8th Aug, 2020

Summer into Fall

There is another pandemic running rampant throughout the land. It underlies the stark and painful reality of the coronavirus, and it is the reason we have failed so abysmally in tackling the great challenge of Covid-19. This deeper sickness is the selfishness and self-serving dishonesty that lets people rationalize their irresponsible behavior, their racism, and their unwillingness to stand up to Mad King Donnie. The motto of the spiritually infected is: ”As long as it is good for me, I don’t care who else it hurts.”

Whether it is Trump who doesn’t want to admit to the reality of the coronavirus because it might make him look bad, Republicans who fear losing the support of their lunatic cult-like base, idiots who don’t want their “freedom” impinged by wearing a mask, or the super wealthy corporatists who don’t care about the pollution they are spewing or the environmental disaster they are fomenting, this blatantly selfish disregard for the greater good is what will ultimately sink this country if we don’t wake up and fight the sickness of the American soul. As the great Ben Franklin once said: “Experience keeps an expensive school, but fools will learn in no other.”

As is obvious from any metric one might choose, astrology also suggests that the final months of 2020 will continue to be extremely distressing. The birth chart for the year, drawn for midnight on January 1, suggests that the strain of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction waxes throughout the entire year. The power struggle to survive and the fearfulness surrounding that struggle are indicated by this conjunction which describes the larger context of the year. The year began with the impeachment inquiry and then immediately moved into the ever-burgeoning reality of the metastasizing coronavirus and its emotional and economic devastation throughout the country.

Now that we are in high summer, the US is currently in the midst of its progressed Moon conjunct natal Pluto (27Capricorn33) from July 23 through August 23. This already difficult configuration has been made worse by the transit of Saturn conjunct the US progressed Moon from August 1 to August 12. This combination brings with it enormous emotional stress and fear among the population and can be seen manifesting by not only the continuing pandemic but by the Congress and White House’s inability to find a way to continue aid to tens of millions of Americans. The eviction moratorium is gone, as are the unemployment benefits and paycheck protection act. People are terrified and are hurting. There is likely to be some relief after August 12 as Saturn separates from the progressed Moon, but the strain of progressed Moon/natal Pluto will wax through August 23, likely suggesting worsening news about the virus. Perhaps Congress will manage something more substantial thereafter.

In addition, the coming Jupiter transit in Trump’s chart is of particular concern. Jupiter will be stationary quincunx Trump’s Uranus (17Gemini54) from August 14 through September 30, and Jupiter will be stationary square to natal Jupiter (17Libra27) from August 19 to September 19. This suggests a period of recklessness and unilateral action by our sociopathic megalomaniacal president, during which he is unlikely to be contained by anyone. Trump’s recent association with Jon Yoo, of torture memo fame, enabled Deranged Donnie to rationalize a Supreme Court loss over DACA into a win, as he moves to further sabotage the program. The potential of unrestrained, unilateral action, rationalized by feeble legal theories of those such as John Yoo and William Barr, but in actuality based only in Trump’s grandiose delusions, will be enormous during this Jupiter transit (8/14 to 9/30).

The good news, for those of us who hope desperately to be rid of this dreadful Trumpian stain on the American psyche, is the coming Saturn station opposite Trump’s Venus (25Cancer44) from August 18 through October 22, compounded in October and then extended through December by the transit of Pluto opposite natal Saturn (23Cancer49) from October 4 to December 23.  The Saturn transit opposite Venus, in particular, suggests a loss of allies, plummeting polls, and significant melancholy and isolation.

As for the election itself, the high number of absentee ballots will clearly be delaying the results. With the Mercury station square to a slow-moving Saturn for the first week of November, we can expect delays, controversies, recounts and significant troubles. Moreover, with Trump under a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction quincunx his Sun (22Gemini56) from November 7 to November 13, we can expect some super-charged manipulations and recklessness from our self-serving White House Resident. It may be around the 13th of November or so when the tide shifts away from such chicanery and the results finally are clarified.

One final point I would like to cover is the incredible agitation and stress for the administration suggested in the Inaugural chart for September and October. September will bring an overwhelming feeling of failure and a collapse of current  policies (Inaugural progressed Moon conjunct Saturn, 23Sagittarius30)). This will continue through mid-October with progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct progressed Saturn. This situation will be met with enormous public protest and anger as well as an aggressive and likely violent response from the Trump administration (transiting Uranus opposite Inaugural Moon and semisquare Inaugural Mars, September 13 to October 17; and progressed Inaugural Moon square Inaugural Mars, 24Pisces21, October 1 to October 28; and don’t forget the Jupiter transit to Trump’s chart mentioned above which suggests unilateral action). With the transiting Mars station in late September and early October spending time square to Saturn (September 27 to September 30) and square to Pluto (October 4 to October 9), we can expect a very tumultuous two months prior to the election.

Clearly, 2020 will be a year that goes down in infamy. Trump’s selfishness and grandiose delusions have crashed upon the harsh shores of reality. Let us hope that in 2021 we can begin to address the shipwreck we have been left with and do so with an attitude more befitting a great nation, since we will all need to pitch in to get things back on track.


One of the best posts I’ve seen on Instagram was this quote:

“I wish my mother was here to say: ‘if you don’t behave right now, I’m going to spank you into next year!!’ —PLEASE DO IT NOW, MOM!!!”

Nancy – quoting your article: “Clearly, 2020 will be a year that goes down in infamy.” Surely, 2020 will go down in infamy but so will the day Trmp (sic) cheated his election victory, on and the day he gave his American carnage inauguration speech, oh, and the day he declared his Muslim travel ban, and oh, the day he started placing children in cages, and oh, I’d be typing all day to develop a list of his grotesque actions so to make it simple how about putting it simply – the day he was spawned from Satan!

Wonderful summary Nancy, it will be my guide for the next 3 months. So the US progressed Moon conjuncts the US natal Pluto and transiting Saturn right now? Oh Boy! This is as close to world disaster as I can possibly get through alive and sane.

I look at it as a layer of nasty skin shed, like a snake does, revealing a new healthy skin underneath. Not so easy to scrape it off, this nasty layer of consciousness, but I keep the faith that it will be worth the suffering to be free of all the selfishness and racism and those other “Mad King Donnie” symbolisms. I will have to be face-to-face with my sister in law, the one who idolizes Trump in late October. Not looking forward to it.

Excellent writing, Nancy, chocked full of important information. As always, Thank You for your offering, and Thank You for this forum, for which I’m personally very grateful.

Maybe this is why the GOP does not want to help Americans and why the talks have broken down ….

… The Wall Street Journal recently reported that investors are “preparing for what they believe could be a once-in-a generation opportunity to buy distressed real-estate assets at bargain prices.” This profiteering is far from “once-in-a-generation” though: It’s straight out of private equity’s playbook during the 2008 financial crisis. We all know what happened then: Homeowners targeted by predatory mortgages lost their homes to foreclosure, and private equity swept in to buy those homes at depressed prices. Communities of color were hit fastest and hardest. Just a handful of years after Black homeownership hit its highest point, the devastating waves of foreclosures wiped out nearly all of the growth in Black homeownership since the Fair Housing Act repealed Jim Crow redlining in 1968. …


What I wonder is this: if landlords evict tenants because they can’t pay the rent because they have no jobs, who is going to move in and pay rent?

BarbK, you have to options with your Trump-loving sister-in-law. You can agree in advance not to discuss
politics or you can gloat because it will already be obvious that Biden will win by a landslide if Trump’s still around and hasn’t picked up his marbles and gone home (or to another country).

Look out, Banks, this a a party that nurtured Donald Segretti, et al. There’s plenty carnal knowledge of rodents going on in high places. Never gloat, it only encourages them.

Brava, Starlight.

You articulated the underlying pandemic which has been devouring the nation’s soul since Donny Darko’s poisonous pedagogy went mainstream.

“The motto of the spiritually infected is: ”As long as it is good for me, I don’t care who else it hurts.”

Thank you for your devotion to astrology and to your nation.

There is so much that could “blow up” between now and Sept… including foreign policies (like Trump reimposing tariffs on Canadian steel)… but I wonder if one of the points could be food, especially that month.

The Equinox on Sept 22 this year is known to us as Mabon, or the Festival of 2nd Harvest. Has me wondering not only about the insistent rise in food prices I’ve seen in my own local grocery stores, but also about perhaps the price supports Trump gave farmers collapsing. Between farmers not being able to grow/sell/distribute food and consumers paying so much more each trip to the store, then add in the food insecurity of the unemployed and underemployed right now… could food riots be far off the mark for the kind of trouble in this time frame?

Thank you, Nancy!

silcominc, the article you posted is spot on. I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

Arbo, if landlords have no one to pay the rent then they will not have rental income to pay the mortgages on their rental properties, and they will have to sell those properties at a loss. That’s exactly the point. The investors mentioned in the article silcominc posted will pick up real estate at distressed prices. As usual, this will hurt smaller landlords most, including people who have a rental or two to provide retirement income.

Thanks Nancy for a wonderful analysis of what is to come.

Phil Sedgwick thinks August 15, what with its Venus trine Ceres and Venus square Chiron, symbolizes Joe Biden’s pick for VP is made known. Some will love her and some won’t. He says that the “agenda of healing” is paramount in his “Skyscraping!” August 7 news letter,

BarbK, domed favor and tell me how that looks for Elizabeth Warren, pls.

do me a favor. I hate it when Apple decides what they think you want to say. Sorry.

Well, it’s a long story Banks, lets start with Joe’s natal Chiron (healer) at 28+ Leo that opposes the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius (while it conjuncts Trump’s natal Mars/asc, in Leo).

28+ Leo is also the ascendant degree of the present, but soon to expire Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart when set in Washington. Joe is riding the energy of this Jupiter-Saturn cycle right up to its end on December 21, when the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts.

Joe’s natal Mercury at 21+ Scorpio opposes this soon to retire Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began at 22+ Taurus in 2000. The Moon (People) in that 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart at 3+ Aries sextiles the same chart’s Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini that conjuncts Joe’s natal Uranus (unpredictable) at 2+ Gemini. This sextile forms a Yod to the US progressed Saturn at 3+ Scorpio. US prog. Saturn must adjust.

To me that sounds like the People (for now) and their Values, (aka Venus) line up with Joe Biden to change the structures (prog Saturn) now in place.

However, Uranus (Joe’s or the US or transiting Uranus’s) do not do the expected, they do the unexpected and break through glass ceilings, or whatever stands in the way of progress.

Joe’s natal Ceres at 20+ Pisces that conjuncts his chart’s IC (roots) at 19+ Pisces is where transiting Neptune is these days and that’s going to influence his choice for a running mate. Who’s gonna nurture me?

Joe’s natal Juno (partner) at 9+ Sagittarius opposes his natal Saturn at 9+ Gemini which conjuncts the US natal Uranus and Elizabeth Warren’s natal Mars, both at 8+ Gemini. Hmmm . . . .

The Neptune-Pluto cycle that began in 1891, a long time ago, also started at 8+ Gemini and in that chart there was a square between Uranus (breakthrough) at 27+ Libra (partner) that squared Venus (values) at 27+ Cancer (that conjuncts Joe’s natal Jupiter at 25+ Cancer that conjuncts US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer) which oppose the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, where transiting Saturn is right now.

The Uranus in that ancient Neptune-Pluto chart at 27+ Libra is trine the US natal Moon in Aquarius and sextiles Biden’s natal Chiron in Leo that opposes the US Moon, while that same Neptune-Pluto chart’s Uranus in Libra squares US natal Pluto (+ trans. Saturn) which is about transformation.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle seems to be saying that the time has come to break with tradition, and their cycle start degree, conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, which conjuncts Warren’s Mars at 8+ Gemini, which conjuncts Biden’s Saturn at 9+ Gemini which conjuncts Warren’s Mercury at 10+ Gemini sounds like “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!

I think Biden wants Elizabeth to be his VP and goddess knows a lot of people (voters) are behind her. We’ll see if his courage (or his Uranus conjunct the Venus in the soon to expire Jupiter-Saturn chart and the North Node in the very old Neptune-Pluto chart) can hang tough.

Thanks, BarbK. As I said after watching JB and EW together in that fundraiser, she looked like a Mother watching her son reciting the Gettysburg Address on stage…..just a tad nervous but knowing he does know it. So there’s the nurturer.

I believe he will come through on this one.

Thank you Nancy. Very insightful. Also much gratitude to those astrologers who provide so much objective insight, as opposed to just opinion (like me!).

As you say, the “sickness of the American soul” is not a Trump phenomenon and it won’t go away just because Trump is no longer president.

Nothing will change unless Biden’s focus is on the overhaul of domestic issues, particularly the dysfunctional government and judicial system as a start as it underpins the rest.

But wait…..E. Warren has a plan for that! Hopefully she gets installed somewhere in the White House where she can begin to implement that plan.

Further, how will Biden get the Bernie/Warren vote unless he has one or both of these people in his inner circle?

Not that the other picks for VP are not great, they are excellent. Women are just naturally better at administration, if you subscribe to the concept that it comprises planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Less distracted by ego and sex, they are more productive and more capable than men in this area.

All Joe needs to do is articulate (if he can) the vision, and then let those smart women loose to carry it out
and make him look good.

p.s. in the fall/winter when all hell is likely to break loose, I want to explore Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic astrology. Anyone into that?

I sure hope that Trump and company’s plans to shrink the postal service and shrink social security are foiled and backfire on them! For one thing the AARP will be up in arms, I would think. So far, though, I haven’t seen much coverage or outrage.

Thank you for the new article, Nancy – well done as always. I am a realist and like knowing what we are getting into. I am also an idealist and optimist but this one looks like it will be touch and go until the end. And, we do not need anymore natural weather events to exacerbate these conditions!

Lastly, don’t forget to pray for Lebanon. I was told by my Lebanese friend that Caritas is a good place to donate for those so inclined. His family is basically ok but they had some harrowing experiences. One branch is leaving Beirut for Paris and is lucky that they have the financial means to do so.

I am heartsick about all of this!

Thank you. TJ. I’m aware of the aims of this elite financial group. This is just the latest way for them to continue to suck $$$ from what’s left of the middle class.

They’ve been working on it since the early 70s, when they realized that because of increased production leading to increased profit they were going to have to share more profits with the people who actually do the work. Or hide the profit some way.

They took advantage of the women’s movement and went along with the idea of women bringing in a paycheck, but in their version it meant that all wages had to fall. Soon families needed two paychecks to get by because their expenses increased while their wages failed to keep up with normal inflation. Remember 50 years ago when Levi’s cost around $10 a pair and were made in the US from superior material?

The public exists to funnel everything they own to all those would-be Trumps who hide behind him.

But in the meantime, what happens to all that unoccupied property when the homeless numbers grow? What happens when the camo police meet the angry homeless?

Maybe they hand out the soma. Maybe soylent green is people. Have they thought beyond the initial ROI? Did any of them see Les Miserables?

Professor Who Has Predicted Every Presidency Correctly Says Trump Will….


Biden’s Ceres and Juno
Strengthen his Chart


If I were Joe Biden’s campaign manager, I wouldn’t participate presidential debates. I don’t think Trump is worthy of the dignity. Who wants to a repeat of Rumphole’s stalking and trouncing around the stage like a prepubescent bully and stocking the audience with his hired thugs and malcontents. I don’t think the people of this nation need to waste their time watching a repeat of the horrible spectacle that were the 2016 debates.

RE: “If I were Joe Biden’s campaign manager, I wouldn’t participate presidential debates. I don’t think Trump is worthy of the dignity.”

I agree, totally, completely, and qbsolutely!
It would be a total waste of time.

Biden would have to say, over and over again, “No, that’s not true.” or more overtly, “That’s a complete lie!” He’d have to spend so much time refuting Trump’s false facts, conspiracy theories, and bald faced lies that he wouldn’t have time to get his own views and message out.
By actual debate rules, it’s never a real debate anyway! Furthermore, the structure is based on the presumption the participants will use real facts, be as truthful as they can be, relative to their knowledge base, and obey the rules! In great part due to time constraints, there is insufficient room for on the spot fact checking.

Trump will bully, will NOT follow the rules, will only use HIS “facts” and tell about as many lies as there are stars in the sky. Trump is living, breathing, intensely predatory chaos, incarnate! He is Apep, the snake. He is Isfet. He is Set, and the Leviathan, the Lernaean Hydra, and a slithering Vritra.

There’s no way the “debate” could or would be a normal contest between honorable candidates with opposing views. The forum is
not like a high school or college debate, wherein you automatically forfeit if you break the rules or, use false information, or go over time. Television loves chaos and conflict, all to Trump’s advantage.

Trump is a venal man, and a consummate ignoramus! Biden is a good and intelligent man, knowledgeable and experienced. But he’s not particularly fast on the draw verbally. For Pete’s sake, the man overcame stuttering! Trump is a professional liar and con man. There’s no way it could possibly be a fair contest.

As Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Television, by its nature intensifies and expands the problem exponentially.

I had a weird feeling about this last Full Moon at 11+ Aquarius, it was a degree I’d written about here a number of years ago after the 3 outer planets had entered the signs of Capricorn (Pluto), Pisces (Neptune) and Aries (Uranus). All 3 planets had made 2 entries into their new signs, and the charts for all 3 of the 2nd entries had something at 11+ Aquarius.


I read that as a gradual awakening of consciousness for humanity, rather than a mass transformation of consciousness for everyone on the planet, all at one time.

After Uranus left Aries and entered Taurus I lost interest in the phenomenon. This past full moon rekindled that interest. For Pluto’s 2nd entry into Cap it was the North Node + Nessus at 11+ Aquarius and for Neptune’s 2nd entry into Pisces it was Mercury at 11+ Aquarius.

I interpret the 1st entry (ingress) of a planet into a sign as a kind of survey and the 2nd ingress (if there is one) as a plan based on the survey. The 1st entry of Neptune into Pisces had 6 of the 10 major planets in Aries, a focus on self at the expense of others. Neptune’s 2nd entry into Pisces had the 10 major planets spread out into 7 different signs.

The 1st entry of Pluto into Capricorn had Moon (the people) in Virgo opposite Uranus (+ Pallas) in Pisces. The 2nd entry of Pluto into Capricorn had Saturn (the establishment) in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces.

The outer planets symbolized intent is to guide mass historical changes in the development of societies interactions with one another and with the planet. Uranus does it with speed and breakthroughs. Neptune does it through emotion and spirituality. Pluto does it with blunt power and exposure.

Pluto’s plan for its stay in Capricorn seems to work with Neptune’s stay in Pisces by combining its (Pluto’s) North Node (path forward) and Nessus (abuse of power) with Neptune’s Mercury (communication) all at 11+ Aquarius, where the Full Moon was 7 days ago.

I can see the blunt abuse of power of Pluto and the emotionally driven communication of Neptune whenever I turn on the news broadcast and when I read our comments on Nancy’s blog. We, all people, are moving up the staircase of consciousness at our own pace, with the help of each other, and my guess is that this week and last week are important in that process.

Uranus was T-square that Aquarius Full Moon and the Sun (consciousness) in Leo while Pluto was halfway between Saturn and Jupiter (the symbols of a society), as Neptune was sextile Jupiter, the co-rule of Pisces.

We can’t quite sense them like we do Mars or Mercury, but we may sense a slight move up the staircase this month. Just sayin’.

BarbK, my natal moon is 11+ Aquarius conjunct my IC at 13+, and I’m familiar with the Sabian symbol. I never gave it much thought except as a symbol of my being part of the diversity of humanity’s evolution. In meditating on it this AM, thanks to your inspiration, I got that it could also be about social movements (which can be seen as an expression of evolutionary consciousness) several of which I was involved growing up in the 60s-70s, like many of us here. Recently, we’ve seen reiterations of those movement which started during the Pl-Ur conjunction opp Sa: marriage equality, climate change, Me Too, and Black Lives Matter, AND these are now global movements!

This morning I visualized being on that staircase and felt focused determination and alignment with everyone else on that staircase. It’s a powerful image for me, one that I’m going to enjoy returning to in my meditations! Thanks again for your inspiration.

We can already see this Jupiter transit on Trump’s chart with the reckless, ill conceived and grandiose series of executive orders he just foisted on us. I am sure he is gloating (Jupiter) that he has pulled one over on the Dems. He clearly sabotaged the talks via Meadows, so he could swoop in and save the day. But his “save” is more like smoke and mirrors, and with Saturn coming back to oppose Venus, no one will buy what he is selling.

Nancy, I’m glad to hear that no one is buying this “save” over unemployment benefits, etc. I’ve been on unemployment for three months now, and I don’t think I’m going to see one penny of what 45 is ordering. Our state’s governor reinstated work search requirements, because the fund for unemployment benefits is almost gone. And 45 wants the state to put another $100 on top of what it was already contributing?

Yes, our state unemployment is a pittance, but without help from the feds, the state really can’t kick in more. This is one of the items Democrats in Congress were negotiating for, which the White House rejected out of hand.

I’m glad to hear that all of that is symbolized by the Jupiter square. I wish it didn’t hit so close to home.

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and Loop area were badly looted last night. Preliminary reports are saying Police shot a 20-year old Black man who was armed and looting and who shot at police. Suspect was shot in shoulder.

This is a horrible situation for Laurie Lightfoot who is our first Black and LGBTQ major.

I see that Nancy, Trump’s game is to fool the base into believing only he is working on their concerns. The transiting Sun in Leo is sextile his natal Uranus too which adds the spotlight effect he so craves. Who else in the world signs documents with a Magic Marker!

Interesting Moon placement Frank! Thanks for noting the Pluto-Uranus conjunctions in Virgo that transiting Saturn in Pisces opposed, and which transiting Neptune in Pisces activated from May 2018 off and on through January 2020.

Come to think of it Neptune was at 16+ Pisces (opposite the 1965-66 Pluto-Uranus conjunctions and conjunct the Saturn at that time) when Saturn-Pluto were conjunct on January 12 this year.

Here’s the thing; Neptune in Pisces was sextile the MC in Capricorn of the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart (when set in Washington, DC), and that sextile formed a Yod with the chart’s Moon in Leo, putting the Moon (the People) in the apex of a Yod which would force the Moon (People) to adjust. The beat goes on (for another 30+ years it appears).

I do not believe there would be any legal problem with Biden refusing to appear on stage with Dump.


Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, hides an underground ocean

Here here, Nancy and Barbk! One more thing: the money 45 is looking to spend to supposedly give to unemployed people like myself, where’s that going to come from? FEMA–at the height of hurricane season! Louisiana is doubly and triplely screwed.

Will, we probably won’t know but I would bet money that all of that looting was done by people who were paid to do so…….probably some connection to Barr.


I love the staircase vision. I started using it myself years ago, except I use a series of escalators, like you’d see in a huge, tall open atrium mall-like place. Lines and lines of people flowing effortlessly upward.

For me, it was about women and leadership and power, the way women tend toward cooperative models of leadership rather than competitive, important now that we see women doing such outstanding jobs leading other countries through the Pandemic and when we have such a toxic male/bullying leadership in our country from Trump.

Indulge me for a minute. Promise I’ll get back to the relevant point. My escalator vision grew out of a big online discussion in my writer’s organization (which, being Romance Writers of America, was about 95% women and women-led). Discussion was about professional jealousy, how it’s common, but toxic to us all and how one author’s success doesn’t take anything away from another author’s success. That by working together, sharing information, mentorship, teaching others what we’ve learned — which is something we’ve always done — we build success for our entire genre.

It turned romance fiction into billion-dollar industry, 55% of the mass-market paperback market, the size of the mystery/science fiction/fantasy markets combined.

It also worked to a shocking degree when ebooks took off. Romance was there again helping each other, sharing information, building our market-share. Big publishing sat back, thinking there was no way we could do what publishers and editors did nearly as well as they did, not believing us when we talked about how much money we were making.

While they sat back, smug that their patriarchal superiority would win out in the end, self-published authors took a third of the ebook fiction market away from them. We’re headed for owning 50% of it, if some of the projections I’ve read come true.

We served a staggering wound to the patriarchy of big publishing, and we did it with the escalator. All of us moving effortlessly up the ladder of success.

It’s a very powerful visualization and one I think we would all do well to adapt. Fighting to try to pry people out of their fears, their conspiracy theories, their nastiness is exhausting and demoralizing.

I say we visualize leaving them behind on the floor. The world is leaving them behind. They can stand there in their disbelief in reality. Let’s see the rest of us floating up those escalators, higher and higher into a peaceful, cooperative space.

You know it has to happen. It’s the only way we’ll survive the massive upheaval of climate change — through working together.

People will step on the escalator when they choose to finally open their eyes and see the reality of how toxic Trump World is. It’s happening now. The last poll I saw on Americans happy with the direction the countries going put that number in the teens.

Maybe there’s no persuading, no means of prying people’s eyes opens and forcing them to see what’s real. Maybe they can only come to that knowledge themselves in their own time.

Allow me a moment to fall back on the religion I was raised on. Maybe this enlightenment is like the Biblical symbolism of Christ on the cross, believing he’s been forsaken and dying in horrible pain.

I think we all get to that kind of moment in our own lives — and believing in Trumpism is likely the same. We’re in despair, in pain, scared more than we’ve ever been, and as we hit rock bottom, we’re forced to figure out what we truly believe. It’s in that moment, I think, we figure out that we’re not alone. We haven’t been abandoned. We believe in something outside of ourselves or maybe inside ourselves, some strength, some power. We reach out our hands for help, we ask for it, and it’s there.

We find a kind of peace, of salvation, whatever form we believe that takes, religious or not.

Maybe Trumpism is like that. We can’t make anyone believe toxic competition, every man or himself, is wrong for the world. That cooperative leadership is right.

We can only shine a light, be an example. Envision us all floating upward on that escalator, leaving the old ways and beliefs behind. See new people stepping onto our escalators every day. Be at peace knowing we’re all moving up together to a better world.

That’s the huge fear I think we see in Trumpers. The world is changing. It’s leaving them behind. The number of people who believe like they do is shrinking all the time. More and more people are stepping onto the escalators.

Envision that being true.

wonderful imagery teresa. Made me think of trumps ride Down the escalator as symbolic of the descent to ‘hell’


And, (((Gina)))

For what it’s worth,

“Susan Rice should be the pick. If Democrats decide to shelve this brilliant, courageous, substantive woman because of the manufactured Benghazi scandal, or other similar nonsense like this writer tries and fails to conjure, then Democrats are doomed.

There will be no similar conservative attacks against Kamala Harris, because they have seen her as a candidate, and they do not fear her. They fear Rice. She’s the one. As Abe Lincoln once said of Ulysses S Grant, “[We] can’t spare this [wo]man. [S]he fights.”


Teresa, your version of moving higher sounds so much easier on the leg muscles than the Sabian version so I’ll go with that, thank you!

You make a good point about finding a balance between the yin-yang energy that we so need in the world. An increase of “romance fiction” or other forms of Neptunian influence is most needed to make it happen. God Bless.

Teresa Hill,
All well said.

“Be at peace knowing we’re all moving up together to a better world.”

Well, mostly better. As we advance through time we gain some things and lose some things. All part of our very long range individual and collective spiritual journey through existence.

“That’s the huge fear I think we see in Trumpers. The world is changing. It’s leaving them behind. The number of people who believe like they do is shrinking all the time. More and more people are stepping onto the escalators.”

So true. So very, very true.
I think of how “we” were in the 1800’s. We are SO not like that now. I think this has a lot to do with the ability to accept new information, new knowledge, and adjust our perceptions and attitudes.

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
DJT said the “1918 flu probably ended WWII.”
I definitely would not have been happy with young master Trump Trump as a student in my class.

Just my opinion, but Trump chose the wrong mountain to have his face carved upon.
Mount Rushmore?
How about Stone Mountain Georgia!?!!?!
That would be a far better fit. After all, Steve Schmidt did say Trump was the second president of the Confederacy.


One of Susan Rice’s finest hours was helping develop & implement the U.S. response to the 2014 Ebola pandemic in West Africa.

As N.S.A., Rice was a leader of President Obama’s team that sent advisors & later troops to shut down the spread of Ebola in W. Africa. She worked w/ Biden’s top aide Ron Klain to formulate a successful plan for intercepting Ebola infected travelers at U.S. airports. Those infected with Ebola were stopped by medical staff & sent to quarantine at pandemic-equipped clinics – preventing the spread of Ebola here.

The Ebola outbreak was successfully contained here without any major spread – potentially saving thousands – or even millions – of our lives – a tremendous national security & public health success for Obama, Susan Rice & the National Security staff.

Rice then, w/ Ron Klain & others, created the White House Pandemic Response Unit so a team would be in place to manage future pandemics.

Rice was also (w/ Klain) author of the “pandemic playbook” written by Obama staff & left in the W.H. for the incoming Trump administration so they wouldn’t have to start from zero if another pandemic arrived.

President Trump immediately disbanded the White House Pandemic Response Unit & threw the pandemic playbook Rice had co-authored in the garbage.

Now, August 2020 – 160,000+ Americans dead in a pandemic, 5 million+ Americans infected.

Would that Dr. Rice were President Rice right now, helping us fight this plague.

She would have known what to do.

ja, is this your endorsement for Susan Rice as VP? Thank you so much for reminding us of her marvelous skills and 1st hand experience with a pandemic. So do you think she would survive the brutal political scrutiny that the Dem VP pick will have to go through?


Speculation over Biden’s VP pick grows after list of DNC speakers released
Source: KRON4

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (KRON) – The Democratic National Convention is now less than a week away.

The theme will be “Uniting America.” Speakers of various backgrounds are scheduled to speak at next week’s convention. CNN’s Dan Merica reports the following speakers:

Monday: Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo, Gretchen Whitmer, John Kasich, Amy Klobuchar, Michelle Obama
Tuesday: Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bill Clinton, Jill Biden
Wednesday: Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton
Thursday: Joe Biden, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Cory Booker

Speculation started to grow after the apparent list of speakers was released, with some noting that potential VP nominees Susan Rice, Karen Bass, and Val Demings were not included.

Read more: https://www.kron4.com/news/your-local-election-hq/newsom-obama-among-speakers-slated-for-democratic-national-convention/

(I hope it’s not Karen Bass as I’m worried about the “socialist” connotations!)

Ja, thanks for all of that info on Susan Rice. She is the one person I would feel comfortable with if it’s not Elizabeth Warren.

Awhile ago Linda G said she got a flash when driving that Susan Rice would be Biden’s VP. Linda had never thought of her. Last Sunday she saw an offer to Susan Rice but thought she turned it down because she thought she’d be too controversial. Maybe he persisted.

Sharon K,
IF… it is one of those three, I hope it is Susan Rice. IMHO, S. Rice and E. Warren are the two most qualified ladies from the pool of candidates.

MSNBC says Joe Biden is expected to announce his VP choice today. Susan Rice has natal Saturn conjunct US natal Moon in Aquarius that squares her Sun in Scorpio that conjuncts Biden’s Venus and Sun in Scorpio which trines his Jupiter in Cancer.

Her North Node at 23+ Gemini is where the transiting North Node will be in September.

Susan’s Venus at 20+ Libra is conjunct US natal Juno that opposes US Chiron at 20+ Aries. Transiting Jupiter at 19+ Cap retrograde squares both Susan’s Venus + US Juno and US Chiron making a T-square, while trans. Sun at 19+ Leo sextiles her Venus and trines US Chiron.

Transiting Jupiter in Cap sextiles transiting Neptune in Pisces and they form a Yod with transiting Sun in Leo today, and the Sun must adjust its position, figuratively speaking of course.

It’s Kamala

Kamala Harris!

She is VERY articulate and can talk her way out of anything.

It’s Kamala. What say you now?

I had a sinking feeling when I learned it would be Kamala Harris. I have nothing against her but I strongly feel Elizabeth Warren would have been the better choice. I believe the race will tighten and this selection will prove to be disappointment. Her Saturn on the US Moon is not an easy fit.

I now begin to understand the tough chart for the next President and the difficult chart for the mid-terms. Warren will be loyal for the next four years, but she may well decide to run for the top job in 2024 and I think she should. I still see her as the great 2024 President and I do not believe Harris will be a popular figure at that point.

barbk, I think you were the one who said Harris has a lot of asopects to the US chart. I assume Rice will be Secretary of State – cannot imagine anyone else for that role as she tries to rebuild our global alliances that trump has destroyed.

Choice of Kamala Harris = HUGE mistake.

Against Trump, Ive always thought Kamala’s ‘scrapiness’ would serve Biden well. I hope Rice will be SOS – her extensive experience in foreign affairs will be much needed.

Eliseo: that’s what I was afraid you’d say.

The best thing I like about this slate of women is that they have all stated ‘the mission’ is more important than the title. I feel they will be slotted into their respective given roles according to best talents and work as a cohesive team. Finance would be a hugely important role for elizabeth. And lets not forget Kamala’s additional role to preside over the senate.

There were many excellent choices. Susan was classy, experienced and brilliant (I’ve heard), and would be great in foreign policy…but….Benghazi might have stalled it. They would have milked it for all it’s worth.

Val Demmings – would have been an interesting choice.

Tammy D., Gretchen W., and of course, EW — all are powerful in their own way.

In my heart of hearts, I wanted Kamala. She is the healthy, assertive, articulate, humorous, poised “attack dog” we need, I think. She was also “hard” on crime – and has some history that can work both ways.

I don’t have time to look up her aspects right now but I know it’s been covered here and can be searched for. Looking forward to what our astrologers have to say.

Does Harris have Saturn on US moon too? I thought that was Rice.

Point just made by Nicole Wallace on MSNBC that KM will be making the case against Trump every single day and that her mind is SO sharp that she will be great at it. So could EW, but KM will do that well. Also, KM is exciting and will motivate turn out (and she appears somewhat more moderate than EW).

The announcement came at around 4:15 ET. Would the place be Wilmington, DE, for the purposes of casting a chart?

There has been talk about Kamala Harris’ connections to the US chart. Shouldn’t there also be connections to the Democratic Party chart? Also, the moon, like the Democratic Party’s Sun, I do believe is in Taurus. The moon is also trine to Jupiter and to Pluto. And yes, sextile Neptune. How is not favorable?

Moon trine Jupiter, trine Pluto, sextile Neptune. How is this not favorable?

From December, from Marjorie: “But she’ll begin to bounce again come late March onwards with tr Pluto in the success-attracting and confident trine to her Jupiter in Taurus, on and off till late 2021, including over the Inauguration. She will also pick up the luck-bringing, sudden-positive-turn tr Uranus square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint from July till late September 2020 and again in spring 2021.”


Other pro Harris reasons:

African Americans, particularly the women, are the backbone of the Dem Party (heard on MSNBC)

Maybe Warren is needed more in the Senate or as Sec of T?

She is a warm, people person

Obama probably had some clout here

IMO, no one is better qualified and prepared to rebuild our economy than Elizabeth Warren.

Some big IF’s…IF Biden wins, AND Dems retake the Senate, AND the administration and Congress implement E. Warren’s prescriptions as to how to fix our economy, it might be unnecessary for her to run in 2024. But much could and surely will change between now and then. We shall see.

I agree Harris will not become a popular figure. I suspect she will be unhappy and uncomfortable in her future role, a role which for her will feel very unnatural. She would have made a great and strong AG! But I suspect she will be a mediocre to poor VP. From my perspective, she simply does not have the nurturing, motherly, FDR vibe we need now, and will need for the next decade and somewhat beyond.

I think it likely the Lincoln Project folks, and other ex-Republican organizations may coalesce into a new center-right party, as the current Trump R party implodes. But I doubt, were the “Lincoln Party” in power, they would give us the 21st century New Deal we need.

They may be ready to mount a credible challenge to Dems as early as 2024 or 2028. Unfortunately, by failing to choose an appropriate successor, I think Biden has opened the door for them to take back the presidency during a future in which their
policies will be counter to the New Deal we need to make permanent.

I hope, but do not believe I am wrong.

I’m reading that Kamala’s parents were not US citizens long enough before she was born for her to be elected US President. Is that true? If so, how could she be VP and step into that role if necessary?

Snopes Fact Check says Kamala can be President of the US – if and when necessary and she wants to.

Absolutely not true. If you are born here, you qualify. Full stop.

I’d do a little checking on whoever wrote this and stop reading/following them.

Eliseo, Time will tell whether you’re right or wrong. I read that LBJ didn’t like being VP, either.

I would like to read what you guys have to say from an astrological perspective. Les, I enjoyed the Marjorie Orr article. In any case, I would think that tr Moon conjunct her Jupiter in Taurus, trine tr Jupiter and Pluto would beneficial. Also, tr Moon is sextile her Sun and trine her Moon.

So what’s the issue? Is it the Scorpio at the top of the ticket?

Also, I read that the Democratic Party has Sun in Taurus. Doesn’t this say something about the future of the party?

It’s true that my astrological knowledge is limited, but I’m seeing more positive than not. And politics in our day and age is not that. But I see more good than not good. Thoughts?

Marcia, Kamala and Susan were born abouy a month apart. Both have Saturn conjunct US Moon (gives us structure) and both have the Uranus-Pluto within orb of a conjunction in their charts.

IMHO Harris is the best one who will help us beat trump. They were hoping EW or SR because they have amassed a lot of oppo on both but with Harris, they will have an issue. Trump donated to Kamela’s AG race twice and trump is on the record as complimenting her multiple times.

My question – does trump dump pence for a woman?

Yes, I believe he will dump Pence, for Nikki Haley, born 1/20/72, in Bamberg, SC…ex gov of SC, ex US Amb to the UN, and an Indian American.

“I read that LBJ didn’t like being VP, either.”

Excellent point! Events can change everything! And surely we are blindly headed toward what will probably be some extraordinary and unforeseen events. LBJ hated being VP. But boor that he was, I believe he would have gone down as one of our greatest presidents, had it not been for Vietnam.

Incidentally, LBJ hoped and believed Barbara Jordan was going to become our first Black and first female president. Had she not become afflicted with multiple sclerosis, and later in life with leukemia, she might have fulfilled LBJ’s dream.

If elected, KH will be the first half East Indian, half Jamaican Black VP who attended a Black Baptist church AND a Hindu temple as a child, and attended and graduated from a high school in Quebec. Well, she’s at least got the diversity thing down.

Kamala is also 1/2 Indian American (1/2 Jamaican, mon).

Eliseo & others, I understand your disappointment re Warren. However, she will play an important role. The goal is to win the election. If we have a Depression & another New Deal is needed, no one will be able to stop it. If we don’t have a Depression, Warren will still be involved in our ecenomy. We will have the right candidate in 2024 whether Warren or someone else. She is 70 or so now & can do more if she is not vp, I think.


Interesting piece on Kamala’s Indian roots. Her grandfather had a position in India similar to SOS here & he was one of India’s 1st freedom fighters. Also, remember how well Biden did in SC & in the South & elsewhere due to the AA vote.


It’s been a while since I commented here, but I read this blog almost every day.

Quoting from barbk’s on August 10th, 2020
at 9:44 am comment
“I had a weird feeling about this last Full Moon at 11+ Aquarius, it was a degree I’d written about here a number of years ago after the 3 outer planets had entered the signs of Capricorn (Pluto), Pisces (Neptune) and Aries (Uranus). All 3 planets had made 2 entries into their new signs, and the charts for all 3 of the 2nd entries had something at 11+ Aquarius.

Kamala Harris as Biden’s Vice President running mate fits that symbol’s description very well.

Eliseo, Kamala may not have been your first (or second or third etc. choice for Biden’s VP, but you are correct that “If elected, KH will be the first half East Indian, half Jamaican Black VP who attended a Black Baptist church AND a Hindu temple as a child, and attended and graduated from a high school in Quebec. Well, she’s at least got the diversity thing down”
She has MUCH more going for her that “the diversity thing”, but to add one other point to your list, Sen. Kamala Harris will also be the first United States Vice President who is a member of a historically Black Greek letter sorority. Harris is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc (AKA).
AKA is the first university based historically Black Greek letter sorority which was founded in January 15, 1908 at Howard University in Washington. D.C.

I pledged that sorority waaay back in 1967 and am very inactive. However, I’m very sure that among the other support that the Democratic ticket that Biden-Harris will receive will be LOTS of active (and inactive) members of historically Black Greek letter organizations from the Divine Nine and other BGLOs.

As much as Trump uses racism and anti-immigrant rhetoric, I can’t see Nikki Haley being popular with his base. She’s a woman of color, and her parents immigrated from India and are described as Punjabi Sikh.

That’s a lot of “otherness” for Trump’s base to accept, especially if he and his supporters will try to paint Kamala Harris as a woman of color with immigrant parents.

KH will need to soften her voice. Not what she says, but how she says it and the tone.

Men have an innate difficulty listening to women and their ability to do that is primarily based on whether the woman has a melodic voice or one that grates. It can’t be too sexy or they will think of sex, and it can’t be too shrill or they will think “beeatch “. It has to be measured, low toned, and a bit lyrical.

KH grates. Her voice is nasal and annoying. Luckily she has a pretty face, so that helps. I know, I know, this sounds absolutely sexist, but as a woman who was successful in man’s world at a time when it was unheard of, I can say it is one of the most important things a woman can learn.

Tone, timing, tactfulness and are the touchstones for women who want to function in a very male world. Don’t talk too much, be brief, pithy and smile while you talk. Any thing else, and you will be ignored at best and attacked at worst.

Hiliary C.’s biggest mistake was she never mastered this. Neither has Elizabeth Warren.

Hey Sharon K,
You’re reading me wrong. As much as I personally like and respect E. Warren, I’ve actually been ambivalent about the possibility of her becoming VP.

I’ll be extremely happy if she is put in charge of rebuilding our economy from the ground up, regardless of what title or office she might occupy. In that area, she is a genius!

Conversely, I’m not at all thrilled by her acute lack of foreign policy and energy & environmental understanding. Were she the VP, or Presidential candidate, I’d certainly support her. But my confidence in her at this time only extends to her extraordinary expertise in child & family law, labor law, plus business, finance, and banking law.

As far as Kamala Harris, I came to really distrust and dislike her during the debates. That feeling remains.

Don’t get me wrong. Any and All Dems are better than any of the R’s. The R’s over the decades have become increasingly and pathologically looney, as well as superlatively corrupt. They have sunk into what we colloquially and non-clinically think of as pure evil.

Nevertheless, I don’t necessarily and automatically love all Democrats simply because they are Democrats.

Eric Swalwell is a heck of a nice guy. He is a highly motivated, noble, and well intentioned fool. Another short sighted fool is Kirsten Gillibrand. I will never forgive her for what she did to Al Franken. Her sense of context and justice is shallow and hopelessly skewed. I want to see her leave all politics permanently.

I lament we only have a two party system. We desperately need proportional representation and at least three major parties. I agree with less than 2% of current Republican thought, and a bit more than 50% of the thinking of Democrats. I tire of seeing Republicans deny, ignore, or exacerbate problems, while Dems oversimplify into absurdity multicaused, complex problems.

So maybe that’s why I see our political landscape somewhat differently. As Biden has chosen KH, I’ll respect his decision and take a second look at her. It’s just that so far, I’ve strongly disliked her.

