29th May, 2020

The Dark Deluge of Spring

There is a dark cloud enveloping the country as we move through the spring of 2020 and beyond. The still-metastasizing pandemic has already taken 100,000 lives and close to 40 million jobs. People are hurting, and they are angry. Much of this could have been avoided with a responsible and competent chief executive more interested in serving the public than serving his own political interests and narcissistic image. The mountain of evidence for his criminal negligence is crystal clear, and history will have much to report on the pernicious stain of the Trump presidency.

Into this already stressful reality, we now face yet another in a long history of egregious acts of lethal police violence, yet another murder of a black man by police under the thin, obfuscating veil of a blue uniform drenched in blood. The explosive rage that has erupted on the streets of Minneapolis is being echoed in solidarity on sister streets across the nation.  A simple indictment for the unjustified murder and the reckless endangerment of a citizen, as well as the abuse of power by law enforcement would go a long way to quell the uprising. But the indelible memory of multitudes of similar instances, also caught on video for the world to see, but followed by the predictable exoneration of such vicious, unrepentant crimes feeds the unforgiving fires.

As stated previously, I feel that the Pluto transit opposite the US Mercury (24Cancer12), covering from mid-January through June 26, 2020, and returning from November 29 through December 31, is the astrological signature of an intense struggle to survive, as well as a partisan, almost paranoid distrust.  This heightened, fearful Plutonian emotion is currently further strengthened by the progressed US Moon opposite natal US Mercury in May and conjunct transiting Pluto from May 12 to June 6.  This points to a particularly stressful few weeks with a great deal of upheaval.

Unfortunately, the progressed US Moon will conjunct natal Pluto (27Capricorn33) from July 23 to August 23, while also be conjunct transiting Saturn from August 1 through August 12. Again, this will heighten the paranoid, suspicious partisan divide, as well as the anxious feeling of the struggle to survive against seeming impossible odds. How this will manifest is unclear, whether it is about the resurgence of the virus, another completely crazy and destabilizing Trump power grab, more racially tinged violence, a vicious hurricane and wildfire season, or some combination of these issues, is unknown. But the feeling of deep anxiety and struggle is a given.

We are also just entering the protracted period from May 28 through November 4 when the volatile configuration in the 2017 Inaugural chart that includes Mars, the Moon and Saturn is being activated, first by transiting Uranus and then by the Inaugural progressed Moon. The first piece of this is the transit of Uranus opposite Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (24Pisces21) from May 28 to June 20. This configuration brings unexpected and transformative events that activate popular rebellion and protest (Moon/Uranus), as well as aggressive and angry response from the administration (Uranus/Mars). Not only is the escalating protest in Minnesota a manifestation of this aspect, but also the current Trump battle with Twitter, including his writing an executive order in response to Twitter noting the dishonesty in one of his tweets about mail-in-voting. Watch this battle continue to escalate through June. We may also see an increase in popular anger and revolt over the pathetic government response to the corona virus.

This Uranus transit opposite Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) will return full force from September 13 to October 15. But it will be joined by the progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct natal Saturn (23Sagittarius30) from September 1 through September 30, progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct progressed Saturn (23Sagittarius54) from September 14 through October 14, and progressed Inaugural Moon square Mars (24Pisces21) from October 1 to October 28. We can expect a whirlwind of trouble, upheaval, and failure from the administration (pr Moon/Saturn 9/1 to 10/14), as well as both an angry and aggressive response (pr Moon/Mars/ tr Uranus all of October) both from the administration and in response by the public.


Ironically, my plan for this article was to write about Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential pick. And as we can see, once again, the presidential race is being overwhelmed by the circumstances on the ground. Nonetheless, let me briefly mention that I have been searching for months to find a VP candidate that brings a strong positive chemistry and successful outcome for the Joe Biden candidacy. Until last week, I could find no one that seemed to really stand out. Then I researched the chart of Gretchen Whitmer (8/23/71 at 8:51 PM in Lansing, Michigan). I cannot predict if Biden will choose Whitmer as his running mate, but I can say that her presence would bring a synergy to the ticket that is incredibly positive. With her on the ticket, we would be looking at a much more confident and comfortable Biden and a partner that would be in total alignment and easy rapport with him.

Whitmer’s Jupiter (27Scorpio57) is in an exact conjunction with both Biden’s Sun (27Scorpio34) and his Venus (28Scorpio33). This is a profound connection that strengthens Biden’s sense of self and his confidence and articulateness. There are several other interesting connections, but the most noteworthy are in the Biden/Whitmer composite (midpoint) chart. Here we find an exact Sun (13Libra55)/Venus (13Libra54)/Mercury (13Libra17) conjunction. There is nothing that compares to the sense of attunement and easy communication that this combination describes. Moreover, this configuration is in an exact square to the US Sun (13Cancer19) suggesting a strong connection to the US. Moreover, the Midheaven in the composite chart is 12Scorpio12, an exact conjunction to Biden’s Mars (12Scorpio25), again suggesting that the partnership would help to strengthen him. These are the highlights although there are several other significant connections. I will write more if Biden does in fact choose Whitmer as his running mate. I can only say that their chemistry together is off the charts and would bring great success. We will see what happens.

There is, of course, the pressure for Biden to pick an African American woman for the ticket. In light of what I have found in the Whitmer chart and in none of the others, I still prefer Whitmer. But I also think that the early pick of Stacey Abrams for the very prominent and powerful role of Attorney General, in a position where she can focus on the multitude of issues of racial injustice, voter suppression, and police brutality, just to a name the most obvious, might speak clearly to the African American community about what they can expect and about the shared agenda they will have with the coming administration.


Thank you very much for your post. It is so helpful to know what lies ahead.

Thank you, Nancy! I am about to read it, but in reply to your last comment about Susan Rice being an excellent VP choice, my mother in law, who is a VERY sharp, soon-to-be 99 yr old (in Sept), just said to us yesterday that she was her pick, and how very smart she is.

Sharon K, repeating from the prior thread: by the time the Minnesota grand jury decided to not bring charges against Chauvin, Klobuchar was long gone to the US senate and had nothing to say about it. Your quick and apparently uninformed opinion of her based on this does not flatter you.

Try not to hold out for the perfect, and while you’re at it double and triple check your online search for truth. She may be more worthy than you think.

And what mistakes were you busy committing fifteen or twenty years ago? Are you still that same person or have you learned with experience?


“…yet another murder of a black man by police under the thin, obfuscating veil of a blue uniform drenched in blood.”

Passionately exquisite!

Thank you Nancy, I’m writing these dates on a big wall calendar; it helps a lot when you are not caught unawares.

I love what you found in Gretchen Whitmer’s birth chart too. Anything that strengthens Biden is a plus +.

Today (and late last night) the transiting Sun is conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini adding more fuel to the fire. The trans. Sun also squares trans. Ceres (8+ Pisces) which conjuncts the US natal Ceres, so there’s that too.

If we think of Ceres as a kind of mother figure it helps to understand the crowds of people coming out to demonstrate over the murder of one of their own.

If we think of her as a force of nature it could be a coming to grips (becoming conscious = Sun) of what a nature-created virus pandemic can do to a man-made society.

If we think of Ceres as a supplier of food we see her power in the empty shelves (where the hell are the cans of peas these days?) of the grocery stores. Then there are the winds that blow in a storm and the floods from torrential rain and hurricanes to remind us of her influence.

Today is the 1st of 3 conjunctions between transiting Ceres and US Ceres and this time she squares the trans. Sun that conjuncts US Uranus. A theme for this 1st period looks to me like a rude awakening (of consciousness) for the US population.

The 2nd transit of Ceres (retrograde) to US Ceres comes in mid August and the final conjunction of transiting Ceres to US Ceres is on December 20, 2020, just hours before the Winter Solstice and the start of the new 20 year cycle that begins with the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.

All 3 of those charts; the US Ceres Return, the Winter Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction have Mars conjunct Eris (22+ Aries) square Pluto (23+ Cap) that opposes US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) which sextiles US natal Neptune (+ Obama’s Mars) at 22+ Virgo, which trines trans. Pluto and the start degree of the Saturn-Pluto cycle that began the year 2020. Is this finally the Year of the Woman?

Nancy, I thought some folks on this board talked about Kamela Harris having important aspects to the US chart. Wouldn’t that also play a significant role in his VP pick?


Very interesting scrying of Whitmer chart; until reading your musings, she did not stand in relief as a possibility. For our times however, her lack of melanin is rather blinding.

Personally, I find Stacy Abrams a most compelling and likable person who is also uniquely qualified as well-educated lawyer. She has a smile that lights up the camera like a sunflower. I believe she would be comfortable for the nation to embrace her as loveable earth mother and vice-president.

Although I did not like her presidential campaign strategies (which brought her instant karma-blowback) I relish the thought of Kamala Harris as Attorney General and as part of the Biden Administration. Susan Rice is also a terrific choice. In terms of likeability however, they both have the sharp edges of warriors and would probably have difficulty gaining popularity with voters.

My two cents; and yes Banks, we are all speculating and would probably serve the nation much better by being off of our computers and out in the streets organizing and educating our communities.

Arbo, I didn’t see your post on the last thread for some reason, but it’s not me or my opinion at all that matters. I am the last person to hold a past mistake against someone as great as Amy. I would at least want to know the details (some of which you have supplied) and consider whether she has changed. It’s about what the press, the Republicans & the public will do with this. You have seen how easy it was to crucify someone, like Hillary or Al Frankin, for example, not to mention that Biden seems to have a supportive black base…what will they do with this? Perception and emotion seem to predominate truth in many of these matters. What happened to George Floyd was so heinous that it will powerfully represent all of the many thousands of cuts to African Americans that happen regularly, daily, and is compounded by the other events of late.

From the nyt’s,

‘Protests in Minnesota Renew Scrutiny of Klobuchar’s Record as Prosecutor’

Amy Klobuchar, now being considered as a potential vice-presidential candidate, oversaw several cases involving police shootings in Minneapolis during her years as a prosecutor.

Although she had no role in reviewing Mr. Chauvin’s case in 2006, Ms. Klobuchar’s name was trending online Thursday, with many quick to tie that decision to her long record as a prosecutor that critics viewed as overly friendly to police officers. The searing emotions surrounding Mr. Floyd’s death have reopened old wounds in her relationship with some national and local community activists in Minneapolis.

Democrats acknowledge that the situation in Minneapolis is a highly fluid and unsettled one, and the political implications of the violence and civil unrest there cannot be foreseen with any clarity. It is too soon to say with certainty that the events of this week will weigh heavily on Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s choice of running mate or affect Ms. Klobuchar’s chances of becoming his vice-presidential nominee.
Ms. Redmond, of the Minneapolis NAACP, had been one of the leading voices calling on Ms. Klobuchar to drop out of the Democratic primary because of her handling of Mr. Burrell’s case. She said the fact that Ms. Klobuchar reached out personally was a welcome surprise, but added that she and Ms. Klobuchar have “unfinished business.”

“One of the reasons why I fight so hard is because I’ve had to fight so many times on the front lines for lots of people that we couldn’t bring back, and here we are, yet again, another black man has been murdered,” Ms. Redmond said. “And we can’t bring back George Floyd. And that sickens me because he should be alive today.

Ms. Redmond, of the Minneapolis NAACP, had been one of the leading voices calling on Ms. Klobuchar to drop out of the Democratic primary because of her handling of Mr. Burrell’s case. She said the fact that Ms. Klobuchar reached out personally was a welcome surprise, but added that she and Ms. Klobuchar have “unfinished business.”

“One of the reasons why I fight so hard is because I’ve had to fight so many times on the front lines for lots of people that we couldn’t bring back, and here we are, yet again, another black man has been murdered,” Ms. Redmond said. “And we can’t bring back George Floyd. And that sickens me because he should be alive today.

“But we have to have an opportunity to right wrongs. So I commend Senator Klobuchar for reaching out so far, and I look forward to her helping us freeing Myon Burrell A.S.A.P, and we need to put our full force and energy into that.”


Thank You again Nancy for your thoughtful and well calculated insights. The dates you listed are very helpful. Also, thank you for this forum, a major component through which I maintain my sanity through these very stressful and bizarre times.

Dr. Jill Biden has canceled an appearance with Amy Klobuchar as Team Biden says they can’t be seen with her at this point.


I predicted here few months ago that in 2020 we would see the worst civil unrest in the US since 1968. I don’t know which is worse: when my predictions don’t come true or when they do.

And Mars isn’t even in Aries yet.

Sharon, thanks for the clarification. I didn’t think it sounded like you, but there it was.

But because of what the press, the Republicans and the party will do, we all need to be careful about repeating stories that are just that, stories and not the truth. Even when “reliable sources” do it. Would that Ben Bradlee were still around to remind everyone to not rely on only one source.

The Democrats did in Al Franken, led by an ambitious senator who blew her own chances to run for president by falling for a tale spun by a woman — maybe a bit less innocent than she presented herself as being — who was apparently a friend of Sean Hannity’s. The picture didn’t help, but he was pretending to touch her. It was a lampoon committed by a man who was at the time a comedian. And maybe acting out as a not-so-attractive Jew against the Prom Queen. How dare he be so weak! Whatever, we could use him in the senate now.

When you’re a trusted source of information — and you are on this site — one needs to be careful about what one repeats. Precisely because of what the Rs will do with it. They lurk, you know…


“And Mars isn’t even in Aries yet.”

You must be psychic! Its been the caveat mantra droning on in my keppy for the last week.

Great article although we are all saddened that this even had to be said. The contrast between comments made by Joe Biden versus the monster trump in the face of this tragedy once again points out that things only have gotten worse under trump’s regime; with zero chance they can get better until he is gone.

A “peace officer” Derek Chauvin (the irony of his last name hardly coincidental) methodically, sadistically smirking, slowly choked the breath of life out of George Floyd even as he pleaded for mercy, calling out to his “Mamma” to rescue him from his predator.

This atrocity was nothing short of a fucking disgusting snuff-film; a horizontal lynching, performed, taped and broadcast live, shamelessly in front of the whole world.


Thank your for your fine astrological research – its always top-drawer.

Are our various crises, homelessness, the covid-19 pandemic, opioid addiction, and our racial injustice crisis merging?

From astrologer Anne Ortelee on Facebook:

Have you ever been whitewater rafting?

When I went, some years ago, the guide said, “If you get thrown out of the boat, your job is to float down river, feet first, avoid the big rocks, and we’ll pick you up at the bend on the other side of the rapids.”

I think that’s pretty good advice under any circumstances, and it came to mind today as I was thinking about the eight long weeks of Eclipse season — longer than usual — that we have ahead of us now (having started with the New Moon last Friday).

This is not ordinary time. It’s intense because of the Eclipses, and it’s extra intense because the Nodes of Fate are currently sitting at the anaretic (final) degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarian questions of truth, justice, tolerance, freedom, and, yes, fire, are all contested: here in the US, our national conversation has recently centered on two (Gemini) separate-but-similar stories about white supremacy and state-sanctioned violence.

Fair enough, Argo. I think I read it on Democratic Underground in a comment section where people usually know what they are talking about. I didn’t think they would be so definite unless they knew it was true, but your point is well taken, and thanks for calling me a trusted source of information. I try my best to check.

So what’s gonna happen when mars goes retro in Aries?

Andre and will, that’s an interesting point you bring up; “and Mars isn’t even in Aries yet”.

This, what’s happening in my city tonight (and last night) and more so in Minneapolis, and in other cities across the country, is not anger so much as grief.

It is a display of emotion, the kind that comes at the end of an exhaustive period (Pisces) and just before a brand new period (Aries).

In March transiting Mars was conjunct Jupiter, then he was conjunct Pluto and then Saturn, all 3 conjunctions in Capricorn within 11 days, starting 3 new cycles that will last about 2 years.

This is just a prelude to when Mars gets into Aries.

There is one more 2 year cycle that Mars will initiate with Neptune on June 13th and this one will be in Pisces. Why is there no compassion or sympathy from our government for police killing innocent people of color seems the obvious reason for the demonstrations now. That will change when transiting Mars gets into Aries.

This is just a warm up I’m afraid.

too odd for words! Vendetta maybe? Chauvin and floyd both worked security for the same nightclub!

From CNN

Accused officer’s wife files for dissolution of marriage, lawyer says

An attorney for Kellie Chauvin, the wife of ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, has filed for a dissolution of marriage, according to a statement from the Sekula Family Law office.

Derek Chauvin was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

“This evening, I spoke with Kellie Chauvin and her family. She is devastated by Mr. Floyd’s death and her utmost sympathy lies with his family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy. She has filed for dissolution of her marriage to Derek Chauvin,” the statement said.
“While Ms. Chauvin has no children from her current marriage, she respectfully requests that her children, her elder parents, and her extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time.”

It appears Trump may intentionally escalate the situation in Minneapolis.


The Associated Press is reporting that the Pentagon is ordering the Army to put several active-duty military police units on the ready to deploy to Minneapolis.

This comes after Donald Trump tweeted that he told Minnesota governor Tim Walz that “the Military is with him all the way”. Twitter hid that tweet behind a warning that it “glorifies violence” – Trump had ended that tweet with “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” a nod to former Miami police chief Walter Headley, who in December 1967 promised violent reprisals to protests over stop-and-frisk tactics.

It’s incredibly rare for the Pentagon to order something of this sort, the AP noted.


I heard this alluded to by a person interviewed on MSNBC last night but it sounded so incredible that I couldn’t embrace it – surreal. The person stated that these two knew one another well as they worked security details together as bouncers at some clubs.

Stranger than fiction; makes Chauvin’s actions even more diabolical.

It’s incredibly rare because it’s illegal – Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. It is a post reconstruction reform that bans using the military for domestic purposes.


This is when archaic rules need to be broken; white supremacists and professional anarchists are destroying African American neighborhoods and putting them in great danger.


This is when archaic rules need to be broken; white supremacists and professional anarchists are destroying African American neighborhoods and putting them in great danger.

Chaos, looting and wanton destruction are not acceptable forms of revolt – they are criminal acts being perpetrated by Neo Nazis et al.

In 2006, the FBI put out a report on white supremacists infiltrating police departments. In 2016, a PBS article looks at the issue 10 years later


The investigations seem to have gone dormant since Trump and it seems to me that white supremacist infiltration in police departments has continued and likely spread to local, state and federal governmental and judicial levels, as well.

Marjorie Orr:


Ja, thanks for posting Marjorie Orr. Sure does make sense, at last. Imagine his karma. What an awakening.

ja, thanks for the Marjorie Orr link because it has Joe Scarborough’s birth chart; something I never thought I would need. However, there are at least 3 intensely interesting things about his chart I want to share:

Scarborough’s natal Sun at 19+ Aries conjuncts the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries and they both sextile his natal Saturn at 20+ Aquarius that conjuncts the US progressed Mercury at 20+ Aquarius AND the Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (2000-2020).

It is largely that prog. US Mercury and the Uranus in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart symbolism that describes what the US has been experiencing since at least 2000. Mercury + Uranus in Aquarius, wow. (think computers, smart phones and the Internet)

The 3rd point of interest (to me) in Scarborough’s chart is his natal Mars at 8+ Leo which sextiles the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Together, they form a Yod to the US natal Eris at 8+ Capricorn, who, in the apex of this Yod, is forced to adjust. Eris adjust? Are you kidding?

This is a repeat of the positions in the Yod that was in the Neptune-Pluto conjunction that took place conjunct the US Uranus 129 years ago. At that time it was transiting Mars and Chiron at 8+ Leo sextile transiting Neptune and Pluto (+ US Uranus) at 8+ Gemini and they formed a Yod to transiting Hybris at 8+ Capricorn (+ US natal Eris).

Then along comes Trump with his natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, opposite US natal Eris, making it a Boomerang, and the rest is history. All the energy of the Yod goes to the Boomerang planet, in this case Trump’s Mercury.

These things take time, but it is a Uranian shock to me that Scarborough is a triggering device activating energy that’s been patiently waiting for this moment . . . the South Node in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart on January 12, 2020, was at 08+ Capricorn (+ US natal Eris, + Hybris in the Neptune-Pluto 1891 conjunction). The North Node was conjunct Trump’s Mercury.

It is odd, but Trump’s big fat mouth and his Twitter comments will help lead the country out of the morass our government has become in the last 50 years. Hopefully it will lead an awakening of consciousness too.

Big smiley face for you, Sharon K.

Interesting, barbk, in that Scarborough and his sidekick helped to get Trump elected — inadvertently or not.

Peaceful protests taking place right now in NOLA, mostly whites, wearing masks, good turnout, assembled at City Hall, organized by a workers group. I am not a socialist but applaud this effort and am proud if my city!

This is from last night and was one of the most heartfelt and moving speeches I have ever heard….It is from the Mayor of Atlanta. It reminded me of Obama’s speech in 2004 and other great and moving speeches….maybe she should be Biden’s VP?


Thank you, Banks and barbk. Did you read the comments to her post? barbk, you ought to share yours with her readers.

Back at you, Arbo. I watched Amy at a press conference today imploring people to stay home and/or not add to the chaos so those who came in from out of town could be identified and arrested. She spoke well but seemed shook up and I felt for her.

Will, you are right – this is not the locals that are rising up. I have heard from a Fire Captain in Brooklyn and a police officer in Oakland that in both cases, protestors jammed their radios and were using walkie talkies to communicate. These are very organized efforts – but who are they?

Tsuris, tsuris, tsuris. Who could have imagined?

Will, did you say you grew up in a Jewish neighborhood or something. You use Yiddish words like a native & make me chuckle. Oy vey!

I don’t know about you folks, but I am consistently amazed at the what the Lincoln Project is doing. Firstly, their ads are very high quality. Secondly, they are not only targeting Trump. They are also targeting his senatorial enablers who are up for reelection in 2020.

The list includes:
Mitch McConnell, KY
Thom Tillis, NC
Martha McSally, AZ
Cory Gardner, CO
Susan Collins, ME

I believe the Lincoln Project is a group worth watching, politically and astrologically. As the Trump Party eventually falls, I wonder if the LP will be the seed of the party to replace it.

Nancy, I could see Gov. Whitmer being a VP pick for Biden. She’s stood up to Trump, pushes his buttons (although who doesn’t), and seems to have nerves of steel in the face of the DeVos/astro-turf funded RW protests. She also comes with much less baggage than Klobuchar does at this point. She’s different than what we’re used to, younger (48 years old), and could really bring a fresh perspective to the table that’s sorely needed these days. She could do surprisingly well as a successor to an ailing Biden.

I do like Stacy Abrams for AG. Perhaps she can find a way to bust and take down the brazen thief, Brian Kemp, who stole the Georgia Governorship from her, on federal charges.

Biden should be really transparent about his cabinet choices throughout his campaign, who they are, what they represent, and how they would handle the crises facing this country very differently than the current incompetent and corrupt Trump regime. It’s also a good opportunity for him to showcase the diversity and inclusiveness that he stands for, which is so sorely lacking in MF45’s administration.


Agreed on the Lincoln Project. The Democrats could certainly learn a thing or two from them on how to connect with Americans on an emotional level, something I will concede that the Republicans have been consistently good at doing. Cancer Sun conjunct Cancer Sun (US July 4, 1776 ~ GOP July 6, 1854), they do seem to intuitively “get” and are able to successfully appeal to the basic ego identity of the US time and again. The Democrats tend to go for the head. But it’s the appeals to gut feelings–home and flag and patriotism–that really seem to work on Cancer-born entities.

I could also see Conway’s group convening to create a new Conservative party to replace the GOP in the coming years. One that is more level-headed, rational, and even anti-racist. Reformed Conservatives who are thoughtful and can offer a balanced perspective and check to liberalism that stands apart from the mouth-breathing Reactionary culture wars of recent decades that has culminated in the godawful reign of Trump.

I’m think we are seeing things similarly. Considering the integrity and patriotism of the leaders of the Lincoln Project, and their willingness to put the interests of the nation above their politics, I won’t cry any tears were they to successfully establish themselves as a major party.

The gift of self-transcendance is something I find rare in politics. God/Goddess bless them, even when I disagree with them. Furthermore, the LP folks appear to reflect a more genuine and healthy variety of conservativism as opposed to the plutocratic, greedhead corrupted party they left.

IMHO both parties have become overly ideological. They need to be more pragmatic and pay better attention to evidence. It’s ok to have an ideology. Everyone functions better with a mental map. But ideology can also blind us terribly . Each party has issues which they approach unrealistically.

Hi Sharon,

Yes, deeply-steeped in yiddish; so many comprehensively descriptive terms that no equivalent in other tongues. Richly descriptive in wonderful, warm and hilarious ways.

Canter’s on Fairfax after evening rehearsals and plays at the Actor’s Studio or lectures at the Kabballah Center on Robertson. Nate n’ Als on Beverly was a favorite lunch spot where every major comedian had their pastrami or corned – maybe a little smoked chub, Nova and schmear. Genghis Cohen’s for Chinese on Christmas; Katz’s in NY during art expo at the Armory or the Javitz Center; at Art Basel Miami, Wolfie Cohen’s Rascal House was compulsory. Lots of wonderful noise and delicious treats.

Hi Will,

This is just to acknowledge your previous comment. Yes. It is all very interesting. I would imagine the closer we come to the June eclipses, the more apparent the effects will be. A number of tarot readers have felt for some time that mass protests in the streets will signal the end of the Trump presidency. It looks like we are heading in that direction.

Molly McCord has two excellent, insightful videos out on the upcoming eclipses……

June 5 Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse ~ Keep Trusting As A Bigger Spiritual Cycle Is Underway

Video 18 min 06 sec


MEGA Solar Eclipse! l June 20/21 Cancer New Moon – Inception Of New Divine Feminine Energies

Video 17 min 50 sec


The Lincoln Project was launched December 17, 2019 with a New York Times op-ed. To construct an accurate chart, would we use the time of the publication? or the delivery of the 1st edition of the paper that December morning? or perhaps when the op-ed was posted on the internet? or an earlier date when they agreed to form their coalition?

At what time or point would you guys choose for an accurate chart?

Astrologically is there an end to the rioting, looting and arson now happening all across this country? I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and what was done to one of the nicest areas of center city saddens me deeply. Can outside influences be that organized in so many cities? I wish they would arrest the other 3 ex-police in the hope that that will stop the marauding.

Joe Biden is going to have so much on his plate. He will need a cabinet of the brightest and the best. Linda G has interesting comments about this in her most recent video which is also one of her best.

Just a review:

The current upheaval began exactly with the first crossing of Uranus opposite Inaugural Moon (the people) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (anger, aggression). This transit runs from 5/27 to 6/19 but remains in orb due to the station through the summer. It returns to the one degree waxing orb from 9/13 to 10/15.

Simultaneous to this we have tr Pluto opposite US Mercury which has generally been about the fear and paranoia and distrust of others associated with the pandemic. The first wave of this transit runs from 1/25 to 6/26. (It returns in December.) Probably the first piece of it was the intensified conspiracy theories and partisan rancor during impeachment.

The Pluto/Mercury transit has been intensified by US pr Moon from 4/9 to 6/6, during heightened fears of the virus, reaching 100,000+ casualties, and now the added upheaval and fear induced by the Uranus upheaval.

So the current situation remains very intense through 6/6 and is somewhat calmer after 6/20.

Of huge concern is the period from mid-September to mid-October 2020. Not only does Uranus come back to cross opposite inaugural Moon and semisquare Inaugural Mars, but the inaugural pr Moon will be conjunct Inaugural Saturn, square Inaugural Mars. This represents a period of huge upheaval, resistance to the administration, and a harsh pushback.

In the US chart we have a Mars station square US Pluto from 8/26 to 9/19 which may suggest an escalating, aggressive power struggle with the powers that be. Pr US Moon will be conjunct pr US Pluto from mid-September to mid-October, which suggests that fear, distrust, and conspiracy theories run rampant. Hopefully, this will be the grand finale of the Trump Administration Horror Show, but it is likely to be a real doozy.

One further point: Val Demings chart is good with Biden’s. It does not provide as strong a connection as the Whitmer chart, but it does suggest a harmonious and satisfying relationship, if she were the pick. Kamela Harris has some possibility but it is weak.

Thank you for the heads up Nancy. Transiting retrograde Mars will also square TRANSITING Pluto (Pluto having recently stationed direct Oct 4) on October 9-10, along with that prog. US Moon-prog. US Pluto conjunction during that period.

Do you think this could involve conflict with the US and another country since the transiting square between Mars and Pluto is a world-wide event?

Trans. Pluto will be back in the same degree where it was conjunct trans. Saturn and trans. Ceres on January 12, at 22+ Capricorn. Could this be a plant-wide occurrence such as an earthquake?

Marjorie Orr says transiting Neptune is now in a prolonged station square to US Mars, which would increase violence in the country and also bring a sense of failure.

Also, she states there were similar riots causing hundreds of deaths across the country after white supremacist violence in the summer of 1919, when Spanish flu was at its height. There were then and are now two simultaneous pandemics in the US.



Marjorie Orr on the riots:


Barb – Remember that Trump is under the protracted Saturn station opposite his Venus from 8/18 to 10/22. This will be horrible for him, with polls plummeting and a deep sense of failure. Given he has a natal Saturn/Venus conjunction, this station will likely be one of the worst of his life. Mars will be slowly retrograding square to tr Saturn and his natal Venus from 9/24 to 9/28 triggering s shit-storm for him in the midst of this very treacherous period.

The slow moving Mars square to Pluto you mentioned which will cover from 10/4 to 10/9, again in the midst of this very tumultuous time in the US, is likely to bring violence here in the US, given all the rest going on. There may well also be dramatic events going on elsewhere in the world, but I would expect this Mars/Pluto to ignite something already stirring here.

One big worry I have is that civil unrest could enable Trump to declare martial law and then do whatever he wants. Some of the current violence is very suspect, in terms of who may have started it. There is some evidence of purposeful provocateurs, and quite posslby white supremacist/Trump supporters. Given who Trump is, we have to be very careful not to play into his hands.

Those who are speculating about Biden’s VP selection should remember he has stated on MSNBC that his choice would be a woman who was a candidate against him for the nomination, because he wants extensive experience at the federal level. That would take out Whitmer, Demings and Abrams. Klobuchar is now out of the running as well because she’s a former AG from Minnesota who was reluctant to prosecute police officers, regardless of whether Chauvin was one of them or not.

That leaves only Harris and Warren. One will be VP, the other will be AG. Harris appears to be the one slated for AG since she has that experience in California and Amy is out. By elimination, you get Warren for VP. The coming June 21 eclipse is conjunct her natal Sun-Uranus conjunction so she is due for a big surprise.

I don’t think personal chemistry is a big issue for Biden. He is a wise man who knows he can win this, who is running out of time and who wants to make the wise choice of a person who can be an effective President at a moment’s notice in a critical time. I think that choice has obviously been Warren all along and the rest is political theater to create interest.

Val Demmings:

“My fellow brothers and sisters in blue what the hell are you doing?”


(I hope this link works)


Thank you for the additional fine-tuning – always helpful.

Jerry – you are a fine curator of tightly-relevant observations.


“..Warren for VP. The coming June 21 eclipse is conjunct her natal Sun-Uranus conjunction so she is due for a big surprise.”

Very intriguing!

Andre, I could not agree more with you. Elizabeth Warren with all of her policy plans stacked up and ready to go can handle the domestic scene with a good AG and I’d love to see Katie Porter head up the Consumer Financial council, although that would be a big loss to the House. Biden can spend his time working on international affairs and smoothing the feathers of national leaders who think America is off the rails.

Thank you Nancy, there IS a theme here in the US regarding pent up emotions (aka violence) and the core symbolism these days is Trump; follow the Trumpsters.

I looked at the new Mars-Pluto cycle (started on March 23) to get a feel for its trajectory and of course, it took place at 24+ Capricorn opposite Trump’s Saturn and Venus (& US Mercury), and I could just stop there. However, there are a couple of things that flesh out the obvious “purpose” of breaking down Trump’s sense of stability (Saturn) and security (Venus) in this cycle’s chart.

One of them is the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces square Trump’s natal Sun, North Node and Uranus in Gemini (and his Moon in Sagittarius) that shows this cycle isn’t cutting him any slack.

The Moon-Neptune in Pisces (all 3 symbols about feelings) was also sextile the chart’s Venus (what is of value), which was conjunct the US natal Vesta (what is invested in), both at 19+ Taurus (material world).

To me that says the People (Moon) are heavily invested (Vesta) emotionally (Pisces, Moon, Neptune) in what they value (Venus) about the material world (Taurus). That could be their jobs, their homes and for many, the planet we live on. It could also be about equal rights among races and between ordinary people and policemen.

That sextile in the Mars-Pluto chart between Moon-Neptune and Venus forms a Yod to the US natal Juno (she who defends the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra, which might symbolize the multiple demonstrations in US cities over the last 3 nights.

This Yod becomes a Boomerang when the US Chiron (opposite the US Juno) at 20+ Aries is added to the pattern, meaning all that energy of the Yod lands on US Chiron. Chiron teaches by bringing consciousness to something – through wounding – that evolves into awareness of what must change. Okay, I get it. We all get it.

Then there was the North Node (path forward) in that Mars-Pluto chart at 3+ Cancer that was conjunct the US natal Venus (values), and opposite the Mars-Pluto chart’s South Node (no longer serves growth) at 3+ Capricorn.

3+ Capricorn is where transiting centaur Pholus is now and one degree from where it was on March 23rd when Mars was conjunct Pluto that started this new 2 year cycle. Close enough to the South Node to be considered conjunct it.

Pholus, like Chiron, is a Centaur and it too symbolizes a process of becoming aware of something and it involves our ancestors customs and behavior and attitudes. Okay I’m getting the picture. (damn those yankees they might be saying)

Pholus also is associated with events that get blown out of proportion (recall the story of Pholus uncorking the sacred wine without permission from the other centaurs that led to a violent protest), so that is not conducive to growth (South Node). It does make us conscious of underlying grievances though.

Finally, the Sun (consciousness) at 3+ Aries (lets start something brand new) was T-square the chart’s North Node + US Venus in Cancer and the South Node and Pholus in Capricorn, making it clear that a decision had to be made (between North and South Node) during this 2 year cycle of Mars and Pluto. Would we the People continue down the South Node path of violent behavior or would we take the North Node path of equal values for all? Yeah, I get that too.

This cycle ends in March 2022, at 27+ Capricorn, the degree where the US Pluto resides, and transiting Venus will be there too. How ’bout that fellow Americans! Some good news!

I hear that Putin is increasingly dealing with questions about his legitimacy as President of Russia, as that country grapples with its own problems, not the least of them being the pandemic. Let’s hope he becomes so overwhelmed with things domestically there that he doesn’t have the time or resources to continue to meddle in American affairs.

It’s easy to predict and see that Trump will do anything to hold onto being POTUS to shield himself from prosecution and prison time, which is all the more reason that he will likely screw up big time in the coming months, through overreach and just plain stupidity. He’s a cornered rat, but let’s emphasize the RAT part of that.

He’ll continue to run his nasty mouth and make big—and mostly empty—threats, but he’s ultimately full of hot air and a coward to boot.

If I were running any kind of political campaign against him, I would absolutely take the gloves off and mercilessly hit his ego with the sledgehammer again, and again and again, from multiple sides and relentlessly. I would give him a heaping dose of his own medicine at a level far above what he could sustainably retaliate against without exhaustion and collapse. I would give the man nightmares, and I would not stop until he resigns, is crushed at the polls, or kicks the bucket from the stress of it all.

I’m generally a nice guy, but this shit is long past it’s expiration date. He deserves the worst, and it’s time to flush him out from where he does not belong and send him to his reward in a prison cell for the rest of his miserable life.

re: the Mars station square US Pluto from 8/26 to 9/19 – with so much emphasis on Ceres lately, I wonder if this phase will be woman-centered… perhaps some of the stuff coming out about Trumps “dalliances” will prove true (especially the young girls and boys). The court documents sure look legit.

That last one, the period from mid-September to mid-October 2020 has got to be election-related. I can see Trump being stupid enough to figure he got away with threats the first time, why not do it again. Only this time, protests will be all over the country.

I’ve got nothing but intuition to back that up for the moment. That tarot spread I did that predicted GW for Prez lasted a LONG time. The last piece of that extended spread was mass rioting in the streets. Guess it’s about time now to get the cards out again and see what it has to say about this election! I’ll admit, I’m almost afraid to do it. The Thoth deck is nothing if not brutal in imparting its truth.

The riots over the last few days have touched parts of my memories I thought I’d long forgotten. It was surprising to me that I felt it so intimately and so anxiously. Lady knows, nothing is gonna happen in my little KS town, although protests did happen in KC, I see… with the cops there being just as aggressive as ever.

In the early 70’s, we had a lot of riots break out in the country, particularly in schools and colleges, I’m sure most of you remember. I was a Sophomore in HS when ours happened. My hometown was only about 12k people, if you counted the Benedictine College kids! But there so many people rioting in the “breezeway” that connected two buildings it was damn scary. I was about then, what I am now – 4′ 10.” (I always did swear there was Pictish blood in me from Dad’s side!)… but when a phalanx of people start pushing behind you, you suddenly find yourself not only pushed, shuffled, etc… but –everyone– is at least a foot or two higher than you. The air gets thin down there in a situation like that!

I’ll never forget, a friend of mine – third chair trumpet player (I was 2nd chair), came up beside me and took my hands, directing me out of the crush of people and into the chorus room, locking the door behind him. Oh, he was black; I’m white.

Hearing the “I Can’t Breathe” chants, seeing the chaos and the violence unfold in such similar ways brought back the sights, sounds, and smells of that day. Last night was really hard; didn’t sleep at all. There has to be an end to the systemic racism and the systemic Misogyny and discrimination against everyone else who isn’t an older white male. Not that I’m pointing fingers around here, of course!! But I would so like to see actual real progress not only made – but having staying power!

“and send him to his reward in a prison cell for the rest of his miserable life.”

Once we get him incarcerated we can confirm the most appropriate mental health diagnosis. In addition to his DSM diagnosis, many strongly suspect he is the beginning stage of alzheimer’s or another related problem with dementia. His father, Fred Trump died of alzheimer’s disease.

If things go as would be most appropriate, DJT will die in the psychiatric wing of whichever prison he lives out his last days. After of which, a proper autopsy might tell us at what probable point his dementia actually commenced.

Meanwhile, IMO, the best scenario would be for him to lose in November by a landslide. I don’t want him to become a martyr to his supporters, that third of the electorate that neither understands, or upholds or has any desire to understand or support the constitutional democratic republic our Founders created.

I’m with you. I couldn’t sleep last night either. Too many memories of my participation in the civil rights and Vietnam antiwar movements. Everyday I experience serious, sometimes very severe pain from my physical injuries from those days. The PTSD is just as bad.

Racism and sexism are our emotional pandemics. With all we have done, we have yet to have discovered how to eradicate these viruses. It is tiring. I suppose I was naive. Decades ago I thought that by now we would be past the racism and sexism.

I am lately of the opinion our misogyny is deeper than our racism. The Romans absolutely hated Cleopatra because she was a brilliant, multilingual, intellectual, creative and powerful WOMAN!

Male supremacist Roman culture contaminated equalitarian, early Christianity. “St. Cyril” and his ignorant, literalist followers hated Hypatia, and martyred her brutally.

It’s deep. It goes back for millennia, and is not just a feature of western civilization. African and Asian cultures have been Male supremacist for centuries as well.

Emotionally, I don’t get it. What right thinking man who loves his wife or daughters would want to see them treated unequally, discriminated against on the basis of their gender? It makes no sense to me and never has. But who listens to me? I was considered odd for my “weird” and “crazy” ideas from a very early age.

kim at intuitiview has a new video up. She includes some good suggestions on coping with these horrific scenes during these trying times

Kiwi, thanks for posting Kim’s newest video. It was helpful and I intend to listen to it again.

So amazing:
George Floyd protests in over 40 major cities in US, plus Canada, Denmark, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the list is growing.


“One big worry I have is that civil unrest could enable Trump to declare martial law and then do whatever he wants. Some of the current violence is very suspect, in terms of who may have started it. There is some evidence of purposeful provocateurs, and quite possibly white supremacist/Trump supporters. Given who Trump is, we have to be very careful not to play into his hands.”

This nailed my fear. This weekend it finally soaked in that we are being manipulated and we’ve fallen right in line. Hopefully we all wake up in time.

The mayor of Atlanta was impressive. So many Democratic leaders showing up to talk to the protestors, showing strength and willingness to listen. Makes me proud.

Another interesting mayor — Lori Lightfoot, who replaced Rahm Emmanuel as Chicago’s mayor.

African American, female and gay. Long history of public service in Chicago. Here’s an interview from months ago on Stephen Colbert’s show:


I’m so weary. So frustrated. Feel so useless to ever help bring about change.

Remember just months ago, people asking if anyone would be excited about a Biden presidency, and I was among those saying I’d be relieved, and the relief would be nice. He won’t likely bring about any big changes, and if he simply tries to undo what Trump does, that will be enough to keep him busy and important work.

But now with the coronavirus and the ugliness of these protests that some (lots of white people, from the videos I’ve seen) are determined to turn violent and seeing the military-liker response from the police — Hell, yes, I’ll be excited about a Biden presidency.

I’ll be thrilled. Give me a grown-up man with a good heart and loads of experience, lots of good, strong, intelligent, highly competent Democrats in positions of power all around him. Yes!

As Jane Auten wrote, A thousand times, yes!

We just have to make it that far.

NYPD received reliable intel that outside agitators are coming into the city and that is why they declared a curfew. I agree with someone above who raised concern that trump will use this to declare martial law.

We are seeing the same scene repeated nationwide — peaceful protests and then a few bad apples but how many of those are ultra right wing trump suuporters who want their race war. This is very crazy.

I’ve spent the afternoon reading the comments to Melody Cooper’s article in the nyt’s. She is the sister of Chris Cooper who allowed her to share the video of Amy Cooper on Twitter. The comments range from gut wrenching to extraordinarily inspiring.

“Lots of people keep asking me what they can do. We all have a chance to step off the sidelines, to speak up, to take action and to shine a blinding light on the racism lurking in so many corners of our society. We need to fight together wisely, boldly and unflinchingly, while staying aware that our passion and actions can and will be used against us. But we must not stop. This is the time. It will not be easy. It will often be messy, but it must be done.”


What fun we’re having!

The WHO just confirmed ebola is again afflicting people in the Congo.


silcominc, “this is very crazy”; well chosen words.

Shortly after midnight on the morning of June 23, transiting Neptune stations retrograde, holding the position of 20 Pisces 57-58 for a total of 17 days, in a tight square with Trump’s natal Moon (emotion) at 21 Sagittarius 12, which opposes his Sun at 22 Gemini 55 which squares US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25. That’s a grand cross and it is a trap with seemingly no escape.

Those 17 days that transiting Neptune is virtually motionless starts on June 15, the day after Trump’s birthday, so Trump’s “solar return” (birthday) chart is going to have this Neptune-square-Sun aspect in his solar return chart, a trans. Neptune which is in an extremely tight square with his natal Moon (emotions). That is a year of crazy for Trump too.

Just 2 1/2 hours after Trump’s Solar Return (Sun at 22 Gemini 55 on June 13 this year) transiting Mars will exactly conjunct transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces 56, both square US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25. It will start a 2 year cycle between trans. Mars and Neptune that will have an almost identical chart as that of Trump’s solar return.

Since the US natal Mars is conjunct Trump’s Sun, the US natal Mars (action, anger, violence) goes as the Trump’s Sun goes. In other words, we all go a bit crazy, hopefully for a good purpose.

Neptune’s symbolism has the primary purpose of dissolving the boundaries of reality such as pain, despair, boredom, anger, disappointment, you know the usual reality things we all have to deal with. Neptune distorts our perception; it can make us afraid of the future or it can make us hopeful for the future, depending on our inclinations. Personally I can go both ways.

Trump doesn’t know about Neptune’s symbolism I’m guessing, and this year’s birthday chart, his Solar Return, has Moon at 25+ Pisces, conjunct Neptune and Mars at 20+ Pisces square his Solar Return Sun, which will be challenging for him.

