4th Jan, 2020

Thoughtless Escalation

Donald Trump’s reckless and thoughtless polices toward Iran since the beginning of his term have led directly to the escalating conflict we now find ourselves in. Pulling out of the Iran nuclear agreement and attempting to destroy Iran’s economy with severe sanctions, despite Iran’s full compliance with the terms of the deal, left Iran with no choice but to respond aggressively or risk humiliation. This expanding confrontation, an increasingly unstable and violent proxy war between the US and Iran, has now moved into a dangerously swelling spiral of aggression with the targeted assassination of Major General Qassim Suleimani and the dire consequences likely to ensue.

It is no surprise that the decision to charge forth on the latest chapter of this mad crusade came with the transit of Mars square to Trump’s Ascendant (29Leo55). Under this two-day transit on January 1 and 2, the Toddler-in-Chief’s chronic anger got ramped up into a full-blown tantrum. Whether it was sparked by the Iranian backed mobs attacking the US Embassy in Baghdad or a personally disparaging tweet from the leadership of Iran is unknown. But the resulting high-profile assassination has now caused a major conflagration, with the damage yet to be determined.

Most significant astrologically speaking, is that these events have come at the outset of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which runs from January 1 through January 15, suggesting that the consequences of this assassination of the second highest leader of a sovereign nation are likely to be quite grave, especially over the next two weeks. Significant triggers will unfold on the afternoon and early evening of January 3 (which brought another strike on Shiite militia in Iraq) as the Moon moves to square Saturn/Pluto, the afternoon and early evening of January 10 as the Moon moves into an opposition, and the from January 11 through January 14 as Mercury and then the Sun move into a conjunction with a very tight Saturn/Pluto conjunction. These few days in mid-January may be especially stressful.

With the burgeoning impeachment crisis already dogging the president and newly condemning information on that front revealed daily, the implications and aftermath of his impulsive and ill-thought out foreign policy are also likely to cause him serious trouble. Both Saturn and Pluto will be pressing hard in his birth chart, implying failure, frustration, and loss of support, from now at least through mid-February. 

Of interest in the US chart during this same period is the brief transit of Saturn opposite US Mercury from January 18 to January 24, followed by the protracted transit of Pluto to US Mercury from January 25 to June 26, repeating in December 2020.  This year will also bring the transit of Saturn to US Pluto (27Capricorn33), with the first crossing from February 14 to February 26. And again in late July, early August, and finally in November 2020.

In the US natal chart, Mercury (24Cancer12) is in the eighth house and Pluto (27Capricorn33) is in the second, with (according to some birth times) Pluto in a semisquare to the Ascendant (12Sagittarius50).   Although the second house/eighth house focus points to the potency of finance, investment, and hidden, overwhelmingly powerful wealth (Pluto in the second) in the life of the country, Pluto combined with Mercury, and especially if the added connection of the Ascendant is included, also points to the proclivity for conspiracy theories, suspicions and distrust in the intellectual (Mercury) environment of the country. With Saturn and Pluto impacting these planets in 2020, we will see stress not only in the financial sectors, but also a further uptick in dangerous conspiracy theories and suspicions. 

Moreover, Mercury represents transportation, communication, commerce, shipping, and trade, all of which will be particularly vulnerable when Saturn crosses US Mercury from January 18 to January 24. The Pluto transit to US Mercury also suggests potential struggle and difficulty in these areas from January 25 to February 29 and again from April 26 to June 26. The Pluto and Saturn transits of 2020 will be further discussed in future posts, but I wanted to bring them up here as January and February mark the beginning of this cycle of aspects. It is not impossible to imagine the initial manifestations of these aspects will include the direct result of the new escalation in the US/Iran conflict, set off heedlessly by the thoughtless aggression of Toddler Trump. It also seems unlikely that Trump will be able to successfully Wag the Dog with his latest scheming, since he will be blamed for all of the fall out of his actions (transit of Saturn to his Venus and transiting Pluto to his Saturn for much of 2020).


This situation feels so unstable. Hope this Wag the Dog scenario is uncovered, like the way it was coincidentally uncovered yesterday that Russia signed off on Trump’ Deutsch Bank loans.

Starlight, thank you as always. It is a privilege to read your writings.

LG, if that report in the Daily Kos about Trump’s loans being underwritten by a Russian bank is confirmed, this could bring him down at last, just in time for Bob’s prediction for the week of the 13th.

From the NYT’s:

“President Trump ordered the strike directly, prompted by the death of an American contractor on Dec. 27 in a rocket attack by Kataib Hezbollah, an Iranian-sponsored Iraqi Shia militia. Mr. Trump did not bother to consult congressional leaders. As with his other displays of martial fiat, his immediate impulse was probably to shock the liberal domestic audience, vicariously make himself feel tough, and assert raw executive power by going around the normal channels of decision making.

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had considered taking out General Suleimani but rejected it — not for lack of nerve, but for fear of undue escalation and an unnecessary war with Iran. The fundamental facts on the ground have not changed, and in the kind of robust interagency, national security decision-making process that the National Security Council staff is supposed to supervise, such concerns would have been systematically raised, dissected and discussed, and a consensus reached to inform presidential action. No such process seems to have occurred here.”


My moon is in Pisces and I had the most wonderful Mother..no problems.

I would urge you to check out Kim Carey’s latest on Intuitiview YouTube. She takes a very spiritual approach and has some very believable takes on the Iran situation and on the necessity of staying positive.

Thank you Nancy for your post, I think we are all on edge after the assassination and your insights help tremendously. I think the hits to US Mercury could also come in the form of cyber attacks and oil distribution disruptions, both of which would affect our economy, and the economy is the only thing propping up Trump.

Eric Francis:

“Our current Saturn-Pluto conjunction would not be nearly so interesting were the world not melting, burning, flooding, shaking and quaking — everything but keeping cool. By classical signification, the alignment of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has a touch of the apocalyptic to it. Saturn, which sounds a little like Satan, is aligning with underworld keeper Pluto, in a sign associated with endings. The eclipse of the Moon adds emphasis and helps open the portal (pay special attention Jan. 9 and 10).”


Given the planets, I think one of the big stories going forward will be that Trump lied about there being some kind of imminent threat that is any different than what has been happening for years.


Pentagon officials say that nothing had changed with Iran before Trump and the White House launched an attack and then claimed an imminent threat.

National security experts and even other officials at the Pentagon said they were unaware of anything drastically new about Iranian behavior in recent weeks; General Suleimani has been accused of prodding Shiite militias into attacking Americans for more than a decade.

The Pentagon is essentially saying that Trump is lying about the Iran threat.

In the digital age, governments including the US is NOT immune from cyber or other types of attacks and that is my fear.

The power grids, banks, stock market are very possibly impacted that can will cripple the US. Bombs are not needed to destroy us and to be feared in equal measures

Add this to article I impeachment: abuse of power illegal declaration of war powers. Piling is appropriate at this point.

And to all my virtual friends in the light who are suffering, circle hugs and positive outcomes are my wishes to you.

Frank, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is also squaring Iran’s Mercury. The cyberwar could go both ways.

The Dire Consequences of Trump’s Suleimani Decision
One thing is clear after the killing of Iran’s second most important official: Americans are not safer.

From Susan Rice


This latest You Tube by Kim Carey, posted above by Banks above, has very good information and is very balancing and calming. Thank you Banks, for posting it.


Thank You again for your expertise and fine writing!

I think it would be prudent for Tel Aviv to be on extra high alert on the night of January 12.

I think the assassination of Qalem Soleimani was a gambit by Trump to bury the surfacing news that his $100 million “loan” from Deutsche Bank was “underwritten” by the Russian Federation-owned Vneshtorgbank. Rotting Orange Traitor is wholly owned by Putin.


Thank you for your assessment and insights. L’ Efant Terrible’s attempts to deflect and deceive are painfully shameless and transparent. It would be difficult to even imagine that he has ripped open Pandora’s Box this time and we will all be quaking in the aftermath. We’ve all been watching this ass-hat lead us into chaos for months…as if these needs to happen to demand that U.S. karmic debt be uncovered and laid bare for the world to see in all of its foulness.

On another note; I work with a client who has been a high-profile trader in sophisticated financial instruments for years. He shared with me that most of the growthful, positive economic numbers are absolute garbage – and he has hard evidence which shows presently credit-card-debt and loan defaults at pre-Great Recession 2008 levels again. Of course I am taking this with the proverbial grain of salt as so many who speculate in the financial markets are superstitious and gambling types – but he’s brought this up for the last eight weeks to a view of being poised to “make a killing” buying on short sales toward the middle of this year.

So, how’s that Apocalypse coming, Mr. Universe?

Again, why Trump may have ordered the assassination of Soleimani:


“We wouldn’t be where we are today with threats in Iraq, threats to Americans, if it were not for… the reckless, shortsighted, and unnecessary decisions to throw away the nuclear deal.” – Iran deal negotiator Robert Malley


Nancy, great reporting as usual.

Jackson, I saw that DB info breaking on twitter. The Forensic News link that you provided crashed for a long time since so many were trying to see it. It is really worth a read! Great that you posted it here.

Geez, pardon all the typos – I think this medicine is kicking me arse.

Fyi, just noted in the New York Times that the time DT authorized the strike was at approx. 5pm Jan. 2, 2020 (presumably while he was in Florida).


“….The option that was eventually approved depended on who would greet General Suleimani at his expected arrival on Friday at Baghdad International Airport. If he was met by Iraqi government officials allied with Americans, one American official said, the strike would be called off. But the official said it was a “clean party,” meaning members of Kataib Hezbollah, including its leader, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Mr. Trump authorized the killing at about 5 p.m. on Thursday, officials said.”

This time has a lot of contacts to both US natal Sag. rising and Scorpio rising charts, as well as some to DT’s natal chart.

Thank you Nancy, I am most appreciative for this site and everyone that posts here.

Thank you Banks and Sharon Katz for sharing Kim Carey link.

President Trump Ordered Strike That Killed Top Iran Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Pentagon Says


“A senior Iraqi politician and a high-level security official confirmed to The Associated Press that Soleimani and al-Muhandis were among those killed in the attack shortly after midnight.”

Shortly after midnight in Baghdad was shortly after 4 pm, EST, in Florida.

Of interest? 0:18 on January 3 in Baghdad produces a chart with Sibly Sun on the MC and Sibly Saturn on the Asc.

Fwiw, Trump’s Twitter post was at 6:32pm Jan 2 (Washington) = 18:32 pm


Friday, 3 January – The Guardian has a note on a graphic in the above link, where it says:

“The US airstrike hit Suleimani’s vehicle on an access road at about 2am as he was leaving Baghdad airport…”

Baghdad time is 8 hours ahead of Washington/Florida time, thus the 2am strike in Baghdad was approx. 6pm (18:00pm) Washington time.

Thus, the strike was on Jan. 3 in Baghdad and on Jan 2 in Washington.

Taking the sun as the first house we see that the USA chart has Mars at 21 degrees of gemini in the 12th house, and Mercury at 24 degrees of Cancer in the 1st, the grand conjunction of the 12th of January and the later grand activation on the 21st of March by Jupiter and Mars happends opposite natal Mercury and quincunx natal Mars, if we take that Mercury represents all kinds of transportation and is the ruler of the 12th house where Mars is located, we can see here the transportation vehicles of his military might, Mercury is in Carcer that is a water sign and is the dispositor of natal Mars that is in the 12th house ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, natal Jupiter is also in Cancer, and neptune is in Virgo also ruled by Mercury, also Neptune is known as the king of the seas, so we have Pluto “death”, Saturn “time”, Mercury “comunication”, and the Sun “fire”, in January, and then Mars “war”, and Jupiter “huge”, impacting natal Mercury and natal Mars, impacting “Mercury” transportation vehicles that is on a water sign, that rules over the house that rules high seas, that is the dispositor of natal Mars which rules over the army, so we can say that the whole mess in Capricorn will hit the vehicles that transport the USA military might over the water and the high seas.

Saturn conjunct Pluto means for me that everything that has a begining has an end, and as I see it, maybe the era of the aircraft carriers or big naval warships is ending.

Btw, pardon my writing, its late and I don’t want to spend time with gramatics, and pardon my apocaliptic mind also, jajaja

LOL, Squallo, I think everybody has a bit of an apocalyptic mind right about now, but consider the below before you start waving ‘end of the world’ signs on the streets.

Setting aside the planet to planet aspects, I looked at the time DT approved the strike – it has some notable aspects to the 8 Scorpio Ascendant and the 16 Leo MC of the Sibly chart. At approx 5pm when DT gave the approval per the NYT article (the ‘birth’ of the strike), there is a T-square between the transiting Moon and the Moon’s Nodes. This for sure indicates that choices were made and seeing as it was the Moon, it’s fair to say that those choices were made for emotional reasons, primarily.

The T-square occurs between the transiting Moon at 8 Aries in the 5th house, square the Nodes in the 3rd/8th, in aspect to US natal Ceres at 8 Pisces in the 4th and natal Uranus at 8 Gemini in the 8th.

Since Uranus is square Ceres in the US chart (any US chart) and the Sibly Asc is at 8 Scorpio, it indicates that this should be a significant event for the nation as a whole.

Natal Uranus is inconjunct (150′) the Sibly Asc and Ceres is trine (130) the Asc. It’s not quite a divisive, either-or Yod, but having triggered this configuration in the natal chart, the T-square’s 8 degree aspects tie in with the 8 degree aspects of the natal chart, bringing (imo) objections, protests (Uranus) particularly from the females / mothers of the nation (Ceres).

Also using the Sibly chart, it is significant that the strike’s transiting Venus is on the natal chart’s Descendant (4th house/ home base) at 16 Aquarius, which is also in aspect to Neptune at 16 Pisces in the 4th. So, I would agree with Squally it’s a good guess that the strike will bring the Navy into play and it will affect ordinary folks too, especially (again) women.

On the other hand, if you look at the chart Nancy uses, 13 Sagittarius is rising and the US natal Sun (leadership) is at 13 Cancer, the sign that is ruled by the Moon (the people). The US natal Sun is inconjunct the Ascendant (150′), and is located in the 7th house of open enemies and partnerships. I have often wondered whether this awkward aspect between the US Sag. Asc and the US Sun shows the dicey relationship that exists between the nation as a whole and the ‘outsiders’ who influence the leadership. This is true historically, as well as now.

In any case, the strike’s Ascendant (birth) is conjunct the US Sun at 13 Cancer, which fits the event well because the US President initiated the strike. But the strike Asc/US Sun are inconjunct the US Ascendant, which means this is not going to sit very well with the people as a whole (the body politic).

Lastly, in the Sag. rising chart, transiting Chiron at 1’38 Aries, is conjunct the Descendant (IC) at 2 Aries (i.e. cusp of the 4th house, the homeland) and opposing the MC (leadership). This says to me that an ‘illness’ is going through the house of the people. It means more than one person, not just DT, is the problem. Chiron at the IC indicates (imo) the issue is more systemic.

Also, transiting Uranus at 2 Taurus is in the 5th house of speculation and children – the 5th is for investing in the future (and gambling). The Chiron and Uranus transits at 2 degrees are opposing the MC of the leadership of the country (10th house). Having both Uranus and Chiron in aspect to the MC does not give a sense of comfort and security.

In summary, both the US natal charts show this strike event as significant, despite the different angles. Either chart works, but just what it all means in practical reality remains to be seen.

A further note: transiting Mars at 29 Scorpio is not closely aspecting anything in these charts right now, which is probably a very good thing! But, the late degree of Mars says a phase is ending and a new phase is about to begin. It can involve more of the military when Mars moves from one sign to another, especially when it moves into Sagittarius. Sag. is the sign that rules foreign lands (9th house).

A little caution here: it doesn’t necessarily mean there is going to be a war! Don’t get into a panic. A chart cannot predict exactly what will be done, ever. A ‘big’ event includes all the charts of all the people that are involved. Keep yer cool!

One more thing to note: The Moon in the ‘birth of the strike’ chart (approx. 5pm, Jan. 2, when DT gave the approval per the NYT article), was square, or soon will square, all the planets in Capricorn in the 6th and 7th houses of the birth/event chart. Going through a list of multi-planets in a hard earth sign for a Moon in a fire sign is going to involve some discomfort, even conflict.

Also, it should be noted that Jupiter and Mercury in the event chart are conjunct at 7 Cap and Jupiter is in its ‘fall’ in Cap. Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. Therefore, Jupiter’s generous, expansive nature will be severely curtailed in this environment. Similarly, Mercury ruled by Saturn takes all the air out of the balloon. Spreading fake news will be a little harder and less optimistic for DT.

Looking at the event chart this way, means that the Moon has a long way to go before the chart has been ‘lived out’, when the Moon changes signs from Aries to Taurus (a la Horary charts).

The Moon was at 8 Aries when the strike was ordered and it won’t finish up with the planets in Capricorn until it gets to the last one, being Pluto at 22 degrees Cap.

(Note, the final contact might be Moon to Mars at 29 Scorpio, except that Mars will change signs before the Moon gets to 29 degrees – therefore Mars doesn’t count).

And here comes the kicker: 22 degrees Gemini happens to be the position of Donald Trump’s natal Sun. So, when this Moon has done its Capricorn trip, it will end up being inconjunct (150′) to DT’s Sun – not the best aspect for a relationship between the country and its President. Usually an inconjunct means the end of the connection.

The trouble with this kind of astrological guesswork is that you can’t tell the time span of a pseudo-horary chart like this. Even a proper horary chart needs a lot of client consultation to set the parameters, and in this situation consultation is impossible. To complicate matters more, the ‘life’ of the Moon can be days, weeks, months or even years in some cases.

For argument’s sake, let’s say 1 degree of Moon motion will equal a month. In which case, if the end point is Pluto at 22Cap27 (because it won’t move much), then the life of the Moon from -8Aries54 to the end could be approx. (22.5 – 9.0 =) 13.5 months. Which is pretty close to the next inauguration in 2021.

Based on such shaky “logic”, DT’s story as leader of the country might well be over by then. But, this is only a guess from one event chart, for which we don’t even have an exact start time. Can’t get too excited about ‘predictions’ like this, but it would appear that DT has done something now that will restrict (Capricorn) his prospects as a Presidential warrior. Let’s hope so!

“Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine, and the Illegal Murder of Soleimani

In one of the series of blatant lies the USA has told to justify the assassination of Soleimani, Mike Pompeo said that Soleimani was killed because he was planning “Imminent attacks” on US citizens. It is a careful choice of word. Pompeo is specifically referring to the Bethlehem Doctrine of Pre-Emptive Self Defence. Everyone is buying in to this line that Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.
Which Americans, when?
The overwhelming majority – over 90% – of Americans killed in Middle East related conflict or terrorism were killed by Sunnis, not Shia.”


Declarations of War: Qassem Soleimani
A Saturn-Pluto conjunction at a Capricorn full moon can also bring on coldly-calculating power-plays. It appears that the foolish murder of Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani by the US administration is one such ploy – deliberately designed to create fear, distraction and chaos. Saturn-Pluto is assisted by the ingress of Mars into Sagittarius, amplifying the degree of fanaticism and religious zealotry latent in Iran, but also the evangelical Christians running the White House.
The reason given that Soleimani is a “terrorist” is laughable, given that this general was one of the main people responsible for cleaning up ISIL in Syria and the region. Soleimani appears to have been be a person of great integrity and a true “hero” to his people:
“Soleimani helped … in its operations against ISIL and its offshoots … assisted in the command of combined Iraqi government and Shia militia forces that advanced against ISIL in 2014–2015.”
This event is a handy ploy for Trump to create a smokescreen for himself during impeachment proceedings, not unlike Bill Clinton about to be impeached and ordering an airstrike on Iraq in 1998. It is also convenient for Israel’s embattled PM Netanyahu, who whole-heartedly endorsed – if not “ordered” Trump to execute the drone strike. (“The tail that wags the dog.”)

from Esotericastrologer, Phillip Lindsay

Reporter on MSNBC stated Iran ruling govt asking for 80 million dollars to put a bounty on Donald Trump’s life.

Thanks Beowulfie, “.. the time DT authorized the strike was at approx. 5 PM, Jan. 2”, which was about 5 hours after the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (11:42 AM), including the Moon opposite Trump’s Neptune, which I did not include in yesterday’s comments.

That opposition between trans. Moon and Trump’s Neptune made a grand cross with the Mercury, Jupiter, South Node in Capricorn opposite the North Node (+ Trump’s Mercury) and US Jupiter in Cancer. All 4 corners of that cross are in Cardinal signs which imply action.

The chart for a grand cross between Uranus (13+ Aries) and Pluto (13+ Capricorn) and Mars (+ US Saturn + Trump’s Chiron) at 14+ Libra and Jupiter (+ US Sun) at 13+ Cancer, on April 21, 2014, had Venus at 17 Pisces 21 that squared Trump’s Uranus at 17 Gemini 53.

That Venus in the April 21, 2014 chart (1 of the 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto) was one degree from where transiting Neptune (16 Pisces 17) is in the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction chart that happened on January 2, 2020 at 11:42 AM in DC.

The ascendant of that Mercury-Jupiter conjunction chart that happened 3 days ago ALSO has 8+ Aries on the ascendant, opposite 8+ Libra on the descendant that formed a grand cross with that same South Node at 8+ Capricorn (conjunct Mercury and Jupiter at 7+ Cap) and the North Node at 8+ Cancer (+ Trump’s Mercury at 7+ Cancer). Again, another grand cross, or should I say a double-cross?

Unbeknownst to any of us, including Trump, this “event” appears to have been in the making since April 2014. It is just one step in the ongoing saga of the Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in Virgo, in the 60’s, opposite where transiting Neptune is right now. Uranus breaks through walls and ceilings, Pluto transforms and Virgo tries it’s damnedest to perfect.

At 5 PM on January 2, the tr Sun was sesquiquadrate Trump’s Mars, and tr Mars was square his Ascendant. We should always watch him carefully when Mars is activated in his chart or transiting it in some way. It only takes a spark to ignite him into reckless and impulsive behavior.

As for transiting Pandora in the Mercury – Jupiter conjunction chart, she plays a double roll.

At 16+ Gemini (conjunct Trump’s Uranus at 17+ Gemini) Pandora (pandemonium) is in a grand trine with Venus (value) + Heracles (strength) at 16+ Aquarius, and Juno (partnership) + Trump’s Jupiter + US progressed Mars + Putin’s Saturn + US Constitution Neptune at 17+ Libra.

She is (along with Trump’s Uranus) also in a T-square with transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces opposite the 1960’s conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto at 16-17 Virgo.

Only in Gemini (and conjunct Trump’s Uranus) could Pandora pull off this double whammy. Of course! Why else would the Universe select Trump, at this time and in this place (US) in this role? Efficiency in time and manpower and explanation of purpose. Just do it!

Some day we can and will look back at all the Neptune confusion and blurring and see it as a blessing; a sedation if you will.

Wow, am I glad you noted that Mars stuff Nancy; I just now realized that on Jan. 2, the transiting South Node (release habits) at 8+Capricorn was conjunct the present Mars-Saturn cycle start point that has been opposed Trump’s natal Mercury (8+ Cancer) since April 2, 2018. I won’t belabor all the chart’s details, except for one:

The chart’s Jupiter (search for truth) at 22+ Scorpio was sextile the chart’s Pluto (dig deep) at 21+ Capricorn and their sextile created a Yod with the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini), and US Mars + Trump’s Sun would have to “adjust” because they were at the apex of this Yod that would last until this Mars-Saturn cycle was over, which will be on March 31, 2020.

Well, maybe just one other detail; the chart’s Askalaphus (Whistleblower) and Pandora (pandemonium) were both at 27+ Capricorn and conjunct the US natal Pluto.

“The moment we all feared is likely upon us.

An unstable President in way over his head, panicking, with all his experienced advisers having quit, and only the sycophantic amateurs remaining.

Assassinating foreign leaders, announcing plans to bomb civilians.

A nightmare”

Sen Chris Murphy


It seems Trump’s recent actions are helping ISIS to regroup. Example, the betrayal of the Kurds who were fighting ISIS, the killing of Suleimani whom “was the man who spearheaded the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria” & now Iraq wants our troops out who were also fighting ISIS. Why?

With Iraq voting to pull Americans out ASAP – it means Russia will control the entire middle east. Remember Russia has an economy that is smaller and weaker than the state of New York but with their puppet trump, they have wielded immense power. This all favors Putin.

Silcominc: I agree but I do not think Russia wanted Trump to kill Suleimani and possibly start WWIII. Who knows Bolton may have threatened to testify against Trump and Trump gave him what he wanted — a possible war with Iran. This is a mess. And, Bolton may still testify against him b/c damage is done.

Anyone know what thread had Bob’s timeline that Trump would be gone in mid-January?

Trump is creating a Holy War; when a small Muslim country is being picked on & bullied, they All join forces & fight the bully. It’s called Jihab a/k/a Holy War!

“The Iraqi prime minister seems to be suggesting that the US essentially lured Soleimani into a peace mediation and then used that shuttle diplomacy to assassinate him on Iraqi soil..”


Now THIS is grounds for #impeachment – treachery unleashing the unthinkable for Americans & people the world over: Trump asked Iraqi prime minister to mediate with #Iran then assassinated Soleimani – on a mediation mission. https://t.co/f0F9FEMALD

— Dr. Jill Stein (@DrJillStein) January 5, 2020


“Reporter on MSNBC stated Iran ruling govt asking for 80 million dollars to put a bounty on Donald Trump’s life.”

Where is Oswald when we really need him?

will: LOL! Somebody is gonna want that 80 million.

All aspects are the same.

Except for the different event chart angles, all planetary aspects to the tRump natal or progressed chart or the Sibly chart or it’s progression, or from other event charts to either of the 2 reported strike call times are the same with the Moon aspects from them having the largest difference by less than 1/2 of a degree in longitude or right ascension, indeed, by less than a 1/3 of a degree. The difference in longitude being only 0°20’48″‘ of arc and In right ascension only 0°19′ of arc. Even aspects from those Moons are still the same.

5 pm strike – Natal Chart
Jan 2 2020, 5:00 pm, EST +5:00
Palm Beach FL 26°N42’19” 080°W02’12”

Moon 08°Ar54’06”. Right ascension 010°15′.

4:18 pm strike – Natal Chart
Jan 2 2020, 4:18 pm, EST +5:00
Palm Beach FL 26°N42’19” 080°W02’12”

Moon 08°Ar33’18”. Right ascension

Perhaps more important is what do the aspects from those call charts to any United States related charts portend.


The January 2, 5 pm, EST, chart in Palm Beach, FL, has the Sibly chart Mars exactly square the MC and Sibly’s Neptune on the IC. Mars and Neptune combination – the terror duo.

RE: “Reporter on MSNBC stated Iran ruling govt asking for 80 million dollars to put a bounty on Donald Trump’s life.”

Do you know which reporter and what their source was? If the report is accurate it is enormously important news, worthy of the top headline in our newspapers. It would also restrict where air force one might safely transport the potus, and require doubled up secret service protection.

Rumor is Iran will utterly destroy Mar a Lago. But that might be wishful thinking on the part of some of Mr.T’s enemies.

On top of everything else, I read over on DU today that trucks are backed up because of a Y2K-like problem with GPS.

With the news that the general was enroute with a mediation proposal, all I can say is that Trump acted as he always has — as a Mob Boss. He basically ordered OUR military to perform a Mob hit on the 2nd in command of a foreign, sovereign nation. If that ain’t impeachable, what the crap is?!

Forget the Impeachment, removal, and then prison. AFAIC, Trump should be brought up before the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity!

Snopes says this a mixture of truth and falsity.


What’s True
A eulogist heard on Iranian state TV during the funeral procession of Qassem Soleimani called for an $80M bounty on President Trump’s head.

What’s Undetermined
The call for a bounty on Trump is not yet known to have been authorized by, or represent the official position of, Iranian authorities.

Hey slightKC,
“Trump should be brought up before the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity!”

I was thinking precisely the same thing. Would our R. Senators be more inclined to vote for conviction if our closest allies publically were on record as condemning Mr.T as a criminal?

Nancy, many thanks once again for yet another one of your astro updates. Very grateful

One of my first thoughts when hearing the news was ‘the boil has been lanced’

My next thought was ‘Iran if you’re listening, cyber release whatever dirt on trump you can find. I think you will be mightily rewarded.’

Methinks the iranian power structure really wants to go after donny and his corrupt crusaders more than the average american citizen on the street

Under attack on January 13, 2020.

THE PRESIDENCY in DC (Washington’s inauguration) – Natal Relocated
Apr 30 1789 NS (Apr 19 1789 OS), 12:51:53 pm, LMT +5:08:09
White House DC 38°N53’50” 077°W02’13”

Mercury 24°49’42”Aries. Right ascension 023°44′. Squared by transits.
Jupiter 22°55’34” Cancer. Right ascension 114°51′. Opposed by transits.
Neptune 21°25’13” Libra R. Right ascension 200°27′. Squared by transits.

Transits January 13, at 10 am, EST

Sun 22°52’30” Capricorn, right ascension 294°42′.
Saturn 22°53’06” Capricorn, right ascension 294°42′.
Pluto 22°48’25” Capricorn right ascension 294°45′.

Someone said something about terrorism at the Denver Airport on Jan. 12 up thread…

My brother-in-law flies back to Denver that day and I would like to show him something that might convince him to change his flight.

Secondly, the National College Championship football game (LSU vs Clemson) takes place in the Super Dome in New Orleans on Monday, 1/13/20 (also my 18th anniversary) and Trump is attending. Makes me a little wary…

Lastly, although there are financial problems in Iran, it is far from a small Muslim country. It’s the 17th largest country in the world and it has a very powerful reach and military. Many Arab countries have united against Iran (particularly the Sunni Muslims) because of its ambitions. But this doesn’t mean that all Muslims won’t now unite and rise up against the U.S. and Israel in some sort of holy war.


As far as Putin is concerned, I somehow think he ok’d this, since it is believed that Donald consults with him about everything. Maybe his goal was to create chaos and hostility against the U.S. but he surreptitiously advised Donald that it was a good move.

Lastly, I am thinking about what Kim Carney said – that Iran is going to go after Trump personally instead of attacking the U.S. (However, they did announce today that they are going to go after U.S. military target.) She also included Israel as a target. Iran has armed the countries around Israel with numerous missiles and can do a lot of damage to Israel and a dangerous and tragic war could ensure. A pundit who knows how Iran operates did say the other day that Iran will not rush but will be restrained and strategic and use the tactic of surprise.

Sharon K: don’t forget the Neo-Cons. You don’t hear much about them since the days of GW Bush and Co. but they’re still very much itching to take out Iran.

Bolton is one of the biggest voices for this, and Pompeo was right in line with it. A lot of the lies I hear… as well as the disassembling… seems to be coming from Pompeo.

As a former… er… constituent of his, I can proclaim him one of the evil incarnates. He ain’t a leader, but he sure can be LED into doing the wrong thing every time… and doing it joyfully.

When Trump is gone, the sane have reclaimed the government, and all this is sorted out, I feel we’re going to have to have some sort of Truth and Reconciliation hearing… much like SA after Apartheid.

Some “investigation” that ends in a report, only half of which will ever be publicly released, is not going to cut it. There’s too many cobwebs and too many lies by too many people. The Truth is going to have to come out and smack a lot of people in the face.


Yes! Pompeo virtually drips maniacal sociopathy.

Here ya go, slightkc. Apparently, the new core of the war hawks include Graham and Cotton and, if I remember correctly, John McCann wanted to bomb Iran (although I don’t know that he’d approve of this assassination).


