15th Apr, 2020

New Discussion Thread

Keep going, my friends. Stay healthy and strong.


Marjorie Orr:


Good day to you Ms. Nancy, hope you and yours are staying healthy and strong too.

Thanks too to Angellight for the caterpillar story in the Guardian. I’ve not read the whole thing yet, but the clip you provided was remarkably apropos. Many thanks!

Eliseo, Wow…what a beautifully organized & written piece. I am using my tablet mode but I hope you or someone will copy it to this thread so it can be read by more people.

Will, thanks for your response. I guess I sometimes say “we”, taking liberties & speaking for more then just myself, when it’s in response to someone whose powerful posts seem to have touched many people, and fairly often, and they have become familiar over time, like family. I just pick up on things like that (but don’t think I’m the only one). Must be my strong, heart-centered Pisces-Leo, with an Aquarian outlook. I don’t think I do it very often.

Emma, great statement. You are a unique person. Speaking for myself only, I sometimes have wondered what it would be like to meet in the flesh, & have been thrilled by the possibility, but (and maybe it’s partly the confinement) end up thinking that I prefer things the way they are…as when you express yourself in writing, you can express your essence, with no other surface distractions in the way.

How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s Enabler-in-Chief
The Senate Majority Leader’s refusal to rein in the President is looking riskier than ever.


Thanks from me too, Angellight. It looked very interesting. Maybe repost?

This is from the end of the last thread. But I am reposting it here, SassyGrace to make sure you do not miss it, and read it.

I’m truly sorry you feel so hurt. I know what it is like to feel that your very identity has been assaulted, whether it was intentional or not.

Please allow me to share some thoughts with you, particularly on the nature of identity.

I was born into the “wrong” family, and I’ve felt like an orphan all of my life. Although my father was extremely decent and the kindest man I’ve ever known, neither he nor my mother had any kind of a clue as to how to raise a son so extraordinarily different from themselves.

My Scots/Irish father was born in a log cabin to what in Texas we call Deep East Texas hillbillies, but as his mother died in childbirth, he was raised by a foster family with a slight bit more education than the folks he was born to. A very good man, he was nevertheless very tone deaf. I’m a musician and singer.

My mother was a real agnoiaphile, as were her Welsh descended Louisiana kin, all very much in love with their own ignorance and a tendency of cousins to marry cousins.

In contrast I became an intellectual at a pretty early age with literally about 60 more IQ points than either of my parents. By the time I was six years old my mother deeply betrayed me, emotionally abandoned me. I never trusted her again, and suffer deeply from that wound unto this day. She also consistently discouraged me from pursuing or developing any of my true interests or talents.

All of my East Texas hillbilly relatives are gone. But I remember and honor them for their sincerity, their kindness and their deeply gentle ways. Nevertheless, I humbly and amusedly also remember Mimi, my real grandfather’s second wife reacting with horror that NASA had successfully put men on the moon. She frequently complained that “if God meant man to fly, he would have given us wings.” One of my Deep East Texas cousins liked to point out to her that she sometimes traveled by car, but God didn’t give us wheels.

Likewise, I have a cousin in Louisiana, a year younger than myself, a gal so very smart and so very stupid. When she graduated from High School she was awarded a total and complete scholarship to LSU. She attended for nine days and came home. She said she did not like the crowds, but the truth is she didn’t appreciate her narrow ideas being challenged. She much preferred to remain an ignorant farm girl.

I can honestly say some of my ancestors were “hillbillies.” But my Louisiana flatlander farm folk relatives were and are far more racist and dedicated to the pursuit of ignorance than those in Deep East Texas. Those Texas relatives, have passed away. Although I do my best to respect and love the few in Louisiana who are left, I do not identify with them.

I am not offended if anyone says my ancestors were ignorant, obtuse, or racist. They definitely were, and some still are. But I am not them. I am not my parents, nor my relatives.

Who are we anyway? I am both blessed and cursed with eidetic memory as well as semi- continuous incarnational memory. From 1867 through 1935 I was an Irishman. Before that, during the American Civil War I was a very young Irish American drummer boy who died in battle and was very traumatized by the experience. During the American Revolution I was an English pastor. Sometime before that I was a Spanish priest, and before that a French monk. I’m sure were I to delve far enough back I would find I was at some point a thief, a murderer, and perhaps a cannibal.

And so it is with us all. In this life I was born in Louisiana and grew up in Texas. But I am neither a Texan nor a Louisianan. I am only temporarily a Pacifc Northwesterner, and American.

I’ve served this life as an actor, singer, musician, broadcaster, mental health counselor, pastor, criminal investigator, university professor, and as of late a writer. But in ultimate essence I am all of these and none of these. I possess many unique and unusual ideas, hypotheses, and theories. But I am not my ideas.

We often hear the quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. To be more precise, I strongly suspect we are electromagnetic beings in biochemical clothing.

You are clearly an intelligent woman and surely a spiritual seeker, or you would not be a follower and contributer to this blog. I do not believe you are any kind of hillbilly any more than I am, although we both are descended from such folk. I do not believe you are in love with ignorance. Far more likely, you love learning, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Thank You for explaining the etymological roots of the term, but I do not entirely understand why you are offended by the appellation, “hillbilly.” As you appear to be very hurt by my usage of the term, I beg your forgiveness. But I also urge you to exercise your innate gift for self transcendence. You are so much more than your ancestors, as are we all.

Amy Klobuchar is Joe Biden’s most logical choice for VP.

Former vice president Joe Biden’s general-election message is clear and, for a Democrat, oddly nostalgic: He wants a return to an idealized vision of pre-Trump politics. He believes politicians from both parties can achieve concrete improvements for everyday people without burning the system down or changing it radically. It’s a smart message, tailored to win over the anti-Trump majority, and it just might allow Biden to take back some of those famous Midwestern Obama-to-Trump states.

If Biden wants to use his vice-presidential pick to amplify that message rather than broadening it, there’s an obvious choice who agrees with his theory of change, can offer insight into the states he needs to win and ultimately can help him govern: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.



Thank you for the Marjorie Orr link. Sounds like everyone close to Trump is sick of him and fighting with him in May and June.

Makes me wonder who could be left for him to turn to to prop up his massive ego and try to calm him down?

If he’s being medicated, as so many people suspect from his dilated pupils, who’s making decisions about what kind of meds he gets and how much and when?

interesting article about Moscow Mitch, ja. thanks for the link.

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Joe Biden: ‘When You Disagree, He’ll Listen’
She became the most high-profile progressive woman in the Democratic Party to expand the former vice president’s appeal among liberal voters.

“Her announcement follows Senator Bernie Sanders’s on Monday and former President Barack Obama’s on Tuesday. Ms. Warren’s support had been a foregone conclusion, but she left the timing of her announcement up to Mr. Biden’s team, according to people familiar with the matter. There was no holdup or demand for concessions, these people said.

The process of securing prominent endorsements for Mr. Biden has been underway for some time, people close to the campaign said, but some Democrats said it was important to give Mr. Sanders space to endorse on his own terms, out of respect for his campaign and his supporters, whom Mr. Biden must now win over. Mr. Obama’s endorsement made repeated overtures to Mr. Sanders and his backers.

The series of endorsements has been a carefully choreographed show of force, reminiscent of the one-two-three punch of support Mr. Biden received from Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke before Super Tuesday. It is also a show of unity designed to quash any narrative of a fractured Democratic Party.”


We can all agree that Ceres has to do with food, right?

She symbolizes nurturing, growing crops, feeding the masses, and right now transiting Ceres is at 27+ Aquarius – where the US natal Moon (symbol of US people) is – and the news today is about the food shortages expected; about meat processing plants being shut down. The US natal Mercury is under assault with bad news.

In the Libra Full Moon chart just 8 days ago Mercury (news) at 25+ Pisces sextile Jupiter (overblown and/or Big Picture) at 25+ Capricorn had Ceres at 25+ Aquarius at their midpoint. The FM Jupiter in Cap opposed US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer while the FM Mercury in Pisces was trine the US Mercury. Too much information.

This Full Moon’s Mercury-Jupiter sextile was the first major aspect since their cycle started with their conjunction on January 2, and their FM sextile activated the energy of that cycle, as symbolized by the chart for that moment of the January conjunction.

At that moment (of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in January 2020), they were at 7 Capricorn 03, and today, trans. Mercury at 7+ Aries is square that January 2 Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. Squares call for action. Mercury calls for talk. Jupiter only sees the big picture.

Also at the moment of the January 2 Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, transiting Ceres at 18+ Cap was square transiting Juno at 17+ Libra, just one degree shy of where the Full Moon was 8 days ago, 18+ Cap. Ceres square Juno conjunct a Full Moon 3 1/2 months later. Food for thought.

So we can assume that the cycle chart of Mercury and Jupiter, which had Ceres in a square with Juno in Libra . . .
(who was part of a grand trine threesome with Venus [what we value] in Aquarius and Pandora [pandemonium] in Gemini in the Jan. Merc-Jupiter chart – all 3 in AIR signs, aka talk, news, gossip)
. . is going to give us talk about food.

Therefore the Full Moon (8 days ago) with its sextile between Mercury and Jupiter (and Ceres midway between them), especially with the FM Mars (conjunct the US natal South Node and US natal Pholus) at 5+ Aquarius, square the FM Uranus at 5+ Taurus (planting, harvesting), would instigate talk of food shortages. Of course.

Fear not. The FM chart’s Chiron at 6+ Aries was sextile the FM chart’s Mars at 5+ Aquarius (which was trine the FM Vesta [what we invest in] at 6+ Gemini (who also was sextile the FM Chiron in Aries). No friction here.

Ironically, earlier this month transiting Chiron was exactly opposite Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra (which made a grand trine out of the Full Moon’s Mars trine Vesta 8 days ago), and Chiron turned that grand trine into a Kite formation when attached to Trump’s Neptune in Libra + FM Mars in Aquarius and FM Vesta in Gemini. Trans. Chiron put the focus of the grand trine on Trump’s Neptune. We saw his meltdown.

Transiting Chiron will retrograde and return to oppose Trump’s Neptune in October, just before Halloween.

But back to the grand air trine in the January Mercury-Jupiter conjunction chart that was activated 8 days ago by the Full Moon. What could be more fitting for that grand air trine (in the chart of Mercury conjunct Jupiter) between Venus (what we value) and Juno (not quite equal) and Pandora (hold nothing back) than talk of a coming food shortage? Good grief.

If that were to happen (real food shortage in the US), transiting Chiron opposite Trump’s natal Neptune would wound any illusion that Trump might have about being elected President again. A food shortage would completely destroy what ever was left of him.

When asked on Rachel’s show
whether she would accept the VP position as Joe Biden’s running mate, without hesitation
Senator E. Warren said YES!

Although I’m comfortable with several other Dem ladies as VP, I remain convinced E. Warren is the most qualified and would be the strongest. I still see her as the Dem presidential winner of 2024 and our next FDR.

My primary caveat is my uncertainty as to how Trump followers will behave when he is turned out of office. Biden and/or Warren might instead be our next Lincoln.

Emma, BuckeyeShadow, Sharon K.,
Thank You for your kind words.

I believe the tragic pandemic we are currently enduring is a blessing in disguise. It is an extremely dark blessing, and no less tragic, but hopefully prepares us for another coming crisis.

As global warming continues many more viruses will be released from the tropics as they move north, as well as from the melting permafrost in the arctic. Many of these viruses have literally been dormant for millions of years. We have NO as in ZERO immunity to these ancient, but to us “new” viruses.

We won’t be able to institute the proper protocols and procedures until we return to Dem party governance. We MUST do it. Otherwise, we will have many more epidemics, pandemics, and unnecessary deaths.

Meanwhile, the Orange Oddball has pledged millions of ventilators to Russia.
REALLY ?!? When we don’t have enough for our own people! If he actually goes through it, how many Americans will die because ventilators weren’t available ??

Would someone please expose whatever it is the Russians have on this incomprehensibly stupid, orange, treasonous, wannabe

Agreed Eliseo, it IS a blessing; we are seeing how fragile the systems that structure our everyday lives can be decimated, let alone how fragile our own physical structures are against a microbe that can’t even be seen with the naked eye. It is awakening our minds, which is no easy task.

It is also awakening our hearts, this mass loss of life, and the precious comfort of societal safety we take for granted too. Indifference is a luxury none of us can afford.

Fascinating what you said about the viruses that are waiting to be released by global warming; I dare say science has its work cut out for it. Survival of the individual, let alone of our species, is to be determined by how well we can come together. Aye, there’s the rub.

Saturn is the ruler of our skin as well as the ruler of structures, and Pluto penetrates both with remarkable ease doesn’t it? The enemy lies within; beneath the surface of our bodies and our structures and must be exposed in order to be eliminated.

Without Pluto, we would never become aware of the totality of decay and disease that lies under the surface of what appears whole (like icebergs). It IS a blessing because now we have a chance to save our planet, our governments and our bodies and become truly whole. Who knew it would be not just a mind blower, but a mind grower; a conscious awakening?

Sharon K, Thank you!

I was born just after the Depression, in the first year of the War. My mother knew all the stories of all her kin, having lived with many of them in the house during the depression. I heard these stories growing up, getting the juicier bits after I became an adult. I knew their skills and strengths and the good and awful ways their lives played out.

I also came to understand their weaknesses, and even to see how they “became” the family I knew and those I did not know personally. When I learned the “adult” stories, I learned about the Victorian patriarchy,how one became an abuser, another an alcoholic, one a wearer of rose-colored glasses, one so terrified of a father she could hardly be in his presence. There is no blame there of the persons; each did the very best s/he was capable of in those circumstances.

My great grandmother, and especially my mother, taught me how to survive. My paternal grandmother taught me more about rehabilitation than anything I learned professionally. That side of the family had its stories too. I thank them; I honor them; I have had to release all, but what I learned has made the difference. I count myself very fortunate to have had such good teachers, positive and negative.

“The day will come when after harnessing space, the winds, tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.”

Teilhard de Chardin

Barbk, SharonK: Thank you.

“This year, as COVID 19 makes its silent way through the countries of earth, something to ponder

Where in my life do I most experience the need for a rebirth?

What old habits and beliefs would I have to let die in order for this new life to be born?
What attitudes, behaviours, surprising newness have I noticed within and around me since the COVID 19 crisis arrived?

How does knowing that the longing with which (I) yearn for God is the same longing with which God yearns for (me) make my life more joyful?
What would a resurrected life look like, feel like, for me? for those with whom my life is woven? for our planet?

May Sophia, the feminine presence of Sacred Wisdom, gently guide us as we, like Jesus, “stand in that nothingness … raising the chalice of kindness to bless” through this health crisis, through the death of what no longer serves us, personally and as a planet, into the joy of the rebirth for which our hearts yearn.”

Sophia Awakens Blog

“Our kindness is a light.

The more we extend it, the brighter it becomes and the more darkness we illuminate. We can give without any expectations until goodness flows from our depths, presents new possibilities, and expands our sense of purpose. The benefit is not only for those we touch but our generosity of spirit can create a positive energy that permeates the very air we all breathe. It creates a powerful new vision of who we are and what we can accomplish together. We must hold fast to that vision until it becomes reality. So my dear friend, I invite you to create a new virus of caring, of a nobility of our humanity that becomes even more contagious than the one dancing in the headlines. This is our time. We can choose to surrender to fear or we can show the world what it means to be thoughtful, to be generous, and to be proactive in helping friends or strangers alike. Perhaps this is an initiation of sorts in which we are invited to step into a new experience of our interdependence and empathy.”

Author, Jean Houston

“Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment

Vitamins C and D are finally being adopted in the conventional treatment of novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. This fortunate turn of events is likely to save thousands of lives, while keeping health care costs down Seriously ill coronavirus patients in New York state’s largest hospital system receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C three to four times a day, in conjunction with other conventional treatments Vitamin C at extremely high doses acts as an antiviral drug, actually killing viruses In recent articles, former CDC chief Dr. Tom Frieden and Dr. John C. Umhau, a public health specialist at NIH, highlight the usefulness of sun exposure and/or vitamin D supplementation to reduce your risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection
Although vitamin D does not appear to have a direct effect on viruses, it does strengthen immune function, thus allowing the host body to combat the virus more effectively. It also suppresses inflammatory processes”

Dr. Mercola

When transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto made their conjunction, along with the multiple cycles between transiting pairs of planets (Mercury-Pluto, Mercury-Saturn, Sun-Mercury, Sun-Pluto, Sun-Saturn and more) around the same time in January, 2020, there was that Grand trine between trans. Uranus (disruptive breakthrough) in Taurus and trans. Pholus (something quite small causes something quite big to happen) in Capricorn, and trans. Transpluto (the process of becoming whole) in Virgo, which was embedded in all those cycles.

Now we are experiencing a “disruptive breakthrough” (pandemic) brought on by “something quite small causing something big to happen” (Covid 19) that, in time, leads to “becoming whole” (realigning our values).

A trine, and even more so a grand trine, requires little or no effort to materialize or make conscious its purpose for being. We are being re-purposed to function in a new world and that requires a new set of values. Values is symbolized by the planet Venus.

In the January Saturn-Pluto chart, Venus was conjunct the US natal Moon, symbol of the US people. That Venus in the Saturn-Pluto chart was sextile Pallas, symbol of planning and strategy, in the same chart. Pallas was conjunct the Galactic Core (GC) in Sagittarius. The Galactic Core (or Center) is what the Sun circles (like Earth circles the Sun) and humanity (and the planet Earth) is affected unconsciously by energy coming from the GC.

The sextile between Venus and Pallas in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart form a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Uranus in Cancer, in the part of a Yod that must adjust.

We can derive from this that the US Constitution needs to be adjusted in a shocking and unexpected (Uranus) way, which will provide a breakthrough (Uranus).

