29th Jun, 2020

Trump’s Agenda is not America’s Agenda

In light of all the controversy and confusion around President Trump essentially ignoring the intelligence concluding that Russia has been paying bounties to the Taliban for the murder of American soldiers in Afghanistan, we really should not be surprised. Since the beginning of this presidency, it has become increasingly apparent that Trump’s agenda is not the same as what we would customarily expect from a president.

In normal times, our leader strives to promote the safety, security, and health of the population, making his choices in a way that will serve the public interest, albeit based on his political perspective. Under Trump, the presidency has devolved into a means to promote his personal interests. It is a means to have adoring crowds feed his insatiable narcissistic needs, even if those crowds will become a superspreader event for a dangerous pandemic. It is also a means to feast on the rush of dominance over those who disagree with him, oppose him, or speak a truth that counters his grandiose delusions. Thus, reputations are crushed, people are fired, tweets are pushed that impact the Stock Market, tariffs are imposed, soldiers are rearranged, never with a consideration of the consequences to the national interest, but instead in a fit of pique or as a heady rush of incontestable aggressive power.

But we should not forget the other agenda item of the Trump presidency that underlies a great deal of his otherwise unexplainable statements, policies, and pretended ignorance.  Trump came into office wanting to end the sanctions on Russia. That is what the whole Flynn case was ultimately about. He and his minions lied repeatedly about their associations with Russia and worked assiduously to diminish and ultimately dismantle the work of the Mueller investigation. Trump precipitously pulled our troops out of Syria, essentially benefiting the Turkish and the Russian policy aims and abandoning our allies, the Kurds. He withheld financial and military aid to the Ukrainians, attempting to benefit himself politically but also weakening the Ukrainians in their war against Russia.

Moreover, Trump has pushed hard to get the Russians back into the G7 to make it once again a G8. He has deferred to Putin on matters of intelligence and ignored the US intelligence community findings on a number of occasions. And now we learn that the Putin government has been paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers, and Trump has not responded in any way to this egregious Russian scheme. What is incontrovertible is that all of these policy decisions are linked by a willingness to protect and promote the Putin agenda at the expense of US national security, American allies, the sanctity of the US election system, and now even the safety of American troops.

Given that Trump has literally worked miracles to keep his taxes and financial statements from public knowledge, and he has recently fired the US Attorney from the Southern District of New York who was sniffing around Trump’s finances, attempting to install a former lawyer for Deutche Bank in the process, we must strongly consider that it is the hidden truths underpinning Trump’s financial interests that are the key to his total submissiveness to Putin, the leader of an adversary nation.

Indeed, it seems more than likely that Putin is the ultimate puppeteer in the history of Trump’s money-laundering of Russian money through Trump’s real estate deals. Putin is the man behind the curtain in how Trump got loans, underwritten by a Russian-owned bank and filtered through a European bank, when no one else wanted to lend him anything. And more to the point, Putin is likely the key to Trump’s future financial security once he is out of office.

If we understand that the president’s agenda is not the agenda of the country, but often serves interests that often run counter to our national security, our health and our general welfare, then we can connect the dots between everything that otherwise makes no sense at all.


Nancy, there have been rumors flying around NY and DC well before the election that both VTB and Gazprombank, banks which are both controlled by the Russian Govt. have either co-signed or guaranteed nearly all of trump’s Deutsche Bank loans. Putin does in fact own Trump and his family.

It is interesting that only now, as we get closer to the election is a lot of this coming out in the public. I expect SCOTUS to rule against trump in the case this week which is why there had to be a shakeup at SDNY.

We should all get ready for the biggest misinformation campaign in the history of the world as trump and putin try to spin this.

Insightful, powerful essay Nancy. May it have a powerfully influential effect.

If we actually called Russia out for committing an act of war, and retaliated, that would help Trump stay in office, if normal patterns prevail–meaning if people don’t want to jump ship in the middle of a war. Although maybe in this case they would.

Thank you, Nancy, for the new essay. Every point you make hits the nail on the head.

Well written, Nancy.
“Indeed, it seems more than likely that Putin is the ultimate puppeteer in the history of Trump’s money-laundering of Russian money through Trump’s real estate deals. Putin is the man behind the curtain in how Trump got loans, underwritten by a Russian-owned bank and filtered through a European bank, when no one else wanted to lend him anything.”

Details of Trump’s Russian money laundering and relationships with various Russian mob bosses was published at least 2 years ago.
Why that evidence has been ignored for so long has been frustrating and perplexing.

I think this upcoming eclipse on the US Sun is gonna leave a mark.


“I think this upcoming eclipse on the US Sun is gonna leave a mark.”

Made me belly laugh…..nervously.


The problem with that Wag The Dog scenario you outlined (retaliation against Russia), is that it is widely assumed Putin has damaging compromat (incriminating evidence) hanging over Trump’s head. If Putin so chooses, he could easily and swiftly bring Trump down from power. It is clear, given all of his past actions, Trump is deeply frightened of stepping on Putin’s toes.

Just came across this piece by Liz Green who writes psychological interpretations of astrology charts with Astro.com. This section resonated with me.



Many people assume that astrology is used to predict events, and that a recognition of astrology’s validity implies an acceptance of fatalism and a denial of individual free will. Over the centuries, astrological prognostications have certainly played an important role in the lives of world leaders and the fate of nations. But predictability, and the fate which it implies, are far more complex issues than simply a destiny written “in the stars”, about which the individual can do nothing. In the following pages, your birth horoscope is analysed according to the planetary movements which are occurring over the next year. On one level, it is a “predictive” analysis. But its purpose is not a foretelling of concrete events. It is an exploration of the inner changes and cycles which occur in every individual and which often mysteriously coincide with events in the outer world. These planetary movements will not tell us what WILL happen. They describe the stage the individual has reached in his or her life, and what kind of responses can be expected to external situations which might occur at any other time, but mean something special because of the special time at which they are occurring.

The German poet Novalis once wrote, “Fate and soul are two names for the same principle.” This profound perception of the identity of inner and outer worlds is often difficult for the person unfamiliar with the deeper psychological dimensions of astrology to recognise. Carl Jung echoed Novalis’ sentiment when he said that a person’s life is characteristic of the person. We are complex creatures, made up of many facets, and all the different dimensions of the human psyche will seek, sooner or later, to find their place in the light of day and achieve expression in the outer world. But some aspects of the personality are inherently in conflict with other aspects. Some will elbow others out of the way because we identify with these at the expense of other, less developed attributes.

Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes. When the time is right, certain aspects of the individual will strive for expression. In order for us to achieve that expression, we may need to create, or find ourselves drawn to, external situations which make us conscious of what we were unaware of before. Some life events are not the expression of any individual need, conscious or unconscious. They reflect great collective movements into which we may all be swept up. Wars, plagues, famines, and holocausts may supercede any individual effort at self-awareness or choice. But in those spheres where our lives are our own, and not merged with the collective, we may have many levels on which to fulfill the expression of our individual horoscope patterns. We cannot be certain whether particular events are inevitable, or whether, with foresight, they might be avoided or transformed. We cannot be certain of the extent to which we are required to act out or redeem conflicts which have been part of the family psyche over many generations. These things contribute to what we loosely call “fate”. Also, the choices we make at any point in time may have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences on the kind of events which occur later on. Cause and effect may play more of a role in “fate” than we realise. What is clear from the study of astrology is that no outer event is devoid of meaning, or unconnected with individual psychological issues. “Good” luck and “bad” luck are not luck at all, but reflections of what in ancient Greece was known as kairos – the right moment. Analysis of the year’s planetary movements by computer is necessarily limited, primarily because no computer can ascertain what an individual has learned from experiences which have occurred in the past. Every stage in life is processed by individual consciousness, and the degree to which we are self-aware, and have some understanding of our deeper needs and conflicts, may have a powerful effect, not only on how we respond to events, but on the events themselves.

Consciousness, rather than fate, may determine whether we are able to turn a painful or difficult time into one of inner strengthening and self-knowledge, and whether we can take advantage of the right moment to develop abilities or pursue goals which previously we might not have realised were possible. Our choices may be circumscribed by our genetic inheritance on the physical level, and by social and collective factors which place limits on our possibilities for growth. We may also be circumscribed by our own self-doubt and blindness, and wind up fating ourselves through reacting blindly to the emotions which a particular situation stirs in us.

Forgot the quotations on Liz Green piece.

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For at least a year I’ve been hearing the officers in our military have been gradually turning against Trump. With the most recent revelations about Putin’s bounties on our soldiers, I think it probable our soldiers in the ranks will now follow suit.

I’m amazed this man has survived as president as long as he has. In the context of the bounty scandal, I’m really curious now as to whether soon our R. leaders will do as did Goldwater with Nixon, and inform Mr. Traitor he has to vacate the Oval Office. Or might they stay with him through election day and plunge to their political deaths like lemmings over a cliff?

In other words, How nuts are they really? It’s hard to imagine they would again nominate this guy as their candidate. It’s not in their self interest. And if we know anything, we know the Rs are selfish.

Breaking News…..

Beijing has reportedly passed a wide-reaching national security law for Hong Kong, which many fear could be used to override existing legal processes and further erode the city’s civil and political freedoms. – CNN

Are we heading for another Tianeman Square massacre?

Activists Vow to March Against China Law: Hong Kong Update

June 30, 2020

“……The national security law was expected to take effect by Wednesday — the 23rd anniversary of the city’s return to China and a day usually marked by mass protests. The Civil Human Rights Front, which has organized some of Hong Kong’s biggest pro-democracy demonstrations, was expecting an appeals hearing later Tuesday against a police decision to ban the march. Some activists announced that they would march any way.”


The July 5th Lunar Eclipse

The 7/5/20 lunar eclipse at 13 ’38 Capricorn will t square China’s natal Mercury/Neptune conjunction (13/14 Libra) and in opposition to Hong Kong’s natal Mercury (14 Cancer). Tr. Mars in this eclipse stands at 4 ’14 Aries. Mars will square the 12/26/19 solar eclipse (4 ’07 Capricorn), Hong Kong’s natal Mars (5 ’11 Libra) and most telling of all it will oppose China’s natal Uranus (4 ’59 Cancer).

Evon Davis explores this Mars transit in square to last years Dec eclipse in her latest video…..


Video: 53 min 9 sec


Will – thanks for the Liz Green piece. That was excellent. It bears rereading and deep thought.

Eliseo – I think we’re all wondering how nuts they are. I assume it depends on just how much compramat Trump or Putin has on them. They will do what they think is best for their own hides and nothing less.

I do wonder what effect this will have on the response of our military and I don’t envy military top brass the questions they are asking themselves as trumps traitorous actions become more and more obvious. Especially as so many other members of the government (gop) are also clearly involved.

May you live in interesting times is clearly a curse.

Nancy, thank you for telling the Trump-Putin story in such a clear and intelligent way. Trump reminds me of the steam valve on a pressure cooker; he has allowed the steam, i.e. the segment of the US voters who feel disenfranchised (unrepresented), to blow off the pent up steam without exploding the pressure cooker itself. Hard as it is for me to accept, he might have saved the US from an internal (civil) war.

Even now, things like the Mississippi flag change is being done without a major upheaval (so far anyway) and this might be linked to the Trump phenomenon. So much will have to be repaired after he leaves, but we will have learned so much about ourselves, we the people, that the generations 100 years from now may see him as a kind of accidental hero, and wouldn’t he love that (ugh!)

The USA is a unique experiment in its own right but the combination of the Trump reign, the coronavirus and the threat of a financial meltdown has made us aware of how fragile a society is. It’s a wonder we have lasted this long without exploding, I suppose. It beats an H-bomb, which Trump + Covid equals in some way when considering the death toll. However, my home is still standing so there’s that.

A very damning report on the Trump Presidency……

From Pandering To Putin To Abusing Allies And Ignoring His Own Advisers, Trump’s Phone Calls Alarm US Officials

by Carl Bernstein/ A Special CNN Report
June 30, 2020

In hundreds of highly classified phone calls with foreign heads of state, President Donald Trump was so consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues, so often outplayed in his conversations with powerful leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and so abusive to leaders of America’s principal allies, that the calls helped convince some senior US officials — including his former secretaries of state and defense, two national security advisers and his longest-serving chief of staff — that the President himself posed a danger to the national security of the United States, according to White House and intelligence officials intimately familiar with the contents of the conversations.



Right now the transiting Pluto-Jupiter conjunction 24+ Cap is in a 3 1/2 degree orb of an exact sextile with Neptune at 20+ Pisces and all are retrograde.

Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo could be seen as completing a Yod with the above sextile, and in that uncomfortable position of their triangle that is forced to adjust.

Then today there is the transiting Sun-Mercury conjunction at 9+ Cancer that is conjunct Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer that sextiles transiting Uranus at 9+ Taurus, while transiting Chiron at 9+ Aries squares Trump’s Mercury and transiting Sun/Mercury. It’s what I think of as the old Chiron-Uranus squeeze play. Something’s gotta give and it might just be Trump’s Mercury.

I’d better check the latest news.

Thank you Nancy, posted it.

A remarkable US Solar Return (birthday) is coming in July, 2026, if you can wait that long. Transiting Uranus at 3+ (almost 4) Gemini will trine transiting Pluto at 4+ Aquarius and both Uranus and Pluto will sextile transiting Neptune (4+ Aries).

Meanwhile, in this year’s Solar Return we continue to learn (through experience) what we want/expect from a President of our country (US), as symbolized by the solar return conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn opposite US natal Mercury in Cancer.

US 2020 Solar Return Saturn at 29+ Capricorn opposes the US Constitution chart’s Uranus at 29+ Cancer, drawing attention to glaring weaknesses in that document which will be the focus of the new US President and his star-studded cast of worker bees experienced in how government is supposed to function.

At the same time the US 2020 solar return Moon (US people) at 9+ Capricorn juggles 2 major roles:

1. Moon is T-square the Chiron (9″ Aries) opposite Juno (9+ Libra), the ongoing struggle of BLM.

2. Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, trine the MC in Virgo in the 2020 US Solar Return; the ongoing surge of energy to breakthrough material (earth signs)/societal barriers, utilizing the Internet and magic phones.

With the SR chart’s Neptune at 20+ Pisces (retrograde) squaring US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and opposite the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (who will remain in a grand trine until December 2020 with the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree and the Saturn-Pluto cycle start degree) . . .
. . guarantees a while longer in the foggy, boundary breaking, emotionally charged atmosphere we have been in, especially since January, and that – I’m guessing – includes the pandemic.

This too shall pass.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction this week once again favors Biden. The first hit in April saw him emerge as the likely nominee. This second conjunction sees him with a double-digit lead. He was a confident leader today at his press conference. The third time will be on November 12, when he wins the election. Pluto rules his Scorpio Sun and Jupiter his Sag Ascendant.

At the same time, transiting Pluto is in opposition to his natal Jupiter, which is itself conjunct the US Constitution Uranus and opposite US Pluto. The Pluto-Jupiter opposition is also quite favorable and will peak in January 2021.

This takes place as Pluto opposes Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction, which is proving fatal and will last all year into the next Inauguration. Trump’s Venus-Saturn is basically at the same degree as Biden’s Jupiter. As I have written before, this is why Biden goes up as Trump goes down.

Pluto will be exactly opposite Trump’s Saturn for the second of three passes on July 12. This should be a new low for him. Also, an eclipse occurs on July 4, while the Moon in Capricorn opposes the US Sun, which means the President. It is possible he will leave office this summer or will not be re-nominated at the GOP Convention. If he is the nominee, his downward slide is likely to continue. However, there is danger of increasingly irrational, dangerous or violent reaction to his mounting problems and stress from now until the end of the year while Mars is in Aries. The Trump era should definitively end by the mid-December eclipse on his Sun-Moon axis combined with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius.

Will, thank you for the Liz Green extended quote. She confirms that character is destiny. The mystery of the correlation of inner psychological evolution and outer events cannot be explained by astrology or anything else at this stage of human consciousness.

You mentioned in the last thread that you are finding the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction to be difficult. All I know from your chart is that your Sun is at 0 Aries. Perhaps you are now feeling the effect of the Mars transit which should be energizing.

As I have said above, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is clearly good for Biden. I am enjoying it as well since I also have a Sag ASC and the conjunction is near my Sun at 20 Cap and opposite my Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer. The effects are validating a life-long project and confidence-building. I wish everyone could feel this way. I hope your health is improving and wish you well.

Andre, were you born in 1955? I have that same Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Cancer in my 6th that’s been a constant source of confusion as to work. Now that I’m “retired” I still don’t see the perfect occupation! 😉 (My Sun is at 25 Taurus though, and mostly I feel jumpy.)

Jill G, I was born in 1955. In my case, the conjunction is in the 8th and has proven quite fortunate. Probably because Jupiter rules my ASC and Jupiter-Uranus are opposite my Sun, square Neptune and 30 degrees away from Moon-Pluto.

Your Sun at 25 Taurus is a favorable aspect but I would need to look at your chart to comment further.

Casey M,



Thank you very much for the good wishes. I hope your astrology is a bull’s eye for Donald Dump. I’ve got a natal Neptune/Saturn conjunct in Libra at 23 and 25 in my first house which has been quite a challenge for my whole life – and now its being squared by both Jupiter and Pluto at present. In a short while, transiting Saturn will join the mosh pit from approx. mid-August to mid-November.
Joie de vivre……..not!

Guess I’ll be burning off beaucoup bad karma.

Andre, I was born 12:35am May 17th in Miami Florida. The 6th house Uranus – Jupiter conj. was helpful for my physical and mental strength (I’m one of the few people my age not on medication.) Funny my Uranus controls my ASC.
Ack, it’s 10pm sorry to ramble on. Goodnight. Sweet (non anxious) dreams folks.

“The second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn was exact yesterday and it is unrelenting in its emphasis on the transmission and contagion of COVID-19. The first of three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions was on April 4; yesterday’s conjunction was at the same degree as the last one—both 24° Capricorn. The third conjunction on November 12, 2020, occurs at the same degree as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12. It seems we just can’t get away from the great reckoning of Saturn/Pluto—a reckoning that facilitated the great unraveling of government structures—and in some cases, the very foundations—of American democracy. Over these next weeks and months leading up to the third conjunction, masks, contact tracing, and social distancing are going to be essential in saving lives.”


Susan Rice:

“Most recently, we have learned that even Russian efforts to slaughter American troops in cold blood do not faze this president. Mr. Trump brushes off the information, evades responsibility and fails to take action — not even lodging a diplomatic protest. Now Mr. Putin knows he can kill Americans with impunity.

What must we conclude from all this? At best, our commander in chief is utterly derelict in his duties, presiding over a dangerously dysfunctional national security process that is putting our country and those who wear its uniform at great risk. At worst, the White House is being run by liars and wimps catering to a tyrannical president who is actively advancing our arch adversary’s nefarious interests.”


Andre, how did you find the Saturn/Pluto conjunction when it went opposite your natal Uranus/Jupiter? Saturn will retrograde to 25 degrees Capricorn and sit there for all of Sept./Oct. 2020. I ask because I have my moon at 25 Capricorn and also have a Sagi ascendent. I can’t say I noticed much in January, but then again, Covid was becoming all consuming then.

July 1st, right on/after Jupiter conjunct Pluto: any protest in Hong Kong is now illegal, and Putin will be able to do what he wants until 2036.
Can both these things please be undone at the next and last Jup Pluto conjunction? Pluto has six more degrees to go until Aquarius. May these autocratic structures fall before then.

Ex-George W. Bush officials launch new group supporting Joe Biden
By Chandelis Duster, CNN 
Updated 12:01 PM EDT, Wed July 01, 2020
(CNN) A group of former George W. Bush administration and campaign officials has launched a new super PAC to mobilize disaffected Republican voters for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The group, launched Wednesday under the name “43 Alumni for Biden,” “seeks to unite and mobilize a community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency,” according to a release. The formation of the group is the latest example of efforts being made by anti-Trump Republicans to defeat the President in November.
More at:

On July 6, 2020 the Sibly progressed chart shows some close aspects to Trump’s natal chart that involve the Moon’s Nodes. This is an interesting development. Crossing the nodes, both in a personal chart and a mundane chart, is often taken to indicate a change in direction.

The Sibly progressed chart on July 6 is has a close opposition (180) of US Mars at 17 Libra Rx. Libra is the sign of negotiations and it opposes Chiron at 17 Aries, the sign of direct action. The US progressed Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter Rx at 17 Libra and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it can also mean cooperation (wouldn’t that be nice?).

The Sibly progressed Mercury (communications) is at 20 Aquarius 48’. Thus US progressed Mercury is now precisely aspected to Trump’s natal Nodes: trine (120) his North Node at 20 Gemini 48’ and sextile (60) his South Node at 20 Sagittarius 48’. US Mercury in Aquarius ought to involve the masses in some way, and trine/sextile aspects generally indicate smooth/positive sorts of results. Here, progressed US Mercury is located in the 6th house of health and Trump’s natal Nodes are in the US progressed 10th house of leadership and the 7th house of the homeland.

Is it possible he will (finally) make alterations in his (thus far) disastrous lack of action regarding the pandemic? Because of the above aspects to Sibly Mars, Trump might even use the military to assist in the pandemic effort. Or he could just try a stupid distraction and attack something via Twitter (Mercury) to set off another news cycle. Who knows?

The Sibly progressed Moon is now at 25 Capricorn and it is opposite Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer. The progressed Moon is a few seconds past the exact opposition to Trump’s Venus, which would be weeks in ‘progressed time’. Perhaps something has been in the works in Congress and will be revealed. Trump’s natal Venus is located in the US progressed 11th house of associates (i.e. Congress).

Lastly, the US progressed Nodes of the Moon are presently at 26 Cancer/26 Capricorn. At the same time, US progressed Neptune is at 26 Virgo Rx, sextile/trine the Nodes. These degrees are in aspect to Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo, so his natal Mars is inconjunct (150) the US progressed North Node at 26 Cancer. This is an awkward aspect that seems to say there won’t be a very easy or welcome reception (Moon/Neptune) to whatever action (Mars) Trump takes, but it may at least indicate some kind of action or a transition.

Let’s hope whatever he does, this triggering of Trump’s responses in relation to the Sibly progressed chart will be constructive, not more destructive. It’s high time he should do something to help the country. Maybe the ‘associates’ in Congress will succeed in getting him to move off his ridiculous position about the virus. Or at least wear a mask in public…..

When we ask the wrong questions, we’re bound to get the wrong answers. More and more, I suspect the first “right” question is akin to “How crazy are they?” i.e. “Are the R’s really crazy and sufficiently suicidal enough to actually nominate and run DJT as their candidate.” OR…Will they drop him and run someone else? Another way to phrase it: Are they human, or merely lemmings in human disguise?

Next question:
If they run someone else, will it be a Trump acolyte, or a more “traditional” R.?
If they run someone more “normal” and/or “moderate” what happens to the Lincoln Project, 43 Alumni for Biden, and other R organizations’ support for Biden?

If they don’t run Trump, it is hard to imagine the R’s uniting behind an agreed upon candidate. The Never Trumpers won’t support a Trump acolyte. If Trump is forced out, I imagine his cultish supporters might be furious, and unwilling to support a non-Trumper candidate.

The R’s are already split, or we wouldn’t have these “ex-R” organizations running ads against 45. It appears to me they will be further split, and more deeply, either after Trump is roundly defeated in November, or possibly before the election if they boot him out and run someone else.

Even with all the voter suppression, screwball gerrymandering, foreign help, and various dirty tricks, I don’t see the R’s winning in November. The Dems are likely to take back the Senate, some governorships, and a few state legislatures.

Despite all the dark possibilities we fear, (and I’m not saying dark events might not also occur sumultaneously) this appears to me as consistent with the indications we see both “in the sky,” as well as those “on the ground.”
Does anyone have an alternate interpretation?

Jill G, I will get back to you tomorrow. I have to think a while before I write.

Will, no wonder the current heavy aspects in Capricorn are a burden. It will be tough for most of this year but things should greatly improve by December. I sincerely hope you make it through in one piece. Here’s to you.

Quintile, it’s a process in many stages. Saturn over natal Mercury at 0 Aquarius has made it more serioulsy and deeply conscious. The conjunction in January was a first step in a new journey of empowerment which left much self-doubt and pessimism behind. The major turning points are when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto crossed my Sun at 20 Cap, oppose natal Jupiter-Uranus at 25 Cancer (Pluto is not there yet but Saturn will station in September and Jupiter has been there), square natal Neptune at 28 Libra while conjunct natal Chiron at 28 Cap and finally reaches aforementioned Mercury at 0 Aquarius. I have been waiting for this for a long time and I’m glad I have lived this long. Uranus and Neptune transits at those degrees in the 1990s were life-changing and enhancing. It is a form of resurrection and spiritual homecoming. Also, some of it involves you-know-what (nudge, nudge). Happy Canada Day, neighbor.


So kind of you for the encouragement. Yes, tough it is and tough it will be until the holiday season. I’ll figure out a way to soldier through it.

Merci, mon ami!

It bugs me our American media is too America-centric. The British and other medias report the bounties were for British soldiers as well as Americans. That’s not being reported here in the US.

45 is not merely a traitor to the US. He daily betrays all our allies, and western civilization itself. None of our historically poor to terrible presidents are in his league.

If Trump were president in 1941 we would have entered WWII on the wrong side.


I was born March 20, 1953 at 6:25PM Chicago, IL

Here’s a question; are fixed stars still considered to have an influence on an astrological chart in this day and age?

Personally, I have serious doubts as to the effect of fixed stars due to my particular hypothesis of astrological causal affect. I’ve long assumed that as physical objects like planets move about the solar system, they subtly affect changes in the magnetospheric activities of the Sun, which in turn affects the magnetosphere of the Earth, which in turn affects us as individual and corporate electromagnetic beings. It would seem to me a fixed star might be too far away to have any appreciable or discernible effect. But I’m no astrophysicist, so what do I know?!?!

In esoteric freemasonry it is widely believed Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson, (all Freemasons) were astrologers. Furthermore, Masonic astrologers tend to believe fixed stars are significant. I don’t know about others astrologers, or their opinions on the matter. Masonic astrologers find it significant that at the time of the Declaration of Independence, Sirius was rising on the horizon at the same time the Sun was rising in the east, and I recall there was some association with the fixed star Regulus. I’m aware many Masons regard Washington D.C. as dedicated spiritually to the star Sirius. David Ovason, a Freemason, wrote about such things in some of his books.

At Mountain Astrologer there is an article entitled, The Sibly Chart and Masonic Astrology.

Hope this helps.

ja, thanks so much for delivering Ralfee’s latest observations; this one focused on the lengthy stay of Mars in its home sign Aries. Mars being one of the 3 planets in direct motion, along with Uranus and now Venus, the topic of violence and aggression will dominate the news. It being in early Aries puts it at the base/roots of the US Sibly birth chart, home sweet home.

That position will work at making some of us (US) feel attacked and others feel like attacking. What Ralfee says about Mars as symbolizing “the process of individuation” is worthy of study. She notes at the positive end of the Mars expression is “self actualization” which is why there is so much power in the Black Lives Matter at this time; transiting Mars at the root of the US birth chart.

This is indeed the United States going through “the process of individuation”; recognizing all its parts as equal, as the US also deals with its natal chart opposition between Chiron and Juno.

As for the news of individual US troops being killed for a bounty, that sounds more like US natal Mars in the 7th house of “open enemies” as well as “partners”, a natal Mars that conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun, also in the house of open enemies.

The Times, They ARE A’Changing!
Mayor Levar Stoney, of Richmond, VA invoked emergency powers, ordering Confederate statues removed.

“We’ve had 33 days of unrest,” the mayor said. “It’s time. It’s time to move beyond the lost cause and embrace the righteous cause. We can be more than just the capital of the Confederacy. It’s time for us to be the capital of compassion.”



Your natal chart shows a superb mind. Wonderful placement and aspects to Mercury, ruler of the mind. The symbol of Mercury( my favourite) ? is the cross, symbol of earth manifestation, the circle, symbol of spirit, and the crescent, the cup that symbolizes the uplifted personality. The link between heaven and earth. Messenger of the Gods.

Saturn conj. Mercury will sober and deepen your thoughts and in opposition to Jupiter will challenge your beliefs.

Not that I believe this will change your goals (wink, wink, nod, nod) but take you to a higher vantage point for a panoramic view. Happy Belated Canada Day to you too my friend.

p.s. no animosity intended by my reference to symbolism ?

Sorry, the question marks were suppose to be the symbol for Mercury and at the bottom, a happy face.

Wasn’t SCOTUS supposed to rule on Trump’s taxes by now? Have i missed something?

The Donald Trump Mercury-Neptune Square Phenomenon And A Date To Watch – Sunday July 12, 2020

There are several factors coming into focus on July 12th that I would argue could prove to be significant. There is of course the much talked about Pluto transit precisely opposing Trump’s natal Saturn on this day. But there are other aspects worth noting

Trump’s natal Mercury-Neptune square has generated a great deal of interest over the years. Astrologer Michael Thurman briefly sums it up in some observations complete with a quote borrowed from the Astrology King website…..

Trump’s Mercury square Neptune – “If I only had a brain”

Mercury in the chart can reveal a lot about a person’s intelligence, how they think and the
style in which they express themselves. The more aspects or connections Mercury has to the other planets, usually the easier it is for that person to develop their intellectual potential.

Donald Trump’s Mercury has only one aspect. Just one. His Mercury is squared by Neptune, the planet of illusion and deception.

From the Astrology King website: “Mercury square Neptune in the natal chart can have a strange effect on your mind. You see and sense the world through a different lens than anyone else, not the real or factual world.

You may need professional advice when signing contracts or dealing with government and legal matters. These would include becoming involved in lies, fraud or scandals.”

Who else had Mercury square Neptune? Jim Bakker and President Herbert Hoover. Enough said. Excuse me while I look for my ruby slippers.

So…. What’s happening July 12th? Two things (in addition to the Pluto transit). Chiron, the wounded healer stations retrograde at 9 ’26 Aries at 5:09 pm the evening of the 11th. It forms a conjunction to Moon and Mars at 8/9 Aries in square to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’52 Cancer). 11 hours later at 4:26 am the morning of the 12th – Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 Libra conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra). Both Mercury and Chiron stationing nearly simultaneously activating Trump’s Mercury-Neptune square will no doubt have repercussions. How big of an impact is unclear. I would speculate though; could this be the pivotal moment when there is full disclosure (release of his tax returns) and he is forced to resign?

Ed Meece in an article entitled “JFK, Chiron and The Wound That Never Heals: America’s Turning Point of the 20th Century” explores the Chiron station and how it relates to past momentous events. Here’s the pertinent excerpt…..

“…….In doing research on Chiron many years ago, I decided to create an hypothesis and then see if it worked out. My hypothesis was that the major events of the 20th century should have very strong Chiron emphasis, perhaps Chiron stationary, because when the big happenings in the world occur, people are thrown out of their ordinary, day-to-day, “chronological” (Saturn-based) time rhythms and tossed into a twilight zone or “chirological” (Chiron-based) experience–very weird and strange.

It’s important to note that I created my list first–without knowing where Chiron was at those times and not looking at a Chiron ephemeris. I remember marking down on my list 4 top events of the 20th century in the following order: the assassination of JFK (Nov. 22, 1963); the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the spark that ignited World War I (June 28, 1914); the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) and landing a man on the Moon (July 20, 1969).

With the last three events, Chiron was stationary within a week to 10 days of the event. Therefore, Chiron was barely moving, creating a strange sense of time and space for humanity on Planet Earth. But I was in for a shock when I turned to the Chiron ephemeris and looked at November 22, 1963. Chiron was totally motionless that very day, no orb whatsoever, at 10+ Pisces! The Chiron principles–of pains, wounds, twilight zones, mavericks and keys that unlock doors to higher realms of consciousness–were fully and powerfully at work on November 22, 1963.”


“……..When Mercury is square (or negatively aspected) to Neptune, it means that the person has a difficult time articulating ideas or thoughts in any meaningful or cohesive way — particularly under duress. But even more fascinating is this: Mercury square Neptune doesn’t just speak to inarticulate behavior. It can mean willfully obscuring or hiding the truth. Ahem. Lying. Let that sink in for a moment. In my experience, those with Mercury square Neptune have a tendency to lie. A lot.” – Extracted from an article entitled “Trump’s Mercury Problem”

In the latest Mountain Astrologer magazine article entitled “Donald Trump Begins His Re-election Rallies, Mary Plumb briefly examines this Mercury transit and its station in relation to Trump’s chart…….

“…..On June 30 transiting Mercury retrograde was conjunct the Sun at 9 Cancer; the President’s natal Mercury is 8 ’51 Cancer suggesting how deeply personal this particular legal issue must be to him. Mercury retrograde will pass his natal Mercury on July 2, before going direct on July 12 at 5 Cancer. Stories from the family lineage are being re-visited or re-examined. Whether there is further public exposure remains to be seen. Transiting Mars (8 Aries) will square natal Mercury on July 13, right as Mercury goes direct; in the short term, the President’s fighting (and protective) instinct will remain strong.”


CORRECTION: Typo. Read instead: “Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 CANCER SQUARE Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra).

Here is something I’m involved with to effect the outcome of the election in November.
I have been doing the stay-at-home version of precinct walking for an organization called Working America, which is the political organizing arm of the AFL-CIO. A friend who is very politically active told me about this group. Their focus is on boosting voter turnout in the battleground states. I am sending personalized form letters to members of Working America in Kentucky who have been identified as past Democratic voters who might not turn out to vote in the next election. The project claims to have a proven 15% effectiveness rate, so for every 100 letters sent, 15 people turn out to vote.

Very powerful piece from the NY Times:


NASHVILLE — I have rape-colored skin. My light-brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South.

If there are those who want to remember the legacy of the Confederacy, if they want monuments, well, then, my body is a monument. My skin is a monument.

I am a black, Southern woman, and of my immediate white male ancestors, all of them were rapists. My very existence is a relic of slavery and Jim Crow…more…

Jerry, fascinating stuff about Trump’s natal Mercury square his natal Neptune and the Ed Meece research on Chiron too. Wow!

Two years ago on April 2, 2018, transiting Mars and Saturn were conjunct at 8+ Capricorn opposite Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

For 2 years that Mars-Saturn cycle was linked to Trump’s natal Mercury, until March 31, 2020 – at the height of the dawning awareness of Covid-19 – when transiting Mars and Saturn started their NEW cycle at 0+ Aquarius, the same degree where Saturn will conjunct transiting Jupiter this December.

I’m thinking that is when (March 31) the OLD cycle of Mars-Saturn released its grip on Trump’s Mercury (square Trump’s Neptune), whatever that entailed, and he began to become aware of what the pandemic was doing to the US economy.

The fact that the new Mars-Saturn cycle started in the same degree (0+ Aquarius) that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle will start in December, leads me to think that the Chiron in the new Mars-Saturn cycle (that started March 31) which at 5+Aries opposed Trump’s Neptune 5+ Libra, and squared the US Jupiter (+Venus) in Cancer, is a harbinger of what’s coming for the US.

Transiting Chiron will station direct at 4 Aries 56, six days before the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts on December 21, 2020. That is where Chiron was in March. It is square the US natal Jupiter/Venus (3-5 Cancer). Is it about the pandemic + values + understanding the Big Picture?

So, in the Mars-Saturn cycle chart (March 31), Chiron at 5 Aries 43 was T-square the chart’s Moon (people) 3 Cancer 37 (+ US Venus + US Jupiter) that was opposite the chart’s Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 4 Capricorn 31 and that Chiron in Aries was opposite Trump’s Neptune at 5+ Libra.

That makes a grand cross in cardinal (action) signs. This Mars-Saturn cycle segue’s into the December Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts after the November election.

It looks like it will take 20 years to clean up this mess.

Ja, Thank you for your service. I cannot commit to that now but am supporting several congressional candidates with small monthly sums. My cousin is doing a lot of work & told me whom to support. Maybe as we get closer, I’ll have more time.

Jerry, very interesting stuff.

Starlight, I saw that article about “rape skin” –_ she makes a strong point.

Speaking of Mars & it’s retrograde, I am so hoping Israel will back down with it’s sovereignty plans. It doesn’t seem necessary, will lead to further bloodshed & is most likely a Net, Trump, Jared solution. On the other hand, there are those who want to jettison Israel as a Jewish state. I feel a safe haven is needed and it is quite an advanced state – if only they could replace Net. I also feel Israel does not really have a partner for peace (I have paid close attention for yrs). Nevertheless, I am completely against this “sovereignty” plan.

Will, hang in there. We (yes, we…it’s a big enough group) are all out here supporting you, and Eliseo, too, and anyone else here who needs love & healing support (as I recall, Henri). My friend directed me to a healer who has a free healing call right now that demonstrates how he works… He’s kind of good: https://healthbeyondbelief.com/replay/

kudos to you Ja!


Thank you for your response re: relativity or value of fixed starts in modern astrology.

Fixed star Regulus at 29 degrees of Leo in Donald Dumps chart however, may be at least one exception to your theory. Funny thing about those electromagnetic energies/gravitational pull when one considers that the light of many of the stars we see have (according to astrophysicists) taken millions of years to become visible to us.


I think I’m going to dub you Baba Jerry (I don’t think Meher Baba would mind) you’re curatorial talents have been on fire lately. Have you ever thought about a website of your own? God/Goddess knows you can write, Baba Jerry. Just a thought.

Nancy, the article you reference above – the author was interviewed last night on MSNBC and I highly recommend you watch it.


Yes, Jerry, and I got a pretty good chuckle out of the mental picture of you wearing ruby slippers, net stockings and a tutu – but able to ditch this joint and go Home to a happy & safe space! Wicked sense of humor! Don’t we all want that but the solution seems to be to heal each other.

Your July 2 posting was a genuine “Aha!” kind of experience. You assembled the pieces from various sources into a very enlightening and holistic jigsaw puzzle picture. In the context of all the ambiguity we frequently deal with in astrology, the clarity of the insights you presented were and are stellar.
Greatly appreciated!

The article by Mark Lerner, to which you provided the link, was fascinating as well. Thank You!

“If I only had a brain.” So apt!
“Mercury square Neptune doesn’t just speak to inarticulate behavior. It can mean willfully obscuring or hiding the truth. Ahem. Lying.”

Whoa! Bingo! Diagnosis complete!

I LOVE Tammy Duckworth! What a woman!

I must say, some of the anti-Trump videos and ads being generated this time around are truly powerful and capture the zeitgeist, like this one:


What does a Pluto Return feel like? We’re living through it.

Worth a read:

“What people care about is this outbreak……By Election Day (2016), most voters didn’t find Trump honest or trustworthy, according to exit polls. But they voted for him anyway. And throughout much of his first term, including his impeachment, Democrats struggled to find an anti-Trump message that gained traction…….


Eliseo and Will,

Grateful for your input. And yes Eliseo. I mistakenly had posted the name of Ed Meece as the author of that article when in fact it was Mark Lerner. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


About Chiron; for some unexplainable reason my attention keeps returning to the upcoming July 20th New Moon-Saturn opposition. That date keeps me riveted. Whether it is a psychic thing or not I don’t know. Suffice to say, the New Moon Saturn opposition is within one degree of the US Pluto. It is also marks the 51st anniversary of the historic US Apollo 11 moon landing. It is also the US Moon Landing’s Chiron return (it takes 51 years for Chiron to complete its orbit around the Sun). Something remarkable could be happening around that time.

PS Apologies for the two typos above. I have a tendency to change, copy and paste and then not review the text thoroughly before submitting.

What I meant to add is this…… The 7/20/69 Moon landing was one of America’s most amazing, remarkable achievements that created a legacy for time immemorial. Something significant and magical about that date.

That date is also my “difficult” to put it politely, mother-in-law’s birthday.

I agree with you intuitively about our upcoming 20th July. It feels as though things are rolling to a head beneath our feet, beyond our vision.

I recall having had dinner with Mark Lerner quite a number of years ago. He was the guest of honor at an astrology meeting where he lectured. I had the privilege of sitting directly across the table from him, but found him more interesting in his public presentation than in conversation.

In 1963, he and I experienced the JFK assassination very similarly, although in different parts of the country. Each of us was in 7th grade science class when the announcement was made.


You must see the latest Lincoln Project ad against Trump! It is entirely done in Russian with grand Russian music and English subtitles. It is IMHO the most breathtaking ad they’ve done so far.

Fellow Traveler

Another mind blowing anti-Trump ad from the Lincoln Project.

Flag of Treason


How interesting. I have always enjoyed reading Mark Lerner’s articles. It’s so absorbing and easy to follow. Have you had the opportunity to listen to any of his podcasts? If not, here’s a library of topics to choose from….


This video is for you.

Should the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Reunite After Brexit? (CANZUK Explained)


No, I haven’t followed his videos. Soon after I attended the meeting and dinner with ML my life changed pretty dramatically. It became fairly chaotic. I suddenly had to move from east coast to west coast, and less then a year later to Texas to take care of my ailing mother, and later her estate after she died. My time was pretty limited, taking care of my mother, teaching university students, and doing more graduate work simultaneously. I only arrived “home” last September, and I’ve not acquired another teaching position, or any kind of job yet.

During all that time I’ve contributed sporadically to this blog, but only recently do I now have the opportunity to delve more deeply into astrological lore.

I definitely appreciate your reacquainting me with Mark Lerner’s work. I WILL be viewing his podcasts, thanks to your posting the link.

How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President | Opinion

“For Trump, there are two broad pathways to maintaining power. First, we can already see very clearly a strategy designed to suppress voter turnout with the purging of registration rolls of large numbers of mostly urban voters; efforts to suppress mail-in ballots, which are more necessary than ever, given COVID-19; a re-election apparatus that is training 50,000 poll watchers for the purpose of challenging citizens’ right to vote on Election Day; and significant efforts to make in-person voting in urban areas as cumbersome as possible in order to have long lines that discourage people from exercising their voting rights.
The second pathway to subverting the election is even more ominous—but we must be cognizant of it because Trump is already laying the groundwork for how he can lose the popular vote, and even lose in the key swing states necessary for an Electoral College victory, but still remain president.”


Barbk, more on Tammy from the NYT’s,

“If she is picked, I would walk barefoot for a mile across burning coals and broken glass to vote for them. (In truth, I would do that for any Democratic ticket in this election, but with Sen. Duckworth as the VP candidate, I would do it with a big smile on my face.)”


Thanks ja; what a woman!

Tammy Duckworth’s natal Nessus is conjunct the US natal Uranus; she can flush out the corruption and abuse of power in the US.

Her Mars and North Node conjunct the US natal Chiron in Aries, while her natal Pluto and Pallas conjunct the US natal Neptune in Virgo, adding strength to these 2 symbols of vulnerability.

Her Venus, Mercury and Pholus are conjunct the US natal Moon in Aquarius; the US people like, if not love her. She would make a great VP choice, I agree. Thanks again ja, much appreciated. Maybe she will be our next FDR!

Last night on Chris Cuomo Prime Time Harry Enten, CNN Senior Political Writer and Analyst:

“There have been over 50 polls that have been conducted this year via live interviews. You know how many of them Donald Trump has led in? Zero, zero, zero. He was trailing before the coronavirus and he’s trailing worse now after it’s hit. […]

And the other thing I’ll just add is, turnout is not going to explain away a 10, 11 or 12-point deficity. Maybe it gets it down to 8. But if the president really wants turnout to the thing that makes a difference in this election it has to end up close to a three, four, five-point margin. And to be perfectly frank Chris, we haven’t seen those types of margins since I last saw you in the office.”

Hi Angellight, Nice to see you!

An omen of change in Canada?
I’m not sure of the significance of this but scientists have observed that suddenly White-throated sparrows in British Columbia have literally changed the song they sing. Furthermore, the new song has swept eastward across Canada as now all the other Canadian sparrows have switched to the new song. Purportedly, this has not happened before since ornithologists have been recording birdsong.

IMO, any Pagan, Wiccan, or Native American might interpret this weird natural phenomenon as indicative of some kind of shift in the attitudes, culture, or politics of Canadians. But then again, as Carl Jung said to Dr. Freud, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

In either case, it is both weird and interesting. I’m wondering if this jives with the astrology of Canada, and/or if it bodes for some kind of transformation. Will Canadian humans follow suit and soon be singing a different tune?

Catchy Sparrow Song Goes ‘Viral’ Across Canada in Continent-Wide Phenomenon


Good catch, Eliseo — so interesting! Uranus in Taurus, Venus in Gemini!

Never thought I’d see the day.
I’ve never been a football fan, (actually I’ve been opposed to spectator sports generally since early childhood) but I never thought I’d see the day when the Washington Redskins would seriously consider changing their name.

Simultaneously, Native Americans are protesting Trump’s presence without permission at Mt. Rushmore.

I know the astrological influences match up with current events, but I am nevertheless amazed every day at what I see happening.

What’s this? Don Jr.’s girlfriend tests positive for the Covid-19? Good grief!

Guilfoyle is hot with Covid – tis true.

Had I my druthers, I would have draped all of the Mount Rushmore faces with masks to spice up Humpty Dumpty’s shit show. Oh, to dream.

Jerry, I have a question about the chart for the JFK assassination you may be able to answer.

At that time, Nov. 22, 1963, the transiting North Node at 11+ Cancer was conjunct Pres. Kennedy’s natal South Node at 11+ Cancer. The transiting NN was sextile the midpoint between transiting Uranus at 9+ Virgo and Pluto at 14+ Virgo at the time of the assassination.

Their sextile formed a Yod with transiting Moon (the People) at 11+ Aquarius forming a Yod (Finger of God) pattern.

That Moon in Aquarius was opposite that chart’s Transpluto (symbol of the process of becoming whole) at 12+ Leo retrograde forming a Boomerang pattern.

To me it suggests the assassination of JFK was somehow part of a process of “becoming whole” and perhaps was part of the Uranus-Pluto cycle mission.

Interestingly, JFK’s NATAL Transpluto at 20+ Cancer was T square his natal descendant/7th house cusp at 20+ Aries (which conjuncts the US natal Chiron) opposite his natal ascendant (1st house cusp) at 20+ Libra (conjunct the US natal Juno).

That opposition between US Chiron (+ JFK’s descendant) and US Juno (+ JFK’s ascendant), seems to be relevant to the inequality between races in the US.

Was JFK’s involvement with Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby Kennedy taken into consideration as motivation for killing him? Do you think it is possible that all 3 were murdered by members of the KKK or some equally evil group?

Quintile, thank you for your comments on my natal Mercury. You’re right about their sobering and uplifting effect. I gave an interview yesterday on French-language radio in Montreal on Canadian constitutional reform that did not involve Quebec secession. It was well received. I’m taking a wider, more measured view at the moment which I find to be more in the public interest in the near future even if it displeases some of my secessionist friends who would proceed more rapidly. I tell them one may lead to another depending on how Canada reacts and that next year’s referendum in Alberta on equalization will begin a chain reaction of new possibilities. Mercury at 0 Aquarius conjunct Chiron at 28 Cap is ever an independent thinker.

Quintile, I meant to write: thank you for your comments on aspects to my natal Mercury.

Your Moon at 25 Cap should soon feel the influence of serious Saturn for some months but your Sag influence will be there and should overcome it. Where’s your Jupiter?

Canadian news. As soon as Mars entered Aries square to Justin Trudeau’s Sun (he was born Christmas Day while his father was Prime Minister and some joked at the time a Canadian Savior was born), an armed intruder who is a member of the Canadian military entered the grounds of his residence looking for him. Fortunately, neither he nor his family were present and no shots were fired. The intruder was arrested after a two-hour standoff.


Also, as soon as Saturn moved back into Capricorn, he was involved in a minor scandal concerning a 19 million$ grant to a non-profit his wife supports. He is somewhat scandal-prone. I predict he will regain a majority government in a hastened election next year because he has well handled the pandemic, but that should be the high point of his career. I see a major and likely fatal scandal in 2025.

Vote Vets has done another one in which they overtly call Trump a traitor.

VoteVets Ad – Benedict Donald


Jill G, sorry I took longer than expected to look at your chart more closely. Tr Saturn over natal Chiron is giving me back pain, but it should pass.

Your chart is interesting. I have to feel it before I write because like you I have a grand trine in water signs. We were born four months apart.

You have a beautiful Moon in Pisces in the first house trine Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio (in my case, Mars is in Pisces). The nearing Neptune conjunction to your Moon should make you more compassionate and sensitive, even psychic, than ever. Your Aquarius Ascendant makes you interested in astrology and an original person in many ways.

Your Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the 6th is good for your health as you mention, although it is in a T-square with Neptune in the 8th and Venus in the 2nd. Money and possessions or debt could have been a challenge, particularly in relation to work, although with Jupiter-Uranus lucky or unconventional, as well as inspired, solutions could sometimes be found.

You say you have had trouble finding meaningful occupation. The closest planet to your MC is Saturn and it is in a difficult exact inconjunct with Mercury in Gemini. Saturn is also opposite your Sun near the IC and square Pluto in the 7th. The Sun is exactly square Pluto. No wonder your career is a challenge. (I have the Sun and Chiron square Neptune. Sometimes I wish my dreams, perceptions and visions would go away because they can be a burden.) Sun square Pluto in the 7th can be heavy. Combined with Sun opposite Saturn, marriage and partnerships may have been difficult over time.

Mercury is exalted in Gemini and generally a good placement for intelligence and awareness. But Mercury and Mars in Gemini are also afflicted by a square to your Moon in the first. Maybe your sensitivity or intuition sometimes got in the way of your thinking. That nervous Mercury in Gemini would make you jumpy. Mars next to it might make you overreact on occasion, although Venus sextile Mars can also counteract that with its peaceful influence. You may be high-strung sometimes, but you are likely not aggressive. Transiting Neptune square to both Mercury and Mars is bringing this pattern of conflict between the mind and the heart, which may be a form of professional self-sabotage because of Saturn (I would know self-sabotage) to a head, but also offer greater psychological or spiritual insight. Transiting Pluto in the 12th nearing a sextile to your MC should help you come to a more serene acceptance of this situation. It is what it is.

Your Sun opposite Saturn turns your grand trine into a kite, which we also share. (In my case, the Sun at 20 Cap and Chiron at 28 are opposite Jupiter-Uranus.) This gives you depth and substance as a person even without professional success. Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer should have given you interesting creative work, although perhaps not stable or long-lasting. The Sun sextile your Moon and your Jupiter-Uranus should make you friendly and sociable and keep you balanced overall. The opposition to Saturn also gives you a serious and stable dimension, which can however sometimes lead to excessive pessimism.

You’re a good person. Life has not always been easy. I care. I hope this helps.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Trump supporters are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are racism, bigotry and the pursuit of White Supremacy.

EDIT: I made this up from scratch. LMAO!

And by “Creator”, I mean Donald Trump…….


A slow succession eases my anxiety….lol, but the instability of our southern neighbour cancels that out.

I am reading Liz Greene’s The Luminaries and the progressed moon’s transit from birth to contact with natal aspects, particularly the Sun, resulting in a New Moon or eclipse.

I must look at Justin T’s chart again in this context. That always speaks volumes. I suspect his moon aspects make him vulnerable, given the issues with his mother.

My Jupiter is at 8 Aries, sits on my I/C and quintiles my moon! Hence my non de plume.

I enjoy reading your astrological analyses and I am sure Jill G. appreciates the time and effort it takes.

I was lucky enough to catch The History Channel’s “Grant” on TV last night. Talk about an unsung hero. The only things I knew about Grant is his face on some denomination of our currency ($5?), some sort of quote from Lincoln, when there were complaints about Grant’s drinking, he said “find out what he drinks and order it for all of my other generals, and my grandmother’s expression of “Well, he took that like Grant took Richmond.”

He was extremely smart, full of integrity and tenacity.
If you can find it, give yourself a treat and watch it. The unfortunate part is that he didn’t get the support he needed during Reconstruction.

Just came across the following video by Denise Siegel. It is rather concerning. She sees the economy crashing beginning late July and peaking towards mid August. She makes some very compelling arguments.using the New York Stock Exchange chart as a reference point……

The Next Stock Market Crashes and Covid-19 waves


Steve Judd sees something similar in mid August (when Mars Squares Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn). I noticed the date of August 13th. There’s a Mars-Pluto square (23 Aries-Capricorn) forming a t square to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 Cancer). Perhaps he won’t leave until mid August? Worry not. Eventually he will exit. It’s only a matter of time.

It is safe to say that the outer planets cycles point to what is evolving over lengthy periods of time to human beings, their societies and the planet Earth.

The present Uranus-Pluto cycle began about 2 years and 6 weeks after JFK was assassinated on 11/22/63. Between June 2012 and March 2015 transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto made 7 squares to each other, one especially designed to evoke (disrupt) the status quo in the US.

It happened on April 21, 2014, when Pluto was at 13 Capricorn 34 and Uranus was at 13 Aries 34. Joining them was transiting Jupiter at 13+ Cancer which was conjunct the US natal Sun, and transiting Mars at 14+ Libra conjunct the US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron*.

It was a grand cross in cardinal (action) signs and its purpose was to disrupt our country’s traditional patterns and generate new ones. And it came to pass that 2 years later Donald Trump was nominated by the Republican party to run for the office of US President.

The cycle between Uranus and Pluto that began 2 years after the brutal death of our President – on live TV – would reach their first set of squares to each other that would culminate in the election 53 years later of the most disruptive (Uranus) and power abusive (Pluto) US President in history.

Soon the regeneration and renewal will become visible, and by 2026 the world will see the transformation wrought by the Pluto-Uranus cycle, as by then they will be trine each other.

This November transiting retrograde Neptune will be at 18+ Pisces, opposite the start degree of the Uranus-Pluto cycle start (17+ Virgo) and conjunct Chiron in that Uranus-Pluto chart at 19+ Pisces.

*Chiron is the key that opens the door between differing realities and transiting Neptune will exact its conjunction with the Chiron in the Uranus-Pluto cycle chart on January 26, 2021, for the 3rd time.

The first time was on March 26-27, 2020, and the 2nd time will be on September 29, 2020.

For what it’s worth, JFK’s natal Moon at 17+ Virgo was the same degree where the Uranus-Pluto cycle would start 2 years after his murder. I like to think he is guiding the progress of that cycle’s effect on the USA. We are not alone.

Just to let you all know, I’m enjoying this thread. Like the song goes, you all are ringing out danger, ringing out a warning, and ringing out love.

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been doing a bit of personal housecleaning, making videos mostly for Facebook, and walking a lot.

FWIW, I’m having my solar return right now, this afternoon–and this year, it falls almost exactly opposite the lunar eclipse later tonight. I suppose the pandemic affecting my gigs (canceling them, really) may have foreshadowed the solar return, as I understand this happens sometimes, but I also understand that I’m not the only one due for a bit of a reality check, let alone change. Apparently, America is due for one, too.

If it all portends that 45 and his minions fall this year, I’ll take it.

Gina, Happy 4th of July Birthday! I hope the lunar eclipse portends great things for you, your life and career, and this country in surprising new ways! (including a great new administration & congress!) xoxoxoxo

Andre, thank you for spending some of your holiday time looking through my chart. (If I could I would give you one of the cherry pies I made today!) You are very insightful and have answered some of my lifelong questions.
I’ve always had difficulty looking at myself and chart to see possibilities. I can’t tell you how many times people have said “Why are you so negative!”, when I’m just being observant. I spent the first 30 years learning how to be thoughtful without being a doormat.
I think the Pluto trine venus is the reason my second husband (Capricorn) and I fit so well together. It was so meant to be. (Unless standing around a large fire pit being chased by smoke blowing in my face until I was next to him happens to everyone!!)
Were your parents as sexist as mine? My Gemini father was born the same day in 1924 that GHW Bush was and he was an international pilot and a mechanic. My Mom is a Cancer with a grand fire trine who survived rape by uncles and put herself through
nursing school. I was expected to be a Teacher or a nurse by the parental units. Worst work in the world for a introvert!

This will make your whole 2020 friends! The Best Political Ad Ever Made


Thank you, Sharon! My birthday is actually Sunday, but my Solar Return at 13’27” was this evening. I think the moon was at around 10 degrees Capricorn at that moment, which is opposite my Sun, but trine my Mars, so that helps.

James Carville, etc. on the election – worth a listen:


I actually laughed when one of the network news websites recently suggested Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. as serious presidential candidates in 2024.

I mean, anything is possible. Their dad was elected. And… I think it’s more likely they’ll either be on the run for their own criminal rackets, or will have ODed on opiates by then.

If there’s truth to Alzheimer’s being the cause of his deteriorating mental state, federal prosecution and living in the pen may be the least of DJT’s worries.

I’m ambivalent toward Carville’s supposition. If Trump decides to drop out of the race, say in late July or in August, I’ll be both relieved and alarmed.

I would be glad he’d be gone in January, but concerned his not running might depress the voter turnout for Biden. Furthermore, he and his minions might nevertheless employ whatever dirty tricks they can muster to screw up the election. Unless he resigned, effective immediately, Trump would remain in power until his successor (hopefully Biden) was inaugurated. No telling what acts of spite and revenge he might wield upon us while still president between his announcement and his leaving office.

Also, I have no doubt, even without Trump running, Moscow Mitch and company will do whatever it takes to retain the Senate. They may or may not succeed, but will do all they perceive as necessary to retain power and avoid jail time.

I’d rather see Trump hang on, lose the election precipitously, and take down his party with him. I’d like to see Trump, and Trumpist Republicanism defeated and rejected in such a sufficiently large landslide as to never again be a threat to the republic, or to the world. May they go the way of the Whigs and the Know Nothings.

The larger Trump and Trumpism is rejected electorally, the easier it will be to institute necessary legal and constitutional reforms, and to repair the relationship with our former allies.

Eliseo, it’s an intriguing time. You have many saying he will drop out and you have many who cliaim he is setting the stage to stay regardless of the outcome. And both sides have very compelling arguments to support their position.

It is unnerving, isn’t it. I don’t recall ever having lived in more uncertain and scary times.

My personal life has never been more uncertain, uncomfortable, or unpleasant. And for all of us, our national life continues to deteriorate.

I’m just grateful right now, (presuming we have a free and fair election) we have a candidate whom I believe can win,
a candidate whom not only Dems can support but whom many Independents and R’s can vote for as well. I’m also grateful that at least so far, we’re not shooting at one another.

The circumstances we live under now are not like anything any of us have experienced in this lifetime. Seems like everything is upside down and tilted sideways. It feels like gravity increased by at least half while requiring us to either walk on the walls or ceiling. And we can’t find the door that leads us out of the room!

have any of you come across Barbara Marx Hubbard? I just did and am finding what she had to say rather intriguing. She passed away last year – among other things she spoke about ‘conscious evolution’ and ‘synergystic democracy’. Daniel Ellsberg was her brother in law. Dont know if you can access this link on gaia.com or not: https://www.gaia.com/video/new-politics-synergistic-democracy?fullplayer=feature

Nixon is regarded by historians as having had a very “mixed” presidential administration. Although his presidency will forever be remembered for Watergate, his enemies list, his cabinet members and VP who went to jail, etc., his foreign policy achievements, especially opening up China are muchly lauded.

I have a feeling that is about to change. Coming events with China (likely related to the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 60’s) will i believe serve to show how foolish and dangerous was that rapprochement with the PRC. I suspect western businesses will relatively soon (next 3-5 years if not sooner) find themselves withdrawing from China as her authoritarian behavior becomes increasingly strident.

I’m not sure how precisely astrologically, but my feeling is the Uranus/Pluto cycle which has disrupted our Am. patterns, procedures, and policies, resulted in the EC appointing Trump as president, and therefore weakened us for the next few years, also (as the dominoes fall) emboldens the totalitarian propensities of China, Russia, and other already authoritarian nations.

Through Trump we’ve lost a lot of political leverage, and even with an effective Dem president coming to the helm in January it will take a few years to rebuild it.

In your opinion, does the astrology match up with my intuition? Or am I just whistling in the wind here?

Izzy, I’ve been trying to test King Leo’s theory that Pluto/Jupiter conjunction when retrograde would be a negative experience, and, in terms of the stock market that hasn’t been true. And personally it hasn’t been true. You may have noticed the same thing.

The Solar Eclipse happened, and in a funny way, both sides of the political spectrum seem to be exaggerating their claims about how popular and amazing they are.

We had a little drive-in movie here, which took an amazing amount of coordination between very generous organizations and people, but was a success, despite the full moon. Maybe in part because of it.

Eliseo, I don’t see China and Uranus/Pluto as being connected except in terms of technology, not politics. China has become a technology hub, not just for manufacturing, but invention, information hacking, artificial intelligence etc. But that’s true of the times, not just China. Uranus/Pluto was the beginning of the inventions necessary to make the information age possible. And here we are, about to go through fundamental change regarding the negative aspects of the information age–the variety of channels, the information silos, the perception of “fake news” and its reality. All that is confronting us now and affecting our lives negatively. So, that not-so-distant future wave of technology transformation is another necessary part of our evolution.

Eliseo no doubt about it, the US isn’t the only country that the Uranus-Pluto cycle has affected, one way or another. The outer planets “set the tone” and then the cycles they participate in with the more conscious (to average humans) planets (Saturn, Jupiter and Mars) get specific in their intent, and then Chiron who bridges the inner and outer planets enables the understanding (of us mere mortals) to grasp what is happening.

You are right also in that it takes time for that to filter down and change – in consciousness and in implementing the new ways – so as to bear fruit.

Personally, I feel honored to be here at this historical moment, uncomfortable as it is; to watch how humanity is molded to bring out its better features . . . some of which have been hidden from itself. We are better than we appear (and behave) when the pressure is on!

As for the EC being able to appoint Trump as President, that too is part of the awakening of our (as a whole) consciousness; something that will have to be fixed along with everything else. 🙂

This from the San Francisco Chronicle, my local paper. Public discussions about a Constitutional re-do is timely for our upcoming Pluto return. I think the desire for secession for a Calexit can really happen with other states if we don’t update and re-write it:

Joe Mathews: Before Calexit, a final push to fix America

By Joe Mathews
July 5, 2020 Updated: July 5, 2020 4 a.m.