I just found Bob’s reference to Psychic Violetta’s prediction in the last thread and will listen to it.

Regarding a terrorist attack at Denver Airport as associated with the lunar eclipse chart (?) on 1/10/20. I haven’t listened yet but Bob also posted that chart so I’m speculating.

Sharon, if something were to be targeted in colorado, I’d bet it would be aimed at military rather than civilian sites. Iran has said as much. (the main contenders imo, as I mentioned earlier, – norad, peterson airforcebase, or pueblo army depot)
I think too though, more likely to be covert cyber than overt bombing.

Sharon, I should qualify by saying my post above is assuming iranian terrorism – all bets are off if it is a domestic nutter or false flag manipulation.


From Howard Dean:

“Nice job Trump and Pompeo you dimwits. You’ve completed the neocon move to have Iraq become a satellite of Iran. You have to be the dumbest people ever to run the US government. You can add that to being the most corrupt. Get these guys out of here.”

By introducing a variable to be considered (another person) you have taken the ability of my chart work to determine what your chart aspects may reflect, Sharon.

I do see some stressful aspects in your progressed anlunar for January 13 but are they reflecting that you convinced somebody to alter their plans about flying into Denver and then nothing happened there or you did not and there was an incident. Even if you do not convince someone to change their plans and nothing happens at the Denver airport that day you might still be worried until they have been safely landed.

I worked your charts for New Orleans.

Transiting Jupiter on that day trines your progressed Sun in longitude and is only a little past 3 degrees in right ascension – still within effective orb.

Idiots! Idiots! Idiots! How did we get this many ignoramuses running our government?!?!?!?
These dummies need to look at a map.
Can’t they see that:
(A) A US war with Iran would be geographically analogous to Russia going to war with Mexico. If Russians were bombing or invading or otherwise messing with Mexico, how long would it be before our troops would be down there?
(B) Iran has a defense treaty with…
Guess Who?…RUSSIA!

The Iranians were complying with the Obama led treaty. Withdrawing from it was arrogantly stupid. Assassinating Sulieman was utterly asinine, stupid, dumb, arrogant, insane. Aarrgghh. English adjectives and adverbs can’t do justice to this. They are wholly inadequate. Have to resort to math, as in, DUMB TO THE 10th POWER!

The Iranians WILL retaliate. Unless they succeed in offing Mr.T, he will surely overreact and retaliate many times over. I read somewhere he has 74 targets in mind.

Sane R’s would be busy about now behind the scenes arranging Mr.T’s quick exit from the oval office. But have we ANY sane R’s?

LG, do you have a question?

Of course, the Iranians might choose a smart move by appealing to the Hague and/or UN. Getting 45 condemned as a war criminal or similar designation would be very much to their advantage.

Hear hear!

Hi Bob,
Yes I have a question, will you read my chart? I’m born Jan 13 1949, the time I have is when the rooster crowed early morning.

Here’s a Rachel Maddow bit from March 2017 that’s suddenly quite relevant:


There’s an article on KOS right now that shows another side of the push to war with Iran…


Evidently, Pompeo and Espers, etc., were influencing Trump to take these measures (assassination) due to a chapter in the Bible about Queen Esther. They actually seem to believe they can bring about the Rapture themselves.

Never mind the “Rapture” is not biblical. And they’re not talking about the 2nd coming. But the Dominionists and other Xtian death cults are going for broke, now that T is on his way out.

There is no way to sleep easy tonight, I fear…

Oh boy Eliseo,
If th e world court rockets it through to oust him expeditiously @the Hague, the Rs won’t need to hold a trial. He’ll be impeached and tried before the world.


Hubby and I were just wondering how long before some nation goes to the U.N. to have us declared a “terrorist nation” and recommend sanctions. I also wondered about the U.N. recommending T to the Hague.

He’s about to put this nation into a world of hurt if he’s not stopped — and it sure doesn’t seem like there’s anyone in power who can (or will) stop him.

Other than Lindsay Graham, has anyone heard from any of the Repug chorus on what’s happening? Are they silent right now? Or which lines are they parroting?

BTW… has anyone else noticed how BAD Lindsay is looking these days? It’s almost as if the evil in his soul is making itself known in his face!

LG – I think Trump SHOULD be tried before the world! It’s only fitting, since he’s become a global terrorist.

NewsScope for January 6, 2020
By Michael O’Reilly

Qasam Suleimani, The Power Behind Iran’s Geopolitical Aspirations


I need more than that to try and do a chart without a birth time.

Place would help.

Just 3 timed events in your life but must have date, time and place for each.

First marriage
First child’s birth
Add a 3rd or even more as I may reject some.

A quick look at a ghost chart shows the toughest times are behind you except for the one coming up.

someone in Iran has labeled Trump ‘a terrorist in a suit’

Jackson… thank you for the Maddow link. I remember reading about that tower some ago, but this had a lot more information than I gleaned at the time. Very good for review at this point in time!

Wow.. found my own answer to what Repubs were saying… over on Crooks and Liars:

“Mitch McConnell Warns Members Of Congress Not To Criticize Dear Leader On Iran

Mitch McConnell, Leader of the Congressional Branch of MAGA, states with Nazi-like fealty that NO one in Congress shall dare question Donald Trump’s actions in Iran (or anywhere else, for that matter).”

LG & slightKC,
Our House of Representatives and Senate are at an impasse. But I believe we would likely agree it would not be efficacious for the House to refer the articles of impeachment to the Senate under current circumstances, and those conditions are not likely to change before January 2021.

Perhaps for the next step the most optimal outcome would be for the world court to condemn T as a criminal in ANY category. That might help persuade some R senators to convict, perhaps enough to turn him out of office. If the R’s chose instead to remain Trump loyalists, it might assist Dems in defeating them in Nov. 2020.

Eliseo: I believe reporter was Cal Perry but not 100 percent sure.

HUGE — BREAKING NEWS: Iranian Regime Offers $80 MILLION for President Trump’s Head! —VIDEO https://thegatewaypundit.com/2020/01/huge-breaking-news-iranian-regime-offers-80-million-for-president-donald-trumps-head-video/… via

Qassem Soleimani Eulogist Offers $80 Million Bounty For Donald Trump’s Head During Iranian General’s Funeral


NEW: Pelosi sends letter to colleagues: “This week, the House will introduce and vote on a War Powers Resolution to limit the President’s military actions regarding Iran.”


Since 1975 when I started taking astrology classes there have been 3 events that I greatly anticipated – and to a greater or lesser degree, so did the astrological community.

Each of those 3 moments (those days the exact astro events took place) did not produce a world-wide newsworthy event that I recall. However, each of those events – of which I have hard-copy and well-worn charts of – have provided road maps of future major (IMO) developments.

Because of this, and because of a feeling I woke up with this morning, I suspect that the January 12th highly anticipated conjunction between transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto (+ trans. Ceres + trans. Sun + trans. Mercury + trans. Chariklo) that will trine the US natal Neptune, will not provide an immediate (within 24 hours) and obvious result.

I could be wrong of course.

We in the US and other parts of the world have devastating problems that are ripping up the order of our particular societies these days, which I believe are directly associated with the symbolism of Saturn and Pluto and Capricorn as it likely relates to our individual country’s birth chart.

In the case of the USA it is Neptune, the symbol of emotion and the washing away of boundaries (laws, etc.), the reliance on drugs both legal and illegal, entertainment, faith, madness, and untruths (reality rejection) that we turn to most readily. This runs rampant from sea to shining sea.

Those of us who see Trump as symbolic of what’s killing our hard-fought-for stability (at home and with the world) might see him as the Pluto part of this conjunction (that trines US Neptune) that exacts on January 12th. What he is wrecking, our veneer of stability, is symbolized as Saturn in this meetup at 22 Capricorn 46.

In other words it (he) is a wake-up call or maybe a reality check for our nation; full of crooks and liars (thanks slightkc!) that we can’t escape without facing reality (Saturn) and transforming (Pluto) it through slow (Saturn) and determined (Saturn) hard work (Saturn).

I think that when trans. Saturn in Aries sextiles trans. Pluto in Aquarius in March 2026 there could be visible results.

That month there will be a full moon eclipse in Virgo (Sun in Pisces) that forms a grand cross with the US natal chart’s Sagittarius ascendant opposite it’s Gemini descendant.

The chart for that eclipsed Moon has a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Aries that sextiles the chart’s Pluto in Aquarius, while the chart’s Uranus in Taurus squares the US natal Moon but trines the US natal Pluto. That could signal a long-awaited milestone event.

Sharon, the mundane chart I use shows the most stress about 9 am on the 14th for the Denver location. It is a different chart than the eclipse chart of the 13th.

That should read “It is a different chart than the conjunction chart of the 13th.”

Iran natal Pluto 19°12′ Libra – right ascension 204°16′ – that is squared on January 13 at 6:30 pm IT by transiting Sun at 294°42′, transiting Saturn at 294°42′, and transiting Pluto at 294°45′.

My lifelong Republcan mother just called

She is 70. A lifelong Republican. Never voted for a Democrat. She’s white, has a Master’s in Nursing and an amazing grandmother to my 18 yo HS senior. She said she is so alarmed by this Iran conflict and her grandsons future that she is going to vote for Joe Biden. She said she couldn’t support “any of the the rest of them because they are too far left”. Now…she knows I supported Bernie in 2016 and I’m a pretty liberal guy but I told her that’s ok, I understand and Joe will be alright.


Thank you for your work on this and for sharing the information, Bob. I believe he is traveling on the 12th and everything, God willing, will be ok.

The WSJ published an op-ed,
The Democrats and Iran,
which asks,
“Why can’t the party’s candidates simply admit Qasem Soleimani’s death makes Americans safer?

So here we go again with the polarization. I nevertheless am mildly stunned. It reminds me of the Vietnam war protests, when at the beginning so many believed the war to be righteous and necessary, but a growing number of us were of opposite persuasion.

This time I suspect our population will be configured opposite to the beginning of those protests. I suspect when polls are out later they will show those who believe that assassination will make us safer are in the minority. If war ensues with Iran I believe the majority will be against it.

Gemini pushes boundaries. It isn’t a flaw, it is the nature of the sign to be curious of what’s beyond the boundary lines. Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini is quincunx transiting Pluto and Saturn at 22+ Capricorn and that makes him squirm; he is being pushed to change his natural inclination.

Transiting Deucalion, named for a hero in myth has a storyline much like Noah’s; he and his wife survived a flood and repopulated the earth with humans by tossing stones over their shoulder which turned into human beings.

Transiting Deucalion (a feeling of being flooded but a will to survive) is at 21+ Scorpio and sextile Pluto and Saturn while it is also quincunx (pushing) Trump’s Gemini Sun.

Altogether they form a Yod with Trump Sun (consciousness) being prodded from both Saturn-Pluto on one side and Deucalion on the other side to change, adjust, change some more.

This Yod has an escape plan because Trump’s Sun in Gemini opposes his natal Moon in Sagittarius which turns the Yod into a Boomerang pattern. All of that Yod energy is then projected onto Trump’s Moon, and Moon’s are symbols of our emotional senses.

Here is how I see it; Trump was bombarded by his impeachment scandal, due to the quincunx on one side from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and from Deucalion (I’m drowning!) in Scorpio from the other side. He has now escaped to his Moon (emotions) in Sagittarius (foreign people), but he’s still got that instinctive Gemini “ignore boundaries” thing going on too.

What’s a fella to do when caught in a bind like this? Kill somebody to distract away from himself. What could go wrong?


Accordingly, since my testimony is once again at issue, I have had to resolve the serious competing issues as best I could, based on careful consideration and study. I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.


I knew this would happen once he got what he wanted, war with Iran.

Know for something completely different,

“So where are you supposed to find a comfortably electable, qualified candidate who won’t turn 80 while in office?

Senator Amy Klobuchar has become an answer to that question in the final month before voting begins. She has outlasted more than a dozen other candidates and has two big strengths: A savvy understanding of how to campaign against President Trump and a track record of winning the sorts of swing voters Democrats will likely need this year.”


Bolton got what he wanted and now he’s suddenly willing to testify. I do not trust him.


“Here is how I see it; Trump was bombarded by his impeachment scandal, due to the quincunx on one side from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and from Deucalion (I’m drowning!) in Scorpio from the other side. He has now escaped to his Moon (emotions) in Sagittarius (foreign people), but he’s still got that instinctive Gemini “ignore boundaries” thing going on too.

What’s a fella to do when caught in a bind like this?

The way I see it? Trump was bombarded by an impeachment scandal due to his criminal behavior, his obsession with fantasies of omnipotent, all-knowing power and repugnant gestures, non-verbal, verbal and written. He continues to employ his Gemini sun, his Yods, quincunxes and boomerangs and whatever else in his chart to unleash evil, horrid, immoral, enfeebled actions.

Evil is what evil does.

That’s how I see it.

Bob thank you.
You’re my heero. & Nancy, Barb k, will, everyone here. But
I’d rather give you my info in pvt.
I did have a difficult year as an elected member of my local School. Board. Hope that is behind me.
I’d like to share that CBS IS REPORTING THAT JOHN BOLTON will testify in the Senate if called.
Do we need more pressure on Moscow Mitch?

Hold the trial! Mitchturtle

Moscow Mitch wants it both ways.
Follow protocol but only when we say so and to our liking.

Moscow Mitch wants it both ways.
Follow protocol but only when we say so and to our liking.

I don’t think the Rs would like a trial in the world court.

Nancy the supreme tactician seems to know the value of timing. She’s turning the screws, and Moscow Mitch is losing his grip on the whole situation; With the help of the toddler in the oval.
Will, love your take on Donald J.

Barb k
Very deep assessment there and will require deep reflection on my part and keep me busy for awhile.

LG you can get my email from admin.

I look for highlights in about the coming year, perhaps longer if I see something serious. Do not do daily, weekly, or monthly readings. Don’t have the time or energy to do those complete readings anymore.

If you want a complete reading you should contract with someone who does them.

Besides the Stellium on your Sun in your solar return you will experience a strong Pluto presence this year as it is on your Sun virtually all year. You may want to invest in a reading from Kim Carney (Her rates are very low) or somebody like her. I have no connection to Kim Carney other thn reading her posts and sometimes tracking her chart. She does not know that I have made this mention of her nor have I ever made an agreement to refer anyone to her.

Event Chart – Sun rising January 13, 1949. No time, no angles or Moon.

January 20, 2020 – Pluto conjunct Sun 23°Capricorn03′

April 25, 2020 – Pluto stations Rx 25°Capricorn00′

August 14, 2020 – Pluto conjunct Sun 23°Capricorn03′

Oct 4, 2020 – Pluto stations direct at 22°Capricorn29′

Nov 22, 2020 – Pluto conjunct Sun 23°Capricorn03′


Apr 27, 2021 – Pluto stations Rx 26°Capricorn48′

Oct 6, 2021 – Pluto stations Dx 24°Capricorn19′

I use precession corrected charts. For you this adds 1 degree to the Sun positions listed here. Dates of Pluto conjunct your Sun will be different in right ascension.

For this year the dates will be: February 17, July 11, and December 20. Remember that Pluto within an orb of 3 degrees will still be a strong presence. It will be within 1 degree of your precessed Sun until mid-November of 2021.

Eliseo, your reference to WSJ endorsing the killing remember, it is owned by Murdoch. Someone posted that the Assie govt is trump lite.

I was particularly moved by the following op-ed from the NYT on Australia where Murdoch owns a majority of the media outlets. There is one line in it that really stood out …
The bookstore in the fire-ravaged village of Cobargo, New South Wales, has a new sign outside: “Post-Apocalyptic Fiction has been moved to Current Affairs.”


From Michael Moore:
“I believe, as impossible as it sounds, there IS a path to conviction & removal of Trump in the Senate. Bolton MUST testify. HE will reveal what other crimes Trump hid on that WH server. My podcast explains how we nail him:”



Always worth reading when I find the time, thank you for being an island of stability and sanity in these wild times


From a few days ago on twitter … Putin is a big winner as trump hands the entire middle east to Russia. It is amazing, as Pelosi said, with trump all roads lead to Putin.

…the Russian alliance strategy of pushing the US out of the Middle East while consolidating oil. It happened in Syria, looks likely to happen in Libya and now in Iraq where they control many refineries.

In regard to Bolton, ” I smell a rat, big time. I’m just not sure which kind of a rat it is… Could be a greedy rat, a callow rat, a spiteful rat, a smart rat, but whatever kind it is, it’s still a rat.”


something strange going on . . .

suddenly, I don’t seem to be able to access internet thru google chrome, but can thru the old internet explorer. And then I read this email just received from astrologer Jean Wiley

“Good Morning. My YouTube channel was hacked and hijacked last weekend just as I returned home from a holiday trip. I can no longer sign in to my channel or manage it’s content.

Currently, they are streaming Fox News on my channel that I no longer have access to. I apologize for the Spam and content. YouTube support was contacted last week but they keep repeating the response that “they are looking into the matter.”

I feel confident my channel and content will be restored but have no control over timing. If you are subscribed – thank you for hanging in there with me. It is my understanding that a number of channels have been undergoing the same.

If you feel moved to help me you can cut n paste and tweet to “@teamyoutube to please get Jean Wiley’s Channel back online.” I have been bringing this to social media and am humbled by the support and action people are taking. Bringing public awareness has helped other creators mobilize YouTube to actually take action.

This all ties in quite succinctly to the current astro/energy climate of corporations and government themes. I have been surprised at the lack of urgency and passive response from YouTube. I’ve been a content provider for 10 years and this is the 1st time I have sincerely needed their customer support as I lose subscribers, revenue and reputation ~ “

Really excellent op-ed from NYTimes!
Thank You! Australia is the microcosm, and perhaps a precursor of our collective future. Our time is running out to prevent the worst consequences of global warming. The oil addiction is killing us all while the oil companies, our pushers, accumulate immense financial and political power.

I agree Putin’s strategy is to put the US in a situation in which it is in our best short term interest to withdraw entirely from the Mideast. He is quite likely to succeed. But in the long run, the world as a whole will suffer.

Russia will not be up to the job of maintaining stability. The edifice they build will collapse like sand castles at high tide. The probability of regional apocalyptic war hovers ravenously, a great shadow over the land, hungry for the souls of men.

I, too, am not so sure that Bolton’s testimony would be so disfavorable to Trump — it may be a way to get Dems to agree to a trial.

Also – this article makes it look like Kim Carney’s intuition really was right and they are targeting the man, himself, and not the U.S.


Lee Harvey Oswald.
Paging Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald,
Please call the courtesy booth;
you’re wanted in the service of your nation.

My 98 y.o. mother-in-law has been talking for a long time about dressing like a ninja and doing the deed, Will. I don’t know whether to be horrified or to laugh or both.

Sharon K,
Mr.T is doing a great job of engendering enormous and deep hatred for himself personally. I keep hearing comments from folks not unlike your 98 year old mother-in-law, all of whom have no capacity or experience, the tools, or the gumption to do such a thing, (thank god!)

I’m more concerned the Iranians might attempt the deed, setting off the spark for another WWI, and transforming T into a martyr. We don’t need another Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria event.

Sharon K,

Judge Judy is all over this on Cuomo – she’s been on the talk shows pushing strongly for Michael Bloomberg – she makes a darn solid argument.

She stated to Cuomo,

“When I look at the other candidates in the Democratic Party, I do not see GREATNESS.

“Mr. Oswald, please pick up your custom-made vest for your upcoming White House visit.”

“Paging Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald,

Please confirm your t-off time in the pro-shop at Mara Lago.”

Sharon, is your MIL a later Cardinal Sun?

On awakening from a nap it occurred to me that what is going to be true for LG is going to be true for all Caps around that date of birth and in some manner for all Cardinal Suns around the same degree.

Pluto in hard aspect to their Suns! Will they be trying to take us all over? Do you know any of them? Do they have a thirst for power?

The Presidency chart (Washington’s inauguration) under aspects on January 12th.

The Pluto aspect will last all year.


the date in my last post should be January 13th.

Bob, I’m a 20 Cap Sun. So far this year, my mother died on New Year’s Day and I’m getting an unexpected eye operation on Friday. Rough start. And I feel too old for a thirst for power (I’ll be 65 Saturday). I don’t think I’ll be taking over anything. Unless my 25 Cancer Jupiter-Uranus conjunction brings up further surprises.

Andre, Andrew Yang has a January 13th, birthday. His Sun is at 22°39′ Capricorn. His East Point (an exact 90° square to the MC) in the White House is at 23°25′ Capricorn.

Andre, you seem to have been hit hard by the transiting Saturn and Pluto combination. My condolences for your loss. Peace.

What is Kim Carney’s site? Google turns up nothing for me.


Condolences. Hope things get better. (From a 19 Taurus sun.)

Andre… deepest condolences on the loss of your mother.

Eliseo and others… folks over on DU are talking about Iran and it’s bounty on Trump… that they’ve stated their vengeance is on Trump, not the American people (except for General’s daughter, anyway).

And then they posted a list of his hotels, etc. Without firing a shot, this could cost Trump dearly. Most people of the R-persuasion would be afraid to stay or be anywhere near his hotels and golf courses for any length of time.

That “brand” he brags so much about has taken bad hits this year… at least three buildings have stripped the name they licensed from T from their buildings.

Imagine how much closer to “Mud” his “brand” could be after a few more well-placed innuendos like this from Iran!

T* never wanted to be Prez; he just wanted the spotlight and self-promotion. He will come to rue the day he came down that stupid escalator.

Kim Carey




Shadenfreude, Baby! That’s how we do it downtown! A nice slow burn-down of his whole unholy empire!


What I meant was, I agree with all you said in your latest posting.

Hi Bob,
thank you for the brief read. I will ask Nancy for your email address. I appreciate what you are able to do. I’m not sure what it all means, but I know Pluto needs another planet and the degrees to be complete.

Thanks slightkc, for pointing out the “talk” is about Iran’s response of vengeance on Trump. Transiting Mercury (talk) has made 2 recent conjunctions (starting 2 separate one-year cycles) that will be effective throughout the year of US election coverage (talk).

From Trump’s perspective, he may prefer the Iran threats (talk) over the impeachment coverage (talk) as he bobs and weaves his way through 2020.

I did a quick scan of all the comments here on SLN on January 6 (Monday) and through this AM, and found 2 that had the word impeachment in them, several references to Bolton’s possible testimony and a couple of references to Dem candidates, but the bulk of comments were about Iran. We are talking (Mercury) as the wind blows us.

The Sagittarius Mercury-Pallas conjunction (cycle) chart took place opposite Trump’s Gemini Uranus (+ transiting Pandora), and all were T-squared by transiting NEPTUNE in Pisces (opposite the Pluto-Uranus conjunctions in Virgo in the 60’s).

The chart for the Capricorn Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (cycle) + South Node has opposite it Trump’s natal Mercury (talk) + the North Node + transiting Hades (hellish). All the above (Mercury-Jupiter stuff) is T-squared by the Mercury-Jupiter chart’s Moon (People/Masses) in Aries.

This Mercury-Jupiter chart carries a grand trine in air (talk) signs between Venus in Aquarius (testimony?) and Juno in Libra (+ Trump’s Jupiter, US prog. Mars, US Constitution Neptune, Putin’s Saturn) and Pandora (evidence?) in Gemini (+ Trump’s Uranus).

This chart’s NEPTUNE also opposes the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the 60’s.

With transiting Chiron at 1+ Aries (world point) in both charts it seems that Trump’s actions have engaged the whole world in some measure. Everybody knows his name but the focus is not just about his impeachment woes. He has diluted (NEPTUNE) the focus on his impeachment charges.

On April 4, 1966, the 2nd of 3 conjunctions between Pluto and Uranus took place and NEPTUNE at 21 Scorpio 43 was at the apex of a Yod that it made with Jupiter at 24+ Gemini (the degree where Uranus was when discovered) which was sextile Mars at 20+ Aries (conjunct the US natal Chiron).

This meant Neptune would be required to somehow adjust it’s “position” in order to work with the Uranus-Pluto agenda.

On Dec. 21, 2019, less than 3 weeks ago, the Winter Solstice took place and Mars was at 21 Scorpio 47, the same degree NEPTUNE was at in the April ’66 Uranus-Pluto conjunction (cycle) chart.

Therefore, the 2019 Winter Solstice (effective until the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2020) Mars is doing the “adjustment” for NEPTUNE in the Uranus-Pluto cycle.

I know, it is exceedingly complex; how the Universe accomplishes it’s goal to move Humanity forward, BUT . . .

These 2 Mercury cycles, one of which is with Pallas the strategist on December 21 (the same day as the Winter Solstice), which ALSO has Mars at 21+ Scorpio that sextiles Saturn and Pluto at 20-22 Cap that forms a Yod to Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini and US Mars at 21+ Gemini, ….

…. both of these Mercury (talk) cycles have a powerful Neptune and powerful connections to Trump’s birth chart which leads me to believe, without a doubt, that Trump is a tool, an important tool, to help bring about the required (and convoluted) changes necessary for an upgrade, a giant leap forward, for mankind.

The fear that this madman (apparently a required asset for the job) is engendering around the world is part of the leap forward for mankind, but remember, NEPTUNE is mostly about faith, and I’m keeping the faith that the Universe has this project under control. This part should be over in about a year (the next Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is in January 2021).

Marjorie Orr today:


will and LG . . . since I know you read my comment yesterday on the Yod that had transiting Deucalion at 21+ Scorpio, I only realized later that the 2019 Winter Solstice and the Mercury-Pallas conjunction charts, both on December 21, 2019, had Mars at 21+ Scorpio – where transiting Deucalion is right now, and where Neptune was when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct on April 4, 1966, a conjunction WHICH TRANSITING NEPTUNE now opposes.

If only I’d known yesterday what I know now . . . .

This is a continuing pressure on Trump’s Sun that’s coming from the present day conjunction of Pluto-Saturn in Cap that sextiles (first) Mars in the Winter Solstice and the Mercury-Pallas charts on Dec. 21, 2019, and (second) Deucalion right now.

All are getting their marching orders via the long, long, Uranus-Pluto cycle. That’s where it started; the Neptune back then in the ’66 Pluto-Uranus conjunction chart was at 21+ Scorpio and it needed to adjust due to its position in a Yod in that chart.

Now, transiting Mars and transiting Deucalion have activated the 1966 Neptune’s imperative to continue the adjustment it was forced to make (it’s a long cycle remember) and that adjustment has found a home in Trump’s natal Gemini Sun.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. (sorry if I’m beating a dead horse; so sorry)

Thank God the aliens are calling!


Good Marjorie Orr. Thanks, Ja.

Greetings and Happy New Year.

Barb, I enjoyed reading Liz Greene’s book on Neptune. It is a heavy read but worth it.

I noticed mention of “evil” in some posts. To me, there is no evil, just a lack of goodness/light, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

What we experience is just a delusion of the five senses. It is all Maya as they say. Try not to believe your thoughts and breathe deeply. There will always be pain and suffering and happiness and joy, and you create it.

Meditate, pray and be a silent witness . Peace be with you fellow posters.

From Marjorie Orr:
“It’s not that the world isn’t a better place without Soleimani, to which many Iranians would agree, but doing it in such a flagrant, provocative way was narcissistic lunacy. Typical. Better to have used proxies with deniability which would have solved the S problem without giving rise to the inevitable explosive response.”

Interesting. Mr.T’s motivation, IMO had to have been in part to one up Obama, who had Bin Laden dispatched. But unlike Obama, T is stupid and willfully ignorant. He does not comprehend the moral difference, nor can he correctly intuit or perceive the political and military effect of assassinating Soleimani, vs. Killing Bin Laden.

BL had the option of surrender to the Navy Seals. He chose to fight, and was therefore a casualty of the war he waged on the USA & the West. Soleimani, victim of assassination, had no such option.

As per normal, Mr.T has no sense of nuance or its consequences. A very impulsive man, he doesn’t think, he “flinks”. His feelings and thoughts are bound up together contaminating one another. He is incapable of pure thought or feeling.

From the NYT’s:

“We started the whole mess by allowing the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Iran In 1953 because he wanted Iran to control its own oil industry, not Britain or the U.S. We installed the repressive shah, and his secret police, and propped him up. When he died the religious extremists were able to secure power.

Americans have a great tendency to look at the present and not look to the past to see why we are where we are. The chickens have come home to roost. Actions have consequences.”


Ja, thanks for the NYT article by Michele Goldberg. I haven’t read Rachel Maddow’s book, Blowout, but it does all go back to the oil. The Rockefellers certainly played a part in the installation of the shah and keeping him healthy and alive for as long as they could. And here we are at the end of a long and winding road that we helped build.

Honestly, I know how to spell Banks but my iPad for whatever reason adds an r at times after I touch “submit”

Thanks ja; interesting that Pence’s Sun at 16+ Gemini is T-square transiting Neptune in Pisces opposite the 1960’s Pluto-Uranus conjunctions. Will have to let thank sink in for a while.

Hello Liz, indeed Neptune is a difficult form of energy for modern man to pigeonhole. It strays so far from the meat and potatoes daily grind and requires a relinquishment of left-brain control that not everyone can do with ease. From Liz Green’s “Neptune”:

“Any attempt to understand Neptune necessitates travelling down indirect waterways. No sphere of human endeavor is devoid of the longing for redemption, and we must therefore be prepared to explore not only individual psychology but myths, politics, religion, fashion and the arts as well.”

silcominc, And not a moment too soon!

Banks, This is the US agenda in many countries. “The chickens coming home to roost.” Is that a Saturn/Pluto thing??

Sharon k, Marjorie has had several good posts lately.

I’m afraid that China, Iran and Russia are all behind this to defeat the US.

I think that as much as China, Iran & Russia want to topple us or bring us down a few notches, Ja, they also know that world economic stability depends on us (or so it seems), so they have to be careful, and we have quite a strong military to contend with also.

What do you all think?

It’s true the world depends on the US for economic stability to a great extent, but more so for the Chinese, Asians, and Europeans than anyone else. The Russians, less so. The Russians to a certain extent thrive on chaos, as do many of the world’s terrorist organizations.

Ja, I don’t know what chickens coming home to roost equates to astrologically. I’m not an astrologer ?

Liz, let this song be about your god for everybody, especially if that god is ones self.


The Pentagon says Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two Iraqi military bases where US troops are stationed


I was being facetious. I believe it is.

Check this link:


Trump’s Vulcanus is at 21 Gemini, his Sun is at 22 Gemini. US Mars is at 21 Gemini. As the current Mars transit in Sadge goes opposite these points on Feb. 3rd (the day Iowa caucuses) His Vulcanus/Sun will be triggered, and it’s scary to think what a conflagration he can bring to the world.
“Vulcanus within a chart represents a very masculine energy, great strength, brute force, vitality and good recuperative powers, it’s the athlete with the powerful physique. Yet when it’s weak, insecure or manifesting negatively, Vulcanus is capable of brutality and violence. Vulcanus is represented by a triangle with an arrow shooting upward resembling a volcanic explosion alluding to massive energy potential. ” from The Uranian Astrologer.

And this is where it all really began in 1953 (from NPR)
1953: The coup
US and British intelligence agencies orchestrate a coup, overthrowing democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and restoring power to the Shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. As prime minister, Mossadegh worked to nationalize Iranian oil against British interests, which had exploited the country’s resources for decades. Failing to bend Mossadegh’s will, the British worked to bring about his outster, enlisting US support. With the help of a few key Iranians, they unleashed a propaganda campaign against the prime minister and persuaded the Shah to participate in the coup. Eventually, the coup was hailed in Washington as a success — but it sowed strong resentment and distrust against the US, and set Iran from the path toward democracy to that of a dictatorship.

Let’s face it, our foreign policy in the Middle East sucks and has always been short sighted.