Now that I am over my disappointment, I see E Warren can make a great Secretary of Treasury and be more powerful there than as VP. I also understand the reasons why Harris was selected. I still think however Warren would have provided greater hope and energy in the campaign if she had been the running mate. I don’t see much enthusiasm for Harris in the left of the Democratic Party. The African American vote would have gone to Biden anyway. Choosing Harris depresses the progressive vote. It will be Harris v. Warren in the Democratic primaries in 2024.

Another disappointing development is that apparently Andrew Yang has not been invited to speak at the Democratic Convention. He has stated he was surprised by this decision. Warren-Yang for the White House in 2024!

Marjorie Orr on Elizabeth Warren. She wrote in 2018 that 2020 would not be her moment but 2024 looks better.


As California’s AG, Kamala Harris has shielded police from accountability for years.


I wonder what AOC thinks of her.

Trump won’t dump Pence. The whole reason he picked Pence was to pacify the white Midwest and South-based right-wing Christian evangelicals who count Pence among their ranks and who have every reason to question Trump’s embrace and loyalty to them. Immorality is the one thing that is consistent about the man. He can’t afford to lose them, and picking Haley won’t help his campaign at this point—she’s not right-wing wacko conspiracy nut reactionary enough. She’s much more of a center-right candidate, and one that a reformed GOP, or at least one of it’s center-right factions in exile, might rally behind in 2024.

I actually do feel like Kamala Harris was a solid, good VP choice for Biden, and I expected him to side with her, although Warren would have been just as fine by my standards. I could easily see Warren in a prominent role in Biden’s administration as Sec. of the Treasury, or even Sec. of Education—setting right so many of the wrongs committed by Betsy DeVos in the same role.

The fact that Trump actually donated to Harris can be used to counter and troll him to no end. Don’t underestimate the latent power of this fact. If Biden and the DNC don’t capitalize on it, I fully expect that the Lincoln Project will.

Warren/Yang would be a superbly balanced and excellent combination!

So right you are! It is in essence a musicological issue. In my younger days as a broadcaster in radio, I used all sorts of voices and accents depending on the desired effect. The voice you use for comic effect is completely different from the one you would use to elicit a feeling of gravitas.

No one takes seriously a male politician who sounds like a little boy, or a female politician who sounds like a little girl. This is magnified today in our era of audio and video media. Abe Lincoln had a slightly high pitched, nasal voice. That was fine for the era of print media. Were he to run for office today, he wouldn’t be elected to dog catcher.

Cross culturally, women tend to have a better sense of smell than men, and women and men hear some sounds differently, not because of culture, but because of subtle physiological differences.

Margaret Thatcher became far more successful after 3 or 4 years of voice training with Kate Fleming. (In the movie version it was a man who trained her, but it was really Kate Fleming.)

“Choosing Harris depresses the progressive vote.” Yes, certainly depresses enthusiasm among progressives, and effects no change in the Black, Moderate, and Independent vote.

I do not agree that Harris will effect no change in the Black Moderate and Independent Vote.

Warren, though awesome, would have been a disastrous pick imo, I really do believe that Biden, after being an awesome partnership with Obama, continued something by picking Kamala, she is smart , strong, can be fierce but can be super likable and funny and warm. And she is a woman of color, of TWO colors no less. This is huge.

What I see on the internet from all over the world is enthusiasm , for this daughter of immigrants, who has already faced so much just to be where she is now.

I am very happy with today’s decision.

Well, as one of my FB friends wrote:

Not only will Kamala Harris be the first black, Indian, and HBCU-educated woman on a national major party presidential ticket, but according to my Facebook threads, she’ll also be the first anarchist-communist-socialist-centrist-corporatist-cop.

Lol Gina, I can imagine some of the threads!

Harris couldn’t capture the African American vote when she ran. That’s why she folded. There is no reason to think she will now. That vote was already in Biden’s camp. I understand he needed to pay back and please Clyburn and Obama, but it won’t add any votes, just lose him the progressives who won’t turn out for such a ticket. He’ll win anyway but the election could be closer and more contested than it should have been. Also, there won’t be a reassuring mother figure next to Biden in troubled times. That could make things harder for him. Kamala’s Saturn on US Moon will not bring the emotional connection with the people more than ever needed during the Pluto return. I have less confidence in Biden starting today. And I was completely turned off by MSNBC’s starry-eyed female Obama take this evening.

Rachel said it tonight, “Kamala broke the glass ceiling”; what Uranus is famous for. I wrote earlier this month that “The air fairly reeks with Uranus energy for the rest of the year” and today was no exception.

Recall that the Republican Party’s March 20, 1854, birth chart had Uranus at 10+ Taurus, where trans. Uranus is today, and where it will station retrograde on August 15, four days from now.

Kamala’s natal Juno (partner) at 8+ Sagittarius opposes US natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini, and on August 14, the day before trans. Uranus stations retrograde at 10+ Taurus on August 15, trans. Ceres (nurture) will conjunct US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, the 2nd of 3 such conjunctions this year, and she, trans. Ceres, will T-square Kamala’s natal Juno in Sagittarius that opposes US Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

The trans. Sun at 21+ Leo will be conjunct Kamala’s natal Mars at 21+ Leo, just for good measure.

That challenging T-square involving the symbols of Ceres and Juno and Uranus suggests a potent moment for the US regarding the Feminine and another broken glass ceiling. It will affect the US natal chart and I’m betting it will affect the Pub chart’s Uranus too.

Kamala’s natal Uranus at 13+ Virgo conjuncts her natal Pluto at 15+ Virgo that conjuncts her natal Venus at 17+ Virgo that conjuncts Joe Biden’s MC at 19+ Virgo that opposes his natal Ceres at 20+ Pisces, which is where transiting Neptune is; 20+ Pisces.

It is a bit of a chain reaction, connecting various charts together, as if it were a plan with a specific outcome, like breaking glass ceilings.

RE: Your 11:04 PM post.
Every single point.

“She is going to be a great motivator for this ticket,” declared Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, a key Biden endorser.

Mr. Biden and his campaign team have made the pursuit of Black voters in November a centerpiece of his bid for the White House. And he had said from the start of the process that he would chose a woman as his running mate.

There’s no hiding it, my wife and I (my wife is Indian) and a number of other Indian friends here are absolutely elated that Kamala Harris has been selected as Biden’s VP choice. She brings a strong youthful presence to the ticket.

In addition to Kama’s sharp prosecutorial skills and savvy political instincts Kamala is quite personable and engaging. Here’s a lovely 9 minute video clip of Kamala up-close and personal in an Indian cooking session. It’s quite heart warming……

Kamala Harris & Mindy Kaling Cook Masala Dosa


Kamala is going to be great. Solid choice for VP. Hope Stacy Adam’s gets AG and Warren gets Sec of.Treasury and Rice gets Sec of.State.

If K. loses any progressives, I think she will make up for it in attracting those who who are moderate, independent and disenchanted Republicans who would be wary of Warren’s affect on business. It’s a tricky, sensitive, delicate process to bring in progressive changes like Medicare for all. I think we will swing it eventually, however, as long as doctors still get paid a reasonable amount and quality of care does not suffer when it is expanded to the entire populace.

I just noticed that K. sun at 27+ Libra is opposite her moon at 27+ Aries, and guess what degree mars retrogrades at on Sept 9 (going back to 15 degree and back at 28 on Nov 13)? 28 Aries. She has her work cut out for her but after Nov 13, it is full speed ahead (something like that).

Sharon, earlier you said:

(and she appears somewhat more moderate than EW).

Moderate or flaming liberal, it’s not going to make any difference. The old, worn out label for ALL Democrats is always “the most liberal of all”… I’ve lost count how many Dems have been thus branded for how many decades. Repeat something like that often enough, and it loses its punch… especially this year.

Other than *T’s cult members, no one is going to pay this any mind this year – no matter who they say it about. In fact, Repugs may just find the phrase backfiring on them after the 4 years of *T they’ve suffered… just IMHO.

I wanted her cleaning up Justice, but if all goes well Harris will be overseeing the investigations while learning her new job. And Warren is freed up to take on Wall Street.

But first we have to see if the Testosterone Don still has a hold on his fans’ hearts, or if yet another woman who’s not interested in pleasing men can get a shot at fixing things in DC.

Somehow, though, I think the debates are dead.

Andre, Eliseo… count me in with you as far as disappointment goes. I guess I ought to be used to it by now; other than Bill Clinton, I don’t think I’ve ever picked a “winner” as far as politics go. I think I said in one of my earlier posts that I felt Biden was backed into a corner on his VP pick this time around, given current events. I still feel that way. Progressives just seem to be like the oldest daughter in a family… we’re always told to just be patient, let us take care of your younger, louder sibling first. And so we wait, and we wait, and we wait. Patience, however, is growing ever thinner, I’m afraid.

Kamala Harris turned me off during the debates. Up until then, I was as excited by her as any of the female candidates. But she seems too entrenched law-and-order and too centrist to me. I think that complements a partnership with Biden, because he IS Centrist. Neither are in a federally legalize pot frame, which I do think is ONE platform Democrats could raise excitement and win on. Repubs accuse us of so much… why not take on the raison d’etre of so many Americans when there’s really so little risk involved? I figure it’s because they have no first-hand experience with it, and have bought into Nixon’s “fake facts” about the wacky weed. That’s just one example of why I’m not really keen about this partnership.

I would have SO much rather have seen KH as AG. In fact, running thru comments and replies on several sites, I’m still seeing people say KH will not let Trump and Co get off scot-free. But VP isn’t AG, and I believe with Dems in office we’re once again gonna see non-partisan departments. It wouldn’t be proper for KH to go after Trump if she was VP… it would be the Executive influencing DOJ, IMO.

I do agree one of the first things KH should do is work with a voice coach.

But what do I know? LOL! Like I said, for all the political junkie that I am, I’ve rarely picked political winners. Must be like my sense of direction – whatever I think, go the opposite way and it’ll be okay.

I still repeat this mantra tho for everyone: Vote Blue, No Matter Who!

Question: I read some time back that Wall Street was actually rooting for Biden, even tho they knew they’d take a hit with new regs, etc. At this time, it seemed like EW would be the logical VP.

With KH as VP, and hopefully EW as Treasury Sec, does anyone think Wall Street might have second thoughts?

One thing I have enjoyed immensely today — the Republicans from lowliest flag waver to highest politico is absolutely losing their sh*&!! Didn’t take Trump long to call KH “nasty”… I’m beginning to think that’s his highest honorific for a woman, to be honest!

Sharon K,
KH on the ticket won’t lose Biden any significant number of Progessives, nor will she gain him any extra Moderates, Independents, or disillusioned R’s. The voters have mostly already decided and are not likely to change their minds. There’s hardly anyone left on the proverbial fence.

Most dissatisfied Progressives will still vote Blue, but just with much less enthusiasm.

R’s, Moderates, and Independents that want to vote against Trump, and are comfortable voting for Biden, have already decided. They’d vote for Biden if he had chosen Minnie Mouse! Disillusioned R’s, the M’s, and I’s much like the rest of us want Dirty Donald OUT! OUT! OUT!
Business people wary of Warren would not likely vote for Biden anyway… if they are paying attention.

Yes! Many on Wall Street are actually rooting for Biden and contributing real money to his campaign. No, they are not likely, IMO to have second thoughts. They don’t like trade wars. They want stability, not embarrassing, histrionic, narcissism. They are acutely aware 45 is garnering a bad reputation internationally, not just for our government, but for American businesses as well.

Trump is increasingly unpopular. There is no way he can win without serious cheating, voter suppression, and dirty tricks. Let us hope Biden and KH are able campaigners in this peculiar covid-19 context, that we might overcome those dirty tricks with a wide margin.

A terrific pick. Biden alone was decent and good on the issues but a bit anemic. Harris takes care of that and energizes the ticket exponentially. Suddenly people are excited. We now have a clear choice between a diverse and energetic America moving forward and a bunch of incompetent, selfish, and dishonest white dudes clinging to the old power structure and clawing up all the power and money they can no matter who is hurt. Which America do we want to be?

Starlight, great comment! Yes, which America do we want or will be given the chance to have..,

Marjorie Orr today:


“We the people are our own change agents and we need to remember that during the days that lie ahead.”



I was a Stacey Abrams fan — there’s something about her that has that “it” quality.

But something about the Biden-Harris chemistry now that makes the campaign larger than the sum of its parts. The word I think is a synergy that’s responsive to the road ahead.

There’s much repair and restoration to do domestically: healing racial and economic divides; overhauling the education system, the election system and especially the justice system.

Internationally we need to make amends and restore bonds with allies. We need the sense of participating as equals with the rest of the world. We need global cooperation to save the planet.

I see the future as us getting our act together as a nation and people. We need to ally ourselves with the rest of the world to save the world we all live on.

I have no room nor patience with cynicism, grievance or resentment. That has led to where we are today. This is the dance. The dance for reclaiming our national soul.

Michael Moore on FB on Biden/Harris Ticket!

“Kamala Harris! Biden could’ve swung right (Susan Rice), but he swung left. Kamala is one of the most progressive Senators in the US Senate and will, as Shaun King says, be the most progressive Vice President in the history of the United States. She is and remains one of the first co-sponsors of Bernie’s Medicare for All bill. In fact, go down the list — she checks nearly every box on Bernie’s platform: Living Wage, Choice, LGBTQ+ equality, peace, day care, etc. It says a lot about Biden that after she rightly confronted him about race in that first debate that he held no grudge, no animosity. In fact, he might say it gave him pause and a chance to consider how his friendship with segregationist Senators might have been hurtful to people of color and that, even at this age, he can change, he can do better. As progressives, isn’t that at the core of what we stand for? Isn’t that the change we are fighting for? Our belief that America can do better and that our fellow Americans will join us in this movement for a more just and equitable society? Kamala Harris is one more step in that direction. I’ve met her a few times and I can tell you (and you know I won’t BS you on this because I pretty much despise all politicians) she’s sincere, she has heart, she’s on our side. No, she’s not you or me. But we’re not on the ballot. WE are the movement, which in the long run is what is going to get us what we need. We keep building that movement, we will succeed. And one of our missions in 2020 is to crush Trump, reclaim the Senate and bring down the system of greed, racism, misogyny and white male dominance — because that, my friends, is what has thrown us into the mad, dark hole we’re in. Our movement is on fire now, tens and tens of millions of us in the streets, at the polling sites, at home, organizing online, young people at the forefront, Black America once again saving us and forcing us to be what we say we are but never were. This is our moment. And a daughter of two immigrants, born in the last ten weeks of the Baby Boom (but seemingly with the soul of a millennial) and the skill and smarts of a woman of color who could and did obliterate Bill Barr at a Senate hearing — we have a chance in 83 days to do something the entire world is desperately waiting for us to do. Good on you Joe Biden, congrats Kamala, onward!”

Nanci and Fe, thanks for your comments and yes ma’m, there is something in the air now, excitement, chemestry, synergy that feels good to me.

Nancy has noted that the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra, which squares the US natal Sun + Sirius at 13+ Cancer, acts as “a leash” on the US Sun + Sirius, and that’s the most positive view of the US Sun-Saturn square I’ve ever read.

Joe Biden has natal asteroids Pallas (strategy) and Vesta (focus/investment) in Aquarius (group think) in a trine with US natal Saturn (leash on US exuberance) in Libra (balance) which might explain his appearance of lacking in progressive ideas.

On the other hand, Kamala has natal Uranus (breakthrough) + Pluto (transform) in Virgo (service) sextile US natal Sun, which lends supports to the US natal Sun’s exuberance.

This team will attempt to maintain a balance between the two extremes (exuberance and discipline), maybe a 2 steps forward, 1 step back approach.

Nancy also said that this “recalibrating process” between US Sun and Saturn “is most obvious when transiting Saturn impacts the Sun”. Transiting Saturn stationed direct on September 18, 2019, at 13+ Capricorn, opposite the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. That was the day after the 1st empeachment hearing by the House Judiciary Committee on Trump, and it indeed had a leash effect on over-exuberance.

Let that be a lesson.

I get that some are disappointed with Kamala, and i agree i think she could have done better in the run for Presidency.

However, i think she is the best pick he could have made, why are some saying she’s not progressive, she is pretty darn progressive.

For those who say that blacks didn’t turn out for her, big difference now that the ticket is her and Biden , i believe absolutely that they will turn out. And the Indian community too, Preet Barbara would be an excellent choice for AG imo. People are excited at ther amazing story, the Democratic Party is diverse and this ticket is diverse, would not have been so with Warren.

She is warm and friendly, I am sorry but people do NOT think of Warren as a motherly figure one bit, I can’t tell you how many people that I know that she annoys greatly.

Anyway, Astrologists, get working on her charts lol

This is one the best essays Michael Moore has ever written. He says it in a way I could not begin to say. Here here! Thank you, Angellight!

I looked at Kamala’s chart last year and thought she would play a key role in Trump’s eviction. I was disappointed that she was not more prominent during the impeachment hearings, but now she has a second chance. The Mars station on her Moon opposite her Sun right after the election will make her highly active and visible. I believe she will lead the victorious legal team appearing for the Democrats before the Supreme Court in December in the inevitable challenge to the election.

Also, her Saturn on US Moon makes her ideal for leading the pandemic task force next year that will necessarily impose greater constraints and discipline on the American people. She will be Biden’s enforcer, which may not endear her to the general public and may hurt her chances at the Presidency in the long run. She may also take on the mission of fighting police racism across the country if she is willing to go against her former image as a prosecutor who sometimes shielded officers from greater scrutiny.

There are many consequences for her selection as VP. This frees up EW for Treasury, where as first woman Secretary, she will hopefully have a free hand to defend the poor, the unemployed and the middle class against growing and repulsive economic inequality. Also, the AG will have to rebuild the integrity of the Justice Department and decide what to do with one Donald J. Trump, unless New York State does the job first. I think Amy Klobuchar should be AG now that Kamala is no longer available.

Still, Biden-Harris will never be progressive enough for my taste. They can provide good government, but the times call for greatness. Medicare for all will have to wait for the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 2026 following the election of another President.

May the best woman win in 2024!

Preet Barbara is an excellent suggestion, Diana!

I have found EW’s communication style a bit annoying, too. EW’s chart:

Looking at her noon chart (no birth time), she has uranus on her sun, and mars/mercury in 9/10 gemini (conj. U.S. 7th house cusp if using Sag rising chart). I have uranus on my ascendant and sometimes people find my emotional energy a bit over-much. Also, as an academic (including teaching at Harvard law), she might be too cerebral for much of the country. But her 18 degree venus in cancer is conj the U.S. sun sign and she would be good for the country.

Interestingly, her mean node is 27 Aries, so she will also be directly affected by the forthcoming mars retrograde (beginning 9/9 at 28 Aries, now in its shadow period), which almost immediately also impacts Kamala’s sun/moon at 27 Libra/Aries. Whatever this means, I take they will be working hard, and feeling frustrated (in EW’s case, impacting her mission).

KH’s chart:


Neptune will go back to 18/9 Pisces before it turns direct on 11/28. Kamala’s venus is at 17/53 virgo, so this won’t be pleasant for her (feeling unhappy, betrayed?)

I think EZ will get her chance to impact our economic policy one way or another in a Biden admin.

BTW, the EW’s uranus/sun conj at 0 Cancer, and 18 venus in cancer are what make her nurturing. The fact that uranus is involved, and mars/mercury in Gemini, make her more cerebral. It’s a weird combination as I personally have felt she overdid the emotionality and repetition of her and other stories (kind of talking fast the whole time). BUT, a person’s style of communication is not WHO they are, and who she is would be good for the country I would think. Anyway, thanks for indulging my astro perusal.

StarDust. I like Preet but I like Sally Yates for AG even better.

Duiana and Sheeroan K, that would be Preet Bharara.

Sharon K,
Thanks for the astro data on EW and KH! Personally, EW’s cerebral demeanor is something I find very attractive. Do we have accurate birth times for these two?

I’m curious. You don’t see the US getting Medicare for All until 2026 with the Saturn-Neptune conjunction? Perhaps it is because of the moderate Dems who are likely to take office? The intransigence of the opposition?

To my mind, nothing demonstrates the insufficiency of our current employer based health insurance system than the pandemic we’re enduring. Lose your job = losing your health insurance. It’s a pretty simple equation. I’m hoping it doesn’t take another six years for Americans to see that logic, and implement something more rational and frankly socialistic. How many more of us have to die to see this? It boggles my mind.

Personally, I prefer the UK style healthcare system, although the WHO rates the French system as best. I regard the Canadian system as pretty darn good, second only to the UK. Without exception, ALL of the many Canadians I’ve known for the last 50 years have been very happy with their healthcare.

This is very personal for me for a number of good reasons.
One of those many reasons: One of my closest friends, like a brother to me, my comedy partner in radio, years ago lost his job, therefore lost his health insurance, therefore …died. Every December 11th, on his birthday, I make popcorn, (he loved popcorn) raise a glass to my friend, and say a prayer on his behalf for all those many without health insurance.

Eliseo, I like her brain too, and what she does with it. But — as I may have said here before — people don’t really like teachers. I mean, we’ve gone to the bother of replacing teachers with Educators.

It’s not just men. Women as well sometimes want others to become what pleases them. Warren pleases few, apparently. Even her initials have an unpleasant vibe. Maybe if she’d start solving murders like Jessica Fletcher — who she always makes me think of — she’d be more popular.

I like the way she expresses herself. I always wonder if those who complain about her vocal quality would complain about men the same way, and by the way I also wonder have they heard themselves speak?

I guess people feel condescended to when being lectured to, and lecturing is a difficult thing to break in a teacher. Too bad. It’s just organized thinking and we need more of that.

But people want copy — whose purpose is to manipulate while sounding pleasant — and nowadays they want voice over qualities. But I don’t want to be hearing a June Foray, I’d much rather hear a Joanie Gerber.

Or just themselves, even if it’s Marsha Blackburn.

Methinks that Kamala will also serve to be a future dem foil for repub darling, Nikki Haley

Eliseo, you have described a dear friend of mine born on Dec 11. Died the same way, cared for by friends with money, one being a writer of children’s books. He, too, was a comedy performer and writer among other things. But he would want you to smoke a joint, not raise a glass.

That’s show biz. Anymore, that’s becoming everything.


I don’t need to look at the stars that 2026 will be the year Universal Health Care will happen. There will be a new Congress elected (mid-terms).

The insane Tea Party Republicans need to be soundly beaten and the remnants cast aside these next 2-4 years.

The “Squad” will have more than enough chops by then to build coalitions in congressional Districts to get the House moving more left. They are the long-term threat that make folks like Mark Meadows soil his diapers.

Doesn’t matter who the author of the Universal HC plan is. What matters is that the country is undergoing the VERY TEACHABLE MOMENT of a widespread plague that the current healthcare system cannot handle without consistent, reliable coverage in good times and bad like we are now with millions of unemployed. Its happening NOW.

And that should come from our taxpayer dollars just like FEMA does.

I like Amy Klobuchar and Sally Yates a lot too!
Did you guys catch the speeches this evening?

On another note, I do worry about any Democratic Party coming into the terrible economic and financial and debt mess, wow! Not going to be easy, i remember thinking that when Obama took over from Bush!

What the hell? Fox News alludes to something bad happening to Biden so he is not on the ticket come November….this from several of their pundits tonight.


OMG. Kamala was on fire and hit a home run, feeling some real optimism again! I understand thoughtful people here and through out the land had other faves and hopes. Mine was EW, then Val Demmings, but now…she’ll electrify the campaign as she shreds Trump and Pence. She has the fire in the belly that Biden lacks, she has charisma, and she’s as good or better and orator than Obama. She’ll make an excellent President, some day.

Preet Bharara and Sally Yates would be great AGs. There is no shortage of talent on the Democratic side. EW could be the first Teasury Secretary to fight for the little guy or the average person instead of Goldman Sachs or the banks. Her legacy at Treasury may make her a more attractive President. I still believe the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on her Jupiter at 0 Aquarius will give her a tremendous boost and fuel her political fortunes for many years.

Eliseo, I am sure Biden-Harris will repair the damage done to Obamacare by 45 and may well improve upon it. But I think it would take a more radical visionary to really push through Medicare for all. Even if they wanted to, they could well be overwhelmed by more pressing matters, judging by the Inauguration chart.

There will be mid-terms in 2022, which could be a step backward if the pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis are not brought under control by then, and another presidential election in 2024 before the best opportunity for Medicare for all appears IMHO.

The French and Scandinavian health systems are generally seen as the best. Surprisingly for France, their health system is more open to private enterprise than the British. In the UK and Canada, physicians, although they are not government employees, can for the most part only be paid by the state. All government health systems are plagued by financial problems because of unlimited demand and limited supply. There is no doubt Medicare for all would cost trillions in the US and the country may have to reduce its military commitments to pay for it.

The Saturn-Neptune conjunction will be sextile Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini. It should bring great social progress.

I had no idea until today that Biden first met Harris through his son Beau, who was AG of Delaware when Harris was AG of California.

What a surprising connection to Biden’s beloved son. Biden said he trusted Beau’s opinion more than anyone, and Beau thought very highly of Harris.

Apparently they talked almost daily through the difficult work of negotiating with big banks during the foreclosure crisis of 2011 and 2012.


Khlobuchar, I think, would be great going after Trump and co. If you didn’t see her questioning Kavanaugh and some others during the Mueller investigation, you missed something.

She can be tough as nails and do it with a gentle firmness and a smile. Never came off as vindictive or mean, but she pinned them down on the witness stand. That will be a good quality to Have as the face of prosecutions when we know the right will paint it all as a partisan witch hunt.

I’m truly excited about seeing a whole new generation of powerful women in the Biden cabinet.

Best Trump parody. Have a good, healthy laugh and watch repeatedly for relief until November.


I’m hearing Trump’s team is rattled by Biden’s choice of KH. If that’s true, (probably is true) that’s great news.

I think it might be effective were she to approach the campaign like the prosecutor in a murder case making her final summary before the jury. I’d like to hear her overtly say
something like, “You are the jury, ladies and gentlemen. I urge you the voters, to find Misters Pence and Trump guilty as charged.”

I’m thinking she could list their many crimes, criminal negligence, criminal incompetence, criminal betrayal to our Am. soldiers, criminal disloyalty to the Am. people, etc.etc. (OK, I know disloyalty is not a crime, but it it might be good rhetoric.)

Being treated rhetorically like criminals would likely rattle Trump especially, particularly if the language used was very personal.

It might also be nice if we could persuade a couple of popular evangelists to go about loudly proclaiming Trump is the Anti-Christ! But that probably won’t happen. But it would be fun!

I doubt if George Lucas would allow it, but political ads in which Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s face is replaced by Putin’s and when Darth Vader is unmasked, it’s Trump; those would be fun too.

Just musing, thinking out loud here. I do want to see these fellows be condemned to their well deserved political deaths.

What do you folks think? Are my notions too over the top? Or might any of them be of practical use?

I love the symbolism of her given names – https://www.thelist.com/235714/the-surprising-meaning-of-kamala-harris-name/

Eliseo, I grabbed the charts from the Astro-Data Bank at Astrodienst (Astro.com). Kamala’s (Comma-la, lol) had a birth time but they used a noon chart for Elizabeth. I didn’t look any further. I think of the Astro-Data Bank as pretty reliable. I think it used to belong to Lois Rodden, I believe.

Medicare for all is an expensive proposition but can be done in stages. People WILL balk because of the idea of socialism, or democratic socialism. I always think that stages work better so they can see that they actually like it and not just believe the negative hype (which the Republicans are champions of). When Obama said “you can keep your doctor”, that mistake was highly used against him.

silcominc – those who trade in the made-up-news catagory are desperate! You need a ‘news’ holiday so youre not sucked down their rabbit hole!

Sharon K,
“Medicare for all is an expensive proposition but can be done in stages. People WILL balk because of the idea of socialism, or democratic socialism. I always think that stages work better so they can see that they actually like it …”

I agree. Too bad though. Too many have died and are suffering and dying needlessly. Leave it to the Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas, Michael Harrington, Bernie Sanders types to propose “radical” but necessary programs; but it’s usually the moderates, FDR, LBJ, Obama, Biden types that get the program into law, albeit gradually. What an obtuse, impractical nation we are!

You are right…now of all times, people will need health care but can we afford it? Taxes will have to be raised I assume, but I don’t know much about economics.

Why could we afford health care in Canada and other countries but not the US? Isn’t the US more wealthy? Raise taxes on the rich, they pay far too little when compared to the past. This degreee of inequality should never be accepted.

Canada, the UK, countries in Europe who all have health care comparable or better than ours (in terms of disease survival rates, cure rates, longevity) spend between a third less and down to half what the US does per person on health care.

It will save us money.

Republicans cry about how much it will raise our taxes without saying it will save us more in health care premiums and out-of-pocket health care costs.

Sharon K,
The US is NOT the richest nation per capita, but IS the richest collectively. The irony is that with a rational tax structure we are the nation MOST capable of providing complete healthcare for all residents.

In this age of accelerating climate change “Medicare for All” is absolutely necessary for our survival. Why? We’re already seeing tropical diseases expand their territory northward from the equator into the southern United States. Dengue fever as an example, entered Texas several years ago.

Furthermore, as the permafrost in arctic and subarctic areas melts, viruses and bacteria, dormant literally for millions of years, are entering Canada, Alaska, Russia, Scandinavia, etc. We of course have zero immunity to these diseases. Humans did not exist when they evolved! It won’t be long before they are here.

In science fiction there are stories in which we humans use robotic/android avatars to function in normal earth society, or in other planetary atmospheres. We are pretty close to such necessity, but far away from the development and potential implementation of that kind of robotic and sensory technology.

Sharon, in NZ socialized govt health care uses about 20% of tax revenue collected. Annual govt health dept costs are around $nz3500 per person – less than $300nz mth each – but all hospitals are non-profit.

Sharon K,
Echoing Teresa Hill’s and Andre’s comments, a Canadian style single payer system would be far more fiscally conservative than the overly expensive and crazy system we have now. Also, I can’t think of anything that would
help entrepreneurs and businesses more than removing the healthcare insurance responsibilities for their employees, i.e. significantly lowering their labor costs.

The Brits are right. Universal healthcare should like rodes, highways, libraries, and the military be a government responsibility, and let businesses focus on their business.

Our present system is frankly, immoral. In future centuries we’ll look upon it similarly to how today we look upon 19th century Am. slavery, and 20th century Jim Crow.
The idea and implementation of Medicare for All is really a matter of moral awakening, i.e. evolving into higher consciousness.

There was a lunar eclipse before it was known that Trump would run for US president and it was conjunct his natal Chiron + Juno and the US natal Saturn, all at 14+ Libra.

That eclipse on Aptil 4, 2015, was opposite the Sun at 14+ Aries which was conjunct Uranus at 16+ Aries which was trine the Great Attractor (GA) at 14+ Sagittarius and Jupiter at 12+ Leo. The eclipsed Libra moon opposite Sun and Uranus in Aries was T-squared by Pluto at 15+ Capricorn.

It was the beginning of an awareness/awakening for the US people of just how corrupt the country’s government and Big Business had become. With the grand trine in fire signs between Sun-Uranus and the GA and Jupiter it would provide shocking (Uranus) experiences that would bring about consciousness at record speed due to the effect of this lunar eclipse.

The eclipsed Moon opposite the Sun turned the grand trine into a Kite pattern putting the Sun (consciousness) + Uranus (shocking) in control of the fiery grand trine energy. There was a plan the Universe had for awakening the human beings on our planet and it would start with the USA and its unbelievablr election of Donald Trump as US President in November, 2016.

The world watched as the US institutions (US Saturn) were imploding after the election of Trump, and the US people seemed unable to stop it. It was “show and tell” time on the world stage; how to destroy a country in less than 4 years.

There was something else about that lunar eclipse chart that was part of the awakening plan, Neptune (mystifying) at 8+ Pisces was conjunct the US natal Ceres (nature) at 8+ Pisces and it was square US natal Uranus (unexpected) at 8+ Gemini. From this setup came the Covid 19 pandemic that would paralyze the Trump Odyssey in its tracks.

The Neptune in the lunar eclipse chart also was trine Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, producing a kind of mental breakdown (drugs?) as Covid 19 was too big for him to control and the US people began to realize that Trump was mad as a hatter.

No more would the Great Attractor (aka Trump’s ability to draw admiration or hatred to himself) that was trine Jupiter (understand the big picture) and the Sun (consciousness) and Uranus (break through) have the power to stupify the people without restraint. The power of the lunar eclipse that was conjunct Trump’s Chiron-Juno and the US natal Saturn has run its course.

“Trump thinks suburban women are all June Cleaver. ”
–Claire McCaskill–

It’s a travesty how the American Health Care System is, but imo it is all because it is A FOR PROFIT SYSTEM. They are not willing to tear down the whole health insurance industry where CEO’s and their shareholders make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc. Republicans will argue that jobs will be lost and whole industries will collapse. That its not the American WH, It is sick to the highest degree, a nation like America with a System like this where employers have to pay for health care or its subsidized through taxes. A sickness system not a health system…. But when will it change ??

Sorry I meant not the American WAY!!

Right on Diana!

 “A sickness system not a health system”
Yes! & Yes!
During the several years I worked in psychiatric hospitals, I eventually realized the system was not designed to help the patients, but to enrich the pockets of the insurance companies and their various greedhead enablers.

As BarbK recognizes so clearly, the hidden purpose we may find in this pandemic is to awaken us to these realities. The system is a multi headed hydra hiding behind a facade of caring and benevolence. It will only end when enough people see its true, predatory form.


I concur; I couldn’t see anyone else but KH getting the nod. Having chosen her, Biden has already demonstrated that he is tough and can take a hard hit but also has the insight and savvy to look beyond her attacks on him during the campaign debates and get that she is bold and fearless and honest and that he endorses her for these qualities and know she will be good for the nation. Trump.demonstrates his hatred and contempt for strong women as well.as his deep insecurities and cowardess by bullying them and calling them names like a school yard asshole. Joe knows real.talent and is not.afraid to.support and protect that talent. I am obviously very glad with this.decision.

Have you an opinion as to how we account for these varieties of madness astrologically?

What is the ‘sovereign citizen’ movement?


I used to assiduously follow this site, but it’s become an echo-chamber for over-the-top pandemic pronouncements, and uber liberal-bias.

Plus, it’s clear most of you will support Harris – who will not be widely supported among blacks – so game-over for Biden.

But, maybe luck will strike, and Dems will keep the House, and maybe win the Senate.

Eliseo, if I understand your question I would say it is about escape. We human beings operate within the limits of our consciousness which – at the present stage – is beginning to expand.

Fear can arise when we are faced with something beyond those limits that we don’t understand. Neptune in astrology deals with things that are not confined by the limits of consciousness. That can take the form of madness which can be about escaping what we fear.

barbk – Neptune also rules believing in things just because we want them to be true – a hallmark of our times.

Dean W,

Interesting hypothesis. You feel Trump will be re-elected? Personally, it seems to me his tide of good fortune and sentiment is beginning to fade and run its course (he is way behind in the polls). No mass rallies to attend to in the near future to invigorate his base (compliments of COVID 19). He appears demented and stale, fraying at the edges. He has lost his momentum (mo-jo) in other words. Do you have an astrological basis for arriving at that conclusion? Or perhaps you think he will try to steal the election?

Dean – I think you are wrong from what i have seen – regarding black voters – especially Black Women voters –

I think you are a trumpet – the bigger issue is the Pandemic and now the Post Office and voting – if he wins it will because of voter suppression and other tactics –

Dean W.,

Your rhetoric drips of sour grapes. Why so glum? Are you sad about Donald Drumpf’s diminishing poll numbers or are you intent? I am confused by your motives.

This site used to foster an equanimity of views. Now, though, most key-posters tolerate only highly left-leaning narratives – other viewpoints are chastised, then ignored.

Now, ‘will,’ the next thing you’ll tell me is that,’if I don’t like it, I can go somewhere else!’

Funny thing is, that’s exactly what the posters over at Breitbart tell left-leaners!

Seems intolerance doesn’t favor an ideology.


You gave no information to your statement on Black voters – so please supply links to back you post –


there are more – I prefer hearing from the women themselves – and Ave Du Verrnay whose acclaimed 2019 “When They See Us” miniseries documented the lives of the five teenagers wrongly imprisoned in the 1989 Central Park jogger case – wrote this – she has over 2 million followers – I prefer hearing from women like Ava on this

“There is no debate anymore. There’s no room for it in my book. We either make this happen. Or literally, more of us perish. People are dying. Someone I love died. This virus is real. If it hasn’t visited your doorstep, it will. Oh but, Kamala did this or she didn’t do that. I hear you. I know. And I don’t care. Because what she DIDN’T DO is abandon citizens in a pandemic, rip babies from their mother’s arms at the border, send federal troops to terrorize protestors, manufacture new ways to suppress Black and Brown votes, actively disrespect Indigenous people and land, traffic in white supremacist rhetoric in an effort to stir racist violence at every turn, attempt to dismantle most American democratic systems of checks and balance, degrade women all day everyday, infect the Supreme Court with another misogynist hack, demolish America’s standing on climate, actively cultivate and further white supremacist structures and systems across all aspects of American daily life. I mean, that’s what she DIDN’T do. So I don’t wanna hear anything bad about her. It doesn’t matter to me. Vote them in and then let’s hold them accountable. Anything other than that is insanity. It’s ego. It’s against our own interests. It’s selfish. It’s disrespectful to our elders. It’s nonsense. It’s talking to hear yourself talk. This is a matter of life or death. We need all our energy focused. This is a fight for more than can be expressed here. There is no debate anymore. Not for me anyway. #voteblue2020

Well Dean, why don’t you share your general views with us? I gather you are interested in astrology. What do you see in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction? What can we expect?

Jerry – Even Vedic astrologers are split as to who will win the Presidency.

Also, it’s clear that Trump’s authoritarian approach is a danger to democracy. But, on the left, Ms. Harris’ background as AG, here in CA, didn’t win her many friends in the black community.

Plus, there’s the book written by Pulitzer prize finalist, Aaron Glantz, that documents Ms. Harris’ shenanigans during the housing crisis (I won’t include any links, as this site doesn’t always like them; but, his works are easy to find).

So, because of Ms. Harris’ past record, it’s my contention that more than a few black voters will sit-out this election.

barbk – Though you’re astrologically aware, and post a lot of amazing astro-info, the ‘us verses them’ attitude that your last post to me typifies, is an example of the attitude that’s taken this site from a once-thriving community, and reduced it to an ideological purity-test visited by only the few.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to post, because I want to see this site flourish again, and not just remain an echo-chamber for the liberal-faithful that it’s now become.

Oh my, let the trolling begin. I’m sure we all really appreciate your concern, Mr W. You’re absolutely selfless. But funny how there are always new names popping up as we near an election. And you always claim to be long-time readers.

Das vidania.

Arbo, Dean has contributed here before in the past 5 years or so and I do want to hear about all possibilities.

I was so shaken when Hillary lost, in spite of the polls, and after the post-election analysis, feel it was a combination of several factors and these were not huge, splashy ones.

However, Dean, this is an open forum and anyone can say anything and I, for one, will consider it, if backed up, so go ahead and state your views. I do think that Kamala will get much of the black vote since it is a historical appointment and she is gutsy and smart – people don’t throw away an opportunity that is very good in the service of perfect that often.

Several of us have made the point that we have to look at more than one side of any issue and I cannot imagine that the Universe would let DT get elected again (or MM, for that matter).

I am also not sure that astrology, Vedic or Western, can predict the election, although the professor whose model is always right has predicted that Trump will lose (but that is based on known values and not surprises).

Nevertheless, I really enjoy Barb’s writings as well as all others on this site, so please keep it coming, guys.

I’ll just end by saying that when this matter goes to the SC, which it is almost certain (in my mind), they had better not F*ck it up this time.

Chief Justice Roberts, may your Aquarian planets be activated.

arbo – I’d said in an earlier post (08/13/20, at 2:26 pm) that ‘Trump’s authoritarian approach is a danger to democracy;’ so, there’s no love lost between me, and the views of that man – but, maybe you’d overlooked that, before you’d posted your reply?

Oh, and if you’re going to troll me with a Russian meme, at least spell it right: ‘Dasvidaniya.’

PS: Re universal or one-payer health care in the U.S., our deficit is now $2.8 trillion. I am not sure how we can finesse this one even if it ends up being less expensive in the long-run. However, the pandemic and other future illnesses, which Eliseo noted climate change will facilitate, do make public healthcare almost inevitable.

Biden wanted to start with a hybrid situation and that might have to happen. As I like to say, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, so the Great Depression created social security and other programs, and the Recession of 2007/2008 allowed us to launch the ACA. A dire need for something has to be shown, or the Republican message machine will triumph, and I think it has to be done in steps or they will be that much more successful in calling it socialism and squelching it.

Trump has scrambled to cut costs in programs and personnel and, now, the postal service (a deviously blatant little scheme), so there is enough revenue to build his wall and whatever else, since the tax cuts decreased it. I think finessing all of this will be tricky. Let’s see what the Universe has in store.

Sharon K – Thank you for your kind reply. And, yes, I agree with you that Biden/Harris will get, as you put it, “…much of the black vote…”

But, the devil is always in the details, and even a loss of a few percentage points of the black-vote will be a problem for a Biden/Harris win.

Also, voter suppression (in-person, and by-mail) will be a net-positive for a Trump-win.

Plus, there are the wildcards: Another lockdown; a good, third-quarter economy; one candidate, or the other, having a poor debate-showing; or, heaven forbid, an illness for Trump and/or Biden – not to mention more civil unrest – and the list goes on.

There are a lot of moving parts to this election – and though, I, too, was saddened when Mrs. Clinton lost, Ms. Harris’ reputation among young, black men (in particular) is not a good one, here in CA – and I feel that her past record as AG will come back to haunt her, and the Biden campaign.

saw a great post on facebook that seems relevant to the current vote discussion
“time to remember the best voting advice I’ve heard – voting isnt marriage – its public transport. You’re not waiting for the ‘one’ who is absolutely perfect. You are getting the bus. And if there isn’t one going exactly to you destination, you don’t stay home and sulk – you take the one going closest to where you want to be.”
seems to me at this point in time, tearing down and picking at the only sensible candidates positioned to get rid of the corruption currently at the top, serves nobody well except the fueling the gossip mongers.

I feel the “Sovereign Citizen Movement” also has a Uranian flavor to it. I’m wondering if there is any genesis to it in the Uranus/Neptune conjunction of 1993.

The SCM appears to be a rebellious expression of frustration with what feels like for many an overabundance of rules. I think it is also rooted in a feeling of alienation, and probably an underlying belief in our separateness. We often confuse separateness with autonomy.

As a kid in 1966, under the aegis of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction i had a very profound and natural mystical experience, a component of which was my realization of the illusion of separateness. I came to see the space between us does not separate us, but connects us, and consequentially the interdependence of all things.

The SCM seems like the opposite of that. It began in the US, but has spread to many other countries, now particularly afflicting Australia as well. Australian law enforcement officers complain noncompliant SCM folks are an increasing headache.