California’s leaders at the state Capitol in Sacramento are often at odds with the federal government.
Gwyneth Paltrow shouts “Go to my website or use the hashtag #LetsGetTheCalOuttaHere!” in the Netflix series “The Politician.” Running for governor on a platform of leading California’s secession from the United States, Paltrow’s character wins 98% of the vote.

This may be fiction, but California independence is gaining cultural currency and real-world urgency. Our real governor, Gavin Newsom, frequently describes California as a “nation-state,” to make the point that the Golden State must act like an independent country to protect itself during the biggest pandemic in a century.

While conventional wisdom remains that California would never leave the union, who can put faith in conventional wisdom anymore?

Polling suggests one-third of Californians support their state’s peaceful withdrawal from the nation. And there are relentless fights between the state and the White House over California’s attempts to protect its immigrants, women, health care, water, housing, environment and elections.

Those battles are partisan, but electing a Democratic president is unlikely to bring state and nation together. The cause of the rift between Californians and Americans goes well beyond the political to the structural, the cultural and the constitutional.

California is a modern democracy with a powerful initiative process that allows its highly diverse population to amend its constitution directly. The U.S., in contrast, is a majority-white country that clings to a 1789 constitution that permitted slavery, is nearly impossible to amend and prohibits election of the president by popular vote.

The power of the U.S. presidency is largely unaccountable; one person in the Oval Office can start nuclear war without anyone else’s permission. Other branches are also sheltered from democratic interventions. Too much power lies with a U.S. Senate that gives California’s 40 million people the same number of senators as Vermont’s 625,000. Difficult controversies are decided by a Supreme Court of highly politicized, life-tenured judges.

None of this makes California’s departure from the union likely. But it guarantees state-federal conflict, and more frequent attempts by California to escape the union.

This raises the question: How can California independence bids best be managed in the years ahead?

The essential answer is: peacefully. To ensure peace, Calexit must be something that majorities in California and the United States both want.

To reach such a double consensus, California must create a process that reconsiders the future of the entire United States. If California ever decides to leave the United States and form a new country, it must try to transform the United States into a new country first.

Right now is an auspicious time for reconsideration. With protesters toppling statues of the founders and institutions pledging to end systemic racism, the place to start is by replacing America’s original system — the Constitution.

This suggestion will enrage Americans who deify their Constitution. Americans assume, wrongly, that the end of the Constitution would mean the end of freedom and democracy.

But it’s not true: Ending one republic does not mean the end of a nation. It means starting a new republic. The French are on their fifth republic.

California, the nation’s most creative and populous state, is the perfect place to start rewriting the U.S. Constitution. California should convene scholars and representatives from as many states as possible to draft a new American Constitution.

Such a body would examine constitutions all over the world and create the most advanced 21st century governing system possible.

A new constitution offers the opportunity to re-found the United States under present-day ideals of human rights and justice. Instead of a constitution that started in slavery and persists in discrimination, we could have a constitution that barred discrimination of any kind. Women could be made explicitly equal.

A new constitution could provide for truly national elections, national referenda for major decisions (like going to war), and proportional representation to end our polarizing, winner-take-all political culture. The new constitution could commit America to environmental protection of the planet.

Once that document is drafted — and translated into major languages — California voters would decide whether to approve it.

If approved, the proposed constitution would be sent to the 49 other states, asking them to adopt it. This idea is grounded in our current national constitution, Article V, which permits the calling of a convention by 34 states to change the Constitution. Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist #85, wrote that Article V was included because the founders couldn’t be sure their preferred system would always be the best one.

The other states could accept our constitutional proposal. Or they could amend it, in consultation with California.

In either event, California would have helped give the United States a 21st century governing document that, presumably, would be more democratic, and more supportive of equal rights and environmental protection — in other words, more like California. Free of the old constitution, the United States could stop endlessly measuring policies against centuries-old legal precedents, and would have more time to plan for the future.

In that scenario, the Golden State would stay in a more perfect union. But it’s also possible that other states would reject the document, and even the entire exercise.

That would leave California with the choice of whether to stay and suffer within the U.S., or to ask permission to leave, and then negotiate a peaceful exit from the nation. The nation of California would face some of the same challenges the state of California has struggled to manage — water, education, infrastructure, and taxation.

But it also would give the world an alternative American nation with governing rules that aren’t compromised by the sins of the 18th century. Perhaps we could finally conquer our rampant gun violence.

Or perhaps California could limit its military and adopt a policy of neutrality, thus demonstrating that Americans can organize a nation without pursuing constant warfare.

The good news: If the state sought independence, it wouldn’t have to draft a new constitution. It could simply use the constitution it drafted for the U.S. as the governing document of the new California nation.

In this scenario, California could walk away in good conscience, having done everything it could to save America from itself.

Frank, I have often felt that if trump steals the upcoming election and remains in office, the West Coast and the Northeast will succeed.

Chiro & barbK,
Many Thanks for your thoughts on China and the Uranus/Pluto cycle.

“And here we are, about to go through fundamental change regarding the negative aspects of the information age…”

Technology without the wisdom as to how to utilize it best is innately self-destructive. The information age has certainly broadened our perspective, and increased the availability of general and specific knowledge. The dark side of it is the great shallowing of our mental lives.

The average person no longer understands much of anything in depth. Our attention spans have been gradually but severely atrophied, particularly since television became omnipresent in the late 1950’s, early 1960’s.

A larger percentage of us have university degrees and certificates, but that fact is deceptive. We know more, but understand less. There are of course specific exceptions, but as a group, we are more highly trained, but less educated than our predecessors.

Although we’ve made some moral progress in some areas of our understanding and practice, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc., generally, what abilities we once had to make fine distinctions, see nuance, shade, grain and textural variability remain at best mired in stasis, and at worst literally diminished.

Hopefully, our Pluto and Uranus returns will have restored some depth to our souls, having forced us to develop the inner gnosis we need for our continuing journey.

Jill G, I am relieved. I went out on a limb a bit and wasn’t sure how you would react. I think I missed your Venus trine Pluto in the 7th. Of course that would bring a loving and strong partner.

Quintile, slow secession is what Frank writes today about California. You can pencil in Quebec in much of the article he mentions. A new Constitution for Quebec is now in its early stages. I am invited to take part in a press conference on September 15 to discuss it. As the article says about California, the first step will be to attempt constitutional reform within Canada. First item: abolish the monarchy and create a new Republic in North America. This proposal gets about 80% support in Quebec. If Alberta succeeds next year in reopening the door of the Constitution, Quebec will ram a truck through it. I just read the report of Alberta’s political reform commission: it mentions Quebec repeatedly like a fixation, mostly positive, although everyone knows the equalization argument is directed against it. Sounds like love-hate. Maybe we should cooperate more.

I am fascinated by the fact that support for secession seems currently about the same in California, Alberta and Quebec (about 35%). It was 49.4% in Quebec in 1995. It has receded since, but could rebound easily with the right leader and circumstances. I think this is about to happen within 2 or 3 years. My own chart, which has closely tracked the ups and downs of the secessionist movement, indicates a steep climb ahead.

Secessionists almost always start by trying to bring change from within the existing legal system. This has been the story of Ireland and the US. Benjamin Franklin spent decades trying to convince the British to give their American colonies more autonomy before deciding for independence. He was actually Canada’s first postmaster-general in the brief period (15 years) when Canada and the US were both parts of the British Empire. He set up the first post offices in Montreal and Halifax. A Canadian postage stamp commemorated this in 2012. Later, he convinced Congress to invite Quebec to form a constitutional convention and join the 13 colonies. This was averted by unprecedented British concessions to French Canadians that recognized their rights to their language, Catholic religion and French civil law, concessions the Irish could only dream of. This did not prevent hundreds of French Canadians from joining George Washington’s army.

A wild thought came to me while reading Frank’s post. Perhaps Quebec, Alberta and California will join one day to write a Constitution for all of North America. Quebec and California have already signed a progressive agreement on an environmental financial market. I am sure Quebec would join a new North American Constitution if it could secure its language, culture and immigration within it.

Banks, Ulysses Grant left memoirs which are apparently very well written and a compelling portrait of his relationship with Lincoln. I have always wanted to read them. You have brought that day closer. Thank you.

If we get reasonably good government in WA DC, I don’t think secession will be popular in any of our blue Am. states, California included. Furthermore, the demographic trend in our Southern and other red states is one of increasing diversity. Support for Black Lives Matter is high, even in our reddest states. Confederate battle flags are coming down, as are the monuments to “Confederate heroes.” We are experiencing a real change and maturation in consciousness.

We may well see a last gasp period of angry insurrection on the part of the Reds, but I don’t think they would have any success with outright secession.

Also, if my intuition is correct, whatever form our respective governments take, coming challenges will require us to be more united in purpose than ever.

Will’s quote from Liz Greene’s excellent piece “The Meaning Of Time” got me interested in reviewing a chart for a solar eclipse that took place a couple of months before Trump was “elected”.

It was a remarkable Sun-Moon in Virgo (orderly details) that opposed Neptune in Pisces which was T-squared by Saturn in Sagittarius, which was opposite the US natal Uranus in Gemini (disorderly details), which was also where the Neptune-Pluto cycle started over 100 years ago.

It is relevant to the here-and-now for several reasons, one being it was also the time of a Mercury-Jupiter cycle start. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo where the eclipse was taking place, and Jupiter, he who symbolizes expansion, rules Sagittarius, where Saturn was.

Mercury rules Gemini too, the sign where the US natal Uranus is and the sign where the Neptune-Pluto cycle began. The T-square in this eclipse chart that took place on September 1, 2016, was a “heads up” because it put the US Uranus (unexpected breakthroughs) into a grand cross pattern of energy that would last much longer than a typical New Moon influence would last. Eclipses have a long shelf life.

The Neptune-Pluto cycle was also caught up in this grand cross pattern and within the chart for that cycle’s start was a Sun at 10+ Leo which is the same degree as Trump’s natal Pluto.

The September 1, 2016 chart’s Saturn was at 10+ Sagittarius, and the presently transiting Chiron will station retrograde at 9 Aries 26 on July 12, a degree it has been sitting at for most of June, all of July and part of August.

This grand trine brought together by the eclipse that took place 2 months before Trump was elected, ties the present day transiting Chiron in Aries and the 2016 eclipse chart’s Saturn in Sagittarius, and the 100+ year old Neptune-Pluto cycle start chart’s Sun (+ Trump’s natal Pluto), both in Leo into a force of energy to be reckoned with.

The fact that the 2016 eclipse chart’s Saturn is also part of that chart’s T-square with the eclipsed Sun/Moon opposite Neptune . . . that then becomes a grand cross with the inclusion of US natal Uranus + the Neptune/Pluto cycle start-point is why we are feeling like we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

The fact that the 2016 eclipse was also the start of a one year cycle between the transiting Mercury-Jupiter leads me to believe that information gleaned during that brief (1 year) cycle will be pertinent to revelations that will come out once this transiting Chiron (about to station retrograde) retraces its path and then reaches 10 Aries (give or take a degree) and rejuvenates the grand trine energy it is now part of.

That will be in April next year as transiting Neptune in Pisces opposes US natal Neptune in Virgo, and as well trans. Neptune will T-square Trump’s Sun and the US natal Mars in Gemini. Perhaps it will be in the form of a CIA report or maybe a tell-all book or both, but we will better understand why all this had to happen now and not later.

As Liz Greene says “Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes”, and “no outer event is devoid of meaning . . .”

It feels like we’re a Russian puppet state.
Chris, a Republican veteran
Republican Voters Against Trump


Re: Secession Discussion… shows how much I know about it as I have difficulty spelling the word every time.

Fascinating though. The history of secession seems so buried in the Law and in Canada’s case, the contrast between England and France. I remember my amazement when i discovered many years ago, that Quebec exists within Canada with a totally separate legal system based on French Civil code while the rest of us operate under English Common-law. And they are fundamentally very different.

I also remember being proud of my country because of this. How we managed to resolve our differences and co-exist. But lo…..not so.

I am also old enough to remember clearly the last time Quebec voted to secede and how it caught Cretian and the rest of his cronies by surprise with the large Yes vote. It was a wakeup call.

Robert Hand, Astrologer states in his book Planets in Transit that our outer world manifests based on our intentions, mapped in our natal charts, and the bumps we meet in life which seem to happen to us, are merely our intentions oppressed by our belief system. In other words, we create our destiny/reality, rather than it actually happening to us.

Parizeau also had to have his leg amputated during this turbulent time, and I often pondered if that wasn’t his own inner angst manifesting physically.

The practical workings of secession are a mystery to me. How would all the pedestrian stuff unfold? What about the financial. Sure you don’t have to pay taxes to the Feds, but then they provide services such as health, welfare, military, transportation, etc.

California is a very wealthy state, the wealthiest I believe or at least it use to be. But Quebec….is it financially able to stand alone? ( Again, I harken back to Parizeau and the loss of his leg unable to stand on his own!) This just shows you how much the average Canadian (c’est moi) does not understand about Quebec secession. This will be a very interesting process to watch unfold. I sincerely enjoy reading about it in this blog.

p.s. for our American neighbours….Jacques Parizeau was premier of Quebec during its vote to secede.


“Those who track the outer planets’ influence on their personal planets know that when transiting Uranus hits a key point, everything seems to happen at once. Uranus has an electrical quality about it; things happen suddenly and unexpectedly. And if it’s making challenging aspects, one can feel like every possible thing that could go wrong is all happening now.”


Time will tell if there is an American secession or a Canadian secession but the first steps involve Constitutional re-writes. I remember reading here some years ago about a possible American Constitutional Convention during our Pluto return. I’m also remembering reading a article by a Russian astrologer who predicted an American breakup during our Pluto return and now I’m remembering an Edgar Cayce prediction of California falling off the United States which could be symbolic for secession. Being a Californian I find it exciting to imagine.

Quintile, it wasn’t Parizeau who had his leg amputated because of a flesh-eating disease.. You’re confusing him with Bouchard, his successor and rival who did seem more daunted by the prospect of secession. The psychological analogy with only one leg to stand on is apt.

Still, many federalists in Quebec concede that Quebec could survive and prosper if it were independent. Parizeau said independence wouldn’t make us smarter, but we would be able to make our own choices and be entirely responsible for them for the first time. More later.

My bad Andre. It was a long time ago, and not sure why I thought it was Parizeau. I remember it being a very unsettling time for Canada and Quebec, not to mention poor Bouchard.

But standing alone is daunting and takes a great deal of strategy, planning, and some idea of what constitutes success. Otherwise Quebecers who are dragged into it, will cry foul unless you make it very clear ahead of time what your definition of secession means to every Quebec resident. Failure is not an option on a one-way path to independence.

You might be better off, taking incremental steps towards your goal and still keep the benefits of being part of the whole. Secession isn’t always the answer to declare you are separate. This can be done with more cultural distinction. Best of both worlds I say!

I notice how many ads Trump is running on MSNBC. The latest I just saw was a recreation of a 911 call when the police has been defunded and the recording saying sorry we cant come out since we are defunded, press 1 for rape, 2 for robbery etc, response time will be 5 days.

Absolutely ridiculous however there are many (not MSNBC viewers I am sure) who fall for this, and the phrase “defund” the police is not a good look, and boy is Trumps campaign trying to milk this and the destruction of statues, just fear and more fear.

And whilst Biden is giving some great speeches and speaking out against destruction of any but confederate statues, the MSM gives not a mention to this, I swear sometimes its almost as if they want Trump to win.

I’m exhausted, disgusted and worried

My late spiritual/intellectual mentor was privately an astrologer and publically a political science professor. As a Liberal & Progressive Democrat, for several decades he advised a number of politicians, all Texas Democrats “behind the scenes.” One of his major areas of expertise was comparative constitutional law and constitutional history. Under his direction, I read several nations constitutions, and studied many other things for not quite 30 years until his death in 2000.

He often said the worst thing that could happen in this context would be a modern constitutional convention. Why?

The American constitutional convention presided over by G. Washington was a very private, secretive event. There were no reporters, no lobbyists, no outside vested interests. That’s not to say there were no factions, for there certainly were, and compromises were made. But there were no highly financed or rigidly ideologized pacs to muddle up the words. Nor was there any debate as to the veracity of science.

In contrast, a modern constitutional convention would inevitably be more public, a process contaminated by too many vested interests, most of whom “do not” he said, “understand the difference between what belongs in a constitution vs what belongs in a body of common law.”

He had me compare the US Constitution to the constitutions of other nations. Most noticeable about our Am. Constitution is its brevity. It emphasizes what government cannot do, more so than what it shall do.

In contrast, I recall the Soviet constitution was extremely long, outlining magnanimously and
unrealistically what government shall do and shall provide, as opposed to limitations on government power.

My friend’s concern was too many would insist on placing what he called “too much nonsense” in a new constitution making it too long and “unwieldly.” Those were his “code words” for what he feared, especially from the religious right.

Although the Am. Constitution invokes the Almighty, (albeit in a Deist sense) it is essentially a secular document. It represents the triumph of secularists over the sort of theocrats who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony…and yes, many of that mindset were still about in 1789.

My professor friend was also a priest and bishop, but very concerned with the rise of the religious right. He strongly felt there should be no sacrifice, not one inch to those who would contaminate our secular constitution with their pet theological, and shallow misunderstandings. As examples, he cited the abortion issue, (he was pro-choice) and gender equality. He was very much opposed to those who espouse false historical notions about our so called “Christian” founders establishing a so called “Christian nation.” He wouldn’t want such people anywhere near a constitutional convention.

He felt, as do I, a more constructive approach would be to introduce a series of constitutional amendments, one at a time, and only as a body like the Bill of Rights, if there is obvious overwhelming support.

Our constitution is unique in its minimization of the abuses of majority rule. Furthermore,
social, educational, and developmental psychologists have provided work showing it is written at a higher level of ethical maturity than the average person can comprehend. Were we to conduct a constitutional convention today, I’m not convinced we’d have delegates with anything like the necessary wisdom to do a passable job. EVERYONE would want to be involved! We’d end up with a much inferior document to what we have today.

The worst case scenario would be the development of a civil war between those who support the old constitution, and those who endorse a new one. This was the essential issue which caused Texas and four other Mexican states to secede from Mexico under Santa Ana. (Texas was the only one to succeed in its efforts.)

IMHO, we need to clearly and constitutionally redefine corporations as NOT PEOPLE. We need proportional representation, a ratified ERA, and a number of other fixes to constitutional weaknesses Mr. T and the R’s have inadvertently exposed. The best way I think to accomplish these goals is through amendments, a process which I believe will surely come to pass, likely in the next decade.

Diana, I thought that was incongruous as well; all the Trump ads on MSNBC; bottom line is that money talks and MSNBC is in the business of selling ad space.

We are living in a world that is going through change by osmosis as well as by brute force. As long as the US Mercury opposes the US Pluto (forever) and transiting Pluto opposes US Mercury (over in 3 years) there is no reason to believe networks have scruples.

At least there is SOMETHING on MSNBC that Trump enjoys watching now. The rest of us just mute it or change channels or turn the day’am TV off. You found out Biden is speaking out about selective statue toppling, even though MSM doesn’t find it newsworthy, and people who care about that quality in a human (selective statue toppling) will find out too.

This will take time; this war over scruples and morality, and we must take a deep breath when we get exhausted, disgusted and worried, especially all that at one time, and remember to pace ourselves. Trump and his pals are going under and they fight dirty b/c their backs are against the wall. Well, they fight dirty all the time actually, but the majority of people see through him by now and won’t vote for him.

Just remember Trump is a catalyst for change; he is a tool to break through our group consciousness and some of us are really slow to learn. Even so, there will be enough of us who know what we value most, and he does not represent that.

Trump is barely hanging on to what little reality he ever had as the walls close in on him. We are winning and they (Trumpsters/bigots/the greedy) are not winning. In the end, values matter and the worse Trump behaves the more power he gives us. Hang in there Diana.

So true, your comments.
“Trump is a catalyst for change; he is a tool to break through our group consciousness…”
“Trump is barely hanging on to what little reality he ever had as the walls close in on him. We are winning and they (Trumpsters/bigots/the greedy) are not winning. In the end, values matter and the worse Trump behaves the more power he gives us.”

In recent times we’ve been more divided than any time since the civil war. But with all these various R organizations campaigning so effectively against Trump, and for Biden, I’m wondering if that’s about to change, or is already in process. I’m looking at the possibility we’ll soon be as united as we were in November of 1932, and during WWII.

Some here have suggested the election of 2024 will be like 1932, but with all that’s going on it appears to me that despite the obvious hate, fear, delusion, and crazy rhetoric, more and more are awakening to the recognition of our interdependence and spiritual oneness right now!

When I was an adolescent involved in the civil rights movement in the 60’s, I was one of just a very small handful of Whites amongst a very large number of Black folks. Today, the vast majority I see of those supporting, demonstrating, etc. BLM are White! The conscience of the majority has been activated!

Can our heightened humanitarianism be attributed to a “bleeding” kind of effect? Is the orb to our Pluto return, and Pluto entering Aquarius sufficiently close as to explain this?

Suddenly, the July 12th Mars – Chiron stations have become more comprehensible…….

The Explosive Tell-All Book By Trump’s Niece Is Coming Out Two Weeks Earlier Than Expected (March 14th)

July 7, 2020


To refresh the readers memory, here’s what’s going on July 12th – two days earlier. It’s the perfect astrological fit for Mr. Trump…..

Chiron, the wounded healer stations retrograde at 9 ’26 Aries at 5:09 pm the evening of the 11th. It forms a conjunction to Moon and Mars at 8/9 Aries in square to Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’52 Cancer). 11 hours later at 4:26 am the morning of the 12th – Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 Libra conjunct Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra). Both Mercury and Chiron stationing nearly simultaneously will activate Trump’s Mercury-Neptune square.

I thank you for your comments on changing the constitution. I could not agree more on using amendments rather than a rewrite.

Sorry. I copied and pasted two previous typos. Read instead: “Mercury stations direct at 5 ’30 CANCER SQUARE Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra)”

MARCH 22nd, 2020 The day of the Mars/Pluto conjunction happened to coincide on the same day as that of the full lockdown here in India that went into effect (the approximate time period other countries followed suit as well). Heather Ensworth explores the mystical meaning of the Mars-Pluto cycle beginning with the March 22nd Mars/Pluto conj and its culmination with the exact Mars-Pluto square in mid August and thereafter (Mars retrogrades in September forming another square later in December). She seems to feel this period marks a critical time of great spiritual transformation and physical upheaval……

Pluto Square Mars: Crisis In Action – Aug 2020-Jan 2021

Video 22 min 47 sec


There are two astrological milestones in August leading up to the mid August Pluto-Mars square period (the square is in exact t square to Trump’s Saturn) that’s worth mentioning. First, the August 4th Mars-Jupiter square (19 ’45 Aries-Capricorn). This square will activate the January 10th 2020 Lunar Eclipse (20 ‘ 00 Cancer) and the Jan 12th Saturn/Pluto conj (22 ’46 Capricorn). Second, on August 10th tr. Mercury conjoins Trump’s natal Sun (10 Leo) in square to a near stationary Uranus (10 Taurus). The exact Uranus retrograde station occurs on Aug 15th. One wonders whether some major news story will emerge in the news cycle that will force Trump from office. One can only hope.

Thank you Eliseo for your thoughtfulness re: a re-write or amendments process. Either way, an update is critical. A re-write is indeed a fraught process complete with complications and competing interests. I think back to the “sausage making” for the ACA and my head spins. The amendments process is no walk in the woods either. As a reminder, the ERA has not passed. The amendment process or a national re-write depends on states and regions so culturally and socially distinct, often defined in reaction to each other and with a great deal of distrust and animosity for each other that I believe it is impossible for any consensus on changes underscored by the tight grip of top 3 percent. So, for the sake of the future I believe California could and should move forward with a re-write as the first step. The re-write could use the original document as a blue-print but with all the necessary alterations necessary for a modern democracy. That could pave the way for a new US constitution or secession, and regarding secession I think its reasonable to expect support from red states who would love to have the freedom to pursue their future. The only other alternative I see is the libertarian idea of a greatly diminished federal govt and with it a diminished SCOTUS in favor of increased local rule and responsibility by states. We are way too different, so different that we cant even agree on reality! I realize I am only seeing our divisions as a moment in time and context and some day way in the future their could be more consensus. However, I’m also aware that these divisions have been building over much of last century and here we are, now. I think a divorce can be a very healthy thing.

PS Change that to “August 10th tr. Mercury conjoins Trump’s natal PLUTO (10 Leo).” I also noticed the August 3rd Full Moon at 11 Aquarius is in opposition to Trump’s Pluto and t square to tr. Uranus (10 Taurus).

Interesting Jerry, that trans. Mercury conjunct Trump’s Pluto will also conjunct the Sun at 10+ Leo in the Neptune-Pluto cycle chart, and is close enuf to the chart’s Mars/Chiron conjunction at 8+ Leo that sextiles the Neptune/Pluto conjunction at 8+ Gemini, that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

That sextile between Mars/Chiron at 8+ Leo and Neptune/Pluto at 8+ Gemini became a Yod with that chart’s Hybris (hubris) at 8+ Capricorn which opposes Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer. It was also where the 2 year cycle between Mars and Saturn started 2 years ago in April and ended this March, which I wrote about on July 2. Looks like the chickens are coming home to roost for the Trumpster.

From Grace Astrology:

“UPDATE: on P45, because a pattern that was hot in February is back for Round Two — and then some. On Feb 6th Pluto, planet of extremes, opposed his Saturn (authority; control). This is one of the most anguished patterns one can have, like getting the Queen of Spades in the card game, Old Maid — only with much heavier potential losses. The second Pluto-Saturn opposition is on July 12th. Without getting into each and every detail, patterns between now and the end of this month are ripe for sudden upsets; smoke and mirrors; continued surreal spin; confusion/delusion (two hits); diffusion of physical and mental energy — and still more extreme efforts to establish control. Areas affected: foreign affairs, publishing, court opinions, joint ventures/investments, inheritances, taxes, core family concerns.”

This might be the day Mary’s book is released.


Frank k,
I believe that inability you spoke of to agree on reality is temporary. The long range and derper effect of Trump, the pandemic, the bad economy, and climate change has reversed a decades long trend of political and cultural division and alienation.

The angry right wing voices remain loud, and seem louder than ever because they are the last gasps of a dying paradigm. The decades long and gradual authoritarian drift of the R party has culminated in Trump.

His role, as BarbK has so frequently pointed out is to be a deep “catalyst for change; he is a tool to break through our group consciousness…” And it really is happening!

What’s really amazing to me is the continuing
exponential growth of Republicans who’ve seen the light, left the party, and are, if I may use a religious metaphor, in a deep process of “repentance.” Every day there are more R’s and former R’s who post their YouTube videos reflecting their metanoia, their change of heart/mind. They are not necessarily adopting all Dem positions and beliefs, but are transforming sufficiently as to become more reasonable and compassionate. That trend is increasing and strengthening.

It may be difficult to see in some pockets of our nation and culture, but when we back up and see the process as a whole, it comes into focus for what it is. We don’t all have to have 100% agreement to get along, but there is a growing sense of general consensus. By the time of our Uranus return we will have been utterly transformed and bound together into a healthier and better union.

I like what you say Eliseo, about backing up and seeing the process as a whole. The Trump presidency has been a burlesque show and there are some who only understand what’s going on through this form of explaining things.

Our country, the United States of America, was born with the planet Neptune, symbol of theater, entertainment, the unreal. escapism and blurring the boundary lines between what’s real and what’s not real, and US Neptune is at the highest, most obvious part of its birth chart.

Neptune is also the symbol of dreams and a higher kind of love such as compassion and hope, and it can symbolize a vision of beauty and idealism that seems totally unrealistic to many.

Other people in the world may only know the USA as the place where movies come from; an art form meant to take you away from the real (Saturn) world of responsibilities for a brief period of time.

Whatever you think of Trump, you have to admit he has distracted you from focusing on what should be focused on. He has been a horror show for many of us, and for others he has seemingly provided a way out of their worst fears.

The show is almost over now and we will go back to the real Saturnian world; our perceptions of which have been badly shaken. Perhaps we think of it as a nightmare we’ve escaped from, or maybe we realize now that some dreams are so unrealistic that only getting back to solid ground will provide security.

As tiny children we want everything to go our way but have to learn, as we grow up, that we have to share with others. That is a difficult lesson and not everyone succeeds in mastering it. I think Donald Trump has made that blatantly clear. He has been part of the “growing up” lesson that the USA must learn as part of its Pluto Return.

Transpluto is just a hypothetical point for now and when the US was born it was at 3+ Aries, very near the IC (roots) of that birth chart, where transiting Mars was the day before the recent US Solar Return. Transpluto symbolizes a process of becoming whole, all the various parts integrated, or as Eliseo suggests a “general consensus” among those parts.

The natal US Transpluto (becoming whole) squares the natal US Venus (values) which is trine the US progressed Saturn (stability) which is quincunx (must adjust) the US natal Transpluto.

We’re working on it.

I’ve also noted that Neptune placement and agree with you as to its meaning.

RE: Trump.
“He has been part of the “growing up” lesson that the USA must learn as part of its Pluto Return.” I believe this too. Most folks on this blog righteosly supported Hillary, but had she become president I don’t think we would be experiencing our ongoing awakening. It took an addled, supremely incompetent, racist, bigoted, fascistic, narcissistic crook in the oval office to shake us out of our delusions.

George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe,” and many are dying due to lack of breath. But I believe by the time this dark process is done we’ll all be far more comfortable with our conscience, and breathing more easily and freely.

How interesting that George Floyd’s murder sparked such a powerful movement, and he died saying he couldn’t breathe, unable to breathe, while we’re suffering through a worldwide pandemic that leaves people suffocating from lack of oxygen, unable to breathe.

just an FYI – S-stirrer, dirty Nigel Farage, of Brexit fame and one of Donny’s best buds, is reaching his grubby fingers even to NZ to sow untruthful discontent for our sept election – far right fingerprints all over it.

Is Nigel F. presently in NZ?
Can he legally be kept out?

I believe that Biden should decline to debate, but here is what Thomas Friedman thinks:

“I worry about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump. He should do it only under two conditions. Otherwise, he’s giving Trump unfair advantages.

First, Biden should declare that he will take part in a debate only if Trump releases his tax returns for 2016 through 2018. Biden has already done so, and they are on his website. Trump must, too. No more gifting Trump something he can attack while hiding his own questionable finances.

And second, Biden should insist that a real-time fact-checking team approved by both candidates be hired by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates — and that 10 minutes before the scheduled conclusion of the debate this team report on any misleading statements, phony numbers or outright lies either candidate had uttered. That way no one in that massive television audience can go away easily misled.”


Quintile, what you suggest is indeed the wiser course.

Eliseo, as you well know there are other countries with different constitutions that have managed to be free, democratic and prosperous and much more socially compassionate and fair than the US. While the American written constitution is a wonderful thing, the US has the highest proportion of prisoners in the world, a declining life expectancy, a terrible and rising opioid crisis, a high death rate for mothers giving birth, no health insurance for all, the highest military budget and great and increasing inequality. The best constitution cannot cure these social problems. Solutions must be found elsewhere. And not everyone would choose to live under the US Constitution, even with amendments, if such problems are not addressed. As a former constitutional lawyer, I am acutely aware of the limitations of constitutions. At best, they ensure freedom. But it is often the freedom to make mistakes and to do wrong.

Trump’s probable learning disability, his BS degree in finance from U.Penn’s Wharton School of Business, Mary Trump’s claim DJT paid Joe Shapiro to take his SAT exam, and his older sister did his homework.

“Wharton has not commented on the claims, but UPenn has instituted a policy of revoking college degrees if a graduate is found to have falsified records or cheated on an exam.”


I’m wondering if Wharton will revoke his degree.

“The best constitution cannot cure these social problems. Solutions must be found elsewhere.”

I agree. Many if not most of the legal reforms we need will have nothing to do with our Constitution.

Ja, thank you, I agree with you but with those 2 conditions i can surely get on board because one of the reasons I think its a bad idea is that Trump is such a liar and whatever he says will have been said even if its fact checked the next day and not a lot of people read the fact checks so the damage will have been done. But real time fact checking sound like a possible way to mitigate his barrage of lies.

Thank you Eliseo. So for probably decades now I’ve heard about the last gasp of toxic patriarchy and many other social, political and economic ill. Ive also been hearing for decades about a shift in consciousness. And, he we are. That said, I do believe we are in a shift and that we are crossing the threshold into the Aquarian Age. That doesn’t discount the very real problem in the country of disproportionate representation by rural red states to delay and obstruct the will of more populous blue states. I don’t think we have 20 years or so it takes for a possible shift to allow to continue diddling around with obstructionists. There is a chance we may flip the Senate and have all 3 branches, and then we would have to pull out all the stops and legislate boldly and wisely.

“There is a chance we may flip the Senate and have all 3 branches, and then we would have to pull out all the stops and legislate boldly and wisely.”

I have a pretty good feeling that is what will happen.

Also agreed about a new Constitutional Convention, Eliseo. I think it would be a free-for-all and we might not come out much better for it.

At the very least, I’d prefer to wait until Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius for good, late in 2024. Big national and multi-national corporations, Wall Street, banking/finance, social and political Conservative ideologues, and 1%er elites (Koch, Adelson, Murdoch, etc.) as Capricorn/Saturn-entities will be very much reduced in stature and influence by then–much as the churches and religion got knocked down quite a few pegs once Pluto departed Sagittarius for Capricorn in 2008. I fully expect that we’ll see a lot of these aging, grumpy old Saturn men kick the bucket in 2023/24 as the Pluto in Capricorn vibe dissipates into Aquarius, and they are no longer propped-up and supported, and perhaps even directly challenged and thrown out of their positions and trappings of influence. This could come about a lot of ways, not the least of them being a restoration of the upper-bracket tax rates, or a severe economic collapse that decimates their fortunes.

Among other things, Pluto in Aquarius from 2023 onward should see the rise to prominence of humanists and humanitarians, social groups as well as individuals with more of an Aquarian/Uranian vibe. People with radical and revolutionary new ideas that may be completely off-the-wall, original, and contrary to what we expect and are familiar with, will quickly rise to prominence, as if out of the blue. I think we’ll also see much greater respect for “knowledge workers”–scientists, doctors, academic researchers–and also those in “futuristic” professions like space exploration and cutting-edge technologies like robotics, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.

There should also be a general “leveling” of society in which the better part of us find ourselves on a relatively flat playing field, as opposed to the “mountains of valleys” of opportunity, or lack thereof, which have been one of the key hallmarks of the Pluto in Capricorn era. Again, this could come about through new impositions on the rich and wealthy, or an economic crash that would have a similar leveling effect. I think we’ll see more “grass-roots” alternatives to big centralized corporations take off, like co-ops for example. Think local, publicly-owned grocery stores and credit unions.

Once COVID passes, I think we will also see such things as communes and public mass transit make a comeback. If you think about it, mass-suburbia and the automobile really took off during the individualist Pluto in Leo era. With Pluto perfecting its opposition, the “me” generation and its legacy will be challenged by the energy signature of the soon to be born “we” generation. Suburbia might not die off entirely, but we may see some of those McMansions and their cul-de-sacs becoming communes for various groups of people who couldn’t afford to live in one as things are now.

Also, Aquarius/Uranian energy, I should caution, doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re in for a new progressive era. There are plenty of Aquarians walking around, like Dick Cheney, who are very right-wing, reactionary types. Or are just pure nutjobs like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

At the same time, the overall zeitgeist will be an odd mix of collectivism and libertarianism, in contrast to the authoritarianism and centralization of the Pluto in Capricorn era.

Maybe a reformed United States grants greater autonomy to state and even local/metropolitan governments? For certain, something will have to shift in our relationship with power and government in this country.

You make good sense. All you wrote, 100%!
(You do that pretty consistently.)

“At the very least, I’d prefer to wait until Pluto
leaves Capricorn for Aquarius for good, late in 2024.”

I have a very strong feeling there will be events and circumstances we cannot possibly anticipate accompanied by dramatic and sudden shifts of opinion, possibly developed from startling new discoveries and information. Artificial intelligence? Robotic avatars? Developments in biology, genetics, longevity? Who knows?

Ralfee Finn today:

“Our mad King George—Mr. Trump—has done an excellent job of fomenting revolution by catalyzing people into an awareness of how dire things are for so many. COVID-19 exposed and continues to expose Mr. Trump’s cruelty, but now in light of the danger we are in from a virus we can’t control, in part because of his inability to grasp the seriousness of the crisis, his cruelty is impossible to ignore or deny. It’s up to each of us to counter his cruelty and conceit with positive actions intended to put our country and our planet back on course through personal and collective transformational work.”


Eliseo, re Farage – media ginned up diatriabe made it seem as if he was which is why it was such an obvious fake to anyone with a brain.

Borders are closed to all but nzers or specially granted employment exemptions (eg avatar & 5 other movie/tv series crews)and everyone entering has to stay at quarantine facility for 2wks, minimum, and remain there until negative covid test obtained, no exceptions. If they refuse a test, they cant leave for 4wks.

There are so many NZ passport holders trying to return they’ve just suspended flights for at least a couple of weeks because the isolation logistics are now pretty much at capacity – about 6500 quarantine beds available – around 27K total have returned since the end of march. We’re back up to 22 active cases caught in quarantine – currently most from india or usa. Its been around 2mths since we had any community transmission. A couple of morons escaped the quarantine fence this week- were caught by cops, and will be prosecuted and fined under the health act amendment! up to $4K and/or 6mth prison – they’re not messing around thank goodness! Strict lockdown adherance is why we now have total in-country freedom! Such an inconvenience for those that the covid positive bozo came into contact with, as they themselves have to now isolate. grocery store was closed and sanitized, customers and staff notified, cops stood down from active duty for incubation period. A higher, more secure fence has now been installed.

Apparently immigration inquiries from usa were up 65% in May (80Kpeople) – but everything is on hold for the foreseeable future. If this NZer influx keeps up, housing may become a problem – an estimated 1mil kiwis live abroad.

Andre, I think the introduction of the for-profit motive helped swell prison numbers after some bright spark decided privatized prisons was the way to their bright future. “Cash crop” capitalism based on people – sadly some people’s mindsets are still stuck there.

Thank You for your report. I always like hearing about what is going on in NZ. In the early 70’s I seriously considered emigrating there.


I’m loving the conversation about Constitutional changes, whether re-writes or amendments, and about secession. Thank you BuckeyeShadow, I’m really taking to heart what you said about delaying until Pluto’s AQ ingress. Especially this; “ At the same time, the overall zeitgeist will be an odd mix of collectivism and libertarianism, in contrast to the authoritarianism and centralization of the Pluto in Capricorn era.”. That new zeitgeist will set the tone for a new era and will follow on the heals of the winter solstice Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at 0degrees AQ and the USA’s Pluto return. I think one of the most fundamental transformations will be the shift away from a fossil fuel based economy and with that many of the plutocrats will tumble, and with that shift would be a global realignment away from the power of big international oil. Another huge transformation will occur due to climate related catastrophes and with it massive population relocations, economic carnage, and likely more pandemics as the planet heats up. Hell, we may not even need a constitutional convention because in 5-10 years the world and who we are will be very different.

What are the yods that tomorrow we will hear the Supreme Court decisions on the Trump tax return cases?

I think yes we will. The Moon at 10+ Pisces (10 AM) sextiles Uranus at 10+ Taurus and they both quincunx transiting Juno (partner) at 10+ Libra which is forced to adjust. Transiting Juno opposes transiting Chiron at 9+ Aries making a Boomerang where all that energy winds up. Transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Chiron on July 14 at 9+ Aries.

Also, transiting Uranus in Taurus will square Trump’s Pluto ($$) at 10+ Leo (+ the Sun – symbol of consciousness – in the Neptune/Pluto cycle chart which was conjunct US natal Uranus).

Tomorrow’s Venus ($$) at 8+ Gemini conjuncts US natal Uranus (surprise breakthrough). Tomorrow’s Mercury IS retrograde, but at 5+ Cancer, it is conjunct US natal Jupiter (understanding) and square Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra.

Hi Barbk,

Yes. It’s official. CNN just made the announcement. The Supreme Court is expected ro render its decision on Trump’s taxes tomorrow morning. They are scheduled to convene at 10 am. I took the liberty of drawing up the chart. Here it is….. https://tinyurl.com/y8rbqxk4

What is most obvious to me is the close Mars – Mercury square (5 Cancer – 6 Aries) that as you pointed out will be impacting Trump’s natal Neptune (5 Libra).

Here’s what’s at stake…..

The Supreme Court Case That Could Destroy the Balance of Powers

The Atlantic
May 11, 2020

By accepting Trump’s argument for keeping his finances secret, the Court could strip Congress of its ability to hold this, or any, president to account.



“At the same time, the overall zeitgeist will be an odd mix of collectivism and libertarianism,”
WOW! That matches my long held Leftward Libertarian politics precisely! May I live so long to see this!

“Hell, we may not even need a constitutional convention because in 5-10 years the world and who we are will be very different.”
YES! This is what I’ve long foreseen.

“Another huge transformation will occur due to climate related catastrophes and with it massive population relocations, economic carnage, and likely more pandemics as the planet heats up.”

They said I was crazy, when in the 80’s I said the same thing. I’ve maintained this would be coming in the 2020’s for a very long time. I’m gratified others are finally seeing it, and not just on this blog. It’s been VERY frustrating. Maybe I’ve been too attached to the result of my assertions. Perhaps I should have taken the message of the Bhagavat-Gita more seriously.

“A couple of morons escaped the quarantine fence this week- were caught by cops, and will be prosecuted and fined under the health act amendment!”

As I’m sure you know, we have our share of morons here too. The virus doesn’t discriminate. It kills sensible people as well as those who prefer a slower brain style. Nevertheless, it sometimes feels like a cosmic eugenics program designed to weed out low IQ’s and those who are emotionally unintelligent.

Thanks Jerry, reading the Atlantic piece really helps to get a better understanding of the situation.

Another thing about tomorrow’s astrology is the return of transiting Jupiter (justice) to 22+ Capricorn in a retrograde direction. This is the degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that started their new cycle this past January, along with multiple other new cycle starts.

This 22+ Capricorn, where trans. Jupiter will be, is ALSO in a grand trine with the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree of 22+ Taurus and the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

I believe it is the US Neptune in a grand trine with the (2000) Jupiter-Saturn cycle start and the (2020) Saturn-Pluto cycle start that is the primary energy (strength) propelling the US toward transformation, along with the US Pluto Return; a project that is definitely not a “once and done” event.

Rather, it is overlapping cycles that will allow the country to perfect the Constitution, dig out the corruption in government, clarify what the branches of government are responsible for, and other things too numerous to confine to just one event or one comment for that matter.

I believe it is this way to allow the citizens and the government to adapt to new change (and new rules) gradually, by doing it in stair-steps rather than in one fell swoop. It would seem to be the US natal Neptune that controls the pace of this process. (Note that trans. Neptune opposing US Neptune will be turning the grand trine into a Kite pattern, with US Neptune the focal point.)

With tomorrow’s transiting retrograde Jupiter in an exact conjunction to the Saturn-Pluto cycle (and the Jupiter-Pluto cycle) start point and exactly trine US Neptune and exactly trine the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, this Supreme Court decision re: Trump taxes, etc., is the 1st baby step up a steep climb.

Rome was not built in a day.

Frank: I agree with you completely. I said the exact same thing not long ago. Secession will seem like a self-indulgent pastime, as the world morphs, or more like quantum leaps into the true “new world order”. It will be a time where we need each other even more. Aquarius is the sign of the collective. The more we support each other and work toward mutual survival, the better chance we will have to avoid the worst of what is to come. Peace, love, …..blah blah.

As an Aquarian who’s been saying since the ’60’s what I’ve read here tonight… I only hope I’ve still enough life left in this old body to experience it. My whole life I’ve felt I was living in the wrong time. My ideas were pooh-poohed, only to see similar ideas come to fruition for someone else years down the road. A decade before the Internet was overtaken by consumerism and ads, a head-hunter asked what my perfect job would be. Told him I wanted to design web sites for companies. He laughed at the sheer preposterousness of the idea! That -is- one way I did manage to let my creativity come out, tho… thank goodness for computers! Gave me a decent career. But the idea of working in space, e.g., all the ideas that aren’t even dreamed up yet, let alone all the new places to work and people to meet… the cultures to grok… in this one way, I do wish I were 40 years younger!

James Carville on MSNBC tonight says: “No question Democrats will take the Senate. The Senate is gone. The question is whether they will have 54 or 58 seats.”


From the Atlantic piece on the SCOTUS decision tomorrow:

“Further boxing Roberts in is the fact that every single lower court to have heard one of these cases has so far ruled against the president.”

We can only hope that he and the other conservatives will tilt the scales of justice against the Dybbuk -in-Chief

“As an Aquarian who’s been saying since the ’60’s what I’ve read here tonight… I only hope I’ve still enough life left in this old body to experience it. My whole life I’ve felt I was living in the wrong time. My ideas were pooh-poohed, only to see similar ideas come to fruition for someone else years down the road.”
Me Too! But you already knew that. Well. I’m not an Aquarian, but I do have Uranus in my first house. So many things I’ve advocated decades ago, finally coming to pass. Hopefully, more to come.

Please take care of yourself, dear friend. We need to live long enough to see the fruition of our ideas.

Jerry (thanks for the link) & Barbk: re. the Supremes/Trump, I did a quick tri-level chart on Trump for tomorrow and there is something not quite right with it, imo. Trump’s progressed Ascendant is at 29 Libra 39′, which does indicate a change going into Scorpio – it is closely square Ceres in Aquarius on the 4th house cusp, retrograde. Also, Trump’s progressed Venus in Libra is almost exactly conjunct progressed Chiron in the 12th house. While this progressed chart has several trines, it also has a square from Uranus in Gemini to the Moon in Virgo and semisquares from Venus to Sun (Venus rules the open enemies of the progressed 7th house).

It may be that there is some kind of hitch in this ruling that can’t be resolved until later.

The other thing is that Trump’s natal Neptune at 5Libra51Rx is opposed by transiting Mars (Neptune rules his natal 7th house of open enemies). Also, transiting Saturn at 29Cap28Rx on the cusp of the natal 6th house is square the progressed Ascendant.

I’m not clear on this because on the one hand it seems to be the end of a long process and the Supreme Court doesn’t fool around usually, but on the other hand those retrogrades along with late degrees seem unclear. And there’s a pile of stuff happening in the secretive progressed 12th house. Maybe this won’t be the end of Trump’s tax story? Just my guess that something isn’t quite right….been wrong before, but we’ll see what’s up soon enough.

Forgot to note that transiting Jupiter at 22 Cap 57Rx (another Rx) is only 1 minute off an exact inconjunct (150) to Trump’s natal Sun in the 10th house at 22 Gemini 56. So, Jupiter (relief, winning etc.) is going to hit Trump’s Sun exactly, but since it’s retrograde, Jupiter is going to go back and will have to do it again, to finish the job. Transiting Pallas is also Rx, and right behind Jupiter.

Doesn’t seem much like the job is finished on tomorrow’s basis, but I can’t imagine what the Supremes could do to delay the result as there is no appeal. It would have to be something the Supremes, themselves, are not ready to finish yet?

Because of progressed Venus/Chiron in Trump’s 12th and CeresRx at the 4th (which should be the end?), and the progressed cusp of the 9th (higher court) is at 0 Cancer 12′ (early?), could it have something to do with a female member of the court raising a new point that must be dealt with???? Guessing is so unsatisfactory!

Beowulfie, no doubt you are right about it not being “the end of Trump’s tax story” what with 5 major planets (out of a possible 8) in retrograde today, but possibly a “giant leap for mankind” kind of step forward; or even a baby step forward would be rewarding.

I see the transiting Uranus, one of the 3 planets NOT retrograde now, is square Trump’s natal Pluto and both planets symbolize unconscious activity in mortals but are the movers and shakers of mankind.

On a level beyond the personal, Trump symbolizes a force of society that is coming to an end. He is a grotesque and exaggerated example of the patriarchal age, and that makes him all the better to dramatize its flaws.

With trans. Uranus, which symbolizes a breakthrough of startling proportion, Trump’s Pluto (ruthless power) is being challenged in no uncertain terms. Trump himself is a symbol and Humanity (symbolized by the People of the US in this case) is rejecting what he symbolizes.

Today at 10 AM EST, the Moon (symbol of the People) will sextile transiting Uranus at the same time she is quincunx Trump’s Pluto and Uranus is square his Pluto. It is a step forward against abusive power. There will be many more. We are making history.

Maybe the tax ruling ‘hiccup’ is as simple as lawmakers will get access to records, but the general public will have to wait quite some time before any details are released broadly.

A mixed result from SCOTUS, essentially a postponement.

President Trump cannot keep tax, financial records from prosecutors
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President Donald Trump cannot keep his tax returns and financial records away from a New York City prosecutor pursuing possible hush-money payments during the 2016 White House race.

At the same time, the court temporarily blocked congressional investigators from gaining access to many of the same records. It sent the effort by House Democrats back to a lower court for further review of the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

Entire story at:


An alternative source on same story.


Supreme Court rules against Trump on tax records but grants him temporary relief

(CNN)The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked House Democrats from accessing President Donald Trump’s financial records, but ruled that the President is not immune from a subpoena for his financial documents from a New York prosecutor.

The cases were sent back to lower courts for further review, all but ensuring that Trump’s financial documents, which he has long sought to protect, will not be handed over before the November presidential election.

Can’t wait for our next President.

The new policy recommendations for Joseph R. Biden Jr., crafted jointly by allies of Mr. Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, are the clearest sign yet that the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic Party are trying to unite far more than they did in 2016.

But the ideas put forth on Wednesday are also indications that progressives succeeded in pushing some proposals leftward, influencing Mr. Biden’s policy platform as he prepares to accept his party’s nomination for president next month.


Jacksonville attorneys sue to block Republican National Convention


Biden is on fire in Dunmore, PA right now.

I’m wondering If there will be any conventions?

Beowulfie, you were quite right on the Supreme Court tax decision today. Not yet done, indeed. It has to go back to a lower court. Impressive.

We did not get everything we want but at least a Roberts court is not as partisan as we thought it would be after Citizens’ Untd and a few other decisions (the protection of African American voters rights was also a big one). These were very destructive to our democracy but maybe Roberts needed to have a learning curve. I believe that, as an Aquarius, moon in Pisces, mercury in Aquarius (similar to myself), he has much higher emotional intelligence and a stronger humanitarian bent than the other conservatives and he will not compromise his beliefs. Gorsuch and, even Kavanagh, are also not as partisan as expected.

Biden’s new economic agenda was influenced by Elizabeth Warren, a clear sign imho she will be VP.


It was 11 years ago when transiting Jupiter was conjunct transiting Neptune and it is fascinating to watch this cycle go through it’s phases. Today they were sextile (within a 2 degree orb) that was exact on Feb. 20 when they were moving direct, and they will exact it again on July 27 while both are retrograde.

Feb. 20 was the day after the Democrat Debate in Las Vegas and we weren’t even talking about Covid-19 yet. Warren and others were still in the running to be the Dem candidate for President. All that was coming to an end.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune (the old and the new rulers of Pisces) in 2009 was intriguing for 2 reasons; 1) transiting Chiron was also conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune, and 2) they were conjunct the US natal Moon and Pallas in Aquarius.

The cycle of Jupiter and Neptune therefore has been and is going to continue to have a direct effect on us (we the people = US Moon) and their cycle will carry a healing/wounding vibe (Chiron) that will also effect us.

Perhaps with both being the rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune aspects will relate to endings (Pisces is the last sign) in some way; a last hurrah of some kind.

So, today as trans. Jupiter and Neptune move retrograde to their next exact sextile in 18 days or so, we might expect events that relate to endings that will have a healing effect.

Like today for instance, Trump was halted by the Supremes from believing he was above the law, and we learned that the Constitution still has teeth, which, for me, was a very healing moment. It was another nail in Trump’s coffin, i.e. the end is coming.

PS: In October they will sextile a 3rd time, and Mars will be involved!

Barbk, agreed – October is more like it – with Mars. Though any soft aspect, such as a sextile, seems to wind up as an advantage to Trump somehow, an easier ride at least. Here’s hoping all the events that will have accumulated by the end of October, including Covid, will add up to enough to “cut DT off” from the presidency for good.

In ‘Buy American’ Speech, Biden Challenges Trump on the Economy
Joseph R. Biden Jr. laid out a populist economic vision with the tagline “Build Back Better,” part of an effort to confront President Trump on his strongest issue in polling.

“In a speech in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden lacerated Mr. Trump for a bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic that has deepened the economic crisis and a misplaced focus on the stock market, while framing his own economic agenda around a new campaign tagline, “Build Back Better.”

In some ways, Mr. Biden was seizing the “Buy American” message from Mr. Trump himself, who campaigned on an “America First” agenda in 2016 and wrote on Twitter on his Inauguration Day that “Buy American” and “Hire American” were “two simple rules” that would guide his administration.

Mr. Biden said his plans would leverage trade, tax and investment policy to spur domestic innovation, reduce the reliance on foreign manufacturing and create five million additional American manufacturing and innovation jobs.”


More on Tammy from Tammy and a comment from the nyt’s:

“The minute people started to talk about Tammy Duckworth being a candidate for Biden’s Vice President, Carlson and Trump went into high gear. They had to find some way to try and discredit her even before Biden had made his choice.

Duckworth shows in this piece what a formidable opponent she would be. Attacking a parapalegic hero with a Purple Heart,and an Asian-American as well is a formula for disaster for Trump, so try and paint her as unpatriotic.

It won’t work. Duckworth is a great American. Trump and Carlson only cheapen themselves with this kind of disgusting attack. And she is absolutely correct about Trump trying to create yet another distraction from his disastrous failures as president.

I don’t know if Biden will pick Duckworth, but I believe her chances have just improved. Not what Carlson and Trump expected.”


Can the man catch an even break?
Trump’s New Hampshire rally which was scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed because of Tropical Storm Fay. Somehow, I expect that kind of trend will continue for him.

In her new book, Mary Trump, PhD. describes her uncle as suffering from a learning disability. A brighter man would have transferred his wealth to Swiss banks by now,
announced he will not run for reelection, and made secret plans to escape to a country with a non-extradition treaty with the US.
Maybe Trump hasn’t, and won’t do this because,
(A) He’s too delusional, too out of touch with reality?
(B) His learning disability is getting in the way, preventing him from more rational choices?

Just speculating.

ja, I’m sure Tammy is threatening to Trump since her natal Neptune in Scorpio squares his natal ascendant in Leo, and her Neptune is in a T-square with her own natal Venus in Aquarius (conjunct US Moon-Pallas) and natal Jupiter in Leo (conjunct Trump’s ascendant/Mars).

Her power, I’m guessing, is symbolized by her natal Pluto conjunct the US natal Neptune in Virgo, a hero to her countrymen. Transiting Neptune is approaching her Sun (22+ Pisces) that opposes her Pluto and the US Neptune in Virgo so naturally, she will draw conflict, especially from those who fear her popularity and heroism.

Biden is surrounded by a plethora of strong, intelligent women, all of whom would make a good choice for VP, each appealing to some segment of US voters. I don’t envy him in having to make a choice between them.

However, Tammy’s natal Neptune in Scorpio (trine her Pisces Sun and trans. Neptune!) conjuncts Biden’s Scorpio Sun-Venus-Mercury AND this makes a grand trine with the US natal Mercury (+ Trump’s Saturn-Venus) in Cancer, a formidable source of energy that could sway a lot of votes.

Eliseo, re. your comment (assuming it’s yours, as I haven’t read the Mary Trump book, yet…) –

(A) He’s too delusional, too out of touch with reality?
(B) His learning disability is getting in the way, preventing him from more rational choices?

That is true, but on the other hand it is extremely unwise to conclude that DT is anything other than a #1 viper.

I worked for a man once who used every angle possible to get ahead in a system that had lots of rules and regulations to prevent unprincipled people from rising to positions of power. He didn’t hesitate to take advantage of employees who were willing to write exams for him, or dishonest customers who wanted to use the institution for personal advantage. It was shocking, really, how many people were perfectly fine with helping him along. His delusions and learning disability never got in his way. He rose like a cork on the water, though his ease with shady people did get in the way with the more straight laced types, so he never got to the very top. Still, he did just fine.

I would not put it past someone as driven and power hungry as DT to pull every dirty trick possible, with help from his many friends. That’s how it has worked for him thus far and why should it not work now?

Vipers are constitutionally incapable of trust – they don’t trust – period. DT will use anybody, like a true sociopath. His disabilities may be real, but they are no comfort to voters whatsoever. However, events can and do overpower anyone in time.

And that’s about the saddest statement a person can make – the US, without the help of God and a virus, is completely unable to control one man and his party of vipers. DT’s destiny awaits him on Nov. 3 (+ a bit of time to sort out the election results). He’s old, he’s sick, and Covid will defeat him.

Eliseo, I’m not familiar with a learning disability that handicaps rational thinking but I’m no expert. I do think that it would explain his inability to read and concentrate on anything of length or complexity. He has a very low tolerance for anything that goes against what he wants to believe, which could explain BountyGate.

BarbK, thanks for Duckworth’s Astro analysis!! Once the challenges of hard aspects between Pluto and Sun are integrated they lend power and fortitude and a very strong will. She was never really on my radar before. I’m feeling proud of the caliber of so many of the Democrats who have shown us through the impeachment hearings, the debates and now, Covid.

Beowulfie & Frank,
I never assumed he wasn’t a sociopath, in colloquial terms just plain evil. I was merely speculating, as it seems to me a smarter sociopath would probably behave differently. I note he’s not behaving in his own interest. He reminds me of Charles I. Although, IMHO King Charles was in much better psychological shape than DJT.

Sociopathy, narcissistic personality disorder, learning disabilities, delusions, etc. are not mutually exclusive.

Further to above, I should add I don’t think DT, himself, will pass away as a result of Covid. He looks to be ok to carry on for some years past his one-term presidency.

It’s Covid, the disease, that is becoming so overwhelming, and the continuing threat is so dire, that DT’s presidency cannot survive it. Given normal times, after seeing what all has gone on in politics, it would be highly likely that DT would be re-elected. The times are troubling, very troubling, not only in the USA.


I don’t care if Trump lives for another 15 years. But every one of those years ought to be hard-earned within the confines of federal prison.

Frank, Eliseo, et al.

I recall one of the reliable psychics saying, a bit ago, that DJT suffered physical abuse, by his father, at a pre-verbal age. What he is displaying sounds more and more like the brain trauma patients I worked with.

* might have been Wimsey Anderson.

Wow Emma, if that’s the case, who do we put the blame on for all the bad stuff that’s been happening? The health care system? The government? God?

Maybe Destiny is to blame. Maybe Ignorance. The point is that Life is a learning experience and we have had a 3, soon to be a 4 year learning experience, and, the bottom line is that we are better off now than we were 5 years ago when we were still ignorant as hell.

Maybe we were being prepared for our country’s Pluto Return, a pre-Pluto prep period that would wake us up enough to keep the experiment (these United States) going for another 248 years.

Maybe it’s because of this Trump experience that we and the generations that will follow will not go down in world history as one of the biggest human failed experiences ever attempted. Maybe we need a statue of Donald Trump in every major city.

Nah, too soon for that.

I too have worked with brain trauma patients. I recall you have my email address. Please email me. I’ll contact you likewise after I receive yours.

Marjorie Orr:


This comment following Marjorie Orr’s post on Trump today (see immediately above) is important:

“It wasn’t a pardon but a commutation of the sentence, which is even worse. According to historian Heather Cox Richardson, “A presidential pardon takes away a person’s right to stay silent in court under the right established by the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution not to self-incriminate. It does so because there is no need to worry about conviction: you’ve been pardoned. A commutation does not take away that right, so Stone now cannot be compelled to testify.” It’s a way to continue to keep Stone silent on Trump’s crimes that Stone is covering up.”

Trump now expects to lose and he is covering up his tracks. Stone is probably the only one who could prove collusion with the Russians in 2016. That is the only reason for this pardon. Trump may also pardon members of his family and himself before he leaves. A pardon of himself may not stand in the Supreme Court. And he can only pardon for federal crimes. He can’t shield himself from prosecution from New York State over his tax returns. He will end up like Al Capone, in jail for tax fraud while his other crimes remain unproven but unforgiven. May he also die in jail like Capone. The election won’t turn on this; it will turn on his handling of the pandemic, his opposition to health care and the collapse of the economy. As for Stone, he will be forever shunned and ostracized, except by fanatics, until the day he dies. Perhaps a future AG will find a way to get to him.

All this is Mars in Aries in action speeding up the culmination of Trump’s misrule. Mars has barely begun. This will go on until the December 23 eclipse on Trump’s Moon in opposition to his Sun.

Jerry! It’s just minutes from now that Chiron stations retrograde and I am breathless with anticipation until tomorrow morning’s Mercury station direct. Let the fireworks begin.

PS: transiting Typhon (think typhoon) is at 9+ Scorpio opposite transiting Uranus at 10+ Taurus, so, the sextile between Chiron (+ Mars + Moon) in Aries and Venus in Gemini (+ US Uranus) along with transiting Uranus opposite Typhon equates to a Boomerang and what a boom is going to land on Uranus. Surprise!

The question is what did his legal advisers know or suspect when they advised him to commute the sentence, as opposed to granting a pardon.. I’m not sure DJT would know the difference on his own.

You posited the notion Stone might be the only one who can prove Russian collusion. Maybe, but maybe there are others. The 2nd question arises, what might he do to or for them?

“May he also die in jail like Capone.”
Yes, hopefully, but as far away as possible from reporters, followers, etc. I wouldn’t want to see him do a Napoleon, i.e. escape from exile and start a serious ruckus in the US or elsewhere. Perhaps he could be incarcerated on Wake Island, where we have a military presence and secure jails, or perhaps elsewhere on an American held island in the Pacific.

Muller breaks his silence – he must be really PO’d.
“I feel compelled to respond both to broad claims that our investigation was illegitimate and our motives were improper” “Stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes. He remains a convicted felon, and rightly so.”

kiwi, Mueller’s natal Saturn at 5+Cancer is where transiting Mercury stationed retrograde today and that means Mercury was super strong, i.e. concentrated on Mueller’s Saturn.

