27th Apr, 2020

Joe Biden

The American Household has been living under the thumb of an abusive, irresponsible tyrant for over three years now. The endless gaslighting, the vicious insults, the constant shocks which keep us unable to mount a reasonable defense, and the pillage of our resources are all symptoms of an abusive relationship. And so, after such a period of profound trauma, made significantly worse by the derelict handling of the deadly corona virus pandemic, it is quite possible that we will invite Great Uncle Joe to come in and soothe our souls while getting our national Home back in order.

Uncle Joe may limp a bit and may not be fully into all the super cool modernity that we have come to enjoy, but we have known him all our lives and know we can trust him to care for us and organize the help needed for us to fix the mess left by the Abuser in Chief. And, trust these days in the decency, competence, and integrity of public officials is a very scarce and treasured commodity.

A study of Joe Biden’s chart (11/20/42, Scranton, Pa., 8:30 AM) shows the difficulties his campaign is now experiencing due to the overwhelming and restrictive reality imposed by the coronavirus on the nation. The usual fund raisers and campaign rallies are impossible, and the campaign itself is totally drowned out by the grind of the daily news of loss, illness, and economic devastation. This is clearly shown by the transit of Saturn square to his Moon (00Taurus59) from March 22 through June 17.

Moreover, the early troubles of the campaign, when many had already written off Biden’s candidacy prior to South Carolina and Super Tuesday, may be understood as due to the solar arc square of Saturn to Biden’s natal Venus (28Scorpio32) that peaked on March 1. This combination diminishes appeal and popularity. It was noteworthy that Biden’s circumstances changed dramatically as soon as this aspect began to wane. It seems likely that the current situation of restriction will loosen somewhat after the transit of Saturn square to Biden’s Moon begins to wane after June 17.

Generally, things look more positive for Biden from mid-July onward with a few notable exceptions. While the very uplifting and expansive Jupiter station will be semisquare to Biden’s Ascendant from August 10 through October 5, suggesting much greater and more successful outreach and campaigning, August also will bring his progressed Moon into square with progressed Saturn (5Gemini35) all month. Given that this is mostly simultaneous with the progressed US Moon conjunct natal Pluto (7/23 to 8/23 at 27Capricorn33), we may see a return of deep anxiety and upset in the country in late July and August, whether from virus-related issues, financial contraction, or perhaps some serious weather events.

Another time for concern is in December 2020 when Biden’s progressed Moon will square natal Saturn for the entire month, and the transit of Saturn will square his natal Moon from December 18 to December 26. Even if Biden wins the election (which seems promising if not at all guaranteed), Trump will still be able to do a great deal of damage during his lame duck period, and McConnell will continue to run the Senate.  This is also the period when the transit of Pluto makes its final crossing of US Mercury which is the most significant aspect currently in the US chart (1/25 to 6/26/20) and likely has to do with the harsh struggles created by the pandemic. It is possible this signals a resurgence of the illness in December.

On a far more positive note, there are three aspects in Biden’s chart that seem to indicate success for him in this election. The first is his progressed Venus moving to quincunx his Pluto (7Leo13) beginning in September 2020 and continuing through July 2021. Pluto is the ruler of Biden’s three Scorpio planets including the Sun, as well as the ultimate dispositor of everything in his chart. Thus, aspects to it are particularly important.  On Inauguration Day, transiting Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will all be in near-exact, hard aspects to Biden’s natal Pluto. Thus, Biden’s connection to the coming administration will be sealed into the four-year pattern described by the Inaugural chart.

In addition, Biden’s tertiary progressed Venus will be square to his natal Pluto from October 25 to December 5, thus lighting up the progressed Venus/natal Pluto aspect over the  time of the election and thereafter. The eleven month duration of this progressed Venus/natal Pluto combination describes very deep emotions of affection and care that impact Biden, as well as enhancing his appeal to the public.

The second and third aspects of note that may well signal a win for Biden occur over the time of the Inauguration and beyond. The tertiary progressed Jupiter in Biden’s chart will cross his Midheaven (19Virgo54) from December 6, 2020, to December 20, 2021. This progression points to an expansive and very positive enhancement of his reputation and career.

And finally, the transit of Pluto will oppose Biden’s natal Jupiter (25Cancer08) for the entire month of January, as well as twice more later in the year. With Jupiter as the ruler of Biden’s Sagittarius rising chart, this is a highly beneficial transit that will greatly magnify his presence in the world.

Given the magnitude of the current pandemic situation and its negative repercussions on the health and general welfare of the country, as well as the multitude of other messes created by the Madman of Mara Lago, the next administration will have a great deal of work to do from its first moments. One indication of this is the converse progressed Sun square to natal Saturn (9Gemini57) in Biden’s chart from May 2020 to May 2021. This combination implies the need for careful, conscious, and disciplined work to overcome obstacles.  It will be stressful and challenging in the extreme but this kind of fortitude is exactly what is needed after four years of mismanagement and an irresponsible and self-absorbed executive.


Many Thanks! Your insights and vision are an inspiration to us all.

Best news ever! I like Uncle Joe.

Now – how about the female VP? Warren? Harris? Abrams?

Hi Nancy, Thank you for this post. Most appreciative.
I have to admit I’m really curious who he will pick for VP. And I can’t wait to hear who will be in his cabinet. I had an intuition he might have something for Al Gore.

Any insight as to how the Tara Reade story is going to play out? It’s getting a lot of coverage on conservative media and also Huffington Post.

Thank you, Nancy, for the good news.

I have a feeling that the Tara Reade story will weaken and others will be brought out but, hopefully, not be at that level (whether or not partly or completely true, which we have no way of knowing for sure).

Prior stories have mentioned him being overly familiar in his invasion of space which he has acknowledged & apologized for. It won’t be comfortable, though, for Democrats and, hopefully, will be handled well.

Sharon K,
Many friendly people, like Joe Biden have a tendency to express goodwill and affection in a very physical way, not intended as anything sexual. But in our paranoid world such general affection can be misinterpreted, especially by folks who were abused in the past. One of our governors here in Washington, went down for that. He didn’t do anything wrong, but still was in trouble for his over-physicality.

Joan Walsh did an excellent analysis of Ms. Reade’s accusations and found them fairly weak. There is a lot of emotion in politics, but I don’t believe her account. I believe she believes it, but that doesn’t make it true. Too many holes in that tapestry.

When I was trained in hypnotherapy years ago, I soon learned from personal experience how easily false memories can be “implanted” in our minds. Sometimes we do it to ourselves through fantasy, or confuse a very intense dream with reality. Sometimes it comes from outside sources, from media, from other persons. Sometimes we develop false memories which are really metaphors for the way we feel about ourselves, our relationships, or society. And sometimes we literally forget true events and our personal actions because they just don’t square with our self image.

We are capable of convincing ourselves of all sorts of falsehoods and are frequently motivated to nurture them to meet deep and abiding emotional needs.

Regarding Ms. Reade: Sincerity can be very convincing to most people, but alone only proves the believer believes. Joan Walsh rightly pointed out the profound weaknesses and discrepancies in Ms. Reade’s story. And you, of course are very right. It is a travesty.

Eliseo, I think the bottom line is that we don’t know if & when Joe blurred or crossed any lines. Power is heady, & I think many powerful men did & do, as well as women, to a lesser degree. I think he invaded personal space at a time in our social history & in a way that was relatively common and in a way that was not right or comfortable for those involved but certainly not along the lines of sexual assault…until Tara Reade came forth. My guess is that it was of a much lesser degree than other well known examples and if Trump, Kavanaugh & even Bill Clinton could have it overlooked (he wasn’t impeached), certainly Biden could. I don’t know what to make of the Tara Reid thing. It’s another unfortunate case of her word against his and we don’t yet all of her motives for coming forward now. I would not want him to become a sacrificial lamb along the lines of Franken, a very good Democratic senator. I would not throw out Biden in the service of perfect morals. His are pretty darn good and he has the right to redeem himself (not just speaking to you but in general, to all).

Barb K, Nancy, and others: At election time Trump’s midheaven will be trined by Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. How do you read this configuration in context of the full chart?

Nancy, thank you for the rundown on Joe Biden and a focusing on his advantages. He is quite possibly the perfect person at this moment in time to bridge the chasm among the US voting people, the world’s nations and the general chaos that the pandemic has rendered. Transiting Neptune is now conjunct his natal Ceres at 20+ Pisces and Ceres can restore a sense of well being if she is treated fairly.

Uncle Joe’s Ceres in Pisces is trine his natal Mercury (21+ Scorpio) which means transiting Neptune trines his Mercury and that combination can be quite reassuring to the masses in times of trouble.

His natal Neptune conjunct the US natal Sibly chart MC has a similar effect on world leaders;
he reassures them that the US has not abandoned its responsibilities to heal the planet and to help other countries which are struggling.

Perhaps this election is less about left-right politics and more about healing; a Chiron thing. US Chiron at 20+ Aries is where Joe’s natal Sedna is; she who provided sustenance to her people, as long as they treated her with respect!

Which reminds me; all this talk of possible food shortages in the offing is food for thought re: Ceres conjunct the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and specifically the US Ceres Return; a play in 3 parts . . the 1st one being on May 28th when trans. Ceres conjuncts US natal Ceres as Mars is conjunct US Ceres and the Sun squares her.

Also of interest is the chart for when transiting Neptune was conjunct US natal Ceres in February, 2016 (ah those were the days) and that was the start of a very, very long cycle.

The Moon was at 0+ Aquarius at the time, where Saturn was a couple of days ago, and where Jupiter and Saturn start their 20 year cycle this December. Moon = People and Saturn = restriction and Jupiter-conjunct-Saturn = a 20 year cycle ending around 2040-41.

Prof. Bertonasco, perhaps Trump’s reputation will be favored somewhat by the Pluto, Saturn Jupiter transits but it is their opposition to his natal Saturn-Venus in Cancer that will cost him dearly.

Transiting Mercury (retrograde) on Election Day will T-square the Election Day chart’s Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn opposite Trump’s Venus and Saturn, and retro Mercury will be looking back and remembering I believe.

Now We Know How Quickly Our Trashed Planet Can Heal
Clean air, wandering goats. The pandemic is teaching us that all is not yet lost.

But it’s not just that our ears are tuned, in the new silence, to the sounds of birds that have always shared our world. Coyotes now wander the sidewalks of San Francisco and the streets of Chicago; Great Orme Kashmiri goats forage in the town of Llandudno, Wales; a groundhog snarfs pizza right outside a window in Philadelphia; a mountain lion jaywalks in San Mateo; wild boars root in the medians of Barcelona; a red fox saunters across a driveway in Nashville.


Starlight, I believed Biden would be elected before reading your post today, but now I am even more reassured. Thank you.

Prof. Bertonasco, I believe the trines to Trump’s MC mean he will remain hugely popular with his base even after he has left the White House, and he will continue to nurture their grievances in a spectacular fashion, which may destabilize American society for years, particularly if he is put on trial which I think will be inevitable. He will use the power of the media, social or traditional, in a negative way until the end of his life. One possible interpretation of the US Uranus return in the late 2020s could be an uprising of his supporters, even if he has died, after years of appeals and a final decision by the Supreme Court, which should have a Democratic majority by then. He will become an iconic lost cause for at least a century, just like the Civil War in the South, and will cause generations of resentment from fools.

To rise serenely above the madness of our times:


Good news about Joe Biden. I do hope he selects EW as VP. She could be a real asset for him in so many different ways!

Does anyone see anything about McTurtle… especially inre to Ami taking his place? Mitch and Lindsay are two R’s I’d really like to see taken out of play this year. They do much more lasting damage than Trump. And we can’t afford another Mitch deal with R’s to make any democrat a “one term prez”!

I’d really like to see the entire R party go down the tubes to oblivion for a nice long traipse thru the desert wilderness again… we get so much done FOR people without them holding us back.


Trump’s supporters = Jim Jones’ followers

These ignorant fools have actually been hanging on his words, injecting themselves with bleach and other household chemicals as a COVID-19 remedy! I really don’t believe they are going to pose nearly as much of a long term threat as we might fear. They are so willfully ignorant that they will literally remove themselves from the gene pool as they follow after this flimflam man. It disgusts me to lapse into such cynicism, but I never thought I would see such an absurd thing actually happening on a mass scale in real time.

Trump does need to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for tax fraud at the very least, for the record, and to put an indelible criminal mark on his beloved brand name. Those of us opposed to him must demand that he become THE symbol of corruption so that a crystal clear distinction can be made. If anyone still chooses to follow him afterwards, there will be no question as to where they stand and what they are about.

I too hope Biden chooses EW. She is the perfect person to put our financial house back in order, and guide the process of replacing the old, and creating a new, better, greener, and more just economy.

I also would like to see the R. party go down the tubes, and especially the specific criminals you mentioned. Nevertheless, we do need rational, honorable, genuine, conservative voices, (the R’s left behind genuine conservativism long ago) as they tend to ask important and essential questions to which Liberals and Progressives are less inclined.

Like: “How much will this cost? How will we pay for this? Is there any evidence the plan will really achieve our objectives? Has another nation or state tried this, and it worked out ok?”

I agree Trump needs to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for tax fraud AT THE VERY LEAST, but not all of his supporters will do themselves in. There will unfortunately remain a goodly number, probably embittered, and unlikely to ever admit they or their great orange hero were wrong.

Thank you for a great article, Nancy. I appreciate you connecting the chart particulars to your interpretation in such detail.

As to Joe Biden, I am still getting my head wrapped around who he is and haven’t spent enough time pondering his chart yet.

It is clear that an election win by him is desperately needed by the country and I believe he is the only one who could pull it off with voters now. He’s got his work cut out for him.

However, Joe was not my pick from the start. There is such a need for new blood and younger ideas. Also, 4 years for a man in his late 70’s is a tough call. I worry how his stamina will hold up, along with his capacity to act independently for the welfare of the country – that is, as opposed to merely reinstating the previous Dem agenda. Most people would be over the top delighted to have the previous Dem agenda (anything but Trump), but times have really changed. Things have gone much too far now with Covid 19 and the economy.

For one, the health care debacle is not going to be fixed any time soon even if Dems win all 3 branches of government. And the judges are going to be as cantankerous as ever, and the whole country will be in economic shock for several years, if not more. Plus, people have suffered and are going to suffer more as Covid 19 wends its way through.

Poverty, distress and the environment are going to be first on Joe’s agenda. It’s not going to be back to the good times – and that doesn’t even consider the international and military situation.

Joe is an institutions guy and he may be a fine and experienced legislator, but he will find it difficult to break new ground with large and overwhelmingly dominant corporations. Big pharma and the lot.

Also, he will hate being compared to Obama, who in spite of the immediate setback of the financial crisis, somehow pulled things together and didn’t get lost in the process. Obama could have done more because he had the advantage of youth and energy, along with being extremely capable, and even he had to fight for every inch he gained.

What is Joe going to have but more of the tough stuff? It will be without the glamour, and more wear and tear at his age. If he can pull it off, he’ll deserve a sainthood!

Well, there is no point going on – stars aside, either Joe will win or he won’t. The country is fortunate to have him as a candidate, after all. His heart seems to be in the right place but he has human failings like everyone. I hope his failings are not as serious as this budding ‘scandal’ may indicate and I hope he proves them all wrong.

Still, his dicey behavior around women shows a blind spot in his character that has been there for a long time. He just plain should have known better, especially since it’s no secret he’s always wanted to be president.

The GOP will use it against him regardless, but if Dems are lucky, there won’t be any more mud for them to fling around after this dies down. Politics is mainly a media phenom anyhow, and the real power is exercised in small rooms with a couple dozen people. We’ll never know the truth.

At Joe’s age, it is unlikely he’ll change much. Undoubtedly he will modify his behavior around women for the sake of propriety as Pres. That, alone, would be a real achievement for the presidency and for women, as compared to the orange maniac.

Next time, I’ll stick to the astrology.

I believe Joe’s essential role will be to hold space.

When I read here (don’t remember who first said this) that the next term (2021-2024) would not be a time of great change, but rather a period of repair and steadiness. A time of healing. I would say a period of mourning’ and recovering from loss, like from one’s house burning down for example.

All Joe really needs is to Be. To be old familiar Uncle Joe and not a whole lot more. Let the hirelings take care of the heavy lifting; you know, all the people who have come out “in support of Joe”.

Too much too soon could backfire; the People need to recuperate from the shock of the dismantling of their government and the epidemic. They need a grace period of calm. A time to chill out. Joe can handle that.

Professor Marc – The only thing I worry about after the election is the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction quincunx Trump’s Sun, 11/7 to 11/13. I fear a grandiose scheme and power play.

The good news is that the final crossing of Pluto opposite his Saturn (10/4 to 12/23) will also be joined by Saturn quincunx his Mars, 10/23 to 11/20. In addition is the progressed MC conjunct progressed Saturn, exact around the Inauguration and triggered by Neptune (9/25 to 12/6) and Saturn (1/5 to 1/14/21). All of these suggest a generally bad time for him. So let us hope his brief Jupiter/Pluto bump will collapse in failure.

More corroboration of the Reade event


plus a description of his general overly familiar behavior towards women.


I don’t like it, & women don’t like it even if they are Democrats, yet Trump’s history is worse & it didn’t seriously affect him.

“Dec 18th – House Impeaches Trump
Jan 3rd – CDC China tells CDC US about Covid 19 situation
Jan 6th – CDC China gives Covid 19 genome to CDC US
Jan 8th – First CDC US warning
Jan 9th – Trump campaign rally
Jan 14th – Trump campaign rally
Jan 16th – House sends impeachment articles to Senate
Jan 18th – Trump golfs
Jan 19th – Trump golfs
Jan 20th – first case of corona virus in the US
Jan 22nd – “We have it totally under control. It’s one person
coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.”
Jan 28th – Trump campaign rally
Jan 29th – intelligence officials warn that half a million
Americans could die of the coming pandemic
Jan 30th – Trump campaign rally
Feb 1st – Trump golfs
Feb 2nd – “We pretty much shut it down coming in from
Feb 5th – Senate votes to acquit, then takes a five-day
Feb 10th – Trump campaign rally
Feb 12th – Dow Jones closes at an all time high of 29,551.42
Feb 15th – Trump golfs
Feb 19th – Trump campaign rally
Feb 20th – Trump campaign rally
Feb 21st – Trump campaign rally
Feb 23rd – intelligence officials warn that 100 million
Americans could be infected and 1-2 million may die
Feb 24th – “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the
USA… Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”
Feb 25th – “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away…
They have studied it. They know very much. In fact, we’re
very close to a vaccine.”
Feb 26th – “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is
going to be down to close to zero.”
Feb 26th – “This is a flu. This is like a flu”
Feb 27th: “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”
Feb 28th – “We’re ordering a lot of supplies. We’re ordering a
lot of elements that frankly we wouldn’t be ordering unless it
was something like this. But we’re ordering a lot of different
elements of medical.”
Feb 28th – Trump campaign rally
March 2nd – “You take a solid flu vaccine, you don’t think that
could have an impact, or much of an impact, on corona?”
March 2nd – “A lot of things are happening, a lot of very
exciting things are happening and they’re happening very
March 4th: “If we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of
people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and
even going to work — some of them go to work, but they
get better.”
March 5th – “I never said people that are feeling sick should
go to work.”
March 5th – “The United States… has, as of now, only 129
cases… and 11 deaths. We are working very hard to keep
these numbers as low as possible!”
March 6th – “I think we’re doing a really good job in this
country at keeping it down… a tremendous job at keeping it
March 6th – “Anybody right now, and yesterday, anybody that
needs a test gets a test. They’re there. And the tests are
beautiful…. the tests are all perfect like the letter was
perfect. The transcription was perfect. Right? This was not
as perfect as that but pretty good.”
March 6th – “I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised
that I understand it… Every one of these doctors said,
‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a
natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of
running for president.”
March 6th – “I don’t need to have the numbers double because
of one ship that wasn’t our fault.”
March 7th – Trump golfs
March 8th – Trump golfs
March 8th – “We have a perfectly coordinated and fine tuned
plan at the White House for our attack on CoronaVirus.”
March 9th – “This blindsided the world.”
March 13th – [Declared state of emergency]
March 17th – “This is a pandemic,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “I
felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a
March 18th – “It’s not racist at all. No. Not at all. It comes from
China. That’s why. It comes from China. I want to be
March 23th- Dow Jones closes at 18,591.93
March 25th – 3.3 million Americans file for unemployment.
March 30th – Dow Jones closes at 21,917.16
April 2nd – 6.6 million Americans file for unemployment.”

Dean Radin FB Page

Angellight, can you pls post a link to that? I tried to find it on FB but couldn’t. Thanks 🙂

“Humanity is now standing at a crossroads. We must now decide which path we want to take. How do we want the future living conditions for all living species to be like?”
Greta Thunberg


I may have mentioned something on the near-term period, barbk, but I’m also certain that several others have.

We’re still in Pluto in Capricorn territory until toward the end of 2024, with brief previews/interludes of Pluto in Aquarius beginning in early 2023. That alone tells us that corporations, rich 1% elites, and an increasingly Reactionary-Conservative establishment is going to hold tighter and tighter to the reigns of power for a few more years.

Of course, I’m not saying that opposing them is futile by any means, but they will continue to fight viciously for their own survival (Pluto) until Pluto leaves Cap for good, and then they will truly collapse, not unlike what happened to religiosity run amok when Pluto left Sagittarius for Capricorn in 2008.

Among other things, Pluto in Aquarius will shift power back to the people and grassroots groups that will be increasingly active and influential outside of the existing and rapidly decaying power structures. Novel social and political organizations will seem to emerge out of nowhere that defy longstanding norms and boundaries. Some of these will undoubtedly be temporary, in keeping with the Aquarian/Uranian vibe that will increasingly color the times, but others could endure and may even replace some of our older, dying structures, approaches to government, etc.

We’ll also see science, scientific inquiry and its application through medicine and technology gain tremendous respect and influence in the coming years when these lead to a breakthrough cure for the scourge of COVID-19, and perhaps cures for other diseases as well. They will also cast the folly of rigid adherence to ideology and baseless opinions in stark relief. We will see this latter part play out these next few weeks as Conservatives’ raging willful ignorance and their ill-informed eagerness to reopen the economy badly backfire as Coronavirus cases predictably resurge.

Basically, the crop of ruling Conservatives, monetary and political elites, will keep digging the same hellish holes again and again, because they are bankrupt of ideas, and yet also deathly afraid of anything or anyone presenting something different that could uproot and toss them out like yesterday’s trash. They’ll hang on for a little longer, but they cannot and will not be able to hold on forever.

Saturn in Aquarius, serving as a sort of forerunner or “messenger” to Pluto in Aquarius, doesn’t necessarily imply a pandemic, although it’s interesting what we are already seeing come out of this strange period. The paradox of social distancing and social organizing that is ongoing now, for one thing, as well as the role of technology in keeping us all connected.

Frivolous things like texting, video chats, and social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) have suddenly become a serious, if two-dimensional lifeline for many, as well as a means to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. Saturn’s serious nature and his limitations are literally forcing us to rethink how we interact with each other as a society. Even when a cure emerges, some aspects of this period will likely endure for a while. Mass gatherings certainly aren’t gone for good because previous pandemics have come and gone, but some elements of social distancing might stick around.

Telecommuting/working from home for example. Some businesses and groups that previously assembled in closely-connected workspaces will likely see this as a means to insulate themselves against the shock of another pandemic or a similar disruption in the future.

Some sort of staggered schedule/distance learning” approach could become the norm in education. Colleges and K-12 school buildings could become resource centers and places for learning experiences that can’t be provided on a computer, yet the bulk of learning and assignment completion takes place at home. Large, sprawling university campuses and K-12 warehouse-like schools filled with thousands of students could be quaint relics at this point.

I’m also curious to see where Pluto in Aquarius takes us with our general living preferences. With Pluto in Capricorn, there’s been a distinct trend towards centralization–people moving into our urban cores and the construction/revitalization boom that has been taking place there. Before this period, with Pluto in Sagittarius, we saw the long-running trend of suburbanization pushed to its farthest extremes, with sprawl overtaking large swaths of farmland in most metro areas seemingly overnight.

Seems like a rebalancing of sorts is in order. We could see a wave of social decentralization as people begin to spread out again. The cities won’t empty out to quite the same extreme that they did before, during the early Post-WWII era, but I could see an intentional effort to re-establish a sense of communities in many places where it’s been absent or neglected. Dying rural/exurban towns and neglected urban neighborhoods alike could see a rebirth.

Somewhat paradoxically, I also think we’ll see the rise of metro-regionalism–metropolitan areas organizing politically and asserting their own identity and semi-sovereignty over remote, and in some cases, tone deaf rule from distant state and national capitals.

Great conceptualizations. The thing that bothers me about Aquarius, Buckeyeshadow, is that it’s so impersonal, but it has many good & positive characteristics.

Sharon K,

Saturn(Limitations) in Aquarius(Impersonality) = Social Distancing

I don’t think we’re stuck with COVID-19 for Saturn’s entire sojourn of Aquarius, but it may accompany us for the first decanate, at least, which is Aquarius proper. Saturn reaches 10 Aquarius (Gemini decante) for the first time in mid-March, goes retrograde again, and returns there for good in December 2021. So, we could very well be looking at an 18-20 month duration for this collective experience.

Saturn going direct in September 2020 may see some significant development that ultimately leads to a vaccine. Of course, there are trials to come first. Maybe by March 2021 when Saturn first arrives at 10 Aquarius, we have a cure, but there are still months to come of production, distribution, and administration of it before COVID-19 is finally brought to heel around December 2021, when Saturn makes its final pass over 10 Aquarius.

Saturn’s retrograde back into Capricorn in early May suggests the illusion of a brief respite from COVID-19. It seems to coincide with an attempt by the Conservative (Capricorn) forces to reassert their dominance… and to jump-start us back to “business as usual.”

Note the extreme cases of this aggressive form of Conservatism, e.g. Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia, who foolhardily and arrogantly tosses all caution to the wind because he knows best, is a tough guy, and some other John Wayne-esque shit like that.

BUT the Aquarian energies and challenges inherent in our experience of them this cycle have already been planted. There’s no real going back to the halcyon old ways and Capricorn proper days, with the new energies on the scene and well at work in the background.

In other words, the Coronavirus will only seem to have faded into the background this summer, whether in actuality through a decline in infections, or by Faux Noise coverups, but it won’t really be gone, and could indeed return with a vengeance this fall, when Saturn goes direct in September.

Hope I’m wrong in a good way, of course, but the narrative is already out there and pretty easy to read.

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

I do feel like this could be over much sooner, BUT what’s required to do so is ending the Trump regime immediately and replacing it and him with the level-headed leadership and a focus on prioritizing facts and knowledge over ideology that we are sorely missing.

Damn the man and damn his insufferable ego! The White House ought not be a stage for such a badly damaged person to act out his psycho-dramas.

What does it say about us as a nation that we spend so much energy being at odds with each other, even now in the heat of crisis, while an army of media and elected officials continue to psychoanalyze and attempt to placate this deranged buffoon? Where is our anger and resolve to simply throw the bum out?

I mean, hell, some ancient cultures used to sacrifice their leaders when times were bad in the hopes of appeasing their gods and bringing about better ones. What have we really got to lose?

In any case, it’s seriously time to rethink quadrennial elections, the electoral college, and the amount of power we give to the POTUS. November is way too long to wait to give Trump the boot.

At the moment when transiting Neptune conjoined the US natal Ceres (8 Pisces 41) on Feb. 7, 2016, the transiting North Node (22+ Virgo) and trans. Jupiter (21+ Virgo) were conjunct the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo).

They were trine transiting Mercury at 22+ Capricorn, the same degree where the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place, as well as the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and several other conjunctions took place in recent months. I find that shockingly coincidental.

It was a blatant notification of the future and because the trans. Mercury in Capricorn was trine the trans. North Node and Jupiter (+ US Neptune) in Virgo who were also trine the active Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point (22+ Taurus), it spoke to a powerful energy flow (grand trine) in the material world (earth signs) would be active for a few years going forward.

As it turns out, it was an unconscious message (trans. Mercury) to the US (US Neptune) that a path forward (trans. NN) would expand (trans. Jupiter) thinking (trans. Mercury trine trans. Jupiter) sometime before the end of 2020 (end of Jupiter-Saturn cycle), that would be associated with society and government (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/cycle) institutions.

This grand trine turned out to be about the Trump presidency and the Covid-19 disaster, a lethal combination that would transform the lives of all US citizens.

Transiting Pluto (16+ Cap) and Venus (17+ Cap) were square trans. Uranus (17+ Aries) so this expanded thinking that would transform American lives was taking place on a higher level of consciousness (outer planets Pluto and Uranus) that would be about values (Venus).

Since this was the chart of trans. Neptune (outer planet symbol of dissolving boundaries) and US Ceres (Nature/nurture), this expanded thinking would be about dissolving boundaries and about nature and about nurturing.

Transiting Mars (in this Neptune-conjunct-US Ceres chart) at 18+ Scorpio was sextile Venus and Pluto in Capricorn which formed a Yod to Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini) forcing an unconscious shift in the man back in February, 2016. This Scorpio Mars was also square (challenge) the Sun (consciousness) in that chart at 17+ Aquarius.

That Sun (consciousness) in Aquarius played a pivotal role; it sextiled (supported) that chart’s Uranus (breakthrough) in Aries (Uranus co-rules Aquarius) that was square the chart’s Pluto and Venus in Cap, and that Aquarius Sun also formed a trine with US progressed Mars (17+ Libra) which was conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter which was trine Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini) which was trine this Neptune-US Ceres chart’s Sun at 17+ Aquarius!

I take it from this pattern that the higher powers of the Universe (symbolized by outer planets Neptune, Pluto, Uranus) shanghai’d Trump into the run for US President, who didn’t think he would win. He was a tool for the Universe’s plan.

Yesterday I wrote that the Moon (the People) in this trans. Neptune-conjunct-US Ceres chart was at 0+ Aquarius, where the Sun (consciousness) always is in US Inauguration charts and where the next Jupiter-Saturn (societal change) cycle will start this coming December.

This US Ceres cycle with transiting Neptune will evidently have worldwide influence on the generations to follow our generation and they will change the world.

I wonder what Grover Norquist and his ‘all we need is someone with 5 working digits’ mantra is doing now? He managed to get the rethugs to drown the govt in the bathtub over a period of years, and here we are.
Any thoughts on what his next act behind the scenes might be?
Have only been able to find an old article on him by stars over washington

I’m not sure what might be the astrological signature which portends what I’m about to describe. But I feel certain that within our lifetime we will probably see land agriculture as we know it become obsolete, replaced by vertical farms, vertical greenhouses, meats and pseudomeats grown in vertical labs, etc.

That will enable us to end the slaughter of animals, and to return most of our ranch and farmland back to Mother Earth and Nature. There are some crops, wheat, corn, rice, and soy beans, that presently are less amenable to vertical or indoor growth, but that will change as better technology becomes manifest. There are some very smart and creative people already working on that technology.

I also see a continuing biological revolution comparable to our computerized informational revolution, but larger, more extensive and far more consequential, in which several major diseases are entirely eliminated in the not too distant future, and with extreme longevity gradually becoming the norm.

I believe Mr. T has brought us to a real crossroads, a river in time which once we have crossed, we cannot go back. I believe the energies of our resistance against him and against our plutocratic overlords will eventually propel us across that river. I believe we are beginning to wade in that water, but will not and cannot arrive at the far bank until he has left office, and most likely after or concurrent with Pluto’s arrival in Aquarius.

I’m currently working on a historical novel, but the scifi novel I’ve long planned, which I’ll be writing post-trump will certainly include the bio and agri-technology I’m so poorly describing.

See wikipedia entry on Vertical farming.

Addendum: Growing our food vertically in skyscrapers near where we live will also alleviate the necessity of transporting it from places far away, thereby dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

Very interesting, Eliseo. I can certainly see the agricultural revolution you describe coming to pass during the next several years. Uranus in Taurus will likely lead to major long-term changes in food production, among other things.

Organic decentralization really comes into view the more I look towards Pluto in Aquarius. Communities that can produce their own food and energy no longer have to rely upon Wall Street investors and megacorps to throw them the occasional bone. Corporate neoliberal “free market” globalization gives way to a globalization of humanitarianism and participatory democracy at the community level.

Bernie’s ideas make much more sense in this world, the one just over yonder that terrifies Charles Koch and his ilk.

Imagine that, a world that spins on just fine without a bunch of self-righteous, narcissistic, greedy, ideologue billionaires lording over everyone. We can get there, but we’ve got a few bridges to cross first.

Egads, such excellent messages here today!

Andre, I believe it was you who wrote “He will become an iconic lost cause for at least a century, just like the Civil War in the South, and will cause generations of resentment from fools.” You said that so eloquently and I absolutely believe it. But what no know can answer is what do we do about these people? Obviously, we see that their Civil War failure did nothing to socialize them, and I sure don’t see any type of socialization or adaptation to modern civil society being in their future. How do we deprogram 30+ million people?! How do we get them to leave behind their “victim” mentalities and join the rest of the world in progress towards the future? And believe me, I say this while in one of the states that have had a huge surge to poison control centers after people actually began drinking bleach after Trump’s recommendation! ARGH! WHAT can be done with people this ignorant who lack the common sense the good lord gave man?!

As an Aquarian Sun, I look forward to the age of Aquarius, but even I’m not immune to the charges of impersonalization. For so many year, my best friend of over 30 years (who’s now my SIL) thought I was “aloof”… when I was actually quite shy outside of my own intellectual environment. But the one thing I’ve always seen in Aquarians is that no matter what field we go into, we always are searching for the best way to do the most good for the most people. Unfortunately, I can also see us totally giving up on those Trumpistas. One thing we DON’T DO is suffer fools easily — or for long. I can’t help but think that might be one way the Age of Aquarius could assert itself.

Right now, I’m devastated at the thought of all the death and destruction to be wrought in the animal world, and yet, we carnivors do it every day without thought both to our food animals and to the wildlife around us. The most glorious thing I’ve seen lately is the rebound of nature without our constant “meddling” and encroachment. I hope we can take to heart the AmerIndian philosophies of living in cooperation with Nature, instead of trying to rule Her.

I’m about to try my hand at growing a few odd veggies and herbs in pots and raised planters. I’m too old and decrepit for all this stooping and bending. They have my pain meds too well locked down now to do any kind of fun stuff like that again. Goodbye fire-dances, too… oh, how I loved to fire dance! Whirling like a dervish with my best loved friends. We’re all in the same boat now… the young really should appreciate non-painful movement more. Living as long as this, our hearts and souls still want to move, but the body gives us other messages! (LOL)

I told hubby I’d gladly turn vegetarian if we could just spare the slaughter coming up. But that means Trump and the corporate powers put workers at risk –again– without proper protection and safety. Profits, of course. We really are right there with the animals, as far as these people are concerned. They’re ready to slaughter us just as quickly as they slaughter they decide to slaughter the animals. There are times I don’t think my heart can bear anymore of man’s inhumanity to everyone and everything around him. (sigh)

McConnell and Repugs demanding that companies and owners are indemnified once states are declared open is a prime example. I don’t see THEM heading into the CV19 hotspots! And you can be damn sure the owners of those businesses aren’t going to be on the front line – face to face with the public! I do think this is beginning to have an effect on a number of people. They’re beginning to wake up to see how ill-treated they are and what’s been done to them. Of course, Rupugs coming out and plainly saying we MUST die for American’s Profit Margins leaves little space to dither! They’re also (I hope) seeing how money hungry their megachurch preachers are, and how just dramatically saying, “I’m washed in Jesus’ blood” ain’t gonna save you from this virus! I told hubby today, I detest the Repugs magical thinking. I may be a witch now for over 40+ years, but damn, I’m at least practical in what I can expect.

Eliseo — your thought about needed Repugs. I beg to differ with you for the most part. There’s only one thing that pulls be back from the brink of making that an adamant statement — the Lincoln Project. I listened to a few of them speak today over on YouTube. The millenial, in particular, had his head screwed on straight… seems much more a social libertarian than a republican. I just want to break the treasonous backbone of the party so that it never again rises to tear this country in two again. They’ve had two goes at it – the Civil War and Trump. I’m not generous enough to give them another attempt. I’d still rather ship them off to their own little white authoritarian xtianist island and let them go all Lord of the Flies on each other. Let the rest of us begin building as close to a cooperative Global Utopia as we can achieve. Hea… I can still dream, right? I AM an Aquarian who feels deeply with a Scorpio Moon!

Just wondering… how many of us here are going to feel “opened up” to going back to “normal” once all the states rescind their stay-at-home orders? Are you guys like me — I plan on keeping on keeping on as I am. As gregarious as I am, and as much as I’m missing my friends, I can’t see us gathering in a large group again for a LONG time. And I sure can’t see myself squeezing into lines at stores or trying on clothes, etc. But I’m lucky, in that I am retired. My job refused to let me telework, just a year before being forced to allow their entire workforce to telecommute! (LOL) I guess that got dragged into the 21st century, one way or another. I just wasn’t the disabled person to push them early. Idiots. And yes, this is the DoD under Trump! So many of the younger officers are actually either Democrats or socially-liberal. Eventually, sooner rather than later, all these old farts who don’t think you’re working if you’re not in your seat in the office are either going to retire or die. I just detest the fact they were part of MY generation! Kids, believe me, so MANY of us marched and protested and tried our damnedest to make it a better world. We really did try… hard.

Hey slightkc,
I’m not saying we need Republicans. I agree with you the R party has become morally bankrupt and needs to die out. When I use the word “conservative” I’m not talking about authoritarians, or what modern day R’s call themselves. They are NOT conservative. They are not interested in conserving the environment, or the middle class, our national security, or in living in harmony with nature, i.e. none of the REAL conservative virtues.They are only about “conserving” and increasing the wealth of their patrons and overlords.

Psychologists and neurologists have determined we are mostly hardwired brain wise to be either conservative or liberal. But that means very different things in different societies and cultures. The Conservative party in the UK is more like the Dem party in the US. What was conservative or liberal within the old Soviet Union Communist Party was extraordinarily different from C or L in the USA of the same period.

I think we will always have a Conservative/Liberal psychological divide. But I think by 2030 those labels will have profoundly different meanings from that of today.

What we need is to have no more David and Charles Kochs, or any other plutocrats or rigid authoritarians. We need rational, caring, healthy minded, responsible legislators, whatever they might call themselves.

Jill Purce, The Healing Voice

“Chanting brings about a state of calm and clarity, a sense of peace, quiet and relaxation, a reduction of pain in the body, a sense of order in everyday life. Jill Purce reveals the rainbow colours of the voice by the ancient shamanic vocal practice of overtone chanting. She makes audible the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice so that the ethereal angelic bell-like tones of the voice are heard floating above a continuous bass note of the deep voices of the chanters. Listening to this meditative recording is an ideal practice for meditation and learning this ancient shamanic vocal technique. It is deeply relaxing, used by countless cranio-sacral therapists, massage therapists, and healers, who report dramatic healing effects it has on their patients. ”


“nothing is going to open quickly, easily, or safely in the next two months.”


Good one ja, thanks for the link.

AI cannot be recognised as an inventor, US rules

Interesting ruling from the US patent office. Now only if we could get the Supremes to rule that corporations are not people.


I always hesitate to post this kind of news, feel like I might be jinxing it, but things seem to have calmed down with our daughter. She let her husband come back home. He’s been there for a week now. Things seem calm. (Whew.)


Thank you so much for those dates. I’m so relieved. Just not worrying so much about her staying alive is a huge relief.

Also, if anyone’s feeling tense and anxious — Gosh, who could be feeling like that? Here’s a free meditation/relaxation video (although it’s all music, no spoken words) that’s one of my favorites from YouTube. Good to try to fall asleep to or just to close your eyes and breathe for a while:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acIpsyTW6SI&t=3s&fbclid=IwAR2yhVfVlTgNYGePZLDRHDiMI5PkYWwky1hHCuW7vhfWOOzd8jpE5jyGQNY


Your latest update reminds me of something I like Linda G, the Comanche Psychic, said — that the next presidency will not be about big changes, but about undoing the bad things Trump has done.

Seems like a role made for Biden, especially since he’s so good at consoling people and so empathetic.

I think it was Linda G also, but it might have been you, who said the next President will likely not finish his term, and that we’d see changes starting in 2022 and picking up speed a lot in 2024.

Teresa Hill,
A number of us who post here have suspected our next president might not finish his term, or will serve only one term. For me it is a matter of both intuition and actuarial data. Mr. Biden IS in his late 70’s. But several here also see it in the astrology.

I had a phone appointment today with my psychologist. He strongly suggested that when I’m done with my next two novels, I should run for political office! I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, but I am considering it.

Teresa Hill, thank you for the calming music.

Eliseo, please run if you can. Pluto in Aquarius needs you.

Mars and Saturn in Aquarius have brought the release of official Pentagon videos of UFOs.


One commentator last year said the Pentagon’s plan is to methodically bring public opinion to accept they are real while carefully avoiding mass hysteria. Trump doesn’t seem to have noticed yet.

Pluto in Aquarius is about to upend our understanding of the universe. It will also make astrology a central part of mainstream culture. We are leading the way.

It is becoming more obvious they are real, but I have serious doubts about the most popular interpretation. I do not believe they are are crafts from another star system. I do not believe they are alien.

Reports of contact with “aliens” describe beings that just don’t seem alien to me at all. Two eyes, two arms, two legs, etc. indicate organisms biologically homologous with life as it has evolved here on earth. And I feel many if not all of those reports are either fantasies or hallucinations.

The hypothesis that makes the most sense to me is we are dealing with remnants of a high technological civilization which was destroyed by the events of the Younger Drysas. And that too seems to me pretty far fetched.

Might these folks be hiding/sequestering themselves as we humans are simply too dangerous? OR…might it be they have no immunity to our diseases? Or…might those superior flying crafts be robots left behind?

I am clueless.

Whoops! Typo.
Dryas. Not Drysas.

Another interpretation of Ceres in her role with the Saturn-Pluto cycle, and even the US Ceres-trans. Neptune cycle, as well as the US Ceres Return this year, and even the trans. Saturn conjunct the US Neptune in 2009 + other cycles, is the story of water. PBS (KET in Kentucky) has a program on the story of water entitled H2O: The Molecule That Made Us and it is a must see and it will make your hair stand on end.

Perhaps her role, Ceres, has to do with the reduction of humanity on Planet Earth. One way or another.