We’ve also seen the ascendancy of various kookie beliefs and conspiracy theories. Vaccines cause autism – our leaders are really lizard like aliens from another planet dressed in artificial human body suits – the earth is really flat – the Illuminati control us – Democrats are all child eating pedophiles, etc.

Most insidious of all are the older kookie beliefs, as they are far more likely to affect public policy. If one can ignore modern information and knowledge, believing the entire universe was created in six literal days, and on the seventh the Lord rested, one can bring oneself to believe just about anything.

In the past such mythological literalism wasn’t completely harmless, but was less consequential. Nowadays, fomented by certain profit minded cranks, it tends to morph into a very anti-intellectual religious fascism.

We see the cultural and political consequences worldwide, but most acutely here in the US, as our percentage of “kooks” is higher, and one of them is our president.

We’ve never been all that rational, but in the US we’ve never before had such overt madness at such high levels of government. In this sense, perhaps the aberration is a function of our coming Pluto return?

Your thoughts? You are so good at symbolic interpretation!

Yes this is an open forum – but I have not posted much since the 2016 election -as I had a difficult time her – I remember Jerry who was supportive – – I tired to defend Hillary at times on this forum – but it was very difficult – she was even accused of being a murderer at one point – Starlight knows me – After Turmp won – I have mostly been watching – that said I am very sensitive to how female politicians – how they are portrayed or commented on and misogyny -This is a terrible problem- I believe the black woman will support the ticket – maybe not all the progressives but most of my friends white – brown – black support this ticket which is why I posted AVA above – as she made the films on the Central Park 5 which TRUMP was part of – trying to make sure these innocent boys went to jail forever by taking out full page ads -that said

I have been also following a vidic astrologer / Gurmeet Singh – His predictions on the conned virus this summer have been spot on – he has a site devoted the 45 / in the US –
http://www.vedicnakshatras.com/donald-trump-first-term-astrology.html I encourage all to take a look

Mr W, we’re dealing with cyrillic script here, so you say dasvidaniya and I say das vidania. Either spelling is acceptable unless you’re talking about the movie.

And I didn’t overlook anything. The hallmark of the concern troll is to agree and then add the “but…” That you’ve expressed antitrump views means nothing.

Whether or not we agree is not the point. It’s your need to be ‘splaining things to the regulars here that I find offensive, man.

Sharon K – Yes, I do remember Dean W. Every four years it gets crazy around here, and it seems to me that’s when he shows up. Maybe that’s why Mr W picks up on the us-verses-them attitude. If he is a troll it’s just what he wants.

You are far more gracious than I about these things. Blame overwhelming Scorpio, which is often hard to control.

And I agree, he needs to back up his opinions with facts.

a clip to watch for Kamala’s CA AG position naysayers

I have always liked Singh, chrys. I can’t remember if he was correct about Trump winning or not in 2016 and I already forgot what he wrote at his website, just posted by you above. I did enjoy reading it though. And when he says, scroll down to read his election updates, most recent of which was August 11, be patient and scroll down.

Hopefully, he is right. He backs up his astrology with logic and common sense knowledge. I especially like his simple statement that you cannot fix the economy unless you fix the Coronvirus situation quickly. He also predicts things will be better as of Jan 2021 (but that’s too late to help Trump).

Understood, Arbo. Thanks for explaining.

Whoo hoo!


“A federal judge in Pennsylvania told the Trump campaign and the Republican Party that they must produce evidence they have of vote-by-mail fraud in the state by Friday.”

By the way, to sum up what Singh said: all Trump’s efforts to throw the election will fail. His poll numbers may rise a bit between Aug 15 and mid-Sept. but the period of time after that is so bad for him, there is no way he will win. He also says his taxes may be released during that time. Listen, I’m not going to the bank with this info, but Mr. Singh sounds pretty confident and sure of himself.

You’re welcome, Sharon K.

You know I wanted Harris at Justice, cleaning up the mess there. I leaned toward Warren for practical reasons, with Harris in the wings. But after the talks yesterday — I liked the lack of an audience — I see the strategy.

They’re using her talents as a prosecutor to hammer home — politely but passionately — what’s been going on for the last presidential term. Like a prosecutor presenting the case to the jury, she can tell the story in the face of all the bluster.

She doesn’t need a vocal coach. She has charm when she wants to. She’s not intimidated. She knows what she’s talking about. And they both loved Beau.

Download the forward. I haven’t ordered any of the others includuing Mary Trump’s, but I am going to read this book!

?”From golden showers in a sex club in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to catch and kill conspiracies to silence Trump’s clandestine lovers, I wasn’t just a witness to the president’s rise—I was an active and eager participant.”

Michael Cohen @MichaelCohen212

The day has finally arrived. I have waited a long time to share my truth. To read the foreword and pre-order my book DISLOYAL, visit https://disloyalthebook.com

3:52 PM · Aug 13, 2020

That was a double whoo hoo by the way! And, yes, I do read tabloids, if they are good enough!s

Good on you arbo!

Okay, Dean, I guess you aren’t into astrology. and that’s fine. However, today transiting Mars and transiting Pluto are square and I’m not going to go there. My comments follow the theme of the owner of this blog, and I would not follow her if I didn’t agree with her. I suggest you find a blog writer more in line with your own attitudes. There are enough regular commenters here to keep it interesting for me and I assume for them as well. Peace and love to all.

arbo – Your safe-space ideology was challenged, and you defaulted to suspicion, and dismissiveness – something that I’d also received a bit of from barbk, and will.

Just count the very low number of regular posters who frequent this forum, and you’ll see how intellectually bunkered this site has become.

I won’t bother posting again, as this site has become the mirror-image of FOX News, or Breitbart – all ideology, all the time.

Sharon, thanks for the foreword link! tantalizing read . . . .

Mr W. your last comment “I won’t bother posting again, as this site has become the mirror-image of FOX News, or Breitbart – all ideology, all the time” is a sure indication that you are more interested in flame throwing than intelligent and reasoned opposition discussion. These fish are not biting – bye bye.

Dean W,
I’m NOT a Liberal. Since 1963 I’ve referred to myself as a Democratic Socialist. More recently I’ve dropped the DS appellation as people automatically assume I’m a collectivist, which for me is inaccurate. I now refer to myself as a Pragmatic Cooperativist, (not that anyone knows what that means either.)

I therefore am not in 100% agreement with the many Liberals on this blog. Nevertheless, this old Left Libertarian feels fairly comfortable posting here. It’s perfectly OK for us to disagree. Sometimes it is annoying, but HEY! That’s discourse. As long as we are polite and respectful; As long as we support our assertions, opinions, intuitions, and observations with facts, reason, etc. and are willing to admit our mistakes, I see no problem. Besides, I learn a lot here.

We are all living through what surely is the most stressful, anxiety making, bizarre, and potentially depressing period of our lives. For me this blog is a very needed forum which assists me in keeping my sanity a bit longer. I am very grateful to Nancy, and all who post here, even those with whom I disagree vociferously. IMO, so should we all realize how indebted we are to Nancy and all who post here.

(BTW, Bernie is really a Social Democrat, NOT a Democratic Socialist.)

Eliseo – I love your term ‘ Pragmatic Cooperativist’

Actually. Mr W, you tried to hijack the blog and the usual suspects aren’t buying it.

And I’m suspicious of everybody. Over and out.


BREAKING: Federal Judge ORDERS Trump Campaign/RNC to prove “vote by mail fraud”

You’re so wise kiwi 🙂

Eliseo, what I know about the SCM I learned from your comment, however it would seem that yes, Uranus is the basic astro component. Combined with Neptune it seems logical to have the organization born from that conjunction.

In their 1st conjunction, the start of their cycle, they were at 19+ Capricorn and formed a T-square with the US natal opposition between Chiron (wounding) at 20+ Aries and Juno (defends the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra. That probably activated a number of disenchanted people in the US to begin speaking out about their frustrations in 1993.

With the number of planets passing over 19+ Capricorn in the past year I don’t wonder that unrest and need for change is rampant in the country, if not the world.

You noted too that this prelude to the US Pluto Return has stirred up anxieties that sound anti-intellectual at best and crazy at worst. Too much expanded consciousness all at one time can scare the bejesus out of many and they often resort to religious teachings for comfort. That isn’t going to stop the conscious awakening of humanity that will bring us together in ways that seemed impossible before 9/11.

What a time to be alive!

I am not a regular poster on this site, but I have been following the site for many years. I thank you all for your comments and applications of astrological concepts to interpret the cycles of change.

We read this blog because the people on it demonstrate critical thinking skills. We strive to be informed, which modifies our understanding and leads to better decisions. We gravitate toward people who can give us more information. It is a comfort for me to read every post, and I do. Yes, we have Mars square Pluto at the moment, so this li’l post will be brief. There may be a few strong posters on here at the moment, but I wonder how many of us enjoy this blog each and every day, and feel part of this community. I consider you part of my tribe, and god knows we all need a tribe.

“but the strain of progressed Moon/natal Pluto will wax through August 23, likely suggesting worsening news about the virus.”

Today it was announced our actual covid-19 deaths are higher than reported, closer to 200,000.

sunstars, for me too, it is comforting to check in each and every day to read what our starlightnews tribe has written. Namaste one and all…

kims latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgBlk2upGMs

Did anyone catch the name of the general Rachel M. mentioned in her Thursday broadcast who sent out the memo to the other generals regarding a contingency plan in case DJT lost the election but refused to turn over power peacefully?

sunstars and Connie, me three.
I remember how contentious it got here before the 2016 election, with one poster in particular who has since stopped posting. I’m hoping we can not get too triggered and carry on during this awful election season.

Dean W.,

No sir; I will not banish you from this platform. I am not the host. I have no grist to mill with you other than commenting on your opening salvo upthread which seemed well, lets just say, less than cordial. I think you are correct to assert that this blog at times resonates with stifling liberal/progressive group-think. Trending as a left-leaning centrist, I have been vigorously chastised/challenged for my views over the almost two decades as a participant herein. I’ve been roundly scoffed at or scolded for failing to endorse the astrologer, psychic or tarot-reader du jour who manages to garner cult-like fervor from some of our regular bloggers. At times I have been unmercifully ruthless, even downright rude and unkind. I’ve taken a well-deserved licking as I’ve served them up. I have learned a great deal from this forum and had my wings clipped and my rough edges whetted smooth when I made thoughtless or stupid or hurtful comments. Its been an enriching ride.

I am not at all certain that Biden/Harris will prevail over Donny Drumpf and the Russian Mob. I learned the harsh lesson of over-confidence from the colossal 2016 reversal of fortune. Orange Julius Cesar has overcome impossible odds in spite of his awful self. Monstrous lies, diabolical rhetoric, shock-jock controversy, and an evil genius for branding devastating, destructive sound-bites with surgically-accurate precision have served him amply over the last near four years. The Shameless slutty, attention whore he is, I cannot confidently rule out the possibility that he and his unholy minions might manage to throw this election.

The Theory of Chaos has kicked off the 21st Century and it continues to reign supreme. It is as if The Micky Mouse Club’s “Anything Goes Wednesday” has been writ large and engulfed the zeitgeist, delivering disorienting waves of gob-smacking shock and awe.

We posture, we pose, we argue brilliantly with clever ideas and artful wordsmithing. Starlight News brandishes an embarrassment of talented scribes, marvelous thinkers and glamorous predictions. Nonetheless, we none of us, astrologer, magi, prophet, poet or politico pundit can precisely predict how the election will ultimately unfurl.

Perhaps you will consider continuing to share your impressions here, even if they are unpopular, and joyfully accept wonderful waves of support or the savage rhetorical beatings you merit.

The Sandman cometh.

Random thought:
Barr got his govt start working as a cia analyst during the dirty nixon years. And we all know about his manipulative strategy, while presenting a ‘butter-wouldnt-melt-in-his-mouth’ attitude, in the post iran/contra legal shenanigans.
Much of today’s creep to authoritarianism has been facilitated in part by various office of legal council opinions authored by Barr and others over the years, for the office of the presidency. I hope the Biden admin has a whole division dedicated to reviewing and undoing many of those. Were they ever codified into law? Or are they just another case of, if you tell a lie often enough people will think its true?

Your 3:30 am post: Beautiful! Excellent!

Your post contrasting catching a bus vs marriage as metaphors for voting: Extremely Useful! A great civics teaching tool!

This is profound. It is also consistent with Nancy’s astrological/political analysis and observations.

“. . . All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”: An Open Letter to Gen. Milley
If the commander in chief attempts to ignore the election’s results, you will face a choice.
AUGUST 11, 2020

First two paragraphs of fifteen:

Dear General Milley: 
As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you are well aware of your duties in ordinary times: to serve as principal military advisor to the president of the United States, and to transmit the lawful orders of the president and Secretary of Defense to combatant commanders. In ordinary times, these duties are entirely consistent with your oathto “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” 

We do not live in ordinary times. The president of the United States is actively subverting our electoral system, threatening to remain in office in defiance of our Constitution. In a few months’ time, you may have to choose between defying a lawless president or betraying your Constitutional oath. We write to assist you in thinking clearly about that choice. If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order. 

Hi Dean W.

Ok. So……. no specific astrological data to speak of. Basically what you are sharing are your personal impressions and opinions based on what you have read. Fair enough. That’s quite acceptable.

Now that we have Kamala Harris as the presumptive VP nominee for the democratic party out of the way, the presidential race is coming into sharp focus.

Here’s a startling piece of information. Whether there is credibility to the following persons “vision” remains to be seen. One intuitive states that he saw Joe Biden experiencing a sudden stroke some time before the election and this will throw the entire November elections into uncertainty and disarray. Accordingly, it will go before the courts to decide whether the election should be postponed or whether it should proceed as scheduled with Kamala Harris remaining on the ballot as the designated Democratic presidential candidate. The situation will slowly disintegrate and spiral out of control. The Nov 3rd election results? Inconclusive.

So, here’s my personal thoughts on the matter. I could be well off the charts on this one, but what the hell, why not give it a shot……..

My attention has naturally gravitated to that explosive September 29th Saturn station Mars square (25 ’20 Aries-Capricorn). It will activate Biden’s natal Jupiter-progressed Mercury opposition (25 ’08 Capricorn – 24 ’57 Cancer). Jupiter generally indicates transition. Could that be the sign of a stroke? Anyone know?

Early to mid October…… Mars then progresses on to square first Pluto, then Jupiter and then finally to the BIG finale; the October 16th new Moon (23 Libra). This New Moon will t square Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Quite dramatic. My sense is, events during this period will hasten the political demise of Mr. Donald J Trump either though indictment or the emergence of irreparable damaging information.

Apropos to the above, we just finished watching the seven part mini series The Loudest Voice (starring Russell Crowe). It was absolutely riveting. Brilliantly done. It invites you into the mindset of Roger Ailes; his career as broadcast director, CEO, his inception of Fox News and the corresponding growing cultural phenomenon of the conservative right that eventually catapulted Donald J Trump into the White House. This docu-drama hit me in a powerful way. Roger Ailes and Donald Trump are identical in so many respects. Consequently, it is my belief, our beloved leader Donald J Trump will most likely face the same fate as Roger Ailes. The resignation of Roger Ailes came in a timely manner and so it will be with Trump.

If you haven’t seen the series, I would highly recommend it. I believe it is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Russell Crowe On Becoming Roger Ailes In ‘The Loudest Voice’

Video 19 min 30 sec



he mentions the time frame you mention – please note his projections on the virus posted April 1 by Gurmeet Singh –
http://www.vedicnakshatras.com/donald-trump-first-term-astrology.html I encourage all to take a look

Rahu was transiting Ardra nakshatra in Gemini sign during 9/11 attacks, when three thousand Americans were murdered by terrorists. Rahu and Ketu complete their transit cycle of the Zodiac in about 18 ½ years. Now Rahu has again come back to same position in Gemini sign, and we are witnessing Coronavirus attack this time. Since Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, it rules lungs, respiratory system. Gemini is also an Airy sign, so the Coronavirus is transmitted through air by coughing or sneezing by infected person, and it affects the lungs / respiratory system. Transit Saturn and Pluto from Capricorn sign are already aspecting natal Saturn and natal Venus in Donald Trump’s astrology chart this year, and the American people are suffering. In my opinion, astrologically we should have a complete shutdown of the economy, and Americans should stay at home until August 15 this year, only then we could contain this invisible enemy COVID-19.
Things will become even more difficult for Donald Trump after September 24 this year, when Rahu and Ketu will change signs. Rahu will enter Taurus sign, and Ketu Scorpio sign on September 24 this year. Rahu will transit natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign, and Ketu will transit natal Moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio sign in Donald Trump’s astrology chart between September 24 and November 3 this year, the election day. This will be the time when the 2020 Presidential Election will be tilted away from Donald Trump. So, Donald Trump cannot win the next election. Any foreign interference in the US Presidential Election will not succeed, because Trump’s time is so bad during this period. During this time Donald Trump will do his best to postpone the Presidential Election. Please remember October, November, December 2020 are difficult months for Donald Trump’s health and finances as well, due to Rahu’s transit over the natal position of the ascendant lord Sun in Taurus sign in Donald Trump’s astrology chart. The solar eclipse on December 14 is falling at 29 degrees in Scorpio sign, very close to Trump’s natal Moon, natal Ketu and opposite his natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign.


Whimsy predicts a similar scenario on her recent video.



I listened to the video you posted. Yes. Very interesting. I wonder if that is a validation of some kind.


Thank you for the Sumeet Singh link.

The following is a cautionary alert……..

Trump Opposes Election Aid For States And Postal Service Bailout, Threatening Nov. 3 Vote

August 14, 2020
Washington Post

President Trump on Thursday said he opposes both election aid for states and an emergency bailout for the U.S. Postal Service because he wants to restrict how many Americans can vote by mail, putting at risk the nation’s ability to administer the Nov. 3 elections.



Will, really well put (& brilliant writing).

Hey, will. Of course this salon skews liberal. So does the host. My gripe is with the fill-in-the-blank ‘splaining in a “less than cordial” way, as you put it so well. And they guy’s not even funny, either.

My experience with the more conservative mind has shown them to tend to mug the more liberal among us and then call the cops and tell them THEY were attacked. I think that’s why they tend to cluster together as much as we do. And I try not to feed them. Unless they bite.

And it’s not as though we don’t all know how high the stakes are.

Postal Service warns 46 states their voters could be disenfranchised by delayed mail-in ballots

article @ Washington Post
Sorty, I can’t copy link on this device.

Ahead of the election, Michael Cohen gets gig as political consultant and pundit

“NEW YORK — Get ready to see a lot more of Michael Cohen between now and Nov. 3.

President Donald Trump’s former fixer, who is writing a tell-all memoir while serving a prison sentence in home confinement, has received an offer to work as a consultant and to make media appearances for a political action committee.

Translation: The man who plans to air the president’s dirty laundry will also be talking about it morning, noon and night.”

https://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/ap_news/ahead-of-the-election-michael-cohen-gets-gig-as-political-consultant-and-pundit/article_4202025f-3b5b-51e5-8b0f-f4314becd8f3.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share v

If just half the adults in the U.S. purchased a sheet of stamps at $11 dollars, that would raise close to $1.5 Billion dollars for the Post Office.

From Obama,

Who has long been an admirer of Harris,’ said the senator is someone who “is experienced at just about every level of government” and someone “who would be prepared on day one to assume the presidency in the event that that was necessary.”
Most notably, however, Obama directly called out Pence — by name — in the interview, and seemingly suggested Harris could be debating someone other than Pence, a possible reference to rumors that Trump could change his vice president if his polls continue to show him trailing Biden.
“She is smart. She is tough,” Obama said. “She is somebody who I think will be able to share the stage with Mike Pence, or whoever else, and dissect some of the terrible decisions that have been made over the last four years that have helped create worse problems than were necessary in the midst of this pandemic.”

I agree Sharon, the softer side of will, if you will. Will that WAS sweet of you, you know, all humble and all.

I didn’t start checking out the US solar returns until 2011, but knowing that 2009 was a big year – trans. Saturn would conjunct US Neptune and trans. Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron would conjunct US Moon-Pallas, all 3 at the same time – so I finally took a look at that 2009 US Solar Return chart today. I thought it might have a story to tell.

The US Solar Return (SR) 2009 chart had the North Node at 0+ Aquarius, the degree where the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle will begin just weeks after the US Presidential election.

US SR 2009 chart Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron were indeed all at 26-25 Aquarius and retrograde, and conjunct US natal Pallas (strategist) at 26+ Aquarius which conjuncts US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius. Transiting Mars at 25+ Taurus was square (challenging) them all but he was sextile Uranus (breakthrough) at 26+ Pisces retrograde in this SR chart which trines Biden’s Sun-Venus in Scorpio.

Saturn at 16+ Virgo and Ceres at 18+ Virgo in the US SR 2009 chart were on their way to conjunct US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo; Ceres would get there 10 days later and Saturn would get there the following month.

The SR chart’s Pluto (transform) at 1+ Capricorn retrograde was opposite the chart’s Mercury (thinking) at 2+ Cancer which was conjunct the US natal Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer which conjuncts US natal Jupiter (broaden horizons) at 5+ Cancer. These are all important links that were affecting the US in 2009.

The Moon (People) at 19+ Sagittarius was square Ceres (nurture/nature) at 18+ Virgo who would soon conjunct US natal Neptune (dreams) at 22+ Virgo, but SR Moon was also conjunct Trump’s natal Moon and South Node at 20+ Sagittarius that opposed his Sun at 22+ Gemini and his North Node and his Uranus in Gemini. Conflict was in the air.

The SR Mars (action) at 25+ Taurus was conjunct Trump’s natal MC at 24+ Taurus, and Kamala Harris’ Jupiter at 24+ Taurus, a harbinger of things to come.

But who knew? This was the summer of 2009 and Barack Obama and Joe Biden had been US President and VP for less than 6 months. Nobody was thinking much about 2020, and yet there were clues in this US SR 2009 chart, upon looking back, of things to come.

Kamala’s natal Venus (17+ Virgo) that conjuncts her Pluto at 15+ Virgo that conjuncts her Uranus at 13+ Virgo (that sextiles the US Sun at 13+ Cancer) was conjunct the US SR 2009 chart’s Saturn (materialize) at 16+ Virgo and Ceres (nurture) at 18+ Virgo that were on their way to conjunct the US natal Neptune (dreams) just days later.

Kamala’s natal retro Saturn is at 28+ Aquarius that conjunct’s US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius that conjuncts US natal Pallas (planner) at 26+ Aquarius where Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in the US SR 2009 chart was.

The most conspicuous thing in the US SR 2009 chart (IMO) are the 3 planets conjunct the US natal Moon+Pallas; 3 separate cycles with the US Moon (the US people) began at that time as well as the cycles between trans. Jupiter and Chiron, and trans. Jupiter and Neptune, and trans. Neptune and Chiron, not to mention 3 cycles with Kamala’s Saturn, all active at this time.

the 1st one will end April 2021, when transiting Jupiter reunites with US natal Moon, at the same time transiting Neptune opposes US natal Neptune, and when transiting Uranus returns to where it is right now – stationing retrograde, at 10+ Taurus, and when transiting Pluto stations retrograde one degree shy of being conjunct the US natal Pluto (their 1st conjunction coming in Feb. 2022).

I feel like what we are living through right now was seeded in the 2009 solar return of the transiting Sun to the US natal Sun, and it was probably the start of the transformation that will climax at the US natal Pluto Return.

trumps younger brother is reportedly ‘very ill’ in hospital

Thank you for the plaudits, Eliseo, Sharon and Barbk. Sometimes insomnia inspires.

Jerry, Crow lived and breathed Roger Ayles. I concur. His performance was extraordinary.
Trusting you and family are safe and well.


I’ll wager Drumf’s brother has Covid 19.


Sweet of you too, Barb. It’s hard being me so.etimes.

What a difference environment makes!
Dems I personally know in red states are very cynical and fearful about the coming election.
Dems I know in blue states are cautiously optimistic.

from mr Singh today – update

Donald Trump’s time is now very good from August 17 to September 15. Trump will do maximum damage to the presidential election in this period. Trump will be unstoppable during this time. His poll numbers will improve slightly during this time.
Then after September 24, Donald Trump will run out of luck in October / November / December this year. All his plans to sabotage the election will backfire during this time. Trump’s opposition and enemies will be very strong during this time. Trump will be very vulnerable and weak in October / November / December this year.
Get your popcorn ready on September 24.
Mr. Singh is giving you accurate astrology predictions week by week, month by month, and year by year. Other astrologers have just taken positions either for Trump victory or Trump loss depending upon whether they are right-wing or left-wing astrologers.
August 14, 2020

barbk, you are right on in terms of the 2009 Solar. As many will recall, that was the birth of the Tea Party and we are now living the result of that.

It occurs to me that trump is experiencing a period of ‘backfire-ism’ for many of his underhanded actions. So too, perhaps the extended news coverage about the post office and mail ballots may well serve to really motivate more voter participation. Nothing gets people more riled up out of complacency than the threat of taking away a ‘right’

A friend sent me this:

by Mitchell Lewis

On Saturday August 15th at 10:25 A.M. EDT until January 13th this erratic and somewhat irrational planet begins its backward motion. Uranus rules government of and by the people. Anyone who is elected is working under its influence. As such when it retrogrades there are often issues about the government that come out in uncontrolled and surprising ways. Because this will be in retrograde for 5 months it’s important to keep that in mind and to research any information that may come to light. You don’t have to look very far to see the influence of this retrograde. The attack on the postal service has been relentless and distressing. The fact that Trump is doing this in broad daylight just shows how little regard he has for the law, democracy or common decency. I find it amazing that even with this blatant abuse of power still so many Senators, congressmen and Americans are willing to turn a blind eye and pretend everything is normal. It isn’t normal. And it won’t be for a long time, no matter who wins this coming election.

Because Uranus will be retrograde throughout the election and almost until the inauguration, there will be much confusion and misdirection about the candidates and some of the results will be contested. This will be a very nasty election with falsehoods and condemnation rampant. But Uranus goes direct about a week before the next president is put in office, and I believe that implies a change of government. Also Mercury will go direct on Election Day and while there will be some confusion and a need for recounts in some areas I think we will know who the winner is by the end of that day. There probably won’t be a concession for a while, but we will know the truth on November 3rd. On January 20th, Inauguration Day Mars will be conjunct Uranus, a vicious and combative aspect. There is a good possibility of some violence and contentious confrontations throughout this campaign, but I believe in the American system and have high hopes that we can overcome any issues that arise.

In our personal lives this will be a time when we will be prone to seek innovation within ourselves more than in the outside world. The greatest changes will occur in our inner conversation and be presented to the world in January once this planet reverses direction. This is one of many reasons why I believe we are about to change our government. The radical changes that the world is about to see will also go on in our individual psyche. Many people will be seeking the answers to their most important questions during the coming months, both on a personal and a collective level. Don’t be afraid to dig deeply into your issues. That’s the only way to solve some of your problems and aim your life on the path it belongs. Change is often frightening, but rarely a mistake when it’s time has come.

Mitchell Lewis | August 14, 2020 at 8:40 pm | Categories: general | URL: https://wp.me/p9SgJF-yS

‘backfire-ism’ is a great term!

Seems like each and every shenanigan he employs is backfiring on him lately.

“Nothing gets people more riled up out of complacency than the threat of taking away a ‘right’”

Right you are! A double paraphrase of the present underlying news narrative with all but Fox and Hate Radio is: (1) Trump is working to steal your right to vote. (2) He’s risking your life in the process.

RE: Pragmatic Cooperativist.
No one else seems to be using the phrase. Glad you like it. I may use it in an online journal I’m thinking about starting and editing.

will, apparently he is in neurological icu. covid can cause neurological problems

nypd ‘benevolent’ assn endorses trump. looks like theres more than a few bad apples in that leadership

Eliseo, that Mitchell Lewis piece is beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

(Btw, I’m a longtime mainly lurker here – love this forum. Unfortunately I don’t have time to contribute myself and sometimes only enough to skim but truly value all your thoughts and links and especially Starlight’s insights. You have a tight community of regular posters, so it feels like eavesdropping but I wonder how many more of us enjoy without posting!)

Hi Will,

Quite right. One movie critic in reviewing the film remarked that Crowe’s performance as Roger Ailes was so convincing that he had to remind himself periodically who the actor was.

Thank you for the well wishes. Things are fairly quiet here.

Have you seen the following video interview (posted below)? I came across it by accident. It’s quite an eye opener…..

Donald Trump Rapes 13 Year Old In The Home Of Jeffrey Epstein.

Video 29 min 10 sec


Harris: “Women are going to be a priority” in Biden administration


As much as I want Mr. Singh to be right, it is going to be depressing watching Trump have a good period between now and Sept. 15, especially watching him destroy the postal service!

But, in line with backfire-ism, those who would vote for him and are not wearing masks may turn against him as the cases grow and/or be unable to go to the polls, and schools may end up closed against, etc.

TRUMP’S MISERABLE MONTH (October): Psychic Astrology Reading by Evon Davis

Video: 17 min 59 sec


Michael Cohen’s Book On Trump To Be Published Sept. 8th

Market Watch
August 14, 2020


Les, we know you’re out there! Thanks for checking in today!

I have a thought re: people not being able to define Kamala; is she pro-police or not they muse.

Kamala has Gemini rising with her Gemini North Node conjunct it. Nimble Gemini sees things from multiple positions and can change those positions as the situation evolves. It is deep-seated views that Gemini avoids, preferring to look at all the angles of a situation.

Her North Node (path forward) and ascendant (her window to the world) in Gemini trines her natal Libra (partnership) Sun in the 5th house of her chart, the house of creativity, so she is fair and balanced on a conscious (Sun) level and it shows.

Both her North Node/asc. in Gemini and her Libra Sun are trine her Saturn (stability) in Aquarius that conjuncts the US natal Moon/Pallas, so she has a grand trine in air.

Her Saturn is just 2 degrees away from Joe Biden’s South Node, albeit in Pisces, which is just 2 degrees away from her Pisces Vesta (invested in) and her MC (what the world sees of Kamala), and Pisces can seem undecided. I see this as Joe’s and Kamala’s strongest link; those South Nodes are hard to give up you know!

However, Kamala’s own South Node in Sagittarius on her chart’s descendant (partner) which conjuncts the Galactic Core also trines Joe’s natal Chiron in Leo (and Trump’s natal Mars/ascendant). This woman knows how to deal with both Joe’s wounds and Trump’s ego all at the same time.

Anyway, Kamala’s grand trine in air signs, and her Saturn (structure and stability) conjunct the US Moon will prove to be what the majority of voters are seeking at this time of falling structures and instability. She (along with Joe) is just what the Doctor ordered for the ailing USA.

Thank you for that bark, “just what the Doctor ordered”

Thank you, Eliseo, for Mitchell Lewis.

Thank you for explaining that, B. People have pointed out that K’s natal Saturn on the U.S. moon was a negative but I had also noticed the trines with Libra and Gemini. Thus, we can say that she can both anchor the U.S. people and uplift them at the same time 🙂

Jerry, I not only pre-ordered it (disloyalthebook.com) after reading the foreward, but purchased a signed copy for my mom-in-law for her 99th BD! She hates Trump with a passion. I have not felt moved to read any of the anti-Trump books yet but this one very much interests me–and I think it will be part of that bad period for Trump that Singh talks about. They are not too expensive (32.50, hardcover) and I keep my expenses down so low that I allowed myself this splurge. Also, it’s not yet on Amazon.

this looks interesting, pending further testing

The New Moon on Oct 16 at 23 Libra 53 looks challenging enough to suggest an October
Surprise. Perhap Jerry or someone has already written about it (I can’t remember all the info I get here!) so forgive me if I’m repeating old news.

Transiting retro Mars at 20+ Aries will conjunct US natal Chiron and oppose the New Moon, while transiting North Node at 21+ Gemini will conjunct US NATAL Mars + Trump’s natal Sun and will sextile transiting retro Mars + US Chiron in Aries while it – the transiting NN + US Mars + Trump Sun – trines the Libra New Moon.

Furthermore the Libra New Moon will square the chart’s Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, as will the Mars in Aries that conjuncts US Chiron in Aries, and that my friends is a T-square.

There is an awful lot of Mars involvement that make me suspicious of violence and vengence.

Add in the New Moon chart’s Venus at 16+ Virgo opposite the same chart’s retro Neptune at 18+ Pisces (isn’t that where the US prog. Sun is?) that T-squares Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini, well I shudder to think about it, but I will think about it.

Also, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will oppose Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and they T-square Trump’s Pluto in Leo for good measure. Hmmm, maybe some exposed dirt on Trump’s finances?

will – as you’d posted such a gracious reply, I thought I’d offer a few specifics regarding my election-concerns, as that was one of the fair criticisms of my earlier posts – so, thank you, ‘will,’ for the good advice!

Firstly, contrary to someone’s earlier comment, I AM interested in astrology; but, it lost some of its allure when Mr. Trump won. Also, since there are some astro-experts who post here, please feel free to correct any astrological errors I may make.

Now, Ms. Harris has a verified birth time (10/20/64, 9:28 PM, Oakland, CA, 37N37 122W16), and has transiting Neptune unhappily moving through her natal Midheaven in Pisces until November 28.

But, in the positive, she’s currently going through her Nodal Return, which moves one towards their ‘destiny’ – though, Mr. Trump is also now going through his Nodal Return. Plus, Biden and Harris were born under Full Moons – but, again, so was Mr. Trump!

In addition, Biden is a Sagittarius Rising, and Ms. Harris is a Gemini Rising; and, Kamala activates Joe’s 7th house, and visa-versa, so communication will flow smoothly between the two, as long as it remains of an intellectual nature.

There’s a lot more one can discuss, as the astrological picture is complex; but, in my view, it portends a mixed-slate for all concerned – and that tells me the election will come down-to-the-wire – and I think that illness, the economy, voter-suppression, and minority-turnout are the key-wildcards.

Lastly, did anyone check out the book I’d mentioned that airs some of Ms. Harris’ dirty laundry? The author, Aaron Glantz, is a Pulitzer finalist, a two-time Peabody Award-winner, and has done work for PBS, so he’s hardly a Conservative muckraker.

His book, ‘Homewreckers,’ is about America’s housing crisis – and what he’s uncovered about Ms. Harris’ ethics was concerning to me, as I formerly had a high opinion of her. Incidentally, ‘goodreads’ – a well-respected book-site – gives the tome 4.5/5.0 stars.

When all is said-and-done, I think Ms. Harris has a few skeletons ready to bolt from her closet; and though she has more than decent stars, I think she may well end up being the Sarah Palin of the Left.

I hope the requested specifics have been of interest – but, if not, no worries. I just wanted to follow-up for having come off too strongly out-of-the-gate, and to also clear the slate for myself, here on this site.



new one from marjorie about the post office
dont forget to read the comments

I’m so looking forward to this “apocalypse year” being over with, election and all. There’s too much going on in my life personally and then, adding in all of Trumps shenanigans, I’m amazed I don’t have an ulcer yet!

One thing that blows me away is why a glaring headline hasn’t happened that Trumps refusal to do testing, tracing, etc., was because it was a political decision… it’s only killing in Blue states, so let the Democrats die.

I mean, come on… we ARE talking genocide here. If another country was doing this (at least pre-Trump) we’d be in there with troops and UN troops! What’s wrong with us? It’s okay now to kill Democrats?

In my heart, I do believe Biden will win, despite all the tricks of Trump and Repugs… but I also believe his “cult” will be out in force creating as much disorder and violence as possible. I plan to stay in that night and hopefully have a big dog by then.


I have my NN conj my MC at 18/19 Pisces and have felt the neptune transit of that point until it just went retro at about 20 Pisces a month or so ago. That actually gave me some relief as I was having a very difficult time accomplishing anything & felt the manifestations both emotionally & physically.

I just looked it up, and Neptune goes direct on 9/29 at 18 Pisces. I now know what to expect (hopefully it will be better!).

Kamila has her MC at 2 Pisces so Neptune affected her quite a few years ago as it entered Pisces in 2012.

Either way, it is always interesting to read the intelligent conjecture and opinion of cordial posters.

I guess Neptune is still transiting her 10th house through 11 Aries. I may be wrong but was presuming it would affect one most when

1) it’s at the MC point,
2) when it’s going direct and not retrograde, and
3) I meant to right that Neptune goes direct on 11/29, not 9/29 (sorry about that).

write, not right (just a little preoccupied at the moment and multi-tasking)

Food for thought from Beth Owl’s Daughter:


Robert Trump, Donald Trump’s younger brother is dead at 71.


Apparently he was a big defender of Donald and the Trump family name. I’d say Donald just got put on notice from the universe. “Watch it, buster. You’re not as big and bad as you think you are. You’re also not immortal.”

Hi, will. Do you know what the heck he’s talking about???

There’ve been complaints that a certain former DA refused to pursue a certain founder of a certain bank whose assets at one time belonged to First Federal Bank of California. This founder was a downright foreclosing fool, even attempting to foreclose on a 90 year old woman because of a 27 cent mistake. All kinds of fuss ensued.

Eventually, this DA — who shall remain nameless — extracted $20 billion from the big banks. Had to walk away from the first offer because it was too small. Californians were happy with her tenacity. You may remember this.

The gripe heard from some is that she didn’t go after certain bank founders/current SecTreasurers. But federal banks are shielded from state subpoenas, so she couldn’t haul him into court. You may recall this tactic being used by certain Republicans.

So she did what she could. She created a Mortgage Fraud Strike Force and a Homeowners Bill of Rights. As a senator she and other Democrats introduced the Accountability for Wall Street Executives Act of 2017, which is probably at the bottom of Mitch McConnell’s waste basket.



ja, “Arendt was adamant that the push to REMOVE BOUNDARIES (aka Neptune) between the private and the public is ‘dangerously political’.”

Thanks for the link ja.

A 2011 film I would highly recommend. Quite thought provoking and ahead of its time…….

“Perfect Sense” Explores What It Means To Love In Turbulent Times

Next Nature
April 4, 2020

Imagine you are single and you finally meet that someone you like. You are in the early stages of dating, but then a virus appears and compromises everything. For some of us this is a reality we now have to deal with. It reminded us of Perfect Sense (2011) a love story set against the backdrop of a viral outbreak. Sounds familiar?

Make no mistake, Perfect Sense may look like a typical romance from its cover, but it has a pandemic of epic proportions. Given, it is not a great film (though its entertaining), yet its basic premise is so relatable given the current circumstances, it may be worth your while. In fact, you may even pick up an insight or two.



Perfect Sense theatrical trailer

Video 2 min 15 sec


Hi arbo,

Who is the “he” of your inquiry?
I didn’t connect a.person to the mysterious information.

Dean W.,

If there is such impropriety connected to Ms. Harris,
I think I have to deny and repress it for now.
Please say it ain’t so.

It doesn’t surprise me that 45 would get understandable sympathy for the loss of his brother. I feel sad for him, too.

This could be some of how, as Singh was saying, the president would have a more “beneficial” period–with an increase in approval ratings–that would go on for about a month, starting about now through mid-September. It doesn’t make up for his policy failures, nor his drive to be a dictator–but having lost a sibling recently myself, for the moment, for once, I feel his pain.

I feel sympathy, and at the same time outrage for what he’s doing to the postal service, and the same for how he’s handling Covid-19 and dividing the country. That said, I’m willing to take a day to pause on all that, if only for a day.

I have been posting on and off on this blog for years, but mostly, I lurk for any insights you all may have.

Also, I’m looking forward to the DNC virtual convention starting Monday, around 6 or 7 CT. Would the charts be for Milwaukee or Wilmington?

We know it’s going to be strange without cheering crowds near the podium or roll calls; this could be a new way of having a political party convention, or it could be an aberration, because of a pandemic. I hope the producers find a way to give us a good presentation, and a little bit more hope for the days to come.

will, Mr W’s concern about Harris’ reputation seems to be based on her not being able to take the big bankers to court when she was DA. He’s being coy about it, but that’s what they’re hitting her with right away. Innuendo. Unfortunately, the law was on the side of the big banks because of their influence in DC.

If there’s any other “dirty laundry” re Harris and the mortgage fiasco brought upon us by guys like Mnuchin, I don’t know what it is. But as presented by Mr W, what I know about sounds worse than it is in reality.

I doubt there’s much point in addressing this to Mr W, but I thought you were around California for this stuff that the disloyal opposition keeps trying to sink Obama, et al with.

Sharon K and Gina,

You are both far, far nicer than I.

I feel nothing but cold indifference towards Donald Trump on a good day, and righteous, fiery anger towards him the rest of the time.

When I first read the headline, I immediately thought to myself “COVID-19.” Whether it is or isn’t, they aren’t saying, which given the nature of this Administration is likely quite telling in and of itself.

And wouldn’t THAT be most ironic if Donald’s raging ignorance, racism, lies, lies, lies, and callous indifference to so much suffering finally came back to bite him very personally in the ass in such a karmic way?

If Robert Trump died of COVID-19, Donald’s gross negligence as POTUS likely implicates him in fratricide.

Robert Trump, the younger brother of Donald Trump died of an undisclosed illness. Does anyone else find the lack of transparency suspicious? The only rational reason to keep the medical report hidden is if he died of some cause that could prove embarrassing to the president. Could it be related to COVID 19? Anyone have any clues?


I see we’re on the same page. I didn’t see your post until after posting mine. So what’s your sense of it? Can they actually keep it secret? Is that possible in this day and age of modern internet technology? Surely the info can be leaked if some journalist is determined to find the truth of the matter?

“He was in Intensive Care 6 – 8 weeks ago when Trump needed him to fire an injunction against Mary Trump. He lost in court. They dragged him out of intensive care to appear in court. He knew he was dying then.” @effiedog

“On Saturday, The White House confirmed that President Trump’s younger brother, Robert, passed away. In a statement, President Trump said: “He was not just my brother, he was my best friend.”

interesting interview with yale forensic psychiatrist. while she thinks biden has slowed down, she views trump as dangerous.
With trump slamming bidens mental acuity, this would be a perfect opportunity for biden to say, Ill get evaluated if you get evaluated. I bet donny makes an excuse not to debate.

I read an article that said robert had had a fall and had been taking blood thinners – sounded to me as though it involved multiple brain bleeds over a period of weeks.

havnt heard of donny making any other visits to see his brother other than the one just hours before he died, yet robert’s issues started in June. I think any sympathy for the heartless one is somewhat misplaced.
As far as the political knives aimed toward Kamala for her past legal work, I would just say, sometimes legal compromise is the best that one can get. Monday night quarterbacking from the peanut gallery does not mean all the relevant facts are known.

Up thread we discussed Gurmeet Singh’s assertion Trump will having nothing but “bad luck” starting around 24th September. I just remembered the “first debate will be on the 29th of September.

When are the general election presidential debates?
The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that there will be a total of three general election presidential debates this year, all taking place in states President Trump won in 2016. The debates will start at 9 P.M. and run for 90 minutes without any commercial breaks.