Both are square Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra. Mueller could be the trigger that sets off the fireworks, coming soon to TV/phone near you.

any thoughts on the fact of a merc retro on Stone’s commuted sentence?
Do I hear “do-over”?

Hi Barbk,

In her latest video Evon Davis explores the ramifications of Mercury going direct and the revelation of Trump’s taxes. Although the significance of Chiron’s role in this complex configuration might have escaped her (she doesn’t mention it) she does seem to feel the concrete effects of Mercury going direct could be seen as soon as early as Monday morning. We are at a turning point. It casts a moral psychological blow to Mr Trump’s perceived invincibility…..

Trump’s Tax Returns: EVON DAVIS Psychic Astrology Reading

Video: 20 min 56 sec



“And that’s about the saddest statement a person can make – the US, without the help of God and a virus, is completely unable to control one man and his party of vipers.”

Write on. The very fact that haunts me every day. Why can’t he be stopped? What’s it going to take?

Oh great, I just realized I got it backwards kiwi, transiting Mercury WAS conjunct Mueller’s natal Saturn but it was not stationing retrograde. No, it was Chiron stationing retro today and trans. Mercury stations direct in a couple of hours from now.

Even so, Mercury was stationing and was super strong and Mueller needed to weigh in on Trump’s actions, and not a moment too soon. Hopefully Mercury going direct will help me get my brain going forward too.

* * * * * * * *

Jerry, thanks for the Evon Davis video link; I believe I’ve got about 1/2 hour left before I crash . .just enuf time to watch!

To my knowledge, a commuted sentence cannot be un-commuted, but the convicted can be tried for other additional, possibly related crimes. But please don’t take my word on this. I’m certainly NOT an attorney, and am NOT the best qualified person to opine on the matter.

My interpretation on the Merc Retrograde is the commutation will likely have the opposite effect Donald intended, turning what knowledge Stone purposefully withheld into coveted “forbidden fruit.” Investigative reporters and prosecutors may now be focused more than ever on gleaning possible information and/or evidence of Trump and campaign workers consciously colluding with Russians. Trump’s tax information will likely infer the connections.

There are several converging factors that will likely contribute to a financial meltdown at the end of the month and into August according to financial analyst Tom Heavey………

Why The Stock Market Could CRASH Around JULY 31st


This is precisely what astrologer Denise Siegel has been suggesting based on her astrological data (I posted her video last week – The Next Stock Market Crashes and Covid-19 Waves). February 24th to the 28th 2020 witnessed the last major stock market downturn when tr. Saturn went over the critical 27 ’34 Capricorn degree in direct motion (in t square to the NYSE natal Neptune-Saturn opposition). Saturn will return and go over this sensitive degree once again in retrograde motion from late July/ early August. It will be exact August 4th. Interestingly enough, Saturn also exactly conjoins the US Pluto at this juncture. To add to the intrigue, there is an exact Mars-Jupiter square on Aug 4th. To repeat what was said earlier pertaining to the August 4th Mars-Jupiter square (19 ’45 Aries-Capricorn). This square will activate the January 10th 2020 Lunar Eclipse (20 ‘ 00 Cancer) and the Jan 12th Saturn/Pluto conj (22 ’46 Capricorn).

The Federal Reserve chart (Dec 23, 1913 NYC 6:02 pm EST) has an ascendant/Mars conjunction at 18’06/19 ’34 Cancer. On October 29, 1929, ominously called Black Tuesday, the day of the infamous stock market crash, tr. Pluto at 19 ’37 Cancer conjunct the NYSE Mars was squared by tr. Mercury at 19 ’37 Libra. This to me indicates that this NYSE Asc/Mars degree is a sensitive placement. The Aug 4th Mars-Jupiter square (19 ’45 Aries-Capricorn) could serve as a reminder of our difficult past – 1929 re-visited.

It’s becoming increasingly evident, due to a woeful lack of US leadership, that in a few short weeks America will once again experience another full shut down, the consequences of which, with an out of control COVID-19 epidemic raging will force the various States to completely shut down. An inevitable, heart-wrenching consequence is that the economy will contract and dive into free-fall with no conceivable recovery in sight. There is no other logical conclusion. Could mounting pressure (riots in the street similar to Serbia?) drive Trump from office. See video…

Coronavirus: Belgrade Protesters Storm Serb Parliament Over Curfew – BBC News


I’m looking confidently ahead towards the mid August period. The Uranus station (10 ’41 Taurus) in semisquare-sesquisquare to the nodes – 26 ’10 Gemini-Sagittarius forms harsh angles to Trump’s natal Pluto (10 ’02 Leo). Sudden dissolution is how I read that. A fateful (nodes) turn of events? I can’t imagine Trump going beyond the mid August period. Anyone willing to wage a bet on this?

CORRECTION: Sorry. My mistake. That was too wordy and confusing. Read instead “in a few short weeks America with an out of control COVID-19 epidemic raging will once again be forced to shutdown.”

Jerry, that degree, 27+ Cap., is indeed super sensitive, what with being the degree of the US natal Pluto AND T-square the NYSE Neptune-Saturn opposition.

Also the August 4 Mars (19+ Aries) will be conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries that opposes US natal Juno, symbol of (unequal) partnership at 20+ Libra. With transiting Jupiter square them all, something’s gotta give.

Because the Jan 10 lunar eclipse chart (which had both Pluto and Saturn at 22+ Cap, exact conjunction 2 days later, as well as Uranus stationing direct) activation of that event will be formidable; indeed a reminder of the past.

Here’s a thought; on September 29, 2008, when the stock market crashed, transiting Uranus was at 20+ Pisces, where trans. Neptune is now.

What Trump Wants From Roger Stone

The president needs political help, and who better to give it than his political guru of many decades?

“After all they’ve been through together, it’s fitting that Mr. Stone and Mr. Trump have arrived simultaneously at a moment of great need. Mr. Trump has now rescued Mr. Stone, but can Mr. Stone return the favor?

There’s even an off-chance that Mr. Stone doesn’t want back into the fray. He says he has found Jesus.

But far more likely, Roger Stone hasn’t just been set free — he has been unleashed.”


Even though the sentence has been commuted, I wonder if the next president could pardon Roger Stone so that he can be compelled to testify.

By Willow from Willow’s Web Astrology

We currently have a powerhouse quadruple conjunction made up of Pallas Athene, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, all moving retrograde in the last decan of Capricorn. This indicates a period of intense restructuring (understatement) where we are drawing on inner resources and supports while simultaneously setting up external supports that will sustain us through these bumpy and uncertain times.
The authoritarian power structures are attempting to impose a whole new set of (often ridiculous and degrading) rules and protocols for daily living, and they’re really trying to cement those suckers into place this summer with Pallas Athene-Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn all conjunct in retrograde motion in Capricorn.
These new rules and protocols are part of a broader programme of social engineering designed to create new and extreme levels of compliance in the populace as we begin the new astrological era.
As rebellious, independence-oriented action planet Mars, at home in its own sign of Aries, forms a series of square aspects to the bodies in Capricorn, we are coming into some acute friction points during the last half of 2020 where we will have some (potentially split second) decisions to make: do we go with the authoritarian flow, accepting the New Abnormal as our own, or do we diverge from the control-based conditioning and go our own way?
With such a strong emphasis on Capricorn this summer and fall, and with Saturn back in its own sign, we’re well aware of the potential consequences of even minor daily rebellions. We know when it’s in our best interests to at least appear compliant.
But increasingly over time, as the fire of Mars in Aries starts to burn more intensely in us, the little acts of acquiescence start to erode. The small acts of unwilling compliance start to get under our skin. They start to throw us off. We start to get resentful. In order to maintain our self-respect, we have to alter our methods (even in small ways) to exert independence, sovereignty, and our ability to make our own decisions as adult human beings.
As these squares tighten, we will be confronted with some uncomfortable and potentially inflammatory scenarios in our daily lives – particularly involving work, business, institutions, rules, regulations, and authority figures – where we have to make a decision or take a concrete action that could have long-reaching consequences.

Thanks ja, I really enjoyed Willow’s perspective on the late Capricorn travelers, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Pallas-Athene, and what they are doing there. I had assumed they (the planets) were looking for treasures worth saving amidst the growing rubble, picking up pieces – souvenirs maybe.

Seriously, this helps to understand the coming Mars squares next month. Joe Biden doesn’t have major strength in Aries, but Elizabeth, Kamala and Bernie (part of the Biden team) do, and I can see them challenging the “authoritarian flow” in conspicuous ways as we move through the year toward Election Day. We must take copious notes when that happens and see what works best with the voters.

Here’s a question for those of you more experienced than am I regarding astrological symbolism, as it relates to our modern concepts of self and its components.

If Mercury represents basic lintelligence,
Venus represents the creative intelligence, and Jupiter represents wisdom,
would not the aspects of the Moon (emotions) to these other 3 represent what we have in very recent times come to call “emotional intelligence”?

It would seem to me “malefic” aspects/relationships of the natal Moon to these 3 would indicate an innate lack of, or inability to develop emotional intelligence. My suspicion is dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters might have this feature in their charts, thus the inability, i.e. gullibility to see through the well crafted facade/TV-image created and maintained by the orange con-man in the White House.

As we all know, such a lack of emotional intelligence under pandemic circumstances can be lethal. Example: In San Antonio, Texas a 30 year old man died of covid-19, last words, “I thought it was a hoax.”


Another reason to expect increased volatility in the financial markets soon. Second quarter earnings are due out towards the latter part of this month……..

Why the Next Market Crash Could Happen This Month

Now is a good time for investors to begin re-evaluating their portfolios.

The Motley Fool
July 11, 2020



Expanding on that, the Supreme Court as you know, in a 7-2 decision, ruled that a New York grand jury may receive the president’s financial records and tax returns, essentially stating that there are limits to presidential power. He is not above the law. With that in mind, Attorney General William Bar is scheduled to testify before a Congressional House oversight committee on July 28th. Will he appear? If he does, he can not claim executive privilege in certain matters as was done in the past and this could conceivably place him in jeopardy of perjury.

The August 4th date is of particular interest here. Mars conjunct Barr’s natal Venus (9 ’51 Aries – denoting ethical values?) in square to tr. Jupiter (truth?). If Barr is caught in a number of lies, would that automatically be cause for disbarment? And if he is disbarred, would Mitch McConell and other Republicans be forced to persuade him to step down? Once William Barr is out of the way, the guard rails are down. There would be no one to protect Trump from the encroaching investigations.

That is an unbelievably possible scenario Jerry!

Mars + Venus (+ US Chiron) = ethical values and square Jupiter, aka truth = being between a rock and a hard place.

No one to protect Trump = Aug. 3 FM at 11+ Aquarius opposite (exposed to the light) Sun at 11+ Leo conjunct Trump Pluto at 10+ Leo, with Uranus (ruler of Aquarius FM) symbol of shock, unexpected breakthrough at 10+ Taurus T-square all.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


More on Mary Trump:

“For the past year, Mary’s progressed Mercury in Cancer opposed her Lilith as she dug into the hidden depths of the family dynamics. Now, as the book is scheduled to be released, the transiting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is perfectly aligned with her natal Lilith and progressed Mercury.”


PS – Eris in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (2000) was at 19+ Aries (conjunct Barr’s Venus. etc.) and sextile that chart’s Uranus at 20+ Aquarius (conjunct US prog. Mercury and square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus).

Now transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces completes a Yod with that sextile and it must make a difficult adjustment because of it.

However, that transiting Neptune squares Trump’s North Node, Sun and Uranus among the things it is doing these days, therefore passing the pressure to adjust on to Trump. It also squares US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and opposes US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo). Boggles my mind.

. . oops, that’s my booboo. US natal Neptune in Virgo is at the apex of that yod with the sextile between Eris and Uranus, not transiting Neptune. Comme ci comme ca; I need to get some sleep.

How can any candidate win with this sort of thing going on? I had no idea this existed.

The Trump Death Clock, a website, and now a billboard in Times Square, keeps track of the number of deaths attributable to DJT’s inaction during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Jupiter — which refers to education — is poorly placed in Capricorn, rewarding corporate interests — amplified to extremes of control by Pluto. Both oppose the US Mercury. #astrology

Jupiter is in Capricorn until December 19th, when it enters Aquarius. It meets up with Saturn on the Winter Solstice, planting seeds for potentially more humanitarian values in business/government for the next 200 years.”

From: Elisabeth Grace @GraceAstrology

Kim, at Intuitiview, has a new video out today. Very interesting she said Barr might be disbarred and it could be soon. Didn’t someone unthread say something about this also?

In many ways this looks to be a memorable year for the US, based on its birthday chart, aka the Solar Return chart. Again, I call attention to this chart’s grand trine between the Moon and Uranus and the MC (outcome). In a birth chart the sign on the MC would give one a general idea of the individual’s career field, but in this US solar return chart we see the MC as the “outcome” of the year that follows the birthday of the US; July 2020 through June 2021.

The sign on the MC of this year’s US solar return chart is Virgo, and one feature of the sign of Virgo is health and another is service. It suggests the outcome of this coming year for the US is about healthcare workers and therefore, the Covid epidemic will likely be the featured or remembered hallmark of this year in US history, not the Trump fiasco.

With the US Solar Return MC at 8+ Virgo it means that the US NATAL Ceres at 8+ Pisces is conjunct the US Solar Return chart’s IC, aka the roots of the chart. Ceres is associated with nurturing, primarily because of her way with plant life since she is often referred to as Mother Earth.

From this position, US natal Ceres opposite the MC of the US 2020 Solar Return is also giving the solar return grand trine that the chart’s MC forms with the chart’s Moon at 9+ Capricorn and its Uranus at 9+ Taurus, a focal point. This is called a Kite pattern. A grand trine is a seemingly inexhaustible source of cooperative energy, and a Kite gives this energy a focal point.

In this case US Ceres also is sextile the solar return Moon (symbol of the people) and the solar return Uranus (unexpected breakthrough). This year transiting Ceres will also conjunct the US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces) 3 times, effecting a US Ceres Return, an influence that will last about 4 years. The 1st conjunction was in May at the height of the Covid pandemic in the US, particularly in New York. Recall Gov. Cuomo’s daily updates which had a nurturing effect on many of us.

The 2nd Ceres conjunct US Ceres will be in August and the final Ceres-conjunct-US Ceres happens on December 20, just hours before the Winter Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Because of her extraordinary influence on the US at this period of time, we can assume nurturing is of the utmost importance to the US People, especially those in the health care business. Oddly enough, US Ceres is trine Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, and I wonder if she hasn’t nurtured Trump’s tweets and his thoughts. All the better to make us grow?

In doing so, was she preparing us (the US) to face grownup realities about our country’s past that have not been dealt with in grown up way? Was there any other way to get us to deal with the Civil War divisiveness and abuses that have lingered since then?

In the US Civil War chart (April 12, 1861) Pluto was at 8+ Taurus, where transiting Uranus was in May and June this year, and both were sextile US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces. Covid and Black Lives Matter dominated the headlines.

The January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22+ Capricorn included transiting Ceres at 22+ Capricorn. In many ways Ceres has been focusing on the need to nurture (encourage growth) this year; nurture our Constitution, our health care workers who are nurtures themselves, our planet and each other, and she can be quite persuasive, and not so very subtle in her style.

Food for thought this Monday night.

I’m playing catch-up today after missing a couple of days around here. But I had to stop and put in my 2 cents on the sociopathy of Trump, etc. While my degree is in Psych, and I’ve worked at State Hospital, my field was autism and (to a lesser degree) schizophrenia.

I’ve met a LOT of people thru the years who had horrendous childhoods. Most of these people did not turn out to be sociopathic like Trump. In fact, most of them became quite empathetic to those in trouble around them.

Parents CAN screw up a child, royally, no doubt. But Trump… no matter how old he -acts-… is an adult. He, alone, is responsible for his behavior. i.e., my mom and I fought like cats and dogs… even had the cops called on us once; I was physically and emotionally abused with attempted sexual abuse by an extended family member as the cherry on top. It made me MORE empathetic with those in trouble.

There have been studies of those classified as socio- and psychopathic. Some of these studies have zeroed in on an extra Y chromosome. Some have shown definite brain deficits in the area that control what we call a “conscience.” But the one thing these studies all had in common was the individuals were either in prison, or in a ward. We were “safe” from them.

We’re not safe from Trump. In fact, it seems his decisions now are to destroy as much of our country and as many Americans as he can before being run out of office. It’s the only thing that makes sense. We’ve had enough Psychiatrists warning us of this since his first few months in office. I’m more afraid of him setting the U.S. and the world on fire, in one way or another, than I am to “understanding” him. Understanding him is not going to help us at this date. And, frankly, I don’t have any patience to grant him a mulligan or a “poor boy” reaction. I detest the man to the core, and I detest all those who allowed him to come to power and stay there. The 137,000+ dead Americans mean more to their friends and family than Trump will ever mean to his (without his money, that is). They died needlessly while this twit blamed Obama and Biden, worked against the National Health officials, and politicized a damn virus.

I’m lonesome for my friends, too… but understanding why Trump is the way he is just isn’t going to make it okay for me and my coven to come together again. Trump is a criminal of the first degree and he’s pardoning anyone who has the goods on him. We’re going to need a Truth and Reconciliation Council before this country can ever go forward — and that’s once we can get some kind of control over those who refuse to wear masks when out and about.

Trump has so ruined this country it’ll take plural presidencies to right this ship of state. If you haven’t noticed, this country doesn’t have a good reputation for sticking with those working on the problem. After 8 years of Democratics making headway, we’ll no doubt vote Repub and it’ll be disaster again.

I’ll help those who need help and want help, especially. For those who think they’re too big and too important and too “right” to need help of any kind… even with Trump’s background… I waste no pity. I think all this talk of Mary’s book, Bolton’s book, etc., are acting as diversions from what we should be fighting — the virus, and Trump’s re-election.

Sorry for the rant. I’ve just heard so much “excusing” of Trump’s behavior based on his childhood today on TV and online that it hit my “vent or die” point. Hasn’t helped I went round and round with the IRS and SSA about my mom’s 1099 today, either… (sigh)

Eliseo — you wrote: “My interpretation on the Merc Retrograde is the commutation will likely have the opposite effect Donald intended…”

Boy, I hope so, Eliseo. There have sure been enough news articles lately that have come out agreeing with this tact. Also, the judge is royally p’o’d. I don’t know what can be done, if anything, but if there is something, I’m sure she’ll be researching and acting on it.

The only thing worse than the Stone commutation is trying to free the traitor, Flynn. I have no doubt Trump is gonna try to do the pardon for himself and his idiot kids. Which is gonna set up a really good test case for SCOTUS. Will we have added a few more liberal and/or centrist judges by then? I sure hope so. Despite Robert’s defection on a few cases, I don’t trust him. I just personally would like to see RBG with some Secret Service agents shadowing her every movement. I don’t trust and his gang not to engineer something to create this new “empty seat” they keep insisting they want!

Hi Banks,

Yes. Here’s the pertinent post you were asking about….


This is just a personal impression of mine mind you; but by the end of the month and into early August mounting pressure for Barr to resign will become inevitable (Barr is the firewall keeping Trump in place). The impetus will be due to overwhelming economic concerns. See related article….

Brace Yourself for Trump’s Great Recession
by Robert Reich

Video: 5 min 8 sec


Eliseo, you pose such an interesting question re. “our modern concepts of self and its components!”

Would that there was a good, clear, concise answer in this or any other age, but there isn’t. The notion that “Mercury represents basic lintelligence, Venus represents the creative intelligence, and Jupiter represents wisdom” is ok in some ways as a guide to concepts, but it’s too simplistic to be reliable or complete.

Intelligence of any kind is in the ‘whole’ chart, and includes all of the planets and other components at once. It makes for tricky analysis – it’s too easy to set off on a tangent, only to discover one of the other components is missing and has to be included before the understanding is complete. Which is why astrologers comb over the same chart repeatedly and keep coming up with new insights. Each look, each question brings a new perspective.

Think of the minds that have pored over the chart of Donald Trump in the past 3+ years! People keep finding more stuff and it’s more than the mind can process. Sometimes it’s wrong, but sometimes it is valid and works. A scan of comments on DT’s aspects and progressions over a period of years is proof that the astrology of one person can be inexhaustible (even when the astrologers are exhausted – ask BarbK how she does it!).

Anyway, the principle is “the chart” is a “whole” – it must be seen in its entirety always. Of course, that is impossible for the human mind, but it’s definitely not one thing at a time (or hardly ever).

It’s true, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter + Moon = emotional intelligence in PART, but what about the ’emotions’ of Mars, Saturn and the Sun? They have emotional intelligence too, which wrecks having a handy ‘formula’. And those are just the 7 personal planets, which co-exist with the individual’s (or nation’s) elements, dignities, aspects, signs, houses and angles, asteroids, fixed stars, etc.

Which is to say, a formula is not very useful. Often it just plain won’t work because, well, it’s a formula! Repeatable formulas are great in math and physics, but not so much in astrology.

The context of a chart is global and integrative. Sure, you have to start somewhere and specific elements are unquestionably important and useful, but then you have to go around the whole chart again to check, and recheck. You weigh and compare and think what is more important, powerful, or forceful (or weaker) than other elements.

Every chart is unique to its person, place and time. It’s why we can keep going back to DT’s chart for years (and we still don’t know how it’s going to turn out!).

And then, to top it off, you introduce the notion of a “malefic” Moon. Now you ARE in deep water!

What is ‘malefic’ and to whom? As far as I know, in astrology, there is no such thing as a ‘malefic’ Moon.

It’s the Moon, which is a water planet that rules Cancer, finding itself in different places (signs, houses) at different times. Period. Astrology does not play favorites or make enemies in that way, which again goes back to the idea that a chart is a “whole”. The picture is only complete when it is “all’ there.

That is not the same as a judgment. The Moon does not judge and it does not ‘compel’ anyone to do anything. It’s we people who survey our environment and its conditions and then react or actively decide what to do next, not the Moon.

We are the ones who “want” things and we are part of what we see in a chart. We are always wanting things to be this or that and it is the peril of astrology to project our own wishes and thoughts onto the chart. We decide to be beneficial or malefic (…or even evil – though that takes the concept far into esoteric territory, imo) at the same time as others are doing the same.

If a person believes the planets “compel”, then the person does not believe in free will. The alternative is the planets describe the conditions and influences in which a person operates. The level of control varies, but it still leaves free will to be included. We each take our choice in the way we believe this works – free will vs. victims of fate.

The idea behind horary astrology is relevant: the chart answers the QUERENT’s question. Without a querent there is no question. Without a querent, the chart is just a bunch of symbols on a page with no meaning.

It’s like the riddle: if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, is there any sound? There are many sayings that point to the same idea (What is the sound of one hand clapping? / I think therefore I am, etc.). The perceiver is essential to the astrology transaction.

……..Which is a very long winded response to your very good question.

In short, you can’t say Donald Trump lacks emotional intelligence without looking at his whole chart and picking it apart and putting it back together again. My own thought is that he has such a huge ego that there isn’t much room left for other people in his head. In other ways, he is actually isolated in a rather sad, pathetic way. What little emotional intelligence he may have, is probably somewhat based on his actual “thinking” about who he is with – that is strategic maneuvering. None of that matches what most people would recognize as emotional intelligence because it isn’t really about other people at all.

See: https://www.theravive.com/therapedia/narcissistic-personality-disorder-dsm–5-301.81-(f60.81)

In any case, one cannot possibly generalize 4 planets to include all the “dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters (who) might have this feature in their charts”.

That is going well beyond the pale for doing any kind of astrology (or therapy, as you must well know). It’s ok to look at the interaction of the 4 planets you mention in the context of one person’s emotional intelligence because, obviously, some of it is going to be relevant, but you can’t say that 4 planets apply the same way to a whole class of people. (No matter how dumb they are politically!)

So, nice try, but it’s back to the old astro refrain – there ain’t no shortcuts in astrology, only more ideas to mull over (and over again). Chart circles are such appropriate symbols for the process. You do it many times before ANY of it comes clear or feels right.

I should add one very important point to the above: “WE” are not our “charts”. We are greater than our charts.

Even though charts may be ‘complete’ depictions of conditions for a given person in a given place and a time, the chart IS NOT the person. A chart doesn’t ‘capture’ the whole person.Don’t confuse charts with “reality” in that way.

Whatever reality there may be (imo), is found in a synchronicity between the ‘real’ person and whomever/ whatever the chart COINCIDES with.

If you take that even further, people themselves are not real in the sense that they are a bag of skin with bones in it, with a capacity to move in space and time, who also have the extra dimension of a soul existence that is outside our observable reality.

Charts may work and are unquestionably useful. They work in mysterious as well as mechanical ways, but they are not a magical tool or talisman that somehow ‘captures’ the person. I don’t believe charts were ever intended to be anything but symbolic depictions of observable astronomical phenomena in the sky from Babylonian times onwards (though I’m no astrology historian).

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for your well thought out exposition. I love the way you think. I really appreciate your multi-causal, multi-level approach to such questions. Your explanation goes well beyond black & white, & shades of grey into appropriately nuanced complexity. And of course, all that you included in your answer rings true and correct.

Regardless of whatever might be in the individual charts of Trump supporters, I notice on the basis of my personal experience with them, the stereotypical assumption they are all somehow stupid doesn’t hold water… Ignorant of essential facts, yes, propagandized and indoctrinated, yes certainly, lacking in adequate political and social studies education, yes usually, but not all of them are merely stupid. Furthermore, apart from racist fears, most have legitimate grievances which Trump promised to address, but hasn’t and won’t.

Our Founders intended the republic to function under majority rule, but not mob rule. They were equally concerned with any possible “tyranny of the majority.” Understanding the social psychology of the Trump movement will I think be necessary to Dems in the post-Trump era if we are to heal the divide and go forward.

Again, Thank You for your kind consideration of my perhaps naive questions.

Coronavirus In The USA: Trump’s Downfall?

DW News

A superpower laid low by the coronavirus: Infections in the USA continue to rise and the economy is on life support. Will the pandemic cost President Trump the election?

Guests: Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson (KCRW Radio Berlin), Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico), Daniel Hamilton (Johns Hopkins University)

Video: 26 min 03 sec


Has anyone else noticed the significant rise in the number of reported celebrity deaths in the last couple of months? Most are relatively young, and NOT dying of coronavirus.

I’m not sure if there is an actual increase, or if the media is simply reporting more. In either case, it seems quite odd.

Beowulfie, could not agree with you more. A birth chart for a country or a person is an endless source of information, but rarely is it fully reported on. As they say, “too much information”.

What we seldom do is try to cover everything in a chart, but rather hone in on a specific area or topic that is relevant then wait for the questions. Examining a birth chart for a country or a business is less focused on emotions than an individual’s chart and personally, I prefer the former because of that.

Clearly, the Moon and the sign and house it is in is where we see the basic emotional nature of the subject of the chart, but the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses can be revealing, as can planets or points in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces regarding emotionally based behavior.

For example, Trump’s natal manly-man Mars and Pluto in show-time Leo rule his natal secretive Scorpio 4th house of family and roots where his Moon in broadcast-oriented Sagittarius also is, and his Mars and Pluto are in his very private 12th house.

That’s a lot to unpack, but it can help explain how he feels about his niece’s book for example.

Even though his Moon and Mars are in a non-malefic fire trine, he freaks out at the thought of a family member writing about his family life. We are engaging 12th and 4th house attributes, which activate feelings, aka emotion. Never mind that Leo is publicity oriented, Trump knows what he’s done in the past is bad stuff and will damage him.

Thank you barbk, very interesting. I was hoping there would be something very ugly in the book that would take him down. (finally)


Always enjoy your prolific posts! I agree the natal chart is a wealth of information for describing people’s traits, their personalities, even their potential mates. However, predicting events from a chart is not nearly as dependable. Most formally trained astrologers agree the Stars guide, they do not predict.

Nevertheless, it is still a lot of fun speculating.

Thanks, Jerry. That fits in with Kim’s timeframe, I believe. You should check out her video on Intuitiview YouTube. It’s one of her best I think.

Most welcome, Eliseo – and your question is not naive – far from it. Best question ever, in fact. One with no definitive answer, and one that people and philosophers have been pondering for eons! We can be nothing but humble in the face of such questions!

John Heilemann (The Circus on Showtime), frequent guest on MSNBC, said something I’ve been hearing for months in such a way that gave it new meaning; something to the effect that many people don’t believe in science (i.e. coronavirus studies) and many of those people support Trump. They reject scientific-based rules or they are suspicious of them. (I too am suspicious of some of these rules but I don’t doubt the reality of Covid-19)

That sounds to me like paranoia which is fear based.

When Obama was elected in November, 2008, transiting Mars (anger) in Scorpio was square transiting Neptune (escape) in Aquarius (which was trine Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini), while transiting Saturn (fear of change) in Virgo was opposite transiting Uranus (abrupt change) in Pisces.

These 2 transiting aspects showed that the world was being challenged by abrupt change (Uranus), as old standards (Saturn) were collapsing, which scared the bejesus out of a lot of people.

That fear did not totally disappear over the following 8 years, that fear of change. While the majority of US voters welcomed Obama and his ideas, many resented his ideas and what he symbolized (equality).

It is my feeling that Trump solidified that fear of change, that paranoia for many, and he was the fairy godfather that would make the changes go away. He has done his best in that sense.

Transiting Saturn (what we fear, what is real) was 4 degrees away from US natal Neptune (illusions and dreams) in Virgo on election day in November, 2008, and was exactly conjunct it in August 2009. On Sept. 9, 2009, Republican Rep. Joe Wilson (SC) shouts “You lie!” at Pres. Obama as he talked about health care, and the paranoia was there for all the world to see.

Now that transiting Saturn and Pluto have started a new cycle that trines US natal Neptune, that paranoia in 2009 has solidified into a full blown case of schizophrenia in 2020. There are people who don’t believe doctors who are trying to save lives, but the Covid-19 will make believers out of many of them by the November election I’m thinking.

On Election Day 2020, transiting Neptune (hopes and dreams) at 18+ Pisces will be where transiting Uranus (shocking breakthrough) was on Election Day 2008, and opposite where transiting Saturn (reality) was. It could symbolize that the paranoia of 2008 that developed into schizophrenia by 2016 will have dissolved enough to allow a sane new US President to come in and begin the healing.

On the 2020 Election Day trans. Jupiter (wisdom) and Pluto (transformation) in Cap will be in a grand trine with US natal Neptune in Virgo, and the Saturn-Pluto cycle (societal change) start point in Taurus, a cycle that will end 7 weeks later. Mission accomplished.

Very Insightful! ThankYou!
“…he was the fairy godfather that would make the changes go away.”
Perfect metaphor!

I think the paranoid fear is wrapped up with the insecurity and stress involved in maintaining a fragile, outdated meaning system, i.e. literalist fundamentalism. There is quite a lot of overlap between fundamentalism, and R.politcs.

My father, a devout Christian, had no problem with reconciling evolution with Genesis. He would say, “The bible says the Lord created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then rested on the seventh. But it don’t say how long them days were!” He was not an overly educated man, but pretty open minded, and easily perceived that “days” in scripture were not literal, not 24 hour days.

Yet, many cling to literalist interpretations, and therefore feel very threatened by any science which contradicts the worldview from which they derive their sense of meaning. They reject science because they believe it renders their lives meaningless. I find it odd, but many can’t see it that way.

“There are people who don’t believe doctors who are trying to save lives, but the Covid-19 will make believers out of many of them by the November election I’m thinking.”

Yes, I’m thinking this is very probable. I certainly hope it will transpire that way.

Meant to say,
I find it odd, but many can’t see it any other way.

BarbK and Eliseo, absolutely and to underscore BarbK’s “There are people who don’t believe doctors who are trying to save lives, but the Covid-19 will make believers out of many of them by the November election I’m thinking.”
Seniors who are Trumpers are being faced with a very existential decision. Additionally, there are many aging Trumpers, not seniors but in their 50s who have diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, immune disorders who are likely also facing a profound inner conflict. Their belief system, identity and their entire social support system is up against the fear of plague and death. Additionally, those evangelical pastors who said Jesus would protect them seem to have misled people as some of the pastors and some of their flock got sick. I’m sure that had to rattle their foundations.
And lets not forget all the Trumpers who tend toward hypochondriasis, my husbands sister is one. As a retired licensed therapist I would love to talk with some of these people to get a sense of how they might be dealing with that conflict and how it might be resolved. To vote for Trump, many of these people would be knowing they’d be sacrificing their lives. It may not be that dramatic, but it would certainly be along those lines. I think some may feel heroic and take the bullet for the cause, but i think many more will fear death and will want to live more so. I think many will resolve that inner conflict by not voting at all which could also help Dems down ballot, and a few may even vote secretly for Biden. I know Trump is losing some seniors already, yet the really red Trumpers, like my brothers and my husband’s mother and sister are hardcore and the most interesting to me as to how they may resolve this. These are truly extraordinary times and I’m deeply grateful I get to live through this and I really hope I get to live to see the sunrise!

Trump says Biden will “abolish the suburbs.” He also says parents & children are dying because they have to stay home from school. It is difficult to see how any “normal” person would not or cannot see the man is deteriorating.

We have several truly bright, competent, insightful astrologers who post here. There are several dates that many here have noted might be serious stress points in the next few months. I’m beginning to wonder if he will make it to Nov. 3 without a complete meltdown.

Thanks Eliseo and Frank, glad we agree on the rampant fears in the electorate that drives voters to make their choices. Having family members who make illogical (IMO) choices in the voting booth has widened my understanding of the makeup of our society and how deep the prejudice (esp. between races of people) runs in it. This is indeed a cancer that runs deep and will be painful to remove, but unless it’s removed our nation won’t survive much longer.

However, I see these times, with our backs to the wall, as a kind of life raft being tossed to us; a sink or swim point where we wise up (expand our consciousness) thanks to the pie-in-your-face absurdity of Trump – on a daily basis even – providing every possible mistake a President could make, as a wakeup notice for even the least politically oriented amongst us.

Education must be a priority from the git-go for youngsters, including the horrors of slavery. No more glossing over the bad stuff like when I was in grade school. Sigh . . so much to do.

Perhaps that’s why Jupiter and Pluto needed 3 conjunctions to start this year’s new cycle, rather than the one-and-done like the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. The Jupiter “Big Picture” had some hoops to go through (life and death matters like epidemics and police brutality and the fragility of one’s job future) before the US, if not the whole world, could focus in on what matters.

All, well said.
“I really hope I get to live to see the sunrise!”
Me too. May we all survive this plague, and live to experience the coming 21st century New Deal.

The pandemic has flipped the Republican script. It’s always been fear based. They’re going to take your guns, your god, your country. Scary brown and black people are about to overrun the white people. You need us to keep you safe.

My mother is a big worrier, a fear based voter.

Now we have something truly dangerous, unprecedented, and Republicans are trying to sell their voters on not being afraid.

That’s got to be a hard sell. Eventually, you’d think the fear would have to win out. I keep thinking it has to for my mother.

barbK, Frank,
“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
—Isaac Asimov—

There are many forces which have fomented this ignorance cult, Fundamentalist religion, the “Lost Cause” ethos, etc. I think we are probably at the cult’s peak about now. It has grown slowly and gradually like an addiction, (Neptune?) palliating the pain of our national sins, blinding us to the dark things within ourselves we’ve not wanted to face.
Circumstances now demand we recover for the sake of our survival.

Mr. T, together with his virulent twin sister, covid-19, have demonstrated well the necessity to put a stake into its heart, or it will suck the life out of our democracy.

Education! Education! Education!
Pluto return. Pluto into Aquarius in 2024. Uranus return in 2028.
Restoration. Renewal. Rebirth.

Ralfee Finn today:

“Go ahead and take a deep breath and don’t be surprised if it turns into a deep sigh of relief—Mercury Retrograde is over, Mercury Direct is in full swing, regular routines are finally free from astral interference, and for the next several weeks all the planets that drive the mechanics of daily life—Mercury, Venus, and Mars—are moving forward, with Mars leading the pack.”


I’d like to take this temporary lull in the conversation to thank Nancy and others for introducing me to the riches of info found in US Inauguration charts; the birth of a life that lasts 4 years – a life of an idea or influence that may have a lasting effect on this country, or not.

The January 20, 2017 Inauguration chart had 5 obvious aspects, aside from its connections to other beings and events, that are observable to anyone interested in such things. They are:
1. Mars square Saturn
2. Saturn trine Uranus
3. Saturn sextile Jupiter
4. Moon trine Neptune
5. Venus sextile Pluto

A quick assessment based on generalities of these 5 aspects tells me that the status quo (Saturn) would be challenged (square) by anger and violence (Mars) but the status quo would be supported (sextile) by the laws, big business and the wealthy (Jupiter) of the land.

The status quo would also experience tremendous breakthroughs (Uranus) in consciousness and roll with them, possibly because the People (Moon) were inspired (Neptune) by them, or deluded (Neptune) by them. Values (Venus) would go through a transformation (Pluto).

There was a 6th aspect that was not so clearly assessable and that was an opposition between Uranus and Jupiter. It could mean these 4 years would supply great breakthroughs or breakdowns, or both, leaving chaos without order, or freedom to begin anew. A lot would depend on the People (Moon) that were either delusional or inspired (Neptune), and therein lies the rub.

Two chilling statements on MSNBC today. The first by a calm medical expert:”Biden will be sworn in too late. We won’t have a country by then.”

The second by a political contributor: “Trump might call upon a friendly Republican governor to send his National Guard to create an armed standoff in front of the White House beyond January 2021.”

Don’t forget the Neptune opposition US natal Neptune transit as well, Eliseo. That runs concurrently with our Pluto Return.

Andre, either one of your statements above I can see as strong possibilities. While it might make the election harder for us to win (depending on who the Repubs would nominate), everyday I wake up hoping to read that Trump has resigned. I don’t care why… I just want him out of there before he can do anymore damage to our reputation, our country, our lives.

Speaking of lives, I thought this might be of interest around here:

My sister is a teacher in a Catholic grade school. She’s spent this last month interviewing prospective new teachers, because already half of the school’s teachers have resigned. While none of them are “old”… and they aren’t nuns, either… most are middle age with co-morbidities. They don’t feel the salary, especially, is worth risking their lives. Some have decided they’re tired of spending so much of their own money on what their classrooms and kids need. Some are just tired of teaching. None of them want to risk their lives, or the lives of their family members.

Sis told me earlier this week they lost 20 families’ worth of kids in one day alone. The next day, 2 more families said they wouldn’t be sending their kids to school during the pandemic, either.

I’m worried sick for her. Every year, around the middle of Sept, she’s down sick with some bug she’s caught from the kids. My sister is the exact opposite of me, physically… very tall and probably 80+ pounds overweight (it runs in the family on both sides). She also has asthma. The school where she teaches is a poor barrio school. They got -some- money from the CARES act, but not enough to make a difference. It’s going to be used for hand sanitation “stations”… and I have no doubt the money has to be shared more or less equally among all the schools in the Archdiocese. That includes a LOT of schools… and some in some pretty rich counties.

She *was* worried about having enough teachers for the new year. Now she’s worried about having enough kids enrolled and in school to keep the school funded and functional, and not drawing the wrath of any of the PTB.

I wish they’d decide not to “go with the flow” and realize just what a crap shoot this “reopening” will be. This is a school that’s still trying to get over losing a parent in a family bar where some guy came in with a gun to “clean out the “Mexicans.” What in the world are they going to do when they lose a teacher or fellow student? And how can they justify this with regards to their religion? I guess it puts a new spin on “Let the little children come to me…” verse.

I’m just worried about losing my baby sister. Don’t get me wrong, Trump sacrificing our children on the altar of his re-election is downright evil, IMO, but care-taking Mom has given me and Sis a new appreciation of each other and our unique talents. She and I finally have a solid friendship, and a lot of love and respect between us. I don’t know that I’d ever get over Trump sacrificing HER for HIS insistence on retaining raw power.

Surely he and DeVos can figure some other way to goad his Trumpers to vote for him, besides trying to fool them that everything’s back to “normal” with stores open, kids in school, and people back to work. He thinks (ha! sure…) that there’s a lot of suicides now because of shutdowns and kids home all the time? Just wait until the parents lose their kid to C19! They’ll blame Trump, the school district, the school, and worst — themselves. The suicide rate could skyrocket if kids start ending up in the ICU wards (especially if there are no beds left available!). I just feel like it’s utter madness, and there’s no way I’d send any kid of mine back into the world with this pandemic raging out of control.

Kids and teachers dying from C19 — now THAT may be the final nail in his coffin, IMNSHO.

Yes! Thank You for that reminder.

IMO, the second scenario is more likely than the first. We may well have another 100-120,000 deaths before inauguration day, and Trump and company will certainly do more damage. But I don’t see Biden’s inauguration as too late, not impossible, but unlikely.

Far more likely is the second scenario, but we’ve seen that coming from quite some time back. I suspect our law enforcement and military are preparing for that bizarre possibility. Our military top brass are pretty disgusted with Mr. T.

You make a good point Eliseo, re: the “cult of ignorance”, which in the simplest terms, means that not everyone alive is ready to abandon what has guided them their whole life for something they don’t seem to understand the meaning of; what I and many others might call increased consciousness.

Trump’s “twin sister” (good one!) Covid-19 will simplify having to make that decision (stay where I am or move forward with the times) for some of these people who are not ready to make the leap.

Like Frank said, he’s grateful to live through this, as am I and others who sense what’s on the other side of “this”. I don’t want to wait for the next life if I can do it in this life, i.e. see and watch the changes for the betterment of mankind (and the planet) come to fruition. Or even better, be part of that change. Courage brothers and sisters!

Yes, I agree. Fundies, Evangelicals, Right Wingers, and others who’ve been propagandized to distrust experts, medical authorities, scientists, etc. because they are perceived as “Liberal” now have to reevaluate due to covid-19. Some will as you said, “make the leap” into increased consciousness. Some will not.

We have TED Talks. We have Learning Company DVDs. We have an increasing number of courses and videos available on the net. But all of that is preaching to the choir. You have to love learning to partake.

For all those who reject or despise modern knowledge and science we need a very seductive 21st century metaphysical Chautauqua.

Upthread, you mentioned that many Trump supporters don’t believe in science. And although you largely accept science, you said you were suspicious of SOME of the rules of science. That’s quite understandable.

IMO, the problem is not with the rules and necessary limitations of scientific method. It is with the scientists themselves. Many (if not most) scientists are abysmally ignorant of the philosophy of science, They also need more training in logic and epistemology, but as such subjects are not required for their degrees, they don’t take those classes. They therefore tend to inadvertently err by beginning with false assumptions, or asking the wrong or inappropriate questions, particularly when they venture outside of their speciality.

This becomes apparent to astrologers when scientists are asked what they think of astrology. They assume they know what astrology is. They assume it consists of the Sun sign entertainment found in newspapers.
They assume they know what astrologers believe, and of course we know they don’t.
Furthermore, they tend to fall for an infamous form of fallacious logic we call the “argumentum ex silento” or argument from silence, taking the absence of evidence as evidence of absence.

Ironically, all of the above is counter to scientific method a d thinking! (The scientist who makes this point best is UK astronomer Percy Seymour.) More ironically, they are so sure they know what they are talking about, they are completely unaware of good mathematical and statistical evidence which supports the efficacy and veracity of astrology, in part because most of it is in French. Most English speaking scientists just don’t do French! C’est la vie!

Slightkc, your love for your baby sister pours off out of the words you wrote and the disturbing situation you’ve described. Often, I feel helpless to affect any positive contribution, and am reduced to cliches or just pained silence. How to hold so much and continue living our own lives… this time we are living though has brought up many parallels and memories for me from when I worked in HIV/AIDS “on the front lines” in San Francisco and the how to hold so much and continue, is one of the great challenges for us who love, who are sensitive, who are empathic, who care. Please keep us updated and please remember to do whatever you need to feed your spirit.

This opinion piece in NYT inspires hope, i hope you all enjoy it and apologies for its length.


We Interrupt This Gloom to Offer … Hope
Yes, America is suffering needlessly. That may save us.

The New York Times
By Nicholas Kristof
Opinion Columnist
July 16, 2020, 11:00 a.m. E

Just one in six Americans in a poll last month was “proud” of the state of the country, and about two out of three were actually “fearful” about it. So let me introduce a new thought: “hope.”

Yes, our nation is a mess, but overlapping catastrophes have also created conditions that may finally let us extricate ourselves from the mire. The grim awareness of national failures — on the coronavirus, racism, health care and jobs — may be a necessary prelude to fixing our country.

The last time our economy was this troubled, Herbert Hoover’s failures led to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s election with a mandate to revitalize the nation. The result was the New Deal, Social Security, rural electrification, government jobs programs and a 35-year burst of inclusive growth that built the modern middle class and arguably made the United States the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world.

History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. And when I reached out through the gloom to consult experts, I was struck by how much hope I heard.

“On balance, I am very hopeful and I’m very optimistic,” Darren Walker, the president of the Ford Foundation, told me. “What we’re seeing today is a sort of national convulsion over the recognition that racism in America is real and it’s not a figment of the imagination of Black people in this country.”

Marian Wright Edelman, the founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, who for six decades has been battling for a more just society, told me, “I’m very optimistic. I think we have a chance of getting something done.”

Like others I spoke with, she said that one reason for hope is, paradoxically, President Trump and the way he has become the avatar of failed “let them eat cake” policies and narratives. “Mr. Trump is the perfect opposition to have,” Edelman said. “He represents the implosion of the American dream, and we can’t go down his road much farther.”

“If we can’t get something done now,” she added, “then shame on us.”

Betting markets like PredictIt expect Joe Biden to sweep into the presidency in January with a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. By then we may have lost a quarter million Americans to Covid-19 and remain mired in the worst economic downturn of our lifetimes, with racial antagonisms inflamed by a president whom a majority of Americans regard as a racist. I’ve known Biden since he was a senator, and he’s no radical — but that reassuring, boring mien may make it easier to win a mandate and then use it to pivot the United States onto a new path.

So perhaps today’s national pain, fear and loss can also be a source of hope: We may be so desperate, our failures so manifest, our grief so raw, that the United States can once more, as during the Great Depression, embrace long-needed changes that would have been impossible in cheerier times.


The United States faces at least three simultaneous crises: more coronavirus deaths than any other country, the worst economic slump since the Great Depression and overflowing outrage over racial inequity. Yet these crises are all interlinked, all facets of the same core failure of our country, one that has its roots in President Richard Nixon’s “Southern strategy” of 1968 and in the racialization of social safety net programs thereafter.

Why is the United States just about the only advanced country to lack universal health care? Without universal paid sick leave?

Many scholars, in particular the late Alberto Alesina, a Harvard economist, have argued that one reason for America’s outlier status is race. Investing in safety nets and human capital became stigmatized because of a perception that African-Americans would benefit. So instead of investing in children, we invested in a personal responsibility narrative holding that Americans just need to lift themselves up by their bootstraps to get ahead.

This experiment proved catastrophic for all Americans, especially the working class. Marginalized groups, including African-Americans and Native Americans, suffered the worst, but the underinvestment in health and the lack of safety nets meant that American children today are 57 percent more likely to die by age 19 than European children are.

This boomerang effect of obdurate white racism — what Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl calls “dying of whiteness” — means that Americans now are less likely to graduate from high school than children in many peer countries. Meanwhile, people die in the United States from drug overdoses at a rate of one every seven minutes.

This is deeply personal to me. As I’ve written in a recent book, “Tightrope,” a quarter of the children on my old No. 6 school bus in rural Yamhill, Ore., are dead from drugs, alcohol and suicide — deaths of despair. Others are homeless or in prison. Although they were white, they perished because of policy choices, partly rooted in racism, that the United States has pursued for 50 years.

Gaps in safety nets left us in turn particularly vulnerable to a pandemic, for underinsurance and lack of paid sick leave helped spread the coronavirus. The pandemic then caused people to lose their jobs, which in the United States meant that they lost health insurance just when it was most needed. Trump bungled the pandemic, as did some local leaders, but the failure was also 50 years in the making.


Do we now have a chance for a reset? Yes, I think we do.

It may already have been in the works. Kansas Republicans rebelled against tax cuts that had devastated schools. Texas helped lead the way in reversing mass incarceration. Red states like Idaho, Utah and Oklahoma expanded Medicaid.

To the extent that America’s 50 years of failures had their roots in racism, it’s also striking that the new possibilities arise in part from mass revulsion at a short video that showed the undeniable truth of racism today.

In 1899, W.E.B. Du Bois, writing about racial injustice, said there have “been few other cases in the history of civilized people where human suffering has been viewed with such peculiar indifference.” Yet maybe the video of George Floyd’s life being snuffed out by police officers is dispelling that indifference. The current Black Lives Matter protests, measured by the number of participants (roughly 20 million), appear to constitute the largest movement in American history.

“There was something about seeing a man’s knee on another man’s neck that woke people up,” said Helene Gayle, the chief executive of the Chicago Community Trust. “People think I’m crazy, but I have a sense of possibility.”

The polling is striking. Sixty percent of Americans, including a majority of white people, said in a CBS News poll last month that they support ideas promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement. Almost as large a majority supports a national health care plan. An astonishing 89 percent favor higher taxes on the rich to reduce poverty in America.

The Majority
Despite some vocal opposition, many sensible positions enjoy broad support among Americans.

Net support for Black Lives Matter, in pct. pts.
(Total in support minus those against)
Early June
More opposition
than support
Share of Americans who …
Support higher taxes on wealthy to reduce poverty
Think masks should be worn at least sometimes
Trust medical scientists on the coronavirus
Think we’re not doing enough on climate change
Note: Net support among registered voters; excludes unsure and neutral responses. Sources: Civiqs (Black Lives Matter support); Morning Consult/Politico (poverty); Pew Research (masks, climate); New York Times/Siena College poll (trust). | By The New York Times
The sense of opportunity thus is emerging not solely from the wreckage of past policies but also from new attitudes, particularly among young people. Half a century ago, there was something to Nixon’s claim of a “silent majority” that backed his racist dog whistles; today, polls indicate, the silent majority want more spending to address racial inequity, more effort to address climate change and more input from scientists on how to handle Covid-19.

It’s not clear, of course, that these views will translate into wiser policies. Congress is often more responsive to wealthy donors than to voter opinions. And while white Americans may chant “Black Lives Matter,” they may not want to back policies to share the bounty that they have been hogging; few are talking about fixing our unequal system of local school funding built to transmit advantage from one generation to the next.

Yet this inchoate movement is gaining ground, and Trump is on the defensive. In the rural Oregon town where I grew up, most people voted for Trump in 2016, and until early this year they stuck with him because they liked his nominations of conservative judges and his pro-gun stance, but most of all they liked the roaring economy. Now the collapsing economy and Trump’s manifest failures in managing the pandemic test that support.

In the 1930s the unequivocal nature of Hoover’s failures helped win Roosevelt his mandate and made the New Deal possible. Maybe national anguish can again be the midwife of progress.

“It is possible that the best thing that could have happened to make progressive change possible is the crass, self-interested, ineffective politics of Donald Trump,” Lizabeth Cohen, a Harvard historian, told me.


But wait! Even if Biden wins with both chambers of Congress — a huge if — this is an age of toxic polarization. Republican senators will filibuster (if the filibuster survives), conservative judges will overturn Biden executive orders, and Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity will spew venom.

Actually, that sounds rather like the 1930s. Roosevelt was (initially) blocked by the Supreme Court, and fervently denounced by Father Charles Coughlin on the right and Senator Huey Long on the left. F.D.R. was regularly accused of being a “warmonger” and a “fascist dictator,” or of taking America on the road to Communism. He didn’t even have the full backing of his wife, Eleanor (history vindicated her on most of their disagreements, such as anti-lynching legislation that she supported and the internment of Japanese-Americans that she opposed).

Skeptics worry that Trump has permanently damaged American institutions and norms, in ways that will impair future progress. Perhaps. But Nixon likewise challenged institutions, norms and the rule of law, and the result was that Americans came to value them more. One result was the Democratic tidal wave of 1974.

Like Trump, Nixon took on journalists — his vice president, Spiro Agnew, excoriated critics as “nattering nabobs of negativism” — but ultimately Agnew was convicted of a felony, and Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein inspired a generation of kids to become journalists. Me included.

I often hear Americans say that our country has never been so divided. That doesn’t ring true. Far more than today, households in the 1960s were riven by civil warfare, with children denouncing parents as murderers for supporting the Vietnam War and parents despairing of their offspring as immoral, impractical good-for-nothings who lived in sin, smoked pot and threatened the nation’s future. If we survived the chasms of the ’60s, we can get through this.

“I know we will see a better future,” President Jimmy Carter told me recently. “We have been through many painful crises, some spanning years, but we have always gotten back on our feet. Sometimes there must be a reckoning and course correction.”

I reached out to Carter because his administration in the late 1970s roughly marked the end of the postwar cycle of inclusive capitalism. At age 95, he’s still guardedly optimistic, as is Walter Mondale, his vice president, a classic liberal who at age 92 — “not too many more years, and I’ll be getting old,” he told me — said he feels “a lot of hope.”
History does not unfold smoothly; policies do not “evolve” gradually. Rather, they develop, like animal species, through what evolutionary biologists call “punctuated equilibrium” — long periods of stasis and short bouts of intense variation. The change is often driven by traumas, like the American Revolution or the Great Depression.

Roosevelt was a somewhat conventional, privileged figure who seized upon the catastrophe of the Depression to transform America. Lyndon B. Johnson was a corrupt and manipulative Southern politician who seized upon the Kennedy assassination to pass civil rights legislation and the Great Society programs.

“F.D.R. wasn’t by nature a revolutionary, but out of the trauma of the Great Depression he helped unleash a revolution that made America a richer, fairer and better country,” said Cohen. “The same is possible again — if we get everything right.”

Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, along with a broad recognition that America has taken a wrong path, create a similar opportunity for Joe Biden. While Biden isn’t charismatic, he’s a reassuring veteran who knows how the system works and doesn’t frighten voters — and who thus has a chance, like F.D.R., to be elected with a mandate and make history.

Some of Biden’s aides are telling him to think in such grand terms, and he seems drawn to the idea. “I do think we’ve reached a point, a real inflection in American history,” he told reporters a few days ago. “And I don’t believe it’s unlike what Roosevelt was met with.”

Biden added that “we have an opportunity to make some really systemic change,” but for now his policy positions don’t show much sign of that. He is likely to favor a public option as a path to universal health coverage, stronger moves on climate change, a higher federal minimum wage, easier access to college, and jobs programs to reduce inequality. If enacted, these would put America on a path more like that of Europe and Canada, but they would be short of Rooseveltian.

Add a universal child care/pre-K program modeled on the military’s, universal dental coverage, Canada-style child allowances to cut child poverty in half, major investments in K-12 education for disadvantaged children, “baby bonds” to reduce wealth inequality, greater union protections and “bandwidth for all” — then you are talking history.

Is that a pipe dream? Perhaps. But a series of national crises may have exposed our failings enough to give us a chance at a do-over.

This hope is not Pollyannaish. It rests on a tragic toll of Covid-19 deaths, and it requires a thousand caveats. Trump might win in November. If Biden wins, a Republican Senate might stymie his proposals and block his nominees. Deficits are now so enormous that politics may become a dispiriting fight about which programs to cut, not which dreams to finance. Veteran liberals are scarred by memories of unfulfilled hope that followed Barack Obama’s election in 2008, Bill Clinton’s in 1992, Jimmy Carter’s in 1976: Hope is the engine oil of campaigns, but it burns up in the heat of governing.

And yet.

“Hope right now in America is bloodied and battered, but this is the kind of hope that is successful,” said Senator Cory Booker, Democrat of New Jersey. “It’s hope that has lost its naïveté.”

Besieged as we are by plague and crisis, a dollop of this “calloused hope,” as Booker calls it, offers an incentive to persevere. If in the depths of the Great Depression we could claw a path out and forge a better country, “calloused hope” can guide us once more to a better place.

Wow, Jerry, Thank you. Just think, Kristof wrote that without any help from astrology! We ARE expanding our consciousness. 🙂

FYI . . . The hacking of high profile Twitter accounts (Obama, etc.) is a blatant example of the most recent transiting Jupiter-Pluto (+Pallas) conjunction on June 30, all at 24+ Capricorn opposite US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Pallas is the strategist, the planner. Enuf for now, I yield my usual lengthy comment space to Frank. Will ponder the possibilities of the 3rd & final conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto on Nov. 12.

So sorry, I started that comment with thanks to Jerry (who always deserves it) when I meant to write thanks Frank.

That Nicholas Kristof Op-Ed made my day! Quite a lot of good insight in that one.
Many Thanks!

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction on Nov. 12, 2020

This is the 3rd of 3 conjunctions that comprise the start of the new Jupiter-Pluto cycle that replaces their cycle that began in December, 2007, when the transiting Moon (the People) and Atropos (named for one of the 3 Fates that symbolizes the life of something is ending) in Capricorn were opposite the US natal Sun in Cancer.

This last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn 51 is in the same degree as the Saturn-Pluto cycle that started in January, and both cycles participate in the grand trine with US natal Neptune in Virgo and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Taurus that ends on December 21. Even so, this cycle carries that vibe of the grand trine for another 12 years (til Feb. 4, 2033) and it is powerful energy.

This 11/12/20 chart’s Moon at 18+ Libra conjuncts Venus at 19+ Libra which conjuncts US natal Juno at 20+ Libra which opposes US Chiron at 20+ Aries, which tells us that this cycle will be about the Black Lives Matter movement.

This chart’s Lachesis, she of the 3 Fates who determines the twists and turns and the length of the thread of life, at 18+ Libra, conjuncts the Moon (People) that conjuncts Venus (values) that conjuncts US Juno (the lesser equal) that opposes the US Chiron (healing through wounding) and this is probably all we need to know for now about the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, already underway . . .
. . . except that the chart’s North Node (path forward) at 20+ Gemini is trine (easy peasy) the transiting Moon, Lachesis and Venus and US natal Juno in Libra, and the North Node also sextiles US natal Chiron in Aries.

“I cannot tell a lie.” (George Washington)

“I cannot tell the truth.” (Donald Trump)

Eliseo, despite all the wonderful insights on this blog, I feel we still vastly understimate the scope and effects of the pandemic and subsequent economic crisis that is to come. I thought so far it would be 3 or 4 times worse than what we have seen. Now, I’m up to 5 to 10. This belief is based on the following:

1. I saw a graph of the three waves of the so-called Spanish flu from 1918 to 1920. The second was overwhelmingly larger than the first. The third was somewhere between the first two.

2. Saturn in Aquarius will be square Uranus in Taurus all through 2021. This aspect has always been associated with an economic slump. On top of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, I think it is catastrophic.

3. Let’s get real about Biden’s term chart. This man will be in a critical struggle 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout his entire term. If you think things wil magically improve next January, you’re in for a major disappointment.

We will all need divine guidance more than ever in the months and years to come.

Quote of the night on MSNBC:

“We cannot be gaslighted to death.”

Andre, I agree with your comments! Even with Trump gone, there will be a huge price to pay for all that has happened, and is still to happen with Covid19.

A country that has gone through all this cannot simply pick up and carry on like it was in 2016 before Trump. In particular, your point about Biden is right on – he is only one human being, in the late years of his life – he looks frail already, though perhaps the challenge will energize him (so we hope!) to carry him through. Undoubtedly, as president he will be very well advised and informed by his close associates, and supported fully by his family and friends.

Still, your point about the 24 hour struggle is most worrisome. Look at the grey hair it brought on for Obama and he is still a relatively young man. It makes the appointment of the Vice President so much more important than it would be in ‘normal’ times? And how long will it be before people feel the times are normal? The whole earth can use all the divine guidance it can get!

A basic fact which is not hyperbole:

Republicans are killing the American people.

Andre, Beowulfie,
To a great extent, I agree with both of you.
Many are hoping our pandemic and political nightmare will end with 2020 and Biden’s inauguration. Very few know the “Spanish Flu” lasted 35 months, 1 month shy of 3 years. That might be our fate as well. Furthermore, any “fixes” a Biden administration may undertake at the beginning in 2021 will likely not be actually felt until the latter part, perhaps the last year of his term.

I believe the restoration will commence with Biden’s presidency and retaking the Senate. But we wont see results for quite a while.


Thank you for the piece on Masonic Astrology. Fascinating. Several of the Founding Fathers were trippy dudes.

Sharon, thank you for your kind thoughts about my health issues – you are most kind.

Jerry/Sharon – where is the piece by Kristof to which you refer?

Three points I’m wondering about:

(A) I recall one of our more sensitive sisters foresaw a woman “taking Trump down.”
I’m wondering, might that be Mary L. Trump with her new book?

(B) Trump’s favorability numbers are plummeting. It is becoming obvious his presence in the White House is an extraordinarily potent and effective motivator to get Dems, Independents, and many R’s to vote for Biden, and for the Dem challengers to his R congressional and senatorial “enablers.”

Rumor is top R leaders have been bitterly complaining/demanding that Donald get his campaign/act together. By late August if his numbers are still dropping (and they probably will be) the R convention might decide to drop him and run someone else. Will they? I don’t know. They might well conclude his absence would stop the bleeding, might prevent R defections to Biden and serve to dampen the Dem vote. A lower turnout benefits them.

It depends on how crazy/dysfunctional they really are. If there is any sanity left at all in the R party, they would realize they might minimize their Nov. losses by running someone else. That person might surely lose, but rally back enough R votes to keep the Senate. Crazy is as crazy does? I recall Trump’s transits don’t bode well for him in late August.

(C) I’ve long had a deep intuition Barack Obama’s most important historical role would come after he left the presidency. Considering the number, depth, and breadth of the multiple and simultaneous crises we will navigate in the next few years, I’m wondering what role, if any he might play in a Biden administration. His talents will be needed.

The US will not be the only nation in need of restoration and reinvention. The recovery from the pandemic, economic and climate mess will require international cooperation. I’m wondering about Obama…

You’re entirely welcome! Many of the Founding Fathers were trippy dudes, indeed!

I’m struggling with some personal and health issues right now, but as soon as I regain access to my personal library (now in storage) I hope to study Masonic and financial/economic astrology.

Hope you are feeling better. May the force be with you!