This is the Covid-19 effect on the US people and country; other countries will experience other effects, all designed to advance the human species and their societies. I’m reminded of the comment from Angellight at the end of the last thread about the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We are all ceasing to crawl and are learning to fly.

You are very welcome to those who thanked me, & thank you, everyone, for these WONDERFUL & sustaining posts.

Emma, I, too, was taught how to survive & be independent, particularly by my hardworking immigrant grandmother, and my mother, and by the example of my paternal grandfather who died when I was about 4 or 5, all of whom lived through the 2018 Spanish flu, the Depression, WW II.

And, Barb, it looks like my relationship with my husband is having a much needed, healing breakthrough. There’s a lot of fixed squares & a cardinal sq or 2 involved. Of course, a current 7th house sat-jup transit in Cap is helping but his 7th is Aquarius which should also help.

“We can derive from this that the US Constitution needs to be adjusted in a shocking and unexpected (Uranus) way, which will provide a breakthrough (Uranus).”

Some things are obvious. Getting rid of the electoral college, ending gerrymandering and voter suppression are examples.

The R’s have abused our system so egregiously and without precedent in the past 20 years. It’s become pretty obvious we need a few constitutional amendments to codify what has previously been accepted custom (requirements to reveal your taxes, undergo a psychiatric exam, etc.) to curtail the power of money in politics, (citizens united), provide a better method to remove a bad sitting president, and prevent someone like Trump from ever becoming president.

The stunt Mitch McConnell pulled on Obama, denying him a Supreme Court justice, that needs to be addressed in the Constitution as well. Trump’s consistent habit of appointing unqualified and/or extremist judges and other officers; that sort of behavior has to be curtailed. Some of those are lifetime appointments. Maybe we should end lifetime appointmentsfor federal judges and others? Maybe Supreme Court justices could serve 12 year terms, subject to reappointment?

To get our government working properly we need to somehow get rid of all the far right kooks and criminals Trump appointed without riling up T’s followers. I’m not sure how we might do that with the lifers.

Another issue: Our health care system needs to not only cover everyone, 100% of our citizens, but also needs to be integrated and united with all 50 states AND well coordinated with a world health system to prevent pandemics.

It won’t just be the US revamping and renewing our Constitution. The rest of the world will need be doing similar work.

One of the biggest changes needed in our Constitution is a foolproof way to quickly remove, prosecute and lock up an incompetent, reckless president. Or for that matter, criminally corrupt leaders in Congress like Mitch McConnell who are wholly complicit in said president’s unmitigated recklessness.

November is far, far too long to wait for us to be rid of Trump. Even there and then, there is no guarantee that he will be banished from the White House. Should Biden stumble, or should some other dark twist of fate intervene, we could truly be stuck with this godawful bastard until 2025. Although I do not think he will last that long in any case, the fact that he could even theoretically be allowed to continue his reign for another four years is a catastrophe, and a very grave threat to the republic.

Quadrennial elections may have made logical sense to Jefferson in the 18th century, but it’s a very, very different world we live in now. It makes sense to move to some sort of flexible term system for the President at least, with the ongoing or periodic option for Congress to pass a no confidence vote, similar to what exists in many parliamentary systems.

“I’ve heard that high-dose vitamin C is being used to treat patients with COVID-19. Does it work? And should I take vitamin C to prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus?
Some critically ill patients with COVID-19 have been treated with high doses of intravenous (IV) vitamin C in the hope that it will hasten recovery. However, there is no clear or convincing scientific evidence that it works for COVID-19 infections, and it is not a standard part of treatment for this new infection. A study is underway in China to determine if this treatment is useful for patients with severe COVID-19; results are expected in the fall.”



No evidence to support intravenous high-dose vitamin C in the …www.tga.gov.au › alert › no-evidence-support-intraven…
Mar 27, 2020 – It cannot be concluded that intravenous vitamin C is an effective treatment of ARDS (resulting from COVID-19, or otherwise). More research is …

Sounds promising Sharon 🙂

That’s the spirit Eliseo and Buckeye Shadow; what about allowing a past president who was beloved and who did no harm while in office, have another shot at a 3rd term . . after someone else was elected to replace his 1st and/or 2nd term? Could that be a rewrite of the Constitution too? Could any person even endure that much stress?

Go with your gut will; Mercury the Communicator, aka the jokester, might confound you with opinions in times like these. How much Vitamin C (or D) is too much, and would it be worse than Covid 19 (?), that is what I wonder about.

“One of the biggest changes needed in our Constitution is a foolproof way to quickly remove, prosecute and lock up an incompetent, reckless president. Or for that matter, criminally corrupt leaders in Congress like Mitch McConnell who are wholly complicit in said president’s unmitigated recklessness.”

YES! Absolutely! I don’t know that it would be truly “foolproof” but we need to get it as foolproof as possible.

Also, a more flexible term system with option for a no confidence vote sounds about right as well. But not just for the presidency, but also congress. I have a feeling that more R’s would have voted to convict during Trump’s impeachment trial were they to face a very quick no confidence vote soon thereafter.

I’ve long been of the opinion 4 terms are too many but 3 would be OK, particularly if we get a youngish and very competent president.

Will- I have been taking high doses of C for colds and flus most of my life. My mom was a homeopathic person. The reason was, as a concept, ‘virus’ could not live in Vit C.’ As I understand it now it works somewhat like a anti viral to confine the virus from spreading. I do believe that it shortens the life of the virus in the body.
I recently read that hospitals are using 1500mg intravenously up to three times a day.
When I have a cold or flu, I take up to 10,000mgs a day. If you take more than the body needs it will expel it, you can get the runs. I wouldn’t recommend taking large doses for an extended period of time, but a week or so is safe. Since the virus showed up I have been taking 4000 a day (2000mgs twice a day) without any side effects.
Vit D, I have a compromised immune system so I take it anyway, normally 5000 a day. Since the virus, I have upped it to 10,000. It helps stop inflammation. Now you can take to much D, but it takes quite a while to build up. The 5000mgs has never been a problem and I have been doing it for years and have it regularly checked. I won’t do the 10,000 for more than a couple of months, take a couple month break and if the virus is still around up it again. Hope this helps.

Eliseo, re. “Meanwhile, the Orange Oddball has pledged millions of ventilators to Russia. REALLY ?!? When we don’t have enough for our own people! If he actually goes through it, how many Americans will die because ventilators weren’t available ??”

I think we can all relax – there is no chance that the Orange Oddball can send ‘millions’ (yes, MILLIONS!) of anything to Russia. This is a man who lies for a living. It’s not even worth a snort of derision these days. All hot air.

Better to focus energy on real things. Governors and whoever in November can actually make a difference. The time for getting upset about Orange Man is over. It’s time to move on. The whole world should just turn its back on a bad act.


I am glad you have had good personal results with vitamin C and Vitamin D. I certainly believe it is important to augment our immune systems during this time. What I think is dangerous is if we buy into hyperbolic claims by treatments that are not backed by any scientific evidence and that are largely anecdotal. I take 1000mg of ester c per day as a rule and a modest dosage of Vitamin D. So, understand that I believe in a moderate level of immune-system support.

I know I might come across as rigid and somewhat conservative regarding “natural,” homeopathic, and vitamin-supplement validity.

I hope vitamin C and D supplements continue to work in your favor.

Below is a link to an extensive article The Atlantic ran some time ago which is a long but informative read on Linus Pauling – I am sure you know who he is.

We must bear in mind that the vitamin/supplement and “natural” healing proponents are part of a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Don’t think for a moment that Big Pharma didn’t invest massively in the vitamin-supplement-natural healing trends that really gained traction since the 1960’s even though it was vaunted as an alternative to Big Pharma. Its all about the Benjamins, as cynical as it appears.

“On October 10, 2011, researchers from the University of Minnesota found that women who took supplemental multivitamins died at rates higher than those who didn’t. Two days later, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic found that men who took vitamin E had an increased risk of prostate cancer. “It’s been a tough week for vitamins,” said Carrie Gann of ABC News.

These findings weren’t new. Seven previous studies had already shown that vitamins increased the risk of cancer and heart disease and shortened lives. Still, in 2012, more than half of all Americans took some form of vitamin supplements. What few people realize, however, is that their fascination with vitamins can be traced back to one man. A man who was so spectacularly right that he won two Nobel Prizes and so spectacularly wrong that he was arguably the world’s greatest quack.”



Henri and others – experimenting with high doses of B, C, and D as well as others are SOP for people with many autoimmune diseases. The “care” we get from the healthcare industries leave a heck of a lot to be desired. Look at Lupus SLE. It’s still seems as much a mystery as it did 20 years ago when I knew my very first friend to be (finally) diagnosed with it. Even with the drugs for more known autoimmune diseases like MS, experimentation with vitamins and minerals is a standard procedure for friends I know who have it. I’ve learned much from them, even surprising my own GP with the concept of vitamin D on my inflammation levels with Lupus.

Eliseo, I’m with you on EW. I’ve always said if she can’t be Prez, she should be the pick for VP. Not only is she one of THE most prepared and intelligent for the positions, but she’s one of the few who could bring two parts of the Dem party in towards each other in cooperation. I honestly don’t understand why the right wing part of the party would have problems with Biden… he’s always been more of a New Wave Dem than an FDR, but it’s his humanity that sets him apart from New Dems… even Bill Clinton, IMO. Of course, “empathy” has gotten an enormously bad rap from the right in constant beat downs – it’s as much of a “bad word” to them as “liberal” is anymore.

What scares the crap out of me is seeing these idiot mobs defying the health standards and recommendations in Iowa and Michigan – even blocking the streets into the hospital ER’s. Standing there with there fug-ugly faces distorted and twisted like something out of “Night of the Living Dead”… guns hanging from their shoulders as if a gun could protect them from the virus! But oh, did you notice how many were wearing face masks? How hypocritical of them. I say, In for a penny, in for a pound! Wear your gun and leave your mask at home if you want to truly make your point… and how appropriate the Facebook mob was funded and paid by the DeVos family. What else would you expect from a family that produces someone who makes his living at hiring mercenaries, and another who steal children from refugees looking to the U.S. for help, only to “sell” them for adoption to well-off white, Christian folk. Some families need to have their entire bloodlines interrupted, IMNSHO.

And that, I’m afraid, is one of the lasting effects of the Trump mis-administration on me. I absolutely agree to all of the changes mentioned above to the constitution, etc… and I have a few more ideas of my own. But frankly, I’m ready to give these people some proportion of the land and say, “go to it…”. Live your life by your own laws and your own mores, just leave the rest of us alone. Let the Confederacy have their own little victorious corner, but they’re walled in away from the rest of us… and not part of the U.S., proper. We’re going to HAVE to find some way to deal with these people, or they’re going to always hold us back. Face it, they’re entirely too stupid and too violent to be counted among the civilized. I don’t know what made them that way, but I do know they seem to have no desire to better their position – not even if it’s handed to them on a silver platter. And my loss of belief in people to better themselves… or even have the desire to better themselves… seems to be my hard-learned, disappointing lesson. I’d always believed that deep down, everyone was essentially good. I never believed in the inherently evil nature of man. I always thought, when given a choice, people would come together to help each other as well as themselves when faced with the hard, insolvable tasks — that civilization and cooperation was who we really are. Seeing the insane looks on those people in Michigan today yanked me out of that fever dream real fast. Nothing has scared me more. And I truly fear come Nov 4 that this was just a taste of what that day will be like. Woe be to those who haven’t heard that Democrats have weapons, too… and some are damned tired of idiot Repubs. I hope we can all move on to a higher level of consciousness that the Covid virus, not to mention Trump, is forcing on us, but I seriously have my doubts 1/3 of the population of this country is ever going to accept anything like it… and so, again, what do we do with them? I WANT to live in a peaceful, cooperating world for a little while before I die. Realistically, I don’t have that many more years to wait on these people to see the light! Of course, yelling into the air around everyone the way they were doing yesterday and today, maybe in a year or so there’ll be a heck of a lot less of them. And watch, somehow they’ll make THAT the liberals’ fault, too! argh!

BTW… did anyone else catch Chris Murphy’s “Book of Murphy” on his ideas on foreign policy for after the Trump admin/covid? I tried following the link, but it was broken, never could figure a good working link. If anyone else figured it out, I’d appreciate a post of it… I believe it led to a vox article. That guy’s got some great ideas!

“What scares the crap out of me is seeing these idiot mobs defying the health standards and recommendations in Iowa and Michigan…” 

Those fools scare me too. I’m pretty concerned as to what they might do when their cult leader is soundly defeated in November. Like you said, they assume ALL Liberals are unarmed and when the time comes can be bullied. They have no idea.

Also: “But frankly, I’m ready to give these people some proportion of the land and say, “go to it…”. Live your life by your own laws and your own mores, just leave the rest of us alone. Let the Confederacy have their own little victorious corner, but they’re walled in away from the rest of us… and not part of the U.S., proper.”

I say let’s give them Miami. Build a wall around the place to keep them out of the USA and let them confront the rising sea level.

Has anyone viewed the 2011 film Contagion yet? It has an all-star cast and is remarkable in its similarity to today’s Corona Virus pandemic.

Here’s the trailer:

Contagion trailer:

Video 2 min 28 sec


And here’s a review/ analysis:

Everything Contagion Got Right On The Coronavirus Outbreak

Video 7 minutes


Rofl! Eliseo, you have a Libran sense of justice and I love it. Yes, give them their own little independent country and let them roll with it–independent of our rules–and tax monies.

Israel Is Now Reporting That The Trump Administration Reached Out To Them Back In November To Warn Them About Impending Pandemic

https://politicaltribune.org/israel-is-now-reporting-that-the-trump-administration-reached-out-to-them-back-in-november-to-warn-them-about-impending-pandemic/… via

For those interested in astronomy, an interesting article about a star near our Galactic Center, and what a massive black hole does to its orbit, in line with Albert Einstein’s predictions. Nice pictures too.https://www.cnet.com/news/astronomers-watch-star-dance-with-a-black-hole-proving-einstein-right-again/

And I don’t see it mentioned here, but for heartwarming and inspiring entertainment, Some Good News on youtube is amazing: John Krasinski got the whole Red Sox team to applaud nurses and doctors working at the COVID 19 unit in a local hospital in one episode, and the whole cast of Hamilton to sing to a little girl who had to miss the show in another. You really have to see it. Here’s the first episode:

One added caveat to the April 25th Pluto station conjunct Jupiter (24 ’59/ 26 ’44 Capr.) square Mercury (25 ’50 Aries)…….

The appointment of Robert Mueller to Special Counsel (May 17, 2017) has tr Mercury conjunct natal Uranus (26 Aries) in this chart. Here’s the chart:


To recap what was written earlier……

Tr. Mercury (revelations?) at 25 ’50 Aries precisely squares the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction midpoint (25 ’50 Capricorn) – they are within one and a half degrees conj. of each other. Pluto (deep dark secrets – the underworld) stations retrograde roughly one hour later. This forms an intense t square to Trump’s natal Venus (personal finances) at 25 ’44 Cancer. Here’s the chart……


Will damaging excerpts from the unredacted Mueller report received by Judge Reggie Walton come to light in the news media at this point in time?

When talking about the importance of 25 Cap, don’t forget Joe Biden’s Jupiter is at 25 Cancer, and from a Uranian astrologer’s perspective, they are both in the same place on the 45 degree dial, and the same aspects are happening to them, so a balanced approach to interpretation is important.
I would just add that Joe Biden’s North Node is at 29 Leo, and that has been very important with the Mercury Station there during the last debate and the earlier primaries.
As North Node gets to 29 Gemini in a few weeks I think that will help him gather some very knowledgeable people to advise him, in his campaign in regard to info tech, and possibly who can advise with healing from this pandemic. His NN is in the 9th and conjunct his Chiron.

Guys, I am scared of these crazies too. They really are acting like something out of a zombie movie and then a few hours ago, trump tweeted about insurrection and calling on his followers to rise up. He is calling out three states with Dem governors.

Here is one of his tweets…

LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!

He is fomenting anarchy! This will lead to no good.

Eliseo… Miami sounds about right! After all, Climate change is just a “liberal hoax,” right? And lets be sure to build those walls really high. Do it right, and we won’t have to build 4 to box them in… but we don’t want the waves washing over the tops!

I’m so bad today… this has been a hard week. I discovered early on the sister of my first boyfriend died (she was only a year older than me), and then yesterday I learned that one of my dearest high school friends died. I’d been trying to track him down since I moved back to the Midwest. Little did I know he’d never left our home town! When you log in to your local paper and see two of your contemporaries in the obits, it kinda shakes ya… mortality becomes all too real. And we’ve got Trump and Repubs talking like none of us mean anything when it comes to saving the moneybags. I can’t even grieve or mourn at funeral services for my dear friend — my cohort in some wild motorcycle rides back in our day, as well as some crazy stuff we did on band trips to drive our band director bonkers. They can’t even hold a funeral or a celebration of Chris’ life because of CoVid. And I can’t hug his wife and let her know how dearly her hubby touched my life at a time when I was just a short, fat, intelligent chick who wasn’t in the popular crowd, and how he was kind and interested and fun to be with and made my late teenage years hopeful, and how he urged me to never stop learning and never give up being a hippie. You never know the effect you can have on another’s life… and how sad we can only grieve the losses today on our own in solitude, I write as I sit here with tears streaming down my face.

silcominc – I’m waiting to see something like it in Topeka, too. We finally got a Dem governor again after the horrible Brownback regime. She’s been doing great, working her way thru this horrible Covid. And of course, the Repubs sued her for including churches in her no-more-than-10 distancing ruling. To their credit, the KS Supreme court and the Health Dept backed her up, but even tho 3 of the largest outbreaks came because of church revivals around the corner from where we used to live in KcK, she’s still under fire because of her order. Repugs are threatening her all the way to the Fed Supreme.

