29th Jun, 2020

Trump’s Agenda is not America’s Agenda

In light of all the controversy and confusion around President Trump essentially ignoring the intelligence concluding that Russia has been paying bounties to the Taliban for the murder of American soldiers in Afghanistan, we really should not be surprised. Since the beginning of this presidency, it has become increasingly apparent that Trump’s agenda is not the same as what we would customarily expect from a president.

In normal times, our leader strives to promote the safety, security, and health of the population, making his choices in a way that will serve the public interest, albeit based on his political perspective. Under Trump, the presidency has devolved into a means to promote his personal interests. It is a means to have adoring crowds feed his insatiable narcissistic needs, even if those crowds will become a superspreader event for a dangerous pandemic. It is also a means to feast on the rush of dominance over those who disagree with him, oppose him, or speak a truth that counters his grandiose delusions. Thus, reputations are crushed, people are fired, tweets are pushed that impact the Stock Market, tariffs are imposed, soldiers are rearranged, never with a consideration of the consequences to the national interest, but instead in a fit of pique or as a heady rush of incontestable aggressive power.

But we should not forget the other agenda item of the Trump presidency that underlies a great deal of his otherwise unexplainable statements, policies, and pretended ignorance.  Trump came into office wanting to end the sanctions on Russia. That is what the whole Flynn case was ultimately about. He and his minions lied repeatedly about their associations with Russia and worked assiduously to diminish and ultimately dismantle the work of the Mueller investigation. Trump precipitously pulled our troops out of Syria, essentially benefiting the Turkish and the Russian policy aims and abandoning our allies, the Kurds. He withheld financial and military aid to the Ukrainians, attempting to benefit himself politically but also weakening the Ukrainians in their war against Russia.

Moreover, Trump has pushed hard to get the Russians back into the G7 to make it once again a G8. He has deferred to Putin on matters of intelligence and ignored the US intelligence community findings on a number of occasions. And now we learn that the Putin government has been paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers, and Trump has not responded in any way to this egregious Russian scheme. What is incontrovertible is that all of these policy decisions are linked by a willingness to protect and promote the Putin agenda at the expense of US national security, American allies, the sanctity of the US election system, and now even the safety of American troops.

Given that Trump has literally worked miracles to keep his taxes and financial statements from public knowledge, and he has recently fired the US Attorney from the Southern District of New York who was sniffing around Trump’s finances, attempting to install a former lawyer for Deutche Bank in the process, we must strongly consider that it is the hidden truths underpinning Trump’s financial interests that are the key to his total submissiveness to Putin, the leader of an adversary nation.

Indeed, it seems more than likely that Putin is the ultimate puppeteer in the history of Trump’s money-laundering of Russian money through Trump’s real estate deals. Putin is the man behind the curtain in how Trump got loans, underwritten by a Russian-owned bank and filtered through a European bank, when no one else wanted to lend him anything. And more to the point, Putin is likely the key to Trump’s future financial security once he is out of office.

If we understand that the president’s agenda is not the agenda of the country, but often serves interests that often run counter to our national security, our health and our general welfare, then we can connect the dots between everything that otherwise makes no sense at all.


Nancy, there have been rumors flying around NY and DC well before the election that both VTB and Gazprombank, banks which are both controlled by the Russian Govt. have either co-signed or guaranteed nearly all of trump’s Deutsche Bank loans. Putin does in fact own Trump and his family.

It is interesting that only now, as we get closer to the election is a lot of this coming out in the public. I expect SCOTUS to rule against trump in the case this week which is why there had to be a shakeup at SDNY.

We should all get ready for the biggest misinformation campaign in the history of the world as trump and putin try to spin this.

Insightful, powerful essay Nancy. May it have a powerfully influential effect.

If we actually called Russia out for committing an act of war, and retaliated, that would help Trump stay in office, if normal patterns prevail–meaning if people don’t want to jump ship in the middle of a war. Although maybe in this case they would.

Thank you, Nancy, for the new essay. Every point you make hits the nail on the head.

Well written, Nancy.
“Indeed, it seems more than likely that Putin is the ultimate puppeteer in the history of Trump’s money-laundering of Russian money through Trump’s real estate deals. Putin is the man behind the curtain in how Trump got loans, underwritten by a Russian-owned bank and filtered through a European bank, when no one else wanted to lend him anything.”

Details of Trump’s Russian money laundering and relationships with various Russian mob bosses was published at least 2 years ago.
Why that evidence has been ignored for so long has been frustrating and perplexing.

I think this upcoming eclipse on the US Sun is gonna leave a mark.


“I think this upcoming eclipse on the US Sun is gonna leave a mark.”

Made me belly laugh…..nervously.


The problem with that Wag The Dog scenario you outlined (retaliation against Russia), is that it is widely assumed Putin has damaging compromat (incriminating evidence) hanging over Trump’s head. If Putin so chooses, he could easily and swiftly bring Trump down from power. It is clear, given all of his past actions, Trump is deeply frightened of stepping on Putin’s toes.

Just came across this piece by Liz Green who writes psychological interpretations of astrology charts with Astro.com. This section resonated with me.



Many people assume that astrology is used to predict events, and that a recognition of astrology’s validity implies an acceptance of fatalism and a denial of individual free will. Over the centuries, astrological prognostications have certainly played an important role in the lives of world leaders and the fate of nations. But predictability, and the fate which it implies, are far more complex issues than simply a destiny written “in the stars”, about which the individual can do nothing. In the following pages, your birth horoscope is analysed according to the planetary movements which are occurring over the next year. On one level, it is a “predictive” analysis. But its purpose is not a foretelling of concrete events. It is an exploration of the inner changes and cycles which occur in every individual and which often mysteriously coincide with events in the outer world. These planetary movements will not tell us what WILL happen. They describe the stage the individual has reached in his or her life, and what kind of responses can be expected to external situations which might occur at any other time, but mean something special because of the special time at which they are occurring.

The German poet Novalis once wrote, “Fate and soul are two names for the same principle.” This profound perception of the identity of inner and outer worlds is often difficult for the person unfamiliar with the deeper psychological dimensions of astrology to recognise. Carl Jung echoed Novalis’ sentiment when he said that a person’s life is characteristic of the person. We are complex creatures, made up of many facets, and all the different dimensions of the human psyche will seek, sooner or later, to find their place in the light of day and achieve expression in the outer world. But some aspects of the personality are inherently in conflict with other aspects. Some will elbow others out of the way because we identify with these at the expense of other, less developed attributes.

Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes. When the time is right, certain aspects of the individual will strive for expression. In order for us to achieve that expression, we may need to create, or find ourselves drawn to, external situations which make us conscious of what we were unaware of before. Some life events are not the expression of any individual need, conscious or unconscious. They reflect great collective movements into which we may all be swept up. Wars, plagues, famines, and holocausts may supercede any individual effort at self-awareness or choice. But in those spheres where our lives are our own, and not merged with the collective, we may have many levels on which to fulfill the expression of our individual horoscope patterns. We cannot be certain whether particular events are inevitable, or whether, with foresight, they might be avoided or transformed. We cannot be certain of the extent to which we are required to act out or redeem conflicts which have been part of the family psyche over many generations. These things contribute to what we loosely call “fate”. Also, the choices we make at any point in time may have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences on the kind of events which occur later on. Cause and effect may play more of a role in “fate” than we realise. What is clear from the study of astrology is that no outer event is devoid of meaning, or unconnected with individual psychological issues. “Good” luck and “bad” luck are not luck at all, but reflections of what in ancient Greece was known as kairos – the right moment. Analysis of the year’s planetary movements by computer is necessarily limited, primarily because no computer can ascertain what an individual has learned from experiences which have occurred in the past. Every stage in life is processed by individual consciousness, and the degree to which we are self-aware, and have some understanding of our deeper needs and conflicts, may have a powerful effect, not only on how we respond to events, but on the events themselves.

Consciousness, rather than fate, may determine whether we are able to turn a painful or difficult time into one of inner strengthening and self-knowledge, and whether we can take advantage of the right moment to develop abilities or pursue goals which previously we might not have realised were possible. Our choices may be circumscribed by our genetic inheritance on the physical level, and by social and collective factors which place limits on our possibilities for growth. We may also be circumscribed by our own self-doubt and blindness, and wind up fating ourselves through reacting blindly to the emotions which a particular situation stirs in us.

Forgot the quotations on Liz Green piece.

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For at least a year I’ve been hearing the officers in our military have been gradually turning against Trump. With the most recent revelations about Putin’s bounties on our soldiers, I think it probable our soldiers in the ranks will now follow suit.

I’m amazed this man has survived as president as long as he has. In the context of the bounty scandal, I’m really curious now as to whether soon our R. leaders will do as did Goldwater with Nixon, and inform Mr. Traitor he has to vacate the Oval Office. Or might they stay with him through election day and plunge to their political deaths like lemmings over a cliff?

In other words, How nuts are they really? It’s hard to imagine they would again nominate this guy as their candidate. It’s not in their self interest. And if we know anything, we know the Rs are selfish.

Breaking News…..

Beijing has reportedly passed a wide-reaching national security law for Hong Kong, which many fear could be used to override existing legal processes and further erode the city’s civil and political freedoms. – CNN

Are we heading for another Tianeman Square massacre?

Activists Vow to March Against China Law: Hong Kong Update

June 30, 2020

“……The national security law was expected to take effect by Wednesday — the 23rd anniversary of the city’s return to China and a day usually marked by mass protests. The Civil Human Rights Front, which has organized some of Hong Kong’s biggest pro-democracy demonstrations, was expecting an appeals hearing later Tuesday against a police decision to ban the march. Some activists announced that they would march any way.”


The July 5th Lunar Eclipse

The 7/5/20 lunar eclipse at 13 ’38 Capricorn will t square China’s natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction (13/14 Libra) and in opposition to Hong Kong’s natal Mercury (14 Cancer). Tr. Mars in this eclipse stands at 4 ’14 Aries. Mars will square the 12/26/19 solar eclipse (4 ’07 Capricorn), Hong Kong’s natal Mars (5 ’11 Libra) and most telling of all it will oppose China’s natal Uranus (4 ’59 Cancer).

Evon Davis explores this Mars transit in square to last years Dec eclipse in her latest video…..


Video: 53 min 9 sec


Will – thanks for the Liz Green piece. That was excellent. It bears rereading and deep thought.

Eliseo – I think we’re all wondering how nuts they are. I assume it depends on just how much compramat Trump or Putin has on them. They will do what they think is best for their own hides and nothing less.

I do wonder what effect this will have on the response of our military and I don’t envy military top brass the questions they are asking themselves as trumps traitorous actions become more and more obvious. Especially as so many other members of the government (gop) are also clearly involved.

May you live in interesting times is clearly a curse.

Nancy, thank you for telling the Trump-Putin story in such a clear and intelligent way. Trump reminds me of the steam valve on a pressure cooker; he has allowed the steam, i.e. the segment of the US voters who feel disenfranchised (unrepresented), to blow off the pent up steam without exploding the pressure cooker itself. Hard as it is for me to accept, he might have saved the US from an internal (civil) war.

Even now, things like the Mississippi flag change is being done without a major upheaval (so far anyway) and this might be linked to the Trump phenomenon. So much will have to be repaired after he leaves, but we will have learned so much about ourselves, we the people, that the generations 100 years from now may see him as a kind of accidental hero, and wouldn’t he love that (ugh!)

The USA is a unique experiment in its own right but the combination of the Trump reign, the coronavirus and the threat of a financial meltdown has made us aware of how fragile a society is. It’s a wonder we have lasted this long without exploding, I suppose. It beats an H-bomb, which Trump + Covid equals in some way when considering the death toll. However, my home is still standing so there’s that.

A very damning report on the Trump Presidency……

From Pandering To Putin To Abusing Allies And Ignoring His Own Advisers, Trump’s Phone Calls Alarm US Officials

by Carl Bernstein/ A Special CNN Report
June 30, 2020

In hundreds of highly classified phone calls with foreign heads of state, President Donald Trump was so consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues, so often outplayed in his conversations with powerful leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and so abusive to leaders of America’s principal allies, that the calls helped convince some senior US officials — including his former secretaries of state and defense, two national security advisers and his longest-serving chief of staff — that the President himself posed a danger to the national security of the United States, according to White House and intelligence officials intimately familiar with the contents of the conversations.



Right now the transiting Pluto-Jupiter conjunction 24+ Cap is in a 3 1/2 degree orb of an exact sextile with Neptune at 20+ Pisces and all are retrograde.

Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo could be seen as completing a Yod with the above sextile, and in that uncomfortable position of their triangle that is forced to adjust.

Then today there is the transiting Sun-Mercury conjunction at 9+ Cancer that is conjunct Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer that sextiles transiting Uranus at 9+ Taurus, while transiting Chiron at 9+ Aries squares Trump’s Mercury and transiting Sun/Mercury. It’s what I think of as the old Chiron-Uranus squeeze play. Something’s gotta give and it might just be Trump’s Mercury.

I’d better check the latest news.

Thank you Nancy, posted it.

A remarkable US Solar Return (birthday) is coming in July, 2026, if you can wait that long. Transiting Uranus at 3+ (almost 4) Gemini will trine transiting Pluto at 4+ Aquarius and both Uranus and Pluto will sextile transiting Neptune (4+ Aries).

Meanwhile, in this year’s Solar Return we continue to learn (through experience) what we want/expect from a President of our country (US), as symbolized by the solar return conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn opposite US natal Mercury in Cancer.

US 2020 Solar Return Saturn at 29+ Capricorn opposes the US Constitution chart’s Uranus at 29+ Cancer, drawing attention to glaring weaknesses in that document which will be the focus of the new US President and his star-studded cast of worker bees experienced in how government is supposed to function.

At the same time the US 2020 solar return Moon (US people) at 9+ Capricorn juggles 2 major roles:

1. Moon is T-square the Chiron (9″ Aries) opposite Juno (9+ Libra), the ongoing struggle of BLM.

2. Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, trine the MC in Virgo in the 2020 US Solar Return; the ongoing surge of energy to breakthrough material (earth signs)/societal barriers, utilizing the Internet and magic phones.

With the SR chart’s Neptune at 20+ Pisces (retrograde) squaring US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and opposite the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (who will remain in a grand trine until December 2020 with the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree and the Saturn-Pluto cycle start degree) . . .
. . guarantees a while longer in the foggy, boundary breaking, emotionally charged atmosphere we have been in, especially since January, and that – I’m guessing – includes the pandemic.

This too shall pass.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction this week once again favors Biden. The first hit in April saw him emerge as the likely nominee. This second conjunction sees him with a double-digit lead. He was a confident leader today at his press conference. The third time will be on November 12, when he wins the election. Pluto rules his Scorpio Sun and Jupiter his Sag Ascendant.

At the same time, transiting Pluto is in opposition to his natal Jupiter, which is itself conjunct the US Constitution Uranus and opposite US Pluto. The Pluto-Jupiter opposition is also quite favorable and will peak in January 2021.

This takes place as Pluto opposes Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction, which is proving fatal and will last all year into the next Inauguration. Trump’s Venus-Saturn is basically at the same degree as Biden’s Jupiter. As I have written before, this is why Biden goes up as Trump goes down.