To understand what is going on, it’s a good idea to see and hear what the other guys are doing. Here you are, a short Roger Stone interview on Hannity (16 minutes). Worth seeing just to get a sense of how deep the canyon is.


To get the full effect of the propaganda onslaught, you have to listen to the whole thing.

Stone makes a little ‘tell’ by looking down once, but otherwise he’s deadpan earnest all the way through, talks about God, proclaims his innocence, and the injustice to him. The whole bit. A con in action. A pro.

But for people who are not discriminating or well informed, both Hannity and Stone come off as straight-up, patriotic, outspoken Americans. If you don’t know any better or are a true believer, the performance is quite convincing and affirms the biases of the audience.

The nagging question being, how can this version of reality be soooo different from the other one?

Interesting quote from Anne Applebaum.
Laura Ingraham’s Descent Into Despair
JULY 16, 2020

“For some people, loud advocacy of Trump helps to cover up the deep doubt and even shame they feel about their support for Trump. It’s not enough to express tepid approval of a president who is corrupting the White House and destroying America’s alliances and inflicting economic catastrophe on the country: You have to shout if you want to convince yourself as well as others. You have to exaggerate your feelings if you are to make them believable.”

PBS Frontline: Steve Schmidt, ex-Republican strategist, talking about American Politics (before Covid, January 2020). Really worth the time to listen – very insightful and balanced.


Did you know that Trump did in fact build his wall, but not as most Trump supporters were anticipating (along the Mexican US border) – but in Aberdeen, Scotland? It was a brazen and cruel attempt to drive out home owners that were obstructing his pristine view overlooking massive luxury Trump Golf Courses and adjoining town houses. The following documentary does a brilliant job of occasionally interspersing clips from the 1983 film Local Hero (Local Hero has a similar story line running through it)……..

You’ve Been Trumped (from Wikipedia)

A 2011 documentary by British filmmaker Anthony Baxter. The film documents the construction of a luxury golf course on a beach in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, by developer Donald Trump and the subsequent struggles between the locals, Donald Trump, and Scottish legal and governmental authorities.

When it was announced that the documentary was to be given its British television premiere on BBC Two on 21 October 2012, Trump’s lawyers contacted the corporation to demand that the film should not be shown, claiming that it is “defamatory” and “misleading”. The screening went ahead. The BBC defended its decision, noting that Trump had repeatedly refused to be interviewed in conjunction with the film.

In October 2016, Baxter announced the release of You’ve Been Trumped Too, a sequel to the film timed for release before the 2016 United States presidential election. The film focused on the problems experienced by neighbors of the Trump International Golf Links, including a 92-year-old woman who claimed that she was forced to collect water from a nearby stream in a bucket after construction workers had cut off her supply. In response to the film, lawyers representing Trump International threatened legal action against anybody who screened the film. As of 2020 this film has yet to be released. (FOOTNOTE: the sequel is scheduled for release next month – Aug. 2020)

Here’s the theatrical trailer to You’ve Been Trumped

Video: 2 min 44 sec


AND the full 2011 documentary You’ve Been Trumped can be seen here…..

Video: 1 hour 40 min


Political malpractice on this level should be a crime:


A comment from the nyt’s today

“Trumps time to make up ground is running out.
His double-down mentality has reached its breaking point.

His belief that he is the answer to anything/everything no longer works, and him acting like he doesn’t notice how many people see him for what he is doesn’t make the problem go away.

So he will lose – and he will lose big, and then he will act like America is comprised of a bunch of suckers who didn’t know how good they had it with him in charge.

He will go down in history as the most hated, divisive and ineffective president in American history. Influential, but only for the damage he’s done.

No legacy of success – only notoriety, and a footnote to a story about a gullible America who bought snake oil from a conman.”


So many of you are talking about how difficult it will be after trump. I agree and wonder what kind of Federal Government we will have left when President Biden takes over. Trump’s loyalty tests of the past three years have driven out most of the senior career staff at the various agencies.

Before we get there though, we need to address how to get there. I for one am still worried that trump will not leave office when he loses and given the concerted effort of the GOP to keep him in office, I am not even sure we will be able to declare victory -with voter suppression, rigged machines, Russian hacks…the list is voluminous.

And at the same time, there can be little doubt that the GOP and trump want us to toe the line or die – democrats and first-line workers can all perish. To them, we are expandable and replaceable. Anything to keep their money-making apparatus running.

Does anyone have any insight into what is happening in Portland? Cannot tell if this is trump and his cronies testing out the idea of using Federal enforcers in our cities or what?


On Neptune Cafe’s FB page today:

“Mercury Retrograde Shadows Election Day 2020

Historically, when Mercury is retrograde during the voting process, snafus of all kinds tend to confuse and delay the results. The most egregious case was in November 2000 when Florida’s votes had to be recounted by hand and ultimately the Supreme Court had to make the call. Looking ahead, Mercury’s retrograde phase will likely be a huge factor in the 2020 election.

The chart for the moment Mercury turns retrograde on October 13, 2020 (9:04 pm; Washington DC) looks ominous. Mercury at 11º Scorpio is near the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, indicating that the nation as a whole will be influenced by this astro-event. And with Mercury opposing Uranus, the likelihood of sudden and unexpected developments is high. Surprising announcements, reckless statements, technology glitches, and hidden agendas being revealed may all be in play at this juncture.

Most importantly, this chart features a powerful T-square: the Libra Sun is exactly opposite Mars in Aries (orb: 0º05’), with both squaring Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun-Mars-Pluto dynamic is one of the most ruthless combinations possible, and suggests an extremely hostile geopolitical climate. One might speculate from now until then how this might manifest, but strife with foreign enemies (with transiting Uranus right on the U.S. Descendant) is certainly one possibility.

Martial law, episodes of violence and mayhem, or just candidates going to extremes of behavior are other possibilities. The extraordinary three weeks of this retrograde phase end precisely on Election Day, November 3 at 12:49 pm EST. Mercury retrograde covers the period when absentee ballots and votes by mail are cast, and ends on the day most people actually vote. It’s bound to be a chaotic election, if indeed it happens as scheduled.

The above is a re-post from my January 6, 2019 NewsScope blog.”

Returning to the subject of Masonic astrology:
As I recall, Ovason uses a July 2nd chart, maintaining it is the truest date for the USA birth. I don’t know if it is a majority, but if I’m not mistaken other Masonic astrologers also use the July 2nd chart.

Have you done any work with that chart? Have you an opinion as to its veracity?


I have neither seen nor studied the chart. Although anything is possible, I would wager the chart for July 4 (the one Nancy has used for the better part of 20 years) is probably as reliable as can be.

I’m not sure if it would be relevant, but I’ve never cast a sidereal chart for the U.S. I think it would push us back into a Gemini sun. Might be an interesting endeavor.

Thank you again for your thoughtful contributions.

Warren influences Biden’s policies and is the only acceptable white potential VP to many African Americans, according to Axios:


How did we, the United States of America, get here and why is this happening to us may be something you have wondered about as much as I have. The thought has occurred to me that we have progressed to a point where something that has festered hidden away must be examined, treated and, if possible, healed.

In 1965 the first of 3 conjunctions took place between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto. Pluto symbolizes something hidden that is contaminated while Uranus symbolizes an abrupt recognition of something heretofore unrecognized.

At the time of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in 1965 and the start of a very long cycle between them, the US PROGRESSED Sun (symbol of consciousness) was at or near 22+ Capricorn, where the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place, and where the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on Nov. 12, 2020 takes place.

This tells me that the cycle between Pluto and Uranus that began in ’65 triggered a dormant US progressed Sun (consciousness) to begin a process of recognizing contamination within the US and treating it in the open.

Uranus and Pluto at 17+ Virgo were sextile Neptune at 18+ Scorpio on Oct. 9, 1965, and the US PROGRESSED Chiron (wound that won’t heal) at 15+ Aries completed a Yod (Finger of God) pattern which demanded that the US PROG. Chiron adjust to the new situation that the Uranus+Pluto-sextile- Neptune pattern was introducing to the world.

Fast forward to 2016 and US PROGRESSED Chiron is at 17+ Aries and opposite US PROGRESSED Mars at 17+ Libra. Donald Trump’s Jupiter (expand and learn) is also at 17+ Libra, as is Putin’s natal Saturn (control) and the US Constitution’s Neptune (not explicit).

The US PROG. Sun (consciousness) at 22+ Cap in 1965 has now moved forward and in 2020 it is at 15-16 Pisces, where it trines (supports and cooperates with) the US PROG. Jupiter (expand and learn) at 15+ Cancer, which squares (challenges) the US PROG. Mars (assertion), and Trump’s Jupiter, and Putin’s Saturn, and the US Constitution Neptune (foggy), all at 17+ Libra (partners).

All this appears to me to be a plan to expose what’s rotten in America, God Bless Her, and begin the long healing process. Better late than never don’t you agree?

The 7 exact squares between trans. Pluto and Uranus (2012-2015) set the stage for this surgical operation on the body politic, and in January, 2020, when the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place, Uranus in Taurus was trine Pholus (small cause = big effect) in Capricorn and both were trine Transpluto (process of becoming whole) in Virgo.

It shows that these two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, with help from Neptune, are continuing the process of recognizing the contamination and treating it in the open, and painful though it is, the patient will live and the world will be better for it.

Interesting puzzle.
Sometimes moment of “birth” can be difficult to determine. It’s not like a live human birth wherein the nurse records the date and time (usually 5-10 minutes later) for the certificate.

According to John Adams, the Declaration was adopted on July 2, presented to the public on the 4th, but was not signed until August 2. The last signer signed in January of 1777. Adams assumed July 2nd would be the annual celebration day.

The same conundrum exists for a chart for the Am. Constitution. Three different dates, the day it was adopted by the Convention, the date it was ratified, and the date when it came into force.


Re: Portland

It’s a disturbing trend. It seems it is a calculated move. Trump is testing the waters to see how far he can go on this civil liberties issue. The following Washington Post article helps flesh out the details…….

The Oregon Governor Wants Federal Officers Out Of Portland. Trump Officials Won’t Listen. Why?

Washington Post
July 17, 2020

For almost two months, protests — often peaceful, sometimes less so — have been going on in Portland, Ore. But recently they caught the attention of the president of the United States, who spied an opportunity to create a dramatic confrontation that would advance his reelection message of “law and order.”

So this week, federal officers came to Portland and began arresting people.

But guess what? Local officials don’t want them to do this. And for very good reason: It’s apparently making the situation worse.

There is reason to believe that this is exactly what the Trump administration wants.

In an interview, Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon told us that her contacts with Trump administration officials about the situation had convinced her that “they are not interested in problem solving,” and this has “nothing to do with public safety.”

Ruth Marcus: Trump’s agents are sweeping peaceful citizens off the streets. This is not America.

More troubling still, Brown tells us that the situation had actually been improving in recent days, and that the arrival of federal law enforcement has caused it to deteriorate.

“We know that things were calming down,” Brown, a Democrat, told us. “We know that the presence of federal officers has inflamed the streets.” Over the weekend, a young man protesting was shot in the face and severely wounded by less-than-lethal ammo from federal marshals.

“If they were really interested in helping us, they would have had conversations first, and taken actions later,” Brown said. “Instead it’s Ready, Fire, Aim.”

Brown said that on Tuesday, she bluntly told the acting secretary of homeland security, Chad Wolf, that the presence of federal officers in the streets was exacerbating matters.

“I told him that the federal government should remove federal officers from our streets,” Brown told us. “I said it’s like adding gasoline to a fire.”

“I said, ‘We do not want you here, you are exacerbating the situation,’ ” Brown continued, adding that the mayor of Portland had the same conversation with Wolf. “It provokes confrontation to have federal troops on the streets. This is purely for political purposes.”

Wolf refused the request. “It was really clear that they were not interested in conversation,” Brown told us. “If they were interested in a solution, they would have been willing to deescalate and dialogue.”

Wolf has since painted a lurid picture of the protests to justify the use of federal law enforcement, claiming Portland “has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob,” and that “each night, lawless anarchists destroy and desecrate property” and “attack the brave law enforcement officers protecting it.”

Brown flatly rejected this as an exaggeration. “It’s an overstatement and a deliberate effort to provoke,” Brown said. “Their presence here escalates the situation, and it is a blatant abuse of power by the federal government.”

It’s not entirely clear which federal law enforcement divisions are in Portland. But we got a clue when Wolf traveled to Portland, whereupon he found some graffiti and then helpfully tweeted photos of himself with a variety of officers, some looking as if they were about to invade Fallujah.

In one photo, an officer’s uniform reads “Homeland Security Rapid Protection Force,” which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service. It’s supposed to protect federal property. Another photo appeared to show Customs and Border Protection officers.

On Friday, both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and CBP confirmed that they have officers on the ground in Portland.

These are not military troops; they are federal law enforcement. Margo Schlanger, a senior Homeland Security official under Barack Obama, told us this means not only that they can arrest people (subject to their particular jurisdiction, though it’s still not clear how this is applying in Portland), but also that state and local authorities can’t tell them to leave.

And Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas at Austin, notes that there are numerous statutory authorities that “allow the federal government to use a wide array of federal law enforcement officers” in situations like these.

Separately, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported that federal law enforcement have been “using unmarked vehicles to drive around downtown Portland and detain protesters since at least July 14.”

Whatever the truth turns out to be about unmarked vehicles, the bigger picture is that it’s plainly obvious that the government is trying to inflame the situation, and that this is exactly what Trump wants.

We know Trump wants these scenes to be playing out on people’s televisions in faraway states, such as — to select a few at random — Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Florida.

And given that his homeland security chief is actively ignoring local officials’ demands that he pull out federal law enforcement — in a manner that those officials say is inflaming the situation — it’s reasonable to surmise that escalation is the whole point of these exercises in the first place.

What’s more, many in federal law enforcement are being told by their superiors and the president that the people they’ll encounter at a protest are murderous thugs (or in Wolf’s words, “violent extremists” and “violent anarchists”) who need to be dominated lest the social order break down completely.

“Dominate” is the word that Trump himself used, on a call with governors last month, including Brown. “You have to dominate,” Trump told them.

It’s hard to overstate how irresponsible and reckless it is for the president and his homeland security chief to use such language. It could very well fuel a situation that combines fear, adrenaline, warrior-cop ideology, and the simple human psychology that says when you put someone in riot gear and tell them they’re headed into a volatile situation to confront violent extremists who are trying to destroy civil society, they’ll be on a hair trigger.

Is that what Trump wants? It sure looks like it.


In regards to Portland.
A friend of mine suggests Trump & company want to goad protesters into violence. They especially might hope someone shoots a federal agent so as to justify martial law.

Portland resident here. Trump is absolutely spoiling for a fight. The nightly protests have been confined to a few square blocks downtown, only turned violent when the police instigated, and had been winding down for the last few weeks. I am sure the fact that we have a democratic, female governor and a dem senator up for reelection helped.

RIP John Lewis. Today sucks.

Three Gorges Dam Braces For More flooding; China Bank Collapse Rumors Spark Bank Runs

Video: 29 min 56 sec


China’s natal Jupiter at 22 Capricorn in the 12th house (a country’s wealth?) was conjoined by the January 12th Saturn/Pluto conjunction and nearby opposition to the Jan. 10th lunar eclipse (20 Cancer). Early January marked the beginning of the Wuhan Chinese virus epidemic. China’s economic infrastructure could show signs of fracturing when Jupiter reaches the 22 Cap degree in square to Mars on August 4th. This could have a cascading effect on international markets…….

Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020: Everything You Need to Know

You may have heard the buzz about a MAJOR cosmic event taking place this year: Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. In fact, you’ve probably already been feeling the effects of these two planetary powerhouses coming together. So, when will Saturn conjunct Pluto? On January 12, 2020 at 11:59AM EST.

Have you noticed a feeling in the last year or so of needing to get real, set against a backdrop of years’ worth of slow, insistent, metaphorical plowing that feels like it should just be done already? If so, you are surely tuned in to the Saturn and Pluto placements in Capricorn! Or, if this doesn’t sound quite right, you may be among those who would report gratitude to at least the Saturnian portion of these placements. Some folks have indicated that Saturn in Capricorn showed up as affirmation or acted in a “saving grace” kind of a way. Let’s look a little more closely at these placements and figure out what’s going on here! Then, we’ll look ahead to what may happen during the upcoming conjunction of these two cosmic forces.



Typo: Read instead: “….when Jupiter reaches the 20 Cap degree in square to Mars on August 4th”

Aug 13th/ MARS SQUARE PLUTO 23 ’05 Aries-Capricorn

Excellent article in the NY Times on the health crisis (access is free, I believe, to Covid articles):


“……Medical leaders, the report noted, were often unaware of public-health activities that they themselves were crucial to implementing. There also seemed to be no clear coordination among federal, state and local health departments nor much agreement on who was in charge of what. “Responsibilities have become so fragmented,” the authors wrote, “that deliberate action is often difficult if not impossible…….The health commissioners themselves tended to be inexperienced — many obtained their positions through personal connections — and to sit very low in the political hierarchies of which they were a part. Several had never even met their governors in person. ” Etc…..

Frank, thank you for your kind words. We’re all nearly sick worrying about each other around here, and trying to keep Mom safe… and then tonight my daughter in ARK called and said she’s been running a fever and having some other symptoms, so she just got tested and is isolating. She desperately wants a new job, but C19 sure isn’t making it easy. (BTW, I think she has a bug, but not C19. Something else is going around; my best friend’s daughter had the same symptoms over the 4th and she tested negative.)

And thank you, too, for posting the article. It was good to read, and while I don’t have as much hope as this reporter seems to have, one thing stood out for me — the numbers. Even at 89%, we still have that near 20-25% that seem to be the hardcore bottom feeders of white supremecy. And I just don’t know how we’re going to deal with them. They reject everything logical, reasonable, and sane. And if one calls them on it, they’re just as likely to shoot you as engage in a conversation. Its absolutely crazy!

I was one of the idealistic, disaffected young’uns in the 60’s -70’s. It was rough at times — even in my small town we had school riots — but I still don’t feel it was as bad back then as it is now. The only time comparable to me would be the time period of the Civil War.

And we’ve never had non-labeled “police” in rental vans kidnapping and disappearing Am Citizens off city streets. This one sent shivers up and down my arthritic spine. It’s like we truly DID elect Vladimir Putin as President. Damn scary. And the only people getting grabbed from the streets in the old days were people caught up IN the cults — not those fighting AGAINST the cultists!

So yeah, hopeful words are balm to the soul any day of the week in this administration… I just don’t think I share his enthusiasm quite as much as I wished I could. But thank you for posting such a good read!

Andre: You said “Republicans are killing the American people.”

I’ve been shouting that Trump, especially, but the Repubs in general are practicing what amounts to genocide on the People. And I –so– want to see them tried for genocide! I truly feel it is a deliberate attempt to 1) kill as many democratic voters as possible and 2) kill as many domestic safety net programs (what we have left, anyway), as quickly as they can.

They no doubt see this “inflection” point, too… and are planning to use it to their advantage. If we don’t take the Prez, and both houses of congress, and really PUSH to make changes, the changes will be made TO us instead of FOR us, IMNSHO.

Biden was never my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick, but I’m happy to vote for him. I understand he represents some “normality” to some people… his style is slow, personable, and empathetic. We’ll need that now. As long as he picks someone who is a go-getter, Type A personality to ensure the ideas are there and the followup is well, followed up, then we’ll be okay, I think. But if he’s loathe to delegate authority to his VP then we may be in trouble, cause I don’t think Biden has it in him to make big, historic changes like FDR (which is why he wasn’t my pick for Prez). I read recently where even Wall Street was coming out for Biden, even tho they figure they’ll get hit $$$ when he wins. But again, he represents stability — something investors, etc., need and live for. But also, I think, because Biden is that side of the DNC — the Wall Street side – not the FDR side. Democrat, not Progressive. And I think we’re gonna need Progressive ideas to get people back on their feet and come out whole on the other side of these crises!

Beowulfie – regarding Stone and Hannity interview:

Don’t they say Satan is the Father of Lies? I think Stone is an excellent stand-in for the devil!

Look at how the evangelicals have been taken in by Trump! Elected, anointed, and used by God when everything they fight for is against the Bible, itself, as literally written in it! I would not want to be them, meeting their god and answering His questions when they die. I don’t think Christ cares for hypocrisy anymore than most of us.

ja – I liked that quote from the NYT, and I agree with it whole-heartedly, every word!

I suggest if Trump has to have a library, it contain the only book he’s said to have actually read — collected speeches from Adolf Hitler.

That one book would represent his entire administration perfectly! Of course, if someone wants to print out all his official tweets and place a notebook next to Hitler, people could finally see and compare for themselves how close we came to becoming the 4th Reich!

barbk – back in the 60s and 70s I was marching for women’s rights and trying to get the point across that more money doesn’t mean great happiness… that, in fact, the opposite is probably closer to the truth.

With all the Rams you have listed in your post, maybe finally we’ll wake up to the weird idea that you don’t need millions of dollars to be happy. Just look at how sad and dysfunctional Trump’s whole family looks! And look at how corrupt his three oldest children are.

Maybe in 2020’s and beyond we old hippies will finally be vindicated as not being so far “out there” in our beliefs! (gryn) People really are more important than things or $$$.

Jerry – did you see what these “violent thugs” had done to deserve to be kidnapped off their own streets? GRAFFITI!!! I didn’t see the graffiti, but I figure at least some it has to be F*&k Trump, no doubt.

There is no excuse for this, but Trump has already come out and said he wants to start doing this same thing across the country next week.

If he does that and Congress or the Courts don’t rein him in, then he’s got his Police State and all bets are off, IMO.

I know what I’d do if someone I didn’t know … who wouldn’t identify themselves… tried to abduct ME off the street and throw ME into a van!! I was taught never to let them take you to a second spot, cause that’s where you’ll die. For all we know, these guys (altho now identified as Border Patrol) could be 3%’s or other militias… or just run of the mill racists and misogynists getting in on the confusion Trump is causing. I’d sue the shit out of any and all government entities if it were done to me or mine! Especially if they hurt someone like they did the kid who’s skull is fractured.

Someone needs to remind Trump the 1st Amendment is more important than the 2nd Amendment… but we’d be happy to use the 2nd amendment to teach him about the 1st Amendment! Grrrrrrrrrrr this crap infuriates me. This is RUSSIA in action; we have Putin as Prez; and somebody needs to ask Trump about what Putin is telling him on his weekly phone calls to him! I think Trump is getting actual marching orders now.. as in 1 – do this; 2- do this; 3- do that… OR ELSE!

And I’ll bet the OR ELSE isn’t the pee tape!

I can’t believe we’ve lost both Elijah Cumming and John Lewis both. It’s like the Congress has lost those who held fast the moral center. We (and they) are going to be so much poorer for not having them with us, guiding us.

I agree about Trump wanting to instigate bad trouble in Portland and other places in the country. Problem is, I’ll lay odds I’m not the only one here wouldn’t go willingly with just anyone cause they said “get in.”

I don’t carry – and some of you know my attitudes towards firearms. AND the fact my eyesight is so bad I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn! But I’m a hellacious fighter. I think just about every woman who has made it this age group is the same way. We’ve been hit on, cornered, and worse too many times NOT to have learned to take care of ourselves.

And you KNOW how Trump hates aggressive, competent women. That’s why this “test” started in Oregon. He’s treated every female that doesn’t soothe his ruffled feathers disdainfully. And he’d just LOVE to break the backbone of the coastal West states, IMO.

Hey slightkc,
I hope you are right. I hope your daughter is merely afflicted with a temporary bug, not covid-19.

What’s happening in Portland, 118 miles south of here is pretty scary. When I was involved in the civil rights movement in the 60’s, I wasn’t as personally frightened as I am today. Although I was beat up a few times, and afraid for my life a couple of times, I felt safer in knowing our Dem president and many in Congress and in our state legislature were on our side.

Even after Nixon became president I wasn’t afraid of the federal government, nor did I believe there was any serious possibility our government would turn fascist. The danger instead was from our local yokel proudly Southern police and the Confederate flag loving rednecks I attended junior high and high school with.

Circumstances, at least here in WA are now somewhat reversed. Most citizens and our fairly competent state and local government here support BLM. A fairly large majority detests Trump and all his minions. The concern now is the federales, as led by the Orange weirdo in the White House.

On the one hand, I’m fairly optimistic we will prevail, (particularly in the long run) but I’m realistic enough to know it might not go that way. I’m very aware our noble American experiment is in mortal danger.

In the 60’s and early 70’s I wasn’t afraid of becoming homeless, of losing all I had accumulated, of all of us losing our basic constitutional rights, or personally losing my loved ones, or my own life in a pandemic. I wasn’t afraid our president might persecute me or my family or friends, or might get us all killed through his brashness, belligerence, incompetence, or sheer unadulterated and abject stupidity. Today, these are real concerns.

In my youth I had memorized JFK’s inaugural address, for which I won awards in declamation. I was inspired by MLK, RFK, and others. Although at age 12 I was an atheist, (later to grow into a pantheist) I admired the pastor at my parents church. He was a friend and colleague of Dr. King, and I was happy to assist him in his efforts to render racial and gender justice in our town.

At that time, I felt within a strong sense of meaning, of purpose transcending any of my personal goals or ambitions. I truly believed, “We Shall Overcome.” I believed everyone would eventually see the light.

It’s harder to feel that now. Today is so different. To be an American today is to feel humiliated, deeply embarrassed, ashamed. I don’t recall ever having to live under the present level of stress and acute frustration. It’s national, but also very personal. I’ve never felt so crazy, so neurotic, so compulsive.

As you referenced, about a third of us are deep into the Trump cult. They are not reconciled to, or have any interest in our democratic traditions, ideals, or processes. They live in an alternate and false reality created, maintained, and nurtured by wealthy plutocratic oligarchs, and their far right subservient media propaganda machines.

We are on the dark side of the moon, trudging through a graveyard on our knees. We see the tombstones, each one bearing the name of someone we once loved. We wonder, we hope, we pray our most noble and cherished ideals will not soon lie there with them.

Seems to me, Trump’s thugs in Portland could be charged with kidnapping, false arrest, and inciting public violence. If I were governor, I’d order they be arrested asap.

Hi Will, You’re referring to Frank’s July 16th 12:52 pm entry, the New York Times opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof. If you have a PC computer just hold down the control key and press f. After the search box emerges on the lower left hand corner enter the key word Kristof. Press either the up or down icon. That will take you there.


He’s the “law and order” president. Portland today, who knows what shall come tomorrow. Don’t fret. He’ll be out of there soon.

The next Vice President may be the most powerful in history.


Trump and some Republican governors should be charged with manslaughter.

Eliseo, the fear you describe is a perfect expression of the testing time brought by Uranus square Pluto and reinforced by Saturn conjunct Pluto. This is a test of the progressive achievements brought by the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the Sixties. The fact that Pluto is now in Capricorn meant the crisis would mainly hit the political system. American society is clearly passing this test with BLM and MeToo and the support of most whites, which was absent in the Sixties.

The most dangerous time is now through December with the final return of Saturn in Capricorn square Mars in Aries. The crisis will truly end when the combination of the US Pluto return, the Neptune semi-return and the US Chiron return are completed in 2023-2024. The crisis will continue until then even if Biden is elected.

The good news is that by 2025 we will be in a vastly different world and our nightmares will not have come to pass. But we will then still shiver at the close call. You should write and publish about this to warn the future.

Napoleon was exiled by the British to a small South Atlantic island and probably poisoned because he started multiple wars that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Hitler was brought to suicide after unspeakable crimes against humanity. The Beast is back and he is the President of the United States. This is spiritual warfare in a new form.

Slightkc, I think Putin is telling Trump the following:

“You must continue to hold power next year by any means necessary. You will not be able to accomplish this without widespread terror in your country and massive bloodletting. You must have the courage and the ruthlessness to do this by October. This must be the October surprise for the ages The American people must be too frightened to vote and you must use violence to stop those who have the courage to do so. Put William Barr in charge. You must learn from what China has done to Hong Kong.”

You done good Andre.

An interesting breakdown.
Meet the supporters Trump has lost

It’s Trump’s party now — and will be even after he’s gone

“But while Trump emits his own unique forms of venom, he is a reflection of, not a contrast to, today’s Republican Party. On the central challenges facing the country, the Republican Party, like Trump, is unending in its cruelty.”

Seems to me what we see astrologically jives with what journalists and sociologists foresee. When Trump is gone, the resentment, belligerence, the fear and anger and mourning Trump channelled and fomented will still be there. It won’t disappear overnight because we elected Biden.

IMO, Dems will need to do at least two things to heal the divide. We’ll need to improve the lot of those who live in small towns and rural areas, and somehow shut down the propaganda, while simultaneously managing the depression, the pandemic, and sporadic insurrectional violence. It will be a tough presidential term.

Trump supporters are already talking about what they might do if he doesn’t win — extremism experts are worried


The big concern with regard to Portland is that all of the leadership at Homeland Security are political appointees that were never confirmed by the Senate and now, Trump has placed 20 hacks in senior pentagon jobs – I fear that he is trying to infiltrate the military to do martial law tied to the election.


I just read your postings.

“The most dangerous time is now through December with the final return of Saturn in Capricorn square Mars in Aries.”

Yes, I can absolutely feel it, almost like a physical thing. It reminds me of what we feel during an earthquake, but of course far more subtle. And yes also, you are aware of the working titles and subjects I’m already working on. It won’t make sense to publish most of my stories and essays until after Trump has left the presidency.

As to your comments about Napoleon and Hitler, my thinking is in harmony with yours. Not a day goes by that I do not think especially of Napoleon, his first period of exile on the island of Elba, his escape, and final exile on Saint Helena.

“I fear that he is trying to infiltrate the military to do martial law tied to the election.”

I believe that is precisely his aim. He is aching like an addict to impose martial law. The slightest excuse will suit him fine.

Eliseo, I do not doubt that trump wants to declare martial law and take over. The question is if those who are left in our government are enough to stop him. Also, Tim Wirth in this Newsweek article a few weeks back talks about Barr having already drafted executive orders that will allow trump to do the unthinkable.


“The question is if those who are left in our government are enough to stop him.”

We can look at available evidence, make inferences, see possibilities, and conclude probabilities. I don’t think we can actually know until we get there. I try not to let it drive me crazy, but …easier said than done.

The right wing fools so terrified of Trump losing don’t intimidate or scare me. They are ultimately conspiracy-addled cowards with no conviction.

They are nihilists; you can’t fight for anything if you truly believe in nothing to begin with.

To some extent, I say give them what they want. If it’s a fight they want, give it to them—and make sure every last one of them who survives it, stands on trial and goes to prison for treason, terrorism and war crimes.

And of course, start with thoroughly exposing and destroying Trump and Barr first. Take them down hard, and take them apart piece by piece.

Neither the mayor of Portland, or governor of Oregon had the authority to order the federal agents to leave.

But the Portland police could have been ordered to arrest the agents.

They carried assault style weapons, wore no identifying insignia, were kidnapping, arresting and abusing innocent citizens without cause, and clearly were there to foment violence.

Had you or I had donned military garb with no official insignia, brandished such firearms, kidnapped and bullied citizens willy nilly, we would surely now be in jail!

My understanding is the mayor and governor politely but firmly asked those guys to leave. That’s not the correct response to bullies in action. You might as well ask a Nazi to please stop being a Nazi.

I think part of the plan is to bring in agitators to rile up looting and burning and that will be a perfect storm for martial law. I have friends who are long-time citizens who were originally immigrants and they want to restore law and order in the U.S. and seem to blame the protesters. They came from countries where protest wasn’t tolerated (Thailand, Cuba), although a country like Cuban was born out of protests.

Hey Quiet,
Thanks for your comment. I just checked news sources, but there is nothing new about what happened with those supposed federal agents kidnapping protestors. All the stories are from 24 hours ago. The events and circumstances seem pretty confusing.

I just read they were no name tags, as there was concern they might be “doxed.” No name tags also reduces the possibility of a warrant for their later arrest. Reports are the “agents” were Homeland Security Border Patrol employees. Do we know that for sure? Is there any new or further information?

US attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams has called for an investigation, and Dem Senator Jeff Merkley has pointed the finger directly at Trump as the instigator. The “agents” themselves need to be held accountable as well as whomever issued their orders. Any new information?

Silcominc, if I were a constitutional lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court in the case raised by the Newsweek article you posted, I would counter that any state that cannot have a slate certified for the Electoral College should not have its vote counted in the House of Representatives when it selects the next President in the scenario mentioned. That should give the edge to the Democrats. Or would it be a tie that only Nancy Pelosi could break?

ESS accounts for 2/3 of the nations voting equipment. The company is privately owned but has always maintained close ties to the GOP. It’s come out that their head of security is working for trump doing security for HHS. This is getting very dark.


The OR Attorney General has sued the DOJ & DHS for violating protestors first amendment rights as well as OR state law asking for a restraining order. The feds consisted of US Marshalls, Border Patrol, ICE, and Federal Protective Service all under the direction of DHS. The westside, downtown protest absolutely happened last night and will happen again tonight. Twitter is the best resource with multiple local journalists live tweeting/streaming. @MrOlmos, @DonovanFarley, @tuckwoodstock, and the always humorous, @PDXPoliceFence. I can’t tell if anyone was temporarily kidnapped again however it sure looks like there were more feds. Tear gas was definitely used and Naked Athena seems to have stunned them a bit.

Meanwhile, biggest farmers market in the city took place 10 blocks away just like every other Saturday morning and the more sedate, family friendly evening march is currently in progress on the eastside.

On another note, the pedestal in my neighborhood that used to hold a statue of George Washington until last month now has an adorable, little, red tricycle with a basket of impatiens on the seat. Such an anarchist hellhole. 🙂

Eliseo, for you: https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/keep-your-eye-on-the-prize/30675/

Thanks for the update. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, so was unaware of these other news sources.

There will be no advancement toward a more just society as long as Trump & the R’s are in power. I would like to see the protesters pour their energies into electing Biden & other Dems who take seriously BLM. I’m in sympathy with their goals, but they are also spreading the virus.

Tearing down a statue of George Washington does not help. It gives creedence to Trump’s
far right crazy accusations. Thanks again for your update. Stay safe.

Thank You Emma. Thank You.

Eliseo – with no charges being brought, no ID’s, no names, no badges, etc., I’d be hard pressed not to believe these are part of Trump’s militia groups. I mean, how would we know they’re not? Because Trump and/or Barr say so? I don’t think so… they’ve lied and projected the whole way thru this term!

And that really IS a concern I have. The camo, which General Honore comes right out and says it and the whole episode is absolute bullshit (I got to meet him, btw, when he spoke to our Resident class one year). Anyway, all the “militarization” are Trump’s version of “shock and awe.”

I am somewhat heartened to see ACLU jump on this both for the city and for the the kid with the smashed skull. I DO wish we’d see a few more Democratic representatives with their hair on fire over this, tho. Does no one else but us realize how close we are to losing everything with this?! How can Congress just let him get away with this?

I’ve seen a few dispatches from KC and a few from Lawrence about the cops in KC. They ARE branching out from Portland and heading into my area now. I honestly don’t see how this is constitutional, and so I think we’re gonna have to see the courts get involved.

I also saw one article over on DU where protestors were done being non-violent against these sadistic cops. The headline was something like “If you make war against your own people, don’t be surprised if they make war back at you. I just tried to backtrack for the URL, and of course I can’t find it now! But they were talking about making spears and throwing them at the cops!

Then I just read where not only has the sovereign government of Oregon told the Feds to get out of the state, but that they flat out refused. Then I read where they’ve now restricted airspace over Portland. THAT’S worrisome. Whenever the 3-letter agencies decide to restrict airspace, you KNOW they’re up to something they don’t want anyone to see. Please keep us informed if you see we’re not getting the whole story!

I just love how Republicans are all for states’ rights, unless it goes against something they want…

And now how they’ve been so careful to not tread on “state sovereignty when it comes to getting PPE, etc., to the states, making them fight each other for it, instead… until now, it’s something they don’t like and here they are — adamantly violating a state’s soverienty, even when told to get out by the PTB of that state.

Am I wrong that this is unconstitutional unless Trump has declared a state of emergency over this and/or instituted Marshal Law? I’m really p’o’d…

Jerry – that’s the thing that worries me, tho… I don’t think he’s going to be out of there fast enough… period.

I believe it was Eliseo who said above that he’s not lived thru the chaos and uncertainty like this. I know my stomach can’t handle much more of this uncertainty… let alone my blood pressure! (LOL)

And he’s just ramping up the chaos — now it’s resuming nuclear testing. I’d say if he wants to nuke one of his golf resorts, go for it. But no more radiation into our water, and no more radiation underground to seep into aquifers. No more making us more pariahs to the world than he’s already made us. I am so mortified…

silcominc, you said: “I fear that he is trying to infiltrate the military to do martial law tied to the election.”

That’s exactly what he’s doing with these political appointees in positions that are only suppose to be held by senate confirmed nominations. I’m telling you, he’s been losing the military inches by inches – and not only the officer-class. Betraying our allies on the field, not being concerned enough when he visits them to make the visits about THEM instead of about him, to be MADE to wear a mask to keep the wounded safe, and then the final straw – knowing that Putin put a price on their heads and being betrayed by Trump’s refusal to do anything to back them up.

You even have generals now coming out and call “bullshit!” without even being goaded by journalists. He’s totally lost the military. The only ones he has there that he can count on are the same ones as in civilian life — the racist neo-Nazi’s. And unfortunately, Bush/Cheney made sure enough morality waivers were offered to fill any empty ranks with them. After all, who better to offer a position to legally kill?

Unfortunately, Trump, his appointees, and the police departments have made sure these same “men” used to legally killing with no consequences are given positions of authority over the civilian populace. That’s mixing the military and civilian in ways that are unconstitutional, IMO. Just like mixing government and religion… also unconstitutionally… unless it fits their “wish list” somehow.

I worry it’s about time to take down my website… I’m watching things very closely.

BuckeyeShadow – we’re of the same mind and thought right now. I’ve been this way for quite a while now.

Sometimes I ask if it’s more a matter of cutting off your nose to spite your face, but there comes a time when justice demands they be accountable for their actions…

in one way or another… by hook or by crook…

Many Thanks for the Portland update.

Why is it that nudity so confuses and disorients soldiers and police officers?
“Naked Athena” wearing only her mask and a beanie approached Portland police, stopped a few yards away, and proceeded to do Hatha Yoga. The police were evidently stunned, confused, and slinked away.

A bit over 120 years ago, Doukhobors protested nude against the Canadian government. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police retreated, confused, and bewildered.

In WWI a woman became trapped between the lines. Afraid of taking fire from both sides, she stripped naked and walked a straight line between the adversaries. They stopped shooting, stared in wonder and confusion, and let her pass. When she was gone they began shooting at one another again. She survived the battle and the war due to her unconventional daring and quick thinking.

There are numerous examples from ancient and modern history. “Naked Athena” at the Portland protests is evidently the latest such story.

Human beings IMHO are really odd, superstitious creatures. Maybe the Portland protesters would be a bit safer nude, all following the lead of “Naked Athena” ???
I’ll bet the police and federal agents like to think of themselves as heroes. But
no matter what you believe you are protecting, shooting at, beating up, or in any way abusing nude unarmed people never makes you look or seem or feel in any way heroic.

There were about 3000 people killed on 9/11.

Almost 140,000 people in the US have died now, due to Covid 19, which averages out to about 20,000 deaths a month starting on December 18, 2019, through yesterday, July 18, 2020. This is mind numbing.

30 days divided into 20,000 deaths averages out to about 667 deaths a day for the last 7 months, and there are people who still want to party and drink with their friends which is how you catch Covid-19, right?

Will there be enough people left to vote by the end of October if 70,000+ more people die?

Monday’s New Moon at 28+ Cancer opposes Saturn retrograde at 28+ Capricorn which will exactly conjunct US Pluto at 27+ Capricorn on August 4, the day after the Full Moon on August 3 at 11+ Aquarius. I’m very intrigued by this full Moon because it is linked to the ingress charts for Pluto into Capricorn and Neptune into Pisces.

Both Neptune and Pluto made 2 ingresses into their respective signs, the first I like to think of as a preliminary assessment and the 2nd ingress is a plan for the long period within that sign. In both charts for the Pluto into Cap and the Neptune into Pisces, the 2nd time had placements at 11+ Aquarius. (So did the Uranus into Aries but that cycle is over.)

The August 3 Full Moon at 11+ Aquarius will conjunct MERCURY (news?) at 11+ Aquarius in the Neptune Ingress Pisces #2 chart and the NORTH NODE (path forward) + NESSUS (poison, rape, etc.) at 11+ Aquarius in the Pluto Ingress Capricorn #2 chart. This FM could trigger the Neptune and Pluto “game plans” for the long stay in their respective signs.

A quick look at that chart for Neptune into Pisces #2 has Mars at 22+ Virgo conjunct the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Related to Covid-19?

That chart’s Mars (+ US Neptune) opposes the chart’s Venus (values) at 24+Pisces and that opposition is T-squared by the Moon (People) at 24+ Gemini (the Uranus Degree because that’s where he was when discovered). T-squares are a challenge to be sure.

In the Pluto Ingress Capricorn #2 chart there is an opposition between Saturn at 20+ Virgo opposite Uranus at 18+ Pisces (which transiting Neptune will exactly conjunct in retrograde on Oct. 13, and again in direct motion on Jan. 13, 2021, as transiting Sun and Pluto are conjunct, and trans. Uranus stations direct.)

I don’t have a clue yet, but perhaps it is a breakthrough (Uranus) re: Covid-19 (trans. Neptune) which on Oct 13 will be announced, and on Jan 13th (Sun = consciousness conjunct Pluto = transformation) a vaccine will be ready.

Kims latest

Sorry I don’t know how to post it here but Dan Rather has an op ed in NYT today that is noteworthy. I miss him.

Loved Kim’s intuitive session, kiwi. Thank you for posting it.

Banks, I google but couldn’t find an op ed in today’s NYTimes by Rather.

the only thing I could find on Dan Rather recently is his new platform – News and Guts

Linda G’s guest today said he saw Michele Obama as possible VP choice or that she was very involved with the choice.


ja, that makes me smile; recall the choice of President Clinton’s wife Hillary as the Dem nominee for President that ran against Trump. Not that they are similar, in fact, quite the contrary.

In fact, Michelle, if she were born at 6 or 7 AM would have a Moon conjunct the US natal Sibly Moon (27+ Aquarius) rather than the arbitrary 12 Noon (when no time is known) Moon at 0+ Pisces. She is beloved by many US citizens; the perfect mom and the perfect wife and she’s super smart.

She’s familiar with politicians and the political world, and she’s a Capricorn with her Sun one degree from the US natal Pluto, so transiting Pluto will soon conjunct her Sun and transiting Saturn is about to make the 2nd of 3 conjunctions to her Sun.

Still, although she’s got all the makings of a great president, would she want to do it? Maybe she would take the VP position, but would she want the top spot? Maybe. Her kids are grown (or will soon be) and in 4 years she could be ready for all that being a US President requires of a human being.

It’s a thought that makes me smile. Talk about crazy times!!!

May I just say I have a new heroine! Lysistrata, stand by us… Naked Athena has taken over! And how appropriate the crowd named her Athena! Protector, warrior! Woman!!

There’s a story of Athena and Tiresias. Tiresias saw Athena bathing naked in a lake and, being ashamed (the one aspect of the myth I DO NOT like), Athena took away his sight. But, being compassionate, she answered Tiresias’ mothers’ lamentations and gave him the ability to understand the birds, and a staff that helped him to walk like one who is sighted.

I’d like to think some of that old myth was in the wind tonight, along with the pepper shells. May all these commando idiots lose their sight, now that they’ve seen the power of the righteously angry woman.

I love it. Nothing has cheered my heart more, even in the midst of an enormously painful flare, with no pain meds, after two days of clearing out brush, mandated by the same type of authoritrianism.

Of course, hubby says its because she’s got a model perfect body that it blew the guys so far away that they got in their cars and left. I figure they’re off to some “private” place to “take care of a little personal business.”

I told him, with the saggy tits and butt of a 64 yo woman, I’d still strip down and just prior to the line of commandos racing down the street, I’d tell everyone to strip and start running towards them, yelling from Braveheart, “They will not take away our freedom!”

Now you know why my mother was always worried when I was I young that I’d go too far in my protests! (LOL)

Only in these days of the last of this cycle could “property” become more important than human lives.

My call is “Black lives matter, or NO lives matter!”

I worry we may not come out of this generation alive. These Libertarians and Oligarchs are intent on having it all, taking more, and keeping it.

I’d really like to go to one of the Kochs’ funerals and start throwing tons of monopoly money all over him in his coffin. It’s worth about as much as all the money he’s stolen from the rest of us.

Banks, not only do I miss Dan Rather doing the news, but I so very much miss Walter Cronkite.

I watched a few specials this weekend on the Moon landing, and his sense of wonder and the sincerity with which he spoke leaves us all the poorer for him no longer being with us.

I respect and adore Michelle Obama. But I think all this pressure from people for her to dedicate her life to politics is wrong. She gave 8 years of her life while trying to continue raising her girls correctly, in an 8 years that saw people calling all of them the worst names in the world, meme-ing horrific pictures and modified videos. It amazes me the girls are as smart and giving as they are beautiful after that. In addition, President Obama, even after rising from their own Congress, saw 8 years of nothing but obfuscation and obstruction from his “good friends across the aisle.”

If I were that woman, I’d want nothing more to do with those children for the rest of my life. However, I do feel Obama will be called upon to give more for his country in (at the very least) the Biden administration… if not years into the future. I’d much rather see Barack Obama relieve RBG of her long held SCOTUS seat than see Michelle be VP. RBG needs time away from the mess of the U.S. to heal or pass gently when the time comes. With Obama in her seat, we grant her the grace to do so.

Until then… strength and prayers on wings of candle fire and incense to RBG. May it ever be so.

Did you read my posting about soldiers, police, and Naked Athena about 13 or 14 posts upward?

“Only in these days of the last of this cycle could “property” become more important than human lives.”
Pluto in Capricorn will pass. I’m hoping this pandemic will have awakened more folks to the value of life itself and made us less materialistic.

Tiresias was the only person who had been both a man and a woman. The gods turned him into a woman and later back into a man. The experience purportedly was one of the sources of his wisdom.

Listen to the Director of the Nat’l Inst. of Health avoid giving straight answers – on Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the Press’.

Next step, Dr. Fauci’s early retirement?

It starts about 7 minutes, up to 18 minutes.

Collins jokes and bypasses meaningful comment on Fauci. He softballs everything else.

Despite the denial, may Fauci be replaced?

When the boss speaks FOR you, usually you’re on the way out……..


I actually know Dr. Francis Collins. He was a colleague of my boss for 14 yrs who directed the genetics program at the U. of Miami. Dr. Collins is a devout Christian who believes God works through science. I wouldn’t be surprised if he backs Fauci.


Re: Your comment: “….that’s the thing that worries me, tho… I don’t think he’s going to be out of there fast enough… period.”

I understand the sentiment. Here’s the way I see it. Interestingly enough, Trump and his GOP supporters are unwittingly undermining their political position by resisting the extension of unemployment benefits scheduled to expire July 31st. Combine that with the moratorium on rental agreements set to expire by the end of the month and we face a tsunami of economic difficulties. A plummeting stock market due to rising COVID-19 cases that will force businesses to shut down for a second time. It seems Trump is determined to stroke the flames of “the need to get back to work” movement by stubbornly ignoring the realities of COVID 19. By doing so, most likely it will exact a heavy political price. I trust Congress will find a way of removing him. That’s not wishful thinking. There is a general rising perception that Trump is woefully out of touch. America’s survival is at stake. I think the tension has to reach fever pitch before any action is taken, whether by leaked documents, incriminating evidence or other means. I feel Nancy Pelosi will act at the right time. She’s a smart lady. Many are waiting for that moment. I’m anticipating some concrete measures (second impeachment?) in mid August when tr. Uranus goes stationary retrograde in square to Trump’s natal Pluto. Be brave. The wave is about to hit………..

Stock Market Crash – Why Stocks Will Crash on August 7th, 2020

Video:: 17 min 20 sec


Marjorie on Portland:


lorna Bevan:

On Monday July 20, we finally exit the triple eclipse tunnel we entered at the Gemini New Moon to find a changed landscape. This is a strong magnetic gateway to the second half of an epochal year, culminating in the December-January Aquarian transformation.

This New Moon at 28° Cancer is something of an inner homecoming – the esoteric mantra for Cancer is: “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”

June 21st’s Solar eclipse and this July 20th New Moon bookend 0° Cancer and 28° Cancer, meaning that the time is ripe for somatic healing, for releasing the tender soul place where your psyche meets your physical body carrying your deepest emotions. There’s a sense of relief and release at this New Moon because it is finally the end of the triple eclipse tunnel but you’re never far from a reality check as the Sun and Moon exactly oppose Lord of Time and Karma in dour Capricorn.


Today’s New Moon at 28 Cancer 26 opposes transiting Saturn at 28 Capricorn 39 rx which is conjunct US natal Pluto at 27 Capricorn 33 rx. No mystery here that this is more “transformation” of the government rules and regulations, as well as other US institutions; all part of the so-called Shift we are passing through.

Transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces rx is playing a key role in the maneuvers of this new moon period; he is trine transiting Vesta (what we invest in) at 20+ Cancer.

Trans. Vesta is opposite trans. Jupiter (21+ Cap rx) and Pallas (the strategist) at 19+ Cap rx, which are sextile transiting Neptune. This makes me think of Jerry’s stock market crash video. Notice all the retrogrades (rx) suggesting re-thinking.

Here’s the bigee that transiting Neptune does in this New Moon chart: He is sextile the US NATAL Vesta at 19+ Taurus and this sextile forms a Yod with the US natal Juno at 20+ Libra who must adjust due to her position at the apex of this Yod. (New Moon chart’s Pallas in Cap is also trine US natal Vesta in Taurus to the degree, and she squares US natal Juno in Libra.)

As US Juno decides how to adjust – she who opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, which then turns this temporary Yod into a Boomerang and he, US Chiron in Aries, receives all the energy generated by this Yod between trans. Neptune, US natal Vesta and US natal Juno (she who symbolizes the lesser partner) – all hell is breaking loose.

The thing is, the New Moon chart’s Black Moon Lilith (mean apogee) who has a way of getting revenge, is conjunct US natal Chiron! Watch for a big Boom in the next 2 weeks.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces also squares US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini + Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini, and as well trans. Neptune squares Trump’s Moon at 21+ Sagittarius.

Trans Neptune is within orb of opposing US natal Neptune (22+Virgo) too, which amounts to a grand cross with a lot of Neptune vibes.

Trans. Neptune is exactly in a T-square with Trump’s natal North and South Nodes as well. Does he go with the South Node at 20+ Sagittarius (what no longer serves him well) that conjuncts his natal Moon, or does he go with the North Node, the path forward, in Gemini that conjuncts his Sun and Uranus?

There is so much confusion wrapped up in this New Moon, thanks to Neptune, but there might be a clue to help us sort some of it out. This New Moon chart’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer exactly conjuncts Trump’s natal Mercury which the New Moon Chiron + Black Moon Lilith in Aries squares.

It could mean that something irritating him (my guess is his niece’s book) pushes him to say or write something that sets off a chain reaction that creates chaos, nothing new, I agree.

But, look where the New Moon Mars is; 12+ Aries and conjunct Michelle Obama’s Jupiter, which is opposite New Moon Juno (lesser partner) at 12+ Libra. A note here that Michelle’s Jupiter is part of her natal grand trine with Ceres (nurturer) and Transpluto (process of becoming whole). Could Trump do something so profoundly stupid as to mess with Michelle? (trying to suppress a grin here.)

New Moon starts in just under an hour from now.

Hi Jerry, I tried to listen to the link you posted but I just couldn’t get past the guy’s smiling while he’s talking about a stock market crash…weirdly discordant to me but thank you for your post which I’m guessing summed up the gist of the video. Deep breaths and deep sighs…

Nancy Pelosi said this morning that, if he doesn’t want to leave after November 3, Trump will be fumigated out of the White House in January. Her Sun is in Aries. Expect more pointed remarks from her during the current Mars transit until the end of the year.

Sharon K: Collins may be an upright, religious person who runs a tight ship at the National Institutes of Health, but his response, imo, was inappropriate and evasive. I was actually shocked at his minimizing of the situation with Trump, and his let’s look at the positive side comments. Take a look at the video and see for yourself. And as a good Christian he’ll be totally supportive of Mike Pence’s handling of the Covid situation too. Not a good portent if Trump decides it’s time to oust Fauci.

Beowulfie, i felt the same way and his constant smiling Which made no sense to me got me to wincing. It doesn’t make any sense to me when people talk about tragic events and smile. I doubt their authenticity and I’m unable to trust what they say. I did like how he started with his mask on and his explanation about why he was taking it off.

“Thank goodness we have machine-gun-toting goons to protect us from all that graffiti.”
–Richard Wolffe–

The perfect time for Trump’s implosion would be after he’s officially the Republican nominee for president (which happens when delegates to the convention vote him in) and after the state deadlines for the candidates names to appear on the ballot on Election Day.

His name would appear on the ballot, Republican Senate and Republican candidates would be tied to him with no time to pivot away, and Republicans would be fighting each other to see who would be Pence’s VP or to replace Trump as the presidential candidate.

Even if Elected, the Republican candidate would not have appeared on the ballot. Voters would not have voted for him. Legal wrangling would be huge.

Jerry – I absolutely believe the whole house of cards is gonna come down on us, economically. Wall Street is even looking forward to a Biden presidency, as I read a couple of weekends ago in one of main “Washington DC” papers. Most everyone wants some leadership and stability that the rest of the world understands and rewards.

Have you seen the number of delinquencies in Commercial Business Rentals? The mere *mention* of aspects like CDRs, bundled and sold like they did mortgages back in Bush, Jr’s time, tells me all I need to know about the trajectory of the economy. What do they say: Fool me once? Shame on me. Fool me twice? Shame on you. (And then you get in Bush’s mangling of it).

One of the main issues hubby and I’ve been talking about lately is the “holdovers” from other administrations. These are people who were in important positions who all but poisoned the administrations they were in… people like Paul Weywrich, Doug Feith, Darth Chaney. And now, John Woo raises his head as an unofficial legal advisor to Trump. This p’o’s the crap out of me!

The guy who twisted statements and words into a mishmash that said torture and waterboarding and Guantanamo Bay were legal, is now helping Trump do the same thing with the SCOTUS’ last ruling: Showing him how he can “rule” by Executive Order. No doubt, that’s where the rationalization came for the Storm trooper Commandos invading our cities currently.

So this once again brings up the fear he’ll cancel the election outright by fiat, backed up by Yoo and Barr. EGADS, Jerry, I DO hope you’re right. And I’m gonna be keeping that August mention in the back of my mind as a safety valve.

But if we cancels the election or steals it outright, this country is gonna water more than the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants! (IMNSHO)… I’ll be out there in the streets, along with hubby. We may be old, but we ain’t out. And as a Veteran, everything about Trump’s reign has offended me. As a human, his mere dysfunctional, cruel human essence offends me. As a Pagan, his cruelty which knows no bounds offends me.

And, as each of the above, I have no doubt I’ll be added to an “enemies” list in his next administration. Wear it as a mark of honor, I will.

Eliseo — Saw where someone in Illinois’ legislature doesn’t like Mayor Lori Lightfoot. While she’s no relation, and we don’t live in Illinois, hubby and I both were rooting for her election, and we still support her now.

Anyway, this republican spoilsport has prevailed upon Trump to send his Commandos into Chicago this weekend (I think). Someone over on DU said they hoped the storm troopers pinned a note of their next of kin inside their camos. The upshot: Chicago ain’t Portland. I had to laugh at the truth of that statement. But then, this may be the bloodbath that Trump’s been waiting for…. eh? What does anyone see with this new tack that Trump’s made with John Yoo’s cooperation?

You know, it’s really laughable to me that Trump actually thinks he might succeed in getting what he wants, if he puts the country in a state of martial law.

Once again, his raging ignorance will be his undoing, only this time, it will bring about his ultimate downfall and destruction, and very likely great misery and shame for those closest to him.

I foresee a most unpleasant end to him if such a path is taken. Like a fool that keeps putting his hand into a fire, he is far too stupid to learn from his mistakes, or from the overreach of others who were power-mad.

I’ve said on several occasions that America is an idea, and that the United States is merely an attempt at manifesting that idea in reality; the country and its structures may crumble and collapse, but the idea of America is indestructible. It can only be truly replaced by a better version of itself.

As you said, Andre, in 2025 we will indeed be in a different place on the other side of the US Pluto Return, the Neptune opposition natal US Neptune transit, and yes, the Chiron Return in 2024 as well, which I haven’t previously noted; it’s the first Chiron Return for the US since it was discovered in 1977. The only real question is how we get from here to there, but the coming energies mid-decade are not at all supportive of a Trumpian, anti-democratic regime.

If anything, Pluto in Aquarius trines by Uranus in Gemini at such time suggests democracy coming back with a vengeance, perhaps strongly supported through innovative new approaches to local journalism—the bane of corruption in government and business.

Ok, here’s the answer I wasn’t prepared for: My daughter called me late yesterday and told me she has the C19. She’s been sick as a dog for a week, and isolating the whole time (she’s caregiver for the in-laws). So far, her kids, hubby, and in-laws are testing negative. Unfortunately, she’s tested positive 2x AND has been sick.

But like her Mom, she never leaves the house without her mask, and she’s even more fastidious than I about hand-washing. I had to give her the talk of adding hand soothing cream after she gets done washing. So, all that information from Dr. Fausci and her mom got thru to her and put into practice.

On one hand, I’m so proud of her actions especially since she was one of the supports at a local elementary school. She managed to hold out this long without getting it. She’ll come thru it okay, I believe. I just worry about her future. Like her old mom, she’s got an autoimmune disease, too. Hers is with her thyroid. So I do worry about future problems, especially.

I’m keeping a candle lit for her. By the time this is all said and done, I don’t think there’ll be a person alive in this country who hasn’t lost someone near and dear.

If Suze gets bad and ends up in the hospital, I’m likely to head down to ARK. Probably not wise and definitely not safe (Rep Gov)… but since when did that ever keep a mother from her daughter? I gotta feel like she’d draw comfort knowing I’m near her, even if I can’t be with her. Please keep her in your thoughts. She’s 44 with comorbidity so I do worry.

If Trump somehow cancels or steals the election there will be civil war, plain & simple. It would take place in every state, and most all cities and towns. It would be a real mess everywhere in the US, with assassinations aplenty. It would also be a golden opportunity for China, Russia, and other authoritarian powers to reshape the world however they want to.

Addendum: I should have written SUCCESSFULLY cancels or steals the election. I honestly think such an attempt would probably backfire upon his orange agustness.

“I’ve said on several occasions that America is an idea, and that the United States is merely an attempt at manifesting that idea in reality; the country and its structures may crumble and collapse, but the idea of America is indestructible. It can only be truly replaced by a better version of itself.”

Yes, Bravo! Well said!

Your daughter is now on my list.

Praying for your daughter, too, slightKC, that her immune system is powerful and overcomes this quickly, and that she receives the perfect medical remedies and support. Sending out love & light to you, too, and to your entire family.

slightkc, prayers for your daughter, you, and all those close ((( )))

WHOA! Caroline Myss in conversation with Lena Rodriguez:

slightkc: light and love to your daughter and family.

If people think BLM was an unprecedented movement, just let Trump try and steal the election. Millions of people will descend upon and lock down Washington DC, surrounding the White House for however long it takes until he unconditionally surrenders himself.

He won’t win in the end. Don the con is going to pay dearly for all that he’s wrought upon this nation.

Yes, add light and love from me too for your daughter, slightkc! It is so shocking to deal with this when it’s not “just the news”.

In our family, we just found out our son and daughter-in-law, who both have underlying conditions, may have got it too. Been sick with fever for 2 days. Not tested yet – tomorrow. Crossing fingers, but what else could it be? Worry, worry!

It is building everywhere. People like Trump & co. are unspeakable.

If he’s not scared now, he ought to be. The Second American Revolution is coming for his ass.


Yes. Agreed. The commentator’s demeanor does seem a bit out of context. Kind of amusing in a way. He is a professional investor after all, and I would assume, from his point of view, it is a market opportunity (short selling for example). But in any event, if you can get past the visual, the information is spot on.


The writing is on the wall. Trump is setting us up for failure – no stimulus package (see related articles below). Possible consequences? Towards the end of the month and into August, financial markets will take a nose dive. Riots ensue. Trump sends in the National Guard to restore law and order. It’s the perfect solution to promote his image as the “Law And Order” president. It seems all very deliberate and planned……..

Trump Throws Wrench Into Coronavirus Bill Negotiations With Senate Republicans

Republican senators balk at White House’s insistence that next coronavirus bill include a payroll tax cut and cuts to funding for testing and contact tracing.

US News
July 20, 2020


Trump Vows To Send More Federal Law Enforcement To Police US Cities

July 20, 2020


Does anyone remember October 1967?
The announced plan to exorcise and levitate the Pentagon had many officials nervous, though no one believed we would actually levitate the building. Leaders formally requested a legal permit to lift the structure 300 feet in the air, but in the end were granted a permit to lift it by only 3 feet.
Protestors surrounded (mostly) the building , chanted Om, and in Aramic, etc.

Despite the absurdity, the plan freaked out the folks it was designed to freak out. Maybe something like that needs to be proposed for the Donald? Perhaps surrounding the White House to conduct a mass exorcism? It could be an All Faith’s affair! Rabbis, mullahs, monks, ministers, nuns, priests, yogis, witches, Native American Shamans, all gathered together to exorcise the evil, orange, parasitic spirits which have infested the aura, and plagued the ailing psyche of our august, but poor, benighted commander-in-chief.
Please let me know what you think.

I hold in my heart all who are ill or in danger.


slightkc: Prayers and healing energy for your daughter. May she come through this in a speedy way. All the best.

Eliseo, thanks for the memory! I was a 13 year old hippie/ witch wannabe and remember being in my bedroom from a NJ Sicilian working class Toxic neighborhood in meditation with my lit candle sending energy to levitate it.
Love your idea!

