6th Sep, 2020

Final Stretch

The Final Stretch

We are coming into the final stretch before the 2020 election and hopefully the final months of Trump’s reign of malfeasance and malevolence perpetrated upon America. There are multiple planetary configurations coming together that suggest a continuation of turmoil, civil unrest, and a failing and flailing Trump administration. I will try to describe this cacophony of disparate indicators and how they will weave together going forward.

Trump: The pressure from the protracted Saturn station opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer45) from August 18 to October 22 is bringing such a barrage of criticism and disparagement that the painfully thin-skinned Trump is barely holding it together emotionally. When the protective benefit of transiting Jupiter square to his natal Jupiter (17Libra27) begins to separate after September 19, the downward pressure on Trump’s poll numbers will only increase.

Beginning in late November 2019 and continuing through January 20, 2021, Trump has been dealing with increasingly stressful and demanding circumstances – impeachment, the pandemic, civil unrest, the election – all of which should have been handled with caution, care, responsibility and humility (Saturn when operating in appropriately), but all oxymoronic concepts when discussing Deranged Donnie, the Chaos King. This is indicated by Trump’s progressed MC conjunct his progressed Saturn (3Leo10). This extremely challenging configuration will be intensified by his progressed Moon semisquare progressed Saturn during the entire month of October. It will also be triggered by transiting Neptune from September 25 to December 6, suggesting that October and November into early December will bring overwhelming and challenging situations that he is ill equipped to handle. This trend is further exacerbated by the transit of Saturn quincunx Trump’s Mars (26Leo47) from October 22 through November 20 and the return of Pluto opposite Trump’s Saturn (23Cancer49) from November 4 to December 23, suggesting feelings of fear, frustration, and failure.

I continue to feel concern for the period from November 7 to November 13 when Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in aspect to Trump’s Sun (22Gemini56), suggesting he will stretch to the utmost limits his megalomaniacal attempts to exert pressure and manipulation on events to get them to confirm to his own will. I do not think this will ultimately be successful, but it is concerning.

Inaugural chart: The 2017 Inaugural chart is the chart of the Trump administration. The inherent tension described in this chart by the tight Mars/Saturn/Moon configuration describes a restive and angry population, problematic and controversial policies, and a constant push-pull between aggression and being forcibly opposed. These traits are now in the process of being unleashed and intensified by both the transit of Uranus and the movement of the progressed Inaugural Moon.

As of September 1, the progressed Inaugural Moon has moved into orb of a conjunction with natal Saturn (23Sagittarius30) through October 1, and then will extend to October 15 with the progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn. An almost identical progressed Moon conjunction with Inaugural Saturn happened in the second Inaugural chart of George w. Bush when the economy collapsed in September 2008. This aspect describes failure and a very upset and suffering population. The recent article about Trump’s attitude toward our military and his calling our military war dead “losers” and “suckers”, coming during the onset of this progression, suggests that this story may well reverberate through the heart of the nation and sound the death knell for this administration. The continuing exacerbation of the pandemic and the festering racial injustice issues only add to this picture.

With the simultaneous transit of Uranus opposite Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (September 13 to October 19), we can expect a great deal of protest and civil unrest, with a violent response from the administration. This is underlined by the Inaugural progressed Moon square to natal Mars (24Pisces21) during the entire month of October.

US chart: And finally, the most noteworthy pattern in the US chart is the heightening of feelings of distrust, paranoia, conspiracy theories, and intense partisan power struggles. This has been especially strong since late July with the progressed US Moon conjunct natal Pluto (27Capricorn33) through late August, followed by the transiting station of Mars square to US Pluto from August 26 through September 19, and finally progressed US Moon conjunct progressed Pluto from September 14 through October 14. These indicators correspond with the civil unrest and power struggles suggested in the Inaugural chart described above.

There are indications of real change by the time we enter 2021. The progressed US Moon will move into Aquarius by November, freeing us from the Moon’s more brittle and restrictive crossing through Capricorn and into the more egalitarian Aquarius. Saturn will also leave Capricorn on December 18, after two and half years in hard aspect to six planets in the US chart, all of which have caused severe tension and contraction in many areas of the US culture, economy, and body politic. And finally, Pluto will finally be past its opposition to US Mercury after December, one of the more obvious indicators of the pandemic and the prevalence of conspiracy theories for the entire year. So let us all hope for a full reprieve from the insanity and horror of 2020, a year that will surely live in infamy. And let us all hope for a renewal and strengthening of the soul of the nation going forward, led by someone who actually has our best interests at heart.


Your timing, as always, is perfection dear Nancy. I can’t quite believe we’ve gone through this so far—but the fine slivers of hope we have left are keeping us somewhat together. And bless Joe and Kamala for the heavy mantle they’ll be taking on to heal the country. The real work of reclaiming our national heart must begin after this painful exorcism and birthing process.


This is one delicious slice of schadenfreude followed by the first glimmer of relief I’ve seen in your rhetoric for all too many seasons.

May it all be done and may the innocent be protected from the last gasp of awfulness from this abomination on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Thank you for your extraordinary insights and the selfless devotion you have demonstrated to this blog and its contributors for the last two decades.

I echo all that Will wrote above. Thank You for all that you do, but especially for providing this forum for spiritual seekers interested both in astrology and politics.

I know no one will feel completely relieved until the Donald is out of office and locked up in a secure location. And as you suggest, he’s not quite done with his criminal presidential malpractice. But we at last can see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. All indications, “on the ground” “in the air” and “in the skies” are we in the final stages of the Trump catastrophe. Thank You for your elucidation of the latter.

Thank you Nancy, I’m most appreciative for your report.

58 days till this horror show comes to an end.

Today in San Diego we are experiencing a record breaking 103 degree temperature, a 4000 acre, zero contained fire close by in Alpine expelling dense smoke and ash that’s covering everything.

Ja, I pray for reprieve for the fires and heat in CA, and, especially, for blessed rain, and to the suffering this is causing. It is so awful to conceive of.

Wow, Nancy, this time you knocked out of the ball park. I always appreciate your interpretations of the Inauguration chart and am now especially fascinated with the effect of TRANSITING Uranus in Taurus opposite the Inaugural Moon in Scorpio.

The 2017 Inaugural chart’s Uranus at 20+ Aries that was conjunct the US natal Chiron portended the unexpected wounding of the US country and its people. At least that will end by next January!

The Inaugural chart Moon at 9+ Scorpio was trine the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, and as transiting retrograde Uranus, now at 10+ Taurus will, as you said, again oppose the 2017 Inaugural Moon soon.

Retro trans. Uranus (8+ Taurus) in late October and much of November, will also sextile the US natal Ceres (nature/nurture) at 8+ Pisces again as it did in May and June this year, which could mean an unexpected breakthrough in the Covid pandemic and/or the fires in California.

If so, it could be due to something Trump says (his Mercury at 8+ Cancer trines US Ceres and sextiles trans. Uranus). It will be too little too late if so, due to what Nancy has written about Trump’s natal chart for the rest of this year.

Back on Feb. 7, 2016, when transiting Neptune made a conjunction to US natal Ceres – before Trump took office – trans. Uranus at 17+ Aries was at the apex of a Yod with trans. retro Jupiter (21+ Virgo) + trans. North Node (22+ Virgo) + US NATAL Neptune (22+ Virgo which squares Trump’s Sun in Gemini), and all were sextile trans. Mars at 18+ Scorpio.

That sextile between Mars and Jupiter (+ NN + US Neptune), at the time trans. Neptune was conjunct US Ceres, formed a Yod with transiting Uranus at 17+ Aries – meaning Uranus would have to to make an adjustment due to its position at the apex of that Yod.

That Uranus was opposite the US PROGRESSED retrograde Mars at 17+ Libra which was conjunct Trump’s natal Libra at 17+ Libra, which was conjunct US Constitution Neptune at 17+ Libra which conjuncts Putin’s natal Saturn at 17+ Libra. Thus Uranus had its adjustment provided by Trump and Putin and US prog. Mars and US Constitution Neptune.

This grouping at 17+ Libra turned the Yod in the Neptune-conjunct-US Ceres chart into a Boomerang pattern. All the energy (power) would wind up in the lap of Trump and Putin and US prog. Mars and US Constitution Neptune. We must never underestimate Neptune’s power to blur reality.

This trans. Neptune conjunct US Ceres chart had the North Node + Jupiter (+ US Neptune) in Virgo trine Mercury at 22+ Capricorn (where trans. Pluto is today) and the same chart’s descendant at 24+ Taurus (2 degrees from where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place in 2000).

That grand trine in the trans. Neptune-US Ceres chart might be suggesting that partnership (7th house cusp = descendent = partnership) is the path forward (North Node), and communication (Mercury) is the way to heal the wounds (US Chiron + 2017 Inaugural Uranus) that plagues our country and its people.

It’s a long cycle, that trans. Neptune + US Ceres, but the Moon (US People) in that chart is at 0+ Aquarius, where the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts this December, and IT only lasts 20 years!!

Nancy writes the November 7-13 period will be most critical. That is likely to be when Trump feels power slipping away and he becomes dangerously desparate. Election Night results will be confused or inconclusive, but the complete count in the following ten days will go Biden’s way.

This ties in with the third Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12. Previous passes have been highly favorable to Biden. The first one in April gave him the nomination. The second in June gave him a double-digit lead. The third should allow him to claim the Presidency, whether Trump concedes or not. Jupiter rules Biden’s chart and Pluto his Sun. Trump may go to court, but he will lose.

Biden’s natal Jupiter is in opposition to the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. The hardship and catastrophe brought by Saturn-Pluto help his political fortunes, and he is the man to bring Jupiterian benevolence, optimism and confidence to help his country.

The “I survived 2020” T-shirts will sell like hot cakes!

dangerously desperate

Andre, very observant of you re: the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, thank you. Where can I get that t-shirt?

re: 2017 Inaugural chart Moon at 9+ Scorpio . . .

The Full Moon on October 31 at 8+ Taurus conjunct trans. Uranus at 8+ Taurus will oppose transiting Sun (consciousness) at 8+ Scorpio (shared resources) that will conjunct the 2017 Inaugural Moon (US people) at 9+ Scorpio. The death knell or just another trick-or-treater?

Thanks Nancy that was amazing! I can’t believe when I read now that his numbers are actually going up , you really do wonder how it can be.

Please please please let it come forth that Biden wins in the fall. Let this horror show end

Love the i survived 2020 t shirts. Would be a good business idea.


The story about Trump disparaging those who died in battle is “just the tip of the iceberg”, huh?

Not sure its any kind of organized event, but we are told to expect many more folks coming forward in the next few weeks with new charges. This is from a conservative outlet…


What is most interesting is that trump is now on the defensive. If you recall, trump owned the conversation in 2016 with lock her up and she is corrupt. This time, he is simply responding to the onslaught.

The T-Shirt idea had occurred to me as well. We tend to think alike, even in small details!

“Jupiter rules Biden’s chart and
Pluto (rules?) his Sun.”
I’m not sure what you meant by that last phrase.

He means Pluto rules Scorpio and Biden’s Sun is in Scorpio, and a “chart ruler” is the ruler of the sign that’s on the chart’s ascendant, which in Biden’s case is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. The question mark is because both Pluto (new) and Mars (old) are accepted as ruling Scorpio. Some prefer Pluto and some prefer Mars and others don’t want to show preference.

Both chart ruler and Sun Sign ruler are important in Biden’s chart b/c the chart ruler (in any chart) is the whole chart’s ruler, and the sign that the Sun is in (in any chart) is extremely influential b/c the Sun is what all the other planets revolve around. It’s a subtle difference in “power”. One is determined by the time of day the person is born and the other one is determined by the date one is born on.

Jupiter and Pluto are starting a new cycle this year (3 conjunctions) and both are powerfully influentian in Biden’s chart. At least that’s what I thought he meant.

Thank you for your prayers Sharon.

On another subject, I heard today that Kelly Ann Conway is leaving the administration not for family reasons but because she is jumping ship.

Bless you, Nancy.

At least one final aggressive and desperate push from Il Douche following election day as Nancy suggests is certainly to be expected.

Biden’s camp should be well-prepared for this, and millions of people must descend upon D.C. and surround the White House, demanding that Il Douche concede, refusing to leave until he does.


“Il Douche”


Nancy–many thanks–for things too numerous to name.

BuckeyeShadow–caught that–love it!

Following Uranus (2nd house, conjunct Saturn) great fun. To me, he is Loki and I like to see what he is up to.

Barbk, that is what I meant. Thank you.

Eliseo, I should have been more clear.

This from Neptune Cafe this morning:

“The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21 marks an epochal shift of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle from Earth signs into Air. Taking place at 0º Aquarius, this conjunction signals the beginning of a large scale push toward a more interconnected society, where all citizens are treated equally. However, Jupiter and Saturn here are squared by Uranus in Taurus, indicating that entrenched value systems are holding back the ideal of the Age of Aquarius. A precise Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2021) squares Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, suggesting that the next president (and the nation) will be under constant threat from developing crises.”

Elisabeth Grace:

“With one exception, planetary patterns are sooooooo much more chill this week. The pressure has backed off the three big planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) until the Autumnal Equinox. Yes, warrior Mars is in focus this week, but without provocation from other planets until the end of September. Take your vitamins and build your stamina in preparation for October, when the titans clash again.”


Ja and Kiwi, Kim has a new Video today. I always feel better after listening to what she says and today’s is no exception. She covers, Cyrus Vance, Barr, the election and the Trumps. Its quite interesting.

Andre, thank you for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction info from Neptune Cafe as well as the Inauguration Day’s chart info with its Mars-Uranus conjunction. These two new cycles start just 30 days apart, and, for the US at least, are linked to the new awakening, aka the Age of Aquarius.

That Uranus rules Aquarius, as does Saturn, is another case of the old ruler, Saturn, having to make space for the new ruler Uranus, and squares are challenging. To me, it suggests we must continue to adapt to conflicting urges; one to stay with traditional ways, the other to move toward new and unconventional ways.

The present Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will end this December also had Uranus in Aquarius square Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus when it began.

This new Jupiter and Saturn cycle that will begin in Aquarius, the sign where Uranus was (and the sign he “rules”) in the previous Jupiter-Saturn cycle, I’m thinking, is the followup (new Jupiter-Saturn cycle) to the initiating process (old Jupiter-Saturn cycle) of the new awakening. What a tortuous sentence that was!

Anyway, I see the Mars in the Mars-Uranus conjunction; the start point of a “less than” 2 year cycle, as a challenge (on the conscious level since Mars is a personal planet and Uranus is not) to break through the old Saturnian mindset (new Saturn-Jupiter cycle in Aquarius, an air/thinking sign) through violent demonstrations such as we have had this last year of the old Jupiter-Saturn cycle.

I think much of it will continue to be through Uranus-type channels (Internet) and as well demonstrations of a revolutionary nature.

It will last about 1 1/2 years, until the new Mars-Uranus cycle starts in August 2022, again in Taurus at 18+ degrees and conjunct the transiting North Node (path forward) and the US natal Vesta (19+ Taurus), symbol of what is invested in, and sextile transiting Venus at 18+ Cancer. Transiting Pluto will be making its 2nd of 3 conjunctions to US natal Pluto.

Nobody thought this would be a cakewalk.

Banks, thanks for the heads up on Kim. Her words are so timely. Here’s the link for anyone else who cares to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cAdFHMzcfk

BarbK & Andre,
Thank You for the clarification. Now it all makes sense.

I am afraid people will read/hear Trumps’s promises of vaccine and decide it is ok to vote for him. It ain’t.

Found this on Palmer Report today (Robert Harrington is remarkable.) https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/the-worst-is-yet-to-come/32161/.

Kiwi, if you Google the Hawaiian prayer or meditation Ho’oponopono that’s a good way to “lighten the load.” BarbK you might be interested in this and in Kim’s video.

Banks, according to Kim, Trump and his team already know he has lost. I believe that. Thanks for sharing.


I think kiwi used to live in Hawaii if memory serves me right, Banks. I took a Ho-oponopono course maybe 40 yrs ago. Thank you for reminding me about it. It comes up intermittently. I think it’s all about forgiveness, am I right?

I’m now going to listen to Kim…thanks, Banks and kiwi.

Sharon K, yes, Ho’oponopono is all about forgiveness.
Kim’s guides told her about the importance of our lightening our baggage in order to raise the level of our consciousness. Forgiveness of ourselves and others makes our load a lot lighter and that’s why I suggested Ho’oPonopono. It’s also been suggested that we use that form of asking for forgiveness to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to ameliorate the cataclysmic weather we’ve been experiencing.

Banks, I’m very familiar with Ho’oponopono – so glad to learn that others are too! Yes Sharon, I did live in Hawaii – 33yrs.
🙂 enjoy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qoq75-DQm4

Thank you Banks and kiwi,watched Kim’s video and the Ho’oponopono video, and both put me in a very positive place. Peace and love to all.


Thanks for link. Interested to follow up. I am working on letting go, of everything that binds me to anything. 🙂

I suppose I shouldn’t be by now, but I’m truly amazed as to how bizarre and IN-Credible Trump’s rhetoric has become.

Claiming “Radical Socialist” Biden is guilty of economic treachery, that if Biden wins, China will OWN the US, and that we’ll all have to learn Chinese is so out there, over the top, absurd, and downright crazy, it is difficult to understand how or why anyone would believe all that. When I hear DJT say such things, I can’t help but laugh.

We are 57 days out from Nov. 3rd. Its hard to fathom how weird this election is bound to become. The Donald is getting crazier and crazier as his polling continues to drop.

I’m sure he will continue with crazy rhetoric, which IMHO will likely depress the vote for him. But I do wish he would go birther again, claiming Biden wasn’t born here because he’s a space alien! It would even be sweeter were he to make such a claim during a televised debate..

Hmmm. This would be a good one for The Onion. I can see the headline. TRUMP GOES BIRTHER AGAIN: CLAIMS BIDEN IS A SPACE ALIEN!

OK. This one is real. I did not expect to find this. It’s in the same vein as if we didn’t test so much, there would not be as many coronavirus cases.

Trump Cooks Up Wacky New Birther Slam: Joe Biden Wasn’t Born In Pennsylvania

Because the Democratic nominee moved out as a child, he really wasn’t born in Scranton, the president told a perplexed Pennsylvania crowd.
By Mary Papenfuss
08/20/2020 09:42 PM ET

President Donald Trump expanded his “birther” conspiracy theories on Thursday to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, telling a crowd in Pennsylvania that Biden “wasn’t born” in the state because he moved to Delaware with his family when he was a child.

“He’d say he was born here,” Trump told listeners in Scranton. “But he left when he was like 8, 9 or 10. So he left 68 years ago, he left — a long time ago. So I view it differently. He wasn’t born here. He abandoned Scranton!”

Trump conceded: “His family had something to do with that, you know, his parents. But he left Scranton.”

Biden was born in Scranton in 1942 and moved from the state to Mayfield, Delaware, with his family when he was 13, according to his biography. Trump didn’t name the state he believes counts as Biden’s birthplace.
Critics could hardly believe what they heard coming out of Trump’s mouth.

Trying hard to remember lesson mentor worked hard to instill–focus energies where you can have an effect and let the rest go.

It’s working! I am pretty much observing the rest, which preserves my sanity (mostly!).

Banks, Sharon, Kiwi,

Since we’re on the subject, here’s one of my favorite five minute meditations…….

Ho´oponopono – New Cleaning Video – Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


If you want to teach anyone anything you have to begin at their level of understanding. From the perspective of the Universe we average Americans are pretty naive, therefore this lesson we are being taught by the Universe is geared toward simpletons.

I personally was quite unaware of the huge number of closet racists in the USA before Trump exposed this fact in all its glory. As slapstick is to humour, Trump is to average Americans. You can’t help but notice him, and most of us can’t help but look at him in amazement. Is he for real? Apparently, for many, he is real.

Lorna Bevan:

“This week and next, kicking up a stationary storm at their most impactful, both Mars and Jupiter slow right down then change direction. Mars turns retrograde at 28° Aries while Jupiter turns direct at 17° Capricorn.

It’s been 32 years (1988) since the last Mars retrograde in fiery pioneering Aries and it will be 47 years before it happens again in 2067. Mars turns backwards on September 10 at 28° Aries and turns direct on November 14th. Make a note of the days between September 7-11 when strongly assertive energy will be felt on the world stage and in your own life. And the days between September 27-30 when Mars clashes with Saturn as the Lord of Time and Karma turns retrograde.

Think of Mars as the core energy source of human experience. Wherever Mars is retrograde in your own chart, it’s about taking back Your Self. ”



Thank you for sharing Kim’s video. I will rewatch anytime I get nervous.

To Will, Nancy, Sharon K, Emma,
and ALL of us who have worked in the mental health field and/or are concerned with brain and psychological issues.

‘A Climate Change-Scale Problem’:
how the internet is destroying us’
The Social Dilemma, a new Netflix film, meets former tech executives and developers who helped build the online world – and think it’s causing serious harm.


Of course, I’ve not seen “The Social Dilemma” yet. But before viewing, I agree it is a matter literally as serious as climate change. As an educator, I’ve personally seen the problem as it has manifested in our college students. One major aspect of it is the atrophy of our attention spans. This one of several unforeseen consequences has become a nightmare for teachers and professors everywhere.

Another of several unforeseen consequences is overtly political, one example, the empowering of forces which put DJT in the White House. Another, the rise of all the alt-right fascist/nazi white supremacist groups.

I think it wise for us all to seriously consider the problem astrologically and philosophically.

According to The Guardian piece, the documentary is not just about the problem, but also about potential solutions. It will be available tomorrow on Netflix.

Two Excerpts:
“The Social Dilemma, directed by Jeff Orlowski, explores and animates a philosophical shift in Silicon Valley: that the tech industry’s tools, most predominantly social media, aren’t promising tools but too-powerful entities fragmenting attention and rewiring brains by design; that addiction to phones and social media is a function of their business model; that this divisive, degrading status quo is driving us straight to dystopia.”

“The Social Dilemma is particularly concerned about the political polarization accelerated by social media networks, how Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter have “become the digital infrastructure, they’ve become public utilities”, said Orlowski. “They are the backbone of our information communication and yet they are systemically putting people on their own islands of thought.”

😉 Jerry – thank you – that energy is so needed in the world at the moment

Eliseo, I am very much looking forward to watching “The Social Dilemma”.

Just for pure escapism, they also have a short science fiction series with Hillary Swank, called “Away”, about a crew that’s going to land on mars, and it’s very well done.

Just for the record – I believe that I feel the mars retrograde personally already and I don’t like it!

Nancy, another great article, thank you! Since most of these horrific events are during the fall, did you check Fall in DC in comparison with the inaugural or US chart? What more can go wrong??

Much more in Randi Rhodes homework today.

Thank you, Jerry and Abilene, I’m glad you enjoyed Kim’s Video. I, too, go back and listen to her videos when I’m down.

Tweet this to everyone, it’s a possible path of trumpie on election day to scare all of us.

Here is a Buddhist Prayer I read several times a day because it’s posted on my refrigerator.


In my excitement over Trump’s natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn being lit up by the chart for the Sept. Full Moon; i.e. the grand cross between trans. Eris + Blk Moon Lilith at 24+ Aries opposite trans. Juno at 24+ Libra (which precedes the busy Oct. 16 New Moon at 23 Libra 53) . . .

. . that was crossed by the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer opposite Trump’s natal Pholus (+ trans. Saturn/Pluto), I totally missed that the Pisces Full Moon chart ALSO had Mercury at 24+ Virgo trine Trump’s MC (+ Kamala’s Jupiter) at 24+ Taurus, that trines Trump’s natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn, that opposes US natal Mercury!!

That is as potent as a grand cross (but with a different effect) – a grand trine turned into a a Kite pattern due to the addition of the 4th planet in the pattern, the US Mercury.

That’s what we are seeing with the story that won’t die; Trump’s disparaging words about dead and/or wounded servicemen. It has legs, that story, and again I note that Pholus is known to be a small cause with a big effect. It will cost Trump with the loss of US military veterans’ votes.

Sharon K,
Speaking of retrogrades.
As of August 16 around 7pm, much changed for me. Every day since then has been what I perceive as a good day.

And frankly, that’s weird! 25 good days in a row? WOW!

It feels as though something retrograde went direct, but I’m not sure what. Later this evening I’ll be checking my transits to see what possible influences might be at play here.

As I posted in the last thread,
“The story doesn’t just have legs. It has very large wheels, capable of going where no Trump story has gone before.”

I think this one will wheel him right into the dirt. The chief editor of The Atlantic has promised more damning material to come. I believe him.

Eliseo, I’m sure there is more to come too. The astrology is clear in the Full Moon chart of September 2, with major connections to Trump’s natal chart such as transiting Venus conjunct his natal Venus – both at 25+ Cancer – opposite transiting Saturn at 25+ Capricorn in a grand cross with transiting Eris, Black Moon Lilith and Juno.

I would imagine this shows up in his progressed chart, but I believe it is his natal Chiron that conjuncts the US natal Saturn that squares US natal US Sun that foretold his wound that won’t heal.

Even more so, the 5th of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto on April 21, 2014 formed a very tight grand cross with US Sun square US Saturn, a grand cross that also included transiting Mars conjunct US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron, and transiting Jupiter conjunct US Sun. I think maybe that is when this whole period of crisis began.

As an aside, I’m surprised to learn Cohen is as intelligent as he is, something that did not come through in his brief TV appearances (testifying) but did in his interview with Rachel tonight.

Mars Retrograde Is About To Make Our Lives (And The Upcoming Election) A Chaotic Mess (written by Elizabeth Gulino)

The planet Mars was named for the God of War. So it makes sense that astrologically, the red orb is thought to rule anger, action, egos, and desire. So the fact that it’s about to go retrograde in Aries — after being direct for the past two and a half years — is worth paying attention to. The sign of the ram is this planet’s “home”; as Mars tracks backward through determined and passionate Aries, we can expect plenty of drama and fiery chaos. Oh, and the red planet will stay retrograde for two whole months, from September 9 until November 13.

“Hold onto your seats, this is going to be a wild ride!” says Mysticalcraft Arriana, a Keen.com advisor and tarot card reader. “Try to take the next few months with an open mind, as it will be intense during this time as Mars comes in and shakes up our lives — Mars style.” She says that when the planet of action leaves its retrograde, we’ll all be staring at a new beginning. Keep your eye trained on that prize to help you get through the next couple of months.



Ja–Prayer will live on my refrigerator as well. Thank you.

Sharon–Something is giving me grief. Ad I placed to find new Assistant/Driver is not helping. I will be unable to leave my apartment for any reason by end of month.

Eliseo–Thank you; will watch tomorrow evening.

It’s interesting that the Ho’oponopono meditation and the Buddhist prayer (thank you, Ja) – both on forgiveness (very appropos for Yom Kippur which is also in a few weeks), and Kim’s video are all coming up now, with mars turning retrograde today, as spiritual tools should be very helpful.

Eliseo – how great! Every day a good day since Aug 25th. Even if mars retrograde gets to you a little, keep the faith!

Sharon K,
Since evening of August 16th.

I’ve been inside my house since March, and in the last month been somewhat trying to fill my time with working on my site(s).

Anyhow a link to the 2021 Inaugural Chart:


Trump has made military build-up and selling U.S. weapons abroad key to his foreign policy. His Defense Secretary, Mark T. Esper, is a former top lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon, and last year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared an emergency to push through $8.1 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates after lawmakers of both parties objected to the sale.

Trump’s about-face from boasting how he has built up the military to saying he opposes military build-up seems most likely to be simply another angle of attack against a story that is not dying. Yesterday, in The Atlantic, conservative columnist David Frum published a story titled “Everyone Knows It’s True.” Frum noted that while the First Lady, Cabinet secretaries, and Fox News Channel personalities have all insisted the story is false, the people who worked closely with Trump on military matters have remained resolutely silent.”


From Thomas Friedman:

‘Who Can Win America’s Politics of Humiliation?

“Humiliation, in my view, is the most underestimated force in politics and international relations. The poverty of dignity explains so much more behavior than the poverty of money.

People will absorb hardship, hunger and pain. They will be grateful for jobs, cars and benefits. But if you make people feel humiliated, they will respond with a ferocity unlike any other emotion, or just refuse to lift a finger for you. As Nelson Mandela once observed, “There is nobody more dangerous than one who has been humiliated.”


Just found this: https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/senility-is-worsening-donald-trump/32205/.

Not sure if it is real or a an attempt to escape reckoning. The wording is odd. What do you think?

Mars turning retrograde in Aries today makes assertion and agression less effective and lowers energy. As it slowly makes its way back to a second square with Saturn on September 29, the day of the first presidential debate, frustration and impatience may increase. Grim determination and keeping your eye on the prize are the cure for despondency and fatalism in the face of increasing desperation from Trump, Barr and others intent on debasing their country. This too shall pass.

Mars turns direct on November 14, two days after the third and last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. That is when Biden is likely to be declared the winner and things will begin to move towards a positive solution in the midst of a lot of noise.


More trouble for Mr. T. This may be another story “with legs.”

I suspect it will be this way for the rest of his life. Such troubles are likely the pattern here on in. If he doesn’t already, at least part of him will regret ever having run for president. If he had remained a private citizen, he could have continued bribing, stealing, and cheating his way through life.

Also, the rape accusation is the second one to surface in the recent news which the public finds plausible and probably true, the first one being his disparaging attitude and remarks about our military.

The rape accusation will IMO resonate with the public as did the military remarks. Very believable in light of previous known behavior, especially the Hollywood tape in which we heard him say “I can’t help it. I just start kissing them. Just grab them by the …”

Justice Department moves to defend Trump in rape accuser’s defamation suit
SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 / 7:03 AM / CBS NEWS

The Department of Justice on Tuesday made the unprecedented decision to take over the president’s defense in a defamation lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll, a columnist who last year accused Mr. Trump of sexually assaulting her over two decades ago. Carroll is suing Mr. Trump in his personal capacity, and he was previously represented by private attorneys.

The sudden intervention by the Justice Department comes a month after a judge denied a request to stay the litigation, which meant Mr. Trump may have to produce documents and a DNA sampleand sit for depositions in the lead up to the November election. 

For now, the case will be removed from New York State Supreme court and moved into the Southern District of New York where a federal judge will decide whether the DOJ can step in on Mr. Trump’s behalf.

Rest of story at:

I’m not sure of the veracity of the source, but the content seems very plausible. The statement, “If your aging relative were behaving the way Trump is now behaving, you’d be pushing for a medical intervention.” Is certainly true.

Therein lies our problem. Without a real and objective medical exam we don’t and can’t know. Nevertheless, If I’m reading the signs right, including the astrology, possible dementia may become far more apparent at the debate on the 29th. I suspect there will be a larger than usual viewing audience in expectation Trump is bound to utter more bizarre and illogical, crazy nonsense.

CNN and MSNBC are wiping the floor with Trump’s remarks – on audio – in Woodward’s new book. Check it out if you haven’t already. Unbelievable.

Dec. 14 is the date when the members of the Electoral College must be chosen based on the results in each state. It is also the date of a major eclipse which falls on Trump’s Sun and Moon. That should be his final curtain.


Transiting Mars – at this moment – is stationary, and because it is not moving (from our viewpoint) it is intense and it is square US Pluto (US transformation, also abuse of power) and sextile US Moon (US people, their feelings). Trans Mars is trine Trump’s Mars-ascendant in Leo.

Transiting Sun (consciousness) at 17+ Virgo is trine transiting Jupiter (understanding, big picture) at 17+ Capricorn. Transiting Sun is square Trump’s Uranus in Gemini and transiting Jupiter is square Trump’s Jupiter in Libra.

In San Diego it definitely feels and looks like Mars stationed here.


Mr. Singh’s, the Vedic Astrologer, updates on his election predictions are very interesting.

His website is a little disorganized. I googled his name and saw several choices and went with the Donald Trump Election topics, which the above url will take you to. Scroll down several pages just under the photo of him and bright red and black add for his podcast. Under that it will say:


The most recent title states:


Go from there —

‘Play it down’: Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book


Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump admitted he knew weeks before the first confirmed US coronavirus death that the virus was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and “more deadly than even your strenuous flus,” and that he repeatedly played it down publicly, according to legendary journalist Bob Woodward in his new book “Rage.”

“This is deadly stuff,” Trump told Woodward on February 7.

In a series of interviews with Woodward, Trump revealed that he had a surprising level of detail about the threat of the virus earlier than previously known. “Pretty amazing,” Trump told Woodward, adding that the coronavirus was maybe five times “more deadly” than the flu.

Trump’s admissions are in stark contrast to his frequent public comments at the time insisting that the virus was “going to disappear” and “all work out fine.”

The book, using Trump’s own words, depicts a President who has betrayed the public trust and the most fundamental responsibilities of his office. In “Rage,” Trump says the job of a president is “to keep our country safe.” But in early February, Trump told Woodward he knew how deadly the virus was, and in March, admitted he kept that knowledge hidden from the public.

“I wanted to always play it down,” Trump told Woodward on March 19, even as he had declared a national emergency over the virus days earlier. “I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”

If instead of playing down what he knew, Trump had acted decisively in early February with a strict shutdown and a consistent message to wear masks, social distance and wash hands, experts believe that thousands of American lives could have been saved.

About as damning as it gets, folks.

Pushing 200,000 dead, a collapsing economy, storefronts shuttered, and millions of lives upended here in the US alone.

And this Motherf—-r has the nerve to act like we should re-elect his sorry loud-mouthed ass?

I could give a damn about his mind at this point. Alzheimers or not, he belongs in the slammer for the rest of his days.

It’s sobering to think of how a President Clinton might have handled this differently. Would there have been hardship and economic dislocation? Sure. And we might already be better off for it like New Zealand and other countries that got on the ball early and recognized what it took to get a handle on this menace.

He ought to be done after this. I say ought becuase who knows how the QPUB, QANON mind-mush zombies will try to spin this one, as if it’s some cooked-up Soros conspiracy to crucify their orange-faced savior.

And also, maybe this is the “cliff” ahead where his approval ratings and support among all but his most zealous supporters–the Marjorie Taylor Greens and Laura Loomers on the far fringes–finally has its long overdue Wile E. Coyote moment.

Such a weird year on so many levels. This year I feel the charts for Nov.14, Dec.14, and Inauguration day, supercede in importance
the Nov.3 chart.

I haven’t looked at them yet, but I’m guessing the charts for the first month, around Feb.20, and May 1, the traditional first 100 days are probably extremely important as well.

The Mars/Uranus conjunction on Inauguration day may be related to our descent into another (sometimes hot) cold war, this time with Russia and China simultaneously. It could also be concurrent with continuing serious domestic strife. The latter in part would likely depend on how the “winner” of our presidential election was decided.

In November of 2000, upon entering the voting both, I heard a voice. “The winner loses. The loser wins.” it loudly whispered to me. This year we may have a scenario in which the loser loses, but in the long run the winner loses as well. Presuming our winner is Mr. Biden, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Thank you Andre for some very speicfic and hopeful news. What worries me is the lack of response of the GOP Congress in relation to the Atlantic article on Friday and today’s Woodward revelations. They are quiet. And what of trump’s supporters? They all seem to be standing with him.

BuckeyeShadow, well said!!! I was thinking that a public hanging on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower might be in order. Why aren’t people going after him with pitchforks? Has he anesthetize the citizenry?

Has anyone heard him say one word about helping the people in California or now Oregon? Oh no, I forgot they have Democratic governors.

What’s that song from Les Miserables that just popped into my head about tomorrow is another day?

Carol Duhart, thanks for posting the US Inaugural chart for all the world to see.

1. Venus trines the ascendant
2. All 10 major planets are found between that trine of Venus and ascendant
3. All 10 majar planets are in direct motion

All major planets within 1/3rd of a chart is called a Bundle, and Marc Edmund Jones, in his book “The Guide To Horoscope Interpretation” says:
“Characteristic of the Bundle type is an outstanding capacity for making much of little, or for building small beginnings into great and often unanticipated final results.”

All planets in direct motion means full steam ahead and no looking back. However, Mars-Uranus square Jupiter will provide roadblocks and detours to plans that were not anticipated, but will benefit the final product. Moon square Sun WILL be anticipated though, I think.

Mercury in Aquarius trine the North Node in Gemini will help US Mercury get through its opposition to transiting Pluto which will be an uphill battle for the 4 years of this presidency.

Even so, the focus of the tightly bunched Bundle pattern will determine the outcome of this term and will create a path forward for the US that will amaze the world and restore confidence to its citizens that it is indeed the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Thank you barbk! Right about now I needed to hear that.

Eliseo, I congratulate you on your good days! Today, I was fortunate enough to have an amazing person, who is a doctor, tell me he will help me because he can find no one else who will. Still blowing me away. Such souls still exist, thank creation.

In light of the revelations in Bob Woodward’s new book, I believe Mr. T is guilty of depraved-heart murder, AKA depraved-indifference murder.

As I understand it, he clearly demonstrated extremely reckless disregard for the value of human life, i.e. malice aforethought.

The definitions of the crime and penalties vary slightly state to state in the US, and I have no idea how it is defined or punished under federal law. As Mr. T made his decisions in Washington, DC, I’m not sure if WA DC local law or federal law applies as the crimes were committed on federal property.

IMHO, I believe DJT should be arrested, as soon as he is out of office, prosecuted, convicted, and harshly sentenced.

Excellent analysis, Barb! I was too pessimistic about that chart-it seemed pretty austere to me. At the time I did it I thought it was probably a President Pence or something due to the strong Saturn. But does anyone think we would have a normal inauguration this January? Nothing much would be done until then anyway, and given the mood of the nation, would anyone have 10 inaugural balls and a parade?

A question about diurnals. Are they cast for the day as if the person was born that day? Please clarify. I’ve run into the concept but want and need a little feedback.

It appears DJT is setting himself up to fail in the coming “debate.”

Trump spurns traditional debate prep with first faceoff less than 3 weeks away
Some allies of the president worry that the cavalier approach to a debate with Joe Biden could backfire.

Emma, Sharon,
Thanks for the good wishes and encouragement.! May you both find the healing you need!

I check in with Bill Herbst every once in awhile for his curmudgeonly take on things. His latest is bracing! Sometimes it’s good to look at the worst case scenarios to set up your coping mechanisms. Anyway, in a nutshell Herbst sees Trump being taken down one way or the other, whether he wins or loses. Biden will try and will be the consoler-in-chief but there’s only so much he can do. America is a sinking ship, undergoing a dark night of the soul.


“Back in April, when America had reached the unthinkable level of 50,000 dead from Covid-19, news broke that Trump had been briefed way back in January on how deadly the coronavirus was but had not acted on that information. Trump defended his lack of action by saying he had been misled by the CIA briefer, who had, he tweeted, “only spoke of the Virus in a very non-threatening, or matter of fact, manner….”

On February 7, just two days after his acquittal in the Senate on the charges of impeachment, Trump picked up the phone and called journalist Bob Woodward, who was surprised to hear the president talk not about the acquittal, but about the new virus. Trump told Woodward: “This is deadly stuff.” He explained that the virus is transmitted by air, and that it was five times more dangerous than “even your strenuous flus.”

And yet, on February 2, Trump had said in a Fox News Channel interview before the Super Bowl that “we pretty much shut it down coming in from China.” Trump continued to hold large indoor rallies where he insisted the coronavirus was similar to the flu and that it would soon disappear. Twenty days after his call to Woodward, he was still telling Americans not to worry and he refused to prepare for the coming crisis. Trump told Woodward that he was not telling Americans the truth because he didn’t want “to create a panic.”

More at link


Herbst has a big, beautiful penetrating mind and is also a talented astrologer. Ever since our fellow blogger Fireywoman turned me on to Bill’s wisdom, I’ve been moved and encouraged by his many brilliant analyses. This one however, leaves me flat and uninspired. I believe America has been in its “dark night of the soul” for a very long time – least the last 30 years or so. History has taught us that “end of empire” for any great nation has been an eventual given and generally does occur gradually. What Herbst fails to remember however is that the U.S. is still a land where millions, if not billions of people across the globe would gladly trade their homeland for our’s. True, we don’t have everything and we are far from perfect; but we have that certain je ne sais quoi that continues to spur hope, inspire optimism and prompt innovation in spite of our presently beleaguered state. Sure, Biden may be a transitional president – but his hard-won capacity for empathy and compassion with a heart softened by so much personal tragedy is precisely what the nation needs to heal at this particular time. And Although I believe conditions will likely worsen for a while before improving, we are a strong nation and have been through very tough times-a-plenty in the 67 years I’ve been living and breathing on our shores.

We will get through this – in spite of our moments of dark discouragement and belly-aching. Even if like a kidney stone, this too shall pass. We are simply growing up. Spain, Portugal, France and England have survived quite nicely in their post-empire periods. So will we.

Chin up, Mr. Herbst. Chin up.

Barb K: Gurmeet Singh repeatedly maintains that Donald Trump will experience the worst period of his life starting September 24th. I cannot understand Vedic astrology. Can you comment on the significance of that date. Prof. Bertonasco


Vedic astrology includes more of the Moons Nodes than mainstream astrology. The mean node is transiting through Gemini and will conjunct Dt’s Sun and oppose his moon. The moon represents public image, so maybe that is where the trouble is represented in his chart? I am sure Barb can cast a much more detailed perspective, but it seems plausible.

Wow Les, that was refreshing! Thank you for reminding me of Bill Herbst, whom I’d not checked in with for a couple of months either. What he describes basically sounds like the US Pluto Return, not that anyone alive has experienced one. It takes a long time to grow up after one has been reborn.

Personally, it has never been a requirement that my country be the leader of the world, but to be on the right side of history has. I’ll settle for an acceptance of reality; that all people are created equal – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that kind of stuff.

The Saturn-Pluto cycle that begins this December will last until Halloween on 2040 and this year’s Halloween Full Moon should give us a preview of what that might feel like since it will be conjunct Uranus.

The end of the soon to start Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will last 20 years from now, will find transiting Pluto midway through a long conjunction with the US natal Moon, which should be complete by 2043. What will be left standing is anybody’s guess, but I hope to be among the survivors. Oh, the stories I will have to tell.

Caroll, I’ve not used diurnal charts, but from what I’ve read about them is that you use the time of day and the place of birth of the person for whatever day is chosen for such a chart. It would be quite a tool for astrologers who do personal charts I would imagine.

Another thing about the 2021 US Inaugural chart that interests me is that the trine between Mercury in Aquarius trine the North Node in Gemini also trines the US progressed retrograde Mars in Libra, which will be backing away from Trump’s natal Jupiter and the US Constitution Neptune, and won’t return for about a million years!