Pluto will be exactly opposite Trump’s Saturn for the second of three passes on July 12. This should be a new low for him. Also, an eclipse occurs on July 4, while the Moon in Capricorn opposes the US Sun, which means the President. It is possible he will leave office this summer or will not be re-nominated at the GOP Convention. If he is the nominee, his downward slide is likely to continue. However, there is danger of increasingly irrational, dangerous or violent reaction to his mounting problems and stress from now until the end of the year while Mars is in Aries. The Trump era should definitively end by the mid-December eclipse on his Sun-Moon axis combined with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius.

Will, thank you for the Liz Green extended quote. She confirms that character is destiny. The mystery of the correlation of inner psychological evolution and outer events cannot be explained by astrology or anything else at this stage of human consciousness.

You mentioned in the last thread that you are finding the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to be difficult. All I know from your chart is that your Sun is at 0 Aries. Perhaps you are now feeling the effect of the Mars transit which should be energizing.

As I have said above, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is clearly good for Biden. I am enjoying it as well since I also have a Sag ASC and the conjunction is near my Sun at 20 Cap and opposite my Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer. The effects are validating a life-long project and confidence-building. I wish everyone could feel this way. I hope your health is improving and wish you well.

Andre, were you born in 1955? I have that same Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Cancer in my 6th that’s been a constant source of confusion as to work. Now that I’m “retired” I still don’t see the perfect occupation! 😉 (My Sun is at 25 Taurus though, and mostly I feel jumpy.)

Jill G, I was born in 1955. In my case, the conjunction is in the 8th and has proven quite fortunate. Probably because Jupiter rules my ASC and Jupiter-Uranus are opposite my Sun, square Neptune and 30 degrees away from Moon-Pluto.

Your Sun at 25 Taurus is a favorable aspect but I would need to look at your chart to comment further.

Casey M,



Thank you very much for the good wishes. I hope your astrology is a bull’s eye for Donald Dump. I’ve got a natal Neptune/Saturn conjunct in Libra at 23 and 25 in my first house which has been quite a challenge for my whole life – and now its being squared by both Jupiter and Pluto at present. In a short while, transiting Saturn will join the mosh pit from approx. mid-August to mid-November.
Joie de vivre……..not!

Guess I’ll be burning off beaucoup bad karma.

Andre, I was born 12:35am May 17th in Miami Florida. The 6th house Uranus – Jupiter conj. was helpful for my physical and mental strength (I’m one of the few people my age not on medication.) Funny my Uranus controls my ASC.
Ack, it’s 10pm sorry to ramble on. Goodnight. Sweet (non anxious) dreams folks.

“The second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was exact yesterday and it is unrelenting in its emphasis on the transmission and contagion of COVID-19. The first of three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions was on April 4; yesterday’s conjunction was at the same degree as the last one—both 24° Capricorn. The third conjunction on November 12, 2020, occurs at the same degree as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12. It seems we just can’t get away from the great reckoning of Saturn/Pluto—a reckoning that facilitated the great unraveling of government structures—and in some cases, the very foundations—of American democracy. Over these next weeks and months leading up to the third conjunction, masks, contact tracing, and social distancing are going to be essential in saving lives.”


Susan Rice:

“Most recently, we have learned that even Russian efforts to slaughter American troops in cold blood do not faze this president. Mr. Trump brushes off the information, evades responsibility and fails to take action — not even lodging a diplomatic protest. Now Mr. Putin knows he can kill Americans with impunity.

What must we conclude from all this? At best, our commander in chief is utterly derelict in his duties, presiding over a dangerously dysfunctional national security process that is putting our country and those who wear its uniform at great risk. At worst, the White House is being run by liars and wimps catering to a tyrannical president who is actively advancing our arch adversary’s nefarious interests.”


Andre, how did you find the Saturn/Pluto conjunction when it went opposite your natal Uranus/Jupiter? Saturn will retrograde to 25 degrees Capricorn and sit there for all of Sept./Oct. 2020. I ask because I have my moon at 25 Capricorn and also have a Sagi ascendent. I can’t say I noticed much in January, but then again, Covid was becoming all consuming then.

July 1st, right on/after Jupiter conjunct Pluto: any protest in Hong Kong is now illegal, and Putin will be able to do what he wants until 2036.
Can both these things please be undone at the next and last Jup Pluto conjunction? Pluto has six more degrees to go until Aquarius. May these autocratic structures fall before then.

Ex-George W. Bush officials launch new group supporting Joe Biden
By Chandelis Duster, CNN 
Updated 12:01 PM EDT, Wed July 01, 2020
(CNN) A group of former George W. Bush administration and campaign officials has launched a new super PAC to mobilize disaffected Republican voters for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The group, launched Wednesday under the name “43 Alumni for Biden,” “seeks to unite and mobilize a community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency,” according to a release. The formation of the group is the latest example of efforts being made by anti-Trump Republicans to defeat the President in November.
More at:

On July 6, 2020 the Sibly progressed chart shows some close aspects to Trump’s natal chart that involve the Moon’s Nodes. This is an interesting development. Crossing the nodes, both in a personal chart and a mundane chart, is often taken to indicate a change in direction.

The Sibly progressed chart on July 6 is has a close opposition (180) of US Mars at 17 Libra Rx. Libra is the sign of negotiations and it opposes Chiron at 17 Aries, the sign of direct action. The US progressed Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter Rx at 17 Libra and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it can also mean cooperation (wouldn’t that be nice?).

The Sibly progressed Mercury (communications) is at 20 Aquarius 48’. Thus US progressed Mercury is now precisely aspected to Trump’s natal Nodes: trine (120) his North Node at 20 Gemini 48’ and sextile (60) his South Node at 20 Sagittarius 48’. US Mercury in Aquarius ought to involve the masses in some way, and trine/sextile aspects generally indicate smooth/positive sorts of results. Here, progressed US Mercury is located in the 6th house of health and Trump’s natal Nodes are in the US progressed 10th house of leadership and the 7th house of the homeland.

Is it possible he will (finally) make alterations in his (thus far) disastrous lack of action regarding the pandemic? Because of the above aspects to Sibly Mars, Trump might even use the military to assist in the pandemic effort. Or he could just try a stupid distraction and attack something via Twitter (Mercury) to set off another news cycle. Who knows?

The Sibly progressed Moon is now at 25 Capricorn and it is opposite Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer. The progressed Moon is a few seconds past the exact opposition to Trump’s Venus, which would be weeks in ‘progressed time’. Perhaps something has been in the works in Congress and will be revealed. Trump’s natal Venus is located in the US progressed 11th house of associates (i.e. Congress).

Lastly, the US progressed Nodes of the Moon are presently at 26 Cancer/26 Capricorn. At the same time, US progressed Neptune is at 26 Virgo Rx, sextile/trine the Nodes. These degrees are in aspect to Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo, so his natal Mars is inconjunct (150) the US progressed North Node at 26 Cancer. This is an awkward aspect that seems to say there won’t be a very easy or welcome reception (Moon/Neptune) to whatever action (Mars) Trump takes, but it may at least indicate some kind of action or a transition.

Let’s hope whatever he does, this triggering of Trump’s responses in relation to the Sibly progressed chart will be constructive, not more destructive. It’s high time he should do something to help the country. Maybe the ‘associates’ in Congress will succeed in getting him to move off his ridiculous position about the virus. Or at least wear a mask in public…..

When we ask the wrong questions, we’re bound to get the wrong answers. More and more, I suspect the first “right” question is akin to “How crazy are they?” i.e. “Are the R’s really crazy and sufficiently suicidal enough to actually nominate and run DJT as their candidate.” OR…Will they drop him and run someone else? Another way to phrase it: Are they human, or merely lemmings in human disguise?

Next question:
If they run someone else, will it be a Trump acolyte, or a more “traditional” R.?
If they run someone more “normal” and/or “moderate” what happens to the Lincoln Project, 43 Alumni for Biden, and other R organizations’ support for Biden?

If they don’t run Trump, it is hard to imagine the R’s uniting behind an agreed upon candidate. The Never Trumpers won’t support a Trump acolyte. If Trump is forced out, I imagine his cultish supporters might be furious, and unwilling to support a non-Trumper candidate.

The R’s are already split, or we wouldn’t have these “ex-R” organizations running ads against 45. It appears to me they will be further split, and more deeply, either after Trump is roundly defeated in November, or possibly before the election if they boot him out and run someone else.

Even with all the voter suppression, screwball gerrymandering, foreign help, and various dirty tricks, I don’t see the R’s winning in November. The Dems are likely to take back the Senate, some governorships, and a few state legislatures.

Despite all the dark possibilities we fear, (and I’m not saying dark events might not also occur sumultaneously) this appears to me as consistent with the indications we see both “in the sky,” as well as those “on the ground.”
Does anyone have an alternate interpretation?

Jill G, I will get back to you tomorrow. I have to think a while before I write.

Will, no wonder the current heavy aspects in Capricorn are a burden. It will be tough for most of this year but things should greatly improve by December. I sincerely hope you make it through in one piece. Here’s to you.

Quintile, it’s a process in many stages. Saturn over natal Mercury at 0 Aquarius has made it more serioulsy and deeply conscious. The conjunction in January was a first step in a new journey of empowerment which left much self-doubt and pessimism behind. The major turning points are when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto crossed my Sun at 20 Cap, oppose natal Jupiter-Uranus at 25 Cancer (Pluto is not there yet but Saturn will station in September and Jupiter has been there), square natal Neptune at 28 Libra while conjunct natal Chiron at 28 Cap and finally reaches aforementioned Mercury at 0 Aquarius. I have been waiting for this for a long time and I’m glad I have lived this long. Uranus and Neptune transits at those degrees in the 1990s were life-changing and enhancing. It is a form of resurrection and spiritual homecoming. Also, some of it involves you-know-what (nudge, nudge). Happy Canada Day, neighbor.


So kind of you for the encouragement. Yes, tough it is and tough it will be until the holiday season. I’ll figure out a way to soldier through it.

Merci, mon ami!

It bugs me our American media is too America-centric. The British and other medias report the bounties were for British soldiers as well as Americans. That’s not being reported here in the US.

45 is not merely a traitor to the US. He daily betrays all our allies, and western civilization itself. None of our historically poor to terrible presidents are in his league.

If Trump were president in 1941 we would have entered WWII on the wrong side.


I was born March 20, 1953 at 6:25PM Chicago, IL

Here’s a question; are fixed stars still considered to have an influence on an astrological chart in this day and age?

Personally, I have serious doubts as to the effect of fixed stars due to my particular hypothesis of astrological causal affect. I’ve long assumed that as physical objects like planets move about the solar system, they subtly affect changes in the magnetospheric activities of the Sun, which in turn affects the magnetosphere of the Earth, which in turn affects us as individual and corporate electromagnetic beings. It would seem to me a fixed star might be too far away to have any appreciable or discernible effect. But I’m no astrophysicist, so what do I know?!?!

In esoteric freemasonry it is widely believed Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson, (all Freemasons) were astrologers. Furthermore, Masonic astrologers tend to believe fixed stars are significant. I don’t know about others astrologers, or their opinions on the matter. Masonic astrologers find it significant that at the time of the Declaration of Independence, Sirius was rising on the horizon at the same time the Sun was rising in the east, and I recall there was some association with the fixed star Regulus. I’m aware many Masons regard Washington D.C. as dedicated spiritually to the star Sirius. David Ovason, a Freemason, wrote about such things in some of his books.

At Mountain Astrologer there is an article entitled, The Sibly Chart and Masonic Astrology.

Hope this helps.

ja, thanks so much for delivering Ralfee’s latest observations; this one focused on the lengthy stay of Mars in its home sign Aries. Mars being one of the 3 planets in direct motion, along with Uranus and now Venus, the topic of violence and aggression will dominate the news. It being in early Aries puts it at the base/roots of the US Sibly birth chart, home sweet home.

That position will work at making some of us (US) feel attacked and others feel like attacking. What Ralfee says about Mars as symbolizing “the process of individuation” is worthy of study. She notes at the positive end of the Mars expression is “self actualization” which is why there is so much power in the Black Lives Matter at this time; transiting Mars at the root of the US birth chart.

This is indeed the United States going through “the process of individuation”; recognizing all its parts as equal, as the US also deals with its natal chart opposition between Chiron and Juno.

As for the news of individual US troops being killed for a bounty, that sounds more like US natal Mars in the 7th house of “open enemies” as well as “partners”, a natal Mars that conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun, also in the house of open enemies.

The Times, They ARE A’Changing!
Mayor Levar Stoney, of Richmond, VA invoked emergency powers, ordering Confederate statues removed.

“We’ve had 33 days of unrest,” the mayor said. “It’s time. It’s time to move beyond the lost cause and embrace the righteous cause. We can be more than just the capital of the Confederacy. It’s time for us to be the capital of compassion.”



Your natal chart shows a superb mind. Wonderful placement and aspects to Mercury, ruler of the mind. The symbol of Mercury( my favourite) ? is the cross, symbol of earth manifestation, the circle, symbol of spirit, and the crescent, the cup that symbolizes the uplifted personality. The link between heaven and earth. Messenger of the Gods.

Saturn conj. Mercury will sober and deepen your thoughts and in opposition to Jupiter will challenge your beliefs.

Not that I believe this will change your goals (wink, wink, nod, nod) but take you to a higher vantage point for a panoramic view. Happy Belated Canada Day to you too my friend.

p.s. no animosity intended by my reference to symbolism ?

Sorry, the question marks were suppose to be the symbol for Mercury and at the bottom, a happy face.

Wasn’t SCOTUS supposed to rule on Trump’s taxes by now? Have i missed something?

The Donald Trump Mercury-Neptune Square Phenomenon And A Date To Watch – Sunday July 12, 2020

There are several factors coming into focus on July 12th that I would argue could prove to be significant. There is of course the much talked about Pluto transit precisely opposing Trump’s natal Saturn on this day. But there are other aspects worth noting

Trump’s natal Mercury-Neptune square has generated a great deal of interest over the years. Astrologer Michael Thurman briefly sums it up in some observations complete with a quote borrowed from the Astrology King website…..

Trump’s Mercury square Neptune – “If I only had a brain”

Mercury in the chart can reveal a lot about a person’s intelligence, how they think and the
style in which they express themselves. The more aspects or connections Mercury has to the other planets, usually the easier it is for that person to develop their intellectual potential.

Donald Trump’s Mercury has only one aspect. Just one. His Mercury is squared by Neptune, the planet of illusion and deception.

From the Astrology King website: “Mercury square Neptune in the natal chart can have a strange effect on your mind. You see and sense the world through a different lens than anyone else, not the real or factual world.

You may need professional advice when signing contracts or dealing with government and legal matters. These would include becoming involved in lies, fraud or scandals.”

Who else had Mercury square Neptune? Jim Bakker and President Herbert Hoover. Enough said. Excuse me while I look for my ruby slippers.

So…. What’s happening July 12th? Two things (in addition to the Pluto transit). Chiron, the wounded healer stations retrograde at 9 ’26 Aries at 5:09 pm the evening of the 11th. It forms a conjunction to Moon and Mars at 8/9 Aries in square to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’52 Cancer). 11 hours later at 4:26 am the morning of the 12th – Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 Libra conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra). Both Mercury and Chiron stationing nearly simultaneously activating Trump’s Mercury-Neptune square will no doubt have repercussions. How big of an impact is unclear. I would speculate though; could this be the pivotal moment when there is full disclosure (release of his tax returns) and he is forced to resign?