From Elizabeth Warren:

Americans stayed at home and sacrificed for months to flatten the curve and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That gave us time to take the steps needed to address the pandemic — but President Trump squandered it, refusing to issue national stay-at-home guidelines, failing to set up a national testing operation and fumbling production of personal protective equipment. Now, Congress must again act as this continues to spiral out of control.

Those who frame the debate as one of health versus economics are missing the point. It is not possible to fix the economy without first containing the virus. We need a bold, ambitious legislative response that does four things: brings the virus under control; gets our schools, child care centers, businesses, and state and local governments the resources they need; addresses the burdens on communities of color; and supports struggling families who don’t know when the next paycheck will come.

Here’s what the next federal response must include:

Start with funding the robust public health measures we know will work to address this crisis: ramped-up testing, a national contact-tracing program and supply-chain investments to resolve medical supply shortages. Without these measures, we will not be able to adequately reopen safely, more people will die and there will be no economic recovery.

Our schools face enormous challenges, like figuring out whether and how to safely reopen, how to help students who fell further behind because of distance learning — disproportionately students of color. The next legislative package should include at least $500 billion to stabilize state and local governments and at least $175 billion for our public schools to help them reopen safely, avoid teacher layoffs and provide the mental health and other services our children require.


fierywoman, thanks so much for the link to the wonderful Caroline Myss video. Ever so grateful.

The signs of a Democratic landslide are everywhere
Analysis by Chris Cillizza, Fri July 17, 2020

Last paragraph:
“In short: All the signs are there that this could be a landslide up and down the ballot for Democrats. Yes, things could change between now and November 3. But, given Trump’s obstinacy in refusing to admit his errors in dealing with the coronavirus and the current spikes in some of the most populous states in the country, such a turnaround seems very, very unlikely at the moment.”

The above, IMO will get progressively worse for the R’s as we move closer to election day. In “normal” times the R’s would accept their fate and work toward winning in the next electoral cycles. But these are definitely not normal times!

If rational people were running the R party, they would dump Donald asap, and run someone else for president. That candidate would surely lose, but Donald’s absence on the ticket might depress motivation to vote for Dems, perhaps saving at least a few more R seats in Congress.

Alternatively, if DJT remains their candidate, he might declare martial law, and attempt manipulation or possibly cancellation of the vote in the multiple emergency situation. As BuckeyeShadow suggests, that ploy would likely backfire, burning DJT and the R’s far more than a merely honest loss.

A 3rd alternative might be they continue on their present path, but despite their “dirty tricks” fall collectively off the cliff like lemmings. This seems as likely as the other scenarios.

As Teresa Hill suggests, another possibility, more or less ideal, would be for Trump to implode shortly after he’s officially been nominated, and after the state deadlines for the candidates names to appear on the ballot on election day. (Perfect timing.)

If what Jerry suggests is correct, we will soon have an economic meltdown, further exacerbating Trump’s “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” predicament.

What we see in our astrocharts seems to me absolutely consistent with what we see in real time, whether we are looking ahead to January, or beyond through 2025. Although the astrological interpretations differ somewhat, they point in the same direction; plutocrats lose, humanitarians win. It’s just such a rough, bumpy ride in getting there.

From The Atlantic Magazine:

‘Donald Trump Is a Broken Man’

In another time, in a different circumstance, there would perhaps be room to pity such a person.

“Donald Trump is a psychologically broken, embittered, and deeply unhappy man. He is so gripped by his grievances, such a prisoner of his resentments, that even the most benevolent question from an interviewer—what good parts of your presidency would you like to be remembered for?—triggered a gusher of discontent.”


Following today’s press conference at the White House, I now believe Trump will pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before he leaves office in order to protect himself.

More pointed remarks from Speaker Pelosi under Mars in Aries.


Much more to come.

The good news is the 2021 Inaugural is now exactly six months away. So is the bad news.

I find it interesting N. Pelosi calls it the “Trump virus.” I’m wondering if that will catch on, as did “Obama Care.” Such a contrast if it does, one man remembered for caring, the other for a killing disease.

I’m waiting for the “other shoe to drop” as it were. i.e. whether the R’s will continue with DJT as their candidate or not for the coming election. OR whether he will have a mental or physical meltdown between now and election day.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts towards my daughter. Motherhood is a profession designed for worrywarts, right? (gryn)

She is sick, but it seems to have been worse last week she thinks. She’s still worried too much at this point to passing it on to her own little family and in-laws, even tho she’s isolating.

Still haven’t heard any test results on my Mom, yet. That will be a phone call I make (again) tomorrow!

Beowulfie: Try not to worry TOO much until the test results come back. There is another virus out there that people are getting. It shows itself with upset stomach and fever that seems to drop in and out over a number of days. But it isn’t Corona.

My coven sib’s daughter had this virus, and was so scared it was Corona she got a test ASAP, but results coming in too slow blew our 4th of July with her parents (who are staying away from everyone BUT their daughter and us!).

BTW, her test came back negative. She picked up something from the kids in the halfway house she helps manage… near time for school, every year, it seems like a multitude of viruses to come down with! My students at the War College would catch it all from their kids, or coworkers would bring it in, and I’d come down with everything… since the only immune system I have is one that eats up my own body! (LOL)

So hang in there… lots of stuff out there that’s non-corona related. My kid just didn’t miss it this time around…

Strength and peace to you during this time of waiting. Here’s hoping the test results come back quickly!

I’ve got this info stored in clippings, so I’d better get it down here before it automagically disappears!

I started reading an article I’d found on DU… followed it over to the New Yorker (no paywall). The work was taken from the author’s book… one which I’d never heard of before, but which should be read by every American, AFAIC.

It’s called “Will He Go? Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020.”

It’s written by Lawrence Douglas, a legal scholar and a professor at Amherst College. It’s got a very large bibliography where he backs up every assertion made in the book.

The book, itself, is only 147 pages long… and the last 20-30 are the bibliography, citations, etc.

I downloaded it from Amazon. And it worked! LOL! It’s the first time I’ve ever downloaded a book, instead of buying the physical form from a bookstore. But I wanted to finish the article I was reading and, although the scenarios he comes up with (3 sourced quite thoroughly; a couple he mentions offhand), will tie your stomach into knots it’ll also leave you wondering how in the world this country EVER could have had peaceful passing of power!

Not only Trump and his will he; won’t he is covered, as well as probably tweetstorms, but also covered are elections in pivotal years, “faithless electors,” the electoral college and the difficulties in getting rid of it or designing something else to use instead of it. If you’re interested in elections and how they work, this book is an excellent treatise.

I read it in about 2 hours and found it scary and fascinating.

The last thing Douglas says is that the ending of this election season may at least give us political will to do the difficult thing and change our election process.

One more outmoded institution to finally fall in the 21st century/Age of Aquarius?

Jerry, I don’t think Trump is setting us up for anything; he doesn’t have two brain cells left to figure out how to flush a toilet, after all!

HOWEVER, he does have a “shadow” cabinet of informal advisors, consisting of people like torture memo John Yoo and Stephen Miller (who is evil AND intelligent). They’re the ones setting all this up and putting it in his brain, IMNSHO!

When Wall Street turns against Trump, the handwriting on the wall -should- be plain enough for even Trump to read! But, it won’t be. And we’d better be ready for it, ’cause I don’t think the Republicans are suddenly going to get all patriotic enough to make sure he leaves the White House!

Elesio – 1967 was before even the Moral Majority, let alone Dominionists.

We’ve been doing something like that since Trump was elected… albeit in small groups, solitary, and shared online.

It DID upset and worry people. But the Dominionists and Evangelicals immediately went to the White House, anointed Trump with “holy oil,” laid hands on him, and invoked the power of their god to dispel the evil from the witches and demons assailing their mundane president.

If we got permission to do anything like surround the white house doing exorcism or some other ritual, my guess is we’d all get shot. As my Dad used to tell me all the time, you can be just as dead right as you can be dead wrong!

Goddesses, I LOVE Elizabeth Warren. Thank you so much for posting this, ja! I’d not seen it before, and thought I’d gone over my blogs thoroughly.

I’m time-limiting myself being upright for this week. Pain meds don’t get refilled until next week and I’m desperately trying to keep my pain levels from flaring completely out of control. I’m thinking I’m missing a lot. That’s one of the things I love about this blog, if I miss something, it’s a good bet someone else hasn’t and has either posted it or provided a link.

Andre, I agree he’s going to pardon Maxwell. I think his “wishing her well” was code for keep your mouth shut and you’ll make it out of this alive AND with a pardon!

Which is just another slap in the face to all the girls and women she and Epstein used.

Eliseo – I, too, like the “Trump Virus” and I hope Nancy keeps using the moniker. If T* can call it Kung Flu, I think he’s opened up the rename, all by himself! I love the way Nancy can throw it back at him when he opens the door for her, himself! I just wish they could do something like impeach the idiot again… ASAP! Check out that book I mentioned above. It’s a real eye-opener to what he calls the 2020 Election meltdown. I sincerely wish I could send a copy to every member of Congress!

This is too good… found on DU…

Fire at Chinese Consulate in Houston due to classified documents being burned ahead of eviction

The call about a fire at the building located in the 3400 block of Montrose came in around 8:20 p.m.

Houston fire and police departments responded to the scene but were not allowed entry into the building.

Because it is a consulate, it falls under Chinese sovereignty allowing them to deny anyone access.

Houston police tell FOX 26 that they were burning classified documents because they are being evicted from the building on Friday at 4 p.m.

When asked why the Chinese Consulate was being evicted, HPD told us to ask the U.S. State Department or President Donald Trump himself.


Realize that by now, there’s no lost between Houston and the Repubs/Trump. Their Corona numbers are rising way too rapidly, and Repubs fought them to the last minute on not holding an in-person delegate convention in a overcrowded room.

Still… whaddya want bet tomorrow or soon after Trump will brag he threw the Chinese out of their Consulate building and out of the U.S. because of they were bringing in more of the C19?! LOL

And the Chinese… setting their own consulate on fire by burning secret documents?! Geesh! Will 2020 ever end???

A tsunami is possible after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit in Alaska which happened about 11:12 PM PST late Tuesday night, near Perryville, Alaska. No reports on damage or deaths yet.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces sextile transiting Jupiter in Capricorn, both retrograde, formed a Yod (Finger of God) with the Moon (20+ Leo).

That Moon is opposite US progressed Mercury and that US prog. Mercury in Aquarius is conjunct Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and that Uranus (and the US prog. Mercury that is opposite Moon in the earthquake chart) is square the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus (an earth sign).

It makes a T-square that is a difficult aspect to work with. The New Moon chart I wrote about on July 20 regarding the Neptune influence is already at work.

Too much to reiterate, but this Moon in the earthquake chart at 20+ Leo trines US Chiron in Aries and sextiles US natal Juno in Libra and sextiles US Mar in Gemini which conjuncts Trump’s Sun . . . and US Mars + Trump’s Sun is square transiting Neptune in Pisces.

Suffice it to say this is going to push Trump into la-la land, depending on the earthquake damage, not to mention a possible tsunami.

Update . . tsunami alert has just been cancelled. Whew.

RE: “The last thing Douglas says is that the ending of this election season may at least give us political will to do the difficult thing and change our election process.”

As a minimum ranked voting. Every time we’ve elected a president by plurality he’s had trouble ensuing from that. If we get rid of the electoral college, we’ll need to devise another way to insure the importance of lesser populated localities so as their interests will also be taken care of.

There are quite a number fixes we’ll need to include by amendment and by other legislation. DJT is doing us a favor by inadvertently pointing them out.


Trump is trying to incite violence. One would assume, his primary objective in doing so, is to be granted all consuming dictatorial powers. It’s just his peculiar mind-set. It won’t work in the US. We are not a banana republic. But there you go. That’s all that I was saying.

It’s pretty obvious you are right. Trump thinks a “Reichstag fire” will get him the all encompassing powers he desires. But we’re not Germany, and this is not 1933.

Actually, you make a good point Eliseo; “DJT IS doing us a favor”, this whole 4 year period has been a lesson for a people who don’t have realtime experience living under a dictatorship.

They have seen it in movies, and some have military experience in countries which eschew things like freedom of speech, but the 1st hand experience of a dictator in the White House is 1st class consciousness raising. We get it.

By themselves, Pluto or Saturn moving through Capricorn would have empowered patriarchy, but in different ways. The combo has brought us to this point. Pluto has dredged up the worst of patriarchy symbolized by fascistic men brought to power who exalt in using brutality and repression to dominate. Here in the America Trump is that. Combined with Saturn, we see the structure of government institutions backing that.

I so appreciate BarbK because she strives to understand the larger synthesis in the service of evolutionary human consciousness, and if i reach for that, I can sense a growing repulsion of that kind of man, not just here but around the world. And the proof is in the viral pudding as we see that type of patriarchy failing miserably while women leaders in Germany and NZ are succeeding spectacularly. Additionally, men who are not of that toxic patriarchal ilk are doing pretty ok.

Here though, its not just Trump’s failure at leading us through this pandemic. The Plutonian dredging started with Trump’s assumed vulgar rich male privileged toxicity towards women in his infamous, “Grab them by the pussy” and then onto his disgustingly toxic white supremacist attacks on POC judges and immigrants. On and on, as if Pluto anointed him as an earthly servant to dredge up everything disgusting and repulsive in men and exalt it with the panache of a media wizard elected into the most powerful position on earth.

His sycophants in the Senate and SCOTUS and in the Justice Dept and in DHS and media are all Saturnian servants to the Pluto-Saturn synthesis and now they will likely support by assertion or silence, Trump’s use of open brutality and military might against the growing open rebellion against all that Trump is. We see the belligerence of Trump and his troops with his toxic patriarchal supporters cheering, as he now promises to move beyond Portland into other our other cities. Bad events will likely transpire that will disgust more and more people to Trump’s domination ethos, while being timed perfectly with his deepening failure to protect us from Covid. He may get a poll rise in his law and order fascistic orders but as more horror is splashed across media it will disgust more and more people and it will likely turn even more people away from him.

Back to BarbK’s influence: are we seeing the climatic conclusion of toxic male patriarchy before we move more decidedly into an Aquarian Age inspired egalitarianism humanitarianism evolving past male rule? When Saturn finally leaves Cap for good and conjuncts Jupiter in Aq we may see Pluto likely continue to dredge up more and more toxic patriarchy but now without the structural and institutional support from Saturn, which may likely begin a re-structuring toward more egalitarian structures (economically, racially and between genders). As we approach our Pluto return we might see big implosions and rejections of toxic male patriarchy at other levels of authority in our institutions including families where men use intimidation and brutality to assert domination.

Then Pluto enters Aq and I believe and hope the patriarchy is finally overthrown…or evolved beyond.

I’m a dabbler in astrology, its a craft way too complicated for me to dive deeply. I may be way off, but I think my intuitions and from what I’ve read, could be onto some of the shape of things to come.

Due to the innate limitations of our political culture and our 231 years of living under our Constitution, I’d refer to him as a wannabe dictator, but your point is accurate. 1st hand experience of this clown in the White House IS DEFINITELY 1st class consciousness raising.

He’s assumed more powers, and abused more powers than any previous president, and that has scared the bejeesus out of true Conservatives and Liberals alike. I have a feeling a far more rational, reasonable, and moderate version of philosophical and psychological conservativism will energe from this experience. (By conservatism, I don’t mean authoritarianism.) I’m not sure the same will be true for philosophical and psychological liberalism/progressivism.

In any case, the pandemic + economic depression, we’re falling into itself is also a
1st class consciousness raising experience. Our innate interconnectedness has long been understood by biologists and those who are spiritually aware, but hardly by anyone else. The experience of living through these bizarre times, very much like that iconic photograph of earth from space, forces most of us to see our interconnectedness, and develop more compassion in the knowledge we are all together on this blue lifeboat in space.

Conversely, there are those, who resenting the responsibilities the knowledge of our interconnectedness ethically requires, will continue to either deny, or reduce the importance of that living organic and spiritual web. Their way cannot prevail, as it leads ultimately to extinction.

Surviving and thriving require us to advance through practical application in our mundane and daily affairs in harmony with what for many is new knowledge as well as new understanding.

Speaking of toxic patriarchy, don’t forget the women who enable it. Ghislaine Maxwell liked Trump and he liked her. They knew each other well. He may not have cared for young girls, but they may have had a cesspool of a relationship.


Canadian news. Justin Trudeau’s latest scandal is the worst so far because it also inolves his wife, his mother, his brother, his Finance Minister and that mnister’s own two daughters. It can only be explained by an inbred culture of entitlement. Trudeau is a serial ethical norms violator. This shining white knight is tarnished in the eyes of most Canadians. You can have him, Americans.


Eliseo, you’ll like this one.


Speaking of an inbred culture of entitlement:
In our shared quest to develop a more egalitarian society, we often say we are fighting against the “patriarchy.” In doing so I believe we are thinking too narrowly.

I think it more accurate to refer to the oligarchy. Gender is a very important component of our oppression, but not the only one. Social class, wealth, race, gender, age, and family of origin as definers of privilege are all major components of a continuing oligarchy we’ve long opposed.

Nonsense Frank, you aren’t a dabbler in astrologer, you understand the symbols of this language better than anyone I know. That was brilliant; your explanation of transiting Saturn compared to transiting Pluto. The pendulum swings. Astrology is such a wide and diverse field that nobody can cover it all.

And I believe that is by design. It compels us to specialize in some branch and then by osmosis, learn from other specializers (made up new word, meaning not necessarily specialists). It’s one of the reasons why Nancy’s blog has so many followers; she has her specialty that draws us in like flies. We learn from her and also from each other.

Eliseo, you are so correct; it’s ALL a supreme consciousness raising effect isn’t it? Furthermore, the US is a master at “show and tell” and show and tell we have been doing for these last 4 years. Teach the world! Where’s the shame if we learn from our mistakes, right? The picture of earth from space makes me weep. New understanding indeed.

Andre, come on, your guy isn’t as bad as our guy, but we don’t want him either. Let’s get rid of them both. 🙂

Trudeau’s got a hot square from transiting Pluto in Cap to his natal Lilith in Libra. Looks like he’s got most of his other karmic work behind him per his chart.

Andre, I know very little about your fair nation – but intuitively, I don’t get bad mojo from Trudeau. Am I blind?

BarbK…??thank you!

So the heart emoji turned into a ?? BarbK, it really was meant to be a heart, thanks again for your kind words.

Many Thanks for the link to the Barr story.
When I was a criminal investigator, as well as when I worked in the mental health system, I worked with some very fine and scrupulously ethical attorneys. Personally, I do hope the man is disbarred, and held accountable for any crimes he may have committed.

On another subject: I can’t stop laughing whenever DJT brags vociferously on his having “aced” that cognitive test. Therein we have 360 degree head turning irony. If it is true the medical staff were “astounded” he did so well, that means they assumed he was too demented and addled to pass it!

At least your PM is a real, born and bred, honest to God Canadian. As the Donald displays no truly “American” values or characteristics, how sure are we he was actually born here? Has anyone seen his birth certificate? Has anyone authenticated it? And what about those rumors he was planted here by the Lizard people? You know, the orange ones, from whatever the name of that planet is. Maybe this explains why he does such a poor job of imitating a human being.

Heh! Before the nomination of the orange one, I did read something saying he had actually been born in Scotland, his mother having left his father. I have never found confirmation or denial of that, but it makes me wonder all over again… Of course, I am quite sure that the Scots do not want to claim him either.

I was of course just joshing. Just my satire on Trump’s kookie Obama birther theory. In my last sentence it would have read better if I had written …why he does such a poor job of [impersonating] a human being. Back in the 70’s I did some radio comedy with a pal. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself!

I heard John Kasich has endorsed Biden and will speak at the Dem convention. Do you think he will have any effect on Ohio voters?

Will, my reading of Trudeau’s chart is self-sabotage. I believe he feels deep-down guilty about some of what his father, a major figure in Canadian history and a Founding Father all by himself, has done. Among other contradictions, his father gave us the equivalent of the US Bill of Rights through an ethically challenged process that aggravated Canadian disunity.

He cannot ever hope to equal his father’s impact on this country, good or bad. I believe he is atoning for his father’s sins and will sully the family name, thereby causing harm to those who idolize both of them. The link with Trump is daddy issues.

My reading is he will end in a major scandal by 2025 even if he wins another term next year. I think another win will seal his doom. He simply cannot help himself. It is tragic to see. And Americans don’t watch his daily lies. He is a former theatre professor and wore blackface at the time. Now the act is wearing thin.

Emma, Trump’s mother was a Scottish immigrant. Her husband’s parents, Trump’s grandparents, were German immigrants. He is a mix of Scotland and Germany.

Trump’s German-born grandfather died of the Spanish flu in the US in 1918.

Andre, the way Trump speaks sexually of his daughter, I’m certain he was caught up in some sort of pedophilia/rape/abuse of young girls with Epstein and Maxwell. He is totally devoid of any morals and of any shame. Why should anyone believe him to be above such reprehensible acts?

slightkc, a sincere thank you for your supportive comments!

Eliseo, re: Kasich,

We Ohioans are a weird bunch, I’ll say that.

Many Democrats, a number of my friends included, inexplicably switched parties in 2016 just to cast their vote for Kasich for POTUS in the primaries over Trump. This after Kasich’s union-busting effort in 2012 utterly went down in flames. That alone should have destroyed his governorship and political career, and in many other states, it would have. But leave it to the Ohio Dems to serve up a super-squishy softball candidate during Kasich’s re-election campaign in 2014 that he didn’t have to even lift a finger against to beat. He was essentially able to polish up his image and rebound because no one here stepped into the role of taking him to task.

Bernie Sanders simply fell flat here then, and support for Hilary Clinton was lukewarm at best, as we sadly confirmed in November that year. Ohio was the only primary election that Kasich won in 2016.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Kasich, and truly despised the man from the moment he killed our inter-city rail project that Obama wanted to fund. Don’t even get me started on his opening of the floodgates to fracking here, an awful legacy that will cause harm to thousands for centuries after he has shoved off this mortal coil.

His policies were all textbook neoliberal/Wall Street items like privatizing public education and encouraging corporate welfare at the expense of the commons. His final two years were mostly absentee as he was off campaigning and on media tours.

The 2010s were a lost decade for this state that could have turned out far better than it has.

And also, a bunch of Republicans in our state legislature just got busted by the feds for corruption.

Having said all of that, Kasich coming out in favor of Biden is probably more than anything, a signal to the center-right Rockefeller Republicans that it’s “okay” to openly cast a vote for a Dem and rally behind Biden this time around. And it may indeed be enough to inspire some of the Blue Dog Democrats who sided with him in the past to support Biden this time around.

The only place this will all likely fall flat is around Youngstown, which totally sees Trump as the spiritual cousin of the late Rep. Jim Trafficant, who was known for a similar style of speaking and self-presentation, and remained quite popular there despite his own ineptitude and corruption that at one point landed him in prison. The Mahoning Valley is a truly f’ed up place in many ways.

John Weaver, Kasich’s former political strategist, is on the Lincoln Project, btw.

I still personally don’t like Kasich. And also, these are weird times in which strange bedfellows are made. If we need his help to beat Trump, so be it, because the alternative is unfathomable.

And intolerable.

Trump has done nothing but divide and stoke hatred from the very beginning of his announcement to run for president and the present. His New target, the cities vs. the suburbs! Defection from his failed policies in addressing Covid 19, and he says nothing about and to Russia for targeting American soldiers. Instead he Manufactures a war against PEACEFUL PROTESTS and lies that they are looters. This is not the case. Current protests are peaceful. How long will they stay that way with federal agents coming into cities dressed like soldiers (they are not) and which will only stoke real violence and unrest. All of this to create a civil war. We must be smart, do not play into their evil hands. Stay peaceful in your protests. God bless this nation, may we continue to be a democracy and stand up to this assault, our way of life and the Constitution.

“This feels like it’s something out of a science fiction dystopic series about a police state in America, but it’s real.”
Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti commenting on the situation in Portland. Link is below.

Portland mayor tear gassed after speaking with protesters on presence of federal agents

Kim has a new ‘pep talk’ video

Peter Zeihan, a brilliant and extremely fascinating geopolitical analyst, for whom I have enormous respect, believes we are at the end of the so called modern era, which began about 1500. He believes the old isms won’t work for the future, and need replacement by new isms. He believes the changes which will take place in the next decade will be the biggest in 500-ish years.

Here’s a question for our more experienced and knowledgeable astrologers. Is there an Astrological cycle which occurs about every 500 years?

Marjorie Orr:

Mary Trump Is Pretty Sure Donald Trump Failed His Cognitive Test

Video: 3 min 26 sec


Interesting new video from Kim on Intuitiview today.


The most relevant 500 year cycle I can think of is Neptune-Pluto, but that began with the conjunction in Gemini in 1890-1892, and won’t culminate until the late 23rd century. The opening square doesn’t even happen until 2061-64.

Some of the biggest events during this next decade have actually already happened or are nearby, including the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January, and the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction—and mutation into Air Signs for the next two centuries—in December. That last one in itself is pretty significant.

Also significant are three of the slow-moving outer planets changing signs mid-decade. Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023-24, Uranus moves into Gemini in 2025, and Neptune moves into Aries shortly thereafter.

Energetically, we’ll be in a very different dynamic by the middle of the decade. With air and fire, there will be a greater emphasis on ideas/concepts and movement, rather than structures and emotional expression—the signatures of earth and water, respectively.

The changes specific to the US of course involve our Pluto Return, our Neptune-Neptune opposition, and our Uranus Return later in the decade.

Marjorie Orr and some of the other posters there certainly seems less hopeful about our election outcome. I don’t see Trump winning. I do think he will try and cause a lot more harm and chaos between now and January 21, 2021 for sure.

The sooner he can be prosecuted, bound and literally gagged, and thrown behind bars, the better.

The Dan Rather article was on Facebook on July 17th

While there’s little new information here, this clear explanation of Trump’s psychopathology is well founded in Schwartz’s experience working as his ghostwriter, and hence powerfully convincing.

“The Psychopath in Chief” by Tony Schwartz https://link.medium.com/qBp06YTDl8

Buckeye, Marjorie is always a bit negative, esp. re: US chart aspects. To followup on your message to Eliseo, the Pluto-Neptune cycle began at 8+ Gemini, conjunct the US natal Uranus also at 8+ Gemini. Over the years this cycle has been activated by the many aspects to US Uranus and by the aspects to US Ceres at 8+ Pisces which squares US natal Uranus.

As a matter of fact, transiting Ceres is in a year-long initiation of the US Ceres Return, with 3 conjunctions between the transiting and natal Ceres position.

The 1st one on May 28, 2020, the 2nd one on August 14, 2020, and the 3rd one on December 20, 2020 at the same time as the Winter Solstice and the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Each of these conjunctions between trans. Ceres and US natal Ceres activates the Neptune-Pluto cycle (conjunct US natal Uranus that squares US natal Ceres).

I checked and the Neptune-Pluto cycle is 493 years long and is called ” . . the cycle of civilization. It represents fundamental shifts and the rise and fall of empires, dynasties, art styles and world views.”

The chart for the start of their cycle has been a frequent reference in my comments, primarily because of its Venus at 27+ Cancer that opposes the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and its Uranus at 27+ Libra that T-squares them both, while it trines the US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius.

This chart’s Sun (consciousness) conjuncts Trump’s Pluto, both at 10+ Leo, while the chart’s conjunction of Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo sextiles the Pluto-Neptune (+ US Uranus) at 8+ Gemini.

This sextile in the Pluto-Neptune cycle start chart forms a Yod with the US natal Eris (discord) at 8+ Capricorn which opposes Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer, turning the Yod into a Boomerang. You might have seen one of the comments I’ve made about this ensemble during the last 3 years. (The last Mars-Saturn cycle from April 2018 through March 2020 started at 8+ Cap, conjunct US Eris and opposite Trump’s Mercury.)


Frank, thank YOU for all your kind words . . and question marks too!

Ja, thanks for the Tony Schwartz article. I saw him interviewed by someone, can’t remember who, with Mary Trump. He was very competitive. As if he knew more about D. Trump than Mary Trump does because he spent all of those hours with him while writing the book. They are both saying the same thing, basically.

Buckeye Shadow, this is Scaramucci’s tweet on Tuesday on Trump’s best wishes to Maxwell:

‘She has the goods on him. He is signaling “please don’t talk.”

Dabbler here so… but i looked at Mark Kelly’s sunrise chart for Nov 4 and it looks pretty good.
Steve Bullock looks good.
John Hickenlooper, doesn’t look good at all.
Doug Jones, doesn’t look good either.
Sarah Gideon, not to good either.
All charts at sunrise and I haven’t looked at their opponents.
Mitch McConnell looks happy, so does Nancy Pelosi.
From what I can tell from my dabbling, we keep the House, miss getting the Senate.
Can some of you please, pretty please with rays of Jupiter and Venus bouncing onto you, give a good look at what may be going on for the Senate after the elections?

Andre, if you are interested you should watch Whimsy and her remote viewing on Ms. Maxwell.



As always, I am grateful for your insights and wisdom.


McConnell could narrowly manage to win re-election, but still lose his Senate majority.

Or maybe he appears to succeed in some way at first, but actually has lost by the time the dust settles?

Of course, he could also eventually be taken out by blowback from his myriad corrupt dealings.

Well, folks, tonight is opening night for the NBL, Dr. Fauci threw the first ball, and EVERY player on both teams took a knee just before the national anthem was played. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


And, there was an elaborate tribute to BLM

BuckeyeShadow, barbK,
Many Thanks for both your insights. I especially find the Neptune-Pluto cycle interesting.

Years ago, I worked both in psychiatric hospitals, as well as in brain trauma wings. DJT is getting weirder and weirder, appears to be deteriorating. This incessant bragging about passing the cognitive test (purportedly with flying colors) is both hilarious and disturbing. It is difficult to understand why the top R leaders haven’t invoked the 25th amendment. It’s just not in their interest to run him at the head of the ticket.

Linda G was right. The RNC pulled out of Jacksonville! The fake president was about to be humiliated by the city council rejecting the asinine event. So totally relieved, the stress has been overwhelming; will sleep much better tonight.

Frank, I looked at the 12 Noon chart for Nov. 4, 2020, and there is a grand trine between the Moon (People) in Gemini (quincunx Saturn in Cap), and Mercury in Libra, and Ceres in Aquarius (which will be conjunct US natal Moon, and will square McConnell’s natal Uranus in Taurus).

The Galactic Core/Center (our creative source) in Sagittarius opposes the Moon in Gemini, turning the grand trine into a Kite pattern and that makes the Moon (people/emotion) in Gemini (communicate) the driving force of the grand trine, a powerful energy surge that is virtually unstoppable.

The Sun in Scorpio will square McConnell’s Mercury in Aquarius too.

On the other hand, the Election may not take place on Nov. 3. due to unforeseen circumstances.

I have no idea whether we will or we won’t have our election on Nov. 3, but I think we can reasonably and certainly expect all sorts of unforeseen circumstances. I have little doubt 2020 will turn out to be the weirdest year of our lives.

History may or may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes.

America’s last king: The unsettling parallels between King George III and Donald Trump

Inexperienced authoritarian with a habit of blasting out his opinions in the wee hours of the morn? Sounds familiar

JUNE 25, 2017 1:00PM (UTC)


When he assumed his nation’s highest office, he had no previous governmental experience. Born wealthy, he’d never worked for anyone else. Now his nation’s commander in chief, he had never served in the military.

For his every move, he relied on a secretive, eccentric advisor bent on reshaping the nation’s political order. Demanding absolute loyalty, the new ruler did not trust anyone more popular than he was, and detested all opposition.

If these facts sound familiar, they fit not only President Donald Trump but America’s last king, George III.

more interesting historical parallels are in the article at website listed above

I am not sure you can look at Election Day or the morning after for individual candidates. Vote by Mail means we won’t know who will win many races for days to weeks after 11/3. It took 10 days to call some CA 2018 house races and there are still some NYC primary races uncalled from 6/30. And Trump is going to make that lag a living hell.

At present, Biden/Trump debates are scheduled for Sept. 29, Oct. 15 and Oct. 22. I don’t think locations have been chosen, and they may have to be virtual anyway.

The “IQ” test Dump is bragging about “aceing” is called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) and is used widely all over the world in nursing homes to determine the presence of cognitive decline, dementia and/or Alzheimer’s Disease.

You can see it at the link – its one single-sided page with a few exercises. Easy peasy for people much older than Dump. Check it out. You just might qualify to be the next POTUS!


My dog could pass that test, and he’s pretty old.

Motive for not invoking the 25th is elusive indeed. I have seen some question about whether Pence would be allowed to become 46 or whether Nancy Pelosi would somehow be the one. And I think there are still those who hope to get a few more of their goals met? Who knows?

As I understand it, the decision is made by the cabinet (How many of those are legitimate appointments?) If Trump goes down, new POTUS would want own cabinet, therefore they would lose their overpaid jobs a bit earlier–or maybe they still hope to get trump re-elected?

Will, any ideas? I do not understand the thought processes of such minds, try as I might.

Predicting a politician’s win or loss based on a few signs can be misleading. Classic example is Nancy’s prediction of Max Cleland’s win, back in the Table Talk days. He had all sorts of Jupiter and Venus energy throughout November and December.

He lost the election but he was married a few weeks later.

Quiet, you are so right, thanks for reminding us of delay in getting mail-in votes counted.

On November 30, there will be a lunar eclipse at 8+ Gemini that conjuncts the US natal Uranus (breakthrough) that conjuncts the Neptune-Pluto conjunction that started a lengthy cycle of 493 years way back in 1891, so we still have 364 years to go on that one.

In that Neptune-Pluto chart however, Saturn in Virgo opposes Jupiter and Eris (discord) in Pisces. That could be important now.

There also is a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto on Nov. 12, the 3rd of 3 between them in this period; the 1st being on April 5 and the 2nd one on June 30. This cycle between Jupiter and Pluto will be over in February, 2033.

I’m taking these two events in November that follow the US election as inspiration re: how to interpret the course the election has put the US on. For what its worth, the lunar eclipse suggests something will be revealed and it will be a breakthrough.

The final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto to get their cycle moving forward has a chart that has the Moon (people) conjunct Lachesis (about the duration of something) at 18+ Libra and they conjunct this same chart’s Venus (about what the people value) at 19+ Libra.

This Moon-Lachesis-Venus conjunction in the Jupiter-Pluto chart on Nov. 12, 2020, is also conjunct the US PROGRESSED Mars (about anger I’m thinking) at 17+ Libra, which conjuncts the US Constitution chart Neptune (ambiguous) at 17+ Libra, which conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter (all encompassing) at 17+ Libra, which conjuncts Putin’s natal Saturn (control) at 17+ Libra.

I believe this 3rd Jupiter-Pluto cycle, in concert with the lunar eclipse that conjuncts the US natal Uranus (in Gemini which is about information and communication and likely about this election voting), is going to reveal how Putin (Russia) has interfered with our election process.

The day of the election (Nov. 3) transiting Mercury is retrograde and stationing direct in Libra, square Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn on one side and US natal Mercury + Trump’s Venus/Saturn in Cancer on the other side.

Meanwhile, Venus (what we value) on election day is at 8+ Libra and trine the US natal Uranus (unexpected breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini, while the election day Moon in Gemini squares election day Neptune in Pisces, which conjuncts the Neptune-Pluto cycle start chart’s Jupiter-Eris conjunction that was opposite Saturn. Remember?

All in all, I see election tampering, and proof of that tampering which will be revealed by the lunar eclipse that conjuncts US Uranus. Just a hunch.

Thank you BarbK, so blue wave led by women, along the lines of 2018 with the suburbs going blue? The quincunx from Moon to Saturn in Cap I think could symbolize the vote to keep the status quo, yet its outside of the Grand Trine, strong b/c Sa is powerful in Cap but it looks like not enough to overpower the Moon, although I always thought of Moon in Gemini as quixotic and of 2 minds. Perhaps there may be some misgivings about voting for Biden but the urge to get rid of the status quo is stronger? The Gem Moon trine Mercury in Libra is nice and solid with Mercury ruling Gemini, and Libra loves justice and harmony, so that’s interesting as a rejection of Trump’s divisiveness and corruption. The trine to Ceres (women) in Aq (rebellion?) is exciting to me. I’m unsure of how to read the Ceres square to McConnell’s Uranus which rules Aq esp while Uranus is transiting Taurus. It seems to me he may have some protection there. The Moon oppo GC seems to underscore that voting will be like a movement, aka BLM, Me Too, marriage equality which takes the country by storm…I so very much hope!

Quiet, thank you for the reminder that we will not know the results for some time long afterwards.

Nina, I hear you. As a dabbler, I can only see a few of the indications by transits and we don’t even know the birth times of most candidates. I’m not skilled enough to look at progressions, comparisons, mid-points, and other indicators…and then to try to synthesize it all!!! That is why I am hoping those on this site with a lot more skill can look more closely. Flipping the Senate is critical from my perspective and that is why I’m asking people to please check it out.

Here’s something interesting with McConnell’s chart. His Pluto is 4 Leo. The Winter Solstice Grand Conjunction will start to oppose his Pluto. Inauguration Day, Jan 21, the Saturn-Jupiter oppo to his Pluto is joined with the Sun. Glory Be!!

From Lorna Bevan:

“A Remarkable Timeline – August to November 2020
We are now in the amplified second half of this Sacred Wild Ride of 2020 and what used to be the etheric
is getting quite physical. Social change is on the rise. For the next 10 weeks, the retrograde triple
conjunction of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in late Capricorn will never be less than 8 degrees apart. Remarkable
enough but factor in that Neptune, Chiron, Uranus and Eris will also be retrograde and we are having to
negotiate a really rare planetary landscape. And don’t forget: that entire structure is, in turn, squared by
Disruptor Eris, the nemesis of fake news, bringing the truth to the surface.
From August 18 until November 19, 2020, Pluto returns to the exact degree of 22 degrees Capricorn – a
Master Number – where it met Saturn in Capricorn on January 12, 2020, for the first time in over five
hundred years. Pluto’s return will initiate a deeper wave of the major clearing and cleansing. From midAugust to mid-November anticipate more detoxing globally in terms of more disclosure, more public
political wrangling, more attempts to control, more purification, more soul searching as a collective and
more revelation and exposure.
Truth needs to be served up, raw and cold and clear, whether it is about racism or the dark side of modern
economics or the environment. Due to the laws of synchronicity, it is a command from the universe. Truth
is saying, “Ready or not, I’m coming.”


The info about McConnell is interesting indeed, but what do you suppose it portends?

Does anyone have any astrological insight into the motivations of the Lincoln Project, R Voters Against Trump, or the other anti-Trump R organizations supporting Biden & Dens for 2020?

Could their calculation be that 4 years is not enough time for Biden & Dems to fix the worsening mess Trump has created, and they therefore might return to power in 2024?


Re: Will,
My dog could pass that test, and he’s pretty old.



I have no insights about your inquiry regarding the invocation of the 25th Amendment. Wish I could be of more help.

I found this blurb on Wikipedia:

How do I invoke Article 25?
Section 3 says that a President can declare themselves “unable to discharge the powers and duties of their office” (unable to do their job). He or she must say this in a written letter to both the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Unless he is cuffed to a chair and tortured, I don’t see Dump ever writing such a letter.

Andre – I defer to you knowing much more about Justin Trudeau. Gads, I had no idea he had such a dark shadow. So much for my intuitions.

check this!

From Nate Cohn:

‘Remarkably, Mr. Trump’s lead among white voters has all but vanished. On average, he holds just a three-point lead among them, 48 percent to 45 percent, across an average of high-quality telephone surveys since June 1. His lead among white voters has steadily diminished since April.”


Eliseo, what can it portend…indeed! As Quiet earlier reminded us, the election results will likely take a while to come in, especially those where there will be tight races and re-counts, challenges, and the like. Perhaps, the Winter Solstice Great Conjunction will bring some of those very close races to their final conclusion favoring the energies of Aquarius-egalitarianism and progressive social change over Capricorn-patriarchy, status quo and plutocracy? Perhaps, dare I utter it, the Senate flips and McConnell loses his status as Majority Leader or even his seat? It seems to more clearly portend a shift in power that he ain’t going to like, that will affect his power. Perhaps he maintains his status but feels the loss of a few R Senators along with the Dems gaining the White House?

To your other question about the Lincoln Project: I cant talk to the astrology of your question but my growing sense is that they will most certainly run a candidate in 2024 and that they are working to reclaim the Republican Party from Trumpism or if they cant, may start a new party, the Lincoln Party. They seem to me to be highly formidable, very savvy, very intelligent and very very rich. From what I’ve heard from them they seem to be to be taking a hard look at what prior polices, values, stances from the Republicans led to Trump and want to make fundamental shifts on race, the environment, and economic inequality. They are positioning themselves to re-take the middle (the suburbs) leaving Trumpistas the right (rural whites) and the left (urban centers) to the Dems.

I too see the Lincoln Party (and the other ex-R organizations) as pretty formidable, savvy, and intelligent. They do seem to be involved in a serious rethink of prior polices, values, and stances, including rejection of the Nixon to present “Southern Strategy.”

I note former R congressman, David Jolly who is national chairman of the Serve America Movement (SAM) reversed his stance on Obama Care out of personal experience, admitting the need for a medical social safety net. A good number of other post-R’s have quietly done likewise.

The coronavirus pandemic combined with extremely high unemployment well demonstrates the obvious flaw in the concept of employer based health insurance. At least a few “conservatives” and/or “post-conservatives” are now seeing the need for a single payer, Canadian style system, (i.e. socialized health insurance) or outright socialized medicine as is practiced in France, and the UK.

It remains to be seen whether these
post-conservative, former R’s will coalesce into a single, viable “Lincoln Party,” or if they might enjoin a centrist, moderate or center-right ideology, or in the long run something entirely different.

I am fascinated that Peter Zeihan, IMHO, the best, most clear thinking, and brilliant geopolitical analyst living, maintains that neither fascism, socialism, or capitalism can possibly work with the emerging demography in which there are more retirees than mature adults, and more mature adults than children. We’ve not had anything like our current technology, nor the demography we have today at anytime in recorded human history. He believes we’ve come to a point in which we need an entirely different paradigm, a different “ism.” On the basis of gathered data, he believes, of necessity we will experience rapid and deeply transformational socioeconomic, political, and cultural change in the 2020 to 2030 decade, more change than we’ve previously experienced in the last 500 years.

In the 1800’s the Dems were the more conservative party, the R’s were perceived as the more progressive party. By the time of the ’29 stock market crash, the Great Depression, and the election of 1932 the two parties flipped. I’m beginning to wonder if we are approaching another party flip. Extraordinarily crises tend to foment such realignments.

Dems are becoming more isolationist, backing away from the role the US has played since WWII. At the 2016 Dem convention, the Dems did more flag waving than did the R’s!
The R party, metastasized by Trump into a personality cult, is suiciding. And now we see the Lincoln Project folks doing their rethink. It makes you wonder.

I agree with you both about the Lincoln Project. They are smart, rich, and savvy. They will form the new Republican party – a kind of centrist party that was talked about in the days of McCain.

I am curious if someone can look at Mike Pence – June 7, 1959, Columbus, Indiana. There are a lot of rumors floating that trump will replace him on the ticket this summer. I would assume the replacement is Niki Haley only becuase she has gone out of our way to kiss trump’s ass lately.


The cabinet can vote to invoke the 25th amendment, and the wording in the Constitution is vague enough that they can say almost anything. If the majority votes to remove him, he’s out and Pence is in. The line of succession is clear. No skipping over
Pence with the 25th.

If removed, Trump has the right to challenge his removal with the full house and senate. He can. Are his case with his crack legal team, and he’s guaranteed a vote to put him back in office or remove him within 21 days.

The thing is, the entire House and a third of the Senate will be up for election, trying to campaign in the time. And the party has to vote to officially make Trump the nominee, soon, because each state has deadlines for candidates to appear on the November ballot, and those are fast approaching, too.

None of them want to have to go on the record with a high profile vote on whether to remove Trump from office, especially this close to the election.

I’m sure they’re all frantically trying to figure out the exact moment when he starts hurting them more than he helps, and then they’d all have to agree on what to do to get rid of him and — biggest sticking point — who will be the nominee and vp.

I don’t think they have a prayer of agreeing enough to do all that, especially with the time pressures involved.

I think their best hope is to negotiate
Trump’s removal from the re-election slate, in exchange for a promise of immunity, so they won’t be removing him — so his fans won’t hate them and vote against them, and that maybe the R’s who have left the party might come back and help the R’s get re-elected.

Trump could resign and play the martyr— it was all too hard, too unfair, he’s been treated worse than even presidents who were assassinated. He loves playing the martyr. Pence becomes president and pardons him. Trump flees the country to NY state can’t prosecute him.

Biggest sticking point I see is who gets to be VP or how they get rid of Pence. The infighting over who gets put in line to be or run for President next would be furious and frantic, such fun to watch.

Democrats are now officially favored to take back the Senate.


Sharon K, Dr. Fauci sure flattened that curve last night.

Will, the only way Trudeau survives his current scandal is by parting ways with his Finance Minister. The equivalent in your country would be Trump accepting Mnuchin’s resignation over corruption in order to survive politically himself. It’s that bad. This will probaly happen by mid-August when Mars squares the Capricorn planets. Of course, Justin himself could go when Mars squares them again in October. Meanwhile, as Mercury opposes these planets next week, a sitting Prime Minister will appear before a parliamentary committe investigating him for what appears to be the first time in Canadian history. He will not escape national shame.

Eliseo, the Canadian health system is almost fully socialized. It is based on the UK system introduced by a British socialist Labor government after WW II. The better system appears to be in France, which is more mixed. There are still private hospitals in France, none here. Some local critics call our system Bolshevik. It is widely popular, but grumbling about it is a national pastime bigger than hockey.

A federal judge refused today to stop federal militia in American cities. This is a fateful decision. Trump is speaking to Putin more and more frequently. I’m sure those militias are a big part of their conversations. I expect them to surround polling booths in November.

I was told last year on this blog that I was exaggerating when I wrote American democracy would be in mortal peril this fall. I was told I was overly dramatic when I wrote I would grieve and be horrified by events I would be watching on my TV screen in Montreal. I thought the apt comparison then was Hong Kong. Of course the stakes are much higher, even though events there may lead to WW III during the Uranus return seven years from now if they are repeated in Taiwan, which appears to be the ultimate trip wire like Poland was in 1939.

Americans, you are once again called upon to defend your freedom with your lives.

You may take comfort from the fact George III ended up mad and so obviously will King Donald.

By the way, I heard this morning on a local Montreal radio station an interview with the inventor of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test. He confirms he invented it to detect mental decline. He is working on a new IQ test, but that will be too late for Trump.

Frank, A couple of quick things to note for your charts on McConnell: the president is sworn in on January 20, but the Congress is sworn in on January 3rd. You might want to do a chart for McConnell, et al. for that day, 1/3/2021. It might not be that different than a chart for January 20–but then, it might.

Eliseo, Will, Teresa Hill,

Thank you. I am constantly trying to understand personal and political motivation of people. And one does not always have even enough of the legal info to fit it all together.

I certainly do admire the veterans, like Nancy Pelosi and anyone who has been around a long time and who has learned how the personalities, motivations and the legalities all work together–in any field.


It saddens me to learn that Trudeau is financially and politically corrupt.

Sometimes I resist wanting to know bad things about someone whom I would otherwise not suspect of such. My own denial I suppose.

“Trump is speaking to Putin more and more frequently. I’m sure those militias are a big part of their conversations. I expect them to surround polling booths in November.”

As you know, when I was a teenager in the 60’s I was involved in the Civil Rights movement in the American South. I especially remember 1968, a pivotal year for me. That was the year I was forced out of high school.

During that year I was politically awakened, deeply impressed by the number, passion and intensity of what today we would call the “religious right.” Most of these folks were either fundamentalists or evangelicals; some were Dixie loving confederates, but all, fire breathing racists, who in classic Orwellian fashion managed to turn the spiritual values of that ancient rabbi from Nazareth, their purported focus of devotion, backwards and upside down.

Their hatred was palpable, but most of all, abiding. What was most frightening was their extreme dedication and focus. No matter how many times they lost political battles, they remained steadfast in their convictions, fixated upon their quest to impose their authoritarian, self-righteous, sexist, racist, sexually repressive rules and regulations upon the rest of us.

It wasn’t long before I realized they would never give up, no matter what befell them. As the 70’s rolled on, and Roe v. Wade became law, they were enraged, and emboldened. I knew they would never stop unless they were defeated as thoroughly, deeply, and completely as were the German Nazis of WWII.

That fact became more and more blatantly obvious with each passing year. Reagan’s election emboldened them further. Bit by bit the R party was drifting further and further to the right, deeper and deeper into a uniquely American variety of authoritarianism.

When I met my wife in the late 80’s I discussed these things with her. She also realized where we were heading. We knew it was only a matter of time and persistence before they gained sufficient political power as to require a showdown, something as comprehensive and complete as was the American revolution, or our civil war. We’ve been preparing for this day since we met.

When computers came into our lives, I returned to my old friend, astrology. Looking ahead to the 20’s, my nightmarish visions were confirmed. …And here we are in that decade.

Yes, conversations with Putin. He set the pattern with his troops in Crimea. Although supremely and unfathomably obtuse, his orange acolyte nevertheless learned that lesson well. Nameless, anonymous troops surrounding polling booths in November. God help us all.

In addition to single payer health insurance,
I was given to understand there are also private clinics in Canada where if you have the cash, you can receive treatment quickly if not immediately. Am I wrong?

Some years ago I had a MRI here in WA state. We had to fight with the insurance company, and even after they agreed to pay a portion, it was for us expensive.

From a Canadian acquaintance we learned soon after, we could have driven up to a private clinic in Vancouver, BC and obtained the same MRI on the same equipment for literally one tenth of the cost here. We were told professional athletes in Canada use such clinics frequently, as they need to get healed and back into the game quickly.

Was that information erroneous?

Four Topics the Judiciary Committee Must Focus on in Barr Hearing

Just Security
July 24, 2020

On July 28, U.S. Attorney General William Barr is expected to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee. If he follows through on his agreement to appear before Congress – an open question, since he’s blown off previous planned appearances to testify – it can’t just be a rehashing of Barr’s greatest hits of his most egregious actions nor should it get mired in the weeds. The committee should clearly lay out the extent to which he has used his position of power to help President Donald Trump in a manner that defiles the office of attorney general. If the hearing were to go well – a rigorous exposition of the truth – it could even be the swan song that should, in a normal world, force his resignation. The hearing, if successful, could also inform the public of Barr’s lack of legitimacy and credibility in serving the American public. That’s especially important as President Trump increasingly reaches for emergency powers, aided and abetted by the office of attorney general, to try to ward off an election defeat.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) recently called Barr Trump’s “fixer.” (If you look up the term on Wikipedia, Barr even shows up under a list of “notable fixers.”) He works to hide evidence of Trump’s damage to the U.S. Constitution and democracy itself, using his position as the nation’s top law enforcement official to shield the president from justice.




Yes, there are private clinics in Vancouver that do MRI’s. Info is on Internet. My B-I-L had one done a few years ago and I think it was around 1500 to 2000 canadian dollars. Good luck.

Re Trudeau

When I think of the disgusting things trump does everyday and how he gets away with it, and our Prime Minister is made out to look like a thieving rat because his mother received too much compensation as a guest speaker at a charitable event funded by the Canadian Government…..I want to scream….”WELL AT LEAST JUSTIN LOVES HIS COUNTRY AND ALL ITS PEOPLE”!!!!! Sorry, stressed out with all the bulls–t going on.

Quintile, Canadian corruption is staring you in the face. Grow up and accept the facts.


I had an MRI done here in India about a year ago. The cost came out to about 40 US dollars. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Sometime later, out of curiosity I looked online to see the equivalent cost in the US (using the Google search engine). I was absolutely astonished. The average cost was quoted at about $2,600.00. Is that even possible? It makes one wonder. How does the average American manage even on the simplest of medical procedures? It is so out of balance!

Will, it is well established that Trudeau’s legalization of marijuana a couple of years ago benefited some political friends who turned overnight into producers of the weed. This is typical Canadian corruption.

Eliseo, you are right, there are private medical clinics in Canada. I said that Canadian medicine was almost entirely socialized, but there are exceptions. We have private clinics but no private hospitals. Here in Quebec, we have the longest waiting times in emergency rooms in the Western world. Being a health minister is the graveyard of political careers. People like the system, but hate the management. Health care eats more than half the provincial budget and growing. It is the same elsewhere in Canada to a lesser degree. Federal share of provincial health spending was 50% in the Nineties. Under Trudeau, it is less than 25%.

Trump’s grandfather, the German immigrant, changed the family name from Drumpf. I suspect he thought of the new name because he was a card player when he made the initial family fortune owning saloons and brothels on the US and Canadian Pacific coast. I’m glad he went back to you, America.

Drumpf reminds me of Humpty-Dumpty for some reason. Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall.

Marjorie Orr:


Despite what Marjorie says, there has to be a version of the 2020s where Erik Prince ends up on trial in The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some kind of legal apparatus is necessary to grind down death merchants like him into dust.

And also, just what is it with all these wicked Geminis running the US into the ground?? Trump, Barr, Giuliani, Prince… and who else?

quintile, Jerry, Andre,
I needed the MRI about 20 years ago. The cost at that time in Bellevue, Washingron was about $3000 in American dollars. The cost at a clinic in Vancouver was $300 cash in Canadian currency, maybe about $265 in Am. dollars.

Yes, Jerry. Medical costs here are extraordinarily out of balance, and have been for decades. The medical insurance companies here are out of control. They drive up costs exponentially. I could list literally 100’s of examples, but won’t burden you with all those dizzying 10th power numbers. Of course it drives everyone here but the extremely wealthy either crazy or bankrupt. Illness is our primary cause of bankruptcies.

When the Dems worked to pass the ACA, i.e. Obamacare, they not only had opposition from the political Right, but also from the Left. The only way to get the law passed was to make deals with those uber-greedy insurance companies. Many, thought the ACA was a terrible idea because it gave too much power to those already powerful corporate entities.

Medical care and education costs have skyrocketed sufficiently as to drive capitalist Americans to play with socialist ideas. In the last two presidential campaigns Bernie was immensely popular in part because he advocated free education through a BS or BA degree, and Medicare for all.

Simultaneous with soaring education costs, an immoral absurdity rarely mentioned is the declining income of professors. Many are literally having to live in their cars. Its not unusual for annual tuition costs per student to exceed the pay of individual professors. Adjunct professors like myself, are often only employed half time, making about $12,000 per year, $24,000 if lucky enough to be employed full time. Universities have become so corporatized, they rarely give out tenure nowadays to their instructors. So where is all that money going ?!?!!

Of course, the scenario I’ve described is pre-pandemic. The coronavirus has made the situation far, far worse.

French revolution, anyone?

British astrologers have mentioned that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction was opposite the UK Moon at 19 Cancer. This has been interpreted as public grief or sadness involving someone in political power or the monarchy. As the opposition occurred, we heard about the growing scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and the rift between Meghan and Harry and the rest of the royal family. This year, under the conjunction, the Prime Minister almost died and Prince Charles, heir to the throne, contracted the coronavirus. Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, turned 99 and Her Majesty herself reached the age of 94 but still rides a horse and appears in robust health. Members of the Royal Family seem to be in permanent quarantine and most are isolated from each other.

Pluto will return and station in October on the degree of the conjunction at 22 Capricorn within orb of the UK Moon. There should be further developments in coming months involving either the PM or the royal family. Some have suggested the Queen herself may not be in danger but this should be the year she becomes more fragile due to the strain on her family.

Eliseo – re medical: here in NZ health system has evolved to hybrid system too – partly because right wing has pushed toward usa system and cut back govt funding over the recent decades. Many specialists work within the health system but also see private patients. An MRI here costs around NZ$1200 if you opt to jump the queue and have it done privately. The waiting lists for non private elective surgeries have become longer and longer because of that. The current labour govt has just announced they will be streamlining the national system re electronic records between districts, cutting unnecessary bureaucracy and putting more $$ into actual better health outcomes. As part of their very successful covid response the whole system has been subject to review. (Lets hope they get reelected in sept – god help us if the right wing contingent prevails.)
But even privately the costs for surgery do not compare to the usa gouging – my husband had back surgery about 1.5yrs ago for around NZ$30K – his brother in colorado had a similar op under his insurance for around US$250K !!


I took some time to read up on Justin Trudeau’s so-called political corruption; notwithstanding your displeasure with him, I have to say, he’s the equivalent to The Immaculate Conception compared to Trump, Bush, Regan. That being stated, what I didn’t know until now is that Quebec voters have a history of acting out the Uranian archetype in Canadian elections. Fascinating

Will, of course Trump is worst. The US is forever number one. All I want to do is inform Americans that most, not all, Canadians have had it with this guy.

As for the Quebec Uranus factor, that is quite an insight I have long suspected. May I ask where you got that information? I would like to research it further.

We have certainly shaken and shocked Canada in unexpected and creative ways more than once and I believe we will soon again. This has played out not only in politics, but in hockey also where our players tend to be more spectacular. The UK allows Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to field their own national teams in international tournaments. In Quebec, if Canada allowed this (but it won’t because it would feel threatened to its core), we strongly believe we could win the Olympic gold medal in hockey all on our own and be majorly competitive any other year. About half of Canada’s Olympic medals come from Quebec atheletes, mostly in risky or flamboyant sports like acrobatic ski jumping. Our movie industry is miles ahead of the Canadian competition. And our provincial politics, even the press conferences on Covid-19, are not dead boring like those in the rest of the country. Our Dr. Fauci is a born entertainer who shares recipes from his Portuguese family and makes dance videos. He’s a former theatre school student and he’s having the role of his life. What the heck, it’s Quebec! We’re Latins and we generally feel life should be enjoyed and entertaining.

Right wing ideologues are a persistent nuisance. They are always working to get all things privatized. Some things work better publicly owned, others privately owned. At least Dems and your Labour party understand that.

In the US we are imbalanced with too much privatization. And as everyone knows, we have way too many corporations with way too much influence and power. Teddy Roosevelt, where are you now when we need you!?


Awe shucks, the Uranian Archetype playing out through Quebecian(?) voters is my own insight; from what I’ve read (limited) “What the heck, its Quebec” voters are historically-unpredictable – i.e.: wild card, like Key 0 in tarot – The Fool.

“What the heck, it’s Quebec! We’re Latins and we generally feel life should be enjoyed and entertaining.”


question: what are the odds that vandalism is being done by paid agitators rather than legit protestors or moronic vandals?

Good Question!
Don’t know the answer, but from past experience with demonstrations I’d say at least 50%.



Found a person I’d like to vaporize off the face of the planet – Jesse Watters on Fox News. This asshat is a douche bag of epic magnitude. A frightened, gutless coward who shamelessly distorts truth and dares to fancies himself as comedian.

did anyone hear cuomo this morning call for yet another congressional investigation of homeland security & doj heads re action based on political motivation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRAwYK3VdbM

For anyone concerned about Trump refusing to leave office on Jan. 20th, https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/06/trump-election-refusal-leave.html


It’s our natal Pluto in Capricorn. It’s part of the reason why the US govt. is such the massive structure that it is, and being in our Second House, why we have the tremendous and insatiable drive for acquisition and consumption of resources that we do, and massive corporate structures that facilitate things to this end.

Unfortunately, Pluto in Cap also empowers the conservative/reactionary element in our politics, which explains why it is such a persistent and enduring factor throughout American history. To some extent, it’s baked in. We will always have it to some degree, as long as we consider the July 4, 1776 event the founding date of our country, but it’s entirely possible that by the end of our Pluto Return transit, a new, reformed conservatism could be emerging. It may very well be what the Lincoln Project truly represents in our time, the beginning of such a monumental, historic shift.

Personally, I wish the founders had waited just a few more years to revolt against England. Then we’d have Pluto in Aquarius, and with it a far more democratic power structure, likely with its base in the hands of the people and various organized grass-roots groups. For what it’s worth, the Constitution itself has Pluto in Aquarius, so there’s that. Our government itself is democratic in its fundamental purpose and intention, even if the nation it serves doesn’t always adhere to such a concept.

I just read something really wierd/coincidental –
Khashoggi (the journalist that MBS had killed) was the cousin of Dodi Fayed (princess diana’s boyfriend)

with all the recent assaults to the constitution and the obvious need for fixes, perhaps we could spend more time looking at/analyzing that chart with an eye to future years, rather than the declaration of independence?

I was aware of the astrological facts you presented, but it never hurts to he reminded of them. Thank You!

Had the Founders revolted later when Pluto was in Aquarius, we might indeed have a far
more democratic power structure. But I think that would only have worked if from the very
beginning we had placed major resources and effort in universal education.

“…but it’s entirely possible that by the end of our Pluto Return transit, a new, reformed conservatism could be emerging. It may very well be what the Lincoln Project truly represents in our time, the beginning of such a monumental, historic shift.”

I strongly suspect that’s precisely what is coming. Frankly, I’m ambivalent about the prospect. I welcome a more moderate, rational, level headed conservatism to replace the truly crazy, paranoid, pseudo-conservatism we have today, but am concerned they might attempt to dismantle any Green New Deal the Dems establish in place, in blind fealty to their ideology. I’m wondering how ideological vs pragmatic they might be or develop.

In my view, FDR’s New Deal did not go far enough, and should have been made more permanent. We also needed his proposed economic bill of rights which never became manifest. Following WWII, the R’s bit by bit, undid as much of the ND as they possibly could. G.W.Bush actually wanted to privatize social security!

R’s have an overly autonomous concept of individual citizens. Presently, and in the past they’ve been far more likely than Dems to fail to perceive or understand our interdependence.

True conservatives believe small government = unobtrusive government, and that is at least partially true. It is a noble aspiration, but inapplicable in many modern contexts our Founders could not have foreseen.

Liberalism and Conservatism are as much social psychologies as they are philosophical constructs. A Liberal Soviet Communist was certainly a different beast from what we conceive as a Canadian, UK, or US Liberal of the same historical period. Same obviously for an Am Conservative vs a Soviet Conservative.