Sept. 29 at the Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio)
Oct. 15 at the Adrienne Arsht Center (Miami, Florida)
Oct. 22 at Belmont University (Nashville, Tennessee)

Also, in regard to Gurmeet Singh’s theory that Trump’s bad luck will begin around Sept. 24th, the deadline for a new fiscal budget is Sept.30. This is probably why Democrats have not proposed a stand alone bill on unemployment insurance. They will, thereby, have the leverage in the negotiations, but Trump can always refuse to compromise. Trump would cause a government shutdown, hurting the economy further just before the first debate and the election. If the Democrats give in, the economy is hurt further by increased state and city unemployment (Democrat proposal is to fund cities and states depleted of funds by the virus) States would have no choice but to fire teachers, killing Trump’s open the school movement.

Sharon, you mentioned that Neptune will go direct on your MC/NN Pisces 18/19. It will go direct opposite my Sun (18 Virgo 2nd house) and square my Saturn (19 Sag 5th house). So I’ve also been dealing with the effects of Neptune’s long transit. It’ll be 18 Pisces for 4 months I believe!

The astrology David Crook recently wrote about planets turning retrograde vs direct: “Generally speaking- a planet stationing direct is like a person that has been ill, that can finally get out of bed- but is still not quite 100% yet- although on the road to recovery.” That makes me a bit more hopeful personally about the Neptune station direct – road to recovery. For Kamala Harris, the Neptune station November 29th goes direct in her 10th maybe signals some recovery? As it’s at 18 it’s just past opposition to her Venus at 17 Virgo but never makes it to the 17 degrees (my personal astrologer is of the mind that once it’s left a degree for good the transit is pretty much over).

Note to my previous post. There is no budget negotiation until 2021. Still Trump will be hurt by city/state job losses, which will hurt the economy and his back to school movement.

I still see W – is posting negative comments on Senator Harris without telling the whole story – here are some recent links – we need to confront misogyny and racism in politics – the latest being the newsweek article by someone who ran for an office which she later won – here are the links – they include her working with Bernie Sanders –

working with AOC

Black Women Activists

and more – https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/16/harris-breathes-life-into-biden-campaign-395804



For the astrology – here is Marjorie Orr


hope this is of interest to all – thanks

I have a theory about the Oct. New Moon (see comment yesterday at 7:11 PM) with all its Mars influence.

I believe the Oct. 16 New Moon chart’s Venus (values) at 16+ Virgo (health) opposite Neptune (compassion) at 18+ Pisces, T-square Trump’s natal Uranus (unexpected) at 17+ Gemini, has to do with an unexpected breakthrough (Uranus) re: financial aid (Venus) for people laid off or their small business closings, due to to Covid 19 (Neptune, symbolizes a lack of boundaries).

Because the New Moon (23+ Libra) is square Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter (19-25 Cap) and opposite Mars (+ US Chiron) at 20+ Aries, something has to give.

I think that will come about because the Oct. New Moon chart’s Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn is trine the US natal Neptune (compassion) at 22+ Virgo, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction(cycle) at 22+ Taurus, which is effective through Dec. 22, 2020.

The chart for the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (May 28, 2000) has Mars at 17+ Gemini and it conjuncts Trump’s Uranus which is T-square the Venus ($$) opposite Neptune (compassion) in the Oct. 16 New Moon with its surplus of Mars energy. Demonstrations maybe?

Anyway, I think (due to Nov. election and possible demonstrations) that Trump will cave and Congress will pass bill for financial relief for Covid victims of the lockdown. Oh the power of a Venus-Neptune opposition when it T-squares one’s natal Uranus.


Completely forgot about that looming September 30th fiscal budget deadline. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Will Trump employ brinkmanship tactics as he has done in the past?…..

Shhhh, We’re Not Talking About A Government Shutdown, Are We?

I hate to bring this up, but we’re at the point where the phrase “government shutdown” is becoming topical again.

You know the deadline. Sept. 30.

Like that 50-page research paper you knew you should have started earlier but waited until a few nights before to write, the government funding deadline is in the not-too-distant future.

Congress played the procrastination card last week, when members went home without accomplishing much of anything before the August recess.

Yes, you’ve seen this before. But have you seen it happen during a global pandemic, an economic crisis and a presidential election — when “normal” activities, from sending your children to school to casting a ballot this November — all seem to hang in some hazy balance?



Marjorie Orr on Robert Trump:


Check this! I can’t wait to watch.

Andrew Yang will proceed Joe Biden at the convention!


Oops, I meant Andrew Yang will precede Joe. The weeks schedule is really exciting.


Kamala has natal venus at 17.53 Virgo in the 4th house (family, female relatives, home & foundation) but no planets in the 10th. https://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJwljsEKgkAYhJ8mKBhh91fUWvYQHQo6eIjo_Nuaiu4WurH49m0IcxgGZr4J_dBrUq3VLJUz-sLT1M-4suWR8QIJyKh9noHkgUp0RUDLBgIVDyM7g9NxQ2J7v-0giYLMkRYuK_FFmiKhgoSAUGxqx7bR63AsrKB_btg3mkTMqqd_180U3R-oar984jfrO80-qG5edCLVNGv5OP8AYQ82mA

Nancy/Starlight has mentioned that a planet’s transit affects chart points from 2 degrees before to 2 degrees after, so this may yet affect her. According to what you said, those areas would be on the mend and, since it is Neptune, possibly coming into more realistic focus. I’ll be glad for her and us when it moves away.

However, I have mars/venus at about 24/26 Pisces SO — I have my work cut out for me. As I remember, I felt my sense of ego and importance (self-esteem really) fade with the transit to the MC/NN. I anticipate learning more lessons during these Neptunian transits ahead and hope to prepare now. This doesn’t preclude feelings of love at a spiritual level but it worries me a bit about any subterfuges or disappointments or inability to move forward coming my way (mars in the 10th).

Personally, Neptune retro has removed some of the Neptunian affects so I don’t really look forward to it going forward.

I suppose the neptune transit could contribute to the effects of any negative stories circulating about her (4th house = housing?) but, interestingly, I went back to Marjorie Orr’s link above (KH: A Seasoned Campaigner) and she doesn’t refer to the neptune retro/stationing effect on K’s venus.

Gina, you have my condolences on the recent loss of your sibling. I am really sorry to hear about that. I am also glad you are here contributing again – it’s so great to see and hear from you.

Chrys, thank you for that list of links. I’m sure that to the right they’re all negatives. Perhaps they are to some visitors here as well.

IMO, we need to be looking at the transits on key dates AFTER the election, including inauguration day, and beyond.

I fervently, and sincerely hope I am wrong, but I see a definite possibility the pandemic we are enduring is only the beginning of what may prove to be the most stressful and bizarre 5 years of American history. Unlike our 1860’s civil war, or any of our other wars in which the primary burdens and stresses were on our soldiers, the privation and stresses in this cycle are likely to be on our civilian population, on ALL of us. Unlike the 1930’s Great Depression, the stresses may I think be more equally distributed, transcending social class and economic means.

Please note, fellow Starlighters, I’m not envisioning an actual civil war, but instead something more informal, … sporadic insurrectional spasms executed by disaffected, radicalized Trumpers convinced Trump’s loss was a deep state conspiracy and that the election was stolen, and illegitimate, thereby justifying “patriotic reacquisition” of their “stolen nation.”


As an end note at bottom of the Op-Ed
The writer quotes historian, Richard Striner.

“Donald Trump is a dangerous authoritarian who is testing how far he can go in the use of armed force for his own political ends.

And a show of force may determine the fate of our democracy a few months from now. If Trump loses the election, we should not expect a peaceful transition in accordance with American traditions. We know what we will get from Donald Trump: a tantrum, followed by defiance. He will call the election a “hoax” and then proceed to put the nation through a crisis that will make the past three years look mild by comparison.

He has talked already of delaying the election and dropped dark hints about how far his powers may extend in a ‘national emergency.’

He is not … normal.

So we should brace ourselves for much more than a delayed or contested election. We need to imagine an end-game without any precedent and figure out now what to do if this scenario becomes a reality next year.”

What really, really IRKS me, Eliseo, is that they will provoke the people to fight back and blame it on them on they do now. I posted a Robert Redford piece on FB today that ultimately endorses Biden and paints Trump as an immoral fascist. My cousin from Baltimore said something like: we are in the 80th day of riots in our cities and Biden has not come out against it. When you google “riots in U.S. cities” with today’s day or August 2020, up comes a few incidents in Portland, Austin and maybe more in Chicago, covered with headlines that state “Riots in U.S. Cities” (something like that). So who gets blamed? Not the authoritarian fascist! Very clever & chilling. I would love the theme of the Democrat convention to be something like “when they go low, we go high” per Michelle Obama. Of course, we can only go so high but we do have to get the message to the protest organizers to have better PR, to not misbehave, and, maybe, to consolidate the protests and not have them in all cities. In other words, to be even more creative and clever.

PS: Whimsey did not like Biden’s cards in the last reading. She also read Harris and Trump’s. Harris’s were great and Trump’s seemed a little better than Biden’s. In Trump’s reading, she saw a dark haired woman triumphing in the end. Thus, her conclusion was that she hoped nothing happened to Biden but if it did, Harris would assume the nomination and win.

My thought was: Niki Hailey. Kim, the Intuitive gets that Trump does not want to go with Biden as he is dull next to Harris, but that there is push back against making a change. Sorry to raise these negative possibilities but I came away late last night, after skimming these readings, distinctly bummed out.

Thank you, Sharon! You made my day.

I look forward to charts or transits for the convention this week and beyond.

Eliseo, I love the thought of getting ready and preparing ourselves for any and every possibility with the future of Covid-19 and what happens after the election. I sure wish we’d all been more prepared for this pandemic hitting us like it is. It has occurred to me that we may be dealing with it for years to come, much like in 1914, Europeans thought World War I was only going to last a few months, and then dragged on for four long years. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but the thought that we may be in it for the long haul has occurred to me.

I’m with you, equally bummed and frustrated for the same reasons. Our naive, albeit noble protesters are playing right into the embracing hands of our far right, fascist brethren. And our shallow media, be they “liberal” or “conservative” are as usual, cooperating unconsciously with their fat cat fascist overlords!

During the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, I was living close to that epicenter. The protests were 99% lawful, peaceful, and quite civilized.
Most of the activity was centered around the many very well attended teach-ins, and seminars conducted throughout the city on the legal and ethical issues of globalization, particularly concerning labor rights, the environment, national sovereignty, and the big brotherish power of mega-corporations. The protests were led by professors, writers, attorneys, rabbis, priests, nuns, clergy and educators of all stripes. The weeks activities had a very intellectual and humanitarian flavor, NONE of which was covered by the media.

No, instead the TV news stations in their typically pseudo-clever way, fell in love with the phrase, “THE BATTLE!!! IN!!! SEATTLE!!!” It was their incessant, self serving mantra for an entire week!

Every day, in the morning, at noon, and on the local evening news, all across the country you heard a resonant male broadcaster voice gleefully shouting the approved mantra. With each and every newscast, the mantra was paired with the same short video of a Starbucks being violently trashed by a radical Oregon based group of self described “anarcho-primitivists.”

The bizarre episode had lasted for less than 10 or so minutes, but at every opportunity the video was played, paired with the mantra, coming to symbolize the Seattle protest.

Those “anarcho-primitivists” were a group which quite literally lived in an “Ewok” village they had constructed in the Oregon forest.
They did not otherwise participate in the teach-ins, or seminars. They were only there to do property violence and make certain their actions were videoed.

At the end of the week, after all the CEO’s and world “leaders” were gone, some protesters IMO foolishly held their place, thinking they were doing good. They became a natural target, as the Seattle police went wild, with unnecessary violence, rounding them up for arrest.

It was all mostly futile, especially the last protests. The protestors did not understand the difference in how one should oppose a government policy vs corporate policy. Democratic governments, at least sometimes have a conscience which can be appealed to through righteous, disciplined protest. Corporations are fictional legal entities with no conscience at all. Boycotts, properly organized can sometimes have effect, but rarely are protests effective against corporations or corporate organizations like the WTO. You might as well read a philosophy text to a tyrannasaurus rex.

The media successfully co-opted those valiant, but naive efforts. Most people are completely unaware of the peaceful efforts to oppose the WTO that week. They just “know” that in 1999, there was a “BATTLE IN SEATTLE!”

In my view, our media outlets have not changed much, except to get worse. The coverage of present protests are pretty shallow and biased. I shudder to think of how they will cover future such events during these politically harrowing times.

Sharon K, I think you mean Trump doesn’t want to go with Pence, not Biden.

The 1918 flu lasted for 35 months, 1 month shy of 3 years! Hopefully, we’ll not be shut down for that long, but it could very well occur. It might even be longer. After we’ve developed a good vaccine, it might take a few years to perfect it.

Our political situation is far more dangerous than most realize. It has as much or more potential to kill innocent American citizens as does covid-19. It may become a mirror or repeat of what we experienced in the Am. South during Reconstruction. There was so much violence and mayhem in that period, Whites and Blacks murdered, lynchings, massacres, and Confederate vs Union gang warfare.

Trump has indoctrinated a large swath of our citizens into believing that if things don’t go the way they believe they should, its because of a conspiracy they have the right to “correct” by any means necessary. Not good!

I don’t think it is “negative thinking” to seriously consider such possibilities as we endeavor to prevent them.

New update from Singh – ( a little disturbing I think)

This is Donald Trump’s plan for victory on Nov 3.
Donald Trump is not going to win the presidential election on Nov 3, but Trump will do everything possible to steal the election. We will know by end of October if Donald Trump will be successful in stealing this election according to his astrology chart.
The best options are
1 Either vote in person,
2. Or receive your ballot by mail, fill it out then drop it off in a ballot dropbox location at your county office at the earliest. You can check with your county office.

August 16, 2020″

Ted Koppel piece on the PEAD’s, the secret emergency powers given to the president in 1956. DJT keeps alluding to these secret powers. Ted Koppel and former Sen. Gary Hart believe this is what he’s referring to.


Jerry. Thanks for that video , wow, funnily enough i was just earlier in the day talking about Epstein and telling someone that there was this woman who claims that Trump and Epstein had raped her At 13. I had no idea there was a video of the woman’s account . Very credible i thought. What sickos, there are soooooooo many pics of Trump with Epstein and Maxwell and also even Melania. These people are not good people.

No doubt in my mind that the reason that Trump said he wished Maxwell well was code telling her not to rat him out because he knows she has the goods on him, and that he would try to protect her , according to that video, and its so consistent with so many of the victims’ videos, is how much Maxwell enabled and played a part with getting the girls to Epstein and all the sickos like Trump. So she knows that the POTUS raped a 13 year old, lets let that really sink in.

HOnestly I dont know how this video has not got more traction.
AS you guys know I am from Trinidad, and in 1999 when there was the MIss Universe pageant there, it is rumored that Trump had to leave suddenly in the night and had allegedly molested or tried to molest one of the contestants. Also , I know someone who was involved in the pageant and she said, that just as Trump claimed on Howard Stern about walking in on the dressing rooms of the contestants, he absolutely did that.
Such a complete sicko , a criminal, a sociopath, a narcissist, a grifter and person wth absolutely no morals Or philosophy, one who is actually a predator, yet we want to talk about others people’s skeletons! Wow!
And another thing that I am so fed up with, is people going on about Biden being so old and out of it. Yet fail to somehow see what Trump is. He may not be our dream candidate, but he is only 3 years older than Trump, in far better shape physically and mentally than Trump , they talk about the gaffes, but my God at least he makes sense, can make a speech, and above all is experienced and Is a DECENT HUMAN BEING. What is wrong with people? Trump has a million gaffes and honestly talks like a third grader and has no empathy compared to Biden.

This may sound harsh, but the wrong Trump died! ALthough I know in the whole scheme of things, that its all playing out as it should. So there’s that. But I am so sick of teflon Don getting away with everything and as Mary Trump said always failing “up”!!

this looks an interesting alternative to waiting for a vaccine

Diana, you don’t sound harsh to me, at all… in fact, you sound just like me! I read earlier that a psychologist was saying a good many of us are actually suffering from PTSD… and I believe him! I know I never had high blood pressure until Trump! And I know I’m not alone, I’ve read to many first-hand accounts of people being put on BP meds for the first time in these last nearly 4 years. We’ve been thru hell, never knowing what the unrepentant malcontent is going to do next.

Eliseo – I read the transcript of that piece about the PEADs, and it scared the hell out of me! NO ONE knows how many or what they are. And with John Yoo “advising” Trump, I’m truly afraid of what they’ll misread, stretch, and flat-out lie to allow Trump to justify doing something really bad. It’s always scarier knowing there’s something out there that you don’t know about — and even scarier when NO ONE but Trump and Yoo know what they are…

Anyone else getting an “Error 1020 Access Denied” announcement on Michael Cohen’s foreward URL link to his upcoming book “Disloyal”? Here’s the link:


Is there an alternative available (PDF file)?

Jerry, I got it at first but tried again later and it went through. I also got a receipt for my purchase emailed to me. I hope there is no other recourse to stop the book sales as I don’t want to lose my money. I purchased one copy for myself and one for my mother-in-law’s 99th BD, a signed copy!

It’s also on Amazon now (and a few dollars less):


PS Ok. Regarding the above inactive link (presumably a DOS – Denial Of Service attack had been launched on this website – no surprise there). I did in fact find an alternative if anyone is interested.

Step One

Just go to Amazon’s promotional website for the book here:


Step Two

Scroll down to the paragraph that reads:

About the Author

Michael Cohen is an American attorney and businessman. He acted as Special Counsel to President Donald J. Trump from 2017-2018 and as Executive VP for the Trump Organization before then. Cohen lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Step Three

Click on the icon link that reads: “READ MORE” that immediately follows the above paragraph and that will take you there.

Hi Sharon,

Yes. Thank you. Our messages crossed at the same time. Unless if you know to press on that “read more” link to the section entitled “About The Author” in that Amazon website; one will never be able to find it. It’s kind of discreetly hidden (whether by design or not – I don’t know).

Glad you got in, Jerry. I’m looking forward to reading it.

An interesting correspondence with Mr. Singh’s forecast! He said Trump will rise in the polls somewhat after Aug. 15 and voila, the gap has narrowed since June in the latest CNN poll. But that makes me more likely to below what he said about Trump’s fail after approx. Sept. 15.


(By the way, the sun just went into my 3rd house which is causing me to communicate a lot, it seems.)

Hey Diana,
Today, our “dream candidate” might not get elected. Unfortunately, most Americans are not quite ready for her.

Alternatively. Biden is a well liked, good and decent man who can get the votes of Liberals, Progressives, Moderates, + numbers of Conservatives and Independents. Right now, that’s certainly better than what we have.

Meanwhile, Biden can begin the Restoration period and lead Americans forward to the place wherein we WILL be ready for that “dream candidate. ”

Let us all take good care of ourselves and one another that we might live to see it!

Kim’s energy ‘first aid kit’ to have on hand for the next few months https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcxswRdCmL4

Hi Diana,

You wrote: “Honestly I dont know how this video has not got more traction.”

My thoughts exactly. What was MOST striking in the half hour interview and I have no reason to disbelieve this young woman’s account, as she comes across as sincere and convincing is that during one encounter, she said that Trump made a point of letting her know how much she reminded him of his daughter. He then asked her to put on a blonde wig (presumably to effect as much likeness to Ivanka as possible) and then proceeded to rape her. How SICK is that? It’s beyond ones comprehension.

The latest from Michael Wolfstar: Kamala Harris… ““Back on February 4, 2019, this NewsScope blog looked at her run for the presidency, but concluded by noting that with her progressed Sun conjunct her Descendant, she may be on the ticket, but most likely as the Vice President.” An additional key indicator for this forecast included her progressed Midheaven sextile to her elevated Saturn. Technically, her natal Saturn is in the 9th house, but it’s conjunct the Midheaven with an orb of only 4º.

“And in a set-up similar to Trump’s in 2016, her progressed Midheaven goes on to sextile her progressed Saturn in 2021. This likewise suggests the assumption of administrative power. Biden’s chart features his progressed Midheaven at 9º Sagittarius where it conjoins his natal Juno at 9º Sagittarius and opposes his 7th house Saturn at 9º Gemini. This configuration not only presages an assumption of power (Saturn), but also underscores the importance of his running mate (Juno) in the entire election process.

“I’ve previously de-valued Biden’s chances because transiting Saturn is in the so-called “obscure sector” in his chart: it’s heading downward toward the 4th house cusp, the point of endings and new beginnings. However, a more positive way to frame this is that he’s a transitional figure. He’s leading the way toward an historic shift which he recognized and emphasized last week. In introducing Harris, he visualized “little black and brown girls, who so often feel overlooked and undervalued in their communities. Today, just maybe,” he said, “they’re seeing themselves for the first time in a new way.””


Diana and Jerry – my thoughts exactly! Made me want to go take a shower.
That said however, sad to say with all the doctored stuff on the internet these days, I would like also like to see some ‘reliable legal’ validation. Hope someone is positioned to make that happen soon. Cohen? Gloria Allred?

Wow, tomorrow’s Leo New Moon is a showstopper; at 26 Leo 35 it conjuncts Mercury at 28+ Leo as well as Trump’s Asc.-Mars and Biden’s natal Chiron.

The New Moon (NM) + Mercury trines Mars at 24+ Aries and Kamala’s Moon at 27+ Aries.

Both the NM – Mercury in Leo and the Mars in Aries trine the South Node (what needs to be released) at 27+ Sagittarius and the Galactic Core/Center, also at 27+ Sagittarius. The Galactic Core symbolizes the process of awakening and with the transiting South Node conjunct the GC it appears we are releasing old standards, beliefs, values in the awakening process.

So, this Grand Trine in Fire (spirit) signs has no specific focal point because each of the points in the grand trine has something opposite it.

Opposite the Leo NM + Mercury (+ Trump’s Mars/asc + Biden’s Chiron) is the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius (and Kamala’s Saturn at 28+ Aquarius).

Opposite Mars and Eris at 24+ Aries is Kamala’s Sun at 27+ Libra.

Opposite the South Node + the GC at 27+ Sagittarius is the North Node at 27+ Gemini.

Without a focus for the grand trine energy, especially a fire grand trine, the next month is going to be a juggernaut of transforming, so pace yourselves!

Well, here’s another CNN “poll of polls” and Biden has a 9-pt lead…keep it up, Joe. I just read that today Trump announced plans to drill in the Arctic Nat’l Wildlife Refuge.

Here’s the link. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/17/politics/biden-trump-poll-of-polls-august-election/index.html

This weeks convention should also give Joe a bump.

And this new FDA-approved (Sat., on an emergency basis) saliva test offers a lot of potential for identifying positive cases quickly, on a broad basis .

From nyt’s:

‘Biden heads into the convention with a sizable but lead in the polls.’

New national surveys show that Joseph R. Biden Jr. maintains a significant if slightly diminished lead over Donald J. Trump, leaving him in a stronger position to oust an incumbent president than any challenger heading into his party’s convention in the modern polling era.

On average, Mr. Biden leads by eight to nine percentage points among likely voters. His advantage is perhaps slightly smaller than it was a month ago, when high-quality live-interview telephone surveys routinely showed him with a double-digit lead. But it is still the largest and most persistent national polling lead that any candidate has held in 24 years, since Bill Clinton maintained a double-digit advantage in 1996.

Kiwi, thanks for posting Kim’s latest. Forewarned is forearmed and I think we are in for all of Trump’s worst behavior in his desperate attempt to hold on to the White House.

Voters in North Carolina have received absentee ballot request forms in the mail with Trump’s face

Source: CNN

Given the crisis facing the United States Postal Service before a presidential election, the last thing John Herter expected to receive in the mail Saturday was an absentee ballot request form with President Donald Trump’s face on it.

“Is this a joke?” Herter said his wife told him as she opened up the mailer to reveal a photo of Trump grinning underneath the words, “Are you going to let the Democrats silence you? Act now to stand with President Trump.”


While it is common for candidates and political parties to send mail to voters, especially those who don’t have access to TV or the internet, Real Facts NC, a non-profit dedicated to researching and telling the stories about issues facing North Carolinians, has never seen a mailer like this before, messaging director Jazmynne Williams told CNN.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/16/politics/postal-service-trump-absentee-ballot-request-mail-usps/index.html

There is a very moving editorial with photographs in the NYT’s about Joe Biden which brought tears to my eyes when the word decency was mentioned. Decency, empathy, and most importantly, compassion, as the author describes it, are Joe’s super power. These are the moral values that America is sorely in need of now.


Transiting Mars was conjunct Elizabeth Warren’s natal North Node on August 13th as it squared transiting Pluto, the same time transiting Mercury at 17+ Leo was trine her natal Vesta (investment) at 17+ Sagittarius. I suspect she was offered the position of Secretary of Treasury at that time. I suspect she would accept and I suspect she will save the US from financial ruin and the planet from destruction through her decisions.

PS – The October New Moon at 23+ Libra that I wrote about on August 15 and 16 conjuncts Elizabeth’s natal South Node, opposite where transiting Mars was when it squared transiting Pluto on August 13. Food for thought.

Here is something that I’ve mentioned before, as it seems so obvious to me: She’s a woman, and a dynamic woman at that, has a pretty clean reputation, and is highly liked. In fact, she might end up taking the lead spot herself (per Whimsey). She is someone Republicans would vote for as the ex-gov. of SC and the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. (and was very pro-Israel in that last role, so which is probably why the article is in the World Israel News).


forgot to remove the “so” when editing. I should have written: “which is probably why” not “so which is probably why”…

The Democratic National Convention is 8 minutes in and is beautiful thus far. Getting all choked up. I love my country and I love my party. Michelle Obama & Bernie are keynote speakers, on tonight at 9 CT and 10 ET.

Now they are interviewing the first one of the small business owners (looks like a deli or sandwich shop) and I’m really choked up.

“My Dad was a healthy 65 y.o. man whose only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump”

— just said by a woman who lost her father, a Trump voter, to coronavirus, who told her before he died that he felt betrayed by Trump.

The US is doing what US does best; show business.

The grand trine between the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (22+ Taurus) and the present Saturn-Pluto cycle (22+ Capricorn) is – at this moment in time – a Kite pattern with transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces retrograde, a degree where it has been for 116 days now. It opposes US Neptune (show biz) and designates US Neptune as the focal point of the grand trine. It’s who we are and what we are known for. Of course it’s beautiful!

In a speech in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this morning, Donald Trump said, “The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged.”

Classic projection from a malignantly narcissistic sociopath. I’ve seen it many times before, during the years I worked in the mental health system. We’ve all seen it from DJT for the last few years, this time telling another 180 degree lie. The only way Trump wins is through cheating, and he knows it.

It’s all about radicalizing his followers, persuading them into defiance and insurrection upon his probable and almost inevitable loss.

Benedict Arnold, John Wilkes Booth, and Vidkun Quisling will look better by comparison to DJT.

just started watching convention programming – I must say with it being electronically coordinated and aimed at all ‘the people’ makes it feel so much more inclusive to the ‘average joe’ rather than a more political elite convention affair – and that is a really good thing.

What did you all think of the speeches tonight?

The ones that stood out for me were:

– Kasinich – who is a good & honest speaker and was very brave to show up and stand up for what he believes.

– Bernie – gets an A or better. VERY clear & focused, as always…VERY honest, with his usual integrity. For me, he emphasized a few left issues a little too much at the end, wanting to rally his supporters but I don’t want to see undecided Republicans and Independents get frightened away.

– Michelle Obama – what can you say? She meant every word, she is a brilliant woman and a great speaker. Her concern for our country was palatable and a little forboding.

Other than that, I loved the variety of the people speaking especially the Republicans who have made a switch. Gretchen Whitmer is very poised and impressive – a good speaker. She referred to the General Motors bailout and how it saved the auto industry in OH. A good point is that Biden did help bring us out of a recession once before and I hope it’s emphasized greatly.

Michelle did have a lot of memorable, original & very honest lines. I imagine she wrote the speech — wondering if Barack helped her.

Sharon K, i ditto everything you said lol!!

Although I was born August 19th, in this leap year the sun conjuncted my natal sun precisely at 4:30 pm, Pacific time today. So I suppose that despite the fact this Wednesday is my calendar birthday, I’m actually now a year older as of today, August 17th.

Eliseo, that’s exactly what I thought too when trump said that, classic projection, the only way HE can win right now is if the election is rigged yet he says the opposite. Like what?!?!?!

When my kids were young and used to watch Square Bob Square Pants lol, they used to have this thing called Opposite Day, and… so many days in the last few days i feel just like that, like its Opposite Day!!

love all you guys comments!!

So then, which chart do you use for your solar return, Eliseo?

Meanwhile, wishing you powerful and abundant blessings in the year ahead.

Sharon K,
The speeches were all good, but I think the most memorable statement, and will probably be the most often repeated will be,

“My Dad was a healthy 65 y.o. man whose only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump”

I liked governor Cuomo’s recognition that the virus is an apt metaphor for what is happening to us spiritually.

Bernie’s speech was probably the best in decades coming from a former adversary for the nomination. While strongly advocating for Biden/Harris, Bernie also gained for himself greatly more respect and credibility. He and his ideas are gaining strength with the people, and with Dem colleagues in the US Senate. He will never be president, but several of his best ideas will become accepted mainstream law. He will be remembered as one of our greatest senators.

I thought governor Kasich, and former governor Christine Todd Whitman, and the other Republicans, and former Republicans were effective. Kasich literally standing at a crossroads was good theater. Let’s hope these R’s are persuasive with other R’s and Independents.

I love Michelle Obama, as do we all. Her delivery was pretty near perfect. She is a truly excellent public speaker and writer. She is a noble and idealistic soul who functions at a higher level than most, but consequently and naively sometimes misunderstands those at lower levels. Nevertheless, a bright, guiding light she is and will remain. The best and most important message she conveyed was the very sobering fact that things can get much worse and WILL definitely get worse if DJT continues as president for another 4 years.

Great description & analysis, Eliseo. You will be gratified to learn (and maybe a little bit shocked like I was), that the FOX News commentators agreed about Michelle Obama’s speech, unbelievably, praising it and her to the sky (and we thought they weren’t “fair and balanced!”)

What will DT make of this?


Thanks, Sharon!
In my understanding solar return is when the sun returns to the same, exact point it was at at the moment of birth. That doesn’t always coincide with one’s calendar birthday. For me this year it was today at 4:30 PM Pacific Daylight time. The sun was at 25 degrees 30 minutes of Leo.

Happy New Year Eliseo!! May your fortunes progress ((( )))

Well, you have mercury on your sun then, great for writing, communicating, short trips, etc.

Last evening I was offered a temporary job. Although it will last just a few weeks, it will pay well, and good covid-19 health protocols are being observed. I’m hoping I can use it as a stepping stone. I’m not going to be homeless and destitute after all!

Eliseo, what a critique. I agreed wholeheartedly with everything you said above.

Many Thanks Dear Lady.
50 years ago, a Theosophist astrologer reacted with astonishment as she looked at my natal chart.

Speaking in third person, she firstly said “This young man must sing like an angel!” She did not know I had been an actor and singer as a child and teenager. Then she said, “This young man is remarkably ahead of his time.” Then she said something no one in their late teens ever wants to hear. She said, “Oh! This young man shall not have success until much later in life.”

Well, “later in life” is now! I am sincerely hoping for some reasonable amount of success as I’m once again, “starting over.”
Thanks for the well wishes. I genuinely appreciate them.

Happy Birthday, Eliseo. And congrats on job! I do not see you as being homeless and destitute.

Found this: Dr. Bandy X. Lee in Conversation with Dr. Mary L. Trump

Keeping this for posterity.

some fun lighthearted entertainment from randy rainbow

Speculation has it that Trump might try to dump Pence at the GOP convention and choose Nikki Haley instead as his 2020 running mate (hence the news media blackout). Would that move be bold enough to stop the attrition in the Republican ranks? AND would Nikki Haley be intelligent enough to avoid sullying her reputation and go for the prize? Money does funny things to people. She is purportedly to be 1 million dollars in debt.

Behind the scenes, it would not be at all surprising if Trump presents Nikki with an offer that she can’t refuse (lots of money). The opening of the Aug 24th Republican convention begins with an exact Mars-Saturn square (26 Aries-Capricorn). Mars happens to be trining Haley’s Jupiter (26 Sagittarius). Will Haley compromise her conscience and anchor her aspirations to a sinking ship? It should be interesting to see how this plays out…..

Nikki Haley Net Worth: Trump’s Possible New VP Has Over $1 Million In Debt

International Business Times
March 4, 2020

A lot of people have become interested in Nikki Haley. There is an ongoing rumor that she could replace Vice President Mike Pence as the running mate of President Donald Trump in the upcoming elections.



PS Typo/ Read instead “and NOT go for the prize??

Jerry, I dont see that $1m debt as particularly out of line with her net worth of $4M, especially with real estate properties. I see Haley as being too smart to be dragged into trumps current political messes, especially if she has future ambitions in the repub party. trump may ask, but I’d be surprised if she agreed to risk being a fall guy.


Yes. I would tend to agree. Rumor has it there’s lots of division amongst the Republican delegates going into the convention. Perhaps another VP choice will be selected? We shall wait and see.

Could’t agree more with this comment from the nyt’s:

“I thought the virtual convention was ironically a breathe of fresh air. With nearly two hundred thousand Americans dead from covid, millions out of work and a sitting president trying to subvert the election, these are very somber times. There is no room for 20 minutes of applause between spoken sentences, no need for ‘cheers and jeers”, The first night ov the virtual convention was very stark and very personal. A mirror into the world that we now find ourselves in, offering a glimmer of hope of returning to normalcy in the year(s) ahead. Well done DNC.”


I’m looking at tonight’s Leo New Moon from a different perspective than I did yesterday; rather than viewing its grand trine (Sun/Mercury-South Node/GC-Mars/Eris) as having no focal point, it now appears to have a theme of equal opportunity.

Kamala’s natal grand trine not only opposes all 3 points of tonight’s New Moon grand trine, it also forms 3 sextiles (actually 6 of them) with the New Moon’s grand trine:

1) New Moon (Sun-Moon at 26+ Leo) sextiles Kamala’s natal Sun at 27+ Libra

2) New Moon chart South Node + Galactic Core at 27+ Sagittarius sextiles Kamala’s Saturn at 28+ Aquarius (that conjuncts US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius)

3) New Moon chart Mars-Eris at 24+ Aries sextiles Kamala’s natal North Node at 24+ Gemini (the Uranus Discovery degree).

In fact, Kamala’s North Node also sextiles the New Moon itself, and her natal Saturn also sextiles the NM chart’s Mars-Eris, and her natal Sun also sextiles the New Moon chart’s South Node.

I know, it sounds confusing, but in fact the Democratic Party’s VP nominee has her own grand trine and all 3 points of it oppose (seeks balance) a point in the Leo New Moon chart’s grand trine, AND each of her 3 Grand Trine points sextiles 2 of the points in the New Moon’s grand trine. There are NO SQUARES (challenges) to be found.

When 2 grand trines are found in 1 chart it is called The Star Of David pattern and is rarely seen. The abundance of trines in that pattern needs stimulus (squares) to make things happen, and fortunately Joe Biden has his Sun (27+ Scorpio) square this New Moon at 27+ Leo and Kamala’s Saturn (+ US Moon) in Aquarius.

The Dem virtual Convention does seem to have a kind of ease you expect from trines – so far anyway – and I believe it will get better tonight as the New Moon in Leo exacts at 10:42 PM EDT.

Some thoughts about the social dynamics of these conventions:

By the end of the convention Dems are expected to receive at least a slight bump in approval and popularity. That usually happens after each parties convention.

If R’s continue with their plan to conduct their convention with no media, (maybe to hide their divisions?) how can they possibly receive any sort of bump in the polls?

By now, the majority of female voters plan to vote against DJT. Putting a woman on the ticket is not likely to help him. Whomever that might be would lose respect from most other female voters, and essentially ruin their own political career. No matter whom DJT has as his VP running mate, he is behind and is likely to remain behind in the polls.

Furthermore, Cohen’s book will be out relatively soon. It may not affect hard core Trump supporters who are likely to reject the content as “fake news” and “sour grapes” but it will likely serve to solidify the opposition to Trump that much more tightly.

This is an unusual year politically. The R’s appear to be in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.”

Trump and the R’s appear to want to rely on spectacle, i.e. large, raucous crowds to boost 45’s ego, and the enthusiasm of supporters. As the cognitive/emotional substance of their political intentions is anathema to most Americans, all they have to promote their dark quest is the normal spectacle and hooplah of a typical convention and campaign. The substance these salespeople want to sell will NOT fly off the shelves!

If they rely on the spectacle of a convention this year, they at best look like callous fools in denial of the pandemic, or at worst are thought of as willing to sacrifice the lives of their constituents to get their man elected.

Dems have been far more realistic about the limitations imposed by the virus. They therefore have planned out what will have been a reasonably successful virtual convention, one quite likely to boost the electoral fortunes of their candidates.

The R’s have at best been ambivalent in their approach, clinging to the old circus concept of how political conventions should be conducted. No wonder they’ve played with the notion of a darkened, no media, secret convention. All they’ve got are abusive, unfunny clowns with no circus in which to perform.

Also, transiting Juno is making her 3rd and final conjunction to US natal Juno at 20+ Libra, opposite US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, and now the official US Juno Return is finally (after 3 conjunctions between transiting Juno and US Juno) completed.

It is exact on August 20, 2:40 AM, at which time the Sun will sextile the North Node and form a Yod with Saturn which will have to adjust.

This is good. Saturn will need to adjust, probably due to Kamala’s appearance on the show-of-shows, the Dem virtual Convention!

On January 21, 2019, there was a Lunar Eclipse at 0+ Leo that opposed the Sun at 0+ Aquarius, where the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts this December.

In that 2019 Lunar Eclipse chart Neptune was at 14+ Pisces and square Venus/Jupiter + the Great Attractor at 14-15 Sagittarius. That same Neptune was conjunct Kamala Harris’ natal Chiron at 14+ Pisces, and opposite her natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction at 13-15 Virgo.

Also in that lunar eclipse chart Juno (partner) at 23+ Taurus was conjunct Kamala’s natal Jupiter at 24+ Taurus and that 2019 lunar eclipse chart Juno was trine the same chart’s Pluto + Mercury in Capricorn and trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo.

I’m thinking that’s when Kamala got the bug to run for the US Presidency.

Three of my favorite quotes from last night’s convention:

From Kristin Urquiza about her late father, “His only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that he paid with his life”

From Bernie:
“Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump golfs.”

And from Michelle, a devastating rebuke of Mr. Trump: “He simply cannot be who we need him to be for us. It is what it is.”

S & P breaks record (but of course that only makes investors happy, not the working class).

Republican Convention is next week. I think they may at least get some sort of bump, in line with Mr. Singh’s prediction….

I am waiting very eagerly for Cohen’s book release on 9/8 which segues into the negative period for Trump that begins 9/15, when the truth comes out.

As far as the USPS, some damage has already been done and who knows what they will do on the sly. It is entirely possible that Trump will actually lose the election but fraud will work in his favor to make it appear that he won.

Just the thought is so upsetting. May truth and karma win out.

My feeling on the virtual dem convention effect thus far? A 3 day, well designed infomercial TV ad aimed at voters. Brilliant!

Sharon, the stock market is doing well only because fed interest rates are at 0% and people with extra money want somewhere to put money other than banks. The voters need to understand that part of the equation – journalists need to do a better job of telling that part of the story.

trump talks about a 3rd term at his latest cult lovefest

You’re right, kiwi. The approach worked for Sesame Street.

I prefer it to all the balloons and noise and long speeches. The Party’s been jerked into to 21st century, like it or not.

SharonK, pls. Sharon, take some deep breaths and do something other than watch the news and this blog. If the weather is nice, go for some lovely walks. You are working yourself into a lather. Truth will win out. So relax. Visualize the Biden family on the balcony of the White House.

Emma, thank you so much for the link to the conversation between Dr. Bandy and Mary Trump. It just boggles my mind that I have family members who support this mentally ill man in the White House.

I have not been able to access the Lee/Trump conversation – it comes up but quickly is replaced by something else …. hmmm, very strange


Nikki Haley was carrying a lot of debt when she was governor of SC, too. She worked as an executive for a local hospital system and she apparently went from making $50k a year or so to over $100k a year after some legislative deals That benefitted the hospital when she was a state senator.

I can’t remember What her husband does, except he was in the Army reserves, but I don’t think he ever made a lot of money.

Not surprised she would be heavily in debt now.


Here’s a great state by state voting guide with deadlines for registration and absentee ballots, plus early voting dates. Share with your friends and family.


Thanks for the how-to-vote-by-state link, Teresa. I posted it on FB just now.

Banks, I have to say that you made me laugh.

I’m really not worked up into a lather at all, but 1) my 3rd house starts at 21 Leo and, with 3 planets transiting there right now, I’m really into checking the online news — a lot, and 2) even though I’m trying to stay active, there is a good amount of down time and, in this LA heat & rainy season, I find myself home a lot. My 3rd house extends to 18 Virgo so it should be active for a while – and being online is my biggest outlet – especially as the election heats up.

More seriously, I remember Mr. Singh from the last presidential election and, although I don’t remember if he was right about who won, I remember being impressed with him. So, when he says that Trump is going to have a good period between now & Sept. 15, I believe him and am looking for signs of it. I also believe that after the 15th, things will flip to the other side, and I’m sure looking forward to that.

Watching the Democratic Convention going through the state-by-state delegate votes right now. This part always gives me the chills, and it’s particularly beautiful to see individuals making the announcement from characteristic state environments, sometimes wearing indigenous clothing. It’s really wonderful to see.

(Unfortunately, I missed Bill Clinton’s short speech but what I caught of it sounded good.)

The Leo new moon and the other aspects Barb described are surely keeping this event moving forward, and it’s diverse and full of positivity and life.

My whole family are staunch elephants. I do not really understand it. My brother has not even spoken to me for over a month. No Idea why–embarrassment?

We believe the same things, except for one little thing–they are adamant about not paying more taxes to help others because they had to work so hard for what they have (as if they did it alone).

Just curious — has anyone looked at the big
US eclipse Aug. 21, 2017, in relation to COVID-19?

Was looking at some really divisive virus stuff yesterday and suddenly thought of the eclipse.

Remember when I first saw the path splitting the US in two, thinking so clearly it meant bad and highly divisive things were coming for the US.

for anyone who missed it, the dem conv day 2

HAPPY Birthday Eliseo! Thank you for your generous shares and comments. May all kinds of wonderful gainful work come your way.


“I prefer it to all the balloons and noise and long speeches.”

Hear, hear!

kiwi – you are spot on with why the stock market is roaring.

Jerry, Thank you for the Michael Cohen excerpts. He is a tragic man who I hope can fully redeem himself.

I’ve been in California for a week – it is hotter than I have ever known it to be – Breath of Lucifer. I managed to get a Covid test and result inside of an hour out here for $150. I got one through CVS in Chicago about 2 months ago after a ridiculously tedious and time consuming process only to have them botch the whole protocol (nationwide) and never got the results.