A grand trine in air signs could be helpful for this Biden presidency.

Thank you, Will. It makes me proud to be an American again.

Professor B, I don’t understand Vedic astrology either but will take a look at what Singh has to say, now that you have aroused my curiosity.

In addition to what Quintile said about the nodes is that on Sept. 24th, transiting Mercury in Libra opposes transiting Mars in Aries, and transiting Saturn in Capricorn T-squares both of them while opposing Trump’s Venus and Saturn (+ US Mercury + Biden’s Jupiter) in Cancer, making an inescapable grand cross.

Also, trans. Pluto (expose) will exactly trine US Neptune (disguise) which squares Trump’s natal Sun, AS THE TRANSITING Sun (consciousness) in Libra will conjunct the US Sibly chart’s MC (what the world sees). This sounds like information (Mercury) will be revealed that will be damning for Trump. (Could there be even more than what we already know?)

Thanks for the heads up!

There is going to be such a major cleanup needed after DJT is gone! Where will Biden begin? If feels like swarms of glamorous cockroaches have been terrorizing the country and finally the light is back on and getting so bright they will have to race away or be squished!
Pence and Qanon
Some hope for the GOP maybe? https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-vote-by-mail-absentee-ballot-election-fraud-ben-ginsberg-1056913/
Free health care and free education are what I’d like to see happen within the next 10 years.

“This sounds like information (Mercury) will be revealed that will be damning for Trump. (Could there be even more than what we already know?)”

That’s one of the weird things about Trump. Just when you think he couldn’t possibly outdo himself, do or say something worse, more depraved, darker, or more insane than what he’s done previously, he does.

Let us hope that after losing the election, in a childish tiff he doesn’t decide to use that new, secret, ultramodern nuclear weapon system he inadvertently revealed to Bob Woodward, or do something else even more dangerous or stupid than we’ve imagined.

Getting rid of Trump, IMO is merely the beginning. He is as much a symptom as he is the spearhead of the problem. He’s not the only Koook in the R party.

Remember Rick Santorum? In 2012 he said that if President Obama was reelected, he would force Roman Catholic churches to have women priests !!! (horrors) and the Dems would bring back guillotines to use upon religious people. When I heard RS loudly utter such nonsense, I thought the R’s couldn’t possibly get weirder or worse than that. But of course, they did.

Fortunately, Senator Santorum’s political career seems to have ended, but many more highly active Koooks remain in the R party and beyond.

The promises and the difficulties we see in the 2021 inaugural chart, and other charts look to me as consistent with conditions “on the ground.” IMO, it will be a while longer before we will get the US as a whole entity back onto a sane, and productive path.

I think 2021- 2024 will be a period or cycle of purgation, reorientation, and reeducation. It won’t be a “purge” in the old Soviet or Nazi sense, but we do need to defang the Koooks and get them out of government. The process will in all likelihood be fomented by events as much as by policies. We are already being reeducated by our current pandemic! Nothing reeducates like pandemics, catastrophic climate events, and deep recessions, and depressions. DJT is a reeducation unto himself!

I believe Andre is correct in his assertion that as important as is our 2020 election, the 2024 election will be even more so. By Inauguration day, 2025 I believe we’ll be ascending from our Plutonian dark night of the soul toward our 2028 Uranus return.

Thanks, Will. Your view is much more positive than Herbst’s – I like it. And barbk, yes, the longer perspective is good to take. I had a wonderful reading this week with an astrologer here in the Boston area, Heather Ensworth, I went to a few times years ago and she also takes a positive long view of things, the transformations going on globally with these major transits and healing needed.

In case anyone is interested, Heather has some videos on her site (and YouTube).

This is no surprise. The stress of the pandemic and Trump are affecting our physical and mental health.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure in U.S. is getting worse, study finds


FYI – Another connection between charts is the US Constitution natal Pluto at 14+ Aquarius trine its natal Chiron at 13+ Gemini which trines the US NATAL chart’s Saturn at 14+ Libra, which the Founding Fathers were unaware of since Pluto and Chiron had not been discovered yet. Trump’s Chiron conjuncts US natal Saturn.

On October 6, 2021, a New Moon at 13 Libra 25 + transiting Mars at 13 Libra 58 will conjunct US natal Saturn at 14 Libra 48 and Trump’s natal Chiron at 14 Libra 54. They will square the US natal Sun in Cancer but will be in a grand trine with the US Constitution chart’s Pluto in Aquarius and its Chiron in Gemini.

Trump’s natal Chiron is also conjunct Trump’s natal Juno (partner), both at 14+ Libra. Could the October 2021 New Moon in Libra mean yet another Tell All book from someone close to Trump be in print then, or does it mean something unconstitutional done by Trump is being heard by the Supreme Court? Something about Putin whose natal Sun at 13+ Libra conjuncts US Saturn and Trump’s Chiron + Juno?

The chart for this New Moon at 13+ Libra (+ Mars) is square the MC of the chart (when set in Washington DC) at 13+ Cancer which conjuncts the US natal Sun. Transiting Uranus at 13+ Taurus will sextile the chart’s MC and the US natal Sun.

It will be unexpected whatever it is.

Very Interesting!
It might mean something new is revealed about Trump in court. He is different from all other bad presidents. In previous years we were happy just to see them leave office. That won’t satisfy for Trump. He’ll be in and out of court facing charges, dealing with legal suits, etc. and hopefully spending time in prison.

I don’t see, either, how Sept. 24th could be worse for Trump, but please, Sept., prove me wrong.

Did search upcoming book releases for the week of Sept. 22 (that’s a Tuesday, and all books expected to or with a shot at making the NYTimes Bestseller list come out on Tuesday) and here are the likely suspects:

—Dan Alexander, White House, Inc.

An in-depth investigation into Donald Trump’s business—and how he used America’s top job to service it.

White House, Inc. is a newsmaking exposé that details President Trump’s efforts to make money off of politics, taking us inside his exclusive clubs, luxury hotels, overseas partnerships, commercial properties, and personal mansions. Alexander tracks hundreds of millions of dollars flowing freely between big businesses and President Trump. He explains, in plain language, how Trump tried to translate power into profit, from the 2016 campaign to the ramp-up to the 2020 campaign

—Battlegrounds by Former National Security Advisor HRMcMaster

From Lt. General H.R. McMaster, U.S. Army, ret., the former National Security Advisor and author of the bestselling classic Dereliction of Duty, comes a bold and provocative re-examination of the most critical foreign policy and national security challenges that face the United States, and an urgent call to compete to preserve America’s standing and security.

—Inside the NRA by Joshua Powell

INSIDE THE NRA explains this intentional toxic messaging was wholly the product of LaPierre’s leadership and the extremist branding by his longtime PR puppet master Angus McQueen. In damning detail, Powell exposes the NRA’s plan to “pour gasoline” on the fire in the fight against gun control, to sew discord to fill its coffers, and to secure the presidency for Donald J. Trump.

Also, Rep. Elijah Cummings has a book out, described as part memoir, part the lawlessness of Trump and Democratic response, but I don’t see big revelations there.

And Lou Dobbs shares his wisdom with us. (Cringe)

That’s all the possibilities I see from B&N’s list of new hardcover Political books out that week.

Teresa Hill,
I suspect DJT will self implode September 29th. He is refusing to adequately prepare for the debate with Biden. He wants to wing it.

Considering the extreme rancor in this election, which I think will probably exceed that of the 1800 election, (the worst in Am. history) we can expect a pretty large TV audience for the 9-29 “debate.”

Like have a fit on live TV? Or storm off the stage in the middle of the debate? What do you think imploding will look like?

Teresa Hill,
Not sure. I doubt this “debate” will be as polite ad those of the past. JB will probably contradict most all of Trump’s fake facts, and may well call him a liar and other accurate appellations to his face. Or maybe the questioners will ask serious, tough questions he can’t or won’t answer. I would not be surprised if he walks out as he’s done a few times now with reporters.

remember when trump was elected and we all felt as if we’d fallen down the rabbit hole?
think on this ……
““[Bob] Woodward writes that [Jared] Kushner advised people that one of the most important guiding texts to understand the Trump presidency was ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ a novel about a young girl who falls through a rabbit hole. He singled out the Cheshire cat, whose strategy was endurance and persistence, not direction.”

The September 2 Full Moon had a grand cross in its chart in cardinal signs:

* Eris + Black Moon Lilith at 24+ Aries with Mars at 27+ Aries (square US natal Pluto at 27+ Cap and sextile US Moon at 27+ Aquarius)

* Venus (values) at 25+ Cancer (conjunct US Mercury at 24+ Cancer opposite US Pluto in Cap)

* Juno at 24+ Libra (opposite Eris, BML & Mars)

* Saturn at 25+ Cap and Pluto at 22+ Cap and US natal Pluto at 27+ Cap

It would be the Mars in the Full Moon chart that was tightly square US Pluto that focused on destructive fire, but it is the grand cross which is driving home the message to stop and consider what we really value.

The Full Moon chart’s Mars at 27+ Aries was trine the South Node (what no longer serves growth) at 26+ Sagittarius which was conjunct the Galactic Core (Center) at 27+ Sagittarius.

The Galactic Core (GC) is symbolic of a homing signal guiding us (humanity) to seek higher consciousness levels; to understand what our purpose is in life. At this time with the transiting South Node (of the Moon) conjunct the GC, the message is to give up these things (goals, habits, attitudes, etc.) that are not moving us forward.

I believe the ferocious fires, an attention grabber if there ever was one, along with the killer Covid pandemic, are forcing many to reevaluate what is most important in life. In fact, so is the Trump reign of terror; aimed at the understanding level of a 9-year old, he has made us acutely aware of what is truly important for a government to do and provide its people, and what is not.

Grand crosses are relentless energy clashes searching for a solution, and in cardinal signs action is the mode of operation. For the US, which was targeted in the Sept. 2 FM chart, the action required is utilizing our power of the vote.

That last Full Moon echoes the message of the Neptune-Pluto cycle which began in the same degree as the US natal Uranus, 8+ Gemini. In that chart transiting Uranus (revolution) at 27+ Libra was square transiting Venus (values) at 27+ Cancer, forming a T-square with US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

In that Neptune-Pluto chart Mercury (messenger) at 3+ Virgo was T-square the North Node (3+ Gemini) and South Node (3+ Sagittarius), and in the Sept. 2 Full Moon chart Ceres (nature, nurture) was at 4+ Pisces retrograde, completing a grand cross by opposing Mercury in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart that began conjunct the US natal Uranus (shock and awe).

The Moon in the Neptune-Pluto chart at 16+ Cancer opposes Jupiter in the Sept. 2 FM chart at 17+ Capricorn. Jupiter is understanding and the Moon is the US People and oppositions seek balance.

Of course there is more but suffice it to say that this Plan of the Universe (Galactic Core) has been in the making for a long time and it is game time now.

We have been activated (grand cross in cardinal signs) to demonstrate and vote for the changes needed to move upward consciously and forward socially. We will continually be agitated to express ourselves until we get change. The world is watching.

I’m no astrology pro, but have followed this blog for close to 2 decades.

For at least the last 3 years, as the dumpster fire has become more and more hideous, I have been receiving the message that he will pack his bags and flee to Uncle Vlad before he’s indicted on multiple counts and arrested during the inauguration of the next administration.

Would be interested to see if anyone here sees something similar in his starts…

From the NYT’s:

‘I’ve Never Seen the American West in Such Deep Distress’

” if America does not learn from four long years of utter horror, it’s time for the rest of the world to bind together and declare economic war on the US. I submit that our fragile existence on this planet cannot tolerate another 4 years of the miscreant Trump. Trump’s malfeasance contributed to 190 thousand COVID deaths, but his continuing failures concerning Climate Change will affect all 7 billion humans.”


Is anyone reading Michael Cohen’s book? I’m listening to it on audible. Wow wow wow is all i can say, i definitely recommend it.

I am waiting for it to arrive, Diana. Peter Strzok, the fired FBI agent, also wrote a book, Compromised. He was on Rachel’s show last night and it should also be a doozy. The said it was the one that she’s been waiting for. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/peter-strzok-on-why-he-believes-trump-is-compromised-by-russia

I meant to write: “She said it was the one that she’s been waiting for.”

Curious about Peter Strzok’s book, so I went to Amazon. It was released this week and is sitting pretty at No. 7 overall in the ebook list at Amazon.

Michael Cohen’s book is at No. 3, and I didn’t realize this with all the publicity this week, but Bob Woodward’s book doesn’t come out until The 15th. Despite that, it’s already the No. 1 bestseller in ebooks at Amazon.

You’re selling a ton of books at Amazon when you’re No. 1 on that list, particularly if your book isn’t even out yet. All three books are selling very well.

And because the Woodward book came out with suck bombshells already, but still has three and a half days until it’s release, I bet Woodward has a couple more just as big revelations to come.

I’m guessing he’ll have one in time for the Sunday news shows and another on the on-sale date, Tuesday.

Ahh. There it is. Woodward will be on 60 Minutes Sunday night.


DISLOYAL Michael Cohen’s memoir – yes! Gobsmacking account of years and years of blatant criminal activity. Stunning yet not at all a stretch of the imagination. A con is a con is a con.

I wonder what these books will mean, these books written by people who personally knew Trump especially, a hundred years from now. I mean, it won’t be the same as how they affect us, because people around in 2120 won’t have lived through what we have lived through; the Trump Experiment.

Will there still be such a thing as white supremacy by then? Will anybody know what that was like? Will they be able to relate to a time when women were unequal to men and had to suffer abuse from men as an everyday occurrence?

I like to think that we are in the final phase of a time when masses of people who admire and/or look up to a man like Trump; who would allow such an anomaly to even run for presidency, let alone act as president for 4 whole years.

We live in extraordinary times; when human beings are still permitted to abuse the Earth and creatures that live on it. We are the last witnesses to where that kind behavior is condoned. But then, will there even be a planet Earth and human beings by then? Just wondering.

Barbk, I think the choice is ours: either deal with climate change, or it will deal with us.

Sadly, I think humans have a lot to learn about getting past authoritarianism, the cult of personality, and white–and male– supremacy. So much appears to be deep in our psychological makeup. At this point, the best we can hope for is that our need to survive outweighs our need to dominate.

If humans are going to have to evolve to survive, I hope it happens fast. But will it happen in the next 50 days? That is our hope.

And then, we have the Pluto-Eris square to deal with:

Trump’s QAnon followers are a dangerous cult. How to save someone who’s been brainwashed.

Now that QAnon is becoming a global phenomenon, with Trump and others in positions of power promoting it, there’s a lot at stake.


On and/or soon after November 25th, transiting Mars will trigger (for the 3rd time this year) the present Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in 1965. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo were sextile Neptune in Scorpio and the Sun in Libra was midway between them. On and soon after Nov. 25 transiting Mars will oppose that Sun in Libra in the chart of the beginning of the Uranus-Pluto cycle in 1965.

The Sun symbolizes consciousness and Mars symbolizes action and Uranus, Pluto and Neptune symbolize a consciousness level that we here in the 3rd diminsion, for the most part, are not privy to. We need help in understanding these energies and Chiron and other centaurs serve as interpreters between those 3 outer planets and Jupiter and Saturn (symbols of societal level)which in turn affect the personal planets we all know and love.

On November 30 a Full Moon eclipse at 8+ Gemini will conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Eclipses have to do with revealing things that are hidden and Uranus has to do with breakthroughs that surprise and shock us.

Transiting Mars will still be opposed the Sun in the 1965 chart that was halfway between Uranus-Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio. This is what’s called a Yod (the 3 outer planets in the ’65 chart and transiting Mars in the Nov. eclipse) turned into a Boomerang (Sun in ’65 chart opposite transiting Mars). The time is right to make an adjustment and let the Sun shine on some new consciousness.

The 1965 Uranus-Pluto conjunction (aka the start of their long cycle) and the eclipse on Nov. 30 are part of a crucial point in a plan regarding human evolution I’m sure. It happens all the time. However, it does not always include the US natal Uranus all the time.

Intriguingly, transiting Neptune in the Nov. 30, 2020 lunar eclipse will be at 18+ Pisces and will trine its position in the Uranus-Pluto conjunction chart of 1965. Trans. Neptune will also oppose the ’65 Uranus-Pluto conjunction itself at 17+ Virgo. These outer planets are up to something.

Transiting Chiron at the Nov. 20 lunar eclipse, an eclipse that conjuncts US natal Uranus, will be at 5+ Aries, and will square US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer, but will trine the US natal North Node (path forward) at 6+ Leo. Chiron will also oppose Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra and that’s gonna hurt. Stock market plunge?

I’ll be working (trying to understand) the specifics of how this will manifest, and would welcome any thoughts you might want to share, but in the meantime, you have a little heads up before it all hits the fan.

QAnon sounds very dangerous, especially now that I’m learning it has members who believe in violence. I know someone who has ascribed to it for several years now who kept sending me stuff to convert me. The original mythology bought into the Deep State concept, a la the Bilderberg meetings, Jews control the world, which also includes Hollywood, the Bushes and the Clintons, — who believe in Satanism and run a pedophile ring (think pizzagate). Then, Donald Trump came along and they made him their “messiah” of sorts because he was supposedly apolitical and not a deeply entrenched Republican or Democrat. Apparently, there is some ex-CIA guy who made Youtubes that gave it credibility (something like that). It’s now attracting an anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, people who believe the government wants to control us (except Donald Trump?).

Once someone wholly accepts a more narrow worldview, they do become cult members. It’s true of certain religious groups, too. There is no rationally arguing with them.

I think that the social protests of late have further encouraged this pro-Trump stance, unfortunately, and now I’m a bit worried when I see that the polls in FL are shifting back to Trump. Darn. I’m waiting for Sept. 24, hoping Mr. Singh was right, but QAnon can spell trouble for the future.

nice intuition Teresa! Looking forward to what else Woodward will expose. So far it’s been mindboggling enough.
The worst is that several repub senators are reacting to this as if it’s STILL nothing important at all! I so hope Mitch and Lindsey will not get re-elected…

QAnon is vile and putrid sewage for sure, Sharon. A witches’ brew of some very dark anti-social trends I have been following for a decade.

It’s been brewing there for awhile though, on 4chan, 8chan, 8kun, etc.—the lawless “sewers” of the Internet, and apparent havens for the directionless young men in the US living in their mamas’ basements who cannot get laid.

I’ve noted these forums seem to get rattled a bit every time something forms a hard aspect to Eris. Maybe it’s no surprise, given what she represents in mythology—the strife and chaos-inducing revenge of the overlooked, disrespected and denied—and how so many of these males on 4chan, 8chan, 8kun, etc., so pitiful as they are, have stumbled about and failed to find a healthy expression for their masculinity.

These sites are filled with porn, sexist and racists memes, lame insider jokes, rage, and nihilism.

Guess who personifies all of these things?

And who better to express such an amalgamation of toxicity on the national and world stage, as a literal walking, and endlessly talking crusty orange middle finger?

I attribute Trump’s unlikely and cursed rise to POTUS to the Uranus-Eris conjunction of 2016-17 in Aries. That transit also seems to have marked the peak of “American Hitler” wannabe Richard Spencer, and his neo-Nazi movement, perhaps best known for co-opting Pepe the green cartoon Frog as a meme and mascot.

And now, we have QAnon, the latest abomination arisen from the depths of 4chan, 8chan, and 8kun. More Erisian chaos from warlike Aries in the dark corners of the web, squaring with the Plutonian “old guard” norms and established ways of doing things in Capricorn.

I don’t believe that the originators of QAnon actually believe their own cooked-up garbage, but they have certainly found a gullible and receptive audience in several elements of the far-right who have apparently been in need of an epistemology (however warped to us) that they can plant their flags into.

Because of course the Clintons, Obama, George Soros and Pelosi have appointed numerous child molesters into government positions, while antifa has been given free reign by Soros and other left-wing billionaires to set fire to California and Oregon. But Donald J. Trump is an honest man and a patriot who is committed to cleansing the government of such pedophile moral filth and corruption (never mind that he ogles and fantasizes about sex with his own daughter, Ivanka).

So says secret government employee “Q.”

Sharon K,
Throughout our history we’ve always had our share of koooks and cranks, but their numbers never exceeded about 15%. Our percentage of such people now is about 40%, these numbers according to renowned historian/biographer Jon Meacham.

Why so many now? Maybe because there is so much money to be made through far right propaganda masquerading as news. Hate radio, Fox News, and the others need to be shut down. The question is how. The problem is a many headed hydra.

I presently think only of two possibilities. Restoration of the Fairness Doctrine, and/or a declaration of war. The SCOTUS ruled in the past that censorship was reasonable and constitutional in time of war.

Our situation with climate change, and our current socio-political mess are certainly as existentially dangerous as any war, if not more so. Can we actually declare war on climate change? I don’t know.

But we absolutely need to find an effective and practical plan to put a stop to the far right pied pipers who continually fan the fires of hatred, fear, and anger, perpetually leading so many so far astray. And if we can’t stop them, at least make their music unpalatable.

Thanks, BuckeyeShadow, and excellent points, Eliseo. It will be hard since the internet is so open and we have freedom of speech (double-edged sword these days).

Here’s a new announcement I just read from Lt. Col. Vindman: “On Monday I will break my silence in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt. I hope you are able to tune in. (6:30 pm)”


Sharon K,
It’s a very hard nut to crack.

Another “child” of the Uranus-Eris conjunction:

Kaitlyn Bennett, perhaps better known as “gun girl” for toting a rifle in her Kent State graduation pictures. She’s since made a public profile for herself as a gun rights provocateur/troll.

Also works for Alex Jones’ InfoWars.


I’ll admit that my own faith in a better world to come led by our youth has been challenged somewhat lately. I also note that for all the talk of Boomers supposedly holding us back, there seems to be no shortage of Gen-Xers and Millennials who are just as nutty, nihilistic, and unhinged in their own way.

I mean, Alex Jones is just 46 years old. Born in 1974. Pluto in Libra/Gen-X.

Bennett, whom I mentioned above, is a millennial.

The infernal internet forums that gave birth to QAnon and arguably fueled the rise of Trump himself are dominated by males in their teens to 40s, a generation that grew up playing video games and watching Japanese anime.

And, of course, the young leaders with light and hope in their hearts in all generations are present nonetheless. It just seems right now that it is an uphill battle for them, and for us.

Right now, at this very moment, transiting Jupiter (the broad perspective) is stationing direct on the same degree where Pluto was in the 2017 Inauguration chart, 17+ Capricorn, and it will remain there for the rest of this month. Transiting Jupiter and Inaugural Pluto both square Trump’s natal Jupiter and US progressed Mars and US Constitution Neptune and Putin’s Saturn, all at 17+ Libra. Isn’t that exciting?

We are getting major amounts of understanding today because transiting Moon (the people) opposed transiting Jupiter + the Inauguration Pluto, so today this opposition formed a T-square with Trump’s Jupiter. Book, after book, + TAPES!

Transiting Jupiter also sextiles the Inaugural Venus (values) at 17+ Pisces which squares Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini, the old one-two punch that comes as a shock to him. He’s so off balance now it is pathetic. Not.

Failed to note that transiting Uranus is square his natal Pluto too! Makes me wanna cry for poor old Trump 🙂


“Failed to note that transiting Uranus is square his natal Pluto too! Makes me wanna cry for poor old Trump”

No Sympathy for the Devil! He is deliberately cruel, vain and deceptive.

Roger Stone advises Donald Trump. Trump referenced some of the things Stone said tonight in Nevada. Democrats still think we have guardrails – we don’t.


We are edging a bit closer every day to the scenario you described in which our top military leaders will need to decide whether to obey illegal orders.

Roger Stone calls for Trump to declare ‘martial law’ if he loses the election, and order the arrest of Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, and the Clintons


I don’t think the declaration of martial law in tandem with contesting the election will work in Trump’s favor because the Nov. 3rd election’s Mercury station at 25 ’54 Libra forms a t square to Saturn (26 ’23 Capr.) and Trump’s natal Venus (25 ’44 Cancer). I don’t think Nancy Pelosi, Congress and the American public will stand for it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Eliseo, how are dealing with the fires on the West Coast?

I don’t want to add to the doom and gloom, as sometimes I have a hard time dealing with it myself. I think good points have been made above about the importance of the Uranus-Eris conjunction and the Pluto-Eris square. Eris is essentially about the grievance and violence born of exclusion.

The worst martial law scenario would be if Trump invokes it before the election in mid-October. Still, he would need some factual basis because otherwise it likely would be quickly overturned by the courts. The worst may not happen but one must be aware of its possibility. I thought he would have replaced the Defense Secretary by now with some lunatic. That hasn’t happened yet. Fingers crossed.

What is distressing and disappointing is that over 40% of Americans are willing to vote for a racist, corrupt, authoritarian and unfit President. In a healthy democracy, Biden would be crushing it by at least 20 points.

I still believe Biden will make it but as I have said, it will be a very close call. Biden’s choice of Attorney General and his entire Cabinet will be hugely significant. If Preet Bharara is AG, expect the trial of the century of Donald J. Trump. He would be a crusading AG, but I am not sure Biden will go for such radical or polarizing choices. If Warren gets Treasury, the plutocrats won’t be happy and the market may crash. Sorry, but Mars just turned retrograde at a critical degree in my chart.

I know I will be relieved and happier when Saturn leaves Capricorn and joins Jupiter just before Christmas. Even though the pandemic and economic hardship may worsen in the short term, hope and optimism will return.

You are right Jerry, there is more than what meets the eye; the Nov. 3rd t-square + Mercury station coincides with the Neptune-Pluto cycle start when Uranus at 27 Libra 38 was square Venus at 27 Cancer 16 that was opposite the US natal Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33 rx.

This transiting pattern will activate the energies of that long-running cycle between Neptune and Pluto that began with their conjunction to the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

In turn this will activate the US natal Uranus which will be trine transiting Venus (values) on Nov. 3rd at 8+ Libra which will quincunx transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus and will SQUARE Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer. That should stymie any proclamation from Trump to hinder voting.

The Moon (in this case the Am. Public) in the chart for the Neptune-Pluto cycle at 16+ Cancer was trine the chart’s Jupiter at 16+ Pisces and sextile Saturn at 15+ Virgo, which conjuncts the US Constitution Venus (values) at 16+ Virgo. That Neptune-Pluto cycle chart’s Moon also squares Trump’s natal Jupiter and Chiron in Libra, as well as Election Day retro Mars in Aries.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle started a long time ago and has a long way to go before it’s done.

When the world is dreary because Mars is retrograde in Aries in a seemingly unending square to Saturn, you can curl up with a good book such as this study of cosmology through the ages, which is related to astrology:


The battle between private insurance and medicare is also before the courts in Canada, but in a very different way. The question here is whether private insurance can survive legally in addition to medicare for all.


We may be living in a universe that is actually a neural network. I am a mystic who has always believed we are living in God’s mind. The Aquarian Age will bring new and refreshing scientific theories that will lead to the validation of astrology.


When the world is blah, look further and deeper, and change your mind because your world is the reflection of your mind. The world is bleak when your thoughts are old.

Personally, I think everyone ought to take a breather from all this! There is scarcely a comment about anything but Trump and his horrors, but the world does go on. People across the media and ‘world’ spectrum are doing a deep dive into their worst fears (not that there isn’t good reason to worry), but deep dives have problems of their own, not all of which have connections to Trump and the GOP. Lighten up a little. The universe could care less and we can afford to care a little less too. Get on with life. Help someone with a phone call or go for a walk. Stop this obsessive stuff. Just my opinion…..

It’s called ‘doomscrolling’ and it applies to people interested in astrology too!


I’m pretty sensitive about fire. My father suffered third degree burns twice in his life, losing his face both times. The 1st time was when he was 5, the 2nd time at 19. After the first time he was put on a list for state paid for plastic surgery, but his number did not come up until right after the 2nd incident during WWII. There’s a great deal more to his remarkable story, but for another time. Also, his sister in the family he was adopted into, died in a fire on a Thanksgiving day in the 70’s.

The stories about the fires south and east of us are pretty gruesome. We’re fairly safe here, but for the smoke, which is really bad. Everyone is hoping the rainy season comes early.

That 40% you mentioned in the long run is what concerns me the most. Trump will eventually be gone, but what then of that 40%? This is probably our most serious problem, as these folks get in the way of any reasonable solutions to our other problems.

Maybe some of the 40% will lose somewhat graciously as we did during the 8 yrs of GW Bush. Of course Bush was maligned (and rightly so), but nothing like Trump is (and rightly so, he made his own bed as far as I’m concerned). Trump supporters will want to get back at us for “ganging up” in malice on Trump. But there will be those who will accept it and be more reasonable.

Eliseo, that is awful about your father, and also his sister. I, too, hope the rainy season comes early and am praying constantly for relief for the PNW, CA and any other wildfires out west.

Andre, please don’t apologize to me. I think you are being realistic. Biden has to be somewhat careful whom he puts in his cabinet or the Dems may lose badly in the midterms.

You are right Beowulfie, we all should lighten up. On the other hand expressing our concerns to others can be benificial as we realize we aren’t alone with our worries.

When Mercury and Jupiter (symbols of thinking and communicating) started their most recent cycle on January 2, 2020, they were conjunct the South Node (release) in Capricorn and opposite the North Node (path forward) in Cancer.

These nodes formed a grand cross with the chart’s Moon (emotions) in Aries (about me) opposite Trump’s natal Neptune (illusions) in Libra (balancing of scales). This might explain the cathartic effect that we all are seeking.

I like what Andre said about how we are living inside God’s mind. Maybe it is how we heal our minds, this thrashing around about what’s happening to our country, trying to solace one another. I call it chaos, and from chaos comes creativity.

It is all about Pluto; transiting and natal US Pluto. All we can see clearly is destruction. That’s how the system works; life, then death and decay and then re-birth. Mother Nature or Ceres if you prefer, is assisting in this process with out of control fires, hurricanes and pestilence, It is hard to escape what our eyes see and our ears hear.

Andre has given us some intellectual escape suggestions and your suggestion to help someone is classic therapy for refocusing, as is excercise. There must be other ways to release the fears, but no doubt it is Nancy’s place where we let it all hang out.

It is written testimony to the angst of the world population, particularly in the United States. When all this has passed into something constructive Nancy can publish the moans anf groans of a population under siege and make some big bucks in 20 or 30 years from now.

In the meantime we share what we think and how we came to think what we think. It is healthy to get it out (south node stuff) and before long it will bore us to pieces and we will see the clouds lift a little bit at a time.

Once the new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius takes us past much of the gloomy Capricorn stuff we will see possibilities. You know the Trump myth won’t survive that!

Sharon K,
I’ve heard a tropical storm is coming your way. Be well. Be safe. You and Myron are in my prayers.

I would guess Elizabeth Warren’s time to shine would coincide with Pluto’s move into Aquarius. As much as I agree with and like her economic prescriptions, I think too many are not quite ready. They unfortunately, need a bit more painful preparation. Meanwhile, I’d like to see her become more powerful and popular in the context of her senatorial role.

Sharon K,
Yes, what my father endured was truly terrible, but he transformed it all into a very positive spirituality. Damaged and traumatized though he was, he was also the kindest, most genuinely good and decent man I’ve ever known. He had what Buddhists would have referred to as a profound and deep sense of equanimity.

Although he was a very different man, in some significant ways he reminds me of Joe Biden.

Eliseo, hearing you describe your father helps me understand why you are such an extraordinary & spiritual human being. Thank you for sharing him with us. I’m glad you see him in Biden. It’s the old adage about it taking a strong person to be kind, someone who has come through the equivalent of fire with rare courage, strength, and humanity (not for everyone; not sure I could do that).

As far as the storm, thank you for your prayers.
It’s supposed to come on shore as a cat 1 or 2 tomorrow, during the night I think, but hopefully it will weaken. We are not close enough to the coast to get the surge but it’s supposed to “station” over us for a while (Barb?) pounding us a bit with wind and rain. NOLA’s levees are going to be fine. It’s our water pump system that will again be tested and there could be wind damage. Hopefully, no lives will be lost, or property (or at least it will be insured property). We have a battery/solar back-up system to run the fridge and a few outlets that will give us fans, and computer and phone charging. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow during the night. I’ll be nervous until it’s come and gone.

Namaste and a special spiritual hug to all, especially Andre.

Sharon, I’m so glad you have prepared for Sally. I know you know what to do when Mother Nature stirs up the Gulf. Yet another reason to hunker down in your safe space. Will it ever end?

Sharon K, you may like to use the global wind current map to track any storms near you.


Been reading Twitter for new revelations from woodward On 60 Minutes. Seems there was nothing new. 🙁

My apologies – you guys are right. It IS nuts out there…not the end of the world for sure, but the news and photos of the fires, and now this…it’s enough to make you wonder what the universe is really up to….


My question is if he takes Roger Stones advice and uses those secret presidential powers that we have been hearing about to declare martial law, what happens? Does the military comply?

“Does the military comply?”

That’s the essential question. Andre was I believe first on this blog to ask it. Will our military leaders obey, or out of conscience disobey illegal orders issued by the president?


You wrote:

“Personally, I think everyone ought to take a breather from all this! There is scarcely a comment about anything but Trump and his horrors, but the world does go on.”

I found your thoughts amusing; not because it doesn’t strike a chord, because it DOES. Your plea comes from a genuine need for balance, and to that issue, I think many here would be in agreement with you. Have you heard of Joni Patry? She’s a well known vedic astrologer. Her comments are profoundly insightful at times. She recently addressed the difficult challenges we are facing through the lens of a most needed spiritual perspective. I would urge you to go through her latest article and video on these current developments. It is refreshing and enjoyable to read and listen to……

September 2020 Spiritual Insights and Predictions by Joni Patry

Brace yourself for the last part of 2020 because so much is about to happen. Many events are building for a final release. We are nearing the end to the coronavirus pandemic as the month of September brings much-needed relief. By the end of September, both Jupiter and Saturn will turn direct and Rahu and Ketu will transit into Taurus and Scorpio. But at the same time, Mars will take center stage as it stations and turns retrograde on September 9.

Amid a pandemic, civil unrest, and a divisive U.S. election season, we now have an asteroid zooming toward us. And on the day before the presidential vote, no less. The celestial object known as 2018VP1 is predicted to come close to Earth on November 2. Comets and asteroids are historically known to be signs or symbols of things to come. I believe this is a powerful symbol of the extremes of change and transformation to come.



Something BIG Is About To Happen!

Video: 1 hour 9 min 28 sec


Thanks for the earth wind current map, Jill G (not sure what to do with it but will share it with Myron – he’s the scientist among us), and thanks Barb for the good wishes. We’ll know more tomorrow.

I’m more worried about the fires and the air quality up in the PNW where Eliseo is and in CA.

– and to ALL a Good Night and many prayers and blessings –

“Last night, at about 10:30, reporter Dan Diamond posted another blockbuster story in Politico. Political appointees at the Department of Health and Human Services have been altering the weekly scientific reports issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) following the course of the coronavirus pandemic. They believe the reports are undermining Trump’s cheery pronouncements about the disease, and claim there is a “deep state” at the CDC determined to hurt the president.”


Jerry, thank you for the link to Joni Patry. I found it to be very timely for me personally. It gets back to what I keep harping on, I.e., that energy follows thought. So much of what is written here focuses on the negative, especially the what if speculations on the future. Jon Lennon’s song Imagine just came to mind. Imagine if we all focused on the imaginations in that song, even if just for a day. My money says some very good things could happen.


“The fires and political intensity are due to heat up over the next week. Mars is heading into its exact square with the U.S. Pluto on September 18 and then will conjoin transiting Lilith four days later. Adding celestial fuel to this multi-planet configuration is the U.S. progressed Moon, now at 26º Capricorn and nearly conjunct the U.S. Pluto.”


Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin’s ‘Useful Idiot’
In his first interview, a key witness in the impeachment trial says Trump goes out of his way to try to please the Russian president.


Lorna Bevan:

As the fires in the forests and in our hearts raze our old lives to the ground, both literally and metaphorically, next week’s astrology promises some long overdue healing for body and soul. Gas giant Jupiter turns direct on Sunday 13th helping us to stay sane and awake whatever is happening around us. On Thursday 17th, a New Moon in practical Virgo aligns harmoniously with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn and squares the karmic Nodes of Fate.

It‘s time to lay the groundwork for what lies beyond the immediate deconstruction and to begin to draw on the inner resources you’ve developed since January’s epochal Saturn/Pluto conjunction. What are the gifts in terms of resilience, sticking power, grit and faith? What sanity tools have you created and practiced during the restrictions?


Personal question about Thursday’s new moon: My ascendant is at 26.09 Virgo. How close does this new moon come to conjoining my ascendant, and what would be an effective orb?

Banks, you are good to keep focusing on the positive; I admire your perserverance, but when the negative is as overwhelming as it is right now it is nearly impossible to break through it.

I’ve referred to this time of rebirth, part of the Pluto manifestation, much like when a woman is birthing a baby – it is impossible to focus on anything but birthing that baby. Philosophy be damned. You push and keep pushing, screaming cuss words at everyone, hoping you survive the ordeal.

We must hang on as best we can, pushing through the ordeals we face, encouraging each other to not give up, you know, war is hell but there is light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel kind of encouragement.

Astrology gives us time frames for when to expect something to start, what to expect in the middle and when that something will end, which I’m grateful for. For example, when the Saturn-Jupiter cycle started in 2000, transiting Uranus was square my natal Uranus, and that cycle ends this December. I can hang on that long!

When the Saturn-Pluto cycle started in January they were conjunct Ceres (climate change) as well as the Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (communication). Here we are heading into the “middle” and becoming conscious (as a whole) of what all climate change can mean to everything on Earth. I even believe it is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic in some way.

One year from now, on October 6, 2021, there will be a New Moon conjunct Mars that conjuncts US natal Saturn in Libra, which transiting Ceres in Gemini will trine. I like to think that will be when Covid-19 will be beaten in the US, and Trump will face the music. (Because trans. Uranus sextile US Sun will form a Yod with Great Attractor + Huya which opposes Ceres, making a Boomerang, and because Trump’s Chiron conjuncts US Saturn)

This kind of knowledge (the New Moon + Mars conjunct US Saturn) gives me a visual that I focus on when things happen, like the fires out west and the coming floods, as thousands die from Covid. It feeds my imagination and implies there is purpose in the mayhem.

pretty objective for Fox News, but they are borrowing their information from The Atlantic

Democrats might not accept election results if Trump wins, ‘street battles’ could ensue: Atlantic writer


Tweet by Rick Wilson earlier today:

A pig farmer and a Citibank SVP are the core of QAnon.

It’s delicious.

And the Pig Farmer is…

“Skeptics, however, have long suggested the posts are an elaborate grift, pushed by right-wing conspiracy mongers and trolls for financial gain. There are many who believe Q, if he or she ever truly was a real person, is now just one of these grifters. Now, new evidence suggests the person currently posting as Q could be Jim Watkins”


I so hope that Qanon is outed and the followers realize they’ve been had, big time. What fools!

Sharon K,
RE: Qanon
Ironic. A REAL cult has come into existence to oppose a nonexistent one.
I’m reminded of medieval professional witch finders.

Eliseo – I’m glad to know the fires aren’t near you; I’ve been concerned, but also dealing with a hypochondriac mother… I only =thought= trouble like this was going to be over with when she moved to a Home! Trust me, it isn’t… it just means the adrenalin jumps when the phone rings.

I read an article (2 of them) written by the same author in the Atlantic this evening. I couldn’t agree with much of anything he had to say. Couldn’t even agree with the foundation from which he seemed to be drawing his conclusions. And the story of your father reminded me why. I think great tragedy builds us up in character; makes us more empathetic, more open to the spiritual of the Universe, no matter what one chooses to call It. This author seemed to come from the opposite end. That man’s darkness always wins out. I just can’t accept that.

My own dad was a youngster under 10 during the Great Depression. When he was 8, there was a fire at his house; he lost his twin brother in the fire. Afterwards, he was passed around from family member to family member until he joined the Army in WWII. But he was the kind of person who’d give you the shirt off his back, even if it was the last one he owned. He made sure every squirrel within a block of our house was fed, especially at winter. He, personally, had no traction for organized religion of any kind, but warned me when dating a Catholic boy back in the late 60’s that the “Troubles” could be a problem, depending on the family. When he baked, or the garden grew well, everyone in the neighborhood gained.

What’s happening to all of us right now – the fires, the storms, Trump; I see them all as wrapped up in this one huge “apocalyptic year of 2020” and hope to Goddess it eases some after the election.

I just want a chance to breathe… to sigh a small sigh of relief. People aren’t designed to stay in a state of high anxiety for this long. It’s even worse when there’s no rational reason anyone can divine.

My daughter is turning out to be one of these CoVid “long-haulers.” The disease, itself, wasn’t so bad for her, but she can’t seem to get over it completely. Can’t get her strength back, and it turned on the gene mutation for lupus in her. That’s now 2 auto-immune diseases she gets to fight. At least I can say to myself I have an understandable reason for detesting Trump! Daddy lived through the disaster of his childhood, then saw the horror and fought against what Hitler had wrought and came out the better man for it. I worry I won’t live up to his example.

Interesting comment I read someplace tonight; wondering if our country was not too populated to be one, unified country.

We have at least two entrenched, diametrically opposed “factions.” Should we, like other countries have done, split along ideological boundaries and each be governed by their own government?

I know it’s suppose to be “out of many, one”… but is there a point at which “many” becomes “too many?” to govern, live, worship, and progress each in their own way?

Among all the major changes coming down with the next age, could a major change like this be one of them?

Here’s an interesting article. Maybe Mother Nature wants to start over?

Skeletal study suggests at least 11 fish species are capable of walking


Maybe Evolution wants to see what develops next? (LOL)

The People v. Donald J. Trump The criminal case against him is already in the works — and it could go to trial sooner than you think.
By Jeff Wise
The defendant looked uncomfortable as he stood to testify in the shabby courtroom. Dressed in a dark suit and somber tie, he seemed aged, dimmed, his posture noticeably stooped. The past year had been a massive comedown for the 76-year-old former world leader. For decades, the bombastic onetime showman had danced his way past scores of lawsuits and blustered through a sprawl of scandals. Then he left office and was indicted for tax fraud. As a packed courtroom looked on, he read from a curled sheaf of papers. It seemed as though the once inconceivable was on the verge of coming to pass:  The country’s former leader would be convicted and sent to a concrete cell.