The annular Eclipse of Dec. 26th, 2019 at 8 Capricorn extended it’s arc visible in the Middle East, northeastern Africa, Asia (except northern and eastern Russia), northern and western Australia, Micronesia and the Solomon Islands.

I see that you posted something similar from the NYTimes.

We have no pulse on the rage of being double crossed such as we have done to many in the Middle East.

I think Ja is referring to our past back acts in the Middle East. Now another Karmic lesson unfolding for the US.

Although I am myself a Pluto-Moon in Leo, I am sick and tired of Boomer Drama Queen Narcissistic Presidents such as Trump and Clinton with their never-ending issues.

No Drama Obama was a Pluto in Virgo. We need more of that. That generation is here to clean up the mess.. Millenials with their practical no-nonsense Capricorn outer planets will respond well to that.

One thing for sure. The great and good President elected in 2024 will not be a self-centered Boomer.

Thanks for reminding me about Vulcanus.
You can’t make this stuff up!

Iranians have just issued a statement that if the US doesn’t retaliate to the bombing in Iraq air bases, then Iran will stop attacking…for now.

This leaves it up to the Orange Blob and his advisers to make the rational decision. I’m not holding my breath. The wag-the-dog president needs to save face, but he is not talented with that script. Except to lie, and lie and lie and lie…

I am a moon/pluto in Leo, too, Andre, opposite mercury in Aquarius. Hmmm…..

Listen, in my opinion this was all orchestrated with Russia moderating. Why Russia allowed us to kill Sullemein, I don’t know but now they have thought of a way for Iran to save face at home and for Trump to have a way to step back.

I just now this very second on CN, that Iran has struck portions of the base NOT populated by Americans. They do think there were Iraqui casualties but, hey, what the hell, who cares about Iraquis…..they have been the pawns for a long time and are treated as if they are dispensable.

I just now this very second HEARD on CNN….

In a sense, this is being handled in a predictable manner.

Joe Biden:

“At precisely the moment when we should be rallying our allies to stand beside us and hold the line against threats, Donald Trump’s shortsighted, ‘America First’ dogmatism has come home to roost,

What’s happening in Iraq and Iran today was predictable,” Mr. Biden said on Tuesday night, citing the “chaos that’s ensuing” from Mr. Trump’s approach to the region. He added, “I just pray to God as he goes through what’s happening, as we speak, that he’s listening to his military commanders for the first time because so far that has not been the case.”



“I noticed mention of “evil” in some posts. To me, there is no evil, just a lack of goodness/light, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

I have been in the presence of absolute evil. Evil most definitely manifests in this world. Although I hope you never have to experience it first hand, that doesn’t imply that it isn’t real.

“Chickens coming home to roost” sounds like karma to me.

Sharon, what is the likelihood Putin plays one country against the other? Like Eliseo said, the Russians (Putin) thrive on chaos. Like you said, predictable.

It is a strange time. My dad died today. I didn’t have a good relationship with him, but I am quite sad. I find it interesting that there can be so much sadness for someone who didn’t like you much. I am however, happy that he is at peace. His lack of peace was the biggest issue in his life (he had PTSD from Korea) yet he hung around until he was 92. So there seems to always be some kind of hope, and after that peace. Peace to each of us.

This all seems like the activation of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction by transiting Neptune. The April 4, 1966 chart had Saturn (defend) and Mercury (push boundaries) at 22+ Pisces, Chiron (wounded) at 23+ Pisces, + Pallas (strategy) at 21+ Pisces), all square Trump’s Sun at 22+ Gemini and opposite US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo (in the US natal chart 9th house of foreign relations).

I guess that really is a case for chickens (the present) coming home (the past).

I wish you the white light of peace in your soul for things unsaid, and things said to your dad and from your dad.
I am hoping that you write him several letters and burn them as you find time to forgive yourself and him as you heal.

You may eventually dream of him as he may reach out to make peace with you, and you with him.

My deepest condolences.

Sharon, Putin would approve this and probably did to Trump. “Killing that general would be a very strong move for you. You are a military genius”. Putin wants the US out of the ME. Oil. Putin wants russia in the ME.

Henri, sorry about your dad. I had a very troubled relationship with my dad until his last year – he died at 92. Just that little window allowed me to forgive him. I’ve ‘forced’ (thru love and care) my mom to ‘forgive ‘ me, the odd scape goat of the family narrative, in the last few years. She is 95. My dad passed just a few days before I had major surgery. I talk to him now – sort of. But it helps.

Henri, Condolences from me too on your loss and I second Lamis’s beautiful suggestions.

Both you and Andre have lost an older parent (I almost called you Andre, too, since you both have one-syllable French-sounding names) which would seem to fall under this Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and the other planets and asteroids currently aligned in Capricorn. Parents play a significant role in our lives and I pray that your father has a loving and peaceful ascension, that the maya of this plane dissipates and a loving soul bond remains.


What Lamis wrote. Even though you didn’t feel close to your dad, the pain is in realizing what just couldn’t manage to be. I am sorry he was tormented by PTSD. I had a good high school friend (now also passed from heroin overdose) whose father suffered from Korean War shell-shock as well.The poor fellow would fly into screaming rants and rages at the dinner table leaving everyone who was there horrified and helpless.
These are strange times indeed; my best friend from high school gave up the ghost yesterday at noon. He was friends with my now deceased younger brother as well and we three had tons of laughs and mischief. Mark made a point of coming to visit me and treat me to dinner every time his work brought him out to L.A. I will miss him a great deal. Shalom on his soul. This is the third great good friend I have lost within the last 13 months.

I too wish peace and comfort upon all of us as we navigate our flow through this great mysterious river we know as life.

A Ukrainian aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran airport early Wednesday morning. All 180 people on board believed dead.

Also, 4.9 magnitude earthquake reported in Iran near a nuclear plant.

All this and missile strikes on military bases in Iraq. Wow. What a conglomeration of events.

My bad. I should have written my condolences to both Henri and Andre.
Forgive. The message of white light surrounding you both is still my meager offering.

I don’t know whether I mentioned it, but Uranus went direct yesterday. It was 150 degrees from Mars in Sag. which was, in turn, trine Chiron at 1 degree of Aries. I think Uranus was the trigger.

Henri & Andre,
Condolences to you both. May you have the kind of peace which eventually transmutes into serenity.

For all who are experiencing difficult times/transits, wishing you love, courage, blessings.

Good catch Lamis, that trans. Uranus quincunx trans. Mars while trans. Chiron was trine trans. Mars; that’s the teamwork between Chiron and Uranus again. Also, trans. Sun (17+ Cap) was square US prog. Mars (+ Trump’s Jupiter, etc., etc.). Trans. Uranus also opposes US prog. Saturn (which is quincunx trans. Chiron).

My sincere sympathies for Henri and Andre for both of your losses. It goes without saying we love you both.

A few things to be aware of in the Lunar eclipse chart for Friday. The MC (midheaven, aka the outcome) of the chart when set in Washington, DC is 20+ Aquarius, where the US progressed Mercury is as well.

This is also where Uranus was, 20+ Aquarius, in the still active Jupiter-Saturn cycle which began in 2000 at 22+ Taurus.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction at 22+ Capricorn is trine this Jupiter-Saturn start degree, along with the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo. This creates a grand trine, a powerful force of combined energies made up of 4 of the 5 outermost planets; Jupiter, Saturn (doubled), Neptune and Pluto. This is not personal energy – more of a social and evolutionary energy.

This powerful grand trine, along with the influence of US prog. Mercury + Uranus-in-the-very-active-present Jupiter-Saturn cycle (that is conjunct the Eclipse chart’s MC {outcome}) suggests to me technology (Uranus) related to communication (US prog. Mercury) is what’s hidden (eclipse) and will be revealed.

Thanks to the Pluto-Saturn et al. in Cap that trines US Neptune (not clear) in Virgo and the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn cycle start degree in Taurus, their grand trine energy will be of a tangible (earth signs) nature; things we can touch.

With the eclipse chart’s outcome (MC) associated with Uranus (technology) and Mercury (data/talk) in Aquarius (friends/groups) it could be about our phones and computers, at least here in the USA.

Mercury and the Sun will be in the same degree, 20+ Capricorn and opposite the eclipsed Moon at 20+ Cancer. All will be T-square the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries, that can be read as a wounding that leads to awareness or a raising of consciousness in the long run. Be prepared.

One well respected tarot reader last week wrote that January 14th might be a date of significance. Whether it is related to the Iranian situation or events related to the impeachment hearings remains unclear. Looking at the astrological aspects for January 14th it’s interesting to note Mars at 7 Sag will semi-square the close Pluto/Saturn conjunction.

If I were to make an educated guess, Iranian-US tensions will continue to simmer for the next month or two in tandem with the accumulation of new damning evidence against the present Trump administration. In my view, the March 20th date still stands out as the most likely period when events could spin out of control. The 3/20/20 Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 22 Capricorn will activate the current mid January Lunar Eclipse/ Saturn/Pluto conj. Will Iran close the Strait of Hormuz at that time? Will Trump be forced out of office? Should be interesting to watch.

I believe Trump will not further escalate war with Iran, b/c if he gets orders from Putin, Putin is allied with Iran and will not want Iran to be attacked further; I guess it was ok to sacrifice Soleimani so the Amer troops would leave the region and Putin would have the control there and not American forces. Not sure how Pompeo, Esper and Bolton will take the removal of the troops.

Henri and Andre God keep you and bless you during the loss on this plane of your loved ones.

Will, re evil and light

Sorry, I did not make myself very clear Will.

Analogy…you can’t flood a room with darkness, only light. Darkness or evil arises where there is an absence of light.

Thank you all for your inspiring condolences. It is true that the maya of this plane dissipates.

Iran’s maya has Uranus conjunct its MC this year. Might there be further sudden change at the top?

Jerry, Marjorie Orr also predicts turbulence in the ME late March which would involve Israel and Hezbollah. Saudi Arabia’s chart will be hit as well.


I offer my condolences as well.

Here is Ralfee Finn today:

“There is so much going on this week that I hardly know where to begin—and I’m not sure there’s room for humor. I know I tend to err on the side of super serious, but frankly, what we’re in and what lies ahead is uber serious. So put on your thinking caps and be sure to attach the extraterrestrial antennae.”


Hi Andre,

Iran’s natal Saturn at 8 ’20 Virgo is in close harsh sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to the Saturn/Pluto conj. : https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Islamic_Republic_of_Iran

The March 20th Mars/Jupiter conj will be activating all of these key aspects.

PS Thanks so much for sharing the Marjorie Orr article. Very informative.

Thank you all for all the comfort, light, love and good ideas. I am not much of an astrologer. I understand more then what I can actually figure but all of your posts help me so much. Sending love, light and big virtual hugs to you all.

Republican senator Mike Lee blasts the Trump administrations post-Iran briefing, says they were told they could not dissent from Trump, couldn’t debate it, and if Trump needed justification to go to war “I’m sure we could think of something” Mike Lee calls Iran briefing “probably the worst briefing at least on a military issue I’ve seen,” adding that it was “insulting” to be told by administration officials not to debate merits of taking military action.


Angellight – funny that Mike Lee doesn’t realize by now that one does not “debate” the dictator… and that’s exactly what T* is for the Repubs. As long as they give all their power to him, they will never be able to reclaim it for themselves.

Henri, deepest condolences on your loss. It never seems to make any difference how close or far apart one is to the parent who has died. The fact is, you’ve lost a parent. That touches something deep inside us and will no doubt bring up all kinds of memories of childhood on – both good and bad. Enjoy the good and bless the memories, acknowledge the bad and send them on their way in blessed peace.

And, as I’m caregiver for my own mom (who is now living with us and sunsetting), I’ll try to remember my own words when the time comes for us.

I am so happy to see people posting about how we and Great Britain took out a democratically elected president in Iran, and installed the Shah when Iran did the unthinkable — want to use the oil monies for their country and people. The Shah was propped up by us and was loathed by the common people, which is why he had to have our protection.

We’ve done the same type of thing — for various “internal reasons” in Central and South America, in particular. I do hope these histories are not lost on those younger than us.

Nothing good ever comes when we “meddle” (I keep remembering that line from “Serenity”) The other line that comes to mind almost immediately following is “Plans within plans within plans” from Dune.

Let’s hope this great evolutionary leap we might take means countries’ governments might start dealing with each other honestly and above-board.

Of course, I tend to think I have a dog in this fight. For one, I worked with the Saudi’s for years as a liaison assistant and got to know them very well. Several that MBS had killed, I knew personally.

I also have known several Iranians in my lifetime. In fact, the prayer rug I use in from of my altar was given to me by an Iranian couple. Once you get to know people for the individuals they are — and see that in every way that counts – they’re just like you in our hopes and dreams and families, it HURTS when anyone is killed. And you know — IMO, it SHOULD hurt.

I’ve been seen the date of 1/14 pop up astrologically across several astro sites — even here. How are we on track for the 13th?

We’ve looked at this from the Impeachment angle, from the war angles. But after that last presser, is there any chance that the devil might just —

DROP DEAD on the 13th from all his health and/or addictions? Like maybe OD’ing on Adderall or Coke? Or maybe just a good old common heart attack? Could be that lucky?

Your comments in the last 4 postings are SO apropos.

I’ve also wondered if the stress might kill the man, especially combined with his bad diet and purported drug addictions. Unfortunately, all my astrology books, including astrology of death are boxed up in storage with several hundred other boxes of books. I have the boxes labeled, but am (hopefully temporarily) without the use of my left arm. I need some very strong elves to help me with managing my personal library! LOL!

Condolences Henri.

Having a talk with your father might be a good thing to do.

I did not have a good relationship with my mother and for years I told people that life was like she beat me once a day for exercise. The family was seperated when I was 14 through divorce when she was given custody of the children then signed papers making us wards of the state because she could not care for us.

Years after she passed I realized that I did not know all of her story and should stop my story about her. I decided to have a talk with her. I forgave her for how things had been and asked for her forgiveness for any troubles and/or sorrow I had given her before and after her passing. Since having that talk everything is good between us and I never think about the beating tale.

By: slightkc on January 8th, 2020 at 5:35 pm

“I’ve been seen the date of 1/14 pop up astrologically across several astro sites — even here. How are we on track for the 13th?”

By: Bob on January 2nd, 2020 at 9:21 pm

“Beginning on January 10, 2020, (the date of a lunar eclipse in the District of Columbia) tRump has a string of 7 consecutive bad days.”

ja, thnks for linking Ralfee’s article today; she is always good but this one is especially good.

Add yesterday, today, and tomorrow to that string of bad days for that cowardly, lying, possibly treasonous, resident of the White House (initials DJT) for a 10 consecutive day hammering of the worst president in the history of the United States of America, and by extension, his supporters of any persuasion – especially those who are members of the United States Congress.

“For this first full week of the 2020’s, in a time as volatile and dangerous as I have ever seen in my life, a rare visitor has come calling. For only the fifth time since 2003, we welcome the sober, clear-thinking King of Swords.”


About that January 14th date and focusing in on Iran-US tensions; tr. Mars will conjunct the Iran/US composite Pluto (7 ’47 Sag) in semi-square to the Saturn/Pluto conj (22 Capricorn). Here is the composite chart:


My sincerest condolences to Henri, Andre, and all who have lost Dear Ones in the past months. For those of us still working thru difficult relationships with those we lost–keep at it. I still work on the relationship with my father–and it is getting better. He hangs around a lot now, in a good way.

May everyone have a better year than the last!

slightkc: LOL; I think Lee was burning mad to see the disseminating of the Constitution and democracy and to be told he had to follow the line like someone in Hitler’s regime or in Russia. He’s not having none of it. We need more like him. We may get our four yet for witnesses.

“Trump’s Dear Penpal Kim Jong Un sells Iran the missile technology it uses….but Trump calls for more economic sanctions on Iran. He doesn’t “get” it. He never will. He doesn’t listen. He doesn’t read.”


Originally posted in April 2017, the following video explores the ramifications of the December 26, 2019 solar eclipse. The astrologer singles out the dates of February 21-22, 2020 when Mars goes over that 12/26/19 eclipse/ south node degrees. The astrologer describes this event as “reminiscent of September 11th, 2001 BUT EVEN BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL”. She elaborates that thIS 19 and a half year node cycle comes back to its 9/11/01 origins in early 2020, hence events will reflect similar issues…….

World Predictions 2017 2020 Our Fate or Destiny: World War III? by Joni Patry

Video: 16 min 57 sec


“As a decades long religious war in the Middle East unfolds, Donald Trump has doubled down on America’s commitment to the Sunni Muslims who provided the soldiers for the 9/11 attacks, for Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS, and on America’s commitment to Saudi Arabia. “Soleimani had flown into Baghdad on a normal carrier flight, carrying a diplomatic passport. He had been sent by Tehran to deliver, in person, a reply to a message from Riyadh on de-escalation across the Middle East. Those negotiations had been requested by the Trump administration,” veteran Asia reporter Pepe Escobar reported on The Vineyard of the Sakerwebsite.

“So Baghdad was officially mediating between Tehran and Riyadh, at the behest of Trump. And Soleimani was a messenger. Adil Abdul-Mahdi was supposed to meet Soleimani at 8:30 am, Baghdad time, last Friday. But a few hours before the appointed time, Soleimani died as the object of a targeted assassination at Baghdad airport,” Escobar continued.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have been in a low intensity regional war for many years, pitting the Sunni Muslim Saudis against the Shia Muslim Iranians and their allies across the middle East and in Africa. The negotiations were intended to reduce tensions as a prelude to pacifying the region.”


Earthquakes in Iran and Puerto Rico, wildfires in Australia, and now a major storm, tornadoes, flooding in the US South expected on Friday; can there be any doubt about the meaning of Ceres conjunct Saturn and Pluto?

Banned TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ | suespeaks.org
32 minutes, 21 seconds


This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in 2013, but TED pulled their support when they learned about the subjects. Find more videos from this controversial event here: http://suespeaks.org/ex-tedx-west-hol

Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring “remote viewing” – an apparent anomalous extended characteristic of the mind. Targ is convinced the effect is real.

Watch a new documentary about Russell Targ’s work here:

Russell’s book “The Reality of ESP” is available here: https://amzn.to/2MrJ86Z

What hallucination reveals about our minds | Oliver Sacks


“Days after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, new and important information is coming to light from a speech given by the Iraqi prime minister. The story behind Soleimani’s assassination seems to go much deeper than what has thus far been reported, involving Saudi Arabia and China as well the U.S. dollar’s role as the global reserve currency.”


The chart for the cycle between Jupiter and Saturn which ends this December has Ceres at 26+ Virgo trine the South Node (release of the past) at 25+ Capricorn. This South Node was opposite the North Node (path forward) at 25+ Cancer that was conjunct US Mercury at 24+ Cancer, and that Capricorn South Node in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle chart is near where the big mass conjunction takes place on Sunday.

So one of the messages from the present Saturn-Jupiter cycle might be suggesting that weather/earth (Ceres in Virgo) will be facilitating (trine) a release (South Node in Capricorn) of some kind during this Jupiter-Saturn cycle (2000 – 2020)

Presently transiting Sedna (in over her head in seawater) is retrograde at 27-26 Taurus and in a trine to the Ceres (26+ Virgo) in the Jupiter-Saturn chart who was/is trine that chart’s South Node (25+ Cap) which hovers in between the present Saturn-Pluto-Ceres-Sun (consciousness)-Mercury transits and the US natal Pluto (transform or die), all in Capricorn.

It could be that Mother Nature (Ceres in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle) is in a turmoil and therefore she’s is breaking through (human) consciousness with a message that we are on a path of self-defeat (South Node of Jupiter-Saturn cycle) that will lead to drowning (present day Sedna) if we don’t move onto a new path forward (North Node in Jupiter-Saturn cycle that conjuncts US natal Mercury).

Most likely (IMO) the weather/earth eruptions are symbolizing that a break-through in human consciousness is taking place; a break-through that began in 2000 (start of this Jupiter-Saturn cycle) and which will end in December, 2020.

Mother Nature can either make us or break us and we can do comparatively little to control her. I don’t think it is punishment so much as it is guidance.

Her (Ceres aka Mother Nature) trine with the South Node (wrong path) in the present Jupiter-Saturn Saturn cycle (about to expire), which now transiting Sedna (help me, I drowning) completes a grand trine with, is kind of a last minute (end of cycle) life raft to wake up and change direction.

When people are caught in the wrath of a hurricane or a flood, they aren’t thinking about who they are going to vote for. They are hoping to stay alive and, with luck (Jupiter), have a home (Saturn) that survives too.

Perhaps the violent weather coming our way (at least in the US) will have a bearing on who we elect as President of the US at the end of the year.

The last gasp of Western fundamentalism – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Interesting read on Phillip Lindsay’s esoteric website. For some reason the link would not post.

Last thought for a while: transiting South Node seems stuck at 8+ Capricorn which conjuncts the present Mars-Saturn cycle start point on April 2, 2018. It too is a cycle that is almost complete.

The South Node opposes the North Node (path forward) at 8+ Cancer which conjuncts Trump’s natal Mercury and I believe it is forcing Trump to say things he doesn’t want to say.

Interestingly, transiting Nessus (energy that operates through an abuse of power) has been conjunct US natal Ceres at 8+ Pisces, off and on for at least a year and they (US Ceres and trans. Nessus) are trine Trump’s Mercury and trans. North Node (while sextile trans. South Node and the Mars-Saturn cycle start point).

Ceres also symbolizes compassion,especially as it relates to the parental role, as well as governing weather and natural earth upheavals. Recall Trump’s display of compassion as he tossed rolls of paper towels to people who had lost everything in a hurricane. Trump himself is symbolic of what must change and we are being guided to see this whole picture.

(transiting Jupiter is also at 8+ Capricorn now)

“Remember this morning when Trump stated to Iran that the US had ‘hypersonic missiles under construction”

Well, that was secret.

“Trump reveals US is building hypersonic weapons whose development was a closely-guarded secret”

Which explains the general’s stunned look!”


“Iraqis to the United States: What Part of “Go Home” Don’t You Understand?

Even amongst Iraq’s more pro-US factions, the calls for “Yankee go home” have grown increasingly louder.”

by Steven Sahiounie


Jerry, regarding Joni Patry’s dire predictions, did you see one of the comments? It said “she must be right because her hair defies gravity”. I think they might be right.

Aha! Angellight, that (missles under construction) would be the trans. Jupiter + transiting South Node + the Mars/Saturn cycle start point opposite Trump’s natal Mercury + trans. North Node. Thanks!!

barbk: Welcome and thank you for your great insight,

The plane that went down (shot down?) over Iran could be transiting Uranus (stationing direct) at 2+ Taurus trine trans. Pholus (a small cause begets a big effect/result) at 2+ Capricorn trine trans. Transpluto (the process of becoming Whole) at 2+ Virgo. another example of the power of a grand trine.

Bob Thank you for that suggestion. The last thing I did for my Dad when I was told he was non responsive was open a channel to him, let him know I was there at let him use my eagerly to feel safe and hopefully pass easier. I do believe it worked.
Emma, keeping the line of communication to the spirt world has been a thing for me. But that you for saying it. I had another friend pass yesterday and I hadn’t thought of it in the middle of my Dad… I appreciate the reminder. I never want to lose my connection to my friend. He made me smarter and funnier…

Is there some ‘you will be surrounded by death’ transit? If so can someone tell me how long it lasts.

Ja – I’m blown away by Beth Owl’s Daughter’s page. So much information… so much to consider. It’s one of those to read, and then go back when everyone else is asleep and read in-depth with no interruptions. Thank you for posting the link!

Angellight – I just read an interesting sideline on Mormons, and how they are particularly opposed and offended by anything that looks authoritarian. They even still have trade among themselves, rather than global. Of course, Mitt Romney doesn’t fit that bill! (LOL)

But it does explain a bit more about Mike Lee’s attitude and outrage. I wonder why and how he can remain an Repub and Trump apologist. Imagine the cognitive dissonance the guy has got to be going thru!

Eliseo – what happened to your left arm? You gotta be careful toting around stacks and boxes of books! Healing energies coming your way…

Let’s all of us here visualize Eliseo’s left arm with the tendons & nerves relaxed, healthy, strong, and without inflammation. In the meantime, Eliseo, keep nurturing and favoring it, and, slightkc, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Angellight, thanks for all the really good and informative posts (and congratulations on your mother switching her support to Joe!).

One of the posts that I found very interesting, I looked up the source for, to see if it learned left or right, etc., and media bias fact check came up and said that it wasn’t credible….which doesn’t mean that the info isn’t, but I thought I’d mention it.

“Days after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, new and important information is coming to light from a speech given by the Iraqi prime minister. The story behind Soleimani’s assassination seems to go much deeper than what has thus far been reported, involving Saudi Arabia and China as well the U.S. dollar’s role as the global reserve currency.”



Hey slightKC,
I’ve had problems with my neck, left arm and middle two fingers on my left hand for a few years, but it’s gotten much worse lately. It’s from an injury, possibly from when I was involved in the civil rights movement, and/or maybe from the time I prevented a young man from setting himself on fire back in the 80’s. Unfortunately,he was a champion boxer and I was not. He thanked me with his fists whereupon I went to the hosital and he went to juvenile detention. Years ago I was told I would eventually need laser surgery. That time may be coming soon. Lately, its hurt like hell. I just can’t carry any weight on my left arm. I really need a physically strong research assistant.

Focused on your left arm and was immediately directed to neck. Please look into as soon as you are able!

Marie of Marie’s Table mentioned a segment of today’s Morning Joe in which chairs were being carried from WH to a moving van, The folk there were asking if we have a president Pence. She has been looking for more information all day and has found none. Anyone catch the segment?

House Votes to Refrain Trump’s Iran War Powers

“We have seen that developments can change day by day, hour by hour,” said Representative Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts. “Should tensions escalate again, Congress should have a say before hostilities are launched. It is really that simple.”

“An Iranian surface-to-air missile brought down the jetliner,”

Do you think this president feels any responsibility for the 176 innocent lives lost in this totally avoidable tragedy.

Thank the stars for Pelosi!

Can you believe it’s been 18 years the USA has been in Afghanistan? It’s all so crazy!

I wonder if (and hope for) next week will start to crack open info on global organized crime which Trump is a player in. It’s all about the oil and gas.

No, but he did take credit for the significantly lower rate of cancer deaths.

Comment from nyt’s:
“John Kerry speaks the truth when he points out that Donald Trump took office in January of 2017 was the personal beneficiary of a tremendous gift in the form of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Instead of using that gift to make progress in solving the problem of the Iranian theocracy and buying some time, President Trump foolishly threw the gift aside. He did so because he saw the nuclear deal as an achievement of his predecessor, Barack Obama, and the Trump envy of Obama got the better of him. Trump did the same thing with the Affordable Care Act for the same childish envy.

Whether or not Donald Trump yearns for war, in the second phase of his first term, he surrounded himself with people whose main goal was to wage wars generally, with a special focus on Iran. Every decision by Donald Trump seems designed to benefit Russia and Vladimir Putin, and the termination of the Iran nuclear deal was no exception.

Trump could have closed his ears to the real war hawk on Iran, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Instead, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Qassim Suleimani on Pompeo’s urging.

There was no strategy driving that death order. It was Trump’s surrender to Pompeo’s ambition.”



“The South Node opposes the North Node (path forward) at 8+ Cancer which conjuncts Trump’s natal Mercury and I believe it is forcing Trump to say things he doesn’t want to say.”

I find your assertion curious at very least. Are you suggesting that the exertion of electromagnetic energy of the planets and stars are actually “forcing Trump to say things he doesn’t want to say”? Do you believe he has any free choice or self-determination or that the celestial bodies literally compel him to behave with a lack of conscience restraint or morality? Do you believe he is at the mercy of the heavens?

These 3 Republicans voted with the House Dems to limit the president’s war powers: Republicans Reps. Matt Gaetz and Francis Rooney of Florida & Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky. It passed “by a nearly party line vote of 224-194 on Thursday evening, will next go to the Senate.” (CNN)

Matt Gaetz!

NY Post. Jupiter is flinging asteroids at earth.

Back to that January 14th date…….. could it be the commencement of the impeachment trial?

McConnell tells Republicans He Expects Impeachment Trial Next Week

January 9, 2020

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday told Republican senators that he expects Speaker Nancy Pelosi to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate as soon as Friday, setting up an impeachment trial that begins early next week.

While senators and aides cautioned that McConnell does not have inside intelligence, the remarks serve as key scheduling advice for senators. Most Republicans are now gearing up for the relentless pace of the impeachment trial to start on Monday or Tuesday.



Re. your post, Sharon, January 9th, 2020
at 4:28 pm, about Strategic Culture.org, I am sure your post is well intended, but it appears to be an example of fake news/fake websites: this Strategic Culture website supposedly gives background on the Middle East situation and the comments are “interesting”, but there is no basis in a reality that can be traced to sources according to the fact checker site below.

The fact checker link gives some idea of who these guys may really be. A person certainly has to be careful of what to believe and what not to believe (and which of one’s biases might be inadvertently triggered)! Anyway, it is not good to spread stuff without knowing where it comes from, and that it is legitimate news, rather than pure (bs) propaganda from a biased source.


Founded in 2010, the Strategic Culture Foundation (SCF) provides a platform for exclusive analysis, research and policy comment on Eurasian and global affairs.

SCF completely lacks transparency by not listing owners or editors. Further, the domain is registered in Russia, which the owners do not openly disclose and there is not a contact page provided.

Funded by / Ownership
Ownership of the Strategic Culture Foundation is not disclosed. We cannot determine how revenue is derived as there does not appear to be a source of monetization (ads, donations, etc). However, the site features authors and has maintenance costs, so funding is coming from somewhere.

Analysis / Bias
In review, the Strategic Culture Foundation is a Russian propaganda website that favors the authoritarian right. This source also frequently reports pro-Russian conspiracy theories such as these….etc.”

Well no Will, that’s not what I was saying. So sorry I confused you.

I was trying to say the astrological symbolism of the transiting North Node (symbolism which would encourage a positive direction momentum, unlike what would be normal for Trump), by being conjunct Trump’s Mercury (speech, thought), was actually increasing the chances that he would be impeached by the Senate trial.

For example 2 Republicans, angered by Trump’s briefing on the killing of Iran’s general, now support a war powers resolutions that would curtail Trump’s ability to do such a thing again. The more he says the more likely he loses support.

But now that I have your attention, the chart for the conjunction of Mars and Saturn (April 2, 2018) that opposed Trump’s Mercury (and the now transiting North Node) had a sextile between Jupiter in Scorpio at 22+ degrees (where trans Mars was around the Christmas solar eclipse) and Pluto at 21+ Capricorn.

That sextile formed a Yod with Trump’s Sun (22+ Gemini) and the US natal Mars (21+ Gemini). That sextile between Jupiter and Pluto has been forcing Trump’s Sun and US natal Mars (not by electromagnetic energy necessarily but in the same way the winter solstice influences your natal Sun) to adjust to the pressure coming from the dual quincunxes from them (them being Pluto and Jupiter in the Mars-Saturn conjunction chart that opposes Trump’s Mercury).

I suppose I should find a better phrase than “forcing” (although squares and quincunxes can feel like forcing) and I confess that I don’t grasp the actual way the planets, shall we say “transmit” the energies they represent onto the humans they aspect. I just know they do.


What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies?
Look to Nixon’s defenders and the Vichy collaborators, for clues.

A brilliant and incisive essay by Frank Rich.

BarbK et al: I am not sure I understand the discussion fully, but are you really thinking the Senate might actually impeach Trump?

Not a hope, imo. Why even think it? When the fix is in, it’s IN.