As anticipated, the media are not giving up the Tara Reade / Biden issue. NYT has this article, which has this quote:

“If the election was held today, I don’t think he’d lose any support,” she said. “But this is a huge deal that’s not going away. The story is going to be on the hypocrisy, and that is the No. 1 thing voters loathe.”

What will the Biden campaign & Biden himself do? Suspenseful wait, or might it be blah, blah, blah? Time will tell.


interesting pov that questions credibility


This is also very interesting in regard to the Reade accusations and shifting story, and support for Putin.


I thought this was interesting.

Oops I posted before I read the thread. Sorry for the double post. I blame my phone. Lol

Worth a second read Henri!

“Jared Kushner was up early on Wednesday to offer his opinions about the coronavirus crisis to the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” his father-in-law’s favorite morning show. Kushner virtually crashed the Internet with his claim that the Trump Administration’s handling of the pandemic “is a great success story.” He also made some rosy predictions about the reopening of the economy, saying that by June “a lot of the country should be back to normal,” and adding, “the hope is that by July the country’s really rocking again


Thanks, Henri. Now perhaps we can put this issue to bed, at least for awhile, and focus on more important issues. Remember thought creates energy.

I’m curious about the paradigm shifts that are needed in a post pandemic world. I don’t know if astrology can address that but perhaps.

Yes, may we please put this issue to rest.

Now an upbeat story on Biden from my local paper.


interesting vetting team.

Banks—see what I posted above. Big shifts are coming, indeed, and astrology does speak to them. But I’ll add a bit more here from another post that I started but lost when my browser crashed.

The short story is that we will be in a very, very different world 5 years from now with Pluto, Neptune and Uranus all changing signs in relatively short order. Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023, with Uranus entering Gemini in 2025. They’ll be forming a Trine for several years to follow, which being in two air signs suggests ease of flow in generating new ideas and thinking. We’ll likely see several major technological breakthroughs and the advancement of science in a big way. Revolutions in communication, information technology, education, and travel also come to mind.

In addition, Neptune enters Aries in 2025, forming a sextile to both. Not quite a grand trine, but there should nonetheless be quite a sense of things easing and opening up somewhat in the world.

Some say that the 2025-32ish period may energetically feel similar to the late 90s, at least in terms of possibility and opportunity, arriving on the heels of the AIDS crisis and the end of the Cold War/collapse of the Soviet Union. I don’t think the 2025-32 period will be entirely dissimilar to the late 90s, but we’re also not heading back to the days of big box retail, supercharged sprawl, megachurches, epic league sports, club dance music and Jerry Springer-style talk shows.

What I do suspect we’ll see instead are some big and uncanny developments around robotics, medicine, AI, nuclear fusion, and space travel as well that will change our lives, and how we live.

Also, socially and economically, we are going to see democratic socialism flourish on the other side of the current period, as corporate neoliberal capitalism completely devours and destroys itself. I see more freedom for people to pursue interests that, among other things, don’t require being anchored to a job that provides health and retirement benefits.

Thanks to Breatheeasy who posted the link to the same story Henri did right above his so he probably didn’t see it.

Meanwhile, Tara seems to be a serial sexual assault accuser & I hope this info is disseminated widely as it does enlarge our perspective.


Drunken Irishman (31,050 posts)

Here’s a list of people Tara Reade has accused of assault or harassment.
Her father, Robert Moulton
Her ex-husband, Tate
A former employer, Krystal Rojas
A YWCA supervisor
A former business partner, Frankie Knight
Joe Biden

These are all people Reade has either gone to court with, or publicly accused.

That’s quite a lot.

It’s a pattern, in fact. So, either Reade is just a very unlucky woman with a sad, painful existence, or she’s accusatory happy.

I’m not going to comment either way. You be the judge.

Here in the US, at this time, we are at the threshold of our Pluto Return, which will be exact in 2022. The US power structure (Pluto in Capricorn, the establishment, private power and organizations in the driver’s seat), and our approach to it, literally must change, or our country dies. And it may very well die anyway, only to be reborn somehow, in some new form or another.

This exceptionally rare transit is also accompanied by a Neptune half-return, or opposition to Neptune’s natal position in the US chart. Neptune in simple terms represents both our dreams and our delusions, or how we undo ourselves.

The modern era that we knew, and its interpretation of the American Dream that began with the first-ever US Neptune Return in 1941–and our official entry into WWII–165 years after the Declaration of Independence–is drawing to a close. That particular version of the American Dream is being revealed as a delusion. The model suburban family home, life and supposedly accompanying peace and prosperity was never actually within reach, or even the ideal for everyone. For younger generations of Americans, this post-WWII dream is now out of reach and not even on their minds. It yet remains to be seen, what, if anything, we will replace it with.

We obviously cannot go on doing things the way we have done them more or less for the past 246 years politically, while hoping for a different result. Our politics are badly broken, and our systems and structures–the two party winner-take-all election system, the electoral college, quadrennial presidential elections, lifetime terms for SCOTUS justices, single-member house districts and even the Senate itself–are antiquated, and corrupted by avarice, inequity and ideological fanaticism, particularly among the far-right reactionary corporatists that control the GOP and increasingly, desperately wish to remain in control at any cost.

We have an entrenched political party and its fanatical, true believer backers that during a vicious pandemic, would rather place profiteering over humanitarian need and safety.

These people have a death wish, and many people, and things, are indeed dying.

They would seemingly prefer that everything perish rather than change.

And yet, even in death, change happens anyway. It is, after all, the ultimate transformation.

Thanks, Buckeye Shadow, I’m Also looking for a shift from the out of control Yang energy evident everywhere to the much needed Yin energy we see with some of the newer members of Congress and in regional politicians.

Biden will be on Morning Joe tomorrow a.m. to discuss the Reade allegations.

Thanks Buckeye, thanks Banks, appreciate your views beyond the Now.

I would describe the process we are going through (we the People and the planet we live on) as another upward step in Evolution, and yes, paradigms or frameworks must change in order to understand the new ways.

Astrology has an aspect, the quincunx, that means adjustments must be made in order to function with changing circumstances; this is when one planet is 150 degree away from another planet.

When 2 separate planets 60 degrees apart from each other and both quincunx the same 3rd planet from both directions, the pressure to adjust to new circumstances is inescapable and it is called a Yod or Finger of God pattern.

When the Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place on January 12th, Venus at 28+ Aquarius was sextile Pallas and the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius and all were quincunx the Uranus in the US Constitution chart at 29+ Cancer.

The implication of this pattern was that US Constitution Uranus had to adjust (because of 2 quincunxes) to new circumstances.

In other words, the Constitution would have to change in bold, revolutionary (Uranus) ways due to changing values of the US People. Venus (values) in the January Saturn-Pluto chart was conjunct the US natal chart Moon (symbol of US People) and Pallas (symbol of strategy and planning) so the pressure on the US Constitution Uranus was in part due to the values of US People changing in January 2020. (Think Trump Presidency and Covid-19)

That Saturn-Pluto chart’s Venus (+ US natal Moon and Pallas) that was sextile the Saturn-Pluto chart Pallas + the Galactic Center (source of higher consciousness guidance) that formed a Yod, or Finger of God pattern to the US Constitution chart Uranus (which opposes the US natal chart Pluto in Capricorn) suggests that a significant change of consciousness will take place, resulting in a radical (Constitution Uranus) change (adjustment) in the US Constitution. That should take place at the time of the US natal chart Pluto Return.

“Remember how reluctant Trump was to activate the War Powers Act that would force corporations to manufacture PPE and ventilators…He now is using it to force workers of meat packing plants to go back to work. Meat packing plants have long been the vectors of viruses and other disease carrying pathogens. The War Powers Acts indemnifies meat packing companies from liability. If workers are harmed due to “unsafe” working conditions they can not hold their employer liable…These workers are being forced to risk their lives to help Trump “open” the economy….You think Trump gives a sh#$ that these workers have to work in unsafe working conditions….He doesn’t care how many lives have to be sacrificed as long as it increases his chances of re-election…”

Comment by Charles Love, FB

Thanks, BarbK. I think I follow you but I must say following the bouncing ball in your comments is a stretch for me as a non astrologer. I do believe we are going through an upward Evolution and as a Sun Scorpio I think Pluto is the planet to get us there….?

Sharon K, Linda G has a new video out and she talks about Tara Reade. Looks like she’s a liar.
She also saw Susan Rice as a strong possibility for Biden’s VP. Makes sense to me but we’ll see before long I hope.

Indeed Banks, Pluto IS the planet to get us there. As for the bouncing ball, it is what challenges and intrigues me about astrology. I find it hard to stop the pursuit (natal Mercury conjunct natal Pluto); the breadcrumbs of clues astrology provides to uncovering and understanding the bigger picture.

There are so many paths to that picture and astrology has dozens of them. That’s the pleasure of Starlight News; so many people following so many different paths we can’t help but learn from each other.

The June 5th, 2020 lunar eclipse at 15 Sagittarius will form an exact t square to Mars at 15 Pisces. Saturn at 1 Aquarius (near conjunct the US 2017 Inaugural charts Sun). This will be in close semi-square to both Mars and the lunar eclipse. Here’s the chart for quick reference…..


A prelude to the June 21st solar eclipse? This eclipse will quincunx Saturn right on the 2017 US Inaugural charts Sun…..

Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020 in Cancer and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 5th, 2020 in Capricorn. by Suzanne Wagner

……..Remember the Great American Eclipse in August 2017? Well that powerful eclipse has nothing on these ones in June and July of 2020. That eclipse noticeably changed the country and brought a lot of natural disasters along with it. Magnify that moment in time by 10 and that is where we are headed. What is important to look at here is that there is a pattern of eclipses that is called the “Metonic Cycle. Every 19 years the eclipses tend to repeat or fall on or very near the same degrees and sign placement.

Why I bring this up is that this eclipse on June 21st and the penumbral Lunar Eclipse on July 5th, hit on the exact position of the September 11th, World Trade Center terror attacks.

Astrology is about looking at similar or same patterns and then intelligently asking the question, “What happened before? Will it happen again? And what will it look like this time around?”

For the sake of argument, let’s break this down. On Sept 11th, 2001 the solar eclipse was at 0 Degrees and 10 Minutes in the sign of Cancer. In 2020 it falls at 0 Degrees and 21 Minutes of Cancer.

On Sept 9-13, 2001 Mars passed over the 0 Degree of Cancer. Mars represents a planet of war, conflict, aggression, violence, and terror. The Moons of Mars are named (in Greek) “Phobos” and “Deimos”, which means “fear” and “panic”. Mars is a malefic planet and when it connects to an eclipse (endings/beginnings and death/rebirth), it often coincides with crisis and conflict. Mars will magnify the energy of the eclipses and not in a good way.
The Nodes of the Moon also correspond to 2001 and the both conjunct the eclipses. Indicating that events will transpire suddenly and with lots of energy.

My concern because of the timing of these events puts pressure on the Northwest, specifically the are around Seattle. Though Washington D.C. with its rising sign in Taurus will have an impact in the money, finances, and stock market. Remember, Cancer rules homes and money and with Uranus also in Taurus, disruptions in the housing markets is highly likely. Another financial crisis is looming so protect your money, retirement, pay off those credit cards, and consciously chose to cut back at the beginning of the year.



Banks, re. your comment, “Now perhaps we can put this issue to bed, at least for awhile, and focus on more important issues.” Yes, wishing it were so, but depending on whatever Biden says tomorrow on Morning Joe, the issue will either blow up even bigger, or simmer on the Repub back burner to be hauled out whenever the occasion arises. I fear the focus won’t change, whichever way it goes.

The speculation about Hillary coming back for another run if Joe resigns is also simmering. It’s not like every Dem is 100% behind him already. Might the Dem convention be more of a contest than a crowning after all – Joe, Bernie & Hillary too? The youth vote will go nuts.

On the ‘good’ side, I spent quite a lot of time mulling over Joe’s chart & his progressions & transits, and it looks to me like he’ll still be in it in November. He does have some good aspects then. He may pull it off.

However, reading the below article on Parscale and the Repub machine, and despite Covid 19, one thing is certain – if Joe wins, he’ll need all his marbles, his wife in full support, and the angels in heaven to beat Trump. (Would Michael Bloomberg make a deal to back him with the big bucks?)

I can see Joe could win from the charts, but it doesn’t explain HOW he wins. There is a huge gap to be filled in the campaign and the juice has to come from somewhere. Could Trump do something even worse than he already has, that will tank his numbers? But betting on a negative is not a good way to win an election. Personally, I find it very discouraging for the whole planet. I think people are already feeling unsure enough about everything with the virus and what the outcome will be is impossible to guess at this point. Blind optimism is not an appropriate response.


IQ is a crude way of measuring intelligence. It does not quantify or qualify creativity, nor depth, both of which I believe are equally important as sheer cognitive ability.

Occasionally, we meet someone who might be very bright, or brilliant, yet only an inch deep, a very shallow person. I think perhaps “depth” has in part to do with understanding as opposed to merely knowing, and several layers of understanding at that. Additionally, a person who has experienced failure and loss is more likely to have developed depth, as opposed to someone who has not.

On the basis of archetypes, I’ve always felt that Pluto properly aspected, is very much involved in the deepening of our hearts, minds, and souls. Astrologically, I’m just not sure how. Have you any wisdom on the subject?

No question Eliseo, the mind has more than one way of expressing outwardly; wisdom and intelligence for example, and it can be endowed more in one trait than others, or conversely, can walk and chew gum simultaneously.

Pluto does plumb the depths of anything it finds itself in, be it material (earth sign), emotional (water) thoughtful (air) or spirited (fire), and also through whatever it aspects and the way it aspects other planets, say by trine or opposition.

I think motivation (conscious or unconscious) to plumb the depths is part of the individual and the energy of Pluto is the tool for the individual (or country or organization). Pluto’s job is to uncover what’s not in plain sight, but how it’s used is dependent on the individual whose Pluto is doing the digging, and I’m not sure that can be discerned by astrology.

For example, Donald Trump’s natal Pluto makes no major or tight aspect to other planets in his chart, hence he seems shallow, even superficial. It could be that his natal Pluto guards his own personal secrets (natal Pluto in 12th house) alone and they will go to the grave with him.

Biden has Saturn squaring his natal Moon from now through mid June. I would imagine it will take that long for this current “scandal” to finally wither away. The fact that no one else ever made any such complaints speaks volumes. Also, so does Biden’s generally respectful and non-narcissistic attitude. This just doesn’t fit with who he is.

I am posting a wonderful article by Fintan O’Toole. it can only be gotten by subscription which is why I am posting it here. I think it really summarizes our current reality in a very sharp if painful way.

>>> From the Irish Times
>>> April 25, 2020
>>> By Fintan O’Toole
>>> Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger. But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity.
>>> However bad things are for most other rich democracies, it is hard not to feel sorry for Americans. Most of them did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Yet they are locked down with a malignant narcissist who, instead of protecting his people from Covid-19, has amplified its lethality. The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful.
>>> Will American prestige ever recover from this shameful episode? The US went into the coronavirus crisis with immense advantages: precious weeks of warning about what was coming, the world’s best concentration of medical and scientific expertise, effectively limitless financial resources, a military complex with stunning logistical capacity and most of the world’s leading technology corporations. Yet it managed to make itself the global epicentre of the pandemic.
>>> As the American writer George Packer puts it in the current edition of the Atlantic, “The United States reacted … like Pakistan or Belarus – like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering.”
>>> It is one thing to be powerless in the face of a natural disaster, quite another to watch vast power being squandered in real time – wilfully, malevolently, vindictively. It is one thing for governments to fail (as, in one degree or another, most governments did), quite another to watch a ruler and his supporters actively spread a deadly virus. Trump, his party and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News became vectors of the pestilence.
>>> The grotesque spectacle of the president openly inciting people (some of them armed) to take to the streets to oppose the restrictions that save lives is the manifestation of a political death wish. What are supposed to be daily briefings on the crisis, demonstrative of national unity in the face of a shared challenge, have been used by Trump merely to sow confusion and division. They provide a recurring horror show in which all the neuroses that haunt the American subconscious dance naked on live TV.
>>> If the plague is a test, its ruling political nexus ensured that the US would fail it at a terrible cost in human lives. In the process, the idea of the US as the world’s leading nation – an idea that has shaped the past century – has all but evaporated.
>>> Other than the Trump impersonator Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, who is now looking to the US as the exemplar of anything other than what not to do? How many people in Düsseldorf or Dublin are wishing they lived in Detroit or Dallas?
>>> It is hard to remember now but, even in 2017, when Trump took office, the conventional wisdom in the US was that the Republican Party and the broader framework of US political institutions would prevent him from doing too much damage. This was always a delusion, but the pandemic has exposed it in the most savage ways.
>>> Abject surrender
>>> What used to be called mainstream conservatism has not absorbed Trump – he has absorbed it. Almost the entire right-wing half of American politics has surrendered abjectly to him. It has sacrificed on the altar of wanton stupidity the most basic ideas of responsibility, care and even safety.
>>> Thus, even at the very end of March, 15 Republican governors had failed to order people to stay at home or to close non-essential businesses. In Alabama, for example, it was not until April 3rd that governor Kay Ivey finally issued a stay-at-home order.
>>> In Florida, the state with the highest concentration of elderly people with underlying conditions, governor Ron DeSantis, a Trump mini-me, kept the beach resorts open to students travelling from all over the US for spring break parties. Even on April 1st, when he issued restrictions, DeSantis exempted religious services and “recreational activities”.
>>> Georgia governor Brian Kemp, when he finally issued a stay-at-home order on April 1st, explained: “We didn’t know that [the virus can be spread by people without symptoms] until the last 24 hours.”
>>> This is not mere ignorance – it is deliberate and homicidal stupidity. There is, as the demonstrations this week in US cities have shown, plenty of political mileage in denying the reality of the pandemic. It is fuelled by Fox News and far-right internet sites, and it reaps for these politicians millions of dollars in donations, mostly (in an ugly irony) from older people who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.
>>> It draws on a concoction of conspiracy theories, hatred of science, paranoia about the “deep state” and religious providentialism (God will protect the good folks) that is now very deeply infused in the mindset of the American right.
>>> Trump embodies and enacts this mindset, but he did not invent it. The US response to the coronavirus crisis has been paralysed by a contradiction that the Republicans have inserted into the heart of US democracy. On the one hand, they want to control all the levers of governmental power. On the other they have created a popular base by playing on the notion that government is innately evil and must not be trusted.
>>> The contradiction was made manifest in two of Trump’s statements on the pandemic: on the one hand that he has “total authority”, and on the other that “I don’t take responsibility at all”. Caught between authoritarian and anarchic impulses, he is incapable of coherence.
>>> Fertile ground
>>> But this is not just Donald Trump. The crisis has shown definitively that Trump’s presidency is not an aberration. It has grown on soil long prepared to receive it. The monstrous blossoming of misrule has structure and purpose and strategy behind it.
>>> There are very powerful interests who demand “freedom” in order to do as they like with the environment, society and the economy. They have infused a very large part of American culture with the belief that “freedom” is literally more important than life. My freedom to own assault weapons trumps your right not to get shot at school. Now, my freedom to go to the barber (“I Need a Haircut” read one banner this week in St Paul, Minnesota) trumps your need to avoid infection.
>>> Usually when this kind of outlandish idiocy is displaying itself, there is the comforting thought that, if things were really serious, it would all stop. People would sober up. Instead, a large part of the US has hit the bottle even harder.
>>> And the president, his party and their media allies keep supplying the drinks. There has been no moment of truth, no shock of realisation that the antics have to end. No one of any substance on the US right has stepped in to say: get a grip, people are dying here.
>>> That is the mark of how deep the trouble is for the US – it is not just that Trump has treated the crisis merely as a way to feed tribal hatreds but that this behaviour has become normalised. When the freak show is live on TV every evening, and the star is boasting about his ratings, it is not really a freak show any more. For a very large and solid bloc of Americans, it is reality.
>>> And this will get worse before it gets better. Trump has at least eight more months in power. In his inaugural address in 2017, he evoked “American carnage” and promised to make it stop. But now that the real carnage has arrived, he is revelling in it. He is in his element.
>>> As things get worse, he will pump more hatred and falsehood, more death-wish defiance of reason and decency, into the groundwater. If a new administration succeeds him in 2021, it will have to clean up the toxic dump he leaves behind. If he is re-elected, toxicity will have become the lifeblood of American politics.
>>> Either way, it will be a long time before the rest of the world can imagine America being great again.

Starlight, I have never been so happy to have you comment on someone as I am with your comments about Biden above? Thank you. The whole thing has really turned me off of both cable TV and this blog.

Finlan O’Toole was on Lawrence O’Donnel’s show on Wednesday night, I believe. I wish he could have been on for the whole hour. Thank you for posting his article. I’ll read it later when I have time. I don’t know if he mentions it but he has a home in New Jersey. He didn’t believe he would ever say it but he’s glad he’s in Dublin now. There’s a whole lot of truth in what he said about America and Trump.


Many Thanks for the article from the Irish Times. Before the present I was unaware of Fintan O’Toole, who evidently is quite an excellent thinker and wordsmith!

I keep my sanity during these bizarre political times, in part by focusing on the coming restoration, more so than the present darkness. The UK had their Interregnum, and later in 1660, their Restoration. Although we are a republic, I think of this current Trump era as OUR Interregnum, and the Biden presidency and beyond as our Restoration. May it be so.

May it be so, Eliseo

Stunning read Nancy; I can’t thank you enough for sharing. From the perspective of Mr. O’Toole’s words ” . . and now we pity it” comes a meaning of Neptune rarely seen anymore; pity.

Usually US natal Neptune is related to drugs, or other escapism (madness, TV, denial, etc.). No longer is Hollywood the most recognized thing about the US, it is now our pitifulness. We have deluded ourselves about why so many politicians become politicians; it is for the money they can get from corporate giants to not do the right thing.

I second Banks regarding your positive words about Joe Biden; thank you.

About that Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017; transiting Neptune at 13+ Pisces was exactly trine the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, when we the People were most vulnerable to escapism.

There was also transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries rx (conjunct the US progressed Venus/values) square US natal Pluto at 27+ Cap, . . .

and transiting Pluto at 17+ Cap opposite transiting Ceres at 17+ Cancer, . . .

and they formed a Grand Cross with US progressed Mars in Libra (+ Trump’s Jupiter + US Constitution Neptune + Putin’s Saturn) opposite US prog, Chiron in Aries.

All this plus the Eclipsed Sun/Moon at 28+ Leo (conjunct Trump’s Mars/ascendant) in a grand trine with trans. Uranus + US prog. Venus in Aries, and trine transiting Pholus (small cause, big effect) and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, made it clear (albeit unrecognized) that the US was poised for a clearing of the decks in preparation for battle.

It is the Baptism of Fire we are experiencing and not for the faint of heart.

I think it is certainly true whatever depths might exist in Donald Trump are entirely hidden from him, rendering him a person with no APPARENT depth. I get the feeling one of his incarnations was Valeria Messalina, the third wife of Emperor Claudius.

Depth of mind, heart, or soul IMO is not well understood, just as we know so little about the planet Pluto. In my own case, even in high school, many said I was “deep” though to this day I’m not really sure what we mean by “depth.”

Both my depth and sensitivity have been more of a burden than any kind of advantage. My natal Pluto is in my third house at 19 degrees, 41 minutes of Leo, but I don’t recall how else it is aspected. I believe my lifelong extreme sensitivity might be related to my natal Moon in my tenth house at 24 degrees 22 minutes of Pisces.

Understanding oneself is difficult enough, much less understanding someone as odd as DJTrump.

I found my astrodata. My Sun at 25 degrees 30 minutes of Leo is conjunct Pluto with an orb of 5 degrees 49 minutes. The only other aspect to Pluto I see is Neptune at 17 degrees 26 minutes of Libra in fifth house sextile Pluto with an orb of 2 degrees 14 minutes.

I’m presently contemplating how these aspects have affected my past decisions and the course of my life.

I suppose we all might be more introspective during this time of sheltering in place. I think the positive side of this terrible and tragic pandemic is that it forces us to reexamine our values and past decisions. Pardon my optimism, but I believe we will be a better people for having survived it.

A month or so ago, Kim Carey of Intuitiview, tuned in to Fred Trump, Jr. He told her that his brother, Donald, is lost. He’ll probably wind up in jail. That their family was very dysfunctional, was probably the cause for his (Fred’s) drinking. Fred was the smart one but had no stomach for his father’s ruthlessness; Donald did. I think Trump is lost but unfortunately he’s also dangerous and because he’s a bully he has nothing but enablers surrounding him.

in Canada, Justin Trudeau banned assault weapons today after a horrible mass shooting last month. I think he is now influenced by Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, who is widely portrayed as one of the most effective leaders in the world currently. Both countries are part of the British Commonwealth and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Women leaders have been noticeably well regarded in several European countries as well during the pandemic. It will soon be time for a woman President, America.

To All:
I keep hearing from various people I know across the USA the word Nuremberg, as in bringing Mr. T and his accomplices to justice. I hear it from Dems, Independents, and from former Republicans. As our death total rises, more and more citizens see not only the homicidal negligence, but also the long list of constitutional and financial crimes, and the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the orange, narcissistic sorcerer and his enabling senators, congressmen, congresswomen, cabinet, governors and state legislators. We no longer have red & blue states. We have blue, purple, and ORANGE states!

Perhaps it is time to establish an advocacy movement, an American Nuremberg Society. What do you folks think?

Ah Andre, the much needed yin energy I wrote about
Up thread.
Justin Trudeau is to be commended as is Jacinda Arden. What makes it easier for them than our presidents other than the NRA

Andre, what you think is the positive side of this pandemic is what I think is the meaning of this pandemic.

I am pretty sure there are things I don’t know about how the Universe operates. I’m pretty sure there are few on Planet Earth, if any, who do know, so I am willing to believe that there is a higher level of intelligence beyond our Sun somewhere, and the beings way out there know stuff that would help our species, but first we need to learn a lot.

One of the things we need to get over is the idea of wealth and power being the ultimate goal of a lifetime. Greed has its drawbacks.

So, we kinda agree that forced introspection serves a purpose, which begs the consideration that maybe, just maybe this worldwide pandemic that has reduced the world population by hundreds of thousands, which caused the air to clear and fish to return to waters they had abandoned, is a benefit to the planet itself.

Not everybody will see this time as anything but catastrophic. Those are the folks whose consciousness needs to expand. There is a price to pay, as always, for wisdom gained and if enough of us learn from it, this pandemic could be the lesson of how humanity saved Planet Earth and stopped destroying it.

oops, that should have been Eliseo I directed the above comment too.

to. Not too. There is a loud party going on in the condo beneath me. What social distancing? Can’t hear myself think and the furniture and windows are buzzing in addition to the loud music. This too shall pass.

Andre & slightKC,

“The whole point of all this is to rediscover the meaning of the rule of law we all take for granted, as well as the phrase “a government of laws, not of men.” It is on this foundation the US and all Western democracies were created, and once every few generations we have to learn that lesson once more. Lives may be lost learning it.”

“He will become an iconic lost cause for at least a century, just like the Civil War in the South, and will cause generations of resentment from fools.” You said that so eloquently and I absolutely believe it. But what no know can answer is what do we do about these people? Obviously, we see that their Civil War failure did nothing to socialize them, and I sure don’t see any type of socialization or adaptation to modern civil society being in their future. How do we deprogram 30+ million people?!”

I think the experience of the Great Depression and WWII deepened and developed the emotional intelligence of those who endured it. It appears, like you said, Andre, many will have to relearn the lessons of that period, including that business about “a government of laws, not of men.”

I cautiously conclude from observation and intuition, as we have insufficient data, the 30% of our electorate who support Trump, or his ideas are lacking more in emotional intelligence than in pure cognitive ability. Nevertheless, some of them are amazingly dumb.

The conundrum we will face likely within the coming decade will be as you posited, slightKC; what do we do with these people?

On the one hand, allowing Trump and his political minions to walk away from their various crimes is to invite that bad history to repeat itself. Conversely, if we prosecute them, that 30% may rebel violently, especially with the encouragement of their Orange Master.

Over time the behavior of that 30% has worsened.
Does anyone remember the 2014 Bundy standoff?During its most intense moments perhaps as many as 100 Bundy-ites actually pointed and aimed their rifles at federal agents! And they got away with that!

Anyone who has raised children knows you don’t allow bad behavior to continue, or it will progressively worsen. Now these radicalized Bundy type fools in Michigan protest social distancing and the other measures designed to contain and slow the coronavirus at the governor’s house and in their state capitol building while carrying AR-15’s!

So, What DO we do with these folks and their ilk? If we do nothing, they will continue further down their strange, dark path, eventually leading us into chaos. If we act judiciously, i.e. prosecute their leaders, they are quite apt to overreact with the result of possibly more deaths than the current pandemic will render, deaths caused by bullets and bombs as opposed to a virus. More chaos.

No easy answers, but perhaps we might begin by as quietly as possible taking on the multi-billionaires who are financing and fomenting the anger, misinformation, and misbehavior? I’m just not sure what or which crimes they might be charged with. But it is clear they are loyal only to their own corporate interests, and not to the nation, the environment, or humanity.

Does anyone have any constructive ideas?

David’s new (post retirement) art website:


Eliseo: You are describing H.C.’s basket of deplorables. The racist xenophobic gun carrying group that believe there is no need to apologize for centuries of slavery.

And not just blacks, but anyone who is not like them to varying degrees, non-christians, gays, …even non-americas.

They lack a proper education. They don’t travel and have no idea what goes on in the rest of the world. Insulated from everything they don’t understand just reinforces their values. They are suspicious of those that are educated and urbane.

Cultural overhaul is difficult. It requires enlightened leadership. education at every level of society, advocates in every community to talk about acceptance of others. Government sponsored programs promoted through social media. And this must be done without destroying their dignity. Tall order!

But Bernie knew this and his ideas on how to change America is really the only way you can save it. As Starlight’s article says,America’s reputation has never been good in the eyes of the rest of the world and now most other thinking nations just feel sorry for americans, and are frankly quite embarrassed to hear them say “greatest nation on earth”.

Starlight, David’s painting is so touching and captures so well the very special nature of the dear souls whom we call nurses. Says a lot about the artist, too.


Mazel tov on your new career!

The piece de resistance for me is:

The Anguish of our Workers. That you would choose to memorialize scenes of the essential workers as part of your oeuvre speaks to your humanity.

May your new path bring you deep satisfaction and enrichment.

David is so talented, Nancy. What beautiful & interesting paintings & subjects. I love the rural small town scenes but It’s the doctor comforting the nurse that is the most moving. I saw that photograph in the news in the last few weeks & it brought tears. I think the media might want to do a piece on his work.

A Nuremberg for Trump? Count me in, Eliseo. We can’t move forward until we hold someone accountable for this tragedy.

If his fool followers want to go to Civil War over it, so be it, then. They can be hell-bent on destroying themselves in their own nihilism and stupidity, but they don’t get to take the rest of us down with them.

And they will lose for the same reason, because they literally stand for nothing, and have nothing to fight for.

Barbk, as I write this, I’ve got two teeny-ish college freshman neighbors laying out in their bikinis next door in the unit they’re renting. They’re by far the noisiest neighbors on my block, with music blaring at every opportunity, and guys over to see them the moment the temperature hit 65F.

COVID-19? Social distancing? Doesn’t seem like they are even remotely aware of anything changing other than the bars closing… and that means more time they’ll be disrupting the relative peace here.

Whatever lessons we think this pandemic is supposed to give humanity, it’s clear to me that not everyone is ready or willing to learn them.

Amen Buckeye!

“,,, two teeny-ish college freshman neighbors laying out in their bikinis next door…”
I’m hearing similar reports from all over. Also, while teaching college students, we (various colleagues and myself) noticed about 2013 our incoming freshmen were greatly less mature than in previous years. It’s been that way ever since. Some colleagues who had been teaching for decades chose to retire early, saying “I signed up to teach adults not junior high students!” Not all of them are so amazingly immature, but as a generalization the generation that grew up with cell phones and almost constantly in front of screens is greatly under socialized compared to previous generations. That can be deadly in context of this pandemic.

“Whatever lessons we think this pandemic is supposed to give humanity, it’s clear to me that not everyone is ready or willing to learn them.”

Which gets back to my original point. What DO we do with these folks?

Eliseo, I am concerned about what these billionaires (Mercer, Koch) have unleashed. It may be a monster that they cannot control. In their tea party like quest, they have set off a series of actions that we have no clue where it leads. Seeing those images from Michigan and elsewhere, are we going down a road we cannot come back from?

Barbk, if the lesson of the pandemic is not learned, Gaia will repeat it harder until it is.

Eliseo, I think the idea of Nuremberg may well snowball. President Biden would be wise to leave that to Nancy Pelosi and to his Attorney-General, who should proceed independently, whoever he or she may be.

David, thank you for your striking paintings. They reminded me May 1 is the real International Workers’ Day. It was changed to Labor Day in the fall because American elected officials in the late 19th century feared the rise of trade unions and the influence of European socialists and communists, so they tried to split off the celebration from them. Canada stupidly followed. I have never been more grateful for what workers of all countries are doing every day to improve our lives.

Eliseo, one thought I have more and more about UFOs is not only are they real and superior, they are much more conscious of the impact on the universe of our environmental idiocy as an immature and violent species. I don’t think there are countless jewels such as Earth around, and they will not allow us to squander our heritage, which is precious also to them and all other advanced and wiser life forms out there because it is rare.

Yes, I agree it would be wise for President Biden to leave prosecutions and trials to Nancy Pelosi and the Attorney-General.

I don’t know what to believe about UFO’s. I believe the phenomenon is real, but who knows what they are? I personally do not believe we have been visited by aliens.

IF, very big IF UFO’s are actually flying craft, or ships of some kind as I’ve written before, I do not believe they are piloted by anyone from another star system. For the present, I’m taking an agnostic approach.

Eliseo, I am definitely with Andre re UFO’s. In time they will make themselves known. You can’t possibly believe that we are as smart as it gets. Many are working with us behind the scenes.

I’m with you on this one Andre, re: “life forms out there” being more conscious than our own species.

I believe that some of them want to help us evolve from our current level of consciousness, in large part to save our beautiful planet from destruction.

They await the time, when enough human beings are conscious enough to understand how we are killing Mother Earth, to present themselves and teach us methods of sustaining life and doing it with ease (new inventions, etc.).

Nancy, David’s view that “Nature is very loose and always correct” is illuminating, as is his art. Thank you for sharing his new website.

David has shared with us the soul of the helpers. In tears,I could not look away. Please tell him Thank you.

A friend of mine, a professional astrologer just put out an interesting newsletter for the month of May…..

May 2020
By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)


“Obama campaign’s vetting of Joe Biden found no Tara Reade complaint in 2008, David Axelrod says

Former Barack Obama campaign chief strategist David Axelrod said their team “fully vetted” then-senator Joe Biden to be Obama’s vice president in 2008 and “found no hint” of ex-aide Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations.”


In the merry month of June there will be a couple of days when transiting Mars and transiting Uranus will be the only 2 planets of the 8 major planets (not including Chiron) that can appear to be retrograde, but these two won’t be. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto WILL be retrograde. Re-thinking, re-living, remembering, regurgitating will be the order of the month.

It seemed appropriate to look at the time when Mars and Uranus started their present cycle, since both will be the only planets (seemingly) moving forward during those few days in June, just to see what might be motivating them into action.

Their conjunction on Feb. 13, 2019, was at 29+ Aries, a critical degree (last degree of a sign) and transiting Ceres (5+ Sagittarius) was square transiting Mercury (5+ Pisces). During those few days next month when only Mars and Uranus are direct, trans. Venus will be at 5+ Gemini, and she will station direct there during that time, and become the 3rd planet to start moving direct.

Transiting Venus, in other words, will station direct at the moment when only planets Mars and Uranus are not regurging and she will complete a T-square to the Ceres-Mercury square in the Mars-Uranus cycle that began in a critical (urgent) degree just over a year ago.

At the time of that Mars-Uranus conjunction in Feb. 2019, transiting Nessus was conjunct the US NATAL Ceres at 8+ Pisces and both were square the US NATAL Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

Remember, TRANSITING Ceres at that time (Feb 2019) was square TRANSITING Mercury, and come late June (when only Mars and Uranus are moving direct) Venus stationing direct will complete a T-square with them.

I’m pretty sure this is about Covid-19. If Ceres is about nature (including a virus) and Uranus is about the unexpected, and Nessus (conjunct US Ceres and square US Uranus) symbolizes (among other things) poison, then the Mars-Uranus cycle that included trans. Nessus-conjunct US Ceres – square US natal Uranus, was giving us a heads up that during the Mars-Uranus cycle (about 2 years long) there would be a poisoning of Nature that would be unexpected in the USA.

The June stationing-direct Venus gives us an option by opposing the 2019 Mars-Uranus cycle’s Ceres (nature) and squaring the Mars-Uranus cycle’s Mercury (communicate) and she has to do with values.

What we value will be a deciding factor, come late June, regarding the Covid-19 brouhaha, and no I haven’t a clue as to how, EXCEPT transiting stationing-direct Venus at 5+ Gemini will trine Trump’s natal Neptune at 5+ Libra and the US natal South Node + US natal Pholus (brouhaha turns nasty) at 6+ Aquarius. Hmmm . .

Thank you all for your comments on David’s paintings!! He really appreciates it!

This article is a good summary of Trump’s pathology. Much of it we have discussed here.


We have seen his sadism in the way he revels at freaking out the “liberals” and shocking people with his crazy. Our upset at his eruptions is not a glitch but a feature. I have also said many times that he perceives things either through his grandiose delusions, or if they are negative, his paranoid delusions which leads to his aggressive attacks to destroy anything contradicting his narcissistic grandiosity.

Also note at the end of the article, he likens Trump to an abusive spouse. And he points to how dangerous the spouse can be when the abused partner tries to leave.

Thank you all for such encouraging comments re. my art website. Much appreciated.

I am planning a painting of Joe Biden with Dr. Jill Biden standing by his side, taking the Oath of Office on January 20, 2021.

That is very exciting & does my heart good,David. It will be beautiful & I will keep visualizing it! It’s wonderful to know that Nancy has such a talented mate! Keep up the great work!

David, when I read your plans to paint the Biden’s on January 20, 2021 when Joe is being sworn in I got chills all over and that’s what happens when I hear truth and truth it will be. Hallelujah!

I had a classic UFO sighting about 25 years ago, coming home from buying diapers. Twilight, I glance up at the sky, and there’s a saucer-shaped object hovering low in the sky, seeming like it was lit from within and glowing in a hazy pale yellowish light.

I wasn’t scared, thought of course there’s a rational explanation. Maybe one of those balloon things people put up in front of their business to bring attention to it. Although it was right behind my house, and there are no businesses there, mostly just trees and a few houses.

It was odd the way it hovered so still. I turned for home, which brought me closer to it, and then it zoomed away and out of sight.

I was sure I’d find a little tidbit in the news the next day about a bunch of calls about whatever that was in the sky. When I worked at the newspaper ages ago, we got those calls all time. People seemed to think we just knew everything that was going on in our community. 911 got a lot of calls like that, too. And we lived near a few big military airbases and a coast guard station with huge helicopters. Lots of stuff in the sky.

Anyway, next day, nothing anywhere in the news about anyone seeing anything.

That’s it. My UFO story.

I have a UFO story, too, Teresa


More good point about Biden!



An Ounce of Empathy
Written by a medical student, this piece asserts how much better we would have handled the coronavirus had we more empathy, i.e. emotional intelligence.

I’m becoming increasingly convinced the primary root of our political mess is a deficit of emotional intelligence in a significant portion of our voting population.

Thank You for that Salon piece! The diagnosis fits, and is chilling! I think it behooves us all to prepare for what the author described at the end, in November, when Donald J. Trump deliberately attacks and harms the American people. We need to imagine the various possible ways he might attack, and plan and prepare accordingly.

Thank You also for sharing David’s very excellent paintings! Especially interesting are his works depicting working people.

I look forward to his painting of Joe Biden with Dr. Jill Biden at the inauguration!

Eliseo, Yes! A major deficit of emotional intelligence… That’s it in a nutshell…spot on!

This is what we are dealing with… It’s starting.

A security guard in MI asks woman to put on face mask before entering store…she returns later with her dad & she shoots him in the head!!@

If this happens and we move in this ‘new territory’ the US not continuing it it’s current configuration becomes a possibility. So strange.

Sharon K,
Is there any word on the condition of the security guard? Was he killed? Did he survive? Has there been an arrest?


This is what I found. Who cares what the reason was? He was shot in the head!

Sharon K,
I’m vety saddened by that Flint, Michigan event. Superficially, it sounds like 1st degree, premeditated murder, an open and shut, slam dunk case.

I hope it is not the spark that begins a near nationwide “prairie fire” although I’ve been expecting something like this for some time.

I finally realize why the real change occurs in 2024 and not this fall (though I do believe the Dems will win in a huge tsunami). It’s the virus. Laurie Garrett is brilliant and she is saying this will last 3-4 years. So for the next several years, it’s about dealing with the pandemic and trying to rebuild the government


June 23rd and 24th are the couple of days I spoke of earlier that only Mars and Uranus (of the major planets minus Sun and Moon ) will be in direct motion. A number of states have postponed their primary elections until June or later. I believe that these elections could be what the Mercury (in the Mars-Uranus conjunction chart) which was square Ceres in the same chart was referring to.

It is the stationing direct Venus on June 25 that will oppose the Ceres in the Mars-Uranus chart, which I read as “values” (Venus) vs. Covid-19 disaster (Ceres) that the Mercury (votes) in the Mars-Uranus chart T-squares; and which is the thrust (purpose) of the cycle between Mars and Uranus; the only 2 planets not retrograde in June, until Venus stations direct on June 25.

If I’m right the primary voters in those states, who postponed their primary voting until June or later, will determine the Mars (assertive)/Uranus (breakthrough) cycle’s outcome in the United States, a cycle that will end on January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day. A day when transiting Ceres will conjunct transiting Neptune as well, and they will T-square the transiting North (forward) and South (backward) Nodes.

The NEW Mars-Uranus cycle that starts on January 20th will be T-square the US NATAL North and South Nodes, so all in all, it appears to be a turning point in US history. Move forward or return to the past.

If I’ve read this right, it will be the voters “values” in June which will be determining the forward (or backward) movement of political discourse for the rest of the year until November’s election.

