21st Feb, 2020

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Elizabeth has Jupiter and Neptune in very good aspect to her (trine and sextile), Chiron is trine her Chiron, and Ceres, which seems to have a lot to do with elections, is trine her Mars. She was really seen as a fighter for the working class, on the debate stage and it probably boosted her in the eyes of the anti-Trump voters quite a lot.
She should do well in the caucuses.
Bernie has some surprising negatives tonight, including Ceres opposite his Chiron.

(trine and sextile) her Moon.

I meant to say thank you to Nancy for opening up another thread. Thank you, Starlight.

I don’t know if anyone watches or knows, Victoria Scerbo.. but I think I just want to share this video. She does Kabbalah, numerology, astrology and tarot. This is a tarot reading and I’m going to share this link for anyone who may be interested.


Thank You Starlight. We appreciate all that you do.

It occurs to me our discussion about whether E. Warren is another Adlai Stevenson ignored one very important fact. Were she our nominee, she would not be running against Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Had AS run against a generic R in the 50’s instead of a war hero, he might have actually won. Trump is no war hero, and is extremely vulnerable if we pinpoint his weaker spots and hit them hard.


Don’t let that Terrible Dirigible take your happiness from you; he’s not worth it. We’re all in this together and everything eventually changes.

Enjoy your sabbatical – but not for too long.

There is one astrological constant that remains throughout this year, and that is activity on or around 21-24 Capricorn, where in January transiting Saturn and Pluto and a few of their friends gathered to commemorate the start of their new multi-decade cycle.

Capricorn is an earth sign dealing with serious reality. Another earth sign, Taurus, was the sign from which Jupiter and Saturn began their present cycle in 2000 that will end this December. These 2 planets have spent almost 2 decades preparing the world for this year’s new Saturn-Pluto cycle which would trine their start point. This is true for the entire planet.

These 2 cycles, Saturn-Pluto and Saturn-Jupiter are dealing with earth issues, reality issues, not the least of which is climate change/global warming. Nobody enjoys dealing with the constant barrage of serious problems/threats that require intense focus and sacrifice and hard work, but that’s what these 2 cycles are about.

When Saturn and Jupiter began their cycle in the Spring of 2000 at 22+ Taurus they were squared by Uranus in Aquarius, and Uranus is about unexpected change, and modern technology, and breakthroughs in things ruled by Saturn.

For the US, that started in 2001, when airplanes crashed into the NY City Twin Towers. Change in our idea of being safe was put into motion. Uranus energy is known to be unemotional in its delivery.

However, the US natal Neptune in Virgo was trine the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that was squared by Uranus, and Neptune delivers emotion in spades. Even 18+ years later, the memory of that attack on the US is vivid for the US people 30 years old and older. A lot changed for the US after that.

This January, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which trined the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus (that was trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo) was also trine US natal Neptune. I think, unconsciously, we in the US are just waiting for another assault of some kind.

In fact, these 2 cycles, both involving Saturn, are, I suspect, purposely engaging the use of the US natal Neptune to further push the agendas of these cycles. Neptune in all its guises eases the bluntness of Saturn’s reality. Be it through drugs or entertainment or prayer, Neptune is a coping device.

For many in the US, Donald Trump is entertainment, an escape from reality, especially the reality of changing societal norms and the erosion of earth resources. But, the beat goes on.

Now reality (Saturn) is teamed up with Pluto which is merciless (or so it appears). Now the US Neptune is blurring the edges between truth and lies and that isn’t so humorous. Now we are in a cycle that is weeding out those who can’t accept the new reality, and they will follow Trump the leader of lies over the cliff.

Neptune’s purpose in blurring boundaries at this period in time, at least the purpose of the US Neptune, is IMO, to break down divisiveness that is so prevalent in our country. As transiting Neptune closes in on the opposition to US Neptune, which will be 5 exact times by my count, there will be opportunities to bridge differences, possibly through crisis moments.

Though the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends just before Christmas this year, we still have 10 months of the grand trine energy between US Neptune and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle and the Saturn-Pluto cycle to work across the self-imposed divides among the people in the US, and this Democratic Party can lead the way by coming to terms over who will be the choice for our candidate for US President.

Or it could be a financial crisis or a weather-related crisis, or something unimaginable that will break down the barriers between us.

Barbk, hopeful, in a scary way. It’s true that crises bring people together and show them their common humanity. Scary to think of all those crises–probably climate/weather related. Thanks for the succinct and clear description of the forces at work.

Couldn’t it just be that enough news is brought to light about DT and his finances and double dealing that all but the brain-dead Trump supporters see the light and we become as one. That’s my hope and visualization.

When considering our choices for nominee and electability and who can go against Trump I think we should also consider that Trump is a media star and a master on stage and anyone we choose will pale next to him on stage. The only one who can compete with him for stage is another media star or someone with that kind of stature. We do not have that person. I feel strongly that our nominee shouldn’t debate Trump. He lies and will turn it into his own spectacle. We would be playing on his turf if we try. We could also screw the expectations and create other forums to get our message out. We don’t need to debate Trump on stage nor, should we try.

I think it is important to look for who can lead us and who can cobble together the strongest and most passionate coalition and whomever we choose, their VP pick will need to be someone with qualities and demographics that will balance out our main choice.

Flipping the Senate also needs to be a priority and our nominee’s coat tails or lack of them will play largely in helping to flip the Senate, as well as $$ contributions to help their campaigns.

I’m not optimistic that we can get rid of Trump but with the right leadership from our nominee and with enough monetary support for the campaigns of Senators in battleground states we can have a decent shot at flipping the Senate.

My hope and prayer is that whomever we choose, that even if they don’t get elected that they remain engaged and continue to lead and mobilize us.

We have strong national activist organizations and I think coordinated actions in concert with our nominee to launch mobilizations to fight Trumpism will get us out of our despair and express the power we have when we are unified, is how we can win in the longer term.

Eliseo, its true trump is not Eisenhower – but he has the full backing of Russia and other rogue nations who are actively assisting him in his reelection and the entire GOP has become willing enablers and Russia has chosen Bernie to be our nominee. It is looking very bleak.

Today is NV caucuses – if Bernie does well, I think the convention will split and as others have said, there will be 3 possible outcomes – Bernie is the nominee and we lose everything, Bloomberg is the nominee and Bernie does what he did in 16 which is nothing or they can decide on a third candidAte which everyone could get behind and that might be Warren or someone else.

Well, maybe Banks. if we can come to terms with the fact that none of our Dem Party candidates is the FDR we had hoped for (dreamed of) but is far, far better than Trump. and then rally behind him or her . . .

Maybe the world will look at the US and think, wow, they did it! They stopped the bleeding and the People saved their nation, proving that a government of the people, by the people and for the people can really work.

If enough of us can believe that truth, no matter how grim, is better than lies and that change is possibly something that can be survived . . things like racial equality for example, or not being dependent on fossil fuel, perhaps the truth about Trump will free us from fear of change.

It is true Chiro, a crisis can bring out the best in humans. We’re expanding consciously and if that scares some people it may take them longer to enjoy the benefits of evolution. In due time we will all get there; good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.

Good idea Frank, screw debating Trump; open other forums to get our message out.

I know you are all sick of my saying this, but BarbK is correct. We create what we believe. Energy follows thought. That’s a fact; not my opinion. We all have to stop the hand wringing and doom and gloom that’s being continuously posted here.
Try when you are out and about believing that you will find a good parking space. Really believe it and you will. And if you go thinking how hard it is to find a place to park and whine to yourself about it, you probably will have to park in the next county. It works if you believe it will.

Sorry Banks, deluded optimism is just not my cup of tea. I will continue to call’ em as I see ’em. I believe that is ultimately the greater service because it makes people more hard-nosed and clear-eyed about the danger of our times, and it is the only sure way to fortitude. The generation of World War II did not become heroes by wishing Hitler away.

On a very different matter, Ivanka and Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina are long-standing high-society friends and their friendship is not superficial. While Chelsea has disavowed her friendship with Ivanka, Georgina has not.


I agree wholeheartedly the Dem should not debate Trump, especially as I said in the previous thread if she is a woman. Remember how Trump got behind Hillary when they debated? It was as if he wanted her to feel she was being stalked, to throw her off by giving her the “willies.”

There is no way Trump will play fair during a debate. And as you so well pointed out, none of our Dem candidates have been TV or movie stars. The only Dem I know of who has the performance skills necessary to outdo Trump as a showman is Al Franken.

Andre, I suppose there’s no way to sugarcoat the specter of a second term for Donald Trump. But honestly, I was fine till I read your post about Michael O’Reilly predicting the outcome of the Democratic convention and the election, based on what happens after the convention. O’Reilly may be a good mundane astrologer–I seem to remember that he predicted Bush 43 to win in 2004–but frankly, his predictions make me wonder if he is related to Bill O’Reilly.

I know, it’s hard to look at the way things are now and not guess that 45 will be re-elected, along with everything it may mean about more righty judges, more domination by the conservative movement, Congress, and everything else it means for 2022 and beyond. It’s one thing to try to steel us for what we may be dealing with, but is there any way to contribute to this discussion without bumming everybody out?

The best can think of to tell you all is that four years ago, almost everyone was sure Hillary was going to win. If we were all wrong then, how would we not be wrong now?

Many astrologers skew their interpretation relative to their political bias. I can’t confirm this, but I’ve often heard that Michael O’Reilly, aka Wolfstar is a Libertarian Republican.

I see several reasons why so many astrologers got it wrong in 2016. Firstly, I think national charts reflect the will of the people, not the electoral college. Hillary as we all should recall won the popular vote by over 3 million votes.

Secondly, in looking at Mr. T’s chart we inadvertently assumed normal, tried and true indicators. But Mr. T does NOT have a normal personality, nor normal motivations.

Many assumed because his chart accurately showed him unhappy after election day, he would lose. Mr. T was indeed very unhappy in the first few hours after learning he had won the electoral college. Melania screamed uncontrollably, and cried her eyes out. Months before, after Melania begged him not to run, Mr. T assured her he could not possibly win, and that it was all merely a ploy to gain publicity for his brand. Now he was stuck. I think some part of him knew he was not up to the job. He was overwhelmed, and at first deeply morose.

Some 24 hours later Mr. T’s egoistic narcissism kicked in as he decided the presidency must have been his destiny. It must be God’s will!

I think we need remember to NOT interpret what we see in Mr. T’s chart the way we would normally. Up is down, and down is up with this man. It’s almost like reading tarot cards, but having to reverse allfew es the cards.

Furthermore, we don’t have much experience with an impending Pluto return followed some 4 years later by a Uranus return. Nor do we have any astrological experience with elections interfered with by foreign powers.

Suddenly, looking at the election day transits to the Sibly chart, plus the charts of the 2 major candidates running is not enough. Our electoral scenarios have vastly increased in complexity.

You know Andre, you’re right I’m sure the World War II generation didn’t become heroes by wishing Hitler away. But I bet they believed in themselves and that they would win against Hitler and they didn’t keep telling themselves that they were outnumbered, outsmarted and probably should start learning German because they didn’t have allied leaders and generals as clever as Hitler. That’s my bet.

Gina, I am not here to defend Michael O’Reilly, and I know he is a conservative astrologer, but I seem to recall he predicted Trump’s win in 2016. Besides, many pundits who know nothing of astrology see a similar outcome. To be an optimist this year is to be willfully blind to the astrology of coming months, particularly at the time of the Democratic Convention and on Election Day. Those aspects will be obviously much worse than the contested election of 2000. I strongly believe in being a steely-eyed realist who takes a long view and remains an optimist for 2024. A Pluto return means a near-death experience and rising from the ashes of destruction. It is not a time for frightened souls.

On a different but related subject, Trump’s MC is conjunct the star Algol (the same Arabic root for alcohol). This star is said to be the most violent, dangerous and unfortunate, a perverse Jupiter that causes constant mischief. A strong Algol placement brings very distinctive hair and facial features. It is prone to a sudden or violent death. It is said Arab military commanders in the Middle Ages would never fight without a strong Algol aspect. It is a dark or Death Star.


Seems Bernie will win NV. I do not see how a Sanders candidacy will lead to victory. It is why the Russians favor him to win the primaries. They believe trump will beat him handily and some of us at this site can remember 72.

Blessings every one;

Can any one here please explain to me why Sanders can not beat Trump?, all I have read about is that, without rhyme nor reason, what has Trump on Sanders!????, he is a social democrat most Americans have come along way understanding what it is to be a Social Democrat.

Don’t you?! also please explain why would a moderate do better in beating Trump than Sanders?

I am very actively involved in the Sanders campaign, so in reading your comments I grow cold,
I guess am not smart enough to understand your take on Sanders, or more disturbing to me wanting Biden instead?!!. can not be age, right? they are both very close in age!

Deeply disturbed!

Aglo, I hear your frustration.

I don’t think anyone but Sanders can win. Bernie has demonstrated especially today, the wide coalition he has built not just with enthusiastic young voters but in today’s caucus he lead in every category absolutely crushing it with the Hispanic vote. He has done exactly what he said he was going to do, he has expanded the pie, 51% of caucus participants today were 1st time voters.
The trumpsters are fired up and will show up on election day and if we don’t have a candidate that is going to bring out a committed and enthusiastic voter base, we can not win. Bernie is winning the 50 and younger vote across every demographic and no amount of fear mongering about “socialism” is going to sway those supporters and the vote blue no matter who democrats will vote for Bernie. I don’t see the alternative argument either.

Blessings to you too!
I’ve referred to myself as a Democratic Socialist since I was 12 years old. That was in 1963. So, I’m certainly not afraid of the “S” word. But I can’t count how many times I was beaten, sometimes pretty badly because of my political beliefs. This was especially true in the 1960’s when I advocated on behalf of the Civil Rights Movement. I was called a Communist, a “N#××*+ Lover”, and a number of other names too vile to repeat on this blog.
In the next few months I’ll likely be having surgery to end the pain from one of the injuries I sustained in those days. And so, I am haunted, even physically by the ghosts of those dark, albeit triumphant days.

Many on this blog are as old as am I, and some much older, all old enough to remember the many decades of the Cold War
and the fears it engendered. We are therefore acutely aware of the many still living who remain in angry ignorance, unaware that MLK was a Dem Socialist, and who strongly react against anything and anyone with the S label. When they hear the S word, they automatically think Communist. They don’t think of Norway or Denmark, but of Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR, and other repressive regimes.

The S word is not scary to most millennials, but to many older folks it is red, has a tail, horns, and wields a pitchfork. Yet, if you present Dem socialist policies and ideas to those same people, many will go for them if you present them one at a time.

Trump & his minions know how to appeal to those people. Video exists of Bernie & his bride in Moscow. The fear is the R’s will very professionally and successfully paint Bernie as a loathsome Communist and we will have another loss like 1972.

That fear of demonization might be right on target. Or it might be entirely wrong. Bernie supporters are passionate and motivated. But so are the many folks who are automatically enraged when they hear the S word. We have no way of knowing who would prevail.

IMHO, both Biden & Bernie are too old. Many, nevertheless see Biden as the safe choice. He’s a known quantity, regarded as steady and reliable. Many Dems hope to get the Independents as well as former R’s to vote against Trump and for the Dem, whomever that might be. The feeling is Bernie cant get those votes, but a more moderate candidate can.. Many find Trump so scary as to opt for what they believe, rightly or wrongly is the safest, surest way to defeat him. I.e. with a moderate.

I’m not sure who is correct. Both those who argue only Bernie can win, and those who maintain his nomination would be a guaranteed loss in November. Both sides make good points. Our political circumstances are so bizarre and extreme, they’ve got everyone pretty scared and confused. The desire to win has never been more intense. I’ve come to a tentative conclusion we cant really know for sure until we get there.

