19th Mar, 2020

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Onward and upward. Somehow, we will get through this.


Thank you Nancy,

Some good news today.
‘Amid Lockdown, Optimistic Photos Show Dolphins and Swans Return to Venice
Images from the city show lucid canals and the unprecedented return of wildlife to the city’s waters as gondola traffic has been brought to a halt.’

“Boars in the middle of my hometown, dolphins in the port of Cagliari, ducks in the fountains in Rome, Venice canals have now clean water full of fishes. Air pollution dropped. Nature is reclaiming its spaces during quarantine in Italy.”


Prince Albert II of Monaco has tested positive for COVID-19, a palace spokesperson says


Coronavirus pandemic: How South Korea trounced US in race to test people for Covid-19

https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/coronavirus-pandemic-how-south-korea-trounced-us-in-race-to-test-people-for-covid-19-1657446-2020-03-19 via @indiatoday

Sharon k,
Once Trump’s initial response to the virus is shared, the less likely he will be re-elected.

“Many of the potentially deadly consequences of a failure to address the shortcomings are now playing out in all-too-real fashion across the country. And it was hardly the first warning for the nation’s leaders. Three times over the past four years the U.S. government, across two administrations, had grappled in depth with what a pandemic would look like, identifying likely shortcomings and in some cases recommending specific action.

In 2016 the Obama administration produced a comprehensive report on the lessons learned by the government from battling Ebola. In January 2017 outgoing Obama administration officials ran an extensive exercise on responding to a pandemic for incoming senior officials of the Trump administration.

The full story of the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus is still playing out. Government officials, health professionals, journalists and historians will spend years looking back on the muddled messages and missed opportunities of the past three months, as President Trump moved from dismissing the coronavirus as a few cases that would soon be “under control” to his revisionist announcement Monday that he had known all along that a pandemic was on the way.”


The Bad News: Coronavirus will probably kill considerably more Americans than the 9/11 attacks, or what occurred at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The Good News: The crisis creates a non-controversial sense of community. (For the past 70 years each of our various wars have been controversial.) The social shutdown clearly demonstrates our economic and spiritual interdependence. It demonstrates we really do need one another. The end result will be a more just, fair and financially equitable society.

Yes we will Nancy; thank you. Two more cycles start just hours from now. Tonight the Spring Equinox begins a cycle that will last until the Summer Equinox arrives, and tomorrow morning the Mars-Jupiter cycle starts with its Moon-Ceres conjunction (lots of nurturing). The Mars-Jupiter cycle lasts 2 years.

Because of the pile up of all the major planets in one third of the zodiac we are getting many new cycle starts, most of them on or near where Saturn and Pluto began their cycle on January 12th. That particular cycle will last over 30 years, but many like the Mars-Jupiter and the Ceres-Saturn and the Mercury-Pluto cycles will be 1 to 6 years in duration.

The idea of many new cycle starts at one time in one place drives home the point of change during a relatively short period of time. The lead cycle of course is the Saturn-Pluto one that lasts 30+ years. Many of these other new cycles have or will soon start at or near 22+ Capricorn. They will all be trine the US natal Neptune (what dreams are made of) at 22+ Virgo, the sign of healing and/or repair.

The Mars-Jupiter cycle, like the others, will have a concentration of energy in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus. There are no major planets in opposition but Saturn and Uranus have a wide square about 95 degrees apart. After the Moon-Ceres in Aquarius conjunction which squares Venus in Taurus, I see the Saturn-Uranus square as the driving energy of this cycle.

Moon-Ceres square Venus is about $$$ for the People (and the restaurant industry) but Saturn square Uranus is about restructuring the society (and government) in the old way vs. a new way. There will be push back against the old ways.

Jupiter of course is associated with society expansion and with Mars (assertion) both in Capricorn there is a drive to create or rebuild a structured (Capricorn) social system.

Though with the ruler of Capricorn in this chart – Saturn – squaring Uranus which is non-conformist and radical in nature, I see this 2 year cycle as a battle between the old ways and some desired new ways, in spite of the lack of oppositions between major planets.


“My hope today is that we allow this crisis to evoke the best of us. We can hunker down in fear, or look for the opportunity to care, each in our own way. Our kindness is a light. The more we extend it, the brighter it becomes and the more darkness we illuminate. We can give without any expectations until goodness flows from our depths, presents new possibilities, and expands our sense of purpose. The benefit is not only for those we touch but is also like my Costco experience, where our generosity of spirit can create a positive energy that permeates the very air we all breathe. It creates a powerful new vision of who we are and what we can accomplish together. We must hold fast to that vision until it becomes reality.

So my dear friend, I invite you to create a new virus of caring, of a nobility of our humanity that becomes even more contagious than the one dancing in the headlines. This is our time. We can choose to surrender to fear or we can show the world what it means to be thoughtful, to be generous, and to be proactive in helping friends or strangers alike. Perhaps this is an initiation of sorts in which we are invited to step into a new experience of our interdependence and empathy.

Former Vice President Biden, during the most recent debate, announced his intention to create programs that would “make us whole.” As we extend ourselves into the well-being of each other, we return to wholeness as the family of humankind. Self-serving actions and the illusion of separation can transform into a collective strength that is more encompassing than divisions of race, economic status, gender preference, or political party. It can be as simple as a smile, an encouraging word, a “window visit” to an elder care home, or a letter to someone in prison. Your words of encouragement are constantly influencing our perceptions and worldview.

Tale all the precautions that are recommended, and at the same time be bold in your love, and constant in your faith that together we will pass through this challenging time. On the other side of it, we will look back and realize that we were part of an epic time in history when caring triumphed over fear, and goodness prevailed!

Bless you dear one, now and always,”

Author & Teacher, Jean Houston

Oh, that’s beautiful, Angellight. Thank you. I do believe that this is an epic time in history and that caring will triumph over fear and goodness will prevail.

Eliseo, I agree about Trump. I don’t want to see him die of COVID-19 and become a martyr of some kind, which would inflame all the conspiracy theorists on the far right who would love to pin his death on the left.

All the same, it’s clearer and clearer by the minute just how much trouble he has caused, and now the toll is being exacted in lives and human health in real time. Do we really have to wait until November to finally be rid of this awful person?

Thank you, Angellight, for the awesome inspiration.

Trump and the GOP are so trying to shift the blame for COVID-19 to the Chinese now. Racists will be racists, I guess. These awful people cannot help themselves.

BuckeyeShadow, you know what kids like DJT do when it doesn’t look like they are going to win? They say the don’t want to play anymore and go home. Don’t rule this out.

And if he does the “I don’t want to play anymore” role, he’ll rat on Pence and others and say they cheated.

Yes, it does seem as though the stars are aligned, as they say, with caring and kindness. (I think that’s what that Cere-Moon square Venus is saying.)
But after the virus, will the kindness prevail?
After that, the Mars-Jupiter cycle will be very busy with competition between the “good old days” vs the future, at least that’s what Saturn square Uranus could be. It’s very interesting to me that the Mars/Jupiter conjunction is happening tomorrow morning. This will have to have a corresponding affect on Andrew Yang as well (Sun at 22 Cap 38 and the conj is right there).

A reader’s comment in the New York Times:

“In Granada, Spain, the government has mobilized in a way I’ve never seen. Serious, no-nonsense medical and political leaders provide informative, honest, factual updates daily. Political efforts to relieve economic hardship are in overdrive. The nationalized healthcare system couldn’t have prevented the virus, but it’s mobilized in a way the U.S. seems incapable of.

We have to remain in our homes except to get medicine, groceries, or walk a dog. Every night at 8pm from windows round the city, people throw open their windows and applaud, literally — they clap for those serving us – doctors, nurses, police, grocers, pharmacists. At the grocery you queue up outside six feet apart. Hefty fines are imposed on anyone driving with a passenger.

An acquaintance’s wife is an emergency room nurse at the biggest, most central hospital in Madrid. It’s pandemonium, she says, a lot worse than the public knows. In addition to young victims of the virus (they’re not immune), several young medical personnel who’ve taken all the precautions have died. Life-saving surgeries are being postponed. And as this writer reports, they’re running out of sanitary supplies, beds, ventilators. And when people die, they die alone.

Yet the people are working together, and they feel reassured by a government that looks and behaves like it’s doing everything in its power to help.

I don’t see that on the federal level of the U.S. Trump makes every occasion political when it should be selfless. Shameful!”

In Quebec, we are beginning this evening at 8:30 to flash our lights in our windows to support our health care workers.

with the discussion of eras and cycles, I am very hopeful that this is the beginning of new ways of thinking for human’s future – Isaac Newton did his best work during the plague

with nz now up to 28 cases, (all connected with foreign travel) and some tourists not giving a toss about self isolating, our PM closed the borders yesterday to all but citizens & legal residents.
In our wee area (about 3500 residents) the locals were outraged by a group of about 40 (UK/Ireland?) who said they didnt care about the rules. Locals called the cops, despite this area being dependent on tourism. It was shortly after that the borders were closed, and rule breakers off to be deported.

Medical staff are dying in Italy. Some in the US won’t make it.


oops that 28 figure was yesterday – 11 more today.
And 26K new cases reported worldwide. Italy’s death toll now surpassed China’s

You are right. Racists will be racist. That’s our modern GOP. It’s no longer the party of Lincoln. The party of Lincoln died when Reagan became president. The party of Reagan died when Trump became president.

It’s not the fault of China. It’s not race or ethnicity. It’s people who have the temerity, or ignorance, or whatever it takes to ear bat meat!

Oops! That’s eat, not ear.

‘chinese virus’?
how about – RAK – ‘revenge of the animal kingdom’?

Our mayor in NYC today made an impassioned plea to trump to do something. Our medical professionals lack supplies and they will get sick and many will die. Is this is malice because we are a blue state or stupidity? We have long known that trump is narcissistic but letting people die in the streets – which is what is about to happen – that is the sign of a sociopath. Will he still do nothing when this hits the red states as bad as our blue states?



“Has it occurred to anyone that DJT simply doesn’t make it to November?”

Oh, to dream. Today as he addressed from the WH, I wished I could clock him in his spun-of-urine coiffe with a handy thick brick.

I just watched Tulsi Gabbard’s statement about suspending her campaign and endorsing Joe Biden. She is so Presidential. Some day she’ll make a great candidate.
On this day, lots of difficult squares. Jupiter and Mars were transiting square her Sun, which is at 22 Aries. Pluto was square her Venus, at 24 Aries.
Jupiter and Mars were also square her Pluto at 22 Libra, so really her Sun and Pluto, which oppose each other, formed a t-square with Jupiter and Mars.
Her Mars is at 20 Aries, where the US Chiron is, and her biggest issue has consistently been that we have to end “regime-change” wars.
She is really Hawaiian. You can tell not just by her face, but her speech. Very deliberate, very considered.
She was definitely an outsider, and she stands on principle, but she also is much more of a patriot than the news would allow her to be. Villified because she didn’t adhere to the party line.
Hopefully people will get to know her views better over time. She’s still very young.
Transiting Venus is conjunct her Chiron today.

Chiro, Tulsi gets her polynesian features from her part Samoan dad.

Maybe ignorance is off the table – So far, we have reporting tonight on 4 GOP Senators selling off a huge amount of their stocks right after getting a WH briefing and before the market collapsed. Here are two of the stories:



at least 2 things I fault Tulsi on: she pushed anti LGBT issues in hawaii legislature, and subsequently in her congressional votes; and she voted merely ‘present’ for impeachment.

Happy Equinox everybody!!!!

And if all those Republican Senators sold stock after the bad Coronavirus meeting, before the crash, who else might have done that? Maybe … Trump?

‘The Trump Pandemic’

“So Donald Trump is now calling Covid-19 the “Chinese virus.” Of course he is: Racism and blaming other people for his own failures are the defining features of his presidency. But if we’re going to give it a nickname, much better to refer to it as the “Trump pandemic.”

True, the virus didn’t originate here. But the U.S. response to the threat has been catastrophically slow and inadequate, and the buck stops with Trump, who minimized the threat and discouraged action until just a few days ago.

Compare, for example, America’s handling of the coronavirus with that of South Korea. Both countries reported their first case on Jan. 20. But Korea moved quickly to implement widespread testing; it has used the data from that testing to guide social distancing and other containment measures; and the disease appears to be on the wane there.

In the U.S., by contrast, testing has barely begun — we’ve tested only 60,000 people compared with South Korea’s 290,000, even though we have six times its population, and the number of cases here appears to be skyrocketing.”


That was interesting kiwi – about the equinox. Thank you. About 8 hours ago I referred to the summer solstice as the summer equinox, duh, sorry about that.

Anyway, this Spring Equinox that just took place had the Moon (the masses) at 13+ Aquarius which is quincunx the US natal Sun (13+ Cancer) but is trine the US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) and was wondering how to interpret that. Following the rules instead of the heart during the next 3 months until the summer solstice?

In just a few hours we will have the start of the Mars-Jupiter cycle (conjunct at 22+ Cap trine US Neptune) and on the 22nd-23rd the Mars-Pluto cycle will start (conjunct at 24+ Cap opposite US Mercury). These 2 cycles will last 2 years each and these 2 cycles will carry the energy influence created by the corona virus epidemic (born from the Saturn-Pluto cycle’s birth on January 12th).

That energy stems in part from the January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart’s (1) Pholus in Cap square Chiron in Aries and (2) Uranus in Taurus trine Pholus in Cap and (3) the decade long semisextile between trans. Chiron and Uranus. These 3 aspect patterns are repeated in the Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart and the Mars-Pluto conjunction chart.

I believe these 3 aspect patterns utilizing the symbolism of Chiron (wounding leads to consciousness), Pholus (a small cause leads to a big confrontation) and Uranus (breakthroughs stemming from shocking events) are designed to bridge a giant leap forward for humanity; increased humility/humbleness and respect for the power of cooperation and unity.

France’s doctors are calling for total and absolute confinement in people’s homes to break the wave of infection and the suspension of all public transport, including buses, subways, trains and airplanes for however long it takes.

Three doctors are suing the French prime minister for negligence and dereliction of duty. They claim he knew of the gravity of the situation in January, but did not act in a timely manner. As in the US, they cannot sue the President directly.

In China, when things got worse, people could leave their homes only once every 3 days to buy food or see a doctor. When things deteriorated even further, food was brought to everyone’s door by volunteers.

Today in France, the government prohibited going out to the beach, hunting and fishing (hard to enforce in North America and difficult to understand) and walking more than 500 meters from your home. Drones are watching the streets. Police give 200$ fines to those who disobey the rules.

A British study says social distancing could last 12 to 18 months. European experts predict the first wave of cases should last 10 to 12 weeks.

In India, a country of 1.5 billion, at least 300 million people are expected to be sick. There are only 70,000 intensive care beds in the entire country. They are literally going to let their people drop dead in the streets.

The US could lose its dominant power status because of the coronavirus, which is the essential meaning of the Pluto return.


The first death in China occurred on January 11, one day before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. That was my own solar return.

In the age of coronavirus, big government is back the world over to an extent not seen since World War II.


This is one mega-dose of turbo-Capricorn gone overboard.

“The New Age is upon us and we are witnessing the birth pangs of the new culture and the new civilisation. This is now in progress. That which is old and undesirable must go and of these undesirable things, hatred and the spirit of separation must be the first to go.

I told you before that accidents to individuals are the result, usually, of an explosion of force and that these explosions are caused by the hatreds and the unkind thoughts and the critical words of those involved in the accident”

Alice Ann Bailey, Ext of the Hierarchy

I’m starting to wonder if this particular development is what finally causes the American people to question theirs and the country’s values to the point that they no longer find tolerable the likes of Trump and McConnell, as well as those like Senators Burr and Loeffler who brazenly sold off their stocks when they found out about the Coronavirus’s projected impact on the economy. I have no doubt that Trump did as well.

This is indeed an interesting lead-in to the US Pluto Return period. The country’s values and monetary system (Second House) are being exposed for just how rotten to the core they are. Our elected officials so obviously care about money and profiteering more than the health and well being of their own countrymen.

At what point do these same countrymen move beyond nonchalance and naivety and into righteous outrage and open demand for justice and reform? How high of a price must the Coronavirus exact upon them, their livelihoods, their families, their basic rights and privileges?

Volume 26, Number 6—June

Research Letter

Indirect Virus Transmission in Cluster of COVID-19 Cases, Wenzhou, China, 2020


“On January 20, 2020, a 23-year-old man (patient E) sought care at a hospital after 11 days of fever and headache. On January 21, COVID-19 was confirmed for patient E and his co-worker, patient G.”

Sibly and transits located to the approximate center of the 50 states. Transiting Saturn and Pluto were on the progressed Asc (Q2, Mean Quotidian angles) of the Sibly chart there on that day.
SIBLY – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian

Dump South Dakota 44°N35’37” 103°W52’03”
Jan 20 2020, 12:00 pm, MST +7:00
MC – 228°28′

Transits Jan 20 2020, 12:00 pm, MST +7:00
Jolly Dump South Dakota 44°N35’37” 103°W52’03”
Saturn – 228°14′
Pluto – 228°39′

In my post above (March 20th, 2020 at 7:56 am) the Saturn and Pluto positions should have been identified as their rising positions in the progressed Sibly chart.

“Today began with the news that three weeks ago, Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and therefore privy to classified intelligence reports about the novel coronavirus, warned a small group of wealthy and well-connected constituents that the disease was much more serious than public reports suggested.

The same day that Trump told the nation, “It’s going to disappear. One day, like a miracle. It will disappear,” Burr told members of an exclusive club that the novel coronavirus was fast moving, like the 1918 pandemic, and could lead to school closings and military mobilization to combat it. Thirteen days before the State Department warned against European travel, Burr suggested business leaders should not send their employees to Europe.

Interestingly, this story broke because someone leaked a secret recording of the speech– just who is unclear. It does, though, raise the possibility that even one of Burr’s wealthy constituents is unhappy with the disinformation coming from Republican leadership.”


May this Spring Equinox be a positive reset for everyone.

I remember looking at the transits on January 12, 2020, and saw that Mercury had snuck up to Pluto and Saturn. My first thought was it would restrict cell phones and local transportation (Uber, Lyft), since I always associated Mercury with communication and shared information and travel. For a brief second, my mind went to “lungs” because a local singer canceled a performance. Little did I know at the time……..

And wow, it went retrograde, thought about things, and then direct with a bang!

I read that Sylvia Browne’s book “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about End of the World” had this passage:
“In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attach again 10 years later, and then disappear completely.”

Hmmm…..Coronavirus? Although we don’t see it “vanishing.”

Just think: Our millennials will be able to tell their children and grandchildren about “The Panic of 2020.”

Marija, fascinating prophecy by Sylvia Brown.

Kiwi, it’s true, we can never seem to live down our past mistakes, yet we know as astrologers that we’re all evolving.

Barbk, beautiful conclusion. I think and hope you’re right.

And in the spirit of humble cooperation that advances humanity, here”s a cool video of this morning’s announcement by Andrew Yang:

Very positive, and announced as Jupiter and Mars were exactly conjunct his Sun.

Marjorie Orr

Wow, Marjorie Orr is pretty negative in her interpretation of what’s coming. I like Barbk’s interpretation better.

I know for me things for our community are looking up all of a sudden, and I’m going with positivity. I think dreams are going to be turned into reality as quickly as possible, and with enthusiasm, and Saturn is the material framework of that reality, Mars/Jupiter is the enthusiasm and energy, and Pluto is just how sweeping the changes are going to be.

Has anyone seen Trump on television this morning? He looks really weird, I mean stranger than usual? His eyes, maybe his makeup isn’t right? Maybe he has had less sleep?

I also have a weird feeling that an extraordinarily major change is afoot, and will occur within a few days. Will the cabinet invoke the 25th amendment? Or something else? My antennae are buzzing.

There is no doubt that there will be a huge blue wave in November – unlike anything we have ever seen given the total incompetence and indifference of trump and the GOP. However, I have deep concerns about the ability to have an election – any election in November.

I implore everyone here to begin thinking about this. We have seen a level of evil from the GOP that I never would have imagined. Its Katrina style indifference brought to the entire nation. But when exposed, Bush dealt with it. Here trump just blames and lies and does not act, but continues to consolidate his power.

How do we preemptively stop trump from postponing the election which his five supremes will back him on What do we do??? This is real – not hypothetical. I have been talking to election and voting activists who all share this concern.

On the West Coast, the Spring Equinox occurred at 9pm last night, and sweeping changes are highlighted with the IC at 24Cap40, exact to the minute of Pluto’s position. Eris is on the Descendant within 2 degrees, Zeus (the symbol looks like a rocket ship) is exact on the Ascendant, and Astraea is within 2 degrees of the MC.
Astraea opposite Pluto would be long-lasting transformation at the very foundation of our lives, square Eris which is disruption, and square Zeus,
The planet of controlled, directed and creative energies. https://youtu.be/mjqk6typhOg

Hi Eliseo,

I have thought the same thing. Kim Carey said in her current video that Jared is actually running the show. Horror of all horrors.

Generational question: Boomer her born Oct 7 1954 with an exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 27 Cancer. I’m 65 and everyone in my age group has a version of this conjunction which is being opposed now by Saturn in Cap and in a few years, by Pluto. More Boomers are Trump supporters than not and I’m just wondering if anyone has a sense of how these elements may come together? Stay safe everybody

“Here’ not “her”

silcominc, we might start here:

In the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart Venus (values) at 28+ Aquarius (along with Circe, Achilles and the centaur Okyrhoe, who was the daughter of Chiron) was conjunct the US natal Moon-Pallas at 27-26 Aquarius, and transiting Pallas the planner in the Saturn-Pluto chart at 27+ Sagittarius (and conjunct the Galactic Core) was sextile that same chart’s Venus (+ US Moon + + +).

Their sextile formed a Yod with the US Constitution chart’s Uranus at 29+ Cancer, which will be forcing the US Constitution Uranus to make some adjustment. Without a doubt this will affect Nancy Pelosi’s natal Pluto at 0+ Leo which conjuncts the Constitution Uranus.

Since her natal Pluto at 0+ Leo squares her natal Saturn at 0+ Taurus (and because transiting Chiron is now conjunct her natal Sun in Aries which is semisextile transiting Uranus which isn’t too far from her natal Saturn) she, Nancy Pelosi, is the one who most likely will prevent Trump (if necessary) from postponing the election via some Constitutional hanky panky. Relax.

ja, thanks so much for Marjorie’s piece on the merry month of March and Saturn’s move into Aquarius.

chiro, I prefer positivity too and I really like your outlook. Marjorie just tells it without any alternative fluff; we have to provide that for ourselves.

Eliseo, I think you may be on to something; hone in on it and let us know!

barbk, I hope you are right but we need to stay vigilant as I know many voting rights folks have voiced concern in recent days.

There is an expression commonly used in this part of the world that fits trumps management “useless as tits on a bull”
And pence not much better – always talking about what theyre ‘gonna do’ platitudes rather that whats been done. political animals make poor managers.

I’ll tune in as soon as I can, but this afternoon I’m to undergo a couple of medical procedures. I’ll be anesthetized for a few hours, and may be fairly groggy for the rest of the day.

Happy birthday to you, Will!

Golly, Eliseo, wishing you well. I hope all goes swimmingly.

Will, it will be an interesting solar return, no matter where that Jupiter/Mars conjunction is placed. You’ll probably enjoy the inspiration. Happy Birthday!

Frank. I hope someone has an answer for you because that might explain why my sister who was born in January, 1956, thinks Trump is the greatest.

Maybe it’s just the folks I associate with, but most all the boomers I know are virulently anti-trump.

regarding shift of energy – not long after equinox time yesterday I had this deep wave of feeling that we were at the apex of directional change for the world. That the cleanup phase will continue for a time in order for people to see what havoc had been brought by greed and lies.
Its time for trickle-up economics and earth stewardship.
The 15 richest people in the usa alone have enough wealth to give $2500 to every person in the usa. Just think about the total amount the top 200 have been hoarding.

Happy birthday Will – and Jackson too if I remember correctly!

Tomorrow for me, kiwi. But my solar return is happening as I post this (1:09.02 PDT). It’s an interesting chart with a 17 Cancer ASC, the Sun in the 10th conjunct the MC, Moon in the 8th, and Jupiter-Mars-Pluto-Saturn in the 7th. Everything is above the horizon.

Well, if the US progressed Mercury (20+ Aquarius) is trine the US natal Juno (supports the disenfranchised) at 20+ Libra and they trine the US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini) then we may have some understanding of Trump’s supporters.

Two things, make it three things to consider:
1. US Neptune at 22+ Virgo squares US Mars and Trump’s Sun.
2. Transiting Neptune at 18+ Pisces will soon oppose US Neptune AND square US Mars and Trump’s Sun in Gemini.
3. US Chiron at 20+ Aries opposes US Juno and sextiles US Mars + Trump’s Sun in Gemini.

Joe Biden’s Mercury at 21+ Scorpio is at the apex of a Yod with the sextile between US Chiron and US US Mars + Trump’s Sun. That puts Joe’s Mercury (thinking, communicating) at the apex of the Yod which must adjust to the pressure of the sextile from US Chiron and US Mars + Trump’s Sun.

However, Pelosi’s natal Venus-Uranus in Taurus opposes Joe’s Mercury in Scorpio and that makes a Boomerang out of the Yod, and Nancy Pelosi’s Venus-Uranus gets all the energy from that Yod to do what she wants to do with it.

Maybe she wants to shaft Trump.

The US Constitution Vesta (what’s invested in) at 20+ Gemini conjuncts US natal chart Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini), therefore adding fuel to the grand trine with US prog. Mercury and US natal Juno. This adds to the Yod pressure on Biden’s natal Mercury that opposes Pelosi’s Venus-Uranus. Here we’re talking values (Pelosi’s Venus).

Some how, some way (think of Nancy’s Uranus = unexpected breakthrough) she has the power to utilize the US Constitution to suppress Trump. Her natal Sun in Aries opposes his natal Neptune in Libra and her natal Sun (consciousness) in ARIES trines the US Constitution Pallas (strategist) in LEO (that also conjuncts the US natal chart’s North Node) and the US Constitution Moon (people) in SAGITTARIUS. Some how, some way . . .

some of you might like this video
‘capitalism: closed for business’ interview with economist, professor steve king

error – I mistyped the professors name – should be steve keen

Eliseo, I turn the TV off when that ridiculous show starring DT comes on but I did notice that his self tanner was wearing off which gave his face a variety of shades of orange today.