The bad part is it’s far more serious than just a fix. At least to do a fix, the people involved have to talk! But Trump has effectively taken over all government functions by his audacious act – alone.

He consulted nobody – (apparently) one man decided effectively to start a war, all by his little orange haired lonesome. And the fact that it hasn’t started is to the credit of everybody else but him.

It’s supposed to be a democracy. Nancy Pelosi is courageous (and right), but nobody knows now how this is going to play out. Even banana republics do better than this – at least the perception is that all ‘the generals’ get clued in before somebody shoots. But not in Trump’s case. So, what kind of democracy is it, really? This is truly shocking.

Washington Post has an article which is about the most sober thing I’ve ever read (and I was around in the days of JFK, etc.) It’s a sad, sad day. The North Node can say what it wants, but all those aspects in Capricorn are saying something very different.


Emma & Sharon,
Many Thanks for your kind healing meditations.

Yes, the original injury was to my neck. In the past I’ve had xrays and MRI’s done and will again. I’m seeing a chiropractor, but will probably get laser surgery sometime this year.

Cortisone shots to my spine were suggested while I was in Texas, but I demurred as I was in my home town, a place declared by Forbes magazine as dead last in quality of medical care in their list of Am. communities of 100,000 population or more. For the same and other reasons I also demurred on the laser surgery.

I need to be employed. I’m running out of savings just to live. But I’m not sure I’ll have enough energy to work. My pain level leaves me exhausted. But at least I’m in an area with competent medical personnel here in the Pacific Northwest.

Eliseo, have you tried finding a good acupuncturist.

Beowulfie, thanks for joining in; indeed, impeachment by the Senate does look impossible from our perspective. I will say it again, we are in a process the scope of which goes way beyond the man Trump himself.

In a couple of years the US progressed Venus will oppose the US progressed Saturn, which transiting Uranus opposes now, and Venus does and always will symbolizes values. I believe we are in the process, world wide, of reassessing our values; less about status and wealth, more about becoming whole.

You have said it well, “the fact that it (war) hasn’t started is to the credit of everybody else but him.”

We (everybody else) realize that only the people (corporations) that benefit from war are the guns, ammo, tanks, etc. manufacturers and, of course, the muy macho uber masculine remnants of the dying patriarchy, of which Trump fancies himself one of.

Nonetheless, it takes determination, belief in ourselves and time to clean out the rot that has infested our systems (Saturn). People like yourself who despair of Trump and the infestation he represents are needed to push forward, like the pioneers who built this country, to teach others what has gone wrong and how to “fix it”. Yes it can be fixed if we have the will to do so.

As for the symbolism of a north node, it is like an arrow on a roadside sign that points the positive way forward, and I do feel it is part of the same process as the “aspects in Capricorn”. If Trump was only half as bad as he is we might not take enough action to make the overall changes necessary.

When we watch a movie that makes us cringe and our hair stand on end, the movie is making a point that something awful is happening (or could happen). That’s Trump’s “job” in this process; make us cringe and our hair stand on end. He is very good at it isn’t he?

There are more US citizens paying attention to the US government and the US society and its institutions now than when JFK was assassinated, thanks to wild-man Trump. You don’t need to go to the movies, or have a smart phone or be a regular on Nancy’s blog to grasp that chaos is afoot. Did you know that the US natal Chaos is conjunct the US natal Neptune?

This means the Saturn-Pluto ensemble transiting in Capricorn not only trines the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo. the fix it sign) it trines the US natal Chaos (23+ Virgo)! From chaos comes new ideas, new dreams and even new hope.

This year is the start of that new beginning; a very important part of the overall process of becoming whole. Like the rising of a phoenix from the ashes (a Pluto thing) the US will transform itself; what do you think Pluto Returns are about?

Barbk, Thank you for this reality check. I was losing it last night.

Canadians are mourning the loss of 63 of its brightest and best citizens from that “oopsie” initiated singlehandedly by you know who. Waiting for an apology……but never I suppose!

p.s. agree with Beowoulfie re: making sure the sites you share are as legitimate and trustworthy as possible, or are obviously just for fun.

I heard that Nancy Pelosi will be on a live show of This Week Sunday morning on ABC. Apparently she usually tapes those appearances so her appearing live is speculation for some news she’ll have.. interesting Saturn/Pluto conj timing..

Just for the record, I was not posting a link to that site, Beowoulfie– I was pointing out that it was not a credible site by posting a link to an assessment of it!

I had found the article interesting and wondered if it were true so I made a point of googling reviews of the website to see if anything was written on whether it was credible or biased and I posted the fact check results, along with the original post, stating that it was not a credible site.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear but you also may not have read my post carefully enough.

No hard feelings……..Sharon

The original post was not made by me, but by another poster. It is not important whom it was was. I believe the point has been made but many of us slip through posts sometimes that share “insider” info that seem credible. This site is was said to be used to propagate misleading stories planted by Russia. However, who knows – there may be some truth to it.

A good read from Matthew including:

“…From our vantage point, we see that President Trump, albeit unwittingly, is nudging the aforementioned Middle East situations into hastening the dispersal of streamers with dark attachments….”


Although I have always liked the Matthew msgs, I have to say that I don’t totally buy them. I do believe there are worse people than Trump, war hawks, etc., but Matthew paints him like a do-gooder and saint. Huh? Same for Putin? And neither are part of the Illuminati? Whether or not they are, they don’t appear to be intentional, peace-loving good guys to me. I don’t get it. No one is all-bad but…. As far as the Affordable Care Plan or Obamacare, that was supposed to be an intermediary step towards, possibly, one-payor or Medicare for all, it would have been a huge changeover (take it from someone worked within the medical system during other Medicare & Medicaid restructuring endeavors) to go much further than that. As you might remember, the ACA alone caused a huge budget deficit increase and now we are much, much higher. I don’t think Obama, realistically, could have done anything else, especially with the Republicans and probably some Democrats against it. And then it was used, after the first 2 years of Obama, to push for more Republican control which occurred in the Senate. Can you imagine how many more seats we would have lost if a one-payer system had passed? I don’t claim to know that much about it but it doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe more of you understand where Matthew is coming from?


The nerves of the middle fingers come into the spinal cord at the 7th cranial vertebra. If you look at this illustration, you can see the entire area of the body served by that nerve and where the nerve is on the spinal cord. If go slowly and move your fingers along those areas of the body, you should find one or more very tender spots. Hold them gently. Let your fingers very slowly try to sink into those spots. Take your time and breathe deeply. It may take several days of work to loosen them up. Run your fingers in slow circles around the tender spots. You may be able to do a lot to have your sore fingers and arm and shoulder feel better. If you can’t reach them, try laying on a tennis Ball.


Also, this is one of the best things I’ve found and used for sore necks. It’s firm enough but soft enough to feel good. You just position it on your neck and lay there, letting the nubs slowly sink into your neck muscles.

Again, go very slowly. If it hurts, back off and move it above or below the sore spot and slowly work until you can position it right on the sore spot.

You could try using it on your shoulder and arm, too.

Teresa, was this meant for Eliseo? Admittedly, I found it interesting about the nerves in the middle finger and might just try these moves myself.


Sorry. My brain isn’t working properly. Yes, for Eliseo and her poor fingers and neck. But I recommend that neck thing for anyone with pain and stiffness there.

Also, you can look up the areas of the body served by each of the 26 spinal nerves by looking up Dermatomes. That’s what they’re called. Each of the nerves serves a specific area of the body, and those areas are called Dermatomes. If something hurts or feels pinched or numb, trigger point massage theory says you have an area of tightness/nerve impingement somewhere in that Dermatome.

Sharon K,
I’ve always found it truly weird, the assumption that because someone has died, gone to the other side, that their “new” condition somehow renders them omniscient.

If Uncle Harry was a drunk and a ner’do’well in life, what makes us think he can “see” any more clearly than we can just because he died? For that matter, if UH was NOT a drunk, never had any of those sort of problems, was a truly wonderful psychologically healthy guy, again how would death bring him any more objective knowledge about the world or future trends or events? He’d be lucky just to understand himself better in preparation to again incarnate.

Dying does not automatically transform a child, an adult, an elephant, or a monkey, no matter how bright or talented in life, into a geopolitical genius who knows the future.

Some might say, “But s/he’s in touch with higher beings.” Well, guess what? They Don’t Know Either! Purported nonhuman beings, angels, aliens, or other sorts of entities in all likelihood cannot be any more prescient than are we living human beings.

WHY? Because we have freewill, AND because the future does not exist. Theoretically, we might take a time machine into the past, as those events and experiences have already occurred. But the future? Which future? It’s not determined yet.

In contrast, astrology works because we understand orbital geometry, and have centuries of experience with the effects of celestial bodies, even though we as of yet do not understand the causal relationship. Knowing where a planet will be (in probability) reveals no specific events, but does reveal trends and influences.

It’s very much like weather prediction. If we know that tomorrow it will probably rain, we can reliably surmise fewer people will (again probably) be outside, and more indoors. We also can say there will probably be more car accidents. Knowing anything more would require more objective knowledge.

In the election of 2016, we could see that in the immediate post-election period Mr.T was not going to be happy. But astrology did not tell us why, only the transits influencing his thoughts and feelings. We did not understand or consider his intention was not to win, but to garner publicity with which to further enrich himself. Living within his narcissistic ego, he later changed his mood and, his mind, but that’s another story.

My point is that even astrology, a system far more precise, a system using real data, a system which requires both intellect and intuition is limited as to what foreknowledge it can impart.

Presuming channelling and/or seances are “real” i.e. are what the medium or channeler believes they are, communication with the dead, is surely far more limited in what knowledge can be reliably conveyed, as opposed to the claims and assumptions of the medium receiving our cash.

SharonK, I understand your reluctance to accept some of what Matthew has said about Trump and Putin. Actually, the message today is much more understandable to me than the one a few years ago when he did say they were good people or something akin to that. I know his Mother and she can’t stand Trump.
Personally, I don’t think Trump is smart enough to be a member of the Illuminati. He just does whatever he thinks will serve his own greedy self. Pompeo, on the other hand….oh yes, you bet. Putin, too, might be solely motivated by greed, the desire for power and to bring back the mighty Soviet Union.
The rest of his message about Obama was reassuring to me. I want to go back and reread about Australia but if we can all visualize those golden rain drops falling on Australia, I believe it could really make a difference.

Thanks Charles (CJ) for posting Matthews Message. It’s earlier than usual and I wouldn’t have looked for it before early next week.


I have never accepted the Matthew material as serious or profound. People deal with the passing of loved ones differently; in this instance, I believe the mother of Matthew (unless I got it wrong) has created an imaginary “next-life persona” of her son in order to manage her grief, guilt, intolerance of his passing. Don’t get me wrong – there are people who I have come to believe are credible “channelers” for souls who have passed over. There are major volumes of works of psycho-spiritual literature that have been “written through” a few extraordinarily in-tuned and sensitive individuals; i.e.; The Seth Material as dictated by Jane Roberts and some of the works of Edgar Cayce With respect to the Matthew material specifically however, I’ve always had my critical-thinking skills fully-engaged and pointing decidedly toward the “I don’t think so” reading. The give-away for me is when the “teaching” begin to take on decidedly polarized political postures; that’s when I perceive it as hocus pocus and a rather despicable form of manipulation.

Sharon, you have a much more accepting and softer boundaries than I do. I’m not saying I’m right, but I can’t help but to feel good about you seeing through some of this Matthew business.

posting facebook link for anyone interested – aboriginal energy activation ceremony tomorrow – https://www.facebook.com/10NewsAdl/posts/the-interrupted-ceremonyin-january-2020-a-massive-planetary-energy-activation-is/2786902861374442/

I agree about Matthew & his mother. It seems to me for every credible channeler there is one or more who are IN-credible.

I learned through my experience with hypnotherapy how pliable are our imaginations. False memory syndrome is real. Although some channelings are surely real, false channelings also occur.

Teresa Hill,
Thank You for the info.

No, I haven’t tried acupuncture yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

for Sunday from Neptune Cafe:

sunday january 12th-
at 1:51am mercury cojoins saturn at 22’44 capricorn, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn is an aspect for being serious, grounded and committing our mind to some kind of practice or focus. this is great for research and long term focus. the shadow is that mercury/saturn can exacerbate pessimism, cynicism and depression. today mercury triggers the EXACT saturn/pluto conjunction- which makes his aspects even more important and significant right now. for a very deep dive into the astrology of 2020 and particularly

at 2:14am mercury cojoins pluto at 22’46 capricorn, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is great for deep talks, being in therapy and getting to the root of matters. this is an excellent aspect in the chart of a therapist or shaman as there is the capacity to go deep. yet mercury/pluto can also bring up shadow in communication- revealing Truths that have been hidden or perhaps unearthing power/control dynamics. navigating communication terrain wisely! mercury is triggering the saturn/pluto conjunction and pluto/eris square- so PAY ATTENTION to what you hear, think, say, read or otherwise receive via information and communications. watch out for dogma and power dynamics and instead focus on getting to the Truth and empowering yourself to speak up and to listen to the Truths of others!

mercury in capricorn squares eris in aries at 8:50am, making for some revealing and unexpected communication or information today. mercury in capricorn likes what is linear and logical. eris in aries likes to upset the apple cart by showing us what no wants to look at or talk about. be aware in communication today and don’t engage in combat just for the sake of it. if you need to take a stand do so but be sure you are aware of your own shadow that might be running you today. mercury is triggering the saturn/eris square (exact for the first time 1/16) and the pluto/eris square (exact for the first time 1/26)- so there can be some topsy turvy information and communication incoming today! watch out for unskillful expression of anger and rage- but at the same time be sure to use your voice, stand for what you believe in and hold your ground (balance is key).

at 8:59am saturn cojoins pluto at 22’46 capricorn, commencing a brand new 33 year cycle. the highest expression of saturn/pluto is mastery over the shadow, integrity and transformation. the lowest expression can manifest as those in power trying to maintain power in shady, seedy ways. the toxic patriarchal consciousness is dying. what will replace it? this is not about matriarchy vs patriarchy. this is about HIERSOGAMOS of masculine and feminine so that BOTH are informing the new cycle we are seeding. war consciousness comes when we are divided within and without. healing happens when we take back projections, start doing the VERY DEEP INNER WORK required and what we do within impact the without.

then at 9:31pm pluto cojoins ceres at 22’47 capricorn, aligning the Lord of the Underworld with the Great Mother Goddess asteroid. if you know your greek mythology you know that pluto/hades did not get along with ceres/demeter as he abducted her daughter persephone and took her into the underworld as his bride. so these two energies do not mix well and they can manifest as dark nights of the Soul, shadowy things coming to Light and a need to look beneath the surface of situations to get to the Truth. home/family situations, parent/child relationships, environmental issues, food supply issues and/or situations regarding safety and security are likely in a state of shock, change and upheaval this week. being willing to look at the shadow realities underlying issues that are up right now is key. don’t just sweep things under the carpet- but also steer clear of power/control dynamics with others as well. don’t give away your power, don’t lord it over others. stay a stand IN your power and take a stand for Mother Earth and all her children at the same time (She needs us and we need Her!).

it’s a potent way- may you move through it with grace, ease, an open heart and clear healthy boundaries…

~divine harmony

I’ve been reviewing some of your comments from past threads. A recent one from Nancy’s previous essay intrigued me.

“it may have been part of the 90’s, or more to the point, the Neptune-Uranus conjunctions that ushered in the scourge of propaganda. In each of the 3 conjunctions between Neptune and Uranus, Mercury is afflicted; their 3rd conjunction had Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Saturn.”

And so I wonder. All things eventually die, including propaganda generators. As the cycles go, when will this era of right wing/hate radio, internet, and TV “news” end? Or are we afflicted with it now as a permanent feature of our political culture?

Okay Eliseo, I’ve re-read that comment of mine you mentioned, noted the glaring error*, and given some thought to your question.

In Feb. 2026, Trans. Saturn and Neptune at 0+ Aries start a brand new cycle (ending the one that started in 1989 in Capricorn) and a month later trans. Saturn sextiles trans. Pluto. Saturn symbolizes societies in part and the structures within those societies.

This would appear to be a time when societies (Saturn) will be washed (Neptune) clean and have the opportunity to exercise some growth (Saturn sextile Pluto, the 1st after the Saturn-Pluto cycle that begins tomorrow).

Then in July, 2026, trans Uranus sextiles trans. Neptune, then Uranus makes its 1st of 5 trines to trans. Pluto (the last of which trans. Uranus will be conjunct US natal Uranus – the US Uranus Return in 2028) followed by the 1st (of 5) Neptune-Pluto sextile.

That July Uranus will be at 4+ Gemini, Neptune will be at 4+ Aries and Pluto will be at 4+ Aquarius. When has their been such cooperation and harmony among the outer planets?

All this would come following the US natal Pluto Return (2022-23) and the trans. Neptune opposite US natal Neptune that signal upheaval of the “old ways” in our country.

Combined, the US upheaval part followed by the outer planet harmony part, there should be a diminished following of any hate propaganda left standing in the US. That should give us hope.

*I incorrectly said on December 24th that transiting Neptune opposed the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunctions, when in fact Neptune was trine the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions.

Neptune was/is opposite the Uranus-PLUTO conjunctions of 65-66. My apologies.


Thank you for the activation link!


I am relieved to know that you don’t believe planets and stars force us to do anything.


“Dying does not automatically transform a child, an adult, an elephant, or a monkey, no matter how bright or talented in life, into a geopolitical genius who knows the future.”

Wicked good snark!

. .er, transiting Neptune (in Pisces) on December 24 was sextile (not opposite or trine) the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunctions in Capricorn. Heavy sighing here on my end.

will . . I am however, open to believing that one astrological symbol might be able to force (or coerce) another astrological symbol (even more so if there are two symbols coercing another (3rd) symbol, as in a Yod), which in turn can influence the chart of a person/human/corporation/country. All psychologically or emotionally of course. Nothing physical.

Very Interesting! Thank You!
That July 26 period is especially interesting. My natal Mars is at 0 degrees Leo. So, transiting Pluto at 4 degrees Aquarius would essentially be in opposition a bit before that.

This post is about timings of wars and trying to make the outcome of a Third World War so that we can remain free.
For this post I’m translating stuff I read in a Dutch newspaper today.

An ex-marin who became polemologist/’war-ologue’ studied wars from the past 500 years and saw a system in them. He has been predicting for several years that in 2020 a large world-war will break out. Three years ago I first read about him. In the meantime he wrote a thesis about the similarity between war-timings and physical processes. So far no one has been able to contradict his theories. Today there was a new interview with him at https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/de-derde-wereldoorlog-kan-elk-moment-beginnen-en-ik-voorspel-het-al-jaren~bbebe909/

He’s saying that after a what he calls a system war, the winner is able to determine the system all powerful have to abide by. Following three wars will be hard, but won’t really change the system. Until the next system war and the winner of that can determine… etcetera.

Together with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and other stuff I saw coming years ago, I thought he was right when I read about him the first time. Astrology showed a very possible war (in my eyes) and he said the same thing coming from another discipline based on totally different non-star information. So I really considered it possible we’d have war this year. Last week I was only surprised Trump really started THAT early in the year.
This guy, Ingo Piepers, says that by his killing of Solumeyni Trump set off the start of a new system war.
He compares it with the killing of Franz Ferdinand where six weeks after the murder the dominoes of stability had all tumbled down.

The good thing he says is there’s some ‘good way out’. The bad thing is he’s been trying to get in touch with inflluential people but it’s hard to make people listen to him.
The other good thing is he wrote his thesis in English and it’s online and free downloadable. eh.. 730 pages.

I’ll translate:

“If you know that the timing of a war is quite well predictable, you can prepare yourself for it. You may lose the years-lasting war in Afghanistan with no end in view, but you can’t afford to lose a system war. If you lose that, other people will determine what the society you live in will look like and you don’t want that.

That’s why it’s terribly important that government will understand people will very quickly have to work together in creating “United Nations 2.0″, a new Atlantic Manifest that created international order. In 1941, Roosevelt was ready to help Churchill, the last man standing, in Europe, against the Germans but on a condition: This is what we fight for: free trade, a right of self-determination, decolonisation – please sign at the cross.”
This kind of agreements will have to be made in the coming war and themes like population growth, poverty and climate change will be central in it. Those are the present challenges. Take Brasil which controls an area that’s crucial to the continuation: the Amazon. In a new world order you want that to be for everyone. The winners of the next system war will determine how the natural sources will be divided over 10 billion people.

If you don’t watch out, the new world order won’t be democratic but Chinese for instance.”

Piepers talked to NATO’s person for Emerging Security Challenges Jamie Shea about it, but Shea said, the Nato’s mission is to prevent wars so I can’t accept your theory that war is inevitable.

I’m going to write a message to this person to see if astrology and polemology can work together in a way…

Sorry for the language mistakes. I hope the message is clear anyway.

Thank you Margriet….that is amazing and interesting information. With all of the cable & internet news, I hope that the U.S. and world media pick up on this and run with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if many weren’t working on it now and am praying for this. He has a twitter feed I believe and is on facebook. We can also post and tweet the link with a little information about it.

Eliseo, Will, I’m glad you see my point. The Matthew writings posit some beautiful stuff that makes sense. In cases where it is specific though, things do not generally seem to come to past or appear as true. I think of the example of the “space family” always talked about, which is reassuring and I do not discount, but the specific times predicted that they would reveal themselves came and went, with reasons as to why it didn’t happen. Maybe they still will. Another thing I liked was the reassurance that there will never be a nuclear war. I imagine at this point, there are more sophisticated weapons, including cyber ones but, still, very good to hear and I hope, true.

Yes, Will, as someone with sun, mars, venus, jupiter, MC & NN in Pisces, I do have soft boundaries. However, don’t discount my moon/pluto in Leo (2nd house) opp mercury in Aquarius (8th) which give me a very sharp, penetrating discernment that I can often allow to guide me (although Leo is big-hearted & Pisces soft-hearted and Aquarius is not personally as empathetic [it seems] so there is a tug of war). Over the years, I’ve learned to use the Leo/Aquarius, and my progressed planets are also far past Pisces. I also have a 10 cancer ascendant conj a 6 cancer uranus – so there you go, the sensitivity & giving nature, with a uranian streak. Most of my Pisces is in the 9th (Jup, sun) and 10th so I have to watch the Sag tendency to stick the proverbial foot in my mouth.

wow margriet – that’ll take time to digest. thanks for the translation

Good idea, Sharon K. I posted it on Facebook. I don’t twitter.

Megxit is a new word for 2020. It refers to Meghan and Harry’s move to Toronto. Meghan is already there with her two dogs, which appears to be an irrevocable departure. Harry is said to be following within 72 hours.

This will cost Canadian taxpayers millions for their security. We have to pay for the royal family’s issues. Look for a wave of republicanism in Australia, New Zealand and Canada when Elizabeth II goes.

So Justin Trudeau currently has two hot-button files: the Iranian air crash and negotiations with the British government over living conditions for the latest wayward members of the Royal Firm.

I wondered when the the Saturn-Pluto conjunction would catch up with the Queen. It hits her Ascendant exactly and Uranus just turned direct 2 degrees from her Sun.

Interesting OP-Ed on AOC & Biden.
It inadvertently illustrates we need a multi party system with ranked instant runoff voting. Maybe we’ll get that in years to come?

AOC should leave the Democratic Party

People having the same aspects occurring in their charts (natal, progressed, or by transits) do not have the same experiences at those times perhaps because of location, physical or mental abilities, gender, or choices they make

By: Bob on March 11th, 2018, at 5:45 pm from Nancy’s “Corporate Overlords” – excerpts A through E

“Excerpts from my own posts about astrology not being able to specifically predict anything.
“I don’t think there are signatures for anything in astrology. For every world leader, sports champion, movie star, singing legend, astronaut who has been on the Moon, mass murderer, serial killer, or rapist, there are very likely hundreds, if not thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands, of people in the world with same day birth charts having the same aspects, VOC Moons, etc., who did not perform as they did on their most prominent day or during their entire lives.”

Another post:

A case of having the same date and year of birth but different experiences at the same time and at the same place:

“2 other people born on the same day (no times found), but having only a very short time relationship when one murdered the other.

Robert Napper, born Feb 25, 1966, born in Erith, a district of south-east London within the London Borough of Bexley.

Samantha Bisset, born the same day as Napper. See below. “Ms Bisset grew up in a middle-class Dundee household . . .”


“In May 1994 a paranoid schizophrenic by the name of Robert Napper was arrested and charged with the Blisset murders, having been belatedly identified as a result of fingerprint evidence found at the crime scene. (The delay in his arrest being explained by the fact that he not only had the same birthday as his victim but also had fingerprints that were so similar to hers that it took some time for the forensic service to realise that they were in fact from two different people.)”

Interestingly, next year Uranus turns direct one week before the Inauguration right on Melania’s Sun.

Maybe she’s only staying with him because he’s President and will go when he’s not.

Can’t help but to believe that Melania has/is being paid handsomely for standing by the dirt bag.


“The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

-William Shakespeare, Julius Cesar

More than 123 fires are still burning across New South Wales, with 50 said to be uncontained. 25 humans dead. Now, one billion animals dead.

Australia is the largest exporter (and if I’m not mistaken the largest user) of coal. Their environmental policies as a whole are suicidal.

I have a feeling the current unfolding climate catastrophe will move the Australian body politic to oust and replace the predominating corporate puppets and PM in Parliament with greener, more sensible legislators. God/Goddess help them.

An interesting phenomenon:
I know people in several states, all of whom are either Dems, or Dem Socialists. I notice my friends in blue states are more optimistic about (A) the possibility of soon removing Trump from office and/or (B) defeating him in November 2020, whereas friends in red states are far more pessimistic. The local political environment really does affect one’s perception.

I’m confused. I know you are a New Zealander, not an Aussie, but perhaps you know which chart is used to signify the birth of Australia.

Technically, January 01, 1901 is the day Australia was authorized or officially declared a nation, but Australia day is now January 26, relative to the day in 1788 when colonists arrived. But Australia day has in the past been celebrated on various other days.

I’d really like to look at the transits
relative to Australia’s current climate problems. Which date, time, and place do Australian astrologers use for their nativity chart?


You feeling better?

will – very smart you! Shakespeare was so right, the faults are in us and not the stars, and were it not for amazing astrologers like Nancy we would be clueless as to when those faults would surface and how long before they go away. Thank goddess for astrology.

So here we are, the day transiting Saturn conjuncts transiting Pluto at 22+ Capricorn and trines the US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, and trines the degree where Jupiter and Saturn at 22+ Taurus started their present cycle almost 20 years ago.

I was curious as to when transiting Saturn would have arrived at it’s conjunction of US Neptune and it was in August, 2009. Less than 2 weeks later, Pres. Obama was speaking to a joint session of Congress when Republican Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” after Obama said “illegal immigrants would not be covered” (or words to that effect) under his healthcare proposal.

The chart for when trans. Saturn made it’s conjunction to the US NATAL Neptune (the half-way point between today’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in 2000) on August 27, 2009, had Mercury at 1+ Libra, conjunct the US natal chart’s MC (reputation), square trans. Pluto at 0+ Capricorn and square trans. Mars at 1+ Cancer which made a T-square pattern.

Today transiting Saturn trines his (ongoing) cycle with the US Neptune in Virgo and trines his (ongoing) cycle with trans. Jupiter in Taurus, as he starts his new cycle with Pluto. This ends the Saturn-Pluto cycle that began in 1982 at 27+ Libra, which trined the US natal Moon (US people) at 27+ Aquarius and squared US natal Pluto (US power) at 27+ Capricorn.

I would say one example of the old Saturn-Pluto cycle’s trine to the US natal Moon would be Obamacare and one example of the old Saturn-Pluto cycle’s square to the US Pluto would be President Obama’s second term.

This new Saturn-Pluto cycle opposes the US natal Mercury as well as being trine the US natal Neptune. Perhaps this Saturn-Pluto opposition to US Mercury and trine the US Neptune has to do with the amount of lies (Neptune) that run rampant in all forms of communications (Mercury).

Eliseo, as in the usa, there are more than one chart used for aussie. see https://www.astrologyweekly.com/countries/australia.php

and https://www.astro.com/nat/natau_e.htm

“Mark Esper on CBS: I didn’t see the intelligence about Iran posing an imminent threat to 4 US embassies, but I believe President Trump when he says there was one”


“North Korea said it was “deceived” by the United States and would be ending its openness to discussions after a year and a half of broken down denuclearization talks.

In a statement published by the state news agency KCNA, top Foreign Ministry official Kim Kye Gwan said that the rogue state was moving on from negotiations after “wasted time” in ultimately unsuccessful nuclear negotiations with the US.

“We have been deceived by the United States, being caught in the dialogue with it for over one year and a half, and that was the lost time for us,” Gwan wrote in the statement.

The official also said that despite diplomatic acts like President Donald Trump’s recent birthday greeting sent to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the leaders’ “personal” relationship is not enough to persuade the state at large to return to the table with the US.”

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/north-korea-says-deceived-by-the-united-states-2020-1

Not sure of the source of this Nov published article, but it is interesting given the incompetent ‘management’ of the fires by aussie PM

Eliseo, for your interest, just came across 2020 astro predictions for australia by jessica adams

Thanks for that, kiwi. Honestly, I haven’t stopped crying about the animals and the photos of the koalas and the kangaroos and the other creatures. At least the Aquarian age will bring some relief, the sooner the better. Meanwhile, praying for Australia and the whole planet, with whatever visualization comes to me.

“The Aquarian age will bring some relief”. I wouldn’t count on it. Technology will provide some solutions but Pluto in Pisces square Neptune in Gemini in the latter half of the century will bring the environmental crisis to its peak.

kiwi, Fascinating Jessica Adams read.
Thank you.

I don’t doubt that, Andre. On the other hand, there will be a lot of more enlightened people, groups, communities, countries acting together to create change, don’t you think? It’s too late to stop many of the climate change effects but I hope we come up with remedies to at least put fires out faster and rescue large groups of those who need immediate rescue as well as living situations for displaced peoples, finding ways to provide for them in the transition. It will be a major challenge. Maybe all of the work being done now to create housing for those without living shelter will be part of this and can be expanded upon. Maybe awareness of the spiritual side of the material world will grow and people will be more interested in actually helping their brothers and sisters, as opposed to entertainment, guns, and BS. I know Aquarius has the ideologue side but it is also a universalist sign.

Kiwi, Many Thanks for sharing. Fascinating is the word, Ja.

sharon and andre – stories are coming out of oz about strangers helping and sharing resources with strangers – humanity pulling together in times of hardship/crisis – the best of aquarian traits.

From vedic astrologer Ron Berger:

Joe Biden Astrology Chart & Predictions for Nomination

“The Vedic Astrology Chart for Joe Biden shows that he is Scorpio Rising with Venus & Sun in his Ascendant, and Aries Moon in his 6th house. He has an ideal chart for a Politician. Mr. Biden’s Predictions for getting the Democrat 2020 nomination look pretty good, but there will also be some setbacks early in the year.”


“Looking forward, transiting Uranus is heading to Iran’s Chiron and Midheaven, which undoubtedly spells more anxiety and potential trouble. More importantly, its progressed Mars is now at 27º Aries where it squares the U.S. Pluto at 27º Capricorn. This can be seen as Iran’s military challenging the U.S. powerhouse. This connection will be exact in September, at a time when Trump may decide to enhance his election prospects by further provoking Iran.”