2nd person killed during one of the carnival parades that lead up to Mardi Gras here in NOLA. No violence involved, strictly accidents, both times tandem floats involved with a hitch between them. Really scary times. I’ve lived here 17 yrs and haven’t heard of anyone getting hurt in a parade (although last year someone in a car ran into a crowd and injured people).

Was it posted here yet that Clint Eastwood was interviewed by the WSJ and said he was disappointed in Trump and the best thing we could do was get Bloomberg in as president.

It is not surprising that with Neptune in Pisces a socialist candidate would emerge. Socialism itself was born the last time Neptune was in Pisces. Michael Wolfstar uses an 8 Scorpio US Ascendant. He believes that Uranus in Taurus opposite that Ascendant guarantees an unconventional candidate out of the mainstream.

The problem astrologically speaking is that the Pluto return and the Neptune semi-return have not yet run their course. They guarantee a continued downward slide and assault on American institutions in a toxic cloud of lies until the mid-terms in 2022. The Democratic circular firing squad is not helping. I am listening to Warren’s speech now; she is attacking Bloomberg much more than Trump.

If he were the nominee, Bernie could well the most effective campaigner against Trump and a much better candidate than McGovern in 1972 who lost 48 states. But I also read that Texas Democrats think that if Bernie is the Democratic nominee, they might as well go out of business. I do not believe young people like Aglo would vote for anyone other than Bernie, especially if Bernie has a plurality of delegates going into the convention, as he will almost certainly. As I have written before, the combination of Republican cheating and Democratic disunity will hand Trump a second term.

However, there is a silver lining. I believe voters will not trust Trump with complete power and they will elect Democratic majorities as counter-weights in both houses of Congress. And Trump will be greatly weakened because his and Russian cheating will be even more obvious than in 2016. But a wounded beast is more dangerous than ever before. The 2020-2022 period will be the most critical of all.

have not watched the whole thing, but the beginning made me chuckle. Samantha Bee interviews Paul Krugman on ‘Arguing with Zombies” – the line that made me laugh was Pauls comment “modern republican party has a knack for making the previous republican president look good”

Eliseo. Good post.

No one knows anything for sure but there are many reasons why so many think Bernie will lose against Trump. In a landslide.

It’s a known fact Republicans love to paint Dems as Socialists, well in Bernie’s case , Trump doesn’t even have to lie, he is a socialist, and that’s going to be painted as communism and radicalism and like it or not it is more older people to vote and that word is like a cancer on peoples minds. It’s brainwashed into the psyche of Americans , they think Venezuela not Denmark. The kind of oppo on Bernie that will come out will have beads spinning.

I know I have mentioned this before, but Dems really need to read Rick Wilson’s new book running against the devil where he gives them his advice on how to beat Trump, it is only the the electoral states that are going to make a difference.

I listen to all the never Trumper’s, and all Of these Republicans that are desperate to vote for a Democrat say that they though they will never vote for Trump, they will never ever vote for Bernie or Warren. Don’t people get it that this has to be a referendum on Trump, Trump needs to be beaten and the candidate who can best beat Trump must be the candidate chosen to ensure success Trump is drooling And praying that Bernie is the candidate, obviously Russia wants Sanders to be the candidate because they want Trump to win.

This is all being played out in front of our very eyes and Dems are making every single mistake. The average person who is not following us the way we all do just thinks The economy is ticking along and they will vote for the idiot that they know instead of the potential evil that they see socialism as being with Warren or Sanders. The stock market will freak out if it’s any of them. At the end of the day Trump will stay in power, I am really terrified. Do people not realize as well the billion Dollar campaign that is coming our way, were it not for Bloomberg and his hundreds of millions spent on brilliant ads against Trump, think of it , what are the Dems really doing on this end advertising wiS that has really been effective? Not one of them in the debate mentioned that Trump is pardoning the swamp, I think it is all very hopeless and frustrating. The never Trumpers with their Lincoln project also have been putting out great ads. IMO if Bloomberg has out his money behind a candidate like Biden Trump would for sure be beaten.

Instead it’s a total shitshow at present.


It may be a simple matter of mathematics and logic. It appears the Russians have effectively neutralized Biden as a viable presidential candidate. Now the word is out, the Russians are financially backing Sanders as the front runner. It seems Sanders has serious health problems and may not be totally transparent by his failure to reveal the full extent of his medical condition. Because of this Sanders will probably face stiff opposition leading into the Fall presidential campaign if he wins the nomination. It is being reported the Russians have calculated, Sanders will lose against Trump in his bid for the presidency.

The only saving grace, the one major factor the Russians are failing to take seriously…… They’re putting all their money on Trump who is a confirmed self-destructive, narcissistic psychopath. Regardless of whether Trump’s tax returns surface or not (somewhere down the road – June perhaps?), Trump being Trump will end up pardoning Roger Stone as a gut reaction against the “unfair sentence” Stone received, which will start the domino effect of William Barr resigning as AG. That action will effectively end the firewall of protection Trump has enjoyed till now. Astrological indicators as mentioned earlier point to mid to late March for this to potentially unfold. Trump is driven by selfish, self destructive interests. The American democratic system of checks and balances and the rule of law (truth) will ultimately prevail in the end.

In the Beltway, Sanders is perceived by many pols to be a hard-nosed, difficult-to-get-along-with fellow. Ne’er a person can ever accuse him of a lack of determination and hard work – but he’s not a particularly-talented politician when it comes to compromises and horse-trading. Moreover, the “socialist” label which he has worn unabashedly for decades is still a dangerous moniker in the hallowed halls and economists of free enterprise and capitalism. I believe Trump would be thrilled to run against Sanders – and he’ll probably take him apart in the campaign with “commie” and “red” innuendos.

I don’t have any aversion to Michael Bloomberg and he seems to be sporting to get under DT’s skin in the campaign. I would imagine if Bloomberg had someone like Stacey Abrams on his ticket, he’d have a decent shot at the presidential nod. If Trump’s tax filings are released before November, he might take a an ass-beating for being a fake-billionaire and tax cheat – and that could possible give the D ticket a big boost.

A dramatic slow-down in the economy and drop in the stock-market could also take plenty of T-rump’s adderall-fueled steam.

On the Nevada results — remember a lot of people attended early caucuses (like early voting) and had already caucused before the last debate.

Breakdowns of early caucus support for Elizabeth Warren and today’s caucus support show she gained a lot of support from the debate. She also raised $14 million since then, and she said before the debate that she’d invested in and built a lot of organization in the Super Tuesday states. So don’t count her out yet.

My state of South Carolina is next, next Saturday, and three days after that, Super Tuesday, where a third of the total delegates will be awarded.

We’ll have a much different race after Super Tuesday. Candidates who limp along until then will have to give up afterward. If we see a lot of consolidation, maybe our Bernie-Alternative will emerge.

I have no idea who will do well in SC. Steyer’s spent a fortune here on mailings and TV ads. If he did that in Nevada, too, and got less than 4% of the vote, I can’t imagine him doing well here, either.

We’ve had Bloomberg ads for a while now. Just a little bit of Warren ads. Lots of Bernie. Saw my first Mayor Pete commercial a few days ago — as an aside — him speaking directly to the camera, pointing out that he supports a Medicare option, but private insurance still available, because he thinks we should be able to choose. Simple. Direct. I thought it was really effective.

I’ve decided to vote for Elizabeth Warren. I think she’s very smart, I like that she’s a planner. She showed us in the debate that she’s a fighter, has such energy and optimism.

But after Trump got elected, I have to say I don’t think I know anything about who America wants or will elect as president.

Anyway — 11 days until Super Tuesday. We’ll have a much clearer picture of the Democratic race after that.

Will, I ditto everything you say.

Theresa, I like Warren too, but , like Sanders, she will ensure a Trump win imo.

The Pocahontas gene test thing was a disaster for her and Trump is going to milk it, sadly many of the voters here still find it hard to vote for a woman, men in particular and people find her tone annoying. She os very school teachery ……Its all terrible that it comes down to this, but it does. Sad, we are so unevolved.

If we got a celebrity like the Rock or Oprah, Dems would win for sure, I dont think it will be ever normal again, people and the media want entertainment

I hope I am wrong


Personally speaking, the democratic choices for 2020 to me are rather lack-luster and uninspiring. Whatever the case may be, regardless of who wins the Nov 2020 pres. elections, if Trump is forced to resign in the near term, I rather like the specter of having President Nancy Pelosi as our interim leader during. That would be truly inspiring and heart-warming. Hillary Clinton was robbed of the distinction of being elected the first woman US president. Having a woman sitting in the White House in the form of Nancy Pelosi, however short that may be, would be nothing less than dramatic karmic vindication.

Typo: The word “during” that follows the phrase “President Nancy Pelosi as our interim leader” was an accidental case of copy and paste.

whats in a name?
All the negative labeling absorbed over a generation or two – ‘socialist’ is still such a loaded word.

I think the anti trump voters who want to reach a wider audience would be well served to persuade Bernie to do a word switch from democratic socialist, to “Social Democrat”

Today’s New Moon at 4 Pisces 28 is noteworthy in that it squares the conjunction of Chiron and Uranus at 4 Sagittarius 10. At the time of that Chiron-Uranus conjunction, which started their present cycle, there was also a conjunction between Venus and the Sun at 9+ Sagittarius just 5 degrees away from Chiron and Uranus.

This would give an additional theme to the Chiron-Uranus cycle of Values (Venus) Consciousness (Sun) in addition to the theme of wounding/healing (Chiron) breakthroughs (Uranus) already embedded in this very long cycle.

Today’s New Moon then is charged with stimulating the energy of this Chiron-Uranus cycle. How that might happen is today’s New Moon chart (set in Washington DC) has retrograde Mercury at 9+ Pisces about to conjunct the Nessus (poisonous) at 8+ Pisces in the Chiron-Uranus chart. Putting Mercury retrograde with Nessus will produce poisonous words,

The US natal chart has Ceres at 8+ Pisces as well, and oddly, transiting Nessus was recently parked at 8+ Pisces for a couple of months as it stationed direct. (It is now at 10+ Pisces and conjunct the US natal Pisces so we are having a Nessus Return in the US!)

Combine Ceres (nurture and Nature) with Mercury and Nessus and you can get nurtured with poison words or you can get nature with poison winds.

Another aspect in the Chiron-Uranus conjunction chart was an opposition between Saturn and Pluto. Go figure!

That Saturn in the Chiron-Uranus chart was at 14+ Sagittarius (conjunct the Great Attractor, an irresistible come-hither force) and Pluto was at 14+ Gemini which was where Venus (values) was the last time it transited (occulted) the Sun in June 2012, which won’t happen again until 2117.

So the current Chiron-Uranus cycle has some symbolically powerful stuff it’s working on like a blast of value (Venus) consciousness (Sun) via its Pluto and an irresistible attraction (Great Attractor) via its Saturn which are opposed each other. This is what today’s New Moon is stirring up for us for a couple of weeks or maybe a whole month.

Of note is the fact that US Ceres at 8+ Pisces squares the US Uranus at 8+ Gemini, so the New Moon at 4+ Pisces today in its awakening of the Chiron-Uranus cycle (at 4+ Sagittarius), is like a chain reaction of awakened ancient grievances and fears that will involve some shocking (Uranus) words and thoughts (Gemini) that could lead to a breakthrough (US Uranus in Gemini).

And that is precisely what the Chiron-Uranus cycle is striving for.

By the way, Chiron and Uranus started their present cycle on December 1, 1898, and for about a decade the have been in a semisextile, about 30 degrees apart, working as a team. For example, Chiron is right now square Mars while Uranus is trine Mars. Mars in turn is sextile the New Moon and Mars is a little confused. Just who is it we are fighting it wants to know.

Banks and Gina, I appreciated your posts yesterday very much. Keep the faith.

Margaret and Helen

“Oh Dear Lord how do you win a revolution if you can’t do math. Most is the greatest number. Majority is more than half. You can have the most delegates and still not have most of the party behind you. 63% of Dems in Nevada didn’t want Bernie. That’s important. Because #math”


“They are proclaiming openly that the rules are gone, they will do what they want, the government will be turned against you if you stand against this president.
That is not a warning.
That is where we are.”


“Turkey’s despot, Erdogan, faced a criminal investigation in 2013/14. He called it a “deep state” plot and a “witch hunt.” He fired prosecutors, purged Turkey’s justice department, said it was all political, and then eventually shut it down. He got away with it. Sound familiar?”


I am not sure how the Astrology would play into my observation, but here goes. I have been wondering about the recently pardons that Trump granted, why these men, and the connection of course, they are criminals. A few days later, while walking on the beach it popped into my head that we are leaving in a Scooby Dooby or Gothem City World. You know, the world where all the criminals are unleashed into the city. Bingo, especially seems true about Rob Bagonovich, he would be the new Giulani mob character. Imo this makes sense, anyone else see this?

With all due respect, I believe you are wrong about E. Warren. I believe she can win against Trump.

In 2016 there was a movement to draft Senator Warren into running for president. No one had declared yet, but she knew Hillary intended to run and as we know, EW decided not to. Bernie would not have run if EW had. But as she declined to run, he jumped in to represent the progressive wing of the Dems. As their is a great deal of overlap between Bernie’s ideas and Elizabeth’s ideas, Bernie almost immediately picked up Elizabeth’s supporters.

Unlike Bernie, Elizabeth presents herself as “capitalist to the core.” She maintains she wants to fix, reform, and improve our capitalist system to make it work better for ALL of us, for everyone. That message if worked right, could be very sellable.

The average American has no idea what social democracy is, and a very distorted idea of what democratic socialism is. Nor do most Americans know there are several different types of socialism, and several different types of capitalism. They just “know” we are “capitalist” and believe that is good. (Actually, we have a mixed economy with a lot of socialism for the rich but not so much for the poor or middle class.) Improving a system people already believe in with a few specifics as to how it will help their families should be pretty appealing.

Right now, the two extremes with the Dems are represented by Bloomberg and Bernie.
Unfortunately, there are some Dems, Independents, and Never Trumper R’s who would vote for Bloomberg, but never for Bernie. Conversely, there are many, many more Bernie supporters who would never vote for Bloomberg, but would feel comfortable voting for Ms. Warren.

Biden has good support from African Americans, but appears to be fading. Bloomberg stumbled terribly in the last debate. And although most of us on this blog would be ok with a Gay president, many swing voters would not. The Black community is more culturally conservative and will also not vote for Mayor Pete. Furthermore, a Gay president would have to deal with heads of state in countries which prescribe the death penalty for homosexuality. Even were ALL Americans ready for a Gay president, the rest of the world is not.

Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg each have a good regional base, the midwest, but are lacking in national recognition. Bloomberg is principally NYC based. Only Biden, Bernie, and E. Warren have genuinely national profiles. But A. Klobuchar, Biden, and E. Warren are the least alienating to the most people.

IMHO, in all probability, if E. Warren were the Dem nominee, and especially if she chose a Black running mate, would pick up Bernie’s supporters, plus the moderates, and have a much better chance of getting the most votes across the board.

I know EW’s professorial manner is annoying to some. But none of our possible candidates are perfect. They all have pluses and minuses. But isn’t DJT far more annoying? And frankly, I see a goodly number of moderate Republican women voting for Warren to get that sexual predator freak out of the White House and into the jail house where he belongs.

IMHO, Elizabeth Warren is our best chance to win!

Eliso I agree

What you said makes some sense Eliseo, but do people really perceive her as that capitalistic? I probably am not listening closely enough but I put her and Bernie together in terms of policies, especially after hearing all of her anti-corporation talk. She is probably correct about much of what she says but I wish she would tone things down a bit (you don’t have to say “everything” you think) as she sounds revolutionary and aggressive.

Eliseo–well, there’s your vote for your state’s primary. And mine, if she’s still in the race in April when my state votes.

I know these days, we’re freaking out, based on what we think is good information. But a lot can happen in the next couple weeks, let alone a month.