I suspect we will have a vaccine by next January. Many labs here in the US and abroad were already working on Sars virus vaccines, of which covid -19 is a variant. They may be able to “tweak” their work so far, rendering a reliable vaccine against covid-19.

The next administration will surely be focused on rebuilding the government, which will be an arduous task taking the entire four years, but preparations for any future epidemics will be high on their to do list.

As global warming continues novel virus and bacteria strains are coming out of the tropics. Furthermore, as the arctic permafrost melts, viruses lying dormant for the last few million years to which we have zero immunity are awakening. I’m sure the Biden administration will reinstate the preparations Mr. Obama implemented that we might more effectively deal with future epidemics and pandemics. That process is likely to take the entire four years to complete as well.

Beautiful work, David.


I also think a vaccine is not that far off, though 9 months right now certainly seems like an eternity. It certainly won’t come before there’s a major COVID-19 flare up and major spike in cases because of the greed and abject stupidity of the far right corporatist death cult.

Has anyone done any astroanalysis of Michigan, particularly of Flint, Michigan and/or their governor, Gretchen Whitmer? What with those bizarre armed protesters and the recent shooting in Flint, the political atmosphere there appears to be awfully “hot” and getting hotter.

I don’t think there is any chance of Michigan becoming a “December 20, 1860 South Carolina,” but it is plausible it might devolve into a “Bleeding Kansas.” And don’t they have enough problems, like the rest of us in containing this GD pandemic?

“It certainly won’t come before there’s a major COVID-19 flare up and major spike in cases because of the greed and abject stupidity of the far right corporatist death cult.”

Yep! And the irony! Opening up now insures that spike, requiring us to close down again and longer, therefore damaging the economy even further.

BTW, I love the phrase, “far right corporatist death cult.”

This is how consciousness grows; making observations, comparing observations and opinions with each other. We all participate in changing the world. What a blessing to live in a country where speaking out is countenanced. This pandemic is the opening gambit of a multi-layered adventure into the wonders of being human; we are much more than we realize.

Don’t be seduced into thinking the experiment called the United States of America has flopped. Au contraire! Not all nations make it to their Pluto Return, let alone survive it. We will survive it and be better, much better for it. We stumbled and we have lost much thanks to the lesson of the Trump presidency and it has served to remind us of what really matters.

Soon we start to rebuild our foundation and it will be stronger than before because we know more than we did 250 years ago. It is the process of transformation; death and rebirth. Already, behind the scenes, people versed in the subject of societies and the experience of running a society are designing plans that will fulfill what our founding fathers limited experience had only dreamed was possible.

I have learned from my own observation of how planetary cycles develop – in stages – the conditions that take down structures and the conditions that build structures and there is a time to every season and a time to every purpose (even Trump and Covid-19) under the Heavens.

It was time to dismantle the structure that was faltering under the weight of decisions made by people in power either in ignorance or that served only themselves. Over time, our schools will teach children what is required to become a government official as well as what’s expected from a citizen of this country. It’s not just the government structures that must be rebuilt. Banks, schools, the postal service, health care and more will be transformed in this new century.

We are like those who traveled by boat over the ocean, or from the land south and north, or who were vanquished from their ancestors land; what on earth would become of them all in this wild and crazy land, only this time we will do it better.

Thank you Starlight for the hopeful analysis and reasons Biden could be our next president, and have read so many other encouraging comments.

I remain fearful that the current authoritarian madman will be re-elected based on the following, astrology aside:
In 2016, before we knew who the Democratic candidate would be, my job had me meeting at least 3000 people per week, and I listened and listened, and heard the following:
1) If it’s between Bernie and Trump, we’ll vote for Bernie
2) If it’s between Hillary and Trump, we’ll vote for Trump.
And look what happened! I looked at Hillary’s chart and read all the comments, and thought for sure she would win.

I live in a very blue county, and I never saw signs in 2016 for Hillary, only Trump signs.
In 2008 and 2012, Obama signs were everywhere. In 2016, my limited knowledge of Astrology told me that people wanted CHANGE, especially as we were inching closer to the U.S. Pluto return, and tRump was that change because Hillary was a step backwards.

I am again seeing — in my “blue” county — many Trump signs and bumper stickers, nothing for Biden. And I witnessed a pro-tRump rally of about 100 people last week (no masks). I am now visiting my parents in a very blue area, and broke down today when I saw several Trump signs, nothing for Biden.

Biden as a candidate seems to be a move backward, like Hillary was. I will personally support Joe, but I am fearful that this election will be shades of 2016, and much worse because of the pandemic and destroyed economy. I really fear for this country. I just hope and hope that Dems can hold the Congress and win majority in the Senate. If not, we will see the worst of the worst.

“Not all nations make it to their Pluto Return, let alone survive it. We will survive it and be better, much better for it.”

AMEN Barb!

Many mistakenly say (often as an excuse) the US is a very “young” country. That’s fuzzy thinking, failing to distinguish between culture and nation. The United Ststes has a young culture, but is the second oldest nation, i.e. (political entity continuing under the same form of government) on planet Earth. The oldest is the UK.

China & India have very old cultures, but as nations began in the late 1940’s. Iceland has the oldest continuing democratic parliament, the Althing, but was ruled alternately by Norway and Denmark, becoming an independent democratic-republican style nation 17 June 1944.

WE AIN’T DONE YET! You said it well. Our “Banks, schools, the postal service, health care and more will be transformed in this new century.” Under our constitution we will continue, albeit with a few more amendments and laws ensuring more justice, and fairness, and designed to prevent another Trump from ever exercising financial and/or political power ever again!

No matter how bad it gets with Mr. T and his ilk, they will be overthrown, and likely tried, convicted, and jailed. It is innate to our national character, our national DNA. We shall overcome these criminals, fix what is broken, dispose of the trash, create and invent what is necessary and move on!

Marija, thank you for your post. I live in SanFrancisco and haven’t seen any signs for Biden and thankfully, none for Trump. Biden seems off the media radar except for Tara Rede’s accusations, while it continues to remain Trump’s media circus. And, I wouldn’t even know where to get a Biden sign or bumper sticker.

I totally agree with you that we need to flip the Senate. Whether or not Biden wins, we must flip the Senate. I’ve been encouraging everyone to send what money they can to help make sure we flip the Senate. It’s critical.

A video for all to see which gives a positive spin on today’s horror show. It is about the virus but could be said about the trump experience as well.


‘What Joe Biden Needs to Do to Beat Trump’

“To win, he has to find a way to get beyond the basement tapes and project himself into our ever more digital world.”

“We’ve no excuse for not winning this election by a landslide. None. Zero. Truthfully we’ve no excuse for not winning both Houses of Congress. President Trump has repeatedly pointed to the growing American economy as the strongest indicator of his success throughout his time in the White House calling it “terrific” & “the greatest in the history of the country.” At the State of the Union Address last year, Trump said “our economy is the best it has ever been,” & placed it at the center of his 2020 re-election bid. He can’t say that anymore. Trump has no record of achievement to tout. He has nothing to run on. The economy is as bad as it has been since the Great Depression. Come November unemployment will be higher than it was in 2009. It is certain to spike above 15 % soon, & many small businesses will go bankrupt. The stock market will be significantly lower than when Trump assumed office. The Federal deficit will be at an all-time high. Trump is the gift that keeps giving. He digs a deeper hole for himself every day at his press conferences. The majority of voters feel he has handled the pandemic poorly. Everything is falling apart. The 2016 race came down to 77,744 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, & Michigan. Biden’s lead in these states is growing. It’s all breaking our way. The election is ours to lose. All we need to do is make the case on how we can do a better job. If we can’t win decisively with this good hand then it’s time to give up politics & try something else.”


Wonderful and quite possible description of life after the fall of Trump:


Starlight, thanks for the bedtime story which one of my sisters sent to me yesterday. Then I read Frank Bruni’s Modern day Cassandra article this morning which is definitely a downer. I guess I’ll keep visualizing that lovely bedtime story. Thanks for posting.

Thanks, Ja. So true – there’s no excuse. But the kicker is the last line: “If we can’t win decisively with this good hand then it’s time to give up politics & try something else.” Something else is what is simmering. Joe had better pick the most brilliant, popular VP in the history of politics because he’ll need her to win this. Besides, wave 2 of Covid 19 is coming – another month and we’ll know. If the planet is very, very lucky we’ll get past wave 2 easily – but how’s our luck been lately? If I were a gambler, this would be a time to walk away because the odds are too high against us.

The ONLY answer is to GET OUT THE VOTE. That means fundraising and work – lots and lots of work. Time to write a representative, donate, give time and volunteer, discuss, and convince others that apathy and indifference and hostility won’t do it. There’s a lot of “something” to lose. It’s not the only time in history that things have turned on a hair, but you can’t count on chance alone.

It takes pressure to win. Saturn and Pluto anyone?

And who IS the most brilliant, popular (black) woman for VP there ever was? Michelle, and she won’t run — for good reason, because she knows what hell she would be in for. But, I suppose there’s always a slim chance…….

Beyond that, it’s no wonder Joe is taking his sweet time deciding who it’s going to be, to win the women’s vote.

And Mike Pence is watching his back (any chance he won’t be the candidate Trump wants to run this time?)

Something to think about:

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction last month had Moon (people) on the MC (outcome) that was sextile the North Node (opportunity) + the US natal Venus and they formed a Yod to Mars (force), that was conjunct Saturn (government) which was trine Venus (values) that was square Moon (people) conjunct the MC (outcome). This might refer to citizens demonstrating against shutdowns.

However, Moon was also trine the South Node that trined Uranus (breakthrough) that squared Mars and Saturn who were trine the US natal chart MC (outcome) that also was trine Venus in the Jupiter-Pluto chart. This might be people who want the shutdown kept in place. Or vice-verse.

Bottom line, it boils down to the Mars-Saturn in the Jupiter-Pluto chart is (1) at the apex of a Yod (requiring adjustment) and (2) in a grand trine, while the Moon is also in a grand trine, and also a square which looks like a showdown.

Two more Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions to go.

I actually laugh when I see McConnell trying to pack the courts with right wing judges. He’s so smug and proud of himself, yet he doesn’t seem to grasp that all of his appointments can and will likely be nullified by the ensuing collapse + reconstruction.

I dearly would love to see this vile man defeated and removed from power, and I actually hope he lives just long enough to see all of his work undone with no ability to intervene.

Eliseo, I haven’t looked at Michigan, though I am curious.

I will say that all roads lead to Betsy DeVos and her family of Amway founders. Naturally, they are funding and fanning the flames of the right wing militias in order to threaten and intimidate the Governor and legislature.

And clearly, we are now in the ugliest phase of Pluto in Capricorn, where the mad drive for profits by the corporatists and 1%ers exceeds any value and consideration for life itself.

Or rather, their priorities all along are simply becoming apparent.

Eliseo, 3 were charged in the Flint, MI murder & they do not look like the traditional Tea Party militia participants. So much for jumping to conclusions.


Today is 50 Years Since Kent State, May 4, 1970, Ohio.

The day before, Nixon announced the action in Cambodia and at Kent State there were big protests. Then the National Guard shot their ‘own’ unarmed people.

The Republicans vs. Democrats have been fighting ever since. It ended the era of flower children, Kumbaya, PEACE and hippies, and just like that, the 60’s were over. Done. It was nice while it lasted, but 1970 was the end.


Buckeye Shadow,
I did not realize that the judge appointments will be nullified! That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long while.

Banks, I read Bruni’s piece yesterday. Thought to post it here but didn’t want to ruin everyone’s day.

Beowulfie, What do you think about Susan Rice?

Ja, right! Susan Rice looks very good – experienced, educated, down to earth, feisty, a person of color, a woman. The Repubs hate her.

The other women are great as well, and there really is a chance that one of them might end up being President.

New IHME Forecast Projects Nearly 135,000 COVID-19 Deaths in US—-lots of mentions of this in the media now —-and it may be on the low side.

In ONE month, the world will know. That’s 30 days. The mind is boggled, stunned.


Sharon K,
It doesn’t matter the culprits were not RW militia, or tea party. What matters is the militia & tea party folks have created such an emotionally tense environment in which such incidents are more likely. Such a tense environment leads unbalanced folks to act out, as was the case in this shooting. Also, under such conditions, if a protester is injured or killed, all hell could break loose.

I’m amazed Governor Whitmer has not called up the National Guard to back up local law enforcement in arresting the armed protesters. Unarmed Black folks get arrested just for minding their own business, while middle aged rage filled White guys get to protest in the state Capitol while brandishing AR-15’s.

Beowulfie, interesting that Susan Rice was mentioned as a potential VP for Biden. Linda G said she was listening in her car to another psychic discuss potential VP’s and the face of Susan Rice flashed before her. He knows her, has worked with her. She’s intelligent, knows international affairs. Maybe someone could check her out astrologicallY?

Eliseo, I was just totally surprised that it wasn’t white racist militia types, and, of course I agree with your concerns. Either way, I think Gov. W. didn’t call out the natl guard in order to try to diffuse things & avoid violence & bloodshed with a group that has been itching for a fight for years. In fact, they are probably much better armed than the Guard.

Susan Rice is good but not strong enough, IMHO.

Marjorie Orr posted this on Joe Biden. Not as positive as Nancy’s, but reasonable under the circumstances. The comments are also lively and one of them quotes Nancy’s post (above) at length.


Ja, Banks, SharonK – I looked up Susan Rice’s chart for the first time ever (November 17, 1964, Washington DC, no birth time). She has some remarkable aspects to November 3rd 2020.

I used the common criterion that there needs to be a contact to the US Moon (i.e the US people), but which Moon? Usually this aspect is for the Moon /people /President link, but it ought to work for cabinet members, too (…at least for people who stick around longer than Trump’s people do).

Nancy uses the 13 US Sagittarius rising (Sibly) chart, with US Moon at 27 Aquarius. Michael O’Reilly at Neptune Café uses the 8 Scorpio rising chart, with Moon at 25 Aquarius.

As to the US rising points, Susan’s natal Mercury at 13 Sagittarius is conjunct the US Ascendant, as strong connection. Her Mercury in Sag is in its detriment (the sign opposite to the one it rules, i.e. Gemini). It’s interesting to note that she is a fast, direct speaker, not known for mincing words, but it can be a detriment if she can’t control her tongue.

Susan’s natal Sun is at 25 Scorpio, so it is closely square to the Scorpio rising Moon.

Her natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius is conjunct the Sibly Moon – a very strong connection, too.

Her natal Moon is at 28 Aries, sextile the Sibly Moon (but as her birth time is unknown, her Moon position cannot be relied on). Her Saturn is inconjunct (150) her own Sun as well.

Her natal Jupiter is at 20 Taurus, to which her progressed Neptune is opposed in November within a degree. At the same time, transiting Neptune will be sextile her natal Jupiter. That’s quite a bit of ‘image and news’ making (i.e. Neptune/Jupiter) going on then.

There is a ‘necklace’ of aspects, both transits and progressions, around her natal chart on election day, at or near the 25 degrees of her natal Sun – progressed Sun, transiting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, progressed Mars, transiting Mercury.

Transiting Saturn at 26 Capricorn in November will be sextile Susan’s natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius, semi-sextile (30) her natal Saturn at 28 Aquarius, and square her natal Moon at 28 Aries.

Also, the transiting Saturn will be trine her progressed Mars at 26 Virgo. Lots of Saturn contacts – Saturn transits could indicate the work and responsibility to begin for the administration (and the inevitable distancing from her home and family life – the Saturn square to her Moon).

In particular, transiting Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn are conjunct her progressed Sun at 22 Capricorn, which could indicate added prominence, responsibility and pressure. Progressed Midheaven is also in the same region, but again, the birth time is unknown.

Another thing of note is that Susan was born with Uranus /Pluto conjunct at 14/16 Virgo (direct). Her progressed planets went were direct for some of the 55 years of her life, but along the way, they reversed direction and are now hovering within minutes of the birth degrees. The exact conjunction will take much time as the planets move so slowly, but coming back to their birth position indicates a task or obligation may need to be completed somehow. Her progressed Moon and Jupiter are trine to this Uranus/Pluto ‘power’ spot, making the transition easier.

Lastly, Susan’s whole progressed chart to November 3, taken by itself, is really something – it is fully circled with sextiles and trines as well as oppositions and squares. Every major planet is activated.

Interestingly, the only exception is a lack of a close aspect between her Sun and Moon, although even they are widely square. The lack of an aspect perhaps indicates conditions that are not of her own choosing. Instead, it may be she gets ‘picked’ for the job of VP, but it could also mean another job.

Susan Rice’s resume is impressive. Going by that alone, it is likely (regardless of astrology) that she will be selected for a Dem administration, whoever the President is. She has connections to both Obama and Clinton, but whether she is selected for VP remains to be seen as the other women candidates are strong competition too.

Correction re: ‘Her Saturn is inconjunct (150) her own Sun as well’ – it is square her own sun (90).

“As for the fundamentalist pastors across the bible belt who have been preaching “love thy brother” by hugging and shaking his hand, 30 of these pastors have now died of COVID-19 according to an article in the Independent in Britain. “The virus has had a wildly disproportionate impact among black congregations, many of which have relied on group worship” according to journalist Alex Woodward. This according to Woodward, is the result of some of the more far-right extremist pastors, who believed COVID was a hoax, telling their congregations to “defy social distancing” mandates.

Meanwhile, Sweden has been touted as the poster child for allowing “nature to take its course. We all watched – enviously – as they decided to allow life to continue as normal. The result are now coming in as you can see from the image. Their death rates are from 5 to 10 times higher than their Scandinavian neighbors, about half of the victims living in elder care homes.”

hanks Regina Meredith FB Page

Thank you Beowulfie

A quote from Susan Rice:
“I had met, myself, with my successor, General Michael Flynn, on four occasions over 12 hours. I handed off over 100 briefing papers to him and shared with him the issues I thought were most salient and most important for him to grasp. Among them, the risk that we would face another pandemic,” Rice recounted. “The reality is, anybody who knows national security, anybody who knows global health, knows development issues, understood that we were not only inevitably going to face another global pandemic, but in fact, that the world was overdue.”

Rice said that the Obama administration’s experience with swine flu in 2009 followed by Ebola in 2014 and Zika in 2016 proved that “pandemic preparedness needed to be a top national security priority.” It was of such concern that Rice and her colleagues included a scenario on pandemic preparedness in a tabletop exercise with the incoming Trump team. Rice also said, “We left behind a 69-page playbook, which was sort of ‘Pandemic for Dummies.’ If you don’t know where to start, start here, and ask these questions and do these things.”


Kim Carey, Intuitiview.com, has a new video out as of 5/4/20. A little slow at first, but when she gets to Trimp and the White House, it’s quite good and uplifting.

Today transiting Vesta is at 17+ Gemini where Trump’s natal Uranus is, and where Mars is in the chart for the present cycle of Jupiter-Saturn.

Trump’s natal Uranus is trine Trump’s natal Jupiter at 17+ Libra, where the US progressed Mars is and the US Constitution Neptune is and Putin’s Saturn is.

Vesta symbolizes intense focus and what one invests him or herself in, including financial investment. Mars can symbolize anger or directed energy toward some goal among other things.

With Trump it is probably anger and in Gemini it is expressed in communication, therefore, Trump will be tweeting anger, possibly about what he’s invested in like say Trump Towers or low Covid-19 numbers.

This transiting Vesta conjunct Trump’s Uranus will of course come out as something unexpected and because his Uranus (and today’s transiting Vesta) are trine his natal Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars, etc.) he could have in mind something aggressive (Mars) toward someone or some thing that could involve the US military or maybe the police somewhere. Likely it will be unconstitutional, or have something to do with compassion for others or something for Putin.

Today transiting Jupiter at 27+ Capricorn is conjunct the US natal Pluto, so something of a transformational nature for the US is in the works too.

Transiting Venus at 20+ Gemini is near Trump’s natal Sun and opposite his natal Moon, and square transiting Neptune in Pisces that is nearly T-square to Trump’s natal Sun and his natal Moon.

Trans. Venus is also trine the US natal Juno at 20+ Libra and she symbolizes partners and/or support for the disenfranchised (Dr. Fauci maybe?). US Juno opposes US Chiron (20+ Aries) which symbolizes wounding that leads to healing.

Dr, Fauci’s natal Mercury (thinks, talks) at 22+ Sagittarius opposes Trump’s natal Sun at 22+ Gemini. His natal Neptune at 27+ Virgo is trine US natal Pluto and today’s transiting Jupiter.

Transiting Jupiter (and US natal Pluto) is also sextile Joe Biden’s natal Sun at 27+ Scorpio, so there’s another possibility for something transformational. There may be a link.

I gave up and called my doc’s office today. Either my “happy pills” need a boost from some sort of adjunct med, or my lupus is completely out of control. I even wondered if there would be anything other than chlroquine for my lupus… that I’d be willing to try anything. It was a hard call for me to make. Doc is really concerned due to how much weight I’ve lost (and am still losing). But how does one know if the excessive sleeping jags are due to lupus fatigue or depression?

Being stuck in shelter -in-place with a most time not-very-nice mother is trying, in and of itself… especially when the words start flying being mother and hubbie! The fact she seems to have given up continence and also denies it isn’t making life easier, either. But what do you do? We’re losing people right and left in our county… at least, we’re confirming more cases, and slowly the death rate is rising. That pretty well leaves out any moves into Nursing Homes. But dang, I’m tired of feeling like this. And I do think part of it is I’m jonesing so bad to be with people again… my friends, my covensibs. It hurts… deep!

And then I see all these covidiots with their guns demanding their “freedoms”… and want to explode at the insanity of it all. Gods, what would they do in life if they didn’t have that long gun to hug to their chest? No wonder a bunch of them are incels! What woman would want to try to get between that?!

And, today I see where Trump is lamenting that we women are “angry” and wishes we were all more like 1950’s Donna Reed! Give me a break!!!

I hope we come out of the other side of this in better shape, but I worry… of course, it’s one of those things I do best! But I, as one angry as hell woman am not going back to the 1950’s idealized version of anything. It was real then, and it won’t be real if any of them ever think they achieve that in their life. There’s no way for them to be happy, they’ll always be upset that life isn’t the way they want it. So yes, an American Nuremberg Truth and Reconciliation Council with convictions and jail time (at the least) is called for.

I don’t care if they “act up” because they’re being held to account. That’s supposedly what we have the National Guard for. Once we get a few more of these Repubs out of office (both Fed and State) the Dem’s hopefully won’t be so amenable to “appeasing” these people. We didn’t try to appease OK City bombers… we tried them, and justice was done. This is the same thing, regardless of who is funding it. But yes… get the funders, too. And while we have Betsy DeVos on the stand, ask her where all the Latino kids who disappeared while in her care actually went? We don’t even know if those kids are still in country, or if they were sold and to whom.

Her brother, also, must be made to answer for his mercenaries. Trump has let them off for their murders in Iraq. Someone must uphold the rule of law and bring these people to justice, or no one, anywhere, will ever look to our troops as helpers. Not to mention our troops are being replaced by paid-for mercenaries instead of Americans with hearts and minds in the right place!

Disclaimer here: I have ALWAYS been fascinated with the subject of UFO’s. One of the other options besides being from “out there” in space, is from “inner space”… an extra-dimensional being. For me, it answered why the ET’s always seemed to resemble us so much. Also, why the magnetic interruptions that seem to happen.

If anyone remembers the move “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” it’s kinda like that.

Other than that, I tend to look at the Fermi Paradox and figure that ET’s are either out there too far to reach us, or that they want nothing to do with us because we’re waaayy too hostile a species. But you can catch me in front of the TV on SCI channel on Space Mondays and on History settling into Ancient Aliens with popcorn! 😉

Are we in the midst of a coup? The Fed recently published a study that shows that the more deaths there were from the 1918 pandemic, the greater the survivors chose right wing Nazi extremism in their voting. Its an eerie connection but raising the question now as trump is doubling down on killing us to open the economy.

At the same time, the Senate called back to confirm more incompetent judges and not to deal with the greatest disaster of our lives?

It is surreal and I feel like we have all been marginalized.



Mourning in America
New & very well done ad/video that freaked out DJT.


The President Is Unraveling
The country is witnessing the steady, uninterrupted intellectual and psychological decomposition of Donald Trump.
Peter Wehner


What a contrast !?!?!

I think we would all agree GW Bush was a very misguided, and poor president. Yet, compare the sentiments he delivered (I think sincerely) in his Unite video with what we know of DJT.



Always hard to know if you’re In a situation where it’s normal to be stressed and sad or when you’re depressed, especially when you have other issues. I have thyroid issues, which can mimic depression when my thyroid is off. Luckily, thyroid gives me other symptoms when it’s off.

So, try to look at other Lupus symptoms, and I always try to never change more than one medication at a time. If that doesn’t fix me, I ask to have another one changed.

I know we have some real medical expertise here, so I’m sure you’ll get much better advice.

Silcominc, the 1918 Spanish flu was a pandemic, which means it was worldwide. The Fed study focuses on Germany, which is a single country with a very specific history, because it had just lost World War I. There is nothing in that study that would reasonably predict a Nazi uprising in the US because of the current pandemic. Let us not allow our fear to take over our judgment.

I saw a formal picture of Biden today. I swear I could envision for the first time below it the words: “The 46th President of the United States.”

Make no mistake. November will be a harrowing and frightening time. But it should start to clear up mid-December and I believe it turns out well in January.

I share with you two of my favorite quotes:

“Competition is the law of the jungle. Cooperation is the law of civilization.” (a Russian activist named Kropotkin)

“You must take risks in life. If you win, you’ll be happy. If you lose, you’ll be wise.” (Vivekananda)

Anybody else finds it strange that trump, pence and most of the GOP in Congress don’t wear masks, seem immune or fearless of getting the virus? It is becoming surreal. Do they have a secret vaccine for republicans only or just plain stupid?

I too have found this pretty strange. I believe I read somewhere NO ONE can get close to the president, NO ONE is allowed near him unless they’ve had their temperature taken and been tested for the virus.

I have no confirmation of the above, but it seems plausible, and would be consistent with Trump’s purposeful hypocrisy.

Eliseo, its not just the president – it seems like a majority of the repubican congress does not wear masks or take the necessary precautions,

Yes, I’m aware of that. It is weird, isn’t it!
I’m wondering if they are employing the same protocol. Were there some kind of conspiracy, I doubt that many R senators, and congressmen could keep it a secret.

Besides, I don’t think as a group they are savvy or intelligent enough to successfully collude with the right experts, like with some secret vaccine. Nevertheless, to my knowledge, only one senator, Rand Paul, contracted the virus, which frankly, I find a bit weird.

Thank you for the Bedtime Story; sharing widely.

I am so pleased that all of us are sharing and venting–very healthy and helpful to all! I learn from you all every day.

Thank you for the Bedtime Story; sharing widely.

I am so pleased that all of us are sharing and venting–very healthy and helpful to all! I learn from you all every day.

I live in Indiana and things have just become more dangerous here. I wish ALL safety and JOY!

Okay, so it wasn’t Dr. Fauci, not exactly anyway, it was Dr. Rick Bright who was “fired”, according to his Whistleblower complaint, because he would not embrace Trump’s instructions re: financing an unscientifically approved drug for Covid-19.

As for Dr. Fauci, closing down the Coronavirus Task Force will shift the focus of the pandemic responsibilities away from Trump himself and onto Dr. Fauci, if things get worse (as they will).

Thus, transiting Vesta – conjunct Trump’s Uranus and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Mars – does her job of providing focus (or refocus), while trans. Jupiter conjuncts US natal Pluto and trans. Venus squares trans. Neptune change the Big Picture.

Following the bouncing ball can be tricky when a shifting scenario is controlled by a shifty president.

The transiting North Node has arrived in Gemini (29+ Gemini) in a sextile to the 2017 Great American Eclipse (28+ Leo) and with that trans. Jupiter conjunct US natal Pluto (27+ Capricorn), a Yod is born.

In some way, trans. Jupiter will shift the US natal Pluto (an obligation required by whatever occupies the apex of a Yod), and since the North Node symbolizes a way forward, and it sextiles the Great American Eclipse that conjuncts Trump’s ascendant/Mars, that shift in our country’s natal Pluto (death/rebirth) may be what Chris Christi describes as “saving the American way of life”.

In other words, US is open for business, despite the pandemic, full steam ahead and the public’s death toll rise be damned.

Mars and Saturn were trine at the time of the American Eclipse and both were trine US natal Chiron, a grand trine for the US. At that time, August 21, 2017, transiting Jupiter at 20+ Libra was conjunct US natal Juno and opposite US Chiron at 20+ Aries. That’s called a Kite pattern and it put the focal point of the grand trine on US natal Chiron.

The bulk of the energy of this grand trine/Kite pattern comes from the 2017 total eclipse but the focal point of the pattern is the US Chiron. Perhaps the US natal Chiron is, for now, the symbol of the corona virus, the wounding that leads to healing.

Perhaps it means we have a choice; that North Node now in Gemini. Perhaps US Chiron IS a symbol of the killer virus and we choose to “open for business” and go back to the way it was before the virus, or we choose to stay secluded til the all clear is sounded and then move forward into what will be; clean air, animals freely moving about, etc., etc. Just a thought.

Here is Ralfee Finn:


January was astrologically extraordinary what with the Lunar Eclipse square the US natal Chiron and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (+ Ceres + Mercury + Sun) and the transiting Uranus station direct moment sandwiched in between.

I did not examine that moment in time very much, Uranus station direct, but now I think it holds some pertinent info re: the crisis, at least the financial part of the crisis that is building now.

Transiting Uranus (breakthrough) in Taurus was opposite US progressed Saturn (restriction) in Scorpio, the 2 signs that deal with money. Transiting Saturn and Pluto + Sun+ Mercury + Ceres were in the US natal chart’s 2nd house of money.

Venus in the Uranus station direct chart was conjunct US natal Moon-Pallas in Aquarius and square the MC (outcome) of that chart (set in DC) + transiting Sedna (underwater), and Venus rules Taurus where transiting Uranus (shocking breakthrough) was stationing direct and at full strength.

With all those cycles starting at the same time (Saturn-Pluto, Sun-Pluto, Ceres-Saturn, Ceres-Pluto, Ceres-Sun, Mercury-Saturn, Mercury-Pluto, Ceres-Mercury) they all would have the same aspects I mentioned in the Uranus station-direct chart, except for Venus square the MC. Venus WOULD square Sedna in all of them though.

Many of those conjunction charts would be of short duration (a year) so the impact on the money signs in them would be over in a year or so. However, Venus conjunct the US Moon and square Sedna explains the trauma that Americans unable to work, or who lost their jobs due to the shutdown, experienced.

Venus is also associated with our values besides money, like kindness for example. These shorter cycles will impact the values people in the US held before the pandemic and will affect how they vote among other things, like who survives the pandemic this year.

Henri, thanks for posting. I read Nancy MacLean’s book and highly recommend it. It is the first book that looks not only at Buchanan but also the power of the Federalist Society and how they have totally remade our judicial system right before our eyes.


Henri, that certainly is eye opening and sadly makes sense of much that has been happening, including the lack of gop response to covid.

There are many unknowns as to how the world will look after the covid era is over. But we do know some things already.

Looking at the People’s Republic of China chart might be efficacious, as their economic growth will significantly slow. The pandemic has made manufacturers realize how foolish it is to put all your eggs in one Chinese basket. When China shut down, so did their factories which supply the world with many necessities, including medical gear.

Before the pandemic businesses began to move their factories out of China, as labor costs have risen dramatically over the last two decades, and you can’t do business there unless you agree to allow the Chinese government to steal your intellectual property. That process is accelerating in context of the pandemic.

Manufacturers are moving their businesses primarily to Vietnam, India, and Mexico, all of which will benefit in both the long and short run.

We, in the US will benefit, as our post pandemic politics will move in directions Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have advocated. That probably means as one example, national health insurance like what Canada has, or some kind of socialized medical system as exists in the UK and France. Taking that burden off the backs of employers will assist small businesses in regaining ground and greater success.

Hopefully, our post pandemic politics will also include greater cooperation and communication between nations, especially in matters of climate management, and disease control. Underlying it all, will most probably be a more extensive and deeper sense of compassion.

But before we get there, we’ll likely to have to fight some serious and bloody battles with many dinosaurs, all from the species, plutocratosaurus rex.

Two very short videos…Great stuff!

1. The 3 beautiful Obama ladies…apparently Michelle’s book, Becoming, was made into a Netflix doc.


2. A charming Biden ad –


Many Thanks for that link!

“Buchanan’s view of human nature was distinctly dismal. Adam Smith saw human beings as self-interested and hungry for personal power and material comfort, but he also acknowledged social instincts like compassion and fairness. Buchanan, in contrast, insisted that people were primarily driven by venal self-interest. Crediting people with altruism or a desire to serve others was “romantic” fantasy: politicians and government workers were out for themselves, and so, for that matter, were teachers, doctors, and civil rights activists.  They wanted to control others and wrest away their resources: “Each person seeks mastery over a world of slaves,” he wrote in his 1975 book, The Limits of Liberty.”

Sounds as though economist Buchanan was projecting his shadow upon the rest of us, like an enormous, giant vampire bat unfolding its wings around us, so as to more easily take our life’s blood from us until we nothing but dessicated carcasses.

Whoops! Omitted the verb.
until we
nothing but dessicated carcasses.

” our so-called leadership is pushing for the country to relax safety measures and open up the country, knowing there will be a tremendous increase in sickness and death. The task force of scientists who advise the American people is being disbanded. Oh – wait – no, they’re not. That was yesterday’s decision. It’s being changed today. And the President visits a mask factory where nobody wears a mask, while the song “Live and Let Die” blares in the background.


Henri, I sent your link to a friend of mine and he sent me this reply:
“I remember reading it in 2018 and feeling the dread of realizing how
pervasively his ideas had exerted poisonous influence throughout the
“vast right-wing conspiracy”, which indeed it was and still is!
while it feels almost like it’s too late to counter the enormous
takeovers by the rich & the corporate powers & the
kleptocrat/plutocrat oligarchs & the rabid ethno-nationalists & all
the forces of evil working in concert to essentially destroy all life
on earth [gulp!], there’s still a chance that if enough of ALL the
people rise up, it *might* be possible to overthrow some of these
pernicious regimes, *IF* they haven’t already dismantled the
democratic processes so badly that even a tidal wave electoral rout
could still fail.
Very sobering to put it mildly.”

Well, it would certainly be poetic justice if Trump, in all his pride and arrogance, contracts COVID-19 while he attempts to sweep it under the rug and shamelessly move on as if millions of people aren’t afflicted and/or terrified of it.

What becomes of such a seemingly endless reservoir of hot air, lies, division and vitriol when said individual suddenly finds HIMSELF gasping for air?

What happens when reality finally catches up with such a one as he who has relentlessly denied and evaded it his entire life?

To be clear, I would not wish this dread and deadly disease on anyone. And also, there has got to be some kind of profound reckoning for the man, for all the mayhem, chaos and death in which he delights.

How much longer before the universe swats him?

Has anyone postulated a date or dates when Trump will freak out, realizing he will lose or has lost the election? It might take place before the election, but he might delude himself until after the election is done. In either case, I’m watching for signs of what actions he might take in that regard.

cash peters has just posted an interesting video about his journey to ‘the amazing process of channeling spirit’
full moon blessings to all

Well now, speaking of poetic justice…

It seems that one of Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for COVID-19. There’s a very high chance that Trump himself has been exposed to it, and he’s apparently (of course) furious about it.


This morning’s full moon was in Scorpio, the sign that is about shared resources. This full moon then is about huge piles of Idaho potatoes that were meant for restaurants which are now closed, but the potatoes are too expensive to haul away. It’s also about meat processing plants whose employees have the virus and can’t work so the plants are closed.

The shared resources at this full moon is food and that means Ceres is involved. She was at 3+ Pisces when the Moon in Scorpio opposed the Sun in Taurus, a sign which is ruled by Venus who, at 21+ Gemini conjuncts Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini and opposes his Moon at 21+ Sagittarius which transiting Neptune at 20+ Pisces T-squares. So there’s that.

Anyway, trans. Ceres was trine the US natal Venus (3+ Cancer) at the Full Moon moment, and both formed a grand trine with the US progressed retrograde Saturn at 2+ (almost 3) Scorpio.

This powerful grand trine energy flow has to do with what is valued by US (Venus) which is food, and Mother Nature (Ceres) who is all about food, and the US progressed, (albeit retro) Saturn who is about procedures and structures and containment, and I’m hoping this means all those potatoes will be going to people who can’t afford to buy food.

Perhaps transiting Venus at this Full Moon will spark some love in Trump or maybe his valet who has the virus will give it to Trump since transiting Neptune in Pisces is T-square his Moon and Sun + trans. Venus at this fine full moon.

Transiting Neptune is also sextile transiting Mercury at 20+ Taurus (conjunct US natal Vesta [investment] at 19+ Taurus) and they form a Yod to US natal Juno (partnership) at 20 + Libra which opposes US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, making it a Boomerang pattern.

US Juno must make an adjustment and she, as defender of those who are not treated equally, might persuade Trump, whose North Node she trines, to do her a favor. US Juno is also trine transiting Venus at 21+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini, remember?).

Since Trump is in a bind (trans. Neptune T-square his Sun opposite Moon) he might do some horse trading that could make him look like a hero (in his mind anyway). We will watch what develops over the next 2 weeks.

At some point during these next 2 weeks, all the Yod energy (trans. Neptune, trans. Mercury, US Juno) will be forwarded to US natal Chiron (Boomerang point) and Chiron will determine how the Yod energy will be distributed. The grand trine energy is Ceres baby and they could quite well be connected.

The House Intel Committe Russia investigation transcripts were all released today!


How Biden could defeat Trump from his basement:


First Space Force commercial: “Maybe your purpose isn’t on this planet”. You have to love Mars-Saturn in Aquarius.


‘Justice Dept. Drops Case Against Michael Flynn’

AG Barr has made it his mission to rewrite the history of the trump presidency and he has accomplished one more rung of his ladder of revisionist history. Flynn plead guilty twice to lying to federal officers, the the vice president and to the American people and was fired by trump. Yet, the DOJ now says no that was all wrong. Why, again to rewrite history for the benefit of a man that has no business being president and a dream that Barr has to create an imperial presidency. This is not how the rule of law or how the attorneys at the DOJ have historically operated. They, unlike their boss have honor and work to preserve and protect the constitution while Barr has sworn to protect a weak pathetic president.


Can the American Bar Association disbar AG Barr while he remains in office?

Earlier today I read, (either at the Guardian or the BBC News website) the prime minister of Russia is infected with the coronavirus. President Putin is sheltering in place, having to postpone a number of plans.

Kim’s last channeling was posted above & it’s really very, very good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7VWcp2Ip5Y

and Whimsy’s recent ones are worth watching, too.



Eliseo, Putin and trump speak regularly. God knows what they discuss but he told reporters today that lots of things will happen over the next number of weeks and hours later, the DOJ dropped charges against Flynn. Worried this is just the first of many things…



You asked.”Has anyone postulated a date or dates when Trump will freak out, realizing he will lose or has lost the election?”

Gina Piccalo did an interesting astrological analysis on this theme some time back. In the near term, (mid May to be exact) Trump appears to lose a sense of self-confidence starting with the May 13th Venus retrograde station (conjunct natal Sun opposite natal Moon). This is quickly followed up by Jupiter’s retrograde station on the 14th in close opposition to Trump’s natal Venus. Will Trump be challenged in the courts? The timing is quite extraordinary………..

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Trump Financial Records Cases on May 12


Piccalo goes on to suggest that the energies will build leading up to the June 5th lunar eclipse in t square to tr. Mars (opposite Trump’s natal Uranus) and the potent June 21st solar eclipse. Piccalo seems to feel June will be a month of major changes for Mr. Donald J Trump. Here’s the video…….

The 2020 Astrology of Donald Trump

Video: 33 min 44 sec


We may be in for some legal fireworks over the Flynn case. From what I’ve read from legal experts, the judge gets to decide whether to accept the government’s motion to dismiss.

Judge can also put the government’s lawyers on the stand and question them about their reasoning or maybe who ordered them to dismiss the charges.

Wonder if the judge’s decision on the dismissal is subject to appeal? Or if the Judge could try to get Barr on the stand. That would be fun.

Also, think about precedence. The law is either written law or case law, those that come from decisions on cases. Precedents.

I can’t imagine there’s any precedence for dismissing charges once a defendant has already entered a plea in court of guilty.

Eliseo, the American Bar Association cannot disbar a lawyer. Only a State Bar can do that. I don’t know where Barr is registered. Could be D.C. or Virginia or some other neighboring state. That any State Bar would disbar a sitting Attorney General, particularly one named Barr, would be unprecedented and highly unlikely at this point. He would have to be tried and convicted first for some other reason, which may happen some day.

Teresa Hill,
“I can’t imagine there’s any precedence for dismissing charges once a defendant has already entered a plea in court of guilty.”

The only precedent I can think of would be if it was discovered a false confession was made under duress. That’s clearly not the case here.

Speaking of unprecedented things we cannot imagine, I’m shocked every day at the level of corruption at the top, and what the R. Party has become. I know we all know this. But it is persistently mind numbing for me, and for all who love the high ideas and principles of our Founders, of the “Idea” that is America itself. I know our history fairly well, and I do not recall, Tammany Hall bar none, any municipality, county, or state ever descending to this deep and wide state of corruption and depravity as is now the case with Orange man, his administration and his appointees.

Pluto return indeed! Sometimes I feel so stunned by it all, I feel as though I can hardly walk.

I want to see Mr. Barr, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Pence, Mr. Trump, et. al. tried, convicted, and imprisoned for life, each one exiled to the most remote island possible. Places like Alert, Canada, or Tristan da Cunha, Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, Devils Island, or maybe Palmyra Atoll.

Marjorie Orr on Barr today:

“Barr’s swearing in chart (no verified time) does have tr Neptune square the Jupiter exactly now which often indicates ‘false happiness’ or over confidence, which down the road turns into disappointment; with major glitches mid June to mid July and again in December.
His personal chart will be badly afflicted from late August to late November with tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Saturn and more so from early October to late January 2021 with the catastrophic tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint.”
Good news indeed.

Eliseo, please not Palmyra – too beautiful to be tarnished with filth! Time to repopulate Alcatraz more like it!