“I prefer it to all the balloons and noise and long speeches. The Party’s been jerked into to 21st century, like it or not.”

Maybe in his venal incompetence, and in league with the virus, DJT is forcing us all to “grow up” politically? No more silliness at political conventions? Maybe we just don’t need that anymore to get ourselves motivated.

Will the tireless, reality TV showman Donald J Trump announce his daughter Ivanka as his VP running mate during the Republican convention? That’s what one tarot card reader is picking up. She seems to feel he’s convinced that that will energize his platform and serve as a counter-balance to the Biden/Harris ticket. What a hoot. How will that play out? I noticed Ivanka has a natal Pluto/Jupiter conjunction at 24 Libra. The August 24th Mars-Saturn square is forming a fairly close t square to her natal Pluto/Jupiter position. Stranger things have happened. It’s not as if Trump hasn’t considered it. This was an option seriously considered four years ago……

Ivanka Trump Being Considered For VP


PS Note to Will. Yes. The foreward to Michael Cohen’s book is certainly intriguing.

New strain of coronavirus discovered in Malaysia, possibly more dangerous than covid-19
This might become important, certainly worth watching.


Last March transiting Mars made 3 conjunctions starting 3 new cycles, one with Jupiter, one with Pluto and one with Saturn. All 3 cycles last about 2 years.

The cycle of Mars-Saturn that took place on March 31, 2020, started at 0+ Aquarius, the same degree where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (a 20 year cycle) takes place. These two new cycles, Mars-Saturn and Jupiter-Saturn, that start about 9 months apart have the 3 outer planets basically in the same place:

a) the Mars-Saturn cycle chart (March 31) has Pluto (transform) at 24+ Cap and conjunct Jupiter (expand) and Pallas (strategy) and opposite the US natal Mercury (thinking, communicating) at 24+ Cancer.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart (December 21) has Pluto at 23+ Cap square Mars (warrior) and Eris (troublemaker) at 23+ Aries.

b) the March Mars-Saturn cycle chart has Neptune (Rx drugs, compassion) at 19+ Pisces sextile the US natal Vesta (invested in) at 19+ Taurus.

The December Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart has Neptune at 18+ Pisces and opposite the same chart’s Vesta at 18+ Virgo.

c) the March Mars-Saturn cycle chart has Uranus (breakthrough) at 5+ Taurus sextile the US natal Jupiter (understanding) at 5+ Cancer.

The December Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart has Uranus at 6+ Taurus, conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 6+ Taurus and T-square the US natal North Node (6+ Leo) and South Node (6+ Aquarius) forcing a decision.

I think the 2 year Mars-Saturn cycle is, in part, a bridge between March 31, 2020 and December 21, 2020, and in March the US was just beginning to comprehend what the Corona virus was capable of. Also, in May, George Floyd was murdered.

I think the 3 outer planets symbolize how this pandemic will affect the US; Uranus is expanding our understanding (sextile US Jupiter), Neptune is encouraging investment due to the virus (US Vesta in Taurus), and Pluto is transforming how we think and communicate (opposite US Mercury).

This cycle between Mars (action) and Saturn (institutions like the Post Office and police departments, and other structures) that took place at 0+ Aquarius is a wake-up call preparing us for the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts at 0+ Aquarius on December 21.

It is the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto that are unconsciously guiding and preparing us for the new 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will start a new era.

There are a number of well known Americans working in government that have 0+ Aquarius in their birthcharts such as Elizabeth Warren’s Jupiter, Eric Holder’s Sun and Mike Bloomberg’s Pallas.

If the time of nomination of Joe Biden for President matters astrologically, news reports that he cinched the nomination when Delaware cast the final delegate votes at 10:19 pm EST, August 18. Since it was virtual, I have no idea how to place the location.

Will, Sharon K, Emma, Kiwi,
Many Thanks for the Happy Birthday/Solar Return wishes! You are all very kind.

Despite the odd darkness of this year, despite DJT’s dirty tricks, I have a feeling we will prevail. Despite Russian interference, the sabatoge of the USPS, and whatever anti-American shenanigans Trump pulls, I think it likely Biden will become our next president, Kamala Harris will become our next vice president, we will take back the senate and begin the Restoration.

Through the process of adjustment and therapy to his debilitating disease, FDR gained a unique confidence, empathy, and spiritual strength which prepared him to lead the nation out of the Great Depression and through WWII. Likewise, I see a good emotional/spiritual resonance between Joe Biden and the American soul. It is becoming obvious to many his dedication and perseverance through his tragic losses make him the right man for the times.

Although I was previously reticent in her regard, I’m also beginning to see the wisdom in JB’s choosing Kamala Harris for VP. As she, like him is a moderate, it is in part a way of establishing a new and broader bipartisan coalition. Never before in my lifetime, and historically not since George Washington, have we seen such broad support for a potential president. Never before have we seen so many former R’s, Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, Progressives, and Social Democrats so willing to put country before party, so united in support of a candidate. This may have not been possible had he chosen E. Warren as one example for VP. She might have had an unintended alienating influence on the more conservative supporters.

As has been noted here, the chart for the 2021 inauguration indicates serious difficulties for the next president. Not only must the virus be contained, our economy be rebuilt, justice restored, and relations with our allies repaired, but I believe there is also a strong possibility of sporadic insurrectional violence on the part of Trumpers after the election and inauguration.

“Difficulties” with these latter day “Know Nothings” will likely continue, but a moderate team might be more successful in keeping us all united in opposition to their challenge. That moderate team might also be more successful in moving the nation as a whole, including our more conservative brethren, toward positions they otherwise might never consider, as an example in the context of “new” diseases borne of climate change, Medicare for All.

All in all, I see our current pandemic + our presently bizarre presidency speeding up our spiritual/political evolution, propelling us that much sooner into becoming what we are meant to be.


I keep hearing so many people predict that we’ll have violence from Trump supporters if he loses, but honestly …. They’re cowards.

Look at what we’ve seen of them in the past few years. They’ll yell obnoxious things and then walk away. Throw little hissy fits like five-year-olds. They’ll march around with their guns and body armor, like tough guys, but it’s only to be seen.

And even when they say they’re holding a big protest, how many show up? The crowds have been tiny, even to come cheer for Trump or hear him speak lately.

I think they’ll sit and cry about how unfair everything is, how we’re doomed and they’re losing their country.

And by then, so many more people will have died from Covid-19. There was a new survey out today that said eight in ten Americans are angry about the country’s response to the virus and 68% are embarrassed by it.

Here from CNN: “And as the virus has spread from the nation’s cities throughout its countryside, the number who know someone who’s been diagnosed with the virus has jumped dramatically to 67%, up from 40% in early June.”

That number’s only going to keep climbing by November and will be even higher by inauguration day. Also, many more people will know someone personally who’s died because of the virus.

I can’t wait for tonight’s convention to begin.

Barack Obama:

“Former President Barack Obama plans to rip into President Trump with a ferocity few presidents — outside of Mr. Trump — have ever used to describe a peer, accusing his successor of running a “reality show” White House to benefit “himself and his friends,” according to advance excerpts of his Wednesday convention speech.”

Teresa Hill,
RE: “I keep hearing so many people predict that we’ll have violence from Trump supporters if he loses, but honestly …. They’re cowards.”

You might well be right on this point. A former student of mine whose parents and other relatives are staunch Trump supporters, makes the same point. He says he knows a goodly number of Trump supporters to whom he is not related as well.
He is strongly of the opinion their “bark is louder than their bite,” that most of them ARE cowardly, and will not act out when their man loses.

Let us hope he is right. Whichever way it goes, I’ll not be surprised.

Some comparisons:
In 1932 FDR received 57.41% of the popular vote. During that election season, “Many prominent Republicans even went so far as to espouse the cause of the Democratic candidate openly.” Wikipedia

In 1936 FDR won 60.8%. In 1940 he won 55% and in 1944 53.4% of the popular vote.
In 1964 LBJ won 61.1%. In 1980 Reagan won 50.7% and in 1984 58.8%.

Polls are said to be tightening, but even with electoral meddling, I think it is possible for Biden/Harris to win by a fairly large margin. DJT’s approval ratings remain low, his disapproval ratings very high, always above 60%. As in 1932, many R’s are planning on voting for Dems this year, and hope to oust Trump’s enablers.

Eliseo on August 18th at 12:56 pm you had an excellent synopsis of the Repub “convention!”

I’ve been amazed at how rich and engaging the DNC convention has been. I’ve never watch the convention like I have this year. I hope they don’t go back to the old “circus” format. I definitely prefer this format. More voices are heard, upcoming stars have a chance to shine, and people have ample time to prepare speeches. I like it.

Besides, have you seen the lineup of “star” speakers the Repugs have for their convention? Kid Rock and Ted Nugent and Scott Baio as Illuminaries. Plus the couple that pointed all the guns at people in BLM marching up their street and Nick Sandman, arrogant kid who got all up into the AmerIndian’s face in DC.

Gee… put these with all those repugs I can’t stand to hear talk in a committee hearing, and I can’t WAIT to miss THIS convention! (LOL)

kiwi, at August 18th, at 6:13 pm, you said to Sharon:

“Sharon, the stock market is doing well only because fed interest rates are at 0% and people with extra money want somewhere to put money other than banks. The voters need to understand that part of the equation – journalists need to do a better job of telling that part of the story.”

You’re correct, in so far as the story led you to believe. However, Mnuchin has been printing money and throwing it at Wall Street and the Stock Market in order to keep things artificially inflated. This keeps Trump off his tailend, and is one of the reasons he’s been predisposed to talk to Pelosi about a new stimulus compromise. Mnuchin, among all, knows exactly how screwed our economy is once Trump leaves. We’ll be headed for the 2nd Great -if not, pardon me for saying this- the GREATEST Great Depression. Hubby and I are trying desperately to squirrel away what little bit we can find now, trying to get as much as we can for what we can of my Mom’s stuff for her, and mentally keeping track of all we can let go when the sh*T hits the fan.

kiwi, at August 18th, at 6:13 pm, you said to Sharon:

“Sharon, the stock market is doing well only because fed interest rates are at 0% and people with extra money want somewhere to put money other than banks. The voters need to understand that part of the equation – journalists need to do a better job of telling that part of the story.”

You’re correct, in so far as the story led you to believe. However, Mnuchin has been printing money and throwing it at Wall Street and the Stock Market in order to keep things artificially inflated. This keeps Trump off his tailend, and is one of the reasons he’s been predisposed to talk to Pelosi about a new stimulus compromise. Mnuchin, among all, knows exactly how screwed our economy is once Trump leaves. We’ll be headed for the 2nd Great -if not, pardon me for saying this- the GREATEST Great Depression. Hubby and I are trying desperately to squirrel away what little bit we can find now, trying to get as much as we can for what we can of my Mom’s stuff for her, and mentally keeping track of all we can let go when the sh*T hits the fan.

Hea… WordPress just told me I type and submit too fast! Wow… first time anybody’s told me I’m too fast at anything in a long time! (hehe)

Eliseo… is it your birthday today? Or am I a day late or farther behind? A very, very happy birthday! May all good things be yours in the coming year – love, health, joy, and peace be unto you! You already know you’ve got lots of raucous friends who love you!

In the worst of times, you winnow down what’s really important to you.

I have been calling this “Apocalypse Year” because that’s how it feels to me. I mean, Trump, Repugs, Covid, Climate Change, Calif with nearly 11k lightening strikes in the midst of a heat wave, Murder Hornets, and genetically modified mosquitoes (modified without doing tests for what consequences could be); I’ve stopped asking what’s next! Like the song says, I don’t wanna know! (LOL)

We here in my little family have been going thru life-transitional changes, as you know. I was basically forced to retire early because of my back and lupus ‘cos my dept wouldn’t even allow a 2 day telecommute (tho all my work was done WiFi wherever I was working from); hubby’s contract ended and he retired early. We’d recently moved from one city to my Mom’s city in order to take care of her, but she took a real turn for the worse, mentally. Imagine the “terrible 2’s” and you can understand. When her last outburst caught me in a flare, I admitted there was no way I could do for her what needed to be done; no way to take care of her like I wanted, and how she deserved to be. Talk about a hard, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching decision. I admitted her to the Sr Behavioral Health ward so they could try to get her behaviors under control and help us find a home where she could live and be tended to correctly. They did.

That just left it up to me to sell the house, the goods, and try to find the registration to her car to shift into my name before mine fell completely apart!

And here is where all the lemons made wonderful lemonade. My sister and I have grown closer than we have ever been because we’ve depended on each other to take tasks and support each other, even just emotionally.

But for me, the best was last to come: my daughter, with whom I was estranged for many years, thanks in no small part to her dad, decided to join us up here by herself to help us out with setting up the Yard Sale. She was 2 weeks clear of Covid, herself, and this is the longest she’s been gone from hubby and kids, and it’s done us all good. Daughter and I have the feel of a solid, understanding, but weird and wacky relationship we always wanted to have, but didn’t know how. And lots of hugs and kisses. She even wants to work on moving up closer to us.

So, while I’m sorry no one can hug Mom right now, my sis, daughter, and I have been hugging almost constantly as we complain about our backs, dust from Mom’s cabinets, and trying to decide what to sell and what to take home as memories from Mom’s house.

We winnow the worst out of our lives, but that just leaves all that much more room for the only things that ARE important – Love, friendship, the joy of solid relationships. Long may love reign!

I doubt I’ll be on more than a quick check between now and 8/24. But know you guys, too, won’t be far from my thoughts… Goddess Bless us all, my friends.

My calendrical birthday is always August 19th. But this leap year the Sun was at 25 degrees 30 minutes of Leo (my solar return) on the 17th at 4:30 PM pdt. Someone today said to me, ” Picky, Picky, Picky!”

What a beautiful post, slightkc. I’m so happy for you. Your honesty and positivity are such a shining beacon of light here. Prayers for all of you, especially your mom.

I couldn’t watch the convention tonight but will make sure to see Obama’s speech tomorrow (I hear it was a doozy), along with Kamala’s, EW’s & Hillary.)

I dont want to necessarily get conspiratorial, but I sure hope biden’s security is thorough on all fronts with trump wanting to win at any cost – this story might give him ideas . . . . https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/putin-foe-alexei-navalny-in-hospital-after-being-poisoned-by-toxin-in-his-tea/ar-BB18aRML?li=BBqdg4K

That’s really scary!
It is a reminder we should not underestimate the depravity of DJT, his minions, or his Lord and Master, Mr. Vladimir Putin.

My understanding is both Joe B. and Kamala H. and their respective families are now under secret service protection.

I love the new Convention format. Aside from a couple of technological glitches, it was a great show. I believe that everyone – black, white, Hispanic, gay, young, old, men, women, etc. etc. – was acknowledged and made to feel included. New Moon in show biz Leo, indeed!

With the US Ceres and US Juno both having their “Returns” this year, both taking 3 conjunctions between the transiting body to the natal body to do so, it indicates the balance between yin and yang is being successfully achieved amid all the chaos in our country.

It will take many years to get where we want to be, but get there we will. I marvel at the fortitude of our species to grow and improve, and am grateful that the Universe has not given up on us.
Keep the faith.

I like the new format better as well. It seems much more inclusive. In the past it has always been a type of circus, too expensive for anyone but folks of serious means to attend. I’ve wanted to attend since 1964, but could never afford it!

Also, I don’t recall a time in which Democrats were more united in purpose. And not since 1932 have we seen so many former and present Republicans supporting the Dem candidate.

“Many prominent Republicans even went so far as to espouse the cause of the Democratic candidate openly.” Wikipedia article on the US presidential election of 1932.

I think we are finally getting somewhere.

‘Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns to D.A., Judge Rules’

A federal judge rejected the president’s argument that a subpoena seeking eight years of his tax returns was ‘wildly overbroad.’

A federal judge on Thursday rejected President Trump’s latest effort to block the Manhattan district attorney from obtaining his tax returns, roundly dismissing Mr. Trump’s arguments that the prosecutor’s grand jury subpoena was “wildly overbroad” and issued in bad faith.

The ruling by Judge Victor Marrero of Federal District Court in Manhattan marked another setback for the president in his yearlong legal fight to block the subpoena. The conflict has already reached the Supreme Court once and could end up there again if, as expected, Mr. Trump appeals.

The district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., a Democrat, has been seeking eight years of Mr. Trump’s personal and business returns and other financial records as part of an investigation into the president’s business practices.

Judge Marrero dismissed the president’s argument that Mr. Vance had embarked on a politically motivated fishing expedition, saying in his decision that “established judicial process” did not “automatically transform into an incidence of incapacitating harassment and ill-will merely because the proceedings potentially may implicate the president.”


From Obama’s speech:

“I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously; that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care,” said Mr. Obama, speaking from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia — not far from Independence Hall, where he delivered a far more upbeat address on racial issues in 2008.

“But he never did,” the former president went on. “He’s shown no interest in putting in the work; no interest in finding common ground; no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends; no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves. Donald Trump hasn’t grown into the job because he can’t.”


Slightly- So happy that things are coming together for you. It’s been a long slog for most of us and that much light in the tunnel is truly a wonderful thing.
Eliseo- Happy Birthday which ever day you pick. I totally understand the feeling of wrong day. I have always been on the day birthday person and this year my return is today instead of tomorrow. However, liking the continuum, I am sticking with the 21.
Thanks to all of you for being here this blog always makes me smile, teaches me things I didn’t know and makes me feel included.

Slightly- So happy that things are coming together for you. It’s been a long slog for most of us and that much light in the tunnel is truly a wonderful thing.
Eliseo- Happy Birthday which ever day you pick. I totally understand the feeling of wrong day. I have always been on the day birthday person and this year my return is today instead of tomorrow. However, liking the continuum, I am sticking with the 21.
Thanks to all of you for being here this blog always makes me smile, teaches me things I didn’t know and makes me feel included.

Henri, Happy Birthday AND Happy Solar Return to you. It’s a great pleasure having you here and I wish you wonderful things, and great blessings, particularly love, happiness & great health.


I am very glad you and your daughter are mending your relationship – such a blessing in the midst of all of this turmoil.

Happy Birthday to you, Henri! Celebrate!


I’ve cleaned out houses after two relatives died. Know what an incredibly difficult job that is. And reconciling with a long-lost daughter … I’m so happy for you, and it gives me hope.

My daughter got drunk and arrested again (DUI, evading arrest, etc.) She must have amazing angels around her, never hurt anyone else or herself in her recklessness. And when she called from jail, I said
I didn’t want to see or talk to her. I didn’t mean forever, meant later to say not until she got sober and stayed that way. But she took it as forever, and we haven’t seen or heard from her in a month.

The surprising thing is how OK I’ve been with that. I thought I’d be worrying all the time, but I’m not. Immediately after her jail call, I started thinking of the hassle and expense of getting her to and from court dated, getting her car out of impound, her not being able to drive to Dr appointments, and then a little light went on in my head that said, This is not my problem. None of it is. Felt so good.

I feel so much better than I thoughtI would. Grieve the absence of the sweet, fun, creative daughter I used to have, but she’s not that person now.

Maybe one day, she will be, but for now, the husband and I are ok.

Happy Birthday to you and Happy Solar Return to you as well. May this new year for you be a safe, happy, healthy, productive, and prosperous one!

Emma, I somehow missed your Aug. 18th post until now and yes I guess so much of it really is all about having to pay all of those taxes with all of their money. Always voting with their pocketbooks and not with any concern for the “ others”.

Slightkc, I’m glad your daughter is back in your life and Teresa Hill, that’s a giant step on your part. Congratulations.

Teresa Hill- Take the break. Sometimes you just have to. When I got married my husbands son moved in with us, he was 11 and had been abused by his mother. So much so that we got full custody ( this was in the late 80’s). We put in all the time and love and effort we could and yet we could not undo the damage and solve his challenges by ourselves, he had to. He did okay up to a point and then decided he just didn’t like his dad and started treating him as badly as possible. His dad got sick in 2014 and after a prolonged hospital stay he died. I couldn’t deal with the way he acted the things he said was just to much and I stopped speaking to him. It was the best decision. We still are connected by mutual friends so if he wants to contact to me he can. But it is his reality to create. Took a lot to understand that because I love him. But it’s his. I feel better without the constant need to solve his problems.
(Sorry for the length of this)
Thanks for the birthday/return wishes! I think I might finally be getting past the 2017 solar return that smacked my natal Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Moon. Woohoo!

Teresa Hill-
Take the break. Sometimes you just have to. When I got married my husbands son moved in with us, he was 11 and had been abused by his mother. So much so that we got full custody ( this was in the late 80’s). We put in all the time and love and we could and yet we could not undo the damage and solve his challenges by ourselves, he had to. He did okay up to a point and then decided he just didn’t like his dad and started treating him as badly as possible. His dad got sick in 2014 and after a prolonged hospital stay he died. I couldn’t deal with the way he acted the things he said was just to much and I stopped speaking to him. It was the best decision. We still are connected by mutual friends so if he wants to contact to me he can. But it is his reality to create. Took a lot to understand that because I love him. But it’s his. I feel better without the constant need to solve his problems.
(Sorry for the length of this)
Thanks for the birthday/return wishes! I think I might finally be getting past the 2017 solar return that smacked my natal Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Moon. Woohoo!

Sorry. Long and posted twice I didn’t think it posted because I bounced the phone.
I will stop now. Lol

(((Teresa))) Not easy at all but healthy. Nevertheless, you can probably do with a hug.

Eliseo and Henri, you both should benefit from the Leo New Moon with its grand trine between Sun-Mars/Eris-Galact Core/South Node energy. Time to unload what irritates and belongs in the past. Would that we all could do so! Happy solar return to you both.

marjorie on bannon https://star4cast.com/steve-bannon-and-friends-making-america-groan/

Banks and Kiwi
You may like Mary Trump’s interview by her friend Dana Goldberg on 8-7-20 here. https://art19.com/shows/out-in-left-field

Thanks to TJ, August 19th, 2020
at 12:33 pm – “If the time of nomination of Joe Biden for President matters astrologically, news reports that he cinched the nomination when Delaware cast the final delegate votes at 10:19 pm EST, August 18. Since it was virtual, I have no idea how to place the location” –

Again, much appreciated TJ, for posting! Could you tell us where you saw the time posted (source)?

For several days, I’ve tried to track down an accurate time for the “official” announcement, but have not managed to do so. Also, exactly what is the “official” time event?

Bennie Thompson, Chairman of the DNC, was seen on screen making the announcement, but there were no time stamps on C-Span for the convention video – probably because most of it was patched together from many different recordings. Not much of it was actually “live”.

As best I can tell, Mr. Thompson was located in Jackson MS when he made his announcement (remotely) to the convention in Milwaukee WI (his location is noted on the screen briefly). Both cities are in the central time zone (UTC – 5), while Biden was located in Wilmington, DE in the eastern time zone (UTC – 4).

Twitter defaults to the time zone the reader happens to be in and various news outlets give time stamps based on their own locations. So you have to be careful to know what is the ‘right’ time for an event. When you look at clips and articles, there are 3 times to consider:

1. 10:05 pm (22:05, eastern), Biden garnered enough votes to get the nomination when North Carolina’s count took him over the top – Politico: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/18/dnc-night-2-key-moments-398278

“It’s official…Biden’s the nominee
At 10:05 p.m., North Carolina’s votes put Biden over the top and made him the official Democratic presidential nominee.”

2. 10:17 – 10:18 pm (22:17-18, eastern) – approximately, Bennie Thompson of the DNC OFFICIALLY announced Biden as the official candidate.

10:18 is the time on a video posted by CNN. The time stamp appears for a fleeting moment at 10:18 pm eastern, when Joe & Jill were clapping in the school basement. Therefore, this is not the ‘exact’ moment, but it is just AFTER Thompson made the announcement.

I’m guessing the exact time of Mr. Thompson’s declaration may have been about a minute earlier. However, a caution is that it may have been pre-recorded earlier, so it may not have been in real time at all. But, I suppose showing it to the world is much the same thing.

You can see the time stamp at 13 seconds into this video clip – it only shows for a brief moment:

https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/dnc-2020-day-2/h_b715ace734f88da814b7afb7733471d9? utm_medium=social&utm_source=twCNN&utm_content=2020-08-19T02:35:07

CBS News also has an official announcement notice at 10:20 pm, which is a few minutes later, but it verifies the range for the time:


3. 10:23 pm (22:23, eastern), Biden ACCEPTS the nomination in his brief comment in the school basement in Delaware, where he says, “It is the honor of my life to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States of America.”

The time of the twitter post by his campaign is there for all the world to see – however, keep in mind that twitter inserts the viewer’s time zone, not the zone the post originates from. This is a quirk of twitter’s that can be manipulated, but here I assume twitter’s default time display applies (I’m on the west coast, 3 hours earlier than Biden’s campaign center – which I assume is in the eastern time zone):


7:23 PM • Aug 18, 2020

I did note a link elsewhere that has a time note with Biden’s acceptance occuring at 7:20 pm, pacific daylight time, but it looks like a rounded off time, so it may be unreliable – and I can’t find any corroboration for it.

So, which is the RIGHT time for the nomination? I looked, but have found no books or articles that make one of those times the ‘correct’ one, as opposed to the others. Interestingly, this does make a difference. See next post.

Jill G, thanks. I’ll try again later. I can’t seem to get beyond Dana talking about her face.

Whew –

Sigh of relief. Great job. It’s over….now on to the White House!

thanks Jill G. Banks, start at about the 10 min mark.
one comment that really surprised me was, mary thought that of donnys 3 eldest kids, ivanka not jr had the traits most like their manipulative grandfather

Julia Dryfuss is the host for day 4 – shes a hoot!
I think this whole remote thing has been divinely inspired. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-EuI2CTdHQ

Teresa – hugs and light to you. I swear, sometimes it takes some kids a LONG time to actually grow up. I went nuts trying to decide whether it was more selfish to keep my kiddo with me, or let her live with her Dad who had MUCH more money and had gotten married again… but was stationed in Guam. Finally even got a psychologist involved. I let her go to Guam, she continued to act out there, even got her step-mother jailed for child abuse (untrue), and one time ran away from home. Ex-hubby called to tell me she’d run away and I actually laughed — I mean, it’s an island — how far could she actually run!

He sent her back to me. I’d remarried and we tried really hard to get her on a steady, structured path. Even had her interested in the Army. She signed up and then ran away to another state and told the Army she wasn’t going in — and they let her out without any consequences. It was at that point I had to let her go and make her own way. One marriage, kid, and divorce later, she decided to move to another town and go to college. She graduated – after we refused to let her come live with us and blow off her last year! She met someone she really seems to click with now, and she’s now in her 40’s and suddenly, her old Mom actually knows something. But it took her 40 years to come to grips with what life is.

Sorry for the story… I’m saying what is going on now is not your responsibility. Your daughter is just one of those who is going to have to find her own path, and decide for herself when to let go of the bad habits and actions. But hold out hope — I’m proof that miracles do happen.

Eliseo — I’ll say happy happy birthday twice, then!

Astrology Of 2020: The Mars Report by Mathew Currie

When looking at the major transits in a year, it’s easy to overlook the role of Mars. That’s unfortunate, because not only is Mars powerful in its own right, but because it often serves as a trigger for the larger and more dramatic transits in play at any given time. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction, for example, is technically “done” in January 2020, but it remains in orb for some time. A Mars transit to that point can cause the eruption you’ve halfway expected from it for the last year (Note: October 9: Mars (22 Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)

And let’s not forget: a Mars transit can be a good thing too. It can give you the push you need to get things done. It can burst bubbles that need to be burst. In either case, I’ve listed the exact dates of each of the major Mars transits below, but add plus or minus about ten days for the transit to be in effect.



Feeling very hopeful after 4 days of a great convention. And very grateful the RNC isn’t coming to jax, their show will be grunts and lies and more lying. Think green, vote blue!

Kiwi! Marjorie’s rundown on Bannon’s transits has me a bit concerned, he’s 10 days younger than me. Glad of my Scorpio sun, so those midpoints she writes about aren’t mine?

I’ve concluded that we are not just at a moment of expanding our consciousness, but at a juncture between the past and the future; a waving goodbye to the “past” history of America, which Joe Biden and the sitting US President represent, and the “future” represented by Andrew Yang and others born after the mid ’60’s.

This US presidential term that begins in 2021, or I should say when the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins with their conjunction at 0+ Aquarius, is a period of transition which also includes the US Pluto Return. It is rebirthing and birthing is painful to go through, but it is also awesome.

Joe is the person (a man of course) who represents the best of the old ways, the last chance people of my generation have to accept that the world now is not the world they grew up in, or to choose Trump, the man who represents the worst of the old ways.

I believe Joe Biden will win the election by a landslide and that will be in part because so many of the people of my generation want to be on the right side of history.

Barb, it is just amazing that the quality that has been narrowed in on of Biden’s and emphasized uniformly is empathy!!! Neptune in Pisces. I believe I remember that most of his planets are in his 12th house….. Just the opposite of, dare-I-say, toxic masculinity. (I know a lot of men resent that term, but those are the ones who take it personally and cannot be objective, imho. Of course, there can be toxic femininity, too.)

Happy Natal day! I am of the belief that one’s birthday is a day to celebrate oneself–in any form that pleases and give oneself a present-that no one else might–just for staying.

Dear Friends,

While we all share, I note that yesterday was especially such a day. I am so privileged to be a part of this family of choice, in which we all are sharing our challenges, our growing, our survival, our lessons and our hopes. We are unique–and I thank you all, and especially you, Dear Nancy, for existing as a group and for being so welcoming. It feels like the best kind of home.

Thank You BarbK, and slightKC! Its been a good few days here.

“Time to unload what irritates and belongs in the past.” Interesting that you would say that.
That’s exactly what I’ve been doing!

I’ve also been feeling more hopeful, in part because of the Dem convention. I think we’ve got a pretty strong team.
You wrote: “I believe Joe Biden will win the election by a landslide.” You are in good company. Many are coming to that hopeful conclusion, including, believe it or not, George Will, who is supporting Biden. Biden is building a pretty broad coalition which may indeed (despite Russian interference and Republican dirty tricks) sweep him to victory. I’m concerned however that although that coalition might be very strong against Trump, it may begin to fragment after inauguration. There ARE a number of R’s NOW supporting Biden, but will they continue their support when Trump is gone?

Interestingly, our 2020 election has at least some resonance with the November 2, 1920 election, but partially reversed. The R, Warren G. Harding ran on a similar platform to that of Biden, “a return to normalcy.” Unlike Biden, and more like Trump, Harding was a notorious womanizer, who after inauguration was occasionally caught with White House maids in the closets. He otherwise spent most of his presidential time on the golf course, or in the WH smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and playing poker with his corporate pals, whom he allowed to plunder the US treasury in a variety of creative ways. Historians always rate him as having been “spectacularly ineffective.” Trump is like Harding, but exponentially to the 10th power.

It is true Sharon, the quality most appreciated about Joe Biden is his compassion, something once associated with the feminine (yin) side of the coin, while Kamala, noted for her directness (a yang associated trait), has to prove that she has a soft and gentle side to her nature.

We are seeking a balance and some just aren’t ready for that yet. Men are supposed to be MEN and women are supposed to be WOMEN is old school thought and that is part of the allure (barf!) Trump has for many people I suppose. A dying breed (not soon enuf for me though).

Interesting Eliseo!


I’m a tad confused. This is astrologer argues our Pluto return will be in 2024, not 2022. This concerns precession, and the differences between tropical and sidereal reckoning.

To my knowledge, everyone here is assuming the 2022 date is correct. I’ve also assumed that is the correct date. Can anyone here on this blog offer a good explanation as to why our assumption is either correct or incorrect?

Sorry about the unnecessary is. Autocorrect keeps inserting words I did not intend, or type into the text.

And you thought my astrology was complicated!

I was taught astrology using the tropical system, which sees the planets from Earth’s perspective. I was told (but have not verified) that sidereal astrology sees the planets from the Sun’s perspective.

The majority of astrologers in the US use the tropical system, and my own Ephereris (a book) titled The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century uses the tropical system.

The differences have to do, in part, with the ever moving constellations, and earth wobbles, and frankly it exhausts me to try to understand it.

I would not worry too much about it Eliseo, the 2 systems have been around for a long time. I believe both have a pretty good track record for predicting accurately. Pluto moves so slowly that its transit will be felt years before (as in NOW) and after it exacts in both systems.

When astrology and astronomy parted ways I suspect it was a difference between left brain and right brain functions that caused it. Astrology is primarily a right brain art or craft. When we apply a lot of scientific facts to it the magic begins to fade away. This is just my take on it, others will differ no doubt.

I am shocked that no one has commented on Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, What were the astrological aspects?

I am shocked that no one has commented on Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, What were the astrological aspects? Prof. Bertonasco

Kiwi, thanks. I think that’s why Ivanka is by far the favorite child. She and Jared…what a pair.

Prof. Bertonasco, I did not actually see Joe’s acceptance speech because I crashed out and slept through it, with the TV on and all the lights burning. Sigh.

However, I can tell you that transiting Neptune has been on, and stationed retrograde at – and will again be at 20+ Pisces by the end of next February, the degree of Joe Biden’s natal Ceres, the Nurturer, and his natal Mercury at 21+ Scorpio trines her. You got to have a dream; if you don’t have a dream how ya gonna have a dream come true?

The US progressed North Node (the path forward) at 26-25 Cancer is now conjunct Joe’s natal Jupiter (good fortune) at 25+ Cancer, and yes, on Election Day it will be opposed by Saturn at 26+ Capricorn (+ US prog. South Node), and transiting Mercury (votes) stationing direct on Election Day at 25+ Libra will T-square the NN + Joe’s Jupiter in Cancer and trans. Saturn + US progressed SN in Cap. Nobody thinks this will be easy. But . . .

On election Day transiting Venus at 8+ Libra trines (facilitates) the US natal Uranus (surprise!) at 8+ Gemini which Joe’s natal Saturn at 9+ Gemini conjuncts, and transiting Sun at 12+ Scorpio will conjunct his natal Mars. The voters will have been moved by Joe’s compassion and integrity and vote for him and he will be the next US President.

‘With the Speech of His Life, Joe Biden Becomes the Man for This Moment’

A country in pain gets a lesson in perseverance.

“I understand it’s hard to have any hope now,” he said, fusing his own story, one of extraordinary loss and extraordinary endurance, with America’s. “On this summer night, let me take a moment to speak to those of you who have lost the most.”

He told them: “I know the deep black hole that opens up in your chest — that you feel your whole being is sucked into it. I know how mean and cruel and unfair life can be sometimes.” And, he said, “The best way through pain and loss and grief is to find purpose.”


Hey Barb! Thanks for your take on the matter. I at least partially understand earth wobble, and tropical and sidereal reckoning. But I’ve never believed astrology really had anything to do with the constellations. I’ve never believed any actual “energies” emanating from them were affecting us. I’ve long been of the opinion they were merely tags for different portions of space the earth travels through relative to the sun, therefore with the same or similar subtle electromagnetic effect. Even though we’re about 30-ish degrees off from the original tags developed about 3 millennia ago, it didn’t matter.

Evidently, there are many who disagree.

‘Joe Biden Says Goodbye, Uncle Joe and Hello, Father of the Nation’

In his convention acceptance speech, Mr. Biden offered a new image for the next four years.


‘Joe Biden Says Goodbye, Uncle Joe and Hello, Father of the Nation’

In his convention acceptance speech, Mr. Biden offered a new image for the next four years.


the thing I really liked was the implied msg from most: Joe, a leader for this time in history, consensus builder and inspirer in chief, but it is the responsibility of the people to put the work of active, functional democracy into action.
IMO the notion of big-daddy-will-fix-all, cant be left behind soon enough

Thanks for bringing that up Prof. Bertonasco —

I sat in the next room asking my husband how Joe was doing because, yes, I am that sensitive and didn’t want to see him wobble or look weak.

Myron kept saying, he’s doing good, he’s doing great. I then read about it on CNN (such as https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/20/politics/democrats-analysis-best-worst-dnc/index.html) and have read several since, and I am now VERY proud (I still have yet to watch it but I also have to catch up & watch Kamala, Obama & Hillary – I saw Michelle).

Joe definitely has risen to the occasion. Everyone has their own process and this campaign has not been easy. I now pray his true voice comes through at the debates and he is calm, cool and collected, as they say. Thanks for the analysis, Barb, and for posting those comments and opinions Ja, kiwi, Eliseo and others. I do feel that we have reached a plateau and things have truly shifted.

Meanwhile, let’s all pray hard for CA to get a LOT of RAIN, and for the Gulf Coast and associated land areas to not.

Barbk, I agree the astrology indicates a surprise over the election. My problem is Biden’s election would not be a surprise at this point. Trump’s reelection would. I don’t like those kinds of surprises. Trump could lead on Election Night because it is proven more Republicans like to vote in person and more Democrats like to vote by mail. It will be weeks before the final results are in, but Trump may claim victory nonetheless during that time.

About the war games as reported in the New Yorker.
My spiritual mentor was also a political science professor who did his graduate work on two subjects, public finance and stolen elections. When he was alive, he often spoke of the 1876 stolen election, as well as the dark legacy of Jim Crow which ensued from it.

What an absolute nightmare if it happens again!?!

It “feels” as though Biden/Harris will win by a landslide, but there is also this lingering darker feeling of genuine fear in acknowledging an electoral possibility as described in the article.

I also feel that if DJT somehow manages to steal this one, (the only way I believe he can win) there will be civil war. Dem Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, Moderates, Independents, and Never Trump Conservatives will need to unite in a military/political coalition against the (literally) fascist occupiers of our country. I personally know of anti-Trump civilians who are undergoing military training, “just-in-case.”

Our 2020 election day, and possibly the several weeks after may be an extremely long hold your breath moment. We all need to be stocked up on our blood pressure meds.

In South Carolina, our Republican-majority legislature is coming back into special session just to consider election changes request by our Republican election commission chairman, and they’re good changes:

–Drop boxes for ballots
–Absentee voting available to all
–Permission to begin counting absentee ballots before election day

Either the elections chairman has a conscience and wants to do the right thing, or Republicans realize they depend on absentee voting more than Democrats do.

Whichever it is, I’m happy to see the proposed changes. Starting to count absentees two or the three days before the election sounds good to me.

Maybe the surprise will be in how badly Trump loses and still tries every sort of legal maneuver he can imagine to get some votes thrown out.

I hope Trump hears and is furious.

I have little doubt Trump may claim victory on election night. I think that is a very reasonable and plausible probability. IMO, it is also probable the final result from the mail-in ballots will reveal a Biden win which Trump will contest.

Loudly and vociferously casting doubt on the integrity of mail-in voting is of course at the center of his strategy. He’s anticipating the necessity of bullying his way into another 4 years.

Alternatively, the astrological surprise could conceivably be that one or more reliably hot red states, (perhaps Texas) narrowly vote for Biden.

OK, Another surprise might be that one of the candidates dies of a heart attack on election night. That would certainly confuse things.
A deadly dangerous hurricane hits the Gulf or East coast on election day preventing anyone in the area from going to the polls.

Statistically, neither of those is likely, but both are plausible. I’m sure we could think up more.

A pre-election event I think likely, might be the true relationship between DJT and Russia, especially with Putin and his oligarchs is revealed.

surprise at election scenario could also include trump storming off in a fit of rage because he lost his adoration platform, leaving pence to deal with the lame duck session

Maybe that’s when he flies off to an undisclosed location, i.e. to a country with no extradition treaty with the USA, or with a third country that does have an extradition treaty with the US.

Although mildly humorous, it would be a smart move after having transferred all his wealth to Swiss banks. He knows that when he leaves office he’s likely to be arrested for a number of crimes. I wonder where his money really is.

Arrrrg! We could speculate forever as to what that surprise might be. I think what we truly need to focus on is readying ourselves for Trump not accepting the outcome, contesting the results, all sorts of legal shenanigans, and using violent force to get his way. Those are the things we best be prepared for.

” I wonder where his money really is.” real estate, stocks, russian creditors. Little to none liquid I suspect which is why he’s supporting his lifestyle at taxpayer expense

ever the dishonest salesman – “Trump slams 2020 DNC as ‘darkest,’ ‘angriest,’ ‘gloomiest convention’ ever “

We forget that Uranus most of all means change. So I wouldn’t put so much weight on being surprised. In 2016, Uranus was prominent on election night and I remember being fearful of the message, as Hillary would not represent much of a change from the status quo nor would she being elected be a surprise. But I kept consoling myself with the thought there was NO WAY Trump would be elected. SURPRISE.
But for the 2020 election, Trump’s reelection would not be a change in direction for the country and if he were to lose in a landslide and the Dems take the senate, that would be a surprise to most people, especially his base. As I posted here last year, after looking at the inaugural chart for 2021, I’m convinced the Democrats will win. It shows a significant change of direction for the country. As we all know that Trump is who he is and is not going to change.

Barbk, go to c-span.org and see any part of the convention you missed.
I went back to catch the kids singing, it’s so beautiful!

for those who missed dnc day 4, I posted the link upthread, but here it is again

Andre on August 21st, at 6:33 pm, you wrote:

“Biden’s election would not be a surprise at this point. Trump’s reelection would.”

I fear you may be right, and Trump would be playing every “Trump” card he could about mail fraud, voter fraud, etc… but I see one big thing in the air, also, on that night (tho I don’t have any astrology to back me up) —

Unlike Gore in 2000 during the “Brooks Bros Riot,” Joe isn’t going to concede. I think the bigger surprise would be if the Democrats didn’t have backup plans exactly to address this most expected peccadillo of Trump’s.

I may have my issues with Nancy Pelosi (like NOT working to prosecute or, at least impeach Bush/Cheney, but she is one VERY smart lady… and WAY smarter than Trump. She and the rest of the Democrats will have plans for this, and they’ll probably be able to count on any number of lawyerly types from the Republican party, too!

ps – biden intro & speech begin at around 1hr 50min

Eliseo – You wrote: “A pre-election event I think likely, might be the true relationship between DJT and Russia, especially with Putin and his oligarchs is revealed.”

I don’t think we’re gonna have to wait until October for the “October Surprise.” I’m amazed at what… and the number of those “whats” that are popping at a such speed!!

If you’re Trump, you’ve got to be feeling the four walls, ceiling AND floor closing in on you with what’s happened to him just in the last couple of weeks! And I see no way his normal excuse of “I didn’t know” inre: Bannon, et al, carries any water; not with the video tapes of different interviews with the owners, board members, etc., of “Build the Wall.” And Kobach, is such a snake in the grass, he’d throw his own mother under the train if it would save him face, let alone jail time!

Yard Sale is tomorrow… wish us luck! We saw Mom thru the window today and spent a little time with her that way. I dunno if this way is better or worse for her, but we did promise we’d spring her for a big weekend slumber party just as soon as they gave the OK.

Everyone I’ve ever known with lung cancer has died quickly… I can only surmise Rush Limbaugh has made some kind of deal with the Devil… cos he’s hanging on their in too good a condition for far too long.