Sharon–EW is coming at it from the standpoint of making capitalism work better for all of us, and not just the few. I perceive her as more willing to work with Congress to solve the quandary between M4A, which they won’t pass, and a public option and/or an expansion of Medicare that will keep the private system in business and still give us universal coverage. I get that it’s not what she’s saying now, and she’s not explaining how we’ll get there, but I think she’s more likely to get it done than Bernie.

She will also have to explain how she deal with climate change without disrupting the economy of oil-producing states like Louisiana and Texas. You can’t end offshore oil drilling. She has to stop saying that if she wants to any chance in Texas.

I get that Biden or Bloomberg may be a better bet for Louisiana in the primary. I don’t know if either of them would win the state in the general.

Eliseo. That was very interesting and i agree with much of what you say. For me personally , between Sanders and Warren , Warren is far more suited to be a good POTUS and i agree that if she picked an African American running mate that would help a lot.

However i listen to people who are business people talk about her and they genuinely feel she will ruin the American economy. I don’t agree but the perception Of her being anti-billionaire and all that is strong. They see her as socialist and that scares the hell out of them It’s greed and fear

I still think too she will not be able to take on Trump But sadly this is where we are. That’s why I made a joke about celebrity president, it just seems like so much has changed and norms are not norms anymore. A lot is falling apart. I agreed with whomever was it Andre said about the debates with Trump

People like my mum thrive on his ridiculous showmanship. So many people i know Still think that Trump is this great businessman instead of it being through the false lens of celebrity reality TV

Are you in Louisiana or Texas?
I’d really like to know what people think of Trump and company where you live.

Sanders’s win in Nevada on Saturday was so large and comprehensive that it raised the question of when, rather than whether, some of his rivals will drop out.



I so agree re: lackluster candidates for dems.
Alas, it is what it is.

“Hillary Clinton was robbed of the distinction of being elected the first woman US president. Having a woman sitting in the White House in the form of Nancy Pelosi, however short that may be, would be nothing less than dramatic karmic vindication.”

Oh, to dream! Yes!


“The Pocahontas gene test thing was a disaster for her and Trump is going to milk it….”

The Pocahontas moniker was/is a fatal wound for dear Elizabeth’s – shall we say zealous Native American alignment. Trump will push that sword into her deeper and deeper – and find new things to mock her about. The tactics of “taking the higher road” and being decent and honorable have failed abysmally with this horrid troll and his minions in the Senate and the WH. I do not pretend to have any solution or strategy that does not include Divine Intervention or an honest-to-goodness Uranian event to change the course of this roaring river of violent insanity. A sudden stroke, a massive myocardial infarction or a horridly aggressive disease might break the spell. Other than these, an honest-to-goodness Uranian “bolt out of the blue” disaster to the economy, stock market or health epidemic (God forbid for all of us!) might fell the Philistine Goliath.

I would imagine we will be living through a long, hot summer of formidable discontent.


I like Elizabeth very much; her indefatigable enthusiasm, positivity and intelligence. Should a Dem win, she would likely be assured a prominent cabinet position.

Eliseo, I live in Louisiana. My brother lives in Texas. I used to live in New Orleans, which is the blue dot in the red state. We did elect a Democrat for governor here. He is conservative, Catholic, and anti-choice, but he expanded Medicaid, and turned the state’s deficit into a surplus. In this past year’s election, he took 90 percent of the vote in New Orleans. and that was enough to re-elect him. So yeah, voters here are very conservative, but they sometimes do e lo elect Democrats. That said, a Democrat hasn’t won this state’s electoral votes since 1996. Bill Clinton won Louisiana twice, and his coattails helped elect moderate US Senators like Mary Landrieu and John Breaux.

This said, things have changed since Clinton was president, and Clintonistas are understandably alarmed, and don’t know what to do. They were successful at getting Bill Clinton elected, but Third Way governance has not adequately addressed the plight of those of us who still struggle in this economy, with debt, healthcare, and everyday living expenses, and wages that have not kept up. Republicans in Congress, and later, the White House, sure didn’t help with any of that either.

Ok, that’s my History in a Nutshell lesson for today. Speaking of which, I’ve read that the emphasis of Mercury in Retrograde is on the prefix re-. Redo, rewrite, review, rethink. In that spirit, I’m doing a little bit of reviewing and rethinking the things I think I know about history and politics. I’m calling it Everything We Think We Know about History/Politics is Half Right.

For me, it’s a reckoning of sorts of how we got to this point.

One thing I’m learning, from reading this blog–besides how little I know–is that I come from a place of absolutely hating reality TV. I didn’t like it in the 90s, and I can’t stand this reality show presidency we’re in. I don’t much care for the reality show campaigning either, in either party.

Alas, I’m seeing that I’m not like most people.

Gina, I think you are like more people than you realize — but you are surrounded by conservatives. They are not bad people but they do have a different orientation (I remember when you & I got together in NOLA by the way, and I didn’t know you had left — I’ll always admire your talent).

I think that the perception of EW is that she is very anti-corporation and banks, and not that she’ll be able to work with them. I don’t know if she can modify that perception or not.

Next Friday is SC’s primary and then Super Duper Tuesday. Let’s see how Warren and Biden do. At this time, I’m counting Pete and Amy out, although Pete is running much stronger than Amy. I don’t think Bloomberg will get very far either — waiting to find out.

A lot of folks have been asking me lately if America has ever been in such a crisis before and, if so, what people in the past did to save democracy.
The answer to the first question is yes, it has, three times, although only once was this bad. In the 1850s, the 1890s, and the 1920s, oligarchs took over the nation’s government, controlling the White House, Congress, and the courts.

In each era, it seemed like American democracy had been conquered by an oligarchy that was sucking wealth upward and had no interest in serving the needs of regular Americans. In 1860, elite slaveholders spread across the nation a system that would destroy the ability of poor white men to rise. In 1900, in the deadliest natural disaster in American history, a hurricane hit Galveston and killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people and did more than a billion dollars worth of damage in today’s money. But the partisan politicians in the city did not have the skills or the infrastructure either to clean up or to rebuild. And in 1929, the Republican experiment shattered in October when the Stock Market Crash set off the Great Depression, and the government had no solution but to wait it out. ”

Heather Cox Richardson

Whomever we choose will be laughed at, mocked, belittled, and be made to be feared as someone who will destroy America. Anyone human has characteristics that can be exploited and ridiculed. And we are now in a political struggle and culture war with a powerful authoritarian regime with access to vast sums of money and with enormous media influence.

I would just ask that take a lesson from the Trumpians and back our would be leader with as much unconditional support when things get bleak and ugly especially over silly things that get blown up, focused on and exaggerated, like Warren being mocked by Trump and called Pocahontas and not care what the other side may prattle on about.

Additionally, I really hope the Dems don’t get onto any stage with Trump because the stage and the media are his domain. He will lie and exaggerate and mock and even when those statements are later found to be false, they would already have made their impact. It would be like a paralegal being thrown into a courtroom with a savvy and well seasoned highly skilled attorney. We do not have to play by Trump’s or the Republican’s expectations and we can get our message out using alternative means.

Frank – all good points. Thank you.

Thank you, Sharon. And what Heather Cox said, and just about all of what Frank said.

Maybe it’s time to stop caring what the right thinks–we don’t know what will get their votes. They don’t seem to care what we think.

I’m not sure if I’m right about that. But I’m sure I’m at least half right.

You are 100% right!
You are batting a thousand.

‘Kiss Florida goodbye’: Voto Latino head warns Democrats of coming 2020 debacle
“Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Voto Latino CEO María Teresa Kumar said Democrats should not count on taking Florida’s 29 electoral votes in the upcoming 2020 presidential election if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the at the top of the ticket.
During a fairly contentious panel discussion on the viability of Sanders as a candidate due to self-identifying as a democratic socialist, Kumar claimed that would not play well Florida’s Latino community.”


Bravo Frank! The norms are not the norms anymore as Diana said; we can make up rules just as well as the Pubs and I say down with debates between Trump and the Dem candidate whomever it is.

I love astrology’s twists and turns that force us to not only think but to think like a detective thinks. For example the astrology of Super Tuesday has much to contemplate. For starters:

Transiting Huya (attention to details) at 12+ Sagittarius and on the US natal chart’s ascendant, will sextile transiting Ceres (ability to nurture) at 12+ Aquarius, and their sextile on Super Tuesday will form a Yod to the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer, forcing an uncomfortable situation for US Sun.

The US Sun must make adjustments due to the discomfort of being at the apex of a Yod with the transiting Huya (+ US asc) and transiting Ceres, and since transiting Mars (assertive, aggressive) at 11+ Capricorn opposes US Sun, it (Mars) will wind up holding all the energy of the Yod which has now become a Boomerang pattern.

Transiting Mars on Super Tuesday sextiles the transiting Sun at 13+ Pisces which is also trine the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer. What goes ’round comes ’round!

However, transiting Pisces Sun also T-squares the US natal chart’s Sagittarius ascendant (+ transiting Huya) and its Gemini descendant.

Don’t overthink that. Think about this: All the transiting major planets on Super Tuesday will be in the lower half (the personal half) of the US natal chart, EXCEPT Moon in Gemini which will be in the US natal chart’s 7th house of partners or open enemies. The top half of the chart is the public or social half. Moon symbolizes the People, and in Gemini it is divided.

Then there is the transiting North Node at 5+ Cancer which will conjunct the US natal Jupiter at 5+ Cancer, and Jupiter rules the US natal chart ascendant, and on Super Tuesday that’s where Huya is too. Huya will sextile Ceres remember?

You might say US natal Jupiter controls the day, Super Tuesday, and US Jupiter conjuncts US natal Venus, symbol of values, at 3+ Cancer and transiting Uranus (unexpected) at 3+ Taurus will be sextile US natal Venus. It’s like following a yellow brick road; you just don’t know for sure where it will lead.

I guess all I can say is that if Sanders should become the candidate – maybe now would be a good time to put it in neutral and coast for a while before you need to shift into reverse to support him. Because there’s a lot of hate here toward someone who has been totally solid for decades.

Many posts as the year progresses are increasingly passionate and gripping. I can’t imagine the intensity this summer or this fall.

Laura Willow, Pluto has always been associated with organized crime among other things. A Pluto return in Capricorn, added to a Uranus-Pluto square, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Pluto opposite the US Sun would logically bring a criminal and authoritarian government.

I would like to add something to yesterday’s thoughts when I wrote a leftist candidate is to be expected under Neptune in Pisces but that he could be thwarted because the Pluto return and the Neptune semi-return have not run their course.

Neptune will still be in Pisces in 2024 after the Pluto return and will then give its full measure and the full meaning of that transit before it enters Aries in 2025. It could then bring the most leftist President. In other words, even if Bernie loses this year, the American people may well regret it and he will open the way for another candidate from the Left in 2024 who may well succeed. AOC for President?

Do you know who was elected at the end of the last transit of Neptune in Pisces? Abraham Lincoln in 1860. I believe a similar figure will be elected in 2024.

But then comes the US Uranus return and it could take the form of a violent right-wing uprising against this left-wing president. Pisces is the sign of compassion and self-sacrifice and Neptune is its ruling planet. Lincoln was killed by a shot to the head after Neptune had entered Aries, which rules the head.

Finally, I think Bernie has made a bad choice of words by describing himself as a socialist. The commonly used term in Canada and Western Europe for a person with his policies would be social democrat, which is mainstream in those countries. Maybe that would have frightened less people in the US.

If I were an American citizen, I would vote for Bernie but I would not expect him to be nominated; if nominated, I would not expect him to win. And I would worry about his health.

I see socialist as a good word. And I voted for the candidate I want to see in the White House, irregardless of what the media or others site as “electability”. For what it’s worth, I think Trump is unbeatable, he will need to lose the election for any Democrat to win. So why not vote with your heart?


“…Pluto has always been associated with organized crime among other things. A Pluto return in Capricorn, added to a Uranus-Pluto square, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Pluto opposite the US Sun would logically bring a criminal and authoritarian government.”

That makes quite a bit of astro-logic. Solid interpretation.

Example of Bernie putting his foot in his mouth tonight on 60 Minutes: he condemned Putin and Kim Jong Un but said that it was unfair to say everything was bad about Castro’s Cuba. “Sanders’ comments drew push back online Sunday night, including from Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala of Florida who tweeted, ‘I’m hoping that in the future, Senator Sanders will take time to speak to some of my constituents before he decides to sing the praises of a murderous tyrant like Fidel Castro.’ ” And Shalala is a Democrat…

In the same interview, Bernie couldn’t say how he would pay for his programs: “And he was clearly impatient with Anderson Cooper’s questions, brushing them aside by saying he ‘can’t rattle off every nickel and dime.’ ” (from a Democratic Underground post)

I certainly don’t hate him, Matt M. I actually like and admire things about him although I’ve heard he hasn’t really pushed much legislation through. I am just trying to be objective and at least find a candidate who might have a chance of winning. As I’ve said here before, Republicans tried everything they could to dis Obama while he was running, painting him as a Socialist and as a Fascist. Nothing stuck. They were a little more successful after the ACA for various reasons. They may not have that problem with Bernie. I’m not ready to say that Trump is unbeatable.

Also from DU, someone posted a comment from a WA Post article:
“I hope the Dems do the one thing Trump’s 2016 campaign did that was very smart, imo…

Publish their ideal list of judges and Cabinet appointments.

The list should include inspiring, energizing Dem candidates who dropped out like…

Booker…Yang…Harris…Julian Castro…and — maybe eventually — Klobuchar…Buttegieg…Warren. (Too early to say.)

Options like Kamala Harris as Attorney General…Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of Commerce…you get the idea..

Yes…all this would have to be vetted, of course…

but I believe this 2016 Republican tactic would help re-unite — and galvanize — Dem voters.

Just a thought…”

You consistently make good sense. You combine your understanding of metaphor with good intuitive and reasoning skills.

I’m going DUH! Of course, Neptune in Pisces would bring us an Abraham Lincoln, not the FDR we’ve all been hoping for. And frankly, I don’t see how we will get through this bizarre era without some significant rebellion from the Right were we to elect another Lincoln. The Confederates overreacted profoundly to Lincoln’s election. I can certainly see, under current conditions any variety of or combination of corporatists and/or neo-confederates might do that again, although I suspect the form would be quite different.

If the next president is a Dem, he or she will undergo extraordinary stress. Fixing, repairing, and recreating our government after Trump has twisted, bent, and broken it will be the toughest job any president and congress has had to face in our lifetime.

I believe our world needs a good, honest, competent policeman to help maintain peace, order and trade, and prevent world war. Per the agreement of the Allies at the Bretton Woods conference in July of 1944, the USA fulfilled that role, albeit partially and imperfectly, from the end of WWII unto recent times. But we will be entirely unable to do so in coming years.

The domestic damage Trump will have done, (he’s obviously not done yet) will take our entire focus, energy and budget. We can’t and won’t be mediating peace agreements in the middle east, or anywhere else. Our troops will have been withdrawn from much of the world, and age old karmic tensions and conflicts will again manifest. Worldwide, there will be chaos from war, and from climate catastrophe.

I believe our times from now through the 30’s will progressively become far more exciting and dangerous.

Never having seen this before, I gleaned a deeper insight into Putin, Russia, and by extension the Trump playbook, from this older, long interview – it is one of several episodes of ‘The Putin Files’ from PBS Frontline 2017

Didnt see this posted earlier, if I missed it please excuse the repetition

Dont want to wish anyone difficulty, but this headline says it all “trumps harem showing strain”
Lets pray it means more chickens coming home to roost in donnys house soon

“Theresa May came to India in 2019. She lost Power.

Sirisena came to India in 2018. He lost Power.

Najib Razak came to India in 2017. He lost Power.

RW leaders are losing after meeting Modiji. Trump, it’s your turn in 2020. Welcome to India.”