Sharing an interesting article about tRump supporters. I still fear that there are way too many of his followers around, and they seem to be growing, which is difficult to digest. I have a few family members who continue to believe this horrid creepy creature is the best thing that ever happened to this country — needless to say, we’re not on the best terms.


“Sometimes I feel so stunned by it all . . .”, hang in there Eliseo, you are having Neptune withdrawals, as are most Americans.

Ever since transiting Saturn (slow and steady experience of reality) was conjunct the US natal Neptune (August 27, 2009) there has been a gradual awakening of what’s behind the Hollywood facade of the USA.

However, the real blast of reality came on January 10, 2017, when transiting Saturn at 22 Sagittarius 25 was SQUARE US natal Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 (10 days before Trump was sworn in). That was the moment when the Reality Bites consciousness began to overwhelm us in the US.

At the moment transiting Saturn squared US natal Neptune, transiting Saturn was also opposite transiting Moon (people/masses) at 22+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Sun. It was a T-square between trans. Saturn and trans. Moon/Trump Sun and US natal Neptune! Egads, what more would we need?

Well, transiting Jupiter (the Big Picture) on that day of January 10, 2017, was at 22+ Libra, trine trans. Moon + Trump’s Sun in Gemini and sextile the transiting Saturn in Sagittarius which was square US natal Neptune in Virgo.

Now, this year, transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto started their new cycle at 22+ Capricorn trine US natal Neptune, while in 2000, transiting Saturn and transiting Jupiter started their present cycle at 22+ Taurus, also trine US natal Neptune.

Can there be any doubt that Neptune, the US natal Neptune, has symbolized much more than the fantasies created by Hollywood? We all have been under its spell at least since the US Neptune Return in 1939. The Universe is saying Enough is enough. Get Real.

Transiting Saturn (reality) is in the process of changing all that. Wake up to reality he is demanding; wake up before the US Pluto Return and get to work or lose it all, and that WOULD be a real tragedy, right?

‘Why Stacey Abrams Would Like to Be Vice-President’

“As Abrams put it to me, “We need a man who believes in telling Americans the truth and not lying to protect his own ego. And if the question is, would I be willing to help him not only win an election but to govern? Yes. Because I believe in what he can do for America.”


Alcatraz sounds about right. A close friend is seriously and literally suggesting we renovate the prison and the island for the specific purpose of incarceration for Mr. T and gang. Although not as remote, (I’m concerned about media coverage and followers breaking T and gang out of jail) it would be under control of the US.

I’m literally concerned we don’t have a repeat of what occurred with Napoleon and A. Hitler. Napoleon’s followers assisted his escape from exile; he went to war again until defeated at Waterloo and re-exiled. Young Hitler was sentenced to 5 years for treason, but only served 9 months due to friendly, sympathetic Bavarian judges.

I’m reading all these, understandable and appropriately, shocked posts (Eliseo) so I want to reiterate to pls watch the Kim/Intuiview and Whimsy Anderson readings above. They are not long. Kim’s, in particular, should make you feel much, much relieved.

Also,check out the Biden public service msg I posted not too far above. It has the light touch we sorely need & is a breathe of fresh air. Is the kind of thing that can win supporters through sheer likability.

Sharon K, thanks for posting the links to Kim and Whimsey. I mentioned Kim’s new Video upstream but i’ll be darned if I can figure out how to post the link from my iPad. I find her very calming and her track record is good. I’d never seen Whimsy before but I liked her.

To me it’s like waiting for Santa when I was a child. I really believe that justice will prevail and that Trump, Jared, McConnel, Graham, Barr et al will get their comeuppance and more than likely spend time in jail. It’s this Groundhog Day waiting that gets so frustrating

Sharon K, are these readers accurate? I recall one (not the two you listed) as insisting trump would be out last fall.

Pence press sec. tested + for covid – she’s married to the odious stephen miller.
I wonder who is next?

You’re welcome, Banks, and, silcominc, I have heard Kim’s is good. Both give plausible readings. I can see Trump not regaining his popularity…especially when Biden reveals his running mate. Sometimes I find readings flakey & wishful, but ,with these two, I feel there is credibility.

Eliseo, looking forward to hearing your take.

kiwi, these people, like Miller’s wife, will have the best care if needed but they may go through hell on the way, like Chris Cuomo did, and it might just help their attitudes.

a local good news story from PA https://www.agdaily.com/livestock/whoa-nellie-bottles-milk-make-pandemic/
– I wish msm would focus more on these sorts of things instead of the a**hole’s latest fait accompli after the fact. Its getting very tiresome and soul destroying – theyre falling into the same 2016 trap by giving him attention

despite what I posted above, this is an interesting twist, especially in light of his tax issues pending: “trump may have made a legal mess when he made maralargo his official residence”


A good look at the big guy:

Kiwi, very nice feel-good story but then when I saw that really undernourished calf chained to a post for entertainment purposes I felt anything but good.

At the website below are over 30 mini-essays by various professionals about how the current pandemic is changing us. Several of these are pretty interesting. One if them is below.


Government service regains its cachet.
Lilliana Mason is an associate professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland, College Park, and author of Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity.

The Reagan era is over. The widely accepted idea that government is inherently bad won’t persist after coronavirus. This event is global evidence that a functioning government is crucial for a healthy society. It is no longer “terrifying” to hear the words “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” In fact, that is what most people are desperately hoping to hear right now. We will see a rebirth of the patriotic honor of working for the government.

Here’s one more. Withiut mentioning them by name, this author asserts rightly the socio-economic dreams of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren weren’t unrealistic at all, but were and are eminently practical.


The rules we’ve lived by won’t all apply.
Astra Taylor is a filmmaker and author of Democracy May Not Exist, but We’ll Miss It When It’s Gone.

America’s response to coronavirus pandemic has revealed a simple truth: So many policies that our elected officials have long told us were impossible and impractical were eminently possible and practical all along. In 2011, when Occupy Wall Street activists demanded debt cancellation for student loans and medical debt, they were laughed at by many in the mainstream media. In the intervening years, we have continued to push the issue and have consistently been told our demands were unrealistic. Now, we know that the “rules” we have lived under were unnecessary, and simply made society more brittle and unequal.

All along, evictions were avoidable; the homeless could’ve been housed and sheltered in government buildings; water and electricity didn’t need to be turned off for people behind on their bills; paid sick leave could‘ve been a right for all workers; paying your mortgage late didn’t need to lead to foreclosure; and debtors could’ve been granted relief. President Donald Trump has already put a freeze on interest for federal student loans, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has paused all medical and student debt owed to New York State. Democrats and Republicans are discussing suspending collection on—or outright canceling—student loans as part of a larger economic stimulus package.

It’s clear that in a crisis, the rules don’t apply—which makes you wonder why they are rules in the first place. This is an unprecedented opportunity to not just hit the pause button and temporarily ease the pain, but to permanently change the rules so that untold millions of people aren’t so vulnerable to begin with.

Eliseo, agreed. I think this facebook picture sort of emphasizes your point

Thank You!
Excellent cartoon.
I feel we will choose the correct fork, the left one, as in the picture.

Interesting links, Sharon K. Thank you.

What Kim says is quite plausible. The amount of public anger and outrage will indeed only grow as the coronavirus tears through the population and the economy fails to recover, while unemployment skyrockets.

Trump is hopelessly in over his head. He has no answers, only his same tiny bag of distractions that will increasingly fail to shield him from scrutiny of his incompetent, corrupt, treasonous and reckless presidency. I do indeed believe he is terrified that he will actually go to prison, and he ought to be for what he is done AND who he is on the take from.

What will Trump’s supporters do? Some of them will indeed go down with the ship as she suggests. Their ideology, prejudices and hatreds truly are more precious to them than life itself, and they are even willing to die to BE RIGHT, rather than ever admit to themselves or anyone else that they were wrong.

Others will be forced to question the path that they have been on as they themselves and their loved ones suffer and die for want of resources and proper leadership that could have better managed this crisis. A similar split exists in the R party structure, including in the White House, and members of this latter group may well cast their lots in with George Conway’s Lincoln Project and other similar anti-Trump efforts. Of course, there is just simple self-interest, too. Rats who jump the ship to save themselves.

Trump has blood on his hands, and McConnell too. I wish she had mentioned the latter, as well as Brian Kemp, the thieving fool for a Governor of Georgia. Maybe even more than Trump, I would dearly love to see McConnell dragged into a court and made to answer for his treason against his own country.

As I have said before, I can see a situation in which all of McConnell’s right-wing appointments get rolled back or nullified somehow, undoing his work over the past decade. The ultimate rollback would be seeing Merrick Garland appointed to SCOTUS by President Biden. It would be fitting for McConnell to rot in disgrace within a prison cell for the rest of his days and wait on the actual Grim Reaper, knowing that everything he worked for was being undone.

I do believe this is going to run even deeper, folks, so hold onto your hats. The entire Conservative “establishment” is increasingly sitting on quicksand. They have fought hand, tooth, and nail to ensure that corporate capitalism and their self-serving elitist ideology reigns supreme for all time.

But as Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor once said, “nobody wins for long.”

They really thought they had it all in the bag in 2016 with Trump’s surprise POTUS win, but he proved to be far more of a wildcard than they ever imagined. And in an epic reversal, he’s gonna take them ALL down with him.

Betcha we see the DeVos-Prince family (Betsy & her brother Erik) as well as Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and Robert Mercer implicated in Trump’s shenanigans and even brought to trial. Their corrupt dealings are going to be their undoing on a truly epic scale.

Reactionary Conservative billionaires playing for control of the masses is such a Pluto in Capricorn thing. And as we know, Pluto pushes things to their extreme, leading to implosion or death, figurative or literal, by the end of its journey through a sign.

Guess where we are at? And oh yes, there’s that curious U.S. Pluto Return just around the bend.

We are heading for a point at which money can no longer buy-off justice.

DeVos, Koch, and company should be terrified, and I truly hope they are.

I finally got around to viewing those videos.
Kim starts out looking too flakey for my taste, but gains credibility as she continues. What both she and Whimsy reported mostly harmonizes with what I see ahead as well. I like the fact Whimsy owned up to her error regarding Kim Jong Un.

I too see a landslide for Biden and his female running mate, with the lady later ascending to the presidency for her two terms. Six out of eight battleground states going blue, that feels right as well.

Trump resigning, or deciding to not run, to avoid humiliation, I’m not so sure about that one. That vague prediction seems fairly weak.

America, as well as the entire world celebrating when Trump is defeated and Biden inaugurated, YES, that’s a fairly strong prediction which will probably turn out to be very accurate.

The strangest premonition was that somehow Trump would be “erased” with no photo or painting in the WH, and no presidential library. My interpretation of that one would be that judicious examination of the evidence and further investigation might reveal Trump was indeed falsely and fraudulently “elected”. That fact, in addition to proof he knew of, or consented to, or cooperated with Saudi and Russian interference in our 2016 election would also mitigate toward no picture in the WH.

And we haven’t even mentioned the economy, or the coronavirus deaths that might have been prevented had he not been so delusionally inept, or the coming revelations regarding his taxes, or that very little of his money is actually is; its laundered, and/or hidden money from various criminal sources.

Trump may well become the only
ex-president to spend the rest of his life either in exile, or prison. That would also likely foment the decision to have no picture of him in the WH.

When WWII was done, A. Hitlers relatives in England and the US, as well as unrelated folks with the same last name legally changed their name to something else. I suspect post Trump, anyone with that name will want to do likewise.

Perhaps the most important question is how Trump followers will behave post election and in the next few years. Enormous changes will be afoot I think when Pluto goes into Aquarius, and when we experience our Uranus return. Not everyone will like or approve of those changes. But of course, neither Kim or Whimsy addressed the issue.

Meanwhile, I think we can expect far more inept, harmful, and mind numbingly bad decisions and actions from Trump and his administration until they are turned out of office.

 very little of his money is actually his; 

I have always refused to hate and I refuse to wish evil on another, even under the guise of “justice”. But i do have a confession. I truly do want Trump to feel the FEAR that he might have the virus and what it could mean. Sorry ’bout that.

Many Thanks for the link to Gina Piccalo’s astrological analysis and insights. I especially found interesting her work on 31 October through 20 January. Probably losing the election AND your marriage within days of one another doesn’t sound pleasant.

I can certainly see Melania deciding she wants out when she too realizes he will lose, and be subject to multiple prosecutions when he leaves office. She was unhappy he ran for office in the first place, and reportedly cried her eyes out when he won. I think her first thought might be the protection of her son from T’s toxic narcissism during his downfall and coming legal nightmare. At that point she will probably realize her husband is likely to spend the rest of his life in exile, or in prison.

It appears any nefarious actions Trump might take, assuming Gina Piccalo is correct, might occur between Halloween and election day. But I wouldn’t rule out some kind of venal retaliation post election, but before the Biden inauguration while he still has power.

Blessings to you, honest soul.. Apology unnecessary. Trump brings out the worst in us all, even when we are trying very hard to maintain our emotional and spiritual balance and virtue.

The 1st of 3 exact to the minute oppositions between transiting Neptune and US natal Neptune will be on May 1, 2021, at 10:32 AM in Washington, DC. President Biden will have been in office for over 3 months. Right now trans. Neptune is in a 2 degree orb of exact opposition to US Neptune.

The Moon (people) at that 1st exact opposition will be at 20+ Capricorn and T-square the US natal Chiron-Juno opposition, just as transiting Saturn and Pluto did for so long in 2019.

The ascendant for the chart of that 1st opposition between trans. Neptune and US Neptune is the same as the US Sibly natal chart, 12+ Sagittarius, as is the chart’s MC (1+ Libra) the same as the Sibly MC, when set in Washington DC. I’m taking that as an affirmation of the Sibly chart, just as the 9/11 chart was.

Pluto will be at 26+ Capricorn, having turned retrograde before reaching US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn which will take place in February, 2022.

Jupiter will be at 28+ Aquarius, having been conjunct the US natal (Sibly) Moon at 27+ Aquarius in the later part of April, 2021. People will be more optimistic.

Transiting Mercury at 26+ Taurus will trine transiting Pluto, square transiting Jupiter (4 months into their new cycle), and will be 2 degrees behind transiting Sedna.

On the other hand transiting Ceres at 27+ Aries will square transiting Pluto (she still hates him) and will sextile transiting Jupiter. She will also trine the Galactic Core (27+ Sagittarius) and the 2017 Great American Eclipse at 28+ Leo which may mean that the hard influence of that eclipse on the US is becoming benign.

Transiting Venus at 21+ Taurus will sextile transiting Neptune and trine US natal Neptune and also trine the degree of the Saturn-Pluto cycle start, which I read as a sign that we are in the closing in on the final phase of the Great Awakening process (i.e. the pandemic and the financial meltdown).


I’m inclined to think the drama will reach a heightened degree of intensity much before then, in June perhaps. The imminent Supreme Court decision on Trump’s taxes, the potential release of the unredacted Mueller report and the economic repercussions from various states opening up for business prematurely are pointing to a possible shift in sentiment in needing to remove Trump from office. Perhaps you missed a recent previous entry of mine which includes one astrologer’s take on the ramifications of the June eclipses. Here it is…..


Thanks Jerry,
The last part is of personal concern. I’m only about 60 miles south of Seattle.


PS One added feature to the June 5th eclipse I forgot to mention…… a few hours prior, Trump will experience his Mercury return (8 ’52 Cancer) squared by tr. Chiron (8 ’53 Aries) in sextile to tr. Uranus (8 ’46 Taurus). This could suggest something significant, perhaps new damaging information (Mercury square Chiron) will be emerging into the public domain on this day? Would that be Trump’s tax returns?

Jerry, thanks so much for the introduction to Gina Picalo. I rather like her. I found and enjoyed another video of hers … ‘sneak peek at 2021’

Thank you Jerry for posting Gina Piccalo’s video and thank you Kiwi for posting another of her videos. I’m liking her a lot!

Kiwi/ Frank,

Quite right. Both are very informative, enjoyable video presentations.

Just one last thing about US Neptune in Virgo is to remind you that Obama’s natal Mars conjuncts it. 🙂

Perhaps his “leaked” conversation with the Obama Alumni Assn. was a strategic move, now that Biden is the nominee. Obama’s Mars (and US Neptune – not what it seems) was trine the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn as well as trine the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. Lots of energy for Obama to play with.

He is going to be a big fat thorn in Trump’s rump for the rest of the year.

This is so bizarre. Why is it most of the hostility from those protesting coronavirus safety restrictions is directed toward female leaders? Here again is another example.

Dr. Amy Acton’s handling of coronavirus crisis made her an Ohio ‘icon’ — and a target

Some Buckeyes are not comfortable being told by a “woman in power” to quarantine, one expert said.


BarbK, I sure hope you are correct. It would make me so happy to think of Trump with a big fat thorn in his big fat rump, especially one sent by Barack Obama.

More on Barack Obama:

” I, by the way, am going to be spending as much time as necessary and campaigning as hard as I can for Joe Biden,” he added.

Obama’s remarks about Flynn seemed especially pointed in light of the fact that the former Army general had served in his administration as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency — until he was forced out by administration officials who viewed him as a chaotic, insubordinate manager. During the transition, Obama even warned Trump not to hire Flynn — advice that Trump ignored.

Obama also gave some insights into his life during the pandemic. The lack of sports, he said, is “driving me nuts.” But there was a bright side, he added. His daughters, Malia and Sasha, “are stuck having dinner with me” at home.


This Buckeye has zero problem with Dr. Acton, Eliseo. She’s been great, and I have had to give Gov. DeWine some respect for listening to her, although he recently seems to be bending to pressure to reopen, as so many other Republican Govs have been doing lately.

I don’t get the misogyny either. It’s like they are taking direct orders from Trump and/or his handlers. It’s the same story with the gun-toting fools in Michigan who have harassing Gov. Whitmer there.

Evidently, wealthy far righters are bankrolling these defiant, anti-lockdown protesters.


And yes, the misogyny is weird. Like Trump, these guys, (mostly middle aged male) seem especially put out with women in leadership roles restricting their god given right to be stupid and behave accordingly.

I especially find weird those angry fellows in Michigan who are dumb enough to protest covid safety measures in the Capitol building while carrying Armalite (AR) 15’s. If you believe in gun rights, why would you so sorely tempt your state to outlaw the firearms you are so proudly and defiantly carrying?

It seems to me real protesters would have left their guns at home. This feels more like provocation than protest. I’m wonderng if these morons were hoping to provoke a violent confrontation under the delusion that it will spark a revolution like we had from 1775-1783. The notion the American people will rise up in league with these far right nazis and overthrow our government is pretty ludicrous, but maybe that’s the ideological bubble they live in.

Nazis thrive on martyrdom. It allows them to portray themselves as victims while they bully others. Maybe that’s what that craziness in Michigan was all about? I don’t know.

BTW, I haven’t heard or seen the phrase “fought hand, tooth, and nail” in decades. I’m wondering what your linguistic background is.

this virus is certainly tricky! NZ is almost at 0 new cases daily, but a troubling fact emerged today – 1 new case is linked to arrival from usa the day before lockdown, a full 6.5 weeks ago! Shes in her 20s so may have been asymptomatic all this time. Another case this week linked to a st pat day party. Yay for the strict lockdown rules during levels 4 & 3. Tomorrow, cabinet will meet and decide whether to reduce lockdown to level 2. Everyone is looking forward to it – cant wait to get a haircut!
I feel so much sympathy for all of you in usa. I think contact tracing there must be an impossible task and quite overwhelming – the majority of cases here are linked to just 16 main clusters, and seeing the rapid growth was mindboggling.

I want to thank you for your empathy and positive attitude towards Americans. What is both scary and embarrassing here are the “protesters”. How crazy can people be? We even have them here in Washington state at our Capitol building!

The New York Times has put up an article on astrology and the coronavirus:


Eliseo, its very personal for me too. I am a US citizen as well as NZ, and have many US in-law & friend connections thru living in Hawaii for 33 yrs.

As if there isnt enough to contend with! I smell yet another chaos producing, right wing funding for this agitator – shes so full of BS and yet she acts so ‘saintly’

Tuesday May 12, 2020

The Supreme Court is about to weigh in on whether or not to take on the case of Trump’s taxes. Protecting Trump and the advocacy for total presidential immunity is what is at stake. This could be a major turning point in the Trump presidency. Astrologically, as mentioned before, odds are, Trump will lose this one…….

US Supreme Court To Take On Trump Taxes And Presidential Immunity

May 10, 2020

WASHINGTON: Can Donald Trump refuse to turn over his tax returns and financial records to Congress and New York prosecutors? The Supreme Court takes up this politically charged question on Tuesday (May 12), and it may use the occasion to better define the limits of presidential immunity.

The high court’s nine justices, confined at home by the novel coronavirus pandemic, will question lawyers for both sides by telephone in a highly anticipated session to be broadcast live.



Wow Jerry, major turning point indeed! At 12 Noon on Tuesday the 12th in DC, transiting Venus ($$$) at 21+ Gemini (data) conjuncts US natal Mars (action) at 21+ Gemini and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini), all square US natal Neptune (+ Obama’s Mars) at 22+ Virgo, which transiting Neptune (20+ Pisces) is in opposition range to. That’s awesome astrology!

Get this; the Moon (at Noon) and transiting Pallas (strategy) are at 0+ Aquarius and conjunct the Inauguration chart’s Sun (0+ Aquarius) and transiting Saturn at 1+ Aquarius, and they trine the transiting Mercury at 1+ Gemini, as well as the MC of the US natal Sibly birth chart (what the world sees) at 1+ Libra; a grand trine in spades, er, in air signs I mean. The world awaits the results of this conference.

Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct US natal Pluto (27+ Cap) and transiting Pluto (24+ Cap) opposes US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) as the world listens to the live broadcast.

Transiting Mars on Tuesday the 12th at 29+ Aquarius will be just past a conjunction (exact yesterday) with US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius) and US natal Pallas the Planner (26+ Aquarius), and will be trine the transiting North Node (path forward) at 29+ Gemini. One of those Justices must have an astrologer. The US People (symbolized by the US Moon) are charged up and they want answers.

The Midheaven at 12 Noon in DC on Tuesday is at 6+ Taurus and, with the IC (roots) at 6+ Scorpio, they form a grand cross with the US natal North and South Nodes (6+ Leo and Aquarius) + the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) conjunct the US natal South Node. No more perfect time to make decisions regarding this country’s laws.

Transiting Uranus (breakthrough) at 7+ Taurus is conjunct the MC at 12 Noon. The ultimate Reality Show; it doesn’t get any better than this.

Jerry, thanks for the news
barbk, thanks for the quick unpacking
He’s got to fall one day. Will it be now…

beowulfie, thanks for the link to the newyork times article though it’s pretty simple.

A very disturbing article from my local paper,
there is definitely weight behind these protesters.

A group calling itself We Have Rights has recently started organizing large back-to-work protests throughout California, calling on state and local leaders to end social-distancing orders aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

The group, which popped up in just the last two weeks, has a professional-looking website and growing social media presence, which provide details for upcoming events, instructions for dealing with the media, highly produced Instagram videos, as well as T-shirts and other branded merchandise for sale.

The campaign — which turned out hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters from San Diego to Sacramento starting May 1 and continuing through this weekend — also has had a charismatic front woman with something of a controversial past: 38-year-old Vivienne Nicole Reign.

Reign, who has been living with her husband in a $3 million home in Newport Beach, according to legal documents, is currently embroiled in legal challenges concerning several neuropathy treatment clinics she owns and operates with a chiropractor. The defendants have maintained their innocence, denying claims brought by former clients of medical negligence, financial elder abuse and fraud.



The phrase apparently comes from Dickens. I’m sure I picked it up from my English lit classes somewhere along the way.

Do you teach English Lit?

I grew up hearing the phrase from my father, but he never said the hand part. It was always fight or fought tooth and nail.

‘‘Scary to Go to Work’: White House Races to Contain Virus in Its Ranks
With two White House staff members testing positive, some officials fear the disease is already spreading rapidly through the West Wing.’

“…. the president was spooked that his valet, who is among those who serve him food, had not been wearing a mask. And he was annoyed to learn that Ms. Miller tested positive and has been growing irritated with people who get too close to him, the official said.

How ironic that Trump, assuring America
“all is well” and “it is time to get back to work”, now faces along with his staff the very same fears
that many Americans are feeling.

A short video from Hopi elders highlighting the power of this incredible time we are experiencing.


Thank you, Breatheeasy.

Thank you breatheeasy.


I’m not an English Lit teacher, but loved my classes and seem to have a natural gift for it.

I’m not sure where the “hand” part came from either–it’s not in the original text–and I’m certain I overheard it somewhere.

I googled tooth, nail, hand out of curiosity. Someone was asking if it was ok to also use the hand term and many chimed in, but all agreed it wasn’t needed as it isn’t part of the idiom, is redundant with nail, etc. The interesting thing is that someone had known about it so it must have had some usage, but it’s rare?


This is a must read on the issues that delayed response to the coronavirus by the CDC – shocking in fact.


BuckeyeShadow & Sharon K,
Interesting! Thank You both. One of my teaching fields is Literature, and I was unaware of the etymological origins.

Thanks Beowulfie, definitely a “must read”. Narrowing it down to 4 people responsible for this debacle helps to reduce the public confusion; aka the Neptune Effect.

I think both trans. Jupiter stationing retrograde conjunct the US natal Pluto (expose) and transiting Venus stationing retrograde conjunct US natal Mars (action) this month – along with trans. Pluto stationing retrograde opposite US natal Mercury (tell all) last month – will obliterate any doubt that Trump’s career as US President is finished.

“Sweden’s death rate (who opted not to lock down) is reported to be more than double that of the U.S., nearly six times that of Norway and nearly triple the death rates of Finland and Denmark, as of Thursday. (May 7, 2020) Sweden’s coronavirus death toll is ‘horrifying’ says the scientist behind the country’s anti-lockdown strategy”


Happy Belated Mothers’ Day to all the Women on this site!

Hope you had a wonderful, peace-filled day.

Joe Biden in today’s Washington Post

“If Trump and his team understand how critical testing is to their safety — and they seem to, given their own behavior — why are they insisting that it’s unnecessary for the American people?

And why does the president insist on trying to turn this into yet another line of division, pitting strained, grieving Americans against one another across manufactured battle lines of “health” and “the economy”? Everybody knows that we can’t revive the latter unless we safeguard the former — and pretending otherwise is the most transparent of political ploys. Instead of once again seeking to divide us, Trump should be working to get Americans the same necessary protections he has gotten for himself.

It’s the right thing to do, and the only path to truly getting the economy back on track.”


Not where this fits in with this thread. Yet, I found it to be a beautiful and amazing piece for this moment. From The Paris Review:

Not sure***
Darn tiny phone screen.

I LOVED that Henri; thank you. Don’t worry about the thread, it will come back around!

In the meantime, I looked up the chart for the Winter Solstice of 2012, you know, the one that happened on the day the Mayan calendar was supposed to end, December 21, 2012? As I recall that was when a global shift in consciousness was to take place, and/or something catastrophic would take place, and/or aliens would arrive and introduce themselves. I missed that.

However, the chart for that Winter Solstice in 2012 had some extraordinary aspects that seem relevant to the now. For example:

Saturn at 8+ Scorpio was sextile Pluto at 8+ Capricorn and they formed a Yod with Jupiter at 8+ Gemini which is where the US natal Uranus is too. It’s also where the Neptune/Pluto conjunction took place. We should have noticed that in the news, but I don’t recall what it was 7+ years ago. Do you?

Unless it was Obama’s second term win.

The chart for the Winter Solstice of 2012 had 12+ Sagittarius on the ascendant, the same as the US natal Sibly chart, and 1+ Libra on the MC, the same as the Sibly chart. That seemed somewhat prophetic.

Mars at 26+ Capricorn on December 21, 2012, was one degree from US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and was trine the transiting South Node (release what does not support growth) at 25+ Taurus (conjunct Trump’s MC at 24+ Taurus) and now, 7+ years later Trump is releasing everything he can that Obama put in place.

The chart’s Moon at 14+ Aries was opposite the US natal Saturn at 14+ Libra (+ Trump’s Chiron-Juno at 14+ Libra), while the chart’s Mercury (+ the Great Attractor) at 14+ Sagittarius, was sextile US Saturn/Trump Chiron-Juno and trine the Moon.

It would appear that the transiting Mercury at the time of the end of the Mayan calendar favored US Saturn + Trump Chiron, but favored the Moon (the People) even more.

Stuff like this makes me feel like I’m in a time warp; like the shift in consciousness is just now happening, and so is the catastrophe. Maybe the aliens are just delaying introducing themselves until the smoke clears (Neptune was at 0+ Pisces and sextile Sun/Juno {partner} at 0+ Cap at the 2012 Winter Solstice).

Thank you for that very interesting piece from the Paris Review. It so well addresses our odd, inbeteeen space as we experience profound uncertainty as to what will be important to us in the future, and see what was once important to us no longer applies.

She never mentions the pandemic; it is the obvious undertone throughout her half quizzical, half bewildered emotional and cognitive vacillation. With subtlety she sensitively captures the strangeness of this time, a time in which we can reassess our values and goals and change direction accordingly, or cling to old values and spiral downwards into deeper dysfunctionality.

It is a beautiful piece. It resonates with us here, but sadly, I suspect changes nothing. Those that appreciate doggerel, but think poetry useless nonsense will not read her prose, her poetry. They won’t get her message, and continue to cheer the Donald on as he randomly shoots us all down on fifth Avenue with his high caliber gun of incompetence.

Interesting info from Elizabeth Grace today:

“• FUN FACT for Astro-Nerds: It will take until January 3, 2021 for Saturn to return to where it is right now. It is absolutely fascinating to note that when Mars turns retrograde this September, it will also take until January 3, 2021 for it to return to the place it will be at — 28 Aries — when it turns retrograde. January 3rd is the start of the 117th Congress. Hmmm.”

Beth Owls Daughter:

“We have been given an unprecedented opening for taking stock. This is a moment to observe the power of our living planet in ways we may not have in a very long time.

By our friendship with Nature and by inviting Time to be our ally, good fortune ripens. If we remember to honor the Earth Herself, a healthful, nourishing harvest lies ahead.

If we’ll tend one another with the best that we’ve got, things will get better.

A lot.


Did anyone see the video of Trump leaving his press conference in a huff today? As always, he can’t handle strong, assertive, Asian women politely asking him simple, appropriate, logical questions. I’ve seen it before, but each time I’m nevertheless stunned, shocked and embarrassed for our nation.

Something appears to be wrong with Donald Trump

I’m thinking he may be freaking out because he knows the scotus may not rule in his favor regarding his tax record. Every court which has reviewed the case so far has ruled against him. The supremes begin hearing the case tomorrow.

Eliseo, – seems to me its a deeper tell than just the reporter – more like a trifecta wig-out because:
1) Obamas criticism made public ;
2) tomorrow’s court arguments for his taxes;
3) tomorrow’s testimony by Fauci.

Just thought of one more thing that might not have gone as planned – the big meeting with ‘my generals’ at camp david on mothers day.

I think you just hit three home runs, there.

So weird. Never in Am history has a president so intensely, deeply and vehemently hated a former president. Not even Adams and Jefferson were that deep into such deep hatred. Their rivalry was intense, but they did eventually make peace with one another.

Trump is much too ill mentally to make peace with anyone. He’s gotten away with SO much over several decades, but I believe there is at least a 50& chance he’ll die in federal prison. His anger is likely to kill him.

Breaking News: Dr. Anthony Fauci plans to warn the Senate on Tuesday that if the U.S. reopens too quickly, Americans will face “needless suffering and death.”


Breaking News: Dr. Anthony Fauci plans to warn the Senate on Tuesday that if the U.S. reopens too quickly, Americans will face “needless suffering and death.”


Anyone here had any experience with astrocartography? Enough to determine what validity it might or might not have?

“The Warriors

Daily, in various states, thousands of individual sister and brother human beings who in order to feed their children and pay their rent are being forced to risk their lives to work in the middle of deadly virus contaminated arenas with minimum if any protective gear or processes. They then return to their homes where their children live putting them in danger of being infected by this extremely contagious virus. However, these warriors are not being called by the Nation to resist the efforts of a Nazi or other dictator’s armed attacks. They are being called to make money for a 40 billion dollar corporation, Tyson Foods. They are not being anywhere near adequately paid, (most of the places where they are working have a $7.50 wage set.) trained, or equipped with the necessities to stop and overcome such an invasion of Freedom as this virus presents.

This system, a grim example of Capitalism in action, pays individuals to do work without which they cannot live. These individual human beings have next to zero say in their working conditions or the payment they receive. They are being forced to work in these conditions not because people will go hungry without huge supplies of pig, cow, and chicken meat but because the $42,000,000,000 Tyson Corporation is losing money. They are indeed wage slaves.”


SCOTUS hearing on Trump’s finances are taking place now. So what do the planets say about those?

Sorry. ..about Trump and his finances today.

Banks, my comment on May 10 at 8″11 AM may help.

Joe Biden:
Asked by George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when he will “be back on the campaign trail,” Mr. Biden, appearing from the makeshift television studio at his home, said he is “on the campaign trail now.”

“Everybody says, you know, ‘Biden’s hiding,’ but I tell you something, we’re doing very well,” Mr. Biden said. “We’re winning, if you look at all the polling data. I’m not saying that’s going to last until November, I don’t know, but right now the idea that somehow we are being hurt by my keeping to the rules and following the instructions that are put forward by the docs is absolutely bizarre.

“I reject the premise that somehow this is hurting us,” he said. “There’s no evidence of that.”

Mr. Biden said he is following guidance put forward by health officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, who planned to say at a Senate hearing Tuesday that Americans would experience “needless suffering and death” if the country opens up prematurely. The former vice president condemned Mr. Trump for defying public health officials’ calls to wear face masks around other people to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

“I’m getting really frustrated with, not you, but this, the whole notion that somehow we can just open, we can move,” Mr. Biden said. “I’m anxious to go out and campaign, George, you know, when I campaign I’m usually the first one there and the last one to leave. I enjoy interfacing with people. I’m not trying to avoid it but I’m trying to set an example as to how we should proceed in terms of dealing with this health and economic crisis.”


BarbK, thanks for directing me to that post. As you know, I’m not an astrologer so I have trouble following you, but the first thing I see is Venus conjunct Trumps Sun. I would think that would be very favorable for him. After that, I get a bit lost but it reminds me of Mike Mansfield, I believe it was, who always answered questions with “On the one hand this, on the other hand that.” It seems that there’s a lot of that in astrology. I hope you are correct when you say it “doesn’t get any better than this”. I’m counting on you.

Banks, that Venus conjunct his Sun could be that all he’s got on his mind is his money and investments today. By saying “it doesn’t get any better than this”, I meant that the drama doesn’t get ant better than this. I have no idea how the Supremes’ discussion will go but I bet it IS “on the one hand this and the other hand that”, and yes, it’s prevalent in astrology, which is why it is hard to draw clear conclusions with certainty.

Having said that, transiting Jupiter (justice) conjunct US natal Pluto (that which transforms) is not an everyday occurrence and it weighs heavy on the Supremes and the history of the US and their own futures. I’m hoping they will meet the challenge that the Universe has put before them.

Remember that 3 planets are retrograding this week:

Saturn, yesterday, 5/11, at 1 Aquarius (where moon is at the moment)

Venus, tomorrow, 5/13, 21-50 Gemini

Jupiter, Fri, 5/15 27-14 Cap….if any one would care to comment on this SC decision (further delayed?) as well as the re-opening.


I just heard that the decision will not be reached until the middle of the summer and venus goes direct on 6/25. Will that help him?

Thanks for the reminder Sharon!

The more I think about it, the more Joe Biden seems to be the best one to be our new President; primarily because of his Sun-Venus conjunction in Scorpio sextile the US natal Pluto (soon to have its Return) in Capricorn, and Joe’s natal Jupiter (25+ Cancer) conjunct Trump’s Venus-Saturn and US natal Mercury, and opposite US natal Pluto.

Being a Scorpio he has the stamina to drag us all through the US Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) Return in one piece. Not everyone could do that.

Saturn & moon @1Aquarius, trine mercury. Our Healthcare pros & the SC telling it like it is & the media disseminating it…free flowing, open, forward looking talk

Mercury in Gemini that is! All happening right now!

BarbK, talk about on the one hand this, on the other hand that, Pete Williams said if he had to guess he’d say Nancy Pelosi won’t be happy. None of the justices seemed to think there was a real reason for Congress to see DT’s finances but on the other hand he thought the NY federal attorney was feeling a lot better today than yesterday. None of them seemed to feel a president should be above any charges and they used Clinton v Jones as a reference.

Coronavirus: Russia now has second highest virus case total
Russia has confirmed 232,000 cases of coronavirus – the second highest toll in the world after the US.


Their death total is reputed to be only 2,116, but experts say it is probably much higher. The Russian government is of course suspected of lying. Considering the Russians are ruled by Trump’s “fraternal twin” why am I not surprised?

I heard I guess on MSNBC that Putin isinthe hospital.

His spokesman has the coronavirus, which means he has probably been exposed, also their prime minister. But I haven’t heard V. Putin himself has it or is in the hospital. But it would be very interesting if you are right.

The Supreme Court normally adjourns at the end of June or early July, and the new term begins in October.

If the court hears a case in the current term, it will announce a ruling in that case before it adjourns for that term, so end of June or beginning of July. (I searched and could not find a firm date for adjournment for this term.)

But the court took a break for hearing cases because of the coronavirus. They normally don’t hear cases in May, meeting only to discuss pending rulings or announce them.

So I’m not sure if they’ll meet their normal adjournment date.

marjorie has a new post: trump timeline update


with a nod to all the awesome nurses during this era, Florence Nightingale was born 200 years ago today

I was inspired by Florence Nightingale while growing up, kiwi, & always wanted to be a nurse.

Jessica Murray:

“Over the months and years ahead, our practical and psychological learning curves will be steep. Old habits will bite the dust.

Old expectations of government and of social functioning will continue to break down. The world will continue to globalize economically.

The cosmos will continue to globalize us spiritually.”

heroine to me too Sharon

Judge in the Michael Flynn case refuses to just dismiss the case. He issued a statement saying he wanted legal briefs on the issue from both sides and that he would accept friend of the court briefs, which means outside parties who want to offer their legal arguments for or against.

Now that I think about it, it’s like the judge is highlighting the fact that there are no legal precedents to drop the charges against a man who’s already pleaded guilty.

Asking for legal briefs is saying show me the legal precedence s (from cases already decided) or written law that backs up your argument, and do it in writing and it will be made public.

This is a big “screw you” to Barr and Trump, except prettied up in legal niceties.

Teresa — isn’t this the same judge who wondered why Flynn wasn’t being prosecuted for treason?

Niel Katyal opinion on todays court tax hearing


I had several charts done a number of years ago while trying to decide where I might like to live. Actually where I was was fairly well aspected. Was thinking of coastal Washington, but between the rain and the fact that it was directly in the path of my Scorpio moon, decided against it. Lol–path of Venus was far out in Pacific Ocean, touching one tiny island! Interesting info.

In a brief order, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia said he would set a schedule for outside parties to present arguments about the government’s request to dismiss the case. He did not directly address the Justice Department’s motion to drop the charge, but legal experts said he appeared open to considering not only the department’s arguments but also those who have challenged its move as politically motivated.

The judge’s order is the latest twist in a high-profile criminal case that has provoked widespread criticism of Attorney General William P. Barr and has renewed questions about political influence over the Justice Department. In an extraordinary move last week, federal prosecutors asked Judge Sullivan to throw out their case against Mr. Flynn for lying to F.B.I. agents, two and a half years after he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of making false statements to federal authorities.



Yes, the judge questioning why no treason charges were filed.

Commenter at DailyKos says a group of sixteen former Watergate prosecutors have already weighed in against dismissal.

Good news coming from MSNBC’s Ari Melber’s Neal Katyal interview that you posted, kiwi, as to what the SC may rule on Trumps tax returns. Thanks for posting it!


I have had a lot of fun with the astrodienst (Astro.com) astrocartography feature, Eliseo and Emma. They call it astro click travel. I can orient you to a few details that took me a while to figure out.

Sharon K,
Thank you! May not go there again, but new info always welcome. If You need it, Nancy has email.

Eliseo, astrocartography maps are a good way to see what is activated in your chart if you live in certain places. You can get them for the US, or for the world.

Alan Oken told me that living in a city where there are lines for aspects to the ascendant will help you figure out your soul’s purpose, and living in a city where there are lines for aspects to the MC will help you achieve your soul’s purpose.

Some people choose to live in a place that will emphasize a particular aspect in their chart, or perhaps I should say, that will bring them into greater consciousness of the planet’s energies and how it manifests in their life. Can also be used to avoid living somewhere that emphasizes a planet’s energies.

This is interesting.

Faithless electors: US supreme court to weigh role of electoral college members

(Bret) Chiafolo was one of seven so-called “faithless” electors who made national headlines four years ago as they made a long-shot attempt to stop Donald Trump ascending to the US presidency. 

“I had committed to put country before party – I believed it was my constitutional duty as an elector to oppose Donald Trump,” he told the Guardian in an interview this week.

At the center of the proceedings is the question, does the US constitution invest the 538 electoral college members with individual will or are they just cogs in the country’s peculiar form of democracy? Chiafolo argues firmly he had the right to choose as he pleased – as implied by the word “elector” – and it was his constitutional duty to exercise that discretion.

He points to Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Paper number 68, which specifically empowers electors to guard against presidential candidates ill-equipped to lead the nation. Hamilton expressly singled out candidates who lack “requisite qualifications”, display “talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” or who are susceptible to “the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils”.

Personally, I agree with Mr. Chiafolo. State laws requiring electors to robotically go with whomever the majority of their state voted for defeats the purpose as the Founders envisioned, to prevent a tyrant or unqualified person from becoming president, despite the will of a misguided, misinformed popular majority.

IMHO, had the electors done their constitutional duty, they would have either voted for H. Clinton, or someone else of their choosing, BUT NOT DONALD TRUMP!

I think it also might be argued they failed likewise in 2000, although that case would be more controversial. The only political office experience G.W. Bush had was as governor of Texas. What most did not know was that under the Texas constitution, it is the Lieutenant governor who has the real power. The Texas governorship is more ceremonial in duties. In Texas the governor is more like a constitutional monarch, the lieutenant governor more like a prime minister. This peculiar system was devised by former Confederates who did not want the Texas governor (appointed by the federal government during the Reconstruction period) to have any significant powes.