My hope is these Lincoln Project “conservatives” will embrace the kind of prudent, sensible conservativism practiced by Eisenhower. Ike accepted the New Deal as a necessary feature of a modern state.

What we define as liberal or conservative changes. What was considered liberal in one century is regarded as conservative in the next and vice versa. Who knows how these Lincoln Project Conservatives will define themselves? It will be interesting to observe.

George Will left the R party the day DJT received the R nomination. But I never thought I’d see this.

Conservative Columnist George Will Says He Will Vote For Biden In November



Can you give us the facts on Quebec’s superiority in Hockey with your statement
“we strongly believe we could win the Olympic gold medal in hockey all on our own and be majorly competitive any other year.”

The Olympic Hockey Team draws on Canadian Players in the NHL.

Fact re Top Canadian Hockey Players:

Of the top 20 point scorers in Canada of all time, only 3 were from Quebec!!! Given your population, that doesn’t seem to reflect your statement of Quebec superiority. The current Olympic Hockey Roster doesn’t either.

Lets have a hockey tournament between Quebec and the rest of Canada and see who wins!!

As long as we are still using the July 4, 1776 as the birth date for the US, and, if so inclined, you accept the Sibly version of the US birth chart, you might be interested to know that this year, July 2020 through June 2021, is going to have an emphasis on the earth element (as opposed to air, fire, water), which could translate into practicality, materialism, earth matters, i.e. climate change, things of substance, real world stuff.

The US Solar Return chart this year has 4 major planets in the earth sign Capricorn; Jupiter and Pluto conjunct at 23+ Cap, both retrograde, Saturn at 29+ Cap rx and in a critical degree too, and Moon at 9+ Cap.

This Capricorn Moon trines the solar return Uranus at 9+ Taurus, also an earth sign, and both Moon and Uranus trine the MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo (an earth sign) which opposes the same chart’s IC (roots) at 8+ Pisces which conjuncts the US natal Ceres (Earth Mother) in the same degree.

This grand trine shows a powerful influence that will prevail all year long between the people (Moon) and service (Virgo on the MC) and abrupt change (Uranus in Taurus).

Because the IC/roots + US Ceres in Pisces opposes the MC/outcome in Virgo in this US solar return chart, the Virgo MC assumes the role of focal point in the grand trine energy, and because this opposition between US solar return MC in Virgo and US solar return IC + US natal Ceres in Pisces is T-squared by US NATAL Uranus (breakthroughs) at 8+ Gemini, this grand trine will be incentivized more so than any general grand trine that goes unchallenged.

The earth element is also strengthened by the new cycle start between Jupiter (increase) and Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn which opposes the US natal chart’s Mercury (what we think and talk about) in Cancer. Their new cycle will take 3 conjunctions to officially get started, and these 3 conjunctions between Pluto and Jupiter will themselves be part of a grand trine between the Saturn-Jupiter cycle that ends in late December, 2020 and the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

The new Jupiter-Pluto cycle also conjuncts the Saturn-Pluto cycle that began at 22+ Capricorn in January 2020, and this emphasizes that grand trine with US natal Neptune and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will end this December.

The end of December, 2020 is also when a new US natal Ceres Return takes place with its third conjunction between transiting Ceres and US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, which is the same degree as the IC/roots of the 2020 US natal Solar Return chart.

The 3rd and final conjunction of transiting Ceres and US natal Ceres on 12/20/20 is also hours before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (0+ Aquarius) and the Winter Solstice (Sun at 0 Cap) take place. Talk about synchronicity!

I’m sensing that the people in the US will have an abrupt change of focus in November, what with Trump losing the presidential election, followed by a lunar eclipse that conjuncts the US natal Uranus (abrupt awakening) that squares US natal Ceres that’s about to have a “return”, which is simultaneous with a Winter Solstice and a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start . . . .

. . all the while transiting Uranus (6+ Taurus) in the December Ceres Return chart is T-square the US Natal North Node (6+ Leo) and US Natal South Node + US Natal Pholus (6+ Aquarius), where Neptune was in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that comes to an end on December 21, 2020, when the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts.

To sum up, transiting Uranus in Taurus will square the Neptune in Aquarius in the ending 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycle – a Neptune that has been conjunct the US natal South Node (path that no longer serves growth) that conjuncts US natal Pholus (a small event causes a big calamity), and this same transiting Uranus in Taurus not only is in a grand trine with the 2020 US solar return chart’s Moon and MC, it also sextiles the US natal Ceres (which will be having a “return” this coming December, AND the said natal Ceres which is also conjunct the 2020 US natal solar return IC (roots) that opposes the US natal solar return MC, is part of a grand trine-turned-Kite pattern with solar return MC, Uranus and the Moon).

It could have to do with earthquakes such as the 7.8 one in Alaska on July 22 that barely got mentioned in MSM. It might be about a drought or flooding or a swarm of locusts or even the coronavirus, that US Ceres focuses the grand earth trine energy in the US 2020 solar return chart on.

I believe the US, along with most of the rest of the world, will be keenly aware of earth changes in the years after the Trump holocaust, particularly the first one. Part of the great awakening I reckon.

For those interested, here is a quick guide to Trudeau’s current major scandal in Canada, courtesy of the BBC, which follows Canadian news more closely than the US media.


Eliseo and Buckeye Shadow, your discussion of the future of American conservatism is right on point.

Maybe you should consider the following. The chart for the 2022 mid-terms indicates startling results. If the Democrats sweep everything this fall, a new GOP might come roaring right back, especially when one remembers the US will reach the peak of the Pluto return that year and many social problems may only have intensified if Biden doesn’t get the virus and the economy under control.

Also, I wouldn’t discount Romney’s presidential prospects in coming years. I see a great President and national renewal in 2024. I think that will be President Warren, but I cannot exclude Romney entirely. He is the only man of honor in the GOP Senate and the party may well turn to him for redemption.

Also, the French Revolution took place under Uranus in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius. Aquarius is supposed to be humanitarian, but quite harsh and indifferent to suffering when it is not (Pisces can be worse). The French used the guillotine a little too much for my taste. Maybe the good side of Pluto in Capricorn is it provides wiser government. I believe we will see this when Biden takes over and the poison in the White House is gone. The essence of Pluto is to dredge out evil and to purify. Uranus square Pluto and Saturn conjunct Pluto square Eris made a toxic process much worse.

Finally, Kiwi is right when she says we should not forget the Cosntitution chart. The fact that Biden’s Jupiter, his ruling planet, is conjunct the Constitution Uranus, and both are opposite US Pluto as the Pluto return takes place, is highly significant in my view.

This one is for Canadians only and/or rabid hockey fans.

Quintile, the Montreal Canadiens, made up mostly of French Canadians, dominated hockey almost completely from 1955 to 1980. They were called the Flying Frenchmen and the New York Yankees of hockey. They had the best scorers and the best everything, but what mattered most was the team and not individual accomplishments. Their style was clean, flamboyant and exciting and exemplified Quebec at its best. They wowed croiwds in the six-team league in Boston, New York, Chicago and Detroit. While they have been mediocre over the past 20 years, they still have 24 Stanley Cups, far and away more than any other team. If you want to see a near-perfect hockey game, watch the game on You Tube called the New Year’s Eve classic between the Canadiens and the Soviet Red Army on December 31, 1979. It ended in a tie only because our usually great goaltender had an off night (it was said he coudn’t catch a subway that evening) while theirs had the game of his life.

The Canadiens declined only because of poor management and the fact French Canadians, now called Quebecois (pronounced Kebekwa) in French and Quebeckers in English, went to play for other teams where they dispersed. We have never had a team of our own since then. If the Czechs, the Finns and the Swedes can win international hockey tournaments on occasion, surely so can Quebec.

Fast forward to the late 80s. I am sorry to say the greatest player of all time is not Wayne Gretzky, called the Great One. He is Mario Lemieux, from Quebec, who was called the Magnificent. Lemieux would have broken all of Gretzky’s records if he had not been pushed out of the game by cancer for three years. When he came back, he was as good as before. Only Muhammad Ali has accomplished that. Watch Lemieux’s ten best goals on YouTube, eat your shorts and try not to have a heart attack. He was the most exciting player ever in the best tradition of the Canadiens. He still owns the Pittsburgh Penguins and is the local hero there and obviously a living god in Quebec. For another perfect game, see game 3 of the 1987 Canada Cup also on You Tube. Gretzky’s pass to Lemieux, who scored the winning goal for Canada against the Russian national team, the arch-enemy and the only other superpower of hockey although the US has improved greatly, still brings tears to my eyes.

Finally, I shall not belabor the obvious, but will conclude by a single question: who is the next superstar, who is coveted by every team in the NHL? A young man from Quebec named Lafreniere (I cannot recall his first name but I am sure it will soon be indelible). The Canadiens have a shot at him becaue they are now one of the weaker teams. Everyone in Montreal is screaming they should throw their series against Pittsburgh next week so they can lay their hands on him.

Don’t get a Quebecois started on hockey. The game was invented here.

As an aside, who is currently the only Canadian player well known in the NFL? Of course he’s from Quebec. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is the blocker who protects the KC Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes. He is also the only player in the league who is a medical physician. He has chosen to sit out the 2020 season to fight the pandemic in a Quebec hospital and his team supports him. This made CNN. He makes Quebec proud.

And who was the only Canadian to win a Formula 1 world championship in car racing? Of course he was from Quebec. And his father, who drove for Ferrari, was a national hero in Italy as well as Quebec. Old Man Ferrari loved him so much he almost adopted him before his death in a spectacular crash, because of course he was a flamboyant risk-taker.

I could go on and on, but I think the point is made.

Andre: keeping it real. Gretzky had a total of 2857 pts.

The closest Canadian from Quebec to that score was Marcel Dionne with 1771, Lemieux had 1723.

Lemieux would have needed more than a few years to gain a 1000 pts.

As for the Quebec Olympians. It is well known the Quebec Government supports their athletes financially and in many other ways much more than the rest of Canada. Kudos for that!

Quintile, I don’t want to overdo this. If Lemieux had been healthy (not only cancer, but serious back trouble as well at a time when the rules allowed vicious tactics against the best skaters), I have no doubt he would have ended well above 2,000. Gretzky may have been the best passer, Lemieux was undoubtedly the best scorer ever.

The only other player who was robbed by statistics as much was Bobby Hull, from Ontario, when he jumped to the WHL. He should be much higher as well.

Quintile, one last word. Eddy Schack died today at 83. I don’t know how old you are, but in my childhood in the Sixties hockey games between Toronto and Montreal were a form of civil war, and Schack was public enemy number one in Quebec.

Quebec Premier Legault expressed the feelings of my generation perfectly today when he tweeted: ‘How we loved to hate him.”

Love thine enmies, indeed. We hated him close to our heart.


Kiwi & Andre,
What puzzles me is which chart is the correct one for the Constitution. Would we use the one for when it was completed? Ratified? Or when it legally went into effect?

I feel the same way about Elizabeth Warren. Although I see her as pretty naive in regard to energy policy and foreign policy, there is no one in Am politics who is more qualified to reform our domestic policy. Bar none, she is the most knowledgeable and creative mind force in either party when it comes to financial systems, banking, taxes, family law, labor law, etc. I believe she would also be friendly to reform of our electoral system, including some form of proportional representation. In short, I believe she would get us an updated, 21st century version of FDR”s “economic bill of rights; ” she would lead the way in a reconstruction of our economy to benefit ALL citizens, not just investors.

I’m ambivalent about Romney. He sees himself as the fulfillment of the Mormon prophecy about a Mormon president who saves the nation in a time of dark and extreme multiple crises. That’s a bit too messianic for me.

Admittedly, he is more honorable and honest than his party contemporaries, but considering the present depth of corruption, in some cases at treasonable level, his party has descended to, that’s not all that impressive. He sees himself as a moral man, but from my point of view, Bain Capital was in essence an immoral, deeply evil organization.

Romney said in 2012, “corporations are people too!” No, they are not. That legal fiction is one of the more pernicious ideas haunting our republic.

Eliseo, from memory, I noted the constitution chart details from what Sally McDonald told me she used – sept 17 1787, 11.29am phil, pa

PS Eliseo, just looked at its transits for that date – uranus (10.31 taur) is now conjunct the progressed MC (10.42taur)

Eliseo, I certainly agree that corporations should not be able to invoke the Bill of Rights. The Canadian Supreme Court has imported that pernicious doctrine from the US to sometimes regrettable effect. At least our Charter of Rights does not give constitutional protection to property rights and of course we have no Second Amendment.

I much prefer Warren and most Democrats to Romney. I merely point out that he may have a role to play in a resurgent conservatism.

Quintile, another last word. Gretzky played about 500 more games than Lemieux. Both averaged about two points a game. They would have ended up equal.

kiwi – good memory!

I’m worried that these protesters are playing right into Trumps hand.

That’s my concern as well. Trump wants to provoke peaceful protesters into violence, thereby justifying his militant crackdown.

I was involved with the 60’s Am civil rights as well as the Vietnam anti-war movement. They were extremely different, almost diametrically opposite.

Civil Rights protesters were well trained and quite disciplined, therefore ready to passively resist and endure the violence. Anti-war protesters in my experience were a motley crew, often untrained volunteers unready to experience what was coming.

Certain government agencies sent in spies and provocateurs to infiltrate and make sure anti-war peaceful protests became violent, therefore justifying heavy handed riot control methods.

This was much less likely with the civil rights crowd. It was far more difficult to infiltrate. Most participants were Black, and unwilling to accept payment for betraying their cause. Those of us who were White, like myself, were a small minority and therefore well known.

I would like to see all the thugs who’ve been employed for these fascistic exercises awarded their own country. Having had their Am citizenship revoked, let them all congregate on an uninhabited island far away from civilization out in the Pacific. Too bad we don’t yet have the technology to maroon them on one of the uninhabited dwarf planets in the Oort cloud.

sharon – my memory is not that good! LOL
What I meant was, Im pretty sure Sally was the source of my written notations re the constitution chart

What might be interesting is to survey the birth charts of all modern nations to determine which ones are Aquarian solarians.

RE: George Will
In the same video I provided the link to above
George Will voiced the opinion that by 11 PM Nov. 3 in the central and eastern time zones Biden will be proclaimed the winner of the election. He believes Biden will win with a significant landslide.

Considering that Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio Oct. 13, proceeds backwards into Libra, and goes direct on election day, his prediction seems overly optimistic. I hope is correct of course.

Any opinions?


I’m thinking 2024—assuming our election cycle and processes remain unchanged and “on schedule”—will see some new style of leader here in the US who isn’t currently prominent on the playing field and represents the emerging Pluto in Aquarius zeitgeist in some way.

For that reason alone, Romney seems highly doubtful to me. He’s currently 73 and will be 77 then. Pluto in Capricorn has been all about aging old men in power—the virtual avatars of Saturn—and their deep resistance to change. I actually think we’ll start to see more of them step back from power and even die off once Capricorn Pluto is no longer propping then up. Creatures like Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump are fortunately not much longer for this world, whatever the course of these next few years.

I think it’s more likely we see someone younger then, at least in their worldview, who goes against the norm in some profound and surprising way. It may be a third party candidate who is unusually successful in capturing the nation’s interest, or a reformer within one of the existing two parties who challenges the status quo. Both are actually overdue for a radical makeover, and I also hope that we opt to ditch them both, as well as the tired old inequitable two-party system that largely in part got us into our current mess.

Eliseo, I think George Will could be correct, in that I believe Trump’s Presidency has been a product of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle which began at 22+ Taurus and which was square Uranus at 20+ Aquarius (where the US progressed Mercury is now). That cycle is coming to an end in late December this year.

In the 2017 Inauguration chart there was a sextile between Jupiter (22+ Libra) and Saturn (23+ Sagittarius), the 2 planets that together symbolize societies. Their sextile in the Inauguration chart for 2017 formed a Yod with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point of 22+ Taurus that they were in at the time; a cycle which will end less than 2 months after the November election. They were forcing their own cycle to adjust 🙂

Mission accomplished. By forcing our society to adjust (i.e. break down), which is what happens when planets (or cycle start points) are in the apex of a Yod, something has to give. Trump will probably disappear by the time this cycle ends.

Tell George I said thanks!

I forgot to add that at 11 PM on Election Night the Moon and North Node at 20+ Gemini would trine the Uranus in the expiring Jupiter-Saturn cycle (and the US prog. Mercury) at 20+ Aquarius. Both would trine transiting Mercury at 25+ Libra, a grand trine, so that’s why George could be right.

Very Interesting, Barb! Thank You!

Our “old inequitable two-party system” in large part was indeed responsible for our current mess. Instant runoff voting, AKA ranked voting could have prevented citizens from having to choose between two candidates millions strongly disliked.

I hope your are correct. At least it “feels right” to me. We hopefully will be ready in 2024 for
new style leaders representing the Pluto in Aquarius ethos. With the exception of Andrew Yang, and Marianne Williamson, all our Dem candidates, even the best ones, were reflective of old paradigm politics.

I believe Peter Zeihan is right in asserting we are emerging into an environment in which none of the old isms can possibly work. It feels correct when he says we will experience more change in the next 10 years than we’ve had in the last 500 years combined. We’ll need new leaders with creative ideas to navigate our way through the coming technological, ecological, economic, and attitudinal transformations which will manifest.

BuckeyeShadow, I agree with you about Romney and new leadership. But don’t forget the 2022 mid-terms. That chart is also an eye-opener.

As for this fall, October 17 could bring the biggest October surprise ever and it might be nasty. Mercury goes retrograde that day until Election Day while the Sun opposes Mars and both square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. I believe the final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12 means Biden is elected, but Trump won’t concede. See below.


The Real Reason Biden Is Ahead of Trump? He’s a Man

“A narrative has formed around the presidential race: Donald Trump is losing because he’s botched the current crisis. Americans are desperate for competence and compassion. He’s offered narcissism and division — and he’s paying the political price.

For progressives, it’s a satisfying story line, in which Americans finally see Mr. Trump for the inept charlatan he truly is. But it’s at best half-true. The administration’s mismanagement of the coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter protests only partially explain why the president is trailing badly in the polls. There’s another, more disquieting, explanation: He is running against a man.


A Trumpless Future Is Hard To Get Your Head Round

“About Harris is that she comes from a state, California, that Biden doesn’t need to win. Demings comes from Florida, which Biden really would like to win. Harris is a senator, and Biden an ex-senator, so there isn’t a good mix of legislative and executive experience. Demings was a police chief, meaning she’s inhabited the sphere most Americans think of as the real world. Harris attacked Biden pretty viciously in the early debates, and those attacks will be used against them both. Demings has, as far as I know, stayed out of the intramural Democratic squabbles. I suspect that many white voters feel that Harris projects establishmentarian entitlement while making them feel uncomfortable on subjects like busing. Demings’s life story is a classic tale of pulling herself up every step of the way, from deep poverty to the floor of Congress. Harris’s background as a tough-on-crime prosecutor may haunt her. But Demings’s background as a police officer will refute the G.O.P. attack line that the Democratic Party hates the cops.”


The numbers cited in the NYTimes article,
The Real Reason Biden Is Ahead of Trump? He’s a Man, are disheartening.
Our sexism really is deeper than our racism.

This one is for everyone who is from, or lives in Texas.

Texas Democrats plan 7-figure ad buy to turn state blue

President Trump told reporters on Monday that he would not be visiting the Capitol Rotunda to pay his respects to the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, but did not offer an explanation for why.


Ja, at least DT’s smart enough to know where he is not wanted although i’m Sure that’s not why he’s not going to the Rotunda to pay his respects to John Lewis.

I prefer Warren, but if is Demings, glory be. I like her a lot as well. But I think Biden has stated clearly he wants greater national experience. He also stated the woman chosen would be one who faced him in the Democratic debates. I still think it’s Warren as VP, Harris as AG. Add Susan Rice at State. But Demings and Stacy Abrams, as well as that Democratic governor of Michigan and that mayor of Atlanta, not to mention many others, all have immense potential. It’s an embarrassment of riches. When he saw AOC’s statement in the House last week, Scaramucci tweeted, “There is no ceiling to her potential.” This from a Republican. If Democrats don’t nail three consecutive terms in the White HOuse at least, they will have only themselves to blame.

For many days now, I’ve been poring over the Trump/Biden charts and it has been a very frustrating experience! I even did charts going back to Trump’s acceptance speech (Nov. 9, 2016, 2:50am, NY,NY) and the earliest ‘known’ date for the Carter Page meeting (July 5, 2016, no time, Moscow) that is key to the collusion debate, as well as umpteen transits and progressions up to and past the inauguration. Nothing seems conclusive until January 20.

Believe me, I’ve tried to find the ‘key’ but I have given up – there isn’t one. Going by all those charts, nobody is going to know for certain how the election turns out until the country has jumped through all the hoops – ALL the hoops.

So, no certainty, except I believe the polls are misleading – it is too soon to know what people will be thinking on election day. Too many things will happen and Trump is going to make sure they keep happening!

Amazing though it may be, it looks like Trump will get a bump in the polls between now and the election. There are many negatives for him, too, but the positives keep hanging in there, and imo, Biden will have some troubles of his own.

There is going to be a lot of ‘news’ or fake news. Mercury is important – it’s not the only thing, but both transiting Mercury and Trump’s progressed Mercury will be in play throughout the final phase. Lots of people have commented on the coming retrograde in October – no need to add more.

Nonetheless, slowly, very slowly, the hard Saturn /Pluto transits are getting into position. Also, transiting Jupiter is sitting around 19 Capricorn, soon to go direct, which happens to square Trump’s progressed Chiron and Venus.

Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? Jupiter the planet of expansion (or pandemic?) in hard aspect to Trump’s progressed MC ruler, Venus (career) and conjoined by Chiron (the planet of troubles that won’t go away) will be in exact aspect on the day of the 3rd debate, October 22. Transiting Jupiter will be at 19 Capricorn 49 and Trump’s progressed Chiron will be at 19 Libra 49, with progressed Venus at 19 Libra 54. That ‘perfected’ transit to Chiron may be the first time Trump will show his weakness as the future ‘ruler’, as compared to Biden. Perhaps he will stumble badly with regard to his handling of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, if that is a first, it will come uncomfortably late in the game.

With mail in voting and the worry about tampering, the polls and debates may show one thing, but the election results may not sing the same tune. There are no guarantees.

Right now, the crisis in Congress about the deadline for a new relief bill by Friday, August 3, looks like it will go mostly in Trump/GOP’s favor. Which only means the obvious – the fight will go on to the very end.

Transiting Mars (now at 15 Aries) is in Trump’s 8th house of death and taxes, on the cusp of the 9th house of legal matters. It is soon to oppose Trump’s progressed Mars at at 20 Libra in his 2nd house, on the cusp of his 3rd house of personal legal matters. Progressed Mars in still near its conjunction with natal Jupiter and sextile to his natal Uranus in the 10th, so he has protection. Thus, I don’t think the transiting Mars ‘attack’ will hinder him much, but it supports earlier speculation about him going ‘military’ before the election – Portland, etc.

Some kind of Mars aggression was to be expected and it will continue since Trump has several natal planets in the 20 – 26 degree range, as well as Ascendant at 29. The unexpected difference is that he didn’t attack another country, but his own citizens instead. No way to know if it will change in a significant way before September 9, when Mars goes retrograde.

The summer of Mars activity comes at the same time as transiting retrograde Saturn opposes Trump’s natal Venus at 25 Cancer 44′ (in 11th house of associates, which is Congress). The Saturn opposition to Venus is exact on Monday, September 7th.

Trump’s natal Venus rules his career since it rules the Midheaven (24 Taurus 18′). His mean streak resides in that Taurus MC, which is very close to Algol, the fixed star that goes with vengeance and ‘losing one’s head’ (a la King Charles I). In any case, Trump will be betting big on everything he does from now until Nov. 3 and even if he loses, unlike King Charles he won’t be executed! In fact, he looks to be just fine for some time after the election (so stop dreaming about him getting the virus and conveniently dying!).

Obviously with transiting Mars squaring the ruler of his Midheaven at the same time as it opposes his progressed Mars, Trump is likely to do something radical. Transiting Jupiter and Neptune will also be in play since they are at or near 20 degrees too, and both of them are in close aspect to his progressed Pluto at 21 Leo in the 12th house. Neptune is trine and Jupiter retrograde is inconjunct. It’s likely to be grandiose, whatever happens.

It looks like there will be a delay in counting the vote and/or there may be legal challenges. The college of electors isn’t much better. But – and it’s a big but, in some way by the inauguration, Trump seems to be out. He has quite a few hard, hard aspects then, so I haven’t changed my mind that one way or another, he’ll be out.

It’s way too much stuff to write up, but that’s my overall conclusion. No different, really, than a post I made some time back. The road to the end is dirty, but by January 20 we’ll be looking at all the next questions about Biden’s side of the ring. Along with the ground swell on the GOP side, who are more nervous every day about their individual fates. Regret to say, McConnell will be back, I think.

There’s nothing, just nothing, that is certain about this election!

Correction: I should have said:

In the debate on Oct. 22, perhaps he will stumble badly with regard to his handling of the coronavirus.

Further note: for anyone looking up the aspects, I used both day-for-a-year and month-for-a-year progressions, but didn’t say which was which because it adds too much explaining. The software shows which is which.

Andre, I think Biden is smart and I think he will move the country in a progressive direction but if he does it too soon, there will be too much ammunition to scare people into thinking we are going communist. I have friends from Cuba and even Thailand (authoritarian) who trust Trump because he is strong, a law and order president. They also are afraid of communism when the U.S. will never be communist nor will we have an authoritarian dictator no matter how hard Trump and the theocrats try.

I just read today that Bernie’s 350 delegates are threatening to withhold if Joe doesn’t support Medicare for all.

Eliseo, not sure what you meant, but sometimes man = mature adult as opposed to boy, and is not a sexist reference.

Will, another interesting note on Justin Trudeau. Both his father’s chart and his are sensitive to Pluto transits. You mentioned his shadow. His father’s decisions were so finely tuned some wondered at the time whether he had an astrologer. He was a late Libra with probable Virgo rising. He rose as a progressive during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction, was seen as a Canadian Kennedy when he took power in 1968, but then turned into a brilliant but arrogant and contemptuous figure who used the levers of power to great but sometimes unsavory effect while Pluto was in Libra. The culmination of his career came in 1982, when Saturn and Pluto joined over his Sun, and he retired at the height of his reputation after a long 15 years in power, exactly when Pluto entered the sign of Scorpio in 1984. He was a macho hyper-rationalist intellectual, a black belt in karate, who could not have indulged in astrology but was said to be a secret Catholic mystic. Among his many memorable sayings, he declared he was a philosopher-king Plato was searching for and he could only work with PHDs although he was not one himself. Humility was not his strong suit, but his great instincts made him display some to charm the crowds and the fawning press at the right political moments.

Justin could never come near his father’s accomplishments. His basic image is the decent and likable family man, which his father, ever the womanizer, was not, although he took care of his sons endearingly after his divorce. Justin has better looks but his father had greater sexual appeal. Justin’s career has tracked his father’s in some ways. The progressive legalization of marijuana reminded those of my generation of his father’s legalization of homosexuality in 1967 when he was Justice Minister. Another of his famous quips then was: “The State has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.” Now Justin heads a minority government. He almost lost power just ike his father did in 1972, but the latter came roaring back with another parliamentary majority two years later. If history repeats itself, so will Justin next year.

What his father avoided was political scandal, although like JFK he lived in a different era and his personal life was colorful. He dated Barbra Streisand while he was Prime Minister (I saw them up close in Ottawa when I was 15), and his wife, Justin’s mother was a somewhat deluded and air-brained, but privileged, flower child of Canada’s Weat Coast at least 25 years younger. She spent some downtime with the Rolling Stones and he gave her a black eye. David Letterman cracked on prime time on American national television: “Who hasn’t slept with Margaret Trudeau?” This must have had an effect on young Justin, their eldest son, widely seen as the Crown Prince of a nation. The Trudeaus are still the Canadian Kennedys and similarly they have had their share of tragedy. One of Justin’s brothers died in a rock slide while hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

Justin is a Capricorn born on Christmas Day. This year’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction was not on top of his Sun. But there were other factors playing out. His Ascendant is conjunct Canada’s Neptune in the 10th. He certainly often projects a Neptunian utopian, wrong-headed and deceitful image. His judgment certainly was off in the current scandal. Conflict of interest rules don’t apply or are nonexistent to him. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction this year in his pesonal 10th was square Canada’s Neptune. Also, the 1867 chart for Canada’s foundation is not the only relevant one. Canada’s independence chart in December 1931 has Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Justin’s Sun tightly opposite Puto and square Uranus. This may be more telling. Finally, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is square the 1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra, his father’s apex chart. The intensity of that time and his parents’ divorce may have meant, although his material needs were always provided for and he lived in a privileged fishbowl, his emotional or psychologial needs were not met.

It’s still too soon to tell, but his destiny may be, through a final major scandal even greater than the present, to sully his father’s name to diminish the stupendous achievements of a demi-god who, although dutiful, was not psychologically supportive or caring enough. That superman tried to be both parents in full public view while prime minister when Justin’s mother, who had mental health issues, was inadequate, but he was himself probably too old and too rigid to provide emotional support to a child or teenager of the Seventies and Eighties. He got sole custody of his three boys while prime minister: no one could stop him and his wife was helpless. Justin still appears to have a dazzled and unrealistic view of his father like many older Canadians, although he ended much despised in Quebec because he turned against it and is now seen here as the father of Canadian disunity, which his biggest achievements considerably worsened. Justin is the perfect affectionate and dutiful son to his mother, to a fault by the look of the current scandal. She remarried and gave him other siblings.

I expect Justin Trudeau’s political career to end soon after Pluto leaves Capricorn. It remains to be seen whether that departure will be voluntary. Although the guardian of his father’s legacy and of course an effective opponent of Quebec secession because of the Quebec roots he has carefully nurtured, he is a Canadian tragedy, but most Canadians don’t see it yet.

A final quote from his father: “I won’t hang myself in the attic if Quebec secedes.” (Most Canadians do not remember this one because it was in French only after he left public office, and was meant for internal Quebec consumption. Although hated, he was one of our own).

I think Justin’s unconscious and overpowering compulsion is to make secession, his father’s nemesis, more likely. His family dynamics will change Canadian history as much as his father did, and he will accomplish the impossible because his impact could in the end turn out to be more lasting.

Of the many who ran for the 2020 Dem nomination, my 1st choice was E. Warren. As much as I favor her, one of my concerns with her, is her age.

On inauguration day 2021, Biden will he 78, Warren 71. The probability Biden will serve one term only is high. Were EW to win the presidency in 2024 and 2028, she would be 75, and 79 at each respective inauguration.

Whatever office she might hold, I would definitely like to see her in charge of fixing/reforming our financial, economic, and social safety net systems. The woman is brilliant! Her expertise is so broad as to compare favorably to FDR’s Harry Hopkins + Harold Ickes + Frances Perkins.

My other concern is her thinking definitely reflects an old paradigm which I believe will soon pass into relative irrelevance as a new and very different technological and geopolitical reality emerges. Andrew Yang was the only Dem running who appears to truly grasp the future.

Sharon K,
In this case the reference was specifically male. The contrast concerned how differently women and men are perceived who are ambitious.


Andre, what birth time do you have for Trudeau? Thx..

From the article above:

“Hillary lost the electoral college because even women in the states that went for Trump equated being ambitious with being duplicitous while the fact that Trump was far more dishonest was discounted. The decades of personal vicious attacks of course had an impact, but they would have had less of an impact if Hillary had been a man. Hillary was the most maligned US politician in my experience and I have lived in the US since 1964. Whether she would have made a great President we will never know but there is no doubt that she would have been far more preferable than Trump. The 2016 election was a calamity. It was a day when the US shot itself in both feet because too many did not want to see an ambitious capable woman as President.”

Suddenly lots of chatter about Karen Bass, congresswoman from California, for VP. Born Oct. 3, 1953 in LA, no birth time.

Anyone taken a look at her chart?


Without all of your astrological prowess, I too have been haunted by the sense that there are indeed no guarantees for either candidate with the upcoming election. It is deeply unsettling for me. On the other hand,

“In fact, he looks to be just fine for some time after the election (so stop dreaming about him getting the virus and conveniently dying!).”

I’ve seen plenty of auspicious transits come into play shortly after a person passes away. We none of us, actually know exactly when our ticket gets punched. Hard to know.

Thank you for the fantastic analysis.


Wow – you’ve got all the makings of a Trudeau family biography. Thank you for your bright insights and knowledge of history. The Letterman barb about Margaret Trudeau was wince-worthy, especially knowing she had mental health battles. Also, having lost a one-year-younger brother myself to tragedy, he’s also something of a man of sorrows.

Thank you for your comprehensive review. You’ve got terrific writing chops.


Aside from her political career, it doesn’t hurt that Bass was a licensed physician’s assistant and university instructor in the healing arts. I do not have her birth time.

Beowulfie, I use the 9.27 PM birth time for Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, Ontario, December 25, 1971 on Astrodienst. When I checked, I realized he also bears his father Pierre’s surname and he probably shares with him a Virgo Ascendant. His Moon is at 17 Aries conjunct Canada’s Neptune, not his Ascendant.

Will, transiting Jupiter is conjunct my Sun today in my 2nd house exactly sextile Neptune in my third. Many thanks.

Will, another small correction. Trudeau’s father was a black belt in judo, not karate. Justin is quite the athlete as well.

As a Canadian, what was most significant about Pierre Trudeau besides his brilliance was the following:

The 15 years Trudeau ran Canada are generally seen as heralding a significant left-wing shift in what had previously been a rather stiff and conservative country. Distrustful of the free market, Trudeau’s administration grew government spending and regulation, and advocated Canada take a more neutral position in the Cold War. Eager to weaken the appeal of French-Canadian nationalism, he made French an official Canadian language, along with English, and took a hard line against Quebec‘s first openly separatist government, which was elected in 1976. In 1970 he imposed a form of martial law through the War Measures Act in order to end a hostage crisis with French-Canadian terrorists, in what remains one of the most controversial decisions of his entire tenure.

Trudeau’s most significant achievement came in his fourth and final term, when he persuaded the British parliament to surrender control of Canada’s constitution — securing the country’s complete independence from the United Kingdom — and creating Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which permanently enshrined into law the civil rights of all Canadians.

If you are interested in a marvellous painting that captures Pierre Trudeau’s magnetic persona, google artist M. Pavelic.

Beowulfie, I can sympathize with how exhausting pouring over charts can be, trying to find the key aspect that clears the picture. Probably the gods and goddesses prefer to keep those secrets to themselves and make us humans wait until the last minute.

However, you provided me with a gem; Trump’s progressed Mars at 20 Libra (that I did not know about) conjuncts the US natal Juno (the not-so-equal goddess married to Jupiter) which opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

Right now we are under the influence of the July 20 Cancer New Moon that had the illusional Neptune (20+ Pisces) sextile US natal Vesta (investment) at 19+ Taurus which formed a Yod to US Juno (and now Trump’s progressed Mars) at 20+ Libra which becomes a Boomerang because US natal Chiron opposes US Juno + Trump’s prog. Mars.

What comes to mind is Trump’s militia in Portland; Juno symbolizes support for the disenfranchised and with Trump’s prog. Mars conjunct US Juno she is being forced to adjust (the Yod thing), and with Trump’s unidentified strong armed troops, that adjustment is bouncing back to US Chiron (the Boomerang thing) in a way that turns people off to Trump’s tactics. Thanks for clearing that up for me Beowulfie.

ja, I so agree that the 2016 election was a calamity, but (in hindsight) a necessary calamity in that the US government was going to be an even greater train wreck if this had not happened before the US Pluto Return.

We who are living through this calamity are paying a helluva price, but if it means that the US will survive b/c it wakes us (as a whole) up to reality before – not after – the Pluto Return, then we can probably save the great experiment for another 248 years.

Painful and sad as these times are, we are capable of learning from our mistakes and keeping the dream of freedom alive for our great grand kids and their grand kids. Heroes we are we are!


“Painful and sad as these times are, we are capable of learning from our mistakes and keeping the dream of freedom alive for our great grand kids and their grand kids. Heroes we are we are!”

Beautiful faith. Thank you.


Thank you for your informative post on Pierre Trudeau. Plenty of fine attributes, controversies aside.

Between you and Andre, I’m much more informed on the nation of the red maple leaf.

Hillary. Sigh.

So close yet so far. We had our eyes closed to her enemies and the number they did on her for years — in her own words: “the vast right wing conspiracy” — and so many people believed the theories, just as they believe in Q Anon and Pizzagate and all the other garbage (the hits ordered by Hillary on Vince Foster and on the aide in DC-forget his name).

And, lest we forget: James Comey (something was fishy about him – he did not seem like he was all there), and Russia (and the DNC fiasco) and the bots.

And the Bernie bros and sisters who refused to budge particularly because of the DNC email.

And God only knows what other fraud and shenanigans were going on.

Also: Hillary won the popular vote.

So, when the author states that it was because she was a woman – I would say that it played a role but who knows what percentage of the loss it constituted, especially considering that she won the popular vote (and there are so many morons in our country who equate Democrats with socialism & communism now even more than ever, due to the protests and riots).


BarbK, thanks for the additional comments – good catch! The month-for-a-year progressions sometimes throw a different light on situations when day-for-a-year progressions show so little movement. When I did it I wasn’t comparing Trump’s progressions to the US natal chart (only looking at his natal/prog/transits), so without you noticing, I would have missed it. It is a very cool insight.

Also, Will, you are right, of course, though don’t be too impressed with the analysis as there is nothing brilliant (or gratifying) in a pile of work that gives no confidence in the conclusion! If only the analysis could match your billing, but it’s half baked as so much remains to be seen. I find it kind of odd with all the pressure happening that many better astrologers have been quite silent. I wonder whether they are having problems with this too, but are not saying. Am I correct in sensing a reluctance, or at least anxiety, from astrologers on wading into the Biden side of the equation or is it just more about Trump and how difficult he is to read?

And thanks, Andre, for the birth time of Trudeau. I’ll check it out.

Andre – that’s quite the chart for Justin T. Saturn in the 10th Rx, opposite Neptune in 4th – quite the picture of an opposition between father and mother. And a t-square with focus on the Sun, to Pluto vs. Mars & Chiron. A guy who’s got a lifetime of work to do on his head, what say?


Good writing is good writing – and you have guts to put your forcast out there as well. Its true, many other fine astrologers appear to be exercising an excess of restraint about making their call for November. So many seasoned magi as well as noted statisticians are understandably gun shy after their ebullient but flawed concurrence in their 2016 election forecasts. Conversely, Godess/God only knows how much sleight of hand occured in throwing that race. It is entirely possible that foreign and domestic interference skewed and screwed the tallies.

Sharon K, ja,
That “vast far right wing conspiracy” Hillary spoke of consists of many R’s who are absolutely convinced of their own righteousness, and that any Liberal, especially a successful one, must surely be a bad person and a criminal. They especially thought so of Bill & Hillary.

Had HRC won and been inaugurated in more “normal” times, she might have been a good or possibly great president. But we were not and are not in “normal” times.

Despite her excellent qualifications, the R Congress would have disrespected and obstructed her as much as or more than what they did to Obama, rendering her presidency a living hell with little or no accomplishments. So palpable was and is their drummed up hatred, they would surely have impeached her on bogus charges.

Frankly, for her sake, I’m glad she didn’t have to endure 4 more years of all that venomous, insane hatred. Having “lost,” her reputation was preserved as the brilliant, competent public servant she was and is.

Hillary was qualified to be president. Unlike the Donald, she wasn’t cut out to be a “karma-puppet.” She was too good for that.

In case you missed it, Ema Kurant writes her analysis and predictions for the presidential election in The Mountain Astrologer blog (free). Upshot: she thinks Biden will win.


From what I’ve been reading, most likely Congress and the Senate will arrive at some reasonable solution for a temporary Corona Virus relief bill. It may take a couple of weeks to iron out the differences, but with an interim extension of unemployment benefits, it looks doable.

Looking further afield, the September 29th Saturn station with Mars precisely in square to Saturn coinciding the same day (25 Capricorn-Aries) this definitely looks powerful and problematic for Mr. Trump as it is in t square to Trump’s natal Venus (25 Cancer). Interestingly enough, Michael Cohen’s tell-all book is tentatively scheduled for release in late September. Will Cohen reveal sordid details of Trump’s rape of a 13 year old and Cohen’s successful attempt to quash the legal charges against Trump? On another front, was Trump in some way entangled in Epstein’s nefarious sex trafficking operations of underage girls? Wouldn’t that be explosive! Michael Cohen will be in no mood to sugar-coat his narrative after the way he was unceremoniously abandoned. The intention could be bring to Trump down in the opinion polls. Vindication and revenge.

Tr. Mars continues to retrograde backward after its square to Saturn reaching its square to Jupiter and Pluto early to mid October. Who knows, economically the Fed may have run out of options at this time and the proverbial sh– hits the fan. At least two astrologers seem to think so……

Global Market Crash, Covid-19/Trump, and the Mars-Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Video: 7 min 40 sec


Global 2020 by Steve Judd

Video 14 min 58 sec


Thank you Beowulfie for all your work on trying to divine our election.
You mentioned “ Nonetheless, slowly, very slowly, the hard Saturn /Pluto transits are getting into position. Also, transiting Jupiter is sitting around 19 Capricorn, soon to go direct, which happens to square Trump’s progressed Chiron and Venus.

Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? Jupiter the planet of expansion (or pandemic?) in hard aspect to Trump’s progressed MC ruler, Venus (career) and conjoined by Chiron (the planet of troubles that won’t go away) will be in exact aspect on the day of the 3rd debate, October 22. ”.

I’m a dabbler here but I always thought that even with hard aspects, Jupiter offers protection and a square to Venus, to me, sounds lucky. The Chiron energy involved could describe the energy from the Saturn/Pluto or any of all the other issues facing him, so he does seem wounded, but Jupiter to Venus seems lucky and charmed. Please tell me I’m mistaken.

Jerry, can’t thank you enough for the videos, especially the 2 by Steve Judd. Will watch at least one more time . . . probably several more times during the rest of the year.

Eliseo, I agree. After the grueling 11 hour investigation of Benghazi, that was in fact, a one sided political “witch-hunt” solely for the purpose of destroying Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign, it was clear the Republicans had no other motive than to destroy her.

Quintile, your description of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Justin’s father, is fair. Thank you. I would only add the intensity of his impact on Quebec, for good or ill, is still playing out.

Beowulfie, Justin Trudeau’s chart is indeed very interesting. I haven’t looked at his father’s chart lately, but it was even more impressive. Justin’s chart speaks clearly, it seems, and I will have more to say on it at a later time. So far, I have focused on its relationship with Canada’s 1867 and 1931 charts. As you write, Saturn at 0 Gemini on his MC is highly significant. It is in an exact grand trine in air signs with Pluto in Libra in the second (like his father, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never had to work for a living) and Venus in the 5th, which makes him good-looking, pleasing and attractive. But Saturn, as you mention, is opposite Neptune on the IC; Mercury and Jupiter are also in the 4th. He also has a close opposition between his Moon in Aries and Pluto, which can suddenly make him combat-ready when he dumps the charm. He literally made his political name in a boxing match for charity. Athletic ability comes from his Sun also in the 5th. Mars in Pisces makes him compassionate, sometimes to excess. His tears and official excuses on many different matters are now a trademark. If I were his astrologer, I would tell him to get out of politics before transiting Uranus reaches 0 Gemini mid-decade.

Eliseo, I believe the British astrologer Steve Judd said in 2016 that whoever won the election would lose, meaning his or her term would be hell. I think he was right and I am glad Goddess spared Hillary this torment.

My brother, three and a half years my junior, is not an astrologer. Superficially, you’d think he was just another “good ole’ Texas boy”. He may talk slow, but his intuitive antennae were functioning at full capacity in the summer of 2016. He then said he had a very strong feeling that whichever candidate won the election would have a ruined presidency, and would be the ruination of their party.

The story is not over yet. The latter part has not come to pass, but it certainly appears he was correct.


Biden will choose his running mate next week. From a tweet I saw yesterday, of Susan Rice throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, with the comment “what’s the matter, can’t you get it up and over the plate, Mr. President” (something like that), I’m thinking it’s her. She is very qualified and worked with him in the Obama administration, but I can’t help hoping it would be someone more exciting, but also very good (but don’t know who that would be).

I also just read that some extra police departments are pulling out of the Democratic convention next month because they’ve been told by Milwaukee they can’t use tear gas to control the crowd if necessary. I saw a demonstration by the NOPD and tear gas comes at different levels of intensity. They only use the least harmful which, of course, probably does burn the eyes, etc. But, knowing how unpredictable crowds can be, I don’t know if it’s a good decision to rule it out completely!

Frank, re. your comment, “even with hard aspects, Jupiter offers protection and a square to Venus, to me, sounds lucky….. Please tell me I’m mistaken”: sorry, no can do. You are right – there’s another way to look at it! The other aspects do make a difference, but there is a problem with Trump that just won’t go away. He has those natal ‘double’ aspects of good/bad that offset each other: Sun/Moon/Nodes, Uranus/Jupiter, Juno/Chiron, Ascendant/Mars, Saturn/Venus, even Mercury/Pluto/Neptune. There’s hardly a loner in the bunch of his planets – touch one and another is triggered, too.

Trump’s chart is kind of built for both defense and attack – it’s a fortress of a chart. Where’s the weak spot at a given time? Unless there are at least 3 seriously negative aspects at the same time, I don’t see Trump being defeated for good – I mean not just losing the election, but the college of electors, as well as meeting legal and voter access challenges.

The earliest period for some clarity (imo) may come late in the election process, more so in December and even January than November. Perhaps there will be recounts and court cases. Perhaps something else. It’s beyond me, but like in medieval times, with that chart, will take a skillful siege to take him down by January.

Compare the range of important charts – Biden, his as yet unknown VP, Trump/Pence, Pelosi/McCarthy, Schumer/McConnell. Who are they really? It’s enough to make anyone crazy.

But, a square is not a trine or a sextile. It’s an obstacle. And Chiron is never to be trusted, except to know that trouble there will be. As well, both Biden and Trump have serious natal 12th houses – stuff can come out of the woodwork for both of them.

Going back to the basics, Trump has Asc/Pluto/Mars in Leo (the lonely sign). Biden has a stellium in Scorpio (the sign of secrets), of Venus/Sun/Mercury & even Mars. There’s no access to the stuff in their closed, institutional (12th) house doors.

The future hangs on spider threads!

Thanks Beowulfie!

More on Susan Rice:

‘Susan Rice Wants to Run for Office. Will Her First Campaign Be for V.P.?’

The former national security adviser is on the short list to be Joe Biden’s running mate. She has never been elected to public office, but in 2018 she took a close look at running for the Senate — and at her own political strengths and vulnerabilities.

In an election dominated by a public-health disaster and economic recession, it is unclear how much a candidate best known for her foreign policy credentials would improve Mr. Biden’s chances. And there are people close to Mr. Biden who fear that choosing her would force the campaign to spend precious days relitigating her role in responding to the 2012 terrorist attack on the American mission in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead and prompted months of Republican-led congressional hearings.

While a galaxy of conspiracy theories about the attack has been discredited, Ms. Rice ended up taking the political fall for appearing on the Sunday shows to deliver a set of flawed administration talking points describing it as an outburst of spontaneous violence rather than organized terrorism. In her 2019 memoir, Ms. Rice wrote that the episode turned her “from being a respected if relatively low-profile cabinet official to a nationally notorious villain or heroine, depending on one’s political perspective.”


So, if not Susan, then who? Val Demmings? The far left may not like the idea of an ex-police chief (I say tough, but I’m too practical to bite off any noses). Is Stacy Abrams still a viable choice? I’m not sure Kamala is right for the role as she is so strong and her anti-Joe quotes will be used. Tammy Duckworth is great but Joe already committed to a black woman and I think he’ll keep that commitment (he has to, or will not be perceived as a man of his word).

RE: the duality of Joe Biden

“Elections are often framed as a choice between continuity and change. Yet a selling point for Biden is that he offers voters a version of both. To the eight in ten Americans who polling suggests believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, he is promising a course correction. Thus, he can plausibly present himself as a candidate of change. But by pledging to serve as a conventional president, returning to the norms of behaviour that Republicans and Democratic incumbents have abided by for decades, he also represents a continuum. The repair of a chain in which Trump became the missing link.”
Nick Bryant
BBC News

Sharon K, I believe Biden committed for a woman VP, and a black woman for the Supreme Court.

Sharon K,
Biden stated he would choose the best qualified woman for VP. He did not say “Black Woman.” Amy Klobuchar and others strongly suggested he pick a woman of color, but it is his prerogative to choose whomever he thinks best.

IMO, E. Warren is the best qualified woman, but her age in this peculiar context is likely a very serious drawback. I originally thought choosing her would be a way of uniting the moderate and Progressive wings of the party, but that now seems unnecessary. Both Left and Right Dems passionately want to defeat DJT. Orange man is a great uniter! … of all of us who see him for what he really is.

Joe also has the Black and Brown vote, whether he chooses a woman of color or not. Except for dedicated racists, just about everyone wants to get rid of this incompetent, belligerant, jackass stumblebum of a fool.

There are of course many other important considerations, but electoral math remains essential to win. He might be wise to pick a popular and qualified woman from a swing state to maximize the probability of winning said state. Michigan or Florida are two good examples. Massachusetts and California will vote for him regardless. That lessens the chances for K. Harris and E. Warren.

In the end, unless he chooses some version of Sarah Palin, Minnie Mouse, or someone strongly and widely disliked, I think he’ll be ok. But of course he won’t do that. With what’s at stake, Joe knows we can’t take chances. Another Trump term would be catastrophic for the US and for the entire world. My guess is he will choose someone he is both comfortable with, and who will give him maximum advantage electorally. But I haven’t a clue as to which qualified lady that might be.

Les, thanks for the link to Ema Kurant’s article. Very encouraging for Biden!

Glenn Kirschner, former US attorney general of Washington DC and assistant to Robert Mueller shares his thoughts on the William Barr hearing yesterday…..

Bill Barr Incriminated Himself in His Congressional Testimony. What Can Be Done About It?

Video: 10 min 43 sec


Susan Rice (born on my 11th birthday!) is my first pick cause of her experience and good relationship with Biden. But I’d be very pleased with Val Demings,12 March 1957, born and raised here in Jacksonville, Fla. As VP it’d be a fine stick in the eye to the local gop who invited the RNC. Before her career in law enforcement, Val was a social worker. She has a good heart.


I think no matter how much of a fight and fuss Trump makes from the night of Tuesday, November 3 onward, noon on January 21, 2021 spells the end of his rancid reign. He may leave the White House kicking and screeching on that date while being dragged out by federal marshals, but leave he will.

I also think it’s all the more reason why Biden must open the books on Trump and his associates immediately upon taking the oath of office, and make sure it’s crystal clear to everyone with even a shred of rationality and decency just how criminally destructive they have been to this country and to the world.

Trump and most of the people in his administration must serve out prison terms for what they have done. That’s only the first of many steps towards righting the path of wrongs that this country has been on for far too long.

I personally don’t care if Donald John Trump rots in a prison cell for the rest of his awful existence. But he MUST, MUST, MUST be held accountable. And so also must we hold many of the wealthy elites accountable who brought us to this point.

I believe our Capricorn Pluto Return demands no less of us, that is, if we wish to continue to remain a viable country much beyond 2022. Otherwise, the US will collapse and cease to exist in any form that we can recognize, overrun with corruption and the unchecked power of the elites run amok.

in the post above that I sent earlier the link to the nyt’s article has a really great photo of Rice and Biden in the Oval Office.

Many Thanks for the Mtn.Astrologer piece!
I think too many astrologers beat themselves up too much over having predicted a Hillary win. Three good reasons:
(1) We didn’t have the correct birth time until pretty shortly before the election. We don’t know for sure, even today if what we’ve got is correct.
(2) Trump’s chart showed he would likely be unhappy the morning after the election. That was correct! His win found him confused and angry at first. He didn’t expect to win, but only to burnish his brand. Melania was heartbroken, and purportedly cried profusely upon the news he had won. Until he became convinced Providence had selected him, Donald was going “Oh s***! What do I do now?
(3) it was difficult for most astrologers to imagine DJT as president. He’s the most unpresidential person to have ever gained the office.
(4) Hillary won almost 3 million more votes than Donald, and had there been no criminal Russian interference, she likely would have won the three swing states which gave DJT the electoral vote.

The Glenn Kirschner video was excellent! Much appreciated!

Came the dawn. We are awakening. Donald Trump has had a purpose, just as we all do. Much of that purpose is our speaking out our feelings and our understanding for all the world to see.


Beowulfie, re: “The future hangs on spider threads”.

The Jan 12 chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22+ Capricorn was opposite Arachne (the spider) at 22+ Cancer. Once again the stars lead us to understanding.

The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn (+ Ceres, Mercury, Sun) at 22+ Capricorn was in a grand trine with US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) and the Saturn-Jupiter cycle start degree (22+ Taurus). The Arachne at 22+ Cancer opposite Saturn and Pluto et al identified this Saturn-Pluto conjunction as the focus of the grand trine that will be in effect until December 21, 2020.

Joe Biden’s natal Mercury at 21+ Scorpio trines that Arachne which tells me Joe is linked to that grand trine energy. Even though the grand trine won’t last into 2021, Joe’s links to the Saturn-Pluto cycle and to US natal Neptune (his Mercury sextiles them both as well as trining Arachne), so he too is fulfilling his purpose.


Rainbow Randy is a marvelous fool. Endless creativity.

The Trumps are urging everyone to watch this Docs videos and to follow her advice. She is Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Houston pediatrician and minister.

What an absolute KOOK!

Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine


“She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.”

“She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens.”

RE: Dr. Stella Immanuel.
The above sounds like something from The Onion, but is from The Daily Beast.

As the Trumps are promoting this Doc, I want to see reporters ask Donald if he concurs with her that many people in our government are not actually human, but are “reptilians and other aliens.” I also would like them to ask about that vaccine our best scientists are cooking up to prevent people from being religious.

Trump is leading me to have a great deal more empathy and sympathy for folks who lived through the Middle Ages, and for the Germans and Italians of WWII who were mesmerized by A. Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Melania’s chart with a stellium in Taurus and her moon at 6 degrees of Capricorn may mean Trump loses.
Transiting Uranus will conjunct the stellium indicating current and future changes and trine her moon in January and February.
It is obvious Melania hates being the President’s wife and would loathe his re-election, or maybe she just hates being his wife, and will leave him if he is re-elected!

We will all clutch at the former notion, and perhaps the astrologers on this blog will look deeper to see if Melania can go back to her carefree life as Mistress of Maralago.


“It is obvious Melania hates being the President’s wife and would loathe his re-election, or maybe she just hates being his wife, and will leave him if he is re-elected!“

I’m certain she is quietly hoping and praying that he loses in November, and feels like his exit from the White House and politics can’t come soon enough. Every day since that fateful night in November 2016 has been a living hell for her (as it has been for so many of us).

That Capricorn Moon of hers supporting her Taurus Sun, calculated and anticipated many things in a marriage with Donald—all the things she was willing to do for MONEY—but being First Lady was NEVER in her plans.

Celebrity association is one thing. It’s glamorous and profitable, yet with intermittent privacy.

Being a political spouse is something altogether different, particularly when that has you in close quarters with the POTUS. It’s perpetually public, personal, and yes, political itself as a role, and always ever more so in the US.

It’s a total anathema to her.

“You might want to get out your notebooks so you can track the astral action”


Ja, to quote Ralfee Finn:


what are the chances that the trump men are intentionally promoting this nonsense as 1) a media distraction; 2)a convenient scapegoat in the form of a crazy black woman

As I recall, Melania’s parents live in a luxury apartment at Trump tower, NY. As long as DJT is president, Melania lives under the threat of her parents being deported back to Slovenia.

I think we can reasonably expect that’s not the only way he holds power over her. Melania most likely will not be free until DJT is either dead or in jail.

Eliseo, Kiwi – imo, this latest twist with “Dr. Immanuel” (gotta love that name!) is uses a demented Black woman to discredit Black voters and politicians. Let’s make them all look like a bunch of stupid idiots, right? It’s deliberate, to put off rational discussion and support for BLM and to make non-Blacks doubt their new-found support for BLM and Blacks in general.

She’s a so-called doctor? Where did she get her bona fides from, I wonder! This, of all the crap that has gone before, is a dodge, a deflection, a diversion, taking up more news space, making more useless claims to be dated and simply fill the air with sh*t.

The MSM should drop this, cut it off, just as they would if some idiot who is Republican were to start spouting he is John the Baptist to Trump’s Messiah. OMG, why can’t people just shut up and vote! Why turn everybody off the whole political process? Because it plays into Trump’s hands big time. God help the USA!

Quintile, BuckeyeShadow, imo, it’s highly likely the renegotiated pre-nup that Melania insisted on getting signed before she moved into the WH covers all the possibilities. It’s highly doubtful she will come off the worse for this, whichever way it goes, especially financially.

Besides, didn’t her folks become citizens? She’s one smart woman, I think. The chart testifies to her practical instincts. She’ll probably outlive DT by decades (that’s not a prediction, but a feeling) and enjoy every minute. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes right now for any kind of money – think about all the campaign events she’ll have to go through in the next few months and the stink there will be if DT loses. Undoubtedly there’s a deal like that in the pre-nup – she’ll have to stand by him through it all. Good luck to her – she’ll earn her freedom before she gets it!

Oops, not dated – debated!

Beowulfie – I agree – how can we persuade the msm to stop perpetually taking the ‘squirrel’ bait?

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, one of the more screwballiest screwballs in Congress has tested positive for covid-19. Notably, he refused to wear a mask.

Louie has taken some peculiar positions during his career. On more than one occasion he’s called for the disbanding of the Dem party because it is “immoral, racist, and supports slavery.” Somewhat like the Donald, he believes climate change is a hoax designed to make money for the scientists. He’s also the guy who last June during a House hearing continuously tapped his ring loudly on the desk to disrupt and drown out the testimony of a witness he did not like.


Kiwi – here’s a reference to an interview b Michael Lewis with Steve Bannon, who pinpointed (some say set) the theme to what’s happening in the media today (as reported widely, but here in Vox):

“It was distilled almost perfectly by Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News and chief strategist for Donald Trump. “The Democrats don’t matter,” Bannon reportedly said in 2018. “The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit.”


I usually dont wish harm to others -but in the case of odious Gomert, I hope he gets his well deserved, full covid comeuppance

beo….. bingo!
the dem leaning media needs to focus less on emotion and more on logical practicality. All hands are needed, working together to save this sinking ship

According to wikipedia, Stella Gwandiku-Ambe Immanuel was born in 1965 in Cameroon. She graduated from the Nigerian medical school at University of Calabar in 1990 and moved to the United States in 1992. She completed a pediatric residency at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York City.

She has practiced medicine in Louisiana and Texas, and has an active medical license from the Texas Medical Board. Valid MD or not, I don’t think there is any debate that in our cultural context she’s a real nut. An enthusiastic supporter of DJT, she is a critic of “unmarried couples living together, homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy” and “homosexual terrorism”.

To me, she’s part of the decades long pattern of gradual empowerment of our more vociferous, strident nutcases. Their presence has been strengthening, their voices growing at least since the Reagan years.

I think the real story here, unfortunately is the opinions, and touted “facts” such folks espouse have somehow entered the mainstream. Many of these folks are now in our Congress, state legislatures, and other high positions. Some are governors, and one of them is our president.

I don’t think Immanuel’s story on the part of the media is an effort to foment racism, or discredit Black voters and politicians, or the BLM movement. They would have run the piece, regardless of her race or color. IMO, the media loves to run this story because the president endorses her, because it reinforces the narrative that our president is a complete nut.

Recall that the symbol for media in the US natal chart is opposite the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter stellium in Capricorn and is thus locked into the many cycles, including the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto cycles that began this year. There is a purpose to the deluge of information and disinformation we in the US are being fed.

Hard to know the specifics of this purpose so early in these new cycles, beyond the transformation of consciousness that must take place in the US people.

However, the chart for the cycle between Saturn and Jupiter coming to an end this December has some clues that might clear up the reason for the media overload of “squirrel bait”.

Jupiter and Saturn on May 28, 2000, at 22+Taurus was square Uranus at 20+ Aquarius, which was conjunct the US PROGRESSED Mercury (communicate).

Also, that Jupiter-Saturn chart’s North Node (path forward) at 25+ Cancer was conjunct the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer which opposes the now transiting Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, which was where the South Node in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart was.

15 months after this Jupiter-Saturn cycle started, 9/11 came along to blow our minds and instill fear and shock and sorrow into the US psyche, a very clear manifestation of the Uranus + US prog. Mercury square the Saturn + Jupiter in that May 28, 2000 chart.

That same 9/11 chart (Sept. 11, 2001) had Pluto at 12+ Sagittarius (conjunct the US Sibly chart ascendant) opposite Saturn at 14+ Gemini which was trine Mercury (communicate) at 14+ Libra (that was conjunct the US natal Saturn that squares the US natal Sun), in a clear message for the US to wake up and become more conscious.

Now the new cycles between Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto, and Sun-Pluto and Mercury-Pluto and Ceres-Pluto, to name a few, all of which oppose the US natal Mercury (communicate), will carry forward the susceptibility to take the squirrel bait after the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends this December.

Along those lines of looking back for clues, the September 1-2, 2020 Full Moon at 10+ Pisces will conjunct the Neptune at 10+ Pisces that opposed the solar eclipse at 9+ Virgo on Sept. 1, 2016 (that squared US Uranus) that took place two months before Trump was elected. Eclipses have a long shelf life.

That 2016 eclipse chart had Saturn at 10+ Sagittarius and Mars at 14+ Sagittarius which T-squared the opposition between the Virgo Solar Eclipse and Neptune in Pisces. The coming September 2020 Pisces Full Moon chart’s opposition between Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun will be T-squared by that 2016 Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius conjunction in the eclipse that ushered in the Trump presidency.