Thinking of you Eliseo

Happy birthday will and happy solar return Jackson

Chiro, kiwi, thank you so much for remembering me on my birthday!

Jackson, thank you and right back at you, Brother! Hope your solar return is smashing! What a way to start a year, huh? Sheesh!

Jackson – its already your birthday in this part of the world! ha ha

All the Boomers I know are never Trumpers, too. It’s the younger generations that support the extreme and polarized positions.

Eliseo – May you and your health care workers be surrounded and thoroughly infiltrated by strong white protective light and may your results be completely successful and bring restorative healing and health. I feel this will be the case. Be at peace and at ease. Sending you love & light.

Will – Many Happy returns of the day to you, as well as all Blessings of love, good health, continued and deep inner peace, and a wonderful year of fulfillment and growth and continued humor and fun! This will help get all of us through this.

Jackson – I wish you the same.

You two, as well as the others I know with a strong Aries influence (Bernie!), play an exceptionally important role in confronting and unveiling BS, in generating powerful and positive energy, enthusiasm, ideas, and joy, and in moving mankind forward! (One of my 2 childhood BFs was born 3/23 and my husband is 3/28.)

Lurker and astrology novice coming out of the shadows here…

Eliseo’s post at 12:54pm re: an extraordinary change being afoot reminded me of a note I wrote in my calendar regarding a world/US event on 3/20 from an old post by barbk (?) a few threads back:

“In summation, things could come to an absolute boil when tr. Mars conjoins the Jan 10th lunar eclipse/Jan. 12th Saturn/Pluto conj. degrees…”

Might Eliseo’s comment be related to the above aspects?

Ja, re. your comment, “I have thought the same thing. Kim Carey said in her current video that Jared is actually running the show. Horror of all horrors.” – at least it would be good if somebody is actually running things! It certainly isn’t Trump, himself! I could care less if it Jared or the man in the moon – as long as someone takes action about getting medical supplies and equipment.

It’s not like the country is going to fall off the edge of the earth. Even in the worst case scenario, more than 80% of the US population will come through the virus just fine. But a lot of people are going to be hurt in other ways as well, besides sickness, if they don’t act soon. Because there are going to be food lines and shortages, and bankruptcies, as well as illness and possibly violence.

Thank goodness there are a few people like Cuomo in positions where they can and will act in some capacity. Having food (and guns) is not going to be enough to get through the next 4 months. And it may come again after that, too. I don’t even want to say what should happen to people like McConnell & Trump as it is not civilized to feel the way I do right now – I trust it will pass once the anger simmers down.

Happy new turn around the Sun, will!!

Got through my medical procedures with no problem. Just feeling tired.
Thanks for the positive and kind thoughts!

We have to push now for vote by mail for everyone. Only makes sense with the virus causing cancelled primaries now.

I read somewhere that Nancy Pelosi should make vote by mail part of the big stimulus bill and dare Republicans not to vote for it. Would be a beautiful power play for her.

For those worried about cancelled elections, a constitutional expert pointed out this week that the constitution ends Trump’s presidency at noon on Inauguration Day, Jan. 2021, regardless of whether there’s an election. Ends Pence’s term, too, so the line of succession comes into play.

With Congressional elections in November, that would make Nancy Pelosi president if re-elected speaker of the house, and the new house members convene on the third day of January, while the new president is sworn in on the third Tuesday. So the house would have some time to act before Trump’s term ended.

If there were no congressional elections, it seems the line of succession would go to whoever is elected Senate pro tem on Jan 3, 2021, among the two-thirds of the Senators still serving because they have two or four years left on their terms.

Happy Solar Return!
May you have many more such happy, healthy, joyous, serene, prosperous, and insight filled anniversaries.

Eliseo, I am so glad you went to that appointment.

Will and Jackson, my heartfelt solar return best wishes.

Teresa Hill, I do not share your optimism over the election although I am optimistic long-term. Saturn in Aquarius means greater social control, serious on-line communities and bringing the New Age to responsible maturity. But the astrology of next fall is so critical, that is when the culture wars of the last half-century will peak. It is the old world’s last stand and no scruples will stand in the way of this white supremacist misrule.

The pandemic is an open door to dictatorship. Biden would win a free and honest election in a landslide. The Right will sacrifice democracy to prevent this. Martial law could well be invoked either to cancel the election, or to annul its results.
There will be a critical event in November, following the atrocious astrology of October. I am still hopeful for the Inauguration so something should happen to set things right between the election and January. But make no mistake, there is a coup in the works. Jared is running this and he does not care a fig for your constitutional liberties.

Hi Will, Happy Birthday and for Jackson, too.

Andre – my feeling is, if they were to try, they will be tarred and feathered as they are shown to the door.

Kiwi, I do not share your optimism. There will be a severe political crisis on top of the virus.

Mayor Di Blasio stated this morning that as far he is concerned, the federal government no longer exists because it is completely ineffective.

Teresa, you make my heart sing! I love that you keep hope alive; there’s more than enough despair to go around these days and positive possibilities are always welcome. If we have learned anything from Trump’s reign of terror it is that the US Constitution needs to be shored up in certain parts.

I find it impossible to imagine this country, with its many die-hard freedom-loving citizens, allowing a mentally deranged Bull Sxxxer and his son-in-law take over the United States, even in his wildest dreams. Other countries perhaps, but not in the USA.

Trump and the Coronavirus are wakeup calls, part of the consciousness raising lessons needed to advance Humanity up and out of the old patriarchal systems that have become obsolete now.

People who support and/or accept those obsolete methods of government are part of the dark ages mentality. Those who fear those who represent the dark ages must find their courage and much courage can be found in remarks and observations from people like yourself. Thank you for speaking out. You too kiwi.

andre, thats one reason for my optimism – the mayors and states are stepping into the void and will not readily cede control for any attempted jared coup. governors are taking it upon themselves to create regional strategies and strengthen their networks due to the current mia feds.

Has anyone seen the chart for COVID19? Is there one for Spanish Flu 1918? Compared? Peace to everyone

In NYC, we are days away from a total meltdown of our entire healthcare system. I can only hope someone will shoot and kill trump and pence -or maybe they will enact the 25th Amendment. It is not funny when your neighbors are falling ill and the government is led by a madman. This is so unreal!

Andre, some time ago I asked you if you are an American. The reason I asked is because you didn’t seem to share our inate optimism. You still don’t.

We already have a severe political crisis. But it’s undeniably true it WILL grow far worse before it gets better. And I agree there is a severe dearth of imagination, i.e. a great deal of denial as to how many ways, on how many levels, and how bad the potential this crisis has to seriously harm ALL of us actually is.

I believe we are already in a period of decline, but I also expect there will be a period of restoration as well, a restoration which will result in the US (and our allies) emerging far stronger than before.

Spot on, Eliseo. I have been asking the same question. Just how bad must this get before people can no longer tolerate Trump and his BS, and the people who prop him up and profit from him being where he is?

Sadly, there seems to be no shortage of people in this country who would gladly choose death over life for themselves if it meant being right about some deeply-held grievance (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.). What’s that age old saying about resentment being like swallowing poison and hoping the other party dies? Trump supporters will undoubtedly follow him over a cliff into a ravine, losing everything in the process, and still feel as if their idiot wannabe king still has their best interests at heart.

It’s going to take some other shift, some brand new movement to finally turn the tide against these clueless fools, and set us all on a new course towards a better place. I do think Saturn, and soon Jupiter, followed by Pluto in a few years heading into Aquarius is going to bring some new energy into the mix, so we will see what happens.

Canadian military planning for 12 months:


Also, thanks for your post, Teresa, “that the constitution ends Trump’s presidency at noon on Inauguration Day, Jan. 2021, regardless of whether there’s an election.!” Good to know – hope the law works when the time comes…..

I have a question:
Does anyone know if the rationing of PPE for medical staff is due to there not being any at all in the country to purchase? Or is it due to the reluctance of the for-profit health system, or the feds, to spend any $$ on a “loss leader” product?
I wish a journalist would ask/investigate what is the cause of the bottleneck.
Is it a case of recent capitalistic mantras – to maximize profit, keep inventory at a minimum?

Sharonk, Fe, Eliseo, Ja and Andre – many thanks for your kind wishes. I feel blessed to be remembered.

Eliseo, so glad you got the treatment you needed! All the best of healing your way.

Because I cannot get a test, I cannot confirm that I got infected with COVID 19. Nonetheless, I drove myself to an urgent care facility on March 10th and tested positive for “flu” and was ordered to an emergency room. I could not breath – it was a frightening feeling. It actually started four days earlier when was at a clinical meeting on March 6th and started to feel intense pain in my neck and back – and then about an hour later my throat got sore and was hoarse when I spoke. I chalked it off to allergies and the change of seasons because we had a couple of very windy days in Chicago that stirred up a lot of pollen/dust/mold. I never gave flu a thought as I had gotten my flu shot in late September and had no flu symptoms since that time. I got plenty of rest on the weekend of the 7th and 8th and thought I was fine. On Monday – still hoarse but not sore. It wasn’t until Tuesday morning that I could barely catch my breath when I walked from my place to the garage. I sat in my car for a few minutes and thought I would be fine. It wasn’t until I after I had seen two patients that I felt light-headed. That’s when I drove to the urgent care and was then sent to an emergency room. I got several albuterol treatments over the course of about five hours and had blood drawn and lungs x-rayed for blood clots. All of my blood work was good but the doctor did diagnose me with spasmodic bronchial asthma and sent me packing with a nebulizer, prednisone and tamiflu. I think I probably got a placebo lift that night but felt increasingly worse from the next day forward – at a few points I really did think I was going to buy the farm. That’s when it dawned on me – my so-called “flu” was probably COVID 19. There is no other way to explain it. I had never had such difficulty breathing and my ribs are sore from coughing. When I get ill, I am one miserable crabby asshole and feel like I am on my last nerve. Still feeling spent and quasi-delirious but I am certain the worst is over. Again, I can’t prove it because I can’t get tested but my intuition tells me it was COVID 19. Thank God clinic is closed for a while.

Take care of yourselves, fellow Starlighters. Drink plenty of fluids, rest, be good to yourselves and stay away from your loved ones.

I fell into a deep sleep this afternoon. I was sitting in a cafe in an airport-like venue when I came face-to-face with DJT. I exchanged a hand-shake with him and looked into his eyes; he kept his grip steady on my hand which was a bit awkward but tolerable. Suddenly he took his jacket off and took the belt he had in his slacks and started to wildly whip at empty chairs in the airport. He went bezerk. People were looking at him with shock and disbelief.

Okay any Dr. Freuds out there – any thoughts?

PS – he started to tear up when he was shaking my hand. I felt sorry for him.

What the hell?


“Sadly, there seems to be no shortage of people in this country who would gladly choose death over life for themselves if it meant being right about some deeply-held grievance (e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.). What’s that age old saying about resentment being like swallowing poison and hoping the other party dies? Trump supporters will undoubtedly follow him over a cliff into a ravine, losing everything in the process, and still feel as if their idiot wannabe king still has their best interests at heart.”

True dat!

Will, thanks for sharing your story! Get well soon and keep us posted how it goes. More of us may need inspiration from your strength, and also benefit from knowledge of your experience of the virus (or whatever it is) before this is over.

wow Will, stay vigilant with your health!! sending prayers.
Thats quite the dream – shall ponder.
Ethereal Hugs


Ethereal hugs received – thank you!

this one’s for you will – qi gong lung strengthening

IMO, it’s here. As friends, relatives, family members die, at least a few Trump-Heads will awaken. Many already have.

Slowly, gradually those “clueless fools” you wrote of will diminish. Will they completely disappear? Maybe? Maybe not?

There remain a few in Texas who descend from the Texicans who opposed Texas joining the US and strongly share that opinion with their ancestors. Likewise, there remain quite a few folks in the South who would like to refight the battles of the Civil War, but win this time. I grew up with both kinds. I know them well.

The fact that such people exist with such values and beliefs depends on whether their mythological meme was nurtured. In the Donald’s case, he and his minions are doing a wonderful job of self destructing. Though his mythos may be nurtured by followers, it is a very thin myth which will not last.

Furthermore, he has set certain dominoes a’falling which within a decade will lead to much greater catastrophe than the current pandemic or the ensuing world depression.

The Donald will be remembered, but not the way he imagines, not even by his followers, many of whom will turn against him. Although he has purposefully done and continues doing mean, cruel, sadistic things, he is essentially a tragicomic fool.

Unlike Vlad the Impaler, Ivan the Terrible, Idi Amin, or Joseph Stalin he will be remembered not as much for his intentional evil deeds, as for the profound and deep harm he will have done through sheer and profound ignorance, incompetence, and narcissistic venality. He is the Orange jester who stumbled upon and into the throne. He is the Mickey Mouse of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice of Disney’s Fantasia.

He will be the subject of great literature. Some great yet unknown Milton will write Trump Agonistes, as a play or poem or screenplay. Great actors will jealously compete to play the role of a lifetime.

He is the bodhisattva of banal stupidity, of applied ignorance, of extreme evil advanced through absurdity. When he is portrayed as a character on stage or in film, viewers will not know whether to laugh or cry. They will do both.

The lesson of hubris is not new. But the Donald teaches us is a new lesson. He teaches us what comes through astonishing folly. In the end he is the silver bullet that slays the American subcult of anti-intellectualism and anti-creativity. It is only a matter of time.

Happy solar return to you as well!

Get well soon. Our healing thoughts are with you.

This is what my intuition and reasoning tell me what may be in store very soon.

First some foundation.
(1) The Russians are already interfering in our elections, with far more to come in November than in 2016. But Trump & the R’s are doing nothing about it, and working to suppress the non-R vote.

(2) The stock market is crashing and likely to crash further. The primary reason is the inept response by Trump & Company to the coronavirus. Mr. T continues to make a very bad situation far worse.

(3) The coronavirus is expected to infect tens of millions of Americans. We easily could have over a million dead.

(4) Our intelligence agencies likely know Mr.T is guilty of money laundering Russian money, and is in cahoots with Mr. Putin.

(5) The job of our military is to defend the nation, to preserve American lives.

(6) Honor is a deep cultural artifact of our military officers. The top brass know Trump is dishonest, corrupt, and entirely without honor.

I see two distinct possibilities.
(A) Knowing how incompetent are Mr. T and his sycophants, and seeing the potential and probability of millions of American deaths, certain generals & admirals might soon choose to do some kind of coup. Now would be the perfect time. With the pandemic as context, we might welcome temporary martial law. Although it is not their constitutional right, the military might somehow invoke the 25th amendment.

(B) A darker, less benevolent coup.
Our plutocrat brothers, disgusted, frustrated, and angry with Trump over their recent financial losses, and knowing an enormous blue wave is coming in November might collude with the military and sponsor some kind of takeover. If they did, their martial law might last beyond November, perhaps even until November of 2024.

Trump does not look well. He’s probably been acting crazier in private than in public.
Considering the timing of the progress of the coronavirus, with either scenario, if it is to happen, the time is NOW!

I’m thinking perhaps his cabinet, possibly a military or intelligence group might be pondering or planning something like what I’ve described.

It also just seems to me Trump is very near some kind of meltdown. It would not surprise me if we were to soon learn Trump himself has the coronavirus.

Whatever it is, my antennae are buzzing I think we are near some kind of unexpected turning point..


In your 3:01 a.m. post you said:

“Furthermore, he has set certain dominoes a’falling which within a decade will lead to much greater catastrophe than the current pandemic or the ensuing world depression.”

Can you elaborate? My imagination is failing me at the moment.

Will: I sincerely wish and send you healing light, love and energy through your ordeal. May you achieve a complete and speedy recovery. All the best.

Will: Also Happy Birthday to you. Are you taking any herbs for this?

A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 — Even in His Young Patients

“It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube.”

As of Friday, Louisiana was reporting 479 confirmed cases of COVID-19, one of the highest numbers in the country. Ten people had died. The majority of cases are in New Orleans, which now has one confirmed case for every 1,000 residents. New Orleans had held Mardi Gras celebrations just two weeks before. Since last week, he’s been running ventilators for the sickest COVID-19 patients. Many are relatively young, in their 40s and 50s, and have minimal, if any, preexisting conditions in their charts. He is overwhelmed, stunned by the manifestation of the infection, both its speed and intensity.

“Reading about it in the news, I knew it was going to be bad, but we deal with the flu every year so I was thinking: Well, it’s probably not that much worse than the flu. But seeing patients with COVID-19 completely changed my perspective, and it’s a lot more frightening.” This is knocking out what should be perfectly fit, healthy people.”


Healthcare professionals: “This is a disaster.” tRump gives N95 masks to ICE, not hospitals.

The shortage of personal protective equipment is particularly acute. Medical workers are supposed to be using N95 masks, which reduce their exposure by filtering out at least 95 percent of particles in the air…Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, meanwhile, have access to N95 masks as they apprehend immigrants during a national pandemic.


Happy birthday wishes to will and Jackson.

Approximate position of precessed Pluto of ‘Spanish Flu’ on December 26, 2019, 0:13 am, EST, was at 94°56′. Opposition point was at 274°56′. Solar Annular Eclipse on December 26, 2019, 0:13 am, EST, was at 274°29′.

Kim Carey’s INTUITIVIEW PSYCHIC READING “Breaking News” of Mar 16, 2020, is spot on for many points. Note each point by point she makes.


From Christina Rodenbeck, The Oxford Astrologer

Balanced on the Needle of Time

Today, on this day of balance, our astrological year begins; the Sun steps into 0° Aries. And what a strange beginning to the year. Most of the world, it seems, is locked down, locked in, locked out — locked up. This is the signature of Saturn-Pluto-Ceres.

It was clear this would be a year of endings, but even so, it’s astonishing to see such a clean sweep, as suddenly people’s diaries look completely blank for the next three months — or more. For some of us, this amounts to a catastrophic loss of income, and for many of us, this is likely to be a watershed moment in our lives. There will be before coronavirus and after.

I can’t pretend I think things are about to get better soon, indeed I think it’s all about to get even more worrying over the next fortnight. The upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Mars at 0° Aquarius could be more liberties being restricted. Followed by the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (which is really already happening), which looks like an extension of government powers. That’s not to mention the virus itself…

2020 has always looked like a tough year, and you need to know, this is going to be a long haul, and other factors may come into play. It’s an important year for knowing who your friends are, figuring out who to trust, and staying grounded and practical.

But it’s important in another way too. Some of the decisions we make collectively and personally this year will have very long-lasting consequences. Indeed, they may effect generations to come. These are decisions around governance and liberty, power and money. Indeed, looking at the big astrology, the pandemic seems to be about power and control as much as it is about health.

So as we turn this corner into a new astrological year, and find we are in floating in this strange lagoon in time, a moment to pause and contemplate, it’s worth looking into the deep future and imagining the kind of world we want to create when this virus is gone. Do we want to remain in a state of war with nature? Do we want to live in a world that is so very unequal? So overpopulated? So dirty?

At this moment of balance between night and day, we might think about how a more balanced world might feel.

The Good,
LOVE. Some of our brothers and sisters:

The Bad

The Ugly

It is believed that all illnesses are psychosomatic.
And it would seem that this coronavirus works on the same theory.
E.g. Some people are strongly affected by it others are slightly affected and there are those that are not affected at all.
Eat right, exercise daily, stay-at-home, disinfect, and most importantly maintain that positive attitude we all have inside of us. ?

if you would like to donate to help those most affected here are some nonprofits actively sending money to tip workers, or people who are laid off with no or very little income:




There is probably a nonprofit working to provide direct grants in your area as well.

Bob, thank you for posting the link to Kim Carey’s Intuitiview video Breaking News. In my view, Kim’s contributions are greatly undervalued on this blog. Don’t dismiss what you don’t understand. The prior video of Kim’s also dated March 16, 2020, wherein she is a medium for Winston Churchill is also quite informative and to date, I don’t recall her being wrong.
I’m not an astrologer, but it seems to me that astrology is an art, not a science. Yes, it’s based on science I suppose but it’s all in the interpretation and we’ve seen how wrong those interpretations can be.

will, we all wished you a happy birthday before we knew you were ill, so now we all wish you a speedy recovery and remind you that we love you.

PS: Also, glad to know you are a miserable crabby asshole only when you are ill 🙂

Will, the Dr. has ordered you to watch this video recommended for swift recovery.


Everyone should watch it to stay well.

Socially distant progressive networking is so Saturn in Aquarius. We are very good at it on this blog.

In African slums, the poor live in close proximity and cannot afford the water needed to wash their hands regularly:


In Memory of Kenny:


Trump starts 2020 in the worst polling position since Harry Truman.


A wounded beast is all the more dangerous.

Eliseo, thank you for your spot on visions; we wait and see. Also in your earlier comment you said “the lesson of hubris is not new” and that reminded me of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1891 that was sextile Chiron and Mars and their sextile made a Yod with Hybris (symbol of hubris and hybrid).

The chart for that Neptune-Pluto cycle is chocked full of pertinent info, like, for example, they were conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini, but I want to point out that the Uranus in THAT 1891 chart was:

1. square Venus (symbol of values) in the 1891 chart at 27+ Cancer and she was opposite US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn, where transiting Saturn was in the later part of February, 2020 when the virus was getting started in the US.

Therefore transiting Saturn in late Feb. 2020, was also square the Uranus at 27+ Libra in the still active 1891 Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart which was conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini.

2. That still active 1891 Uranus was in a T-square with the 1891 Venus (values) opposite US natal Pluto (transformation) while also trine a group of secondary bodies in the 1891 chart, all in late Aquarius, where the US natal Moon (symbol of US People) and US Pallas (symbol of strategy and planning, particularly during war).

3. Those minor bodies in the 1891 chart that Uranus was trine were Ceres, Juno, Nessus, Magdalena and Hades and they were conjunct the US natal Moon/Pallas. Those 1891 minor bodies in Aquarius all symbolize unhappy things.

I believe that group of minor bodies in the 1891 Neptune-Pluto (+ US natal Uranus) chart symbolizes the present coronavirus epidemic + the financial crisis + the Trump presidency rolled into one.

I believe that when transiting Saturn made his conjunction to US natal Pluto in February, 2020, it set off a chain reaction (opposite the 1891 Venus, square the 1891 Uranus that was trine the 1891 minor planets in Aquarius {that were conjunct the US natal Moon-Pallas} that were in the Neptune-Pluto cycle, a conjunction that was conjunct the US Uranus in Gemini; a conjunction which, in 1891, was sextile Mars and Chiron in Leo that formed a Yod with Hybris in Capricorn (which happens to be opposite Trump’s natal Mercury in Cancer), the same degree in Capricorn where the Mars-Saturn conjunction took place and began their cycle in April 2018 that ends on March 31, 2020.

The new Mars-Saturn cycle that starts on March 31 will be at 0+ Aquarius – the same place where the new Saturn-Jupiter cycle will start this December.

It is a through line going back to 1891, when Pluto and Neptune were both conjunct US Uranus up to the Mars-Saturn conjunction on March 31, and beyond.

If you had not mentioned hubris I might never have realized that Eliseo, thank you. I feel much, much better now. 🙂

Here’s a moment of video clip respite for everybody – Cello performance of ‘Hallelujah’ by Stjepan Hauser.

Lovely how it sounds oriental at the same time as it remains entirely Leonard Cohen. Peace to all people, including China, despite whatever Trump says!


More here:

error alert: 4th paragraph should read Neptune-Pluto conjunction, not Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

ja, thanks for the flashback chuckle!
I think repubs leaning toward corporate payouts is simply so that their share prices will be cushioned –
thats the only thing their Ferengi mindset allows them to consider.

Thanks for sharing Beowulfie! Stunning!

‘How It All Came Apart for Bernie Sanders
The Sanders campaign appeared on the brink of a commanding lead in the Democratic race. But a series of fateful decisions and internal divisions have left him all but vanquished.’

A comment from nyt’s:

“I voted for Sanders in the 2016 primary, Something happened since then – Donald Trump. Now we’re in a fight for the future of the nation. It’s no longer time to fool around. Sanders needs to throw in the towel.”


Angellight, Bob and Barbk,

Many thanks to you for the fine birthday wishes. I am grateful to be resting comfortably and getting much-needed sleep. I greatly value the healing energy you have sent my way.

I don’t know where Jerry has been, but I’m thinking these dramatic – shall we say, somewhat cataclysmic events as of late are finally ringing your astrological bells. Trust you are well, Jerry


Many thanks for the qi gong lung exercises. I’ve been practicing tonglen every night as part of my evening meditation – this could be the reason for some of my lingering symptoms – but I must be able to handle it because I am feeling stronger and better.

Hopefully we will be seeing warmer and fairer weather soon – imagine if this was hitting us around the winter solstice?!!??

Beowulfie, thanks…beautiful. We all need more of that.

Banks: re. “it seems to me that astrology is an art, not a science. Yes, it’s based on science I suppose but it’s all in the interpretation and we’ve seen how wrong those interpretations can be…”.

All true. Astrology is not a ‘hard’ science and it’s not ‘based’ on science. And it’s not ‘art’ either. It’s found somewhere between the ‘mind’ and the universe, neither of which people understand yet, if ever. We do have to acknowledge that the universe contains things the human mind will never, ever, know or understand. All the same, for some crazy reason, when it is pursued with honesty and rigor, astrology does have something useful and insightful to offer.

Interpretation is entirely subject to human error because it is an entirely human activity. The universe could give two hoots whether we understand it or not, or interpret it correctly or not.

We are just a bag of water held together with a bit of hardened calcium on the inside and a layer of porous skin on the outside, and some kind of an operating system in our skulls, and all of us die in a pathetically short time relative to the age of the universe.

So, it is egotistical BS to think that we can figure things out (except in hindsight) or ‘predict’ the future accurately. That goes for astrologers as well as clairvoyants and other sensitives. The only difference is that astrologers have built up a reasonably good case history over millennia, whereas every clairvoyant is a one-off.

Whether good, bad, or pathetic, individual clairvoyants have a spotty reputation and no theoretical framework at all. I’ve seen a few really ripe “performances” by people who claim to have an inside track to the meaning of life, so you could say I’m a skeptic from the basement up.

