26th Jun, 2020

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Thank you, Nancy. I’m not sure if you saw this comment and article on “Big Gretch”, as they refer to her in Michigan.

“After reading this comprehensive article, I have to reconsider my couple of choices for Biden’s V.P.. This “woman from Michigan” is so impressive that the country deserves having her in the position of second in command of the U.S. government. Her breadth of experience prepares her for a position as advisor to the President and as a figurehead of what works well for America, for the rest of the world. She has good instincts and is able to make sensible, seat of the pants decisions in crisis situations and communicate well with those implementing those decisions. We would do well to observe and listen to her in the next few months.”


I have a great feeling about Whitmer when I look at her photo – but an African Am woman might be the better political choice.

Troubling –


Thanks Nancy for opening up a new thread. After a few hundred comments my iPad cant load the comments, this helps greatly.

Thanks Ja, excellent article, enjoyed the audio version. Frankly, I think Michigan needs GW right now and for the long haul. Wow! She’d make a dynamite VP or President though.

Sharon, troubling indeed! Scary.

Well I got halfway through the article Sharon and then had to give up. It was like lifting up a carpet and finding roaches; repulsive. I appreciate being made aware though!

A good example of the negative expression of transiting Pluto opposite the US Mercury.

Hi Frank, I agree with you and to think she is only 48.

Nancy, I think we should copy and paste your last post here, in case people miss it. So troubling.

Where is Banks?

I appreciate all the replies to Leo King’s video…thank you!

Throughout the video he repeatedly stressed Mars entry into Aries as the trigger.

Like so many other’s predictions stay tuned and we’ll see what the weekend brings and for starters how the stock market fares on Monday and Tuesday.

Jun 20 5:44 PM Sun enters Cancer Sun 0 Can 00′
Jun 21 2:41 AM New Moon Annular SOLAR Eclipse 0 Can 21′
Jun 23 12:32 AM Neptune Retrograde Nep 20 Pis 58’Rx
Jun 25 2:48 AM Venus Direct Ven 5 Gem 20’D

Jun 27 9:45 PM Mars enters Aries Mar 0 Ari 00′

Jun 28 4:16 AM Quarter Moon 7 Lib 06′

Jun 30 1:46 AM Jupiter conjunct Pluto Jup 24 Cap 07’Rx
conjunct Plu 24 Cap 07’Rx

Jul 1 7:37 PM Saturn Rx enters Capricorn Sat Rx Cap

Jul 5 12:44 AM Full Moon Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse 13 Cap 38′

Jul 12 4:26 AM Mercury Direct Mer 5 Can 30’D

ja, I don’t know . . banks last comment was on the 19th, one week ago. Where are you Banks?


Federal judge orders release of children held in migrant detention centers by July 17 because of the virus. Some have contracted it.

kids getting released without parents sets up another potential disaster – who will take care of them, sick or not?

for those that like cash peters this is his latest…..


I’m always amused at the tendency in our politics to want to quickly elevate someone up to POTUS (or in this case, VPOTUS) who stands out on a local or state level.

I’m not saying that Whitmer wouldn’t make a great VP. She probably would.

And also, could we could continue to benefit from her leadership at the state level, and on a broader scale, within the Midwest? Certainly, yes.

It’s been a rough decade here in this part of the country, having the likes of John Kasich here in Ohio–not at all the “nice progressive Republican guy” many people mistake him for being–as well as perhaps the more notorious Scott Walker, who has done a number on Wisconsin.

We need governors like Gretchen Whitmer who can remind people what real leadership–that isn’t beholden to Wall Street, David Koch, and their own ego–looks like.

I say give her a chance to stay the course in Michigan and stand up to Betsy DeVos and her kin who are based there. Biden has plenty of other good options for VP to choose from.

Jerry, I did watch the video. She has a lot of good insights.

I am certainly concerned about the potential for Reactionary Right Wing violence against BLM and the Progressive-Liberal Left activists who continue to march almost daily in many places.

I do tend to think a lot of these RWers are windbags full of hot air, much like their mostly brain-dead idol in the White House. Yet it only takes one nutjob acting out to cause mayhem and tragedy.