“Some are saying”… he’s learned from Trump, it seems, to cover his own butt when he’s starting to lie. 28 takes of a “prerecorded” session to get Joe’s Acceptance Speech correct is the lie he’s spreading to the dittoheads. Too bad many, if not all of them, will believe him.

You guys are fabulous!

Election Day Venus TRINES Joe’s Saturn and US natal Uranus. Remember that.

On the other hand, TRANSITING Uranus at 8+ Taurus retrograde on Election Day sextiles US Ceres (weather?) at 8+ Pisces and that sextile – when combined with trans Venus at 8+ Libra – makes a Yod.

Venus must adjust and she turns to Joe’s Saturn + US Uranus which she trines AND Kamala’s natal Juno at 8+ Sagittarius which she sextiles.

Yes, Kamala’s Juno sextiles trans. Venus which forms a Yod with trans. Uranus which must adjust; I tried to spare you that. Dueling Yods.

Also US Ceres in Pisces T-squares US Uranus + Joe’s Saturn in Gemini opposite Kamala’s Juno in Sagittarius.

Trans. Chiron at 5+ Aries opposes Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra while trans. Sun conjuncts Joe’s Mars. In some kind of way some unexpected something . . breakthrough? . . .change? , , , delays? . . . happens and Trump goes away.

We are all expecting Trump to lose the popular and electoral vote, after of which to contest the results and cause serious trouble.
A real and extraordinary surprise would be for him to concede, and to do so quickly.
Now THAT Would Be A Real Shocker!

In the beginning years of the Republic it was normal for the winner to win the popular and electoral vote by huge margins.
1820 James Monroe 80.61%
1816 James Monroe 68.2%
1808 James Madison 64.7%
1804 Thomas Jefferson 72.8%
1800 Thomas Jefferson 61.4%
1796 John Adams 53.4%
1792 George Washington 99%
1788-1789 George Washington 100%

But popular vote landslides in modern times have been smaller and more uncommon.
FDR 1932 57.41%
1936. 60.8% 
1940 55%
1944. 53.4%

Reagan won in 1980 by only 50.7%, not a landslide, but in 1984 by 58.8%.

The largest popular vote landslide in modern times was in 1964 with LBJ winning 61.1%.
Another real shocker of a surprise would be for Biden/Harris to equal or outdo LBJ, winning more than 61.1%.

That probably won’t happen, but considering our bizarre circumstances and recent expose’s, it’s not inconceivable, particularly if as one hypothetical example, damning, incontrovertible, proof surfaced that Trump has been paid as an agent of Putin for several years, beginning quite a few years before the 2016 election. Or it might be something else equally egregious. Maybe he’s being blackmailed, or really IS secretly addicted to adderall. Unfortunately, with DJT something truly sinister and/or anti-American or even treasonous is not unthinkable, and is quite plausible, however fantastic (in its darker sense) it might seem.

Considering all that’s happened so quickly in the last several years, the 9-11 attack, a war against a country that had nothing to do with that attack, a Black president, gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana in several states, a female presidential nominee, tattoos becoming common and acceptable, at least two stolen elections, the unlikely election of DJT, and due to his election the frequent need to ask and exclaim, “He did WHAT?!?!” and/or “He said WHAT!?!?” … I think in the context of this election we all might need some really good neck braces.

I can’t post the website with this device, but an election analyst at “Let’s Talk Elections”
provides a video “If Joe Biden outperforms Hillary Clinton by 1%, 5%, 10%, 15%”

According to his math, Biden only needs to outperform HRC by 0.77% to win. Joe is now ahead by at least 8 percentage points of Trump and well ahead of where Hillary was at this date in her 2016 campaign.

He thinks Biden will exceed Hillary’s performance by at least 5% in the November election.

Eliseo, thank you so much; when I read your paragraph that started “Considering all that happened . .”, I immediately grabbed my chart for the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn cycle – which started 15 months before 9-11. What I saw, that in the million times I’ve commented on this chart, that I’ve never noted on before is that the North Node was at 25+ Cancer . . .the SAME DEGREE OF JOE BIDEN’S JUPITER – aaarugh!

It is this very cycle that holds 97% (IMO) of the answers (in symbolism) of what has happened to the US – since 9-11 – on your list.

Even the Moon at 3+ Aries was sextile Venus at 3+ Gemini the degree of Obama’s natal Moon! at 3+ Gemini and Joe’s natal Uranus at 2+ Gemini. Gasp!

I’ve prattled on and on for years about this cycle’s Mars at 17+ Gemini that conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus, and how it trines the US progressed Mars retrograde at 17+ Libra conjunct Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn, but TODAY transiting Saturn at 25+ Capricorn (government) retrograde is conjunct this chart’s South Node (what no longer serves its purpose).

On Election Day transiting Mercury (votes) at 25+ Libra (conjunct Kamala’s natal Sun at 27+ Libra) will square transiting Saturn at 26+ Capricorn (1 degree from US Pluto), and Kamala’s Sun in Libra trines the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius as well as the Mercury in this Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart at 27+ Gemini, making an air grand trine. The People will speak loud and clear this day; fear not.

This chart’s Uranus (revolution) at 20+ Aquarius, where the US progressed Mercury (express yourself) has been for years and years now, was square (challenging) the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (societies) at 22+ Taurus on May 28, 2000. On November 3, 2020, the transiting North Node (path forward) at 20+ Gemini will trine that chart’s Uranus and the US prog. Mercury, as will the transiting Moon (the PEOPLE) that conjuncts it late that day.

This Jupiter-Saturn cycle that took place at 22+ Taurus was trine the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Then along came the Saturn-Pluto cycle in January 2020, at 22+ Capricorn, making it a grand trine in earth signs, which will end in December when the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts ay 0+ Aquarius. This year we have witnessed the power of a grand trine and grand it has indeed been.

What we can expect from the RNC this week.

“Instead of handing over the reins to an experienced television producer, Mr. Trump is trying to weigh in on much of the programming himself, mostly with the help of people from his own White House. And he’s insistent on having it still look on television like a “real convention,” i.e., with an audience component, and on playing a major role himself every night.”

“And he’s insistent on having it still look on television like a “real convention,” i.e., with an audience component, and on playing a major role himself every night.”

It’s pretty obvious the orange Mr. Reality TV doesn’t understand the context he’s placing himself and the Party in. Looking like an actual convention will make them look absurdly callous and/or just plain stupid, willing to risk delegates lives to get their man elected. I think I said upthread, they would look like unfunny clowns in an unfunny circus of death. It’s clear the convention would be a reflection of the vigilantly venal narcissist-in-chief himself, not at all a pretty sight.

Playing a “major role himself every night” will over expose Orange Man, a character much of the audience is so weary of, as to be exhausted. From the point of view of advertising and television writing, that is a very ruinous proposition financially, theatrically, and thematically.

It is difficult to see how anyone but his base, roughly about 1/3 of the electorate, can or will vote for him.

Yes, Eliseo,
I read that Biden’s team is more than glad to have Trump “overexpose” himself now and up to the election.

“In a sign of both confidence and prudence, Mr. Biden and his new running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, will not leave Delaware to embark on the traditional boat, bus or train tour of swing states as presidential tickets usually do, in part because they want to model safer behavior than Mr. Trump has in response to the coronavirus.

Yet there’s another sort of safety consideration that the Democrats have in mind, too — the same one that has characterized Mr. Biden’s cautious candidacy, vice-presidential selection and virtual convention. He wants to keep voters focused on Mr. Trump, avoid unforced errors and confine 2020 to a referendum on the unpopular incumbent.”

Next week, during the Republican convention, Mr. Biden’s aides hope to capitalize on all the focus on Mr. Trump by sharpening their criticism of the president. They want to elevate more stories from people whose lives have been adversely affected by his decision-making in the fashion they did at the convention with one speaker in particular, Kristin Urquiza, whose father had put his trust in Mr. Trump and died of Covid-19.”

RE: Your commentary on the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn cycle.
I observe one of the most consistent characteristics of Trump supporters is extreme discomfort with rapid social change.

Although it is never stated in public, I think one of the most uncomfortable, truly bothersome changes for them is the growing acceptance of homosexuality, and especially gay marriage itself. For them, it is the most outrageously immoral, and deeply frightening change of all that we might list. It would be followed by their discomfort with a Black president, and a female presidential candidate.

I recall about 1971, a college friend invited me to observe a theatrical rehearsal she was conducting with the older youth and younger adults of her small town, purportedly liberal church. Naively, when the subject came up, I stated I thought gay marriage should be legal. They immediately concluded I was gay, (I definitely was not) and/or must surely be the spawn of Satan. …Not that either, as far as I know.

As a lifelong advocate for gender, racial, and sexual orientation equality, I’ve watched the slow evolution of our cultural consciousness, particularly since I was in my teens. For most American adolescents, and young adults today, these issues are a given, absolutely no big deal. Perhaps that’s in part why so few in that age group support Trump.

Most Trumpers skew older, and many hail from fundamentalist and/or evangelical backgrounds, regardless of education. Their deeper fears appear to revolve around race and sex, often intimately intertwined.

I’m not sure what the astrological portents would be, but I think the acceptance of homosexuality and abortion in society for them feels very apocalyptic, salient signs of the “end times.” Perhaps for them, voting for Trump is a preventive act. Trump said “Slow the testing down!” They want all this change to slow down, especially if it excites their apocalyptic fears. I think they are truly afraid that if they don’t get the rest of us to “behave” on these issues, their vengeful, punitive god will do to all of us what he did to Sodom and Gomorrha.


This is really a must read (Eliseo, et al.). It’s written by a guy from Missouri who is explaining Trump’s true base – many of whom live out in rural enclaves (I guess) and attend his rallies, and what it boils to is they do not care WHAT Trump says or does. They support him because, plain and simple, they HATE Liberals, with a “passionate, sadistic hatred” and consider them (us) weak. Kindness = weakness. Period.

I, personally don’t think all of Trump voters feel this way, at least in the sense of extreme hatred. But most (my opinion) do not trust Liberals to govern this country. However, at least some of these people might be open to discuss Liberal ideas in a way that they can see value in them and not be afraid we are just socialists who want to give the store away. And, of course, it’s even better if they see something working in their favorm and for the country as a whole….something that is not just meant to elevate the rich, or help minorities, but will help the majority of people in the country,

Yes, Sharon K, but you have to live among them so they can see that you aren’t a dragon. I live in Trump country but I’ve earned a sometimes grudging respect from those I interact with. There are varying degrees of this attitude, including disgust with “all of them” to sometimes agreeing about something.

But what they all share is a dislike of being written off as uneducated and/or ignorant. I could detect that attitude in the last election, both in my neighbors and in the campaign. The left can have a propensity to condescend. The right often just doesn’t have time for what they see as games.

They don’t necessarily like him, but they like giving their libs a poke in the eye. They often don’t mind somebody taking a poke back. But the ones you have to look out for want a war in the Middle East.

Sharon K, what you raise is a big concern and much of this can be traced directly back to Reagan’s removal of the Fairness Doctrine in the 1980s. Following that, there was a rise of right-wing talk radio and Fox News where the focus is not on informing but indoctrinating. I only hope the Biden administration will prioritize a return of the Fairness Doctrine and a regulation of social media.

As if we didn’t know:

Mnuchin Paved Way for Postal Service Shake-Up
At President Trump’s behest, the Treasury Secretary sought out appointees who would restructure the United States Postal Service.

Since 1970, the Postal Service had been an independent agency, walled off from political influence. The postmaster general is not appointed by the president and is not a cabinet member. Instead, the postal chief is picked by a board of governors, with seats reserved for members of both parties, who are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate for seven-year terms.

Now, not only was the Trump administration, through Mr. Mnuchin, involving itself in the process for selecting the next postmaster general, but the two Democratic governors who were then serving on the board were not invited to the Treasury meeting. Since the meeting did not include a quorum of board members, it was not subject to sunshine laws that apply to official board meetings and there is no formal Postal Service record or minutes of what was discussed.


Good news from early voting requests in NC:

“Election officials say the number of requests for absentee ballots is more than 10 times higher this year than at the same time in 2016. More than 313,000 North Carolinians have requested ballots by mail, compared to just under 28,000 four years ago. Registered Democrats account for 53% of the requests, with 31% unaffiliated and 15% registered Republicans.

“In the 2016 general [election], 4% of the population voted by mail; our election officials estimate we could have as many as 30 or 40% of the electorate voting by mail this fall,” Lopez said.”

TJ (Aug 19/12:33pm), thanks for your post with the time of Biden’s nomination: “If the time of nomination of Joe Biden for President matters astrologically, news reports that he cinched the nomination when Delaware cast the final delegate votes at 10:19 pm EST, August 18. Since it was virtual, I have no idea how to place the location.” Also, Prof. Bertonasco (Aug 21/1:08pm), your post brings up a good question as to the astrological aspects – what is the right time for the nomination?

It’s a bigger problem than you’d think, and it takes some patience. Unless you happen to be in live attendance at an event and you note the exact time at the moment, the internet isn’t a very reliable source for getting the time correct later. The nomination location and time stamps on various sources differ. When you read Twitter, for example, it automatically shows the time zone of the person viewing the post, not the time zone of the person who posted it. Probably this is for privacy reasons, but the viewer’s zone seems to be the default (Twitter’s instructions show the time stamp can be programmed, but let’s assume the default). Even in closely watched events, TV and online news sites can have a delay ranging from seconds to a few minutes, and newspaper writers have to do their writing first. For the DNC broadcast, C-Span didn’t show a time stamp on the screen – how inconvenient!

Then you add the complication that the CNC convention was a media event controlled from different time zones. The convention control room was in the central time zone in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (-4 hrs UTC). Biden was in Wilmington Delaware in the eastern time zone (-3 hrs UTC). The states’ count speakers were all over the nation, and the DNC chairman, Benny Thompson, who made the final announcement of the nomination, was in Jackson, Mississippi, also in the central time zone (according to the screen). To top it off, Biden announced his acceptance both on screen (when he and Jill were in the school basement) and by a tweet that was presumably sent from his campaign office. Lastly, there was an earlier time as the states’ counts were being announced, when North Carolina’s votes put Biden over the top and he acquired enough votes to clinch the nomination.

So, which is the right time and place for the nomination? See next….2

Here is a rundown of the choices for the “correct” nomination time for Biden as DNC Nominee – as you will see, it’s a bit complicated:

1. Biden gets enough votes to go over the top at 10:05 pm (22:05), eastern daylight time, per Politico. At the bottom of the article a note says that at 10:05 p.m., in Charlotte North Carolina, the roll call’s votes put Biden over the top and made him the official Democratic presidential nominee. North Carolina is on eastern time, same as Delaware (GMT-4).


Fox news gives the same time for getting the votes, but the city in the embedded tweet by Andrew Feinberg must be on the west coast as it shows a time of 7:05 pm (assumed pacific time/ GMT-7). This is 3 hours behind the east coast (GMT-4), so the location needs correction.


2. Biden was announced as the official nominee by DNC’s Bennie Thompson located in Jackson, MS, in the central time zone (GMT -5). The announcement is made approximately 10:15-10:20 pm (22:15-22:20) eastern time. In Jackson, this is 09:15-09:20 pm (21:15-22:20). Eastern time agrees with TJ’s post, but the 2 places give slightly different angles in a chart.

What is the time of the announcement by Bennie Thompson? See the video link per below, posted by CNN. At the title “watch the moment”, the video starts with a frozen screen shot of Mr. Thompson that immediately switches to video of Joe and Jill Biden celebrating in a school in Wilmington, Delaware. Then it cuts back to Mr. Thompson for the announcement, and back again to the Bidens, whereupon Joe Biden thanks DNC for his roll call win.

A CNN time stamp appears for 2 fleeting moments. First, it appears at 13 seconds into the video and shows as 10:18 pm ET (eastern time) in Wilmington, when the Bidens are celebrating in the school basement. Next, it cuts to Mr. Thompson’s official announcement. Finally, the time stamp appears again at 1:00 minute into the video and shows 10:19 pm ET, Wilmington, when Biden says, “Thank you very, very much. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all. It means the world to me and my family, and I’ll see you all on Thursday.” Since the announcement and Biden’s response are so close, 10:18 may be more accurate.

(Question…..is the nomination the time when DNC announces, or the time when Biden accepts?)

After watching the video numerous times, I think the CNN time stamps are correct for Biden’s part and C-Span inserts the word ‘live’ when the coverage is in real time, which this has. But, Mr. Thompson making the announcement may have been pre-recorded and it does not show ‘live’ on the video. Probably his segment was patched in by the DNC media in Wilmington from an earlier recording. Biden looks up as though he is following something on a screen, taking cues for the clip of Mr. Thompson making the announcement, but was he watching Mr. Thompson in real time, or not? We’ll never know for sure. In any case, 10:18 is close to the DNC’s nomination moment on screen, along with 10:19 for Biden’s response. That’s it, unless someone can produce better times.


CBS also posted a notice at 10:20 pm according to the header (eastern time assumed). Given the above, this would be a bit later than the actual nomination announcement. The gap is likely a media delay.


3. Biden acknowledges the nomination publically in 2 ways: on screen (as above), and he also clearly ACCEPTS it with a tweet a few minutes later (below). The tweet was posted at 7:23 pm (pacific time), or 10:23 pm (22:23) eastern daylight time. He says, “It is the honor of my life to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States of America. #DemConvention.” Presumably, this is the correct time to use for the acceptance. The formal speech on day 4 of the convention is merely a repeat of what is already known to the public, so the first one should be the right one to use (imo).


Which brings us back to the 2 basic questions – which time and place IS the right one to use, and what does the nomination chart mean? See next….3…it will take a day or two – I’m still thinking about it! Comments would be welcome….I’m just trying this to see how it works.

I would pick Brentwood, CA as the birthplace. All the feeds went through there to be broadcast out to the world.


sending prayers for all those affected by the CA fires

Thanks Henri – very cool. It’s great information and another chart to do!

Fyi, it appears my #2 post went into moderation — I presume because I put in too many links. I’ll wait for it to appear from the bone pile, I hope….

We are now getting 2 tropical storms morphing into Cat 1 hurricanes passing through or by New Orleans, with maybe 75-85 mph winds. Marco is coming ashore, about 100 miles from us, on Monday at 1 p.m., and Laura comes ashore on Wed., about 2 p.m. Hope they stay as Cat 1 and don’t strengthen in the Gulf. I sure wish we could move the rain over to Cali.

Jill Biden was born 6/3/51 in Hammonton, NJ.

After watching her speak on Tuesday night, I understand why the Biden family love her so much & I felt that we would have an amazing first lady in her.

There was no birth time I could find but I didn’t look super hard. I did check out her chart myself, though, using a noon time. I think you will find her chart interesting, Barb and everyone else.

kiwi, it’s bad here. I was just in Central California last week. It’s the worst I’ve known. Hundreds of thousands of people are having to flee their homes amid the virus, making everything so much more complicated. Governor Newsom is completely overwhelmed.

Inded Eliseo, the “Times” are moving way too fast for Trump supporters. I also think that a large percent of them don’t want to think about government and politics at all, but rather be entertained, which Trump serves up in spades. I might have voted for him when I was 8 or 9 years old as I did not get interested in politics until I was at least 15. It is decidedly an acquired taste.

She does have an interesting chart Sharon, the good side of Gemini will be a relief from the bad side that Trump has displayed.

She might even welcome the role of 1st lady as she has Eris (don’t you dare ignore me) conjunct her Jupiter in Aries and they square her Uranus in Cancer and sextile her Mars in Gemini!

I’ve been sensing Joe Biden’s strength and appeal is that he is a channel for the wounded healer archetype so I looked up Chiron in his chart and it is conjunct his North Node in Leo. It is interesting also that his Chiron is in direct opposition to the USA Sibley Moon.

And, I’ve been sensing Kamala Harris as his warrior and our Joan of Arc. Her natal Mars is in an exact sextile with the Sibley Mars.

I’m sensing there are archetypal energies Biden and Harris are tapping into: the wisened older mentor with the younger eager apprentice, the wounded healer with the warrior…

Very well put Frank, thank you!

Joe’s Leo Chiron also trines Kamala’s Moon at 27+ Aries (which sextiles her Saturn in Aquarius that conjuncts the US Sibly Moon), and his Chiron sextiles her Sun at 27+ Libra (which trines her Saturn that conjuncts the US Moon). Her Saturn provides the needed structure for the US People (US Moon) to rebuild.

They do have their healthy differences in that Joe’s Jupiter at 25+ Cancer (conjuncy the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer) is T-square Kamala’s Sun opposite Moon.

Undoubtedly they have tapped into archetypal energies as you have perceived, and I believe this whole period of history we are living through will serve as a mythic-like tale, told to children many generations from now, about how societies succomb to temptations that destroy but then rise above them.

Bravo Frank – “I’m sensing there are archetypal energies Biden and Harris are tapping into: the wisened older mentor with the younger eager apprentice, the wounded healer with the warrior…”

my first thought when he picked her – ‘good cop, bad cop’ but you put it so much more eloquently!

As noted above, this continues the search for a proper nomination time for Joe Biden, in 2 parts:

Here is a rundown of the choices for the “correct” nomination time for Biden as DNC Nominee – as you will see, it’s a bit complicated:

1. Biden gets enough votes to go over the top at 10:05 pm (22:05), eastern daylight time, per Politico. At the bottom of the article a note says that at 10:05 p.m., in Charlotte North Carolina, the roll call’s votes put Biden over the top and made him the official Democratic presidential nominee. North Carolina is on eastern time, same as Delaware (GMT-4).


Fox news gives the same time for getting the votes, but the city in the embedded tweet by Andrew Feinberg must be on the west coast as it shows a time of 7:05 pm (assumed pacific time/ GMT-7). This is 3 hours behind the east coast (GMT-4), so the location needs correction.


2. Biden was announced as the official nominee by DNC’s Bennie Thompson located in Jackson, MS, in the central time zone (GMT -5). The announcement is made approximately 10:15-10:20 pm (22:15-22:20) eastern time. In Jackson, this is 09:15-09:20 pm (21:15-22:20). Eastern time agrees with TJ’s post, but the 2 places give slightly different angles in a chart.

What is the time of the announcement by Bennie Thompson? See the video link per below, posted by CNN. At the title “watch the moment”, the video starts with a frozen screen shot of Mr. Thompson that immediately switches to video of Joe and Jill Biden celebrating in a school in Wilmington, Delaware. Then it cuts back to Mr. Thompson for the announcement, and back again to the Bidens, whereupon Joe Biden thanks DNC for his roll call win.

A CNN time stamp appears for 2 fleeting moments. First, it appears at 13 seconds into the video and shows as 10:18 pm ET (eastern time) in Wilmington, when the Bidens are celebrating in the school basement. Next, it cuts to Mr. Thompson’s official announcement. Finally, the time stamp appears again at 1:00 minute into the video and shows 10:19 pm ET, Wilmington, when Biden says, “Thank you very, very much. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you all. It means the world to me and my family, and I’ll see you all on Thursday.” Since the announcement and Biden’s response are so close, 10:18 may be more accurate.

(Question…..is the nomination the time when DNC announces, or the time when Biden accepts?)

Continued from above (tried the post and it went into moderation, too – so the final link is below this post) –

After watching the video numerous times, I think the CNN time stamps are correct for Biden’s part and C-Span inserts the word ‘live’ when the coverage is in real time, which this has. But, Mr. Thompson making the announcement may have been pre-recorded and it does not show ‘live’ on the video. Probably his segment was patched in by the DNC media in Wilmington from an earlier recording. Biden looks up as though he is following something on a screen, taking cues for the clip of Mr. Thompson making the announcement, but was he watching Mr. Thompson in real time, or not? We’ll never know for sure. In any case, 10:18 is close to the DNC’s nomination moment on screen, along with 10:19 for Biden’s response. That’s it, unless someone can produce better times.


CBS also posted a notice at 10:20 pm according to the header (eastern time assumed). Given the above, this would be a bit later than the actual nomination announcement. The gap is likely a media delay.


3. Biden acknowledges the nomination publically in 2 ways: on screen (as above), and he also clearly ACCEPTS it with a tweet a few minutes later (below). The tweet was posted at 7:23 pm (pacific time), or 10:23 pm (22:23) eastern daylight time. He says, “It is the honor of my life to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States of America. #DemConvention.” Presumably, this is the correct time to use for the acceptance. The formal speech on day 4 of the convention is merely a repeat of what is already known to the public, so the first one should be the right one to use (imo).

Link to Joe’s acceptance tweet, 7:23pm PDT:


Azizi Powell,
I’m just now seeing your August 11 posting. As I’m often using my phone to read the blog, and also tend to only read what’s at bottom, I missed your post. Sorry.

It’s true KH was not my first pick, and I was at first disappointed. I really wanted to see her become AG and prosecute to the 10th power Trump and his various criminal enablers.

After having thought about it, I realized KH is not the only “tough as nails” prosecutor who could do the job of AG under a Biden administration. There are several qualified candidates for AG who could run the DOJ, and would be willing to assidously prosecute all the players in the Trump gang.

Post-Selection, I began to see Biden’s strategy, and it makes a great deal of sense to me. KH is a Moderate who swings neither Right or Left. Her obvious talent, plus her Moderation makes her the perfect complement to Biden. Had he chosen EW, Liberals & Progressives would have voted for him more enthusiastically, but they’ll vote for him anyway. EW might have been alienated some moderates, and R’s we need to win. In choosing KH he maintains and strengthens the support of Moderates, R’s, former R’s, Independents, and the Black community. What’s most important now, is beating Trump, driving him out of office asap. If you don’t win, you don’t get to govern. This truly is a life or death moment for our form of government.

Furthermore, I did not know about the close ties between his late son Beau, and Kamala. That makes a real difference in their shared chemistry. As of now, I’m pretty pleased with his selection. I think we’ve got a great team. We ABSOLUTELY MUST elect them, and begin the long, dirty, unpleasant process of the restoration of our Democratic Republic.

Here’s another weird outlier for the uranus election day surprise ….. NASA just announced, tho odds are very remote (.4%), an asteroid headed toward earth calculated to hit the day before the election

marjorie’s latest + comments are food for thought

Beowulfie what a fascinating detective dive you did for the time! I took the 10:19 pm EST that I posted from CNN’s timestamp. Henri’s suggestion of the place being where the broadcast production center was located in Brentwood, CA was a surprise, as I was focused on the physical place of principal people speaking. Beyond any chart for the nomination, I’m wondering about these questions of how to determine time and place in our new virtual life together. Perhaps it’s part of the larger astrological breakdown/transformation of institutions and communications, for which new methods will come into place in the next few years.

Republicans have decided to use the 2016 platform, foregoing the writing of a new one.
I don’t recall this ever happening before.


An electoral statistician had a detailed dream
about election night 2020 in which it initially looked like a repeat of 2016. But as the night/days moved on and the mail-in ballots were counted, Biden flipped state after state from red to blue eventually winning the election by a large electoral college margin. This fellow is IMO an excellent analyst. It does not surprise me he dreamed so vividly the actual math and electoral map.

Was his dream prescient? If his dream becomes true he’ll have to stop calling his website “Let’s Talk Elections” and call it “Let’s Talk Prophecy.”

If you are interested, he presents his dream with the colored changing electoral map and math at YouTube. I Had a Dream About Election Night 2020…Here’s How It Went.

As of today, The Economist reports their calculation for the election.
Chance of winning: Biden 89% Trump 11%.

I have a feeling Trump will NOT get a bump from the RN Convention. If he does, I suspect it will be smaller than normal, but he might actually get a dip in the polls. Despite what Mr. Singh and other astrologers have reported, I have a feeling Trump’s numbers will soon begin bottoming out, and stay there through election day.

From Lorna Bevan:

“One of the key events of 2020 is the Mars/Saturn square and this is exact on Monday August 24th, repeating on September 29th and January 12th 2021. Mars in Aries wants what it wants, right now, whereas Saturn in Capricorn is like an immovable object – everything in its own good time. This is a recipe for frustration, for coming up against authority in its various guises. Mars is all about taking quick, fearless action, whereas Saturn is all about taking responsibility for your actions.


Transiting Ceres made the 2nd of her 3 conjunctions to the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, which squares US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, from August 13 through August 17. The Democratic Party’s Convention started on August 17. Her 3rd US Ceres conjunction, completing the US Ceres Return that starts a new cycle, will take place December 18 through 21, just hours before the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts.

The Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015, that preceded Trump’s June 16, 2015, campaign launch on the escalator, had a plethera of clues to what would be happening in the US, such as the eclipsed Moon at 14+ Libra was conjunct US Saturn + Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno, opposite the transiting Sun at 14+ Aries (conjunct transiting Uranus at 16+ Aries) which transiting Pluto at 15+ Capricorn T-squared as he opposed US Sun at 13+ Cancer, which completed a grand cross for the USA.

So the US Saturn was experiencing an eclipsed Moon conjunction while also in a grand cross with US Sun, trans. Uranus + trans. Sun (consciousness) and trans. Pluto, as Donald Trump’s natal Chiron + Juno was conjunct it too.

Saturn is tough but it can only take so much.

In the lunar eclipse chart of April 24, 2015, Neptune at 8+ Pisces was conjunct US natal Ceres and both squared the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (and as well the start degree of the cycle between Neptune and Pluto also at 8+ Gemini).

In that eclipse chart Ceres herself was at 0+ Aquarius, the degree where Saturn and Jupiter hook up immediately after trans. Ceres makes her 3rd and final conjunction with the US natal Ceres this December. Coincidental? or a Universal plan I wondered. You can’t make this stuff up.

If you see the combination of Neptune (erases boundaries) and Ceres (Nature) as symbolizing the Covid-19 pandemic, as I do, then this lunar eclipse that was conjunct Trump’s Chiron and the US Saturn, and also part of a grand cross that included US Sun and transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto, well, you must view this whole episode (Trump’s reign of terror) as a life lesson for the USA.

On January 12, 2020, transiting Ceres was in the same degree with transiting Saturn and Pluto when their conjunction started a 30+ year cycle. Ceres symbolizes many things, but at that time, and in that conjunction that started a long cycle, she was symbolizing Nature’s rebellion against the many abuses that Humanity has committed against her.

That degree where trans. Ceres joined trans. Saturn and Pluto was 22+ Capricorn which trined the degree of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle at 22+ Taurus and both were trine US Neptune (erases boundaries) at 22+ Virgo, making this last year of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle something for the record book. That grand trine swept us all up in the scare of the century, the pandemic that has killed 177K and counting in the USA. Nothing convinces humans more than fear.

A lot of people will vote based on their fear this November. I believe that was part of the plan. Saturn (security) in the lunar eclipse chart (when set in Washington DC) of April 4, 2015, was at 4+ Sagittarius retrograde and conjunct Joe Biden’s natal ascendant at 3+ Sagittarius. Such is the influence of lunar eclipses.

About that, I don’t think the demonstrations that included some looting (no matter who started it) and calls to defund the police won the Democrats any fans. I hope Joe comes out with a strong plan to eradicate the virus and build the economy and talks it up repeatedly.

Separately, with the U.S. Uranus at 8+ gemini (in the 7th house in the Sag rising chart), and Jill’s mars conj sun there, she will make an interesting first lady bringing creative, original, progressive changes (but not too controversial as she appears to be more of a traditionalist). With her cancer venus and academic background, she will probably be involved in improving and motivating education.

Beth Owl’s daughter:

“Slow down and step away when need be from the poisonous drama we will surely be steeped in for the next 70 days.

Building and strengthening a network of happiness is the source for a prosperous harvest and true wealth in a changing world.

Invite the Graces to all your gatherings and then raise a glass and be glad of your alliances with beloved people who understand and support you, as you do them. Let beauty, truth, and good be sung, through every land, by every tongue.

Because love and friendship are life’s deepest, sweetest gifts, and the only authentic, effective way forward.”


‘Jerry Falwell Jr. Resigns as Leader of Liberty University’

“Jerry Falwell Jr., one of the most prominent evangelical supporters of President Trump, resigned on Monday from his position as president and chancellor of Liberty University, following weeks of mounting scrutiny of his private life.

Mr. Falwell had been on leave since Aug. 7, after an uproar over a photograph he posted to Instagram that depicted him with his pants partially unzipped and his arm around a woman he later said was his wife’s assistant.

On Monday, a business associate named Giancarlo Granda alleged in an interview with Reuters that he had regular sexual liaisons for years with Mr. Falwell and his wife, Becki, after meeting the couple as a 20-year-old pool attendant at a luxury hotel in Miami in 2012.

The Falwells and Mr. Granda later became business partners, with the couple offering Mr. Granda a share in a Miami youth hostel that they helped their son Trey invest $4.7 million in the next year.


Today’s Mars-Saturn square underlines the gravity of the moment. The Postmaster General basically dared the House to stop his destruction of the Post Office and the breakdown of the electoral process. And the reality-show President opened his infomercial convention, further degrading American democracy. Congresswoman Jackie Speier advised voters to send their ballots early to leave a paper trail and curtail Russian meddling. I wish it had not come to this.

This is the first of three Mars-Saturn squares. The next one will be on September 29, the night of the first debate which should be sobering. The last will be in early January after Mars and Saturn change signs. That square will be coupled with the Mars-Uranus conjunction on Inauguration Day. Those Mars aspects will bring home the major challenges that will face the Biden Administration under the Saturn-Uranus square.

I finally got around to reading the Twelfth Amendment, which applies if neither candidate wins 270 electoral votes because of the pandemic or widespread chaos. Contrary to my initial impression, the rule that the House selects the President with one vote per state is part of the Constitution. But that vote would be taken by the next House and by then perhaps Democrats will have regained a majority of state legislatures. I understand they currently have 24.

Perhaps a Supreme Court decision in December will throw the election to the House in January. I believe this story ends well, but the most frightening and dramatic chapter is still ahead of us. We may all be experts of the Twelfth Amendment in January.

I like that there is a mars/uranus conjunction in the inauguration chart (in Taurus). To me, that means this administration will fight for change and will build the economy using a broad consensus. What do you all think?


If I’m reading it right, in an election thrown to the House of Representatives, each state’s delegation to the House takes a vote, majority rules. That state casts 1 vote for X. If the delegation votes end in a tie, the state doesn’t cast a vote. Majority of states’ votes is President.

But I don’t see anything that says a state delegation is required to vote for the candidate their state’s voters chose. Presumably, if you had a majority of Democrats in your House delegation, they’d cast a vote for the Democrat, but no rule says they must.

And because there can be ties … geez. That opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Teresa Hill, I believe that in addition to the Twelfth Amendment there is a 19th century law that requires the state delegation in the House to cast its vote according to the result certified by the state. This law could be changed by the next Congress if it can overcome Trump’s veto.

I understand that in 1876, the last election thrown to the House, there were different state certifications coming from the legislature and the governor or secretary of state. In the end, a compromise was reached just before Inauguration. In essence, the Republican took office but had to apply the Democrats’ program. Democrats were racist then, and that is how Reconstruction ended. I hope a similar outcome will be avoided in January.

Sharon K, the Mars-Uranus conjunction will be square the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, which will make things more difficult. Also, the conjunction will be in the 12th house if the usual time for the oath of office is maintained. Biden has his Sun in the 12th as did Bush 43. Much will be going on behind the scenes.

I like your interpretation of the Mars/Uranus conjunction Sharon, It will T-square the US North Node (path forward) in Leo and the US South Node (no longer useful) in Aquarius, that transiting Jupiter in Aquarius conjuncts. This will force a decision which, with the Mars-Uranus conjunction in earth sign Taurus, could be about climate change.

There will be another conjunction on Inauguration Day between Neptune and Ceres at 18+ Pisces, 2 degrees away fron Joe’s natal Ceres. More to follow.

Sharon K,
I hope your interpretation of the Mars/Uranus conjunction is more correct, but I have doubts. For me personally, Mars/Uranus conjunctions have usually turned out badly, especially during the 1990’s.

Did you know that John Lewis, born on February 21, 1940, had natal Chiron at 14+ Cancer conjunct US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer?

Marjorie Orr:


Ja, you post great links. Thank you. The Trumps really are reminiscent of Dallas and Dynasty.

BarbK, John Lewis, another Wounded Healer for our nation?

Precisely Frank, fits him to a T doesn’t it?

Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissman now on MSNBC: “This is really serious. This is not a bit of hidden income. There are allegations that Eric Trump and the Trump Organization did not report $100 million in income. And that’s just one allegation.“


Thank you, Banks. Here is a post from Lorna Bevan for the month ahead.
“Outwardly, the next weeks are likely to be chaotic. You may feel overwhelmed at times by the continuous
dismantling, the crashes and clashes. But there is purpose to this time. And it is all about reconnecting
you to your Agency through a new Superpower – the power to create outcomes when you don’t have
direct influence on events.
Since early March and the global Stop and Desist Order of the pandemic, the physical restrictions and the
financial, emotional and mental effects have installed a sense of powerlessness/helplessness in all but the
most resilient. This was doubled down on by Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus, Mercury and
Venus all traveling retrograde for months.
September marks the turning point when you remember that you are at Cause, not at Effect, that, no
matter what is going on around you, you always have choices. Although intense and challenging, these
last few weeks can yield tremendous rewards in your inner growth and self-empowerment. It is going to be
a month of Personal Re-orientation at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Frame it as a
sorting/re-ordering aligning you with the new Resonant Timelines which are all about living from Self, Core
and Personal Power as the old timelines and bandwidths continue to collapse around you.

Love this Lorna Bevan quote, Ja:

“But there is purpose to this time. And it is all about reconnecting
you to your Agency through a new Superpower – the power to create outcomes when you don’t have
direct influence on events.”

Eliseo, Laura looks like it’s coming ashore in the Beaumont, TX area. Glad for you that you’re long gone from there. Nevertheless, may it diminish in strength, and not threaten life or property of those in its path.

Did anyone get nomination time(s) for Donald Trump? Didn’t watch it yesterday.

Need some levity, try this:


Thoroughly enjoyable article, thanks Quintile. Thank goodness there is some respite from the Murdoch press.

Thanks, Ja. It doesn’t sound easy but i’m Optimistic.

Sharon K,
Thanks for your concern. No hurricanes here in the PNW. Much better weather, and better political/cultural climate. My brother and his wife are having to evacuate SE TX. They rounded up all those on probation in SE TX, and put them back in prison, ostensibly to protect them from the hurricane.

Glad your brother is getting out, Eliseo. I hope they don’t have any property damage to go home to.

Sharon K,
They are having to take an odd circuitous route to the property they bought recently in the Bandera area. They’ve not yet sold their property in SE Texas. If they come back to property damage, they’ll be stuck there longer, fixing it for sale.

A friend in Texas who teaches public speaking has been watching the RN convention. He reports he thinks they did better tonight, and will receive a bump in the polls. He hopes he is wrong.

I begin training for my new but temporary job tomorrow at noon. I won’t be teaching, which is what everyone says I do best, but I’ll at least be earning a decent wage for a few weeks.

I’m almost finished with the outline I’ve been working for the last 4 or 5 years for one of my most important science/historical fiction stories. Within a month I’ll be writing dialogue, episodes, characters, and chapters. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time.

May I congratulate Nancy: I just found this from her post from Dec 2016: ‘Also of importance in this picture will be the Saturn transit opposing US Mercury and conjunct US Pluto during 2020, a transit likely to impede and restrict this Plutonian movement toward the accumulation of wealth and power by the financial elite. This Saturn transit, moreover, suggests some challenges and possibly a sharp contraction for the US economy in 2020, as well as a significant loss of support and extreme difficulties for President Trump, since Saturn will also be opposing his Venus (25Cancer44), while Pluto will station opposite his Saturn (23Cancer49) during much of that year.’

In my lifetime, even at the height of the cold war and fears of nuclear annihilation, never IMO have so many Americans been so deeply sad and anxious about the future.

At the beginning of our 1860’s conflict, most were not afraid. We naively thought it would not last long. It wouldn’t be too serious.

When we were attacked on Dec. 7th, 1941, and during the darkest hours of WWII we knew there was no guarantee we would win. We knew we or our loved ones might die far from home. But at least the war was far away from our continental shores.

The Cuban missile crisis was scary, especially to those of us who lived within range of the missiles. A threat from beyond our shores, it portended possible personal death.

But that is not as scary as the possibility of having to live every day without freedom, in an actual and unimaginably real fascist dictatorship, as the infection spreads, in great numbers we die alone and isolated, and sink into a 21st century depression as possibly deep as was that of the 1930’s.

Both Democrats and Republicans at their respective conventions have sincerely framed our political contest in very stark existential terms. Both sides believe if the other side wins, it will be the end of our great and noble experiment. Regardless of who wins, can civil war be far behind?

“ELECTION. I have been working with fixed stars for my new book and wondered what stars are active in Trump and Biden’s charts.
Trump has the powerful 1st magnitude star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion (at 29 Leo when he was born), on his ascendant. This is one of the 4 royal stars and promises glory, riches and power to those born under its influence and that has come true for Trump. But like all planets and stars, such influences come with a caveat if power is misused. Then under the Law of Karma come serious repercussions.

Biden has the 1st magnitude star Antares, the Heart of the Scorpion, just off his ascendant at 9 Sagittarius, but it is active in his persona by the opposition to Saturn at 9 Gemini. Antares is the most powerful military star and gives honour and victory if activated positively; defeat and disgrace if misused. On his Saturn-descendant that represents Trump, his ‘open enemy’ in the election, is another great military star Aldebaran (9 Gemini). But the ancients noted that those under Antares usually succeeded over their Aldebaran opponents. It will be most interesting to see if this holds true.
On the day of the election, Trump’s solar-arc Uranus is at 29 Leo, parked on Regulus, indicating that a brilliant and radical battle plan could still see Trump succeed on the day despite the polls. Biden on the other hand has his MC at 9 Sagittarius, parked on Antares, promising professional victory.”

Leoni Hodgson FB Page

Thanks Eliseo. The scares we had in the 1860’s and in 1941 and even the Cuban missle crisis, was before the cable TV news channels were available and before smart phones/Internet were available.

Back in 1860 we all got our news by pony express, and in 1941 by radio, and in the Cuban missle crisis in the 1960’s we mostly got news from 3 or fewer TV sources, a single newspaper and a handful of radio stations, and they were not so conflicted as they are now. For the most part, we as a whole, trusted our news sources.

Not so much anymore. News sources have ulterior motives to slant the news to favor one viewpoint over another, rather than the old tried and true unbiased reporting that newspapers used to be famous for.

It seems that news reporting – symbolically a Gemini thing – isn’t always so concerned about truth as it once was, at least in the US. It has become a vehicle that caters to the bias of groups such as political parties.

In doing so, the “news” often encourages fear of “the other”, encouraging a divide between people whose opinions differ.

It seems to me that the US natal Pluto that opposes the US natal Mercury could be the root cause for so much angst presently, and perhaps the US Pluto Return will unearth and expose this unhealthy practice.

Fear of the unknown can be diminished through increased consciousness, by exposing the ignorant to truth at an early age; truth that challenges rumors and folklore passed down through families.