That’s not to say that there are no legitimately sensitive people. Some may be ethical, excellent, consistent, and unbiased at what they do. However, those who take money for what they say or predict, are either BS artists or they had better have a darn good track record that is publicly verifiable. Where’s the verifiable bit, that’s what I would like to know?

At least people who write blogs and articles etc. are putting it out there for the world to judge, right or wrong. Yes, it’s only interpretation, and it may have no validity whatsoever in the world of science, but anyone can judge for him or herself.

When a clairvoyant shows his or her track record publically, rather than just making a ‘claim’, I’ll pay attention. (It’s too bad there are few verifiable records on Edgar Cayce!). When there is no public record at all (who’s checking?), a private consultation may be very meaningful to the individuals themselves, but it’s useless for the rest of us.


The Cheers clip is hilarious! Thank you!

Ceres, Juno, Nessus, Magdalena and Hades

All unhappy things? Yes, for Nessus, Hades, maybe Magdalena, but no for Ceres and Juno.

I think we are not living through all unhappy things, and I see so many people doing good right now, and suddenly becoming aware of the need for help that has really been there for a long time.

And the 1891 chart is still active until Neptune Pluto conjunction has to happen again? I would love to know why.


Beowulfie, sorry your own experiences with psychics have not been good. Mine have been life changing and very positive. Not all psychics are good But I believe Kim Carey to be excellent. Each to their own.

the most straightforth info yet to come from the admin, courtesy of Dr Birx

I am more and more convinced that we are witnessing a total power grab by Trump and his minion. In the midst of this catastrophe, he found time to fire career officials in the intelligence community this week and Barr is pushing for fundamental changes in the judiciary. Please read this by a bipartisan group of former Intelligence officials raising the alarm in yesterday’s Post. As I have said before, with his five buddies on the Supreme Court, he can do anything he wants and I fear what he wants.


Kiwi, that was really informative. Thank you.

Beowulfe, thank you. Heavenly music.

Will – How are you today? May you be feeling much better. Please keep us informed. I’m very concerned about you & sending strong healing thoughts for your return to perfect health.

Eliseo, so relieved and glad to hear you are fine and just tired. Sending light and strong healing thoughts your way, too.

Just saw your most recent reports, Will, and glad you’re feeling better!

I, too, would like to see Jerry stop in.

Another charity for service workers like the one Chiro posted.

Another Round Another Rally


They are inundated with relief requests.


I share your concerns.

Who is going to stop him?
The Senate?
The Supreme Court?

Don’t think so.

Will, someone is thinking of you in Montreal. I miss Jerry also.

Eliseo, I agree with your two possibilities for a coup. I would add that Biden may have better reasons for invoking martial law next year if the second wave is worse as it was in 1919. That would fit with his Inauguration chart very well. And he will have a major depression on his hands. I think he will need Obama’s help.

And he will have it, Andre!! And, he will be willing to take it! That is awesome & re-assuring.

Have any of you seen this video clip tweeted yesterday that shows Dr. Fauci trying to hide/stifle laughter when Trump answered a reporter’s question during a post-briefing press-conference about where Pompeo, who had left the briefing early, had gone?


DOJ Wants to Suspend Certain Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency

The Department of Justice has secretly asked Congress for the ability to detain arrested people “indefinitely” in addition to other powers that one expert called “terrifying”


Pluto Return, indeed.

Not under any president, but certainly hell no to this one and his admin.

These cowards and fools unknowingly invite their own undoing and destruction upon themselves.

Lincoln didn’t cancel or postpone the 1864 election even if he expected to lose to a general who would not abolish slavery and would accept the South was lost irretrievably.


Since everything is made of atomic particles, and all particles vibrate at different hertz frequencies, I started wondering about the frequency of covid19, and whether being subjected to a different ‘sound’ frequency might damage it.
And I came across this: https://www.livescience.com/7472-kill-viruses-shake-death.html

And further, I wondered whether trump and his hangers-on could be shattered by encompassing them in a steady and profoundly higher internal vibration adopted by more humans?

Dont succumb to low vibration fear thoughts.

Chiro, Ceres was unhappy over the disappearance of her daughter, and Juno who was treated as not equal to her husband who cheated on her openly was unhappy and this is part of their symbolism. Only part.

No symbol; planet, sign, or aspect is all “good” or all “bad”.

I am truly glad for you Chiro, that you can see the good coming from these testing times. It is about awakening and becoming more conscious and that is the goal.

As for conjunctions between 2 planets, they are the start point of a cycle between two symbols working together over time; sometimes in harmony (trines, sextiles) sometimes in conflict (squares, oppositions) sometimes on their own until they meet again which ends that cycle and starts another new one. The goals differ with each new cycle and that goal can be discerned by the chart aspects at the time of their conjunction.

It isn’t always obvious, but if, when those 2 planets aspect one another (after their initial conjunction) you can see how their interaction expresses – in people, in governments, in society, in weather and so on. Sometimes it is the cycle participants such as Neptune and Pluto in the 1891 chart that trigger the energy and sometimes an aspect within the chart such as Venus square Uranus in the Neptune-Pluto conjunction chart.

Another example, when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct on January 12, 2020. it was not a day long effect, nor a month, nor a year. It will be in effect for over 30 years, off and on, when one of these planets is aspected by another transiting planet, or when Saturn and Pluto aspect each other.

Or it could be activated when something conjuncts 16+ Pisces where Neptune was at the time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and that Neptune was sextile the chart’s Washington, DC midheaven (MC) at 18+ Capricorn and that sextile became a Yod with the Saturn-Pluto chart’s Moon at 17+ Leo.

These kinds of cycle activations are not as obvious as a transiting aspect but they are influential in subtle ways. They work the way an Inauguration chart (any January 20, 12 Noon chart every 4 years) continues to influence the President or the government or the country throughout the 4 year term until a new Inauguration chart starts.

Hope this helps you understand how cycle charts work but if not, you can google “Astrology, synodic cycle charts between planets” and get a better understanding.

and you are welcome!


Such a sweet Boobalah you are for your blessings. Thank you and all goodness to you as well.

Merci beaucoup, Andre – I am feeling better. I had a wonderful meditative experience this evening; so glad when I am reminded to tap into spirit.

And how about that Andrew Cuomo? Is he a fine governor or is he not? I am so proud of him; if he wanted it, he could be a major presidential contender — he’s open, direct, pedagogical, kind, calming and truthful.

from my phone
Interesting that you mention the possibility of Obama assisting Biden. I’ve long felt, beginning in 2008, that Obama would serve two terms as president, but would be remembered and revered for an even greater role sometime later. I’m not sure what that greater role could possibly be, but there it is.

My conclusion in the matter is too long to post here. We can discuss it through email if you like. I can authorize Nancy to give you my email address.

With no stats at all shared with the rest of the world, Im speechless . . . .

thoughts on getting thru this from Marianne Williamson

I wonder if this is another brewing scandal – US military medical lab underfunded and excluded from serious work on covid19


That skynews article in which T congratulates Kim, etc. sounds more like an onion piece. If it is real, it is the most bizarre news story about our orange president I’ve ever heard.

Australia has just entered into extreme territory – & this is from a Trump lite government. Massive ‘stimulus’ payments from the government & massive lock-downs of everyday life. And we have a good health care system … God . or whatever, help the U.S.

“President Trump has sent a letter to North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, expressing his willingness to help the North battle the coronavirus, North Korea said on Sunday”


Trump writes a letter to Kim Jong-Un of N Korea offering to help them out w the coronavirus but can’t even get our own hospitals’ ventilators & masks. Not to mention he hasn’t offered any ally the same. #sundaymorning


Thanks you so much, Barbk, for that very clear explanation. I really appreciate it. So, it’s called synodic cycles. I sort of like Galactic Astrology better, but I will check it out. You are super duper.

I see here too that people are nurturing, caring, healing in their approach to this crisis, and making the best of it, as people usually due when its time to help.

But, there are always two sides to the coin, as you say, and it’s a struggle, a time full of anguish for many, of deprivation, and worry. I’m in a place where I can help, which is what I hope to do.

Thanks so much again. I feel like such a beginner in terms of “synodic cycles,” but I see the powerful insights it gives you, and by sharing, the insights it gives all of us.

Your welcome, Will. So glad you are doing much better! It sounds like you are doing well, too, Eliseo.

xoxo to all – Sharon

Will, I am so glad you are feeling better. I have to tell you yours is a pretty frightening story. So again so happy it is resolving. I have Diffuse Scleroderma , which can/will attack your lungs caus koi fibrosis. So far (almost 10 years in) I have avoided the worse (my lung function is still on the low normal range) of that with a preventive supplement ‘cocktail’, it is meant to help keep your lungs flexible. 20mg L-Opti Zinc, 3mg Melatonin and 1200-1500mg NAC. It might just help as your lungs heal. C I just found out they they have recently recommended using NCA (in large dosages and intravenously) in treating COVID-19. That did actually make me feel like I knew something. Lol
Wishing you a fast recovery.
Everyone on this wonderful blog, please stay safe.

***Should say ‘causing‘ fibrosis

Henri, It sounds like you seriously have things under control. I am sure you are being careful. Someone told me that in I will include you in my white light visualizations (probably don’t do it often enough). What is NCA (or NAC)?

A friend who lives on St. John’s Island just told me that 2 people from Montreal were fine $5000 (I guess each) for breaking quarantine….

Sharon K, Thank you. I appreciate being included. Since there is no treatment for my lovely disease, and it is extremely rare (about 150,000 cases in the country) figuring out what works tends to fall on the patient… I take a lot of supplements… and keep my fingers crossed.

NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) is a amino acid that increases glutathione levels used for liver detoxification, supporting respiratory health, it has kidney-protective effects, and has also been shown to be useful to help stop smoking. Sorry for the transposition.

Eliseo, from what I gather the Nth Korea story originated from kim jung un, so very questionable, but still . . . . a fallout from trump’s love fest no doubt.

Rand Paul has tested positive for Corona.



God bless you, Dear Man. May your treatment protocol never fail you. I cannot imagine what it must be like for you to manage a chronic threat to your breathing. Thank you for your kind wishes. Take care of yourself.

We are in a sweet spot now; Saturn has moved into Aquarius (out of Cap) and Venus is in her own sign of Taurus and sextile Neptune in his own sign of Pisces, and Rand Paul has tested positive for Covid 19, so let’s all keep him in our prayers. 🙂

Mars will conjunct Pluto in a few hours (1:14 AM EDT on Monday) at 24+ Capricorn opposite US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, and the transiting North Node will be conjunct US natal Venus (values) at 3+ Cancer while square (challenge) the transiting Sun at 3+ Taurus (conjunct the Chiron degree – where Chiron was when discovered, and where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered). It’s a cocktail with a kick.

Just so you know, the Moon was also at 24+ Capricorn at the time that the Grand Cross took place on April 21, 2014 . . . . . . .

Pluto at 13+ Capricorn
Jupiter at 13+ Cancer (+ US Sun 13+ Cancer)
Uranus at 13+ Aries
Mars at 14+ Libra (+ US Saturn 14+ Libra)

. . . . we will feel some of this friction during the new Mars-Pluto cycle I’m sure.

However, this present cycle between Mars and Pluto that began on April 26, 2018 at 21+ Capricorn will end when the new one starts tomorrow AM) and it was trine the Moon at 21+ Virgo which was conjunct the US Neptune (22+ Virgo) while also T-square Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius opposite Trump’s Sun + US Mars in Gemini. That’s over now.

Now, in the new Mars-Pluto cycle we will have Venus (values) conjunct the US natal Vesta (investments) both at 19+ Taurus and trine the transiting Neptune (18+ Pisces) and transiting Moon (20+ Pisces). That should be more to our liking.

Still, transiting Ceres (nature/nurture) at 19+ Aquarius will square transiting Venus and US natal Vesta which could be too much rain or too little $$ to invest. Comme ci, comme ca.

“A few days ago, #RandPaul delayed a vote on the coronavirus package because of his amendment.

A few days later, Rand Paul is the first Senator to test positive for #COVID19. Wow.” @mmpadellan

Evidently, the propensity to panic buy toilet paper is worldwide! Go figure.

Coronavirus: Armed robbers steal hundreds of toilet rolls in Hong Kong

“When we start to feel sorry for ourselves, locked in with food, water, supplies, think about Trump’s prison camps where children, adults are stuffed in together, no blankets sleeping on concrete, eating uncooked frozen food, no medical help.”

Comment from one of my FB friends

Will, Thank you for the good thoughts. Chronic Illness is a pain-in-the-ass, I would never wish on anyone. Well, mostly anyone… trump and his friends could be an exception.
You too stay well. Hope the information helps.
FYI: I am a she. I understand the confusion, has been happening all my life. It was always fun to watch a confused teacher. Lol

Sharon K, I don’t think that story is true about Montreal. I follow the media here closely. But on France’s TV news last night, it was reported that a couple was fined 500 euros each (about 500 US dollars, I think) for two misdemeanors: one for being on a beach, the other for being more than 500 meters from home. We have no such fines here yet.

Cuba has sent a medical team to Italy. Bernie was right when he said they have a modest but good health care system. The Spanish Prime Minister says the destructive wave is coming and will be a test of character for his country. Macron is threatening to shut the British out of France because Boris Johnson is doing too little to fight the virus.

France expects the peak to hit them in 7 to 10 days. French police are complaining they don’t have masks like their Italian and Spanish counterparts. The French government has ordered 250 million masks. 500,000 are given out each day. A doctor or nurse needs 10 a day on average.

Italy has called out the army to help the police force. Germany is better off than France because they test massively. They have more cases but fewer deaths because they detect the infected earlier. Germany is willing to take in French patients but won’t export medical equipment because it says it needs it. Iceland, a nation of 365,000 people, has tested everyone; half of their cases had no symptoms.

Eliseo, there is one problem about the theory of a protective coup by the military as guardians of democracy against Trump. Some generals may wish to protect democracy from a rogue President, but others may support him. Trump rejected the advice of the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when he selected his successor. Instead, he chose the Army Chief of Staff, one Mark Miller, who is seen as more pliable. General Miller took part in a congressional briefing which Democrats considered a deception. If the generals split, that would be a recipe for civil war.

Kiwi, I hope you don’t think that to consider these awful possibilities is giving in to low-level fear vibrations. There are always ways to avoid those. Lucidity is not fear.

I bet in a few months a study will come out about how clean the air got when the number of cars on the roads and factories operating was reduced due to efforts to reduce the coronaviris spread.

That might be what Ceres conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto means.

Or is it lucidness? I may have used a French phrasing, technically called a gallicism.

Andre – I absolutely agree! True information does not equate to fear – one is left brain logic, the other is right brain emotion.

Henri – Dear Woman then. I love being surprised.

One of my California friends reported he spotted a U.S. Army tank in the Huntington Beach Walmart parking lot. Lots of White -Supremist neo-Nazi skin-head azzoles down there – for reals.

In the Jupiter-Saturn cycle (started on May 28, 2000 and will end on December 21, 2020) Ceres was at 26+ Virgo and was trine the South Node (what must be released, no longer serves growth) at 25+ Capricorn where Pluto will station retrograde (24 Cap 59) on April 25, 2020.

On April 22, 2020, a New Moon at 3 Taurus 24 (the degree where Chiron was when discovered, and where Chiron was when Uranus was discovered) has Mercury (studies, reports) at 20+ Aries and conjunct the US natal Chiron in the same degree.

In addition, Chiron in the April New Moon (that conjuncts the Chiron Degree) is at 6+ Aries and is sextile the US natal chart’s South Node (endings) and US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 6+ Aquarius, which is where Neptune was in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart which ends in December, 2020; it’s last hurrah.

Transiting Pluto will remain motionless (stationing retro) for the last 2 weeks of April where the South Node was in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, a cycle that ends in December. Pluto will return to that point (and where the South Node was in the 2000 Jupiter Saturn-Jupiter cycle chart that ends in December 2020) on January 25, 2020, 5 days after the new Democrat President of the US is sworn in.

The Inauguration chart then will have Pluto conjunct the just ended Saturn-Jupiter cycle chart’s South Node (endings) that was sextile Ceres (nature/nurture) and the beat will keep going on.

I like to think of this as the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle (with its Ceres sextile South Node) as the birth of the end of pollution of the air by the USA (via the April New Moon and its emphasis on Chiron) through studies of the observed effect of reduced traffic, etc. due to the coronavirus scare, followed by transiting Pluto’s subsequent lengthy conjunction to the degree where the South Node was when it was trine Ceres (nature/nurture) in the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn cycle, a cycle that ends in December, 2020.

And that study of how reduced traffic, etc, affected the air we breathe will be a prime motivator for the new Dem President and his VP and Cabinet because, in part, Ceres in the 2021 Inauguration chart is conjunct Neptune (new cycle) and they are opposed the Pluto-Uranus conjunction(s) in Virgo of the 60’s with its myriad of aspects (such as Mars conjunct US Chiron) for change.

There IS going to be good coming from this time; this pause for reflection.

Barb, before I read your new post above (and thank you everyone else for the excellent information), I want to say that Myron, my husband, is so happy about the prospect of the decrease of emissions, pollution, and the general use of petroleum products (think plastics) and our state, LA, as well as other states like TX, OK, the Dakotas, will suffer this.

Take it from an English prof. You were right the first time. It is lucidity. English is a very inconsistent language for historical reasons you are probably aware.

You are also right about the coup issue. That could indeed devolve into Civil War, perhaps with 3 sides.

wienstein tests + in prison for covid.
Huge implications for others I imagine


Imagine the hell that will break loose in the penal systems.

Does anybody know how to reach Jerry outside of Starlightnews?

I’m his FB friend and just messaged him and put a msg on his timeline that we miss him at the SLN blog. Don’t know if he is checking it though.

‘Harsh Steps Are Needed to Stop the Coronavirus, Experts Say’

“The microphone should not even be at the White House, scientists said, so that briefings of historic importance do not dissolve into angry, politically charged exchanges with the press corps, as happened again on Friday.

Instead, leaders must describe the looming crisis and the possible solutions in ways that will win the trust of Americans.

Above all, the experts said, briefings should focus on saving lives and making sure that average wage earners survive the coming hard times — not on the stock market, the tourism industry or the president’s health. There is no time left to point fingers and assign blame.

“At this point in the emergency, there’s little merit in spending time on what we should have done or who’s at fault,” said Adm. Tim Ziemer, who was the coordinator of the President’s Malaria Initiative from 2006 until early 2017 and led the pandemic response unit on the National Security Council before its disbanding.

“We need to focus on the enemy, and that’s the virus.”
The next priority, experts said, is extreme social distancing.

If it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for 14 days while sitting six feet apart, epidemiologists say, the whole epidemic would sputter to a halt.”


barbk, I hope you are right. I am very concerned that trump will attempt to cancel the elections. Already, we see that voting advocates suggested 2 billion dollars for a massive vote by mail effort for the November elections but the GOP has balked.

I also find it really strange that none in the trump circle has the virus yet they have all been in contact with many people who did get sick. Are they not human?

ja, you are correct – it should be medical professionals who update the country – not the idiot. But trump stopped the CDC’s daily briefings over a week ago so he could be the center of attention. Maybe, if the networks stopped covering his tirades?

But what happened to the CDC? They were the world’s gold standard.

our daily cases just jumped today by 50 today – mostly overseas origin. PM Jacinda has put country on level 3 lockdown today to allow 24 hrs to prepare, then full level 4 lockdown for 4 weeks. Her press briefing just now was awesome.


Thank you for reaching out to Jerry.

India has tried a complete 14-hour lock-down as a dress rehearsal. That’s 1.5 billion people. One billion others across the planet are in longer-term lock-down.

China is sending a million masks to Italy. Russia is sending aid also. That comes on top of Chinese doctors mentioned yesterday and Cuban doctors mentioned above. Italians are said to be impressed. Is this a counter-Marshall plan from America’s enemies taking advantage of Trump’s incompetence? There could be a concerted strategic vision at work here to weaken the Western alliance.

Still, in the short time it’s all about saving lives. Maybe in a few weeks the US itself will accept Chinese help. Or would Trump accept more American deaths in order to avoid that?

Practice what your lifestyle allows you to do to avoid possible contamination and indulge in what brings some happy moments for you and yours. I like to watch iconic film clips on Youtube. This guy said March 24 was good for him. Might lighten up some hearts following day after day of heavy news reports we have had.


the latest from Cash Peters – take it as light entertainment, or not – your choice

Sharon, your husband is not alone is he? Many people have hoped for an exit ramp off the gas/petroleum super highway that wouldn’t be a cross to bear for States and People (loss of jobs, etc.).

Change is almost always painful because we have to give up something in order to gain something. That’s why it takes us so long to do what we know we need to do.

I made a mistake when I wrote that transiting Pluto would return to 24-25 Capricorn after it’s retrograde on January 25, 2020 (it should read January 25, 2021) AFTER the Inauguration on January 20, 2021.

But even now, as trans. Pluto and Mars at 24+ Capricorn are picking up the baton from the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart’s South Node (25+ Cap) that’s trine Ceres (26+ Virgo), their new 2 year cycle (which has trans. Ceres sextile US Chiron and trine US Juno) has its Moon just 2 degrees away from the US Neptune.

We tend to see Neptune as a failure to deal with reality, but forget that it symbolizes dreams and it’s from dreams that the best of our reality is hatched. In our dreams the ideas are flawless, but reality always shines the light on a dream’s flaws. It will take time, maybe a whole Saturn-Jupiter cycle before the rough edges are smoothed.

That cycle (Saturn-Jupiter, 12/21/20) has Pluto square Mars/Eris and several other enormous obstacles in its chart, but by this December the masses will have had a consciousness raising experience that will clearly show them what really matters, which is, in part, the survival of the planet we share.

We are the CAN DO generations in a CAN DO society and the rest of the world will applaud . . . maybe . . some day.


“Are they not human?”

You might be on to something there.

Chinese Doctor, Silenced After Warning of Outbreak, Dies From Coronavirus


“When Dr. Li posted his chat room warning on Dec. 30, the new coronavirus had not yet been identified.”

A Solar Annular Eclipse occured on December 26, 2019, at 1:13 pm, AWST. It’s MC in Wuhan, China was at 285°57′. It”s Zenith was at 292°37′. Eclipse Saturn at 292°24′ was on it. Eclipse Pluto was about 1 and 1/2 degrees away. Dr Li’s warning was 4 days later. He had to have noticed a trend before December 30.

My 23-year-old nephew Nicholas tested positive and is showing symptoms – he’s quarantined with his two siblings and his parents and two dogs who live three blocks from me. Shit’s getting real.

The Secretary of Defense has signed an order asking some units to prepare for extraordinary missions, including if needed to replace the Trump Administration.


Anecdotal Reports coming in that people who are asymptomatic but carrying and spreading the virus often lose their sense of smell and taste. So, if anyone you know says they suddenly can’t smell or taste anything, stay away from them and encourage them to self quarantine.


I hate to do this because it is F’in horrible to be so scary, but if even a fraction of this is true, we’re in deep do-do. The comments are useful for context too.

Takes a moment to load:


I stepped out of here for a couple of weeks and (wow!) took me nearly 3 hours to get caught up on the posts! I’m always amazed at the wealth of info I get from everyone here!

Chiro – I love to read your detailed posts as much as I do Barb’s and Bob’s and Starlight’s… but could you break them up with empty lines between paragraphs? These old eyes find it hard to focus when everything looks scrunched together. (sorry)

barbk – on March 22nd, 2020 at 3:57 pm you said: Still, transiting Ceres (nature/nurture) at 19+ Aquarius will square transiting Venus and US natal Vesta which could be too much rain or too little $$ to invest. Comme ci, comme ca.”

I had checked weatherbug a few hours ago about rain tomorrow, since we’ve had quite a bit here (flares my lupus). There was a video on the side predicting widespread dangerous flooding again this Spring throughout the Midwest.

I remember in the ’80’s when my coven did a Lammas ritual for support and aid to the farmers here for the “Harvest that wasn’t.” Nearly the entire harvest was lost due to flooding that year. I’m getting those same vibes today.

Plus, thanks to T’s tariffs, many family farms have been lost, sold, or become subsistence only farms. The farmers have lost investment and are in high debt due to normal operating expenses — even while delaying equipment replacement. In addition, they can’t even get Climate Change mitigation from the Farm Bureau now in this Admin, even when they ask for it. And the more family farms lost to big corporations, the more our food gets poisoned, IMO.

In fact, I just read where T* has approved planting “Roundup Ready” test grains in a WILDLIFE REFUGE! So, they’ll not only kill us, they’ll make sure they take all the wildlife with us! I count Monsanto among the world’s worst enemies, since I think their chemical cocktails are one aspect that’s turned on the auto-immune gene(s) over the last 30 years. (No proof… just my most gut-felt intuition.)

So, it may not be an either/or situation between rain and investment $$$. It may be a perfect storm between the two.

I’m also reminded of one of the “Omen” movies… where one company (like Monsanto) was in charge of doing just exactly what Monsanto is doing now. Except, the “Anti-Christ” made sure a kill-em-all chemical was added. Heck… a stupid mistake could do that here. And during Repub non-science “experts”… “mistakes” are everywhere.

Keep it coming, Sister barb! I think you’re right on track…

New York Times on getting serious about Covid 19 suppression (actions largely agree with the link in my post above):


silcominc on March 17th, 2020 wrote – “I have this thought that we go to the convention (which will likely be a virtual convention) and Biden says he is asking Sherrod to take his place?”

I LOVE Sherrod Brown, and have since I noticed him first in the GW days. I find him smart, charismatic in an offbeat, intense way, and an old-time Democrat in the vein of FDR. The fact he’s a Sun in Scorpio seals it for me… for some reason, I’ve always had a weakness for Sun in Scorpio men (although my Mars is in Sag). He’d definitely have my vote!

I don’t see us going to a brokered convention, tho. My personal opinion is Biden is going to be our nominee (and he was not and IS NOT my choice!). But it’s striking how suddenly over a mere few days, everything turned against Bernie (who wasn’t my choice this time, either).

My belief (energy-wise) is we’re gonna have an older Boomer to lead us out of this era, and the new age will be presided over by someone younger. It’s a natural progression that “feels” right in my bones, although I can’t give you any hard facts to back it up.