It is possible that 2016 eclipse still has enough juice left to renew the Neptune in that chart that was opposite the eclipse and was in the degree (10+ Pisces) where the Sept. 1-2 Full Moon will take place, and that 2016 eclipse chart’s Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius (conjunct the US Sibly chart’s ascendant and the Great Attractor and Pluto in the 9/11 chart) might be revelation of dirty doings by Trump and Russia (Sagittarius = foreign countries). Or not.

Be vigilant for clues come September, there may be a clue amongst the squirrel bait.

Eliseo, thanks for the details on “Dr. Immanuel” – it’s shocking that a person who talks like her could possibly be a legitimate medical professional (do you think maybe she’s raiding the hospital pharmacy to get so crazy?). The fact that Trump is using her (in whatever way) is mind boggling – you would think he’d run in the opposite direction as fast as he can, but he’s nuts too, so what can you expect?

And BarbK, you amaze me! Indeed, US natal Mercury at 24 Cancer Rx opposes the heavy transits by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. That, alone, is enough to make your head spin, never mind adding all the other things!

A ‘final’ revelation of the dirty doings by Trump/Russia would certainly be a good thing. Is there ever going to be closure (even Justice, though maybe that’s too much to hope for)? Lord, may it come by September so the whole world could get by this terrible knot of anxiety, the election would be clearer and maybe there might be less uncertainty and hostility as is happening now. Something to look forward to in September, you say? We can hardly wait!


They are actually going to downsize the postal service before the election….during a pandemic — when mail-in ballots are crucial. If this happens, it will be a major factor in the confusion, voter obstruction, and legal battles. I wonder how involved the SC might be? Hang in there Ruth!

I just saw an interview with David Plouffe, Obama’s former campaign manager, on the VP selection. He says the most important factor is not if the VP nominee will do well in the campaign, or bring in this or that state or this type of voter, but will he or she be a good partner in the White House who could take over on Day 1? This reminds me Biden stated way back in March that he would choose someone who had debated him in the primaries and who had national experience. I can’t tell if that is still his position, but I think it is likely.

By the way, I tend to notice the rather high number of prominent people in the US media or political worlds with obvious French Canadian roots as expressed by their family names. Plouffe, for example, is quintessential Quebec and hardly found in France or elsewhere. One of the most popular novels in Quebec history is called The Plouffe Family. I actually myself have ancestors of that name, which was ultimately derived from the German just like Trump from Drumpf. Some German mercenaries, including some ancestors, settled in Quebec at the time of the British Conquest.

‘Val Demings Is on Biden’s V.P. List. Will Her Police Career Hurt or Help?

The former police chief in Orlando, Fla., Ms. Demings has emerged as a finalist to be Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s running mate. A review of her record shows a complicated history with episodes involving police misconduct.

Ms. Demings, now a second-term Democratic congresswoman, has emerged as a finalist to be Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s running mate. She rose in politics as a Black woman with law enforcement credentials, but her moment in the spotlight comes as the nation reckons with the difficult legacy of police brutality and racial discrimination.

If she is chosen as the vice-presidential nominee, her career could prove to be a political asset against an incumbent president who is building his re-election campaign around his call for law and order, while attacking Mr. Biden as weak on crime. But in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with protests continuing to rock the country, it could also be a political liability.


Sharon K,
Of course they want to screw up the USPS. That jives with their privatization mania, and the need to suppress the vote. After all, the post office is obviously an example of “creeping socialism!” Ironic isn’t it? The folks who wave our flag most ardently, are in fact the most anti-American.

“(do you think maybe she’s raiding the hospital pharmacy to get so crazy?)”

No, probably not. Putting on my anthropology/sociology hat, I’d say her beliefs are typically West African. I’ve taught comparative religion courses off and on for the last several decades, and as such have done some study of African religion, though I do not regard it as a primary area of expertise. I’ve also taught my share of Nigerian students from whom I’ve learned a great deal.

Dr. S. Immanuel was born in Bali, Cameroon, but obtained her medical training in Nigeria. I have no idea how many years she spent in Cameroon, or which of their several ethnicities she hails from, or how many years she spent in Nigeria.

About 70% of Cameroon is Christian, about 20% Muslim, but their various forms of Christianity are usually mixed heavily with ancient animist and tribal beliefs. Traditional healing competes very well against western science based medicine. There are strict laws against witchcraft, and suspected witches are often lynched.

Breast ironing, and female genital mutilation (FGM), are traditional and still pretty common in certain areas. Criminal suspects, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and political activists are commonly tortured by the authorities. Close to 60% of their children are a significant part of the work force.

Nigeria where the Doc got her medical training is pretty similar.

All in all, the culture there reminds me of medieval Europe, where many of the same sort of superstitious beliefs and practices prevailed, where purported “witches” were drowned, and people believed that a red hot poker anointed with Holy Oil applied to the rectum could determine whether one was guilty or not of a crime. If you didn’t get burned, you were deemed innocent.

The folks in West Africa are just as innately smart as Westerners, but in many areas the literacy rate is low; and education, especially for girls is inadequate.

From my perspective, Dr. Stella Immanuel is very much a product of her cultural environment.

The chart for the blast off of the rocket to Mars later this AM (7:50 AM) will have 20+ Leo on the ascendant which will be at the apex of a Yod between retrograde Neptune at 20+ Pisces sextile retrograde Jupiter at 20+ Capricorn, so some adjustments will be necessary for takeoff. What are the yods it will get off the ground? Trans. Mercury at 20+ Cancer opposes trans. Jupiter.

The chart’s MC (aka the outcome) at 18+ Taurus is conjunct centaur Pelion (sacred space) and the US natal Vesta (invested in) at 19+ Taurus.

Transiting Karma is conjunct US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. What goes around comes around i guess.

Leave it to President Anus Horribilus a Voodoo Witch Doctor’s psychotic word salad cure for our plague.

Christ on a cracker; time to freebase my SSRI

Eliseo: Ok, I got it – “Dr.” Immanuel came to the US from Africa, but her cultural origins are irrelevant. No offense to Africans, but some authority in the US is letting this woman practice medicine IN THE US. This is not Cameroon. No excuse.

Since when does Texas or any state allow a person to practice medicine at the same time as they believe in demons and alien DNA? That’s not medicine – that’s voodoo! Just what kind of a “medical board” does Texas have? What kind of AMERICAN medicine is this?

Naaah, something smells like money – and stinks of rotten politics.

BBC has an article that says, “Born in 1965, Dr Immanuel graduated with a medical degree from the University of Calabar in neighbouring Nigeria – and has a valid doctor’s licence, according to the website of the Texas Medical Board…She is also a pastor and the founder of Fire Power Ministries in Houston, a platform she has used to promote other conspiracies about the medical profession…Who are “America’s Frontline Doctors?”…It is a collection of physicians critical of the scientific consensus around the Covid-19 pandemic. The event on Monday was backed by the Tea Party Patriots, a conservative organisation seeking to re-elect President Trump. The doctors believe neither masks nor shutdowns are necessary to fight the spread of coronavirus.”


“….On her website and in sermons posted on YouTube, Immanuel — who practices medicine at Rehoboth Medical Center, a clinic in Houston, and is the founder of the Fire Power Ministries church….”


This is all about money for this so-called ‘church’. It is also Breitbart doing what Bannon said they would do – flooding the zone with shit – which just got smeared all over the world and brings the genuine US medical establishment into doubt, if not outright disrepute. This smears the legitimate medical establishment that is fighting the virus all day, every day, with lack of PPE and testing reagents, and the rest.

This so-called ‘news event’ about Trump and ‘Dr.’ Immanuel is the deepest, worst form of disgrace – it isn’t only a money grab, it affects lives! Shame on Trump and shame on Breitbart.

Update on the ‘good Dr.’ – she’s skipped town.


It is generally understood, the primary reason special counsel Robert Mueller didn’t or more precisely couldn’t pursue charges against Pres. Trump in his report, even though there was sufficient evidence to do so was that he was operating under the long established assumption that a sitting president couldn’t be indicted. All that changed on July 9th when the Supreme Court handed down a 7-2 landmark decision (Vance jr vs Trump) that an incumbent president is not immune from criminal investigation and/or prosecution. Once an indictment is executed, Trumps tax records would be open to prosecutorial scrutiny and conceivably if it is leaked, to the public at large. It would no longer be restricted to Grand Jury secrecy.

So this begs the question….. what astrological aspects on July 9th were in play that could have precipitated such an important historic decision? Intriguingly; tr. Venus at 8 ’53 Gemini (conjunct the US natal Uranus) was in exact sesquiquadrate to tr. Pluto 23 ’53 Capricorn. Pluto mind you, in very close conjunction to Jupiter (23 ’00 Capricorn) formed an opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23 ’49 Cancer). Cy Vance, the US District Attorney of New York has natal Neptune at 23 ‘ 24 Libra – translate that to Neptune (hidden secrets) and the balancing of scales (Libra). See Cyrus Vance Jr’s astrological chart for quick reference:


Venus may have a special role to play in this configuration. It is the natural sign of Taurus that rules money, personal finances (taxes?), sense of self-worth, basic values and personal possessions.

Fast forward to late September. There’s something very compelling about that September 29th date – the Saturn station square Mars (25 ’20 Aries-Capricorn) aspect. Saturn is stationing direct in opposition to Trump’s natal Venus (25 ’44 Cancer). This is the same degree where Cy Vance’s Venus is located (26 ’03 Cancer) AND it is in square to Vance’s natal Black Moon Lillith (25 ’37 Libra). Again, Libra being the balancing of scales and justice. To quote one astrological source: In an astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents a person’s primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form. It reveals our repressed sexuality, together with what makes us feel most vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of one’s personality, buried deep in the subconscious realms of our psyche. End-of-Quote. Given the nature of those aspects, perhaps Cy Vance will exert extra pressure to start criminal proceedings?

More specifically, will Cy Vance indict Donald J Trump in late September? According to most legal analysts, the odds are low. The ability of Trump’s lawyers to tie up the case in the lower courts may be formidable. Eventually yes. However, regarding the Stormy Daniels (Vance Jr vs Trump) case, there is a five year statute of limitations attached to the charges the prosecution is confronting (2016 – 2021?) lending an extra added sense of urgency to the whole affair.

So – September 29th is the day of the first Presidential debate. Will the debate be postponed if Trump is indicted? If I were to hazard a guess, to be sure, the SDNY (Southern District of New York) is coordinating their efforts in close concert with Congress and Nancy Pelosi. Will they try to precipitate criminal proceedings before the presidential elections? I say, expect an October Surprise. The October 1st Aries Full Moon (9 ’08 Aries) conjunct Chiron the wounded healer (7 ’04 Aries) will t square Trump’s natal Mercury (8 ’52 Cancer). Will Trump’s efforts to stall legal prosecution start to unravel? Stay tuned.

Trump Taxes Likely Going to Manhattan D.A., But Maybe Few Others

* Records will probably remain secret unless Trump is indicted

* Manhattan D.A. probe of hush-money payments could widen

July 9, 2020

“……The clouds are getting larger and darker for the president,” said Gene Rossi, a former federal prosecutor in Virginia who called the returns “a treasure trove of potential crimes.”

Vance’s investigation is currently focused on hush-money payments made just before the 2016 election to former adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, who claims she once had a sexual relationship with Trump. Several former prosecutors said that case could solidify based on new information in the returns, or prosecutors could find new avenues to investigate.

“Once prosecutors see the tax returns, they may see other improprieties that lead them down another path,” said Barbara McQuade, a law professor at the University of Michigan and former federal prosecutor. “It may be that upon reviewing these documents, they may find evidence of money laundering or other crimes that may be far more extensive. We know that President Trump has worked very hard to keep these documents secret, and there may be multiple reasons.”

It’s also possible the returns reveal nothing or contain embarrassing information about the state of Trump’s finances but no evidence of a crime. It may be months before the district attorney’s office gets access to the returns, and certainly longer before anything becomes public.

First, the case has to go back to a lower federal court, where Trump has vowed to continue fighting the case.



PS A stunning, stark reminder of why Congress in coordination with SDNY might be prompted to launch a criminal proceeding before the November election……

Trump floats Delaying Election Despite Lack Of Authority To Do So

July 30, 2020


It occurred to me that once we are able to look back and analyze Covid and our response, likely next year, we will have stepped over the threshold into the Aquarian Age. One of the dynamics I’ve read about is the empowerment of science over religion, and I think it will be fair to add political and institutional rhetoric that is contrary to science. All the examples of Trumpian and Evangelical craziness will be analyzed more critically with hindsight against the science and be discredited harshly due to the facts that people died because of it and our economy, which could have re-bounded as we’ve seen earlier, crashed. Climate change catastrophes will also underscore our need to rely on science, and not Republican/ Corporate disinformation, for our survival. The facts are emerging on the deliberateness of those disinformation campaigns and there will likely be retribution against the Republicans and Big Oil, in the face of death, population relocations and major economic disruption. Science will be elevated and trusted against the backdrop of covid and climate change.

Another feature of the Aquarian Age is cooperation. We will get to see how the lack of cooperation for our greater good regarding how we behaved through Covid-19 is responsible for death and economic disruption and how that could have been avoided if people cooperated and wore masks and practiced social distancing. We will also begin to understand more clearly the imperative to cooperate domestically and internationally in the face of climate catastrophe.

Another hallmark of the Aquarian Age is egalitarianism and we are already seeing that in our society with BLM, and before that with Me Too, and before that with marriage equality and LGBT equality. We are also seeing the ground beginning to move more decidedly toward economic equality.

Herman Cain Dies After Being Hospitalized With the Virus
The spread is rapid in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Wisconsin, states critical to President Trump’s re-election hopes. California and Florida set single-day death records. A virus patient recovered after a rare double lung transplant.
Herman Cain, a businessman and former Republican candidate for president, died after being hospitalized with Covid-19,

Frank, Restoring the important role of and respect for science, effective climate change action, cooperation, and egalitarianism all sound wonderful to me. Thank you for pointing this out.

OK, I’m going to say something politically incorrect here. There are too many Americans, especially in the South, involved in psychologically unhealthy, toxic varieties of religion. Literally, thousands of pastors and many religious organizations foment bizarre, supernatural ideas which blend well with, and promote Trumpist politics. People who see demons as causal agents of our problems are bound to gravitate to a far more authoritarian form of politics, dangerous also when it replaces modern medicine. This is a major component of the anti-intellectualism we see in the US today.

Below are some excerpts from a good article on the subject. It’s not terribly long, and is quite informative. When Trump is gone, we will still be plagued with these folks.

Millions of Americans Believe Trump Is Fighting Literal Demons

“Trump has had a personal minister since 2002, a fringe televangelist controversial even within evangelical circles. Paula White is one of the most famous members of the neo-charismatic movement, and her beliefs are terrifying.” …

“In January, she came to public attention after a sermon where she invoked the name of Jesus and commanded “all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.”…

“Like thousands of other preachers both in America and worldwide, she subscribes to an apocalyptic supernatural vision that drives politics, money, and sometimes violence.”…

“But the fringe neo-charismatic movement has embraced the most literal and paranoid form, twisting even the most straightforward biblical passages into secret lore. For example, in mainstream Christianity, Luke 11:21-22’s reference to a “strong man” guarding a house from burglary is usually interpreted as a metaphor for Satan. In neo-charismatic circles, preachers instead talk about a class of demon called “strongmen” that must be bound by certain occult rituals, though they would never refer to their own practices as “occult.”

“One of White’s favorite targets is Leviathan. In her theology, Leviathan is not a mundane crocodile nor a type of dragon from Middle Eastern mythology. Rather, it’s a demon prince in the form of a many-headed dragon that is responsible for people experiencing everyday fatigue. Fortunately, she offers countermeasures—available to anyone who makes a $74 donation. Other packages are available for donations of $40 and $65, presumably offering protection against slightly fewer classes of demons.”

“Many neo-charismatics share similar beliefs. They practice what they call “strategic-level spiritual warfare,” where they name and describe various powerful demons who rule over various geographic territories. They try to discern the witches and other followers who act as lieutenants and recruiters, and they search out and destroy objects of occult significance that spread demonic influence. In charismatic theology, this world is dominated by Satan, and they are the only ones who see the threat.”

“She believes opposition to the president is spearheaded by territorial demons, and she’s not alone. While she may not have actually converted Trump to Christianity, she has certainly converted many Christians to Trumpism and spread the neo-charismatic influence into mainstream spaces.”

“Like their mostly secular equivalent QAnon, which sometimes crosses over with believers in spiritual warfare, neo-charismatic leaders are promoting Trump as a champion of the people struggling against hidden enemies who are conveniently drawn primarily from progressives and minorities. But unlike QAnon believers, who have to settle for the occasional retweet, neo-charismatics have the direct ear of a sympathetic president and act as his spiritual advisor.”

Wow, Eliseo….how has this not been known until now?

From President Obama:

Trump’s base is just glued to Fox News and Breitbart and Limbaugh and just this conservative echo chamber — and so, they’re going to turn out to vote,” Mr. Obama said. “What he has unleashed and what he continues to try to tap into is the fears and anger and resentment of people who, in some cases, really are having a tough time and have seen their prospects, or communities where they left, declining. And Trump tries to tap into that and redirect in nativist, racist, sexist ways.”


Obama’s eulogy today,

“America was built by John Lewises,” Mr. Obama said. “He as much as anyone in our history brought this country a little bit closer to our highest ideas. And someday when we do finish that long journey toward freedom, when we do form a more perfect union, whether it’s years from now or decades, or even if it takes another two centuries, John Lewis will be a founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America.”

On a day when President Trump tweeted about delaying the November election, which he does not have the power to do, Mr. Obama also said America’s electoral system was under attack. He decried efforts to close polling stations and undermine the Postal Service in the lead-up to an election in which voting by mail may be crucial because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Obama called for an expansion of the Voting Rights Act that would restore voting rights to felons, make Election Day a public holiday, open more polling stations and provide full congressional representation to residents of Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

“If all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic, in order to secure the God-given rights of every American, then that’s what we should do,” Mr. Obama said, referring to the procedural rule in the U.S. Senate that requires 60 votes to allow most legislation to pass.

Eliseo: Thank you for that link to the Foreign Policy article on Trump’s connections to a cult! Your post is certainly not politically incorrect – it’s very informative! I agree with Sharon K: WHY is this not discussed more broadly in the media? What is really going on? The mind boggles…..

Further thought – with Algol on his Midheaven, could the cult angle be part of the chart interpretation? My mind boggles all over again…..how dumb can I be not even to have thought of it until this thing with “Dr.” Immanuel came along? Well, pretty dumb, or blind at least – I mean there has to be SOMETHING that explains his crazy behavior and maybe this is it?

Don’t let’s forget the myth of Medusa says the OBSERVER becomes blind to the madness, not Medusa. She holds the mirror and when the observer looks into it, the observer is blinded, unable to see, and becomes frozen on the spot. Are the frozen ones the public and the media (and the voters)? Myths are amazing things!

BarbK, is there an asteroid that corresponds to Medusa (i.e. separate from fixed star Algol)?

Here are a couple of cool versions of the Medusa myth. They don’t say anything about blindness per se (my mistake), only about being turned to stone, although once you’re turned to stone, you become blind too. 🙂 In any case, it is one part of the most central and important Greek myths.



Real good catch re: the Medusa myth.
Well Done!

Sharon K & Beowulfie
While in graduate school I did the primary research for an author who wrote books on the religious right, and the history of American fundamentalist and evangelical sects and denominations. In the next 2-5 years, I’ll be writing my own essays and books on those and related subjects. I’ve had this planned out for some time, but I’m working on other projects right now.

Animistic, superstitious versions of Christianity have been with us off and on for centuries, but gained a strong rebirth in 1805 at Cane Ridge, Kentucky. The holy roller, satan obsessed, malevolent entities are with us, paranoid variety of religiosity has been with our nation from the beginning. Throughout our history such groups have waxed and waned, but now comprise 20 to 25% of our Anerican population, overlapping heavily with Trump supporters.

The difference between these American groups and Stella Immanuel is the issue of discretion. Sarah Palin and her like minded sisters and brothers know the general public is uncomfortable with their true religious notions and practices, and therefore are quiet about them in public.

Who knows what these folks are thinking, believing, and doing in their churches and prayer groups? Answer: Rosicrucians, Theosophists, Wiccans, Esoteric Christians, and historians and sociologists of religion, but few others.

Why doesn’t the media report on these spiritistic “Christians”? As a group, the journalistic community tends to be disinterested in religion, not seeing it as relevant or important, but another primary reason is because they are afraid of them.

Those whom are aware, know how numerous and nasty these folks are and can be. News sources have to make a profit. It’s not in their interest to rock the boat. Also, generally, most real journalists (not the National Enquirer type) feel that personal religious beliefs and practices, like our sex lives are none of their business.

The media only tends to report on these groups when they feel it is relevant, i.e. when they are overtly involved in politics, or when they are connected to various tragedies, as in the Jim Jones mass suicide. Journalistic work on the religious background for motivation for “Christian” terrorists like Eric Rudolph, or Timothy McVeigh is usually woefully inadequate, too little, too late.

This very paranoid, superstitious, unhealthy form of religion is a major component of the belligerent anti-intellectualism in our culture. My hope is we will have the courage to confront and discredit it in the next few years, as it truly is a form of fascism, and in the modern context has become dangerous, threatening our survival. Personally, I’ll carefully time my publication on the subject for maximum exposure and success relative to the kind of energies and influences we discuss on this blog.

Another reason journalists don’t report on these groups is because they must do so through subterfuge. They have to use a false identity, and pretend to be one of the believers. As most reporters are not actors, they aren’t very good at displaying the intense emotions and behaviors necessary to be convincing. If discovered, very, very bad things can happen to them and their family members.

There is time to impeach Barr before November. The best defence is offence.

Unfortunate but true. Congresspersons now have to be focused on re-election. They need to be seen as doing the work of the people.
Hopefully, Barr will be prosecuted for perjury, abuse of power, etc. after the new administration takes office.

An Indian produced this youtube video.

Russia has a message for China. It’s nuclear.

Have you any clue as to how accurate the claim is?

Eliseo, thank you for your explanation! All I can say is Wow. Up to 25%? Really? Wow again. Methinks I’ll have to rethink the political landscape from the ground up!

Where have people been while this has been going on under their noses? And how can it reach the WH, with no MSM commentary? Really, people are that scared or avoidant?

We’re like people in Sleepy Hollow. At least Rip Van Winkle woke up after 20 years, but we’re still snoozing!


You are all on fire today – great comments! Thank you!

Eliseo, not sure of the number but you are right on. These people are pure evil. They are about power plain and simple and there was a time they had control of much of the Dem party as well as the GOP but now they have cast their lot with Trump and Russia and the GOP. An early article on one aspect of their power was written by Jeff Sharlet in Harpers…


And here is a more recent article by him on the trumpers.


These are the people I worry about. Trump is merely their pawn.

Beowulfie, and others who have recently commented, I can’t think of a Medusa counterpart among the asteroids, but Circe could turn men into swine.

Eliseo, there is a centaur whose name means “strong man”, which is Bienor, for what it’s worth.

I’ve not read all of the links in today’s comments but the noted religious fervor supporting Trump speaks to emotional tendencies rather than intellectual tendencies; two altogether different human manifestations. I know a college educated woman who was born and raised downstate in Kentucky – what we might call “people from the country” – who once said to me re: Trump, “why can’t they leave him alone”, with tears welling up in her eyes.

I don’t think his supporters give a damn about his intellect, it’s their emotions he supports. Whole different animal.

The US natal Mercury and Jupiter, symbols of mental processes, are both in Cancer, a sign associated with feelings (emotion), while the ruler of the US Sun (symbol of consciousness) in Cancer which is the US natal Moon (emotion) is in Aquarius, a decidedly thinking/mental sign.

While I believe we should think with our heart, there is a tendency in us to get caught up in extremely volatile emotional causes, devoid of critical thinking. What’s a nation to do?

Better education will help.

RE: “Where have people been while this has been going on under their noses? And how can it reach the WH, with no MSM commentary?”

In our culture, most people regard it as unwise and impolite to talk about religion with strangers or coworkers. We all live to one degree or another in our respective social bubbles.

Nevertheless, if you grew up in the Am. South, and sometimes other areas you may have been aggressively approached by someone who right away may have said something like, “Have you accepted Jesus Christ in your heart as your personal savior?” or “I’d like to talk with you about Jeeesus!” When accosted that way, most people want to run away, me included.

In my case, sometimes I’ve pretended to be very hard of hearing, and loudly replied, “Cheeses, you’re selling cheeses? I already have plenty in my refrigerator!” At other times I’ve pretended to be a Russian immigrant with little English. (I do fake Russian really well.) And sometimes I’ve simply told them the truth. “I’m a religious studies scholar and teacher. I also teach English and history. I have a heavy background in anthropology and sociology. I’m a former mental health counselor. I’m retired from the episcopacy of my religious order, and a member of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies.” That usually scares them off.

Have you been accosted by these types? I’ll bet you have. Up until about 1925 they were mostly located in the South, but after that date began to move into other areas of the US. My point is, they are pretty omnipresent.

In some states and communities their numbers are sufficient to skew laws and politics in very repressive directions. Texas is a good example. For decades Southern Baptists, not all, but many of whom are spiritistic, or neo-charismatic, essentially control the politics of the state. That’s why Texas has a history of so many restrictive, repressive “blue laws.” An old joke goes like this: “Why is it Southern Baptists never have sex standing up? Because it looks too much like dancing!” The joke reflects the culture well.

Why are there so many of these people and why are so many in positions of power? There are many reasons, but I’ll only deal with three.

(A) During WWII we began to put increasing emphasis on training as opposed to actual education. This particularly accelerated by 1956. People who know little or nothing of basic science, literature, history, or philosophy, i.e. without critical thinking skills, are far more prone to fall for simplistic, feel good, black & white, good & evil theologies.

(B) We all need a sense of meaning to be functional. Religions and mythologies provide that for many. Spiritistic religions in particular provide intense, emotionally fulfilling experiences. They are very much like an addiction.

(C) inspired people tend to be greatly more motivated than the rest of the population. These folks run for office again and again and again until they win. They also have the cash to run their campaigns.

For many, mainline religion is boring and unfulfilling. What is needed is a new paradigm which is more universalistic and includes good science. Some of the major and more important thinkers of the 20th century, including Arnold Toynbee predicted an eventual synthesis of science with the better elements of Buddhism and Christianity. I also see great potential in Kabbalistic Judaism, and in Wiccan circles, particularly if the anthropomorphism gives way to a more transcendent and immanent pantheism or panentheism.

That new paradigm will manifest. If you don’t believe it, look to the stars. Look to the coming transits and your charts. You’ll see it.


Can you explain why you have lumped theosophists, rosicrucians (I once was one and so was my mother) in with what I think you are implying as Church-going anti-abortion, anti-gay, right wing Christians with ritualist bents? Maybe I misread you, but I see absolutely no parallels between Rosicrucians/Theosophists and those groups. The difference is almost night and day and the latter have never been political.

Yes, you are misreading. It is the opposite of your interpretation.

The question posed was:
Who knows what these folks are thinking, believing, and doing in their churches and prayer groups?

In other words, who is aware? Not, who is participating. My answer was general, and perhaps overly broad. Not everyone in the groups mentioned are aware of what is going on, but many in my experience are. I should have edited it better, but I tend to write these little pieces without much editing, as it were “off the cuff.”

Many people I’ve personally known in the groups I mentioned, Rosicrucians, Theosophists, Wiccans, Esoteric and “metaphysically oriented” New Thought Christians, and especially historians and sociologists of religion, are and have been aware that these so called “Christians” as described in the Foreign Policy article cited, are “up to no good.” The people I listed tend generally to have more depth and critical thinking skills than is the norm.

Fundamentalist and evangelical Christians, especially those who are neo-charismatic and/or spiritistic tend to view the above list of groups as “”satanic.” I could have also included psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and astrologers, although not all are acutely aware of the beliefs or practices of these toxic so called “Christians”.

When someone or some group regards you as “evil” you tend to learn of it and be on guard. If you read a bit of the propaganda promulgated by the ultra-conservative religious right, you’ll find that all folks dedicated to the pursuit of esoteric wisdom are on their “satanic” list.

You are right. Although not all are overly political, privately, we who are on that list tend to the opposite end of the political spectrum. The difference is as you said, “almost night and day.”

Sorry, if I was not as clear as I intended.

There are of course exceptions. Whereas most in the “esoteric” category are people who are widely read, open minded folks who have more depth and better critical thinking skills, not everyone who is a member is so socially tolerant or generous. I knew an Anthroposophist gal years ago who believed the worst thing that ever happened to western civilization was the Beatles!

From Beth Owl’s Daughter:

“As magical and spiritual people, a solid grounding in the truth of our current time is, in my view, vital. Thank you for soldiering on with me. Nothing in our lifetimes has been more important.”


Eliseo, I think I mentioned this before, but my stepson’s mother’s husband, a retired prof of languages from Tulane, writes books and his book on the Beatles & Lacan (a French psychoanalyst whose theories apparently built on Freud’s but were also original) is a work of social criticism that explains what led up to the Beatles and why they were such a phenomena, etc. He gave me a copy that I only began to read but you of all people would find it fascinating. He wrote it when he was younger and it’s really quite brilliant. If I can get a copy to you, I will. I am trying to balance so many things that I can’t get myself to settle down to more serious reading so I read interesting, entertaining and light novels & mysteries. I’ll get back to it.

Your post above was very interesting. I have always related to Christianity (not the repressive elements), which Casey said was the real deal, and I believe him, as well as Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, etc.

Judaism seems to have the most rules (which Christianity added to) but it is understandable when you think of them surviving 40 years in the dessert, away from all other groups. It resulted in forming a strong spiritual identity and necessary rules for health, hygiene and survival, with spiritual contact with God infusing all acts. The Essenes had even more rules (no deficating on the Sabbath, etc.) but it seems to have elevated them, and, I believe, Jesus’s development was through that group.

There is no way of life that does not benefit from a basic core of healthy self-discipline as we must be masters of our impulses, etc. and have an ordered way of life that cultivates simplicity, positive values, cleanliness…

Look at Buddhist monks, etc. They live by their teaching and rules. (I’ll never forget the Zen retreat I attended — so lovely and character building — it had it’s strict side and it was beautiful.)

If we can do that and still distill the true, highest spiritual essence that connects us to the level of the creator and creation, I think we will be elevated and evolved. However, it will not come without rules as human nature must be lovingly shepherded. I look forward to a time when earth is at this higher level (and I hope I made sense as I wasn’t paying strict attention to my thinking and writing).

Loved the Beth Owl’s Daughter short piece, Ja. It’s not one of her astrological overviews, but it is really important. Thank you for posting it.

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Many Thanks for the links to the two articles on right wing religion.

I had already read the Vanity Fair piece when it was first published, but did not like the authors analogy to gnosticism. Gnosticism was an extremely broad and diverse phenomenon. Right Wing “Christianity” is far less so.

Furthermore, the Gospel of Thomas quotes were out of context. I do not read Sahidic Coptic, but I’ve read scads of translations of the Nag Hammadi GoT, and literally 100’s of commentaries on it. I agree with the most preminent Thomas scholar, Stevan L. Davies, the GoT is not gnostic.

Nevertheless, the authors criticism of our current Far Right “Christians” is on target.

Sharon k, I agree. You are very welcome.

On another note, I’m getting very excited and nervous about Biden’s pick. I hope it will be on Monday.

I just watched the Biden Victory Fundraiser with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. I feel so much better after watching it. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be his VP. He beamed with pride when she started talking. She looks like a Mom watching her kid perform…a little nervous but ready to prompt if he gets stuck. She will have his back and be a huge asset to him.

Has someone done a combined chart for them?

Another great one from the Lincoln project.


Banks, I never doubted Warren would be the VP.

Sharon K,
As you know, after all the several decades I’m still a Beatlemaniac! When driving, I’m either listening to the news, classical music or the Beatles. The news has been so painful since DJT was inaugurated. I Can’t stop tuning into the news, but lately I’m more inclined to the music.

I understand why it’s hard to do serious reading right now. We’ve never lived through anything like this. Maybe that’s why, after WWII and the Depression, people of our parents generation often could not abide any entertainment heavier than Lawrence Welk.

Andre, I hoped, really hoped, it would be EW but after seeing them tonight i’m sure of it. I have a feeling he might not finish the full 4 yrs. or might turn a lot of responsibilities over to her. I’m exactly a year older than Biden and this whole thing of dealing with Trump and what he will be up to and then the absolute mess Trump will leave behind has to be very stressful for Biden. Elizabeth Warren,on the other hand, is like the Everready Rabbit and so sharp mentally. If we can just get through between now and January 20th.

Banks, wish I’d seen that fundraiser; thought everyone had given up on Warren, what with her whiteness and her age. It was at least a year ago when I commented on her natal Mars-Mercury and his natal Saturn conjunct US natal Uranus. There’s also her natal Sun-Uranus sextile his Moon and her Saturn-Ceres trine his Moon.

Although her natal Jupiter squares his Moon. her Jupiter trines his Neptune. Her natal Juno at 12+ Cancer trines his natal Mars at 12+ Scorpio and his Pluto conjuncts her Pallas and both conjunct the US natal North Node.


“There is no way of life that does not benefit from a basic core of healthy self-discipline as we must be masters of our impulses, etc. and have an ordered way of life that cultivates simplicity, positive values, cleanliness…”

Right on!

E. Warren may or may not be the BEST choice but IMO she certainly is the MOST QUALIFIED of all the possible choices. She has the most potential to be our next FDR. If 2 years and one day after inauguration JB resigns or dies, we could in theory have EW as president for ten years, serving the last two years of Biden’s term and elected in 2024 and 2028. That would empower her into January 2033.

If she is the one, considering the way he treated her in the US Senate, there is one very particular rude, sexist pig of a man I’d like to see her Lord it over with her vice presidential and/or presidential powers. That’s Mitch McConnell.

I’m dreaming of course, but it would also be nice to see attorney general Kamala Harris send W. Barr, DJT, and a host of other R’s who were aware of Russian collusion or committed other crimes to jail with very long sentences.

Like I said earlier, I’m getting very nervous and excited.

This is the MOST fascinating article:


Science Comprehension Thesis, which says the problem is that the public doesn’t know enough about science to judge the debate……but: Perhaps humans reason for purposes other than finding the truth — purposes like increasing their standing in their community, or ensuring they don’t piss off the leaders of their tribe……………..In Kahan’s sample, most people failed. This was true for both liberals and conservatives. The exceptions, predictably, were the people who had shown themselves unusually good at math: they tended to get the problem right. These results support the Science Comprehension Thesis: the better subjects were at math, the more likely they were to stop, work through the evidence, and find the right answer……….But Kahan and his coauthors also drafted a politicized version of the problem…..Presented with this problem a funny thing happened: how good subjects were at math stopped predicting how well they did on the test. Now it was ideology that drove the answers………….The smarter the person is, the dumber politics can make them………….People weren’t reasoning to get the right answer; they were reasoning to get the answer that they wanted to be right…….. partisanship has a way of short-circuiting intelligence………..It turned out that people’s actual definition of “expert” is “a credentialed person who agrees with me.”………etc….there’s more…..

Further note: The above article was written before Covid. Along with judges, think about Dr. Fauci’s dilemma!

When you read this, the chance of Trump getting re-elected is absolute ZERO (yet…?):


I’ve been making the same argument for years. Liberals are just as bad as Conservatives at transcending their ideology.

It is my belief that at this juncture of history, Liberals have a bit better view and understanding of human nature than Conservatives, therefore being right on more issues. But we’re not anywhere near 100%.
I suggest we all remember Prohibition, a classic Liberal social experiment, the terrible consequences of which are with us today.

Humility before ideology. Self-transcendence is a rare and precious gift.

BarbK, could you give mea good news/bad news bottom line on your astrological look at JB/EW charts above, pls. Thank you.

From John Lewis:
‘Together, You Can Redeem the Soul
of Our Nation’

Though I am gone, I urge you to
answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe.

“Though I was surrounded by two loving parents, plenty of brothers, sisters and cousins, their love could not protect me from the unholy oppression waiting just outside that family circle. Unchecked, unrestrained violence and government-sanctioned terror had the power to turn a simple stroll to the store for some Skittles or an innocent morning jog down a lonesome country road into a nightmare. If we are to survive as one unified nation, we must discover what so readily takes root in our hearts that could rob Mother Emanuel Church in South Carolina of her brightest and best, shoot unwitting concertgoers in Las Vegas and choke to death the hopes and dreams of a gifted violinist like Elijah McClain.”


Kim at Intuitiview YouTube has two new videos out today. She describes but doesn’t name Biden’s VP choice. It probably could be one of the others but certainly sounds like Warren to me.

Banks, please indulge me; 3 days before the election, on Halloween there will be a Full Moon exactly conjunct -within 3 arc minutes – transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus.

In the chart for that FM there is a configuration that aspects Trump’s natal Venus and Biden’s natal Jupiter at 25+ Cancer and it is the square between the Halloween Full Moon’s retrograde Mercury (26+ Libra) and its Saturn (26+ Capricorn), and with the Trump Venus and the Biden Jupiter at 25+ Cancer (along with US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer and Trump’s Saturn at 23+ Cancer) we get a T-square.

This is an annoying configuration because it forces a decision of some kind. Biden’s Jupiter trines his Scorpio Sun which eases the pressure of this T-square for him, but because the Full Moon conjuncts transiting Uranus in Taurus it is going to involve some kind of shocking disturbance regarding something tangible (Taurus) and it could be money or land related (Taurus).

After the election, on November 30 there is a Full Moon at 8+ Gemini and it is an eclipse and it conjuncts the US natal Uranus, so 2 full moons in a row have heavy Uranus influence, at least for the US. Forgive me if I see this as meaningful for the US election that falls in between these 2 full moons laden with the unexpected.

Far be it from me to predict what Uranus, either US natal or transiting, has in store for us and for Biden and Trump, but . . . . . . . . . .

When the US natal Uranus is involved, so is the Neptune-Pluto cycle that began in the same degree as US natal Uranus, 8+ Gemini. The chart for when that cycle between Neptune and Pluto began had Uranus at 26+ Libra that conjuncts the retrograde Mercury in the Halloween Full Moon chart that affects the Biden and Trump natal charts. Again, Uranus is involved. An unexpected delay of the election due to uncontrollable circumstances?

In addition, the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Venus at 27+ Cancer conjuncts Biden’s Jupiter + Trump’s Venus + US natal Mercury + Trump’s Saturn, all of which oppose the Halloween FM chart’s Saturn (26+ Cap) and the US natal Pluto (27+ Cap).

Whatever is uncovered/exposed by the Halloween FM + Uranus is going to affect the Nov. 3 election, and all of it is going to be blown open by what follows the Nov. 30 lunar eclipse that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

When we consider that the Saturn in both the Halloween FM and the Nov. 30 eclipse FM are conjunct the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, which opposes the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Venus (values) in Cancer (+Trump’s Saturn/Venus + Biden’s Jupiter + US natal Mercury) that squares the Halloween’s FM retro Mercury and the Neptune-Pluto chart’s Uranus in Libra, we’re not looking at something superficial.

The scope of this expose’ could be far-reaching in time and in geographical space and could put on hold any election results, dare I say even the election itself?

Transiting Pluto at 22+ Capricorn in the Halloween FM chart trines the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and the soon-to-expire Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (cycle) at 22+ Taurus – a grand trine, allowing one to ponder the possibility of a dramatic event capable of distraction, what with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction being square the Uranus (+ US prog Mercury) in the chart of that cycle’s start. Again, the Uranus factor.

At the time of the Halloween FM+Uranus the transiting Chiron will be conjunct the IC (root) in the chart when set for Washington DC, while transiting Ceres at 29+ Aquarius (2 degrees from US Moon) and trine trans. retro Mercury in Libra, and in the 4th house (home) of the FM+Uranus chart, might mean tornadoes or hurricanes or pandemic problems beset the country.

If it is my crazy imagination I apologize ahead of time, but it will bug me until Halloween. If that is what could possibly happen, some catastrophic event that delays the election, it will be, IMO, divine intervention I’m positive. There’s more to the Halloween chart but this is enough for now.

BarbK, I’ve never known you to be such a Debbie Downer. Could it not be some thing as simple as the Uranian shock of an historical landslide on Biden’s part and the property is The White House which I wouldn’t put it past Trump to trash before he left….maybe even set on fire? All very shocking.

barbk, what popped into my mind as I read your last post is this: is it possible that Biden could be sidelined for a time right after the election, leaving Warren acting as president temporarily? Having grown up in the 50s, I remember clearly that his veep stood in for Eisenhower when the president had health issues.

If you have not seen this video yet, please watch it. Likely the best thus far…and that is saying a lot.


“money or land related (Taurus)” sounds like real estate to me. Maybe I’m off here, Barb but with the other factors, I’m wondering if it has something to do with Trump’s money laundering of Russian oligarchs dirty cash.


Dare I say, in 2020, that I can’t think of a natural disaster (Divine intervention) that would affect the whole country?

And I can’t believe any divine creature would intervene to help prevent us from getting rid of Trump. That would be seriously piss me off.

Teresa Hill,
It doesn’t have to physically affect the whole country. As an example: Were a magnitude 9 earthquake to occur in the right place, it could cause a tsunami affecting either the east or west coast. Hypothetically, an Atlantic tsunami inundating Washington, DC could really screw up our electoral process.

Another hypothetical : If a super-earthquake occured on the west coast, shortly before or on election day, it could delay or put into doubt the election tally for California, or possibly California + Oregon + Washington. If California’s 55 electoral votes weren’t counted, or were delayed, on the day the electors met, it is possible neither candidate would have 270 electoral votes.

Under normal circumstances California would surely vote for Biden, but Trump might claim otherwise, causing mayhem.

I’m not suggesting these scenarios will happen. I’m only saying weird things are possible. Personally, I intuitively feel whatever nefarious shenanigans Trump tries will in the long run backfire.

Pam Gregory’s latest video about this full moon and bigger energy shifts of this period in time

I’m impressed with the diverse scenarios you guys – Banks, Arbo, Eliseo and Teresa – came up with from these Uranian influenced astro events that, admittedly freaked me out. Thank you for sharing.

The Uranus symbolism always suggests a breakthrough of some kind that is met with resistance, be it brought on by a black or female president, a change in some social standard or an act of nature that triggers something which upsets the status quo.

The multiple sources of this concentrated Uranus influence in such a short period of time, a climactic time for the US, will surely stun many of us; so much so that it will break down resistance from groups of people who thought they would never change their outlook. I expect to be a positive outcome in the long run.

There is going to be an opposition between trans. Mars and Sun on Oct. 13, the half way mark in their cycle that began on Sept. 2, 2019 that might shed some “light” on this. Their cycle began on Sept. 2, 2019 when their conjunction at 9+ Virgo was conjunct trans. Mercury (the messenger) at 8+ Virgo, which was square US Uranus at 8+ Gemini and opposite US Ceres at 8+ Pisces.

The opposition on Oct 13, 2020 has Sun at 21+ Libra (conjunct US natal Juno at 20+ Libra) and Mars at 21+ Aries (conjunct US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries). Both trans. Mars and Sun aspect US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini, and both square trans. Pluto at 22+ Capricorn.

Transiting Uranus will be on the ascendant of the chart for the Mars-Sun opposition on Oct. 13th when set in Washington, DC, 18 days before Halloween’s Full Moon conjunct Uranus.

This is curious! They be telling the truth, but it makes you wonder if there is more afoot than the coronavirus problem.

Coronavirus: Media to be barred from Trump election nomination
The US Republican Party’s vote to nominate its presidential candidate this month will be held in private, without press in attendance.

A Republican National Convention spokeswoman gave coronavirus health guidelines as the reason, the Associated Press reports.

Delegates are due to gather in North Carolina to formally renominate President Donald Trump.

The 336 delegates will meet on 24 August in the city of Charlotte.

They will cast proxy votes for some 2,500 official delegates. Mr Trump is the party’s sole remaining nominee, and his renomination will officially launch his re-election bid.

Slightly more at website.

Supposed to read they may be, not they be.

whimsy has moved to oregon – quick video just posted to say she thinks repubs may nominate someone else at their convention which may be reason for press ban.

Then there’s their curious ad suspension …… very strange

kiwi, finally got to watch the Pam Gregory video and it was great. Thank you!


You wrote:

“…….3 days before the election, on Halloween there will be a Full Moon exactly conjunct -within 3 arc minutes – transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus.”

Very interesting. What immediately came to mind is the date of January 17th 1995. The day before, a friend of mine was scheduled on an international flight and both of us having an active interest in astrology were discussing the timing. There was a full moon (26 Cancer-Capricorn within a 9 minute orb of a Uranus opposition). We both thought – earthquake. But where we didn’t know. Whether it was a premonition or not, the instinct that some seismic activity was imminent turned out to be uncanny. That proved to be the morning of the Great Japan earthquake that wreaked massive devastation on the city of Kobe – within minutes of the exact Full Moon. Here’s the chart: https://tinyurl.com/y2m4br86


The earthquake in Kobe on January, 17, 1995 left 6,425 dead, injured 25,000, displaced 300,000 people, damaged or destroyed 100,000 buildings and caused at least $132 billion worth of damage, or about 2.5 percent of Japan’s national income, making it one of the most expensive natural disasters in history. (from Wikipedia).

Have you had the opportunity to look at the October 16th New Moon chart yet? Would like to know your thoughts:

Sun/Moon 23 ’53 Libra/ Mars 20 ’11 Aries/ Jupiter 19 ’11 Capricorn/ Saturn 25 ’35 Capricorn/ Pluto 22 ’31 Capricorn

Well kiwi, the whimsey video was short and to the point and I loved it too! You have made my day 🙂

Interesting paragraph from Der Spiegel article.
Trump’s Handling of the Coronavirus Could Cost Him Presidency

“The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a bipartisan federal budgetary agency in Washington, estimates that the U.S. economy will not fully overcome the pandemic until 2028. The agency is forecasting that the unemployment rate, currently at 11 percent, will remain at a higher level than before the crisis until 2030.”


OMG Jerry, that is something I was unaware of, the 1995 Full Moon opposite Sun/Uranus = Kobe earthquake; thanks for sharing. I will get on the October 16 New Moon and get back to you asap.

You don’t need to do a remote viewing to see the probability.

I immediately suspected the R’s might be planning to dump Trump as soon as I read the BBC article announcing their convention will be closed to all media. I’m sure they would not want the world, and especially their base to see their bloody, internal civil war.

Whimsy is exercising good logic. If we are right, the R’s, having given up on keeping the presidency, would then focus on keeping the Senate.

The question is, who from amongst them would be willing at this late stage to take on the sacrificial role? Who could they possibly replace Trump with?

Furthermore, if they don’t run Trump, how will the Lincoln Project, R voters against Trump, and the other former R organizations react? Will they continue to target Trump’s enablers? The scenario leads us to a plethora of questions.

Those corrupt vultures wont step obediently in lockstep behind a single leader unless that leader has the same con /bully skills as trump has – mcconnell is even having difficulty with them agreeing to more $$ to keep a sick working people’s economy from crashing. I see more rebellion and back stabbing in their ranks rather than cohesion
I think the more honorable republican lincoln project people feel their party in its current form must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt

Romney + Niki. Haley but they’d lose Trump’s base

I believe we have Hillary Clinton to thank for the fact that a woman is even being considered as the VP choice.

“Two candidates who received scant attention early in the process are now among the leading contenders: Representative Karen Bass of California and Susan E. Rice, the former national security adviser, according to Democratic officials briefed on the selection process. Ms. Bass in particular has moved rapidly toward the top of Mr. Biden’s list amid an intensive lobbying drive by her fellow House Democrats, and has impressed the former vice-president’s search committee.”


I agree with this line-up.

If Mr. Biden wants the Left and BLM to unite, he should announce :
a) Elizabeth Warren for VP ( She is ready to be president )
b) Susan Rice for Secretary of State
c) Kamala Harris for Attorney General
d) Tammy Duckworth for Homeland Security.

He should announce his cabinet with the VP pick so that people know that they are going to get an A team from get go!

Banks, Joe Biden’s Scorpio Sun and Elizabeth Warren’s Cancer Sun + Uranus means their trump card is empathy and compassion, something this country, if not the world, needs desperately.

Astrologically, Warren’s Sun-Uranus at 0+ Cancer is sextile Biden’s Moon at 0+ Taurus, adding to the simpatico of their relationship.

However, Warren’s Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius does square Biden’s Scorpio Moon. Then again, her Jupiter in Aquarius trine’s his Neptune at 1+ Libra, which conjuncts the MC of the US natal (Sibly) chart (which trines his natal Uranus at 2+ Gemini) . . but squares her Sun-Uranus in Cancer, so there’s that.

Biden’s natal Mars at 12+ Scorpio is trine Warren’s natal Juno (partner) at 12+ Cancer. Do we need more?

Joe’s Jupiter at 25+ Cancer conjuncts the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer while also T-square Warren’s North Node (23+ Aries) and South Node (23+ Libra), which could act as a balance for what might come across as extremes (to the general public/Congress) in her plans/ideas. Not that that would stop her of course.

Warren’s Neptune at 12+ Libra, 2 degrees from the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra (that squares the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer and her own natal Juno at 12+ Cancer) is trine Biden’s natal Pallas (12+ Aquarius) about strategy, and his Vesta (13+ Aquarius) about investing, could be invaluable in the coming years.

Because both Warren and Biden have a Taurus Moon (hers at 14+ Taurus, his at almost 1 Taurus) there is not much emotional flexibility, but both are focused on practical values, which is vital at this time.

They might not have been the perfect team a decade or so ago, but I think they come close to perfect for right now. Compassion is vital in the US leadership at this moment in time.

The Lincoln Project has had a near fatal effect upon Trump’s campaign. Not only do they want Rectum Breath out of the WH they specifically want Biden in office and slew of arch-right senators out as well.

It would appear Kamala Harris remains the favorite for VP pick by odds makers everywhere. She’s been aiming for the presidency for many years.

I think Warren, Rice, Bass and Abrams are all promising cabinet appointments.

I should add that Warren’s natal Pluto (14+ Leo) squares her natal Moon (14+ Taurus) and with Biden’s Pallas-Vesta at 12-13 Aquarius and his Mars at 12+ Scorpio, there will some head butting, so maybe not so much “perfect”, but an evenly matched team!

If the R’s deny Trump the nomination, he will be the second ELECTED president to be so rejected by his party. Democrat, Franklin Pierce, the 14th president, was elected in 1852, but in 1856 the nomination was given to James Buchanan.

Presidents John Tyler, Whig, Millard Fillmore, Whig, Andrew Johnson, Democrat, and Chester Arthur, Republican, were all vice presidents who succeeded to the presidency upon the death of the president, but were subsequently denied the nomination by their party.

Re: Kamala Harris and Biden

Online political betting exchange PredictIt gives Harris a 59 percent chance of being tapped by the 77-year-old presumptive Democratic nominee. Susan Rice, the former United States ambassador to the United Nations and United States national security advisor, is a distant second at 23 cents.

“Harris’ odds of being the Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate have been shortening recently. A week ago, her PredictIt shares were at 36 cents. Rice was at 24 cents.

UK bookmakers agree Harris will be Biden’s right-hand woman. William Hill has the senator at -175 (implied odds of 63.64 percent). A $100 bet on those odds wins $57.14.”


BarbK, thanks so much. That really helps. You know, there will be those who will be disappointed that he didn’t choose a woman of color but Elizabeth will bring the youth vote who belonged to her and Bernie. I am very excited and anxious for Biden to make his choice known. I’m thinking Thursday, Aug. 6th.

Ja, I agree with your lineup 100% andalso thathe should announce these intended appts. when he announced VP.

“I think the more honorable republican lincoln project people feel their party in its current form must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.”

Some of them have said that precisely. They believe the nation needs a center-right party to balance the Dems Leftward movement, but don’t want any Trumpists or Trump enablers anywhere near Congress. They probably won’t call themselves Republicans, but perhaps the Lincoln party.

“Those corrupt vultures wont step obediently in lockstep behind a single leader unless that leader has the same con /bully skills as trump has…”

They won’t nominate Romney. He voted to convict in the impeachment trial. Nominating him or someone like him would be too much like an admission of guilt, and would anger the Trump base. They’ll nominate an ardent Trump supporter, someone as close to a clone as they can. Furthermore, Romney is too smart to allow himself to be their sacrificial offering. Unless Biden makes some terrible mistake, it is too late now for any R to win the presidency in November.

That precise order would be a fortuitous lineup. Making Kamala Harris AG would be a smart move. Making her VP in my opinion would be a mistake.


Love Elizabeth Warren, and it really says something about her that the greatest attack Republicans have found on her is calling her Pocahontas.

But with the economy where it is, I think her talents would best be used focused singularly on how to rebuild our economy. Could she do that as VP?

And I really want Biden to appoint a coronavirus czar ASAP, and I want that person working now, publicly, to come up with a plan ready to put in place on Inauguration Day. Candidates always talk about being ready on Day 1 to act. It really needs to happen this election.


I think rampant self-interest will keep Republicans from coming to agreement and getting behind any candidate to replace Trump.


I still want Biden because he knows what needs to be done and knows how to do a lot of it, and because he’s Scorpio embodied. Warren can step into the role at a moment’s notice.

And I want Harris to go after Barr and his gang so she’ll be ready to be Warren’s VP, should the need arise.

P.S. The Donald is a stooge.

Teresa Hill,
“But with the economy where it is, I think her talents would best be used focused singularly on how to rebuild our economy. Could she do that as VP?”

That’s a very good question. I’ve wondered that myself. Whether she becomes VP or not, I’d like to see her in charge of rebuilding our economy. I see that as her true expertise, her greatest strength. She has a deep, broad, nuanced, and practical understanding of how economies work on the micro as well as macro level. I agree we need a coronavirus czar, but I hope E. Warren will be our economic czar.

Nevertheless, as much as I personally like her, I’m not sure of her when it comes to foreign policy, energy policy, etc. When she gets out of her area of true expertise, her thinking tends to be monocausal.

Monocausal thinking IMO is a logical fallacy Liberals are more prone to than Conservatives. But Conservatives begin their logic on the basis of false, skewed assumptions about human nature.

“I think rampant self-interest will keep Republicans from coming to agreement and getting behind any candidate to replace Trump.”

You may well be right about that. Considering his continuing plunge in the polls, and the probability his numbers will decrease further, I find it bizarre they would have him remain their candidate. But as you’ve pointed out, who would be their alternative? They are in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

I haven’t read the details but Karen Bass had some positive connection with Castro — to my mind, that’s a no-no.

If Kamala becomes the VP pick, who would be good as AG? I do feel like she’d be stifled in the VP role as she is quite strong but she can be a team player.

The line-up you noted, Ja, appears good and I know Warren will be prominent in the administration – but, possibly, as Secretary of Treasure? That doesn’t feel exactly right either, but maybe it would be — Opinions?

By the way, barbk mentioned both Joe & Elizabeth’s moon are in Taurus and, despite any stubborness and/or squares, I have known people with moon in Taurus (where it’s exalted) and they are so calm, even-tempered, stable, easy-going, and — good with money!

Speaking of which, that Halloween full moon you discussed, barbk, which sounded formidable, will affect both of them, won’t it (sorry, I didn’t check) and, when I mulled over it, before the Kobe earthquake was mentioned, it did occur to me that full moon in Taurus conj. uranus might = earthquake. Let’s hope not.

Otherwise, there are a lot of fixed signs and squares between Biden, Warren, the country, etc., and with Sat/Jup going into Aquarius, and later, Pluto, it should be interesting. Squares are not always bad, even if they are challenging and stressful. They can generate energy it appears. Biden is in for a lot of stress and a strong VP would be helpful, but he will also have Obama’s ear and a lot of excellent advisors.

With Jup. on the country’s moon, later in 2021, that should be favorable for the economy, cooperation, eglatarianism, as Frank said, right? Although, Saturn will follow it a few years later (with Pluto, I forget the date) and we will all be challenged in some way, hopefully, will create something great.

Lastly, I see your point about Romney, Eliseo. He won’t draw the base, BUT, he will draw the rest of the normal Republicans, some Independents and even Dems. As far as Niki Hailey, she was always meant to play a role in the Republican administration somewhere. I have nairy heard a bad word about her.

By the way, I hope our Nancy is fine and she and David are doing great. The thread is getting long and I am wondering why she didn’t create a new one, but maybe she has an article in the works and is waiting to finish it.

Eliseo, the advantage Warren has as a candidate is, as a woman, she’s prone to calling in the experts instead of relying on testosterone. She doesn’t have to be good at everything because she knows when to go to the experts, as she did when she wanted to see more than she could as a white woman. If she had foreign policy experience right now she’d be a bigger competitor of Biden’s.

Her current expertise – mono cause? – is a plus. It’d be nice if the WH wasn’t so ignorant about economics and real life.

Early Voting – here’s a good article on the impact of early voting –


Also see: https://www.vote.org/early-voting-calendar/

I have always leaned toward kamala for vp. I think elizabeth would fit well as treasury sec – and wouldnt it be poetic justice if Hillary were to be AG! Rice for sec of state. So many talented great choices to be slotted into so many important roles. Even to offering some role to a ‘normal’ repub, eg romney or hunstman, as an act of good faith in finding a way to bridge some of the partisan divide going into the future.

I do not know who Biden will pick but I am quite sure it will NOT be Warren. Warren is from MA and they have a Repub governor. If she were to be VP (or a cabinet appointment), that GOP Gov. will choose her replacement and I find it nearly impossible that we will threaten our Senate majority with such a move.

And Rice’s strong point is Foreign Affairs which indicates she (IMHO) is a shoo-in for Secretary of State.

…and if I were to check all the boxes, I would put Stacey Abrams as AG since restoring voting rights has to be a priority but having said that, she comes with a lot of baggage, so maybe not.


As VP, Kamala Harris would become the president of the Senate. As a highly skilled attorney and seasoned senator from California (population approx. 40m) I’m thinking it would be a terrific venue for her to grow and develop presidential chops in the event Biden was unable to finish his term or not want to go on to a second term. I think Joe likes that she’s got fire-in-the-belly and dared to go after him in the primaries. Warren would likely shine as Sec of Treasury, Stacey Adams as AG
My two cents.

A few comments to add to the debate(s) –

First, I don’t have an opinion on the person who is to become VP – all of the candidates have strengths. I’m sure any of them would do a great job. The thing that concerns me is the contrast with Biden. If the candidate out-talks or out-shines Biden who will be President, then that does not serve the interest of the presidency or the people.

The VP has to be the supporter-in-chief (with capacity to step in, of course, if something happens). The problem with the list of candidates I’ve seen is that they are all ready to be the commander in chief themselves! Who is this capable, diplomat who gets along with Biden, but knows how and when to keep her mouth shut at the appropriate times? I don’t really see any of them who will be happy with that role.

And let’s ignore the predictions of his demise due to astrology concerns. There IS a good chance that Biden will live through his 4 years – he’s known to be a healthy person, although naturally he’s showing signs of aging, but that doesn’t make him incapable. It means he’s UNlikely to die in office due to natural causes (and unnatural causes are ones we can’t predict).

So, it’s hard to pick who is the best one to hang in for 4 years and then fight to be the next presidential candidate against a slew of competitors in 2024. I don’t see even one of those in the whole bunch. Maybe that’s why the selection is taking so long and maybe it will take even a little longer (we’ll see). Being a bridesmaid, or a lady in waiting, for 4 years will be a tough gig for the next VP, whoever she is! I don’t envy her.

just wanted to share what I think is a great quote from our very popular and competent PM Jacinda Ardern – may the women lead the way forward for the usa too ….

‘I really rebel against this idea that politics has to be a place full of ego and where you’re constantly focused on scoring hits against each one another. Yes, we need a robust democracy, but you can be strong, and you can be kind.’

Thank You for pointing out the Massachusetts governor, Charlie Baker is a Republican. I was unaware of that. It is of course a pretty important factor.

Although he lost the election of 1964 by a huge margin, many say Barry Goldwater launched the conservative movement which has gradually increased until the present.
As cycles go, I believe we are at the end of that crusade.

I believe a new cycle was initiated by Bernie Sanders, moving us Leftward politically.

Warren could be VP without upsetting the senate.
“Massachusetts law offers Democrats multiple paths to deny Baker the chance to name a replacement and disrupt the critical early months of a Biden administration, when Senate control would matter most.” ……
“We have a governor who did not vote for and does not support this president,” says Gus Bickford, chairman of the state Democratic Party. “I’m not going to put words in his mouth, but I think his actions demonstrate he does not have respect for, and does not want to help, the Republican Senate majority.”

Curious fact, Charlie Baker republican MA governor and Phil Murphy democrat NJ governor both Needham High School class of 1975 Both are doing a good job governing their state.

If I were to wager, I would say it’s going to be Harris as VP. and I recall someone on this board talking about Harris and her connections to the us chart.


Aside from Cheney being the President via his Vice Presidency through GWB, I can’t say I remember a VP who outshined a President in my day.

Hopefully it will all work out for the highest good of all concerned. A spiritual platitude of sorts in which I take some comfort.


Yes. I have heard that. Lots of speculation buzzing around regarding the decision to ban the press from covering the Republican convention. Would that suggest a possible replacement for Trump and electing another nominee?

Looking at the astrological aspects, one should bear in mind the August 15th Uranus retrograde station (10 Taurus) will be in square to Mr. Trump’s natal Pluto. If we are to use the Republican Party chart of 20/3/1854, 18:30, Ripon, Wisconsin (there are two versions) that chart reflects that the Republican party will be in the midst of a Uranus return.

Factor in the actual date of the convention – August 24th. There is an exact Mars-Saturn square (26 Aries-Capricorn) on this day. Saturn will form a quincunx to Trump’s natal Mars (26 Leo) whereas tr. Mars forms a trine to n. Mars. That’s a hard read. Will Mr Trump have to make some adjustments? Will the results be inconclusive? A delay in the nomination? It should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Donald Trump in 2020 – The Astrology (Will He Get Re-elected?)

What about the astro-predictions for Donald Trump in 2020, when we have the US Presidential elections? (We have recently seen Trump get acquitted in his impeachment trial – 5/2/2020. When I wrote this article back in April 2019, it was fairly clear to me that he would still be with us in 2020. Some astrologers, however, have rushed to see Trump removed from office.)