Solar Return Moon (+ Neptune and Mars) at 25+ Pisces will sextile Solar Return Jupiter (25+ Cap) and Pluto (24+ Cap) which will form a Yod to Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo, giving his Mars no alternative but to adjust.

How will he adjust? My guess is through his natal Mars’ opposition to US natal Moon and Pallas at 26-27 Aquarius. Perhaps the combination of his Solar Return astrology and his Mars opposite the US Moon will bring him to his knees.

There is another planet in Trump’s “Return” chart; Venus at 8 Gemini 03 retrograde will be conjunct the US natal Uranus (8 Gemini 55), which is also where the Neptune-Pluto cycle started too. That cycle has links to Trump’s natal birth chart, and his Solar Return Venus will activate the energy of that cycle.

On November 30, after the Election, there will be a lunar eclipse at 8 Gemini 39 that will link the Trump man and the US Uranus and the present Neptune-Pluto cycle in ways that will free us (what Uranus can do) from the trap we’ve been in for way too long for most of us. What’s another 6 months of crazy, huh?

Sorry, Neptune and Mars at 22+ Pisces oppose, not square, US Neptune at 22+ Virgo.


Re: The excerpt you shared from Starlight’s post, that is echoing your concerns….

“One big worry I have is that civil unrest could enable Trump to declare martial law and then do whatever he wants. Some of the current violence is very suspect, in terms of who may have started it. There is some evidence of purposeful provocateurs, and quite possibly white supremacist/Trump supporters. Given who Trump is, we have to be very careful not to play into his hands.”

Given the present dire desperate mood simmering in the US, it’s quite possible irreperable damaging evidence against Trump will be leaked into the public domain just at the right moment forcing Trump to resign. A number of tarot readers for some time now have been seeing exactly that scenario. Pelosi has the power and discretion to make it happen if she chooses to. Both June eclipses are heavily impacting tr. Saturn which is hovering right over the US 2017 Inaugual charts Sun. And as Barbk just pointed out, Neptune’s near station conjunct Mars on the 13th impacting Trump’s nodes, Sun, Moon stellium could have an effect. In my view, the Neptune station could very well hasten Trump’s political demise.

So many layers of subterfuge…but I’m not surprised!


White nat’list group, posing as antfa, calls for violence on Twitter, & Twitter exposed the fake acct.

“Asteroid Pallas Athene plays a prominent role in the astrological proceedings for 2020 and early
2021. As one of the major feminine asteroids (along with Juno and Vesta), Pallas Athene is
generally considered a secondary or background influence in astrological analysis. Not at the
moment! The energy and influence of this asteroid, while possibly still operating on a subtle level,
are very much at the forefront now and into early next year.”


One added caveat to the potential for Trump’s political demise in June, as reported earlier……

June 18th has been designated as the date for a public review of the unredacted Mueller Report…….

Federal Judge Sets Target Deadline for Completed Review of the Unredacted Mueller Report


The astrological aspects for June 18th are truly mind-boggling.

Mars at 24 Pisces in sextile to Pluto and Jupiter (24/25 Capricorn) semi-square Uranus (9 Taurus). This will be remarkably mirroring and perhaps activating the 2017 US Inaugural charts Mars-Saturn square (24 Pisces – 23 Sag) semi-square Moon (9 Scorpio). The June 18th Mars-Jupiter-Pluto sextile forms a double quincunx – finger of God aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn/Venus (TRUMP IN A BUNKER: Psychic Astrology Reading23/25 Cancer degrees).

Here’s another one on the upcoming eclipses…..

TRUMP IN A BUNKER: Psychic Astrology Reading

Video: 28 min 59 sec


Typo: A copy and paste error. Read instead: “The June 18th Mars-Jupiter-Pluto sextile forms a double quincunx – finger of God aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn/Venus (23/25 Cancer degrees).”

This is Nuts! In my lifetime I’ve never seen more inaccurate information circulating during a crisis.

“The editor-in-chief of China’s state-owned Global Times newspaper Hu Xijin tweeted accusations that protesters from Hong Kong might have been linked to the violence in the US: “Vicious HK rioters obviously are masterminds of violent protests across the US”.


RE: “it’s quite possible irreperable damaging evidence against Trump will be leaked into the public domain just at the right moment forcing Trump to resign.”

I very much respect your astrological expertise, but I don’t think Donald John Trump would resign were graphic video to surface of him having sex with Satan after having dined lustfully on Kentucky Fried Fetus.

Wow, thanks Jerry for the (hopeful) news about the public review on June 18 of the unredacted Mueller Report. Along with the finger of God (aka Yod) aspect the retrograde Mercury at 14+ Cancer will square the US natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Chiron + natal Juno at 14+ Libra, as well as conjunct US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. I’d forgotten about the Inaugural chart’s Mars-Saturn square; incredible!

Also transiting Vesta (investment) will be conjunct US natal Jupiter (justice) and transiting Pallas (strategy) will be conjunct US natal Pluto (transformation).

(transiting Pandora will be conjunct US natal Mercury and Trump’s Venus-Saturn as trans. Photographica conjuncts Trump’s natal Uranus too!)


The prevailing view among a few select astrologers and tarot readers is that factual evidence will emerge of a personal connection to the Russian oligarchs, proving that he is deeply in debt and subservient to Russian political interests. The main objective of the Russian agenda of which is to destabilize the US, a treasonous action that will remove him from office.

Trump stands in front of the Episcopal Church holding a Bible in Washington DC according to a video clip, approx. 6:32 pm, posted by the Washington Post. The Bishop of the church is outraged. It’s a photo op – he doesn’t even make a statement there (which he did earlier at the Rose Garden). Then he and other officials walk to the church, after police clear the area with tear gas, and then…… he stands there. Waves the Bible. Mutters nothing in particular. Then they go back to the WH.

What is that? A photo op! What does he think Bible waving will do? Totally, utterly unreal.


Firstly, I’d like to say I very much respect your astrological skills, experience, and insight, as well as the insights of our highly intuitive sisters and brothers.

Secondly, and personally, I believe the probability is extremely high Mr. T has “personal connection to the Russian oligarchs,” and is “deeply in debt and subservient to Russian political interests.” If such proof emerges I will be very relieved and utterly delighted.

But with all due respect, I remain of the opinion he would decry irrefutable evidence, any absolute proof as fake news and refuse to step down. A “normal” person would resign in shame, but the Donald is just NOT normal.

I suspect he will only leave office through death, debilitating and incapacitating illness (perhaps a stroke or severe heart attack) or by being dragged out by law enforcement officers after having lost reelection.

If revelations of Russian fealty are made public, so much the better. Such information will make it easier to convict and imprison him and his familial accomplices.

Of course, we can’t know everything in his demented head. I would love to be wrong in my assessment, in my reading of him. Maybe he would leave office after such revelations, particularly if he could make a deal to escape immediately to a country with which we have no extradition treaty. But I seriously doubt it will go down that way. Nevertheless, stranger things have happened, and we ARE living in pretty weird times.

He was very lividly angry with news coverage that he had retreated to the bunker beneath the White House when demonstrators surrounded WH grounds. He didn’t like the implication of cowardice.

He felt as though he had to get outside to prove his bravery and courage. Talking tough and waving a bible about was a way of linking with his far right pseudo-Christian constituents. It made him feel, and in his mind look as though he was in charge.

I don’t think he realized how deeply offensive it would be to Jews, mainline Christians, and New Agers.

So at the shocking (Uranus) and historic moment when Trump decides to go Biblical, standing in front of the Episcopal Church in Washington DC, all the following aspects are partile (i.e. within a degree). I have never seen a chart quite like this before!

Note: the chart uses the time shown in a video per Washington Post, June 1, 6:32 pm, and compares to the Sibly birth for the US.

Transiting Moon at 19 Libra opposes (180) natal Chiron at 20 Aries, within 1 degree
Transiting Ascendant at 19 Scorpio is inconjunct (150) natal Chiron at 20 Aries
Transiting PlutoRx at 24 Capricorn opposes (180) natal MercuryRx at 24 Cancer
Transiting JupiterRx at 26 Capricorn conjuncts (within 1 degree) natal PlutoRx at 27Capricorn
Transiting JupiterRX at 26 Capricorn is sextile (60) to natal Moon at 27 Aquarius.
Transiting SaturnRx at 1 Aquarius trines (120) natal Midheaven at 2 Libra
Transiting Mars at 13 Pisces squares (90) natal Ascendant at 13 Sagittarius
Transiting Neptune at 20 Pisces is semisextile (30) to natal Chiron at 20 Aries
Transiting Neptune at 20 Pisces squares (90) natal Mars at 21 Gemini
Transiting Chiron at 8Aries is semisextile (30) to natal CeresRx at 8 Pisces
Transiting Chiron at 8 Aries is sextile (60) to natal Uranus at 8 Gemini
Transiting Chiron at 8 Aries is sextile (30) to transiting Uranus at 8 Taurus
Transiting Uranus at 8 Taurus is sextile (60) to natal CeresRx at 8 Pisces
Transiting Uranus at 8 Taurus is semisextile (30) to natal Uranus at 8 Gemini
Transiting VenusRx at 14 Gemini is just past partile semisextile (30) to natal Sun at 13 Cancer
Transiting VenusRx at 14 Gemini trines (120) natal Saturn at 14 Libra


Alternatively, if you use the US Scorpio rising chart, with Ascendant at 8 Scorpio, transiting Uranus exactly opposes (180) the rising degree, within a second. The other aspects are the same.

The chart has a striking number of exact contacts between the US chart and the transits of the moment (the march to the Church and the photo op ploy)! It is clearly a very significant moment for the country, but not one with a lot of upside potential for Trump. The transiting Moon is at 19 Libra, so there is a bit to go before the turmoil settles, when the Moon changes sign, June 3.

Trump waved a Bible, but he clearly doesn’t believe in it. He believes in the message of transiting Mars square to the US Ascendant (force applied to the body). But at the same time, transiting Neptune is square natal Mars, indicating a deceptive, untrustworthy message. It is a mixed message and standing in front of a church is just a pose. Will he be able to make it stick? Neptune is undermining and unreliable, prone to betrayals and illusions. Trump’s message may not carry far.

The contacts of the transits (going around the chart) are to natal Chiron (troubles that won’t heal), natal Mercury (news), the natal body politic (MC & Asc), natal Mars (conflict, ambition, energy), natal Ceres (women, nature & health), Uranus (upheavals, surprises), Saturn (law and order, the establishment) and Sun (leadership). The planets cover the whole gamut. Quite an amazing chart.

But what is missing? There are no equivalent (partile) aspects to Venus or Jupiter. They are missing in action. This situation points to issues re. natal Venus’ wealth, security and privilege at 3 Cancer, and natal Jupiter’s law and justice at 5 Cancer. They are conjunct and operate together in the US chart. Freedom and privileges (Venus) have to be supported by fair laws and the conduct of justice (Jupiter). That is a basic assumption in US culture, though the reality is lacking. Nonetheless, it is accepted by the people (Moon) that wealth and prosperity in the US should support the existence of laws and the practice of justice, and vice versa. That is the ideal.

In the US natal chart, the 2 planets, Venus and Jupiter, are in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon (the people). The sign of Cancer bridges the 7th and 8th houses of partners and open enemies, and of debt holders, banks, and financiers. The US Moon is located in the sign of Aquarius in the 3rd house of brothers and neighbors, as well as business contracts, and day to day legal affairs. Here too, the impartiality of Aquarius is the ideal.

By the chart having no close aspects to natal Venus and Jupiter, (imo) the events of this day will ultimately not destroy the country, but they are not expressed either. The people (Moon) will have to deal with the illness (Chiron) that has to be healed before the Venus and Jupiter components can re-emerge as a stronger force and operate effectively. For now, they are outsiders, but the US system has to answer to them because they are part of the structure. The 7th and 8th houses are key – especially the 8th, which covers money and debt.

As Clinton said, it’s about the economy, stupid (Venus), but it’s also about justice (Jupiter). In the second department, Trump is obviously failing. He wants to make American great again, but really he should make America FAIR again. He has picked the wrong horse for the people. He is using the military/police (Mars to Ascendant) when he should be using Venus, but Venus is expressed negatively, in economic contraction and unemployment (and Covid).

From the transit side, instead of a positive transiting Venus, the chart has a weak one (Rx), in semisextile to the natal Sun (not much benefit) and in a hard square to natal Saturn (tough reality) in the 10th of rulership. His approach goes against Saturn and it will go against him. The party is clearly over. Serious consequences (Pluto/Saturn) will inevitably follow.

Meant to say: Trump’s message may not carry HIM far.

Obviously, it will carry very far and for very long in all other ways.

The Bible thing with Trump is really absurd. He’s by far the most ungodly and immoral man to ever set foot in the White House.

Marjorie Orr:


From the Washington Post:

“We long ago lost sight of normal, but this was a singularly immoral act,” said Brendan Buck, a longtime former Hill aide who is now a Republican operative. “The president used force against American citizens, not to protect property, but to soothe his own insecurities. We will all move on to the next outrage, but this was a true abuse of power and should not be forgotten.”

Trump’s decision to speak to the nation from the Rose Garden and to visit the church came together earlier in the day, said one senior White House official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The president was upset about news coverage of him briefly retreating to the White House bunker Friday evening amid protests, and he repeatedly wondered why anyone would have disclosed those details to the news media, two officials said.


And he doesn’t realize how easily all will see through his transparent and blatantly hypocritical ploy. He’s so out of tune, he dances when there is no music.

I thought the Bible was going to go up in flames just from touching him.

“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”

Marjorie Orr is wrong about the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo conjunctions in the ’60’s being opposite the US natal Neptune which is also in Virgo and they were about 6 degrees apart from each other, so a conjunction – not an opposition.

She is right though about Trump being “the wrecking ball knocking the pegs out from a disintegrating system and bringing it down on his head”. That and the many eclipse charts she provides, more than makes up for her error. Thanks for getting me out of my slump ja.

One of those charts was for the June 5 Lunar Eclipse at 15+ Sagittarius opposite the Sun at 15+ Gemini. On June 5, 2012, transiting retro Venus was conjunct transiting Sun at 15+ Gemini, and it was a special conjunction where (with a telescope) Venus could be seen as a black dot on the Sun.

This is a special kind of Venus-conjunct-Sun seldom seen, comes in pairs (the other one was on June 8, 2004), and only happens every 243 years. It is called a “Venus transit Sun”, or Venus occult Sun and has a reputation for awakening our consciousness, and freeing us from unhealthy conditions.

The irony here is that tomorrow transiting retro Venus will conjunct the transiting Sun at 13 Gemini 35, but it isn’t a “transit of the Sun” like in 2012; no black dot on the Sun will be seen.

Instead, we will have trans. Mars at 14+ Pisces square the Sun-Venus in Gemini while Mars will also trine transiting Moon at 15+ Scorpio and US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer; a grand trine in water signs.

A chart set in Washington DC for tomorrow’s Sun-Venus conjunction (that takes place on the US Sibly chart’s Gemini descendant) has a rising degree that conjuncts US natal Neptune, 22+ Virgo, and an MC that conjuncts US natal Mars, 21+ Gemini.

I won’t draw any conclusions, but a chart with . . .

* a Scorpio Moon-trine trans Mars in Pisces-trine US Sun in Cancer;

* plus an ascendant conjunct US Neptune and an MC conjunct US Mars;

* plus a lunar eclipse 2 days later (June 5) that opposes the Venus transit of Sun (June 5, 2012);

* and that 2012 Venus-Sun chart had Moon-conjunct-Pluto in Capricorn which was square Uranus in Aries;

* and now transiting Uranus in Taurus is trine that 2012 Pluto-Moon conjunction in Capricorn . .

. . it is evident there is a message for the US that what’s happening here in June, 2020, is connected with what was happening in June, 2012, and it has to do with values (Venus) and consciousness (Sun) and they are inseparable.

It seems to lead us into a “plan” or move us into a direction where we escape the crazy out-of-control pattern we are stuck in.

The Friday eclipsed Moon that opposes the 2012 Venus-transit-Sun, and follows tomorrow’s Venus-Sun conjunction (with it’s Mars in Pisces and Moon in Scorpio trine US Sun in Cancer) which appears to supply an atmosphere of cordiality and clarity that enables the transiting Pluto (24+ Capricorn) and transiting Jupiter (26+ Capricorn) opposite US Mercury (24+ Cancer + Trump’s Saturn-Venus conjunction), to bridge some differences.

Nancy, thanks for remembering that perfect quote.

This Friday kicks off the fiery Summer, 2020 eclipse period, which astrologer Simone Butler explains:

Rioting in the streets. Cop cars torched. Protests in at least 140 cities. After the horrifying May 25 killing of George Floyd by police, frustrations already stretched to the breaking point during Covid-19 lock-downs could no longer be contained. And around the world, people are standing in solidarity with those who have been oppressed for far too long.

Welcome to the summer eclipses.

An explosive Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse [maximum on June 5 at 3:24 EDT] launches the brigade, charging the atmosphere with heightened emotions (which we’re already feeling). This eclipse will be followed by an even more powerful total solar eclipse on June 21 at the Solstice point in Cancer, and a Capricorn lunar eclipse on July 4. The latter two eclipses pertain to issues of home, family, tribalism and government.

So the June 5 lunar eclipse is only a warm-up for what is to come.

In the U.S., our collective shadow is being exposed (yet again) as the racism that this country was built upon comes under scrutiny. At an eclipse in fiery Sagittarius, we can expect attempts to shut down those who are trying to be heard, and to restrict movement.

Yet the higher purpose of a fire sign eclipse is to expose and incinerate outmoded beliefs and limited ways of perceiving reality. Unexamined prejudices and unworkable conditions are leaping painfully into the spotlight so we can identify and change them within ourselves, as well as through demanding systemic reforms.


Many Thanks for reminding us of the Sinclair Lewis quote. I was graduate research assistant to an author/historian who wrote books on the religious right. But I’ve known since early childhood they would present the most dangerous and intractable challenge to our democratic republic.

Racial injustice is not the main thrust of Sinclair Lewis’s story, but it does end with demonstrations and riots in several cities and eventually civil war, with the hero, Doremus Jessup working as an agent for the “New Underground” in “Corpo-occupied” Minnesota.

“It Can’t Happen Here” is not one to one prophetic, but it is pretty prescient.

In this time of doom and gloom, want to share a good corporate citizen news story:
One of NZs big grocery stores has announced they are giving, as an extra bonus for working during lockdown, all 14K relevant employees, company shares worth in total around 10mil.
Maybe glimmers of change are beginning?

In 1919, at the height of the Spanish flu pandemic, hundreds of Afro-Americans were killed in race riots all across the US. Police officers took part in the killings. Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat President who was clearly a racist, did nothing. When Afro-Americans resisted, the Attorney-General called them Communists. Either because of that or of the bloody violence, that period is called the Red Summer. The cause of the riots was the return of Afro-American soldiers from World War I, who were seen as too proud by Whitey, and who naively hoped their right to equality would be recognized after their useful contribution to the war effort.

Someone wrote: History does not repeat itself. It stutters.


kiwi, there are many beautiful photos on FB of protesters & police hugging, crying, going down on a knee, laying down their shields and batons, a protester bringing the police a case of water. I have great hope for the Aquarian influence that is coming!


“kiwi, there are many beautiful photos on FB of protesters & police hugging, crying, going down on a knee, laying down their shields and batons, a protester bringing the police a case of water. I have great hope for the Aquarian influence that is coming!”

Breathtaking acts of humanity and goodness. My spirits soared when I witnessed this.

Saturn in Aquarius is offering us a glimpse of the humanity and solidarity that is to come through trying circumstances. Things will appear darker when Mars enters Aries late June and Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn early July. They will remain dark and grow more frightening through Election Day and beyond when the results are likely to be unclear, hidden or hotly contested.

Things will begin to clear and hope will return a few days before Christmas with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

I remember writing last year that we would see Hong-Kong level demonstrations in the US in November. Never did I expect them to happen so soon. I also wrote that I would grieve for American democracy as I watched TV safely from Montreal. I am now more optimistic but it will be a close call. Those who are more than 60 years old such as myself will find current events remind them of the 1960s and early 1970s. Trump is worse than Nixon, but Nixon was the forerunner of what is happening now. In numerology, Nixon was the 37th President which boils down to the number 1, the first number of a new cycle. Trump is the 45th, which means he is a 9, the last of the downward cycle initiated by Nixon. With the 46th President, a whole new cycle begins regardless of his length of time in office. Let us hope that new cycle is much more positive.

If you survive 2020, you will never forget it.

sharon & will – yes I have seen some of those pix too, and I too have hope that those light souls will surely chase away such empty darkness.

Very good Andre, well said. I too am reminded of the 60’s and 70’s, before I took up the study of astrology in 1975. This energy that is sweeping over and around us; the pandemic and the protesting, are symbolized by two seperate grand trines with two themes that work together.

In January a new and lengthy cycle started, along with a number of shorter cycles that started from the same spot, 22+ Capricorn, and the longer and more powerful cycle was the one between Saturn and Pluto.

Already in progress since 2000, was the cycle between Jupiter and Saturn that began at 22+ Taurus. Together both cycles form a grand trine with the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo and this grand trine lasts only through 2020 and has an evolutionary element in its expression due to the overlapping.

Earth signs express what we can touch; the real world, like land and trees and houses; what we can smell and taste, like ice cream and pizza. When a cycle is based in an Earth sign its energy is at the most basic level; the senses of touch, sight, taste and smell and sound.

Neptune energy is found in the material world, albeit harder to express than say in the emotional world; signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. When it is in an earth sign, like the US natal Neptune in Virgo, it funnels its energy through medications and through actions and services that heal and comfort and/or temporarily distract from real problems (TV, music, alcohol, etc.).

The other grand trine was in the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart and led by Uranus in Taurus trine Pholus in Capricorn and Transpluto in Virgo, and it will be active for 30+ years.

I say it was led by Uranus in Taurus because the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio was opposite Uranus (creating a Kite pattern) putting the focus of the grand trine (for the US) in the Saturn-Pluto cycle’s chart on Uranus.

This grand trine will operate though earth signs too but it is not localized to the US like the one with US Neptune, and it will stretch out over decades, whereas the US Neptune grand trine will be over this December when the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins.

Although the 2 grand trines are working together right now, I lean toward seeing the US Neptune cycle with the Jupiter-Saturn and the Saturn-Pluto cycles largely carrying the energy of the protests in so many cities in the US, spread through images (Neptune) on TV and the Internet, and this grand trine will be over by Christmas.

The other grand trine (in the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart) began with the unexpected (Uranus) Covid-19 that started small and became huge and deadly (Pholus) and will eventually lead to wholeness (Transpluto) for the planet once we find a cure.

However, they overlap, these two grand trines, and their combined power is like a forest fire that can’t be contained and leaves most of us unsure of what comes next.

I see opening cracks in the way the first responders have been treated during this pandemic, and in the way some policemen have treated the demonstraters; hugs and all. We are breaking through (Uranus) to each other and melting the dividing lines (Neptune) and becoming more conscious as a species. There’s hope for us.

If I do not share this in a safe place, I am going to “BUST”!

I read, early this morning that suspicions are growing that Trump has employed Eric Prince’s mercenaries to “police” the DC protests. I have been looking to find the source, but cannot find it again. I knew I should copy it at the time, but I was too stunned and horrified, and I did not want to freak out my dear ones. (My son already fears for the safety of his wife and 2 precious babies. I told him to come here any time they are fearful. I can still defend my dear ones beside at his side–with a weapon or my bare hands if necessary, and he remembers me doing so, so I hope that helps him a bit.)

The “soldiers” wear army-type gear but with no identifying labels or badges. When asked who they are they say they work for the DOJ. Well, the DOJ has no soldiers. UHH. The thought is that since he cannot just send the military into states without the Governors’ consent, the coward king will do it in DC. But, the military is not permitted to do that. Sooo…

I hope someone has a perspective on this. The agitators are telling each other to move into the residential zones. Seems they are determined to have their race war.

Just found this recent post:

Rick Levine Astrology Forecast JUNE 2020

LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS, OH MY! Retrogrades & eclipses & conjunctions, oh my! June is a crazy busy month that stands out, even in a string of intense months in an historical year. The January reality-changing Saturn-Pluto conjunction is still working its magic by disintegrating even more boundaries around us. The April Jupiter-Pluto conjunction returns to force another deep dive as retrograde Jupiter and Pluto meet for a second time on June 29. Cerebral Mercury turns retrograde in nurturing Cancer on June 17, followed by Neptune on June 22, making six planets that impede our overall progress into the future. However, Venus ends her 43-day period of back-stepping on June 24, reminding us that all cosmic tides ebb and flow.

As if things are not strange enough, we have officially entered eclipse season, adding another level of unpredictability into the mix.


Full commentary followed by a 1 hour 11 min video:



Your concern is noted: You added: “I hope someone has a perspective on this.”

Personally, I think the pandemic, with its consequent steep decline in the economy, complicated by the recent flareup in racial tensions sweeping across the US may be pointing in an obvious direction…..

Someone in their infinite wisdom and divine humor decided to press the pause button with this world wide pandemic phenomenon. We should appreciate it for what it is. It affords us the opportunity to introspect and re-evaluate the direction of our lives and values. There is no way out except to go within. Find your peace there my friend. The alternative is madness.

Comment from a conservative Never Trumper:

“Trump gassed Americans for a photo op. What would he be willing to do to hold onto power?”
Evan McMullin

I think the probability Mr.T may impose martial law has risen higher.

Silcominc, your concerns may indeed become manifest.

I can’t get past the differences between the Minneapolis BLM protest and anti-lockdown protests
In Minneapolis, police tear-gas unarmed protesters opposing racist violence — but armed Trumpers get the red carpet
MAY 27, 2020

“The bigger picture is clear: The police showed up in Minneapolis looking for a fight and were ready to use even the slimmest excuses in order to unleash violence on protesters who weren’t armed and didn’t injure anyone. (And some of whom were literally children.) But in Ohio and Michigan and other places, anti-lockdown protesters literally showed up to threaten politicians with an implicit message of violence by performing their paramilitary cosplay — and police did nothing.”

“Cops are flat-out lying when they claim they need to use force to break up BLM protests. They stand by and do nothing while armed right-wing protesters gather at state capitols and threaten Democratic politicians with lynching or execution. If police can restrain themselves in the face of violent threats, they can sure as hell choose not to tear-gas a nonviolent protest against an apparent police murder.”

Ralfee Finn:

“Mars dominates daily life for the next many months—eight to be exact, including a two-month Mars Retrograde from September 9 until November 13 for good measure, just so we really get the point. Mars symbolizes self-assertion, from raw expressions of global rage to the discipline of self-actualization. We are currently in the rage phase and as if to drive the point home, this past Sunday, the New York Times headline read “Fury in the Streets as Protests Spread Across the U.S.”, a headline made for Mars, god of war, as well as the warrior taking a stand. When Mars throws its might around, all sorts of aggressive interactions occur—and the current unrest and upheaval is just the beginning of the beginning. We are in the American Revolution 2.0 zone, which culminates with the U.S. Pluto return in February 2022.”


Wonderful article:

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday will address the nation live on camera and speak out about nationwide protests and the death of George Floyd.

Obama is set to address the nation at 2 p.m. PST. You can watch his address live on his website.

Eliseo, I have heard from a number of sources that the police in many cities are not beholden to their mayors or governors but to their union leaders. In Minneapolis, their union is led by a very pro trumper.

I would expect that there will be a lot of restructuring of our police state if and when we come out of this dark period.

ja, on Wednesday (June 10?), Obama will speak when trans. Mars is one degree from trans. Neptune; their exact conjunction is on June 13, the day of Trump’s solar return. Emotions will be powerful all around.

A couple of hours ago trans. Venus was conjunct trans. Sun, and from what I saw on MSNBC, what was happening in Minneapolis at that time was heartfelt emotion re: upgraded charges on cops who killed George Floyd.

In 2 days the Sagittarius eclipsed Moon at 15+ degrees will conjunct the Great Attractor (14+ Sagittarius), As Phil Sedgwick says “This is one of those life-altering moments. Pay attention, this is huge.”

I wonder how much of donnys decisions in recent days are attempts at domination distraction from things like …. supreme court ruling decisions pending?
Hes acting like the cornered rat that he is.
Another thing, did anyone see that clip of him parading with melania yesterday? Did anyone else get the feeling that she had been crying or was on the verge of doing so?

Many Thanks for the heads-up on the coming Obama presentation!

I have an attorney pal, former FBI, lifelong friend who has complained about the need for restructuring police forces, training and practice, etc. since the early 90’s.

We WILL come out of this dark period. The question is when. During the Biden presidency? In our lifetime? 2086 when our progressed Mars turns direct?

3 more cops charged in George Floyd death, other officer’s murder charge upgraded

Three former Minneapolis police officers were charged Wednesday with aiding and abetting murder in connection with the death of George Floyd in their custody, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced on Wednesday.

In addition, Derek Chauvin, a fourth former officer who had already been charged with third-degree murder in the case, will now be charged with second-degree murder in addition to the previous charges against him, Ellison said.

“We are here today because George Floyd is not here,” Ellison, a Democrat, said at a news conference announcing the charges. Ellison predicted that the cases against the officers could take months, and urged the public to be patient as his office builds cases.

More at:

The June Eclipses by Gina Piccalo
(excellent analysis/ as one subscriber describes it “grab on to your unmentionables and ground yourself in hope”)


Obama just finished speaking, today – Wednesday, not next Wednesday. Emphasis on “young people” getting the job done. Venus conjunct Sun.

Here is the link to Obama’s speech:


Last Monday, 7 days after George Floyd was murdered, Alabama state officials commemorated Confederacy leader Jefferson Davis as part of an annual state-recognized holiday.

Nevertheless, Confederate monuments are one by one finally coming down.


I recall when I was child, my father took my brother and me to a park within our hometown in Texas where there was a large stone monument and small chapel dedicated to our confederate dead. I remember thinking, “Why are we honoring traitors?” It made no sense to me.

To those who say removal of such monuments are an assault on their heritage, I have long said, “Yes it is, but frankly, that heritage is deeply, profoundly, intensely, and insidiously evil.”

Someone said “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” I sometimes feel the period between the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the end of Obama’s administration resonated with the Reconstruction era, a time when at least a few Black people rose to positions of power and authority.

Southern Whites hated and deeply resented the Black judges, and other government officials, and undid the progress of that time as soon as Reconstruction ended. The Trump era feels like that post-reconstruction era to me.

As the Confederate monuments go down, so too I think gradually dies what sociologists and historians call, “The Religion of the Lost Cause,” the absurd, Southern, Confederate-positive biased rewrite of our history that has been such an affliction to us, and psychological refuge for so many for so long.

Truth raises its pointed and ugly head. But I believe it is likely it will not this time be put down. This is a dawning. Truth will stand up fully in the light of day, and in time be accepted despite its misshapen visage.

We are living through a dark summer, and with each day it feels and appears darker than the previous day. Though we may be stumbling through that darkness, if we are reading the astrology right, we are surely approaching the light within and without us.

Am I wrong? Right? How do you read the strange times we are living through? How will we look upon this time in the coming decades, and/or 100 years from now?

Virginia governor to announce removal of Lee statue


I began today breathing a sigh of relief in that SoD Esper said he was sending troops back home from DC. But after meeting with trump this afternoon, he is reversing that and having active duty US Military remain in DC.


In addition, there are reports of armed soldiers without identification in the DC area. Emma above said there were reports of Erik Prince getting involved. Don’t know if that is true or not but it is all getting very scary.


Nancy told us that from May 12 through June 6 that US progressed Moon (the People) would be conjunct transiting Pluto and opposite our US natal Mercury (aka thinking, communicating) and that it would be stressful and there would be upheaval. How spot on was that?

She noted that transiting Uranus is in orb of opposing the Inaugural Moon (9+ Scorpio) that would bring “unexpected and transformational events” and lo and behold we are having unexpected and transformational events.

This is part of the package of transformation (a Pluto thing) and stress is unavoidable, but there is stress associated with surgery and when surgery is required to survive, it is a small price to pay for survival. We have become spoiled, we in the USA; other people in other countries live with this kind of thing day in and day out. We must get used to it.

The power of Ceres: the coronavirus has brought the terminal decline of the fossil fuel industry.


‘James Mattis Denounces President Trump, Describes Him as a Threat to the Constitution’

In an extraordinary condemnation, the former defense secretary backs protesters and says the president is trying to turn Americans against one another.

“I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled,” Mattis writes. “The words ‘Equal Justice Under Law’ are carved in the pediment of the United States Supreme Court. This is precisely what protesters are rightly demanding. It is a wholesome and unifying demand—one that all of us should be able to get behind. We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that we live up to our values—our values as people and our values as a nation.” He goes on, “We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mattis writes. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.”


Has anyone noticed the theme of both the pandemic and of the protests has to do with breathing?

“I can’t breathe!”

Well now Eliseo, that is commendable! Combine that with Andre’s article on the pandemic’s effect on climate change (clean air, etc. – sorry I could not afford to read Andre, but appreciate the news) and we have more than a reason to be grateful. With clean “air”we have better understanding (air signs = thought) and better breathing. What more could we ask?

The US has Mars and Uranus in Gemini (air sign) and the next cycle between trans. Mars and transiting Uranus starts in January 2021, at the same time the new cycle between transiting Ceres and transiting Neptune starts (about 31 hours later). Both cycles have Vesta (what we invest in) conjunct US natal Neptune (dreams) in Virgo (the sign associated with health and practicality).

Mars and Uranus together make me think of technological energy while Ceres and Neptune together make me think of the power of nature. Perhaps in the next few years there will be a swing toward the development of air/wind and water power to compensate for less carbon fuel energy used in vehicles.

Lincoln Project’s newest video
They actually call Trump a coward.

War Zone

Were we not focused on Trump, the protests, etc. the environmental story below would be a big one

Russia’s Putin declares state of emergency after Arctic Circle oil spill

French engineers have been working on compressed air cars. Below is one example. The video is from 2008, but they are still at it as far as I know.

A car that runs on air

This fellow designs and makes electric and compressed air powered bikes. But compressed air bikes have been less successful.
Air Powered Bike


Says apparently Mattis is holding back. Things are far worse than he is letting on.

I’d say it’s more than apparent that a certain someone is hell-bent on wrecking the country and the Constitution for his own benefit, and perhaps Putin’s also.

It seems we are in a moment where the military must choose between pledging fealty to this know-nothing wannabe dictator, or reaffirming its commitment to upholding the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

All I can say is that I keep picturing Mussolini and his mistress hanging upside down in the square after they were executed, and it’s not a stretch to imagine a similar fate for the American embodiment of the same nasty ideology.

The only good fascist is a very, very dead fascist.

I should say honoring rather than upholding. Our military is not a police force, and must never become such a thing.

Friday’s Lunar Eclipse, the 1st of 3 eclipses in a row, has something that encourages me which is it’s position at 15+ Sagittarius, which conjuncts the Great Attractor (think of a powerful vacuum cleaner’s suction drawing us toward it) at 14+ Sagittarius.

14+ Sagittarius is also where Mercury was at the time of the 2012 Winter Solstice, aka the End of the Mayan calendar, and that Mercury (+ the Great Attractor) was on the ascendant of that chart when set in Washington, DC. The ascendant of a chart is where the individual or event is most aware of its surroundings; the rest of the world.

For the US – primarily the US government, this event (the end of Mayan calendar) would make us acutely aware of the coming changes through spoken words, symbolized by the Mercury in the 2012 Winter Solstice/end of Mayan calendar chart.

That 2012 chart’s Mercury in Sagittarius was also trine the Moon (the People) in that same chart at 14+ Aries. In this Friday’s lunar eclipse chart Black Moon Lilith (primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form) will be at 14+ Aries (channeling the 2012 chart’s Moon) and she will trine (enable) the eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius.

This connection between the Friday Lunar eclipse (Moon trine Black Moon Lilith) and the 2012 end-of-Mayan-calendar chart’s Moon trine Mercury, is what we have witnessed in the streets of the US cities these past 9 days. I believe that is the hidden (eclipsed) message this Friday’s full Moon is going to bring to consciousness.

Transiting Mars at 15+ Pisces will T-square (forces a decision) the Sun in Gemini and eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius at the same time it trines the US natal Sun (consciousness) in Cancer, tapping into the emotional strength of this country.

It took me a while to figure out how the 2012 Mayan chart’s Saturn (stability) at 8+ Scorpio which is opposite the 2020 June 5 Eclipse chart’s Uranus at 8+ Taurus would affect us now.

Transiting Chiron the wounded healer (8+ Aries) in the Lunar eclipse chart on Friday is sextile the US NATAL Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini and it forms a Yod to the Mayan chart’s Scorpio Saturn (stability) forcing “adjustment” to that stability.

Because the Mayan chart’s Scorpio Saturn opposes the now transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus we wind up with a Boomerang, in which all the energy of the aforementioned Yod is passed onto transiting Uranus (breakthrough). We will have a breakthrough in this country re: discrimination.

I must say that the 2012 Winter Solstice/End of Mayan Calendar chart had a Yod between a Saturn-Pluto sextile and the chart’s Jupiter (expand) which was forced to adjust, and that Jupiter was conjunct the US natal Uranus. It can’t be said that we weren’t told it would happen.

Adjust we will; change is good.

Has anyone else here been disappointed that Americans were not taking to the streets over the last few years, when they SHOULD have, but feel That now this reckoning has come and its being made up for?

Hi Eliseo,
Compressed air is an extremely wasteful method of energy storage, since air heats up as it is compressed, making it harder to compress, and cools off as it is decompressed, reducing pressure. There are ways of reducing these losses, but they add weight and complexity, not good in a vehicle. No compressed air storage method comes close to the efficiency of batteries, hydroelectric, or even hydrogen.

Diana, I feel that because Americans did not take to the streets in 2000 when the Supreme Court stropped the legitimate counting of ballots and installed Bush, we have been on a 20-year odyssey of the right-wing takeover. Even back then, they couched it as – oh it was so close, what the heck. Which was about as far from the truth as you can get.

What worries me now is that trump is emboldened and the GOP shows no signs of reigning him in. People think we can vote him out in November but I do not know how realistic that is.

Matt M,
Yes, I’m aware. I wasn’t advocating, merely reporting to BarbK in harmony with her speculations re: future technologies. Personally, I find compressed air vehicles much too noisy. Who knows how the technology might be applied and for what purpose in future?

What I did not realize, until I just re-read Nancy’s blog “December Darkness” written on December 15, 2012, was that at the time of the 2012 Winter Solstice/End of Mayan Calendar chart (December 21, 2012), the US progressed Sun was at 8+ Pisces and square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. (This explains the emphasis on transiting Ceres right now and the US Ceres Return at 8+ Pisces this year.)

Nancy says of the period, December 2012, a period when the squares between transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto were going on, “We can expect a series of jarring, upsetting, and unexpected events that point us toward the changes we have avoided for way too long.”

I would suggest everyone re-read that blog because that time frame is being re-activated right now.

Anybody want to guess what sudden Change/revelations will come with this eclipse?

Maybe more and more high ranking military people coming out publicly against Trump?

The Orange Blob gets off on this violence. So sexually attune to all things violent with that Mars on his Ascendant!

What do you want to bet that Erik Prince is heavily involved in those “secret police.” Bob Barr, Erik Prince, Sadam’s Iraq…

This pathetic, blubbery pulp of a man, this walking abortion or orange slime will try to take this country down before he gets hurled out on his ass. He is the pure essence of a narcissistic child who will have temper tantrums galore because he is not getting what he wants…total and complete adulation.

Barbk, I’ve been thinking. If the US Inaugural Moon is at 9 Scorpio opposite transiting Uranus, and if for a moment we use Wolfstar’s US ASC at 8 Scorpio, then the US Inaugural Moon is conjunct the ASC. This would mean the people (the Moon) now have a major impact in shaping directly the image and fate of this Administration through an unexpected upset (Uranus). This aspect soon fades, but it is interesting that it repeats in November. The people are likely to take to the streets again after the Election. A negative scenario would be anger because the election was stolen or denied, or the results delayed or suppressed. A positive interpretation would be that Biden wins in a landslide and the people will not give Trump another minute in office. I can hear them chanting: “Get out NOW!”

I have written before that I saw that the military would arbitrate in the face of an attempted coup in the fall but would be likely to save the Constitution. This is playing out already. 40% of service members are black. They will not support Trump and I don’t think most generals would either. But he will be desperate and he will try anything.

I also still believe Esper, the Defense Secretary, is a decent man but it helps to have Gen. Mattis around to stiffen his spine. I do not trust the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley (is it?) who strutted in battle fatigues on the streets of Washington on Monday. He appears to have sent a memo to all personnel that he would defend the Constitution, but that may be only because he realized he didn’t look good. Trump rejected the departing Joint Chief’s suggestion and selected a man he thought would be more compliant. I hoped Esper would last until November but now expect him to be fired during the summer when Trump tightens the screws in view of his attempted fascist takeover. Trump will look for another evil soul such as Barr for Defense.

The eclipse tomorrow offers unlimited spiritual potential as it is conjunct the dark (w)hole or Great Attractor at the center of our galaxy. But it will be accompanied by anxiety (Mercury square Chiron) and anger (Sun square Mars) on our lesser plane of consciousness. We can always tap into its higher meaning if that is what we truly seek. The corresponding eclipse in December will bring an end to this national nightmare.


“……pathetic, blubbery pulp of a man.”


Enjoyed that phrase! TY!

Andre, I too see the Inaugural Moon (9+ Scorpio) as key to the fate of this administration in that it is in a grand trine with the Inaugural Neptune (10+ Pisces) and Trump’s natal Mercury (8+ Cancer), creating an unstoppable torrent of illusions from Trump’s words (based on his feelings).

With transiting Uranus (8+ Taurus), a focal point in the grand trine is established, it being the Moon (people) in Scorpio. It also stops the torrent of energy from flowing as freely as it did before transiting Uranus arrived on the scene.

Your suggestion that the Inaugural Moon in Scorpio conjuncts the US ascendant is tempting, but the 9/11 chart’s Pluto in Sagittarius on the US ascendant (and opposite the chart’s Saturn) has captured my loyalty to the Sibly version of the US birth chart.

Even so, transiting Uranus opposite the Inauguration Moon (in a grand trine) is powerful stuff on its own.

Thank you too for your observations on the military influences as I am woefully ignorant in that field. I’m glad you see value in the symbolism of the Great Attractor too. We will get through these testing times.

100’s of instances in which police are attacking journalists, photographers, and peaceful, law abiding protesters. And it’s not China, Russia, or N. Korea. It’s here.

No words.

I’ve been given to understand the majority of the top brass and officers neither like, agree with, or respect Mr. T. He especially violates their sense of honor.

But the common soldier/sailor/airman is reputedly another story. Apparently a good portion are T. supporters.

The person who posts here most likely to have a clearer and more accurate knowledge on this would be our friend slightKC. We need to ask her opinion on the matter.


“What worries me now is that trump is emboldened and the GOP shows no signs of reigning him in. People think we can vote him out in November but I do not know how realistic that is.”

Well said. A few R”s are finally beginning to peel away from Trumpism, but who knows if it will be enough, or sufficiently soon?

Senator Lisa Murkowski certainly expressed her doubts today. What disturbs me however, is if she has been so deeply concerned as long as she claims, why did she vote to acquit in the impeachment trial?

Ok, I’ve changed my mind. It’s the police beating ordinary citizens over and over again for no reason. Video after video, as Eliseo said, for anyone willing to watch to see.

They’re all over Twitter. Just keep coming. Police looking like they’re enthusiastically beating people in fill view of crowds of people, when they have to know cell phones are everywhere.

Beating people like they can do whatever the hell they want. It’s getting harder to tell myself these are just a few bad cops among mostly good ones.

Cannot see into the future much, but the stars help.
Was letting off steam in the last post.

Does anybody know anything more about this Uncle Blazer@blakemustache stuff on twitter. He is twittering a lot about part 5 of a secret FBI report given to Burr recently which the White House Barr has tried to stifle, but Warren also given the report when Burr had to step down.