But, more important… I think when the understanding of the Corona Virus began hitting people, that was “it” for Bernie. Biden is seen as “Normal”… someone who isn’t too far left, nor too far right. A known quantity. In these days of chaos and uncertainty, I think people grasp at anything in leadership that reminds them of “normal.” The thought (true or not) Obama might be in the wings helping Biden doesn’t hurt him with a whole lot of people, either.

Still… I can wish the best to your feelings… I do love me some Sherrod!

will – it took me a long time to get thru the messages I’d missed… and I was so happy to see no one seemed to have been touched, personally, by this virus.

And then I came to your message. I feel like you – like you had a run with it, and I’m SO grateful to know you’re coming thru the other side of it. Do take it very easy, tho. Especially with your friends so close to you who have it. No one is still sure whether or not it imbues immunity once you’ve had it.

Also, if you can (once it’s safe to do so), I’d recommend a lung x-ray. From what I’ve read (including some non-peer reviewed med articles), some of those who have it and recover are finding scarring, etc., in their lungs. I don’t know where you fall in age-range, but most centered on the millennials. While everything is “up for grabs” where Internet info is concerned, better to know than not, IMNSHO.

Heck, we may have a whole generation of people with decreased lung capacity after this. Maybe that means the rabidly hysterical right-wingers won’t be able to yell quite so loud! (gryn)

The Newsweek article was very interesting.
Have you any familiarity with the author, William M. Arkin, or his work? I note the end blurb listed him as author of
American Coup: How a Terrified Government is Destroying the Constitution. 

I’m not familiar with the book or any of the other work the author has penned.

Kiwi, I love your posts! I want to thank you for that Kitty O’Meara piece. May it and so much more, be the light at the end of this dark tunnel. I saved it to my desktop to read when I feel particularly “down.”

And I’m right there with you with “RAK” — Revenge of the Animal Kingdom! – as anyone who knows me will attest.

I’m really intrigued, tho, by your March 22nd post on higher internal vibrations impacting T* and all his dastardly, deadly dandies.

Have you thought of ways this could be manifested? My first thought is finding a vibration that seems to fit and replicating it via PC audio within a ritual.

Although “shattering them” with it gives me concerns of karma, maybe some sort of binding or boomerang spell… I’d say a mirror, except I’d be afraid of the mirror cracking with T* reflected within it! (gryn)

Seriously… have you thought of other ways? I’m game here to try something and I like the energies you’ve honed in on. With Mom here, my rituals are somewhat limited… but there are things I CAN get away with! (LOL)

Eliseo – It “sounds” like you’re feeling better after your medical procedures. I’m so glad!

Your post on March 21st at 3:01 – Every word sounds like an echo of conversations between me and Grey Mouser! Am I permitted to say I miss your voice here in all this – making our “duet” into a “trio?” (gryn)

I’m about half-laughing at the Great, Global TP Scare. All T*’s talk of the “flu” made deep inroads into people’s thinking, IMO. All they can think of is the trots back and forth to the bathroom with it. No one stops to think *respiratory* doesn’t mean gut-related! (LOL)

But I’m only half-laughing, cause not since my daughter’s early days have I seen anyone go thru TP like my mother! On our infrequent trips to the grocery store, we tend to buy one large pkg, whether we need it immediately or not.

But we’re like you – not particularly anxious about shortages (at least, not right now). We’ve seen empty shelves here in LV, and that does jack up the adrenaline for a few minutes… automatic reflex. Mostly, tho, I get frustrated and angry that the foods Mom eats are the first to go –among them Hormel Compleat Meals, e.g.

The shelves were completely empty of ALL of them at the 2 grocery stores AND the Walmart here! These don’t have to be refrigerated, so I guess the preppers are going nuts. One store clerk told us earlier that morning ONE couple came in and walked out with every single package in the store – nearly $200 in just those alone! I was livid the stores LET them do that. For me, it’s one of the very few things Mom can “cook” (microwave) on her own without setting the house on fire or burning to a crisp!

Do you really think T* would be thought a martyr by many if he’d die in office with the virus? I’m of a mind, it’s one of the few “neat” ways he *could* go. More emphasis, I think, would be on who he’d been in contact with, how many and who’s hands he’d shook, how many and who he’d spit at in his rages; his refusal to practice social-distancing, as well as his rapid weight gain, and his lifestyle. I think the press would more make him an example of what NOT to do (altho probably in passive-voice), than tend toward martyrdom.

4Chan will believe whatever they want, no matter who, what, when, or where.

The man already has too much blood on his hands already, and has made us complicit in a lot of it by default. I don’t want to see thousands die needlessly because of his bellicose, imbecilic lack of correct leadership.

Stay well, friend!

kiwi – hugs right back to you. Have you been ordained/consecrated in a ministry of sorts?


I am grateful to you for your kind words and suggestions.

Andre, I’m gonna have to go back and read more closely the Newsweek article you referenced. I only skimmed it. But, did you read some of the comments to the article? Talk about disheartening!

It’s true, Newsweek probably didn’t reveal anything that’s Top Secret, but what these right-wing imbeciles don’t realize is that a lot of what was in that article is NOT Top Secret! It’s (more than likely) in the NDAA that T* and his mal-administration won’t currently publish to Congress (and which leaked several days ago).

There are two other documents the Military produces for Congress, but I can’t now bring to mind the names. One of them details the national and global issues the military sees as threats. It’s updated each year, and it’s not Top Secret, either.

Continuity of Government is a big issue, and has been rewritten several times. That there’d be situations covered for when the military would step in temporarily isn’t surprising — tho I *don’t* find it reassuring, personally. Still, as hated as T* is among the higher officer ranks, they’d probably be better coordinators than T* and his people.

I’m much more concerned right now with the Constitutional laws, rights, and civil liberties that T* and his DOJ are throwing out the window.

What was your feeling after reading the Newsweek article?

slightkc, haven’t really thought thru the ‘how’ precisely, but when I was pondering the whole vibration issue I flashed on the info in a cd set I got in 2003 – by David Hawkins, about kinesiology study testing on emotions/words etc – eg on a scale of blame, lower end, to bliss, higher end.

Perhaps it might work like this – when there are more people that vibrate on the higher end, and they outnumber the low end, (no matter what political party) the lower end will become impotent. Sort of in the same manner that various particles, (eg sand) arrange themselves in different visible patterns when subjected to different sounds.
If that makes sense to you?
Food for thought – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Will, no. Except for 4 years at state boarding high school with weekly mandatory sunday church service + thursday bible study – in your religion of choice. Ive always been interested in the commonalities of the essence of varying religions/beliefs though. Very clear memory at 5 thinking, if they believe in the same god, why do the protestants and catholics fight?
I still find it amusing that my primary school friend, and astrological twin, later became a nun! LOL

Great to see you posting again. Please say hello to David & your many cats!

Yes, I’m feeling better after my recent medical experience, but have several more procedures to go. One by one, I’m gradually getting things “fixed”. I’ve been seeing several different specialists, so many it is sometimes confusing. I’m about to be back to work on my research, essays, and novels. I also hope to get a website set up relatively soon.

Some old friends called today in a conference call. They are insisting I should write for the onion. I’m seriously considering submitting something. I haven’t written comedy in several years, not since my radio comedy partner died in January 2006. He was such an extraordinary comic genius, but also with a deep philosophical side. What I post on this blog are mostly my more serious notions, not the Bob & Ray style crazy stuff. But come to think of it, much would fit well in the Onion.

In the next few days I will email to you some thoughts too complex for the blog.

Where’s Biden?” watch JOE TV:

Biden said that a recreation room in his home in Delaware had been turned into a television studio, and that he planned to give remarks on Monday.


“The Virus Can Be Stopped, but Only With Harsh Steps, Experts Say


This is a “must read” by anyone working to stop #COVID1″

we are the world – blast from the past

Israeli scientists: ‘In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine’


Heard back from Jerry on FB today!

He’s been busy & will be posting soon! (…if he hasn’t already and I missed it upthread!)

Thanks for thinking of it Will!

Marjorie Orr:


Eliseo: If “Smart solutions for Dumb Buildings” (your slogan for Myron’s building science consulting business) is just a taste of your humor, I say go for it 🙂

Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who posts on this site. I have been reading Nancy’s page for many years and although I rarely speak up, all of your posts and info are invaluable and appreciated. Especially now, it is great to come here and have a sense of sanity in the world.

Thank you again, everyone stay safe and well, and keep up the great work.

Hi Everyone,

Sharon just sent a private note of inquiry. Apparently some were wondering if everything is ok on my end. Admittedly I’ve been a little pre-occupied lately. However, nothing to be concerned about. Like many of those facing a similar predicament, we are now on lock-down in India. No perceptible panic among the populace just yet, but there is a mood of concern. I can take comfort in the fact that we have a marvelous support system in the Baba community here. My wife and I managed to stock up on perishable food items essential vitamins, herbal medicines (anything to boost the immune system), hand sanitizers and other important household items. On the bright side, I’m happy to report there are absolutely no shortages of toilet paper like our western counterparts have been experiencing lately and for good reason. The majority of Indians are accustomed to the time, true tested method of using water for their intimate hygienic needs.

My wife received the unpleasant news yesterday morning that her mother had undergone a massive stroke and was in a coma. Her mother is 87 and lived a full life, but never underestimate the strong emotional attachments of an Indian family. My wife was extremely distraught. She was determined to hire a car and drive to Pune and then fly up to Delhi to be at her mothers bedside (presently in ICU at a local hospital). A very challenging prospect since most public transport is virtually shut down. Many drivers were unwilling to go against the ban. After many hours of search, with the help of a friend who happens to be a travel agent, we managed to find a willing driver and secured a seat on one of the last flights out. All domestic flights in India are to be indefinitely grounded as of March 25th. All public trains also have been widely disrupted. She was very lucky. Many close family members are there looking after the mother and so my wife has the good fortune of much emotional support.

The more pressing issue at the moment is this Corona Virus thing. It’s a world-wide phenomenon. How amazing! I can’t help but find it ironic (and amusing) that Mr. Trump’s relentless tireless efforts to quash all investigations in removing him from office is finally catching up with him. It took a pandemic to undermine the economy and presumably his tenure in office. It’s obvious things are only going to get worse. Astrologer Steve Judd gave a very dire review on the approaching Mars/Saturn conjunction of March 31st (0 Aquarius which happens to be right on the US Inaugural charts Sun) in one of his recent videos. Here’s the URL link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9G6akUjhP4

The Mars/Saturn conjunction is followed by the April 5th Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. There is a belief among some intuitives that all of this will come to culmination in early April and most likely resolve itself by Easter (April 10th).

If interested, here’s something (Baba related) I put together and posted in mid December. It’s since been updated in mid March:



A culmination? How could it possibly come to a culmination that fast? I don’t understand.

Dr. Fauci expects to be fired by Trump.


Eliseo, I do not know the writer of the Newsweek article. Great to know you might write for the Onion. The Great Depression of the Thirties was a great time for humor, especially of the absurd variety like the Marx Brothers. In such times, it is needed more than ever for the mental health of most people.

Slightkc, my immediate concern is governments already inclined to authoritarianism taking advantage of the pandemic to suppress fundamental liberties.

Bolivia has postponed elections. Netanyahu in Israel has suspended the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) and stopped the courts who were about to hear his indictment; journalists there are saying a coup is not only feared, it is happening.
Orban in Hungary is considering suspending freedom of the press.

In the US, Barr has asked Congress for the power to jail people indefinitely if a chief justice of some courts approves. It is thankfully not expected to pass. But how far will Trump go to hold on to power?

Here in Canada, the federal government may invoke the Emergency Measures Act as early as tomorrow. It would effectively create a temporary federal dictatorship and stop all non-essential travel between cities and provinces across the country. There are already complaints of police abuse in Quebec City. While Justin Trudeau is not a would-be dictator, things could get out of hand. His father is remembered for declaring martial law in 1970 as a powerful deterrent against terrorism; he was widely supported at first but much criticized later when many artists and intellectuals were jailed without trial in Quebec for their ideas, mainly non-violent support for an independent Quebec.

As a retired constitutional lawyer, I think this could be the gravest consequence of the coronavirus, after the pandemic itself and the economic crisis.

“Israeli scientists: ‘In a few weeks, we will have coronavirus vaccine’

Once the vaccine is developed, it will take at least 90 days to complete the regulatory process and potentially more to enter the marketplace. “Congratulations to MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] on this exciting breakthrough,” Akunis said. “I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVID-19 threat,” Akunis said, referring to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.”


(My thoughts, they already had the cure)

Hi Teresa,

If you were to ask for my opinion, it looks like a crisis of confidence is rapidly building within the confines of the White House. Trump is intent on easing off on the restrictions. That approach runs contrary to all the prevailing medical opinions in the field. To ease off now would only make matters ten times worse, or so the experts say. Needless to say, all that Trump is interested in is his re-election prospects (re: a healthy economy). He said so himself in various ways. He’s not at all concerned about the public health, safety of the country. To him, numbers matter.

Trump had pronounced a 15 day waiting period beginning March 16th; at the end of which he said he will make a decision on what direction he wants to take (presumably to end the restrictions). See related article:

Trump Says U.S. to Make a Decision on Coronavirus at End of 15-Day Plan


The 15 day period ends on March 31st. That date is remarkable. It happens to coincide with the day of the Mars/Saturn conjunction (0 Aquarius). It’s right on the 2017 US Inaugural Sun. Will that be a trigger point that will precioitate the downfall of the Trump administration? Refer to Steve Judd’s “The Sting In The Tail At The End of March” posted in my previous entry.

This Mars/Saturn conjunction will exactly t square Nancy Pelosi’s Saturn-Pluto square (0 Taurus-Leo). Based on what I have gathered from two separate psychic sources, Trump will either resign April 1st or April 3rd. Trump’s scandalous sordid connections to Russia (money laundering) will most likely be revealed at that time. Nancy Pelosi of course would be the logical successor. Stands to reason, the upheaval in the US government will translate onto the crash of the worlds economy.

All speculation of course, but Teresa, don’t you sense something imminent to all this with the feverish dreaded Corona Virus debacle isteadily encroaching by the day and as a consequence strangling our normal way of life? The experts are saying the virus will only get worse with each passing week. Sadly, Trump is in denial. He is not helping matters.


I’ve just hoped so many times that he’s finally done something so awful, he’ll be gone. 🙁 But I’ve also believed if it ever got too hard or just no fun for him, I could see him resigning and blaming somebody else or a lot of other people and things.

Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky has tested positive to COVID19. He knew of his exposure several weeks ago and did not self quarantine. Yesterday morning he was using the Senate gym and left upon learning the test came back positive. Several other Senate Republicans are now in quarantine. McConnell may very well lose his acting majority in the next few days as other Republicans are forced into quarantine. Many of them are old. If Trump resigns, Pence is POTUS. The only way for Pelosi to become POTUS would require Trump and Pence both becoming unable to fulfill their duty.


I am sorry to learn of your wife’s mother’s plight. It hardly seems fair that your family should have to grapple with such difficulties against the backdrop of our global nemesis. My deepest empathy.

Thank you for your always-robust insights and postings. On a personal level, I have Mars at 0-Taurus and Venus at 1-Taurus – the Steve Judd commentary about the effect of Saturn coming to
0-Saturn bodes rather ominous for me. But Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turnin’ and we all have our day of reckoning.

Best wishes to you, your wife and her mother and family.

Sending positive energies and loving kindness to Will and family, and Jerry and family, and all here who are affected directly or indirectly.

My friend gave me a good affirmation recently: I move forward with ease.

May you move forward with ease, Will. May you and your loved ones be blessed as they lovingly support your nephew.

Jerry, may your wife, her mother, and the family be blessed with love, peace and unity as they move forward with ease and lovingly support your mother-in-law.

Jerry, May

“A man has died and his wife is under critical care after the couple, both in their 60s, ingested chloroquine phosphate,” one of the anti-malaria drugs that President Trump has mentioned in recent days.”


In recent times the US natal Neptune has been the most powerful planet in the US natal chart. In tomorrow’s New Moon chart US Neptune (22+ Virgo) will trine the transiting Jupiter (23+ Capricorn) and the transiting Venus at 20+ Taurus.

In between transiting Jupiter and transiting Venus (the 2 Benefics) are all the other major planets (and some minor ones too). This is a very narrow planetary pattern that has existed for months, with the exception of the Moon which occasionally escapes to the other signs due to her speedy movement through the zodiac.

This concentration of energy, symbolized by the 10 major planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and sometimes, like now, the Moon) has a narrow range of expression (for now) in one third of the zodiac and at the moment that’s in the range of late Capricorn, through Aquarius, through Pisces, through Aries, through late Taurus.

Each major planet, including the Moon, is assigned rulership of at least one sign (Mars rules Aries, Venus rules Taurus, etc., etc.) and what those rulers share now is a common (narrow) perspective of life.

Their perspective is influencing the signs they rule and those signs, most of them, are located on the cusps of the houses in all astrological charts.

So we all have this in common; life is being seen through a narrow range of experience for the next few weeks and because Jupiter is at one end of the present perspective and Venus is at the other end of the present perspective, and US natal Neptune is in a grand trine with both trans. Jupiter and trans. Venus, he (US Neptune) is an enabler.

For example, Neptune is associated with Pisces, and Pisces is associated with the 12 house in charts, and 12th houses are associated with hospitals and confinement, among other things. What are we very conscious of? Hospitals (and drugs that heal and drugs that allow us to escape reality).

It interests me that Jupiter and Venus (the “good guys”), rather than Saturn and Mars (the “bad guys”) are the planets that define this present narrow perspective of the zodiac.

They provide a kind of positivity to our “view” in this New Moon at 4+ Aries, even though this New Moon is T-square the transiting Nodes and is conjunct transiting Chiron. It is a time to make a choice between the “Path Forward” (North Node) or stay in the routine that gets us nowhere (South Node) and it is about healing wounds that have been with us too long (Chiron).

My favorite keyword for Neptune is “compassion” and, when applied to the US natal Neptune in its present grand trine with transiting Venus and Jupiter in their present encompassing of the other major planets, it seems to be the dominant expression of Neptune, rather than “fear”, another keyword of Neptune energy. What do you think?

Wonderful post, BarbK! You nailed it about the configuration between Jupiter, Venus trine Neptune, and the “narrow” perspective. Best interpretation yet and Covid 19 is about as narrow as it can get.

I have a relation who does research on malaria. Don’t forget – those drugs are desperation measures to begin with. Lord knows what can happen when people decide to self-medicate in ignorance.

Why would anybody, ever, take medical advice from a dough-head like Donald Trump? OMG

Angellight, also, about the “cure” – nobody is going to have a vaccine in a few weeks – and even if there already is one, there is not a hope that ordinary folks will get a whiff of it any sooner than it is tested and safe.

Also, a vaccine, if it is improperly mass produced could injure or kill countless people. There’s good reason to be careful. Sure, miracles might happen – but we could get hit by an asteroid tomorrow too. There won’t be any vaccine miracles – I’ll bet on it.

Believe me, if they could do a safe vaccine any sooner than a year, they would and they would be announcing it from the rooftops. But they can’t, because they have no idea yet what or how much of it they could produce in time to save lives.

The few vials of vaccine, if an effective one can be designed and produced even in tiny quantities, will first go to the powerful and mighty of this world. Then it will go to doctors and nurses in the privileged countries.

Regular folks can wait, survive on their own, or get sick, or die. And guess who will be first in line? DT himself, of course. But they won’t be publicizing that notion any time soon because they don’t want to have riots in the streets.

I am fascinated by the archetypal battle that seems to be coming – health vs commerce. It is what we have dealt with for generations – build a factory that pollutes and makes everyone sick but gives them jobs. We now see this possibly playing out in real-time before our eyes and for the entire nation.

P.S., BarbK, did you ever have the thought that that trine just makes for perfect (easy) “growing conditions” for a microbe? Just sayin, the conditions are ripe for something to grow, only it doesn’t happen to be very good for people, is all….

For anyone monitoring timing, just noticed that new moon is in about 10hrs at 4+ deg aries.

Of course Beowulfie, we live in a world of duality; planets have positive and negative expression as do the aspects and signs. Jupiter and Venus are considered the Benifics as I’m sure you are aware of, and since there are ample comments providing the negative perspective I thought it might be good to point out some positive perspective. Don’t you agree?


Wow. It’s like you watched this evening’s Trump press conference before you wrote how his presidency could end. It’s exactly what Trump said — we have to get people back to work, in weeks not months, have to protect the economy. I think he even mentioned the 31st.

It’s like he thinks he can order the country back to work, and people will go. I can imagine him trying and the governors refusing to life their shutdown orders that he was too chicken to issue himself. He never will make the hard calls we need.

Can imagine him having a huge fit if no one listens to him, then saying he can’t govern if no one listens.


Thank you so much for the beautiful blessing and affirmation. May you be blessed as well.

Wow – FL gov to require anyone from NY to quarantine for 14 days if coming to Florida.


Yes, I agree, BarbK. We need to keep it in perspective, and I do believe that down the road (maybe a little further down the road than we would like, however), the society will become better one for this experience – for everyone, not just the privileged few. Glad you add a little sunshine to the mix!

From a real person on FB whom my nephew by marriage (a 30 y.o. medical student) knows.

Ningqi McParks
3 hrs
Dear friends, there are a lot of information here that I would like to share with you. Because I feel a sense of responsibility, as a Chinese person, as a global citizen, and a person who have tremendous gratitude and respite for human lives to share this with you.

Covid-19 is not to be taken lightly. Many of my family members are still in China, so I have been, not fortunate enough to, but able to witness from afar the damage this disease has caused to the society and humanity. You very likely have been hearing of the word “plateau” and how the numbers in China has “been dropping” lately. However, it HAS NOT. The Chinese government is incredibly dishonest and the people there have been suffering to unimaginable extent. The casualties are so inexplicable now that it has become a extraordinary task to enumerate the number of deaths at this point, not to mention they have refused to cooperate with rest the world but providing us with the real data.
Despite the bravado that Chinese government has put out over the years, their medical facilities are extremely outdated. People are forced back to work while their number is relapses increases incessantly. There are not even enough facilities in China to cremate the deceased. That is beyond heart-aching to any human beings.

In addition, this is not a natural virus. It did not originate by accident. It is an artificial virus. Otherwise, how can it so serendipitously meet all the perfect conditions for the easiest spread and is able to overcome all the hurdles that would normally deter most contagions?

The few places in the world that so far have done an amazing job at containing the virus include Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, despite at great economic costs. Yes, life becomes a lot less fun when we can’t go “hang out” and “eat-out”, less convenient when we lose those used-to-be easily accessible sources to recreational activities. However, everything else is possible with sustaining our lives, while nothing else is without human lives. Economy recovers, but lives don’t.

Take care of yourself.
Love and be kind.


new blog post from Jessica Murray

From Jessica Murray:

“The months ahead
A series of Pluto transits rocks the sky in April. Epidemiologists have been calling our attention to May and June, as have astrologers. These months feature hard transits of all the outer planets, stations of Saturn and Jupiter, and the ingress of Mars into Aries: the critical next phase of the January stellium.

Throughout this period, let us heed the lesson of Neptune in Pisces, ruler of the US stellium chart. It calls upon us to embrace the storm of uncertainty swirling around us.

Admitting we don’t know what we don’t know is a way of laying incense on the altar of the gods.”

Just like what Nancy said in her last post.

“It is possible that the worst of the virus will come in May and June when Pluto stations opposite US Mercury (4/26 to 6/26),”

Thanks for that post Sharon. However, I do want to say, I find it hard to swallow the claim that the virus was man-made, when the top epidemiologists in the world, who have spent their entire careers tracking other new viral diseases in years past, believe it not to be so and have said so in recent interviews.
Having been the recipient of questionable things from family members, some facebook posts with the broad intro ‘dear friends’, can actually originate from elsewhere, and contain non factual info.

Linda G. had a very interesting visiting psychic on her tape today-Sterling. He said 2 things that really caught my attention: Dr. Fauci is the “North Star” in this pandemic; and the virus is perhaps millions of years old.

I would like to hear more of what this man has to say. I do not understand how this is so, but just looking at this man’s face and eyes tells me he has much to say of significance.

I have been told by an astrologer who was psychic that those of my generation are able to “see” who people really are (I have frequently found it to be so.) Wondering what others think of Dr. Fauci.

Hi Will,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I just caught up on all the latest posts a few minutes ago. A Mars/Venus conjunction at 0/1 Taurus? Sounds fascinating. Do you have any notable artistic abilities? I looked it up on the net. A brief description is as follows…

These people have great passion for love and beauty and they use their energy to attain it. They are very sensual in love. They may be over indulgent in food, drinking and luxury of life. They can have exceptional talents in music and singing.

I vaguely recall you were having some health problems some time ago? If so, have you fully recovered? Stay healthy my friend.

Sharon K: I do believe it was man made and bio-warfare. Attacked was China, Italy and Iran. Idiots to think that this would not spread world wide as we are all interconnected now. I believe they already have the cure for it. Israel says that have a vaccine to be ready in three weeks with 90 days before release or something like that. Most likely Trump, Putin and Israel’s PM already have been inoculated. I put nothing past these evil men. This is not a normal virus. Counties have been working on bio-warfare for years. This is nothing knew. But many did not have the audacity to really go through with it. Not so now.

angellight – sorry to say I really think you are way into false conspiracy land …….
Periodic natural pandemics have been known since the dawn of time, way before there were any science labs.
This one is for our time, and the big lessons to be learned are from a natural world out of balance.
You give those bozos waaaay to much credit.

And besides that Angellight, remember, those characters are all motivated by money. Power too, but that power is simply the means of controlling their quest for money. In an uncontrolled pandemic where lots and lots of people die, how will they then make their precious money? Its just not logical.

Eye opening stats from WHO: “It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach the first 100,000 cases, 11 days for the second 100,000 cases and just 4 days for the third 100,000 cases

Newscope from NeptuneCafe –

“Like it or not, this kind of planet-wide shift into an isolated interdependence is the hallmark of the Age of Aquarius. We are collectively realizing that we are all connected, like individual cells in the human body. This group realization is happening precisely as Saturn enters Aquarius.”

