LNG permits through Northern Florida rail cars in 2017. The graft runs long and deep.

If it’s of interest to Starlight readers, here’s a pretty good summary by BBC of the issues around Hunter Biden:


Lord knows what will become of it in the media by the time it’s over, but it doesn’t look like there’s much of a case against either Joe or Hunter. These things have a life of their own.

Great article on the Trump ‘machine’ – which is, according to the Washington Post, a highly coordinated effort. The vote will say whether this kind of stuff actually works or not, and how well. What happened to honesty (a sentimental concept these days!)? Sorry, I’m just having a spell of cynicism at the moment….it will pass!


A fan of E. Alan Meece, I got his book “Horoscope for the New Age” last year, but never had time to look at it due to my horrible chaotic life and bad planetary aspects this past year….but I digress. The point is I just glanced through the book and he has an interesting process where he takes hundreds of possible candidates and scores them with his “system.”

For example, he uses Grant Lewi’s factor that if Saturn returns to its position in the horoscope during the next three years after running for president, they will lose the election.

He assigns “points” to various aspects and totals them for the candidates. Example, he uses favorable aspects such as Sun conjunct or semi-square Venus (attractiveness and artistry) gets a point, and Sun trine or sextile Mars (energy, audacity), gets a point, etc. etc. He tabulates unfavorable aspects, example Sun conjunct Mercury, shows nervous instability, and scores it.

In his book released last year, he calculated that Biden and Bernie both had good chances of winning, and highly scored Mitch Landrieu and Terry McAuliffe as having great presidential aspects.

I just checked online, and found an UPDATE to his book which really doesn’t solidify who will win, BUT I’m reaching out for anything right now that may give me hope.

UPDATE: I have simplified somewhat calculations for the scores, and updated the database to include 2020 candidates. I am now predicting Biden will get the most votes in the general election, although Court decisions could affect who actually becomes president. If Biden wins he will have a 16-6 horoscope score, which indicates retroactively that he will win over Trump, whose score will remain at 9-4.

Sending good voting energies to all for Tuesday! This IS the most important election of our lifetime — choosing democracy or fascism. A chance to get rid of the horrible slimeball and con-artist who should have NEVER been allowed to run for the office of president. My fingers are crossed!!

Vote for the guy who pays taxes and isn’t


Greetings Everyone, I so enjoy your dialogues with one another, although I’ve been reading Starlight for years. It’s only recently I’ve realized what a gem your debates are, having been a student of astrology since 1986. I live in Portland Oregon, birthdate 5/1/53. I was at the Peace Marches in 69 and 70 in San Francisco. I wanted to share Ray Merriman’s current post.


So grateful I choose to be here for this very challenging lifetime, to assist in dreaming the new time we are all creating. Yes, I’m a natural born healer by birth. Many blessings to you all!

Slimeball indeed Marija! Interesting how much astrology tools can be utilized beyond the concept of deciphering a birth chart. Thanks for sharing.

What amazes me is how much the general public is alarmed by what is happening at our government’s highest levels, and in the Supreme Court as well as on the local government level, including police depts.

I am thinking that the rare US natal Pluto Return is in sync with other astrological processes, not at all uncommon of course, processes some of which started long ago and some just recently set in motion, like the recent Saturn-Pluto cycle for example. Astrology, as you have noted, can be multi-faceted in its services to humanity.

While the US Pluto Return is specifically a US astrological event, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction affects the whole world. And yet, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart has several aspects within a degree or two to aspecting US natal chart planetary positions.

For example, the Saturn-Pluto chart’s Venus was just one degree from US natal Moon, and its Ceres-Pluto and Saturn at 22+ Capricorn were exactly trined US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, and were just 2 degrees from an exact square with US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

There are many more but these aspects alone show that Values (Venus) will be influential to US People (US Moon) for the next 3 decades. It shows us that the US Neptune (lack of clarity) will be supported by the Saturn (structure) Pluto (transformation) and Ceres (nature/nurture) principles for the next 3 decades.

These same 3 principles will also force recognition of the woundedness (US Chiron) and for 3 decades will guide the US consciousness as to how to heal that woundedness because the Sun, symbol of consciousness, in the Saturn-Pluto chart at 21+ Capricorn was also trine US natal Neptune and also square US natal Chiron.