The North Node in a birth chart symbolizes the path forward in one’s life, and Bernie Sanders natal North Node conjuncts the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

20 years ago there was a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn which symbolizes a period (20 years long) of social development, and people born 20 years ago have a conjunction in their birth charts between Jupiter and Saturn at or near 22 degrees of Taurus, and their natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction trines the US natal Neptune and Bernie Sanders’ natal North Node at 22+ Virgo.

In January there was a Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction at 22+ Capricorn that started a new cycle of major transformation on a societal level, and this conjunction trined those 20 year old people’s natal chart conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus that were trine the US natal Neptune and Bernie’s natal North Node in Virgo, thus creating a societal level grand trine of expanding consciousness.

Like all of us, Bernie is not perfect, but, like Trump, he is a tool of the Universe; a designated tool to forge a path toward change of a society’s ability to open its many sets of eyes and minds abilities to comprehend a better way, a more advanced way to live life and save the planet.

Rather than continue the knuckle-dragging mindset of Trumpsters, Bernie is shining a light onto a path to a better future for all, and the 20 year olds can see it and feel it and are eager to check it out.

It is easy, as we age, to settle in to routines that we have become familiar with that are not so challenging; that are even comfortable. It’s natural. Young people are looking for new and challenging and promising adventure, just like we were when we were 20 years old.

This new Saturn-Pluto + Ceres cycle (that trines the US Neptune and Bernie’s North Node) that trines the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the charts of the 20 year olds in the US is a powerful call to action. It is saying follow your instinct to change your societal formats that aren’t working for you.

This is not rocket science, this is how change happens.

Yes, Bernie deserves consideration by moderates. Vox, usually considered a voice of the DNC, has a great article about him right now by Matthew yglesias, that talks about how he has actually performed during his 40 years in Congress, and how un-revolutionary and pragmatic his actions have been.
Tonight’s debate will be important for Tom Steyer. He’s back on after getting a qualifying poll yesterday. The transits are good for tomorrow night: Northnode at 5 Cancer is on his Sun, with Mercury trining his Sun. His Mars is also getting “hits” from Uranus (square), Chiron (trine), Moon (trine at 9pm), and Cupido (square). Since he’s polling well, he will get some questions, at least. He is the only one talking about reparations, and making it central to his campaign.
The debate will be MC’d in part by BET and Twitter, so the emphasis will be on black voters.

Darnit. (Mercury is retrograde.) Not tonight’s debate. Tomorrow night’s debate.

NewsScope for February 24, 2020
By Michael Wolfstar

Bloomberg at a Divided Convention



I’m really glad to hear you are having that surgery for your arm, I hope it is successful for you and you are finally able to be rid of the pain.

I do understand the fear that is palpable about even the possibility of not winning this election. I think it is clear that their is a generational divide at work here. I am 53 and my experience is not that of those of you who are older than me, but I do remember growing up how the scary S word was perceived and only in my own adult learning realized the truth of those political terms. I understand what a tremendous dilemma is upon all of you who are so deeply torn about this primary and are quite frankly terrified about making the wrong choice. I just pray that people try to put their fear away for a moment and try to consider the possibility that the moment is now, the time is here and the courage is needed to take the leap. If it is of any help, both Denise Siegle and Linda G have both said, they believe Bernie can win.

Is it possible that Bernie wins in 2020 but not with the full congress and that is the strife you astrologers are seeing? And that in 2022 we take both houses of congress in the midterms and that is the true beginning of change? Then is 2024 either a reelection or the VP takes the presidency and we begin to see the major change that you have all been spelling out for a several years? Is that a possible scenario? Could you see that making sense?

Please take a moment to watch this video of Anand Giridharadas speaking with Joy Reid on MSNBC.. he is speaking to the older generational’s fear and it is honesty and sincere.


Elizabeth, you do propose a possible alternative scenario. If Bernie were elected, he would have a very rough time because of the Inaugural chart.

Although that is possible, I consider it unlikely, and even more so after reading barbk’s last post. She has given us the very important piece of information that Bernie’s North Node is conjunct US Neptune at 22 Virgo. That means his South Node, which is toxic, is at 22 Pisces and that Neptune is approaching a conjunction to that point this year and next. That is another bad indication. I see Bernie as Moses leading his people to the Promised Land but dying before he can enter it himself. Whatever happens, he will be revered after his death.

If the parallel with the 1860 election at the last degrees of Neptune in Pisces holds, one must remember that the results of the preceding 1856 campaign must have been discouraging for many abolitionists, who were already numerous and well-organized. They were the Bernie Bros of their time.

Thank You Elizabeth.
I’ll definitely watch that video.
And thank you for understanding the feelings of those of us who lived through the cold war.

When I was in elementary school in the 1950’s, every day at noon an air raid siren would loudly blare through the neighborhood. All of us in school were then obliged to immediately take cover, hiding our small bodies under our desks. Fear of nuclear war with the Soviet Union was just part of the air we breathed.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, I told my Dad that a classmate’s family had a fallout shelter. “Should we have a fallout shelter?” I said. He replied that our city was sufficiently important that we would take a direct missile hit, and therefore a fallout shelter would do us no good.

The subtext is obvious. The communist nations, who usually referred to themselves as socialist, wanted to kill us, to burn us up in hellish nuclear flames. For those raised in literalist, fundamentalist traditions the fear therefore was not just of death but resonated with their mythological misunderstanding, the Devil, the flames of Hell, eternal suffering.

I somehow knew intuitively from an early age we would never go to war with the Soviet Union. With all the reading I had done in philosophy, economics, politics, anthropology, and science fiction, it was far easier for me at age 12 to conclude Democratic Socialism was more humane than the version of capitalism we endure which foments greed, and turns humans against one another as predator and prey. I was lucky. Although culturally surrounded by them, I did not grow up as a Fundamentalist, nor was I encouraged to hate the Communists.

If Bernie is elected, I suspect many will react to him as did Southerners to Lincoln. In other words, they will overreact.

The January 20, 2017, Inauguration chart (Washington DC, 12 Noon) has Moon at 9+ Scorpio trine Neptune at 10+ Pisces, further explaining the Bernie Sanders popularity, what with his North Node conjunct US natal Neptune.

That Inauguration chart Moon-trine-Neptune aspect compounds the effect of the US natal Neptune in Virgo in a trine with the 2020 Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction in Capricorn (that was trine the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus).

As I see it, this is (for the United State) an exercise in right brain emotional and spiritual strength development, long overdue, to balance the over-emphasis on left brain mental strengths.

We have become lopsided, a peril in a 3-dimensional world that has leaned too far to the masculine (yang) side at the expense of the feminine (yin) side; aka the Patriarchy Influence.

In the chart for the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle the Sun (consciousness) at 7+ Gemini (conjunct US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini) was trine Neptune at 6+ Aquarius which was conjunct the US natal South Node and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect). This was also a signature aspect of becoming aware of the feeling senses.

I dare say we have all experienced depressed feelings to the point it has affected our thought processes since Trump (the elephant in the room) was declared US President in 2016. We have been humbled. How could our brains have failed us this badly we wonder. We were thrown into the water and we don’t know how to swim!

The trine in the 2017 Inauguration chart between Neptune in Pisces and Moon in Scorpio made a grand trine with the midpoint between US Jupiter and Sun in Cancer and we have now mastered the art of weeping uncontrollably since Trump took office. What’s logic got to do with it?

It is becoming obvious that it’s time to level the playing field; our inhibited yin nature has much to offer us in wisdom but society turns its back on such displays of feeling. We look at Trump’s display of childish feelings as madness, and it is his distorted (caged) emotional release that triggers his spiteful tweet rages. He is mirroring the imbalance between yin and yang through his overt hatred (fear) of women who see his weaknesses and mock him for it.

We all must learn to trust our feelings in order to expand our consciousness and reach a point of harmony within ourselves and our societies, or we are stuck in the world of Trump and his ilk forever.

I’m already seeing it. People are profoundly misunderstanding Bernie ‘s intentions. Warren Buffet is an intelligent man, but thinks Bernie intends to kill off capitalism completely.


Were he to have the power to do so, Bernie would not kill capitalism. He would alter it, modify it, humanize it, regulate it, abolish it’s most egregious cruelties, etc.

I’m particularly bemused Warren Buffet is against any kind of employee ownership. In an ideal and just world the time, skill, education, training, and energy workers invest would be at least equal to the monies financiers invest in a company or product. Workers would, like in Germany where it is common practice, elect representatives to serve on the company board.

More such misunderstanding and distortion will surely come. It’s just sad when it comes from a Democrat.

Elisabeth Grace points out today that transiting Neptune at 17 Pisces is now beginning to closely activate the US Mars-Neptune square. Mars is at 21 Gemini and Neptune at 22 Virgo in the July 4, 1776 chart. This brings an unhealthy idealization of matters associated with Mars: guns, sports, speed, sex appeal, male violence and competition of all kinds. The presence of Neptune means that Hollywood and glamour would over-emphasize these traits, and that drugs, alcohol, negative forms of religion and belief systems would be coping and denial mechanisms for the masses that are being lied to or indulging in self-deception. The oil industry would also be powerful to excess.

The natal Mars-Neptune square will be powerfully exacerbated by transiting Neptune’s exact aspects through 2021. The turning point will be 2022. The mid-terms that year will be critical and should bring the people back to a more sobering reality, a better grounded optimism, inspiration and the positive side of Neptune, which is social policy for the people. Bernie’s ideas will triumph even if he never becomes President.


Bernie made a mistake by saying last night on 60 Minutes that Castro’s Cuba wasn’t so bad. Having lived in Miami in the mid-70’s through 2003, I can testify that it was. This clip will be used in ads against him!

BarbK, I love it when you leave all of the astrology configurations aside and just give us your thoughts. What you wrote above is brilliant IMHO. Thank you.

I agree Banks, I was so overwhelmed by Barbk’s post I sent it to all my cohorts. It sums up precisely what these last four years have been like.

On another topic from Grace astrology:

I cannot believe people are not voting.

“The Nevada caucuses happened during Saturday’s all-day dead Moon void and Mercury retrograde. Translation: high probability of flakes, errors in thinking and communication; much ado about nothing. Not being astrologers, the media and rest of the Free World are freaking out over Bernie Sanders‘ resounding victory, if by “resounding,” one means 46% of 96,108 votes cast. Guess how many registered “active” Democrats there are in Nevada? 610,911 out of 1.6 million ACTIVE registered voters in all parties. Another 362K are not affiliated with any party, and another 200K in all parties are considered INACTIVE.

What we learn from this is that — true to the potential in Bernie Sanders’s horoscope at this time — noted in this forecast years ago — he is able to act with persuasive empowerment all through 2020. His supporters are showing up — which increased caucus participation by 21,000 (compared to 2016), but stilll…what’s the story with the 500,000 registered Democrats who did not participate? Are YOU registered to vote (find out here)? Will YOU vote in your state’s primary?


At 4:42 today, trump tweeted (right after the market close) that the coronavirus is very much under control. There are now 53 cases of coronavirus in the US. 39 of them were passengers on a cruise ship that were flown home to the US before their 14-day isolation was over. Their return was an order from political appointees and overrode the vehement objections of the CDC. I have to assume that these were all rich donors to the GOP or someone important to trump or his family.

Our government is not our government anymore.

Although I have become much more receptive to the idea of Bernie, he does have some things going on now, and for the last few years, that make him seem like he wants to upset the apple cart. Most incredibly, Eris the disruptor, has been sitting on his Mars for about 3 years.
I remember when we astrologers first discovered Eris, what a discovery it was, and how we pondered its effects, and many were pretty sure during the last election that Trump, whose chart was directly affected by Eris transiting in good (sextile and trine) aspect to his Moon and Sun would make it easy for him to be disruptive. We didn’t realize how easy.
Would you say that Eris just sitting on, boring a hole into, Bernie’s Mars could say the same thing?
Now, he is a principled and good man, I am sure. He has high ideals. He feels for the common man. But I think because of those high ideals he has no problem overturning the apple cart.

Its one thing to beat trump, but how do we rid ourselves of corrosive holy rollers like the wife of Clarence Thomas, who is urging the purge?

Neptunian Politics parts 1 & 2, by raye robertson

As expected, the transit of Saturn conjunct US Pluto has brought over the past weeks what I have variously described as a consolidation of conservative power and Trump’s power grab following his acquittal in the Senate for which Republican senators will go down in infamy.

This transit peaked last Thursday when the Moon was in Capricorn. I thought it would turn on Stone’s sentencing which took place that day, but something more ominous also occurred, which was the appointment of a new acting Director of National Intelligence. this man, Richard Grenell, is a fanatical Trump loyalist who is completely unqualified. His first decision was to replace his no. 2, who was a respected CIA professional, and replace him with Devin Nunes’ former chief of staff. This was Trump’s takeover of the intelligence community.

It was prompted by a presentation to Congress about Russia’s involvement in the next election. This presentation was later said to be overly dramatic and that Russian involvement mainly meant support for Bernie Sanders, This is typical Neptunian deception. Trump learned of the presentation to Congress on February 12, when Pluto exactly opposed his Saturn, which would bring what to him would be bad news. There will be two other Pluto oppositions to his Saturn this year whose effects could be more pronounced and probably related to the first, one in late July- early August and one in November-December. Unfortunately, other aspects at those times make them even more disturbing and threatening.

There were many other disturbing news about the hollowing out of the American state and the breakdown of the rule of law during the Saturn transit. These will intensify in the summer at the time of the party conventions and right after the election in November.

Pluto will now oppose Trump’s Venus from March to June, which should bring a drop in popular support or an unfortunate turn of events, related to the coronavirus or some other matter. When Pluto stations on April 26, this opposition should intensify. It will also repeat in January 2021.

Chiro, I agree with your interpretation of Eris on Bernie’s Mars.

Boston Mother and Teen Daughter ‘Brutally Assaulted’ for Speaking Spanish by Two White Women, Lawyers Say

“I’m having nightmares. I’m afraid to take the train to work, and my family is afraid to speak Spanish in public,” the mother said.


Heather Cox Richardson on coronavirus.

“Last weekend, as I wrote here, the World Health Organization suggested that the window for containing the coronavirus was closing, but many scientists think the window has already closed.
And yet, the U.S. seems to be unprepared. In May 2018, under then-National Security Advisor John Bolton, the administration got rid of the official in charge of overseeing a U.S. response to a pandemic and disbanded the global health security team. Today Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli went on Twitter to ask people if they, too, were having trouble accessing the coronavirus map maintained by Johns Hopkins University. “Has the Johns Hopkins map of the coronavirus stopped working for other people, or just me?” Cuccinelli tweeted. “I just tried again, and it looks like Johns Hopkins put the information behind a membership wall of some kind. Seems like bad timing to stop helping the world with this (previously) useful resource. Here’s hoping it goes back up soon.”

Newspaper columnist Max Burbank shared the popular outrage: “Thanks for inspiring confidence. Shouldn’t YOU GUYS have a map of this? Shouldn’t the CDC? You know who they are, right? Isn’t there anyone in charge of response to this? Or did someone colossally stupid eliminate that position?”

Available as a free newsletter at heathercoxrichardson.substack.com

Thanks, Andre
At some point I’m going to do a list of all the candidates’ planets that are at 22 or 23 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, because its a long list, but I want to point out the tumult in the New York Stock Exchange in part because of the transits you have just been describing.
The NYSE has Jupiter at 22 Libra, by the way, but more relevant at the moment is the Saturn/Neptune opposition at 26/27 Aries and Libra. Transiting Saturn is now at the midpoint of that opposition, and headed toward the nadir or IC of the NYSE chart. It has happened often that when that opposition is triggered that there is a downturn in the market. Pluto is heading there, as we know (it’s at 24 Cap now and will retrograde so it will take a while to get there). It’s something to watch. Along with the transits that you, Andre, describe.

Oh No – the republican privatization god has a flaw???? Heavens! We didnt think of that!
“Cuccinelli tweeted. “I just tried again, and it looks like Johns Hopkins put the information behind a membership wall of some kind.”