Jerry, my biggest fear is that he will still be around in 2021, not because he was re-elected, but because he will be leading his ugly band of brothers, flame throwing and making their best efforts to destroy all that is good from the peanut gallery

Am I too late to join in?

The Leo New Moon on August 18th is conjunct Trump’s Mars at 26+ Leo and it is sextile the North Node (path forward) at 27+ Gemini and their sextile forms a Yod (adjustment) with retro Saturn at 26+ Cap conjunct US natal Pluto at 27+ Cap, and that’s the part that has to do the adjusting, Saturn (establishment) and US Pluto (transform). The August 24 Mars-Saturn square sets this Yod into motion.

At this New Moon the transiting Juno (partner) is exactly conjunct the US Juno (20+ Libra) and opposite US natal Chiron (20+ Aries). This US Juno Return has been long in the making due to trans. Juno’s very slow retrograde and return to 20+ Libra.

The Pub birth chart for March 20, 1854 does indeed have Uranus at 10+ Taurus, as does this New Moon chart. It also has Jupiter at 22+ Cap where all the action this year (2020) takes place, like the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, for example.

It also has Chiron at 20+ Capricorn which squares transiting Juno in this New Moon chart and natal Juno at 20+ Libra, which opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, in other words a T-square . . .a forced and wounding (Chiron) decision. Isn’t that interesting?

The air fairly reeks with Uranus energy for the rest of the year!

PS – Pholus (a small cause begets a big effect) is conjunct Jupiter in the Pub birth chart, and both at 22+ Cap, where the Saturn-Pluto cycle +++ began in January.

USPS employees instructed to leave mail “on the workroom floor”

Some of DeJoy’s changes were officially implemented on July 10. According to an internal memo, all USPS employees were told that “late trips” and “extra trips” are no longer authorized. Effectively, USPS workers would no longer be allowed to use overtime to ensure that mail is delivered on time. Without that flexibility, it is virtually impossible for the USPS to deliver the mail on time. The memo makes clear that, as a result, mail that was due to be delivered will be left on the floor:


Today’s Aquarius Full Moon – exact about 2 or 3 hours ago – features an opposition between Saturn (conjunct US natal Pluto) at 27+ Capricorn opposite Mercury at 27+ Cancer, so questions (Mercury) go unanswered by the government (Saturn) re: the US postal services (Mercury) need for financial help (US Pluto) for now.

The New Moon chart when set in Washington DC has 20+ Libra on the ascendant, the same degree as the US natal Juno (partner less equal) where transiting Zeus (god of the gods), the Greek version of Roman Jupiter, is also, and who Juno was married to.

This is a prelude to the August 18 Full Moon in which transiting Juno will be conjunct US natal Juno at 20+ Libra which opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, and which transiting Saturn T-squares..

This emphasis on the US Juno in today’s Full Moon (ascendant) and the upcoming New Moon on August 18 (conjunct US natal Juno) suggests to me that the goddess that defends the disenfranchised will be looking out for the victims of the shutdowns due to Covid-19 and other problems related to the Trump presidency, all month.


A reassuring voice…………

America At A Crisis Point (by Robert Reich)

Video: 32 min 5 sec


How the Pandemic Defeated America – The Atlantic

Despite ample warning, the U.S. squandered every possible opportunity to control the coronavirus. And despite its considerable advantages—immense resources, biomedical might, scientific expertise—it floundered. While countries as different as South Korea, Thailand, Iceland, Slovakia, and Australia acted decisively to bend the curve of infections downward, the U.S. achieved merely a plateau in the spring, which changed to an appalling upward slope in the summer. “The U.S. fundamentally failed in ways that were worse than I ever could have imagined,” Julia Marcus, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School.


On Friday, Venus will be conjunct Elizabeth Warren’s Sun-Uranus conjunction. Time for a big announcement?

I’m hoping Andrew Yang will be our next Secretary of Energy in a Biden administration.

Andre, evidently his announcement is said to be next week but Friday could be the day Biden calls Elizabeth Warren to ask her to be his VP.

Eliseo, why Energy for Wang? I hope and believe he’ll have a place in the Biden administration but can’t figure out where. I wish they could test his idea about $1200 for everyone.

IMO, Andrew Yang understood the direction of our technological future as well as its social consequences better than did anyone else on the stage when he was running for the nomination. He is a humanitarian who understands where our applied sciences and engineering are leading us. Like myself, he is also a thorium advocate. I believe the fastest, easiest, safest way to get to carbon zero is through thorium, solar, wind, etc. combined.

As for as his UBI notions, successful UBI experiments have had positive results in India and Finland. Most all recipients have used the money to better themselves through education, and/or training, or to start a business. I believe it would work here as well.

I’m wondering if the ubiquitous presence of Juno this month has something to do with the choice of Joe Biden’s running mate, and the breakdown of the Patriarchal form of society. Juno was a god(dess) in her own right, back in her day before marrying Jupiter, her brother.

Perhaps her association with yesterday’s Full Moon in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus associated with breakthroughs), i.e. the US Juno at 20+ Libra, the same degree as the ascendant of the Full Moon chart when set in Washington DC, is a clue to the nature of our next VP.

The New Moon in Leo on August 18 has transiting Juno at 20+ Libra (partnership) conjunct US natal Juno which opposes US natal Chiron (wound that has not healed) at 20+ Aries, and the new moon’s Chiron at 20+ Capricorn forms a T-square to the US natal chart’s opposition between Juno and Chiron.

It also marks the start of a new cycle for the US, the brand new Juno Return, in which that return chart not only has her opposite US Chiron, but also square the chart’s Chiron; a tough row to hoe for the US natal Juno. It will be a little over 4 years before transiting Juno returns again to conjunct US Juno, about the length of the next US president’s term.

Who, among the ladies in contention for Joe’s VP pick is considered the most likely to breakthrough the stereotype of a woman’s place in society? All of them!

Which of them is most likely to not offend (or scare) the voters, but still make strides in changing the status quo?

Which of them has the balls to take on the management of the US government and who gets along best with Nancy Pelosi?

Which has a husband that doesn’t mind being the mate of the US president that follows Joe?

Joe’s natal Juno is at 9+ Sagittarius near his ascendant. Kamala’s natal Juno is at 8+ Sagittarius and opposite US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and square US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces. Elizabeth’s natal Juno at 12+ Cancer is conjunct the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer.

My guess is that Kamala and Joe would be in sync but she would be too much change for the electorate to cope with at one time, but Elizabeth’s Juno conjunct the US Sun (consciousness) would be just the level of change that would be acceptable by the masses, following the Trump debacle.

Back to the drawing board.

Timeline On The Cyrus Vance Jr vs Donald J Trump Court Case

The following is an extract from NBC News “…..Both Trump and the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance, called for an expedited process in a joint filing before a federal district court judge in New York. Trump’s lawyers said they would file their initial objection to the subpoena by July 27. The final legal briefs from both sides would be due Aug. 14.”

What is at stake is the handing over of Trump’s tax returns (10 years worth) to the Southern Sistrict of New York. For those unfamiliar with the case. this will take you up to speed……

The News Trump Really Didn’t Want To Hear

Aug 4th, 2020

Any way you cut it, the Manhattan district attorney’s subpoena to President Donald Trump’s financial firm Mazars USA is bad news for Trump. And that’s why Trump’s lawyers are trying so desperately to get the subpoena thrown out.

New revelations about the subpoena show that prosecutors are focused on alleged crimes that go beyond hush money payments made by the Trump Organization to two women who alleged that they had affairs with Trump (Trump denies the affairs). Prosecutors are also focused on a series of financial transactions that could relate to potential tax fraud, insurance fraud and bank fraud.



Because the case had already been heard in the lower court before being kicked up to the Supreme Court and the higher court having ruled in favor of the prosecution, speculation has it that it may not take very long for the lower court to rule on its decision. It’s recognized that the lower court usually abides by Supreme Court decisions. That being the case, it doesn’t look likely Mr Trump & Company will prevail on this one. However, the question is when?

Looking at this from an astrological perspective, the Uranus station on August 15th in square to Trump’s natal Pluto coincide with the lawyers final presentation to the court. The August 19th New Moon at 26 Leo conjunct Trump’s natal Mars in quincunx to tr. Saturn (26 Capricorn) could that be related to a court decision? If so, that could spell a major disappointment for Trump. I’m still looking at a series of criminal indictments on or about September 29thbeing handed down when Saturn goes stationary direct – squared by tr. Mars – in opposition to Trump’s natal Venus (as mentioned in a previous post).

PS I omitted one important factor to the August 19th New Moon. Tr. Mercury is within 2 degrees of the New Moon (28 Leo) in quincunx to Saturn. Bad news tidings for our dear leader?

What think barbk? Banks, did you predict Friday?

FRIDAY: Moon goes void at 8:53 AM ET for twelve minutes, on a square to Venus at the verrrry end of Gemini. Prominent news? Moon then charges into Aries, driving the day with a need to get things started. Venus enters Cancer at 11:21 AM ET, meeting up with Elizabeth Warren‘s Sun-Uranus conjunction at 0 Cancer and Adam Schiff‘s Sun-Venus conjunction, too. Venus functions well in Cancer, where its need to love unconditionally is facilitated by Cancer’s need to nurture. Have a playful, loving day.


The former king of Spain has fled his country to avoid multiple investigations of tax fraud and corruption. Someone else should do the same.

Has anyone done a chart for the coming Republican convention in Charlotte, NC? It is planned to begin on August 24th, and conclude on the 27th.

Current plans are to limit to 336 delegates and NO MEDIA coverage. I have a suspicion a faction within the R’s are hoping to persuade the party to ditch DJT, and nominate someone else. Either that, or perhaps they hope to plan a host of “dirty tricks” with which to grasp victory (or survival) from the fast closing jaws of defeat.

In either or both cases, keeping their numbers small, (ostensibly because of the coronavirus,) and barring ALL media coverage gets my antennae buzzing. Perhaps those in charge expect a blood bath civil war they would rather the world not see?

I imagine there will be plenty of leaks at the convention though – gossip happens!

Someone must have told Trump that a very large portion of his Floridian supporters are older, vulnerable folks who tend to vote by mail.

DJT’s latest tweet.

“Whether you call it Vote by Mail or Absentee Voting, in Florida the election system is Safe and Secure, Tried and True. Florida’s Voting system has been cleaned up (we defeated Democrats attempts at change), so in Florida I encourage all to request a Ballot & Vote by Mail! #MAGA”


U.S. has two weeks to get mail voting right to avoid a mess on Election Day, expert says

A New York primary still hasn’t been called six weeks after voters cast ballots. Could this fall’s presidential election face the same fate?


I defer to your expertise. Could the 2021 US Congress authorize a redo for the Census? The president has ordered the census bureau to end their work a month early. There were already a number of unusual problems, and it is obvious our 2020 census will have been inadequate, insufficient, and inaccurate.

Dear All,

Found this on DU and could not resist sharing. Adult Language warning.

Not sure this was posted yet. I still think 2016 was fixed.


Ralfee Finn:

“And so our summer of Mars unfolds, rife with discontent. Most of us will be taking one stand or another, political or not, individual or collective, because this is the time when we have to choose what kind of world we want to live in.”


I’m cleaning up my computer screen – too many open windows – and came upon an ephemeris for August 14, when transiting Ceres will be making her 2nd of 3 conjunctions this year to US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, while also square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

On that day at that moment transiting Moon at 20+ Gemini (conjunct US Mars at 21+ Gemini that conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini and squares US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo) . . .

. . will be sextile transiting Sun at 21+ Leo and their sextile (trans. Sun and trans. Moon) forms a Yod with transiting Pluto at 23+ Cap and trans. Jupiter at 18+ Cap (midpoint about 21 Cap) at the apex of the Yod. To take it a step further, the trans. Jupiter and Pluto in Cap will oppose the US natal Mercury, Trump’s Venus + Saturn and Biden’s Jupiter in Cancer (a Boomerang).

Transiting Moon in Gemini will also also square TRANS. Neptune at 20+ Pisces, which will eventually perfect an opposition with US Neptune at 22+ Virgo (which is trine trans. Pluto at 23+ Cap on this day when trans. Ceres conjuncts US natal Ceres).

Trans. Pluto at 23+ Cap squares trans Mars at 23+ Aries (exact on Aug. 13) a Mars which trines trans. Sun in Leo but also sextiles Trump’s Sun + US Mars and trans. Moon in Gemini but it is quincunx US NATAL Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

And don’t get me started on the transiting Neptune sextile the transiting Pluto-Jupiter midpoint that forms a Yod to the transiting Sun in Leo!

There could be even more going on but I’m in over my head with just this much info regarding the chart for the #2 (of 3) trans. Ceres conjunct US natal Ceres (that squares US Uranus + the Neptune-Pluto cycle start point), but thought you all should have a heads up. Will work on untangling this and would welcome some help.

PS – Mercury at 18+ Leo conjuncts the transiting Sun and perfects a quincunx to Jupiter on the 14th, so their cycle should be considered too.

Trans. Ceres conjunct US Ceres at 1:15 AM EDT in Washington, DC on August 14, 2020.

Mars will be conjunct Eris as well on Aug 14 & 15, Barbk. And of course Eris is currently squaring Pluto.

As if anything else needed to be added to that list of transits.

Very interesting week ahead, indeed.

re: previous comment, the Mercury-Jupiter cycle started on January 2, 2020, at 7 Cap 03 that was conjunct the South Node at 8+ Cap which was opposite the North Node at 8+ Cancer which was trine the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces. On that day transiting Nessus was conjunct the US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces and Nessus symbolizes abuse of power.

Trump’s Mercury is also at 8+ Cancer and trines US Ceres and the Nessus in the Mercury-Jupiter cycle start.

In the chart for the Mercury-Jupiter cycle start there was trans. Venus and trans. Heracles (a hero of great strength who faced numerous challenges) at 16+ Aquarius, both of which were trine Juno (partnership) at 17+ Libra, + US prog. Mars + US Constitution Neptune + Trump’s natal Jupiter + Putin’s natal Saturn.

This became a grand trine with transiting Pandora (pandemonium) at 16+ Gemini + Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini. Transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces was square transiting Pandora and Trump’s Uranus.

I believe the Mercury-Jupiter cycle chart with its grand trine relates to the August 14th chart’s quincunx between Mercury and Jupiter and it suggests the Trump interference in the postal service, especially in regard to mail in ballots.

About 8 more knots to untangle.

Thank you Buckeye! Eris, of course. It’s falling into place now.

Technically, the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction at 7+ Cap that was sextile Nessus at 8+ Pisces (and conjunct US natal Ceres) formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo. I tell you, the man is a pawn in the hands of the gods and goddesses!

Ja, I said Aug. 6 th but based on nothing but that date popped into my head. I think now that he will probably call her on the 6th or 7th and make announcement next week.

I just got power back after 25 hrs. without it. Sort of good not to hear news but anything could have happened and I’d be totally unaware. Very weird, and need.

Indeed, not and need.

Because Mars and Pluto will be square each other at the tine of the trans. Ceres conjunct US Ceres on Aug. 14, I also checked the chart for their cycle (Mars and Pluto) start which took place on March 23, 2020, with Mars and Pluto at 24 Cap 42.

The most interesting pattern in that chart (to me) is Venus (values) at 19+ Taurus conjunct US natal Vesta (what is invested in) also at 19+ Taurus, and both are sextile the March 23 chart’s transiting Moon at 20+ Pisces (where transiting Neptune is right now).

This sextile between Moon and Venus in the Mars-Pluto chart formed a Yod to US natal Juno (there she is again) at 20+ Libra and because she opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, where trans. Mars is today, the Yod becomes a Boomerang and the final resting place for where the accumulated energy of this pattern comes to rest – at the US Chiron.

These days I’m seeing the US Chiron-Juno opposition as symbolic of the Black Lives Matter energy. With the Mars-Pluto cycle chart’s Moon sextile Venus (+ US natal Vesta) turning the US Chiron opposite US Juno into a Boomerang pattern, the August 14 square between Mars and Pluto will activate this Boomerang pattern, therefore I expect the Black Lives Matter action will accelerate then.

This too will be incorporated into the US Ceres Return (#2 of 3) scenario. About 6 more tangled knots to go.

Eliseo, sure they could redo the census in 2021. There’s nothing constitutional aobut it.

Barbk, about the string of Uranus aspects in succeeding Full Moons. This last one’s surprise, apart from the Beirut blast, seems to involve the Post Office. Trump’s man there has banned all overtime pay and even late deliveries on personal time. Defunding the postal service is a clear sign of sabotage of the next election. Do you have a chart for the USPS? The October surprise may come in the form of an executive order stopping the post office from processing mail-in ballots because of alleged and unproven voter fraud. A federal judge could overturn such an order but the case could rise to the Supreme Court and the process could take weeks after Election Day.

Eliseo, as you know Trump may seek to throw the election to the House of Representatives. The US Constitution says that if neither candidate can win 270 electoral votes, the House chooses the next President. This has happened in the 19th century. This would seem to favor the Democrats, but there’s a lot to unpack here.

FIRST, a failure of either candidate to reach 270 could only happen if some states either cannot or will not certify the results. This could be because of the pandemic if it’s impossible for most people to vote or for election workers to show up; or because of widespread trickery such as federal troops intimidating voters, massive hacking, martial law or a presidential executive order attempting to delay the election at the last minute. None of these possibilities should be discounted.

IF it is thrown to the House, a 19th century law (which I have not read) apparently says that each state gets one vote and it is apparently the majority in each state legislature that gets to decide that vote. Here, the advantage goes to Trump because currently the GOP controls 26 legislatures, the Democrats 23 and one (PA, I think) is evenly split. However, this could change in November.

BUT remember the new Congress may change the 19th century law, since it isn’t part of the Constitution. If the Democrats take back the Senate on January 3 when the Congress is sworn in, a new law could be adopted simply stating that the vote of the House to select the President will be like any other vote, i.e. the Democrat majority gets to decide.

BUT Trump will still be in office and he could and obviously would veto this new law. So the law would have to be adopted by veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate. Even if a two thirds majority could be found in the House and a majority of Democrats control the Senate, they will still need the votes of about a dozen Republican Senators. In such circumstances where the people clearly want Biden, would those Senators effectively hand Trump another term?

An additional question. If a presidential election can’t be held in any or some states, could there still be an election for the House and Senate in those states? Would Trump try to cancel only his own election because he is losing, or also seek to prevent the election of a new Congress as well, thereby easing his way into dictatorship? What exactly are his powers if he invokes martial law?

I raise these nightmare scenarios not because they are likely, but because they are possible.

Some clearly hair-raising dramatic events will happen in October and November, and everyone should prepare for the worst. Fortunately, whatever it is seems to clear up by the winter solstice, with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and the eclipse right on Trump’s Sun-Moon axis.

One possible outcome is a crucial Supreme Court decision mid-December proclaiming Biden the winner. Chief Justice Roberts is clearly conscious of his historical legacy. If he casts the deciding vote in a 5-4 decision, he will be the savior of American democracy. And the Supreme Court would repair the damage it caused in the 2000 decision of Bush v. Gore.

Personally, I can’t wait to see the hammer of truth and justice fall on Trump and swat him good. Perhaps no one else in the history of the US has so richly deserved the sheer magnitude of the undoing that he is inviting upon himself and his would-be heirs.

I just hope he lives long enough to see everything he has built crumble, yet be completely helpless to do anything to stop it before he passes.

I was never a fan of GHWB while he lived. He caused a lot of ill and abused his power in his time, behind the scenes, yet seemed humbled by his age and feebleness, his mortality increasingly apparent. I pitied him at the end of his life.

I don’t feel any such thing for Trump. Just nothing. Nothing at all. The man has no apparent soul, and there seems to be no intrinsic redeeming value about him at all. Isn’t that sad? I don’t even feel that for him.


RE: the census matter. I thought so. Thank You for the clarification. I was hired to do census work, but they emailed us all our work would be postponed.

About 8 weeks later, they sent us a message we were to report for training, but it became obvious there were no real health safety measures. Furthermore, the majority of workers they hired here in Washington state were retiree aged, i.e. vulnerable to covid-19.

Suddenly they lost most of their workforce! Like myself, most were not comfortable with the notion of knocking on doors, and entering households in which the residents may or may not have been following covid-19 health guidelines.

Frankly, the less than meager workforce combined with several delays, the politicization, and now the time frame being cut short by a month will result in what may well be the worst done census in American history. All to the advantage of the Trumper R’s of course.

I have zero doubt we’ll need to redo the census in 2021.

People who are unwilling to learn, usually don’t. With no interest in psychotherapy, and declining cognitive ability, DJT will go to his death not having learned a thing, blaming, blaming, blaming others for all his many end of life troubles.

Hopefully that will be within the confines of a prison facility.

Meanwhile, the word trump as a noun and as a verb will likely fall into disuse, unless it takes on a new meaning, to betray and destroy.

Of all the nightmare scenarios you described, I think the most likely one is “an executive order stopping the post office from processing mail-in ballots because of alleged and unproven voter fraud.”

I think that would likely fail, per court decisions as you described, after of which he might proceed with the other possibilities you mentioned.

Nevertheless, I also see the possibility of “civil war” within the R party at their convention. There may be a R faction which will attempt to prevent DJT from receiving the nomination. I don’t think they will succeed, but they may try.

Eliseo- I work in the Film and TV world. I know quite a few people who worked for the census last Sept. non of them seniors, and non of them willing to go back now and risk their health or bringing the virus back into their families. The census work force is just not going to exist until they put in some protections, shall we say calling people instead of knocking on doors? This is happening, to my knowledge, in both Calif and NYC. The HEROES act includes extending the census until April, instead of shortening it now. Fingers crossed that will stay in the bill.

Eliseo- I work in the Film and TV world. I know quite a few people who worked for the census last Sept. non of them seniors, and non of them willing to go back now and risk their health or bringing the virus back into their families. The census work force is just not going to exist until they put in some protections, shall we say calling people instead of knocking on doors? This is happening, to my knowledge, in both Calif and NYC. The HEROES act includes extending the census until April, instead of shortening it now. Fingers crossed that will stay in the bill.

I posted this and it went to moderation. I case it doesn’t post, here it is again. If it posts twice sorry.
Eliseo- I work in the Film and TV world. I know quite a few people who worked for the census last Sept. non of them seniors, and non of them willing to go back now and risk their health or bringing the virus back into their families. The census work force is just not going to exist until they put in some protections, shall we say calling people instead of knocking on doors? This is happening, to my knowledge, in both Calif and NYC. The HEROES act includes extending the census until April, instead of shortening it now. Fingers crossed that will stay in the bill.

kiwi, I am completely heart sick about Beirut (the Paris of the M-E). Their economy was down already.
We have a friend from there who lives here in LA and his mother spends much of her time visiting her adult children and their families here. I sure hope she was here and safe and will find out. Such terrible destruction. There are no words to say. I will donate to some humanitarian group.

Very Interesting. Thank You. I agree it can’t be completed until there are adequate protections.

Although the HEROES act extended the time frame, I’m given to understand Trump has ordered the process ended early. Perhaps he has no such power? I’m not sure.

Eliseo- Irs questionable if he does. It will go to court for sure, just as the citizenship question did and the instruction notntoncojmt non citizens is now in court. The administration actually asked for the extension back in April or May, so he doesn’t have much of a chance of taking it back now… since the census is part of the constitution the congress has to agree to the changes.
At least I think so.

The New York Attorney General said she will make a major announcement at 11:30 am Thursday.

The NYTimes is reporting tonight that Deutsche Bank over several months last year complied with the NY AG’s subpoena for Trump’s financial records, so tomorrow may be very interesting.

Why has Deutsche Bank AG been so cooperative and compliant with the NY state prosecutors, turning over all sorts of Trump related financial documents and records?

Maybe because of the way DJT has personally treated Angela Merkel, and the German government? Maybe because of the attitude of the German people as a whole, for which the word despise (verachten) is much too weak a word to describe their feeling toward our president?

Eliseo… wasn’t the last retired SCOTUS judge’s son a major employee of Deutsche Bank? I always did think there was something “off” about that retirement that gave us the rapist, Kavenaugh. Wouldn’t it be something if the son found a way to “repay” Trump for pushing his father off the bench?

I’m so far behind in reading, I’ve done nothing for 2 hours but try to scan to catch up, and realizing I’m going to have to back and re-read so many interesting and personally impactful messages. You guys make having a real life really, really hard! (LOL)

No surprise to anyone who’s noticed, but I desperately want Elizabeth Warren as VP. I wanted her as Prez, cause Biden comes down too close to Wall Street for my tastes. OTOH, Wall Street has actually gotten behind Biden, evening knowing there will be a price they’ll pay. That’s some kind of critical thinking I didn’t think possible out of Wall Street!!

I very reluctantly admit I took the low road and thought with BLM (which I most emphatically support) meant that it was pushing Biden into a POC for VP, regardless of other qualifications. I REALLY want Kamala Harris as AG. I passionately want Biden to reinstate those who were kicked out of DA, IG, etc., positions (who had acted with integrity) because they were not “loyal enough” to Trump. And I want the whole range of Trumpers infecting our government to be shown the door… sometimes even with a few swift kicks to their behinds!

I do take… I won’t say offense… but I will say I stand apart from what I seem to have scanned tonight with Warren. Granted, I may have missed something and if so, I apologize. But Sheesh! A Good many of us here are of what my grandma used to call a “delicate age.” One thing that’s become clearer to me each passing year is that people do NOT “age” at the same rate. There is no way in the world I could keep up with Warren… nor even Bernie! Warren is one of the youngest women of her age I’ve seen. But with what I’m experiencing in real life has made me especially keen to the evil of ageism the country seems to be slipping back into.

It makes perfect sense to me that we end our boomer era with boomers. The next election, being the start of the new Age, needs to start with a whole new slate who are a synthesis of what they’ve learned from us, our parents, and what they, themselves, have created from their own reality. Too often, holdovers from the old generation have not let go. Deep in my gut, I don’t feel it’s gonna go this way this time around. Maybe it’s just those optimistic Aquarian hopes for the betterment of humankind again.

But I’m raw right now. My emotions have me feeling like I’m trying to make it thru a Scorpio Moon (bad, emotional times for me during those).

I don’t remember if I’ve updated, but my daughter got her last Covid test back on Monday. She DID have Covid, but she made it thru okay and isolated from *everyone* and *everything*. However, the whole thing has her turning down a job she was really looking forward to doing. She was going to be TA at the school where her son is a student. But after going thru covid, she told them there’s no way she could take a chance of catching it again and exposing her entire extended family. So, she’s unemployed and jobless. Luckily, tho hours are cut, her hubby still has a decent job. She knows she’s luckier than so many others.

Mom is out of Senior Behavioral Health and Sis and I moved her into a long-term care facility late today. I like what I’ve seen (which is little), and I really like the people I’ve met. I know this is right, but the life changes are hard to accept in this day of Covid, so separated that we can’t be with her to ease her fears, and I sit here feeling shocky and in tears. Again, feels like a Scorpio moon! (LOL)

If Congress doesn’t get its s*&t together quickly and we begin to see evictions in this little city, hubby and I have an idea. We have a 2nd house which turned out to need a LOT more work than we could do in a reasonable amount of time, and was way too small for us. I have a friend who’s wife is a social worker here, and we’re discussing having her help screen families who would be out on the streets for those who could do the upgrade work on the house (hanging sheetrock, etc), instead of asking for rent. Then, once things are done and ready to go, offering the family first dibs on the house for sale.

It ain’t much, but it’s trying to make SOME kind of positive impact to counter the evil and cruelty of Trump and Republicans. Mouser and I think it’s the least we could do.

Meanwhile, having been gone all day, I have 2 cats who are following me everywhere, crying like I’d abandoned THEM! I have a feeling a whole bunch of them are going to land in bed with me and I’m gonna hug the whole brood close. Maybe they can stop my shakes and lead me gently to sleep. Tomorrow’s another day here IRL. I get to deal with setting up permits for Yard Sales for Mom’s house, and back into the MY yard for more weed pulling and free-floating tree whacking.

Oh… did I tell ya’ll I landed in a nice patch of poison ivy? LOL! Prednisone is my friend!

Back to Politics… did anyone else she where Scotland is now asking Trump where he got the money to BUY Turnberry? They’re about to do their version of impaneling a grand jury on the issue. And this is separate from Trump trying to push the British Open to Turnberry.

And whoever said above Trump trashing the White House on the way out? Mouser and I made that comment last week. We highly expect it, and it’ll be a lot more than the (fake) missing KB keycaps! Trump is going to be getting MUCH more dangerous now. He’s being hemmed in all sides by investigations that are going to be waiting for indictments as soon as he’s out of office. And I DO believe he’ll be out of office. I’m just not so sure we’re gonna win the Senate, and that worries me. I thought McGrath was a lot stronger in KY than she appears to be. McConnell is every bit as evil as Trump. And I personally would like to see the Christian version of the Devil ram him with a pitchfork all the way to the bottom of Dante’s Hell!
$600/a week too much of a disincentive for work! I’m so sick of these fake aristocrats thinking they know best for all of us plebes! Oh, that their family could face the edge of starvation, or have no where but their car to live for a month of more. Let them live the precariousness of life that most of us have lived or continue to live. Maybe then they could begin to understand how very precious life and love is too ALL people… not just their oh-so-rich in-laws. Yeah… this Admin has probably not done much for personal evolution as a good person. But so far I have come out with the words my Mom said this afternoon — somebody ought to blow his brains out! (and it wasn’t McConnell she was talking about! LOL)

Lovely new video from Kim

Great hearing from you!
I too am out of work because of the pandemic. Fortunately, I don’t have the virus, but as I explained to Andre above, I lost the job with the census because I can’t afford to endanger myself or the two people I live with. When I arrived here, I thought that surely by now I would have a teaching position. But, neither the state or the schools and universities here are hiring, again because of the coronavirus.

It was announced on MSNBC that purportedly, Biden has narrowed his choice to between Kamala Harris, and Susan Rice. We don’t know however if that is accurate. Personally, I’d prefer either E. Warren, or Susan Rice. I feel Kamala Harris would be perfect for attorney general, but not for VP.

They are all highly intelligent and competent women, but as the VP may well become Biden’s successor, I believe we’ll need a gal with a more maternal vibe to help us through the 2nd Great Depression we are sliding into. No offense to KH supporters, but I feel Warren and Rice are better qualified emotionally. In any case, I’d like to see Elizabeth Warren in charge of rebuilding our economy, Susan Rice rebuilding our foreign policy, and AG Kamala Harris prosecuting a number of folks we are way too familiar with.

I haven’t heard anything at all about a SC Justice’s son being a major employee of Deutsche Bank. That one is news to me! I’m sure there is far more going on behind the scenes, presently hidden which we will learn about eventually.

As I referenced above, I have a strong feeling the name Trump will come to have a profoundly different meaning in the future, similarly as did the Norwegian name Quisling at the end of WWII.

I’d like to see Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Clarence Thomas removed from the bench, but I doubt it will happen.

Take care. Be safe. You, David, your Mom, your daughter and all your many cats are in my thoughts.

Defeating Trump is only the beginning. It will likely take a few years to root out Trumpism from our political culture.

Eliseo: https://www.businessinsider.com/anthony-kennedy-son-loaned-president-trump-over-a-billion-dollars-2018-6

slight kc, my thoughts are with you and your mom. Godspeed to her and may she do well and even thrive in her new abode.

Eliseo, may a good job be on it’s way to you soon — you are so brilliant, creative, and articulate!

Sharon K,
Thank You Sharon. You are a true friend.
My therapist today commended my empathic and intellectual skills. He told me that I was unusual in that I was sufficiently insightful and highly qualified to run a large and complex organization, but not to work my way up from the bottom, that metaphorically I was qualified to be a general or admiral, but not a private or sergeant. Unfortunately, I think I was born this way. It’s been this way and long as I can remember. Lamentable and frustrating.

This has nothing to do with political astrology, but there might be some here, especially those who know a bit of vedic astrology, who are familiar with the Ramayana. Has anyone considered the Vanara (thought of perhaps erroneously as monkey men) might have been Neanderthals rather than merely
mythological creatures? Some Hindu scholars believe this might have been the case.

The “national announcement” to be made at a special briefing scheduled for 11:30 am today, makes one wonder, just who is this NY Attorney General Leticia James? She appears to be an articulate, fearless, passionate woman, who in her own words is determined to bring down the President……….

Why Letitia James Wants to Take on Trump as NY’s Attorney General (2018 campaign ad)

Video: 3 min 23 sec


New York Attorney General On Plan To Thwart Trump Pardons l MSNBC April 24. 2019

Video: 7 min 47 sec


‘Trump’s Bank Was Subpoenaed by N.Y. Prosecutors in Criminal Inquiry’

The New York prosecutors who are seeking President Trump’s tax records have also subpoenaed his longtime lender, a sign that their criminal investigation into Mr. Trump’s business practices is more wide-ranging than previously known.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office issued the subpoena last year to Deutsche Bank, which has been Mr. Trump’s primary lender since the late 1990s, seeking financial records that he and his company provided to the bank, according to four people familiar with the inquiry.

The criminal investigation initially appeared to be focused on hush-money payments made in 2016 to two women who have said they had affairs with Mr. Trump.

But in a court filing this week, prosecutors with the district attorney’s office cited “public reports of possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization” and suggested that they were also investigating possible crimes involving bank and insurance fraud.


More good news:

New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit Thursday to dissolve the National Rifle Association, alleging the group committed fraud by diverting roughly $64 million in charitable donations over three years to support reckless spending by its executives.


Eliseo, I think Deutsche Bank’s newfound cooperation is by now a matter of survival. I believe it is under new management that wants at least on the surface the appearance of a clean break with the past. Its unsavory reputation derived from such clients as Trump and Epstein is probably costing more legitimate business. The bank paid a 600 million$ fine for recycling criminal Russian money a few years ago, not to mention its loans to the Nazis to build concentration camps. It is on track to become the leper of the financial world. If Biden is elected andfurther investgationsreveal illegal ties to 45, it may even face dissolution in the US like the NRA. If New York State can do that to the latter, why not the former? Pluto in Capricorn is also about the ties of dirty money between banks and politics.

Check out the PUA side of unemployment, it sounds like you would
qualify and you can file now gong back to April and get the additional 600 of federal aid too.
I have a couple of friends who where able to do this, one a teacher one a writer.

Ja, thanks for posting Kim’s latest video. I listened to the video twice this morning. Gosh, I hope she is right about Trump. Her track record is pretty good.

Many Thanks, but what is PUA?

For the past 5 or so years, the NRA has been losing members. Members feel the organization no longer represents their interests, their beliefs, views, and sentiments, but represents instead only the gun manufacturers. (From which is derived the majority of their funds.)

Depending on which poll you consult, between 75% & 80% of the members are FOR Universal background checks, but the NRA managers remain obtuse. Members are also pretty displeased with the managers venal and persistent hostility to, and lack of empathy and sympathy extended to gun violence victims. And of course, members have been disgusted with the misuse of funds, which is why a couple of years ago there was an attempted coup, an effort to remove Wayne LaPierre from his position.

The NRA is NOT monolithic. They’ve been sowing the seeds of their own destruction for quite sometime. They’ve alienated their members, the public, and now are in trouble with the law. Karma can be a really mean and vicious dog!

anyone have any astro data on leticia? She sure is on fire at the moment!

I have reached the conclusion that Joe Biden as the next US president has not been just a result of his popularity with southern state black voters that connect him with Obama. I think he is a man for this time.

Joe has natal Chiron, the wounded healer that symbolizes the key that opens the door between levels of consciousness and reality, at 28+ Leo, which squares his natal Sun-Venus at 27-28+ Scorpio and opposes the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

At this time in history, when a pandemic rages and reality is being dismantled every day, I believe Joe is capable of getting us across the threshold between the past and the future which we are struggling with right now.

Joe’s natal Chiron conjuncts Trump’s Mars-Ascendant in Leo and I believe both men have a joint, although unconscious, purpose to end the old systems – patriarchal in nature – and clear the way forward to a whole ‘nuther paradigm, in other words a shift in consciousness.

We would be short-sighted to see Joe Biden as a stand-in for the following brand new 1st ever woman US president. Perhaps that’s how he finesses his way through the political process, but I’m now convinced his main purpose is to heal us and make us whole again.

I intuitively feel you are right. I’ve felt that way for some time. Who knows? If his health is good, we might have Joe as PITUS for a full 8 years!

Here’s my question:
How complimentary is the opposition between Joe’s natal Chiron and the US natal Moon? I assume the symbolism here is about balance?

Er…that’s POTUS.

Eliseo- Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

The CARES Act signed into law on March 27, 2020, gives states the option of extending unemployment compensation to independent contractors and other workers who are ordinarily ineligible for unemployment benefits. Please contact your state’s unemployment insurance office at the website or phone number provided below to learn more about the availability of these benefits where you live.

Check with your state about how to apply. Or even regular unemployment, they use wages going back 18 months. The fact that you were hired (even though it was a temporary job) by the census and then paused, makes you qualified for unemployment one way or the other, even if you have wages from another state. That you are actually a teacher makes you not have to accept a temporary employment.
My entire industry (Film and TV production) shut down and remains so. Nor do we really know how exactly it will come back. It has been quite devastating for many many people.
Hope this helps!

barbk, to put it bluntly, we need our Daddy. A pre Boomer Daddy who can again be a bridge to change. It’s best we don’t agree with him on everything but we should recognize his strengths.

He knows more than most of us do and right now it’s useful knowledge. He’ll probably be happy to hand it all over to the next runner once he gets this asshole off the front porch and starts restoring some kind of order. With the help of Mom, who’s even smarter than Dad. But the sitcom archetypes need to be escorted offstage.

Meanwhile, we need an actual Mom waiting to take over. We need the hormones that childbirth imparts in the Oval Office ASAP.

Eliseo, it doesn’t matter how long he serves. He’s one of a very few who are impervious to Trump’s bullying. I think I said here before that there isn’t much that could be worse than what Biden’s already been through. It’ll be great drama if Trump doesn’t ruin the show.

Banks, thanks go to kiwi for Kim’s video. I watched it.
This ought to an interesting month.

I share with Biden an early Sag Asc, Jupiter at 25 Cancer and his Chiron conjunct my Moon at 28 Leo. My kind of guy.

Eliseo, and this might interest you too Andre, balance IS key in an opposition, you are right about that, and this opposition between the US Moon and Biden’s Chiron is part of an intricate pattern in play right now.

Transiting Sedna at 28+ Taurus opposes Joe’s Sun-Venus in Scorpio and squares his Chiron in Leo (+ Trump’s Mars/asc.) and the US natal Moon in Aquarius. She also trines the US natal Pluto in Capricorn that transiting Saturn is conjunct at the moment.

This all has to do with the changes we are going through, and would require a lengthy study and a lengthy explanation, however, the story of Sedna (which has several versions) explains why she is so prominent in this particular setup.

Some see Sedna as a self indulgent young woman, not eager to take on the responsibility of marriage and raising a family. I see her as wanting more out of life than what her society (Inuits) had to offer. When she was proposed to by a man (a stranger) who offered her more than the others who had proposed to her, she accepted.

Long story short, he turned out to be a liar, and was not at all what he pretended to be. When she sought help from her father he failed to be her hero, and even caused her to drown in order to save his own life. Life lesson for Sedna: Don’t trust men to supply your happiness and fulfillment; do it yourself. Sedna went on to become the goddess of the sea, a goddess whom her previous neighbors had to ask for food (fish, whales I suppose).

I see trans. Sedna as symbolic of the women’s movement at a critical point, where she trines US Pluto (the power to transform) but is in a grand cross with the US Moon (the masses) and Joe’s Sun/Venus and his Chiron.

That is reflected in all the women who ran for nomination to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for US President who lost to a man (a fine man), but Sedna trines US Pluto and that is symbolized by a woman to be his running mate, and next in line to become President.

I feel that Joe’s Chiron plays the key role in this scenario; it will aid our country’s masses (US Moon) to see how well a woman can provide leadership for our country and the world. Still, a grand cross is not easy, but its purpose is to get past old conflicts. US Pluto is also sextile Joe’s Sun-Venus and soon transiting Pluto will sextile his Sun-Venus too. By then transiting Sedna will have moved on to Gemini where she won’t feel so confined. 🙂

I am not so sure that the decision of the NY Attorney General to dissolve the NRA right now was so wise. It will serve to inflame the Right (I have already seen reactions) and get out their vote. It actually doesn’t make sense to me.

sharon, I actually wonder if the nra decision timing might be because there is a distinct linkage with the same dirty/political money threads tied in with the trump case?

Hope so, kiwi, but, otherwise, it worries me.

Sharon K,
RE: the NRA.
Doesn’t make sense to me, either. IMO, it’s terrible timing for the Dems.

Many gun owners have been complaining bitterly about the NRA for the last 5 or 6 years. There is quite a lot of disgust regarding the corruption, and the organization’s misrepresentation of its members. Some have dropped their membership, and joined other gun organizations. A goodly number have also dropped their support of DJT, and are leaning toward Biden whom they perceive as moderate. Nevertheless, as disenchanted as many are both with Trump and with the NRA, it’s quite a shock to hear the NY AG wants to dissolve the organization.

The motion to dissolve may well move some leaning toward the Dems back into the R. column. From my present perspective, this appears to be a profoundly foolish and egoistic career and publicity effort. If dissolution is truly necessary, she should have waited to announce it AFTER the election.

We need every Liberal, Progressive, Conservative, Moderate, Independent, Republican, Democratic, Socialist, and Whatsoever vote cast for Biden we can get to overcome what will surely be a mean, dirty tricked, Russian interfered, effort to subvert our democracy.

When the electoral stakes are as stark and dire as we have today, you don’t ignore strategy and tactics in favor of your ego. As much as I despise the NRA, this makes me very, very angry.

I think it was a screw-up, Eliseo. Not a good move at all to remind the Republicans of their 2nd amendment rights. It was barely in the picture right now.

Hard core NRA members were never likely to vote for Biden anyway. What this does, potentially, is remove the NRA as a conduit for Russian money to support the Trump campaign like it did in 2016.

Hello again to everyone. I rarely post since I’m not an astrologist, but I visit here often and enjoy being a fly on the wall. Thought I could post this because the discussion around the NRA was more political than astrological.

There are not as many “hard core” NRA members as many imagine. The “management” is extremely hard core, and about 25 percent of the members are fairly hard core as well.

You may well be correct the legal action shines a very bright light on the NRA, removing it as a conduit for Russian money to support the Trump campaign. I certainly hope you are right about that.

letitia is also aiming to recover fraudulently spent millions by la pierre and his enablers on behalf of nra legitimate members. I would think that might resonate favorably with many.

If she really is determined to recover the monies fraudulently obtained and spent by Wayne LaPierre and return them to members, the members might indeed be pleased!

In recent years the NRA has received most of its revenue from gun manufacturers, way more than from members. This is why the organization has come to essentially ignore its members. The “management” doesn’t give a hang what the members think, often ignoring recommendations as voted upon by the members!

Pew polls and some other polls as well, show that about 3/4 of the members want universal background checks, but of course the NRA “officers” adamantly and vociferously oppose any and all new gun laws, be they reasonable or unreasonable.

There are a few other Am. gun owners associations to which many NRA members have been “defecting”. Some are far more moderate, some more radical, and even one called “The Liberal Gun Club.” Many wrongly assume all gun owners are right wing, but good sociological research shows they are as varied in their politics as the rest of the population.

Marjorie Orr:


Remember that lunar eclipse that happened about 8 hours after the US Solar Return on July 4? They were virtually the same chart, except the Solar Return Moon was at 9+ Capricorn and the Eclipsed Moon was at 13+ Capricorn, opposite the US natal and transiting Sun at 13+ Cancer + transiting Vesta.

In both charts Eris (discord) at 24+ Aries was square Jupiter and Pluto and Pallas at 23+ Capricorn which completed a T-square with US natal Mercury + Trump’s Saturn-Venus + Biden’s Jupiter, all at 23-25+ Cancer, and both charts had Ceres at 12+ Pisces trine the Sun and Vesta at 13+ Cancer.

Both the US Solar Return chart and the Lunar Eclipse chart have lasting influence on the US, so we can expect these planetary patterns to last at least through the next lunar eclipse on Nov. 30, which will conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

The influence of the US Solar Return (SR) however will remain effective until the next US Solar Return in July 2021, and this year’s SR chart had something the lunar eclipse chart that happened hours later did NOT have; a grand trine between the Moon (9+ Cap) and Uranus (9+ Taurus) and the MC (8+ Virgo).

This grand trine in the US SR chart becomes a Kite pattern when the US NATAL Ceres at 8+ Pisces is added to the SR grand trine, and this 4th planet (opposite one point and sextile the other 2 points in the grand trine) – the US NATAL Ceres – which is, by the way, having a Ceres Return that lasts all year long – with TRANSITING Ceres making 3 exact conjunctions to the US natal Ceres.

In a Kite pattern the 4th planet, in this case the US natal Ceres in Pisces, gives motivation and a sense of purpose to the grand trine energy. This is stunning. Not only is US Ceres the motivator of the energy in this year-long grand trine in the US 2020 Solar Return, it is also the time of the US Ceres Return.

In addition, transiting Ceres in the July 4 lunar eclipse at 12+ Pisces was sextile the eclipsed Moon at 13+ Capricorn and that sextile in the eclipsed moon chart of July 4 forms a Yod to the Sun in the Monday (August 3) Full Moon chart at 11+ Leo which opposed the Full Moon itself at 11+ Aquarius, and that means the Aquarius Full Moon this past Monday becomes a Boomerang point.

What’s going on? Well, the July 4 Full Moon eclipse seems to be throwing its weight around by linking up with the following Full Moon and I guess that’s kosher.

By doing so it empowers the August 3 Aquarius Full Moon with additional influence, i.e. it’s the Boomerang point which inherits all the energy within the Yod (made up of the July 4 Moon-Ceres sextile and the August 3 Sun), so this last Monday’s Full Moon (4 days ago) is more potent than it appears at face value. Much more potent.

Don’t let the benign Aquarius Moon appearance fool you. It’s opposition to the Leo Sun (which is linked to the July FM) is T-squared by Uranus (surprise!) at 10+ Taurus in this Full Moon chart, and this Uranus is sextile retrograde Ceres at 10+ Pisces in the same chart, just like they were in the July 4 Eclipse and the US Solar Return charts.

T-squares, like the one between Sun-Moon-Uranus on August 3, force a decision to be made. Biden’s running mate perhaps? Biden’s Saturn (the decider) at 9 Gemini 57 rx is square Ceres at 10 Pisces in the August 3 Full Aquarius Moon chart, and she, Ceres, sextiles (cooperates with) Uranus at 10+ Taurus which T-squares the Full Moon opposite the Sun.

Going back to the US Solar Return chart with its Grand Trine energy between Uranus (9+ Taurus) and Moon (9+Capricorn) and MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo, that becomes a Kite when US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces) AND transiting Ceres at 12+ Pisces (that trines the US natal and solar return chart Sun + Vesta, symbol of focus, at 13+ Cancer) is included, there’s one more consideration.

That would be the opposition between US Solar Return Juno (lesser partner) at 9+ Libra opposite the SR chart Chiron (healing wounding) at 9+ Aries which is T-squared by the SR chart Moon (the People) at 9+ Capricorn who is part of the grand trine in this US Solar Return for 2020.

I think this means that the People (voters) will make the final decision who the VP to run beside Joe will be, from Joe’s list. How that is ascertained is probably through polling since SR chart Jupiter-Pallas-Pluto at 23+ Cap opposes US Mercury at 24+ Cancer. We shall see. Eris squares Jupiter-Pallas-Pluto remember.

I will try to read the 3 Ceres Return charts to see if they shed light on the picture, if time allows. There’s one on August 14 with a Moon Neptune square and a Moon sextile Sun that makes a Yod with Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn, all 3 retrograde. I welcome ideas on that one!

Hopefully he is right again! https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/07/us/allan-lichtman-trump-biden-2020-trnd/index.html

As far as the NRA, removing a way to channel $ from Russia is a good thing, and pursuing them for corruption is as well. I am picturing it being used to bolster the “they are going to take our guns away” issue. But who knows? The virus and the economy are certainly much bigger issues.

Here is a good article about the asymptomatic situation that helps keep us informed.

“This is one of those moments where you have to let Joe be Joe,”

His first self-imposed date for naming a running mate, around Aug. 1, came and went. The first week of August, another timeline he publicly floated, is nearly over, and an aide confirmed that an announcement would not happen this week. Mr. Biden has reached the final stage of his deliberations and is expected to name his choice shortly before the Democratic National Convention, which begins on Aug. 17. And while that is in keeping with the timeline of the two previous Democratic nominees, it is at odds with Mr. Biden’s own words.

“The deadline for a V.P. nomination is the convention,” said Representative Cedric Richmond, a co-chairman of Mr. Biden’s campaign. “He’s very deliberative with his decision-making. It works.”

I watched the newest video from Kim and she infers that Tump may be leaving at the end of this month? Can anyone of the astrologers weigh in on this?

Silcominc, I’ll go back and listen again but I think Kim said this could be very soon…in a week or by the end of this month.

yes, soon but wonder if the astrology bears this out. I recall someone on here saying the convention might not nominate him. Unless he was granted a total pardon, I cannot see this happening but wonder what the aspects look like and would be grateful if folks can chime in.

Banks, silcominc,
Some speculate the RNC will nominate and run him, but knowing he will lose, focus their money on their Senate races. In other words, they may smile and put on a good face, but underfund the presidential campaign as it would be a waste of money.

Banks, silcominc,
They may realize they are in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If they do not nominate Trump, they will alienate their constituents. If they do nominate him, they are bound to lose, and lose big. What’s a classist, racist, sexist party to do?!?!

Meanwhile, major former R’s like Stuart Stevens, and Rick Wilson are saying the current R party needs to be destroyed! There are rumors several former R office holders are privately saying likewise. It may take months, or perhaps a few more years, but it presently appears the R party is primed to completely go out of business.

I expect the Lincoln Project folks may form a new, center right party in the R party absence.

Holy Moly!

“Jerry Falwell Jr., one of President Trump’s most prominent and controversial evangelical supporters, will take an indefinite leave of absence from his role as president and chancellor of Liberty University, the board of trustees announced on Friday.

The news comes days after Mr. Falwell posted, and then deleted, a photograph on Instagram of him posing alongside a woman with his pants unzipped and his arm around her.

Mr. Falwell did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Earlier in the week, he apologized for the photo.


An interesting statistic:
According to The Economist, Americans are more in favor of government intervention than they have been in 68 years! That would take us back to 1952!

As dark, tragic, and deadly as is the Trump/Coronavirus era in which we live, it does have a silver lining. It awakens many sleepers to the necessity of a brand new New Deal. The 2020’s will be compared to the 1930’s, but it might continue through the entire Pluto in Aquarius cycle.

You guys did hear about this, didn’t you?

From Trump’s address yesterday to the Whirlpool Corporation:


You have to scroll down to find this and there is a lot there about his so-called accomplishments, but he does say the following –

“So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do. No other President would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost. Nobody. And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they’re very rich people, and they’re very unhappy.”

Long timelurker
Is Nancy alright – seems like a long time since she’s posted.

my 2c: I think meadows has instructions to scuttle covid relief negotiations so that trump can appear to be the rescuing white knight in the form of an executive order. I think it will backfire, just as his 2 key pillars of support, nra & falwell, are now falling away in shame
I also think Joe might be delaying his vp announcement for anti repub strategy reasons – why take the media narrative away when trump is continuing to do such a good implosion job

Silcominc: Re: “Kim…infers that Tump may be leaving at the end of this month?”

– not a chance, not gonna happen.

…though it’s a testament to the fact that hope never dies…

Sharon K,
“So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing.”

His words seem to indicate he knows he will lose the election. No doubt he and his compadres will pull out every dirty trick in the book both before and after the election. Perhaps he knows none of those tricks will render him victorious?

from Nancy on 12/13/14:

“In the US chart, the Sun (13 Cancer 19} is conjunct the fixed star Sirius, the brightest star in the Northern hemisphere, located in “the Neck of the Great Dog”. In the sky, the Great Dog, or Canus Major, depicts a large dog jumping energetically at the feet of the mighty hunter, Orion. This dazzling star is said to be indicative of fame, honor, and riches, as well as the potential for violence and aggression.

Also in the US chart, natal Saturn (14 Libra 48) is in a tight square to the Sun, acting as a leash, as it were, to the more exuberant or ferocious proclivities of the Sirius/Sun combination. Saturn tends to bring discipline, structure, and caution to situations that might otherwise become unmanageable. Its position in the 10th house points to lessons in humility and the limitations of power, as well as a drive to serve the greater good. It moreover forces an awareness of when appropriate boundaries have been breached, often eliciting sorrow, difficulties, and frustration in order to restore balance. This recalibrating process is most obvious when transiting Saturn impacts the US Sun.”

Eliseo, he could be covering a few bases, BUT, I think he is setting it up for his supporters to blame his loss on the Deep State. The games people play are so exhausting and horrible. We Democrats do it do but nowhere near as audaciously and amorally (or is it immorally?) as the Republicans.

barbk, Starlight,

““In the US chart, the Sun (13 Cancer 19} is conjunct the fixed star Sirius, the brightest star in the Northern hemisphere, located in “the Neck of the Great Dog”. In the sky, the Great Dog, or Canus Major, depicts a large dog jumping energetically at the feet of the mighty hunter, Orion. This dazzling star is said to be indicative of fame, honor, and riches, as well as the potential for violence and aggression.

Also in the US chart, natal Saturn (14 Libra 48) is in a tight square to the Sun, acting as a leash, as it were, to the more exuberant or ferocious proclivities of the Sirius/Sun combination. Saturn tends to bring discipline, structure, and caution to situations that might otherwise become unmanageable. Its position in the 10th house points to lessons in humility and the limitations of power, as well as a drive to serve the greater good. It moreover forces an awareness of when appropriate boundaries have been breached, often eliciting sorrow, difficulties, and frustration in order to restore balance. This recalibrating process is most obvious when transiting Saturn impacts the US Sun.”


On January 20, 2019, there was a lunar eclipse at 0+ Leo and transiting Saturn was at 13+ Capricorn opposite the US natal Sun. Transiting Mars at 13+ Aries at the time was T-square transiting Saturn in Cap and the US natal Sun in Cancer. There was also a sextile between Saturn and Neptune (14+ Pisces) that formed a Yod with Mueller’s Sun at 14+ Leo in the apex of the Yod that made him squirm.

However, a trine between Mars at 13+ Aries and transiting Jupiter-Venus-Great Attractor (14-15+ Sagittarius) in that 2019 lunar eclipse formed a grand trine with Mueller’s Leo Sun.

19 days ago, at the Cancer New Moon, transiting Mars at 12 Aries 46 was opposite transiting Juno (partner) at 12 Libra 17 (conjunct US Saturn at 14+ Libra) that formed a T-square to US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. The next day trans Mars was in the same degree as it had been in the Lunar Eclipse on January 20, 2019. I believe Mueller is behind the scene and about to enter stage left.

will, bears repeating!

Sharon K,
Blaming a loss on the “Deep State” fits with his modus operandi. He’s always blaming somebody, or some purportedly uncontrolled thing for shortcomings.

There is shallowness and game playing within both parties. We ARE talking about people whose drug of choice is power, most of whom are addicted. I’m not sure there is anything that distorts or corrodes morality more than addiction.

I suppose what bothers me most is the propensity to offer monocausal “solutions” to complex, multicaused problems. The “solution” then becomes a mantra which if repeated enough becomes ideological dogma. All politicians remind me of the late Jim Varney’s character, Ernest P. Worrell. “Well, there’s your problem right there, Vern!…Zssssdt.” The real problem is that of course we, the public are the folks who get Zssssdt!

When Republicans offer monocausal nonsense they are usually insincere, willing to tell whatever lies are necessary to get elected. When we Democrats do it, we just tend to be delusional.

BarbK or anyone: have you looked at the Lebanon / Beirut explosion charts? This stumps me. How can you get such an enormous, devastating event out of the charts? Nov. 22, 1943, 00:01, Beirut — vs. Aug. 4, 2020, the transits for a span between around 5pm, when it appears the fire started, then a lesser explosion, and at approx. 6:07pm, the great explosion.



What was Uranus doing when ammonium nitrate in the Beirut warehouse exploded? Not much. Why wasn’t Mars exact? It drove me nuts, but then I noticed that, between the beginning fire (time unknown) and the final, massive explosion, the transiting Midheaven moved from about 4 Scorpio to 8 Scorpio, which bridged an exact inconjunct (150) aspect to natal Uranus at 7 Gemini.

Transiting Mars was very close to an exact inconjunct aspect at 19 Aries 46′ from the 8th house of death. The 8th also rules scandals and taxes – did the delay in dealing with the explosive material have to do with the constant upheavals and scandals in governments in Lebanon, as well as revenues/taxes and those who get to collect them – or not collect them?

As well, Lebanon’s natal Moon at 20 Virgo in the 1st house was closely opposed by transiting Neptune at 20 Pisces in the 7th house of partners and open enemies. The event took place on a dock, by the Mediterranean Sea, and Neptune rules chemicals.

Venus (ruler of money) was in an air sign, Gemini, having recently been conjunct natal Saturn and exactly inconjunct transiting SaturnRx in the 5th house of gambling. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, but transiting Mercury was at 29 Cancer, a critical degree, and trine (easy aspect) to natal Mercury in Sagittarius. Natal Mercury is combust within 8 degrees of the Sun – being combust makes a planet weak and ineffective, so between the natal and transit, Mercury was probably not thinking too clearly about risks.

Transiting Chiron (persistent troubles) at 9 Aries (fire sign) was inconjunct the 9 Virgo Ascendant of Lebanon’s natal chart. Also, Mars (explosions) was square Jupiter (expansion), but Jupiter was retrograde and in the current cardinal Capricorn stellium with hard to manage Pluto and Saturn. Things look ripe to go wrong.

And so on. All of it fits, but it’s not enough to explain half a city getting blown up in an instant!

Thinking there must be SOMETHING that is exact for the moment of the big explosion, I resorted to midpoints. These, imo, should not be necessary for a disaster of this magnitude. The plain vanilla chart should show the nature of the event, so why wasn’t anything obvious? I checked Marjorie Orr and noted that had she posted a tepid analysis of the event, not convincing either.

I was about to give up on astrology entirely when I noticed that natal Ceres at 7 Cancer was trine the Midheaven and at the same degree as natal Uranus, which is in Gemini. See above – a trine is an easy route for an explosion to happen – there’s little or no resistance to stop it.

More importantly, transiting Ceres at 10 Pisces 27Rx was EXACTLY, to the minute, opposite the midpoint of Venus and Pluto (money and corruption?). Transiting Ceres was also closely conjunct the Ascendant/ Descendant axis, sitting just above the horizon in the 7th house of partners and open enemies. That’s more like it!

Traditionally, Ceres (Demeter in Greek mythology) was the Roman goddess of harvests. When she did not cooperate, people starved. When Ceres went off to look for her missing daughter, Proserpina (Persephone in Greek myths), who had been kidnapped by Pluto (Greek Hades), the earth went cold and spring did not come.

In our era, it’s generally agreed that Ceres fits the sign of Virgo and the 6th house well, which includes day to day work, health care, cleaning and attention to domestic matters in general. In other words, taking care of stuff. (Note, Ceres has also been proposed as an alternate ruler of Taurus – agriculture, the land – but Virgo seems to be winning out).

In Beirut, it seems transiting Ceres was ‘off duty’ – she was not taking care of stuff because she was retrograde at the time of the explosion. Things were not looked after. Practical Virgo is an earth sign, but at the time of the explosion, transiting Ceres was in a water sign, Pisces. It is interesting to note that Pisces is the sign of 2 fishes going in opposite directions, and can’t make up its mind. It a situation without a clear direction and there’s no doubt that Lebanon has a dysfunctional system.

All of which fits the accusations that negligence played a big part in ‘setting up’ the explosion, which came after years of disputes and neglect. It is interesting, too, that the explosion was preceded with unsuccessful legal action by people who warned about the danger. Transiting Uranus is in the natal 9th house of judges, and Mars and Chiron are transiting Lebanon’s 8th house of death and scandals. Ceres fits that a huge grain elevator was destroyed and now Lebanon is having a dire shortage of food staples, including wheat (‘cereal’ is named after Ceres).

There’s probably more to it, but that’s as far enough. The Ceres transit, at least, matches the circumstances, although I’m still not convinced the chart shows the horrendous extent of devastation. Can someone else find it?

Lastly, looking at this chart, I can’t help thinking of the devastation in the US health system and economy. There is negligence in both countries. Is Ceres ‘doing’ the US too?

Should have said: Transiting Mars was very close to an exact inconjunct aspect at 19 Aries 46? — to the natal Moon at 20 Virgo.

Last comment – after doing the above, I do not see how any astrologer could possibly have “predicted” any kind of event that matches the massive magnitude of the Beirut explosion.

If someone had given a group of astrologers these charts in advance, could they have seen this coming? No way.

Probably it’s the same reason why it’s impossible to predict precise events in general. Earthquakes, say. Or wars. Or pandemics. Etc.

Something essential is missing – the charts are not all. We humans will probably never get what what it is, but in retrospect, you can see it – the outlines are there.

That seems to be as good as it gets. Which, I suppose ain’t bad, scientifically speaking. Comments?

Beowulfie, thank you for all your research on the explosion in Beirut; sometimes astrology hides its explanations in such a way that it takes years to figure out the who, what, why of something major like this. It could be hidden in a New Moon or more likely, in an eclipse – sometimes as much as a year preceding the catastrophe. More of what led up to it will have to be revealed before the astro explanation can be found I suppose.

Here’s what I found that could be a clue. Beirut has a natal sextile between its Sun at 28 Scorpio sextile its Juno (unhappy partner) at 28+ Cap and transiting Venus and the North Node were at 27-28+ Gemini at the time of the explosion at 6:07 PM, making a Yod whereupon transiting Venus + North Node (opportunity) had to get relief from that uncomfortable position.

Something to do with money? Love? Jealous partner?

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