This and much more is seen in the 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle chart, and other recent new cycles, as well as other ongoing cycles and cycles that will begin in the near future.

The Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in 1965 had Chiron and Ceres in Pisces (where transiting Neptune has been recently, and will return to) opposite the US natal Neptune in Virgo in its cycle’s chart.

The Neptune Pluto cycle that began in 1891 at 8+ Gemini was conjunct the US natal Uranus, and the Venus (values) at that time in 1891 was at 27+ Cancer (trine Joe Biden’s natal Sun in Scorpio) that opposed the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, while the Uranus at that time at 27+ Libra was trine the US natal Moon in Aquarius and square the US natal Pluto in Capricorn.

Then there is the Jupiter-Neptune cycle (+ Chiron) that began in 2009, at 26+ Aquarius conjunct US natal Pallas (26+ Aquarius) and US Moon (27+ Aquarius), a cycle which had Venus at the time at 21+ Aries (conjunct US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries) which was sextile the same chart’s Vesta (what is invested in) at 20+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini).

These and other cycles appear (to me) to pressure the US to prepare for its upcoming US Pluto Return, a kind of coaching for the big exam if you will. That’s what this Trump presidency has been and what the Covid-19 experience has been and the wicked weather too; a preparation period for what we face in the coming decade, which is no less than transformational.

A blessed Samhain to you all!

Angellight on October 30th, 2020 at 9:22 am you said: Trump’s Business Partners Allegedly Involved In Human Trafficking, Mafia Matters, Probable Money Laundering (From Forbes headline)

I have said for years Trump’s involved in sex trafficing. The girls marched out late one night, with “no one” knowing where they were going were what tipped me off to what all the “child separation” was about. Between the money DeVos got for her “orphanage” and how tight she is with Trump, I could see some unholy contract between the two of them. And we never have discovered where all those girls went (mostly pre-pubescent and teens). It makes me sick even now just thinking about it all.

I read a headline earlier in the week that said when all has finally come out about the Trump administration, it will make us all sick that such stuff could go on with a presidency. Some of us have already thought the worst, and just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up, unfortunately.

Thank you for the headline, Angellight…

Banks, happy birthday (now probably a day late?) You share your day with my brother… I’ve always called him a goblin!

Happy Hallows to everyone – and a special blessed Samhain to all my witchy friends. May the turning of the Wheel this year mark good changes “just around the corner.” (gryn)

I’m decked out and having a few close friends who are in our “bubble” over tonight for circle and fun. Lordy, it looks like we’ll have enough food to feed an army.

The crown jewel for me will be a chocolate ganache torte topped with warm caramel. It’s truly a death-by-chocolate dessert! However you celebrate tonight, let down and let loose some of the anxiety, and have FUN! Chocolate, steak, and a couple of bottles of mead, not to mention some excellent conversation, will renew me for the next few days, I’m sure.

BTW… I just read over on DU where our old friends ALEC have been at it since February this year, figuring how to get the election before the courts if Trump loses. It figures it had to be ALEC. Evil just doesn’t go away… it hides its head and morphs into being at just the worst possible moment..ARGH!

Post going around on pagan social media –

Blessed Samhain to you – the veil is thin and so is my patience


The sick irony of QAnon is that they believe that Trump… Trump(!) of all people is a HERO in government who is trying to end child trafficking, when he’s actually one of the perpetrators and a beneficiary of sex slavery! They completely ignore his well-documented ties (with pictures even!) to documented sex traffickers Jerry Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, his sexist and toxic attitude towards women, and even the sexual innuendo he directed towards his daughter Ivanka.

But then, in QAnon’s eyes, they likely believe that this was all an act to throw off Bill Gates and George Soros, and that he was trying to play like them stop them also, like some kind of double agent.

In decades to come, much is likely to be written about how so many people were so willing to attribute so much good will and character to a person so seemingly obvious and completely devoid of these qualities, and one who couldn’t be more underserving of being granted the benefit of the doubt.

Tara, thank you for your comments. I always like to hear from lurkers. Merriman’s column is interesting.

This campaign has nothing on the 1860 election which brought Lincoln to the White House with only 39.8% of the vote.