Also succinctly states what we all fear:

“The prospects for long-range disruption are great. This can be seen in transiting Uranus’s approach to the U.S. Descendant at 8º Taurus. Angular planets like this dominate the themes of the day. Uranus will cross the Descendant (oppose the Scorpio Ascendant) at the beginning of June, turn retrograde at 10º Taurus in August, and re-cross the Descendant on Election Day, November 3. This may indicate that the election itself is postponed or otherwise not carried out as usual.

The Uranus station at 10º Taurus squares Trump’s 12th house Pluto, located at 10º Leo. Last week, he fashioned himself as a “wartime President”, saying that he’s fighting an “invisible enemy”. His promise to rally the nation in pursuit of “total victory” fits perfectly with transiting Uranus squaring his 12th house Pluto. Although he signed the Defense Production Act, he declined to invoke it for the time being.

However, as Election Day draws near, he may find it necessary to declare martial law or otherwise make himself the supreme leader in spite of the democratic process. Most Americans approve of his handling of the coronavirus crisis, and the public polls where people vote may necessarily be closed due to the possibility of mass infection. States have it within their power to arrange votes by mail, which would be carried out the three weeks before Election Day – when Mercury is retrograde. What could possibly go wrong?”


Oxford Astrologer Christina Rodenbeck posts an interesting compilation from 11 different astrologers re: coronavirus.


The world after coronavirus

“Humankind is now facing a global crisis. Perhaps the biggest crisis of our generation. The decisions people and governments take in the next few weeks will probably shape the world for years to come. They will shape not just our healthcare systems but also our economy, politics and culture. We must act quickly and decisively. We should also take into account the long-term consequences of our actions. When choosing between alternatives, we should ask ourselves not only how to overcome the immediate threat, but also what kind of world we will inhabit once the storm passes. Yes, the storm will pass, humankind will survive, most of us will still be alive — but we will inhabit a different world. ”

https://www.ft.com/content/19d90308-6858-11ea-a3c9-1fe6fedcca75?fbclid=IwAR098nIl-F-l6jygOPdwwd7BfEZqq5ultmcaiMtGAeNR2dzsHyGSYRZHd7Y via @financialtimes

Have a head for real numbers?
This will make you feel better.

Americans’ Revulsion for Trump Is Underappreciated
As Democrats fret about their own prospects, many fail to recognize the president’s fundamental weakness.
Stanley Greenberg


Emma, Dr. Anthony Fauci is a remarkable human being. Here is an article from 18 years ago. March 28, 2002.

“Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the pioneering immunologist and longtime director of the infectious-disease center at the National Institutes of Health, was named yesterday as the winner of the nation’s richest medical award, the $500,000 Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research.

Although Dr. Fauci, 61, has been in the international spotlight for his AIDS research, the Albany center said he won the prize for a larger body of work.

It includes developing effective therapies for other diseases affecting the immune system and rheumatology, his overall contributions to the advancement of science and his distinguished public service.

All the research was carried out during Dr. Fauci’s 33 years at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md., where he has been director since 1984.”


I’m posting this article because of the impact the photo of Pence, Barr, Trump had on me. I neither like nor trust any of them but find Pence particularly untrustworthy & deceitful.

kiwi, Angelight….even before I read your post, kiwi, I had feelings of remorse about the post. I generally check these things but naively thought because the person is known by someone in my family and has Chinese ancestry, she had access to information. How silly (ead: stupid) of me. The fact is that many scientists do not think it was man-made: https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-not-human-made-in-lab.html

However, there is always the possibility that there is something they don’t know or see, although I don’t see it as a strong possibility.

The odd thing about having the ability to judge what’s true spiritually and not just based on material facts exists. I have pretty good radar myself but even the best of psychics and intuitives — those much better at it than me — can be wrong, no matter how strong their feeling is.

But, when it comes to people like Fauci, Emma, I think we all can agree that he has been extremely valuable, trustworthy & knowledgeable (and harrassed by Trump). It is obvious to me that he is operating along the lines of truth and goodness, as are others on the task force like Birx and Giroir, while those like Pence, Barr & Trump are Machiavellian politicians and power mongers. I think the reason we love many of the Democrats so much is that are so much less that way, even the ones in power, like Pelosi and Schumer. And, as far as Biden & Bernie, they are extremely refreshing people, many spiritual levels among the ones now in power. That’s the problem for the Dems — we do not operate on this low power level and use the tactics the Republicans and so-called religious Christians (like Pence) are use. It doesn’t mean that all of our ideas are right or that the Republicans don’t have something to contribute — I never look at things as black and white — unless there is a very good reason to do so.

This is a fly-by, because I’m busy with both work work and volunteer work, but I noticed during my lunch break that Uranus is approaching that 5 degree Taurus position shared by the NYSE Venus, and the stock market is charging upward. With Uranus at 5 deg Taurus for the next two and a half weeks, we might see the market surge.

Also, Hygeia (health goddess) will be at 8 Gemini in early April, which is the US Uranus, and it would be so nice if that means we see a break in the upward pattern of new cases at that point. One can hope.

There is a growing feeling here in the NY area that because we vote democratic and don’t like trump, he and his minion want us dead. It is getting very scary here.

trump has the ability to help us but actively chooses not to and we cannot understand why.

Chiro, a stockmarket surge would not surprise me because the moron in chief is itching to override states on their isolation rules in favor of commerce. Short term money gain is all he and his compadres can relate to.

Meanwhile, NZ has gone into full lockdown, with full consent of the opposition party. govt is still working finer details with major banks for $ help for business, workers, 6mth mortgage relief was announced yesterday afternoon, etc etc. All in all, pretty balanced imo. Im getting calls from our commercial tenants for rent relief in our shuttered tourist town.
It will mean belt tightening for all for a time, but imo the world will come out the other side stronger and healthier in many ways.

news from other parts of the world

“Our country was not built to be shut down,” Trump said. “This is not a country that was built for this.”

Trump must have gotten hard pushback on his idea of opening the country back up at the end of the month.

He’s now floating the idea of Easter, which this year falls on April 12th. Perfect. Celebrate Jesus rising from the dead while contracting a virus that may kill you. (How does that date look?)

India is going into a 21-day lock-down. Prime Minister Modi says if it fails, the country will go back 21 years. The timeline is significant because many Indians figure their country began to emerge as a possible future superpower at the turn of the millennium. 21 years means a return to the Third World and under-developed status.

In my view, India is the next best hope for humanity after the the US loss of superpower status in the Pluto return. On MSNBC last night, there was a panel of 3 medical experts. What struck me was that all three were Americans of Indian origin. India is of course a Capricorn country.

The loss of superpower status does not mean a loss of freedom, democracy or prosperity. The UK, France and Spain are still free, wealthy and advanced countries after their Pluto returns in various centuries. It means you are no longer no. 1.

How could this happen to the US? Simple: Medicare for all. Since 1945, the US has chosen to spend trillions on defense to be the dominant military force on the planet. After 2024, it will choose instead to spend those trillions on the health care of its own people. Bernie failed because he did not make clear this fundamental choice.

Jessica Murray says that Neptune rules the stellium of US planets at a time when Neptune is doing a semi-return and Pluto its first complete return. This means the virus is the driver of the complete overhaul of the United States.

The symbolic meaning of the virus says it all. Corona is Latin for Crown. The US was founded on the idea of rejecting the British King. Now we have a President who is a would-be King. The temptation of kingship through authoritarian rule is the real virus in the United States. The baton will be passed to another former British colony which became a Republic, the Republic of India. It will be a different world indeed.

President Biden will spend his single term on fighting the virus and a major economic depression. He will be exhausted, but fortunately he will have Obama by his side and an able Vice-President who is very likely to succeed him in 2024.

President Warren (most likely) will probably put Medicare for all in place by the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of February 2026, one year after her Inaugural in January 2025. This will require major downsizing of the Pentagon, which will have tragic consequences, such as abandoning Taiwan to Chinese attack unless the Japanese and the Indians step in with American support. America will no longer afford to police the world because it will choose health care for all its own people.

Unsurprisingly, the Uranus return will follow in 2027-2028. This either means heightened instability all over the world because the bad guys will try to take advantage of the vacuum left by the US. Or it means the Right revolts against the reduction of the military and new restrictive gun laws brought in by a Democratic Congress and President. Or both simultaneously.

whimsy just streamed another video. watch from around 5.10 where she describes where she thinks she contracted covid and what she did. And, Sharon particularly, you might be interested in her then speaking about the passover season

Lord have mercy. This kid gave himself the virus by licking toilet seats in some really ignorant challenge –


Sharon, natures law of natural selection at work?

I think that behavior makes him a candidate for this year’s Darwin award. But sadly, I’m not laughing.

Silcominc, New York City has its natal Mercury (communicate) at 22+ Capricorn, trine US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. The January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto (+ Ceres) conjunction was conjunct the NY City Mercury.

Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition is T-square US Neptune in Virgo and US Neptune trines NYC Mercury that conjuncts the January conjunction/cycle of Saturn-Pluto-Ceres in Capricorn and they are in a trine with the present Jupiter-Saturn conjunction/cycle in Taurus.

The grand trine you New Yorkers are caught up in is also pushing Trump’s Sun/Moon buttons.

The NYC North Node is conjunct the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn where transiting Saturn was a couple days ago, and where transiting Mars will be in a couple of days. New York City is indeed the canary in the coal mine and it is chirping with all its might.

We are praying for you. New York New York, it’s a wonderful town and the world is watching you call out the folly of Trump; that’s what canary’s do best. Sing baby sing!

Biden holds a sizable edge in 300 swing counties. As the first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction approaches April 3, this lead should grow. Next January cannot come soon enough.


Barbk, when do you see it getting better in the NYC metro area? Our hospitals will be overrun in less than a week and our entire healthcare system will be decimated. Our Governor (who is the de facto national leader) says it will not peak until the middle of April or early May.

According to NYTimes, as of now in the United States alone we’ve had 54,896 confirmed cases. 379 have recovered. 778 have died. That’s more than twice as many deaths as recoveries.

Worldwide, we have almost 6 times as many recoveries as deaths.

I’m wondering if the higher percentage of deaths in the US is because of a more virulent strain present here, or simply a matter of timing.

Teresa, among other blows tRump is going to receive before then April 11 and 12 are very bad for him. I don’t know how much longer before his supporters and the GOP drop the hammer on him.

The GOP demanded that Dems remove the 2 billion for a mail-in vote for the November election. trump and Mcconnell know they cannot win reelection and will postpone or attempt to cancel the election. What I don’t know is what we can do about it but we MUST do something.

Folks, I hope this isn’t too long!

First of all, Emma, this is for you. Someone praised Fauci on Democratic Underground tonight for his answer at the briefing today: “Fauci is a genius! He turned a question about Trump’s idiotic target of Easter into a mini tutorial on how to use testing to contain the virus in some areas. And part of the tuturial was how big and diverse the country is and how not every place is like New York where “no one would suggest that we open it up by Easter.” (Not a direct quote, but you get the idea.) Keep it up, Dr. Fauci, I don’t want you to lose your job!
My hero!”

Secondly, for Silcominc, here are some of Cuomo’s very inspiring comments today” And living in NJ for the first 22 yrs of my life, with my mom’s family being from NY, I know every word is true: “And we’re going to get through it because we are New York, and because we’ve dealt with a lot of things, and because we are smart. You have to be smart to make it in New York. And we are resourceful, and we are showing how resourceful we are. And because we are united, and when you are united, there is nothing you can’t do. And because we are New York tough. We are tough. You have to be tough. This place makes you tough. But it makes you tough in a good way. We’re going to make it because I love New York, and I love New York because New York loves you…New York loves all of you. Black and white and brown and Asian and short and tall and gay and straight. New York loves everyone. That’s why I love New York. It always has, it always will. And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always. And it will win again through this virus. Thank you.”

Lastly, kiwi, thank you for posting and pointing out the Oracle of Whimsey video, and mentioning Passover which got my attention. She’s Jewish yet ecclectic, like me. I really liked her! I appreciated her story about the comments she got for going comfortable to her online BD brunch, and the way the commentors chimed in. I understand she is an anthropologist but she was also taking her client’s temperature and she got over the virus herself with this great tea she makes (that you can buy from her Do you know how?). So what kind of doctor is she? Is she medical in addition to being a PhD Anthropologist? What she said about Pharoh and the Hebrews was very interesting. She kept hearing “And Pharoh’s heart hardened” which is what happened after the concessions Pharoh made – which of course reminds us of our president (who was also supposed to be Nero in a past life) and the Republicans. When she mentioned matzo with cream cheese & tomato, I had some for dinner.

In editing, I removed the part about going to her online BD brunch tarot reading bra-less, which apparently generate many comments including on the current video! Really refreshing…

Eliseo, first, glad to hear your hospital procedure went well!
To the question of covid percentages, I think the testing lag time is skewing the numbers right now.
Global percentages are in flux, adjusting as new numbers come in, sometimes hourly – currently 15% of closed cases resulted in death; 4% of active cases are serious or critical.
More detail on usa states info available, just click on ‘usa’

New York’s progressed Moon will conjoin NYC natal Jupiter in longitude on July 23. It will do so in right ascension on October 1.

Eliseo, I liked the Atlantic article. I hope he’s right.

Barbk, New York’s Mercury is 22 Cap, it’s NN is 27 Cap. Wow. The Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn whammy. Jupiter is expanding this transformation, making it world-wide, but also speeding it up it seems.
I do hope they get everything they need through the mobilization of companies that can make ventilators, and the Army that can build hospitals quickly.

Sharon, Whimsy Anderson is a Naturopathic Doctor, so is into mixing various herbal concoctions. She has a website where you can contact her – http://www.doctorwhimsy.com/

That is NYC’s progressed Moon, not New York state’s.

Bob, I think that hammer is already in midair. Check out what Lynsey Graham said:
“Try running an economy with major hospitals overflowing, doctors and nurses forced to stop treating some because they can’t help all, and every moment of gut-wrenching medical chaos being played out in our living rooms, on social media, and shown all around the world,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a close Trump ally, tweeted on Monday. “There is no functioning economy unless we control the virus.”
So as I see it the Repub cabal will only make an effort to stop the virus because it makes them money, not to help any of us!

Best and worst case outcomes

Well, even if that is their reason, Jill G., at least they must insist on controlling it and not put people back to work prematurely.

Thanks again, kiwi. I went back to watching and was thinking naturopath. I saw her initial tarot reading on the economy – which forecasts a deal but still a stuckness. She has just concluded a reading on Dr. Fauci and she is worried about him overworking himself and the effects on his health (10 of swords card – all those swords sticking out of a body). It was pointed out that he is 80 — I did not realize that. Anyway, back to watching her. I have 35 minutes to go. I will then watch the repetition of Rachel Maddow’s show as I hear she partly covered the situation in LA/NOLA tonight. Maybe she did all the states but only LA was mentioned to me.

sharon, more info on whimsy for you https://docwimz.wordpress.com/about/

It’s hard to believe the new Moon is at 4 Aries, the same position as Chiron at the Declaration of Emergency, but also lining up with the December Eclipse chart’s Desc. The new reality is, the wounding and the healing going on right now is all we can focus on.
And I’m just seeing what Barbk said about Pallas and Venus, one at 22 Cap, the other at 20 Taurus, bookending this huge bunch of planets, which does frame it in a positive way with wise and caring strategies.
I have to say I am very awed by Dr. Birx. She seems intelligent, knowledgeable and disarming. I hope she survives. She had a fever and took the test, and thankfully was not infected.

Wow been trying to catch up with reading all these responses after not being able to read for a few days, as someone said what a year this past week has been.

I’m in Orlando and we have had to shut down our restaurant , very well and scary

Just a thought, i have not understood how people haven’t got why the buying up of toilet paper wasn’t surprising I know most seem to think it’s lunacy, but twice ive seen it mentioned it as related to root chakra and survival issues and base needs, makes sense to me.

Second thought, this turn of trump And all their talking points about the cure being worse than the disease, the unlimited pumping of money into stock markets, this is a turning point i think. These are crazy times indeed

Third thought, i love Dr. Fauci, also Gov Cuomo is doing a great job

Fourth thought , this is not a man made virus, literally there are billions of viruses, it’s not that surprising that one morphed from an animal to human with a perfect fit, it was inevitable, we were warned and we are not prepared.

Fifth thought. The Dems need to get provisions for mail in voting, this is going to be way more drawn out than we thought and elections will be jeopardized, Russia will have a huge influence.

Finally out of interest, who here remembers a couple years ago when we shared a few things from the strange Teal Swan, I recently remembered she had a 2020 prediction, thought you guys might be interested


“I don’t know how much longer before his supporters and the GOP drop the hammer on him.”

I’ve wondered about that as well. The relationship between the people and a head of state is in many ways like a marriage, and we know how quickly love can turn to hate when betrayed. I’m reminded of what happened to Mussolini and his mistress at the end of WWII. I’m not suggesting any bad behavior, but I marvel that Mr. T has not already received the Mussolini treatment. Perhaps after enough have died, someone will take it upon themselves to behave like WWII Italians.

I’ve long been of the opinion expressed in hard numbers in the Atlantic article. We forget Hillary, who was disliked by many who voted for her, nevertheless won over 3 million more votes than Orange man. Were the election held today, even with Russian interference and Republican voter suppression, I believe Dems would win by a landslide. We’d get a Dem president, Dem Senate, and overwhelming Dem majority in the House.

In the context of our shared pandemic, the question is whether our Nov election will be postponed or suppressed. Considering the probable inevitability of that Blue wave, I’m sure there must be some serious motivation by the plutocrats and their minions to shut it down beforehand.

Thank you for your concern and positive thoughts! I’ve got several more medical and dental procedures to endure, plus some probable spinal surgery. I suspect most of that will be postponed until after the coronavirus plague has peaked and possibly subsided.

As far as the numbers, I suspect you are correct. I hearken back to the several sociology of medicine, demographic, and statistics courses I took in college. I expect that death/recovery ratio will reverse relatively soon.

Eliseo, Chiro,

“Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.” Unknown attribution

I read some of the feeds on social media and I am still amazed how many of our citizens remain dumb as a fucking bag of hammers. America loves a conman – and they struck the mother lode with Donald Rectum Breath. It appears that many of his followers remain loyal, doubling down just like their enfeebled leader. People believe what they want to believe; confirmation bias writ large on the American body politic. I’m preparing for a nail-biter’s November. So much time between now and then. I hope you guys are right, in spite of myself.

With respect to the spike in the markets today:

We musn’t forget that the key description for the function of Uranus is “surprise” and unpredictable. The market could tank again just as fast. I hope not.


I appear without a bra every day – nobody says a word.

Eliseo, you might be interested in this: Germany has low numbers because of tracking preparedness

The reason no one is saying anything about you appearing braless every day is probably because they’re enjoying the view.

And how dare you insult all those hammers, be they bagged or not. I’m sure they don’t want to be compared to dumb Americans!

Silcominc, the NY City natal Ceres (nurture/nature) at 3+ Cancer conjuncts US natal Venus (values) which conjuncts US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer.

The transiting North Node (path forward) is now at 3+ Cancer too, and transiting Uranus now at 4+ Taurus was exactly sextile NYC natal Ceres a few weeks back. The country knows that New York is desperate for help and help will come.

However, today’s New Moon (4+ Aries) was square the transiting Nodes and the NYC Ceres, so it looks bleak at this moment.

But by the April 7th Full Moon in Libra transiting Jupiter and Mercury will make their 1st sextile since their new cycle started, and at that time, April 7, Mercury (25+ Pisces) will trine the NYC Chiron at 25+ Scorpio while the transiting Jupiter (25+ Capricorn) will sextile the NYC Chiron.

This will provide a grand trine between the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer) and trans. Mercury and NYC natal Chiron. I think the canary’s song is being heard ’round the world.

The New York STATE birth chart has Mercury at 16+ Leo (conjunct the MC) opposite natal Pluto at 16+ Aquarius (conjunct the IC) and when Mercury and Jupiter began their cycle on January 2, 2020, transiting Venus was at 16+ Aquarius, along with transiting Heracles (strength), and they were in a grand trine with Pandora at 16+ Gemini (along with Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini) and transiting Juno (partner) at 17+ Libra (+ US prog. Mars, US Constitution Neptune, Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s natal Saturn).

I would not be surprised if, when trans. Jupiter and Mercury make their 1st sextile at the Full Moon in 2 weeks – when the Full Moon is at 18+ Libra (conjunct Juno [in the Mercury-Jupiter conj. chart] that conjuncts the US prog. Mars, + Trump’s Jupiter, etc., etc. – that was in a grand trine with Venus and Pandora) that New York will get relief, perhaps even from other countries. It’s a small world after all, and we all love New York.

Well, Will, you must then understand how women feel about it….we are so much more comfortable when we take off our bras — unnatural contraptions, but at least they are not corsets (Whimsey also addresses the negative effects of high heels – I’ll bet you don’t wear those either)

Yeah, some Americans are pretty dumb all right. First the guy licking toilets as part of the Coronavirus challenge actually contracts it. Then someone gets it at a party in Kentucky that kids had to defy social distancing. There’s a pastor here in Baton Rouge who keeps holding church meetings and busing in people to reach a population of 1000 congregating at his church services. I don’t know why the governor hasn’t had him arrested yet.

Many states are going to run out of beds, ventilators, PPE, and then the body counts will rise, and the King of Dumb has told people they can go back to work and fill their churches by Easter, a mere 3 wks away (although the Pope cancelled public services 2 wks ago which includes Easter).

The Democrats have put $2 mil into the package to cover the mail-in ballots for a presidential election and the Republicans don’t want to pay it — and we can guess why.

Diana, thanks for the 2020 predictions which I started to read and have to go back to.

Kiwi, I’m almost finished with the 1.5 hr Tarot ready by Whimsy. She’s quite an impressive lady. Thanks for her blog info.

Diana, I do remember the name Tealswan. Thanks for posting the 2020 link! It looks interesting – Im off to read it

In July of 1944, after the Allied success of D-Day, Representatives from all of the 40 or so allied nations met in conference at Bretton Woods, Connecticut. They agreed the United States would act as world policemen when the war was over, and on a framework which would prevent another world war from ever happening again.

The pandemic we now endure and must survive has been compared to WWII. But the worldwide 1918 pandemic “death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million,” certainly as devastating as WWII.

Due in part to our much larger 21st century population, the covid-19 pandemic potentially could be worse than that of 1918. When we are done with this, I suspect we will again have some sort of Bretton Woods conference, probably in whichever nation handled the pandemic best.

The main issue will not be merely a matter of socialized medicine or socialized health insurance in any particular nation, but instead will be the matter of creating a unified, worldwide, deeply, and intimately interconnected health system so as to prevent such a pandemic from ever occurring again. It will also probably be concerned with restructuring the world economic system. That conference will be one of the more defining events of our lifetimes, one creating what we might call our next world.

Perhaps this is related to the future role I’ve long seen for Mr. Obama.

Beowulfie (and anyone else!) – inre: cloroquine

This was prescribed for me when I was diagnosed with Lupus. Due to the harsh vigor of possible side effects of taking the med by the doc prescribing it, as well as what I then read online, offline, and everywhere I could… I have never taken the med.

Now, after reading how many RA, Lupus, etc., people ARE taking it, I’m asking for anyone who has first- or close second-hand experience what their experiences and knowledge is of the drug.

My flares have gotten harder over the last 2 years, and are now happening in one strength of degree or another more often. IOW, it’s impacting my life WAY more than my still wild inner child wants.

BTW… the version of the drug the couple of AZ took was a hydroxycloroquinine phosphate — made specifically for cleaning aquariums — ONCE you have placed the fish in a safe holding tank!

Eliseo… I nominate THIS couple for the Darwin Award this week! (gryn)

Some of you may know I was raised in an old-style travelling-preacher Evangelical family.

Some of you know I’ve been a Seeker after Truth all my life, and settled on the Craft as a way to express my spirituality. I love ritual.. it can be so comforting! and being a Witch speaks to me best.

I’m still a Seeker. I even peruse Xtian articles sometimes, even tho I eschew the path as a personal one for me. While out there in the Wild Lands of the Net, I came across the following article.

Be forewarned – it’s long, it’s by a Formerly Fundie Preacher, and every statement he makes he backs up with Scripture (mostly from Danial, Isaiah, and Revelation).

BUT — I found he was a wickedly sardonic sense of humor and it was an easy read. I recommend it, for whatever that’s worth. For those of you bugged by the constant Midwestern-type question of “Have you found Jesus?” quoting something from here might be better than answering, “Why, did you lose him?” (and yes, sometimes I tend not to be PC… I’m old… I forgive myself!)

“Could American Evangelicals Spot the Antichrist? Here Are the Biblical Predictions:”


Let me clue you in on this much from the article – he ain’t coming from the Middle East, according to this guy!

(And if I offended anyone by my weird sense of humor, please forgive me. I honestly didn’t mean to do that!)

Considering Mr. T dismissed the US pandemic team more than a year ago, if he dies from coronavirus, he also should be nominated for a Darwin award.

Have any of you been so sick of heart, both from the cumulative effects of T*s mis-leadership, as well as from the current virus news that it seemed to reach a crescendo manifested physically?

Yesterday, after reading the R’s wanted to cull us old people, and were planning on not contributing to the SS account for a year (no doubt meaning to shut it down soon), my spirit and body rebelled.

I had to run to the bathroom and was in there for over 30 minutes until I got down to just dry heaves. I’m not sick… no bug, no fever. I know it was just what my mom calls “Nerves.” I call it being sick-at-heart and disgusted.

From there, I was so shaky I laid down in bed and cried for I don’t know how long. Cried like I do when one of my “babies” (my cats) dies. Deep, wracking sobs of desperation and feelings of impotence.

I’ve marched and been activist for women’s and animal’s rights since I was a teenager. I always felt like I could, even by just myself, make *some* impact on an issue.

T* and this maladministration just seem so large – so global with all the hate and malfeasance. And nothing I’ve done in the last 3 years can make a dent.

I do feel what so many others have stated on here — that we’re headed to a point where *everything* that is no longer useful is torn down and rebuilt — and maybe not in ways we could even recognize today. Prior to this, that gave me hope. Last night, it just added to my feeling of impotence. Who the hell listens to an older, very short, woman these days? Heck it was hard enough to have my voice heard back when I looked young and sexy!

I feel better today… not as despondent, and I’m eating again… but whereas I feel we should be marching in force, we’re necessarily sequestered by the virus! It’s so —- frustrating!