Sounds a little fantastic. But then, this hasn’t stopped me from reading the thread.

Any input from you on this blog is helpful, since you guys know more than I do.

Dark humor excerpts from a satirical Op-ed by Mark Steel in The Independent.

There are many possible outcomes to this unrest in America, and one issue to consider is if America saw any other country behaving like this, it would use the chaos as an excuse to invade it.

So it’s essential to be violent against people who are peacefully complaining about violence, otherwise the streets will be full of peaceful people, and no one can tolerate that as it could lead to violence.

It’s fitting that Trump posed with the Bible, because if Jesus stood for anything, it was supporting the armed authorities when they arrest and kill an innocent person from a group the ruling powers didn’t trust. That’s why his last words on the cross were: “Forgive them father, for they can’t allow people like me to cause havoc on the streets of Jerusalem.”


All four of our previous presidents have made statements in support of the protests, condemned the murder of George Floyd and racial injustice and have either strongly inferred DJT’S “management” of the crisis was wrong and pathetic, or overtly said so.

I hope they continue to work together. I’d love it if they collectively demanded or asked JWT to resign. Although it is not likely, I’d still love to see it.


Corey Booker had some thought-provoking things to say on our present political situation.


Regarding barb’s comment about the importance of US Uranus right now, i would like to add that tr Pluto is sesquiquadrate US Uranus from May through mid-July. It started with the rebellion against the stay at home orders, but has grown into the nation wide protests against police brutality manifested with the iconic image of the knee on the neck of George Floyd. Sharpton described it well yesterday. it is as if the spirit of America is once again rising up from the ashes of three and half years of Trump.

Right now, on June 5 at the time of this lunar eclipse there are 4 major planets moving direct; Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Neptune. The Sun and Moon never appear to move retrograde which leaves 8 of the 10 major planets that do reverse course (or appear to) and right now half of them are retrograde. It is a time for reflection and it will increase.

This month, on June 23 and 24 six of the eight planets that do go retrograde WILL be retrograde, with only Mars (action) in Pisces and Uranus (unpredicted) in Taurus moving direct.

There are no major planet aspects on those two days (except for Moon opposite Saturn and sextile Venus and trine Chiron and square Uranus) so we all will be reflecting without much interference.

In the US, transiting Mercury at 13+ Cancer retrograde will conjunct the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer on those 2 days and transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto, both retro, will be at 24+ Capricorn (although not exactly conjunct until June 29/30) and opposite US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer.

June 23 is a Tuesday and June 24 is a Wednesday. I wondered if there would be some kind of national observation, like a funeral or some kind of commemoration at that time, what with no planetary aspects going on, and only Mars and Neptune moving forward, and trans. retro Mercury conjunct US Sun and trans. retro Jupiter and Pluto opposite US Mercury.

In any case it is a period of time with our reflections. On June 18 Mars and Uranus (the 2 planets moving direct on June 23 and 24) will be semi-square at the same time Mars sextiles retro Pluto. On June 13 Mars conjuncts Neptune, so something stemming from those days (June 13 and June 18) might relate to something that will happen on June 23 and 24, those days of intense reflection and review.

Wow, I had not realized that Nancy – the sesquiquadrate between trans. Pluto and US Uranus. Will have to factor that in with all the retrograde energy.

More to ponder.

Eliseo, I am worried that not enough will peel off between now and the election.

Here is an interesting takedown of the events of Monday night by Jeb Bush’s former communications director – he is a never trumper and shows how the trumpers just lie. Make it up and keep saying those lies. Next, they will insist the earth is flat.


For clarification, in my comment at 1:31 PM, it is Mars and Uranus, NOT Mars and Neptune that will be the only 2 major transiting planets moving in forward direction on June 23-24, and will have been in a semi-square aspect with each other on June 18.

I did a chart for the Mars-Uranus cycle (Feb. 13, 2019) when they were conjunct at 29+ Aries (ruled by Mars), a critical degree (last chance/last degree).

The Moon (People) in that chart at 28+ Taurus is where transiting Sedna (under water, thrown overboard) is right now.

I’m even more convinced now that something will be going on when these 2 planets, Mars and Uranus, are the only 2 major planets (out of a possible 8) that will be traveling direct on June 23-24. Something to do with force (Mars) and is unexpected and shocking (Uranus).

In that chart of the Mars-Uranus conjunction Ceres (nature) was at 5+ Sagittarius and she was square Mercury (speak and think) and Vesta (what is invested in), both at at 5+ Pisces which were trine US natal Jupiter (large quantity of something) at 5+ Cancer which conjuncts US Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer.

Unobserved then, it appears that Mars and Uranus are part of the huge plot to awaken the human consciousness (especially in the US), which is sub-standard for what is required for acceptance into higher dimensions beyond the 3rd dimension.

Buckle up everybody.

Last 12 minutes on Rachel’s show, June 5. She reports on the discernible shift in attitude of our top generals and admirals, mostly retired. They are turning against Trump. I read the subtext as they are seriously considering how to properly respond.

The Secretary of Defense showed a little spine so his days are numbered. (Paywall but notable intro)


Bill Moyers is alive and well. Here is his essay from earlier today…..


Eliseo, I was just talking with my husband astonished at the number of retired top brass military that are speaking up. I wonder perhaps, collectively with their widely respected expert non-partisan leadership experience and skills, they may be just the ones that can subtly help guide all citizens to find a way over a great divide and move us to a post trump era.

Not getting a lot of attention, but trump is removing nearly one-third of our troops from Germany. A huge gift to Putin.


The other thing Ive been wondering, is what repercussions will rain on Barr’s head for organizing such an outrageous show of military force, based on the lie of rioting?

silcominc, any hints as to what the withdrawal time frame might be? It’ll take a bit to mobilize I would think. Methinks besides the gift to Putin, he’s really pissed at Merkel for turning down his G7 invite.
So are those troups designed to be boots on usa soil, or destined to join the ranks of the unemployed?

Don’t know when but if you read some of the reporting (and there is not a lot) they say its been in the works for months and others say it was just hastily signed in the past day or two.

cory booker on colbert – rather moving narrative

So interesting Eliseo what you noted about the ‘I cant breathe” and the fact that Covid affects the lungs. I hadn’t noticed that and think there is something there.

The heart chakra and air element would come into play here. The lungs transform the air we breathe, we breathe in air and when it is exhaled it is changed. Its the same air but different. The heart chakra in Sanskrit is called anahata, which is literally translated to the unstruck sound, the sound that is produced without contact of two parts . Of course the heart chakra as we know it is associated with compassion, love and understanding, something so so needed in these times.It might signify the peace we could attain if we are able to rise above conflict to empathy compassion and understanding.
I think you are onto something here, thanks for the observation

Air is wind and it certainly seems like we are in the ‘winds of change”!

Here’s to the air element, the transformational energy of the lungs and to balanced harmonious heart chakras collectively

Quite the omen – Lightening strikes the washington monument!

Regarding Nancy’s observation on Pluto’s current sesquiquadrate to the US natal Uranus (8 ’55 Gemini)……..

There are some added features to this particular aspect that should be taken into account.

The June 30th Pluto/Jupiter conjunction (24 ’06 Capricorn) will conjoin the US progressed south node (24 ’40 Capricorn) , the US progressed Moon (25 ’27 Capricorn) in opposition to US natal Mercury (24 ’11 Cancer) and as mentioned – sesquiquadrate to the US natal Uranus (8 ’55 Gemini). Quite extraordinary.

You are onto something as well. Heart chakra, compassion, etc.

Although there are those among us who remain perpetually obtuse, I think the pandemic has reawakened many, if not most of us to our interconnectedness. Concomitantly, we are more likely to identify, empathize, and sympathize with those who are suffering and/or dying from the coronavirus and their families, particularly because we potentially could suffer the same fate.

I believe the pandemic prepared us emotionally for the current wave of protests.
Covid-19 focused us on our breath, making it easier to identify with a man pleading for his life, exclaiming, “I can’t breathe!”

In such, it has changed the demographic composition of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the current protests and demonstrations. As a White teenager I was active in the Civil Rights Movement. At the time I was an atheist, (soon later a pantheist) but worked with my parents Methodist pastor, who was a personal friend and colleague of Dr. King. I was also involved in the Vietnam anti-war movement. From personal experience I observe these current protests are very different racially, ethnically, and in age range.

There are of course a goodly number of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians involved, but where I live, and in many other cities across the US, the majority of peaceful protesters are White. We see grandma’s and grandfathers, parents, students, teenagers, small children, etc. and the numbers keep growing! Furthermore, unlike the 60’s and early 70’s, we have at least a 2/3 majority of Americans who strongly support the demonstrations!

What has united us so? Trump of course, plus the fact unemployed folks have more time on their hands to participate. And how many years have so many of us seen, heard, or read news stories of police brutality against Black and Brown people? There’s a cumulative effect here of sadness and disgust.

Yet, all in all, I think it was the issue of breathing that has stimulated our compassion and what Lincoln called “our bonds of mutual affection.” Remember, when we are inspired, (literally from the Latin) we are breathing together.

‘The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple’

Twitter’s decision to label Trump’s posts as misleading was a hinge moment. For years, the company had provided the president with a platform for propaganda and a mechanism for cowing his enemies, a fact that long irked both critics outside Twitter and employees within. Only when Trump used Twitter to threaten violence against the protests did the company finally limit the ability of users to see or share a tweet.

Once Twitter applied its rules to Trump—and received accolades for its decision—it inadvertently set a precedent. The company had stood strong against the bully, and showed that there was little price to pay for the choice. A large swath of S&P 500 companies soon calculated that it was better to stand in solidarity with the protests, rather than wait for their employees to angrily pressure them to act.


I’m sharing this link, OMG, its so powerful and affirms we are at a tipping point, contains strong language, by the actor, Billy Porter


Kiwi, Yes! and it struck on the day of lunar eclipse! Quite the omen, indeed!


President Trump has finally gotten his wall. But it is not along the southern border. It has gone up around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It is hard to imagine a more apt metaphor for the Trump presidency than the transformation of the White House into a fortress.

For all Trump’s bluster about force and domination, the new multilayered black fencing around the executive mansion reveals the reality that he is operating not from strength but from fear.

And at some point, perhaps, the reality that everyone else can see will dawn upon even Trump: A president who needs to take shelter behind fences and barriers because he feels threatened by his own citizens is not their leader. He is their prisoner.


Guess I’m on a roll today. Here’s something apparently exploding the gay twitter-verse (I’m not a twitter person, fyi) about Lindsey Graham


‘Vote for Trump? These Republican Leaders Aren’t on the Bandwagon.’

Former President George W. Bush and Senator Mitt Romney won’t support Mr. Trump’s re-election, and other G.O.P. officials are mulling a vote for Joe Biden.

The public expressions of opposition to Mr. Trump from parts of the Republican and military establishment have accelerated in recent days over his repeated calls for protesters to be physically constrained, “dominated,” as he put it, and his administration’s order to forcefully clear the streets outside the White House so he could walk out for a photo opportunity. His conduct has convinced some leaders that they can no longer remain silent.

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s blistering criticism of Mr. Trump and the admission this week by Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska that she is “struggling” with whether to vote for the sitting president of her own party have intensified the soul-searching taking place, forcing a number of officials to reckon with an act that they have long avoided: stating out loud that Mr. Trump is unfit for office.


Ja, thanks for posting that article. You made my day.

Thanks for posting the NYTimes article! I’m wondering how far Republican disaffection with Mr. T will go. I’m wondering if there will be a movement to nominate someone else, and if so, whether it might be successful. I suppose it will likely depend greatly on Mr. T’s behavior. I have no doubt he will continue his current immoral and blatantly unconstitutional trajectory.

“Mr. Rooney has been gently lobbied by one of Mr. Biden’s closest allies in Congress: Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, who has effectively become the former vice president’s emissary to current and recent Republican lawmakers.”

“Mr. Coons said a number of G.O.P. senators, regardless of their public comments, would ultimately not pull the lever for Mr. Trump in the privacy of the ballot booth.”

“I’ve had five conversations with senators who tell me they are really struggling with supporting Trump,” said.”

My question is this. If these R senators harbor such doubts, why didn’t they vote to convict when Mr. T. was impeached?

Secretary of Defense Esper and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley both successfully opposed the President’s request for 10,000 active duty troops in the streets of the nation’s capital. General Milley called Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi to explain his position. Both men regret taking part in Trump’s photo-op in front of a church a few day ago.


I’m watching MSNBC. As these demonstrations unfold across the US and world people are awakening. You can feel the metanoia, as people make the shift, changing their hearts/minds.

It is like watching a fetal organism growing, though you know not the species, or what shape and form it will take as it reaches maturity.

Who woulda thunk?!?!
It’s not dead yet, and it will still take a while, but it appears the Olde Confederacy is dying.


One has to wonder how much of the George Floyd protests are channeling/ implicating its enormous frustration squarely at the racial bigotry of the Trump administration (Trump, Steve Miller and company).

The June 18th Mercury retrograde station (14 ’45 Cancer) will square the US Saturn (14 ’48 Libra), sesquiquadrate tr. Saturn (0 ’49 Aquarius) and the US 2017 Inaugural Sun (0 ’49 Aquarius)…..

Mercury Square or Opposite Saturn
by Curtis Manwaring

………Transiting Mercury square or opposite your natal Saturn. You may begin to feel isolated, with fewer phone calls and letters coming to you. There may be a temptation to withdraw from others and say goodbye to an important relationship. You are more likely to dwell on negative thoughts and overlook the good things in your life. This transit is good for sharp critical thinking and intense concentration on details and problem solving. You may be prone to depression or pessimism.

The American public is sufficiently distracted by the Corona Virus pandemic, high unemployment, and the racial protests that it is failing to see Trump’s disconcerting illogical move in Europe this week, no doubt to curry favor with Putin and Russia…….

Trump Plans to Withdraw Some U.S. Troops From Germany, a Key NATO Ally

The plan is a further blow to America’s weakening European alliances and likely to be welcomed by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

New York Times
June 5, 2020

WASHINGTON — The United States will cut its troop presence in Germany by more than 25 percent, former American officials said on Friday, as the Trump administration sends a frosty message to a major NATO ally and shrinks a military footprint long resented by the Kremlin.

The new cap, approved by President Trump and Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, will limit American troops in Germany to 25,000, said a former senior official with knowledge of the decision. That would mean a reduction of 9,500, or more than one quarter, from current levels.

The move — which blindsided German officials and many American military leaders in Europe — is in keeping with Mr. Trump’s “America First” vision of limited U.S. deployments overseas, and with his insistence that allies must shoulder more of the burden for their own defense.

It is not clear whether the plan, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, is final, and some former officials said they hoped Mr. Trump would reconsider. Several said that, if enforced, the troop cut would further undermine an Atlantic alliance that Mr. Trump has badly shaken, and was a gift to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who has been eager to see a diminished American military presence on the continent.

While Mr. Trump has complained bitterly about the expense of protecting the United States’ allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and has long singled out Germany as a wealthy nation that spends proportionately little on its defense, former officials and analysts argued he was damaging American interests.

“The reason we have troops overseas in Germany is not to protect Germans, everything we have is for our benefit,” said Frederick B. Hodges, a retired lieutenant general and a former top U.S. Army commander in Europe. “The decision doesn’t seem attached to any kind of strategy.”



Strategy or none, I think the move is very logical, just not in US, German, or world interest. In withdrawing those Am. Troops DJT is surely acting in his own personal interest. He is pleasing his master, Mr. V. Putin, to whom he is beholden, and presuming the troops come home, they can be used as a tool for intimidation of Am. citizens.

Hi Eliseo,

Illogical as far US security interests are concerned. The rest is all very obvious. He is a Russian asset and Putin’s puppet.

We concur.
I’m hoping his true relationship with Russia and Putin is proven just before the election, when it is too late for the R’s to change candidates.

Nobel prize winner and economist, Paul Krugman referred to him as the “Siberian Candidate” in 2016.

As to any plan to withdraw US troops from Germany that Jerry spoke of, might that be what the only 2 major planets, Mars and Uranus, moving in direct motion on June 23-24, could be about?

Mars (military) in non-combative Pisces in the 3rd house of the US natal Sibly chart would symbolize emotionally heated discussion, and Uranus (break with routine) in financially-oriented Taurus in the US chart’s 5th house of love affairs, could symbolize a breakup of some kind. More Generals speaking out against Trump perhaps?

Two days before the 2 days that Mars and Uranus are the only planets “moving forward”, the Solar Eclipse at 0+ Cancer (an “Aries or World Point” degree) will have Mars (25+ Pisces) sextile retro Jupiter (25+ Capricorn) plus retro Pluto at 24+ Cap and retro Pallas the Strategist at 26+ Cap, and this sextile forms a Yod with Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo in the apex of that Yod.

Trump’s Mars will be forced to adjust.

The US natal Moon-Pallas at 26-27 Aquarius opposes Trump’s Mars so that Yod with its sextile based in the solar eclipse chart becomes a Boomerang, and that’s where all the energy of the Yod comes to rest.

The US People (Moon) and the US Planning/Strategy (Pallas) will decide how this solar eclipse will be played out, in the USA.

It took Colin Powell long enough, but finally he is speaking up.

Colin Powell says Trump has not been “an effective president” and should not be reelected

Colin Powell, former US secretary of state, said he does not believe President Donald Trump should be reelected because “he lies all the time.”

Powell’s comments were made after protesters lined the streets near the White House Saturday to protest against Trump’s response to the death of George Floyd and other black Americans.

“I think he has been not an effective president. He lies all the time. He began lying the day of the inauguration when we got into an argument about the size of the crowd that was there. People are writing books about his favorite thing of lying. And I don’t think that’s in our interest,” Powell said.


Vidor, TX, Eliseo, kkk strong hold & near Beaumont, held a protest for George Floyd.

What people have done to and just outside the WH fence is a joy to see. 1st Amendment!

This is a must-see and the l longer I watched, the more it touched me, until I finally started to cry. This is a black woman telling off the white rioters who started fires in her neighborhood in NY’s East Village, disregarding the consequences for the poor, hardworking immigrants and homeless people who rely on the resources they just destroyed. She tells them they better be f*ckin registered to vote instead!

Organized looting initiated by organized, affluent outside group:

Jerry, Eliseo and all – you are correct that Trump is “a Russian asset and Putin’s puppet”, but I believe it is much deeper than that. It is too easy, too superficial, to say he is Putin’s patsy, which is the idea behind the accusations of “collusion”. It’s not that simple. Right from the start, Trump and Putin have worked toward an alliance. Sometimes what you see is just what you see – it’s not hidden.

That alliance is against Europe. Putin and Trump are both trying to isolate Europe for their OWN reasons. I don’t believe a person as egotistical and ruthless as Trump (though vulnerable to flattery thereby) could be an actual ‘victim’ of Putin’s powers of persuasion. Even if it involves nasty stuff happening in bedrooms, Trump just doesn’t care. Nor does Putin.

He’s after greater power and, don’t forget, he openly calls himself the most “militaristic” president ever. He’s been obvious from the start and has never given any other message. One of the few messages that he has never deviated from.

Until now, the US military has bought into it because Trump clearly favored the military side of his presidential powers from the beginning (and who doesn’t like a man who likes what you do?). It doesn’t matter that he excused himself from active military duty with the fictional spur on his heel – he IDENTIFIES with the military.

The fact that the military has suddenly awakened to the dangers of Trump’s governing bias because it could compromise precious individual freedoms is most regrettable, but there have been many, many warnings from the start. The US public, in spite of various atrocities in war time and in peace, including policing, is a country that LOVES its military strength. The US public is proud of it.

Trump has counted on the population being in support of the military always. Even Vietnam did not dissuade people from admiring and depending on the US military, which is an exceptional force to be sure in historical terms. Trump is the commander in chief and he well knows it is one of his strengths as president. Now, there is a chance he is going to play that card (imo), in response to the resistance he is getting in the popular mind. Think about it – he has given up the hope of being popular – now he’s going to settle for being STRONG. You know, in some ways, despite his countless lies, Trump cannot lie about his true motivations – he does believe what he says.

Mars and Uranus (to me) mean that, while all other factors in the US (economy, politics, health) are going to s**t, there is still one thing that works for a president like Trump. He is now in a life and death fight for his place in history – and he is a man who believes in winning at all costs. So what is he going to do, but find something to win at?

Trump envisions for himself as a “great, winning” leader. Well, what is left that he can win at? It only leaves one thing and it’s pretty clear (to me) that he is now backed into a corner and he is going make a military move. That move possibly will be in conjunction with, or at least with the support of Putin.

Where could that be? It’s about geography and in this case, a surrogate battle may not be enough to make Trump’s point about his strength. There are very few places possible – the middle east, China and maybe Africa.

One is the area of Turkey and Syria. Putin won’t allow Syria since he’s already taken it has his own sphere of influence, so while Trump is president, it is unlikely he will go there if he wants to keep the relationship with Putin. But there is also Turkey or Libya.

The other is China and the China Sea, which is very high risk and would be a disaster economically for the US because of alliances with S.Korea, Japan, etc. It looks doubtful Trump could get Putin involved directly in military action there, unless he picks on S. Korea. But, it’s a bad bet.

The other is the Africa. The land that everybody uses and nobody listens to. Together, Putin and the US could virtually control the world if they join forces there and it would go against Europe, as well as China. In spite of more than 100 years of exploitation, Africa has huge benefits in terms of wealth, and China is deeply involved there.

Whatever actually happens, something is cooking and it hasn’t got much to do with domestic upheavals about race for Trump. It’s one more reason he shows virtual indifference to the problem of race in America – he has never intended to fix any of it. He wants to USE it.

How disrespectful of his own people can a president get? In spite of his ignorance, DT is not a stupid man and he thinks he has bigger fish to fry. Americans need to wake up to this guy’s larger ambitions before November 3, or he’ll have the country in a really, really bad spot for a long time to come.

Also, he knows, once the military acts (or must act), people are likely to be supportive. How will the people respond and how soon? That is the real question.

If the action moves to an international sphere, the totally justifiable protests against racial prejudice and police violence will play second fiddle to something even more threatening. The situation could get much more risky than anything Trump has done thus far, and now he’s a desperate man to boot, because he may actually lose the election. He’s got 5 months left. How much trouble can a man cause in 5 months? He has no ethics, he has no morals, he has no religion, except money and power. For Trump, a man who only plays for keeps, this is for keeps. No wonder the charts around Christmas look dire.

………..Fyi, personally, I hope I’m just a fearful, gray haired lady who is 100% wrong!

Beowulfie, you left out the most obvious target for military misadventure:


Beowulfie: Given the path of the 3 Eclipses (June-July 2020) your 6:01pm post is a real eye opener. I fear you may be correct and as another salt and pepper gray haired lady, I too, hope you are 100% wrong. Yet, something in my gut quivers.

Jackson: Venezuela – good point, we can add it to the list…but again, I’m hoping the whole thing is just a needless worry, not a coming reality.

Laura: thanks for your note re. the 3 eclipses – I found this great article that explains the 2020 ones really well:



The book is to be released June 23rd. Interesting timing. The June 21st eclipse at 0 Cancer is activating Bolton’s Uranus (29 ’44 Gemini) Jupiter (1 ’06 Capricorn) opposition.

Here’s an interesting but not so recent article (April 2018) which includes his natal chart…..

John Bolton, Astrosplained


beowulfie, a few years back several astrologers were commenting that usa progressed mars was turning retrograde and they were interpreting that as a waning of military might. Might that be taken as a fortuitous tempering influence for your scenario?

Yipee! After 75 days, as of today NZ is 100% covid free. Strict border restrictions remain in place, and some cases may crop up in the future from elsewhere, but otherwise its back to pre-covid freedom for all from midnight tonight.

Permission is being granted to some foreigners by application, but 14 day quarantine and multiple testing is a must for all – David Cameron and his Avatar 2 crew were just given permission and arrived a few days ago to begin filming after completing their quarantine.

What wonderful, hopeful news, kiwi!!!

Also interesting to know about the Avatar sequel…should be a good, Aquarian one.

You make a number of good points. This old white haired fellow is in harmony with you in hoping you are wrong, but several of your suppositions seem fairly strong. I wouldn’t call them probabilities, but I do see them as definite and real possibilites.

I don’t think Mr. T is any kind of master strategist. He is an odd sort of genius at certain narrow tasks, I think, but an imbecile at everything else. He is brilliant with branding and marketing, and possesses an uncanny ability to discern weakness that he might more effectively bully someone. Were he to be tested on general intelligence, I suspect he would test out in low normal range.

RE: “he has given up the hope of being popular – now he’s going to settle for being STRONG.”
From the beginning of Herr Wannabe Dictator’s reign I’ve been concerned he might gin up a situation in which to employ a couple of nukes. Were he to do that, both he and the US would become a pariah. Putin would laugh his socks off while publicly leading an international UN movement to permanently defang the US, much as Japan and Germany were demilitarized after WWII.

I’ve also wondered, were his situation to darken and deteriorate sufficiently, his tax records made public, his money laundering and other crimes exposed, having lost the election and soon to leave office, he might quietly transfer his wealth to Swiss banks and leave the country for a place where there is no extradition treaty.

IMO, that would be a smarter move than claiming it was a rigged election, that he really won, and try to hold on to power. But who knows for sure how smart our truly and very stable genius actually is?

Eliseo, well said, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he and the kids already have fat accounts in Switzerland.

I had a further thought on my post, as usual. It’s Yemen, which has a terrible war and humanitarian crisis, as well as a rapidly growing disaster with the pandemic.

Yemen also happens to be smack on the curve of the coming June 21 solar eclipse.

It could be an opportunity for Trump to act strong and look pretty good too, if he could help pull off a truce, or a deal to further support the Saudis in resolving or overwhelming the situation so it can be dealt with (notably, the Saudis are guilty of as many atrocities as the opponents), or pony up significantly more humanitarian aid.

Presumably such actions would have to go through Congress, but could they refuse? Congress may be duty bound to help out in Yemen since it is such a catastrophe (as well as being strategically important). The UN has called for it. US help thus far (except for arming the Saudis) has not been forthcoming in sufficient leadership-level quantities, but if he were to go for it, it would help his stingy image.

Wouldn’t that be ironic?

But unless he sends the air force to support the Saudis or something, it wouldn’t add much to the military theme.

We’ll see…..5 months to go.


It’s not exactly a noble cause for Trump in Yemen:




It isn’t far-fetched at all for Trump to put everything on the line and do something awful to his own people. So often he says, “Whattaya got to lose?” What would stop him from doing the same as he is back into a proverbial corner.

I was at a gathering of neighbors in the ultra-conservative enclave that is my neighborhood. Even here, people were using the term “tipping point” with respect to the nation turning on him.

Let it be, let it be, let it be.

I don’t know of any time in which the future seemed so murky. All my life my geopolitical intuitive abilities have been exceptionally strong. There are so very many events, trends, and circumstances I’ve been cursed/blessed to know ahead of time, sometimes through visionary experience, sometimes just plain inner “knowing”.

The Russian war in Afghanistan, the fall of the Soviet Union, fundamentalist authoritarian influence in our government, the stolen election of 2000, the falling of the twin towers on 9/11; I foresaw all of those and more.

I DID NOT foresee the current pandemic, nor the extraordinary spate of growing worldwide
demonstrations and protests we have presently. Nor do I see the next several months in any clarity at all. It’s like when Dorothy came to that fork on the yellow brick road. But in our case the road forks into 10 or 11 different and possible prongs or tines.

Our current occupant of the White House is quite the paradox in that he is the singularly most predictable AND unpredictable president we’ve ever had. He is very predictable in that whatever he does will be to serve himself alone, and not the nation or world, but equally unpredictable in how that might manifest.

Furthermore, how the R party reacts to whatever vile shenanigans Mr. T performs is also a mystery. So far, most of them have followed him in abject, absurd, and completely unamerican fealty. Yet we are hearing rumblings in the GOP. Though not probable, it is even possible they may choose to nominate someone else to run as they realize how deeply he may hurt them in the next election. This has happened before with incumbent presidents, particularly in the 19th century.

My personal bias and desires may be influencing what I see post-Trump, but the circumstances and events of the next decade I see, I’ve seen for several years. I see a Biden victory, with his VP probably later serving as one of our greatest presidents. Unfortunately, I also see serious weaknesses, potential for some agregious policy and legislative errors based on false assumptions and false information. On the whole however, I see Biden and his successor achieving great things. In the long run I see the US and our allies defeating authoritarianism and establishing a much better world order to replace the current Bretton Woods international system.

But for the life of me, i do not see the next several months in any clarity at all. About them I am darkly quizzical.

I take all below with a grain of salt. But it is interesting.

In Whimsey’s latest video she reports from a remote view that Melania especialy, but also Donald are very frightened; they do not feel safe in the White House. Evidently, the protestors are making them extremely nervous and they do not feel adequately protected. Whimsy reports they are discussing whether or not and when to leave DC.

In the last part of the video, Whimsey says she communicated with Sally Hemmings. Nonsense! She was in touch with an egregore. Thats usually the case when a psychic person believes they’ve communicated or channeled an historical person. Anyone who knows the history and/or any biographical info on Sally Hemminga would recognize that right away. That part made zero sense.

The notion Melania might he feeling unsafe, like Marie Antoinette, rings to me as quite plausible and probable. Whimsy reports they may be flying out in the next few days. She says the Donald will reassure himself it is only temporary, but of course it could be permanent.

It will be interesting to see if the presidential couple and child actually retreat to a “safer” locale.

Michael O’Reilly:

Following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on May 25, protests against police brutality, and the pervasive lack of civil rights for African-Americans in general, spread across the nation. Solidarity protests sprung up around the world, making Floyd’s death (murder) a pivotal event in global consciousness. What in Floyd’s horoscope could account for this collective action?


ja, I don’t know about Floyd’s chart, but one thing that helped in making it have such an enormous impact might be that it happened just after the New Moon, so this whole moon cycle will be all about it; it’s going to keep all attention at least until the next New Moon. Hopefully longer!
In a few weeks there’s Mercury retrograde giving us a chance to review what happened and better prepare for the future. Wow.
Someone here refered to a Marjorie Orr prediction that in the beginning of June everybody would have turned on tRump, even Mitch and Melania. I guess she was right.

Eliseo, I had a ‘marie-antoinette’ vision not about Melania but about Ivanka with her bible inside a 1540$ handbag!

Just watched Kim @ Intuitiview and it was the best I’ve seen from her. She channels Martin Luther King. She also sees someone in a white shirt falling from a window and she looks bewildered when she sees it. I was intrigued.

Did you know that Martin Luther King’s natal Mars was at 21+ Gemini, just like the US natal Mars, only his was retrograde, as in “turned inward”?

BarbK, so glad you are checking in on Kim Carey. I thought today’s video was excellent as well. The MLK message is perfect. She saw someone being pushed out the window, I believe not just falling.

I doubt that anyone here follows The Ancient Grandmothers through the Net of Light, but yesterday they said that the lever is starting to move. The lever is the lever that must be upright for the shift of consciousness to occur.

Beth Owl’s Daughter:

Meantime, astrologer Diane Lang of Libra Seeking Balance muses that in the wake of last week’s opening shot of the much-discussed 2020 “Eclipse season” —

There is a great deal of anger floating around in the atmosphere on [last Friday’s] Full Moon Lunar Eclipse… The source is Mars in Pisces squaring the Gemini Sun-Venus and Sagittarius Moon whilst conjoining Neptune in Pisces.

Both the source of our anger and its target seem to be in a constant state of flux, not an easy thing to live with! The desire to retreat into denial is strong, in part because the Gemini Sun-Venus conjunction would prefer to avoid unpleasantness if at all possible.

Mars-Neptune aspects can be extremely enervating as well, so many of us may need to get more rest than usual. It is OK to take more frequent breaks or choose to postpone complicated tasks for the time being.

Once Mars leaves Pisces for fiery Aries on June 27, energy levels will improve along with the ability to take direct action. Mars is always more effective in the cardinal signs and he loves being in fiery Aries.


History is said to repeat itself. I think it manifests in more of a spiral, therefore with points of resonance to points above and below. We certainly see resonance between the Trump family and the royals of revolutionary France in their cultural and socioeconomic cluelessness.

I find it weird Ivanka was unaware how it looked for her to carry that bible in a $1540 handbag. All the Trumps are that way, and Eric & Don Jr. think it’s fine to hunt & kill endangered species! What a clueless, insensitive, dense family!?!?

In the midst of all the tension in the streets, leave it to New Yorkers to exhibit a sense of humor about it all…..

Little statues of Trump are appearing in NYC for dogs to pee on. A take-off on the 1770’s Revolutionary war slogan “Don’t Tread On Me”

Take a look…….


Thanks for the trump pee statue story! We DO need some levity to get through these times.

As a child I remember hearing from veterans of WWII who had served in Europe, how puzzled captured Nazi soldiers were to hear Americans complain and/or cuss FDR. They could not understand how any country that allowed their citizens to bad mouth their president could have possibly beaten them.

Such are the misplaced values and assumptions within authoritarian cultures. It is a blessing to be able to laugh at our leaders when they screw up.

Randy Rainbow has a new video out, The Bunker Boy. It’s done to the tune that was cut from The Wizard of Oz, The Jitterbug. Sorry, I can’t list the web address on this device.



Geez, I left out the most important part! Thanks Banks.

Transiting Mars is now moving direct, and in August (when it is in Aries) it will square transiting Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn (as well as conjunct US natal Chiron). It will station retrograde in September and begin to repeat those 3 squares later that month and through most of October.

That happens just as the transiting North Node (opportunity) conjuncts US NATAL Mars and Trump’s natal Sun.

I assume that would mean more demonstrations, and Trump again using the US Military improperly. If so, that will affect the voting a few weeks later.

Also, transiting retrograde Mars in Aries in late October will conjunct the US PROGRESSED Chiron (just as it will at the end of July), and also oppose the US Constitution Neptune in Libra, as well as the US progressed Mars and Trump’s natal Jupiter.

Depending on how much the Covid-19 virus (and the Stock Market) has peaked, or gotten out of control, will determine the mood of the electorate. It looks to me to be the turning point in our 4 year nightmare.

did anyone else notice that ‘pee on me’ piece was from RT? hmmmm

Hi Kiwi,

I looked into it. I think it’s legit. Here’s another report. Same subject matter but from the Arts & Entertainment section of a website called Gothamist….

Trump ‘Pee On Me’ Statuettes Spotted On Brooklyn Sidewalks


I enjoyed catching up on your posts. I’ve been gone, rebooting a local radio station, which is now operational.
Back in 1982 and 1983 I did the charts of maybe 30 police officers in San Jose, Ca, and I wanted to share what I learned from that, because the patterns that emerged were both very predictable and explain a lot about the “defund the police” reactions by the public.
About a third of the police officers were Leo rising, and in conversations these guys had a very strong sense of right and wrong, and they could be bullies in some cases. Most of the people were Virgo/Pisces people, trying to serve the community, often with a background in the Army. They were good at following orders, and complying with the rules, but they could also just want to be helpful and cared about the people they served.
I think the reactions people are having to the “defund the police” rhetoric depends a lot on whether their experience is with bullies, or the relatively caring cops who are really the majority of police men and women.
I’ve read a lot of good articles in the last few days on what “defund the police” means. It is not a helpful phrase, and the language needs to change, but it is about allocating more funds to mental health services, homelessness services and affordable housing, and drug and alcoholic rehabilitation. The money that has gone into military equipment, and defending legal arbitration for victims of police brutality could be better spent on investing in people who need help rather than the police department.
Anyway, I hope we come up with new words. The concept is very valid.

Chiro, CNN has a helpful piece explaining how it was done in Camden, NJ, and the positive results:


Jerry, RT (formerly Russia Today) probably picked it up from Gothamist.

Chiro, thank you for your research results and for untangling the phrase Defund the Police. Very helpful. Perhaps the Leo Rising officers, when they were little boys (or girls?) wanted to grow up to be heroes!

Here’s a partial list of what the protests have accomplished so far. Go to the link for the rest –


“So what has protesting accomplished?
(I found this wonderful post that a friend of a friend sent on to me)

So what has protesting accomplished?

??Within 10 days of sustained protests:
Minneapolis bans use of choke holds.

??Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

??Dallas adopts a “duty to intervene” rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

??New Jersey’s attorney general said the state will update its use-of-force guidelines for the first time in two decades.

??In Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a police reform work group.

??Los Angeles City Council introduces motion to reduce LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.

??MBTA in Boston agrees to stop using public buses to transport police officers to protests.

??Police brutality captured on cameras leads to near-immediate suspensions and firings of officers in several cities (i.e., Buffalo, Ft. Lauderdale).

??Monuments celebrating confederates are removed in cities in Virginia, Alabama, and other states.

??Street in front of the White House is renamed “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”
Military forces begin to withdraw from D.C.

Then, there’s all the other stuff that’s hard to measure:”

Question marks automatically replaced little bullet symbols…disregard them

Any you guys know where Bob went? God, I hope he didn’t get the corona or something. Really wanna hear his take on things!

Six Months of Coronavirus: Here’s Some of What We’ve Learned
Much remains unknown and mysterious, but these are some of the things we’re pretty sure of after half a year of this pandemic:

We’ll have to live with this for a long time.
You should be wearing a mask.
American public health infrastructure needs an update.
Responding to the virus is extraordinarily expensive.
We have a long way to go to fix virus testing.
We can’t count on herd immunity to keep us healthy.
The virus produces more symptoms than expected.
We can worry a bit less about infection from surfaces.
We can also worry less about a mutating virus.
We can’t count on warm weather to defeat the virus.


susan rice adding her voice to the push for dc to become 51st state. numerological energy of a #6 would be an awesome changing effect methinks.


“I’ve read a lot of good articles in the last few days on what “defund the police” means. It is not a helpful phrase, and the language needs to change, but it is about allocating more funds to mental health services, homelessness services and affordable housing, and drug and alcoholic rehabilitation.”


Chiro, Will,
Yep! Leave it to Dems to choose a dumb phrase like “defund the police”. I heartily agree with the actual goals. The measures proposed are necessary, but many will misinterpret the intent as getting rid of the police protection their community needs. We need to find a better phrase.

re: defunding, what they mean is appropriately reassigning mitigation of social problems from the police to other entities, and demilitarization.

Some good material here, especially from Vitale and Hansford. See https://withgoodreasonradio.org/episode/the-end-of-policing/

Biden smart to clearly reject this word, restructuring probably the term that will stick.

We will redirect police department funding from combat to de-escalation and humane conflict resolution training.

Excellent phrasing!

Will, I like that too. De-escalation training is really important.
I was at a zoom meeting for our local town council last night and the police gave their report, and were open to questions. California never allowed the kind of treatment given to George Floyd, but apparently Gavin Newsom just banned chokeholds and I thought that was both good and surprising that it came now instead of earlier. But the officer said that de-escalation training has been part of their training for several years. So that was good.

That’s good, Will. There might be a way to describe it more in line with sharing funds, than shifting, or even returning funds that were originally shifted or borrowed

Is it tomorrow the Supreme court is going to speak out about the trump cases?

It seems that – from the perspective of astrology – the outer planets are large and in charge of the times we are going through.

The symbolism of the outer planets in general is not easy to relate to on a conscious level, whereas the Moon (emotion) symbolizes energy form that’s most readily available to the average person, and Saturn (structure) generally symbolizes energy form that is dependable.

Both Moon (feelings) and Saturn (defense) can symbolize the effects of fear, while Uranus, Neptune and Pluto operate from a level of historical perspective, rather than from a personal perspective. How we bridge the gap is through Chiron and other centaur-named bodies.

Right now, transiting Pluto (death/rebirth) is the outer planet that most directly affects the US natal chart, by it’s opposition to US natal Mercury, and although not experienced on a conscious (personal) level, it does affect what is thought and spoken and written about by all of us in this country.

Today transiting Venus is retrograde at 9+ Gemini and sextile transiting Chiron at 9+ Aries, and in a couple of days transiting Venus will exactly conjunct US Uranus (again) at 8+ Gemini. Her 1st conjunction (in direct motion) was in mid April when the pandemic’s effect was reaching it’s peak in our consciousness.

Trans. Venus in Gemini seems to me to be bridging (supporting) the communication between US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) and transiting Chiron (who symbolically bridges these kinds of transformations) at 9+ Aries, and Venus is all about our values.

The unexpected demonstrations in support of Floyd’s death is symbolized by transiting Chiron (wounding) sextile US natal Uranus (shock).

We the People of the US (and the world) have been thinking and talking (US Mercury opposite trans. Pluto) and for the most part it is about our country’s values regarding police abuse and about healthcare services. So, right now it is transiting Chiron which is sextile the US natal outer planet Uranus and transiting Venus, and Uranus in all its forms is always about abrupt and unexpected change, aka a breakthrough.

Transiting Venus stations direct on June 24-25 at 5+ Gemini, when transiting retrograde Mercury at 13+ Cancer will exactly conjunct the US natal Sun, symbol of consciousness. This will follow the Cancer Solar Eclipse on the Cardinal or World Point, at 0+ Cancer on June 21.

Venus will make her 3rd conjunction to US natal Uranus on July 7, 8, 9, at a time when trans. retro Jupiter conjuncts trans. retro. Pluto, and trines US natal Neptune, and opposes US Mercury, and conjuncts the start point of the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle that lasts 30 years. It is called synchronicity.

Venus will go on to sextile trans. Chiron again on July 10th, and the next day Chiron stations retrograde at 9+ Aries, along with 5 major planets retrograde; Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, with Mercury stationing direct on July 11, conjunct the US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer.

All in all the long hot summer will provide grist for the mill. The progressed US Mars (+ US Constitution Neptune + Trump’s Jupiter) is still opposite the progressed US Chiron, so we still have a long way to go.

apparently Barr has always been a bully. In high school he and his brothers were known as the “bully barrs”

How about “Rebudget the Police”? It states it more clearly than the latest stumble by well-meaning progressives.

And it fits a bumper sticker.

kiwi, I think Barr is the personification of “the banality of evil.”

Watching this present Jupiter-Saturn cycle come to its fulfillment (ending on December 21, 2020) convinces me that it (the cycle between Jupiter-Saturn) is a true barometer of a society’s growing pains.

The Moon (3+ Aries), symbol of the People, was square the US natal Venus (3+ Cancer), symbol of Values, when the cycle started in 2000, and here we are, we the people in a clash over values, in the last 6 months of the cycle.

Pluto (death/rebirth) in that Jupiter-Saturn cycle at 11+ Sagittarius was conjunct the US Sibly chart ascendant at 12+ Sagittarius, and what do we see from our window to the world (aka the ascendant)? Death and financial destruction in the form of a pandemic.

The Sun was at 7+ Gemini in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart (conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) while opposite the chart’s Pluto in Sagittarius. The Sun symbolizes consciousness while Uranus is always shocking. We are indeed, as a whole, being shocked into consciousness.

Chiron at 14+ Sagittarius, just 3 degrees from Pluto ( 11+ Sagittarius) and 2 degrees from the US natal ascendant (12+ Sagittarius) and conjunct the Great Attractor that is sucking us toward it, speaks of a healing of wounds through guidance from a higher source of consciousness than ours.

Neptune (illusion) was conjunct the US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart, all at 6+ Aquarius. Neptune dissolves reality, the South Node symbolizes what has outworn it usefulness, and Pholus is a symbol of something that begins as a small event but turns into a huge event, such as the demonstrations all over the world for George Floyd.

Finally, there was the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Uranus that was conjunct the US progressed Mercury, both at 20+ Aquarius, that spoke of the revolution in technology that would enable any average citizen to video a murder and send pictures of it all over the world.

This chart’s Uranus and the US progressed Mercury in Aquarius were/and still are in a challenging square to the Jupiter/Saturn in Taurus of 2000, and it all ends in 6 months. A new cycle starts between Jupiter and Saturn and a new adventure begins, but we will never forget the 20 years we will be leaving behind.

Does anyone on the blog blog have expertise or experience with natal charts of orphans?