With progressed Mercury, arriving at 21+ Aquarius trine US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini it signals an opportunity to work on this challenge. Perhaps the next Mercury (grade school) Jupiter (higher education) conjunction on January 11, 2021, at 5 Aquarius 15 will instigate such a program.

The chart for that new Mercury-Jupiter cycle has the North Node (path forward) in Gemini (grade school), and a Moon (nurture) trine Mars (action), and that Mars squares Saturn (patterns in place).

That Saturn (patterns in place) recently will have started a new cycle with Jupiter (expand) at 0+ Aquarius that was sextile Juno (partnership) at 0+ Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter), and their sextile (Saturn+Jupiter and Juno) formed a Yod with Elizabeth Warren’s natal Sun-Uranus (Uranus = breakthrough).

Warren’s Sun-Uranus at 0+ Cancer will be pushed to make an adjustment of some kind, due to the pressure of this Jupiter-Mercury cycle (all about education) and the sextile they made with Juno. Elizabeth always has a plan just waiting to be initiated.

Does it make sense for someone to look at Jill Biden’s chart for Election Day and Inauguration Day?

Many Thanks! Very Interesting!
Gradually, we’ve allowed our predatory propensities, and our greed, (our chief process addiction) to dominate us.
Unregulated and poorly regulated capitalism foments both. The removal of the old Fairness Doctrine opened the door, as was predicted at the time, to what is unfolding before us now.

If our democracy finds it’s way out of this alive, we’ll all be very lucky.

Banks, On Election Day Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn (21-26 Cap) will form a grand trine with Jill’s natal Mercury in Taurus and her Saturn in Virgo, while her Venus in Cancer (that conjuncts Joe’s Jupiter) exactly opposes transiting Saturn (that conjuncts Pluto that conjuncts Jupiter).

For Jill, this is a grand trine which her Venus turns into a Kite pattern which designates Saturn (stability, achievement) as the focus of the grand trine energy which means everything is under control, at least for Jill!

sending prayers your way Sharon – I see Laura has strengthened

Thank you so much, kiwi! I was just coming on here to tell everyone to PRAY for those along the coast as they will be the victims of the wind and surge. We here in NOLA are supposed to be okay and may get some tropical storm effects but the wind and rain estimates look tame by comparison. Some areas of NOLA (such as around Lake Pontchatrain) will get storm surge but not most. Someone posted this on DU. It is a VERY formidable storm.

Hurricane Laura updates: Storm now Category 4, ‘unsurvivable storm surge’ expected

Laura is a Category 4 hurricane with “unsurvivable storm surge” expected insome areas, according to the National Weather Service.

Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage from Sea Rim State Park, Texas, to Intracoastal City, Louisiana, including Calcasieu and Sabine Lakes,” the NWS said in a statement. “This surge could penetrate up to 30 miles inland from the immediate coastline. Only a few hours remain to protect life and property and all actions should be rushed to completion.”

Parts of eastern Texas and western Louisiana are forecast to see “catastrophic wind damage,” especially in places where the storm’s eyewall makes landfall, the NWS said. Residents are urged to brace for “widespread damaging wind gusts” that will spread well inland across parts of those areas early Thursday morning.

We must keep praying for CA, CO and other areas that have wildfires as well!

BarbK, thanks for the info on Jill Biden. I’m taking that as good news. Interesting that her Venus conjunction his Jupiter in Caccer. That would seem to account for a lot of empathy, compassion and patriotism for both of them based on the little that I know about astrology.

To those affected by Hurricane Laura and/or the California fires, you have my prayers.

The wrath of Laura is frightening in its fury and I pray people in the area where she lands have heeded the evacuation warning.

Hurricanes, volcanoes, drouts, floods and earthquakes have been part of living on this planet since the beginning of time, and so far, the best we can do is get out of the way. Even with a head start we still lose homes and other buildings, as well as material belongings that can shatter our way of life and our illusions. Insurance coverage can only do so much.

Astrology has noted over centuries that, symbolically, Pluto destroys in order to rebuild or rebirth what has become diseased or contaminated, and when we see Pluto in a chart aspecting another astrological point we know some form of death/rebirth will transpire, and so it was that when transiting Pluto was conjunct transiting Saturn last January they were trine the US natal Neptune. Neptune is associated with dreams and with water among other things.

Transiting Pluto and Saturn were also trine transiting retrograde Sedna at 26+ Taurus at that time, and in the Sedna myth she drowned because she placed her own safety in the faith she had in her father. The result of Sedna’s drowning brought about her transformation into a goddess of the sea.

While I don’t believe astrology causes things to happen, I believe it can guide us to understand how to deal with and prepare for challenging times.

The August 18 New Moon at 26+ Leo was opposite the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius which was T-squared by transiting Sedna at 28+ Taurus and transiting Mars at 24+ Taurus.

The suggestion that the US People (US Moon) would be challenged by the force (squared by Mars) of water (squared by Sedna) at the time of the New Moon in Leo, that opposed the US natal Moon in Aquarius, was there in the August 18 New Moon chart.

Transiting Sedna moves at a snail’s pace and will remain in a square to US Moon (US people), while it trines the US natal Pluto (transformation or death/rebirth) for quite a while. That Sedna was trine the Pluto and Saturn conjunction tells us that she will be part of the 30+ year cycle of Saturn and Pluto, just like Ceres (nature) – who was conjunct the Saturn and Pluto conjunction – will be.

Saturn symbolizes structures and Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth so, from astrology we know that Ceres and Sedna will partake of that rebirthing process and we will understand why tragedies must be part of that process to get to the core of the hidden contamination.

It will be part of exposing what Eliseo calls our “predatory propensities” and our “greed” that lies deep within the structures of government and businesses, and will kill us all if we don’t eliminate it now.

How Covid 19 Signals the End of the American Era

“The American president lives to cultivate resentments, demonize his opponents, validate hatred. His main tool of governance is the lie; as of July 9th, 2020, the documented tally of his distortions and false statements numbered 20,055. If America’s first president, George Washington, famously could not tell a lie, the current one can’t recognize the truth. Inverting the words and sentiments of Abraham Lincoln, this dark troll of a man celebrates malice for all, and charity for none.

Odious as he may be, Trump is less the cause of America’s decline than a product of its descent. As they stare into the mirror and perceive only the myth of their exceptionalism, Americans remain almost bizarrely incapable of seeing what has actually become of their country. The republic that defined the free flow of information as the life blood of democracy, today ranks 45th among nations when it comes to press freedom. In a land that once welcomed the huddled masses of the world, more people today favor building a wall along the southern border than supporting health care and protection for the undocumented mothers and children arriving in desperation at its doors. In a complete abandonment of the collective good, U.S. laws define freedom as an individual’s inalienable right to own a personal arsenal of weaponry, a natural entitlement that trumps even the safety of children; in the past decade alone 346 American students and teachers have been shot on school grounds.”


“The American cult of the individual denies not just community but the very idea of society. No one owes anything to anyone. All must be prepared to fight for everything: education, shelter, food, medical care. What every prosperous and successful democracy deems to be fundamental rights — universal health care, equal access to quality public education, a social safety net for the weak, elderly, and infirmed — America dismisses as socialist indulgences, as if so many signs of weakness.”

much more:


Looks like an interesting article, Will. I never liked Libertarianism, and I don’t like socialism either, but let’s just see people try to get along without good governance. They would be at each others’ throats — like they are now! The Republicans have really done a number on people’s heads, brainwashing them about all of this.

It’s so unbelievable and, I guess, uranian. Yesterday they predicted 105 mph winds for Laura and by today, it’s 150.

I’m a little more than an hour, an hour and a half from where Hurricane Laura is coming in. New Orleans is two hours to the east of us. Jan and I are in Breaux Bridge, at home. We expect to be safe. Just sixty to eighty miles to the west, however, people are told to evacuate in advance of “unsurvivable surge.” I really hope they heed the order.

Here we are expecting winds to 35, gusts to 50, with a possibility of winds into the tropical storm range. This could mean roof damage, tree limbs a-flying, but certainly means a lot to clean up in the yard in the next few days. Rain and flooding is not expected to be a danger. We are on the highest land in our town and it did not flood in 1927 and hasn’t since. And we are two-three feet above the ground.

We are likely to lose power. No wifi, but data should work. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, the cell towers got creamed and the power’s out, too. Don’t worry.

Prayers for our Louisiana and Texas neighbors, for California, for the Iowans who lost so much with much higher winds and no notice. Prayers for our country. But don’t worry about us.

not sure if related to all this uranian energy but the nz stock market has been shut down for the 2nd time in as many days due to very sophisticated cyberhacking – criminal source as yet unknown, investigation continues . . . .

Did the hackers steal any stock, kiwi, or just create confusion?

So glad to hear that you are safe, and will be high and dry, Gina. The good thing about the storm is that it’s moving pretty fast at 15 mph so it will be outta here faster than most.

Yes, prayers for our country…

Sharon, not sure, just disruption I think. This article is from yesterday. Situation not resolved, just shut down again this afternoon for the 3rd time

coincidentally, the far right wing mosque shooter got sentenced today – life without parole. NZ has no death penalty.

I think we can now ascertain at least one of the reasons why the astrology indicates Trump’s trouble and declining popularity later in September.

At the in person portion of the RN convention they are not wearing masks. The R’s are potentially exposing a number of vulnerable people to the virus. It won’t be long before the news will be reporting on those who attended, but now have the virus and are dying.

Dems, the Lincoln Project, RVAT, and the other ex-R groups against Trump will be able to point out how callous the R’s have been to get their man elected. The way they are conducting their convention amounts to depraved indifference.

Also! The numbers change every day but continue in Biden’s and Dems favor. The Economist now reports 98% chance Biden will win the popular vote, and 89% he’ll win the electoral college vote.

“Prayers for our Louisiana and Texas neighbors, for California, for the Iowans who lost so much with much higher winds and no notice. Prayers for our country. But don’t worry about us.”

All of the above, Gina, but prayers for you too.

The list of anti-Trump/pro-Biden prominent Republicans keeps growing!

Ex-McCain, Bush and Romney staffers endorse Biden, joining Republicans bucking Trump

I find this interesting; on the day we all voted for Hillary, November 8, 2016, transiting Chiron (healing via wounding) was at 20 Pisces 54 retrograde and square US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and T-square Trump’s Sun in Gemimi (conjunct US Mars) and his Moon in Sagittarius.

However, on that same day transiting Uranus at 21+ Aries retrograde was conjunct the US NATAL Chiron at 20+ Aries and they both were sextile US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini and trine Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius. It shocked Trump (and everyone else) that he had won.

Fast forward to the July 2020 US Solar Return (and the lunar eclipse a few hours later) and it is now transiting Neptune (it was all an illusion) at 20 Pisces 55 (where Chiron was in the 2016 election) that SQUARES US natal Mars in Gemini and T-squares Trump’s natal Moon in Sagittarius and his Sun in Gemini.

This time there is no support (trines/sextiles) for Trump’s Sun/Moon in this US solar return chart, but transiting Chiron at 9+ Aries DOES trine Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo, while at the same time transiting Uranus in this US Solar Return at 9+ Taurus squares his natal Pluto in Leo. Chiron trines his Pluto while Uranus squares his Pluto. Think about it; once again, the teamwork of transiting Chiron and Uranus make things happen.

What gave Trump a sense of adoration (US natal Chiron/wounds + trans. Uranus/shocking breakthrough, sextile/trine his natal Sun/Moon) from the 2016 election has been taken away by the onset of the US 2020 Solar Return + a lunar eclipse thrown in for good measure.

While the Uranus (shock and breakthrough) at 9+ Taurus in the 2020 US solar return chart SQUARES Trump’s Pluto in Leo now, it also trines the US Solar Return Moon (the People) at 9+ Capricorn.

To make matters worse for Trump, the Uranus in Taurus and the Moon in Cap in the US Solar Return chart both trine the MC (aka the Outcome) in Virgo in said chart.

I believe this grand trine in the US Solar Return chart exemplifies the People taking matters into their own hands come this next election, and removing Trump from office (solar return Uranus square Trump’s Pluto). Poof; he’s gone!

There is no illusion this time, barbk!

Isn’t Jackson in California? I hope he’s ok.

Just a quick word of caution. Marjorie Orr’s website has been hacked and is probably not safe to visit right now.

So far so good in California near Santa Barbara; endured a very high heat wave all last week and this week; sometimes Internet interruptions and wifi-fade. Everyone is conserving with threat of having power turned off. When I landed a week ago today in Los Angeles, even the people-moving walkways were turned off and cordoned off as part of an overall energy conservation effort.


I can hardly deny you a bump of enthusiasm regarding the Biden vote, but I won’t rest a moment until the votes and tallies are in and certified.

Matt – shes been writing a lot of damning globally corrupt linked articles of late – I wonder if that’s a coincidence?

Before visiting the site again, check first to see if it’s safe, there are lots of online tools but this one seems simple. Right now it shows a certificate mismatch and the security credentials registered to a tattoo site:

Will, thanks so much for that link to the Rolling Stone article. Man it tells it like it is!

Thank you, Margriet. I’m OK. I’m in Lodi, 35 miles south of Sacramento and about 90 miles due east of San Francisco. It’s been hellishly hot here for weeks but is cooling down, and the air has been filled with smoke for days but it is tolerable now. I work from home and I pretty much have been staying indoors.

Wel!, thank goddess THAT’s over!

will, thanks for the link to the Rolling Stone story.

Glad you’re safe Jackson 🙂

So that’s 3 of us in CA: Will, Jackson & Ja. Anyone else? Praying that the fires are extinguished quickly.

May everyone be safe…and, as Gina & Eliseo said, “Prayers for American”.

“but I won’t rest a moment until the votes and tallies are in and certified.”

I think we are all in that boat with you, Will. Despite any positive astrological interpretations, we can’t dismiss the possibility DJT & company will successfully steal the election.

The 2nd of her 3 conjunctions with US natal Ceres on August 14 has transiting Ceres in a chart that has Neptune in 3 defining aspect patterns:

1. Neptune in Pisces square the Moon (People) in Gemini

2. Neptune sextile the midpoint between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn

3. The Yod created by the above sextile with the Sun + Mercury in Leo in the apex

It speaks to the (1) confusion of the US people, the (2) increaseing death toll from Covid 19 in the US,
and (3) the falsity of what the US President speaks.

This trans. Ceres conjunct US Ceres chart also has Mars in Aries square Pluto, while at the same time Mars is trine Sun + Mercury, which speaks to the police violence being protested by citizens, which is raising the consciousness of others through the media coverage of the protests.

As transiting Ceres prepares to station direct in October and complete her 3rd and final conjunction with US natal Ceres in December, starting the new US Ceres Return (not unlike the US Pluto Return), these very aspects will factor into the game plan for the new Ceres cycle, a cycle that dovetails with the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that follows. All is not in vain.

We’ve been focused on OUR hurricanes and storms, but have paid little attention to the weather in China. Typhoon Bavi has ripped through NE China with extremely high winds and high waters. 23% of Chinese grain is produced in that region. Since June the Yangtze river has had 5 floods, destroying the farmland in 27 provinces in their most productive agricultural region. Their soy, corn, rice and other grains are rotting and smelling pretty badly.

More than half of China’s farmland will not harvest this year. In 2020 alone, they’ve had abnormally large snowstorms, huge floods, and devastating sandstorms, locust events and earthquakes. Now the typhoon!

None of this bodes well for Chinese citizens, nor for geopolitics in the coming few months. They are dependent on 2 sources for their food, their NE agricultural region and the US.

Thomas Kaine @thomaskaine5

HUGE STORY not getting much press. First time in USA history, the USA gov’t controls stock prices. The Fed and Mnuchin are buying $1,250,000,000,000 (yep Trillions) of corporate bonds resulting in spikes in the stock prices of those companies.”

“Margaret, I know you didn’t watch the shit show this week, so I did. We pride ourselves on being informed so I suffered through it for the both of us. Here is what you missed:

Night One: Land of Heroes – Evidently most heroes are white and scream a lot.

Night Two: Land of Promise – The GOP promises that if you vote for Donald, you will never, ever have a black person as a next door neighbor. Plus! Melania promises that the guy who left his first two wives and then cheated on her will never, ever lie to you.

Night Three: Land of Opportunity – Given the opportunity, Mike and Karen Pence would probably tell me to my face that they are more Christian than I. Pencegives an amazing speech while simultaneously crawling up Trump’s ass. Also, Donald Trump really didn’t hug his kids enough… if at all.

Night Four: Land of Great Asshats – Ben Carson put a cup of coffee to sleep. In the land of greatness if you stay out past curfew, some white guy also out past curfew gets to shoot you. It’s in the constitution. Oh and, Trump lied.

Basically, the theme of the week is that only Donald Trump can save us from the mess that Donald Trump made. However, it had an interesting…,


In the 2020 US Solar Return chart and the same day lunar eclipse chart the asteroid Eurydike is at 22+ Gemini conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini.

Eurydike symbolizes what is lost and gone forever.

SharonK, another Californian here living in San Francisco. No fires here but the smoke is horrible. Yesterday the wind and fog blew it eastward but as of this morning the winds changed and our morning fog is mixed with smoke. It is both eerie and heartbreaking. I dont know if this is true bc I haven’t read any articles about it but I heard that the state govt is partnering up with some of the tribes here which have a history of fire management through controlled burns to mitigate future wildfires.

A comment from the nyt’s this morning:

“The best moment of this charade known as the Republican National Convention was its last moment, because it was its last moment, as in fini, the end. Similarly, the best moment of this ongoing American Tragedy, otherwise known as the Trump Presidency, will be its last moment (currently scheduled for 11:59 AM on January 20, 2021). “

Angellight, OMG that Margaret and Helen piece (I guess Helen in this one). Thanks for sharing that!!

Matt M, thanks for info about Marjorie Orr’s site. I was wondering what was up, if it was really hacked. The site now looks like it’s safe but having work done.
Jackson, good to know you’re ok!
Everyone, take care of yourselves!

Ja and Kiwi, Kim has a new video out this morning. Very interesting and, for me, uplifting. She sees Elizabeth Warren perhaps as Secretary of Education and the AG as a man not currently in government but who will be very tough on Trump. My hope is that it’s Pareet Bharara. She definitely sees DJT, Jr. and Jared in jail. I must say I find Jared a real piece of work…..”it’s nice that the NBA players have jobs where they can afford to take a night off”.

Frank, Jackson, Will, Ja and any others in CA now have my very deepest sympathies. I particularly cry for the wildlife. It is a very disturbing situation and I cannot understand why we don’t have the technology to prevent this! For example, to keep the driest areas somehow irrigated against these spontaneous eruptions.

Who is Thomas Kaine, the source of your HUGE STORY above? The info could possibly be true but it looks to me like he got that info from somebody else’s tweet.

Checked on star4cast and the articles are from 2016 so the site isn’t ready quite yet.

Banks, thank you for the latest on Kim. Have you ever watched Lena Rodriguez? She has some predictions for September that I appreciated hearing about.


I think I want to see Trump Jr in prison even more than Sr (and of course, I definitely want to see Sr. behind bars). He’s such a smarmy, entitled little prick. The epitome of entitlement, owing everything to the name he was born under, although it’s actually not saying much. But that tribe of grifters certainly makes the grab for every last ounce they can get their fingers on.

And of course Jr is a Capricorn.

Them goats be fallin’ off that mountain here soon.


Stock Prices –

Linda G has been referring to this often in the past few months- money being poured in to stock market ( maybe Munchin?)

but I have no idea the source or true —

“HUGE STORY not getting much press. First time in USA history, the USA gov’t controls stock prices. The Fed and Mnuchin are buying $1,250,000,000,000 (yep Trillions) of corporate bonds resulting in spikes in the stock prices of those companies.””


just did a google and found this


interesting take on 2020 election by Jessica Adams – robin hood energy wins

Lightening has been the cause of some of the huge fires this month in CA. So very unpredictable to track.

Also from fire scientist LeRoy Westerling:

“climate change has worsened wildfire danger in that the jet stream — the river of air that moves storms and daily weather — slows down and weather gets stuck, often with dry periods.
Which means that California can lose maybe two of its five or six important rains. And in other years, with the jet stream stuck in a wet pattern, a couple of extra storms hit California and can prompt explosive growth of plants that dry into fuel.”

They have to find a way to keep it wet, ja. I’m sure there is a way!

Just istened to Jessica Adams who kiwi just posted and Lena Rodriguez, who Ja posted above. Both seem to agree with Mr. Singh, that Sept./Oct. bring a downfall for the Trumps. Should be interesting to watch but, like Will, I’m not making any assumptions here no matter what I hear. (Adams is interesting in that she looks at the uncommon chart for the Republican Party, but the one that matches it’s fortunes when rectified with historical events, and enumerates the shocks Uranus will bring it — ultimately equalizing things more in htis country — her take is that Robin Hood wins!)

nobody is talking about Barron, out of a sense of respect no doubt, but he sure looks like an unhappy kid.

Two Interesting indicators:

(A) Many of the R’s up for election find themselves between a rock and a very hard place. If they complain about or criticize Trump, they risk his wrath and punishment, the rejection of his base, and the loss of monies for reelection. If they don’t, they risk rejection by the majority of the voters in their districts. Quite a corner they’ve painted themselves into.

(B) TV Ratings for the Dem convention were significantly higher than those for the R convention. Furthermore, the 2020 R convention ratings were lower than their 2016 ratings.

the worry I have – if dems dont find a way to stop the vandalism PDQ, Trump will leverage his narrative. Are they paid provocateurs?
Re the kid that shot those 2 people, claimed he was stopping looters – they were white. Very little info on who they were?

BREAKING: In a late-Friday filing, Trump and
@GOP ask Federal Court to BLOCK the counting of mail-in ballots cast in Pennsylvania via drop boxes, that lack inner envelops, or have been delivered via third party.

This assault on voting rights will fail!

Sometimes when I see “Summer into Fall” I think of more peaceful times when the phrase would just recall sunflowers and apples and schoolbooks, not a pandemic and white supremacists and would-be dictators stealing an election.

Anyway, thought I’d share this cheerful link I saw this morning that made things better if only for a few minutes. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=-g4UWvcZn5U

From Marjorie:

Apologies for absence
Posted: 29th August 2020
Oops, irksome site collapse after a Denial of Service assault meant it had to be taken off line. I can’t think I’m important enough to be targeted deliberately tho’ it did cross my mind it might be Trumpy-ites getting irked by the jackal pack pic. More likely random. Now upscaled firewall in place and final … Read more


Les, I cannot thank you enough for that happy link. I listened and watched several times and sent to family and friends. It really lifted my spirits and I loved seeing Frank Gehry and YoYo Ma, Tim Robbins and others taking part. Thank you. We need more of that.

Perhaps Biden should follow this advice https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/29/michael-moore-donald-trump-repeat-2016-warning

I have 3 dates for the Republican Party birth, one on Oct 12, 1853, one on March 20, 1854, and one on July 6, 1854.

The 1st one has Uranus at 11+ Taurus, the 2nd one has Uranus at 10+ Taurus and the 3rd one has Uranus at 15+ Taurus. We can assume, I suppose, that the Republican Party is having or will have its Uranus Return this year, or next year, or the year after that.

The US had its Uranus Return on May 30, 1944, one week before D-Day, aka the Normandy Invasion. I assume that was a shock for somebody. One year later in May, 1945, Germany surrendered to the Western Allies.

Later, when transiting Mars was conjunct US natal Uranus, the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan in August and the Japanese surrendered by the end of August, 1945.

Transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Uranus on US Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2021, and transiting Mars will conjunct US natal Uranus on March 19, 2021, as will the transiting Moon. I’ll be noting those events on my new 2021 calendar, just so’s I won’t be caught off guard.

I don’t see my response to your Republican party birth date post above, Barb, so maybe it’s in moderation because the url I included isn’t acceptable yet? Kiwi posted Jessica Adam’s article about this above. Jessica goes with the 10/12/1853 date and rectifies some historical events to back it up.

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for the concerns for Californians. The heat has just today lightened up and we were able to eat al fresco quite comfortably. The smoke from the fires has been steadily dissipating over the last few days and there is some decent visibility today in the Topa Topa Mountains.

Mother Nature does her thing with lightening bolts and they sometimes have and do start these horrid fires. There isn’t a great deal we can do other than some controlled back burning. The wildlife is probably much more adept at fleeing than we bipeds. If we denude the hillsides, the rains will wash them and anything built on them away. Fires and floods and earthquakes are just part of the deal here.

Back to Chicago tomorrow to monstrous heat and humidity. 0, Fortuna with Mars in Aries through the first week of January. We need to take it in stride. I’ve been inside almost every day here except for today. Any reprieve is a reprieve.

Best to all.

Thanks for letting me know that, Will. I’m beginning to hear that the smoke is subsiding a little. Have a safe trip back to Chicago and stay cool & healthy. Maybe the mars retro in Aries will help cool things off, emotionally & climate wise.

Dear All,
Re: Covid 19
Received this from a friend and found it so clearly written that I wish to share. I am sorry–very long–don’t know how to do this; will not accept word file. Any Ideas?

canadian interviewed on nz tv – ‘end of an american era’

Thanks Sharon, my money is on that one, 10/12/53, so the Uranus Return is coming to the Pubs next year most likely. I see the US Uranus Return in 1944 as having to do with service (6th house) and multi-tasking (Gemini) and explosive (Uranus). With the Pubs it will be about material values (Taurus) exploding (Uranus) in some manner (house?) we can assume.

surprising insight – interview with cory booker 2yrs ago – lets hope there are lots more civic leaders with his ethos waiting in the wings.
‘civic spiritual evolution’

Step by step 45 moves us toward fascism. I keep wondering if and when our military might intervene. The majority of our generals and admirals support democracy, and disdain Mr. T for the cowardly, dishonest, dishonorable, incompetent, bully he truly is.

Trump administration unleashes a new effort to undermine election integrity
Analysis by Maeve Reston, CNN 
Sun August 30, 2020

CNN)There are already concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election with an intelligence official warning earlier this month that Russia, China and Iran are all seeking to interfere in the presidential contest this fall.

The Trump administration created more fears about that possibility this weekend when, as first reported by CNN, it informed members of Congress that the intelligence chief will no longer brief them in person on election security issues. It was yet another attack by the Trump administration on democratic institutions and the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution, but also — as one of the Senate’s only two independent senators argued Saturday — an insult to the American people.

On its own, the notification from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that the office would no longer brief Congress in person might seem like an esoteric issue to Americans who are struggling to return to normal life as the coronavirus pandemic continues its deadly rampage and millions of US workers have lost their jobs.

But it was the latest in a long list of efforts by Trump and his administration to erode the checks on their power two months from Election Day — efforts that have appeared to have one goal in common: ensuring that the President will be reelected in November.

Rest of story at:

The race is beginning to tighten as it always does, according to CNN, particularly in the battleground states. Michael Moore is warning Trump could win again. It will be nail-biter. Nearly half of American voters support a racist, authoritarian and corrupt President.

There was an important constitutional development yesterday. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said the military would not be the arbiters of the election. I would have preferred him to say the miltary are the guuadians of democracy, and they would step in if it were threatened.

That means the final arbiter is likely to be Chief Justice Roberts in a probable 5-4 decision. I believe he will select Biden in order to preserve democracy. That will make him a marked man for the rest of his life even if he becomes a hero to many.

It also means Biden’s victory will be narrow and forever denied by the right. It could make his government weaker and less effective. His Administration could be confronted with widespread civil unrest and breakdowns of the rule of law in addition to the pandemic and a possible depression.

I don’t have great confidence in the Mars-Uranus conjunction on the day of the Inauguration. It will be square the Sun, which represents the President. The energy of this conjunction may be directed at him rather than emanate from his government.

The conjunction will be square Saturn and Jupiter as well. The Trump Administration also has Mars square Saturn in its Inaugural chart. It certainly has experienced major difficulties, most of them well-deserved and self-created. The addition of Uranus in 2021 will make the problems more explosive. The square to Jupiter may make the Administration over-optimistic but also provide a silver lining to its troubles.

It is best to be wary and prudent, and not to overestimate the effects of a Biden victory in the short term.

Here is a moving eulogy of Christina Rodenbeck’s father


Emma, you can cut and past it here but if it’s very long perhaps you want to do an excerpt or divide it up, as people who read this on their phones have trouble with the thread, the longer it gets.

Ja, I had not heard of Christina Rodenbeck. It was an interesting article: honest and objective. It was hard to get a handle on her own relationship with her father and how she felt about him — he had so many things going on in his life.

It occurs to me that because of pandemic inspired caution, millions of people are
not attending religious services. That means folks are not receiving the encouragement they might normally encounter to “Love thy neighbor.”

Neither are most church/synagogue/temple goers doing Zoom religious meetings. They are just staying home.

As a generalization, the folks who nevertheless ARE attending in-person services are those who are also ignoring covid-19 health protocols, i.e. right wing “true believers.” Although they comprise only about 1/5 of the active US religious community as a whole, they have much influence outside their actual numbers. In those churches, (and they mostly are churches of evangelical and/or fundamentalist orientation) in Orwellian fashion, the universal love messages are turned upside down anyway. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” admonitions fade before strongly inferred messages about the necessity of punishment, and getting EVERYONE to “behave right” so as to prevent G-D from destroying us all, as “HE” did to Sodom and Gomorrha.

The folks who most need encouragement to “Love thy neighbor” and to self-restraint are instead fed false facts, and revved up by Trump and Trump follower pastors to experience dark thoughts and feelings which can lead to self righteously dark actions.

Interesting, the fear and paranoia around Trump stealing this election. The feeling is palpable and seems to be growing by the day.

And also, I don’t see why so many on the left are fearful of this 74 year-old soulless bastard of a POTUS.

All he actually has is his big mouth and his Tweets. So what?

Have you seen him lately? Dude can barely prop himself up on a podium and looks increasingly shaky when he walks.

He’s flabby and out of shape from all the Big Macs and Whoppers he eats. He’s not physically imposing in the least, and doesn’t even have any serious backing by anyone.

Proud Boys?

Gun-toting cosplay soldier wannabes?

Don’t make me laugh.

Putin and Russia don’t count. I’m not saying that they don’t have an apparent interest or stake in the outcome.

I’m also saying that it’s time to put them in their place also and reassert the balance of power here.

Most importantly, GOTV.

And then surround the White House on Nov 4 and refuse to leave until the bastard vacates the premises and turns himself over to federal authorities.

Trump is nothing more than a loudmouth bully. And like all bullies, he’s really nothing more than a coward.

It’s way past time to start handling him like one.


Would anyone know if there are astrological indications of Kamala Harris assuming a leadership position come 2021?

Trump is doing what he did in 2016 – being outrageous so he gets lots of free media coverage – and the social +msm media is falling for it – again, instead of focusing on the dems and downstream races.

Rod Rosenstein curtailed Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia while letting the FBI believe Mueller would handle it, which led the FBI to abandon its own investigation.


I initially thought Rosenstein was one of the good guys. It turns out he was one of the worst.

I always look forward to your comments. You are clearly an intelligent, informed and thoughtful person.

But in the case of DJT, I must respectfully disagree with you. Yes, he is a loudmouth soulless, cowardly, out of shape bully. But he is the POTUS, with all the powers innate to the office. Fears that he might steal the election are not paranoia, but I think rational, reasonable, and evidence based fears.

I agree with you however, presuming he loses, after the election we should surround the White House and refuse to leave until he is gone. I don’t think he will leave voluntarily, or turn himself over to federal authorities. Regardless of the vote tally, I would expect him to declare victory, never concede, and if the SCOTUS says he lost, foment his followers into insurrection.


To be clear, I do understand and acknowledge the paranoia.

I also acknowledge that my post above may have come across as shrugging it off, and the threat of Trump stealing it as a non-issue, when I’m actually certain he will try, and is likely doing so as we speak.

I was just trying to convey that we should not be afraid of Trump and to stand up to him. Not because he won’t try to steal the election, but because he’s a coward and nowhere near as awesomely powerful and unstoppable as he wants us to believe that he is.

“we should not be afraid of Trump and to stand up to him. Not because he won’t try to steal the election, but because he’s a coward and nowhere near as awesomely powerful and unstoppable as he wants us to believe that he is.”

True. I agree with your point, as far as it goes. I’m more concerned as to how our social situation may deteriorate into a period of chaos.

Sharon, Christina Rodenbeck writes and manages The Oxford Astrologer. I posted her eulogy to her father today because I found it not only moving but very interesting and helpful as a student of astrology.
I posted it today for something different.

Me too, Eliseo. I fear we are actually heading in that direction. Which is also why I’m speaking into what we can create instead with the energy of the times.

Rather than giving our power away to Trump and allowing him to become a far bigger bogeyman than he actually is, I’m hoping and feeling that we can channel this energy into something far more constructive. As I see it, it would be something more akin to rolling with such powerful waves of profound and ultimately inevitable change, rather than working against them only to finally be destroyed by and swept away by the same.

We know that Pluto is nearing the end of its sojourn through Capricorn within the span of just 4 years. Nevertheless, the tribal and authoritarian right wing so activated and pushed to the extremes of survival at any cost by Pluto in Capricorn during this span of time, will cling to the crumbling status quo with increasing desperation and madness because the status quo all it knows, and all it truly has left.

This rancid state of Conservatism is destined to collapse completely in the end, because fundamentally, it has no integrity, any more than does a house whose foundation rests on quicksand.

Meanwhile, the Aquarius energies beckon to us, and challenge us to let go of the old in favor of something very different than what we have known. Saturn there now is showing us what’s gone sorely lacking–the humanistic WE–and where we have allowed the harmony of energies along the Leo-Aquarius axis to become so discordant and out of whack.

I’m sure all of us have noticed how so many things Leonine–from large concert hall and arena/athletic performances, to the long unbridled egos of many of the less spiritually grounded and aware members of the Pluto in Leo generation–are being challenged in a manner unlike anything any of us have lived through during our present day lives. And also notice how something as simple as wearing a mask for the greater good(Aquarius) is being challenged by so many random individuals with undisciplined egos(Leo).

How much longer will we drag our feet as individuals and resist learning the lesson that is intended for the collective?

Saturn is merely just bringing our attention to that which is in the gap.

When Pluto finally arrives in Aquarius, our situation won’t merely be about our collective human integrity, or lack thereof. It will be about our collective survival and the do or die imperative.

Buckeyeshadow, speaking of Trump as a coward and nowhere near as powerful as he’d like us to believe, I just read this piece by Dan Pfeiffer that says that emphasizing his weakness and incompetence is a good strategy along with playing up Biden’s toughness (look at all he’s gone through personally and stayed strong) and competence.


Les, another great link containing a great idea. Notice he never knocks his niece and she refers to him as weak, cowardly, incompetent, etc.
Thank you.

“How much longer will we drag our feet as individuals and resist learning the lesson that is intended for the collective?”

We’ve been doing that for thousands of years!

Phil Sedgwick suggests that the conjunction between Mars and Uranus could be the announcement of a vaccine for Covid-19 in his last newsletter.

Sharon K,

Thank you. I will see what I can do to shorten as well, without losing clarity.

Andre, thank you for the link on Rosenstein etc. Shocking, actually. Also, your comments on the election and the future are right on.

For some time, and after reviewing countless charts, I have been convinced that somehow or other Trump will lose. This is confirmed by the acceptance charts at the conventions, which are about the most baffling pair of charts I’ve seen.

Except for the Moon, the convention charts are nearly identical. It seems in some way, they both will “win”, but the timing of Biden’s chart is much faster (later degree Moon, different sign). Saturn rules the Midheaven of the candidate(s) and is retrograde, conjunct Pluto Rx, and conjunct Jupiter Rx. Those retrogrades will do their thing, and with Pluto pulling strings behind the scenes, while Mars sits in the 12th house, it’s got to be ugly. Venus (wealth) rules the Ascendent of both charts and Uranus is conjunct the Ascendent. Trump’s lying Mercury is opposing Neptune in the 11th. How much more unstable and unpredictable could it get?

Trump’s Moon is in the 8th house, on the cusp, headed into the 9th of the courts. Biden’s convention Moon only has one aspect, to Saturn Rx in the 10th. So, he ought to win the popular vote, but that doesn’t mean he gets the college. If it is as close as it seems it will be, the electors will be in an uproar, congress will too, and there can be multiple objections to any count they hold. It’s gonna be a mess. John Roberts will make the call. His chart is lit up, so if that’s any indication, he’s surely going to be involved.

It is so complicated, it’s hard to even imagine, never mind write about. Suffice it to say, I think Biden will “win”, but how he gets there is going to be a very rough road. The divisions won’t be healed by the election, that much is certain.

The acceptance times at the conventions are (C-span):

Biden: Aug 20/20, 22:49 EDT, Wilmington Delaware

Trump: Aug 28/20, 22:28 EDT, Washington DC

Sorry – typo! Trump’s acceptance was on August 27, not 28th.

Beowulfie – not being versed in the indepth Astrology you use, I still read your message above in detail, every word. After you typed “both will win” and then the word “Venus” popped up close to that, the first thought that went thru my head was “aha! Somehow he gets Ivana in as 1st female prez, as he’s already pushed her.

I do think you’ve got a point about the college and popular vote splitting; in that way, the do “both win”… although, dear goddess, I hope not this time. Talk about something that’ll tip our side of people to the bad… we’ve had way too many of these Democratic popular vote/electoral college losses in too many close-in years.

I don’t think we escape violence, regardless of WHY wins what. I think it may be something we have to go through to get to the other side – either that, or finally split into two separate countries.

Meanwhile, I’ve got 2″ of water along one wall and out 6” into my family room — we’ve had one heck of a gully washer here. In fact, it completely washed away the gully! We’re gonna have to rig up some kind of french drain all along that wall… the cats are gonna lose part of the width of their catio, I’m afraid. But better that than the bottom edge of the house over there! I’ve also had 6 spam calls, and it’s not even 10am. I’m suppose to close on Mom’s house today; the stuff isn’t out of it yet; and I’m close to trying to postpone the closing. Talk about a no-good feeling for the day! ARGH!

WHO wins what… argh… my keyboard for patience to do spellcheck! (wouldn’t caught that one though!)

Has anyone else seen this video:

Trump, Coronavirus and the Case for Manslaughter

If he thought we had a good case against Trump for Manslaughter before, I’m anxiously awaiting a new video based on Trump taking the advice of his new CoVid “adviser”… the one who’s talking him into the efficacy of “Herd Immunity.” Guess he’s no longer talking to Boris, eh?


I posted the DU URL because the article is on the Washington Post. I hate giving that URL when many may have already run out their free articles. Although I did get to it by running Incognito in Chrome.

I’ve said for a long time Trump and Republicans want to “thin out the herd” anyway they can (so there’s more for them). CoVid may have been the answer to their (and Putin’s) prayers.

Some boring statistics:

The transiting true North Node today is at 26+ Gemini (2 degrees from Kamala’s natal North Node) and is trine the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius (+ Kamala’s natal Saturn).

Both the transiting North Node in Gemini and the US natal Moon in Aquarius are trine Kamala’s natal Sun at 27+ Libra. This is a grand trine; Kamala’s natal Sun, transiting North Node, US natal Moon.

Today transiting Mars is at 27+ Aries and conjunct Kamala’s natal Moon at 27+ Aries. This turns the above grand trine into a Kite pattern (trans. Mars in Aries opposite Kamala’s Sun in Libra which is in a grand trine with the US Moon in Aquarius and transiting North Node in Gemini).

It would seem that Kamala is primed to speak out (grand trine in air signs) regarding action or violence (Mars) as it relates to the US People (US Moon). If that happens you will know why.

She might not speak out publicly, since her Mercury is in Scorpio, but it might be in the news (North Node in Gemini) anyway..

Marjorie Orr:


“This president long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country,” Mr. Biden said,

“Ask yourself: Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?” Mr. Biden, 77, said. “Really? I want a safe America. Safe from Covid, safe from crime and looting, safe from racially-motivated violence, safe from bad cops. Let me be crystal clear: safe from four more years of Donald Trump.”

Trying to make good on threat to share Covid info:

> A professor of pharmacy at U of Toronto sent this clearly worded update to his family.

> For this pandemic, there’s a greater chance of survival for those getting infected 3 months later like June 2020 than those who got infected 3 months earlier, say February 2020. The reason for this is that Doctors and scientists know more about Covid-19 now than 3 months ago and hence are able to treat patients better. I will list *5 important things* that we know now that we didn’t know in Feb. 2020 for your understanding.

re: Covid

> 1. COVID-19 was initially thought to cause deaths due to *pneumonia- a lung infection*- and so Ventilators were thought to be the best way to treat sick patients who couldn’t breathe. *Now we are realizing that the virus causes blood clots in the blood vessels of the lungs* and other parts of the body and this causes reduced oxygenation. Now we know that just providing oxygen by ventilators will not help but we have to prevent and dissolve the micro clots in the lungs. This is why we are using drugs like *Aspirin and Heparin (blood thinners that prevents clotting) as protocol in treatment regimens in June 2020. *

re: Covid

> 2. Previously patients used to drop dead on the road or even before reaching a hospital due to reduced oxygen in their blood- OXYGEN SATURATION. This was because of *HAPPY HYPOXIA*- where even though the oxygen saturation was gradually reducing the COVID-19 patients did not have symptoms until it became critically less, like sometimes even 70%. **Normally we become breathless if oxygen saturation reduces below 90%. **This breathlessness is not triggered in COVID patients and so we were getting the sick patients very late to the hospitals in February 2020. Now since knowing about happy hypoxia we are monitoring oxygen saturation of all COVID patients *with a simple home use pulse oximeter and getting them to the hospital if their oxygen saturation drops to 93% or less*. This gives more time for doctors to correct the oxygen deficiency in the blood and a better survival chance in June 2020.

re: Covid

> 3. We did not have drugs to fight the coronavirus in February 2020. We were only treating the complications caused by it… hypoxia. Hence most patients became severely infected. “`**Now we have 2 important medicines FAVIPIRAVIR & REMDESIVIR**“`
These are ANTIVIRALS that can kill the coronavirus. By using these two medicines we can prevent patients from becoming severely infected and therefore cure them BEFORE THEY GO TO HYPOXIA. This knowledge we have in JUNE 2020… not in February 2020.

re: Covid

> 4. Many Covid-19 patients die not just because of the virus but also due the patient’s own immune system responding in an exaggerated manner called *CYTOKINE STORM*. This stormy strong immune response not only kills the virus but also kills the patients. In February 2020 we didn’t know how to prevent it from happening. Now in June 2020, we know that *easily available medicines called Steroids*. that doctors around the world have been using for almost 80 years *can be used to prevent the cytokine storm in some patients*.

re: Covid

> 5. Now we also know that people with hypoxia became better just by making them lie down on their belly- known as prone position. Apart from this a few days ago Israeli scientists have discovered that a chemical known as Alpha Defensin produced by the patient’s White blood cells can cause the micro clots in blood vessels of the lungs and this could possibly be prevented by a drug called Colchicine used over many decades in the treatment of Gout.

re: Covid

> So now we know for sure that patients have a better chance at surviving the COVID-19 infection in June 2020 than in February 2020, for sure.