The date was October 19, 2012. The man was Silvio Berlusconi, the longtime prime minister of Italy.

Here in the United States, we have never yet witnessed such an event. No commander-in-chief has been charged with a criminal offense, let alone faced prison time. But if Donald Trump loses the election in November, he will forfeit not only a sitting president’s presumptive immunity from prosecution but also the levers of power he has aggressively co-opted for his own protection. Considering the number of crimes he has committed, the time span over which he has committed them, and the range of jurisdictions in which his crimes have taken place, his potential legal exposure is breathtaking. More than a dozen investigations are already under way against him and his associates. Even if only one or two of them result in criminal charges, the proceedings that follow will make the O.?J. Simpson trial look like an afternoon in traffic court.

Lock Him Up? For the Republic to survive Trump’s presidency, he must be tried for his crimes. Even if that sparks a constitutional crisis of its own.
By Jonathan Chait


It’s true we are pretty divided, but not nearly as bitterly divided as we were in the 1860’s. If you look at a red vs blue states map, it looks sectional, but in reality it is mostly rural vs urban. Each and everyone of our 50 states is itself deeply divided. Dividing up the USA into 2 or more nations is actually pretty impractical and just won’t work. No one would truly benefit.

The present and coming existential threats to humanity, and to all life on our planet are as potentially profound, deep, dangerous and
ubiquitously consequential as was the Toba explosion 75,000 years ago, or the Chicxulub asteroid which extincted the non-avian dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Our current pandemic is the result of globalization and climate change working together to kill us. As climate change progresses, far more lethal pandemics will come our way as tropical diseases move into temperate zones, and millions years old dormant viruses and bacteria are awakened and released from the melting permafrost.

Environmental catastrophe is upon us with these wildfires, which are mild in comparison to what potentially are the inheritances we’ve earned. Sea level WILL rise significantly, flooding our major coastal cities and displacing their populations.

Artificial intelligence, autonmoous algorithms,
nanotechnology, biotechnology and cyberattacks are all individually as potentially dangerous as is climate change. AI in particular, if not regulated correctly, will be as dangerous and destructive as climate change.
And of course, nuclear war remains a definite possibility.

The United States is not merely an immigrant nation, but is spiritually the prototype for an eventual world government. The United Nations was intended as a forum through which to maintain peace. It has not and cannot have the necessary structure for a world government

Such a world government must be established likely before the end of this century if we are to overcome our ignorance, our greed and predatory propensities, and evolve into the spacefaring species we are archetypally meant to become.


I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and do not recognize what it has become. Where did the hate come from? I hold this President accountable.


Double-Dealing-Dirty-Donny is on a fucking tear pitching a foul-smelling poop-of-a “peace treaty” with UAE and Israel today. There’s only one other nation’s leader that I dislike almost as much as Dirty Donny – and that’s Netanywhooooo. They are both vomiting a lots of sloppy kisses to each other in a White House event just now that is, well, like a Neptunian Bacchanale. Its as if all the stars and planets have lined up for Dirty Donny once again. Jesus, you should hear the crap he’s flinging – its an unbridled shit-show. Which planets are the offending culprits?

Hey will, tell us what you REALLY think! 🙂

ja, what are the odds that Trump has hired thugs to mingle in the protests around the country; stirring up hate, smashing windows?

Eliseo, emphasis on the “potentially deep, etc”, and “potentially dangerous” lets hope.

A history-making settlement for $12 million, for the murder of Breonna Taylor by Louisville, KY Police was made today. Justice has and will continue to be served. It is being telivised on MSNBC and CNN as well as locally. Say her name!

barbk, oh, yes.

“Trump sent out a message to his supporters. His newest fundraising letter had just a four-word tag line: “The left HATES you!”

I stared at those four words, dumbfounded by their carelessness. The only purpose for such a grotesque statement and similar ones he has been making throughout his campaign is to stoke vitriol in our country, to burn relationships between neighbors, and to give “patriots” like those at the Salem rally an excuse for smacking down left-leaning demonstrators. The Labor Day message of the weapon clad men and women was clear. You may hate us but we hate you more. And, we have guns. We stand with Trump, and we have guns.”

Good piece, that Oregon commentary. Thanks!
Fox and the other organs of hate have been stoking fear, anger, and hatred for decades in part because it gets ratings, and therefore is profitable, and because these emotional processes are themselves addictive. But Trump, the “reality” TV star, is the absolute king of chaos and hate, far more adept in his endeavors than his fellow purveyors.

Those that foment civil war are creating a self fulfilling prophecy. People, no matter how good, tend to naturally return hate in like kind.

We need not mention the intense resentments and fears on the Right. But DJT and company are doing a truly great job of fomenting hate on the Left as well. He brings out the worst in all of us.

I know folks who’ve been opposed to the death penalty all their lives. They do not advocate, but nevertheless would not shed a tear were Trump and/or many of his most egregious followers tortured and executed by whatever modern means is most painful. Some, in response to the armed Right, are themselves arming, “just in case.”

I met with my doctor this morning. He is preparing himself emotionally for what he believes is coming. He and others of his profession see a definite possibility of serious and protracted violence post election. They expect a greater need for emergency surgeries.

Both sides, rightly in the case of Biden supporters, and wrongly in the case of heavily propagandized Trumpers, believe the only way their man can lose is if the other side cheats. WOW! What a setup the Donald has led us into!” Neither party will accept electoral defeat. Neither side will concede.

Like barbK, I see promise and hope, a silver lining in the dark events and processes through which we now travel. But I cannot help but lament the necessity of the present and coming tragedies, harsh lessons for us, as we are apparently difficult and obtuse students.

May god/goddess help us all.

Nazis forced sterilization of their undesirables (before they began killing them). Now we too are forcing immigrant women to have forced sterilizations. There is no light between today’s GOP and yesterday’s Nazis – they are one and the same.


The day that truly awful, disgusting orange man finally breathes his last–and his screeching tweets fall silent forevermore–ought to be a day of collective relief and worldwide celebration. Like the jubilant celebration in the wake of Dorothy’s house crushing to death of the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz.

Yet how likely are his mindless followers likely to blame it on left-wingers, riot in the streets, and try to start something approaching a civil war?

And he would totally gin them up to do just that sort of thing if he knew his end was coming.

Although like the total coward he is, he’d beg and cry and probably even try to bribe Death itself if he could actually try.

Sometimes I wish I were a superhero and could grab up all of these nasty thugs and toss them straight into the Sun.

I think we all well understand your feeling. But for those “nasty thugs,” falling straight into the sun would IMO be an entirely too dignified demise!

Denise Siegel and Linda G are presenting a mutual video tomorrow on Wednesday, September 16. Not sure what time.


Good news from the Princeton Election Consortium’s statistical analysis of Election Day results.

They believe at the end of the day, Biden will have a sizable lead in electoral votes over Trump!!!!

They looked up info about when each state allows counting of absentee and vote-by-mail votes to start + cross referenced it with the latest polling data by state.

Then, they looked at only the states that allow counting to start prior to Election D


States that are expected to go overwhelmingly for either candidate.

And concluded that Biden should have the lead in states with 227 electoral votes over Trump’s 116 at the end of Election Day!!!

That total is without any toss-up states like Florida, NC, Ohio, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona or Texas.

Whew. God, I love statistical analysis at times like this. If they’re right, I don’t see how Trump’s claims of victory or election meddling will have any credibility with all but his most lunatic fringe voters.

Remember, too, that only about 15% of his voters believe he’s done a good job handling the virus and even more people will have gotten sick and died by Election Day.

I’m sure he’ll still try, and maybe he won’t give up until the Nov. 12-14 timeframe when astrologers see the election being decided. But I feel much better seeing Princeton’s analysis.

The whole article is here if anyone needs further reassurance. https://election.princeton.edu

Thanks Teresa!
I’ll read the article later this evening when I can get to it. As I recall, HRC’s total was 227. Only 43 more to win for Biden. As the mailed in votes tally develops, Biden’s win should be clear. A clear win will hopefully help, will hopefully lessen the possibility and incidence of violent mayhem, at least for a while.

Sharon, you can zoom in and tap on the orange/red wind by the eye and get a popup telling you the speed and location.

Jackson, the New Moon on Thursday at 25 Virgo 01 conjuncts your ascendant and will trine Saturn and put you in a position to help others. The New Moon will T-square the transiting nodes and you could have to choose whether to go the old way or try something new.

The New Moon chart’s retrograde Mars in Aries will square retrograde Saturn (+ Pluto) in Cap and will quincunx the New Moon and your ascendant. You might have to choose between something personal and something for the greater good. Let us know how it works out.

Ja and Kiwi, Kim at Intuitiview has another good video out this evening.
Anderson Cooper just did a great 1 hr. Interview with Bob Woodward. I’m anxious to get the copy I ordered but hearing the tapes really makes a difference.

I was shocked to find an acquaintance I know, who seems quite normal, telling me he is voting for trump. I said about all the deaths and he said its fake. That is all a fake. I felt like Invasion of the Body Snatchers – but here it is as though they are being invaded by stupid – they just stop thinking.

This is one of the most reasoned and thoughtful overviews of the last few days. The author is a professor of history.


That’s crazy Silominc, but besides the fact he absurdly thinks the pandemic is fine , i would love to know why he is voting for Trump and how he possibly thinks Trump is good for the country, unreal wow!

Diana, its as though the thought and reasoning part of his psyche had been removed. They breathe the same air but they really do exist in an alternate reality.

Eliseo, I do agree with you. My knee-jerk reaction sometimes leads to me wanting their instant destruction.

Outside that, my preference for them, and Trump in particular, is more akin to Joe Paterno’s fate, the once-famed head football coach at Penn State who saw his name and legacy irreparably destroyed by the Jerry Sandusky abuse and pedophilia revelation that Paterno ignored for years. The scandal and stress of it all likely brought on the cancer that took him out in fairly short order in the end.

More importantly, Paterno watched everything he had built in life crumble during his dying days because it had all been built upon a foundation completely lacking in integrity. His success came at the expense of the innocence and well-being of the boys that Sandusky abused, and nothing will ever absolve him and his legacy of these facts; the stain is deep and ever-lasting.

I dearly wish for a similar fate for Trump and his wretched empire, that it all falls down before his eyes, and that he lives just long enough, and is still just aware enough, to experience the manifestation of the very worst of his own fears, all while being too feeble to do anything about them and preserve his name, which ought to be damned for all time.

It’s getting a bit late for us to be suffering this fool and his shenanigans on this planet.

emma, The thought that popped into my mind about the photos: of course they knew – thats the point – it’s their own dark, sick, inside joke, being perpetrated on america.

Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden
We’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now
By THE EDITORS | Scientific American October 2020 Issue

Ralfee Finn:

“It’s too much to bear, but bear it we must, especially those of us who aren’t directly affected by the physical suffering but will still feel the tidal waves of grief as they crash upon the shores of our lives. No matter how far away we may be from the fires’ flames and smoke, or how safely we have stayed during the last eight months, or how generously we share what we have, climate change affects everyone and everything, everywhere.”


It is indeed a lot to bear, as Ralphee says; a testing time for all of us. Still, I trust we have not been abandoned by the Universe which has provided, among other things, the language of astrology from which the human race has, for eons, gleaned much hope and wisdom.

Each time two planets appear to join together they begin a cycle that lasts until the two meet again and start a new cycle. During the course of their cycle they form aspects to one another.

For example, Saturn and Neptune started a cycle with each other in March, 1989, at 11+ Capricorn and it will end when they meet again in February, 2026. In November, 2019, they were sextile each other at the time of a Full Moon in Taurus that was conjunct the US natal Vesta (what is invested in). At that time the House of Representatives was investigating Trump re: his phone convereation with the Ukranian president re: Joe Biden’s son.

So, when that Full Moon (expose) in Taurus was conjunct US natal Vesta, transiting Vesta was also conjunct US Vesta and the Full Moon, starting a brand new US Vesta cycle, aka new investments.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn was opposite US progressed Jupiter at 15+ Cancer, and transiting Neptune in Pisces was trine US progressed Jupiter and both trans. Neptune and prog. US Jupiter were trine transiting Mercury in Scorpio. The transits would not reveal everything that was going on because other things were more or less hidden due to cycles and progressions.

This was an example of how the Neptune-Saturn cycle can affect the months and years in between their cycles. Notable in the Saturn-Neptune conjunction chart (that we were not looking into at that time in Nov. 2019) that started their present cycle was a conjunction between Mars and Jupiter in Taurus that squared Juno (partner gets revenge) in Leo which was conjunct Trump’s Mars/ascendant. Hence tell-all books began to appear.

That 1989 Saturn-Neptune cycle start chart Juno opposed the US Moon in Aquarius and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in that chart opposed Joe Biden’s natal Sun in Scorpio, creating a snarly grand cross in 2019, due in part to the transiting Saturn-Neptune sextile.

Cycles remain active, particulary when the participants (in that case Saturn and Neptune) are aspecting each other. Other cycles to be aware of are the Neptune-Uranus cycle, the Jupiter-Uranus cycle, the Jupiter-Neptune cycle, and of course the recent Saturn-Pluto cycle.

The charts of these (and other) cycles have a bearing on the US natal chart and or its progressed planets, as well as transiting aspects between the participants of the cycles. From these sources, the Universe comes to help us bear the grief, anger, fear and shock of all the transformation we are witnessing in real time. Hence the words “we are not alone” can be believed when we feel overwhelmed by it all.

For a change of pace away from the election, the fires, the hurricanes and the economic crisis , the words of a simple wise man from Thailand:


I am grateful for the Sun in Virgo’s trine to the three heavy planets in the third decan of Capricorn that are conjunct my Sun. It makes life a bit lighter and more loving in simplicity despite everything, at least for a few days.

Revealing light Tarot on Election

Tarot card reading

God loves you Andre, and so do we. I am grateful for that same Sun in Virgo that squares my Venus in Gemini.

This new moon at 24+ Virgo will trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus, with that 2000 chart’s MC at 23+ Taurus conjunct Trump’s MC and its ascendant conjunct Trump’s ascendant at 28+ Leo and its Mars conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini. Only a little over 3 months and it will be over forever!

That chart with its Moon (people) at 3+ Aries sextile its Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini + Obama’s Moon at 3+ Gemini that formed a Yod with US progressed Saturn (government) at 3+ Scorpio that had to shift, and where transiting Uranus in Taurus was opposite (Boomerang!) in May and Nov-Dec 2019, and in Feb-March 2020. . . all that will be gone and done with in 14 weeks from now.

Then a brand new cycle between Jupiter and Saturn starts at 0+ Aquarius and all this old cycle will just be a memory. What a remarkable time to be alive.

I’m looking forward to the new Jupiter/Saturn cycle. At last! At last! But interestingly, a new solar astronomical cycle is beginning as well.

As Disasters Roil Earth, A New Sun Cycle Promises Calmer Weather — In Space

“Solar Cycle 24″ came to an end in December of 2019. Solar Cycle 25 has officially begun, with the number of sun spots slowly but steadily increasing.”

For full article, go to:


Kim just posted a new (encouraging?) view of Trump’s Karma – starts at around 11.50 min

Fascinating stuff Eliseo, thank you, and thanks for the Kim link kiwi.

Since I will soon be retiring my poor old beat up (paper) chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle, I gave it one last study and was either reminded of things I’d forgotten – or things I would not have known about before the Trump Era. For example:

In 2000, at the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on May 28th, the South Node (what it is time to abandon) at 25+ Capricorn is where transiting Saturn is right now and where Pluto will be soon.

Neptune (what is not reality but illusions) at the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle start was at 6+ Aquarius where the US natal chart’s South Node is, and where the US natal Pholus is. Pholus is the centaur who popped the cork on the sacred wine (without permission) and all hell broke loose.

The Sun that day was at 7+ Gemini (1 degree from US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) and trine Neptune at 6+ Aquarius, so Consciousness (symbolized by the Sun) was not free from illusions (Neptune).

What we (the US) are meant to learn from this Saturn-Jupiter cycle ending this December is to let go of illusions of the past (south node) This would be accomplished during the years between 2000-2020 by becoming more conscious through shock and awe (Sun in Jupiter-Saturn chart was conjunct US Uranus, and Uranus in the Jupiter Saturn chart was square Jupiter and Saturn). Think 9-11 in 2001.

Ceres at 26+ Virgo (1 degree from today’s New Moon at 27+ Virgo) in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart was sextile the chart’s North Node (path forward) at 25+ Cancer (conjunct US Mercury at 24+ Cancer) and this sextile formed a Yod with the US Moon (27+ Aquarius) and US Pallas/planner (26+ Aquarius). This told us that the US people (Moon) would have to adjust during this 20 year period 2000-2020).

Ceres was also T-square Mercury at 27+ Gemini opposite the Galactic Core/Center at 27+ Sagittarius. In that role Ceres would determine what was of service (Virgo); what we heard and saw through media (Mercury in Gemini) OR what the Universe was saying (the Galactic Core) to the world.

In Ceres’ sextile with the North Node in Cancer (symbol of home, aka Earth) she was forcing people (US Moon) to adjust, meaning unless you stop abusing the earth you won’t have a home anymore. What Ceres in a T-square with Mercury and the GC was saying is believe more what you see happening (forest fires and hurricanes) and less of what you read on Twitter.

Better late than never for me to get the message. After 20 years we all are – or soon will – get the message. The Universe is patient, up to a point.

Kiwi, thanks for alerting me to Kim’s latest this morning.


barbk, I thought you might enjoy this youtube video of astrology and tarot with Maryann and Victoria, particularly the discussion of Joe and Kamala’s charts.


Virus Pulls Down Trump, Poll Shows, and G.O.P. Senators Suffer With Him
A New York Times/Siena College survey showed Joe Biden leading President Trump by wide margins in Maine and Arizona, and effectively tied in North Carolina. Susan Collins trailed her Democratic rival in Maine’s Senate race.

President Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic has imperiled both his own re-election and his party’s majority in the Senate, and Republican lawmakers in crucial states like Arizona, North Carolina and Maine have fallen behind their Democratic challengers amid broad disapproval of the president, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. led Mr. Trump by wide margins in Arizona, where he was ahead by nine percentage points, and Maine, where he led by 17 points. The race was effectively tied in North Carolina, with Mr. Biden ahead by one point, 45 percent to 44 percent.

In all three states, Democratic Senate candidates were leading Republican incumbents by five percentage points or more. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican seeking a fifth term, is in a difficult battle against Sara Gideon, trailing by five points as voters there delivered a damning verdict on Mr. Trump’s stewardship: By a 25-point margin, 60 percent to 35 percent, they said they trusted Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump on the issue of the pandemic.

The poll, conducted among likely voters, suggests that the most endangered Republican lawmakers have not managed to convince many voters to view them in more favorable terms than the leader of their party, who remains in political peril with less than 50 days remaining in the campaign. Democrats appear well positioned to gain several Senate seats, and most voters say they would prefer to see the White House and Senate controlled by the same party. But it is not yet clear that Democrats are on track to gain a clear majority, and their hopes outside the races tested in the poll largely depend on winning in states Mr. Trump is likely to carry.


Thank you Barbk, I love you all too.

Ja thanks, I will watch as soon as I finish lunch. And I’m so glad to see you and Andre are still around; thought the Starlight News might have gone off line or something worse, like an invasion by Martians had captured everyone! Whew.

Just a thought. Trump will be famous in US history as the person who caused the greatest number of American deaths, in history, from one thing; Covid-19.

This is likely symbolized by his natal chart’s Ceres at 13+ Aquarius square his natal Chiron + Juno at 14+ Libra that conjuncts US Saturn at 14+ Libra that squares US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

If that’s not enough his natal Pluto at 10+ Leo (opposite his natal Ceres) is square his natal Nessus (small cause, big effect) at 9+ Taurus, where transiting Uranus was in June and July, 2020.

Buy a stamp already! (Mrs. Vindman’s great post about the nice thing about receiving hate mail!)


Good information for the 1 or 2 issue Trump voters, this has short pieces by many impressive generals with their reasons for wanting Trump out.


My (intuitive?) thought when trump was first elected:
Trump = Judas
Betrayed to gain money
Named reviled thru history
unseen purpose = the cause agent for a new societal direction.

RBG has died

What. A sad piece of news. God help us now.

Bless that dear heart for staying as long as she could!

She is missed greatly

This is a very sad loss ja and Banks. And yet she hung in there for us until the voting (in some states) had begun, which seems fated. It is possible that her natal Chiron and Trump’s MC, both at 24+ Taurus trine the New Moon in Virgo and Saturn in Cap is prophetic in some way.

In just 6 weeks and a few extra days the people will have made clear what they want their country to represent and I think Ruth knew it was NOT Trump and she was safe to go now.

“National Public Radio reported that Ginsburg dictated a statement to her granddaughter shortly before her death, in which she said:

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) just said she will NOT vote to replace RBG on SCOTUS until after Election Day. “Fair is fair,” she says.


Mitt Romney has committed to not confirming a supreme court nominee until after Inauguration day.


I watched that video ja,and you were right, I did enjoy it, although I wonder why they used January 19 instead of January 20 for the Inauguration chart.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction will get the most attention from astrologers but I believe the Neptune-Ceres conjunction that T-squares the nodes should get equal, if not more attention in the Jan. 20, 2021 chart. More to come on that subject; I await Nancy’s assessment of the whole thing.

What many of us feared would happen, has. Damn this year. And it’s not even over.

Barbk, if the end of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in December symbolizes the passing of illusions, this is one hell of a hard way to deal with what might be ours. Really, I thought it was the people on the other side who were the ones who were delusional. I guess if there any illusion I may have, it’s that our democracy will magically find a way to redeem itself from fascism and the far right. Can someone talk me down from this?

In the meantime, let me thank my friend Patricia for being way more generous than I’m feeling right now…

Patricia: This is a tragic way to begin Rosh Hashana.

RBG:Your memory will always be a blessing.

I seem to recall talk on the last thread of watching for something happening sept 18/19.

let’s see if Mitch McConnell follows his philosophy of not allowing a president, in an election year, to nominate a new SCOTUS. I seriously doubt the thought of hypocrisy will enter into his thinking. I’ll be curious to see, will the GOP sink any lower?

in memory of Ruth – https://astrologynewsservice.com/news/the-indefatigable-ruth-bader-ginsberg/

Any chance Merrick Garland could come back if the vote came after the election?
born November 13, 1952 would not that be the sweetest revenge?

Mcconnell has already promised vote for trump court pick regardless of RBG wishes. Evil.

from a good friend “-According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began tonight, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. And goes straight to heaven ”

Rest in Power – Ruth Bader Ginsburg..
Thank you for all you have done,

Of course they will sink lower, he already released a state saying the senate will vote on a Trump candidate. My god, i can’t believe this happened , i hope there’s some higher purpose,
Please let there be some good that will become of this, they are flaming at the mouth right now

Gina, I am afraid you are not alone in being on the ledge. I too (and I assume most here) are also totally freaked out. If anyone thinks the GOP will hold back, forget it. Having said that, there are a few (very few) GOP senators who will likely say not until the new president but not sure its more than two or three. I think this will be one hell of a fight.

Such sad news. My work is hospice care, and I’ve hoped and wished over the last year that our dear RBG could find a peaceful death, and thinking how hard it must be for her to hang on until next year (until a new administration was in place) with her challenging diagnosis and health tribulations. The goal of hospice care is for a peaceful exit — but hers was a warrior soul which drove her lifetime mission and accomplishments, and I lament that she may not have had one.

I’m not even Irish, but I’m keening.

What a loss for her family and our country at this time.


and thanks Chrys for your lovely comment.

I had those very thoughts, Chrys and Gina about Ruth dying on Rosh Hashanah. Maybe this is a good omen & something good will come out of it, please God.

Rosa, I don’t think she was looking for peace – she was looking for fairness, truth, and justice. I’m sure hers was a good death, surrounded by her loving family as she was. If she meets with Scalia (they were great friends, I remember from the documentary RBG) – I wonder what they will cook up. Yes, God is the only judge.

Trump will likely choose a nominee by October 1. I doubt there will be a Senate vote before the election. After, it’s anyone’s guess. There could be riots in Washington in November.

If the election were challenged in court, and Justice Ginsberg were not replaced, and the Chief Justice sided with the remaining three liberals, there would be a 4-4 tie. That would mean the decision of the Appeals Court would stand. If it were the DC Appeals Court, as is likely, Merrick Garland, who is the Chief Justice of that Court, would choose the next President.

Oh, the irony.

This starts with the quote your friend gave you, Chrys. It’s a really interesting thread filled with quotes by many of our most relevant Democratic political leaders.


“-According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began tonight, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. And goes straight to heaven ”

Rest in Power – Ruth Bader Ginsburg..
Thank you for all you have done,

From your mouth to God’s ears!

Sorry i meant foaming at the mouth not flaming ,Trump is salivating for sure !

RIP indeed, Justice Ginsberg.

And looks like an ugly election just turned a whole lot uglier.

This is one hell of a Pluto Return for this country, that’s for sure.

A national loss. Ruth Ginsburg’s life was a truly inspiring story as depicted in the following film….

On The Basis of Sex

Video/ Official Trailer: 2 min 47 sec


“And looks like an ugly election just turned a whole lot uglier.”

Certainly looks that way. I’m with Diana in hoping some good will come of RBG’s death. Perhaps some undecided voters seeing the extraordinarily hypocritical and deep unfairness of Mitch McConnell’s proposal to appoint a new Justice before January 20, will consequently choose to vote a straight Dem ticket.

RIP, Justice Ginsberg. May justice prevail!

Mercury has reached 20 Libra in an exact square to my Sun, ending the grace period of the Sun’s trine to the Capricorn planets with the news of Justice Ginsburg’s passing. That graceful period may be why there was a 13-hour hiatus on comments yesterday on this blog. That was the calm before the storm. Now we return to the election campaign from hell with the stakes much higher.

This was always going to be a time of considerably increased tension and mental strain, as if we needed it, with Mercury in Libra squaring Pluto and Saturn and opposing Mars in the next few days, the Sun entering Libra on the equinox, Mars squaring a stationary Saturn and Pluto, and Saturn and Pluto stationing direct. All in the next two weeks or so.

On top of that, Mercury enters its shadow mid-week as it prepares to retrograde until Election Day, which ensures that issues raised Wednesday or Thursday will be front and center during that entire period. I expect the most politicized Supreme Court nomination of our lifetimes.

Things will only get much worse by mid-October. November appears to be more of a very frightening mixed bag with resistance to Trump increasing daily after the election. This situation will only really improve in mid-December, three months from now, which may seem too far for comfort. There should be renewed hope and a huge sigh of relief by Christmas. By then, this fall’s gut-wrenching ride that will fill libraries for decades will be over.

I do not see how the Supreme Court’s nominee could go through confirmation before the election. Lindsay Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, is himself in a tough race in South Carolina and he needs to campagn rather than sit in Washington. That is true of other GOP Senators as well.

Trump’s focus will be on ensuring the Supreme Court saves his hide. He will press very hard for confirmation before or after the election because the results are likely to be challenged before the Supreme Court as in 2000. Lindsay Graham may have lost his seat by then but he will still be a lame-duck Senator until January. There will be civil disturbance in November over the election AND the Supreme Court.

If the matter of the election cannot be resolved by the courts by the end of the year, it will be thrown to Nancy Pelosi and the House in January. Either way, we will be more optimistic by then.

Justice Ginsburg often quoted Justice Brandeis who said, “The greatest threat to freedom is an inert people.” I believe the American people will rise to the occasion.


Andre, transiting Mercury is today conjunct US natal Juno, which symbolizes she who defends the disenfranchised, and US Juno is opposite US natal Chiron (20+ Aries), symbol of a wound that won’t heal, which is what draws attention to what has been ignored or overlooked for too long. Perhaps that is RBG’s legacy. Thank you for noting.

I agree with you re: any Supreme Court confirmation being impossible during Trump’s last days as faux president. He will become even more despicable in the weeks to come.

As for the Brandeis quote, it could not be more appropriate could it? The people who love RBG as much as we do here will be more motivated than ever to vote, making a landslide victory by Biden – as predicted by several psychics – even more plausible.

Quite likely Ruth has served her country – and law and justice – in the greatest possible way by her passing when we the people are most emotionally vulnerable. I hope they put her picture on a $20 bill.

Glad the hiatus wasn’t due to Martians too.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Advice for Living

“Another often-asked question when I speak in public: “Do you have some good advice you might share with us?” Yes, I do. It comes from my savvy mother-in-law, advice she gave me on my wedding day. “In every good marriage,” she counseled, “it helps sometimes to be a little deaf.” I have followed that advice assiduously, and not only at home through 56 years of a marital partnership nonpareil. I have employed it as well in every workplace, including the Supreme Court. When a thoughtless or unkind word is spoken, best tune out. Reacting in anger or annoyance will not advance one’s ability to persuade.”


First the death of RBG and then a 4.8 earthquake in the Los Angeles area. I am not sure if any of you live in LA or know people who live in LA, but please check on them to make sure they are ok.

My deepest condolences to the Ginsburg family.

I haven’t posted in months because I learned the hard way that when Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter squares your 22-degree Libra Sun, life is not easy. The past 7 months have been a nightmare. My Moon is 27 Cancer, so Mars squaring that now, such fun.

My parents in their 90’s got dementia at the same time and tried to hurt each other, police involved, they were in a house that was falling apart and too much for them, they couldn’t live alone any longer. Had to place Mom in a psyche hospital then Memory Care, and now I have to move her closer to me. I’ve been stuck in their city for months trying to sell their home, clearing out all the belongings from 61 years in this house (giving away furniture & belongings, etc.) And there was a gas leak and a sewer line problem at their house that I had to repair (very Pluto). If something could go wrong, it did. My 3 siblings refuse to help and just sabotage everything I try to do. They were supposed to take care of my dad, but threw him in assisted living where he will probably get kicked out.

To say I’m exhausted and stressed beyond belief is an understatement. I THANK NANCY AND ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS TO SITE for keeping me sane. When I can’t go on, I log in and get uplifted and inspired with your valuable comments and intelligence.

Experiencing these issues, with the backdrop of covid and that horrible president, and now the passing of our Ruthie, ugh!!! I’m in a blue area, and seeing only tRump signs, very scary, so disillusioned with my fellow Americans. Maybe Ruth’s passing does have a higher meaning, and will light a fire under those who have been apathetic.

Barbk, the Moon was conjunct Mercury exactly square my Sun and opposite US Chiron when I read the news. Thank you for reminding me of the opposition to US Juno which is of course important as well.

This wound, and others, may not entirely heal until transiting Chiron completes its conjunction to US Chiron in 2024. That is how the Watergate scandal ended. Maybe we will then see the first female majority on the Supreme Court. None too soon.

We recently had our first female Chief Justice for many years in Canada. She was very good and our world did not end. Yes you can, America.

There is at least one positive result of RBG’s death.

Democratic donors raised millions after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death
Swing state polls show voters want Joe Biden to choose the next Supreme Court justice.


“Meanwhile, early indicators suggest that Democratic voters have responded to Ginsburg’s death, and the coming political and electoral fight, in a big way.”

“According to the Democratic donor site ActBlue, $6.2 million flowed through the site in the 9 pm hour Friday, immediately following news of Ginsburg’s death. It was more money raised in a single hour on the site since its launch 16 years ago — and it was immediately eclipsed by the 10 pm hour, which saw $6.3 million raised.”

The VOX article also asserts it will be difficult for Trump/McConnell to nominate or confirm anyone to the SC before the election. Some senators can’t risk unpopular behavior, as they are in tight races in their home state.

Question: Even if they don’t try to push someone through before the election, can they not do it in the lame duck period between the election & end of the year (or the inauguration)?

As for the backlash against McConnell and in memory of Justice Ginsburg, thirty million dollars was raised by the Democratic party yesterday. I wrote my Republican senators, not because I think it will change their minds, but just to remind them they have constituents they are neglecting.


I’ve been having fun a well with an almost 19-degree Libra sun and a 25-degree Scorpio Moon and a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini, so you have my sympathy. I also have discovered that one or 2 parents can care for 4 kids, but only one of those kids can care for a failing parent.

I send you love and energy and an ear when you need to share or run down the street naked and screaming. If you wish my phone number I will give it to Nancy to share with you.


I’ve had to do all those things, and they’re all brutally hard. So sorry.


I’ve been texting voters with Resistance Labs this week, and it’s really easy. So much easier than making phone calls.

They’re the platform for any number of Democratic causes. New campaigns come along almost daily, and you can go in and ask to text any number of voters. We send people links to register, to request absentee ballots, to find early voting times & locations.

It’s all done on a computer screen — so no trying to type on your phone’s tiny keyboard.

There are canned responses you can cut and paste, or you can write your own, so they sound more normal.

We’re texting black voters in Florida about voting absentee today.

You can sign up here: https://resistancelabs.com/text/

Sharon K,
As far as I know, yes they can if they have enough votes. They need a simple majority to confirm.

I seem to recall the previous rule required a 2/3 vote in the Senate to confirm. We need to go back to that. We need to elevate it from merely a convention or norm into a constitutional requirement.

Good advice ja, thank you.

Watching TV also is probably a good time to be a little deaf. I am dumfounded by the things said by politicians or attributed to them, especially Trump of course, but also Mitch McConnell and others.

This wasn’t always the case. Before cable TV, reporters and news anchors did not slur politicians so openly as they do now. Maybe politicians were always this evil and we the public were just not exposed to it like we are these days. Pluto opposite US Mercury?

I see this as a combination of Saturn (boundaries, government) and Neptune (blind to boundaries). Two events, the transit of Saturn over the US natal Neptune, and the conjunction of transiting Saturn and transiting Neptune would surely offer up a clue or two as to why there are no limits to what some US politicians will say or imply (or do).

In 1989 transiting Saturn and transiting Neptune were conjunct at 11 Capricorn 54, the first of three conjunctions they would make to start their present cycle. They were sextile the transiting Sun (consciousness) at 12 Pisces 49, where the US Progressed Sun would be around 2017 when Trump was the new US President. Boundary lines? What boundary lines?

In August, 2009, transiting Saturn was conjunct US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 and both were in the apex point of a Yod triangle with transiting Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron (20 to 24 Aquarius), all 3 retrograde. and transiting Eris (discord) at 21 Aries 53 retrograde (right next to US natal Chiron).

This would suggest that transiting Saturn (with the help of US natal Neptune) would be forced to shift in attitude or behaviour to accommodate the sextile of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius and Eris in Aries.

Right away I know that transiting Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius would be making a conjunction to US natal Moon in 2009, around the 4th of July, as transiting Mars (24+ Taurus) was about to square the US natal Moon and trans. Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune.

Transiting Mars was also still in orb of a trine with US natal Neptune at that time in July, 2009. All this was screwing up the People in the US. Disintigration (Neptune), wounding (Chiron), excess (Jupiter), anger and violence (Mars), all would take their toll.

By the way, in the US Solar Return in July, 2009, the North Node (path forward) was at 0+ Aquarius, ain’t that the darndest thing?

Anyway, back to the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 1989 at 11+ Cap, the strangest thing caught my eye in that chart; the trans. centaur Pholus at 8+ Gemini was conjunct US natal Uranus, and trans. centaur Nessus at 22+ Virgo (where in 2009, 20 years later, trans. Saturn would conjunct US Neptune) was conjunct US natal Neptune.

Centaurs help to bridge the knowledge between outer planets (like Uranus and Neptune) with the Saturn and Jupiter level of comprehension.

Both of these cycles; (1) the trans. Neptune-Saturn of 1989 and (2) the trans. Saturn-US natal Neptune of 2009, are alive and well and eliminating and re-drawing boundary lines of all kind.

Now here’s an interesting thing about these 2 cycles; in the 1989 chart the Moon at 14 Cap was square Ceres (nature/nurture) at 15+ Aries which was conjunct Eris (trouble maker) at 16+ Aries, while the Moon in the 2009 chart at 10+ Sagittarius (conjunct Pholus at 8+ Sadge that was opposite US Uranus in Gemini and square US natal Ceres in Pisces) was sextile Ceres at 10+ Libra.

The Moon of course symbolizes the People, and in both of the charts which symbolize a coming together of Neptune and Saturn, showed that the People would have a strong relationship with Nature.

But, that was not my point, yet there it is. My point was about boundaries and how they are just temporary lines in the sand if you will. Even so, we expect that our lines drawn in our Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution to stay in place forever. But they don’t as we have painfully learned.

Those lines must be redrawn over and over if we want them to hold, and now is one of those times they must be drawn again. Lines of principle most especially. I guess I owe this outburst to the grief expressed over the loss of Justice Ginsburg whose Moon was in Scorpio. We will never forget her and what she has done for our country. (sob)

Yes we can Andre, thank you!

They think a package of ricin was sent to the WH – – mailed from Canada (doesn’t mean a U.S. resident didn’t drive across the border).

Marija – what you are involved in with your parents sounds hard. Sending you love, light & the strength to cope. You are doing the very best you can under the circumstances.

On Sept 19th 1893 the women of NZ acheived the right to vote. NZ was the first country in the world to take this step toward equality. A fitting anniversary day for the life’s work of RBG.

See what I mean about the amazing people on this site? I don’t know any of you, but yet feel very lucky to know all of you (make sense?). Really appreciate the kind words, concern and thoughts, and thank you Emma, Teresa Hill, Sharon K. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha), we’ll see.

Get ready to watch the show when Lindsay Graham eats his words about selecting a Supreme during an election year.

And I agree — YES WE CAN!!!

You have my sympathy and I empathy. Been there. Done that. I had to stop teaching as there was no way I could take care of my parent’s estate and fulfill my teaching duties simultaneously. This was after I spent quite a long time personally taking care of my ailing mother. After she died, it took me 28 months just to clear and clean the house to make ready for sale. That doesn’t count the 2 years of legal wrangling. I received very little help from anyone else in the family.

A year ago yesterday I finally arrived home.
Good luck with all you must do. I know what it is like.

Marija – my heart goes out to you. I’m in the middle of the same type of situation, only with just my Mom (Dad died 15+ yrs ago)… and she HAS been kicked out of one assisted living facility! Said they weren’t able to handle someone with her memory issues. Course they got nearly 20k for the <2 months she lived there!

Mine is acting up again, and looks like she'll be transferred to another section of this current facility. It's close to an hour away and out west from me in farmland. Luckily hubby has been able to find it, cause I still can't find it on my own!

Although my brother hasn't been any help (and more hindrance), I have been blessed to have had a sister to lean on and divide things up with. It really does make a difference, tho there were and still are times when I feel very much alone with the responsibility and worries. Take care of yourself and try to treat yourself with a little kindness and forgiveness. And, even tho your folks are physically still here, you might want to set some time in meditation or just quiet time to mourn their loss; when you can no longer recognize your parent, I don't think it's a wrong thing to feel a little like an orphan. Hugs, strength, and positive vibes.

Thank you, Eliseo and slightkc. I do remember reading some of your posts about what you both had to go through as well, and could relate, so certainly helps when people weigh in with their support and understanding of a heart-wrenching and difficult situation.

I had to leave my job as well, couldn’t be in two places at one time. Pluto is certainly “transforming.”.

I’m grateful for a fabulous realtor who understood the situation, and helped me sell “as is.” There was something cathartic about going through old photos, books, toys, vinyls, furniture —- memories that would have been nice for my family to share, but it didn’t work out that way unfortunately. I did what I needed to do, proud of myself, and darn lucky that I had POA. I had an accountant tell me it’s easier to sell house while parents are still living, before it turns into an “estate” situation (even though my parents insisted on dying in their own house).

It was uplifting to give things away to people who really needed them and see how appreciative they were. I know my parents would have been glad if they were mentally able to understand what I did. I gave a beautiful kitchen table & chairs to a woman with 3 little children, her friends were helping her leave an abusive situation. She later sent me a note about how grateful she was for the table & chairs and how they had their first meal together and celebrated their new beginning — I sat down and cried.

Thanks again for the support, comforting words, and allowing me to vent.

‘Mitch McConnell may be on the wrong side of a power dynamic.’

a last-minute overreach by McConnell could seem so illegitimate to Democrats as to justify radical countermoves should they win in November: increasing the number of appellate judges and Supreme Court justices; conceivably even opening impeachment hearings against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

McConnell may want the win badly enough to dismiss those risks. But many conservative-leaning lawyers in the country may be more cautious. And their voices will get a hearing in a contentious nomination fight—not only by the national media, but by some of the less Trump-y Republican senators. This could be enough to slow down a process that has no time to spare.

Mitch McConnell has gotten his way so often that it’s hard to imagine he might ever lose. But the political balance of power is shifting this fall, and for once, McConnell may be on the wrong side of a power dynamic.


Something to remember: the long Jupiter station square Trump’s Jupiter was exact on September 19, yesterday. During its passage, Trump had the treaty signed between the Sunni Arab countries and Israel, some polls tightened, and Ginsberg died giving him another potential nomination. But that transit is now waning, leaving only another 10 days of Jupiter quincunx his Uranus and then no Jupiter at all. This all suggests that this nomination process may not go so well for him, especially after 9/30, but notable even over the next several days.

Dear Barb K., Nancy, et al: September 29th is the date of the first presidential debate. Do you intend to analyze the charts of the two candidates? It would be fun to read your comments well in advance. Thanks, Professor Bertonasco

Looks as though not only the SCOTUS nom but the debate(s) could seal 45’s slide. McConnell’s shamelessness may finally meet up with karma!

Thank you Nancy for that reminder! RBG’s death and the naked Republican power grab may just fire up lukewarm progresssives to vote; additionally we are up on 200,000 American deaths to CV-19 which could be a psychological marker and serve to fire up seniors and worried family members to vote for Biden. I’m feeling strangely hopeful. I’ve been fasting from the news and especially from anything Trump says or does and I very highly recommend it, at least for several days in order to detox. Hugs and well wishes to you all!

I’m beginning to think we might see the end of Brett Kavanaugh sometime in the near future.

I agree with Frank, stay away from the news and anything Trump for rest and recuperation.

Pelosi open to using impeachment to block Supreme Court nominee: “we have our options”


Aha! Transiting Mercury at 17 Libra 27 in the
September 17 Virgo New Moon is PRECISELY conjunct Trump’s natal retrograde Jupiter at 17 Libra 27, which of course – as Nancy reminds us – was square transiting Jupiter at 17 Capricorn 26 that was quinqunx Trump’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini 53, which means he has to adjust what he said (Gemini). Open mouth, insert foot. Thanks a bunch Nancy.