Yikes! This is not good – a blockade in Texas.


To show the importance of strong leadership in the Covid fight: Australia has its first day, since June 9th, of no locally acquired infections. We have a combination of measures: strict lockdowns in some areas, social distancing in others, some closed state borders, mandatory quarantine on re-entry to the country, extensive contact tracing, widespread testing

Jupiter and Pluto began the process of a new cycle this year on April 4, 2020, when they made the 1st of 3 conjunctions, at 24 Capricorn 53.

Mercury (thinking, communicating) at 20+ Pisces had just made a conjunction with Neptune at 19+ Pisces and both were within orb to make a square to US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini, and they were square US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo which was trine the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – the first of 3. That was in April, when we were just beginning to understand the Covid problem.

Jupiter symbolizes expansion and Pluto symbolizes the death and rebirth cycle. Think Covid.

This convoluted connection between transiting Jupiter/Pluto #1 and the US Neptune that connected to US natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun, that was connected to the transiting Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces which was sextile the first conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn was not overtly obvious to me at the time.

However, we are not too far from the 3rd and final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto, on Nov. 12th at 22 Capricorn 51, and this cycle is ready to move forward, full speed ahead.

This time Neptune at 19+ Pisces is alone in its sextile to Jupiter-Pluto in Cap #3 which, again is trine US natal Neptune in Virgo (think Covid) which squares US natal Mars and Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini . . .

. . . which conjuncts the transiting North Node at 20+ Gemini, which conjuncts Trump’s natal North Node at 20+ Gemini, that opposes transiting South Node and Trump’s South Node – which forms a T-square with the transiting Neptune in Pisces (think Covid), and therin lies the mass anxiety and mass confusion.

However, this 3rd conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn that is sextile transiting Neptune in Pisces forms a Yod to Barack Obama’s natal 7th house cusp (his descendant at 18+ Leo symbolizing partnership, aka Joe Biden), and that means Obama’s natal chart’s ascendant at 18+ Aquarius is the Boomerang Point in this Yod (made up of trans. Jupiter-Pluto #3 sextile trans. Neptune that all 3 quincunx Obama’s Descendant (Joe B) that makes a Yod that then becomes a Boomerang when Obama’s ascendant in Aquarius is included).

This is a big deal IMO, because the Jupiter-Pluto cycle will last over 12 years, and Obama is woven into the life of this cycle, and that looks to me like Obama is to be the shadow president of this Biden Presidency, and that gives me great peace of mind, and that’s why I am sharing.

Happy Halloween and happy time change, and happy Full Moon conjunct Uranus everyone.

I just watch a report from Pennsylvania where a woman said she is supporting Trump because he is ‘a man of the people’. What would make someone so stupid?

White supremacist group training for violence in case Donald Trump loses election, says report

https://news.yahoo.com/white-supremacist-group-training-violence-004347548.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=tw via @YahooNews

I saw a headline today saying “poller who predicted trump win in 2016 predicts he’s winning again this year.” I’m too sick of it to read it.
But wasn’t there another ‘poller who predicted a T win in 2016’ predicting Biden is winning this year? Don’t remember his name.
I feel like not reading any newspaper this week…

Good luck to all of you! May the force be with us.

The October 31st Full Moon/Uranus conjunction came and went without any noticeable political development. No high profile mass indictments, not even a whimper of headlines. Nevertheless, energetically, and astrologically this Full Moon has activated the 2017 US Inaugural charts Moon-Mars-Saturn aspect. Could this be the spark that escalates tensions with the rapidly approaching Nov 3rd elections?


In one such scenario, the date of November 11th stands out as a possible pivotal point. Due to the potential for uncontrolled violence, incited by a desperate, defeated Donald J Trump unwilling to concede, might we expect Nancy Pelosi to step in with mass indictments, arrests and a detention of Mr. Trump?

Here is the main astrological influences at play, that leads me to believe such a bold decision could happen at this point in time……

Although the exact Jupiter/Pluto conjunction occurs on November 12th, a chart drawn up for the day before set at 5 pm November 11th Washington DC shows Jupiter at 22 ’42 Capricorn and Pluto at 22 ’50 Capricorn (an 8 min orb of conjunction), has its midpoint at 22 ’46 Capricorn, which remarkably enough, is precisely conjunct to the minute; the January 12th Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It will be in close opposition to Pres. Trump’s natal Saturn, the planet of karma and of consequence. Here’s the Nov 11th chart……


November 11th has long been recognized in many esoteric circles as that of being a mystical and spiritually significant date. Take a look…….