Therefore, although G.W. Bush was from a politically connected family, he himself had very little actual experience in governing when he ran for president.

IMHO we need to either restore the intended constitutional powers of the electors, OR get rid of the electoral college entirely. Due to the various state laws It does not and cannot function as the Founders intended.

My guess is regardless of how the Supremes vote, the Bret Chiafolo vs state of Washington case will serve as an instrument to further the cause of eliminating the electoral college.

Hot dang, Jessica Murray’s blog has a spot on article (as she always does) you will want to read called “With Different Eyes”;


Due to coronavirus concerns Paul Manafort will serve the rest of his sentence under house confinement at his home in N. Virginia.


Ralfee Finn:

“for Mr. Trump, who continues to let the pandemic rage through the country as the death toll is still rising, the coming weeks are certain to be the hardest times he’s ever faced—even more challenging than the last two months, if only because that retrograde Venus is going to dredge up every decision he’s made. The gods have no tolerance for hubris, and the pandemic may be Mr. Trump’s nemesis.”


Emma (& Eliseo), because my keyboard is still broken, typing is so laborious (with one finger on the touch screen), I have to take back my offer, but it really is pretty easy and obvious to use, especially with a little practice. I have found out that the main places I lived offered me interesting astrological possibilities, especially the last 2….30 yrs in a place which was on a jupiter line…which is supposed to create help from those in authority, and it did. Now I have a sun influence where I’m living which also brings help & success opps, and that is true (of course the opportunities are offered, we do what we will with them; I like to find a way to resonate with my higher self). Aside from clicking on or near a line, sometimes clicking somewhere on the map helps. The text in the upper right describes the result and you can also click on “show details”. Interesting stuff…

Eliseo, Sharon K, Wild Irish – re. your exchange as to astrocartography, I met Jim Lewis years ago. It was not long after he invented (or partly re-invented) this technique, when he was first trying it out.

He did charts uup for my husband and me, and gave us readings, including astrocartography (which I must have buried somewhere….it was about 40 years ago, before he became well known).

Jim was a lively man, who enjoyed talking about his work and was thrilled with having invented something of an ancient concept in a new way. He was quite nerdy, but lively and quick, also a bit intense, as I remember.

However, he cautioned that astrocartography should not stand alone – it goes hand in hand with a valid natal chart. The natal chart needs an accurate time to make the whole bundle meaningful. He was pretty careful not to jump to conclusions.

He said astrocartography is not “fated” – many people never go near their Mars danger zone — or their greatest success zone on the map(s) either. That’s life, I guess!

We only met once, but it must have been a good meeting to remember it so long. I haven’t a clue now what he told me, but he warned my husband about Alaska.

My husband went there only once in his life, thus far. He and a friend drove to an oil rig to pick up some of the friend’s belongings at a bunkhouse somewhere in the wild. They nearly froze to death on the Alaska highway in the middle of winter at almost 40 below, in an old beater of a car with a broken heater. Needless to say, that ‘learned ’em’! He has stayed far away ever since….

Short bio of Jim Lewis:


What an interesting personal connection Beo!

On a different note, NZers are over the moon today – nationwide we’re all officially venturing out of our ‘bubbles’, with some precautionary measures in place for restaurant distancing and large public gatherings. 3 days in a row with zero new cases despite around 6K daily random testing. We will remain at alert level 2 until a few more weeks of data come in to ensure any flare ups can be traced and contained.
IMO Strict lockdown has been worth it for all, especially since govt took a bottom up strategy for funding – $$ went to companies based on their payroll – employees 80% funded for 3mths so none had to claim unemployment. And audits have been done – some larger companies have been busted and publicly shamed for not passing $ thru to employees.

I’m wondering if judges and politicians who rule that we must open up society NOW can be charged with depraved-heart murder, also known as depraved-indifference murder. I think that might be the case with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

In some other cases, I think the charge might be negligent homicide. I’m not sure which of these charges would be most appropriate for the demonstrators. I certainly would like to see those fellows who “protested” while carrying firearms into the Michigan statehouse serve significant prison sentences.

That really is very interesting, Beo. For some reason, like 12 of my lines meet in Alaska, good & bad ones. It’s downright scary….all of that energy!

Congrats, kiwi….the U.S. has at least done some of that. Hopefully, we won’t escalate during phase 1. Our wonderful governor is really doing it right in LA & many people are cooperating but there is the rebellious, anti-government streak that may ruin it for the others. My adult stepson is all aghast at our losing our civil liberty. I called him Patrick today.

Eliseo — you read how Texas handled the gun-carrying protestors didn’t you? They showed up with MUCH more firepower and a willingness to use it, issued one round of orders. The “protestors” laid down their guns and put their hands up.

Oh, that all state police and/or National Guard would protect the governors who are only trying to do the right thing for the largest number of people like this. Confront a bully and he tends to become a coward! If you’d take their guns away (as Trump is now trying to put teeth behind his new “gun laws” to do just that — what will these little boys do?!) you take away all their “blankies”… they go home, despondent and humiliated. Of course, you know I end up on one far end of the gun fiascos. (gryn)

Teresa – thanks for confirming my thoughts about the judge. I -thought- it was the same one, but no one is mentioning that aspect of the case these days. I loved that he brought in a retired judge known for prosecuting the mafia. The guy knows what side these Administration creeps are on!

Seems hubby and I’ve been talking about the news of the day all day long today. Sometimes at high decibel levels! I have an idea I’m not sure why no one else has come up with, it seems so simple (if one is familiar with recent history).

One of the things that finally brought the Viet Nam war to an end was the daily broadcasting of the number of soldiers killed each day, as well as the total number since the “war” started. Americans finally had enough, and it wasn’t just us hippies protesting any longer. It was on every major broadcast channel, and repeated on local news every night.

We need to have both major broadcast media and cable channels do the same thing for the CoVid deaths… broadcast each day the rolling number of those dead (as based on best-estimates, since some states are beginning to squelch the true numbers) and then break it down, state by state. Even the number squelching can be brought up night after night, especially on the local news, as deaths can be investigated as to cause and inferences drawn on home deaths not reported as CV.

Once people see we’re living through a Hurricane Katrina in deaths every single day, it may finally make it thru some heads that -they could be next!- and some changes might begin.

I was so happy to see Obama finally say something, but of course Moscow Mitch had to bring in the racist angle of shut up, boy… I wish we had more ex-prez who would do the same. I know Carter has been pretty outspoken, given his age and recent infirmaries. And I –think– even GW spoke up once and Trump slapped him back down big time. But this is a strange time – we have more ex-prex living now that at any other time, I think. What would happen if they ALL gathered together and not only renounced Trump but laid out plans to get the country back on track?

I just think if Americans were faced with the daily deaths like we had to deal with during Viet Nam, changes might come. But then, maybe I’m only hoping that these CoVidiots still have a functioning brain cell left.

I do know hubby and I are planning for when we’re both fancy free and feeling confident enough to do a little travel. One of the first places we’re heading is a dark sky region around the Anasazi area. I want to see the Milky Way again. From there, we’re headed to San Diego, Monterey, and up the coast. Eliseo — when this dream comes true, we’re headed your direction! (LOL)

Su & I are presently living at mother-in-laws house. To put it very politely, the woman is extremely rude, difficult, and controlling.

But I’d love to see you guys again! Hopefully by the time you and hubby arrive here we will have our own domicile.

Meanwhile, I suspect tomorrow evening Biden will announce on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show Stacy Abrams will be his VP pick. I hope I am wrong as I believe that would be a serious strategic error, and possibly catastrophic. We need to do whatever it takes to beat Trump. S. Abrams is OK, but NOT the person who can help Biden get the most votes. We need a landslide, not a squeaker to invalidate Trump’s claims of a rigged election when he loses. I firmly believe either Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren would be a stronger and more logical choice. And besides, I would really like to see Abrams beat the pants off of Kemp and become governor of Georgia.

Sharon K, Emma, Beowulfie,
Astrocartographically the best places for me have all been impractical for various reasons. I nevertheless have often wondered if I might be more successful and/or happier along those lines. Every now and then I look at those astrocartigraphic lines and dream. But I also have doubts as to whether the system really works. Maybe in a few centuries we’ll have enough comparative data to determine that.

Does anyone else have natal Mars at zero + degrees of Leo? Transiting Saturn opposite my Mars is kicking my proverbial butt.

Slightkc, you are correct about the daily coverage of the number of deaths needing to be broadcast daily, IMO, to make the masses aware; to raise the consciousness level of the masses. That is what US Mercury in Cancer opposite trans. Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn (and all the other planetary cycles started with them) has been doing.

The consciousness of humanity has been given the “gift” of Trump (the US Neptune in material form), as leader of the US, so as to make a dramatic point about greed and selfishness and ignorance (at the lowest common denominator possible) and what it has done to our planet – not just our country.

It’s what we’ve been doing for so long; putting out messages (in the form of movies primarily) to the rest of the world.

And what a showboat Trump is. If he can’t raise the level of consciousness of humanity – about how stupid we humans have been regarding the well-being of our planet Earth, if we US citizens can’t show the world, through our volume of voter turnout to defeat him, we will have failed in our mission.

I believe that the US natal Neptune in Virgo (service) that was trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/cycle in Taurus, and now trine the 2020 Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction/cycle and it’s dozen or so shorter copycat cycles; a grand trine in Earth (reality) signs, is what we (the USA people) are supposed to do in this new age of enlightenment. Show and tell.

But that’s just the start. We must work hard to rebuild our country and government and LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Restrict the mining of fossil fuels for instance.

That is what the US Pluto Return is all about. Transform ourselves and we transform the world. Can I have an Amen people?

a stark statistic: As of today NZ leads the world in contact testing per covid case @ 140.02 tests per case, with australia just behind at 134.39 – On the other hand, usa has a dismal 7.18 tests per case.
Trumps is an evil propagandist when he twists ‘more tests than anybody else’

On another note, does anyone have any feeling about the vertex effect regarding transits in a chart?
I noticed that trumps is 22.54cap. And pluto will be there on Nov 15. It was also conjunct Jan 17, which was the day the senate impeachment trial began.
Also, Nov 13th transiting Jupiter conjuncts his vertex exact, conjunct that transiting pluto.
Any thoughts?

Amen, BarbK.

Vitamin D linked to low virus death rate – study

New COVID-19 research finds relationship in data from 20 European countries
A new study has found an association between low average levels of vitamin D and high numbers of COVID-19 cases and mortality rates across 20 European countries.

The research, led by Dr Lee Smith of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and Mr Petre Cristian Ilie, lead urologist of Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust, is published in the journal Aging Clinical and Experimental Research.


Eliseo, you’ve got me worried. I don’t think Stacy Abrams is the right choice for VP. I’m going to be on the edge of my seat tonight. There is nothing in either the NYT’s or Washington Post about their interview tonight, meaning that I would assume the news would be hinting at something for tonight.

‘Elizabeth Warren Knows What Joe Biden Needs in a Vice President
If Biden wants to win the White House and govern like a New Dealer, Warren is his indispensable partner.’


Ja, I agree with you 100 percent. I think this is a chance to see what their chemistry is like. I don’t think it will be great. She is very alpha. I also think he would probably be more inclined to pick Rachel’s show or 60 Minutes to make an announcement. We’ll soon find out.

Kim at Intuitiview.com has another good video out today.

Thank you, Banks.

Linda G has a guest on her program who is full of interesting info on current affairs.


Amen from me too, Barb.

It would be great if we could simply STOP using oil, and coal as fuel. For the time being we need the oil to make a zillion different necessary and useful products, but our carbon footprint would be dramatically reduced if we would just stopStopSTOP burning the coal and oil for fuel.

I’m pretty concerned as well. I hope to watch Lawrence tonight if I can get my computer to stream it.

To defeat Trump and his Me First ideology and followers we need to martial our human resources carefully. IMHO, the very best use of Stacy Abrams is as the candidate to demolish the current R. governor of Georgia, whom I believe used dirty tricks to cheat his way into the governor’s mansion. I would like to see her serve at least one term as Georgia governor before she ascends to even higher office. She has great talent, but needs experience.

In the same vein, as I believe he lives in NY, I’d like to see Andrew Yang serve as a congressman, senator or governor of New York if he again intends to eventually seek the presidency.

I firmly believe E. Warren is the most qualified person, (male or female) available for the VP spot. E.W. would also firmly bridge the Left and Moderate wings of the party enabling a larger popular and electoral victory.

My second choice would be Amy K. They are both very smart, capable, competent gals!

Just the kind of headlines we’d expect while Pluto is in Capricorn! The prediction is he will be a trillionaire by 2026. As Pluto goes into Aquarius before that date, I wonder if it will really happen.

Jeff Bezos poised to become world’s first trillionaire as coronavirus pushes Amazon profits


Jeff Bezos could become world’s first trillionaire, and many people aren’t happy about it


Another point. Considering how hard and deftly E. Warren hit Bloomberg during her campaign, I believe she would hit Trump as hard and as effectively. She’s found her voice in confronting sexist bullies. I believe she would be the most effective VP campaigner.

Here is a story this week on coal, you may have missed.

In a First, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S.
The coronavirus has pushed the coal industry to once-unthinkable lows, and the consequences for climate change are big.

In just the first four and a half months of this year, America’s fleet of wind turbines, solar panels and hydroelectric dams have produced more electricity than coal on 90 separate days — shattering last year’s record of 38 days for the entire year. On May 1 in Texas, wind power alone supplied nearly three times as much electricity as coal did.

The latest report from the Energy Information Administration estimates that America’s total coal consumption will fall by nearly one-quarter this year, and coal plants are expected to provide just 19 percent of the nation’s electricity, dropping for the first time below both nuclear power and renewable power, a category that includes wind, solar, hydroelectric dams, geothermal and biomass.


Pluto transits of the sign of Capricorn occur every 250 years or so. They always bring historic political events. These events have consistently been about the birth of empires.

In the 9th century, Charlemagne or Charles the Great founded the Holy German Empire which lasted until Napoleon more than a thousand years later. His empire included France as well. That was during Pluto in Capricorn.

In the late 12th century, King Edward I of England, a great and cruel warrior king, ruled for 40 years, conquered Wales and Scotland and founded Great Britain. He expelled Jews, the major money-lenders of their time, because he would not repay the money he owed them; they would not be let back in for centuries. He also weakened the power of the Catholic Church, which was effectively the most powerful empire of his day, in his country. That was during Pluto in Capricorn.

In the early 16th century, Henry VIII conquered Ireland and expelled the Catholic Church from his kingdom. He laid the foundation for the British Empire by sending explorers to North America. One of them gave his name to the Hudson River. Another gave his first name to America. The Catholic Church was further weakened by the Reformation in Europe of which the King of England was a decisive part. At the same time, modern capitalism and banking were being born in Italy and made possible the Renaissance with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. That was also during Pluto in Capricorn.

The following transit of Pluto in Capricorn saw of course the birth of the US. The North American colonies which merged to become the US were founded to a great degree by some of the dissident Protestants who were the children of the Reformation. Protestant sects have always played a major role in American history. The combination of the Eye of God and money on the American dollar is typical of Calvinism, and is also a major cause of the wealth of Switzerland to this day.

Pluto in Capricorn is clearly about the birth and growth of capitalism through political empire-building. In the US chart, Pluto in Capricorn is typically said to be in the 2nd house, the house of money and possessions. It shows the link between the banking and political systems at the heart of the American empire and of global capitalism.

We are nearing the end of the current transit of Pluto in Capricorn and we still do not see the outline of the fundamental historic restructuring of the world order that is about to emerge. This will only be clear after the US Pluto return. The significance of such events was probably only understood in hindsight as well in the past.

I think Brexit is the key this time and, as in the past, it closely involves the evolution of the relationship between the UK and the US. Many who supported Brexit had a nostalgia for the long-lost British Empire. That of course is utterly unrealistic. Canada, for one, is completely uninterested, to say nothing of Australia or India. The world has moved on. The real reason for Brexit is that the UK’s imperial past is incompatible with the new-born empire that is the European Union. All other member states of the EU are, contrary to the UK which is still a disparate union of four countries, nation-states who have long since renounced their own imperial dreams.

The only realistic alternative for the UK is closer union with the US in a renewed capitalistic and democratic empire. If this happens, Canada, which has a free trade agreement with the EU, will be at a difficult crossroads. If it is forced to choose between the EU and a US-UK superstate, it will tear itself apart.

I believe this will happen whoever happens to be President, and conflict with China will accelerate this process. It is a systemic historical realignment way beyond the control of political parties, or indeed of the voters who will learn to live with it and take advantage of new possibilities for advancement. The US will not break up. It will transform and it will grow.

There won’t be any VP announcements until this summer just before the convention. They just started the vetting process so expect a ton of rumors, trial balloons, teasing to keep press interested and build up momentum. It is way to valuable of an announcement to drop at a random MSNBC townhall watched by the faithful. Biden will use the next few months to do joint appearances/events with all the various contenders to see who he meshes best with, who generates the most buzz, who can convincingly deliver/augment his message/platform.

Interesting timeline Andre. I wonder too how the timeline has affected/will affect china in parallel – e.g. mongols into europe in early 13th century

Outsider Tapped in Flynn Case Regarded as ‘Straight Arrow’

John Gleeson, a retired federal judge and former mob prosecutor, will oppose the Justice Department’s move to drop a charge against President Trump’s former national security adviser.

He may have caught Judge Sullivan’s eye this week when he co-wrote an opinion article for The Washington Post, noting that the judge could reject the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the charges against Mr. Flynn if he wanted. The headline said it all: “The Flynn Case Isn’t Over Until the Judge Says It’s Over.”

Mr. Gleeson’s experience as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer and a federal judge made him well suited to help Judge Sullivan sort through the case.
“He’s meticulous and listens carefully to all the arguments before reaching a decision,” “He’s somebody who takes the law very seriously.”


Kiwi, thank you. I will look more closely at empires in other parts of the world. Offhand, I remember Charlemagne’s empire was at the same time as the peak of Arab domination and civilization. They were actually defeated at the gates of Paris by Charlemagne’s father and held Spain for 500 years. They were finally expelled from Spain in 1492, the same year that country sent Columbus to America to lay the foundation of another empire (also Pluto in Capricorn).

Thank You for your brief astrological march through history. I was aware of the relationship between Pluto in Capricorn and the rise and fall of empires, but it is always good to be reminded.

My vision of the future is similar to yours. Your knowledge of internal Canadian politics and culture is surely greater than mine, but I hope there will be no forced choice between the EU and a US-UK super state.

Firstly, I’m not convinced the EU will actually hold together. I hope it does, but I see serious structural and organizational problems there.

Secondly, although I believe NATO needs to be dramatically transformed and reoriented, I’m hoping that post-Trump US diplomatic ties and alliances with NATO and the EU states will be sufficiently strengthened that we all will remain vigorous and enduring allies. I believe that US/UK superstate and the EU will need to be linked closely for the survival and revitalization of Western Civilization. I believe our mutual interests and values will continue to unite us.

In 1795 in Perpetual Peace, Immanuel Kant called for an international federation of democratic republics. I hope the UN will continue as a necessary international peacekeeping organization, but as Kant asserted, at least equally important is the need for a separate strong democratic alliance, a confederation or association of some kind of the democratic nations.

Dictatorships, authoritarian states, religious fascism and their underlying attitudes and beliefs will not automatically go away as we progress into the Aquarian age. We’ve got a long way to go yet. At least half of our world population will likely live in such a state, possibly for several more centuries.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to strengthen our democracies, but could also enable totalitarian states to maintain themselves as enduring surveillance dystopias.

Global warming will not go away, despite our best efforts. With that process comes not only sea level rise, heating, desertification, and population displacement, but as the current pandemic shows, universal threats to life as serious as great wars.

Our democracies will need to be united in all these efforts for the foreseeable future and likely quite beyond. Far more so than any healthy and fair competition, the EU states and the US/UK superstate will need deep social, cultural and economic cooperation in the sciences, medicine, space and sea exploration, managing climate change problems, and in opposing authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

There are always alliances within alliances. May we, the supporters of justice and democracy be friends always. Amen.

Thank You! I had read some time back Biden would announce his VP pick in early May. I’m very glad that was wrong.

Andre, if people can move across the borders between US/UK/Canada as easily as jobs and corporations, then this realignment might not be so bad, especially for the U.S. People down south are going to have to have territory to move into, since some of their land is going to be uninhabitable in a few years, due to heat and/or water inundation or drought.

Of course, that often means displacing others, most usually Indigenous Peoples. Canada is so large, if those used to the heat can be acclimated to the cold, there may be hope. (My old bones wouldn’t take to it at all, I fear!)

ja – I’m with you on Stacy Abrams. She was cheated out of her rightful due in the last election, but I honestly don’t feel she’s the “uniter” the Democratic party needs to defeat Trump.

I like Biden, but I think he’s a soft candidate. He’s Mr. Reliable… Mr. Known Quantity… and that sense of normality and reassurance is what so many of us are craving. But he needs fire to complement him. EW has that fire. And like Elisio said, EW can best bridge the gap between the Wall St. Dems and the Progressive Dems.

As antsy as daily living is these days, I’d just as soon Biden announce and get it over with. The butterflies in my tummy are tired of the fluttering, and I’m afraid of what they could become! (LOL)

Eliseo – between CV19 and finding someplace for MY Mom to land, I don’t see travel of any distance in our future for at least a year. My gypsy feet are just tired of being denied. This is the longest I’ve stayed in one place in a LONG time. And there’s so much I want to see and experience, and my patience with “delayed gratification” is sorely being tested! hehehe

Has anyone here had experience with the Astro Matrix phone app? I just downloaded it last night, and I’m blown away by it… it actually helps me understand a bit more what you astrologers are saying when you go in-depth. It also has a tarot app incorporated within it, and I’m now trying to find out what deck is being used. Some of the card names are unfamiliar to me, the artwork is absolutely beautiful, and so far everything has hit the nail on the head with my questions or wonderings (and wanderings). Just wondered if you guys thought it was worth paying $22 for a lifetime subscription to the software… I can be SO easily impressed sometimes… (gryn)

I also posted that it was way too early to announce a vp pick. I never remember it being done before the convention before. The timing would be off…but somehow my post never made it to the board though.

I’ve long felt intuitively that when this pandemic is done we may have had something approaching or possibly exceeding as many as a million American deaths. Rick Bright, who testified today, seems to agree. I hope we both are wrong.

Is Rick Bright’s apocalyptic warning right?


“In the advance version of his testimony for Thursday, Bright also made some dire predictions about what may lie ahead for the United States, testifying that, “If we fail to develop a national coordinated response, based in science, I fear the pandemic will get far worse and be prolonged, causing unprecedented illness and fatalities …Without clear planning and implementation of the steps that I and other experts have outlined, 2020 will be darkest winter in modern history.”
That’s a very gloomy prediction as it seems to suggest that more Americans could die of Covid-19 than the 675,000 who died during the 1918 flu pandemic.”

“Is Bright right? Maybe. A leading infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm at the University of Minnesota estimates that there could be as many as 800,000 Covid-19 deaths in the United States over the next 18 months.”

My take:
Interesting. I don’t want anyone to die, and my heart breaks for the suffering and deaths and the mourning of their families. But numbers that mirror the number of deaths from the American Civil War will not bode well for the Demented and Perpetually Angry Orange Sorcerer’s re-election.

No way as long as Trump is “in charge” we will get the “clear planning and implementation” of the steps Bright and other health authorities believe necessary. Therefore, unless Trump and Pence die in office simultaneously, it will be January 2021 before we get good health policy. The winter of 2020 will indeed be the “darkest in American history.”

President H. Hoover’s reputation was eventually restored. Donald J. Trump’s never will be.

Hi André, interesting historic overview. Charlemagne was French and he founded the Empire of the Franks, not the Germans. The town I live in has a few ruins constructed in his days. But that’s a detail.
Yes, complicated stuff that may follow out of Brexit, and it would be tough if Canada had to choose. But this arrangement between Canada and the EU isn’t finalized, are you guys in Canada aware of that? It still has to be ratified by individual countries and Holland, where I live, has still been putting off a vote. It makes Kaag, our minister for foreign trade, quite nervous, because IF Holland rejects it, the whole deal will not be valid and basically the whole situation will be where it was years ago. Negotiating will have to be redone and Pluto will have to re-enter Capricorn to get things fixed! 🙂

Several parties in Holland fear the deal is bad for farmers and industries here, because Canada apparently has lower standards for certain things which they will be able to import easily.

I just heard on a RM clip that Peter Strzok will be testifying before Congress all day tomorrow, starting at 10am (that’s probably EDT). Peter has been chomping at the bit to speak his mind since Trump fired him and his girlfriend, Lisa. But it’s gonna open up all the Russian investigation, FISA, and FBI and CIA actions towards understanding what Flynn and Trump were doing.

It’s suppose to rain here tomorrow. I’m really hoping it does. Can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy afternoon – watching a counter-intelligence agent take down Tea Party Trump Republicans!

This 1st US Ceres Return on May 28th looks like our war against the virus will show progress in that transiting Vesta (what we focus on and invest in) at 27+ Gemini will trine the US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius.

The Sun (consciousness) in this US Ceres Return chart at 7+ Gemini is one degree from US natal Uranus (8+ Gemini) which squares US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces) which implies a breakthrough. I believe the transiting Ceres conjunct the US natal Ceres is instrumental in this possible breakthrough.

Transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus in this Ceres Return chart sextiles transiting Ceres and US Ceres, and trans. Uranus (unexpected breakthrough) will have sextiled transiting Mars (action) 3 days earlier, when trans. Mas was conjunct US Ceres.

Transiting Uranus (8+ Taurus) will oppose Obama’s natal Neptune (8+ Scorpio) which trines US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces. Hmm . .

The ascendant of this chart at 13+ Cancer conjuncts the US natal Sun and transiting Moon in Leo sextiles transiting retrograde Venus in Gemini that will conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus. Another surprise.

Transiting retro Pluto still opposes US natal Mercury in this chart, to the degree, so it, the breakthrough, has to do with data/information I’m guessing.

Today the transiting Moon in Pisces was square transiting Mercury in Gemini that was conjunct US natal Uranus (unexpected), and I believe that symbolizes Mitch McConnell’s admitting he made a mistake (unexpected) re: his remark that the Obama administration left no information on how to handle a pandemic for Trump. WRONG!

We really are going to go forward with this mass-reopening bullshit, aren’t we?

Seems like a ton of whistling past the graveyard going on right now.

How many people must die before we hit a critical mass of awareness and outrage?

BuckeyeShadow, someone knowledgable told me it will likely be 500,000 dead and 10 million infections by the end of the year, and the US economy will still be in the dumps. Trump is now planning on having a vaccine just in time for the election which means it will not be fully tested and could create a real nightmare.

That is based on lots of people not following the stay at home orders.

Interesting comments from readers of the Washington Post:

“From Smeener: “Let’s be clear: harm reduction means putting millions of Americans in harm’s way and it also means a huge number of sick and dead people. It almost certainly means that some hospitals will be overwhelmed and that, like Italy, we’ll have patients lying unattended in corridors and dying there.
But, let’s also be clear: This Administration isn’t prepared or willing to engage even in the harm reduction practices identified by the author of this piece. Rather, we’re sending millions of Americans back into the fire with no protection whatsoever. … So, let’s call Trump’s real policy what it is: It’s not harm reduction, it’s ‘You’re on your own.’”
From Chez Marie Seoul: “Can you give any examples that support that the U.S. is even moving toward harm reduction? All I see is a capitalist free-for-all, in which the people who gain the least and risk the most are forced to go out and die for those who gain the most and risk the least. This has been the disaster capitalism model for decades, but Americans haven’t had to see it much because our corporations mostly inflicted it on developing nations. Now that America is a third-world country, the consequences are coming home.””

Eliseo, I am of course with you on almost all your comments, as usual. In the long term, I think the EU, if it survives and prospers, will be cooperating ever more closely withe US-UK superstate, which may include Canada or parts of it. This cooperation will deepen and strengthen if the West goes to war with China.

Slightkc, Canada is not immune to global warming. We are beginning to fear our summers here in Montreal. We can’t survive them without air conditioning. Also, we have more and more Lyme disease and other strange tropical illnesses creeping up. Winters can still be cold but less so than in the past, although snow is on average more abundant if the temperature is less freezing. Another interesting fact: we have wild turkeys moving in great numbers from the US; they are generally welcome but can be a nuisance. All in all, it is predicted our summer will last 6 months instead of four and our agriculture will profit from greater lands for crops of all kinds, which will make Canada less dependent on the US and Mexico for food.

Margriet, many thanks for the most interesting comments. I understand Charlemagne’s capital was in Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany, and he is buried there. So he did not rule only France. Correct? I agree there is a distinction between the empire of the Franks and the Holy German Empire, but I still think one led to the other.

About the Canada-EU free trade agreement, farmers in Quebec would like to see it fail because they have been making great cheese in recent years and they don’t need European, particularly French, competition. A Quebec brie or camembert is just as good as a French one, and a lot more fresh. Still, I would be sorry to see it fail because it is in Canada’s best interests, as it seeks to maintain a path that is independent of the US. Sorry for the lower standards if that is true. That is what is commonly said here of American standards, but that is the protectionist dairy industry talking. We have great ice cream from Vermont (which is French for green hills), but not much else. Closer ties with the EU should be a great thing for Canada, and maybe we can elevate our standards if necessary, but we will let your government decide.
I note that Boris Johnson has said he would like a Canada-plus agreement with the EU, meaning he would build on the agreement with Canada, but I am not convinced he is serious.

I believe you will be interested in reading this piece by Peter Zeihan. It was published today. Also, I highly recommend ALL of Peter Zeihan’s books including the most recent one, Disunited Nations.

A Failure of Leadership, Part III: The Beginning of the End of China



RE: “which may include Canada or parts of it.”
Are you convinced the Mouvement souverainiste du Québec, i.e. Quebec nationalism will rise again, possibly with secession as the result?

Andre, sounds like you’re describing Kansas as it has been in the past…not quite so much today. We have four seasons, still; but the seasons can change on a dime – one day below freezing and then the next in the 80’s in the Spring. Opposite in the Autumn. And STILL too much Winter for my bones and tastes! It’s the middle of May and we MIGHT have seen the last of winter this past weekend (I hope!). Of course, now it’s zooming upwards into the 80’s. I just began noticing this past summer that western Canada seemed to be battling wildfires as bad as California. Has it always been like that, and the news just didn’t filter down this way? Or is this a new intensity thanks to Climate Change?

BTW, for no good reason but to bring a smile to my face… Fell madly in love with a guy I met in Winnipeg when I was but a wee lass of 18. We almost eloped! I look back to those days and wonder sometimes… what if? (smile)

Trudeau may not be perfect, but I’ll take him everyday and twice on Sunday’s over Trump!!!


500k deaths is probably on the low side. We are totally on track for a Pluto Return that literally results in mass death and suffering here due to rampant willful ignorance and idiocy… If he should somehow win or otherwise manage to hold onto office past January 2021, all bets are off, and nothing is off the table, including outright insurrection by those who remain sane and yet find themselves at their wits end by this man, his lunacy, and the profiteering elites (Koch, DeVos, et al) who continue to back him at their own peril. I truly don’t think we can take 4 more years of this. 4 months already feels like an eternity. Way too long.

Also, who’s going to come up with the vaccine? Jared? Alex Jones? LOL… except it isn’t a laughing matter at all.

Slightkc, yes, fires in western Canada are about climate change just like California. We don’t have nearly as many in the East, but Montreal is an island, and although far inland the river leads to the Atlantic. Sea level rise is a growing concern as it is in Boston and New York.

Eliseo, I will read the article on China this weekend. I believe the secession of Quebec remains a distinct possibility. For the moment, the issue is below the surface but never very far from people’s minds. It very nearly happened in 1995. Justin Trudeau is the dominant politician at this time, but so was his father and he ended up greatly strengthening the secessionist movement he opposed. The son is already hated in Alberta’s oil country, just as his father was, because of his environmental concerns. After a difficult start, he has managed the pandemic well by throwing serious money at it. I’m not sure if he can do this for two or three years without incurring serious economic difficulties which will raise the issue of secession all over again.

As global warming proceeds an independent Quebec would be more geographically and economically viable than was the case decades ago. Nevertheless, I am ambivalent as to the issue.

I was in Niagara Falls, Ontario in the 70’s when Quebec voted non on negotiating a new relationship with the federal Canadian government. Some pretty important and well placed gentlemen confided to me that most of the eastern provinces had secretly made preparations to apply for statehood with the US, had the vote been oui, instead of non.

What surprised me most were the ardent royalists who told me they believed the Canadian provinces would eventually be absorbed into the US as states. Although I am one who has long argued for an economic marriage, (decades before Diane Francis wrote her book) I’ve long felt voluntary political annexation would require some pretty serious changes in both cultures and governments before it could possibly happen.

In the 70’s I seriously considered moving either to Canada or New Zealand and becoming a citizen. I certainly did not fit culturally in the American South. Due I think in great part from the intensity and strength of an immediately previous incarnation in the British Isles, it took me several decades to begin to feel “American”.

It occurred to me that Neptune, as a symbol, is tasked with removing boundaries, especially those of reality. So when the US natal Neptune was trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (Saturn being the symbol of reality) we in the US began a process of undoing what was real as defined by our society (symbolized by Jupiter and Saturn).

In 2001, on September 11, that process began in earnest and has continued to this day, and will do so til the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends in December 2020.

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as US President, and transiting Saturn in Sagittarius was square US Neptune in Virgo and transiting Chiron (+ trans. Mars) in Pisces was opposite US Neptune. The cycle that began between transiting Saturn and the US natal Neptune was 1 quarter of the way through.

Right now transiting Neptune is one degree away from the Trump Inauguration chart’s Chiron, but because trans. Neptune will soon station retrograde, it won’t exact the conjunction to that Inauguration Chiron until next April. Meanwhile, the boundaries of our reality continue to dissolve.

Four months ago, on January 12th, transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto in Capricorn were conjunct and both were trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo, just as transiting Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus had done in 2000.

Both of the cycles – the one in 2000 and the one in 2020 – have created a perfect grand trine with the US natal Neptune, insuring that the boundaries of the US society will be rent asunder, for reasons not clear to all of us right now, but will be understood in the future.

In 2022 transiting Neptune opposite US Neptune (#3) will take place around the same time as the US natal Pluto Return takes place; no doubt by design. Much will be revealed at the Full Moon opposite US natal Pluto in January 2022, I suspect, since transiting Saturn will be trine the US natal Saturn (creator of boundaries).

In the meantime, we would do well to relinquish our attachment to forms and processes and just go with the flow.

I’m sure you all must know but just in case…..tonight at 8 PM (I can’t wait) BarackObama will give the commencement address to all 2020 high school graduates. It wii be memorable, I believe.

Someone might check out astrology (his and Trump’s).

Andre, correct about Charlemagne ruling more than only the territory of France, that’s for sure. He had a large empire. The thing is, at that time countries didn’t exist like they do now. The Franks lived in (the North of) France, as well as in Belgium and in the South of Holland. Charlemagne also ruled over parts of Italy and Germany and a lot more, I read yesterday, when I checked. Yes, he’s buried in Aachen, close to the border with Holland.
The German empire, who was that? Do you mean the Habsburgers and Kaiser Franz Joseph? That was 19th century. I’ve never heard it was Holy though. The holy empire, maybe that refers to the Roman Empire.

So your farmers are against the EU agreement, too? Complicated, isn’t it. I’m like you, I think it’d be good to have the agreement in place, I think it’s better than nothing. Glad to hear you guys have good cheese and ice-cream.
It’s hard to say what Boris wants. I doubt he’s aware that the Canada deal is not a done deal yet.

Can’t find who said this, but
“I’d have Trudeau over Trump every day of the week and twice on Sundays.” yeah!

The 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart (May 28, 2000, 12:04 PM, in DC) also had a sextile between Moon (People) at 3+ Aries (where trans. Chiron was in Feb. 2020) and Venus (values) at 3+ Gemini (May 22, 2020 New Moon at 2+ Gemini and where Venus was in the April 7, 2020 Full Moon) and they formed a Yod with the progressed US Saturn at 3+ Scorpio retrograde in 2000.

This suggests that in the US, the Values (Venus) of the People (Moon) would assert pressure on the Government (progressed US Saturn) in early 2020 regarding wounding/healing(trans. Chiron in Feb.) to adjust in some way in order to avoid that pressure.

It has come to pass that the US (Trump) government has acquiesced to that pressure to adjust.

This cycle (and therefore its energy) will cease in late December, 2020, after the November election.

Our Bob wrote on December 22, 2017 (and again on January 5, 2018) about the effect of the progressed Sibly chart’s Moon in Sagittarius (in 2017) square the US natal Neptune in Virgo that squares the US natal Mars (+ Trump’s natal Sun) in Gemini, and one of its affects would be:

“elimination of all electronic voting”

That too seems to be coming to pass. Good job Bob.

How are you, Bob, by the way? You’ve been quiet. Will, too.

Thank you, Banks.

Obama to Deliver Commencement Speeches to Virus-Hit Class of 2020
The former president’s words are expected to draw interest at a time when his successor in the Oval Office has received immense scrutiny for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr. Obama’s words are expected to draw much interest at a time when his successor in the Oval Office, President Trump, has received immense scrutiny for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Mr. Obama has generally avoided publicly criticizing Mr. Trump, but he called the current administration’s response to the pandemic “anemic and spotty” in a private call last week with thousands of supporters who had worked for him.


Some good news yesterday from a California Research institute’s study of immune system responses in people who’ve been exposed to the virus and had only moderate cases, never hospitalized.

It’s technical, but they found antibodies (an immune system response and hopefully protection from reinfection) in 100% of patients studied.

Most patients had three different types of antibodies, which give vaccine makers three different kinds of cells to target, not just one, in creating a vaccine.

They also found some antibodies in about 50% of people who hadn’t been exposed, which leads them to believe Antibodies produced in our bodied to fight off other viruses in the corona family, like the common cold, may also target the CoVid-19 virus, which would be awesome, if proven true.


A comment from the nyt’s on Obama’s speech.

“A single speech from an erudite learned leader can remind all of us of what we lost but who we can truly be, again.

No wonder Trump has dedicated these last three years to undoing what Obama achieved. And no wonder Trump rails against and tries to scapegoat President Obama every chance he gets. He falls so short by comparison (in every area but amount of time spent on the golf course).”

Michael Wolfstar at Neptune Cafe predicts on his FB page that Warren will be the VP:

“Biden’s Veep Pick under Neptune’s Spell

Speculation over who Biden will pick as his running mate has at least ten worthy possibilities, with Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris topping the list. Biden is by nature a centrist, but the Democratic Party has been leaning left under Bernie Sanders’ influence as well as Warren’s. Going with Warren would appease the left and add substantial passion to an otherwise lackluster campaign.

Currently, Biden is under two major Neptune astro-events, one quite constructive and the other more disorienting. Biden watchers have seen the mental confusion brought about by transiting Neptune opposite his Midheaven. His jumbled phrasing, mental lapses, and often incoherent responses to questions leave politicos to wonder if he’s slipping into dementia.

Biden’s natal Mercury in Scorpio is blessed by a trine to Jupiter, giving him an innate sense of fair play and desire to be honest and forthright. Mercury, the planet that describes how one processes information and communicates ideas, is also squaring Chiron, which makes him vulnerable to mental self-sabotage, since Mercury is in the 12th house and susceptible to psychological forces beyond his conscious control.

The second Neptunian event is Saturn turning retrograde at 1º Aquarius where it trines his 10th house Neptune. Biden’s Neptune is in the partnership sign of Libra and may symbolize his feelings about a Vice President. Saturn trine this Neptune is strategic, practical, and hopeful. Also shaping up is his progressed Midheaven, which is nearly conjunct his Juno-Saturn polarity in the 1st and 7th houses. This alignment is a clear message about picking a woman (Juno) to help him project himself (in 1st house).

Logically, the selected running mate would have key natal or progressed placements aligned with Biden’s Neptune and Juno. Elizabeth Warren’s chart fits the bill. Her natal Mercury-Mars conjunction is closely aligned with Biden’s Juno-Saturn polarity, a rather tense configuration that we’ve already seen play out during the debates. And then Warren’s progressed Sun-Saturn conjunction is also in this degree zone (at 8-9º Virgo), where it squares her natal Mercury-Mars, and Biden’s Juno.

Warren’s progressed Sun is applying to conjoin her progressed Saturn, and will be exact in March 2021. This implies that she’s becoming more of an authority figure, a condition that would certainly make sense if she were on the national stage. Kamala Harris’s chart also looks promising in this sense, although she doesn’t have the connections to Biden’s Neptune or Juno.

Warren’s progressed Ceres is at 1º Libra, exactly conjunct Biden’s Neptune (orb: 0º07’). This very empathetic connection puts her in a caretaking role, perhaps as the leader of Biden’s pandemic response team. And since it’s in Libra, she becomes Biden’s caretaker in the political sense, as a vocal and coherent Vice President. “

Here is more Theresa Hill, right in my neighborhood.



the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation lasted from 962 to 1815. It was based on Charlemagne’s empire of the Franks, which began with his coronation in present-day Germany in 800.


Eliseo, full disclosure. I was the principal legal adviser of what was to be the government of Quebec’s negotiating team with Canada if the secessionist side had won the referendum (or plebiscite) on independence in October 1995. We lost by less than 1% or 50,000 votes. The Yes Side officially got 49.4%. Both sides claimed the other cheated, but both accepted the result peacefully. It was a draw. By no means is the issue resolved. This was the second vote on the independence of Quebec.

Justin Trudeau’s father was the Prime Minister of Canada for the first referendum in 1980. The result then was 40% in favor of a milder form of sovereignty with close ties to Canada. So the result of 1995 on a harder form of independence was actually a great advance even if it did not succeed.

Secessionists such as myself have been waiting for a third opportunity for many years. It’s taken much longer than expected, but the secessionist project has matured considerably during that time. I remain deeply invested in it. I write and am published almost daily on the subject in French mainstream and social media, as well as having devoted my career to the various legal aspects of independence: writing a Constitution, securing international recognition, dealing with the rights of native peoples, negotiating a new relationship with what will be left of Canada, etc.

Being an amateur astrologer is immensely helpful as I am familiar with the astrological cycles of Canadian history which point to severe strain ahead.