> Going forward there’s nothing to panic about Covid-19 if we remember that a person who gets infected later has a better chance at survival than one who got infected early.

last one!

From: Harris Family
To: Henry
I find this information to be accurate. We are still learning so much about COVID!! If having a pulse oximeter makes you feel more secure, then by all means, get one. Make sure you play with it to know what each of your “baseline” O2 saturations are. Maybe it’s normal for you to be at 90% because of other health issues you may have. My hope is that we will have a treatment and/or vaccine very soon, and therefore, we can worry less about this. One of my friends is an ICU physician and treats many COVID patients each day. He has been using the convalescent plasma treatment on all his patients, but did not know what the results were until Trump announced it last week. Everything is so cutting edge right now and very exciting to see in real time.
Here is a pulse oximeter for only $17. There are several in the $15 – $25 price range, so I don’t think it’s necessary to get one for $80.

slightkc and emma,
Statistically, for Herd Immunity to happen in the USA over 10 million more people will die.
I know that it’s the only plan the Republicans have for everyone. Do you suppose they figure only black and brown people will die?

Thank you so much, Emma. I always like to see the studies, etc., these things are based on but it sounds like it’s very much on the right track, from what I’ve read and know.

Thanks again for making the time and having the patience to share it.

Chrys, it is absolutely true that the stock market is being TOTALLY manipulated now, they are not even hiding it!

Me, hubby and two sons all, got Covid, it’s been like six months, boys recovered fast , we were very sick for two weeks but all good now, if anyone has any questions please ask. And yes we Did use an oximeter

Thanks for sharing that, Diana. We have several oximeters at home — hope we don’t need to use them though. Glad you all are well!

I am a college football fan – first the U. of Miami Hurricanes when I worked for and attended that school, and, now, LSU, Alabama’s traditional rival – so I haven’t been a Nick Saban fan but this really, really warms my heart. He’s a good guy after all. Go Red Tide!

Sorry – the link:


Hello from WI
Today 4 5 visits the City of Kenosha. WI is a battleground for him. The governor, Tony Evers, have been basically governing with hands tied due to the majority of the legislators is republican in this state. He has been disrespected basically every day. He called for a special session to discuss police reform and the meeting did not last more than a minute because all the republicans walked out without discussing a single item. A recall has been initiated against the governor because of his mandate on wearing masks. The governor asked 4 5 to rethink visiting Kenosha today but he is going anyways. I wonder if any of you excellent astrologers could do a chart for this state. It became a state on May 1848. I wonder if the state is going to go lean red or blue for this upcoming election. Thank you!

From an astrological point of view an interesting statement from Joe Biden:

““I have an incredibly high regard for fate,” Biden told the National Journal back in 1989. “I have never been able to plan my life. Every time my personal life has been how I wanted it, something has intervened.”


With Itchy Trigger Fingers, Some Right Wingers Predict The Next Civil War Has Finally Arrived

https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/with-itchy-trigger-fingers-some-right-wingers-predict-the-next-civil-war-has-finally-arrived via @TPM

Diana: Hi; do you have any links on market manipulation?

The so-called federal agents “are not federal agents, (but) are privately hired mercenaries from a private security company. This company is owned by Betsy Devross brother. If trump orders federal agents into a state they legally can only protect federal buildings or federal employees much like US Marines guarding all of out US embassies. Only if martial federal law is enacted can trump order federal agents into a state. Its the individual state governors that control law enforcement in their state and not the federal government. If a federal crime is being committed then the FBI, US Marshals, DEA, et al have the authority to make arrests. People protesting is not a crime. trump is as always seeing how far he can get away with violating both federal and state law.” from Jerome Plotnick FB

The story you describe seems plausible. Do you have any links to confirmation?

Ah, Erik Prince. Another F-ed up Gemini who deserves his own federal prison cell.

RE: the story about so-called federal agents, i.e. privately hired mercenaries from the Erik Prince company.

I see a number of sites on the web reporting the story as true, but also USA Today reporting it is false. Wow! A bit confusing. Yes?

Please post the source you obtained the story from. I’d really like to follow this one to see how true, partially true, or false it might be.

RE: “his own federal prison cell.”

I think I see how the next 3-4 years will play out if we get Biden & Dems back in charge. Looks pretty ugly. No choice. Purge time of 5th Column folks who seek to foment civil war. BTW, IMHO federal prison is much too good for these morally moronic toxicants.

Also: Perhaps it is time to pledge allegiance to the Constitution, rather than the flag?…and actually deep teach American constitutional values.

Trump raises eyebrows with tweet declaring he did not have ‘a series of mini-strokes’
The denials came after a new book raised more questions about Trump’s mystery trip to Walter Reed medical center last year.


I’ve long believed DJT is hiding one or more health problems, and possible addictions.

Jill, given T*’s demented thoughts, I’d be in your camp believing he thinks it’s only going to take out POC. And, while those groups HAVE had more coverage and statistics showing their vulnerability, it’s amazing (to me) that the stats showing the most vulnerable group are white men with a certain blood type (B+, wasn’t it?) I can’t bring to mind the exact stats right now… my mind has become mush dealing with my mother lately… but I remember it seemed so evident I even went in on an Internet deep dive to see if anyone had done any research on the blood type v men and women angle. That’s when I discovered that not everything is easy to find on the Internet! (LOL) I think I was down the rabbit hole for hours and hours before figuring if it was important, it’d come out at some point.

BUT… Trump didn’t seem to get back to worrying again until the numbers jacked sky high in Florida after they opened. This, of course, is HIS state… where he said mail-in ballots were safe to use… and only in this state.

Weird… that’s all I can say; that, and the more we think we know about this virus, the more questions it seems to bring up. But do I trust Trump, or Trump-employed people to come up with a safe, effective vaccine? Not in a million years. I have no doubt they will cut ever corner imaginable, including forgoing the 3rd phase trials, if it looks like they can get something out there before the election.

But your point bringing it back to POC does bring up Kirschner’s video to me, again. I wish he would be one of the main prosecutors when (and if) we can ever get T, his family, and his most rabid, dangerous supports in front of the courts.

There’s also Bizarre new video of him today talking about protesters not throwing bricks because they’re too heavy, that they’re throwing cans of soup instead, because they can throw them hard and hurt someone, Also, if they get caught, they can just say it’s a bag of soup for their family.

Not kidding. Vigilante soup throwers.

Eliseo – hubby and I’ve long believed Erik Prince has been in charge of putting together T’s secret police force, as well as coordinating (as much as one can) the “bikers for Trump”, and other racist anarchists. He’s put himself out there too many times to individuals and countries to have stayed under a rock for Trump. It’s one of the reasons these people are so scary to me. They’re mercs in the truest sense of the word.

Oh… the the idiots across the street just defiled the neighborhood with Trump/Pence signs. Gag me with a spoon!

Only with T could someone give as dark an inauguration speech as he gave, side with neo-Nazi types, white supremacists, and the KKK, foment violence in peaceful demonstrations and stand up to a group of people with a totally straight face, saying “this is what you get in a “Democrat” country” and with a Biden presidency — as tho he, with his repub congress critters have been the ruling force in the U.S. for the last nearly 4 years!

And only in America, can there be millions of Americans who actually buy into what he’s saying as the truth! ARGH!

For those asking about that propping of Wall Street, it has been going on for quite a long time, but especially since CoVid. Knowing that the only thing Trump sees as “good economics” concerns Wall Street highs, Mnuchin has been very much involved in re-creating some of the worst of the bailout experiences of the Bush years. CDOs and other gambling style insurance instruments are back in use.

Google articles going back to March, 2020 and add Mnuchin’s name to Wall Street bailouts gives quite a few articles, especially from the Wall St Journal. Some of these -sound- good (at least to my not-so-smart in finance ears), but I get my hackles up whenever I hear of the Fed just printing money to prop up Wall Street to “help small businesses”. These people’s idea of “small business” and mine have been shown many times not to be comparable. Small business to me means the mother and son Donut Shop on 4th street; not Dunkin Donuts. (shrug)

But I admit these days, I’m getting really fed up with the lies, the tricks, and the racist and misogynist actions of the country. I have a countdown app to the election on my desktop. Some days, I wonder if I’ll make it that long!

We are just hours away from the full moon that follows the new moon thar was conjunct Trump’s Mars. How’s that working out for us? Can you feel it? That natal Mars in Leo that loves the drama of being center stage? It would not surprise me to learn he had a hand in the violence that makes news headlines in otherwise peaceful protests.

This full moon at 10+ Pisces is sextile transiting retrograde Uranus at 10+ Taurus that is trine the Sun at 10+ Virgo that opposes the full moon, so likely we will be shocked by what we learn over the next 2 weeks.

Mercury in this full moon chart at 24+ Virgo (which conjuncts US Neptune at 22+ Virgo) trines this chart’s Saturn (ruler) at 25+ Cap and Pluto at 22+ Cap which trines Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus, which keeps him front and center, which is where he wants to be.

This full moon chart’s Mercury also sextiles US Mercury, which conjuncts this full moon chart’s Venus (25+ Cancer) which conjuncts Trump’s natal Saturn-Venus, and opposes transiting Saturn + Pluto, guaranteeing non-stop coverage of him.

However, transiting wounding Chiron (8+ Aries) is tightly square his natal Mercury (8+ Cancer) at the same time transiting Uranus squares his Pluto, so his lust for center stage is costing him plenty.

Following this full moon is the New Moon on September 17, which ironically will be 1 degree past where this full moon’s Mercury is. Wash and repeat.

So glad you, your husband and sons survived covid-19. I pray all of you continue in the healing.

The growing brouhaha about Trump’s tweeted claim he DEFINITELY DID NOT have any kind of mini-stroke or TIA reminds me of Dragnet.

When asked about the whereabouts of a particular person the interviewee says the word “murder.” Without a word, the two officers exchange quick, knowing looks. One of them smiles and says, “We didn’t say anything about murder.” The other one says, “Yes, how did you know she was dead?”

NO ONE reported or said anything about mini-strokes! But Trump felt compelled to vociferously claim in all caps, to protest adamantly they DID NOT HAPPEN! FAKE NEWS!.. etc. Dumb beyond belief.

When VP Pence was asked whether it was true as reported in Schmidt’s new book, that when the potus was rushed off in the middle of the night to Walter Reed Hosp, he (Pence) was notified he might have to temporarily assume the duties of the presidency if DJT underwent anesthesia, he (Pence) looked like a proverbial deer in the headlights. He said no, he didn’t remember. Hmm.. Seems like one would remember whether or not one received such a notification.

In the early 1990’s I read a couple of books on medical astrology published I think in the 1940’s or 50’s. Pretty interesting tomes they were. Wish I had them now. A chart for the night DJT was rushed off to Walter Reed would be interesting. I have a feeling that mini-stroke gaff is going to become a much bigger deal.

Does anyone know at what time the Walter Reed incident occurred? I’ve had no luck searching for that.

Eliseo: No, have no links. Relied on my FB friend who seems very knowledgeable about most things and did not ask him for links. I did come across this link in regards to ID which says there is no law requiring Federal agents to ID themselves at the moment. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and to be more diligent about what I post as may be inaccurate.


A likely scenario for the election: Trump leads on Election Night and challenges the vote count in the following days as the mail-in ballots slowly put Biden over the top. Likely, but in the end Biden still wins.


We literally should feel a change in the air toward hope and optimism in mid-December at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction immediately followed by an eclipse on Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition. By December 20, he will likely be toast.

The worst will be behind us by then, but the waters will still be choppy until Pluto enters Aquarius and Neptune opposes US Neptune in 2022-23, and the Chiron return is reached in 2024.

Washington Monthly reports the trip to Walter Reed Medical Facility took place Saturday November 16, 2019 “at about 2 PM”



“Following this full moon is the New Moon on September 17, which ironically will be 1 degree past where this full moon’s Mercury is. Wash and repeat.”


Thank you for the Full Moon details.

Something I am pondering is the Full Moon on Halloween that conjuncts transiting Uranus.

Transiting Saturn at 26+ Capricorn (conjunct US natal Pluto at 27+ Cap) will oppose Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn and Biden’s natal Jupiter, and US natal Mercury, all at 23 – 25 Cancer, and will T-square Kamala’s natal Sun at 27+ Libra and her Moon at 27+ Aries.

Transiting Saturn at 26+ Cap (+US Pluto at 27+ Cap) will also sextile Biden’s Sun-Venus at 27-28 Scorpio, and quincunx (need to adjust) his natal Chiron at 28+ Leo as will Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo.

I assume it is the same old campaign fighting that they are going through now, EXCEPT that transiting Mercury (at the time of this Full Moon + Uranus) at 26+ Libra retrograde (conjunct Kamala’s natal Sun), is ALSO square transiting Saturn and US natal Pluto in Cap, . . . .

. . . making it, trans. Mercury, quite conspicuous in this cardinal (action) Grand Cross between the candidates and the Saturn (+US Pluto) in this chart of the Halloween Full Moon that conjuncts transiting Uranus.

Also transiting Psyche (goddess of the soul) at 22+ Gemini will be conjunct Trump’s natal Sun (consciousness) at that time of the Full Moon conjunct Uranus.

Is it possible that some shocking revelation about Trump – whose Sun is joined by transiting Psyche – a revelation perhaps made by Kamala Harris, could be the last minute insurance that Biden (whose Sun-Venus is sextile transiting Saturn and US Pluto, and whose natal Jupiter trines his Sun) will win the Presidency by a landslide?

Well, who knows what the transiting Uranus conjunct the Full Moon in Taurus will do, but it will be sextile the US natal Ceres (nature/nurture) in Pisces which squares the US natal Uranus in Gemini, so it might be a double whammy of some kind.

There is this though; transiting Logos at 8+ Libra will conjunct the MC (outcome) of the Halloween Full Moon + Uranus chart, and will trine US natal Uranus in Gemini when the chart is set in Washington DC, and Logos is about rationality and logic.

I appreciate your laughing will! Thank you.

Here is Dr Mary Trump talking with another therapist on the Bill Press podcast. Posted 9-1-20


Are we going to make it until the election? Until we know who the winner is? Because it feels like every day closer to Election Day, my stress level is just going to get higher and higher.

I told a friend recently that there should be someplace we could go and have ourselves sedated until it’s all over. Which I know is wrong, because we need to work to make sure Biden wins. But honestly, sedation sounds pretty good to me right now.

I had a family member tell me yesterday that Antifa is paying protestors to go around the country and riot and putting them up in $600-a-night hotel rooms. George Soros is paying for it.

I tried logic — how many cities do you think have $600-a-night hotel rooms? Because there can’t be that many. Kenosha? I don’t think so.

And even if someone wanted to pay you to fly around the country and riot and planned to put you in $600-a-night hotel rooms, you wouldn’t let them. You’d say, put me in a $100-dollar-a-night hotel room and pay me an extra $500 a night. Simple logic, right?

No. Didn’t work. He was still convinced.

I played Trump’s soup-can weapons talk. Crazy, right? Who would put someone up in $600-a-night hotel rooms and leave them with cans of soup for weapons? It’s beyond crazy.

Didn’t get me anywhere with this person. He thought soup can weapons sounded believable. Like Trump said, you get caught in the middle of a riot with cans of soup, you can just say it’s soup for your family.

I honestly wanted to cry. This is not a stupid person I’m talking to. It’s someone I’ve known for decades, never paid attention to politics until the last two years or so when he got sucked into listening to talk radio to and from a long drive to work. And he believes it all!

That Trump saved the economy, that he saved manufacturing, that he’s done such great things, the shadow government, China, the whole world is out to stop him. They manufactured the virus and unleashed it to get Trump.

I don’t know if I can take 60+ more days of this.

Teresa, you have my deepest sympathy, but you need to avoid that family member, if at all possible. My sister-in-law is just as whacked out, but she lives in another state, luckily. I don’t understand how she fell for Trump because she’s quite intelligent in other ways.

We all are under a potent Pisces (emotional) Full Moon right now, and it is easy to get unhinged, especially if you are tired, and I bet you are exhausted. We have all been fighting the insanity of these last 3 & 2/3’ds years, but hang in there a while longer. Biden WILL be the new US President – there is a reason for this madness.

I’ve said it before, this is like a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor; painful, very painful for a while, but the patient (us/US) WILL survive. Keep the faith.

If you are feeling apprehensive about another 4 years of Trump and are looking for reassurance for a result to the contrary, I recommend following Tom Joseph (@TomJChicago) on Twitter. He really seems to have his finger on Trump’s mental and physical decline.

Spoiler alert: It’s accelerating. So much so that Trump might not even make it to election day at the rate he is going down due to Alzheimers (which his father died of) and the mini-strokes he experienced that sent him to Walter Reed.

If I were running Biden’s campaign or the Lincoln Republicans, I would hammer Trump repeatedly and brutally hard on all of his insecurities, particularly his own mental and physical health since this seems to be a major trigger for him. Push him to his breaking point, and he might very well break.

He can dish it out, but he obviously can’t take it.

Teresa, there’s been a facebook meme going around with that theme, and others, aimed at the gullible – a repeat of 2019 with a tweek. I sent my brother-in-law a link to snopes.com which debunks as false.

The scientific community has been reviewing the increased seismic activity along the San Andreas fault this summer with some degree of concern, especially with the recent series of earthquakes felt in Chile – 7.0 on the richter scale and its corresponding 6.8 aftershocks over the past couple of days (see related articles at the bottom of this page).

It should be noted that on September 9th Mars turns stationary retrograde (28 Aries) right over the California birth charts sensitive Pluto/Saturn degrees (29 Aries) in quincunx to natal Jupiter (29 Virgo). California recently had undergone its rare Uranus return. Stationary Mars transiting over that degree could very well be a potential catalyst…….

California’s Uranus Return – Red Alert Spring 2018 – 2024 written by Astrohawk Jan 31, 2018

I mentioned this in my Dec 2017 post before the mudslides happened, how California was in for a wild ride in the months and years ahead. This is because California is having a very rare Uranus Return spring of 2018. Uranus has about 84 year cycle so this doesn’t happen very often. This puts California on red alert for major crisis events, as we’ve already seen building!

In the natal chart of California, Uranus is conjunct Pluto near an angle at the last critical degree of 29 Aries. Saturn is also connected conjunct at 19 Aries. This is a very intense unstable alignment which shows California having so many radical events thru its history including natural disasters of all kinds.

Uranus has been in Aries the last 7 years moving closer and closer to returning to its California birth position, before changing signs and moving into Taurus for the next 7 years. I’ll write about that soon too

Before Uranus leaves aggressive Aries it activates California’s chart which is very volatile and explosive energy. Uranus is unstable, aggressive, revolution extreme type situations. Cal has been in a relative calm when it comes to earthquakes but this return is an indication that the calm is over. Earthquakes will be on the increase!

It’s not just earthquakes though. As Uranus gets closer to this, more and more extreme events of all kinds have been happening. This includes the fires, storms, mudslides, political, social and financial situations and yes – earthquakes will happen too!

This is a very violent combination which is why so many deaths from disasters have happened in the past year, and Uranus is not even exact yet.



A Big California Quake Just Got ‘a Little Likelier’

New York Times
July 21, 2020

An analysis of recent changes along earthquake faults in Southern California suggests there is an increased possibility of a major quake on the San Andreas Fault, researchers said Monday.

The changes in fault stresses, resulting from a pair of strong earthquakes last July, increase the likelihood of a quake on a stretch of the San Andreas in the next 12 months to about 1 percent, or three to five times the probability of earlier forecasts, the researchers said.

A major quake on that section of the fault, called the Mojave, could devastate Los Angeles and its surrounding communities, which are home to 18 million people.



Swarm of Salton Sea Earthquakes Sparks Worry About the San Andreas Fault

Los Angeles Times
August 10, 2020

A swarm of small earthquakes in California, close to the Mexican border, is being closely monitored as to whether it might raise the chance of a much larger event on the San Andreas fault.

The largest earthquake on Monday was a magnitude 4.6, reported at 8:56 a.m. under the southeastern part of the Salton Sea, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was among a series that began at 6:33 a.m. with a magnitude 3.2 earthquake. Magnitude 4 quakes struck at 9:03 a.m. and 12:29 p.m.

It’s only the fourth time in the 88 years of modern records that such a swarm has occurred in this part of California — a region that raises concern among seismologists for the chance that it can trigger a significant earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

The San Andreas fault’s southernmost stretch has not ruptured since 1680 to 1690. Big earthquakes on this section of the southern San Andreas fault rupture on average every 250 years — although there can be wide variations as to how often they actually do occur.


7-Magnitude Quake Damages Houses, Roads In N. Chile

SANTIAGO, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) — A powerful 7-magnitude earthquake that hit northern Chile just past midnight damaged buildings and roads, but inflicted no injuries, the Interior Ministry’s National Emergency Office (ONEMI) said on Tuesday.


TYPO….. My mistake. Please read instead “California birth charts sensitive Pluto/URANUS degrees (29 Aries)

Usually, our military personnel, a fairly conservative group, vote for the Republican presidential candidate, unless the Dem is a veteran. Not this year!

41% are for Biden, 37% for Trump. Among the officers, support for Biden is even stronger. Although our military does not affect the vote total all that much, the fact such a conservative group is for Biden and that support is growing is not at all good news for Mr. DJT.

See YouTube. Let’s talk elections. Military For Biden? Posted on the web 1 day ago.


“41% are for Biden, 37% for Trump.”

That scares the bejesus out of me;the 37% for Trump part.

If The Father of All Lies prevails, I imagine blood running in the streets amid fires and mayhem.


The Joe Biden campaign just released an ingenious new two minute ad with an unexpected twist at the end. A different approach. Check it out…………


Remember, those numbers reflect the voting intentions of our military personnel only. Amongst the rest of us, when you average all of the many polls released in the last 24 hours, (Steve Kornacki at MSNBC showed 12 of them) Biden is ahead by at least 7 points. He’s ahead In all but 1 swing state, (NC). Biden is ahead of Trump in Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida. Not much has changed since the conventions. Neither party or candidate got a “bump” in the polls.

In about 3 days mail in ballots will begin going out to voters in some states. Also, 78 to 80% of the Am. public believes DJT has put us on the wrong track, that we’re going in the wrong direction. Measured several different ways, the numbers are not good for DJT, and likely will deteriorate for him between now and election day.

But I understand your feeling. I personally believe there will be “blood in the streets ” as you put it, no matter who wins. The scenario I think most likely will be as follows:

On election night Trump will declare victory, regardless of what the numbers are. Biden will not concede. He and his team already know what is coming. As the mail in ballots are counted it will gradually become obvious Mr. Biden has won. But that’s likely to be a couple of weeks later.

DJT will proclaim the election was rigged, stolen from him by those communist Democrats, or whatever other pejorative he chooses to describe Dems. He’ll encourage his followers to “take back the country”. Most will not heed the call, but enough alt-right faschisti will reflect Trump ‘s dark vision through various unpleasant means. We’ll have a period of chaos while they express their outrage. It will likely be pretty ugly, reminiscent of the Reconstruction period wherein rival Union and Confederate gangs through the South continued the Am Civil War until 1877.

behind the scenes at The Lincoln Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G2b6TNL9mM

Axios has learned that Facebook, Google, Twitter and Reddit are holding regular meetings with one another and federal law enforcement — and intelligence agencies — to discuss potential threats to election integrity.
The big picture: Americans are expected to vote by mail in record numbers this year, meaning it may be days or weeks before it’s clear who won the presidency and down-ballot races.

Why it matters: Faith in democracy will be at stake in that crucial post-Election Day period.
At the same time, election officials are pushing to speed vote-by-mail counts even as they prepare Americans for delayed results.


Many thanks to Jerry, kiwi, Eliseo, ja and others who keep us apprised of what’s happening out there as we await the dropping of the oher shoe.
Thanks too to Nancy for making us aware that the Inaugural chart’s Moon and the Inaugural chart’s progressed Moon are being hammered at this time. It is hard to escape the daily chaos, but Starlight News comes as close to a refuge as I can find.

Nancy pointed out the impact that the January 12, 2020, conjunction between Saturn and Pluto has provided – “the power struggle to survive and the fearfulness surrounding that struggle” which has affected us all, to the point where we must operate from a different source of “knowing” than we did before.

I believe we are operating on Neptune juice; nothing solid, but a knowing from some unidentified source which we don’t fully trust.

Neptune in the new Saturn-Pluto chart at 16+ Pisces was quincunx the same chart’s Moon at 17+ Leo. That Moon in Leo was sextile the US Constitution chart’s Neptune at 17+ Libra and their sextile (Moon in the Saturn-Pluto chart and Neptune in the US Constitution chart) was making the Neptune in the Jan. 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto chart uncomfortable, to the point where it would have to make an adjustment.

With the People (Moon) in the Saturn-Pluto chart and the vagaries (Neptune) of the US Constitution chart, both quincunx the Neptune in the new Saturn-Pluto chart, it is incumbent upon that Neptune in that Saturn-Pluto chart to adjust (rules of a Yod) and because Neptune symbolizes formlessness, it adjustment creates chaos.

To further cloud the issue, the US Constitution Neptune conjuncts the US progressed Mars which conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter, which conjuncts Putin’s natal Saturn, and they all trine Trump’s natal Uranus. Is it any wonder we are totally clueless?

Nevertheless, Neptune has a way of reaching a destination that mystifies mere mortals and we must rely on faith by and large, on the many Neptunes (US natal Neptune, US Constitution Neptune, the Neptune in the Saturn-Pluto chart, etc.) to bring us to the destination we are intended to reach. I know, it’s a lot to ask from we who depend on facts, but these days lies are disguised as facts.

Joe Biden’s natal Neptune at 1+ Libra conjuncts the US natal Sibly birth chart’s MC (what the world sees) and Kamala Harris’ natal Neptune is at 16+ Scorpio. Her Neptune is trine the Pisces Neptune in the Saturn-Pluto chart, and my hunch is that her natal Neptune is how the Neptune in the Saturn-Pluto chart is able to make the required adjustment.

Her Scorpio Neptune also squares the Leo Moon in the Saturn-Pluto chart (that sextiles the US Constitution Neptune in Libra that forms a Yod with the Neptune in the Saturn-Pluto chart), BUT her Neptune also sextiles her natal Venus at 17+ Virgo (that conjuncts her natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction!) and that dear sweet Venus in Kamala’s chart opposes the Pisces Neptune in the Saturn-Pluto chart, and that my friends makes a Boomerang pattern . . .

. . . Saturn-Pluto chart’s Moon sextile US Constitution Neptune form a Yod to the Saturn-Pluto chart Neptune that opposes Kamala’s Venus, and that’s where all the Yod energy winds up; at the very practical Virgo Venus in Kamala’s chart!

We must try to keep faith that the Universe has a plan that is beyond our present understanding, but that astrology can gives us clues as to components of the plan, and that plan is for the betterment of the planet and its people and animals and nature in general.

Did anyone write about Belarus, Lukashenko and Putin? Next week Lukashenko is going to Moscow, probably to sign the beginning of Putin’s takeover. If that happens, Belarus is lost.
Anyone has a date of birth for Belarus??

Lukashenko born 30 Aug 1954 according to wikipedia, with Venus-Neptune conjunction 22-24 Libra square Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer. Currently under attack from Pluto and Saturn.
Next week, Pluto will make the exact square to his Venus.
Possibly he has the Moon in Libra, possible trine to Putin’s Moon in Gemini.
Putin, Libra Sun-Sat-Nept.
Man, I do hope the people get him out of power before he goes to Moscow…… Putin is playing his masterplan.

Two polls give Biden the lead in North Carolina. Maybe we’ll be rid of Lindsey Graham, who is in my personal rogue’s gallery.


I nearly fell off my chair – former governor rick snyder is backing biden over trump

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’


When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true.

Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.

Belleau Wood is a consequential battle in American history, and the ground on which it was fought is venerated by the Marine Corps. America and its allies stopped the German advance toward Paris there in the spring of 1918. But Trump, on that same trip, asked aides, “Who were the good guys in this war?” He also said that he didn’t understand why the United States would intervene on the side of the Allies.

Wonder who picks this one up first? Biden or the Lincoln Project?

Any solider who still backs Trump after a revelation like this might as well be taking a match to the flag and the Constitution.

for anyone who could use a couple smiles: https://www.democraticunderground.com/10181399405


Thanks for the link to the Joe Biden ad; unfortunately it appears the clip is no longer available.


Thank you for clarifying that the stats you posted were from military personnel; I didn’t read your post carefully enough – I just saw the percentages and my PTSD ran away with my reasoning.

It still feels creepy that such a high percentage of military personnel continue to support by the Father of All Lies in the White House, what with his utter disrespectful and degrading comments and treatment toward some of our most decorated military leaders. Loyalty to a fault.


Those puns are clever and have a high-groan index. Cute. Thank you for sharing.

Well, Eliseo, I guess those military approval numbers are going to drop even lower. I am in awe at how stupid it was to say that people who die in battle are losers and suckers. And, while some will want to believe that he didn’t say it, it’s very similar to what he said publicly about John McCain – that he wasn’t a real war hero because he got captured and he likes people who don’t get captured. For the president of the U.S. to not only dis those who died in battle or were captured but to make such a colossally stupid remark (and, of course, there is likely a neurological disease there or a mental illness or both), it just boggles the mind, it is so surrealistic. I just wonder when his supporters will finally admit that the emperor has no clothes on? Or will they continue to pretend he does.

Sharon K,
I concur many Trump supporters in the military will probably be further disillusioned by these revelations, enough so to either vote for Biden, or not vote at all. Furthermore, many more officers than regular troops presently disdain the man. One would presume the non-officers respect their officers, their experience and expertise, and might be persuaded by them to drop their support of 45.

When Nixon was in trouble many of his supporters stayed with him to the end and beyond. Ten years later they said they never voted for him. I’m guessing that same pattern might prevail with Trump. Ten years from now they’ll maintain their emperor never “wore any clothes at all,” and they never voted for him!

Hey Will,

You’re right! How strange. Here’s an active link. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth taking a look. It’s one of the most powerful political ads I’ve ever seen…….

An Open Letter To Republicans


Sharon K,
Apparently, DJT never progressed beyond the preconventional level on Kohlberg’s scale of moral development. “It’s OK if you don’t get caught,” and “What’s in it for me?”

He is incapable of comprehending any but transactional relationships. Self sacrifice, duty, honor, devotion to a higher cause or ideal, are concepts too abstract and advanced for him. He is so morally retarded, he has no business being in charge of a family, a business, or a government.

When Nancy Pelosi, a devout Roman Catholic, sincerely said she prays for the president and the nation, he refused to believe it, assumed she was telling an absurd, silly, and outrageous lie, surely for her own gain. He is so ignorant of religion, he has no idea that for well over two millinea, Jewish and Christian liturgies have included prayers for the head of state, head of government, and for local leaders as well, regardless of political affiliation, or whether the person praying liked or disliked, agreed or disagreed with that authority.

It has long been considered wise to pray one’s leaders are acting under divine guidance and in harmony with divine law for the good of all. The custom is so strong, good Catholics and good Jews have typically internalized the practice of praying in their private devotions, for their monarch, or president, or prime minister, (even if they despise him or her) that they may be so guided.

Trump denies Atlantic report:

” President Trump heatedly denied on Thursday night that he referred to American soldiers killed in combat during World War I as “losers” and “suckers,” moving quickly to avoid losing support among the military and its allies just two months before an election.

Marching over to reporters under the wing of Air Force One after returning from a campaign rally, a visibly angry Mr. Trump rebutted a magazine report that he decided against visiting a cemetery for American soldiers in France in 2018 because he feared the rain would mess up his hair and he did not believe it was important to honor the war dead.

“If people really exist that would have said that, they’re lowlifes and they’re liars,” Mr. Trump shouted above the noise of the plane’s engines. “And I would be willing to swear on anything that I never said that about our fallen heroes. There is nobody that respects them more.” He added, “What animal would say such a thing?”

“What animal would say such a thing?”

One with two faces, orange skin, and really bad hair.

The Pentagon has ordered Stars and Stripes to shut down for no good reason
Trump wants to pull funding from Stars and Stripes, a newspaper for American troops that began in the Civil War and has been serving our soldiers.

Retired general blasts Trump on reported military comments: ‘You’re no patriot’


Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton posted a video responding to a new report in The Atlantic which detailed Trump allegedly calling the U.S. service members who were buried in a French cemetery during World War I “losers.”

“I’m pretty unhappy with you, Mr. Trump. So I’m going to keep this short for your famous short attention span,” Eaton said in the clip. “You have shown disrespect to the military on countless occasions. I am stunned that anybody in the United States military would consider you anything but a ‘loser’ or a ‘sucker.’ You’re no patriot.” 

“Our Army, our Navy, our Marine Corps, our Air Force, our Coast Guard. Brave men and women. They’re not just brave. They’re smart and wise,” Eaton said in the video. “So, Mr. Trump, come Nov. 3, we’re all voting for a real patriot – Joe Biden. And everybody who hears this, please take notice and please vote. Vote Democratic. Our country’s honor depends on it.”

Newer stats published in WA Post re: military disaproving of Trump

The U.S. military builds a bulwark against Trump. Dana Milbank

This week Military Times came out with a poll of active-duty military finding that 50 percent of them have an unfavorable view of the president (42 percent strongly disapprove) and only 38 percent have a favorable view. They support Joe Biden over President Trump by four percentage points — an extraordinary edge for a Democrat. In a 2016 poll using the same methodology, Trump led Hillary Clinton by nearly 2 to 1. Sixty percent of veterans voted for Trump in the election.

But the military’s rejection of Trump goes much deeper…

Numbers are detailed in article below from
Military Times.

Trump’s popularity slips in latest Military Times poll — and more troops say they’ll vote for Biden


Two excerpts:
The latest Military Times poll shows a continued decline in active-duty service members’ views of President Donald Trumpand a slight but significant preference for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election among troops surveyed.

But the Military Times Polls, surveying active-duty troops in partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, have seen a steady drop in troops’ opinion of the commander in chief since his election four years ago.

From ” His Soul is that of a Coward”

“In a series of tweets Thursday night, Trump vowed to “swear on whatever, or whoever, I was asked to swear on, that I never called our great fallen soldiers anything other than HEROES.” He also falsely claimed he never called McCain a “loser.”

…speaking in 2015 about McCain’s loss to former President Barack Obama in 2008, Trump said, “He lost, he let us down. But, you know, he lost. So I have never liked him as much after that, because I don’t like losers.”

That same day, Trump tweeted an article on his comments, the headline of which read, “Donald Trump: John McCain Is ‘A Loser.'”


The foreign press is also hot on Trump’s anti-military attitude as well, especially BBC News & The Guardian. I expect ABC (Australia,) CBC (Canada,) and more especially Der Spiegel, (with so many Am. troops in Germany) will post reports on this fairly soon.


Criticism has become so voluminous and intense that Trump has also reversed course on cancelling the Stars and Stripes newspaper.

“Trump, facing accusations that he disparaged members of the military and the war dead, vowed that the military’s independent newspaper Stars and Stripes would not be defunded.

His comments come after it revealed that the Pentagon ordered the newspaper to cease publication by the end of the month and to dissolve the organization by January.”

In November of 1792, evidence of Louis XVI’s counterrevolutionary intrigues with Austria and other foreign nations was discovered, and he was put on trial for treason by the National Convention.

I keep wondering when proof will surface of Trump’s anti-American service to the Russian autocracy, and consequent charges and indictments will ensue. We’ve all been waiting for that other shoe to drop. I’m thinking maybe that when it finally does, it will have dropped from such a height as to make a very loud explosive crash.

The centaur Pholus is famous for turning a small problem into a huge problem. Trump’s natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn has been joined this year by transiting Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter, all of which have been square transiting Eris, she who instigates feuds, at 24+ Aries. The US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer opposes Trump’s natal Pholus at 24+ Capricorn, as does his own Saturn and Venus in Cancer.

In this September 1st-2nd Full Moon in Pisces chart, Eris, still at 24+ Aries is joined by Black Moon Lilith (primitive impulses) and these two feminine symbols are T-square Saturn and Pluto (+ Trump’s natal Pholus) in Capricorn and the US Mercury (+ Trump’s Saturn/Venus) in Cancer.

But wait, there’s more . . . the Juno (vengeful partner) in this Pisces Full Moon chart is at 24+ Libra, opposite Eris and Black Moon Lilith, making it a grand cross.

Bad news for Trump because a small thing, what he has said about service men who have been killed in battle or who have been captured and tortured, has caught up with him at last, and has now become front page news.

One thing any candidate for US President knows is that to tarnish or discredit the US military in any way is suicide for winning an election, or being re-elected in Trump’s case, by the US citizens. Now, his ass is grass, thanks to US Mercury in Cancer in a grand cross with Eris and BML in Aries and Juno in Libra, and Saturn + Pluto and, god love him, Trump’s natal Pholus in Capricorn. Thank you, thank you Pisces Full Moon!

It has finally caught up with him; his big mouth will be his undoing. The Pholus catch phrase is “small cause, big effect”; you done good Trump Pholus!

Looks like Mr. Singh might be right about the bad stuff happening to Trump…if he is, it’s only going to accelerate. But, Mr. Singh also said that if he steals the election, all bets are off!

Wow barbk,

“The Pholus catch phrase is “small cause, big effect”

I sure hope this is his self undoing. I loved to sit back and watch this unfold.

Always wondered if there was even such thing as a Third Rail for Trump.

Now we know.

Later than ever, and predictably, this story has legs and is running straight into an inferno.

Don’t F with the U.S. military. Every politician seems to get this innately.

Well, there’s every politician. And then there’s Trump.

‘Trump Faces Uproar Over Reported Remarks Disparaging Fallen Soldiers’

“I just listened to Sen. Tammy Duckworth speak about American soldiers not leaving ‘anyone behind’. She said that after she was shot down in her helicopter everyone thought she was dead yet they risked their lives to get her body and it wasn’t until she was put on an airplane that medics realized she was alive. Those compatriots saved her life – because they thought they were saving her body!

Donald Trump would think those rescuers of Sen. Duckworth ‘chumps’ and if they lost their life making sure she was not ‘left behind’ they would be ‘losers’. What was in it for them he’d ask.”


Whimsy said that Sept. 19 was a major date for the Biden campaign. It sounded positive.

Good news from the supposedly swing state of North Carolina. They started mailing out absentee ballots today and released numbers on requests they’d received so far. They say Republicans have historically dominated mail-in voting. But this year,

326,000 ballots requested by Democratic voters
192,000 were requested by independents
92,000 requests came from Republicans.

Now we have to make sure the returned ones aren’t dumped somewhere or left sitting in a warehouse.


barbK, et. al.
“small cause, big effect”
I know of nothing that exposes Trump’s true character better than his comments regarding our troops on several distinct occasions. The story resonates in complete and consummate harmony with all else we know of the man. The story doesn’t just have legs. It has very large wheels, capable of going where no Trump story has gone before.

Yes! Small cause. Very brief statements, nevertheless pregnantly pithy, now giving birth to catastrophic trouble I do not believe he can escape. He will thrash about violently within the quicksand of his own karma, quickening his descent into the dark abyss of his own soul.

The earth is rumbling beneath our feet. The vibrations will shake us to the core. Something more is coming.

I will not be surprised if incontrovertible proof of Trump’s collusion with and dependency on Mr. V Putin surfaces between now and election day. But it might be another sort of earthquake.

We don’t know what it will be. But if we listen closely, we hear it. If we pay attention, we can feel it beneath our bare and raw feet.

Biden just won the election with these comments – and it wasn’t only ‘politics’:



“– February 10, 2011 – In 2011, Donald Trump stoked false claims that Barack Obama had lied about his education. During a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump said, “Our current president came out of nowhere. Came out of nowhere. In fact, I’ll go a step further: The people that went to school with him, they never saw him, they don’t know who he is. It’s crazy.” This is false. Numerous accounts from Obama’s college classmates refute Trump’s claim, including Obama’s Columbia roommate, Phil Doerner.”


I find it curious that women have been repulsed by Trump since the git-go, but his insults toward military men that have been wounded or captured or killed have struck a nerve with men. At last, a chink in the armor of Teflon Don.

AstroLass on Twitter mentions that the Atlantic article on Trump disparaging the military appears just as “Mars (archetypal warriors who defend/protect) soon retrogrades at the degree that’ll” square Pluto at the US Pluto Reurn.


50% of Republican supporters believe force may be needed to preserve their version of the American way of life.

Anita Hill uses her moral authority to support Biden despite the Clarence Thomas hearings.


Sadly, I believe the scenario David Brooks described in the Sept.3 NYTimes OpEd you provided the link to, is probably an accurate prophecy. I think the direction we go from late 2020 – early 2021 will ultimately be decided by whether, as you put it in an earlier post, our top military officers choose to obey or disobey illegal orders.

Just like Trump is spreading the idea of voter fraud, I think we should start selling the idea that we might not know who won on Election Day. That it will take time to count a record number of absentee ballots and that we have plenty of time to count.

Republicans will try to convince the public we have to know right away and there’s urgency to finish the count.

We need to sell the idea of patience.

Teresa Hill
Right you are Teresa. I believe I’ve heard guests on MSNBC emphasize the need for patience relative to the absentee and mail in ballot issue a number of times. But I usually am not watching, only listening on Sirius XM while doing other things. I rarely watch actual TV. I hope the other networks are repeating the theme you suggest.


Thank you so much for the link; shared immediately.

Re: hurrying the decision. No need; Nancy can cover until final tally reached if necessary, right?

Need a laugh? This one always get me…


Has anyone else been following the “Battle of Lake Travis” down in Austin?

I don’t think David and I have laughed so hard for so many hours as we have today. Of course, being as this is old stomping grounds, it gives us a personal edge to the story… especially since I guess we’d be part of the “Antifa Soup-torpedo shooting Submarines”! (LOL)

Yep! Been to Lake Travis many times long ago mostly during the 70’s. I am bemused by the event.

Irony is, authorities believe boaters created the choppy waters by sailing much too close together. They therefore sunk their own boats! Highly symbolic, I thought when I first read the story. In the long run, many Trump-Heads, disbelieving health authorities, are too close to one Embracing ignorance and pride, Trumpers are sinking their man into defeat, as well as themselves..

Too close to one another…

New article up:


Battle of Lake Travis, aka Dumbkirk

‘Why These Voters Rejected Hillary Clinton but Are Backing Joe Biden’

For many Democrats and independents who sat out 2016, voted for third-party candidates or backed Donald Trump, Mr. Biden is more acceptable to them in ways large and small than Mrs. Clinton was.

“I identify more with Biden — whether that’s being a male chauvinist, or whatever you want to call me,”

The point seems almost too obvious to note: Mr. Biden is not Mrs. Clinton. Yet for many Democrats and independents who sat out 2016, voted for third-party candidates or backed Mr. Trump, it is a rationale for their vote that comes up repeatedly: Mr. Biden is more acceptable to them than Mrs. Clinton was, in ways large and small, personal and political, sexist and not, and those differences help them feel more comfortable voting for the Democratic nominee this time around.


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