Ed Meece in an article entitled “JFK, Chiron and The Wound That Never Heals: America’s Turning Point of the 20th Century” explores the Chiron station and how it relates to past momentous events. Here’s the pertinent excerpt…..

“…….In doing research on Chiron many years ago, I decided to create an hypothesis and then see if it worked out. My hypothesis was that the major events of the 20th century should have very strong Chiron emphasis, perhaps Chiron stationary, because when the big happenings in the world occur, people are thrown out of their ordinary, day-to-day, “chronological” (Saturn-based) time rhythms and tossed into a twilight zone or “chirological” (Chiron-based) experience–very weird and strange.

It’s important to note that I created my list first–without knowing where Chiron was at those times and not looking at a Chiron ephemeris. I remember marking down on my list 4 top events of the 20th century in the following order: the assassination of JFK (Nov. 22, 1963); the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the spark that ignited World War I (June 28, 1914); the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) and landing a man on the Moon (July 20, 1969).

With the last three events, Chiron was stationary within a week to 10 days of the event. Therefore, Chiron was barely moving, creating a strange sense of time and space for humanity on Planet Earth. But I was in for a shock when I turned to the Chiron ephemeris and looked at November 22, 1963. Chiron was totally motionless that very day, no orb whatsoever, at 10+ Pisces! The Chiron principles–of pains, wounds, twilight zones, mavericks and keys that unlock doors to higher realms of consciousness–were fully and powerfully at work on November 22, 1963.”


“……..When Mercury is square (or negatively aspected) to Neptune, it means that the person has a difficult time articulating ideas or thoughts in any meaningful or cohesive way — particularly under duress. But even more fascinating is this: Mercury square Neptune doesn’t just speak to inarticulate behavior. It can mean willfully obscuring or hiding the truth. Ahem. Lying. Let that sink in for a moment. In my experience, those with Mercury square Neptune have a tendency to lie. A lot.” – Extracted from an article entitled “Trump’s Mercury Problem”

In the latest Mountain Astrologer magazine article entitled “Donald Trump Begins His Re-election Rallies, Mary Plumb briefly examines this Mercury transit and its station in relation to Trump’s chart…….

“…..On June 30 transiting Mercury retrograde was conjunct the Sun at 9 Cancer; the President’s natal Mercury is 8 ’51 Cancer suggesting how deeply personal this particular legal issue must be to him. Mercury retrograde will pass his natal Mercury on July 2, before going direct on July 12 at 5 Cancer. Stories from the family lineage are being re-visited or re-examined. Whether there is further public exposure remains to be seen. Transiting Mars (8 Aries) will square natal Mercury on July 13, right as Mercury goes direct; in the short term, the President’s fighting (and protective) instinct will remain strong.”


CORRECTION: Typo. Read instead: “Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 CANCER SQUARE Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra).

Here is something I’m involved with to effect the outcome of the election in November.
I have been doing the stay-at-home version of precinct walking for an organization called Working America, which is the political organizing arm of the AFL-CIO. A friend who is very politically active told me about this group. Their focus is on boosting voter turnout in the battleground states. I am sending personalized form letters to members of Working America in Kentucky who have been identified as past Democratic voters who might not turn out to vote in the next election. The project claims to have a proven 15% effectiveness rate, so for every 100 letters sent, 15 people turn out to vote.

Very powerful piece from the NY Times:


NASHVILLE — I have rape-colored skin. My light-brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South.

If there are those who want to remember the legacy of the Confederacy, if they want monuments, well, then, my body is a monument. My skin is a monument.

I am a black, Southern woman, and of my immediate white male ancestors, all of them were rapists. My very existence is a relic of slavery and Jim Crow…more…

Jerry, fascinating stuff about Trump’s natal Mercury square his natal Neptune and the Ed Meece research on Chiron too. Wow!

Two years ago on April 2, 2018, transiting Mars and Saturn were conjunct at 8+ Capricorn opposite Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

For 2 years that Mars-Saturn cycle was linked to Trump’s natal Mercury, until March 31, 2020 – at the height of the dawning awareness of Covid-19 – when transiting Mars and Saturn started their NEW cycle at 0+ Aquarius, the same degree where Saturn will conjunct transiting Jupiter this December.

I’m thinking that is when (March 31) the OLD cycle of Mars-Saturn released its grip on Trump’s Mercury (square Trump’s Neptune), whatever that entailed, and he began to become aware of what the pandemic was doing to the US economy.

The fact that the new Mars-Saturn cycle started in the same degree (0+ Aquarius) that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle will start in December, leads me to think that the Chiron in the new Mars-Saturn cycle (that started March 31) which at 5+Aries opposed Trump’s Neptune 5+ Libra, and squared the US Jupiter (+Venus) in Cancer, is a harbinger of what’s coming for the US.

Transiting Chiron will station direct at 4 Aries 56, six days before the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts on December 21, 2020. That is where Chiron was in March. It is square the US natal Jupiter/Venus (3-5 Cancer). Is it about the pandemic + values + understanding the Big Picture?

So, in the Mars-Saturn cycle chart (March 31), Chiron at 5 Aries 43 was T-square the chart’s Moon (people) 3 Cancer 37 (+ US Venus + US Jupiter) that was opposite the chart’s Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 4 Capricorn 31 and that Chiron in Aries was opposite Trump’s Neptune at 5+ Libra.

That makes a grand cross in cardinal (action) signs. This Mars-Saturn cycle segue’s into the December Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts after the November election.

It looks like it will take 20 years to clean up this mess.

Ja, Thank you for your service. I cannot commit to that now but am supporting several congressional candidates with small monthly sums. My cousin is doing a lot of work & told me whom to support. Maybe as we get closer, I’ll have more time.

Jerry, very interesting stuff.

Starlight, I saw that article about “rape skin” –_ she makes a strong point.

Speaking of Mars & it’s retrograde, I am so hoping Israel will back down with it’s sovereignty plans. It doesn’t seem necessary, will lead to further bloodshed & is most likely a Net, Trump, Jared solution. On the other hand, there are those who want to jettison Israel as a Jewish state. I feel a safe haven is needed and it is quite an advanced state – if only they could replace Net. I also feel Israel does not really have a partner for peace (I have paid close attention for yrs). Nevertheless, I am completely against this “sovereignty” plan.

Will, hang in there. We (yes, we…it’s a big enough group) are all out here supporting you, and Eliseo, too, and anyone else here who needs love & healing support (as I recall, Henri). My friend directed me to a healer who has a free healing call right now that demonstrates how he works… He’s kind of good: https://healthbeyondbelief.com/replay/

kudos to you Ja!


Thank you for your response re: relativity or value of fixed starts in modern astrology.

Fixed star Regulus at 29 degrees of Leo in Donald Dumps chart however, may be at least one exception to your theory. Funny thing about those electromagnetic energies/gravitational pull when one considers that the light of many of the stars we see have (according to astrophysicists) taken millions of years to become visible to us.


I think I’m going to dub you Baba Jerry (I don’t think Meher Baba would mind) you’re curatorial talents have been on fire lately. Have you ever thought about a website of your own? God/Goddess knows you can write, Baba Jerry. Just a thought.

Nancy, the article you reference above – the author was interviewed last night on MSNBC and I highly recommend you watch it.


Yes, Jerry, and I got a pretty good chuckle out of the mental picture of you wearing ruby slippers, net stockings and a tutu – but able to ditch this joint and go Home to a happy & safe space! Wicked sense of humor! Don’t we all want that but the solution seems to be to heal each other.

Your July 2 posting was a genuine “Aha!” kind of experience. You assembled the pieces from various sources into a very enlightening and holistic jigsaw puzzle picture. In the context of all the ambiguity we frequently deal with in astrology, the clarity of the insights you presented were and are stellar.
Greatly appreciated!

The article by Mark Lerner, to which you provided the link, was fascinating as well. Thank You!

“If I only had a brain.” So apt!
“Mercury square Neptune doesn’t just speak to inarticulate behavior. It can mean willfully obscuring or hiding the truth. Ahem. Lying.”

Whoa! Bingo! Diagnosis complete!

I LOVE Tammy Duckworth! What a woman!

I must say, some of the anti-Trump videos and ads being generated this time around are truly powerful and capture the zeitgeist, like this one:


What does a Pluto Return feel like? We’re living through it.

Worth a read:

“What people care about is this outbreak……By Election Day (2016), most voters didn’t find Trump honest or trustworthy, according to exit polls. But they voted for him anyway. And throughout much of his first term, including his impeachment, Democrats struggled to find an anti-Trump message that gained traction…….


Eliseo and Will,

Grateful for your input. And yes Eliseo. I mistakenly had posted the name of Ed Meece as the author of that article when in fact it was Mark Lerner. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


About Chiron; for some unexplainable reason my attention keeps returning to the upcoming July 20th New Moon-Saturn opposition. That date keeps me riveted. Whether it is a psychic thing or not I don’t know. Suffice to say, the New Moon Saturn opposition is within one degree of the US Pluto. It is also marks the 51st anniversary of the historic US Apollo 11 moon landing. It is also the US Moon Landing’s Chiron return (it takes 51 years for Chiron to complete its orbit around the Sun). Something remarkable could be happening around that time.

PS Apologies for the two typos above. I have a tendency to change, copy and paste and then not review the text thoroughly before submitting.

What I meant to add is this…… The 7/20/69 Moon landing was one of America’s most amazing, remarkable achievements that created a legacy for time immemorial. Something significant and magical about that date.

That date is also my “difficult” to put it politely, mother-in-law’s birthday.

I agree with you intuitively about our upcoming 20th July. It feels as though things are rolling to a head beneath our feet, beyond our vision.

I recall having had dinner with Mark Lerner quite a number of years ago. He was the guest of honor at an astrology meeting where he lectured. I had the privilege of sitting directly across the table from him, but found him more interesting in his public presentation than in conversation.

In 1963, he and I experienced the JFK assassination very similarly, although in different parts of the country. Each of us was in 7th grade science class when the announcement was made.


You must see the latest Lincoln Project ad against Trump! It is entirely done in Russian with grand Russian music and English subtitles. It is IMHO the most breathtaking ad they’ve done so far.

Fellow Traveler

Another mind blowing anti-Trump ad from the Lincoln Project.

Flag of Treason


How interesting. I have always enjoyed reading Mark Lerner’s articles. It’s so absorbing and easy to follow. Have you had the opportunity to listen to any of his podcasts? If not, here’s a library of topics to choose from….


This video is for you.

Should the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Reunite After Brexit? (CANZUK Explained)


No, I haven’t followed his videos. Soon after I attended the meeting and dinner with ML my life changed pretty dramatically. It became fairly chaotic. I suddenly had to move from east coast to west coast, and less then a year later to Texas to take care of my ailing mother, and later her estate after she died. My time was pretty limited, taking care of my mother, teaching university students, and doing more graduate work simultaneously. I only arrived “home” last September, and I’ve not acquired another teaching position, or any kind of job yet.

During all that time I’ve contributed sporadically to this blog, but only recently do I now have the opportunity to delve more deeply into astrological lore.

I definitely appreciate your reacquainting me with Mark Lerner’s work. I WILL be viewing his podcasts, thanks to your posting the link.

How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President | Opinion

“For Trump, there are two broad pathways to maintaining power. First, we can already see very clearly a strategy designed to suppress voter turnout with the purging of registration rolls of large numbers of mostly urban voters; efforts to suppress mail-in ballots, which are more necessary than ever, given COVID-19; a re-election apparatus that is training 50,000 poll watchers for the purpose of challenging citizens’ right to vote on Election Day; and significant efforts to make in-person voting in urban areas as cumbersome as possible in order to have long lines that discourage people from exercising their voting rights.
The second pathway to subverting the election is even more ominous—but we must be cognizant of it because Trump is already laying the groundwork for how he can lose the popular vote, and even lose in the key swing states necessary for an Electoral College victory, but still remain president.”


Barbk, more on Tammy from the NYT’s,

“If she is picked, I would walk barefoot for a mile across burning coals and broken glass to vote for them. (In truth, I would do that for any Democratic ticket in this election, but with Sen. Duckworth as the VP candidate, I would do it with a big smile on my face.)”


Thanks ja; what a woman!

Tammy Duckworth’s natal Nessus is conjunct the US natal Uranus; she can flush out the corruption and abuse of power in the US.

Her Mars and North Node conjunct the US natal Chiron in Aries, while her natal Pluto and Pallas conjunct the US natal Neptune in Virgo, adding strength to these 2 symbols of vulnerability.

Her Venus, Mercury and Pholus are conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius; the US people like, if not love her. She would make a great VP choice, I agree. Thanks again ja, much appreciated. Maybe she will be our next FDR!

Last night on Chris Cuomo Prime Time Harry Enten, CNN Senior Political Writer and Analyst:

“There have been over 50 polls that have been conducted this year via live interviews. You know how many of them Donald Trump has led in? Zero, zero, zero. He was trailing before the coronavirus and he’s trailing worse now after it’s hit. […]

And the other thing I’ll just add is, turnout is not going to explain away a 10, 11 or 12-point deficity. Maybe it gets it down to 8. But if the president really wants turnout to the thing that makes a difference in this election it has to end up close to a three, four, five-point margin. And to be perfectly frank Chris, we haven’t seen those types of margins since I last saw you in the office.”

Hi Angellight, Nice to see you!

An omen of change in Canada?
I’m not sure of the significance of this but scientists have observed that suddenly White-throated sparrows in British Columbia have literally changed the song they sing. Furthermore, the new song has swept eastward across Canada as now all the other Canadian sparrows have switched to the new song. Purportedly, this has not happened before since ornithologists have been recording birdsong.

IMO, any Pagan, Wiccan, or Native American might interpret this weird natural phenomenon as indicative of some kind of shift in the attitudes, culture, or politics of Canadians. But then again, as Carl Jung said to Dr. Freud, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

In either case, it is both weird and interesting. I’m wondering if this jives with the astrology of Canada, and/or if it bodes for some kind of transformation. Will Canadian humans follow suit and soon be singing a different tune?

Catchy Sparrow Song Goes ‘Viral’ Across Canada in Continent-Wide Phenomenon


Good catch, Eliseo — so interesting! Uranus in Taurus, Venus in Gemini!

Never thought I’d see the day.
I’ve never been a football fan, (actually I’ve been opposed to spectator sports generally since early childhood) but I never thought I’d see the day when the Washington Redskins would seriously consider changing their name.

Simultaneously, Native Americans are protesting Trump’s presence without permission at Mt. Rushmore.

I know the astrological influences match up with current events, but I am nevertheless amazed every day at what I see happening.

What’s this? Don Jr.’s girlfriend tests positive for the Covid-19? Good grief!

Guilfoyle is hot with Covid – tis true.

Had I my druthers, I would have draped all of the Mount Rushmore faces with masks to spice up Humpty Dumpty’s shit show. Oh, to dream.

Jerry, I have a question about the chart for the JFK assassination you may be able to answer.

At that time, Nov. 22, 1963, the transiting North Node at 11+ Cancer was conjunct Pres. Kennedy’s natal South Node at 11+ Cancer. The transiting NN was sextile the midpoint between transiting Uranus at 9+ Virgo and Pluto at 14+ Virgo at the time of the assassination.

Their sextile formed a Yod with transiting Moon (the People) at 11+ Aquarius forming a Yod (Finger of God) pattern.