Kiwi… time to go play with those energies, I think. I’m gonna read the link you provided, and then translate what I can to a personal level. Thank you for the link.

And if anyone else has had.. or feels on the verge of having a breakdown like I had last night, know you’re not alone. And if you need to talk to someone who’s been there, my email can be shared among us friends.

Thank you all for being here. You really are a bright, sane spot in this insane world!

The ex fundie piece was brilliant!

Many Thanks for the article about how the Germans have handled the crisis. It was interesting! Too bad our man at the top doesn’t care to study other nations methods or solutions.

This astrologer believes the coronavirus is fundamentally a manifestation of the Pluto-Eris square, which will last through 2021 and is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Eris was the sister of Mas and the Romans called her Discordia. Her dark side is she revels in death and dying, sort of like the Hindu goddess Kali. Her positive side is innovation and excellence through competition, urgency, life-and-death situations and hard times.


Ja, Sharon–Thank you so much for your input.. I need to check on my perceptions–always afraid of getting weird. Eliseo–so glad this procedure went well. I am thinking that if this is your team, the rest will go well also. Will, Slight KC–be well.

I think so highly of you all–
your knowledge, intuition and sharing. It would be so lonely out there without this secure space of like souls.

I finally feel comfortable enough to share: I do not say much because it is difficult. I am a student of astrology and was progressing in my understanding and knowledge, but nowhere near the level of you all.

However, I was misdiagnosed after my Primary physician sent me to ER for pain meds (about 3 years ago)and I received IV Cipro. Sadly, I had serious and rare neurological side effects that have not entirely resolved, leaving increased attention and memory problems ( makes it hard to study) and a sudden shutdown in being able to language at all (not Aphasia) until the door lifts and I can speak or write that train of thought again. (Worse when I do not sleep and one strange MD decided i should be tested for dementia. I tried to explain but she would have none of it, even tho my field is speech and language pathology and hers was not)

Please understand if I do not mention all I should or ask for things I should be able to do myself. I am quiet because of it. And I thank you all for being here and sharing. You are amazing and much appreciated.

You are appreciated here too, I think we are all grateful to Nancy for this very therapeutic space of and for gentle folk in this, the craziest time of our lives.

Emma, I pray your health improves, including your memory and attention span issues. The wrong drugs can certainly mess up a person’s mind & general health. I know this from personal experience. May you be bathed in perpetual healing light. Blessings.

((((Emma)))) thanks for sharing your thoughts – so sorry to hear of your physical challenges.
Just mentioning because it has been helpful to me, Ive been following Dr Joe Dispenza for some time now -mind-body connection and altered brainwave frequency thru meditative practices. When I am diligent with that, and diet, I notice a considerable improvement with my parkinsons symptoms and no drug involvement. Some of his presentations/workshops can be accessed thru Gaia.

new video from Pam Gregory – thoughts on covid

There is a “Conspiracy Theory” going around that says that there will be darkness. “the darkness starts on April 1st and will continue until April 10th, which is Good Friday. I don’t know exactly when this will happen but it is the next thing on the agenda. I know I have repeated much of what I said in my last newsletter but I thought it was important to repeat it because we are now in the great tribulation and the darkness could happen at any time.” From Planet Alert

I personally read on a FB page recently where the owner of the page said there would be no communication in April for a few days. I will try to find that post again. I guess this is what she meant. Well I guess we will all know if this is true or not.

Pope Francis will hold Easter mass without public for first time as Italy grapples with coronavirus outbreak!


New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C

Seriously sick coronavirus patients in New York state’s largest hospital system are being given massive doses of vitamin C — based on promising reports that it’s helped people in hard-hit China, The Post has learned.

Dr. Andrew G. Weber, a pulmonologist and critical-care specialist affiliated with two Northwell Health facilities on Long Island, said his intensive-care patients with the coronavirus immediately receive 1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C.
Identical amounts of the powerful antioxidant are then re-administered three or four times a day, he said. “e patients who received vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get vitamin C,” he said.

https://nypost.com/2020/03/24/new-york-hospitals-treating-coronavirus-patients-with-vitamin-c/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons via @nypmetro

Prince Charles tests positive for the Coronavirus.


This conspiracy theory comment from a FB Page which aligns with Planet Alert’s work I posted above:

“Reminding everyone – communication may be disrupted at some time. The first of April for 10 days. If this occurs, there will be an alternative. We are coming up when “things/communication may go dark.” Stay tuned. Risa”

I do not believe this, but who knows.

John Francis Nash’s “My gift for the feast of the Annunciation and World Mother Day:

The book on Mary, the mother of Jesus, is
finished–on the feast of the Annunciation and World Mother Day! Read online or download and share for personal use:”


Humanity and Justice: What the Current Crisis is Bringing. 32:09


Capitalism is going to be laid bare

Diana, TealSwan says that 2020 is, among other things, a “crisis in consciousness.” We are all having to change our perceptions about so many things. It’s really true.

Will, Eliseo, I love the conversation, and bra-less, Will should you remain.

Emma, is this a Neptune transit? Do you know? Would love to see the astrological configuration of all this. Astrology’s incredible strength is putting our experience in black and white before us so that we can better understand.

I am working on rebooting our hyperlocal radio station. A lot of massaging of egos. Very draining. But the will is there, the money is there, the people are there. It’s exciting. Good for keeping the community together while at a distance.

Pholus, the butterfly that flaps its wings and creates a hurricane, or the virus that creates a pandemic. I forgot about Pholus (because I have to look it up outside of my astrology program). It is implicated big-time in this chaos. It was conjunct the Eclipse in December, and is still square the New Moon now. I will look at its transits. I hope when it gets past 5 Capricorn (opposite US Jupiter) that will be another indication of the viruses spread shrinking.

Ralfee Finn:

“All our weaknesses are exposed and we’re in a situation that requires all of us to work together toward a common goal, caring for each other with kindness and compassion. That requirement will also continue to surface all the places where fear motivates action, but it will eventually lead us to a new way of arranging the regular routines of daily life and to a new way of being with ourselves and each other.”


Lorna Bevan:

Truth Time
More than any other cycle, Jupiter and Pluto reveal the eternal Laws of Truth. Anyone who does not walk
their talk will be exposed. In this next Wave sweeping the Event Horizon – the 2020-2043 Great
Transformation – we are in a time when transparency, authenticity and openness are going to be critical.
This is not wishful New Age thinking but the only safe way to thrive.
If you want to live peacefully, abundantly and congruently, you must walk your talk. Why? Because your
walk will be visible. If there is any degree of hypocrisy in your life, you are in danger of exposure because
people expect you to operate in a way that is consistent with the values you express. So, wherever there is
a dissonance between your value system and your actions, close the gap.
Jupiter/Pluto cycles reflect a remarkable ability to transform difficulty into opportunity, both individually
and collectively. In Capricorn it deletes the very notion of entitlement. Quarantining is clipping your wings
so you can learn to live meaningfully in the Now. So that you adjust your aspirations to contend with the
limitations you face in regard to material resources and available time and space. Realism is the order of
the day. Horizons may shrink, but, in the process, you are being released from striving towards what is
ultimately false. The difficulties or crises you endure will bring revisioning of what needs to be nurtured
and developed – and what needs to be shed and let go.


barbk, thank you for the info. Maybe China will send us ventilators. They are doing it in Europe where we in the US are only offering North Korea help.

Trump is insisting that the G7 refer to this as the Wuhan Virus and the WH is saying anyone from NYC be quarantined if traveling outside NYC. The CDC is not saying that – only the WH.

Bob, thanks for posting Kim’s latest video. She never disappoints.

As someone just said to me, trump is a psychopath intent on murdering us (NY).

Perhaps the Mayor will eminent domain all Trump properties in New York and turn them into hospitals immediately.

silcominc, that would be a giant step forward; China sending help to US! Hang in there!

ja. bless you for the Lorna and Ralfee news.

Chiro, Pholus has 2 important roles right now; in the US natal chart, Pholus conjuncts the South Node, at 6+ Aquarius and that’s where the soon-to-end Jupiter-Saturn cycle’s Neptune was.

It is saying that by the end of 2020 (end of Jupiter-Saturn cycle) the US must let go of old outlived methods and beliefs (symbolized by the South Node) that stymie growth (symbolized by the North Node at 6+ Leo) and it will do so in the midst of a mysterious (Neptune) brouhaha (Pholus) of great proportion.

The transiting Pholus in Capricorn was in a dozen or so new cycle starts, most notably the Saturn-Pluto cycle, where it was in a grand trine with transiting Uranus (unexpected breakthrough) and transiting Transpluto (achieving wholeness). There is no doubt the Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a big brouhaha, unexpected, and, with luck, bringing about wholeness for all nations.

Anne Ortelee sees Eros in this:

I don’t normally go to places like this but today, with Eris squaring Jupiter, I will. The total eclipse in August 2017 started in Washington and Oregon and traced a path across the middle of the USA, exiting in the Carolinas.

Eclipses take out leaders. The effect of that eclipse is over five years. Trump took his glasses off and stared at the eclipse. Today Trump announced he wanted the churches packed by Easter Sunday, April 12.

Today, Governor Cuomo said NY is the canary in the mineshaft. Where we go, the country goes.

Having lived through the AIDS epidemic here in NYC, I will share my observations. AIDS “started” in California and New York. AIDS spread to the rest of the country.

However, AIDS had a select transmission delivery system. It wasn’t spread by droplets of virus on the supermarket cart’s shopping handle or the prayer book or delivered by handshake during the kiss of peace in church.

If Trump has his way and the folks at Fox News and Sinclair trumpet his crazy story, all those people who listen to him and pack the churches will get infected with this virus.

That eclipse line went right through the middle of these Great United States. Please listen to the scientists and Governor Cuomo rather than the sociopath in the White House who thinks you will kill yourself if you can’t go back to work.

Then again, if the people who listen to Trump go back to work, catch the virus and have their family members die, maybe they won’t vote for him in November. That was the red state part of the nation.


The reason no one is saying anything about you appearing braless every day is probably because they’re enjoying the view.

And how dare you insult all those hammers, be they bagged or not. I’m sure they don’t want to be compared to dumb Americans!”



Its hard to not become abysmal especially considering the times we are living through and especially as an American with a soul and a conscience. When I get to a dark, stagnant place in my mind, I prompt myself to remember the words engraved on both sides of King Solomon’s ring:

“This too shall pass.”

Emma – may you be healing and getting stronger every minute that passes. (((((Emma))))))

Chiro – I appreciate that you appreciate!

Maybe Biden could nominate Obama for Vice President? He can do it, if he wants. Or maybe Michelle since the VP is supposed to be a woman and she’s great! Nice thought anyhow…..something’s got to work for this crazy situation to preserve the future for our kids and grandkids.

That won’t work with the Constitution, but it is not unprecedented for a sitting president to call upon a former president for special duties. Truman called upon Hoover to oversee getting food to those in need in Europe post WWII.

My guess is that Biden will call upon Obama for Secretary of State. Who better to repair our foreign affairs.

Great idea, ja.

Angellight…calm down and think twice before you post provocative stuff from questionable sources. Especially if you “don’t believe” them. Unless you want to look like troll.

I am struck by the fact the Pluto-Eris square is at 23-24 Capricorn-Aries in an exact T-square to Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction. This should be the end of him.

On January 22, 2021, the day after the next Inauguration and he leaves office not a moment too soon, he should be indicted for criminal negligence causing the death of thousands, if not millions of Americans.

This is just one of the many different hertz frequency meditative recordings available online. I often play in the background if Im doing other computer stuff too. Enjoy, and explore different frequencies

Our Mayor just announced that Mitch McConnell has personally blocked aid to NY and NYC. Mitch also blocked the 2B for mail-in voting and election security. What is it with McConnell? I can only assume he is following orders… but from whom?

Transiting Ceres makes its 3rd (in a series of 3) conjunctions to the US natal Ceres on December 20, 2020 at 2:55 PM in Washington, DC

The Winter Solstice takes place on December 21, 2020 at 5:02 AM in Washington DC

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place on December 21, 2020 at 1:22 PM, Washington DC

These 3 events take place within a 24 hour period and the Moon starts in the US Ceres Return conjunct Heracles at 16+ Pisces and conjunct Neptune at 18+ Pisces, and square the Nodes at 19+ Gemini and Sagittarius.

The Moon then moves to 23+ Pisces sextile Pluto at 23+ Capricorn which squares Mars at 23+ Aries in the Winter Solstice.

Finally the Moon moves to 27+ Pisces at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and will square Chaos at 27+ Gemini and the Galactic Center at 27+ Sagittarius, and will oppose Pandora at 27+ Virgo, but will sextile the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn and semisextile the US natal Moon at 27+ Aquarius.

It is only the Moon (symbol of the masses of people) that goes through major changes in the charts of these 3 events, the US Ceres Return that affects only the US, the Winter Solstice that affects the whole world, but only for 3 months, and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that lasts 20 years and affects the whole world.

The Sun will conjunct Mercury in all 3 charts, and Jupiter will conjunct Saturn in all 3 charts, and Mars + Eris will square Pluto in all 3 charts, and Neptune will T-square the North and South Nodes in all 3 charts, while Uranus will conjunct the Black Moon Lilith (the mean apogee) in all 3 charts.

The overall theme for the Winter Solstice, the US Ceres Return and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has a job for all 3 outer planets; Neptune pushes for decisions about going forward vs. remaining stuck; Pluto will bring out pent up anger and resentment, and Uranus will provide a breakthrough for repressed feelings, largely of women.

It looks to me like the Equal Rights Amendment will finally become law during the next 4 years, thanks to Ceres and the mobile Moon. Finally, some good news!

I will have to look at those Dec. 21st charts to see this more clearly.

To think that the outcome of Pholus’ action would be wholeness is a little startling.

Equal Rights for Women is an unexpected result, but wholeness may have a more global meaning. That saying, we’re all in this together, is true world wide.

Dr. Birx has Mars and Hygeia at 23 Capricorn. She will be experiencing Pluto transits over that, and a Mars return, and Jupiter, and she has lived through Saturn over that. And her Moon is in Capricorn somewhere–time not known, just day–April 4th 1956. And she worked for the Obama administration, and she was involved with HIV/AIDS, and she was a physician, a diplomat, a Colonel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deborah_Birx

A good piece from the Atlantic on how the pandemic emboldens authoritarian regimes.


Trump wants all churches filled for Easter (April 12), because he says Easter is important to him. The Pope has cancelled Easter celebrations in Rome.

Which is the better Christian again?

How the coronavirus could reshape the world order:


Easter is NOT important to him, the hypocrite – he’s sucking up to his base (both evangelical & other right-wing Christians, and those who want to get back to making money even if it kills people) and it’s disgusting.

Dr. Fauci says today COVID-19 could be seasonal, meaning it could come back each year like the common flu. We might need the vaccine every year, especially if it mutates.

A virologist here in Québec (I am told he is world-renowned in his field although I would not know that) says this virus is really like a mid-size earthquake in California, i.e. a warning to make us prepare for the much more lethal Big One.

Eliseo, Kiwi, Chiro, Will–Thank you for the good energy and encouragement. Chiro, I will try to look, though N. Neptune is at 0 degrees in my 6th house Libra stellium, so I kinda assume he is lurking somewhere, tickling the rx 14 degree Mercury.

Donald Trump is an idiot. McConnell is even worse – at least he’s supposed to have an IQ. This is what is really happening in NY hospitals:


Emma, kiwi, Henri, Eliseo, slightKC, Bob, and everyone else who is dealing with a challenge, sending love & hugs!…and last but far from least, Nancy & David.

Angellight – you wrote today at 8:11 am about a possible disruption in communications. While I agree, it sounds like a conspiracy theory, we’ve already had several disruptions over the past 3 weeks… in particular with Spectrum (Comcast) all over the U.S.

We also have large attacks daily on our government and infrastructure by hackers (both nation supported and “kiddies,” no doubt). That they could break a national or international trunk line is not beyond belief.

The one good thing with no communications is it MIGHT shut T* up for a little bit. Maybe our death toll would go down!

Bob on March 25th, 2020 at 11:17 am you said:
Capitalism is going to be laid bare

From your (and the YouTube speaker’s) words to the Goddess’ ears!

And let Dan Patrick and all those right-wing broadcaster’s pushing his idea be among the first to be laid bare!

ja – Loren Brevins’ words describe the world I have so wanted all my life. It’s how I’ve tried to live my 64 years. I do hope I’m still alive to marvel and enjoy when the transition dust settles and maybe peace can be seen throughout most (if not all) the world.

As we are slowly inching toward the US Pluto return in 2022-2023, we are beginning to understand the meaning of the phrase “national death and resurrection” this return implies. The pandemic may be worse in the US than anywhere else because the federal government and many state governors, almost all Republican, are incapable of dealing with it effectively.

An economic depression is looming. The unemployment numbers later this Thursday morning are expected to be shocking. Hard to believe, but this too shall pass.

If this is catastrophic, and if both Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces are playing leading roles in this while they are sextile, what to make of the Pluto in Pisces square to Neptune in Gemini about 45 years from now? My daughter will hopefully still be alive at that time. That Neptune will be conjunct the US Uranus and be right back to its position in the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 1891 on US Uranus, which launched both modern civilization and the US’s central role in it. All of this will be critically challenged by the Neptune-Pluto square, which will be even more powerful than the recent Uranus-Pluto square which gave us Donald J. Trump, and even worse climate change issues and other fundamental existential problems.

The 2020s will be something to remember. So will the 2040s with the Uranus-Pluto opposition, and the 2060s with the Neptune-Pluto square.

Beowulfie, I think the video I saw was the same one you referenced here – altho I saw it on CBS online. The doctor says she doesn’t care if she gets in trouble for talking to the media… is that the one?

It’s scary as hell – not only for the misinformation that’s coming from this maladministration, but also in the push back coming from the head of Health Services there. It’s a complete inability to support the front line ER doctors and acknowledge what they speak is the truth. Shameful!

Will — Thank you for the kind reminder of “This too shall pass”. I actually DID just say that to my hubby a couple of hours ago. Mom’s giving me grief for saying I needed to clean her room and help her take a shower. It IS one of my favorite phrases, as is one other I’ll share with you now for those times appropriate…

“I had ONE nerve left… and you just stepped on it!” (hehehe)

That’s complements of a “Maxine” greeting card I hung over my desk at work for years!

Andre – Trump isn’t a Christian, as you and I understand the term. He was raised in the church of “The Power of Positive Thinking.” It’s not a Christian church, per se, and to my mind it was the beginnings of all this stupid Prosperity Gospel crap.

I read the book when I was a teenager. My preacher-grandmother gave it to me from her library and warned me against different pieces of it. Some of it was good; but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. This is the kind of piece-meal religion T* was raised on — if he was actually raised on any kind of religion! It’s actually more in line with spell-casting and acting in an “as if” mode with Christian-type words substituted.

Also, Andre, one of the most hopeful things I’ve read over the last few days is that this virus (in further investigations to earlier reporting) doesn’t seem to be mutating like so many of them do. That means, if we do get a vaccine that protects against it, we can shut it down. Of course, that’s assuming the anti-vaxxers don’t get in the way of “herd immunity.”

I’m also very concerned about the authoritarian types taking advantage of the pandemic. Over the last 5+ years, we’ve seen liberal democracies fall to Nationalists and Fascists in country after country, including our own. With policies being spouted from T*’s mouth, as well as his toadies across the U.S., that are nothing more than early German (Hitler) Eugenics revisited – there is cause to be worried and prepared.

I just wanna know why Sarah Palin isn’t out there screaming “DEATH PANELS!”

Eliseo – I thought you’d get a big kick out of that Fundie article.

He made some extremely salient points with his scripture, tho. I think it actually came as a surprise to him halfway thru that so much of what was described in scripture fit Trump!

He did, however, answer his own question: No, those Christians would NOT recognize the Anti-Christ if they met him face to face!

You remember back in the old days of the 2000’s when Bush was elected? People were calling him the Anti-Christ, especially after he started his war. I remember telling a few around me that “Nah, he’s not the Anti-Christ. He and Chaney are just Gog and Magog – they’re just clearing the way for the Anti-Christ to come!

Egads.. don’t get tired of me and kick me out of here people! I found myself getting really down after catching up on news and talking to hubby about it all.

I came over here and you can’t believe the difference in feeling my heart has now!

Starlight, thank you SO much for this safe space for us! I would like to add a link to your site from mine. Would that be okay — or would you rather wait til a friendlier political administration?

Thanks sharon. Thinking of you in NO – stay safe, be well. xxx

They were warned:
“Event 201 is a fictional pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.
– global pandemic exercise event happened in nov 2019. I guess trumps govt didnt want to hear it”


some of you may enjoy watching this episode of democracy now – coronavirus capitalism

Sharon K,
Take care, my friend. I hear Louisiana, especially New Orleans is the next hotspot for this pandemic. You & Myron are in my prayers.

I think it highly probable we will soon be in an inflationary depression. Presuming Biden becomes our next president, he will need to surround himself with economic and financial experts. Whether she becomes his VP or fulfills some other role, Elizabeth Warren will be vital to the recovery.

In the long run, it will not be merely a recovery, but will evolve into a restoration. I believe the US relative loss of status and power will be temporary. Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, + Mexico will form a unified economic and military common market/alliance. India will eventually join as well. Together, these United nations will be formidable, but with a quite different sense of purpose and focus than that which obtains today.

A further development will be the formation of an alliance of democracies, as Immanuel Kant envisioned.

What I am unsure of is the timeline, but I believe the system developed will last far longer than the present one established at end of WWII, and now ending.


What is your astrologique about

“the Neptune-Pluto square, which will be even more powerful than the recent Uranus-Pluto square”

I would think it might be a bit lighter than the Uranus-Pluto square because it will involve two mutable signs Pisces and Gemini. What are your concerns?


So glad you feel a bit lighter. There’s nothing quite like the low-down-blues. Reminds me of a song I heard Luther Allison perform which was memorable and spoke to the lives of many of the ex-cons I worked with. I found the lyrics:

Rock Bottom

Well I’m busted, disgusted and bent all out of shape
Oh I’m busted, down right disgusted,
this is my darkest day
Well you talk about the low down blues I got ‘em
I do-do believe I’ve hit rock bottom

I’m broke, got no coke and I’m feeling mighty low
Go no money, it ain’t funny
and I’ve got no place to go
Well you talk about the low down blues I’ve got ‘em
I do-do believe I’ve hit rock bottom

Oh well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well
Oh well, well, well, well, well, well
Well you talk about the low down blues
I’ve got ‘em
I do-do believe I’ve hit rock bottom

Oh oh I’m busted, disgusted
and I’m bent all out of shape
Yes I’m busted, disgusted,
this is my darkest day
Well you talk about the low down blues I’ve got ‘em
I do-do believe I’ve hit rock bottom
Oh well yes I did rock bottom
Oh I did rock bottom
Got no money, it ain’t funny
Yeah yeah yeah
Well well
Rock Bottom


“…Canada, the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, + Mexico will form a unified economic and military common market/alliance. India will eventually join as well. Together, these United nations will be formidable, but with a quite different sense of purpose and focus than that which obtains today.”

That us quite the prophecy. Is this based upon your own speculation or is it based upon geo-politico’s theory?

TAPED WEBINAR – “Emergency Meeting held on March 24, 2020 regarding the Coronavirus! All around us, we are continuing to witness severe crises within humanity — the corona virus pandemic is the latest and most serious. This is one of those moments during which we need to align strongly within and make ourselves available for use by the Higher Powers. It is VERY important to be aware of the challenge to the world group, a challenge which demands the dissipation of this thought form of disease which precipitates the outer phenomenon. Also, submitted by participants suggesting remedies to help avoid, or minimize, the effects of the virus.”


Chiro, let me put it another way. At a time of great upheaval, symbolized by transiting Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, Sun and Mercury, all within a degree or so of each other, and all opposite the US natal Mercury, transiting Uranus in earth sign Taurus was trine the transiting centaur Pholus, known for disruption brought about by a relatively benign action, in earth sign Capricorn.

Trines are aspects that symbolize cooperation and both Uranus and Pholus were trine the hypothetical planet named Transpluto in the sign of Virgo (healing), and from studies it appears to be a force for facilitating wholeness, such as a country divided overcoming its differences.

Each of the 3, Uranus, Pholus, Transpluto, has a separate function, like a team does, and the trine pattern allows for cooperation between those earth sign (reality) based symbols. Pholus provides the kerfuffle (Covid 19 spread) whereas Uranus provides the breakthrough (unpreparedness for Covid 19) and Transpluto goes about putting the broken parts parts together, i.e. making things whole.

It’s just a theory.

Excellent article:

The President Is Trapped

Trump is utterly unsuited to deal with this crisis, either intellectually or temperamentally.

The Atlantic
March 25, 2020

For his entire adult life, and for his entire presidency, Donald Trump has created his own alternate reality, complete with his own alternate set of facts. He has shown himself to be erratic, impulsive, narcissistic, vindictive, cruel, mendacious, and devoid of empathy. None of that is new.

But we’re now entering the most dangerous phase of the Trump presidency. The pain and hardship that the United States is only beginning to experience stem from a crisis that the president is utterly unsuited to deal with, either intellectually or temperamentally. When things were going relatively well, the nation could more easily absorb the costs of Trump’s psychological and moral distortions and disfigurements. But those days are behind us. The coronavirus pandemic has created the conditions that can catalyze a destructive set of responses from an individual with Trump’s characterological defects and disordered personality.



This is a troubling development

I’m copying and pasting the article here in full because the NYT requires a subscription to read the entire article…..

After the Lockdown, Fear and Chaos in India

As panic about the virus escalates, the middle and upper classes are hoarding food, supplies and medicines without a thought for the millions of poor who stand to starve and die

NY Times
March 25, 2020

NEW DELHI — On Tuesday evening, India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, ordered a strict nationwide lockdown for the next 21 days to battle the spread of the coronavirus.

The busy marketplace in my upscale South Delhi neighborhood is desolate the next morning. Almost all shops are shuttered. The florist who delivered exotic flowers to wealthy homes has abandoned his stock, and the pungent smell of rotting flowers hangs heavy in the air. A pet store has locked up and left the animals inside. Their muffled screams are unbearable.