Frankly, I think any minister who holds in-person church and/or choir meetings should be stripped of their credentials as being non-Xtian in their attitude. AND, if these churches want the exemption of “essential businesses” then they need to start paying TAXES right now!! No more having your cake and eating it, too. And the congregants who shuffle in and don’t social distance need to each have appointments with a good psychiatrist to see when and where the breakdown happened in their critical thinking, and then be kept from the rest of the functioning world. Again, Eliseo’s Miami is sounding better and better!

silcominc, The biggest crazie of them all is Trump.

“”Call your own shots,” the rallying cry of a President who is incapable of uniting the United States, or the free world.

He should be removed from office for incompetence.

34,000 dead and climbing.

He should be locked up for negligence.”


From what I hear, Miami is actually practicing social distancing & not opening it’s beaches. Let’s pick somewhere else.

Slightkc, I’m terribly sorry for your losses.

Hey SlightKC!
You know how much I love you and David and your feline menagerie. I’m sending you a virtual bearhug, a long embrace, and I touch your tears with my own.

You know my voice.
I sing to you these words.

“There are places I’ll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone, and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead, and some are living
In my life, I’ve loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life, I’ll love you more

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I’ll love you more

In my life I’ll love you more
In My Life
John Lennon

And I embrace you once again, dear friend.

Sharon K,
Where would you suggest?
BTW, Trump needs to be exempt from this diaspora. He instead needs to share a cell with Big Bubba Brown, until death do them part.

slightkc. Eliseo, A friend of mine has called what we are feeling compassion fatigue. Although honestly mine startEd a while ago when I began calling the southern gulf states (Louisiana to Florida) the third corridor and was willing to let them go be their own dumb selves, with a wall to keep them there, of course. My BF (a bluer then blue gun owning dem from Alabama) has also gotten to the point where he is just ‘do what you want, just not around me’. The crazies really don’t want to push him much further. 🙂
slightkc- Sending you much light regarding your recent losses. I had three important people die in my life in three days. To he losses are huge and feeling ones own morality inescapable, so much light and virtual hugs.
Will- Just wanted answer your question. It has been my experience that many people are somewhat ridged about the value of supplements. As I have mentioned beforeI have a auto immune disease it is quite rare with only 150,000 to 200,000 people in the US diagnosed with it, pretty much at any one time. It also carries a 70-80% mortality rate within the first ten years of diagnosis and has a highly variable set of symptoms. Not a fun one, also not one that has much of a research following, nor would it ever make anyone a lot of money (not even the supplement industry) treating it. Given those stats it would take a very long time to get enough studies done to create anything past antidotal information. I am in my tenth year from diagnosis and so far doing okay, in fact besides that one big problem I am extremely healthy, hence something is working. Being responsible for your own health is something I have learned to be, and always encourage everyone to also be for themselves.

Governor Inslee of Washington today says on Twitter that Trump is fomenting domestic rebellion.

“The president is fomenting domestic rebellion and spreading lies – even while his own administration says the virus is real, it is deadly and we have a long way to go before restrictions can be lifted. ”

This is precisely what is likely to happen in November on a much larger scale.


You must be doing something right; such courage and determination against such odds. Keep on keeping on!

ElIseo, although I get your point, I, probably li ke many of us here, I don’t wish suffering on our worst enemy…although we might be a little more enthusiasm about those willing to harm us. I guess I’d say let the political divides fall where they may & see what happens in the reddest of the states, many of which will be subject to flooding, drought, tornadoes, catastrophic storms, and some sea rising. Most states and areas have a mixture of the sane, the reasonable, the deluded, and the crazed (and even those with the collective psychotic break Nancy spoke of). I guess I’ll let God & karma be the judge. I hate to see bloodshed down the road but it’s difficult not to, especially with our president kicking it up a notch today into anarchy. I haven’t watched much news but there should be outrage at those tweets & I will watch Maddow to see where she goes with it, even if I just get to see the re-broadcast.

Beautiful Lennon song you quoted by the way…very appropo & I hope it brought kc comfort. A friend wrote a very special book years ago called The Beatles with Lacan, to attempt to explain the social phenomena that was the Beatles & I am trying to make my way through it. It is very provocative.

Hey Sharon K,
You know me. I don’t really wish harm on anyone. I’m just a’joshing. For me, joking around relieves the angst and tension I feel when such fools as these do terrible, or violent, or just plain crazy/dumb things.

You, of course are right. I think we all get frustrated with the Trump cultists. Relegating them to some vulnerable corner of the US would of course be expensive, impractical and absurd.

When Trump is gone, we will still be stuck with his followers, just as were the post WWII Germans. We will of course need to do as much de-Trumpizing and reeducation as we can.

I nevertheless feel it would serve justice were Mr. T to spend the rest of his life in either state or federal prison. After all he has done, (and he is sure to do more) to allow him to continue doing business as usual, living in luxury while cheating, abusing, and bullying his way through life seems morally wrong.

Of course his followers might go nuts were we to jail the orange wonder, and it may or may not be practical depending on circumstances at the time. Most important is the issue of precedence. If we don’t jail him, we’ll need to discourage such bad behavior in politicians some other way. They will need to know there are swift and dour consequences for Trumpist behavior.

Trump clearly has his chumps but i think he has other supporters who might begin to open their eyes and who might feel some alarm at what their president is doing. At least I hope. I have to believe that a sizable few percentage points of his base who feel vulnerable to the virus because they have underlying health problems, or are aging, or who know someone sick or worse; will be looking at the protests and Trump’s encouragement of them as insane. This, on top of Republicans openly talking about sacrificing old people and people with underlying health problems for the sake of the economy. I’m sure that had to raise a few eyebrows. Now this insane desperate and deliberate fomenting civil unrest with his chumps who are putting themselves and others at health risk. If this doesn’t wake at least 2 or 3 percentage of his base then I think they are beyond our prayers.

Eliseo, I think conjecturing where we should be housing these weird people who are so concerned with their libertarian rights and their religion, and fear the socialist boogey man, and are pretty much brainwashed by right-wing news is a fairly harmless pastime.

What happened today, though, with this “Liberate” MI, WI and VA, and the 2nd amendment rights sh*t again, calling out to his immature supporters with a dog whistle, just touched my molten core of rage & fear.

I mean with wonderful people of all ages dying and suffering and losing loved ones, and the medical staff giving it their all, pushing, pushing, pushing to save lives and put their own at jeopardy, and this piece of superficial sh*t deliberately fomenting civil unrest and encouraging people to put themselves and others at risk — well I have no words that do justice to the outrage I feel at this and, for the first time, am beginning to understand the pure hate and disgust people on this blog, such as Will, feel for Trump.

I was so disappointed that Rachel didn’t latch onto this tonight because it is just SO IRRESPONSIBLE for him to tweet these things.

– – – But, on a much better note, consolation and love can be found in small pockets of silver linings. One of them is the fact that many animal shelters now have completely empty cages and pets are being adopted right and left. If you guys remember Lori, she was a dedicated shelter volunteer, and she must be so happy at this turn of events.

The 1918 “Spanish” flu lasted for 35 months and manifested in two major waves. The United States endured about 675,000 deaths from the virus, with a minimum of 50 million worldwide.

If the SARS-covid-19 virus turns out as bad as the 1918 contagion, by percentage we’ll have over 2,100,000 deaths in the US alone. Hopefully, that number will be far smaller as our modern medical knowledge, equipment, and expertise far exceeds that of 1918.

In any case, the number of US cases and deaths will be sufficiently large that I do not see how ANY incumbent president of any party could possibly survive an honestly brokered election. Presuming we actually conduct our quadrennial November election, surely the R’s will cheat, lie, employ dirty tricks, etc. But I don’t think that would be enough to keep them in power.

At this time, it appears to me the only way 45 can remain president is if he cancels the election and imposes martial law. Under the Constitution, Congress, not the president has the power to postpone, reschedule, or cancel an election.

But we must not take that for granted. Mr. T is perfectly capable psychologically of going full blown fascist, arresting Congress members, Liberals, etc. The real irony in such tyrannical conduct would eventually be Americans using the 2nd Amendment against him and his illegal regime, rather than by the kooks he represents.

Will it come to this? Probably not, but I don’t discount it. Nor do I reject the notion our generals, admirals and military might choose to serve the interests of citizens rather than those of that crazy orange sorcerer and his mesmerized minions.

I think it’s way past time, for the good of the nation and world, that someone–anyone–step up and “cancel” Mr. T.

Invoke the 25th, or something. Just do it. I mean, don’t end his life. We certainly don’t want him to become a martyr for the raging right wing stupid, and apparent Darwin award candidates, as they demand the reopening of the country, COVID19 be damned because libruls and there’s mulah to be made.

But seriously, put a muzzle and a straightjacket on the man already and cart him off somewhere.

As for how to bring down the Republican Party, I really believe we need to impose some kind of proportional multi-party system that leaves them howling from the far right extremist margins, while the somewhat more rational types break out from under the umbrella to claim the center-right. The good news is that ballot reforms can be implemented at the state level. The bad news is that Americans right now still seem to lack the interest and will to do it.

The Republicans, that damned Cancer Sun-Scorpio Moon party, ALWAYS thrive on oppositional, black and white politics vs some deemed hated “other” (the Dems, minorities, immigrants, GLBTQ, women, USSR, etc.). It will totally f-up their minds and overall strategy if voters are presented with more than 2 serious choices on the ballot.

They cannot grasp complexity, yet it’s never been more evident just how unsuitable the two party duopoly is for the complexity of our times.

Not just the coronavirus, but the ensuing economic depression handled incompetently would surely defeat any incumbent president.

Also, the Dem government that replaces Trump & company will have a golden opportunity. Without the pandemic and grossly incompetent administration, it would have been far more difficult to get the cooperation of business leaders in transforming our economy into a green New Deal.

We all look for meaning in events which take us out of our routine, and many search for that meaning. There is, in the many charts of conjunctions between planets and/or points and/or minor bodies that circle the Sun in recent times (and not so recent times), a theme or story line regarding humanity. Or so it seems to me.

Astrology has assigned the symbolism of the Moon to mean the masses, as in humanity. I have hard copies of most of the recent conjunction charts and many (too many to count) from the recent past. I’ve assembled a few of these charts, checked the placement of the Moon in each of these charts and I believe a story is unfolding about Humanity, aka The People.

Of course, central to the story is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which has the Moon at 17+ Leo and she’s at the apex of a Yod with Neptune at 16+ Pisces sextile the MC (outcome) of the chart set in Washington. DC at 18+ Capricorn.

The Moon was also sextile Juno at 19+ Libra which formed a Yod with Neptune in Pisces. This Moon (people) in Leo in this Saturn-Pluto chart is being forced to “adjust”, while at the same time it “partners” with Juno to force the Neptune in Pisces to adjust as well. For simplicity purposes, I see Neptune as part of symbolizing the pandemic.

Then there is the Mars-Pluto conjunction on March 23 and the Mars-Saturn conjunction on March 31. The Mars-Pluto chart’s Moon at 20+ Pisces was sextile Venus at 19+ Taurus and they formed a Yod to the US natal Juno (partnership) at 20+ Libra which opposes the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, making a Boomerang. This directly affects the US People and is about adjusting, and some wounding leading to healing.

The Moon in the Mars-Saturn conjunction chart was at 3+ Cancer, conjunct the US natal Venus (values) and the transiting North Node (path forward) at 2+ Cancer (sense of family) opposite the South Node (ready to end) at 2+ Capricorn (social structure).

Another conjunction, Jupiter and Pallas on March 28th had Moon at 22+ Taurus (where the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle started) which was trine the US Neptune at 22+ Virgo, and both were trine the Jupiter (networking) – Pallas (strategy) conjunction itself at 23+ Capricorn. This could be saying that The People/Masses were in lockstep with the US Neptune (confusion, grief) and expressing coping strategies through networking.

Here is one of the older conjunctions. When transiting Chiron and Neptune met on Feb. 17, ten years ago, they were at 26+ Aquarius and conjunct transiting Sun (consciousness) at 28+ Aquarius (where transiting Ceres is right now) and all were conjunct the US natal Moon (US people) and US natal Pallas (strategy).

Transiting Vesta (investment and focus) on Feb. 17th 10 years ago, was at 29+ Leo retrograde, the same as Trump’s ascendant, and opposite Chiron, Neptune, Sun and US natal Moon-Pallas in Aquarius. Now transiting Ceres (nurturing support) in Aquarius (group hugs) is opposite that 10 year old Chiron-Neptune chart’s Vesta (focus and investment) in Leo and finding it wanting.

Vesta in the Chiron-Neptune conjunction chart was also where the August, 2017, solar eclipse took place, the so-called Great American Eclipse.

That 2017 eclipse opposed the US Moon-Pallas in Aquarius and also the Chiron, Neptune + Sun conjunction in Feb. 2010. The Solar Eclipse (Sun/Moon) at 28+ Leo was at the time trine Uranus at 28+ Aries and the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius. Their grand trine (Sun/Moon + Uranus + Galactic Center) portended major events would be coming to the USA. And so they did.

What about the Moon in the Chiron-Neptune conjunction chart on Feb.17, 2010, at 2+ Aries? She was conjunct the US natal chart’s IC (roots) at 1+ Aries. She was opposite Saturn at 3+ Libra at the time.

Robert Mueller’s natal Neptune is at 2+ Libra, Joe Biden’s Neptune is at 1+ Libra, Bernie Sanders Mercury is at 2+ Libra and his Juno is at 3+ Libra, and Beto O’Rourke’s Sun is at 3+ Libra and the US natal chart’s MC is at 1+ Libra, and I don’t doubt there are many more connections to that Moon in the Chiron-Neptune chart.

At 2+ Aries opposite Saturn at 3+ Libra she was speaking to our country’s roots and the ensuing “major events” suggested by the Great American Eclipse (she was square the Eclipse chart’s Juno), which was linked to the Chiron-Neptune cycle chart, which was linked to the US natal Moon.

She (Aries Moon in the Chiron-Neptune chart) was shining light on what would bring stability (she opposed Saturn in Libra) and that has come about too in the form of Mueller’s report and the Dem candidates mentioned above.

With just a few chart’s studied it appears to me that the Masses (People) are charged with a mission that involves a realignment of values that changes the way structures of society perform their roles, including government, banking, food processing, hospitals and nursing homes.

“Covid-19 is like a rehab intervention that breaks the addictive hold of normality. To interrupt a habit is to make it visible; it is to turn it from a compulsion to a choice. When the crisis subsides, we might have occasion to ask whether we want to return to normal, or whether there might be something we’ve seen during this break in the routines that we want to bring into the future. We might ask, after so many have lost their jobs, whether all of them are the jobs the world most needs, and whether our labor and creativity would be better applied elsewhere. We might ask, having done without it for a while, whether we really need so much air travel, Disneyworld vacations, or trade shows. What parts of the economy will we want to restore, and what parts might we choose to let go of? And on a darker note, what among the things that are being taken away right now – civil liberties, freedom of assembly, sovereignty over our bodies, in-person gatherings, hugs, handshakes, and public life – might we need to exert intentional political and personal will to restore?


Dr Joe Dispenza Meditation to Heal and Rewire Your Brain When Your Strug…

https://youtu.be/0LUph1vmzj4 via

Powerful Meditation for Connecting, Blessing and Healing Mother Earth, especially at this time of Crisis.

PLUTO RETROGRADE: Dark Knight of the Soul
by Evon Davis

Video 17 min 41 sec


Barbk, I’ve copied your post to a document for future study. Please let me know if that’s not ok. (Busy learning many things right now about rebooting a radio station so that our community’s kids with no internet can hear their teachers.)

Eliseo and Slightkc, Sharon is right. Pick some other place. i live in Miami-Dade County, It, along with Broward and Palm Beach Counties, is quite liberal and very concerned with climate change. Studies, surveys and remediation projects have been taking place at an expedited clip. It is a subject taught in schools as a problem solving issue. We have been under stay at home orders for some time now. Restaurants and bars,malls, etc. are closed. Only essential biz is open. Yes, early on when trump was saying all under control, dem hoax, etc etc., Miami left beaches open for springbreakers. But strict rules for shut down, masks and social distancing have been in place for quite some time. I dont know what information you are relying on.

The notion of sending them all to Miami was in jest.

The reason Miami was part of the joke is that built on limestone, it is one of several places that in the very long run no amount of money or clever civil engineering can save from sea level rise. As it also has some of the most expensive real estate on planet earth, it was thought an appropriate and exquisitely ironic place to corral all the Trump supporting climate change deniers.

Obviously, rounding up and transporting all of those red capped MAGA folks would be an extraordinarily expensive and absurdly impossible task, very much like the Republican idea of rounding up and deporting all the Mexicans and Central Americans. That too was part of the joke.

It was purposefully stupid, and purposefully silly. It was all just a joke used to express our frustration with the supremely and consistently obtuse, thick headed political faction which has gone by several names, but presently supports Donald J. Trump.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to offend anyone, especially folks who live in Miami Dade county.

I have long felt that after the Republican Party has sustained a historic crushing defeat in Congress and in many statehouses during this period, and after many reforms are passed (e.g. proportional voting, reversing Citizens United, etc.) that continue to marginalize its influence… that the GOP rump and its most die-hard mouth-breathing adherents would attempt to retreat to a couple of states and erect a wall around itself, figuratively, though probably literally. The GOP is a Cancerian entity, after all.

America and the world over would certainly be well served by crushing the shell of that wicked crab and ending its mendacious and menacing existence, but maybe we do let it survive in a few spaces if only to serve as a reminder of what the stupid looks like that allowed Trump and COVID-19 to ravage humanity.

Alabama and Mississippi come to mind as the Republicans’ most likely rally points given the culture and history of both states, as well as the woefully lacking educational systems in both places that allow reservoirs of Conservative ideological idiocy to take root and sustain themselves. I wouldn’t wish them on the friends and family I know who live there. I’m sure they would have plenty of advance notice of their coming and time to get out, however. One thing they’re not is quiet.