Mundane Horoscope of Australia:
Ceremonial Proclamation of the Federation

Proclamation Chart

Eclipse just before fires got out of control

Swearing in chart with eclipse chart

Swearing in chart with eclipse chart

Just found this on the site I got the data from:

“This entire site (Transcendental Nations) & its contents are Copyright © 2017, 2018 by Robert Couteau. All rights reserved. All text Copyright © 2017, 2018 by Robert Couteau and cannot be used without the written and expressed consent of the author.”

I did not ask for or receive permission so I ask admin here to delete the text of my post but leave the links to the charts as that is my work.

Happy birthday Andrew Yang, I didn’t realize that your natal Uranus at 2+ Scorpio was conjunct the US progressed Saturn and both are opposed by transiting Uranus at 2+ Taurus right now.

That transiting Uranus is part of a grand trine with trans. Pholus (small cause, big effect) in Cap and transiting transPluto (becoming whole) in Virgo, a grand trine which is now part of the new Saturn-Pluto cycle (30+ years long).

This means that not only is your natal Sun at 22+ Capricorn part of a 3+ decade long cycle, so is your natal Uranus part of a grand trine (that has turned into a Kite pattern thanks to US prog. Saturn) within that new Saturn-Pluto cycle. It is your natal Uranus (that conjuncts the present US progressed Saturn) in Scorpio that makes transiting Uranus (unexpected) in Taurus the focal point of that grand trine.

Furthermore, your natal Chiron conjuncts the US natal Chiron, and your natal Saturn conjuncts the US natal Sun-Psyche in Cancer and they square the US natal Saturn in Libra!

Then there is your natal Venus in Aquarius that trines your natal Pluto in Libra which completes a grand trine to the US natal Uranus in Gemini which tells me you will be a key player in the coming breakthroughs that will advance the USA.

But here is what I love best about your natal chart Andrew; your natal Sun (like the Saturn-Pluto conjunction yesterday) is trine the US natal Neptune in Virgo as well as trine the present cycle of Saturn and Jupiter, a cycle that began in Taurus.

These signs are earth signs that speak to reality; what happens in the real world to real people. No hocus-pocus stuff that we have had too much of lately. We need someone like you to lead our country; someone who deals with real problems in a real way. Here’s a heads up Andrew . . .

This coming April 22, 2020, there will be a new moon at 3+ Taurus, opposite your natal Uranus at 2+ Scorpio. The New Moon chart’s Mercury at 20+ Aries will conjunct your natal Chiron and the US natal Chiron. Juno in this New Moon chart conjuncts your natal Pluto at 9+ Libra in your natal chart’s 9th house. Juno is about partnership and also about defending the disenfranchised. I believe you will have an opportunity to provide a great service to your country at this time.

The April New Moon chart’s Juno and your natal Pluto in Libra will trine the US natal Uranus in Gemini, along with Joe Biden’s natal Saturn and Elizabeth Warren’s natal Mars. They may be part of the service you will be called on to perform.

I feel certain you will play a big role in something this Spring and you will likely become better known by the US people for your abilities and wisdom. Good luck Andrew! Sincerely, barbk

Upcoming Saturn opposite US Mercury impacting transportation and communication systems:


Sharon and kiwi, I agree the finer humanitarian aspect of Aquarius should and will come to the fore. But much more will be needed, particularly in the governments of Australia, the US and Brazil where brotherly love is not a strong suit.

I wonder what happens when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius collides with Uranus in Taurus (management of land) next year.

Thank you Nancy.

Another thing that the Matthew readings used to talk about that I just remembered was something like universal debt forgiveness (?) Just reading on CNN that the global debt rate is at the highest it’s been (“the world is drowning in debt” was the phrase used) – so, some debt forgiveness could be in order at some point.

Kiwi & Bob,
Many Thanks for the Australia info.
I recall several years ago an Australian individual using a masculine sounding name posted here occasionally. I wonder whatever happened to “him.”

I also wonder about Alex and fierywoman. Haven’t heard from them in ages.

Kiwi & Bob,
Many Thanks for the Australia info.
I recall several years ago an Australian individual using a masculine sounding name posted here occasionally. I wonder whatever happened to “him.”

I also wonder about Alex and fierywoman. Haven’t heard from them in ages.

I wholeheartedly agree with this comment from the nyt’s!

“Would this situation with Prince Harry and his wife have developed if Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids and networks not published cruel and inflammatory stories? Yes, public response to the stories reveals the darker side of those who purchased and read them, but in a civilized world people try to grow beyond their dark side and become more understanding and compassionate of all people.

When we grow and mature, we realize that whether we are rich or poor, black or white, famous or not, we are all human beings. We all need to feel safe, that our lives have meaning, that our individual differences are accepted, and our privacy is respected.

Murdoch has appealed to the worst in us and has gained enormous wealth and power from sales in Great Britain, the United States, his native Australia, and Asia. (He is not the only publisher who thrives in the shadows of the psyche; he is an example of the type.) These reporters and photographers are like sharks that have smelled blood.”


Cory Booker has dropped out of the race.
Too bad. He wasn’t my favorite, but he had some good ideas. The process is much to much based on money, as opposed to the quality of the person, their abilities, or the quality of their ideas. The way we select our candidates is crazy.

Rachel Maddie reporting that Moscow Mitch doesn’t have the votes to stop a Senate trial. That we will have witness testimony.

My post on DemocraticUnderground on January 13, 2019.

“12. Dates in January 2020 – Sun Jan 13, 2019, 11:46 AM
Last edited Sun Jan 13, 2019, 12:16 PM – Edit history (1)”

“I began posting about the January 2020 dates at least as early as February 2017.

Actually there is a series of dates in January of 2020 that show the black days for tRump and others, notably Mike Pence, tRump Jr and others. I simply chose the 13th as that is the day transit Sun conjoins transit Saturn and Pluto. The worst day in my progressed anlunar return chart (progressing the lunar returns my technique) for tRump is January 16th 3:10 pm, EST.”

tRump’s demi-solar anlunar progressed by my progressed lunar return technique to January 16th at 3:10 pm EST.


Bob, I hope you’re right about these next few days being awful for 45 and the rest of his crime family, but so far, this week is looking absolutely awful, perhaps even fateful–for those of us who oppose him and his agenda.

The New York Times has reported tonight that Russia successfully hacked Burisma–the company Joe Biden’s son sat on the board for. How will they not use the information they got–or the disinformation they will concoct from it–to maximum effect against the former vice president?

Perhaps this is what that Vedic astrologer was indicating about Biden’s difficulties in the early part of this year. That said, it’s clear to me that Democrats are not just running against 45, they’re running against Putin, too.

I’m not having a good feeling about this. So talk me down off the ledge.

Hi Eliseo and everyone, I’m here, I’ve just been in my PacNW Winter (ugh!) cave.

I note your January 13 date. Way more dirt is coming, and I suspect it will be overwhelming!
What has been presented so far is surely, merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Maybe Trump will go down like the Titanic? ..the ship everyone thought unsinkable.

I think R senators may be put in a real bind as
the information unfolds, revealing Mr.T to be far worse than imagined.


Giuliani associate Lev Parnas turns over thousands of new documents to Congress
UPDATED MON, JAN 13 2020 6:28 PM EST
Christina Wilkie
Indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas shares thousands of new documents with Congress related to work he did for Trump in Ukraine.
Parnas’ lawyer tweets that he hand-delivered the contents of one of Parnas’ phones to the House Intelligence Committee over the weekend.
The trove of new records includes the contents of several devices that were seized by authorities in October, when Parnas was arrested on campaign finance charges.

“…Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has vowed to continue investigating new leads, with an eye toward strengthening the case House Democrats plan to mount against Trump in the Senate.”

“Bondy declined to reveal to CNBC what was in the new Parnas documents, but if it is compelling enough, then it could potentially be incorporated into evidence presented at Trump’s Senate trial.”

“On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also left the door open to potential additional articles of impeachment against the president.”

Really good to hear from you again. I’m in Olympia. Please email Nancy. I gave her permission to share my email address with you a couple of months ago. Please contact me.

Which January 13 E?

The one in 2019 when I made the original post or this year’s which I figured to have more punch because the transiting Sun joined transiting Saturn and Pluto in opposing tRump’s natal Sun?

I called 2016 for Hillary because of my bias against tRump when my progressed lunar return technique showed election night to be good for him (natal Jupiter/Uranus midpoint conjunct the MC) and bad for her (natal Mars/Saturn midpoint and natal Pluto square the MC). I let my bias override my charts. This periods chart has not yet played out.

Hi fierywoman,

Glad to hear from you.

“I simply chose the 13th as that is the day transit Sun conjoins transit Saturn and Pluto.”

BarbK, thanks for your amazing analysis of Andrew Yang’s synchronicity with the US chart and with his current and immediate-future transits that affect him and the country.
His Moon is at 23 Sag, squaring the US Neptune, and I think he is waking people up to the disillusionment of a lot of people in the country, and providing hope.
Fascinating guy. The transits for the Iowa Caucus include an approaching Mars return–he is basically working his butt off. We’ll see if the hard work pays off.

Eliseo, quickly I just wanted to get a message of apology to you. I know your waiting on your computer to get up and running to be able to converse in more depth but I did send you a short email a while back, I was hoping you could give me your opinion on something I was perplexed about, I now realize I probably shouldn’t have, anyway my apologies.

Welcome back, fierywoman. Good to see you posting.

Chiro, I know what you mean about Andrew Yang; his chart is wunderbar! Not only does his Mars in Sagittarius square the US natal Neptune in Virgo, it opposes Trump’s natal Sun in Gemini that conjuncts the US natal Mars. It is also very tight with Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius too. Boy, would like to see Andrew debate Trump.

The aspects for the start of the Dem Convention on July 13 look pretty darn good for him too; Jupiter and Pluto conjunct his Sun, and much more.

Time will tell.

I should also mention that Andrew Yang’s natal Mars at 23+ Sagittarius ALSO conjuncts the US natal chart’s Galactic Center.

This might not seem important to some, but I believe it could portend that Andrew’s influence on the US could be more than just political. We’re talking about a universal influence (the Galactic Center) and how it might affect the evolutionary track that our planet (and humanity) is on.


She has risen!


Thought you should know as you so accurately made the call that my illness would peak during the Saturn/Pluto conjunct (not to mention the Saturn Square Neptune first house); I became violently ill on Sunday evening. First sick day I’ve had in ages was yesterday. Couldn’t keep a shred of nutrition in me.
Seems to have peaked and is now somewhat on the decline but the square isn’t exact until tomorrow morning.

You’re good; reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaal goood!

I’m posting now lately from my phone. No need for you to apologize. My computer is partially ok, it’s just that it is located in the basement, and as of today I have to literally trudge through ice and snow to get to it. But even without the snow, it is difficult to safely get to. I only go down there when I absolutely need to as it is SO FREAKING COLD down there. I spend much less time down there when I do.

My hope is to complete the set up in the spring when it will hopefully be warmer down there. But I’ll likely be down there today as I MUST attend to some important business. I have to send photos to an insurance company, and check email relative to my job search. I can check your message when I do

What was the date of your email?

Hey Eliseo,

That sounds treacherous.. be careful! It wasn’t anything that important honestly, but if your going to be checking emails anyway, it was Dec 4th. I hope your search is fruitful. Thanks and be safe.

I am intrigued by the transiting Venus (values), now at 1+ Pisces, and in a sextile with transiting Uranus (unexpected) at 2+ Taurus, now slowly moving direct but quite potent energetically.

This sextile between trans. Venus and trans. Uranus forms a Yod to the US natal chart’s MC (reputation) at 1+ Libra, which is also the degree of M-87, a black hole also known as the Super Galactic Center (SGS).

In a person’s chart any connection (point or planet) that is at 1+ Libra describes an insatiable appetite for a partner or some other desire that eventually, after some years of disappointments, finally becomes symbolic of a deep healing.

I wonder how that 1+ Libra (M-87) symbolism translates to a country’s chart, and if this present sextile between Venus and Uranus – in which both planets are quincunx M-87 and the US natal chart’s MC (reputation) at 1+ Libra – will affect tonight’s Dem Debate.

Since the US MC is at the apex of the Yod it is in with trans Venus and Uranus, it will require some adjustment on the part of the US MC and the natal M-87 (SGC).

Since transiting Chiron at 1+ Aries is opposite the US MC (and M-87 or the SGC) at 1+ Libra, it would normally (in a person’s chart) drive all the energy of the Yod (in this case Venus, Uranus, US chart’s MC and M-87) back to trans. Chiron, thus completing a Boomerang pattern.

Will this lead to a wounding of some kind? And if so, will this wounding lead to some kind of healing? I suppose I will have to watch it and then wait and see.

Too tired and making mistakes.

My post above should have been when transiting Sun joined transiting Saturn and Pluto in opposition to tRumps natal Saturn not Sun.

But the progressed lunar returns have shown me that they beat transits for accuracy in timing for almost 45 years.

Want to thank Will and Bob for giving me dates to watch and clues about what was coming with my daughter. I really clung to those dates and police help and getting her into a psych hospital, when things got really ugly here.

We made it past the dates when she was at highest risk for suicide, and she’s still alive. Still a mess, but alive and saying she wants off the meth, but not willing to go to rehab. She’s also back on her psych meds after about 20 days off them, and the one awful aspect in her chart is waning.

Grateful to you both and everyone here for your prayers and good thoughts.

BarbK, can you pls. Tell me why if Andrew Yang’s chart was so spectacular on January 12th he is not in the debate tonight?

Will, sorry for your illness – there are some really mean flu variations out there, I’ve heard. Glad you’re beating it.

Teresa, SO glad the prayers are working and she is keeping her head above water!

Banks, even the best aspects don’t insure you will win anything but they do seem to give you some tools and good resources, including emotional. But, then again, squares can bring that out in you, too, maybe better?! There’s no magic bullet (which I don’t mean to insult you by saying, as I’m sure you already know that).


Thank you – I got vaccinated but we know the percentages of not nailing that one virus, right?


Glad to be of help. will

Good question Banks, one wonders if there might be some advantage to his not making the cut due to not having enough of the right kinds of polls to qualify him.

Perhaps the transiting Sun in Cap square his (and the US natal Chiron) in Aries? Perhaps trans. Neptune conjunct his natal Jupiter? Maybe it was transiting Nessus in Pisces T-square his natal Nodes (+ natal Neptune) in Sadge and Gemini? Transiting Uranus opposite his MC?

It almost seems he was deliberately snubbed, but I wonder if there is something that must “happen” before the voting public is ready to listen and understand this man. Something that we need to get behind us.

The lunar eclipse on Jan 10 at 20+ Cancer opposite the Sun and Mercury at 20+ Capricorn was T-square US natal Chiron and Andrew’s natal Chiron, both at 20+ Aries. Not only that, US natal Chiron opposes US natal Juno who, in just a few days will experience a “Return”, when transiting Juno conjuncts natal Juno. There is a whole lot going on all at the same time and that means chaos and confusion.

I wouldn’t worry too much about his not being on stage tonight though. Let us focus on the Impeachment brouhaha; it will suck up all the oxygen for several weeks, if not months. A lot can and will happen during that time.

I’m disgusted with how the media is now SO FOCUSED on the apparent rift between Bernie & E. Warren. I’m sporadically disappointed how shallow our news media is, going after that which is most sensational or glamorous while ignoring the deeper suubstance.


I totally agree with you. I gave up watching MSM four years ago and never have I regretted it.

From the nyt’s:

“Anyone who believes this will be anything but an attempt to put the Democrats on trial for doing their job instead of defending Trump hasn’t been paying attention. Ever the optimist, I hope the Republicans realize this is their last chance to prove there is an ounce of integrity left in their party. If they are so convinced of the President’s innocence then let them call witnesses and show documents that prove it. If they fail to even attempt to hold a fair trial, then we can only hope that the voters will take heed and throw then all out come Nov 2020.”


get better soon Will! Hugs.
If only there was not so much obsession by the USA media about the ever-so-drawn-out election horse race, perhaps some of the obscene campaign finance problems could be diminished. I guess media needs the $$ so they perpetuate.

NZ has only about a 50 day ‘campaign season’ after the PM decides when the voting day will be (always on a saturday every 3 to 3.5 years) Focus thus becomes more about governance than campaigning in perpetuity.

Grazie mille, kiwi!

What do you all think of a Biden-Warren ticket?

Sharon Katz,

Re: Biden-Warren;
How could that be so bad?

Wow. Parnas notes, tweets show people following and monitoring phone and computer of Ukraine ambassador Marie yovanovitch, sounds like they’re willing to kill her if Trump orders it.

Remember Trump said something creepy like “she’s going to go through some things.”

Breaking story, but here’s a link to one: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/1/14/1911597/-This-excerpt-from-Trump-s-Zelensky-call-makes-the-stalking-of-Amb-Yovanovitch-feel-twice-as-creepy?utm_campaign=trending

Seriously, you people do not keep up with the news. Is no one on Twitter? At all? Today was the most damaging breaking news with Lev Parnas release and all.

I think there are a lot of possibilities for astrology. But this kind of inattention negates the positives. ‘Ho hum, we predict but don’t pay attention’.

These ‘old style’ astrology blogs will fail (like many industries and sites) if we cannot keep up with the changing times. The ponderous ‘I can see what is happening’ may have worked last week, but this week forward it will not work.

Nancy will no doubt put my comment into ‘moderation’ because I am outspoken. Don’t blame her, but this is what MSM does when someone does not take the party line.

PLUTO = organized global crime. SATURN = down to earth reality and bringing governments and corporations (=cap) to the light of reality.

This is important and dangerous. Very very dangerous. Please don’t do a neptune. Pay attention to the reality. Thank you Nancy if you choose to post my comment in the next few hours. Otherwise you are part of the problem and degrade the study of astrology. If you are too ‘busy’ or ‘lazy’ to check your blog during a time like this, well, that says a lot about you. Feel free to edit my comment.

FINALLY Teresa references Parnas! Thank you Teresa. Where were the rest of you? Not feeling sorry for you. You predicted this would be a week to remember. Did you pay attention to this day of were you looking into the hazy future? Were you doing your neptune?

I don’t know about anyone else, but since Friday (1/10) everything with electronics and communication has gone completely catty-wumpus. Totally unbelievable… even affected my website, which is down for the first time in over 20 years! Bad communications… forgot to update my email addy when Spectrum bought out Time-Warner. Other “minor” issues like that kept creeping up all weekend. On the day I got an email for a password into my site, a Lupus flare took me down and out for the count until tonight. I’m still shaky and not all here mentally… but I did manage to keep a bowl of tomato soup down. Snowstorm over the weekend sure wasn’t any help, no doubt.

Anyway… this computer isn’t working great, yet. But the real issues are to be cleared up over on the main computer, anyway. I may just tear down and re-do this one. I’m tired of the band-aids! Now, if I can only get my bodily “system” to chill out for a while!

Teresa Hill,
WHOA! Anyone notice the man’s name is Hyde? as in Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. And what might be hidden by Hyde is now evidently coming to light. Creepy! creepy! creepy!

It’s sounding like Madame Yovanivitch had to leave Ukraine and return to the US as Mr. Wannabe gangster Trump had ordered her dispatched? Sounds far fetched, but who knows with this president? Even if he ordered no such thing, it looks pretty bad.

Interesting that so many psychics and tarot readers predicted such dirt would be coming out about now and during the Senate trial.

Hey friend,
Healing light and love coming at-cha. and to David and all your many cats.

Also same to Will, Arbo, and Teresa Hill’s daughter.

those texts regarding ambassador by mr hyde sure sounded straight out of mob movie language! But then we’ve known those undercurrents exist all along haven’t we. Very dark times. Hopefully the tide is now turning.

Banks and barbk, Andrew Yang may not have been on this debate stage, but he was all over Twitter, social media and some news commentators, for example, #AmericaNeedsYang trended all night and Van Jones did a segment on missing Andrew Yang which got a lot of attention. Yang support grew by his very absence from the stage, and how he handled it. His social media presence is different from old guard candidates and previous ways of politicking. I’m not an astrologer, but maybe this is one of the ways Yang ushers in the astrological change happening.

TJ, very interesting! Personally, I found the debate lack luster and frankly boring.

slightkc: Yes, “electronics and communication has gone completely catty-wumpus.” My wifi was out for several hours across 3 states. Has never been out like that before. I have Verizon Fios.

Also, many people have been very tired, sleepy and lethargic and feeling quite out of sorts.

Teresa, my prayers to your family in this time of suffering. Will, tea time for your seasonal flu.
Bob, the articles will be delivered to the Senate tomorrow, 1/16 bullseye prediction there. Thank you. Rest up for the Tuesday start of the trial. Nancy Pelosi’s gambit worked. She played this like the maestro. Hope she taught Moscow Mitch a thing or 2 about timing and discretion. “Oh I’m biased. We’re working with the White House” . What a dork.

RE: Tom Steyer?

IMO, he looks to have the best (and most engaged) stars on Inaugural Day 2021 (he and Mitt Romney). (And the stars on Inaugural Day are otherwise truly terrifying).

Dont get me wrong — I am a complete E. Warren fan, but T Steyer does have a certain appeal to me:
(1) He’s a walking talking billboard for campaign reform (and the legislative end to citizens united), and he has personally pledged to make campaign reform happen.
(2) He’s been relentless after Trump and his corruption, and I think he would remain relentless, upending all the embedded corruption of the current administration, particularly if Trump leaves (as I think he will) having been unquestionably exposed as Money-Launderer-In-Chief. And Steyer would probably harken back to his own father’s prosecutorial experience at Nuremburg.
(3) His Inaugural stars show success, but also tremendous frustation — if elected he just might be a one-term candidate letting another generation lead the way in the new Age of Pluto in Aquarius.
(4) He’s definitely a Democrat.

And check out the 4 state early election poll by Morning Consult.

“Ronan Farrow To Investigate Threats & Violence Against Journalists In HBO Documentary Film”


Hi, Will. You’ve had some health scares recently around the eclipse, or maybe connected to the last pass of Chiron over our shared 00 Aries Sun?

Last week I went to the doctor to see if I had pneumonia. The doc put me on antibiotics and sent me to get an x-ray. I got a call the next day saying that I had a possible aortic aneurysm that would require immediate surgery. I went in for further tests to get some better imaging (CTA).

Late Monday I found out that what they found would only require monitoring, and would not require surgery, at least for now.

Feeling much better this week. Hope you are too.

Jesus Jackson!

So maybe Chiron’s been our culprit afterall. Buddy, be careful. Are you tracking your carotid pulse and blood pressure? Its worth getting the machine. Can they put you on home telemetry? We Boomers are getting our asses kicked. Actually, I am cautiously optimistic for myself – I’m not having the pain any more. Maybe whatever it was finally exited my system Sunday night and Monday Morning. Feeling stronger today.

We can be cautious and hopeful.

Radiant Healing Energy to you, Brother Jackson. Thank you for checking in.

Sending Healing Light and Love to all on this site, especially those who need it – which includes those folks mentioned by Eliseo, as well as Jackson (thankfully your problem only requires monitoring), and, very importantly, Eliseo’s wife.

Amen to that Sharon

I think the debate was so ho hum because they are mostly performing under the ‘politics as usual’ methods, guided by the dnc.
I thought this Yang interview nails it

wow! – whats with Putin’s cabinet mass resignation?

LG, referring to Mitch M., “what a dork”; I love it, but you are way too kind LG!

Thanks kiwi for the Yang interview link.

It”s hotten’ing up people. Lev and his lawyer will be on Rachel’s show tonight if you missed hearing that.

Documents, and more documents coming forward . . . remember the Mercury (documents) conjunct Pallas (strategy) on December 21 that opposed Trump’s Uranus and transiting Pandora; well it’s coming to fruition; the documentation (Mercury) and the strategy (Pallas).

Mercury and Pallas (18+ Sagittarius) were not only opposite Trump’s Uranus and transiting Pandora in Gemini, they were square transiting Neptune in Pisces and this trans. Neptune is opposite the start point of the Uranus-Pluto cycle in Virgo in 1966, which is still in effect.

In fact, that Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo was sextile Neptune in Scorpio back in the 60’s so trans. Neptune trines his own position in that cycle, and Neptune (don’t believe what you read) is a big part of what’s happening now.

The influence of the outer planets in these impeachment proceedings (all 3 of them are active; trans. Uranus opposite US prog. Saturn, trans. Pluto opposite US natal Mercury, trans. Neptune trine prog. US Jupiter) are part of the continual push toward evolutionary progress of humanity and should not be dismissed casually.

I would also note that in the Mercury-Pallas conjunction (start of cycle that will last about a year) had Mars at 21+ Scorpio sextile Saturn (20+ Cap) and Pluto (22+ Cap) and that sextile forms a Yod to the US natal Mars (21+Gemini) and Trump’s natal Sun (22+ Gemini) and it is the US Mars and Trump’s Sun that is squirming (adjusting) to the uncomfortable pressure from this Yod. (think Mitch in bed with Trump and “no witnesses” BS).

Anne’s Aunt,
Check my January 14, 3:58 am posting re: Parnas and the flood of information.

Here is Ralfee Finn:


Rachel Maddow interviews Lev Parnas tonight 9 ESt. Sure to be interesting…

Nancy signed the documents at 5:23 PM today. Tomorrow the receipt of documents by the Senate at 2:00 pm and then the swearing in by John Roberts.
I hope somebody takes note.

Whilst changing my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I lost my beloved Solar Fire and am unable to reinstall in Windows 10. Am getting another Solar Fire Program, but this takes time.

These be fractious times…And February will prove to be almost unbearable for the Orange Blob according to my calculations.

So, I am assuming everybody on this blog knows that the Orange Blob is experiencing a Saturn opposition to his natal Saturn and Pluto is sitting a couple of minutes behind at 23 + Capricorn.

And over the weekend past Jupiter was opposing the Blob’s Mercury at 8 Cancer.

Jupiter is now coursing its way through Capricorn…Jupiterian Law… coursing through the Natal Republicans’ Natal Chart.

Jupiter now at 11 Capricorn also makes a 150 aspect to the Blob’s natal Pluto hiding in his 12th house.

i agree the debate was boring.

Not so for the post-debate conversation between Bernie and Elizabeth.

Unfortunately every mistake Elizabeth makes will be hyper scrutinized and confronting Bernie in public was a mistake (and frankly she should learn to be more gracious and strategic). otherwise, unlike the threshold for men, she will be labelled as a beeeeatch.

Elizabeth should save her ire for Trump and deliver it appropriately, or she will never break through that glass ceiling. Face it, little has changed.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn during the lead-up to the US Pluto return ensures this impeachment trial will be like no other and will have major far-ranging consequences which might take many years to unfold.

The Nixon impeachment had Saturn in Cancer square Pluto in Libra, which is powerful but nowhere near the current extraordinary astrology.

Every Saturn-Pluto conjunction has its dark side. The last one in 1982 saw the coming of AIDS and the rise of the Ayatollah in Iran and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The one before that brought the Cold War, the beginning of the nuclear age, partition of India and Pakistan with the loss of a million lives and the creation of Israel through war.

These are grave and momentous events. The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn occurred in the early 16th century during the rule of Henry VIII, also noted for his abuse of power. He sent the first British explorers to North America, suppressed the Catholic Church and introduced the Reformation for his personal gain. At the same time, a Portuguese explorer named Magellan was the first to sail around the globe. These were earth-changing times.

Saturn and Pluto opposite US Mercury most of this year will bring much more important and serious information to light. It will be much longer before we fully understand these times.

Lev Parnas is spilling the beans on all the players including Trump on Rachel Maddow tonight. If you didn’t see the first broadcast, it’s repeated in a few hours. Tomorrow is part 2. It was never about corruption & was only about Biden. They all would meet at the Trump hotel bar, including Nunes and his aide. Nunes told Parnas that he couldn’t talk to him because he was on the Intelligence Committee so his aide discussed the plan with Parnas of getting Zelensky to announce an investigation of Biden!!!! When Parnas saw them on TV, as part of the House investigation, he was in shock. This guy, Hyde, apparently was not taken seriously by Parnas when he talked about doing surveillance on Yavonovitch. I sure hope this all can be used against Trump, who Parnas stated knew everything.

TJ, thanks so much for that news about Andrew Yang….makes me feel a lot better and Kiwi, thanks for the link.

Elidio, I will. Actually if Nancy actually posted my comments I just have to apologize to Nancy. You, Nancy, Bob and many others here are always on top of it. Best current events astrology online. I had been regretful and thought I would be forever banned on Starlight.

I think I was rather freaked out because I follow twitter now and breaking news is, well, breaking there. It’s so in the moment that one can date and time an info leak. Following this weeks’ developments in real time is – well a superlative. I am deeply affected by it and by, well, the grace of the heavens.

I have to say that to me this is exciting. My (and many others too) theory has been Pluto=underworld = organized crime (Pluto in cap) is digging up the $hit from the underworld and will be exposed to real down to earth reality conj with Sat in it’s own sign where it works best. This to me and so many other astrologers (I’m not an astrologer and only read the ‘big things’, yet that leaves me free from the ‘little things’ – just a different POV) is the ‘big picture’ of these transits in Cap.

What is happening in the US is truly amazing. I see that some here watched Maddow and Lev Parnas tonight. She has another tomorrow. To me this is the Universal Will working thru our fellow human beings to evolve humanity. Despite everything I am deeply optimistic.

Elisio, thank you for responding to my rather stupid comment and Nancy thank you for taking a third chance on me. I know I can be sort of a hot head even tho I’m mostly Aquarian sun/Virgo moon. But my spirit is for all the people and I am a humanity lover.

Simultaneously, entire Russian cabinet resigns as Putin moves to put himself in power for life.


Sharon K, it actually began, in part, as a way to clear Manafort and discredit the ledger. It then switched to getting Biden dirt.

I notice that images are centered and fit completely on my monitor when I watch CNN but are not centered and while filling the screen do not fit appropriately when watching MSNBC – example: only “king news” of “Breaking News” showing on screen and a split screen cropped – not showing left and right images completely on a 3 panel split screen.

Elisio, what do you think Putin is trying to do here? He is a master poker/chess player. He is obviously playing his hand. I get that this is a power play for his government, actually it is a MASSIVE power play for the region. What do you think?


Most likely food poisoning as it came on immediately after dinner party and ended late afternoon next day. Thank you for the tea -tip and the good wishes.

Anne’s Aunt,

Your rhetoric was punishing, paranoid and peevishly petty. Why bother?

Maybe make some thoughtful, positive or at least supportive comments? Might work better for you.

Pluto Opposite natal Saturn next 2 years in longitude

tRump – June 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00

February 13 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 23°49′ Capricorn
July 12 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 23°49′ Capricorn
December 20 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 23°49′ Capricorn

*** END REPORT ***

Pluto Opposite natal Saturn next 2 years in right ascension

tRump – June 14 1946, 9:54 am, EST +5:00

April 1 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 29°50′ Sagittarius
May 20 2020 Pluto Opposite Saturn 29°50′ Sagittarius

January 21 2021 Pluto Opposite Saturn 29°50′ Sagittarius
August 17 2021 Pluto Opposite Saturn 29°50′ Sagittarius
November 23 2021 Pluto Opposite Saturn 29°50′ Sagittarius

*** END REPORT ***

The Astrologer with whom i work, once told me that one’s Astrologer and one’s Psychic should be saying the same things, or one (or both) are missing the boat. In that vein, I heard it said today that Putin’s plan was to have the Ambassador killed and blame it on The Ukraine, which somehow would have fit into Putin’s larger scheme. Interesting, and possible. We’ll see.

Eliseo… and don’t ya know Trump is trying to figure out how he can do the same right here!

By: Anne’s aunt on January 15th, 2020 at 12:10 am.

“PLUTO = organized global crime. SATURN = down to earth reality and bringing governments and corporations (=cap) to the light of reality.”