I honestly don’t know how she can stomach to watch the YouTube updates of the one RWer she cited. I certainly cannot–I’ve been inside the heads of these guys, so really I don’t have to. Like I said, most of them are all talk, and think brandishing big guns makes them men (it doesn’t). But a few will actually act out and do something stupid, and then that may be the real trouble begins.

I do think there is a moral difference between the far right-wing and the far left-wing at this juncture, and so I also don’t buy into the equivalency thing she was arguing for either. It DOES matter which side of history you are on.

Some things you can’t overlook, like racism and its poisonous roots in slavery and white supremacy that lie at the foundations of the US and so many of its problems that have menaced us through the present day. It’s completely indefensible, and still, people try to defend it anyway, as if their lives depend on it.

Maybe what we’re really seeing is the death of a certain, particularly rancid strain of Conservatism that was built into the foundation of the US. Some people thought it was as much a guarantee as the sunrise and birds chirping, and feel like the carpet is being yanked from under their feet.

They may well fight to restore that carpet, but its far more probable that they’ll end up getting the stuffing knocked out of them by the descendants of the people who put it there, who are more than ready to release the karma and psychic baggage spanning 5 centuries.

It’s time, and it’s been a long time coming.

I think ‘win-at-all-costs-capitalism’ is so fundamentally intertwined with the origins of slave ‘other’ labor that, at its core, there is no fixing one without the other. It really does come down to, the love of money is the root of all evil. And that is the flaw with plantation era democrats and modern era republicans. Inclusive, Heart centered capitalism is the only way forward.

I’M here. Nice to think I’m missed. Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell you that Kim at Intuitiview has a recent video in which she talks about a Biden presidency. I get such comfort listening to her.
She refers to Pence as Trump’s enabler. Listening to Pence yesterday say how well we are doing in handling the Corona virus I wonder how he can look himself in the mirror.

I am beginning to think Kamala Harris will be the choice. I also think that we should expect some really vicious attacks from Trump, very racist and misogynistic. He has a hard time going after white man Biden, except to say he is old and feeble. Those attacks will intensify, concluding Biden won’t last and then you will have this “angry black woman, radical leftist in charge. How horrible! Imagine that all you racists!” I think that is what we will be seeing. Harris will have Saturn square to her Sun/Moon opposition so it will be hard on her, but I think the Biden/Harris team will come out as the winner after a very protracted vote count (Mercury station square Saturn lasting days).

I meant Charles Koch above. David Koch is dead, but Charles was always the real power in that pairing.

Wonder how he’s feeling about now regarding his mortality? Uranus has been buzzing his Sun since his brother’s demise, and he’s also about due for his Uranus Return.

So many billions of dollars he’s sitting on, and not one dime of it will grant him immortality. in the end, he who has the most toys… still dies.

I think it’s Kamala Harris too, Nancy. I think Elizabeth Warren would also be fine, and she gets to be the new Sec. of Education, which will make a world of difference over Betsy DeVos.

Keep taunting Trump with prison, I say. He’s terrified of it, and it’s also exactly where he belongs.

Make it a meme. On January 20, Trump moves out of the White House and into the Big House.

He can’t handle what he dishes out.

I think what we are seeing this year is a clear, dividing line.

If you support Trump, particularly as a white person, you are standing for the very worst of America, and the strain of conservative racist and bigoted ugly that was baked into its foundation.

You are also on the wrong side of history and will be remembered and likely treated accordingly for a very long time.

Trump doubling-down on such bile and bigotry will only reinforce the awakening that is happening with whites who are taking sides with BLM and choosing to adopt antiracism practices. It’s a multi-racial coalition of people that will tell him, finally, to STFU and send him packing in November, no matter what dirty tricks the GOP pulls to try and keep its nasty tentacles on the levers of power.

Thank you Nancy, reading the 1st article has helped me understand the US 2020 Solar Return chart (unable to open the 2nd article). The Moon (People) is key in this chart:

1. At 9+ Capricorn the Moon is T-square Juno (inequality) at 9+ Libra opposite Chiron (wound that leads to healing) at 9+ Aries, forcing Moon to deal with a problem. The US natal chart also has Juno opposite Chiron, so the problem has existed since the beginning.