I’m partially joking, of course. I’d really like to see the GOP run out of existence completely. It’s caused too much harm, to too many people. Any any political entity that becomes a threat to humanity must be liquidated by any means necessary.

PLUTO RETROGRADE: Dark Knight of the Soul
by Evon Davis

Video 17 min 41 sec


Jerry posted this above and I just listened to it. I advice that you give it a shot as it isn’t too long. I am going to sum up what I thought I heard as it won’t be precise but will give you an idea.

On April 22nd, this Tues., there will be a new moon in Taurus. On April 25, pluto will go retrograde for about 6 months. It is at it’s most intense at the time it turns retrograde and, then again, direct. The fact that it conjuncts Jupiter will make it more intense. At the same time it turns retrograde, the sun will be conjuncting uranus (April 25) and will oppose the nodes. Without going into predictions, she just seemed to say to pay attention as this period of time will give us a picture of the transformatory revolution that is coming, that when pluto is involved, we have to let the old ego stuff fall away and let the truth be revealed. We will know the energy of truth with our hearts. We will have to go into battle with the sword of truth in our hand, which is why she calls it “The Dark Knight of the Soul”.

The Republicans have spent many years building up a structure to support their ideas, much of which have been furthered by emotional manipulation, lies and propaganda in the past, maybe 50 years? Probably previously, too, but particularly since the Nixon days, and continuing through the Bush & Clinton years, particularly via Newt Gingrich, the SC, Karl Rove, and then on steroids via the conspiracy theorists who were out to get Hillary and Obama. Heinous acts on their part resulting in Donald Trump who many believe is the anti-deep state when he actually epitomizes and represents the worst of it. He is probably the puppet of the deep state. I just hope that this is the structure that Pluto will erode, topple, collapse.

What do you all think about the sexual assault accusations that are about to come out about Biden? There is at least one video clip I’ve seen that was disgustingly photo-shopped to make it look like he took a little girl’s hand and put it on his penis! Then there is Tara Reade. Get ready.

Dr. Whimsy Anderson!


That’s the Oracle of Whimsy kiwi often posts. This is one of her remote readings. Very good…

Sharon K,
RE: Biden and sexual abuse

I’ve observed a very ugly pattern within our erotophobic culture over the decades. It rarely goes well for accused males, even in the face of overwhelming evidence as to their innocence.

As a criminal investigator I was assigned to innumerable cases of sexual abuse.
From my experience, about half of the accusations filed with police were without merit. Revenge, money, jealousy, divorce rage, there were all sorts of motivations as to why some fabricated sex abuse stories. I remember a case in which a young boy mendaciously accused his father of sexually abusing him. Why? He didn’t like his father interfering with and discouraging his illegal drug business. His Dad went to prison anyway.

Frequently, cases without merit never come to trial, but right wing prosecutors often like to prosecute anyway. It’s extremely bloody red meat for their far right constituents and benefactors with deep pockets.

An attorney pal and I reviewed the evidence and interviewed prisoners in one facility in Texas. We concluded that at least a third of the convicted sex offenders in that facility were very probably innocent, and as much as another 20% may or may not have been guilty but were convicted on the basis of ambiguous or suspicious evidence.

It’s obvious Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein and their ilk deserve conviction and prison time. But it is also clear one of the easier ways to ruin someone’s business, political or professional career is to falsely accuse them of ANY kind of sexual abuse.

I’m not certain how most will react to accusations of sexual impropriety on Biden’s part. Considering the man’s innate decency and high level of empathy, ulterior political motives are surely at play here. Biden is one of those gregarious, affectionate sort of politicians who like to touch their staff and constituents. It’s not implausible someone might have misinterpreted a touch, or a hug. I’m guessing people who already like and trust him will not believe the accusation. Far right folks will believe the propaganda.

Eliseo, I believe that by November the Secretary of Defense, whoever that happens to be at that point, and not a few generals will have to choose between their oath to the Constitution and obeying an illegal order of the President. This is no trifling matter.

The whole point of all this is to rediscover the meaning of the rule of law we all take for granted, as well as the phrase “a government of laws, not of men.” It is on this foundation the US and all Western democracies were created, and once every few generations we have to learn that lesson once more. Lives may be lost learning it.

I’ve suspected and anticipated this for quite some time. I concluded it would eventually come to this roughly about now, back in the early 1980’s.

Dr. Fauci, born on December 24, 1940, has this remarkable opposition in his birth chart between his natal Mars (22+ Scorpio) and natal Uranus (22+ Taurus) which is the degree where the present Saturn-Jupiter cycle began in 2000. US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo is trine the degree of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle start and Fauci’s natal Uranus in Taurus.

The start of the Saturn-Pluto cycle on January 12, 2020, and numerous cycles following that one, began at 22+ Capricorn completing a grand trine between Fauci’s natal Uranus (+ the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree) in Taurus and the US natal Neptune in Virgo.

Fauci’s natal MARS opposing his natal Uranus turns the grand trine (Fauci’s Uranus and US Neptune and the Saturn-Pluto cycle start) into a Kite pattern with Fauci’s Uranus as the focal point of the grand trine . . as if we hadn’t figure that out already.

Astrology doesn’t get any simpler or easier or more clear than this.

With the grand trine focal point being Fauci’s Uranus, it follows that the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree it conjuncts (22+ Taurus) is what we need to focus on.

It was about 3 years ago that the US PROGRESSED Mercury stationed direct (anyone having the exact day that happened I’d love to know it) at 20+ Aquarius, the same degree where Uranus was when Jupiter and Saturn started their present cycle in 2000. That Uranus (and now the US prog. Mercury) was square the Jupiter-Saturn (about societies) conjunction at 22+ Taurus in the year 2000.

Progressed US Mercury had first been at 20+ Aquarius about 40 years ago, before it stationed retrograde which was about 25 years ago. Again, anyone who has the exact times of those events, could you please share with me? It could shed light on what’s happened since then.

The US progressed retrograde Mercury started in the Bill Clinton years and the Saturn-Jupiter cycle started about 5 months before Bush Jr. was “elected” US President in November, 2000. The US progressed retrograde Mercury (the “trickster”) has had some influence on the presidential election results. Especially in 2000 and 2016.

Now, in 2020, the final year of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that was squared by Uranus (and now the US progressed Mercury) is having a grand finale, and for the US, that is a combination of the Trump destruction of the facade of US government stability and the Covid-19 pandemic destruction of the remaining illusions (a Neptune thing). It all had to come down so it could be reconstructed in a new and better way, Pluto style.

Dr. Fauci is key in this process; this rebuilding of the damaged – to the core – structures and foundation of our society. Fauci’s natal Mercury (22+ Sagittarius) conjuncts Trump’s natal Moon (21+ Sagittarius) and Trump is (unwillingly) dependent on Fauci’s smarts.

The Fauci Mercury + Trump Moon in Sagittarius oppose the Trump Sun and US Mars in Gemini and all square the US Neptune in Virgo; that same US Neptune that’s part of the grand trine between the Fauci Uranus + the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point in Taurus and the new Saturn-Pluto cycle + numerous other cycles that began in Capricorn. It is a train wreck in the making, and it ends by December.

I suspect, as many others here suspect, that Trump will be his own undoing, and now I think that Dr. Fauci will be key in accomplishing that mission. Fauci has a following that rivals Trump’s and people’s lives depend on Fauci’s determinations now.

Great post, BarbK! I don’t know what astrology program you are using, but for the US progressed chart, you should be able to run an ephemeris listing of about 250 ‘days’ back to the beginning in 1776, that covers the main aspects for secondary progressions.

It’s the equal to (2020-1776=) 244 days/30 = approx. 8-9 months (pages) for the listing. Then just scan through it as needed for retrogrades, etc. I keep one on paper for handy reference (old school / I still like paper and it doesn’t make my eyes hurt).

Those protests around the country are financed by DeVoss and others. It’s the same cabal that backed the Tea Party and their ilk.


Eliseo, I have been worried about trump postponing or even canceling the election. All he needs is to say so, we go to court and he gets this Supreme’s to back him. I have little doubt that the conservative block on the court would back him.

Andre/Eliseo, re. your discussion of Secy. Defense & Trump & oath – interesting thoughts. The question I have, which you may know the answer to, is what basis in US law is there for an official in a different branch of government to ‘override’ the Pres? Is there even such a basis in law?

Unofficially, there are about 7 or even 8 branches of government, starting with ‘the people’ en masse, the military (which is not independent in the US, but in the context of the question and in any military dictatorship, it certainly is a force of its own), the 4th estate (the press), the branches of government – judicial, executive and legislative (i.e. Congress, the House and Senate) and lastly the civil states, police forces, and municipal governments. Take yer pick, there’s a lot of them!

So, if any of them get together and decide to ‘override’ the President, is there something in the Constitution or common law that, short of revolution, allows anyone to do that? Common law, of course, is not a specifically US concept but there have been legal cases that draw on the Magna Carta and so forth – it’s a long chain of legal stories and precedents that lead to a “basis” in law.

In short, what basis, if any would there ever be for the Secretary of Defense to do anything other than the bidding of the Pres? Just curious………(& I’m no lawyer).

BarbK:Not sure I follow all your train of thought re. the cycle & Fauci etc., but the Mercury RX period is clear enough:

US prog. Mercury was at 20 Aquarius 22 in 1980 (direct) — start of shadow period. Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter for the Presidency.

US prog. Mercury stationed retrograde in 1995 at 4 Pisces 56. Incumbent Bill Clinton beat Bob Dole (and Ross Perot) for the Presidency in 1996. The win came before the Lewinsky scandal, which broke in January 1998 and led to Clinton’s impeachment in the House.

US prog. Mercury stationed direct in 2017 at 20 Aquarius 03. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the Presidency in 2016.

US prog. Mercury reached 20 Aquarius 22 again (direct) in late 2019/early 2020 — end of shadow period. Donald Trump vs.Joe Biden?

I’m no lawyer either. I’ve worked in the criminal justice system and mental health system with a number of lawyers; a close Texas pal of mine whom I’ve known since 1963 is former FBI and now a lawyer for several decades. But, I myself am not an attorney.

I carry a small pocket size copy of the Constitution in a hidden pocket over my heart every day, but I do not consider myself a Constitutional scholar. Constitutional questions might best be left to our friend, Andre. But I’ll tell you what little I do know.

As far as I know, no soldier or government official is obliged to obey an illegal order. During the Nixon administration, specifically at the time of the “Saturday Night Massacre”
the president issued a number of illegal orders. One by one, each person refused and resigned. Nixon had to go down the chain to fire Archibald Cox. I believe it was Bork who acquiesced and actually fired special prosecutor Cox.

In Trump’s case, after losing the election his authority would be somewhat diminished and disappear entirely on January 20th. All cabinet members and officers of our government take an oath to the constitution, not to the president. Were he to maintain the election was rigged, that he actually won, etc. the cabinet could invoke the 25th amendment, or just refuse illegal orders, etc. especially knowing how bad for them the consequences would be were they to obey and follow those orders.

My expectation is Trump will declare martial law and order various opponents arrested, including Biden, Biden’s VP, and Hillary Clinton. How will the top brass react? We shall see, but my feeling is that no matter what, Mr. Biden WILL be inaugurated 20th January 2021.

As far as anything more specific than this, I do not know. I hope my inadequate explanation helps at least a bit.

I do not believe Trump will cooperate in any way whatsoever in any kind of traditional and peaceful transition of power.

It also occurs to me Trump might upon losing the election, experience a genuine psychotic break, or other mental malady. Were he to be confined to the nearest military psychiatric facility, Mr. Pence would need to facilitate the transition as acting president. Were he also to refuse, either the cabinet or Congress could invoke the 25th amendment for dereliction of duty which would elevate Madam Speaker Pelosi as temporary president until January 20th.

However it goes, I feel very sure the 79 days from election to inauguration will probably be the singularly weirdest and most bizarre little chapter in American history. My primary hope is we can get through it to the new Dem administration without anyone shooting at one another. But Mr. T’s fomenting of recent “protests” does not bode well.

Sorry I missed your comment until now.

I share your concern. Constitutionally, only Congress has that power. If Trump illegally ordered it, he’d have to back it up with martial law. In the context of the pandemic, martial law might be difficult to achieve. Sick soldiers are not very good enforcers. AND, the generals would likely refuse such a blatantly illegal order. Most of the governors would likely order the election to proceed, albeit possibly by mail and absentee ballot.

If the Supremes ruled in his favor (I think this not in their interest) they would be defied, disobeyed, and eventually disrobed and disbarred.

I am very strongly personally convinced we WILL have our election.
Dems WILL win.
Trump WILL balk.
Trump WILL issue illegal orders.
We WILL experience a bizarre constitutional crisis when he refuses to admit defeat or leave office.
But on inauguration day, our Dem candidates WILL assume the presidency and vice presidency. We WILL AGAIN have the New Deal, albeit a 21st century greener version.

If for some strange reason Trump prevails and we have him for another four years, we will instead have civil war. The progressive side will win and that New Deal will ensue in January 2025 if not considerably before when the Trumpists are defeated.

But I think the former scenario far more likely.

jude cowell (stars over washington) writes on a variety of topics this april

Beowulfie, many thanks for verifying those US prog, Mercury dates.

I think Fauci’s natal Uranus (22+ Taurus) is pointing us to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (a 20 year cycle of the movement of societies, which ends around Christmas. 2020).

His Uranus at 22+ Taurus conjuncts the conjunction (Jupiter-Saturn) that was squared by the Uranus in the Jupiter/Saturn chart AND the US progressed Mercury (US prog. thinking) at 20+ Aquarius. Uranus = breakthroughs. Mercury = thinking/communication.

The implication being that Fauci, shall we say, embodies the shock (Uranus-breakthrough) effect described in the Saturn-Jupiter cycle that has opened up the US thinking (US prog.Mercury station direct).

The timing of Fauci’s arrival on the public scene coincides with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the arrival of the pandemic and all its shock and awe (his natal Uranus trine Saturn-Pluto conjunction).

The masses in the US have turned to Fauci for truth and clarity (US prog. Mercury direct) in a time of crisis, and that means some of Trump’s followers now follow Fauci (Fauci’s Mercury opposite Trump’s Sun).

The breakthrough indicated by Uranus in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart, and the US prog. Mercury conjunct that same Uranus; and US prog. Mercury stationing direct when Trump took office, and Fauci’s birth chart tied to both the Saturn-Jupiter cycle AND the Saturn Pluto cycle (his Uranus conjunct the 1st and trine the 2nd), and both cycles + Fauci’s Uranus trine the US natal Neptune for a grand trine in Earth signs, makes Fauci the man to watch.

Trump can’t live with him and can’t live without him. The pandemic, and Fauci as the authority figure on the subject, could well bring Trump to his knees by November.

I want to remind everyone of what Nancy wrote earlier that has me very concerned for the months ahead.

“It is possible that the worst of the virus will come in May and June when Pluto stations opposite US Mercury (4/26 to 6/26), while additionally stationing opposite Trump’s Saturn (5/1 to 7/12). The progressed US Moon (24Capricorn36) will also be crossed by transiting Pluto during this time (5/12 to 6/6) pointing to stress and anxiety among the US population. And finally, transiting Saturn will be crossing Inaugural Sun (00Aquarius49) from March 20 to April 4 and again from June 8 to June 27, suggesting onerous challenges for the administration. One possibility is the need to deal with an overstressed health care system during this period.”

Bernie Sanders:

‘The Foundations of American Society Are Failing Us’

“I will do everything in my power to bring this country together to help Joe Biden defeat the most dangerous president in modern American history. And I will continue to make the vigorous case that we must address the inequalities that contributed to the rise of Donald Trump, whose cruelty and incompetence have cost American lives during this pandemic.

Simply opposing Mr. Trump will not be enough — we will need to articulate a new direction for America.

The new America that we fight for must end starvation wages in our country and guarantee a decent-paying job to those who are able to work.

We cannot be competitive in the global economy or be a strong democracy unless we guarantee quality education — from child care through graduate school — to all Americans.”


kiwi, this is for you.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister May Be the Most Effective Leader on the Planet
Jacinda Ardern’s leadership style, focused on empathy, isn’t just resonating with her people; it’s putting the country on track for success against the coronavirus.


Eliseo, my concern is that is will not be so dramatic but rather just another day in the trump saga. By that I mean he can either postpone or cancel the election and when we go to court, it will likely wind up at the Supreme Court. There is little doubt that the five conservatives will back anything he wants. How that plays out, I do not know. What also concerns me is that he has hollowed out the senior ranks of our military and all that is left are the psychopaths who agree with him.

Look at what happened in the Navy – the Captain of the Roosevelt felt his commanding officer would not forward his recommendation. Why? I know the Navy Secretary resigned which is good but we are talking about events that will occur months from now and trump’s Nazi’s are continuing to purge our military and intelligence community of those who don’t agree.

I am very worried that we are heading for a very bad place.

Eliseo, Beowulfie,

In the US, the military and many other officials swear allegiance to the Constitution, not to the President. That alone is sufficient legal grounds to disobey a clearly unconstitutional order, such as refusing to accept the result of a presidential election or arresting political opponents merely because of their opinions.

The current Secretary of Defense, whose name just now escapes me, stated publicly earlier this year this was taught to every American soldier. Who knows if he will still hold that position in November? Trump probably dislikes that position.

In Germany, when Hitler created the SS, he made sure their oath was to his person only. This oath was not applied to regular armed forces, who chose to follow his orders anyway. After World War II, during the Nuremberg trials, their defense to accusations of war crimes was that they had to follow orders. The court decided they had no legal right nor obligation to follow illegal orders under international law. This has been the official position of the Pentagon ever since, because the rule of law is the cornerstone of the international order promoted by the US since 1945.