And Frank, I too am feeling strangely hopeful, and like you and ja, am retreating from the glut of news about Trump. Also, ja, Linda the Comanche psychic has said frequently that Kavanaugh would be purged from the Supreme Court.

I agree with Frank as well. I think I’ll give myself a few days to detox. It gets to be too sometimes.

barbk, I have heard Linda G mention Kavanaugh removal but to now see it mentioned in The Atlantic Magazine by David Frum means not only is the Metaphysical community but the Political community
are suggesting this is a possibility.

Prof. Marc, I suspect the debate won’t occur (Mercury square Jupiter in September New Moon chart and Mars-Eris-Black Moon Lilith are T-square retro Saturn in same chart that opposes US natal Mercury).

But if it does, the chart for Cleveland at 9 PM on Sept. 29, has 0+ Aquarius on the MC (which symbolizes the outcome for the chart) and Joe Biden’s Uranus (2+ Gemini) and Neptune (1+ Libra) form a grand trine with that chart’s MC, meaning Joe is in sync with that chart. 0+ Aquarius is where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be on December 21, 2020. New start!


Grateful for your helpful update on 45’s now-waning Jupiter transit.

Maybe I need to believe this – but I’m thinking that RBG’s passing may serve to galvanize the Democrats and give them a boost of fire to help put this monster and his administration out of office for good.

‘Shadow of Merrick Garland Hangs Over the Next Supreme Court Fight’

“I simply ask Republicans in the Senate to give him a fair hearing, and then an up-or-down vote,” Mr. Obama said then. “If you don’t, then it will not only be an abdication of the Senate’s constitutional duty, it will indicate a process for nominating and confirming judges that is beyond repair.”

Republicans refused even to grant Judge Garland a hearing, spurning Mr. Obama’s request and infuriating Democrats and especially the progressive left, which is now demanding far-reaching measures — including expanding the size of the Supreme Court and adding Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., as states — should Democrats retake control of the Senate in the November elections.

“The ghost of Merrick Garland hangs very heavily over the Senate right now,” said Jim Manley, a former aide to Harry Reid, the Democratic leader of the Senate during the Garland confirmation fight. “Everything that Democrats do they are going to base in part on Senator McConnell’s clear abuse of the process when they denied that man a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.”


I have a strong feeling Dems will have some very sweet revenge upon the Trumpist R’s starting January 3, 2021 when the new Congress is sworn in. And the worse the R’s behave between now and January 3rd, and 20th, the worse it will be for them as they experience severe punishment legislatively from the Dems. Dems will do all legally possible to prevent such a deep and pervasive political fiasco to ever occur again. Below, N Pelosi used the word “henchmen.” Other Dems are using stronger language. Such language speaks volumes. A reckoning is coming.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t rule out impeachment proceedings to block a Trump Supreme Court nominee from replacing the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


On ABC’s “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos described a possible scenario in which a Trump nominee could be pushed through a lame-duck session after the November 3 election even if Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the presidency and Democrats captured control of the US Senate. He then asked Pelosi if she would move to impeach Trump or Attorney General William Barr to halt the nomination process.

“Well, we have our options,” she said. “We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country. This president has threatened to not even accept the results of the election with statements that he and his henchmen have made.”

Canada’s first female Chief Justice recalls wonderful moments with RBG and drew confidence from her.


Ja, to think of Merrick Garland’s ghost while he’s still alive and may still end up on the Supreme Court!

Wow — I have been thinking that the creepy orange one will do what he can to get out of the debate September 29, and then saw barbk’s comment “suspecting the debate won’t occur.”. I think he’ll do what he can to avoid a debate. With Mars transit in Aries square USA Pluto, could there be an October surprise invasion? And could transiting Mars trining El Creepo’s Mars give him a power surge for an invasion and make him think that he can do anything he wants (especially with the Supreme Court)? I’ve learned that just as you think things can’t get worse with these people, they do get worse.

wow Marija, certainly not out of the question; I had not thought about Trump not wanting to debate. Transiting Mars is indeed square US natal Pluto but is also sextile US natal Moon at the same time. More likely that US people letting off steam than starting a war. What if stimulus money is provided by Trump? Would that reflect positively on Trump?

Something else to reflect on is the Sept. New Moon’s Saturn is conjunct Obama’s natal Saturn, both at 25+ Capricorn. What if Obama were nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice, would he do it considering the state our country is in?

There was a story at DailyKos today by Kos himself. He said Republicans in the Senate likely know they’ll lose their majority, so they have nothing to lose by forcing through a new justice.

If they thought they’d win, they’d do what they did in 2016 — hold the seat open to drive their voters to turn out at the polls, so they would get another conservative justice.

Makes sense to me.

Another thing — is it possible that the upheaval after Election Day until the 12-14th isn’t the results, but the fight over Republicans trying to confirm another justice?

Teresa, I don’t think the upheaval after Election day will be over the next Supreme Court justice. There is so much going on in the charts, but it appears to me the battle will be about the votes and about how things are going to go with the electors in December through early January.

I expect the Republicans will jam in a new justice because they can and because their base will want them to. There is no way to stop them. Pelosi will do what she can based on the existing laws of the land, but Trump is the President and he’ll appoint a justice because he can. Tough beans.

It will be up to Biden to address the problem if and once he gets in, but in the less than 3 months left to inauguration there is hardly anything the Dems can do about it. The voters will be the ones to decide if it’s fair or not (not).

The appointment of a new SC justice will be just more trouble, on top of the trouble that was already going to happen (imo).

Quite some time ago, I concluded Joe Biden will win the popular vote, but the college of electors will definitely be at risk. The reason being that some of the electors may decide to vote against their own rules, as ‘unfaithful electors’, which happened in Oregon last time around. There is only a minor penalty for an elector who does that (a fine or whatever, depending on the state), so there will be great pressure to push the electors whichever way the political winds blow in each state.

Who knows what will happen when the stakes are so high, but I still feel strongly that the person who will be inaugurated is Biden. Trump’s aspects are so poor by then, and a health issue is a possibility too. In contrast, Biden’s nomination chart (treated as an event/horary chart) is a straight shot to a win. It’s not the best chart possible but it’s a beauty by comparison to Trump’s nomination.

Trump’s nomination chart ends with the last aspect being the Moon at 27 Capricorn square Mars at 27 Aries, with Aries/Mars ruling the 4th house of home, country, security and real estate. Not pretty. The Moon ends up closely inconjunct Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo, not the best ending point for an incumbent. After that, Trump’s nomination Moon goes void of course and the chart is finished with its part in the story. It isn’t necessarily the same time scale as the nomination chart for Biden, which has only one aspect to perfect, to Saturn at the rulership Midheaven –which, imho, means Biden wins.

I feel John Roberts’ part in all of this is going to be critical because his chart looks like a Christmas tree in December. That was even before RBG passed away. It could be “only” RBG, but maybe it’s more.

All those retrogrades in Trump’s nomination chart are not good for him. According to the rules, the chart’s aspects should happen within the period before the winner is actually inaugurated on January 20 – it is important to keep in mind that a nomination chart is for the PARTY, not only the candidate. The nomination chart ends when the inauguration happens, or some intervening event delays or prevents it, (but I’m not going too far with this!).

Jupiter went direct on September 13, which favors Trump after his nomination. Traditionally, the GOP is ruled by Jupiter and the Dems are ruled by Saturn since the Dems are the older party. Saturn will go direct on September 28, and Pluto will follow on October 4th. Pluto in Capricorn ought to support Biden because Pluto is in Biden’s party’s sign (i.e. Capricorn according to the nomination point of view). But it’s going to kick in fairly late in the game.

Now, Mars is retrograde too (Sept. 9), and it won’t go direct until November 14. Also, Mercury goes retrograde on Sept. 23 and won’t go direct until the day of the election, Nov. 3. In that scenario, it seems highly unlikely the nation will know who its president will be before November 14th at the earliest, and that is only for the popular vote.

The election period retrogrades are not finished until January. Mercury’s shadow period ends November 20th. Mars’ shadow period ends about January 4th, the day the college of electors is supposed to report to congress (but that could change). The circus could go on and on, it seems.

Now that RBG has died, it put another twist into the story, but it always looked to me that John Roberts was going to be decisive in the election result, more than than a fight within congress for the Supreme Court. Maybe there’s 2 fights now, but it doesn’t take away the one for the election.

The idea that the Supremes could be the ones to decide who becomes president is dreadful. Remember, despite 2000/Al Gore and 2016/Hillary Clinton, each of them conceded the race. This time may be different and there is hardly going to be a concession from Donald Trump!

Coming after all the crazy stuff that is sure to precede a “result” in 2020, the situation it becomes horrendous. It’s no surprise the battle is already intense, despite RBG barely being on her way to the next world. The Repubs are in a hurry and the stakes are sky high. But, it is really, grossly, unseemly for a sitting president to do such a thing, but you can’t put it past DT to do the most awful thing under the sun. It’s just going to be a bumpy ride!

(….that’s a great line from an old movie, All About Eve).

Teresa Hill,
“— is it possible that the upheaval after Election Day until the 12-14th isn’t the results, but the fight over Republicans trying to confirm another justice?”

Oooo! Teresa, that’s frighteningly plausible!

Thank You! Very Interesting Analysis!
As far as concession. I doubt either candidate will concede.

Biden will not concede as a matter of principle. He believes, (like all of us here) that DJT is an existential threat to the nation and the world. He also knows the only way he can lose is through dirty tricks and cheating.

Trump will not concede out of fear and ego. If he leaves office in 2021 he knows he will face numerous lawsuits and be charged with several crimes. He can run out the statue of limitations only if he has a second term.

found this; worth sharing.

so beautiful emma – thanks for sharing!

Hmm. I guess Trump’s big, bad week is starting.

Mother Jones has gotten a copy of Trump’s videotapes deposition in the Trump University fraud case and released it.

Will the drama never end? I think of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle from 2000 to 2020 as the Little Engine That Could, it keeps on chugging “I think I can, I think I can . . .”

Yet another aspect in it’s chart, Mercury at 27+ Gemini (trine US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius) was sextile the chart’s ascendant (when set in DC) at 28+ Leo (conjunct Trump’s ascendant and opposite the US natal Moon) forming a Yod (something’s gotta give) to the South Node at 25+ Capricorn, (where transiting Saturn is right now and only 2 degrees from US natal Pluto) which must adjust if there’s to be peace in the valley.

Transiting Saturn (conjunct Obama’s Saturn) squares transiting Mars (exact on Sept. 29), as if the above Yod was not enough pressure on this little engine. But wait!

The Jupiter-Saturn chart’s South Node (where trans. Saturn is now, and which will soon station direct) was trine the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus itself, which was trine the same chart’s Ceres (weather? Covid?) in Virgo, making a powerful energy flow; enough to make the necessary adjustment. I think I can, I think I can . . . . . .

I feel pretty confident that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle will get us through to December 21, when their new cycle starts at 0 Aquarius 28, thus ending the drama we have endured since the year 2000. It really is, and has been, the little engine that could. All aboard?

Should we restructure the Court? My favorite concept is the utilization of “term limits.” It incorporates a conservative concept to promote moderate legal thought.


An end to the drama we’ve endured since 2000 by 21 Dec. would be a truly wonderful solstice/Yule/Christmas gift to us all. I hope your confidence is positively confirmed. Thanks for your analysis!

The difficulties of the 2021 Inaugaural Chart: the Moon will be VOC, which usually means the President does not end his term. Also, it appears the new Justice will not be confirmed until next year according to the SCOTUS chart.


Emma, thank you for that link; i posted it on FB for my friends to read, too.

BarbK, definitely on board with a window seat as I watch in both horror and inspiration.

Stay calm, centered and be well everyone!

Kim at Intuitiview has another uplifting video out today.

From Lorna Bevan:

“This is going to a high stakes week. Mercury entering his retrograde shadow is clashing repeatedly with big hitters Pluto, Saturn and Mars as the Messenger treads the Via Combusta aka the Way of Fire into Pluto’s own sign of Scorpio. With fiery Mars retrograde, communications could quickly descend into verbal warfare as extreme opinions polarize debate. The demands for truth and full disclosure will build and build at the collective level.

On September 22nd the Equinox activates the World Axis as the Sun enters Libra on the Super Galactic Centre. This definitely not a Libra Equinox-lite so don’t expect balance, equality, equilibrium and harmony. No one will be holding hands and singing the Coca cola song! This September 2020 Equinox is going to push every one of your buttons so you become more embodied, more consciously aware of your own personal evolution and what is yours to do right here and right now-not in some mythic, mystic future.”


Barb K., Nancy, Andre: I hope you will respond to Wolfstar’s analysis of the Inaugural Chart. Does he not ignore the Aquarian influences and the promise of a new paradigm? Thanks, Professor Bertonasco

The likely Trump pick to replace RBG:


Professor Bertonasco, the Aquarian influences may play out in different ways. What strikes me is that the Moon at 29 Aries on Inauguration Day is set at noon and is one degree away from Biden’s natal Moon and Pelosi’s Saturn at 0 Taurus. So let’s hope they’re a few minutes late.

Pelosi’s Saturn is exactly square natal her Pluto in Leo, since she was born in 1940 at the beiginning of WWII. So even if it is 0 Taurus, the next Administration may be an even heavier time for her.

Let us be wary of over-pessimism this week as Mercury enters a t-square with Mars and Saturn. This may create bitter resentment or feared disappointment which won’t necessarily pan out as Mercury enters its shadow, which means issues raised this week will be revisited and turn out differently.

It is almost impossible there will be a final confirmation vote for Justice Barrett or whoever is nominated before the election. The process takes an average of 70 days after the nomination. It essentially consists of hearings, a vote by the Judicial Committeee and a final vote by the entire Senate.

Three Republican Senators (Romney, Murkowski and Collins) have stated they are opposed to confirmation until a new President is chosen. While McConnell may have the votes in the Judicial Committee presided by Lindsay Graham and may go through the hearings before November 3, the vote on the Senate floor will most likely be later.

If Trump is defeated, the Senate majority changes hands and Lindsey Graham loses his seat, the lame-duck sesssion will be even more highly controversial than the Kavanaugh confirmation. If I were a Democratic Senator, I would ask Justice Barrett, who is noted for the strength of her Catholic faith, “How do you reconcile this highly unethical process with your religious beliefs and why would you want to be tainted by it?”

Beofre the final vote, President-elect Biden should make clear he will either pack the court by adding two Justices through legislation, since the number of nine Justices is not constitutionally protected, or he will initiate impeachment proceedings of both Barrett and Kavanaugh. If the GOP plays hardball, Democrats must raise the stakes.

Impending Scotus Fight Could Split the Trump Coalition

Can you do some analysis of William Barr, who I believe is actually more dangerous than Trump?

will, RGB is our T’Pau.

Andre, IMHO I do not think it will be Barrett. It wil likely be Lagoa from Florida. Trump is very reptilian and plays in the moment. He needs to carry Florida and she might do that. Barrett energizes his base but his base is already energized.


Andre, thank you for that link; I’d not ever seen the SCOTUS birth chart. It has an incredible Boomerang:

Mars 25 Leo + Jupiter 27 Leo (both retro)
Neptune 25 Libra (retro)
all 3 are quincunx
Venus 27 Pisces (not retro) symbolizes values
Moon 24 Virgo (symbolizes the mood of the masses)

The Moon gets all the energy of the above SCOTUS chart Yod and the Moon turns that Yod into a Boomerang.

The Moon also squares Chiron (23 Gemini)
(asc. is 20 Gemini which is conjunct Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars, and all of them sextile SCOTUS Mars in Leo and trine Neptune in Libra)

What’s more there is a grand air trine between Chiron in Gemini and Neptune in Libra and the MC (the outcome) at 25+ Aquarius (conjunct US natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius and US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius).

I would say that this grand trine between Chiron and Neptune and the MC that conjuncts the US natal Moon will be instrumental in how, when and by whom the SCOTUS next Justice will be appointed.

I think the Moon (the Boom in the Boomerang) energy will be expressed by the US voters. The SCOTUS Moon at 24+ Virgo conjuncts the New Moon 4 days ago at 25+ Virgo that was trine Saturn at 25+ Capricorn (and Obama’s natal Saturn), which Kamala’s natal Jupiter and Trump’s MC, both at 24+ Taurus, complete a grand trine with.

Can you see Trump going up against Kamala? 🙂

Hmm. Heard a brief clip from Trump today saying he will likely announce his nominee on the 24th or 25th, Thursday or Friday.

There’s one hit that may come on his terrible, awful, most no-good day.

Did I say here that Lindsey Graham is in a competitive race in SC for his Senate seat? Last poll had it tied 48-48. His challenger is very well-funded and some prominent Republicans in the state announced previously that they were done with Graham and backing Jamie Harrison, an African American and former head of the SC Democratic Party.

The more pressure on Graham about possibly losing his Senate seat, the less likely he is to want to be in Washington.

I believe there is a possibility, though small, the inauguration might not take place in Washington, DC.

Thank you, emma, I sent the link all around today.

Here is some good news!

‘Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax Fraud, D.A. Says for First Time’

The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has been locked in a yearlong legal battle with President Trump over obtaining his tax returns, suggested for the first time on Monday that it had grounds to investigate him and his businesses for tax fraud.

The assertion by the office of the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., offered rare insight into the office’s investigation into the president and his business dealings, which began more than two years ago.

Mr. Vance, a Democrat, has never revealed the scope of his office’s criminal inquiry, citing grand jury secrecy. The investigation has been stalled by the fight over a subpoena that the office issued in August 2019 for eight years of the president’s tax returns.

Lawyers for Mr. Trump have said the subpoena should be blocked, calling it “wildly overbroad” and politically motivated. Mr. Vance responded to that argument in a new filing that did not directly accuse Mr. Trump or any of his businesses or associates of wrongdoing.


IMHO, Trump/McConnell’s attempt to quickly push through a SC nominee will
(A) fail,
(B) energize the Dem base more intensely, and
(C) disgust at least a few Republicans re: the blatant and extraordinary hypocrisy.
It will be ” A Bridge Too Far.”

And if what I’m reading subliminally in his recent rhetoric is any guide, Biden and his AG will lead the team into some serious hardball against the Trump/R’s, all the way to some permanent accommodations in the jailhouse. After some careful consideration, he’ll keep his personal hands off, but allow his AG to go forward as necessary as a deterrence to any future such political crimes.

Meanwhile, the attorneys general in various states will proceed with their prosecutions against Trump and his minions. The House might well impeach Kavanaugh for lying to Congress.

Watergate hearings all over again!

Silcominc, I see Lagoa is also a practicing Roman Catholic and would be the first Supreme Court Justice from Florida. I agree she is a strong contender.

I’d rather see him go down for negligent homicide and crimes against humanity, but I”ll be fine with some seriously long jail time for tax fraud.

Eliseo, why would the inauguration not be held in DC?

As for delays on the time, if there is a snowstorm or other event, would the ceremony be postponed or done at noon regardless (just trying to avoid the moon VC) or might it be redone as was the case with Obama in 09?

Lagoa was born on Election Eve, which may draw attention to her at that time. Barnett is a conservative Aquarian and may be more in tune with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction square Uranus.


In a funny way, was Obama’s redo a shrewd way to avoid the moon vc?


Eliseo, re. your comment, “Biden will not concede as a matter of principle. He believes…”, I wish I were as confident of that as you are.

First, we don’t know what Biden will do when it comes to a situation like the one facing the US right now – it’s unprecedented. Biden may have been in politics his whole life, and he well understands the history and the stakes, but his beliefs have not been tested in a situation of this magnitude before. People agree he has decent moral principles, so we can assume he will do what’s best for the country – but what action is “best” for an extremely polarized country?

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton conceded because they felt it was best for the country. Would Dems do it a third time? Not likely.

Putting ourselves into his shoes, if Biden wins the popular vote AND the college of electors, no problem, home free. If the college of electors goes for Trump (which they may), then Biden has 2 choices: he can concede, or take it to the House/Supreme Court and let them decide. The court is the final straw.

If Biden concedes, the Dems lose and the country goes ballistic with protests beyond the BLM level. If Biden doesn’t concede, it goes the process to the SC and into the hands of John Roberts & co. The country may still go ballistic, but perhaps not, or at least not too long if the result seems fair – big question – what’s fair and whose fair?

Second, whether Trump manages to push in another justice or not, the SC will be under tremendous pressure from all sides. How are they going to decide? That’s the really big question.

Being a SC justice is for life. It’s not like Roberts doesn’t know the popular temperament is hostile, polarized, and ready to explode, no matter what happens. Also, regardless of the short run, there’s still a long road ahead for all of the justices, and the justice system as a whole.

And justice is a weird thing in itself. It not like an election cycle. There’s not many second chances to get it right in justice if it goes wrong the first time. The scales swing back and forth over many years – decades, even centuries. Which, of course, is what Mitch McConnell is counting on when he packs the court.

John Roberts is going to make history either way. We astrology types cannot possibly predict what is going to happen when it comes down to one person and very few others, in one small room, somewhere in Washington on a winter day, in January 2021 after the college of electors has reported their votes to congress. This kind of decision making does not show up in charts. It’s only a few souls in a sea of humanity, a few stars in the milky way.

It’s impossible to know the decision of who gets the presidency when it comes to justices who a) don’t want to be assassinated in reputation or, God forbid, actuality, and b) actually do want to keep the country safe, as well as continue the US justice system itself, and c) want a legacy as heroes, not failures.

It’s the tightest spot the country has been in since WWII and Pearl Harbour, only the enemy is not a foreign country. Even 911 was not a crisis in democracy for the nation, although it certainly was in the security sense.

This is different – 2020 is the Founders vs. raw centralized Power. The Founders’ purpose was for the people to have an actual say in the leadership of the country. The ‘people’ are defined differently now than in 1776, but the general idea remains the same (for which the free world is grateful to this day).

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yYwnPvuTQE

Biden knows and cares about this history. Trump does not. The sides are extremely clear. The end result is not.

So, when it comes to Biden and John Roberts and the Supreme Court how will they decide? We won’t know until it happens (and no chart is going to say what one man will decide), but if Biden doesn’t win the college, I’m betting the court will support the winner of the popular vote because the consequences are too great this time for doing otherwise. I hope this assessment is correct. The whole world needs the best answer, not only the USA.

While the swearing in can take place anytime before or after noon on Inauguration Day, 12 noon makes a person automatically President. However, the swearing in can become another birth time, and if there are any difficulties in getting Trump to leave, or transportation difficulties, that VOC may be covered anyway.

I now understand a little better-VOC is from 3am to about 1;30pm on January 20, 2021.

Let me indulge a bit of speculation here. Does anyone think there’s going to be a conventional swearing in during the age of Covid? I can easily see no parades, no balls, no outdoor events unless its a very small something. The big concert on the Mall would be definitely out. So the day of could be just a trip from Biden’s house to the White House.

And that 1:56pm sounds consistent with some weather delay, which because of the few events, could be accommodated quite easily. After all, the actual swearing in ceremony can be delayed if there’s problems with the weather.


Tax fraud/evasion is what ultimately brought down Al Capone, despite everything else he had done–murder included–as one of the most notorious gangsters in US history.

Trump, of course, isn’t even a gangster. He’s a blowhard, a braggart, and a wannabe tough guy who inherited his daddy’s own ill-gotten fortune, and who unfortunately for us, bragged and boasted his way through a gullible and lazy electorate into a position parallel to his own level of incompetence.

Trump’s conviction and subsequent imprisonment on tax evasion charges would be totally anti-climatic. And at this point, I’ll take damn near anything we can get if it finally puts the screws to him, and finally brings an end to this ugly, malevolent man and his wicked reign.

Sometimes, though, I don’t know who I want to see get swatted hard by the hand of justice more, Trump or McConnell.

Both men ought to suffer dearly for the things they have done, and they deserve to suffer long for it. Longer than what they probably actually have left.

CarolDuhart2, regarding the VOC (void of course) Moon, please consider that a VOC Moon is mainly relevant to horary charts. VOC is used all over the place these days, and can apply to other planets besides the Moon, but correctly speaking, the term is not a main thing in natal charts.

Natal charts go on regardless since the Moon just moves on to the next house in the chart by progression. The natal chart doesn’t end when the Moon changes signs or houses as time goes by.

So, if you treat the January 20 inauguration as a natal chart, the beginning may have a VOC Moon, but the chart carries on, and the Moon in it goes on too. Charts can continue even after people die – for example there are plenty of charts of famous people whose ideas, or books, or inventions etc. are ‘brought back into ‘life’ or focus when a significant aspect hits the natal Ascendant or some other key point.

Only time limited charts (such as horary ones which are intended to answer a question specifically within the scope of the Moon being in one sign), and some event/election charts, have a concern with a VOC Moon. Here, I don’t mean political elections, but making choices in general. For example, when a persons wants to find the best time to hold an event such as a party or wedding.

There are astrologers, like Ray Merriman (who does a free weekly forecast https://www.mmacycles.com/ ), who use sophisticated techniques to predict stock market highs and lows, etc. You might find his most recent post of interest: https://www.mmacycles.com/free-weekly-forecast/mma-free-weekly-forecast-september-21-2020/ — it doesn’t talk about VOC anything at least this time.

In any case, an astrologer will usually consider a VOC Moon as part of the overall picture, but it isn’t the be-all thing unless it’s a horary type chart.

BuckeyeShadow, I’m reading Michael Cohen’s book, Disloyal, and he sure depicts Trump as someone very much in the gangster mode so far (I’m only on p. 68). One of the first things T. asks Cohen to do is rough up some guy, really rough him up. However, Cohen does not depict what happened as physical, leaving me wondering if he left that out for his own (legal & safety) reasons.

Just found out that Amy Coney Barrett grew up one town over from NOLA, attending a girls’ Catholic HS (& excelling). She really is very Catholic. Even though Lagoa is Cuban-American, either choice will please the Catholic Hispanic vote. I have Cuban work friends in Miami and that’s how they think.

Well, I’m just about to sit down to give donations to the Democratic Senators, like Bullock, Harris, and Ossoff who stand a good chance of winning. There are actually a few more to choose from so I’m going to consider them carefully. As far as the House, Wendy Davis (TX) and Joyce Elliot (AK) have good prospects.

“why would the inauguration not be held in DC?”
I think it is a only a slight possibility, but the potential is there. Regardless of what the actual popular and/or electoral vote tally is, trump is liable to declare victory. Although it is traditional for the chief justice of the supreme court to swear in the president elect, it can be done by any federal judge.

Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One by Sarah Tilghman Hughes, the federal judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, soon after JFK’s death.

I think it unlikely, but nevertheless possible we could have an “Avignon Presidency” in which both men are sworn in at the appointed time, but of course in different locales. Supporters might insist their man be sworn in, as it is quite possible neither camp will accept the legitimacy of the other candidates “win.” Considering the pandemic and possible political chaos, the ceremony might be held wherever deemed safest. That might not be WA DC.

ja & BuckeyeShadow,
I was thinking of Al Capone when I made the statement about tax fraud.

I’m actually feeling a bit more relieved about the SCOTUS situation….because my Mother (who is also an astrologer) took a look at Amy Coney Barrett’s (the judge who many believe Trump is going to pick) her natal chart. We don’t have an exact birth time for Barrett….but what my Mother could see in her chart was better than what either of us expected. Amy Coney Barrett appears to be conservative….BUT…the astrology suggests she may not be as conservative as some of the most hardcore Republicans are hoping for. For starters, Amy’s Sun is in Aquarius – which would indicate she thinks of people as a whole and would suggest she might have more of a humanitarian outlook on certain things (Aquarius is usually more progressive and humanitarian). She also has Venus in Pisces – which might make her a bit more sympathetic and she has feelings (something most ultra-conservatives lack entirely). Amy also has Jupiter in Sagittarius – so, she’s very likely to be lucky in law. Also, she has her Moon in Cancer – which could be seen as a nurturing and supportive aspect. And…she has her Venus trines her Moon – which could make her empathetic. In other words, Amy Coney Barrett may not be the alt-right, anti-Obamacare, anti-civil rights, etc. conservative the hillbilly racist redneck conservative Mitch McConnell and his cronies want. So, this might explain why many astrologers (including the one I’ve been consulting for years) is suggesting McConnell and the GOP may not get EXACTLY what they’re hoping for.

Eliseo, any judge who would swear in Trump if he has lost the Electoral College, a Supreme Court decision or a House vote to select the President would be in trouble.

Now that I know that the Constitution sets the beginning of the new president’s term at noon, regardless of the moment he takes the oath of office, I am even more concerned about the VOC. I think the precedents given by Wolfstar (JFK and FDR’s final term) speak for themselves.

IMHO, any hearing on a Supreme Court nominee before the election may backfire on Trump’s campaign. I think sububurban women in paritucular would be repelled. Trump needs them if he wants to narrow the gap.

“…any judge who would swear in Trump if he has lost the Electoral College, a Supreme Court decision or a House vote to select the President would be in trouble.”

That, of course is true. I nevertheless see it as a bizarre and unlikely possibility, but a possibility nonetheless.

Trump is at best delusional, and at worst following orders from his Russian masters. His instructions may be to foment as much chaos as possible. In any case, he will assert the election was rigged. Depending on circumstances, many of his cult followers will believe him.

Not all of our federal judges are functioning on all cylinders. Some, many appointed by Trump himself, are not qualified for their august positions, and unfortunately are crazy enough to go along with such a scenario.

Let us hope Mr. Biden wins both the popular vote and the electoral college by a landslide. Let us also hope our belief such a win would mitigate against any successful shenanigans is actually true.

ja, thanks for the link to Lorna; all fascinating but I was most grateful for the Libra Equinox chart – happening right now. Jupiter 17 Cap sextile Neptune 19 Pisces (old and new rulers of Pisces) are both quincunx Venus and Vesta at 18 Leo suggests a shift in values.

US NATAL Vesta (investment) at 19 Taurus squaring Equinox Venus (values) + Vesta at 18 Leo, tells us that shift will be challenging for the US. However, US Vesta trines Equinox Jupiter (understanding), both in orb of a grand trine with US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) which will dissolve the boundary lines that divide various perspectives.

US Vesta also sextiles Equinox Neptune that forms a Yod with US natal Juno (20+ Libra) which must adjust. US Juno opposes US Chiron, which to me speaks of Covid 19 and how the US is addressing (or not addressing) the spread of the pandemic. This is for the US, a focus on the shift in values, IMO.

US Chiron in Aries trines the Equinox Venus (values) which is conjunct EQUINOX Vesta (focus). The next 3 months will be driven toward ending the spread of Covid and other wounds that need to heal.

Chris, I considered those factors also with Barrett when I looked up her DOB. Another Aquarius Sun on the court, like Roberts, who himself hasn’t consistently been the conservative stalwart the GOP right-wing ideologues were hoping for when George W. Bush appointed him. Someone with a lot of Capricorn/Saturn influences in their chart would have made a far more reliable choice for their intentions.

I’m still not a fan of Barrett selection by any means. There is also a disproportionate conservative Catholic influence here that is out of step with the country’s direction, and the overall decline of religion in the US. Also, for what it’s worth, more Catholic voters are siding with Biden, a Catholic himself, over Trump.

The one thing I think we will see this lead to is a broader and deeper radicalization on the Left, and ultimately, severe retribution against the Republican Party.

Pluto in Capricorn is only going to keep them propped up for about 3 more years. After that, they are sourcing a waterloo. Power structures that have doubled-down on Conservatism are going to be challenged as never before in US history, and could be overthrown or upended completely.

McConnell may yet come to taste himself, the bitter fruits of the divisive and nihilistic seeds he has so gleefully sewn.

DSCC Legal Fund
“We’re challenging states’ Election Day ballot receipt deadlines, which require that the ballot must be received by (rather than postmarked by) Election day, which means that voters who send their ballots in with plenty of time but have their ballot delayed through no fault of their own will be disenfranchised.“

October 21 – less than two weeks before the election – that is the day HHS will convene all vaccine makers and review their data.

Azar has taken over the CDC and FDA. Trump has consolidated power.

The expectation is that Trump will run with this data and make an announcement of a new vaccine later that day or the next day.

From Elisabaeth Grace 9/22:

“Bovee’s further advice here

(Acting pre-maturely brings unpleasant results; holding power in abeyance until it is necessary to use it, brings success.) `

feels apt for the current Mars retrograde, arguing against efforts to ram through anything. Mars retrograde actions have a curious way of backfiring once Mars turns direct, which won’t happen until mid-November.”

Angellight, I agree with that quote from Elisabeth Grace. In addition, the Mercury retrograde in October through Election Day will bring a rethink of the Supreme Court nomination.

The Kavanaugh nomination helped the Democrats retake the House in 2018. If the GOP have learned anything from it, they will wait until November to confirm. By then, the country may be in high gear and confirmation could be even more difficult.

Republicans Would Regret Replacing Ginsburg Before Election
Forcing through a new Supreme Court nominee could produce a Democratic backlash none of us want to see.


Good article, actually. The gist is that McConnell’s zealotry could totally blow up in his face. If the Dems take full control of Congress and the White House, not only can they pack the courts with liberal/progressive judges, they can admit Puerto Rico and D.C. as states and structurally crush the Republican Party into a permanent minority for a very, very long time.

Be very careful what you wish for, Republicans!

From what I am hearing (MSNBC), the retrograde Mars is re-addressing the collusion between Trump and Putin, but this time it will be decided by the voters rather than Congress. Fair enuf.

Retrogrde Mars (action taken) issquare (challenge) US NATAL Pluto (what is buried) and sextile (what is supportive of) US natal Moon (the People) in this Virgo (details) New Moon 5 days ago.

Again, this New Moon in Virgo was tightly trined with transiting Saturn + Pluto (both also retrograde) in Capricorn, and this New Moon in Virgo, just 3 degrees from US Neptune (which exactly trines TRANSITING Pluto in Cap), that exactly trines the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus, supplies a vigerous force of energy (grand trine) that US natal Mercury (MSNBC and others + US thinking) in Cancer designates transiting retro Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn as the focus or the driver of this energy force.

Not only that, but TRANSITING Pluto is in the exact degree where IT was conjunct trans. Saturn in January to start their cycle, and where it will be when it will conjunct trans. Jupiter (see the big picture) for the 3rd time on Nov. 12, and where trans Mars and Jupiter met on March 20 – each one of these meetings starting new cycles, all with one thing in common, the degree of 22+ Capricorn.

The Sabian symbol for this degree:
“A soldier receiving 2 awards for bravery in combat”

Trump says he’ll announce his SCOTUS pick at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Tell us it’s a lousy chart.

The radicalization of Dems and consequent backlash as described in the Bloomberg OpEd by Noah Feldman, presents a softer picture of what would be probable. Mr. Feldman wisely measured his words. The real scenario would probably be far more severe for the R’s than is wise to publish.

Eliseo, your comment about the Avignon presidency strikes a chord with me. While I consider it highly unlikely, so much “highly unlikely” has happened in the last 4 years, I don’t laugh it off anymore. It wouldn’t even necessarily be an “official” format; Trumpists will never accept Biden; we won’t accept Trump. Biden in the WH will mean nothing to Trumpists; they’ll still consider T to be their president, push that he was denied (no matter how the numbers come out), and respond in kind, IMO.

Much more worrisome to me is the SCOTUS. Biden hasn’t come out for or against expanding the seats, nor for statehood for DC. The newly constituted court would be a Dominionist’s wet dream, even if it’s stacked with Catholics. While they will be pushing their religious freedoms all over everyone, those of us in the Nature religions are gonna be in real trouble, once again. I see this as hearkening back to the late 70’s and 80’s, where the Great Satanic Panic was seen behind everything, and so much for separation of church and state. The fact Barrett is an Aquarian gives me no peace. We can be quite bull-headed in our belief that WE know best for everyone. I speak from experience, here! (gryn)

BTW.. hubby and I made it to 35 years together yesterday. Amazing to me; I never thought I’d be with any one person that long! It’s been a strange trip at times, but thank goodness we’re stronger friends now than we were even at the beginning.

The Halloween Full Moon will conjunct transiting Uranus in Taurus that will sextile US natal Ceres in Pisces that squares US natal Uranus in Gemini.

Venus in Libra will oppose Chiron in Aries and US Jupiter in Cancer will T-square them. Covid vaccine ready or replacement for RBG vote, or both? Prepare yourselves to be amazed.

slightkc, I’m not overly concerned about religious zealotry and persecution, looking at the trending energies and where we are headed. Pluto in Sag is in the rearview mirror for this cycle, until 2067, when a new Pluto cycle begins in Aries. We are heading into Pluto in Aquarius.

If anything, we are going to see more alternate religions, spirituality and humanistic atheism at the forefront for a very long time to come. Catholicism actually seems to have more ties to Pluto in Capricorn, and this period is soon ending.

A SCOTUS packed with pious ideological Catholics is not going to be tolerated very long where we are going.

Much agreed, Eliseo.

I truly think McConnell is so drunk with power that he is overreaching and reckless.

His comeuppance will be a sight to behold.

I had a great day text banking. It’s so easy, and people are so nice this year. Only texted w/ two people who refused to vote and maybe four Trump voters.

Lots of people who want the link to get an absentee ballot or say they can’t wait to vote in person, so I send them a link to find early voting sites and times, if their state has it.

So many of them thank me for sending them the info.

Please consider joining one of the text banking groups. I’m working w/ http://www.resistancelabs.com which USA platform used by a number of progressive groups.

It’s made me feel much better about the election.

I knew it! Romney is a Pisces Sun with Gemini on the ascendant; always shape-shifting. Not only that but he has a Moon-Jupiter conjunction just a few degrees away from his descendant, always a people-pleaser. No wonder we never know which way he will go or vote. Flexibility is his middle name.

So, we really are going to play this game, this fill-the-Supreme court with Pubs who will overturn everything that benefits the People; like their right to health care.

The depth of this disease in the body politic is unbelievable to me and it will require removal of whole parts. We waited too long to recognize the symptems or should I say, to become conscious, as a whole, as to just how sick it was.

Still, the patient can survive and grow strong if action is taken immediately, but it will take courage and willpower and time to heal, good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Chris, I hope you re right but i heard that she wrote a dissertation against OBAMACARE the last time it was heard in the Supreme Court, so i don’t have hopes on her there, being a strong catholic, pretty sure she will be against abortion, environmentally i am not sure.

Also , apparently she was one of the lawyers who came to Florida during the bush gore election and stopped the count.

Sure she is an ok person but she is super Christian, belongs to a group i heard inspired Handmaids tale with the ‘under his hand ‘ and all the weird phrases they use, so…l don’t know

I’m not encouraged


‘Andre, IMHO I do not think it will be Barrett. It wil likely be Lagoa from Florida. Trump is very reptilian and plays in the moment. He needs to carry Florida and she might do that. Barrett energizes his base but his base is already energized.’

I’m kind of thinking this too, it’s not like Trump thinks about what would be better for the country’, blah blah blah, it’s totally political and transactional for him and as you say it’s Florida

Has anybody pondered the Eclipse Chart of Dec. 14th, 202o which falls bang on Trump’s Moon, south Node in Sag. – that opposes his North Node and Sun?


Any input from the august astrologers on this site would be welcome.

Prof. Marc, I share your respect for the Aquarian energy in the Inauguration chart; the month old Jupiter-Saturn cycle, newly moved into the air mode of operation and out of the earth mode of operation, does acknowledge a new paradigm for the world to adjust to.

The focus for most people is on the immediate time frame of history, and the guy has only so much space to devote to the 2021 Inauguration, and we still are under the influence of earth, aka reality, so I will cut him some slack this time.

Likely, by the time the Inauguration arrives we all (well many of us) will have noticed the change; earth is solid, ponderous and weighty, while air is ephemeral and always on the move. Eventually we will, as a whole lighten up.

The fact that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius was square Uranus (as they were in 2000) suggests we will have to be light on our feet to keep up with the constant changes during the next 20 years. It is an ongoing process, this awakening of our consciousness and the pandemic has served to make us aware we are all one.

I bet you have something in your natal chart in Aquarius; Sun? Moon? Mercury? Something that makes you appreciate astrology and care about what happens to humanity. Fess up!

“Eliseo, your comment about the Avignon presidency strikes a chord with me. While I consider it highly unlikely, so much “highly unlikely” has happened in the last 4 years,”

YEP! So many “black swans” have flown our way! Makes you wonder how many more are coming our way. I think we can not only expect the unexpected, but also the unimaginable…Possibly even asymmetrical civil war.

“Much more worrisome to me is the SCOTUS. Biden hasn’t come out for or against expanding the seats, nor for statehood for DC.”
I think it wise of him to remain quiet on those
subjects, at least for now. Were he inaugurated, it would also be wise for him to appear above the fray, while allowing the new Dem Congress to admit Puerto Rico and DC as states, and expand the SC if necessary.

Some of my graduate work was on the religious right, but I’ve had my eye on them since the early 1960’s. Their idea of “religious freedom” allows them to foremost, severely punish any and all who fail to believe what they do, and/or deviate from their peculiar behavioral ideals. They love to beat people like us about the head and shoulders with their bibles until we are all black, blue, and bleeding unto death. The Domionists are especially crazy.

As they function psychologically under a schizoid, angry, vindictive god concept, their great secret fear is that if they don’t get everyone believing and behaving as they envision is “right,” their god will do to us what he did to Sodom and Gomorrha.

“BTW.. hubby and I made it to 35 years together yesterday.”
Interesting. Wife and I were married on the equinox, Sept. 23rd, 33 years ago. As she is terminally, I’m spending tomorrow, the 23rd with her, and as much time as well.

Whoops! I meant, terminally I’ll.

Damn autocorrect! ill… NOT I’ll !!!

Lamis, a quick observation re: the eclipse on Dec. 14th is that it squares the US Constitution chart’s Sun at 24+ Virgo, that conjuncts US natal chart’s Neptune (22+ Virgo), but Pluto in the eclipse chart will trine Constitution Sun. It will challenge the US Constitution, indeed, but will also activate the transformation of the US Constitution. Will spend more time pondering this when I’ve had some sleep!

RE: M. McConnell
“His comeuppance will be a sight to behold.”
I certainly hope so. These guys are criminals who need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I carefully say, federal prison is much too good for these guys.

They absolutely MUST receive very severe consequences as a deterrent to such pathologically mercenary, unscrupulous, selfish, power addictive, anti-American behavior emerging in our politics ever again.

A smaller chart than I wanted to post, but the first debate is here:

I find this writer’s analogy very compelling! Without using any psychological jargon, I think she nailed the pathology. Her presentation is lucid and simple; I think just about anyone can follow it. I usually post excerpts only, and I apologize for its length, but this piece begs to be grokked in its entirety. What do you think? Is she correct in her assessment?