2. The Capricorn Moon is trine Uranus (breakthrough) at 9+ Taurus, and both are trine the MC (outcome) of the US Solar Return chart at 8+ Virgo (healing), and this grand trine symbolizes a relentless and all powerful energy available to US people from July 4 2020 through July 4 2021.

3. The MC (8+ Virgo) is opposite the IC (roots) of this chart at 8+ Pisces which conjuncts the US NATAL Ceres, who symbolizes nurturing in general, and as well she symbolizes nature and she symbolizes women’s equality along with Moon and others.

The IC (roots) of the 2020 Solar Return chart + US natal Ceres at 8+Pisces is square the US NATAL Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Expect the unexpected.

4. The Solar Return Moon is supported by this Grand Trine in Earth (material world) in her T-square with Juno opposite Chiron. Nor easy but endurance is bottomless.

5. The Sun at 13 Cancer 19 is conjunct Vesta (what is invested in) at 13 Cancer 31 and they are trine SOLAR RETURN Ceres at 12+ Pisces and Nessus (abuse of power, going back many generations) at 13+ Pisces. This provides conscious motivation as well as nurturing, and possibly weather/nature related support.


” It’s a multi-racial coalition of people that will tell him, finally, to STFU and send him packing in November”

I truly cannot wait until that day arrives.

Do you want to feel better? More hopeful?

go to https://twitter.com/stephenking/status/1246832627765608449?lang=en

Then scroll down about 14 or so tweets to the Lincoln Project tweet above the map. Click on the map.


RE: “Trump doubling-down on such bile and bigotry will only reinforce the awakening that is happening with whites who are taking sides with BLM and choosing to adopt antiracism practices.”


Bill Kristol appears to suspect Trump will announce he will not run for reelection. The tweet is at bottom of page.


@BillKristol Jun 26
Trump has cancelled his trip to his New Jersey country club this weekend, so will presumably be at the White House. If memory serves, President Johnson made his surprise announcement that he wouldn’t seek renomination or reelection in 1968 on a Sunday night, from the White House.

Putin: What’s wrong Donald?

Trump: I’m not exactly happy you put a bounty on the heads of American soldiers.

Putin: It’s nothing personal, Puppet….just something to harm an adversary.

Trump: No…what bothers me is that you paid a bounty and didn’t send me a cut.

Moscow Agent Governing America

“Inclusive, Heart centered capitalism is the only way forward.”

Great theme, meme, slogan, kiwi….I love it!

Here’s the latest Lincoln Project on the bounty on YS troops paid by Russia.


Thanks, Fe. Will or do the Lincoln Project ads appear on Fox News? Does anyone know?

Eliseo, I hope Bill Kristol is right but I have been wondering if he waits and does it at the RNC in mid-August (August 24-27) – making the RNC Convention into a true reality show spectacle and garnering a huge audience. It will allow him to use that platform to hit into everyone he hates and hoping to whip up his base into a frenzy. Could bring in Mark Burnett (producer of Apprentice) to help plan and produce it and launching Pence into the Presidency. Just a thought.

I heard a pundit today say Dems wear masks and Repubs don’t. It has become part of the culture war. If that is the case, we may win the election just through the deaths of hundreds of thousands of republicans.

I am curious what others have found but I have heard from my dem friends in red states (I am in the blue northeast) that they are sheltering in place but their republican neighbors really are discounting the dangers

Hi all. I’ve been reading this blog and many of the comments since the Bush v Kerry. But I don’t post much as I much prefer to learn and read you all and feel too much of a novice to contribute much. So first thank you for the years of great insight and thought provoking items.

I know how close the community is here, so while I feel I know many of you, I know you don’t know me. But I’d like to ask a favor as I just stumbled on a fascinating astrology thread on twitter, and well quite frankly nothing will surprise me in 2020, but the thread linked below is quite a doozy of what may be coming the next 6 months and discusses many things I’ve seen you all mention so hopefully you’ll at least find it interesting.