In 2020, that legal position will be put to the test like never before.

To my knowledge the military is the least affected institution Trump has tampered with. The top brass can’t stand the man. A culture in which honor is its central virtue is not going to get on well with a profoundly dishonest and dishonorable man like Trump.

But I’m no expert on our military. I will make inquiries.

“In the US, the military and many other officials swear allegiance to the Constitution, not to the President. That alone is sufficient legal grounds to disobey a clearly unconstitutional order,”

That’s always been my understanding as well.

Let us know what you find Eliseo because from afar, it looks scary.

Even for all that we know and share here, it still baffles me as to the incredible power so many people bestow upon that sad, pathetic little man with ridiculous hair. He is increasingly mad, feeble and weak, shriveling right before our eyes. A raving lunatic who ought to be muzzled and locked away in a mental ward for the rest of his life.

Yet for some reason, the 25th Amendment still rests under several layers of dust.


Perhaps he represents the projective identification of many of our fellow countrymen who share more of his depraved psyche than we’d care to admit. Perhaps they need to find him blameless; hence themselves blameless for their own pathology and transgressions. His leagues of apologists seek their own rationalizations and absolution.

Somehow, Trump has become the embodiment of so much of the darkness that is the United States’ shadow.

He represents all the things that we fear and deny about ourselves as a country… and some of the things we secretly–and maybe not so secretly–lust for as a people.

He is anti-intellectual know-nothingism personified. He is cruelty for cruelty’s sake, and heartlessness because f— your feelings, “real men don’t feel!”

He is say whatever I want because FREE SPEECH!!!™, no matter how irresponsible or harmful to others it is.

He is unbridled greed, power without accountability, hyper-individualism and ego carried to the most absurd and increasingly destructive extremes.

And of course, there’s all the bigotry–racism, misogyny and homophobia.

All feels very Pluto Returnish to me.

On some level, we must collectively realize that we have visited so many of these evils upon the world during this country’s lifetime. From our founders’ ruthless slaughter of Native Americans, to our two-faced, do as I say, not as I do, imperialist escapades, and so much other crap that we have done and never owned in between.

The chickens are coming home to roost, and one of them is a particularly obnoxious rooster who refuses to shut the hell up.

I don’t know about you all, but chicken soup sounds really good right now. And that rooster has some friends who I’m certain are quite tasty as well.

Why don’t we have a party? Sequel to the Tea Party, only better. We call it the Chicken Soup Party.

And it’s a really RICH soup we all get to dine on!

Top Military Officers Unload on Trump

I just saw this on DU and I can’t help but wonder what he will do if they do call in his loans. Will he start a war to stop the seizure of his assets? This could be another nothing burger, but if it does happen, could this be what happens in May-June to ratchet up the problems in our country another notch.

The Trump Organization Appears To Be On Verge Of Complete Financial Collapse

Elisabeth Grace:

“The weekend is brought to you by the Moon in Pisces, facilitating empathy, intuition and ideals. Wallowing in misery would be a downside potential of Pisces, as would drowning in one’s sorrows as a means of escape. At 2:57 PM ET, the Pisces Moon squared Venus in Gemini. Suffering and fate, challenged by Gemini’s need for entertainment comes to mind, especially while watching unmasked humans protesting their state governors’ efforts to keep them and everyone else safe from Covid-19. A sextile (harmony) between Mars (walking) and Mercury (talking), exact at 11:55 PM ET is arguably being reflected in these “zombie” boots-a-marching over the past few days.”




“Somehow, Trump has become the embodiment of so much of the darkness that is the United States’ shadow.

He represents all the things that we fear and deny about ourselves as a country… and some of the things we secretly–and maybe not so secretly–lust for as a people.

He is anti-intellectual know-nothingism personified. He is cruelty for cruelty’s sake, and heartlessness because f— your feelings, “real men don’t feel!”

He is say whatever I want because FREE SPEECH!!!™, no matter how irresponsible or harmful to others it is.

He is unbridled greed, power without accountability, hyper-individualism and ego carried to the most absurd and increasingly destructive extremes.

And of course, there’s all the bigotry–racism, misogyny and homophobia.

All feels very Pluto Returnish to me.

On some level, we must collectively realize that we have visited so many of these evils upon the world during this country’s lifetime. From our founders’ ruthless slaughter of Native Americans, to our two-faced, do as I say, not as I do, imperialist escapades, and so much other crap that we have done and never owned in between.

The chickens are coming home to roost, and one of them is a particularly obnoxious rooster who refuses to shut the hell up.

I don’t know about you all, but chicken soup sounds really good right now. And that rooster has some friends who I’m certain are quite tasty as well.

Why don’t we have a party? Sequel to the Tea Party, only better. We call it the Chicken Soup Party.

And it’s a really RICH soup we all get to dine on!”

Eliseo, I am afraid the article you listed makes my case. The good and decent men the author mentions have all retired in the past year. This is the dilemma. All the good people retire and the ones that are left — that trump puts in charge are more in his ilk and more likely to support him. I remain deeply concerned that we are heading into very scary times.

Ja, thanks for posting the Atlantic article on Jacinda. Everyone I know thinks she has handled things brilliantly, even those from the opposition party. Shes smart, quick thinking, brilliant communicator, good consensus builder. Lots of Aussies want to steal her LOL. Her new affectionate name – auntie cindy.
I think much of our success is due to our socialized medical/public health system, well integrated between the different regional hospital boards for contact tracing, testing & medical care. Today cabinet meets to decide whether the numbers allow a slight relaxation from total lockdown and see what happens over the next 2 weeks. Yesterday we had only 4 confirmed cases plus 5 probable cases. Their goal is 0 new cases. Govt bridge wage & bus financing has been pretty good on balance, thinking that if they front money to keep economy ticking somewhat, it will need less effort to get it quickly running again. The big hole going forward will be foreign tourism $$ coming in, but perhaps cushioned by kiwis spending locally instead of going to foreign destinations. Border will remain closed for some time.

a video from NZ has become a global hit
“Papatuanuku (mother earth) is breathing”

Mitch McConnell’s natal Saturn (22+ Taurus) and Mars (21+ Taurus) are conjunct Dr. Fauci’s natal Uranus (22+ Taurus) and all are conjunct the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point (22+ Taurus), a cycle ending in December, 2020.

For now all the above (McConnell’s Saturn-Mars, Fauci’s Uranus and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle) are trine the new Saturn-Pluto cycle start point at 22+ Capricorn as well as the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

It is interesting how different McConnell and Fauci utilize their powerful connection with the US Neptune; one has used it to deceive and the other has used it to heal.

Now that the Saturn-Pluto cycle has joined the US Neptune and the soon-to-retire Jupiter-Saturn cycle in a grand trine, I will watch to see how these two men respond to that powerful energy. Since Pluto is about death and rebirth and Saturn is about form and structure, and one man is a politician and the other man is a physician, it seems unlikely they would have the same response.

Ironically, both men have an outer planet trine the US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn); Fauci’s natal Neptune (27+ Virgo) and McConnell’s natal Uranus (26+ Taurus) complete yet another grand trine, this time with the US natal Pluto. That fascinates me to no end.

At the time of the Jupiter-Pallas conjunction on March 28th 3 weeks ago, the Moon was at 22+ Taurus and conjunct Fauci’s natal Uranus and McConnell’s natal Saturn-Mars. That Moon was also trine the Jupiter-Pallas conjunction at 23+ Capricorn and the US natal Neptune in Virgo. This cycle will be about 5 years long.

Since the Moon symbolizes the People and she was conjunct Fauci’s Uranus and McConnell’s Saturn, all of them at 22+ Taurus, it would seem to say that the People will determine how the next 5 years treats these two men. Since the Jupiter-Pallas conjunction (23+ Cap) was conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (22+ Cap) and all them were trine US Neptune (22+ Virgo), fate might put both men on a similar path. Or not.

Jupiter and Pallas, like Saturn and Pluto, were square Eris at 23+ Aries at the start of their cycle, which promises the seeds of discord will hamper both cycles.

Still, grand trines are powerful and hard to stop, no matter how nasty it gets. Jupiter and Pallas, and a number of other cycles whose duration will be shorter than the Saturn-Pluto cycle (30+years) will not only shed light on the longer cycle, it will clear a path for it. I liken them to baby steps in the process of evolution of humanity.

? Trump’s Warrior Planets in Over-Drive?

Whether you’re for or against Donald Trump, his horoscope provides a great vehicle for testing astrology’s natal and forecasting techniques. Except for a few rogue elements, his birth time of 10:54 am is widely accepted and gives us a starting point to explore his psyche. Problematically for all astrologers is how to make an accurate forecast without projecting one’s own hopes, fears, and biases into the picture.


Thank you for the Chicken Soup Party! I recently learned that there is a dish which relies, for its special flavor, on Old Roosters! (And we have so many.) So for the first gathering, should I be fortunate enough to be included, I will gladly bring the recipe for Coq au Vin. I am sure we can find the fixins! 😉

Does anyone know who the doctor in the blue uniform is who frequently is standing behind Trump at the coronavirus press conferences?

I’ve been impressed by Giroir. Two sides, at least, to every story. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/20/politics/brett-giroir-coronavirus-vaccine/index.html

Silcominc & Sharon K,
Thank You. That’s the guy! The uniform was unfamiliar to me. He is an admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Transiting Ceres 29+ Aquarius, Requiem 28+ Aquarius, Sedna 27+ Taurus, Atlantis 28+ Gemini

US natal Moon 27+ Aquarius, US natal Pluto 27+ Capricorn

There is a subtle pattern these transiting bodies (top line) make with the US natal Moon and Pluto and with each other that I will need a while to ponder on its significance.

Already there is a suggestion of being under water (Sedna and Atlantis); trans. Sedna square US Moon (the Nation’s People) and trine US Pluto (the death-rebirth of the Nation) and Atlantis (trine US Moon and quincunx US Pluto) which seems self evident.

Requiem (coming to terms with loss) and Ceres (nurture) are conjunct the US Moon (People) in Aquarius but square Sedna (thrown overboard) and all 3, US Moon, Ceres, Requiem, are trine Atlantis (technology) which also appears obvious; the People are coming to terms with loss after being thrown overboard, and nurtured by technology.

Atlantis (technology) is quincunx ( uncomfortable and in need of adjustment) US natal Pluto (transformation) and I wonder how this is playing out. Is the US Pluto shifting at all due to the transiting Atlantis trine US natal Moon + trans. Ceres + Requiem?

Possibly it is that the People (Moon) know too much (thanks to US natal Mercury) like what the Governors are going through due to Trump (his natal Mars opposite US natal Moon) shifting the US $$ away from states support.

Any ideas?

On Friday, residents of Georgia will be allowed to return to the gym and get haircuts, pedicures, massages and tattoos, Gov. Brian Kemp said. Next Monday, they can dine in restaurants and go to the movies. Tennessee’s stay-at-home order will expire April 30, allowing most businesses there to reopen on May 1, Gov. Bill Lee said.


Breaking News (CNN) Kim Jong Un may be in grave danger after surgery. Seriously.

NK leader Kim Jong Un

Among astrologers, the most commonly believed date of birth is January 8, 1984

At a quick glance, today…….. tr. Sun at 1 Taurus forms an opposition to Kim Jong Un’s natal Pluto (1 Scorpio) in t square to tr. Saturn (1 Aquarius). See article containing both N Korea and Kim Jong Un’s charts:


This has all the markings of a major event in his personal life. Because Kim Jong Un has no designated successor, there could be a lot of instability within the country following his death.

In the next couple of days, tr. Mars will oppose North Koreas’ Pluto (15 Aq-Leo) in sesquisquare to tr. natal Uranus (0 Cancer). Tr. Uranus (6 Taurus) conjunct No Korea’s north node opposite natal Mars (4 Scorpio).

US Source: North Korean Leader In Grave Danger After Surgery

April 21, 2020


Jerry: It’s not like Kim has a lot of ‘true’ friends in his own country – witness the end of his brother, etc. It may be a situation that has potentials that are more like the death of Stalin – way too many angles to consider.

It seems incredible that Kim would allow himself to have surgery at all unless it’s a desperate health situation. He looks pretty healthy in photos. The political risks as well as the potential for maneuvering is too high. He is a young man, after all.


‘Dangerously incompetent’: Stacey Abrams condemns Georgia governor for starting to reopen economy


So sayeth the woman who should have been elected governor in Georgia.

Brian Kemp is another wicked fool not entirely unlike Trump, who needs his ego broken, and his self thrown into prison.

Willful ignorance kills. This will not end well in Georgia.

The NYTimes has an article on Kim Jong-Un & his surgery. Wonder what kind of hay DT will make of it?



As you say, there are many variables to consider. The comparison to Stalin’s passing however doesn’t quite resonate with me. The North Korean regime is highly unpredictable, a far cry from Stalin’s iron grip on the political apparatus of the Soviet Union.

I would expect we will know more at the time of the April 22nd New Moon (3 Taurus). The Taurus New Moon closely conjoins Uranus (6 Taurus) in square to Saturn (1 Aquarius). The New Moon/Uranus conjunction opposes North Korea’s North Node/Mars stellium (3/6 Scorpio).

New Moon April 22, 2020 – Tragedy
by Astrology King

The Taurus new moon on April 22, 2020, brings sudden and unexpected change because it is joined by Uranus. New moon April 2020 is also in a challenging square aspect to Saturn so the changes could be difficult to deal with and may cause suffering and sorrow.



“Daily NK, an online newspaper based in South Korea that focuses on North Korea, reports that Kim reportedly received a cardiovascular system procedure on April 12.

Kim received the cardiovascular system procedure because of “excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork,” according to the news site, and is now receiving treatment in a villa in Hyangsan County following his procedure.”


“So sayeth the woman who should have been elected governor in Georgia.”

She likely WAS elected, but for R cheating. I’m hoping the public will turn against these foolish, willfully ignorant, R governors as their loved ones die from covid-19, and “RE-elect” Stacy Abrams as governor. Georgia needs her!

with nary a word about covid effects in nth korea to date, but unofficial reports say it is bad, I do wonder if there hasn’t been some unspoken virus involvement with dear leader and they’re passing it off as heart surgery?

Marjorie Orr:


‘What the Negative Price of Oil Is Telling Us
We’re in a deflationary moment that surpasses anything seen in most people’s lifetimes.’

“There is nothing like a crisis to remind us of priorities. As a nation
we must begin to invest
in education, health care, renewable energy and rethink
unfettered consumption. Many of our leaders are also inept and corrupt.
This unexpected pandemic is giving us a gift. A gift to think,
meditate and realize what needs to change. We can’t keep
destroying the planet, accepting extreme income inequality,
bad leadership, lack of proper education and thus critical thinking skills, full access to semi automatic weapons, stress and horrible
eating habits. WE have lost our way. This is an opportunity for change. If we don’t take it. It is our fault. I have faith we will
overcome this challenge together, but for that to happen we need
new leadership, new priorities and cooperation. We did it after the crash of 1929 and we did it after two world wars. We can do it again.”


That pretty much sums it up ja; that New York Times piece (without all the astrological stuff!) Thank you.

On April 14th transiting Venus (value) and Vesta (investment) were conjunct at 9+ Gemini and conjunct US natal Uranus (surprise!) at 8+ Gemini, as transiting Sun (25+ Aries) conjunct trans. Eris (23+ Aries) squared transiting Moon, Pluto, Jupiter (23-25 Capricorn), and that’s probably the astro signature of the negative price of oil.

Also, US Ceres (Mother Earth) squares US Uranus and the trans. Venus and Vesta on the day they were conjunct. Their cycle lasts about a year or so.


There needs to be a Nuremberg for these reckless, damned fool Republicans. I’ve got a lot of family and friends in Georgia. People are furious and freaking out there about this arrogant, know-nothing John Wayne-wannabe and his stupidity. Blood will be on his hands, and he couldn’t be prouder of himself.

Like Trump, Kemp needs to be brought to his knees, very, very hard, and humbled in a way he will never forget.

But then, I think both men are far too stupid to ever learn from this. They just simply need to be removed from power and locked up for life.

I’m in emotional harmony with your Nuremberg idea, but we need to be careful we don’t set up any banana republic precedents. We don’t want it to become a normal thing wherein the winner typically has the loser locked up.

Trump can be tried for a number of specific crimes when he leaves office. Most of those he committed before he became president, but some of the more egregious ones were after obtaining the power of the presidency.

So it is with many,of these R’s elected or appointed to office, but not all of them. We can try them for their specific crimes, but not for their stupid, self serving beliefs. Some of them are just dunderheads guilty of ideological idolatry, but not necessarily any actual crimes.

Governors that endanger our lives re: the coronavirus definitely need some sort of consequences.

Each state attorney general would have the responsibility. There also could be South African style hearings.

“The world economy is based on ever-increasing population, said Nobel laureate Steven Chu, a scheme that economists don’t talk about and that governments won’t face, a scheme that makes sustainability impossible and that is likely to eventually fail.”


Agreed, Eliseo. Such an approach could be easily abused. At the very least, there should be prosecutions for criminal negligence.

I do wonder how someone like Kemp would feel if someone in his own family falls prey to this disease. How long will the phony “tough guy“ act win out? Or is he really just that stupid, or even a sociopath?

I read that Kim Jung Un is only 36! Hard to imagine someone having such dire cardiovascular problems at that age. But all speculation I’ve seen has pointed to a heart procedure.

Also, things have gotten scary again with our daughter. (4/8/1992, 3:28 p.m., Hilton Head Is, SC)

Could someone just give me a heads-up about any really dangerous times coming up? I’m worried about suicide or overdosing. Bob did this before Christmas and just seeing the worst dates and knowing when they’d be over really helped give me the strength to keep fighting to try to help her.