That Moon in Aquarius was opposite that chart’s Transpluto (symbol of the process of becoming whole) at 12+ Leo retrograde forming a Boomerang pattern.

To me it suggests the assassination of JFK was somehow part of a process of “becoming whole” and perhaps was part of the Uranus-Pluto cycle mission.

Interestingly, JFK’s NATAL Transpluto at 20+ Cancer was T square his natal descendant/7th house cusp at 20+ Aries (which conjuncts the US natal Chiron) opposite his natal ascendant (1st house cusp) at 20+ Libra (conjunct the US natal Juno).

That opposition between US Chiron (+ JFK’s descendant) and US Juno (+ JFK’s ascendant), seems to be relevant to the inequality between races in the US.

Was JFK’s involvement with Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby Kennedy taken into consideration as motivation for killing him? Do you think it is possible that all 3 were murdered by members of the KKK or some equally evil group?

Quintile, thank you for your comments on my natal Mercury. You’re right about their sobering and uplifting effect. I gave an interview yesterday on French-language radio in Montreal on Canadian constitutional reform that did not involve Quebec secession. It was well received. I’m taking a wider, more measured view at the moment which I find to be more in the public interest in the near future even if it displeases some of my secessionist friends who would proceed more rapidly. I tell them one may lead to another depending on how Canada reacts and that next year’s referendum in Alberta on equalization will begin a chain reaction of new possibilities. Mercury at 0 Aquarius conjunct Chiron at 28 Cap is ever an independent thinker.

Quintile, I meant to write: thank you for your comments on aspects to my natal Mercury.

Your Moon at 25 Cap should soon feel the influence of serious Saturn for some months but your Sag influence will be there and should overcome it. Where’s your Jupiter?

Canadian news. As soon as Mars entered Aries square to Justin Trudeau’s Sun (he was born Christmas Day while his father was Prime Minister and some joked at the time a Canadian Savior was born), an armed intruder who is a member of the Canadian military entered the grounds of his residence looking for him. Fortunately, neither he nor his family were present and no shots were fired. The intruder was arrested after a two-hour standoff.


Also, as soon as Saturn moved back into Capricorn, he was involved in a minor scandal concerning a 19 million$ grant to a non-profit his wife supports. He is somewhat scandal-prone. I predict he will regain a majority government in a hastened election next year because he has well handled the pandemic, but that should be the high point of his career. I see a major and likely fatal scandal in 2025.

Vote Vets has done another one in which they overtly call Trump a traitor.

VoteVets Ad – Benedict Donald


Jill G, sorry I took longer than expected to look at your chart more closely. Tr Saturn over natal Chiron is giving me back pain, but it should pass.

Your chart is interesting. I have to feel it before I write because like you I have a grand trine in water signs. We were born four months apart.

You have a beautiful Moon in Pisces in the first house trine Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio (in my case, Mars is in Pisces). The nearing Neptune conjunction to your Moon should make you more compassionate and sensitive, even psychic, than ever. Your Aquarius Ascendant makes you interested in astrology and an original person in many ways.

Your Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the 6th is good for your health as you mention, although it is in a T-square with Neptune in the 8th and Venus in the 2nd. Money and possessions or debt could have been a challenge, particularly in relation to work, although with Jupiter-Uranus lucky or unconventional, as well as inspired, solutions could sometimes be found.

You say you have had trouble finding meaningful occupation. The closest planet to your MC is Saturn and it is in a difficult exact inconjunct with Mercury in Gemini. Saturn is also opposite your Sun near the IC and square Pluto in the 7th. The Sun is exactly square Pluto. No wonder your career is a challenge. (I have the Sun and Chiron square Neptune. Sometimes I wish my dreams, perceptions and visions would go away because they can be a burden.) Sun square Pluto in the 7th can be heavy. Combined with Sun opposite Saturn, marriage and partnerships may have been difficult over time.

Mercury is exalted in Gemini and generally a good placement for intelligence and awareness. But Mercury and Mars in Gemini are also afflicted by a square to your Moon in the first. Maybe your sensitivity or intuition sometimes got in the way of your thinking. That nervous Mercury in Gemini would make you jumpy. Mars next to it might make you overreact on occasion, although Venus sextile Mars can also counteract that with its peaceful influence. You may be high-strung sometimes, but you are likely not aggressive. Transiting Neptune square to both Mercury and Mars is bringing this pattern of conflict between the mind and the heart, which may be a form of professional self-sabotage because of Saturn (I would know self-sabotage) to a head, but also offer greater psychological or spiritual insight. Transiting Pluto in the 12th nearing a sextile to your MC should help you come to a more serene acceptance of this situation. It is what it is.

Your Sun opposite Saturn turns your grand trine into a kite, which we also share. (In my case, the Sun at 20 Cap and Chiron at 28 are opposite Jupiter-Uranus.) This gives you depth and substance as a person even without professional success. Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer should have given you interesting creative work, although perhaps not stable or long-lasting. The Sun sextile your Moon and your Jupiter-Uranus should make you friendly and sociable and keep you balanced overall. The opposition to Saturn also gives you a serious and stable dimension, which can however sometimes lead to excessive pessimism.

You’re a good person. Life has not always been easy. I care. I hope this helps.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Trump supporters are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are racism, bigotry and the pursuit of White Supremacy.

EDIT: I made this up from scratch. LMAO!

And by “Creator”, I mean Donald Trump…….


A slow succession eases my anxiety….lol, but the instability of our southern neighbour cancels that out.

I am reading Liz Greene’s The Luminaries and the progressed moon’s transit from birth to contact with natal aspects, particularly the Sun, resulting in a New Moon or eclipse.

I must look at Justin T’s chart again in this context. That always speaks volumes. I suspect his moon aspects make him vulnerable, given the issues with his mother.

My Jupiter is at 8 Aries, sits on my I/C and quintiles my moon! Hence my non de plume.

I enjoy reading your astrological analyses and I am sure Jill G. appreciates the time and effort it takes.

I was lucky enough to catch The History Channel’s “Grant” on TV last night. Talk about an unsung hero. The only things I knew about Grant is his face on some denomination of our currency ($5?), some sort of quote from Lincoln, when there were complaints about Grant’s drinking, he said “find out what he drinks and order it for all of my other generals, and my grandmother’s expression of “Well, he took that like Grant took Richmond.”

He was extremely smart, full of integrity and tenacity.
If you can find it, give yourself a treat and watch it. The unfortunate part is that he didn’t get the support he needed during Reconstruction.

Just came across the following video by Denise Siegel. It is rather concerning. She sees the economy crashing beginning late July and peaking towards mid August. She makes some very compelling arguments.using the New York Stock Exchange chart as a reference point……

The Next Stock Market Crashes and Covid-19 waves


Steve Judd sees something similar in mid August (when Mars Squares Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn). I noticed the date of August 13th. There’s a Mars-Pluto square (23 Aries-Capricorn) forming a t square to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer). Perhaps he won’t leave until mid August? Worry not. Eventually he will exit. It’s only a matter of time.

It is safe to say that the outer planets cycles point to what is evolving over lengthy periods of time to human beings, their societies and the planet Earth.

The present Uranus-Pluto cycle began about 2 years and 6 weeks after JFK was assassinated on 11/22/63. Between June 2012 and March 2015 transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto made 7 squares to each other, one especially designed to evoke (disrupt) the status quo in the US.

It happened on April 21, 2014, when Pluto was at 13 Capricorn 34 and Uranus was at 13 Aries 34. Joining them was transiting Jupiter at 13+ Cancer which was conjunct the US natal Sun, and transiting Mars at 14+ Libra conjunct the US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron*.

It was a grand cross in cardinal (action) signs and its purpose was to disrupt our country’s traditional patterns and generate new ones. And it came to pass that 2 years later Donald Trump was nominated by the Republican party to run for the office of US President.

The cycle between Uranus and Pluto that began 2 years after the brutal death of our President – on live TV – would reach their first set of squares to each other that would culminate in the election 53 years later of the most disruptive (Uranus) and power abusive (Pluto) US President in history.

Soon the regeneration and renewal will become visible, and by 2026 the world will see the transformation wrought by the Pluto-Uranus cycle, as by then they will be trine each other.

This November transiting retrograde Neptune will be at 18+ Pisces, opposite the start degree of the Uranus-Pluto cycle start (17+ Virgo) and conjunct Chiron in that Uranus-Pluto chart at 19+ Pisces.

*Chiron is the key that opens the door between differing realities and transiting Neptune will exact its conjunction with the Chiron in the Uranus-Pluto cycle chart on January 26, 2021, for the 3rd time.

The first time was on March 26-27, 2020, and the 2nd time will be on September 29, 2020.

For what it’s worth, JFK’s natal Moon at 17+ Virgo was the same degree where the Uranus-Pluto cycle would start 2 years after his murder. I like to think he is guiding the progress of that cycle’s effect on the USA. We are not alone.

Just to let you all know, I’m enjoying this thread. Like the song goes, you all are ringing out danger, ringing out a warning, and ringing out love.

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been doing a bit of personal housecleaning, making videos mostly for Facebook, and walking a lot.

FWIW, I’m having my solar return right now, this afternoon–and this year, it falls almost exactly opposite the lunar eclipse later tonight. I suppose the pandemic affecting my gigs (canceling them, really) may have foreshadowed the solar return, as I understand this happens sometimes, but I also understand that I’m not the only one due for a bit of a reality check, let alone change. Apparently, America is due for one, too.

If it all portends that 45 and his minions fall this year, I’ll take it.

Gina, Happy 4th of July Birthday! I hope the lunar eclipse portends great things for you, your life and career, and this country in surprising new ways! (including a great new administration & congress!) xoxoxoxo

Andre, thank you for spending some of your holiday time looking through my chart. (If I could I would give you one of the cherry pies I made today!) You are very insightful and have answered some of my lifelong questions.
I’ve always had difficulty looking at myself and chart to see possibilities. I can’t tell you how many times people have said “Why are you so negative!”, when I’m just being observant. I spent the first 30 years learning how to be thoughtful without being a doormat.
I think the Pluto trine venus is the reason my second husband (Capricorn) and I fit so well together. It was so meant to be. (Unless standing around a large fire pit being chased by smoke blowing in my face until I was next to him happens to everyone!!)
Were your parents as sexist as mine? My Gemini father was born the same day in 1924 that GHW Bush was and he was an international pilot and a mechanic. My Mom is a Cancer with a grand fire trine who survived rape by uncles and put herself through
nursing school. I was expected to be a Teacher or a nurse by the parental units. Worst work in the world for a introvert!

This will make your whole 2020 friends! The Best Political Ad Ever Made


Thank you, Sharon! My birthday is actually Sunday, but my Solar Return at 13’27” was this evening. I think the moon was at around 10 degrees Capricorn at that moment, which is opposite my Sun, but trine my Mars, so that helps.

James Carville, etc. on the election – worth a listen:


I actually laughed when one of the network news websites recently suggested Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. as serious presidential candidates in 2024.

I mean, anything is possible. Their dad was elected. And… I think it’s more likely they’ll either be on the run for their own criminal rackets, or will have ODed on opiates by then.

If there’s truth to Alzheimer’s being the cause of his deteriorating mental state, federal prosecution and living in the pen may be the least of DJT’s worries.

I’m ambivalent toward Carville’s supposition. If Trump decides to drop out of the race, say in late July or in August, I’ll be both relieved and alarmed.

I would be glad he’d be gone in January, but concerned his not running might depress the voter turnout for Biden. Furthermore, he and his minions might nevertheless employ whatever dirty tricks they can muster to screw up the election. Unless he resigned, effective immediately, Trump would remain in power until his successor (hopefully Biden) was inaugurated. No telling what acts of spite and revenge he might wield upon us while still president between his announcement and his leaving office.

Also, I have no doubt, even without Trump running, Moscow Mitch and company will do whatever it takes to retain the Senate. They may or may not succeed, but will do all they perceive as necessary to retain power and avoid jail time.

I’d rather see Trump hang on, lose the election precipitously, and take down his party with him. I’d like to see Trump, and Trumpist Republicanism defeated and rejected in such a sufficiently large landslide as to never again be a threat to the republic, or to the world. May they go the way of the Whigs and the Know Nothings.

The larger Trump and Trumpism is rejected electorally, the easier it will be to institute necessary legal and constitutional reforms, and to repair the relationship with our former allies.

Eliseo, it’s an intriguing time. You have many saying he will drop out and you have many who cliaim he is setting the stage to stay regardless of the outcome. And both sides have very compelling arguments to support their position.

It is unnerving, isn’t it. I don’t recall ever having lived in more uncertain and scary times.

My personal life has never been more uncertain, uncomfortable, or unpleasant. And for all of us, our national life continues to deteriorate.

I’m just grateful right now, (presuming we have a free and fair election) we have a candidate whom I believe can win,
a candidate whom not only Dems can support but whom many Independents and R’s can vote for as well. I’m also grateful that at least so far, we’re not shooting at one another.

The circumstances we live under now are not like anything any of us have experienced in this lifetime. Seems like everything is upside down and tilted sideways. It feels like gravity increased by at least half while requiring us to either walk on the walls or ceiling. And we can’t find the door that leads us out of the room!

have any of you come across Barbara Marx Hubbard? I just did and am finding what she had to say rather intriguing. She passed away last year – among other things she spoke about ‘conscious evolution’ and ‘synergystic democracy’. Daniel Ellsberg was her brother in law. Dont know if you can access this link on gaia.com or not: https://www.gaia.com/video/new-politics-synergistic-democracy?fullplayer=feature

Nixon is regarded by historians as having had a very “mixed” presidential administration. Although his presidency will forever be remembered for Watergate, his enemies list, his cabinet members and VP who went to jail, etc., his foreign policy achievements, especially opening up China are muchly lauded.

I have a feeling that is about to change. Coming events with China (likely related to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 60’s) will i believe serve to show how foolish and dangerous was that rapprochement with the PRC. I suspect western businesses will relatively soon (next 3-5 years if not sooner) find themselves withdrawing from China as her authoritarian behavior becomes increasingly strident.

I’m not sure how precisely astrologically, but my feeling is the Uranus/Pluto cycle which has disrupted our Am. patterns, procedures, and policies, resulted in the EC appointing Trump as president, and therefore weakened us for the next few years, also (as the dominoes fall) emboldens the totalitarian propensities of China, Russia, and other already authoritarian nations.

Through Trump we’ve lost a lot of political leverage, and even with an effective Dem president coming to the helm in January it will take a few years to rebuild it.

In your opinion, does the astrology match up with my intuition? Or am I just whistling in the wind here?

Izzy, I’ve been trying to test King Leo’s theory that Pluto/Jupiter conjunction when retrograde would be a negative experience, and, in terms of the stock market that hasn’t been true. And personally it hasn’t been true. You may have noticed the same thing.

The Solar Eclipse happened, and in a funny way, both sides of the political spectrum seem to be exaggerating their claims about how popular and amazing they are.

We had a little drive-in movie here, which took an amazing amount of coordination between very generous organizations and people, but was a success, despite the full moon. Maybe in part because of it.

Eliseo, I don’t see China and Uranus/Pluto as being connected except in terms of technology, not politics. China has become a technology hub, not just for manufacturing, but invention, information hacking, artificial intelligence etc. But that’s true of the times, not just China. Uranus/Pluto was the beginning of the inventions necessary to make the information age possible. And here we are, about to go through fundamental change regarding the negative aspects of the information age–the variety of channels, the information silos, the perception of “fake news” and its reality. All that is confronting us now and affecting our lives negatively. So, that not-so-distant future wave of technology transformation is another necessary part of our evolution.