I just read that they are thinking of canceling the Olympics. It makes sense. I just hope they don’t cancel the election!

I read that they have three months to watch the spread of the Coronavirus to decide whether to cancel the Olympics.

Could the virus be the thing that Trump & co. bungle so badly, he finally loses his base?

Sharon K: LOL. They better not cancel the election.

Sharon K, don’t joke, they might cancel or they might have it. If they do, look at what happened in Iran last week. They are dealing with a significant outbreak and in urban areas, the turnout was down over 20% but in rural areas, not so much. In the US, that would ensure trump and republicans significant victories – if the blue areas had significant lower turnouts.


Australia put into place its pandemic plan a month ago. The US? Nothing!


Oh, I missed the 3 mo part, Teresa. I only saw the sensationalist headline. That’s good. Let’s hope the vaccine starts being reproduced and distributed asap. It’s us oldsters that are more vulnerable…children not so much.

Eris is at 23 Cap in the NYSE chart. Eris can just be so quiet, hanging out forever in one spot, and you don’t think about it, but the current Eris is at 23 Aries, square that. The NYSE was founded in 1792. That took awhile. It’s first Eris square. And soon Pluto will go retrograde back to that point.
Pluto conjunct Eris, squared by transiting Eris. That sounds like a shakeup in the works, big time.
Pluto will be back at 23 Cap in July, during the Dem Convention, and in the first half of August.
If the economy is in meltdown, which happened in 2008, Bernie would be inevitable I think, empowered by his Mars at 23 Aries, and attracting crowds with Pluto at 22 Cap trine his North Node at 22 Virgo.

Trying to figure out what was going on with the US’ first Eris square. It was the early 1951, 1952 era, so that was McCarthyism and the “Red Scare.”
Eris was at 8 Aries, square the natal 8 Cap.
That was a scar that will never leave the US subconscious. The word socialism is still a trigger for a lot of people. Not the young people, but the Boomers for sure.

Young adults over 25-40+ know about socialism and there are those who don’t like it. They might be the one who are business oriented.

Tonight’s debate will test the Sunday, Feb. 23 New Moon that took place at 4 Pisces 28. There is an overarching theme of sacrifice in the air, but by whom? I sense it could be history, or the passing of the torch from the past to the future.

The Pisces New Moon was sextile Mars at 4+ Capricorn and this sextile forms a Yod with the US natal North Node at 6 Leo 30, suggesting the US North Node will be forced to adjust to the pressure coming from this New Moon and Mars, both quincunx the US North Node (NN), the symbol of the path forward.

Sanders’ natal Pluto at 5 Leo 04 conjuncts the US “path forward” NN, so Sanders will be feeling the pressure of the Yod tonight.

Transiting Chiron (learn through wounding) at 3+ Aries is trine the US natal NN and Bernie’s natal Pluto in Leo. So is the US natal Transpluto (the process of becoming whole) at 3+ Aries. The US Constitution birth chart has Pallas (the strategist, planner, warrior) at 6+ Leo conjunct the US natal NN and Bernie’s natal Pluto.

Something bigger than the Dems jousting for position is going on. This is progress trying to break through the status quo. The TV audience, especially the young. will see how difficult it is to break through decades of ideology, much like it was when Obamacare was first proposed.

The US natal South Node in Aquarius is opposite the US NN + Bernie’s Pluto and the Constitution’s Pallas in Leo, and the US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) is conjunct the US South Node at 6+ Aquarius. This isn’t just a Yod, oh no, it is a Boomerang!

In the still active Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart, Neptune at 6+ Aquarius is conjunct the US natal South Node + Pholus conjunction. It too is being activated, partly because of the sextile between last Sunday’s New Moon and Mars as outlined above, but also because the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start point is in a grand trine with the new Saturn-Pluto cycle start point, and the US natal Neptune which conjuncts Bernie Sanders’ natal North Node.

Grand trines are strong energy currents that are quite difficult to stop.

Of course we all are tired of the upheaval, but the fact is we are in a zeitgeist and, in the end, change is going to take place over our eventually dead bodies. It might just be fun to watch history in the making tonight.

Elizabeth Warren is really getting on my nerves. She doesn’t play by the rules and just talks without being recognized and doesn’t stop when her time is up. Is it just me or does anyone else get irked by this?

I have always been irked by her style…

Can someone please check out the potential for the current and ongoing transits to reflect the initiation, spreading, and handing of a pandemic in the U.S.? I don’t really know enough astrology.

I apologize if someone has addressed this already but I don’t recall that happening yet.

Sharon K, there is no chart for the entire planet. For a pandemic, the closest might be the chart of the World Health Organization, and I don’t have that. I believe it was founded under another Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 1948.

We do know pandemics are ruled by Neptune. In the case of the US, transiting Neptune at 17 Pisces is approaching a T-square with an opposition to US 1776 Neptune at 22 Virgo and a square to US Mars at 21 Gemini, which would affect the US military. I note this evening that the first US soldier in South Korea has been infected.

The T-square will be exact in 2021. If there is a pandemic in the US, it could be worse then.

One more thought on the pandemic. We have focused on this blog on the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the US. We can pull back and see that conjunction at 22 Capricorn square Eris at 23 Aries spreading chaos in the entire world political system. Certainly many countries were in profound political crisis before the coronavirus. Canada, where I live, has now been paralyzed for three weeks by numerous Native Canadian rail blockades that are challenging the authority of the state. Australia has been rocked by severe fires. Germany is challenged by a far-right neo-Nazi party, and so on in Brazil and many other places. Trump is not the only leader who is crazy.

The pandemic forces us to address the structure of the world political system as a whole.

Thank you, Andre. Yes, the planet will have to work together on this. Hopefully, although it spreads fast, they will not only contain it but immunize people against it. And, for the record, I didn’t ask about the whole planet — I asked about the U.S. 🙂

Sharon, how about a combination of Chiron and Neptune for starters? I don’t recall a rulership over disease but I don’t know much about medical astrology. Chiron has to do with suffering that can’t be healed (among other things) and Neptune can’t be contained (among other things).

Chiron and Neptune started a new cycle on Feb. 17, 2010 at 11:55 PM in Washington DC, at 26 Aquarius 14 and were conjunct US natal Pallas (strategist) conjunct US Moon (people) at 27+ Aquarius.

Right now trans Chiron and trans. Neptune are about 16-17 degrees apart. There is a series of minor planets that relate to the use of willpower which transcends physical limits. One of the aspects is called a vigintile of 18 degrees between planets.

At the time Neptune and Chiron were conjunct each other (and the US Moon-Pallas) Pluto was at 4+ Capricorn which is where Mars was in the New Moon chart 2 days ago. Mars was sextile that New Moon (4+ Pisces) which I wrote a comment about a couple of hours ago.

Off the top of my head, I think the Pisces New Moon has a connection with the Neptune-Chiron cycle (the NM Mars conjuncts the Chiron/Neptune’s Pluto). Both Mars and Pluto are scary. Chiron suggests something needing healing, Neptune suggests something without boundaries, and a minor aspect of 18 degrees suggests willpower that transcends limits.

Perhaps the threat of a killer pandemic scares us enough to unite us (disregard boundaries that separate us) against it with sheer willpower.

Yes. IMO, the main virtue of the Democrats is they are only half crazy. Everyone else is completely crazy.

RE: the coronavirus. I’m hearing it soon may not be safe for people to gather in large groups. That would include the R & Dem conventions. The disease could render either convention catastrophic for its party. Many party members might contract the virus and quite possibly die.

In addition to Trump hollowing out our government, we don’t need a disease killing our governors, legislators, congressmen, congresswomen, senators and other party faithful.

Considering Trump’s age and poor state of physical and mental health, as well as the age of most of the the Dems running, we don’t need a presidential nominee dying before the election. Talk about an October surprise!?!?!?!

It would be equally plausible for a nominee to die after having been elected president, but die before inauguration.
The Constitution does not provide for such a scenario.

Sharon K, sorry I misread you.

Eliseo, I believe if a President-elect dies before Inauguration, his VP would become President. If the VP dies as well, it would be the Speaker of the House. It’s impossible until it happens.

You are close, as that is the remedy for when a sitting president dies in office. I don’t believe the Constitution actually addresses the problem of a president-elect death, but it would be logical to follow the same custom.

What would really play havoc with the body politic would be the death of a presidential candidate before the election, but after the date in which it would be too late legally to change the names on the ballot.

Andre, no apologies necessary, and thanks, Barb…I will think about that.

Goodness – all kinds of scenarios are possible. We will end up living our lives online and you know how secure that is. You have to laugh at the dark humor of it all.

And it does strike those in the upper years (and most of our candidates are…)

I take Wellness Formula to build up my immune system…I think I posted the other day about that. It isn’t that expensive, as I remember, and can be purchased on line. I usually use Vitacost.com but there are others.

I’m not even going to conjecture about where the coronavirus may take us but it might be a good idea to curtail interaction with groups and crowds….and I can see here it could hurt the economy.

where, not here

Banks and ja, I meant to thank you on Tuesday morning for your kind words Monday night, but I got sidetracked and then I forgot! I’m sorry. I wanted to thank you both for your contributions too, we learn so much from each other and that’s one of the blessings of checking out Starlight News every day and sometimes multi times a day. You two made my day Tuesday. for sure 🙂

If this helps, the Aids epidemic was discovered in 1981 when the jupiter/saturn conjunction was in Libra. Mars rules fever and infection. Perhaps the virus will peak when Mars conjunction Saturn/Jupiter?

Andre “The pandemic forces us to address the structure of the world political system as a whole.”
Interesting comment!
Just yesterday the thought came to mind, ‘maybe the coronavirus will end up saving the world’

Cruise ship and travel companies are suddenly slashing prices, global merchants having trouble, etc. etc.
Mother nature will eventually shake us off like fleas if we allow imbalance to continue.

Last night in a response to Sharon re: Chiron-Neptune as they relate to the coronavirus, I said “there is a series of minor planets . .” when I should have said “minor aspects”. So sorry.

An Unsettling New Theory: There Is No Swing Voter

“Bitecofer, a 42-year-old professor at Christopher Newport University in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, was little known in the extremely online, extremely male-dominated world of political forecasting until November 2018. That’s when she nailed almost to the number the nature and size of the Democrats’ win in the House, even as other forecasters went wobbly in the race’s final days. Not only that, but she put out her forecast back in July, and then stuck by it while polling shifted throughout the summer and fall.

And today her model tells her the Democrats are a near lock for the presidency in 2020, and are likely to gain House seats and have a decent shot at retaking the Senate. If she’s right, we are now in a post-economy, post-incumbency, post record-while-in-office era of politics. Her analysis, as Bitecofer puts it with characteristic immodesty, amounts to nothing less than “flipping giant paradigms of electoral theory upside down.”



So the train wreck of a debate last night aside, something really concerning occurred to me.

I don’t think most Americans think of healthcare in terms of community health but rather personal health. For that reason I think the coronavirus has a very dangerous additional aspect to it here in the states. The fact that we don’t have a universal type healthcare insures that if it were to become widespread here, it is almost certain to not be able to be contained for the mere fact that so many people do not have access to healthcare, and I say access because even if they have insurance, doesn’t mean they can afford to be seen or treated. Don’t expect anyone to take it upon themselves to get tested, I understand the test is 3,000 dollars. The combination of the inability to isolate the virus due to these special circumstances has me deeply concerned about how disastrous this could become if it were to really take hold here in the states.

You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus
Most cases are not life-threatening, which is also what makes the virus a historic challenge to contain.

FEBRUARY 24, 2020



Barbk, a pandemic–worldwide epidemic–does have to include Neptune, but also Mercury, and Eris, widespread disruption, and Uranus, surprise and panic. “Only” 2.1% nationwide died in China who contracted the virus so far. It has spread widely because it doesn’t kill almost instantly as did SARS and MERS, from what I’ve read. So it is insidious because it is carried asymptomatically by many people. Travel goes with pandemic, so Mercury has to be involved, Neptune is part of the mystery in solving the riddle of what can be done to stop it. Chiron in this case isn’t about the disease, but the healers who have died from it, and there are several prominent people in that category already. You either die or get over it in 14 days, and it affects men more than women. I think Hygeia, the asteroid, may be a signifier, having to do with public health. Its very concerning. And it could be around for a year or more if a vaccine can’t be perfected sooner.
Elizabeth, I saw the same thing about the cost of getting tested ($3k), but I bet that will change almost immediately. We do have public health systems, even if we don’t have private ones.
I wonder if there’s a way to find a coronavirus chart. And maybe comparing it to the US chart would show its impact on us, potentially.


“For that reason I think the coronavirus has a very dangerous additional aspect to it here in the states. The fact that we don’t have a universal type healthcare insures that if it were to become widespread here, it is almost certain to not be able to be contained for the mere fact that so many people do not have access to healthcare, and I say access because even if they have insurance, doesn’t mean they can afford to be seen or treated.”

I don’t think are lack of universal healthcare will be problematic. Overall, the United States federal government has historically managed to galvanize quickly and efficiently to combat pandemics with vaccination programs that are provided free of charge at schools and other public venues. Many chain drugs stores now offer free influenza vaccinations to patrons (or at least very low fee).
We have deployed massive vaccination efforts in this country with successful outcomes for the better part of the last 70 years.

I believe it is better for us to adopt a posture of measured optimism about containing this novel virus.

COVID-19 was first identified Dec 1 2019 in Wuhan, China. I have 5pm, but that’s speculative. It does put Chiron, Eris, and Black Moon Lillith in the 10th, with Neptune just 2 degrees from the MC in the 9th.
Sun is at 8 Sag which is (as we know) opposite US Uranus at 8 Gemini. I will let others comment about how much this rings true, but we are seeing a panic.
In regard to the COVID-19 chart in comparison to the NYSE chart: Sedna is exactly to the minute conjunct the NYSE Sun, and if somebody else sees that as other than insidious please let me know. Pluto is square NYSE Jupiter. Chiron is square Pallas, and Uranus is sextile Hygeia. So this is changing people’s strategies and suddenly putting health in the limelight–which we could have guessed.

Marjorie Orr:

“A mishandled reaction in the USA (not beyond the bounds of possibility) plus a financial hit to the markets will impact on Trump’s chances of re-election if he’s still standing by then. The New York Stock Exchange chart is in serious meltdown from late this month on and off till late January 2021 with tr Neptune opposition the Mars.”


Ralfee Finn:

“For many, trying to manage the routines and requirements of daily life is exhausting. More than a few people I’ve talked to are wondering why they feel like they are being oppressed by an abusive parent, again. They are adults, free from the yoke of that abuse, yet unable to escape a sense of victimization. Of course not everyone is suffering, and for that I am truly grateful, because more than ever in this era of dislocation—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—it’s comforting to be reminded that joy is possible. On a personal level, much can be done to alleviate the impact of the stresses and strains of our global situation—meditation, creative projects, and immersing oneself in other joyful endeavors. The best way through the next several weeks would be finding your middle ground in the midst of this madness and holding fast to that equilibrium.”

Frank Bruni:

“Nobody really looked good, and that’s another big part of what spooked me. I was watching a political party devour itself. It was all so unpleasant — and so unflattering — that candidates took to commenting on how unpleasant and unflattering it was.

The debate wasn’t just scary but sad, because when the vitriol waned, there were glimpses of just how much more prudent and better prepared than Trump all of these candidates are. There were glimmers of just how much more serious than the Republican Party the Democratic Party is.

Asked about the threat of the coronavirus, the candidates spoke authoritatively and compellingly about the Trump administration’s missteps and America’s vulnerability. They discussed science, something with which Trump has barely any relationship. They mentioned international cooperation, something for which Trump has scant respect.”


On a personal note, I received a message from my Firefox navigator while writing on this blog this week. It said it had just blocked a social media trying to access my writing here. Has anybody else received a similar message?