The Magic of 11/11

Video: 8 min 20 sec


A new post on the US election from MO this morning: Trump looking generally blocked, enraged, cornered like a cobra while Joe has some upheaval and then going from marginally upbeat to definitely enthusiastic and confident in the New Year. Not a definite predictor for Biden but appears to lean that way.


margriet: Yes, there is a man who has predicted the winner for some years who predicted Trump win last time and that he will lose this time.


BREAKING: The Trump Campaign sent an email to Pennsylvania election officials, asking for the address & room numbers of ballot storage locations and requested that the info be sent to a Gmail account of a Florida-based Trump operative. This information is highly confidential.

slightkc: Welcome. Yes I too have long believed Trump is the real sexual deviant and involved in much sexual misconduct.

Thank you barbk, very interesting post. Can’t wait to see this happen.

Namaste Jerry,

“Could this be the spark that escalates tensions with the rapidly approaching Nov 3rd elections?”

Love the tease! May the activation of the 2017 inaugural chart begin!

Jerry, thanks for the chart and info on 11/11 and the 11-11 tape, and your observations. I am a believer.

Something I noticed about the Nov. 11 chart is the IC which is at 2+ Leo, the same degree as Barack Obama’s natal Mercury. I slept better last night knowing that Obama would be there for Joe Biden 24-7 after seeing him campaign for Joe, and that basketball shot, “nothing but net”, helped too.

Also, Obama’s natal Neptune at 8+ Scorpio, opposite the Full Moon + Uranus at 8+ Taurus while conjunct the Sun in the FM chart, which interestingly trines both the US natal Ceres (nature/nurture) at 8+ Pisces and Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, which is kind of mind-blowing.

The next 2 weeks, with this grand trine turned Kite pattern going on, will be part of the Uranus (conjunct Full Moon + the US Uranus square US Ceres) Effect we nervously anticipate.

It is the Ceres influence that has made Joe so perfect a choice for US President at this time as transiting Neptune has been, and will be again, conjunct his natal Ceres at 20+ Pisces which is sextile Obama’s natal Ceres at 20+ Taurus.

Their sexiled natal Ceres’, along with transiting Neptune, forms a Yod with the US natal Juno (partnership) at 20+ Libra, which then becomes a Boomerang pattern with US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries. This is all about healing our nation, from the bottom (US Chiron in 4th house) up.

In a manner of speaking, Joe’s natal Neptune at the MC of the US Sibly chart is the icing on top of the cake.

The atmosphere will be dismal and downbeat all week with a stationing Mercury square Saturn. Trump will be center stage on Election Night and the next day with the Moon in Gemini. On Thursday and Friday, the Moon in Cancer will be very delicate, complex and emotional. Great patience and restraint will be required as Mars approaches its own station. The vote could be closer than expected or some results may be painfully slow.

Things will slowly begin to turn around and improve next week once the Mars station and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction are reached. But later in the month we’ll have to get past Saturn conjunct US Pluto, which probably means more chilling shenanigans from the Administration. The Full Moon eclipse on 30 November conjunct US Gemini is not reassuring, but the eclipse on December 14 conjunct Trump’s Sun-Moon axis should bring his downfall. That is the day the Electoral College meets. There will still be much tension up to and including January 20, but that should be the end of his Presidency.

Pluto will be opposite US Mercury in December creating even more polarization but it will also be opposite Trump’s Saturn, which is very negative for him.

Not enough has been said about Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunct US Mercury. He clearly can create an adoring base through mass communications but it is very bad for the country.

(Meeting link correction)

10pm GMT
Sunday, November 01 2020


Dear Friends in the Esoteric Community,

The day of the American Election is almost here, November 3rd, 2020. Millions have already voted but the actual Election Day and perhaps several days following will be very important in deciding the outcome. Tuija and I are offering a special ZOOM Meditation at 10:00pmGMT, November 1st, following on Francis Donald’s Webinar which ends around 9:45pmGMT. We hope you will be able to join us and lend your esoteric strength to an outcome which aligns as much as possible with the Divine Plan.