Eliseo no doubt about it, the US isn’t the only country that the Uranus-Pluto cycle has affected, one way or another. The outer planets “set the tone” and then the cycles they participate in with the more conscious (to average humans) planets (Saturn, Jupiter and Mars) get specific in their intent, and then Chiron who bridges the inner and outer planets enables the understanding (of us mere mortals) to grasp what is happening.

You are right also in that it takes time for that to filter down and change – in consciousness and in implementing the new ways – so as to bear fruit.

Personally, I feel honored to be here at this historical moment, uncomfortable as it is; to watch how humanity is molded to bring out its better features . . . some of which have been hidden from itself. We are better than we appear (and behave) when the pressure is on!

As for the EC being able to appoint Trump as President, that too is part of the awakening of our (as a whole) consciousness; something that will have to be fixed along with everything else. 🙂

This from the San Francisco Chronicle, my local paper. Public discussions about a Constitutional re-do is timely for our upcoming Pluto return. I think the desire for secession for a Calexit can really happen with other states if we don’t update and re-write it:

Joe Mathews: Before Calexit, a final push to fix America

By Joe Mathews
July 5, 2020 Updated: July 5, 2020 4 a.m.

California’s leaders at the state Capitol in Sacramento are often at odds with the federal government.
Gwyneth Paltrow shouts “Go to my website or use the hashtag #LetsGetTheCalOuttaHere!” in the Netflix series “The Politician.” Running for governor on a platform of leading California’s secession from the United States, Paltrow’s character wins 98% of the vote.

This may be fiction, but California independence is gaining cultural currency and real-world urgency. Our real governor, Gavin Newsom, frequently describes California as a “nation-state,” to make the point that the Golden State must act like an independent country to protect itself during the biggest pandemic in a century.

While conventional wisdom remains that California would never leave the union, who can put faith in conventional wisdom anymore?

Polling suggests one-third of Californians support their state’s peaceful withdrawal from the nation. And there are relentless fights between the state and the White House over California’s attempts to protect its immigrants, women, health care, water, housing, environment and elections.

Those battles are partisan, but electing a Democratic president is unlikely to bring state and nation together. The cause of the rift between Californians and Americans goes well beyond the political to the structural, the cultural and the constitutional.

California is a modern democracy with a powerful initiative process that allows its highly diverse population to amend its constitution directly. The U.S., in contrast, is a majority-white country that clings to a 1789 constitution that permitted slavery, is nearly impossible to amend and prohibits election of the president by popular vote.

The power of the U.S. presidency is largely unaccountable; one person in the Oval Office can start nuclear war without anyone else’s permission. Other branches are also sheltered from democratic interventions. Too much power lies with a U.S. Senate that gives California’s 40 million people the same number of senators as Vermont’s 625,000. Difficult controversies are decided by a Supreme Court of highly politicized, life-tenured judges.

None of this makes California’s departure from the union likely. But it guarantees state-federal conflict, and more frequent attempts by California to escape the union.

This raises the question: How can California independence bids best be managed in the years ahead?

The essential answer is: peacefully. To ensure peace, Calexit must be something that majorities in California and the United States both want.

To reach such a double consensus, California must create a process that reconsiders the future of the entire United States. If California ever decides to leave the United States and form a new country, it must try to transform the United States into a new country first.

Right now is an auspicious time for reconsideration. With protesters toppling statues of the founders and institutions pledging to end systemic racism, the place to start is by replacing America’s original system — the Constitution.

This suggestion will enrage Americans who deify their Constitution. Americans assume, wrongly, that the end of the Constitution would mean the end of freedom and democracy.

But it’s not true: Ending one republic does not mean the end of a nation. It means starting a new republic. The French are on their fifth republic.

California, the nation’s most creative and populous state, is the perfect place to start rewriting the U.S. Constitution. California should convene scholars and representatives from as many states as possible to draft a new American Constitution.

Such a body would examine constitutions all over the world and create the most advanced 21st century governing system possible.

A new constitution offers the opportunity to re-found the United States under present-day ideals of human rights and justice. Instead of a constitution that started in slavery and persists in discrimination, we could have a constitution that barred discrimination of any kind. Women could be made explicitly equal.

A new constitution could provide for truly national elections, national referenda for major decisions (like going to war), and proportional representation to end our polarizing, winner-take-all political culture. The new constitution could commit America to environmental protection of the planet.

Once that document is drafted — and translated into major languages — California voters would decide whether to approve it.

If approved, the proposed constitution would be sent to the 49 other states, asking them to adopt it. This idea is grounded in our current national constitution, Article V, which permits the calling of a convention by 34 states to change the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist #85, wrote that Article V was included because the founders couldn’t be sure their preferred system would always be the best one.

The other states could accept our constitutional proposal. Or they could amend it, in consultation with California.

In either event, California would have helped give the United States a 21st century governing document that, presumably, would be more democratic, and more supportive of equal rights and environmental protection — in other words, more like California. Free of the old constitution, the United States could stop endlessly measuring policies against centuries-old legal precedents, and would have more time to plan for the future.

In that scenario, the Golden State would stay in a more perfect union. But it’s also possible that other states would reject the document, and even the entire exercise.

That would leave California with the choice of whether to stay and suffer within the U.S., or to ask permission to leave, and then negotiate a peaceful exit from the nation. The nation of California would face some of the same challenges the state of California has struggled to manage — water, education, infrastructure, and taxation.

But it also would give the world an alternative American nation with governing rules that aren’t compromised by the sins of the 18th century. Perhaps we could finally conquer our rampant gun violence.

Or perhaps California could limit its military and adopt a policy of neutrality, thus demonstrating that Americans can organize a nation without pursuing constant warfare.

The good news: If the state sought independence, it wouldn’t have to draft a new constitution. It could simply use the constitution it drafted for the U.S. as the governing document of the new California nation.

In this scenario, California could walk away in good conscience, having done everything it could to save America from itself.

Frank, I have often felt that if trump steals the upcoming election and remains in office, the West Coast and the Northeast will succeed.

Chiro & barbK,
Many Thanks for your thoughts on China and the Uranus/Pluto cycle.

“And here we are, about to go through fundamental change regarding the negative aspects of the information age…”

Technology without the wisdom as to how to utilize it best is innately self-destructive. The information age has certainly broadened our perspective, and increased the availability of general and specific knowledge. The dark side of it is the great shallowing of our mental lives.

The average person no longer understands much of anything in depth. Our attention spans have been gradually but severely atrophied, particularly since television became omnipresent in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s.

A larger percentage of us have university degrees and certificates, but that fact is deceptive. We know more, but understand less. There are of course specific exceptions, but as a group, we are more highly trained, but less educated than our predecessors.

Although we’ve made some moral progress in some areas of our understanding and practice, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc., generally, what abilities we once had to make fine distinctions, see nuance, shade, grain and textural variability remain at best mired in stasis, and at worst literally diminished.

Hopefully, our Pluto and Uranus returns will have restored some depth to our souls, having forced us to develop the inner gnosis we need for our continuing journey.

Jill G, I am relieved. I went out on a limb a bit and wasn’t sure how you would react. I think I missed your Venus trine Pluto in the 7th. Of course that would bring a loving and strong partner.

Quintile, slow secession is what Frank writes today about California. You can pencil in Quebec in much of the article he mentions. A new Constitution for Quebec is now in its early stages. I am invited to take part in a press conference on September 15 to discuss it. As the article says about California, the first step will be to attempt constitutional reform within Canada. First item: abolish the monarchy and create a new Republic in North America. This proposal gets about 80% support in Quebec. If Alberta succeeds next year in reopening the door of the Constitution, Quebec will ram a truck through it. I just read the report of Alberta’s political reform commission: it mentions Quebec repeatedly like a fixation, mostly positive, although everyone knows the equalization argument is directed against it. Sounds like love-hate. Maybe we should cooperate more.

I am fascinated by the fact that support for secession seems currently about the same in California, Alberta and Quebec (about 35%). It was 49.4% in Quebec in 1995. It has receded since, but could rebound easily with the right leader and circumstances. I think this is about to happen within 2 or 3 years. My own chart, which has closely tracked the ups and downs of the secessionist movement, indicates a steep climb ahead.

Secessionists almost always start by trying to bring change from within the existing legal system. This has been the story of Ireland and the US. Benjamin Franklin spent decades trying to convince the British to give their American colonies more autonomy before deciding for independence. He was actually Canada’s first postmaster-general in the brief period (15 years) when Canada and the US were both parts of the British Empire. He set up the first post offices in Montreal and Halifax. A Canadian postage stamp commemorated this in 2012. Later, he convinced Congress to invite Quebec to form a constitutional convention and join the 13 colonies. This was averted by unprecedented British concessions to French Canadians that recognized their rights to their language, Catholic religion and French civil law, concessions the Irish could only dream of. This did not prevent hundreds of French Canadians from joining George Washington’s army.

A wild thought came to me while reading Frank’s post. Perhaps Quebec, Alberta and California will join one day to write a Constitution for all of North America. Quebec and California have already signed a progressive agreement on an environmental financial market. I am sure Quebec would join a new North American Constitution if it could secure its language, culture and immigration within it.

Banks, Ulysses Grant left memoirs which are apparently very well written and a compelling portrait of his relationship with Lincoln. I have always wanted to read them. You have brought that day closer. Thank you.

If we get reasonably good government in WA DC, I don’t think secession will be popular in any of our blue Am. states, California included. Furthermore, the demographic trend in our Southern and other red states is one of increasing diversity. Support for Black Lives Matter is high, even in our reddest states. Confederate battle flags are coming down, as are the monuments to “Confederate heroes.” We are experiencing a real change and maturation in consciousness.

We may well see a last gasp period of angry insurrection on the part of the Reds, but I don’t think they would have any success with outright secession.

Also, if my intuition is correct, whatever form our respective governments take, coming challenges will require us to be more united in purpose than ever.

Will’s quote from Liz Greene’s excellent piece “The Meaning Of Time” got me interested in reviewing a chart for a solar eclipse that took place a couple of months before Trump was “elected”.

It was a remarkable Sun-Moon in Virgo (orderly details) that opposed Neptune in Pisces which was T-squared by Saturn in Sagittarius, which was opposite the US natal Uranus in Gemini (disorderly details), which was also where the Neptune-Pluto cycle started over 100 years ago.

It is relevant to the here-and-now for several reasons, one being it was also the time of a Mercury-Jupiter cycle start. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo where the eclipse was taking place, and Jupiter, he who symbolizes expansion, rules Sagittarius, where Saturn was.

Mercury rules Gemini too, the sign where the US natal Uranus is and the sign where the Neptune-Pluto cycle began. The T-square in this eclipse chart that took place on September 1, 2016, was a “heads up” because it put the US Uranus (unexpected breakthroughs) into a grand cross pattern of energy that would last much longer than a typical New Moon influence would last. Eclipses have a long shelf life.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle was also caught up in this grand cross pattern and within the chart for that cycle’s start was a Sun at 10+ Leo which is the same degree as Trump’s natal Pluto.

The September 1, 2016 chart’s Saturn was at 10+ Sagittarius, and the presently transiting Chiron will station retrograde at 9 Aries 26 on July 12, a degree it has been sitting at for most of June, all of July and part of August.

This grand trine brought together by the eclipse that took place 2 months before Trump was elected, ties the present day transiting Chiron in Aries and the 2016 eclipse chart’s Saturn in Sagittarius, and the 100+ year old Neptune-Pluto cycle start chart’s Sun (+ Trump’s natal Pluto), both in Leo into a force of energy to be reckoned with.

The fact that the 2016 eclipse chart’s Saturn is also part of that chart’s T-square with the eclipsed Sun/Moon opposite Neptune . . . that then becomes a grand cross with the inclusion of US natal Uranus + the Neptune/Pluto cycle start-point is why we are feeling like we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

The fact that the 2016 eclipse was also the start of a one year cycle between the transiting Mercury-Jupiter leads me to believe that information gleaned during that brief (1 year) cycle will be pertinent to revelations that will come out once this transiting Chiron (about to station retrograde) retraces its path and then reaches 10 Aries (give or take a degree) and rejuvenates the grand trine energy it is now part of.

That will be in April next year as transiting Neptune in Pisces opposes US natal Neptune in Virgo, and as well trans. Neptune will T-square Trump’s Sun and the US natal Mars in Gemini. Perhaps it will be in the form of a CIA report or maybe a tell-all book or both, but we will better understand why all this had to happen now and not later.

As Liz Greene says “Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes”, and “no outer event is devoid of meaning . . .”

It feels like we’re a Russian puppet state.
Chris, a Republican veteran
Republican Voters Against Trump


Re: Secession Discussion… shows how much I know about it as I have difficulty spelling the word every time.

Fascinating though. The history of secession seems so buried in the Law and in Canada’s case, the contrast between England and France. I remember my amazement when i discovered many years ago, that Quebec exists within Canada with a totally separate legal system based on French Civil code while the rest of us operate under English Common-law. And they are fundamentally very different.

I also remember being proud of my country because of this. How we managed to resolve our differences and co-exist. But lo…..not so.

I am also old enough to remember clearly the last time Quebec voted to secede and how it caught Cretian and the rest of his cronies by surprise with the large Yes vote. It was a wakeup call.

Robert Hand, Astrologer states in his book Planets in Transit that our outer world manifests based on our intentions, mapped in our natal charts, and the bumps we meet in life which seem to happen to us, are merely our intentions oppressed by our belief system. In other words, we create our destiny/reality, rather than it actually happening to us.

Parizeau also had to have his leg amputated during this turbulent time, and I often pondered if that wasn’t his own inner angst manifesting physically.

The practical workings of secession are a mystery to me. How would all the pedestrian stuff unfold? What about the financial. Sure you don’t have to pay taxes to the Feds, but then they provide services such as health, welfare, military, transportation, etc.

California is a very wealthy state, the wealthiest I believe or at least it use to be. But Quebec….is it financially able to stand alone? ( Again, I harken back to Parizeau and the loss of his leg unable to stand on his own!) This just shows you how much the average Canadian (c’est moi) does not understand about Quebec secession. This will be a very interesting process to watch unfold. I sincerely enjoy reading about it in this blog.

p.s. for our American neighbours….Jacques Parizeau was premier of Quebec during its vote to secede.


“Those who track the outer planets’ influence on their personal planets know that when transiting Uranus hits a key point, everything seems to happen at once. Uranus has an electrical quality about it; things happen suddenly and unexpectedly. And if it’s making challenging aspects, one can feel like every possible thing that could go wrong is all happening now.”


Time will tell if there is an American secession or a Canadian secession but the first steps involve Constitutional re-writes. I remember reading here some years ago about a possible American Constitutional Convention during our Pluto return. I’m also remembering reading a article by a Russian astrologer who predicted an American breakup during our Pluto return and now I’m remembering an Edgar Cayce prediction of California falling off the United States which could be symbolic for secession. Being a Californian I find it exciting to imagine.

Quintile, it wasn’t Parizeau who had his leg amputated because of a flesh-eating disease.. You’re confusing him with Bouchard, his successor and rival who did seem more daunted by the prospect of secession. The psychological analogy with only one leg to stand on is apt.