We went to crazy lengths two or three different times to get her hospitalized, and she was furious but came out alive. That’s our baseline these days. Just hope to keep her alive until she’s done doing meth and dealing effectively with her bipolar disease.

She’s still in that stage where she believes she’s helpless and everything is someone else’s fault.

BuckeyeShadow, I agree a tribunal that holds trump and the GOP accountable would be wonderful and yes Eliseo, we would need to be careful.

I just hope whoever our next President is, will have the guts and the courage to implement it and not do what Obama did in 08 with the banks and say for the good of the country, blah blah blah… With tens of thousands dead because of their actions, they must be held accountable.

It would also be great if we could recognize the World Court in the Hague. That would be a huge step too.

BuckeyeShadow, silcominc,

What to do when one of your major political parties morphs into a criminal organization is a real head scratcher.

One of my closest friends, a former Republican has often suggested we prosecute the R. party as a whole under the RICO acts.

Barbk, I’m relying on you and others here for the Astrological Stuff.

Buckeye Shadow and Eliseo, if you go to Intuitiview.com, Kim Carey’s new video out today talks about a huge trial similar to the Nuremberg trial against a number if Republicans including Trump.

“Gyms and hair salons” opening up . . something for the men and something for the women.

I’ve been asked when will things get back to normal; what everyone seems to desire. What was normal will never return but a new normal will emerge and we will live with it and help to create it. What’s the point of a pandemic and/or a financial collapse if everything returns to “normal”? Did we not learn anything?

What was normal in the ’30’s was not normal in the ’50’s, and in between were the ’40’s when people wondered when things would return to normal. Probably we should be asking when will stability return. I would say gradually.

Going back to the “old ways” defeats the purpose of a calamity; the purpose being transformation – a ridding of unwanted and non-productive practices and beliefs that stultify growth and encourage corruption.

The death of societal norms can cause grief of course, like the death of a marriage or a beloved pet, but time heals all wounds, right?

Gradually the world and its societies and their people will develop new methods of doing things and, over time, those new methods will become the new norms and stability will result and the majority of us will – some day in the future – be glad the old ways ended and decide that the new ways were worth the hardship we had to endure, and we will have become wiser because of it.

It’s worked in the past, over and over and over.

We are headed for another New Deal! I feel it in my bones. see below:

America Is About to Witness the Biggest Labor Movement It’s Seen in Decades
It took 40 years and a pandemic to stir up a worker revolution that’s about to hit corporate America

Steve LeVine


That would be great, Eliseo!

“This land is your land, this land is my land…!”

50,000 Deaths

Courtesy of The Trumponic Plague

Everyone Sing Along to the Liar Tweets Tonight


regarding dictator kim’s heart: Covid is known to cause heart problems

That link doesn’t work. Are you sure it is correct? Additionally, I’ve done a number of searches on Kim Carey, but haven’t come across the video you mentioned.

here ya go Eliseo

I believe a new New Deal is coming too, Eliseo. And it may just happen on the long overdue grave of the Republican Party, if not that of the rancid two-party system that works against any real and sustainable progress being made.

The corporate-Conservative elitist establishment is going to be dealt a death blow during the U.S. Pluto Return and the wrap up of Pluto’s sojourn through Capricorn. COVID-19 already has them staggering, but the naked rush to reopen the economy without due time and protocols to protect public health is them literally committing suicide with the subsequent surges of infections and mass deaths it will undoubtedly lead to.

The Second American Revolution will be led by the working classes whose lives are literally on the line with a raging, ravaging virus running rampant, and the realization that 40 years of unbridled neoliberal corporate capitalism has utterly failed them as much as it has created this moment.

Facing the fact that they have nothing else to lose, and everything to gain by forcing CEOs, corporate boards and politicians to recognize the very real power that they wield, workers will increasingly find themselves empowered and emboldened to strike, while the monied elites find themselves more vulnerable than they have ever been.

music to make you smile

Buckeye, will this revolution take place at the ballot box in November? I ask because the US progressed Mercury at 20+ Aquarius is where it was 40 years ago (the Reagan years) before it stationed retrograde in the Clinton years.

The US progressed Mercury which stationed direct 3 years ago (when Trump was elected), is again at 20+ Aquarius, where Uranus also was in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will end in December, one month after the elections.

Uranus is about revolution and it was square Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus and these 2 planets together symbolize societies and their governments. Mercury + Uranus translates to rebellion at the ballot box.

“Your Body’s Perfect Respirator – Lungs! with with Bill McKenna

One beautiful outcome of COVID-19 has been to make us take better notice of our lungs and how foundational they are, and will be, to the quality of our lives. AFter hearing some gruesome stories of how ventilators have failed to save lives, we started looking deeper. We have also read that strengthening our own lungs is the best protection for any future flus and pandemics.

Bill McKenna, with ancient breathing techniques that can beat viruses back to the hidey hole – or lab- they came from!



“One small note I mentioned in a blog, it might not be a bad idea to keep a bottle of liquid Robitussin on hand if you do get a flu or COVID-19. Dr. William Wong, proteolytic enzyme researcher (ZYMESSENCE) and a lifelong pneumonia sufferer, has stated it has been the only expectorant that has faithfully worked to clear his lungs. He combines 20-40 ml. (4-8 teaspoons) doses along with proteolytic enzymes to break down the thick mucus of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness with extremely thick mucus. You want a systemic enzyme that is highly fibrinolytic, or one that breaks down the fibrin in the mucus. This assists the expectorant and makes the mucus more fluid. Also do body positions to move mucus including tapping massage on the back.”

From Regina Meredith FB Page

Teresa, this is re your post, “things have gotten scary again with our daughter.”

Firstly, I have to confirm the birth date you gave is an April date (not August). NOTE: If April is incorrect, please ignore all the below – it will be wrong!

Also, I won’t ordinarily comment on such individual matters (and never do charts professionally), but you asked, and I feel your worry. Obviously, the situation is very serious. I hope this may prove useful— but please be warned, it may not be what you, personally, want to hear.

Secondly, fyi, I do not have bipolar disorder myself and never have. However, I’ve had decades of friendship with 2 people with lifelong bipolar disorder. Both were diagnosed as mature adults. One survived childhood abuse, many suicide attempts and medical drug treatments, but is now living a productive life in retirement. The other lived a varied life and career, including drinking, drugs and financial upheavals, and recently passed away of a sudden heart attack. One had therapy; the other never did. Eventually, they learned to live with themselves the way nature built them – as warm, creative people. They both came from financially secure backgrounds, but experienced difficulties in childhood. They insisted on doing it on their own terms. It took a long time. No two people who have bipolar are alike.

So, for what it’s worth, you asked about “any really dangerous times coming up”. I’m not going to predict that, and in any case, the situation depends on what you and your daughter view as dangerous – which is not to trivialize the matter – I know you mean the danger part literally. But her definition and yours are unlikely to be the same thing. People who have bipolar disorder may do astonishing things (not suggesting it’s a good idea), the point being, they do generally know their abilities and ‘decide’ what they are going to do. At the same time they are aware how risky the behavior is. It’s both. The risky behavior may be extreme; they need help, but they are not nuts.

Getting to your daughter’s chart, these comments may give some useful perspective. You captured the essence in these comments: “….give me the strength to keep fighting to try to help her. We went to crazy lengths two or three different times to get her hospitalized, and she was furious but came out alive…She’s still in that stage where she believes she’s helpless and everything is someone else’s fault.”

Your daughter was born in a moment of transition, with natal Mercury stationary retrograde in mutable Pisces, but going direct into Aries later on the same day, her first day. Not sure how that works as it is somewhat unusual. Perhaps she has had some hesitancy communicating, or something different about speaking early on, or she spoke exceptionally well/soon. Her progressed Mercury continued in Pisces (direct) until she was about 6 years old, when it went into Aries. Does she now have some exceptional ability to communicate that needs expression? Mercury in Pisces is often quite a dreamy sort of communicator, and when she first went to school she may have felt her early (Aries) environment was challenging.

Her planets are quite balanced as to distribution in the signs, but all her angles are fixed, with Aquarius on the first house and Scorpio on the 10th (assuming correct time). This would indicate a person who does not like change much, has strong opinions and ambitions, but not much flexibility. Not a great listener (but note the Mercury). When she turned (approx.) 12, your daughter’s progressed Sun moved into Taurus, another fixed sign, where it stays until she gets into her early 40’s and it goes into Gemini (a sign she might like better, ruled by Mercury). (Maybe she’ll later develop an interest in media as a musician, artist, writer or decorator – she has natal Mercury in Gemini conjunct Venus in Aries, in different signs.)

….continued next post….

Your daughter’s natal Neptune is at 18 Capricorn55, conjunct Uranus at 17 Capricorn56. It is a powerful combination of willfulness and/or creativity (Uranus) and idealism and/or delusion (Neptune). Both planets were direct at birth, but when she turned 13 her progressed Neptune reversed direction. At age 14 her Uranus changed direction too (both to retrograde). These must have been eventful years and since the planets are in her 12th house of large institutions, the current situation fits the hospitalizations and crisis restrictions you mention.

Over the last 2 years, approx. age 27 to 28, your daughter’s retrograde progressed Uranus returned to the exact degree of her birth (it will be over next year) This is an aspect that can bring upheavals. Neptune did the same thing, but moved more slowly over 3 years, from approx. age 23 to 25 – perhaps your daughter is reaching the point where drugs (Neptune) are not quite so attractive anymore. Once this year is over, the Uranus and Neptune aspects will not repeat. The past few years may have been especially difficult due to this pattern (now almost over). Note, charts do not say aspects will be positive or negative or what the precise outcome will be – there has to be an allowance for choice (assuming a belief in free will).

Most significantly, your daughter is nearing her first Saturn return. But before Saturn transits its natal position at 16 Aquarius 30 in her first house, it will cross her Ascendant at 2 Aquarius 51, too. Such transits are not easy and having Saturn transit the Ascendant, plus do its return within a span of a few months is doubly difficult.

The Saturn return is usually the time when a young person gets on with a responsible adult life. It is a hard passage for many to make, but necessary for living as an independent adult. It is also the time when parents begin to view their children the same way, a transition for both parties.

Transiting Saturn will cross your daughter’s Ascendant in January 2021 (assuming correct birth time), then goes retrograde for a while before it changes direction again to reach her natal position in February 2022. So, it seems this dual passage by Saturn will take some time (and patience).

Your daughter’s natal Ceres (mother, nurture) sits on the Ascendant as well, so one would expect the transit of Saturn will bring some distancing or letting go by the mother. Also, there is a progressed Neptune aspect, inconjunct (150) your daughter’s natal Moon (mother) at 21 Gemini. This could indicate a separation or distancing from a mother’s influence too.

Your daughter’s progressed Sun is presently at 16 Taurus, near the cusp of the 4th house of home. It will cross the cusp in about 2 years. This often indicates a change of residence.

Perhaps all of the above indicates what your daughter needs to do her growing up, to become independent and deal with her bipolar disorder. She has both progressed Chiron and progressed Jupiter in the 7th house of partners (and doctors). Also, progressed Moon is lining up to the cusp of the 6th house of health, so your daughter may get help from them in that combination.

Ralfee Finn:

“If you’re counting on stay-at-home rules expiring mid-May, you might want to reconsider your options because according to celestial portents, no one and nothing is going to shift into turbo-drive any time soon. This week is the first in a series of shifting planetary patterns that unfold over the next three weeks, and while you may notice a slight change of tone, it’s a slow build that culminates mid-May. Given the ongoing COVID-19 interruption of regular routines, it’s probably best to be aware that even more interference is on the way. These are not necessarily the positive patterns we’ve been waiting for—they are all retrogrades. Pluto begins its retrograde phase on April 25; Saturn starts its retrograde on May 10; Venus Retrograde begins May 12; and Jupiter goes retrograde on May 14. The best way to cope with this season of retrogrades is to use this week and next to get as much done as possible. Once the retrogrades set in, daily life might resemble the invasion of the molasses monsters, so prioritize your time and energy around your most important goals and then apply as much patience as possible to every situation.”


Teresa, I wrote a similar post long ago on this blog and you sent me an email. Thank you for writing to me then! Do you have the same email address you had on May 7, 2012?

My daughter was an addict for years. She is in recovery now.

I don’t know the astrological indicators of when things get better for individuals. My daughter was born in late 1988, so she had a stellium in early Capricorn, and I guess her life changed after Pluto passed all those planets. Her issue was anxiety and OCD rather than bipolar. She was off the rails for years. In 2017 things started to change. She finally got sober in AA after years in rehabs (which she hated but which kept her alive, as you experienced). Community has always been so important to her, and she is active in a good young AA community now.

When she was in early recovery I asked her why she tried AA finally, and she said she thought it was her last chance to get clean. It surprised me to learn that all the time she seemed avid to use, there was a part of her that was looking for a way out of addiction.

Although your situation and mine are probably different in a lot of details, I do know so well how it feels to be the parent. You really do get a case of PTSD. Maybe you are already going to a parents’ group? (AA and otherwise) They can really help.

‘We Need Great Leadership Now, and Here’s What It Looks Like’
Thomas Friedman:

“How do you think governors and mayors should approach this wrenching question of when to safely reopen their economies?

Dov Seidman:
The strongest local leaders will be the ones who collaborate with others and, at the same time, are exceptionally clear about their plans, brutally honest about the risks, utterly specific about the behaviors they’re asking of us, constantly searching the world for best practices and totally transparent about the technologies and data they want to collect to track our movements and contacts.

They’ll also be the leaders who go to extremes to protect those among us who are vulnerable and support those among us who are risking their lives so everyone else can get back to theirs.”



Interesting parallel indeed with the U.S. Progressed Mercury. It would seem a fitting bookend for the so-called “Regan Revolution,” which really marked the ascent of an ideological counter-revolution against FDR’s New Deal, Civil Rights, and the spiritual-social-cultural-sexual revolution of the 1960s.

40 years of literal retrograde ideals and policies unleashed, from Reagan’s federal union-busting tactics, to Faux News, Rush Limbaugh and the right-wing media echo chamber, to ultra-conservative big box megachurches, to corporate welfare and tax breaks for billionaires. 40 years of economic neoliberal trickle down economics and rugged individualism on steroids.

And now COVID-19 has turned all of it on its ear.

The Progressed Mercury going direct would seem to indicate a change in course. That might have coincided on an official level with Hillary Clinton’s election three years ago, but was delayed by Trump.

Yet Trump may unwittingly be doing the job of rendering the Conservative counter-revolution project so rancid and intolerable that a sharp and decisive departure from it occurs, perhaps symbolized by a crushing historic defeat in November for himself and the GOP.

I do believe that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang among others represent on some level, the forward motion of the U.S. Progressed Mercury. They have been presenting fresh, new ideas and paths forward, badly needed during a time when all the dire flaws of corporate capitalist neoliberalism are being exposed, yet the beast still staggers and struggles to maintain its desperate hold over all.

It may be a few years, but I do think as you do that we’ll come out better for all of this.

Seems like every new revelation about COVID-19 is worse than the one before it. And GOP/Conservative fools want to reopen businesses?

Madmen, the whole lot of them!

A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients

Source: Washington Post

Craig Coopersmith was up early that morning as usual and typed his daily inquiry into his phone. “Good morning, Team Covid,” he wrote, asking for updates from the ICU team leaders working across 10 hospitals in the Emory University health system in Atlanta.

One doctor replied that one of his patients had a strange blood problem. Despite receiving anticoagulants, the patient was still developing clots in various parts of his body. A second said she’d seen something similar. And a third. Soon, every person on the text chat had reported the same thing.

“That’s when we knew we had a huge problem,” said Coopersmith, a critical-care surgeon. As he checked with his counterparts at other medical centers, he became increasingly alarmed: “It was in as many as 20, 30 or 40 percent of their patients.”

One month ago, as the country went into lockdown to prepare for the first wave of coronavirus cases, many doctors felt confident that they knew what they were dealing with. Based on early reports, covid-19 appeared to be a standard variety respiratory virus, albeit a very contagious and lethal one with no vaccine and no treatment. But they’ve since become increasingly convinced that covid-19 attacks not only the lungs, but also the kidneys, heart, intestines, liver and brain.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/04/22/coronavirus-blood-clots/

Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau is giving 2,000$ a month (about 1500$ US) for four months to those who have lost their jobs. He won’t be signing any checks. The money is directly deposited in bank accounts.

In Denmark, each employer must pay three months’ salary to each employee who is laid off. In addition, the government pays 75% of fixed costs for small businesses during the pandemic. These include rent, insurance, and the like. Finally, there is no virus in seniors’ homes in Denmark. 88% of the food served there is organic. No wonder Scandinavia consistently ranks as the part of the world where the people are happiest.

Makes you wonder who is really no. 1.

Thanks Andre, our president is crass and too many of the wealthy in our country are crass. That is part of what will be good that comes as a result of these times. People will reassess their values.

For too long the material world has reigned over what was considered as important and of value. That will change by the time the coronavirus scare (and the Trump reign) is over. Caring about others will be the value most highly prized. Peace and love Brother.

Joe Biden said he will announce his VP pick by May 1. Not sure if that date means anything to our top contenders.


I’m so happy for you and your daughter. My address is still the same, the bellsouth.net one.


Yes, it’s April, and that is so her. She was highly verbal at a young age, is highly creative, could probably be a writer, according to her teachers, but her favorite is visual art. When she was two or three, she sat on the carpet at the airport fascinated by the intricate pattern of it. When she got home, she drew it in detail. I asked her how she did it. She said when she closed her eyes, she could still see it.

But she also has ADD undiagnosed until she was about 16. None of the hyper part at all. In school, she could do whatever she needed to, but it took so much time, like there was a disconnect somewhere. She took an admissions test for a Catholic high school, got every math question right, but only finished two-thirds of them and used every bit of time allowed, which puzzled the school. So she spent a lot of time thinking there was something wrong and feeling bad about herself, but she’s very smart.