At the local chemist, two men are at each other’s throats. A large gray-haired man in a lawyer’s robe is shouting expletives through his mask as he towers over a short, scruffy domestic worker. The worker has bought all the acetaminophen in the shop for his employers, and the lawyer is having none of it. The scuffle between the two men seems like an act of transgression — not because it is violent but because it involves freewheeling physical contact.

“Touch is curse,” I was told by a man as he wheeled his stock of sweet potatoes down deserted streets, defying the lockdown in the hope of earning enough to buy food for his family. He offered free sweet potatoes to an old man in a tattered mask sweeping the road. The sweeper, wary of infection, turned his offer down.

As always, the poor are the worst affected. As work began to dry up, thousands of migrant laborers were forced to head back to their villages. Some of them probably brought the virus with them to the villages that have little access to basic infrastructure, including running water.

Trains and buses were discontinued overnight to put a stop to this. Those who could not make it in time and can no longer afford to live in the cities where they work are now attempting to walk for hundreds of miles to get home. Many of them have no money left for food, and the few who do cannot find food anywhere.

Groups of beggars are abandoning their stations at traffic lights and trying to enter gated colonies. Six of them arrived at our neighborhood temple and furiously knocked its doors, asking for food.

In our wealthy neighborhood, even the gods have shut themselves in. But the old order that insulated the wealthier classes from the distress that India’s poor endure is no longer holding. Like the hungry, disease is bound to come knocking sooner or later.

My parents are old and frail, and live by themselves in Calcutta. Whenever there has been an emergency, I have flown down within hours to take care of them. We have the means to mitigate the physical distance between us, but for the first time in our lives, our privilege counts for less. Airports across India are shut. Indian states have scrambled to seal their borders. I can no longer reach my parents. Late last night I found myself wondering who would cremate them if I were to lose them.

The only world that I have known is one in which anxieties are reined in by hope. The privilege of India’s middle class is defined by its investment in India’s growth story, its lust for consumption and its quest for a legacy. But India’s economy has been floundering, and the fall in trade coupled with the lockdown will bring it to its knees. It is unclear how many will still have jobs and businesses by the end of the year.

And it is not just the economy that is struggling. A nationwide lockdown strikes at the very roots of civilization — museums, theaters, cinemas, bookshops, schools, universities, libraries, playgrounds, are all out of bounds. Print-newspaper readership is steeply declining amid fears that papers can be carriers of the disease.

With just one bed for every 2,000 people, Indian hospitals will be unable to accommodate patients by the end of June at the current rate of growth of cases, and as early as the end of April if the infection rate goes up. The huge gulf between the health infrastructure available to India’s poor and to its wealthier classes is closing fast.

As fear escalates, the middle and upper classes trapped in their homes are surrendering to their worst instincts — hoarding food, supplies and medicines without sparing a thought for the millions of poor who stand to starve and die.

People from the northeast of India are being threatened and abused for being racially similar to the Chinese. Houses where people have been quarantined are being marked by authorities, and neighbors are circulating photographs of notices pasted on their doors to encourage ostracizing them.

Perhaps worst of all, providers of essential services, especially doctors, are being thrown out of housing complexes because they are feared to have contracted the infection. In a country that has one doctor for every 10,189 people and is woefully lacking in health infrastructure, disincentivizing doctors from doing their jobs is nothing short of self-destruction.

This comes at a time when courts have closed and liberal democracy is threatened by the excessive power the state takes on during a national emergency. Even liberals are demanding that the police be tough on people breaking curfews as panic about the virus spreads. And police patrols are unleashing indiscriminate violence in the name of enforcing the lockdown.

As democratic freedoms recede, superstition is tightening its grip. On Sunday, Indians across the country stood on their balconies banging utensils. This was ostensibly an exercise to thank health workers, but rumors began to circulate that the sound vibrations under the particular alignment of stars at the time will dispel the virus from earth.

Elsewhere, idols of coronavirus are being erected and fed to “satisfy its appetite.” A security guard in our building was apprehended by the police for trying to reach his village for a religious rite performed for the dead. He was convinced that his family would be spared by the contagion if the souls of his ancestors were pacified through the ritual.

Mr. Modi’s lockdown is the largest confinement in human history, with 1.3 billion people abruptly shut in. Neither the system nor the citizenry is prepared for it. No financial package has been declared by the central government to help the poor who live off daily wages. There is no plan in place for what millions of Indian farmers are to do at the coming harvest time.

The enforcement of the lockdown has been extremely ham-handed. On paper, groceries and medicines have been declared essential items that will remain available, but in reality, supply chains have been crippled by overzealous policemen.

Outside city limits, milk and vegetables are being dumped from stranded trucks, while in the cities, groups of angry men assaulted vendors selling vegetables from pushcarts. There are reports of policemen soliciting bribes to allow necessary movement, and breakdown of law and order in parts of the country.

If this continues, the trust in institutions, and in one another, that glues a society together is bound to come unstuck. Never before has the fate of all human beings been so desperately interlinked, and yet we seem to have been ushered into an unrecognizable world where it might just be every person for himself.



You have a curatorial talent for finding some of the best articles I’ve read on this site since forever. The Atlantic piece is primo. The NYT piece is apocalyptic and unsettling – but so honest!

Wow, wow, wow. Be safe, be healthy. May all of the forces for good in the Universe protect you and your family. Meher Baba has got to be at the top of his game now.


Trump’s plan to “pack churches” on Easter basically makes him coronavirus’s employee of the month.
Full coverage:


All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.–William Shakespeare

It’s one thing to identify the attributes of the times through astrology. Another thing to identify the actors resonating with the times and moving ideas forward.

The disruptors of this time, people like Bernie Sanders and Trump, who were instruments of Eris, and created populist uprisings of different sorts, seem to be important players right now, but new ideas are coming forward.

UBI has gained popularity through Pluto/Jupiter and Andrew Yang was an instrument of that. UBI is needed everywhere, and has been tried in India successfully. Lots more obviously is needed.

Fighting this virus seems so succinctly symbolized by Mars/Hygeia, and Dr. Birx is it’s face at the moment.

We too may be the agent for change where we are.

Here are points of interest in Dr. Birx chart other than Mars/Hygeia at 23 Cap: Vulcan is at 20 Aries (US Chiron), Apollon is at 22 Virgo (US Neptune).
Vulcan–a fiery force who forges instruments of both war and work, Apollon, the wise and diplomatic Sun God. Her Eris at 8 Aries is sextile US Uranus. Her Jupiter at 21 Leo is sextile US Mars. This really is a war, apparently, but she also has Ceres at 17 Pisces, which has been visited by Neptune for a long period of time recently, so her dreams of caring for others are being realized.

Hi Will,

I was feeling rather comfortable and safe at least until now. My wife is with her family in Delhi. Her mother passed away 24th morning. The country is in lockdown. She will not be able to return in the foreseeable future. Grocery stores are closed in spite of government assurances to the contrary. The vegetable/fruit market located a few miles away is only open a couple of hours a day. Who knows how long that will last? The police informed the local security guards here at Meherabad today that westerners could be a target so to avoid unnecessary incidents we should stay home. We have two cars, a scooter and a fairly spacious home in an opulent area known to be inhabited by foreign residents, so I am taking their words of caution seriously. This is the off season during the hot summer months when the retreat is closed. Very few foreigners are here. To complicate matters, the power has been sporadic, my back-up power supply only lasts for about 8 hours. And yet Meherabad is a wonderful place to be in spite of the inherent dangers. I take comfort in knowing that this will only last a little while. Perhaps it will all be resolved by Easter as our dear leader Mr Trump has suggested? Until then, it’s batten down the hatches and to rely on our inner resources (god) who resides within. According to the news reports, it looks like we will all be facing a similar situation in the near term. Love is the key of course. Here’s where our trust in god is tested and becomes paramount.

“That us quite the prophecy. Is this based upon your own speculation or is it based upon geo-politico’s theory?”

Both. Some political scientists have advocated a similsr scenario for decades as an advantageous arrangement, but post covid-19, and post Brexit it will be seen as necessary. Talks have begun quietly that would get the UK into NAFTA/USMCA. That’s step # 1.

I think it will happen, but only if we have pragmatic and reasonably intelligent leadership. It won’t happen until after Trump is out of office. But I think it will be one part of how the next world political system will be configured. If you like, I’ll be glad to send you some authors names and works.

Thursday, March 26

“Jupiter in capricorn squares eris in aries for the first of 3 times- bringing a clash energy between the planet of expansion and excess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. saturn squared eris in january 2020, pluto’s first of 5 squares was in january as well. this is the 3rd social or outer planet trigger of eris this year. eris gets a bad rap and is often only thought of as negative. but in her positive manifestation she is the activist and one who is willing to take a stand and fight for the Truth. she disturbs what is disturbing and unhealthy. she reveals shadow rather than creates it.
jupiter can throw more fuel on the fire right now- and we could have a revolution on our hands! being willing to question old structures and ways of doing and being are key right now. some things not only hold us back but they keep us small and stunt our evolution. discerning baby from bathwater is key.

the sun cojoins mean black moon lilith at 6’40 aries at 2:19pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the fierce Dark Feminine! sun/lilith in aries is the fierce Warrior Goddess who sees the shadow, speaks the Truth and lets the chips fall where they may. usually we need to be aware of HOW we do this (it needs to come from the heart) but the astrology this week has been very supportive of finding a way to say/see what needs to be said or seen- and do it with Love. our commitment to the Truth needs to be greater than our commitment to safety and security right now.

at 4:32pm jupiter parallells saturn, aligning the planet of expansion and the planet of contraction by declination. this brings intimations of the jupiter/saturn conjunction happening at the winter solstice in december 2020. PAY ATTENTION! the embodiment of the age of aquarius is incoming- the true birthing and bringing into manifestation. but first we must see all that blocks us from birthing this new age. 2020 is about magnifying what is blocking us from this. inner work and shadow work is the personal path that will contribute to collective healing and awakening right now.


Furthermore, some legal and constitutional reforms within the US will precede and accompany the process. All must be reassured, never again another Trump, for the US, or leading any of the other nations in the association. If Trump can happen here, it could happen theoretically in other nations as well. It will take a while to reestablish the level of trust that existed amongst the “five eyes.”

Prayers for you and yours Jerry. Be safe, be well.


Thank you for posting Democracy now, critical information for very critical times.


New Yorkers are being told NOT to call 911 because it’s being overwhelmed. A day to remember; 911 can’t help you anymore New Yorkers!

New York City’s natal Mercury is at 22+ Capricorn, where the Saturn-Mercury conjunction and the Mercury-Pluto conjunction, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and the Sun-Pluto conjunction, and the Sun-Saturn conjunction, and the Ceres-Saturn conjunction, and the Ceres-Pluto conjunction, and the Mercury-Ceres conjunction took place.

The Ceres-Sun conjunction took place at 23+ Capricorn.

New York City’s North Node is conjunct the US natal Pluto
New York City’s natal Ceres is conjunct the US natal Venus
New York’s natal Neptune is conjunct the US natal Mars.
New York City’s natal Pallas is conjunct the US natal Chiron

New York City’s natal Chaos is at 2 Aquarius 06, where transiting Mars will be on April 2nd.

Transiting Saturn stations retrograde at 1 Aquarius 57 on May 11 and won’t reach the NYC natal Chaos until January 5, 2021.

The brand new Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts on December 21, 2020, at 0 Aquarius 29, less than 2 degrees from the NYC’s natal Chaos.

This is the final nail in Trump’s coffin.

Use this to calculate your stimulus check + other info.


I guess you’ve all heard, the U.S. has surpassed China and now has the most cases.

This 77 y.o. guy at the retirement home in our neighborhood recovered! Yay!

High doses of Vitamin C being used in NY Hospitals & shows good results — people on it do better (I hope I didn’t post this already) –

Jerry, sorry you and your wife are separated but that you are also not alone & are comfortable. Praying for your & your community’s health & well being (& getting to the market for the fruit, veggies, grains), some protein, clean water, rest, meditation, prayer, good companionship, faith.

Thank you for the inspiring post in the midst of your challenges.

In response to your NYT article, Jerry, and the quote that “touch is curse” – just for the info of all, all the experts are saying it cannot be spread in food, but it can be spread in the wrapper so spray them if possible or disinfect another way, than throw them out and wash your hands. We just have to keep our darn hands away from our mucous membranes which I guess means, to be safe, most of our face. We can also get it through the droplets from others. I am not sure if we can get it by just general breathing around them – I’ve heard mixed info. Disinfect the bottom of your shoes before going into your house or just leave them outside the door. You can make a homemade disinfectant spray from water & bleach. Also hydrogen peroxide. This guy, Dr. Jeffrey Van Wingen, is helpful although a little confusing – lol.


Will, the foundational Neptune-Pluto of 1891 conjunct US Uranus and on the US Descendant (for those who use the Sag Ascendant), often referred to by barbk, was itself in the mutable sign of Gemini.

I don’t think the Neptune-Pluto square in the 2060s will be any less powerful or profound because it will be in mutable signs. But it may make us all more adaptable, although I suspect some sensitive souls will be either prophetic or simply go mad. Religious and political delusions might be crazier than ever, but so will be new higher visions of the future and of the destiny of humankind.

Before then, Pluto in Aquarius will have given us a deeper sense of community with all humanity and with the entire universe. Hopefully, astrology will reenter the mainstream of society and be taught in school and university as a tool of higher consciousness, along with meditation, yoga, qi gong and ayurveda. This will prepare us to the extremely challenging but infinite possibilities of the Neptune-Pluto square.

Wow, God help New York. It really is the epicenter of this disaster.
I looked at Andrew Cuomo’s chart, and Saturn is now conjunct his Venus at 0 Aquarius, and his Jupiter is at 24 Libra square transiting Pluto. Transiting Jupiter and Pallas are conjunct at 23 Cap right now (where Deborah Birx’s Mars/Hygeia is), so Cuomo may get some help very soon. He is begging for ventilators. I hope companies mobilize and get them for him.

The Wall Street Journal wants to know: will the pandemic cause a great spiritual awakening?


Might be bad for business.

Thanks for the further explanation of Pholus making wholeness, Barbk. I understand the theory in the context you describe.

And astrology is an interweaving of angles, positions, qualities, elements, in order to see the interconnections in reality. Science and art.

Eliseo, if the UK wished to join NAFTA, it would need Canada’s consent. Canada may be more interested in merging NAFTA with the European Union.

Also, Canada is a founding member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was Obama’s brainchild in order to contain China, and ended up being created without the US because of you-know-who. Canada’s farmers have had to open their market somewhat to both their New Zealand and their French colleagues. In the long run, Canada would likely support a triple merger between the EU, NAFTA and the TPP.

Thanks for your post about the Neptune-Pluto square. The expansion of wealth, not just spirituality. Pluto is wealth–plutocracy. From the other side of the square. I’ve also noticed that many wealthy people build churches, temples, convents, partly art, partly gratitude, possibly devotion. More of that, I bet, with Neptune-Pluto in mutable signs.

Starlighters, if you have a Twitter account could you please post something like the following message to these people or to whomever you believe would be effective. This is a national emergency and we need to save lives. Message is as follows:

@MikeBloomberg Campaign ad needed ASAP of Gov’s begging for a Federal/National Response for Ventilators, masks, PPGs to be aired on Fox, & stations where Trump supporters Watch! This is an Emergency @JoeBiden @BernieSanders


Eliseo, I forgot to mention that Canada already has a free-trade agreement with the EU. The US does not. It is unclear if the UK will have one after Brexit is completed.

There are some real oddities about this virus. Has anyone else noticed that thus far, GOP politicians dismiss this as nothing (with the exception of a handful of old-time GOPers like Hogan) and even though they test positive and hideout (like Cruz now on his second two weeker at home) they are nonsymptomatic yet Dems who test positive are getting sick?

And why is trump, a lifelong germaphobe seemingly unafraid of catching this illness? He has been around a lot of people who have since become ill but he did not even seek out a test until shamed into it. Maybe its time for my tin foil hat.

These Republicans tested positive and are just fine:
Rep. Paul Gosar
Rep. Matt Gaetz
This Democratic politician tested positive and is in the hospital and quite ill:
Rep. Ben McAdams

However the new economic arrangements play out, it will be interesting! Also, I think the pandemic we are currently surviving will likely change the world in a number of unexpected and unanticipated ways.

As the time between now and the election is the only period tRump has left to alienate voters, including those who voted for him in 2016, before it, I share that the 2 charts directly tied to him, his natal and his inaugural, are both under heavy attack from transiting Pluto simultaneously right now allowing for an orb of 2 degrees or less. It opposes his natal Saturn and sits on the MC of his inaugural between February 28 and June 26.

There are a number of dates during that span that could harbor such a result. Pluto’s station on April 26 is a good candidate for something to trigger but whatever date serves, it’s repercussions will not be known until the election is completed.

The nominating convention may be revealing.

I wonder how rudy is faring with all his jetting over the globe in recent months and mingling? I wonder too how the Newt in italy is doing? Havent heard a peep from either of late.

You make some very good points. It really is weird these R’s, especially Trump & Pence, despite exposure haven’t been infected. I wonder if any Secret Service officers have been been infected.

denise seigel has a new video up

silcominc: My personal belief is that Trump has already been inoculated from this particular virus. No I am not one of these usual conspiracy theorist but I do believe this was bio-warfare and before they let this out, they always have the cure for it. My belief it was Putin, Trump and the leader of Israel and they would have to also protect Mitch McConnell. If Trump does get it and dies, then I will gladly admit I am wrong, b/c, he could always pretend he has it and get well. These are evil men and put nothing past them.

Is This The End of The Road For Donald J Trump?

The following is pretty wild. I’m going to suspend judgment on this one at least until the end of next week……..

Scott Alan, a rather unconventional looking intuitive, in one of his videos last week described a dramatic scene wherein he saw Trump trying to flee the country. He saw Trump being stopped and arrested at a private airport and put in handcuff’s. The charges relate to Trump’s money laundering dealings with Russia (via Deutche Bank) The date? April 3rd. I know what you are all thinking. Preposterous. Right?

He has since revealed more of his impressions today in his latest posting here…



In the above follow-up video; Scott Alan states that unredacted documents from the Mueller investigation providing proof of Trump’s illegal money laundering dealings with Russia will be leaked and published to the New York Times on April 1st.

Does that add up astrologically? I have to say, it very well could. The waning Mars/Saturn conjunction that was exact the previous day (conjunct the 2017 US Inaugural charts Sun) will on April 1st, have tr. Mercury (released information?) at 16 Pisces forms a semi-square to Mars and nearby Saturn and in close square to Trump’s natal Uranus (17 Gemini). This configuration will also be activating Trump’s progressed Saturn (2 Leo) by square and semi-square.

If this were to happen, it would be truly staggering. We can only hold our breath and see what’s in store for this very dear rogue President who sold out America’s future to Russia. Scott also mentions that Trump’s underhanded dealings with the Corona Virus situation for his own personal benefit will also come to light and play into this unfolding drama….. Next week could be a hum-dinger.

Its science!!! Its natural!!!
Scripps research institute finds no evidence that virus is manmade

Jerry, I remember listening some time ago to someone else (cant remember who) that indicated a similar scenario.

On a different note, I wonder somehow if trump’s lifelong ‘germophobia’ is not the result of some inner knowing of his that a ‘germ’ would bring about his demise in some fashion?

Maintaining Calm in the Storm


“We’re enduring the most difficult stages of witnessing that warfare as it is happening on planet Earth. While many of our brothers and sisters on this planet remain asleep to this larger agenda. That is a burden, but it is also a privilege. This particular virus is life-threatening to those that have been severely immune compromised, with lifetimes of pharmaceuticals and flu shots, GMO or hospital food, or bad spiritual hygiene. Understand who their target is and why. Understand who their target is and why. Don’t have any fear about this. Just strengthen and do what you can to know those things that spiritually strengthen you, strengthen your physical body. Again, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, selenium, all of the antioxidants should be very helpful. If you’re feeling you’re exposed or feeling a little bit cautious and you need to do something, get these separately, don’t get a formula. Take them separately so you can dose in higher milligrams and see what your body’s tolerances is. Especially the vitamin C crystals, this is very effective as an anti-viral. The other thing I do want to talk about which has been confirmed, is that Borax prevents nanites or nano tech from bonding into your tissues. As we know this assault is on skin cells they are going for electromagnetic exposure on the skin to infect cells with toxic material. We need to do everything we can to strengthen our immune system and to stay away from anything that is genetically modified. That includes vaccinations. Anything created in a lab is being weaponized against the human race right now.

Understanding that to the best of our ability, as we make alterations in how we interact with the world at large. Understanding these larger agendas and the reasons behind them. I do believe we have the incredible spiritual support to help guide us through that process. Listening, asking the questions to help us navigate the minefield that is 3D Earth at this time.”


SO MANY TRUMP SUPPORTERS BELIEVE this TRULY FRIGHTENING stuff & messages. They believe Trump is some kind of savior and will bring down the deep state. That there will be a blackout beginning April 1st to the 10th. The following quotes:

“10. The WW city quarantines will continue from the staggered individual commencements until they all end on 10 April (Easter Friday). Superimposed upon this will be 10 days of darkness which will begin on 1 April (morning) and end on 10 April 2020 as well.

11. Immediately before the start of darkness #POTUS will tweet “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.”April Fools Day will lessen the initial worries about darkness occurring. When darkness occurs there will be peak COVID-19 panic and Medical Martial Law WW.

12. Indeed Quarantine/Medical Martial Law will have been in place in most major cities for some time before 1st April 2020. Many people will be self-isolating at home. Most will have already prepped for food etc.

14. The 10 Days of Darkness will involve no social media or Internet. There will be electricity but no TV or radio. No newspapers will print. The Military of each country will close these down.

15. #POTUS will have the ONLY available method of reaching the public WW throughout the 10 Days of Darkness and that will be through the Emergency Broadcast System. Each Military WW will transmit this to TV’s and devices in their respective countries.

16. #POTUS will be either abroad or on AF1 during the Days of Darkness for optics. Ostensibly the excuse for the use of AF1 will be safety and/or infection risk. The EBS will be transmitted from AF1. There will effectively be a total news blackout except for #POTUS.

22. It is unlikely, but possible, that JFK Jr and others will add to the veracity of the operation. When the 10 Days of Darkness finish on Easter Friday there will be a mass outpouring of spirituality.

23. The Deep State will lose control of the streets forever. The Military will guard TV stations/newspapers to avoid vandalism. After the blackout the MSM will be completely exposed and will not attempt to counter the narrative.

24. Those Deep State actors who have not flipped and gone to GITMO will engage in the suicide weekend of 11 and 12 April 2020. Recalcitrants will be left to fend for themselves in front of the informed masses.”


“Dear Friends,

The pandemic continues to grow more serious. No human being knows where it will end. Sanat Kumara (Lord of the World) knows. Meanwhile we continue our effort to encourage humanity to do the right thing which can lead to the benevolent objectives SK has in Mind.
So tomorrow night, Saturday, 28Mar20, at 7:15 GMT we will have a another meditation on our usual YouTube Live Link:


See you there as we attempt to work esoterically for amelioration along correct lines. Love, Light and Power,

Tuija and Michael

Angellight, maybe Trump’s purpose is to lead these foolish sheeple over the edge into the abyss and remove them from society somehow? Ironically, this could actually happen to some extent if he gets his way with lifting the shutdown in time for Easter and the incredibly foolish Christians who follow him to gather en masse.

If his base gets infected with COVID-19 and dies off, he will also be destroying his own re-election chances.

Buckeyeshadow, yes, it is his followers who are the most at risk.

In 2006 the US progressed Mars “stationed” and turned retrograde. Ever since then, and for the next 66 years, the US will work on it’s understanding of what motivates it. For now – while US progressed Mars is at 17+ Libra, conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter and opposite the US progressed Chiron – we, the USA, will face our partnership and equality issues, and deal with them.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it clear that it does not discriminate between males or females, the rich or the poor, blacks or whites or anyone in between. However, like any bully, it does seem to devastate those who are already weak such as the elderly and those of us with underlying health issues.

I believe that, for the US, the pandemic of COVID-19 is, in part, an expression of the retrograde progressed US Mars in Libra.

US progressed retrograde Mars at 17+ Libra is 45 degrees (semi-square) from 2+ Virgo, which is where the transiting Transpluto (a process of becoming whole) was in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (cycle start) as it trined both transiting Uranus (breakthrough) at 2+ Taurus and transiting Pholus (small cause, big effect) at 2+ Capricorn.

Interesting that the British Prime Minister has tested positive for COVID-19, (non discriminating between the famous and non-famous) and that China’s leader has reached out to Trump to mend their relationship re: the coronavirus pandemic.

Again, just a theory.

kiwi and Jerry, I’ve heard this several times before and thought it was too good to be true.

kiwi, Scripps Research Institute is right here where I live.

“When things are shaky and nothing is working, we might realize that we are
on the verge of something. Letting there be room for not knowing is the most
important thing of all. When there’s a big shock or disappointment, we don’t
know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great
adventure. Life is like that. We don’t know anything. We call something bad; we
call it good. But really, we just don’t know.” Pema Chodron When Things Fall

Ja, that was one of my favorite books in college. I discovered it when I took a course on African literature. That must have been in about 1972-73!

With so much heaviness around I thought we could all get to know each other a bit better by sharing a bit about your ASC, Sun and Moon. (I tried to include a pic but can’t seem to paste it here) I’ll start:

6 Scorpio 26, conjunct Saturn 8.44 and Mercury 9.03

12 H Sun 13 Libra 44

Moon 11 Aquarius 03, conjunct IC and is midpoint between Pluto in Leo and a conjunction with Jupiter/Uranus in Cancer

Nancy Pelosi’s solar return has Mercury at 8+ Pisces conjunct US natal Ceres; her solar return Ceres at 20+ Aquarius is conjunct the US PROGRESSED Mercury. Nancy Pelosi was born on March 26, 1940.

Nancy’s natal chart stellium in Taurus (Venus, Mars, Uranus + Saturn) is trine her natal Neptune in Virgo (conjunct US natal Neptune) and her solar return Mars, Jupiter, Pluto in Capricorn give her a super grand trine in earth signs for one year.