I’d really appreciate hearing your more educated thoughts on the thread. Like is it really true the last time Mars stationed Rx at 28° Aries was in the year 0064 CE, the year Rome burned? (Wide eye emoji here) Anyway he takes that chart and overlays it with the US sibley and well, yeesh. Here is the link to the thread: https://twitter.com/maxhiigli/status/1276549819918663680?s=21

Nancy, I agree it will likely be Harris as VP and Susan Rice will likely be Secretary of State.

Nancy or anyone look at Rep Val Demings for VP? She was a social worker before becoming a cop, as Congresswoman she was an impressive impeachment manager.
No birth time but Pisces birthday March 12, 1957 Jacksonville, FL. Yes, born & raised in Jax; it’d be a nice slap to Mayor Curry (welcoming the rnc during a pandemic) and Gov DeSantis to have the VP a Floridian. Wondering what y’all think of Biden/Demings ticket?

RE: your comments on 27th, 2020 at 10:23 pm

Yes, I’m seeing the same thing here in western Washington. Blues are sheltering in place as much as possible and wearing masks when in public. Reds are purposefully, defiantly flouting the rules, discounting the dangers.

As of 26th the law is anyone in public must be wearing a mask. It is of course an unenforceable law. Today, at a grocery store it looked to me that about 95% of the customers and 100% of the employees were wearing masks.

I would be gratified and relieved were the Donald to declare he will not seek or accept the nomination, will not run for re-election. But I’d rather see him run and be overwhelmingly beaten in a record landslide in November.

If DJT doesn’t run, it will give the R’s the opportunity to run someone more electable, but with similar policies, someone more competent and intelligent. That would be very dangerous for the country. Dems, former R’s and Independents will be far more motivated to vote for Biden if he’s running against Trump.

Openbook! I remember seeing your name here. I was intrigued by your question about the burning of Rome and was transiting Mars at 28+ Aries at the time. It seems that when Rome burned, as Nero fiddled, it was in July, 64 AD.

My ephemeris doesn’t go back that far, however, last year transiting Mars and transiting Uranus were conjunct at 29+ Aries which is pretty close to 28+ Aries, where Mars will station retrograde in September. How ironic is that?

Uranus and Mars were the only 2 out of the 8 major planets that do retrogrades who were direct for a couple of days last week. Now Venus has joined them in moving forward, thank goddess. The idea of Nero, being a piss-poor leader, like Trump, is intriguing to say the least, so I’m tempted to check out your link. Perhaps tomorrow.

27 June
Significant Spiritual/Intellectual breakthroughs, insights, and decisions today between 5 and 9 PM for which I am very grateful.

Sun transiting 1st House, creativity, Mercury transiting Ascendant, communication, transiting Mercury conjunct Uranus, mental stimulation, Mars transiting 10th House, Neptune transiting 10th House, Uranus sextile my natal 1st House Uranus, Mars trine Mars, energy channeled into new work or projects, Saturn trine Saturn, increased understanding of life.

My “Thinking Partner” and I have begun planning and developing a senior and graduate level course in the literature of alternate spiritual and mystical consciousness and experience. We believe we might persuade a particular local college to allow us the privilege of teaching such a course as they offer an accredited bachelor degree in consciousness studies.

A reminder, barb & Openbook, that when I took a reincarnation for social work practice workshop 3 yrs ago, as I shared here a few times, the workshop leader told me during the break that Trump WAS thought to be Nero in a past life by some….and, I imagine that if we have another wave of protests, we could see burning in some cities… But, please God, I hope not.

A personal question: I have to get some surgery that was cancelled in late April. I believe I can reschedule it now but I’d rather wait until the virus calms way down. It involves intubation and a respirator. Has anyone checked into it astrologically as to when that might happen?

Hi Openbook,

Blaze-Max’s analysis on the September 9th Mars retrograde station (28 Aries) in square to the three planets in the cardinal sign of Capricorn (Jupiter 17 Capricorn/ Saturn 22 Capricorn/ Pluto 25 Capricorn) is interesting, but I wonder if his rather dramatic anticipation of events is a bit too little too late. In my opinion, those are fairly wide orbs. It certainly could have an impact, but is it enough to produce earth shattering changes as he is suggesting? Additionally, his views are not the most circumspect and objective, so necessary in astrological studies. For example, at one point he writes:

“Im not surprised if the Bunker Bitch will be assassinated. This is a prediction BTW”.