That applies only to some (or perhaps none) of the governments and corporations on the earth and not at all to the majority of earth’s inhabitants – the common people. Not of use to most. What kind of attention is that?

Emma… and I thought it was bad our own State Dept had turned against our foreign service workers! I can sure see Putin engineering something like this, tho… and since Trump called her Obama’s ambassador, I wouldn’t put it past the two of them planning something like this together! Truly scary times for everyone, but especially for our Federal workforce. Will anyone ever trust enough again to take the monetary hits to work in civil service. While I dearly miss the paycheck (and the work and coworkers), I don’t regret retiring from it last year.

Amongst all the news of Parnas’ doc dumps, did anyone see where Iran may plead a war crimes case against Trump at the Hague. Early word is they have an extremely strong case and are likely to win if they bring it.

While the U.S. isn’t a signatory to the ICC, this could seriously limit any out of country travel for Trump… that is, if he’s not in jail here, first!

Sorry I don’t have a link. No wifi tonite, so I’m on my phone. But I really like the way the mobile version handles the threads and replies!7


Trusting you are well-on-the-mend.

“I heard it said today that Putin’s plan was to have the Ambassador killed and blame it on The Ukraine, which somehow would have fit into Putin’s larger scheme.”

Seems quite plausible to me. Parnas says not so, but we’ll see.

“Iran may plead a war crimes case against Trump at the Hague.”

I’ve been saying all along that would be the smart move for Iran. Were they to NOT seek any kind of revenge, but instead seek to have the Donald officially and legally declared a war criminal would make them seem respectable in the eyes of the world, as well as morally superior to DT & the US.

Hi Anne’s Aunt,

Re: Your Jan 15th 12:10 am post; you wrote….

“Seriously, you people do not keep up with the news. Is no one on Twitter? At all? Today was the most damaging breaking news with Lev Parnas release and all.”

I think there are a lot of possibilities for astrology. But this kind of inattention negates the positives. ‘Ho hum, we predict but don’t pay attention’.

These ‘old style’ astrology blogs will fail (like many industries and sites) if we cannot keep up with the changing times. The ponderous ‘I can see what is happening’ may have worked last week, but this week forward it will not work.”

In rebuttal, I would like to bring your attention to the following entry posted Jan 8th in this blog – over a week ago…..

“One well respected tarot reader last week wrote that January 14th might be a date of significance. Whether it is related to the Iranian situation or events related to the impeachment hearings remains unclear. Looking at the astrological aspects for January 14th it’s interesting to note Mars at 7 Sag will semi-square the close Pluto/Saturn conjunction.”

News of the Lev Parnas documents were leaked to the news media Tuesday evening Jan 14th exactly at the time as the Mars-Saturn/Pluto semi-square. Talk about synchronicity!!

Extending the astrological observations to the upcoming Tuesday January 21st date, the day when Saturn precisely opposes Trump’s natal Saturn (23 ’49 Cancer) and the Moon conjuncts Trump’s natal Moon (his lunar return). It was announced yesterday that this is to be the day when the Senate trial begins.

Astrologer Evon Davis had extensively analyzed this Jan 21st date without having the advantage of knowing the exact date when the trial was to begin, but she suspects that this may be the date. Here is the video…..

Trump’s Saturn Squeeze: Psychic Astrology Reading

Video: 17 min 55 min


Going further afield, as reported earlier, astrologer Joni Patry paid considerable attention to the February 22nd date when Mars conjoins the December 26th 2019 solar eclipse. Here is the post:

“Originally posted in April 2017, the following video explores the ramifications of the December 26, 2019 solar eclipse. The astrologer singles out the dates of February 21-22, 2020 when Mars goes over that 12/26/19 eclipse/ south node degrees. The astrologer describes this event as “reminiscent of September 11th, 2001 BUT EVEN BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL”. She elaborates that this 19 year node cycle comes back to its 9/11/01 origins in early 2020, hence events will reflect similar issues…….

World Predictions 2017 2020 Our Fate or Destiny: World War III? by Joni Patry

Video: 16 min 57 sec


One could deduce that this may be the signature for a major terrorist attack on US soil. Mars will be triggering (by opposition) the US Venus/Jupiter degrees.

In summation, things could come to an absolute boil with Iran and the Trump impeachment (possible resignation?) when tr. Mars conjoins the Jan 10th lunar eclipse/Jan. 12th Saturn/Pluto conj. degrees on or about March 20th. That my friend could be the ULTIMATE date to watch.

Elisio, Bob, Will, Jerry and Nancy. My apology is upthread in moderation. I hope it will appear sometime. And you are all correct I was in a very deeply frustrated place when I wrote those inappropriate comments. At the time I had a nasty bug and had just made a large pot of tea as I do every morning in my pyrex pitcher. That morning, however, it exploded. Boiling water and loose leaf tea went everywhere! including onto my feet and forehead. That’s not offered as an excuse. I’m ashamed of myself.

I was focusing on the big picture of what is going on in Cap. large governmental institutions (like Justice and State depts). big business (oil and gas). Structural pillars of our functioning society here in the US.

The energies within that landscape I focused on were Pluto and Saturn. They have now joined forces and we are starting to see (more) of the corruption and decay that Pluto has been digging up and now what Saturn is trying to put straight.We regular people have to see it enough to demand it be reformed. So as I see astrology in very simple and broad terms it seems we’ve reached a tipping point. The seesaw is hovering.

This has been a remarkable week. Today is Thursday and we’ll get to see more rituals in our government structures and I think part 2 of Rachel’s Parnas interview. Just like a cat 5 hurricane the energies being released are wild and strong. That’s our shared astro weather. Bet we can all feel it in our bones.

Yet another Trum crime. The hits just keep on coming.
U.S. threatened Europe with auto tariffs over Iran nuclear program – Washington Post

The Stephanie Miller Show

24/7 Livestream

Starlight: what is your prediction of getting Bolton and Parnas to testify during Senate Impeachment trial? Thanks,

Also, McConnell trying to limit press coverage.

Jerry, thanks so much for the link to Evon Davis and the Saturn Squeeze. Very interesting and easy to understand by a non astrologer. I hope she usable to maintain her channel.

Marjorie Orr:



This is one of the best pieces I’ve read about what is going on with public perception about impeachment, and the current media environment.

And yes, I saw most of the interview last night with Lev Parnas.

Ok, Bob, I gotta admit it. You’re good. I believe you.

These bad days for this president still might not be enough to remove him from office, but now, it’s clear that he broke the law.

“It all comes to light right now, and proof once again why we should not doubt the utter wisdom and experience of Speaker Pelosi. When we look toward this present White House, its Cabinet, and its Republican Senate we need be grateful that there is not only one leader still standing strong but also one who has a moral compass, a characteristic in short supply in DC. This is growing to be not unlike a Scorsese or Tarantino movie. Fact does indeed imitate fiction. But the question remains: Will any of this make a difference in the warped minds and hearts of McConnell’s band of bandits?”


On January 10th, 6 days ago, the Cancer lunar (Moon) eclipse had a link to the Great American Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21, 2017. That link was the January 10 lunar eclipse chart’s Mars (conflict) that was conjunct the 2017 solar eclipse chart’s ascendant (window to the world) when set in Washington DC. Both were at 4+ Sagittarius.

In that 2017 Solar Eclipse chart, Jupiter was at 20+ Libra and the very recent January 10, 2020 eclipsed Moon at 20+ Cancer, which was opposite the Sun at 20+ Capricorn, completed a challenging T-square aspect pattern with the 2017 Solar Eclipse chart’s Jupiter at 20+ Libra. 20+ Libra is also where the US natal chart’s Juno sits.

US natal Juno is having a “return” because transiting Juno has reached 20+ Libra and is conjunct US natal Juno (and the Jupiter in the 2017 solar eclipse chart). It’s a new cycle start for US Juno. She symbolizes partnership, although not equal, and she symbolizes support for the disenfranchised.

US natal Juno opposes the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries. It is difficult enough that US Chiron is now not only opposite US natal Juno, but is also opposite TRANSITING Juno and as well, the Jupiter in the August 21, 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse chart.

Add in the Full eclipsed Moon last Friday at 20+ Cancer that was opposite the Sun at 20+ Capricorn (+ Mercury in the same lunar eclipse chart) and we are dealing with a full blown grand cross here in the USA.

By linking the recent lunar eclipse to the 2017 solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse (20+ Cancer) is empowered in 2 ways: it’s chart’s Mars (conflict) conjuncts the 2017 solar eclipse ascendant (when set in DC) at 4+ Sagittarius, which symbolizes the window onto the world, is the 1st way.

The 2nd way is it (the eclipsed Moon) along with the Sun it opposes, is in a T-square with it’s chart’s Juno (unequal partnership) that conjuncts the US natal Juno. And because US Juno opposes US Chiron, that T-square becomes a grand cross (for the US); even more difficult to resolve than a T-square (4 squares instead of 3 and 2 oppositions instead of 1).

When we consider this present lunar eclipse’s relationship with the 2017 solar eclipse, we add a depth of understanding to help untangle the grand cross dilemma facing the US.

I see Nancy Pelosi (whose North Node is at 20+ Libra also) in the role of US/trans. Juno (unequal partner), newly imbued with strength by this US Juno Return, as well as the 2017 Solar eclipse chart’s Jupiter, all at 20+ Libra.

That 2017 solar eclipse Jupiter was sextile the 2017 solar eclipse chart’s Mars at 20+ Leo that then formed a Yod to that 2017 chart’s IC (roots) at 20+ Pisces (which the past Friday’s eclipsed full Moon at 20+ Cancer trines) when the chart is set in Washington DC. Think about what’s hidden from plain sight.

So, the US chart for the 2017 Solar Eclipse was to be pressured to alter position at the chart’s roots (IC) because of the double quincunx from the chart’s Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Libra (Pelosi, aka US Juno). The timing of this US Juno Return with a simultaneous lunar eclipse is breathtaking IMO.

The apex of the Yod in the 2017 Leo solar eclipse chart for DC was 20+ Pisces, where transiting Neptune will be on April 23 – 24, 2020.

This is the day after the April 22 New Moon at 3+ Taurus (trine Andrew Yang’s ascendant at 4+ Cap) that opposes US prog. Saturn and Andrew Yang’s natal Uranus at 2+ Scorpio. Oh, and remember Yang’s natal Chiron conjuncts the US natal Chiron.

The first thing that happens is the articles are read into the senate record that started today at 12:00 est and ended at 12:13.47 est. not sure if the time for the chart or with the swearing in of Roberts. After he is sworn in he swears in the senators are and then the president’s counsel has a response.

They didn’t have the rebuttal. It will be sent by Sat. Guess they had to change the defense after Parma’s and his documents and the GAO announcement.

While waiting for senators to sign the oath book, I will add that Trump’s north Node (20+ Gemini) opposite his South Node (20+ Sagittarius) is T-squared by the apex point . . .

. . . of the Yod in the 2017 Solar Eclipse created between Jupiter sextile Mars, both of which quincunx the IC at 20+ Pisces (the apex of the Yod) in the 2017 Solar Eclipse at 28+ Leo, purported to be just one degree from Trump’s natal chart’s ascendant.

Aside from the President’s questionable natal chart’s ascendant, the position of his natal north and south nodes are not in question. Therefore the IC (and the MC as well) of the 2017 Leo Solar Eclipse chart (set in Washington, DC) are in a grand cross with Donald Trump’s unquestionable North (20+ Gemini) Node and South (20+ Sagittarius) Node.

Again, this present lunar eclipsed Moon period is linked to the 2017 Solar Eclipse that is linked to the US natal Juno (and its Juno Return happening now) and Pelosi’s natal North Node, all of which opposes the US natal Chiron.

Many moving parts (charts?) are how we weave our way through the web of deceit (trans. Arachne the spider is conjunct Trump’s natal Saturn today and will soon conjunct the US natal Mercury!)

A comment on optics: I thought the visual subtle message on the walking of docs from house to senate was perfect, but lost on too many people.
It brings to mind the 18th century mannered formality carry over from british heritage, as we see maintained with current british parliament traditions. And also that a black woman was chosen to carry the docs, marries the current equality factors with history. IMO, Such a perfect image for our chaotic times.

Wow, Barbk. Breathtaking, mesmerizing, amazing how these charts are linked, but it makes sense that Pelosi’s chart would be linked to this, and Trump’s. Interesting that Yang’s is. He keeps talking about impeachment being a distraction from the real problems that got Donald Trump elected in the first place.
Other interesting Uranian points: Yang’s Kronos (expertise) is 9 Gemini, almost exact with the US Uranus at 8 Gemini. I’ve mentioned his Poseidon (super Neptune) is at 22 Libra (close to US Juno), and Vulcanus (steel/tool-making, masculine power) is at 6 Cancer, which is 1 degree away from the US Jupiter. His Desc at 4 Cancer is 1 degree away from US Venus. It just goes on like that. Its crazy how many contacts his chart has within a degree of the US Sib

The Chief Justice was sworn in, and the senators signed the book, swearing impartially. But the actual trial begins
at 1:00 PM Tuesday.
Much can happen between now and 1 PM Tuesday, and I won’t be a bit surprised if whatever it is falls under the category, “bizarre.”

I think the swearing-in was at 2:09 in DC. Is that the actual start of the trial? Or is it Tuesday at 1 when they reconvene?

So glad to read your comment Chiro, Thank you for fleshing out the links between Yang’s and US natal charts. First, some housekeeping is in order; a grand cross has 4 squares but a T-square has only 2, not 3. My bad.

I did not note that Jupiter was the husband of Juno in myth, and now I wonder if Jupiter in the 2017 total eclipse chart at 20+ Libra (partnership) that was conjunct US natal Juno was symbolic of “support” (as in husband/wife) in the near future for the US. If so, now’s the time don’t you think? Not just for Nancy Pelosi, but women in general. That remains to be seen.

As for Yang’s natal Chiron and US natal Chiron, both at 20+ Aries, both conjunct Pelosi’s South Node, and all opposite her North Node at 20+ Libra that conjuncts US natal Juno, and right now transiting Juno, and the Jupiter in the 2017 Solar Eclipse chart; could it be a time of reaching a balance in the US between independency and individuality vs. partnership and equality?

This polarity between 20+ Aries (Chiron) and 20+ Libra (Juno) in the US natal chart is across the 4th house (society) and 10th house (home).

Perhaps there is a wound to be healed hidden in this opposition; between the have’s and the have not’s, or the people of color vs. the caucasian people, or the educated vs. the uneducated, or the men vs. the women. Perhaps there is a kind of unification taking place; between too much independence and too much dependence. I don’t know.

BarbK. just to clarify….I think you have your 4th and 10th houses confused. the 4th house is home, and the 10th house is society. These houses represent other aspects as well, but home/society are sufficient in this instance.

Rachel will likely receive the Peabody and/or Edward R. Murrow awards for her Lev Parnas interview. It would be difficult to top this one, even though we are only in the first month of 2020.

You’re right Liz, I could have confused someone the way I phrased that. Thanks.

Eliseo, I bet you are right about Rachel being recognized for her Lev Parnas interview. Transiting Neptune is conjunct her natal Mercury right now, and will conjunct her natal Moon around May 11-12.

In retrospect, this was a pretty interesting piece in Mountain Astrologer from June 2019.
The list and explanation of the trigger points is especially interesting.

Donald Trump and the Saturn Pluto Conjunction, by Ray Grasse, June 17, 2019


Every month, GOP pays for a $3,000 dinner at the Trump Hotel for party & White House aides, lobbyists and others to dine and plot. Rudy & Lev were always there. Rudy sometimes didn’t pay. W/ @Fahrenthold
? on a culture that bred an impeachment probe:


“US troops were injured in Iran missile attack despite Pentagon initially saying there were no casualties”


“‘You’re a bunch of dopes and babies’: Inside Trump’s stunning tirade against generals!

In remarks not reported until now, Trump raged during a 2017 meeting at the Pentagon with military leaders.

“I wouldn’t go to war with you people,” Trump told the assembled brass.”


“Breaking: Trump team for impeachment trial to include Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz and Robert Ray, a person familiar with the matter said” @WSJ

“Starr defended Epstein during 2007 statutory rape case in Palm Beach, FL. Dershowitz represented Epstein in the 2008 plea agreement in which Epstein was given just 13 months in prison. Coincidence they are BOTH Trump’s impeachment lawyers? Man, I feel sick. Like, really sick” @Blacklace40

I’m getting a very sick feeling the impeachment trial will be very bitter and acrimonious, and perhaps an exercise which in the long run will impel both sides to hate one another all the more. I pray I am wrong.

Marjorie Orr on Wm. Barr


Angellight, my stomach churned as I read the excerpt from “A Very Stable Genius” book. Thank you (I think!) for posting it.

I set a chart for the date and time (in DC) of that infamous meeting. It has a Gemini MC very near the US natal Uranus, with Venus-Moon in the 10th house conjunct Trump’s natal Uranus.

Transiting Uranus at 28+ Aries (conjunct US progressed Venus/values) was square the transiting Sun at 28+ Cancer (opposite US natal Pluto) so this created a T-square between US Pluto (death/rebirth), transiting Sun (consciousness) and transiting Uranus (shock/breakthrough).

They could not have picked a more shocking day for that meeting, Trump’s Uranus, US Uranus, transiting Uranus all active.

We can safely assume that Trump has the purpose of shocking us (US) out of our (its) Neptunian (do-gooders) illusions, painful as it is.

US Neptune in Virgo (fix everything) in the US 9th house (foreign countries) has identified our self image since the end of WWII. The setup for that national self image started with the US natal Neptune Return in 1939, the chart for which had (1) Mars at 24+ Capricorn opposite the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer and (2) trine US Neptune at 22+ Virgo. Mars can be the Defender and it can be the Bully.

Our US progressed and retrograde Mars is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (17+ Libra) to reflect back to us, the US citizens and government, how we are seen by many abroad, in glaring and flashing red lights. That’s NOT who we want to be seen as is it?

Trump is despicable and apparently that’s what it takes for the US to re-align it’s sense of self. I am not at all sure where this ends up but balance is no doubt the goal.

barbk: I was just thinking b/c of the above article, that this man, Trump, with his uneducated, smug and thug self, needs to be impeached and turned here to see if astrologically someone thinks it can happen due to his afflicted Saturn. He needs a comeuppance big time. You are welcome, of course.

Many Thanks for the Marjorie Orr link!
“Barr has denied being a member of the ultra-conservative Opus Dei, though he has served on the board of its affiliate the Catholic Information Service, along with Leonard Leo, the man most responsible for putting Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the supreme court.”

Yesterday, I received a fancy, colorful, very well illustrated cardboard flyer in the mail inviting me to attend a series of programs on bible prophecy and the purported threat to religious liberty. You know, “war on Christmas,” gay marriage, Barr’s “assault on morality” by “militant secularists,” etc. It’s breathtaking to see or hear this kind of bizarre propaganda marketed and promulgated so professionally.

These folks really believe they are being persecuted, because they FEEL persecuted. It’s true I think for ALL religious conservatives whether they are Protestant, R. Catholic, or Muslim. They feel persecuted because their mythologically literalist meaning system is under constant assault from our growing scientific & humanist understanding of reality. If you grew up hearing of a stairway to heaven, as in Islamic lore, but know 7th grade science, where’s that stairway? Likewise, heaven above, hell below us, God looking down on us, in association with rudimentary scientific knowledge is a great formula for a cognitively dissonant cosmic headache.

We know how this is playing out in our politics. William Barr is but one example. And I believe our failure to understand and empathize with these folks, (notice I did not say agree with) and our consequent poor framing of the issues (we consistently preach to our own choir while ignoring everyone else) will probably lose for us Roe v. Wade.

Meanwhile, we are mired foggily in our own existential nightmare, an adjacent territory of the same bad dream our fundamentalist brethren suffer from. We’ve lost our sense of meaning; we’re sorely in need of a new and better paradigm. I pray we find it soon, perhaps under the coming influence of Pluto in Aquarius in 2024, for in the context of climate change and our capacity to destroy ourselves with our military technology, the loss of our liberties and republic could become the least of our worries.

New book: Steve Bannon called Nancy Pelosi “an assassin”

The night of January 23 [2017], the first Monday of his presidency, Trump came face?to?face with House and Senate leaders from both parties at a White House reception … At a long table in the State Dining Room, Steve Bannon … could not stop looking at Nancy Pelosi…

Pelosi assumed Trump would open the conversation on a unifying note, such as by quoting the Founding Fathers or the Bible. Instead, the new president began with a lie: “You know, I won the popular vote.” He claimed that there had been widespread fraud, with three to five million illegal votes for Clinton. Pelosi interjected. “Well, Mr. President, that’s not true,” she said. “There’s no evidence to support what you just said, and if we’re going to work together, we have to stipulate to a certain set of facts.

“Watching Pelosi challenge Trump, Bannon whispered to col­leagues, “She’s going to get us. Total assassin. She’s an assassin.”


Here comes some more about Neptune and the US Neptune Return that is now 80 years into its 164 year cycle, hence the upcoming trans. Neptune opposite the US natal Neptune.

I believe I have a chart that is pretty close to the 1939 US Neptune Return, the 1st conjunction that transiting Neptune made to US Neptune at 22 Virgo 25 09. The 1st thing to report is that Saturn was at 1 Taurus, one degree from where transiting Uranus is now, 2+ Taurus.

Saturn was conjunct the South Node (what needs to be released) and opposite the North Node at 1+ Scorpio (now conjunct the US progressed Saturn at 2+ Scorpio retrograde).

This is a clear indication (ironic as that sounds when speaking of Neptune), that US natal Neptune is key in what is happening in real time now. It is not all Pluto and Saturn that is bringing down the structures (Saturn) of our society/government and that includes religious structures. It is US Neptune too.

On August 30, 1939, at 12:13 AM, in Washington, DC, the transiting Neptune was conjunct the US natal Neptune (22+ Virgo) which was trine transiting Uranus (21+ Taurus retrograde) and transiting Mars (24+ Capricorn) that was opposite the US natal Mercury (24+ Cancer).

This US Neptune Return chart then had a grand trine with a focus on Mars (war, anger, heroism, masculinity, strength, activity). The 3 components of this energetic grand trine (3 planets each trine the other two) was compassion (or illusion, film, drugs and more) – the Neptune stuff – and breakthroughs (or shock, invention, freedom and more) – the Uranus stuff – and lastly the Mars stuff.

US natal Mercury (communication, thinking, books, TV, etc.) opposite the Mars in this grand trine in the Neptune (once in a lifetime, if that) Return, would serve as a bright light focused on Mars action, which would depend on Uranus and Neptune for momentum. Trump wasn’t born yet.

However, 7 years later, when Trump WAS born, his Saturn and Venus were conjunct the US Mercury that was opposite the Mars (macho, combative) in the US Neptune Return chart that was in a grand trine with Uranus (disruptive, shocking) and Neptune (delusional, lies). Yes, I’m postulating that Trump was born to play this role that is driving us nuts!

Our job then is to learn from this experience and survive; to pick up the pieces, recreate, reform and expand our collective consciousness. We can do this people.

Trump reminds me of General George Armstrong Custer, except for the fact that Custer was intelligent enough to graduate West Point, and showed considerable bravery during the Civil War, and beyond. Yes, he was a grandiose, narcissistic fool, but he was both bright and brave.

Trump is a coward, neither bright nor brave, but is brilliant at publicity, otherwise profoundly and willfully ignorant, deeply wounded psychically, and inept within his chosen field of business. The sooner he meets his Crazy Horse at Little Big Horn, the better. I agree he was born for his peculiar role with the US & the world. I just hope he doesn’t get us all massacred.

2020 transits of Saturn and Pluto to 2017 inauguration

2017 Inauguration Chart at White House
Jan 20 2017, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00

February 11, 2020; Saturn Conjunct the MC at 26°13′ Capricorn
and 298°14′ of right ascension – Possible end of impeachment trial.
The date also looks bad for tRump and Pence. Good for the speaker

April 3, 2020; Saturn Conjunct Inaugural Sun at 00°50′ Aquarius

April 25, 2020; Pluto stations Rx at 25°00′ Capricorn

May 11, 2020; Saturn stations Rx at 01°57′ Aquarius

June 18, 2020; Saturn Conjunct inaugural Sun at 00°50′ Aquarius

August 26, 2020; Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 26°Cp13′
and 298°14′ of right ascension – Republican convention

September 29, 2020; Saturn stations Dx at 25°20′ Capricorn

October 4, 2020; Pluto stations Dx at 22°29′ Capricorn

October 31, 2020; Saturn conjunct inaugural MC at 26°13′ Capricorn
He looks in a mirror. Mirror, mirror, on the wall …

She put a spell on me.

Angelina Jordan: Norway’s Winner WINS


Interesting Bob you mention the date during the repub convention: The thought occurred to me last night, if hes not removed now by the senate, what if there is so much dirt uncovered between now and then that they refuse to nominate trump?

Eliseo, I bet one of the changes coming in the future is a test for all candidates who want to run for US President, including being able to locate various countries on a map. They must pass a test of intelligence for qualification to even run. This can never happen again.

Who would have thought that someone could get this high up and not be that intelligent, Barb?! What an insult to the U.S., a country that was heretofore perceived as “great”. It kind of rings hollow now, knowing that that this man could have so many supporters. But, it’s even worse than the average level of intelligence of Trump and his supporters, it’s the lack of ethics, the deceit. Someone I know who has done some work for us posted this headline (only) on his facebook page, knowing full well that it was a satirical article and fake news, but that some reading the headline would accept it as fact without delving further: https://potatriotsunite.com/impeachbill/?fbclid=IwAR0hQ-DdrYhKb7RkatBeB5IMaNNjEH9GDg9VT5E5tfE1TKxT4_7V7Vu_I14

Potatriots Unite

“Pelosi Diverts $2.4 Billion From Social Security To Cover Impeachment Costs”

Meanwhile, I have to say how much I appreciate Eliseo’s analogy and black humor –

“The sooner he meets his Crazy Horse at Little Big Horn, the better. I agree he was born for his peculiar role with the US & the world. I just hope he doesn’t get us all massacred.”

Thar first link no good anymore. This one is. This is special.

Angelina Jordan: Norway’s Winner WINS Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer! @America’s Got Talent Champions


Yes, the geography problem.
Problem is, except for his genius for publicity, Donald J. Trump is dumber than a box of rocks. Oh, oh. Wait a minute. I now hear all the rocks complaining they’ve been insulted. They’re all singing in unison they don’t want to be associated with the man.

Yes, we need to tighten up the intellectual AND moral requirements for running not just for president, but for all elected offices. I don’t think we can do that until the Trump era is over, and I don’t think it will be over merely because he leaves office.

Just as the Allies and Germans had to work together to de-nazify Germany, we’ll need to do something similar here. We’ll need a new paradigm to accomplish that goal, something that enables fundamentalists to comfortably free themselves of their love of authoritarianism and mythological literalism,
And supplies us all with a deeper, true sense of purpose and meaning.

Sharon, re: Trump supporters
The good thing about them is we are aware of them.

We now know about 1/3 of our countrymen and women are bigots or haters, or against any kind of welfare, or are totally focused on their own money and getting more of it. We know that their standards for leaders are not based on the betterment of the whole country but for their own (the 1/3) personal advancement and desires.

We had no idea of how many US citizens cared so little about their country, but now we do. That’s part of the “becoming conscious” of what we were unconscious of. How do we reduce that number of Americans or must we always work around them?

Much of it is symbolized by the US natal chart’s opposition between Chiron (wounder/wounded) and Juno (inferior partner) I believe. Some of this will fall by the wayside as we leave the age of the patriarchy. We have much to learn.

Eliseo, his leaving is a start and that’s a victory don’t you think? Baby steps.

His leaving office would definitely be a victory and great start, particularly if he is defeated electorally and/or has to leave in disgrace.

Eliseo… pray tell, what kind of paradigm would “enable(s) fundamentalists to comfortably free themselves of their love of authoritarianism and mythological literalism…”?

Remember, part of the problem is the amygdala in the brains of these people. They’re basically engineered to only be comfortable when being led by an authoritarian magistrate — whether that be government or church.

Granted, I just finished that Post article posted above, and I’m seething at the disrespect and stupidity. I’m remembering the pride my dad had when he showed me his medals and told me soem of this “war stories”… and I’m also remembering the look on his face when some of those stories took a darker turn.

I remember how proud he looked standing there, watching me take the oath of service when I enlisted, and enormous sense of responsibility I felt saying those words.

And Trump wants to make us all into mercenaries; worse, his Magats don’t see anything wrong with it. I guess I’ll end up being part of the problem, because I really would like to see the country divided after what I’ve seen and experienced in the last 3 years. I have no hope for any magnificent change and unifying force… we’re too far apart in what it means to be human, let alone part of a civilization. I’d rather give them part of the country and let them rule themselves as they please. Just go away and let the rest of us get on with living life in service to others as well as ourselves. But then, as a friend so duly notes, their economy would never take off for 99% of their people and they’d be raiding our wheat stores for their winters. (shrug)

Like I said, I’m just really upset over that Post article. I’ve got a lot of issues with the military, but denigrating those who put on the uniform by turning them into hired mercenaries just takes the cake. Damn the Republicans and Damn the new Birchers of the 21st Century — the MAGATS.

What I’m about to say won’t apply to Trump — he’s too old. He was just too dumb and too rich and too uninterested to listen when he was in school.

Folks my parent’s age were always talking about how bad this “new math” was when I was in school. But I think we’ve shortchanged the subjects we had to learn when I was in Jr and Sr. High. Subjects like Geography, Civics, Government, and Government Law. Nowdays, it seems if you want this, you have to go to a “Magnet” school. And I’ve got a problem with these… immersion in one subject and short changing the others may be great for training a future workforce, but does nothing to create good citizens.

At 64 (at least in about 3 weeks from now), I may be completely wrong, I acknowledge. But I saw the deficits when my daughter was in school, and we’ve only gotten more “workforce” oriented since then, IMO.

interesting segment tonight on pbs – wall street financial gurus are getting serious about moving away from investing in fossil fuels – obvious finance detriment due to climate disasters, including aussie fires, is getting their attention.

amen to your comments on school slightkc

I know it wouldnt be popular with dems due to the association with ‘poll tax’ etc, but Ive often thought some sort of civics test for registered voters, as all naturalized citizens must take, might force a more elevated discourse in politics. It certainly forced more understanding in me when I became a us citizen.

What kind of paradigm would do the job? Honestly, I don’t fully know but have been getting little pieces of it for quite some time. It’s something my main thinking partner and I have been contemplating for several years, actually decades. But I feel sure it will depend in great part on some future events and as of yet some discoveries not yet manifest. My thinking partner and I have been involved in the philosophical homework, the prepatory part. Another friend, a PhD biophysicist is with me on some of the science.

In my last teaching position, Muslim students frequently came to me for advice and counseling, not academic advice, but very personal, philosophical and spiritual counsel. Quite a number of them wanted secretly to leave their faith, knowing if their spouse or relatives found out, they would be killed by their family members if and when they returned to their home country.

I very much get the feeling from them, also from devout Muslims much less alienated,
and to a lesser extent our Christian fundamentalists, that deep down, they feel betrayed by their God.

As much of what they are taught (on several levels) doesn’t jive with reality, their cognitive dissonance increases, and I believe will greatly intensify as certain events transpire.

Such extraordinary shifts have happened before through history and will happen again I expect, possibly within our lifetime. But I think we’ll see them certainly before the end of this century.

There will be a breaking point. It will seem sudden and unexpected, but will have been developing for a very long time.
More on this later.

ja, thanks for the Marjorie link. The composite chart for Barr and Trump had the Sun at 12+ Gemini which is the degree of the US Sibly chart’s descendant/7th house cusp, symbol of partners or open enemies. Makes you think.