If we can’t have it, we’ll kill it — Republicans wreck the country in spite:
PATRICIA HUNT | COLUMNIST | 6:59 pm EDT August 3, 2020

He was a Vietnam vet. He was a coal miner. He was the father of two children, one an infant. I met him only once, briefly, as he came in the door from work. He was married to my friend Cindy. He was scary as hell. I wondered why she had married him.

Cindy was in her late twenties, bright, pretty, and had once dated the mayor of a nearby town. Her father was a clergy colleague of mine, but I was closer to Cindy’s age than to his.

Before she got married, we hung out. I really liked her.

When Cindy left him, he told the men at the mine that if he could not have Cindy, no one would. He was going to kill her.

He did. He called her up and told her to meet him at the place she had moved out of. He would give her money.

She showed up with their children. He shot her to death. He went next door and told the neighbors what he had done and to call the police. He was willing to go to prison. He was not willing to let her live.

I keep thinking about him. Because it feels very much like President Trump and the Republican Party have decided that if they can’t have the United States, no one else will. They will do to us what retreating generals have often ordered: destroy everything useful to the advancing army.

No developed nation has had a worse response to the pandemic than the United States.

Yet schools are being ordered to reopen with in-person classes. There is no way to do this safely in a lot of places. In only a week at a YMCA camp in Georgia half of the campers and staff were infected. Look at what is happening in major league baseball.

Yet there are marching orders to reopen no matter what.

The United States Postal Service is being destroyed. Its establishment is in the
Constitution. Yet it is being ordered to slow the mail, partly to impede mail-in ballots.

The president, instead of working to make sure we have a free and fair election with no foreign or homegrown interference, is undermining faith in the election and has suggested postponing it.

Republicans are working overtime to prevent minorities from voting. Reduce the number of polling places as they did in 2018. Ensure that lines are long. Discourage mail-in ballots. This looks like an attempt to undermine democracy. If they can’t win elections, they will destroy trust in them.

Health experts say we need testing and tracking to get the pandemic under control. But we have not done that effectively. And we don’t plan to apparently.

There has been a tsunami of misinformation. You cannot swing a cat without hitting someone who believes the virus is hoax or the numbers are exaggerated or refuses to wear a mask. Where are they getting their information? From social media? Fox? Their members of Congress? Their governors?

As of this writing Republicans want to cut payments to $200 from $600 a week. The unemployed are about to be evicted from their rental units or foreclosed on their mortgages.

Anyone can see that another depression could result. Yet Republicans don’t want to act. It looks as though they are burning down the country before leaving it to the Democrats.

With the loss of jobs, more people will be without health insurance.

Health care workers are increasingly exhausted. Some are sick. Some have died. Who will replace them? For that matter, who will replace school teachers who get sick? We did not have enough substitutes before the pandemic, and the ones we did have were often retired teachers.

Trump sends troops to cities. They create more chaos than they quell. But that is rather the point.

I am not sure what is going on, but looking from the outside, it would be easy to conclude that the Trump administration and the Republicans have decided that winning an election may be impossible. And if they are not going to be allowed to govern, they will leave the country such a mess it is ungovernable. Like a retreating army, destroy everything useful.

Like an angry tenant, trash the apartment before moving. Like Cindy’s husband, if I can’t have her, no one will.

Indeed, she nailed it Eliseo. It is the 1st punch of the old one-two punch of Pluto. Trump and his pals are the 1st punch (if I can’t have her, I’ll kill her) and Joe Biden the Scorpio is the 2nd punch that brings her back to life.

But it isn’t just Pluto bringing about a new USA, it is Ceres too. Nature symbolizes the cycle of life and death and a return to life; the yin-yang, plus-minus, hot-cold, up-down, in-out, male-female, good-bad cycle everything in life experiences.

For too long the world has been in the Yang phase and needs to balance that with a lot of Yin. True to her reputation, the US will lead the way back to balance for the planet, I feel it in my bones.

The US Ceres Return, when transiting Ceres conjuncts US natal Ceres, has been taking place this year and their 3rd and final conjunction takes place just hours before the beginning of the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and all 3 of these new cycles carry the signature of the other 2 cycles in their charts.

Don’t forget that Ceres was also in the same degree as Saturn and Pluto were when they started their new cycle on January 12, 2020.

This return to yin-yang balance appears to have been the plan of the Universe from the git-go. We not only are getting rebalanced, but we are also increasing the consciousness of humanity in one fell swoop. What appears to us as pure destruction is actually the first phase of renovation of the whole planet.

We are in the process of reviewing our values; what has lasting value? Freedom? Healthcare? Forests? Drinking water? Clean air? Food? Honest and fair leadership? Equality?

Pluto rules the 12th house – the end of a cycle – of the US natal Sibly chart with Scorpio on the cusp, and Joe Biden is a Scorpio. He has been designated to lead us through the beginning of this transformation that our country and its institutions and its practices and its social structures will go through. The US progressed Saturn (structure) is in Scorpio. It is meant to be. Other countries will follow our lead.

It’s just a phase in the big picture.

CarolDuhart2, thank you for erecting the debate chart. Discouragingly, I see DJT’s natal Mars on his ASC conjuncts the debate chart’s Venus and trines the debate chart’s Mars; so it seems to me that he will do very well and that makes me feel sick to my stomach. With Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in the 9th the issues could focus on foreign policy and justice.

The first presidential debate is being run by Fox News and is most likely to be friendliest to Trump. The topic list they’ve published is:

The Trump and Biden Records
The Supreme Court
The Economy
Race and Violence in our Cities
The Integrity of the Election

Ralfee Finn:


Eliseo, you’re so literate why bother having auto correct on? lol
Since DJT has been so unbelievably lucky avoiding trials and jail, could he become ill as soon as he looses and go straight to a hospital for the rest of his rotten life?
Also, the first thing that popped into my head reading Patricia Hunt’s article is that before Biden moves in professional cleaners will have to go over every square inch of the White House and than the government archivists will have to figure out what antiques were stolen and by whom!!

Can someone look at the chart of Stephen Breyer, the 82 yr old SCOTUS? Could he be the next to leave?
Listening to the Talking Feds podcast it seems that one of the reasons to have the court increased to 11 or 13 is because there are a lot more cases each year (At the start of the Supreme Court In 1790 the US population was almost 4 million vs now where there are at least 330,000,000!!)

Tongue in cheek: if Biden adds two more seats to the Supreme Court, perhaps he could ask both Obamas to serve.

More seriously, the Supreme Court confirmation hearings will allow the VP nominee, Kamala Harris, to feature prominently since she is a member of the Judiciary Committee. I doubt the GOP will want to give her this opportunity to shine before the election.

If she is the VP-elect in the lame-duck session I am not sure she remains a member of the Senate until January. If she does, she could have quite an impact if the hearings are held at that time.

How could Trump do well in any debate when he knows BS about BS?

Probably just more energy into spinning lies, which is all he knows how to do, since he is incapable of anything else.

Honestly, I don’t think this election is going to hinge on any of the debates. Most people have made up their minds at this point, and it’s simply a matter–for us–of GOTV, and forcing Trump to GTFO.

Barb K.: I am a Pisces with Aquarius rising. Would you please respond to a discouraging blog posted by Frank (9/23, 12:14 p.m.) Thanks, Professor Bertonasco

The Vice Presidential Debate:


“if Biden adds two more seats to the Supreme Court, perhaps he could ask both Obamas to serve.”
That is High-Larious! Right Wingers would collapse from heart failure. SOCIALISTS!!! White Supremacists as well, with three Black justices.

Yes. As she is not up for re-election, as I understand it, KH will remain as senator until she is inaugurated as VP. But after January 3, when the new Congress is sworn in, she could resign as senator in order to prepare for her new role as VP. But I don’t think it is actually required.

Well said! A lucid, accurate, balanced commentary. But I’m biased, as I see it precisely as do you.

Nina & Frank,
Chris Wallace will moderate that “debate.” If he conducts himself as he did in his last 1 on 1 interview with DJT, 45 will look pretty bad.

Those Mars/Venus aspects may portend energy, but the odds are 45 will do poorly. Why? He is ignorant and overconfident. So far, he has refused to do any preparation for the event. After all, he knows more than all those generals put together! Right!?

Also, although Chris Wallace works for Fox, he appears to have quietly and discreetly sided with the anti-Trumper conservatives.

Do we have a reliable chart for Uncle Joe? Let us also look at his transits for the event as well, before we come to any hasty conclusions.

NY court has ordered Eric Trump to make himself available to NY AG for an interview in case against his father.

I am so really for Trump’s horrible, no-good, very bad day tomorrow.

PSA from the FBI about the delay of election results. https://www.ic3.gov/media/2020/200922.aspx

Trump is trashing the constitution (post office) to stay in power.

People of Praise, the religious group Amy C. Barrett affiliates with is described as a cult by someone who was in it. I think this will disqualify her – so Trump may have to turn to his #2 pick.


Thank you Sharon K. My son and I were joking that the Supreme Court nominee would be a Q-anon member.

Do you folks realize there hasn’t been a democratic majority on the Supreme Court since 1969? And there’s also this about the Pugs. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/21449634/republicans-supreme-court-gop-trump-authoritarian?scrolla=5eb6d68b7fedc32c19ef33b4

Oh dear, that would seem discouraging Prof. Marc; transiting Venus conjunct Trump’s natal Mars, but she also conjuncts Biden’s natal Chiron, and Chiron is the healer. I would be surprised if Trump didn’t get a preview of the questions from Fox and that he feels confident (transiting retro Mars in Aries trine his own natal Mars as well as transiting Venus and Biden’s natal Chiron).

Then again Chiron can imply a wounding, and if Joe’s Chiron is conjunct Trump’s Mars, Trump might get his manhood wounded by Joe in some way.

And there is this: the Galactic Core at 27+ Sagittarius is trine transiting Mars in Aries and transiting Venus in Leo, which is a fire grand trine, so it would provide a lively debate with undertones of Universal wisdom provided by the GC.

My guess is that Trump will be outclassed by Biden. Don’t forget that US Moon (US people) in Aquarius is opposite transiting Venus at this debate and we the people will be watching!

Joe gives the impression of being a softie at times, but Joe is a Scorpio, and only a lunatic would want to be in the line of fire when a Scorpio has been angered. He, Joe, won’t spare the vitriol.

As for transiting Saturn at 25+ Cap, it is squared by transiting Mars in Aries and opposed by US Mercury at 24+ Cancer + Trump’s Saturn/Mars and Biden’s Jupiter. It is Biden’s Sun-Venus in Scorpio that is trine transiting retro Saturn. Feeling better now?

If only there was something in mid Libra it would be a thorny grand cross . . oh wait, that’s where Kamala’s natal Sun is! That could be a prickly exchange between Trump and Biden!

Transiting Chiron at 7+ Aries will be square Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer but trine Joe’s Pluto at 7+ Leo and he will be loaded for bear with Covid facts. That might be worth watching.

As I said earlier, the recent New Virgo Moon chart had Jupiter at 17+ Cap square Mercury at 17+ Libra. That Mercury was conjunct Trump’s Jupiter + US progresseed Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn.

The New Moon Mercury has moved on but Jupiter will still be at 17+ Cap and still square US prog. Mars and Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn at 17+ Libra. This could be revealing in that something about Putin could come up in the conversation between Trump and Biden. Just sayin’.

Finally, the transiting North Node will conjunct Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars and US Constitution Jupiter in Gemini, while it squares US natal Neptune in Virgo and US Constitution Sun in Virgo, and trines US Constitution Saturn in Aquarius, in case you were wondering.

It could still be cancelled, this debate, what with the square between Jupiter and Mercury, and the Saturn opposite US Mercury T-squared by Mars-Eris-Black Moon Lilith in the Virgo New Moon chart. Also, Putin might warn Trump about saying something he shouldn’t and that might scare him.

If it take place as scheduled Joe will do good I am sure.

My error, Biden’s Sun-Venus in Scorpio sextiles (not trines) transiting retro Saturn.

Jill G., your article points out the republicans and their extremist views. One of the issues is that the mainstream media feels a need to be balanced and as such, they present GOP extremist views as normal and mainstream. The current GOP knows this and exploits it.

I want to remind everyone that Barack Obama did poorly in his first debate but great in succeeding ones (if my memory serves me)….so we should look at the other charts of the forthcoming debates, too.

Vedic astrologer Singh says that after 9/24, things turn badly for Trump so even if he is silver tongued and “handsome” that night, and even likeable, with Venus on his natal mars rising, what is coming out in the news about him also counts.

Also, someone said something about Chris Wallace being biased toward Trump because – Fox News….however, Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat.

Washington Post has this opinion piece on the coming vote debacle – worth a sobering read, as though it’s not sober enough already:


BarbK, thank you! I was feeling worried. I neglected the tr. Venus conjunction with Biden’s Chiron. Earlier we talked about Biden’s role as the Wounded Healer and I believe we may just get to see this in action. I’m imagining Venus stimulation Trump’s Mars to attack Joe with a comment or mimicking that he thinks is cute as Venus stimulates Joe’s Chiron to respond with a dignity and grace that will make us all proud and demonstrate to all their very different characters.

I think the dems, en mass, need to switch the huge pro-life debate from only abortion, to also mean it includes life for all races, kids and adults. Meaning, including medical care (preexisting conditions) and control of weapons purchased to kill another human being. We need to get focused, and to use the words of RBG, ‘don’t give way to emotions that sap your energy’
The opposite of LIVE is EVIL

The last two sentences in the second paragraph I’ve excerpted refers to what I’ve previously posted in regard to an “Avignon presidency,” though not using that specific historical phrase. If the election is sufficiently close, we could well have two men, each claiming to be the rightful president.
The long Atlantic article goes much deeper into what unfortunately are some very real and logical possibilities.

The Election That Could Break America

The worst case, however, is not that Trump rejects the election outcome. The worst case is that he uses his power to prevent a decisive outcome against him. If Trump sheds all restraint, and if his Republican allies play the parts he assigns them, he could obstruct the emergence of a legally unambiguous victory for Biden in the Electoral College and then in Congress. He could prevent the formation of consensus about whether there is any outcome at all. He could seize on that un­certainty to hold on to power.

Trump’s state and national legal teams are already laying the groundwork for postelection maneuvers that would circumvent the results of the vote count in battleground states. Ambiguities in the Constitution and logic bombs in the Electoral Count Act make it possible to extend the dispute all the way to Inauguration Day, which would bring the nation to a precipice. The Twentieth Amendment is crystal clear that the president’s term in office “shall end” at noon on January 20, but two men could show up to be sworn in. One of them would arrive with all the tools and power of the presidency already in hand.


Joe Biden

Many Thanks for the Joe Biden chart!

Kiwi, your “pro life” idea is so right on. Abortion vs. 200,000 and still counting souls who are no longer with their families here on earth. So many children shot in Philadelphia and Chicago every week and it goes on and on.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is explaining the Atlantic article that Eliseo has provided a link to if, like me, you need ‘splainin of. “WE ARE HERE”

Frank, that’s a perfect example. Thank you!

It is wild here in Louisville b/c of Breonna’s case that did not find the 3 cops guilty of murdering her. We have gone mad in this country. Hang in there everyone.

Two ideas I am toying with: one is a spreadsheet of all the different charts we have-degrees, dates, and so on. Another is an occasional Zoom version of this site so that we can actually discuss in real time this stuff. However it won’t be until next year when the pyramid of 5 sites I’m working on is done.

YES! I think we can successfully characterize the R’s as the pro-death party. They’ve been the pro-death party for decades, but the coronavirus has finally exposed them to many of the dimmest among us. Their true nature is increasingly discernable. May the rest of our population awaken to it soon!

Sounds like two really good ideas to me, but I’d suggest you check with Nancy in regard to the second one. It’s her blog, after all.

The Second Presidential:


Is my third chart readable? Has a gray background.

I also learned on my second astrological program that in order to accommodate Daylight Savings time I needed to use a number lower than the usual hours for longitude ex; 4 hours than the usual 5 hours west for Eastern Daylight Time.

The whole life concern is quintessiallly Catholic. it’s a part of Catholic Social justice teaching, and has been a staple of that since the late 1960’s turned some of the Church’s focus from just saving souls to helping the world be better.

Eliseo – strange coincidence of anniversary dates! We actually celebrate on the Equinox more of then not, instead of the “date,” itself, as well.

While circumstance left us little choice but to choose that weekend to get married, it also had the blessing to not be in the middle of the South Texas summer heat, since we had an outdoor wedding!

Spellcheck is the bane of our existence in more ways than one! (LOL)

South Texas?
Ours was also outdoors, in a park in San Antonio.

Eliseo – inre the article you posted, I think she nailed it, though she could have given even more examples. We’ve all been worried about what will be left once T is gone, but lately I’ve been saying he and the republicans are in the process of a “scorched earth” program.

I think the Repubs see that not only is T NOT going to be re-elected, but they’re going to lose the Senate, as well. I think it’s one reason they’re intent on getting RBG’s replacement in as fast as possible. It’s the only way they stand a chance of retaining “minority rule” and continuing to have an outsized influence. I do believe they’re going to leave things so screwed up and demolished that it’ll take Biden most of his first term to just get a functional government back up and running… and that’s not even considering the time, creativity, and effort it’s going to take to get our economy going again. And all of it with about as much cooperation as the Repubs gave Obama. /snark

Some things I saw in the 2nd debate chart:

t Venus conj. Biden’s MC in the 2nd debate;

t Mercury is conj Biden’s mars in the 11th house;

t Libra moon is in Biden’s 10th;
t sun is in his 11th.

Gotta go watch Rachel’s 2nd show now — probably on Trump not going peacefully because:

“You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are a disaster,” Trump said at a press briefing at the White House, presumably referring to mail-in ballots, which he has baselessly claimed will lead to voter fraud. “(G)et rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very … there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation,” he added, saying “the ballots are out of control.”


Meanwhile, from the hypocrite Mitt Romney who plans to vote for a justice before the election:

“Fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power; without that, there is Belarus,” Romney tweeted. “Any suggestion that a president might not respect this Constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable.”

Thank you, Carol, by the way 🙂

silcominc – you posted: “The expectation is that Trump will run with this data and make an announcement of a new vaccine later that day or the next day.”

I think he can make as many announcements as he wants, but it means no more to truth than his “health care plan” to be released in 2 weeks – as spoken several times over many months. I don’t know too many who plan to take any vaccine developed under this admin without waiting months to see what happens to those early-adopters.

Sharon, you’re welcome


The Third Presidential Debate

Barb – on 9/23 you said: “What appears to us as pure destruction is actually the first phase of renovation of the whole planet.”

It’s like Kali, the Destroyer or the Tower in the Tarot. Before the new can manifest, the old must first be wiped away. While it’s a truism that I intellectually acknowledge, the pain and anxiety that accompanies the process is painful, to say the least.

Also – Joe wound T’s fragile male ego? That’s about as hard to do as my cat catching crickets! (LOL)

Kiwi – I gotta admit when I first read your comment about Dems and abortion, it felt like a kick to my stomach. Women are standing on the edge of losing nearly all free agency, IMO. And this is one issue I’ve been involved in since I was in my late teens – right around the time Roe was decided.

Re-reading it a little more dispassionately, I can see where you’re coming from.. especially when read in conjunction with Banks reply to you. Neither repub nor their xtian followers have ever been “pro-life” IMNSHO. I read them closer to “Forced Birthers” since their care and concern is only for the unborn. And, in truth, I don’t think they care that much about pre-birth, either. It’s about –control– of women, period. We’re SOOOOO dangerous, don’t you know! And we’ve gotten so uppity and pushy these last 40 years; they glommed onto our healthcare, and ensuring we didn’t achieve pay equity, as the way to put us back into our place.

I kinda liken it to religious wars. Although on the surface a specific war may -look- like it’s a war between two religious groups, when you get down to brass tacks, it’s generally always about resources, greed, or envy. There’s always an ulterior motive. Then again, I’ve grown more cynical as I’ve aged… (shrug)

I get where you’re coming from slightkc – and I agree. I just think its now got to the point where we must loudly raise the ante and call their bluff – ‘Ill see your unborn and raise you a full, fear-free independent lifetime’

Ms. Hunt is dead-on accurate.

Exactly–they do not care about life–it is indeed forced birth is all.

Slight kc,
Honey, that is not cynicism–it is hard-earned wisdom!

I recognize the pain and anxiety you speak of slightkc, millions of us do, and yet Trump has speeded up the process and there will not be decades of watching our country dissolve into nothingness. In 4 short years this detestable human has pulled enough people out of their stupor to vote against him in an effort to save this country from extinction.

Too long we as a whole have turned a blind eye to the corruption in government as long as the majority of us were doing okay. Trump has been the burr under the saddle that has forced us to change what has been a deterioration of a system that has long needed reform.

I am no where near able to thank him for making, no, FORCING us to consciously reform our Constitution and our slipshod ways of governing. I despise the man in spite of what he unconsciously has brought about. I leave that to future generations, those who won’t have had to stomach his words, conceit, mannerisms and stupidity. Thank the gods and goddesses for his stupidity.

“How To Steal An Election
The chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party acknowledged he has discussed appointing loyal electors with the Trump campaign.”


“The President is not running for re-election. He is running against the election itself.”

– Rachel Maddow

‘What will you do for your country when it needs you?’: Rachel Maddow tells Americans it’s time to defend American democracy


“As the Senate prepares for yet another brutal Supreme Court nomination fight, one particularly sensitive issue is creating apprehension among Democrats: what to do with 87-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

Feinstein, the oldest member of the Senate, is widely respected by senators in both parties, but she has noticeably slowed in recent years. Interviews with more than a dozen Democratic senators and aides show widespread concern over whether the California Democrat is capable of leading the aggressive effort Democrats need against whoever President Donald Trump picks to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”


The men behind QAnon – ABC News –

https://abcn.ws/35YQKWE via @ABC

Evon Davis

ELECTION DAY PREDICTIONS: Psychic Astrology Reading


Trump is basically a Mars-Uranus person. Natal Mars sits on his ASC and it is sextile his Sun-Uranus conjunction. The fact that in the 2021 Inaugural Chart a Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, a conservative sign associated with moneyed interests, real estate, agriculture, capitalism and Wall Street, will be square the Sun (the President), Jupiter and Saturn means to me he will remain prominent during the next four years, whether he wins or not. Mars-Uranus will clearly challenge and slow the onset of the Aquarian era in unexpected fashion.

If he loses, as I believe he will, Trump could remain prominent in different ways: he could lead his followers in a constant and upsetting opposition to the result, or his trial may be the biggest and most spectacular event of the next term. Any attempt at significant reform by the Biden Administration will clearly be met with major upheaval or conflict. And if the economy tanks or the pandemic worsens, the mid-terms may see a reversal for the Democrats.

Finally, if the VOC Moon holds for the Inauguration, the Biden presidency could end suddenly, as was the case with JFK and FDR’s fourth term. Trump’s people will hardly accept a female Afro-American President. Fundamental change begins in 2024.

It is highly unlikely Trump would prevail in a court challenge to the election results, whoever replaces RBG, because he would have to prove mail-in ballots are fraudulent. No such proof exists. Legally, I don’t think it will be close.

Trump could have more success in convincing some states to select slates of Electoral College electors favorable to him where he is in the process of challenging the results in court, or where the result is very narrow or unclear over many weeks.

The eclipse on December 14, however, occurs on the day the Electoral College meets and directly hits his natal Sun-Moon opposition. This will be a decisive moment and it appears to be unfavorable for him. I don’t expect him to ever concede, but by then he should have no other choice but to leave the White House in January. There will be much sound and fury between November 3 and December 14, but Trump’s predictable bluster will likely be fruitless.

More from Lorna Bevan:

As we accelerate towards the Aquarian Age between 2021-43, years of disclosure and transparency, it’s
time to become a savvy agent of influence by creating an ever-expanding repertoire of responses to life,
rallying yourself with freedom and your innate evolutionary ingenuity.

It’s time to stop being shocked by or dramatizing the ongoing outer 3D events. They should not be a
surprise, nor an opportunity for sensationalism, nor a way to keep old narratives alive
It’s time to realize that your Mind is your greatest natural resource – a high frequency personal technology
It’s time to delete all the conditioned cobwebbed beliefs and imprints and think for yourself
It’s time to radically clear everything – especially your belief matrix – that keeps you trapped
It’s time to commit to a different way of living – living on purpose
It’s time to consciously and deliberately withdraw all the emotional hooks to people in your life who
manipulate, control or drain your precious energy
It’s time to stop making nice, to stop placating, tolerating in the name of being accepted in roles you grew
out of long ago
It’s time to finally see through the Emperor’s new clothes to the non-reality of the threadbare lies and
distortions running in the background 24/7
It’s time to see right through the over culture’s deliberately paradoxical message exhorting you to be
unique/be different/ be special but making sure you conform all at the same time
It’s time for transparency, authenticity and openness
It’s time to simplify by stripping away anything unessential
It’s time to create practical applications /businesses/services from everything you’ve ever loved, studied
and experienced
It’s time to identify your personal touchstones and meaning makers in this world turned upside down
It’s time to be discerning about which stories (or spells) you support as everything on all levels is
being amplified


Andre, I thought that the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Trump’s natal 9th house of foreign countries could mean Trump makes a sudden (Mars = action, Uranus = unexpected) getaway to Russia or some other country that would take him in.

The midpoint of transiting Jupiter (foreign countries) and transiting Saturn (rules & restrictions) at 5+ Aquarius on Inauguration Day is in Trump’s 6th house (fix it) which will trine Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra in his 2nd house (personal belongings) which is quincunx (must adjust) to the Mars-Uranus conjunction at 6+ Taurus ($$) in his 9th house (foreign countries).

Fair assessment?

ja, re: Lorna Beven, Amen!


Trump is very likely to have far more serious things to worry about than Biden or Harris in the White House. I’m not even talking so much about his mounting legal issues (which are myriad) so much as his visibly deteriorating mental and physical health, which seems to be proceeding at a steady rate.

I’d honestly be surprised if he is still alive two years from now. Maybe we’ll at least get to see him in an orange jumpsuit first.

Barbk, Mars-Uranus in the 9th could also mean Trump spends an unusual amount of time in court or dealing with legal matters, and that he may have a few surprises coming his way.

That too Andre, that too! Then there is Saturn-Jupiter, and in a while, transiting Pluto in Trump’s 6th house of health, and even now the ruler of his 6th house of health, his natal Uranus in Gemini, has been squared by transiting Neptune in Pisces, so what Buckeye says holds water too.

It becomes more clear every day what the transit of Pluto (+ Saturn, + Jupiter) opposite the US natal Mercury means. Our little Mercury in Cancer, ruler of our Mars in Gemini and OUR Uranus in Gemini too, fight back those great big guys in Capricorn with great big fistfuls of words, every hour of every day – in books and in TV news and in newspapers and magazines and even in blogs on the Internet. Words really can kill!

Well, we know he will last at least until the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts. The old and fading Jupiter-Saturn cycle had Mars conjunct Trump’s Uranus and that same Jupiter-Saturn chart’s ascendant conjuncts Trump’s natal Mars-Ascendant in Leo that opposes our natal chart’s Moon in Aquarius. This fight won’t end before December 20, 2020, and when the new cycle starts the next day.

What will we talk about then?


There’s a big number of cases already in court, decisions already coming down and being appealed, orders stayed, appealed again — right now in state and federal courts.

Republicans are trying to limit counting of mail in ballots before the election, to limit allowing mailed ballots to count if postmarked by election day but arriving after. Whether witness are necessary or if voters can fix signature issues with absentee after sending them in.

Democrats are winning some, losing some, and I hate that all those cases are still being fought this close to the election, and I can see them creating chaos on election day and afterward.

Poor election office officials are already overworked with all the absentee ballot requests. Now they have to deal with rules that keep changing.

At this moment transiting Venus at 20+ Leo is in the apex of a Yod between (1) the midpoint of the trans. Jupiter-Pluto, about 20+ Capricorn, and (2) trans. Neptune at 19+ Pisces. Transiting Venus opposes the US PROGRESSED Mercury (20 – 21 Aquarius) and that, altogether, is a Boomerang.

The city of Louisville, KY birth chart has the South Node (doesn’t work anymore) at 20+ Capricorn, and it conjuncts the midpoint of transiting Jupiter and Pluto, and it is sextile trans. Neptune, and it is quincunx (requires adjustment) the transiting Venus in Leo (showtime).

The Uranus in the soon to expire Jupiter-Saturn cycle was also at 20+ Aquarius, where the US progressed Mercury (speak out) is, and it was square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus (which is trine US natal Neptune in Virgo and trine the new Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, where transiting Pluto is this very moment).

Hence there are demonstrators in the streets of Louisville, Kentucky right now. Thought you should be aware this was not a random thing.

Also you should know that Louisville’s natal Uranus at 7+ Virgo is sextile its natal Neptune at 7+ Scorpio. Transiting Chiron (wound that won’t heal) at 7+ Aries completes a Yod with Louisville’s Neptune and Uranus and that means transiting Chiron is making an adjustment here in Louisville.

Please forgive us as we are going through a growth spurt.

Teresa Hill,
The confusion is part of it. I could be wrong, but I believe the only legal actions brought by Dems were to undo the legislative or governor’s orders that were enacted this year to limit voting. All the other cases and there are a lot, have been brought by GOP front groups, most of whom are well funded and their purpose is really to gum up the works.

We are under assault as we speak. Our only hope and I am not being overly dramatic, is a huge outpouring of our side. If you have the option and can risk it, go in person to an early voting location. Most election districts will count early vote and day of votes before mail-in. If we can show a clean win on election night – I think its harder for them to steal it.



They have been coordinating this for a while. Look at this article – clear proof that they are meeting with Republican state leaders.


In NC, a swing state where their Senate seat and Trump are both underwater, the two (only two) GOP members of the state board of election just quit. Claiming some BS. They are setting the stage to question whatever the outcomes are. And they are targeting all the swing states.


As a not quite dispassionate Canadian watching from my own country, I perceive a noticeable rise in anxiety in American media this week after Mercury’s t-square with Saturn and Mars. I just saw interviews with Michael Cohen on CNN and a presidential historian with Rachel Maddow who were both alarmed. As a former constitutional lawyer, I thought this anxiety was somewhat made worse by a misunderstanding of the operation of the judicial system. Don’t forget 7 judges out of 9 decided in June that the President was not immune from producing his tax returns. The courts have been slow, but so far they have stood up to Trump and I am confident they will continue to do so, no matter who replaces RBG. The idea that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court would automatically hand Trump a second term if Biden leads, as he most likely will, is unconvincing. Both sides could reasonably claim victory in 2000 and the Supreme Court stopped the count in Florida because of ridiculous hanging chads. I didn’t agree with that decision but it could be justified by the need to get the election done. This time will be very different. Trump would have to prove voter fraud if he were to win legally. Everyone knows who the people want this time and I cannot believe at this point the Supreme Court would stand in the way of the will of the people. Maybe I’m being too Canadian.

The good news is much of what we perceive now, including the Supreme Court nomination, won’t pan out or will be revised as Mercury retrogrades in October until Election Day. Our perceptions and thinking will change significantly over that time as new facts arise.

The bad news is that collective anxiety will not decrease during this period for other reasons. Next week, it is Mars’ turn to square stationing Saturn and Pluto. Things will be even tougher and darker a week to ten days from now. There is no turning back from the election campaign from hell.

As Churchill said, if you find yourself walking through hell, just keep moving. Ther is a way out and it is forward.

Andre – thank you SO much for your logical, reasoned response. I was thinking something somewhat along those lines but fear & anxiety has already taken hold, as you noted and then when Romney said he would support whomever….despair set in. You are a great lawyer.

Just to set the record straight about Bush v Gore in 2000. SCOTUS was prepared to act and when Roberts called Rehnquist on Friday night to say that if they did not act immediately, AlGore would be named the winner by Monday because they knew that there were more votes for Gore than Bush.

Powerful speech by Bernie Sanders today. Sorry, dont have the link.

Andre: re.your comment, “The bad news is that collective anxiety will not decrease during this period for other reasons,” The major ‘other’ reason is Covid.

It is quite serious how much the threat of the 2nd wave is being downplayed. The numbers have not abated and there have been many health commentators who have warned of continuing danger. If the numbers keep climbing as high as some health authorities fear (up to double the deaths so far, 400,000 by the new year), Trump’s jig will be up no matter what devious actions he takes.

The projections would be a staggering toll. Everyone hopes that it will not happen, but the point is, it could. If the States cannot get control of the pandemic and people keep ignoring the danger, and Trump continues to deny it, despite all the current focus on the presidential race, the toll on the health system and the death toll itself will overwhelm all else.

It’s already started in Europe, Canada, etc.

According to the daily updates from Washington Post, in the past week in the U.S., daily reported cases rose 7.8%:


This may become the October surprise – not some stunt by Trump & Co., but just the stress and strain of the virus — at which point Trump can protest as much as he likes, but the votes will go to Biden.

You mean Scalia? Or maybe Thomas? Or one of the others? Roberts was not on the Supreme Court then. He may have been acting as an appeals judge then, if it was him.

Beowulfie, I agree the Saturn and Pluto stations, and the Mars squares to them, will probably bring bad news about the pandemic.

Here in Canada, the number of cases, while still low by American standards, is increasing sharply as in Europe. The number of deaths is not, but some doctors fear it is only a matter of time. We are headed to a semi-lockdown, very reluctantly.

Roberts was not on the supreme court during Gore v. Bush but he was the lead litigator for the RNC during the Florida recount. He was rewarded for his successful effort to get Bush installed by being named to the Supreme Court and then made Chief Justice.
However, looking at his chart and the transits since his appointment, it looks like he has gone through a significant transformation and is becoming more apolitical and concerned about the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

Gina, John Roberts clerked for Rehnquist and was one of the major players on the Bush legal team during the recount. He was instrumental in getting SCOTUS involved and was rewarded by Bush with the Chief Justice role.

Well, the Supreme Court being an appointment for life has some pluses, too. They can do whatever they want, including not being the partisan puppets the people who put them there want them to be.

And often, the justices start thinking of their legacies and maybe even their love and commitment to the law, because people can hold very different interpretations of the Constitution and legal precedents and still have a deep commitment to the law.

A good friend of mine’s son clerked for Justice Scalia, and despite being very liberal and disagreeing with most of Scalia’s conservative beliefs about the law, still held the deepest respect for Scalia as a man and a justice, and says Scalia loved debating points of law with him.

Justice Roberts has disappointed and infuriated conservatives more than once.

At 2:19 PM on December 3, 2010, the transiting Saturn made its first of three conjunctions to the US natal Saturn at 14 Libra 48, known as the US Saturn Return, and this began a cycle that will end in October, 2040.

In this US Saturn Return chart, both transiting Chiron and Neptune were at 26+ Aquarius, with transiting Jupiter at 23+ Aquarius. The US natal Pallas is also at 26+ Aquarius and she conjuncts the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

On that day,12/3/10, when trans. Saturn was conjunct US Saturn, transiting Mars was at 26+ Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius,and the natal Sun of Louisville, KY, forming a sextile with the Saturn Return chart’s transiting Neptune, Chiron + Jupiter and US natal Pallas-Moon in Aquarius. Halfway between them was the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

Mars + GC that day was also square transiting Uranus at 26 Pisces 40 retrograde at the time of the US natal Saturn Return.

On July 20, 2020, the New Moon 28 Cancer 26 was opposite transiting Saturn at 28 Capricorn 39 and the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

I believe this New Moon on July 20 triggered the fuel of the Saturn Return that had the square between Mars and Uranus, and the sextile between Mars and Neptune (+ US Moon and Pallas) which the July 20, 2020 New Moon formed a Yod with, and which the transiting Saturn (+ US Pluto) on 7/20/20 turned into a Boomerang.

I believe the Saturn Return energy (via the July 2020 New Moon) fueled the Louisville demonstrations over the killing of Breonna Taylor by Louisville cops.

I believe the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inauguration Day, the start of a new cycle between them lasting 2 years, is going to relate to demonstrations of a different kind, having to do with money and other benefits.

That conjunction on Inauguration Day at 6+ Taurus T-squares the US natal North Node at 6+ Leo and the South Node (+ US natal Pholus) at 6+ Aquarius. It will, by its very nature, force a decision between the old practices/laws (South Node) and a new path forward (North Node) that will be part of the Biden-Harris 4 year term’s changes.

I am not in favor of Joe debating, but if he must
this would be a great scenario-

Mr. Trump, faced with a pandemic and an economic downturn, tells Americans what a great job he’s done. In response, Mr. Biden should smile and say with a bit of laugh: “And just where have you been living? South Korea? Or Fiji? You cannot be in the United States — except maybe on the golf course. We’ve got about 4 percent of the world’s population and 21 percent of all Covid deaths and the highest unemployment since the Great Depression! You must be living on another planet!”

The retort mocks the president as weak and unaccomplished, which will rattle him. He is apparently so fearful of being the target of a joke that — unlike any president before him — he has skipped the last three roasts at the White House Correspondents Dinner.


a possible future worry with covid has popped up in NZ. A guy who had covid six months ago has again tested a weak positive. Seems that another bug (cold/flu) may have reactivated remnants/fragments of covid still ‘trapped’ in the cells. Concern is that covid may stay dormant in the body, (like herpes virus – chicken pox in children, shingles later in life) only to reappear when something later triggers it. Studies are ongoing.

Amy Coney Barrett is a member of a Christian charismatic group called People of Praise, which was founded in Indiana, where she lives, in 1971. This group favors speaking in tongues. Women are not allowed to hold top leadership positions. The husband is the spiritual leader of the family. The highest leadership position for a woman was originally called a handmaid. A new nightmare: the Handmaid’s Tale is coming under a Trump dictatorship.


I am beginning to look forward to most fascinating hearings. Will she wear a red hood? I would howl with laughter if I didn’t want to scream with horror at the same time. She is a beautiful woman with the eyes of a religious fanatic. To think they would replace RBG with this.

“A legal career is but a means to an end … and that end is building the Kingdom of God.”- Amy Coney Barrett

There’s a headline in The New Yorker magazine saying Obama proposes disconnecting White House cable as the most peaceful way of getting Trump to leave. Makes perfect sense to me.

Amy Coney Barrett, Jan. 28, 1972, New Orleans, Louisiana (per Wikipedia), is reported to be Trump’s pick to replace RBG on the Supreme Court. Here are a few notable things from her charts, but without an exact birth time, the Ascendant, Midheaven and houses cannot be determined. Nonetheless, the planets alone say quite a lot.

Amy’s natal chart has a grand square between Mars at 21 Aries, Moon at 17 Cancer, Uranus 15 18 Libra retrograde, and Mercury at 24 Capricorn. All in cardinal signs, which means she won’t hesitate to make her views known and act on them. But those views are likely to evolve some over the years and with one built-in natal opposition between Mars/Uranus and another opposition between Moon/Mercury, her views could be quite different from one case to the next. It seems to me that she will likely be quite an unpredictable judge in some ways, despite her reputed excellent record in jurisprudence.

Amy also has Saturn at a critical degree natally, 29 Taurus 35’ retrograde, which opposes her Neptune at 4 Sagittarius and inconjuncts Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius. This combination (imo) indicates a perpetual struggle between her material, worldly interests (Taurus, but with ruler Venus in ‘immaterialistic’ Pisces) and her professional, legal ideals and conduct in Sagittarius. Her sign of Sagittarius has its ruler Jupiter residing in its own sign at 28 Sag., which makes it very comfortable in the law, but it comes along with religious/idealistic beliefs in Neptune at 4 Sag.

Her Sun is conjunct the North Node at 5 Aquarius and if a noon chart is close to her actual birth time, her Sun would be very prominent indeed. Perhaps most significantly, her Sun at 7 Aquarius is remarkably UN-aspected, with no aspects from the classic inner planets. An unaspected planet is a loner, a stand out, potentially even a rebel, because of the lack of natal aspects. However, a natal picture changes over the course of a lifetime as progressions and transits go by, so there’s no need to go into a tizzy about this by itself!

So, Amy has only one major aspect from her Sun, which is to an outer planet, a sextile to Neptune at 4 Sag. However, her Neptune is well connected because it is part of her grand square, which pretty much touches everything else in her chart. This Neptune, again, emphasizes her religious or belief orientation (whatever it may be), which pervades the chart. Combined with her primary ego force (Sun), she could be quite resistant to influence in some ways despite Neptune’s renowned vagueness and indecisiveness (symbolized by the 2 fishes going in different directions). Amy would presumably be steadfast in her belief structure, unless and until her Sun or her Neptune for some reason were to flip. Her decisions might swing back and forth – and that may not be such a bad thing (one wishes to be hopeful). This kind of effect is possible when no other planets modify or mediate the influence (if you can say Neptune ever has a structure to influence).


Tomorrow, September 26, there are lots of exact transits to Amy Coney Barrett’s natal chart. Transiting Jupiter opposes her natal Moon at 17 Cancer, which brings her luck and approval. Transiting Moon is closely conjunct her North Node at 5 Aquarius, especially earlier in the day. Transiting Sun at 4 Libra sextiles her Neptune, bringing attention and focus on her beliefs, along with enhancing her newly acquired fame with the wider public.

Transiting Mercury at 29 Libra is inconjunct her natal Saturn Rx, which may bring some unwelcome attention to her conservative record of judgments, but it’s not likely to bring any disrepute since Mercury is direct in Libra, the sign of fairness. Amy’s Venus, at 22 Leo, the planet of love, (temporarily) brings her positive vibes from Trump as it trines her natal Mars (one of the corners of her grand square) and almost exactly sextiles Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini. In all, it looks like Amy is headed for confirmation if these aspects hold up.

On the other hand, there are signs of some difficulties too. Transiting Saturn Rx is conjunct her Mercury (and will repeat the aspect soon, when Saturn goes direct) and transiting Mars at 26 Aries Rx is square her Mercury (again, this will repeat). Countering the Venus/Mars aspect, transiting Pluto Rx is square her natal Mars at 21 Aries. Undoubtedly, she will get quite a grilling during the appointment process. As well, there is a cluster of aspects involving her natal Sun and natal Chiron with transiting Chiron Rx and Uranus Rx, but given the many positive aspects and the slowness of the transiting retrogrades, it seems these aspects won’t get in the way of her eventual appointment.