Still, many federalists in Quebec concede that Quebec could survive and prosper if it were independent. Parizeau said independence wouldn’t make us smarter, but we would be able to make our own choices and be entirely responsible for them for the first time. More later.

My bad Andre. It was a long time ago, and not sure why I thought it was Parizeau. I remember it being a very unsettling time for Canada and Quebec, not to mention poor Bouchard.

But standing alone is daunting and takes a great deal of strategy, planning, and some idea of what constitutes success. Otherwise Quebecers who are dragged into it, will cry foul unless you make it very clear ahead of time what your definition of secession means to every Quebec resident. Failure is not an option on a one-way path to independence.

You might be better off, taking incremental steps towards your goal and still keep the benefits of being part of the whole. Secession isn’t always the answer to declare you are separate. This can be done with more cultural distinction. Best of both worlds I say!

I notice how many ads Trump is running on MSNBC. The latest I just saw was a recreation of a 911 call when the police has been defunded and the recording saying sorry we cant come out since we are defunded, press 1 for rape, 2 for robbery etc, response time will be 5 days.

Absolutely ridiculous however there are many (not MSNBC viewers I am sure) who fall for this, and the phrase “defund” the police is not a good look, and boy is Trumps campaign trying to milk this and the destruction of statues, just fear and more fear.

And whilst Biden is giving some great speeches and speaking out against destruction of any but confederate statues, the MSM gives not a mention to this, I swear sometimes its almost as if they want Trump to win.

I’m exhausted, disgusted and worried

My late spiritual/intellectual mentor was privately an astrologer and publically a political science professor. As a Liberal & Progressive Democrat, for several decades he advised a number of politicians, all Texas Democrats “behind the scenes.” One of his major areas of expertise was comparative constitutional law and constitutional history. Under his direction, I read several nations constitutions, and studied many other things for not quite 30 years until his death in 2000.

He often said the worst thing that could happen in this context would be a modern constitutional convention. Why?

The American constitutional convention presided over by G. Washington was a very private, secretive event. There were no reporters, no lobbyists, no outside vested interests. That’s not to say there were no factions, for there certainly were, and compromises were made. But there were no highly financed or rigidly ideologized pacs to muddle up the words. Nor was there any debate as to the veracity of science.

In contrast, a modern constitutional convention would inevitably be more public, a process contaminated by too many vested interests, most of whom “do not” he said, “understand the difference between what belongs in a constitution vs what belongs in a body of common law.”

He had me compare the US Constitution to the constitutions of other nations. Most noticeable about our Am. Constitution is its brevity. It emphasizes what government cannot do, more so than what it shall do.

In contrast, I recall the Soviet constitution was extremely long, outlining magnanimously and
unrealistically what government shall do and shall provide, as opposed to limitations on government power.

My friend’s concern was too many would insist on placing what he called “too much nonsense” in a new constitution making it too long and “unwieldly.” Those were his “code words” for what he feared, especially from the religious right.

Although the Am. Constitution invokes the Almighty, (albeit in a Deist sense) it is essentially a secular document. It represents the triumph of secularists over the sort of theocrats who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony…and yes, many of that mindset were still about in 1789.

My professor friend was also a priest and bishop, but very concerned with the rise of the religious right. He strongly felt there should be no sacrifice, not one inch to those who would contaminate our secular constitution with their pet theological, and shallow misunderstandings. As examples, he cited the abortion issue, (he was pro-choice) and gender equality. He was very much opposed to those who espouse false historical notions about our so called “Christian” founders establishing a so called “Christian nation.” He wouldn’t want such people anywhere near a constitutional convention.

He felt, as do I, a more constructive approach would be to introduce a series of constitutional amendments, one at a time, and only as a body like the Bill of Rights, if there is obvious overwhelming support.

Our constitution is unique in its minimization of the abuses of majority rule. Furthermore,
social, educational, and developmental psychologists have provided work showing it is written at a higher level of ethical maturity than the average person can comprehend. Were we to conduct a constitutional convention today, I’m not convinced we’d have delegates with anything like the necessary wisdom to do a passable job. EVERYONE would want to be involved! We’d end up with a much inferior document to what we have today.

The worst case scenario would be the development of a civil war between those who support the old constitution, and those who endorse a new one. This was the essential issue which caused Texas and four other Mexican states to secede from Mexico under Santa Ana. (Texas was the only one to succeed in its efforts.)

IMHO, we need to clearly and constitutionally redefine corporations as NOT PEOPLE. We need proportional representation, a ratified ERA, and a number of other fixes to constitutional weaknesses Mr. T and the R’s have inadvertently exposed. The best way I think to accomplish these goals is through amendments, a process which I believe will surely come to pass, likely in the next decade.

Diana, I thought that was incongruous as well; all the Trump ads on MSNBC; bottom line is that money talks and MSNBC is in the business of selling ad space.

We are living in a world that is going through change by osmosis as well as by brute force. As long as the US Mercury opposes the US Pluto (forever) and transiting Pluto opposes US Mercury (over in 3 years) there is no reason to believe networks have scruples.

At least there is SOMETHING on MSNBC that Trump enjoys watching now. The rest of us just mute it or change channels or turn the day’am TV off. You found out Biden is speaking out about selective statue toppling, even though MSM doesn’t find it newsworthy, and people who care about that quality in a human (selective statue toppling) will find out too.

This will take time; this war over scruples and morality, and we must take a deep breath when we get exhausted, disgusted and worried, especially all that at one time, and remember to pace ourselves. Trump and his pals are going under and they fight dirty b/c their backs are against the wall. Well, they fight dirty all the time actually, but the majority of people see through him by now and won’t vote for him.

Just remember Trump is a catalyst for change; he is a tool to break through our group consciousness and some of us are really slow to learn. Even so, there will be enough of us who know what we value most, and he does not represent that.

Trump is barely hanging on to what little reality he ever had as the walls close in on him. We are winning and they (Trumpsters/bigots/the greedy) are not winning. In the end, values matter and the worse Trump behaves the more power he gives us. Hang in there Diana.

So true, your comments.
“Trump is a catalyst for change; he is a tool to break through our group consciousness…”
“Trump is barely hanging on to what little reality he ever had as the walls close in on him. We are winning and they (Trumpsters/bigots/the greedy) are not winning. In the end, values matter and the worse Trump behaves the more power he gives us.”

In recent times we’ve been more divided than any time since the civil war. But with all these various R organizations campaigning so effectively against Trump, and for Biden, I’m wondering if that’s about to change, or is already in process. I’m looking at the possibility we’ll soon be as united as we were in November of 1932, and during WWII.

Some here have suggested the election of 2024 will be like 1932, but with all that’s going on it appears to me that despite the obvious hate, fear, delusion, and crazy rhetoric, more and more are awakening to the recognition of our interdependence and spiritual oneness right now!

When I was an adolescent involved in the civil rights movement in the 60’s, I was one of just a very small handful of Whites amongst a very large number of Black folks. Today, the vast majority I see of those supporting, demonstrating, etc. BLM are White! The conscience of the majority has been activated!

Can our heightened humanitarianism be attributed to a “bleeding” kind of effect? Is the orb to our Pluto return, and Pluto entering Aquarius sufficiently close as to explain this?

Suddenly, the July 12th Mars – Chiron stations have become more comprehensible…….

The Explosive Tell-All Book By Trump’s Niece Is Coming Out Two Weeks Earlier Than Expected (March 14th)

July 7, 2020


To refresh the readers memory, here’s what’s going on July 12th – two days earlier. It’s the perfect astrological fit for Mr. Trump…..

Chiron, the wounded healer stations retrograde at 9 ’26 Aries at 5:09 pm the evening of the 11th. It forms a conjunction to Moon and Mars at 8/9 Aries in square to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’52 Cancer). 11 hours later at 4:26 am the morning of the 12th – Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 Libra conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra). Both Mercury and Chiron stationing nearly simultaneously will activate Trump’s Mercury-Neptune square.

I thank you for your comments on changing the constitution. I could not agree more on using amendments rather than a rewrite.

Sorry. I copied and pasted two previous typos. Read instead: “Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 CANCER SQUARE Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra)”

MARCH 22nd, 2020 The day of the Mars/Pluto conjunction happened to coincide on the same day as that of the full lockdown here in India that went into effect (the approximate time period other countries followed suit as well). Heather Ensworth explores the mystical meaning of the Mars-Pluto cycle beginning with the March 22nd Mars/Pluto conj and its culmination with the exact Mars-Pluto square in mid August and thereafter (Mars retrogrades in September forming another square later in December). She seems to feel this period marks a critical time of great spiritual transformation and physical upheaval……

Pluto Square Mars: Crisis In Action – Aug 2020-Jan 2021

Video 22 min 47 sec


There are two astrological milestones in August leading up to the mid August Pluto-Mars square period (the square is in exact t square to Trump’s Saturn) that’s worth mentioning. First, the August 4th Mars-Jupiter square (19 ’45 Aries-Capricorn). This square will activate the January 10th 2020 Lunar Eclipse (20 ‘ 00 Cancer) and the Jan 12th Saturn/Pluto conj (22 ’46 Capricorn). Second, on August 10th tr. Mercury conjoins Trump’s natal Sun (10 Leo) in square to a near stationary Uranus (10 Taurus). The exact Uranus retrograde station occurs on Aug 15th. One wonders whether some major news story will emerge in the news cycle that will force Trump from office. One can only hope.

Thank you Eliseo for your thoughtfulness re: a re-write or amendments process. Either way, an update is critical. A re-write is indeed a fraught process complete with complications and competing interests. I think back to the “sausage making” for the ACA and my head spins. The amendments process is no walk in the woods either. As a reminder, the ERA has not passed. The amendment process or a national re-write depends on states and regions so culturally and socially distinct, often defined in reaction to each other and with a great deal of distrust and animosity for each other that I believe it is impossible for any consensus on changes underscored by the tight grip of top 3 percent. So, for the sake of the future I believe California could and should move forward with a re-write as the first step. The re-write could use the original document as a blue-print but with all the necessary alterations necessary for a modern democracy. That could pave the way for a new US constitution or secession, and regarding secession I think its reasonable to expect support from red states who would love to have the freedom to pursue their future. The only other alternative I see is the libertarian idea of a greatly diminished federal govt and with it a diminished SCOTUS in favor of increased local rule and responsibility by states. We are way too different, so different that we cant even agree on reality! I realize I am only seeing our divisions as a moment in time and context and some day way in the future their could be more consensus. However, I’m also aware that these divisions have been building over much of last century and here we are, now. I think a divorce can be a very healthy thing.

PS Change that to “August 10th tr. Mercury conjoins Trump’s natal PLUTO (10 Leo).” I also noticed the August 3rd Full Moon at 11 Aquarius is in opposition to Trump’s Pluto and t square to tr. Uranus (10 Taurus).

Interesting Jerry, that trans. Mercury conjunct Trump’s Pluto will also conjunct the Sun at 10+ Leo in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart, and is close enuf to the chart’s Mars/Chiron conjunction at 8+ Leo that sextiles the Neptune/Pluto conjunction at 8+ Gemini, that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

That sextile between Mars/Chiron at 8+ Leo and Neptune/Pluto at 8+ Gemini became a Yod with that chart’s Hybris (hubris) at 8+ Capricorn which opposes Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer. It was also where the 2 year cycle between Mars and Saturn started 2 years ago in April and ended this March, which I wrote about on July 2. Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost for the Trumpster.

From Grace Astrology:

“UPDATE: on P45, because a pattern that was hot in February is back for Round Two — and then some. On Feb 6th Pluto, planet of extremes, opposed his Saturn (authority; control). This is one of the most anguished patterns one can have, like getting the Queen of Spades in the card game, Old Maid — only with much heavier potential losses. The second Pluto-Saturn opposition is on July 12th. Without getting into each and every detail, patterns between now and the end of this month are ripe for sudden upsets; smoke and mirrors; continued surreal spin; confusion/delusion (two hits); diffusion of physical and mental energy — and still more extreme efforts to establish control. Areas affected: foreign affairs, publishing, court opinions, joint ventures/investments, inheritances, taxes, core family concerns.”

This might be the day Mary’s book is released.


Frank k,
I believe that inability you spoke of to agree on reality is temporary. The long range and derper effect of Trump, the pandemic, the bad economy, and climate change has reversed a decades long trend of political and cultural division and alienation.

The angry right wing voices remain loud, and seem louder than ever because they are the last gasps of a dying paradigm. The decades long and gradual authoritarian drift of the R party has culminated in Trump.

His role, as BarbK has so frequently pointed out is to be a deep “catalyst for change; he is a tool to break through our group consciousness…” And it really is happening!

What’s really amazing to me is the continuing
exponential growth of Republicans who’ve seen the light, left the party, and are, if I may use a religious metaphor, in a deep process of “repentance.” Every day there are more R’s and former R’s who post their YouTube videos reflecting their metanoia, their change of heart/mind. They are not necessarily adopting all Dem positions and beliefs, but are transforming sufficiently as to become more reasonable and compassionate. That trend is increasing and strengthening.

It may be difficult to see in some pockets of our nation and culture, but when we back up and see the process as a whole, it comes into focus for what it is. We don’t all have to have 100% agreement to get along, but there is a growing sense of general consensus. By the time of our Uranus return we will have been utterly transformed and bound together into a healthier and better union.

I like what you say Eliseo, about backing up and seeing the process as a whole. The Trump presidency has been a burlesque show and there are some who only understand what’s going on through this form of explaining things.

Our country, the United States of America, was born with the planet Neptune, symbol of theater, entertainment, the unreal. escapism and blurring the boundary lines between what’s real and what’s not real, and US Neptune is at the highest, most obvious part of its birth chart.

Neptune is also the symbol of dreams and a higher kind of love such as compassion and hope, and it can symbolize a vision of beauty and idealism that seems totally unrealistic to many.

Other people in the world may only know the USA as the place where movies come from; an art form meant to take you away from the real (Saturn) world of responsibilities for a brief period of time.

Whatever you think of Trump, you have to admit he has distracted you from focusing on what should be focused on. He has been a horror show for many of us, and for others he has seemingly provided a way out of their worst fears.

The show is almost over now and we will go back to the real Saturnian world; our perceptions of which have been badly shaken. Perhaps we think of it as a nightmare we’ve escaped from, or maybe we realize now that some dreams are so unrealistic that only getting back to solid ground will provide security.

As tiny children we want everything to go our way but have to learn, as we grow up, that we have to share with others. That is a difficult lesson and not everyone succeeds in mastering it. I think Donald Trump has made that blatantly clear. He has been part of the “growing up” lesson that the USA must learn as part of its Pluto Return.

Transpluto is just a hypothetical point for now and when the US was born it was at 3+ Aries, very near the IC (roots) of that birth chart, where transiting Mars was the day before the recent US Solar Return. Transpluto symbolizes a process of becoming whole, all the various parts integrated, or as Eliseo suggests a “general consensus” among those parts.

The natal US Transpluto (becoming whole) squares the natal US Venus (values) which is trine the US progressed Saturn (stability) which is quincunx (must adjust) the US natal Transpluto.

We’re working on it.

I’ve also noted that Neptune placement and agree with you as to its meaning.