She’s always been so full of self-doubt, has a very hard time making decisions because she’s so concerned about figuring out which is right, to the point of being paralyzed.

She was molested by a little neighbor girl around 6, which we didn’t know until recently, started getting difficult and acting out at 13 and 14, drinking, was always willing to try any drug anyone offered her. We had DUIs, totaled cars, arrests and stays in jail, a bad reaction to synthetic pot that had us thinking she was ODing and about to die in front of us. Can’t even remember how many psych hospital stays, a couple of suicide attempts.

But the level of delusions we’re seeing now is beyond any we ever have. Convinced someone’s continuously breaking into her yard/car/shed/house but not stealing anything, manic and pacing and babbling continuously about things that make no sense, screaming fits.

Resigning myself to trying to hold on until next year. Oh — one thing I hadn’t noticed — you said her sun is at 16 Taurus. My natal sun is at 19 Taurus. Maybe she’s going to pass me by soon — the influence, connection.

Thank you so much. Will watch these dates and hope.


Thought of you and your daughter last night when I watched a terrific movie, Beautiful Boy starring Timothee Chalamet in the titular role and Steve Carrel and Maura Tierney as parents. Outstanding performances that will probably resonate palpably for you. The Three C-s for family members of addicts:

I can’t Control it
I can’t Cure it
I didn’t Cause it.

If she has to go back into rehab a few times, that is her best shot – until she can fully accept responsibility for the consequences of her using. Tough love is the key – tempered of course with reason and acceptance that relapses are virtually always to be the rule, not the exception.

Hope you check out ALANON literature/meetings where you can acquire some very useful interventions for your own well-being.

My heart goes out to you and your daughter; all the best of everything to you.

Theresa, thanks for your further comments and I would like to add, as well, that at the same time as Saturn crosses your daughter’s Ascendant in January 2021, Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) will cross it at approximately the same time. Perhaps some progress and good fortune will come along with the challenges. There is hope too.

When Saturn crossed my adult stepson’s 1st house, he made some amazing changes that turned his health situation around. It gave him the needed self-discipline to do so & he stayed the course! Luck & blessings to your daughter, Teresa.

This is interesting!
Macron has been in touch with all the permanent members of the UN security council. He is proposing a worldwide, global ceasefire as we all fight our common enemy, the coronavirus. Evidently, Pope Francis is on board, as are most world leaders.

France’s president says US and China back a world truce — and he thinks Putin will ‘definitely agree’

‘Hidden Outbreaks Spread Through U.S. Cities Far Earlier Than Americans Knew, Estimates Say’

There are two main reasons for testing.

One reason for testing is so that an individual can discover if they have the virus and act accordingly. This kind of testing tells you a lot about an individual, but not a lot about the general population.

The other reason for testing is so that we can understand how the virus is spreading through the general population. This requires testing of randomized samples of the population that is independent of symptoms. Once you bring symptoms into it, it’s not random anymore. This testing doesn’t require results going to individuals (although it is better if it does and does so quickly).

We are doing some of the first kind of testing, but not enough.

We are not doing the second kind of testing at all. We are not randomly sampling the population to figure out how this virus is moving through the general population.

We are flying blind through a hurricane because Trump refuses to turn on our instruments so we can figure out what is going on. Population testing is the radar that tells us when a mountain is in the way. Trump would rather blame the mountain on others.

We cannot really open the economy until we do widespread randomized testing of large samples of the population so that we can understand how the virus travels.


Eliabeth Warren’s oldest brother dies of coronavirus


Sad for Elizabeth.

On a personal note, with Mars over my 8th house mercury & opp moon/mercury I was worried about stress especially with my husband having mars, uranus, saturn in Leo. It’s passed some of his placements & as for me, I feel strong, calm, more productive, emotionally much more in control. I’ve been diligent in eating cleanly (little sugar, salt, refined flower), taking vitamins, drinking water, getting some exercise via walks + a stretching routine. I feel much better the last few days. Also, venus is squaring natal jupiter. Thank you to the astrology energies for helping support me in these efforts at this time.

I am confused as to why Kamala Harris would be one of Joe Biden’s VP picks.


Some of the best American sense of humor in trying times: The Lyin’ King.


Eliseo, word is, all agree to ceasefire but putin and trump blocking

It was 20 years ago when I first looked at the chart for the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, a conjunction that began a cycle on May 28, 2000. I had never heard of a corona virus at the time and never dreamed of a pandemic that would devastate humanity during the years this cycle would be in effect.

However, it was all there, in that chart, along with the shocking Uranus (symbol of breakthroughs) in Aquarius square Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus, at least it was there for the USA, if not the world.

Ceres (nature) at 26+ Virgo was sextile the North Node (path toward growth) at 25+ Cancer (conjunct US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer).

Their sextile formed a Yod with the US natal Pallas (warrior goddess of strategy) at 26+ Aquarius which conjuncts US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius.

In 2016 Trump was elected US President and he has a natal Mars at 26+ Leo which turned the Yod (composed of the sextile of Ceres and North Node in the Jupiter-Saturn chart and the US natal chart’s Pallas-Moon that’s opposite the Trump natal Mars) into a Boomerang.

This is a genius pattern that accomplishes several objectives in one fell swoop, and the goal was to change the trajectory of the United States away from self destruction and toward positive growth, all during the 20 year span between 2000 and 2020; the length of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that started with 9-11 and will end with the removal of the short-lived Trump dynasty.

It started with the Virgo Ceres in the Jupiter-Saturn chart, she who represents all forms of nature, including viruses, sextile the Cancer North Node symbolizing the path forward.

Their sextile, born of the Jupiter Saturn cycle of 2000, would put pressure (double quincunx of a Yod) on the US natal Moon and Pallas to re-adjust their consciousness level in order to relieve the discomfort produced by the new 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle, specifically by it’s Ceres-North Node sextile.

It worked. That Boomerang (#1) was compounded by the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Moon (people) at 3+ Aries that was conjunct US IC (roots), which was sextile the Jupiter-Saturn chart’s Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini, which formed a Yod to that chart’s Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 1+ Scorpio (which was conjunct the US progressed Saturn).

Along came the transiting Uranus (upheaval) move into Taurus, in 2018, opposing the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio and the Pholus (brouhaha) in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, and what had been a Yod then became a Boomerang (#2), and yes that one worked too.

We can look at this 2000-2020 Saturn-Pluto cycle as Phase One of a particular process of the Universe whose objective is to evolve Humanity and Earth to a point where it all is able to exist (and thrive) beyond and above the 3rd dimension.

And you thought grade school was a bitch!

PS: Last night’s New Moon (3+ Taurus) opposes the US progressed Saturn in Scorpio. That New Moon chart has Mars at 16+ Aquarius trine Venus at 15+ Gemini and they form a (temporary) grand trine with the US progressed Mars (+ US Constitution Neptune + Trump’s natal Jupiter + Putin’s natal Saturn) all at 17+ Libra.

This grand trine becomes a Kite pattern when the US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries is added in, as it opposes US progressed Mars (+ Trump’s Jupiter!), making it the focal point in this dynamic grand trine for the next month.

Also, the New Moon chart’s Mercury at 20+ Aries conjuncts the US natal Chiron that opposes the US natal Juno (less than equal in power); is this the US Governors? The New Moon would seem to be addressing the pandemic on the financial level (New Moon in Taurus opposite US progressed Saturn in Scorpio).

Barbk, your post makes me think of what Lorna Bevan said on her last newsletter:

” Jupiter and Pluto are inviting you to deepen your growth by digging deep into the roots of circumstances to
discover what truly matters, to regenerate a radically different vision for the near and long-term future
through dealing with difficulties and facing whatever has ruptured and collapsed since January’s Saturn
/Pluto conjunction. Jupiter expands! It opens things up so more becomes possible and we can all explore
further – go higher – go wider. As new more flexible people – oriented models of cooperation and open
information develop rapidly in this crisis, we are going to see more women and much more diversity in high
level politics and business. The rhythm of expansion/contraction/collapse/rebuild is changing across all dimensions of life”

• you can either view and experience social isolation/social distancing as frustrating or you can
choose to embrace and experience it as a Retreat – an opportunity to turn inwards … to disconnect
from 24/7 3D and instead appreciate the unintended consequences of coming home to yourself
• tend to your own ecology and turbo boost your immune system – sleep, hydration, diet, space,
calm and nature bathing
• put your own highest interests first – you have to save your own life before you can save anyone else
• create your unique combination of sanity tools – growth practices, journaling, reading, meditating,
writing, gardening, online learning, teaching, coaching …. the list is endless
• engage with this moment by consuming less and relating more
• create sanctuary for yourself and be sanctuary for others
• call in your tribes – become a support hub, create a shared resource base, share emergent thinking
• have longer more meaningful conversations and deeper heart connection
• refuse to indulge in inner gaslighting and hold on to a big picture sense of perspective and
proportion knowing that this is the transition to a much better way of living
• learn the wisdom of no escape from the tests of faith, the crises of meaning and the jagged cracks
in the illusion of permanence, as your defences and security systems crumble
• resist trying to hold things together and allow them to fall apart to find the great opportunity in this
• get a taste of your vastness, your resilience and resourcefulness
• tune into what is dying to be born, to be expressed through you

Lorna Bevan M.A.
Astrologer Coach Psychotherapist
E: lorna@hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk

ja, thanks for posting the above from Lorna Bevan. According to The Grandmothers, this is a time for us to be calm and bring in yin energy to balance the out- of- control yang energy which has become violent. It’s the shift that is needed now.

Yin energy sounds about right!

WORTH WATCHING – Video Cuomo discussing 1st Random Survey of Population in NY – The sampling was done 2 to 3 weeks ago. Obviously, there will be more now. The death rate doesn’t include at home deaths.


Sharon K, I think it is right. Look at the number of women in and coming into government, the say no movement. The men who are happy to be home with their children right now.
I think of the yang as the speed skater and the yin as the figure skater. The yang just speeds ahead as fast as he can. The yin holds the energy and forms beauty. We need the holding nature of the yin. I don’t know how that is found in astrology right now but I’m sure it’s there.

That makes me happy ja, Lorna Bevan rings true with a lot of us. I especially liked her “hold on to a big picture of perspective and proportion”, that’s the Jupiter influence.

It is too easy to be seduced by the Pluto-Saturn-Mars stories of aggressive and fatal outcomes; too easy to be afraid of the unknown. It’s instinctive in us. I feel that if that were the case then Jupiter would not be involved in the great transformation.

Yes indeed Banks, “bring in the yin energy”, The patriarchal period is in it last gasp and Trump symbolizes all that was wrong with that form of influence. The old left brain-right brain functions need to be balanced, else we’d all be half-brained like he is.

It may be too late for many human beings to adjust to that necessity; too many years invested in just science and logic and reality, and too little in feeling and imagination. I wonder if that has anything to do with the virus being so susceptible in older people.

Just found this re: corona virus. It is very soft.

speaking of women’s energy, this video of vandana shiva, physicist and thinker, is brilliant!

very interesting emma!

“I am confused as to why Kamala Harris would be one of Joe Biden’s VP picks.”

Really? She was California’s Attorney General and is now my state’s junior senator. I think she’d be as good a choice as any.

I’m confused as to why Amy Klobuchar would be one of Joe Biden’s VP picks, but I’m sure whomever it is will get chosen after much thoughtful deliberation and research.

Is anyone on the blog good at dream interpretation and symbolism?
Recently, I had a quite odd dream.

I dreamed I awoke in a different house, one I’ve not seen before, but it felt familiar, like it was mine. I went to my front door and on my front lawn I saw a chimpanzee. Pretty soon there was another chimp. Soon there was an orangatang, and then another and another, plus another chimp. A baby elephant playfully ran across the lawn.

I went to the back of the house undecided as to whether I should call 911, animal control, or if I was hallucinating. I decided to take another look to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. But sure enough all those animals were there, soon accompanied by a couple of big cats, leopards I think. Then sauntered up a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros!

None of the animals were in conflict; no predatory behavior was evident. There was tolerance amongst them, albeit with little or no interaction between them.

I of course felt very puzzled, asking myself what are all these zoo/circus type animals doing on my front lawn?

The dream was so real that when I awoke I wanted to go check the real front lawn, just to be sure.

Eliseo, my dream symbol dictionary for zoo:
Different way of expressing animal instincts within the self that are restricted, caged. Seeing life as a zoo; many variations of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. remember to laugh at yourself and to be understanding, compassionate toward the many forms of self expression. Also, you present situation is like a zoo; relax and enjoy it.
Circus: recapture your childlike enjoyment of life. Also your life is like a circus with too much going on, quantity but not quality. learn to laugh at yourself, enjoy self and others.
various animals have meanings too –
elephant, powerful part of self that can be gentle, helpful or destructive
and so on for other animals. . . . if you get the gist
(too much for me to type all, sorry)
think about characteristics of each animal and how those traits apply to your inner self.

I forgot to mention, the last animal was a horse, but one with two heads with one on each end, i.e. no rear end or tail.

Thanks, Kiwi!
I’m wondering if all those animals represent my various ideas. I have quite a number, and some of them might well be considered “exotic.” I don’t know. Just speculating.

BTW, Trump has suggested a new therapy for coronavirus patients. Inject them with disinfectant. Yeah. Right. OK, Mr. Trump, you first! Maybe it could work as a preventive vaccines as well !!!

eliseo – the horse sounds a bit like dr dolittle’s pushmi-pullyu! LOL
Horse: freedom, power etc
The dream book I have is from the 80s by betty bethards – I really like her spiritual overtone to definitions and it has helped me thru various phases of my life.


I’m with you on ‘why not Kamala Harris’ as VP

I have also envisioned her as a superbly effective U.S. Attorney General.

The April 25th Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto square

If there is no perceptible movement on the unredacted Mueller report that had been released to US Federal Judge Reggie Walton at this time, perhaps Judge Walton’s Mars return on May 10th (27 Aquarius) will trigger some activity? The following day has an exact Mercury-Mars square (28 ’44 Taurus-Aq). The May 11th Mars-Mercury square will be in precise t square to the August 21st 2017 solar eclipse (28 Leo 53). This is the Great American Eclipse that garnered considerable attention in the astrological community because of its once in a lifetime sweep across the US continent and its simultaneous dramatic aspects to President Trumps natal Mars/ascendant degrees.

See related articles…..

The Great American Eclipse: An Astrological Analysis


Mar 7, 2020

Federal Judge Calls Out Bill Barr On Cover-up Of Trump

Stars Over Washington
March 7, 2020:

Now that ‘AG’ Bill Barr’s “one-sided narrative” of the Mueller Report has been called out by a federal Judge Reggie Walton for Barr’s “misrepresentations” of the report meant to hide the guilt of Donald Trump, it appears that current transits of the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse (@24Cap04) continues to be triggered by transit Pluto (today @24Cap24) so we know that karma is in the houses of Barr and Trump. And of course, the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 perfected very near the July 2019 Lunar Eclipse degree. Transit Saturn, planet of realism and accountability, reached 24Capricorn in late January 2020 while transit Pluto has been on degree since late February 2020.




Re: The Great American Eclipse



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Eliseo, the picture of the lion and the lamb came to mind. Perhaps your dream was foretelling a time when we will all get along together….red, blue, black, white, etc. The two-headed horse? I have no idea.

COVID-19 vaccine protects monkeys from new coronavirus, Chinese biotech reports


Maybe a breakthrough in the works? I’ll continue to patiently trust science over the dumbass-in-chief who now recommends that people inject Lysol into their lungs.

Make it stop already!

Biden predicts Trump will try to delay election

Biden, while speaking at a virtual fundraiser on Thursday evening, said the president would try to postpone the election because “that’s the only way he thinks he can possibly win.”

“Mark my words: I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow; come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” Biden said. “Imagine threatening not to fund the post office. Now, what in God’s name is that about? Other than trying to let the word out that he’s going to do all he can to make it very hard for people to vote. That’s the only way he thinks he can possibly win.”



That interpretation seems right to me — you’re stressed, bizarre things are happening in the world. The animals have escaped from the zoo, and they’re right outside your house, where you’re sheltering in place.

But the escaped animals aren’t hurting you. The craziness of the world isn’t going to hurt you. You can sit safely in your house and look out at all the weirdness and be safe.


Thank you. I have trouble separating how much she’s a mess because of her mental health issues and how much is her addictions.

I feel like I need to be understanding and help with the mental health stuff but not enable the addict.

Hard to figure out where the line is.

Teresa Hill,
Many Thanks!
Your interpretation makes a great deal of sense. Leave it to a writer, who of course understands narrative to crack the code, LOL.

Thanks also to Kiwi & Banks!

Hi Eliseo,
Your dream made me think of Noah’s Arc.
also, lately there have been many stories of animals coming out of hiding now that humans are in isolation.


Good insights! Thank You!

I stumbled onto the chart for when transiting Saturn was conjunct the US natal Neptune. The time was August, 2009, when the US was working on recovering from the financial/bank crisis that was so hard on many citizens but helped the banks survive.

It was also the time when transiting Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron were conjunct each other and conjunct the US natal Moon-Pallas in Aquarius, so 3 new cycles for the US Moon and 1 new cycle for US Neptune would suggest a period of change or transformation would be upon the country and its people.

All this preceded the 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto that began in 2012 and ended in 2015 that made a direct hit on the US natal Sun square Saturn so . . .between 2009 and 2015, the US birth chart’s Neptune, Moon, Sun and Saturn were slammed with new priorities and new challenges that would lead to a crisis that would affect everyone in the US on some level.

I think now it is coming altogether in one fell swoop. I think the Big Picture is too big to be told by one chart, but maybe 5 would cover it. Maybe.