I don’t wish to dismiss his findings, but to me it sounds rather unprofessional.

these are ideas that need revisiting, ripe for our era – ”getting away from win-lose”

Sharon K,
I don’t know medical astrology well enough to advise from that perspective. And I’m certainly not in the same class as many of our fairly stellar and long experienced astrologers who post here.

Personally, I’m choosing to postpone the spinal, cervical surgery I need, plus the dental work I need until we have a vaccine. I suspect that might be in December or January, but that’s not from astrology. That’s my intuition and rational understanding of medical process working together. Several labs were already working on the SARS virus before the pandemic, and covid-19 is a variant of the SARS virus. That might constitute a head start. I’m guessing the folks at Oxford will probably produce one first.

Trump as Nero? Seems plausible. He certainly reminds us of Nero, Caligula, and a few others. If true, he certainly hasn’t learned much in the past 2000 years. Roughly speaking, using a 70 in 70 out assumption, I would reckon he might have had as many as 14 lives from that time to present. It just seems such a monad might have made some improvement between then and now. If he was Nero, he didn’t.

You are certainly right about the real clear politics quote. Such people are playing into the hands of Fox News and the radical and alt right.

Wading through the absolutely way over the top, really strange, bizarre, crazy beliefs expressed by Trump rally supporters as documented in the Bill Moyers interview is like a real bad acid trip.

I think perhaps the most important statement was from journalist Jeff Sharlet , “Trump is the culmination of a process, not a detour from it.” Sharlet is right. We can’t return to the political normal of the past. The restoration of our republic depends on our creating and enacting a new paradigm. Electing Biden alone will not make all our crazies go away.

Whatever vision for a new better America we create will need to include the pragmatic understanding that almost 1/3 of our population, the “crazies” as you put it, currently retain significant power, and backed by their churches and other organizations, may continue that way even when Trump is gone.

It’s almost as if we used a time machine and kidnapped several million people from the darkest portion of the medieval era and gave them the vote without first teaching them any science, social studies, or democratic values. As David Frum put it, (I’m paraphrasing) they are not reconciled to the values and practice of democracy.

Then again, maybe they are the Know-Nothings returned to incarnation. Trump’s politics is very much a repeat of 19th century Know-Nothing ideology. They were pretty bizarre. Former president Millard Fillmore was a secret Know-Nothing when he ran in 1856, getting 21.5% of the popular vote.

Lincoln despised them. In a private letter to Joshua Speed written 24 August 1855, he wrote:

“I am not a Know-Nothing—that is certain. How could I be? How can any one who abhors the oppression of negroes, be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that “all men are created equal.” We now practically read it “all men are created equal, except negroes.” When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read “all men are created equals, except negroes and foreigners and Catholics.” When it comes to that I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty—to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it!? Maybe, we were at 1856 in 2016 all over again. But this time the Know-Nothings got lucky.

Any takers on this story by the New York Times on how Russia was paying Islamic militants to kill American military personnel? Would love to see the astrology chart for this, and have it compared to Trump’s chart to see how badly this will affect him.

Many thanks.

Sharon, regarding the postponement of your surgery, I would advise you to rely on the transits to your own birth chart, such as a trine from transiting Jupiter or transiting Sun or transiting Mars to your natal Sun or natal Jupiter or natal Mars.

I would NOT suggest any surgery with so many planets retrograde as they are right now, especially not when Mars is retrograde. I don’t think anyone would point to a time frame when it would be a “good time” in general for everyone (or anyone) to schedule surgery. If Covid is your only reason for the postponement, then by all means, wait for the vaccine as Eliseo suggests.

If it is something that can’t be put off indefinitely, you should – by all means – discuss it with your surgeon whom you should have total confidence in. Perhaps find out HIS or HER birth date/time/place and wait til Jupiter trines his Saturn. Good luck my dear.

FYI Openbook, here’s what I found out. . .
In July, 0064 AD, when Rome burned and Nero fiddled, Mars WAS in Aries, but not at 28+ degrees.