RE: Trump.
“He has been part of the “growing up” lesson that the USA must learn as part of its Pluto Return.” I believe this too. Most folks on this blog righteosly supported Hillary, but had she become president I don’t think we would be experiencing our ongoing awakening. It took an addled, supremely incompetent, racist, bigoted, fascistic, narcissistic crook in the oval office to shake us out of our delusions.

George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” and many are dying due to lack of breath. But I believe by the time this dark process is done we’ll all be far more comfortable with our conscience, and breathing more easily and freely.

How interesting that George Floyd’s murder sparked such a powerful movement, and he died saying he couldn’t breathe, unable to breathe, while we’re suffering through a worldwide pandemic that leaves people suffocating from lack of oxygen, unable to breathe.

just an FYI – S-stirrer, dirty Nigel Farage, of Brexit fame and one of Donny’s best buds, is reaching his grubby fingers even to NZ to sow untruthful discontent for our sept election – far right fingerprints all over it.

Is Nigel F. presently in NZ?
Can he legally be kept out?

I believe that Biden should decline to debate, but here is what Thomas Friedman thinks:

“I worry about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump. He should do it only under two conditions. Otherwise, he’s giving Trump unfair advantages.

First, Biden should declare that he will take part in a debate only if Trump releases his tax returns for 2016 through 2018. Biden has already done so, and they are on his website. Trump must, too. No more gifting Trump something he can attack while hiding his own questionable finances.

And second, Biden should insist that a real-time fact-checking team approved by both candidates be hired by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates — and that 10 minutes before the scheduled conclusion of the debate this team report on any misleading statements, phony numbers or outright lies either candidate had uttered. That way no one in that massive television audience can go away easily misled.”


Quintile, what you suggest is indeed the wiser course.

Eliseo, as you well know there are other countries with different constitutions that have managed to be free, democratic and prosperous and much more socially compassionate and fair than the US. While the American written constitution is a wonderful thing, the US has the highest proportion of prisoners in the world, a declining life expectancy, a terrible and rising opioid crisis, a high death rate for mothers giving birth, no health insurance for all, the highest military budget and great and increasing inequality. The best constitution cannot cure these social problems. Solutions must be found elsewhere. And not everyone would choose to live under the US Constitution, even with amendments, if such problems are not addressed. As a former constitutional lawyer, I am acutely aware of the limitations of constitutions. At best, they ensure freedom. But it is often the freedom to make mistakes and to do wrong.

Trump’s probable learning disability, his BS degree in finance from U.Penn’s Wharton School of Business, Mary Trump’s claim DJT paid Joe Shapiro to take his SAT exam, and his older sister did his homework.

“Wharton has not commented on the claims, but UPenn has instituted a policy of revoking college degrees if a graduate is found to have falsified records or cheated on an exam.”


I’m wondering if Wharton will revoke his degree.

“The best constitution cannot cure these social problems. Solutions must be found elsewhere.”

I agree. Many if not most of the legal reforms we need will have nothing to do with our Constitution.

Ja, thank you, I agree with you but with those 2 conditions i can surely get on board because one of the reasons I think its a bad idea is that Trump is such a liar and whatever he says will have been said even if its fact checked the next day and not a lot of people read the fact checks so the damage will have been done. But real time fact checking sound like a possible way to mitigate his barrage of lies.

Thank you Eliseo. So for probably decades now I’ve heard about the last gasp of toxic patriarchy and many other social, political and economic ill. Ive also been hearing for decades about a shift in consciousness. And, he we are. That said, I do believe we are in a shift and that we are crossing the threshold into the Aquarian Age. That doesn’t discount the very real problem in the country of disproportionate representation by rural red states to delay and obstruct the will of more populous blue states. I don’t think we have 20 years or so it takes for a possible shift to allow to continue diddling around with obstructionists. There is a chance we may flip the Senate and have all 3 branches, and then we would have to pull out all the stops and legislate boldly and wisely.

“There is a chance we may flip the Senate and have all 3 branches, and then we would have to pull out all the stops and legislate boldly and wisely.”

I have a pretty good feeling that is what will happen.

Also agreed about a new Constitutional Convention, Eliseo. I think it would be a free-for-all and we might not come out much better for it.

At the very least, I’d prefer to wait until Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius for good, late in 2024. Big national and multi-national corporations, Wall Street, banking/finance, social and political Conservative ideologues, and 1%er elites (Koch, Adelson, Murdoch, etc.) as Capricorn/Saturn-entities will be very much reduced in stature and influence by then–much as the churches and religion got knocked down quite a few pegs once Pluto departed Sagittarius for Capricorn in 2008. I fully expect that we’ll see a lot of these aging, grumpy old Saturn men kick the bucket in 2023/24 as the Pluto in Capricorn vibe dissipates into Aquarius, and they are no longer propped-up and supported, and perhaps even directly challenged and thrown out of their positions and trappings of influence. This could come about a lot of ways, not the least of them being a restoration of the upper-bracket tax rates, or a severe economic collapse that decimates their fortunes.

Among other things, Pluto in Aquarius from 2023 onward should see the rise to prominence of humanists and humanitarians, social groups as well as individuals with more of an Aquarian/Uranian vibe. People with radical and revolutionary new ideas that may be completely off-the-wall, original, and contrary to what we expect and are familiar with, will quickly rise to prominence, as if out of the blue. I think we’ll also see much greater respect for “knowledge workers”–scientists, doctors, academic researchers–and also those in “futuristic” professions like space exploration and cutting-edge technologies like robotics, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.

There should also be a general “leveling” of society in which the better part of us find ourselves on a relatively flat playing field, as opposed to the “mountains of valleys” of opportunity, or lack thereof, which have been one of the key hallmarks of the Pluto in Capricorn era. Again, this could come about through new impositions on the rich and wealthy, or an economic crash that would have a similar leveling effect. I think we’ll see more “grass-roots” alternatives to big centralized corporations take off, like co-ops for example. Think local, publicly-owned grocery stores and credit unions.

Once COVID passes, I think we will also see such things as communes and public mass transit make a comeback. If you think about it, mass-suburbia and the automobile really took off during the individualist Pluto in Leo era. With Pluto perfecting its opposition, the “me” generation and its legacy will be challenged by the energy signature of the soon to be born “we” generation. Suburbia might not die off entirely, but we may see some of those McMansions and their cul-de-sacs becoming communes for various groups of people who couldn’t afford to live in one as things are now.

Also, Aquarius/Uranian energy, I should caution, doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re in for a new progressive era. There are plenty of Aquarians walking around, like Dick Cheney, who are very right-wing, reactionary types. Or are just pure nutjobs like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

At the same time, the overall zeitgeist will be an odd mix of collectivism and libertarianism, in contrast to the authoritarianism and centralization of the Pluto in Capricorn era.

Maybe a reformed United States grants greater autonomy to state and even local/metropolitan governments? For certain, something will have to shift in our relationship with power and government in this country.

You make good sense. All you wrote, 100%!
(You do that pretty consistently.)

“At the very least, I’d prefer to wait until Pluto
leaves Capricorn for Aquarius for good, late in 2024.”

I have a very strong feeling there will be events and circumstances we cannot possibly anticipate accompanied by dramatic and sudden shifts of opinion, possibly developed from startling new discoveries and information. Artificial intelligence? Robotic avatars? Developments in biology, genetics, longevity? Who knows?

Ralfee Finn today:

“Our mad King George—Mr. Trump—has done an excellent job of fomenting revolution by catalyzing people into an awareness of how dire things are for so many. COVID-19 exposed and continues to expose Mr. Trump’s cruelty, but now in light of the danger we are in from a virus we can’t control, in part because of his inability to grasp the seriousness of the crisis, his cruelty is impossible to ignore or deny. It’s up to each of us to counter his cruelty and conceit with positive actions intended to put our country and our planet back on course through personal and collective transformational work.”


Eliseo, re Farage – media ginned up diatriabe made it seem as if he was which is why it was such an obvious fake to anyone with a brain.

Borders are closed to all but nzers or specially granted employment exemptions (eg avatar & 5 other movie/tv series crews)and everyone entering has to stay at quarantine facility for 2wks, minimum, and remain there until negative covid test obtained, no exceptions. If they refuse a test, they cant leave for 4wks.

There are so many NZ passport holders trying to return they’ve just suspended flights for at least a couple of weeks because the isolation logistics are now pretty much at capacity – about 6500 quarantine beds available – around 27K total have returned since the end of march. We’re back up to 22 active cases caught in quarantine – currently most from india or usa. Its been around 2mths since we had any community transmission. A couple of morons escaped the quarantine fence this week- were caught by cops, and will be prosecuted and fined under the health act amendment! up to $4K and/or 6mth prison – they’re not messing around thank goodness! Strict lockdown adherance is why we now have total in-country freedom! Such an inconvenience for those that the covid positive bozo came into contact with, as they themselves have to now isolate. grocery store was closed and sanitized, customers and staff notified, cops stood down from active duty for incubation period. A higher, more secure fence has now been installed.

Apparently immigration inquiries from usa were up 65% in May (80Kpeople) – but everything is on hold for the foreseeable future. If this NZer influx keeps up, housing may become a problem – an estimated 1mil kiwis live abroad.

Andre, I think the introduction of the for-profit motive helped swell prison numbers after some bright spark decided privatized prisons was the way to their bright future. “Cash crop” capitalism based on people – sadly some people’s mindsets are still stuck there.

Thank You for your report. I always like hearing about what is going on in NZ. In the early 70’s I seriously considered emigrating there.


I’m loving the conversation about Constitutional changes, whether re-writes or amendments, and about secession. Thank you BuckeyeShadow, I’m really taking to heart what you said about delaying until Pluto’s AQ ingress. Especially this; “ At the same time, the overall zeitgeist will be an odd mix of collectivism and libertarianism, in contrast to the authoritarianism and centralization of the Pluto in Capricorn era.”. That new zeitgeist will set the tone for a new era and will follow on the heals of the winter solstice Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0degrees AQ and the USA’s Pluto return. I think one of the most fundamental transformations will be the shift away from a fossil fuel based economy and with that many of the plutocrats will tumble, and with that shift would be a global realignment away from the power of big international oil. Another huge transformation will occur due to climate related catastrophes and with it massive population relocations, economic carnage, and likely more pandemics as the planet heats up. Hell, we may not even need a constitutional convention because in 5-10 years the world and who we are will be very different.

What are the yods that tomorrow we will hear the Supreme Court decisions on the Trump tax return cases?

I think yes we will. The Moon at 10+ Pisces (10 AM) sextiles Uranus at 10+ Taurus and they both quincunx transiting Juno (partner) at 10+ Libra which is forced to adjust. Transiting Juno opposes transiting Chiron at 9+ Aries making a Boomerang where all that energy winds up. Transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Chiron on July 14 at 9+ Aries.

Also, transiting Uranus in Taurus will square Trump’s Pluto ($$) at 10+ Leo (+ the Sun – symbol of consciousness – in the Neptune/Pluto cycle chart which was conjunct US natal Uranus).

Tomorrow’s Venus ($$) at 8+ Gemini conjuncts US natal Uranus (surprise breakthrough). Tomorrow’s Mercury IS retrograde, but at 5+ Cancer, it is conjunct US natal Jupiter (understanding) and square Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra.

Hi Barbk,

Yes. It’s official. CNN just made the announcement. The Supreme Court is expected ro render its decision on Trump’s taxes tomorrow morning. They are scheduled to convene at 10 am. I took the liberty of drawing up the chart. Here it is….. https://tinyurl.com/y8rbqxk4

What is most obvious to me is the close Mars – Mercury square (5 Cancer – 6 Aries) that as you pointed out will be impacting Trump’s natal Neptune (5 Libra).

Here’s what’s at stake…..

The Supreme Court Case That Could Destroy the Balance of Powers

The Atlantic
May 11, 2020

By accepting Trump’s argument for keeping his finances secret, the Court could strip Congress of its ability to hold this, or any, president to account.



“At the same time, the overall zeitgeist will be an odd mix of collectivism and libertarianism,”
WOW! That matches my long held Leftward Libertarian politics precisely! May I live so long to see this!

“Hell, we may not even need a constitutional convention because in 5-10 years the world and who we are will be very different.”
YES! This is what I’ve long foreseen.

“Another huge transformation will occur due to climate related catastrophes and with it massive population relocations, economic carnage, and likely more pandemics as the planet heats up.”

They said I was crazy, when in the 80’s I said the same thing. I’ve maintained this would be coming in the 2020’s for a very long time. I’m gratified others are finally seeing it, and not just on this blog. It’s been VERY frustrating. Maybe I’ve been too attached to the result of my assertions. Perhaps I should have taken the message of the Bhagavat-Gita more seriously.

“A couple of morons escaped the quarantine fence this week- were caught by cops, and will be prosecuted and fined under the health act amendment!”

As I’m sure you know, we have our share of morons here too. The virus doesn’t discriminate. It kills sensible people as well as those who prefer a slower brain style. Nevertheless, it sometimes feels like a cosmic eugenics program designed to weed out low IQ’s and those who are emotionally unintelligent.

Thanks Jerry, reading the Atlantic piece really helps to get a better understanding of the situation.

Another thing about tomorrow’s astrology is the return of transiting Jupiter (justice) to 22+ Capricorn in a retrograde direction. This is the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that started their new cycle this past January, along with multiple other new cycle starts.

This 22+ Capricorn, where trans. Jupiter will be, is ALSO in a grand trine with the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree of 22+ Taurus and the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

I believe it is the US Neptune in a grand trine with the (2000) Jupiter-Saturn cycle start and the (2020) Saturn-Pluto cycle start that is the primary energy (strength) propelling the US toward transformation, along with the US Pluto Return; a project that is definitely not a “once and done” event.

Rather, it is overlapping cycles that will allow the country to perfect the Constitution, dig out the corruption in government, clarify what the branches of government are responsible for, and other things too numerous to confine to just one event or one comment for that matter.

I believe it is this way to allow the citizens and the government to adapt to new change (and new rules) gradually, by doing it in stair-steps rather than in one fell swoop. It would seem to be the US natal Neptune that controls the pace of this process. (Note that trans. Neptune opposing US Neptune will be turning the grand trine into a Kite pattern, with US Neptune the focal point.)

With tomorrow’s transiting retrograde Jupiter in an exact conjunction to the Saturn-Pluto cycle (and the Jupiter-Pluto cycle) start point and exactly trine US Neptune and exactly trine the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, this Supreme Court decision re: Trump taxes, etc., is the 1st baby step up a steep climb.

Rome was not built in a day.

Frank: I agree with you completely. I said the exact same thing not long ago. Secession will seem like a self-indulgent pastime, as the world morphs, or more like quantum leaps into the true “new world order”. It will be a time where we need each other even more. Aquarius is the sign of the collective. The more we support each other and work toward mutual survival, the better chance we will have to avoid the worst of what is to come. Peace, love, …..blah blah.

As an Aquarian who’s been saying since the ’60’s what I’ve read here tonight… I only hope I’ve still enough life left in this old body to experience it. My whole life I’ve felt I was living in the wrong time. My ideas were pooh-poohed, only to see similar ideas come to fruition for someone else years down the road. A decade before the Internet was overtaken by consumerism and ads, a head-hunter asked what my perfect job would be. Told him I wanted to design web sites for companies. He laughed at the sheer preposterousness of the idea! That -is- one way I did manage to let my creativity come out, tho… thank goodness for computers! Gave me a decent career. But the idea of working in space, e.g., all the ideas that aren’t even dreamed up yet, let alone all the new places to work and people to meet… the cultures to grok… in this one way, I do wish I were 40 years younger!