Chiro, of course Eris, Chiron and Mercury would be involved in a modern planetary pandemic.The chart for the initial announcement by China would be a good place to start. Marjorie Orr appears to confirm the problems you see coming in the NYSE chart.

I went to the dentist last week as transiting Saturn was one degree away from my natal Chiron. The session was unusually painful. To my surprise, I was told I needed an extraction of a molar and the dentist offered to do it on the spot. I declined and rescheduled for a month later when Saturn will be one degree past natal Chiron.

I am prudent also because natal Chiron at 28 Capricorn is exactly square Neptune at 28 Libra. About 20 years ago, I had a near-death experience also on the dentist’s chair. While he was drilling, a vision appeared in my mind of a tunnel with an ascending staircase. I became aware that I could choose to go to a higher plane if I wished and that the outward cause of death would be cardiac arrest. I declined. This experience came back vividly during my appointment last week. It also had a strong mystical, non-Christian, aspect at a time I was deeply interested in Asian religions. I do not wish to share those unusual details here, but Eliseo, I would share them directly with you if you are interested as well as with any other person who posts regularly on this blog and whom I can identify.

Chiron is central in my chart. It is not only square Neptune, but sextile Mars at 27 Pisces and conjunct Mercury at 0 Aquarius. It is also exactly inconjunct the Moon at 28 Leo (Moon is conjunct Pluto at 26 Leo). Chiron is therefore at the base with Mars of a Yod, or Finger of God, with Moon-Pluto at the apex. Mars is at the apex of a second Yod, with the base being formed by Moon-Pluto and Neptune square Chiron.


“I believe it is better for us to adopt a posture of measured optimism about containing this novel virus.”

I agree. I wasn’t suggested I think that is what is going to happen, only that it concerns me that if the worst case scenario were to play out, that we are possibly in a different situation than other countries.

“the United States federal government has historically managed to galvanize quickly and efficiently to combat pandemics with vaccination programs that are provided free of charge at schools and other public venues.” – yes, if we were dealing with a competent government with people who knew what they were doing, I wouldn’t be as concerned.

– “As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic.”
“For the United States, the answers are especially worrying because the government has intentionally rendered itself incapable. In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure.”


Listen, I am hopeful that it will not turn into anything catastrophic, but if God forbid it did, I think we may be in some serious trouble.

Well, Andre, the fact that you could decline, and you wanted to, says many things. When Chiron is central to your chart, the symbolism implies you would either be a caretaker/healer or would need caretaking and healing as central to your life. Probably both. But it sounds like for you it is triggered by your dentist. What houses are these yods in?
Ja, I will check out the Marjorie Orr link. Thank you.
And Will, I read the article the Politico article. Very hopeful for us, so I hope its true. I had previously read the Atlantic article (Andrew Yang tweeted it).

coronavirus tracking

Thanks Kiwi for the above link.

Elizabeth: As you state, “– yes, if we were dealing with a competent government with people who knew what they were doing, I wouldn’t be as concerned.” Which is my concern also.

Bill Herbst on Bernie

Detailed Guesswork

Whether it is me or somebody else our astrological postings are just our opinions.

Lots of ideas, some theories, no solutions. How many here have the ability to change any of what happens in the national political scene of this country as a direct and immediate result of their action? When has anybody here ever done so? Not having that ability is the reason I don’t usually opine in descriptive detail about what is indicated to transpire or what to do as a solution for what aspects may portend – doing so seems to me to be a waste of time as it is nothing more than guesswork that will not be visited on anyone who will make decisions on those things.

My timing for January was right as it was for last July 25th and September 18th – though the results for tRump were the most serious of his term they were not as bad as I wanted them to be.

Current Events

NYSE stumbles Feb 24, 2020.

Corporate Birth: January 29, 1791 @ 10:05 hrs, N.Y.C.
First Exchange Trading start: September 1, 1791 @ 08:23 hrs, N.Y.C
Source: JohnTWB

NYSE – Natal Chart

May 17, 1792 NS (May 6, 1792 OS), 3:10 pm, LMT +4:56:02 New York, NY

Saturn 025°19′ – squared at 295°19′
Neptune 206°22′ – squared at 296°22′


Feb 24, 2020, 4 pm, EST +5:00 New York, NY

Pluto 296°09′. Less than 1° from being exactly square to natal Saturn and Neptune of the NYSE. Just 000°19′ of arc from being exactly opposite their midpoint. Bad day for the NYSE.

NYSE – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Feb 24 2020, 4 pm, EST +5:00

Progressed Saturn 024°25′ – Square the January 13th, 2020, Sun, Saturn, and Pluto stellium.

Coming attractions. Waiting for detailed guesses.

Which panic? Financial, health, or political? Or which 2 … or 3.
Indicator chart, not a timer.


What karma that trump dismantled the multi-year efforts Obama put into a pandemic response structure and because Obama did it, trump had to destroy it and now we are without a plan and without any leadership.

If you have not seen it, I urge everyone to watch Laurie Garrett. She is brilliant and has been talking about pandemics and public health for a long time. Both issues that trump has cut funding for.


Chiro, you’re right. A little bit of both. I forgot to mention natal Chiron opposes a tight Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer Cancer and the Sun is widely conjunct at 20 Cap. Houses involved are mainly the second and eighth.Transits of major planets in the 20-28 degree range of any cardinal sign, as is the case now, are always major turning points. Your blog name makes me think you’re a Chironian yourself.

The current transit of Mars through the end of March will really bring home the significance of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction square Eris not only for the US, but also for the entire world. Climate change is of course another tremendous and chaotic challenge to the world community. The current President of the United States is a major obstacle to humanity’s efforts to address these life-and-death problems.

Let us hope Giuliani is not advising Trump on this.


As a Chironian, i.e. a person with a strong Chiron emphasis in his chart, I find that US Chiron at 20 Aries is often overlooked. While the Saturn-Pluto conjunction square Eris is worldwide, only in the US is it square Chiron as well. This makes the ongoing government crisis more painful for many. In addition, there is an ongoing Chiron return for the next five years or so.

Fittingly, the last Chiron return was during Watergate. Even more fittingly, the return was completed in 1974, the year Nixon resigned. This time, the Chiron return will be completed in November 2024, which is another indication that is when the healing begins.

US Chiron is still near a conjunction with transiting Eris. It was exactly conjunct Eris on and off from 2001, also fittingly, to 2009, through Bush 43’s two terms and the Great Recession.

Regarding the Democratic race, I believe that by this time next week, after Super-Tuesday, there will be two, three at most, candidates left standing.

Buttigieg and Klobuchar are both talented, but they will find they have too little support outside the Midwest and the Northeast. If Warren loses her home state, she will be out. Steyer may have his best result with a third place in South Carolina, but a good businessman won’t keep throwing good money after bad. Biden may win a much closer race in that state than he expected, but he has no money to advertise in California or Texas, the two biggest states on Super-Tuesday. Gabbard is the zombie candidate, dead but straggling on.

I still think only Sanders and Bloomberg can make it to the finish. Neither of them, nor their base, will truly support the other which helps Trump greatly. Biden or Warren may hang on a bit longer but their chances are slim. Still, something else may happen.

Andre, it’s true that Chiron is still new enough that it is often overlooked. Where it seems to have been missed completely is that Trump’s Sun and Moon are trine and sextile the US Chiron almost exactly. It wasn’t the Russians that got him elected, at least not entirely. It was addressing the legitimate concerns of people who were “kicked to the side” in this economy, as Andrew Yang put it. Nobody likes to acknowledge it but he diagnosed the problem, but botched the solution badly. But the Dems haven’t really taken advantage of it by working to solve those problems. The fact that Andrew Yang has Chiron at the same place as the US Chart makes me think his solutions will be healing. We’ll see.
For now, I have just a glimmer of hope the Dems can win, but Bernie does have cross over appeal, meaning the same down and out folks (the broke vote) who voted for Trump might just vote for Bernie too. It’s the anti-establishment vote. And Bernie has Eris right on his Mars. Trump did have Eris trine and sextile his Sun and Moon (Sag and Gemini), but not so exact now. We’ll see.

You may of course email me re: your near death experience. I’ve had some profound mystical experiences in my lifetime, plus various visions of the future which came true, and a goodly number of psychic experiences. But I’ve never had a near death experience.

One of my more amusing experiences was under anesthesia during a colonoscopy and endoscopy. It seemed extraordinarily real! I was suddenly back in ancient Rome, walking through the streets, talking to vendors, and many pedestrians in flawless Latin. It was a sunny day filled with the odors of the streets, the aroma of the cooking, the sweat of slaves as they worked, and the horse and donkey droppings as the animals pulled their carts along. I very much enjoyed joking about with the Roman citizens and talking with them about their common concerns.

I reported this to my doctor who looked at me like I was totally nuts! I never asserted I had really gone back in time. I assumed it was a drug induced fantasy. But the doc was not amused. I suppose he thought I was the weirdest patient he had ever had. But wow did it seem absolutely real! I felt the Roman air and the sun upon my skin!

BTW, I don’t know Latin. I can read German and Greek slowly, but I’ve never really studied Latin.

Andre, that sounds like a past-life regression, honestly, which I think anybody can experience with the right circumstances, because all those past lives are archived in a part of our mind that isn’t accessible. And it is surprisingly common via hypnosis, but people don’t like to bring it up to anyone because they’ll be considered weird, as you were. Most astrologers accept the concept of an evolution of consciousness through many life times. It makes sense to me.

Andre, you might be interested in the 1st of 3 conjunctions between transiting Uranus and Eris, in which transiting Chiron played an important role.

That conjunction was on June 9, 2016, at 12:00 AM, and Uranus-Eris were at 23 Aries 10 which was square the US natal Mercury (think, communicate, commerce) at 24 Cancer 11 (+ Trump’s Saturn and Venus). Are we getting a picture here?

At that time transiting Chiron was at 25 Pisces 06 and trine the US natal Mercury, as was transiting Mars at 25 Scorpio 58 (retrograde); all in all, a grand trine. So, transiting Chiron was trine US Mercury as Uranus + Eris were square US Mercury; a kind of push-pull effect was being set in motion for the duration of the Uranus-Eris cycle (at least 80 years long).

Trans. Saturn was at 12+ Sagittarius retrograde at that time in June 2016, conjunct the US natal chart ascendant. Transiting Neptune at 12+ Pisces was square both trans. Saturn and the US natal chart ascendant, but trans Neptune was trine US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer too. More push-pull.

That was about the time the Republicans were deciding on their US Presidential nominee and the transiting Sun at 18+ Gemini and trans. Venus at 19+ Gemini were huddled together with Trump’s natal Uranus (17+ Gemini), Trump’s North Node (20+ Gemini) and his natal Sun (22+ Gemini).

The Moon in that first Uranus-Eris conjunction chart was at 11+ Leo, just past Trump’s natal Pluto at 10+ Leo.

Transiting Ceres + asteroid Photographica (get the picture?) on that day in June, 2016, were at 19+ Aries, conjunct US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries while asteroid Hygia (health) at 22+ Virgo was conjunct the US natal Neptune (which squares Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini, and US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini).

Then there was asteroid Circe (the Siren) at 16+ Taurus which was trine Pluto at 16+ Capricorn and the North Node at 16+ Virgo on the day trans. Uranus was first conjunct trans. Eris. Real (earth signs) transformation was underway with this Uranus-Eris conjunction.

And we wonder why we are feeling the earth move under our feet.

On Chiron, I think it is also neglected in relationship charts. I have the good fortune of having my wife’s Chiron exactly on my North Node. We have other compatible aspects, but I think it is one of the key ingredients of our marriage of over 35 years. I am also lucky in having my son’s Chiron on my Part of Fortune. They are both healing influences.

On past lives, I have met three people, my son and two women, I recognize as having met in past lives to the point I could describe at length the times we lived in and what we did there. In one case, I remembered two past lives. The connection with each of these persons is quite powerful and feels out of time.

I assume your comments about past life regression and the doc thinking I was weird were directed to me, although you seem to have addressed Andre?

Andre: Re. your comment, “Fittingly, the last Chiron return was during Watergate. Even more fittingly, the return was completed in 1974, the year Nixon resigned,” I just finished reading All the President’s Men by Bernstein and Woodward. After 46 years it still reads like a thriller and is packed full of stuff that now feels like deja vu. Except the orange haired wonder is just plain stupid compared to the Machiavellian crew that Nixon had around him. A new Nixon might even do a lot more damage than Trump. Are we lucky not to have a Nixon this time?

I remember many of the events of Watergate quite well because I lived in a household of TV news junkies even then. The book answers so many questions and leads to so many brand new questions about the same old topics in relation to events today.

It is amazing how much it feels like things have come full circle – lessons not learned by the American people, at least not well enough to prevent it happening again, but then ordinary Americans have never been lovers of history or geography, which is a pity for a country with such an important destiny in world affairs.

No country or person grows up without learning its place in the world and that takes perspective – one of many, not the only one! Our me-me-me culture today disregards history entirely, which only means the culture is prone to repeat it.

The Bernstein/Woodward book is not hard to find and Deep Throat is not the only fascinating thing about it – just a part. The movie is great too, but it’s not a touch on the real story detailed in the book. I’d forgotten the ending of the book was written just before Nixon resigned, so Nixon’s “I’m not a crook” comment missed getting into it.

If you haven’t read it, this is a great time to do it!

PS: Circe wasn’t a siren herself, but warned Odysseus about them.

Just so you know…..as I listen to E. Warren talk about health care, in Canada our health care plan does not go as far as covering glasses, dental, long-term care unless you are below a livable income. It does cover any other medical condition in its entirety. Our doctors are excellent, and the care is more than reasonably efficient.


““the United States federal government has historically managed to galvanize quickly and efficiently to combat pandemics with vaccination programs that are provided free of charge at schools and other public venues.” – yes, if we were dealing with a competent government with people who knew what they were doing, I wouldn’t be as concerned.

Touche – you have a valid point there.

Andre, responding to your comment above about who will be left standing after next Tuesday — what you’ve written sounds very plausible. I just wanted to mention, though, that CNN notes that Elizabeth said during her Town Hall tonight that, should no one get the majority of the delegates, she will go to the convention and keep fighting. The super delegates vote in the 2nd ballot, per new rules designed with Bernie after the fiasco in 2015. She said that she will follow these rules, written by Bernie, and keep fighting!

To add insult to injury, “The Trump Admin Says the Coronavirus Vaccine Might Not Be Affordable for All Americans”


What with how he has defunded and hollowed out our government emergency healthcare responders, I’m getting the feeling the coronavirus might become Mr. T’s Waterloo. Viruses are just nor very adept at listening to lies, spin, or coverup. Like Mr. T. they don’t care about anything but their own propagation. And if other organisms die, they might with irony say, “C est la vie.”

Mike Bloomberg’s momentum stalls in presidential polls ahead of Super Tuesday vote

Let’s Call It Trumpvirus

If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.

“I am surprised that Trump put Pence in charge of the coronavirus task force. I was expecting it to be Jared Kushner. He just solved the problem of peace in the Middle East, so now he’s got some time on his hands.”


saw this (sigh) will take more followup and testing.

Transiting Pluto at 24+ Capricorn is opposite US Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Core to the Pluto symbolism is death, and even when you add rebirth to that it is still scary. Core to Mercury symbolism is thinking and communication. US Mercury is pretty overwhelmed right now with Pluto’s influence.

Add to that, US Neptune at 22+ Virgo is trine transiting Pluto and sextile US natal Mercury. Neptune is about illusion and Virgo is about health and repairing what’s not in order. Put them altogether we see US Neptune is facilitating both transiting Pluto (fear of death) and US natal Mercury (talking, writing, listening, watching, reading).

Transiting Pluto is still in orb of a trine to the degree where Saturn and Pluto started their cycle (22+ Taurus) so that’s about society and specifically it’s values (Taurus), such as money and the stock exchange. So there’s fear of death of the stock exchange too.