On another note, the people who support Trump and voted for him are, I believe, symbolized by the US natal Mars (anger) in Gemini that conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun.

They are also represented by US progressed (retrograde = turn inward) Mars in Libra that conjuncts Trump’s natal Jupiter. US progressed Mars (17+ Libra rx) is conjunct US progressed Black Moon Lilith (16+ Libra) and she symbolizes the survival instinct; irrational and blind.

Both US progressed Mars and US progressed BML oppose the US progressed Chiron at 17+ Aries. We are all wounded (Chiron) due to pent up anger (US prog. Mars) and irrationality (US prog BML) a right-brain function.

Along comes Trump and his natal Jupiter that conjuncts US prog. Mars/BML in Libra and opposes US prog. Chiron, while his natal Sun conjuncts US natal Mars that squares US natal Neptune. It’s not a black and white issue, it’s a blend of hues.

There is also Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius to consider. It trines (sympathizes with?) the US NATAL Chiron (20+ Aries), and that US natal Chiron was just squared by the eclipsed full moon at 20+ Cancer which was also quincunx (causes discomfort) Trump’s Sagittarius Moon.

US natal Chiron in Aries at 20+ degrees is also opposite US natal Juno in Libra at 20+ degrees who is having a Return right now. This opposition is the focus presently and will shed light (eclipsed Moon at 20+ Cancer) on ways to dismantle the problems and rebuild trust.

So, it appears that from the perspective of astrology, Trump is the answer to pent up anger (both US natal and US progressed Mars) that is irrational (US prog. BML). It is the US “problems” that Trump exploits, and which he adroitly accuses his enemies of creating. That’s how retrograde (progressed) US Mars is working; the US prog & retro Mars is at war with itself.

It is causing us (US) pain and suffering (prog US Chiron opposite prog US Mars and BML) that must be addressed before the pain will end. It will require both the right brain and the left brain working together to solve the problem.

To my knowledge, never before have we seen headlines like this one in mainstream news. I expect there are and will be more.

“Trump Is a Remorseless Advocate of Crimes Against Humanity”


One good thing about surrounding yourself with tawdry gangsters and grifters is that if they flip on you, you can claim they have no credibility because they’re criminals.

“In that text message to you,” Maddow asked on Thursday, “is Mr. Lutsenko saying, in effect, listen, if you want me to make these Biden allegations, you’re going to have to get rid of this ambassador?” Parnas replied: “Absolutely. Absolutely.”


Has anyone looked at Lev Parnas chart in comparison with trump and the US and the impeachment charts. I know there is no brith time so it would be broad.
Lev Parnas
Feb. 6, 1972
Odessa, Ukraine

Marjorie Orr:


Henri, Lev Parnas’ birth chart has strong ties to the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse in Leo that leads me to believe he could be instrumental in the great transformation of the United States that the 2017 solar eclipse alludes to.

Among these connections is his natal Uranus in Libra that conjuncts US progressed Mars, Trump’s Jupiter, Putin’s Saturn and the US Constitution Neptune.

For example, his natal Uranus (and the aforementioned planets) made a T-square to the 2017 total eclipse chart’s opposition between Pluto and Ceres. This could mean an abrupt and unexpected challenge regarding the oil business, the abuse of migrant children, the aid to Puerto Rico for starters.

There’s also his Neptune (not reality based but possibly spiritually based) sextile his North Node (path forward) that forms a Yod to the US natal Jupiter (seeks truth). The US Jupiter will have to make an adjustment to escape the discomfort created by the Parnas Neptune-NN. Calling forth witnesses for example? It could benefit the Dems but hurt the Pubs.

A lot more to ponder!

I find it hopeful that all the people around Trump (Barr and his lawyers) and Trump himself are going to have significantly bad aspects during the same time period(Feb – March) which looks to coincide with the end of the impeachment trial.

Astrology by Paul Saunders

“While this is going on. There are two connections that are starting to form for later on in 2020 and into 2021 that are catching my eye. They will form and be exact at exactly the same time, and they are as follows. Firstly Solar Arc Uranus will be making a conjunction to Trump’s Ascendant. Now Tyl says that this connection brings a major new start in life. Interestingly, Uranus natally sits in Trump’s house of work and career, and it rules his house of work, routine and health!! Secondly, at the same time, Solar Arc Saturn will conjunct with Trump’s natal Neptune. Saturn Neptune aspects are notorious with health issues, and Tyl says that this connection brings forth “suffering as a martyr to a cause, losing focus, wanting to give up under stress, and denial of issues. Neptune by the way rules Trump’s 8th house, the house of inevitable change. A loss (Saturn) of power and influence (8th house) through medical concerns (Neptune)?”

“Restructuring” under current and near future astrological conditions is NOT just something occurring or being contemplated in the USA. The Brits are discussing all sorts of options for ensuring their government is a government “of the people.”

House of Lords ‘could move to York or Birmingham’ – Tory chairman


Barbk- thanks. I had a feeling he would be absolutely important at thi time, or absolutely not. I wonder if he will be called to testify or if it will just be his information (texts, phone records, emails) that will be part of the impeachment process…

In a break with convention, the
editorial board has chosen to endorse two separate
Democratic candidates for president.

Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar


Thanks for your posting on the Orange Blobs’ chart along side the Great American Eclipse and the US natal. Also Lev Parnas. I enjoyed reading them.

Also have pondered forever the Sibly Chart’s location of the US 12th house which begins with Scorpio. I use both rulers of the sign and find we are a nation with great, dark secrets and a penchant for cruelty even though we present the face of Sag. Rising. That hidden Karma of the 12th house, the skeletons in the closet, the subjugation of the dark skinned people of the earth, the combining of sexual energy and cruelty… I could go on. When Pluto crossed the Sibly Chart’s ascendant on 9/11, we saw the rage of the “oppressed” cross our ascendant. We then had the choice of coming face with our own Scorpio 12th house and change our act, or go to the other ruler of that house and blame the other…ie, our natal Mars at 21 Gemini. Much has to change with our foreign policy and our shadow in our dealing with our own citizens, our 12th house. I’m not sure this will be possible in my lifetime, but perhaps we have learned a thing or two with the presidency of this Orange Thing.

Lamis, at least the 12th house is the end of the road in a manner of speaking. I wonder if people such as those who side with KKK practices are not feeling cornered due to the pressure of coming change in the world. They sense their way of life will be extinct a hundred years from now, hopefully a lot sooner.

The very first conjunction of transiting Pluto to US natal Pluto (Feb. 20, 2022) has transiting Neptune at 22+ Pisces opposite US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo, square US natal Mars at 21+ Gemini which sounds like a confrontation with our Mars problem.

At the same time, transiting Venus and Mars are conjunct at 19+ Capricorn (along with Vesta at 21+ Cap), square US Chiron and US Juno but trine US Neptune. I believe US Neptune, outer planet that he is, is softening the sharper edges of US Pluto’s Return. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a feeling.

Rather than a blow to the gut, Pluto style, it will be a slipping away of “reality” for many, a kind of madness when you feel helpless but are not in actual physical pain. The transiting Moon (the People) at 22+ Libra will be quincunx (requires adjustment) to the transiting Neptune and semisextile US natal Neptune and on her way to a square with Pluto. She will be leaving a trine with US natal Mars.

The transiting North Node (path forward) at 26+ Taurus will still be in orb of a trine to Pluto (27+ Cap) but square the US natal Moon (27+ Aquarius). The people will likely have to be herded at the beginning, hopefully with a gentle hand. (US Moon is sextile the Galactic Center and asteroids Klotho [new thread] and Magdalena will be conjunct the GC).

The Orange Thing has taught us a thing or two, about ourselves at least, you’re right about that. We will do it in baby steps, the growing up that a Pluto Return demands.

A bit of Texas humor.

A former student of mine sent me a picture of a tortoise on a wooden fence post, but the head was that of Donald Trump. The caption beneath was as follows:

Nostradumbass strikes again!!

The old farmer said, “Well, as I see it, Donald Trump is like a ‘Post Tortoise’.” Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post tortoise’ was.

The old farmer said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a tortoise balanced on top, that’s a post tortoise.” The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain. “You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated beyond his ability to function, and you wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with.”

In the wee hours of this morning I wrote that in the 1st US Pluto Return chart there was a Venus-Mars conjunction but failed to catch that it would be trine (to the degree) the US natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus; she who symbolizes “what we invest in” will trine trans. Venus-Mars (true love) at 19+ Cap.

In the Pluto Return chart Venus-Mars will fall in the 6th house of service, very near the descendant which would put our US Vesta in the 11th house (friends, groups) of this chart.

In the US natal chart US Vesta is in the 5th house of creativity and the Venus-Mars in the Pluto Return chart would fall in the US natal chart’s 2nd house of what we most value. Put that all together and it sounds like a message of love and support from friends and groups (perhaps allies?) who help us (US) recreate and restore our standards and values. So there’s that in the Pluto Return to look forward to.


I have a hard time following the dates of the transits to which you refer. Will you include the dates please?

Thank you for your clarification Anne’s aunt. I hope you were not injured severely by the boiling water and the teapot was not your favorite.

Eliseo, my husband Chris, a social psychologist, said your “post tortoise” description is spot-on to describe DJT. He and I spent 20 years in Texas and I can tell you that ass that put him up top of the post had to be “Mean as Hell” too! Putin’s useful idiot, wow.

Sure Will, the US Pluto Return (see my comment at 2:56 AM today) is Feb. 20, 2022.

The US natal chart is July 4, 1776.

These are the dates I refer to in my comment right above your comment at 4:02 PM. Are you referring to some other comment of mine?


new topic . . .

There are two sets of sextiles in the New Moon chart this Friday (of Impeachment Trial Week), on January 24th. One of the sets of sextiles forms a Yod to US natal Sun and the other one forms a Yod to US natal Saturn. US Sun and US Saturn square each other.

Because Yods demand adjustments from their apex planet (in these cases US Sun and US Saturn) the Impeachment process will see the US Sun and US Saturn giving into the pressures exerted by this New Moon in Aquarius.

One of the Yods becomes a Boomerang pattern.

That’s the one with the US Sun at the apex and the New Moon chart’s Jupiter in Capricorn opposes the US Sun in Cancer becoming a Boomerang. This puts all the accumulated energy of the Yod part of the Boomerang onto this Jupiter.

In fact, this Jupiter (12+ Capricorn) not only opposes US natal Sun (13+ Cancer), it squares US natal Saturn (14+ Libra) and that is a challenging T-square.

It is logical that Jupiter (seeker of truth and symbolic of law and justice) would be in this powerful position at such a time. Chief Justice Roberts will be under some pressure, what with his many natal conjunctions to Trump natal planets.

However, his natal Sun at 6+ Aquarius conjuncts the US natal chart’s South Node and US natal Pholus (small cause, big effect) and that may come into play (a big brouhaha maybe) during this made for TV trial.

Even more interesting is Roberts’ natal Venus at 20+ Sagittarius that trines US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries (a US sore spot), just as US natal Juno (lesser partner) that opposes US Chiron is having a Juno Return. Roberts’ natal Venus also sextiles US Juno. Will he take sides in some fashion?

We appear to be making up the rules as we go along regarding this defense of the US Constitution, and this New Moon chart’s Mercury at 13+ Aquarius is conjunct the US Constitution chart’s Pluto at 14+ Aquarius which trines the US Constitution chart’s Chiron at 13+ Gemini . .

. . which is opposite the New Moon chart’s Mars at 14+ Sagittarius (which conjuncts the Great Attractor at 14+ Sagittarius, a very power persuader).

It is the New Moon sextile between Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius that forms a Yod with the US natal Sun in Cancer! Is this the way the US Constitution goes about reformation? Maybe.

If Justice Roberts natal sun is at 6 degrees of Aquarius then, Uranus is within a square of his Sun…..and THAT, IS significant. Wow….that means something happening outside of his control that challenges his ego, his will, his desires. Whether that has anything to do with the impeachment….who knows, could be personal, but it is noteworthy.


Thank you for clarifying – I didn’t pick the date up from your reference to
‘the U.S. Pluto return.’

Anne’s Aunt,

No hard feelings. Have had days like that a plenty.

Jill G,
That Texas style description is both hilarious and sad. Your husband sees what so many of us see. It’s pretty obvious Mr.T is “Putin’s useful idiot.” (For which i regret we do not have an additional article of impeachment for treason) Its is deeply and consistently bewildering how many don’t or don’t want to see that Russia/Trump relationship. I wonder how your social psychologist husband sees this peculiar phenomenon.

Does anybody have an answer to the following question? We know the Orange Blob is vengeful.

Where does one look in his chart to see this trait. I am looking at his Mars, Pluto…or the relationship of Mars to his Moon which is disposed of by Venus in Cancer? Super easily “hurt.”

Any takers?

Although I read Greek and German, albeit slowly, I’m not finding much online in the foreign press about what is occurring or about to occur with our impeachment trial. What I do find is fairly shallow reporting only about the basic facts, not much of anything describing the political psychology or historical and cultural significance and context.

Only our astrologer friends seem to be publishing anything meaningful. Is anyone in NZ in your mainstream media publishing any explanatory pieces or op-eds?

Eliseo, nobody here is commenting much – most think trump is mad, but are keeping their heads down, perhaps so as not to be mistakenly drawn into a purely american political matter and risk his ire. Or perhaps no comments are forthcoming because the republican partisan position is so nonsensical. Scott Brown american ambassador has given his resignation – perhaps he has been exposed to reality here – he will be taking a position with some university in NE I think. I did see an article today here positing how bad it would be for the nz economy if he were to get a 2nd term, due to trade issues and other irrational moves.
On another note, my cousin who has lived in dubai for 12+years is suddenly moving back home this week. Have not talked to her yet but I do wonder if the timing is due to trumps recent iranian dustup.

Lamis, the hurt is in his mind. I think the paran square in his natal chart indicates that it is his natural proclivity to strike out in anger whether hurt was real or imagined by him.

This paran in tRump’s natal chart ties his Moon and Sun to Mars, the 3 of them acting in unison as can be easily seen in his day to day behavior. Mars is also the most angular planet in his chart, making this configuration already involving the lights, the most powerful aspect in the chart. It will come to chart angles once a day in a diurnal chart, at least once a month in a progressed lunar return, and once a year in a progressed solar return.


Lamis, more important in that regard is his Venus-Saturn conjunction.

His secret favorite song.

Nobody Likes Me. I guess I’ll go eat worms.


Thank You! That makes sense! The US is still Mega-Powerful, culturally, economically, militarily. Risking the ire of our “mad king” would of course be potentially dangerous and stupid. Better to be silent than punished. It just never occurred to me. That’s surely why I find no substantive writing on the impeachment trial in the German or English language press.

Iranian MP announces $3 million award for ‘whoever kills Trump’: ISNA


Also, too bad you guys in NZ could not vote in our 2016 election. Whomever is US president affects you perhaps almost as much as it does us!

Estimated Timeline On The Trump Impeachment Trial……..

CNN is reporting that if the Senate effectively blocks the introduction of documental evidence and witnesses into the Senate trial, vote for acquittal in the Senate could come as early as the middle of next week (Wednesday January 29th).

Astrologically, Wednes. Jan 29th has an exact Mars-Uranus sequiquadrate with Mars at 17 ’48 Sagittarius and Uranus at 2 ’48 Taurus.

So this is where it gets interesting. Tr. Mars conjoins Trumps progressed South Node (17 ’41 Sag) – (loss of control?) in opposition to natal Uranus (17 ’54 Gemini) – (sudden events?) semi-square tr. Uranus. Will the Democrats ask Chief Justice John Roberts to step in and rule on immediate dismissal? Will the Senate over-ride and veto Roberts decision? However this unfolds, the situation could quickly evolve into an ugly partisan political battle.

What I mean is, dual citizenship would be more fair. But that just isn’t the way the world presently works.

The MC for tRump’s presidency (inaugural chart) located to Charlotte, NC, is at 22°37′ Capricorn. It holds the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (Sun 22°52′ Capricorn, Saturn 22°53′ Capricorn, and Pluto 22°49′ Capricorn) – has his natal Saturn at 23°49′ Cancer on it’s IC; and transiting Pluto on the MC [return to it’s conjunction position], not a favorable location for him or his term.

Tecumseh’s Curse…,
“Tecumseh’s Curse stems from an 1840 dispute between U.S. President William Harrison and Shawnee Indian leader, Tecumseh. Some believe the curse is the reason that Harrison, and every following president who was elected in a year ending in zero, died or was railroaded from serving in office. Harrison went on to be elected U.S. President in 1840, but never finished his term. He died of pneumonia several months after being elected.
This pattern of dying in office, or other disruptions, has continued every 20 years:
• In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected. He was assassinated in 1865.
• In 1880, James Garfield was elected. He was assassinated in 1881.
• In 1900, William McKinley was elected. He was assassinated in 1901.
• In 1920, Warren Harding was elected. He died in office in 1923.
• In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected. He died in office in 1945.
• In 1960, John Kennedy was elected. He was assassinated in 1963.
• In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected. He was wounded by a would-be assassin’s bullet. Many think Nancy’s astrology worked!
• In 2000, Albert Gore was elected by popular vote (possibly by Electoral College votes as well ) He never began his term in office.
2020 ????”
M Carol Assa, Feng Shui Master


@SenAlexander @Tennessean
@SenatorCollins – @bangordailynews
@SenCoryGardner – @denverpost
@Senjoniernst – @DMRegister
@SenatorLoeffler- @AJC
@SenMcSallyAZ; @danowicki

Jerry is this possible.?
Can justice Roberts call for his dismissal?
I thought it would be only after a vote.
Moscow Mitch could be overruled?

I come bearing Good News. Justice Roberts natal Centaur Pholus is at 4+ Aquarius and the New Moon on Friday is at 4+ Aquarius.

The story of Pholus is that he uncorked a bottle of sacred wine without permission from his fellow centaurs. He did so at the request from Heracles, and the scent of it drove the other centaurs mad, causing a battle in which many centaurs were killed by Heracles.

I’m thinking this symbolizes something gets uncorked, due to something said or done by Justice Roberts, which starts a brouhaha. For now, I’m thinking the Pubs are the centaurs + Trump, and the Dems are Heracles (aka Hercules).

I’m also thinking that the Mercury (13+Aquarius) in this Friday’s New Moon chart that trines US Saturn (14+ Libra) + Trump’s natal Chiron and Juno (14+ Libra), that trines the US Constitution chart’s Chiron (13+ Gemini), – a grand trine in air – will supply the energy for this brouhaha brought about by Justice Roberts’ natal Pholus (small cause but big effect) conjunct the New Moon.

That Mercury in the New Moon chart also sextiles the Mars in that chart and they form a Yod to US natal Sun which Jupiter (Justice Roberts???) in that New Moon chart opposes. Jupiter is the end point of a boom-BOOM-Boomerang and it trines the Virgo Mercury (wording) in the US Constitution chart.

Fasten your seat belts cuz I think it’s going to be a bumpy ride from Friday on.


My mistake. That was badly worded. Read instead: Will the Democrats ask Chief Justice John Roberts to step in and rule on the Senates request for immediate dismissal of the charges?

PS. CLARIFICATION From what I can gather, after the Senate votes for acquittal, Congress can formally request the Chief Justice to render a decision. The Senate then has the power to over-rule the Chief Justice by a majority vote.

Marjorie on Greta needling Trump at Davos

A stunning circus of shameless withholding, lying, dodging, deflecting and projecting by Repubican Senators and the Unspeakable One’s hired liars. It is embarrassing, demoralizing and galling to beat witness to unadulterated evil.

Stephen Colbert;

Majority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell;
“The Scrotum of the Opera”

“A stunning circus….evil.”

Consider the script, the acting, and the audience reaction in the theater or at home to the classic film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. An all White, male jury convicts Tom. Atticus Finch valiantly presents an honest and overwhelming case, arguing Tom’s innocence, even though he knows he will likely lose.

The Dem House managers are Atticus Finch.
When and if the R. Senators acquit Mr.T, they will have convicted themselves. The audience, i.e. the American people and the world, seeing the bias and bigotry of the R’s will know who is really innocent and really guilty

interesting news caught my eye – last august swiss caught men with russian passports posing as plumbers in Davos – suspicion is they were advance prepping to plant bugs for this week’s summit
If true, we are way way way down the rabbit hole

How important was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that the totally unpredictable (desired, but obtained by chance) time for tRump’s inauguration when located almost 4 years later to the site where the GOP presidential nominee will be chosen has that conjunction’s point as the MC and that it is aspected by transiting Pluto and his natal Saturn? What are the odds of that happening?

Lamis B Faris, imo, Trump is vengeful because of a bunch of things coming together:

.He has Mars at a critical degree (29 Leo), so he’ll go to extremes in anger and frustration, etc. Also, Mars at the Ascendant tends to make a person aggressive – which makes it even more volatile. Maybe that’s why he plays golf (despite being not very good) – he’s got to get it out of his system and hitting the ball helps him to show who’s boss. 🙂

.He has Uranus trine Jupiter, which says even his extremes can go to extremes (Uranus is way out there, with Jupiter – more is more)

.He has Venus conjunct Saturn (self-indulgence, plus self-righteousness)

.He has Saturn in detriment in Cancer (which can be a ruthless sign, and super sensitive) – when it comes to rules, he won’t play fair & also, widely square to Jupiter, it can lead to bad judgment)

.His Midheaven is conjunct Algol (or very close) – ruthless in his career at least

.He has Pluto semisquare (45 degrees) to his Sun – which is interesting because on the one hand the aspect can make a person attractive and charismatic, as well as awkward, but also deeply threatening (Pluto), especially with his big Leo ego conjunct Regulus.

.He has Neptune sextile Black Moon Lilith, which all by itself darkens his world emotionally – also, it might indicate he’s had a problem with drugs (but he doesn’t drink, so it may be in the past, or some another dependency – no way to know).

.He has Juno exactly conjunct Chiron – something wrong from the start in his extraordinary home life (hardly normal), as well as having problems (Chiron) with women, relationships, domesticity. Juno is a resentful asteroid.

On the other hand, each of Trump’s aspects has a positive side, too, which is part of his power. It’s the combination when he lives out the negative side that makes him vengeful (…other opinions?).

He must have had a dreadful childhood emotionally to wind up with a personality that expresses the negative so much.

Also, his Moon is very complex – it is in an intriguing sextile to Jupiter, trine to Mars, inconjunct Saturn, and opposition to Sun, N. Node and Uranus. Quite the mixture – rebel and angel (well, his mother probably thought so).

No doubt of it, the Moon is the focal point of Trump’s chart, which shows his emotions are the true drivers of his life. Probably, he never could control or understand his own emotions.

So, the vengefulness is a cocktail – and it’s most unfortunate that the whole world has to pay for it!

Yeah Bob, astrology can be spooky in its uncanny ability to bring connection between two (or more) charts that would otherwise not be associated with each other, except in the future. I felt that way about the New Moon this Friday that conjuncts Chief Justice Roberts natal Pholus, at a time when he is on the world stage, rather than his normal away-from-the-headlines profile.

Something in the Universe has a great influence on human consciousness, causing decisions to be made by humans, individually or in groups, to go this way or that and do this or that, on this day or another, like where to have the Republication Convention in 2020 for example, or when to hold impeachment hearings.

From what I know (which is just a fraction of what there is to know) I would say that the Great Attractor (14+ Sagittarius) has that kind of influence on humans. We are part of something greater and astrology allows us to glimpse that greatness on occasion.

Do you suppose the Great Attractor is 2 degrees from the US natal chart’s ascendant (12+ Sagittarius), and the Super Galactic Center (SGC), otherwise referred to as Black Hole M87 (1+ Libra), is conjunct the US natal chart’s MC by accident? I don’t.

Good point, Beowulfie, about Trump’s Mars on his Ascendant and his golf habit.

“Maybe that’s why he plays golf (despite being not very good) – he’s got to get it out of his system and hitting the ball helps him to show who’s boss.”

This has nothing at all to do with astrology, but you reminded me of my personal observation of golf – and this comes from a career working at various golf resorts in the U.S.

Always found it amusing that some men were obsessed with a game that used a stiff rod (picture the traditional golf stance of addressing the ball) to whack a ball (seed?) into a small hole in (Mother) Earth.

Again, just my personal interpretation. Fits Trump’s aggression perfectly.

I see chart activity like this often using my progressed lunar return technique, barbk.

It affirms for me that nature is not haphazard and astrology functions as a part of a large whole.

Kiwi, indeed interesting about the plumber/spies.

barbk: Hope your right about good news and Justice Roberts.

Chief Justice Roberts admonishes both sides at Senate impeachment trial, after marathon session erupts into shouting match

“It’s embarrassing,” Nadler began. “The president is on trial in the Senate, but the Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people. Will you vote to allow all the relevant evidence to be presented here? Or will you betray your pledge to be an impartial juror? … Will you bring Ambassador Bolton here? Will you permit us to present you with the entire record of the president’s misconduct? Or will you instead choose to be complicit in the president’s coverup? So far I’m sad to say I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote.”

https://fxn.ws/38uEoUe #FoxNews

Thank you Beowulf, your astrological analysis actually made sense to me.

TPM has an interesting contributor whose opinion on new thinking of Trump’s legal team using physics.


Plato uses the Allegory of the Cave to illustrate how reality is not what we perceive. This imperfect perception model continues today in quantum physics under the rubric of holograms. Each perception shift comes with new ideas about economics, law, morality, as well as reaction to such ideas. Trump is a reaction force that seems to be caving in the face of these new ideas. Only fighting where the opponent is blindfolded with both hands tied is even allowed. Only nostalgia for a nonexistent stupid time is permitted

Bob, Your 2 sentences pack a lot.

Are we witnessing a paradigm shift ? I don’t believe it.

Nadler presented as close to rebuke as allowed in polite discourse of the “august body”. which caused Justice Robert to say something. Sometimes it can’t/shouldn’t be said any other way as Nadler said it.

Senator Bob Byrd kept a copy of the Constitution in his pocket and pulled it out while his hand shook and recited from memory its content. It was only then, that the Senate was the august body which is now a distant memory of its former self.

the presiden’ts legal team shameful display before the world, of their inane ‘defense’ in view of the avalanche of charges before their client exposes the fraud upon us.

The psychology of it basically is we’re being played with mind games and nonsense, but his legal team goes home and still expect their garage opener to open with the press of a button and their lives to behave and make sense.

The thieves of democracy strive to play to their deplorable base but dragging the rest of us in the hopes we’ll follow -Nazzi Germany style, using technology in cyberspace. RESIST !

This should stop the trial : the accused confesses to the crime charged. On Dailykos.

He admits it in a foreign country, Davos Switzerland.


Ralfee Finn:

“The first brunt of this current separation intensity is with us at least until mid-March, so take a deep breath and keep putting one foot in front of the other—it’s going to be a long few months.”


from twitter:

the American people are being horn·swog·gled
To get the better of someone by cheating or deception

And, you know Bob, I think that is another example of that universal influence that guides us.
You have developed a technique; the progressed lunar return, that benefits all who utilize astrology.

Astrology is a field so wide that no single person can cover all the paths to discovery. It is the diversity of all these paths that makes astrology buffs compare notes and to learn from each other.

All of us are drawn to one or more of these unique paths by some magnetic force that satisfies our desire to learn more. All together they advance the understanding of the symbolic planets that circle the Sun which benefits everyone.


Adam Schiff has natal asteroid Pallas the Strategist at 24+ Capricorn as transiting Saturn and Pluto are at 23+ Capricorn. His natal chart’s asteroid Vesta (focus) is at 13+ Capricorn and transiting Jupiter is at 11+ Capricorn. In the next few days and weeks these 3 powerful transiting planets will conjunct Schiff’s natal asteroids, Pallas (strategy) and Vesta (focus).

Schiff’s natal Vesta (13+ Cap) is opposite US natal Sun (13+ Cancer), and in Friday’s New Moon chart Mercury (13+ Aquarius) and Mars (14+ Sagittarius) form a Yod to US Cancer Sun which opposes Schiff’s Vesta in Cap which becomes the Boom in a Boomerang; where all the Yod energy congregates. It is where trans. Jupiter will be, a few days after the New Moon this Friday.

Schiff’s natal Neptune at 6+ Scorpio squares Justice Roberts’ natal Sun at 6+ Aquarius which conjuncts the US natal chart South Node and natal Pholus, both at 6+ Aquarius.

Be still my heart.

SassyGrace, love your comment about the golf!

Bloomberg running a huge ad campaign urging Senate to impeach. Here is the spot


Thanks silcominc for posting Bloomberg’s ad. A bright light whe we need it. Tank you.

Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell are the two most unpopular senators in their home states. Collins is at 37%.


The net result of the outrage caused by the acquittal of Trump will be to ensure the GOP loses the Senate in November.

From “The Guardian” whose link Andre provides above, “The president’s approval rating is underwater in Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.”

Transiting Sedna (underwater) at 26+ Taurus is square Trump’s Mars (26+ Leo) and possibly conjunct his natal chart MC (reputation). Transiting Sedna is trine transiting Ceres (26+ Capricorn) – she who knows how to negotiate terms favorable to her. Trans. Ceres is conjunct the US natal Pluto (US death/rebirth) at 27+ Capricorn, which probably symbolizes why Adam Schiff and other Dem Managers did so well today.

A precursor to the New Moon conjunct Chief Justice Roberts’ natal Pholus might just be his announcement today that the one-page (additional) testimony of Mike Pence’s assistant would be made available to senators for review. I continue to watch and wait.


The Unspeakable One’s Midheaven conjunct Algol;

That’s pretty much the apex of public awfulness.


The Unspeakable One’s Midheaven conjunct Algol;
That’s pretty much the apex of public awfulness.
Algol is the Evil Star, the eye of Medusa, the head of the dragon.


2017 inaugural chart located to Charlotte, NC, with transits of August 27, 2020, at 7 pm, EDT, (close to the time of the announcement of the GOP presidential nominee?). Transiting Pluto is only 1 minute of arc less for each day of the convention beginning at 294°52′ on August 24, going to 294°49′ on August 27, so it will be on the inaugural chart MC what ever time and which ever day the announcement happens.


Prince Charles skips greeting US’s Pence, (and) shakes hands with Israel’s Netanyahu


Angel, If you look closer it appears that Pence had his hands clasped together so no hand was ‘available’ to shake. Was Pence intentionally engineering an apparent snub, or was he in zombie land as usual? Charles is well practiced at moving very efficiently down a handshake line.

interesting – anti trump republicans have banded together with an ad promoting pence over trump. Designed to sway pubbies to get rid of trump no matter what it takes because their pet policies can still be handled by pence.

After the brouhaha of the New Moon tomorrow, with its conjunction to Chief Justice’s natal Sun and natal Pholus (which conjuncts the US natal South Node and US natal Pholus), there will come a Full Moon on February 9th at 20+ Leo.

This Feb. 9th Leo Full Moon opposes the US PROGRESSED Mercury and the transiting Sun, both at 20+ Aquarius, as well as the Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Expect the unexpected to continue.

The Feb. Full Moon chart has Pallas (the strategist) at 8+ Capricorn, the same degree as where the present Mars-Saturn cycle began. Like the Mars-Saturn cycle start, this Full Moon (FM) Pallas opposes Trump’s natal Mercury at 8+ Cancer, promising to drive Trump further up the wall.

FM Pallas at 8+ Cap is sextile the FM Mercury at 8+ Pisces, which conjuncts the US natal Ceres (and both US Ceres and FM Mercury square US natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini). This might have to do with previous lackluster aid to Puerto Rico or some new bad-weather (Ceres) calamity.