I recognize Justin Trudeau’s personal merits and his great international popularity. But if the pandemic lasts three years and the economy crashes, I believe not even he will be able to keep this country together. He is himself Quebec’s favorite son at this point. His career could end dramatically and I think this is what his personal chart indicates.

Margriet, correction. It appears Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope in Rome on Christmas Day 800.


That’s even more promising! Thank you. I know one of the main ways vaccine researchers are trying in creating a vaccine is blocking those receptors the virus uses to get into our cells. Wondered weeks ago if we could produce synthetic versions of antibodies, but
I didn’t imagine a lab having a huge number of receptors on hand already to test.

We really can do amazing things at a sub-cellular level.

Very Interesting! And you are clearly a very interesting character!

You’ve jolted my memory. It must have been 1980, not in the 70’s when I spent so much time in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I was there as the American representative of my religious order to persuade our Canadian sisters and brothers of the virtue and efficacy of our order’s proposed new constitution.

As Canada/US economic and cultural interests and intercourse flow north/south far more so than east/west, I think were Quebec to secede, the remaining Canadian provinces would eventually end up as US states.

Alberta would likely be first to make the jump. Ontario, or British Columbia might hold out longer.

If it happens, it will be AFTER the US has lurched significantly Leftward politically. I believe Trump has inadvertently lead us to the precipice of that poliitical sea change. The US is headed toward a 21st century New Deal, one greener and more comprehensive than that of the 1930’s. Unlike the previous New Deal, I believe it will not be gradually undone bit by bit, piece by piece by the R’s. It will likely be woven by amendment into the fabric of the American Constitution.

What happens with Quebec and Canada, that’s for you folks to decide. It’s none of our business. However you choose, may God bless you with wisdom in your endeavors.

Whatever your political results, I pray we all, Francophones, and English speakers, continue affectionately as allies and friends.

I can see where Warren is the strong partner he needs but am worried she will overshadow him.

The new cycle between Mars and Jupiter that began on March 20th, just hours after the March Aries Equinox, will incorporate Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini – just like the last Mars-Jupiter cycle did. Their last cycle had Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn that formed a Yod to Trump’s Uranus in Gemini, and boy, did it make him squirm.

This time Trump’s Uranus is in a grand trine with the Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart’s Moon (people) in Aquarius and its Juno in Libra which also conjuncts US progressed Mars and Trump’s natal Jupiter.

That same Juno in Libra (+ Trump’s Jupiter and US prog. Mars) is also at the apex of a Yod in the Mars-Jupiter chart with a sextile between Venus (values) in Taurus and Neptune (escape) in Pisces, so again the Mars-Jupiter cycle is going to make Trump squirm; this time through his Jupiter.

The concentration of major planets is much more focused (closer together) than in the the last Mars-Jupiter cycle, as have been all the new cycles that started in January through March this year. Focused and intense.

With the Sun at 0+ Aries new beginnings are paramount with this 2 year cycle. Jupiter and Mars, themselves at 22+ Capricorn, not only echo the theme of the Saturn-Pluto cycle, which also began at 22+ Capricorn, they also trine the US natal Neptune (and Obama’s natal Mars) at 22+ Virgo. Again, a sense of sacrifice and compassion and release from boundaries will be part of the Jupiter-Mars cycle, just like the Saturn-Pluto cycle, but without the devastation of the latter.

Trump will be a more willing participant during this cycle because he’s between a rock and hard place. Uranus (4+ Taurus) will trine this chart’s South Node (4+ Cap) so inventive new methods (Uranus) will replace old methods (South Node) easily (trine). The Moon will be squared by Venus in this chart symbolizing a change in values during this 2 year period. Not a moment too soon.

We seem to be more conscious of where we (the world) are headed during this 2 year cycle, likely because of the January Saturn-Pluto cycle forging the path ahead. Jupiter and Mars are joined (conjunct) Pallas the Strategist and that’s a real good thing for the world. We are not flying blind although it may feel that way much of the time.

Hi Sharonk,

Been lurking for a spell. Lots of busy work with clientele who are stressed-to-the-max. I myself am in dire need of a vacation; had to cancel one in March and one planned in fall due to COVID. I’ve been exhausted but otherwise okay. I downloaded a Scrabble app to my mobile phone and admittedly have become nothing short of addicted; learning how to not “renew” matches in order to catch decent Zzzzs.

My sister’s next-door neighbor was shot with an assault rifle three times in front of her house this past Thursday night. He is in hospital in critical condition. The shooting is believed to be gang-related which is bizarre in this 95% ultra white, well-to-do upscale community of 46,000 community of professionals.

Reading more Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron and Jack Kornfield every night. So many character flaws -so little time!

Thanks for thinking of me.

Will, please take good care of yourself. The Buddhist teaching I like most is that our very obstacles are precisely the way forward.

SharonK, I do believe Warren would overshadow Biden and I think that’s a very good thing and I also think he would entirely agree. It’s the only way to get the great female American President in 2024 and 2028 the US needs for its renewal and proverbial rise from the ashes. She is the only one who can bring health care to all. And she is the right person to lead the country through the highly critical Uranus return which will come on the heels of the Pluto return. Kamala Harris will be a great Supreme Court Justice and probably the first female Chief Justice one day. And Amy Klobuchar will be the best Attorney-General ever, who will prosecute Trump for the good of all. All three have great destinies ahead and they will all owe it to Biden.

Eliseo, despite everything I have written I think that in the short term Justin Trudeau will win a massive electoral victory in 2021 as a reward for his handling of the pandemic. It will be after his greatest triumph that things will go downhill for him, particularly when the bills and the debts from the pandemic are due.

I agree that many, if not most, Canadian provinces would eventually seek to join the US if Quebec secedes. My message to Quebec secessionists this very day has been that they should stop believing Canada can be stable without Quebec. Quebec has always been the heart and the foundation of the country whether most Canadians realize it or not. It is already the most social democratic and European province and this would only increase after independence. The goal would be to become more a Scandinavian state in North America with some French and indigenous cultural traits. I believe we would thrive and prosper in an original way. The only essential Canadian partner we have is Ontario. I am hoping we would strike some kind of a partnership with them and perhaps the neighboring province of New Brunswick, which has a population 40% French-speaking. You are welcome to Montreal any time to discuss these and other matters.

So good to hear from you will! Funny thing, I woke up middle of last night and you popped into my mind – concerned about how you were. Then saw Sharons post after I got up this morning. Somethings in the ether…….

Will. Thank you so much for checking in & sharing what’s going on in your life. The shooting is so shocking. What else can be said about something like that? The virus deaths are bad enough, and then something like that happens. I pray for healing for him. It is in God’s hands.

I am not surprised your clients are keeping you busy. Thank you for helping others at a time like this. Thank you for mentioning the spiritual reading you’re doing. It sounds like you are intuitively turning to the right guides.

I think this virus experience is turning us inside out and upside down. I know it is for me. It’s putting me in touch with fear, compassion, grief, love, wonder. I find myself crying at the courage & love & compassion & strength I’m seeing, & feeling bewildered by the anger & rebellion. (Good thing our astrologers are here to explain it a bit.)

I loved seeing the graduating students on the Lebron James CNN event tonight & was moved to tears remembering the energy & potential of that age. There was a beautiful piece where parents were asked to share what their graduating senior had taught them.

It all makes me realize how superficially I often live, especially emotionally, but still find all of these virus manifestations confusing, & am very cautious & protective.

I miss seeing you here. (I almost said “we” but thought better of it 🙂 )

Sending love & a hug your way, & the same to all here.


Andre, I see your point. I think you just hit the trifecta there,with Warren VP, Kamala on the SC, and Amy Attorney General. Yes, I can see that all working out just fine.

Sharon, Andre, kiwi,

I am grateful for your kind regards.

Strangely, we have had an extraordinary level of chilly, over-cast, rainy days for most of the past three months in Chicago, only adding to the gloomy miasma. What is more, we are headed into yet another week of exceptional rain. You can’t make this stuff up.

Alas. this too shall pass.
Hugs to us all.

Coincidentally, much of the action in the sequel to the novel I’m working on now will need to be in Montreal, and Marseille. I decided that a few years ago when I began planning this particular series of stories.

On many levels our red American states are on a self-destructive, unsustainable path. In the long run, climate change will render them depopulated or uninhabitable or both. They will likely have to revert to territorial status when their populations are small enough. That’s likely by end of century, if not sooner.

Before that occurs, one effect were several Canadian provinces to become US states would be a balancing of the US political discourse with Social Democratic provinces effectively countering red southern states.

But that most probably will be a moot point. The current pandemic, as well as other future events will push the US strongly into evolving into a Scandinavian style state as well. In the context of the circumstances and changes coming, that seems to be the only rational way forward. If Southern states don’t want to come along, they’ll be left behind and suffer the consequences.

The “Scandinavian-izing” of the US IMO will probably begin with Pluto in Aquarius and continue under Pluto in Pisces, (compassion and sensitivity.)

Andre, I’m inspired by your last comment; thank you.

I’m especially inspired by the idea of Warren as VP because her natal Sun/Uranus (0+ Cancer) completes a Yod with the December 21, 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (0+ Aquarius) that will sextile transiting Juno (the lesser partner) at 0+ Sagittarius. Warren will have to make some adjustments, as is required by Yod Rules, but . . .

. . . the Sun-Mercury (0-1 Capricorn) in the 12/21/20 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (cycle) chart opposite Warren’s Sun/Uranus at 0+ Cancer makes a Boomerang out of the Yod. This sends all the considerable power of the Yod back to the Sun (consciousness) + Mercury (communication) in Capricorn (leadership).

Elizabeth Warren’s natal Jupiter at 0+ Aquarius will be conjunct the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the start of a 20 year cycle, in which she will be quite active, although her natal Saturn-Ceres conjunction in Virgo will square the Juno in Sagittarius (part of the Yod turned Boomerang pattern that Elizabeth and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction share), but that could be inspiring as well as challenging.

This too is interesting; Beto O’Rourke has a natal grand trine between his North Node (23+ Capricorn) that conjuncts the recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction/cycle, and his natal Moon at 23+ Taurus (conjunct the present Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/cycle), and his natal Pallas (strategy) at 22+ Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune + Obama’s natal Mars).

Beto’s natal Jupiter (0+ Cap) conjuncts the Sun/Mercury in the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction chart which is the Boomerang part;

His Uranus at 17+ Libra conjuncts the US progressed Mars and the US Constitution chart’s Neptune and Trump’s natal Jupiter (+ Putin’s natal Saturn), all of which oppose the US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries;

His natal Pluto at 1+ Libra conjuncts Biden’s Neptune (and Achilles) at 1+ Libra and the US natal Sibly chart’s MC at 1″ Libra.

At the time of the November election transiting North Node (opportunity) at 20+ Gemini will conjunct Beto’s natal Saturn. Opportunity may knock twice for this man. Lots of possibilities here.

Bob provided us a link to a great article written by Thom Hartman in January, 2018. If you missed it here’s a 2nd chance:


So I’ve believed in Cosmic irony for decades but today it’s funnier because I am officially retirement age. Just glad I left Florida as soon as I could in the 70s that place has gotten so much worse! My family back there is talking about their quarantine being lifted soon. Nuts! I feel safer living near Seattle!

Assuming it’s your birthday today, Jill G, let me wish you, great health, happiness, & blessings. This also might cheer you up.


By the way, this guy, John Weaver, who tweeted the above election map, was once a strategist for Bush, McCain, Kasich, and currently a Biden supporter & founder of the Lincoln project.


Glad you are all right. Stay safe. I’ve heard one can be re-infected with the coronavirus.

Has anyone heard from Bob?

Jill G,
We who live in WA state are pretty fortunate. Thanks to independent minded doctors associated with University of Washington who defied federal orders and began testing anyway, and to Gov. Inslee and our health officials and health professionals, WA appears to have handled this crisis better than the other Am. states.

Our corporate overlords have over time infected much of our population, including many of our leaders with the same addictive malady they themselves suffer from. Process addict greedheads behave like many other addicts. They are willing to sacrifice our lives for their profits.

In the near future when we re-establish the New Deal, it will of necessity be by constitutional amendment, not mere laws that can be undone.

Thanks for reposting that link. An interesting coincidence is in the name Lewis Powell. It was not only the name of the man who wrote that infamous and poisonous memo referred to in Hartmann’s piece, but was also the name of one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators.

You’re kidding Eliseo!!!

No Barb K, I’m not kidding.

“Lewis Thornton Powell (April 22, 1844 – July 7, 1865), also known as Lewis Payne and Lewis Paine, was an American Confederate soldier who attempted to assassinate William Henry Seward as part of the Lincoln assassination plot.” Wikipedia

“Lewis Franklin Powell Jr. (September 19, 1907 – August 25, 1998) was an American lawyer and jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1971 to 1987.” Wikipedia.

L.F.Powell Jr. was the fellow who wrote and circulated the detailed memo as to how the plutocrats could reestablish control over the country, resulting in that vast far right wing conspiracy Hillary Clinton correctly spoke of.

wow eliseo! were they related? And if so, how?

The Lincoln Project has been putting out awesome ads. Hard to refute because they often feature Trump’s own words on video clips.


I hope you get nice spring days soon. Been spending many days working and reading on my back porch, and it really helps with quarantining.

I have no idea if they are related or not. I was just struck by the fact they were both nefarious actors upon American history and both were named Lewis Powell.

I DO intend to meld them together into one character for one of my stories. Bad guys in fiction always read as more plausible when based on real people.

Eliseo, happy noveling! Let us know when its finished! 🙂

Eliseo — to me, the “Powell” connection between now and then is another correlation of the current times to the era of the Civil War. It just amazes me how similar everything happening seems to be!

I discovered I have scads of honeysuckle in my backyard… not only around the tree closest to my backdoor, but also all around the fence line! Mother Nature gave me a bit of wonder and awe in an otherwise pretty lousy day. I have hummingbirds… plural! First house I’ve ever lived in where I can add hummingbirds to my backyard birding journal! Even in the worst of times, there’s wonder and beauty around us if we open our eyes to see.

I’ll be using the Lewis Powell bad guy character in a time travel story I’ve planned for several years. But I can’t get to it until after Trump is gone, and I’ve finished another story I’m working on now. I’ll nevertheless keep you posted.

According to Wallet Hub the top ten US states most vulnerable to coronavirus are all red Southern states.
1. West Virginia
2. Louisiana
3. Mississippi
4. Arkansas
5. Alabama
6. Kentucky
7. Florida
8. Tennessee
9. South Carolina
10. Georgia


They were rated on availability of health insurance, quality and availability of health care providers and facilities, percentage of population above 65, and percentage of population with preexisting conditions.

I’m sorry to bring this topic to the surface again but I thought this article was important to share.

‘Manipulative, deceitful, user’: T. Reade left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances
A number of those who crossed paths with Biden’s accuser say they remember two things: She spoke favorably about her time working for Biden, and she left them feeling duped.


I wonder if anyone can weigh in on the astrology of this pandemic. We have seen everything from the worst is behind us to a reality that it will take three years minium to move beyond this (in terms of a vaccine and getting it to the world population).

I understand that the economic hit will take many years to rebound from, but society is turned upside down – when does that become normal or does it ever?

Sharon K, thanks for the birthday wishes. With Aquarius rising I knew I would move far from “home”. I personally thought the water rising would get them now I’m worried about the Covid 19 doing them in (despite the fact that two of my three sisters are RNs they’re batshit crazy Republicans who believe everything on Faux News!)

Eliseo, being here is a gift (btw on my astrocartography map I’m living close to my mercury rising arc.). We used to live in Texas back in 2000 and couldn’t wait to get away from gov. Bush and the drought. lol

So, when folks can deal, go to Randi Rhodes homework page and read the details of what is happening now. https://randirhodes.com/blog/category/homework/

Jill G,
Happy Belated Birthday to you!
In which part of Texas did you reside?
I was in SE Texas for entirely too long. It was traumatizing for me.

Jill G, happy belated birthday wishes from one aquarius rising to another.

Thank you Eliseo and Kiwi. We were living in Austin before we moved. Was there while Ann Richards was governor. I had previously lived in and around Houston, spent about 15 years in Texas. You know the divorce and remarry story. Austin was cool, Houston had a very different vibe.

Jill G,
The Austin/San Antonio/San Marcos area is IMHO the best part of Texas, culturally and weather wise. I found it practically impossible to make a living in Austin.

I grew up in SE Texas where I always felt like an outsider. I much prefer the culture and weather here in the Pacific Northwest. But I have no astrocartographic lines here.

Andre, I am so disappointed. I always looked forward to your posts for your deep insight and spiritual slant on pedantic issues.

But as a Canadian, I cannot in any way at any time, no matter what the issues believe any Canadian would want to join the U.S.

Our motto of Peace, Order and Good Government as opposed to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As a patriot, I can say I would fight to the death rather than let any country “absorb”us and in particular the U.S.

Perhaps I misread your sentiments. Please tell me you do not think this is a option and that Quebec, despite obvious historical differences, would rather remain Canadian than join the U.S. because how they would remain separate is unfathomable if the rest of Canada was American.

Please explain to me what you, hopefully, really meant. Our country has so much to be proud of, so much to be grateful for, and despite our neighbour to the south, we have held our own. We have helped every country in every valid War. We have embraced multiculturalism when the rest of world fought about it. We have a country of strong, moral, thinking, creative, kind people who have set an example for the world. How can you so quickly throw it under the bus?

So disheartening!

The US Ceres Return has its own agenda of course, but because the 3rd of 3 conjunctions that transiting Ceres makes to US natal Ceres is within hours of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction next December, it takes on a more worldly persona.

The final US Ceres Return is just hours before the Winter Solstice too. Therefore both the Winter Solstice (effective for 3 months) and the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle will have Ceres at 8+ Pisces which is where the US natal Ceres is, and that’s saying something.

Recall that US natal Ceres squares US natal Uranus, so she is always going to have an element of shock and surprise whenever she is aspected by transiting planets. For example, transiting Neptune was conjunct US Ceres (and square US Uranus) when Justice Scalia was found dead, unexpectedly, and buried without a proper autopsy.

Anyway, in both the December 21 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart and 11 hours earlier, the December 20 US Ceres Return chart, transiting Pluto (23+ Capricorn) is 45 degrees away from Ceres (8+ Pisces), a semi-square in astrological terms. This suggests frustration in reaching goals and I suspect that goal might be a Covid-19 vaccine.

That is because Ceres was in the same degree that Saturn and Pluto were when they were exactly conjunct each other. All 3 were square Eris in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction/cycle chart. Eris was, and still is square the US natal Mercury (data, communication, thinking) in Cancer (home) that was opposed to the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction in January. Eris delights in spoiling anticipated expectations.

But no doubt there is a reason for that. There is a plan afoot that is even bigger than what this virus is creating. It is about raising the consciousness of humanity.

In both the December Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart and the US natal Ceres Return #3 chart the transiting Neptune (dreams) in Pisces opposes transiting Vesta (investment and maybe the stock market?) in Virgo and they form a grand cross with the transiting North Node (new path) in Gemini opposite the transiting South Node (obsolete path) in Sagittarius; it is a matter of practicality vs. dreams and old ways vs. new ways that must be decided.

The Moon (the US People) in the US Ceres Return chart conjuncts Neptune and the US People have a dream that the virus will disappear and life will return to normal.

On the other hand, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart’s Moon (all people) opposes the chart’s Pandora and sextiles the chart’s Sedna who trines Pandora who trines Chariklo (endurance), wife of Chiron, and she, Chariklo, conjuncts US natal Pluto, making the Moon in this Jupiter-Saturn-20-year cycle part of a Kite pattern (at least for the USA) and she, the Moon, designates Pandora as the focal point of the grand trine.

So, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s queen-of-the-grand-trine Pandora (symbolizes a release of multiple problems) and Sedna (who demands service in return for her favors) and Chariklo + US Pluto (US power going through total transformation) which is about to have its first Pluto Return, is a 20 year endeavor. Timing is everything.

The Ceres Return is effective for about four years before trans. Ceres comes back, while the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is effective for 20 years before they meet again, and the US Pluto Return is effective for 248 years.

Oddly enough, transiting Venus (what we value) in Sagittarius is key in the Ceres Return and Jupiter-Saturn charts because she opposes US Uranus and squares US Ceres. For the US people it is a time to sort out our values. Therein lies the core of raising humanity’s consciousness.

Barb, does venus’ retrograde through Gemini right now impact that same opp of Uranus & square of Ceres?

“She (E. Warren) is the only one who can bring health care to all. And she is the right person to lead the country through the highly critical Uranus return which will come on the heels of the Pluto return. Kamala Harris will be a great Supreme Court Justice and probably the first female Chief Justice one day. And Amy Klobuchar will be the best Attorney-General ever, who will prosecute Trump for the good of all. All three have great destinies ahead and they will all owe it to Biden.”

I pray you are right, my friend. You’ve described a great team! Is this a matter of wishful thinking, or based on the transits to their respective natal charts?

Quintile, I knew a proud Canadian would answer me. Let me tell you I deeply respect your views. Perhaps my spiritual interests are partly a result of my own dashed political dreams. I can reassure you on one thing: Quebec would definitely prefer to remain a Canadian province than join the US. In fact, Quebec would be the last Canadian province to join the US for obvious cultural reasons. While always insecure about the future of the French language in North America, it will always seek the political solution that will allow it the greatest autonomy. As I have written, Quebec has traditionally felt itself to be the foundation and the heartland of Canada, and one of its principal grievances is this has been forgotten by most of Canada.

My point is that the dream of Quebec independence will never die even if Canada thinks it is long gone. It could yet reappear in surprising ways with any major confrontation that the current federal and Quebec governments are both desperately trying to avoid. I believe that buried and unresolved issues will inevitably surface at some point in the not very distant future. I have said that other provinces may seek to join the US if Quebec secedes because IMHO Quebec is, willingly or not, the glue that keeps the country together. I would remind you, for example, that almost every Canadian Prime Minister since World War II has been from Quebec. As a proud Quebecois, I think our domination of Canadian federal politics has been outrageous. Much of Canadian modern history has been a bloodless civil war between the federalist and the nationalist wings of Quebec’s political class, with Quebec voters balancing one side with the other while Canadians at large have often been bystanders. This isn’t healthy for anyone. And the fact that many Canadians are taught to remain in full denial most of their lives about such basic realities about their own country does not make such realities less true. But it does mean they may be shocked by what’s coming. I may be deeply wrong, but I will remain committed to my vision of a better world which includes an independent, free, peaceful, democratic, socially advanced and prosperous Quebec.

I’m not sure the American and international readers of this blog are very interested about the niceties of Canada-Quebec constitutional debates. I am reminded of my days as a hippie traveling in Europe. I lived for a few days in 1977 in a cave on a beach on the Greek island of Crete.Young people form different countries would meet around a large fire every evening. I was in my early 20s and one night I got into a careless quarrel with two young ladies from Toronto about Canada and Quebec. The adult in our group was a Dutch guy who tended the fire. He told us to shut up because he wanted none of it and we were hurting the vibes. This may apply here as well.

I truly hope I will never disappoint you again.

I’ve heard hydroxychloroquine can have bad effects on heart rhythm, especially when one is morbidly obese. Our president is an idiot. It won’t prevent him from catching the virus, and could in theory make him very, very sick.

Do any of you have experience or good medical knowledge regarding this drug?


I know doctors stopped one of the hydroxychloroquine drug trials because some patients developed heart problems. But that was people already sick with he disease.

I haven’t read about any drug trial that’s focused on preventing people from getting it. That’s all vaccine research.

Andre: Thank you for your explanation. We are the same age, but I have lived all my life in western Canada. Our cultural heritage is important and I recall Cretien, Trudeau, talking about the Canadian Mosaic, about tolerance, and how this is what makes Canada stand out. We are bilingual but multicultural, and everyone in Canada regardless of their heritage is part of that cultural mosaic. Quebec, in order to protect what they see as their identity have perpetrated intolerance of others cultures, religions, and politics. This is regrettable. It is better to shine brightly and promote your culture rather than protect it by suppressing that which is different. If Canada should lose Quebec, it would be truly heartbreaking.

Eliseo, I have heard from someone who is on it for an illness, who said it’s helped him & there haven’t been serious side effects, but that’s obviously not true of everyone. As a matter of fact, slightkc has mentioned being on it so she is our expert & can address this. I, for one, don’t believe anything Trump says so he might be lying.

Sharon K,
Yes, he might be lying. But I have a feeling he is telling the truth on this one.

Frankly, I’m concerned because I don’t want him to die in office. I don’t want any conspiracy theories proliferated or the chaos his death might cause. I want him instead to be soundly and conclusively defeated in an obvious landslide, that his complaint of a rigged election might be clearly hollow.

This is encouraging!
Trump losing critical part of his base as older voters flock to Biden, report says
Even the president’s own internal polls show him losing to the presumptive Democratic nominee among older voting blocs


I can’t help but laugh at this, and we all could use some levity about now. This one happened in Virginia.

Two men caught stealing from convenience store with watermelons on their heads




What to Know About the Malaria Drug Trump Says He Is Using
Here are the facts on hydroxychloroquine, which the president has promoted to fight Covid-19 despite warnings from the F.D.A. that it can cause heart problems.

Here is what we know about the drug:

What is hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine is a prescription medicine that was approved decades ago to treat malaria. It is also used to treat autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. It is sometimes referred to by its brand name, Plaquenil, and is closely related to chloroquine, which is also used to treat malaria.

Like every drug, it can have side effects. It is not safe for people who have abnormalities in their heart rhythms, eye problems involving the retina, or liver or kidney disease. Other possible side effects include nausea, diarrhea, mood changes and skin rashes.

The leaders of three professional societies in cardiology warned on April 8 in the journal Circulation that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin could each cause dangerous disruptions in heart rhythm, and they wrote, “There are very limited data evaluating the safety of combination therapy.”


I take Hydroxychloroquine for an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome. One of the side effects of Hydroxychloroquine can be hair loss. Wouldn’t that be something to laugh about? Sorry, I know that’s not nice but…..
I also wish the media would try to focus on something more meaningful. Last night Lawrence O’Donnell had a segment on the Irish donating money to a tribe with the highest percapita incidence of Covid 19. I had no idea how poorly these tribes are treated and how little they have. No one in this country should have to live without running water. I wish we’d hear more about this and less about Trump’s lying or stupidity.

Excellent observation Sharon, thanks!

Transiting Venus was first conjunct the US natal Uranus and square the US natal Ceres on April 13-14. and just before she stationed retrograde THIS month on the 13th she made a conjunction with the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini). Interesting.

She was also just one degree from Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and square US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) when she stationed retrograde (May 13), and on May 15th she was conjunct transiting Vesta (invest in), both at 21 Gemini 45, the same degree as US Mars. Was that when Trump says he started taking hydroxychloroquine?

Tomorrow trans. retro Venus will square trans. Neptune and continue her retrograde – making a conjunction with US Uranus and square US Ceres on June 12-13 – until late June when she stations direct at 5+ Gemini. (As noted earlier, transiting Ceres makes the 1st of 3 conjunctions to US natal Ceres (8+ Pisces), aka the US Ceres Return, and will also square US natal Uranus on May 28th.)

Transiting Venus, symbolic of our values, will make her third and final conjunction with US Uranus and square with US Ceres (during this particular period) on July 8-9. She is setting up the scene for the final US Ceres Return, as well as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December.

Thanks again Sharon, the picture is getting clearer.

I would say she was pushing a lot of buttons

Banks, I saw that piece on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show (the Irish never forget) and was very moved by it. Thanks for noting, and I agree, the media almost always focuses on the sensational.

You are welcome, Barb. Lets hope these aspects bring solutions and good things for the country and world.

Mars goes retro at 28 Aries from Sept 9 to 15 Aries on Nov 13.

I think Trump announced he was taking it yesterday, the 18th or on Sunday, 5/19.

Will, you might want to check your website’s address. I tried to go there tonight, but it just gave me an error. I think it’s the code for a space (or some other syntax) that’s throwing it off. I think it’s the punctuation for whatever code syntax defines: %20 (space?)

Anyway, just an FYI… Just wanted to check out your site and say “hi”


I didn’t know I had shared that here. Thank you for letting me know.

I just checked it and it seems to be working.

Nonetheless, Hi to you, slightkc; trust all is well with you and you are hanging tough during these exceptional times.

Thank you!

Barb – “baptism by fire” — fire purifies, but damn, does it burn! I just hope we come out of this with some skin left on us!

Eliseo – I’m all in for an American Nuremberg Society! We’re gonna need some kind of court of Reconciliation. Trump has divided this country too much for far too long. I couldn’t believe the next division he’s working towards – vetting doctors to say everything is just fine and we need to open up the economy. Sure liked Sherrod Brown’s comment in the Banking hearing today – “How many workers should give their lives to increase our GDP by half a percent?” He and Sheldon Whitehouse have been personal heroes of mine since the Bush days. I wonder what it would be like to have a representative who actually represented you? Being in KS, none of the Trump Repugs give a crap about anyone but the Trumpistas (even they even give a crap about them!)

But pitting doctor against doctor over something as dangerous as a global pandemic? IMNSHO, any doctor that “trumpets” Trump’s lie that the economy is the most dangerous thing to our health now should have their license pulled by the AMA. At least, everyone should take notice and quit the doc if it turns out you know him/her.

I’m also pretty darned tired of hearing Trump dis and debase female reporters asking intelligent questions. I have news for him, no matter how much he and his christianist evangelicals wish it, we females are never going to go back to being subservient to men. If them can find women in their own religious path that -sincerely want- that (Goddess, help them!), then that’s different. But the rest of us are not going back, no matter what.

Eliseo – we started showing the Trumpistas of today they could get away with law-breaking clear back in the 70’s, when Ford pardoned Nixon. The absolute WORST thing Pelosi could have done was let GW/Cheney/Rumsfled leave office with no investigation, no impeachment hearing, no consequences whatsoever. And if Trump starts down this road of investigating Obama for no reason whatsoever, I suggest we not only go backwards for Trump, but also Bush. “Tortue memos” be damned, what he ordered done in the Middle East was war crimes. Heck, the entire war was a war crime because there was no “premptive strike” necessary! As with Trump, everything was based on lies. THAT is job number one, AFAIC. We have to have some way to get the lies out of government as much as possible. We do that, the rest of corruption follows necessarily. Usually, every “wrong” starts with a lie. This from someone who lies as badly as Trump! No way I could ever keep track on anything if I didn’t tell the truth — it’s just easier!

But a lot of this stems, IMO, from this who elitist view that we, the public, cannot handle Truth when it comes from our government. Of coure, the other side of that is that Government MUST be responsive to US, the People, when we say “NO” to something — like a war in Iraq/Afghanistan. And unfortunately, that 30% of the people you spoke of is making a liar out of me as I type this! (LOL)

What DO we do with them? I used to be professional enough not to say what I’m gonna say now. I used to be a lot more kind-hearted towards them, since some of “them” are family members. I see our options being extremely limited, vis-a-vis the Civil War experience. But whatever we start, we MUST finish this time. Reconstruction didn’t finish… it was stopped. I think that was one of the main problems there, as well as Lincoln trying so hard to be a Uniter to not hang the traitors.

First, IF we’re going to stay ONE country, then ALL textbooks need to cite the “Civil War”… not this namby-pamby “War between the States.” In addition, it should be spelled out in ALL textbooks that the Civil War was fought over Slavery. The North was against Slavery, and the South, seeing that their economy would have to change and necessarily be less fought to continue to have Slaves to work the land, etc. When the North won and Slaves were freed, the South took to share-cropping as the next best thing to slavery. To this day, the states with the lowest wages and least safety net for their people are those in the south. To this day, the Republicans in the South still think Slavery is such a good idea, they’d consign anyone to involuntary servitude if they could get away with it, and with prison labor, most do get away with it.

IOW, we need to have a set of facts going back to where things took a wrong turn (IMO, during Reconstruction). These facts must be taught the same everywhere in the country if we’re ever going to have a chance at a generation that eschews our racist past.

And, as I am part Amerind, I declare that what the Europeans did to the Native Tribes should be taught a hell of a lot more than it is now. Even when I was in school, once we learned about the Trail of Tears, that was about it. “Manifest Destiny” wasn’t really discussed even then. Let’s kill the idea once and for all of “rugged individualism” and “American Exceptionalism.” The only thing I see exceptional about so many people are how cruel they can actually be.

And like so many here, which someone above called “Neptune Withdrawals”… everytime I think there can’t be a lower low, Trump and the Repugs shock me yet again. Between Bush, Trump, and the Repugs I’ve learned more about evil than I ever wanted to know. Studying Hitler and other despots, you become aware of what men can do to men. I just never thought it would touch my life so directly. And make me feel always like I need a long, hot shower.

For the adult 30%, I just don’t know. Part of me wants them to discover the FEMA camps they’ve been so afraid of since Bill Clinton. Maybe we could begin reprogramming there! But the other part of me eschews camps of any kind. I dunno, you guys above have come up with some good incarceration ideas! LOL… Personally, I’d rather see them all shipped to Guantanamo. After all, what is that old saying? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

I’d still rather give them a proportionally correct part of the country and say “have at it.” Govern yourself as you see fit, but leave us alone except for “X” trade pacts. Let everyone move where they want (and help them $$$ to move, if they need it).

That’s the least violent format I can think about. We’re gonna have trouble with them, no matter what. Trump is NOT going to win again. The economy is going to be in a depression by November; many of these lost jobs now are not going to come back; Trump is not going to get international companies to move back here. These corporations are country-less. They belong NOWHERE and have loyalty to NO COUNTRY. So, let’s make “people” mean human beings again, and a corporation is simply an artifice built by humans. Take away their special status.

And for gods sake! Let’s honor labor in the tax code. Earned Income should be taxed LESS than Unearned Income!

Hi, JillG! I was stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio and then stayed there for nearly decade after I got out of the AF. New hubby and I moved up to Austin and lived there for a year. I loved both cities, but very different vibes. I adored San Antonio while I lived there. Went back for my mom-in-law’s funeral and they’d changed so many of the highways I couldn’t even find my old stomping grounds! (LOL)

Austin was way cool. Hubby lived there for years before we met. I missed San Antonio too much to really catch on, until just before we moved to the Midwest (talk about culture shock!)

I had to cross that I35 bridge in Austin every day for work. In fact, We lived just north of Buda, and turned to the right immediately after crossing the bridge to get to work. Went down to see some old friends and was amazed at how much bigger the city had grown. Suburbs had become their own cities!

Sharon, I haven’t taken plaquenil. I was too afraid, after having the fear drummed into me by the rheumatolgist. Frankly, after that, I thought anyone not on the verge of death taking it was a damned fool. I’m open to it now that there are more years behind me than in front of me… but I’d want to hear more first-hand stories before I did so.

Trump’s a fool in more ways than one. I can’t imagine a professional doctor prescribing it as a preventative. There have been no studies showing any efficacy in that direction. And for those who were sick and nothing else worked, they were put in the treatment trials and then nearly immediately pulled off it, ‘cos death was the most common result.

IMO, either Trump lied (oh, my!) and he’s not taking it, but still has money invested in all those millions of doses he ordered, or he has the virus and they’re just not telling us. Frankly, I WANT him to know the fear of not being able to find that next breath – of feeling the elephant sitting on his chest. He’s made 90%+ of the country so mentally dysfunctional, it would be pure karma for him to feel some of that… especially if his little “sparkle pony” couldn’t be in the same room with him because of the virus! Let him know a bit of the pain and anguish we have been living (and dying) through!

Excuse me, I misspoke above. It was “Princess Sparkle Pony”… we mustn’t forget her elevated position! (LOL)

BTW… there are more than a few cases being consolidated in one of the New York districts, and one of the charges is of racketeering… which I believe falls under RICO, doesn’t it?

This is one the court refused to waylay… absolutely said it must proceed.

Trump has lost more cases than he’s won, except when it comes to Congressional Oversight and Subpoenas.

I really wish the Dems from Obama Admin would tell the Senate Repubs and Trump to go pound sand on this bull#&it, trumped up scandal of Trumps! Just like they did in the Impeachment hearings.

Also, in addition to Pompeo having Trump fire the SoS IG because of the arms to Saudi Arabia deal, he fired the IG of DOT because he was investigating Turtle (McConnell’s) wife, Elaine Caoi. Must be why Turtle has been so arrogantly smug lately. I DO hope Kentucky kicks him out this year.

Just saw this on DU:

Texas Just Told Counties To Stop Reporting Their Corona virus Numbers

If county officials are being forced to stop reporting coronavirus cases and deaths to its citizens, how can we know we will be getting accurate numbers?

I think most of us figured they were fudging numbers in some states – heart attacks and pneumonia being blamed, not CV19 if testing not done on patient. But this is blatent, in-your-face we don’t care right here.

I’ve been following the numbers in our little county. We went into the red today – 1053 confirmed, 7 deaths. Only 78 recovered so far. And yet, we’re cleared for “opening up” because the numbers are “going the right way”???? We’ve been adding 20-30 cases every few days for the past 3 weeks. How can that be the right direction?! ARGH! Ah, well, I’m not changing my routine. Thank goodness I have the ability to keep as isolated as I do, but I worry about my friends and former coworkers on Post. They should not be made to return to work without guarantees, and certainly NO business (especially the Feds!) should be “immune” from lawsuit if someone comes down with CV19 or goddess-forbid, dies from it! If the Repubs feel so strongly that everything is A-OK, then let them prove it by dropping that provision from the next assistance funding.

Speaking of which, is anyone else besides Hubby and I still waiting on the $1200 CV19 check? We even went in and gave our info, still can’t find out when it’s coming, even tho Mom and my Sis got theirs already. I’m wondering if we’re gonna get stiffed by Trump?! Wouldn’t surprise me anymore.

Just a random astrological fact: After the first-ever U.S. Pluto Return in 2022, Pluto won’t crawl through this sector of the zodiac again until… Monday, February 24, 2268, during the late 23rd century.

Who knows of course if the United States, or even humanity will still be around then? We still have to get out of this century, and that doesn’t at all seem assured with climate change, resource depletion, wars, idiot politics, and perhaps future, even deadlier pandemics that may crop up, and for which we may be unprepared. I’m always hopeful that we will overcome everything somehow, but my realist side always has me on the watch for the sketchier paths we might collectively find ourselves upon.

I do wonder what anyone living at such point in the future might think of these times, and those of us now living. The 23rd century is supposedly when the Star Trek of James T. Kirk and Spock takes place. Is such a united and space-faring civilization even possible? It seems right now that it couldn’t be further away from the trough we find ourselves in.

Much will likely be written on mad #KingCovid Donald J. Trump in the years to come, after he is finally and blessedly gone from the White House and from this Earth, and I would think at least some historical account of these times will survive until then.

If there is a Second Pluto Return for the U.S., the country will undoubtedly be a very different place, by necessity. Yet similar themes of authoritarian control (Capricorn) and overreach (Pluto pushing to extremes) are likely to echo down throughout time.

WOW! Good friend, you are wound up tonight! LOL. You are mostly right though, like about 95 percent.

The challenges before us are very different from anything we’ve experienced. When county officials are told not to report how many covid-19 deaths and/or confirmed cases, or told to either minimize or not test at all, we are in serious trouble. If the “truth shall set us free,” the logical corollary would be lies and ignorance will enslave us.

Another major concern: a large increase in the number of homeless people means folks without address, which means how and where will they vote? A voter registration requires an address. Whether you vote by mail, as we do it here in WA, of by absentee ballot, or in person, a valid address and ID is required. I don’t see landlords, mortgage companies, banks, or credit unions temporarily forgiving the debts they are owed by renters and buyers.

This could dramatically reduce the number of registered voters, thereby endangering the number of registered Dems who actually vote.


If being homeless affects the number of dems who can vote, it will also affect the number of repubs as well. A lot of his followers are working poor. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be convinced to do something that hurts them as much or more than the other guy. So sad.

Ralfee Finn:

“That Mercury/Venus conjunction in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, and because Neptune signifies imagination, some of the stories we are hearing and will continue to hear are the biggest fish stories possible—Neptune actually delights in the fantastic. At its worst, this square generates a peculiar kind of paranoia, a mental state that isn’t quite satisfied with what is and feels compelled to embellish the facts; at its best, this square brings to light the qualitative difference between reality and imagination. As you spin your story, try to stick to the facts—these days truth is actually stranger than fiction.”


Biden and Warren team up to call low-income supporters. The message is clear.


In response to silcominc on May 18th, 2020 at 4:14 pm, re: “I wonder if anyone can weigh in on the astrology of this pandemic. We have seen everything from the worst is behind us to a reality that it will take three years minimum to move beyond this (in terms of a vaccine and getting it to the world population). I understand that the economic hit will take many years to rebound from, but society is turned upside down – when does that become normal or does it ever?”

That is a darned good question! Unfortunately, I personally don’t’ think there is an answer.

I know that BarbK has given a number of detailed explanations revolving around Ceres, and I’m not saying she is wrong. We can observe, but it is too soon to prove anything by Ceres over such a short time frame. Perhaps in future there will be some clear indicator in the stars as to pandemics, but we haven’t even put together the astrology of the ancient pandemics of the past.

My personal opinion, after pondering this for some time, is that astrology does not apply to pandemics as a phenomenon, nor Covid 19, now. Astrology generally applies in relation to people, who react to and suffer from catastrophes like atomic bombs, wars and, now, the force that is Covid. It’s the potential for REACTION you see in any chart. It’s not the virus itself.

A virus is a force of nature – nobody knows at this point (except Fox News ?) whether Covid 19 arose entirely naturally, or it had a ‘boost’ from some research lab in China or both. The truth of that is not the point of astrology. The truth may be known in time, but it’s like asking whether earthquakes start from people thinking evil thoughts. Who knows or ever would know? It just doesn’t make sense to do a chart for a virus.

Charts come down to WHOMEVER is asking a question, whether it is about a virus or anything else. There can be many, many charts, astrologers, clients and readers. Astrology is person and location sensitive – that is how a chart is drawn up. Without a valid chart, there is no astrology.

Which is why most ‘sun sign’ astrology is useless BS, even when occasionally it rings true. The fact that you happen to hit a truth one day and no truth on other days is a perfectly useless form of prediction. You can’t rely on it for anything – chance is not prediction – it’s just chance.

(I know there are many who say there is no such thing as chance, that everything is ‘ordained’ in some way – but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for what most Americans believe in down to their bones, which is their personal right to self determination! Not going there…..)