01Nov 10 pm GMT:


According to Axios, Trump plans on declaring victory on election night “if he is ahead.” He will be ahead around 9pm, when returns from Florida and those from the midwest (minus the absentee ballot counts) come in. It will take time to count those absentee ballots.

We can see the GOP is planning to stop counting and declare trump won. That is why he is staying in the White House on Tuesday night – he will announce that night that he won. We must stop this.

Vote and be sure you tell every Dem to vote. We have to win and win big. This is it!

There are predictions that favor Biden, Margriet, including that of Professor Allan Lichtman, who has always been right up until now.


I am set, though, for Trump and Republicans to pull out all stops to make it look like they won, and to rile up Trump’s supporters — due to mail-in result counts being turned in late. A Biden landslide would be the only thing that could override this happening.

God knows it’s taken the US long enough to get this far with Covid -and at a terrible cost. But if it must be, then at least it seems people may be “turning the corner” that Trump doesn’t want. Yes, let it be so!


Good news from Texas Supreme Court holding up the 180,000 drive-in votes there. However, the Republicans also filed in federal court.

Sharing Amy Goodman interview, whom I agree is a National Treasure! Enjoy!


Barbk, according to my calculations, the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891 conjunct US Uranus, which placed the US at the center of modern civilization, is now by Solar Arc at 17 Libra. This means it was exactly square the US Sun at the last election in 2016, which was a unique testing time for the Presidency and the country’s role in the world. In 2008, it was exactly square US Jupiter, which was a mixed blessing as with all hard aspects to Jupiter. On the one hand, there was the Great Recession, but the silver lining was the Obama Administration and the successful rescue of the economy.

In 2027, during the forthcoming Uranus return, the Neptune-Pluto conjunction will be square US Mercury, which could bring a critical blow-out of US communications. I do not dare to interpret what the square to US Pluto in 2030 might bring.

Looking back, by SA the Neptune-Pluto conjunction was just past the square to Saturn in Libra in the US chart when the Depression hit in 1928 and just before the opposition to the US Moon when the lunar landing occurred in 1969 and the opposition to the Vietnam war reached its peak. It was just past the conjunction to transiting Pluto when FDR and Hitler simultaneously came into power in 1933.

Andre, that’s quite a tool, Solar Arc; and the conjunction between transiting Neptune and Pluto to the US natal Uranus is an even more influential aspect than what I had realized it to be. Thank you so much for sharing this info.

Right now this conjunction of transiting Uranus and Pluto of 1891, by SA measuring, is conjunct the US progressed Mars, the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn, all at 17+ Libra. That is saying something inded!

So glad we all can learn so much by sharing our efforts here at Starlight News and thank you again Andre.

Ok, astrologers, as they say in the fishing business, it’s time to fish, or are we going to sit around just cutting bait?

This is it. One day to go to Nov. 3. I doubt anything shocking and new is going to happen between now and Tuesday. By now, the result must be pretty much baked in. Or is it?

Some months ago, I wrote here that I don’t know precisely WHAT is going to “happen” to get him in, but Biden is going to be INAUGURATED. I didn’t say ‘elected’ because there’s 2 steps to the US presidency – the popular vote and the electoral college.

Based on the charts, I have been convinced that Biden will win the popular vote, but then the questions start. What will happen with the college of electors, the House of Representatives, if it goes that far, or the Supreme Court? Ending up in the SC has, to my knowledge, only happened once before, in 2000, when Gore ultimately conceded. Will anybody concede this time?

After the election is over, about the only thing that’s been clear (to me) for 2020, from the earliest charts to the latest, is that this election is going off the rails somehow before it finally gets resolved by January 20. The complexities and the possibilities are mind boggling if that is the case.

My skills are limited and maybe I haven’t even looked at the right stuff in astrology. There are many approaches. Lots of people have commented on the possibilities, here on this blog, as well as in the media, etc. So…..what IS going to happen purely from an astrology point of view? Will Trump be inaugurated on January 20, or will it be Biden?