All I got on one hit from Google:

What house in astrology is the signifier for parents adopting and a child being an orphan?
Ad by Stansberry Research
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A financial expert explains a shift the wealthy are making with their cash—and its potential benefits.
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1 Answer

Eskild Rasmussen, Experience with astrology since 1980
Answered July 31, 2019

I can only answer the last question: I know from statistical research that a tough childhood (which includes being an orphan) appears statistically more often with a prominent Saturn/Capricorn than with any other planet/sign vibration.

One of the axes (MC/ASC) is in Capricorn
Many planets in Capricorn
Saturn in Gauquelin sector
Saturn aspecting MC or ASC.
Gauquelin sectors:

re: Orphans

Also maybe 12th and 4th house afflictions.

Thanks, Will.
That’s a good beginning. I want to look at the the issue of orphanhood, and of emotional abandonment in astrology. Surely, there is a pattern.

I may begin with the charts of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, both of whom lost their mothers in childhood. This is liable to be a fairly long study. I have much to learn.

You know, Barbk, you should teach a class in mundane astrology. I could arrange a daily radio show just for you.
I have actually been thinking of teaching astrology on the radio, and I think it would be great for young people especially to understand the many changes they go through from age 11 to 23, but it would have to be weekly. I couldn’t handle daily. But you, Barbk, are obsessed.
We have a way of archiving shows so people can go back and listen, like a podcast, so people could catchup if they missed something. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of posts.
BTW, if anyone has ideas on how and what to teach on an astrology radio show (podcast), I am very open to suggestions.

I’m quickly tiring of the ‘defund’ terminology pushback & spoke to this on C-Span’s viewer call-in this morning. Now I see Sirota putting it perfectly:

Disband The Tone Police by @davidsirota


Well, I know I would have loved astrology classes on the radio when I was a kid Chiro. However, at my age, being obsessed is one thing but having a daily routine to stick to is another! I do think if you take it one day a week at a time you can handle it; afterall, attention span for an 11 year old on anything is about 15 minutes. I’m sure Nancy would not object to your ideas being shared here, she’s not thrown me off after all these years. 🙂

Fascinating that as soon as Jupiter began to separate from the opposition to Trump’s Venus, the Market tanked. I think that Jupiter transit has given him a false reason for optimism in the economic outlook for the last ten days.

If you are wondering what Trump might do when he loses in November, this is a good read. In a nutshell: even if he leaves the White House, he will never concede and will always claim he was cheated, which will make things more difficult for President Biden.


Missing Bob too. As I recall, about a month before he stopped posting he hinted he might stop.

Starting to get used to transiting Neptune opposing my natal 12th house Mercury (at same degree now). Among other things am told this makes my communications invisible, or at least shrouded in various types* of fog. Case in point: my post of 12:47 am June 10 was released from moderation earlier this afternoon. So you may have missed it. Please consider reviewing upthread since its goal was to share a relevant podcast some of you may value. Might also put my post earlier today into perspective.

*OK like on my end: infrequent contributor, posting from multiple devices, username case sensitivity, multiple email accounts. And on Starlight’s end… having a life!

Matt, Whitney, yes I seem to remember Bob felt bad he mispredicted the impeachment outcome and wanted to retreat

Big news in Canada: the length of Justin Trudeau’s hair.


Margriet, you are not entitled to make up your own truth.

The outcome was not as severe as I wanted but the timing was in the ballpark.

Lovely to see your name pop up Bob! We’ve missed you! xxx

Good question, Eliseo/Will, re. orphans – I don’t have an answer either! But I could suggest considering, in addition to the list you posted, Moon in Capricorn, or Moon strongly aspected by Saturn. I would only do that in combination with other similar aspects, that support each other in the interpretation.

I don’t think anything in astrology can be safely used in a ‘cookbook’ fashion. The answer is in the mixture — which is why astrology is so hard to to. There is no avoiding the head scratching that goes on to get there.

I would also think Pluto aspects could say a lot about some orphans, but one has to keep in mind that being an orphan isn’t always the worst thing that can happen. Even mature adults become “orphans” when their elderly parents eventually die. So, it’s good to keep the perspective of question in mind – who is asking?

One can become an orphan in various ways, e.g. with Mars and/or Uranus, as in accidents to the parents, but the word orphan can mean many things besides having lost one or both of them.

One can feel like an orphan or literally be abandoned by one’s parents, etc., etc. Those are more dimensions that can happen, which don’t necessarily technically mean the loss of the parents.

I am thinking, here, of a friend who adopted a young boy on a Caribbean Island many years ago when she lived there. The boy’s parents were very much alive and they never actually abandoned him. They just didn’t care whether he lived or died and grossly neglected him, to the point of malnutrition. Eventually, for money, they agreed to give him up legally for adoption. So, was he an orphan or not? Technically not, but emotionally and in terms of deprivation, he certainly was.

So, imo, it’s best to start with first principles in any astrology question. The answer has to come from the classic ‘inner/outer’ planets, up to Saturn and then additional dimensions come from the big ‘far’ outer planets, and finally the layer of asteroids, Chiron, etc.

Enough of them, together, must echo the same thing to get some confidence that the interpretation is correct. And that doesn’t mean there won’t be aspects that contradict it – such as in the Caribbean boy’s case.

Almost anything you see needs multiple levels of support from the specific chart to be reasonably sure. In my experience, astrology seems to prove you wrong whenever you just go for it. “Just knowing” is not enough. I can’t speak for anyone else, but astrology makes me feel humble and often frustrated. It is not nice to one’s ego.

It is one reason that really professional astrologers are loathe to predict (or even discuss) things like serious illness and death. What if you are wrong? Isn’t the first rule to DO NO HARM? People can take your “ideas” and go way, way, too far with them. People want answers they can understand easily, but that is not what astrology gives.

Thus, the lecture endeth….! 🙂

As bizarre as it might seem, I see a definite possibility Trump might continue his “campaign rallies” after losing the election. He might call them something else, but they would be essentially the same as before, serving to inflame and divide.

Too bad our capacity for space travel is not yet to the point where we could allow Trump to lead and transport ALL of his like minded followers on a grand expedition to Venus. I understand the planet needs terraforming, and he and his followers might well be perfect for the task.

Bob, you’re back! I’m one of many who are relieved to see your name again – where ya’ been?

So glad to hear from you again!
Your astute musings and data have been sorely missed! I do hope your health is good and you’ve been faring well through these last few bizarre months.

Good to see you again Bob. I meant nothing bad.

An Op-Ed from the Sacramento Bee

Could Donald Trump really ‘cancel’ the 2020 presidential election? Yes, and here’s how


JUNE 11, 2020 06:00 AM

Don’t believe anyone who says “a presidential election can’t be canceled.” It can be, and here’s how.

While it is true that the United States Constitution and (later) federal law requires that an election be held on the first Tuesday after the first Sunday in November, there is a catch: The Constitution allows the presidential electors to be chosen through means determined by the state legislatures, not by direct election of its citizens.

So, can President Donald Trump cancel the presidential election on a state-by-state basis if he thinks he may lose?

Yes he can, and it’s easy: Let’s say COVID-19 breaks out and chaos ensues. Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution reads: “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress…”

In other words, states, not citizens hold the power to select the presidential electors.

In fact, it wasn’t until 1824 that the popular vote was partially used to elect a president. Even in that election, while 18 states chose presidential electors by popular vote, six states still opted to choose them by a vote of the state legislature.

Under the Constitution, individual states can simply decide to appoint a trove of Trump supporters to cast their electoral votes for him – it is perfectly within their rights

All that Trump-biased states would need to do is declare a COVID-19 health emergency and pass a law to take away the presidential selection from the citizens and give it to themselves. The result would be a canceled presidential election in that state, and a slate of Trump electors, chosen to cast their state’s electoral votes, allowing any state with a close margin to guarantee Trump a victory.

Another common question I hear is: “What happens if there is COVID-19 chaos this fall and the presidential election is thrown to the House of Representatives?”

Most people logically think Trump will lose because the Democrats control the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, the opposite is true: If it goes into the House,Trump wins. He wins because, under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, each state receives just one vote. Thus, California which has 55 electoral votes would have the same voting power as North Dakota with 3 electoral votes.

The writing is already on the wall. After witnessing the use of the military force to silence peaceful protesters, let’s clearly understand that these people will take any steps – even extralegal steps – necessary to stay in power. Trump’s advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has refused to rule out delaying the election. It is no coincidence that Trump and his allies have done everything in their power to stop voting by mail. They have done so because allowing citizens to vote without risking their lives, takes away the “emergency” that will give their allies cover to cancel state elections.

Nothing should surprise us anymore – so put this on your list of important things to focus on as our national election looms. Fight your hearts out for universal vote-by-mail so that Trump and his minions have no excuse to cancel the election. Because we all know that Trump will do anything to stay in power, even if it means canceling the election.

Ace Smith is a Democratic political consultant and principal at SCRB Strategies based in San Francisco, ace@scrbstrategies.com

Trump has caused a real crisis of conscience for many in the military, among officers and in the ranks.

Trump Wanted to Send in the Troops. Now Some Are Ready to Quit.
By Sarah Jones June 10, 2020


…To a president who threatened protesters with “the most vicious dogs” and tear-gassed his way to a photo-op, the military looked like a blunt instrument.

But soldiers aren’t dogs, and may object to being used as such. In the ranks, dissent blooms. Organizations that provide advice and assistance to conscientious objectors and dissidents in the military say that since governors first mobilized National Guard units to put down protests, they’ve heard from service members who object to their orders. Trump and Cotton were eager to send in the troops, but the troops themselves were somewhat less enthusiastic.

“There are a lot of concerns, and there’s a lot of personal conflict and moral crisis that service members are experiencing right now,” said Garett Reppenhagen, the executive director of Veterans for Peace and an Army veteran. “In the last 15 years, we’ve seen our foreign conflicts escalating all over the world. But I don’t think that folks thought that the global war on terror would be fought here in our country against Americans.”

There’s no way to determine exactly how many guardsmen or active-duty soldiers are prepared to take similar action. But Reppenhagen said that service members have reached out to his organization through email and social media, asking for help as they consider their next steps. Other groups, including the GI Rights Hotline and About Face: Veterans Against the War confirmed that they’ve also received queries from service members who have either been mobilized in response to the protests, or fear they will be soon. “Some of them are just exploring their options and seeing what’s available to them, and what the legality is of various decisions they could make,” Reppenhagen explained. Others are looking for direct contact with lawyers. “Some have already made a decision not to deploy and not to report for duty. And they’re trying to figure out what the repercussions are going to be for them, and how to mitigate it,” he added.

An active-duty soldier in touch with About Face told Intelligencer that when he first enlisted, he was apolitical, and found Army life mundane. “I didn’t really foresee myself ever being in this kind of scenario, where I would have to seriously think about shooting an American citizen,” he said. After he deployed to Iraq, he became more critical of what he described as “the overall mission of the military.” Now that his unit is on stand-by, meaning it could still be called up by the Pentagon to quell unrest, he’s reached a difficult conclusion. He’s prepared to defy orders to deploy.

“I want to make it clear, I don’t want to go to prison,” he said. “But I have children. When they’re adults, I want them to look at their dad, and be able to say that when he was faced with this tough situation, he had the courage to stand up and do what he felt was right by the people of America. Not that he was a cowardly soldier who was just following orders.”

Hi Bob…good to see you and a little relieved as well.

And, thank you Ericb, for posting this article,


and welcome to the blog. And thanks for the interesting comment on the current effects of t neptune opp your 12th house mercury (t mars is in the mix now too, isn’t it? My nn is 19 Pisces; my n
MC is 20, I have mars at 22/23 & venus at 24/25 and these neptune transits kind of suck.

I think holding the police accountable is an important position to take, and putting more money into social programs is as well, especially the ones shown to work, but I, personally, understand why police would take offense at the phrase, “defund the police”, as, in a general sense, most of them put their lives on the line for us daily. At the same time, something has to be done about racism and marginalization. However, we don’t have to be provocative about it. Wse can look for a win-win situation.

You are so correct! From my personal experience working with police in my past as a mental health counselor and later as criminal investigator, most have no idea how much abuse police officers have to regularly take, and that added to the constant fear they may lose their life and leave their family in a bad financial situation.

And…I get so tired of folks who want to be unnecessarily provocative in service of some ideological meme, when they could be far more persuasive and effective in presenting their plan in win-win, non-ideological language.

Hi Bob!

I was thinking you croaked. Good to see a pulse!

Was Saturn or Pluto involved in your absence?

Nevertheless, the police can be racist and corrupt and have a long history of such. I enjoyed your posts ericb, so please don’t feel pushed away. It’s an important issue to engage in and I think it can only be healed with conflict resolution techniques.

Our police in New Orleans are subject to the controls of a federal consent decree (which I can’t explain well but it ties their hands a bit). I just think we have to do things carefully now so it doesn’t look like we are punishing the police. That would not bring the best results and possibly passive aggressive retaliatory measures.

“And…I get so tired of folks who want to be unnecessarily provocative in service of some ideological meme, when they could be far more persuasive and effective in presenting their plan in win-win, non-ideological language.” Yes, Eliseo, so true, applause for saying it so well.

Today, Mars and Neptune are conjunct. Disillusionment for some. I did a chart for a guy who I didn’t know was gay–because I was so clueless at the time–in the mid-80s, and he had this in the 8th house. He later died of AIDs, and it wasn’t until then that all his colleagues woke up to what was going on with him. When I did the chart, I tried to get him to talk about marriage and he wouldn’t. Of course. Anyway, at the time he did express disillusionment around sex, but I had no idea how profoundly that would impact him. Many other things were going on in his chart, so by itself this means nothing like that, but I’ll never forget it.

Sincere thank you’s to those who noted my presence with sincere comments.

My decision to stop posting here was based on near zero responses to my posts. Why waste my time and energy?

Saturn did trine my MC during my decision. So did Jupiter and Pluto.

I have not been ill during this time. A bottle of aspirin is still the only medication I have or need. I cannot remember the last time I took any.

Eliseo, That op-ed from the Sacramento bee is terrifying.

Bob, I read your posts, I just don’t always comment. Your unique way of reading charts is much appreciated.

Good article on why this time is different – but will it be enough? https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/12/us/protests-rodney-king-freddie-gray-optimism-blake/index.html

Bingo, Eliseo. Ace Smith nailed it.

It’s long been the dream of Originalists to return to the days when white male landowners ran the country. They’ve been chipping away for years. They are remarkably patient.

I know this because my brother is one of them. He — in the 18th century way — married a woman of means. He came to the marriage 50+ years ago with nothing and now lives in a good-sized house (in Republicanland) that he would never have been able to afford on his own.

He has investments. They live in a community property state. She was gainfully employed in the aerospace industry for her entire adult life before retirement and put up with his long periods of unemployment. She’s a good Catholic and would never divorce him. Knowing my brother, he factored that in before choosing her. What he had going for him at the time was a startling resemblence to Richard Chamberlain.

While modern day observers might call him an opportunist, the Originalists believe that poor flighty women are incapable of taking care of themselves, let alone their inheritances. He only did what was necessary to protect her.

So, maybe they’re winning. But what I want to know is this: if they do win, what are they going to do about Clarence Thomas? Jail him for having relations with a white woman? Or will they just lynch him and have a picnic where the strange fruit hangs?

Andre, I enjoyed the article about Justine Trudeau and every single comment like this one:

“Who cares about the length of his hair? What counts is that Trudeau has been steady and informed and empathetic throughout this never ending health and economic crisis. A leader at his best when it matters.To be fair all Provincial Premiers have risen to the occasion. As Canadians we have been well served by our leaders when strong and steady leadership really counts.”

I would love to read your posts wherever it is you do post. If you could let me/us know. I know that I don’t generally comment on them which is because I am much to much of a neophyte in astrology to have much of anything to say. I have/do however, learn from them and for that I am enterally grateful.
I am also glad all is well and sending along best wishes.

Bob, I think that the SLN community (all of us) have been in shock for several months, like the rest of the country. There has been a kind of unconscious defense; a protection from too much information penetrating our minds all at one time.

A kind of babble mentality has set in. It is a nervous reaction to the onslaught of threatening attacks to our safety and stability. We speak out more than we did before but we understand less than we did before. We are all in a state of shock for now whether we realize it or not.

When the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place in January they were opposite the transiting asteroid Arachne, suggesting (to me) that a fear-based web of defense would be created against an onslaught of powerful attacks.

Transiting Arachne at 22+ Cancer was conjunct the US natal Mercury (thinking, speaking, writing, etc.) as well as Trump’s natal Venus and Saturn. Communicating (Mercury) would be our form of defense, especially for Trump.

I don’t think the discourse at Starlight News has been the same since the Saturn-Pluto cycle started in January; we are all a bit apprehensive and looking for reassurance from others, which is normal in times of stress. We need simple and quick contact these days and any in-depth thinking will. for the most part, have to wait until the threats abate. This is primarily on an unconscious level (the Pluto part anyway).

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction was joined in Capricorn by the transiting Sun (consciousness) and Mercury (how we think and communicate and trade), and Ceres (nurture and nature).

All that was opposite trans. Arachne (the world wide web maybe?), and US Mercury (short term view + nonstop communication + data out the wazoo), and Trump’s Venus (his comfort) and Saturn (his security/control), and the US progressed North Node (path forward) all in Cancer, sign of family roots.

It was the transiting Eris in Aries that T-squared all the above which ignited the combat (cops vs. blacks for start) that the Saturn-Pluto cycle will be delivering for the next several decades.

For the US it will be the grand trine between the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle (22+ Taurus), and the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), and the January Saturn-Pluto cycle (22+ Capricorn) that propels us through this year of 2020.

For the next 3 decades there is the grand trine between transiting Uranus (2+ Taurus) about breakthroughs, transiting Transpluto (2+ Virgo) about becoming whole, and transiting Pholus (2+ Capricorn) about uncorking the sacred wine (the sin of slavery) that drives the Saturn-Pluto energy for at least through the first 3 years of the US Pluto Return.

Until we can get through the present pandemic chaos (US natal Chaos conjuncts US natal Neptune) our thinking and communicating (US Mercury) will lean toward pushing out rather than taking in, IMO. Once Trump is out of the White House we can be less anxious about our future.

Bob, I missed your post earlier. The one about no one responding to you.

Sometimes I miss posts because I’m in a hurry. Sometimes another one attracts my attention and I respond to it. Sometime I want to think about the issue before deciding to respond. Sometimes I run out of time and can’t hang around to see if anyone has responded to one of my (relatively few) posts, so I don’t really know about the responding thing.

I know I’ve responded to you on occasion, but whether or not you’ve replied has gotten lost in all the posting. But as someone once said, that’s show business.

Please don’t stop posting.

For that matter, we haven’t seen Angellight for a while — Angellight, Are you ok?

“Wed May 13, 2020, 09:28 AM

bobnicewander (156 posts)

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Most of these are bad days for tRump and/or his administration. Remember that because of their slow movement the aspects involving transiting Saturn or Pluto are in strong effect for weeks before and after their exactness.

The dates for the Sibly chart may be connected to the economy or Covid-19.

June 18, 2020, transit Saturn Conjunct inaugural Sun at 00°50? Aquarius and 303°03′ in right ascension.

July 5, lunar eclipse conjunct Sibly Sun, square Sibly Saturn. Eclipse Saturn conjunct progressed Sibly Pluto.

July 20, Sibly progressed Moon conjoins Inauguration chart’s MC at 26°13′ Capricorn in longitude and 298°14′ of right ascension.

August 26, 2020, Republican convention, transit Saturn conjunct inaugural chart’s MC at 26°13? Capricorn and 298°14? of right ascension.

September 29, Saturn stations Dx at 25°20? Capricorn.

October 4, Pluto stations Dx at 22°29? Capricorn.

October 10, progressed inaugural Moon conjoins progressed inaugural Saturn in right ascension at 263°24′. They are opposite tRump’s natal Sun at 82°18′.

October 15, progressed inaugural Moon conjunct progressed inaugural Saturn in longitude at 23°53′ Sagittarius.
October 15, progressed Sibly Moon conjunct progressed Sibly Pluto in longitude at 29°27′ Capricorn.

October 31, 2020, transit Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 26°13? Capricorn.

November 2, progressed Sibly Moon conjunct progressed Sibly Pluto in right ascension (302°24′ to 302°22′).

January 20, 2021, 12 pm, EST.”

Later maybe.


I’m pretty sure not everything anyone posts always gets a response. Bottom line, what does it matter? We put our two-cents in and it either catches a current to carry it or not. Reminds me of how a song can be released by a recording artist and completely flop initially – only to become wildly popular/successful when released at another time.

When I see your posts with highly-technical notations, I might scroll past because my little adhd brain just can’t take all that in. I do the same with barbk’s posts – I get dizzy reading them not because they are not valid but because I do better with less information.

We non of us never know when something we shared or posted somewhere at some time may be just the thing someone else needs to read or “get.”

I choose to share freely without expectation. Works for me.

Glad to see you back.

Bob —
FWIW If you want people to read and comment on your very astute astro ideas, please use the signs (i.e. 12 gemini instead of 72.) Most of us who understand a little of astrology don’t relate to just the numbers — we’d have to follow your musings with a crib sheet (0-30: aries; 30-60: taurus etc) and for this old lady that’s just too tedious.
And as a professional performing musician, may I add: just put your stuff out there, without needing a response. (The concept of “maya” comes to mind.) If people are touched by what you do — well then they are. If not, tant pis. lots of love to you from this very aries lady.

I just assume that everyone loves what I post.

I think the pushback Trump got from the military in the past week or so makes it clear they will not support Trump in illegal actions.

Speaking out publicly against a president, the way the General Milley did as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is a huge rebuke. It’s just not done. He will either resign or be fired within days, friends in the military tell me.

And I read a heartbreaking article about the National Guard troops ordered to confront protestors in DC. That they were the people who showed up after disasters in the US. They were heroes to people. They serve US citizens in times of desperate need.

None of them signed up to fight against Americans in US cities, and they feel the reputation of the guard has taken a huge hit.

Also read reports that Trump ordered them to be aggressive and that military leaders went along with it because they feared if they didn’t, Trump would do something worse — like his 10,000 troops idea.

So I don’t fear the military siding with Trump, if he tries to stay. Biden apparently in an interview yesterday when asked about Trump refusing to leave the WH, said he was confident the Secret Service would escort him out, if they needed to when Trump’s term is up.

And his approval rating is at a dismal 39%. He doesn’t have the support. Even a majority of Republicans favor vote-by-mail.

Plus, new cases of the virus are skyrocketing, especially in Southern states. I think people will be fed up with Trump and know he has to go by November.

Pandemic experts say that soon we will all know someone who’s died of the virus and people will no longer be able to dismiss it as a hoax. Trump’s abdicated all responsibility for it to the governors, then said and done things that make their jobs even harder.

Biden has a new ad that slams Trump for refusing to lead in a time of crisis.

Bob, I for one love to read your posts even though my level does not always understand your level of expertise – therefore I do not feel qualified to comment. Also, I have difficulty typing these days because of health – shaky hands. Dont take my lack of response as not caring.


A votre sante!

fierywoman (and all),

Right ascension is only expressed in numbers as a measurement from zero degrees Aries (000°00’00”) through zero degrees Pisces (360°00’00”).

Will try to show. Don’t know if the formatting will take (maybe thinking the measurements are like comparing feet and inches to meters will help).

tRump natal, Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT
Jamaica NY 40°N41’29” 073°W48’22”

His natal chart’s MC is at 24°Ta21’53” in longitude, measured and expressed as 052°00′ of right ascension (NOT 24).


Point ..Longitude……..Travel…….Latitude……Rt.Asc……Decl………..Azi(0°N)…Alti.
MC …..24°Ta21’53”…+352°19’…+00°00’……052°00’….+18°52’…..180°00’…+68°11′

Transiting Neptune at noon today at the White House was at 20°Pi55’48” in longitude and measured at 352°05′ degrees in right ascension.



fierywoman (and all),

Right ascension is only expressed in numbers as a measurement from zero degrees Aries (000°00’00”) through zero degrees Pisces (360°00’00”).

Will try to show. Don’t know if the formatting will take (maybe thinking the measurements are like comparing feet and inches to meters will help).

tRump natal, Jun 14 1946, 10:54 am, EDT
Jamaica NY 40°N41’29” 073°W48’22”

His natal chart’s MC is at 24°Ta21’53” in longitude, measured and expressed as 052°00′ of right ascension (NOT 24).


Point ..Longitude……..Travel…….Latitude……Rt.Asc……Decl………..Azi(0°N)…Alti.
MC …..24°Ta21’53”…+352°19’…+00°00’……052°00’….+18°52’…..180°00’…+68°11′

Transiting Neptune at noon today at the White House was at 20°Pi55’48” in longitude and measured at 352°05′ degrees in right ascension.



Wow, you guys are great. All this support for Bob is heartwarming and will. . .your “I choose to share freely without expectation”, and ja . . “I just assume that everyone loves what I post”, and fierywoman . .”just put your stuff out there”, and Bob your “later maybe”, it all speaks volumes!

I don’t expect what I write about (most of the time) to be read by everyone, especially if you aren’t an astrology buff; none of us can read every word on every thread as our time is scarce.

But, I DO write to possible astrology buffs that lurk (like I do on several other sites). Like kiwi says “I do not feel qualified to comment” is valid for many people that enjoy reading what other people write on this blog.

These are trying times and we do what we are able to do to maintain a level of normalcy and routine. A safe place is what Nancy offers us and aren’t we grateful for that. God bless you all for being out there; the ones that comment and provide us a name that we can associate with your words, and the ones that never comment too.

Sharon K, thanks for the thanks! Have been around for many years appreciating Nancy’s perspective and the ebb and flow of posters over time. Enjoy your stuff. And especially value the links people post to interesting things. And yes, Mars conjunct Neptune in the sky right now is certainly making it a party for us all! Hang in there. And keep smiling everyone.

Eliseo and Chiro, I also enjoy your posts and thank you for that. You might consider reading Sirota’s well-written piece. It nicely ties things up around MLK’s blunt perspective on what you seem to be referring to as unnecessary provocation in service of some ideological meme.

Fierywoman, agree with all on your 4:48 post and inspired by your musical reference as am currently at a crossroads on my jazz guitar study. Lots of Aries people in my life and my 8th house Aries moon likes that just fine (as does my Scorp wife’s 1st house Aries moon).

Kiwi, just want to say hi. You rock. Ciao for now. Ericb

Arbo, Casey M, et. al.
RE: the Ace Smith op-ed.
I think it is quite possible, I’m not sure if it is probable, but certainly possible the scenario AS outlined could take place.

Through channels, Trump would direct the legislatures in red & swing states to declare state emergency on basis of the pandemic. At least some of them would cancel the popular vote election day, and appoint Trumpist electors.

Meanwhile, blue states would go ahead with the election as per normal. This could result in an “Avignon presidency”. We might see both Biden and Trump taking the oath of office on 20 January, but in two different locations.

Another scenario with similar results would be if Trump were to lose both the electoral and popular vote, but as usual, declare the election was rigged and that he actually won. Here again, we might see both he and Biden taking the oath of office simultaneously, but in two different locations, perhaps Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

The latter scenario, wherein Trump go through an inauguration ceremony anyway would require the support of Fox news, his followers, etc. Furthermore, I would imagine the Supreme Court Chief Justice would swear in one, the other to be sworn in by a complicit federal judge.

So I guess you guys don’t believe this then?


And, on another note, here’s a horrible, sad, shocking news item….DU commentors say it’s a town of Whites and white supremists.


Always look forward to and appreciate your insights, Bob.

Sharon K, do you actually believe what he says?

Wolfstar on Neptune Cafe’ FB page yesterday:

Uranus and Three Eclipses Disrupt the Process

The general upheaval in America now has direct and powerful astrological correlations, with the most evident one being the transit of Uranus opposite the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant. Uranus disrupts the status quo by opposing the nation’s self-made image. Scorpio represents its national identity as a military, economic powerhouse, an image that’s encapsulated in the ever-present iconic Eagle, one of Scorpio’s primary symbols.

Most people have a rather lurid picture of Scorpio and, to be sure, the national image is sullied by the abuse of power through various venues, perhaps no more so than through its institution of slavery. The dark side of Scorpio is the ownership of people, and that its early economic success was built on the backs of Blacks. Not until the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect on January 1, 1863 did the U.S. officially put an end to slavery. At the time, transiting Pluto was at 9º Taurus where it opposed the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, and significantly transformed the national image.

Currently, we’re in the midst of a wave of three eclipses that further underscore the dynamic nature of our times. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 took place at 15º Gemini/Sagittarius, and brought a wave of contentious confrontations between police and protesters, a natural rowdy expression since the eclipse was squaring Mars in Pisces. This eclipse also brought a sudden collapse in the stock markets: it activated the NYSE’s progressed Midheaven at 14º Sagittarius. The Dow took its worst tumble last Thursday since the volatile March phase.

Next up, we have a Solar Eclipse at 0º Cancer. This major June 21st astro-event promises to be a doozie: the chart set for Washington DC features Uranus right on the Ascendant. That makes the primary mood of the times one of extreme excitement, disruption, and volatility. Those with prominent placements at 0º Cancer/Capricorn (plus or minus 3º) are especially prone to major changes.

Among these are Kamala Harris, who has Black Moon Lilith at 1º Capricorn and her progressed Mercury at 0º Capricorn. These placements are located in her 7th house of partners, and she’s rising in speculative chatter about Biden’s veep pick. Elizabeth Warren has her Sun-Uranus conjunction at 0º Cancer. And the Federal Reserve Board is a player: it was born with the Sun at 1º Capricorn opposite Pluto at 0º Cancer. The Fed has been propping up the stock market during the pandemic, and is due for a game-changing shift in monetary policy.

Then, the Lunar Eclipse on July 5 is right on the U.S. Sun, promising major change in leadership status at some level. Since Trump’s incompetent handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, he’s tumbled in the polls. And if Georgia’s election last Tuesday is any indicator, we’re in for trouble come Election Day. Georgia’s Tuesday primary was plagued by long lines and voting machine glitches with transiting Uranus less than 1/2º from its opposition to the Scorpio Ascendant.

Transiting Uranus will exactly oppose the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant on Election Day, November 3, very likely undermining the normal flow of process. This could substantially delay the outcome and/or muddy any definitive results. Who knows what Machiavellian action Trump will take if he’s behind in the count….

When Biden announces Warren is his VP, he should immediately add that Kamala Harris will be his AG. That one-two punch would be unbeatable.

Sharon K,
My feeling is that if Trump really does leave office peacefully, allowing the normal and traditional transition of power, there will be at least a 50% chance he will be leaving the country as well. Like I’ve said before, I think he would transfer all his money to Swiss banks, and move to a country with no extradition treaty with the USA.

RE: the CNN article on why this time is different.
In the 60’s when I was in my teens, I participated in the Civil Rights movement and I have the scars and injuries to prove it! As I was one of the very few White persons in my home town doing such work, I can’t tell you how gratified I am to see so many White people finally “getting it”.

Nevertheless, I share the author’s ambivalence. As he questioned, will it be enough? I don’t know. I suppose we can only hope, and keep working the problem. But I have to admit, my hopes for racial justice have never been higher.

Bob says “The outcome was not as severe as I wanted but the timing was in the ballpark.” In the ballpark? Dude hit it way out of the park! Like a year out, and he nails the date of impeachment right on the bullseye. Who else, anywhere, saw that, so far back? And I will bet you anything that history will look back on that date as the point when this presidency was effectively killed; the GOP Senate only preserved the corpse a little longer. Bob knows his shit!
Okay, Bob, vacation’s over, back to the mines. Your fans have spoken, and we won’t be denied. Trump, Biden, all of it, let’s go!


Wolfstar’s brief mention of the July 5th lunar eclipse fits in with my thoughts……

“…… the Lunar Eclipse on July 5 is right on the U.S. Sun, promising major change in leadership status at some level.”

One tarot reader – Marie’s Table, sees July 7th as the date of Trump’s departure.

Zeroing in on July 7th, it’s interesting to note that tr. Uranus (sudden event? – at 10 ’02 Taurus) will square tr. Moon (the trigger point or catalyst – at 10 ’02 Aquarius) forming a dynamic t square to Trump’s natal Pluto (an ending of his presidency? – at 10 ’02 Leo).

Any thoughts about Trump moving his Tulsa hate rally to June 20, closer to the solar eclipse date?

I have a feeling Trump’s Tulsa hate rally may be less successful than he anticipates.

To attend you have to sign a statement saying you will not sue Trump or the R party if you become infected with the coronavirus. I suspect such a requirement will scare off more T supporters than the R’s believe.

I don’t think it tRump will win on election day.

tRump’s inaugural and progressed inaugural chart with election day transits. The transiting Saturn in both charts is opposite his natal Saturn and Venus. Saturn’s presence usually is associated with difficulties, disappointment, loss, and such. But remember G. W. Bush was re-elected on his Saturn return..


and it’s progression to election day with transits



Pence January 20, 2021

In my speculative chart for Pence natal Mars is at 4° Leo in longitude and 126°41′ in right ascension; natal Neptune at 4°34′ Scorpio in longitude and 212°55′ in right ascension squares that Mars. The aspect is a possible indicator of a negative psychological pathology. Their midpoint is at 19°17′ Virgo longitude and 169°48′ degrees of right ascension.

On inauguration day (January 20, 2021) at noon transit Saturn at 3°56′ Aquarius longitude and 126°21′ of right ascension will oppose his natal Mars while transit Neptune at 18°55′ Pisces longitude and 350°15′ right ascension will oppose the midpoint of the natal Mars/Neptune square. Not to be left out, transiting Mars at 6°40′ Taurus and 33°56′ will oppose his natal Neptune; the transiting Mars, Saturn, and Neptune thus bringing his natal Mars and Neptune square out in force. For a booster, transiting Saturn will square his natal and progressed Neptune in longitude and right ascension.

Together, with tRump’s aspects to his natal and progressed inauguration charts, these aspects do not suggest tRump/Pence winning re-election nor successful interference by any outside entity in this year’s election.

“And that’s the way it is.”. Thanks to Walter Cronkite.


Adding birth place chart:


Pence charts not displaying. Trying another site.

Pence speculative with inauguration day transits.


Pence speculative natal in DC.


The last link is to speculative for birth place, not DC.

I don’t think it tRump will win on election day.

tRump’s inaugural and progressed inaugural chart with election day transits. The transiting Saturn in both charts is opposite his natal Saturn and Venus. Saturn’s presence usually is associated with difficulties, disappointment, loss, and such. But remember G. W. Bush was re-elected on his Saturn return..


and it’s progression to election day with transits



Pence January 20, 2021

In my speculative chart for Pence natal Mars is at 4° Leo in longitude and 126°41′ in right ascension; natal Neptune at 4°34′ Scorpio in longitude and 212°55′ in right ascension squares that Mars. The aspect is a possible indicator of a negative psychological pathology. Their midpoint is at 19°17′ Virgo longitude and 169°48′ degrees of right ascension.

On inauguration day (January 20, 2021) at noon transit Saturn at 3°56′ Aquarius longitude and 126°21′ of right ascension will oppose his natal Mars while transit Neptune at 18°55′ Pisces longitude and 350°15′ right ascension will oppose the midpoint of the natal Mars/Neptune square. Not to be left out, transiting Mars at 6°40′ Taurus and 33°56′ will oppose his natal Neptune; the transiting Mars, Saturn, and Neptune thus bringing his natal Mars and Neptune square out in force. For a booster, transiting Saturn will square his natal and progressed Neptune in longitude and right ascension.

Together, with tRump’s aspects to his natal and progressed inauguration charts, these aspects do not suggest tRump/Pence winning re-election nor successful interference by any outside entity in this year’s election.

“And that’s the way it is.”. Thanks to Walter Cronkite.

Bob, interesting that June 18,2020 will be a “bad day” for trump. He just moved his Tulsa rally to June 18th.

just read trump tulsa rally changed to 20th – dont know what time rally starts, but eclipse is at 1.41 am on the 21st tulsa time. thats pretty close to bullseye.

FOX23 had just reported the Trump rally will be held at the BOK Center at 8 p.m on the 20th (Tulsa, Okl.)

8 pm June 20, 2020 Tulsa Oklahoma

Mars at 25 ’32 Pisces in sextile to Jupiter at 25 ’10 Capricorn forms a close double quincunx (finger of God aspect) to Trump’s natal Mars (26 ’44 Leo). One suspects emotions will be rising to a fever pitch.

My error. Tulsa rally the 20th not the 18th.

The Mars-Neptune conjunction takes place in 15 minutes starting a 2 year cycle and it has Mercury conjunct the US natal Sun, so much in the way of data re: USA will be forthcoming.

A sextile between Moon (the People) at 26+ Pisces and Jupiter/Pluto at 24-25+ Capricorn forms a Yod (Finger of God) to Trump’s natal Mars at 26+ Leo that opposes the US Moon and Pallas (26-27+ Aquarius). That is a Boomerang pattern.

The US Moon + US Pallas (strategy) gets all the energy of the Yod after the adjustment Trump’s Mars must make (due to it being at the apex of the Yod). Power to the People!

Also, the Mars/Neptune chart that is starting now has Venus (values) conjunct the US natal Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini, but Venus is retrograde so it will take a while for the new values to begin.

Looks like it started 10 minutes ago!

Bob, good to have you back!

That same Yod-turned-Boomerang is also in Trump’s solar return chart this morning, 7:46 AM.

Venus being retrograde at 8 Gemini is hopefully just a time delay, and not a social stumbling, but it brings focus to the issues and solutions most clearly expressed by Andrew Yang, who has a grand trine in air with Pluto at 8 Libra, Kronos at 8 Gemini, and Venus at 9 Aquarius. His Black Moon Lilith is conj US Moon at 27 Acq, and he has continued to push UBI and other issues forward with his nonprofit Humanity Forward. I think when Jupiter/Pluto are conj at 22 Cap again next month, the depth of disillusionment of the people who have been left out and left behind is going to become crystal clear and the transformative changes we know we need, and who many progressive candidates are calling for, will crystallize as consensus solutions.

Barbk, yes, Trump’s birthday chart reflects that yod. I wonder how he really feels. Scaramucci thinks his insecurity is based on a learning disability. Some people think the one thing he knows how to do, aside from bully people, if figure out how to win the news cycle of the day, and he doesn’t think more than a day ahead.

Bob, I read your posts, like everybody, but I sometimes don’t understand. I support everyone here who is trying to contribute to the conversation. Compared to other astrology blogs I’ve seen, this one is thoughtful about trends, patterns, politics, the world. Others are very focused on very individual personal astrological interpretations.

I don’t have time, at this moment, to catch up or respond since my last post but 2 news items just spoke to me.

There is this: 10 SWAT members resigned & I see their point.

And, this won’t help matters at all either!

The social, racial, cultural struggle goes on.

We need conflict resolution work, big-time!

In my 3:06 am post “On inauguration day (January 20, 2021) at noon transit Saturn at 3°56? Aquarius longitude and 126°21? of right ascension …” should read 306°21′ of right ascension… (180° difference).

As we approach the US birthday, just 3 weeks from today, I remember studying the birthday chart (Solar Return chart) a year ago and am dismayed at what I missed. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I’m hoping all this “experience” we have shared will improve my detection ability.

For example, where was the clue that we would experience a pandemic? I did not see it!

Hindsight tells me it was, in large part, due to Saturn (protection) which was conjunct the South Node (what doesn’t work anymore), both at 17+ Capricorn.

Saturn + SN in Cap were sextile Neptune (sees no boundaries) at 18+ Pisces and their sextile formed a Yod (Finger of God) pattern with the Moon (the People) at 21+ Leo. The People (Moon) would be forced to adjust (required of a planet in the apex of a Yod). Something to do with boundaries or lack thereof.

Now it gets complicated. The 2019 solar return chart’s Moon at 21+ Leo was sextile the US natal Mars (put up a fight) at 21+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini) and the sextile of solar return Moon with US Mars (attack/battle) formed a Yod with the solar return Pluto (death/rebirth) at 22+ Capricorn; a Pluto which was conjunct Saturn and the South Node at 17+ Capricorn, and therefore this Pluto was also sextile Neptune at 18+ Pisces.

Was this a maneuver to throw us (US) into confusion? Hindsight tells me yes indeed.

The solar return Jupiter (understanding) at 16+ Sagittarius was square Neptune (confusion) in Pisces but this Jupiter was also trine the Moon (people) in Leo and they both were trine the US natal Chiron (healing through wounding) at 20+ Aries.

This grand trine – a powerful surge of energy that defies interference – between solar return Jupiter (understanding) and solar return Moon (people) and US natal Chiron (healing through wounding) would lead us out of confusion (Neptune) through understanding (Jupiter square/challenging Neptune).

There’s more, such as 2019 US solar return Uranus (breakthrough) square solar return Juno (inequality) who was conjunct the US North Node (path forward) and opposite the US natal South Node (useless, if not worse) but why bother now, it’s almost time for a new US solar return chart to be studied. The past is behind us.

sharon, some swat team reasons are valid on the surface, but objection to symbolism of taking a knee makes their argument politically suspect.

Yes, but there are other more practical and valid reasons mentioned which are causing them to feel that their lives are being put at risk (underfunded, undertrained, lack of equipment, hands tied in certain situations). .

And now the Atlanta police chief has resigned to calm the community because an officer shot & killed a black man pointing a taser gun at him.

Not a good time for the police.

If feeling sorely under supported, their chief taking a knee could be the final straw of betrayal. There just are no easy answers.

In my 3:06 am post “On inauguration day (January 20, 2021) at noon transit Saturn at 3°56? Aquarius longitude and 126°21? of right ascension …” should read 306°21′ of right ascension… (180° difference).

I thought Cuomo press conf today showed a proactive way to move forward. To citizen protesters: we heard you, we get it, time now put your energy into putting pen to paper and formulate exactly how you want to redesign police. Gave each county govt 9mths to work with public to collaborate and develop concrete new rules, or state will cut funding to non compliant counties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0ikm2iazy8

Hey everyone it helps me to understand the racial injustice, & protests by watching Randi Rhodes. She cuts through the BS and digs up the real reasons for all the chaos on her free Friday show. (Great homework links on her website too.) She compares the peaceful protests to 1964 and tRump to Wallace…
(I admit to being a white lady raised in the south where the history taught was very edited. Didn’t get a clue until my 20s.)


“….Now it gets complicated.” LOL!

will . . .Seriously, it’s one thing to follow breadcrumbs down a trail, but when you come to a point where 3 different trails have breadcrumbs to follow, all you can do is LOL. What’s an astrologer to do? Follow your heart? Your instincts? Get some helpers? Give up and call it a day?

Chiro, I agree that Andrew Yang is a man for our times. I’m especially drawn to his natal Chiron conjunct the US natal Chiron, both at 20+ Aries.

He channels that healing energy through his Mars at 23+ Sagittarius that trines his Chiron, while that Mars of his stimulates the US natal Mars it opposes at 21+ Gemini (+ Trump’s Sun) that squares US Neptune at 22+ Virgo . . . which trines Andrew’s natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn, where the January 12, 2020 conjunction between Saturn and Pluto started their new cycle. Definitely a man for these mind-blowing times.

thanks to utube, so much real history is now being made available to the public. Ive been shocked to learn about the Tulsa massacre etc
Thanks for the heads up Jill for Randi Rhodes –
yesterdays show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yOE6PjvY0c


Video 18 Minutes


Just a quick follow up to the above if I may. Evon explores the ramifications of the upcoming June 21st solar eclipse; a run-up to the July 5th lunar eclipse that forms an opposition to the US natal Sun.

I will definitely check out Randi Rhodes, thanks.

After last night, and another black life snuffed out, I think the Venus retrograde on US Uranus was way more about social stumbling than delays. If anything, that just catalyzed even more eye-opening, consciousness raising, and disillusionment.

We have to find a way forward, and there are those who speak it from the heart. Let’s listen to them.

A young black person here, and his partner, a local teacher, are trying to wake up our community. We need to have conversations with each other to dispel the myths, and to work toward healing. I bet every community has people voicing their concerns. Converse! Maybe its in church, or at a black lives matter vigil, but we need to face this. And it can be virtual and still work.