Individual charts are tied to specifics, starting with a questioner or a country, etc., any of which start from a ‘birth’: a TIME AND PLACE of the question (horary), or birth of a person, or other entity. All of that means there must be billions of charts for Covid. There can’t be one most ‘significant’ one that somehow predicts an outcome.

The same applies to the economy. As a phenomenon, we read about ‘the economy’ in the media all the time, and we know it if we lose our jobs, but no one thing or body encompasses the economy as a whole. You can only look at a chart for ‘the economy’ from the point of view of one person, or one company, one country, etc. We humans are not privileged to know “ALL” – we are not gods – and astrology won’t get us there either.

I believe that is the reason you cannot “see” the Covid 19 virus in charts. It is too big for astrology – it is a phenomenon that belongs in the realm of the gods, or ‘science’ or voodoo, or whatever you espouse, but can’t understand fully, or control.

What we see is the effect of the conditions brought about by the Covid 19 virus on a person’s or entity’s singular life. It’s like the virus is the air we breathe, and the person or entity, whose chart we do, is at a window looking out at the weather.

Viruses don’t ask questions and they don’t have birth times. A virus chart is an impossibility. So, my answer is that there is no “astrology of the pandemic”.

Just my opinion…..

Beowulfie, I think Saturn-Pluto conjunctions clearly predict pandemics. Not only did we have one this year, but also in 1982 when AIDS appeared and 1919 with the Spanish flu. 3 0ut of 4 in the last century is beyond probability.

Also, many astrologers agree Saturn-Uranus squares usher in periods of economic instability and recessions. Combine the two aspects and you clearly have a severely difficult period.

A computer model predicts Trump will lose by a landslide because of the economy.


Quintile, surely you will agree with me on two things: 1. this is not the forum to resolve our Canada-Quebec differences and 2. in this critical year in US history, it is more important for both of us to offer our support and friendship to our common American neighbors.

I however cannot avoid responding as briefly as I can to your comment. Quebec has very little to learn from Canada about tolerance. Canadian multiculturalism is widely rejected here because it is seen as a way to deny and dilute Quebec’s national identity. We respect and value the diversity of immigrants from all nations, but we also expect them to adapt to us in very basic civic responsibilities. We believe in a secular state where freedom of religion is not paramount but subject to the right to be free from religion. In this, we share the values not of Canada, but of most European countries, even a few African or Arab. The European Court of Human Rights, which has jurisdiction over hundreds of millions of people, has validated more severe restrictions than those you will find in Quebec. I believe that court is much wiser and more convincing in this regard than the Supreme Court of Canada. No more moralizing, please.

One issue which could be of more interest to Americans is Joe Biden’s decision to block the Keystone pipeline running from Alberta to Texas. Obama had opposed it as well. You do not mention which Western province you live in. Alberta has been largely unsuccessful in its efforts to expand exports of its very costly and polluting oil. Investors are turning away. The new pipeline to BC has only been made possible by Justin Trudeau’s purchase of it at the cost of at least 4 billion$ CAN and counting. A basic fact that is never mentioned in the Canadian West is that Quebec taxpayers are forced by this decision to fund more than 20% of this purchase even if they deeply disagree with it. They have also funded more than 20% of Ottawa’s many tax breaks and subsidies to the oil industry in Alberta over the years, and this has become a significant argument for secession. Quebec provides clean hydro-electric energy to New England, including the cities of Boston and New York. But our neighboring fellow provinces won’t buy it out of pure spite. Quebec has developed that energy without a single penny of federal support.

Finally, you know Alberta’s projected pipeline to the Atlantic coast has died because of massive cross-party opposition in Quebec. A natural gas project in Northern Quebec is about to end the same way. More than any other part of Canada, Quebec believes we must move away as soon as possible from fossil fuels. We lead the country in the sale of electric cars. Montreal has seen last September the world’s greatest demonstration in relation to population against global warming; Greta Thurnberg was impressed. The same thing occurred when it was time to oppose the Irak war.

We are simply different from Canada and we very much intend to keep and cultivate that difference. This day commemorates the 40th anniversary of the first referendum on Quebec independence. It is now obvious the conversation on independence is being reignited. We want out of the oil state that Canada has become.

I expect a secessionist government will be elected in Quebec in 2022. I believe we will leave Canada by mid-decade. US Uranus returns have always had a major effect on Canadian history.

Thanks Beowulfie and Andre for expanding our understanding of astrology, which is a language of symbolism, which is open to interpretation.

These symbols, like Saturn and Sun and Uranus and Capricorn and Gemini and trines and oppositions and a 5th house and an MC, and so on, are like paint colors to a painter; they are tools with which to create a picture. Hate for example has no one symbol to attribute its origin to, it is made up of a combination of symbols, depending on circumstances.

That’s how I feel about a specific manifestation called Covid-19, and because it is born of nature, I look to the symbol of nature, which is Ceres, at least the most obvious symbol of Nature.

All by herself, she does not symbolize this particular disease, but when combined with the likes of Saturn and Pluto, along with the symbolism of Sun and Mercury and then all of them squared (challenged) by Eris (a symbol of discord), it is not so much of a stretch of imagination to want to see what transiting Eris (and in this case, the US natal Ceres) is telling us.

Imagination is part of understanding what the language of astrology can reveal to we mere mortals; part of the attempt to find balance between the senses we mortals have been gifted with; you know, left brain, right brain stuff.

If we stretch just a little our god-given imaginations, it can be a blessing. However if our imaginations are the sole resource to find answers, a human being can lose his way, an example of one so lost is Donald Trump.

Covid-19 is a brand new riddle that the Universe has given Humanity to solve, and until solved it is a beast to be contained if we – humanity – want to salvage any part of our societies that have taken years of work to establish. This new beast produces chaos which produces fear, and, well, you know where that leads.

My present most favorite method of learning from astrology on my own is the study of cycles; specifically the charts of their beginning. My other best way of learning about astrology is from other astrology lovers.

When Sharon pointed out that retrograde transiting Venus (values) would – again – conjunct US Uranus (breakthroughs) who squares US natal Ceres (nature) who will have a Return (transiting Ceres conjunct US Ceres), which will finalize (after 3 conjunctions) at the exact same time as the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts, I look for the message astrology is providing, using some imagination along with logic.

If there is purpose in distracting humanity from their routine life by fear of illness, death, loss of income, freedom and pleasurable companionship of other humans, well, maybe astrology’s tools can lead us to that purpose, That would make all this death and fear and personal loss understandable, if not a blessing. I continue my search for that purpose.

Thank you, barbk, Andre and Beowulfie. So much to ponder during this time.

On another note, in case you missed it, Obama’s speech:


Eluseo.. (Blush) I think I’ve seen a pattern emerging with me. When the inhumanity hits me the worst… when I feel it to my soul and rage wants to escape…. its a hint I’m on the edge of a flare. Been down in agony most of today. Its like the souls pain finding manifestation through my bodys pains, if that makes any sense. Heck, I can’t watch a lot of animal rescue videos cos they’ll have me in tears. Seems like I owned on the news yesterday. Sorry, Ya’ll…

I saw that report, and gods I hope its right.

BTW, this is for anyone… a few years back… maybe around 9/11, History Channel was going bonkers with Divination episodes, esp. Nostradamus. They also spent time on an Internet engine they say predicted 911 from all the collected chatter and trends. Does anyone else remember this, and remember the name of it? I’m on my phone, pecking at typing, or I’d go research it myself. For some reason, I’m being drawn to that engine over the last few days. Would live to explore it inre Trump and CoVid.

I apologize to our southern neighbours if I have offended them, but I doubt I have sentiments much different about their country than they do. But I disagree this forum is not the right place to discuss this issue affects every country in the world and is highly topical. Astrology could be applied as well.

And, I agree with you about finding alternative energy sources and getting away from fossil fuels, but 90% of Quebec’s energy requirements come from fossil fuels. So I applaud you for going green, but I doubt you can switch over in this decade.

French Canadians lived under Anglo supremacy for some time but Canada went a long way to try to overcome systemic discrimination. Not to say it is perfect, but recognition of Quebec’s uniqueness is well known. I just feel Quebec does not need to empower itself at the expense of its own minorities.

Thank you Beowulfie, Andre and Barbk for weighing in on the pandemic.

Someone mentioned that the models are showing trump will or could lose in a landslide. Hillary was favored to win too.

What concerns me is that trump is becoming very desperate and we are nearly six months out from the election. I can only assume that he will become even more desperate as we inch closer to November and he may very well postpone the election or more likely declare the results fake and we go to court and he will then go to the Supreme Court and will they uphold his action? Bush did this in 2000 and they supported him in his velvet coup. Here is an article that lays that out…..


Andre: Holy Crow! Imagine my surprise when you went “Full Disclosure”.

I wrote on this blog a few months ago, said my piece, and continued to lurk. Until now. To say again, I am a Western Canadian. Alberta and B.C. Married an American who was in Canada on R&R from Viet Nam. Moved to San Diego, then Phoenix where we had 2 children. Eventually moved back to Canada, to Kelowna then Victoria.

In my previous post I mentioned my support for Bernie Sanders and his Nordic Model. My maternal family is from Norway.

My first year university as a young mother in Canada – at least half my profs were from the States. So then I made a concerted effort to think of myself as a North American.

Even though I had never resided or traveled east of Alberta (except on one occasion) I was fascinated by French Canadian culture when I was exposed to it. Montreal blew my mind. I felt it was my duty to myself to move there. But when I came back to Vancouver Island I couldn’t leave the beautiful rain forest.

I have always been politically minded and have followed American and Canadian politics fairly closely.

In the second last Quebec referendum, my Dad, who lived in Alberta, was fully prepared to join the States – Washington in particular… He imagined B.C. and Alberta joined to that area of the States. We his children were surprised at his rebellion and frankly did not take him seriously. Now I do understand where he was coming from. He was not fond of the French and for that also we did not take him seriously. Because we did not know the French and what we did see of the French culture we found alluring.

Dad was in WWII; RCAF stationed in Britain for the better part of 4 years. He had a log book of bombing missions. He mentioned the French from France as being split or non-supportive. Now I look back on all his experiences, and understand how little we privileged teenagers of the ’60’s really knew of their lives.

My Mother’s Norwegian parents first moved to the Northern States, then to Canada. Mom’s first language was Norwegian – she spoke it with her parents and siblings. But she did not teach Norwegian to her children. We learned English.

Andre, as Eliseo says, you are clearly a very interesting character.

Huh! And you jumped up Quintile from Western Canada.

In my one visit to Montreal and then Quebec City, we visited The Plains of Abraham where the fate of Canada was decided by the battle between Wolfe and Montcalm. Canada became English. I came to understand that prior to that battle, the FRENCH had settled more of Canada in all reality than the English had. I am sure I am going to be corrected if I am wrong.

What happened .. or what I thought had happened is that France did not support their French settlers in Canada, and the English saw the value of the land and resources in Canada, and supported the English settlers – so they won.

A very unique situation, yes – between the English and the French in Canada. By all rights if you disregard the home countries of England and France, the French Canadians should have won.

Now I realize with that last statement I may find out more history on Canada! Haha!

My two American children are living in Canada although my daughter misses the States. It currently is safer here. My grandchildren have visited their grandfather in Arizona… it is so nice they have it all.

By the way, Andre – I know you know this, but want to mention it on this blog: Tommy Douglas, the father of Medicare, was in Saskatchewan when he developed Medicare.

And yes then it was supported by a couple of Prime Ministers and ultimately by Pierre Trudeau. You can’t take away the fact that Medicare was born in the West.

I do not believe in Multiculturalism. I think it is divisive. I believe in the Melting Pot. Except for the unique condition of English Canada and French Canada.

So, I don’t have to have all the answers. I don’t know what will happen.

Now I never have been to New York but they seem to have handled this Melting Pot thing kind of well. They have their cultures, yes and their ancestral backgrounds but they are New Yorkers first and Proud Americans more than anything. Their backgrounds enrich the Americans they have become.

For some reason, the Latinos in the US have not been allowed to integrate as well it seems. As well as the Mexicans etc. etc. In trying to figure this out it seems one of the keys is economics. The inequality. As Capitalism becomes skewered into the 1% and the rest of us, the 1 percenters are invested into keeping the slave labor as in the meat packing plants.

Imagine the meat packers making minimum wage – of $7 – $8 – really? I can’t believe it! And then be forced for that meager unliveable amount to pay with their lives – and being FORCED to do it! I wonder if the term corporate murder applies. Yes, the U.S. is in such chaos now it can’t even begin to supply a solution.

Well, then again I think the citizens are doing what they can…. they want to win – get that psychopath out of the White House I think was first order of business when the other candidates threw their support to Biden. They wanted a sure thing as much as they could see it is my theory.

Sanders is the right person for the job if he could get the job. But, as has been prognosticated on this blog, Biden, with a VP who has social democrat leanings, and a few well placed former candidates in the new government may be the beginning of what Pluto in Aquarius and then Pisces holds as its potential. It would be nice to live long enough to see the new world have a strong beginning…….A person can dream, can’t they? Thank you for this place to read encouraging words from people of like minds.

I like you all.

If the events described in the Common Dreams speculation actually transpire, we will have civil war, and that would likely be pretty ugly.

Eliseo, I agree. The five supreme’s feel very emboldened and so too does McConnell so I am concerned that their hubris and given the history, I am not sure yet how it will all play out.

I would hope that they are realizing they are following a madman but their own quest for power – it is hard to tell how it will play out.

Welcome to the blog!
“For some reason, the Latinos in the US have not been allowed to integrate as well it seems.”

Putting on my sociology/anthropology hat, Hispanics DO assimilate, but they usually take at least one generation longer than have Italians, or Chinese, or other immigrants. By the third generation, they tend to identify firstly with the US.

Were I to have dictatorial power over our education system, I would wave my magic wand to add a year to high school, and require students to take 4 semesters of either Spanish or French, + a number of other subjects to graduate. Student trips to French speaking or Spanish speaking countries would also be required. We Americans are way too provincial. We need to invest far more dollars in both Education and Training.

Personally, I believe the next decade for the US will probably be about addressing climate change, and gradually transforming our culture, economy, and society into something very much in alignment with that “Nordic” model you mentioned.

In the US the political pattern has been 3rd party “radicals” like Socialists, Eugene V. Debs, Norman Thomas, or Michael Harrington (I personally knew MH) propose and advocate Socialist and/or social democratic ideas, but moderate pragmatists like Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, or Lyndon Johnson actually get the legislation passed.

By 2030, the US and Canada will be far more alike than has been the case in the past. Mexico will probably be far more prosperous, as manufacturing presently in China will move to Mexico and Central America.

This terrible pandemic is a very dark gift. But it is a gift! Concomitant with the accompanying economic Depression, it exposes the narcissistic and venal indifference of the plutocratic class. We WILL defeat the plutocrats. We WILL put them in their proper place. We WILL build and grow a far saner, more rational, equitable, and caring culture. This SHALL come to pass!

Thank you Eliseo!

SunStars, what an interesting post. I greatly enjoy your open-mindedness. I join Eliseo, who has become a personal friend, in welcoming you to this blog.

I don’t have much to add on Canadian history, but I haven’t read Quintile’s last post yet. I will only say now that the British conquest of 1760 happened at the moment when a distinct French Canadian national identity was beginning to emerge. The word Canadian was first used at that time to distinguish those born in France from those born in Canada. The last French governor in Canada was the first to be born here, which did not sit well with the commander of French forces, who was an aristocrat and disliked North American free-wheeling ways. Quebec’s national identity is still heavily influenced by the freedom-loving ties with its native population, which led young men of French origin to roam throughout North America. Americans don’t know this but one of their founding myths, the saga of Lewis and Clark being guided by a native woman, omits that that she was married to a French hunter and trapper.


Quebec has felt abandoned by France for centuries. Only General de Gaulle’s visit in 1967 brought a remedy to this. He was the French president at the time and shouted “Long live a free Quebec!” from the balcony of Montreal’s City Hall to a delirious crowd. The Canadian government wasn’t pleased and asked him to leave immediately. He, being de Gaulle, couldn’t care less. He wanted to inspire the independence movement and he succeeded.

Quebec has considered the word Canadian to belong to its exclusive national identity well into the 20th century. That is why we have the Montreal Canadiens, a hockey team that was created exclusively for a French Canadian public. Today, they would be called the Montreal Quebecois. The same goes for the national anthem, O Canada (written in French for Quebec only and then translated and sent to a wider public) and the maple leaf itself that is found on the Canadian flag and on the sweater of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The world’s maple leaf industry is 80% in Quebec, with overlaps in Ontario and Vermont. Small wonder many people here think Canada couldn’t generate its own national symbols because it was too attached to the British for too long. (Small fact: during the last referendum in 1995, political science professors in Vermont proposed that their state secede from the US and join an independent Quebec in an exciting new venture).

Of course, our own First Nations have much more reason to complain. I have been a constitutional lawyer for both Quebec versus Canada and First Nations against both Quebec and Canada: you can call me a contrarian. The names of Canada, Quebec, Ottawa, Ontario, Toronto, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and countless others are of indigenous origin, as I am sure you know.

As for Medicare, I am certainly aware and grateful for Tommy Douglas. He led the most progressive government in Canada, in the province of Saskatchewan, in the late 40s at a time when Quebec was dismally conservative. He brought in health insurance, what Americans call Medicare for all, in 1948, the year after the British labor government did, which was a first for North America. Perhaps you know also he adopted the first Charter of Rights (what Americans call a Bill of Rights) in Canadian history, right after the newly-founded UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights following the Holocaust, also in 1948. Quebec only followed with Medicare, also based on the British model, in 1973 and a Charter of Rights in 1975. It is typical for Quebec to overcompensate: both of these laws are the most generous in the country, which partly explains why Quebec is also the most taxed jurisdiction in North America. We believe in more government services on the European model. Of course, that means higher taxes. Eliseo, take note.

SunStars, a typical Westerner would immediately think at this point of equalization. Americans don’t have a clue on this one, so don’t get me started. That will have to wait foranother time. In the end, I did have something to say in answer to you.

Quintile, 90% of Quebec’s energy needs are fossil fuel? All our homes are heated and lit by hydro-electric energy, so I seriously doubt that.

Also, respect for minorities does not mean empowering the most retrograde elements of their culture. I will never forget the Arab taxi driver in Ottawa, who, upon learning I was a lawyer, asked me to defend him against traditional Moslem Sharia law, which was being applied in Ontario. He told me if he died, his wife would have to marry his brother in Toronto. He told me he had fled his country in order to flee such barbaric rules and now he encountered them again in Canada. I will be forever be on his side. What you don’t seem to understand is that half of the Moslem minority in Quebec, the more modern and progressive half we all need, support Quebec’s law prohibiting face coverings, that applies only if you work in certain positions for the Quebec government. Moslem modern French-speaking women from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, many of whom are doctors, intellectuals or university professors, are among the most vocal supporters of this law. I believe Canada’s policy of tolerance of religious intolerance is deeply misguided and I am extremely proud Quebec will have none of it.

I will agree with you on one thing. Maybe our differences do have international significance. That will make me work for independence even more.

I’m well aware higher taxes will be a necessary feature of sensible 21st century US government. My archbishop, i.e. my boss and mentor was also a political science professor. His areas of expertise were history of the US Constitution, stolen elections, and public finance. Off and on for almost 30 years we discussed what a rational tax structure for a social democratic US might look like.

RE: “I believe Canada’s policy of tolerance of religious intolerance is deeply misguided and I am extremely proud Quebec will have none of it.”

In my experience, this is the primary difference between the US and Canadian concept of religious liberty. In the US, freedom of religion is also freedom FROM religion. I don’t mean to offend, but during the time I spent in Niagara Falls and Toronto, I found it peculiar many Ontarians did not make this distinction. Many did not seem to understand that tolerance of religious
IN-tolerance was not a virtue, was not merely misguided but completely antithetical to the notion of freedom of religion.

Were Americans to actually live up to the constitutional principles our Founders envisioned, our churches, synagogues, temples, etc. would be paying taxes like any other business, even if only a modest tax. Although we were not required to, as a matter of principle the religious order over which I co-presided, annually donated money to the US government in lieu of the unpaid taxes we believed were right and honorable.

Also, about Moslems in N. America: My experience is very much like yours. While I was teaching at university, Moslem students often came to me for counseling and advice. I believe they trusted me as they knew I was a Universalist scholar of comparative religion familiar with the Koran and Hadith.

More than half of those Moslem students were doing graduate work, usually in engineering or the sciences.

One frightened fellow with a PhD and working on another, had a very typical problem. He said, ” I came to America because I want to leave the faith, but my wife doesn’t know.” He knew that if his wife informed on him and they returned to the home country, he would be executed for apostasy.

In all cases, the Moslem students I spoke with
came to America to escape the oppression of their original culture and of shariah law. If they had wanted to continue under such restrictions their families would have chosen to emigrate to a country friendly to medieval conservative values, rather than a nation of infidels like the USA.

Several of the Moslem students I counseled were either atheists or agnostics. Several others had converted to one or another Christian denomination or to the Baha’I faith, but wanted to keep that secret from family members in the home country. Others simply wanted to practice their Islamic faith without the hyper conservative cultural baggage they had grown up with.

I can’t speak for the Moslems, say in France or Germany, but without exception, the ones I’ve personally known here are patriotic Americans who revere the Constitution and American traditions. To my knowledge, most Americans haven’t got a clue as to why Moslem families have moved here as opposed to other more culturally conservative locales. I suspect most Canadians may also be unaware. Please correct me if I am wrong in this assumption.

Yes Andre. Thank you. At some point I WOULD like to get you started on equalization … have a good night

This morning’s New Moon in Gemini (yadda yadda) trines transiting Saturn (containment) in Aquarius and they both trine the US MC (how it is seen in the world) in Libra, which is conjunct Biden’s natal Neptune (make believe?) which rules his 4th house of family roots. Is this about his son Hunter?

Wow, who knows what’s going to happen now with Tara Reade? This is really amazing.


BarbK, I think you are right about the Ceres thing- there is just something in the air. I ran across this article by Canada’s CBC on the woman who was at the center of Roe vs. Wade (about whom a film has been made, after she died) and her “deathbed confession”. Reversals upon reversals, and deep issues of trust or the absence of it.

It makes you wonder what’s up with Ceres now. If she isn’t the prime mover of women’s issues directly, it’s hard to say which astrological symbol would better represent the crossroads women are at. At the least, Ceres points to a different perspective than the one at the heart of typical male dominant culture – the nurturing pole vs. the personal ambition pole.


I’m all for a gender egalitarian culture, but I don’t see either personal ambition or nurturance as innate to only one gender.

Nor do I see predation as exclusive to either gender. Women and men can be equally predatory, but tend to prey by different styles and means.

I see the most basic choice we have in life is to either be predatory, or nurturant. Sex itself can be either a predatory act or a nurturant sharing. The prepositions we use betray our unconscious (sometimes conscious) intent. Are we doing something TO another? Or, are we doing something WITH another? – i.e. a shared experience. Are we “making love” TO? – which implies an object. Or, are we “making love” WITH? – which implies personal sharing.

Although we evolved as hunter gatherers, I believe, and have always believed our spirituality is very much wrapped up in our capacity to transcend our old predatory ways, choosing nurturance as our primary way of being.

The dwarf planet Ceres may indeed represent maternal values, but as we’ve had so little experience with her astrologically, I’m not even sure we’ve given her the correct archetypal name, therefore doubtful as to her proper symbolism.

Thank you Beowulfie, how perceptive you are! You used the words “typical male dominant culture” while I refer to it as the patriarchal societies; an influence that has, as you said, been “dominant” for way too many centuries.

Ceres is indeed one of the symbols that has come into our consciousness, through astrology largely, in this shift-in-consciousness time span. To everything there is a season.

My opinion is that secularism and multiculturalism are
not incompatible. At least not in western Canada. Quebec’s religious history with its Catholic roots struggles more with this issue. Western Canada is already more secular and therefore perhaps it is less of an issue.

I wonder though, if opposing religious symbolism doesn’t just strengthen it culturally. I am suggesting tolerance might just set an example for our new Canadians and show them we embrace all cultures, and together we can love our country and hold precious our mutual values.

With Uranus transiting Taurus ruled by Venus and emblematic of what we value, I can see all of us questioning our values for their efficacy and it will be interesting to see, in about 8 years if what is important to us today even matters then.

Check this!

‘Two Very Different Democrats: What a Biden-Warren Ticket Might Be Like
If Joe Biden selects Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, the ticket would be a marriage of contrasting policy ideas and governing philosophies unlike any in decades.’

“Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren are members of the same generation, Democrats shaped by modest upbringings who became United States senators and candidates for their party’s presidential nomination. But with Mr. Biden now actively considering Ms. Warren to be his running mate, it’s their ideological differences — and whether they can build a complementary, productive relationship — that will ultimately determine whether she emerges as No. 2 on the ticket.”


Fantastic new Biden ad:



Re: Fantastic new Biden ad:

Trump’s sure to have an anuerysm. One of the best political ads ever – and every soundbite is true.

Excellent ad. Good work Biden team. I’ve sent it all around. So far this isn’t looking like a great weekend for Trump.

I’ve been thinking about the scenario described by the Common Dreams piece.
Under the Constitution the president does not have the power to delay or cancel an election. That would be the prerogative of the Congress.

Nevertheless, realizing he would lose, I’m assuming Trump might issue a delay or cancellation anyway. But it would be an order over which he would have no control.

Several states, especially blue ones might go ahead with the election anyway. That would create a dilemma for red states. Should they obey the unconstitutional order and therefore be outvoted, or go ahead with the vote per normal? For those states with absentee and mail in voting it might be a moot point.

Were Trump to issue such an orde, election day might be chaotic. Conversely, it might be something like the election of 1864 in which citizens in the Confederate states did not vote.

Eliseo, BarbK, Andre: Re. pandemics and Ceres, I think that aggression and power moves don’t have effect against something like a virus. Healing and much of health come from the nurturing side of the equation.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto can’t directly deal with the effects of a virus, even though they can (or could, in a constructive sense) act and organize against it.

Only cooperation and nurturing and a systematic health response are directly effective against a foe that cannot be ‘manhandled’ directly. (But I’m not saying that men don’t do nurturing things, Eliseo.) Yes, there are gender issues, but nurturing applies to whole populations and things that arise from the earth. A pandemic is not “WAR” in the Mars sense – it’s a war of an entirely different kind, involving internal (as in the body) expression. The war is within, which isn’t a perspective that is very well expressed by the Mars side of war.

Also, Mars, Saturn and Pluto behaviors are not very useful in combating a virus, but Ceres behavior IS very useful. Perhaps that is the “lesson” of Ceres, in real life as well as the changing astrological focus. The whole pandemic onslaught has brought Ceres to greater prominence (or vice versa). It has also come with issues that traditionally involve women, and scandals involving women too (I’m thinking of Tara Reade/Biden and the latest revelations about Roe vs. Wade). It has brought a focus on food and sustainability and just plain living from day to day as well.

Certainly people like Trump and McConnell, etc., employ tactics that are well symbolized by the big 3 astrological heavies. Those sorts of tactics have been much worse than useless against the disease – they have actively resisted cooperation and introduced conflict where it was clearly not useful.

There has to be a balance for things to work. Venus, too hasn’t been of much help because the 2nd house value,money and resources she represents have not been applied properly.

Nonetheless, the pandemic as a phenomenon is not (imo) embodied in any one, or any specific combination, of astrological symbols. A pandemic is just one form of ‘planetary crisis’.

Andre’s point that conjunctions of Saturn/Pluto are associated with pandemics may sometimes be true, but Saturn and Pluto are conjunct about every 33 to 36 years. In 2500 years of history there have been many conjunctions but only few recorded pandemics, starting with the plague of Athens in 430 B.C. and the Roman Antonine Plague in 165-180 A.D., with approximately 5 million deaths (when the population was small relative to today).

Therefore, I don’t think you can predict pandemics, per se, from Saturn and Pluto, but certainly the hugely increased population of the world has correspondingly increased the risk. Saturn and Pluto increase the risk of upheavals and mayhem in general, not pandemics specifically.

Eliseo, we can be mainly nurturent but don’t we need to be aggressive/defensive under certain circumstances?

I just watched Trump threaten to override all state governors who refuse to open places of worship. For the first time ever, Enfant Terrible looks deeply-depressed and very weak; virtually palable through the tv screen. Maybe he saw the new Biden ad.

Tragic figure.

Here’s an Astrodienst article with one astrologer’s take on the Corona virus epidemic. The saturn-pluto conjunction figures promptly.


You often make really good sense. Again, I applaud the clarity and insight in your thinking!

Sharon K
RE: “we can be mainly nurturent but don’t we need to be aggressive/defensive under certain circumstances?”

Yes, absolutely. But there is a difference between being predatorially aggressive and merely performing a task with great energy or enthusiasm. The latter is also spoken of as being aggressive, but in a more positive and nonviolent manner. And yes again, it is perfectly natural and good to aggressively self defend against the predator.


Thank you for posting the astrodienst piece – so very interesting.

Eliseo, Thank you for your good wishes!

Thanks for clarifying, Eliseo, and glad you liked the article, Will. I haven’t read it fully myself yet…and I meant to say that the Sat-Pluto conj. figures prominently ? Wishing all a safe, happy holiday weekend. We’ve been watching WWII in HD on Netflix. It gives so much meaning to terms like predator, courage, suffering, freedom, sorrow, tragedy, and real leadership….emotions, ideas, and archetypes which we have had a brush with lately.

In response to your posting above, I would imagine that trump would do an executive order, we would sue to say it is unconstitutional and it would be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court and therein lies the concern. They are the final arbiter and I think the five conservatives would support him As the article points out, they did that in 2000 and then had the audacity to say it was a one-time ruling. They could do it again. All I am saying and the article infers this as well, is that we need to be prepared for that possibility.

The scenario you describe and my speculation are quite compatible. Even were the Supremes to rule 5 to 4 in favor of Mr. T,
I think blue states would defy the executive order and vote anyway.

In any case, I believe guerilla civil war would ensue. We would be like France when occupied by the Nazis. The Am. South would be our Vichy area. The difference is, unlike WWII, there would be no allies to come rescue us. We would have to rescue ourselves.

Nancy, thanks for sharing the ad for Biden; hope to see it on TV soon (my sister-in law will have a fit!)

Beowulfie, aggression and power moves don’t affect a virus, but a virus can have an effect on power moves don’t you think?

I believe this pandemic is part of a process which started in 2000 at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, due to its square from transiting Uranus + US progressed Mercury. It was followed by the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto + Ceres conjunction that was squared by Eris.

It, the process, will continue (for the US) through to the December 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (+ US Ceres Return) and the 2022 US Pluto Return and beyond.

I believe the process is about dismantling structures of power, including government bureaucracy, so as to start over fresh. It requires a change in human consciousness to do so.

We did not know in 2000, when Jupiter and Saturn made their conjunction which was squared by Uranus + US progressed Mercury, that planes would fly into the Twin Towers, or that Obama (only half white) would be elected US President (both Uranus events), followed by Trump elected US President, followed by a pandemic (also Uranus events), all during the period of the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn 20 year long cycle.

There was also a period when the descendants of the 1960’s Uranus-Pluto conjunctions; the 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto (2012-2015), that have been part of the process of dismantling societies, specifically the US society.

I would go so far as to say I believe this dismantling process was foretold by longer cycles such as the Pluto-Neptune cycle that began on August 2, 1891, at 8+ Gemini conjunct the US natal Uranus.

For 20 years the US nation and probably other nations have been faced with shocking and unexpected events that have challenged the status quo of people, governments and other establishments. We can’t rely on any structure anymore that has been reliable for generations.

The Covid-19 virus is one piece of the dismantling process and the consciousness raising of humanity process. It is, IMO, meant to break up our routines and force us think outside the box we are accustomed to. It is designed to make us reevaluate our values; money? family? health? safety? familiarity? freedom? peace? love? trust?

We will solve the problem of this pandemic, but it is only a part of the bigger problem we have to solve, and from what I have seen so far, it is affecting our values. Kindness and compassion seem to be getting stronger.

There is a lunar eclipse on November 30, 2020 that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini and squares US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces which is about to have her Return. Transiting Pandora at 22+ Virgo will be conjunct US natal Neptune and square Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini. Another round of the pandemic or just Trump blowing a gasket?


I’m all for him blowing a gasket as he realizes that Biden is not going to pardon or otherwise protect him from criminal prosecution, no matter how much he tries to obstruct the transition of power or otherwise trash the government on his way out, and no one should expect otherwise.

May Trump personally reap for himself and his family everything he has sown for this country and the world over, a thousandfold. He richly deserves that much, at the very least.

As a reminder, tr. Saturn will precisely conjunct the 2017 US Inaugural chart’s Sun (0 Aquarius) just as it receives a quincunx from the June 21st solar eclipse. Eclipses are about powerful pronounced change. June 28th has Mars at 0 Aries squaring this June 21st eclipse degree.

June 21, 2020: SOLAR ECLIPSE in Cancer
by Case Studies In Astrology

Solar Eclipse at 0 degree Cancer is going to bring change- a release of control or restrictions (especially from the government, authority)

New Moon Solar Eclipse’s Sun’s aspect to Saturn is a quincunx, it points to sudden loss or separation of a man/father or career/job OR sudden release of control from restrictions placed on you from the government. This is the most important aspect that the Sun makes.

There may be increased responsibility or even restrictions being lifted, possibly relating to government. Or it could be a release of burdensome energy relating to career. When this aspect perfected in my progressed chart, I actually got a job after a long time of not working. That burden passed for me. I felt free(er).


Winds of Eclipse Season Blowing In and Astrology Forecast May 17-23 by Leo Tallarico

…….The first actual eclipse will be on June 5, a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius. It will be followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer at Summer Solstice.

And this Eclipse Season brings us a more unusual third eclipse: another Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, this time in Cancer/Capricorn on July 4 USA birthday.

This is the first Eclipse Season since the onset of Covid 19 and the Stock Market dive. The Gateway for those events opened at the last Eclipse Season in January, when Saturn made conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn.

Those Eclipses and Saturn/Pluto warned us that our old world “normal” was being destroyed so a new world could be ushered in.

And so much focus has been on the destructive forces of the Virus and the falling economy, and how to go back to normal.

Normal as we knew it is going away.

As the new Eclipse Season is rapidly approaching, our energy needs to transition from the old normal to what our New Chapter will become.

It may be best for us now to spend less time listening and watching the mass media or traveling through social media, or getting too involved with conspiracies.

In other words, it may be best now to get more involved with true Life, with a sense of Purpose, with living an authentic Life unfettered by the programming tentacles of Mainstream Society.

Spending more time in Nature and/or Meditation and Spiritual practice will be very helpful for jumping off the train of Covid and Money worries. which is headed for disaster.

We cannot truly influence or stop that train’s journey into Nightmare; but we can look into the growing light of a New Age of Love and Truth, Diversity Within Unity, greater Soul and Spirit, healing the Earth and each other, and living a life with more of a sense of individual and collective purpose and authenticity.



Wolstar writes about pandemics and Chiron in Aries on his FB page:

“Chiron in Aries Warns of a Second Wave

As restrictions are loosening up and the number of cases testing positive for Covid-19 is falling, health officials around the world are warning us that a second wave of the pandemic is quite possible. The 1918 Spanish Flu is the clearest example of how the second wave can be tremendously more lethal than the first wave. Can astrology offer a clue about where this is going?

The common indicator between the 1918 pandemic and the current one is Chiron in early Aries. Although the origins of both are murky and unknown, the Spanish Flu spread like wildfire beginning in April 1918 just as Chiron entered Aries. By the summer, the number of reported cases had dropped off. But in September, a devastating second wave began, ultimately bringing the number of deaths to 20 to 50 million people – far more than the number of civilians and soldiers killed during the entire World War I.

The Spanish Flu had several waves, lasting about two years while Chiron was passing through the early degrees of Aries. We have the exact same scenario unfolding now. Chiron was in the early degrees of Aries when this virulent strain of Covid-19 became its most aggressive over the last three months. Chiron is moving forward into the middle degrees now, but turns retrograde in July. By year’s end it will be at 5º Chiron, which puts it in the danger zone.

Chiron’s 50-51 year cycle means that we had an intervening Chiron in Aries phase in 1968-69. Was there anything similar happening at that time? Absolutely! The 1968-69 pandemic became known as the Hong Kong Flu, and killed an estimated one to four million people worldwide. About 100,000 died of this disease in the U.S., most over 65. Chiron entered Aries in April 1968, and when the first outbreak was recorded in July 1968, Chiron was at 3º Aries.

What about one Chiron cycle before the 1918 Spanish Flu? Chiron entered Aries in July 1868, which was the midpoint of a rather lengthy cholera pandemic. Wikipedia offers 1863-1875 as the interval when this deadly plague struck humanity. And one Chiron cycle before has this “Wounded Healer” archetype entering Aries in April 1820, which was the midpoint of another cholera pandemic, lasting from 1817 to 1823.

The Chiron cycle is clear: as Chiron passes through the last degrees of Pisces, filthy conditions and massive over-crowding generate a highly contagious disease that becomes aggressive when Chiron enters Aries. Today we have the advantage of information networks and the knowledge of how to prevent Covid-19’s spreading. But it will take the utmost vigilance and caution to get through the danger period in the Fall of 2020.”

Correction: Wolfstar on his Neptune Cafe Facebook page.

A German church has opened its doors to Muslim worshipers who can’t get into their mosque because of social distancing rules.


Thanks Andre, looks like Wolfstar has done his research. Let’s remember this 50 years from now.

I don’t like the sound of that second wave. Let’s hope something mitigates it. Mars retro Sept to Nov….will that slow it down or just incapacitate us…& then there’s the election.

I’m reserving judgment & staying open to positivity.

Just what the world needs – NOT . . .. washington post this morning reported that last week trump admin was agitating to restart nuclear testing! https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/trump-administration-discussed-conducting-first-us-nuclear-test-in-decades/2020/05/22/a805c904-9c5b-11ea-b60c-3be060a4f8e1_story.html?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most

Sharon, any retrograde carries the review, rethink, research, redo motivation, and Mars – by nature – is active, aggressive and defensive. It could suggest work on the cure of the virus as well as the spread of the virus.

Transiting Mars will conjunct US natal Chiron in August, again in October in retrograde motion and direct motion in December. Even more important though is Saturn’s retrograde, IMO.

In late July and the first half of August trans. Saturn will conjunct US natal Pluto, where it was in February when the first deaths due to Covid-19 were happening. Transiting Saturn (direct) will again conjunct US natal Pluto in the 2nd half of November.

From mid August to mid November transiting Pluto will be exactly trine US natal Neptune, and will be stationing direct on Oct. 4th (22 Cap 29) when it is most intense.

This is when the Grand Trine of transiting Pluto, in the same degree where it was conjunct Saturn and Ceres in January (and will again be) in that trine with US natal Neptune in Virgo, and also the start point degree of the Taurus Jupiter-Saturn cycle that comes to an end in December. I think that period in October will be very intense re: the pandemic.

Retro trans. Mars will square stationing direct trans. Pluto on Oct. 9 and square trans. Jupiter on Oct.19, with a New Moon in Libra in between that squares or opposes everything but US Neptune, including US Mercury in Cancer. I believe that will be when the rubber meets the road. Elections follow in just weeks.

Andre and all, in April 1918, when the Spanish flu began, transiting Pluto was conjunct the US natal Venus (values) both at 3+ Cancer, and transiting Uranus was conjunct the US natal Moon (US people), both at 27+ Aquarius, so transiting Chiron in Aries might have indicated a wounding (conjunct the US natal chart’s Aries IC /roots) but it was Pluto and Uranus that done the dirty deed, just so you know.

Thank you, barbk. All in all, Saturn-Pluto conjunctions seem to always point to a massive death toll, but not always to pandemics. Sometimes, there are both. In 1982, there was HIV and also the Iran-Irak war which claimed a million lives. It was also the time of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, when Ben Laden was trained by the CIA. It is a time of great dirty deeds.

Under the preceding conjunction, India and Pakistan became independent on the same day (15 July 1947). The resulting exchange of population also took a million lives. The following spring (14 May 1948), Israel became independent through war, still under Saturn-Pluto. I am not aware of a pandemic at this time.

There was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1914 when World War I began, but the Spanish flu came four years later. World War II came under a Saturn-Pluto square.

All told, it would seem you would need another astrological indicator to predict a pandemic at the time of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction which is sure to take many lives in some way. Chiron in Aries may be one such indicator, but it is not always present. There was the Hong Kong flu in the late Sixties when Chiron was last in Aries, but it wasn’t in that sign when HIV appeared.

Thankfully, there was no war this time or at least it doesn’t appear there will be. It may be too soon to be sure as long as Trump is President.

Jerry, Andre, barbk,

Thank you for the compelling contributions!

kiwi, re: DT restarting nuclear testing; what could possible go wrong?

Yeah Andre, I think finding a specific astrological symbolism for a pandemic is as difficult as finding a way to stop it from spreading.

These are testing times when human beings must look beyond the reliability of proven answers and stretch the imaginative mind in order to find new answers to new questions, otherwise we all would be tempted to stock up on Hydroxychloroquine, in addition to TP!

I stand by my choice of Ceres as prime indicator of the virus, else why is she conjunct Saturn and Pluto at the start of their cycle?

Ceres was discovered on January 1, 1801, in Palermo, Italy.

Would you believe her discovery chart’s ascendant at 29+ Leo is what we are told is Trump’s ascendant, and her chart’s MC is 24+ Taurus, same as Trump’s, I kid you not.

The Ceres discovery chart’s Venus at 17+ Aquarius (trine Trump’s Jupiter and US prog. Mars at 17+ Libra and trine Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini), is square the Ceres chart’s Neptune at 18+ Scorpio, which was exactly trine transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces at the end of March and most of April this year.

The Ceres chart’s Venus (values) at 17+ Aquarius was also sextile that chart’s Mercury (messenger) at 18+ Sagittarius that trines the Moon (people) in the January 12th Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction chart at 17+ Leo (which opposes Venus in the Ceres Discovery chart).

So what (?) you might understandably say. I say the Ceres Discovery chart’s Venus which is in a Grand Trine with Trump’s Uranus and Trump’s Jupiter (+ US prog. Mars) becomes a Kite pattern when the Leo Moon in the Saturn-Pluto + Ceres chart is added . . and it puts the Ceres chart’s Venus in Aquarius in charge (the focal point) of all the Yod energy she is attached to.