Lastly, there is a Yod from transiting Neptune at 19 Pisces Rx to Amy’s natal Ceres at 18 Leo Rx and her natal Uranus at 18 Libra Rx. Hmmn – is that a conflict between the nurturer versus the crusader? Given her history and her sex, it’s reasonable to expect that she will need to juggle her conservative instincts against her womens’ lib instincts. The retrogrades make it impossible to know what she’ll really do over time. Whichever side comes out on top may depend on cases as they come up in the court – she may wind up being one of the ones that straddle the middle, from one pole to the other, case by case. Only time will tell if she opts to favor one side consistently.

She may become a rather controversial and simultaneously an interesting addition to the court, and perhaps not quite as radically conservative as Republicans hope. It looks like she will become the SC addition whether folks like it or not, and the appointment may be formally confirmed just after the election when Neptune retrogrades to 18 Pisces, inconjunct her natal Uranus at 18 Libra.

Sorry, typo: Amy’s natal Uranus is at 18 Libra, not 15, as at the top of first post.

How far after the election?

Here’s a question for you all. We know 45 has evangelists who have his ear: do you think he has an astrologer, too? We know Reagan had an astrologer. Do you think 45 has one, too?

Andre, Beowulfie, Barbk: if it looks like nothing will be able to stop Barrett from being confirmed, is there anything Senators can do to slow it down? I hope they’ll have the presence of mind to ask about her record, as Rachel was talking about this evening. It appears that, based on her opinion about Justice Roberts’ opinion in 2012, we now have a good idea how she might rule on ACA.

The Inauguration day conjunction of Uranus-Mars at 6+ Taurus T-squares the US North Node at 6+ Leo and South Node at 6+ Aquarius AND US NATAL PHOLUS at 6+ Aquarius AND AMY’S Sun at 7+ Aquarius and her North Node at 5+ Aquarius.

This tells us that the Inauguration Day initiates a lengthy brouhaha for Amy, that starts small but becomes a bloody battle in no time. Pholus opened a bottle of sacred wine without permission and this enraged the other centaurs (in this case I think that means the Democrats in the White House and the Congress and maybe even in the Supreme Court).

Her natal Saturn is where transiting Sedna (who was thrown overboard) is in Taurus and both square the US Moon, so she might not go over well with the US people. Her natal Mars at 21+ Aries is conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries so that could either help or hurt her.

With her Mercury opposite the US Mercury and conjunct transiting Saturn and Pluto and US natal Pluto too, it won’t be peaceful for Amy if she gets the job. On January 16, 2021, transiting Pluto will exactly conjunct her natal Mercury. That won’t be fun.

Ja, Did you see Pres. Obama roast the donald at the correspondence dinner 9 years ago? It gave me the creeps knowing trumpy must have been thinking of revenge. Here’s one of many links; at about 2:30 in is where Pres. Obama jabs at him.
The right thing for President Obama to do would have been to ignore him, not mention him by name, or even acknowledge his birther crap. It gave trumpy too much power.

Frank and anyone interested, here’s a link to Senator Sanders speech yesterday. https://www.c-span.org/video/?476214-1/senator-bernie-sanders-challenges-president-trump-voter-fraud-transfer-power-comments

Andre, here is a link where you can shorten urls for posting.

Another great free Friday show from Randi Rhodes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay5_2Fyl318
She’s explaining the latest election cheating, covid19 crisis news, Russia and facebook, plus more.


There are something like 50 million Catholics in the US currently. And 5 of 8 current SCOTUS justices are Catholic. Barrett would make that 6 of 9.

Seems like Catholics, particularly on the Conservative religious end of the spectrum, but so regardless, are quite disproportionately represented on the court. (FWIW, I note that Biden is also Catholic, although he’s obviously much less in anyone’s face about it.)

The overall direction of the country is moving away from religion in general, and all forms of Christianity in particular, a trend that Trump has only accelerated because of his extreme amoral nature and the stench of hypocrisy emanating from right-wing Christianity for embracing him.

I was raised Christian myself, and abandoned the faith years ago because of the narrow, regressive, and downright stupid and hypocritical ideas I saw that many around me were harboring, and where I saw it all going to (spoiler alert: no place good), even as I was exposed to new ideas that challenged my frame of the world. I stretched my mind and found the frame given to me by church I grew up in to be far too small of a container to stuff it back into.

As I see it, Trump is the closest thing to an “Anti-Christ” there has been in our lifetimes here in the U.S. It’s so absurd to me that people just can’t plainly see him for who and what he is. If you truly believe in Jesus as Christ, or at least the essential spirit of what Christ is supposed to mean and represent within humanity (e.g. the “Kingdom of Heaven” within each of us), there’s no possible way that you can see Trump as anything but a bald-face liar and deceiver. A.K.A. “The Devil” himself who promises you everything you want, but whom ultimately instead robs you of everything of value that you’ve got.

I also think that many of his so-called Christian followers actually want to be deceived by him. Somewhere inside, they know their faith is founded on shaky supports, and that their belief structure is crumbling in face of larger, uncontrollable forces that terrify them. Trump represents a vengeful lashing out at those forces–demographic change, progressive politics, rising Aquarian humanism, BLM, women’s rights, etc. that threaten the status quo that has shielded them from broader accountability and responsibility, allowing them to remain in their bubble of bliss.

But Trump won’t last forever, and in fact he has incited all the things that these fake Christians fear most to double-down on doing whatever it takes to end his reign and then push back even harder on them.

Their embrace of him reveals how weak and utterly depraved their faith truly is.

Accordingly, there will be increasing pushback from the public against a court that represents a very narrow and diminishing demographic, one further incensed by the blatant F-U from Trump & McConnell to Ginsberg and all who admire her tenacious liberal/progressive spirit and legacy.

Barrett will never be remotely as loved or revered as RGB. Her nomination and appointment will merely be the catalyst to pack and liberalize the court, bringing it inline to where the US actually is.

looks like the global covid deaths will reach the 1M mark in a day or so – usa will have about 21% of them.

“BREAKING: In a veiled threat of violence, Bernie Sanders tonight on “Real Time with Bill Maher” signaled to his “millions” of Bernie Bros to go into “the streets” and confront Trump — “in one form or another” — if Trump refuses to concede the election and leave the White House”


“SILENT NO LONGER: Robert Cardillo, who served as the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency until 2019, spoke out against President Donald Trump in a column in the Denver Post.” @Nowthisnews


BuckeyeShadow, it appears at least some evangelicals and Catholics are turning from Trump, according to a recent poll, because he lacks kindness (understatement).


Thank you, Jill G, I agree with you.

Jill G, thank you.

BuckeyeShadow, great writing. I couldn’t agree with you more. Like most people in Quebec, I turned away from my Catholic upbringing as soon as I could. My spiritual journey brought me in contact with all great religions as well as native shamanism. I returned to my Catholic roots via Buddhism when I understood all religions were relative and cultural, but also most could give real access to the divine if I put dogma aside.

I sense in Amy Coney Barrett a rigidity I find abhorrent. She will probably repel many suburban women that Trump needs to win. Maybe he has unconsciously given up on the election. I expect the hearings to hurt him in the polls if they take place before the election.

And I don’t expect her to pay him back with favorable decisions if she is confirmed. Nixon also named three Supreme Court judges (or was it four?). The Supreme Court still turned against him 8-0 in Watergate. One judge recused himself because he had worked in Nixon’s Justice Department.

Hi Andre,

You wrote: “Everyone knows who the people want this time and I cannot believe at this point the Supreme Court would stand in the way of the will of the people. Maybe I’m being too Canadian.”

On this issue, it seems you would prefer something more substantive than just Michael Cohen’s opinion (in a number of interviews, Michael makes it clear it’s not in Trump’s DNA to accept defeat come hell or high water).

Be that as it may, because we are approaching a rather precarious period in our 250 year history with the seemingly irreversible downward trend in the economy exacerbated by the exponential rising of COVID 19 cases expected in the Fall, I suspect, Nancy Pelosi & Company will not allow Donald Trump to hold our nation hostage to an interminable stalemate in the courts which would only worsen an already intolerable situation. To witness a rogue president encouraging his supporters to protest by all means necessary including the use of violence would be catastrophic indeed. See related video:

Anderson Cooper Stunned When Tom Friedman (NY Times political columnist) Predicts America on the Brink of Potential Second Civil War


A number of Tarot card readers are seeing rapid fire high profile indictments of those in the administration including the detention of Donald J Trump prior to the election that will force the election to be postponed. It has been suggested irrefutable evidence will be produced and shared with the public that will put to rest any doubts that Russia was behind the 2016 election results thus rendering the Trump presidency null and void.. The only question is when will the eradication of the Trump presidency occur? If I were to hazard a guess, my attention is drawn to the October 31st Uranus/Full Moon conjunction (8 ’38 Taurus). It closely aligns with the 2017 US Inaugural Moon (9 ’21 Scorpio) semi-square Inaugural natal Saturn and Mars (23 Sag-24 Pisces). The 10/31/2020 Full Moon also squares Trump and Biden’s natal Pluto (7/10 Leo) and forms a Grand Cross square to Russia’s nodes (8 Leo-Aquarius) thus possibly revealing Russia’s involvement. Uranus often shakes up the status quo. Could this be the “October surprise” some people are hoping for? As one astrologer writes……

“The month ends with a blue full moon, the second full moon of the month in Taurus. Saturday October 31st the Taurus full moon is at 8 degrees of Taurus and exactly conjunct the unpredictable shake up the norm planet Uranus. Keep your options open for trick or treating as this signature represents changing circumstances or surprises. Ultimately Uranus is the awakener; however he does not judge in human terms of easy or problematic of how it cracks open our consciousness. Becoming aware of our true nature is one of the roles of Uranus. This full moon is a time that we can tap into our higher consciousness and see life from a different perspective than the drama that is unfolding in the role that we are playing in this time and space.” – Extracted from The Loving Light Astrologer website

About that much talked about Trump Nodal Return right atround the time of the election that have some people worried. One astrologer puts that into perspective……..

The following excerpt is from Astrology of the 2020 Elections: Donald Trump

“…..What’s most interesting, and beneficial, for Trump, however, is that the general election in November corresponds almost exactly around the time of his Nodal Return. It is especially interesting since, as mentioned before, the Nodes play a huge role in his chart. The North Node in Gemini is conjunct his Sun in the 10th house, as well. He is coming into his purpose. It looks as if – for better or for worse – leading this country… or leading something… being in the public eye, at least – is part of his destiny. Of course, you could also argue that on the flip side of that, the South Node is conjunct his Moon in the 4th. While things look more positive than negative here, as far as Trump is concerned, whether he wins or loses may depend partially on his karma, how he has handled himself within the last 4 years. Has he been living up to his purpose? It’s a win! Has he been failing, falling back on the bad habits of his past? It’s a loss! ”


Buckeye, you know well that religion, as it is with other groups, is a way of sheltering one’s identity as an individual. When you are seen as an individual you are vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. but when one is part of a group the focus is less personal. ?

You also know, most everyone finds some comfort in being identified with an organization of like-minded individuals. Safety in numbers is a side benefit. Confinement in attitudes and viewpoints is the drawback.

It is quite possible that many Christians personally find Trump appalling but don’t admit it because being part of the group works for them. I agree with you in that many in the Christian communities don’t want to “see” Trump’s flaws, and I attribute that to fear of being recognized as an individual without the cover of being part of the Christian community.

Like all structures that are faltering in these transformative times, the concept of Christianity is being challenged to open its mind to concepts that have been verboten in the past. It IS a scary time for people and organizations that do not want change.

The fact is we all must change or die; by Covid or by climate change, the reality of the past is no longer valid. We have heard the sound of the Trumpet and it warns us to open our minds and hearts if we, as a species want to survive.

Scary though these times are, they are also exciting. To be part of such a time in history is an honor, IMO.

Jerry, re. your comment, “A number of Tarot card readers are seeing rapid fire high profile indictments of those in the administration including the detention of Donald J Trump prior to the election that will force the election to be postponed —

I don’t it is a good idea to advertise that kind of thinking – there may be high profile indictments, but there won’t be a detention of Trump. A great many intuitive statements are half perception and half wish fulfillment. The latter is a trap.

Everyone sees the danger, that much is common to all. But everyone also has a personal response to it and my sense is that people are all too easily led to believe what they want, and ignore the realities. It’s the realities that will carry the day, not the wishes. Saturn beats Jupiter almost every time and the exceptions are short lived. By December, when Saturn and Jupiter conjoin, the tale will be told whether we believe in astrology or Tarot or not.

In my own amateurish take on Amy Coney Barrett, I tried very hard to discover for myself what is in her chart, but also stick close to the principles and discipline of basic astrology. Many people laugh at the word ‘discipline’ and make fun of the ‘principles, but they are there for a good reason, such that we don’t all go spinning off into space thinking up things that can’t be. There are 2 sides to everything and everyone.

One of the things that can’t be is that Donald Trump is not going anywhere. He’s not going to escape to Europe, and he’s not going to be harmed because he has the world’s finest security detail 24-7, and he’s not going to be anything except the world’s most unpopular ex-president in history. Nobody is going to put him in jail because, right or wrong, he is THE President.

Every president that comes after him is going to want to be treated the way he is going to be treated. He is going to set a precedent for post-presidencies that will hold sway forever – yes, there will be threats and noise, but in the end he is the keeper of secrets that cannot be told until later history reveals them. That is just plain the truth.

In fact, it is quite likely that Pelosi, Schumer and the rest may have to cut a backroom deal to get him out, if they possibly can, WITHOUT the involvement of the Supreme Court. They would be eternally grateful not to have to feed the beast of the press and the public’s paranoia any more than it already has been fed. Biden and crew will just want to get on with it and if they can get Trump on some part of his tax fraud and charge him a whopping fine, that’s about as far it’s going to go.

If it has to go to the SC, then the Dems will do what they must to cope with an even longer slog of hurt, but any kind of deal they make is not going to include personal confinement, or humiliation or punishment for DT. It would be scandalously bad for internal and international relations and Republicans would just fuel up on it for the next round.

Like it or not, Trump is the ELECTED president of the US. The PEOPLE elected him according to the system that has been in place for 250 years. The challenge is to change the system, not just the president. Even though he is the worst, Trump remains the Presidency, personified and embodied until he dies a natural death.

The honor of the Presidency (what’s left of it) is what the ‘system’ has to protect above all, in the hopes that in future years they can reconstruct the honor once more. The system is Saturn, the honor is Jupiter and they need each other to survive. If Dems can get the bastard to walk out and go home to Florida, that will be the happiest day in the US since D-Day. That is reality.

Sorry about the double negative – it should read: One of the things that can’t be is that Donald Trump is going anywhere. He’s not.

Beowulfie, you may be right about Trump, but I would not put money on what the future holds for him. He has broken so many laws it is to imagine a world where he is not held accountable in state courts around the nation.

The concern I have is that his minion is fast at work to rig the elections. Between the grifters and those who prefer fascism over democracy, I am very concerned that we are on the verge of something very bad.

I had written a lengthy post the other night but it did not get posted where I outlined some of the events that are occurring in terms of election officials and GOP operatives that are certainly setting the stage to contest the election in many swing states and relying on their conservative justices to give it the veneer of respectability.

In case anyone needs a laugh — heard Secret Service has a secret plan to get Trump out of the White House using a bucket of KFC as bait.

Lure hum out. Change the locks. Easy.

Judge Coney Barrett’s faith does not prevent her from being willing to cause untold suffering to people who will lose the protection of Obamacare, immigrants and victims of gun violence.


Lord, please keep me safe from your flock.

The upcoming great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be December 21, 2020. It’ll be their closest conjunction since 1623.


Nomination began at 5:04 PM in DC, with 12th house Moon at 7+ Aquarius square Uranus at 9+ Taurus retrograde but sextile the MC (outcome) at 6+ Sagittarius. Moon also trines US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

(the Sabian Symbol for the MC is CUPID KNOCKS AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART which Dane Rudhyar says is about an “. . ideal love (that) tends to exalt individual characteristics in that it glorifies what seems to be able to fill poignant and unconscious needs.”

He says it implies a challenge to “EMOTIONAL REBIRTH”.

4th house North Node at 23 Gemini is sextile 7th house Venus at 23+Leo, both are quincunx Saturn 25+ Cap and Pluto 22+ Cap, both of which are retro. They are at the apex of this Yod and must adjust.

Saturn and Pluto are opposite the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer which is also retrograde. US Mercury completes a Boomrang, meaning that all the energy of the planets in this configuration are sent to US Mercury for its use. That’s me, you, the history books and the Press/TV/Twitter, you name it. The world is watching.

BarbK, thank you for the time! Could you please say who nominated Amy Coney Barrett as well – or was this time only for the opening of the proceedings?

I haven’t ever watched this kind of event from start to finish and I’m wondering what part (within the event) constitutes putting her name forward to the nomination committee (or whoever it is). That is, aside from Trump who actually had her nominated in the first place.

Thanks for any clarification!


I also respectfully disagree. Everything is until it isn’t. If this is a battle for the soul of the nation, and of the fate of said nation hinges on the successful prosecution and/or punishment of Trump and his lackeys for what they are and represent, at some point, Trump is going to be spending the remainder of his days in prison, or otherwise he is going to be exhausting all of his remaining resources up to the moment of his dying breath—which the enormous stress of maintaining such a fight may very well hasten.

This, or the country dies.

We are in a Pluto crisis. It’s a choice we have, and there is no middle ground. If we don’t make the choice ourselves, it will be made for us, and we probably won’t like the outcome.

My money is still on Trump going down first, one way or another. However much he runs his nasty mouth, he is much physically weaker and fragile, and nowhere near as wealthy as he wants people to believe that he is. For all the trouble he is causing all of us, he’s 74 and expending a great deal of energy himself just to keep running his BS machine. At what cost? The fool has fallen prey to his own trap, and has to run faster and faster just to keep spinning out all of his crap. How exhausting must it be for him?

In any case, I don’t see how we make it through our Pluto Return without some major reckoning for the corruption that is dancing naked in broad daylight now.

One thing I know for certain is that this period can’t be about trying to skirt by the corruption issue now with the hopes of restoring honor to the Presidency later, any more than it is possible to ignore a gangrenous wound. Something rotten is going to have to be excised to save the “body” or the rot will only continue to spread until there’s nothing left that can be saved. This is Pluto we are dealing with here, after all.

Even if Pelosi and Schumer were to cut Trump some kind of deal to get him out of Washington on or before Jan 21, there’s an army of prosecuting attorneys in Manhattan that are waiting with bated breath to pounce on him the moment he sets foot out of the White House for the last time. Maybe justice for Trump doesn’t come by way of Washington. New York State works just as well from my view, so long as it is made clear to all that you cannot get away with such wickedness and corruption indefinitely.

Beowulfie, 5:04 is when Trump started talking with Amy standing next to him. As he started talking I turned off the sound as I always do. I don’t think anyone else was involved but my face was in the computer screen getting a chart so I can’t say for sure. As far as I am concerned, 5:04 PM on Sept. 26 is the time/date that started the process.

For what it’s worth, transiting Mars (after stationing direct in November) will reach 26 Aries 05 on Tuesday, Dec. 29, where it was at 5:04 tonight, when it was square transiting Saturn. This was their 1st square after their new cycle began on March 31 at 0+ Aquarius.

{That Mars-Saturn cycle’s chart had Moon (People) at 3+ Cancer, conjunct US Venus (values, like health care) and the transiting North Node at 2+ Cancer, all opposite transiting Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 4+ Cap. and the South Node.} Is Amy the small cause?

Dec. 29 is just 8 days after the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius, when Mars and Eris will exactly square Pluto at 24+ Capricorn (opposite US natal Mercury). It will be their third square since their new cycle started on March 23 at 24+ Capricorn. It’s going to be a bumpy ride between now and then.

The hearings for Amy Barrett are supposed to begin on October 12th. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th. Any thoughts about how they will proceed. Will
McConnel rethink his plan to hold the floor vote to confirm before the election because several vulnerable GOP senators will lose their seats if they vote to confirm her. Senators like Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, and Joni Ernst? Or maybe the GOP senators get an ear full from their constituents about what her confirmation will mean–killing Obamacare and tell McConnel they won’t vote to confirm her and he says he realizes that he made a mistake in pushing her through during an election year.

Stephanie, I agree. It won’t go as planned.

Hi Beowulfie,

I understand the need for prudence and being cautious. Wild speculation isn’t always healthy. But by the same token, what makes you so certain Trump’s election was legitimate as you so claim? If persuasive evidence is brought to the American public that Trump’s election was bought and paid for with laundered money and Russia’s assistance, that America is on the verge of losing its sovereignty and becoming a part of Russia; what then? Startling new evidence has emerged recently that Russia is at it again. Can we afford to wait? Logically speaking there may be no other recourse but to take action now rather than wait for a fait accompli.

A lot can happen in a months time in any case. As mentioned, we are entering a time of great uncertainty wherein COVID 19 is at the beginning stages of once again spiraling out of control, which will inevitably force another nationwide shutdown. Think of what THAT will do to the economy? The markets will most likely plunge into free-fall AND there is the added complication of having a rabid dog in the White House determined to hold on to power regardless of the election outcome. Mind you, Trump’s inept misguided policies, courtesy of Putin’s behind the scenes promptings and agenda to bring America to its knees can only prevail for so long. Regardless of what you have read to the contrary, many intelligence experts are in agreement, Putin is behind all this. He has unduly influenced the 2016 election (and will do so again) and Trump’s decision making process. His sole aim is to sow discord and confusion.To ignore the reality of what’s going on would be irresponsible, not the other way around as you were suggesting.

Thanks to all for contributions. Keep the faith.

Jill G,
Thank you for Tinyurl!

Do not know about the rest of you all, but I am directing all of my manifestation energies toward Rx Merc nullifying Amy’s confirmation.

PS (to Beowulfie)


Simply put, we are not seeing the dangers and absolute urgency that lies ahead. We have been anaesthetized. It’s business as usual. Nothing can be further from the truth. Here’s one intelligence assessment……

Strzok On Russian Interference: We’ve Grown Dull To Outrage

Video 8 min 33 sec


If Sr. Simone has anything to say about it, Amy will not be on the supreme court: https://networklobby.org/news/catholic-lobby-rejects-the-nomination-of-amy-coney-barrett/?fbclid=IwAR2VJvBaD2DfnflJbYHwNMrN4JJFIAD9t9Bl9PNZ8flcCiNTxXS6W4xSTYk.

Sry, I can not make tinyurl work for me…

Jerry, I agree. The country is both numb and hyper vigilant at the same time. We are at the lull before the battle. People are realizing it’s not just trump but the grifters and fascist who surround him. And that army is committed to taking over the country. And doing it under the veneer of civility that right wing judges bestow.

Thank you for such thoughtful comments, folks. Great discussion.

Also, Jerry, re. “But by the same token, what makes you so certain Trump’s election was legitimate as you so claim?” – – I wasn’t intending to debate the moral legitimacy of Trump’s election, which is certainly a huge topic of controversy. I merely meant that DT was elected according to the laws as written, i.e. via the college of electors. That’s not a comment on what’s right, just an acknowledgement of what is.

The fact that there is a drastic contradiction between the will of the majority of US voters, most of whom didn’t even vote, and the will of a select group of people who happen to be ‘electors’ is beyond my meaning. Again, thank you for your thoughts!

“A great many intuitive statements are half perception and half wish fulfillment.”

Very True. In my experience, there are many who are “sensitive” but most cannot discern between their psychic perceptions and their personal desires. To an extent it is true for many of us. When our “intuitions” are something we “feel in our gut” it is probably more mediumistic, i.e. from the solar plexus and/or the heart. The heart can befuddle the mind; it can be a very deceptive organ. When the “intuition” is from the brow and/or the crown, it is usually a purer signal, more clairvoyant in nature.

One of the the more intelligent and literate “intuitives” on the net a few months ago reported she had discovered through remote reading that Kim Jung Un was dead. He is not. C’est la vie. We all make mistakes, and any psychic and/or clairvoyant abilities, no matter how highly developed do not equal omniscience. We are all easily led to believe what we want, and ignore the realities. We, especially those of us with real psychic sensitivities, can more easily and arrogantly fall into self deception than we usually realize. It’s a Neptune thing!

I also agree with you the election is not likely to be postponed. But unlike for previous presidents, If DJT is turned out of office, there will be a flurry of indictments, particularly from the state of NY.

He IS a criminal, after all. We’ve had crooked presidents before, but nothing on the scale of DJT, and NO president but Trump has flirted so intimately with treason. Never before him have any of them actively tried to subvert our democracy, and establish himself as a fascist style despot.

He and his minions must be punished with extreme severity if our democratic republic is to survive. Otherwise we are inviting others of his mindset to attempt similar goals. Furthermore, if we allow Donald to walk away free from his crimes against America and humanity, we will lose further respect from our allies and be inviting our enemies to further destabilize us and our electoral system. DJT and company must be dealt with justly, but severely if we are ever to restore our reputation among the community of nations.

If defeated electorally, and after exhausting the legal process through the courts and having failed, DJT will NOT go away quietly. He WILL foment insurrection.

18 U.S. Code §?2383. Rebellion or insurrection
U.S. Code
Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §?330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

Eliseo, it’s not just our reputation throughout the world that’s at stake, IMNSHO it’s also whether or not the law is at all respected within the U.S. We’ve already got trouble now with the out-of-control police being perceived to be “in cahoots” with the neo-Nazis, as well as at least being perceived as being a bully on left-leaning/Dem protestors.

Law is a civil/social contract we agree to abide by at the price of living in a society. When that law is applied unequally, you the trouble to which that leads. I’ve even caught myself at times saying something like ‘why should I worry about this or that being against the law when no one else is being “punished” for it. Add to it that there are many laws, already, which are seen as less important to abide by… i.e. drug laws in some states but not in others… and we’re about to break law and order into so many pieces.

Trump is already now and has been fomenting insurrection. Did you see the article on bellingcat.com with the exported chat logs of these people? They’re already making plans for their after-the-election actions. The one thought I had was I hoped the FBI had infiltrated those groups, for our own safety. Trump has radicalized a whole breed of domestic terrorists, and they need to be dealt with in the same manner as international terrorists, IMO.

Whether we’re talking crime and punishment for Trump or for his minions, the law has to come down on the side of justice… not release due to technicalities. To do otherwise not only disrespects all those who’ve been injured or killed by Trump – both literally and figuratively – but otherwise we’re gonna have a complete break of the societal covenant we must have to function as a civilized society. I would say we’re almost there, now, when you add in the “civilized” portion!

Beowolfie, I’ve read the Tarot for over 30 years, and I’ve taught classes, as well. The very first thing I learned and that I impart in every class at the beginning is to never try to read for yourself or those close to you, nor for an issue in which you have an emotional investment. You WILL skew the reading without even trying.

What I ended up doing when trying to read for myself or someone close was to do an outline and flowchart that helped mitigate this issue somewhat… but still kept in mind it probably didn’t mitigate completely. Of course, I also found in trying so hard NOT to skew in one way, it was really easy to skew in the other direction! That was when I started using astrology and numerology to “valid” an interpretation. It’s still not 100%, but we are all human, after all… (gryn)

Hi Beowulfie,

I understand. I hope you don’t mind my reflecting back to you, in your own words what you, are saying. You wrote that it wasn’t “a comment on what’s right, just an acknowledgement of what is.”

So, in reply and that being the case, it appears the current state of affairs, “the what is” as you call it, has broken down. Agreed? That’s a fact. We have a rogue President that has arrogantly flouted all the rules, broken gazillions of laws using his Attorney General, his administration officials, the entire Republican Senate including his enabler in chief Mitch McConnell to carry out his behests. We have a situation that can not be remedied through the normal channels of due process. We tried impeachment and myriads of other avenues within the parameters of the constitution. Nothing works. It is an insidious and dangerous situation to put it mildly. Trump is systematically breaking down all the sacred democratic institutions we have dearly valued for so many years, that have served as a beacon of democracy to the rest of the world. Can anything be done? Is it a hopeless situation? To let the elections go on as scheduled would be suicidal. It would legitimize the current administration. I for one think, the “what is”, may not be what you think it is. It’s entirely possible Nancy Pelosi and her team are quietly strategizing behind the scenes, patiently gathering evidence, waiting for just the right moment to act, which to me. would have to logically occur BEFORE the Trump administration has the ability to completely solidify its power – and then without warning (Uranus), will pounce on its prey in one masterful, decisive stroke and be done with it. To do it any other way would just land this nation hopelessly bogged down in endless legal procedures that would most likely end in failure as has been experienced in the past.

So, does the October 31st Uranus/Full Moon conjunction describe such a bold move? I think it does. Irrespective of what the Tarot card readers are saying, I think we will have no choice in the matter if we wish to continue on as a democracy. To say it is based solely on wishful thinking may be dismissing the intelligence of our democratically elected leaders. I am confident Pelosi and her colleagues are fully aware of the magnitude of the situation and consequently will act accordingly. They will do the right thing at just the right moment. Kind of like an intricate chess game, that has been well thought out in advance. You can’t decipher the details until its final execution. One will then be able to view the action in its entirety. Not unlike the following brilliant one minute art video creation. It’s all about perspective. Take a look……


PS Make sure the above link’s volume is turned on.

Marjorie Orr:

What is strange – maybe not – is that her relationship with Donald Trump is anything but cosy with an outright-dislike composite Mars Saturn conjunction. By 2022 tr Neptune starts three years of squaring and undermining that; as well as upending the composite Uranus also from 2022. So if he wins or even if he doesn’t, cases that involve him which appear before the Supreme Court may find him regretting the day he appointed her.


Thanks Jerry!

For those still open to astrological symbolism, transiting Uranus, now at 9+ Taurus retrograde, having been at 10+ Taurus most of July, all of August and most of September, all the while square Trump’s natal Pluto (death-rebirth) at 10+ Leo, will continue its retrograde until mid January, 2021, where it will sit at 6+ Taurus.

Transiting Uranus (breakthrough) in Taurus will square transiting Jupiter (understanding) at 6+ Aquarius that trines Trump’s Neptune in Libra, for about a week in January, awaiting its conjunction with transiting Mars, exact on Inauguration Day at 3:38 PM, still in orb of a square with transiting Jupiter, and even still in orb of that square with Trump’s Pluto in Leo. Altogether they create a pain-in-the-ass T-square.

In the US Solar Return chart for 2020, Uranus was in 2 major configurations. At 9 Taurus 59 it was in a grand trine with the Moon at 9+ Capricorn and the MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo, which was opposite the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces and the Solar Return chart’s IC. This would become a Kite pattern, emphasing the MC or the outcome of the US Solar Return year that will end in July, 2021.

The other pattern Solar Return chart’s Uranus was in was a Yod made up of Uranus sextile the IC (roots/homeland) + US natal Ceres in Pisces, and the chart’s Juno (partner) at 9+ Libra in the apex of the Yod, the part that has to adjust.

Going even further, this Yod becomes a Boomerang because Juno opposes Chiron in the same chart at 9+ Aries, and that’s where all the combined energy winds up.

But wait, there’s more . . .Solar Return chart Juno opposite Chiron are T-squared by the Moon in Capricorn that is in a grand trine with Uranus and the MC (outcome). That suggests that Moon (the US People) will be the deciding factor in how the opposition between Chiron and Juno is resolved. At the ballot box perhaps?

I think so because the Moon at 9+ Cap in the Solar Return chart opposes Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer (which conjuncts Mercury in the Solar Return chart at 7+ Cancer) and that is what is called a grand cross, i.e. 4 squares and 2 oppositions; what a dilemma!

But that’s what grand trines are for, to help solve dilemmas. and the Moon trine Uranus and both of them trine the MC, aka the Outcome, well, it’s the People’s Choice it seems.

Another interesting thing about the 2020 US Solar Return chart is its ascendant at 26+ Scorpio conjunct Joe Biden’s natal Sun at 27+ Scorpio. If we see Pluto (transformation, or death and rebirth if you prefer) as the ruler of Scorpio, then Pluto rules this Solar Return chart and Pluto in this chart is conjunct Jupiter AND Pallas the Strategist, all at 23+ Capricorn. You see where this is going? Biden’s Sun, etc. etc.?

Pluto and Jupiter will make their 3rd and final conjunction on November 12, around 3:30 PM at 22 Cap 51, and they will be trine US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25, and they will be trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies) start degree at 22 Taurus 43, . . .

. . . a cycle which had Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, which is where the US progressed Mercury (thinking, talking, writing, voting) is at 20-21 Aquarius, which as I said, squares the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (about societies) that started the cycle that will end on December 21, 2020. All over by 12/21/20. Done.


I agree with all of your points entirely re: the rule of law, etc.

If you google “trump will foment insurrection” or any similar phrase, you get a zillion hits, particularly from last April and August. They are news articles and op-eds describing trump’s verbal and nonverbal efforts to foment chaos, fear and to “liberate” Democratic cities and areas.

Gov. Inslee, our governor here in WA state, and I believe other officials, have accused Trump of insurrection in the literal and legal sense and want him prosecuted for same.

You are also right in expectation of domestic terrorism. It’s already happening, and as you described, it is on the post election to do list of these far right groups, be they neo-Nazis, or other fascist style militia.

No matter who prevails in the November election, they will act out, either in celebration or in protest of the outcome. They will burn down, murder and create as much mayhem as our law enforcement officers allow.

We have finally got em!!!


Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750.

He had paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years — largely because he reported losing much more money than he made.

As the president wages a re-election campaign that polls say he is in danger of losing, his finances are under stress, beset by losses and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due that he has personally guaranteed. Also hanging over him is a decade-long audit battle with the Internal Revenue Service over the legitimacy of a $72.9 million tax refund that he claimed, and received, after declaring huge losses. An adverse ruling could cost him more than $100 million.

I find it curious that a year from now, on Oct. 6, 2021, there is a New Moon at 13+ Libra that is conjunct Mars at 13+ Libra that conjuncts US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra that conjuncts Trump’s Chiron and Juno at 14+ Libra that conjuncts Putin’s Sun at 13+ Libra. It is curious to me in that it comes almost a year after the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

Earlier today I laid out a bunch of aspects in the US Solar Return chart without saying what I thought it could mean, in hopes some would come up with some ideas, and besides, I was exhausted.

On this New Moon in 2021 at 13+ Libra I will tell you what I think it could mean but I won’t say why I think it. I believe it is about uncontroversial evidence that Trump and Putin plotted to overthrow the US government, and that Putin was essentially blackmailing Trump.

Hint: Uranus (breakthrough) will be sextile US Sun that conjuncts the MC of this New Moon chart while it, Uranus, will be quincunx the New Moon and Mars in Libra.

Another hint: Mercury at 20+ Libra will conjunct US natal Juno and oppose US Chiron, and Mercury will also be trine Jupiter in Aquarius and US natal Mars in Gemini that conjuncts Trump’s Sun.

That’s all for now but after the Inauguration I will have much more to say about this New Moon in October, 2021.

From the times:

“This “successful businessman/president” is a fraud. There is no other word for it. The evidence here is damning.

Not that any of us who have been paying attention these past four years will be surprised. We knew what this evidence would show. That Trump has massive debts to foreign nations that would compromise his ability to properly represent this nation. And now the facts are here for all to see.

And yet…. There are still 42% of our citizens who won’t believe any of this. Trump’s accountant could provide these voters with notarized copies and they still wouldn’t believe it. They will continue to simply parrot his “fake news” mantra.

After this revelation, there is no doubt that Trump voters are nothing more than a cult. And with our system of government that permits the minority to elect a president, we could well see this grossly unfit man elected to a second term.

There have been so many revelations about Trump – based on his own conduct and actions – that would have been the nail in the coffin for any other president – and yet his voters are still in lockstep with him.

Just further evidence that we are no longer in the America we knew before 2016. And we may well never return to it, either.”

One more:

Trump is a crook who deserves to be prosecuted. But I wish this was an anomaly because it isn’t. We’ve decided in the name of “freedom” to create a country where you and I and every Joe Schmo pays far more in taxes than the wealthiest in our society.

“How people can see this stuff and not be radicalized and demand dramatic change is beyond me. This is a country broken beyond belief and until we decide to stop letting the extremely rich have their way and steal from the rest of us, we will continue to spiral downward. This is sickening. We need much higher taxes for the wealthy and to close loopholes that allow this brazen income tax evasion.”

This should never have been allowed to happen.

Ahh, the awful, no good, very bad day, with the Comey movie premiering tonight and Monday, and the debate Tuesday.

Thank you, universe.

I knew something big would come up this week with the Mars squares to stationing Saturn and Pluto. The NY times revelations mean Trump is entering a world of trouble.

Mr. Singh was right! He states that after 9/24/20, Trump would be going through the worst period of his life! (…which doesn’t mean he can’t steal the election but….not if there is a landslide or enough of a margin). Go to his website and scroll to the area under Gureet Singh podcast (in a red rectangle with his photo) and read his most recent comments. Not only are the tax records revelation part of this but he feels Trump will lose al 3 debates. It’s hard to believe he could win with so much against him. Will he back out is the question?

I’m checking out for the next 24 hrs of Yom Kippur when I usually fast and go to services. This year I’ll watch them on Zoom. I like this day – it feels peaceful, restful contemplative, pure, holy, reflective and a day to look at oneself honestly.


How can he possibly have the nerve to debate??

Why would Joe even consider debating such a low life??

Among the key findings of The Times’s investigation:

Mr. Trump paid no federal income taxes in 11 of 18 years that The Times examined. In 2017, after he became president, his tax bill was only $750.

He has reduced his tax bill with questionable measures, including a $72.9 million tax refund that is the subject of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Many of his signature businesses, including his golf courses, report losing large amounts of money — losses that have helped him to lower his taxes.

The financial pressure on him is increasing as hundreds of millions of dollars in loans he personally guaranteed are soon coming due.

Even while declaring losses, he has managed to enjoy a lavish lifestyle by taking tax deductions on what most people would consider personal expenses, including residences, aircraft and $70,000 in hairstyling for television.

Ivanka Trump, while working as an employee of the Trump Organization, appears to have received “consulting fees” that also helped reduce the family’s tax bill.

As president, he has received more money from foreign sources and U.S. interest groups than previously known. The records do not reveal any previously unreported connections to Russia.

It is important to remember that the returns are not an unvarnished look at Mr. Trump’s business activity. They are instead his own portrayal of his companies, compiled for the I.R.S. But they do offer the most detailed picture yet available.

This is how you know there’s a difference between the two parties. If a Democratic president got busted right now for something like this, Pelosi, Schumer and the entire party would be calling for him to resign immediately, even knowing that it would almost certainly cost them the White House and result in devastating losses down the ticket.

Back here in reality, there’s been nothing but crickets in Republican/GOP land stemming from this damning revelation.

And of course, Moscow Mitch still can’t fall over himself fast enough to ram through another right wing SCOTUS justice.

Seems to me that McConnell knows the writing is on the wall, and is still happy to go for broke anyway. Wouldn’t be something if he himself is somehow implicated in the Trump-Russia tax fraud scandal? Does this mean we could also nullify all of the judge appointments that have occurred under his watch?

Maybe this is why Trump Jr. looks so coked out. Perhaps he knows they are all in serious, deep sh!t and that the “good times” of living like leeches off the public are coming to an abrupt end.

I say Kudos to the NYT. Trump Sr. is probably blowing a gasket right about now. Sure, he’ll probably just start spinning more lies even faster, and this is likely stressing him out even more. How much more can he take? I’m willing to find out, while betting that at some point he collapses because he cannot deal with such pressure and withering scrutiny.

Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscales is in a Ft. Lauderdale hospital on a psych hold after his wife called 911 and said he had access to multiple weapons and had threatened to kill himself.

No specific time it happened, just this afternoon.

I wonder if he knows something worse than the tax returns is coming out.

typical bully mentality – throw blame elsewhere. Trump’s campaign says “The disgusting, personal attacks from Democrats and disgruntled RINOs have gone too far, and they should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done to this man and his family. I guess they forgot all about right wing treatment of Hillary, Obama, and countless others. Pot, meet kettle.
Karmic reckoning begins?

From the editor of the Trump Tax Investigation:

The records show a significant gap between what Mr. Trump has said to the public and what he has disclosed to federal tax authorities over many years. They also underscore why citizens would want to know about their president’s finances: Mr. Trump’s businesses appear to have benefited from his position, and his far-flung holdings have created potential conflicts between his own financial interests and the nation’s diplomatic interests.

The reporters who examined these records have been covering the president’s finances and taxes for almost four years. Their work on this and other projects was guided by Paul Fishleder, a senior investigative editor, and Matthew Purdy, a deputy managing editor who oversees investigations and special projects at The Times.

Some will raise questions about publishing the president’s personal tax information. But the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the First Amendment allows the press to publish newsworthy information that was legally obtained by reporters even when those in power fight to keep it hidden. That powerful principle of the First Amendment applies here.

Teresa Hill – thank you for mentioning the Comey show tonight. I’d forgotten; caught it during the late night showing. I get to go back to bed now feeling like I did the day after the election when I discovered Trump won.

That last scene, when he opened up the curtains with both hands and we’re seeing it from the backside, did it feel to you like, “and here comes the devil.” I actually said it out loud!

RE: the Oct. 6, 2021 New Moon.
“that conjuncts Trump’s Chiron and Juno at 14+ Libra that conjuncts Putin’s Sun at 13+ Libra.”
“I believe it is about uncontroversial evidence that Trump and Putin plotted to overthrow the US government, and that Putin was essentially blackmailing Trump.”

Well, all the connections are there, barb. It looks like a matter of just connecting the dots and seeing what “picture” they produce.
Your surmisal that Mr. T & Mr. P. conspired to overthrow the US government is at least plausible.

Trump’s troubles will likely accelerate exponentially when he leaves office. Both the journalistic and legal investigations will continue unabated in all probability beyond his actual lifetime. Long after his death I imagine historians will sporadically discover new and extraordinary “dirt” on the former president. Graduate students will write theses and dissertations on the man’s criminal business career and his time as president, as will some of our best biographers.

When he dies, I’m hoping for an autopsy. I suspect that in addition to his various DSM diagnoses, it will be discovered he suffered from frontotemporal lobe dementia. Another subject intersecting political science, psychology, and medicine.

The irony of his life will probably be this:
DJT worked and hoped to make the Trump name immortal. He will have succeeded, but it will likely be a synonym for “Quisling.”


I wasn’t prepared to relive that much of the 2016 campaign. Just like you, hated being reminded of it in that much detail.

And that we spent so damned much of 2016 talking about stupid emails. Compare that to the crimes the FBI and so many other law enforcement agencies are digging into …. It’s hard to comprehend, even now, how different things are.