Yes Chiro, you are right, right, right; “trying to wake up (Uranus) our community” and “there are those that speak it from the heart (Venus)”.

You are right, Chiro. Organized dialogues are even better along the lines of CNN Townhalls. My friend is a specialist in conflict resolution, and has two businesses – Diversity Arts & Unity Theatre. She will do a lot of good in the coming era.

Thank you, Jerry. ‘American Eclipse’ was very worthwhile to watch. Lots to look forward to. Creating something new in the house of resources right on top of Venus.

Getting ahead of the July 4-5 Capricorn lunar eclipse that opposes the transiting Sun that conjuncts the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, there is an intriguing triple conjunction in that eclipse chart between Jupiter (big picture), Pluto (transformation) and Pallas (strategy), all at 23+ Capricorn (institutions) and opposite US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer (the sign ruled by the Moon, symbol of the People).

That reminds me of the triple conjunction in May 2009 between Jupiter (big picture) Neptune (compassion) and Chiron (healing/wounding) at 26+ Aquarius that was conjunct the US natal Moon-Pallas conjunction.

These 2 sets of triple conjunctions are 11+ years apart, shy 10 months of a Jupiter (12 year) cycle. They (the 2 triple conjunctions) are 33 degrees apart on the zodiac and a semisextile is 30 degrees between two points or planets, with a 3 degree orb. Are they related?????

Just under ten months after transiting Jupiter is in a triple conjunction with trans. Pluto and Pallas opposite US Mercury, it will return to the degree where it was conjunct trans. Neptune and Chiron and the US natal Moon 11+ years before.

The Moon is about human emotion and Mercury is about human thinking. Is Jupiter (the Big Picture guy) trying to connect the US thinking apparatus and the US feeling apparatus during a single 12-year Jupiter cycle – with the help of Chiron and Neptune to start, and the help of Pluto and Pallas at the finish?

Yeah, I think so. I know and you know that couldn’t be done (bringing the mind and the emotions of the US body politic together) in 250 years, but in the span of 12 years a brilliant and transiting Jupiter might just pull it off – with the help of a transiting Neptune, Chiron, Pluto and Pallas, of course.

‘Trump’s Halting Walk Down Ramp Raises New Health Questions’

“Mr. Trump — who turned 74 on Sunday, the oldest a U.S. president has been in his first term — was recorded hesitantly descending the ramp one step at a time after he delivered an address to graduating cadets at the New York-based academy on Saturday. The academy’s superintendent, Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams, walked alongside him. Mr. Trump sped up slightly for the final three steps, as he got to the bottom.

Another video circulated of Mr. Trump taking a sip of water from a glass tucked inside his lectern on the dais at West Point. Mr. Trump held the glass with his right hand and brought it to his mouth, but appeared to momentarily have trouble lifting his arm farther. He used his left hand to push the bottom of the glass so that it reached his lips.”


That’s so hopeful, Barbk. Thank you.
I do think people feel as though we are on the brink or maybe in the midst of an awakening. If it can be followed by real healing actions, it would be so amazing. Maybe that Mars/Neptune square US Mars (and Trump’s Sun and Moon) may really be turning things around in a way I didn’t think possible. Can it be that people are becoming disillusioned with Trump? Maybe in enough numbers that hope can re-emerge, and change can happen. The elections will tell us.

Well, since you ask 🙂 . .

The US 2020 Solar Return chart with its triple conjunction between Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas has a bit of innuendo regarding the intentions of Jupiter to bring a detente between US Moon (emotions) and US Mercury (mind) during the coming year.

That would be the grand trine in the 2020 US Solar Return chart between the Moon (emotion, people) at 9+ Capricorn and Uranus (unexpected, breakthrough) at 9+ Taurus and the MC (outcome) at 8+ Virgo (opposite US Ceres and square US Uranus), suggesting another round of Covid, or perhaps some unexpected wrath from Mother Nature that results in some reconciliation among the People.

There will be a Full Moon on April 27, 2021, at the time transiting Jupiter will be conjunct the US natal Moon, while transiting Pluto, that same day, will be stationing retrograde one degree before the degree of the US natal Pluto, as if to delay something.

Ceres at 25+ Aries will be conjunct retro Eris at 24+ Aries, square Pluto (26+ Cap) but they trine Juno (partner) at 23+ Sagittarius. Some crisis averted by some helping hand (Juno)? With the trans. Neptune (22+ Pisces) opposite the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo), that seems possible.

Interestingly, the transiting asteroid Isis (she who put the divided pieces of her husband’s body back together, making him whole again) will be conjunct the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

It’s a thought.


Thank you for Evon Davis clip on American Eclipse.

Having a 0-degree sun in a cardinal sign getting squared gives me schpilkies.

Will, this article states at the end that eclipses have a mundane effect, not personal. Let’s see what the astrologers here say. Maybe it will take away your schplikas (that’s how my family said it — we were from Lithiuania & Belorus — those from Poland & other areas have a slightly different pronunciation).


I think that on the eclipse weekend of July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, tRump may be informed in private that from then on he may campaign as though he has party backing but he will not have it. Pence may think that will mean an endorsement of him but I do not think so. The story may come out later.


Thank you for the alternative differential about eclipses perhaps only affecting mundane issues. Maybe I will get a break. Having a health issue right now that is causing me considerable distress in the form of intense pain – and I guess I am hyper-vigilant about the possibility of worsening symptoms.

Thank you again for posting. Sharon.

I was just musing over Meryl Streep’s and Jane Fonda’s charts:

Streep has a 0-degree Cancer Sun. 0-degree Cancer Uranus

Jane’s got a 29-degree Sagittarian Sun.

Might be interesting to watch the news over the next week.

Will, you’re welcome. So sorry about your pain. May you experience great healing and relief.

will, your progressed Neptune/Pluto midpoint is at 21°02′ Virgo it is opposed today by transiting Mars at 21°53′ Pisces.
My anlunar chart for you came in 4 days ago with 21°40′ Libra on the MC. Your progressed Saturn at 21°10′ Libra and progressed Neptune at 21°27′ Lira were on it.

Yesterday early evening or late afternoon that chart had progressed to have return Saturn on the Asc. During this period of time you have had dates near each other but not consecutive with stressful aspects.

Without a cure you know that you have to treat the pain the best you can and await the passage of time for it to dissipate.

Best wishes for your comfort.

A personal story was shared by a Nextdoor neighbor about hate crimes he and his family suffered as he was growing up. He told me it was ok to share his story and his personal information so more people could pray for him and vice versa, but I told him I’d rather respect his privacy. Here it is: “People Matter”
“Good afternoon,to all of you wonderful people…I have sat back watched and observed before saying anything…When I was 5 years old,one weekend I saw a man shoot and kill another man!!! My parents moved to Carrollton Ave.And this was in the late 70’s around 1978 or 1979…During the times that I was 7,8 and 9 years old our house was bombed..Yes,we had a mailbox that was built in to the front door of our home …An for 3 consecutive years someone would put about 100-200 fireworks in our mailbox…I was horrified!!! And as only a child baffled as to why someone would do such a thing…My dad said it was because we were the only black family in the neighborhood…My dad was going to sleep in his car to catch the culprit and protect my mom and me…She, on the other hand,had NOPD undercover police across the street…And they caught the guy red handed…His name was Richard and he was a white guy…My dad would’ve killed him if he caught him but my mom saved his life and he hated us for being black!!! What he didn’t know is that my mom Graduated from Dillard University and received her masters degree from Loyola University…What he didn’t know is that my dad was attending Tulane University at that time and went 6 years including the summer while he had already graduated from the New Orleans Bible Seminary…I love all people even the ones that hate me !!! God bless enjoy your day…”

Thank you for the blessing, Sharon.

Bob, I don’t know how you got my birth chart info, but you are correct about my progressed Saturn and Neptune being conjunct. The affliction is most likely IBS – which feels like I accidentally ate Pavarotti and he is punching and singing in my stomach from the inside to get out. Sharp, doubled-over type pain with Dolby-like other-worldly sounds; like someone is dragging a grand piano over a wood floor. I have to apologize for the digestive noises to my patients. Feels like one of those Aliens is about to burst out.

You know your Saturn is challenged when you drive to Taco Bell, wait for your order and are told when you get to the counter, “Sorry, we have run out of beans.” You know it even more when you change your order, wait again, drive home and discover the server forgot to put single packet of hot sauce in the bag.

Made me laugh out loud. God has a sense of humor.

Thank you very much for the heads-up, Bob. Grand of you.

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

symphonic pain? – quite the description will – only your humor could make agony sound so poetic.
Best wishes for a calm, speedy recovery

I got it from you counselor.

From my files:

“Hi Bob,

Thank you for the head’s-up; sounds gnarly, Dude!

I came to this planet on *** **, **** at *****m ******** **.”

Thanks for the update Bob.

This is so weird!

‘We’re thinking landslide’: Beyond D.C., GOP officials see Trump on glide path to reelection

Conventional indicators suggest the president’s bid for a second term is in jeopardy. But state and local GOP officials see a different election unfolding.



So you did. Thank you for your insights.

Kim at Intuitiview has a new video out and talks about Trump’s health among other things. Very interesting.

Eliseo, I read the same article. I immediately started looking into retiring to New Zealand. I’ll just have to stay on a very long vacation because I can’t afford it. On election day NorthNode is 21 Gemini. The Moon is there that night. By now we know that’s Trump’s Sun’s position. Did you see his speech (or read it) to WestPoint? Very different from his norm. He is a chameleon, changing with the light. Who knows what is possible.
Sharon, I do think the Moon is important in Mundane astrology, and I think Barbk’s interpretations for the Moon in the Solar Return for the US chart reflect that same point, as do the interpretation of the impact of subsequent Full Moons and eclipses.
Will, best wishes. Accupuncturists can do amazing things, in my experience. What about Aloe? Drinking aloe might help.

This is curious!

‘Trump’s Niece to Publish Book With ‘Harrowing’ Revelations, Report Says
The Daily Beast reported that Mary Trump will also say that she was a source of The New York Times’s coverage of the president’s tax returns. The Times declined to comment on the claim.’

A niece of President Trump will divulge a series of “harrowing and salacious” stories about him in an upcoming book, according to a published report. It would be the first time that the president could be forced to grapple with damaging revelations by a member of his own family.

The niece, Mary Trump, will release the book, “Too Much And Never Enough,” on Aug. 11, less than three weeks before Mr. Trump accepts the Republican nomination for a second term, The Daily Beast reported on Sunday.

The report said that in the book, Ms. Trump, 55, will say she was a primary source for The New York Times’s coverage of Mr. Trump’s finances and provided the newspaper with confidential tax documents. A spokeswoman for The Times declined to comment on Sunday.


So what do the astrologers say about Trump and August 11th?

Is there something in Trump’s chart that would be significant on or near Aug. 11th when this books debuts?

Chiro, the transiting Moon and North Node at 20+ Gemini (duality) on election night are almost conjunct the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini which is almost conjunct Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini which squares US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo; just like a game of dominoes. With transiting Pluto and Jupiter (21-22 Capricorn) trine US natal Neptune on election night, it’s not all that good for Trump.

On election day November 8, 2016, transiting Uranus at 21+ Aries (conjunct US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries) was sextile US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini and that sextile hooked up with election day 2016’s Mercury at 22-23 Scorpio to form a Yod, meaning transiting Mercury (data, votes, trickery) would have to adjust to the circumstances beyond its control.

Trickster Mercury – at the behest of US Mars and transiting Uranus (+ US natal Chiron) found a way to make Trump President of the US in November 2016 for the following 4 years so that the US would learn a lesson.

On election night Nov. 3, 2020, there is transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus, this time sextile US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, and together with election night Venus at 8+ Libra, we again have a Yod in which election night Venus must adjust, and she squares Trump’s Mercury at 8+ Cancer.

Interestingly, election night Venus is also trine US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, as well as the Neptune-Pluto cycle start degree, the chart in which Uranus (27+ Libra) squared Venus (values) at 27+ Cancer who opposed the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn).

That Uranus in the Neptune-Pluto cycle start (August 2, 1891) chart was trine the US natal chart Moon (the People) at 27+ Aquarius, and in it’s methodical way, the Neptune-Pluto cycle that began in a conjunction to the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, has managed to bring increased consciousness to the US People, and, albeit one helluva ride to get here, IMO it was well worth it.

How have we come to this? It appears the officer intentionally targeted this 8 year old boy. I’m baffled as to why any officer would do this, unless they were a dedicated White Supremacist Nazi dumb enough to believe harming a small boy would further their cause.

Outrage at video showing child who was maced by police at Seattle protest
Protester who filmed the aftermath says he was arrested and spent two days in jail for what some are calling police retribution

Hallie Golden in Seattle
Mon 15 Jun 2020 11.52 EDT


BTW, in the KimCarey video I mentioned earlier she predicted a SCOTUS decision that Trump wouldn’t like in which Gorsuch or Roberts or both voted with “the Democrats”. She did the video last night.


“symphonic pain?” – like Sturm und Drang, to be sure! Thank you!


Thank you for the good wishes.

Listening to the American Eclipse video now, so thank you for the link. And Will, I hope you get relief from IBS or whatever is ailing you.

As another zero-degree Aries, I’m also intensely curious as to how the June 21 eclipse will manifest. Not only is my sun at 00 Aries, but my natal North Node is at 10 Capricorn, which means my. south node is at 01 Cancer.

These are interesting times we’re all living through. I wish everyone here peace and joy and safety.

Eliseo, I saw that article too. The Republican leaders may indeed be right about a landslide, but it won’t be one that works in their favor.

Well, you seem to feel, Barbk, that there will be a reversal of fortunes for Trump, or at least for the USA. It does seem to be a set of caring/nurturing changes with Ceres and Venus involved. Caring is what the Dems have to emphasize, imo, and is the real reason Biden is gaining momentum, especially in contrast to the Repubs.

Hi Will-
I’m usually just a lurker here, as I have only basic astrological knowledge and don’t have much to contribute in that area. But I came out of hiding when you brought up the agony that is an IBS attack – I have IBS too, and the pain is unreal.
I don’t know if this will help you, but when I have an attack I treat it with an ounce of aloe vera juice mixed in a glass of water, which I sip slowly through the day. I usually need a couple of glasses for the best results. No other food or drink for several hours, sometimes not until the next day.
It has never failed to heal the pain and get my digestive system back on track.

SharonK, Will & all: re. the link posted:


“…But in the Age of Aquarius natural disasters and destructive weather events are regularly timed by aspects formed by Mars and Saturn in the sky and aspects formed by progressed Saturn in the Saturn cycle so it’s logical to conclude that the disaster event signposted by a more significant eclipse would have a far higher level of consequence than a common flood or cyclone.”

Sorry, but I have to say this! I love doing astrology and reading about it just as much anyone, and it’s fine to post one’s interpretations about what a given astrological configuration might mean. But, it is not ok, imo, to say “disasters and destructive weather events are REGULARLY TIMED by aspects formed by Mars and Saturn.”

Disasters and destructive weather events are all over the place as to planets in the sky. This is a huge, huge oversimplification.

For one thing, any quick look at the stats from one of the world’s finest science sites (and it’s free),

https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/ ,

as well as various others, including on volcanoes and the like, show over and over again that Mars/Saturn do NOT predict disasters specifically.

Yes, Mars/Saturn “may” be present in disaster charts (and they are always “somewhere” in the chart), but they are not inevitably present in significant configurations when there is a disaster. Furthermore, there is nothing “logical” about it. Astrology isn’t about logic in that sense. Mars, Saturn and eclipses can’t be excluded, but they are not definitive either.

So, let’s not get all apocalyptic about disasters coming when Mars and Saturn have proved us wrong countless times. The aspects they make do not logically result in physically disastrous events to large groups of people at all.

Generalizing about astrology is very dangerous. It is a disservice, imo, to the complexities and value of astrology as a tool for understanding people. Astrology, imo, does not cover natural events per se. It is about the reaction and response of people, not the event itself.

Otherwise we’d all be wildly concerned when there is a big one in some remote tract in Alaska, but we’re not. We are only concerned when PEOPLE get hurt, and they generally are not hurt when there is an earthquake somewhere that is a “big one” where nobody happens to live. Astrology is location and person/location/’birth’ time specific. If it isn’t that, then it’s just not worth much.

Only my opinion!

You are right again Chiro, and I would add and emphasize a change in “values”, which Biden exemplifies.

In 2012 there was an aspect of trans. Venus retrograde conjunct transiting Sun that happens about every 121 years and it is quite significant because of its rarity. Venus appears as a tiny black dot on the face of the Sun, and this time astrologers were linking it to the return of Feminism into our cultures; a kind of balancing of yin-yang. I always associate Venus with values; what really matters to us.

She and the Sun were at 15+ Gemini in 2012, the same place the Sun was when opposite the lunar eclipse 9 or 10 days ago, so that Venus energy has been reinvigorated.

The Venus Transit in June 2012 had a link to the 2000 Saturn-Jupiter cycle that began at 22+ Taurus, in that the Venus Transit chart’s Ceres was also at 22+ Taurus (conjunct Sedna at 23+ Taurus). She was also trine US Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

That Ceres at 22+ Taurus in the 2012 Venus Transit chart would go on to trine the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction as well as TRANSITING Ceres, all 3 of them at 22+ Capricorn. I note this because these events and cycles are not just a moment in time but are often linked to one another in an ongoing process.

The 2012 Venus Transit chart’s Ceres literally begged me to review the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart again, and so I did. This Jupiter-Saturn cycle still has 6 months before it expires and what I found that I’d missed or forgotten about was a sextile between the Moon (People) at 3+ Aries and Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini.

At that time the US progressed Saturn was at 3+ Scorpio retrograde (and trine US NATAL Venus at 3+ Cancer) so US prog. Saturn completed a Yod (Finger of God) with the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s sextile between Moon (People) and Venus (values). This made it clear that the process to wake up America regarding what it values began in earnest as far back as 2000.

Our country has lost its bearings regarding what we value and we’ve never faced the reality of our inequality until the 1% rubbed it in our faces so badly with Trump as US President. We are finally ready to look at the reality of our (country’s) blindness and ignorance and moral depravity and end it. Trump R US, no more. Get out the vote 2020.

SCOTUS affirmed LGBTQ people have a right to work without being fired for who we are. It strikes me that prior to our current rapidly transformative movement on race and police brutality and institutional racism, there was MeToo, another rapidly transformative movement, and prior to that same sex marriage equality, another rapidly transformative movement. Each of these are global in reach. Also, Standing Rock, an indigenous and water rights movement challenging Big Oil that went global and prior, there was Occupy, launched in 2008, another global movement challenging oligarchy and economic inequality.

Each time, the reach and intensity and influence seems to have increased.

I pray for a blue wave that flips the Senate and dumps trump, but if that fails, the evolution of human consciousness is already happening and from what I can see, it’s truly amazing!

Happy Pride!

Banks, check this.

Gorsuch, Conservative Favorite Appointed by Trump, Leads Way on Landmark Decision
One conservative group said the justice’s opinion in the L.G.B.T. rights case had betrayed the legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia, whose seat on the court he has held since 2017.

Justice Neil M. Gorsuch is a profoundly conservative jurist and one of the two appointments President Trump has made to the Supreme Court that Republicans expected would fundamentally shape it to their liking for a generation.

But on Monday, Justice Gorsuch, 52, led the way on one of the most sweeping L.G.B.T. rights rulings in the court’s history, protecting gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination and confounding those who thought he would be a reliable conservative on those issues.

Justice Gorsuch led a 6-to-3 majority in declaring that gay and transgender workers are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, national origin and sex. His ruling was joined not by his usual conservative allies, but by the court’s four liberals and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.


Ja, thanks for the above from NYT. I think Kim is getting better as she continues to do her videos. Let’s hope that this is the first of more 6-to-3 rulings with Gorsuch and Roberts voting with the liberal members of the court.

Jackson, thank you! Wouldn’t wish this on 45. Exhausting.


Terrific rebuttal to the Astrology for Aquarius 0-Cancer Eclipse. Solid!

Moreover, it would seem unlikely that sensitive planetary transits would affect the Earth but not those who live upon it; especially since astrology has merged into the lexicon of psychology.

Gee, Will–
My pain is only exquisite. “Symphonic”–wonderful descriptor! Creator bless.

I send you energy to use as you will. I hope you feel better very soon.

This is for Peter,

You asked “Any thoughts about Trump moving his Tulsa hate rally to June 20, closer to the solar eclipse date?”

Indeed. The Trump rally kicks off within a scant 5 hours prior to the eclipse. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. Maryanne of Revealing Light, although a novice in astrology (she is primarily a tarot card reader) shares some thoughts on the astrological aspects. The last ten minutes or so, she reverts back to the tarot cards. Her insights are worth noting. She is referring to the Washington DC location for the June 21st solar eclipse chart. Here is the chart for quick reference:


The following is her video:

SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER: Expect the unexpected

Video: 30 min. 59 sec.


In this time of pandemic, Trump ought to read this, but of course, it would be of no use.


Just finished watching a remarkable film this morning. To me it resonates with what is currently ravaging the American social landscape. There exists in every tragedy the inherent goodness of those who take courage, sacrificing themselves for the well-being of others.

Here’s one short synopsis:

“A gripping true story of humanity and heroism, HOTEL MUMBAI vividly recounts the 2008 siege of the famed Taj Hotel by a group of terrorists in Mumbai, India. Among the dedicated hotel staff is the renowned chef Hemant Oberoi (Anupam Kher) and a waiter (Academy Award-Nominee Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire) who choose to risk their lives to protect their guests.”

Hotel Mumbai theatrical trailer:


The story behind the story……

The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj Hotel: Rohit Deshpande at TED New England

Video: 18 min 28 sec


Off topic……

On a much lighter note, a most charming Jane Austen film I saw recently, and one that I would highly recommend. The following is a three minute video/ soundtrack of Emma…..

EMMA (2020) Soundtrack. Johnny Flynn – Queen Bee


To Beowulfie
on June 15th, 2020
at 7:41 pm

Very important!

“Generalizing about astrology is very dangerous. It is a disservice, imo, to the complexities and value of astrology as a tool for understanding people.”

Marjorie Orr:


Former National Security Adviser John Bolton—or, as he once insisted on calling himself on Twitter, #JohnBolton—has a book coming out.

According to his publisher, the memoir will be the “most comprehensive and substantial account of the Trump Administration,” a chronicle of a “President addicted to chaos, who embraced our enemies and spurned our friends, and was deeply suspicious of his own government.” Bolton will apparently argue that Donald Trump committed not one but many impeachable offenses. As Mike Allen and Jonathan Swan report at Axios, Bolton “will go beyond Ukraine” and make the case that Trump engaged in similar wrongdoing across the scope of his foreign policy.
Now he tells us?

The book, slated for publication on June 23, will come out to a hostile audience—or, perhaps we should say, several hostile audiences. The White House announced it believes that the manuscript contains classified information and needs to be revised—and this after the book’s publication date had already been pushed back twice because of government review. Bolton’s lawyer responded in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, arguing that the administration is turning the review process into “a pretext to censor Mr. Bolton.”

Now he tells us?

The book, slated for publication on June 23, will come out to a hostile audience—or, perhaps we should say, several hostile audiences. The White House announced it believes that the manuscript contains classified information and needs to be revised—and this after the book’s publication date had already been pushed back twice because of government review. Bolton’s lawyer responded in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, arguing that the administration is turning the review process into “a pretext to censor Mr. Bolton.”


The news:


6 months on, Trump hasn’t completed his physical. The White House won’t say why.

May 22, 2020, 2:43 PM CDT / Updated May 22, 2020, 6:08 PM CDT
By Geoff Bennett and Monica Alba

“A president’s annual physical typically occurs at the beginning of a new year. Trump’s 2019 exam was conducted in February, and his 2018 physical was conducted in January. It is uncommon for a president to complete a routine physical exam months apart and in multiple stages.”

“That visit to Walter Reed was unannounced and remained shrouded in secrecy for two days as the president remained out of public view and as the White House declined to answer questions about it.”

My charts for tRump’s November unannounced hospital visit:


Jerry, that was delightful, the Emma piece, thank you!

Also, thanks for the Maryanne link on the Solar Eclipse, it was VERY “revealing”. literally. It reminded me of Nancy’s observation in her original post and in a comment up thread about transiting Uranus in Taurus opposite the Inauguration chart Moon (9+ Scorpio) which the US natal Eris (8+ Capricorn) has a hand in . . US Eris (discord) in Cap. trine transiting Uranus in Taurus and sextile Inauguration Moon in Scorpio.

There is also transiting Neptune (into its motionless period of 17 days at 20+ Pisces) in this eclipse chart which will square Trump’s Moon, Nodes and Sun, and this Neptune is more than willing to freak him out. It square’s US natal Mars too, so there’s that.

Stationary transiting Neptune in Pisces also sextiles US natal Vesta (what we are invested in) at 19+ Taurus, and that my friends sets up a Boomerang pattern. This is because US Juno at 20+ Libra completes a Yod (Finger of God) with the anchored trans. Neptune and the US Vesta, and she opposes US Chiron who puts the boom into the Boomerang.

US Juno (we are in this together) will have to adjust due to her position at the apex of the Yod, but she trines Trump’s North Node to the degree, and he will falter and she will adjust accordingly. After that the Yod converts into the Boomerang and US natal Chiron is large and in charge of all the Yod power released by US Juno.

I figure that will last through the election and into 2021 when Neptune opposes US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo in April, 2021, and ending in April, 2022.

Let the healing begin.

I should mention that US Ceres (having her “return” all year long) at 8+ Pisces is trine the Inauguration Moon at 9+ Scorpio.

Therefore, the effect of US Eris 8+ Cap that sextiles Inauguration Moon in Scorpio (that forms a Yod with US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini which I forgot to mention earlier) adds to the pressure (US Ceres squares US Uranus) to reform, as only the ladies can do.

US Ceres also sextiles transiting Uranus, but I don’t think they make a Yod, at least I’m not aware of one yet!

Thank you Jerry!


From experience, I can tell you that drinking aloe vera juice can really help soothe your whole digestive tract, and it may sound gross, but it honestly doesn’t taste bad.

Ativan, too, which I assume you know and have access to. When things get really bad, I can take a …I guess it’s a milligram or a milligram and a half at bedtime, sleep as long as I can, and it’s like a reset button to my digestive tract and mental state.

Also peppermint oil (rubbed on your abdomen) or peppermint tea is soothing. I’d go for Reiki before acupuncture, but that’s just me. I’d rather have soothing hands than needles. But I have had acupuncture before, and it can be a powerful energy mover.

Hope you feel better soon.

Violetta post April 13 2020.

Will Trump Supporters Stop Trusting Him?

My question is at the 2:36 minute mark. We are now in the 3rd week in June, 16 days before July eclipse weekend.

Wonderful catching up on the great posts today. Frank, a very positive turning point. We DO seem to be having a lot of them.
I will check out the many links. People are busy!
The BOOM in boomerang. I love it.
I find it fascinating that the patterns link to themselves so clearly when looked at closely, but you really have to have a whole catalog of charts, and a good memory. Thanks, Barbk.

I do see the fight being about values, over and over again. I think Eris provides that spark, and Chiron the healing to make it happen. We need to help that along in our own ways.

Mary Trump, Donald’s niece is set to publish her tell all book July 28.
Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, Simon & Schuster 

John Bolton’s book on Trump is scheduled to come out June 23.
“According to his publisher, the memoir will be the “most comprehensive and substantial account of the Trump Administration,” a chronicle of a “President addicted to chaos, who embraced our enemies and spurned our friends, and was deeply suspicious of his own government.” Bolton will apparently argue that Donald Trump committed not one but many impeachable offenses. As Mike Allen and Jonathan Swan report at Axios, Bolton “will go beyond Ukraine” and make the case that Trump engaged in similar wrongdoing across the scope of his foreign policy.”


Meanwhile, on orders from the Donald, the DOJ is sueing to prevent the book from ever being published.

In the chart for the Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2:41 AM in DC, at 0 Cancer 21 (one of 4 Aries or World Points), there are 2 aspects that made me check the charts for 2 recent cycle starts: the Mars-Jupiter conjunction on March 20, and the Sun-Saturn conjunction on January 13. Both are for short cycles; the Mars-Jupiter for 2 years and the Sun-Saturn for one year.

Looking at the “birth” of a cycle chart for 2 planets that are in tight aspect in different chart, such as this eclipse chart, can help to clarify what can result from the eclipse. Mars will be sextile Jupiter and Saturn will quincunx Sun in this Solar Eclipse.

In the cases of the Sun-Saturn conjunction and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction, both started at 22+ Capricorn, the same degree as the historic Saturn-Pluto cycle began its 30+ year cycle last January.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is:

Dane Rudhyar gives it the keyword: RECOMPENSE; i.e.”a compensation for a well-done performance – a balancing of accounts”

That suggests to me that these cycles that began at 22+ Capricorn will consist of hard and even dangerous work, but in the end the work will be rewarded.

In the Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart the Sun was at 0+ Aries (world point) and was sextile Saturn at 29+ Capricorn (a critical degree), and all the major planets in the chart were within 1/3 of the space on the chart, including the Moon (that was trine the progressed US Mars and sextile the progressed US Chiron but was square Venus in this Mars-Jupiter chart). The planetary compactness in the Mars-Jupiter cycle shows a very focused intent, with no astrological oppositions.

Oddly, the Sun on the Aries Point sextile Saturn in a critical degree in this Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart suggests new beginnings but with caution. The Moon in this chart making cooperative aspects to US progressed Mars and Chiron suggests the US will embark on plans to embolden and heal its people during the next 2 years emphasizing its basic values.

The Sun-Saturn chart on the other hand, has the major planets a little less focused (more spread out) with the Moon (the People) at 0+ Virgo opposite Venus (values) at 29+ Aquarius (critical degree), and Uranus at 2+ Taurus was trine the Moon and sextile Venus. This cycle, just a year long, shows more reliance on spontaneity and breakthroughs in achieving its goals.

The Sun-Saturn conjunction took place less than 24 hours after the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place so all 3 planets were still in the same degree 22+ Capricorn. In both the Sun-Saturn and Mars-Jupiter conjunction charts, Pluto is considered to be conjunct them. Game changer.

I would conclude that this Solar Eclipse on June 21 symbolically represents a period of adjustment (Saturn will be quincunx the eclipsed Sun/Moon) if not transformation, between government and institutions (like police departments?) and the People (Saturn in Aquarius, aka groups, and the eclipse in Cancer ruled by Moon), . . .

. . and that it will be highly influenced by the great Saturn-Pluto cycle, largely by what people see on TV and the Internet (Saturn in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus and Saturn which is about technology).

Mars and Jupiter will be sextile in this eclipse and they will form a Yod to Trump’s natal Mars in Leo that becomes a Boomerang because Trump’s Mars opposes the US natal Moon (in Aquarius), and she rules the sign of Cancer where the eclipse takes place.

With the compact energy package in their new cycle’s chart (all planets in 1/3 of the chart) the Mars-Jupiter aspect is about a push (Mars) toward greater understanding (Jupiter). Therefore their sextile-turned Yod with Trump’s Mars-turned Boomerang with US Moon at this eclipse is about a transference of power from Trump to the People.

I think perhaps it is the grand trine with the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo that was trine the Saturn/Pluto and the Sun/Saturn and Mars/Jupiter cycles at 22+ Capricorn that were trine the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn cycle start at 22+ Taurus which is fueling this solar eclipse.

I think that because transiting Neptune will be in orb of opposing US Neptune and that would make the grand trine into a Kite pattern. Wouldn’t you love to tell Trump to go fly a kite?

I HAD to order Mary Trump’s book. She is the closest professional to have observed him over a long period. I really want to understand as much as I am able to find re: how he got to be as he is. The tidbits I have picked up about his limitations and the abuse he suffered always remind me of how one creates a Berserker.

Will there be calls for Attorney General Bill Barr’s resignation if documents of criminal wrongdoing are revealed during the June 24th deposition (see Politico article summation below)?

The June 18th Mercury retrograde station (14 Cancer) in square to Barr’s natal Neptune (14 Libra) – could that suggest damaging evidence emerging that will undermine Mr Barr’s position? This is followed by the June 21st solar eclipse (within two degrees conjunction of Barr’s n. Uranus @ 3 Cancer in semi-square to natal Pluto @ 15 Leo). With Barr out of the way, Mr. Trump will find himself more vulnerable to legal jeopardy.

“Nadler issued two subpoenas, one for Zelinsky and one for DOJ Antitrust Division official John Elias, describing both as ‘whistleblowers’ prepared to testify to allegations of political interference in Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department. A hearing with both men is set for June 24. They’ll appear alongside Donald Ayer, a former deputy attorney general in President George H.W. Bush’s Justice Department, who is expected to speak broadly about the importance of an independent Justice Department.” POLITICO

You are a blessed soul! Most liberals, progressives, and moderates despise the Donald so much they want him (A) ousted from office, (B) prosecuted, convicted, permanently imprisoned, and maybe even executed for treason. If honest, many would actually enjoy video of him handcuffed, brusquely and forcibly escorted from the white house and into a squad car or paddy wagon while he flails and cries for his momma.

But WOW! You actually want to understand the man and how he got to be so sick and twisted. Your empathy, humility, and pure humanity are showing. Blessings!

PS See related video clip:

Barr’s New Mueller Nightmare: Key Prosecutor To Tell All Under Oath



Sometimes I am confused and befuddled. Today I had to park my car behind a gray pick up truck with a big Trump/Pence bumper sticker, and an even bigger Jesus decal, and a number of hostile gun pointed at you stickers as well.

Hmm. Must be a different Jesus. Must not be the prince of peace rabbi I’m familiar with. The charismatic advocate of justice, compassion, and social equalitarianism I knew as a child growing up in Methodist church would not have voted for either Mr. T, or Mr. P. Surely that truck owner must be a fan of some other Jesus, maybe a Rambo type White guy with an AK-47 who by chance has a Hispanic name.

How in the name of G-d have so many so called Christian’s switched their allegiance from the “Son of Man” to the “Son of Malice?”

Banks, the book on Trump may be coming out that day, but more importantly (?) the Minnesota primary will be held that day.

I looked at the charts relative to both Trump and Biden on August 11 and it looks like a mixed bag for both.

Trump has transiting Neptune in T-square with his natal nodes and Mars sextile his natal Sun. The stellium in Capricorn (JupiterRx, PlutoRx, SaturnRx) is in square aspect to Trump’s progressed conjunction of Venus and Chiron in Libra.

Biden has his progressed Midheaven exactly opposite his natal Saturn. Also, his progressed Mercury, as well as the stellium in Capricorn, are opposing his natal Jupiter.

I keep looking, but I don’t see a clean finish to any of it.

and right on cue donny threatens to sue mary to prevent book release

Wasn’t today the date for the unredacted Mueller report decision?

Eliseo: Eloquent and hilarious. You get my best post award!


“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

-Attributed to Mahatma Gandhi


The June 18th June hearing has been “vacated” and re-scheduled for July 20th. See related article:

Judge Who Accused Barr Of “Distorting” Mueller Report Demands Answers After Reading Unredacted Copy


“It’s very common to see a strong Hades in the chart of doctors, therapists, as well as those in the esoteric professions, as they are all working with people who need their help in some way.”*Uranian astrologer.

In the June 20-21 (it’s 20 in SF) Eclipse, Chiron is square Hades, a transnep often associated with health and healing. Hygeia is at 3 Cancer, the US’ Venus positiion. And Uranus is semi-sextile Chiron, and sextile Hades. This is a little too much health and healing to ignore. Chiron, Uranus, and Hades are all at 9 degrees of Aries, Taurus, and Cancer, respectively. Hygeia is fairly close to the Sun/Moon at 0 Cancer. Not a conjunction, but not far. Health and Hygiene has to come into play here, and with Uranus, and with the square between Chiron and Hades, breakthroughs can be expected, and rapid progress. We get news everyday of potential cures, vaccines, improvements in treatment. This will be a highlight of this eclipse, I think.

Hmmm . . . there’s a New Moon that day Jerry, and it has a Boomerang:

Ceres at 12+ Pisces rx sextile Uranus 10+ Taurus

both quincunx Juno at 12+ Libra (+ US Saturn 14+ Libra + Trump’s Chiron and Juno at 14+ Libra)

opposite Mars at 12+ Aries.

All aspect the US Sun at 13+ Cancer.

The Sun/Moon at 28+ Cancer oppose US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and transiting Saturn at 28+ Capricorn. Transiting Venus at 15+ Gemini is where the Venus-transit-Sun took place in 2012.

Very interesting, Thanks a lot Jerry, looking forward to this!

Please; I think it is more cerebral than that. I do want him where he can not hurt anyone else, ever. And I do want to know how he became what he is. We must understand if we have any hope Of not creating monsters. And, yes I do weep for the tiny, human child who was so brutalized.

Linda G thinks Mary may be the woman she has been seeing, who takes Trump down.


Ralfee Finn:


John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser, says in his new book that the House in its impeachment inquiry should have investigated President Trump not just for pressuring Ukraine to incriminate his domestic foes but for a variety of instances when he sought to intervene in law enforcement matters for political reasons.

Mr. Bolton describes several episodes where the president expressed willingness to halt criminal investigations “to, in effect, give personal favors to dictators he liked,” citing cases involving major firms in China and Turkey. “The pattern looked like obstruction of justice as a way of life, which we couldn’t accept,” Mr. Bolton writes, adding that he reported his concerns to Attorney General William P. Barr.

Mr. Bolton also adds a striking new allegation by saying that Mr. Trump overtly linked trade negotiations to his own political fortunes by asking President Xi Jinping of China to buy a lot of American agricultural products to help him win farm states in this year’s election. Mr. Trump, he writes, was “pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win. He stressed the importance of farmers, and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.”

The book, “The Room Where It Happened,” was obtained by The New York Times in advance of its scheduled publication next Tuesday and has already become a political lightning rod in the thick of an election campaign and a No. 1 best seller on Amazon.com even before it hits the bookstores. The Justice Department filed a last-minute lawsuit against Mr. Bolton this week seeking to stop publication even as Mr. Trump’s critics complained that Mr. Bolton should have come forward during impeachment proceedings rather than save his account for a $2 million book contract.


My copy of the latest Mountain Astrologer magazine (yep, I get it on paper), finally arrived in the mail. It’s the best issue I’ve read, and I have a pile going back years.

The issue has an article by an excellent astrologer, Nina Gryphon, where she discusses Covid 19 at length. She does a fine job of explaining the various things that are at play, and gives a list of significant dates. Well worth reading.

However, I have to point out that even great astrologers have biases like everyone else. The article was written earlier in the year, not long after Covid started being a bigger problem, so its future was yet in doubt, but it shows a clear bias in favor of a “favorable outcome” for the US.

But – and it is a big but, the negative possibilities are given short shrift. For one thing, it neglects to say that the fixed star, Algol, sits near the cusp of the 7th house, within 2 degrees. The fact is, the outcome has been anything but favorable for the people of the US, with over 100,000 people having died. That is a staggering outcome, not the one indicated in the article.

It is true that astrology cannot predict precisely how the planets will express and the aspects discussed in the article are not ‘wrong’ (because Gryphon is a VERY good astrologer), but the outcome is hardly as benign for the US as the article indicates. The prospects for wave 2 are not considered to be serious either.

As it turns out, the US has suffered serious consequences from the pandemic, which are as bad in some ways as the pandemic and political disaster in China, to which it is compared. (Except we don’t know a lot about the China side). Also, the pandemic has majorly contributed to triggering the huge protests on race because of the inequalities in health care as well as policing, which were not created yesterday and were only brought to the fore (again) by the death of Floyd.

The article provides a good example of how difficult it is to be ‘objective’ when interpreting charts. To be balanced, it is important to consider both the positive and negative impacts every single time. Sorry, but hope doesn’t count in astrology!



That’s right! Linda G has been saying all along that it’s a woman who will bring him down, but has never been able to figure out who the woman is.

Trump’s niece, with her insider family view and PhD in clinical psychology could not be more perfect a person to explain what’s wrong with Trump and his family.

We’ve waited so long.

Something I just realized in the Trump Inauguration chart was that Pluto at 17+ Capricorn was square the US Constitution chart’s Neptune at 17+ Libra.

I was aware of the lingering square between transiting Pluto and transiting Uranus in that Inauguration chart, and how their series of 7 squares had targeted the foundation of the US natal chart’s Sun-square-Saturn, but that square from Inauguration Pluto to US Constitution Neptune is just now coming into focus for me.

In 2015 transiting Uranus in Aries was opposite US Constitution (17+ Libra) but never in exact square to transiting Pluto at those times. Still, both transiting planets, Uranus and Pluto were effecting change in how the US Constitution’s Neptune was being employed.

Neptune in a chart like a country’s constitution would refer to that country’s ideas of compassion for its citizens, among other things I would think, and in Libra it suggests balance, partnership and communication. I believe that period of time, when trans. Uranus was opposite US Constitution Neptune and transiting Pluto was square the Constitution Neptune, there were transformative things happening – in the US law enforcement and in the US population about what compassion meant.

Neptune also symbolizes what’s not seen clearly or not understood correctly. When Trump was sworn in as US President in January 2017, transiting Pluto (destroy what’s diseased and recreate it) at 17+ Capricorn was square his natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra, and the US progressed retrograde Mars at 17+ Libra, and the US Constitution Neptune at 17+ Libra, as well as the Putin natal Saturn at 17+ Libra. There is a link between these charts that is gradually emerging.

I think transiting Pluto square the US Constitution Neptune (17+ Libra) and transiting Uranus conjunct the US natal Chiron (20+ Aries) on Inauguration Day were making us conscious of what had happened to our country, in the rudest and most heart-breaking way that would finally wake us up.

Trump was never meant to lead our county in the way leaders of countries do in normal times. He was sent in to jar us out of our catatonic state; to eliminate what was diseased (Pluto) and start over. It was a blessing well disguised and for some it has been what made the medicine go down and begin the healing.

Trump’s work is done; he’s destroyed what we loved about our country and it’s image in the world, and that’s the truth. The US Constitution Neptune has done its work and now we know what a Constitution Neptune does, it creates an illusion in order to save the Constitution and the country it serves. Some day it will seem like just a horrible nightmare, but in fact it woke us up to reality just in time.

Mary’s book will let us know, Emma, how her “family created the world’s most dangerous man.” Her brother is quoted as saying “my family put the fun in dysfunctional” !!! This line alone cracked me up. Between Bolton’s book and this one, it should be fun indeed! And…there are other books coming, like Michael Cohen’s. Also, how many will test positive after the Tulsa rally — that’s what I want to know!

The inside scoop five days before the book release….

What We Learned From John Bolton’s Eye-Popping Tale Of Working With Trump

June 18, 2020


Sharon K

Thank you. Tulsa is very frightening. And yet, I rather doubt it will change any Maga behaviors.

Two weeks from Trumps Tulsa rally takes us right into the 4th of July festivities. This could well be the superspreader of superspreaders!

Question (non-political)

Nurse at ER recommended Mom go into Sr. Behavioral Health ward before transitioning into a long-term care home. (note: she’s been living with me for quite a while, and acting much like a 2 yr old.) Nurse gave me a 1-2-3 list of what would occur to make this happen. I agree with her assessment.

Yesterday, the intake nurse at Sr. Behav ward called and said it needed to go thru Mom’s doctor. That was hitch #1. I’m wondering if and what other “hitches” are to come!

Anyway, I looked it up cause I got a weird feeling and sure enough, Mercury’s gone retrograde… this time in Cancer. Ya’ll know I deal in energies. Well, since Cancer is home, mother, etc., am I right in figuring this is gonna be pretty much a no-go until Mercury comes out of Retrograde?

Or is that just too general a reading of things to fit into that box?

I guess I should say we’re getting ready to sell her house, car, and “stuff” as well. Eliseo… you know THIS one SO well! (evyl gryn)

Personally, slightkc, I would suggest holding off until mid July, if possible. Too much retrograde* (rethink, etc.) now, and too many eclipses (hidden stuff). Just not a good time to start something new. Hang in there.

* Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and soon Neptune

Dame Vera Lynn, singer and ‘forces’ sweetheart’, dies aged 103


The one time Mercury retrograde really helps is when you revisit something that needs to be finished, and has been left hanging. In those cases, it helps things along to the finish point. But starting things with all the retrogrades does wind up with a lot of “hitches.” So you have to assess. Has this been a long time coming? Have I been working on it, and kind of suspended the project, and now it’s time to finish? At work, at least, that’s what I tell folks, and it works out well.

It’s interesting that a lot of States, Counties, etc. are just now reopening, and with Mercury going retrograde right on the US Sun, that’s probably going to be reconsidered by many of them. People think that the shelter-in-place response was over the top, and that the death rate is no more than the flu. The death rate is at least 5 x the rate of the flu, so probably at least 1/2%. The infection rate is about 2.5x that of the flu. That may sound low, but if we just let people run wild, that would mean 1m deaths in this country, so let’s get real.

Barbk, I agree tr Pluto square US Constitution Neptune and tr Uranus conjunct US Chiron at the Inauguration are important keys to the understanding Trump’s abysmal Presidency. Thank you.

What concerns me after the next Inauguration is that both the US Pluto return and the Neptune semi-return will continue for half of the next term, and the US Chiron for the full term until 2024. The social, economic and political crisis will continue for some time. Chiron will also be square US Sun and in opposition to both US Saturn and Constitution Neptune during this period. It will be a difficult and troubled term whoever wins.

Kim at Intuitiview has a new video out channeling Fred Trump, Jr. Re Mary Trump’s revealing book which will be coming out July 28th. Very interesting and reassuring.

Marjorie Orr:


Indeed Chiro, finishing up old projects is perfect for a Mercury retrograde period, but (call me a sicko) I feel there is probably a purpose in the excessive death rate brought about by Covid-19 by people who unwisely ignore the advice to shelter in place.

Not as a punishment mind you, death isn’t a punishment, but these dying people might not be ready for the coming expansion of consciousness that we are being prepared for. Maybe they didn’t “sign up” for that. Maybe the planet’s over populated situation is being rectified by Covid-19.

Andre, it’s true the transits of Pluto and Neptune and Chiron promise years of difficulties and troubled times for whoever is US President and all of us common folk too. But think of what we’ve learned already during these last 3+ years of difficult times.

I guess it goes with the territory (expanding the consciousness of humanity) but what an honor to be part of such an historic period in history. It is good to remember that squares are challenges to rise above circumstances, and oppositions increase our perception of reality, and conjunctions are always about new beginnings.

If we did not have these difficult challenges to push us forward we (people, countries, the planet) would surely wither up and be blown away. That’s not what the Universe wants.

In 5 years from now transiting Jupiter conjuncts the US Jupiter for a new cycle start at the same time as the US Solar Return, and just as transiting Uranus makes his first foray into Gemini, and transiting Saturn hovers around the Aries Point for months on end in a sextile with Uranus. You don’t want to miss that! All those new beginnings?

Thanks ja, I see Mary Lee Trump has Sun trine Pluto 🙂

In Oklahoma, where President Donald Trump plans to hold an indoor campaign rally on Saturday, new cases rose 68% to 1,081 in the second week of June, while the positive test rate increased to 4%, from 2% the previous


With or without the astrology, I don’t see how we could possibly avoid the social, cultural,
economic and political crisis coming in the wake of Trump’s presidency. The man has just been that divisive, and will continue to be as long as he is alive and possibly long after his death.

On this blog, I think we are all aware of the various crazy possibilities and probabilities for the coming election and its aftermath as will likely be precipitated by Mr. T. He couldn’t even accept the election results of 2016 when he won, claiming he garnered the popular vote as well as the electoral vote. (All those 3 millionish more votes for Hillary were from illegal aliens of course!)

(Too bad he didn’t claim those votes for Hillary were from space alien lizard people masquerading as humans. It would have been a lot more fun had he fomented the theory Hillary was part of the space alien conspiracy to take control of the planet, which is why of course the Earth is getting warmer!)

But that aside, it’s not hard to imagine how he might react to losing both the electoral and popular vote. Even were Mr. Biden to win decisively, by a landslide, Mr. T has fomented enough suspicion, distrust, and paranoia amongst his followers that they in all probability will not accept the outcome. Bizarre as it is, it is even conceivable we could have an Avingon presidency, with one inaugurated in Washington, the other somewhere else declaring his was the “government in exile.”

Perhaps before we get our next FDR, we’ll get our next Lincoln.

Whoops! Typo alert.
That’s Avignon, not Avingon.

The notion T’s followers might not accept the outcome of the election is further exacerbated by the fact GOP leaders are actively circulating the meme they expect Mr. T will beat Biden by a landslide both in the electoral college and in the popular vote. They decry the current polls as “fake news.” They will beat that drum louder and louder as we get nearer the election.

I am reminded Romney and his election team honestly believed (from their own internal polling) they would handily beat Obama in 2012. Their belief was also supported by their faith in the Mormon prophecy regarding a Mormon president who would save the nation during dark times.

Believing Romney was the fulfillment of that prophecy, they were astounded, shocked, and devastated when he lost. They were so convinced it was G-d’s plan Romney would be elected, they had not written a concession speech, only a victory speech.

COMPARED TO TRUMP, Romney and his crowd were eminently rational, sane, and patriotic. In harmony with our American democratic norms, they accepted the results, conceded, and urged unity.

Imagine the reaction not just from Trump, but from paranoid GOP leaders, convinced their man will win in a landslide, …when he loses. However they choose to react, legally, or extra-legally, there will surely be intense days if not years of fury, like we have not seen for the past 155 years.

Here’s Gorsuch’s chart for those who want to take a gander. https://astro-charts.com/persons/chart/neil-gorsuch/

Barbk, wise and helpful words. Your faith in the universe and in the evolution of human consciousness will not be misplaced.


My hope is that some of the upcoming revelations are so heinous and despicable that even some of his most “deplorable” supporters can no longer turn a blind eye to them. It’s probably expecting a bit much, though.

All the same, if his cognitive decline really is accelerating because of Alzheimers, he may not be in much of a state to be able to fan the flames of a Reactionary inferno by Election Day, or much afterwards.

His supporters can be super pissed and bitter to the point of rioting that he loses, sure. But where will they turn to for direction when Donald himself falls silent for good?

Trumpism isn’t even a real ideology. It’s just Trump’s own narcissism combined with the mindless nihilism and profoundly violent ignorance of the extreme Reactionary Right. I don’t see it as something viable that is going to endure much after him.

Nevertheless, we do need to take the wrecking ball to the two party system after this election cycle, and institute a proportional, multi-member district system to allow viable alternatives to the GOP and even the Dems to emerge, so that we have a much healthier political ecosystem of viewpoints and ideologies being represented.

Barb K,
I completely reject the notion of anyone “signing up” for any particular life experience. I just don’t believe we as individuals have that much control in the context of our personal or group karma. I do not believe as an example, European Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc. “signed up” in any sense to be murdered by the Nazis during WWII. George Floyd did not “volunteer” to be murdered, or to be a martyr.

No one can accurately predict the future choices and behavior of others, and there is much randomness in the universe with no particular cosmic purpose. Having died, we do not suddenly become omniscient, therefore able to make lucid plans for future incarnations. On the “other side” I believe we are just as dumb, ignorant, uninformed, and misinformed as we are in life. I believe, as do the Buddhists, we make progress in life, not in between lives.

Nevertheless, I think you are at least partially correct in your speculation in the context of our spiritual evolution. Evolution proceeds from the simple to increasingly complex. With that complexity comes greater capacity for understanding, wisdom, and at least for humans and maybe some other species, deeper insights into self.

Viruses and infections are mindless entities. They kill the just and the unjust, the foolish and the wise, the good and the bad, those who are ready and those who are not for an advance in consciousness. But as saddening and unfair as is our death rate from Covid-19, it is true the virus by its nature is more likely to kill those who unwisely ignore the advice to shelter in place and other sensible precautions. In that sense I think you may be right.

Many, especially those who consciously dismiss and defy the health precautions are more likely to become infected and to infect others. They might indeed be unready for the coming expansion of consciousness.

I share your optimism as to how these dark and horrible experiences, enduring Trump, the pandemic, et. al. Is awakening us to a deeper and more spiritualized experience of our humanity.

I concur with you completely on every point. I also anticipate the possibility that between now and election day a panicked GOP may dump Trump for another candidate. That would probably depend on how obvious becomes his cognitive decline, and R reaction to reliable polls.


You wrote:

“I completely reject the notion of anyone “signing up” for any particular life experience. I just don’t believe we as individuals have that much control in the context of our personal or group karma. I do not believe as an example, European Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc. “signed up” in any sense to be murdered by the Nazis during WWII. George Floyd did not “volunteer” to be murdered, or to be a martyr. ”

You went on to say that you felt life’s experience is largely random and without reason?

My understanding of reincarnation and karma (as explained by Meher Baba) is that we have to undergo innumerable incarnations experiencing all the opposites til we reach a maturation point at which time we begin to gradually evolve inward towards awareness of the “Self” in its pristine state – “Self realization”. This involution process also takes many lifetimes according to Baba. The point being, we must undergo all matters of personal experience. It is necessary for the souls development, whether we consciously choose it or not.

The case of George Loyd is an interesting, touching one, as described by George’s former school teacher. It does indicate some sort of rendezvous with destiny……

George Floyd’s 2nd Grade Teacher Shares Essay He Wrote

Video: 4 min 14 sec


Yeah, it looks like Kamela will be Joe’s pick for VP, and I for one am fine with that.

Eliseo, I feel you have the right to think that “having died, we do not suddenly become omniscient . . “, and that the expression “signing up”, as in volunteering to incarnate on earth at this time of human evolution (a common phrase used among those people who believe the ascension of humanity and planet earth is coming), is unfamiliar to you. Ir’s okay.

We, none of us, can know everything, including you and I, and others who share their thoughts with everyone else here.

As for viruses, i suspect you are absolutely correct; that they are mindless. However, I hold out that a higher power, much wiser than we human beings, can use a virus like a tool, just as Trump was a tool to stimulate our (human) consciousness to expand.

Wishing you and everyone else peace and love in this potent eclipse period.

“You went on to say that you felt life’s experience is largely random and without reason?”

No. That’s not what I’m saying. I largely agree with Meher Baba. Over thousands of lives we need great diversity of experience to evolve into the beings we ultimately need to be. But I feel our meager understanding of karma is overly anthropocentric and anthropomorphic. Furthermore, we confuse “reasons” for our experience with “meaning.” Some, but not all of our experience is the result of randomness. That does not mean experience born of randomness is necessarily meaningless.

Much of our experience is the result of our actions and inactions in this life as well as previous lives. But not all of our experience is in that category. Some of our experience comes from the decisions and/or actions of others, others which we may or may not have ever met or known in this life or previous lives.

I completely reject the pernicious and utterly silly idea we are all involved in a cosmic theatrical production in which we have voluntarily and consciously “signed up” for our various roles. We are responsible for our actions. We are not merely playacting.

In the West, particularly in the US, we often unconsciously Calvinize our concept of karma. Additionalky, karma is not so simple as to be reduced to an accountant’s ledger. Our suffering and misfortune are not the result of the disfavor of G-d, any more than prosperity is the result of G-d’s favor. We must not succumb to the superstitious belief that lightening struck our house and burned it down because we angered the gods.

From Eastern religion we often mistranslate the word maya as illusion. That’s completely wrong. A more accurate translation would be distortion. Most distorted of all is our compressed perception of time. Our suffering (like all things) is temporary, but is nevertheless real. Our joys are real. Our love is real. Bullies are real. Victimhood is real. Animals, including people suffer undeservedly.

We live in du?kha, samsara. But just as samsara connotes cycles and periodicity, it also connotes aimless wandering, i.e. randomness. That surely applies to atoms, to people, and to at least some of our actions and inactions.

Chiro, you may have hit the nail on the head. Moving Mom into a Memory Unit/Assisted Living was tried once before. Plus, the recommendation to move her to Sr. Behv. Ward has been recommended more than once since July, 2019.

Things kinda fell in our laps this evening. Mom wanted to go to ER again. I took her, explaining on the way what was going to happen over the next couple of weeks or so. No histrionics, she only said to me as they wheeled her into ER, “These people here hate me, you know.” (gryn) I don’t expect everything to go easy-peasey during this time frame (and especially not with my Mom, who is a Cancer Sun), and I’d have much rather waited until late July as . but when doors open, I tend to walk thru and trust.

Eliseo, In a way I agree with you inre: karma/evolution. However, I do believe we have the choice in-between lifetimes to make some decisions. Personally, I believe after we cross the Veil, we are given the opportunity to review what lessons we have learned during our lifetimes and (some?) of what we still have left to learn. From there, I don’t believe we plan out to learn X, Y, and Z from any given future life, and set up the birth, etc., to ensure it. However, I DO believe if one is close to leaving the Wheel of Transmigration, and depending on what is left to learn, one can choose even to be aborted or miscarried, depending on what was learned and is left to learn. This is one of the reasons I am so opposed to “them” stripping our rights to our own bodies. AFAIK, extreme Xtianity is not the only religion in the world. And how dare they tell me my deeply held religious beliefs don’t equal theirs! My belief is part of my own spiritual system, although I know one friend who took a lot of comfort from looking at miscarriage from that angle when she lost her baby. Everyone’s mileage varies… unfortunately, we gotta cross over to see what actually awaits us. In some ways, you gotta admit, it’s an exciting proposition… but then, I know I’m weird! (LOL)

Barbk, Chiro… thank you for you opinions and thoughts. I truly appreciate them. I keep reminding myself “This too will pass”… and who knows, it may truly do her good (I hope). It doesn’t help my degree is in psychology. It’s a two-edged sword in this type of situation! I will say it’s brought me and my sister much closer to each other, and that’s a good thing. Now, to get the material stuff taken care of. But I don’t foresee agreeing to a contract on the house until late July. That I “can” manage. Thanks again!

The Asteroid KARMA has been hanging out in the Sign of Gemini for a spell. On June 18th and 19th, 2020 it is sitting on the Blob’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini.

You can’t make this stuff up…

By July 20th it will sit on his natal Mercury at 8 Cancer.

With all due respect, I’m thoroughly familiar with the phraseology and accompanying ideas. I’ve thought about them for decades, and I just reject them.

But I think we can agree we ARE evolving spiritually, and are living in extraordinary times and circumstances which force us to develop our courage, our wisdom, and our compassion. I agree with you. Despite and because of our difficulties, it is a privilege to live now.

I think of the Elizabethan era, and what a privilege it was to live in the time of W. Shakespeare, and maybe attend some of the bards plays as they were first performed.

In that same vein, I’ve been listening a lot to the Beatles channel on Sirius XM. It’s uplifting and much better than being almost always upset with Trump, his crazy followers, our persistent racism, the worldwide resurgence of authoritarianism, or the number of covid-19 deaths. They were the Shakespeares of popular music.

Out of tragedy often comes extraordinary beauty. We’re in for some rough times. I may think of it differently, but I strongly agree with your optimistic interpretation. We are headed for a definite further development, or kind of advancement in our collective spiritual consciousness.

Yes, it is a privilege to be here now. I think of the vast amount of learning and knowledge now available to us which previous generations could not have possibly accessed. I think of our recorded music, Vivaldi, Mozart, Gershwin, the Beatles. I think of the positive political, social, cultural and economic changes to come as we ultimately defeat the Trumpists and plutocrats. We will rise to such heights because we are challenged by the darkness. In that sense, the ongoing tragedies and darkness are our hidden blessings.

My dear Eliseo,

Rather than pursuing an intellectual discussion over this which may or may not have merit, I would suggest a more intuitive approach. Watch the four minute video I shared (George Floyd’s 2nd Grade Teacher Shares Essay He Wrote). It speaks volumes. I think it matters very little what we think or the conclusions we arrive at. What matters is the depth of our hearts. We all have an inherent longing for something more substantive than the usual every day norms we have come to accept. The heart, longing to be free is important and should not be overlooked. I think the current crisis America finds itself in, in its efforts to find substance and meaning over ambition and big business is something we all should be paying attention to..

Has anyone looked into the possibility of Susan Rice as Joe Biden’s running mate? She was a UN ambassador & National Security Advisor. She certainly has the experience needed for the job. While Senator Harris would be a good choice too, I think she’s better suited for AG. Just the opinion of a lurker 🙂

Jerry, thank you so much for that 4 min. video. It touched me deeply.
You and BarbK are so much more diplomatic in your responses to Eliseo than I could ever be so i’ll Say nothing. I have Mercury in Scorpio and Sag on my 3rd maybe that explains my outspokenness.

I’m proud of you Banks, and Jerry too!

this summer solstice starts in the DARK MOON as our new moon/eclipse is later tonight. interestingly the previous equinox (spring) and solstice (winter 2019) also occurred in a dark moon. we are in a year of endings and death of the old. luckily the winter solstice 2020 is in a waxing cycle of the moon (new moon is 12/14, solstice is 12/21). new beginnings are incoming!!! but endings must be honored first. honor the dark, grieve your losses, make amends. see what needs to change in the world but start with yourself.

the new moon/solar eclipse at 0’21 cancer is exact at 11:41pm, commencing us into a new lunar cycle that is focused on home, family, mothers, children, emotions, feelings and nurturing self and other. this new moon and midpoint of the maximum eclipse occur at the EXACT same moment to the minute. this only happens because the new moon is right smack on the solstice (usually they are minutes or an hour or more apart). this makes this new moon/eclipse EXTRA EXTRA POTENT. this new moon eclipse is conjunct north node which just moved into its new home sign of gemini on 6/4. a north node solar eclipse is calling us forth towards our destiny and evolution in a HUGE way. with the moon covering the face of the sun- and the moon naturally ruling cancer the sign the new moon eclipse is in- we MUST honor our emotions and we must HONOR THE FEMININE.


just noticed that this eclipse path, 1 day from now, goes right over the india/china border – given the recent scuffle that seems important.


Jan Ferrara, in reply to your question, see below on Susan Rice (fyi, you can try searching a few earlier threads to see what’s been posted lately by using the ‘find’ feature and a keyword, in this case, Rice):

On April 4, the Pandemic Struggles thread, I posted the following:

Susan Rice (Pres. Obama’s National Security Advisor) has done a straight talk interview on the present crisis – worth a listen (I hope the link works to play the podcast):



Also, on May 4 and May 5, on the Joe Biden thread, I posted the following:

Ja, right! Susan Rice looks very good – experienced, educated, down to earth, feisty, a person of color, a woman. The Repubs hate her.

The other women are great as well, and there really is a chance that one of them might end up being President.

Ja, Banks, SharonK – I looked up Susan Rice’s chart for the first time ever (November 17, 1964, Washington DC, no birth time). She has some remarkable aspects to November 3rd 2020.

I used the common criterion that there needs to be a contact to the US Moon (i.e the US people), but which Moon? Usually this aspect is for the Moon /people /President link, but it ought to work for cabinet members, too (…at least for people who stick around longer than Trump’s people do).

Nancy uses the 13 US Sagittarius rising (Sibly) chart, with US Moon at 27 Aquarius. Michael O’Reilly at Neptune Café uses the 8 Scorpio rising chart, with Moon at 25 Aquarius.

As to the US rising points, Susan’s natal Mercury at 13 Sagittarius is conjunct the US Ascendant, as strong connection. Her Mercury in Sag is in its detriment (the sign opposite to the one it rules, i.e. Gemini). It’s interesting to note that she is a fast, direct speaker, not known for mincing words, but it can be a detriment if she can’t control her tongue.

Susan’s natal Sun is at 25 Scorpio, so it is closely square to the Scorpio rising Moon.

Her natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius is conjunct the Sibly Moon – a very strong connection, too.

Her natal Moon is at 28 Aries, sextile the Sibly Moon (but as her birth time is unknown, her Moon position cannot be relied on). Her Saturn is inconjunct (150) her own Sun as well.

Her natal Jupiter is at 20 Taurus, to which her progressed Neptune is opposed in November within a degree. At the same time, transiting Neptune will be sextile her natal Jupiter. That’s quite a bit of ‘image and news’ making (i.e. Neptune/Jupiter) going on then.

There is a ‘necklace’ of aspects, both transits and progressions, around her natal chart on election day, at or near the 25 degrees of her natal Sun – progressed Sun, transiting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, progressed Mars, transiting Mercury.

Transiting Saturn at 26 Capricorn in November will be sextile Susan’s natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius, semi-sextile (30) her natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius, and square her natal Moon at 28 Aries.

Also, the transiting Saturn will be trine her progressed Mars at 26 Virgo. Lots of Saturn contacts – Saturn transits could indicate the work and responsibility to begin for the administration (and the inevitable distancing from her home and family life – the Saturn square to her Moon).

In particular, transiting Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn are conjunct her progressed Sun at 22 Capricorn, which could indicate added prominence, responsibility and pressure. Progressed Midheaven is also in the same region, but again, the birth time is unknown.

Another thing of note is that Susan was born with Uranus /Pluto conjunct at 14/16 Virgo (direct). Her progressed planets went were direct for some of the 55 years of her life, but along the way, they reversed direction and are now hovering within minutes of the birth degrees. The exact conjunction will take much time as the planets move so slowly, but coming back to their birth position indicates a task or obligation may need to be completed somehow. Her progressed Moon and Jupiter are trine to this Uranus/Pluto ‘power’ spot, making the transition easier.

Lastly, Susan’s whole progressed chart to November 3, taken by itself, is really something – it is fully circled with sextiles and trines as well as oppositions and squares. Every major planet is activated.

Interestingly, the only exception is a lack of a close aspect between her Sun and Moon, although even they are widely square. The lack of an aspect perhaps indicates conditions that are not of her own choosing. Instead, it may be she gets ‘picked’ for the job of VP, but it could also mean another job.

Susan Rice’s resume is impressive. Going by that alone, it is likely (regardless of astrology) that she will be selected for a Dem administration, whoever the President is. She has connections to both Obama and Clinton, but whether she is selected for VP remains to be seen as the other women candidates are strong competition too.

By: Beowulfie on May 5th, 2020
at 3:59 am

Correction re: ‘Her Saturn is inconjunct (150) her own Sun as well’ – it is square her own sun (90).

On May 5, Ja posted the following on Susan Rice:

A quote from Susan Rice:
“I had met, myself, with my successor, General Michael Flynn, on four occasions over 12 hours. I handed off over 100 briefing papers to him and shared with him the issues I thought were most salient and most important for him to grasp. Among them, the risk that we would face another pandemic,” Rice recounted. “The reality is, anybody who knows national security, anybody who knows global health, knows development issues, understood that we were not only inevitably going to face another global pandemic, but in fact, that the world was overdue.”

Rice said that the Obama administration’s experience with swine flu in 2009 followed by Ebola in 2014 and Zika in 2016 proved that “pandemic preparedness needed to be a top national security priority.” It was of such concern that Rice and her colleagues included a scenario on pandemic preparedness in a tabletop exercise with the incoming Trump team. Rice also said, “We left behind a 69-page playbook, which was sort of ‘Pandemic for Dummies.’ If you don’t know where to start, start here, and ask these questions and do these things.”


Based on Nancy’s calculations I believe the US progressed Moon is now at late 24 Cap-early 25 Cap which means it is about to conjunct the US progressed South Node (throw the bums out) at 26+ Cap, followed by a conjunction to the US natal Pluto (which she writes will start happening exactly on July 23 for a month), followed on August 1 with the US prog. Moon conjunct transiting retrograde Saturn (27+ Cap) that will be conjunct US natal Pluto.

This of course explains the state of the country’s emotions these days, I mean, US prog. Moon conjunct US natal Pluto and transiting Saturn is awful, and yet hope springs eternal when the US progressed South Node (what doesn’t work like it used to so get rid of it) is thrown in.

In 2 days trans. Neptune stations retrograde, leaving only 2 major planets (excluding Sun and Moon) still moving direct; Mars and Uranus. Mars at 27+ Pisces on June 23-24 will sextile US natal Pluto (27+ Cap) which is where US prog. Moon and transiting Saturn are headed.

Pluto is about death of what is rotten and clearing space for new life. Mars is action. Their sextile will make Trump’s Mars in Leo the apex point of a Yod (Finger of God) and it will have to make adjustments because it is uncomfortable with US Pluto and transiting Mars both quincunx it.

With the US progressed Moon (US progressed people) + the US progressed South Node (systems no longer serviceable) bearing down on US natal Pluto – all 3 in Capricorn (institutions) – that are sextile a solar eclipse chart’s Mars in Pisces (drama, emotion), moving direct while 6 other transiting planets are retrograde . . . well you can see why Trump’s Mars is somewhat flaccid.

Whatever adjustment Trump makes he will pass the energy of the Yod that his Mars is in right now to the US natal Moon/Pallas in Aquarius that opposes his Leo Mars, and that’s a Boomerang. The US People are in power.

Eclipses have a long shelf life and as Nancy notes, the US progressed Moon will be active for months. And then there’s the solar eclipse Uranus (the other planet going forward) opposite the Inaugural Moon. It will be a loong hot summer so pace yourself.

Kiwi, per the posts we all exchanged up thread on Trump’s potentials for ‘a military misadventure’, the path of the eclipse is certainly capable of touching several hot spots on the globe!

Congo, Sudan, Yemen, India/Pakistan, Tibet/China, Nepal/India/China, any number of places within China itself (more virus? heaven forbid!) and Taiwan/China/US are on the hot spot path.

And guess what? Going east, the eclipse path ENDS in US GUAM, the location of Anderson naval base. Didn’t think of that one. Thanks for the link to the map – it got me looking at it all over again…..

(Venezuela, too, was mentioned in the posts earlier, but is not on the eclipse path.)

Sorry, it’s Anderson Air Force base, but the Navy is there on Guam, too. There are 3 US military bases on Guam, at Yido, MariaNAS and Apra Harbor.


Jan Ferarra, as Eliseo would say, I concur! Susan Rice as VP; Kamala as AG. Thanks, Beowulfie for analyzing her chart. I’ll read your post more thoroughly later. I haven’t looked at Biden’s chart lately but they may have some Scorpio planets conjuct.

Jan Ferarra, Sharon K and Beowulfie,

Susan Rice, Gretchen Whitmere, Elizabeth Warren or Stacey Abrams as VP; Kamala as AG. It makes sense to me.

How about Val Demings, former Chief of police…3/12/57, Jacksonville?

Slightkc, you can take comfort that as you say “things fell into place.” That’s a meant-to-be thing, or karma.
And with your help I’m sure everything will work as well as it can. It was really gut-wrenching for my family to put Mom in assisted living.
Seems like everybody here believes in some sort of evolution of the soul through transmigration and karmic lessons. I do too. And ultimately union or God-realization, or super consciousness is the goal. We all have our own individual path to it. And astrology helps us see our way, or can, if we have a good grasp of it–or friends who do.
Good luck with your Mom.

The Veepstakes: I’m hoping Kamala Harris, myself. Susan Rice has not held elected office, but would probably be great in finding ambassadors and advisors and the top people in the National Security and Secretary of State depts. I like Kamala because Biden and Kamala seem to go together, and I’m from California so I liked her as a Senator–more before she ran for Prez, but I still like her,. I’ll have to look at their charts.

Based on the above, Susan Rice is a Scorpio as is Joe Biden. Has anyone done a comparison or relationship chart for the two of them?

As a Scorpio woman I can say that Scorpio men were the ones with whom I had then best personal andwork relationships. Just sayin’

She would be my first choice for VP. Joe is clearly showing signs of age and she could take over the reins without missing a beat.

In a very old classic astrology book, Reinhold Ebertin’s “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” a transiting Mars/Pluto midpoint: (+)The attainment of success through expending record efforts, and (-) The tendency to proceed in a brutal manner, the misfortune of having to suffer violent assaults, injuries. So in the case of the US Pluto and the transiting Mars forming a midpoint on Trump’s Mars, this could be the outcome at the Tulsa rally, and both things may be true. Let’s hope the violence doesn’t happen.

The SDNY (Southern District of New York) has several ongoing investigations into Trump administration wrongdoing and now this…..

Manhattan US Attorney Says He Has ‘No Intention’ of Resigning After Justice Department Tries To Force Him Out

Business Insider
June 20, 2020


Why One of Trump’s Biggest Legal Threats Is New York’s Attorney General

Jan 17, 2019


Is Trump hell-bent on stirring up violence that will justify the enforcement of martial law?

Trump Threatens Protesters Ahead of Tulsa Rally

June 20, 2020

President Donald Trump warned those protesting his planned rally in Oklahoma they could be treated roughly, an opening threat a day ahead of what he says is the new kickoff of his reelection campaign.

Writing on Twitter, Trump lumped together “protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes” and said they would not be afforded what he’s decried as gentle treatment if they gather outside his Tulsa event. It came the morning after he used a blatantly false video of young children to decry media coverage of American race relations, a move that drew a rebuke from Twitter.



Summer 2020 Eclipse Season by Molly Gauthier

Lordy, I don’t even know where to start with this one. I suppose I should start with some astrological background. How did we get here?

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction early this year kicked off a new ~33-year cycle. Saturn says “you must” and Pluto is “transform.” Pluto is the planet of life and death– intense, karmic, and often unconscious “stuff” coming to the surface. Pluto also influences the structures of banking, finance, and power.

This new Eclipse cycle is starting off with crisis so bad, I don’t even know where the bottom is anymore. Protests are filling the streets nationwide. Police, tasked with protecting the public, are instead firing into crowds of peaceful protesters. It’s unclear who is the instigator of the riots and looting in some cities. The President retreated to an underground bunker the weekend before the first Eclipse, and the coronavirus pandemic continues to quietly do its deadly work.




Per SDNY Attorney – Nothing will stop him until we stop him. He’s completely out of his mind. Just put in his own hand-picked attorney for replacement.

emma, Thank you for your good wishes.

Teresa Hill, I will give aloe vera and peppermint a try. I’ve got nothing to lose. Thank you for the suggestions

one hour ago


Jan Ferrara & Sharon K,
I concur again!
I’m amazed as to how much agreement I’m finding among close friends across North America. North, south, east, and west, friends I’m in touch with are in unanimous agreement! All are hoping for Susan Rice as VP and Kamala Harris as AG.

Jan Ferrara & Sharon K,
Also, considering the probability Biden will choose a woman of color for VP, I’m hoping E. Warren becomes majority leader of the US Senate.

“Per SDNY Attorney – Nothing will stop him until we stop him. He’s completely out of his mind.”

Either that or the coronavirus. Over 10,000 Trump cultists in Tulsa without masks all packed together like sardines in a can. The virus will eat them, and maybe Trump too.

Here’s an article on SDNY attorney Berman from NBC news – see the video:


Whew! Too much information, but thanks for the MSNBC clip will. Friday night news dump indeed.

Jerry, same to you; “Pluto the Cosmic toilet”; good one! Much to read before the dawn.

Chiro, old and classic and still spot on. Thanks for the Mars-Pluto midpoint = Tulsa Rally Outcome scenario. I shudder to think.


Very kind of you to share the aloe-vera therapeutic.

Thank you!

tRump’s bad days between now and the election.

First one was June 18 and SCOTUS gave him a defeat on DACA.


“June 18, 2020, transit Saturn Conjunct inaugural Sun at 00°50? Aquarius and 303°03′ in right ascension.”

Marjorie thinks Barrs latest move will backfire. https://star4cast.com/william-barr-a-geminian-ploy-too-far/
I wonder if Berman is now frantically squirrilling away important guilliani evidence duplicates for future proof, just in case . . .

BarbK, further to your post above (June 19, 7:52pm) where you discuss the yod to Trump’s Mars (26 Leo) on his Ascendant, I’m sure you would be interested in a chart for Tulsa in the same vein. There is a similar yod to the one you point out, though it isn’t quite as exact.

The Tulsa massacre is on Wikipedia, which notes a time of approx. 4pm, May 30, 1921 for the incident that started the disaster. If you run progressions for June 20, 2020 (I used 7pm, i.e. 23:59 to get
the GMT), you will see Mars at 25 Pisces and Jupiter at 25 Capricorn in a yod to progressed Mars at 22 Leo.

Trump has natal Sun at 22 Gemini and natal Moon at 21 Sag. There is also a square from the disaster’s progressed Ascendant to natal Chiron at 13 Aries, and Trump’s natal Ceres is sextile that point.

Anyway, the point being that there appear to be connections, but in particular, the progressed Tulsa chart on its own, as compared to current transits, is fascinating.

The current transit of Mars at 25 Pisces is closely opposite the progressed Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter in Virgo in the 8th house of the Tulsa chart. There are also a bunch of squares to the same planets from transiting Moon at the time of Trump’s first engagement in Tulsa (7pm).

Trump’s own progressed planets to transits for the June 20 event have his progressed Jupiter in Libra under pressure from an inconjunct (150) by Mars in Pisces, as well as squares from Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn. Transiting Neptune is also square to his natal Uranus, which could be undermining to any ‘shock and awe’ comments he may want to make. Is there a chance his Tulsa event may fizzle?

In any case, Trump’s event is very significant to Tulsa and the memory of the people whose lives were destroyed in 1921. But like the earlier event, this one is causing a lot of Mars fear, not just for the virus in our era, but for racial relations. Kind of a double dose of difficulties.

thanks Bob!

Kiwi, in the rebuff of the tRump camp the Democratic appointees to the court were joined by 2 of his own appointees, leaning toward my post on June 16th, 2020, at 8:11 pm. I think there are more desertions still to come in his backers and followers shortly.

“Violetta post April 13 2020.
Will Trump Supporters Stop Trusting Him?

My question is at the 2:36 minute mark. We are now in the 3rd week in June, 16 days before July eclipse weekend.”

Jay Clayton, the intended replacement for NY US Attorney Geoffrey Berman is scheduled to take over Berman’s position by July 3rd. A lot can happen in two weeks. Berman is standing his ground and refusing to go.

Tonights solar eclipse 0 ’21 Cancer

Geoffrey Berman, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Date of birth Sept. 12, 1959 Trenton, New Jersey (12 pm – time unknown).

Natal Saturn 0 ’32 Capricorn

US Attorney General William Barr

Date of Birth May 23, 1950 Washington DC (12 pm – time unknown)

Natal Uranus 3 ’10 Cancer semi-square natal Pluto 15 ’54 Leo

Tr. Mars will square this eclipse degree and the respective natal aspects of the above mentioned gentlemen June 28th. I suspect if the pressure becomes untenable, Berman will call Barr’s bluff and leak damaging documents to the press (Trump’s tax returns?) by the end of the month. Game over.

I think the country will face an uphill battle to recover from tRump’s crime wave until transiting Neptune finishes it’s square to the Sibly chart’s natal and progressed Mars and it’s opposition to it’s natal and progressed Neptune. The dates for those aspects in longitude (Tropical Zodiac) are:

Dynamic Chart
SIBLY – DC – Natal Relocated
Jul 4 1776 NS, 5:02:30 pm, LMT +5:08:09

Mar 30 2021…Nep…Sqr…Mar…21°Pi23’…Tr-Na
May 1 2021…Nep…Opp…Nep…22°Pi25’…Tr-Na
Aug 21 2021…Nep…Opp…Nep…22°Pi25’…Tr-Na
Sep 29 2021…Nep…Sqr…Mar…21°Pi23’…Tr-Na
Jan 29 2022…Nep…Sqr…Mar…21°Pi23’…Tr-Na
Mar 1 2022…Nep…Opp…Nep…22°Pi25’…Tr-Na
Apr 6 2023…Nep…Opp…Nep…25°Pi57’…Tr-Sp
Oct 1 2023…Nep…Opp…Nep…25°Pi56’…Tr-Sp
Feb 5 2024…Nep…Opp…Nep…25°Pi55’…Tr-Sp


Interesting article on the solar eclipse new moon today and how often and in what cycles that happens including the name of this cycle, from a Greek math guy 2500 years ago:
Astrology, Astronomy, Match, correlated and ancient.

A new moon eclipse should be a strong new beginning. Here there are demonstrations still for Black Lives Matter. In Tulsa protests are planned. How to win this news cycle? Interesting dilemma for the reality tv President.

Could someone do a chart from Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma this evening? Also, compare it with the chart of both the USA and Trump. Thanks all, and stay safe! Namaste!

Could anyone do a chart for Trump’s rally today in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and compare that with the charts of both Trump and the USA, using the location and time? Many thanks and stay safe. Namaste!

“Saturday’s solar eclipse at zero degrees Cancer (11:41 p.m. pacific) will bring out the mother in many of us. And it is a good time to focus on nurturing, home and family. But an eclipse always asks more than a regular new moon. An eclipse challenges us to bring it to the next level. In other words, yes, all mothers (and nurturers) are being summoned now. Perhaps the question for this eclipse is “How can I nurture the leaders of the future?” or “How can I help to give birth to the world I want to experience?”

these times are demanding more of us. Remember the question “How can I get out of my comfort zone, even while sitting on my couch?” Well, maybe you’re not on your couch or not anymore, but the world is changing. The question is how are we going to change along with it, not out of fear, but in the service of true purpose.”


Beowulfie, Jerry, Bob, Chiro, can the astrology get any more dramatic? Thank you for your recent contributions which I’m keen to examine in more depth. This will make for a series of films; way too much for just one. You could never make up this much suspense and expect people to believe it, but this is flamin’ history!

Gratitude to all for your contributions. Please Bob, make more bad days for Dump – please!

Hello everyone,

Does anything in the astrology charts for Donald Trump, indicate that his job approval rating will continue to drop into the lower 30s and maybe into the 20s between now and November 3rd? Thanks.

Neerav, this month Trump had his solar return (birthday) on the same day that Mars was conjunct Neptune which started a 2 year cycle between them.

Both Trump’s solar return chart and the Mars-Neptune chart had Mars and Neptune (20+ Pisces) AND the transiting Moon (sentiment of the people) at 25-26 Pisces, all of which T-squared Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition and his natal North and South nodes and also squared his natal Uranus. It puts the US natal Neptune in Virgo in the “open leg” of a grand cross pattern, and good luck unraveling that hot mess.

It to me says his popularity with the people is to be challenged this year. In fact, transiting Neptune will sit at 20+ Pisces for a total of 4 months (late April through late August). I think there’s reason to believe his “job approval rating will continue to drop”.

On another note, Mars is a warrior figure, and when combined with Neptune (dissolves boundary lines, is associated with drugs, hospitals and being a little loco among other things) could symbolize a war that’s gone loco or a war with a disease or a disease as a weapon, to name a few.

Tonight’s Trump rally takes place as transiting Mars is sextile transiting Jupiter which forms a Yod (Finger of God) with Trump’s natal Mars which opposes US natal Moon and that creates a Boomerang pattern where all the energy goes into the Boomerang symbol, in this case the US Moon.

With transiting stationary Neptune holding the space where its cycle with transiting Mars began 7 days ago, and a solar eclipse taking place tonight on a world/Aries Point to boot, and trans. Mars trine (facilitating) US natal Mercury + Trump’s Saturn-Venus conjunction, while at the same time sextile (also facilitating) trans. Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas, as he (Mars) conjuncts the US Constitution’s natal Nessus, known for pushing the wrong buttons (and is associated with poisoning and raping) . . . .
. . the possibilities of what could go wrong boggles my mind. What are the Yods of that happening I wonder.

Hello BarbK,

Thank you kindly for your reply. Could you explain this “boomerang” and how it will cause Trump’s approval ratings to change, especially to go down in the coming few months leading up to the election?

Many thanks.

I do not envy Biden and his choice for VP. Whoever he chooses, he will piss off someone or some group.

I personally think he will choose one of the amazing Mayors – Atlanta, DC, San Francisco – all competent and remarkable women of color or Harris as his VP and make Susan Rice his Secretary of State and Stacy Abrahms as his AG.

But none of us really knows what the machinations are that will dedide this and he has another month to go.

so NY times reports that donny has now personally fired berman. thoughts on the mercury retro effect for this, anyone?

interesting twist – berman says trump cannot fire him, judges appointed him, only judges can fire him https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/20/us/politics/geoff-berman-who-can-fire.html

As of 6 pm EDT, Berman has resigned. This will put more pressure on Trump and Barr, hopefully.

How’s this for fast-approaching solar eclipse and 0-Cancer – not to mention all of the retrogrades.
Astrology is an amazing art form.

Neerav, how will this put pressure on trump and barr? They want him out – not sure why as he has done nothing in his time there – clearly he was finally preparing to do something.

Neerav, thanks for the latest in the Berman saga.

A Yod starts with 2 planets sextile each other that are in sync so to speak. The 2 planets, transiting Mars (aggression, anger, hard work) and transiting Jupiter (big picture, expansion, understanding) are each quincunx (not in sync) with a 3rd planet, Trump’s natal Mars (anger, aggression).

This makes Trump’s Mars very uncomfortable, kind of caught between a rock and a hard place, so he must adjust, i.e. find some help and/or change his position.

With Trump’s Mars opposite US Moon (the People), Trump’s Mars can adjust his uncomfortable position by tossing something over to the US Moon, therefore lightening his load, making him more comfortable in his position of being between a rock and a hard place.

However, the apex of Yod planet, Trump’s Mars, has forfeited some of its power, so to speak, and now it is in the hands of the US Moon, i.e. the US People. Perhaps that’s why Trump’s crowd isn’t as large as was expected tonight.

The first couple are IMO the weirdest couple to have ever occupied the Whitehouse. The more I read, the more at least superficially Donald & Melania seem like Louis XVI and his queen Marie A.

Shortly after they were married in 2005, Melania spoke to a business class at NYU. A student asked her if she would still be with Donald Trump if he was not rich.

Her reply was classic. “I am beautiful. If I were not beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?”

Was France or the French monarchy experiencing a Pluto return in 1793 when Louis and Marie were executed?

will – tRump’s downhill slide.

tRump’s natal Saturn is at 115°43′ in right ascension. A opposition to it is at 295°43′. On October 5th Transitting Pluto will station at 294°29′, just over 1 degree from an exact opposition. An orb of up to 3° can certainly be considered strong.

Allowing for that orb transiting Pluto was within 3° of opposition on occasion from March 23rd, 2018 through May 24th, 2018, again from continuously for the following periods: from January 12, 2019, through August 28, 2019, then again from November 6, 2019 through March 19, 2021, then from June 10, 2021 through January 13, 2022, and finally from September 14, 2022 through November 1, 2022.

Transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Saturn could designate extreme bouts of stress and/or depression, severe physical or mental illness, death.

There will be other dates (one offs) featuring his progressed Mars and Neptune or Saturn and Pluto and their midpoints, at times accompanied by transits from now through what I believe will be the end of his term in office.

Something very fishy is going on!

They ousted Berman because he was about to bring up some big info.

‘Jay Clayton, Low-Profile Regulator, Is Catapulted Into a Political Fight’
Amid a muted tenure at the S.E.C., the corporate lawyer is now the Trump administration’s intended nominee to be the top prosecutor for the Southern District of New York.

After three years at the helm of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton had made it known to colleagues, friends and the Trump administration that he was itching to go back to New York.

The longtime and highly-paid corporate lawyer, who had spent his career at Sullivan & Cromwell representing some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, wanted to be closer to his family.

In a private discussion with Attorney General William P. Barr, Mr. Clayton, 53, expressed interest in becoming the top prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, according to a Justice Department official. After a lifetime of practicing securities law and prepping companies for initial public offerings, Mr. Clayton told friends he saw the job as a way to establish his litigation credentials, according to people who know him.

Mr. Barr did not object — the two lawyers have known each other for years — and Mr. Clayton has a good relationship with President Trump. The two played golf together last Saturday at the president’s club in Bedminster, N.J., according to people familiar with the matter, and he has golfed with the president several times in the past.


Thank you, Bob! Can’t help but feel somewhat avenged.

Tulsa – I watched it live – it fizzled.

Barb, I so support your recorded comments on the fact that DJT is really the bad-tasting medicine the U.S. needed desperately to cure one of its debilitating illnesses, racism. It is impossible for your country to make real strides forward until the healing begins, and it has begun. This would never have happened under Obama. The wounds of slavery persist until they are acknowledged, treated, and when the scars form, those scars are commemorated for what they represent, namely, the hundreds of years of suffering of negro people.