We have been conditioned for 7 years (’09 – ’15), bit by bit for this moment; our People (Moon) our structures (Saturn) our consciousness (Sun) and our escape from reality (Neptune) have been going through changes. All this taking place during the Saturn-Jupiter cycle that began in 2000 and will end this December. Perhaps that one chart holds all the answers.

What intrigued me about the Saturn conjunct US Neptune chart was its Pluto-Mars opposition that was T-squared by Mercury which was conjunct the US natal (Sibly) chart’s MC (how US is seen by others).

Having the US NATAL chart’s Mercury also highlighted by the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction (and a dozen or so other conjunctions) opposite it seemed to emphasize a transformation in thinking, communicating, trading and local travel was to take place, aka the spread of virus.

The fact that Saturn (conjunct US Neptune) was in the apex of a Yod it made with Eris sextile the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction implied that Saturn (in the August, 2009 chart), and therefore the US Neptune, would have to shift in some way or suffer the consequences.

That Saturn and US Neptune at 22+ Virgo was square US Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) opposite Trump’s (Moon 21+ Sagittarius), thus Trump was the shift that the new cycle between Saturn and US Neptune was seeking.

I believe that transiting Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter conjunct the US natal Moon all at the same time created a divide among the US people that would need to be bridged (Chiron symbolizes bridging) once the transiting Uranus square trans. Pluto (times 7) broke the stalemate between US natal Sun (consciousness) square US natal Saturn (structures).

In other words we would have to start over from scratch, hence Trump the Destructor.

Hi Will,

The Great American Eclipse. Yes. The long term effects may be percolating just underneath the surface now. After some reflection however, I wondered if the timeline I put forth may be a bit unrealistic and premature. Perhaps we will require additional time for the Corona Virus pandemic to work its way through the system? The June 18th hasn’t risen to the level of panic, at least not yet. Could Trump’s humiliating surrender to the authorities for his past misdeeds still be in the cards awaiting for just the right moment?

One encouraging piece of news came out yesterday that may give us some clue……

June 18th has been designated as the date for a public review of the unredacted Mueller Report…….

Federal Judge Sets Target Deadline for Completed Review of the Unredacted Mueller Report


The astrological aspects for June 18th are truly mind-boggling.

Mars at 24 Pisces in sextile to Pluto and Jupiter (24/25 Capricorn) semi-square Uranus (9 Taurus). This will be mirroring and perhaps activating the 2017 US Inaugural charts Mars-Saturn square (24 Pisces – 23 Sag) semi-square Moon (9 Scorpio). The June 18th Mars-Jupiter-Pluto sextile forms a double quincunx (finger of God aspect to Trump’s natal Saturn/Venus (23/25 Cancer degrees).

Three days later, the 0 Cancer solar eclipse will form an exact quincunx to Saturn and the 2017 US Inaugural Sun (0 Aquarius)…… this looks like a major event of some kind. Will Trump be leaving office at this time?

CORRECTION: Please read instead: “The CRISIS hasn’t risen to the level of panic, at least not just yet”

Jerry, that decision on opening the sealed Mueller records is now going to be appealed to the SC. Hopefully, they will refuse to hear it.

Eliseo, I think your dream is about reconciliation with nature and with your own mind. Both are one. The pandemic will make that clear.

Laura Hill, Natal, Apr 8, 1992, 3:28 pm, EDT

Tr – Transits, Sp – Secondary Progression,
Cnj – Conjunct, Sqr – Square, Opp – Opposition

Aspects in longitude only.

Jul 23 2020 Plu Sqr Mer 23°Cp33′ Tr-Sp
Dec 11 2020 Ura Cnj Ven 07°Ta11′ Tr-Sp

Jan 2 2021 Plu Sqr Mer 24°Cp14′ Tr-Sp
Feb 19 2021 Sat Sqr Ven 07°Aq25′ Tr-Sp
Feb 23 2021 Ura Cnj Ven 07°Ta26′ Tr-Sp
Aug 4 2021 Plu Sqr Mer 25°Cp08′ Tr-Sp
Sep 1 2021 Sat Sqr Ven 08°Aq04′ Tr-Sp
Nov 22 2021 Sat Sqr Ven 08°Aq21′ Tr-Sp
Dec 25 2021 Plu Sqr Mer 25°Cp45′ Tr-Sp

Bolded apects most intense period of time.

Feb 9 2022 Sat Cnj Sat 16°Aq33′ Tr-Na
Feb 23 2022 Sat Cnj Sat18°Aq10′ Tr-Sp
Feb 24 2022 Sat Sqr Sun 18°Aq20′ Tr-Sp
Below MC for Traveler’s Rest.
Mar 5 2022 Sat Sqr MC 19°Aq18′ Tr-Na
Mar 27 2022 Sat Sqr Plu 21°Aq40′ Tr-Sp
Apr 5 2022 Sat Sqr Plu 22°Aq26′ Tr-Na

Many Thanks! Your interpretation makes good sense. Way before we were aware of the pandemic I decided 2020 would be my year to “fix” all the broken things in my life, i.e. “reconciliation” with my own nature, relationships, health, my role and natural “place” in the scheme of things.


Dr. “Whimsy”Anderson” suggests 45 is planning to resign.


Hi Sharon,

Re: The public release of the unredacted Mueller Report

Whether the Supreme Court takes it on appeal or not, I’m not sure how that will play out. I take re-assurance and think it notable however that the March 31st 2020 Mars/Saturn conjunction occurring as it did right on the 2017 US Inaugural charts Sun (0 Aquarius) produced a startling development and may give us some indication of what to expect.

March 30th; within a 24 hour period of the Mars/Saturn conj the DOJ turned over the unredacted Mueller report to Judge Reggie Walton. The upcoming 6/21/20 solar eclipse (0 Cancer) will precisely quincunx this Saturn/ 2017 US Inaugural Sun degree (0 Aq). And as mentioned previously, tr. Saturn at 0 Aquarius t squares Nancy’s natal Pluto-Saturn degrees (0 Leo-Taurus). Should we think it a possibility that a new and trusted leader will be ready to take the helm at this point? It would certainly be a welcomed relief by the majority of Americans.

Mind you, the upcoming June 21st solar eclipse is essentially a June 21, 2001 solar eclipse return, the same eclipse that ushered in the events of 9/11/01 (activated by a powerful Mars-Moon opposition on September 11th). The nodes take approx. 19 years to return to its original position, so there may be major developments here. In addition……..

“……The conjunction of transiting Saturn to the natal sun happens every 29 years. … Saturn energy represents limitations, patience, setbacks, delayed gratification, responsibility, and being alone. It is not necessarily alienation, but it can be that, too. It is deprivation, and it is gains through losses.”

Excerpted from Saturn Transit to Natal Sun


Been sitting up half the night looking at the disaster unfolding for the Biden campaign with regard to the attack coming from Fox etc. via a woman (who is a Dem) who claims to have been accosted by Biden in 1993.

There are numerous articles in NY Times, WaPo, CNN, Fox etc. Fox makes note that CNN didn’t go on air with the story until 1:28pm ET on Saturday April 25, after a video was located on Friday evening with the woman’s mother on Larry King in 1993.

The implication being that there was a deliberate effort to suppress it by the left-leaning media. This is not good as it essentially accuses Biden of misconduct similar to (but less than) Trump’s. It is something DT’s side is going to press hard in a serious effort to undermine Biden’s chances.

Does anyone know an accurate birth time for Biden?

I wonder how the 2021 Inauguration, with its Sun at 0+ Aquarius one month after the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0+ Aquarius, will reflect that epic 20 year cycle.

Both charts have a Mars conjunction – in the Jupiter-Saturn chart Mars is conjunct Eris in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn, while in the Inauguration chart Mars is conjunct Uranus in Taurus and square Jupiter in Aquarius.

In both charts Neptune is T-square the Nodes. In the Jupiter-Saturn chart Neptune is tightly opposite Vesta (investment) in Virgo, and in the Inauguration Vesta is more closely conjunct US Neptune but still in orb of opposing the transiting Vesta.

In the Jupiter-Saturn chart Ceres is conjunct the US natal Ceres (a Ceres Return) while in the Inauguration chart Ceres is in the same degree as Neptune. This could be about Mother Nature teamed up with water or Corona virus or both. In any case, they are T-square the nodes (old methods vs. new methods). They are also in orb of an opposition to US natal Neptune.

In both charts (cycles) Uranus at 6+ Taurus is T-square the US natal North Node (6+ Leo) and the US South Node (6+ Aquarius) + Pholus.

I suspect the Inauguration chart (specific to the US) suggests a prolonged bout with the aftermath of the virus effect on the budget. (Inauguration Saturn quincunx US natal Venus).

Beowilfie, it’s very concerning

Sorry for the typo due to my small phone screen, Beowulfie,

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to read this yet, but the 1st US Ceres Return (Ceres conjunct Ceres) chart on May 28th, has 4 signs in a row that have a planet at (or almost at) 8+ degrees of those signs. It is one of those times when transiting Chiron and transiting Uranus (traveling 30 or so degrees apart for about 10 years now) practice their jujitsu art.

At 8+ Pisces is transiting Ceres (+ US natal Ceres)
At 8+ Aries is transiting Chiron
At 8+ Taurus is transiting Uranus
At 7 Gemini 37 is transiting Sun (+ US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini)

Transiting Ceres (+ US Ceres) is sextile trans. Uranus, and trans. Chiron is sextile trans. Sun, and trans. Sun (+ US Uranus) is square trans. Ceres (+ US Ceres). You can’t tell me this isn’t a setup.

If we look at Ceres (both transiting and US natal) as “nature” and square the trans. Sun + US natal Uranus, we could say that nature is challenging consciousness (and in the US it will be a breakthrough).

Softening the square (challenge) to Ceres (both of them) is the sextile with trans. Uranus (unexpected) in Taurus (money?) while the square to trans. Sun is softened by the sextile with trans. Chiron (healing?) and this is the first leg of the US natal Ceres Return that will be final in December, at the time of the brand new Jupiter-Saturn cycle start at 0+ Aquarius.

Could it be a new vaccine for Covid-19???

Beowulfie, Biden’s birth time is listed as 8:30 a.m. ET in several places.


The Spanish flu of 1918, the AIDS epidemic of 1982 and now the coronavirus all coincided with Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. This one was conjunct Ceres, which means it is good for the environment.

The next Saturn-Pluto conjunction will take place in 2054 in Pisces. It will be followed by the awesome Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 2060. That looks like Pandemic Central and is definitely related to the rise of the seas.

Make that the awesome Neptune-Pluto SQUARE of 2060.

Thanks for the Biden time, SharonK! I was hoping the time would come with solid bona fides, but an ‘A’ Rodden rating is pretty good. Without a birth certificate, I guess that’s as good as it gets.

As for the hubbub on Fox News, they have now put out a lengthy comparison between the treatment given in the media to Kavanaugh, versus developments at similar time intervals to the case with Biden and Tara Reade (who is now in her 50’s).


I believe this is going to be an ongoing problem for Biden, and for once, I agree with Fox (OMG! did I say that?), that there is some suppression of the issue going on in the more liberal, pro-Biden media. For obvious reasons. However, this will certainly not be suppressed by anyone on Trump’s side, even if the MSM totally ignore it.

Also, Ms. Reade seems to be playing ball. She’s ok with slagging the man she says she admired so much (she’s a Democrat too). She is fitting into the mode of famous victims, like Monica L. But having gone so many years past the event in 1993, and despite the fact that she clearly feels deeply injured (her radio interview is sincere), I doubt the world will give her much credit. Women who wait decades to tell their stories, as many do for good reasons, do have a problem with doubt.

Whatever the public reaction, it seems nonetheless probable that Ms. Reade is telling the truth. That is so despite her fondness for Russians and Putin, per her writing. The problem she has is that there are no other women who have come forward with anything like the graphic description she has given of her encounter with Biden. If this is the only full sexual assault in Joe’s history, she’s not going to be believed.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

Anyway, I expect some ugly anti-Biden slogan will get repeated over and over until November as the race unfolds.

Meanwhile, true or not, the GOP are rubbing their hands in glee for this gift. It’s an issue that could level the playing field (somewhat) between Trump’s gross indiscretions (multiple) and Biden’s apparent indiscretion (singular). You may not hear about it on CNN, but there is no question it will go far in Trumpland.

Also, since there’s no such thing as a politician who has never had ANY indiscretions, credibility is not the real issue. The real issue is that the GOP is just going to use this to drive people who would have voted for Sanders, but have swung to Biden because they can’t stand Trump, to stay the heck at home and not vote at all – and the whole women’s movement is having a fit.

What a travesty.

I think the bigger reason it’s not getting traction is the simple fact that Trump and coronavirus are sucking all the oxygen out of the news cycles.

Tara Reade may be on record as a Democrat, but she’s an ardent Putin and Russia fan. Her story is moving forward in line with Russian propaganda operations. They know how to manipulate US media well, as they did in the last Presidential election. I think we all need to be extra vigilant of motivations and stories this election season. Besides Reade’s Russian connections, Joan Walsh explores Me Too and other US issues:
The Troublesome Tara Reade Story
Left- and right-wing Biden haters demanded that the media investigate her sexual assault charge. It did—and uncovered many reasons to doubt. https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/tara-reade-joe-biden-democrats/

Thank you for the link, TJ and I agree – but vigilance is hard to do for 250 million eligible voters, of whom about a half will vote. It is truly a troublesome situation and the article in The Nation spells it out well.

When I first learned of it, on Friday, all I could think of was OH NO! Then I read the NYT and other articles. Then I listened to the interview, which is either very sincere, or performed by a very skillful actress. It seemed sincere (I haven’t listened to it again), but people can sincerely believe a lot of things that are not strictly true. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe what she says. Also, everybody knows how memory plays tricks.

That’s where the complexities come in, when there are no witnesses (and no dress with a stain on it), and it was 27 years ago, if “it” happened at all. And just because somebody’s mother may have phoned in a question to Larry King decades ago, doesn’t mean anything happened to her daughter, who wasn’t even on the line — but on the other hand, it could.

So, nobody will ever know what happened and Ms. Reade isn’t even telling everything about motivates her now. The ‘being in love with Russia/Putin’ thing makes you wonder immediately if somebody didn’t ‘get’ to her, to get this started. But what for? To split the Dem vote? We aren’t likely to ever know that either, but it doesn’t mean it won’t affect things.

The point is, whatever really did or didn’t happen, Ms. Reade is now tied into the Trump machine big time, and they are going to use her for all she’s worth. God knows what it will do to her, but it’s not good to feed the Trump machine.

The link to the interview is here – judge for yourselves:


When I was trained in hypnotherapy years ago, I soon learned from personal experience how easily false memories can be “implanted” in our minds. Sometimes we do it to ourselves through fantasy, or confuse a very intense dream with reality. Sometimes it comes from outside sources, from media, from other persons. Sometimes we develop false memories which are really metaphors for the way we feel about ourselves, our relationships, or society. And sometimes we literally forget true events and our personal actions because they just don’t square with our self image.

We are capable of convincing ourselves of all sorts of falsehoods and are frequently motivated to nurture them to meet deep and abiding emotional needs.

Regarding Ms. Reade: Sincerity can be very convincing to most people, but alone only proves the believer believes. Joan Walsh rightly pointed out the profound weaknesses and discrepancies in Ms. Reade’s story. And you, of course are very right. It is a travesty.

“Why are so many health care workers becoming seriously ill and dying of this if it’s just a normal flu?” (I am not even bothering with the question of genetically engineered viruses here because whatever it is, it’s here and we have to understand it as best we can to get back to our lives.)
This is an issue. The people I know in the medical industry all say their colleagues don’t become this ill, nor die, during a normal flu season. Also, healthy and young people are unexpectedly dying, though in very low numbers. The only rational explanation is that increased exposure may increase the lethality of this COVID in addition to underlying health issues.
The author of the following blog has been asking the same questions. The strangeness of COVID’s behavior is creating emotional uncertainty, which is not good for rebooting an economy.
Charles Smith is a journalist and alternative economist. He’s in the top 10 in CNBC’s top alternative financial sites – (I didn’t know mainstream even acknowledged alternatives.) I find him a rational, non-hysterical analyst of the field of classic economics. This is his latest blog about the strangeness of COVID-19 and what lies ahead with the challenge of restarting the economy. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t appear we are going back to “normal” anytime soon.” Comment from Regina Meredith, Gaia


“Tyson Foods is warning that “millions of pounds of meat” will disappear from the supply chain as the coronavirus pandemic pushes food processing plants to close, leading to product shortages in grocery stores across the country.”


One of the recurring topics in the world’s media/social media these days is ‘at least we’re not in America’ … Trump has made the US a laughing stock.
Any slime against Biden is complete bull; there is no evidence in his long history in the public eye of abusive behaviour, and, quite frankly, if Barack Obama testifies to his character that is good enough for me.

Nancy Pelosi Endorses Joe Biden
The House speaker described the former vice president as “a leader with the humility to seek expertise and science, and the confidence to act upon it.”

Mr. Biden now has the formal support of the party’s last president, Barack Obama; two of its most prominent progressives, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren; two previous presidential nominees, John Kerry and Al Gore; and its leader in the House, Ms. Pelosi.


Extraordinary day, Mothers Day, May 10th:
Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury trine Jupiter, Mars trine North Node, Neptune square Venus, Mercury square Mars, Ceres sextile Pholus, and . . .

Sun sextile Neptune makes a Yod with US natal Juno who opposes US natal Chiron which makes a Boomerang

Venus conjuncts US natal Mars
Jupiter conjuncts US natal Pluto
Mercury trines US natal Pluto
Mercury squares US natal Moon
Mars conjuncts US natal Moon
Pluto opposes US natal Mercury
Saturn trines US natal Sibly chart MC
Uranus sextiles US natal Ceres
Ceres trines US natal Venus-Jupiter
Pholus opposes US natal Venus-Jupiter
Moon at 12N EDT opposes US natal Venus

I may have missed one or two.

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