The thing people always forget is that Russia hacked her computer and the DNC and got all the emails. They slowly released them during the last month of the 2016 campaign.

It was all stupid, petty stuff, nothing of any importance.

apparently kushner’s twitter feed has just been deleted or ‘disappeared’ and some are wondering ‘whats that all about?”

my bad, apparently it was an old account and hardly used


“I suspect that in addition to his various DSM diagnoses, it will be discovered he suffered from frontotemporal lobe dementia.”

“Trump suggested naming his daughter Ivanka as his running mate in 2016, according to new book by Rick Gates

In Rick Gates’s telling, Trump’s suggestion of naming to the ticket his daughter — a fashion and real estate executive who had never held elected office — was no passing fancy. He brought up the idea repeatedly over the following weeks, trying to sell his campaign staff on the idea, insisting she would be embraced by the Republican base, Gates writes.”


I couldn’t find the pertinent posts, but I think there was a discussion in this blog some time back that the Sept 29th Saturn station (25 Capr.) square Mars (25 Aries) forming a t square to Trump’s natal Venus (25 Cancer/financial issues?); that this remarkable configuration could relate to Trump’s taxes. It felt in any case to be a possible turning point in Trump’s fortunes with Mars retrograding back pver in its square to Pluto and Jupiter.

Although the NY Times revelations on Trump’s taxes is certainly a huge development and will undoubtedly unsettle Trump’s campaign efforts, I think the BIG mystery remains with those damaging loan documents to Deutsche Bank – hundreds of millions of dollars of laundered money connecting the Russian Oligarchs to Trump and his family. Does anyone know how close we are to those disclosures? I’m sure new investigations will open up, but when is the question?

Marjorie Or:


Mitch McConnell’s agenda is to hold onto power no matter what the cost or what anyone says. And with four planets in Taurus, he clearly aims to serve the GOP’s wealthiest supporters, which includes the oil and gas industry.

Transiting Pluto turns direct on October 4 while making an exact trine to his natal Saturn in Taurus, an empowering astro-event that allows him to muster his political minions and get Trump’s nominee approved. However, a potential glitch in this process arrives when Mercury turns retrograde on October 13 while making an exact square to his natal Mercury. He may have to recalibrate his political calculations just as the four-day confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin for Judge Barrett.

Teresa Hill – I’d forgotten about Weiner’s 2nd round of sexting, tho. Seems like that’s what really got everyone’s knickers in an uproar – only to discover there was no “there” there. I think Comey is an excellent example of how pedantic adherence to “truth” without acknowledging the grey areas leads to quick downfalls. I really came away with feeling like the guy’s ego was running in overload.

Altho the show did bring out how the Steele Dossier was begun under Republicans (never Trumpers) paying for it, they didn’t mention all the republican emails that were stolen, right along with the DNC emails. I would love an investigation into the stolen RNC emails. It could give answers as to why they all act like chickens around Trump.

I’m assuming that the “Rod” who introduced Comey to DOJ was Rod Rosenstein. Interesting in respect to how much redaction we find he did now to the Mueller report, before it ever got to Barr. I told hubby the guy was totally jealous of Comey. It’s like Comey represented something Rosenstein could never achieve – humanity.

Looking forward to the conclusion tonight.

Speaking of Oct 13, I had entered the following into my calendar a while back:

[barbk on June 28th, 2020 at 9:04 pm:]

“On October 13, 2020 at 7:24 PM, in Washington DC, the transiting Mars (21 Aries 04) will oppose the Sun (21 Libra 04). The Sun trines Trump’s natal Sun and sextiles his natal Moon, while transiting Mars sextiles his Sun and trines his Moon.

The rest of the chart for this Mars opposite Sun event has food for thought:

Saturn opposes Trump’s Venus
Jupiter squares Trump’s Jupiter
Neptune will square Trump’s Uranus
Mercury will square Trump’s Pluto
Pluto will oppose Trump’s Saturn
the North Node conjuncts Trump’s Sun
Vesta sextiles Trump’s Mars

Although this Mars-Sun opposition could describe what Nolle calls a “dastardly deed” on Trump’s part, I see it as a possible lure to get Trump to go away, for a price, like not having to go to jail.

Anyway, we should all be aware of this volatile aspect however it pans out.”

Barbk, thanks for the info you gave yesterday @ 6:23pm. If those planets etc. are pointing to the long overdue exposure of Donny as a treasonous Putin puppet can whoever is leading the investigation go and order the last 4 years erased legally?
That’s never been done before, but neither has jail for a president.
I can’t get over the fact that all our spy agencies watching Putin back in 2016 just let it all slide. They must have known what DT was doing or they wouldn’t have warned Hillary Clinton. The more she talked about it, the more “the woman” was ignored. I’ll probably die mad about HRC having the presidency stolen from her?

I dreamed DJT went to trial. Steven Colbert was the presiding judge, and a group of caged chickens were the jury.

Jill G,
Not just HRC.
Stolen elections end badly. In 1876, had Hayes not stolen the election from Tilden, federal troops would have remained in the South to prevent Jim Crow, the re-Dixiefication process. If Al Gore had become president, it is likely he would have paid attention to the intelligence, thereby preventing the events of 9-11-01, and our environment would be in better shape.

Jill G,
Also: A goodly number of judicial appointees and others whom DJT appointed were either unqualified, or lied to Congress to get the job, or both. I’ve heard investigations are ongoing, and Dems plan to impeach them in 2021. This includes at least one SC justice.

That won’t be a complete invalidation of Trumps extreme right appointees, but if they go through with it, it will knock out quite a number. Yes, such a sweeping effort is unprecedented, but so is the rapid fire appointment of so many extremely unqualified liars to such high office.

slightkc, there was much chatter when the Weiner event happened that it was triggered by the Russians. This was based on the fact that it was an a16-year-old girl in NC that was texting with Weiner and that is what triggered the FBI. That 16-year-old was never identified and some thought her online presence was actually the GRU. Whatever it was, it triggered a series of predictable events and Comey, in hindsight, was simply following the rules (which the Russians knew he would).

Peter, my information today came from Newscope.
I forgot to post the link.


Eliseo, right on to your first statement just above! The first judge to be booted out as being unqualified and a liar should be Kavanaugh, what a sleazy creep! Can you image the parenting someone like him got? (shudder)

Jill G,
YES! Kavanaugh lied to get the job, and was extraordinarily combative and disrespectful in the process. Clarence Thomas lied to get the job as well, but that was decades ago.

Linda G. has said on several occasions that Kavanaugh will be removed from the Supreme Court.

While we are focused on the NYT story about trump’s taxes let’s not lose focus on little Jared and his deal with ending the blockade in exchange for one billion dollar payout to save his little ass.



Wonder how ol’ Moscow Mitch will fare as Uranus continues to make its way through Taurus? The “good times” for the rich elites are coming to an end when Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius. If McConnell manages to hold on a few more years, I suspect that we’ll see him “undone” around the same time, as Uranus transits his Mars-Saturn conjunction.

Peter, thank you so much for putting on your calendar the transits on Oct. 13, primarily the Sun-Mars opposition, and then reminding us.

What I failed to note on June 8th was that the Sun-Mars opposition will actually be a T-square when trans. Pluto at 22+ Cap is added, and when Trump’s natal Saturn at 23+ Cancer opposite trans. Pluto is added it becomes a grand cross, and explains the pressure Trump is (and will continue to be) under to escape from it all. duh

Jill G, I believe Trump’s deeds will be expunged as much as possible, but history will tell the tale of the mad man who turned the USA inside out and upside down, and he will live in infamy forever, you know, like Bonnie and Clyde!

However, if we would NOT had the experience of dayam’ Donnie, our country would have likely died from the hidden or untreated ills that have accumulated over centuries. I believe he is the manifestation of our US Pluto Return, you know, death and rebirth? He has brought us out of our fog (US Neptune square his Sun and our own Mars) of unconsciousness and we should be grateful for that. Maybe some day, way in the future perhaps.

3 days after the Sun-Mars opposition and the Mercury station retro on Oct. 13, the New Moon at 23+ Libra will be in a grand cross with trans. Mars-Eris in Aries and Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter in Capricorn and the US Mercury + Trump’s VENUS/Saturn and Biden’s Jupiter in Cancer.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, in this Oct. 16 New Moon chart is at 16+ Virgo (details) opposite retro Neptune (and Joe’s natal IC/roots) at 18+ Pisces and this Venus in Virgo trines US natal Vesta (investment) at 19+ Taurus, and both trine transiting Pallas (strategy) at 16+ Cap.

This grand trine pattern turned Kite pattern will be about where Trump’s money is, where it came from and where it (and US money) has gone.

Remember, Mercury is retrograde by this time at 11+ Scorpio and conjunct Joe’s natal Mars at 12+ Scorpio. Don’t you just love it?

Their next debate will be on Oct. 15 and the last one on the 22nd.

Bob posted the following dates last spring(?) as particularly bad days for Trump. They are literally on my calendar as “Bob Days.”

9/29: Saturn stations Dx at 25°20? Capricorn. (Debate #1)

10/4: Pluto stations Dx at 22°29? Capricorn.

10/10: Progressed inaugural Moon conjoins progressed inaugural Saturn in right ascension at 263°24′. They are opposite tRump’s natal Sun at 82°18′.

10/15: Progressed inaugural Moon conjunct progressed inaugural Saturn in longitude at 23°53′ Sagittarius. Progressed Sibly Moon conjunct progressed Sibly Pluto in longitude at 29°27′ Capricorn (Debate #2)

10/31: Transit Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 26°13? Capricorn.

Harvard’s Chetty Finds Economic Carnage in Wealthiest ZIP Codes

The celebrated economist has built a data tool with a God’s-eye view of the pandemic’s damage—and soaring inequality.

“Ford’s Walker is more optimistic. “For the first time in my lifetime, we are reckoning with the issues of race and class in America,” he says. “Americans have deluded ourselves for years that we are a meritocracy.” Now they’re waking up to the often-insurmountable barriers to equal opportunity Chetty has spent his career identifying. That makes him “the economist for this moment of reckoning,” Walker says. “He understands that growing inequality asphyxiates hope and makes it impossible for people to dream and believe that their children will have better lives.”

More: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-09-24/harvard-economist-raj-chetty-creates-god-s-eye-view-of-pandemic-damage?utm_source=pocket-newtab

Here is Joe Biden’s Chart: https://tinyurl.com/y5wx3yo7

He has mars at 12-35 Scorpio (his other Scorpio planets are at much later degrees).

Mercury goes stationary retro on 10/13 at 11-40 Scorpio & retros back to 25 Libra and goes direct Nov 19th when it’s again at 11-40. How might the mercury retrograde affect him since it will station conj. his mars before it actually retrogrades?

Oh, Barb, just saw your post. I was just wondering/worrying if the initial mercury retrograde stationing conjunction Biden’s mars would frustrate him from moving forward or frustrating his communications.

Sharon, I think trans. stationing retro Mercury conjunct Joe’s Mars (that squares Trump’s Pluto) will engage Joe’s Mars to explore (review) Trump’s financial history for fodder to nail Trump’s coffin closed, in a manor of speaking.


Thanks, Barb. Hope Joe debates well tomorrow night (it’s really tonight by now)!

“This points to one of Trump’s underestimated political achievements. In 2016, Americans chose a shady, debt-ridden businessman to lead a populist revolt against corrupt elites. The swamp creature was selected as swamp clearer.”


Will, that Bloomberg article is very interesting. If only politicians would listen to reason and data. Although it sounds like they have a good pilot program in Seattle. There’s so much structural change that could happen and needs to happen, and this pandemic has highlighted the problems. Maybe it’s also shaken things up for structural change to happen (Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter), eventually.

Nancy Pelosi is preparing the House to the possibility it will have to choose the next President.


I think this is a remote possibility in view of the latest polls, particularly in Pennsylvania which is emerging as the most important swing state in this election.

Biden is up nine points in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, far better than Hillary Clinton in 2016.



“If only politicians would listen to reason and data.”

Aye, there’s the rub.

“Tonight, Last Day of Retrograde Saturn, Tue. Sept.29, 2020!

Thus ending 5 months of extreme emotional pressure,
painful and stressful conditions, unfortunate events, all kinds of restrictions and lack of energy.”


Hi everyone,

Is there any type of aspet going on between Mars and Saturn, that may negatively affect Trump on his natal chart? I appreciate any input on this. Thanks.

Neerav B Trivedi, Mars is square Saturn today while Saturn is conjunct Trump’s natal Venus. That is why negative information has appeared concerning his personal finances. Saturn stationed direct this morning which makes this aspect more powerful.

From Grace Astrology:

“Isn’t it also interesting that Barrett and Senators Ted Cruz and Amy Klobuchar all have planets at the Aries Point, which was activated last week by the Sun’s ingress into Libra. For those who may be exhausted and disheartened by the never-ending scandalous destruction of all normal rules of engagement, watch Senator Klobuchar respond to Senator Cruz’s snark re: objections to moving full speed ahead on Barrett’s confirmation hearing. On full display is Klobuchar‘s eloquently informed and intense Sun-Moon in Gemini. Her Mars is in Aries; she’ll fight fiercely for the underdog. Transiting Jupiter is right on her Saturn, adding to her focus and need to be righter than right. It’s no surprise that the video went viral and that WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin named Klobuchar “Distinguished Pol of the Week.”


It’s complicated Neerav, but yes.

Transiting Mars in Aries is square transiting Saturn in Capricorn right now.

As Andre said, transiting Venus in Leo is conjunct Trump’s Mars (and ascendant) and they are trine transiting Mars in Aries, but they (Trump’s Mars+Asc & trans. Venus) are also quincunx (requires an adjustment) transiting Saturn in Cap (+ trans. Pluto).

At the same time, transiting Saturn (+ trans. Pluto) in Capricorn opposes Trump’s Venus (+ Trump’s Saturn) in Cancer and transiting Mars in Aries is T-square trans. Saturn (+ Pluto) in Cap and Trump’s Venus + Saturn in Cancer.

IMO the transiting Venus in Leo that conjuncts Trump’s 12th house Mars is going to keep Trump standing upright and belligerent. Without that supportive Venus he would crumble or just not show up.

It is the beginning of the end of a process that is part of a bigger plan to transform the USA (if not the whole world) that will take about 30+ years to complete. During that time, the US Constitution will undergo changes and/or additions that will reflect what has been learned during this US Pluto Return process, which Trump has initiated.

This is shown in the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart that has Venus in Aquarius (conjunct US Moon) sextile Pallas the planner in Sagittarius (conjunct the Galactic Core) that forms a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Uranus in Cancer, and that Yod becomes a Boomerang because the US natal chart’s Pluto in Capricorn opposes the US Constitution Uranus. That’s where the whole ball of wax ends up, US Pluto (opposite Trump’s Venus).

Also, when Trump was 19 years old, the Uranus-Pluto cycle that began on October 9, 1965 at 17+ Virgo squared Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini that is 5 degrees away from his Sun (consciousness). Trump’s Uranus trines his Jupiter that conjuncts US progressed Mars and he took the bait.

The squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto that took place during 2012 through 2015 would have affected Trump’s natal Chiron that conjuncts US natal Saturn that squares US natal Sun, both of which were part of a cardinal grand cross with trans. Uranus and Pluto, that would prompt Trump to seek the role of US President for various, probably unconscious reasons.

Nobody could do a better job than Trump to shatter the government of the US, a requirement in order to recreate said government. He’s done his job and now he exits, stage right.

Thank you kindly, Barb K and Andre.

Does anyone have the chart for the debate tonight? That can give us some clues to how the debate will go and who might win the debate tonight.

Talk to you later……have to vacuum the house.

“Nobody could do a better job than Trump to shatter the government of the US, a requirement in order to recreate said government. He’s done his job and now he exits, stage right.”

This is typical of Pluto, as the ruler of Death and Transformation in astrology.


Amy Klobuchar’s response to Cruz was so authentic and raw. I think I even posted it upthread. I know I posted it on FB.

Also, Neervav, there was discussion about tonight’s debate upthread but, unfortunately, I don’t have time to reference it for you. Maybe someone will sum it up.

I’m sorry, I typed the above too fast and put an extra “v” in your name – Neerav!

Sharon K, thank you. You go Senator Klobuchar! You rock. That should have been on the TV news.

Trump has already signaled that his supporters were “Amoral” when he says, “he can shoot someone on 5th Ave and still lose no support”.

And for those okay with this, he has subliminally programed his supporters to accept criminality and to do Evil, thus preparing his army to take up arms when and if he gives the command!

They been programmed.

Barbk, I didn’t realize Trump’s Chiron is conjunct US Saturn and square US Sun. That is fascinating. That certainly makes him a President who could cause great suffering.

Also, the Moon is in Pisces this evening, and making a nice sextile to Jupiter. This should favor a Scorpio with Jupiter as his ruling planet like Joe. I expect him to be comfortable and in good form tonight. I think he has the flow.

Trump may be aggressive and charming with a trine of transiting Mars to natal Mars on his ASC and to transiting Venus. But the Mars square to Saturn on his Venus should hamper him. Mars is also squaring Biden’s Jupiter but that is less damaging. Joe should not try to upstage Trump when he goes over the top but just let him hurt himself.

Nervous about the debates, even last night before I went to sleep and more today. There’s just so much at stake.

But I spent hours texting Florida voters this afternoon, and so many of them have already requested or received their absentee ballots. Started hearing today for the first time from people who have already returned their ballots, which was great. And a bunch more are excited to vote in person.

The NYT is tracking absentee ballot requests in each state, and so many people have already put in their requests. More than 5 million in Florida alone.

Not a lot of states either track or release requests by party affiliation, but in the ones that do, Democrat and Independents are so far ahead of Republican requests.


Trump’s Chiron conjunct US Saturn and square US Sun – makes him a President who could cause great suffering.

I shutter at the thought of what Trump might do to Biden and his administration if he loses the election and feels humiliated. He had no power to retaliate against Hillary if she had won. But he has plenty he can do to disrupt Biden’s transition and harm the nation. Look how he told FEMA not give assistance to California since they didn’t vote for him.

I put nothing past him.

My greatest love is astrology, and especially astrology about politicians because politicians have to have a thick hide and astrology strips away the cover of a lot of weaknesses, as well as strengths; something the “average” joe would not welcome having made public. Our Joe has already done that.

Joe Biden has 19+ Virgo on his chart’s MC, very close to the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, and Joe’s natal Neptune at 1+ Libra is conjunct the US Sibly natal chart’s MC at 1+ Libra. Joe Biden speaks to our country’s compassion, and dreams; he understands what Covid 19 has done to us as a whole. He will make that abundently clear tonight and in the other debates.

The transiting Moon (people) will be conjunct transiting Neptune (compassion) during this debate tonight and they will sextile transiting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn tonight, symbols of society and transformation.

That massive transiting sextile is going to put a lot of pressure on Trump’s natal Mars, where transiting Venus (values) is, to adjust its expression to a more compassion-for-the-people feel, and he won’t do it. He doesn’t know how.

Joe will move hearts and minds to vote their values. who can ask for more?

From your mouth to God’s ears, Barb. My 1st cousin (age 89) have found out that we are too sensitive to watch tonight so I’m going to stay busy in the other room & find out from my husband or anyone who comments here how it’s going!

Wow – President Trump is non compos mentis. A raving lunatic. Out of his mind, off the rails, bananas.

Joe comes off with dignity with statesmanship.

Trump is an embarrassment to himself and the nation.

Trump=Epic Fail

What a f-ing dumbass.

Biden looks like he wants to laugh at the absurdity of this raving fraud.

Joe came close to losing it a couple of times, but I’ve been impressed with the way, overall, he’s handling Trump pretty well.

Trump, on the other hand, is showing what a demented, whining little boy he is.

Tonight, Trump telling the racists to stand by and ranting about fraud – trump is pushing us to civil unrest.

Well, that was awful. Having watched presidential debates since JFK/Nixon, this was absolutely the worst imaginable. Andre, you said Trump may be aggressive and charming – he was just aggressive. There was nothing remotely charming about it. Bully all the way. At least voters who watched will see that clearly. Biden was great when he just stood and let Trump make himself look like a fool. Even some of Trump’s facial expressions made him look right out of control. The only graceful thing that happened was when Melania got up on stage and took him away…….at least there’s that to look forward to on Jan. 20.

You know, tonight I actually thought he was following a strategy. He wanted people to turn off the TV and not watch the debates. It was his best plan — to have people not hear him fumble through it, so he made it as ugly and unwatchable as he could.

It made my stomach hurt, but in the end, I see some strategy there.

Moms, OTOH, on Twitter and TV, we’re like, We’ve heard this belligerent child argue before, and we are not amused. We could have made that bad boy shut up.

Did we all survive? Whew! I am proud that Joe didn’t slug him.

This debate chart’s MC (outcome) at 0+ Aquarius suggests it is a peek at the future that is portrayed in the December Jupiter-Saturn Cycle that begins with their conjunction at 0+ Aquarius. Neptune (non-reality) will be squaring the North and South Nodes and opposing Vesta (what is focused on and what is invested in). For the next 20 years our nation will have to get real, and it won’t be easy.

Joe got through his point on dealing with climate change and addressing health care issues and lots of other important points. He stayed the course in spite of the mad man just a few feet away from him. What a test of endurance.

Associated Press has put out an article on Amy Coney Barrett’s religious affiliation that makes for some interesting reading:


Beowulfie, Trump charmed the Proud Boys. Their new slogan online is Stand Back and Stand By.

On the eve of Tuesday night’s presidential debate, Chris Wallace of Fox News declared his goal as the evening’s moderator: “My job is to be as invisible as possible.”


With a pugilistic President Trump relentlessly interrupting his opponent, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Mr. Wallace struggled to keep the proceedings coherent, reduced at times to pleading with the president to pause and allow the Democratic presidential nominee to speak.

“Mr. President, I am the moderator of this debate, and I would like you to let me ask my question and then you can answer it,” Mr. Wallace, sounding more headmaster than moderator, instructed Mr. Trump early on. (Mr. Trump did not accede.)


Biden’s team reported its highest single hour of fundraising ever — $3.8 million, I believe — immediately after the debate.

I still feel sick. Trying to find a palate cleanser on
TV. House Hunters International didn’t even work. It’s my favorite fantasy lately, leaving the US for someplace beautiful and sane.

The question of the night – a good one from Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC (see short clip):


Andre – correct!

Good clip Beowulfie. The whole world is in flux; astrologically we can identify this process as the Saturn-Pluto cycle that began in January, but the US also has a Pluto Return that’s already gearing up to throw out every norm that has guided our daily lives. We are in new territory now. It seems we must start from scratch and that means agreeing on a set of values that works for all of us.

We all agree that Trump is disgusting. There, that’s a start!

“Tonight (Trump) lied that Philadelphia election officials refused to permit his poll watchers to observe voting. The truth is that seven satellite offices where voters can register and apply to vote, complete, and drop off mail in ballots opened in Philadelphia. Poll watchers are Not Allowed because there is no Polling taking place. Trump’s calls for poll watchers are pretty clearly calls for voter intimidation.”

Heather Cox Richardson

“Ed Rollins, a veteran GOP strategist who fronts the pro-Trump group Great America PAC, simply responded, “Wow. I have seen nothing like this ever. Don’t want to comment any further.” Asked if the president did a good job or not, Rollins would only reply, “No comment.”

Daily Beast

Ralfee Finn:

“t’s particularly odd to write about anticipating positive action on the day after the ongoing Mars/Saturn square was exact and began separating—the phase of any astrological interaction during which the full brunt of the influence is felt. What’s more, because Saturn Direct began yesterday, which prolongs its lingering at specific degrees, we will be in the ripple effect of this pernicious Mars/Saturn interaction for the next several weeks—it doesn’t abate until October 24. So it would be wise to prepare for even more bellicose interactions and violence. Still, there is a shift in the wind. I know I could be wrong, but change is in the air.”


I wonder how Amy Coney Barrett felt after last night’s
fiasco and her affiliation with Trump.

Tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon marks the halfway point in the September 17 Virgo New Moon cycle, with that New Moon chart’s potent grand trine between transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Trump’s MC + the soon to end Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree in Taurus, . . . as well as the Virgo New Moon chart’s square between Mercury (conjunct US prog. Mars + Trump’s Jupiter + Putin’s Saturn + US Constitution Neptune) in Libra and Jupiter in Capricorn, AND as well, that New Moon’s T-square with the Nodes.

Tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon hints at new beginnings which could stem from 3 patterns in tomorrow’s Full Moon chart:

1. the October 1 Full Moon chart’s North Node (opportunity) at 22+ Gemini (+ Trump’s Sun + US natal Mars) sextiles Vesta (investment) at 21+ Leo that forms a Yod with retro Pluto (transform) at 22+ Cap and Saturn (institutions such as the US Post Office) at 25+ Cap

2. the square between Mars + Eris at 24+ Aries, both retrograde, and Saturn at 25+ Cap + Pluto rx at 22+ Cap

3. Ceres (nature/nurture) at 29+ Aquarius and rx + US Moon at 27+ Aquarius, will oppose Venus (values) at 28+ Leo and Trump’s Mars/ascendant at 26/29 Leo

Any or all 3 patterns could produce a new plan or a new event/movement that furthers the intent of the Virgo New Moon agenda which will end on October 16 at the Libra New Moon.

I wrote last week that the Mars-Saturn square would make things tougher for other reasons than the Barrett nomination. This trend will continue this week with the Full Moon in Aries tomorrow which will exacerbate that aspect. Things will get darker next week with the Mars-Pluto square on October 9, which should have an impact on the vice-presidential debate on the 7th, and might delay the Barrett hearings the following week as Mercury turns retrograde.

Unsurprisingly, thre will be no let-up in a string of difficult aspects until Election Day. Relief will begin to appear in the November 10-12 period when it is likely the count will be sufficiently advanced to declare Biden the winner with more than 270 electoral votes (Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the 12th and Mars direct on the 14th). Trump is likely to challenge this result in some unconventional way and refuse to concede. He is likely to fail when the Electoral College meets on December 14 which directly hits his Sun-Moon opposition. This should be his own personal eclipse. A few days later, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the Inaugural Sun will usher in a new era of hope.

However, it is too much to expect Trump to go gracefully. Mars will still be hovering near Eries until Inauguration Day. This extended Mars-Eries conjunction square Saturn and Pluto, and conjunct Uranus on Inauguration Day itself, clearly represents Trump. He will be a disruptive factor literally until the last minute of his term.

The Mars-Saturn square we had yesterday in the late afternoon will repeat on December 23.While that aspect will not be as strong because Saturn won’t be stationing at the same time as it did yesterday, the hope we will feel will still be somewhat clouded by Trump’s statements or action. This will be underscored by another Mars-Pluto square in early January. He will remain bitter and aggressive until the very end. Exceptional means may have to be taken to remove him from the White House and to carry out the Inauguration. Violence somewhere in the country is to be expected.

Yesterday’s Mars-Saturn square was also square Biden’s Jupiter at 25 Cancer. The Mars square and the Saturn conjunction put his Jupiter, his ruling planet, in a difficult spot. However, being Jupiter, there was a silver lining. The silver lining is that he didn’t blow it and he maintained his lead. He may indeed have increased it while Trump should continue to lose support because his Venus, also at 25 Cancer, was negatively impacted by the Mars-Saturn square, although transiting Venus conjunct his natal Mars and trine transiting Mars, minor aspects, meant his aggressiveness and bluster may have pleased his core and extremist supporters, mostly male. However, the stress on his natal Venus probably means he has lost more women voters.

I see no reason for Biden to continue to debate someone who won’t follow the rules. After the VP debate, something even more outrageous will happen that may lead to cancellation of the other two presidential debates and a delay of the Barrett confirmation hearings, because Democratic Senators may then decide not to show up to question her and vote. They may choose instead to boycott this entire illegitimate process.

Correction: Mars will square Pluto on December 23 and not Saturn. Saturn will have moved on by then into Aquarius. The Mars-Pluto square may make the Christmas season darker. A Mars-Saturn square while Saturn is in Capricorn as it was yesterday is an assault on political institutions and the electoral system. A Mars-Pluto square while Pluto is in Capricorn may be a major political misdeed by nefarious means. A Mars-Saturn square in early January while Mars is in Taurus and Saturn is in Aquarius may be an assault on the will of the people by conservative groups.

There are three ways Trump may challenge the election:

1. the courts, where he is likely to fail because of a lack of factual and legal basis for his assertions of voter fraud;

2. the House of Representatives, if some GOP governors or legislatures manage to challenge or confuse the results in key battleground states throwingthe presidnetial results into doubt. The outcome would be uncertain because the Constitution says the House would have to hold a vote by state delegation. Even though the House currently has a Democratic majority of members, Republicans have a majority of members within a majority of the 50 state delegations. The Republican majority is currently 26-22 with two state delegations being even. If this holds, Trump could be declared the winner constitutionally despite losing the popular vote by an even wider margin than 2016. However, this could happen only if the Electoral College were unable to declare a winner with at least 270 electoral votes on December 14, which is unlikely. Also, the House will change by January. The New Congress will be sworn in on January 3 as Mars finally leaves its retrograde shadow of the past six months and breaks new ground. The Democratic majority of members could be increased as well as the number of Democratic state delegations. If the delegations are evenly split at 25-25, Nancy Pelosi would have the deciding vote.

3. a call to armed resistance. It would be foolish at this point to underestimate Trump’s willingness to go there. He will to go to any lengths to avoid bankruptcy and jail.

throwing the presidential results into doubt

Finally, I note that the Mars-Saturn square will take place on January 12, coincidentally exactly one year after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which brought us here, and two days before Uranus goes direct and heads to a conjunction with Mars on Inaugural Day. January 12 would presumably be the moment of the House vote if it were to take place.

The Mars-Saturn square will be connected to Nancy Pelosi’s natal Saturn-Pluto square at 0 Taurus and 0 Leo. She will be probably prominently involved in a very grave matter in Jnauary.

The Mars-Saturn square will lead to the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inaugural Day itself. Clearly, something unusually dramatic will happen at that time. The political crisis will not end with the Inauguration of the Biden Presidency. It will merely change its form and enter a new phase.

Andre, I think your analysis is spot on.

Let’s just assume at this point that Trump will keep running his mouth until he’s either behind bars, or he strokes out, or otherwise is unable to speak due to his degenerative neurological condition advancing to its late stages. I still don’t think he lives two more years, regardless of the election outcome. I also know that if I were running an ad campaign against him, I’d be lighting up every single one of his personal buttons to the point of pushing him over the edge due to overwhelm and his own mental and emotional fragility. He can dish out the heat, but he clearly can’t take it.

Biden didn’t have to fight fire with fire to win last night, but his campaign, along with the Lincoln Project and other groups can go for the jugular without being concerned about maintaining the same level of decorum and restraint.

It may take the Manhattan attorneys throwing the book at Trump for tax fraud, threatening to seize his assets and liquidating his companies, for him to finally divert his attention away from clinging desperately to the White House and complaining violently about the “unfairness” of the political process. He will very soon have more pressing matters to deal with on a more local level that will yank his attention away from the national and global spotlight.

And still, whatever it takes, he must be opposed and stopped.

My ideal vision is of him violently resisting being frog marched in handcuffs by the FBI or Federal Marshalls on live TV–and on Faux News. Such an experience, however humiliating for him, must be immortalized in the annals of American history for all to remember such a low point for the nation and its’ highest elected executive office.

I think my bigger concern in the near-term is the far right groups he has given oxygen to– the Proud Boys and others. I don’t think they are necessarily with us for the long haul, and will likely fade into the background once Pluto leaves Capricorn, since they essentially represent the desperate and depraved white male notions of privilege and entitlement that Pluto is rooting out for all to see in Capricorn, but I expect that they will continue to be instigators for violence and will likely step it up when their dear leader loses.

Oh, and we’re also officially at the last leg of Pluto’s sojourn through Capricorn, the point at which we can no longer legitimately deny our awareness of all the rot in the sign represented out within our society–privilege, entitlements, old government structures that have outlived any reasonable use (e.g. the Electoral College), the construct of race–particularly “whiteness” vs. “blackness” and all the levels in between here in the US, the Senate, even the states and the two-party, first-past-the-post voting structure we used. All of these things are being challenged as never before in the United States’ nearly 250 year history. And as Pluto leaves Capricorn after transiting the US natal Pluto, we are likely to see a clearing away if not an outright collapse of many of these things, to make room for whatever comes next, in whatever form a “rebirth” takes.

Sorry everyone but I think its time for us to discuss or at least consider the dark side of the Aquarius. The other side of egalitarianism and humanitarianism is authoritarianism and cold fanaticism. Pluto is the planet of extremes and the extremes of Aquarius will likely be empowered. Our nation’s Pluto return could mark the transformation of our nation in ways that scare me and it all starts now with the election.

I think we all expect Trump will act to steal the election. The moment he mounts the takeover, if we do not respond immediately and be prepared for sustained massive non-violent protest and civil disobedience that paralyses the country, I fear he will succeeded in installing himself and his regime. Then all of our elections will be his to steal. His loyal 35 percent, most of whom are armed will be his command with a tweet. They will all be his “Proud Boys” and the moment we take to the streets to protest, he could signal them. And if he does, it would likely be a horror. If the military is invoked a critical question will be their loyalty and whether the generals and their troops will support Trump or Biden, and that likely will determine the future of America as either a renewed democracy or as an authoritarian Trumpian regime. As Saturn and Jupiter ingress into Aquarius on the Winter Solstice I expect we will get a good inkling of our trajectory and I’m feeling frightened.

pbs posted a utube clip on the nixon/kennedy debate. The contrast with this era’s “dabate” format and performance – stunning. How far societal decorum and manners have fallen.

in our news this morning – “The Vatican has denied US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo an audience with Pope Francis. The Holy See said the Pontiff does not receive politicians during an election period.”

Great slapdown for another attempted manipulative photo op.

RE: “The moment he mounts the takeover, if we do not respond immediately and be prepared for sustained massive non-violent protest and civil disobedience that paralyses the country, I fear he will succeeded in installing himself and his regime.”

Non-violent protests may not work. It is in the nature of fascists to push their adversaries into the necessity to counter with greater force, as in WWII. Passive, non-violent protests work in a society wherein the authorities have a conscience. Trump and his minions are not so gifted.

Look ar it this way Frank, and all of us, it is out in the open now, the diseased, pus-filled organs of our nation-body, what has sickened and weakened that body for far too long. If that sickness stays inside it continues to destroy, but now it is out in the open where we can see it and fight it. Trump is a symbol of that sickness and if he can take over our government, we can take over his.

Enough of us are awakened now; we see the disease that we did not want to acknowledge because it was too scarey to confront, but we can’t hide from it anymore. Stay the fight Frank, everyone stay the fight. That’s why we are here.

Frank, we had an inkling of Saturn in Aquarius last spring. At that time, it meant restrictions on the people through lockdowns and direct action by the people through massive demonstrations against authoritarian measures such as the murder of George Floyd and police violence. I expect both to return in coming months. Jupiter will not be threat but a benevolent influence. What is more concerning is Jupiter and Saturn’s square to Uranus which will bring unexpected crises, related to the economy and the environment most likely.

Your point is well taken however about Pluto in Aquarius and the dark side of Aquarius. In the 2040s, Pluto will be conjunct the US natal Moon and Uranus will oppose it. This will be followed by a Uranus-Pluto opposition. That will be a revolutionary time perhaps brought by an overly authoritarian government, not necessarily a right-wing government.


I hear your concerns. And I think if such were to occur, there will be a massive rebellion of the sort that hasn’t existed since the nation’s founding. There aren’t nearly enough “proud boys” nor do they have the conviction to win such a confrontation. When it comes down to it, they are not righteous warriors, but bullies (cowards, actually) standing on quicksand and rallying behind a stupid madman.

The basic difference between Leo authoritarianism and Aquarius authoritarianism is that one wants to be king, the other won’t tolerate a king.

I mean, of course there’s also the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, which happened the last time Pluto was in Aquarius (Opposing Uranus in Leo). The king was forced out of power and subsequently beheaded. And ultimately, many of revolutionaries themselves also lost their heads, consumed by the very fire they had started and cheered on. So there’s also a cautionary tale here for those who would replace the king not to get too carried away.

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are much less about Trump crowning himself as some kind of emperor, and more about the revolutionary new social structures and movements that come into being, either to rebuild in the wake of the orange disaster, or to organize the resistance that will ultimately bring him down.

Chris Wallace:

“Never dreamt that it would go off the tracks the way it did,” he said.

In his first interview since the chaotic and often incoherent spectacle — in which a pugilistic Mr. Trump relentlessly interrupted opponent and moderator alike — Mr. Wallace conceded that he had been slow to recognize that the president was not going to cease flouting the debate’s rules.

“I’ve read some of the reviews. I know people think, well, gee, I didn’t jump in soon enough,” Mr. Wallace said, his voice betraying some hoarseness from the previous night’s proceedings. “I guess I didn’t realize — and there was no way you could, hindsight being 20/20 — that this was going to be the president’s strategy, not just for the beginning of the debate but the entire debate.”

Recalling his thoughts as he sat onstage in the Cleveland hall, with tens of millions of Americans watching live, Mr. Wallace said: “I’m a pro. I’ve never been through anything like this.”


Greenburg, PA greets Joe Biden today!


Could Saturn in Aquarius also denote a movement towards more expectations of individual self discipline and thus toward collective responsibility?
That would be a refreshing change from the me-me-me instant gratification that has been ever growing over recent years, culminating with the in-your-face, my-way-or-the-highway, Trump.

BuckEyeShadow, you note that Uranus will, 25 years from now, repeat the opposition to Pluto that brought the French Revolution. The latter began in 1789 with the storming and destruction of a famous prison in Paris called the Bastille where the King’s political prisoners were held. This was just two years after the US Constitution was adopted in 1787. That Constitution of course has Pluto at 27 Capricorn, where Pluto is headed now.

George Washington became the first President in 1790 and received the keys to the Bastille as a gift from the revolutionary French government. The two revolutions are linked. The French saw in Washington a man chosen by his people, the opposite of the King they decapitated. The irony is that without that King’s support, Washington may well have lost the Revolutionary War. In its gratitude, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, was named after him. No French city bears the name of a French King.

The Uranus-Pluto opposition did not turn out well for France. A left-wing government brought a reign of Terror which not only condemned the King and Queen to death by guillotine, but turned against its own. A dictator, Napoleon, was needed to bring back law and order. He proclaimed himself Emperor and the cycle was repeated many times over until a lasting Republic was put in place in 1871. Interestingly, France’s Pluto return occurred upon Napoleon’s death in 1821. There should be a similar turning point in the US three years from now.

The next Uranus-Pluto opposition will take place while Uranus is in Virgo and Pluto is in Pisces. Uranus will then return to Virgo for the first time since its conjunction to Pluto in the mid-60s. There should be some kind of connection. Maybe hippies with flowers in their hair will return.

This is not to make you feel complacent. It’s to help you not be sick with nerves in the next 6 weeks.

I got a little obsessive yesterday when I found a list of states and when they count absentee and mail-in ballots. Lots of adjusted deadlines because they’re expecting lots more mail-in ballots, which makes me believe we won’t have to wait as long as we fear to find out who won the election.

These states rules allow them to begin counting mail-in ballots or absentee as soon as they arrive at the election offices. 2nd column is current polling average from 538.com, final column is electoral votes. I only counted EC votes if polls showed more than a 5% lead.

Colorado Biden +9 9
Georgia (Trump +2) (16)
Hawaii Biden +33 4
Idaho Trump +27 4
Illinois Biden +22 20
Indiana Trump +13 11
Massachusetts Biden +22 11
Nevada Biden +6 6
NJ Biden +18 14
NY Biden +26 29
Tenn Trump+16 11
Tx (Trump+4) (38)
Wash Biden +23 12
So, on election night or soon after, we can expect the EC votes to be:
Biden 105 Trump 26

These states allow counting to begin on no specific date, just whenever they think they need to start counting.

Kansas Trump+9 7
SD Trump+20 3
Utah Trump+27 6
Virginia Biden+9 13

W/those we have:

Biden 118 Trump 42

These states start counting 14 days before election day:

Arizona (Biden+2.6) (11)
California Biden+17 55
Connecticut Biden+17 7
Florida (Biden+1.3 (29)
Maryland Biden +28 10
NC (Biden+.6) (15)
Rhode Is. Biden +24 4


Gives and EC count of:

Biden 194 Trump 42

So, no guarantees. Lots could go wrong. But given this info. about early counting, I don’t think Trump will ever have a lead in EC votes.

There area a lot of legal challenges going on right now state by state over deadlines for accepting ballots received after election day if postmarked by election day. Letting voters “cure” ballots by notifying them they forgot a signature or a witness signature, things like that. Whether they need witness signatures or privacy envelopes.

Those are going to confuse voters because the voting rules in states are changing as voters are voting, which is bad.

I think that’s where our 7-10 days of confusion and fighting after the election comes in. Trump, desperate, hoping he can change the counts and the rules.

But I think he’s going to do it from the weakened position of never having an electoral college lead.

Of course. When you can’t win fairly, cheat. That’s been the MO of the Republican Party for 40+ years now. Trump has been about the same thing for his entire life. Why should anyone expect either of them to start doing anything differently now.

Basically, don’t cross your fingers and hope they won’t; expect that they will, and do whatever it takes to stop them.


You reminded me of one of my favorite overviews of the current Uranus-Pluto cycle, from British Astrologer Palden Jenkins. He wrote on this way back in the early 1990s, but it seems just as relevant as ever. I was talking with a friend about it just a few days ago.

Doesn’t seem to be on his site anymore, but I did find this in the Internet archives:

In 2012-15, Uranus forms a square (90°) to Pluto (Aries to Capricorn). This is the opening square after the conjunction of 1965-66 – a major test of what was seeded over 45 years before. This suggests a Big Problem – but if there is the will to confront it positively, it promises great breakthrough. This could be an exceptionally trying time, a material test of our ability to overcome massive hurdles. Technical and organisational implications are involved, and many new factors will jump in – it’s a time of potential shock.

The innovations and ideas of the 1960s (microchips to therapies) will either come to work now, or will fail to carry the day. It’s a time of emergency and crisis – the edge. It will demand much effort and definite results or big adjustments to new, shocking realities. This could also bring a major setback which, in the longterm (by the 2040s) could bring great benefit. Be it setback or breakthrough, the issues will hang around questions of force, science and technology, resources, land, finance, warfare – and more about institutions. There could be rebellion too. This is a decisive turning-point. Not easy.