Also, transiting Vesta (what we invest in) is at 22+ Taurus and conjunct the degree of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle start, and she too is trine US Neptune and transiting Pluto. This is how grand trines work, they overpower everything.

Because US Mercury is opposite transiting Pluto it becomes a Kite pattern and transiting Pluto becomes the focal point of the grand trine.

Try to remember this too will pass and don’t loose your footing in all the illusion; stay in reality.

Andre, your comments re: the candidates most likely to make it to July are interesting especially having just read NeptuneCafe Newscope predicting a divided convention between Sanders and Bloomberg.

(I still think only Sanders and Bloomberg can make it to the finish. Neither of them, nor their base, will truly support the other which helps Trump greatly.)


Barbk, you are right again. Pluto opposite Mercury in the US chart could mean grater deaths through transportation. Certainly, talk of death on a massive scale through mass communications.

Trump is already a germophobe,apparently. He hates shaking hands and washes hands frequently. This virus, and the falling stock market, may drive him even more crazy.

Chiro, there may be positive and negative Eris-type disruptors. I would call Bernie a positive disruptor, and Trump a negative one. The way out of Saturn-Pluto square Eris is to have a positive disruptor at the helm. But as long as the US Chiron return is not completed in 2024, it’s going to hurt many people.

Surprisingly, Neptune is often prominent in the charts of genius mathematicians. Neptune is usually associated with spirituality or mysticism, when it is positive. I guess the common denominator would be access to a form of knowledge higher than day-to-day rational thought.


I meant to write spirituality or intuition in the last post. Mercury retrograde.

“Japan shuts all schools to combat coronavirus
Source: Financial Times

Every school in Japan will shut from Monday in an unprecedented move that will affect 13m pupils and leave parents scrambling to find childcare as the country steps up its fight against the coronavirus.

Prime minister Shinzo Abe urged all schools to close — a de facto order from the central government — until the end of the spring break on April 8 in an attempt to reduce social contact and halt the spread of the virus.

The order brings Japan closer to total shutdown and will hit an economy already on the brink of recession as millions of parents are forced to take time off work to look after their children.

“We need to place top priority on the health and safety of our children, and take measures to stem the risk of many children and teachers becoming infected through gathering for long hours every day,” Mr Abe said after a meeting of the government’s antivirus task force on Thursday.”

Read more: https://www.ft.com/content/957bf9f6-594f-11ea-a528-dd0f971febbc

Eliseo, sorry about that. I did get confused about who was commenting on what.

I was so turned off by the debate the other night. I absolutely agree with “there has to be another way” I wonder if this is media’s pluto time?

“How fitting that Twitter — a social media platform apparently built for bickering — co-sponsored a political debate on Tuesday night that often descended into an unintelligible screaming match among too many candidates whose differences belie a vast common ground.”

This article is totally off topic but really intriguing to me – part of the new green wave perhaps?
Some plants thrive in toxic metallic soils and can be ‘phytomined’ for nickel etc needed in modern technology

All OK. We all get confused at times. I tend to err when I’m exceedingly tired.
I took your points seriously anyway.

this just out…..as Biden begins to regain in the polls. And Pence the anti-science guy is the virus czar?

“Ukraine launches criminal proceedings against former US Vice-President Joe Biden on allegations he pressured authorities into forcing the resignation of Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reports, quoting Shokin’s lawyer.”

I really don’t get why people think Bloomberg will do so well in the long-term. He’s another rich guy businessman, trying to buy his way into office.

I don’t see the broad appeal. Seems like Democrats wouldn’t want a rich guy, a big businessman. I know he has government experience, but he just got into the race. He doesn’t have the infrastructure in place that the other candidates do, and you need infrastructure to find your voters and get them to the polls. You need lots of volunteers working for you.

He’s TV ads, and they’re good ads. He goes right at Trump in a way we need to, but that’s his campaign. Money. Ads.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m in SC and we’ve been bombarded by Tom Steyer’s ads and money for months, but he’s only polling at about 15% here, where he invested so much.

Kiwi, I agree with you that the so-called debates should be done away with…..totally. I’ve been watching the Town Halls that CNN aired last night and on Monday night. Each candidate had a full hour. I learned a lot about the candidates. Last night Joe Biden did very well.
Unfortunately, the networks have had huge audiences for the last two debates so you know they are not going to give that up.

Well, your points on Bloomberg are well-taken, Teresa…and, watching the last debate, it seemed apparent to my husband & I that Warren cares more about taking Bloomberg down than Bernie, who is beating her…interesting.

I do think Bloomberg is viable but he joined too late. People haven’t had a chance to warm up to him (if they are open to doing so) before Super Tuesday.

One thing that separates both he and Steyer from Trump are the good things they have done with their money, especially Bloomberg.

This doesn’t meant that left of center Dems will go for them but I, personally, don’t think they (the billionaires) should be penalized at this time in history. Of course, Bloomberg is more of a moderate than a left-learning Dem, but moderates have appeal and he still will be more progressive. He has a lot of governing ability.

Here’s a youtube of Bloomberg at last night’s CNN town hall where he had a chance to be much more himself. Although labeled an aggressive New Yorker by some, as an Aquarius/Taurus, he really isn’t all that aggressive, but he has been right wing in the past. Jupiter will began lighting up his Aquarian planets in late 2020 and his Aquarian sense of social justice and fairness, I would think.

That being said, I’m still with Biden, I still like Amy & Pete but they won’t be our candidates, and I am wary of Liz & Bernie being our candidates, although very much see their indefatigable strengths. I saw a rendition of “Wonder Warren” that I’ll share with you https://twitter.com/The_Lady_Red/status/1232686720375652352/photo/1.

I see the biggest risk of this flu spread in usa is lack of testing, combined with reluctance to seek medical intervention by the non documented and non insured.

Sharon K, thanks so much for posting the YouTube of Bloomberg’s CNN town hall last night. His was the one I missed. So much better than seeing him stand behind a podium while Elizabeth Warren ” had at him” which I thought was needless and embarrassing. I am truly undecided. Bloomberg is presidential and would be ready to go from day 1. He’s very intelligent and knowledgeable and understands compromise and diplomacy. Bernie and Elizabeth would have a lot of selling to do to bring their base over to him.
Our primary is not until April 28th so it might be all over but the singing by then OR maybe not?

I’ve been annoyed for decades they have the temerity to call them “debates.” They are adversarial, but are NOT debates. I’ve been in actual debates. They have time honored rules which are not followed in our TV political melees.

These melees have descended into childish arguments, shallow in substance but deep in exaggeration, evasion, distortion, deception, prevarication and outright lies. Enough!

Theresa hill,
I believe what people think is so great about Bloomberg is that he has character and drive and inspires confidence that he could actually defeat Trump. Bloomberg has the right position on health care, climate change, taxes and gun control. Plus a proven record as Mayor of New York. I don’t agree that he is just another rich guy buying his way into the presidency. He is far more than that. Bloomberg has the skills and experience to be a very effective executive. That is how he built his fortune. And it was built honestly.

Ja, you said it much better than I. Thank you.

Thanks, and I agree Banks. I guess everything is happening according to the grand universal plan, though, free will included.

And Snopes says that, yes, the entire pandemic team was fired to cut costs! https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-fire-pandemic-team/

They will do their best to pick up the slack and look competent but, as Eliseo said, the collapse of the house of cards has begun, a la Kevin Spacey! I wonder if Melania will attempt to become president as Robin Wright did. Who knows what role she is playing behind the scenes as it is.

Ja, Bravo! I’m sharing! (Is that ok?)

I know a lot of people think it’s revolution time but it will be a hard fought one and we may not win. Rather than following my ideals and heart, human nature being what it is (both yang and yin), I would rather have someone who knows how to negotiate, who has experience and “character and drive and inspires confidence”. For me, Joe Biden was supposed to have been that guy, and I think Bloomberg would not have entered the race IF Biden was comfortably wearing that mantle.

I agree Ja. Money is first and foremost a tool, not a boogie man. It can be used wisely, or not; ethically, or not. I’ve known some really great very wealthy as well as great poor people. And wannabe monied fools, rich and poor, in my life.
Dems need to keep their undisciplined emotions in check and employ step on step logical strategies to fix this mess. I guess its the english ‘stiff upper lip in times of adversity’ in me.


This paragraph by Bill Herbst packs a punch. Thanks for posting the link to his piece.

“When in decline and approaching collapse, all empires go insane. Their societies
and cultures become increasingly crazy. As they fail, empires resort to more
egregious attempts to assert their power, taking risks that in earlier, more vital
phases of the same empire would have been regarded as foolhardy. The closer
to collapse, the more extreme these misadventures become. The empire not only
suffers defeats from its external enemies, it begins to eat its own citizens. This is
happening in America now. Our brief reign as the world’s superpower, not even a
single century in duration but spectacular nonetheless, is waning rapidly. And we
are going mad as it unravels. This madness isn’t something new. It emerges
from our own inner shadow that was previously kept, if not hidden, at least in
check by social cohesion. As coherence falters, however, the shadow erupts, like
volcanic magma breaking through a lava dome or pre-shocks to an earthquake.”

not to scare anyone, but here is a bbc clip on coronavirus comparative responses elsewhere, vs trumps tepid response, which includes silencing medical experts from giving usa updates

Pluto is now at 24 Cap and will remain there until early July. This is opposite Trump’s Venus. As expected, there has been an immediate decline of his wealth at the stock market and in popular support due to a sad and unfortunate turn of events. This period is just beginning.

Pluto will again be at 24 Cap in late December and in the first 3 weeks of January until the next Inauguration. Hopefully, he will be gone by then but I fear he will not and that his incompetence will bring greater disaster to his country and to the world.

Sharon K, I too was wondering about Warren’s reasons for not attacking Bernie and attacking Bloomie again. I found this and it makes more sense to me: https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/reason-elizabeth-warren-is-still-refusing-to-go-there/25648/

Pluto will be at 24 Cap opposite Trump’s Venus for the third time from mid-August 2021 to the end of November. That is unimaginable.

At the same time, it will be opposite US Mercury putting extreme pressure on American transportation and communication systems.

Barbk – heres the latest from Yang . . .

Honestly, I feel more and more like the coronavirus is what results in Trump’s downfall.

It won’t even be the actual # of human casualties so much as the panic and terror surrounding this outbreak and how it challenges the basic operating norms of our society.

People expect that our leaders take responsibility during a major crisis and resolve the situation back to normalcy, more or less so. When they totally drop the ball, the rose colored glasses come off, and people demand accountability for those who F-ed things up. Finger pointing and passing the buck doesn’t work when the prices paid are simply too massive to sweep under the rug.

I think of some of my Republican right-winger classmates I grew up with. People who I have since lost a great deal of respect for because of their uncritical acceptance of Trump to the point of insanity. As much as they have devolved into mouth-breathing idiocy, I can’t see them not turning on Trump with the quickness should the coronavirus grind their lives to a halt for an extended and costly period, or even claim the life of a loved one. There’s a point at which no amount of bs-spinning, rw-media fawning or blaming the Dems can shield him from the scrutiny and consequences that have been long overdue in hammering him to the wall.

He prides himself so much on biting reality. What becomes of him when at some inevitable point, reality bites back?

I just want to say how much I appreciate all you people and this website and Nancy, and because this has been a trying day – car battery died, was replaced, thrown way off schedule; that kind of day (Uranus square natal Mars kind of day), – I have a thought to share.

Sharon said something; “a lot of people think it’s revolution time”. I’m one of them but not because I am up for it but because that’s how I see the astrology and that’s the time we are in. Somebody’s gotta do it; revolution.

If it can be done with negotiating skills then praise the Lord, I’m all for it. It’s possible; Trump may be neutered by the time we get to pick a Dem candidate, and we could expect a reasonable amount of rationality to return to politics.

If not, if Trump has not been vanquished by election time, we need someone who is indefatigable. I have absolutely no reason to believe this could happen but I see a picture of – wait for it – Bernie for President and Elizabeth for VP . . .WAIT! It just came into my mind; that picture, it’s not something that is practical or possible probably. I just saw it, that’s all.

If a heart attack and non-stop campaigning hasn’t taken Bernie down by now, then he can stand up to Trump’s bullying tactics through November. If Bernie’s birth time is 12:27 PM (which I think is possible for reasons I won’t go into) he has 8+ Pisces on the IC (roots) and conjunct US natal Ceres, and transiting Ceres will be there too on December 20, 2020 (the US Ceres Return). US Uranus squares US Ceres.

Ceres plays an extremely big part in the new Saturn-Pluto cycle that began on January 12.

Bernie and Elizabeth are on the same page (progressive) and that’s at the heart of the revolution; drastic change. It’s been noted by several astrology buffs, pretty sure Bob is one of them, that the 2020 elected US president would be a one-termer only. For various reasons, I can see Bernie in that role for one term; he is the possible “breakthrough” guy.

Uranus, the breakthrough planet, is at 8+ Taurus on Election Day, 11/3/2020, and will sextile Bernie’s IC and US natal Ceres. Transiting Venus (values) on that day will be at 8+ Libra (but trine US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini!) at the apex of a Yod with trans. Uranus and Bernie’s IC + US Ceres. To me this looks like a shift in values will be happening.

On Election Day, and also at the Dem Convention (starts July 13) Jupiter and Pluto (21-23 Cap) will trine the US natal Neptune and Bernie’s North Node (22+ Virgo) and the waning cycle Jupiter-Saturn starting point (22+ Taurus). Grand trines carry a lot of persuasive energy. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle promised revolution and breakthroughs with its square between Uranus (+ US progressed Mercury) and Jupiter-Saturn.

Warren’s natal North Node conjuncts Bernie’s natal Mars, both at 23+ Aries, where transiting Eris (discord) is. Her Pallas (the Planner/Strategist) at 6+ Leo and Bernie’s natal Pluto at 5+ Leo conjunct the US natal North Node at 6+ Leo. Okay, shoot me down, but that’s the thought that came to me unexpectedly. Make of it what you will. 🙂

denise seigel has come up with a chart for the coronavirus

“Following in his predecessors’ footsteps, Trump slashed regulations, opened up resources to businessmen, and passed a huge tax cut for the wealthy, a tax cut which was supposed to stimulate investment in the economy and promote economic growth. In the midst of growing administration scandals, Trump banked on the fact that a strong economy would keep him in office for a second term and insisted that those opposing his administration, regardless of party, were hostile Democrats who wanted big government “socialism.”

Now, a virus from China is exposing the hollowness of a generation of relying on businessmen to manage our government. The administration’s response to the coronavirus has been shockingly bad. In 2018, it got rid of the government leadership for handling a pandemic, so we have no one in charge who is trained to handle such a crisis. Then, when the virus broke out, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention insisted on developing its own test, rather than using the guidelines established by the World Health Organization. Their test didn’t work, making health officials unable to test people in danger before they got sick. Then, over the advice of the CDC, administration officials decided to evacuate 14 infected patients who had been stranded on a cruise ship in Japan along with healthy travelers. We learned today from a whistleblower that, once landed in the U.S., workers came and went from the facility that housed the patients with no precautions. Now, we have our first case of the coronavirus that appears to have appeared here on its own, and it happened in the same place where these workers came and went (although it is too early to say if there is definitely a connection).”



“For various reasons, I can see Bernie in that role for one term; he is the possible “breakthrough” guy.”

– I’ve been waiting for months for someone to see this.. Denise Seigel said the same in this recent video. below. Barb, there was some news a while back where the Bernie’s campaign was looking at whether Elizabeth could serve as both VP and Treasury secretary. I want her in the cabinet badly if she is not on the ticket (in either spot) but I think there will be a push for the VP to be a younger person if the top of the ticket is in their 70’s.. just a thought.


Also this article was is a good read and makes the same point..


I also think the best chance we have is for Bernie to win it outright on the first ballot (I think he is the only one positioned to do that at this point) any other scenario will be a disaster in mho.