Mars went from 4+ Aries to 19+ Aries that July, and sextiled retro Jupiter in Aquarius for a couple of days, trined Saturn in Leo a couple of days, and squared Uranus in Capricorn a couple of days, and was conjunct Neptune a couple of days and also was sextile Pluto in Aquarius for 2 days, and Pluto was within 4 degrees of being conjunct Jupiter for a while during July 0064 AD.

In September 0064 AD trans. Mars DID station retrograde at 28+ Aries, so it was the same year that Rome burned and Nero did his thing. It happened after the burning so we can’t blame the burning of Rome on Mars station retrograde at 28+ Aries.

Our present transiting Mars entered the sign of Aries last night and sextiled Saturn in Aquarius this AM. It will reach 28 Aries on September 5, the day the Kentucky Derby will be run, and it will be my brother’s birthday. Mars will station retrograde at 28 Aries on September 9. In the meantime report any sound of fiddling here.

PS when Mars stationed retro in 64 AD, it was t-square the transiting Nodes, North at 28+ Cancer and South at 28+ Capricorn. Make of it what you will.

Thank you Barb and Jerry! Appreciate you both weighing in and especially looking more into 64Ad Barb. It’s all so interesting.

I’m not fluent at all in the language of charts and besides this site and Marjorie I mostly look at astrology as one of many streams of perspectives, knowledge and possibilities. I had never heard of max before yesterday and while yes his delivery is quite intense, the symbolism /history of Rome and the times we are living in with America do ring true at a core level to me, even if not quite as violent as he lays out. I personally hope he is quite wrong. So as my comfort astrology place, I appreciate you weighing in, I will now research the placements you both bring up above.

I’m an eternal optimist but personally don’t see our path as sustainable even with a dream of a glorious full electoral loss across the board for the GOP in November. Social media, right wing propaganda media and the old way anger will not be quelled or retreat quietly. Heck I genuinely like people but even I want a divorce from the right and wouldn’t be sad to split the country. It’s all so intense right now. Sometimes growth takes pain is all I try to focus on to keep me centered.

Sharon, thanks for the nero reminder. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

Eliseo, thank you for bringing up the know nothings. The Lincoln letter is just a wow through today’s lens. And let’s hope their luck runs out in November!

Eliseo, barbk,
Thank you. I need extensive dental work and somehow the dentist has not gotten back to me. For several reasons I am reluctant to pursue this at the present time. I will wait also.

Here is what I believe might indicate Trump’s departure from the White House, thanks to info from Richard Nolle’s site called Astropro dot com. Although Nolle did not see it this way, Trump may see the possibility of an escape from his growing predicaments.

On October 13, 2020 at 7:24 PM, in Washington DC, the transiting Mars (21 Aries 04) will oppose the Sun (21 Libra 04). The Sun trines his natal Sun and sextiles his natal Moon, while transiting Mars sextiles his Sun and trines his Moon.

The rest of the chart for this Mars opposite Sun event has food for thought:

Saturn opposes Trump’s Venus
Jupiter squares Trump’s Jupiter
Neptune will square Trump’s Uranus
Mercury will square Trump’s Pluto
Pluto will oppose Trump’s Saturn
the North Node conjuncts Trump’s Sun
Vesta sextiles Trump’s Mars

Although this Mars-Sun opposition could describe what Nolle calls a “dastardly deed” on Trump’s part, I see it as a possible lure to get Trump to go away, for a price, like not having to go to jail.

Anyway, we should all be aware of this volatile aspect however it pans out.

Thanks Barb & Eliseo — I am going to avoid the mercury & Mars retrogrades & shadows, & will keep the rest that you’ve both suggested in mind (and, thank you, Bob, for prior advice for prior medical & dental timing). I’ll get back to you as I’m exploring some avenues.

On a low animal level, there is always an enabler in the dynamics of a group. It’s very difficult to pinpoint sometimes. I’ve always thought that Trump is a pawn. I’m,fairly intuitive myself, and I think we are in for a real rodeo between now and November.

I’m not qualified, but an astute astrologer trained in that could pinpoint the date or dates that will happen. I experienced this at one time. The issue is that most astrologers deem it unethical to do. We already know that he is on his way out.