You nailed it! Barb’s diagnosis is surely correct.

Did anyone hear or see T’s Tulsa speech? It was as hateful as I’ve ever heard him, absolutely Satanic. And I don’t even believe, I’ve never believed in such a being.

From my “More than 3 days” post –

“July 5, lunar eclipse conjunct Sibly Sun, square Sibly Saturn. Eclipse Saturn conjunct progressed Sibly Pluto.”

In about a week news may come out about some attendees to tRump’s rally today. About another week after that we will know if there was a spike in Covid-19 infections following the rally. That would be right in the middle of the eclipse weekend of July 5rd, 4th, and 5th.

Transit Pluto opposite tRump’s natal Saturn in an easier list to follow than my previous post of dates.

March 23rd, 2018 through May 24th, 2018
January 12, 2019 through August 28, 2019
November 6, 2019 through March 19, 2021
June 10, 2021 through January 13, 2022,
September 14, 2022 through November 1, 2022

Ja, the whole thing is fishy.

Though I could be wrong, the likelihood is that its all about Deutsche Bank which means the Supreme Court will be announcing that they are enforcing the NY subpoena of records from Deutsche Bank.

As soon as the White House got word a week so back then trump set up the golf game to inform Clayton he is moving into the Southern District. Clayton must be totally corrupt and he has been running the SEC. Berman is a schmuck but even he has his limits.

. . and how ironic is it Bob that there are 2 weeks between eclipses, just like there is up to 14 days between exposure to Covid and symptoms of Covid?

As will said “Astrology is an amazing art form.”

quintile, it’s not just you and me and Eliseo that realize Trump is the medicine, thank goddess, but an awful lot of people still think it is mouth wash and just gargle and spit it out. Anyway, I believe the majority of us (US) get it and the majority still rules doesn’t it?

I think Berman had something up his sleeve, first coming out adamantly that he did NOT resign and isn’t going anywhere until he is duly replaced by a senate-approved pres nominee.

He just flat out said Barr had no right to fire him. Go suck fish. So, Barr gave him verbal and written “confirmation” that Trump *allowed* Barr to fire Berman for Trump. And then, Trump turned around and said he doesn’t have anything to do with it; didn’t then, doesn’t now. Barr did it on his own.

Nadler has already started an investigation into Barr for obstruction of justice, among other things. I think this may also be Berman setting Trump up for another obstruction of justice charge, as well… if the Democrats would jump on it. Excellent time for it right now, the Republican party MUST see their re-election chances going downhill with Trump’s numbers! Might even get some to vote to impeach now…!

I believe Berman has info and evidence of Trump’s Mob and money laundering ties, as well as various dirty loans with Deutsche Bank and treasonous presidential interference with the The Turkish Bank, as well.

Trump’s in the middle of all of it, and I believe Berman has the goods on him. I also believe Berman has copies, if not the originals stashed away. Notice, it was Berman’s *assistant* who was being tasked as “interim” and that’s when Berman accepted being fired.

What’s really odd is Berman was hand-picked by Barr and Trump. But he did say he’d be independent and law-faithful. And I just found out today that SDNY is sometimes known as the *Sovereign* District of New York (not just the Southern District). That speaks to an independence from the DOJ that must burn Barr and Trump.

I think we’re going to see the Supreme Court rule against Trump on his tax cases, and I think we’re going to see the Deutsche Bank notes and issues with the Trump Family returns within the next few weeks – if not next week. Heck — we may even get a download pdf of his tax returns! (LOL) Nah, that’ll probably be only Congress… but still… it’ll leak. (gryn)

IF this week continues like last week for Trump, and after this humiliating “Mega MAGA Rally,” Trump might just give up the ghost and go home, rather than be seen as a “loser” again. Will the other MAGA rallies happen? If the next one is as bad as this one, I honestly don’t expect him to last til Nov. His ego and personality can’t take it. The only thing I worry about is him doing something on the way out the door to “get back” at all us ungrateful so-and-so’s.

Gee… it’s after 1 am… wonder if the rage tweeting has begun yet?

Chiro – thanks for the kind words. I try not to question when things fall into my lap. I can usually “feel” if it’s a good thing or not. Things like this, tho, you’re just too close to weed out the head from the heart.

I feel towards my Tarot deck as everyone here is towards Astrology. I love Astrology, don’t get my wrong. And I’ve come a along ways since I wrote an essay on it back in 9th grade. But everyone here is so far above my understanding, I read every word that Starlight, Barbk, Bob, and Jerry write and then pray for a summary (gryn).

I haven’t read my cards in years, tho. And it’s been because I’ve been too afraid. When I last read them, I saw what was coming for the decade and decided I wasn’t picking them up again until the last vision happened. With BLM, that last vision was accomplished. I also now have the space and quiet to sit down and let them talk to me again… so I’m almost there. It’s just sometimes they’re so accurate its downright scary! Especially about this decade we’re passing thru. My main reading deck is the Thoth Tarot, and it’s known for not taking prisoners. Ready or not, it’s gonna tell you what you may not want to know. I’ve got a new deck coming from Crow Tarot based on Cats… I know the energies will be so different, so I’m anxious to play with them and see how they speak to me. So… I guess I use the Tarot like others use Astrology.

In a way, although we can gather real information from any of these predictive formats, I often wonder about the psycho-pomp aspect. Maybe once things settle down and enough of us have progressed, as Barb says, into a more enlightened state, we’ll have no need for them. Sitting and letting the Universe talk to us one-on-one may be all we need then. But all the Arts and Sciences are so engrossing and so much fun! I don’t think I’d give it up, even then…

Blessings and Health on this Solstice season!

Barbk – you made me laugh with this:

“What are the Yods of that happening I wonder.”

Anyway, I laughed out loud. My Sweetie cat stood up and looked at me and then jumped over to hubby. Guess it’s been a while since they’ve heard “Mama” laugh out loud!

Eliseo – if T and M aren’t the reincarnation of L and M.A., they sure do a good imitation of it. Even down to the “I Don’t Care… Do You” coat (Melania’s own “Let them eat cake” moment?)

Now… when does the guillotine arrive? (evyl gryn)

There have been rumblings quietly, but getting more attention lately, about the possibility that Trump won’t concede the election if he loses, or particularly, if it is a very close race in swing states.

In line with that, there have been a few comments on this blog about the way such a possibility might show up in charts for the election and the inauguration on Jan 20. There doesn’t seem to be a clear result in the charts (but I’m no pro, so my thoughts should not be anybody’s guide!).

The 2000 election of George W. Bush was certainly tense and, for many people, very upsetting, but apparently the outcome still didn’t display quite all the convolutions possible. Worries that it might happen again will continue right up to the election on Nov. 3 and beyond.

Well, to give the ‘ol brain a real workout, take a listen to this video (from 32 minutes on to the end – about 15 minutes total). The speaker is Lawrence Douglas, who has written a book for 2020 called “Will He Go”. Fascinating, but also mind bending!



Now Berman can testify as to the criminal actions of Trump and Barr, by which they politicized the Justice Department and are using it as Trump’s personal attorney, which is what the US Justice Department is not supposed to do. Basically, in political terms, Trump and Barr screwed themselves royally.

Even if Berman is still on the job, oh boy…….Trump is going get it hard from Berman. And I don’t mean that in a sexual manner, by the way, but in a political manner, and in a MAJOR way.

I believe that the US Supreme Court “WILL” rule AGAINST Trump on the issue of Trump’s tax returns.

All of this, plus the failed MAGA rally, will sink Trump.

Trump Wants to Create Election Chaos by Killing the Post Office

Purportedly, the USPS will run out of money in September. Mr. T wants it defunded so as to disenfranchise all mail in voters. Here in WA state we vote entirely by mail. Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Utah vote by mail as well. Most other states have some limited provision for it.

Other sources report the R’s will close down 95% of the polling stations in Kentucky. Gotta keep Moscow Mitch in power, you know.

“Mr. T wants it defunded so as to disenfranchise all mail in voters.”

I pity the fool who wants to defund the Post Office! LMAO!

#TheATeam #ThrowBack

Neerav B. Trivedi,
The deeper he sinks, the more desperate he becomes. The more desperate he becomes, the more his actions will be radically authoritarian, anti-democratic and anti-American.

The puzzle for the rest of us is how and what political powers we may use to counter him. While we faithfully play by the established rules, he cavalierly ignores them. If there is no one to enforce the rules while we blindly continue an honest game, the orange cheater wins. It is of course more complex than that. What continues are games within games within games within games.

Oh Trump can play all the games that he wants – but a VAST majority of Americans are now sick of it, and from what I can see, that includes his so-called “base” as well. Trump can play these games and become more desperate, but in ther process, he is only digging the hole deeper for himself.

I just want to take this time to wish ALL the dads out there, a Happy Father’s Day!

Neerav B. Trivedi,
“in the process, he is only digging the hole deeper for himself.”

Agreed, but “digging a hole” “sinking” etc., these are only metaphors. Legally he has power until January 20th. He’s purposefully hurting an awful lot of people and will continue until he’s out of office. The damage he’s done, is doing and will do will perpetuate great suffering for many long after he is gone from the scene.

Meanwhile, I’m not so convinced we have in any way got him entrapped.

So what you are saying is that it is hopeless….that we are all screwed, no matter what, yes? There is no hope for this country or this world, for that matter.

That is why I stopped calling my aunt in NJ. UGH!

Neerav B. Trivedi,
Whoa! That’s a huge jump. No, of course not.

My previous comments were merely all in the vein of caution. I am confident we will succeed in ousting this orange horror from the Whitehouse. But I’m not yet convinced we really have him yet. He’s a wiley fox, that teflon Don, having escaped innumerable times, as well as from conviction in impeachment. His popularity is declining, but that may or may not be followed soon by a decline in power. He has consistently defied normal expectations.

Mr. T will be evicted from his domicile, hopefully on election day, or possibly by force of arms. All I am saying is we should not underestimate the man or the harm he can do. When he’s gone I’ll not be dancing any jigs, but I will be relieved.

Slightkc -Psycho-Pomp. Really interesting term. The ego of interpreters, I guess. We can be so very wrong, and so sure we’re right.
I keep looking at NorthNode on Trump’s Sun on election night and think, he’s going to win. And then I read the people who say, no he’s going to be disillusioned, and his powerful hold over people will wane, and then I see Van Jones interview 3 Trump voters from 2016, who, disillusioned though they are, are still going to vote for him again, and I think, he’s going to win.
And I probably will not move. I will stay in my safe California bubble.

Bob, thank you for the info on Trump’s Pluto-Saturn opposition, which is also a Pluto-Venus opposition since his natal Venus was one degree away from natal Saturn. Good to know it lasts all year and two more on and off.

Neerav, From an astrological perspective, the rather strange dilemma of having that awful nightmare of a man occupying the White House wielding a giant wrecking ball to all our highly valued precious democratic institutions…….. no doubt it is troubling and a source for concern, but there may be deeper underlying causes that as yet we can’t quite comprehend. Have patience. We will eventually get to the other side of this in due time and when we do, we will come to realize that it was a necessary phase in our development. What’s required is to look a little deeper, to look beyond the surface. There is an inward movement going on that will become more obvious with time.

Two years ago, astrologer Steve Judd, in a remarkable assessment of things to come, described the astrological trends of the year 2020 perfectly. He deleniates the previous 90 years in succinct detail all leading up to the present period. He specifically mentions the potential for a pandemic that would bring about major upheavals throughout the social order.

Here it is…….

2020 – Intro

Video: 8 min 37 sec


I feel that in some way (I’ve not fully figured out yet) this Summer Solstice/total eclipse at 0+ Cancer is directly connected to the December 21 Winter Solstice and the simultaneous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

These two opposing solstices, yesterday’s at 0 Cancer and December’s at 0 Capricorn – when combined with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius (where Saturn was in yesterday’s Solstice/Eclipse charts) and the Juno in the December Jupiter-Saturn chart at 0+Sagittarius, create the Yod-turned-Boomerang pattern I’m so fond of.

It’s like a path leading us to something such as a coming event or an answer to a riddle. It is complex and requires some dogged study and imagination on the part of an astrologer, you know, obsession.

If this had just been an eclipse event or just a solstice event I might not be so convinced, but the double events, each with lasting ramifications, is driving home a point I’m absolutely sure.

I feel certain that the present transit of Saturn on 0 Aquarius is about building a foundation (what Saturn does so well) for the coming new Jupiter-Saturn cycle that starts on that same degree this December.

As part of the Yod-turned-Boomerang, Saturn – and later Jupiter – will sextile Juno (partnership, equality, defense of the disenfranchised) at 0+ Sagittarius in the coming Jupiter-Saturn chart and the Winter Solstice chart as well.

This sextile between Jupiter/Saturn and Juno will form a Yod (Finger of God) pattern to today’s total eclipse (and Elizabeth Warren’s and Meryl Streep’s Sun-Uranus at 0+ Cancer, among other connections).

In turn, the Winter Solstice at 0 Capricorn (and the Sun in the same-day Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart) completes a Boomerang pattern when joined with this present-day solar eclipse and the December Jupiter-Saturn (0+ Aquarius) that sextiles Juno (0+ Sagittarius) in the same chart.

I must draw it on paper to fully grasp; the picture I’m seeing requires a kind of marriage if you will, at least a binding partnership that will be created over a 20 year span (length of Jupiter-Saturn cycle) which fits neatly within the 30+ year parameter of the Saturn-Pluto cycle.

The Boomerang part is the Winter Solstice Sun at 0 Capricorn, where the combined energies of the pattern meet. Some interesting points of the Winter Solstice chart, aside from its conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, are:
1. Mercury (communicate) is conjunct the Sun (consciousness) at 0+ Capricorn
2. Ceres (nurture) is at 8+ Pisces, conjunct US natal Ceres and square US Uranus (breakthrough)
3. Venus (values) at 7+ Sagittarius squares Ceres (transiting and US natal) in Pisces and opposes US natal Uranus in Gemini
4. Mars conjuncts Eris (both at 23+ Aries) and they square Pluto at 23+ Cap which sextiles the Moon at 24+ Pisces, the degree where US Constitution Nessus is (Nessus is associated with sins of past generations, the abuse of power . . slavery comes to mind)

The 20 year cycle of this coming Jupiter-Saturn cycle then, a cycle within which is embedded a Winter Solstice (an annual turning point) and a connection to a Cancer solar eclipse of long duration in its influence, and a US Ceres Return that T-squares US Uranus that opposes Venus (values).

While the Jupiter-Saturn cycle focuses much energy (Mars) in a battle (square) with Pluto (transform) who has a nifty sextile with the Moon (people) in Pisces, a Moon which happens to oppose the US natal Neptune (erases boundaries) in Virgo (fixes things), which happens to trine the Pluto in this chart, a picture begins to emerge.

I’ll keep working on it, but if you have some thoughts, please do share them.

Barbk, it does look like a revolution in caring and nurturing that is global, possibly because of a global catastrophe (combined pandemic, depression, climate failure), calling for a transformation that people have been fighting for that is anti-establishment and anti-corporate, and highlights the need (I guess very desperate need) around the globe.
So Mercury/Sun – one-pointed focus, raising of consciousness on Capricorn structures (corporate-government institutions)
Ceres (caring) Venus (caring) Uranus (sudden awakening) –the depth of the need suddenly revealed and an urge to provide care. Maybe a George Floyd type of awakening in regard to global poverty, which is deepening and becoming more desperate everywhere.
Mars/Eris is disruption/revolution square Pluto Cap, transformation/breakdown/buildup (in a new way) corporate and government institutions.
Those are themes that have been building for decades and that goes with the Pluto return for the US as well. It’s reflected in many things.
I hope it’s not a tsunami like 2004. That would be so awful. Or the Fukishima tsunami. But hey, we saw the poverty Katrinia revealed and did nothing, so who knows if we can be moved to change. But maybe we will be.

Jerry, thanks for the Steve Judd video. Interesting guy. I looked at one he did a day or two ago after that, and it reminded me of the importance of carrying my ham radio with me at all times. I actually have 3. One for the car. One hand held for the house. One fixed ham radio that is powerful for long distance. The radio station has a ham radio too. Emergency communication is the key.

McConnell and the Dem primary on Tuesday. Anybody have an opinion? I’m surprised at Charles Booker. I wonder if North Node’s transit benefits him. Something we can watch. I think it’s trine his Sun.

Actually, in a lot of ways, there have been some good quality of life changes in New Orleans, including in housing & schooling, since Hurricane Katrina, Chiro. I live here and did a lot of projects for my graduate social work courses from about 2010-2015.

I look ahead to the November-January 2021 period, and I see two distinct possibilities.

1) Biden wins, Trump loses

2) Biden (somehow) loses, Trump (somehow) wins

I truly believe that 1 will happen, no matter what dirty tricks Trump and his henchmen may pull. Just like his rally yesterday, it will all come to naught.

Staying in office to avoid prosecution and prison is NOT a legitimate reason to stay in office, period. On those grounds alone, his re-election campaign is doomed.

Any campaign for POTUS must be about something bigger than oneself and one’s own self-preservation. Even if it comes down to partisan politics, its still reaching for something bigger than one’s ego, but Trump is clearly for Trump and Trump alone.

In the event that 2 actually happens, however, I say woe to the man, and those around him like McConnell, Barr and Giuliani who have put their necks on the line to prop up and protect him, because those of us who want to see him put out of office will become VERY radicalized. All bets will be off for what comes next. At the same time, the astrology of these next few years increasingly favors democracy over authoritarianism.

Whatever Trump would try and do during a second term, he would undoubtedly face increasingly radicalized opposition from those of us who are opposed to him, and for whom extra-legal options as a means of restoring the country and its democratic institutions may no longer be off the table.

He could very well be forced out of office and flushed out into the street during the middle of sustained mass public protests in DC and specifically around the White House. If people feel that the existing government has been hopelessly corrupted by him and his enablers, they will no longer respect it, or its agents, and in turn, tear it down, hopefully to rebuild it a little better than before.

Excellent summation Chiro, it does dovetail with the US Pluto Return, thank you for noting that.

Thanks for the noting of aftermath changes (for the better) in New Orleans following Katrina Sharon. It’s far too easy to dwell on the damage from a Plutonian event and fail to appreciate the good that results from it. The price for priceless achievement is often the shattered illusions we must release. Call it growing pains in the pursuit of wisdom.

Steve Judd’s latest video is quite interesting. He says the extended transit of Mars in Aries will be more difficult than the first half of this year. He sees three troubling moments: July with a three-week square of Mercury and Mars which will put everyone on edge, and a Mercury station direct which will coincide with an eclipse opposite the US Sun which should impact the President (he also sees a major earthquake at this time); mid to late August with an aggressive energy which will amplify conflicts with Mars square Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter; and the full moon of October 31, three days before the election, conjunct Uranus with Mars squaring Pluto for the second time.


‘Trump’s Venus-Saturn under Attack from Pluto’

Numerous media stories have detailed the number of ways that Trump just had a bad week. They include the spiking Covid-19 cases, losing the court appeal to block John Bolton’s tell-all book, and sinking poll numbers. The conservative-leaning Supreme Court surprised Trump with its rulings supporting the LGBT community and immigrant children (“Dreamers”), which Trump tweeted was like “a shotgun blast to the face.”


You have a wonderfully logical and realistic mind! I love your posts!

Unless something truly bizarre happens,
(Read All About It! Dinosaur Aliens from Planet X Return to Earth!), you must surely be right. It’s option (1) or (2) and I agree with you it will far more likely be (1)

I fully understand and empathize with those who harbor darker anxieties of this or that conspiracy derailing the election. Such attempts are already in the works. But I don’t think the Am. public or world will tolerate such shenanigans. Like you said, those efforts will in the end come to naught.

Were the R’s to succeed with them, OR were the number (2) scenario to succeed, the Am. public would become as radicalized as were the Founders in the 1770’s. Trump might be impeached again, plus those sadly necessary extra-legal options would as last resort be employed.

No matter how bad it gets, somehow I just don’t see the American people giving up on democracy. When it comes to dictators, or too much authoritarianism we become a pretty ornery bunch. If Trump and his minions succeed in robbing us of our democratic republic, we will do whatever it takes to restore it.

But based on my intuition, what little astrology I’ve studied, and my general, cultural, and political science understanding, I think it far more likely our restoration will begin with President Biden in January 2021.

Hi Eliseo,

“…… restoration will begin with President Biden in January 2021”

Rationally speaking that sounds like the most predictable course. However, leaving rationality and predictability aside, I have a somewhat different view of things. Indulge me if you will……….

Should we have reason to expect the unexpected? What will happen if Trump is forced out of office early to mid July? Astrologically, the signs of Trump rapidly losing his grip on power are unmistakable given the approaching Jupiter/Pluto conj forming an opposition to his natal Venus/Saturn. The tide is turning.

So; if that were to occur, will Nancy Pelosi serve as interim president and then hand over the presidency to Hillary Clinton in a matter of weeks? Hilary C. lest we forget was the rightful winner of the 2016 elections. Her position will become fait accompli once Trump’s tenure in office has been deemed null and void. Where does Biden fit into all this? I seriously doubt there will be any measure of influence there. Events have a way of creating its own momentum. I think we may be heading into an absolute culmination period with the July 20th New Moon – Saturn opposition. This will be activating the US Pluto – marking an ending and thus a new beginning. The situation is such that we may not have a political solution here. Events will probably go way beyond that. The result? A massive spiritual awakening in general. Political calculations will become a moot point. The whole world will become transformed.

Since we are considering the possibilities of the train completely leaving the tracks, I will note a couple of things in Trump’s birth chart that could contribute to the unimaginable; asteroid Ophelia, symbolic of madness and grief, conjuncts the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius, while his natal Askalaphus, whom I refer to as the tattletale (think Trump’s niece and Bolten’s books), at 0+ Aquarius is where transiting Saturn is in the total solar eclipse at 0+ Cancer, and that produces a quincunx (discomfort, a need for adjustment).

Add this to all the major factors happening in Trump’s natal chart, and his notoriously short fuse, it could be the Cancer total eclipse chart’s Uranus (9+ Taurus) opposite the 2017 Inauguration chart’s Moon (9+Scorpio), along with the Inauguration chart’s Sun conjunct the eclipse chart’s Saturn and Trump’s natal Askalaphus at 0+ Aquarius . . .

. . .plus the Inauguration chart’s Mars (24+ Pisces) conjunct the solar eclipse chart’s Mars (25+ Pisces) that is part of a Boomerang with solar eclipse Pluto-Jupiter (24-25 Cap) and Trump’s Mars in Leo opposite US Moon-Pallas in Aquarius, it is not absurd to conclude that Trump could be forced out of office “early to mid July” in handcuffs.

Nice one Jerry.

Check this out!!!

Republican Voters Against Trump


Susan Rice:

Bio: National security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations under President Obama.

How seriously is she being considered? Very seriously. Rice, 55, is among the candidates furthest along in the vetting process.

Signature issues: Closely identified with the Obama administration’s foreign policy breakthroughs, including the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement; recently called for statehood for Washington, D.C.

Relationship with Biden: Rice served with Biden in the Obama administration for eight years, and their working relationship dates back to the 1990s when Rice was an assistant secretary of state and Biden was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Pros and cons: Rice’s international experience would leave little doubt that she is ready for the most sensitive parts of the job. But she has never been a candidate before and the learning curve of a national campaign can be a steep one.

On being considered for vice president: “I’m humbled and honored to be among the extremely accomplished women who are reportedly being considered in that regard.”


That’s a pretty interesting scenario, and it would certainly be transformative. Although I find a Biden win more likely, I don’t discount other possibilities, such as what you’ve suggested. Weird is weird, and we are definitely living through weird times. Donald Trump DID become president, which is about as weird as anyone could imagine.

Such a scenario as you’ve described would likely depend on the discovery of absolute proof the 2016 election was indeed manipulated, stolen, etc., or such profound wrongdoing the R’s would acquiesce to invocation of the 25th amendment and Mr.T’s subseqent arrest. The primary caveat would be I think, the great wall of denial the R’s tend to consistently maintain. It’s difficult to see that wall coming down.

Were that wall breached however, another interpretation might be, the Donald goes down and the R’s are forced to run someone else in November.

It’s also not unthinkable in our pandemic colored environment, as a close friend suggested, that Trump might succumb to the virus and die. Although he and all around him are purportedly tested frequently, attending rallies like that in Tulsa could certainly get him infected. His sickness and possible death would surely be transformative in that his followers would be forced to admit the viral danger was real. That would be a pretty dramatic demonstration of the validity of medical science.

Using barbK’s metaphor, you can’t run a train as fast and as recklessly as has the Donald without the danger it might “completely leave the tracks.” Such a train wreck might occur a number of different possible ways.

To me, it would be healthier and more preferable were the American electorate to dramatically reject the old orange sorcerer in a landslide election. Such an outcome would serve to restore the confidence of our allies and trade partners that we had returned to some modicum of sanity. But history usually has a mind of its own. It will be interesting to see how events unfold in the next several months.

If trump were to leave in mid to late July, does that potentially give the Rs enough time to run a viable candidate that possibly defeats Biden? We have assistance now from the Rs that hate trump. What happens if he’s gone? Instead of looking at trump in November, what do the Republican and Democrat charts show for that time?

Susan Rice is married to a Canadian, Ian Officer Cameron. Were she to become VP, she would be the first woman VP, and the first married to a “foreign” husband. Although, I think for most Americans it is hard to think of Canadians as “foreign.”

Melania was born in Slovenia. To my knowledge, she is the only First Lady who was not born an American citizen.


Good response. Regarding that closing remark of yours: “It will be interesting to see how events unfold in the next several months.” I wonder if it’s in terms of months? As mentioned before, tr. Mars squaring the June 21st solar eclipse degree is only a week away (June 28th). Will irreparable damage be caused by incriminating documents leaked to the press? Sensing the mood of the country and the frustrations felt in congress, one imagines anything can happen at a moments notice.

Casey has a good point. With T forced out early, someone like Romney can be run & he has a much better chance of winning…

quite some time back I had a dream that at the repub convention nobody was behind trump and they picked somebody else as nominee

What can we say about the end of Putin’s reign?
Christopher Steele says he’s always had bad intentions. Russia is a powerful rogue state, he says.


Back in October, November someone here said Romney had good chances to win this year..

Thank You Margriet!
Bolton’s book, Mary Trump’s book, now this one.
Shadow State: Murder, Mayhem and Russia’s Remaking of the West, by Luke Harding.

All three are pretty damning, and with the potential to stimulate a hard shaking of both UK and Am. politics .


Maybe Audrey Strauss is the woman who takes down Trump.

“Ms. Strauss, a 72-year-old former defense lawyer known for her understated style, has been forced into the spotlight, taking over as the acting U.S. attorney in the storied prosecutor’s office, which continues to find itself in the president’s cross hairs. She will lead politically sensitive investigations into people in Mr. Trump’s orbit in the run-up to a hotly contested election, and her decisions will be scrutinized.

When Mr. Berman initially refused to step down, the plan fell apart. Mr. Trump ended up firing Mr. Berman on Saturday, leaving Ms. Strauss — Mr. Berman’s top deputy — to emerge from the wreckage as the office’s new leader.”



“Will irreparable damage be caused by incriminating documents leaked to the press? Sensing the mood of the country and the frustrations felt in congress, one imagines anything can happen at a moments notice.”

Love the tease! You know how to sell the sizzle!

About 12:30 PM EDT tomorrow, for about 50 hours, there will be 6 out of the possible 8 major planets that will be either stationary or moving in retrograde motion (or so it appears to us earthlings). Only Mars and Uranus functions will be moving forward during the roughly 2 days( June 23-24), and because of this I again looked at the chart for their cycle, Mars and Uranus, which began on Feb. 26, 2017.

Mars and Uranus were conjunct at 22 Aries 00, along with transiting Eris at 22 Aries 44, and a centaur named Echeclus at 22 Aries 49, and all 4 were opposite retrograde Jupiter at 22 Libra 28.

FYI, Echeclus appears to symbolize the ability to connect things from the past to the present and on into the future. Perhaps that might be about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Trump had been in office for just over a month when this cycle began. It would seem that the Mars-Uranus cycle is associated with the Trump presidency, due to the timing of transiting Uranus conjunct the US natal Chiron and transiting Mars square the US natal Mercury at the time of the 2017 Inauguration.

This presidency would augur disruption (Inauguration Uranus) that would cause wounding (US Chiron) that would bring about healing (US Chiron) . . . as well as aggressiveness (Inauguration Mars) challenging (square) natural communication and thinking (US Mercury).

Now, for 2 days, they, Mars and Uranus, have free reign to press their agenda forward without competition. In their cycle start they were opposite Jupiter, symbol of largesse, networking, understanding, big picture as opposed to minute detail, so a kind of shut-down might be going on during those 2 days.

Mars and Uranus were conjunct Ceres when they began this cycle so something related to Nature such as food supplies might move forward in the next 2 days. Because they were also conjunct Eris there could be discord over the food supplies, if that were to be the case.

When the Mars-Uranus conjunction took place the transiting Sun at 8+ Pisces was conjunct the US natal Ceres and square the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. If the next 2 days is about food supplies, or some nature-related event, there could be delays in resolution of problems due to the 6 planets that are retrograde. Mars and Uranus might symbolically bring about a breakthrough in such a stalemate.

Well, it’s sort of ‘official’ because the Washington Post says so ( 🙂 ), that there will be no clear answer as to who actually wins the presidency on Nov 3. The world won’t know until all those mail in ballots are counted (and possibly vetted, etc., like 2000 all over again, but not hanging chads this time?)


Yes, I should have written “next several months and years.” I expect a rolling, cascading series of dark and hidden facts and stories to be revealed gradually through the next several years. I believe these various political and non-political secrets will go far in reshaping public opinion, and consequently whom we elect to office.

Hope so, Eliseo.

Proud that N.O. leaders were ahead of their time & led the way in dismantling confederate military statues. On the other hand, in some cases the monument dismantling movement seems a little extreme in some cases.

Sharon K,
Agreed! I think the large percentage of Black folks in NO probably influenced the newer more enlightened policy.

But, “On the other hand, in some cases the monument dismantling movement seems a little extreme in some cases.”

Yep! Saw that in the old 60’s/70’s anti-war movement as well. There are always some who are attracted to protests who have no strategic or common sense. Unfortunately, they tend to be more aggressive, as in “that’ll show em!” sort of defiance. They play right into the hands of the Far Right. We can already see it in the rhetoric of Trump and his like minded companions.

apparently the odious Nigel Farage showed his slimy head at the Tulsa show – anyone looked at his chart lately? I wonder what promises he made to trump in the dark of night?

Chiro – I hear you! One night I’ll feel there’s simply no way he’s going to finish… everything is just too “out there” and blatant. And then, like you, I may see an interview or something else and I end up throwing my hands up in the air and saying ‘it’s no use.’

-ANYONE- else would have been stripped of office after the first few months (at a maximum) of Trump reign. I am so incensed that he gets away with so much, and it comes from a place of social justice — as well as probably a bit of selfishness. I’ve fought against injustice in friend’s life, as well as my own against (especially) the misogynistic or religious-intolerant attitudes and this guy just gets away with everything horrible.

I can only hope at this point that his get-together tomorrow is as successful as Saturday’s was. Maybe then, he’ll get the idea. I don’t like what this guy makes me feel. And yet, unless I turn everything off, he has that power I’ve given him. But I am a political junkie, always have been… and now being a senior, I need to keep up with what they’re willing to do to us next… strip back (or take away) SS, kill off Medicare, demand we sacrifice our lives with Covid to keep America running for the Oligarchs? Man, I’ve never heard such crap coming from a leader of any country before. Boggles the mind!

“Psychopomps”… I always like this to something I learned back 40 years ago when I was just stepping onto the path of the Craft. Your tools are an extension of your own power. But what if you find yourself in the perfect place and want to do a ritual for something important to you? But you have none of your tools? Use your pointing finger! Your finger becomes the extension of your own personal power. The tools help us to switch our mode from “mundane world” to “veiled world.” And they are good for that… just not always necessary. I appreicate that the older (and poorer) I become! (LOL)

Oh, Barb and Jerry — from your fingers to the gods’ ears!

Beowulfie – I read the article you referenced above. Did you see Dan Rather point to it (as well as a few other Trump remarks) as proof Trump is going to try to steal the election in some way with regards to the mail-in vote. I think these guys think it’ll be in lawsuits (ala the FL Brooks Bros revolt). Frankly, I think Trump would try to win it by doing himself what he accuses the rest of us of doing; I mean, he’s already voted illegally in the last election, and no one’s done anything about it, even after Fl called him on it!

I would love to see our elections overseen this time by outside observers. Barring that, I’d like to see every county/city have a strict chain of custody and all ballots and boxes be supervised by at least one Dem and one Repub and one Ind at all times.

Anyone have any idea what the Supremes will do about the electoral college case this session? Will they say that electoral college electorates have to abide by the winner of their state, or are they free to use their own judgement? I believe the Founders set it up to forestall anyone like Trump being chosen as president. But that worked so well, didn’t it? I feel like electorates should abide by the popular vote in their states. I just don’t think this is what the Founders set up the Electoral College for, however. So, I’m really interested to see how it comes down… Literally or relativistically? Especially since Trump’s election by the EC.

Anyone got any good news to dissuade me of the opinion that Turtle is going to win Kentucky again? (sigh)

Centaur Echeclus, as I said before, can symbolize a link between past, present and future and Echeclus was with Mars and Uranus when they made their conjunction in 2017.

This meant that Echeclus was also opposite Jupiter at that time, just like Mars and Uranus were. On a hunch, I looked at the conjunction chart of Jupiter and Uranus (by that time, 2017, halfway through their cycle), since this conjunction between Mars and Uranus, the only 2 out of 8 major planets at this time in 2020 that are presently in direct motion, just in case Echeclus was trying to tell me something.

Sure enough, Jupiter and Uranus started their 12+ year cycle on June 8, 2010, at 0 Aries 17, a World or Aries Point degree, just like Sunday’s solar eclipse was, and they were quincunx Mars that day, who was at 0+ Virgo which was opposite Chiron at 0+ Pisces. The Sun (consciousness) was at 17+ Gemini on that day (June 8, 2010) and conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus (breakthrough) in the same degree.

So far Echeclus has connected the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle start to the 2017 Mars-Uranus cycle start and just maybe this thread between these 2 cycles is going to connect with the present or near future; where will this little Centaur lead me next?

I’m with you on that up & down thing. Our politics, plus my personal, social and emotional situations are making me psychologically and physically ill.

The injuries I sustained in the 60’s supporting the civil rights movement have come back to haunt me. The physical pain is worse every day, and in concert with our pandemic restrictions, I can’t get the physical therapy I need. The sadness and frustration I feel with our lack of progress in racial justice sometimes overwhelms me.

As far as the electoral college goes: It’s done the opposite of what the Founders intended. The EC was supposed to be independent, but to my understanding state laws eventually came to require the electors to vote with the majority of their state.

At best, the Founders hoped the president would be elected by a majority of states as well as the population as a whole. At worst, they hoped that if a popular majority chose a Trump type, the electoral college could overrule that and choose someone more appropriate.

They did not anticipate the reverse, wherein the popular vote went for a qualified candidate (HRC), and the electors chose an unqualified crook, albeit a wealthy, flamboyant, and despotic doofus.

I have no idea what the Supremes might decide, but eventually, when we get to the constitutional reforms necessary for our restoration as a democratic republic, (amendments) we’ll need to either replace the electoral college with something better, or abolish it completely. I’m guessing we’ll probably take the simpler route and get rid of it.

BTW, I hope things are going better with your mother, and your illnesses. Living with my mother-in-law is driving me crazy, and as you well know, I’m plenty crazy enough. M-in-L absolutely hates me, usually quietly so as to not upset the wife, but the hostility is very intense and persistent. Not good for someone as psychically sensitive as I have been all my life. (Moon in Pisces at the top of my chart, plus other factors.)

All my love to you, to David, and to all your many cats. You are one beautiful soul! The world is a better place because you are present within it.

As interesting as the Mars-Uranus conjunction chart of Feb. 2017 was, it was not their most recent one.

Their most recent conjunction took place on Feb. 13, 2019. In this conjunction they were at 29+ Aries opposite Pallas the Planner at 29+ Libra and T-squared by the US Constitution chart’s Uranus at 29+ Cancer, so I believe that is their target; some kind of breakthrough re: US Constitution. The Electoral College elimination maybe?

In this newer Mars-Uranus cycle, centaur Echeclus was in Taurus, this time conjunct the Moon (People) and another centaur named Bienor who is associated with places of recognition such as statues of Civil War Generals and former US presidents.

Also in this Mars-Uranus conjunction chart centaur Nessus (abuse of power) was conjunct US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces and square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini (+ the start degree of Neptune-Pluto cycle). This too might be a target for the Mars-Uranus energy today and tomorrow.

This is almost scary to think about. Mars-Uranus unchained. I think I’ll lay low. With my ham radio.

I will say in regard to the electoral college, it was meant to give a voice to the small states. If voting was proportional–delegates for each candidate with votes–it would work better. And proportional voting is up to the states. Eliminating the electoral college would totally eliminate the importance of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, which some people think is a good thing, but if only the popular vote mattered, Candidates would only campaign in large states.

Any Mars-Uranus combination has historically have been DANGEROUS.

This might sound a bit over the top and a tad presumptuous, but nevertheless, I would be remiss if I didn’t include it here…………

Making The Case For A July 7th Donald J Trump Departure.

We mentioned this before, but in addition to the July 7th transit of Uranus’s exact t square to tr. Moon and Trump’s natal Pluto (10’04 Leo-Aquarius-Taurus), we have the added benefit the following day of a waxing Mars-Mercury square (6 ’07 Aries – Cancer) in t square to Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Aries). Can that be interpreted as a dissolution of office? Mind you, this will mark the first time Mars will square the December 26th, 2019 solar eclipse/Jupiter conjunction of last year. (4/5 Capricorn). See Jude Cowell’s 12/26/19 eclipse/Trump comparison chart…….


This is what Marjorie Orr has to say about dormant eclipses……

Solar Eclipse – Delayed Effect To Watch For

by Marjorie Orr/ June 21, 2020

The Cancer Solar Eclipse has come and gone without too much out of the ordinary in terms of dramatic events. Trepidation and excitement precede eclipses which often turn out to be damp squibs on the day or even week itself.

But there can be a curious delayed effect. The 11 August 1999 total solar eclipse was starkly aspected with the Leo New Moon opposition Uranus square Saturn in Taurus opposition Mars in Scorpio and caused much alarm amongst astrologers in advance. The path rose in the Eastern seaboard of the USA, crossed the UK, down across Afghanistan, Pakistan to southern India. There was a Turkish earthquake on the path of the eclipse which killed 17.000, but nothing in the other locations on the path.



CORRECTION/ Read instead “in t square to Trump’s natal Neptune (5 ’50 Libra)”

Lunar Eclipse occurs in Capricorn.

This eclipse can be considered another cosmic nudge toward creating a better balance between responsibilities to the world and to our homes, or between our inner and outer worlds. The focus is on new beginnings related to our personal lives, need for nurture and to nurture, attention to family, living conditions and arrangements, and domestic experience…

Since this is a Solar Eclipse, we may feel wiped out, ignored, or overruled before we are motivated to make a big change or new beginning. Its tight quincunx to Saturn further emphasizes the theme of adjustments or discomfort that spurs us to want to improve our lives.

It is also notable that on Tuesday, Neptune joins the current retrograde cluster, shifting into its annual five to six-month reversal (from our apparent view on Earth, not literally). While it slows, stops, and turns this week, it may seem as if there is “a veil over our affairs, and it can be challenging to see things clearly this week,” Annie tells us. “Still, the retrograde cycle itself is a period of increased receptiveness, even if we’re putting some of our dreams on hold.”



“Despite the change in location, all three debates are expected to begin at 9 p.m. ET, and will run for 90 minutes without any commercial breaks. No moderators have been announced as yet.”

First debate to be held on September 29.

“The first presidential debate, when the incumbent President Trump will face off against Joe Biden, will be held on Tuesday, September 29 at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.”

From my “More than 3 days” post:


September 29, Saturn stations Dx at 25°20? Capricorn. Transiting Pluto opposite tRump’s natal Saturn, transiting Saturn opposite his natal Venus.

Second debate to be held on October 15.

“The second presidential debate was expected to take place at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor on Thursday, October 15, but in June, the institution withdrew from hosting the event due to health concerns amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It has been moved to Miami.”>/b>

On the same link as above:

October 15, progressed inaugural Moon conjunct progressed inaugural Saturn in longitude at 23°53′ Sagittarius.

October 15, progressed Sibly Moon conjunct progressed Sibly Pluto in longitude at 29°27′ Capricorn.
His progressed Sun/Saturn midpoint on the chart’s Desc.

The date for the 3rd debate (October 22) is empty. I think there might not be one.

“The final debate is set for Thursday, October 22 at Belmont University in Nashville.”

Typo on the bolding in my last post. Meant only for that first statement.

On October 15 tRump’s progressed Sun/Saturn midpoint will be on his own progressed chart’s Desc.

Well, I don’t know if all this retrograde action is slowing down others like it is me, however, I do have more info on the Mars-Uranus cycle chart.

But first, thank you Jerry and thank you ja for the above; I’m afraid I won’t remember to do that after I unload this info about a Yod-turned Boomerang in the Mars-Uranus conjunction chart of Feb. 13, 2019.

In that chart Chiron (learn thru wounding) at 29+ Pisces (almost on the 0 Aries world point) was sextile Moon (People) at 28+ Taurus and Juno (a queen but not seen as equal to the king, Jupiter) at 0+ Gemini, having just left 29 Taurus. For now I’m associating this with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Both Chiron and Moon/Juno in this chart (Mars-Uranus conj) are quincunx the chart’s Pallas at 29+ Libra. Pallas, a warrior with a specialty in strategic planning, is being forced to adjust due to the fact that she’s in the apex point of a Yod with Chiron and Moon/ Juno. How does Pallas do this?

Pallas at 29+ Libra is opposite Mars and Uranus at 29+ Aries, thus completing a Boomerang pattern.

Pallas works out a strategy with the Mars-Uranus she opposes, that relieves the Yod’s pressure on her (perhaps utilizing the unfortunate death of a black man at the hands of zealous cops) and this is just fine for the Mars-Uranus cycle’s action (Aries) driven agenda to break through (Uranus) each individual’s (Aries) consciousness of the US people.

Chiron in this chart is semi-sextile the Mars-Uranus conjunction, as is the Moon-Jupiter conjunction; an almost too perfect setup to be coincidence; way too perfect. This was a plan to wake up America, in concert with other (longer) cycles in play or about to be in play, such as the Jupiter-Saturn cycle of 2000 and the Saturn-Pluto cycle of 2020.

As Mars and Uranus are direct today and tomorrow, while Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde and reviewing past info, actions, thoughts, and more, it is likely progress will be made by Mars (action) and Uranus (technology, breakthrough, shocks) in some form regarding equality among races in the matters of law enforcement.

As to Jerry’s noting of transiting Uranus action on July 7 and transiting Mars action on July 8 (both in direct motion, mind you) I say GO FOR IT!

As for Marjorie’s noting of the Mars and Uranus “delayed” action, her timing is perfect!

And ja . .”another cosmic nudge” and “a veil over our affairs . .”; more jewels from owl’s daughter much appreciated.

Much thanks Bob; that 2nd debate makes me a little nervous. Sounds serious.

I’m wondering if the agreement to have the 3 debates will break down. The Donald will want an audience, will want no masks, no social distancing and no “mean” questions. I don’t see the Biden camp agreeing to that.

It’s likely that from September 29th through October 22nd the coronavirus will still be with us taking lives. The economy will be no better, and protests might well be continuing.
Furthermore, University of Washington reassessment for projected deaths by end of year is now over 200,000.

With all that, plus the fact Donald can’t even handle a press conference without rudely insulting reporters and gruffly walking off, how could he possibly handle a televised “debate”?