Nancy’s solar return Chiron is conjunct her natal/solar return Sun. It will be a remarkable year for her, including power and pain, and she will be a defining model of strength, nurturing and leadership for her country. You go girl!

maybe this is the fundies end-times ‘rapture’ they’ve all been salivating about for years

Boris has covid

Angellight, re #22: JFK Jr?

Your posts are becoming truly frightening.

Hello Everybody,

I’ve been reading here since Sally Cheyne McDonald, bless her, and hardly ever post, but I’m going to haul off and do it because I’m angry.
We got a card in the mail from “coronavirus.gov” which from their website seems to be CDC and the White House. It’s titled “President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidance for America.” It’s got to be HIS guidance (although it’s all about social distancing, which he wants to end). Everything has to have his name on it. It’s as if we got a card called “Typhoid Mary’s Guidance on Preventing Typhoid.”

Somewhat related to that, I think Trump is not using the Defense Authorization Act to have industry turning out tests and PPE because he wants to insert himself into the process, make it a quid pro quo situation–“you fawn all over me and maybe I’ll give your state some masks.” Or just dole them out to the red states period. In other words, put his name all over it. He WANTS the states to be competing with each other for resources so he can be the one who decides.

I’m also angry that the GOP termed DC a “territory” for the purposes of receiving resources from the bill the Senate just passed. Dems fought this but eventually signed it. Sen. van Hollen (from my state) (MD) said he was livid about this, as DC is usually treated as a state in similar situations. So DC won’t get their share of resources? Because DC usually votes in the high 90s percentage-wise for Democratic presidential candidates?
I’ve got to take a break from the news.
Frank, you suggested we introduce ourselves, and I can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about myself. I’m Aries 11 ASC, Mars 4 Gemini, Mercury 8 Gemini, Sun 26 Gemini, Venus 11 Cancer, Pluto 14 Leo, Saturn 1 Virgo, Neptune 14 Libra, Jupiter 0 Aquarius. And a Moon Pisces 11, so I think I’ll crawl back into the woodwork now. (I’m 5 days older than Elizabeth Warren.)
Nice to “talk” to you. Love you all.

kiwi, yes, I think you’re on to something. They want a war in the Middle East. Maybe they’ll settle for a plague. And maybe Pence, et al think they’re immune due to their faith. Or maybe that’s what they want the cult to believe.

In 2017 or 18, some of us wrote that only catastrophe could bring down Trump. The question asked then was how many people he would bring down with him. The answer: a lot.

Frank, I have said this before but since you ask: ASC 9 Sag (near Venus at 4 Sag), Sun at 20 Cap opposite an exact Jupiter -Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer and near a Chiron-Mercury conjunction (Ch at 28 Cap and M at 0 Aq), NN at 5 Cap, MC at 5 Libra, Moon at 28 Leo conjunct Pluto at 26, both sextile Neptune at 28 Libra in the 10th and square a Saturn-Lilith conjunction at 19 and 23 Scorpio. Grand trine in Water signs with the aforementioned Jup-Uranus, Saturn and Mars near the IC at 27 Pisces.

Plus, I have two Yods, as I have mentioned in the past. I consider them the keys to my chart.

Marcia, nice to see you venture out of the shadows! Dont let their evil rain on your parade! Courage! They will Not prevail and they will be reviled by history.

Barbk, thanks for sharing your take on Nancy! I think this is the year where good female leaders will competently put the frat boys in their place.

Im so proud of our own PM – honest, empathetic, decisive, really smart, down-to-earth, and all with a no BS or grandstanding manner.
She even put up a late night message on facebook for everyone the first night of ‘lockdown’

New is grim, I know, but Americans are smart and innovative and stepping up to try to save us.

A husband/wife team (him an engineer, her a doctor) in my town invented a 3D print valve to hook one respirator up to four patients and won emergency-use approval from the FDA yesterday for it. Offering the 3D print instructions for free to any hospital who wants it.

And the company my husband works for, based in Portland, has the governor and some staffers coming to visit today about getting rushed approval for a reusable N95 mask they started designing on Sunday and already have a prototype of.

They’re a custom food packaging company, but have designers and food-grade production processes and materials already. They think they can scale up quickly to produce 250,000 masks a day. I’m so proud of them and everyone else working to fix the mess Trump caused with his inaction and stubbornness.

This nation will not implode when there is talent out there to save us from the leadership.

We the people are too smart and resourceful to let one MF-e*r bring America down.

Theresa makes this point in her account what we as collective nation are capable of doing.

Make America GreaTER again. It will over come.

USA passes the 100K mark – global nears 600K

In the midst of doom and gloom, a lovely story about nature and self isolation

Very impactful positions for Nancy Pelosi. Thanks for the insights, Barbk
Is it true that the bill was signed at 2pm EDT?
If so the MC in Washington DC was 20 Aries=US Chiron. this chart, which bears close scrutiny:
All the “biggies”: Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Saturn are in the 6th house of employees, and those who serve others, esp. in relation to health: nurses, doctors and others.

If someone could find out exactly when it was signed, I would really like to know.

Chiro, that sounds very interesting (the bill chart)

kiwi, I’m going to come back and read that story about the man on the island (who belies the old adage “no man is an island” lol!)

Marcia – It’s SO nice to meet you and hear from you. This is such a double edge sword as we want to see the shmoe (moron? shmuck?) be held accountable for all actions related to the fact that the U.S. has the highest # of positive cases, and climbing – but we also want life and health to improve — for all, and especially our country. Quite a paradox.

I’m listed my astro basics before but I’ll just say the main ones:
Sun 1 Pisces,
Moon/Pluto – bout 18 Leo opp Mercury at 17 Aquarius,
10 Cancer Ascendant (conj Uranus at 6 Cancer in 12th),
Jup 15 Pisces conj MC/NN at 18/19 Pisces, Mars/Venus at about 24/25 Pisces,
Sat. 1 Lib.

Neptune t. my MC/NN is causing emotional/physical paralysis. It’s like walking through molasses.

Marcia, I want to add that after seeing your chart basics, I found it somewhat amusing that it took you this look to comment! (shy moon in Pisces? – just a guess – I don’t know you at all)

I, too, participated in Sally’s blog, as did Nancy, & kiwi, and I’m not sure who else — Great memories!

Welcome Marcia!

There are quite a few of us still here from astroworld who followed Sally back when she was still among us on this plane. I sometimes wonder what she would make of all that has happened? What would she write on the idiot wannabe king in the White House and his woeful handling of all that he has touched, leading up to COVID-19?

Arbo: I posted that frightening message because this is the mindset we are dealing with in Trump loyalists. And, yes, it is very frightening that they really believe this nonsense.


Sarah Reese Jones
Speaker Pelosi masterfully uses her power to stop Thomas Massie from being able to block the coronavirus bill by holding the floor and allowing members to arrive for a quorum.

(See url above for part of Nancy’s filibuster!!! [I don’t think it’s the whole thing but don’t know]….and John Kerry said Massie tested positive…for being an a-hole – [not the virus])

Andre, I recently discovered a yod in my chart I hadn’t known about: Sun sextile Ascendant, with the midpoint opposite Eris. Eris wasn’t known when I learned astrology. I suppose this makes it easy to adjust to chaos or disruption, somehow, not sure.

A person I knew had very many yods. He loved sailing in SF Bay, with all its tacking and adjustments continuously, and I thought that seemed very appropriate.

Jupiter-Pallas conjunction tomorrow morning:

Jupiter (benefits) Pallas (plan/strategy) in Capricorn (gov’t) plus Pluto (transform) will trine Moon (the people) and Venus (value) in Taurus (money).

Sounds like the start of the US Economic Relief Plan. This cycle will last about 5 years.

The Aries Sun (life) is on the ascendant of the Jupiter-Pallas conjunction chart when set in Washington DC and the Moon-Venus conjunction trines the US natal Neptune (compassion) in Virgo (service) as does the Pallas-Jupiter conjunction; a grand trine. Relief, lots of relief.

This is happening thanks to the Dems in the House fighting for the People. Thank you House and Senate Dems!

Thank you Nancy Sommers for allowing us to unload here on Starlight News. We love you.

Angellight, some of them enjoy jerking liberal chains. And that’s bad enough.

YES! – a positively different magazine

agegroup with the most infections in NZ = 20-29

cash peters just put up another video

Jupiter-Pallas conjunction tomorrow morning:

Jupiter (benefits) Pallas (plan/strategy) in Capricorn (gov’t) plus Pluto (transform) will trine Moon (the people) and Venus (value) in Taurus (money).

Sounds like the start of the US Economic Relief Plan. This cycle will last about 5 years.

The Aries Sun (life) is on the ascendant of the Jupiter-Pallas conjunction chart when set in Washington DC, and the Moon-Venus conjunction trines the US natal Neptune (compassion) in Virgo (service), as does the Pallas-Jupiter conjunction; a grand trine. Relief, lots of relief.

This is happening thanks to the Dems in the House fighting for the People. Thank you House and Senate Dems!

Thank you Nancy for allowing us to unload here on SLN. We love you.

Thank you Theresa Hill, that is very encouraging.

Marcia, it gets worse. Trump is insisting they put his name on the signature line – like he is giving us the checks himself. And the NY Times is reporting tonight that there are things in the bill that favor trump (surprise)


…and he is refusing to give any aid to Michigan because the Dem governr is not nice enough to him.

I am getting worried that he is not planning on taking over, he has taken over. I know you think there wilk be an election in 8 months, but I am not so sure.


I looked but couldn’t find a video clip from one of the news stations with a time stamp for the signing of the stimulus bill.

Did see noticed that it was originally scheduled for 11:30 am but then pushed back to 1 pm.

Chiro, my natal Eris is 2 degrees from my IC. It wasn’t easy.

Numerous sources say the bill was signed at 4 p.m.

“I believe that, for the US, the pandemic of COVID-19 is, in part, an expression of the retrograde progressed US Mars in Libra.”

Barb, its a virus made by nature. I know you love astrology and have a passion for it – but its a virus Barbk – created by Mother Nature and studied by biologists and bio-medical technicians and researchers and truly talented scientists who understand its science; and astrology is not science love astrology and enjoy entertaining its possible influence; but it has its limits and cannot predict anything very accurately. Pollus, Ceres, Chaos, etc – its a form of poetry combined with impressions and symbolic conjecture.
Please don’t let this hurt your feelings.


Please be careful about what you are passing along. I don’t think inflammatory stuff like what you posted is helpful. And although Vitamin C is always a good thing to take, – it is very likely not going to save lives. I enjoy your posts but please, check out your sources -some of them are just way, way out there and as such can be harmful.

When people are saying that those who get COVID19 are spiritually unbalanced or buying into fearful rhetoric, it makes my blood boil. Maybe please pause and think about the effect the information you are going to post will have on readers.

Bob, thank you for your most interesting posts -especially the ones about t-rump.

Eliseo, Andre – thank you for your fleshing out your theories.

Angellight: Enough of the hysteria already! Where did all that stuff come from? (Please don’t answer that – I don’t want to know.)

This is not a time to believe – “believe” in anything except common sense!

A family member who is a doctor dealing with this stuff is not going bonkers – he is definitely worried, but not going to go crazy. He says there are 2 choices because there is presently no cure for Covid 19 –

1. Stay the hell away from everybody so you don’t give it to anyone or get it from anyone – that is called social distancing or self-isolation. It works to reduce the RATE of transmission. It doesn’t cure anything, but it helps to keep the hospitals functional because they don’t get inundated with patients.

2. Shut everything down, except essential services, so there is an absolute minimum of contact between people who may be carrying the virus. It also keeps the streets quiet and people indoors, where they stay out of trouble, or out of creating trouble.

Those are the ONLY 2 solutions for the time being because there are NO drugs that work for Covid 19 yet, and there are not going to be any for quite a while, vaccinations included.

HOWEVER, not everybody is going to die – even in the worst case scenario more than 80% of the people will be A-OK! They just have to suffer the inconvenience of staying apart so they don’t act as carriers, because they may actually have the virus, but don’t have any or any serious symptoms. They will LIVE.

So, the world is not going to come to an end. If Donald Trump were not a complete flaming idiot, the US would fare better – much better. But since he IS a flaming idiot, along with a large group of equally stupid people who support him (or want to benefit from his idiot actions financially), the US is going to have a pretty tough time and more people than NECESSARY will die. Repeat: not everyone is at risk!

So, the best thing you can do is stay home, drink lots of fluids and watch something entertaining on TV that is not politics. WAIT – it will take time and the economy will take a bad hit no matter what happens. But the world will keep turning and the lights will stay on and even some of the sick people will get better. It’s the doctors and nurses you have to worry about – who are saving lives. Not little ol’ everybody who can’t do anything but freak out when he/she should be sensible and practical and WAIT safely at home.

Churches do not have to have congregations show up at Easter just because Donald Trump happens to say so. God (yes God) gave mankind a brain to figure out what makes sense. That means every free thinking American and citizen of the world can make up his or her own mind. Follow the stupid leader is not included in the recipe.

And, to be plenty clear, even if the lights do go out, it’s not like the sun won’t come up in the morning as usual. Where people get these crazy “predictions” from is a testament to the power of delusion. Neptune anyone? The antidote is Saturn. But going nuts is so much more exciting?

Folks just need to GET A GRIP. That’s what Saturn is for.

Hi Angellight, For me, although it’s difficult to discern what is genuine in those channeled messages you reproduced and what is slightly sensationalistic, what does strike a chord is the time frame given. April 1st to April 10th. April 10th I suspect could be the date and the deciding factor when everything will turn around for the better and it could be dramatic. Meher Baba had scheduled the period starting from April 10th – June 10th, 1969 to give darshan (an opportunity to see him physically). He was in strict seclusion for quite a number of years. In spite of reports of grave ill health, the darshan plan proceeded as scheduled until His passing on Jan 31, 1969. But alas the darshan was not cancelled and many of us did end up traveling to India during that period, and so by doing, honoring His invitation. I feel the April 10th date is significant. It sounds about right. How interesting that it falls on “Good Friday”.

Chiro on March 26th, at 9:36 am you mentioned Dr. Birx….

I wouldn’t be so concerned about her speaking the truth if she wasn’t a darned bible-thumper working toward a theocratic society. Have heard of her speaking “gospel” on YouTube (IIRC), and decided then to take with a grain of salt her “expert” opinions. Too many expert opinions can be tweaked to further a goal.

Eliseo – After all the damage T* has done to our national treaties (NATO, etc), I believe your scenario makes a lot of sense.

SEATO, NATO, and others were formed after major civilization changing events such as the World Wars. Some of these alliances will be found to no longer work in the months and years that lie ahead.

Organizations of Democratic Societies, as well as geographically co-located areas will be the new orgs, IMO. How this might play against non-Dem orgs, I do fear. China and Russia together against the rest of the world in a new WW? Don’t even want to contemplate it.

I would much rather see us come out of this global pandemic with countries offering to help one another, and new forges of friendship becoming the new default mode – especially in view of Climate Change.

Will the billionaires/trillionaires (let alone the dictators who are supported by them) allow that to happen? That’s where my cynicism rears its head.

Beowulfie – T*’s supporters live and die on the nuts side of things. Get a grip? They believe they have THE grip that will bring them — and only them — through all this in A-OK shape. Pity them. Detest them. There isn’t much more you can do, IMNSHO.

As long as this 4Chan stuff proliferates, they will always be living on the “and this is gonna KILL us all!” edge of their seat. (sigh)

Will – this one’s for you – others may get a laugh too, (but warning, colorful language)


“When Trump signed (HR 748) he included a “signing statement.” saying he would ignore the law’s provisions for an independent inspector general overseeing the disbursal of funds for corporate bailouts. His argument is that such a provision intrudes on the rights of the executive to block information from Congress. If this holds, it would erase the Democrats’ key victory in the negotiations over the bill. Trump’s attempt to reject congressional oversight is “not a surprise to anyone,” Pelosi said tonight, and a Democratic aide said they had anticipated such a move and so had put multiple layers of oversight in the bill. But Trump said that federal agencies must be allowed to act without consulting Congress and that he would not treat “spending decisions as dependent on prior consultation with or the approval of” Congress.

It is not the House Democrats, but rather the president, who is playing politics with this massive relief bill that was so painstakingly negotiated. He remains eager to gather power into his own hands.”

Heather Cox Richardson


Jerry: Interesting.

Beowulfie and Will: b/c Trump loyalists believe this stuff and when lights and communication do not go down like they believe it will on April 1, I am hoping that they will loose faith in Trump and return to reality and this be a victory for truth.

Boo hoo, you’ve hurt my feelings will. 🙁

Still, I’m grateful you’ve explained astrology to me, and perhaps others here, pointing out it isn’t science!

It is in fact, a language isn’t it? It was never meant to be a precise science. As we move away from the polarized thinking of the 3rd dimension and the outworn philosophies of the patriarchy, we have the opportunity to develop our other gifts; one being intuition, another being feeling. You know that of course or you wouldn’t be here love.

Perhaps if I’d said “for the US, the pandemic of COVID-19 is, in part, a symbolic expression of the retrograde progressed US Mars in Libra” you would not feel the need to explain to me that astrology is not a science. I’ll remember to do that in the future; explain that astrology is a language of symbols, for those who don’t already realize it.

Assuming you agree it is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that symbolizes the coronavirus pandemic, it was after all, the position of the US progressed Mars to some of the symbols in that Saturn-Pluto chart, and I didn’t even mention that:

(1) the US prog. retro Mars at 17+ Libra was T-square the MC (17+ Capricorn) a symbol of outcomes, and the IC (17+ Cancer) symbol of roots, in the Saturn-Pluto conjunction chart, when set in Washington DC.

(2) US progressed Mars opposes the US progressed Chiron (heal through wounding) at 17+ Aries.

(3) US progressed Mars was also sextile the Moon (symbol of the people) at 17+ Leo.

(4) Uranus (symbol of breakthroughs), part of the grand trine with Pholus and Transpluto (described up thread) was on the ascendant of the Washington DC located Saturn-Pluto chart.

Thanks will, point taken. Thanks too for providing me the opportunity further define my theory. Be well my friend.

I remain saddened by 3 dear members of my family with whom I grew up. They are intelligent, educated, loving–and republican. I no longer hear them raving about Trump, but there is this: ” I just don’t like people getting everything for free. I work very, very hard for my money. Both of my boys work full-time and school full-time through college. My feeling is if you want something bad enough you will eventually work for it and get it. I do know though that there are extenuating circumstances.” yeah, right.

Will send chart info when I am more awake.

“I would like to remind you is that The Hierarchy stands. Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and the same Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found as heretofore, guiding humanity along the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily to our present point of development. The Buddha, Whose festival we are celebrating, (Wesak Festival every Full Moon in May) and the Christ, Who expresses to us the unchanging love of God, are still with us, and the Hierarchy stands as a bulwark of strength between us and possible disaster; this centre of spiritual life is “like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land”. Mankind has weathered many storms and survived many difficulties; men have emerged from periods of crisis better and stronger, purified “so as by fire” and definitely nearer the goal.

I would remind you also of the integrity and solidarity of the human family. We are one people—one in our relationships, and capacities and desires, our origin and our goal. It is this essential and recognisable integrity which is emerging at this time powerfully in the human consciousness. You are apt to think that this may not be so, that your position in believing this is somewhat unique and that you stand somewhat alone. But this is your error and is not true to the facts of the case. In every land and among widely differing peoples, the same desire exists for understanding, for the establishing of right and peaceful relations, and for the expression of that basic goodwill which is one of the deepest human characteristics and our divine inheritance.”

Externalization of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey

Just read an excellent article in the NY Times. It doesn’t go near far enough into detail, IMO… but it does give a quick and easy read of an overview.


Keeping with Fair Use, I’m only gonna post these last 3 paragraphs, but the whole is good and is in front of their paywall… I recommend it.

“It is fair to point out that the failings of the Trump administration in the current pandemic are at least as attributable to its economic ideology as they are to its religious inclinations. When the so-called private sector is supposed to have the answer to every problem, it’s hard to deal effectively with the very public problem of a pandemic and its economic consequences. But if you examine the political roots of the life-threatening belief in the privatization of everything, you’ll see that Christian nationalism played a major role in creating and promoting the economic foundations of America’s incompetent response to the pandemic.

For decades, Christian nationalist leaders have lined up with the anti-government, anti-tax agenda not just as a matter of politics but also as a matter of theology. Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council, one of the Christian right’s major activist groups, has gone so far as to cast food stamps and other forms of government assistance for essential services as contrary to the “biblical model.” Limited government, according to this line of thinking, is “godly government.”

When a strong centralized response is needed from the federal government, it doesn’t help to have an administration that has never believed in a federal government serving the public good. Ordinarily, the consequences of this kind of behavior don’t show up for some time. In the case of a pandemic, the consequences are too obvious to ignore.”

Slightkc–interesting news–theocratic leanings of Dr. Birx. I’ll have to look that up. I will say many reporters seem enthralled by her. Good press from the Washington Post, NY Times, etc. so, wherever she learned it, her charm is succeeding.

Thanks, Theresa Hill, for looking for the time. I’ve watched 3 videos of the signing (while having to listen to another self-serving speech), and couldn’t find any definite clues.

Barbk, I’ve read that astrology is a science of correspondences, not cause and effect, so the saying “as above so below” means that we can look at many factors in a chart, which is just a diagram of the sky, to see the elements of an experience on the ground. To me its very helpful that you look at all the relevant details in the charts that are applicable, including progressed charts, solar returns, etc. I love your in-depth analysis. Although it may be a language, it’s one only astrologers are trying to learn.


Sat Mar 28, 2020, 07:09 AM

Abbott Launches 5-Minute Covid-19 Test for Use Almost Anywhere

Source: Bloomberg

“The medical-device maker plans to supply 50,000 tests a day starting April 1, said John Frels, vice president of research and development at Abbott Diagnostics.”

To add one detail to the “relief” chart of the Pallas-Jupiter conjunction, Ceres is at 21 Aquarius. Suddenly the Defense Production Act has been invoked, so that ventilators will be made by GM, perhaps others. US Mars is 21 Gemini, Ceres is caring, so the CARES act and the Pallas-Jupiter chart also show another aspect of how this relief is being provided–putting the country on a war-type footing in terms of mobilizing production of needed supplies.

RE: Dr. Brix
Yes she is well schooled and knows her Science. She is also well respected, however, when she stood at the podium this past week and said that she didn’t believe NY need the tousands of ventilators they requested, I lost all faith in her ability to separate her religious beliefs from reality of our current crisis.

I’m sporadically checking in here but adjusting to working from home, with my 74-year-old partner here, and managing my anxieties. Anyway, I saw that Jessica Murray has a new insightful post up, so thought I’d share it. Wishing everyone stay safe and healthy.

“As individuals, we’re having our minds blown, and it’s presenting us with rare and radical opportunities. We’re thinking about things we’ve always taken for granted. Can we allow this crisis to help us examine our habits, our sense of entitlement and our complacencies, in order to live as if life really mattered (Pluto)?”


Hi Angelight,

Is there a stay home policy in your area? If so, and you have lots of time on your hands, perhaps the following might interest you. It was considered rather controversial at the time (1968)…….

61 Questions and Answers on Meher Baba: The Borup Messages (Space Brothers, Take 2)


If you do decide go through the material, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

After going through twitter messages and photos from newspapers, it looks like the Caresact was signed just after 1pm yesterday in Washington DC. Chiron is on the midheaven. The Pallas-Jupiter conjunction (almost exact) is on the Desc. The biggies – Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Saturn–are in the 7th, partners, the other, the public.
Chiron is conjunct Black Moon Lillith, so both relief and a lot of other emotions, including negative emotional garbage.

On MSNBC last night, statements made by Dr. Birx in support of Trump on a Christian network were considered particularly saddening. I thought scientists were rational. Trust Trump to find those who are not. At least she is still thought of as being competent. His choice as director of the CDC seems to be incompetent.

So far, I could not conceive of the Pluto return, which peaks in 2023, without Trump in the White House, as his Presidency is obviously correlated with it. Now I understand that President Biden will devote his term to cleaning up the chaotic mess Trump’s incompetence will leave behind. The critical public health and economic problems will not go away in 2021 even if Trump is gone.

The Trumpian era will end and a new start will begin only in 2024 with another Democratic President. Biden will be the post-Trumpian President.

I am concerned about the 2022 mid-term elections as they will be quite dramatic as well with an exact Sun-Uranus square on Election Day. But first we have to get through 2020 and find out if elections will actually take place this November. More on that later.

Eliseo, you may be interested to know that the UK is planning on using Canada’s free-trade agreement with the EU as the basis for its own new relationship with the EU. They call it the Canada-plus option.

British ministers have also been visiting Canada with the proposal to reestablish commercial preferences between British Commonwealth countries. Brexit supporters have a nostalgia for the British Empire. But they are deluded because Canada is long past that, since the Canadian and US economies have been closely integrated by NAFTA.

Canadian auto parts makers in Ontario supply car-making plants in Ohio and Michigan, for example. The reverse is also true in many cases and many other industries. When Trump considered imposing commercial sanctions on Canada two years ago, his people were surprised at the number of American jobs in factories in the North and North-east that depended on Canadian supply chains. Canadian negotiators stated publicly that they were naive and uninformed. Those plans were dropped.

Chiro, brilliant re: the Jupiter-Pallas chart’s Ceres, and thank you for the Caresact chart too; great work!

Les, thanks for the Jessica Murray link; 2 in 5 days? I’m shocked but very pleased. Sounds like you are coping with the times and that’s good too, peace.

New post up:


Jessica Murray’s new article is great, as usual. but I noticed her chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is at the start of their conjunction, while Dell Horoscope and The Mt. Astrologer magazines both use the time of completion of their conjunction, a difference of about 2 hours.

In Jessica’s chart (set in Washington DC) it is Neptune in Pisces on the ascendant, while in the Dell/Mr. Astrologer version it is Uranus in Taurus on the ascendant.

I wonder if this means the cycle starts with the coronavirus pandemic (Neptune in Pisces) and ends with breakthroughs in values (Uranus in Taurus). Maybe we should use the midpoint of these two times which would be about 11 AM on January 12th in Washington DC

Jessica doesn’t write about the Saturn-Pluto chart specifically so we will have to see how it all plays out.

Great quote:
When “I” becomes “We”
even Illness turns into Wellness

Maybe you could share that with your family at the right time Emma 🙂

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