Now, I regret to say (but this is a test for astrology if there ever was one), there is a different light on the situation from a maverick pollster who has been much in the news in the last few days, Trafalgar polling. Their prediction is that Trump is going to win it all in the end. My worn out charts still say no.

Here’s the link from Politico and a video from CNN (there are more links if you google Trafalgar Group):



So, what say you all? I would really like to learn what you think of this and what you predict (please set aside what you personally want for now!). How do you get to and interpret any kind of astrology that gets Trump in, or the other way around, for Biden. Please give your details as to why it works either way!

Beowulfie, bottom line and simple as:

The chart for the New Moon on October 16, 2020, effective through to November 15 (the next New Moon), when set in Washington DC, has its MC (symbolizing the outcome of the New Moon activity) at 3+ Sagittarius, which is the degree of Joe Biden’s natal chart ascendant, 3+ Sagittarius.

Also influencing my decision from an astrological perspective is the US 2020 Solar Return chart with an ascendant at 26+ Scorpio which is conjunct Joe Biden’s natal Sun at 27+ Scorpio. The US 2020 SR chart has Neptune at 20+ Pisces (conjunct Biden’s Ceres at 20+ Pisces and his natal chart’s IC at 19+ Pisces).

This US SR chart’s Neptune (+ Biden’s Ceres) squares (challenges) US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and T-squares Trump’s North Node (20+ Gemini) and South Node (20+ Sagittarius), and T-squares Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and Moon (20+ Sagittarius).

Also, the US SR chart for 2020 had Ceres and Nessus at 12-13 Pisces trine the Sun and Vesta at 13+ Cancer which trines Biden’s natal Mars at 12+ Scorpio and Trump doesn’t.

Andre: thanks for “The Full Moon eclipse on 30 November conjunct US Gemini is not reassuring, but the eclipse on December 14 conjunct Trump’s Sun-Moon axis should bring his downfall.” That date keeps coming up in various charts. BarbK, thanks for your comments too – so much information to process – you must never sleep!

The White House on lockdown: A federal law enforcement source tells NBC that beginning tomorrow, crews will build a “non-scalable” fence to secure the WH complex, Ellipse and Lafayette Square. 250 National Guardsmen have been put on standby, reporting to Metro Police officials.



Um, Trafalgar is NOT a very good pollster at all. In fact, Trafalgar is considered to be one of the least reliable pollsters with one of the worst methodologies.

Even Nate Silver gives Trafalgar an “F” rating.

Anyway, I’ve been following the data science on elections for years and I have a good friend who works for the polling firm affiliated with Florida Atlantic University. In other words, i know the good pollsters from the bad ones.

And all of the gold star polling firms show Biden winning both the electoral college and popular vote.

Kim@ Intuitiview has a few new videos out and will do another today. They are reassuring. Very interesting on Don, Jr.and Barr.


“In the first house, Lilith represents Florida’s national image as being notoriously mysterious as a battleground state. Pollsters just can’t make accurate predictions in this state. With transiting Uranus octile Lilith, we have a sudden development on Election Day. Could that be a Biden win that secures his election? Keep your eyes on this state to better understand the Big Picture.”

New post up.

Thank you very much for your post, Starlight. I will keep reading it.

Blessings to all,

I am a ginormous fan of Nancy and of all the people that participate on this site.

Do any of you, know anything about Uranian Astrology?.

I did a little research and found an astrologer Susan Herskowitz, she just posted her latest on “The State of the Hive” mind blowing astrological forecast for the winter solstice.

For anyone interested her website “The Uranian Astrologer”

Much love.

Christ – glad to see your response on Trafalgar. When I tried to research their background my spidy-senses kicked in – another shill for the right wing?

Grace Astrology:

The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse is a hopeful “bluebird standing at the door of the house.” Sabian Sage Blain Bovee describes it as an “image of beginnings that bode happiness, and fortunate possibilities just outside the door.” It remains to be seen if those fortunate possibilities will become real. In this next lunar cycle, watch for news that reflects the challenge of stepping out into a new world; optimistic outlooks; being in the right place at the right time. Consider all things blue (says Bovee): “the blues, nostalgia, blue skies, blue blood, blue babies, lavender, blue-collar workers, blue-hair, blue moon, blue movies, out of the blue good fortune”…and of course, blue states.


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