My commentary: He doesn’t mention the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020, but the “Big Problem” of the Uranus-Pluto square seems very much on point, if a few years delayed. Here we are in the COVID-19 crisis, exacerbated to the extreme by Trump and his regime. And in the backdrop of that, climate change looms increasingly large.

My mistake, he actually does mention Saturn Conjunct Pluto here:

In 2017-19 we see a Uranus semisquare (45°) Neptune (Aries to Pisces), a heady time, in which ideational and perceptual changes will affect how we experience things. Major attitudinal shifts. Religious, moral and creative matters could be prominent. In 2020, both Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, affecting governments, land, economy and law – in fact, the whole period of 1984-2020 concerns organisational structures in various ways. This could be an important time for the start of a new world institution, or for major legislation. Something of a social-political crisis, dealing with ‘delivering the goods’.

Delivering the goods? A vaccine, perhaps? Or toilet paper? (or both?)

Jenkins does see things getting progressively better into the 2020s, so we aren’t staying in this dark place, nor is this likely the dawn of a new authoritarian age. Although we could still be picking up the pieces of a “near miss” which is what it feels like we are going through here in the U.S. He’s a British astrologer, so we wouldn’t necessarily expect him to speak on all of the returns that the U.S. will be going through during the next 15 years:

The most interesting period in the next decade for the world as a whole seems to begin around 2025, with the grand trine between Uranus in Gemini, and Pluto in Aquarius, with a sextile from Neptune in Aries. Probably a time of great technological advances. Perhaps we will see major breakthroughs in technology–everything from nuclear fusion, to robotics, to quantum computing, to space travel:

The 2020s are likely to see a welcome lifting of the human spirit. Things open up from 2022, tending toward greater social solidarity and easier progress. From 2022-31, channels increasingly open up, bringing times of great change, arising out of the 2012-15 period. Uranus in Gemini will be in trine (120°) to Pluto in Aquarius, and Neptune will form sextiles (60°) to both from Aries, with Jupiter regularly joining in. Big ideas, lots of new discoveries, cooperative action, much motion. Planning, diplomacy and deliberation, forward-facing industriousness. This is where I would suggest the possibility of a peak in a new industrial-technical-economic-ecological revolution, which had its seeds in the 1990s. It could involve the opening up of new dimensions in publicly-accepted knowledge – complementary medicines, alternative research and the fruits of the consciousness movement might play a key influence here, perhaps by power of circumstance. Things we consider impossible or improbable will have uncanny ways of proving imperative or likely.

My commentary: I have seen some astrologers liken the mid-to-late 2020s as being on par with the late 1990s for the energy and openness of spirit that permeated everything. It really seems like a welcome shift on the other side of the darkness of the current period.

The tone and tenor begins to change in the 2030s, however. Back to serious business. He refers to a “daunting world situation” which my guess could be anywhere from environmental degradation, to climate change, coastal flooding, resource depletion, any number of issues, and probably not just one thing, but multiple things:

The sesquiquadrate (135°) between Uranus and Pluto in 2031-5 will tend to focus issues on resolving longterm matters. A time for a course-adjustment and re-commitment to making things work. By now, the mature generations (aged 40-60) will be those born in the 1970s-90s – history does, after all, progress through the growing-up of generations and the dying-off of older ones. The need to correct imbalances will be paramount, healing ills and solving large problems amidst a daunting world situation. 2035-6 will bring hiccups, while Saturn (Leo) opposes Pluto (Aquarius), involving power versus people. During the quincunx (150°) of Uranus and Pluto in 2038-9, it will probably feel as if we’re getting thoroughly lost and awry: it will be difficult to see clearly where things are going, but the challenge will be to persevere with what has long been ordained. A clash is likely between grand plans and ideas (Pluto in Aquarius) and the security and sustenance of people (Uranus in Cancer), with much popular action on the local level.

Alright, last part for now — I promise:

Basically, he sees everything building up to a historic crescendo in the late 2040s, the “full moon phase” of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and “new moon” that we experienced in the mid 1960s.

The 2040s will bring a very critical time. In 2039-41 Uranus in Leo forms a square to Neptune in Taurus. This is a major crunch-test of issues arising since 1993 – it will test structures and people in their capacity to deal with large-scale, possibly overwhelming change. In 2043, Chiron conjuncts Uranus in Leo, opposing Pluto in Aquarius (with a Saturn opposition Neptune thrown in), and some major world stress-points are likely to burst open around the recurrent theme of power (Leo) versus people (Aquarius). ‘Might over right’ will accompany it.

In 2046-8, Uranus (Virgo) opposes Pluto (Pisces), bringing to a climax the issues seeded in the 1960s: this is a time for facing up to the full implications of the 1960s burst of awareness, and a time of crisis. Shifting realities could bring either a new ‘dispensation’ or a tremendous historic downfall. If the innovations and understandings of the 1960s and subsequent decades do not work by now, much, if not all, will be lost. This could be a disastrous or a triumphant time. Maximum ingenuity will be called for, and much shifting of positions and perspectives will take place. A time of innovation and awakening – or a time of resignation and disaster. It could be something of both.

The 2040s will see a test of faith, and a squaring with reality. Whether we like it or not, crucial changes will take place. Much that we now know will be gone, and new realities will have taken their place. Some things will have got worse, and some things better – and our perception of ‘better’ and ‘worse’ will also have changed. Whether this involves breakdown or whether we can build structures and a consensus to carry us through such intense change is the big question here. Much depends on what has been sorted out from the 1990s onward. If we have not, by the 2040s, acted committedly on what we know we must do, it will be too late. We will possibly be unable to keep the majority of humanity alive and sustained – unless we have learned from previous decades and acted on it. Some sort of revolution is likely, be it social, technological or psycho-spiritual, or all of them.

Thus, the Uranus-Pluto hemicycle, from 1965-2048, is the most valid longer-term timeframe in which to see our current times. It is a major chapter of history. If our international, corporate and social institutions develop informed perspectives to plan realistically for such a period, we might be in a position to positively create future history – and redeem past history – rather than survive by crisis-management. In the 1960s we received news of how things were likely to pan out, and by the late 2040s, we will see the results. If we have not by then dealt with fundamental human psycho-social needs, we will experience fundamental world schism. If we have not allowed new grass-roots world forces to act, the older authoritarian world forces will not solve things.

Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20030912022902/http://www.palden.co.uk:80/palden/pal-4tin.html

My commentary: And of course, because one powerful aspect isn’t enough, the Uranus-Pluto Opposition is immediately followed by the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Pisces in 2053. Eris also makes its ingress into Taurus from Aries during the late 2040s, its first new sign in what will by then have been well over a century. All of this is followed by the Neptune-Pluto Square of 2061-64, and Pluto’s ingress into Aries in 2067.

There will be some extraordinary, epocal shifts taking place around mid-century, and the big question I see looming in the background now for us as a civilization is, are we up for them? We had better be.

We are definitely taking one of the more challenging paths to this climax that I can see. Maybe there’s a rapid rebound born out of this current period once we dump Trump and face all that we’ve been putting off dealing with. And at this point, it’s an incredibly tall order, and we have squandered so much time on so much petty and trivial stuff, like Trump’s ego and narcissism for like 4 years now.

The implication I see is that something has to give. If we have any real chance of survival as a species, the Republican Party and the conservative establishment in the US both have to become irrelevant somehow, and in short order. Probably yesterday would be most ideal.

For the good of all and the future of humanity, it’s time to cancel the Trump show, and also pull the plug on GOP-TV (a.k.a. Fox News).

Teresa Hill, I hope you’re correct. I can’t stand the thought of another term for T… and in his mind, I believe him to think of it as the beginning of his North Korea-like dynasty.

In that instance, I can’t but help but hope for Covid. I’m too old to deal with that crap. Mouser says we’re staying and fighting. I’m ready to be an ex-pat if we could find any place…

I can even feel the tenseness and stress around here, one of the last bastions of realistic, yet hopeful, idealistic thought. Humans can only take so much stress without breaking. I think we’re on that brink now, if we’re not leaning over the edge…

Teresa Hill, thank you for the valuable information. I agree it is likely Trump will never lead in the Electoral College results. A crisis could only arise if Biden is just short of a majority. We can already see the GOP in Pennsylvania at work to muddy the count there.

BuckeyeShadow, I have two slight disagreements with the approach taken by the British astrologer you mention:

1. I give much wider orbs to aspects between outer planets. I believe their effects last for many years, in some cases decades, until they are counteracted by another major aspect. For example, to me the rise in the counter-culture in the Seventies was the lasting effect of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965 until the approach to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982, about two or three years earlier. Currently, I think we are still feeling the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square of 2015 which has had a pronounced effect on the US chart. The ultimate effects of the Uranus-Pluto square are now being played out until the end of the year with Mars taking the extended position of Uranus.

2. I believe some aspects between major planets can be combined when they are near each other, which does not give enough time for the first one to run its course before the second one piles on top of it. I think the Saturn-Pluto conjunction this year added its effects to the Uranus-Pluto square, not to mention other major aspects such as the US Pluto return and the Pluto-Eris square. This makes for a much more critical time than if we consider these aspects individually with tight orbs. They reinforce each other and create periods of greater intensity and historical importance than might be suggested by a single aspect. We are now living in such a time.

Finally, sextiles and trines between major planets are not always peaceful, although it is true they are times of accelerated technological and cultural change. In 1944, Uranus in Gemini was trine Neptune in Libra and sextile Pluto in Leo. These aspects brought the era of the American superpower. The next Uranus return in 2026-2028 sextile Neptune and trine Pluto will also bring accelerated social change, but we know that return has not occurred in the past without major warfare.

In this wee hour of the morning the transiting Sun at 8+ Libra is trine the US Uranus at 8+ Gemini which is where the big bad Pluto-Neptune cycle began way back in 1891. The chart for their conjunction on August 2, 1891 at 8+ Gemini was sextile Mars (anger) and Chiron (wounding) at 8+ Leo.

We are now talking (Gemini) about the wounding (Chiron) of the US by the US President. This comes as a shock to us (US natal Uranus); something that seems crazy (Neptune) and cruel (Pluto).

The 1891 Neptune-Pluto chart Sun (becoming conscious) was at 10+ Leo, the same degree as the US president’s natal Pluto is, and both are conjunct the Mars/anger-Chiron/wounding (8+ Leo) that is sextile the Neptune-Pluto (8+ Gemini) conjunction of 1891, that was conjunct the US natal Uranus in Gemini, which the transiting Sun, right now, is trine, and which is only hours away from opposing the transiting Moon that we refer to as a Full Moon.

Full Moons expose what has not been seen or fully understood before the Full Moon exposes it. A transiting Sun symbolizes consciousness and a trine symbolizes ease between 2 things, therefore, right now, we are easily being made conscious (Sun) of something that shocks us (US Uranus) that is linked (conjunct) to something that seems crazy and cruel (Neptune and Pluto) that causes anger (Mars) and wounding (Chiron).

Cycles, even when they take centuries to complete have the power to initiate activity that stimulates or triggers growth in some life form, be it a human or a business venture or a country. It is Trump’s assignment in this life to stimulate growth (albeit unconsciously) in the US; part of his karma I reckon.

Great analyses, BuckeyeShadow, Andre and BarbK, but I agree with slightkc – I’m too old to deal with that crap. It’s hard to care what shocking, crazy, cruel things may happen in the late 2040’s or when Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Pisces in 2053. Attention span: 10 years, tops. Beyond that, the imagination boggles and there’s been too much boggling already!

However, I did watch as many commentaries on the first debate as my stomach could take. Fwiw, I thought this segment from Ari Melber’s show caught the most essential voter issues for the election:

1. Trump’s personality (fitness)
2. Covid

They are the only 2 that count in the immediate future, plus the danger of major civil unrest, care of DT’s comment to ‘stand back and stand by’. Those 4 words could mean a lot more than anyone wants, but maybe after the lessons of BLM and all the upheaval so far, people may have learned a few things. The effect may be limited, we hope (and Saturn has gone direct).

The days ahead will tell. October 3-6 Pluto stations direct, and on October 20-21, Saturn exactly opposes Trump’s natal Venus. Venus rules Trump’s money houses, the 2nd and the 8th. That is, his money and other people’s money. Including the multimillion dollar debt he probably owes to Deutsche Bank, or Russian oligarchs, or whomever. We may not know much, but we can be sure of one thing: banks and lenders don’t forget, and they hardly ever forgive – they defer. Having deferred for too long, sooner or later, the bailiffs and the story will come out of hiding.

Right now, transiting Venus at 26 Leo is conjunct Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo, above his Ascendant. His natal Venus at 25 Cancer is located on the cusp of his 12th house. Perhaps transiting Venus is coming to check his credit and he’s getting nervous?

Natal Mars on the Ascendant means a good offence is the best defense, so Trump is fighting back at the debates. More importantly, with natal Pluto in the 12th house of secrets, the aggression could also be cover or deflection for some unpleasant debt arrangements he made in the past for his real estate deals. Pluto from the 12th rules his 4th house of real estate, with Scorpio on the cusp, and Mars rules his 9th house of foreign affairs.

At the moment, transiting Jupiter at 17 Capricorn in the 5th is aspecting Trump’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini and his natal Jupiter at 17 Libra. Also, progressed Mercury at 17 Leo in the 12th, progressed Moon at 17 Virgo in the 1st, and his progressed Nodes at 17 Gemini/ Sagittarius (10/4) are creating an intricate mixture of influences on his children (5th) and reputation (10th). Transiting Capricorn Jupiter, conjunct Pluto and Saturn (i.e. the current stellium), is not necessarily friendly and Capricorn, in general, only does things for strategic reasons.

Chiron at 7 Aries is transiting Trump’s 8th house of debt and happens to exactly oppose his progressed Neptune at 7 Libra (illusions, deception) in his 2nd house of personal wealth. The transiting Sun at 7 Libra has shed light on his taxes via the agency of the New York Times (undercover reporting – progressed Mercury in the 12th at 17 Leo). Venus rules Libra and Trump’s progressed Venus at 19 Libra has just passed an exact conjunction with his progressed Chiron (troubles that never cease) in his 2nd house of personal wealth. Progressed Mars is slowly making its way to conjunct Chiron too, but that battle will take a while before it arrives.

Trump, with 2 progressed planets at the degree of the Moon’s fateful Nodes, will likely face some unintended “consequences” – ones that the Proud Boys won’t be able to save him from. The boys who may be more relevant may be the ones from the IRS. They have undoubtedly been unpleasantly surprised, themselves, about the unwanted publicity. How is it the IRS has allowed such a rich, prominent man to pay no taxes at all? Surely there must be more to it than $750 per year and why does Trump say his taxes are not “finished”? So, there may be a reckoning for some IRS people too, not only Trump (but being quite cynical about bureaucracies, I’m not raising hopes too high).

Anyway, something appears very wrong in Trump’s tax picture. There may be much more on this before long. If he ever does get a punishment, I’ve always thought it would only be a financial one (just my opinion). If so, it is most likely to arise from that Pluto (which rules great wealth) in the 12th – but the 12th is a mysterious place. Not a place that ordinary citizens can penetrate.

With natal Jupiter in the 2nd for good luck and natal Uranus in the 10th (presidential power) he’s in a pretty good place to pull strings. It is just as likely (imo) he’ll make a 12th house deal. Or he may get off with nothing as he undoubtedly pays his tax lawyers and accountants well. Or, he may get away with a tax bill plus interest, but it’s unlikely that he will ever do jail time (though the 12th rules jails too, as well as retirement).

Fair critiques, Andre.

I mean, arguably, on some level, we could say that we are still dealing with the energies of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini of 1891-92, 130 years ago! The opening square to that one hasn’t even happened yet, and won’t be exact until 2061-64, when Pluto is in Pisces and Neptune has returned to Gemini once more. For now, it is still “spring” in an epoch spanning nearly 500 years.

Also, as Barbk also shared, there are echoes of many such transits that appear in relationship with various entities’ charts throughout time. It will indeed be interesting, for example, to see the confluence of such energies in the later 2020s when Uranus transits the degrees of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction with the trine from Pluto in Aquarius, the “nuclear” degrees of 7-8 Gemini. Perhaps around this time we will see a major breakthrough in nuclear fusion?

Finally, Jenkins did write this in the early 90s, well before we “discovered” Eris and so many other outer planets. Undoubtedly his forecast will be shaped by these influences also, which he could not have seen at the time. Given the current closing Pluto-Eris square that we are experiencing in a cycle that began way back in 1757, it seems likely that we will be experiencing this influence for well into the 2030s at least, if not for much of the remainder of the 21st century to some degree.

Marjorie Orr’s take on the “debate”


Beowulfie, the 12th house rules mental health as well.

I think Trump is going off the deep end.

As a white-skinned, blue-eyed woman my hope is Saturn’s journey through Aquarius will herald the beginning of the end of racism and sexism. The caucasian race is still perpetrating horrendous crimes against non-whites, particularly blacks and natives and in many cases, against anyone who is not like them.

Maybe Saturn will provide the structure for understanding and compassion to flourish. Hopefully it will not come down to Whites having to feel the pain they have inflicted before they “get it”. But too often, we evolve not because we smoothly acknowledge our dark side, rather, we are ambushed by our own demons, and shocked by our misdeeds.

Trump is merely the catalyst for this evolution. It is and will be the most important issue of the foreseeable future.


Pennsylvania Republicans are considering giving Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Donald Trump even if Biden wins, by making claims of voter fraud. They are literally planning a coup!
This is why everyone needs to vote!!

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-pennsylvania-election_n_5f750df6c5b66377b27ce1b5?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 via @HuffPostPol

Buckeyeshadow, I agree on the effects of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction. There is a difference however about the effects of an aspect and the effects of a cycle. The former may last longer than we think but they are obviously not as long-lasting as the cycle. The Neptune-Pluto conjunction’s effects may have lasted until the 1920s when Einstein, Picasso and Freud were in their prime, when quantum mechanics were developed and the major leaders of the 20th century began their political careers. But the effects of the Neptune-Pluto sextile we are in now are something else entirely. They are mainly about stabilizing and integrating the effects of the conjunction. The sextile has brought overall stability since 1945.

The Uranus-Pluto opposition in the 2040s is not too far away for me. I am 65 and have now lived through their conjunction and opening square, both of which have been major periods of my life and in the world at large. I would be in my nineties in the 2020s. I don’t know if I will live that long or if I would have a clear mind by then but I am curious as to how that period will turn out.

However, I am relieved I won’t see the Neptune-Pluto square of the second half of this century because I think it would be just too overwhelming. The Uranus-Pluto square was enough, and I don’t wish to live through something worse. I will warn my children about the Neptune-Pluto square before I go, particularly my daughter born in 1987 who has a stellium in Gemini and a Moon in Pisces, the two signs most directly concerned by that aspect.

Agreed Andre,

It is supportive to make that distinction between the effects of an aspect, and the effects of the cycle in which it takes place.

Your comments about the Neptune-Pluto Square also struck me as very significant, and in a sense, how pivotal it may be to the entire century we are currently in.

There’s one last piece from Jenkins’ article that seems relevant here:

Between the 1960s and the 2040s we are in a watershed period – ‘crossing the great water’. We shall emerge from it much changed. In the 2060s, with the Neptune-Pluto square, we will either have succeeded or failed – and we’ll see the symptoms. The global civilisation seeded in the 1890s will then be a reality or a missed opportunity. The 2040s-60s in particular will possibly be looked back on as the deciding-period of human history. However, the truth is likely to be that this period needed to take place in the 20th century, by an act of voluntary wisdom on the part of humanity and its leaderships.

Deep Thanks for presenting the work of Palden Jenkins. I was earnestly impressed in the 90’s when I first read his very thoughtful work. I had not thought of his work for a good while. Thank You for reminding me of him!

IMO, any esotericist/student of the western mystery tradition who wants to develop a deeper understanding of history should read Palden Jenkins, Richard Tarnas, E. Alan Meece, and Dane Rudyar.

RE: “Pennsylvania Republicans considering giving Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Donald Trump even if Biden wins…”

I expect other R. dominated legislatures are considering doing likewise. They’ll do it if they believe they can get away with it. They care less than most realize about public opinion, or the will of the people. Only the possibility of severe consequences, like long imprisonment or death stops people of their mentality, and sometimes not even that.

I am reminded of the many German officers in 1945, all dedicated Nazis, who knowing their cause was lost, committed suicide out of a sense of honor and the feeling they could not tolerate living in a vanquished, non-fascist world.

But I do not believe these legislators have any sense of honor, and their devotion is not so much to any authoritarian ideology as it is to their bank accounts, and general self-aggrandizement. I believe they are largely cowards.

Nevertheless, should our democratic ethos prevail, we’ll need our own 21st century American version of the de-nazification policy enacted in the late 1940’s.

. . and Buckeye may I add that when Uranus reaches the degree of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction it will be the US natal Uranus Return, and that happens in May, 2028 at 8+ Gemini when, as you noted, Pluto will be at 8+ Aquarius and Neptune, days later, at 8+ Aries.

In the month of June, 2027, trans. Uranus makes an exact sextile to trans Neptune who makes an exact sextile to trans. Pluto, as well as a Uranus trine Pluto . . . and there is a Full Moon conjunct the Galactic Center! Of course, Uranus starts his series of sextiles with Neptune as soon as August, 2025. Heady times indeed.

Addressing Miss Quintile, I too hope Saturn transiting Aquarius will effect change in sexism and racism, and yes, evolution can be painful sometimes. Back when I was a high schooler, girls and women of all ages wore dresses and skirts that fell below their knees, and blouses that covered their boobs, and boys/men were clean shaven.

Since then it’s been a race to see which of them, girls/women or boys/men can exploit their feminine or masculine physicality the furthest. We are now at the stage where nothing is left to the imagination and I attribute that to the coming leap out of the patriarchal age and into a more equal social system between male and female, black and white, Christian and Jew, etc. etc.

The coming period of easy aspects between the outer planets, along with the Saturn in Aquarius period, and the lengthy period when trans. Saturn and Neptune are no more than a degree apart at or near the Aries Point and exact oto at 0+ Aries in Feb. 2026, suggests that new age is coming soon.

Buckeyeshadow, thanks for the Palden Jenkins info. I remember reading it many years ago and recently have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find it again, so as to refresh my memory about what he said. Thanks!!

There are five states – NC, WI, MI, FL, and PA – that have republican controlled legislatures, and interestingly, these are the five that trump won by less than 1%. We run the risk of these five sending their own electors to Washington in defiance of the people’s choices. In NC, the trump campaign has already sent out notices to local GOP election officials to not follow state guidelines.


After observing Trump during the debate, there has been comment about FTD.

The link between the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891 at 8 Gemini and the US chart is US Uranus at the same degree which ensures that US innovation will drive, for better or for worse, the evolution of world civilization until the next Neptune-Pluto conjunction centuries from now. Upon the first US Uranus return after that conjunction, the US became the dominant world power in 1944. I suspect the next Uranus return in 2027-28 will be about maantaining that dominance. And that each US Uranus return will put in play the meaning of the Neptune-Pluto conjunction.

That much is clear to me. What is not is why the Uranus return so far has been associated with violence on a massive scale. Perhaps the US Mars retrograde now under way for many decades will make the Uranus return play out differently this time.

“Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers, then we would know who owns them.”

Robin Williams

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.”

Abraham Lincoln

Seen on a T-shirt:

“Clinton made me want to be faithful.

Bush made me want to be smarter.

Obama made me want to be better.

Trump makes me want to be Canadian.”

Hope Hicks has tested positive for coronavirus. She is an, um, extremely close aide to the president. The story I just saw –

Hicks traveled with Trump to his debate with Biden on Tuesday and to a Minnesota rally on Wednesday. Trump’s entourage entered the debate hall without face coverings, or removed them as they sat down, and refused an offer of masks from a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, which was co-hosting the event.

Biden’s guests wore masks.

Hicks was seen on Tuesday riding maskless in a staff van with White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, campaign adviser Jason Miller and others.

When they returned to Washington on Tuesday, Stephen Miller and Hicks were seen sharing an umbrella as they exited Air Force One in the rain.

So much for pretending COVID does not exist.

Trump and his lovely wife are going to self quarantine as they await the result of their test for Covid, following the news that Hope Hicks tested positive. This from CNN. (they said the result would be made to the public tonight)

Is this for real or because the campaign sees it is over unless they reboot or who knows what….

Do a reading on health of trump please astrologists, i hope he gets it needs gets incapacitated

And gets incapacitated i mean.

You know, much as I despise the man and all that he has done, I still can’t bring myself to wish anything more than just enough suffering that it introduces the concept of humility to him.

Maybe he would be just a little more thoughtful about his words if it were a struggle to get them out. Just saying.

Of course, in that case, there’s always UV light and bleach.

That’s why i said incapacitated and not death. Sadly even if he got it i doubt he would gain humility. A lot of people on Twitter either think this is all a distraction and not true , maybe for a delay of the debate or that he is positive and doesn’t want to admit it. We shall see. The drama continues. Notice we are not talking about his taxes anymore


Many of us have seen rough times ahead for him. We presumed it was anger and difficulties he would experience over the election outcome and the devastating blow to his ego over ultimately losing, not to mention the avalanche of his legal woes waiting for him the moment he leaves the White House for the last time.

Then again, to all of our horror, maybe he does manage to steal power… only to face immense opposition that ultimately leads to a full on revolt and his forced removal from power. That wouldn’t exactly be a joyous time ahead either, for him at least.

Could it be the virus though? Who would have foreseen that?

It would indeed be incredibly karmic since he has been the agent of so much information leading to its spread, and the mass, death, injuries and general calamity it has caused here in the US.

The much fabled and poetic “coming around of what has gone around.”

And we could all agree that he has had far more luck in evading his comeuppances than he truly deserves.

Maybe he evades the consequences of his actions in this case, and maybe not. Maybe he finally reaps the whirlwind convergent from so much ill wind that he has sewn about in the land.

The president & first lady are positive for the virus.

Let’s hope Joe did not catch it from him.

Some Big Questions
we don’t know the answers too yet.

(A) Considering the potus was just a few feet away from VP Joe Biden, and expelled much tainted air, verbally & physically, does Joe have it too?

(B) Has VP Pence been exposed to it as well?

(C) Presuming Joe doesn’t have it, how might he appropriately campaign, particularly if DJT becomes gravely ill or dies?

One thing for sure: No more presidential debates.

Also, if VP Pence has it and is too disabled to assume presidential duties, Nancy Pelosi would temporarily fulfill the role.


Ditto everything you said!!!

And barb that was my thinking too i hope poor Joe didn’t get it!

Maggie Haberman of NYT tweeted out trump was hoarse this afternoon and aides chalked it up to a busy week but it was not any busier than other weeks. And trump is overweight and in the most dangerous age group

Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus
The president’s result came after he spent months playing down the severity of the outbreak that has killed more than 207,000 in the United States and hours after insisting that “the end of the pandemic is in sight.”


October surprise?

I mean, someone had to say it.

And yeah, in all seriousness, hope Joe didn’t get it from him just by being in the same space, and all the vitriol he spewed in Cleveland on Tuesday.

It doesn’t appear that they ever were close, but who knows what Trump spewed into the air.

standing by for an update from Nancy.

Meanwhile, the US solar return (SR) chart has a complex pattern made up of several stand alone patterns, starting with its grand trine between Moon, Uranus and the MC that opposed the IC that conjuncts the US natal Ceres (altogether a Kite pattern).

The IC + US Ceres sextiles the Solar Return Uranus that forms a Yod with the Solar Return Juno, which becomes a Boomerang pattern with the addition of Solar Return Chiron opposite SR Juno, the same opposition that is in the US natal chart too.

Chiron opposite Juno in the Solar Return chart is in a grand cross with Moon opposite Mercury.

All the above are part of a massive pattern that consumes the Solar Return chart message, which requires some (new) study.

There is also the square between the SR chart Neptune and the US natal Mars + Trump’s Sun to consider, as well as the SR chart’s conjunction of Jupiter, Pallas and Pluto that trines US natal Neptune and also the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s start degree.

The US Solar Return chart Sun was conjunct Vesta and they were trine Solar Return Ceres which is probably where we should start, and also the SR chart’s South Node is conjunct the SR chart Saturn, which is pretty clear.

Remember that this SR chart’s ascendant is conjunct Biden’s natal Sun.

I’m wondering how the potus illness might
affect the Supreme Court nomination/confirmation process.


The Twitter post on @DonaldTrump shows a time of 12:54pm, October 1, 2020, Washington DC (when you click on the ‘1h’ symbol at the top on the east coast).

The post says,

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!

Donald J. Trump

It was preceded by an earlier announcement at 10:44 pm, Washington:

“Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible! The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results. In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!

Donald J. Trump Retweeted
Donald J. Trump

Vedic astrologer, Gurmeet Singh really nailed it when he said DJT would enter the worst part of his life as of 24 Sept. 2020. Whether he lives or dies, most all of his troubles will continue.

The Atlantic will continue publishing their dark revelations re: DJT. Other journalists will do likewise. He will continue losing in the courts, cannot publically campaign, and cannot possibly win the popular vote in the election. Should he both lose and live, he will face prosecution for a number of crimes.

Considering his age, obesity, and other factors, it is likely his prognosis will deteriorate, possibly unto death. It is now a serious question as to whether he will be well, or alive on election day, or by 20 January.

So far, 2020 has been visited by an enormous plethora of “black seans.” What next?!?!?

OK. That’s supposed to read “black swans.”

What irony. Imagine Trump uttering the same words as George Floyd and so many black men who suffered and gasped for air and died because of police brutality.

“I can’t breathe.”

On his tombstone:
Donald John Trump
An example for us all

Just an odd bit of presidential illness procedures — the domesday planes are in the air. A former Homeland Security head said procedure says they’ll be launched any time the president is sick or might be incapacitated, and they were 30 minutes before the announcement Trump has the virus.

I thought they took our leaders to safety to ensure the government could continue, but they’re actually launched as a deterrent to any country that might attack us while our leader is vulnerable.

So, if we need to, we have mobile military command centers in the skies off both coasts.

So 2020.


Some people on Twitter are saying our potential Justice May have to quarantine, depending on when Trump got sick or maybe when Hope Hicks got sick.

She’s been in meetings with McConnell and other Republican leaders in the last few days, so there’s more people who need to quarantine.

Pence, people are saying, has been around the president and must be tested, and a guy on CNN said Nancy Pelosi should be put in isolation just in case both Trump and Pence get sick.

Stock market down 400 points in after hours trading. That will really piss Trump off.

I always thought it he got this, it would likely kill him given his age, weight, lousy diet and who knows what else going on with his health.

But his followers will never believe it was the virus. We’ll hear conspiracy theories like we never imagined. They’ll make him a martyr.

Melania tweeted the following at 10:27 pm, October 1, 2020, Washington:

US government account
As too many Americans have done this year, @potus & I are quarantining at home after testing positive for COVID-19. We are feeling good & I have postponed all upcoming engagements. Please be sure you are staying safe & we will all get through this together.

This may be the earliest ‘official, public’ notification of their testing positive. If anyone finds an earlier time, other than the comment Trump made on the Hannity show on Thursday night (for which it’s hard to find a precise time), please let us know.

What happens if a U.S. presidential candidate dies before the election or inauguration? Part 1 of 2.


Trump Possibly Exposed GOP Senators To COVID Which Could Doom His SCOTUS Nominee

https://politicususa.com/2020/10/02/trump-covid-scotus-nominee.html via

“This story (Trump testing positive) proves how crucial it is to have a White House we trust. Immediately, Twitter users noted that someone had suggested this very scenario back in September as a way for Trump to steal headlines away from Biden, emerge victorious over the virus, and claim credit for a new treatment that had cured him. Elections almost always feature an “October Surprise” to move voters in the last few weeks of the election when it is too late for the other side to challenge that surprise move. And while this news certainly looks genuine—the White House doctor issued a statement after Trump announced the test results—there is plenty that the Trump campaign would like to distract us from.”


It does seem odd that the transiting North Node (path forward) in the Full Moon chart yesterday was conjunct Trump’s Sun, both at 22 Gemini 55.

Hmmm…. by way of an illness, Barbk? Wonder in what direction?

Pence has supposedly tested negative for it, so there’s that.

I think Biden and the Dems and others opposition must frame this as the inevitable result of what happens when you flaunt science and just plain “common” sense—and what poor stewardship this represents for the US. It’s just one more example of the catastrophic failure of leadership on display by Trump; he can’t even take care of his own health, and is full-in reckless about the heath of others.

Trump has basically dared the virus to infect him. And so naturally it did. He’s the fool that would stick his head in a lion’s mouth to prove a point, and the lion would of course do what a lion does (don’t we wish).

Marjorie Orr:


It would seem Trump’s most salient spiritual purpose, his unconscious dharma, is to not just expose SOME of the holes, but to expose ALL OF THE HOLES in our constitutional system. He has made immediately plausible a ridiculous number of obscure, and unlikely constitutional scenarios our Founders never thought of, or thought so improbable as to be unnecessary to address.

How many times do I hear various pundits, especially on MSNBC say, “We’ve never been here before.” or some similar statement? The list of unthinkable things Trump has done, or situations he has created are legion, and always seem to be growing. We can’t digest them fast enough as they come and go through the news cycle. Scandal after scandal, bizarre story after story emerges every few days before we’re done with the previous one. Too many to count. And now this…Win or lose, there’s a very good chance DJT will die in office, possibly before the election, maybe after and before he next inauguration.

Linda G always said there was a dark haired woman that would bring Trump down. I thought it was Nancy Pelosi but perhaps it’s Hope Hicks

Buckeye, I can’t figure it out. We are supposd to learn something from this but it isn’t clear at all right now. Perhaps it means Trump serves as an example of what can happen when one flouts what has been learned through experience. The price we pay for being bull headed.

The North Node (22+ Gemini) sextiles Vesta (21+ Leo) in the Full Moon chart and they both are quincunx the Pluto at 22+ Capricorn, in the Yod apex and all 3 are retrograde.

Pluto conjuncts Saturn at 25+ Cap which is square Eris and Mars at 24+ Aries who are also retrograde. They both trine Vesta (what is invested in) in Leo and sextile the North Node (opportunity) in Gemini.

Pluto (in the apex of the Yod) suggests a shifting in the transformation process which affects the structure (Saturn) of government (Capricorn) which is being assaulted by Mars and Eris in Aries, which in general I take as angry individuals demanding change. That’s the best I can come up with right now.

Neptune at 19 Pisces in this Full Moon chart sextiles Jupiter (17+ Capricorn) who is in orb of a conjunction to Pluto who is conjunct Saturn, and Neptune with Jupiter form a Yod with Vesta, so that means the focus (Vesta) is changing. Neptune is also T-square the Nodes. Decisions, decisions.

Ceres (Covid) at 29+ Aquarius in this FM chart conjuncts US Moon and opposes the chart’s Venus (values) at 28+ Leo that is conjunct Trump’s Mars/ascendant, which is quincunx US natal Pluto, so both US Pluto and the Full Moon Pluto are under pressure to shift in some way.

Does any of that make sense?

For sure Eliseo. Thank you for pointing that out. He is the tool of the Universe.

I remember that ja! She also said several times that Trump would leave the White House before the Inauguration, and Pence would make the transition with Joe Biden.

Just tuned into FOX to see how they are talking about it and i heard that after Boris Johnson and Brazil’s President tested positive for covid and recovered there was a sympathy bounce for them. I heard Trump is planning a noon address to seniors, a segment where his support dropped off. So I’m wondering if his infection with covid is a hoax. I just dont believe anything he says and everything he is doing now is desperate to keep in power. This could be a ploy to boost the sympathy vote and to get seniors who left him back into that basket of deplorables.

BuckeyeShadow, I believe the October Surprise is bigger than this latest development.

Trump does not have CoVid. It is just another political tactic. He needed to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and that rabbit is Covid. It protects him (and Melania) n a number of levels. If he really did have Covid they would have kept it a quiet as possible for a long a possible.

Frank, since you went first I will say I thought the same thing, but wondered if he, Trump, could bully a doctor into saying publicly that Trump tested positive it it were not true. There was a doctor involved wasn’t there? The news he tested positive definitely shifted away from the Debate and would get him out of more debates.

Ronna Romney McDaniel (head of the RNC) and Senator Mike Lee of Utah have both announced that they tested positive after visits to the White House earlier this week. Lee had been there for discussions about the supreme court nomination and was photographed shaking hands, without a mask.

Every Republican on the Judiciary Committee has been in maskless contact with *rump and Hicks in the last week, as has Coney Barrett. None of the Democrats on the committee have been. The hearings are in 10 days, just about the time that any people who are going to get serious cases will be headed to the hospital…

Here’s a link to Michael Moore’s FB post doubting the news about Trump’s CV-19 infection:


“Every Republican on the Judiciary Committee has been in maskless contact with *rump and Hicks in the last week, as has Coney Barrett. None of the Democrats on the committee have been. ”

If this is indeed the case, then the GOP can kiss the possibility of getting Barrett voted and installed as a Justice in the US Supreme Court, goodbye. We have to see how the rest of her family fares, but it would be unfortunate if her kids got it, and has to suffer, because of their mom’s incompetence.

Thankfully, Barron Trump has tested negative.

BarbK, yes, an MD confirmed he has covid…I dont believe anyone in his circle and totally believe his MD would lie. On the other hand, it is being reported that a number of people around him are also infected, so it may be true. This lack of trust in the president underscores a huge hole in his credibility.

I am calling it now…..Barb K and Andre for Co-President of the United States

Frank as Secretary of Defense.

And Ja as Secretary of State.

Anybody else wants a position in the government?

Neerav, I’m honored, thank you


The President of Notre Dame University now has coronavirus, sa a result of the White House/Rose Garden event, in which Amy Barrett was announced as the nominee of the US Supreme Court.

#superspreader #Covid19

“Neerav, I’m honored, thank you”

Frank…..can you do something about that little problem we have in the Korean peninsula, involving someone trying to develop nukes? You know….maybe bribe the person in question with lots of goulash, tandoori chicken or even delicious Italian food?


That Saturn-Mars conjunction that I asked about was addressed by all you folks here……thank you!

Saturn-Mars, Saturn-Uranus, Uranus-Mars, Uranus-Pluto and Saturn-Neptune……all of these aspects, more so in terms of opposition between the two planets, are heavy hitters. They are to be taken VERY seriously by anyone studying or practicing astrology, as they are NOT to be trifled with!

Thank you, Neerav. I’m also honored.

Biden tested negative.

I don’t know if I can make it through the day.

Biden’s campaign says he has tested negative for COVID-19. Hopefully that remains the case.

Barbk, it does, actually. Seems like a shift in our dynamic is in the air, we just get to wait and see how it all unfolds.

Re: the hoax part, I mean, who knows with Trump, and for once, this doesn’t feel fake to me.

I also don’t think he will get that much sympathy to boost his chances should he recover. Questions about his ability to handle the duties of the Presidency will come to the fore, and they are 100% legit. It can be a long road back to health even for a young individual who was healthy before the onset of virus symptoms. Think Chris Cuomo. Also, the PM of Britain, Boris Johnson who is in his 50s.

Trump is 74, overweight and out of shape, and has a notoriously terrible diet. He’s at high risk for complications. Even if he makes it through without being put on a ventilator, he’s likely to have lingering effects on his energy levels, and his mind, which in particular was in question to begin with. I don’t see how he makes it back on the campaign trail and stages another rally before the election. If he tries to do so, he might very well just collapse and die from the stress on his body. Even in the best case scenario for him, I don’t see how he bounces back to full strength in short order.

This virus is no joke, but he’s treated it as such. Some things you just can’t mess around with. As much as he projects a larger than life persona and invincibility, he’s looking quite small and just mortal after all in this moment.

There could be worse news later today as the Full Moon squares stationing Saturn and stationing Pluto. Perhaps Trump will be hospitalized.

Things will definitely be more somber next week as Mars squares Pluto on the 9th. The somber mood is likely to have an impact on the vice-presidential debate and to derail the Supreme Court hearings.

Pluto has returned to the degree of its conjunction in January. The full meaning of the conjunction is now more clear. We thought in January it was about Trump’s impeachment. What the impeachment by the House could not do, the virus may well accomplish. Of course it is coming back to Trump.

The accumulation of hits to Trump’s chart will bring him to a pitiful end even if he survives the virus. His transiting nodal return is the final straw.

“Questions about his ability to handle the duties of the Presidency will come to the fore, and they are 100% legit.”

Buckeye Shadow……that question has been looming since Trump took office on January 20, 2017!!!

Barb k, Andre, Buckeye Shadow et al……

Does anyone notice how the news of the infection of Trump, his wife, and many others, correspond to the full moon that we just have? Not sure what sign of the Zodiac (as well as House of Zodiac) is the full moon, but the fact that this is happening at or around the full moon makes me VERY curious!!!!

Curiouser and curiouser, as Winnie the Poo, says!

Linda G has new video out. Very, very interesting. She says Trump def has the virus and is going to struggle with it. She thinks hearings or confirmation for Amy CB will be held up.

Andre, that’s eerie. I just looked up at your most recent post and it is pretty much what Linda G said.

We have 110 days until the inauguration.

As BuckeyeShadow wrote, “Trump is 74, overweight and out of shape, and has a notoriously terrible diet. He’s at high risk for complications.”

Unless he’s caught the non-symptom variety of the virus, I doubt he can last until January 20th! 2020: What a weird year this is !!!

press pool rumor is that Melania is so far asymptomatic, Hope Hicks is in pretty bad shape with fever, coughing, chills and loss of sense of smell, and the resident is coughing and fatigued but not too bad off.

People who were at the fundraiser last night said that he seemed lethargic, but that could be hindsight.

New post up:


They are now saying that the Barrett event on Saturday was or may have been the super spreader event that caused it.

Whether he (trump) is sick or not, let us keep our focus on what the GOP is doing in battleground states where they are attempting to aggressively push back on voting rights in PA, NC, MI, FL, and WI (among others). I am still deeply worried that the GOP is attempting a coup over the next few months and we need to stay focused on that.

Thank goddess, Nancy has news, but before I read it, thank you Neerav, you are TOO funny, and check out my comment at 11:09 AM for the Full Moon aspects.

Thank you Frank . . .for everything!
Thanks Banks!
Thanks to all for raising my spirits

Ja and Sharon K,

Stephen Miller Infected with Covid: why do I feel worse for the virus after feeding on that rancid pustule. May Trump and his infected minions suffer greatly and horrifically should their prideful arrogance and willful ignorance.

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