Trump tweeted a video of a supporter shouting “White Power” to some anti Trump protestors. How obvious can this get? He is trying to rally support among his dwindling base.

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Trump Missed A Guy Chanting ‘White Power’ In The Video He Shared

June 28, 2020


Chief Justice Roberts does it again! Votes with Liberals (for a different reason) to outlaw restrictive abortion law in LA that would have closed most clinics. I think he’s a Progressive at heart!



The Lunar Eclipse on the 5th features a Sun-Vesta conjunction at 13º Cancer, emphasizing how individualism is tempered by family commitments. This eclipse is squared by Chiron opposite Juno, which may create challenging situations for couples and families forced into confining quarters due to the global health crisis. This lunar eclipse has far-reaching implications for U.S. leadership and the nation as a whole since it’s right on the U.S. Sun, with plenty of dangerous pitfalls waiting to be activated, especially concerning Covid-19.


Mississippi State has passed legislation to remove the Confederate symbol from their State’s flag and I believe that transiting Mars, now at 0+ Aries (action, something new) at the root (IC) of the US natal chart (1+ Aries) symbolizes that.

Something else that this changing of the flag is a reflection of is the Moon (people) in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s chart at 3+ Aries (also conjunct the IC of the US natal chart) which is sextile the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini.

That sextile (Moon-Venus) in the Jupiter-Saturn chart forms a Yod (Finger of God) to the US progressed retrograde Saturn, now at 2+ Scorpio, but was at 3+ Scorpio in 2000, when this Jupiter-Saturn cycle began. It would be the US progressed Saturn (institutions, traditions) in this Yod that would be compelled to make an adjustment, due to its position at the apex of the Yod.

With transiting Mars at 4+ Aries at the time of the US Solar Return (birthday) this weekend in a square with the US natal Venus (values) and Jupiter (understanding) at 3+/5+ Cancer, we will no doubt see similar changes in attitudes, as in who our public statues represent.

With the US Solar Return chart’s opposition between Chiron and Juno forming the same pattern and in the same signs as the US natal Chiron and Juno, it promises much healing of old wounds (Chiron) regarding inequality (Juno) this year.

Happy 244th birthday USA!

Jupiter meets Pluto; this energy is exhausting, painful and oppressive.


The October 13 date would make for a really interesting one for Trump to resign, and I wonder if it might account for the confusion in the election chart.

Trump would be the Republican nominee. His name would already be on the ballot, likely too late to change. Early votes would likely already happened.

It’s oddly reminiscent of the final season of the West Wing, except it was Jimmy Smitts’ VP running mate Leo who died the night before the election.

I can imagine complete disarray among Republicans—not wanting Pence, wanting to get him out of the way, so many of them trying to take his place, trying to save their own seats in the house and senate.

What a huge mess.

If there were plans underway for Russia or China to interfere to get Trump elected, what would happen to those plans?


Im not sure how seriously Trump takes this.
But the Iranians are very serious. They want Trump tried, convicted, and executed.
Interpol won’t get involved. Nevertheless, it would appear to be another headache at least, for the Donald. More danger while in office, and even more again upon leaving office.

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani


I have written an essay but with no astrology attached. Please copy and send to everyone on your lists.


Eliseo – seems Repubs leaving office have begun to establish a pattern — locked behind closed doors at home; wanted in different countries for various crimes of humanity. Look at Bush/Cheney, and now Trump.

This is very well put together. So interesting and worth the read.

Sharon, the most logical timing that comes to mind is to have the operation as soon as you are advised and believe it will be safe to do so.

I am guessing that waiting for advances in the treatment for the Corona virus to make you feel safe undergoing surgery will forestall that event until next year.

After any procedure you choose there may be problems or perhaps better stated, difficulties, arising in late July through August that may be resolved in about 6 months time. My timing so far has been using your charts. Going by the lighting rate of advances that have been achieved by science in just a few months, thanks to a worldwide coalition and computers, a solution may come sooner.

Best wishes and thoughts for your success.

Self-cleaning mask kills virus, say scientists,

Sharon, the July and August I refer to in my last post are in 2021.

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