Meanwhile, transiting Neptune remains opposite Robert Mueller’s natal Mars-Chiron at 16+ Virgo, as well as the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in the ’60’s, stirring up memories of unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Nonetheless, the grand trine between Friday’s New Moon chart Mercury in Aquarius and US natal Saturn in Libra (+ Trump’s Chiron/Juno) and the US Constitution chart’s Chiron in Gemini, will fill the airwaves with more recent transgressions against the US Rule of Law. This transiting new-cycle Saturn-Pluto has its hands full, to say the least!

transparency international has just released its latest annual corruption perception index report: NZ tied for first with denmark as least corrupt. Not surprising USA under trump and since citizens united ruling, has fallen to 23rd place. Notably Israel has also fallen drastically.

Trump’s reelection is looking more like a long shot.


Unless Bernie is the nominee, maybe?

Steve Judd on Donald Trump from an astrological perspective (video)

He feels that it’s election for Trump to lose, but he could self sabotage and lose it that way — yet he also feels that if he wins that he’ll die in office (due to health)

Hey I’m a liberal Californian and this doesn’t anger me.

‘Kamala Harris Is Said to Be Weighing an Endorsement of Joe Biden’

The move, which would be unlikely to happen until after the Senate impeachment trial, could enhance her chances of becoming vice president but could also anger liberals in California.


The Blob’s Pluto in Leo in the 12 = among other traits, immense anger that he is not a king and immense cruelty. Sustained, immense cruelty.

I have a hard time not conjuring up violent reprisals to this Blob. So far, I just stop at bamboo sticks being thwacked against his knees-a favorite of Buddhist Monks when they run into arrogance from their novice charges. Saturn now opposing the Blob’s natal Saturn. Saturn, Lord of Karma, says “bend the knees.”

Thanks so much for your thorough reading of the Blob’s chart regarding the strands which form the the essence of vengeance.

I am rereading it daily…

I’m hearing SO MUCH political cynicism from Liberal & Progressive friends in red states. They are downhearted, convinced the R’s will acquit Mr.T, that he will then behave even more badly, and that he will win in November.

Many of them believe it will be necessary to establish an armed underground resistance, and are quietly preparing. But I just don’t see it working out that way! Not unless with Russian help Mr.T & the R’s totally steal the 2020 election, or somehow stay in power, impose martial law, and turn the US into a fascist state. I’m not ruling out such possibilities, but doubt it will transpire like that.

Even if T loses, declares the election was rigged, maintains he actually won, and refuses to leave office, I believe the US military if necessary will forcibly remove him from the Oval office. Our armed forces, especially the officers neither like nor respect 45, considering him a man without honor.

I see the possibility of Trumpers enjoining sporadic violence (probably the disorganized variety) when T leaves office IF convicted in the impeachment trial, or IF defeated in November. But I don’t see some kind of conventional, 1860’s style civil war. In any case, I believe our regular police and military are capable of quelling the chaos. Perhaps I’m naive, but as we draw nearer to the election, I’m seeing less and less any necessity to go play Resistance soldier for those of us who oppose Trump and/or R policies.

My interpretation is this: Many Liberals & Progressivdes in red areas are deeply moved by our odd circumstances, and feeling profoundly frustrated, ashamed, and paranoid, as they are surrounded by ignorrati in large numbers.

What do you guys think?


I’m in the very red upstate of South Carolina, and I feel despair of Trump not being removed by the Senate, Senators ignoring what’s right and their oath, and so many voters still supporting Trump, but not even a hint of an armed underground resistance.

We’re liberals. We don’t do that.



I think it can go either way which is why some of these psychics are being very nebulous in their predictions.

It also feels a bit schizophrenic – the news is reporting that senators seem interested yet all I can remember is Garland and how McConnel and his thugs blocked that. I fear that they will vote along party lines to acquit him.

Unless more comes out about trumps crimes, I fear he will be reelected – not by a majority but by just enough flipped votes and a nationwide suppression program by the GOP.


I think anything could happen because this situation is nothing like I’ve ever known or read about. The Enfant Terrible is a massive, spewing, ever-inflamed hemorrhoid that will not quit until he is stopped. If there was any kind of revolution, I think it would begin with Trumpistas and his rabid-right reactionaries.

Nonetheless, my bright moment tonight was reading the term “ignoratti” in your post; I’ll be taking all kinds of liberty with that one. Much gratitude!

I’m with you on this one Eliseo, but I see where those people are coming from. It is the same type of fear that keeps Republican senators from voting their conscience; “what if something goes wrong and I lose everything” they wonder. They would be perfectly happy if they were to be proved wrong.

I maintain that Trump is a tool for making us (US) aware of what has been below the surface of mass consciousness; a government rife with corruption. The time has come to do something about it, rather than shrug our shoulders and say” it’s just the way it is”.

I believe we are being aided by a higher level of consciousness to destroy the corrupt influences by become aware of it wide scale. Who better than Trump, ever the showman, to expose it to the light? Between Trump and Rudy, two clowns who could bungle a birthday party, the whole world knows how corruption works in politics now.

For all the destruction Trump has wrecked on the USA, there are bravehearts coming forward to challenge him. Rudy and the Donald have done their job and now they exit stage left. Bravo! There are enough of us now that have the will to clean up and fix what Trump has exposed and sullied. Somebody’s got to do it!

I am rather expecting them to behave like trump–march about bullying and threatening but, when confronted by professionals with weapons, even a few, to back away and find a way to save face or go kick something or someone on the way out the gate

Firstly, I think the scenario most probable is no 2/3 to convict in the current trial, but in effect the R’s win the battle which leads them to lose the war. In other words, DT or another R. loses the 2020 election. If DT claims he won when he lost, he’ll be slapped down.

I suspect once the impeachment trial is over the Russians will regard him as damaged goods, no longer the useful idiot he was before. They may do all they can to screw up our election, but though it may seem odd, I think it will be with less success than 2016.

Teresa Hill,
With all due respect, not all Liberals are pacifists. Historically, when deprived of liberty and democratic process, or when threatened with loss of life, many Liberals have fought and died in the struggle against their oppressors. Consider the Resistance movements of WWII Europe, mostly consisting of Communists and passionate Liberals. Consider our WWII generation, who voted for FDR and Liberal legislators 4 times, and fought the Nazis. Consider the many Liberals who volunteered on the Liberal side in the Spanish civil war. Most of all, consider our Founders in the 1770’s, who for their day were definite Liberals.

I don’t think it will become necessary, but Liberals conceivably would fight back if our government became what Trump & followers would like it to be. Suspension of liberties and democratic process would eventually lead to “offing” opponents, i.e. Liberals, intellectuals, gay people, etc. It always does. Passive resistance against fascists/nazis, etc. cannot and will not work, as they are not sufficiently developed in ethical maturity. Gandhi and MLK were successful because their opponents actually possessed a conscience.

If the GOP imposes nationwide suppression, Katy Bar the Door! Liberals and true Conservatives will do whatever it takes to end that suppression.

I agree. If there is some kind of ruckus, I think it more likely to begin with “Trumpistas and his rabid-right reactionaries.” They are far quicker to resort to violence to get their way.

RE: “ignoratti”
Be my guest! I make up all sorts of words when necessary. If you don’t have a word for it, you can’t talk about it.

I agree with you about T’s “cosmic” role.
“Trump and Rudy, two clowns who could bungle a birthday party” LOL. I love it!

I suspect you are right. They may act like threatening bullies but, “when confronted by professionals with weapons” I think most of them will back down. A former student of mine who has studied the religious right believes deep down they are cowardly. This may well be true of Trump cultists generally.

Schiff’s closing was brilliant! His integrity shows – Truth Matters!! I hope it is repeated often during this election season

Without having scanned the next 7 months yet I can;t say tRump will be removed during that time but going right to the GOP convention in August I do not think he will gain the nomination. Even though he would not be on the ticket he would still be pResident until January 20 of 2021 unless removed from office during or after the convention and before that day.

I thought the very bad charts I see for the him on August 26 and 27 meant he would not be the GOP nominee but they could represent anything bad – a bad health situation, being arrested, new impeachment charges being brought up, or ???.

“John Roberts comes face to face with the mess he made

Roberts’s captivity is entirely fitting: He is forced to witness, with his own eyes, the mess he and his colleagues on the Supreme Court have made of the U.S. political system. Ten years to the day before Trump’s impeachment trial began, the Supreme Court released its Citizens United decision, plunging the country into the era of super PACs and unlimited, unregulated, secret campaign money from billionaires and foreign interests. Citizens United, and the resulting rise of the super PAC, led directly to this impeachment. The two Rudy Giuliani associates engaged in key abuses — the ouster of the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, the attempts to force Ukraine’s president to announce investigations into Trump’s political opponents — gained access to Trump by funneling money from a Ukrainian oligarch to the president’s super PAC.”


Makes sense to me. “The hits just keep on coming!” i.e. more evidence of wrongdoing & criminal activity every day. Someone will eventually find the “smoking gun”, the link between Mr.T & the Russiany oligarchs. As Nancy P says, “all roads lead to Russia”.

If not convicted in the current trial I can see, despite the seeming absurdity, him being impeached again. This and any future Dem Congress will do whatever is necessary. Also, good chance world Court will confer on him a new title, “war criminal”. A health issue could also take him out of the race.

Realistically the only thing keeping him in office is the economy and he very likely will be acquitted. I heard some chatter that he may be censored which is akin to a finger wagging and I say F that. Majority of people believe he is guilty but a little less than half want him removed through impeachment. I think if the economy holds he will be re-elected. My hope is that people wake up to the poor state of our democracy as they observe the Republicans collude in this coverup for what everyone knows is an blatant liar. Nadler said it correctly that the Senate is also on trial. For those of us who are able, please consider “adopting “ a Dem Senate candidate in a battleground state and support her or him with money. I really feel strongly we will have a good chance to flip the Senate. And it looks good that we will keep the House. With both we can thrive even if he is re-elected. Blessings of strength to us all!

#RightMatters Trends After Adam Schiff Impeachment Trial Speech Goes Viral


Frank, as you say, Senate definitely on trial and GOP Senators are being exposed for what they are, enablers of Trump and culprits in his wrong doings with no loyalty to democracy or the Constitution. They will be going down.

Good idea to adopt a Dem Senator in battleground state. Hope you are putting that idea out there on FB and Twitter, Instagram.

Something in today’s New Moon chart I failed to catch is the US Juno Return (transiting Juno conjunct US natal Juno) conjuncts Nancy Pelosi’s natal North Node. All 3, US natal Juno, transiting Juno and Pelosi’s North Node are at 20+ Libra, and all 3 oppose the US natal Chiron at 20+ Aries.

The primary significance of Juno’s symbolism is her role as a ruler (queen) is diminished because she is the wife of Jupiter. and as such she is repeatedly humiliated by his infidelities. In other words, Juno has symbolized inequality between male and female during this patriarchal period of society.

In looking at the US natal chart, Juno is in the 10th house of leadership and, in addition to her opposition to US natal Chiron, she is also trine US natal Mars (21+ Gemini) in the 7th house of partnership. Mars symbolizes assertiveness and courage.

Because US Juno is having a “return”, a new plan and a renewal of energy is happening for US Juno that will last until October, 2024, when transiting Juno again conjuncts US natal Juno. I believe Nancy Pelosi symbolizes this new energy and suggests that the inequality between the male and female in leadership roles is coming to an end.

The US natal Juno, as well as the US natal Chiron are square the transiting Saturn-Pluto new cycle start, challenging the old standards of roles in leadership and equality (the trademark of the sign of Libra). I believe Nancy Pelosi has set the NEW standard for a woman seeking and gaining leadership roles in government and other fields. It might be the year of the first woman US Vice President is elected, if not the first woman US President.

“Get rid of her!” is what the voice that appears to be President Trump’s is heard saying. “Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it.”


Eliseo, your hope that people will stop the suppression may be misplaced. From 2016-2018, 17 million voters were removed from the rolls with most being democrats.

The beauty of what the GOP has done is to create a series of court decisions that enable them to suppress the vote in nearly all key states. They are doing it out in the open saying if you don’t vote in an election, you can be removed and if you don’t respond to a postcard in the mail you can be removed.

And when election day comes around, the equipment is weaponized – very few machines in democratic strongholds, an abundance of new equipment in republican strongholds. And that does not even address the ease at which hackers can change votes.

I do hope we prevail but the obstacles these fascists have implemented will take a long time to overcome.

Angellight, I’m not in Twitter or Instagram but did post on FB but with no traction, glad someone thought it was a good idea, thanks!

Barb, in addition to Pelosi, I’m wondering if the ERA may finally be adopted…totally absurd it hasn’t already but glad it’s back in the collective consciousness!

Elisabeth Grace:

“FRIDAY. Did I mention that this week is the end of the lunar cycle? Avid Readers will recall that the days before the beginning of the New Moon can feel restless, as we sense something is just around the corner, but we don’t know what. When the Moon is dark — i.e., not reflecting light from the Sun — it’s an apt time for a clandestine meeting or other enterprise you hope will fly under the radar. I wonder what they will be talking about in Davos this week, in the dark of the Moon? Whatever it is, we may experience a jolt or other disruption around 1:34 PM ET, when the Moon squares Uranus. At 4:42 PM ET you can light your ritual candle and set your intentions for the New Moon in Aquarius. Stay tuned for details in the next forecast.”


My husband Chris has been reading very persuasive articles about the trump CULT the repubs have turned into. The mindset is scary and hateful.

It makes sense to me since most of these people are in rural areas exposed to only right wing media that’s been pushing propaganda and lies since the 1980s! Their schools have been defunded or had a christian bias pushed into them; so how can you reason things out when you never hear facts anywhere you turn?

During the hearing it appears the Repub Senators don’t give a flip about what the Dems are saying. They don’t care since they have planned to get trump off! That’s why they’re up wandering around, texting on their Apple watches, and making paper airplanes, even doing interviews on Faux news, etc! If John Roberts really gave a damn, and wanted to appear to be upright and fair, he’d be fining them a $1000.00 bucks a day! I sure couldn’t get up and do what I wanted during jury duty! Their sworn oath means nothing.
So when ALL of them vote to release Cheetolini, don’t be surprised. They want revenge on the majority of the country who thinks and uses science in their lives and cares about others. They are furious and want Mango-musselini to win so they can kill social security and Medicare to get back at those “lazy poor brown people who are a drain on us”. Not seeing that most of the people who need help are white, uneducated women with kids, elderly or disabled!
Then, and only then, when they are starving, ill, and jobless will they realize “Hey, they lied to us!”
Remember how the French revolution went for the rich when the poor woke up to the severe cruelty of the system? I think that’s what could happen.

Sorry, guess I had to vent today my t-mercury is trine my n-mercury after all. 😉

Did any of you catch this? I don’t know the quote and don’t have time to read the link at the moment but the WH THREATENED senators that their heads will be on a pike if they don’t acquit????? I imagine that this will backfire some way some how!


Although the Right is the more militaristic, armed and dangerous —- the Antifa will become very visible and, frustratingly, the people on the Right that I know always blame them for the violence.

I didn’t watch Schiff’s closing but “Right Matters” is an excellent log line and slogan. Schiff is the new King Arthur of our age. All of the House Managers have my undying admiration and loyalty. I am in awe of them.

I don’t think it’s that ALL of the Republican Senators don’t care. I don’t believe that. Schumer has been testifying that many were enthralled. Graham even said positive things about Schiff. In fact, I just read that a video of John McCain was shown today, talking about the “vital relationship” between the U.S. and Ukraine, and there was a visible reaction in the Chambers, including from ole Lindsey.

I do believe that many if not most, and maybe all, of the Republicans are pragmatic enough to vote with the Party to keep it united and strong even if it’s under Trump. However, the “Head on a Pike” stuff will backfire sooner or later, even if it is between now and then, and Trump lose support in his party that will show up at the convention (unless the economy counters that).

Undoubtedly, as someone suggested on DU, Adam Schiff will be a keynote speaker at the Dem Convention this summer.

by “between now and then”, I meant now and the election (and there should be an “s” after “lose”)

It’s called “jury tampering’ and is criminal. Whoever threatened them should be thrown in the slammer!

Moscow Mitch didn’t realize that Schiff would be presenting the House’s evidence while he had his talk. Schiff got around Moscow Mitch’s rules! 🙂 Wish I could have seen his face when he realized what was happening.
I hope Schiff runs for President some day!

Sharon K, you posted: I don’t think it’s that ALL of the Republican Senators don’t care. I don’t believe that.

Believe it. They don’t care. They will acquit him – whether it is due to fear, power, God know what powers these evil people but they truly do not care about our democracy. Their vision is of a white male-dominated future period.

SharonK, I could not agree more with your comments about Adam Schiff and the House Managers They are heroes. In spite of how good they are, I stood next to someone yesterday who said’ “I love my president and I can’t t watch the trial. It’s just to horrible.” Today she was going to the March for Life in Washington. Hard to believe but Fox News is a big part of her life I am sure.

Has anyone listened to the last couple of Denise Siegel vlogs on YouTube? I haven’t but my partner has; I’m told they’re pretty grim, with Orange Joker reinstalled in the White House, this time as dictator, with his comic-book villain regime behind him, and the world pretty much going to complete hell after that. I’ve been a bit down lately so I’ve been avoiding anything that brings me down any more harshly.

2 new videos from denise seigel – the first a bit, in reality, depressing, the 2nd more big picture and hopeful



wow jackson, we’re on the same page – just finished watching

have been wondering how jay sekulow transits will be affecting him in these times. Found this link showing his chart. Any of you esteemed astrologers care to comment?

I thought I would not want to miss a minute of the impeachment trial. But now I can’t bear to watch it because it’s rigged, even though I do admire the House managers.

It is not surprising that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, the sign of age, would bring 70-year-old candidates from both parties. It is perhaps more surprising that the favorite candidate of the young is a 78-year-old who has recently had a heart attack.

So far the conjunction has not brought out the positive side of Capricorn: the wisdom of experience, the savvy governance, the practical realism that gets things done. Perhaps Biden or Sanders will bring that to the world in November. By the time of the election the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius should make us all feel more optimistic. Today’s New Moon in Aquarius is an invitation to relax with renewed hope. Whatever the immediate outcome of the trial, voters will have the final say. Senators Collins of Maine and McConnell of Kentucky and Ernst of Iowa are up for reelection this year. They will all lose according to current polling. They could save themselves by voting to convict but they are in too deep and it appears they are doomed because they cannot change.

As a concerned Canadian living near the Vermont and New York State border, I feel my job is to be supportive as the progressive Americans who post here work through one of the most challenging years in the history of your Republic. My thoughts and prayers will be with you all year.

Adam is on FIRE.

He is not boring, he is appealing to our moral compass.

He stands for what America has to lose if the senate doesn’t do its dute to remove DJT to save us from the thieves of democracy.
The guy who has taken advantage of the goodwill of the rule of law, our system of government the envy of the world does not deserve to continue leading the USA.
Our children will no longer need to follow the rules .Parents can no longer hold the president as an example.
If he DJT , wants to live like an authoritarian, let him find another country where they will tolerate him.
But he wants the protections of the rule of law, but not the consequences. He has spent his life escaping consequences. He can’t be allowed to continue. He has betrayed the American People.

silcominc, I agree that they will acquit him. I was just making the point that at least some will be voting against their conscience and sense of morality – meaning that they do care that this happened, but they will pragmatically acquit him anyway — as they don’t dare do otherwise. Their careers are at state as is the power of the Republican Party. And, in a sense, their heads really will be put on a pike; hence, Adam’s final emphasis on moral courage before wrapping up just now, as that is what it will take to vote to convict (and they also know there won’t be enough votes so why stick out their neck?). It’s sad and disappointing to know that they will most likely end up being pragmatic moral cowards. No MLKs or RFKs there.

Paraphrasing here,

Something Starlight wrote years ago regarding the U.S. Pluto return to the effect that the status quo here will probably continue to play their bottom-most power cards and then eventually implode from the density of the the rot and filth of the corruption at the top.

My two ncents.

Jackson, kiwi,

Siegel rocks astrology and intuition

Take heart Starlighters, we will eventually prevail. The truth will shine through and the reckoning will come in the fullness of time.

June 5th 2019 DS saw the possibility of the Republicans joining with the Democrats to impeach DT.

I think she is about 70/30 most of the time. Her financial prediction for the 2008 crash was right.

I think you can take this all with a grain of salt. Or a salt lick if you wish.

Whatever gets you off the couch and on the pavement to work for the nominee I guess.

Will —

I agree, Denise is really good. I’ve known her for a number of years; I’ve known her husband for almost four decades (we grew up in in the same town).

And I get disheartened before I get resolute. This whole GOP (Groupies of Putin, I call them)/Russian Federation/Trump crime family mashup is a Gordian knot that will take years to untangle.

Will, I had a Bumper Sticker made for my Prius last summer and I won’t take it off until the reckoning.
‘Justice Prevails’

Suppression is also a matter of degree. Some use the analogy of the frog in the pot who doesn’t notice the increasing temperature until it is too late. But I do not believe that is a good analogue for our situation. There are breaking points, as demonstrated recently in Hong Kong, and in the WA DC Women’s Demonstration in January 2017.

You are correct there has been egregious voter suppression, but I was thinking in far more extreme terms, something that would trigger not merely the political resistance we’ve been seeing, but armed resistance. That may become necessary. Or it may not.

Our Trumpist government is already persecuting Brown & Black people. Expansion and persecution, (as in jailing and disappearing people) of their definition of “undesirables” would radicalize many.

I recall you said your husband is a social psychologist. My first degree was in sociology. I would very much like to know which
“persuasive articles about the trump CULT” your husband is reading.

“They want revenge on the majority of the country who thinks and uses science in their lives and cares about others.”
Yes, they know they’ve lost the culture as a whole, and they are furious. They absolutely DO hate us, although not all will admit it.

Well, don’t shoot the messenger as hypocritical as I probably appear (reaching out for Lee Harvey Oswald when he’s really needed, etc.) The only thing that will turn this tide is generating loving vibrations and asking for God’s blessings to be upon us – even that very, very bad boy in the White House. I know, I know, barf-or-rama! But when everything seems to be turning to shit, we can turn our intentions and thoughts to good.

Jackson, kiwi, thank very much fto you both for posting Denise Seigel’s videos – quite a treasure. You are a brilliant man, Jackson – it doesn’t surprise me at all that you have such friends.

“Trump enters a personal three-year period which astrologically differs dramatically from anything the man has ever experienced in his present incarnation. The cause for this dramatic difference is the opposition of both transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to Trump’s natal Saturn and Venus in Cancer. This arrangement is a slow-moving, long-lasting astrological influence, shaping up gradually and then persisting tenaciously in the personal and political affairs of Donald Trump during the period late January 2020 through November 2022. Such an astrological configuration is indicative of serious opposition coming to and against Trump, thwarting his drive for power and ultimately working to hamper his purposes. and throwing him back upon himself for a period of deep self-facing. This configuration Trump now will experience for the next three calendar years is not at all indicative of wild, runaway popularity, nor of easy success, nor of automatic release from the serious charges now levelled against him in numerous courts of law throughout the United States, and one quite possibly soon to be lodged against him in the International Court of Justice by Iran. If the American Republican Party thinks they have found their ideal poster-boy in the figure of Trump, they will without a doubt find out differently over the next as these transits to Trump’s chart unfold. ”

The Starfire Messenger
A Free Weekly Newsletter
From Astrologer Maureen Richmond, M.A.

Will, Back in 2015, Donald J Trump who had just announced his Republican candidacy, wasn’t taken seriously – so much so, that Saturday Night Live did a spoof on him, featuring him as the main actor. Who would have thought?

Donald Trump’s 2015 SNL SKIT Depicting 2018 Whitehouse


By: Anne’s aunt on January 16th, 2020, at 8:47 am
“…I was in a very deeply frustrated place when I wrote those inappropriate comments.”

Anne’s Aunt, you had been under strong squares from transit Saturn and Pluto when you posted on the 15th. Current events served as a trigger. Transit Saturn and Pluto will continue to be a factor through the year to those points.

Take care. I wish you safe days.

Anne’s Aunt – Natal Relocated
Saturn 206°15′
Neptune 202°44′

Anne’s Aunt – Sec.Prog. Q2 Mean Quotidian
Saturn 203°36′
Neptune 201°35′

Transits Jan 15 2020 – Event Chart
Saturn 294°58′
Pluto 294°49′

Dear Starlight News readers, here is some astrology that relates to the impeachment proceedings.

It goes back to April 21, 2014, at the time of a grand cross between transiting Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, which I find very compelling. PLUTO at 13 Capricorn 34 (retrograde), was square URANUS at 13 Aries 34, while JUPITER at 13+ Cancer (conjunct the US natal Sun) was square MARS at 14+ Libra retrograde (conjunct the US natal Saturn).

This was the 5th in a series of 7 exact squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto.

In that chart on April 21, 2014, the Sun (symbolic of consciousness) was at 1 Taurus 36, and transiting Uranus REACHED THIS SAME DEGREE on June 19, 2018 (semi-square transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces*, which was stationing retrograde and at peak strength).

The Moon in that April 21, 2014 Grand Cross chart was at 24+ Capricorn and she was opposite the US natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer, and it is also the degree where transiting Saturn is today, 24+ Capricorn.

Venus on April 21, 2014, was at 17+ Pisces (square Trump’s natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini) and where transiting Neptune was in late March and all of April in 2019, and in retrograde motion August-September 2019. It is the degree, 17+ Pisces, where trans. Neptune will be at the end of this month and all of February.

A few days before transiting Uranus REACHED THE DEGREE WHERE THE SUN (CONSCIOUSNESS) was (1+ Taurus) in the Grand Cross chart of April 21, 2014, there was a New Moon on June 13, 2018, at 22+ Gemini that was conjunct Trump’s natal Sun. It squared US natal Neptune at 22+ Virgo.

In the chart for that Gemini New Moon in 2018 there was a grand trine between Pallas (the strategist) conjunct the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer that was trine trans. Jupiter (14+ Scorpio retrograde) and trans. Neptune (16+ Pisces*) which was less than a degree from where Venus was in the 2014 grand cross chart.

Trans. Neptune is at 16+ Pisces* today, January 25, 2020, and where it was yesterday at the time of the New Moon.

Yesterday’s New Moon had a sextile between Mars (and the Great Attractor) at 14+ Sagittarius and Mercury at 13+ Aquarius (trine US natal Saturn in Libra and US Constitution Chiron in Gemini).

This sextile formed a Yod to the US natal Sun at 13+ Cancer demanding an adjustment be made by US Sun in order to get relief for US Sun.

How that works out remains to be seen, but in 2 weeks there is a Leo Full Moon opposite the Sun at 20+ Aquarius, and that Sun conjuncts the US progressed Mercury, and as well, it conjuncts the Uranus in the present Jupiter-Saturn cycle. It could just SURPRISE us all.

*Note: Transiting Neptune at 16+ Pisces is opposite AND ACTIVATING the April 4, 1966 conjunction of Uranus and Pluto at 16+ Virgo in which Saturn (rules) and Mercury (transcripts) were conjunct at 22+ PISCES. square Trump’s Sun at 22+ GEMINI + Moon at 21+ SAGITTARIUS and opposite US natal Neptune at 22+ VIRGO. This grand cross has Trump by the short hairs. It ain’t over.

“This trial may be over in two weeks, but there are another nine months until Election Day during which more White House rocks will be turned over and more rot will be revealed. If you are a Republican up for reelection in a tight race, are you ready to be held accountable for your passivity, inaction, and cowardice in these proceedings?”


Someone, somewhere above, was wondering about news from the rest of the world concerning America’s behavior. Here is a link to a site that translates into English various newspapers from around the globe. It can be hard to take.

BTW, the site doesn’t work in Mozilla or Chrome but will work in Explorer. Don’t know about Safari.

Remember to go here for the latest political news.
Includes links to stories on today’s Repub arguments. Those lawyers for trump are sickening to watch.

The loser of November’s election my not concede.


This is a bigger problem than a rigged impeachment trial.

The reason, I think, that there has been little upside to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is that it is square transiting Eris. Eris is superficially seen as the goddess of chaos and discord. In Greek mythology, she is disruptive and vengeful because of an attack on her dignity and self-worth by the mostly male power structure. Her anger is powerful and challenges the patriarchy.

In our time, she would represent Greta Thurnberg and the courageous women testifying against Harvey Weinstein, among others. The difference with Black Moon Lilith is that these are not women born to be wild through sexual or other issues. These are not drama queens. The drama queens are to be found in the aggressive establishment that provoked them.

When Pluto, Uranus and Neptune change signs in the mid-2020s, they will be in a much more harmonious relationship with Eris, which is another reason to remain hopeful. AOC is a prime Eris incarnation. That is when her political career should peak.

Nice one Andre! Could not read the Wash. Post article, but love your Eris = Greta Thunberg equation, and the observation about BML vs. Eris.

Holy Cheesus Crackers – the Des Moines Register has soundly endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President! This is huge!

“The outstanding caliber of Democratic candidates makes it difficult to choose just one,” the board wrote. But ultimately, it declared, Warren is “the best leader for these times.”


Warren wins Des Moines Register Endorsement!

Holy Cheesus Crackers – this is huge! Iowa has been bright red for Trump!


Warren wins prized Des Moines Register endorsement
It’s the most coveted media endorsement in the first-in-the-nation state.

I didn’t realize that yesterday’s New Moon at 4+ Aquarius was conjunct Andrew Yang’s natal Moon at 4+ Aquarius. I read he is now in 4th place in the latest polls.

Might we be seeing a case wherein we lose the battle on impeachment but then go on to win the election war?


“Always found it amusing that some men were obsessed with a game that used a stiff rod (picture the traditional golf stance of addressing the ball) to whack a ball (seed?) into a small hole in (Mother) Earth.”

I have never understood why anyone could be obsessed with golf, and I just choked on my own spit reading that! I think you’re on to something there!

Yes! Precisely what I’ve been thinking & posting for a good while now.

Here’s the irony. The more the R’s hold on tightly to their power, i.e. R. Senators refusing witnesses and/or evidence, and ALL voting to acquit 45, the more they are likely to lose in November.

I also think Bob absolutely nailed the dates for very and extremely bad days for T, and Nancy nailed the ultimate outcome. Our Starlight Lady wrote in a previous essay she believed Trump would lose the 2020 election, maintain the election was rigged, and that he actually won, refuse to concede, and refuse to leave office. I suspect the US military or law enforcement personnel will have the onerous duty of escorting him out. I don’t think they will support him.

Marjorie Orr has written a thoughtful piece “change comes in mysterious ways”. various comments follow

I wonder if more than 50 vote to remove, but less than 2/3 so he gets off. But the over 50 count will be a fatal wound going forward.

“BREAKING: Lev Parans’ attorney says that they are in possession of additional recordings of Donald Trump.

B-b-b-but Trump said he didn’t know the guy!

Lordy, keep dropping those tapes!”


Professor renowned for predicting elections says 2020 ‘too close to call’

https://nypost.com/2019/12/07/professor-renowned-for-predicting-elections-says-2020-too-close-to-call/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons via @nypost

“Striking moment in the tape.

President Trump asks how long Ukraine would last in its war w/Russia.

– “Without us?”

– “Not long.”

– “30 seconds.”

The tape is from April 2018.

Then, in 2019, the president orders the withholding of all US military aid to Ukraine.”


“The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from Congress over the impeachment process away from Congress, and he became the judge and jury,”

Senator @LindseyGrahamSC, 1998

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