The Ceres conjunct the Saturn and Pluto conjunction may not mean a lot for other countries devastated by Covid-19, but I am pretty sure it does for the USA.

Ooops, the Ceres chart’s Venus in Aquarius is in charge (the focal point) of all the Grand Trine energy, not Yod energy . . sorry for my booboo.

not so good news from down under –
bully pompeo threatening to cut ties with australia if they do a deal with china;
NZ opposition party has just ousted their leader and elected what looks to be a big global corp repub/trumpie sympathizer, who says ‘both sides are to blame’ for usa political mess. I wonder how our sept election will be impacted.

I sympathize and empathize. Seems like the whole world is going crazy. If I can ever afford it, I would really like to visit your beautiful country. Were civilization to fall, I would expect the most likely candidate for its rebirth would be New Zealand.

We both know what Pompeo is, and the necessity of his political career ending very soon. I’m not sure which USA political mess your NZ politician is referring to as there are so many. Nor am I sure what he means by both sides, Dems & R’s, China & US, etc. If he is referring to trade between US & China, it is indeed both sides. One thing is certain; you don’t need any Trump sympathizer politicians.

BTW, When precisely is your September election? Is it local or nation wide? Is it for entire parliament, etc.?
I seem to recall you have a unicameral parliament. Is that correct?

Pompeo did something similar with Usrael.

Barbk, I would tend to consider that Ceres conjunct Saturn-Pluto would mean the pandemic would have a favorable impact on the environment. But of course that is a tentative view at this point.

Well, you got that right Andre! It has shown us what COULD be hasn’t it? Thank you so much; it might take 30 years or so, but it will be worth the wait.

From Lorna Bevan:

Your June 2020 Inventory

This June midpoint is a good moment to inventory your personal journey, your narrative and intentions as
lower realities are being dismantled. Allow the debris of outer influences to evaporate like a fog from your,
new horizon:
What emotional, mental, physical and spiritual tools are helping me through this?
What am I doing to neutralize the collective fear in my energy field?
Does my personal space support a clearer new expression?
Is my personal ecology clear and clean?
What have I created during this passage that is Me/not Me?
What are my most surprising revelations, insights and epiphanies so far this year?
What creative new ways of working have emerged from the lockdown that I can build on?

Here we are together, in yet another collective physical timeline migration that is changing our perception
of time, service and consciousness itself. Everything shifts again to accommodate the New. There is a lot
unfolding in this Now. As we move forward, keep your life simple – strip away anything inessential, show
up + refuse to feel powerless and focus on your new beginnings, not on what has been deleted.
The sky is a mirror. It reflects us all down here below. But what exactly does it reflect? Not your answers,
but your questions. Something has reached a breaking point in. Something needs to die so that something
new can be born. And the impatient sky is pressing you to choose what to do about it. You are about to
reach a crossroads. The choices – but not the timing of those choices – are in your hands.


Linda G just said she thought Kim at Intuitiview.com’s last video onto Washington Playground “rocks”. I agree. I started hearing an old song by Polly Bergen….”The Party’s Over” while listening it. If you are old enough to remember the song,or Google it, the words are very appropriate for Barr, Pompeo and Trump. The piper must be paid.


So Pluto and Saturn will conjunct Ceres again? Is that what you are seeing?

No will, so sorry I was confusing with my clumsy wording when I said transiting Pluto would return to the same degree (22+ Capricorn) where it was conjunct trans. Saturn and trans. Chiron on January 12, but Saturn and Chiron won’t be there this time.

However, with transiting Pluto sitting for 3 months on that degree (moving retrograde, stationing then moving direct) where the January 12 conjunction took place will activate or refresh or stimulate the energy of the conjunction (Saturn and Pluto + Ceres) itself.

Not just that but the grand trine that Saturn-Pluto-Ceres at 22+ CAPRICORN made on January 12 with US natal Neptune (22+ VIRGO) and the waning Saturn-Jupiter cycle that began at 22+ TAURUS will be re-activated, between mid August and mid November (3 months) and I believe another wave of the Covid-19 virus will surge during that time. (It was that grand trine energy that made everybody’s head spin and stomach’s churn at the speed and volume of the disease’s spread).

In 3 days transiting Ceres will make the 1st of 3 conjunctions to US natal Ceres and there are indications that this too could signal more people coming down with the Virus. Today transiting Mars is conjunct US Ceres and will still be in orb when transiting Ceres conjuncts US Ceres.

Also, when trans. Ceres conjuncts US Ceres on May 28, the trans. Sun at 7+ Gemini will square the 2 Ceres’ at 8+ Pisces and be only one degree from US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Transiting Uranus at 8+ Taurus and transiting Chiron at 8+ Aries add nuance to the picture.

Thank you ja and Banks for sharing on this dreadfully dreary Memorial Day.

Thank you, barbk. I wonder if the squeeze on Ceres will impair grain and agriculture.

Maybe I missed it but has anyone looked at the dates for. The two conventions and their candidates?


Whimsy says the best strategy for us to use to win the WH is for Biden to run with Klobachar and, not Warren, as Amy is well liked among all groups and it will be the easiest way to win and get our foot through the door. Republicans want her and will give up on fighting us and supporting Trump.

Sharon K,
She may be correct, but this is from a few days ago. I have no idea how widespread the anti-Klobuchar attitude is amongst Black people as a whole. Evidently, some believe she was remiss in not prosecuting police officers who killed Black suspects unnecessarily.

Black activists warn Biden: Don’t pick Klobuchar as VP

Barb K.

Here is an article from Astro.com regarding Ceres, healing and genetics. I find it unusual that this virus behaves so differently in people. Some, no symptoms, others deathly ill despite no underlying illness. This might explain Ceres and Plutos role in all of this?


quintile, you are my new hero, thank you!

I will re-read this again when I’m not so rushed, but it is fascinating stuff and makes so much sense. I’ve no doubt our understanding of the symbolism of all the planets will be expanded in the coming decades, but Ceres (and Chiron) is/are my favorite(s).

It’s a dilemma, Eliseo. Whimsy said don’t go with emotion but be practical…just so we win. Warren gets the progressives but not the moderates, independents, dissatisfied Republicans. Klobachar gets those votes but loses the black base. Who is left?


Thank you for the Ceres piece. Although epigenetics is certainly a credible area of study and the author makes some interesting points, she went way over-the-rainbow with her assertion:

“The new science of epigenetics has disproved the ‘born with bad genes’ theory and shown the vital importance of environment in switching genes on and off.”

That statement is wholly false. We can improve upon our genetic endowment, but we cannot (as of yet) ignore or dismiss the genes we are born with.

Quintile, no time to read right now, but let me posit a possibility of my own.

The virus is most potent in population centers and places where many people work in crowded conditions. Large and very close families also seem to fall victim, like that big Italian family in New York. All overweight, all probably suffering from high blood pressure. All physically close to the family. And all dead now.

I’ll wager that the people who become the sickest have not just underlying conditions, but also might be physically close to friends and family and crowds of strangers. They probably receive a huge load of the virus over time. Same with the doctors and nurses who are infected again and again, like the doctor who discovered the virus in China. And then died.

Those who survive probably received a relatively small load of the virus. Those with no or mild symptoms probably escaped a deadly load because they’re more solitary people. And maybe because they were already compulsive hand-washers.

So, like everything else, it comes down to karma: who you are, where you live and maybe whether or not you believe in Trump. In a couple of weeks many of the defiers may be finding themselves and their friends and family soon to be dead.

Oh dear! Quintile, I hope you don’t take will’s comment personally and that you realize that he is our resident attack dog; anything that doesn’t pass his sniff test is fair game for his snappy jaws.

I’m still grateful you found the article and shared it with us, as are others I’m sure. I’ve no doubt that our environment plays a vital role on the health of our organs and so other parts of our physique seem likely to be vulnerable as well. Time will tell. Down boy!

BarbK, well said, if understated, re Will.

It’s complicated ?

That was supposed to be a quizzical emoji

1640’s vs 2020’s
In the last few days I watched the movie, Cromwell with Richard Harris, plus an excellent 3 part, 3 hour documentary on the English revolution. There were about 50 days in December 1640 and January 2041 that were absolutely crucial in determining the outcome and direction of the politics of that place and time, events which set the stage for the development of democracy as we know it today.

The period is striking in its similarity to our current situation. The English were enduring a plague, simultaneous with a political and constitutional crisis involving a stubborn, emotionally impaired, (perhaps suffering aspergers syndrome) King Charles I, and equally stubborn, didactic and extremely dogmatic puritans led by John Pym.l

There was a plethora of fake news circulating in league with the two sides, both thoroughly infused ideologically and theologically with false assumptions, false and delusional ideas and false facts. Both sides were paranoid. Both sides subscribed to various conspiracy theories as absolute fact.

The two most important differences between Charles I and Trump are the King, despite his extraodinarily screwball notions, sincerely tried to be a good person/good king, and possessed a goodly amount of genuine courage. These are qualities I do not believe Trump has. His primary opponent, John Pym, reminds me of Mitch McConnell.

At that time, Pluto was retrograde in early Gemini, Neptune was in late Scorpio, Uranus in early Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Capricorn, Mars in early Aries, Venus in late Capricorn, and Mercury was in. Capricorn as well.

As I don’t have a birthdate, I don’t know if there was a Pluto return occurring or not, or how any other transits were affecting the UK of that period. There are of course differences between our present evolving dilemma and the situation of that time and place. I am nevertheless struck hard by the many apparent and deep similarities.

For decades I’ve pondered the chart for the present Neptune-Pluto cycle, primarily because it started at 8 Gemini 23 and was conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8 Gemini 55.

US Uranus of course is square the US natal Ceres at 8 Pisces 41 (where transiting Ceres will be on Thursday). What’s more, I’ve just become aware that the US natal Eris (symbol of discord) is at 8 Capricorn 08 retrograde and sextiles US Ceres and is quincunx US Uranus.

Well, the Pluto-Neptune conjunction that was conjunct US Uranus was, at the time, in a sextile with transiting Mars and Chiron, both at 8+ Leo and they all formed a Yod with a transiting asteroid called Hybris at 8+ Capricorn, usually associated with hubris, but also symbolizes hybrid, as in a melding of 2 different species into one.

So, when Neptune and Pluto were conjunct US natal Uranus (and square US natal Ceres), they were also quincunx US natal Eris at 8+ Capricorn, as was transiting Chiron and Mars at the time (quincunx US Eris) on August 1, 1891. That means the US Eris, back when the Neptune-Pluto cycle started, was at the apex of a Yod and was forced to adjust. Over 100 years ago. When was that last “every 100 years pandemic”?

What if the US Eris did NOT adjust as she was supposed to during the last 130 years?

In 1891 transiting Hybris was conjunct the US natal Eris. The Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 2, 2018, at 8 Capricorn 57, was conjunct the US natal Eris.

That Mars-Saturn cycle (that started April 2, 2018) ended on March 31, 2020, when the NEW Mars-Saturn cycle started, just hours before the 1st of 3 Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions (this one at 24+ Cap and opposite the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer).

Could it be possible that this NEW Mars-Saturn cycle may have something to do with the Neptune-Pluto cycle and their sextile with that Mars-Chiron conjunction that formed a Yod to US Eris (130 + years ago)? She who might not have adjusted as she was compelled to do?

Could it be possible that this NEW Mars-Saturn cycle (simultaneous with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction) is symbolizing the present pandemic as a way to force US Eris to do what she may have been resisting for all these years (as seen by the Yod in the present ongoing Neptune-Pluto cycle)?

After all, transiting Eris WAS square the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction (as well as transiting Ceres and Sun and Mercury), and US natal Eris’ pattern with US natal Ceres and US natal Uranus is being highlighted due to this year’s US Ceres Return. Coincidence?

Think about this. The new Mars-Saturn cycle (that began at 0+ Aquarius) chart’s Moon at 3+ Cancer was conjunct the US natal Venus (symbol of values) as well as the transiting North Node (opportunity).

This all happened just as the pandemic was getting revved up (late March) and now, this Thursday’s 1st leg of the US Ceres Return at 8+ Pisces will be sextile US natal Eris (8+ Cap) and will square US Uranus (breakthrough) at 8+ Gemini (as well as activating the weary old Neptune-Pluto cycle).

The Universe works in mysterious ways.

Two points about my earlier comment on US natal Eris:

1. the Neptune-Pluto cycle began 129 years ago, not 130 years ago. I’m bad at math.

2. When Saturn and Pluto were conjunct on January 12, 2020, transiting South Node (about releasing what no longer serves growth) was at 8+ Capricorn, the same degree as US natal Eris (discord), and transiting Jupiter (the big picture) was at 9+ Capricorn.

This pandemic (and the Trump presidency) is about cleaning up very old patterns of wrong doing deeply embedded in the US institutions within government and society and businesses. But you knew that already, this is just astrology’s take on the situation.


Re: your 4:30pm post.


The eclipse on June 21 at 0 Cancer will be conjunct Elizabeth Warren’s Sun-Uranus conjunction. That is likely to be around the time when Biden announces she will be his VP.

Eliseo, Marjorie Orr uses more than one chart for the UK. The most recent is the 1801 Act of Union of the British Parliament which adds Ireland to England, Wales and Scotland to form the United Kingdom. The word United here is a work in progress (or not) as in the US. She also uses two much earlier charts, one of the Norman Conquest in 1066 which created a more streamlined feudal state, and one even more ancient which, as I remember offhand, relates to the first stirrings of a central kingdom under the old Saxon kings, such as Alfred the Great in the 9th century. She also has a chart for Parliament, which I believe began around the time of Magna Carta under King John in 1215 (the first Magna Carta, or Great Charter, there were actually many). All of these charts save 1801 have many Pluto returns.


I have no problem with being corrected or hearing from others well-informed on specific subjects. It is all good as they say.

Andre: maybe I misunderstand what you are saying about the U.K.’s composition, but I know it currently only includes Northern Ireland, and not the Republic of Ireland. The Republic takes great offence at being considered part of the U.K.

Who among us has the most expertise in interpretation of natal Mars placements?

I’m trying to understand why my experience has been the opposite of the traditional interpretation of my natal Mars and aspects to and from it.

Serious astrologers are used to working with planetary cycles. Barbk does it every day. But some cycles are more frequently analyzed than others. While it is often said that Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are in effect for 20 years, for example, we rarely look at the long-term implications of the roughly 40-year cycle of Saturn-Pluto conjunctions.

My basic working hypothesis is that these two difficult planets bring major challenges that will be present through the 40-year cycle. My second hypothesis is that those challenges will develop or be met through Saturn’s later conjunctions to Neptune and Uranus, as well as Saturn’s other aspects to all three outer planets. For simplicity, I will mostly mention conjunctions here.

Take for example the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late Libra in 1982. It was just before both those planets entered the sign of Scorpio, Pluto’s home sign. Saturn and Pluto combined would always bring traits of their home signs with them even if the conjunction is in another sign. So Saturn always has Capricorn political effects; with Pluto, those effects bring fundamental change to the international political community. Pluto always brings Scorpio financial transformation (to the banking system or the way the stock market works as well as international financial or economic institutions); with Saturn, these changes are caused by governments or have a profound impact on them.

Saturn-Pluto conjunctions can bring pandemics such as HIV in the 80s, but not necessarily. They always bring an unusually high death toll; if not disease, that will happen more often through mass violence such as wars, uprisings, massacres or genocides that will always have major political and-or financial repercussions. Those repercussions will reverberate through the entire 40-year cycle.

I believe events three or four years before the conjunction are within orb and build up to it. There were at least five major events in that build-up to 1982. First, Saddam Hussein took power in Iraq. Second, the Ayatollah Khomeiny did the same in Iran. Both those events had major implications for the oil market. Then these two countries promptly went to war with each other, which cost a million lives. Third, a Polish priest became Pope for the first time under the name of John Paul II. Fourth, Poland’s trade union movement, under the name Solidarity, inspired by this new Pope, became the first to revolt successfully against a Communist government in the Eastern bloc. Fifth, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, a costly mistake which not only became Russia’s Vietnam but, combined with the Polish revolt, eventually led to the Soviet Union’s demise.

On top of all that, Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Ronald Reagan in the US were elected in 1979 and 1980, inaugurating a conservative era of financial deregulation which propelled the banking industry and the stock market to new heights of social inequality. Reagan launched a final arms race which brought great collective fear of a nuclear winter, but also contributed to the fall of the USSR which couldn’t catch up.

The long-term history-changing implications of all these events are self-evident. I believe they are all captured and reflected by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Their meaning became clearer at the time of the Saturn-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune conjunctions of the late 80s and early 90s in the political sign of Capricorn. That was when the Berlin Wall fell, when the Soviet Union dissolved, when the war in Kuwait was the first major intervention against Iraq, and when Germany was reunited. Those were the biggest historical developments since the end of WWII. The optimism of the time was amplified by the rare Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993, also in Capricorn, which brought such technological achievements as telescope Hubble and the Internet, and positive political developments such as freedom and democracy in the former Eastern bloc, which joined the European Union and NATO. There were negative events, such as the crushing of Chinese dissent in 1989, the civil war in the former Yugoslavia from 1992 to 1995 and the horrible genocide in Rwanda in 1994 under a Saturn-Pluto square, but that didn’t seriously threaten the overall optimism of the 90s.

The real push-back came on 11 September 2001 at the time of the Saturn-Pluto opposition, soon followed by the US occupation of Iraq (oil again) and the invasion of Afghanistan, that graveyard of empires. At the same time, we witnessed the rise of Putin and of China.

As we approached this year’s conjunction and a new 40-year cycle, Putin basically selected an American President who betrayed his country and China became a threatening rival to the US and to world freedom. All this culminated in a conflagration of major political and financial events this year: a failed impeachment, another presidential election in highly fraught and doubtful circumstances, a world pandemic originating in China and a likely economic depression.

These events will also have major consequences until the next Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Pisces in the 2050s. Major turning points will be the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of 2026 in the second year of the great 2024 President’s first term, which will likely bring Medicare for all but also a decline in the American global military presence to pay for it, and the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in late Gemini of 2032, in the final year of the 2024 President’s second term. The latter conjunction will take place on the heels of the next US Uranus return, which so far has always meant both an American major war for survival and the rise of one of the greatest American Presidents. The Saturn-Uranus conjunction will almost be conjunct the US Mars at 21 Gemini, which is also an indication of major military conflict.

The Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2036, when Pluto in Aquarius will almost be conjunct the US Moon, will be critical. I also note that in 2036 Uranus in Cancer will be conjunct the US sun.

It pays to follow Saturn-Pluto cycles. While Jupiter-Saturn 20-year cycles are generally more positive, one most never lose track of what Saturn and Pluto are doing with each other or the other outer planets. They are the challenge of the times.

Quintile, I’m talking about 1801.The Republic of Ireland became independent more than a century later. Since then, the UK only includes Northern Ireland.

Eliseo, I have an odd Mars placement in benign Pisces, but near the IC and exactly inconjunct both a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Leo and Neptune in Libra. So it is the focal point of a Yod and part of another, since it is also sextile a Chiron-Mercury conjunction and both are inconjunct Moon-Pluto, which is another focal point.

Is your Mars that crazy?

My 2nd house begins at 19 Can, 32. My natal Mars is at 00 Leo, 33 in the 2nd house. My Moon at 24 Pisces 22, tribes my Mars with orb of 6 degrees 10′. My natal Saturn at 00 Libra 34, in my 4th house is textiles by my natal Mars with orb of 0 degrees 2′.

I don’t know if that is crazy or not. All I know is the textbook interpretations of the mars placement meaning in my chart are the very opposite of what I’ve actually experienced.

As I want to look at the transits, etc. for the 1640’s English revolution/civil war, I’ll need to look at the 1066 and 1215 charts.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Auto correct turned trines into tribes, and sextiles into textiles. My apologies.


There are a few areas of contention that could trigger intense global instability by the time the June 21st solar eclipse rolls around, followed by Mars squaring the eclipse degree on June 28th. Over the past few weeks China and India are embroiled an escalating border dispute that could erupt into a military confrontation at any time….

India: The June 21st Solar Eclipse will conjoin natal Mars semi-square India’s natal Saturn/Pluto/Venus (13 – 15 Leo) inconjunct tr. Saturn (0 Aquarius) and China’s natal ascendant (1 Aquarius). The Eclipse will also semi-square China’s natal Mars/ Pluto degrees (15-17 Leo)……….

Could China-India Border Dispute Trigger A Military Conflict? I Inside Story

Video 24 min 50 sec


Opinion: Hong Kong is lost

…….China’s National People’s Congress is set to pass its proposed new “security law” this week, bypassing Hong Kong lawmakers and, as widely feared by the international community, effectively putting an end to the territory’s autonomy.



Other points of interest…..

North Korea: Eclipse conjoins natal Uranus (0 Cancer) semi-square natal Pluto (15 Leo)

US Federal Reserve: Eclipse conjoins natal Pluto (0 Cancer) opposite natal Sun (1 Capricorn)

USA: Eclipse t squares the US nodes (1 Aries-Libra)

Sorry for the typos. Please read instead “Over the past few weeks China and India HAVE BEEN embroiled IN an escalating border dispute….”

June 2020 Prediction!! Eclipses + Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction by Osher

Video 16 min 06 sec


Many Thanks for your report. We who live in the US are understandably, but inordinately focused on Trump, his latest outrageous scandals, getting rid of him, and of course our disorganized struggle against the covid-19 pandemic.

It’s good for us to look up and outward to see the other developing problems which might screw things up further. I’ve had a very bad feeling about Hong Kong for quite some time. It appears the CCP is readying itself to kill the goose that lays some of their golden eggs.

The UK will rue the day they turned over control to the CCP. Meanwhile, Hong Kong citizens will suffer, as the rest of the world awakens to CCP duplicity. Concomitantly, and also for a number of other good reasons, I believe we will now see the beginning of a long economic decline for the PRC.

As for the India/China border problems, we haven’t much of any power over which way that goes. We can only offer our sincere prayers and prepare ourselves using what geopolitical and/or astrological understanding and knowledge we might find available.

Stay safe, friend. Again, many thanks.


Thank you for being mature and open to honest feedback.

To be clear, I believe epigenetics to be a valid and credible adjunct in the world of genomes; it simply does not negate traditional genetic science in any discernible way.

Hi Eliseo,

China’s increasing dominance over Hong Kong’s democratically elected government could embolden it to put a stranglehold over Taiwan and the South China Sea as well. The US has a mutual defense treaty with Taiwan. Trump’s bitter vitriol against China as of late is a rather dangerous and reckless path to be pursuing. We could be walking into an unwanted conflict…..

How China Has Used COVID-19 To Escalate Military Conflicts & Crush “Democratic” Voices

May 27, 2020

COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill except for China which is finding it a perfect time to escalate military conflicts, intensify border disputes and curtail democratic freedom.



Hi Nancy,

I’m ready for a new post, please.

Thank you.

I know. I am dealing with my own struggles given what is happening. I actually have some new information to impart. So give me a couple of days.

Thank you very much. Don’t want to pressure you.

Take your time Nancy; we aren’t going anywhere 🙂

Wondering if the Spacex launch will get off the ground this afternoon. Moon is conjunct US natal North Node (6+ Leo) right now and sextile the Sun at 6+ Gemini but there are 4 planets retrograde.

Thanks Jerry, I like this guy Osher.

No blast off today . .Saturday maybe?

No pressure at all, Nancy. Thank you for providing this space for so many of us to connect during such profoundly challenging and interesting times.

Per WaPo: Biden hopes to announce his running mate by 8/1. The virtual Dem Conventions has been moved to 8/13-17.

Who looks best during these time frames? If memory serves, Harris’ has some strong transits this summer.

Harris would be my pick with Amy the AG and Warren majority or Sec of Treasury…

Warren, Senate Majority Leader…?


I don’t know if this dream will come true or not — sometimes mine do — but I dreamed Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris were in a room together, and it was like Warren was presenting Harris as the VP pick. Like Warren had passed on it or maybe decided she’d rather have a different job in Biden’s administration, and she wanted everyone to know she was happy to have Harris as VP.


And as I wrote that, I had another thought — that maybe it was Warren as the nominee in four years and picking Harris as her VP.

Sounds like I’m hedging my bets, but it’s a dream. Not always clear.

Ive always felt in terms of the longer, broader strategy for 2024, someone younger than warren (who is now 70) would be a much better vp pick. Plenty of other valuable roles she could fill. My choice, 60yr old Amy, or kamala 55.

Teresa Hill,
For VP, Congresswoman from California Katie Porter, born January 3, 1974 is compelling and interesting, but as she was elected for the first time in 2018, I doubt she will be chosen. I think by 2024, she will be a force of nature to deal with. She appears to be awfully sharp and competent.

Speaking of dreams, has anyone else been having unusual dreams? You folks will likely think me pretty weird, for this is a bit wild and crazy.

I dreamed a Gray Whale was contacting me telepathically with the message I should contact an old friend I’ve been out of contact with for several years.

The following night, Gray Whale spoke to me again, telling me:

(A) a peace treaty needs to be negotiated and established between all humans and all whales, be they mysticeti or odontoceti. It would also be an agreement of mutual assistance were any human or whale in trouble on the high seas.


(B) Gray Whale revealed there has been a war waging for several centuries between whales and giant squid. GW suggested whales would assist humans in ocean exploration in return for negotiating peace between themselves and the Giant Squid. (We know more of the surface of the Moon and Mars than we do of the topography of our oceans here on Earth.)

Has anyone else had any similar dreams?

We’ve all speculated as to how the covid-19 virus might change our lives both in the near and far future. Here is one from Wired and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Coronavirus: Accelerating the rise of imitation meat?


Very interesting dreams, Teresa & Eliseo. I haven’t had any myself.

kiwi, it was mentioned earlier by Eliseo that Amy has a problem with Joe’s African American base due to past actions on her part. I think Kamala would be a great choice. Although her record will also be pulled out, she is African American.

I eat imitation meat all time and love Beyond Burgers with sautéed onions. Sweet Earth’s Awesome Burgers are also great as our their vegan Protein Lovers pizza with corn meal and Kia seed crust. Then, there are Field Roast Italian sausages, yummy when sauteed.

Here’s an article about some new studies on asymptomatic cases.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 cases may be more common than suspected
The problem? Even without symptoms, people can still spread the virus.New estimates of the number of asymptomatic people with the coronavirus suggest that “silent” COVID-19 is much more prevalent than once thought, according to two studies published Wednesday.

The first study, published in JAMA Network Open, found that 42 percent of cases from a group of people in Wuhan, China, were asymptomatic. The second study, published in Thorax, found much higher rates of asymptomatic individuals: 81 percent of cases on a cruise to Antarctica. The study from Wuhan looked at 78 patients who tested positive for COVID-19, and found that 33 of the individuals had no symptoms of the illness. These patients were more likely to be women, and more likely to be younger, in their 20s, 30s and early 40s.”

Many people still haven’t grasped the notion that asymptomatic people can be so common, and they wonder why it is they have to wear the mask when they’re feeling well, or why they have to keep doing this social distancing stuff,” Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, said.

“Simply exhaling can send out viral particles,” said Schaffner, who wasn’t involved with either study.


OMG, Klobachar had a chance to press charges in the past against the cop that killed George Floyd but didn’t! No VP slot for her, methinks.

Sharon K, i’m not doubting you but how do you know that about Klobuchar? Is the governor of Minnesota Republican?


Here’s the article – I saw it on DU. https://politicalwire.com/2020/05/28/klobuchar-declined-to-prosecute-cop-who-killed-floyd/

I too, wonder if this will sideline her as VP. We don’t know why she didn’t prosecute, and there probably was a very valid reason, but the spin doctors will have a heyday with this one. I think I’d like to see Susan Rice in the position. That way our senators stay where they are. We need the senate filled with strong, experienced dems who can clean this mess up.

At the time of the 2012 Winter Solstice (aka the end of the Mayan calendar) Saturn (structure) in Scorpio was sextile Pluto (destruction) in Capricorn and their sextile formed a Yod with Jupiter (understanding) in Gemini, putting Jupiter in the apex of their triangle (Yod) which would have to “adjust”.

That Jupiter which was forced to adjust was conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Uranus is about breakthroughs and they are always unexpected breakthroughs that create shock and awe.

Obama had just been elected to his 2nd term, along with Joe Biden as VP, when this 2012 Winter Solstice took place. That solstice chart’s Saturn in Scorpio (a part of the Yod) was also trine Trump’s Mercury in Cancer. That solstice chart’s Pluto in Capricorn (also part of the Yod) was opposite Trump’s Mercury. Undoubtedly, (IMO) this irritated Trump; this re-election of Obama and Biden.

The transiting SOUTH Node in Taurus at the time of the 2012 Winter Solstice was conjunct the Trump chart’s MC, symbol of one’s achievements and/or one’s career.

At the same time the opposing transiting NORTH Node in Scorpio in the 2012 Winter Solstice chart was conjunct Trump’s IC (roots) and trine his natal chart’s Venus in Cancer. I believe it was this Solstice, this end of the Mayan long count calendar (symbolic of the belief that one “age” was ending and a new “age” would be born) that pushed Trump, perhaps unconsciously (what else?) to run for US President.

The connection (for the US) to the Mayan Calendar end date (2012 Winter Solstice) is the US natal Uranus, which the 2012 Solstice chart’s Jupiter was conjunct, and that means the US natal Uranus (and therefore the US natal Ceres that squares it) is key to understanding the present chaos, predicted by the Mayans.

The birth charts of Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris each have natal aspects to the US natal Uranus, and I feel that these 3 are to be instrumental in this New Age coming.

There will be a lunar eclipse after the November election that conjuncts the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, and in the chart for that lunar eclipse transiting Jupiter at 26+ Capricorn will be conjunct the Mars in the 2012 Winter Solstice/end of Mayan Calendar chart (also at 26+ Capricorn).

Ceres in that 2012 Winter Solstice at 26+ Gemini was at the apex of a Yod (required to adjust) with the North Node (and Trump’s IC) in Scorpio which was sextile the chart’s Mars (and the now transiting Jupiter AND the Jupiter at the November lunar eclipse) in Capricorn. Of note, the Galactic Core (27+ Sagittarius) was opposite Ceres in Gemini, making the Yod into a Boomerang.

To my way of thinking, it explains – at least in part – why Ceres was in the same degree as Saturn and Pluto when they made their exact conjunction on January 12, 2020 at 22+ Capricorn, and why all 3 were trine the US natal Neptune (+ Obama’s Mars) at 22+ Virgo, and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (about societies) start degree at 22+ Taurus.

I will sleep better knowing this and hope some of it will reveal to you a pattern or a plan, rather than the obvious chaos, that is in progress. If you don’t believe in ET’s you probably won’t get it.

CaseyM, thank you. I’ve heard these accusations about Klobuchar before (but thanks for posting link).
Her explanations have been weak IMO. What wasn’t known is that one of those policemen was the one who killed GeorgeFloyd. I don’t think she has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting any position in Biden’s administration.

I chuckle at you all deciding who should be VP, etc. what a waste of time. Biden will select the person he
is most comfortable working with and who he believes
Will be able to take over as president should anything happen to him. You can debate all you want. It won’t make a bit of difference. Compatible astrology charts might be of interest.

Anyone know how compatible astrology charts line up for Susan Rice as Biden’s VP?

IMO Susan Rice has the character, skills, and expertise needed to accompany Joe Biden. She delivered the pandemic plan. She served in the Obama White House, so she knows how an administration should be run. She served as UN ambassador so she has foreign policy expertise to put the US back on good standing with its allies. She is strong enough to take the heat … and give it right back. She is 56 and IMO would be effective to rebuild the executive branch. She has leadership qualities that would help her stand in for Biden if ever the need arises.

Protests spreading over the death of George Floyd while in police custody……

‘No Justice, No Peace’: Protests, Violence Continue In Minneapolis, New York City, Other US Cities Following George Floyd’s Death


Are we heading for the “Perfect Storm” as we approach eclipse season with COVID 19, the steep downturn in the economy and potential race riots? The June 5th lunar eclipse is t squared by Mars semi squared by Saturn (conjunct the 2017 Inaugural charts Sun).

Jerry, there is protesting here in downtown Louisville Kentucky too, over a local black woman who was shot and killed by police a month or so ago. It started about 6 PM and was peaceful, but then it got violent and about 11:30 PM there were shots fired. One person was down. There are at least a hundred cops out there and tear gas was dispersed. Twice as many protesters, although many left after the shots.

I’ve lived here most of my life and have never seen anything like this; big crowds for the Kentucky Derby, but not violent and angry people protesting. All 4 local TV channels have been covering it.

Total chaos.

Two people shot and they are saying it was 1000 protesters at the point before the shots; young people old people, black and white people; people are backed up from being cooped up because of the pandemic. Perfect Storm indeed.

I think its going to be a long, hot summer.


CNN camera crew in Minneapolis – arrested while filming live on national tv. As you say, it’s going to be a long hot summer. The lunar eclipse is just one week away………

Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse June 2020 by Forever Conscious.com

The Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5, will be guiding us to stand our ground, claim our power, and allow the voice of our inner fire to speak.

It is the first in a trio of Eclipses, and as we walk this Eclipse Gateway over the coming weeks, we will discover a new path emerging, one that is very different from the path we were walking before.

Lunar Eclipses are like heightened Full Moons that bring shift, change, and breakthroughs.

……..A Lunar Eclipse has ten times the potential of Full Moon, and often clears a path that helps accelerate our soul journey.

We may receive some news that something in our life is coming to an end. Or, we may find that we are called to release and let go of something that we truly thought was serving us.

We may have thought we were going one way, but often an Eclipse comes along to reveal a whole new path.

As this Eclipse falls in Sagittarius, we are likely going to find ourselves clearing thoughts, beliefs, and ideas in order to prepare for this new journey that is yet to unfold.

Under this Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, the planet Mars will also be very active.

Mars is the warrior, which is why this Eclipse very much plays into this idea of finding our inner warrior and inner flame, and allowing it to shine.

Emotions may be heated, but we have to learn to listen to ourselves. We have to learn to listen to our anger and frustration for there is wisdom to gain.

If we allow ourselves to sit in our emotions, we are likely to have a breakthrough. If we allow ourselves to feel our anger or feel the intensity of our emotions, we are likely to find the truth of what is bubbling underneath the surface.



PS An afterthought……

If these protests get out of hand, and in an effort to control the narrative, will Trump call out the National Guard nationwide and declare martial law, thereby quelling any protests and/or dissent?

At last, new post up.


I have not looked at Susan Rice astrologically, though I do think she would be excellent.

This is mentioned in my new article, but the new wave of intense protest and violence seems to be tied to the Uranus transit now opposite Inaugural Moon (protest by the people after sudden events that transform in a moment). This transit just began in the last few days but is building through June 19, returning mid September to mid October, but in orb this whole period.

Aha! Thanks Nancy . . of course Uranus and the Moon!

Sharon K, Klobuchar was gone and in the senate before the grand jury decided to not bring charges against Chauvin.

Respectfully, maybe you need to double check whatever info you’re going to be going on before you make your decisions. Unless you want to spread disinformation. It’s hard to believe that you do, but on the internet one never knows.

will – August 1965.


1965 – word.


Your astrological findings certainly support the feelings. Thank you for contributing, as usual.

“Peace Officer” Derek Chauvin (the irony of his last name does not escape us) slowly and with a sadistically-satisfied smirk, slowly choked George Floyd to death as he begged to breath, calling out to his “Mamma” to rescue him from his forced helplessness.

This atrocity was nothing short of murder porn. Moreover, Derek Chauvin’s Snuff Film was taped and broadcast live, shamelessly in front of the whole world.

@Starlight – any indications of leadership or victory in Harris’s stars?

The reason Biden Lost is simple

Oct 18, 20 to Apr 4, 21, exact Dec 10, 20 R; exact Feb 17, 21
Transiting Uranus in square with natal Pluto

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.
You are entering into a new phase, one that comes as something of a shock to your established system. This transit sparks your urge for self-transformation and regeneration. There is a seismic shift in the works for you, based on letting go of parts of your life that have outlived their usefulness but that for one reason or another you have chosen to hold on to. Conflicts and drastic changes may come up for you during this period of time. You are likely to have new spiritual insights during this period, or find that your will to be different and to find your own unique pathway forward is more powerful than usual. You are undergoing an important transition in your life, entering an entire new phase of existence, in which the habitual patterns and concerns of the old way of your world may vanish entirely or diminish in their importance.

“There is a seismic shift in the works for you, based on letting go of parts of your life that have outlived their usefulness”

Bidens Dream of being president dies

i have also looked at harris charts and i found this

Astro StoriesCase StudiesNatal ChartsTransitsSaturn Transiting the 4th House: Squeezing Out The Comforts of Home. Gulping in fear or anxiety is a common reaction to Saturn transits. It’s generally a time of major changes, hard work or restriction in some form or another.

Oct 31, 20 to Nov 27, 20, exact Nov 8, 20 R; exact Nov 19, 20
Transiting Mars in inconjunct with natal Pluto

The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.
Conflicts may come up for you during this relatively brief period of time. During this approximately week-long transit, your assertion and goal-directed activity will likely be subject to some drastic stresses, for the purpose of bringing to light the inner workings of repressed impulses you may have in these areas. The challenges forced upon you at this time can be difficult and painful. You need to have faith in your own process at this time, to guide you through these events to emerge on the other side, calm once more, and even more wholly yourself than before you went through them.

Oct 31, 20 to Feb 12, 23, exact Nov 16, 20
Transiting Saturn into natal Fourth House

The desire for security is very important to you at this time, and you may work hard rearranging or changing your dwelling space. You may also metaphorically experience this alteration at the roots of your very being, getting clear on what motivates you at the deepest level. This transit, which lasts about two to three years, represents a period of time when there are difficulties or restrictions (and also emphasis) in your home life and the expression of your feelings. You also may feel the need to restructure your family ties during this period. You could also be apt to withdraw from close emotional involvements, or there could be some renewed concerns or difficulties with analyzing the parental care and guidance you received in your early years. This is a time of great building energy, a preparation for the peak of success coming in fourteen years, with Saturn’s transit of the Tenth House, of your public and professional life. Your lesson during this period of time is to more fully and deeply understand and value your origins, leading to a better sense of security and greater self-acceptance.

Nov 5, 20 to Nov 22, 20, no date of exact
Transiting Mars in semi-sextile with natal Chiron

The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information.
For this brief period of time, you will become more conscious of the energy for personal transformation and healing in your life. This will likely mean exposing some form of deep-seated pain for the purpose of working through old issues and ultimately healing these issues. During this brief period of time, you may be blessed to provide the impetus for healing to others. You may also feel healing energy come into your life from a meeting with another person during the course of this transit. As another possible result of this transit, issues with ego may come up for you, or issues of self-acceptance versus feelings of rejection. Usually these types of events point to deeper issues which you may not have brought all the way up to your consciousness, but which remain as a source of irritation and frustration operating more or less unconsciously at a deep level of your psyche. These issues may be painful to connect with. But getting in touch with these areas is for your ultimate benefit, for the more integration you can achieve within your psyche, the more whole you are and the more you can bring yourself forward to be of help to other people on the same journey of discovery.

and since i think the puppet master is george soros i also have productions for him

Sep 12, 20 to Mar 12, 21, exact Oct 28, 20 R; exact Jan 31, 21
Transiting Chiron in square with natal Saturn

The planetary energies conflict; internal and creative tensions bring rich rewards through effort over time.
Your psyche is subject to a stressful and potentially vitalizing period of time. The very structure of your life may be changing as you undergo painful realizations, leading to a great metamorphosis in your self-concept. At this time also, difficulties with authority figures may emerge, or your relationship with your father may be challenging, or the way you live your life in relation to the structure of society itself may be coming to a point where changes that have been in the works for some time are ready to burst forth into your conscious awareness. There may be old wounds with your father, or with the parental care and discipline you received in early childhood, that re-emerge at this time, hopefully for purposes of healing these issues and the potentially debilitating effects that they may have on your life. You may have prior difficulties with either rebellion or too great an attachment to authority that come to the surface at this time, when the rules and boundaries that you operated within for quite a long time may be in process of transformation. Often our sense of responsibility and the corresponding societal structure we have internalized during our formative years is a poor fit to our more mature and evolved understanding. It is difficult to give up old patterns, but If you can possess your individual sense of responsibility, as Astrologer Caroline Casey says “own your Saturn”, you may become free for the first time of received opinions from consensus reality and be able to finally march to the beat of your own drum.

now lets look at some major transits for trump

Nov 6, 20 to Nov 18, 20, exact Nov 12, 20
Transiting Jupiter in inconjunct with natal Sun

The planetary energies do not flow smoothly, one or the other predominates; discrimination must be employed.
You are full of enthusiasm for your life and a healthy sense of optimism pervades your thinking. It is a good time to make plans for the future. You should also beware of excessive optimism during this period. Balanced with a touch of restraint, your optimism during this period of time can be a great benefit for you, long-term. The peaceful and expansive energy represented by Jupiter comes into your conscious awareness as a result of this transit, leading to new levels of faith and understanding.

Nov 9, 20 to Dec 1, 20, exact Nov 20, 20
Transiting Jupiter in trine with natal Midheaven

The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial.
This transit affects public life, including work and career, as well as ego assertion, and the authority figures in your life. Your physical vitality is also affected, and your attitude to life in general. The peaceful energy of Jupiter comes into your personality as a result of this transit, leading to new levels of faith and understanding.

Nov 17, 20 to Dec 8, 20, exact Nov 28, 20
Transiting Jupiter in opposition with natal Venus

The planetary energies are polarized; outer events stimulate their interaction; integration is the challenge.
You are full of spiritual and optimistic energy in your relationships. You may even need to be careful of so much unbounded enthusiasm that you throw yourself forward into a romance or other partnership without thinking of the consequences. This will generally prove to be a beneficial period of time however. Any artistic endeavors will also tend to flourish under the influence of Jupiter, which expands and makes more radiant whatever it comes into contact with. You will also feel a renewed sense of connection to higher purpose in terms of your values generally. And of course, love and romance will be given an extra boost right now, which can make for very pleasant time for you. During this transit you may also be quite social and gregarious. You may find yourself giving more parties than you usually even go to, and being at the center of attention of them as well! It is a good period of time to enjoy life, but not particularly a good time for getting a lot done, except in terms of attitude. This is altogether a pleasant and enjoyable transit as well as one that can be productive of long-term benefits if you look ahead beyond the immediate pleasures of the moment, and try not to over-extend yourself.

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