Also, weren’t the dates for the debates agreed to during a mercury retrograde?

Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?

This is a January 3, 2018 article by James Hamblin from The Atlantic. I do not agree with his final conclusion, but throughout the piece he makes many truly excellent points. IMO, he is correct in insisting we need a continuing system to measure the cognitive ability of a sitting president. Here is another reform which needs to be incorporated into our system, possibly into the Constitution itself through amendment.

“The job of the presidency is not what it used to be. For most of America’s history, it was not possible for the commander in chief to unilaterally destroy a continent, or the entire planet, with one quick decision. Today even the country’s missileers—whose job is to sit in bunkers and await a signal—are tested three times per month on their ability to execute protocols. They are required to score at least 90 percent. Testing is not required for their commander in chief to be able to execute a protocol, much less testing to execute the sort of high-level decision that would set this process in motion.”

“The lack of a system to evaluate presidential fitness only stands to become more consequential as the average age of leaders increases. The Constitution sets finite lower limits on age but gives no hint of an upper limit. At the time of its writing, septuagenarians were relatively rare, and having survived so long was a sign of hardiness and cautiousness. Now it is the norm. In 2016, the top three presidential candidates turned 69, 70, and 75. By the time of the 2021 inauguration, a President Joe Biden would be 78.”

Slightkc, thanks for pointing out the Dan Rather connection which I had not seen, but in any case, imo, it doesn’t matter what Trump tries to do, in the end he’s not going to steal the election. That doesn’t mean he and the Repubs won’t try! In fact, I’m sure they will do everything in their power to do just that.

I have gone over the charts countless times and have also said a number of time how very, very unclear the outcome of the ELECTION will be. But, once Biden became the Dem candidate (albeit yet to be officially ‘blessed’ at the convention), it has been possible to compare his charts to Trump’s charts. Even doing that at intervals, there are many positives on Trump’s side and quite a few not-so-positives on Biden’s side, so it is extremely difficult to weigh the two sets of charts against each other.

All of which has led me to the conclusion that there are other players and other factors that are not accounted for by just comparing Trump’s chart to Biden’s. Next question then becomes what else do you look at? So, you look at Congress, Nancy Pelosi, the College of Electors and on and on it goes, like a merry-go-round.

Finally, I gave up with all that. I started just focusing on the inauguration chart – SOMEBODY is going to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021! At least there is a pretty good chance of that chart being accurate for the moment. Unexpected delays etc. are possible, but it would be unlikely that the powers that be would risk general mayhem at that point.

Without getting all fussed about the end of the world and the like, Biden is going to win. There’s no question in my mind. Biden’s chart isn’t brilliant, but item by item, compared to Trump’s on inauguration day, Biden’s chart is stronger. His sun is on the Midheaven, etc. I won’t go into the details here and I’m sure every astrologer on the planet will write up this inauguration in spades!

In short, after Tulsa (I did those charts too), it is pretty clear Trump is going to lose because of the virus. The virus is the essential message.

I believe history will show that Tulsa is the turning point for Trump, but the saddest thing is that it’s a virus, the lowest form of life, that will finally get him out of office. The idea that some hideous bug needs to blast mankind before a disastrous president can be kicked out is the worst kind of “recommendation” for a supposedly democratic political system there could possibly be. It is an abject failure of the system.

I am fully in agreement with BarbK et al that convoluted, pathological astrological factors are at play, along with factors that are putting up a good fight, but in the end, the notion that a country founded on strong democratic principles (imperfect as they were) can’t fix its own obvious problems is a condemnation. The people have not been awake to power!

I agree with BarbK that Trump is the medicine, but once the election is done, the cure starts. I’ll bet Biden has a hell of a time, especially in the first 2 years. The suspense of the election will soon be over, but a train wreck is a hard thing to cure!

Interesting approach, Beowulfie
I will have to check out the inaugural chart to see what you see.
I looked up on wikipedia the time of death for George Floyd, trying to understand how that moment had the stunning impact that it did. I think part of it is, the Moon at that time and place was conjunct the US Sun. That stood out. Maybe other people have noticed that too. A black guy who I was talking with said, this happens all the time. And it’s true. So why finally with this one did we sit up and take notice?


Astrologer Georg Stockhorst offered an interesting analysis a couple of weeks ago. There may be a Neptune connection……

The Killing of George Floyd.

Political and mundane astrology: astrogeographical analyses and data of the killing of George Floyd on May, 25 2020.



Are you guys feeling the same hugely heavy, oppressive energy that I am for the last thirty-six hours or so?

It feels awful. All those planets stopped or going retrograde? Is that what we’re feeling. Someone tell me it’s going to stop soon, please?

At this moment, November seems about a hundred years away. How will we make it until then? And then until Jan?


I think George Floyd’s murder got so much attention because it wasn’t a fuzzy video of a cop firing a gun into the darkness at a figure running away. It wasn’t a quick struggle, then a gun firing.

It was nearly nine excruciating minutes of very slow, emotionally wrenching death in broad daylight, in front of dozens of witnesses with camera phones recording, and that cop smirking the whole time but still kind of casual with a hand in his pocket while waiting for Floyd to die while begging for his mother and to be allowed to breathe.

Many of the other cop killings, you could argue, were snap judgements, maybe moments of fear coalescing in seconds of actions — the pulling of a trigger. Done. Over. Not a lot of thinking allowed.

With Floyd, we all knew how long that nearly nine minutes was. A lot of people timed it out and didn’t do anything else but think about how long it was. It was a slow, deliberate act, carried out despite daylight and all the witnesses. The brazenness was shocking.

Chiro, whether you are really asking “why finally with this one” or are instead making a point, I will tell you why I feel it is “now”, and that is the timing was baked into the cake.

It is about holistic transformation worldwide, and for the US (based on the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) it was solidified on the day transiting Neptune and transiting Pluto were first conjunct each other, at the same time they were conjunct US natal Uranus.

That took place on August 2, 1891. They, trans. Neptune, trans. Pluto and US Uranus were at 8+ Gemini (and Pluto had not even been discovered yet!) Their chart tells a story about values. Transiting Venus at 27+ Cancer was opposite the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn.

Transiting Uranus (breakthrough) at 27+Libra on that day was T-square trans. Venus (values) opposite US Pluto (transform) The Uranus-Mars conjunction last year at 29+ Aries might have triggered that T-square by turning it into a grand cross (all in cardinal signs).

The 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, a cycle about societies evolution for a given 20 year period, began at 22+ Virgo that was trine US natal Neptune (compassion) at 22+ Virgo. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22+ Taurus was squared by their chart’s Uranus (breakthroughs) at 20+ Aquarius.

In 2012 the US progressed (and moving retrograde) Mercury reached 20+ Aquarius and was conjunct that Uranus that squared Jupiter and Saturn in their cycle that began in 2000 and would end in 2020. That was when Obama was elected US President for a 2nd term.

I believe that was when the expanding consciousness of the (US) masses began to make strides, largely because of the Internet and smart phones (Uranus + US prog. Mercury square Jupiter-Saturn).

The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, at 28+ Leo was trine the chart’s Uranus at 28+ Aries which opposed the Uranus in the Neptune-Pluto (+ US Uranus) chart at 27+ Libra, which T-squared the same chart’s Venus at 27+ Cancer that was opposite the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. The Uranus in the Great American Eclipse chart was one degree away from last year’s Uranus-Mars conjunction.

I believe the 2017 Great American Eclipse also triggered (activated) the Neptune-Pluto cycle (that activated the US natal Uranus) through its Mercury at 8+ Virgo that squared the US natal Uranus + the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891.

Venus (values) in the Great American Eclipse chart was at 24+ Cancer and conjunct the US natal Mercury (cell phone video, Internet, etc), which is now opposed by transiting Pluto at 24+ Capricorn.

I believe these are some of the steps that we have climbed during the last 20 years to get to the point where, “finally with this one” our values have matured enough to take action (trans Mars is direct and sextile the US natal Pluto).

Creating a New World Through All the Conflict and Astrology Forecast June 21-27

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are now in the middle of Eclipse Season, and so much is happening. It is an intense and transformational time period.

It began with George Floyd’s murder, which brought with it the expression of so much pent up resentment and rage at how African American people have endured such abuse of power through the years.

In just a few weeks since that murder, our society has apparently been making deep change in race relations. And that change brings the races together this time, together to make transformation at the roots of the issue, not just band-aid temporary fixes.

At the same time, we see surfacing the Culture War, a culture war that looks like Northern Values versus Southern values, as it did during the Civil War in 1861-1865 here in America.

Charlottesville Virginia in 2017 provided the stage for the beginning of Culture War during the Trump administration.

2017 Charlottesville happened during an Eclipse Season, a very powerful Eclipse Season that included the confrontation between alt-right activists and far left activists. A woman was killed during the Charlottesville confrontation by a white supremacist man.

This Eclipse Season now has the Culture War bringing more sweeping change to America, as well as to many places all over the world as well.

Confederate statues of slave traders are being torn down in America and in other places like England also.

June-teenth brought more awareness of past slavery here in the USA, and now it will be very difficult to go back to how it used to be for African Americans, especially African American men being abused by the police.

The danger here is that the backlash by White Supremacists and Neo Nazi’s could be quite severe, especially so if Trump looks like he will lose the election.

The recent civil rights gains, including the rights for women through the Me-Too movement, have been tremendous.

Add to that the fact that the Supreme Court, with a majority of supposedly conservative judges, has this past week given sweeping civil rights gains for LGBTQ and Trans peoples.

The revolution is strong now, but one must also realize that there are people in this country and world wide that are enraged by these civil rights gains, and by moves toward globalism.

The old world will not die easily. The light may be shining brightly right now for the Age of Aquarius, but there is still much deep work to be done. The dying beast of the old paradigm is getting more and more fierce in wanting the old ways and privileges to continue.

Summer Solstice was on the 20th at 5:54 PM EDT. The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer is early on the 21st at 2:41 AM EDT.

As we have previously written, the last time a Solar Eclipse happened at the Summer Solstice was in the Summer of 2001.

That gave us a Summer Season 2001 with a signature of intense, important transformation. The Twin Towers tragedy occurred before that summer was over.



Teresa Hill,
“Are you guys feeling the same hugely heavy, oppressive energy that I am for the last thirty-six hours or so?”

YES! It feels as if Earth’s gravity doubled with a simultaneous thickening of the atmosphere.

I suspect many are feeling it in part because, they’ve lost their jobs, we are apparently going into a second Great Depression, we don’t know when the pandemic will be over and done, we are semi-imprisoned within our homes, and we have the worst president in American history who consistently foments hatred and chaos, and is willing to risk our lives so he can get re-elected.

No one can plan ahead because we are living with so much uncertainty. Parents don’t even know for sure whether their children will be in school this Fall. Educators, like me don’t know when, if ever we will again have paying jobs. Meanwhile, the bills pile up, and we can’t pay them.

Personally, I’m concerned I may be penniless, homeless and without healthcare within a few months. I’m sure millions of others share the same concern for themselves.

Furthermore, there is a possibility we may devolve into civil war after the election. That possibility may be remote, or it may be probable. We just don’t know.

For most of us, present circumstances are the weirdest and most stressful we’ve ever experienced.

Teresa Hill,

I feel you. Oppressive, heavy, on the threshold of unbearable. Like trying to swim in a pool of syrup.
Nonetheless, we will get through this – we are on the cusp of critical mass.

This too shall pass.


Resonating bigly with spiritualtherapy.com piece. My stars, shiver me timbers! Great read. Timely.

Thank you!


“YES! It feels as if Earth’s gravity doubled with a simultaneous thickening of the atmosphere.”


Meanwhile a massive Saharan dust storm is on its way to envelop most of Texas by Thursday morning.

The historic Saharan dust plume is darkening skies in the Caribbean and will soon stretch into the US

One highly suspects the stunning firing of US Attorney of SDNY Geoffrey Berman last Friday night more than likely was related to the imminent decision of the Supreme Court on whether to hear the case regarding the release of Trump’s tax returns (the deadline is June 30th). Could the court delay a decision one more time as they have done in past? The astrological aspects are compelling. First, let’s look at the pertinent news articles……

We Don’t Know Much More About Trump’s Finances Now Than We Did In 2016. The Supreme Court May Change That

June 21, 2020

It’s the court decision that probably strikes more fear in President Donald Trump’s heart than any other.

The Supreme Court will decide as soon as this week whether Trump’s accountants must turn his financial records and tax returns over to House Democrats and New York prosecutors investigating hush money payments.



DACA, Abortion, Trump Tax Cases Still Undecided As Supreme Court Term Nears End

May 30, 2020

The Supreme Court is turning the final corner, racing to get opinions out to meet its self-imposed end of June deadline to bring a historic term to an end.



The US Constitutional chart (9/17/1787 4 pm Philadelphia) which sets the operations, tone and guidelines for the US Supreme Court has its South Node located at 1 ’09 Cancer. It closely conjuncts natal Mars (3 ’05 Cancer) in sesquisquare to natal Pluto (14 ’12 Aquarius). Clearly, the June 21st eclipse is powerfully impacting the direction of the Supreme Courts decision making process one way or the other. Will the Supreme Court cower in the interest of political expediency and rule in favor of Trump’s request to not disclose his taxes? Instinctively, one hopes not. Astrologer Michael Conneely in an article entitled Eclipse Falls on Planets in Birth Chart makes the following observation:

“When an eclipse falls on your natal South Node: chasms will open under your life, but with divine purpose to transform or end that life so that you are put in touch with spiritual meaning.”

That suggests, the Supreme Court could actually render a decision that upholds the spirit of the law. If so, we will have reason to celebrate (finally). As mentioned, on June 28th tr. Mars will activate the June 21st eclipse by square. Should be interesting to see how all this unfolds.

Wow, and just imagine if ALL of the 8 major planets (that can retrograde) were retrograde! Talk about heavy! Instead, we still have Mars and Uranus moving forward, and tomorrow Venus will station direct and join them.

And shades of Neptune with the coming dust cloud; a metaphor if ever there was one. Neptune stationed retrograde late last night-early this morning in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Think of what a shot in the arm all this is for movie makers . . .hooray for Hollywood!

Ralfee Finn:

“It’s a planetary pile-up on the astral highway this week, so don’t be surprised if you or those around you experience a sense of dislocation as abrupt shifts derail plans and projects. You’ll need to do all kinds of yoga to stay flexible; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual stretches are certain to test our capacity, individual and collective, to handle a plethora of delays, detours, snarls, and snafus that infiltrate regular routines. While we knew that a lot was going on last week, this week we’re living through several striking shifts. Do your best to think before you leap into action—it’s important to not get swept away by an extreme reaction that has the power to pull you in a direction you’d rather avoid.”


Theresa Hill, I felt it, and now it’s get the old stuff that’s been waiting around finished in a hurry. So the heavy came, and now it’s intense–lots of stuff to do that’s been waiting around, including taxes.

Barbk, thanks for that amazing delineation of the raising of the US consciousness over the last few decades. I noted in George Floyd’s death chart of May 25th that US Uranus (8 Gemini) was aspected by Chiron (8 Aries), Mars and Ceres (8 Pisces) and Uranus (8 Taurus). So the Ceres+Mars/Uranus midpoint on Chiron, trine US Uranus. That was a nice boink in the beak as well. As in wake-up! y’all, here’s a wake-up call!
I will check out the link to other astrological analyses of that moment, thanks Jerry

The chart for the start of the US Civil War had Pluto at 8 Taurus 34, the degree where transiting Uranus was between May 21, 2020, and June 10, 2020, and where it will be in retrograde motion from October 24, 2020, through November 17, 2020. Transiting Uranus will again reach the degree of the Civil War Pluto, 8+ Taurus, on March 11, 2021 and stay there through March 31.

What can I say?

Astrodienst – Astro Databank chart of military: Civil War of USA born on April 12, 1861, at 8:30 AM in Charlestown, SC . . .Confederates fired 1st shot.

I should point out that the Civil War chart’s Chiron (healing through wounding) at 0+ Pisces trines this June 20-21 solar eclipse at 0+ Cancer which provides a platform to begin the healing of the soul of this country, in earnest.

Also in the Civil War chart, Mars and Uranus – the only 2 planets that are moving direct right now – were conjunct (3 degrees apart) in Gemini, the sign of talk, talk, talk.

Nixon’s landslide election victory.

Nixon had a landslide victory on November 7, 1972. He won the vote in 49 states in the general election, the popular vote by nearly 18 million votes and 520 of the 537 electoral votes that year.

He resigned from office 1 year and 9 months later.

His inaugural chart featured an opposition of Mars to Saturn. Donald Bradley in “Solar and Lunar Returns” said that this combination in aspect could refer to “the dirty linen in one’s life”. It certainly did in Nixon’s term.

non astro, interesting commonwealth club discussion on donny’s madness

Check this!

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has taken a commanding lead over President Trump in the 2020 race, building a wide advantage among women and nonwhite voters and making deep inroads with some traditionally Republican-leaning groups that have shifted away from Mr. Trump following his ineffective response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new national poll of registered voters by The New York Times and Siena College.

Mr. Biden is currently ahead of Mr. Trump by 14 percentage points, garnering 50 percent of the vote compared with 36 percent for Mr. Trump. That is among the most dismal showings of Mr. Trump’s presidency, and a sign that he is the clear underdog right now in his fight for a second term.


Transiting Uranus at the degree of the Civil War Pluto certainly makes sense with what we are seeing “on the ground.”

The divide between cultural and racial attitudes has persisted from the end of the civil war through the present, although the old North/South boundaries have blurred and blended quite a bit.

I’m hoping the present and coming astrological “energies” will enable us to finally get beyond that war, its lingering resentments, and recriminations, etc., and beyond the institutional racism we’ve suffered for so very long.

Many have been too long unaware, or just looked the other way, as to how deep is the remaining hatred engendered by the loss of that war in many parts of the South, 155 years later. Living in Kentucky, I’m sure you are quite aware. There are still too many in the South who refer to it as “the war of northern (or Yankee) aggression.” There are still too many who continue to lament the “tragic” loss of the Confederacy to the Union.

Please correct me if you feel I am wrong on this, but if I’m understanding the symbolism correctly, transiting Uranus conjunct the Civil War Pluto, seems consistent with the sudden awakening of many White folks to the depth and breadth of the continuing and persistent racism Black (and Brown) folks have long endured. When I was involved in the 60’s civil rights movement, I was only one of a small handful of Whites among a vast majority of Black folks. As I see the protests and demonstrations here in WA state, as well as those on screen across the country and the world, it looks as though the vast majority are White people!

For well over a century there has been a misrepresentation fomented by prominent Southern historians, the war was fought over the generalized notion of “states rights.” Such thinking clouds over two very real issues.

(A) The only “states right” at play was the right of states to maintain the legality of slavery.

(B) It obscures the fact the leaders of the Confederacy were guilty of treason.

In White Southern culture, even among those who admit the immorality of slavery, they are usually represented as “honorable men” with a “just cause” who fought valiantly, but lost. Slowly, as a “Son of the South” I’ve seen this latter assertion diminish over the years, but it is still with us. Some still cling to such romantic nonsense.

I see a fourfold process taking place.

Firstly, there needs to be a general recognition that owning other human beings as property is morally wrong. In the US, this one is well on the way to having been accomplished. But we still have a very long way to go. In some quarters we have economic slavery, some corporations in effect “own” their employees, and we still tend to believe we “own” our spouses and children. This issue is I believe, related to our growing spiritual individuation.

Secondly, we need to recognize certain painful truths about the war. It was fought over the issue of slavery, plain and simple. Southern states overreacted to Lincoln’s election fearing he would suddenly abolish slavery nationally, which was originally not his intention.

Thirdly, the leaders of the Confederacy were not “honorable men.” Whatever honor they had was abrogated when they took up arms against the United States.

Fourthly, they were traitors, plain and simple, and certainly do not deserve commemoration in statues, or for various American military installations to be graced with their names.

The period we are now living through may be the last chance for Southern Red states to “redeem” themselves before, as it were, “they go out of business.” Within just a few decades, climate change, i.e. desertification, rising temperatures, sea level rise, tropical diseases, and extraordinarily fierce and frequent super-hurricanes will make it impractical for anyone to continue living there or to do business there. The insurance companies will withdraw, and as states depopulate, they will be forced to revert to territorial status. We will “lose” states, particularly in the South and Southwest.

I doubt the fourfold process I delineated will be complete by the time Uranus is no longer conjunct our Civil War Pluto, but I am heartened the process is accelerating. Thank You for your astrological insight!

What an interesting inflection point we are in. Trump continues to deny the virus yet his GOP governors are being forced to deal with it in very democratic ways. I am looking at TX, FL, GA. All of which are in play for November.


Your 6/24 at 6:05AM – delicious observations and conjectures – titillating; on the threshold of astro-porn!

Mille grazie.

Eliseo, thanks for sharing your thoughts and you are right about the symbolism of transiting Uranus conjunct Civil War Pluto, especially since you note that it has been an ongoing process at least since the 60’s civil rights movement. The outer planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus specialize in painting in broad strokes when it comes to time and topics.

More than likely, few US citizens knew what the war was about, what with no nightly network news even. Certainly the slaves did not have a clue, and I suspect most northerners were in the dark as well. Let’s face it, most everyone had their own concerns and they would have been local concerns and personal concerns.

Then, like now it was a war that only the wealthy saw fit to start. Pluto, painting in broad strokes, is often associated with making, earning, stealing lots of money and power. Uranus, on the other hand, doesn’t want to waste time and therefore breaks through barriers with aplomb and no concern for the niceties. That’s what I see happening, or a start to what will happen.

A Uranus cycle is about 80 years long and the Civil War was just under 84 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, so the US had just had a “Uranus Return” when this war began.

In the war chart Uranus was at 9+ Gemini and Mars was at 6+ Gemini and the US natal Uranus was in between them at 8+ Gemini.

The Southerners would lose money/property, perhaps everything if Lincoln had his way. I believe that the Civil War’s Pluto in Taurus was about the power of wealth and property, and it was also in the 2nd house (money, property and values) of the Civil War chart.

I think the war itself was about the Uranus Return; a demand for freedom (Uranus) was an unconscious pressure on the US government, and when transiting Mars was within orb of a conjunction to both US natal Uranus and transiting Uranus, the “breakthrough” happened and the niceties were over.

It could be that transiting Uranus in Taurus, having just been conjunct the Civil War Pluto is about money and power gone mad and before long, the niceties will end and a breakthrough will shock us all. I’ll study it some more.

Interesting discussion Eliseo and Barbk.

We do have the third Uranus Return of the US arriving in 2028, on the heels of our first-ever Pluto Return in 2022, which itself coincides with transiting Neptune opposite the US natal Neptune in 2022-23.

Is some kind of Second Civil War likely or even possible? On one hand, the country seems more divided than any of us have known in our lifetimes. The “red vs. blue” political partisan divide seems to permeate everything, and only seems to be getting worse as the Republicans of Trump and Mitch McConnell, fearing a total loss of power, go for broke as they pack the courts full of far-right partisan judges, deny voting rights, and gerrymander districts into absurdity.

For their part, the Dems seem nowhere near as aggressive as the GOP, yet they are nonetheless locked into some kind of fatal death spiral with the R party.

And yet, the division right now isn’t regional, as it was back during the run up to the 1860s and during, so much as urban vs. rural, Democrat-controlled cities holding out as “islands of blue” amidst a “vast sea of rural Republican red” covering much of the US.

If a new “hot Civil War” were to somehow begin, it would be quite asymmetrical, and perhaps would be untenable as such. We did get another “hot war” during the second US Uranus Return in 1941, but it wasn’t an internal fight; we went to war with the Japanese and the Axis powers in retaliation for their shocking (Uranus) attack on Pearl Harbor.

My personal hope is that we finally take a sledgehammer to the two-party, winner-take-all system. Let’s replace it with a proportional voting system that allows more ideas, party platforms and viewpoints (e.g. Greens, Libertarians, Reform Conservatives, etc.) a legitimate chance of gaining a voice in our political system. Hopefully, this also accomplishes the permanent marginalization of the idiot rump of the GOP on the far fringes, where maybe it can continue to wither and eventually die off completely.

I will say that what strikes me about the current moment is that we are staring so many issues in the face at once, and yet completely lack the will and coherence to do anything about any of them.

Even worse, willful ignorance and selfishness abounds in spades.

Here in Ohio, a coalition of dance studio owners has decided to sue Gov. DeWine and former Health Director Dr. Amy Acton for having the nerve to shut down the state and its economy for several weeks while COVID-19 surged here.

Obviously, their income is so more important to them than their health. I can’t help but wonder what the conversation would have been had DeWine and Acton did nothing, and one or more of these owners had become gravely ill or even lost her life to COVID-19. Or, what if one of their clients had suffered such an awful fate and then she or her family sued the owner?

By the way, Trump and Biden are in a dead heat here.

A dead heat.

Like, why is it even close at this point???

Also, we are now seeing the southern states overrun with COVID-19 cases, many of whom shrugged when New York and other northern states were being ravaged by the virus.

And the worst President in our history continues to run his mouth like a certain type of particularly unevolved Gemini who just won’t f—— shut the f— up, ever.

In my lifetime, this country has never seemed more inept or at odds with itself. It somehow seems perfectly fitting for the hard Pluto and Neptune aspects we are approaching

Many Thanks for your commentary and analyses. I look forward to any further insights you might glean from that Uranus/Pluto relationship.

Perhaps in part because I have Uranus in my first house, I’ve long been struck by the fairly obvious symbolism associated with our Uranus returns, at the beginning of the Civil War and again very near D-Day. I’m of course fascinated by our next Uranus return in 2028 and when the planet conjuncts my ascendant in 2031.

I see a great deal of irony in the self-defeating behavior of plutocrats and their minions in their efforts to preserve their wealth and power. In the case of wealthy Southern slaveholders, they accelerated the demise of their system through secession and war, ultimately impoverishing themselves. Lincoln said he would do whatever was necessary to preserve the Union; this was more primary for him than the abolition of slavery. If Southerners had not seceded, they might have held onto slavery for a good deal longer. It might have been gradually phased out similarly to what took place in Brazil, possibly in stages in concert with efforts to remake the Southern economy, to render it as industrialized as was the North.

I see similar behavior with Trumpist R’s today. Issue after issue, I believe their retrograde political behavior will ultimately have the opposite legislative and practical results from what they have desired, advocated, and enacted. Through reactive, angry, irrational, unintelligent, and venal opposition they are busy gradually manifesting all the things they fear the most.

I see that Civil War Pluto position in Taurus as indicative of being “bullheaded.” It always helps to have opponents bullheaded if you want to have a civil war.

“Is some kind of Second Civil War likely or even possible?” I’ve asked myself that question with great frequency for over two decades, especially after having read Eric Alan Meece’s excellent book in 1997, Horoscope for the New Millennium. As I recall, Meece felt the USA would break up, albeit more amicably than what was attempted in the 1860’s. But considering our red/blue divide is so asymmetrical, urban vs. rural, I don’t see how an “amicable” split would be accomplished.

The issue is not fanciful. The possibility of a “hot” civil war IMO is quite real. It has motivated me to postpone one of my futuristic novels until we are at least done with Trump and have a clearer vision of our real future.

The last thing we need is a shooting war with one another. In 1968, a Black acquaintance and I were shot at in Vidor, Texas, evidently by Klan members. We escaped any harm, and the odd situation, primarily because my souped up car was able to transport us elsewhere at 140 mph. I never, never, never, ever want to go through such a scenario like that again! Yet, I am quite aware that if our nation devolves into such madness, I’ll be more politically active than ever.

RE: “My personal hope is that we finally take a sledgehammer to the two-party, winner-take-all system. Let’s replace it with a proportional voting system that allows more ideas, party platforms and viewpoints (e.g. Greens, Libertarians, Reform Conservatives, etc.) a legitimate chance of gaining a voice in our political system.”

I enthusiastically agree! Personally, I agree with only about 50% of the agenda of Progressives, but my other political notions don’t conform to “normal” R or Dem ideas, or to any of the other aforementioned categories. But nowadays both parties demand too much ideological conformity. That leaves me out, except as a voter.

You mentioned the plethora of issues we are facing, but without the will or coherence to address them well. You mentioned the willful ignorance and selfishness that has come to pervade so many.

I believe there is a direct correlation in our culture between the decline of reading, and the increase in how much time we spend viewing on screens, be they television, movie, or computer screens. Particularly since 1960, when televisions became ubiquitous, we’ve become increasingly shallow.

The less we read, the less we become appropriately socialized. There are many good scientific brain studies which verify this effect. Radio dramas and/or reading exercise the imagination and our ability to identify with one another. We use it or lose it. Reading develops the brain, mind, and emotions in deep and profound ways which videos cannot.

In some ways, I believe we were better off psycho-spiritually in the 1930’s and 40’s when we lived in extended families, gathered round the radio to listen to dramas and comedies, read books, and went to the movies on Friday or Saturday. It’s good we’ve made the social advances we’ve made. But more generally, I believe our technology has rendered us spiritually, and intellectually lazy.

I am reminded of an old friend’s most famous poem, prophetic in its essence. You are probably familiar with it.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

The Second Coming

Evon Davis’s latest video presentation….

July 4th Fireworks

Video: 49 min 51 sec


In this video Evon examines the 7/4/20 lunar eclipse chart. Mars square to last December’s solar eclipse is one facet. Other characteristics of the chart as that she connects to the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. The eclipse, in additiion to opposing the US Sun which she explores in great detail happens t also form a semi-square to the 8/21/17 eclipse and Trump’s Mars/ascendant degrees (a slight oversight that she fails to mention). She seems to feel this July 4th eclipse will prove to be a very violent one that will pit right wing extremists against the left wing protestors. This would make absolute sense in the event of highly controversial, damaging information emerging that would threaten to topple the Trump presidency.

Eliseo/ Barbk,

Re: Potential civil war.

Could Evon’s intuitive assessment (video posted above) of rising tensions between the left and the right that she feels will erupt in the US, does that resonate with your discussion?

PS BuckEye Shadow, Sorry. I meant to include you in that question.

Jerry, I’ve not watched Evon’s video yet, but I’m certain I will agree with what she has to say, and in these times with the various planetary transits and eclipses and progressions, and linking up astrologically with the Civil War. and then the Covid pandemic that has pushed us to the breaking point and the 3+ years of Trump, we are, as a whole, operating mostly on emotional energy; not the best apparatus to maintain law and order.

I think (feel?) we are too exhausted to deal with war. but then I’m not young.

If there was a notion that a war would solve the problems, rather than diplomacy, it would be old die-hards on both sides. Right now, transiting asteroid Child is retrograde and conjunct the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius and I think that it symbolizes the rising tensions that are expressed on our cities streets are being propelled by the youth.

I believe this will lead to something that isn’t war in the sense that tanks with armed military on city streets will be necessary, much less planes overhead with bombs to drop on US citizens. If the Trump government panics and tries such measures there will be resistance the likes of which we have never seen against our government.

Perhaps those people who store guns, food and ammunition in secret hiding places will attempt something crazy but it will be isolated incidents.

Based on the grand trine composed of January 2020’s Saturn-Pluto + Ceres + Sun + Mercury conjunction in Capricorn (an earth sign that expresses on the physical plane) that trines the US Neptune (a bit theatrical at times) in Virgo (practicality) and trines the waning cycle of Jupiter-Saturn (society) that began in 2000 in Taurus, is like a steam valve on a pressure cooker. It’s noisy and somewhat scary.

Come December, we will have expressed our anger, fear and frustration through our votes, and a new US Ceres Return will have been completed, and Jupiter and Saturn will begin their new 20 year cycle in Aquarius, and a new US President, whose Neptune conjuncts the US natal chart’s MC, will doubtlessly restore a level of continuity that’s been sorely needed.

I wonder how the historians will tell the tale of the transformation of the US that began with a President called Trump and ended somewhere down the road of time, a Saturn thing, and it will indeed be a wondrous tale to tell.

Just so you know, transiting Poseidon (flood of water/emotions) at 13+ Scorpio is trine transiting Nessus (abuses of power from past generations) at 13+ Pisces and both are trine US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. Talk about non-stoppable power, it are here and now.

Robert Gates has long said the next wars would be focused on cyber – if thats true, perhaps we are in truth right now smack dab in the middle of the next civil war – cyber version.

Well, there you go kiwi, trans. Uranus (cyberworld) conjunct Civil War Pluto (death/rebirth); perhaps death of our cyberworld and rebirth of a new one? That makes sense . . .along with trans. Pluto opposite our US natal Mercury (communication).

Also, in the Civil War chart Neptune is at 29 Pisces 56′ 56″, about 3 arc minutes from 0 Aries 00′ 00″; the World Point (Aries Point) that all the world is connected to. Neptune = no boundaries = world wide web. Bless you and Bob Gates kiwi.

Transiting Neptune reaches 29 Pisces 55′ in late June 2024, stations retrograde and sits in that degree for a total of 4 months (May through August), returns in March 2025 and then reaches 0 Aries point on March 30, 2025.

Trans Neptune retrogrades back to 29+ Pisces in October, 2025, and then returns to 0 Aries in late January, 2026. That will be just before transiting Saturn conjuncts transiting Neptune at 0 Aries on Feb. 20, 2026 and they start a new cycle (as they end the one they began in 1989 in Capricorn).

Okay, I’m in over my head now.

I understand if you have AOC on one end of the spectrum and gaining momentum, and you have the Tea Party on the other, the idea that never the twain shall meet, and war can ensue is understandable, but we forget about the people who drew support from both progressives and conservatives, like Andrew Yang. There are people who are populist and anti-establishment on both ends of the spectrum, and that’s what they have in common. I think the civil war is really a revolution, meaning the corporations and people in power against everybody else. That is what is actually happening. People are becoming more and more conscious of it. I can see the police against the protesters being thought of as a civil war, but it’s really a revolution.

I think Neptune in Aries is the blood of the civil war. The mountains of dead bodies–nothing as awful ever happened to this country. No other war caused as much death.

I just heard a medical expert on MSNBC state that there would be 150 million Covid-19 cases in the US by the end of this year. That would mean about one million deaths. And certain economic collapse. No wonder Biden’s term chart will be extremely difficult.

Some of us wrote two years ago that only a major catastrophe would turn a decisive majority of the American people against Trump and that it would either be a depression or great loss of life. Well, now we know it will be both. The consequences will be truly historic on a scale we cannot yet imagine.

James Carville, the veteran Democratic strategist, said on MSNBC tonight that there was now a greater chance of Trump not running for reelection than losing. He says his chances of winning are close to zero and that someone will have to tell him soon. His message to nervous Democrats is “Deal with it. You’re going to win.”

Hi Everyone

I just finished watching this video.

A few breaks were needed to try and absorb the now urgency as he goes through the planetary aspects of the next few days leading up to among other serious issues big problems in the markets on Monday and Tuesday.

Everything is now local-local-local community and will stay that way.

He’s a bit over the top entertaining as he keeps letting us know that this is it.

I ‘ve never heard of him and wouldn’t be posting his youtube if I wasn’t blown away along with ending up twitching and if it wasn’t so late I’d start drinking and if it was earlier I would go get a pack of cigarettes even though I gave it up long ago. LOL!

Seriously please stay with it and the good thing is he is addressing the next few days going into July and gives blow by blow daily explanations.

Is anyone familiar with him and I apologize for not being able to do justice to the astrology he so articulately explains.

Hopefully the link works.
“Deep Astrology” “Leo KIng”


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the video link. Getting ready to watch it now.

And I could definitely see it blowing up into something. I do think that is entirely possible, and maybe even likely, given the mounting COVID-19 death toll as a backdrop to everything else going on (e.g. the economy, BLM, Republican Reactionaryism, etc.).

Again, I don’t see a 1860s-style Civil War happening, but more civil unrest and clashes between Radical left-wing groups and Reactionary right-wing groups in the streets is certainly a distinct and ongoing possibility for the time being.

Nancy, Barbk, Jerry, Eliseo, Bob–

Any of you or anyone else here ever do any research on Orcus, one of the recent “dwarf” planets? (I actually dislike that term)

Turns out that it has an orbital period about the same length of Pluto–247 years.

Guess what that means? We are smack dab right in the middle of the US Orcus Return.

And, lo and behold, there’s at least one astrologer who makes a very strong case that Trump is the Orcus-ruled avatar of this period, to say nothing of our imminent Pluto Return and its own implications.


(I’ll share part of his article here, you can see the rest on his website)

President Orcus

Note: The information contained in this post is derived from astrologer Jeremy Neal’s excellent book on Orcus. In my opinion all astrologers and serious astrological students should consider this book required reading, as despite its small size this energy packs an incredibly powerful punch. Read on to understand why I say this…

There’s a big new player on the astro-scene, and its name is Orcus. Orcus is a relatively recent discovery; a Trans-Neptunian Object found in the Kuiper Belt back in 2004. It is a very close cousin to Pluto as it has a similar size, elliptical orbit, and orbital period but the two remain locked in opposite orbital phases; visually forming a sort of Venn diagram with Neptune’s orbit representing the overlap between the two. When Orcus is closest to the Sun, Pluto is furthest away and vice versa – this has sometimes caused it to be referred to as the “anti-Pluto”.

Orcus first grabbed my attention a few years ago – I was reading Jeremy Neal’s treatise on the subject; specifically the section on its ties to McCarthyism and the witch hunts that later became synonymous with the Republican senator from Wisconsin. Something about Neal’s description immediately caused bells and whistles to go off in my head; so loudly that I actually had to stop reading mid-chapter in order to pull a chart.

Hmm, now where had I sensed this energy signature before? This M.O. just seemed so familiar…ah, yes – Donald Trump! Donald J. Trump first made it onto my radar back when he was spearheading the whole “Birther Movement” hoopla against Obama. Sure I had seen him on TV here and there throughout the 80’s & 90’s and later had an awareness of his mid-2000’s reality TV series “The Apprentice” in which he was famous for playing the role of judge/executioner as he coldly issued forth the tagline “You’re fired” from the head of chair a shadowy boardroom conference table, but Trump never made much of a blip for me until after this point in his career. Keep in mind all of this was long before his White House bid ever happened – it wasn’t until he started getting very political circa 2011 that I began to formulate any kind of real opinion on the man at all.

Much more: https://empowereddestiny.com/tag/donald-trump-and-orcus/

Also, Barbara Eaton wrote a similar article on Orcus in the Mountain Astrologer back in 2016.


Izzy, that guy is a trip! He’s funny! He’s obviously performing for the very young, rather than the old and settled, like me, but I enjoyed watching (then listening) to him. Thank you.

Buckeye, thank you for the info on Orcus. Is Jeremy Neal still around? I’ve not read anything by him in many years. Sounds like Orcus needs to be incorporated into the Big Picture, as if I wasn’t overwhelmed by details as it is. Still, . . . an Orcus Return is something not to be taken lightly.

Jon Stewart insights on todays media etc

25 June 2020
I’ll watch the video as soon as I can. I’m having trouble with my monitor, now mostly having to access the net with my phone, which of course has a very small screen, (difficult for me to see.)

I heard a similar report on MSNBC via (Sirius XM radio.) A medical authority said 50% of the American public would eventually be infected with the virus. If that actually manifests, we are indeed talking about maybe a million American deaths.

I too have wondered seriously if Trump might choose to not run for reelection. He can’t stand humiliation, and it is quite possible he could lose “bigger” both by popular and electoral vote than any incumbent in Am. history.

Perhaps coming scandalous revelations will give the R’s a good excuse to deny him the nomination in August, when in reality, they calculate they will lose bigger with him than perhaps with another candidate. I suspect that no matter whom they nominate, and even with attempts to suppress votes and employ various “dirty tricks” they will still lose pretty big.

Whether he is the nominee or not, the question is, will Trumpers freak out? Will they as BuckeyeShadow suggests they might, engage in civil unrest and clashes? Will we see radical left-wing groups and reactionary right-wing groups fighting in the streets? Will the pandemic we are experiencing discourage such chaos? Or will such street waged politics ensue despite the pandemic?

Izzy, I watched about 10 minutes of that video, then started skipping ahead. It was a little too much energy for me, but I got a lot out of it. Thanks.
Venus going direct is a big deal, and lots of people will want to get out and go with Mars in Aries, just as the health authorities shut things down.
We’re going to have a drive-in movie here. Never done before. A way to stay safe inside your car, but have some fun. Families are just going crazy. And what about dating?? I feel sorry for the young people, honestly.

Izzy, he is having difficult transits to his natal and progressed charts right now but who can say if they will be reflected in his physical, mental, or day to day experiences, some of which might be his astrological calls.

Hi Lzzy,

About Leo King…….as you say, he is quite amusing and entertaining. I have watched his videos from time to time and respect his astrological insights and views. I don’t generally think of him as an alarmist. In fairness, he is usually much more temperate than the one shown in this video. IHe is definitely tuning into something.

Lorna Bevan:

“Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn has detonated the collapse of the old order of society and
consciousness. The Lord of Time and Karma is pushing matters to a crux point. Everything unresolved is
coming up. The story of our moment is not that there’s a virus loose. It’s that every issue is bubbling to
the surface at the same time: chemical contamination, global warming and the quality of our food; the
impact of medications and nutrition on our lives; economic injustice and racial injustice, all distorted in the
insane overload of information and disinformation in the digital environment. Everything is up for grabs.
Not everyone is within equal reach.
Throughout this process we are collectively choosing to create something new. The revelation of higher
purpose and a new zeitgeist is becoming quite clear as the old systems dismantle. It looks like chaos out
there but it has implicit order and purpose. This strong triple eclipse passage is activating your Creator
State so turn the energies into fuel for the future rather than waiting for them to change you.
Free Will is a brilliant cosmological design. You’re your own guru. Listen to your own wisdom”

It will get worse out there because it’s getting better out there + because it’s
getting better within


New discussion thread up:

I just reread my previous article, and it is still very relevant. The period of the Uranus transit to the the Inaugural Moon/Mars includes the recent aggressive military action Trump took against protesters. This whole Uranus transit is covering intensified protest of recent weeks. Please note that this energy comes back in the fall: intense protest and an aggressive response. Here is the relevant passage.

We are also just entering the protracted period from May 28 through November 4 when the volatile configuration in the 2017 Inaugural chart that includes Mars, the Moon and Saturn is being activated, first by transiting Uranus and then by the Inaugural progressed Moon. The first piece of this is the transit of Uranus opposite Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (24Pisces21) from May 28 to June 20. This configuration brings unexpected and transformative events that activate popular rebellion and protest (Moon/Uranus), as well as aggressive and angry response from the administration (Uranus/Mars). Not only is the escalating protest in Minnesota a manifestation of this aspect, but also the current Trump battle with Twitter, including his writing an executive order in response to Twitter noting the dishonesty in one of his tweets about mail-in-voting. Watch this battle continue to escalate through June. We may also see an increase in popular anger and revolt over the pathetic government response to the corona virus.

This Uranus transit opposite Inaugural Moon (9Scorpio22) and semisquare Inaugural Mars (24Pisces21) will return full force from September 13 to October 15. But it will be joined by the progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct natal Saturn (23Sagittarius30) from September 1 through September 30, progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct progressed Saturn (23Sagittarius54) from September 14 through October 14, and progressed Inaugural Moon square Mars (24Pisces21) from October 1 to October 28. We can expect a whirlwind of trouble, upheaval, and failure from the administration (pr Moon/Saturn 9/1 to 10/14), as well as both an angry and aggressive response (pr Moon/Mars/ tr Uranus all of October) both from the administration and in response by the public.

Starlight, do you see the same type of protests, etc, over the info that came to light about Putin’s bounty on our troops? Talk about unexpected! But transformative? I would hope… but I wonder if even that betrayal could make the forever-trumpers change their tune.

Saw on a blog earlier where someone mentioned the last time a PDB was ignored — “bin laden determined to attack U.S. ” bin Laden achieved his desired effect, IMNSHO. This country changed seemingly overnight. Obviously, this new info hasn’t permeated enough yet… but will it? And will it be enough to royally screw him and reveal what Putin has on Trump?

Thanks for relisting from the blog entry. I came today to re-read it, in light of the newest betrayal by Trump.

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