James Carville on MSNBC tonight says: “No question Democrats will take the Senate. The Senate is gone. The question is whether they will have 54 or 58 seats.”


From the Atlantic piece on the SCOTUS decision tomorrow:

“Further boxing Roberts in is the fact that every single lower court to have heard one of these cases has so far ruled against the president.”

We can only hope that he and the other conservatives will tilt the scales of justice against the Dybbuk -in-Chief

“As an Aquarian who’s been saying since the ’60’s what I’ve read here tonight… I only hope I’ve still enough life left in this old body to experience it. My whole life I’ve felt I was living in the wrong time. My ideas were pooh-poohed, only to see similar ideas come to fruition for someone else years down the road.”
Me Too! But you already knew that. Well. I’m not an Aquarian, but I do have Uranus in my first house. So many things I’ve advocated decades ago, finally coming to pass. Hopefully, more to come.

Please take care of yourself, dear friend. We need to live long enough to see the fruition of our ideas.

Jerry (thanks for the link) & Barbk: re. the Supremes/Trump, I did a quick tri-level chart on Trump for tomorrow and there is something not quite right with it, imo. Trump’s progressed Ascendant is at 29 Libra 39′, which does indicate a change going into Scorpio – it is closely square Ceres in Aquarius on the 4th house cusp, retrograde. Also, Trump’s progressed Venus in Libra is almost exactly conjunct progressed Chiron in the 12th house. While this progressed chart has several trines, it also has a square from Uranus in Gemini to the Moon in Virgo and semisquares from Venus to Sun (Venus rules the open enemies of the progressed 7th house).

It may be that there is some kind of hitch in this ruling that can’t be resolved until later.

The other thing is that Trump’s natal Neptune at 5Libra51Rx is opposed by transiting Mars (Neptune rules his natal 7th house of open enemies). Also, transiting Saturn at 29Cap28Rx on the cusp of the natal 6th house is square the progressed Ascendant.

I’m not clear on this because on the one hand it seems to be the end of a long process and the Supreme Court doesn’t fool around usually, but on the other hand those retrogrades along with late degrees seem unclear. And there’s a pile of stuff happening in the secretive progressed 12th house. Maybe this won’t be the end of Trump’s tax story? Just my guess that something isn’t quite right….been wrong before, but we’ll see what’s up soon enough.

Forgot to note that transiting Jupiter at 22 Cap 57Rx (another Rx) is only 1 minute off an exact inconjunct (150) to Trump’s natal Sun in the 10th house at 22 Gemini 56. So, Jupiter (relief, winning etc.) is going to hit Trump’s Sun exactly, but since it’s retrograde, Jupiter is going to go back and will have to do it again, to finish the job. Transiting Pallas is also Rx, and right behind Jupiter.

Doesn’t seem much like the job is finished on tomorrow’s basis, but I can’t imagine what the Supremes could do to delay the result as there is no appeal. It would have to be something the Supremes, themselves, are not ready to finish yet?

Because of progressed Venus/Chiron in Trump’s 12th and CeresRx at the 4th (which should be the end?), and the progressed cusp of the 9th (higher court) is at 0 Cancer 12′ (early?), could it have something to do with a female member of the court raising a new point that must be dealt with???? Guessing is so unsatisfactory!

Beowulfie, no doubt you are right about it not being “the end of Trump’s tax story” what with 5 major planets (out of a possible 8) in retrograde today, but possibly a “giant leap for mankind” kind of step forward; or even a baby step forward would be rewarding.

I see the transiting Uranus, one of the 3 planets NOT retrograde now, is square Trump’s natal Pluto and both planets symbolize unconscious activity in mortals but are the movers and shakers of mankind.

On a level beyond the personal, Trump symbolizes a force of society that is coming to an end. He is a grotesque and exaggerated example of the patriarchal age, and that makes him all the better to dramatize its flaws.

With trans. Uranus, which symbolizes a breakthrough of startling proportion, Trump’s Pluto (ruthless power) is being challenged in no uncertain terms. Trump himself is a symbol and Humanity (symbolized by the People of the US in this case) is rejecting what he symbolizes.

Today at 10 AM EST, the Moon (symbol of the People) will sextile transiting Uranus at the same time she is quincunx Trump’s Pluto and Uranus is square his Pluto. It is a step forward against abusive power. There will be many more. We are making history.

Maybe the tax ruling ‘hiccup’ is as simple as lawmakers will get access to records, but the general public will have to wait quite some time before any details are released broadly.

A mixed result from SCOTUS, essentially a postponement.

President Trump cannot keep tax, financial records from prosecutors
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Donald Trump cannot keep his tax returns and financial records away from a New York City prosecutor pursuing possible hush-money payments during the 2016 White House race.

At the same time, the court temporarily blocked congressional investigators from gaining access to many of the same records. It sent the effort by House Democrats back to a lower court for further review of the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

Entire story at:


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Supreme Court rules against Trump on tax records but grants him temporary relief

(CNN)The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked House Democrats from accessing President Donald Trump’s financial records, but ruled that the President is not immune from a subpoena for his financial documents from a New York prosecutor.

The cases were sent back to lower courts for further review, all but ensuring that Trump’s financial documents, which he has long sought to protect, will not be handed over before the November presidential election.

Can’t wait for our next President.

The new policy recommendations for Joseph R. Biden Jr., crafted jointly by allies of Mr. Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, are the clearest sign yet that the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic Party are trying to unite far more than they did in 2016.

But the ideas put forth on Wednesday are also indications that progressives succeeded in pushing some proposals leftward, influencing Mr. Biden’s policy platform as he prepares to accept his party’s nomination for president next month.


Jacksonville attorneys sue to block Republican National Convention


Biden is on fire in Dunmore, PA right now.

I’m wondering If there will be any conventions?

Beowulfie, you were quite right on the Supreme Court tax decision today. Not yet done, indeed. It has to go back to a lower court. Impressive.

We did not get everything we want but at least a Roberts court is not as partisan as we thought it would be after Citizens’ Untd and a few other decisions (the protection of African American voters rights was also a big one). These were very destructive to our democracy but maybe Roberts needed to have a learning curve. I believe that, as an Aquarius, moon in Pisces, mercury in Aquarius (similar to myself), he has much higher emotional intelligence and a stronger humanitarian bent than the other conservatives and he will not compromise his beliefs. Gorsuch and, even Kavanagh, are also not as partisan as expected.

Biden’s new economic agenda was influenced by Elizabeth Warren, a clear sign imho she will be VP.


It was 11 years ago when transiting Jupiter was conjunct transiting Neptune and it is fascinating to watch this cycle go through it’s phases. Today they were sextile (within a 2 degree orb) that was exact on Feb. 20 when they were moving direct, and they will exact it again on July 27 while both are retrograde.

Feb. 20 was the day after the Democrat Debate in Las Vegas and we weren’t even talking about Covid-19 yet. Warren and others were still in the running to be the Dem candidate for President. All that was coming to an end.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune (the old and the new rulers of Pisces) in 2009 was intriguing for 2 reasons; 1) transiting Chiron was also conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune, and 2) they were conjunct the US natal Moon and Pallas in Aquarius.

The cycle of Jupiter and Neptune therefore has been and is going to continue to have a direct effect on us (we the people = US Moon) and their cycle will carry a healing/wounding vibe (Chiron) that will also effect us.

Perhaps with both being the rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune aspects will relate to endings (Pisces is the last sign) in some way; a last hurrah of some kind.

So, today as trans. Jupiter and Neptune move retrograde to their next exact sextile in 18 days or so, we might expect events that relate to endings that will have a healing effect.

Like today for instance, Trump was halted by the Supremes from believing he was above the law, and we learned that the Constitution still has teeth, which, for me, was a very healing moment. It was another nail in Trump’s coffin, i.e. the end is coming.

PS: In October they will sextile a 3rd time, and Mars will be involved!

Barbk, agreed – October is more like it – with Mars. Though any soft aspect, such as a sextile, seems to wind up as an advantage to Trump somehow, an easier ride at least. Here’s hoping all the events that will have accumulated by the end of October, including Covid, will add up to enough to “cut DT off” from the presidency for good.

In ‘Buy American’ Speech, Biden Challenges Trump on the Economy
Joseph R. Biden Jr. laid out a populist economic vision with the tagline “Build Back Better,” part of an effort to confront President Trump on his strongest issue in polling.

“In a speech in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden lacerated Mr. Trump for a bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic that has deepened the economic crisis and a misplaced focus on the stock market, while framing his own economic agenda around a new campaign tagline, “Build Back Better.”

In some ways, Mr. Biden was seizing the “Buy American” message from Mr. Trump himself, who campaigned on an “America First” agenda in 2016 and wrote on Twitter on his Inauguration Day that “Buy American” and “Hire American” were “two simple rules” that would guide his administration.

Mr. Biden said his plans would leverage trade, tax and investment policy to spur domestic innovation, reduce the reliance on foreign manufacturing and create five million additional American manufacturing and innovation jobs.”


More on Tammy from Tammy and a comment from the nyt’s:

“The minute people started to talk about Tammy Duckworth being a candidate for Biden’s Vice President, Carlson and Trump went into high gear. They had to find some way to try and discredit her even before Biden had made his choice.

Duckworth shows in this piece what a formidable opponent she would be. Attacking a parapalegic hero with a Purple Heart,and an Asian-American as well is a formula for disaster for Trump, so try and paint her as unpatriotic.

It won’t work. Duckworth is a great American. Trump and Carlson only cheapen themselves with this kind of disgusting attack. And she is absolutely correct about Trump trying to create yet another distraction from his disastrous failures as president.

I don’t know if Biden will pick Duckworth, but I believe her chances have just improved. Not what Carlson and Trump expected.”


Can the man catch an even break?
Trump’s New Hampshire rally which was scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed because of Tropical Storm Fay. Somehow, I expect that kind of trend will continue for him.

In her new book, Mary Trump, PhD. describes her uncle as suffering from a learning disability. A brighter man would have transferred his wealth to Swiss banks by now,
announced he will not run for reelection, and made secret plans to escape to a country with a non-extradition treaty with the US.
Maybe Trump hasn’t, and won’t do this because,
(A) He’s too delusional, too out of touch with reality?
(B) His learning disability is getting in the way, preventing him from more rational choices?

Just speculating.

ja, I’m sure Tammy is threatening to Trump since her natal Neptune in Scorpio squares his natal ascendant in Leo, and her Neptune is in a T-square with her own natal Venus in Aquarius (conjunct US Moon-Pallas) and natal Jupiter in Leo (conjunct Trump’s ascendant/Mars).

Her power, I’m guessing, is symbolized by her natal Pluto conjunct the US natal Neptune in Virgo, a hero to her countrymen. Transiting Neptune is approaching her Sun (22+ Pisces) that opposes her Pluto and the US Neptune in Virgo so naturally, she will draw conflict, especially from those who fear her popularity and heroism.

Biden is surrounded by a plethora of strong, intelligent women, all of whom would make a good choice for VP, each appealing to some segment of US voters. I don’t envy him in having to make a choice between them.

However, Tammy’s natal Neptune in Scorpio (trine her Pisces Sun and trans. Neptune!) conjuncts Biden’s Scorpio Sun-Venus-Mercury AND this makes a grand trine with the US natal Mercury (+ Trump’s Saturn-Venus) in Cancer, a formidable source of energy that could sway a lot of votes.

Eliseo, re. your comment (assuming it’s yours, as I haven’t read the Mary Trump book, yet…) –

(A) He’s too delusional, too out of touch with reality?
(B) His learning disability is getting in the way, preventing him from more rational choices?

That is true, but on the other hand it is extremely unwise to conclude that DT is anything other than a #1 viper.

I worked for a man once who used every angle possible to get ahead in a system that had lots of rules and regulations to prevent unprincipled people from rising to positions of power. He didn’t hesitate to take advantage of employees who were willing to write exams for him, or dishonest customers who wanted to use the institution for personal advantage. It was shocking, really, how many people were perfectly fine with helping him along. His delusions and learning disability never got in his way. He rose like a cork on the water, though his ease with shady people did get in the way with the more straight laced types, so he never got to the very top. Still, he did just fine.

I would not put it past someone as driven and power hungry as DT to pull every dirty trick possible, with help from his many friends. That’s how it has worked for him thus far and why should it not work now?

Vipers are constitutionally incapable of trust – they don’t trust – period. DT will use anybody, like a true sociopath. His disabilities may be real, but they are no comfort to voters whatsoever. However, events can and do overpower anyone in time.

And that’s about the saddest statement a person can make – the US, without the help of God and a virus, is completely unable to control one man and his party of vipers. DT’s destiny awaits him on Nov. 3 (+ a bit of time to sort out the election results). He’s old, he’s sick, and Covid will defeat him.

Eliseo, I’m not familiar with a learning disability that handicaps rational thinking but I’m no expert. I do think that it would explain his inability to read and concentrate on anything of length or complexity. He has a very low tolerance for anything that goes against what he wants to believe, which could explain BountyGate.

BarbK, thanks for Duckworth’s Astro analysis!! Once the challenges of hard aspects between Pluto and Sun are integrated they lend power and fortitude and a very strong will. She was never really on my radar before. I’m feeling proud of the caliber of so many of the Democrats who have shown us through the impeachment hearings, the debates and now, Covid.

Beowulfie & Frank,
I never assumed he wasn’t a sociopath, in colloquial terms just plain evil. I was merely speculating, as it seems to me a smarter sociopath would probably behave differently. I note he’s not behaving in his own interest. He reminds me of Charles I. Although, IMHO King Charles was in much better psychological shape than DJT.

Sociopathy, narcissistic personality disorder, learning disabilities, delusions, etc. are not mutually exclusive.

Further to above, I should add I don’t think DT, himself, will pass away as a result of Covid. He looks to be ok to carry on for some years past his one-term presidency.

It’s Covid, the disease, that is becoming so overwhelming, and the continuing threat is so dire, that DT’s presidency cannot survive it. Given normal times, after seeing what all has gone on in politics, it would be highly likely that DT would be re-elected. The times are troubling, very troubling, not only in the USA.


I don’t care if Trump lives for another 15 years. But every one of those years ought to be hard-earned within the confines of federal prison.

Frank, Eliseo, et al.

I recall one of the reliable psychics saying, a bit ago, that DJT suffered physical abuse, by his father, at a pre-verbal age. What he is displaying sounds more and more like the brain trauma patients I worked with.

* might have been Wimsey Anderson.

Wow Emma, if that’s the case, who do we put the blame on for all the bad stuff that’s been happening? The health care system? The government? God?

Maybe Destiny is to blame. Maybe Ignorance. The point is that Life is a learning experience and we have had a 3, soon to be a 4 year learning experience, and, the bottom line is that we are better off now than we were 5 years ago when we were still ignorant as hell.

Maybe we were being prepared for our country’s Pluto Return, a pre-Pluto prep period that would wake us up enough to keep the experiment (these United States) going for another 248 years.

Maybe it’s because of this Trump experience that we and the generations that will follow will not go down in world history as one of the biggest human failed experiences ever attempted. Maybe we need a statue of Donald Trump in every major city.

Nah, too soon for that.

I too have worked with brain trauma patients. I recall you have my email address. Please email me. I’ll contact you likewise after I receive yours.

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