Interfax is all you need to know. As this has not been confirmed in the mainstream media, this is very likely Russian disinformation. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Until it is confirmed by other sources (other than right-leaning ones), this story is suspect and may be fake news.

Gina: what story are you referring to? Interfax?

I so appreciate this site and all your thoughtful comments. Astrology aside, this is the only site Ive found that attracts thoughtful, insightful and at times, amusing comments and you all offer support to each other when someone is going through hard times. It’s a nice community! Add in the astrology and I’m over the moon. Thank you Nancy and all of you!

Interfax is the Russian news agency. It’s not surprising that there would be one based in Ukraine, as Russia claims a portion of the country. It’s also not surprising that they would try to plant bogus stories about Joe Biden when it looks like he might win a primary. It seems so unnecessary, now that the damage has been done. But here we are.

which linked story are you referring to Gina?

Kiwi, It was this blurb, posted by Silcominc yesterday, 2/27, at 4:42 p.m. I don’t see a link but it will probably come up on a search engine.

“Ukraine launches criminal proceedings against former US Vice-President Joe Biden on allegations he pressured authorities into forcing the resignation of Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reports, quoting Shokin’s lawyer.”

SharonK, thanks for your comment about Melania, 27th, 9:32pm – “I wonder if Melania will attempt to become president as Robin Wright did. Who knows what role she is playing behind the scenes as it is.” It made me think more deeply about Melania – and who is she, really?

For some time, I too, have wondered what her true influence on the administration may be, or may become. Perhaps the coronavirus outbreak may finally give us some insight.

She has been singularly absent, in the background, so far in the administration – undoubtedly that is her choice. But, the coronavirus situation may develop into something serious enough that it may bring her to more prominence, perhaps in a role that resembles Diana, Princess of Wales. A person the “common people” can relate to, although it hardly seems likely that Melania would ever be open enough emotionally to be the princess of people’s hearts.

Melania was born on April 26, 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia (Wikipedia). She has natal Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Sun in Taurus, so she must be an extraordinarily practical person in spite of her glamourous image. She knows what money means. Her Venus is near Algol, too, which indicates the sort of calculating (or defiant?) persona she has shown with her fashion statements.

Her Jupiter inconjuncts (150′) the stellium in Taurus, as well as Mars at 5 Gemini, from Scorpio at 0’29”Rx, 0 being a critical degree. In addition, the same planets are opposed (180) by Neptune at 0’10”Rx Sagittarius.

Also, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, at 5 Libra, exactly trines Melania’s Mars at 5 Gemini and inconjuncts her Sun at 5 Taurus.

That is a lot of juice.

The close aspects are Mars/Venus one fork of the inconjunct aspect, and Sun on the other fork. The inconjunct aspect always acts with its partner on the other side of the angle (being 60 degrees apart). So, there is a potential to act in different directions at once, which may mean indecision, but potentially also deliberately showing 2 ‘faces’ to the self as well as the audience. It doesn’t necessarily mean dishonesty to the self, or others, but often in reality, the one fork of the inconjunct predominates. It does so until some contrary force focuses the energy on the other pole.

Melania’s chart certainly shows the reality of her conquest of American society and her acquisition of wealth. It is the other pole, the Sun’s leadership power that we haven’t seen in action. So we’ve seen the Mars and Venus side, and there is no doubt she has conquered economically and in her image, but as to her actual Sun influence, thus far it has been entirely behind the scenes.

When it comes to alternative courses of action, it is notable that Melania has Moon at 6 Capricorn (very practical, very strategic, and not particularly warm). Her Moon is in a T-square with Uranus in Libra and Ceres/Chiron in Aries. Could it be that the coronavirus situation may bring out the Ceres/Chiron side, as opposed to her undoubted impact as the elegant Libra fashion model 1st Lady?

If so, there is going to be some trouble to overcome that image and influence for Democrats, who simply could not compete for a Florence Nightingale figure (sorry, neither Elizabeth nor Amy cut it when it comes to touching the hearts of the poor and sick).

Melania might be able to pull it off by herself as a mother-of-the people figure if she decides to in a crisis. She could, thereby, be a very powerful symbol, who would help her husband tremendously with his image problem.

It is too early to tell about the coronavirus and there’s no saying what a woman who didn’t want to be 1st Lady in the first place will do, especially when she might be looking at the exit door every minute. If she helps out, it could mean 4 more years in the WH for her. Decisions, decisions.

What Melania does or does not do may make a big difference to the outcome in November. In the presidency until now, she has waved modestly, said nothing and dressed well. That’s all. Now, she could use her power in a health crisis for a legitimately good purpose (which nobody could argue with) and thereby fight for her husband’s position. Or, she may decide just as significantly to stay home except when necessary, and keep a low, but modestly supportive profile, and essentially wait out the crisis. Either way, she is not a lady who gets dragged anywhere against her will.

Bernie and Stacey Abrams. Warren at Treasury. Klobuchar at Justice. Or Harris. Biden at the State Department.

This is a video about the policies of the campaign of Mike Broihier for Senate in Kentucky. I hope he has a chance. He has brilliant things to say–many of which are in many ways the same as Andrew Yang’s policies.

After looking at Biden’s transits, and Bernie’s, for the South Carolina primary, I think Tom Steyer is the guy who is going to outperform. Biden has a lot of nostalgic relationships, and that’s pretty powerful. (Is that shown by Black Moon Lillith and Chiron trining his Ascendant?) But his transits aren’t as good as Steyer’s, who has Northnode transiting conjunct his Sun, and other supportive transits.

Gina, the story I posted was from a BBC twitter account. But it is possible that it was a phony bot account that mirrored the BBC. It is scary how much false information is out there and some times, they are quite good at making it look legit.

Thank you, Beowulfie. Very interesting analysis of Melanie’s chart. I have to spend a little more time reading your post.

The House Judiciary Committee launches an investigation into A-G Barr and the Justice Department.


Trump at his rally tonight in Charleston said the Coronavirus is a Democratic hoax.

People are going to die over that lie. Maybe a lot of people. And one thing he can’t lie his way out of are people dying. They’ll all be someone’s family, friend, coworker, etc.

Even knowing how horrible a person he is, the lie is stunningly selfish and evil.


Solid line up. Kamala would certainly rock as AG.

Bernie and Abrams would be quite the power Should Sanders get the Presidential nod, it is unlikely he would become a threat to free enterprise; any of his excesses would surely be curbed by the other legislative bodies. No doubt he would be a welcome change.

I like that too Arbo! And thank you Elizabeth for those links; much appreciated 🙂

Thanks to Linda the Comanche psychic (on her brand new tape) I have a better understanding of the role that Ceres plays in the Saturn/Pluto cycle that started on January 12th. She too was at 22+ Capricorn, and in a grand trine (with her bedmates Saturn and Pluto) with US natal Neptune in Virgo and the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn cycle start degree in Taurus.

In her Earth Mother (or Mother Earth) role she facilitates the mutual healing between Planet Earth and Humanity, according to Linda in the last portion of her tape. “Take your shoes off and walk in the grass” won’t work for many of us who are getting snow or have temps below 32 degrees outside. Not now anyway.

However, if you don’t already have a plethora of plants in your home, get some. I talk to my plants, most of them 15 to 20 years old, and it is a mutually beneficial experience I feel. Very calming.

Ceres, like all astrological symbols, has several ways of expressing her powers, both positive and negative. Seems logical enough to show a little love for Earth and she will reciprocate.

In the chart for the Mercury/Jupiter cycle that just started on January 2nd, Ceres at 18+ Capricorn was in a square with Juno (partner) at 17+ Libra (+ Trump’s Jupiter + US progressed Mars, etc.) who was trine Pandora (pandemic?) at 16+ Gemini rx and Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

This Mercury-Jupiter cycle message could be referencing the pandemonium caused by the coronavirus and the stock market. Ceres in this year long Mercury/Jupiter cycle was conjunct the degree where the present Neptune/Uranus cycle began in the 90’s, activating that outer planet cycle energy. Astrology is fun but it’s not child’s play.

I think Ceres is a big part of the transformation process. She’s leveling the playing field and breaking down barriers between rich and poor, black and white, men and women and more. That January Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 7+ Capricorn was conjunct the transiting South Node at 8+ Capricorn (what is ready to be discarded and no longer serves growth).

In the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart (which the 2020 Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction in January was trine), Ceres at 26+ Virgo (health) was trine the US natal Pluto at 27+ Capricorn. Does this mean the virus will “disappear” when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle ends this coming December?

This might be the best part. US Neptune at 22+ Virgo was the 3rd part of the grand trine with January 12th’s Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction at 22+ Capricorn and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000 at 22+ Taurus.

When Neptune was discovered by human beings (Sept. 24, 1846) it was at 25+ Aquarius as was the “get real” Saturn; just one degree from US natal Pallas at 26+ Aquarius who conjuncts US natal Moon (symbol of US people) at 27+ Aquarius. Another coincidence?

This conjunction (Neptune-Saturn) at Neptune’s discovery (1846) was sextile Pluto at 25+ Aries and the South Node at 28+ Aries.

That sextile between Neptune/Saturn and Pluto (at the time of Neptune’s discovery) formed a Yod with Mars at 25+ Virgo, and Mars was at the apex which meant it would have to adjust to the pressure it was getting from Neptune/Saturn and Pluto. That Mars was only 3 degrees away from US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. It was also just one degree away from Ceres in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart. Hmmm.

So, embedded in the Neptune symbolism there is a struggling Mars trying to adjust to uncomfortable circumstances, and our US natal Neptune carries a bit of that frustrated Mars, which, in turn, US Neptune brought into the functioning grand trine that was produced when Saturn and Pluto (and Ceres) came together on January 12.

It is that frustrated Mars (in the Neptune discovery chart), so close to US natal Neptune in Virgo and so close to Ceres in Virgo in the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn chart that gives impetus to the present scare to us (at least in the USA) human beings.

He, Mars in the Neptune discovery chart, is “acting out” and he’s using US Neptune and Ceres in the Jupiter-Saturn chart to get him out of his predicament. It should be over (this particular cycle anyway) by Christmas.

arbo and will, there’s a sextile between transiting Uranus (3+ Taurus) and Mercury (3+ Pisces) retrograde and their sextile forms a Yod with Bernie’s natal Juno (partner) at 3+ Libra and his Mercury (communicate) at 2+ Libra.

Transiting Chiron and transiting Black Moon Lilith at 3+ Aries oppose Bernie’s Juno and Mercury which makes the above Yod into a Boomerang. Bernie is uncomfortable with his Juno and Mercury at the apex of the Yod and his escape could come from transiting Chiron and Black Moon Lilith.

Could that represent the Coronavirus (Chiron) and women with grievances? Altogether this is a Boomerang and the power is in the hands of trans. Chiron and Black Moon Lilith for a week or so.

BarbK, your comment, “Astrology is fun but it’s not child’s play.” I can relate to that! In fact, the more I learn, the scarier it gets. Sometimes, it’s really nice to be wrong….

An Oregon school district notified parents tonight that a district employee at an elementary school has been diagnosed with the virus.

Easy to see how fast it may spread from here.

OMG, N. Korea shot the first identified corona virus victim. I’m speechless.


“Now, the question on many minds is this: will this new strain of flu decimate the planet? Is it really as dire as predicted by some sources? The astrological wisdom on this would be as follows. As a general principle, anything emerging or appearing with retrograde Mercury (such as a flu scare) is without a doubt going to be revisited, reviewed, reconsidered, and reconceptualized when Mercury goes direct. Simply stated, this means that much of the talk, worry, and agitation circulating during retrograde Mercury always turns out to have been unnecessary, because it is based on a distorted perception. The astrological wisdom would thus counsel to be still and not go mad with worry, for conditions will revert to a more normal tone very soon, when Mercury turns direct. Thus, the astrological wisdom would say: do not allow yourself to go into extreme levels of catastrophic thinking during retrograde Mercury, no matter how compelling the temptation to do so. Instead, know that much of what you are currently hearing will soon prove to be either false or greatly exaggerated, for it is based on faulty information or a somehow skewed analysis. Reduced into the simplest language, the reply from astrological wisdom would be that by March 9, 2020, when Mercury goes direct, the surrounding circumstances throughout the world will begin to settle down and normalize. The threat from the new strain of the flu will be seen to have proven nowhere near as monumental as is currently being entertained. By the end of March 2020 when transiting Mercury passes the degree in the zodiac at which it originally went retrograde in February, the outlook shall have cleared up dramatically. There is an end in sight for this particular worry, in other words. ”

From Starfire Messenger
Astrologer, Maureen Richmond


“Enhancing immunity through natural means is therefore a great idea now, and all the time. Nature’s sure-fire remedy in this regard is raw organic garlic, which can be consumed minced on foods or made into juices, smoothies, dressings, and creams. It’s got to be raw, as in uncooked, however, for the medicinal value. Many sources report that garlicin, the active chemical ingredient in raw garlic, has been proven to obliterate bacteria, viruses, and abnormal cells. In large daily doses, raw garlic has been known to reverse life-threatening conditions. It’s nature’s miracle worker, effective, inexpensive, and available over the grocery counter with no prescription – all good reasons to get right on the garlic wagon. Never you mind about the cloud of garlic aroma that will accompany you wherever you go, because no vampires will bother you, nor will anybody else. And you’ll feel strong and confident, with Mother Nature’s wonder worker supporting the natural immunity of the body.”

From Starfire Messenger
Astrologer, Maureen Richmond

What are man’s absolute first needs for survival? Food and water. They cannot be gotten from any system (thinking electronics) except the earth. The earth is Saturn. Thus Saturn is wealth. Until fairly recent times almost all great fortunes were birthed from land ownership. There is only so much of it – they don’t make anymore of it. The earth’s land is filling up with an ever growing human population and it’s needs for sustenance and shelter. Transiting Saturn is playing tag with transiting Pluto in space and various charts right now.

If all else is destroyed what will remain for humankind’s survival? The Sun and the earth.

Thank you, Frank, for your post. I completely concur!

Marjorie Orr:



“Nature’s sure-fire remedy in this regard is raw organic garlic, which can be consumed minced on foods or made into juices, smoothies, dressings, and creams. It’s got to be raw, as in uncooked, however, for the medicinal value. Many sources report that garlicin, the active chemical ingredient in raw garlic, has been proven to obliterate bacteria, viruses, and abnormal cells.”

Not true. It can boost immune and provide vitamin source but it is not a sure-fire remedy – not even close. Folk-remedy fables like this can prevent people from getting life-saving medicine in many cases.

I caught swine-flu in Los Angeles in 2009 and I can attest that I have never been as sick in my life; I was down-for-the-count for ten days – in bed – as were my housemates. I have never regained all of my mojo since then – it kicked my ass, my lungs, my head, my stomach and my immune system. I will do anything proven to reduce my chances of getting a flu. Even thinking about how I felt during those ten days makes me want to crawl back into bed and hide.

Sharon K – re: Korean flue patient shot;
unimaginable! As if.

I managed to write up another post. I think I have been avoiding the election, but recent events have given me other things to focus on.


Will: Thank you for your input. I am just trying to help. Hopefully, one will do all they can to boost their immune system and try natural alternatives along with traditional medicine. I for one will try the garlic if sick along with other meds — natural and traditional.

As predicted, the March 31st Mars/Saturn conjunction right on the 2017 US Inaugural charts Sun (0 Aquarius) is finally moving things along renewing hope in the American judicial system……

DOJ Turns Over Unredacted Mueller Report To Judge Who Questioned Barr’s ‘Credibility’

Washington Examiner
March 30th 9:40 pm

A federal judge who questioned Attorney General William Barr’s “credibility” received an unredacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Justice Department attorneys notified the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia of the transfer in a brief filing on Monday, noting it was in pursuance to two orders this month by District Court Judge Reggie Walton.



The following is a brief video analysis of this latest development…..

Judge Walton Receives The Unredacted Mueller Report After Concluding AG Barr Lacks Candor. What Now?


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